Sample records for rak przytarczyc opis

  1. The structural requirements of organophosphorus insecticides (OPI) for reducing chicken embryo NAD(+) content in OPI-induced teratogenesis in chickens.

    Seifert, Josef


    The objective of this study was to determine the structural requirements of organophosphorus insecticides (OPI) for reducing chicken embryo nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD(+)) content in OPI-induced teratogenesis and compare them with those needed for OPI inhibition of yolk sac membrane kynurenine formamidase (KFase), the proposed primary target for OPI teratogens in chicken embryos. The comparative molecular field analysis (COMFA) of three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship (3D QSAR) revealed the electrostatic and steric fields as good predictors of OPI structural requirements to reduce NAD(+) content in chicken embryos. The dominant electrostatic interactions were localized at nitrogen-1, nitrogen-3, nitrogen of 2-amino substituent of the pyrimidinyl of pyrimidinyl phosphorothioates, and at the oxygen of crotonamide carbonyl in crotonamide phosphates. Bulkiness of the substituents at carbon-6 of the pyrimidinyls and/or N-substituents of crotonamides was the steric structural component that contributed to superiority of those OPI for reducing embryonic NAD(+) levels. Both electrostatic and steric requirements are similar to those defined in our previous study for OPI inhibition of chicken embryo yolk sac membrane KFase. The findings of this study provide another piece of evidence for the cause-and-effect relationship between yolk sac membrane KFase inhibition and reduced embryo NAD(+) content in NAD-associated OPI-induced teratogenesis in chickens.

  2. Structural requirements of organophosphorus insecticides (OPI) to inhibit chicken yolk sac membrane kynurenine formamidase related to OPI teratogenesis.

    Seifert, Josef


    This paper provides new information related to the mechanism of OPI (organophosphorus insecticides) teratogenesis. The COMFA (comparative molecular field analysis) and COMSIA (comparative molecular similarity indices analysis) suggest that the electrostatic and steric fields are the best predictors of OPI structural requirements to inhibit in ovo chicken embryo yolk sac membrane kynurenine formamidase, the proposed target for OPI teratogens. The dominant electrostatic interactions are localized at nitrogen-1, nitrogen-3, nitrogen of 2-amino substituent of the pyrimidinyl of pyrimidinyl phosphorothioates, and the oxygen of crotonamide carbonyl in crotonamide phosphates. Bulkiness of the substituents at carbon-2 and carbon-6 of the pyrimidinyls and/or N-substituents and carbon-3 substituents of crotonamides are the steric structural components that contribute to superiority of those OPI as in ovo inhibitors of kynurenine formamidase.

  3. Eesti Riiklik Arengukava (RAK) aastateks 2004-2006 / Riin Saluveer, Reve Lambur

    Saluveer, Riin


    Ilmunud ka: Agriculture and rural development : overview 2003/2004. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 173-174. RAK 2004-2006 on kogu Eesti riiki hõlmav arengukava, mis kajastab neid Eesti riigieelarvest finantseeritavaid tegevusi, millele on võimalik taotleda kaasfinantseerimist EL-i struktuurifondide vahendidest. Tabel. Diagramm

  4. Eesti Riiklik Arengukava (RAK) aastateks 2004-2006 / Riin Saluveer, Reve Lambur

    Saluveer, Riin


    Ilmunud ka: Agriculture and rural development : overview 2003/2004. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 173-174. RAK 2004-2006 on kogu Eesti riiki hõlmav arengukava, mis kajastab neid Eesti riigieelarvest finantseeritavaid tegevusi, millele on võimalik taotleda kaasfinantseerimist EL-i struktuurifondide vahendidest. Tabel. Diagramm

  5. Validation and verification of the OPI 2.0 System

    Abelson R


    Full Text Available Richard Abelson1,2, Keith J Lane3, John Rodriguez3, Patrick Johnston3, Endri Angjeli3, George Ousler3, Douglas Montgomery11School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 2Statistics and Data Corporation, Tempe, AZ, 3Ora, Inc, Andover, MA, USAPurpose: The Ocular Protection Index (OPI 2.0 System was developed to evaluate ocular surface protection under a natural blink pattern and normal visual conditions. The OPI 2.0 System implements fully automated software algorithms which provide a real-time measurement of corneal exposure (breakup area for each interblink interval during a 1-minute video. Utilizing this method, the mean breakup area (MBA and OPI 2.0 (MBA/interblink interval were calculated and analyzed. The purpose of this study was to verify and validate the OPI 2.0 System for its ability to distinguish between dry eye and normal subjects, and to accurately identify breakup area.Methods: In order to verify and validate the OPI 2.0 System, a series of artificial images and a series of still image frames captured during an actual clinical session using fluorescein staining videography were analyzed. Finally, a clinical validation process was completed to determine the effectiveness and clinical relevance of the OPI 2.0 System to differentiate between dry eye and normal subjects.Results: Software analysis verification conducted in a set of artificially constructed images and in actual videos both saw minimal error rates. MBA and OPI 2.0 calculations were able to distinguish between the qualifying eyes of dry eye and normal subjects in a statistically significant fashion (P < 0.001 for both outcomes. As expected, dry eye subjects had a higher MBA and OPI 2.0 than normal subjects (0.232, dry eye; 0.040, normal and 0.039, dry eye; 0.006, normal, respectively. Results for the worst eyes and all qualifying analyses based on staining, forced-stare tear film breakup time, and MBA were

  6. Yet1p-Yet3p interacts with Scs2p-Opi1p to regulate ER localization of the Opi1p repressor.

    Wilson, Joshua D; Thompson, Sarah L; Barlowe, Charles


    Lipid sensing mechanisms at the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) coordinate an array of biosynthetic pathways. A major phospholipid regulatory circuit in yeast is controlled by Scs2p, an ER membrane protein that binds the transcriptional repressor protein Opi1p. Cells grown in the absence of inositol sequester Scs2p-Opi1p at the ER and derepress target genes including INO1. We recently reported that Yet1p and Yet3p, the yeast homologues of BAP29 and BAP31, are required for normal growth in the absence of inositol. Here we show that the Yet1p-Yet3p complex acts in derepression of INO1 through physical association with Scs2p-Opi1p. Yet complex binding to Scs2p-Opi1p was enhanced by inositol starvation, although the interaction between Scs2p and Opi1p was not influenced by YET1 or YET3 deletion. Interestingly, live-cell imaging analysis indicated that Opi1p does not efficiently relocalize to the ER during inositol starvation in yet3Δ cells. Together our data demonstrate that a physical association between the Yet complex and Scs2p-Opi1p is required for proper localization of the Opi1p repressor to ER membranes and subsequent INO1 derepression.


    - Aprizal


    Full Text Available Alfamidi merupakan objek penelitian mengalami permasalahan pada posisi penempatan barang pada rak jualan masih kurang tertata, karena kurang teraturnya posisi barang pad arak mengakibatkan terkadang ada barang yang dicari oleh konsumen tapi malah tidak ditemuka di bagian rak, yang berdampak pada pengurangan daya minat pembeli. Penelitian ini menggunakan algoritma apriori untuk mengklasifikasikan data transaksi penjualan dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP. Diharapkan penelitian ini dapat membantu pihak Alfamidi untuk menyusun penempatan produk yang dijual. Kata Kunci : Data Mining, Algoritma Apriori, lokasi barang.

  8. Analysis on Ga-Rak market workers' disease and treatment of Traditional Korean Medicine(TKM) (pilot study)

    Yoo, Jae Ryong; Song, Ho Sueb


    Objective : To broaden our understanding on occupational disease of market workers and to evaluate the effect of TKM treatment focusing on acupuncture and herb medicine and to promote base studies and clinical trials on occupational disease. Materials and Methods : Analysis was done on 33 Ga-Rak market workers' chart which had been selected through investigation of 1508 outpatient's chart of Kyung Won University Hospital from Jun. 1st, 2002 to May. 31th, 2003. Results : 1. Out of 33 p...

  9. Classification of SN 2016gmg (=PTSS-16opy), as a Type Ia Supernova

    Zhang, Jujia; Xin, Yuxin; Chang, Liang; Wang, Jianguo; Wang, Xiaofeng; Li, Wenxiong; Yang, Zesheng; Li, Bin; Xu, Zhijian; Zhao, Haibin; Wang, Lifan


    We obtained an optical spectrum (range 340-900 nm) of SN 2016gmg (=PTSS-16opy), discovered by the PMO-Tsinghua Supernova Survey (PTSS:, on UT Sep. 29.55 2016 with the 2.4 m telescope (LJT + YFOSC) at LiJiang Observatory of Yunnan Observatories (YNAO).

  10. Special Operations Forces Language and Culture Needs Assessment: Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)


    understand the grammer rules of a language in order to support continued, more advanced, training.” SOF Language and Culture Needs Assessment Project...the OPI.  “If this is how they are going to test then this is how they need to teach the info”  “I don not have time to do language training as it

  11. Hindi Heritage Language Learners' Performance during OPIs: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications

    Ilieva, Gabriela Nik.


    The present paper examines the oral performance of Hindi language learners during practice Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI) conducted during workshops hosted by New York University and sponsored by STARTALK. The most salient characteristics of the heritage language learners' output are compared with the output of foreign language learners who are…

  12. Changes in mouse liver and chicken embryo yolk sac membrane soluble proteins due to an organophosphorous insecticide (OPI) diazinon linked to several noncholinergic OPI effects in mice and chicken embryos.

    Seifert, Josef


    The objective of this study was to identify proteins in mouse livers and chicken embryo yolk sac membranes whose quantities were altered by an organophosphorous insecticide (OPI) treatment and which might be linked, based on their functionality, to the recognized noncholinergic effects of OPI. Mice and fertile chicken eggs were treated with an OPI representative diazinon. The quantitative changes in mouse liver and chicken embryo yolk sac membrane soluble proteins caused by diazinon were determined by two-dimensional electrophoresis. Proteins whose quantity was affected by diazinon were identified by the mass spectrometry. In mouse livers, the altered levels of several enzymes of glucose metabolism were considered with regards to amelioration of hyperglycemia due to diazinon; the reduced levels of 3-hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-dioxygenase to the changes in the l-tryptophan to NAD metabolism caused by pyrimidinyl and crotonamide OPI; the reduced levels of catalase, peroxiredoxin and superoxide dismutase to OPI-increased lipid and/or kynurenine oxidation, the latter effect resulting also in increased urinary excretion of xanthurenic and kynurenic acids; and an increase in glutathione S-methyltransferase to OPI detoxification. In chicken embryo yolk sac membranes, the reduced availability of procollagen-proline dioxygenase may be the factor in micromelia caused by OPI in chicken embryos.

  13. Analysis on Ga-Rak market workers' disease and treatment of Traditional Korean Medicine(TKM (pilot study

    Yoo, Jae Ryong


    Full Text Available Objective : To broaden our understanding on occupational disease of market workers and to evaluate the effect of TKM treatment focusing on acupuncture and herb medicine and to promote base studies and clinical trials on occupational disease. Materials and Methods : Analysis was done on 33 Ga-Rak market workers' chart which had been selected through investigation of 1508 outpatient's chart of Kyung Won University Hospital from Jun. 1st, 2002 to May. 31th, 2003. Results : 1. Out of 33 patients, Men had more occupational diseases than women had and Most people were in their forties. 2. Major cause of the disease include repetitve bending, heavy weight lifting and overwork. 3. Past History of patients mostly include frequent lumbar sprain, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar HNP. 4. The patients with occupational disease were diagnosed as lumbar sprain, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar HNP, degenerative spondylosis, spinal stenosis and their chief complaints were low back pain, omalgia, back pain with radicular pain. 5. The duration of treatment was mostly within a week. 6. Acupuncture, Bee Venom Acupuncture, moxibustion, Herb-medicine, extract, taping therapy, physical therapy were used as treatment methods. 7. Applied herb medicine were composed of 8 kinds of prescriptions and extract were made up of 6 prescriptions 8. Applied acupoints belonged mainly to 14 meridians 9. The treatment of herb medicine combined with acupuncture proved effective in treating the ocupational disease. conclusions : The occupational disease of patients working in Ga-Rak market were closely related with overwork, especially with repetitive bending and heavy weight lifting and TKM treatment focusing on acupuncture combined with herb medicine was effective in treating occupational disease.

  14. Az árak észlelése és értékelése(Perception and Evaluation of Prices)

    Rekettye, Gábor


    A 2008-ban kezdődött gazdasági válság a korábbiaknál is fontosabbá tette az árakat a vásárlók számára. Azt eddig is mindenki tudta, hogy az árak alapvetően befolyásolják a fogyasztók vásárlási döntését. Arra a kérdésre azonban, hogy miképpen, már nem mindig tudunk pontos választ adni. A közgazdaságtan szerint az árak csökkenése növeli a fogyasztók vásárlási hajlandóságát és fordítva, az árak emelkedése kisebbíti azt. A valóság azonban nem mindig írható le közgazdaságtani fogalmakk...

  15. Jan Rak and Michael J. Tannenbaum present the book "High-pT physics in the heavy ion era"


    Thursday 13 June 2013 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Library, Bldg. 52 1-052 The book provides an overview of the basic concepts of large transverse momentum particle physics, with a focus on pQCD phenomena. It examines high-pT probes of relativistic heavy-ion collisions and will serve as a handbook for those working on RHIC and LHC data analyses. Starting with an introduction and review of the field, the authors look at basic observables and experimental techniques, concentrating on relativistic particle kinematics, before moving onto a discussion about the origins of high-pT physics. The main features of high-pT physics are placed within a historical context and the authors adopt an experimental outlook, highlighting the most important discoveries leading up to the foundation of modern QCD theory. High-pT physics in the heavy ion era, by Jan Rak and Michael J. Tannenbaum,  Cambridge University Press, 2013, ISBN  9780521190299. *Coffee will be served from 3 p.m.*

  16. Effect of an oxygen pressure injection (OPI) device on the oxygen saturation of patients during dermatological methyl aminolevulinate photodynamic therapy.

    Blake, E; Allen, J; Thorn, C; Shore, A; Curnow, A


    Methyl aminolevulinate photodynamic therapy (MAL-PDT) (a topical treatment used for a number of precancerous skin conditions) utilizes the combined interaction of a photosensitizer (protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)), light of the appropriate wavelength, and molecular oxygen to produce singlet oxygen and other reactive oxygen species which induce cell death. During treatment, localized oxygen depletion occurs and is thought to contribute to decreased efficacy. The aim of this study was to investigate whether an oxygen pressure injection (OPI) device had an effect on localized oxygen saturation levels and/or PpIX fluorescence of skin lesions during MAL-PDT. This study employed an OPI device to apply oxygen under pressure to the skin lesions of patients undergoing standard MAL-PDT. Optical reflectance spectrometry and fluorescence imaging were used to noninvasively monitor the localized oxygen saturation and PpIX fluorescence of the treatment area, respectively. No significant changes in oxygen saturation were observed when these data were combined for the group with OPI and compared to the group that received standard MAL-PDT without OPI. Additionally, no significant difference in PpIX photobleaching or clinical outcome at 3 months between the groups of patients was observed, although the group that received standard MAL-PDT demonstrated a significant increase (pMAL-PDT. Further investigation is therefore required to find a more effective method of MAL-PDT enhancement.

  17. Determination of traces of several pesticides in sunflower oil using organic phase immuno electrodes (OPIEs).

    Martini, Elisabetta; Tomassetti, Mauro; Campanella, Luigi


    Testing for traces of different pesticides (triazinic, organophosphates and chlorurates), present in hydrophobic matrices such as sunflower oil was checked using new immunosensors working in organic solvent mixtures (OPIEs). The competitive process took place in an n-hexane-chloroform 75% (V/V) mixture, while the subsequent final enzymatic measurement was performed in decane using tert-butylhydroperoxide as substrate of the enzymatic reaction. A Clark electrode was used as transducer and peroxidase enzyme as marker. A linear response of between about 10 nM and 4 μM was usually obtained in the presence of sunflower oil. Immunosensors show satisfactory selectivity and precision and recovery tests carried out on commercial sunflower oil samples gave excellent results. Lastly, theoretical confirmation of the possibility that immunosensors can act positively in organic solvent mixtures was discussed on the basis of Hill׳s coefficient values.

  18. „Alfurkan tatarski” Piotra Czyżewskiego – opis zabytku (grafia z elementami fonetyki

    Anetta Luto-Kamińska


    Full Text Available Alfurkan tatarski by Piotr Czyżewski – description of the old print (graphy with some phonetic aspects  This article discusses Alfurkan tatarski [Tartar Al Furqan] published by Piotr Czyżewski in 1617, which probably is the second expanded edition of the work. Based upon analysis of two copies of this early printing work, it presents some graphic features of the book. Phonetic and dialectal phenomena, which allow us to draw conclusions about the nature of the author’s language and its regional features, remain in close association with some of the print’s graphic elements.   Alfurkan tatarski Piotra Czyżewskiego – opis zabytku (grafia z elementami fonetyki W artykule opisuje się Alfurkan tatarski Piotra Czyżewskiego z 1617 roku, który jest najprawdopodobniej drugim, poszerzonym wydaniem utworu. Na podstawie analizy dwóch egzemplarzy zabytku przedstawiono cechy grafii druku. W ścisłym związku z niektórymi elementami grafii pozostają zagadnienia fonetyczne oraz dialektalne, które umożliwiają formułowanie wniosków na temat języka autora wraz z jego cechami regionalnymi.

  19. ¿Es necesario disponer de tratamientos con buprenorfina/naloxona para los presos dependientes de opiáceos?

    A. Marco

    Full Text Available La utilización de programas de tratamiento con agonistas opiáceos (TAO, junto con un abordaje psicosocial, es la forma más efectiva de prevenir recaídas en los pacientes con dependencia a opiáceos. Estos programas disminuyen la morbimortalidad así como las conductas de riesgo de transmisión del VIH y de otras infecciones, mejoran la calidad de vida y la retención en tratamiento, y tienen un impacto positivo sobre los comportamientos asociales, por lo que son muy útiles en presos con antecedente de consumo de opiáceos. Los TAO basados en el uso de buprenorfina/naloxona (B/N, igual que los basados en metadona (MT, están actualmente disponibles en España. El tratamiento diversificado ofrece una alternativa de tratamiento para la dependencia de opioides más individualizada y adaptada a las características de los pacientes. En cuanto a eficacia ambos fármacos son muy similares, pero B/N es más segura, con menor perfil de interacciones con posibilidad de dispensación en farmacias una vez que el paciente sea puesto en libertad, lo que puede ayudar a la reintegración social. Económicamente, el tratamiento con B/N es más costoso que el de MT. Se aconseja disponer de las diferentes modalidades de TAO y que estas se prescriban según las características y necesidades de cada caso, sin que la reclusión menoscabe el derecho al tratamiento farmacológico, que debe ser similar al efectuado extrapenitenciariamente.

  20. Klasik Türk Şiirinde Ceres (Çan/Çıngırak Ceres (Bell/Rattle in the Classical Turkish Poem

    Bahir SELÇUK


    Full Text Available Ceres which is originally an Arabic word is used as bell, rattle in Turkish; as derâ in Persian. Having a long past, bell and rattle had different areas of use inancient life system. Ceres became a tool providing the communicationbetween caravan and the person in front of the caravan; performed thefunctions of preparation, setoff, holding the group together especiallyduring the times when the caravan trade was widespread. Besides tofollow fowlers, they were worn rattles to their feet.Indicators of bell and rattle attracted authors mostly with areas ofuse mentioned above in classical poetry which includes elements aboutdaily life because of various reasons. While the word ceres was used toexpress church bell time to time in poetry, mostly camel bell whichbecame the symbol of caravan trade was meant.Thanks to various features such as being hollow, being in theupside-down position, being so delicate, being involuntary, sounding allthe time, being heard far away, being put grass in it to block its soundand with its shape ceres provided the inspiration for authors. Besidestheme of passage and travel stands out in couplets about ceres.Expressing different situations inside them, in these travels lamentationwhich was caused because of troubles during the passage wasexpressed with the indicator of ceres.Authors managed to make rich and colourful images from thepoint of these features. In this work the couplets in which the wordceres (rattle, bell etc. takes place have been detected by searchingdivans; the reflection of ceres to literary text and imaginary elementsformed around ceres have been emphasized Arapça bir kelime olan ceres, Türkçede çan, çıngırak; Farsçada derâ şeklinde kullanılır. Geçmişi çok eski dönemlere uzanan kadar çan ve çıngırak, eski hayat sisteminde farklı kullanım alanları bulmuştur. Özellikle kervancılığın yaygın olduğu dönemlerde çan, kervanın başındaki kişi ile kervan ve kafile aras

  1. Pemodelan Matematik Kinerja Pengering Surya Efek Rumah Kaca (ERK-Hibrid Menggunakan Rak Berputar secara Vertikal (Mathematical Modeling Performance of Greenhouse Effect (GHE-Hybrid Solar Dryer with a Vertical Rotating Rack

    Sigit Triwahyudi


    ini menyajikan uji unjuk kerja dan pemodelan matematik pengering energi surya (ERK-Hibrid  menggunakan  rak berputar secara vertikal. Pengering terdiri dari bangunan rumah kaca berukuran (1100 × 860 × 1300 mm dengan delapan buah rak dan sistim pemanas tambahan yang terdiri dari kolektor plat datar (1,04 m2, tangki penyimpan air panas (197 liter dan penukar panas. Untuk mengetahuikinerja pengering energi surya, dilakukan lima kali percobaan variasi kecepatan putar rak (1, 4, 7, 10 rpm dan tanpa pemutaran rak. Bahan yang dipergunakan pada pengujian adalah kapulaga lokal (Amomum cardamomum Wild. Masing-masing percobaan seberat 9 sampai dengan 10 kg. Rata-rata suhu air tangki penyimpan panas bervariasi dari 50,0 sampai dengan 55,0 °C suhu ruang pengering antara 38,9 sampai dengan 45,9 °C, sedangkan kelembaban relatif (RH ruang pengering berkisar antara 32,1 sampai dengan 47,4 %. Perlakuan pemutaran rak berpengaruh terhadap keseragaman suhu bahan maupun kadar air pada masing rak pengering. Pada perlakuan pemutaran 1 rpm (percobaan II, didapatkan kondisi terbaik (suhu bahan maupun kadar air yang paling seragam. Dengan kecepatan putar rak yang semakin meningkat menyebabkan nilai ragam suhu bahan maupun kadar air semakin meningkat. Untuk melakukan simulasi unjuk kerja dilakukan pemodelan matematik berdasarkan pindah panas dan massa serta pendekatan pengeringan lapisan tipis. Persamaan diselesaikan secara numerik menggunakan finite difference Euler dengan bantuan bahasa pemrograman Visual Basic Aplication (VBA Excell. Validasi dilakukan dengan membandingkan antara perhitungan hasil pemodelan (data prediksi dengan data hasil pengukuran (data observasi. Kriteria kevalidan ditentukan dengan melihat nilai koefisien determinasi (R2, nilai RMSD maupun nilai MAPD. Pemodelan  matematik yang telah dibangun dapat menggambarkan dengan tepat perubahan suhu air tangki penyimpan panas, suhu ruang pengering, suhu bahan maupun penurunan kadar air. Kata kunci: Pengering surya efek rumah

  2. Factores asociados a presentar parada respiratoria en las sobredosis por opiáceos atendidas en un escenario abierto de consumo de drogas en Barcelona

    Manel Anoro


    Full Text Available Fundamento: Determinar los factores que se asocian a parada respiratoria en las sobredosis por opiáceos (coma, miosis pupilar, depresión respiratoria y respuesta a naloxona atendidas en el barrio de Can Tunis de Barcelona. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio observacional transversal, donde se incluyeron todas las sobredosis por opiáceos atendidas entre marzo del 2001 y junio del 2002. Se registraron las características previas del paciente, las del consumo de opiáceos que produjo la sobredosis, el consumo concomitante de otras substancias y la clínica, mediante una hoja de recogida de datos cumplimentada después de atender la sobredosis. En el análisis se realizó una regresión logística. Resultados: De las 222 sobredosis atendidas un 60,8% presentaron parada respiratoria. Se asoció a ella no haber consumido heroína en los últimas 2 semanas (OR: 1,893; p=0,04 y no haber consumido previamente benzodiazepinas (OR: 0,462; p=0,017. El consumo de alcohol, cocaína o metadona no predispondría a la aparición de parada respiratoria. Conclusiones: Se identifica como factor de riesgo principal para sufrir una parada respiratoria en una sobredosis por opiáceos una abstinencia previa superior a quince días. Por otra parte, el consumo de benzodiazepinas se asocia con la ausencia de parada respiratoria en la sobredosis. Sería interesante analizar otros factores, que podrían confundir nuestros resultados y que no han sido incluidos en el estudio, asociados tanto al consumo de benzodiazepinas como al hecho de no presentar parada respiratoria en una sobredosis.

  3. Alívio da dor crônica não neoplásica com opiáceos Alivio del dolor cronico no neoplásico con opiáceos Non oncologic chronic pain relief with opioids

    Cibele Andrucioli de Mattos Pimenta


    Full Text Available O uso de opiáceos para o controle da dor crônica não relacionada ao câncer é controverso. Avaliar o alívio da dor e as mudanças nas atividades de vida diária advindas da infusão intratecal de opiáceos em 11 doentes, com dor crônica não neoplásica, foram os objetivos deste estudo. Todos os doentes haviam previamente sido submetidos a diversas modalidades terapêuticas sem alívio significativo. Os doentes foram solicitados a avaliar as características da dor e as atividades de vida diária comparando-as antes e após o tratamento com opiáceo intratecal por meio de sistemas implantados. Observou-se alívio da dor. No entanto, melhora da funcionalidade não foi observada com a mesma magnitude.El uso de opiáceo para el control del dolor crónico no relacionado al cáncer es controvertido. Evaluar el alivio del dolor y los cambios en las actividades de la vida diaria debidas a la infusión intratecal de opiáceos, en 11 pacientes con dolor crónico no neoplásico fue el objetivo de este estudio. Todos los pacientes habían previamente sido sometidos a las diversas modalidades terapéuticas sin alivio significativo del dolor. Los pacientes fueron entrevistados y se les solicitó evaluar el dolor y las actividades de la vida diaria, comparando antes y después del tratamiento con opiáceo intratecal. La infusión de opiáceo intratecal resulto en alivio del dolor. Sim embargo, la mejoría de la funcionalidad no fue observada con la misma magnitud.Opioids for non cancer pain control are controversial. The evaluation of the pain relief, changes in quality of life and complications due to long term infusion of opioids in the lumbar subarachnoid space in 11 patients with non cancer pain were the goals of this study. Patients were previously treated with drugs and surgical procedures, without significant pain relief. Patients were asked to compare pain characteristics and daily life activities before and after this treatment. The long term

  4. Tratamiento con enjuagues de ketamina asociado o no a fentanilo transmucoso en el dolor oncológico orofacial resistente a opiáceos mayores


    Objetivo: Evaluar la efectividad de los enjuagues de ketamina asociados o no a fentanilo transmucoso en una serie de diversos dolores orofaciales de etiología neoplásica de difícil control analgésico. Material y métodos: Estudio prospectivo de 20 pacientes, con 8 pacientes que recibieron enjuagues de ketamina (40 mg = 4 ml), 8 pacientes que recibieron ketamina asociada a citrato de fentanilo por vía transmucosa oral a dosis de 200 mcg y 4 pacientes con opiáceos sistémicos para el dolor oro...

  5. Diagnostyczna funkcja arteterapii na oddziale psychiatrycznym dla młodzieży – opis przypadku

    Agnieszka Gmitrowicz


    Full Text Available Opis przypadku klinicznego dotyczy analizy dynamiki obrazu psychopatologicznego u pacjentki hospitalizowanej w Klinice Psychiatrii Młodzieżowej, w kontekście twórczości spontanicznej oraz inspirowanej w trakcie indywidualnych zajęć arteterapii. Proces rediagnozy – z choroby afektywnej dwubiegunowej na zaburzenia schizoafektywne – został zapoczątkowany w toku omawiania prac plastycznych pacjentki. W jej twórczości podczas kolejnej fazy depresyjnej bez objawów psychotycznych zaczęły występować: cechy znacznej dezorganizacji, symbole, deformacja postaci, kontaminacje, nieuzasadnione treścią podziały przestrzeni, zachwiania perspektywy, o kilka miesięcy wyprzedzające rozwój pełnoobjawowej psychozy o obrazie schizofrenii. Osiemnastoletnia pacjentka, chorująca od roku, początkowo była leczona z powodu manii w przebiegu choroby afektywnej dwubiegunowej. Prezentowała podwyższony nastrój i napęd, przyspieszony tok myślenia, wypowiadała urojenia wielkościowe, posłannicze, skracała dystans, relacjonowała „wyostrzenie zmysłów”, „poszerzenie świadomości”, chciała „nieść światu piękno”. Relacjonowała, że od dawna obserwuje u siebie wahania nastroju – od stanów „depresji” z uczuciem smutku, wyczerpania, anhedonii, nadmierną sennością, znacznym spadkiem aktywności, myślami samobójczymi do stanów „euforii”, „hiperaktywności”. Krótko po wypisie pacjentka odstawiła leki i po kilku miesiącach trafiła ponownie na oddział z objawami epizodu depresji i tendencjami samobójczymi. W trakcie tej hospitalizacji pacjentce zaproponowano udział w indywidualnych zajęciach arteterapeutycznych z uwagi na jej spontaniczną twórczość plastyczną (w tym malowanie na ścianach oraz odmowę udziału w zajęciach grupowych. Zespół terapeutyczny, w skład którego wchodziła arteterapeutka, określił następujące cele arteterapii: diagnostyczny, komunikacyjny, integracyjny i katartyczny

  6. Literatura, toxicomanías y psicoanálisis : Una lectura de Confesiones de un opiófago ingles

    Romero, Laura


    El presente escrito propone una lectura de uno de los textos de Thomas De Quincey, titulado: Confesiones de un opiófago inglés: Extracto de la vida de un académico; libro escrito por el académico en el año 1836, con un interés declarado en que resulte un relato “útil e instructivo” para sus lectores. Luego de situar una relación posible del psicoanálisis con la literatura, mi comentario recorta algunos de los puntos en los cuales De Quincey nos abre camino a la hora de pensar en una clínica p...

  7. AraC/XylS family stress response regulators Rob, SoxS, PliA, and OpiA in the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora.

    Pletzer, Daniel; Schweizer, Gabriel; Weingart, Helge


    Transcriptional regulators of the AraC/XylS family have been associated with multidrug resistance, organic solvent tolerance, oxidative stress, and virulence in clinically relevant enterobacteria. In the present study, we identified four homologous AraC/XylS regulators, Rob, SoxS, PliA, and OpiA, from the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora Ea1189. Previous studies have shown that the regulators MarA, Rob, and SoxS from Escherichia coli mediate multiple-antibiotic resistance, primarily by upregulating the AcrAB-TolC efflux system. However, none of the four AraC/XylS regulators from E. amylovora was able to induce a multidrug resistance phenotype in the plant pathogen. Overexpression of rob led to a 2-fold increased expression of the acrA gene. However, the rob-overexpressing strain showed increased resistance to only a limited number of antibiotics. Furthermore, Rob was able to induce tolerance to organic solvents in E. amylovora by mechanisms other than efflux. We demonstrated that SoxS from E. amylovora is involved in superoxide resistance. A soxS-deficient mutant of Ea1189 was not able to grow on agar plates supplemented with the superoxide-generating agent paraquat. Furthermore, expression of soxS was induced by redox cycling agents. We identified two novel members of the AraC/XylS family in E. amylovora. PliA was highly upregulated during the early infection phase in apple rootstock and immature pear fruits. Multiple compounds were able to induce the expression of pliA, including apple leaf extracts, phenolic compounds, redox cycling agents, heavy metals, and decanoate. OpiA was shown to play a role in the regulation of osmotic and alkaline pH stress responses.

  8. Eiríkur Bergmann Einarsson: Opið land: Staða Íslands í samfélagi þjóðanna

    Magnús Árni Magnússon


    Full Text Available Opið land, staða Íslands í samfélagi þjóðanna, eftir Eirík Bergmann Einarsson kom út á vegum bókaforlagsins Skruddu á vormánuðum 2007. Eiríkur er forstöðumaður Evrópufræðaseturs á Bifröst og dósent í stjórnmálafræði við félagsvísindadeild skólans. Hann hefur í á annan áratug fjallað um Evrópumál - og ekki síður þjóðmál - á opinberum vettvangi, sem pistlahöfundur í dagblöðum og tímaritum, sem álitsgjafi í fréttum, sem talsmaður Evrópusambandsins á Íslandi, (en Eiríkur er einn fárra Íslendinga sem hafa starfað fyrir það, svo og bæði sem stjórnmálamaður (Eiríkur var varaþingmaður Samfylkingarinnar kjörtímabilið 2003-2007 og sem fræðimaður. Opið land er fjórða bók höfundar, en fyrri bækur eru Ísland í Evrópu, Evrópuúttekt Samfylkingarinnar 2001, sem Eiríkur ritstýrði, Evrópusamruninn og Ísland, sem kom út á vegum Háskólaútgáfunnar 2003 og Glapræði, sem er skáldsaga og kom út á vegum áðurnefndrar Skruddu 2005.

  9. The Effectiveness of Diagnostic Assessment on the Development of Turkish Language Learners’ Narrative Skills as an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI Task

    Anjel Tozcu


    Full Text Available This study investigated the effectiveness of diagnostic assessment on improving students’ proficiency in narrating past events, an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI Level 2 task. It found that students who were given a personalized learning plan subsequent to the diagnostic assessment interview significantly improved their proficiency in basic sentence structures than those in a control group. They used a significantly larger number of cohesive devices as compared to the control group and exhibited significantly increased accuracy in using cohesive devices than a control group. The students in the treatment group worked on the recommended activities based on the data gathered during the diagnostic assessment interview and the pre-interview questionnaires, i.e., the E & L, MBTI, and Barsch. The students in the control group spent the same amount of time reading narrations, doing comprehension exercise,s and following standard teacher feedback for improvement. Although both groups showed increases in accurate use of cohesive devices and proficiency in basic sentence structures, the treatment students showed significantly greater gains than the control students.

  10. Manejo del dolor crónico en Atención Primaria, perfil de prescripción de opiáceos mayores: indicación, coste y efectos secundarios

    M. Guzmán-Ruiz


    Full Text Available Objetivos: el objetivo principal del estudio es conocer las características de la prescripción de opiáceos mayores en Atención Primaria. Material y métodos: se diseña un estudio retrospectivo mediante una cohorte histórica, valorando a los pacientes que hayan consumido opiáceos mayores en todos los centros de salud de Jaén capital durante 2011, mediante un muestreo sistemático, 215 pacientes, calculando el tamaño de muestra para un nivel de confianza 95 %, precisión 5 %, y pérdidas 5 % (ampliando la muestra este 5 % por sesgo de información; Se auditan las historias clínicas recogiendo: edad, sexo, antecedentes personales, nivel social, frecuentación sanitaria, características de la prescripción de opiáceos (dosis, duración, coste, efectos secundarios y uso de otros analgésicos/coadyuvantes. Se procesan los datos para ofrecer un estudio descriptivo y una posterior comparación en función del opiáceo prescrito. Resultados: se valoran 215 pacientes (44 % del total de la población, de los que se obtienen 323 prescripciones de opiáceos en el año de estudio (23 % de la muestra con dos prescripciones de opiáceos y 13 % con tres. Los opiáceos más prescritos son fentanilo (60 % y buprenorfina (22%, por un 3 % de morfina. La buprenorfina es el más usado en monoterapia (70 %, preferentemente en mujeres de edad avanzada y pensionistas, sobre todo para el dolor mixto por parte del médico de familia. El fentanilo se usa principalmente en parches (95 % de las prescripciones de fentanilo y la hidromorfona se emplea en pacientes de menor edad (< 60 años, prescrito por la Unidad del Dolor y Reumatología (43 % y 20 % del total de prescripciones, respectivamente. La oxicodona se emplea más en pacientes de zonas necesitadas de transformación social (46 % del total de opioides prescritos en ZNTS y exclusivamente para el dolor neuropático y mixto (52 % y 48 % respectivamente de las prescripciones totales de oxicodona, sobre todo

  11. Multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1 and opioid analgesia in horses Gene de resistência múltipla aos fármacos e analgesia opióide em eqüinos

    Cláudio Corrêa Natalini


    Full Text Available Opioid absorption in the intestinal tract as well as its effects in the central nervous system is modulated by the P-glycoprotein (P-gp encoded in the Multi-drug Resistance gene (MDR1 also named ATP-binding cassete, subfamily B, member 1 (ABCB1. This MDR1 gene acts as a selective pump. The expression of this protein in humans and rodents inhibits cellular uptake of substrate opioids. The presence of the intestinal iso-enzyme CYP3A4 associated with MDR1 gene decreases the opioid analgesic activity due to an increase in intestinal metabolism, with a predicted intestinal first pass extraction around 20% which significantly influences the oral availability of opioids. In the central nervous system, P-gp expression decreases opioid neuronal uptake diminishing the analgesic effects. It is unknown if horses have the MDR1 gene and P-gp and what are the effects on opioid absorption, metabolism, and analgesia. Identifying the MDR1 gene and P-gp status in horses is of great importance in order to better understand opioid pharmacologic effects in horses.A absorção de opióides no trato intestinal, assim como seus efeitos no sistema nervoso central, são modulados pela P-glicoproteína (P-gp, uma proteína de membrana celular codificada pelo gene MDR1, também chamado ATP-binding cassete, subfamília B, membro 1 (ABCB1 e que atua como bomba seletiva. A expressão desta proteína em roedores e seres humanos inibe a absorção celular de opióides e sua presença no intestino associada à isoenzima CYP3A4 reduz a atividade analgésica dos opióides por ativação do metabolismo intestinal do fármaco. A redução na extração intestinal de fármacos opióides susceptíveis a esta proteína chega a 20%, o que reduz significativamente a biodisponibilidade de opióides administrados por via oral. No sistema nervoso central, a P-gp diminui a captação neuronal dos opióides e seus efeitos analgésicos. Ainda é desconhecido se o gene MDR1 e a P-gp est

  12. First report on spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses Primeiro relato do uso de opióide hiperbárico por via espinhal em cavalos

    Alexandre da Silva Polydoro


    Full Text Available This study is the first to report the use of spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses injected through a lumbar-sacral subarachnoid catheter. The injection of hyperbaric subarachnoid morphine and methadone produced short term intense analgesia over the dermatomes of the perineal, sacral, lumbar, and thoracic areas without cardiorespiratory depression, ataxia or central nervous system excitement. The technique involves the use of 10% dextrose as a hyperbaric solvent producing an average hyperbaric solution with a specific gravity of 1030. The use of spinal hyperbaric opioids in horses can be recommended for short term moderate to severe pain management in this species.Este estudo relata pela primeira vez o uso de opioide hiperbárico por via espinhal em cavalos, administrado através de um cateter subaraquenóide lombo-sacro. Foi demonstrado que a administração de morfina ou metadona hiperbáricos em solução de dextrose 10% produz analgesia intensa e de curta duração sobre os dermatomas perineais, sacrais, lombares e torácicos, sem depressão cardiorrespiratória, ataxia ou excitação do sistema nervoso central. A técnica descrita, neste estudo, produziu soluções com gravidade específica de 1030. O uso de solução hiperbárica de opióides pode ser recomendado para obtenção de analgesia intensa de curta duração no cavalo.

  13. Estudio de utilización de analgésicos opiáceos en un hospital general universitario Study of opioid analgesic use in a general university hospital

    P. Gómez Salcedo


    Full Text Available Objetivo: El objetivo de este trabajo ha sido realizar un estudio de utilización de analgésicos opiáceos en el Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid en el año 2008 para conocer cómo se está utilizando este grupo de medicamentos y cuál es la tendencia del consumo. Para ello, se presentan los datos de uso de opiáceos en pacientes ingresados de forma global, por hospitales y por servicios clínicos. Se exponen los datos de consumo de los 5 últimos años y se ha cuantificado el uso del resto de principios activos empleados como analgésicos en nuestro hospital. Material y métodos: Haciendo uso de la metodología recomendada por la Organización Mundial de la Salud para los estudios de utilización de medicamentos en hospitales, presentamos nuestros datos en dosis diarias definidas (DDD por 100 estancias. Los datos de consumo se han obtenido del programa de gestión de medicamentos del Servicio de Farmacia Farma Tools (Dominion® Resultados: El valor global de utilización de opiáceos en 2008 ha sido de 8,1 DDD/100 estancias. Los principios activos más consumidos han sido la morfina parenteral y el fentanilo transdérmico, y entre los 2 representan el 83% del consumo total de opiáceos. En el análisis por hospitales apreciamos que el Hospital General y el de Traumatología son los que presentan un mayor empleo de opiáceos y siguen el mismo patrón de utilización que el global. Los servicios más representativos del consumo de opiáceos han sido las reanimaciones del Hospital General y de Traumatología, los Servicios de Oncología, Cuidados paliativos y Hematología. En estos últimos 5 años se ha producido un incremento global del consumo de aproximadamente el 20%, viéndose implicados todos los principios activos. Con relación al consumo total de analgésicos, los datos reflejan una amplia utilización en el hospital (104 DDD/100 estancias. Los opiáceos representan un 7,4% del consumo total de analgésicos, siendo el paracetamol y

  14. Lumbalgia y ciática crónicas: ¿Usamos adecuadamente los opiáceos? ¿Cirugía de raquis o morfina en el paciente mayor?

    F. J. Robaina Padrón


    Full Text Available La literatura especializada está enviando señales de alarma que se extienden por diferentes organizaciones relacionadas con el estudio y tratamiento del dolor no oncológico y, concretamente, con el manejo farmacológico a largo plazo del dolor de origen lumbar. En este artículo de opinión se intenta llamar la atención acerca de los problemas derivados del uso de los opiáceos potentes a largo plazo para controlar el dolor persistente por enfermedad degenerativa lumbar así como estudiar las relaciones entre la medicación opiácea y la cirugía en este tipo de patología. Las unidades encargadas de realizar este tipo de cirugía en el paciente mayor, por ahora, parece que, en general, no han aceptado o no son muy proclives a la utilización de las técnicas mínimamente invasivas para la cirugía de la columna, obligando a muchos pacientes mayores a someterse a tratamientos prolongados con opiáceos potentes. Publicaciones recientes nos alertan del riesgo de adicción de un tratamiento prolongado con opiáceos, el cual oscila entre el 5-24%. Hay un claro riesgo para los pacientes, para la sociedad en general y para los médicos. Las visitas a los servicios de urgencia relacionadas con el uso del fentanilo han aumentado 50 veces entre los años 1994 y 2002. Se han detectado fallos en los profesionales sanitarios para mantenerse al día en el conocimiento y en el desarrollo de las habilidades precisas para ofrecer buenos tratamientos a sus pacientes (culpabilidad de la ignorancia. Los opiáceos pueden activar mecanismos neurofisiológicos pronociceptivos creando una situación de aumento de sensibilidad al dolor, que ha pasado a denominarse hiperalgesia inducida por opiáceos (HIO. Es muy probable que la disminución en la eficacia analgésica a largo plazo se deba a un fenómeno de HIO. Entre el 18 y el 41% de los pacientes puede estar cayendo en abuso de estos medicamentos. Se ha detectado un incremento del 91,2% en las muertes asociadas

  15. Factores determinantes en las OPI

    Rodriguez, M.P.


    Full Text Available The effect of “underpricing” is closely related to the difference of the price set up in the IPO and the closing price of its first day of trading. This concept has been studied internationally for more than 3 decades and it is lately relevant to emerging countries, particularly in the stock markets in which double digit growth has been an important factor such as the Mexican Stock Market. Here we will find some theoretical studies as well as some behaviors in this matter regarding companies in their first public offer. This article does not pretend to be exhaustive but to bring relevance of several studies and theories, to relate variables in international context to the Mexican Stock Market. Further more, conclusions and follow-up actions in this investigation will aim to have a successful initial public offer.

  16. Współistnienie linijnej IgA dermatozy pęcherzowej z atopowym zapaleniem skóry. Trudności diagnostyczne. Opis przypadku

    Marcin Zakrzewski


    Full Text Available Wprowadzenie: Linijna IgA dermatoza pęcherzowa (ang. linear IgAbullous dermatosis – LABD jest przewlekłą autoimmunologiczną chorobąpęcherzową skóry, która niezwykle rzadko współistnieje z innymischorzeniami. Cel pracy: Przedstawienie wyjątkowo rzadkiego współistnienia LABDz atopowym zapaleniem skóry (AZS. Opis przypadku: Kobieta, lat 28, zgłosiła się do poradni dermatologicznejz powodu rozsianych na skórze całego ciała, układających sięobrączkowato zmian pęcherzowych na rumieniowym podłożu oraznadżerek w obrębie błon śluzowych jamy ustnej. Poza tym na skórzetwarzy, nadgarstków oraz w zgięciach łokciowych stwierdzano zmianytypowe dla AZS. Pacjentka od wczesnego dzieciństwa choruje naAZS, idiopatyczną nadpłytkowość oraz obecnie na bezobjawowewrzodziejące zapalenie jelita grubego. U matki kobiety rozpoznanostwardnienie rozsiane. W badaniu immunofluorescencyjnym bezpośrednimwycinka skóry wykazano obecność linijnych złogów IgA nagranicy skórno-naskórkowej, za pomocą badania immunofluorescencyjnegopośredniego nie stwierdzono obecności przeciwciał reagującychz błoną podstawną, a metodą ELISA przeciwciał anty-NC16A. Napodstawie obrazu klinicznego oraz wykonanych badań rozpoznanoLABD, co dodatkowo potwierdzono badaniem wycinka skóry metodąmikroskopii konfokalnej. Ze względu na nadpłytkowość pacjentkabyła konsultowana hematologicznie i miała wykonaną biopsję szpiku.Rozpoznano u niej nadpłytkowość idiopatyczną. Pomimo zaburzeńhematologicznych podjęto leczenie prednizonem w dawkach zmniejszającychsię (od 40 mg/dobę oraz enoksaparyną. Podczas terapiiobserwowano systematyczną poprawę kliniczną, pęcherze wchłonęłysię, pozostawiając pozapalne przebarwienia. Przy redukcji dawki prednizonuobserwowano stopniowe pogarszanie się zmian skórnych typowychdla AZS, zwłaszcza w obrębie twarzy i kończyn górnych. Z tegowzględu włączono leczenie cyklosporyną A. Wnioski

  17. Investigation of relationship with automatic thoughts and the status of women's exposure to violence by adolescents childrenKadınların ergen çocukları tarafından şiddete maruz bırakılma durumu ve otomatik düşünceler ile ilişkisinin incelenmesi

    Zümrüt Bilgin


    Full Text Available Purpose: The purpose of study is to investigation of relationship with automatic thoughts and the status of women's exposure to violence by adolescents children. Materials and Methods: Descriptive research, was made between January 2010 - December 2011. The sample has not been selected in this study. Six hundred seventy one (n=671 women who have at least one adolescent child accepted to join in this research study and replied all questions thoroughly. Socio-demographic characteristics and data about violence prepared by the researchers "Information Form", the data about automatic thoughts were collected using Automatic Thoughts Scale (ATS. ATS is developed to determine the frequency of occurrence of negative automatic thoughts the person himself. The research was adapted to Turkish by Aydın and Aydın (1990. Data were evaluated using percentage, mean and standard deviation on computer. Findings: In this study was found to be significantly more frequent negative automatic thoughts in women exposed to violence by adolescent children than unexposed. Women who are subjected to violence was expolered experienced negative emotions such as intense anxiety, fear, helplessness, anger, children born to hate, feelings of worthlessness. Özet Amaç: Çalışmanın amacı kadınların ergen çocukları tarafından şiddete maruz bırakılma durumu ve olumsuz otomatik düşünceleri ile ilişkisinin incelenmesidir. Materyal and Method: Tanımlayıcı olan araştırma Ocak 2010- Aralık 2011 yılları arasında yapılmıştır. Çalışmada örneklem seçimine gidilmemiştir. Bu çalışmaya ergenlik döneminde en az bir ergen çocuğu olan, araştırmaya katılmayı kabul eden ve soruları eksiksiz yanıtlayan altı yüz yetmiş bir (n=671 kadın katılmıştır. Sosyodemografik özellikler ve şiddetle ilgili veriler araştırmacılar tarafından hazırlanan “Bilgi Formu”, otomatik düşünceler ile ilgili veriler Otomatik Düşünceler Ölçeği (OD

  18. Diretrizes para o tratamento de pacientes com síndrome de dependência de opióides no Brasil Brazilian guideline for the treatment of patients with opioids dependence syndrome

    Danilo Antonio Baltieri


    Full Text Available Existe uma prevalência relativamente baixa do uso de ópioides no Brasil, em particular envolvendo o uso não médico da codeína e de xaropes que contêm opióides. No entanto, a síndrome de dependência apresenta um significativo impacto total na mortalidade e morbidade. Nos últimos 20 anos, o avanço científico tem modificado nosso entendimento sobre a natureza da adição aos opióides e os variados tratamentos possíveis. A adição é uma doença crônica tratável se o tratamento for realizado e adaptado tendo em vista as necessidades do paciente específico. Há, de um fato, um conjunto de tratamentos que podem efetivamente reduzir o uso da droga, ajudar a gerenciar a fissura pela droga, prevenir recaídas e recuperar as pessoas para o funcionamento social produtivo. O tratamento da dependência de drogas será parte de perspectivas de longo prazo do ponto de vista médico, psicológico e social. Esta diretriz almeja fornecer um guia para os psiquiatras e outros profissionais de saúde que tratam de pacientes com Síndrome de Dependência de Opióides. Ela tece comentários sobre o tratamento somático e psicossocial que é utilizado nesses pacientes e revisa as evidências científicas e seu poder. Da mesma forma, os aspectos históricos, epidemiológicos e neurobiológicos da dependência de opióides são revisados.There is a relatively low prevalence of opioid use in Brazil, particularly involving the non-medical use of codeine and opiate-containing syrups. However, opioid dependence syndrome shows a significant total impact on mortality and morbidity. Over the past 20 years, scientific progress has changed our understanding of the nature of opioid addiction and its various possible treatments. Addiction is a chronic illness treatable if the treatment is well-delivered and tailored to the needs of the particular patient. There is indeed an array of treatments that can effectively reduce drug use, help manage drug cravings

  19. Uma breve história do ópio e dos opióides Una historia breve del opio y de los opioides Opium and opioids: a brief history

    Danilo Freire Duarte


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Desde tempos imemoriais, o ópio e os seus derivados, além de exercerem ponderável influência sobre o comportamento dos seres humanos, têm sido empregados como sedativo e como analgésico. A partir do século XIX, com o isolamento dos alcalóides do ópio e as facilidades para o emprego dessas substâncias por via parenteral, houve aumento do interesse pelo uso criterioso dos opióides na área médica e da análise das conseqüências sociais de seu uso abusivo. Justifica-se, pelo exposto, uma revisão histórica do ópio e dos seus derivados. CONTEÚDO: A evolução dos conhecimentos sobre o ópio, produto natural extraído do Papaver somniferum, e sobre os opióides, substâncias naturais, semi-sintéticas e sintéticas extraídas do ópio, bem como as principais referências a essas substâncias desde a Antigüidade foram avaliadas. Foi enfatizado o progresso obtido a partir dos trabalhos de Setürner que resultaram no isolamento da morfina. As investigações conduzidas por outros autores na busca de substâncias sintéticas que apresentassem vantagens sobre os produtos naturais foram mencionadas. A importância da descoberta dos receptores opióides e de seus ligantes endógenos foi sublinhada. CONCLUSÕES: No alvorecer do terceiro milênio, a despeito das pesquisas realizadas com drogas analgésicas de outros grupos farmacológicos, os opióides continuam sendo os analgésicos mais potentes, embora sua eficácia seja contestada em certos tipos de dor. Os atuais conhecimentos de Farmacologia Clínica permitem selecionar o opióide a ser administrado, considerando a doença e as condições do paciente, na busca da melhor relação custo-benefício.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: Desde tiempos inmemoriales, el opio y sus derivados, junto con ejerceren ponderable influencia sobre el comportamiento de los seres humanos, han sido empleados como sedante y como analgésico. Desde el siglo XIX, con el aislamiento de los

  20. Przebieg wczesnej rehabilitacji po udarze mózgu i ostrym zespole wieńcowym u chorego z przebytą obustronną amputacją podudzi. Opis przypadku

    Michał Starosta


    Full Text Available Wstęp: Udar niedokrwienny mózgu jako powikłanie ostrego zespołu wieńcowego występuje w około 1,40% przypadków. Kompleksowa rehabilitacja jest niezbędnym elementem leczenia osób po udarze. Opis przypadku: Prezentowany przypadek kliniczny dotyczy pacjenta po udarze mózgu poprzedzonym ostrym zespołem wieńcowym; w przeszłości chory przebył obustronną amputację podudzi. Praca przedstawia przebieg 25-dniowego programu rehabilitacji psychoruchowej, którą prowadzono na oddziale rehabilitacji neurologicznej. Metody: Skuteczność zastosowanego leczenia oceniono za pomocą skal funkcjonalnych (skala czynności życia codziennego, zmodyfikowana skala Rankina, Skala Udaru Narodowego Instytutu Zdrowia, Ocena Motoryczności Rivermead i psychologicznych (Geriatryczna Skala Oceny Depresji Yesavage’a, Krótka Skala Oceny Stanu Umysłowego. Wyniki: Poprawa funkcjonalna dotyczyła przede wszystkim kończyny górnej i ruchów globalnych. Zmniejszyło się nasilenie zaburzeń depresyjnych (21 versus 11 punktów w Geriatrycznej Skali Oceny Depresji Yesavage’a. Znormalizowały się wyniki uzyskiwane przez pacjenta w Krótkiej Skali Oceny Otępień (19 versus 27 punktów. Wnioski: Wcześnie zastosowany indywidualny program rehabilitacji wraz z intensywną terapią psychologiczną to bardzo ważny element leczenia osób z wieloczynnikowym obniżeniem sprawności ruchowej.

  1. Rak debelega črevesa in danke: Colorectal cancer:

    Potrč, Stojan; Krebs, Bojan


    Colorectal cancer is the second most common malignancy in Europe and also the second most common cause of cancer death. In Slovenia, the incidence of colorectal cancer is high and is still increasing. The survival rate of our patients operated for colorectal cancer is improving and slowly approaches the survival rate of patients operated on the western world. There is still a problem of late diagnosis, usually when the disease is already disseminated. The approach to the treatment of colorect...

  2. O papel dos antagonistas periféricos dos opióides no tratamento da dor e nos cuidados perioperatórios El papel de los antagonistas periféricos de los opioides en el tratamiento del dolor y en los cuidados perioperatorios The role of peripheral opiate antagonists in pain medicine and perioperative care

    Pedro Paulo Tanaka


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Estudos clínicos e pré-clínicos sobre os antagonistas periféricos dos opióides aumentaram nosso conhecimento sobre os efeitos dos opióides exógenos e endógenos. CONTEÚDO: Este artigo faz uma revisão dos estudos clínicos e pré-clínicos sobre a disfunção intestinal secundária ao uso de opióides. CONCLUSÕES: Se forem aprovados, esses fármacos podem representar soluções importantes para os problemas encontrados na prática médica com relação ao tratamento da dor.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: Estudios clínicos y preclínicos sobre los antagonistas periféricos de los opioides aumentaron nuestro conocimiento sobre los efectos de los opioides exógenos y endógenos. CONTENIDO: Este artículo nos trae una reflexión de los estudios clínicos y preclínicos sobre la disfunción intestinal secundaria al uso de opioides. CONCLUSIONES: Si se aprueban, los referidos fármacos pueden representar soluciones importantes para los problemas encontrados en la práctica médica en relación con el tratamiento del dolor.BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Pre-clinical and clinical trials of peripheral opiate antagonists have shed new light on the effects of exogenous and endogenous opioids. CONTENTS: This article review preclinical studies and clinical opioid bowel disfunction trials. CONCLUSIONS: If approved these drugs may offer potential solutions to important clinical problems in pain management.

  3. Lumbalgia y ciática crónicas: ¿Usamos adecuadamente los opiáceos? ¿Cirugía de raquis o morfina en el paciente mayor? Chronic lumbar and sciatic pain: Are we using opioids correctly? Spinal surgery vs morphine in the elderly

    F.J. Robaina Padrón


    La literatura especializada está enviando señales de alarma que se extienden por diferentes organizaciones relacionadas con el estudio y tratamiento del dolor no oncológico y, concretamente, con el manejo farmacológico a largo plazo del dolor de origen lumbar. En este artículo de opinión se intenta llamar la atención acerca de los problemas derivados del uso de los opiáceos potentes a largo plazo para controlar el dolor persistente por enfermedad degenerativa lumbar así como estudiar las rela...

  4. Personnel Investigations and Clearance Tracking (OPI)

    Office of Personnel Management — Security file-related information for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)'s employee and contractor personnel. The data is OPM-specific, not government-wide.

  5. Samouszkodzenia jako symptom prodromalny schizofrenii. Opis przypadku

    Konstantinos Tsirigotis


    Full Text Available Celem pracy było przedstawienie przypadku chorego na schizofrenię, który przed ostatecznym zdiagnozowaniem schizofrenii dokonywał samouszkodzeń. Pacjentem był student w wieku 23 lat, a powodem zgłoszenia do psychologa samouszkodzenie. Zgłosił się z matką, zaniepokojoną jego czynem. Pacjent był zorientowany prawidłowo co do miejsca, czasu i własnej osoby, w kontakcie pozornie dobrym. Na lewym ramieniu widać było ranę ciętą. Odczuwał stany agresji, co było powodem dokonywania samouszkodzeń. Prowadził nocny tryb życia, wówczas inni ludzie nie przeszkadzali mu. Jego wypowiedzi były logiczne, zborne, brak było oznak zaburzeń myślenia. Nie sprawiał wrażenia przejętego swoimi przeżyciami i tym, co się z nim dzieje; wyrażane przez niego emocje nie były dostosowane do treści jego wypowiedzi. Jego profil w MMPI był „nerwicowy”, ale inne wskaźniki (kliniczne, diagnostyczne i różnicowe nasuwały podejrzenie psychozy. Dane z wywiadu, rozmowy, obserwacji i MMPI sprawiły, że pacjent został skierowany do psychiatry z podejrzeniem zaburzeń schizofrenicznych. O objawach pozytywnych (produktywnych zaczął mówić dopiero przy analizie treściowej pozycji krytycznych MMPI. Rozpoznanie psychiatryczne potwierdziło podejrzenia schizofrenii; został hospitalizowany i był leczony z rozpoznaniem schizofrenii paranoidalnej. W tym przypadku początek schizofrenii był powolny, ubogoobjawowy, bez objawów ostrych. Przedchorobowa osobowość pacjenta nosiła cechy schizotymii, autystycznego izolowania się – najprawdopodobniej była to już osobowość schizoidalna. Zagadnienie izolowania się można rozpatrywać również w kategoriach zapotrzebowania na stymulację i optimum stymulacji. Odrębnym zagadnieniem są związki samouszkodzeń z substancjami (endorfiny, encefaliny itp. wydzielanymi podczas tego typu autostymulacji. Powyższe dane potwierdzają jeszcze raz znaczenie diagnozy klinicznej (w odróżnieniu od psychometrycznej i wagę jakościowej, klinicznej interpretacji danych psychometrycznych, testowych.

  6. Lumbalgia y ciática crónicas: ¿Usamos adecuadamente los opiáceos? ¿Cirugía de raquis o morfina en el paciente mayor? Chronic lumbar and sciatic pain: Are we using opioids correctly? Spinal surgery vs morphine in the elderly

    F. J. Robaina Padrón


    Full Text Available La literatura especializada está enviando señales de alarma que se extienden por diferentes organizaciones relacionadas con el estudio y tratamiento del dolor no oncológico y, concretamente, con el manejo farmacológico a largo plazo del dolor de origen lumbar. En este artículo de opinión se intenta llamar la atención acerca de los problemas derivados del uso de los opiáceos potentes a largo plazo para controlar el dolor persistente por enfermedad degenerativa lumbar así como estudiar las relaciones entre la medicación opiácea y la cirugía en este tipo de patología. Las unidades encargadas de realizar este tipo de cirugía en el paciente mayor, por ahora, parece que, en general, no han aceptado o no son muy proclives a la utilización de las técnicas mínimamente invasivas para la cirugía de la columna, obligando a muchos pacientes mayores a someterse a tratamientos prolongados con opiáceos potentes. Publicaciones recientes nos alertan del riesgo de adicción de un tratamiento prolongado con opiáceos, el cual oscila entre el 5-24%. Hay un claro riesgo para los pacientes, para la sociedad en general y para los médicos. Las visitas a los servicios de urgencia relacionadas con el uso del fentanilo han aumentado 50 veces entre los años 1994 y 2002. Se han detectado fallos en los profesionales sanitarios para mantenerse al día en el conocimiento y en el desarrollo de las habilidades precisas para ofrecer buenos tratamientos a sus pacientes (culpabilidad de la ignorancia. Los opiáceos pueden activar mecanismos neurofisiológicos pronociceptivos creando una situación de aumento de sensibilidad al dolor, que ha pasado a denominarse hiperalgesia inducida por opiáceos (HIO. Es muy probable que la disminución en la eficacia analgésica a largo plazo se deba a un fenómeno de HIO. Entre el 18 y el 41% de los pacientes puede estar cayendo en abuso de estos medicamentos. Se ha detectado un incremento del 91,2% en las muertes asociadas

  7. Clínicas del dolor y cuidados paliativos en México: manejo del estreñimiento inducido por opiáceos. Conclusiones de un grupo de expertos Pain clinics and palliative care in Mexico: management of opioid-induced constipation. Conclusions of an expert group

    J.A. Flores Cantisani


    Full Text Available A finales de septiembre de 2008, 15 líderes de opinión en el tratamiento del dolor y los cuidados paliativos de México se reunieron en la ciudad de México con el objetivo de elaborar una guía clínica acerca del uso de opiáceos y sus efectos secundarios, con especial acento en el estreñimiento, y se propuso un nuevo esquema de tratamiento. Los participantes trabajan actualmente en unidades de dolor o de paliativos por todo México y algunos son participante activos en la elaboración de medidas reguladoras sobre el uso de opiáceos. Durante la elaboración de esta guía, se ha publicado la Ley de Reforma del Tratamiento Paliativo de México, que ha entrado en vigor el 6 de enero de 2009.At the end of September 2008, 15 leading figures in pain treatment and palliative care in Mexico met in Mexico City to design a clinical guideline on the use of opioids and the secondary effects of these drugs, with special emphasis on constipation. A new treatment scheme was proposed. The participants currently work in pain or palliative care units throughout Mexico and some are active participants in the design of regulatory measures on opioid use. During the drafting of this guideline, the law reforming palliative treatment in Mexico was passed and came into effect on 6th January, 2009.

  8. O uso de opióides no tratamento da dor crônica não oncológica: o papel da metadona El uso de opioides en el tratamiento del dolor crónico no oncológica: el papel de la metadona Opioids for treating non malignant chronic pain: the role of methadone

    Sady Ribeiro


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: O uso de opióides em dor oncológica já é bastante difundido e comprovado por diversos ensaios clínicos bem controlados. Entretanto, há uma grande controvérsia em relação ao uso em longo prazo de opióides em dor crônica de origem não oncológica, que tem se intensificado de forma importante nos últimos anos. Neste estudo, objetivamos avaliar criticamente as informações disponíveis na literatura a respeito do uso de opióides para tratamento de dor crônica não oncológica e o papel da metadona como opção terapêutica. CONTEÚDO: Os estudos disponíveis ainda são limitados, mas demonstram que determinadas subpopulações de pacientes portadores de dor crônica podem alcançar analgesia importante, com pouca tolerância e baixo potencial para adição, principalmente aqueles refratários aos esquemas terapêuticos convencionais. Morfina é o opióide padrão, mas outras alternativas podem ser utilizadas como oxicodona, hidromorfona ou fentanil. Metadona é um opióide sintético, inicialmente utilizado para prevenir síndrome de abstinência em paciente dependentes, que também constitui uma importante opção no tratamento da dor crônica não oncológica, principalmente dor neuropática. CONCLUSÕES: Apesar do conhecimento crescente sobre o uso de opióides em dor crônica não oncológica, novos estudos melhor controlados ainda são necessários para uma discussão mais científica a respeito do assunto. A metadona administrada por via oral apresenta uma boa relação custo-benefício, representando uma alternativa efetiva para um melhor controle da dor em alguns pacientes.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: El uso de opioides en el dolor oncológico ya es bastante difundido y comprobado por diversos ensayos clínicos bien controlados. Entretanto, hay una grande controversia en relación con el uso en largo plazo de opioides en el dolor crónico de origen no oncológica, que se ha intensificado de forma

  9. Rumień guzowaty u dziecka – opis przypadku

    Bożena Chodynicka


    Full Text Available Introduction. Erythema nodosum belongs to a group of diseases connectedwith subcutaneous tissue inflammation. It occurs mainly in people20-40 years of age, more frequently in women. Typical changesappear as inflammatory nodules on the frontal surface of lower legs.There is a significant influence of streptococcal infections on erythemanodosum appearance.Objective. To present a case of erythema nodosum in a child caused bytonsillitis.Case report. A 9-year old girl was admitted to the Department withnumerous, tender, red nodules on the anterior parts of the lower legs.Physical examinations revealed hypertrophy of tonsils. Laboratoryexaminations showed increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate,increased level of C-reactive protein and anti-streptolysin O (ASO. Aftersystemic and topical treatment, significant improvement was achieved.Conclusions. In cases of erythema nodosum in children, it is important toexclude infections of the upper respiratory tract and to carry out theproper treatment.

  10. Vanha koira ei opi uusia temppuja / Lasse Lehtinen

    Lehtinen, Lasse


    Euroopa Parlamendi liige Eesti ja Soome välispoliitika erinevustest Venemaa suhtes. Autor tsiteerib katkendeid artiklist: Ilves, Toomas Hendrik. Meloslaisia muistellen. Kanava, 2008, nr. 8, lk. 640-646

  11. Los Organismos Públicos de Investigación (OPIS

    López Facal, Javier


    Full Text Available Not available.El sistema español de I+D está siendo objeto de atención, tanto por parte del Gobierno de la Nación, como por parte de los agentes sociales y de instituciones privadas. Con el fin de aportar datos y reflexiones a este debate, se presenta en este artículo un informe sobre los Organismos Públicos de Investigación en el que se trata de su régimen presupuestario, su estatus jurídico, sus efectivos humanos, su producción científica y tecnológica y su actividad investigadora, y se ofrecen sugerencias para una mayor homologación de estos organismos.

  12. Rejecting the OPI--Again: A Response to Hagen.

    Lantolf, James P.; Frawley, William


    Addresses the effectiveness of the oral proficiency interview in assessing foreign language skills, responding to arguments regarding the logic of the interview method, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines and levels of proficiency, and the relationship between linguistic knowledge and the bases of…

  13. Factory Model and Test Data Descriptions: OPIS Experiments


    WNO In 0 NW In4W0In0 % In InN .. . .. 0 I~~~~O O O ; InI nnnnn " nIO " ""IanI~~~nnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~~nI nI nI I nI nnn~~~ nI nInI nI I .... .0W10W InVIV 1...0 i i a- a 0 05. N a, 0 in is a a 0 0ce Er sa sa -a -a -a -a -a-aaaaaaaaaa0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - - - ana n nS a ninS n nS i nSnS n nS i nini ...n ni i nini nini n ni i nini n ni i nini n ni i nini n3oi i ni 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. . . ..0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..00 0 0 0 0 0 0. . . . . 0 ~ .f Va

  14. Itaalia pööraks Prodiga pilgu enam Euroopasse / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    10. aprillil Itaalias toimunud parlamendivalimistest: uksesuuküsitluste andmetel on vasaktsentristide juht Romano Prodi saamas 50-54 protsenti valijate häältest. Lisa: Võidukursil vasaktsentristid

  15. Aphanomyces astaci w Europie wyeliminował populację raków z ...



    Oct 30, 2013 ... RNA gene, and internal transcribed spacer 2, complete sequence and 28S ribosomal ... Agar; ITS, internal transcribed spacer; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; NCBI, National ... Morphological characters of asexual structures and measurements .... have been described only on the basic morphological.

  16. Itaalia pööraks Prodiga pilgu enam Euroopasse / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    10. aprillil Itaalias toimunud parlamendivalimistest: uksesuuküsitluste andmetel on vasaktsentristide juht Romano Prodi saamas 50-54 protsenti valijate häältest. Lisa: Võidukursil vasaktsentristid

  17. Nora Särak: kõige suurem katsumus on iseenda usaldamine / intervjueerinud Katariina Rebane

    Särak, Nora


    Kevadel Balti filmi- ja meediakooli magistriõppe lõpetanud Nora Säraku lõputööna valminud lühidokumentaalfilm "Valguseks/Valguseni/Valgusena" Petseris elavatest eestlastest pälvis Eesti Kultuurkapitali Audiovisuaalse kunsti sihtkapitali aastapreemia ning film valiti aasta dokumentaalfilmiks. Intervjuu Nora Särakuga

  18. Rak trzonu macicy u kobiet po 70. roku życia. Ocena wczesnego ostrego odczynu popromiennego

    Karolina Helis


    Full Text Available Objectives: The objective of the study was to evaluate the tolerance of radical radiotherapy in patients withcancer of the corpus uteri, aged 70 years and older. Materials and methods: The analysis is based on 94 patients with cancer of the corpus uteri. There were94 women aged 70-85 years (median 74 years treated using radical radiotherapy in the Department of Radiotherapy,Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology, Gliwice Branch in Polandduring 2008 to October 2010. Acute treatment toxicity was assessed using the EORTC/RTOG scale. The skinreaction, the digestive system reaction and urinary tract reaction were analysed. Results: The most frequent early acute post-radiation reaction was bowel reaction (74.5% in comparisonwith skin (24.5% and urinary bladder (15.96% reactions. A severe bowel reaction, adynamic ileus, was observedin 4 patients. There were no severe reactions of the urinary bladder. Benign reactions of the bladder were observedin 15 patients (15.96%. Severe skin reactions in 1 (1.06% patient and benign reaction in 22 (23.4% wereobserved. In the majority of patients there were no skin reaction (75.5%. Conclusion: Radical radiotherapy in senile patients with cancer of the corpus uteri is combined with higherfrequency of early acute toxicity, but still remains a safe and well-tolerated method of treatment.

  19. Rak izletshim u 80 iz 100 zabolevshihh detei / Lev Durnov ; interv. Kim Smirnov

    Durnov, Lev


    Intervjuu Venemaa N. Blohhini nimelise Onkoloogia Teadusliku Keskuse peadirektori asetäitja Lev Durnoviga keskuseLaste Onkoloogia ja Hematoloogia Teadusliku Uurimise Instituudi tööst laste vähktõve ravimisel

  20. Rak izletshim u 80 iz 100 zabolevshihh detei / Lev Durnov ; interv. Kim Smirnov

    Durnov, Lev


    Intervjuu Venemaa N. Blohhini nimelise Onkoloogia Teadusliku Keskuse peadirektori asetäitja Lev Durnoviga keskuseLaste Onkoloogia ja Hematoloogia Teadusliku Uurimise Instituudi tööst laste vähktõve ravimisel

  1. Nora Särak: kõige suurem katsumus on iseenda usaldamine / intervjueerinud Katariina Rebane

    Särak, Nora


    Kevadel Balti filmi- ja meediakooli magistriõppe lõpetanud Nora Säraku lõputööna valminud lühidokumentaalfilm "Valguseks/Valguseni/Valgusena" Petseris elavatest eestlastest pälvis Eesti Kultuurkapitali Audiovisuaalse kunsti sihtkapitali aastapreemia ning film valiti aasta dokumentaalfilmiks. Intervjuu Nora Särakuga

  2. Postoperative urinary retention: evaluation of patients using opioids analgesic Retención urinaria post-operatoria: evaluación de pacientes en tratamiento analgésico con opioides Retenção urinária pós-operatória: avaliação de pacientes em uso de analgesia com opióides

    Maria do Carmo Barretto de Carvalho Fernandes


    ás frecuente en hombres, así como en aquellos pacientes sometidos a analgesia epidural continua. Se sugiere una orientación y vigilancia adecuadas por el equipo de enfermería, haciendo énfasis en el cateterismo vesical intermitente aséptico, durante el transcurso de la retención urinaria, para prevenir complicaciones del tracto urinario.Os objetivos deste estudo foram determinar a incidência de retenção urinária pós-operatória em pacientes que estavam em uso de analgesia com opióides e descrever o método utilizado para esvaziamento vesical. Trata-se de uma série prospectiva e consecutiva de 1.316 pacientes cirúrgicos de 9/1999 a 4/2003. Dos 1.316 pacientes, 594 não usaram cateterismo de demora no pré-operatório. Desses, 128 pacientes apresentaram retenção urinária, com incidência de 22% (128/594. Houve associação estatisticamente significativa entre a ocorrência de retenção urinária e uso da analgesia peridural contínua (p=0,009. Cerca de 69% dos pacientes apresentaram micção espontânea após a realização de apenas um cateterismo. A incidência de retenção urinária encontrada é semelhante à literatura, sendo mais freqüente em homens e naqueles submetidos à analgesia peridural contínua. Sugere-se orientação e vigilância adequada pela equipe de enfermagem, com ênfase no cateterismo vesical intermitente asséptico, na ocorrência de retenção urinária para prevenção de complicações do trato urinário.

  3. Mit RAK auf verlorenem Posten...!? Vom FAMI, der auszog, das Erlernte anzuwenden / With RAK for lost positions...!? to use what is learned from FaMI: a practice report

    Johannsmeyer, Betty


    Full Text Available The training as library assistant was replaced in 1998 by the multidisciplinary training „Specialised Employee in Media and Information Services“ (FaMI in German. However, the libraries have not been able, until now, to make full use of this information specialist and have not yet found an appropriate position between the spectrum of duties of the librarian and the assistant. Most of the time the FaMI is offered a fixed-term part-time job at the front desk or, at the other extreme, is hired as a cost saving alter­native to the librarian. In both cases the practical exercise of the duties has never been adequate or relevant to the content of the formation or to the depth of the learned material.Beginners face many problems in their job application. A flexible adap­tation to the job market is essential in order to insure a successful entry in the working life. Using the example of a specialised medical library it will be shown to what extent what is being learned in the training is suitable to the requirements of the FaMI.There are more and more positions available for the FaMIs in the private sector, so that it is no longer restricted to the public one. The private sector offers now the information specialist a broad range of job challenges whose most important prerequisites are not at all the rules for alphabetical cataloguing of the media. What is much more required nowadays is a business management knowledge in the sense of the running of a library, and the secure use of modern communication and technology techniques. One should take into account these requirements in the training in order to broaden the job opportunities of the FaMI thus allowing him to become a versatile and a much in demand information specialist.

  4. Provision of clinical pharmacy education and services by RAK college of pharmaceutical sciences, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    Smitha C Francis


    Conclusion: Pharmacy practice related education and practice-based training provided for the undergraduate pharmacy students will be definitely a major contribution towards bringing up quality clinical pharmacists in UAE, who will be a major asset for the healthcare team.

  5. Zmiany skórne w przebiegu ostrej białaczki szpikowej – opis przypadku

    Waldemar Placek


    Full Text Available Introduction. Acute myeloid leukaemia is a malignant neoplastic diseaseof white blood cells. About 80% of acute leukaemias in adult arediagnosed as myeloid leukaemias. The presence of transformed cellclones in bone marrow and blood, which originate from very earlystages of myelopoiesis, is characteristic. Beside systemic symptoms(anaemia, thrombocytopenia there are infiltrations in other organs,including skin. Skin lesions are most frequently non-specific (pruritus,skin spots, erythema multiforme, bullous pemphigoid but can be alsospecific (skin tumours. Cases of diffuse xanthomatoses and myeloidsarcoma have also been found in patients with acute myeloidleukaemia. Skin lesions are present more often in lymphocytic thanmyeloid leukaemias. They may precede the disease or its relapse, occurconcomitantly or after systemic symptoms, and sometimes may be ofprognostic value.Objective. To present the case of a patient in whom skin lesions werethe cause of detailed examinations, which revealed acute myeloidleukaemia.Case report. We present a case of a 61-year old patient with purplebrownnodular lesions 1-3 cm in diameter on the face, scalp skin, trunk,limbs and the oral cavity’s mucous membranes with coexistent intensepruritus and generalized lymphadenopathy. The first skin lesionsoccurred three months earlier. During hospitalization in the Departmentof Dermatology the renewal of blasts in the circulatory blood wasobserved and skin biopsy revealed a large amount of mononuclearcells. The patient was directed to the haematological ward, where thediagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia was established.Conclusions. Our case indicates that the presence of skin lesions andthorough diagnostic procedures may contribute to the diagnosis ofmalignant neoplastic diseases of white blood cells.

  6. Pattern of Paediatric OpI2tba1micAdmissi012s

    Onabolu OO. Pattern of Paediatric Ophthalmic Admissions into the Ogun State University ... per cent) and tumours, (15 per cent) were the four main groups of ocular diseases seen. Measles infection was .... right sided abdominal mass. He died ...

  7. Zespół Felty’ego – opis trzech przypadków

    Anna Raczkiewicz


    Full Text Available Zespół Felty’ego (ZF stanowi rzadkie powikłanie reumatoidalnegozapalenia stawów (RZS. Na obraz zespołu składa się współistnienieRZS, neutropenii i (obligatoryjnie splenomegalii. Dla ZFcharakterystyczne są nasilone stawowe i pozastawowe objawyRZS. Przyczynami neutropenii są prawdopodobnie: zahamowaniedojrzewania prekursorów linii granulocytarnej, hamowanie produkcjiczynnika wzrostu kolonii granulocytów (granulocyte colonystimulating factor – G-CSF przez cytokiny, przeciwciała przeciwkogranulocytom oraz sekwestracja granulocytów. Głównymzagrożeniem dla chorych są nawracające infekcje bakteryjne spowodowaneneutropenią, dotyczące najczęściej układu oddechowegoi skóry. Bardzo rzadkim powikłaniem ZF jest zespół nadlepkości.W diagnostyce neutropenii u chorego na RZS należy wziąćpod uwagę toksyczność stosowanych leków, infekcje wirusoweoraz choroby hematologiczne (głównie białaczkę z dużych ziarnistychleukocytów – T-LGL. W leczeniu ZF stosuje się leki modyfikująceprzebieg choroby (disease-modyfing anti-rheumatic drugs–DMARD, niekiedy również czynniki wzrostu kolonii granulocytów(G-CSF i GM-CSF oraz splenektomię. W pracy opisano trzyprzypadki chorych, u których rozpoznano zespół Felty’ego.

  8. Opportunity and Problem in Context (OPiC). A framework for environmental management in developing countries

    Tsetse, David


    Environmental management is usually a complex issue that involves many scientific disciplines and many stakeholders. Environmental management is therefore much helped by schemes that can guide research, reports and discussions in a manner that makes the interconnections between the key elements of p

  9. Penelitian pengaruh sudut kemiringan rak pada uji cuaca luar terhadap sifat fisis ketahanan kikis, berat jenis sol karet cetak sepatu olah raga



    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to find out the effect of weather exposure on the physical characteristic of the abrasiti on and the densytas of the quality of the molding rubber of the sport shoes. In this research, the samples of the experiment are installed on shelves which each of the shelve has an a 00,150,30, and 450 angle, by directly exposure to the out door weather. The samples of the research were tested to know their physical proper-ties. It was done once in every 40n days. Testing for the abrasition and densytas on rubber and plastic physical and chemist Laboratory IRDLAI, YOGYAKARTA, by reference SNI 0078-1989. A. The results of physical tests were analysed using T test. The result of the research showed that the different angles of the selves did not affect the abrasition as well as the densytas significantly.

  10. Analgesia pós-operatória em pacientes pediátricos: estudo comparativo entre anestésico local, opióides e antiinflamatório não esteróide Analgesia pós-operatoria en pacientes pediátricos: estudio comparativo entre anestésico local, opioides y antiinflamatorio no esteróide Postoperative analgesia in pediatric patients: comparative study among local anesthetics, opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

    Miriam Seligman Menezes


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: O tratamento da dor pós-operatória em crianças tem merecido atenção especial nas últimas décadas. O propósito deste estudo foi analisar a analgesia pós-operatória de crianças no que se relaciona à qualidade e à duração da analgesia, à confiabilidade dos métodos de avaliação e à incidência de efeitos colaterais decorrentes das diferentes técnicas de analgesia utilizadas. MÉTODO: Participaram do estudo 100 crianças com idades entre 2 e 12 anos alocadas em 5 grupos de 20 crianças cada, que receberam, logo após a indução da anestesia, os seguintes tratamentos de analgesia: grupo B, bupivacaína a 0,25%, com vasoconstritor, 0,5 a 1; grupo F, fentanil, 1,5 µ; grupo M, morfina, 30 µ, grupo S, sufentanil, 0,3 µ, todos por via peridural caudal e o grupo D, que recebeu diclofenaco potássico (1 por via retal. A dor foi avaliada por 2 métodos distintos: um predominantemente comportamental, objetivo e o outro de auto-avaliação, subjetivo, durante as primeiras 4 horas e a partir deste momento até a 24ª hora. Efeitos colaterais foram observados e tratados. RESULTADOS: Nas primeiras 4 horas os pacientes dos grupos B, F, M e S apresentaram comportamentos semelhantes, com mínimas necessidades de analgesia complementar. Nas 20 horas restantes o maior tempo de analgesia foi o observado no grupo S, não diferindo dos grupos F e M, mas sendo significativamente superior ao tempo dos grupos B e D. Diclofenaco retal não promoveu alívio efetivo da dor. Maior incidência de efeitos colaterais ocorreu no grupo M que não diferiu do grupo S, mas foi significativamente superior aos grupos F, B e D. Houve correlação positiva e significativa entre os escores das 2 escalas de avaliação de dor. CONCLUSÕES: Os opióides espinhais mostraram-se seguros e efetivos na analgesia pós-operatória em crianças, porém quando comparados à bupivacaína não apresentaram diferen

  11. Is Huntington’s disease a neurological or psychiatric disorder? Case report [Choroba Huntingtona zaburzeniem neurologicznym czy psychiatrycznym? Opis przypadku

    Dubas-Ślemp, Halina; Tylec, Aneta; Michałowska-Marmurowska, Halina; Spychalska, Katarzyna


    Huntington’s disease is a rare, although commonly known neurodegenerative disease, caused by dynamic point mutation within the IT-15; it is inherited autosomally dominantly. IT-15 mutation includes multiple (36–250) repetitions of trinucleotide sequence (CAG) encoding a glutamine at the amino end of Huntington (mHtt). It is one of the nine polyglutamine diseases (PolyQ), characterized by a CAG repeat. The pathophysiology of Huntington’s disease is associated with dysfunction and loss of neuro...

  12. Erytrodermia łuszczycowa po ogólnym zastosowaniu kortykosteroidów – opis przypadku

    Joanna Maj


    Full Text Available Introduction. Erythroderma (exfoliative dermatitis is an acute, generalizedinflammation of the skin, which affects at least 90% of its surface.It is a life threatening illness in the course of which various types anddegrees of scaling and itching are observed. The main causes of erythrodermaare psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, drug reactions, mycosis fungoidesand pityriasis rubra pilaris. Psoriatic erythroderma is classified as a secondary erythroderma. It may develop spontaneously or moreoften as a result of incorrect treatment.Objective. To present side effects of oral corticosteroids administrationin a patient with psoriasis.Case report. A 36-year-old woman, suffering from psoriasis for over7 years, was admitted to the hospital inMarch 2011 due to exacerbationof skin lesions up to erythroderma after administration of oral corticosteroidtherapy. Three weeks after corticosteroids withdrawal, significantworsening of the disease was observed. On admission she presentedmassiveskin inflammation, scaling and itching. Laboratory testsrevealed increased markers of inflammation. The patient was treatedwith combined immunosuppressive therapy and topical ointments.After 3 weeks, significant regression of skin lesions and normalizationof laboratory tests were observed.Conclusions. Psoriasis is a common cause of erythroderma in adults.Although in Europe the disease affects about 2% of the population andknowledge of its treatment should be common, cases of systemicadministration of corticosteroids in patients with psoriasis in the treatmentof the underlying disease or of the comorbidities are still beingreported.

  13. “Addiction” to phenelzine – case report [„Uzależnienie” od fenelzyny – opis przypadku

    Antosik-Wójcińska, Anna Z.


    Full Text Available The use of non-selective monoamine oxidase inhibitors (IMAO may be associated with the risk of addiction, which is confirmed by case studies published so far. Harmful use of antidepressants in patients with affective disorders and anxiety is not frequent, but due to the fact that in clinical practice can meet with this phenomenon, we present the case of a 30-year-old patient with a history of using phenelzine who presented a combination of symptoms that meet criteria for addiction. The current classification of ICD-10 does not consist the diagnosis of dependence on antidepressants. In this case, the category F55.0: abuse of a substance which does not cause addiction, should be used. In the literature most often mentioned as a possible substances with addictive potential is a group of non-selective MAO, particularly tranylcypromine. The mechanism of non-selective MAO dependence may be associated with the similarity of their chemical structure to amphetamine (both amphetamine and IMAO are derivatives of phenylethylamine, although the mechanism of action is different. Furthermore, it was noted that there is a group of patients in whom treatment with IMAO is associated with greater risk of abuse of these substances. The study contains the characteristics of this group of patients.

  14. Kiła układu nerwowego jako trudny problem w codziennej praktyce klinicznej – opis przypadku

    Karolina Mędrek


    Full Text Available Introduction. Syphilis still represents an important clinical problem.Involvement of the nervous system is one of the major features of latesyphilis, but may also occur in early syphilis.Objective. To present a case of neurosyphilis in relation to the currentproblems of diagnostics and therapy of Treponema pallidum infection.Case report. We present a 31-year-old woman with neurosyphilis. Atthe beginning the patient was treated with erythromycin, and twelvemonths later, because of insufficient decrease of titre of syphilis tests inthe serum, with doxycycline. Despite the second therapy the titres ofsyphilis tests remained high and therefore after another nine monthsthe patient was referred to our department for further diagnostics andtreatment. Because of the long course of the disease, high titres ofsyphilis tests in the serum and abnormalities in neurological examination(hypoaesthesia below the Th8 level, foot clonus and hyporeflexiain lower extremities T. pallidum neuroinfection was suspected andcerebrospinal fluid was collected. The serological examination of cerebrospinalfluid revealed positive treponemal tests (FTA 1 : 10, TPHA++, while VDRL was negative. Based on the whole clinical presentationand laboratory abnormalities, neurosyphilis was diagnosed andtherapy with crystalline penicillin followed by procaine penicillin wasperformed.Conclusions. Neurosyphilis is characterized by rich symptomatologyand its diagnosis based only on clinical manifestation can be very difficult;particularly subtle symptoms may be easily overlooked. Therefore,evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid is necessary in all questionablepatients in order to establish a correct diagnosis.

  15. Sotsiaalministeerium struktuurifondide rakendajana / Liina Rändvee

    Rändvee, Liina


    Sotsiaalministeeriumi vastutusalasse kuuluvast riikliku arengukava (RAK) esimesest, inimressursi arendamise prioriteedist, mille tegevusi rahastatakse Euroopa Sotsiaalfondist. Kolmest RAK meetmest, mille elluviimist korraldab sotsiaalministeerium - aktiivsete tööturu meetmete rakendamine, sotsiaalse kaasatuse suurendamine ja haiglatevõrgustiku reorganiseerimine.

  16. Studium reprodukční biologie u raků - páření, kladení a morfologická struktura samčích a samičích gamet

    KUBEC, Jan


    In the nature, crayfish are represented like predators or a part of food base of some fish. Also in free waters they acts as detrivors and are an important element in the nutrient and energy circle in aquatic ecosystem. The crayfish weren't able to avoid negative impacts of anthropogenic activities such as water pollution and devastation of habitats. For these reasons reproduction of the crayfish is necessary in hatcheries and farms. The main aim of my work was to study the reproductive biolo...

  17. Yas3p, an Opi1 Family Transcription Factor, Regulates Cytochrome P450 Expression in Response to n-Alkanes in Yarrowia lipolytica*

    Hirakawa, Kiyoshi; Kobayashi, Satoshi; Inoue, Takuro; Endoh-Yamagami, Setsu; Fukuda, Ryouichi; Ohta, Akinori


    In the alkane-assimilating yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, the expression of ALK1, a gene encoding cytochrome P450 that catalyzes the first step of n-alkane oxidation, is induced by n-alkanes. We previously demonstrated that two basic helix-loop-helix proteins, Yas1p and Yas2p, activate the transcription of ALK1 in an alkane-dependent manner by forming a heterocomplex and binding to alkane-responsive element 1 (ARE1), a cis-acting element in the ALK1 promoter. Here we i...

  18. Męskość i kobiecość w lekturach szkolnych – opis i analiza projektu „Równia Literacka” Fundacji Punkt Widzenia

    Ewelina Seklecka


    Full Text Available "Masculinity and femininity in school readings – project “Równia Literacka” by Punkt Widzenia (“Point of View” Foundation" The basis for the article is a report on the research “Masculinity and femininity in school readings. Analysis of reading material in primary and middle school from the perspective of equality of sexes”. The report was created and published within the project “Równia Literacka”, which was realized by “Point of View” Foundation as part of the program Obywatele dla Demokracji (Citizens for Democracy, financed by EOG Founds. The Report is freely available at:

  19. Tratamiento con enjuagues de ketamina asociado o no a fentanilo transmucoso en el dolor oncológico orofacial resistente a opiáceos mayores

    Manuel Cortiñas Saenz; Fernando Espín Galvez; Inmaculada Alférez García; Miren Beatriz Menoyo Alonso; Ana Vega Salvador; Ana García-Carricondo


    Objetivo: Evaluar la efectividad de los enjuagues de ketamina asociados o no a fentanilo transmucoso en una serie de diversos dolores orofaciales de etiología neoplásica de difícil control analgésico. Material y métodos...

  20. Evaluación de la eficacia de un programa de psicoterapia multifamiliar con equipo reflexivo en adictos a opiáceos en tratamiento con metadona

    Marcos Sierra, Juan Antonio


    Resumen: El presente estudio consta de dos partes: el marco teórico y el estudio empírico. El punto de partida de los aspectos teóricos lo constituye un análisis de la evolución del consumo de drogas en nuestro país, así como las principales repercusiones de este fenómeno. Se describirán en el capítulo uno los avances registrados en las teorías y modelos explicativos de las drogodependencias. En el capítulo dos se revisarán los estudios de evaluación que se han desarrollado, fundamentalmente ...

  1. Trądzik odwrócony leczony operacyjnie innowacyjnymi technikami redukcji powstałych ubytków – opis przypadku

    Andrzej Bieniek


    Full Text Available Introduction. Acne inversa is a recurrent, suppurative disease manifestedby abscesses, fistulas and scarring.Many conservative therapies areusually disappointing, and an early surgical intervention often remainsthe only successful treatment. This condition has a significant impact onthe quality of the patient’s life; therefore there is a need for introductionof effective therapeutic modalities at every stage of the disease.Objective. Presentation of two innovative techniques of wound closureafter surgical excision of the affected skin areas.Case report. A 42-year-old female patient suffering from acne inversa,treated previously with ineffective methods based on a conservativeapproach, was operated on with the use of tumescent infiltration anaesthesiaand our own surgical techniques such as the “star-like” and“pubic flaps” techniques.Conclusions. Presented data show unequivocally that our own methodsof surgical wound closure are highly effective and that a patientwith acne inversa can tolerate it well. We encourage the use of thesetechniques, but choosing the best option requires an individualapproach.

  2. Tratamiento con enjuagues de ketamina asociado o no a fentanilo transmucoso en el dolor oncológico orofacial resistente a opiáceos mayores

    Manuel Cortiñas Saenz


    Conclusión: Los enjuagues de ketamina son una opción eficaz para el tratamiento del dolor orofacial secundario al cáncer. En caso de presencia de episodios de dolor irruptivo recurrente, la asociación de ketamina en enjuague bucal y citrato de fentanilo oral transmucoso puede ser una opción viable en dolor refractario a otros tratamientos.

  3. Endometrioza o potrójnej lokalizacji: w przegrodzie odbytniczo-pochwowej, w bliźnie po cięciu cesarskim oraz w jajniku – opis przypadku

    Andrzej Skręt


    Full Text Available The authors discuss the symptoms, pathogenesis and treatment of endometriosis of multiple localization:in the recto-vaginal septum, in a post-caesarean scar and in the ovary. In the available literature we found nodata on the prevalence of endometriosis in triple localisation. The authors discuss symptoms, pathogenesis andtreatment of endometriosis concerning the described localisation.

  4. Reference air kerma and kerma-area product as estimators of peak skin dose for fluoroscopically guided interventions

    Kwon, Deukwoo; Little, Mark P.; Miller, Donald L. [Radiation Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, Bethesda, Maryland 20852-7238 (United States); Radiation Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, Bethesda, Maryland 20852-7238 and Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 (United States)


    Purpose: To determine more accurate regression formulas for estimating peak skin dose (PSD) from reference air kerma (RAK) or kerma-area product (KAP). Methods: After grouping of the data from 21 procedures into 13 clinically similar groups, assessments were made of optimal clustering using the Bayesian information criterion to obtain the optimal linear regressions of (log-transformed) PSD vs RAK, PSD vs KAP, and PSD vs RAK and KAP. Results: Three clusters of clinical groups were optimal in regression of PSD vs RAK, seven clusters of clinical groups were optimal in regression of PSD vs KAP, and six clusters of clinical groups were optimal in regression of PSD vs RAK and KAP. Prediction of PSD using both RAK and KAP is significantly better than prediction of PSD with either RAK or KAP alone. The regression of PSD vs RAK provided better predictions of PSD than the regression of PSD vs KAP. The partial-pooling (clustered) method yields smaller mean squared errors compared with the complete-pooling method.Conclusion: PSD distributions for interventional radiology procedures are log-normal. Estimates of PSD derived from RAK and KAP jointly are most accurate, followed closely by estimates derived from RAK alone. Estimates of PSD derived from KAP alone are the least accurate. Using a stochastic search approach, it is possible to cluster together certain dissimilar types of procedures to minimize the total error sum of squares.

  5. Opiáceo intratecal na dor crônica não neoplásica: alívio e qualidade de vida Intrathecal opioids for treatment of intractable non-malignant pain



    Full Text Available O uso de agentes morfínicos para o controle da dor crônica não relacionada a câncer é controverso. Este estudo aferiu o alívio da dor e as mudanças nas atividades de 11 doentes com dor crônica não associada ao câncer, tratados pela infusão intratecal de fármacos morfínicos através de bombas implantáveis. A dor era neuropática em 5 doentes e miofascial em 6. A duração média da queixa álgica foi 5,3 anos. A média da intensidade da dor antes da infusão foi 8,6. Sete doentes apresentavam dor durante 6 ou mais horas por dia. Após o tratamento, a média de intensidade da dor reduziu-se para 3,9. Somente 1 doente manteve dor com duração superior a 6 horas. O tratamento melhorou o desempenho de 36,36% dos aspectos funcionais avaliados. O tempo médio de tratamento foi 19,6 meses. A infusão crônica de agentes morfínicos por via intratecal proporcionou alívio da dor, mas não melhorou a funcionalidade com a mesma magnitude.The use of opioids for treatment of non-malignant pain is controversial. The evaluation of pain relief and of the quality of life of 11 severely incapacitated chronic non-cancer pain patients treated with long term intrathecal infusion of opioids trought implantable pumps was performed. The mean duration of pain complaints was 5.3 years. The mean pain intensity was 8.6. In 7 patients, pain episodes lasted at least 6 hours daily. The mean duration of the therapy was 19.6 months. After the treatment the mean pain score became 3.9. In only 1 patient, the duration of pain episodes was still longer than 6 hours. Quality of life improved in 36.36% of the cases. The long term spinal opioids through implantable pumps for non-malignant pains results in pain relief but not necessarily improves the quality of life.

  6. Analgesia peridural para o trabalho de parto e para o parto: efeitos da adição de um opióide Effects of the association of an opioid with epidural analgesia for labor and delivery

    José Guilherme Cecatti


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a eficácia e segurança da associação bupivacaína com sufentanil para a analgesia no trabalho de parto e do parto por meio de um bloqueio peridural contínuo. Realizou-se um ensaio clínico duplo-cego, prospectivo e aleatório, incluindo sessenta mulheres nulíparas da Maternidade do CAISM/UNICAMP. No momento da analgesia, as mulheres foram aleatoriamente alocadas em dois grupos: BS, recebendo 12,5 mg de bupivacaína com adrenalina mais 30 µg de sufentanil e BP, recebendo 12,5 mg de bupivacaína com adrenalina mais placebo. Foram avaliados os parâmetros relativos à qualidade e duração da analgesia, duração do trabalho de parto e também possíveis efeitos sobre o recém-nascido. Os resultados mostraram a superioridade da adição do sufentanil sobre o grau de analgesia durante o tempo de ação da primeira dose de anestésico local. Não houve aumento na duração do trabalho de parto depois do início da analgesia quando se compararam ambos os grupos, nem qualquer diferença quanto à via de parto. Não houve também diferenças entre os grupos com relação à avaliação dos recém-nascidos. Conclui-se que a associação de 30 µg de sufentanil à primeira dose de bupivacaína é segura e eficaz, melhorando a qualidade da analgesia, sua duração e não afetando a progressão do trabalho de parto e o resultado neonatal.The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the association bupivacaine with sufentanil for labor and delivery analgesia through a continuous epidural blockade, for both mother and the neonate. A randomized double blind prospective clinical trial was performed including sixty nulliparous women at the Maternity of CAISM/UNICAMP. When requesting analgesia, the women were randomly allocated to two groups: BS, receiving 12.5 mg of bupivacaine with adrenaline plus 30 µg of sufentanil and BP, receiving 12.5 mg of bupivacaine with adrenaline plus placebo. The parameters concerning the quality and duration of analgesia, duration of labor, and also possible effects on the neonate were evaluated. The results showed the superiority of the addition of sufentanil regarding the degree of analgesia during the time of action of the first dose of the local anesthetic. There was no increase in the duration of labor after the onset of analgesia when comparing both groups, nor any difference in the route of delivery. Concerning neonate evaluation, there were no differences between the two groups. It is concluded that the association of 30 µg of sufentanil with the first dose of bupivacaine is safe and efficacious. It improved the quality of analgesia, increased its duration, and did not affect the progress of labor and neonatal outcome.

  7. 积极提升执政党的网络舆情引导能力%Actively ImproviNg the RuliNg Party’s Ability to Guide ONliNe Public OpiNioN

    薛小荣; 陆旸


    The ability to guide online public opinion refers to the ruling party’s ability to effectively lead the de-velopment situation of internet public opinion. Efforts should be made in four aspects to strengthen this ability. First,master the social causes of public opinion,and proactively carry out psychological counseling. Second, gather all forces and involve the whole party in public opinion governance. Third,persist in the principle of infor-mation openness,and provide positive guidance timely. Fourth,strengthen the principle of govern internet accord-ing to law,and work hard to normalize online behavior.%网络舆情引导能力是指执政党能够对网络舆情发展态势进行有效引导的能力。应该从四个方面着手加强能力建设:一是掌握舆情社会成因,主动开展心理疏导;二是整合舆情治理力量,形成全党参与格局;三是坚持信息公开原则,及时正面加以引导;四是加强依法治网原则,着力规范网络行为。

  8. The use of RHLB battery for the evaluation of the lingual and social skills among psychiatric patients – case study [Zastosowanie baterii RHLB do oceny funkcji językowychi komunikacyjnych pacjentów psychiatrycznych – opis przypadku

    Gałecki, Piotr


    Full Text Available Prosody plays an important role in the process of verbal communication, complementing and emphasising the linguistic and emotional aspects of language. Disturbances of speech prosody are rarely recognised, although aprosodia occurs frequently in patients with schizophrenia. Prosodic disturbance of speech can significantly impair verbal communication and social functioning of patients with schizophrenia. Right-hemisphere is connected with emotional prosody deficits and left-hemisphere with linguistic prosody. The aim of the study is to describe.The Right Hemisphere Language Battery by Karen L. Bryan in the examination of patients with schizophrenia.

  9. Simulation of Rn-222 decay products concentration deposited on a filter. Description of radon1.pas computer program; Symulacja koncentracji produktow rozpadu Rn-222 osadzanych na filtrze. Opis programu komputerowego radon1.pas

    Machaj, B. [Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw (Poland)


    A computer program allowing simulation of activity distribution of {sup 222}Rn short lived decay products deposited on a filter against time is presented, for any radiation equilibrium degree of the decay products. Deposition of the decay products is simulated by summing discrete samples every 1/10 min in the sampling time from 1 to 10 min. The concentration (activity) of the decay products is computed in one minute intervals in the range 1 - 100 min. The alpha concentration and the total activity of {sup 218}Po + {sup 214}Po produced are computed in the range 1 to 100 min as well. (author). 10 refs, 4 figs.

  10. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Dinuclear Copper Complex [Cu(CH2O(C6H4)N=C(C6H4)O)(Py)]2

    牛德仲; 沐来龙; 路再生; 王玉成; 陈久桐


    The complex [Cu2L2(Py)2] (H2L=2-aminobenzoic alcohol condensation salicylaldehyde) was obtained. A single-crystal X-ray study shows that the complex is a binuclear compound (Cu2C38H32N4O4). The coordination geometry about each copper atom is best described as a distorted square pyramid. The compound [Cu2L2(Py)2] belongs to monoclinic system with space group P21, lattice constants: a = 10.3881(1), b = 17.9724(1), c = 17.5800(2) A, β =90.4880(1)°, V= 3282.05(5) A3, Z= 4, Mr =735.75, Dc=1.489 g/cm3, μ= 1.344mm-1, F(000) = 1512, R=0.0519, wR=0.1092 for 6725 reflections with I >2σ(I). The distances between Cu(II) and O atoms are range from 1.898(6) to1.976(5)A, between Cu(II) and N atoms are range from 1.990(6) to 2.369(7)A. The Cu(1)-Cu(2) bond length is 3.024(4) A.

  11. Schizophrenia-like psychotic symptoms in a patient with confirmed Huntington’s disease: A case report [Objawy psychotyczne sugerujące schizofrenię u pacjenta z potwierdzonym rozpoznaniem choroby Huntingtona – opis przypadku

    Grabski, Bartosz


    Full Text Available Aim. The aim of this study is to discuss diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in a patient with a mutation in the gene responsible for the development of Huntington’s disease (HD who presented schizophrenia-like psychotic symptoms. Method. A case report. Results. A 35-year old man with genetically-confirmed HD who developed significant behavioural changes that occurred many years prior to the outbreak of choreic movements. There was a close temporal relationship between an onset of discrete involuntary movements and schizophrenia-like psychotic symptoms (delusions of persecution, reference and bodily change, as well as auditory pseudohallucinations of threatening and commanding voices. At admission (subsequently to a suicidal attempt he was ambivalent, ambitendent and – periodically – agitated. Pharmacotherapeutic regime of olanzapine (20 mg qd and amisulpride (400 mg qd led to a gradual improvement of the patient’s mental status. Conclusions. HD should always be included in the differential diagnosis of psychotic disorders. Patients with HD can exhibit various psychopathological symptoms (including psychotic ones prior to the outbreak of movement symptoms. Both neurologists and psychiatrists should take part in the therapeutic process. Atypical antipsychotics seem to be effective in the discussed group of patients (although the evidence body consists mainly of scarce, low-quality data.

  12. On Student Pilots' English Listening and Speaking Teaching in Perspective of OPI in ICAO English Test%从ICAO英语OPI测试看飞行学生英语听说课教学




  13. Las implicaciones de la nueva Ley de la Ciencia en la difusión de los resultados de proyectos científicos en España: Jornada de OPIS y Open Access

    Bernal, Isabel


    El 3 de diciembre pasado entró en vigor la nueva Ley de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación. Entre las novedades de la Ley cabe destacar el artículo 37 ya que prevé la difusión a través de repositorios de las publicaciones resultantes de los proyectos de investigación financiados por los Presupuestos Generales del Estado. Literalmente, “el personal de investigación cuya actividad investigadora esté financiada mayoritariamente con fondos de los Presupuestos Generales del Estado hará públ...

  14. Acropigmentation of Kitamura with immigration delay disease: A rare entity

    Sumir Kumar


    Full Text Available Reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura (RAK is a rare, autosomal dominant disorder first described in Japan characterised by a reticulate pattern of slightly atrophic, angulated, hyperpigmented macules affecting the acral areas of the body. We hereby report a case of RAK in a young Indian male with adermatoglyphia that has not been previously reported in the literature.

  15. Derneğin Ticarî İşletme İşletmesi ve Türk Medenî Kanunu'nda Bilinçli Boşluk BırakılmasıRunning a Commercial Enterprise by an Association and a Conscious Legal Loophole in Turkish Civil Code



    There are provisions concerning (governing) associations in Turkish Civil Code, Law on Associations, Regulation on Associations and also in addition to these legislations, in Turkish Commercial Code and Corporate Income Tax Law. It was held in Civil Code No. 743 that associations could operate commercial business that serve  Okan Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi Medenî Hukuk Anabilim Dalı Öğretim Üyesi their purposes and the associations which operate commercial business were subject to the prov...

  16. Klebsiella phage vB_KleM-RaK2 - a giant singleton virus of the family Myoviridae.

    Eugenijus Simoliūnas

    Full Text Available At 346 kbp in size, the genome of a jumbo bacteriophage vB_KleM-RaK2 (RaK2 is the largest Klebsiella infecting myovirus genome sequenced to date. In total, 272 out of 534 RaK2 ORFs lack detectable database homologues. Based on the similarity to biologically defined proteins and/or MS/MS analysis, 117 of RaK2 ORFs were given a functional annotation, including 28 RaK2 ORFs coding for structural proteins that have no reliable homologues to annotated structural proteins in other organisms. The electron micrographs revealed elaborate spike-like structures on the tail fibers of Rak2, suggesting that this phage is an atypical myovirus. While head and tail proteins of RaK2 are mostly myoviridae-related, the bioinformatics analysis indicate that tail fibers/spikes of this phage are formed from podovirus-like peptides predominantly. Overall, these results provide evidence that bacteriophage RaK2 differs profoundly from previously studied viruses of the Myoviridae family.

  17. Cloning and expression of a rat cardiac delayed rectifier potassium channel.

    Paulmichl, M.; Nasmith, P; Hellmiss, R; Reed, K.; Boyle, W A; Nerbonne, J M; Peralta, E G; Clapham, D.E.


    We have cloned a cDNA (designated RAK) coding for a delayed-rectifier K current (IRAK) from adult rat heart atrium and expressed it in Xenopus oocytes. RAK differs from the cloned rat brain K current, BK2 [McKinnon, D. (1989) J. Biol. Chem. 264, 8230-8236], by one amino acid at residue 411. RAK expressed in oocytes compares closely to the intrinsic adult rat atrial delayed-rectifier current measured by using whole-cell recording of single isolated cells. Northern blot analysis confirmed the p...

  18. Duckweed does not improve the efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment in lemna system plants / Rzęsa nie poprawia efektywności oczyszczania ścieków komunalnych w oczyszczalniach typu Lemna System

    Teresa Ozimek; Wojciech Dąbrowski; Maria Florkiewicz


    .... According to designers duckweed improves the efficiency of wastewater treatment. The three treatment plants are situated in central Poland and they differ in the occurrence of duckweed, two of them, located in Raków...

  19. Eesti riikliku arengukava koostamise kogemus = The experience in drawing up the Estonian National Development Plan - Single Programming Document / Kadri Reinthal

    Reinthal, Kadri


    Inglise k. lk. 101-103. Rahandusministeeriumi välisfinantseerimise osakonna juhataja dokumendi "Eesti riiklik arengukava Euroopa Liidu struktuurifondide kasutuselevõtuks - ühtne programmdokument 2004-2006" (RAK) koostamisest

  20. Eesti riikliku arengukava koostamise kogemus = The experience in drawing up the Estonian National Development Plan - Single Programming Document / Kadri Reinthal

    Reinthal, Kadri


    Inglise k. lk. 101-103. Rahandusministeeriumi välisfinantseerimise osakonna juhataja dokumendi "Eesti riiklik arengukava Euroopa Liidu struktuurifondide kasutuselevõtuks - ühtne programmdokument 2004-2006" (RAK) koostamisest

  1. Stepwise modification of titanium alkoxy chloride compounds by pyridine carbinol.

    Boyle, Timothy J; Ottley, Leigh Anna M; Rodriguez, Mark A; Sewell, Robin M; Alam, Todd M; McIntyre, Sarah K


    The stepwise modifications of stoichiometric mixtures of titanium chloride (TiCl 4) and titanium iso-propoxide (Ti(OPr (i)) 4) by 2-pyridine methanol (H-OPy) led to the isolation of a systematically varied, novel family of compounds. The 3:1 reaction mixture of Ti(OPr (i)) 4:TiCl 4 yielded [Cl(OPr (i)) 2Ti(mu-OPr (i))] 2 ( 1). Modification of 1 with 1 and 2 equiv of H-OPy produced [Cl(OPr (i)) 2Ti(mu c-OPy)] 2 ( 2, where mu c = chelating bridge) and "(OPy) 2TiCl(OPr (i))" ( 3, not crystallographically characterized), respectively. Altering the Ti(OPr (i)) 4 to TiCl 4 stoichiometry to 1:1 led to isolation and identification of another dimeric species [Cl 2(OPr (i))Ti(mu-OPr (i))] 2 ( 4). Upon modification with 1 equiv of H-OPy, [Cl 2(OPr (i))Ti(mu c-OPy)] 2 ( 5) was isolated from toluene and (OPy)TiCl 2(OPr (i))(py) ( 6) from py. An additional equivalent of H-OPy led to the monomeric species (OPy) 2TiCl 2 ( 7). Because of the low solubility and similarity in constructs of these compounds, additional analytical data, such as the beryllium dome or BeD-XRD powder analyses, were used to verify the bulk samples, which were found to be in agreement with the single crystal structures.

  2. A novel Interactive Health Communication Application (IHCA) for parents of children with long-term conditions: Development, implementation and feasibility assessment.

    Swallow, Veronica; Carolan, Ian; Smith, Trish; Webb, Nicholas J A; Knafl, Kathleen; Santacroce, Sheila; Campbell, Malcolm; Harper-Jones, Melanie; Hanif, Noreen; Hall, Andrew


    Few evidence-based, on-line resources exist to support home-based care of childhood long-term conditions. In a feasibility study, children with stages 3, 4, or 5 chronic kidney disease, parents and professionals collaboratively developed a novel Online Parent Information and Support (OPIS) application. Parents were randomized to an intervention arm with access to OPIS or a control arm without access. OPIS usage was assessed using Google Analytics. Parents in the intervention arm completed the Suitability Assessment of Materials (SAM) and User Interface Satisfaction (USE) questionnaires and participated in qualitative interviews. Twenty parents accessed OPIS with a mean of 23.3 (SD 20.8, range 2-64) visits per user. Responses from the SAM and USE questionnaires were positive, most respondents rating OPIS highly and finding it easy to use. Qualitative suggestions include refinement of OPIS components, enabling personalization of OPIS functionalities and proactive endorsements of OPIS by professionals. Implementation of OPIS into standard practice is feasible in the centre where it was developed. Suggested developments will augment reported strengths to inform ongoing testing in the wider UK network of units. Our design and methods are transferrable to developing and evaluating web-applications to support home-based clinical care-giving for other long-term conditions.

  3. Münchausen syndrome by proxy in a forensic psychiatric evaluation – the description of a case and ethical controversy [Przeniesiony zespół Münchausena w opinii sądowo-psychiatrycznej – opis przypadku i kontrowersje etyczne

    Heitzman, Janusz


    Full Text Available Aim. Presentation of the difficulties in diagnosing Münchausen syndrome by proxy. Method. Comparison of four different conclusions in forensic psychiatric opinions issued in one case, due to the need of answering to the questions of the court, in what periods and why was the deterioration of the child’s health, in connection with an allegation that the mother has acted to his detriment. In the first medical-legal opinion the treating physician, while being the head of the ward and the person informing the police of the action against a child by the mother, recognised Münchausen syndrome by proxy. The second opinion was delivered by a psychologist, who stated that the mother distinguished the introspective attitude characterised by excessive, exaggerated accuracy, thoroughness, and did not give a unambiguous answer to the questions of the court. In the third opinion the experts accepted that the functioning of the subject does not create a threat to life and health of the child. The fourth opinion developed by the authors of this paper noted that in the analysed medical records of the childs’ hospitalisation, no arguments were found to recognise Münchausen syndrome by proxy. Results. In the conducted extended ambulant study of the subject and the analysis of the medical documentation of the 31 hospitalisations of the child showed that the improvement of the child’s health was not associated in exclusion of pushing aside the mother from the child, but was the result of the consistency of the therapeutic treatment team, the continuation and the modification of the treatment. Conclusions. In appointing the expert, the art. 196 of the Code of Criminal Procedure should be considered, which states that the expert should not be the treating doctor, because his opinion loses value impartiality. Diagnosis of Münchausen Syndrome by proxy itself stirs up numerous controversies..

  4. Autoaggressive behaviour with patients suffering from type 1 diabetes treated at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Developmental Age – description of cases [Zachowania autoagresywne u pacjentek chorujących na cukrzycę typu 1 leczonych na oddziale klinicznym psychiatrii i psychoterapii wieku rozwojowego – opis przypadków

    Hacia, Sabina


    Full Text Available Aim. The aim of this study was to observe autoagressive behaviour with patients suffering from type 1 diabetes hospitalized in The Child Psychiatry Department of The Paediatric Centre in Sosnowiec.Method. Analysis of clinical cases, medical documentation and literature. Results. Patients suffered from type 1 diabetes. On account of mental disorders they required treatment in a psychiatric ward. In the course of their hospitalization the appearance of various autoagressive behaviour were observed– the sick deliberately gave a dose of insulin improperly, apply an inadequate diet, and also self-mutilated themselves.Conclusions. Described patients by their own illness (type 1 diabetes in a self-destructive way coped with negative emotions. Autoagressive behaviour were their way of coping with stress, communicating experienced problems to others, they also helped in reducing inner tension. Through autoagression patients express anger, guilt, shame, loneliness, inner emptiness, a lack of confidence or humiliation. The period of adolescence, female gender and the presenceof chronic disease are the factors that could intensify the difficulties described.

  5. Confecção de um modelo experimental in vitro do espaço subaracnóide eqüino para teste de opióides hiperbáricos Making of an in vitro experimental model of equine subarachnoid space to test hyperbaric opioids

    Alexandre da Silva Polydoro


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de avaliar as características de distribuição de agentes hiperbáricos no líquido cérebro-espinhal (LCE eqüino, é apresentado um modelo in vitro do espaço subaracnóide confeccionado em policloreto de vinila (PVC transparente, no qual se adaptou um cateter para a infusão contínua de glicose a 10%, morfina hiperbárica, buprenorfina hiperbárica e metadona hiperbárica marcadas com azul de metileno para permitir a visualização da distribuição destas substâncias no LCE. Avaliaram-se a distância alcançada pelos diferentes agentes minuto a minuto e a forma de distribuição dos mesmos. Todas as substâncias testadas mostraram comportamento de distribuição vertical a partir da extremidade do cateter, quando se deu o início da migração cranial no LCE, sendo que o avanço máximo registrado foi aos 15 minutos após o término da infusão, com migração de 15cm para glicose a 10%, 13cm para a morfina hiperbárica, 18cm para a buprenorfina hiperbárica e 17cm para a metadona hiperbárica. O modelo proposto mostrou-se eficiente para a avaliação do comportamento físico dos agentes hiperbáricos no interior do espaço subaracnóide, oferecendo a possibilidade de teste de substâncias a serem utilizadas pela via subaracnóide de cavalos.The aim of this study was to evaluate the distribution characteristics of hyperbaric solutions in equine cerebrospinal fluid (CSF, in an in vitro model of the subarachnoid space. The model was made with transparent PVC in which a catheter was adapted to infuse 10% glucose, 10% hyperbaric morphine, hyperbaric buprenorphine, and hyperbaric methadone, dyed with methilene blue in order to visualize the solutions distribution in the CSF. The distance in cm reached by the different agents every minute as well as the pattern of distribution were evaluated. All tested solutions distributed itself in a forward and vertically pattern from the tip of the catheter. Maximum distance reached after 15 minutes were 15cm for 10% glucose, 13cm for hyperbaric morphine, 18cm for hyperbaric buprenorphine, and 17cm for hyperbaric methadone. The proposed model was efficient to evaluate the distribution pattern of hyperbaric solutions in equine CSF, offering a new possibility to physically test the administration of solutions in the equine subarachnoid space.

  6. Autoaggressive behaviour with patients suffering from type 1 diabetes treated at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Developmental Age – description of cases [Zachowania autoagresywne u pacjentek chorujących na cukrzycę typu 1 leczonych na oddziale klinicznym psychiatrii i psychoterapii wieku rozwojowego – opis przypadków

    Hacia, Sabina; Cichoń, Lena; Nowak, Marta; Fuchs, Anna; Jarosz-Chobot, Przemysława; Janas-Kozik, Małgorzata


    Aim. The aim of this study was to observe autoagressive behaviour with patients suffering from type 1 diabetes hospitalized in The Child Psychiatry Department of The Paediatric Centre in Sosnowiec.Method. Analysis of clinical cases, medical documentation and literature. Results. Patients suffered from type 1 diabetes. On account of mental disorders they required treatment in a psychiatric ward. In the course of their hospitalization the appearance of various autoagressive behaviour were obser...

  7. Taking Charge: Teacher Candidates' Preparation for the Oral Proficiency Interview

    Sullivan, JoAnn Hammadou


    Within second language education, concern over teachers' content knowledge has typically manifested itself as concern over the teacher's target language proficiency. In increasing numbers, teacher preparation programs are turning to ACTFL's Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) for measurement of this proficiency and using OPI ratings as high-stakes…

  8. The Impact of the Oral Proficiency Interview on One Foreign Language Teacher Education Program

    Kissau, Scott


    The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) has been increasingly used in academia. However, while multiple studies have documented the growth in OPI implementation across the United States and the proficiency rates of its completers, few have focused specifically on foreign language teacher candidates, and even fewer have investigated the impact that…

  9. Elucidating the roles of MAP kinases in the moss Physcomitrella patens

    Stanimirovic, Sabrina

    during treatment with phytohormones and osmotic and light stress. This thesis contains of a general introduction to plant immunity and the role of MPKs in signaling processes related to immunity, abiotic stress, and plant development in both vascular and non-vascular plants. The focus in this thesis...... changes of plant immunity required for the conquest of land by plants. I describe the role of MPKs (MPK3, MPK5, RAK1 & double knockout RAK1/RAK2) upon abiotic stress by characterizing the phenotypes and morphological changes there may be during stress treatments. I characterized the mutant phenotypes......-Acetyltransferase-Kinase). This thesis and work on these MPK mutants gives the laboratory a great start on several future publications, since many of the mutant lines have interesting phenotypes with and without exposure to abiotic stresses...

  10. Charge Compensation and Electrostatic Transferability in Three Entropy Stabilized Oxides: Results from Density Functional Theory Calculations


    discussed below. 0021-8979/2016/120(9)/095105/11 VC Author(s) 2016.120, 095105-1 JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 120, 095105 (2016) Reuse of AIP Publishing...are indicated by closed and open symbols, respectively. 095105-2 Rak et al. J. Appl. Phys. 120, 095105 (2016) Reuse of AIP Publishing content is...and 0.018, respectively. 095105-3 Rak et al. J. Appl. Phys. 120, 095105 (2016) Reuse of AIP Publishing content is subject to the terms at: https

  11. Change of ears creation of AHSS steels after heat treatment of zinc coating

    Spišák, E.; Majerníková, J.; Slota, J.


    The article deals with the normal anisotropy, the earring evaluation of deep-drawing steels DC06, micro-alloyed steel H220 and steel with transformation induced plasticity TRIP RAK 40/70 and deals with the influence of annealing temperature to ears creation of H220 steel and TRIP RAK 40/70 steel. The evaluation of normal anisotropy has been made by tensile test on TIRA test 2300 according standards STN EN 10002-1+AC1 and STN 42 0321. The evaluation of earring degree has been carried out on th...

  12. Potencialni antitumorski učinki ekstraktov Marama fižola (Tylosema esculentum)

    Topolovec, Maja


    Rak debelega črevesja (kolona) in danke (rektum), ki mu pravimo tudi kolorektalni rak, spada med najpogostejše oblike raka v razvitem svetu. Zato smo v diplomskem delu želeli ugotovit, ali lahko s pomočjo rastlinskih ekstraktov pripomoremo k preventivnemu ali dopolnilnemu zdravstvenemu učinku. Namen naše raziskave je bil raziskati ali imata Marama fižol in gomolj pozitiven učinek na zaviranje rasti ali citotoksičnost celic raka debelega črevesa. Uporabili smo ekstrakte Marama fižola in gomolj...

  13. Suvremeni postupci u sprječavanju, ranom otkrivanju i liječenju raka prostate

    Šamija, Mirko


    Rak prostate je iz puno razloga u samome vrhu interesa svjetske onkologije, a osobito zbog činjenice da se u novije vrijeme opaža ubrzan porast njegove pojavnosti te stope smrtnosti. Porast broja novooboljelih objašnjava se djelomice provođenjem programa ranog otkrivanja i produljenja prosječnog vijeka muškaraca, dok porast stopa smrtnosti upućuje na djelovanje i nekih drugih čimbenika. Danas je rak prostate najvarijabilniji zloćudni tumor koji ima velik raspon stupnje...

  14. Change of ears creation of AHSS steels after heat treatment of zinc coating

    E. Spišák


    Full Text Available The article deals with the normal anisotropy, the earring evaluation of deep-drawing steels DC06, micro-alloyed steel H220 and steel with transformation induced plasticity TRIP RAK 40/70 and deals with the influence of annealing temperature to ears creation of H220 steel and TRIP RAK 40/70 steel. The evaluation of normal anisotropy has been made by tensile test on TIRA test 2300 according standards STN EN 10002-1+AC1 and STN 42 0321. The evaluation of earring degree has been carried out on the cups, which have been drawn on a hydraulic press Fritz Muller 100.

  15. Merjenje in vzdrževanje pH vrednosti bazenske vode v Termah Čatež



    Diplomsko delo opisuje merjenje pH vrednosti bazenske vode, delovanje referenčne, indikatorske, kombinirane elektrode, njihove lasnosti in uporabo v bazenski industriji. V poglavju 2 opišem pomen, zgodovino pH-ja, delovanje enostavnega pH metra in steklene elektrode, ter njuno kalibracijo. V naslednjem poglavju opišem bazen in sisteme bazena. Vsak sistem bazena opišem glede na njegove naloge in namen. V četrtem poglavju je predstavljena programska in strojna oprema, ki je uporabljena v na...

  16. Multispectral high-resolution hologram generation using orthographic projection images

    Muniraj, I.; Guo, C.; Sheridan, J. T.


    We present a new method of synthesizing a digital hologram of three-dimensional (3D) real-world objects from multiple orthographic projection images (OPI). A high-resolution multiple perspectives of 3D objects (i.e., two dimensional elemental image array) are captured under incoherent white light using synthetic aperture integral imaging (SAII) technique and their OPIs are obtained respectively. The reference beam is then multiplied with the corresponding OPI and integrated to form a Fourier hologram. Eventually, a modified phase retrieval algorithm (GS/HIO) is applied to reconstruct the hologram. The principle is validated experimentally and the results support the feasibility of the proposed method.

  17. Drug: D02878 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available , postoperative ileus, idiopathic constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome [peripherally restricted mu opi...0.2573 460.5631 D02878.gif Treatment of opioid-induced bowel dysfunction, opioid-induced nausea and vomiting

  18. Disease: H01104 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available ination of lymphatic filariasis: do we have the drugs to complete the job? Curr Opi...rica--treatment challenges and prospects. Clin Microbiol Infect 17:977-85 (2011) PMID:20847694 (description) Bockarie MJ, Deb RM Elim

  19. Overexpression of citrus polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein in citrus black rot pathogen Alternaria citri.

    Katoh, Hiroshi; Nalumpang, Sarunya; Yamamoto, Hiroyuki; Akimitsu, Kazuya


    The rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri) gene encoding polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (RlemPGIPA) was overexpressed in the pathogenic fungus Alternaria citri. The overexpression mutant AcOPI6 retained the ability to utilize pectin as a sole carbon source, and the overexpression of polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein did not have any effect on the growth of AcOPI6 in potato dextrose and pectin medium. The pathogenicity of AcOPI6 to cause a black rot symptom in citrus fruits was also unchanged. Polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein was secreted together with endopolygalacturonase into culture filtrates of AcOPI6, and oligogalacturonides were digested from polygalacturonic acid by both proteins in the culture filtrates. The reaction mixture containing oligogalacturonides possessed activity for induction of defense-related gene, RlemLOX, in rough lemon leaves.

  20. Síntese, caracterização e estudo das propriedades magnéticas de um polímero de coordenação contendo cobalto(II e cobre(II

    Tamyris T. da Cunha


    Full Text Available This work describes the synthesis and characterization of two new compounds with ligand opy (N-(2-pyridyloxamate: the copper(II precursor [Me4N]2[Cu(opy2].5H2O and CoII CuII coordination polymer {[CoCu(opy2]}n×4nH2O. This latter compound was obtained by reaction of [Me4N]2[Cu(opy2].5H2O and CoCl2.6H2O in water. The heterobimetallic CoII CuII chain was characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetry and magnetic measurements. Magnetic characterization revealed typical behavior of one-dimensional (1D ferrimagnetic chain as shown in the curves of temperature (T dependence of magnetic susceptibility (χM, in the form of χMT versus T, and dependence of magnetization (M with applied field (H.

  1. Sufentanil subaracnóideo associado à bupivacaína hiperbárica para analgesia de parto: É possível reduzir a dose do opióide? Sufentanil subaracnóideo asociado a la bupivacaína hiperbárica para analgesia de parto: Es posible reducir la dosis del opioide? Spinal sufentanil associated to hyperbaric bupivacaine: Is it possible to decrease opioid dose?

    Eduardo Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A adição de bupivacaína isobárica a doses menores de sufentanil por via subaracnóidea promove analgesia de qualidade satisfatória, com menor incidência de efeitos colaterais. O objetivo do estudo foi avaliar a qualidade da analgesia e a incidência de efeitos colaterais de doses reduzidas de sufentanil subaracnóideo associados à bupivacaína hiperbárica em analgesia de parto. MÉTODO: Foram estudadas prospectivamente 69 gestantes de termo em trabalho de parto. As gestantes foram aleatoriamente divididas em três grupos que receberam, no espaço subaracnóideo, a combinação de 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica e 1 ml de solução fisiológica (Grupo Controle; 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica e 2,5 µg de sufentanil (Grupo S2,5 ou 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica e 5 µg de sufentanil (Grupo S5. A dor, de acordo com a escala analógico visual (EAV de dor e a incidência de efeitos colaterais foram avaliadas a cada 5 minutos nos primeiros quinze minutos e a seguir a cada 15 minutos até o nascimento. O estudo terminava com o nascimento, ou quando a paciente solicitava medicação analgésica de resgate (EAV > 3 cm. RESULTADOS: Os grupos S2,5 e S5 apresentaram maior duração de analgesia (67,2 ± 38,6 e 78,9 ± 38,7 minutos, respectivamente e maior porcentagem de pacientes com analgesia efetiva (100% e 95,6%, respectivamente que o grupo Controle, no qual a duração média de analgesia foi de 35,9 ± 21,6 minutos (p JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: La adición de bupivacaína isobárica a dosis menores de sufentanil por vía subaracnóidea promueve analgesia de cualidad satisfactoria, con menor incidencia de efectos colaterales. El objetivo del estudio fue evaluar la calidad de la analgesia y la incidencia de efectos colaterales de dosis reducidas de sufentanil subaracnóideo asociados a bupivacaína hiperbárica en analgesia de parto. MÉTODO: Fueron estudiadas prospectivamente 69 embarazadas de término en trabajo de parto. Las embarazadas fueron aleatoriamente divididas en tres grupos que recibieron, en el espacio subaracnóideo, la combinación de 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica y 1 mL de solución fisiológica (Grupo Control; 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica y 2,5 µg de sufentanil (Grupo S2,5 o 2,5 mg de bupivacaína hiperbárica y 5 µg de sufentanil (Grupo S5. El dolor, de acuerdo con la escala analógico visual (EAV de dolor y la incidencia de efectos colaterales fueron evaluadas a cada 5 minutos en los primeros quince minutos y a seguir a cada 15 minutos hasta el nacimiento. El estudio terminaba con el nacimiento, o cuando la paciente solicitaba medicación analgésica de rescate (EAV > 3 cm. RESULTADOS: Los grupos S2,5 y S5 presentaron mayor duración de analgesia (67,2 ± 38,6 y 78,9 ± 38,7 minutos, respectivamente y mayor porcentaje de pacientes con analgesia efectiva (100% y 95,6%, respectivamente que el grupo Control, en el cual la duración media de analgesia fue de 35,9 ± 21,6 minutos (p BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The association of isobaric bupivacaine to lower spinal sufentanil dose provides satisfactory analgesia and lower incidence of side effects. This study aimed at evaluating quality of analgesia and incidence of side effects of decreased spinal sufentanil doses associated to hyperbaric bupivacaine for labor analgesia. METHODS: Participated in this study 69 healthy term pregnant patients in active labor. Patients were randomly allocated in three groups receiving spinal combination of 2.5 mg hyperbaric bupivacaine and 1 mL saline solution (Control Group; 2.5 mg hyperbaric bupivacaine and 2.5 µg sufentanil (S2.5 Group or 2.5 mg hyperbaric bupivacaine and 5 µg sufentanil (S5 Group. Pain, using a visual analogue scale (VAS, and side effects were evaluated at 5-minute intervals for the first 15 minutes and then at 15-minute interval until delivery. Study would end with delivery or when patient requested rescue analgesia (VAS > 3 cm. RESULTS: Groups S2.5 and S5 presented longer analgesia duration (67.2 ± 38.6 and 78.9 ± 38.7 minutes, respectively and a larger number of patients with effective analgesia (100% and 95.6%, respectively as compared to Control group where mean analgesia duration was 35.9 ± 21.6 minutes (p < 0.05 with 69.6% of patients with effective analgesia (p < 0.05. CONCLUSIONS: The association of sufentanil to hyperbaric bupivacaine improves quality and prolongs analgesia duration. When associated to 2.5 mg hyperbaric bupivacaine, there is no benefit in administering more than 2.5 µg of sufentanil for labor pain relief.

  2. Королевские игры / Тамара Унанова

    Унанова, Тамара 1951-


    19. nov. Tallinnas Nokia kontserdimajas etendunud rahvusvahelisest balletiprogrammist "Tantsukuningad - Kings of Dance maailmatuur 2009". Käesoleva tuuri eripäraks on uus programm, millesse kuuluvad Nacho Duato, Jose Limoni, Frederick Ashtoni, Gabriel Faure, Christopher Wheeldoni, Roland Petit, Leonid Jakobsoni, Boris Eifmani tööd. Produtsent Sergei Daniljan

  3. Maailma kaunid aiad : Nymans'i aed / Ann Tenno

    Tenno, Ann, 1952-


    Nymans'i aia Inglismaal rajas 1885. a. Ludwig Messel ning kujundas seda koos oma poja Leonard Messeliga. Aed on tuntud haruldaste puude ja põõsaste rohkuse poolest, aia omapäraks on kerakujuliseks pöetud ja väljalõigatud siiludega jugapuud. 19 ill

  4. Королевские игры / Тамара Унанова

    Унанова, Тамара 1951-


    19. nov. Tallinnas Nokia kontserdimajas etendunud rahvusvahelisest balletiprogrammist "Tantsukuningad - Kings of Dance maailmatuur 2009". Käesoleva tuuri eripäraks on uus programm, millesse kuuluvad Nacho Duato, Jose Limoni, Frederick Ashtoni, Gabriel Faure, Christopher Wheeldoni, Roland Petit, Leonid Jakobsoni, Boris Eifmani tööd. Produtsent Sergei Daniljan

  5. Seminar proceedings. Seminar on piping reliability



    The international seminar brought together the disciplines of probabilistic safety assessment and probabilistic fracture mechanics. The work performed by the joint Nordic Nuclear Safety Research Project NKS/RAK 1.2 and the SLAP project was presented the first day. The second was mainly devoted to the integration of the two disciplines. 11 contributions have been separately indexed.

  6. Maailma kaunid aiad : Nymans'i aed / Ann Tenno

    Tenno, Ann, 1952-


    Nymans'i aia Inglismaal rajas 1885. a. Ludwig Messel ning kujundas seda koos oma poja Leonard Messeliga. Aed on tuntud haruldaste puude ja põõsaste rohkuse poolest, aia omapäraks on kerakujuliseks pöetud ja väljalõigatud siiludega jugapuud. 19 ill


    Kohek, Štefan


    V diplomskem delu opišemo metode za ustvarjanje in prikaz senc objektov z uporabo grafične knjižnice OpenGL. Največ poudarka je na projekcijski metodi. Praktični del zajema izdelavo programa, ki omogoča prikaz senc objektov LWO z uporabo projekcijske metode in z uporabo tekstur senc. Na koncu opišemo demonstracijski program.


    Kraljič, Boštjan


    Diplomska naloga predstavlja odprtokodno programsko orodje Joomla, za izdelavo in osveževanje spletnega portala. Xampp paket vsebuje vse potrebne komponente in module za izdelavo spletne strani in temelji na odprtokodni osnovi, spletni strežnik Apache, podatkovna baza Mysql in skriptni jezik PHP. Cilj diplomske naloge je izdelava, upravljanje in raba spletne strani sodnega izvršitelja. V uvodnem delu je opis postavitve spletnega portala CMS Joomla in opis uporabljenih orodij. V osred...

  9. Donor risk index and organ patient index as predictors of graft survival after liver transplantation.

    Avolio, A W; Siciliano, M; Barbarino, R; Nure, E; Annicchiarico, B E; Gasbarrini, A; Agnes, S; Castagneto, M


    In liver transplantation the identification of risk factors and the risk quantification for each single case represent a field of great interest. There are donor-related and recipient-related risk factors. Donor risk index (DRI) was retrospectively calculated in 223 liver transplant cases. We did not include patients with preoperative diagnosis of hepatocarcinoma and retransplants. The cases were stratified into two classes according to the DRI (low risk, DRIor= 1.7). A new index, namely the organ patient index (OPI) was calculated adding the Model for End-stage Liver Disease (MELD) score to the DRI. Patients were stratified into two classes according to the OPI (low risk, OPI 2.85). The cases with low DRI (n=144) showed better survival than the cases with high DRI (n=82; P< .02). The cases with low OPI (n=173) showed better survival than cases with high OPI (n=50; P< .01). The OPI predicted outcomes better than DRI, increasing the gap in the long-term graft survival between the low- and the high-risk class. The inclusion of the MELD in the new index allowed better prediction of graft survival.

  10. The time-dependent accumulation of protoporphyrin IX fluorescence in nodular basal cell carcinoma following application of methyl aminolevulinate with an oxygen pressure injection device.

    Blake, E; Campbell, S; Allen, J; Mathew, J; Helliwell, P; Curnow, A


    Topical protoporphyrin (PpIX)-induced photodynamic therapy (PDT) relies on the penetration of the prodrug into the skin lesion and subsequent accumulation of the photosensitizer. Methyl aminolevulinate (MAL)-PDT is an established treatment for thinner and superficial non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs) but for the treatment of the thicker nodular basal cell carcinoma (nBCC) enhanced penetration of the prodrug is required. This study employed a new higher pressure, oxygen pressure injection (OPI) device, at the time of Metvix® application with a view to enhancing the penetration of MAL into the tumors. Each patient had Metvix® applied to a single nBCC followed by application of a higher pressure OPI device. Following different time intervals (0, 30, 60, 120 or 180 min) the tumors were excised. The maximum depth and area of MAL penetration achieved in each lesion was measured using PpIX fluorescence microscopy. As expected, an increase in the depth of MAL-induced PpIX accumulation and area of tumor sensitized was observed over time; when the Metvix® cream was applied for 0, 30, 60, 120 and 180 min the median depth of PpIX fluorescence was 0%, 21%, 26.5%, 75.5% and 90%, respectively and the median area of tumor sensitized was 0%, 4%, 6%, 19% and 60%, respectively. As the investigation presented here did not include a control arm, the relative depths of fluorescence observed in this study were statistically compared (using the non-parametric Mann Whitney U test) with the results of our previous study where patients had Metvix® cream applied either with or without the standard pressure OPI device. When the higher pressure OPI device was employed compared to without OPI this increase was observed to be greater following 30, 120, and 180 min although overall not significantly (p=0.835). In addition, no significant difference between the higher pressure OPI device employed here and the previously investigated standard pressure OPI device was observed (p=0.403). However

  11. [Attitudes and beliefs regarding opioid maintenance treatment in Portugal: a survey to physicians, patients and opioid users].

    Goulão, João


    Introdução: Existem poucos estudos pan-europeus sobre programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos, tanto da perspectiva dos prescritores, como dos doentes que os recebem e dos utilizadores de opióides que se mantêm fora do sistema de tratamento. O projecto ACCESS, um estudo europeu realizado em 11 países, explorou as atitudes e percepções dos médicos, doentes e utilizadores de opióides quanto à qualidade e ao acesso aos programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos. O presente artigo descreve os principais resultados para Portugal.Material e Métodos: Os médicos que tratam doentes dependentes de opióides com recurso a programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos foram inquiridos por entrevista directa; os doentes em programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos, os doentes que não se encontravam em programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos (em tratamento não farmacológico), e os utilizadores activos (pessoas dependentes de opióides que não se encontram actualmente em tratamento) receberam questionários de auto-preenchimento.Resultados: Verificou-se que, tanto os médicos como os doentes avaliam como ‘Bom’ o tratamento dos dependentes de opióides, em Portugal. O acesso ao tratamento foi considerado ‘Fácil’ pela maioria dos doentes e dos médicos, registando-se um elevado nível de satisfação entre os doentes. Contudo, o conhecimento dos doentes quanto às opções dos programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos em Portugal encontra-se ainda abaixo do nível óptimo e as doses dos fármacos dos programas terapêuticos com agonistas opiáceos são frequentemente baixas.Discussão: Os resultados do projecto ACCESS, no que diz respeito a PTAO, são encorajadores e evidenciam quer as áreas de sucesso, quer as áreas que podem ser melhoradas no futuro, no que diz respeito ao sistema de tratamento de dependências de opióides em Portugal.Conclusões: O projecto ACCESS faz uma avaliação importante das atitudes e percep

  12. Cone beam computed tomography: An accurate imaging technique in comparison with orthogonal portal imaging in intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer

    Om Prakash Gurjar


    Full Text Available Purpose: Various factors cause geometric uncertainties during prostate radiotherapy, including interfractional and intrafractional patient motions, organ motion, and daily setup errors. This may lead to increased normal tissue complications when a high dose to the prostate is administered. More-accurate treatment delivery is possible with daily imaging and localization of the prostate. This study aims to measure the shift of the prostate by using kilovoltage (kV cone beam computed tomography (CBCT after position verification by kV orthogonal portal imaging (OPI.Methods: Position verification in 10 patients with prostate cancer was performed by using OPI followed by CBCT before treatment delivery in 25 sessions per patient. In each session, OPI was performed by using an on-board imaging (OBI system and pelvic bone-to-pelvic bone matching was performed. After applying the noted shift by using OPI, CBCT was performed by using the OBI system and prostate-to-prostate matching was performed. The isocenter shifts along all three translational directions in both techniques were combined into a three-dimensional (3-D iso-displacement vector (IDV.Results: The mean (SD IDV (in centimeters calculated during the 250 imaging sessions was 0.931 (0.598, median 0.825 for OPI and 0.515 (336, median 0.43 for CBCT, p-value was less than 0.0001 which shows extremely statistical significant difference.Conclusion: Even after bone-to-bone matching by using OPI, a significant shift in prostate was observed on CBCT. This study concludes that imaging with CBCT provides a more accurate prostate localization than the OPI technique. Hence, CBCT should be chosen as the preferred imaging technique.

  13. Comparison of DC and AC Transport in 1.5-7.5 nm Oligophenylene Imine Molecular Wires across Two Junction Platforms: Eutectic Ga-In versus Conducting Probe Atomic Force Microscope Junctions.

    Sangeeth, C S Suchand; Demissie, Abel T; Yuan, Li; Wang, Tao; Frisbie, C Daniel; Nijhuis, Christian A


    We have utilized DC and AC transport measurements to measure the resistance and capacitance of thin films of conjugated oligophenyleneimine (OPI) molecules ranging from 1.5 to 7.5 nm in length. These films were synthesized on Au surfaces utilizing the imine condensation chemistry between terephthalaldehyde and 1,4-benzenediamine. Near edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy yielded molecular tilt angles of 33-43°. To probe DC and AC transport, we employed Au-S-OPI//GaOx/EGaIn junctions having contact areas of 9.6 × 10(2) μm(2) (10(9) nm(2)) and compared to previously reported DC results on the same OPI system obtained using Au-S-OPI//Au conducting probe atomic force microscopy (CP-AFM) junctions with 50 nm(2) areas. We found that intensive observables agreed very well across the two junction platforms. Specifically, the EGaIn-based junctions showed: (i) a crossover from tunneling to hopping transport at molecular lengths near 4 nm; (ii) activated transport for wires >4 nm in length with an activation energy of 0.245 ± 0.008 eV for OPI-7; (iii) exponential dependence of conductance with molecular length with a decay constant β = 2.84 ± 0.18 nm(-1) (DC) and 2.92 ± 0.13 nm(-1) (AC) in the tunneling regime, and an apparent β = 1.01 ± 0.08 nm(-1) (DC) and 0.99 ± 0.11 nm(-1) (AC) in the hopping regime; (iv) previously unreported dielectric constant of 4.3 ± 0.2 along the OPI wires. However, the absolute resistances of Au-S-OPI//GaOx/EGaIn junctions were approximately 100 times higher than the corresponding CP-AFM junctions due to differences in metal-molecule contact resistances between the two platforms.

  14. Estudo da inclinação do plano palatino em relação à base posterior do crânio em indivíduos portadores de oclusão normal Study of palatal plane inclination related to the posterior cranial base in subjects with normal occlusion

    Cássia T. Lopes de Alcântara Gil


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: estudar a relação entre o plano palatino e a região posterior da base do crânio, em indivíduos portadores de oclusão normal. METODOLOGIA: a amostra foi constituída por telerradiografias em norma lateral de 95 indivíduos portadores de oclusão normal natural. O plano palatino foi determinado pelos pontos Ena e Enp (Espinha Nasal Anterior e Posterior. Utilizou-se o ponto mais posterior e inferior do osso occipital (OPI, para definição da região póstero-inferior da base do crânio. Avaliou-se o comportamento do ângulo formado pelos planos OPI-Ena e Ena-Enp, denominado ângulo OPI.Ena.Enp, tendo como vértice o ponto Ena. Desta forma, valores angulares próximos a 0º indicaram tendência à coincidência entre os planos OPI-Ena e Ena-Enp, o que equivale a dizer que, nestes casos, a extensão do plano palatino tangencia a base posterior do crânio, representada pelo Ponto OPI. RESULTADOS: a média de valor encontrada em relação ao ângulo OPI.Ena.Enp na referida amostra foi de -0,13º, valor próximo a zero, indicando tendência à coincidência entre os planos OPI-Ena e Ena-Enp. CONCLUSÃO: os resultados indicam que em pacientes portadores de oclusão normal natural, o prolongamento do plano palatino tende a tangenciar a região posterior da base do crânio, o que se revela uma característica estrutural em crânios de indivíduos portadores de oclusão equilibrada.AIM: to study the inclination of the palatal plane in 95 subjects with clinically normal occlusion. METHODS: the study was made using lateral headfilms and the results showed that in normal occlusion the extension of the palatal plane (ANS-PNS passes trough the most posterior and inferior region of the skull, defined as Point "OPI". RESULTS: OPI.Ena.Enp mean value was -0.13º, close to zero. CONCLUSION: the results indicated that in normal occlusion patients the palatal plane presents a tendency to be tangent with posterior cranial base.

  15. Bringing Control System User Interfaces to the Web

    Chen, Xihui [ORNL; Kasemir, Kay [ORNL


    With the evolution of web based technologies, especially HTML5 [1], it becomes possible to create web-based control system user interfaces (UI) that are cross-browser and cross-device compatible. This article describes two technologies that facilitate this goal. The first one is the WebOPI [2], which can seamlessly display CSS BOY [3] Operator Interfaces (OPI) in web browsers without modification to the original OPI file. The WebOPI leverages the powerful graphical editing capabilities of BOY and provides the convenience of re-using existing OPI files. On the other hand, it uses generic JavaScript and a generic communication mechanism between the web browser and web server. It is not optimized for a control system, which results in unnecessary network traffic and resource usage. Our second technology is the WebSocket-based Process Data Access (WebPDA) [4]. It is a protocol that provides efficient control system data communication using WebSocket [5], so that users can create web-based control system UIs using standard web page technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. WebPDA is control system independent, potentially supporting any type of control system.

  16. Agrometeorological models for groundnut crop yield forecasting in the Jaboticabal, São Paulo State region, Brazil

    Victor Brunini Moreto


    Full Text Available Forecast is the act of estimating a future event based on current data. Ten-day period (TDP meteorological data were used for modeling: mean air temperature, precipitation and water balance components (water deficit (DEF and surplus (EXC and soil water storage (SWS. Meteorological and yield data from 1990-2004 were used for calibration, and 2005-2010 were used for testing. First step was the selection of variables via correlation analysis to determine which TDP and climatic variables have more influence on the crop yield. The selected variables were used to construct models by multiple linear regression, using a stepwise backwards process. Among all analyzed models, the following was notable: Yield = - 4.964 x [SWS of 2° TDP of December of the previous year (OPY] – 1.123 x [SWS of 2° TDP of November OPY] + 0.949 x [EXC of 1° TDP of February of the productive year (PY] + 2.5 x [SWS of 2° TDP of February OPY] + 19.125 x [EXC of 1° TDP of May OPY] – 3.113 x [EXC of 3° TDP of January OPY] + 1.469 x [EXC of 3 TDP of January of PY] + 3920.526, with MAPE = 5.22%, R2 = 0.58 and RMSEs = 111.03 kg ha-1.

  17. 十年两转制迈向新征程——记通用药业不断调整机制以谋发展的探索之路



    @@ "爱是love,爱是amour;爱是rak,爱是爱心,爱是love;爱是人类最美好的语言;爱是正大无私的奉献……"相信生长于上世纪八九十年代的人都不会对这段歌词感到陌生,它就出自于著名歌手翁倩玉为中央电视台节目演唱的主题曲--.歌中用汉语(爱)、英语(love)、拉丁语(amour)和泰语(rak)四种不同的语言传递着爱的声音,让人感觉到爱的含义无限温暖、爱的世界不分国界、爱的芬芳撒播于我们每个人的心田.

  18. Coexistence of reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura and Dowling-Degos disease

    Ana Rita Cabral


    Full Text Available Reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura (RAK and Dowling-Degos Disease (DDD are rare genodermatosis inherited as an autosomal dominant trait with variable penetrance. They are part of a spectrum of diseases with hyperpigmented macules coalescing in a reticular pattern, facial and palmoplantar pits, breaks in dermatoglyphics, comedo-like lesions and epidermoid cysts, and a unique histological picture of hyperpigmented digitate epidermal downgrowths. The authors describe the case of a 45-year-old female with reticulate acropigmentation of the dorsa of the hands and feet, hyperpigmented macules on the axilla and around the mouth, and palmar pitting. Clinical and histological findings, together with a relevant family history, allowed the authors to consider this case an example of the rare event of an overlap RAK-DDD.

  19. Reliability centered maintenance mini-seminar

    Laakso, K.; Simola, K. (eds.) [VTT Automation, Espoo (Finland)


    In the Earlier NKS-project RAK-1 (1994-1997), the sub-project RAK-1.4, 'Maintenance Strategies and Ageing' focused on development of methodologies and tools for improving maintenance strategies. In the NKS/SOS-2 project (1998-2001), the maintenance related Nordic co-operation is continued. For exchange of information and as background and for discussions related to maintenance decisions in the NKS/SOS-2 project, a mini-seminar on maintenance strategies with an emphasis on reliability centred maintenance (RCM) approaches was arranged 14.10.1999. The report summarises the topics of the presentations and discussions at the seminar. The transparencies presented at the mini-seminar are enclosed in this report. (au)

  20. Atonik Dan Super Bionik Mempengaruhi Pertumbuhan Bibit Sambung Pucuk Mangga (Mangifera indica L.)

    Indra, Aswim Syah


    Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di Balai Benih Induk (BBI) Hortikultura Gedung Johor, Medan dengan ketinggian + 25 meter dpi. Dilaksanakan mulai awal bulan Juni sampai akhir Oktober 2002. Bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh Atonik dan Super Bionik terhadap pertumbuhan bibit sambung pucuk mangga. Menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK) faktorial dengan 2 faktor perlakuan dan 3 ulangan. Faktor I aaalah konsentrasi Atonik (A) yang terdiri dari 4 taraf yaitu : Ao = 0 cc/liter air, Ax = 0,5 cc...

  1. Maksumaksjate liit ei toeta maksukoormuse tõusu / Lasse Lehis

    Lehis, Lasse, 1972-


    Eesti Maksumaksjate Liidu seisukohtadest muudatuste tegemise kohta Eesti maksusüsteemis. Lisa: Maksumaksjate liit teeb ettepaneku vähendada maksuintressi määra (EML pressiteade 19. 01. 2009 ; Lehis, Lasse. Maksuvõla ajatamisel intressimääraks null ; Rahandusministri vastus seaduseelnõu algatamise ettepaneku kohta 9. 02. 2009). Vt. ka:

  2. Production Rate and Weapon System Cost: Research Review, Case Studies, and Planning Model.


    number of diphones is now 2733. Generalized the phonetic synthesis program to allow the use of phonological rules combined with diphone templates...Projects Agency under ARPA Order No. 3515. 19. KEY WORoS (Continue on ,evere.s ide It n*.Ceew mid Identify by block number) Speech synthesis, phonetic ...real-time vocoder, mixed-source excitation model, adaptive lattice, phonetic vocoder, spectral template, 20. AU ,RAkCT (Conitinue On reverse eld* It


    SILVIO ALTARAC; Galić, Josip; Vidas, Željko; Savić, Ivan; ŠTAJCAR, DAMIR; Rajković, Zoran; Arslani, Nuhi; Vučemilo, Luka; BUBNJAR, JOSIP; Papeš, Dino


    Za rak prostate može se reći da je jedan od najvažnijih medicinskih problema u muškoj populaciji. U razvoju i progresiji karcinoma prostate bitne su epigenetska regulacija ekspresije gena pomoću promotora metilacije i acetilacije histona, proupalni enzim ciklooksigenaza-2, kao i somatske mutacije različitih gena s različitim biološkim funkcijama.

  4. Kui töökohti napib / Raul Eamets

    Eamets, Raul, 1964-


    Autor vaatleb, millistel juhtudel tööpuudus Eestis praeguses olukorras väga palju ei kasva ja milliste valdkondade töötajad satuvad tööpuuduse suurenemise korral ennekõike n.-ö. löögi alla. Autor hinnangul võib aasta lõpu üldiseks töötuse määraks prognoosida ligi 7%, tööpuudus jätkab ilmselt kasvutrendi

  5. Brezstropa jama v Podbojevem lazu, Rakov Škocjan = Denuded cave in Podbojev laz, Rakov Škocjan

    Maja Abramović


    Full Text Available This paper presents a denuded cave situated in the area of Podbojev laz, on the northwesternside of the Rakov Škocjan. Morphometric and morphogenetic properties of several sectionsof the denuded cave and its surroundings are described in detail. The denuded cave developedfrom an epiphreatic cave system which used to function as an outflow cave system from theRak valley. Morphometrical analysis of the slopes show that the denuded cave was developedin stages. As

  6. Pengaruh Pemberian N-Fix dan ZPT Dekamon 22,43 L Terhadap pertumbuhan Vegetatif Bibit Kopi

    Silalahi, Rumondang


    Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian N-Fix dan ZPT Dekamon 22,43L terhadap pertumbuhan vegetatif bibit kopi. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di areal penelitian Dinas Pertanian Tanaman Pangan dan Hortikultura Dati I Sumatera Utara, Jl, Karya Jasa No.*A Kelurahan pangkalan Mansur Medan. Penelitian ini dimulai sejak bulan Februari sampai Mei 2000. Rancangan yang digunakan adalah Rancangan Acak Kelopmpok (RAK) faktorial terdiri dari 2 faktor dan 3 ulangan. 950301071

  7. Respon Pertumbuhan Bibit Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis gueneensis Jacq) Terhadap Pemberian Dekamon 22,43L dan Plant Catalyst 2006 di Main Nursery



    Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui respon pertumbuhan bibit kelapa sawit terhadap pemberian Dekamon 22,43 L dan Plant Catalyst 2006 di Main Nursery. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di Jalan Ternak Simalingkar B Medan, yang berlangsung dari bulan i Oktober 2002 sampai dengan bulan Januari 2003. Rancangan yang digunakan dalam psnelitian ini adalah Rancangan Acak Kelompok(RAK) faktorial dengan dua faktor perlakuan dan tiga ulangan. Faktor pertama...

  8. Psychometric Development of the Research and Knowledge Scale

    Powell, Lauren R.; Ojukwu, Elizabeth; Person, Sharina D.; Allison, Jeroan; Rosal, Milagros C.


    Background: Many research participants are misinformed about research terms, procedures, and goals; however, no validated instruments exist to assess individual’s comprehension of health-related research information. We propose research literacy as a concept that incorporates understanding about the purpose and nature of research. Objectives: We developed the Research and Knowledge Scale (RaKS) to measure research literacy in a culturally, literacy-sensitive manner. We describe its development and psychometric properties. Research Design: Qualitative methods were used to assess perspectives of research participants and researchers. Literature and informed consent reviews were conducted to develop initial items. These data were used to develop initial domains and items of the RaKS, and expert panel reviews and cognitive pretesting were done to refine the scale. We conducted psychometric analyses to evaluate the scale. Subjects: The cross-sectional survey was administered to a purposive community-based sample (n=430) using a Web-based data collection system and paper. Measures: We did classic theory testing on individual items and assessed test-retest reliability and Kuder-Richardson-20 for internal consistency. We conducted exploratory factor analysis and analysis of variance to assess differences in mean research literacy scores in sociodemographic subgroups. Results: The RaKS is comprised of 16 items, with a Kuder-Richardson-20 estimate of 0.81 and test-retest reliability 0.84. There were differences in mean scale scores by race/ethnicity, age, education, income, and health literacy (all P<0.01). Conclusions: This study provides preliminary evidence for the reliability and validity of the RaKS. This scale can be used to measure research participants’ understanding about health-related research processes and identify areas to improve informed decision-making about research participation. PMID:27579914

  9. Improving Quality Using Architecture Fault Analysis with Confidence Arguments


    can be discovered and corrected early in the lifecycle, thereby reducing rework cost. The case study shows that by com- bining the analytical...which are notoriously hard to test for, can be discovered and corrected early in the lifecycle, thereby reducing rework cost. The case study shows...due to limited ar- chitecture abstractions is a major contributor to high certification-related rework cost [Dvo- rak 2009]. Requirements errors fall

  10. Respons Pertumbuhan Dan Produksi Jahe (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Sistem Keranjang Terhadap Pemberian Pupuk Organik Padat Dan Komposisi Media Tanam

    Yoga Lesmana


    Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui respos pertumbuhan dan produksi jahe (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) sistem keranjang terhadap pemberian pupuk organik padat dan komposisi media tanam, dilaksanakan di lahan masyarakat Kecamatan Medan Johor, Medan, pada bulan Juni 2007 sampai dengan Maret 2008. Penelitian menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelmpok (RAK) Faktorial dengan 2 faktor perlakuan. Faktor pertama adalah pupuk organik padat (M) yang terdiri atas 2 taraf yaitu : M0 (tanpa pupuk organik padat) ...

  11. Kemampuan Larva Oryctes Rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Menularkan Cendawan Metarhizium Anisopliae Ke Larva Sehat Di Pertanaman Kelapa Sawit

    Perabu Jaya Sitepu


    Perabu Jaya Sitepu, Kemampuan larva Oryctes rhinoceros menularkan Metharizium anisopliae ke larva sehat di pertanaman kelapa sawit. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui kemampuan larva O. rhinoceros menularkan M. anisopliae ke larva O. rhinoceros yang lain di lapangan. Penelitian ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK) Non Faktorial yang terdiri dari 4 perlakuan dan enam ulangan yaitu : L1 (kontrol), L2 (5 larva dilumuri M. anisoplioae), L3 (10 larva dilumuri M. anisoplioae), L4 (15 la...

  12. Maksumaksjate liit ei toeta maksukoormuse tõusu / Lasse Lehis

    Lehis, Lasse, 1972-


    Eesti Maksumaksjate Liidu seisukohtadest muudatuste tegemise kohta Eesti maksusüsteemis. Lisa: Maksumaksjate liit teeb ettepaneku vähendada maksuintressi määra (EML pressiteade 19. 01. 2009 ; Lehis, Lasse. Maksuvõla ajatamisel intressimääraks null ; Rahandusministri vastus seaduseelnõu algatamise ettepaneku kohta 9. 02. 2009). Vt. ka:

  13. Uji Resistensi Beberapa Kultivar Plasma Nutfah Karet (Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg) Terhadap Penyakit Gugur Daun (Corynespora cassiicola (Berk. & Curt.) Wei) Di Lapangan

    Tari Elvalianda


    Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di Pusat Penelitian Perkebunan Sungei Putih dari bulan September 2006 sampai bulan Maret 2007. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendapatkan kultivar karet yang tahan terhadap penyakit gugur daun (Corynespora cassiicola). Penelitian menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok ( RAK ) Faktorial dengan 60 perlakuan kombinasi dan 2 ulangan. Kultivar plasma nutfah yang digunakan adalah PN No. 262, PN No. 266, PN No. 386, PN No. 389, PN No. 398, PN No. 803...

  14. Surfactant-directed polypyrrole/CNT nanocables: synthesis, characterization, and enhanced electrical properties.

    Zhang, Xuetong; Zhang, Jin; Wang, Rongming; Zhu, Tao; Liu, Zhongfan


    We describe here a new approach to the synthesis of size-controllable polypyrrole/carbon nanotube (CNT) nanocables by in situ chemical oxidative polymerization directed by the cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) or the nonionic surfactant polyethylene glycol mono-p-nonylphenyl ether (Opi-10). When carbon nanotubes are dispersed in a solution containing a certain concentration of CTAB or Opi-10, the surfactant molecules are adsorbed and arranged regularly on the CNT surfaces. On addition of pyrrole, some of the monomer is adsorbed at the surface of CNTs and/or wedged between the arranged CTAB or Opi-10 molecules. When ammonium persulfate (APS) is added, pyrrole is polymerized in situ at the surfaces of the CNTs (core layer) and ultimately forms the outer shell of the nanocables. Such polypyrrole/CNT nanocables show enhanced electrical properties; a negative temperature coefficient of resistance at 77-300 K and a negative magnetoresistance at 10-200 K were observed.

  15. Der RDA-Umstieg in Deutschland - Herausforderungen für das Metadatenmanagement

    Heidrun Wiesenmüller


    Full Text Available Der Umstieg der deutschsprachigen Länder auf den neuen Katalogisierungsstandard RDA wirft die Frage auf, wie mit den gemäß RAK erschlossenen Altdaten umgegangen werden soll. Der vorliegende Beitrag untersucht aus datentechnischer Sicht, ob bzw. inwieweit RAK-Katalogisate (Titel- und Normdatensätze mit maschinellen Mitteln auf RDA angehoben werden könnten. Beispielhaft betrachtet werden dabei u. a. die zu übertragenden Elemente in der bibliografischen Beschreibung, der Inhaltstyp sowie die Aufspaltung in getrennte bibliografische Identitäten im Fall von Pseudonymen. Es wird gezeigt, dass RDA-Upgrades möglich, aber hochkomplex sind. The switch of the German-speaking countries to the new cataloguing standard RDA raises the question how the legacy data should be handled. Based on an analysis of the available data, the paper discusses whether and to what extent records (bibliographic and authority, which were created according to the former cataloguing code RAK, could be upgraded to RDA. The examples discussed include the transcribed information in the bibliographic description, the content type, and the treatment of separate bibliographic identities in the case of pseudonyms. The study shows that upgrades to RDA are possible, but highly complex.

  16. Decision Support Systems for Research and Management in Advanced Life Support

    Rodriquez, Luis F.


    Decision support systems have been implemented in many applications including strategic planning for battlefield scenarios, corporate decision making for business planning, production planning and control systems, and recommendation generators like those on TradeMark). Such tools are reviewed for developing a similar tool for NASA's ALS Program. DSS are considered concurrently with the development of the OPIS system, a database designed for chronicling of research and development in ALS. By utilizing the OPIS database, it is anticipated that decision support can be provided to increase the quality of decisions by ALS managers and researchers.

  17. Side effects of subarachnoid and epidural sufentanil associated with a local anesthetic in patients undergoing labor analgesia

    Salem, Isabel C.F. [UNESP; Fernanda B. Fukushima; Giane Nakamura; Fábio Ferrari; Navarro,Laís C.; Yara Marcondes Machado Castiglia; Eliana Marisa Ganem


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A associação do opióide ao anestésico local melhora a qualidade da analgesia de parto e reduz o risco de toxicidade sistêmica pelo anestésico local. Os opióides, entretanto, podem determinar efeitos colaterais. O objetivo desta pesquisa foi comparar os efeitos adversos determinados pelo sufentanil, administrado por via subaracnóidea, associado à bupivacaína, com aquele determinado pelo sufentanil por via peridural, associado à ropivacaína, nas doses utilizadas no Se...


    Lešnik, Marko


    V diplomskem delu opišemo proces izdelave sveta navidezne resničnosti, ki simulira okolje sejemskih hal z razstavnimi prostori razstavljalcev ter omogoča obiskovalcu, da se po sejmu prosto sprehaja v spletnem brskalniku. Takšno interaktivno predstavitev sejma v obliki 3D sveta poimenujemo virtualni sejem. Preučili in uporabili smo standardni jezik za opis svetov navidezne resničnosti X3D, ki nam omogoča izgradnjo prototipov 3D gradnikov sveta, katere smo združili v knjižnico objektov X3D. Zas...

  19. Optimal Path Identification Using ANT Colony Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network

    Aniket. A. Gurav


    Full Text Available Wireless Sensor Network WSN is tightly constrained for energy, computational power and memory. All applications of WSN require to forward data from remote sensor node SN to base station BS. The path length and numbers of nodes in path by which data is forwarded affect the basic performance of WSN. In this paper we present bio-Inspired Ant Colony Optimisation ACO algorithm for Optimal path Identification OPI for p acket transmission to communicate between SN to BS. Our modified algorithm OPI using ACO cons iders the path length and the number of hops in path for data packet transmission, with an aim to reduce communication overheads .

  20. Efectividad de morfina intratecal versus endovenosa / histerectomía vaginal en el Hospital Occidente de Kennedy


    Introducción: la histerectomía vaginal es una cirugía frecuente, esta investigación comparo dos vías de suministro de opiáceos: intratecal y endovenosa en un estudio realizado en el Hospital Occidente de Kennedy. Método: Estudio prospectivo observacional comparando dolor utilizando la escala de dolor numérica verbal y determinando los requerimientos de morfina de rescate y o Aines, describiendo la presencia de efectos secundarios del uso de opiáceos en dos grupos. Resultados: Particip...


    Kajba, Zoran


    V diplomskem delu opišemo posodobitev portala Blend.Fl iz sistema za upravljanje vsebin Joomla 1.0 na verzijo 2.5. Portal Blend.Fl vsebuje komponente za delo z elektronskimi gradivi. Opišemo sistem za upravljanje vsebin Joomla in njegove razširitve, kjer smo implementacijo komponent dodatno preučili in prikazali. Predstavimo tudi komponenti sistema e-gradiv in njuno delovanje. Komponenti sta namenjeni urejanju poglavij in gradiv, namenjenih študentom Fakultete za logistiko, v povezavi s h...

  2. Charge Transport in 4 nm Molecular Wires with Interrupted Conjugation: Combined Experimental and Computational Evidence for Thermally Assisted Polaron Tunneling.

    Taherinia, Davood; Smith, Christopher E; Ghosh, Soumen; Odoh, Samuel O; Balhorn, Luke; Gagliardi, Laura; Cramer, Christopher J; Frisbie, C Daniel


    We report the synthesis, transport measurements, and electronic structure of conjugation-broken oligophenyleneimine (CB-OPI 6) molecular wires with lengths of ∼4 nm. The wires were grown from Au surfaces using stepwise aryl imine condensation reactions between 1,4-diaminobenzene and terephthalaldehyde (1,4-benzenedicarbaldehyde). Saturated spacers (conjugation breakers) were introduced into the molecular backbone by replacing the aromatic diamine with trans-1,4-diaminocyclohexane at specific steps during the growth processes. FT-IR and ellipsometry were used to follow the imination reactions on Au surfaces. Surface coverages (∼4 molecules/nm(2)) and electronic structures of the wires were determined by cyclic voltammetry and UV-vis spectroscopy, respectively. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of the wires were acquired using conducting probe atomic force microscopy (CP-AFM) in which an Au-coated AFM probe was brought into contact with the wires to form metal-molecule-metal junctions with contact areas of ∼50 nm(2). The low bias resistance increased with the number of saturated spacers, but was not sensitive to the position of the spacer within the wire. Temperature dependent measurements of resistance were consistent with a localized charge (polaron) hopping mechanism in all of the wires. Activation energies were in the range of 0.18-0.26 eV (4.2-6.0 kcal/mol) with the highest belonging to the fully conjugated OPI 6 wire and the lowest to the CB3,5-OPI 6 wire (the wire with two saturated spacers). For the two other wires with a single conjugation breaker, CB3-OPI 6 and CB5-OPI 6, activation energies of 0.20 eV (4.6 kcal/mol) and 0.21 eV (4.8 kcal/mol) were found, respectively. Computational studies using density functional theory confirmed the polaronic nature of charge carriers but predicted that the semiclassical activation energy of hopping should be higher for CB-OPI molecular wires than for the OPI 6 wire. To reconcile the experimental and



    Rad daje pregled uloge koju ima Visoko gospodarsko učilište u Križevcima u području stručnih studija za poljoprivredu u Hrvatskoj i doprinos visokoškolskom obrazovanju za održivu i ekološku poljoprivredu. U radu se također donosi kratki opis povijesnoga razvoja križevačkoga Učilišta i opis suvremenih studijskih programa na razini stručnog i specijalističkog diplomskog studija te specijalističkih seminara u sklopu cjeloživotnoga učenja.


    Krauser, Aleš


    Optimizacija z roji delcev je relativno nova evolucijska tehnika, ki je bila prvotno razvita za reševanje zveznih problemov. Kasneje so se pojavile različne izvedbe za reševanje diskretnih problemov. Na začetku se seznanimo z osnovno in diskretno optimizacijo z roji delcev. Nato spoznamo parametre, ki nastopajo v optimizaciji z roji delcev. Opišemo problem 3-barvanja grafov, ki smo ga izbrali kot diskretni problem za izvajanje optimizacije z roji delcev. Temu sledi opis znanih tradicionalnih ...

  5. Synthesis, characterization and study of the magnetic properties of a coordination polymer containing cobalt(II) and copper(II); Sintese, caracterizacao e estudo das propriedades magneticas de um polimero de coordenacao contendo cobalto(II) e cobre(II)

    Cunha, Tamyris T. da; Stumpf, Humberto O.; Pereira, Cynthia L.M., E-mail: [Departamento de Quimica, Instituto de Ciencias Exatas, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Pires, Heber S.; Oliveira, Luiz F.C. de [Departamento de Quimica, Instituto de Ciencias Exatas, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, MG (Brazil); Pedroso, Emerson F. [Departamento de Quimica, Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Nunes, Wallace C. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil)


    This work describes the synthesis and characterization of two new compounds with ligand opy (N-(2-pyridyl)oxamate): the copper(II) precursor [Me{sub 4}N]{sub 2}[Cu(opy){sub 2}].5H{sub 2}O and Co{sup II} Cu{sup II} coordination polymer {l_brace}[Co Cu(opy){sub 2}]{r_brace}{sub n}x4nH{sub 2}O. This latter compound was obtained by reaction of [Me{sub 4}N]{sub 2}[Cu(opy){sub 2}].5H{sub 2}O and CoCl{sub 2}.6H{sub 2}O in water. The heterobimetallic Co{sup II} Cu{sup II} chain was characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetry and magnetic measurements. Magnetic characterization revealed typical behavior of one-dimensional (1D) ferrimagnetic chain as shown in the curves of temperature (T) dependence of magnetic susceptibility ({chi}{sub M}), in the form of {chi}{sub M}T versus T, and dependence of magnetization (M) with applied field (H). (author)


    Meh, Anže


    V diplomskem delu so predstavljene osnove, ki so potrebne za projektiranje vlakov smrti. V uvodnem delu je predstavljena kratka zgodovina vlakov smrti, njihova razvrstitev in grob opis njihovega sestava in delovanja. Drugi del prikazuje podrobnosti njihovega delovanja in matematično ter fizikalno analizo najpogosteje uporabljenih elementov. V tretjem delu pa je na primeru odseka proge vlaka smrti na grobo prikazano njegovo dimenzioniranje.

  7. DMPD: MDA5/RIG-I and virus recognition. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available 18272355 MDA5/RIG-I and virus recognition. Takeuchi O, Akira S. Curr Opin Immunol. ...2008 Feb;20(1):17-22. Epub 2008 Feb 12. (.png) (.svg) (.html) (.csml) Show MDA5/RIG-I and virus recognition.... PubmedID 18272355 Title MDA5/RIG-I and virus recognition. Authors Takeuchi O, Akira S. Publication Curr Opi

  8. Tombusviruses upregulate phospholipid biosynthesis via interaction between p33 replication protein and yeast lipid sensor proteins during virus replication in yeast

    Barajas, Daniel; Xu, Kai; Sharma, Monika; Wu, Cheng-Yu; Nagy, Peter D., E-mail:


    Positive-stranded RNA viruses induce new membranous structures and promote membrane proliferation in infected cells to facilitate viral replication. In this paper, the authors show that a plant-infecting tombusvirus upregulates transcription of phospholipid biosynthesis genes, such as INO1, OPI3 and CHO1, and increases phospholipid levels in yeast model host. This is accomplished by the viral p33 replication protein, which interacts with Opi1p FFAT domain protein and Scs2p VAP protein. Opi1p and Scs2p are phospholipid sensor proteins and they repress the expression of phospholipid genes. Accordingly, deletion of OPI1 transcription repressor in yeast has a stimulatory effect on TBSV RNA accumulation and enhanced tombusvirus replicase activity in an in vitro assay. Altogether, the presented data convincingly demonstrate that de novo lipid biosynthesis is required for optimal TBSV replication. Overall, this work reveals that a (+)RNA virus reprograms the phospholipid biosynthesis pathway in a unique way to facilitate its replication in yeast cells. - Highlights: • Tombusvirus p33 replication protein interacts with FFAT-domain host protein. • Tombusvirus replication leads to upregulation of phospholipids. • Tombusvirus replication depends on de novo lipid synthesis. • Deletion of FFAT-domain host protein enhances TBSV replication. • TBSV rewires host phospholipid synthesis.

  9. The Impact of Vasoactive Drugs on Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion


    useful in the management of congestive heart failure, cardiogenic pulmonary edema , mitral or aortic regurgitation and persistent chest pain...administration include refractory cardiac failure, cardiogenic shock, septic shock, post cardiac surgery, and acute renal failure (Opie, 1991; Budnv... cardiogenic , anaphylactic, and septic shock, and cardiac arrest (Zaritsky & Eisenberg, 1986). Affect on Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion Epinephrine, as with

  10. Special Operations Forces Language and Culture Needs Assessment Project: Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB): Perspectives from the Field


    Proficiency Interview (OPI). These studies compared the DLAB to alternatives, such as the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) and the Wonderlic ...1 This test is now referred to as the Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test by...the test developers; however, the test will be referred to as the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) in this report. SOF Language and Culture Needs

  11. Detection of physiological changes after exercise via a remote optophysiological imaging system

    Sun, Yu; Hu, Sijung; Azorin-Peris, Vicente; Zheng, Jia; Greenwald, Stephen; Chambers, Jonathon; Zhu, Yisheng


    A study of blood perfusion mapping was performed with a remote opto-physiological imaging (OPI) system coupling a sensitive CMOS camera and a custom-built resonant cavity light emitting diode (RCLED) ringlight. The setup is suitable for the remote assessment of blood perfusion in tissue over a wide range of anatomical locations. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the reliability and stability of the OPI system when measuring a cardiovascular variable of clinical interest, in this case, heart rate. To this end, the non-contact and contact photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals obtained from the OPI system and conventional PPG sensor were recorded simultaneously from each of 12 subjects before and after 5-min of cycling exercise. The time-frequency representation (TFR) method was used to visualize the time-dependent behavior of the signal frequency. The physiological parameters derived from the images captured by the OPI system exhibit comparable functional characteristics to those taken from conventional contact PPG pulse waveform measurements in both the time and frequency domains. Finally and more importantly, a previously developed opto-physiological model was employed to provide a 3-D representation of blood perfusion in human tissue which could provide a new insight into clinical assessment and diagnosis of circulatory pathology in various tissue segments.

  12. Transformative Colloidal Nanomaterials for Mid- Infrared Devices


    446 (2005) [2] Hillhouse, H.W., Beard, M.C., “Solar cells from colloidal nanocrystals: Fundamentals, materials, devices, and economics ,” Curr. Op...I., Fischer , A., Hoogland, S., Clifford, J., Klem, E., Levina, L., Sargent, EH., “Ultrasensitive solution-cast quantum dot photodetectors

  13. West Indian Sojourners in Guatemala and Honduras

    Ronald N. Harpelle


    Full Text Available Review of: Race, Nation, and West Indian Immigration to Honduras, 1890-1940. Glenn A. Chambers. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2010. xii +202 pp. (Cloth US$ 35.00Black Labor Migration in Caribbean Guatemala, 1882-1923. Frederick Douglass Opie. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2009. 145 pp. (Cloth US$ 65.00

  14. Floating on the Sea of Knowledge



  15. Problems in Examining the Validity of the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview.

    Bachman, Lyle F.


    Discusses the problem of measuring the validity of interview ratings in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI), proposes frameworks to distinguish abilities from testing methods, and considers factors affecting test performance. Suggestions for research and development on the ACTFL OPI…

  16. Opinion Leaders' Role in Innovation Diffusion : A Simulation Study

    van Eck, P.S.; Leeflang, P.S.H.; Jager, W.


    This study investigates the critical role that opinion leaders (or influentials) play in the adoption process of new products. Recent existing reseach evidence indicates a limited effect of opinion leaders on diffusion processes, yet these studies take into account merely the network position of opi

  17. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U10387-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available 1093015537142 Global-Ocean-Sampling_GS-35-01-01-1... 46 1.3 1 ( FG600026 ) PF_T3_08R_A10_25JUL2003_080 poppy root cDNA... 46 1.3 1 ( EW991615 ) LJGD-L7_G03 Adult female Lutzomyia long

  18. Another Look at Correlations between the Oral Proficiency Interview and the Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

    Vazulik, Johannes; Brown, Cheri

    A study supplementing earlier research by Lalande and Schweckendiek investigated comparisons and correlations obtained from testing a group of 17 university students of German using both the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the most recent revision of the examination for the…

  19. Talking and Testing: Discourse Approaches to the Assessment of Oral Proficiency. Studies in Bilingualism, Volume 14.

    Young, Richard, Ed.; He, Agnes Weiyun, Ed.

    Papers on second language oral proficiency testing include: "Language Proficiency Interviews: A Discourse Approach" (Agnes Weiyun He, Richard Young); "Re-Analyzing the OPI: How Much Does It Look Like Natural Conversation?" (Marysia Johnson, Andrea Tyler); "Evaluating Learner Interactional Skills: Conversation at the Micro Level" (Heidi…

  20. Coordinated regulation of sulfur and phospholipid metabolism reflects the importance of methylation in the growth of yeast.

    Hickman, Mark J; Petti, Allegra A; Ho-Shing, Olivia; Silverman, Sanford J; McIsaac, R Scott; Lee, Traci A; Botstein, David


    A yeast strain lacking Met4p, the primary transcriptional regulator of the sulfur assimilation pathway, cannot synthesize methionine. This apparently simple auxotroph did not grow well in rich media containing excess methionine, forming small colonies on yeast extract/peptone/dextrose plates. Faster-growing large colonies were abundant when overnight cultures were plated, suggesting that spontaneous suppressors of the growth defect arise with high frequency. To identify the suppressor mutations, we used genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism and standard genetic analyses. The most common suppressors were loss-of-function mutations in OPI1, encoding a transcriptional repressor of phospholipid metabolism. Using a new system that allows rapid and specific degradation of Met4p, we could study the dynamic expression of all genes following loss of Met4p. Experiments using this system with and without Opi1p showed that Met4 activates and Opi1p represses genes that maintain levels of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM), the substrate for most methyltransferase reactions. Cells lacking Met4p grow normally when either SAM is added to the media or one of the SAM synthetase genes is overexpressed. SAM is used as a methyl donor in three Opi1p-regulated reactions to create the abundant membrane phospholipid, phosphatidylcholine. Our results show that rapidly growing cells require significant methylation, likely for the biosynthesis of phospholipids.

  1. The Development and Validation of a Korean C-Test Using Rasch Analysis

    Lee-Ellis, Sunyoung


    Despite the importance of having a reliable and valid measure of Second Language (L2) proficiency, L2 researchers of less commonly taught languages rarely have such a tool. Existing proficiency measures (e.g., DLPT, OPI) are often costly, labor-intensive, time-consuming, or unavailable to the public. With the intent to provide a practical and…

  2. Reliability and the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview: Reporting Indices of Interrater Consistency and Agreement for 19 Languages

    Surface, Eric A.; Dierdorff, Erich C.


    The reliability of the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) has not been reported since ACTFL revised its speaking proficiency guidelines in 1999. Reliability data for assessments should be reported periodically to provide users with enough information to evaluate the psychometric characteristics of the assessment. This study provided the most…

  3. RAPD markers associated with resistance to blackleg disease in ...



    Nov 16, 2006 ... OPE12, and OPI01) were polymorphic, while the SSR markers were monomorphic. Chi-square analysis indicated that 5 .... Therefore, molecular markers linked to resistant genes must be developed so that, the ..... The polymorphism information content (PIC value) indi- cates that some primers were more ...

  4. How groups contest depends on group power and the likelihood that power determines victory and defeat

    Kamans, Elanor; Otten, Sabine; Gordijn, Ernestine H.; Spears, Russell


    The aim of the current study was to show that the type of conflict behavior (constructive vs. unconstructive) groups use in conflicts depends on their power position as well as the likelihood that power determines victory and defeat. In an alleged online debate, we created a conflict between two opi

  5. Another Look at Correlations between the Oral Proficiency Interview and the Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

    Vazulik, Johannes; Brown, Cheri

    A study supplementing earlier research by Lalande and Schweckendiek investigated comparisons and correlations obtained from testing a group of 17 university students of German using both the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the most recent revision of the examination for the…

  6. Disease: H00381 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available rol 11:301-11 (2001) PMID:21514129 Coller BA, Clements DE Dengue vaccines: progress and challenges. Curr Opi...f dengue. Vaccine 29:7221-8 (2011) PMID:11590668 (deacription) Kurane I, Takasaki T Dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever: chall...enges of controlling an enemy still at large. Rev Med Vi

  7. 75 FR 82026 - Granting of Request for Early Termination of the Waiting Period Under the Premerger Notification...


    ... G Donata Holding SE. G Miriam Schaeffer. G OPI Products Inc. 20110306 G Zensar Technologies, Ltd. G... Medical Edge Healthcare Group, P.A. 20110336 G Everest Re Group, Ltd. G Michael A. Miller. G Heartland... Laboratories, L.L.C. 20110252 G Energy XXI (Bermuda) Limited. G Exxon Mobil Corporation. G Mobile Eugene...

  8. Experiment list: SRX331076 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available he spatio-temporal expression pattern of C34F6.9::EGFP fusion protein was examined through in vivo microsc...opy. This strain was used for ChIP-seq experiments to map the in vivo binding sites

  9. Experiment list: SRX331074 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available he spatio-temporal expression pattern of C34F6.9::EGFP fusion protein was examined through in vivo microsc...opy. This strain was used for ChIP-seq experiments to map the in vivo binding sites

  10. GenBank blastx search result: AK104002 [KOME

    Full Text Available opy of the insertion element IS2 is inserted after cloning in E.coli by duplicating a 5 base pair sequence. This is the wildtype TRP5 gene before insertion of IS2.|PLN PLN 6e-22 +1 ...

  11. Effects of exercise and supraphysiological dose of nandrolone decano-ate on the rat plasma opioid level: a brief report

    Mehdi Mohebi


    Conclusion: In the present study we show that chronic nandrolone decanoate admin-istration attenuates effects of two weeks swimming exercise on serum opioid peptide and reduces the level of beta-endorphin and met-enkephalin. Keeping in mind that opi-oidergic system play an important role in behavior, athletes abusing anabolic steroid drugs may potentially experience changes in mood and behavior.

  12. Acute toxicity of several organophosphorous insecticides and protection by cholinergic antagonists and 2-PAM on Artemia salina larvae.

    Sánchez-Fortún, S; Sanz, F; Barahona, M V


    The acute toxicity of chlorpyrifos, methylchlorpyrifos, parathion and methylparathion to three age classes of Artemia salina was determined. In general, A. salina 24-h old was less sensitive to these organophosphorous insecticides (OPI) than A. salina 48-h old and A. salina 48-h old was significantly more tolerant than A. salina 72-h old, in contrast, chlorpyrifos was equally toxic to A. salina 48- and 72-h old. There were some differences among the three age classes of A. salina in the relative order of toxicity of OPI tested. The rank order of toxicity to A. salina 48-h old was methylparathion salina 24- and 72-h old it was methylparathion = parathion Artemia salina 24-h old was investigated. The lethal action of OPI tested was completely prevented by pretreatment of Artemia salina 24-h old with 2-PAM (10(-5) M) and atropine (10(-4 )M). However no concentration of hexamethonium, pirenzepine or AF-DX 116 protected 100% of the animals poisoned by LC84 of the OPI selected, maximum protection obtained was 71 to 88%. In contrast, the maximum inhibition of mortality obtained with AF-DX 116 pretreatment was about 55% because this compound was used at concentrations which were non toxic to control Artemia salina. Atropine, hexamethonium, pirenzepine, AF-DX 116 and 2-PAM afforded 50 % protection (IC50) of Artemia salina against mortality by LC84 of the OPI selected at concentrations in the range of 6.62x10(-7)-1.6x10(-6) M, 2. 38x10(-4)-2.05x10(-3)M, 8.91x10(-7)-1.24x10(-6) M, 9.66x10(-8)-1. 34x10(-7 )M, and 1.95x10(-8)-2.73x10(-8 )M, respectively. Pretreatment of atropine plus 2-PAM to determine whether this combination afforded greater inhibition of the lethality induced by four OPI tested than pretreatment with either atropine or 2-PAM alone was investigated. Atropine (10(-5) M) in combination with 2-PAM (10(-7 )M) inhibited completely the acute toxicity of all OPI tested, while the pretreatment with atropine (10(-6) M) plus 2-PAM at the same concentration gave a

  13. Biber ( Capsicum annuum L. cv. Kahramanmaraş-Acı Fidelerinde Bakır Sülfatın (CuSO4 Fenilalanin Amonyum Liyaz (PAL Enzim Aktivitesi, Fenolik Maddeler ve Toplam Klorofil Üzerine Etkisi

    Esra KOÇ


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada biber ( Capsicum annuum L. cv. Kahramanmaraş-Acı fidelerinde Fenilalanin amonyum liyaz enzimi, klorofil ve fenoliklere bakır sülfat (CuSO4 ' ın etkisi araştırılmıştır. 7-8 yapraklı fideler 24 saat süresince 0.5 M konsantrasyonundaki CuSO4 çözeltisine maruz bırakılmışlardır. 0, 0,5, 1,5, 3, 6, 12 ve 24 saat sonra CuSO4'a maruz bırakılan fidelerde Fenilalanin amonyum liyaz (PAL aktivitesi, toplam klorofil ve toplam fenolik içerikleri tespit edilmiştir. Bakır sülfata maruz bırakılan fidelerin yapraklarında toplam klorofil içeriğinin azalmasına karşın PAL aktivitesinde ve fenolik madde miktarında artma tespit edilmiştir. Buna göre en yüksek PAL aktivitesi uygulamanın 3. ve 24.saatinde, en yüksek toplam fenolik miktarı 3.saatte bulunmuş, klorofil miktarındaki en yüksek azalma ise 24. saatin sonunda görülmüştür. Anahtar kelimeler: Bakır, Biber, Fenilalanin Amonyum Liyaz, Klorofil, Fenolik Bileşik

  14. Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog

    Sigurdardottir, Aldis


    , 3rá, 1ráðandi, ráðning, ráf, ráfr, raftr, 1rak, rakki, 1rán, rangendi, rani, rás, rauf, raufari, raun, raund, 1rausn, raust, raz, refði, refill, refr, refsing, refst, refstr, 1regla, regn, 1reið, 1reiða, 1reiði, 2reiði, 3reiði, reiðingr, 1reiðir, 1reiðr, reif, reifi, 3reik, reikning, reikningr...

  15. Zdravstvena nega onkološkega bolnika pri sistemski terapiji

    Korez, Sanja


    Onkološka zdravstvena nega je kompleksno in razvejano področje zdravstvene nege, na katerega vplivajo tudi druge specialne vede. Rak je splošno ime za obsežno skupino različnih bolezni, katerih glavna značilnost je nenadzorovana razrast spremenjenih, rakastih celic. Benigen tumor je grajen iz celic, podobnih normalnim, in lahko raste omejeno. Nasprotno pa so maligni tumorji rakasti. Grajeni so iz nenormalnih celic, ki se neurejeno in nenadzorovano širijo. Razraščajo se v sosednja tkiva in...

  16. 肚皮舞:健康地卖弄性感


    @@ 肚皮舞Belly Dance,阿拉伯原名为"Raks Sharki"意指东方之舞,因此又称"东方舞蹈".传说源于古埃及,最早是部落祭祀时所跳的一种神秘舞蹈,通常由身着黑色图腾配饰的女子扭动腰肢,并配合腹腔鼓胀收缩,摇弋于火把之间向神灵乞求.形象比喻当时古埃及人对孕育生命的渴望.

  17. Connectivity-Based Reliable Multicast MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs

    Woo-Yong Choi


    Full Text Available We propose the efficient reliable multicast MAC protocol based on the connectivity information among the recipients. Enhancing the BMMM (Batch Mode Multicast MAC protocol, the reliable multicast MAC protocol significantly reduces the RAK (Request for ACK frame transmissions in a reasonable computational time and enhances the MAC performance. By the analytical performance analysis, the throughputs of the BMMM protocol and our proposed MAC protocol are derived. Numerical examples show that our proposed MAC protocol increases the reliable multicast MAC performance for IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs.

  18. Denuded cave in Podbojev laz, Rakov Škocjan

    Uroš Stepišnik


    Full Text Available This paper presents a denuded cave situated in the area of Podbojev laz, on the northwestern side of the Rakov Škocjan. Morphometric and morphogenetic properties of several sections of the denuded cave and its surroundings are described in detail. The denuded cave developed from an epiphreatic cave system which used to function as an outflow cave system from the Rak valley. Morphometrical analysis of the slopes show that the denuded cave was developedin stages. As the surrounding surface is not flattened, the cave roof must have been denuded gradually.

  19. Virtuaaliympäristön suunnittelu Microsoft Server 2012 -kurssia varten


    Insinöörityön tavoitteena oli suunnitella ja testata kurssimateriaalia ja virtuaaliympäristöä Windows Server 2012 -kurssia varten. Virtuaaliympäristö toteutettiin käyttäen VMware Workstation -virtualisointisovellusta. Työssä rakennettiin virtuaaliympäristö työasemalle, johon luotiin kolme virtuaalikonetta kurssin harjoituksia varten. Työ tehtiin Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoululle. Työssä käydään läpi Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 -kirjan harjoituksia, joiden perusteella rak...

  20. Puurakenteisen minkinkasvatushallin suunnittelu

    Kultalahti, Marko


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on ollut puurakenteisen minkinkasvatushallin suunnittelu turkistilalle. Työssä on käytetty aineistona yleistä tutkimustietoa minkinkasvatuksesta, suomalaisten minkinkasvattajien haastatteluja heidän kokemuksistaan minkinkasvatuksesta halleissa ja turkisalan yleisiä lehtijulkaisuja minkinkasvatushalleista Suomessa ja Tanskassa. Opinnäytetyössä on hyödynnetty myös tekijän omaa henkilökohtaista käytännön kokemusta ja osaamista minkinkasvatuksesta. Opinnäytetyön rak...




    Barış tüketimden mahrum bırakılamama ve tüketimde rekabet olmaması kriterleri nedeniyle tam kamusal mal özelliği taşımaktadır. Ulusal barış kamusal mal iken, uluslar arası barış ise küresel kamusal maldır ve ona göre finansmanı sağlanmalıdır.

  2. Fabrication Procedure for Rugged and Breathable Forms of Stretchable Electronics with Adherent and Composite Substrates


    Authors: Kyung-In Jang, Sang Youn Han, Sheng Xu, Kyle E. Mathewson, Yihui Zhang, Jae-Woong Jeong, Gwang-Tae Kim, R. Chad Webb, Jung Woo Lee, Thomas J. Dawidczyk, Rak Hwan Kim, Young Min Song, Woon-Hong Yeo, Stanley Kim, Huanyu Cheng, Sang Il Rhee, Jeahoon Chung, Byunggik Kim, Ha Uk Chung, Dongjun Lee, Yiyuan Yang, Moongee Cho, John G. Gaspar, Ronald Carbonari, Monica Fabiani et al. ### Abstract We introduce materials and composite designs for thin, breathable, soft electronics that ca...

  3. Pyrolytic synthesis and luminescence of porous lanthanide Eu-MOF.

    Jin, Guangya; Liu, Zhijian; Sun, Hongfa; Tian, Zhiyong


    A lanthanide metal coordination polymer [Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O)] was synthesized by the reaction of europium oxide with benzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid (H2BDC) in a mixed solution of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and water under hydrothermal conditions. The crystal structure of Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O) was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Thermo-gravimetric analysis of Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O) indicated that coordinated DMSO and H2O molecules could be removed to create Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O)-py with permanent microporosity, which was also verified by powder XRD (PXRD) and elemental analysis. Both Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O) and Eu2(BDC)3(DMSO)(H2O)-py showed mainly Eu-based luminescence and had characteristic emissions in the range 550-700 nm.




    económicas y políticas prevalecientes. En particular, se presentan los detalles operativos del mecanismo de emisión de acciones, complementado con un estudio estadístico de los Rendimientos Ajustados por el Mercado de las OPIs. Aunque el tamaño de la muestra es limitado y no permite alcanzar una validez externa, el análisis confirma la presencia de patrones de desempeño muy similares a los observados en OPIs tanto privadas como privatizadoras, de acuerdo con otros estudios relacionados (Aggarwal, Leal y Hernández, 1993; Dewenter y Malatesta, 1997; Loughran, Ritter y Rydqvist, 1994; Perotti y Guney, 1993.

  5. Designing low-complexity electrical consumer products for ecological use.

    Sauer, Juergen; Wiese, Bettina S; Rüttinger, Bruno


    This study examined the environmental impact of low-complexity electrical consumer products during their use in a domestic context. In the experimental scenario, 48 users were asked to use a kettle under different conditions. On-product information (OPI), task instruction, and kettle design were employed as independent variables in a mixed multi-factorial design to examine their effects on different parameters of ecological performance (e.g., water and electricity consumption). Measures of user variables (environmental concern, knowledge, domestic habits, environmental control beliefs) were also taken to examine their relationship with performance parameters. The results revealed main effects of ecological task instruction, OPI and (partly) kettle design on ecological user behaviour. Habits, environmental concern and control beliefs were found to be related to performance parameters whereas knowledge was not. The implications of the results for product design are discussed against the background of a strong prevalence of habits and low ecological user motivation.

  6. Influência da codeína, associada ou não ao anestésico local, na duração do bloqueio sensitivo, motor e proprioceptivo do nervo ciático de rato

    Talita Girio Carnaval


    A melhora na eficácia do bloqueio sensitivo induzida pela associação ou injeção prévia do opióide tramadol foi comprovada em animais e em humanos, sugerindo potencialização ou sinergismo de efeitos. No entanto, ainda não há estudos sobre a influência da associação da codeína ao anestésico local (AL) injetada concomitante ou previamente ao bloqueio funcional (sensitivo, motor e proprioceptivo) do nervo ciático. Dessa forma, o objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar a influência do analgésico opiói...

  7. EPICS Input/Output Controller (IOC) application developer`s guide. APS Release 3.12

    Kraimer, M.R.


    This document describes the core software that resides in an Input/Output Controller (IOC), one of the major components of EPICS. The basic components are: (OPI) Operator Interface; this is a UNIX based workstation which can run various EPICS tools; (IOC) Input/Output Controller; this is a VME/VXI based chassis containing a Motorola 68xxx processor, various I/O modules, and VME modules that provide access to other I/O buses such as GPIB, (LAN), Local Area Network; and this is the communication network which allows the IOCs and OPIs to communicate. Epics provides a software component, Channel Access, which provides network transparent communication between a Channel Access client and an arbitrary number of Channel Access servers.

  8. Multiple Optimal Path Identification using Ant Colony Optimisation in Wireless Sensor Network

    Aniket. A. Gurav


    Full Text Available Wireless Sensor Network WSN is tightly constrained for resources like energy, computational power andmemory. Many applications of WSN require to communicate sensitive information at sensor nodes SN toBase station BS. The basic performance of WSN depends upon the path length and numbers of nodes in thepath by which data is forwarded to BS. In this paper we present bio-inspired Ant Colony Optimisation ACOalgorithm for Optimal Path Identification OPI for packet transmission to communicate between SN to BS.Our modified algorithm OPI using ACO is base-station driven which considers the path length and thenumber of hops in path for data packet transmission. This modified algorithm finds optimal path OP aswell as several suboptimal paths between SN & BS which are useful for effective communication.

  9. Synthesis and characterization of polymeric azido Zn(II) and Ni(II) complexes based on 3-hydroxypyridine

    Mautner, Franz A.; Berger, Christian; Domian, Elisabeth; Fischer, Roland C.; Massoud, Salah S.


    The synthesis and structural characterization of two new complexes catena-[Ni(3-O-py)(3-HO-py)2(μ1,3-N3)(H2O)] (1) and catena-[Zn(μ-3-O-py)(μ1,1-N3)] (2), where 3-HO-py = 3-hydroxypyridine, are reported. The complexes were characterized by the elemental microanalyses, IR, and X-ray crystallography and by UV-Vis spectroscopy for complex 1. Single crystal X-ray crystallography revealed the polymeric nature of the complexes: 1 as 1D with a single EE azide bridging, and 2 as 2D with μ(O,O‧,N) bridging of the deprotonated 3-O-py anions and di-EO azide groups, respectively. In 1 the neutral and deprotonated 3-hydroxypyridine molecules act only as N-terminal ligands. The emission spectral properties of the Zn(II) complex were investigated.

  10. Huzurevinde Kalmakta Olan Yaşlılarda Yaşlı İstismarının Bir Türü Olarak Ekonomik İstismar

    ARTAN, Taner


    Giriş ve Amaç: Bütün dünyada, yaşlı istismarından etkilenen yaşlıların sayısı giderek artmaktadır. Özellikle ülkemizde “ekonomik açıdan istismar edilen yaşlılar üzerine” yapılmış araştırmalar sınırlı sayıdadır. Bu araştırmanın amacı; huzurevine girmeden önce ve girdikten sonraki süreçte yaşlıların aile üyeleri tarafından ekonomik istismara maruz bırakılıp bırakılmadıklarının tespitidir.Gereç ve yöntem: İstanbul’da Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar Bakanlığı’na bağlı dört huzurevinde kalmakta olan 10...

  11. Reply to Discussion: a critique of Possible waterways between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea in the late Quaternary: evidence from ostracod and foraminifer assemblages in lakes İznik and Sapanca, Turkey, Geo-Marine Letters, 2011

    Nazik, Atike; Meriç, Engin; Avşar, Niyazi


    In their discussion of our 2011 paper dealing with possible waterways between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea in the "late" Quaternary, based on data from ostracod and foraminifer assemblages in lakes İznik and Sapanca, Turkey, Yaltırak et al. (Geo-Mar Lett 32:267-274, 2012) essentially reject the idea of any links whatsoever, be they between the Marmara Sea and the lakes İznik and Sapanca, or further to the Black Sea via the valley of the Sakarya River. The evidence they provide in support of their view, however, is essentially circumstantial, in part conjectural, and also inconclusive considering the findings in favour of linkage between the Marmara Sea and the lakes at the very least, while the proposed connection with the Sakarya River valley remains speculative because of the lack of unambiguous data. On the other hand, Yaltırak et al. (Geo-Mar Lett 32:267-274, 2012) do raise valid points of concern which deserve careful future investigation, the most important being the possibility of sample contamination from dumped marine sediment used for construction purposes along some parts of the shore of Lake İznik. We agree that a concerted multidisciplinary effort is required to address the many unresolved issues in connection with the potential waterways proposed by us and others before us.

  12. The Analysis of Multicultural Based School Development Plans

    Nunuk Hariyati


    Full Text Available Pengembangan Sekolah Berbasis Multikultural Abstract: This study aims to determine the process of the preparation and implementation of the school development plan based on a multicultural school. The researcher used a qualitative approach, the type of case study is explanatory. Research location is SPI High School in Kota Batu. The findings of this research indicate that the school has a multicultural RPS, do strategies contained in multicultural RPS, RPS preparation process shown in the flow and RJKM RAKS preparation, implementation of the RPS is good, the school facilitates students in developing good self on the ability of academic and non-academic. Key Words: school development plan (RPS, multicultural education   Abstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui proses penyusunan dan implementasi rencana pengembangan sekolah pada sekolah berbasis multikultural. Peneliti menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif, jenis studi kasus, bersifat eksplanatoris. Lokasinya di SMA SPI Kota Batu. Temuan penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sekolah  memiliki RPS multikultural, strategi yang dilakukan termuat dalam RPS multikultural, proses penyusunan RPS tampak pada alur penyusunan RAKS dan RJKM, implementasi RPS sudah baik, sekolah memfasilitasi siswa dalam pengembangan diri baik pada kemampuan akademik maupun non akademik.  Kata kunci: rencana pengembangan sekolah (RPS, pendidikan multikultural

  13. Izdelava kinematičnega modela in poprocesorja dvoosne stružnice v okolju Siemens NX

    Kešpret, Sandi


    Magistrsko delo v prvem delu obravnava teoretične splošne osnove simulacij CNC strojev – stružnic. V nadaljevanju so obravnavane simulacije v programskem paketu Siemens NX. Jedro magistrske naloge zavzema podroben opis izdelave simulacije stroja CNC stružnice GF – NDM 16 ter poprocesorja. V zaključku sledijo komentar, analiza in primerjava dobljenih rezultatov z rezultati, dobljenimi s sorodnim programskim paketom.

  14. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-OANA-01-2124 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-OANA-01-2124 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-150 69% ...

  15. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-ETEL-01-0228 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-ETEL-01-0228 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-149 91% ...

  16. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-HSAP-20-0024 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-HSAP-20-0024 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 100% ...

  17. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-TBEL-01-1256 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-TBEL-01-1256 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 4e-61 91% ...

  18. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-PVAM-01-0526 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-PVAM-01-0526 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-77 86% ...

  19. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-PHAM-01-0451 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-PHAM-01-0451 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 98% ...

  20. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-ACAR-01-1160 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-ACAR-01-1160 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-138 64% ...

  1. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-CFAM-24-0010 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-CFAM-24-0010 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 96% ...

  2. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-MEUG-01-1362 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-MEUG-01-1362 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-106 80% ...

  3. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-TGUT-23-0006 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-TGUT-23-0006 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-141 66% ...

  4. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-GGAL-20-0003 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-GGAL-20-0003 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-141 66% ...

  5. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-MMUR-01-0596 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-MMUR-01-0596 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 96% ...

  6. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-PABE-21-0028 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-PABE-21-0028 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 98% ...

  7. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-MLUC-01-0678 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-MLUC-01-0678 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 0.0 91% ...

  8. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-CJAC-01-0417 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-CJAC-01-0417 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-121 99% ...

  9. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-DNOV-01-1501 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-DNOV-01-1501 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-152 92% ...

  10. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-EEUR-01-1541 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-EEUR-01-1541 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 2e-82 88% ...

  11. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-MDOM-01-0382 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-MDOM-01-0382 gb|AAV38759.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAV38760.1| opiate... receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43081.1| opiate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] gb|AAX43082.1| opi...ate receptor-like 1 [synthetic construct] AAV38759.1 1e-171 79% ...

  12. De l'importance des orbites periodiques: Detection et applications

    Doyon, Bernard

    L'ensemble des Orbites Periodiques Instables (OPIs) d'un systeme chaotique est intimement relie a ses proprietes dynamiques. A partir de l'ensemble (en principe infini) d'OPIs cachees dans l'espace des phases, on peut obtenir des quantites dynamiques importantes telles les exposants de Lyapunov, la mesure invariante, l'entropie topologique et la dimension fractale. En chaos quantique (i.e. l'etude de systemes quantiques qui ont un equivalent chaotique dans la limite classique), ces memes OPIs permettent de faire le pont entre le comportement classique et quantique de systemes non-integrables. La localisation de ces cycles fondamentaux est un probleme complexe. Cette these aborde dans un premier temps le probleme de la detection des OPIs dans les systemes chaotiques. Une etude comparative de deux algorithmes recents est presentee. Nous approfondissons ces deux methodes afin de les utiliser sur differents systemes dont des flots continus dissipatifs et conservatifs. Une analyse du taux de convergence des algorithmes est aussi realisee afin de degager les forces et les limites de ces schemes numeriques. Les methodes de detection que nous utilisons reposent sur une transformation particuliere de la dynamique initiale. Cette astuce nous a inspire une methode alternative pour cibler et stabiliser une orbite periodique quelconque dans un systeme chaotique. Le ciblage est en general combine aux methodes de controle pour stabiliser rapidement un cycle donne. En general, il faut connaitre la position et la stabilite du cycle en question. La nouvelle methode de ciblage que nous presentons ne demande pas de connaitre a priori la position et la stabilite des orbites periodiques. Elle pourrait etre un outil complementaire aux methodes de ciblage et de controle actuelles.

  13. Computer-Assisted Integration of Knowledge in the Context of Identification of the Causes of Defects in Castings

    Kluska-Nawarecka S.


    Full Text Available W pracy naszkicowano zasady tworzenia scenariuszy działań diagnostycznych przy określeniu przyczyn powstawania wad odlewów. Przedstawiono zasady działania informatycznego systemu integracji danych opartego na zastosowaniu technologii Extract-Trasform-Load, oraz opis prototypowej realizacji tego systemu, a także przykłady przeprowadzonych testów.

  14. Prikazi koplja te luka i strijele na srednjovjekovnim nadgrobnim spomenicima iz Dalmatinske Zagore

    Kužić, Krešimir


    Autor opisuje reljefne prikaze kopalja i lukova sa strijelama na kamicima iz Dalmatinske zagore. Nakon uvodne tipološke obrade oružjâ, navodi se latinsko i hrvatsko nazivlje za pojedine podvrste kopalja i lukova. Zatim slijedi opis i iz toga izvedena datacija prikaza dvaju kopalja i dvaju lukova sa strijelama na srednjovjekovnim nadgrobnim spomenicima. U zaključnom dijelu rada naveden je razlog odbacivanja tih oružja.


    Kolar, Nataša


    Diplomsko delo predstavi razvoj tiskanja skozi čas. Podrobneje so opisani 3D tiskalniki, ki uporabljajo različne tehnologije 3D tiskanja. Predstavljene so različne tehnologije 3D tiskanja, njihova uporaba in narejeni prototipi oz. končni izdelki. Diplomsko delo opiše celoten postopek, od zamisli, priprave podatkov in tiskalnika do izdelave prototipa oz. končnega izdelka.

  16. Electron Microscopy to Correlate Cell Structure and Biochemical Activity


    Plasmodium coatneyi-infected rhesus monkeys: a primate model for human cerebral malaria. Memorias do Instituto Osvald Cruz (In Press). 24. Sim, K.L...P. coatney1 and found th.’t cvtoadherence of PRBC to ei.dothelial cells is a consistent feature of infections with this primate parasite. Cerebral ...Malaria; iaraunoe loct ror.-micros.’opy ; Chemotherapy; DFO; Cerebral malaria; HA 1 17 SECURITY CLASSIFICATION Of REPORT Unclass1 fled 1

  17. On a Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Equation and the Asymptotic Behaviour of its Solutions


    and Universidad Complutense de Madrid , SPAIN " Sponsored by the United States Army under Contract No flAAG29-80-C-0041. l opy VNSPECrc>/ A2...weakly in H (Q), when t + ¶, to a function 0 * Universidad de Santander and Universidad Complutense de Madrid , SPAIN Sponsored hy the United States Army...variational inequality ’i accretive operator, asymptotic behaviour / . ~, 4, Work Unit Number 1 (Applied Analysis) " / . / " *• Universidad de Santander


    Kerin, Helenca


    Zelene strehe predstavljajo neizkoriščen potencial, s katerim lahko naravi povrnemo odvzete zelene površine zaradi gradnje in s tem dvignemo nivo kvalitete bivanja. Diplomsko delo obravnava zeleno streho kot arhitekturni element, ki s svojimi lastnostmi predstavlja standard trajnostne arhitekture. Podan je splošen opis razvoja zelene strehe skozi zgodovino ter vloga zelene strehe v urbanem okolju. Predstavljene so osnovne značilnosti zelene strehe ter opisani posamezni sestavi. V nadalje...

  19. Characterization of Surface Film Growth During Electrochemical Process: Nickel/Nickel Alloys in Seawater


    of the structure of nickel electrodes during hydrogen evolution in sulfuric acid electrolysis. Those investigators reported that by x-ray a constant potential of - 500 mV, respectively. The diffraction patterns were analyzed. It was found that, apart from the initial hydrogen gas...Acual XPS sOWr c 4C opy+ MOf acWualXpS spectagenertedby cuvefztthW DP -_4 D.COIWohI•MIpeaksof thwcurvefitted XPS spectra Figure 73. Nickel peaks

  20. Ergonomsko oblikovanje delovnega mesta s pomočjo računalniških simulacij

    Hribernik, Blaž


    V diplomskem delu ergonomsko oblikovanje delovnega mesta je predstavljena ergonomska analiza montaže sestava zaslonke. V uvodnem delu je predstavljen namen ergonomije in njen pomen, ergonomska metoda OWAS, RULA in podjetje HSS. Osrednji del diplomske naloge predstavlja opis delovnega mesta in oceno kontrole z vidika ergonomskih načel, ročni preračun ergonomske metode OWAS in analizo delovnega mesta z uporabo programskega paketa Human simulation Jack. Zaključni del diplome pa predstavlja rezu...

  1. La pena de muerte en la Convención Americana sobre Derechos Humanos y en la jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana

    Sergio García Ramírez


    En el presente artículo, el autor, a través del estudio de la Convención Americana sobre Derechos Humanos y la jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana y otros instrumentos internacionales sobre derechos humanos, discute los criterios y decisiones más importantes adoptadas por la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos sobre la pena de muerte. El estudio de los diversos convenios, convenciones, tratados y jurisprudencia internacional, permite conocer el alcance y aplicabilidad de nuevas opi...

  2. Los sectores institucionales en la producción científica española de difusión internacional

    González–Albo, Borja; Aparicio, Javier; Moreno, Luz; Bordons, María


    Institutional sectors —groups of centers with similar characteristics and types of R&D— constitute an interesting unit of analysis that can also serve as a useful framework for benchmarking purposes in R&D studies. The analysis of Spanish scientific output included in the Web of Science database (2000–2011) shows the predominance of Universities (66%), followed by the Public Research Organisations (OPI) (23%) and the Health Sector (18%). Non–profit organizations (ESAL) (10%), which include bo...

  3. O liturgijskom ruhu u fundusu Gradskog muzeja Varaždin

    Mesek, Ariana


    U ovome radu autorica donosi pregled razvoja i mijene oblika liturgijskog ruha kroz povijest, simboliku liturgijskih boja, govori o svilenim tkaninama u liturgiji te osnovnim uzrocima njihova propadanja. Nadalje, daje pregled razvoja tekstilne proizvodnje i dekorativne motivike od samih početaka proizvodnje na europskom tlu. Na pregledan način donosi tipologiju motiva prisutnih na tkaninama od kojih je izrađeno liturgijsko ruho koje se nalazi u fundusu Gradskog muzeja Varaždin uz opis svakog ...

  4. Models of a Service System for Production Machine Maintenance


    Craighead DRSMC-SA (R)/Mr. B. Witherspoon DRSMC-SAS (R)/Mr. D. Eckman Mr. F. Northey Mr, J. Wasson DRSMC-SAL (R)/Mr. N. Trier DRSMC-SAA (R...Mr. B. White DRSMC-OPP (R)/Mr. P. Woodhouse DRSMC-OPI (R)/Mr. R. Heider DRSMC-LEP-L (R)/Ms. Sandi Paul Chief Benet Weapons Lab, LCWCL

  5. Methods for Choosing Buffer Size in Tandem Production Operations


    DRSMC Craig Colledge -IRP George Cowan -IRD Mohan Devaraju -IRI-M Bob Gunnare -IRI Jim Kilar -IRI Matt Craighead -PP Don Eckman -6AS Fred...Northey -SAS Jim Wasson -SAS Herman Michels -SAL Norm Trier -SAL Byron White -SAA Don Wahlgren -ASM Brian Walters -ASA Dennis Winegar -LEM Paul ...Woodhouse -OPP Dick Heider -OPI Sandi Paul -LEP-L 39 ANNEXES COMPUTER SOURCE PROGRAMS The program listings in these annexes are written in


    Leskovar, Uroš


    V diplomskem delu je obravnavana problematika varnostnih tveganj pri razvoju in uporabi informacijskih rešitev kadar uporabljamo sisteme za upravljanje vsebin. Varnost v informacijskih sistemih je pogosto ogrožena, kljub vedno novejšim tehnologijam. Diplomsko delo zajema splošen opis treh najpogostejših sistemov za upravljanje vsebin, primerjavo preteklih testiranj sistemov, varnostno testiranje s pomočjo navodil drugih organizacij in pregled najpogostejših nevarnosti. Ugotovljeno je bilo, da...

  7. Fourth Aircraft Interior Noise Workshop


    OPi »0Pi 60 I !J:-»*C Predicted pressure fifld or ik- Irf’.K’id c :.• o’":,•.• S: •"• r’V" different unc weps KU • Scheme of computation...I--: MODEL VALIDATION AKALTSIS I 4 Acoustic Mockup shaker test simulation * 16 shakers with simultaneously sinusodial force ( 95 Hz

  8. Kazenskopravni vidiki zdravniške evtanazije : diplomsko delo visokošolskega strokovnega študija Varnost in policijsko delo

    Kastelic, Stina


    V diplomski nalogi so opredeljene razlike med usmrtitvami s strani zdravnikov ter zdravniško evtanazijo. Odgovarjamo tudi na vprašanje, ali lahko pacient v skladu z veljavno slovensko zakonodajo veljavno privoli v to, da ga nekdo usmrti. V diplomski nalogi je opisan pojem evtanazije, predstavljena je njena zgodovina oziroma razvoj in razumevanje evtanazije vse od antičnih časov dalje. Predstavljene so tudi vrste evtanazije in njihov opis, razlika med posrednim in neposrednim ravnanjem ter pal...

  9. AcEST: DK961339 [AcEST

    Full Text Available r|B8XXI2|B8XXI2_ANNCH Expansin OS=Annona cherimola GN=Exp3 PE=2... 88 2e-16 tr|A4GV02|A4GV02_CALPC Alpha expansin protein 3 OS=Calotr...opis pr... 88 2e-16 tr|Q9ZP39|Q9ZP39_TOBAC Alpha-expansin OS=Nicotiana tabacum GN=N

  10. Integral Manifolds of Slow Adaptation.


    1984 :Av-I.,,’L n,>/or iDist Pecelnl THESIS Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in...UNCLASSIFIED F/G 9/3 NUL E17hhhhh EhhhhhhhhhEl Jll MViCR(,,(’OPY RESOLUTION TESI % . ’ "v" ," " ,# ’% = 1111 .0 U ’"’ %%’ ’%=U 2 8 " "" , 89 following

  11. Identification of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers Linked to the Co-4 Resistance Gene to Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in Common Bean.

    de Arruda, M C; Alzate-Marin, A L; Chagas, J M; Moreira, M A; de Barros, E G


    ABSTRACT New cultivars of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) with durable resistance to anthracnose can be developed by pyramiding major resistance genes using marker-assisted selection. To this end, it is necessary to identify sources of resistance and molecular markers tightly linked to the resistance genes. The objectives of this work were to study the inheritance of resistance to anthracnose in the cultivar TO (carrying the Co-4 gene), to identify random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers linked to Co-4, and to introgress this gene in the cultivar Rudá. Populations F(1), F(2), F(2:3), BC(1)s, and BC(1)r from the cross Rudá x TO were inoculated with race 65 of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, causal agent of bean anthracnose. The phenotypic ratios (resistant/susceptible) were 3:1 in the F(2) population, 1:1 in the BC(1)s, and 1:0 in the BC(1)r, confirming that resistance to anthracnose in the cultivar TO was monogenic and dominant. Six RAPD markers linked to the Co-4 gene were identified, four in the coupling phase: OPY20(830C) (0.0 centimorgan [cM]), OPC08(900C) (9.7 cM), OPI16(850C) (14.3 cM), and OPJ01(1,380C) (18.1 cM); and two in the repulsion phase: OPB03(1,800T) (3.7 cM) and OPA18(830T) (17.4 cM). OPY20(830C) and OPB03(1,800T), used in association as a codominant pair, allowed the identification of the three genotypic classes with a high degree of confidence. Marker OPY20(830C), which is tightly linked to Co-4, is being used to assist in breeding for resistance to anthracnose.

  12. Transcriptional regulation of phospholipid biosynthesis is linked to fatty acid metabolism by an acyl-CoA-binding-protein-dependent mechanism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Feddersen, Søren; Neergaard, Thomas B F; Knudsen, Jens;


    proteins involved in fatty acid and phospholipid synthesis (e.g. FAS1, FAS2, ACC1, OLE1, INO1 and OPI3), glycolysis and glycerol metabolism (e.g. GPD1 and TDH1), ion transport and uptake (e.g. ITR1 and HNM1) and stress response (e.g. HSP12, DDR2 and CTT1). In the present study, we show that transcription...

  13. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and optical polarization imaging of in-vivo biological tissue

    Mora-Núñez, A.; Castillejos, Y.; García-Torales, G.; Martínez-Ponce, G.


    A number of optical techniques have been reported in the scientific literature as accomplishable methodologies to diagnose diseases in biological tissue, for instance, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) and optical polarization imaging (OPI). The skin is the largest organ in the body and consists of three primary layers, namely, the epidermis (the outermost layer exposed to the world), the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis changes from to site to site, mainly because of difference in hydration. A lower water content increase light scattering and reduce the penetration depth of radiation. In this work, two hairless mice have been selected to evaluate their skin features by using DRS and OPI. Four areas of the specimen body were chosen to realize the comparison: back, abdomen, tail, and head. From DRS, it was possible to distinguish the skin nature because of different blood irrigation at dermis. In the other hand, OPI shows pseudo-depolarizing regions in the measured Mueller images related to a spatially varying propagation of the scattered light. This provides information about the cell size in the irradiated skin.

  14. Improvement of photocatalytic activity of silver nanoparticles by radio frequency oxygen plasma irradiation

    Fang, Yingcui; Zhang, Bing; Hong, Liu; Yao, Damao; Xie, Zhiqiang; Jiang, Yang


    Photocatalytic activity (PA) of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) induced by radio frequency (RF) oxygen plasma irradiation (OPI) is investigated in this paper. An improvement in PA by 365% and 181% has been achieved when 15 nm AgNPs irradiated by oxygen plasma for 2 s were used to degrade 10-5 M Rhodamine 6 G (R6G) under ultraviolet (UV) and visible lights, respectively. The PA caused by OPI is better than that induced by the localized surface plasma resonance (LSPR) of AgNPs. The mechanism for the improvement was explored by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and UV-vis absorption spectra. The OPI-induced formation of AgO/AgNP and Ag2O/AgNP-heterogeneous photocatalysts and electrophilic oxygen are considered to be responsible for the PA improvement. This investigation deepens our understanding of oxygen-assisted photocatalysis of AgNPs and provides a practical approach using solar light for broad spectra photocatalysis with high efficiency.

  15. Estudo cefalométrico individualizado do posicionamento da maxila em indivíduos com equilíbrio facial e oclusão normal Individual cephalometric study of the position of the maxilla in subjects with good facial balance and normal occlusion

    Fernando Penteado Lopes da Silva


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: o posicionamento da maxila no esqueleto craniofacial tem sido motivo de investigação por diversos autores. Traduzindo suas idéias por meio de medidas lineares ou angulares, tais autores definiram o que consideraram como a posição "ideal", "normal" e, ainda, "aceitável" ou "inaceitável" da maxila, relacionando-a, na maioria das vezes, com a base do crânio. A partir da avaliação de indivíduos com oclusão considerada normal e com bom equilíbrio facial, eram calculados valores médios e desvios-padrão de determinadas medidas, os quais eram tomados como parâmetros para avaliações cefalométricas de pacientes distintos. OBJETIVOS: diante das divergências de opiniões encontradas na literatura, a proposta do presente estudo foi avaliar o posicionamento da maxila nos sentidos vertical e ântero-posterior, além da sua inclinação, numa amostra de 94 indivíduos com oclusão normal e equilíbrio facial. MÉTODOS: foram determinadas correlações entre medidas do próprio indivíduo: OPI-N com OPI-ENA e N-ENA com ENA-ENP. CONCLUSÕES: a partir dos fortes índices de correlação encontrados, concluiu-se que a medida OPI-N pode ser tomada como referência para determinação de OPI-ENA, da mesma forma que ENA-ENP pode ser considerada para determinação de N-ENA, definindo, respectivamente, a posição da maxila nos sentidos sagital e vertical. A inclinação da maxila, representada aqui pelo ângulo OPI.ENA.ENP, teve valor médio estatisticamente próximo a 0º (zero grau, indicando forte tendência do prolongamento posterior do plano palatino (ENA-ENP tangenciar a base posterior do crânio (ponto OPI, o que se revela como uma importante característica de indivíduos com oclusão normal e equilíbrio facial.INTRODUCTION: The position of the maxilla in the skull is subject of investigation by many authors. Transmitting their ideas trough linear and angular measurements, they defined what is considered as "ideal", "normal


    Carlos Augusto Araújo Valadão


    Full Text Available Os opióides têm sido utilizados em Medicina Veterinária há vários anos como alternativa para o alívio da dor pós-operatória ou traumática. Atualmente, tem-se dado maior valor ao controle da dor nos animais, visando a oferecer melhores condições de recuperação ao paciente traumatizado ou recém-operado. A morfina foi o primeiro opióide usado em animais. Mais recentemente, a administração dessa substância, por via epidural, vem sendo empregada no controle da dor com resultados promissores. Assim, nesta revisão, abordam-se vários aspectos referentes aos efeitos e às indicações da administração epidural de opióides em cães.Opioids have been used for several years to relieve traumatic pain in Veterinary Medicine. The painful stimulus are implicated with delayed tissue recuperation of surgical wounds. Today, a great importance has been given to pre-emptive control of post operative pain in animals. Indeed, the use of epidural morphine, the first opioid substance used in animals, has provided excellent analgesia and good condition at the immediate post operative period. In addition, several aspects concerning the effects indications and forms of epidural opioids injections in dogs are considered in this review.

  17. Disorder effects in cuprates

    Vobornik, I.; Grioni, M.; Berger, Helmuth; Forro, Laszlo; Pavuna, Davor; Margaritondo, Giorgio; Karkin, A.; Kelley, Ronald J.; Onellion, Marshall


    We report on ab-plane resistivity ((rho) ) and angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) spectra for Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x single crystals irradiated with neutrons or electron-beam irradiation. Both the normal and superconducting states were measured with angle-resolved photoemission. Electron-beam irradiation leads to an increase in the residual resistivity, and a decrease in the superconducting transition temperature (Tc). The resistivity data does not indicate any pseudogap; the resistivity is linear from Tc to 300 K for all levels of disorder, and the slope (d(rho) /dT) is the same for all levels of disorder. The superconducting state ARPES data exhibits no change in the binding energy of the 'peak' for Brillouin zone locations near the (O,(pi) ) point. The peak spectral intensity decreases with increasing disorder, the gap fills in, but the peak neither shifts nor broadens. The normal state exhibits a pseudogap developing with disorder; the size of the pseudogap increases as the residual resistivity increases. The pseudogap is anisotropic, largest near the (O,(pi) ) point and zero in the direction. Neutron-beam irradiation causes an increase in the residual resistivity. The resistivity data exhibit a change of slope and indications of a pseudogap for neutron irradiation. For normal state ARPES data of neutron-beam irradiated samples, there is also an anisotropic pseudogap; it is also zero in the direction and large near the (O,(pi) ) point. We discuss implications of these data.

  18. Growth of Thin, Anisotropic, π-Conjugated Molecular Films by Step-Wise `Click' Assembly of Molecular Building Blocks: Characterizing Reaction Yield, Surface Coverage, and Film Thickness vs. Addition Step Number

    Demissie, Abel; Haugstad, Greg; Frisbie, C. Daniel


    Molecular electronics is an active field of nanotechnology that has gained much interest due to the advent of modern microscopy techniques, and thin film synthesis using click chemistry - an approach which has enabled scientists to achieve a sub-angstrom control of monolayer length. Among the major challenges to grow oriented, surface-confined wires by click chemistry is development of synthetic routes that yield monodisperse wires, and lack of systematic way to measure the surface coverage of molecules. In this work, we report a comprehensive characterization of π-conjugated oligophenylene imine (OPI) wires synthesized step-wise by imine condensation click chemistry. OPI wire synthesis began with a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of 4-formylthiophenol or 4-aminothiophenol on Au, followed by alternate addition of terepthaldehyde or phenylenediamine. OPI wires were characterized after each monomer addition via Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, reflection-absorption infra-red spectroscopy, and nuclear reaction analysis. We have determined an average extent of reaction greater than 98% completion for each growth step using five different techniques. Overall, these nanoscale scale surface characterization techniques proved to be an extremely sufficient method for monitoring wire growth and surface coverage.

  19. 肚皮舞文化


    <正>古老的文明世界上最古老的舞蹈形式之一的肚皮舞Belly Dance也被叫做"Raks Sharqi"是一种强调腹部动作富有东方情调的独舞。现在肚皮舞正广泛流行于世界各国,成为一种独特的健身、娱乐和表演形式,是充满神秘魅力的中东之舞,堪称舞蹈中的吉普赛,在节日庆典各类商业促销活动或高级聚会中,都能凭借其浓厚的异域风情民族特色吸引观众的

  20. Reliable Multicast MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs with Extended Service Range

    Choi, Woo-Yong


    In this paper, we propose the efficient reliable multicast MAC protocol by which the AP (Access Point) can transmit reliably its multicast data frames to the recipients in the AP's one-hop or two-hop transmission range. The AP uses the STAs (Stations) that are directly associated with itself as the relays for the data delivery to the remote recipients that cannot be reached directly from itself. Based on the connectivity information among the recipients, the reliable multicast MAC protocol optimizes the number of the RAK (Request for ACK) frame transmissions in a reasonable computational time. Numerical examples show that our proposed MAC protocol significantly enhances the MAC performance compared with the BMMM (Batch Mode Multicast MAC) protocol that is extended to support the recipients that are in the AP's one-hop or two-hop transmission range in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs.


    Keskin, Haluk; Somtürk, Esra; Karakullukçu, Aytaç; İyigün, Dilek; Derviş, Emel; Uygun, Nurcan


    ÖZETSüperpozisyon apareyleri, prepare edilerek veya edilmeden ağızda bırakılan destek dişler ya da kökler üzerine uygulanan total veya haraketlİ parsiyel protezlerdir. Bu tür protezler; dikey boyutun azaldığı durumlarda arttırılmasına ve fasial kontumu mümkün olduğunca düzeltilerek estetiğin teminine yardımcı olurlar. Yarık damak, oligodontia, cleidocranial dysostosis gibi konjenital defektler ve III. sınıf maloklüzyonlar overdentu-re protezler için iyi birer endikasyon oluştururlar. Overlay ...

  2. Ruminant beslemede kullanılan bazı yemlerin in vivo ve in vitro sindirebilirlikleri arasındaki ilişkiler


    Bu araştırma, Türkiye'de yetiştirilen bazı ruminant yemlerinin "in vivo" ve "in vitro" yöntemleri kullanmak suretiyle organik madde ve kuru madde sindirilebilirliklerini, bunlar arasındaki ilişkileri ve yemlerin metabolik enerji değerlerini belirlemek amacıyla yürütülmüştür. "in vivo" yöntem (naylon torba yöntemi) ve "in vitro" yöntemler (kesif yemler yöntemi vesellülaz yöntemi) uygulanarak, kaba yemler (yonca kuru otu ve buğday samanı) 48 saat, kesif yemler 24 saat inkübasyona bırak...

  3. The effects of resveratrol over antioxiant metabolism on TNBS-induced experimental colitis

    Yıldız, Gülserap


    Bu çalışmada antiinflamatuar ve antioksidan özellikleri gösterilmiş olan RSV'nin TNBS koliti üzerindeki etkileri, kolitten önce verilerek araştırıldı. Araştırmada, 35 adet erkek Wistar-Albino rat, RSV Kontrol, Sham, TNBS Kolit, TNBS + DMSO ve TNBS+RSV olarak 5 gruba bölündü. Kolit uygulanmasından önce, tedavi ve çözücü grubu hayvanlar 5 gün boyunca sırasıyla RSV (10 mg/kg/gün), DMSO ile tedavi edildi. Kolit, 24 saat aç bırakılmış ve barsakları boşaltılmış ratlara, bir kanülle anal orifisten 8...

  4. Application of Flower Extract Wuluh Star Fruit(Averrhoa Billimbi L. On Effervescent Powder

    Haslina Haslina


    Full Text Available Excavation alternative natural ingredients that could potentially be used as a coloring agent continues, one source of natural antioxidants are used as raw material for functional foods is the flower star fruit. This study aims to determine the application star fruit flower extract (Averrhoabilimbi L in effervescent powder and indigo determine solubility, antioxidant activity, total acid and water content. This study uses a randomized block design (RAK are arranged with one factor and three replication. Further tests were used test of Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT at 5%. Starfruit flower extract formulations were applied to the effervescent powder significant effect (p <0.05 on the solubility, antioxidant activity, total acid and water content. The best treatment in effervescent powder formula II star fruit flower extract with a solubility of 0.15%, 95.95% antioxidant activity, total acid content  2.13% and moisture content 3.62%.

  5. Kefir (in Turkish)

    Koçak, Celalettin; Gürsel, Asuman


    Kefir çok eski bir fermente süt mamülü olup, hammaddesi keçi, koyun ve inek sütüdür. %0.6-0.8 alkol içermesi nedeniyle fermente süt içkisi olarak tanınır. Günümüzde kefirin birçok hastalıklar üzerindeki iyileştirici etkisinden dolayı önemi artmıştır. Kefir üretiminde fermantasyonu sağlamak üzere kefir tanelerinden yararlanılır. Kefir taneleri sarımtırak renkte olup takriben bezelye büyüklüğündedir. Bu taneler kazein ve birbirleri ile ortaklaşa yaşayan mikroorganizmaların meydana getirdiği j...

  6. Kefir

    Koçak, Celalettin; Gürsel, Asuman


    Kefir çok eski bir fermente süt mamülü olup, hammaddesi keçi, koyun ve inek sütüdür. %0.6-0.8 alkol içermesi nedeniyle fermente süt içkisi olarak tanınır. Günümüzde kefirin birçok hastalıklar üzerindeki iyileştirici etkisinden dolayı önemi artmıştır. Kefir üretiminde fermantasyonu sağlamak üzere kefir tanelerinden yararlanılır. Kefir taneleri sarımtırak renkte olup takriben bezelye büyüklüğündedir. Bu taneler kazein ve birbirleri ile ortaklaşa yaşayan mikroorganizmaların meydana getirdiği j...

  7. Türkiye’de Varroa Destructor ile Doğal Enfeste Bal Arısı Kolonilerinde Apıvar®’ın (Amitraz) Etkisi

    AYDIN, Levent; GİRİŞGİN, A. Onur


    Bu çalışmada, Bursa yöresinde Varroa destructor ile doğal bulaşık olan balarısı kolonilerinde (polen tuzaklı kovanlarda) Apivar’ın (Amitraz) etkinliği araştırılmıştır. V.destructor ile doğal olarak bulaşık 40 koloni yirmişer koloniden oluşan 2 gruba ayrılmıştır. Birinci grup Apivar strip ile 6 hafta süre ile sonbaharda tedavi edilmiş, ikinci grup ise tedavisiz kontrol bırakılmıştır. Tedavi sonrası Apivar strip’in etkinlii istatistiki olarak Henderson-Tilton ve Yüzde Değişim Testleri ile karşı...

  8. Kefir

    Koçak, Celalettin; Gürsel, Asuman


    Kefir çok eski bir fermente süt mamülü olup, hammaddesi keçi, koyun ve inek sütüdür. %0.6-0.8 alkol içermesi nedeniyle fermente süt içkisi olarak tanınır. Günümüzde kefirin birçok hastalıklar üzerindeki iyileştirici etkisinden dolayı önemi artmıştır. Kefir üretiminde fermantasyonu sağlamak üzere kefir tanelerinden yararlanılır. Kefir taneleri sarımtırak renkte olup takriben bezelye büyüklüğündedir. Bu taneler kazein ve birbirleri ile ortaklaşa yaşayan mikroorganizmaların meydana getirdiği j...

  9. Kefir

    Koçak, Celalettin; Gürsel, Asuman


    Kefir çok eski bir fermente süt mamülü olup, hammaddesi keçi, koyun ve inek sütüdür. %0.6-0.8 alkol içermesi nedeniyle fermente süt içkisi olarak tanınır. Günümüzde kefirin birçok hastalıklar üzerindeki iyileştirici etkisinden dolayı önemi artmıştır. Kefir üretiminde fermantasyonu sağlamak üzere kefir tanelerinden yararlanılır. Kefir taneleri sarımtırak renkte olup takriben bezelye büyüklüğündedir. Bu taneler kazein ve birbirleri ile ortaklaşa yaşayan mikroorganizmaların meydana getirdiği j...

  10. Review of the TMI-2 accident evaluation and vessel investigation projects

    Ladekarl Thomsen, Knud


    The results of the TMI-2 Accident Evaluation Programme and the Vessel Investigation Project have been reviewed as part of a literature study on core meltdown and in-vessel coolability. The emphasis is placed on the late phase melt progression, which is of special relevance to the NKS-sponsored RAK-2.1 project on Severe Accident Phenomenology. The body of the report comprises three main sections, The TMI-2 Accident Scenario, Core Region and Relocation Path Investigations, and Lower Head Investigations. In the final discussion, the lower head gap formation mechanism is explained in terms of thermal contraction and fracturing of the debris crust. This model seems more plausible than the MAAP model based on creep expansion of the lower head. (au) 1 tab., 33 ills., 31 refs.


    Resmana Lim


    Full Text Available Industrial field which getting more advance needs computer to help them. In industrial field, computer will make something get easier, fetching and reordering goods in warehouse is including here. A software including that needs have been made by writers. This software is specified for a warehouse which goods stored in plates at the rack in the warehouse. To reordering goods, writers use the Genetic Algorithm, which will process making population, finding the fitness cost with counting the vast and weight of the goods, sorting, immigration, cross over, and mutation. With this software, user can also check the condition of the warehouse in two and three dimensions, using OpenGL. This optimation software have been tried and give fitness cost average up to 90%, this software have been succeed to operate the function. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dunia industri yang semakin maju membutuhkan komputer sebagai alat bantu utama. Sistem komputerisasi di dalam dunia industri akan membuat beberapa hal menjadi lebih mudah, antara lain dalam pengambilan barang dan penataan ulang barang di gudang. Suatu perangkat lunak untuk keperluan tersebut telah dibuat oleh penulis. Perangkat lunak yang dibuat ini dikhususkan untuk gudang yang barang-barangnya disimpan dalam palet-palet pada rak di gudang. Penataan ulang barang ini menggunakan algoritma genetika, yang akan melalui proses pembuatan populasi awal, pencarian fitness cost dengan memperhitungkan luas area dan berat barang, pengurutan data, imigrasi, persilangan, dan mutasi. Melalui perangkat lunak ini, user juga dapat melihat kondisi gudang secara baik secara 2 dimensi ataupun 3 dimensi, yang dalam pengerjaannya menggunakan OpenGL. Sistem dari perangkat lunak yang dibuat ini sudah diuji coba dan memberikan nilai rata-rata fitness cost di atas 90%, ini berarti perangkat lunak ini telah sukses dalam menjalankan fungsinya. Kata kunci: penataan barang, pengambilan barang dari gudang, penataan ulang barang, rak

  12. A quantitative and qualitative reanalysis of the endocast from the juvenile Paranthropus specimen l338y-6 from Omo, Ethiopia.

    White, D D; Falk, D


    Based on an analysis of its endocast, Holloway (1981 Am J Phys Anthropol 53:109-118) attributed the juvenile Omo L338y-6 specimen to Australopithecus africanus (i.e., gracile australopithecines) rather than to Paranthropus (Australopithecus) boisei (robust australopithecines) favored by other workers (Rak and Howell [1978] Am J Phys Anthropol 48:345-366). Holloway's attribution was based on the specimen's (1) low cranial capacity, (2) gracile-like meningeal vessels, (3) gracile-like cerebellar hemispheres, and (4) absence of an enlarged occipital/marginal (O/M) sinus system. Recent work, however, has shown that criteria 1 and 2 are not useful for sorting gracile from robust australopithecines (Culotta [1999] Science 284:1109-1111; Falk [1993] Am J Phys Anthropol 92:81-98). In this paper, we test criterion 3 by quantifying the endocranial cerebellar and occipital morphology reproduced on the Omo L338y-6 endocast, and comparing it to seven endocasts from South and East African early hominids. Our preliminary results show that metric analysis of this specimen cannot be used to sort it preferentially with either robust or gracile australopithecines. Finally, we demonstrate that, contrary to previous reports, the Omo L338y-6 endocast reproduces an enlarged left occipital sinus (criterion 4). This observation is consistent with the original attribution of the Omo specimen to robust australopithecines (Rak and Howell [1978] Am J Phys Anthropol 48:345-366). Furthermore, if Omo L338y-6 was a robust australopithecine, this discovery extends the occurrence of an enlarged O/M sinus system to one of the earliest known paranthropines. Am J Phys Anthropol 110:399-406, 1999. Copyright 1999 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  13. Characteristics of Soil Potassium in Oasis Farmlands of the Ulanbuh Sandy Areas%乌兰布和沙区绿洲农田土壤钾素特征及其对土壤性质的响应

    包耀贤; 徐明岗; 赵志强; 徐军; 张瑞


    通过土样测定,利用统计分析方法系统研究乌兰布和沙区绿洲农地钾素的特征、时间动态及其对土壤性质的响应.结果显示,变异系数速效钾最高(42.49%),全钾最低(13.66%),各形态钾素整体分布不均;绝大多数钾素含量表现为表层低于下层且差异不显著.籽瓜、油葵、番茄和紫花苜蓿地表层速效钾平均含量属中等水平,而玉米、花葵和对照地属缺钾水平;若以有效性钾含量判定则研究区钾素供给充足.表层缓效钾含量均属中上水平,缓效钾平均转化率为22.02%,其中,紫花苜蓿地最高(24.40%),籽瓜地最低(18.91%).表层全钾平均含量为19.20 g/kg,其中,速效钾占0.55%,缓效钾占2.85%,矿物钾占96.60%.在时间动态上,速效钾、有效性钾和缓效钾含量呈先增后降的二次曲线模型,峰值临界年限分别为21、18和17 a.全钾、矿物钾、有效性钾、缓效钾、碱解氮、物理性粘粒、CaCO3和阳离子交换量(CEC)通过直接和间接效应综合影响速效钾含量,可解释总变异量的78.9%.%Through measuring soil samples of different oasis farmlands in the Ulanbuh sandy areas, using statistical analytical method, the characteristics, evolution process and influence factors (soil properties) of soil potassium were studied systematically. The results showed that the variation coefficient of readily available potassium(RAK) was the highest(42. 49%) and that of total potassium(TK) was the lowest(13. 66%), and which meant that the contents of various potassium were overall uneven distribution. The overwhelming majority of various potassium contents of topsoil (0 - 20 cm) was lower than the subsoil (20 - 40 cm) and there had no significant difference between vertical layers. RAK average content of topsoil belonged to "medium" level in farmlands of seed watermelon, oil sunflower, tomato and alfalfa, and lacking in farmlands of corn, sunflower and control. Judging by the

  14. Description of a novel viral tool to identify and quantify ovine faecal pollution in the environment.

    Rusiñol, Marta; Carratalà, Anna; Hundesa, Ayalkibet; Bach, Alex; Kern, Anita; Vantarakis, Apostolos; Girones, Rosina; Bofill-Mas, Sílvia


    Farmed animals such as sheep, cattle, swine and poultry play an important role in microbial contamination of water, crops and food, and introduce large quantities of pathogens into the environment. The ability to determine the origin of faecal pollution in water resources is essential when establishing a robust and efficient water management system. Animal-specific viruses have previously been suggested as microbial source tracking tools, but specific ovine viral markers have not been reported before now. Previous studies have shown that polyomaviruses are host-specific, highly prevalent and are commonly excreted in urine. Furthermore, they have been reported to infect several vertebrate species but not sheep. That situation encouraged the study of a new putative ovine polyomavirus (OPyV) and its use to determine whether faecal pollution originates from ovine faecal/urine contamination. Putative OPyV DNA was amplified from ovine urine and faecal samples using a broad-spectrum nested PCR (nPCR). Specific nested PCR and quantitative PCR assays were developed and applied to faecal and environmental samples, including sheep slurries, slaughterhouse wastewater effluents, urban sewage and river water samples. Successful amplification by PCR was achieved in sheep urine samples, sheep slaughterhouse wastewater and downstream sewage effluents. The assay was specific and was negative in samples of human, bovine, goat, swine and chicken origin. Ovine faecal pollution was detected in river water samples by applying the designed methods. These results provide a quantitative tool for the analysis of OPyV as a suitable viral indicator of sheep faecal contamination that may be present in the environment.

  15. Pobreza, movimiento social y mujer

    Elsa Patiño Tovar


    Full Text Available Los movimientos sociales en Puebla se han nutrido ampliamente de la participación de las mujeres; sobre todo, cuando hablamos de las organizaciones populares independientes (OPI. Su participación ha mantenido vivas a muchas organizaciones que de otra manera habrían desaparecido ya, pues no sólo participan en las tareas cotidianas de la organización sino, también, son las primeras en dar la cara cuando hay enfrentamientos con el gobierno y sus organizaciones corporativas, en donde han repelido agresiones incluso violentas. Sin embargo, a pesar de que las OPI se compongan en 90% por mujeres, sus líderes son hombres y ellas son base, no dirigencia. El machismo se mantiene en la mentalidad de ellos… y de ellas, que aceptan que sean los hombres quienes tomen las riendas, porque ellas se sienten inseguras para encabezar a la organización y, además, las tareas del hogar tampoco se los permiten. La lucha de la mujer por sus derechos ha tenido un fuerte impacto internacional, pero tal parece que en las OPI de Puebla este proceso no ha logrado penetrar lo suficiente como para romper los propios límites que se ha impuesto la mujer por una larga tradición que la atrapa en su papel de esposa y ama de casa. En este artículo nos interesa explorar las razones por las que la participación en los movimientos sociales ha permitido que la mujer comprenda su situación, pero no la ha inducido a modificarla.

  16. Developement of a large proton accelerator for innovative researches; development of low energy high current beam transport system

    Ko, In Soo; Namkung, Won; Cho, M. H.; Kim, K. N.; Kim, J. H.; Bae, Y. S.; Kim, Y.; Kim, K. H.; Shim, K. Y. [Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang (Korea)


    We have designed the beam transport system to connect the ion source and the RFQ. In this design, we have finalized the positions of solenoids and various beam diagnostic device. We have finalize the physical and mechanical designs of solenoids, and these designs are already adopted to produce the actual solenoids. We have also studied about EPICS, Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, to control a stepper motor as a tuner of the RFQ designed for KOMACEPICS is a real time control system for a large scale system such as accelerators and tokamaks. The purpose of this thesis is to establish a test system based on the EPICS. A Sun UtraSPARC 5 workstation is used as the Operator Interface(OPI) console, and a VME chassis contained a Motorola MVME162 single board computer is used as the Input/Output Controller(IOC). A stepper motor controller is connected to the IOC via an RS-232C as a field bus. The EPICS base, extensions, and the real time OS vxWorks are installed on the workstation. The real time OS image can be downloaded to the IOC via the FTP when the test station is started. We have installed an IOC application as a device and driver support layer for the serial communication with an RS-232C on the workstation. We have designed the IOC database configuration files and a graphic user interface style OPI panel which was programmed by the MEDM. With this OPI, we can control the stepper motor using EPICS. 17 refs., 33 figs., 9 tabs. (Author)

  17. Rapid Epidemiological Assessment of Onchocerciasis in a Tropical Semi-Urban Community, Enugu State, Nigeria

    JE Eyo


    Full Text Available Background: This study was carried out in Opi-Agu a tropical semi-urban autonomous community comprising of three villages in Enugu State, Nigeria, between the months of April and June 2010. It was designed to determine the prevalence of Onchocerca volvulus infection and assess the perception of the disease among the inhabitants of this community.Methods: A total number of 305 individuals comprising of 148 males and 157 females were ex­amined for various manifestations of onchocerciasis symptoms using rapid epidemiological assess­ment (REA method.Results: Out of this number, 119 (39.02% individuals were infected. Prevalence of infection among age groups and villages varied. Age group 41 yr and above had the highest (31.00% prevalence, while among the villages, Ogbozalla village ranked higher (45.71% than the other villages. Overall the prevalence of infection among the sexes revealed that males were more infected (43.24% than the females (35.03%. Lichenified onchodermatitis (LOD was the most prevalent (35.29% onchocercia­sis symptom among others identified in the area, while leopard skin (LS had the lowest (20.17% occurrence and blindness (0.00% which is the most devastating effect of O. volvulus infec­tion was not observed. Questionnaire responses from 410 individuals revealed that 34.8% respon­dent from Idi village and 28.1% from Ibeku village believed that O. volvulus infection occurs through poor personal hygiene. Bite of blackfly ranked least (10.6% among the respondent’s knowledge of the causes of onchocerciasis in Opi-Agu community.Conclusion: Opi-Agu community members had poor knowledge of onchocerciasis, the vector and of its etiologic organism. There is need for integration of community health education with mass chemo­therapy

  18. The effects of different pre-game motivational interventions on athlete free hormonal state and subsequent performance in professional rugby union matches.

    Cook, Christian J; Crewther, Blair T


    We examined the effect of different pre-match motivational interventions on athlete free testosterone (T) and cortisol (C) concentrations and subsequent match performance in professional rugby union. Male participants (n=12) playing at a senior or academy level in rugby union were recruited and each completed three interventions (15 min each) before a competitive game; 1) watching a video clip of successful skill execution by the player with positive coach feedback [VPCF1]; 2) watching a video clip of successful skill execution by an opposing player with cautionary coach feedback [VCCF], 3) the player left alone to self-motivate [SM1]. The first and last interventions were retested [VPCF2 and SM2]. Salivary free T and C measures were taken pre-intervention and pre-game. Within each game, players were rated by coaching staff on a key performance indicator (KPI) from identified skills and an overall performance indicator (OPI), where 1 = best performance to 5 = worst performance. The VPCF1 and VPCF2 interventions both promoted significant T responses (11.8% to 12.5%) before each game and more so than SM1, SM2 and VCCF. The VCCF approach produced the largest C response (17.6%) and this differed from all other treatments. The VPCF interventions were also associated with better game KPI (1.5 to 1.8) and OPI ratings (1.7 to 1.8) than SM1, SM2 and/or VCCF. Across all treatments, greater individual T responses and lower C responses were associated with better KPI and OPI outcomes. In conclusion, the pre-game presentation of motivational strategies to athletes involving specific video footage and coach feedback produced different outcomes on two indicators of match performance, which were also associated with changes in free hormonal state. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Characterization of the porosity in TRISO coated fuel particles and its effect on the relative thermal diffusivity

    Bari, Klaudio, E-mail: [School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE), University of Manchester, Pariser Building, Manchester M60 1QD (United Kingdom); Osarinmwian, Charles [School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL (United Kingdom); López-Honorato, Eddie [Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (Cinvestav), Unidad Saltillo, Av. Industria Metalúrgica 1062, Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila 25900 (Mexico); Abram, Timothy J. [School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE), University of Manchester, Pariser Building, Manchester M60 1QD (United Kingdom)


    Highlights: • Identification of the porosity in 3D using Image Based Modelling (IBM). • The porosity volume fractions are varied 15.2–25.9 vol% in TRISO particles. • Comparison of IBM results with mercury intrusion and helium pycnometry. • The porosity in TRISO reduces the thermal diffusivity by factor 79–88%. • Open and closed pores can be identified using IBM. - Abstract: A heat transfer model for a Tri-structural Isotropic (TRISO) coated fuel particle was developed using Image Based Modelling (IBM). Computed X-ray tomography at a resolution of 0.7 μm was used to quantify the porosity of each layer. In order to study the thermal diffusivity of these coatings, an internal heat pulse was simulated in the kernel and the temperature, as a function of time, was measured from the surface of the Outer Pyrolitic Carbon (OPyC). Consequently, the half rise time of the temperature increase was found. The novel idea behind this technique is that once a heat pulse propagates through the particle layers, the half rise time of the temperature can be obtained from different spots on the OPyC surface. The article presents a correlation between the pore size distribution (measured by X-ray tomography) and the relative thermal diffusivity. The average porosities in OPyC (relative to the volume of the ceramic coating) measured using helium pycnometry, mercury intrusion porosimetry and X-ray tomography were 12.3 vol%, 9.0 vol% and 11.1 vol%, respectively.

  20. Famous Hyperboreans

    Pär Sandin


    Full Text Available The individual Hyperboreans appearing in ancient literature are presented with a review of the Greek and Latin sources and collections of references. Most of the mythological characters are briefly discussed, but the literary evolution of the legends of Abaris and of the “Hyperborean maidens” are treated in some detail. Some of the literary sources receive scholarly treatment, the paper including philological notes on [Aristeas Epic.] fr. 11 Bernabé (the passage is inspired by an interpretation of the name Abaris; Call. Dian. 204–5 (includes an allusion to the Hyperborean maiden Upis/Opis; Call. Del. 293–95 (the passage hints at an etymology of the word Περφερέες; and ἐκεῖνοι in 295 is sound; Call. Aet. fr. 186.26–30 Pfeiffer (discussion of the myth of Orion and Opis; D.H. 1.43.1–2 (discussion of the myth of Palantho and Heracles; Hecat.Abd. FGrH 264 frr. 7, 12 (discussion of the different information about the Hyperborean leadership that is given in the two fragments; Hdt. 4.35 (interpretation of the phrase ἅμα αὐτοῖσι τοῖσι θεοῖσι; Iambl. VH 32.217 (the stated opinions of Abaris seem similar to those professed in Heraclid.Pont. fr. 75 Wehrli; Verg. Aen. 11.857–58 (the utterance of Opis alludes to the death of Orion as presented in Euphorion, Callimachus and pseudo-Apollodorus.

  1. Muzej krapinskih neandertalaca kao izvor medicinskih refleksija

    Salopek, Igor


    Novootvoreni Muzej krapinskih neandertalaca s dvosegmentarnim postavom: prikazom karakteristika života krapinskog pračovjeka te suvremenih znanja o evoluciji života na Zemlji izvor je znanstvene, stručne i edukativne spoznaje posjetiteljima, kao i reprezent najbogatijeg nalazišta fosilnih ostataka neandertalaca u svijetu. U ovom radu ukratko je prikazan stručnoznanstveni posjet Muzeju članova Hrvatskoga znanstvenog društva za povijest zdravstvene kulture, ispreplećući pritom opis funkcije i p...

  2. Ophiuroidea das regiões antártica e subantártica: 1. sobre três espécies de Gorgonocephalidae e Ophiacanthidae Ophiuroidea from antarctic and subantarctic regions: 1. on three species of Gorgonocephalidae and Ophiacanthidae

    Ana Maria Gouveia Monteiro


    Full Text Available É estudada a distribuição geográfica e a variação de caracteres morfológicos de três espécies de ofiuroides (OpiLacantha antartica, Astrotoma agassizzi e Gorgonecephalus chilensis das regiões Antártica e Subantãrtica. São também apresentadas observações sobre biologia reprodutiva.The geographical distribution and the variation of morphological characters of three (Gorgonecephalus chilensis, Astroma agassizii, Ophiacantha antartica from the Antarctic and Subantarctic regions are studied. Observations on reproductive biology are presented.


    Velikonja, Aljaž


    Osnovni gradnik membrane biološke celice je dvojna plast lipidnih molekul, pretežno sestavljena iz glicerofosfolipidov, proteinov ter drugih molekul. Čeprav je celična membrana nehomogena struktura, lahko nekatere njene osnovne fizikalne lastnosti dovolj dobro opišemo s študijem hidriranega ravninskega lipidnega dvosloja, sestavljenega izključno iz lipidnih molekul. Nekatere od teh lastnosti (npr. dolžina in nasičenost maščobnih verig) so odvisne tudi od temperature, zato se s temperaturo spr...

  4. Pancreatitis aguda necrotizante en una intoxicación fatal por metadona Acute necrotizing pancreatitis in a fatal poisoning with methadone

    Sibón, A.; Ballesteros, S.; Martínez, M. C.


    La pancreatitis necrotizante es una causa infrecuente de muerte súbita. La metadona, un fármaco empleado en el tratamiento sustitutivo de adictos a opiáceos, ha sido responsable de muertes tras su ingestión accidental por niños cuando estaba a su alcance, en intentos autolíticos o después de un período de abstinencia en pacientes con tolerancia. La muerte se debe a depresión del sistema nervioso central y depresión respiratoria. Reportamos un caso de muerte súbita con pancreatitis aguda necro...

  5. Biliary acute pancreatitis: a review

    Osvaldo M. Tiscomia; Susana Hamamura; Enriqueta S. de Lehmann; Graciela Otero; Hipólito Waisman; Patricia Tiscornia-Wasserman; Simmy Bank


    @@INTRODUCTION It is axiomatic that the most effective and soundly based plan of treatment of any disorder is one aimed at the mechanism or mechanisms responsible for its development[1]. This basic notion, coupled with recent reports[2- 11] in which, surprisingly there is a total lack of reference to the probable involvement of autonomic-arc-reflexes in the physiopathogenesis of biliary acute pancreatitis have prompted this presentation. Undoubtedly, this disease entity has numerous causes, an obscure physiopathology, few effective remedies, and, often, an unpredictable outcome. At the turn of the century, Opie[12,13] brought to light the association between gallstone migration and acute pancreatitis.

  6. Efeito analgésico da morfina e tramadol na artrite e sinovite induzidas experimentalmente em bovinos

    Nogueira,Geison Morel


    Enfermidades que desenvolvem estímulos nociceptivos podais são frequentes na clínica de bovinos. O uso de analgésicos opióides, em ruminantes é limitado ou indefinido, como no caso do tramadol. Objetivou-se avaliar os efeitos analgésicos do sulfato de morfina e cloridrato de tramadol em bovinos, submetidos à artrite e sinovite interfalângica distal transitórias. Foram utilizados seis bovinos no protocolo de indução experimental de artrite e sinovite, através da administração intra-articular d...

  7. Whither Elite Cohesion in Mexico: A Comment


    Generacicnes: Los Protagonistas de Ia Reforma y la Revoluci(n Mexicana, Secretaria de Educacion Pblica, Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educat ivo, Mexico City...t-, ~ ir;opy 000 WHITHER ELITE COHESION IN MEXICO : A COMMENT David Ronfeldt November 1988 DTIC ELECTEI Novo 6 la ... . ... ,D The RAND...Monica, CA 90406 21:8 WHITHER ELITE COHESION IN MEXICO : A COMMENT Pavii Ronfeldt Por dec:ies . .I(,xi -as had a ,henomena!!y cohr sive ruling e I ite non

  8. Protección miocárdica por el pre y el poscondicionamiento anestésico

    Rubens Campana Pasqualin; José Otávio Costa Auler Jr


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVO: A isquemia miocárdica perioperatória é um evento comumente observado no período perioperatório podendo aumentar significativamente a morbimortalidade pós-cirúrgica. As propriedades cardioprotetoras dos anestésicos voláteis e dos opióides têm sido estudadas durante algumas décadas e hoje constituem poderosas ferramentas no manuseio de pacientes com doença coronariana isquêmica. O objetivo desta revisão foi fornecer fundamentos da proteção miocárdica por precondicionam...

  9. Efeitos da naloxona, da metissergida e da fentolamina, por via subaracnóidea, sobre a modulação da dor, através do teste de formalina modificado, em ratos

    Oscar César Pires


    Aferentes nociceptivos primários se projetam da periferia para o corno posterior da medula espinhal onde ativam grande número de neurônios de segunda ordem e de projeção. Há evidências de que a passagem de informações nociceptivas pelo CPME seguindo para níveis rostrais do sistema nervoso central, sofre profundas influências excitatórias e inibitórias. A presente pesquisa teve como objetivo comparar os efeitos dos antagonistas de opióides (naloxona), de serotonina (metissergida) e de noradren...

  10. Geometrija za analitike učenja

    Divjak, Blaženka; Maretić, Marcel


    Analitike učenja usredotočene su na obrazovne izazove vezane uz postizanje svrsishodnog učenja. Vrednovanje postizanja ishoda učenja izrazito utječe na učenje. Međutim, podaci o procesu vrednovanja vrlo rijetko se koriste u postojećim analitikama učenja. Nadalje, postojeće implementacije i analize procesa istorazinskog (vršnjačkog) vrednovanja nisu zadovoljavajuće. Ovaj rad predstavlja izradu i upotrebu matematičkog modela za opis i računanje vezano uz istorazinsko vrednovanje. Razvijeni mode...

  11. Nadgradnja sporočilnega sistema na fakultetnih informacijskih sistemih

    Farkaš, Aleš


    V diplomski nalogi podajam rešitev nadgradnje poštnih strežnikov nekaterih članic omrežja Univerze v Ljubljani. Prehod smo izvedli iz starega sporočilnega sistema Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 na Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Poleg nadgradnje sporočilnih sistemov smo nadgradili tudi strežnike - nosilce aktivnega imenika na različico Windows Server 2008 R2. V prvem delu poleg splošnega pregleda strežnika Exchange in odjemalca Outlook opišemo še del omrežja Univerze ter podamo glavne l...

  12. Dexmedetomidina en pacientes pediátricos con requerimientos de ventilación mecánica y sus efectos sobre el síndrome de abstinencia

    Rojas Cárdenas, Diana Emperatriz


    INTRODUCCION : Una de las prioridades del manejo en cuidado crítico pediátrico es la prevención y tratamiento del dolor y la ansiedad del paciente que requiere ventilación mecánica, utilizando diferentes alternativas farmacológicas, la más usada en pediatría es la basada en hipnosis que utiliza un opiáceo y una benzodiacepina , usualmente fentanyl y midazolam , pero con un riesgo reportado de producir síndrome de abstinencia cuando es usado de manera prolongada y su suspensión es abrupta1, si...

  13. Trabajadores agrícolas y subjetividad en California

    Florencio Posadas Segura


    En este trabajo se explora el problema de la subjetividad de los trabajadores agríco - las, partiendo de la hipótesis de que éstos consideran malas sus condiciones de vida y de trabajo. Mediante el trabajo de campo se demostraron sus conocimientos y opi - niones sobre su situación laboral y existencial en el Valle de San Joaquín California durante 2007 y 2008. Se descubrió que la visión del trabajador agrícola está basada en la subjetivación y reinterpretación de sus circunstancias objetivas ...

  14. Uso do Tramadol no controle da tosse crônica : estudo N-DE-1 e revisão sistemática

    Louly, Priscila Gebrim


    Este trabalho foi realizado a partir de um caso clínico em que uma paciente do Hospital Universitário de Brasília observou melhora da tosse crônica, secundária a uma pneumopatia intersticial, com o uso de tramadol 50 mg 12/12h, que havia sido prescrito para a dor. Esse fato fez com que a paciente utilizasse o tramadol continuamente. Não foram encontrados na literatura estudos clínicos que evidenciassem a atividade antitussígena do tramadol, um analgésico opióide. O presente trabalho utilizou ...


    Zrilić, Nika


    Magistrsko delo obravnava problematiko s področja čiščenja odpadnih voda, pri katerih uporabljamo konvencionalni postopek čiščenja z aktivnim blatom. Zajema opis odpadne vode, virov in njenih lastnosti ter predstavlja postopek čiščenja z aktivnim blatom, proces flokulacije in uporabo različnih polielektrolitov pri procesu dehidracije blata. V preliminarnih poskusih, ki smo jih izvedli na ČN Ptuj, smo s spreminjanjem pretoka na centrifugi preverili, kako omenjena sprememba vpliva na vsebnost s...

  16. Boat Tourists’ Perception of Environmental Problems : A Case Study in Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Archipelago

    Palkeinen, Anne


    Tiivistelmä Meri- ja rannikkoalueiden turismi on yksi nopeimmin kasvavista turismin muodoista. Viimeisen kolmen vuosikymmenen aikana turismi merialueilla on lisääntynyt suuresti. Suuresta kasvusta huolimatta sen vaikutuksia on alettu laajemmin tutkia vasta viime vuosina. Tässä työssä tutkitaan vapaa-ajan veneilijöiden käsityksiä ympäristöongelmista Eestin, Suomen ja Ruotsin saaristossa. Tutkimuksessa käytetään strukturoituja kyselylomakkeita. Tutkimukseen osallistui 144 veneilijää. Opi...

  17. Ultrafast internal conversion of excited cytosine via the lowest pipi electronic singlet state.

    Merchán, Manuela; Serrano-Andrés, Luis


    Computational evidence at the CASPT2 level supports that the lowest excited state pipi* contributes to the S1/S0 crossing responsible for the ultrafast decay of singlet excited cytosine. The computed radiative lifetime, 33 ns, is consistent with the experimentally derived value, 40 ns. The nOpi* state does not play a direct role in the rapid repopulation of the ground state; it is involved in a S2/S1 crossing. Alternative mechanisms through excited states pisigma* or nNpi* are not competitive in cytosine.

  18. Extraction, Purification and Characterization of Protease from Digestive Tract of Octopus vulgaris%章鱼消化道蛋白酶的分离纯化及性质

    任佩; 王莹; 金玉兰; 朴美子


    以章鱼加工下脚料消化道为原料,经硫酸铵沉淀、纤维素CM-52阳离子交换层析、DEAE-SephadexA50阴离子交换层析、SDS-PAGE电泳等方法,从中提取纯化出一种蛋白酶电泳纯样品OP-I,并对其性质进行研究。结果表明:该酶分子质量为80.5kD。最适反应温度为55-60℃,pH值为7-9。金属蛋白酶抑制剂(EDTA)可以完全抑制该酶的活性。Mn^2+、Ca^2+、Mg^2+对OP-I有激活作用,酶促动力学研究显示其米氏常数量‰为0.33mmol/L,Vmax为66.7mg/(mL·min)。%An electrophoretically pure protease, named as OP-I, was obtained from the digestive tract of Octopus vulgaris by ammonium sulfate precipitation, cellulose CM-52 cation-exchange chromatography, DEAE-Sephadex A50 anion-exchange chromatography and SDS-PAGE. Its properties were also characterized. The results showed that the molecular weight of the protease was 80.5 kD and its optimal reaction temperature and pH were 55 - 60 ℃and 7 - 9, respectively. OP-I could be completely inhibited by EDTA, a metalloproteinase inhibitor. In contrast, Mn^2+, Ca^2+ and Mg^2+could stimulate OP-I activity. Moreover, the Km of OP-I was 0.33 mmol/L and Vmax was 66.7 mg/(mL · min)as determined by kinetic studies.

  19. Eficácia analgésica da dexmedetomidina comparada ao sufentanil em cirurgias intraperitoneais: estudo comparativo

    Marangoni,Marco Aurélio; Castiglia, Yara Marcondes Machado [UNESP; Medeiros,Tiago Pechutti


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A dexmedetomidina, agonista alfa2-adrenérgico com especificidade alfa1:alfa2 1:1620, não determina depressão respiratória, sendo utilizada no intra-operatório como sedativo e analgésico. Esse fármaco tem sido empregado com os opióides em anestesia de procedimentos com elevado estímulo doloroso, como os abdominais intraperitoneais, não havendo referências sobre seu uso como analgésico único. Comparou-se a dexmedetomidina ao sufentanil em procedimentos intraperitoneai...

  20. Mathematical Model and Simulator of Rotor With Vibrating Blades Model / Matematyczny I Symulator Stopnia Wirnikowego Z Drgającymi Łopatkami

    Wachłaczenko Michał


    Full Text Available Tematem publikacji jest opis modelu matematycznego ułopatkowanej tarczy stopnia wirującego silnika odrzutowego. Poprawnie stworzony model matematyczny wirnika pozwala na stworzenie modelu symulacyjnego, który może posłużyć do generowania danych tip-timing. Przede wszystkim jest on potrzebny do badania odpowiedzi łopatek wieńca wirnikowego na wymuszenie w postaci zmian prędkości obrotowej silnika. Pozwala to na określenie warunków pracy silnika odrzutowego, dla których mogło by nastąpić jego uszkodzenie

  1. 急性有机磷农药中毒16例抢救临床分析

    张新军; 孙振华


    @@ 急性有机磷农药中毒(acute organophosphorous insecticides poisoning,AOPP)是基层医院急诊常见病,因有机磷杀虫药(organophosphorous insecticides,OPI)毒性强,致死率高,所以抢救必须及时准确.武警新疆总队南疆指挥部医院自2004年至今抢救收治AOPP 16例,均成功救治,现报告如下.

  2. 有机磷杀虫药中毒


    有机磷杀虫药(organophosphorous insecticides,OPI)中毒主要通过抑制体内胆碱酯酶(cholinesterase,ChE)活性,失去分解乙酰胆碱(acetylcholine,ACh)能力,引起体内生理效应部位ACh大量蓄积,使胆碱能神经持续过度兴奋,表现毒蕈碱样、烟碱样和中枢神经系统等中毒症状和体征.严重者常死于呼吸衰竭.


    Blazin, Miha


    V diplomski nalogi opišemo, kako poteka razvoj aplikacij z ogrodjem OSGi. Glavne značilnost ogrodja so dinamičnost, modularnost in orientacija k storitvam. V praktičnem delu diplomske naloge izdelamo spletno aplikacijo, ki omogoča pogovor med uporabniki. Pri tem izdelamo večje število modulov OSGi, ki nam skupaj tvorijo končno aplikacijo. Za dostop do aplikacije izdelamo namizni, spletni, kakor tudi mobilni odjemalec. V zaključku diplomske naloge nato ugotovimo, kakšne prednosti nam prinaša r...



    V diplomski nalogi bom predstavil sistem za nadzor prometa IPTV v telekomunikacijskem omrežju s pomočjo IPTV sond, ki nadzorujejo promet IPTV od dobavitelja signala pa vse do končnega uporabnika. V prvem delu sta opis in struktura elementov za delovanje IPTV, namenjenega za prenos signala od izvora do uporabnika storitev. Predstavljeni so standardi in mehanizmi stiskanja podatkov, pregled protokolov za prenos podatkov po omrežju ter elementi in arhitektura IPTV. V osrednjem delu naloge se bom...

  5. Novi pogledi na anatomiju grkljana dobrog dupina (Tursiops truncatus).

    Brzica, Hrvoje; Špiranec, Katarina; Zečević, Iva; Lucić, Hrvoje; Gomerčić, Tomislav; Đuras, Martina


    Grkljan sisavaca je organ koji predstavlja zaštitu od ulaska hrane u dišni sustav, a većini sisavaca služi i za proizvodnju zvuka. Iako je općenita anatomija grkljana kitova odavno poznata, detalji su slabo proučavani što je za posljedicu imalo razne nedosljednosti u dostupnoj literaturi, pogotovo na temu prirode dorzalnih parnih hrskavica aritenoepiglotične cijevi i nabora sluznice u grkljanskoj šupljini. Cilj ovog rada je iznijeti potanki opis struktura grkljana dobrog dupina (Tursiops trun...

  6. Programas de mantenimiento de metadona con servicios auxiliares: un estudio de coste-efectividad

    Puigdollers E.; Cots F; Brugal M.T.; Torralba L.; Domingo-Salvany A.


    Objetivo: Actualmente, los programas de mantenimiento con metadona (PMM) son la mejor alternativa de tratamiento para los adictos a opiáceos. Se pretende valorar el coste-efectividad de tres PMM que ofrecían diferentes servicios auxiliares utilizando como medida de efectividad el incremento de la calidad de vida. Métodos: Estudio de seguimiento a 12 meses de 586 pacientes que iniciaron tratamiento con metadona en los centros de atención y seguimiento municipales de Barcelona. Para medir la ev...

  7. Programas de mantenimiento de metadona con servicios auxiliares: un estudio de coste-efectividad Methadone maintenance programs with supplementary services: a cost-effectiveness study

    E. Puigdollers; F. Cotsas; Brugal, M. T.; L. Torralba; Domingo-Salvany, A.


    Objetivo: Actualmente, los programas de mantenimiento con metadona (PMM) son la mejor alternativa de tratamiento para los adictos a opiáceos. Se pretende valorar el coste-efectividad de tres PMM que ofrecían diferentes servicios auxiliares utilizando como medida de efectividad el incremento de la calidad de vida. Métodos: Estudio de seguimiento a 12 meses de 586 pacientes que iniciaron tratamiento con metadona en los centros de atención y seguimiento municipales de Barcelona. Para medir la ev...

  8. First Record of Co – Infection of Three Clinostomatid Parasites in Cichlids (Osteichthyes: Cichlidae in a Tropical Freshwater Lake

    GC Onyishi


    Full Text Available The present study investigated the effects of first record of co-infection of three Clinostomum sp.; Clinostomum Complanatum (Rudolphi, 1819, C. tilapiae (Ukoli, 1966, and Euclinostomum hetereostomum (1809 in Tilapia zilii. There was differential parasitic effects resulting in selection for relatively better adaptiveness to hosts microhabitats, more population size, and frequent host location of these parasites during the one year survey (Nov 2007- Oct 2008 in Opi Lake, Nigeria. Prevalence of 9.4 % was recorded in C. complanatum, 10.4 % in E. heterostomum and 4.8% in C. tilapiae. The parasites were recovered from three major microhabitats of buccal cavity, skin and eye.

  9. Statistics for the Maximum of Several Positive Random Variables with Application to Networking.


    Witherspoon 1 AMSMC-OAA-S (R)/Mr. D. Eckman * 1 AMSMC-OAA-S (R)/Mr. G. Moeller 1AMSMC-OAA-L (R)/Mr. N. Trier 1AMSMC-OAA-A (R)/Mr. B. White 1 AMSMC-OPP (R)fMr...P. Woodhouse * 12 - DISTRIBUTION LIST (Cont’d) I No. of 1 AMSMC-OPI (R)/Mr. R. Heider 2 AMSMC-LEP-L (R)/Ms Sandi Paul 1 AMCPM-ADG-L (R)/Mr. J. Wasson

  10. System pomiaru koncentracji operatora maszyn i urządzeń górniczych

    Jerzy Jagoda


    Full Text Available W artykule przedstawiono system zwiększający bezpieczeństwo pracy operatora maszyny i urządzeń w oparciu o pomiar poziomu koncentracji uwagi. Powstał on w odpowiedzi na wyniki analiz stanu bezpieczeństwa pracy WUG wskazujące, że najczęstszą przyczyną wypadków jest „niedostateczna koncentracja przy wykonywaniu pracy”. W artykule przedstawiono analizę rozwiązań rynkowych związanych z podjętą tematyką oraz opis proponowanego rozwiązania w postaci koncepcji systemu.

  11. Niveles plasmáticos de beta-endorfina en el ciclo menstrual y en la dismenorrea


    Se realiza la valoración de las concentraciones plasmáticas de beta-endorfina en el ciclo menstrual y en la mujer dismenorreica, para lo que se estudian un grupo de jóvenes fértiles, todas ellas voluntarias, no estando ninguna sometida a tratamiento hormonal ni a anticoncepción. La sangre obtenida en días concretos del ciclo por punción venosa es analizada por RIA para obtener las concentraciones del opiáceo, determinándose las gonadotropinas y los esteroides ováricos por ELISA. La beta-endor...

  12. Uso do Tramadol no controle da tosse crônica : estudo N-DE-1 e revisão sistemática

    Louly, Priscila Gebrim


    Este trabalho foi realizado a partir de um caso clínico em que uma paciente do Hospital Universitário de Brasília observou melhora da tosse crônica, secundária a uma pneumopatia intersticial, com o uso de tramadol 50 mg 12/12h, que havia sido prescrito para a dor. Esse fato fez com que a paciente utilizasse o tramadol continuamente. Não foram encontrados na literatura estudos clínicos que evidenciassem a atividade antitussígena do tramadol, um analgésico opióide. O presente trabalho utilizou ...


    Obojnik, Žiga


    V prvem delu diplomskega dela je na kratko predstavljena zgodovina merjenja temperature in temperaturne lestvice. Podrobneje so opisani ključni elektronski elementi, ki smo jih uporabil in sicer senzor za merjenje temperature in relativne vlažnosti SHT75, mikrokrmilnik PIC16f648a, štirivrstični zaslon LCD, napajalnik Traco Power ter programska oprema MikroC, Altium Designer in PICkit2. V zadnjem delu diplomskega dela je prikazana električna shema, 3D model vezja, izdelava tiskanine , opis de...


    Pienmunne, Juhamatti; Paulow, Jari


    Opinnäytetyössä tarkastellaan ja tutkitaan RSA SecurID -tuoteperhettä ja kertakäyttösalasanajärjestelmän toimintaa tietoliikennelaboratorio-olosuhteissa. RSA SecurID on julkiseen avaimeen perustuva salausjärjestelmä, jossa RSA SecurID -tokenien ja RSA SecurID -ohjelmiston välille luodaan turvattu yhteys. Toimeksiantajan pyynnöstä opinnäytetyössä keskityttiin järjestelmän asennukseen ja testaamiseen, jotta RSA SecurID:n toiminnasta saadaan riittävästi käytännön tietoa ja kokemusta. Opi...

  15. Implicación del sistema glutamatergico y del GHB en la adicción a la morfina y a la cocaína

    Maldonado Adrián, Concepción


    RESUMEN El Objetivo general de la presente Tesis Doctoral fue el de estudiar la participación de la neurotransmisión glutamatérgica y del GHB en la adicción a los opiáceos y a la cocaína. En primer lugar hemos pretendido observar la contribución de estos dos sistemas de neurotransmisión en los efectos que la morfina presenta sobre las conductas sociales. Nuestra hipótesis fue que la afectación del sistema glutamatérgico, concretamente bloqueando los receptores NMDA (utilizando Memantina y ...

  16. A Phase Space Monitoring of Injected Beam of J-PARC MR

    Hatakeyama, Shuichiro; Toyama, Takeshi

    Beam power of J-PARC MR (30 GeV Proton Synchrotron Main Ring) has been improved since 2008 and now achieved over 200 kW for the user operation. A part of beam loss is localized at the beam injection phase so it is important to monitor the beam bunch behavior in the transverse direction. In this paper it is described the method how to measure the position and momentum for each injected beam bunch using Beam Position Monitors (BPMs). It is also mentioned some implementation of an operator's interface (OPI) to display the plots of injected and circulating beam bunches in phase space coordinate.

  17. The Provincial Magnate Prohibiting Opium---TAO Shu%严禁鸦片的疆臣领袖--陶澍



    TAO Shu’s opium ban,his prohibiting opium acts,and the repeated consultation of LIN Zexu to him,prove that TAO Shu was the first provincial magnate conducting large -scale destruction of opium,and was the political leader advocating prohibiting opi-um.%陶澍的禁烟主张、禁烟行动,以及林则徐禁烟反复征询陶澍意见,证明陶澍是最早大规模销毁鸦片的封疆大吏,是主张严禁鸦片的政坛领袖人物。

  18. One-way data transfer for PLC to VME status reporting at the Advanced Photon Source

    Stein, S. J.


    The Personnel Safety System for the experimental beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source will use a large number of Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to replace conventional relay logic. PLCs allow for the design of a very advanced safety system that can handle a large number of I/O points. Certain situations require monitoring of the safety system from various locations around the storage ring via the EPICS OPI (operator interface) consoles. This presentation covers the chosen method for transferring data from the Personnel Safety System into an EPICS database. Specifications on PLC ladder design, EPICS database design and hardware selection are also discussed.

  19. Eficacia y tolerabilidad de esteroides epidurales vs. Dosis bajas de esteroides mas metamizol mas D-propoxifeno administrados por vía paravertebral en pacientes con síndrome post-laminectomía Efficacy and tolerability of epidural steroids vs low doses of steroids plus metamizol plus propoxyphene administered paravertebrally for postaminectomy syndrome patients

    J.A. Aldrete; U. Guevara; H. J. Arenoso; O. L. Ceraso


    El reconocimiento de la acción antinociceptiva de los antiinflamatorios no esteroideos (AINEs) ha motivado su combinación con dosis moderadas de opiáceos con objeto de obtener una mayor analgesia, mientras que se reduce la necesidad de emplear dosis altas de esteroides. Un grupo de 142 pacientes adultos, que habían desarrollaron radiculopatía y lumbalgia después de la primera discectomia, en los que se demostró radiologicamente fibrosis y cicatriz periradicular, en el sitio de operación, se d...


    Vrhovnik, Natalija; Novak, Ksenija


    Diplomsko delo obravnava plesne dejavnosti otrok na predšolski stopnji. V teoretičnem delu so podane vsebine, ki izhajajo iz baroka oz. iz časa, v katerem je ustvarjal Antonio Vivaldi. Opisana je opredelitev umetnosti, dotaknemo se estetike ter otrokovih potreb po plesu. V drugem delu teoretičnega dela predstavimo življenjepis Antonia Vivaldija, obdobje, v katerem je živel, nato sledi opis njegovega dela Štirje letni časi. Namen empiričnega dela je bil preučiti plesni odziv otrok na ...

  1. Sraštenost prstiju uz istodobnu višestruku nerazvijenost mekuši na sve četiri noge sa sekundarnom kontrakturom duboke fleksorne tetive u šteneta.

    Rodríguez-Alarcón, Carlos A.; Beristain-Ruiz, Diana M.; Itzá, Mateo F.; Rivera-Barreno, Ramón


    U radu je iznesen opis i procjena stanja u dvomjesečnog, 7 kg teškog šteneta, belgijskog Malinois ovčara, s jednostavnom i potpunom sraštenošću prstiju, nerazvijenim metakarpalnim/metatarzalnim mekušina na sve 4 noge te s kontrakturama duboke digitalne fleksorne tetive na lijevoj prednjoj i desnoj stražnjoj nozi. U slučaju prve lijeve noge obavljeno je presjecanje duboke digitalne fleksorne tetive (2. do 5. prsta) na razini gornje i srednje falange. Operacija stražnje noge nije obavljena jer ...


    Kumalić, Emir


    Magistrsko delo obravnava opis ter uporabo nove tehnologije gradbene informatike v gradbenem sektorju, s poudarkom na »augmented reality« oz. na razširjeno resničnost. Predstavlja se uporaba 4D modeliranja objekta s povezavo mobilnih aplikacijskih programov, ki prikazuje razširjeno resničnost v naravi. V nalogi je bil izdelan digitalni 3D model zgodovinsko-arheološkega objekta naselje Koliščarji na Ljubljanskem barju, ki smo ga s pomočjo programa Navisworks Manager pretvorili v 4D model ter s...

  3. Pobreza, movimiento social y mujer

    Elsa Patiño Tovar


    Los movimientos sociales en Puebla se han nutrido ampliamente de la participación de las mujeres; sobre todo, cuando hablamos de las organizaciones populares independientes (OPI). Su participación ha mantenido vivas a muchas organizaciones que de otra manera habrían desaparecido ya, pues no sólo participan en las tareas cotidianas de la organización sino, también, son las primeras en dar la cara cuando hay enfrentamientos con el gobierno y sus organizaciones corporativas, en do...

  4. Metoda stohastičnih končnih elementov v modeliranju konstrukcij

    Melink, Teja


    V disertaciji je razvit splošni simbolni pristop k avtomatizaciji metode stohastičnih končnih elementov v modeliranju konstrukcij. Uporabljen je hibridni simbolnonumerični pristop, v katerem so kombinirani: program za simbolno računanje Mathematica, avtomatski generator kode z vgrajeno tehniko avtomatskega odvajanja AceGen, ter okolje za končne elemente AceFEM. Za opis in diskretizacijo stohastičnega polja je izbrana Karhunen-Loèvova (K-L) dekompozicija. Za izračun determinističnih členov K-L...

  5. Primerjava montessori in waldorfske pedagogike

    Čufar, Anja


    Diplomsko delo Primerjava montessori in waldorfske pedagogike je sestavljeno iz teoretičnega in empiričnega dela. Teoretičen del vsebuje opis značilnosti montessori in waldorfske pedagogike. V njem sta omenjena Maria Montessori, začetnica pedagogike montessori, in Rudolf Steiner, začetnik waldorfske pedagogike. Tu najdemo podatke, kdaj sta se pedagogiki pojavili v svetu in kdaj v Sloveniji. V tem delu sem izpostavila kriterije, s katerimi sem primerjala montessori pedagogiko in waldorfsko ...

  6. Uporaba umetne inteligence za reševanje zahtevnih inženirskih problemov

    Šikovec, Simon


    diplomsko delo opisuje različne metode umetne inteligence in njihovo uporabo v inženirstvu. V uvodnem delu je razčlenitev umetne inteligence in splošen opis, ki mu sledi nekaj primerov. S primeri, kot sta na primer optimizacija obdelovalnih parametrov in napovedovanje oziroma obnašanje sistema v prihodnosti, želimo pokazati, da je uporaba umetne inteligence učinkovit pristop za reševanje inženirskih problemov. Na koncu obeh primerov prikažemo, da je uporaba metod umetne inteligence učinkovita...

  7. Acousto-Optic Processing of 2-D Signals Using Temporal and Spatial Integration.


    manufactured the 1 -D correlation of the nth row of f(x y) with all the for many years. Consequently reliable and relatively rowstofh(.The1-D correlation formson...sdmtos o ieadlgtm-dce ihwihw a vrom oeo h iiain dulaionare ithr th acust -optc (O)’ r te elctr- o thetwoindiidul moulaors opi E. fet.Ec yp fmdltrhsison h...Erasure Writing Mode, the conventional green light ( - 514 nm) and read out with an auxiliary red degenerate four-wave mixing geometry is modified to

  8. Robust Flight Controllers.


    30C 153 GO TC 293.3 ___34:463 CALL llS(CT.KStCCICO3y~zooO 1c 33. IwMAv1hN3,osCqUM0,WINE WFqFT,8T qGToHT 0OTR9,.1 I Prt𔄃.9~ff. ,OPI’XgUX , SAGA ,OA...Aeronautical Engineering Department. Permanent Address: 3221 Twilight Court, #103 Topeka, Kansas 66109 4.5 II ," ., , . .., . . ,. ,.- ., . , , ’% . ~ -w

  9. ACCELERATORS Control system for the CSNS ion source test stand

    Lu, Yan-Hua; Li, Gang; Ouyang, Hua-Fu


    A penning plasma surface H- ion source test stand for the CSNS has just been constructed at the IHEP. In order to achieve a safe and reliable system, nearly all devices of the ion source are designed to have the capability of both local and remote operation function. The control system consists of PLCs and EPICS real-time software tools separately serving device control and monitoring, PLC integration and OPI support. This paper summarizes the hardware and software implementation satisfying the requirements of the ion source control system.

  10. Modeliranje procesa biološke obrade otpadne vode na komunalnom uređaju grada Velika Gorica

    Čurlin, M.; Bevetek, A.; Ležajić, Z.; Deverić Meštrović, B.; Kurtanjek, Ž.


    Obrada otpadne vode s aktivnim muljem izrazito je složen fizikalni, kemijski i biološki proces. Nestalnost sastava i protoka otpadne vode te vremenski promjenjive reakcije mješovite kulture mikroorganizama uvjetuju njegovu nelinearnost i nestacionarnost. Optimalno vođenje procesa je kompleksan zadatak, ali pravilno izrađen matematički model može poslužiti kao osnova za rješavanje. U ovom radu izrađena su dva modela za opis procesa obrade otpadne vode na uređaju grada Velika Gorica, sa zadaćom...

  11. Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of maize (Zea mays L.) stalk rot resistant gene Rfg1.

    Yang, D E; Zhang, C L; Zhang, D S; Jin, D M; Weng, M L; Chen, S J; Nguyen, H; Wang, B


    One single pathogen Fusarium graminearum Schw. was inoculated to maize inbred lines 1,145 (Resistant) and Y331 (Susceptive), and their progenies of F(1), F(2) and BC(1)F(1) populations. Field statistical data revealed that all of the F(1) individuals were resistant to the disease and that the ratio of resistant plants to susceptive plants was 3:1 in the F(2) population, and 1:1 in the BC(1)F(1 )population. The results revealed that a single dominant gene controls the resistance to F. graminearum Schw. The resistant gene to F. graminearum Schw. was denominated as Rfg1 according to the standard principle of the nomenclature of the plant disease resistant genes. RAPD (randomly amplified polymorphic DNA) combined with BSA (bulked segregant analysis) analysis was carried out in the developed F(2) and BC(1)F(1 )populations, respectively. Three RAPD products screened from the RAPD analysis with 820 Operon 10-mer primers showed the linkage relation with the resistant gene Rfg1. The three RAPD amplification products (OPD-20(1000), OPA-04(1100) and OPY-04(900)) were cloned and their copy numbers were determined. The results indicated that only OPY-04(900) was a single-copy sequence. Then, OPY-04(900) was used as a probe to map the Rfg1 gene with a RIL F(7) mapping population provided by Henry Nguyen, which was developed from the cross "S3xMo17". Rfg1 was primarily mapped on chromosome 6 between the two linked markers OPY-04(900) and umc21 (Bin 6.04-6.05). In order to confirm the primary mapping result, 25 SSR (simple sequence repeat) markers and six RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) markers in the Rfg1 gene-encompassing region were selected, and their linkage relation with Rfg1 was analyzed in our F(2) population. Results indicated that SSR marker mmc0241 and RFLP marker bnl3.03 are flanking the Rfg1 gene with a genetic distance of 3.0 cM and 2.0 cM, respectively. This is the first time to name and to map a single resistant gene of maize stalk rot through a

  12. Pojetí románu u Maria Vargase Llosy: teorie a praxe (La casa verde)

    Dvořák, Lubor


    This study is focused on the fi rst creat ive period of the novel ist Mario Vargas Llosa, which is bordered approximately by the era of the "Boom" of the new hispanoamerican novel . The aim of this study is to out l ine Vargas Llosa's view on l i terature and i ts funct ion, wri ter and his mission, relat ionship between the fict ion and the real i ty and the piece creat ion process. The study examines these opi - nions from the point of view of thei r general val idi ty and observes the exte...

  13. Infantry Instructors’ Conference. 15-19 July 1963


    primary functions are of a logistical nature. Ocl PLAY SOT N *UnG XO HG CO 4ON LOG NCr g(voCC) VR .1 am.4 INXO OPY PLAT LDR MAINT OFF MAINT SOT $UP OFF 4...operating-in the Mediter - ranean, at Normandy, and in the Southwest Pacific. The concept during the Korean conflict was that of Ranger Infantry...trailers, two 3/4-ton 7 trucks with trailers, a- 1/4-toin truck with one AN/ VR -46 radio, and a 5-ton wrecker. The maintenance platoon of the mechanized

  14. Efeito inibidor do crescimento tumoral pela metionina-encefalina

    Georgia Mascarenhas


    Full Text Available A metionina-enceflalina (Met-Ehk é um pentapeptídeo opióide derivado do pró-normônio proencefalina A. presente em células neuroendócrinas e hematopoéticas. Estudos experimentais evidenciam seu papel na indução, ativação e controle de eventos imunomodula-dores, inclusive com potente efeito inibidor do crescimento tumoral. O presente estudo demonstra que o efeito inibidor da Met-Enk no crescimento de um fibro-histiocitoma, em camundongos BALB/cJ, é influenciado pelo protocolo utilizado, via de administração e dose do pentapeptídeo opióide utilizada no tratamento. A administração de Met_Enk por via intracerebral retardou de forma eficiente o processo de tumorigênese, aumentando a sobrevida dos animais e reduzindo de forma significativa a área tumoral final. Dose baixa (0,25 mg/kg de Met-Enk administrada por via intracerebral foi ainda mais potente no controle da tumorigênese.

  15. Designing a web-application to support home-based care of childhood CKD stages 3-5: qualitative study of family and professional preferences.

    Swallow, Veronica M; Hall, Andrew G; Carolan, Ian; Santacroce, Sheila; Webb, Nicholas J A; Smith, Trish; Hanif, Noreen


    There is a lack of online, evidence-based information and resources to support home-based care of childhood CKD stages 3-5. Qualitative interviews were undertaken with parents, patients and professionals to explore their views on content of the proposed online parent information and support (OPIS) web-application. Data were analysed using Framework Analysis, guided by the concept of Self-efficacy. 32 parents, 26 patients and 12 professionals were interviewed. All groups wanted an application that explains, demonstrates, and enables parental clinical care-giving, with condition-specific, continously available, reliable, accessible material and a closed communication system to enable contact between families living with CKD. Professionals advocated a regularly updated application to empower parents to make informed health-care decisions. To address these requirements, key web-application components were defined as: (i) Clinical care-giving support (information on treatment regimens, video-learning tools, condition-specific cartoons/puzzles, and a question and answer area) and (ii) Psychosocial support for care-giving (social-networking, case studies, managing stress, and enhancing families' health-care experiences). Developing a web-application that meets parents' information and support needs will maximise its utility, thereby augmenting parents' self-efficacy for CKD caregiving, and optimising outcomes. Self-efficacy theory provides a schema for how parents' self-efficacy beliefs about management of their child's CKD could potentially be promoted by OPIS.

  16. Thermodynamic Description Of Ternary Fe-B-X Systems. Part 2: Fe-B-Ni

    Miettinen J.


    Full Text Available Przedstawiono termodynamiczny opis trójskładnikowego układu Fe-B-Ni w kontekście nowej bazy danych dla układów Fe-B-X (X = Cr, Ni, Mn, Si, Ti, V, C. Parametry termodynamiczne dwuskładnikowych stopów Fe-B. Fe-Ni i B-Ni zostały są zaczerpnięte z wcześniejszych opracowań, przy tym opis B-Ni został nieznacznie zmodyfikowany. Parametry dla układu Fe-B-Ni zostały zoptymalizowane w tej pracy w oparciu o eksperymentalne równowagi fazowe i dane termodynamiczne zaczerpnięte z literatury. Roztwory stałe w układzie Fe-B-Ni opisano przy użyciu modelu roztworu substytucyjnego, a borki traktowane są jako fazy stechiometryczne lub półstechiometryczne typu (A.BpCq opisane przy użyciu modelu dwu podsieci.

  17. Excitation of the 6. 13-MeV state of /sup 16/O by. pi. /sup +/ mesons with momentum 2. 0 GeV/c

    Kirpichnikov, I.V.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Starostin, A.S.


    We have measured the angular distribution of ..gamma.. rays with energy 6.13 MeV emitted on excitation of the 3/sup -/ level of the /sup 16/O nucleus by ..pi..'u+ mesons with momentum 2.0 GeV/c. We have determined the alignment of the nucleus in the final state and have obtained partial cross sections for the reaction /sup 16/O(..pi.., X)/sup 16/O*(3/sup -/) characterized by definite values of spin projection on the axis coinciding with the direction of the incident beam. The results of the measurements at small-pion-scattering angles are in good agreement with calculations carried out in the glauber theory for the quasielastic reaction /sup 16/O(..pi.., ..pi..')/sup 16/O*(3/sup -/). However, a significant fraction of the excitation cross section (approx. =0.5 sigma/sub exc/) is due to scattering into large angles and can be assigned to channels with production of new particles.

  18. Excitation of the /sup 16/O (6. 13 MeV) nucleus by. pi. /sup +/ mesons at the 2. 0 GeV/c momentum

    Kirpichnikov, I.V.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Starostin, A.S. (Gosudarstvennyj Komitet po Ispol' zovaniyu Atomnoj Ehnergii SSSR, Moscow. Inst. Teoreticheskoj i Ehksperimental' noj Fiziki)


    Angular distribution of ..gamma.. radiation with an energy of 6.13 MeV, emitted at the excitation of the 3- level in /sup 16/O nuclei by ..pi../sup +/ mesons with the momentum of 2.0 GeV/c, has been measured. The alignment of the final nucleus is determined, the partial cross sections of the /sup 16/O(..pi.., X)/sup 16/O* (3/sup -/) reaction characterized by the definite spin projection to axis of the incident beam direction are obtained. For small pion scattering angles the results of the measurements are in good agreement with the calculations performed in the framework of the Glauber theory for the quasi-elastic /sup 16/O(..pi.., ..pi..')/sup 16/O*(3/sup -/). However, a considerable part of the excitation cross section (approximately 0.5sigmasub(exc)) is due to the scattering at large angles and can be ascribed to channels with a particle production.

  19. Atuação da enfermeira na cordotomia cervical percutânea para controle da dor oncológica

    Maria Cecília Iksilara


    Full Text Available A dor oncológica é, freqüentemente, progressiva e incapacitante. Um terço dos pacientes em tratamento e dois terços dos pacientes com doença avançada referem ter dor. Os tratamentos iniciam-se com medicações analgésicas não opióides e drogas adjuvantes, passando para opióides com aumento progressivo das doses e procedimentos neurocirúrgicos, quando há indicação. Cordotomia cervical percutânea é um procedimento neurocirúrgico para tratamento da dor oncológica unilateral, especialmente em extremidades, que proporciona alívio imediato e baixa morbidade. A participação da enfermeira na efetividade desse tratamento tem sido imprescindível, razão pela qual a autora resolveu relatar a experiência, pouco freqüente em trabalhos publicados em nosso meio.

  20. Learning from the data: mining of large high-throughput screening databases.

    Yan, S Frank; King, Frederick J; He, Yun; Caldwell, Jeremy S; Zhou, Yingyao


    High-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns in pharmaceutical companies have accumulated a large amount of data for several million compounds over a couple of hundred assays. Despite the general awareness that rich information is hidden inside the vast amount of data, little has been reported for a systematic data mining method that can reliably extract relevant knowledge of interest for chemists and biologists. We developed a data mining approach based on an algorithm called ontology-based pattern identification (OPI) and applied it to our in-house HTS database. We identified nearly 1500 scaffold families with statistically significant structure-HTS activity profile relationships. Among them, dozens of scaffolds were characterized as leading to artifactual results stemming from the screening technology employed, such as assay format and/or readout. Four types of compound scaffolds can be characterized based on this data mining effort: tumor cytotoxic, general toxic, potential reporter gene assay artifact, and target family specific. The OPI-based data mining approach can reliably identify compounds that are not only structurally similar but also share statistically significant biological activity profiles. Statistical tests such as Kruskal-Wallis test and analysis of variance (ANOVA) can then be applied to the discovered scaffolds for effective assignment of relevant biological information. The scaffolds identified by our HTS data mining efforts are an invaluable resource for designing SAR-robust diversity libraries, generating in silico biological annotations of compounds on a scaffold basis, and providing novel target family specific scaffolds for focused compound library design.

  1. Recovery of gait pattern after medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for objective patellar instability.

    Carnesecchi, O; Philippot, R; Boyer, B; Farizon, F; Edouard, P


    Gait pattern alterations were previously reported in association with objective patellar instability (OPI). Gait pattern comparison between a series of patients having undergone medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction and a sample of control subjects. Thirty patients at 6 months postoperatively after MPFL reconstruction and thirty control subjects were enrolled in the study for a clinical and biomechanical assessment including gait analysis at three selected walking rates using the GAITRite(®) system. The mean raw IKDC score was 73 (± 19), and the mean Kujala knee function was 84 (± 17.5). The study of gait did not demonstrate any significant difference between the two groups at a normal and fast walking rate. At a 10 km/h running speed, the single-support phase was significantly shortened by a mean 2.33% (p clinical results in the management of OPI. At 6 months postoperatively, the patient gait pattern was similar to that observed in healthy subjects at a normal and fast walking speed. However, our study revealed persistent gait abnormalities at a 10 km/h running speed. These gait alterations seemed to be related to the ligament reconstruction in itself due to the higher strain applied on the reconstructed MPFL during running cycle (10 km/h). Level of evidence IV.

  2. Spectro radiometry Applied to Soil Science; Espectrorradiometria Aplicada a la Ciencia del Suelo

    Schmid, T.; Chabrillat, S.; Guerrero, C.; Jimenez, M.; Lopez, F.; Palacios, A.; Pelayo, M.; Rodriguez, M.


    This work is the result of an internal course that was held in CIEMAT under the framework of activities within the ''Itinerario Formativo: Tecnicas experimentales de apoyo a la Investigacion I+D+I'', as part of the Programa de Acciones Conjuntas de OPIs (CIEMAT, INTA and IGME) financed by the Instituto Nacional de Administracion Publica (INAP). The course was aimed at researchers, technical staff and students associated to the different OPIs introducing them to spectroradiometric techniques for determining soil properties and processes and obtain a thorough insight into the compilation and applications of spectral libraries. This course was directed and organized by CIEMAT with experts specialized in the field of spectro radiometry presenting the corresponding theory and application as well as practical work carried out in the laboratory and in the field. The course is within the research lines carried out by the group Unidad de Conservacion y Recuperacion de Suelos of the Departamento de Medio Ambiente in CIEMAT. (Author)

  3. Urine levels of drugs for which Triage DOA screening was positive.

    Moriya, Fumio


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between urine levels of target drugs of abuse for which Triage DOA gave positive results, as well as the cut-off levels for these drugs. Thirty-eight forensic urine samples positive for commonly abused drugs were involved. Of these samples, 12 were positive for barbiturates (BAR), 11 for benzodiazepines (BZO), 8 for opiates (OPI), 7 for amphetamines (AMP), and 4 for tricyclic antidepressants (TCA). In the BAR-positive urine samples, phenobarbital, amobarbital or barbital was detected at concentrations higher than cut-off levels. In the BZO-positive samples, diazepam, nordiazepam, triazolam, nitrazepam and/or midazolam was detected at concentrations lower than cut-off levels; in the triazolam-involved urine, alpha-hydroxytriazolam, a metabolite of triazolam, showed concentrations higher than cut-off level. In the AMP-positive samples, methamphetamine was detected at concentrations higher than cut-off level. Urine samples positive for OPI contained total dihydrocodeine, codeine or morphine at concentrations higher than cut-off levels. In TCA-positive samples, amitriptyline was detected at concentrations higher or lower than cut-off level, and clomipramine was detected at a concentration much lower than cut-off level. Metabolites of BZO and TCA, which are not typically analyzed by instrumental procedures, may cross-react to varying degrees with the antibodies used for Triage DOA.

  4. Human-, Ovine-, and Bovine-Specific Viral Source Tracking Tools to Discriminate Between the Major Fecal Sources in Agricultural Waters.

    Rusiñol, Marta; Moriarty, Elaine; Lin, Susan; Bofill-Mas, Sílvia; Gilpin, Brent


    This study evaluated the sources of fecal contamination in different river catchments, using a combination of microbial source tracking tools, for human, ruminant, ovine and bovine livestock, in order to define appropriate water management strategies. Every source of waterway pollution was evaluated in river water samples from one urban river catchment and two important farming regions in New Zealand. Fecal pollution was initially measured by testing Escherichia coli and evaluating the presence of human- and ruminant-associated DNA markers of Bacteroidales (BiAdo, BacHum-UCD, BacH, and BacR) and human and ruminant fecal sterols/stanols ratios. Then specific fecal pollution sources were assessed with previously reported quantitative PCR assays targeting human-, bovine-, and ovine-specific viruses: human adenoviruses (HAdV), human JC polyomaviruses, bovine polyomaviruses (BPyV), and ovine polyomaviruses (OPyV). High level of ruminant fecal contamination was detected all over the farming areas, whereas no ruminant sources were identified in the urban river sampling sites. BacR was the most frequently observed ruminant marker and OPyV and BPyV allowed the identification of ovine and bovine fecal sources. The human fecal viral marker (HAdV) was the most frequently observed human marker, highly abundant in the urban sites, and also present in farming areas. This is the first study using simultaneously the ovine and the bovine viral markers to identify and quantify both bovine and ovine fecal pollution.

  5. Influence of Propolis on Hygiene, Gingival Condition, and Oral Microflora in Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate Treated with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

    Agnieszka Machorowska-Pieniążek


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of 3% ethanol extract of propolis (EEP on hygiene, gingival and microbiological status of oral cavity in patients with cleft lip and palate treated with fixed orthodontic appliances. The study included forty-one nonsyndromic complete unilateral of bilateral cleft lip and palate subjects with fixed appliance on at least 10 teeth. Twenty-one subjects were instructed to brush their teeth three times a day using toothpaste with propolis. Control group included twenty subjects who were asked to brush their teeth three times a day using a toothpaste without propolis. API, OPI, GI, and supragingival bacterial plaque were taken from each subject twice: baseline and after using the toothpaste for 35 days. The final examinations showed statistically significant decrease in OPI, GI, and the percentage of the Actinomyces spp. and Capnocytophaga spp. compared with baseline in propolis group subjects. The improvement in oral health in these patients confirms antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties of propolis.

  6. Identification and Gene Mapping of Completely Dominant Earliness in Rice

    DENG Xiao-jian; ZHOU Kai-da; LI Ren-duan; CHUN Ze; LI Ping; WANG Wen-ming; ZHAI Wen-xue; ZHU Li-huang


    The completely dominant earliness was identified in a genic male-sterile and early maturing indica line 6442S-7. F1 progenies from 6442S-7 crossed with thirteen various types of medium- or latematuring varieties, shared the same heading date as 6442S-7. The segregation of heading date in the F2 and B1F1 populations showed that the earliness of 6442S-7 is mainly controlled by two dominant major genes. The local linkage map of one dominant earliness gene harbored in 6442S-7 was constructed with F2 population and four kinds of molecular marker techniques. The results showed that the gene was located between a RFLPmarker C515 and a RAPD marker OPI 11. 557 on the terminal region of short arm of rice chromosome 3,10.9cM and 1.5 cM from C515 and OPI11. 557, respectively. The genetic distances from the target gene to twoSSR markers, RM22 and RM231, and one AFLP marker, PT671, were 3.0, 6.7 and 12.4 cM, respectively. This gene, being identified and mapped first, is designated tentatively as Ef-cd (t). As a new genetic resource of completely dominant earliness, 6442S-7 has splendid future in rice improvement.

  7. Oxygen isotopes unravel the role of microorganisms in phosphate cycling in soils.

    Tamburini, Federica; Pfahler, Verena; Bünemann, Else K; Guelland, Kathi; Bernasconi, Stefano M; Frossard, Emmanuel


    Phosphorus (P) is considered the ultimate limiting nutrient for plants in most natural systems and changes in the distribution of inorganic and organic P forms during soil development have been well documented. In particular, microbial activity has been shown to be an important control on P cycling but its contribution in building up the pool of plant-available P during soil development is still poorly quantified. To determine the importance of different biological processes on P cycling, we analyzed the isotopic composition of oxygen in phosphate (δ(18)O-Pi) from the parent material, soil microorganisms, the available P pool, and from the vegetation along a 150-year soil chronosequence of a glacier forefield. Our results show that at all sites, δ(18)O-Pi of microbial Pi is within the range expected for the temperature-dependent equilibrium between phosphate and water. In addition, the isotopic signature of available Pi is close to the signature of microbial Pi, independently of the contribution of parent material Pi, vegetation Pi or Pi released from organic matter mineralization. Thus, we show that phosphate is cycled through soil microorganisms before being released to the available pool. This isotopic approach demonstrates for the first time in the field and over long time scales, and not only through controlled experiments, the role of the microbial activity in cycling of P in soils.

  8. Synthesis and characterization of six-membered pincer nickelacycles and application in alkylation of benzothiazole



    Six-membered pincer nickelacycle complexes have been synthesized and employed for the catalytic C–H bond alkylation of benzothiazole. The pincer nickelacycle, {κP, κC, κP-(2-i Pr₂ POCH₂ C₆H₃-6-CH₂OPi Pr₂)}NiBr, [(i Pr₄-POCCCOP)NiBr (2)] was synthesized by the reaction of 1,3-i Pr₂POCH₂-C₆H₄-CH₂OPi Pr₂ [(i Pr₄-POCCCOP)−H (1)] with (CH₃CN) ₂NiBr₂ in the presence of Et₃N via the C(2)–H activation on ligand 1. Treatment of [(i Pr₄-POCCCOP)NiBr] (2) with AgOAc afforded the complex [(i Pr₄-POCCCOP)Ni(OAc)] (3) in good yield. Both the complexes 2 and 3 were characterized by ¹H,¹³C and ³¹P-NMR spectral analysis. Further, the molecular structures of complexes 2 and 3 were established by X-ray crystallography. The complex 2 was found to be an active catalyst for the C–H bond alkylation of benzothiazole with alkyl halides containing β–hydrogen atoms.

  9. Preparation of Simulated LBL Defects for Round Robin Experiment

    Baldwin, Charles A [ORNL; Hunn, John D [ORNL; Montgomery, Fred C [ORNL


    A critical characteristic of the TRISO fuel design is its ability to retain fission products. During reactor operation, the TRISO layers act as barriers to release of fission products not stabilized in the kernel. Each component of the TRISO particle and compact construction plays a unique role in retaining select fission products, and layer performance is often interrelated. The IPyC, SiC, and OPyC layers are barriers to the release of fission product gases such as Kr and Xe. The SiC layer provides the primary barrier to release of metallic fission products not retained in the kernel, as transport across the SiC layer is rate limiting due to the greater permeability of the IPyC and OPyC layers to many metallic fission products. These attributes allow intact TRISO coatings to successfully retain most fission products released from the kernel, with the majority of released fission products during operation being due to defective, damaged, or failed coatings. This dominant release of fission products from compromised particles contributes to the overall source term in reactor; causing safety and maintenance concerns and limiting the lifetime of the fuel. Under these considerations, an understanding of the nature and frequency of compromised particles is an important part of predicting the expected fission product release and ensuring safe and efficient operation.

  10. Pyridine-2,6-diyl dinitroxides as room-temperature triplet ligands

    Kawakami, Hinako; Tonegawa, Asato; Ishida, Takayuki, E-mail: [Department of Engineering Science, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo (Japan)


    We have proposed tert-butyl 2-pyridyl nitroxide radicals as a promising paramagnetic chelating ligand, where the direct radical-metal bond leads to strong magnetic interaction. We successfully synthesized and isolated PyBN derivatives (pyridine-2,6-diyl bis(tert-butyl nitroxides)). The molecular and crystal structures of the target biradicals, MesPyBN, AntPyBN and tBuOPyBN were determined from the X-ray crystal structure analysis, which possess mesityl, 9-anthryl and tert-butoxy groups at the 5-position of the pyridine ring, respectively. The ground triplet state was characterized by means of SQUID susceptometry for each compound. On heating, the χ{sub m}T values of all the PyBN derivatives increased and reached a plateau at ca. 1.0 cm{sup 3} K mol{sup −1} at 300 K. It implies that biradicals behaved as triplet molecules even at room temperature, or 2J/k{sub B} >> 300 K. From the decay monitored in solution electron-spin resonance spectroscopy, MesPyBN was the most persistent, while tBuOPyBN was the most reactive, of the three.

  11. Overexpression of the NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase gene (icdA) in citric acid-producing Aspergillus niger WU-2223L.

    Kobayashi, Keiichi; Hattori, Takasumi; Hayashi, Rie; Kirimura, Kohtaro


    In the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, NADP(+)-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP(+)-ICDH) catalyzes oxidative decarboxylation of isocitric acid to form α-ketoglutaric acid with NADP(+) as a cofactor. We constructed an NADP(+)-ICDH gene (icdA)-overexpressing strain (OPI-1) using Aspergillus niger WU-2223L as a host and examined the effects of increase in NADP(+)-ICDH activity on citric acid production. Under citric acid-producing conditions with glucose as the carbon source, the amounts of citric acid produced and glucose consumed by OPI-1 for the 12-d cultivation period decreased by 18.7 and 10.5%, respectively, compared with those by WU-2223L. These results indicate that the amount of citric acid produced by A. niger can be altered with the NADP(+)-ICDH activity. Therefore, NADP(+)-ICDH is an important regulator of citric acid production in the TCA cycle of A. niger. Thus, we propose that the icdA gene is a potentially valuable tool for modulating citric acid production by metabolic engineering.

  12. Bazı Yoğurt Sularının Farklı Sürelerdeki Antibakteriyal Aktiviteleri Üzerine Bir Araştırma

    Ayşegül DURSUN


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmanın materyalini, Diyarbakır yöresinden sağlanan inek, keçi, koyun sütlerinin fermente edilmesiyle elde edilen yoğurt ile üretici bir firmanın hazır inek yoğurdunun suyu oluşturmaktadır. Deney grupları; Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa türlerinin elde edilen yoğurt sularına, kontrol grupları ise aynı bakteri türlerinin serum fizyolojik (SF içine ekilmesiyle oluşturulmuştur. Daha sonra deney ve kontrol gruplarındaki kültürler inkübatörde 37ï‚°C sıcaklıkta 24, 48, 72 saat süreyle inkübasyona bırakılmıştır. Ekim işlemi; deney ve kontrol gruplarından 0.1 cc alınarak içinde Agar besiyeri bulunan petri kutularına inoküle edilmesiyle yapılmıştır. Bu kültürler inkübatörde 37ï‚°C sıcaklıkta 24 saat süreyle inkübasyona bırakılmıştır. Sürenin sonunda, petri kutularındaki BA yüzeyinde bakteri koloni sayımı yapılmıştır. Deneysel çalışma 3 kez tekrarlanmıştır. Aynı işlemler 48, 72 saat süreyle inkübasyona bırakılan deney ve kontrol grupları için de yapılmıştır. Çalışmanın sonunda veriler, Student's t testi ile analiz edilmiştir. Elde edilen sonuçlarda, deney ve kontrol gruplarındaki bakteri koloni sayıları arasında büyük fark olduğu tespit edilmiştir. 24, 48, 72 saat süre sonunda kontrol gruplarındaki bakteri koloni sayısı çok yoğun olmasına rağmen, deney gruplarında bu sayının bakteri türüne, yoğurt çeşidine, zamana bağlı olarak değiştiği ve kontrol grubuna göre oldukça büyük oranda düşüş gösterdiği saptanmıştır.

  13. O papel dos bloqueios anestésicos no tratamento da dor de origem cancerosa

    Oliveira Amaury Sanchez


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Tradicionalmente os anestesiologistas desenvolveram as técnicas de anestesia regional que hoje dominam. Para participarem do tratamento dos pacientes com dores crônicas, necessitam transferir os conhecimentos adquiridos, além das indicações cirúrgicas, indicando-os no momento correto, tornando-os úteis e eficazes, num atendimento que deve ser multidisciplinar. O objetivo deste trabalho é mostrar aos anestesiologistas que os bloqueios anestésicos, no tratamento da dor crônica de origem cancerosa, para serem úteis e eficazes, devem ser indicados no momento correto inserindo-os como parte de um tratamento sistêmico, do qual deve-se participar ativamente. CONTEÚDO: O uso correto do protocolo da Organização Mundial da Saúde proporciona diretriz para o controle da dor na maioria dos pacientes com moléstia cancerosa avançada. A eficácia desta abordagem é demonstrada nos seus três primeiros passos, com pequeno número de complicações. Contudo, há pacientes que experimentam efeitos colaterais indesejáveis aos medicamentos opióides sistêmicos e a presença de metástases ósseas e as neuropatias podem determinar efeitos deletéricos nesses pacientes. Técnicas invasivas são raramente indicadas, mas podem resultar em analgesia no tratamento das dores resistentes aos opióides quando usados adequadamente. CONCLUSÕES: Bloqueios com agentes neurolíticos que exigiam alto grau de perícia dos anestesiologistas são as últimas opções de tratamento quando as drogas sistêmicas não mantêm o efeito desejado ou produzem efeitos colaterais de difícil tratamento. Bloqueios anestésicos e injeção de drogas opióides por via subaracnóidea, têm lugar de destaque no tratamento da dor de origem cancerosa e devem ser considerados em situações específicas como parte de um tratamento multidisciplinar.

  14. Avaliação da buprenorfina pelas vias intravenosa ou intramuscular em cães anestesiados pelo desfluorano

    Souza Almir Pereira de


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se avaliar comparativamente os efeitos da buprenorfina, administrada pelas vias intramuscular(IM ou intravenosa (IV, sobre variáveis cardiovasculares, em cães anestesiados com desfluorano. Para tanto, foram utilizados dezesseis cães adultos, clinicamente saudáveis, distribuídos em dois grupos (n=8 denominados de GI e GII. Em ambos os grupos, a anestesia foi induzida com propofol (8 mg/kg, IV e em seguida os animais foram intubados com sonda orotraqueal de Magill, a qual foi conectada ao aparelho de anestesia volátil para administração de desfluorano (1,5 CAM. Após 30 minutos do início da anestesia inalatória, foi aplicado no GI buprenorfina na dose de 0,02 mg/kg pela via IV, enquanto no GII administrou-se o opióide na mesma dose porém pela via IM. Avaliaram-se: freqüência cardíaca (FC; pressões arteriais sistólica, diastólica e média (PAS, PAD e PAM; débito cardíaco (DC; pressão venosa central (PVC e pressão da artéria pulmonar (PAP. As colheitas foram feitas nos seguintes momentos: M1 - 30 minutos após o início da anestesia inalatória antes da aplicação do opióide; M2 - 15 minutos após a administração da buprenorfina; M3, M4 e M5 - de 15 em 15 minutos após M2. A avaliação estatística dos dados foi efetuada por meio de Análise de Perfil (p<0,05. As variáveis PAS, PAM, DC, PVC e PAP, não apresentaram alterações significativas de seus valores em ambos os grupos. Entretanto, a FC e a PAD apresentaram reduções significativas após a administração do opióide apenas no GI. Assim, pôde-se concluir que a buprenorfina administrada pelas vias IV ou IM não interferiu nos índices cardiovasculares de forma a manifestar efeitos clínicos importantes em cães anestesiados com desfluorano.

  15. A single-center study evaluating the effect of the controlled adverse environment (CAEsm model on tear film stability

    Abelson R


    Full Text Available Richard Abelson,1,2 Keith J Lane,3 John Rodriguez,3 Patrick Johnston,3 Endri Angjeli,3 George Ousler,3 Douglas Montgomery11School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, 2Statistics and Data Corporation, Tempe, AZ; 3Ora, Inc, Andover, MA, USAPurpose: To investigate use of an improved ocular tear film analysis protocol (OPI 2.0 in the Controlled Adverse Environment (CAESM model of dry eye disease, and to examine the utility of new metrics in the identification of subpopulations of dry eye patients.Methods: Thirty-three dry eye subjects completed a single-center, single-visit, pilot CAE study. The primary endpoint was mean break-up area (MBA as assessed by the OPI 2.0 system. Secondary endpoints included corneal fluorescein staining, tear film break-up time, and OPI 2.0 system measurements. Subjects were also asked to rate their ocular discomfort throughout the CAE. Dry eye endpoints were measured at baseline, immediately following a 90-minute CAE exposure, and again 30 minutes after exposure.Results: The post-CAE measurements of MBA showed a statistically significant decrease from the baseline measurements. The decrease was relatively specific to those patients with moderate to severe dry eye, as measured by baseline MBA. Secondary endpoints including palpebral fissure size, corneal staining, and redness, also showed significant changes when pre- and post-CAE measurements were compared. A correlation analysis identified specific associations between MBA, blink rate, and palpebral fissure size. Comparison of MBA responses allowed us to identify subpopulations of subjects who exhibited different compensatory mechanisms in response to CAE challenge. Of note, none of the measures of tear film break-up time showed statistically significant changes or correlations in pre-, versus post-CAE measures.Conclusion: This pilot study confirms that the tear film metric MBA can detect changes in the ocular surface

  16. Thiazolidone derivatives as inhibitors of chikungunya virus.

    Jadav, Surender Singh; Sinha, Barij Nayan; Hilgenfeld, Rolf; Pastorino, Boris; de Lamballerie, Xavier; Jayaprakash, Venkatesan


    A series of arylalkylidene derivatives of 1,3-thiazolidin-4-one (1-20) were synthesized and tested for their antiviral activity against chikungunya virus (LR2006_OPY1) in Vero cell culture by CPE reduction assay. Five compounds (7-9, 16 and 19) were identified to have anti-ChikV activity at lower micro molar concentration. The compounds 7, 8, 9, 16 and 19 inhibited the virus at 0.42, 4.2, 3.6, 40.1 and 6.8 μM concentrations respectively. Molecular docking simulation has been carried out using the available X-ray crystal structure of the ChikV nsp2 protease, in order to elucidate the possible mechanism of action. Interaction of ligands with ChikV nsp2 protease (PDB Code: 3TRK) suggested the possible mechanism of protease inhibition to act as potent anti-ChikV agents.

  17. A hybrid algorithm for the segmentation of books in libraries

    Hu, Zilong; Tang, Jinshan; Lei, Liang


    This paper proposes an algorithm for book segmentation based on bookshelves images. The algorithm can be separated into three parts. The first part is pre-processing, aiming at eliminating or decreasing the effect of image noise and illumination conditions. The second part is near-horizontal line detection based on Canny edge detector, and separating a bookshelves image into multiple sub-images so that each sub-image contains an individual shelf. The last part is book segmentation. In each shelf image, near-vertical line is detected, and obtained lines are used for book segmentation. The proposed algorithm was tested with the bookshelf images taken from OPIE library in MTU, and the experimental results demonstrate good performance.

  18. An Iterative Technique for Designing Finite Impulse Response Chebyshev MTI Filters with Nonlinear Delay


    Passband Ripple Passband Lower Passbaisd Ripple Passband Lower in Passband Weights N Edge IHz) fPASS (d8) RPe Edge ( Hzj fPASS (dB) RpB Edge (Hz) Ripple (dB...NN IIV 24 THIS PAGE IS BtST QUALITY MR&QXCABLE RhM COrY R±albH.Md TD DDC . w u- w F-ii W _jL 4 0 W X Z-C :1[M (’ ’ ’ 𔃻(4C z z3 z 11 z k-i I 1’ t...L~ THIS PAGE IS BEST QUALITY PRACTICABLE 31 EFOM OPY FUlRNISIE TD DDQ .~ x z S. < w W, w r -c N 0 r z~’ Nr Z-C14c;L ciw I-- ED w w. w’ ;= ’L 0 to CC

  19. Langley Integrated Total Force (L-ITF) Beddown and Logistics Support Center (LSC) Environmental Assessment


    Please contact me at (804) 698-4:l?5 or John Asher at (804) 698-4339 for darification or these comments. Sincerely. Ellie Irons. Program Manager...sent on 11 Milyl $Cih’>fE<ctorlly adaress your comment$ 011 our Draft EA II everything ls In order. please contact Mr John Asher at the VDEQ Ofrrce...EnYJtonmental Rev1e1v Coordmulor TO: DATE: C.:OPIES: S I "BJ’ECT: Apr1l 10.2006 San jay 11unmaR,ari. W:tste 01V1~1uo Eti\\’I!Onmenu&J ReVJew Man~)’lcr

  20. Técnicas de anestesia loco-regional en la clínica felina

    S. Cervantes


    El desarrollo de la cirugía y el control del dolor producido por ésta hacen muy útil la aplicación de técnicas de anestesia local en la especie felina. Las características diferenciales de esta especie hacen necesario que se conozca detalladamente los fármacos y las técnicas utilizadas para que su aplicación sea útil e inocua. En una primera parte del artículo profundizaremos en los principales fármacos utilizados (opiáceos, alfa2-agonistas y anestésicos locales) y en sus propiedades; en la s...

  1. Modeling of Damage Evolution and Martensitic Transformation in Austenitic Steel at Cryogenic Temperature

    Ryś Maciej


    Full Text Available W artykule przedstawiono konstytutywny model materiału podlegającemu przemianie fazowej wywołanej odkształceniami plastycznymi oraz rozwojowi uszkodzeń. Przemiana fazowa opisana jest modelem liniowym. Ponadto, w pracy uwzględniono izotropowy rozwój uszkodzeń. Opis konstytutywny został zaimplementowany w komercyjnym programie Abaqus/Explicit z wykorzystaniem zewnętrznej procedury użytkownika VUMAT. Dokonano symulacji testu jednoosiowego rozciągania w celu porównania wyników eksperymentalnych z numerycznymi. Jako przykład rzeczywistego elementu konstrukcyjnego, pracującego w warunkach temperatur kriogenicznych, dokonano symulacji pracy kompensatora.

  2. The Open Perimetry Interface: an enabling tool for clinical visual psychophysics.

    Turpin, Andrew; Artes, Paul H; McKendrick, Allison M


    Perimeters are commercially available instruments for measuring various attributes of the visual field in a clinical setting. They have several advantages over traditional lab-based systems for conducting vision experiments, including built-in gaze tracking and calibration, polished appearance, and attributes to increase participant comfort. Prior to this work, there was no standard to control such instruments, making it difficult and time consuming to use them for novel psychophysical experiments. This paper introduces the Open Perimetry Interface (OPI), a standard set of functions that can be used to control perimeters. Currently the standard is partially implemented in the open-source programming language R on two commercially available instruments: the Octopus 900 (a projection-based bowl perimeter produced by Haag-Streit, Switzerland) and the Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (a CRT-based system produced by Heidelberg Engineering, Germany), allowing these instruments to be used as a platform for psychophysical experimentation.

  3. Absorbing angles, Steiner minimal trees, and antipodality

    Martini, Horst; de Wet, P Oloff; 10.1007/s10957-009-9552-1


    We give a new proof that a star $\\{op_i:i=1,...,k\\}$ in a normed plane is a Steiner minimal tree of its vertices $\\{o,p_1,...,p_k\\}$ if and only if all angles formed by the edges at o are absorbing [Swanepoel, Networks \\textbf{36} (2000), 104--113]. The proof is more conceptual and simpler than the original one. We also find a new sufficient condition for higher-dimensional normed spaces to share this characterization. In particular, a star $\\{op_i: i=1,...,k\\}$ in any CL-space is a Steiner minimal tree of its vertices $\\{o,p_1,...,p_k\\}$ if and only if all angles are absorbing, which in turn holds if and only if all distances between the normalizations $\\frac{1}{\\|p_i\\|}p_i$ equal 2. CL-spaces include the mixed $\\ell_1$ and $\\ell_\\infty$ sum of finitely many copies of $R^1$.

  4. The spaces of the margin. History of Sexuality and LGBTIQ studies from an interdisciplinary perspective

    Elisabetta Bini


    Full Text Available The essay offers an overview of LGBTIQ studies, by analyzing several texts that have influenced the debate and research about the history of sexuality and LGBTIQ identities. The first part examines the forms of exchange and contamination between LGBTIQ and historical studies. The author argues that, since they emerged in the 1970s, LGBTIQ studies have aimed at challenging the specific forms of discrimination carried out against gays and lesbians, by highlighting the historical and social construction of sexuality and sexual identities. The essay focuses in particular on the importance of works by Michel Foucault, Adrienne Rich, Monique Wittig, Judith Butler, Teresa de Lauretis and American “women of color,” and their influence on historical research. The second part of the essay examines the photographs taken by several artists whose work focuses on sexual identities, such as Claude Cahun, Nan Goldin, Catherine Opie and Del LaGrace Volcano.

  5. A New Generation of Visible-Light Curing Units


    OP50 , OPI01, OP300, OP400) Danbury...6.0 x 5.875 6.00 Yes 5. OP50 1.875 x 3.0 x 4.25 3.25 No 6. OP101 2.0 x 4.250 x 3.00 3.00 No 7. OP300 2.0 x 6.875 x 4.25 4.30 No 8. OP400 5.0 x 6.25 x...Unit to wand cord length 1. Trans 8𔃺" 7𔃺" 2. Visi 610" 710" 3. Helio 6𔄀" 5󈧷 4. Pris 7𔄃" 6𔄁" 5. OP50 919" 6󈧭 6. OP101 5𔄁" 5𔃺 7. OP300 5𔄂"

  6. Fiziologija laktacije i mehanička mužnja

    Džidić, Alen


    Glavni cilj ovog članka je da opiše interakciju između fiziologije laktacije i mehaničke mužnje. To je važno da bi se izbjegli loši utjecaji (npr: mastitis, broj somatskih stanica, itd.). Dio u kojem je opisana anatomija vimena prikazuje kakvo je vime potrebno da bi ono bilo zdravo i imalo visok prinos mlijeka. Dio u kojem je opisana mehanička mužnja pokazuje parametre mužnje potrebne za dobru i jednostavnu mužnju. Glavni zaključak o interakciji između fiziologije laktacije i mehaničke mužnje...

  7. Neurological manifestations of HIV-AIDS at a tertiary care center in western Maharashtra

    Virendra C Patil


    Full Text Available Background: There is an increasing incidence of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV in India. The neurological manifestations of the disease are being seen more frequently. The nervous system is the most frequent and serious target of HIV infection. Aims and Objectives: To elucidate the spectrum of neurological involvement in patients with HIV infection at a tertiary care teaching hospital in western Maharashtra. We investigated various neurological manifestations of HIV including opportunistic infections (OPIs and non-opportunistic infections (non-OPIs. Settings and Design: This was a retrospective observational study conducted at a tertiary care center in western Maharashtra over a period of 2 years from Jan 2009 to Dec 2010. Materials and Methods: A total of 81 HIV seropositive patients of both genders, of age >18 years, with neurological manifestations admitted at a tertiary care center were studied for clinical parameters, laboratory investigations and imaging. Statistical Analysis: Data were coded by numbers and double entered in a computer software SSPE-11 trial version. Results: A total of 179 patients admitted with HIV infection, of which 81 (45.25% presented with neurological manifestations (neuro-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS], were enrolled in the study. Overall, 53 (65.43% patients were male (34 years ± 11 and 28 (34.56% were female (29 years ± 8. The male patients were outnumbered compared with the female patients, with P = 0.02. A total of 45 (55.55% patients had OPIs and 36 (44.44% patients had non-oppurtunistic neurological manifestations affecting the nervous system (P = 1573; insignificant. A total of 15 (18.51% patients had immune reconstitution syndrome on antiretroviral therapy (A total of 11 (13.58% patients had seizures, eight (9.87% had ischemic stroke, eight (9.87% had aseptic meningitis, two (2.46% had intracranial hemorrhage, two (2.46% had vacuolar myelopathy, four (4.93% had AIDS

  8. Functions of generalized bounded variation and summability of Fourier series

    D' Antonio, L.A.


    A definition is given for a Banach space of regulated functions in a manner analogous to that for functions of ordered ..lambda..-bounded variation, but using intervals of equal length and requiring that the functions satisfy a generalized continuity condition. A summability method is given that is effective on Fourier series of function in this Banach space but not on Fourier series of functions in larger such spaces. This method is defined as the convolution of a function with a kernel obtained by multiplying the Dirichlet kernel with a certain simple function, where this simple function is 2..pi..-periodic, even, and decreasing on (O,..pi..). Two methods equivalent to this method are also discussed, and analogues of the Dini test and the localization principles are proven. Finally, necessary and sufficient conditions are given for everywhere convergence and for uniform convergence of the summability method under every change of variable.

  9. Agent orange herbicides, organophosphate and triazinic pesticides analysis in olive oil and industrial oil mill waste effluents using new organic phase immunosensors.

    Martini, Elisabetta; Merola, Giovanni; Tomassetti, Mauro; Campanella, Luigi


    New immunosensors working in organic solvent mixtures (OPIEs) for the analysis of traces of different pesticides (triazinic, organophosphates and chlorurates) present in hydrophobic matrices such as olive oil were developed and tested. A Clark electrode was used as transducer and peroxidase enzyme as marker. The competitive process took place in a chloroform-hexane 50% (V/V) mixture, while the subsequent enzymatic final measurement was performed in decane and using tert-butylhydroperoxide as substrate of the enzymatic reaction. A linear response of between about 10nM and 5.0μM was usually obtained in the presence of olive oil. Recovery tests were carried out in commercial or artisanal extra virgin olive oil. Traces of pesticides were also checked in the oily matrix, in pomace and mill wastewaters from an industrial oil mill. Immunosensors show good selectivity and satisfactory precision and recovery tests performed in olive oil gave excellent results.

  10. The New Edition of Chopin’s Correspondence

    Helman-Bednarczyk Zofia


    Full Text Available Some of Fryderyk Chopin’s letters were published individually or in groups already in the 2nd half of the 19th century. With the passage of time, more letters from and to Chopin were printed in monographs dedicated to his life and work. The first editions of Chopin’s collected letters come from the 1st half of the 20th century (by Scharlitt and von Guttry in Germany, Henryk Opieński – in Poland. B.E. Sydow’s Fryderyk Chopin’s Correspondence of 1955 continues to be used as the basic source edition by Chopin biographers. It has many strong points, but has become largely outdated.

  11. Production of yogurt with enhanced levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid and valuable nutrients using lactic acid bacteria and germinated soybean extract.

    Park, Ki-Bum; Oh, Suk-Heung


    Yogurt with high levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), free amino acids and isoflavones was developed using lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and germinated soybean extract. Fermented soya milk (GABA soya yogurt) produced with starter and substrate had the GABA concentration of 424.67 microg/gDW, whereas fermented milk produced by a conventional method had GABA less than 1.5 microg/gDW. The GABA soya yogurt also contained significantly high levels of free amino acids and isoflavones compared with other conventional yogurts. The results suggested that the Lactobacillus brevis OPY-1 and germinated soybean possessed a prospect to be applied in dairy and other health products with high nutritive values and functional properties.


    Costa,Sérgio Henrique Nascente


    Drogas lícitas, como o álcool, e ilícitas, como a maconha, a cocaína, os opióides e as anfetaminas são utilizadas por milhões de pessoas no mundo. Os prejuízos à saúde ocorrem em virtude da intoxicação aguda ou crônica, e também devido às alterações comportamentais e psicomotoras que essas substâncias provocam nos usuários. Uma das situações que merecem especial atenção é o uso de drogas no ambiente de trabalho, notadamente em empresas e/ou instituições que necessitam de con...

  13. Uso abusivo de benzidamina no Brasil: uma abordagem em farmacovigilância


    p.717-724 O uso abusivo de medicamentos tem sido objeto de crescente interesse em saúde pública e geralmente veiculado na imprensa brasileira. Dentre os medicamentos, objeto de abuso e que causam dependência física e/ou psíquica, incluemse os barbitúricos, benzodiazepínicos, analgésicos opióides e anfetaminas. Os analgésicos, antitérmicos e antiinflamatórios não esteroidais, apesar de não fazerem parte dessa relação de fármacos, estão, geralmente, associados ao uso recreativo ou fins não t...

  14. Metal Stents in Management of Pancreatic Pseudocyst and Walled Off Necrosis

    Rajesh Paramasivam


    Full Text Available The science behind pancreatitis and its complications is an ever evolving and challenging field. More than two centuries after the first description of pancreatic pseudocyst by Eugene Opie, some clear consensus and guidelines have evolved. Atlanta Symposium in 1992 attempted to offer a global ‘consensus’ and a universally applicable classification system for acute pancreatitis, tough comprehensive; some of the definitions were confusing [1]. Recent data and deeper understanding of pathophysiology of organ failure and necrotising pancreatitis, and the advent of superior diagnostic imaging have propelled towards the formation of revised Atlanta classification in 2012. Local complications of acute pancreatitis among others are acute pancreatic fluid collection, pancreatic pseudocyst, acute necrotic collection and walled-off necrosis. Rarer complications are gastric outlet dysfunction, splenic and portal vein thrombosis, and colonic necrosis

  15. Ocena jakości obsługi klienta w procesie kształtowania jego satysfakcji


    Celem pracy jest analiza wybranych sposobów oceny jakości obsługi klienta w procesie kształtowania jego satysfakcji. W pracy skupiono się na istocie i zastosowaniu mystery shopping. W części teoretycznej pracy zostały przedstawione wybrane zagadnienia z zakresu marketingu usług, satysfakcji klienta, standardów obsługi klienta, a także metodologia badań satysfakcji klienta. W części praktycznej pracy znajduje się opis badania jakości obsługi klientów ING Banku Śląskiego, kt...

  16. Recursions for statistical multiple alignment.

    Hein, Jotun; Jensen, Jens Ledet; Pedersen, Christian N S


    Algorithms are presented that allow the calculation of the probability of a set of sequences related by a binary tree that have evolved according to the Thorne-Kishino-Felsenstein model for a fixed set of parameters. The algorithms are based on a Markov chain generating sequences and their alignment at nodes in a tree. Depending on whether the complete realization of this Markov chain is decomposed into the first transition and the rest of the realization or the last transition and the first part of the realization, two kinds of recursions are obtained that are computationally similar but probabilistically different. The running time of the algorithms is O(Pi id=1 Li), where Li is the length of the ith observed sequences and d is the number of sequences. An alternative recursion is also formulated that uses only a Markov chain involving the inner nodes of a tree.

  17. Model improwizacji polifonicznej na tle popularnych metod improwizacji w muzyce rozrywkowej

    Adam Fulara


    Full Text Available Artykuł składa się z dwóch części. Pierwsza z nich, bardziej ogólna, zawiera opis zjawisk związanych z improwizacją, zwłaszcza gitarową, z wyszczególnieniem problemów wykonawczych stojących przed improwizatorem. Dwa punkty widzenia zostały przedstawione: pierwszy, szczegółowy, opisuje po kolei elementy muzyki i ich znaczenie w procesie improwizacji, drugi bardziej ogólny mówi o zjawiskach, których nie da się opisać, ani analizować w prosty sposób, bądź są inne w przypadku każdego utworu. Należy do nich interakcja pomiędzy członkami zespołu, wyrażanie emocji poprzez muzykę i problematykę poszukiwań własnego głosu w sztuce. Ta część zawiera jeszcze opis trzech zupełnie różnych podejść do improwizacji na gitarze. Pierwsza to wykorzystanie centrum tonalnego (wzbogaconego napięciami dominantowymi, druga metoda polega na połączeniu harmonii utworu ze stosowanymi skalami (stosowana w muzyce fusion, trzecia polega na ścisłym wykorzystaniu dźwięków akordowych w improwizacji bez stosowania skal (charakterystyczna dla muzyki bebop. Druga część tekstu zawiera opis szczególnego rodzaju improwizacji polifonicznej z wykorzystaniem tappingu oburęcznego na gitarze. Model ten stoi w opozycji do trzech wcześniej przedstawionych sposobów rozumienia improwizacji gitarowej. System opiera się zarówno na metodach stosowanych w polifonii renesansu i baroku (m. in. melodia wiodąca Cantus Firmus, reguły kontrapunktu, jak i na założeniach jednogłosowej improwizacji bebopowej (wykorzystanie dźwięków wiodących, rozwiązania charakterystyczne dla czterodźwięków naturalnych. Opis ten nawiązuje do pierwszej części artykułu, grupując zagadnienia wokół poszczególnych elementów dzieła muzycznego. Ta część zawiera uwagi i spostrzeżenia zebrane w ciągu ośmiu lat poszukiwań własnej drogi muzycznej autora.

  18. The new control system of HLS linac and transport line

    LIU Gong-Fa; LI Wei-Min; LI Jing-Yi; LI Chuan; CHEN Li-Ping; BAO Xun; WANG Ji-Gang; XUAN Ke


    The new linac and transport line control system of Hefei Light Source (HLS) is a distributed control system based on EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System). Industrial PC (IPC) is widely used as not only Input/Output Controller (IOC) but also device controller. Besides industrial PC, PLC and microcontroller are also used as device controllers. The software for industrial PC based device controller is developed based on VxWorks real-time operating system. The software for PLC and microcontroller are written with ladder software package and assemble language, respectively. PC with Linux and SUN workstation with Solaris are used as operator interfaces (OPI). High level control is made up of some EPICS tools and Tcl/Tk scripts.

  19. Development of an Integrated Performance Model for TRISO-Coated Gas Reactor Particle Fuel

    Petti, David Andrew; Miller, Gregory Kent; Martin, David George; Maki, John Thomas


    The success of gas reactors depends upon the safety and quality of the coated particle fuel. The understanding and evaluation of this fuel requires development of an integrated mechanistic fuel performance model that fully describes the mechanical and physico-chemical behavior of the fuel particle under irradiation. Such a model, called PARFUME (PARticle Fuel ModEl), is being developed at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory. PARFUME is based on multi-dimensional finite element modeling of TRISO-coated gas reactor fuel. The goal is to represent all potential failure mechanisms and to incorporate the statistical nature of the fuel. The model is currently focused on carbide, oxide nd oxycarbide uranium fuel kernels, while the coating layers are the classical IPyC/SiC/OPyC. This paper reviews the current status of the mechanical aspects of the model and presents results of calculations for irradiations from the New Production Modular High Temperature Gas Reactor program.

  20. Exploring a Novel Mechanism of Docetaxel Resistance in Prostate Cancer


    pros~ tto ~:"’OW" DTX ~fi!!S IU ~~~be JetiVII"/ fly 1."\\1’~ I’Mte!~o~~.Ja ~!IOI"t, \\lo’t);ch ruds 10 G4,.11. ot1 ~ ~•• u4 ·~~’ ~~ Howt-Y.,, 1":虫...P’Cilla o.I!J ttO ’+- DTX· .-.o~ cytot~ty &.’let G2;Mtn.tOCJC ll’l’ttt F ... ~t. l~ ey!Opi’«~Wt ... Kt ~r CXCl t2 W.JJ ’-*’ ~1’#𔃻 Pl"•trt

  1. Importância da avaliação e padronização analgésica em serviços de emergência Importancia de la evaluación y estandartización analgésica en servicios de emergencia Importance of pain evaluation and standardization of analgesic medication in emergency services

    Ana Marial Calil


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Conhecer a medicação antiálgica utilizada em pacientes que sofreram acidentes de transporte, o padrão analgésico e pontuar a intensidade da dor. MÉTODOS: Estudo descritivo, exploratório e longitudinal com abordagem quantitativa, que abrangeu 100 pacientes envolvidos em acidentes de transporte admitidos para tratamento em hospital referência para trauma. RESULTADOS: A dor foi identificada em 90,0% dos pacientes, sendo as de forte e média intensidade as mais frequentes; não se encontrou prescrição antiálgica em 48% dos casos. Maior uso medicamentoso foi encontrado em vítimas com lesões em membros e nos sete casos em que a dor foi totalmente aliviada, 5 (66,7% foram utilizados opióides. CONCLUSÃO: A dor é um fenômeno comum associado ao trauma com sub-tratamento e sub-avaliação em nosso meio, e o uso de opióides para dores reconhecidamente muito intensas ainda é um recurso pouco utilizado na emergência, mesmo em pacientes hemodinamicamente estáveis e com Escala de Coma de Gasglow=15.OBJETIVOS: Conocer los medicamentos antiálgicos utilizados en pacientes que sufrieron accidentes de transporte, conocer el estándar analgésico y dar puntajes a la intensidad del dolor. MÉTODOS: Estudio descriptivo, exploratorio y longitudinal con abordaje cuantitativo, que comprendió 100 pacientes que sufrieron accidentes de transporte y fueron admitidos para tratamiento en un hospital de referencia para tratamiento de traumas. RESULTADOS: El dolor fue identificado en 90,0% de los pacientes, siendo los dolores más frecuentes los de fuerte y media intensidad; no se encontró prescripción antiálgica en 48% de los casos. El mayor uso medicamentoso fue encontrado en víctimas con lesiones en miembros y entre los siete casos en que el dolor fue totalmente aliviado, en 5 (66,7% fueron utilizados opiáceos. CONCLUSIÓN: El dolor es un fenómeno común asociado al trauma con sub-tratamiento y sub-evaluación en nuestro medio, y el uso

  2. Ocena vpliva znanja zaposlenih v zdravstveni negi na obravnavo mladostnikov s samopoškodovalnim vedenjem

    Pintar Babič, Matejka


    Z izrazom nesamomorilno samopoškodovalno vedenje opišemo namerno povzročanje poškodb lastnega telesa na način, ki ni družbeno sprejemljiv in nima samomorilnega namena. Najpogostejše je v obdobju mladostništva. Posameznikom prinaša različne ugodnosti, načeloma pa služi kot način lajšanja notranjih napetosti. Večina mladostnikov, ki se samopoškodujejo, to storijo z namenom, da bi se pomirili, sprostili in ponovno zmogli nadzorovati svojo čustveno stisko. Prve zapise o samopoškodovalnem vedenju ...

  3. La cannabis.

    José Vicente Stalrich Canet


    Full Text Available En los últimos 20 ó 30 años hemos visto nuevos tipos de drogas que anteriormente no existían en nuestro mundo occidental o bien tenían una difusión bastante localizada y estable; me refiero, sobre todo, a los psicofármacos, los opiáceos y la cannabis corno las más importantes sin olvidar, no obstante, otras también actuales: los alucinógenos (sintéticos y naturales, inhalantes, etc. Estas nuevas r drogas conviven en nuestra sociedad con las otras más clásicas y generadoras de multitud de problemas como son el alcohol y el tabaco

  4. La cannabis.

    José Vicente Stalrich Canet


    En los últimos 20 ó 30 años hemos visto nuevos tipos de drogas que anteriormente no existían en nuestro mundo occidental o bien tenían una difusión bastante localizada y estable; me refiero, sobre todo, a los psicofármacos, los opiáceos y la cannabis corno las más importantes sin olvidar, no obstante, otras también actuales: los alucinógenos (sintéticos y naturales), inhalantes, etc. Estas nuevas r drogas conviven en nuestra sociedad con las otras más clásicas y generadoras de multitud de pro...

  5. Asistencia a las urgencias psiquiátricas en Albacete.

    Miguel Abia Cuchillo


    Full Text Available Se han examinado las características de los pacientes atendidos en la Unidad de Urgencias Psiquiátricas de Albacete durante el año 1990. De los datos obtenidos destacan: 1 Los trastornos por alcohol y opiáceos fueron el grupo más numeroso, con casi un tercio de las urgencias. 2 Casi los dos tercios de las urgencias estuvieron entre las edades de 15 a 40 años. 3 Casi la cuarta parte de las mismas se quedaron ingresadas en la Unidad de Hospitalización Psiquiátrica. Y 4 La escasa incidencia de las urgencias enviadas por el juez.

  6. Estudo da atividade antidiarréica e antisecretória intestinal do látex do Croton urucurana Baill

    Luilma Albuquerque Gurgel


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem por objetivo avaliar uma possível atividade antidiarréica e anti-secretória intestinal do látex do Croton urucurana Baill. justificando seu uso como antidiarréico. Foram utilizados os modelos animais de diarréia induzida por óleo de rícino e secreção intestinal induzida pela toxina da cólera. Os resultados sugerem que o látex apresenta atividade antidiarréica, confirmando seu uso popular. Muito embora seu mecanismo de ação não seja claro, seu efeito é independente da participação de mecanismo opióide ou nitriérgico.

  7. Técnicas de anestesia loco-regional en la clínica felina

    Cervantes, S.


    El desarrollo de la cirugía y el control del dolor producido por ésta hacen muy útil la aplicación de técnicas de anestesia local en la especie felina. Las características diferenciales de esta especie hacen necesario que se conozca detalladamente los fármacos y las técnicas utilizadas para que su aplicación sea útil e inocua. En una primera parte del artículo profundizaremos en los principales fármacos utilizados (opiáceos, alfa2-agonistas y anestésicos locales) y en sus propiedades; en la s...

  8. Aptitud física y educación: su estudio y aplicabilidad en el ámbito de la educación secundaria

    Martínez-López, Emilio José


    El punto de partida de este trabajo de investigación, tiene como núcleo principal la evaluación de la condición física en la educación física de las enseñanzas medias. La hipótesis principal, se origina en la consideración de que para llevar a cabo dicha evaluación se deben aplicar al alumnado pruebas de aptitud física. La estructura de este trabajo presenta cuatro objetivos principales: 1,- Conocer la calidad de las pruebas de aptitud física aplicables en educación física. 2,- Conocer la opi...

  9. Ketamina en el manejo del dolor refractario por cáncer

    Karla Sofía Vargas Rumoroso


    Full Text Available Los pacientes con cáncer presentan dolor en el rango entre moderado e intenso durante el transcurso de su enfermedad, principalmente en la etapa terminal. La escalera analgésica de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS se ha empleado como guía terapéutica para tratar a estos pacientes; utiliza tres grupos de fármacos: opiáceos, antiinflamatorios no esteroideos (AINES y coadyuvantes. Dentro de estos últimos se encuentra la ketamina, un derivado fenciclidínico que interactúa con los receptores N-metil-D-aspartato (NMDA. Tradicionalmente ha sido utilizado como inductor de la anestesia general, y en dosis subanestésicas se emplea para el tratamiento del dolor refractario al uso de opioides.

  10. The potential toxicity of diazinon on physiological factors in male rat.

    Alahyary, P; Poor, M Ilkhani; Azarbaijani, F Fathy; Nejati, V


    Diazinon is an Organophosphate Insecticide (OPI) is commonly used in agriculture to protect of crops and to control pests in home gardens and farms. Many alterations observed by diazinon have been described, such as; alterations in blood factors (RBC, Hb and Hct), plasma testosterone and glucose levels. We selected 12 albino Wistar rats weighting between 220-280 g were divided into two experimental groups, as follow, control group and diazinon treated group. The effects of diazinon, on rat interstitial cell testosterone production, blood factors and plasma glucose levels were evaluated. Male rats were treated orally with a single dose of 1/4 LD50 of diazinon. Animals received treatment for 28 days. Present results indicated that in diazinon treated group, plasma glucose and testosterone levels increased compared to control. Also in diazinon group, reduce of blood factors were observed than control. In conclusion, diazinon disturbs the synthesis of testosterone and glucose release from liver into blood and it led to anemia.

  11. Dor neuropática induzida : efeito da natação sobre a alodinia mecânica, serotonina e CGRP (peptídeo relacionado ao gene da calcitonina) no corno dorsal da medula espinhal de ratos


    O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar os efeitos de um protocolo de natação sobre a alodinia mecânica e possíveis alterações no corno dorsal da medula espinhal de ratos machos adultos com dor neuropática crônica experimental, induzida por constrição crônica do nervo ciático. No experimento 1 foi testado o efeito do protocolo de natação na produção de analgesia e se este é mediado pelo sistema opióide endógeno em ratos com dor muscular crônica experimental. No experimento 2, estudou-se o efeito...

  12. Identification of surveillance and control priority areas for dengue and other arboviruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti in Natal-RN, Brazil: experience report.

    Barbosa, Isabelle Ribeiro; Tavares, Alessandre de Medeiros; Torres, Úrsula Priscila da Silva; Nascimento, Carlos André do; Moura, Márcia Cristina Bernardo de Melo; Vieira, Valderi Barbosa; Araújo, Josélio Maria Galvão de; Gama, Renata Antonacci


    to report the vigi@dengue experience, held in the municipality of Natal-RN, Brazil, from October/2015 to May/2016. entomological indicators were obtained from the oviposition traps, epidemiological indicators from notifications on the online Information System for Notifiable Diseases (Sinan-dengue), active search for cases and viral RNA detection (RTq-PCR) in arthropods and human serum samples; risk levels have been created based on these indicators; categories of interventions for each risk level have been established. early identification of epidemics in three areas of the municipality, with guidance for field work for the most vulnerable areas; the municipality presented ovitrap positivity index (OPI) of 40% and eggs density index (EDI) of 51 eggs/ovitraps; identification of CHIKV, DENV-1 and DENV-3 in Natal-RN. the strategy identified the early emergence of epidemics in specific locations; it was helpful in the guidance of control measures for the areas of major risk.

  13. Insights into the Deactivation of 5-Bromouracil after UV Excitation

    Peccati, Francesca; González, Leticia


    5-Bromouracil is a nucleobase analogue that can replace thymine in DNA strands and acts as a strong radiosensitizer, with potential applications in molecular biology and cancer therapy. Here, the deactivation of 5-bromouracil after UV irradiation is investigated in the singlet and triplet manifold by accurate quantum chemistry calculations and nonadiabatic dynamics simulations. It is found that after irradiation to the bright 1pipi* state, three main relaxation pathways are in principle possible: relaxation back to the ground state, intersystem crossing, and C-Br photodissociation. Based on accurate MS-CASPT2 optimizations, we propose that ground state relaxation should be the predominant deactivation pathway in gas phase. We then employ different electronic structure methods to assess their suitability to carry out excited-state dynamics simulations. MRCIS was used in surface hopping simulations to compute the ultrafast intersystem crossing dynamics, which mostly involves the 1nOpi* and 3pipi* states.

  14. Incidência de infecção em pacientes com cateter peridural tunelizado Incidencia de infección en pacientes con cateter peridural tunelizado Infection incidence in patients with tunneled peridural catheter

    Maria Cecilia Iksilara


    Full Text Available O cateter peridural tunelizado como via de administração de opiáceos vem sendo utilizado desde o início de 1980. Pacientes com dor crônica, que não obtêm alívio com medicamentos por outras vias, são muito beneficiados com infusão de opiáceo associado a um anestésico local por via peridural. Entretanto, ainda existem dúvidas sobre a eficácia do método, no manuseio e, conseqüentemente, quanto ao risco de infecção e outras complicações. Sendo a equipe de enfermagem fundamental para efetivar o tratamento para o alívio da dor, esse estudo propõe demonstrar como manter a técnica segura. Foram acompanhados 27 pacientes com dor crônica entre 2002 e 2004, que utilizaram o cateter peridural por 18 dias em média, implantados em nível torácico ou lombar. Não houve complicações como abcesso peridural, meningite ou hematoma peridural. A satisfação dos pacientes quanto a analgesia foi evidente.El cateter peridural tunelizado, como via de administración de opióides, es utilizado desde el comienzo de 1980. Pacientes con dolor crónico, que no tienen alivio con medicamentos por otras vias, son muy beneficiados con la administración de opióides, asociados a un anestésico local por via peridural. Sin embargo, aún existen dudas sobre la eficacia del método, en el manejo y, como consecuencia, en el riesgo de infección y otras complicaciones. Siendo el equipo de enfermería fundamental para ejecutar el tratamiento para alivio del dolor, esto estudio se propone a presentar como mantener la técnica segura. Vinte y siete pacientes con dolor crónica, entre 2002 a 2004, que utilizarón el cateter peridural por 18 dias en media, fuerón seguidos. Los cateteres fuerón implantados al nivele toracico o lumbar. No se presentaran complicaciones como absceso peridural, meningitis o hematoma peridural. La satisfacción de los pacientes quanto analgesia fué evidente.The tunneled epidural catheter as an administration access for opiates

  15. 且跳且乐,在家里邂逅肚皮舞



    初夏,张女士看着女友们的小蛮腰像柳条一样纤细柔美,心中有些失落,因为她腹部的“救生圈”让自己没有试穿新衣服的勇气。后来,闺密告诉她一个既减肥又健身的方法——在家跳肚皮舞。关于肚皮舞的起源有很多说法,传说3500年前埃及的古壁画就有类似肚皮舞的图画。阿拉伯称它为Raks Sharki(东方之舞),中东、中亚称之为Belly Dance,土耳其称之为Gobek darts。而张女士学习的是最简单的家庭肚皮舞。

  16. Montesquieu a pénzről, az árfolyamokról és az államadósságról

    Csató, Katalin


    Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat (1689-1755) A törvények szelleméről című híres művében néhány fejezetet szentelt a pénz szerepének. E tanulmány rekonstruálni igyekszik Montesquieu nézetrendszerét a pénzről, az árakról, a pénzkínálat és az árak összefüggéséről, a kereskedelemi mérlegek és a (váltó)árfolyam kapcsolatáról, az államadósságról. Montesquieu a korabeli vitákban azok oldalán állt, akik az állam eladósodottságának mértékét veszélyesnek tartották. Több tervezetet, "pénzügyi trük...




    The much anticipated RHIC spin physics program will commence this fall when the first physics run with colliding beams of polarized protons is expected. More specifically, the planned year-1 RHIC-Spin measurements are (1) the double-spin asymmetry A{sub LL}{sup {pi}} in production of pions by collisions of longitudinally polarized protons (in order to obtain first information on the proton's spin-dependent gluon density, {Delta}g); (2) the transverse single-spin asymmetry A{sub N}{sup {pi}} for pion production. These two reactions provided part of the motivation for our workshop. On the first day there were informative talks on the specific plans of STAR (by Rakness) and PHENIX (by Goto) for the polarized run of Year-1. Some of the theoretical questions related to the double-spin asymmetry A{sub LL}{sup {pi}} were discussed on the first day by Vogelsang and Kretzer, which centered mostly around the questions of how well the unpolarized fragmentation functions are known, the need for next-to-leading order calculations, and on how sensitive the asymmetry is to the possible {Delta}g distributions. Vetterli presented HERMES measurements of fragmentation functions, which overlap in Q{sup 2} with the future lower-p{sub T} measurements at RHIC.

  18. Prognosis of probability of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations carriage in women with compromised family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer.

    Rybchenko, L A; Bychkova, A M; Skyban, G V; Klymenko, S V


    Obtjazhenist' simejnogo anamnezu shhodo raku molochnoi' zalozy ta/abo raku jajechnykiv mozhe svidchyty pro nosijstvo mutacii' v BRCA1 ta BRCA2 genah. Meta: ocinyty ta porivnjaty mozhlyvosti Manchesters'koi' bal'noi' systemy, algorytmu Penn II ta Myriad na indyvidual'nomu rivni vidriznjaty pacijentiv z mutacijeju BRCA1/2 ta osib bez mutantnyh alelej sered ukrai'ns'kyh zhinok z rannim rozvytkom raku molochnoi' zalozy ta/abo obtjazhenym simejnym anamnezom shhodo raku molochnoi' zalozy ta/abo raku jajechnykiv. Material ta metody doslidzhennja. Materialom doslidzhennja sluguvaly rezul'taty genealogichnogo, molekuljarno-genetychnogo ta kliniko-morfologichnogo obstezhennja 44 osib, hvoryh na rak molochnoi' zalozy, z rannim rozvytkom zahvorjuvannja abo z obtjazhenym simejnym anamnezom shhodo onkologichnoi' patologii' molochnoi' zalozy ta/abo jajechnykiv. Vyznachennja najbil'sh imovirnyh nosii'v mutacij BRCA1 i BRCA2 sered obstezhenyh zhinok provodyly za dopomogoju tr'oh vyshhezgadanyh algorytmiv. Rezul'taty ta vysnovky. Manchesters'ka bal'na systema maje krashhu zdatnist' na indyvidual'nomu rivni vidriznjaty pacijentiv z mutacijeju ta osib bez mutantnyh alelej. Ploshha pid kryvoju Manchesters'koi' bal'noi' systemy skladaje 0,84, Penn II – 0,66, Myriad – 0,68.


    J. Hauser


    The CSC detector continued to operate well during the March-June 2011 period. As the luminosity has climbed three orders of magnitude, the currents drawn in the CSC high-voltage system have risen correspondingly, and the current trip thresholds have been increased from 1 μA to 5 μA (and 20 in ME1/1 chambers). A possible concern is that a long-lasting and undesirable corona is capable of drawing about 1 μA, and thus may not be detected by causing current trips; on the other hand it is easily dealt with by cycling HV when detected. To better handle coronas, software is being developed to better detect them, although a stumbling block is the instability of current measurements in some of the channels of the CAEN supplies used in ME1/1. A survey of other issues faced by the CSC Operations team was discussed at the 8th June 2011 CSC Operations/DPG meeting (Rakness). The most important issues, i.e. those that have caused a modest amount of downtime, are all being actively addressed. These are:...

  20. Shrimp arginine kinase being a binding protein of WSSV envelope protein VP31

    Ma, Cuiyan; Gao, Qiang; Liang, Yan; Li, Chen; Liu, Chao; Huang, Jie


    Viral entry into the host is the earliest stage of infection in the viral life cycle in which attachment proteins play a key role. VP31 (WSV340/WSSV396), an envelope protein of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV), contains an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) peptide domain known as a cellular attachment site. At present, the process of VP31 interacting with shrimp host cells has not been explored. Therefore, the VP31 gene was cloned into pET30a (+), expressed in Escherichia coli strain BL21 and purified with immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography. Four gill cellular proteins of shrimp ( Fenneropenaeus chinensis) were pulled down by an affinity column coupled with recombinant VP31 (rVP31), and the amino acid sequences were identified with MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry. Hemocyanin, beta-actin, arginine kinase (AK), and an unknown protein were suggested as the putative VP31 receptor proteins. SDS-PAGE showed that AK is the predominant binding protein of VP31. An i n vitro binding activity experiment indicated that recombinant AK's (rAK) binding activity with rVP31 is comparable to that with the same amount of WSSV. These results suggested that AK, as a member of the phosphagen kinase family, plays a role in WSSV infection. This is the first evidence showing that AK is a binding protein of VP31. Further studies on this topic will elucidate WSSV infection mechanism in the future.


    Effi Damayanti


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat respon Trichogaster trichopterus terhadap larva Aedes aegypti, kajian serangan dilakukan dengan cara respon fungsional yaitu kemampuan pemangsa dalam mengendalikan kepadatan populasi mangsanya. Hal ini sangat dipengaruhi oleh jumlah mangsanya dan pemangsa akan semakin mudah memakan mangsanya jika mangsanya ada dalam jumlah yang banyak. Untuk mengetahui kemampuan pemangsa dalam menurunkan kepadatan populasi mangsanya, dapat dilihat dari respon fungsionalnya. Dalam hal ini yang dimaksud dengan respon fungsional adalah suatu kemampuan pemangsa untuk mengendalikan kepadatan populasi mangsa, pada waktu tertentu. Pada penelitian ini menggunakan rancangan penelitian RAK-Faktorial, yang terdiri dari tiga faktor (perlakuan yaitu ukuran T. trichopterus, jumlah instar, dan instar terhadap kemampuan makan serta kecepatan memangsa ikon tersebut. Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan T. trichopterus mempunyai kemampuan makan maksimal pada instrar II dan sebaliknya paling rendah pada pemberian instar IV. T. trichopterus termasuk kedalam respon fungsional kepadatan populasi mangsa tipe I bila dilihat dari cara makannya yang mengambil mangsanya dengan cara menghisap. T. trichopterus ini dalam mengubah kepadatan populasi mangsanya berbeda-beda, sebab semakin lama waktu yang diperlukan untuk mendapatkan, memakan dan mencerna (TH semakin kecil koefisien serangannya. Dilihat dari ukuran ikon ternyata T. trichopterus yang berukuran 4 cm menunjukkan kemampuan makan yang tinggi bila dibandingkan dengan T. trichopterus ukuran 2 cm dan 3 cm sehingga dapat dijadikan kontrol laju pertumbuhan populasi larva Ae. aegypti.  Kata Kunci: respon fungsional, pengendali hayati, Trichogaster trichopterus, Aedes aegypti

  2. Strategies for reactor safety: Preventing loss of coolant accidents. Final report

    Lydell, B.O.Y. [RSA Technoligies, Vista (United States)


    This final report on the NKS/RAK-1.2 summarizes the main features of the PIFRAP PC-program and its intended implementation. Regardless of the preferred technical approach to LOCA frequency estimation, the analysis approach must include recognition of the following technical issues: (a) Degradation and failure mechanisms potentially affecting piping systems within the reactor coolant pressure boundary (RCPB) and the potential consequences; (b) In-service inspection practices and how they influence piping reliability; and (c) The service experience with piping systems. The report consists of six sections and one appendix. A Nordic perspective on LOCA and nuclear safety is given. It includes summaries of results from research in material sciences and current regulatory philosophies regarding piping reliability. A summary of the LOCA concept is applied in Nordic PSA studies. It includes a discussion on deterministic and probabilistic views on LOCA. The R and D on piping reliability by SKI and the PIFRAP model is summarized. Next, Section 6 presents conclusion and recommendations. Finally, Appendix A contains a list of abbreviations and acronyms, together with a glossary of technical terms. (EG) 16 refs.


    Dwi Sunarto


    Full Text Available Uji  ketahanan beberapa galur kapas (Gossypium hirsutum terhadap  penggerek buah Helicoverpa armigera (Hǖbner dilaksanakan di laboratorium Entomologi Balai Penelitian Tanaman Pemanis dan Serat Malang pada bulan Januari sampai dengan Mei 2011. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi ketahanan beberapa galur kapas hasil radiasi terhadap penggerek buah H. armigera.  Perlakuan disusun menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK yang terdiri atas empat galur hasil radiasi yaitu galur IA, 2A, 4A, dan 2C, dua varietas hasil radiasi yaitu Karisma, NIAB, dan dua varietas hasil pemuliaan konvensional yaitu Kanesia 10 dan Kanesia 15.  Setiap perlakuan diulang 3 kali.  Pengujian dilakukan dengan cara uji pakan (feeding assay daun, kuncup daun, dan buah muda sesuai dengan perkembangan larva H. armigera.  Larva instar I, instar II-III, dan instar IV-V berturut-turut diberikan daun muda, kuncup bunga, dan buah muda. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa galur kapas nomor 1A, 2A, 4A, dan 4C merupakan galur yang toleran terhadap H. armigera.  Kata kunci : Gossypium hirsutum, Helicoverpa armigera,   ketahanan  varietas.


    Ardiansyah Rozaki


    Full Text Available Lokasi pemeliharaan rumput laut pada jarak yang berbeda akan dipengaruhi oleh parameter oceanografi. Rumput laut memiliki syarat hidup pada kondisi yang baik dan mendukung pertumbuhan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui morfologi sel dan rumput laut terhadap jarak lokasi pemeliharaan berbeda pada rumput laut jenis Kappaphycus alvarezii di desa Lobuk, kecamatan Bluto, kabupaten Sumenep. Pemeliharaan Kappaphycus alvarezii menggunakan  metode rakit apung  sebanyak 3 buah diletakkan pada jarak 300 m, 600 m, 900 m. Rancangan percobaan menggunakan RAK kemudian hasil dianalisis dengan sidik ragam untuk mengetahui perbedaan perlakuan. Hasil penelitian didapatkan rata – rata panjang thallus utama rumput laut 13,85 cm (300 m, 13,58 cm (600 m, 14,26 cm (900 m. Rata – rata diameter thallus utama rumput laut 10,19 mm (300 m, 9,97 mm (600 m, 10 mm (900 m. Kemudian untuk hasil ADG, diperoleh 2,43 % (300 m, 3,09 % (600 m, 3,46 % (900 m. Berdasarkan hasil analisis sidik ragam menunjukkan bahwa  morfologi sel dan morfologi rumput laut tidak menunjukkan perbedaaan yang nyata dari setiap jarak lokasi pemeliharaan. Jarak lokasi pemeliharaan 300 m dari garis pantai masih layak digunakan untuk pembudidayaan rumput laut.Kata Kunci: jarak lokasi, morfologi , Kappaphycus alvarezii


    apri dwi anggo


    Full Text Available Terasi merupakan produk fermentasi udang dengan penambahan garam. Fermentasi dengan garam menyebabkan perombakan protein menjadi asam amino misalnya asam glutamat sebagai penghasil cita rasa khas terasi. Kadar garam dan lama fermentasi merupakan faktor penting pada proses pembuatan terasi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh perbedaan konsentrasi garam dan lama fermentasi terhadap kualitas terasi rebon terutama kandungan asam glutamat. Bahan baku yang digunakan pada penelitian ini adalah rebon (Acetes sp. kering tawar dengan panjang ±2 cm per ekor. Perlakuan garam dengan konsentrasi 2%, 8,5%, 15% dan lama fermentasi (8 hari dan 32 hari. Metode penelitian menggunakan metode experimental field dengan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK pola split plot in time 3 kali ulangan. Parameter yang diuji meliputi organoleptik, pH, kadar protein, asam glutamat, kadar air dan profil asam amino. Parameter kadar protein, asam glutamat dan profil asam amino pada fermentasi hari ke 32 yang diamati hanya perlakuan konsentrasi kadar garam terbaik pada hari ke 8. Nilai organoleptik terasi berkisar antara 7,65-8,32 artinya produk tersebut dapat diterima konsumen. Nilai pH Nilai pH terasi rebon berkisar antara 7,09 sampai 7,89. Konsentrasi garam 2% pada terasi rebon menghasilkan kadar protein dan asam glutamat tertinggi yaitu 47,14%+0,20 (dry base. Asam amino yang dominan pada terasi rebon adalah asam glutamat dan asam aspartat. Lama fermentasi menyebabkan penurunan asam glutamat terasi rebon.Kata kunci: asam glutamat, fermentasi, garam, rebon


    E Ernawati


    Full Text Available Research was conducted on the effects of the treatment liquid smoke sensory properties and microstructure of fish smoked sausage catfish (Clarias gariepinus. Research using randomized block design (RAK the treated liquid smoke concentration and length of immersion in liquid smoke. Chemical analysis includes the measurement of water content, protein content, fat content and phenol. Organoleptic analysis includes taste, flavor, color and texture using preference level (Hedonic Scale. The results obtained showed that the catfish fish sausage liquid smoke concentration of 20% and 30 minutes immersion time is best treated with a score of 0.67, and 62.56 on the analysis of water content, fat content 12.33 ± 0.61%, and phenol 292.74 ppm. Penetration of liquid smoke clearly visible on the microstructure of smoked sausage, both on the best treatment sausage and smoked sausage commercial. Overall penetration is formed on the surface of the sausage and closing most of its surface, forming a layer on the surface of the sausage. 2.500x magnification SEM microstructure shows that the best smoked sausage has a structure of emulsion more evenly with globules are smaller and smoother than smokeless and smoked sausage commercial.Key Words: catfish, liquid smoke, scanning electron microscope

  7. Serapan Fosfor dan Pertumbuhan Kedelai(Glycine max pada Tanah Ultisol dengan Pemberian Asam Humat

    Wahyuningsih Wahyuningsih


    Full Text Available Ultisol merupakan salah satu jenis tanah asam yang memiliki kelarutan Al, Fe, dan Mn tinggi, serta kandungan P dan Moyang rendah. KelarutanAl dan Fe yangtinggiakan menjerap fosfat, sehingga ketersediaan dan serapan P bagi tanaman menjadi rendah. Salah satu upaya untuk mengatasi ketidaktersediaan P pada tanah Ultisol yaitu dengan penambahan asam humat. Asam humat merupakan makromolekul polielektrolit yang memiliki gugus fungsional seperti -COOH, -OH fenolat, maupun -OH alkoholat,sehingga asam humat memiliki kemampuan untuk membentuk kompleks dengan ion logam. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan tujuan untuk: (1 mengetahui pengaruh asam humat terhadap serapan P dan pertumbuhan tanaman kedelai (2 menentukan konsentrasi asam humat yang paling baikdalam meningkatkan serapan P dan pertumbuhan tanaman kedelai. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah eksperimental dengan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK. Pengelompokan didasarkan atas perbedaan intensitas cahaya yang ada di rumah kaca. Perlakuan berupa konsentrasi asam humat, dengan 5 konsentrasi yang berbeda yaitu 0 ppm, 400 ppm, 800 ppm, 1200 ppm dan 1600 ppm. Parameter yang diukur meliputi tinggi tanaman, luas daun, bobot basah, dan bobot kering, P tersedia serta P tanaman. Data yang diperoleh dianalisis menggunakananalisis ragam pada tingkat kepercayaan 95% dan 99%. Apabila hasil perlakuan berpengaruh nyata, maka dilanjutkan dengan uji Beda Nyata Terkecil (BNT. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa asam humat berpengaruh terhadap serapan P dan pertumbuhan kedelai pada tanah Ultisol. Asam humat 1200 ppm merupakan perlakuan paling baik dalam meningkatkan ketersediaan P, sehingga mampu meningkatkanpertumbuhan kedelai pada tanah Ultisol.


    Irham Falahudin


    Full Text Available Fish as a source of animal protein has several advantages over other animal protein sources, one source of animal protein that is Dumbo catfish. Dumbo catfish fish including fish which is most easily accepted by society. This study aimed to determine the effect of feeding on African catfish (Clarias gariepinus using chicken intestine and tofu on the growth of catfish. This study was conducted on August 24, 2015 until 24 September 2015. The parameters observed in this study were weight and length. The study was conducted using a randomized block design (RAK with 4 treatments and 4 groups: feeding by comparing the administration of fish feed manufactured in the form of pellets 100% (control, feed chicken intestines 100%, the feed pulp out of 100%, and chicken intestine feed pulp 50% + 50% Fish test with a weight of 20 grams and 12 cm. With other factors such as pH and temperature equated water. Feeding 2 times a day for 30 days of maintenance. The results showed that there was significant difference between the treatment given to the growth of the weight and length of catfish, feed A1 (chicken intestine 100% gave the best growth of the African catfish and significantly different from other treatments (P <0.05. Absolute growth of 39.1 grams with a length of 31,2 cm

  9. Revised OPTSA Model. Volume 2. Computer Program Documentation


    Definition BS(2,3) RS(2,3) TY,MS BANF (2,3) TY,MS RANF(2,3) TY,MS Blue sorties, by aircraft type and mission. Red sorties, by aircraft type and...CAMVAH/ vhuBSiVHUBNSiVHKoS.VHKEisS INTESE" TY,rvBtlYrt DIMENSION bANF li,J),RANF(2,3) Fl« (Ul ■ Ai-Al«ML0li(A*)«A’»»«a.A5»AL0G(_«6)»A6o»u F24 CJl» -Aj...BiKAA(TY.MS)/SWb RAK^AA(TYiMb)«HiiKAA(TViMS)/SHH BAlTYiMSl«BAlIYiMS)- BANF (TY.MSI-bAF8(TYfMSI-BAKAA(TYtHSl HA(TYlMS»»HAlTYiMS)-MANF(tY»MS»-KAFBlTY|HSi

  10. Pengaruhh konsentrasi larutan gula terhadap karakteristik manisan kering tomat (Lycopersicum esculentum



    Full Text Available Buntaran W, Astirin PA, Mahajoeno M. 20011. Pengaruh konsentrasi larutan gula terhadap karakteristik manisan kering tomat (Lycopersicum esculentum. Bioteknologi 8: 1-9. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mempelajari pengaruh perendaman dalam larutan gula terhadap karakteristik manisan tomat kering dan untuk menetapkan konsentrasi larutan gula yang tepat sehingga dihasilkan manisan tomat kering dengan karakteristik yang baik. Rancangan percobaan yang digunakan adalah Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK yang terdiri dari empat perlakuan dengan enam kali ulangan. Perlakuan yang digunakan adalah konsentrasi larutan gula dimana untuk kelompok A (40%, B (50%, C (60% dan D (70%, selama 18 jam. Variabel yang diamati adalah kandungan air, abu, vitamin C dan uji organoleptik meliputi rasa, warna, aroma serta uji tekstur. Data dianalisis menggunakan Anova (Analisis of Variance dilanjutkan dengan uji DMRT (Duncan Multiple Range Test. Hasil penelitiaan menunjukkan bahwa konsentrasi larutan gula berpengaruh terhadap kandungan air, kandungan abu, kandungan vitamin C, tekstur serta warna,rasa dan aroma manisan. Manisan tomat kering kelompok A (40% relatif lebih baik dengan kandungan air 24,20%%, kandungan abu 0,62% dan vitamin C 31,15 mg/100 g. Syarat mutu kandungan manisan kering buah-buahan maximal 25% (SII No.0718¬2003, kandunggan abu bahan makanan maximal 1,0% (SII 0272.90 dan dan kandungan vitamin C tidak banyak berkurang dimana pada tomat adalah 30-40 mg/100 g. Hasil uji organoleptik menunjukkan bahwa kelompok A (40% mendapat nilai tertinggi terhadap rasa (3,98, aroma (3,89 dan warna (3,98.

  11. Ketersediaan Nitrogen Tanah dan Pertumbuhan Tanaman Bayam (Amaranthus tricolor L. yang Diperlakukan dengan Pemberian Pupuk Kompos Azolla

    Lukman Amir


    Full Text Available DOWNLOAD PDFPenelitian  ini  bertujuan  untuk  mengetahui kadar  nitogen  tanah  dan  pertumbuhantanaman bayam yang diberi pupuk kompos Azolla. Penelitian ini menggunakan rancanganacak kelompok (RAK yang terdiri atas 2 kelompok, dimana tiap kelompok terdiri atas 4perlakuan dan  1  kontrol  dengan  3  ulangan.  Parameter  pengamatan adalah  pertumbuhantanaman bayam yang meliputi tinggi tanaman (cm, berat kering tanaman bayam (gram,kadar amonium (NH4+ dan nitrat (NO3- pada tanah serta kadar nitrat (NO3- air lindihan.Hasil  penelitian  menunjukkan  bahwa  pupuk  kompos  Azolla  mulai  berpengaruh  nyataterhadap  tinggi  tanaman  sejak  pengamatan  minggu  ke-tiga  dan  berpengaruh  nyata  pulaterhadap berat kering tanaman bayam. Pemberian pupuk kompos Azolla berpengaruh nyataterhadap kadar amonium dan nitrat tanah masing-masing pada minggu ke dua dan mingguke  dua  dan  ke  empat.  Disamping  itu  pemberian  pupuk  tersebut  juga  berpengaruh  nyataterhadap kadar nitrat pada air lindihan.Kata kunci : Pupuk kompos Azolla, pertumbuhan tanaman bayam, nitrogen tanah

  12. GIS-based spatial statistical analysis of risk areas for liver flukes in Surin Province of Thailand.

    Rujirakul, Ratana; Ueng-arporn, Naporn; Kaewpitoon, Soraya; Loyd, Ryan J; Kaewthani, Sarochinee; Kaewpitoon, Natthawut


    It is urgently necessary to be aware of the distribution and risk areas of liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini, for proper allocation of prevention and control measures. This study aimed to investigate the human behavior, and environmental factors influencing the distribution in Surin Province of Thailand, and to build a model using stepwise multiple regression analysis with a geographic information system (GIS) on environment and climate data. The relationship between the human behavior, attitudes (land use as wetland (X64), were correlated with the liver fluke disease distribution at 0.000, 0.034, and 0.006 levels, respectively. Multiple regression analysis, by equations OV=-0.599+0.005(population density (148-169 pop/km2); X73)+0.040 (human attitude (land used (wetland; X64), was used to predict the distribution of liver fluke. OV is the patients of liver fluke infection, R Square=0.878, and, Adjust R Square=0.849. By GIS analysis, we found Si Narong, Sangkha, Phanom Dong Rak, Mueang Surin, Non Narai, Samrong Thap, Chumphon Buri, and Rattanaburi to have the highest distributions in Surin province. In conclusion, the combination of GIS and statistical analysis can help simulate the spatial distribution and risk areas of liver fluke, and thus may be an important tool for future planning of prevention and control measures.

  13. Development and validation of RP-HPLC method to determine anti-allergic compound in Thai traditional remedy called Benjalokawichien.

    Sakpakdeejaroen, Intouch; Juckmeta, Thana; Itharat, Arunporn


    Benjalokawichien (BLW) or Ya-Ha-Rak (HR) is a traditional remedy in the Nationaldrug list of herbal medicinal products AD 2012 of Thailand. For traditional use, BLW is used as antipyretic agent. It also has anti-allergic effect, particularly treating allergic rash. The ethanolic extract of BLW exhibited anti-allergic activity via inhibitory effect against a release ofbeta-hexosaminidase in RBL-2H3 cell line. Pectolinarigenin has been identified as the active compound ofBLW extract. In this study, a reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) method was developed in order to control quality ofpreparation in three aspects such as chemical fingerprint, quantification and stability of the ethanolic extract. The RP-HPLC was performed with a gradient mobile phase composed of 0.1% ortho phosphoric acid and acetronitrile, and peaks were detected at 331 nm. Based on validation results, this analytical method is precise, accurate and stable for quantitative determination ofpectolinarigenin. The amount ofpectolinarigenin in Benjalokawichien extract determined by this method was 18.50 mg/g ofextract. Therefore, this method could be consideredfor quality control ofBLWextract.

  14. Strategies for reactor safety. Final report

    Andersson, K


    The NKS/RAK-1 project formed part of a four-year nuclear research program (1994-1997) in the Nordic countries, the NKS Programme. The project aims were to investigate and evaluate the safety work, to increase realism and reliability of the safety analysis, and to give ideas for how safety can be improved in selected areas. An evaluation of the safety work in nuclear installations in Finland and Sweden was made, and a special effort was devoted to plant modernisation and to see how modern safety standards can be met up with. A combination of more resources and higher efficiency is recommended to meet requirements from plant modernisation and plant renovations. Both the utilities and the safety authorities are recommended to actively follow the evolving safety standards for new reactors. Various approaches to estimating LOCA frequencies have been explored. In particular, a probabilistic model for pipe ruptures due to intergranular stress corrosion has been developed. A survey has been done over methodologies for integrated sequence analysis (ISA), and different approaches have been developed and tested on four sequences. Structured frameworks for integration between PSA and behavioural sciences have been developed, which e.g. have improved PSA. The status of maintenance strategies in Finland and Sweden has been studied and a new maintenance data information system has been developed. (au) 41 refs.

  15. The Use of Chitosan of Pomacea canaliculata Shell as Natural Preservation to Maintain Fruit Quality during Storage Process: Used as Audio Visual Media of Biotechnology Learning

    Yurike Fransischa Trisnaningrum


    Full Text Available Chitosan merupakan turunan kitin yang terbentuk dari proses deasetilasi yang bisa digunakan sebagai bahan pengawet alami yang efektif dan memiliki aktivitas antimikroba.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perbedaan kandungan vitamin C, pH dan berat dalam buah jeruk, strowberi, dan pisang yang diawetkan dengan chitosan cangkang keong mas selama proses penyimpanan danuntuk mengetahui berapakah konsentrasi chitosan cangkang keong mas yang paling efektif sebagai bahan pengawet buah. Penelitian merupakan True Experimental Research yang dilaksanakan di Laboratorium KimiaUniversitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Rancangan penelitian yang digunakan adalah Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK dengan 6 perlakuan dan 4 kali ulangan pada jeruk, strowberi dan pisang yaitu konsentrasi chitosan 1,5%, 2%, 2,5%, 3% dan 3,5%. Analisis data menggunakan analisis Blok Acak dan uji beda jarak nyata Duncan pada taraf signifikansi 0,05.Hasil penelitian menunjukkan ada pengaruh terhadap buah. Perubahan kandungan vitamin C dan berat paling kecil terjadi pada perlakuan 2,5% dan paling besar pada perlakuan kontrol. Pemberian konsentrasi chitosan cangkang keong mas2,5% yang paling efektif mempengaruhi kandungan vitamin C dan berat buah jeruk, strowberi dan pisang. Hasil penelitian diaplikasikan sebagai media audio visual dalam pembelajaran Bioteknologi

  16. The accuracy of MRI in assessing graft integrity after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

    Nakayama, Yoshihito; Shirai, Yasumasa; Narita, Tetsuya; Mori, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Kaoru [Nippon Medical School, Tokyo (Japan)


    To evaluate the efficacy of MRI in assessing anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction graft integrity, we compared MRI findings with arthroscopic findings in 52 patients who had undergone arthroscopically assisted ACL reconstruction using semitendinosus and gracilis tendons augmented by woven polyester. MRI and arthroscopy were carried out 12 months after the operation. The MR appearance of ACL grafts was categorized into 3 types by signal intensity and continuity of the ligament according to Rak's method: well-defined type: the graft was visualized as a smoothly continuous band with low signal over the entire course; intermediate type: signal intensity increased and a low-signal band was visualized only in part of the graft; indiscernible type: the graft was not identified through the joint cavity due to markedly increased signal intensity. When the MR appearance of intermediate or indiscernible types was defined as torn, the grafts were presumed to be torn in 9 patients whose arthroscopic findings were 7 intact and 2 torn grafts. All cases with intact MRI findings were intact on arthroscopic examination. Thus, the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of MRI as an evaluative tool for ACL graft tears were 100%, 86% and 86.5%, respectively. (author)

  17. Description of the magnox type of gas cooled reactor (MAGNOX)

    Jensen, S.E.; Nonboel, E


    The present report comprises a technical description of the MAGNOX type of reactor as it has been build in Great Britain. The Magnox reactor is gas cooled (CO{sub 2}) with graphite moderators. The fuels is natural uranium in metallic form, canned with a magnesium alloy called 'Magnox'. The Calder Hall Magnox plant on the Lothian coastline of Scotland, 60 km east of Edinburgh, has been chosen as the reference plant and is described in some detail. Data on the other stations are given in tables with a summary of design data. Special design features are also shortly described. Where specific data for Calder Hall Magnox has not been available, corresponding data from other Magnox plants has been used. The information presented is based on the open literature. The report is written as a part of the NKS/RAK-2 sub-project 3: 'Reactors in Nordic Surroundings', which comprises a description of nuclear power plants neighbouring the Nordic countries. (au)


    Dewi Sartika


    Full Text Available Faktor penyebab stres kerja adalah lingkungan kerja yang kurang nyaman, konsultasi yang tidak efektif dan konflik antara tuntutan keluarga dan tuntutan instansi. Penelitian kualitatif dilakukan untuk memperoleh gambaran stres kerja pegawai bagian rekam medis rumah sakit Bhakti Wiratamtama Semarang. Jenis penelitianini adalah penelitiankualitatif deskriptif menggunakan teknik snowball sampling. Informan utama berjumlah 15 pegawai dan 2 triangulasi. Hasil yang diperoleh, yaitu informan mengeluhkan mengalami stres kerja akibat rak fililng yang kurang rapi dan pengembalian dokumen rekam medis pasien yang terlambat dan lingkungan kerja yang kurang baik. Adanya pertemuan triwulan dapat mengurangi masalah yang dihadapi oleh pegawai. Saran bagi pegawai yaitu petugas filing melakukan pemilahan dokumen rekam medis antara lembar yang akan diabadikan dan dimusnahkan. Rumah sakit disarankan dalam pembersihan berkas pasien dan penataan ruang lebih ditata dengan rapi agar pegawai nyaman dalam mobilisasi dalam bekerja.   Factors that cause occupational stress are the inconvenient occupational environment, ineffective consultation and conflict between family agency requirement. The purpose of this qualitative research is to get occupational stress overview of medical record employee in Bhakti Wiratamtama Semarang Hospital. This research method is qualitative research using snowball sampling. The informants consist of 15 key informants and 2 triangulation informants. The informans were complained about untidy shelves and late of medical record returning. Quarterly meeting to reduce this problem. Suggestion to employee was to sorting the medical record document, and to select wich one to be saved. Suggestion to hospital was to clean up patients documents and tidy up the room so the employee can work with comfort.

  19. Electrostatically biased binding of kinesin to microtubules.

    Barry J Grant


    Full Text Available The minimum motor domain of kinesin-1 is a single head. Recent evidence suggests that such minimal motor domains generate force by a biased binding mechanism, in which they preferentially select binding sites on the microtubule that lie ahead in the progress direction of the motor. A specific molecular mechanism for biased binding has, however, so far been lacking. Here we use atomistic Brownian dynamics simulations combined with experimental mutagenesis to show that incoming kinesin heads undergo electrostatically guided diffusion-to-capture by microtubules, and that this produces directionally biased binding. Kinesin-1 heads are initially rotated by the electrostatic field so that their tubulin-binding sites face inwards, and then steered towards a plus-endwards binding site. In tethered kinesin dimers, this bias is amplified. A 3-residue sequence (RAK in kinesin helix alpha-6 is predicted to be important for electrostatic guidance. Real-world mutagenesis of this sequence powerfully influences kinesin-driven microtubule sliding, with one mutant producing a 5-fold acceleration over wild type. We conclude that electrostatic interactions play an important role in the kinesin stepping mechanism, by biasing the diffusional association of kinesin with microtubules.


    nurmawati siregar


    Full Text Available Akor (Acacia auriculiformis termasuk salah satu jenis sumber energi biomassa mempunyai prospek yang baik untuk dikembangkan. Salah satu faktor yang menentukan keberhasilan untuk pengembangannya adalah ketersediaan bibit bermutu. Bibit bermutu dapat diperoleh dari perbanyakan generatif (biji dan vegetatif (setek. Melalui setek dapat diproduksi bibit bermutu dalam jumlah yang cukup, setiap waktu dan tidak tergantung dengan musim. Salah satu faktor yang menentukan keberhasilan perbanyakan vegetatif dengan setek adalah juvenilitas (umur bahan setek, oleh karena itu dilakukan penelitian pengaruh umur bahan setek. Rancangan yang digunakan adalah Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK dengan perlakuan umur bahan setek yaitu umur 2,3,4 dan 5 bulan, ulangan tiga kali dan setiap unit perlakuan terdiri dari 45 setek. Respon pertumbuhan yang diamati meliputi: waktu tumbuh tunas setek, persentase tumbuh setek, panjang akar, jumlah akar, panjang tunas, berat kering akar, berat kering tunas, ratio tunas dengan akar dan analisis ratio C/N. Umur bahan setek berpengaruh nyata terhadap semua parameter yang diamati kecuali persen tumbuh setek. Bahan setek yang paling optimal digunakan untuk jenis akor adalah pada umur 3 - 4 bulan.

  1. Pengaruh Pemberian Kombinasi Pakan Fermentasi dengan Multi Enzim dan Vitamin E dalam Ransum terhadap Peningkatan Kualitas Semen Ayam Arab

    Mustafa Mustafa


    ABSTRACT. The study aimed to determine the effect of fermented feed combination with the multi enzymes digestion and vitamin E addition on the quality of semen arab’s chicken. This research used a randomized block design (RAK consisting four treatments with five replications : P0: 100% Commercial feed (524, P1: 89.83% commercial feed + 10% fermented feed + 0.02% viamint E + 0.15% multi enzyme, P2: 79.83% commercial feed + 20% fermented feed + 0.02% vitamin E + 0.15% multi enzyme, P3: 69.83% commercial feed + 30% fermented feed + 0.02% vitamin E + 0.05% multi enzyme. Semen sample was collected at 36th  day using a massage method. Data obtained were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA and continued by Duncan test. The results showed that addition of combination of fermented feed with digestive multi enzymes and vitamin E has significantly effect (P<0,05 on increases of the volume, pH, spermatozoa concentration, percentage of spermatozoa motility, spermatozoa life, and decreased the percentage of spermatozoa abnormalities. This research can be concluded that the addition of  fermented feed combination with digestive multi enzymes and vitamin E able to improve the quality of arab chicken semen.


    Sinan ÇAYA


    Full Text Available Garip bir tecelli gibi gözükse de, demokrasi ve insan haklarında dünyada öncü gözüken yaşlı Avrupa kıtasında yabancı kökenli insanlar, o ülkelerin yerlilerine nispetle, en azından bazı kesimler tarafından, muntazaman farklı muamelenin özneleri olmaktadırlar. Bu durum hafif şekliyle ayrımcılık biçiminde tezahür etmekle birlikte; kimi zaman fiziksel şiddet dahi söz konusu olmaktadır. Nefret suçlarının sayısı azımsanamaz. Türkiye’de bir ecnebi fazladan misafirperverlik görürken; o toplumlarda ise tam aksine bir sosyal yoksunluk ile karşı karşıya bırakılabilmektedir. Aktif ırkçı tutumlar marjinal kişilerin harcı olsa bile toplumun çoğunluğunda ilgisiz kalma eğilimi varsa bu bile çok tehlikeli ve ürkütücüdür. 

  3. Dilde Schwannoma


    Schwannoma, sinir kılıflarının Schwan hücrelerinden kaynaklanan, nöroektodermden ori jin alan, sert, düzgün sınırlı, kapsüllü, yavaş büyüyen ve genellikle sarımtırak renkte iyi huylu bir tümördür. Etiyolojisi bilinmemektedir. En sık baş ve boyun bölgesinde görülür. İntrakranial olguların büyük bir bölümü 8. kran ial sinirden kaynaklanmaktadır. Oral kavitede ve özellikle dilde oldukça nadir görülür. Tedavisi kitlenin cerrahi olarak çıkarılmasıdır. İngilizce literatürde dilde yerleşimli sadece ...

  4. Redox Mechanisms of AVS022, an Oriental Polyherbal Formula, and Its Component Herbs in Protection against Induction of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 in UVA-Irradiated Keratinocyte HaCaT Cells

    Thanyawan Pluemsamran


    Full Text Available Ayurved Siriraj HaRak (AVS022 formula has been used for topical remedy of dermatologic disorders. Oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet (UV A irradiation could be implicated in photoaged skin through triggering matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1. We, therefore, explored the antioxidant mechanisms by which AVS022 formulation and its individual components protected against UVA-dependent MMP-1 upregulation in keratinocyte HaCaT cells. TLC analysis revealed the presence of multiple phenolics including gallic acid (GA in the AVS022 extracts. We demonstrated that pretreatment with the whole formula and individual herbal components except T. triandra protected against increased MMP-1 activity in irradiated HaCaT cells. Moreover, all herbal extracts and GA, used as the reference compound, were able to reverse cytotoxicity, oxidant production, glutathione (GSH loss, and inactivation of catalase and glutathione peroxidase (GPx. F. racemosa was observed to yield the strongest abilities to abolish UVA-mediated induction of MMP-1 and impairment of antioxidant defenses including GSH and catalase. Our observations suggest that upregulation of endogenous antioxidants could be the mechanisms by which AVS022 and its herbal components suppressed UVA-stimulated MMP-1 in HaCaT cells. In addition, pharmacological actions of AVS022 formula may be attributed to the antioxidant potential of its components, in particular F. racemosa, and several phenolics including GA.

  5. Environmental and health risks associated with reuse of wastewater for irrigation

    Eman Shakir


    Full Text Available The present study focuses on the environmental and health risks associated with the use of treated wastewater produced from Al-Rustamia third extension plant for irrigation. The measured data are used to evaluate comprehensive pollution index (CPI and organic pollution index (OPI. The average CPI was found as 0.69 which indicated to be slightly polluted for all seasons and a similar result was also obtained with OPI, which is found to slightly vary in the range 1.29–1.60 which indicates as being to be contaminated. Also to evaluate its suitability for irrigation purposes, Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR, Soluble Sodium Percentage (SSP and Residual Sodium Carbonate (RSC were calculated following standard equations and found experimentally as (8.70, (74.76 and (2.68 respectively. Irrigation water classes are used for Salinity hazard (EC and Sodium hazard (SAR to assess water suitability for irrigation, and it is found that samples in summer and autumn in the class of C3-S1, indicate high salinity and low sodium water, while in spring and winter in the class of C4-S1, they indicate very high-salinity. Furthermore, the data indicate a slight to moderate degree of restriction on the use of this treated wastewater in irrigation due to chloride hazard. RSC value is more than 1.25 at all seasons, indicating that samples in summer and autumn are doubtful for irrigation purposes, while the samples in spring and winter are unsuitable for irrigation.

  6. Land-use intensification impact on phosphorus fractions in highly weathered tropical soils

    Maranguit, Deejay; Guillaume, Thomas; Kuzyakov, Yakov


    Deforestation and land-use intensification in tropics have increased over the past decades, driven by the demand for agricultural products. Despite the fact that phosphorus (P) is one of the main limiting nutrients for agricultural productivity in the tropics, the effect of land-use intensification on P availability remains unclear. The objective was to assess the impacts of land-use intensification on soil inorganic and organic P fractions of different availability (Hedley sequential fractionation) and P stocks in highly weathered tropical soils. We compared the P availability under extensive land-use (rubber agroforest) and intensive land-use with moderate fertilization (rubber monoculture plantations) or high fertilization (oil palm monoculture plantations) in Indonesia. The phosphorus stock was dominated by inorganic forms (60 to 85%) in all land-use types. Fertilizer application increased easily-available inorganic P (i.e., H2O-Pi, NaHCO3-Pi) in intensive rubber and oil palm plantations compared to agroforest. However, the easily-available organic P (NaHCO3-extractable Po) was reduced by half under oil palm and rubber. The decrease of moderately available and non-available P by land-use intensification means that fertilization maintains only short-term soil fertility that is not sustainable in the long run due to the depletion of P reserves. The mechanisms of this P reserve depletion are: soil erosion (here assessed by C/P ratio), mineralization of soil organic matter (SOM) and export of P with yield products. Easily-available P fractions (i.e., H2O-Pi, NaHCO3-Pi and Po) and total organic P were strongly positively correlated with carbon content suggesting that SOM plays a critical role in maintaining P availability. Therefore, the ecologically based management is necessary in mitigating SOM losses to increase the sustainability of agricultural production in P limited highly weathered tropical soils.

  7. Estudio comparativo para el manejo del dolor en el reemplazo total de rodilla. [Comparative ­study­ for­ pain­ management ­in­ total­ knee ­replacement

    César Pesciallo


    Full Text Available In­tro­duc­ción: El objetivo de este trabajo es comparar la infiltración intraoperatoria de los tejidos blandos periarticulares versus la utilización de bloqueos de los nervios periféricos (ciático y femoral para el manejo del dolor posoperatorio de la artroplastia total de rodilla. Materiales­ y ­Métodos: Se evaluaron, en forma prospectiva, 60 pacientes tratados, que fueron divididos en dos grupos iguales: grupo A, con infiltración intraoperatoria y grupo B, con bloqueo de los nervios femoral y ciático antes de la cirugía. Resultados: El dolor fue significativamente menor en el grupo B (bloqueados que en el grupo de control A (infiltrados entre las 4 y las 8 horas poscirugía (p = 0,008. Al segundo y al tercer días de la cirugía, la curva de dolor se invirtió y fue estadísticamente menor en el grupo A (p = 0,009 y p = 0,023, respectivamente. Conclusiones:­ Al evaluar los resultados se observó que ambos métodos fueron eficaces para el tratamiento del dolor posquirúrgico e, incluso, para disminuir el consumo de opiáceos. Los bajos niveles de dolor y el menor uso de opiáceos en el posoperatorio inmediato dieron lugar a una mejor rehabilitación y a un mayor bienestar general para el paciente.

  8. Indicators for wild animal offtake: methods and case study for African mammals and birds

    Daniel J. Ingram


    Full Text Available Unsustainable exploitation of wild animals is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and to millions of people depending on wild meat for food and income. The international conservation and development community has committed to implementing plans for sustainable use of natural resources and has requested development of monitoring systems of bushmeat offtake and trade. Although offtake monitoring systems and indicators for marine species are more developed, information on harvesting terrestrial species is limited. Building on approaches developed to monitor exploitation of fisheries and population trends, we have proposed two novel indicators for harvested terrestrial species: the mean body mass indicator (MBMI assessing whether hunters are relying increasingly on smaller species over time, as a measure of defaunation, by tracking body mass composition of harvested species within samples across various sites and dates; and the offtake pressure indicator (OPI as a measure of harvesting pressure on groups of wild animals within a region by combining multiple time series of the number of harvested individuals across species. We applied these two indicators to recently compiled data for West and Central African mammals and birds. Our exploratory analyses show that the MBMI of harvested mammals decreased but that of birds rose between 1966/1975 and 2010. For both mammals and birds the OPI increased substantially during the observed time period. Given our results, time-series data and information collated from multiple sources are useful to investigate trends in body mass of hunted species and offtake volumes. In the absence of comprehensive monitoring systems, we suggest that the two indicators developed in our study are adequate proxies of wildlife offtake, which together with additional data can inform conservation policies and actions at regional and global scales.

  9. The Elwha Science Education Project (ESEP): Engaging an Entire Community in Geoscience Education

    Young, R. S.; Kinner, F.


    Native Americans are poorly represented in all science, technology and engineering fields. This under- representation results from numerous cultural, economic, and historical factors. The Elwha Science Education Project (ESEP), initiated in 2007, strives to construct a culturally-integrated, geoscience education program for Native American young people through engagement of the entire tribal community. The ESEP has developed a unique approach to informal geoscience education, using environmental restoration as a centerpiece. Environmental restoration is an increasingly important goal for tribes. By integrating geoscience activities with community tradition and history, project stakeholders hope to show students the relevance of science to their day-to-day lives. The ESEP's strength lies in its participatory structure and unique network of partners, which include Olympic National Park; the non-profit, educational center Olympic Park Institute (OPI); a geologist providing oversight and technical expertise; and the Lower Elwha Tribe. Lower Elwha tribal elders and educators share in all phases of the project, from planning and implementation to recruitment of students and discipline. The project works collaboratively with tribal scientists and cultural educators, along with science educators to develop curriculum and best practices for this group of students. Use of hands-on, place-based outdoor activities engage students and connect them with the science outside their back doors. Preliminary results from this summer's middle school program indicate that most (75% or more) students were highly engaged approximately 90% of the time during science instruction. Recruitment of students has been particularly successful, due to a high degree of community involvement. Preliminary evaluations of the ESEP's outcomes indicate success in improving the outlook of the tribe's youth towards the geosciences and science, in general. Future evaluation will be likewise participatory

  10. Oxime and atropine failure to prevent intermediate syndrome development in acute organophosphate poisoning

    Vučinić Slavica


    Full Text Available Introduction. Intermediate syndrome (IMS was described a few decades ago, however, there is still a controversy regarding its exact etiology, risk factors, diagnostic parameters and required therapy. Considering that acute poisonings are treated in different types of medical institutions this serious complication of organophosphate insecticide (OPI poisoning is frequently overlooked. The aim of this paper was to present a case of IMS in organophosphate poisoning, which, we believe, provides additional data on the use of oxime or atropine. Case report. After a well-resolved cholinergic crisis, the patient developed clinical presentation of IMS within the first 72 h from deliberate malathion ingestion. The signs of IMS were weakness of proximal limb muscles and muscles innervated by motor cranial nerves, followed by the weakness of respiratory muscles and serious respiratory insufficiency. Malathion and its active metabolite were confirmed by analytical procedure (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Pralidoxime methylsulphate, adiministered as a continuous infusion until day 8 (total dose 38.4 g, and atropine until the day 10 (total dose 922 mg did not prevent the development of IMS, hence the mechanical ventilation that was stopped after 27 h had to be continued until the day 10. Conclusion. Continuous pralidoxime methylsulphate infusion with atropine did not prevent the development of IMS, most likely due to the delayed treatment and insufficient oxime dose but also because of chemical structure and lipophilicity of ingested OPI. A prolonged intensive care monitoring and respiratory care are the key management for the intermediate syndrome. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. OI 176018, No. 46009

  11. Crash protectiveness to occupant injury and vehicle damage: An investigation on major car brands.

    Huang, Helai; Li, Chunyang; Zeng, Qiang


    This study sets out to investigate vehicles' crash protectiveness on occupant injury and vehicle damage, which can be deemed as an extension of the traditional crash worthiness. A Bayesian bivariate hierarchical ordered logistic (BVHOL) model is developed to estimate the occupant protectiveness (OP) and vehicle protectiveness (VP) of 23 major car brands in Florida, with considering vehicles' crash aggressivity and controlling external factors. The proposed model not only takes over the strength of the existing hierarchical ordered logistic (HOL) model, i.e. specifying the order characteristics of crash outcomes and cross-crash heterogeneities, but also accounts for the correlation between the two crash responses, driver injury and vehicle damage. A total of 7335 two-vehicle-crash records with 14,670 cars involved in Florida are used for the investigation. From the estimation results, it's found that most of the luxury cars such as Cadillac, Volvo and Lexus possess excellent OP and VP while some brands such as KIA and Saturn perform very badly in both aspects. The ranks of the estimated safety performance indices are even compared to the counterparts in Huang et al. study [Huang, H., Hu, S., Abdel-Aty, M., 2014. Indexing crash worthiness and crash aggressivity by major car brands. Safety Science 62, 339-347]. The results show that the rank of occupant protectiveness index (OPI) is relatively coherent with that of crash worthiness index, but the ranks of crash aggressivity index in both studies is more different from each other. Meanwhile, a great discrepancy between the OPI rank and that of vehicle protectiveness index is found. What's more, the results of control variables and hyper-parameters estimation as well as comparison to HOL models with separate or identical threshold errors, demonstrate the validity and advancement of the proposed model and the robustness of the estimated OP and VP.

  12. Material Performance of Fully-Ceramic Micro-Encapsulated Fuel under Selected LWR Design Basis Scenarios: Final Report

    B. Boer; R. S. Sen; M. A. Pope; A. M. Ougouag


    The extension to LWRs of the use of Deep-Burn coated particle fuel envisaged for HTRs has been investigated. TRISO coated fuel particles are used in Fully-Ceramic Microencapsulated (FCM) fuel within a SiC matrix rather than the graphite of HTRs. TRISO particles are well characterized for uranium-fueled HTRs. However, operating conditions of LWRs are different from those of HTRs (temperature, neutron energy spectrum, fast fluence levels, power density). Furthermore, the time scales of transient core behavior during accidents are usually much shorter and thus more severe in LWRs. The PASTA code was updated for analysis of stresses in coated particle FCM fuel. The code extensions enable the automatic use of neutronic data (burnup, fast fluence as a function of irradiation time) obtained using the DRAGON neutronics code. An input option for automatic evaluation of temperature rise during anticipated transients was also added. A new thermal model for FCM was incorporated into the code; so-were updated correlations (for pyrocarbon coating layers) suitable to estimating dimensional changes at the high fluence levels attained in LWR DB fuel. Analyses of the FCM fuel using the updated PASTA code under nominal and accident conditions show: (1) Stress levels in SiC-coatings are low for low fission gas release (FGR) fractions of several percent, as based on data of fission gas diffusion in UO{sub 2} kernels. However, the high burnup level of LWR-DB fuel implies that the FGR fraction is more likely to be in the range of 50-100%, similar to Inert Matrix Fuels (IMFs). For this range the predicted stresses and failure fractions of the SiC coating are high for the reference particle design (500 {micro}mm kernel diameter, 100 {micro}mm buffer, 35 {micro}mm IPyC, 35 {micro}mm SiC, 40 {micro}mm OPyC). A conservative case, assuming 100% FGR, 900K fuel temperature and 705 MWd/kg (77% FIMA) fuel burnup, results in a 8.0 x 10{sup -2} failure probability. For a &apos


    Ofri Johan


    Full Text Available Kegiatan budi daya karang hias di Indonesia perlu dilakukan untuk menjamin perdagangannya agar berjalan tanpa merusak keanekaragaman dan kondisi terumbu karang. Budi daya karang hias menggunakan rak berupa meja yang terbuat dari paralon PVC yang dinilai sangat ekonomis dan mudah diaplikasikan masyarakat lokal. Pengamatan pertumbuhan hanya dilakukan pada 1 rak masing-masing jenis karang yang dibudidayakan yaitu Acropora sp., Acropora formosa, Acropora humilis, Acropora millepora, Acropora nobilis, dan Seriatopora hystrix. Kegiatan dilakukan pada dua lokasi yaitu Pulau Simakakang-Mentawai, Sumatera Barat dan Gondol, Bali. Pengamatan dilakukan setiap dua bulan dan penelitian dilaksanakan selama 6 bulan. Hasil pengamatan diperoleh tingkat mortalitas pada lokasi Pulau Simakakang diperoleh 5,56% dari 36 sampel yang diukur dari 6 jenis karang dan 6 ulangan, pertambahan panjang jenis A. formosa 0,64 cm/bulan, lebih cepat dibandingkan dengan jenis A. millepora 0,58 cm/bulan dan jenis lain. Karang A. humilis memiliki laju perambatan pada substrat semen dan batang pengikat yang  lebih cepat dari jenis lain. Pada lokasi Gondol, Bali memiliki laju pertambahan panjang karang A. millepora lebih cepat (0,50 cm/bulan dibandingkan dengan jenis A. tenuis (0,43 cm/bulan dan jenis lain berkisar antara 0,21—0,39 cm/bulan.Tingkat kematian 3 koloni (7,1% dari total 42 koloni yang disampling. The culture of ornamental coral is important to be conducted to guarantee the coral trade can be run well without giving impact to coral reef biodiversities and coral reef condition in Indonesia. This cultured using table using nets as a place which is made from PVC pipe. This method can minimize cost comparing with others materials as well as applicable for coastal community. One table can be placed 12 (3x4 substrate with a distance among others of 25 cm, then fragmented coral were tied to that substrates. This activity was carried out in two locations that were Simakakang

  14. Cloning, expression and purification of arginine kinase from Locusta migratoria manilensis and its allergic activity%东亚飞蝗主要过敏原精氨酸激酶基因的克隆表达、纯化及免疫原性鉴定

    陈义昆; 邬玉兰; 李荔; 连国云; 刘志刚


    This investigation aimed to clone the Locusta migratoria manilensis arginine kinase (AK) gene, produce its recombinant protein and investigate the protein ' s allergenicity. The cDNA of AK was cloned, using specific primers, from the total RNA of L. m. manilensis. The cloned gene was inserted into pMD18-T vector and digested by EcoR I and Xho I. The cDNA was sequenced and subcloned into a pET-28a expression vector. The cloned AK cDNA gene was expressed in Escherichia coli Rosetta by IPTG induction. The recombinant AK (rAK) was purified by metal ( Ni2+) chelating affinity chromatography. Its allergenicity was examined by Western blotting. The cloned cDNA ORF sequence contained 1 068 bp and encoded 355 amino acids. Its sequence homology with the published sequence (Accession no. DQ513322) was 98% at nucleotide level. The allergen rAK was highly expressed in E. coli as a soluble protein with a molecular weight of about Mr 40 000 under induction with IPTG and purified by a 6-His-tag purification system. Under both non-denaturalization and denaturalization conditions, the recombinant allergen was identified by its affinity to IgE antibodies from the cockroach-allergic patient sera by Western blotting. It is concluded that recombinant arginine kinase with proper allergenicity was successfully obtained.%本研究克隆了东亚飞蝗Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen)精氨酸激酶(arginine kinase,AK)基因全长,表达并纯化重组AK蛋白,研究重组蛋白的免疫反应性.东亚飞蝗AK基因开放阅读框全长为1 068 bp,编码355个氨基酸,与GenBank中已登录的东亚飞蝗AK(DQ513322)基因同源性为98%,重组质粒pET-28 a-AK在E.coli中获得高效表达,重组蛋白相对分子质量(Mr)约为40 000,主要以可溶性形式表达,经亲和层析获得重组蛋白.通过免疫印迹分析结果表明,重组AK蛋白可被过敏性患者血清识别,免疫原性良好.结果表明我们成功获得东亚飞蝗精氨酸激

  15. Effect of Different Cooling Rates on Embryo Survivability and Pregnancy Rates in Freezing Sheep Embryos



    Full Text Available Çalışmanın ilk bölümünde, mezbahadan sağlanan ovaryumlardan kazanılan oositler (n=2990 olgunlaştırma medyumu içerisinde 24 saat süreyle olgunlaştırıldı. Ardından, 20 saat süreyle İn Vitro Fertilizasyona (İVF bırakıldılar. Yarıklanma gösteren embriyolar (n=1305, Sentetik Ovidukt Fluid (SOF medyumu içerisine alınarak altı gün süresince İn Vitro Kültüre (İVK bırakıldılar. İVK sonrası elde edilen morula-blastosist aşamasındaki embriyolar rastlantısal şekilde üç farklı dondurma hızı grubuna eşit olarak ayrıldılar (Grup I: 0,5 °C /dk, Grup II: 0,8 °C /dk, Grup III: 1 °C /dk. Her bir gruptaki embriyolar (n=50, 1,5 M etilen glikol bulunan dondurma medyumu içerisinde farklı soğutma hızlarında donduruldu. Sonuçta 0,5 °C/dk soğutma hızının en başarılı grup olduğu belirlendi (P<0,05. Çalışmanın ikinci bölümünde, verici koyunlardan elde edilen in vivo embriyolar (Morula-Blastosist çalışmanın birinci bölümünde bulunan en başarılı soğutma hızı (0,5 °C/dk ile soğutularak donduruldu. Dondurulan 19 adet embriyo hormonel olarak hazırlanmış 17 alıcı koyuna transfer edildi. Transfer sonrası 60. günde yapılan ultrason muayenesinde üç adet koyunda gebeliklere ait embriyonik keseler gözlendi ve bu koyunlardan birinde de ikiz gebelik saptandı. Gebe koyunlardan bir tanesinde doğum gerçekleşti; diğer iki koyunda ise ileriki dönemde yapılan ultrason muayenesinde gebeliklerin sonlandığı gözlendi. Çalışma sonucunda, koyun embriyolarının dondurulması sırasında 0,5°C/dk soğutma hızının en başarılı hız olduğu ve bu yöntemle dondurulan embriyoların transferinden de gebelik elde edilebildiği saptandı.

  16. Safety against releases in severe accidents. Final report

    Lindholm, I.; Berg, Oe.; Nonboel, E. [eds.


    The work scope of the RAK-2 project has involved research on quantification of the effects of selected severe accident phenomena for Nordic nuclear power plants, development and testing of a computerised accident management support system and data collection and description of various mobile reactors and of different reactor types existing in the UK. The investigations of severe accident phenomena focused mainly on in-vessel melt progression, covering a numerical assessment of coolability of a degraded BWR core, the possibility and consequences of a BWR reactor to become critical during reflooding and the core melt behavior in the reactor vessel lower plenum. Simulant experiments were carried out to investigate lower head hole ablation induced by debris discharge. In addition to the in-vessel phenomena, a limited study on containment response to high pressure melt ejection in a BWR and a comparative study on fission product source term behaviour in a Swedish PWR were performed. An existing computerised accident management support system (CAMS) was further developed in the area of tracking and predictive simulation, signal validation, state identification and user interface. The first version of a probabilistic safety analysis module was developed and implemented in the system. CAMS was tested in practice with Barsebaeck data in a safety exercise with the Swedish nuclear authority. The descriptions of the key features of British reactor types, AGR, Magnox, FBR and PWR were published as data reports. Separate reports were issued also on accidents in nuclear ships and on description of key features of satellite reactors. The collected data were implemented in a common Nordic database. (au) 39 refs.

  17. Devlet Bilimi Metodolojisi: “Hans Kelsen’in Saf Hukuk Kuramı ve Devlet Anlayışı”

    İlhan Dağdelen


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, dünya çapında bir hukukçu olan Hans Kelsen’in hukukun genel teorisini oluşturmak ve devleti açıklamak amacı ile geliştirmiş olduğu “Saf hukuk kuramı” incelenmiştir. Söz konusu bu inceleme, Kelsen’in kullanmış olduğu metodoloji, etkilendiği temel felsefi akımlar ekseninde yükselmiş olup, son olarak O’nun genel devlet anlayışı ile bağlanmıştır. Bir devlet bilimi metodolojisi incelemesi olan bu çalışma, Kelsen’in devlet anlayışını ortaya koymak amacı ile O’nun Saf Hukuk Kuramı inceleme nesnesi kabul edilerek tesis edilmiştir. Çünkü devlet kavramını hukuk ile eşitleyen Kelsen’in kendi deyimiyle, “devleti incelemek de hukuku incelemekle eşdeğerdir”. Kelsen’in devleti ele alış metodolojisini incelemek demek de dolayısıyla, O’nun saf hukuk kuramının metodolojisini incelemek anlamına gelmektedir.  Diğer taraftan Kelsen’in bu yaklaşımına ve saf hukuk kuramının metoduna ilişkin bir çok eleştiri olmasına karşılık, söz konusu eleştiriler çalışmanın konusu dışında bırakılmıştır.


    Ahmad Farid Mubarrok


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh sebuah pemikiran bahwa masalah yang ditemukan di lapangan pada saat mengimplementasikan pedoman-pedoman dan kegiatan pengembangan arsip dan dokumen terhadap pengelolaan arsip di lingkungan BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang fokus penelitian ini adalah bagaimana manajemen kearsipan dinamis di Biro Umum Akademik dan Kemahasiswaan (BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang ? Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa proses pencatatan kearsipan di BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang menggunakan asas sentralisasi dan asas desentralisasi. Proses pengendalian arsip masih dalam tahap pemeliharaan arsip. Proses penyimpanan kearsipan menggunakan sistem abjad dan sistem pokok soal. Proses pemeliharaan kearsipan menggunakan rak dan lemari arsip dari bahan best ,dengan kata lain, pelaksanaan manajemen kearsipan di BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang belum terlalu baik sesuai dengan standar yang efektif dan efisien. Proses pemindahan dan pemusnahan kearsipan perlu dilakukan karena ruang dan tempat menyimpan arsip serta umur arsip juga terbatas. This research is motivated by the idea that the problems found in the field during the implementation of guidelines and development activities archives and documents of the archives in environmental management BAUAK Walisongo IAIN Semarang focus of this research is how the dynamic records management in the General Bureau of Academic and Student Affairs (BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang? The results showed that the process of recording archives in IAIN BAUAK Walisongo Semarang using the principle of centralization and decentralization. Process control is still in the stage of maintenance records archives. Archival storage process using the alphabetic system and subject the system. Archival preservation process using shelves and filing cabinets from the best materials, in other words, the implementation of records management in BAUAK IAIN Walisongo Semarang has not been too good in accordance with the standards of

  19. Avian Reovirus Protein p17 Functions as a Nucleoporin Tpr Suppressor Leading to Activation of p53, p21 and PTEN and Inactivation of PI3K/AKT/mTOR and ERK Signaling Pathways.

    Wei-Ru Huang

    Full Text Available Avian reovirus (ARV protein p17 has been shown to regulate cell cycle and autophagy by activation of p53/PTEN pathway; nevertheless, it is still unclear how p53 and PTEN are activated by p17. Here, we report for the first time that p17 functions as a nucleoporin Tpr suppressor that leads to p53 nuclear accumulation and consequently activates p53, p21, and PTEN. The nuclear localization signal (119IAAKRGRQLD128 of p17 has been identified for Tpr binding. This study has shown that Tpr suppression occurs by p17 interacting with Tpr and by reducing the transcription level of Tpr, which together inhibit Tpr function. In addition to upregulation of PTEN by activation of p53 pathway, this study also suggests that ARV protein p17 acts as a positive regulator of PTEN. ARV p17 stabilizes PTEN by stimulating phosphorylation of cytoplasmic PTEN and by elevating Rak-PTEN association to prevent it from E3 ligase NEDD4-1 targeting. To activate PTEN, p17 is able to promote β-arrestin-mediated PTEN translocation from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane via a Rock-1-dependent manner. The accumulation of p53 in the nucleus induces the PTEN- and p21-mediated downregulation of cyclin D1 and CDK4. Furthermore, Tpr and CDK4 knockdown increased virus production in contrast to depletion of p53, PTEN, and LC3 reducing virus yield. Taken together, our data suggest that p17-mediated Tpr suppression positively regulates p53, PTEN, and p21 and negatively regulates PI3K/AKT/mTOR and ERK signaling pathways, both of which are beneficial for virus replication.

  20. Avian Reovirus Protein p17 Functions as a Nucleoporin Tpr Suppressor Leading to Activation of p53, p21 and PTEN and Inactivation of PI3K/AKT/mTOR and ERK Signaling Pathways.

    Huang, Wei-Ru; Chiu, Hung-Chuan; Liao, Tsai-Ling; Chuang, Kuo-Pin; Shih, Wing-Ling; Liu, Hung-Jen


    Avian reovirus (ARV) protein p17 has been shown to regulate cell cycle and autophagy by activation of p53/PTEN pathway; nevertheless, it is still unclear how p53 and PTEN are activated by p17. Here, we report for the first time that p17 functions as a nucleoporin Tpr suppressor that leads to p53 nuclear accumulation and consequently activates p53, p21, and PTEN. The nuclear localization signal (119IAAKRGRQLD128) of p17 has been identified for Tpr binding. This study has shown that Tpr suppression occurs by p17 interacting with Tpr and by reducing the transcription level of Tpr, which together inhibit Tpr function. In addition to upregulation of PTEN by activation of p53 pathway, this study also suggests that ARV protein p17 acts as a positive regulator of PTEN. ARV p17 stabilizes PTEN by stimulating phosphorylation of cytoplasmic PTEN and by elevating Rak-PTEN association to prevent it from E3 ligase NEDD4-1 targeting. To activate PTEN, p17 is able to promote β-arrestin-mediated PTEN translocation from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane via a Rock-1-dependent manner. The accumulation of p53 in the nucleus induces the PTEN- and p21-mediated downregulation of cyclin D1 and CDK4. Furthermore, Tpr and CDK4 knockdown increased virus production in contrast to depletion of p53, PTEN, and LC3 reducing virus yield. Taken together, our data suggest that p17-mediated Tpr suppression positively regulates p53, PTEN, and p21 and negatively regulates PI3K/AKT/mTOR and ERK signaling pathways, both of which are beneficial for virus replication.

  1. Missing Omo L338y-6 occipital-marginal sinus drainage pattern: ground sectioning, computer tomography scanning, and the original fossil fail to show it.

    Holloway, Ralph L; Yuan, Michael S; Broadfield, Douglas C; Degusta, David; Richards, Gary D; Silvers, Adam; Shapiro, Jill S; White, Tim D


    The Omo L338y-6 occipital region has been recently studied by White and Falk (1999), who claim that it shows a readily identifiable enlarged left occipital-marginal sinus (O/M). These observations are contrary to the direct observations of previous investigators (Rak and Howell, 1978; Kimbel, 1984; Holloway, 1981; Holloway, 1988). White and Falk (1999) further argue that the presence of this enlarged O/M strongly suggests that the Omo L338y-6 hominid was indeed a "robust" Australopithecus. We used direct sectioning and CT scanning to analyze magnified sections of a high-quality first-generation cast of the newly cleaned original fossil. These methods fail to show any evidence of a morphological landmark that can be interpreted as an enlarged O/M, either as an eminence or a sulcus. In contrast, the same techniques used with both SK 1585 and OH5 ("robust" Australopithecus with an enlarged O/M) show extremely visible and palpable enlarged O/M's. Examination of the original Omo fossil confirms that it lacks an O/M. This evidence clearly shows that an enlarged O/M cannot be identified on either the original fossil or a first-generation cast, although this does not rule out the possibility that the Omo L338y-6 hominid was a "robust" Australopithecus. We believe that the differences between observers regarding this feature are most probably due to displacement caused by a crack and the different source materials employed, i.e., the difference between a first-generation cast of the original fossil and a third- or fourth-generation cast of the endocast made two decades ago. Copyright 2002 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  2. 试论《西游记》中理想家园的风险与疏离%Risks and Alienation of Ideal Home in A Journey to the West



    The rich artistic value of the 100-chapter AJourney to the West is worth in-depth digging and in-terpreting from different angles.This paper analyzes the risks and alienation of common people’s ideal home from the fates of two figures:one is Chen Guangrui,and the other is a female demon named Rak-sasa.As a Confucian scholar,Chen’s life ideal and pursuit of a home turned out to be a failure ironically. Similarly,Raksasa is an ordinary lady with the disguise of a demon,who is longing for a husband,a home and a good life.However,her ideal ended in failure,too.Therefore,risks and alienation made people of different background fall into the tragic hand of fate,endowing this novel with great significance of social criticism.%百回本小说《西游记》蕴含丰富的艺术价值,值得从不同角度开掘与阐释。作为世俗人物的陈光蕊抱有传统儒家理想,但是其人生理想和家园追求却具有讽刺意义地归于失败。作为魔界一员的罗刹女,实际上是一名世俗普通女性的变形,渴求着相夫教子、鸾凤和鸣,然而这个家园梦想也同样归于幻灭。风险与疏离让不同人物走进了悲剧的命运,这也令这部小说具有了社会批判意义。


    Yakup YILMAZ


    Full Text Available The suffix of {-mAk}, explains the name of verb. This suffix is verbal noun from gerundial suffixs and leaves its place to {-mA} suffix presedent that with regard to function when take the case ending that starts with wovel. Form of {-mAk}+ {+A}= {-mAğA} used previously, hasn’t been used now; it has abandoned its place to form of {-mA}+{+yA}= {-mAyA}. In fact, this suffix that differ with regard to function, has changed becaus of retrenchment and facility law of language. Form of {-mAk}+ {+A}= {-mAğA} has fallen from daily written language at Turkey Turkish no longer commonly, too. {-mAk} eki, fiilin adını belirtir. Bu ek, fiilimsi eklerinden isim-fiil ekidir ve ünlü ile başlayan hâl eklerini alınca yerini, görevce benzeri olan {-mA} ekine bırakır. Önceden kullanılan {-mAk}+ {+A}= {-mAğA} biçimi, şimdi artık kullanılmamakta, yerini {-mA}+{+yA}= {-mAyA}biçimine bırakmaktadır. Aslında birbirinden görevce farklı olan bu iki ek, dilin tasarruf ve kolaylık ilkesinden dolayı yer değiştirmektedir. Türkiye Türkçesinde {-mAk}+ {+A}= {-mAğA} biçimi günlük yazı dilinde de artık yaygın biçimde kullanılmamaktadır.

  4. Molecular analysis of the genus Asparagus based on matK sequences and its application to identify A. racemosus, a medicinally phytoestrogenic species.

    Boonsom, Teerawat; Waranuch, Neti; Ingkaninan, Kornkanok; Denduangboripant, Jessada; Sukrong, Suchada


    The plant Asparagus racemosus is one of the most widely used sources of phytoestrogens because of its high content of the steroidal saponins, shatavarins I-IV, in roots. The dry root of A. racemosus, known as "Rak-Sam-Sip" in Thai, is one of the most popular herbal medicines, used as an anti-inflammatory, an aphrodisiac and a galactagogue. Recently, the interest in plant-derived estrogens has increased tremendously, making A. racemosus particularly important and a possible target for fraudulent labeling. However, the identification of A. racemosus is generally difficult due to its similar morphology to other Asparagus spp. Thus, accurate authentication of A. racemosus is essential. In this study, 1557-bp nucleotide sequences of the maturase K (matK) gene of eight Asparagus taxa were analyzed. A phylogenetic relationship based on the matK gene was also constructed. Ten polymorphic sites of nucleotide substitutions were found within the matK sequences. A. racemosus showed different nucleotide substitutions to the other species. A polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis of the matK gene was developed to discriminate A. racemosus from others. Only the 650-bp PCR product from A. racemosus could be digested with BssKI into two fragments of 397 and 253-bp while the products of other species remained undigested. Ten commercially crude drugs were analyzed and revealed that eight samples were derived from A. racemosus while two samples of that were not. Thus, the PCR-RFLP analysis of matK gene was shown to be an effective method for authentication of the medicinally phytoestrogenic species, A. racemosus.

  5. Ekstraksi Oleoresin dari Limbah Penyulingan Pala Menggunakan Ultrasonik

    Normalina Arpi


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mempelajari pengaruh ukuran partikel limbah penyulingan pala (Myristica fragrans Houtt. dan suhu ekstraksi terhadap rendemen dan mutu oleoresin pala yang dihasilkan pada proses ekstraksi pelarut menggunakan bantuan ultrasonik. Etanol mutu teknis (technical grade digunakan sebagai pelarut. Penelitian ini menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok (RAK Faktorial dengan ulangan sebagai kelompok yang terdiri dari ukuran partikel bahan (P yaitu P1= 10 mesh, P2= 40 mesh dan P3= 60 mesh dan suhu ekstraksi (S yaitu S1= 40oC, S2= 50oC dan S3= 60oC. Analisis oleoresin pala yang dilakukan meliputi analisis awal (kadar air dan kadar abu dan analisis akhir (bobot jenis, indeks bias, dan sisa pelarut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan ukuran partikel dan suhu ekstraksi berpengaruh terhadap rendemen dan mutu oleoresin yang dihasilkan. Rendemen tertinggi sebesar 7,16% diperoleh pada  ukuran partikel 10 mesh dan suhu 60oC. Hasil analisis bobot jenis oleoresin menunjukkan bahwa bobot jenis tertinggi yaitu 1,250 dihasilkan pada suhu ekstraksi 50oC. Sementara itu, hasil analisis indeks bias oleoresin menunjukkan bahwa ukuran partikel dan suhu ekstraksi memberikan pengaruh yang sangat nyata terhadap oleoresin pala dimana ukuran partikel 40 mesh pada suhu ekstraksi 40oC dan 60oC  serta ukuran partikel 60 mesh pada suhu 50oC memiliki nilai indeks bias yang lebih tinggi yaitu berkisar antara 1,476 hingga 1,480. Hasil analisis sisa pelarut juga menunjukkan bahwa ukuran partikel dan suhu ekstraksi berpengaruh terhadap tingginya sisa pelarut, dimana ukuran partikel 10 mesh mengandung sisa pelarut 0,229% dan suhu ekstraksi 40oC mengandung sisa pelarut 0,265%.

  6. Dėl keleto retesnių liaudinių vaivorykštės pavadinimų

    Rūta Buivydienė


    Full Text Available ON SEVERAL RARE FOLK TERMS FOR ‘RAINBOW’ (LITH. vaivórykštėSummaryThe article deals with several rare folk names for ‘rainbow’ in the Lithuanian language: vaivóraikštė, vaivórakštė, vovẽrykščia, stangà, žebeñkštė, sverblė̃, varykštė, vorykštė. These names and their etymological aspects are discussed, the motivation for such names is described; the relation of these words to other more frequent terms for ‘rainbow’ is examined. Most of the words in question (with the exception, probably, of the term stangà, which might possibly also be of foreign origin, cf. Pol. stęga, wstęga ‘ribbon, swathe, sash’ have originated under the influence of folk etymology manifested here in various different ways. An attempt is made to demonstrate, in particular, in what way and why the forms of the analysed words have been altered, what caused their particular transformations, how the words acquired their present shapes. An attempt is also made to show the sequence of the influences of the associative “mechanisms” of folk etymology. Attention is drawn to the fact that the designation of this marvellous natural phenomenon, having innumerable mythological interpretations and related to different beliefs in various cultures of the world, has become in the Lithuanian language a real “favourite” of folk etymology.


    Agung Kristanto


    Full Text Available Dengan semakin majunya sistem informasi diluar maupun didalam negeri, Kini masyarakat lebih memperhatikan atau tertarik pada produk-produk yang dihasilkan harus lebih mempunyai nilai ringkas atau  flexibledan tentunya sesuai dengan harga dari produk tersebut, Hal ini  menjadi sebuah acuan bagi pengembang inovasi produk yang mementingkan keinginan masyarakat untuk mendapatkan kekuatan dari kalangan konsumen, Dengan mempertimbangkan usulan dari para orang tua maka penulis mencoba menawarkan prototype tempat tidur balita  yang sesuai dengan dimensi antropometri tubuh bayi di Indonesia. Dengan maksud tempat tidur bayi tersebut mampu memberikan kenyamanan dan keamanan bagi bayi, khususnya kepuasan bagi para orang tua dalam mengasuh atau memfasilitasi anaknya.  Metodologi penelitian dilakukan dengan penggalian data dari responden menggunakan metode  Quality Funcion Deployment  (QFD untuk mengetahui keinginan dari konsumen, serta data antropometri untuk mengetahui persentil dari ukuran yang diperlukan untuk merancang Tempat Tidur  Bayi (Baby Box yang sesuai dengan dimensi tubuh bayi di Indonesia. Hasil penelitian ini dapat diketahui atribut-atribut tempat tidur bayi yang sesuai dengan keinginan pelanggan meliputi : Tempat tidur mampu menahan berat dan gerakan bayi, Dilengkapi dengan kain tile pelindung dari gigitan nyamuk, Adanya rak tempat untuk menyimpan pakaian bayi, Warna tempat tidur yang cerah, Adanya kantong tas sehingga mudah dibawa. Ukuran tempat tidur bayi dikembangkan berdasarkan penerapan data antropometri dengan menggunakan persentil 5-th dan 95-th sehingga diperoleh ukuran tinggi tempat tidur bayi adalah 80cm, panjang 110 cm, dan lebar 80cm.

  8. Estudo comparativo entre cetorolaco e cetoprofeno no controle da dor pós-operatória de uvulopalatofaringoplastia A comparative study between Ketorolac and Ketoprofen in postoperative pain after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

    Lucas Gomes Patrocínio


    Full Text Available A dor no pós-operatório imediato apresenta-se como um grave problema, requerendo do médico uma adequada assistência. Na Otorrinolaringologia, merece atenção especial a dor após uvulopalatofaringoplastia (UPFP. OBJETIVO: Comparar a eficácia na analgesia pós-operatória do cetorolaco com o cetoprofeno em UPFP. PACIENTES E MÉTODOS: Estudo prospectivo, randomizado, duplo-cego com 24 pacientes submetidos à UPFP, divididos em 2 grupos, sendo que 14 receberam cetorolaco e 10 cetoprofeno. Avaliação da intensidade da dor através de escala visual analógica e necessidade do uso associado de opióide (tramadol. RESULTADOS: Dos 14 pacientes que receberam cetorolaco, apenas 3 (21% necessitaram uso complementar de opióide, enquanto que 7 (70% do grupo do cetoprofeno o fizeram. Após 12 horas de cirurgia, houve um predomínio de 71% dos pacientes que receberam cetorolaco, com dor leve ou até ausência desta, enquanto 70% dos do cetoprofeno referiram dor moderada ou incômoda. Após 24 horas de cirurgia, 60% dos pacientes que fizeram uso de cetoprofeno referiam dor moderada a incômoda, ao passo que 86% dos do cetorolaco referiram dor leve à ausência. CONCLUSÃO: Conclui-se que o cetorolaco é mais eficaz em relação ao cetoprofeno no tratamento da dor pós-operatória imediata de UPFP, pois houve dor de menor intensidade e menor uso de opióide.Postoperative pain is a serious problem, requiring an appropriate response from the medical doctor. In otolaryngology special attention is needed after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UP3. AIM: To compare the efficacy of postoperative analgesia using ketorolac and ketoprofen after UP3. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study was made of 24 patients that were divided into 2 groups (14 received ketorolac and 10 received ketoprofen. Pain intensity was based on an analog visual scale and the need for opioids (tramadol. RESULTS: Of the 13 patients that received ketorolac, 3 (21

  9. The "oligoanalgesia problem" in the emergency care O "problema oligoanalgesia" no cuidado da emergência

    Ana Maria Calil


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Pain is a common occurrence in trauma victims that provokes harmful effects on the body. However, there is a gap in the literature about this problem, which is still underevaluated and undertreated in Brazil, especially concerning the use of opioids. OBJECTIVES: To estimate pain intensity and the use of analgesia in traffic accident victims. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective study, involving 100 accident victims (traffic accidents, who were interviewed at 2 separate posttraumatic moments, in a reference hospital of the city of São Paulo. All the medications used for these victims were recorded. All patients displayed a Glasgow Coma Scale (ECGl of 15, had stable hemodynamic parameters, and were brought directly from the scene of the accident. RESULTS: Pain of moderate and severe intensity (in 90% of cases was the most noted. After a 3-hour period, a significant number of patients with pain (48% continued without analgesia, and few opioids were used. CONCLUSION: Pain is a common event associated with trauma. It is still undertreated and underevaluated in Brazil, and the use of opioids for admittedly very severe pain is not frequently employed in the Emergency Service even in hemodynamically stable patients and with a Glasgow Coma Scale of 15.INTRODUÇÃO: A dor é um evento comum em vítimas de trauma com efeitos nocivos ao organismo, no entanto, há uma lacuna na literatura sobre essa problemática ainda sub-avaliada e sub-tratada em nosso meio, sobretudo na utilização de opióides. OBJETIVOS: Aferir a intensidade dolorosa e o uso da analgesia em vítimas de acidentes de transportes. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Estudo prospectivo, envolvendo 100 vítimas de causas externas (acidentes de transporte, que foram entrevistadas em dois momentos distintos pós-trauma em um hospital de referência no Município de São Paulo.. Foram anotadas todas as medicações em uso para essas vítimas. Todos os pacientes tinham Escala de Coma de Gasglow

  10. Associação de fentanil ou sufentanil à bupivacaína a 0,5% isobárica em raquianestesia: estudo comparativo

    Neves José Francisco Nunes Pereira das


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Desde a descoberta dos receptores opióides e um maior entendimento da neurofarmacologia da medula espinhal em relação à transmissão e inibição do impulso nociceptivo, tem aumentado o interesse na utilização de drogas por via subaracnóidea, em Anestesiologia e tratamento da dor. O presente estudo tem como finalidade avaliar prospectivamente a eficácia clínica da adição de fentanil (25 µg e sufentanil (5 µg à bupivacaína isobárica (10 mg,em pacientes submetidos à raquianestesia para tratamento cirúrgico de varizes de MMII. MÉTODO: Participaram do estudo 60 pacientes, estado físico ASA I e II, com idades abaixo de 60 anos, submetidos à raquianestesia para tratamento cirúrgico de varizes e divididos aleatoriamente em três grupos: B (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg, BF (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg e fentanil 25 µg e BS (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg e sufentanil 5 µg.A raquianestesia foi realizada em decúbito lateral esquerdo, punção lombar entre L3-L4, com agulha de Quincke 27G. Após a raquianestesia foram avaliados: tempo de latência, o nível de bloqueio sensitivo e bloqueio motor. No período per-operatório foram anotados: hipotensão arterial, bradicardia, depressão respiratória, diminuição da saturação periférica da hemoglobina pelo oxigênio, náuseas, vômitos, prurido e tremor. No período pós-operatório foi pesquisado o tempo de analgesia. RESULTADOS: Os grupos foram homogêneos. O tempo de latência, o bloqueio motor e o tempo de analgesia não apresentaram diferença significativa. O nível de bloqueio sensitivo mostrou diferença entre o grupo controle e os grupos contendo opióides em todos os momentos estudados. Prurido foi o efeito colateral mais freqüente nos grupos contendo opióides. CONCLUSÕES: A adição de fentanil (25 µg e sufentanil (5 µg à bupivacaína a 0,5% isobárica (10 mg em raquianestesia altera o nível de bloqueio sensitivo.

  11. Dosis efectiva de hidromorfona en pacientes con dolor crónico oncológico: experiencia de 4 años en el Centro Médico Nacional "20 de Noviembre" ISSSTE Effective dose of hydromorphone in patients with chronic oncologic pain: a four-year experience in the Centro Médico Nacional 20 de Noviembre, a public hospital in Mexico

    E. Rionda


    Full Text Available Antecedentes: Aproximadamente 6,35 millones de nuevos casos de cáncer se diagnostican anualmente. El 90% de los pacientes con cáncer avanzado presentan dolor. El objetivo en el tratamiento del dolor oncológico es aliviar el dolor, interrumpiendo la transmisión o modulándolo a nivel cerebral o espinal. La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS desarrolló una escala de tres escalones para manejar el dolor oncológico. En el escalón I se incluyen analgésicos no opiáceos + coadyuvantes; en el escalón II se incluyen opiáceos leves + coadyuvantes y en el escalón III se incluyen opiáceos potentes + coadyuvantes. Material y métodos: Se revisaron 72 expedientes, en un total de 4 años, de todos los pacientes con dolor crónico oncológico que hayan estado en tratamiento con hidromorfona. En este trabajo obtuvimos la dosis promedio en la que se logró un buen control del dolor (escala analógica visual [EVA] Background: Approximately 6.35 million patients are diagnosed with cancer annually. Around 90% of patients with advanced cancer have pain. Treatment of oncologic pain aims to relieve pain by modulating or interrupting transmission in the spine or brain. The World Health Organization (WHO has developed a three-step ladder for cancer pain management. At step I, non-opioid plus adjuvant drugs are included. Step II includes opioids for mild to moderate pain plus adjuvants, and step III includes opioids for moderate to severe pain plus adjuvants. Material and methods: We reviewed 72 files corresponding to all the patients with chronic cancer pain that had been treated with hydromorphone during the previous 4 years in our hospital and calculated the mean dose at which the patients reported good pain control (Visual Analog Scale [VAS] < 4. We also studied the most common adverse effects, and whether any of the patients discontinued the treatment, and if so, the reasons for discontinuance. The type of cancer in each patient and the length

  12. Associação de fentanil ou sufentanil à bupivacaína a 0,5% isobárica em raquianestesia: estudo comparativo

    José Francisco Nunes Pereira das Neves


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Desde a descoberta dos receptores opióides e um maior entendimento da neurofarmacologia da medula espinhal em relação à transmissão e inibição do impulso nociceptivo, tem aumentado o interesse na utilização de drogas por via subaracnóidea, em Anestesiologia e tratamento da dor. O presente estudo tem como finalidade avaliar prospectivamente a eficácia clínica da adição de fentanil (25 µg e sufentanil (5 µg à bupivacaína isobárica (10 mg,em pacientes submetidos à raquianestesia para tratamento cirúrgico de varizes de MMII. MÉTODO: Participaram do estudo 60 pacientes, estado físico ASA I e II, com idades abaixo de 60 anos, submetidos à raquianestesia para tratamento cirúrgico de varizes e divididos aleatoriamente em três grupos: B (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg, BF (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg e fentanil 25 µg e BS (bupivacaína isobárica 10 mg e sufentanil 5 µg.A raquianestesia foi realizada em decúbito lateral esquerdo, punção lombar entre L3-L4, com agulha de Quincke 27G. Após a raquianestesia foram avaliados: tempo de latência, o nível de bloqueio sensitivo e bloqueio motor. No período per-operatório foram anotados: hipotensão arterial, bradicardia, depressão respiratória, diminuição da saturação periférica da hemoglobina pelo oxigênio, náuseas, vômitos, prurido e tremor. No período pós-operatório foi pesquisado o tempo de analgesia. RESULTADOS: Os grupos foram homogêneos. O tempo de latência, o bloqueio motor e o tempo de analgesia não apresentaram diferença significativa. O nível de bloqueio sensitivo mostrou diferença entre o grupo controle e os grupos contendo opióides em todos os momentos estudados. Prurido foi o efeito colateral mais freqüente nos grupos contendo opióides. CONCLUSÕES: A adição de fentanil (25 µg e sufentanil (5 µg à bupivacaína a 0,5% isobárica (10 mg em raquianestesia altera o nível de bloqueio sensitivo.

  13. Los sectores institucionales en la producción científica española de difusión internacional

    González–Albo, Borja


    Full Text Available Institutional sectors —groups of centers with similar characteristics and types of R&D— constitute an interesting unit of analysis that can also serve as a useful framework for benchmarking purposes in R&D studies. The analysis of Spanish scientific output included in the Web of Science database (2000–2011 shows the predominance of Universities (66%, followed by the Public Research Organisations (OPI (23% and the Health Sector (18%. Non–profit organizations (ESAL (10%, which include both Traditional Entities with non-Profit Aims (ETSAL and new Research Structures with non-Profit Aims (EISAL, show the highest impact values, regardless of whether indicators based on impact factors (normalised position, percentage of articles in the first quartile or on citations are used. Universities present a more evenly distributed thematic profile and it is the only sector specialized in fields such as Social Sciences, Humanities or Mathematics, while the Health Sector is highly specialized in Clinical Medicine. During the period studied, the different sectors tended to increase their scientific production, to publish in higher impact factor journals and to intensify the level of collaboration and internationalization of their publications. Especially noteworthy is the strong rise of non–profit organizations, in particular the case of EISAL, which conduct high impact research mainly in Biomedicine. No relationship has been found between the areas in which the sectors are specialized and those in which they obtain the highest impact.Los sectores institucionales, como agrupaciones de centros con características similares en su actividad y orientación a la investigación, constituyen una interesante unidad de análisis que puede servir además como marco de referencia en los estudios de I+D. El análisis de la producción científica de España (2000–2011 recogida en la base de datos Web of Science permite observar el predominio del sector


    M.S. Pudjijanto


    Full Text Available Aspek keselamatan penggunaaan radiasi gamma, khususnya penggunaan iradiator gamma perlu ditekankan untuk menjamin keselamatan personil maupun keselamatan lingkungan. Keselamatan radiasi pekerja diperhitungkan pada saat fasilitas iradiasi beroperasi normal dan ketika sedang dilakukan bongkar-muat sumber radiasi dan perawatan/perbaikan fasilitas dengan sumber radiasi berada di dalam kolam penyimpan atau di rak khusus penyimpan sumber. Jenis dan tebal dinding beton ruang papar yang sekaligus berfungsi sebagai perisai radiasi perlu dipertimbangkan, agar paparan radiasi di lingkungan fasilitas iradiator ini memenuhi kriteria keselamatan radiasi yang ditetapkan BAPETEN. Perhitungan dilakukan dengan menggunakan PensilBaris1.2 dengan teknik integrasi kernel titik dan sebagai pembanding digunakan program MCNP5 dengan teknik Monte Carlo. Fasilitas iradiator gamma inovatif yang akan didesain berdimensi panjang 13 m, lebar 6 m dan tinggi 4 m. Radiasi gamma bersumber dari 36-52 batang Cobalt-60 beraktivitas total 500 kCi yang disusun tegak berjajar yang berjarak sama dalam sepasang rak sejajar bertingka dua dengan panjang 135 cm dan tinggi 100 cm. Jarak pisang antara sepasang rak sumber gamma ditetapkan 120 cm. Hasil perhitungan program PensilBaris1.2 untuk dinding beton dengan kerapatan 2,45 g/cm3 berturut-turut memberikan 141,6; 164,4 dan 154,9 cm dan program MCNP5 berturut-turut memberikan ketebalan 145, 155 dan 140 cm. Perbedaan hasil dari kedua tool ini, selain disebabkan oleh teknik dan metode komputasi yang berbeda, disebabkan karena adanya perbedaan pustaka data tampang interaksi foton dengan materi dan faktor bangkit dosis yang digunakan. Hasil perhitungan menggunakan PensilBaris1.2 dengan kerapatan 2,35 g/cm3 memberikan tebal dinding beton dalam arah memanjang, melebar dan meninggi berturut-turut 147,4; 170,7 dan 161,4 cm. Kedalaman benam minimal ujung atas sumber dari permukaan air kolam menggunakan PensilBaris1.2 sebesar 4,85 meter untuk laju

  15. Plasma and cerebrospinal fluid alfentanil, butorphanol, and morphine concentrations following caudal epidural administration in horses Concentrações plasmáticas e no líquido cérebro-espinhal de alfentanil, butorfanol e morfina após administração epidural caudal em eqüinos

    Cláudio Corrêa Natalini


    Full Text Available This study was conducted with the objective of determining the plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF concentrations after epidurally administered alfentanil, butorphanol, and morphine in horses. Five clinically healthy adult horses were studied. Morphine 0.1mg kg-1, alfentanil 0.02mg kg-1, and butorphanol 0.08mg kg-1 in equal volumes (20ml were epidurally injected. A 10-ml sample of CSF and blood were drawn at sampling times before the epidural administration and at 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 120 minutes, and hourly for 24 hours Enzyme-linked immonosorbent assay (ELISA was used as the screening test to detect the injected opioids. ANOVA and Bonferroni’s test were used with a P values Este estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de se detectar as concentrações plasmáticas e no líquido cérebro-espinhal de alfentanil, butorfanol e morfina administrados por via epidural caudal em cavalos. Foram utilizados cinco eqüinos adultos, clinicamente hígidos. Doses de morfina (0,1mg kg-1, alfentanil (0,02mg kg-1, e butorfanol (0,08mg kg-1, diluídos em volume idêntico de 20ml em solução salina 0,9%, foram administrados por via epidural. Uma amostra de 10ml de sangüe venoso e de líqüido cérebro-espinhal foram colhidas anteriormente à administração epidural e 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 e 120 minutos e a cada hora por 24 horas. O teste enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA foi utilizado como método analítico para detecção dos opióides. Os resultados foram avaliados com teste ANOVA e Bonferroni com valor de P<0,05. O teste de ELISA mostrou-se eficiente para detecção plasmática e no LCE de alfentanil, butorfanol, e morfina administrados por via epidural. A administração epidural de alfentanil em eqüinos produz níveis no líquido cérebro-espinhal mais rapidamente que no plasma. Opióides de maior hidrossolubilidade tais como morfina e butorfanol produzem níveis plasmáticos mais rapidamente do que no líquido cérebro-espinhal quando

  16. The effect of a hydrological model structure and rainfall data on the accuracy of flood description in an upland catchment

    Wałęga Andrzej


    Full Text Available Wpływ struktury modelu i danych opadowych na dokładność opisu wezbrań na przykładzie zlewni wyżynnej. Celem pracy było określenie wpływu struktury modelu hydrologicznego i jakości danych opadowych na parametry wezbrań uzyskane z symulacji. Badania prowadzono w zlewni rzeki Stobnicy - prawostronnego dopływu Wisłoka. Przyjęto następujące założenia: wzrost liczby stacji opadowych pozwala na dokładniejszy opis przebiegu wezbrania przez model oraz model o parametrach rozłożonych pozwala na dokładniejszy opis reakcji zlewni na opad niż model o parametrach skupionych. Obliczenia prowadzono w programie HEC-HMS 3.4. Analizy wykazały, że zwiększenie liczby stacji opadowych nieznacznie poprawia jakość pracy modelu (w przypadku uwzględnienia większej liczby stacji opadowych w modelu współczynnik efektywności wzrósł średnio o 4,1%. Ponadto wykazano, że w przypadku zlewni o nieznacznym zróżnicowaniu warunków topograficznych i użytkowania lepsze wyniki symulacji wezbrań uzyskano dla modelu o parametrach skupionych w porównaniu do modelu o parametrach rozłożonych. Uwzględnienie dodatkowo procesu kalibracji nieznacznie poprawiło jakość pracy modelu niezależnie od jego struktury i ilości stacji opadowych. Wieloczynnikowa analiza wariancji MANOVA wykazała, że uzyskane różnice w efektywności pracy modelu dla różnych wariantów nie były statystycznie istotne. Ze względu na ograniczony materiał empiryczny dotyczący epizodów opad-odpływ, uzyskane wyniki mogą być obdarzone znaczną niepewnością i należy traktować je jako przyczynek do dalszych badań.

  17. TMSR硝酸盐自然循环回路控制系统设计%Design of nitrate natural circulation loop control system in TMSR

    张宁; 郭冰; 韩立欣; 周大勇


    Background: Nitrate natural circulation loop (NNCL) is one of experimental platform in thorium-based molten salt reactor (TMSR), which was designed to study the heat transfer behavior and corrosion behavior of direct reactor auxiliary cooling system (DRACS).Purpose: This study aims to implement a distributed control system (DCS) with functionalities of system control, online state monitor and experimental data acquisition in NNCL. Methods: An experimental physics and industrial control system (EPICS) based distributed control system was designed for this project. An optimized support module structure was designed for I/O operation with low-level PLCs to improve the performance of input/output controller (IOC) runtime database, and a PostgreSQL database was employed for data archive by RDB ChannelArchiver. A control system studio (CSS) interface and MATLAB was implemented in operator interface (OPI) computers, for visual operation and experimental data calculation.Results: Testing for online operation and history data acquisition in OPI interface proved that the control system satisfied all requirements of NNCL control and state monitor with long-term effective.Conclusion: The system could provide efficient and reliable routine for online operation and would well support advanced study of DRACS on this NNCL platform.%为了对硝酸盐自然循环回路(Nitrate Natural Circulation Loop, NNCL)的各子系统及设备的运行状态进行在线监测及远程控制,设计并实现了具有分布式结构的控制系统,并根据工程实际对其软件模块进行了改进。主要包括对过程控制软件包进行结构优化,以提高多通道模式下数据传输效率;使用PostgreSQL关系型数据库取代本地数据存储方式进行数据存档管理和和查询;在操作员计算机中更新人机界面软件以获得更好的界面效果,配置MATLAB在线驱动接口用于数据在线处理。经过运行测试表明,此系统可长期有

  18. Ação central do naloxone sobre as ß-endorfinas e hormônio luteinizante (LH em ovelhas ovariectomizadas e hipoglicêmicas

    Angela Maria Xavier Eloy


    Full Text Available Com a finalidade de se investigar o efeito no Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC do opióide antagonista naloxone hidrocloride sobre a liberação do hormônio luteinizante (LH em ovelhas ovariectomizadas e hipoglicêmicas, utilizaram-se oito fêmeas mestiças oriundas das raças Mule e Suffolk, pesando 65,7 ± 3,6 kg. Duas semanas antes do início dos trabalhos, os animais foram canulados bilateralmente nos ventrículos. Foram feitos dois tratamentos (TI- animais não-estressados; TII- animais estressados, que foram subdivididos em três grupos (solução salina, 1 mg e 2 mg de naloxone. Os animais foram distribuídos, aleatoriamente, dentro das parcelas e foram feitas repetições com intervalo de uma semana, até que se alcançassem quatro observações por tratamento. No TI não se observou alteração nas concentrações de ß-endorfinas e LH, enquanto no TII, apesar de os animais não apresentarem alterações nos níveis de ß-endorfinas após injeção intracerebroventricular (i.c.v. de 1 mg de naloxone, observou-se diminuição significativa (p<0,05 após injeção (i.c.v. de 2 mg. No TII, as concentrações de LH aumentaram significativamente (p<0,05 após injeção (i.c.v. de 1 e 2 mg de naloxone. Conclui-se, portanto, que mesmo na ausência dos esteróides gonadais, os opióides endógenos estão envolvidos no controle do LH em animais hipoglicêmicos.

  19. Epistatic roles of E2 glycoprotein mutations in adaption of chikungunya virus to Aedes albopictus and Ae. aegypti mosquitoes.

    Konstantin A Tsetsarkin

    Full Text Available Between 2005 and 2007 Chikungunya virus (CHIKV caused its largest outbreak/epidemic in documented history. An unusual feature of this epidemic is the involvement of Ae. albopictus as a principal vector. Previously we have demonstrated that a single mutation E1-A226V significantly changed the ability of the virus to infect and be transmitted by this vector when expressed in the background of well characterized CHIKV strains LR2006 OPY1 and 37997. However, in the current study we demonstrate that introduction of the E1-A226V mutation into the background of an infectious clone derived from the Ag41855 strain (isolated in Uganda in 1982 does not significantly increase infectivity for Ae. albopictus. In order to elucidate the genetic determinants that affect CHIKV sensitivity to the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus, the genomes of the LR2006 OPY1 and Ag41855 strains were used for construction of chimeric viruses and viruses with a specific combination of point mutations at selected positions. Based upon the midgut infection rates of the derived viruses in Ae. albopictus and Ae. aegypti mosquitoes, a critical role of the mutations at positions E2-60 and E2-211 on vector infection was revealed. The E2-G60D mutation was an important determinant of CHIKV infectivity for both Ae. albopictus and Ae. aegypti, but only moderately modulated the effect of the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus. However, the effect of the E2-I211T mutation with respect to mosquito infections was much more specific, strongly modifying the effect of the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus. In contrast, CHIKV infectivity for Ae. aegypti was not influenced by the E2-1211T mutation. The occurrence of the E2-60G and E2-211I residues among CHIKV isolates was analyzed, revealing a high prevalence of E2-211I among strains belonging to the Eastern/Central/South African (ECSA clade. This suggests that the E2-211I might be important for adaptation of CHIKV to some particular conditions

  20. Epistatic roles of E2 glycoprotein mutations in adaption of chikungunya virus to Aedes albopictus and Ae. aegypti mosquitoes.

    Tsetsarkin, Konstantin A; McGee, Charles E; Volk, Sara M; Vanlandingham, Dana L; Weaver, Scott C; Higgs, Stephen


    Between 2005 and 2007 Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) caused its largest outbreak/epidemic in documented history. An unusual feature of this epidemic is the involvement of Ae. albopictus as a principal vector. Previously we have demonstrated that a single mutation E1-A226V significantly changed the ability of the virus to infect and be transmitted by this vector when expressed in the background of well characterized CHIKV strains LR2006 OPY1 and 37997. However, in the current study we demonstrate that introduction of the E1-A226V mutation into the background of an infectious clone derived from the Ag41855 strain (isolated in Uganda in 1982) does not significantly increase infectivity for Ae. albopictus. In order to elucidate the genetic determinants that affect CHIKV sensitivity to the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus, the genomes of the LR2006 OPY1 and Ag41855 strains were used for construction of chimeric viruses and viruses with a specific combination of point mutations at selected positions. Based upon the midgut infection rates of the derived viruses in Ae. albopictus and Ae. aegypti mosquitoes, a critical role of the mutations at positions E2-60 and E2-211 on vector infection was revealed. The E2-G60D mutation was an important determinant of CHIKV infectivity for both Ae. albopictus and Ae. aegypti, but only moderately modulated the effect of the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus. However, the effect of the E2-I211T mutation with respect to mosquito infections was much more specific, strongly modifying the effect of the E1-A226V mutation in Ae. albopictus. In contrast, CHIKV infectivity for Ae. aegypti was not influenced by the E2-1211T mutation. The occurrence of the E2-60G and E2-211I residues among CHIKV isolates was analyzed, revealing a high prevalence of E2-211I among strains belonging to the Eastern/Central/South African (ECSA) clade. This suggests that the E2-211I might be important for adaptation of CHIKV to some particular conditions prevalent in

  1. Lowered omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in serum phospholipids and cholesteryl esters of depressed patients.

    Maes, M; Christophe, A; Delanghe, J; Altamura, C; Neels, H; Meltzer, H Y


    Depression is associated with a lowered degree of esterification of serum cholesterol, an increased C20:4omega6/C20:5omega3 ratio and decreases in omega3 fractions in fatty acids (FAs) or in the red blood cell membrane. The aims of the present study were to examine: (i) serum phospholipid and cholesteryl ester compositions of individual saturated fatty acids (SFAs), monounsaturated FAs (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated FAs (PUFAs) in major depressed patients vs. healthy volunteers; (ii) the relationships between the above FAs and lowered serum zinc (Zn), a marker of the inflammatory response in depression; and (iii) the effects of subchronic treatment with antidepressants on FAs in depression. The composition of the FAs was determined by means of thin layer chromatography in conjunction with gas chromatography. Lipid concentrations were assayed by enzymatic colorimetric methods. The oxidative potential index (OPI) of FAs was computed in 34 major depressed inpatients and 14 normal volunteers. Major depression was associated with: increased MUFA and C22:5omega3 proportions and increased C20:4omega6/C20:5omega3 and C22:5omega6/C22:6omega3 ratios; lower C22:4omega6, C20:5omega3 and C22:5omega3 fractions in phospholipids; lower C18:3omega3, C20:5omega3 and total (sigma)omega3 FAs, and higher C20:4omega6/C20:5omega3 and sigmaomega6/sigmaomega3 ratios in cholesteryl esters; lower serum concentrations of phospholipids and cholesteryl esters; and a decreased OPI. In depression, there were significant and positive correlations between serum Zn and C20:5omega3 and C22:6omega3 fractions in phospholipids; and significant inverse correlations between serum Zn and the sigmaomega6/sigmaomega3, C20:4omega6/C20:5omega3, and C22:5omega6/C22:6omega3 ratios in phospholipids. There was no significant effect of antidepressive treatment on any of the FAs. The results show that, in major depression, there is a deficiency of omega3 PUFAs and a compensatory increase in MUFAs and C22:5omega6 in

  2. Tratamiento del dolor en el paciente oncológico Treatment of pain in the oncology patient

    A.M. Araujo


    Full Text Available El dolor es un síntoma de alta prevalencia en los pacientes con cáncer y deteriora de forma importante su calidad de vida. Con las medidas enunciadas por la OMS en 1986, que divide en tres escalones ascendentes las distintas opciones terapéuticas de las que disponemos, el dolor puede ser controlado en un alto porcentaje de casos. Aquellos pacientes difíciles de controlar con estas medidas, se pueden beneficiar de la aplicación de técnicas de neuromodulación por expertos en el tratamiento del dolor crónico. El correcto manejo de los distintos fármacos (AINES, opiáceos y coadyuvantes, el conocimiento de sus efectos secundarios, la pérdida del miedo a los opiáceos y el conocimiento de los distintos síndromes álgicos asociados al paciente oncológico, deben ir de la mano con la adecuada valoración del dolor según las distintas escalas, tanto en la fase de instauración del tratamiento, como en el seguimiento del paciente.Pain is a symptom with a high prevalence in patients with cancer and causes an important deterioration in their quality of life. With the measures laid out by the WHO in 1986, which divides the different therapeutic options available in three ascending steps, pain can be controlled in a high percentage of cases. Those patients who are difficult to control with these measures can benefit from the application of neuromodulation techniques by experts in the treatment of chronic pain. The correct employment of the different medicines (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, opiates and coadjuvants, knowledge of the secondary effects, loss of fear in the face of opiates and knowledge of the different algic syndromes associated with the oncology patient, must be accompanied by a suitable evaluation of the pain according to the different scales, both in the phase of the treatment’s initiation and in the follow-up of the patient.

  3. Desarrollo tecnológico y estudio de estabilidad del citrato de fentanilo 0,05 mg/mL Technological development and stability study of fentanyl citrate 0.05 mg/mL

    Alejandro Saúl Padrón Yaqui


    Full Text Available El citrato de fentanilo es un potente analgésico opiácico, análogo sintético de la morfina, que se emplea ampliamente como anestésico narcótico en cirugía durante la premedicación y mantenimiento de la anestesia, y el período posoperatorio. Se desarrolló una formulación de citrato de fentanilo para administración por vía parenteral. Se obtuvo un medicamento que cumple con todos los requisitos de calidad exigidos y tiene un tiempo de vida útil de 2 años, a temperatura ambiente, que mantiene invariables sus características físicas, químicas y microbiológicas.Fentanyl citrate is a poweful opiatic analgesic, a synthetic analogue of morphine, which is widely used as narcotic analgesic in surgery preoperativey, during surgery and postoperativey.. A fentanyl citrate formulation to be parenterally administered was developed. The resulting drug fulfills all the quality requeriments and has a useful lifetime of two years, at room temperature, and keeps its physical, chemical and microbiological features unchanged.

  4. Post-irradiation examination of capsule P13T

    Scheffel, W.J.


    Postirradiation examination revealed excellent performance of the H-451 and TS-1240 graphite bodies and fuel rods irraidated to a peak fluence of 8.0 x 10/sup 25/ n/m/sup 2/ (E > 29 fJ)/sub HTGR/ and to a peak volume-average fuel rod temperature of 1215/sup 0/C. A range of fuel rod variables was tested matrix filler graphite, shim particles, compositions; no variable was detrimental to the rod integrity. Particle batches with coating designs representative of the LHTGR (Large HTGR) design requirements exhibited fair irradiation performance to full fast neutron exposure ((8.0 x 10/sup 25/ n/m/sup 2/) (E > 29 fJ)/sub HTGR/) and burnups of 75%. True in-service particle failures were concluded to be <0.3% for all P13T particles. The observed failure was attributed to the outer pyrolytic carbons (OPyC) layer. The failure fraction for 32 P13T fuel rods are greater than predicted, but the mean observed value is less than predicted up to fast fluences of approx. 6.0 x 10/sup 25/ n/m/sup 2/ (E > 29 fJ)/sub HTGT/ at 50% confidence. Incipient degradation of the SiC coating due to palladium attack was observed in the HEU UC/sub 2/-TRISO and the UCO (oxygen/uranium ratio (O/U) = 0.64) fuel rods.


    J. Pere Molina Alventosa


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se estudia la percepción de los estudiantes de una experien - cia en el uso didáctico de un blog docente durante cuatro cursos académicos en una asignatura universitaria. Los datos se recogieron a través de las con - testaciones de los estudiantes a un post del blog donde se les solicitaba que realizasen una valoración del mismo. A través de un análisis cualitativo se definieron cinco categorías: el blog como herramienta de innovación educati - va, el blog como recurso de organización flexible e hipertextual, el blog como entorno de aprendizaje participativo, el blog como agente de cambio del rol docente y propuestas de mejora. Los resultados ponen de manifiesto una opi - nión favorable del alumnado en cuanto al uso del blog, ya que lo consideran un recurso motivador que les permite ampliar y profundizar en los conteni - dos de la asignatura gracias a sus múltiples utilidades y a las posibilidades de interacción y comunicación que ofrece. La disponibilidad permanente del blog permite acercar la asignatura a los estudiantes y sus posibilidades parti - culares de aprendizaje, permitiendo también la comunicación tanto entre el profesor y el alumnado como entre estos últimos.

  6. Eficacia y tolerancia de la pregabalina en el tratamiento del dolor neuropático: Estudio multicéntrico Efficacy and safety of pregabalin in neuropathic pain: Multicenter study

    V. De Sanctis-Briggs


    Full Text Available Introducción: Se pretendió evaluar la eficacia y tolerabilidad de la pregabalina, para el tratamiento del dolor neuropático en las Unidades de Dolor hospitalarias. Material y método: Estudio prospectivo, multicéntrico, abierto, que se llevó a cabo en 10 unidades del dolor de hospitales de Cataluña. Se prescribió pregabalina, a criterio del facultativo, de manera consecutiva. Criterios de inclusión: consentimiento, dolor neuropático, mayor de edad y paciente externo. Criterios de exclusión: alteraciones cognitivas, embarazo. Se estipularon 5 visitas: basal, 15 días, 1 mes, 2 y 3 meses de tratamiento. La titulación de las dosis de pregabalina estaba preespecificada. Se registró edad, sexo, tipo de dolor neuropático, EVA (basal, 15 días, 1 mes, 2 meses, 3 meses, escala MOS de sueño (basal y tercer mes, tratamiento farmacológico concomitante y episodios de efectos adversos. Se crearon 3 grupos de estudio: pregabalina + antiinflamatorios no esteroideos (AINE + antidepresivos tricíclicos (AINE + ATC, pregabalina + AINE + ansiolíticos (AINE + ANS, pregabalina + AINE + opioides (AINE + OPI. Se efectuó prueba paramétrica t de Student y test no paramétrico de Wilcoxon para datos apareados de variables cuantitativas. Resultados: Se reclutaron 578 pacientes de los que 472 (81,66% completaron el estudio. El 98,8% recibieron politerapia. El alivio del dolor registró una media de -3,6 (± 1,9 (p Aim and objective: This study was intended to avaluate the efficacy and tolerability of pregabalin in patients with neuropathic pain and concomitant medication. Material and methods: Investigator-initiated, prospective multicenter study, open-label, uncontrolled conducted in 10 pain units from Catalonia hospitals. Pregabalin was consecutively prescribed at the physicians' discretion to avoid selective bias. Inclusion criteria were: outpatient, age >18 years, admission diagnosis as "neuropathic pain" and informed consent. Exclusion criteria were

  7. Sintaksa, semantika, pragmatika u istro romanskim tekstovima: o nekim zanimljivim slučajevima višeznačnosti

    Pavao Tekavčić


    Full Text Available U prilogu se, u okviru projekta studija suvremenih istroromanskih (prvenstveno rovinjskih tekstova, proučavaju primjeri dvo- ili višeznačnosti rečenica. Uz primjere uvijek se daje i potrebni opis situacije, jer situacija i/ili kontekst redovito omogučuju pravilno razumijevanje a tirne i razrješavaju višeznačnost (pa višeznačnosti redovito i nema kad rečenica biva »uronjena« u kontekst i/ili situaciju postajući tako iskaz. Većina analiziranih primjera dopušta dvije ili tri interpretacije (»čitanja«, neki i više (čak do pet. Po vrstama rečenica najčešće su pogodbene, zatim odnosne pa neki drugi tipovi. Višeznačnost je večinom na sintaktičkoj, samo u nekim malobrojnim primjerima na morfološkoj ili fonetskoj razini. Razrješenje višeznačnosti moguće je u velikoj večini primjerâ, zahvaljujući pragmatičkim i/ili tekstovnim faktorima; kada to nije moguće, specifično lingvistička sredstva ne mogu pomoći, što dokazuje superiornost pragmalingvističkih i tekstovnih faktora u funkcioniranju jezika.

  8. On internal definite reference in Slavic languages

    Piper Predrag J.


    Full Text Available The considered examples of use of the “such and such“ type of expression in Serbian and other Slavic languages and their analysis show that they represent a special type of reference and hold a special place in the system of pronominal words and expressions. Regardless of the fact that they can take a variety of functions, which are discussed in the article, their main function is to refer to what is determined for participants in a primary communicative situation, denoted by an utterance within an utterance, but which is undetermined for participants in a secondary communicative situation (with the exception of cases of same participants being involved in both primary and secondary situations. The forms of expressing internal definite reference are not entirely the same in all Slavic languages, although reduplication of pronominal demonstrative prevails with a high degree of match in their functions. The highest match is found when performing their main function of internal definite reference, while the lowest match is found when performing the function of euphemistic replacement of invective. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 178021: Opis i standardizacija savremenog srpskog jezika


    Berenice Orozco Lagunas


    Full Text Available Según la Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior, la univer - sidad debe brindar una formación integral y profesional, preparar en alguna disciplina científica y ofrecer actividades complementarias. Por ello, el objetivo de esta investigación fue conocer la opi - nión de estudiantes de Psicología de la Universidad del Estado de Morelos respecto a actividades extracurriculares en su formación. Participaron cien estudiantes regulares de diversos semestres, a quienes se aplicó un cuestionario de once preguntas para conocer su opinión acerca de las activi - dades extracurriculares y su tiempo libre. Los resultados muestran que una parte considerable del alumnado gozaba de tiempo libre por semana, manifestando interés en participar en dichas activi - dades y apoyando la implementación de estas en el currículo profesional. Los autores concluyen que es importante incluir las actividades deportivas y culturales en el plan de estudios, pues dotan de herramientas cognitivas y reportan importantes beneficios físicos en la formación de los estudiantes.

  10. Development of a Radial Deconsolidation Method

    Helmreich, Grant W. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Montgomery, Fred C. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Hunn, John D. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    A series of experiments have been initiated to determine the retention or mobility of fission products* in AGR fuel compacts [Petti, et al. 2010]. This information is needed to refine fission product transport models. The AGR-3/4 irradiation test involved half-inch-long compacts that each contained twenty designed-to-fail (DTF) particles, with 20-μm thick carbon-coated kernels whose coatings were deliberately fabricated such that they would crack under irradiation, providing a known source of post-irradiation isotopes. The DTF particles in these compacts were axially distributed along the compact centerline so that the diffusion of fission products released from the DTF kernels would be radially symmetric [Hunn, et al. 2012; Hunn et al. 2011; Kercher, et al. 2011; Hunn, et al. 2007]. Compacts containing DTF particles were irradiated at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) at the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) [Collin, 2015]. Analysis of the diffusion of these various post-irradiation isotopes through the compact requires a method to radially deconsolidate the compacts so that nested-annular volumes may be analyzed for post-irradiation isotope inventory in the compact matrix, TRISO outer pyrolytic carbon (OPyC), and DTF kernels. An effective radial deconsolidation method and apparatus appropriate to this application has been developed and parametrically characterized.


    Adam ZOFKA


    Full Text Available W artykule przedstawiono koncepcję nowej metody badania próbek z mieszanki mineralno-asfaltowej w warunkach ścinania z ciśnieniem bocznym. Dotychczas stosowane metody badawcze ścinania z obciążeniem bocznym opierają się na ocenie właściwości mieszanki mineralno-asfaltowej przy ścinaniu w warunkach stałej siły wzdłużnej lub stałej objętości badanej próbki. Nowa metoda badawcza pozwala na badanie ścinania przy stałej sztywności wzdłużnej. Aby możliwe było badanie według tej metody, zaprojektowano i wykonano specjalną przystawkę o nazwie AST (ang. Advanced Shear Tester. W artykule przedstawiono zarówno opis procesu twórczego podczas projektowania przystawki, jak wykonane urządzenie. Zaprezentowano pierwsze wyniki badań walidacyjnych uzyskanych przy użyciu przystawki na próbkach UHMW-PE oraz z mieszanki mineralno-asfaltowej.

  12. An Estimation of Gas Pressure in a TRISO of 350 MWth Block-Type HTR

    Kim, Young Min; Jo, C. K.; Cho, M. S. [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    An estimation of gas pressure in a TRISO with a UCO kernel has been performed under the normal operation conditions of a HTR. The following conclusions are drawn through the analysis. - The major gas species is xenon below 1000 .deg. C, and cesium starts to significantly build up between 1000 and 1100 .deg. C. - The lower the PF is, the earlier cesium gas begins to form and the higher the total gas pressure is. - The total gas pressure in a TRISO is about 28 MPa at temperature of 1300 .deg. C, PF of 25%, and EFPD of 1500. - The low PF is desirable on fuel economy. The analyses of stress and failure of TRISOs will be used to determine whether the pressures are tolerable or not. The HTR will be operated for an extended fuel burnup of more than 150 GWd/MTU. Its fuel should survives the long irradiation. The block-type HTR fuel is a cylindrical graphite compact in which a large number of tri-isotropic coated fuel particles (TRISOs) are embedded. A TRISO consists of a kernel at its central region and four coating layers surrounding the kernel: buffer, IPyC (inner pyrocarbon), SiC (silicon carbide), and OPyC (outer pyrocarbon), from the inside. In a usual UO{sub 2} TRISO, a very high gas pressure builds up due to the extended operation of a HTR. Nuclear fissions in a kernel produces free oxygen.

  13. Trabajadores agrícolas y subjetividad en California

    Florencio Posadas Segura


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se explora el problema de la subjetividad de los trabajadores agríco - las, partiendo de la hipótesis de que éstos consideran malas sus condiciones de vida y de trabajo. Mediante el trabajo de campo se demostraron sus conocimientos y opi - niones sobre su situación laboral y existencial en el Valle de San Joaquín California durante 2007 y 2008. Se descubrió que la visión del trabajador agrícola está basada en la subjetivación y reinterpretación de sus circunstancias objetivas de trabajo y de vida. Se concluyó que los trabajadores agrícolas opinan que sus condiciones son pé - simas porque sus derechos laborales, sociales y humanos no se reconocen o respetan, la crisis económica, social y política de Estados Unidos les perjudica y el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre México, Estados Unidos y Canadá ( TLCAN sólo podría beneficiarles con una reforma migratoria.

  14. Phosphatidic acid and phosphoinositides facilitate liposome association of Yas3p and potentiate derepression of ARE1 (alkane-responsive element one)-mediated transcription control.

    Kobayashi, Satoshi; Hirakawa, Kiyoshi; Horiuchi, Hiroyuki; Fukuda, Ryouichi; Ohta, Akinori


    In the n-alkane assimilating yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, the expression of ALK1, encoding a cytochrome P450 that catalyzes terminal mono-oxygenation of n-alkanes, is induced by n-alkanes. The transcription of ALK1 is regulated by a heterocomplex that comprises the basic helix-loop-helix transcription activators, Yas1p and Yas2p, and binds to alkane-responsive element 1 (ARE1) in the ALK1 promoter. An Opi1 family transcription repressor, Yas3p, represses transcription by binding to Yas2p. Yas3p localizes in the nucleus when Y. lipolytica is grown on glucose but localizes to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) upon the addition of n-alkanes. In this study, we showed that recombinant Yas3p binds to the acidic phospholipids, phosphatidic acid (PA) and phosphoinositides (PIPs), in vitro. The ARE1-mediated transcription was enhanced in vivo in mutants defective in an ortholog of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene PAH1, encoding PA phosphatase, and in an ortholog of SAC1, encoding PIP phosphatase in the ER. Truncation mutation analyses for Yas3p revealed two regions that bound to PA and PIPs. These results suggest that the interaction with acidic phospholipids is important for the n-alkane-induced association of Yas3p with the ER membrane.

  15. Comprehensive evaluation of future site alternatives

    Shain, D.I.; Jones, M.E.; Ryan, K.


    Due to rapid changes occurring within the Nuclear Weapons complex, the need for integrated planning designed to combine multiple program needs into one strategic plan has become a necessity. This is more apparent as diverse DOE programs compete for dwindling resources. These programs range from traditional production operations, environmental and waste management, to facility transition, economic development, decontamination and decommissioning, and environmental restoration activities. Each program can influence another, thus increasing the difficulty of distinguishing program elements. The method in developing comprehensive plans becomes even more complicated when environmental compliance issues, regulatory agreements and stakeholder values are considered. AT the Department of Energy`s (DOE) Rocky Flats Plant (RFP), all of these program conditions exist. This paper addresses a set of tools which are being developed at RFP that provides key planning elements and alternatives assessment for the DOE`s Office of Planning and Integration (OPI) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance Officer at RFP. This set of tools is referred to as the Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA).

  16. Dwa przypadki scleromyxedema

    Jadwiga Dwilewicz-Trojaczek


    Full Text Available Wprowadzenie: Scleromyxedema jest przewlekłą chorobą zaliczaną domucynoz. Kryteria jej rozpoznania to: charakterystyczne twardzinopodobnezmiany skórne, gammopatia monoklonalna bez współistniejącychzaburzeń funkcji tarczycy, awbadaniu histopatologicznym rozplemfibroblastów i złogi mucyny w przestrzeniach międzykomórkowych. Cel pracy: Przedstawienie dwóch przypadków scleromyxedema o różnymobrazie klinicznym. Opis przypadku: Przedstawiamy dwóch pacjentów chorujących na scleromyxedema:67-letniego, u którego klinicznie dominowały stwardnienia,oraz 53-letniego z przewagą wykwitów o charakterze grudek. U każdegoz chorych stosowano odmienną, indywidualnie dobraną terapię.Pierwszemu podawano początkowo prednizon i chlorambucil, a następniepulsy prednizonu i cyklofosfamidu, drugi był leczony pulsami melfalanu.Stosowane leczenie doprowadziło do stłumienia procesu chorobowego,zwolniło jego postęp, jednak nie spowodowało remisji. Wnioski: Niezależnie od obrazu klinicznego leczenie scleromyxedemanastręcza trudności w związku z ograniczoną skutecznością stosowanychmetod, ich działaniami niepożądanymi lub ograniczoną dostępnością.

  17. Utility-aware screening with clique-oriented prioritization.

    Swamidass, S Joshua; Calhoun, Bradley T; Bittker, Joshua A; Bodycombe, Nicole E; Clemons, Paul A


    Most methods of deciding which hits from a screen to send for confirmatory testing assume that all confirmed actives are equally valuable and aim only to maximize the number of confirmed hits. In contrast, "utility-aware" methods are informed by models of screeners' preferences and can increase the rate at which the useful information is discovered. Clique-oriented prioritization (COP) extends a recently proposed economic framework and aims--by changing which hits are sent for confirmatory testing--to maximize the number of scaffolds with at least two confirmed active examples. In both retrospective and prospective experiments, COP enables accurate predictions of the number of clique discoveries in a batch of confirmatory experiments and improves the rate of clique discovery by more than 3-fold. In contrast, other similarity-based methods like ontology-based pattern identification (OPI) and local hit-rate analysis (LHR) reduce the rate of scaffold discovery by about half. The utility-aware algorithm used to implement COP is general enough to implement several other important models of screener preferences.

  18. The Influence of Fabrication Conditions on the Physical Properties of PLZT:Nd3+ Ceramics

    Płonska M.


    Full Text Available Celem niniejszej pracy było zbadanie wpływu warunków wytwarzania i zastosowanej domieszki neodymu na właściwości fizyczne ceramiki (Pbo.98Lao.o2(Zro.65Tio.35o.9s03, określanej mianem PLZT:Nd3+. Wszystkie proszki przygotowanych składów syntetyzowano metodą konwencjonalną, z tlenków o wysokiej czystości (>99.9%. Próbki ceramiczne zagęszczano techniką swobodnego spiekania i jednoosiowego prasowania na gorąco. Wykonane badania dały szczegółowy opis zależności między stosowaną domieszką oraz przyjętymi warunkami wytwarzania oraz wpływu na dielektryczne i optyczne właściwości otrzyma- nych materiałów ceramicznych. Optymalne warunki przygotowania PLZT:Nd3+, jak również zastosowane stężenia aktywatora Nd3+ zostały określone w odniesieniu do potencjalnych zastosowań optoelektronicznych.

  19. In vivo reconstitution of algal triacylglycerol production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

    Chun-Hsien eHung


    Full Text Available The current fascination with algal biofuel production stems from a high lipid biosynthetic capacity and little conflict with land plant cultivation. However, the mechanisms which enable algae to accumulate massive oil remain elusive. An enzyme for triacylglycerol (TAG biosynthesis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, CrDGTT2, can produce a large amount of TAG when expressed in yeast or higher plants, suggesting a unique ability of CrDGTT2 to enhance oil production in a heterologous system. Here, we performed metabolic engineering in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by taking advantage of CrDGTT2. We suppressed membrane phospholipid biosynthesis at the log phase by mutating OPI3, enhanced TAG biosynthetic pathway at the stationary phase by overexpressing PAH1 and CrDGTT2, and suppressed TAG hydrolysis on growth resumption from the stationary phase by knocking out DGK1. The resulting engineered yeast cells accumulated about 70-fold of TAG compared with wild type cells. Moreover, TAG production was sustainable. Our results demonstrated the enhanced and sustainable TAG production in the yeast synthetic platform.

  20. Intoxicación por drogas

    I. Gainza

    Full Text Available El consumo de drogas ilegales en nuestro país ha experimentado un notable cambio en los últimos años, relegando a la heroína e incorporando la cocaína, los derivados anfetamínicos como el "éxtasis" (MDMA, el "éxtasis líquido" (GHB y, en menor medida, la ketamina. Se lleva a cabo una revisión de la intoxicación aguda por opiáceos y de su tratamiento en los servicios de urgencias, teniendo en cuenta el descenso progresivo de los casos que se presentan con el advenimiento de nuevas formas de administración, así como la presencia de nuevas drogas adictivas que han dado lugar a un desplazamiento en los hábitos de consumo. Se expone la intoxicación por cocaína haciendo referencia a la clínica, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento. Se realiza una revisión sobre el cannabis y sus derivados, la historia de su consumo y preparaciones utilizadas, los efectos que producen en los distintos sistemas del organismo y sus principales mecanismos de acción. Por último se comentan los efectos del LSD y de las setas alucinógenas.




    Full Text Available Perspektywa utrzymania budynków mieszkalnych w odpowiednim stanie technicznym narzuca zadania optymalnego planowania prac remontowych, a prawidłowe opracowanie zakresu i programu remontu wymaga ustalenia diagnozy. Diagnostyka stanowi podstawę właściwie prowadzonej działalności remontowej w każdym obiekcie technicznym. Diagnoza obejmuje zadania dotyczące zarówno oceny aktualnego stanu technicznego jak i prognozy rozwoju zmian tego stanu. Prognostyczny opis czasu życia budynku w ujęciu matematycznym pozwala na opracowanie precyzyjnych strategii przywracających odpowiedni poziom efektywności eksploatacyjnych. Opracowany model predykcji właściwości użytkowych budynku pozwala na przewidywanie zmian stanu technicznego budynku. W artykule przedstawiona jest problematyka badania ewolucji stanu technicznego wykonanego w technologii tradycyjnej. Budynek i jego elementy składowe w każdej chwili użytkowania znajdują się w pewnym stanie technicznym, a zmiany stanu technicznego traktuje się jako ciąg stanów uporządkowanych według wartości zmiennej czasowej. W artykule zaprezentowana jest także ocena zgodności zaproponowanego modelu z wynikami kontroli okresowych budynków w Żarach.

  2. Opinion - Thyroid (dysfunction in heart failure: is it a potential target for medical treatment?

    Alessandro Pingitore


    Full Text Available Alessandro Pingitore, Giorgio IervasiInstitute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Pisa, ItalyIntroductionCurrently, there is little doubt that activation of the neuroendocrine (NE system is predominately responsible for the progressive decline of heart function in heart failure (HF. This is due to the complex action of neurotransmitters, hormonal factors, and/or immunological pathways. Evidence that supports this point of view is the clear prognostic benefit and the reduction of HF progression by using NE-guided therapeutic approaches (SOLVD investigators 1992; Eichhorn and Bristow 1996; Packer et al 1996; Opie 2004; Solomon et al 2004. However, the fact that HF represents one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in Western countries also suggests that the current portfolio of NE antagonists fails to completely explain and possibly counteract disease progression (Guyatt and Deveraux 2004. In this context, interest in the relationship between thyroid hormones (THs and HF is increasingly gaining prominence. The chief reason for the latter is the emerging novel actions of THs on the cardiovascular system and, more specifically, the role of TH as a prognostic biomarker of cardiac disease as well as the potential benefit of TH administration in patients with HF.




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: This article aims at developing a reflection over the Guarani dance and shamanism, highlighting the mythological and ritualistic aspects within an ordinary and educative process. In the dance, a conscious of collectivity is experienced through thought andfeeling. The experience provoked by the collectivity in the dance can be translated as nhaderetê, body of all, divine and joy producer. In the daily bleakness, the Guarani produce beauty and joy, because these are the expression of their divine entities. Throughout conversation and testimonies of young Guarani, we sought to highlight their elaborations of the mythological knowledge and daily living. The rite has a living function of the myth and these two aspects areperceived as interweaved to the dance and to the Opy. All these aspects are lived by the young and adults in a very disturbing way that leads them to a permanent movement of questioning, search and redefinition. In this process, the Opy, the Karai and the dance are highlighted as basis of the Guarani culture and serv as stabilization points within a very dynamic daily. The dance, as rite, transports the Guarani to a time when they acknowledge their identities, in a life rhythm. The Guarani rite is linked to a deep structure of the emotional collective organization, in a vital function, of spiritual elevation and integration to their belonging system. To the Guarani, Nhanderú taught the dance and enforced them to dance. This becomes from a mythological perception and its appearance is confounded with the own Guarani existence. Thespirituality appears from a vital relation of movement. The shamanistic education is learned by the senses. The main knowledge notion is the Arandurekó, knowledge that is learned throughoutlife, in proper time and rhythm. The dance-rhythm enables the connection between body and spirit, proportioning a sensible hearing of gestures, diseases, and behavior as reflexive learningspaces. By putting

  4. Radosław Kaleta, Białorusko-polska homonimia międzyjęzykowa, Warszawa: Slawistyczny Ośrodek Wydawniczy, 2014, 167 ss.

    Maksim Duszkin


    Full Text Available Review The text is a presentation of R. Kaleta's book Białorusko-polska homonimia międzyjęzykowa published in 2014 by the Slavic Publishing Centre of the Institute of Slavic Studies PAS. The monograph includes an analysis of source literature and some theoretical reflections on a phenomenon of the so-called interlanguage homonymy. The book also includes a brief vocabulary of selected Belarusian-Polish interlanguage homonyms.   Recenzja W recenzji przedstawiono wydaną w 2014 r. w Slawistycznym Ośrodku Wydawniczym Instytutu Slawistyki PAN książkę R. Kalety Białorusko-polska homonimia międzyjęzykowa. Monografia zawiera między innymi opis literatury przedmiotu oraz rozważania teoretyczne, dotyczące zjawiska tzw. hominimii międzyjęzykowej. Znaleźć w niej można również słowniczek wybranych białorusko-polskich hominimów międzyjęzykowych.

  5. Acceptance Test Data for BWXT Coated Particle Batch 93164A Defective IPyC Fraction and Pyrocarbon Anisotropy

    Helmreich, Grant W. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Hunn, John D. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Skitt, Darren J. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Dyer, John A. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Coated particle fuel batch J52O-16-93164 was produced by Babcock and Wilcox Technologies (BWXT) for possible selection as fuel for the Advanced Gas Reactor Fuel Development and Qualification (AGR) Program’s AGR-5/6/7 irradiation test in the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Advanced Test Reactor (ATR), or may be used as demonstration production-scale coated particle fuel for other experiments. The tristructural-isotropic (TRISO) coatings were deposited in a 150-mm-diameter production-scale fluidizedbed chemical vapor deposition (CVD) furnace onto 425-μm-nominal-diameter spherical kernels from BWXT lot J52L-16-69316. Each kernel contained a mixture of 15.5%-enriched uranium carbide and uranium oxide (UCO) and was coated with four consecutive CVD layers: a ~50% dense carbon buffer layer with 100-μm-nominal thickness, a dense inner pyrolytic carbon (IPyC) layer with 40-μm-nominal thickness, a silicon carbide (SiC) layer with 35-μm-nominal thickness, and a dense outer pyrolytic carbon (OPyC) layer with 40-μm-nominal thickness. The TRISO-coated particle batch was sieved to upgrade the particles by removing over-sized and under-sized material, and the upgraded batch was designated by appending the letter A to the end of the batch number (i.e., 93164A).

  6. The Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training and Cognitive Therapy on the Emotional and Addictional Problems of Substance Abusers

    Mahmoud Golzari


    Full Text Available "n Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of emotional regulation training group therapy, based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT and Cognitive Therapy, on improving emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills and relapse prevention in addicts . "nMethod: In a quasiexperimental study, 39 patients with the diagnosis of opioid dependence based on DSM-IV criteria were randomly assigned in to two experimental and one control groups. The experimental groups took 10 ninety-minute sessions of group therapy. The subjects were evaluated using the Opiate Treatment Index (OPI, General Health Questionnaire-28 (GHQ-28, and Distress Tolerance and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scales prior to the start of treatment, and at the sixteenth session. The control group did not take group therapy and was merely treated with naltrexone. Data were analyzed using repeated measures ANOVA and ÷ 2 test . Results: Scheffe test showed that both emotion regulation training and cognitive therapy were more effective than naltrexone increasing distress tolerance, emotion regulation enhancement, and decreasing the amount of drug abuse, health improvement, social functioning, somatic symptoms, anxiety, social dysfunction and depression enhancement(P<0.05. In addition, emotion regulation training was more effective than cognitive therapy, increasing distress tolerance and emotional regulation enhancement (p<0.05. Conclusion: It seems that DBT skill training increase the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and is more effective than cognitive therapy.

  7. Green-Ampt approximations: A comprehensive analysis

    Ali, Shakir; Islam, Adlul; Mishra, P. K.; Sikka, Alok K.


    Green-Ampt (GA) model and its modifications are widely used for simulating infiltration process. Several explicit approximate solutions to the implicit GA model have been developed with varying degree of accuracy. In this study, performance of nine explicit approximations to the GA model is compared with the implicit GA model using the published data for broad range of soil classes and infiltration time. The explicit GA models considered are Li et al. (1976) (LI), Stone et al. (1994) (ST), Salvucci and Entekhabi (1994) (SE), Parlange et al. (2002) (PA), Barry et al. (2005) (BA), Swamee et al. (2012) (SW), Ali et al. (2013) (AL), Almedeij and Esen (2014) (AE), and Vatankhah (2015) (VA). Six statistical indicators (e.g., percent relative error, maximum absolute percent relative error, average absolute percent relative errors, percent bias, index of agreement, and Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency) and relative computer computation time are used for assessing the model performance. Models are ranked based on the overall performance index (OPI). The BA model is found to be the most accurate followed by the PA and VA models for variety of soil classes and infiltration periods. The AE, SW, SE, and LI model also performed comparatively better. Based on the overall performance index, the explicit models are ranked as BA > PA > VA > LI > AE > SE > SW > ST > AL. Results of this study will be helpful in selection of accurate and simple explicit approximate GA models for solving variety of hydrological problems.

  8. Characteristics of terrestrial basaltic rock populations: Implications for Mars lander and rover science and safety

    Craddock, Robert A.; Golombek, Matthew P.


    We analyzed the morphometry of basaltic rock populations that have been emplaced or affected by a variety of geologic processes, including explosive volcanic eruptions (as a proxy for impact cratering), catastrophic flooding, frost shattering, salt weathering, alluvial deposition, and chemical weathering. Morphometric indices for these rock populations were compared to an unmodified population of rocks that had broken off a solidified lava flow to understand how different geologic processes change rock shape. We found that a majority of rocks have an sphericity described as either a disc or sphere in the Zingg classification system and posit that this is a function of cooling fractures in the basalt (Zingg [1935] Schweiz. Miner. Petrogr. Mitt., 15, 39-140). Angularity (roundness) is the most diagnostic morphometric index, but the Corey Shape Factor (CSF), Oblate-Prolate Index (OPI) and deviation from compactness (D) also sometimes distinguished weathering processes. Comparison of our results to prior analyses of rock populations found at the Mars Pathfinder, Spirit, and Curiosity landing sites support previous conclusions. The observation that the size-frequency distribution of terrestrial rock populations follow exponential functions similar to lander and orbital measurements of rocks on Mars, which is expected from fracture and fragmentation theory, indicates that these distributions are being dominantly controlled by the initial fracture and fragmentation of the basalt.

  9. Problemy diagnostyczne na podstawie obserwowanego przypadku chorej z nużliwością mięśni prążkowanych, współwystępowaniem zespołu toczniopodobnego i rozpoznaną boreliozą

    Antoni Hrycek


    Full Text Available Współistnienie u tego samego chorego dwóch lub więcej choróbz autoagresji nie jest zjawiskiem rzadkim. Najczęściej z innymichorobami współwystępuje toczeń rumieniowaty układowy (TRU.Nużliwość mięśni prążkowanych jest chorobą, której współistnieniez TRU nie jest zbyt częste, lecz sporadycznie pojawiały się jużopisy takich przypadków.W niniejszej pracy przedstawiono opis chorej z rozpoznaną nużliwościąmięśni prążkowanych, u której wykonano tymektomię i pokilkunastu latach od tego momentu rozpoznano zespół toczniopodobny.Dołączenie się boreliozy jeszcze bardziej skomplikowałoobraz kliniczny choroby. W pracy przedstawiono trudności diagnostyczne,jakie wystąpiły w obserwowanym przypadku.

  10. The Electronic Historical Latvian Dictionary Based on the Corpus of Early Written Latvian Texts

    Everita Andronova


    Główny nacisk położono na opis haseł słownikowych, zawierający istotne uwagi praktyczne i teoretyczne. Omówiono poszczególne części hasła słownikowego, po czym umieszczono komentarz odnoszący się do różnych kwestii związanych z daną częścią (np. wybór hasła wyrazowego i przedstawienia wersji pisowni i do przyję­tych rozwiązań. Szczególną uwagę poświęcono główce hasła, objaśnieniu znaczenia wynikającego z przykładów występujacych w korpusie, różnym rodzajom kolokacji i ich przedstawieniu w słowniku, jak też informacjom etymologicznym. Na końcu zamieszczono zwięzły przegląd oprogramowania słownikowego TLex 2013, oparty na doświadczeniu autorów, zdobytym podczas pracy z tym narzędziem.

  11. Current perspectives of acute pain treatment Perspectivas actuales de tratamiento del paciente con dolor agudo

    Tiberio Alvarez Echeverri


    Full Text Available

    In the last years opioids have become of great importance in the relief of postoperative and other forms of acute pain. Reasons for this trend have been the availability of agonist opioids like phentanyl. sulphentanyl and alphentanyl and the results of research on the physlology. The pharmacology and the chemistry of drug receptors and neurotransmitters. The studies on chemicals other than opioids that contribute to pain relief when administered through different ways. specially the spinal. Have also influenced such a trend.

    En los últimos años los opiáceos han adquirido gran importancia en el alivio del dolor agudo especialmente del tipo postoperatorio. Una de las razones ha sido la disponibilidad de morfínicos agonistas como el fentanil, el sufentanil y el alfentanil; otra es la investigación de la fisiología, la farmacología y la química de los receptores y los neurotransmisores como de sustancias diferentes a los opláceos, aplicadas por diferentes vías en especial la espinal, que coadyuvan al alivio del dolor.

  12. Salvia divinorum Epling & Játiva (Maria Pastora e Salvinorina A: crescente uso recreacional e potencial de abuso Salvia divinorum Epling & Játiva ("ska María Pastora" and Salvinorin A: increasing recreational use and abuse potential

    R.J. Schneider


    Full Text Available A planta Salvia divinorum Epling & Játiva (SDI, da família Lamiaceae, tem sido usada por séculos pela cultura mazateca e vem ganhando popularidade como droga recreacional nos últimos anos. Seu princípio ativo - Salvinorina A (SA - é agonista dos receptores opióides kappa, com potencial psicotrópico. A utilização da planta vem crescendo na Europa e na América do Norte, apesar de ainda não existirem provas concretas sobre abuso. A presente revisão da literatura contemporânea aborda as evidências sobre o potencial de abuso de SDI, bem como o crescente uso recreacional, ainda que seja alucinógeno permitido legalmente e de fácil compra em muitos países.The plant Salvia divinorum Epling & Játiva (SDI, of the Lamiaceae family, has been used for centuries by the Mazateca culture and has gained popularity as a recreational drug in the last years. Its active principle, Salvinorin A (SA, is a potentially psychotropic agonist of the kappa opioid receptors. The use of SDI has increased in Europe and North America, although there are no concrete proofs about abuse. The present review discusses current evidence on potential SDI abuse, as well as its increasing recreational use, although it is considered a legalized hallucinogen easily acquired in many countries.

  13. Formação do acadêmico de enfermagem e seu contato com as drogas psicoativas

    Violante Augusta Braga Batista


    Full Text Available Objetivamos aprender junto al estudiante de enfermería de la UFC el conocimiento que tiene sobre las drogas psicoactivas y su percepción en cuanto a su uso. Investigación descriptiva, dentro de un abordaje cuanti-cualitativo, realizada con 38 estudiantes de enfermería del 4º y el 8º semestres del 2002. Utilizamos un cuestionario autoaplicable con preguntas abiertas y cerradas. Constatamos que las sustancias mas utilizadas fueron el alcohol y los inhaladores; nunca usaron macoña, crack, cocaína, anfetaminas y opiáceos; desaprueban el uso de cocaina, crack e inhalantes; refieren tener algún tipo de información o conocimiento sobre la dependencia química adquiridos a través de los medios de comunicación o universidad. Con el estudio nos aproximamos, un poco mas, al universo del estudiante de enfermería y su relación con la dependencia química.

  14. Metabolism of hydrophobic carbon sources and regulation of it in n-alkane-assimilating yeast Yarrowia lipolytica.

    Fukuda, Ryouichi


    A potent ability to assimilate hydrophobic compounds, including n-alkanes and fatty acids as carbon sources, is one of important characteristics of the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, and has been studied for both basic microbiological interest and biotechnological applications. This review summarizes recent progress on the metabolism of n-alkanes and its transcriptional control in response to n-alkanes and to fatty acids in Y. lipolytica. In the metabolism of n-alkanes, cytochromes P450ALK catalyze their initial hydroxylation to fatty alcohols, which are subsequently converted to fatty acids and utilized. The transcription of ALK1, encoding a predominant cytochrome P450ALK, is regulated in response to n-alkanes by two basic helix-loop-helix transcription activators, Yas1p and Yas2p, and Opi1-family transcription repressor Yas3p. Transcription of the genes involved in fatty acid utilization and peroxisome biogenesis is controlled by Ctf1-family Zn2Cys6 type transcription factor Por1p in response to fatty acids in Y. lipolytica.

  15. 方寸炫彩 秀色从指尖开始




  16. [Effect of transcutaneous acupoint electric stimulation on perioperative intravenous anesthesia in patients of transsphenoidal pituitary tumor resection].

    Chen, Xue; Wang, Bao-Guo; Li, Jin; An, Li-Xin


    To observe the impacts of transcutaneous acupoint electric stimulation on hemodynamics, anesthetic and relevant complications in patients of transsphenoidal pituitary tumor resection (TPTR). Ninety cases of the selective TPTR were randomized into a transcutaneous acupoint electric stimulation group (group T), a sham-acupoint group (group S) and a control group (group C); 30 cases in each one. In group T, the transcutaneous acupoint electric stimulation at Hegu (LI 4), Waiguan (TE 5), Jinmen (BL 63), Taichong (LR 3), Zusanli (ST 36) and Qiuxu (GB 40). In group S, the transcutaneous acupoint electric stimulation was applied to the sham-acupoints. In group C, the acupoints selected were same as those in group T, but the electrode pads were just attached on the related points with no-electric stimulation. The electric stimulation lasted from analgesic induction till the end of the operation. The endotracheal intubation was done under the induction by propofol, fentanyl and vecuronium bromide. Propofol and remifentanil were maintained till the end of operation. Blood pressure, heart rate, bispectral index (BIS) value, anesthetic and postoperative recovery situation were recorded. The hemodynamics maintained stably in each group. In group T, the mean arterial pressure 1 min after intubation, after extubation and during directional force recovery was all lower than the other two groups respectively (all Pelectric stimulation improves the stability of hemodynamics in perioperative stage, reduces the intraoperative opi oids dosages and improves the quality of anesthetic recovery.

  17. Drugs of abuse detection in saliva based on actuated optical method

    Shao, Jie; Li, Zhenyu; Jiang, Hong; Wang, Wenlong; Wu, Yixuan


    There has been a considerable increase in the abuse of drugs during the past decade. Combing drug use with driving is very dangerous. More than 11% of drivers in a roadside survey tested positive for drugs, while 18% of drivers killed in accidents tested positive for drugs as reported in USA, 2007. Toward developing a rapid drug screening device, we use saliva as the sample, and combining the traditional immunoassays method with optical magnetic technology. There were several methods for magnetic nanoparticles detection, such as magnetic coils, SQUID, microscopic imaging, and Hall sensors. All of these methods were not suitable for our demands. By developing a novel optical scheme, we demonstrate high-sensitivity detection in saliva. Drugs of abuse are detected at sub-nano gram per milliliter levels in less than 120 seconds. Evanescent wave principle has been applied to sensitively monitor the presence of magnetic nanoparticles on the binding surface. Like the total internal reflection fluorescence microscope (TIRFM), evanescent optical field is generated at the plastic/fluid interface, which decays exponentially and penetrates into the fluid by only a sub-wavelength distance. By disturbance total internal reflection with magnetic nanoparticles, the optical intensity would be influenced. We then detected optical output by imaging the sensor surface onto a CCD camera. We tested four drugs tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), methamphetamine (MAMP), ketamine (KET), morphine (OPI), using this technology. 100 ng mL-1 sensitivity was achieved, and obvious evidence showed that this results could be improved in further researches.


    Enver Međedović


    Full Text Available and ac ti vity in so cial or ga ni za ti ons for physi cal cul tu re, en ga ged pe da go gu es physi cal cul tu res in pe da go gic ac ti vity, analyses and for ti fi ca tion re spon si bi lity in work sport union com mu nity, par ti ci pa tion school on con test in fra me school union for sport and olympic edu ca tion, en ga ge ment on re se arch pro ject, opi nion abo ut or ga ni za tion work physi cal edu ca tion from I to IV gra des pri mary school, sum pos si bi lity for advance ment physi cal edu ca tion thro ugh co o pe ra tion with pe da go gic of fi ce, in fl u en ce school equ ip ment te ac her on qu a lity of work. On pat tern of 60 te ac hers physi cal edu ca tion, pe da go gu es physi cal edu ca tion which work in pri mary and high school on re gion com mu nity No vi Pa zar a way qu e sti on mark are at ta i ned re sults which are il lu stra ting ta bu lar, grap hic, de scrip ti ve met hod.

  19. Acceptance Test Data for Candidate AGR-5/6/7 TRISO Particle Batches BWXT Coater Batches 93165 93172 Defective IPyC Fraction and Pyrocarbon Anisotropy

    Helmreich, Grant W. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Hunn, John D. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Skitt, Darren J. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Dyer, John A. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Schumacher, Austin T. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Coated particle fuel batches J52O-16-93165, 93166, 93168, 93169, 93170, and 93172 were produced by Babcock and Wilcox Technologies (BWXT) for possible selection as fuel for the Advanced Gas Reactor Fuel Development and Qualification (AGR) Program’s AGR-5/6/7 irradiation test in the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Advanced Test Reactor (ATR). Some of these batches may alternately be used as demonstration coated particle fuel for other experiments. Each batch was coated in a 150-mm-diameter production-scale fluidized-bed chemical vapor deposition (CVD) furnace. Tristructural isotropic (TRISO) coatings were deposited on 425-μm-nominal-diameter spherical kernels from BWXT lot J52R-16-69317 containing a mixture of 15.5%-enriched uranium carbide and uranium oxide (UCO). The TRISO coatings consisted of four consecutive CVD layers: a ~50% dense carbon buffer layer with 100-μm-nominal thickness, a dense inner pyrolytic carbon (IPyC) layer with 40-μm-nominal thickness, a silicon carbide (SiC) layer with 35-μm-nominal thickness, and a dense outer pyrolytic carbon (OPyC) layer with 40-μmnominal thickness. The TRISO-coated particle batches were sieved to upgrade the particles by removing over-sized and under-sized material, and the upgraded batches were designated by appending the letter A to the end of the batch number (e.g., 93165A).



    Objective To observe the effects of methionine enkephalin (M-Enk) on migration of macrophages from mice with impaired liver and its immunomodulatory mechanisms. Methods Liver of mice was impaired by feeding CCl4 and macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MMIF) was produced by Con A-stimulated spleen lympho- cytes. Inhibition of macrophage migration was measured in reaction system by adding M-Enk. Results Migration of macrophages in both liver-impaired and control group were suppressed by MMIF, but the suppression might be re- versed by adding 1 μmol/L M-Enk (P<0. 05). M-Enk could significantly inhibit in vitro both of the combination of MMIF with macrophages and production of MMIF from lymphocytes (P<0. 01). Macrophages from liver-imparied group showed a higher sensitivity compared to the control group (P<0. 05). Conclusion The study suggests that opi- oid peptieds play an important role in the modulation of the immune response under stress as liver impairment.