Sample records for radiology die implantation

  1. Imaging of implants on chest radiographs: a radiological perspective

    Burney, K. [Department of Clinical Radiology, Bristol Royal Infirmary (United Kingdom)]. E-mail:; Thayur, N. [Department of Clinical Radiology, Bristol Royal Infirmary (United Kingdom); Husain, S.A. [Department of Respiratory Medicine, Bristol Royal Infirmary (United Kingdom); Martin, R.P. [Department of Cardiology, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol (United Kingdom); Wilde, P. [Department of Clinical Radiology, Bristol Royal Infirmary (United Kingdom)


    Endovascular and percutaneous techniques have emerged as alternatives to surgical management in the treatment for a wide range of congenital and acquired cardiac, non-vascular and vascular conditions. Consequently, there has been an increasing use of implants such as closure devices, vascular stents (coronary, aortic, pulmonary and superior vena cava) and non-vascular stents like oesophageal and tracheo-bronchial stents. A large number of percutaneously sited implants are used for treating congenital cardiac anomalies such as atrial septal defects (ASD), ventricular septal defects (VSD), and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). These implants take many shapes and forms. The aim of this review is to demonstrate the radiographic appearances of the various types of cardiovascular, bronchial and oesophageal implants that are visible on plain films. A brief outline of the aims and indications of various implant procedures, the general appearance of the commonest types of implants, and the radiological procedures are discussed. All radiologists are likely to come across implanted devices in plain film reporting. Imaging can be useful in identifying the device, assessing the position, integrity, and for the identification of complications related directly to the implant.

  2. Radiological response of lanthanum guiding seeds in brachytherapy implants; Resposta radiologica de sementes guia de lantanio em implantes braquiterapicos

    Silva, L.S.R.; Machado, E.D.P., E-mail: [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais; Campos, T.P.R. [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia Nuclear; Roberto, W.S. [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Departamento de Fisica e Matematica


    Ceramic seeds with La-139 incorporated were synthesized to be used as radiological guides in brachytherapy implants. The synthesis was performed based on the sol-gel method. The seeds were subjected to characterization by Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy. Furthermore, the contrast from a radiographic film was evaluated to lanthanum, samarium and holmium seeds. Radiological response on a phantom at different depths with lanthanum seeds and metal seeds was also investigated. Based on the values of contrast, the synthesized lanthanum seeds can be considered efficient as radiological guides when implanted together with pure Ho-165 and Sm-152 seeds. (author)

  3. Radiological evaluation of long term complications of oral rehabilitations of thin ridges with titanium blade implants

    P. Diotallevi


    Full Text Available Aim: The aim of this study was to assess the sensitivity of orthopantomography (OPT in the diagnosis of long term complications in oral rehabilitations with blade implants. Materials and methods A total of 235 blade implants in 189 patients, inserted between 1988 and 2003, were retrospectively analyzed. The records consisted of a first OPT taken between January and December 2010, and a second one 12 months after. The evaluation of implant health considered: integrity of the blade, normal radiological representation of the bone around the implant, dense and cortical appearance of bone around the implant collar. The evaluation of radiological complications considered: implant fracture, bone resorption around the implant, recession of the bone around the implant collar. Results The sensitivity of the panoramic evaluation was equal to 100%. The complications detected were 5 cases of periimplantitis, 9 cases of bone pericervical bone recession and 3 cases of fracture of the implant body. In cases of pericervical bone resorption the following radiological check up 12 months after the first one showed the progression of the disease in 6 out of 9 cases, with irreversible implant failure. In subjects with a radiological pattern of implant health there were no complications in the subsequent check up after 12 months. In the subjects with complications the specificity was equal to 100%. Conclusion The radiographic evaluation by the means of OPT has shown high sensitivity in the diagnosis of long term complications of oral rehabilitations with blade implants and allows prompt therapeutic interventions. Radiological complications appeared mostly in the long term check ups and mainly consisted in recession of the bone around the neck or around the entire implant. More rarely implant fractures occurred, which, in the case of blades, sometimes were not associated with any clinical symptoms: therefore, postsurgical evaluation should not be separated from

  4. A comparative evaluation of linear dimensional accuracy of the dies obtained using three conceptually different die systems in the fabrication of implant prosthesis: An in vitro study

    Manawar Ahmad


    Purpose: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the linear dimensional accuracy between the implant master die and three conceptually different die systems such as Pindex system, Accu-trac precision die system, and Conventional brass dowel pin system. Materials and Methods: Thirty impressions of implant master die were made with polyether impression material. Ten experimental implant casts were fabricated for each of the three different die systems tested: Accu-trac precision die tray system, Pindex system, and conventional brass dowel pin system. The solid experimental casts were sectioned and then removed from the die system 30 times. Linear distances between all six possible distances were measured from one centre of the transfer coping to the other, using a co-ordinate measuring machine in millimeters up to accuracy of 0.5 microns. Data were tabulated and statistically analyzed by Binomial non parametric test using SPSS version 15. Results: Significant differences were found for distance A-B (P = 0.002, A-C ( P = 0.002, A-D (P value = 0.002, and B-D ( P = 0.021 in Conventional Dowel pin system however for Accu-trac precision die tray system, it was significant only for distance A-D (P = 0.002 but for Pindex system it was non-significant for all the distances measured. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, use of Pindex system is recommended when sectioned dies are needed for a multi implant retained prosthesis.

  5. Comparison of Wear Resistance Mechanisms of Die Steel Implanted with C and mo Ions

    Cheng, M. F.; Yang, J. H.; Luo, X. D.; Zhang, T. H.

    Mo and C ions extracted from a metal vapor vacuum arc ion source were implanted into the surface of die steel (H13) to compare the wear resistance mechanisms of the implanted samples, respectively. The concentration depth profiles of implanted ions were measured using Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy and calculated by a code called TRIDYN. The structures of the implanted steel were observed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and grazing-angle X-ray diffraction, respectively. It was found that the conventional heat-treated H13 steel could not be further hardened by the subsequent implanted C ions, and the thickness of the implanted layer was not an important factor for the Mo and C ion implantation to improve the wear resistance of the H13 steel. Mo ion implantation could obviously improve the wear resistance of the steel at an extraction voltage of 48 kV and a dose of 5 × 1017cm-2 due to formation of a modification layer of little oxidation with Mo2C in the implanted surface.

  6. Radiological-guided liver-port implantation: evaluation, technical approach, interventional procedure and follow up; Radiologisch-interventionelle Leberportanlage: Evaluierung, Zugangswege, Intervention und Nachkontrolle

    Puls, R.; Stroszczynski, C. [Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlenheilkunde; Abt. Roentgendiag., Robert-Roessle-Klinik, Campus Berlin-Buch (Germany); Hildebrandt, B.; Riess, H. [Med. Klinik Haematologie/Onkologie, Campus Virchow-Klinikum (Germany); Amthauer, H.; Podrabsky, P.; Hidajat, N. [Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlenheilkunde; Schlag, P. [Klinik fuer Chirurgie/Onkologische Chirurgie, Robert-Roessle-Klinik, Campus Berlin-Buch (Germany); Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany). Universitaetsklinikum Charite; Hosten, N. [Inst. fuer Diagnostische Radiologie und Neuroradiologie, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Univ. Greifswald (Germany)


    Purpose: Description of evaluation, technical approach, interventional procedure and follow up of radiological-guided liver-port implantation. Method: Percutaneous implantation of a liver-port system was performed in twelve patients through a transfemoral approach and in one patient via the superficial epigastric artery after surgical exploration. In four patients we used port systems which are accessible via ventral puncture. Strecker-port systems were implanted in the remaining nine patients. Results: The liver-port implantation was technically successful in all cases. No dislocation of the distal catheter tip, no thrombosis of the hepatic or splenic artery, no leakage near connections of the catheters or connections of catheter and port system and no thrombosis of the femoral arteries were observed. Correction of a kink in the catheter was performed in one patient. Another patient showed prolonged healing of the subcutaneous pocket. Conclusions: Interventional liver-port implantation is a safe procedure and leads to good clinical results. From the view of the radiologist the Strecker-system shows a good performance. The approach via the superficial epigastric artery demands excellent interdisciplinary cooperation. (orig.) [German] Zielstellung: Beschreibung der Evaluierung, Zugangswege, Intervention und Nachkontrolle bei der radiologisch-interventionellen Leberportanlage. Methode: Fuer die perkutane Implantation des Leberports wurden bei zwoelf Patienten die A. femoralis communis und bei einem Patienten die A. epigastrica superficialis nach chirurgischer Exploration als Zugangsweg gewaehlt. Bei vier Patienten wurde ein ventral zu punktierendes herkoemmliches Portkammersystem verwendet. Die uebrigen neun Patienten erhielten ein Strecker-Portsystem. Ergebnisse: Die Portanlage konnte bei allen Patienten technisch erfolgreich durchgefuehrt werden. Waehrend der Nachkontrollen wurden keine Dislokation der distalen Katheterspitze oder Thrombosierung der A. hepatica

  7. Outcome analysis in 3,160 implantations of radiologically guided placements of totally implantable central venous port systems

    Teichgraeber, Ulf K.M. [Charite University Hospital, Department of Radiology, Berlin (Germany); Charite Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Berlin (Germany); Kausche, Stephan; Nagel, Sebastian N.; Gebauer, Bernhard [Charite University Hospital, Department of Radiology, Berlin (Germany)


    In this retrospective study the success and complication rates after radiologically guided port catheter implantation were evaluated. Between 2000 and 2008, 3,160 port catheter systems were implanted in our interventional suite. All interventions were imaging guided. The puncture of the preferably right internal jugular vein (IJV) was ultrasound-assisted and the catheter tip position was controlled with fluoroscopy. Catheter indwelling time and rates of periprocedural, early and late complications were evaluated. 922,599 catheter days (mean, 292 days; range, 0-2,704 days) were documented. The implantation was successful in 3,153 (99.8%) cases. A total of 374 (11.8%; 0.41/1,000 catheter days) adverse events were recorded. Of these, 42 (1.33%) were periprocedural complications. 86 (3.3%; 0.09/1,000 catheter days) early and 246 (9.4%; 0.27/1,000 catheter days) late onset complications occurred after port implantation. The most common complications were blood stream infection (n = 134; 5.1%; 0.15/1,000 catheter days), catheter-induced venous thrombosis (n = 97; 3.7%; 0.11/1,000 catheter days) and catheter migration (n = 34; 1.3%; 0.04/1,000 catheter days). A total of 193 (6.1%) port explantations were required. Ultrasound guided port implantation via the IJV results in low periprocedural complication rates. (orig.)

  8. Clinical and Radiological Classification of the Jawbone Anatomy in Endosseous Dental Implant Treatment

    Gintaras Juodzbalys


    Full Text Available Objectives: The purpose of present article was to review the classifications suggested for assessment of the jawbone anatomy, to evaluate the diagnostic possibilities of mandibular canal identification and risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury, aesthetic considerations in aesthetic zone, as well as to suggest new classification system of the jawbone anatomy in endosseous dental implant treatment. Material and Methods: Literature was selected through a search of PubMed, Embase and Cochrane electronic databases. The keywords used for search were mandible; mandibular canal; alveolar nerve, inferior; anatomy, cross-sectional; dental implants; classification. The search was restricted to English language articles, published from 1972 to March 2013. Additionally, a manual search in the major anatomy and oral surgery books were performed. The publications there selected by including clinical and human anatomy studies.Results: In total 109 literature sources were obtained and reviewed. The classifications suggested for assessment of the jawbone anatomy, diagnostic possibilities of mandibular canal identification and risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury, aesthetic considerations in aesthetic zone were discussed. New classification system of the jawbone anatomy in endosseous dental implant treatment based on anatomical and radiologic findings and literature review results was suggested. Conclusions: The classification system proposed here based on anatomical and radiological jawbone quantity and quality evaluation is a helpful tool for planning of treatment strategy and collaboration among specialists. Further clinical studies should be conducted for new classification validation and reliability evaluation.

  9. Radiologic placement of implantable chest ports in pediatric patients under sedation

    Shin, Tae Beom [Dong-A University School of Medicine, Pusan (Korea, Republic of)


    To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the radiologic placement of implantable chest ports under intravenous sedation in pediatric patients with malignancy. Between October 2001 and June 2002, 20 chest ports were placed in 19 pediatric patients [13 boys and six girls aged 1-11 (mean, 4.7) years] for the purpose of long-term chemotherapy. In three patients, tunneled central venous catheters had been removed because of catheter extration, infection, and tearing. Under intravenous sedation, the right internal jugular vein was used for access in 19 cases, and the left internal jugular vein in one. Venipucture was performed using a micropuncture needle with real-time ultrasound guidance. A port chamber was created at the infraclavicular fossa, and to prevent catheter kinking, a smooth-angled tunnel was created between the venipuncture site and the subcutaneous pocket. The catheter tip was positioned under fluoroscopy at the junction of the superior vena cava and right atrium. We observed technical success, complications arouse during and after the procedure, and duration of catheter use. Implantation of the port system was successful in all cases, though slight hematoma, treated with manual compression, occurred at a chamber pocket in one case. In addition, the port system was removed from one patient because of wound infection leading to dehiscence and catheter malpositiong. A new port system was implanted through the left internal jugular vein. The median period during which catheter use was followed up was 118 (range, 18-274) days. For long-term chemotherapy in pediatric patients with malignancy, radiologic placement of an implantable chest port under intravenous sedation shows a high technical success rate, with few complications. This method may thus be used instead of surgical port placement.

  10. Periinterventional prophylactic antibiotics in radiological port catheter implantation; Periinterventionelle prophylaktische Antibiotikagabe bei der radiologischen Portkatheterimplantation

    Gebauer, B.; Teichgraeber, U.; Werk, M. [Charite, Universitaetsmedizin Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlenheilkunde; Wagner, H.J. [Vivantes Klinikum im Friedrichshain und am Urban (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologie


    Purpose: To evaluate whether catheter-related infections after radiologically placed port catheters can be reduced by single-shot periinterventional antibiosis. Materials and Method: Between January and September 2002, 164 consecutive patients with indication for central venous port catheter implantation were included in the present study. During implantation the interventional radiologist was responsible for deciding whether to administer a prophylactic single-shot antibiosis. The prophylactic antibiosis entailed intravenous administration of ampicillin and sulbactam (3 g Unacid, Pfizer) or 100 mg ciprofloxacine (Ciprobay, Bayer) in the case of an allergy history to penicillins. Catheter-related infection was defined as a local or systemic infection necessitating port catheter extraction. Results: Indication for port catheter implantation was a malignant disease requiring chemotherapy in 158 cases. The port catheter (Chemosite [Tyco Healthcare] [n = 123], low-profile [Arrow International] [n = 35], other port system [n = 6]) was implanted via sonographically guided puncture of the right jugular vein in 139 patients, via the left jugular vein in 24 cases and via the right subclavian vein in one patient. 75 patients received periinterventional prophylactic antibiosis (Unacid [n = 63] Ciprobay [n = 12]) and 89 patients did not receive antibiosis. The prophylactic antibiosis caused a minor allergic reaction in one patient that improved with antihistamic and corticoid medication. A total of 7 ports, 6 without prophylactic antibiosis versus one with periinterventional prophylaxis, were extracted due to infectious complications. Conclusion: Single-shot periinterventional prophylactic antibiosis can reduce early and late infectious complications after radiological-interventional placement of central venous port catheters. (orig.)

  11. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) - implications for radiology; Nephrogene systemische Fibrose (NSF) - Implikationen fuer die Radiologie

    Michaely, H.J.; Schoenberg, S.O. [Klinikum Mannheim der Universitaet Heidelberg, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Mannheim (Germany); Klinikum Grosshadern der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Muenchen (Germany); Thomsen, H.S. [Copenhagen University, Hospital at Herlev, Kopenhagen (Denmark); Reiser, M.F. [Klinikum Grosshadern der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Muenchen (Germany)


    Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) is a systemic disease with a 5% mortality which was first described in 1997 and which only occurs in patients with severely impaired renal function (GFR <30 ml/min per 1.73 m{sup 2}) and for which an association with previous administration of several Gd-chelates has been observed. According to retrospective case control studies the odds ratio for a patient with severely impaired renal function to develop NSF was increased by a factor of 22-32 when gadodiamide was administered. At this time there are approximately 250 confirmed cases of NSF of which 177 are associated with the administration of gadodiamide and 78 are associated with gadopentetate dimeglumine. This review article elucidates the postulated pathogenesis of NSF and provides an overview of the published statements and recommendations from international regulatory authorities and from international advisory boards. Even though the pathogenesis is not completely understood at this time, the European Pharmacovigilance Working Party has decided that gadodiamide and gadopentetate dimeglumine must not be used in high-risk patients. Other Gd-containing contrast agents should only be administered after thorough assessment of the indication and with minimized Gd dose. In the USA, the FDA has issued a black box warning for Gd-containing contrast agents. (orig.) [German] Die nephrogene systemische Fibrose (NSF) ist eine 1997 erstmals beschriebene systemische Erkrankung mit einer 5%igen Mortalitaet, die bislang ausschliesslich bei Patienten mit terminaler Niereninsuffizienz (glomerulaere Filtrationsrate [GFR] <30 ml/min/1,73 m{sup 2}) aufgetreten ist und fuer die eine Assoziation mit der vorherigen Verabreichung verschiedener Gadolinium- (Gd-)haltiger MR-Kontrastmittel beobachtet wurde. Laut retrospektiver Fall-Kontroll-Studien war die Odds Ratio fuer die Entwicklung einer NSF bei Patienten mit stark eingeschraenkter Nierenfunktion 22- bis 32-fach hoeher, wenn Gadodiamid

  12. Plain film emergency radiology of child abuse: a strategy; Die akute Roentgendiagnostik der Kindesmisshandlung: Eine Strategie

    Oestreich, A.E. [Children`s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati OH (United States). Dept. of Radiology


    A strategy is proposed for the dedicated interpretation of possible radiographic plain film signs that are suspicious for indicating child abuse. For each sign, the features `PRO` raise the question of abuse, while radiographic or clinical findings `CON` suggest an alternate explanation. Birth trauma, oesteogenesis imperfecta, rescue trauma, and metastatic neuroblastoma are among the many entities cited. A triad of situations may lead a radiologist to look systematically for changes from abuse; a triad of resolutions may result from the search. Periosteal reaction is the major factor in dating of fractures; physiologic periosteal reaction of infancy and periosteal reaction from previous fracture must be considered when so dating fractures. (orig.) [Deutsch] Es wird eine Strategie fuer die genaue Interpretation roentgenologischer Befunde, die auf eine Kindesmisshandlung hindeuten koennen, vorgeschlagen. Fuer jeden Befund werfen die unter `PRO` aufgefuehrten Merkmale die Frage nach einer Kindesmisshandlung auf, waehrend radiologische und klinische Befunde unter `CON` andere Erklaerungen nahelegen. Geburtstrauma, Osteogenesis imperfecta, Rettungstrauma und metastasierendes Neuroblastom sind unter den vielen zitierten Differentialdiagnosen. Drei moegliche Situationen koennen den Radiologen dazu veranlassen, systematisch nach Zeichen einer Kindesmisshandlung zu suchen, 3 moegliche Loesungen koennen aus dieser Suche hervorgehen. Eine Periostreaktion ist ein Kardinalbefund zur Datierung von Frakturen. Physiologische Periostreaktionen im fruehen Kindesalter und Periostreaktionen durch fruehere Frakturen muessen bei einer solchen Datierung von Frakturen mitbedacht werden. (orig.)

  13. Radiological manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis; Die radiologische Manifestation der rheumatoiden Arthritis

    Kapp, H.J. [Zentrum fuer Rheumatologie, Schlangenbad (Germany). Abt. Radiologie


    Rheumatoid arthritis preferrably becomes manifest at the synovial joints of the limbs, especially at the small joints of the hands and feet, at bursae and synovial sheathes. The pathologic lesions are less frequently found at cartilaginous joints or entheses. The lesions very often are symmetrically distributed and are characterized by the following: 1. A periarticular, spindle-shaped opacity with a density similar to soft-tissue, induced by an inflammatory hypertrophy of the synovia, a serosynovitis, or an edematous impregnation of the periarticular tissue. 2. A juxta-articular osteoporosis, most probably caused by a neighbouring synovialitis accompanied by hyperemia. 3. A diffuse joint cavity narrowing due to a destruction of the articular cartilage by the pannus, a fibrovascular resorptive tissue. 4. Central as well as marginal erosions, caused by destruction of ossous material by the pannus. 5. Subchondral signal cysts, likewise unduced by the pannus. (Orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Die rheumatoide Arthritis manifestiert sich bevorzugt an den synovialen Gelenken der Extremitaeten, insbesondere an den kleinen Gelenken der Haende und Fuesse, an Bursae und an Sehnenscheiden. Seltener finden sich pathologische Veraenderungen an kartilaginaeren Gelenken und an Enthesen. Die Gelenkveraenderungen an Haenden und Fuessen sind oft symmetrisch verteilt und durch folgende Veraenderungen gepraegt: 1. Einer partikulaeren, spindelfoermigen weichteildichten Verschattung, hervorgerufen durch eine entsuendliche Hypertrophie der Synovia, einen Gelenkerguss und einer oedematoesen Durchtraenkung des perartikulaeren Gewebes. 2. Einer gelenknahen Osteoporose, deren Ursache die benachbarte Synovialitis mit Hyperaemie sein duerfte. 3. Einer diffusen Gelenkspaltverschmaelerung des Gelenkknorpels durch den Pannus, einem fibrovaskulaeren Resorptivgewebe. 4. Durch zentrale und marginale Erosionen, die als Folge einer Zerstoerung des Knochens durch den Pannus hervorgerufen werden. 5. Durch

  14. Radiology

    Vassallo, Pierre


    Radiology is the fastest developing field of medicine and these unprecedented advances have been mainly due to improving computer technology. Digital imaging is a technology whereby images are acquired in a computer format, so that they can be easily stored and recalled for display on any computer workstation. Digital image acquisition has been used in ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from the start. The use of digital imaging in conventional X-rays, k...

  15. Severe destruction of urethral lumen after wall stent implantation. Unusual radiological findings; Schwere Obliteration des Harnroehrenlumens nach Wall-Stent-Implantation. Eine ungewoehnliche radiologische Besonderheit

    Ragozzino, A. [II Servizio di Radiologia, Azienda Autonoma di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy); Testa, G. [XV Div. di Urologia, Azienda Autonoma di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy); De Ritis, R. [II Servizio di Radiologia, Azienda Autonoma di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy); Diettrich, A. [II Servizio di Radiologia, Azienda Autonoma di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy); Tuccillo, M. [II Servizio di Radiologia, Azienda Autonoma di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Napoli (Italy)


    The treatment of urethral stricture is still a challenge for urologists. Irrespective of the treatment employed, urethral stricture recurs in about 30% of all cases. In recent years, the wall stent, originally conceived for vascular surgery, has proved to be effective for the treatment of bulbar urethral strictures. The results are good, morbidity and complications occur only occasionally. In this paper, we described the case of a young patient who suffered from complete occlusion of the prosthesis 8 months after its implantation. The low age of the patient and the X-ray features of this case are unusual. The obstruction was successfully resolved by endoscopic resection. Follow-up after 14 months revealed a mild, short stenosis of the proximal tip. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Behandlung der Harnroehrenverengung wird auf ca. 30% aller Faelle geschaetzt, unabhaengig von den angewandten Behandlungsmethoden. In den letzten Jahren wurde die Wall-Stent-Prothese, die urspruenglich fuer die Gefaesschirurgie beabsichtigt war, erfolgreich in der Behandlung von bulbaeren Harnroehrenverengungen eingesetzt. Die Resultate waren befriedigend; Morbiditaet und Komplikationen waren nur gelegentlich zu verzeichnen. In dieser Arbeit wollen wir den Fall eines Patienten beschreiben, der an einer vollstaendigen Okklusion des Harnroehrenlumens litt, dessen Auftreten sich 8 Monate nach der Implantation der Prothese zeigte. Das junge Alter des Patienten und die roentgologische Besonderheit sind ungewoehnliche Elemente fuer diesen Fall. Die Obstruktion wurde erfolgreich mittels endoskopischer Resektion behandelt. Nach 14 Monaten zeigte die Follow-up-Untersuchung eine leichte, kurze Stenose der proximalen Prothesenspitze. (orig.)


    M. I. M.I. Balonov


    Full Text Available Dose criteria for limitation of exposure incurred by persons helping the patients or living with patients discharged from hospitals following radionuclide therapy or brachytherapy with implanted sealed radionuclide sources have been proposed for national Russian regulation. By means of a conservative dosimetry model, the values of operational radiological criteria for patient discharge from hospital are substantiated, i.e. whole body activity for radionuclides 125I,131I,153Sm and 188Re as well as dose rate near patient body. Observance of suggested criteria included in the new Russian Standards for Radiation Safety (RSS-99/2009 will ensure radiation safety of people in near environment (family, close friends et ah.

  17. Radiological and echographic aspects of breasts with silicone implants; Aspectos radiologicos e ecograficos das mamas com protese de silicone

    Pace Bauab, S. de [Instituto de Radiodiagnostico Rio Preto, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil)


    The silicone prosthesis, its application in breast augmentation mammoplasty and the studies about its association with auto-immune diseases and cancer, are commented. The normal and the pathologic radiologic and echographic aspects of breasts with implants are discussed, concerning to the prosthesis itself and to the adjacent parenchyma. The validity of mammographic and ultrasound mammography in the detection of cancer and of alterations of the implants are emphasized and also the importance of exams of high technical quality.(author). 16 refs, 13 figs.

  18. Ultrasound guided implantation of chest port systems via the lateral subclavian vein; Die sonographisch gezielte Implantation von Portkathetersystemen ueber die laterale Vena subclavia

    Zaehringer, M.; Hilgers, J.; Krueger, K.; Strohe, D.; Bangard, C.; Neumann, L.; Lackner, K. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Univ. zu Koeln (Germany); Warm, M. [Gynaekologie, Univ. zu Koeln (Germany); Reiser, M. [Medizinische Klinik I, Univ. zu Koeln (Germany); Toex, U. [Medizinische Klinik IV, Univ. zu Koeln (Germany)


    Purpose: Retrospective analysis of the success and complication rates of chest port implantation via the lateral subclavian vein. Materials and methods: Between January 2003 and June 2004, the lateral subclavian vein in 271 patients (186 women, 85 men, mean age 53.2 years) was punctured guided by ultrasound. This access was used to insert a port system, and the catheter tip was placed at the cavoatrial junction. The port reservoir was implanted in a subcutaneous infraclavicular pocket and fixed to the fascia of the pectoralis muscle. Indications for port implantation were chemotherapy (n=239), total parenteral nutrition (n=2) and intravenous medication (n=30). The patient follow-up was mainly performed either by the oncology division of the department of gynecology or by the department of internal medicine. Results: A chest port catheter system was successfully implanted in all patients. The catheter remained in place for a mean duration of 269.4 days (SD 192.3 days). No complications occurred during implantation. In the post-interventional period, 6 catheter dysfunctions were found (thrombotic 0.09 per 1000 catheter days; mechanic 0.05 per 1000 catheter days). While one local infection occurred in the early post-interventional period, 3 local and 15 systemic infections were independent of the port catheter placement (0.39 per 1000 catheter days). The rate of port catheter explantations due to dysfunction or infection was 0.07 per 1000 catheter days. Conclusion: Ultrasound-guided puncture of the lateral subclavian vein is a safe procedure for the insertion of central venous port catheter systems and had a very low complication rate in our study. For further evaluation of our port placement technique, prospective studies compared to placement through the internal jugular vein are necessary. (orig.)

  19. Orbital floor reconstruction with poly-L/D-lactide implants: clinical, radiological and immunohistochemical study in sheep.

    Kontio, R; Suuronen, R; Konttinen, Y T; Hallikainen, D; Lindqvist, C; Kommonen, B; Kellomäki, M; Kylmä, T; Virtanen, I; Laine, P


    In this study the reconstruction capacity of orbital wall in sheep was evaluated when poly-L/D-lactide (PLDLA96) implants were used for large blow-out defects in 18 sheep. The contralateral side, where the defects healed spontaneously, served as controls. The follow-up was 12, 16, 22 and 36 weeks. Healing was evaluated clinically, radiologically, histologically and immunohistochemically. Physiochemical properties of the implants were also studied. At first, the implants were surrounded by elastic capsules, which gradually ossified. At 36 weeks, 60% were still visible and deformed but surrounded by bone. Light microscopy revealed a low grade inflammatory reaction. Expression of Tn-c and cFn was intense throughout the study. Shear strength decreased gradually and was not measurable after 16 weeks. Crystallinity increased steadily from 1.5 to 29.30% and molecular weight decreased from 49,000 to 4186. In CT, the final bony defect was smaller in the reconstructed sides than in the controls. Based on this study it can be concluded that PLDLA96 implant provokes a local inflammation, which does not prevent bone healing. The deformation of the implant, however, indicates that this PLDLA96 plate is not suitable for orbital floor reconstruction.

  20. Die Xenobiotika-Exposition stellt ein zu wenig beachtetes Risiko der Embryonalentwicklung vor der Implantation dar

    Fischer B


    Full Text Available Xenobiotika sind Umweltkontaminanten mit toxischen und/oder endokrinen Wirkungen. Sie umfassen eine große Gruppe von Stoffen, die sich in ihrer chemischen Natur, toxikologischen Wirkung und effektiven Dosis unterscheiden. Sie können die Gesundheit schädigen, also auch die Fortpflanzung (Reproduktionstoxizität und die Entwicklung von Embryonen (Embryotoxizität. Gesicherte Aussagen zur Schädigung von Präimplantationsembryonen durch Xenobiotika in umweltrelevanten Konzentrationen liegen nicht vor. Dies ist mehreren Faktoren geschuldet: Art und Ausmaß der induzierten toxischen oder entwicklungsverändernden Wirkungen, das kritische Zeitfenster für die Exposition und Zielgewebskonzentrationen sind für fast alle der (vielen in Frage kommenden Xenobiotika nicht bekannt. Gerade die beiden letzten Punkte, Expositionszeit und Konzentration, erfordern dringlich eine Abklärung. Dabei kommt erschwerend hinzu, dass die Xenobiotikakonzentrationen in einfach zu gewinnenden Körperflüssigkeiten, wie Blut oder Urin, häufig nicht die Zielgewebskonzentrationen in Eileiter und Uterus repräsentieren. Ein zunehmend in den Mittelpunkt wissenschaftlicher Untersuchungen tretender Angriffspunkt für Xenobiotika ist der Stoffwechsel von Präimplantationsembryonen. Viele von adulten Zellen bekannte Stoffwechselwege sind bereits in dieser frühen Entwicklungsphase im Embryo aktiv. Dies betrifft alle elementaren Stoffwechselprozesse, so auch den Energie- und Fettsäurestoffwechsel. Eine Störung hat z. T. deletäre Folgen für die weitere Embryonal- und Fötalentwicklung. Mittlerweile liegen experimentell gesicherte Belege dafür vor, dass pränatal erfolgte Fehlsteuerungen von Stoffwechselwegen langfristige Gesundheitsschäden verursachen können ("metabolic programming/imprinting". Daraus ergibt sich zwingend, dass ein besonderes Augenmerk der Embryotoxikologie auf Präimplantationsembryonen zu richten ist, auch deshalb, weil während und nach der

  1. The radiological `second opinion` online through the Internet. Report on implementation and analysis of the diagnostic certainty of transmitted images; Die `Zweite Meinung` in der Radiologie Online ueber das Internet. Bericht ueber die Implementierung und Analyse der Befundungssicherheit von Schnittbildern

    Ricke, J. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Donk, E. van der [Het Nederlands Kanker Inst. Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis, Amsterdam (Netherlands). Biometrics Dept.; Wolf, M. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Ostendorf, B. [Duesseldorf Univ. (Germany). Rheumazentrum; Hosten, N. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Zielinski, C. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Liebig, T. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Stroszczinski, C. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Loez-Haenninen, E. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Lemke, A.J. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Gillessen, C. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Guervit, Oe. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Amthauer, H. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Kleinholz, L. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany); Bartelink, H. [Het Nederlands Kanker Inst. Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis, Amsterdam (Netherlands). Dept. of Radiotherapy; Felix, R. [Strahlenklinik und Poliklinik, Virchow-Klinikum, Medizinische Fakultaet, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (Germany)


    Numerous medical on-line services have already been established in the world-wide Internet. In connection with the Information service TELESCAN, sponsored by the EU, a pilot project has been initiated which offers a radiological `second opinion` via the transmission of radiological findings and images that have been previously rendered anonymous. In addition to a description of the basic implementation, tests of the diagnostic certainty of the transmitted over the Internet, and then evaluated on the receiver`s monitor. Both the transfer of originally generated digital image files (in ACR-NEMA or DICOM) as well as graphic files after digitization of X-ray films, for example by a document camera, is possible via e-mail. Visualization by the receiver requires the use of current proprietary software for special medical image formats, while standard graphic formats such as GIFF or JPEG can be visualized with the usual Internet software. In an ROC analysis, 56 individual images of cranial computed tomographs, half with pathological findings such as space-occupying lesions, infarcts, or brain edema, were tested with regard to the diagnostic certainty after digitization and transmission. In comparison with the original film findings, there was a slight but statistically not significant reduction in diagnostic certainty of the images evaluated on screen after transfer via the Internet. We believe that this result is due to the low local resolution, low dynamic range, the high image noise and of CT arising from the window technique. The same parameters are probably valid for MRI. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im Internet hat sich bereits eine Vielzahl medizinischer Online-Dienstleistungen etabliert. In Verbindung mit dem EU-gefoerderten Informationsdienst TELESCAN wurde ein Pilotprojekt initiiert, das eine radiologische `Zweite Meinung` durch Versenden von anonymisierten radiologischen Bildern und Befunden anbietet. Neben der Beschreibung der Implementierungsgrundlagen wurde die

  2. Long-term results of external auditory canal closure and mastoid obliteration in cochlear implantation after radical mastoidectomy: a clinical and radiological study.

    Vincenti, Vincenzo; Pasanisi, Enrico; Bacciu, Andrea; Bacciu, Salvatore


    Cochlear implant candidates with mastoid cavity present a significant challenge to safe cochlear implantation because of possible spread of infection to the inner ear as well as an increased risk of electrode array extrusion. Closure of the external auditory canal is one of the several surgical techniques utilized to block the potential entry routes for infection and to protect the implanted device. The main concern after external auditory canal closure is the risk of developing a cholesteatoma, which can lead to an asymptomatic erosion of the temporal bone and/or cochlear implant failure. In this study we present the results of very long-term (mean 12 years) clinical and radiological follow-up in 12 patients who underwent external auditory canal closure associated with mastoid and Eustachian tube obliteration to facilitate cochlear implantation. To date, with a mean ± SD follow-up of 12 ± 4.7 years (range 5-21 years), the only complication experienced was the breakdown of the EAC closure in one patient, successfully treated by performing a rotation skin flap. The results of this study confirmed that external auditory canal closure is a reliable technique in cochlear implantation after radical mastoidectomy provided that a rigorous surgical technique is performed. A right balance between the need to reduce costs and to avoid unnecessary doses of radiation to patients and the task of a radiological surveillance may be represented by performing computed tomography 12-18 months postoperatively and then, only if clinically warranted.

  3. Magnetic resonance tomography and dental radiology (Dental-MRT); Die Magnetresonanztomographie in der Dentalradiologie (Dental-MRT)

    Gahleitner, A. [Wien Univ. (Austria). Abt. fuer Osteologie; Wien Univ. (Austria). Abt. fuer Orale Chirurgie; Solar, P.; Ertl, L. [Wien Univ. (Austria). Abt. fuer Orale Chirurgie; Nasel, C.; Homolka, P. [Wien Univ. (Austria). Inst. fuer Biomedizinische Technik und Physik; Youssefzadeh, S.; Schick, S. [Wien Univ. (Austria). Abt. fuer Osteologie


    Purpose: To demonstrate the usefulness of Dental-MRT for imaging of anatomic and pathologic conditions of the mandible and maxilla. Methods: Seven healthy volunteers, 5 patients with pulpitis, 9 patients with dentigerous cysts, 5 patients after tooth transplantation and 12 patients with atrophic mandibles were evaluated. Studies of the jaws using axial T1- and T2-weighted gradient echo and spin echo sequences in 2D and 3D technique have been to performed. The acquired images were reconstructed with a standard dental software package on a workstation as panoramic and cross sectional views of the mandible or maxilla. Results: The entire maxilla and mandibula, teeth, dental pulp and the content of the mandibular canal were well depicted. Patients with inflammatory disease of the pulp chamber demonstrate bone marrow edema in the periapical region. Dentigerous cysts and their relation to the surrounding structures are clearly shown. After contrast media application marked enhancement of the dental pulp can be found. Conclusion: Dental-MRT provides a valuable tool for visualization and detection of dental diseases. (orig.) [German] Ziel dieses Beitrags ist die Vorstellung der Untersuchungsmoeglichkeiten des Ober- und Unterkiefers mittels Magnetresonanztomographie (Dental-MRT) und ihre Anwendung bei der Diagnose zahnmedizinischer Erkrankungen. Sieben gesunde Probanden, 5 Patienten mit Pulpitis, 9 Patienten mit dentogenen Zysten, 5 Patienten nach Zahntransplantationen und 12 Patienten mit atrophem Unterkiefer wurden untersucht. Axiale T1- und T2-gewichtete Gradientenecho- und Spinecho-Sequenzen in 2D und 3D-Technik wurden durchgefuehrt. Nach der Untersuchung wurden zusaetzliche Panoramaschnitte und orhoradiale Rekonstruktionen des Ober- und Unterkiefers, unter Verwendung einer gebraeuchlichen Dental-Software, angefertigt. Der gesamte Ober- oder Unterkiefer, Zaehne, Pulpa und der Inhalt des Mandibularkanals koennen gut dargestellt werden. Patienten mit einer Entzuendung der

  4. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Radiological imaging of an almost forgotten transformation artist; Extrapulmonale Tuberkulose. Die radiologische Bildgebung eines fast vergessenen Verwandlungskuenstlers

    Heye, T.; Kauczor, H.U.; Horsch, W. [Universitaetsklinikum Heidelberg (Germany). Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Stoijkovic, M.; Junghanss, T. [Universitaetsklinikum Heidelberg (Germany). Sektion Klinische Tropenmedizin


    Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be one of the infectious diseases with the world's highest rates of avoidable morbidity and mortality. A continuing downward trend has only been observed in highly industrialized countries, including Germany with 4,400 cases in the year 2009 representing an incidence of 5.5 per 100,000 persons. At the same time, the exposure to this patient group and the clinical experience are decreasing. Tuberculosis may affect any organ. The lung was the manifestation site in 80 % of cases, and extrapulmonary manifestations were recorded in 20 % of cases in Germany in the year 2008. Lymph node involvement is most common with a rate of approximately 50 % of all extrapulmonary cases followed by the pleura in 18 % of cases, genitourinary tract in 13 % of cases, bones and joints in 6 % of cases, gastrointestinal tract in 6 % of cases, the central nervous system in 3 % of cases and the spine in 3 % of cases. Symptoms like fever, night sweats and weight loss are non-specific and may be absent. The aim of the review is to raise awareness of this disease, which is increasingly falling into oblivion, with its various radiological manifestations and to point out clinical-epidemiological and demographic factors that raise suspicion of tuberculosis. (orig.)

  5. How safe is magnetic resonance imaging in patients with contraceptive implants; Wie sicher ist die MRT bei Patientinnen mit kontrazeptiven Implantaten

    Muehler, M.; Taupitz, M. [Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin (Germany). Institut fuer Radiologie


    When patients with an implanted contraceptive device undergo MRI, it must be ensured that the examination involves no risk to the patient (MR safety) and that the diagnosis is not affected by artifacts or the function of the device compromised (MR compatibility). Two basic types of intrauterine devices can be distinguished: the metal-containing/metal-free intrauterine device (IUD) and the hormone-containing implant, the fully metal-free intrauterine system (IUS), as well as the ESSURE insert made of stainless steel, which has been approved for use in Europe since February 2001. The metal-containing and metal-free IUDs and ESSURE are MRI compatible up to a magnetic field strength of 1.5 T. They do not interact in any relevant way with the external magnetic or high-frequency field and the temperature increase is within the physiologic range. The implants merely produce a local signal void with a shape that depends on their orientation relative to the magnetic field lines. At 3 T, only the metal-free IUD and the IUS are MRI safe in terms of the material used. In contrast, metal-containing IUDs and the ESSURE have not yet been fully evaluated in the 3 T field, which is why they represent a contraindication to MRI. No data are available on the MRI compatibility at 3 T for any of these devices. (orig.) [German] Bei der Untersuchung von Patientinnen mit kontrazeptiven Implantaten im MRT muss gewaehrleistet sein, dass es weder zu einer Gesundheitsgefaehrdung der Patientin (MR-Sicherheit) noch zu befundrelevanten Artefakten oder einer Funktionsbeeintraechtigung des Implantats (MR-Kompatibilitaet) kommt. Unterschieden werden im wesentlichen 2 Systeme kontrazeptiver Implantate: Das metallhaltige/-lose Intrauterinpessar (IUP; engl. intrauterine device, IUD) sowie das bauaehnliche, hormontragende, vollstaendig metallfreie intrauterine System (IUS; engl. intrauterine system) und das seit Februar 2001 auf dem europaeischen Markt zugelassene, aus Edelstahl gefertigte ESSURE. Die

  6. Short Dental Implants Retaining Two-Implant Mandibular Overdentures in Very Old, Dependent Patients: Radiologic and Clinical Observation Up to 5 Years.

    Maniewicz, Sabrina; Buser, Ramona; Duvernay, Elena; Vazquez, Lydia; Loup, Angelica; Perneger, Thomas V; Schimmel, Martin; Müller, Frauke

    To describe the survival rate and peri-implant bone loss in very old patients dependent for their activities of daily living (ADL), treated with mandibular two-implant overdentures (IODs) in the context of a previously reported randomized controlled trial. A total of 19 patients received two interforaminal Straumann implants (Regular Neck, 4.1 mm diameter, 8 mm length) that were subsequently loaded with Locator attachments, transforming their preexisting inferior conventional denture into an IOD. The primary outcome measures were implant survival rate and radiographically assessed peri-implant bone loss. Secondary outcome measures included peri-implant probing depth and Plaque Index scores, as well as implant mobility. Nutritional state (body mass index and blood markers) and cognitive state (Mini-Mental State Examination) were also analyzed. The patient cohort comprised eight men and 11 women with a mean age of 85.7 ± 6.6 years. The implant survival rate up to 5 years was 94.7%, with one early and one late implant failure. The mean loss of peri-implant bone height was 0.17 mm per year (95% confidence interval: 0.09 to 0.24; P implant probing depth and Plaque Index scores were low and stable during the first 2 years, and thereafter increased continuously. Correlation analysis suggests that a reduced cognitive function and nutritional state are not a particular risk factor for accelerated peri-implant bone loss. The high implant survival and acceptable peri-implant health suggest that neither age nor dependency for the ADLs is a contraindication for the placement of implants. Nevertheless, close monitoring of the patients concerning a potential further functional decline precluding denture management and performing oral hygiene measures is advised.

  7. Osteomyelitis der Wirbelsäule und Bildung eines Abzesses am linken Oberschenkel nach Implantation eines endovaskulären Strents in die Arteria femoralis superficialis sinistra

    Brodmann M


    Full Text Available Die perkutane transluminale Angioplastie (PTA mit nachfolgender Implantation von selbstexpandierbaren intravaskulären Stents ist mittlerweile eine etablierte Methode zur Behandlung von arteriosklerotischen Läsionen geworden. Nachfolgende septische Komplikationen dieses Eingriffes, manches Mal mit tödlichem Ausgang, sind in der Literatur beschrieben, gelten jedoch als sehr selten. Daher gibt es auch eine sehr kontroversielle Meinung über die prophylaktische Gabe von Antibiotika bei der Implantation von Stents. Wir beschreiben einen Patienten, dem ein gecoverter Stent in die Arteria femoralis superficialis sinistra implantiert wurde und bei dem sich nachfolgend ein Abszeß um den Stent entwickelte. Der Patient hatte weder vor der Stentimplantation eine prophylaktische, noch im Anschluß eine begleitende antibiotische Therapie erhalten. Nach Diagnose des Abszesses wurde der Patient antibiotisch massiv abgedeckt und konnte in zufriedenstellendem Allgemeinzustand nach Hause entlassen werde. Zu Hause jedoch setzte der Patient seine antibiotische Therapie ab. Daraufhin entwickelte der Patient Zeichen einer schweren Allgemeinsepsis mit einer Spondylodiscitis im Bereich von TH 12 und L1 mit prae- und paravertebraler Infiltration, so wie auch einen Abszeß im Bereich des linken Musculus psoas.

  8. Accuracy of Bone Measurements in the Vicinity of Titanium Implants in CBCT Data Sets: A Comparison of Radiological and Histological Findings in Minipigs

    Alexander Gröbe


    Full Text Available Purpose. The aim of this animal study was the determination of accuracy of bone measurements in CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography in close proximity to titanium implants. Material and Methods. Titanium implants were inserted in eight Göttingen minipigs. 60 implants were evaluated histologically in ground section specimen and radiologically in CBCT in regard to thickness of the buccal bone. With random intercept models, the difference of histologic measurements and CBCT measurements of bone thickness was calculated. Results. The mean histological thickness of the buccal bone was 5.09 mm (CI 4.11–6.08 mm. The four raters measured slightly less bone in CBCT than it was found in histology. The random effect was not significant (p value 1.000. Therefore, the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC was 98.65% (CI 100.00–96.99%. Conclusion. CBCT is an accurate technique to measure even thin bone structures in the vicinity of titanium implants.

  9. Clinical and radiological results of patients treated with three treatment modalities for overdentures on implants of the ITI (R) Dental Implant System - A randomized controlled clinical trial

    Wismeijer, D; van Waas, MAJ; Mulder, J; Vermeeren, JIJF; Kalk, W


    In a randomized controlled clinical trial carried out at the Ignatius teaching hospital in Breda, The Netherlands, 110 edentulous patients with severe mandibular bone loss were treated with implants of the ITI(R) Dental Implant System using 3 different treatment strategies: a mandibular overdenture

  10. Clinical and radiological results of patients treated with three treatment modalities for overdentures on implants of the ITI (R) Dental Implant System - A randomized controlled clinical trial

    Wismeijer, D; van Waas, MAJ; Mulder, J; Vermeeren, JIJF; Kalk, W

    In a randomized controlled clinical trial carried out at the Ignatius teaching hospital in Breda, The Netherlands, 110 edentulous patients with severe mandibular bone loss were treated with implants of the ITI(R) Dental Implant System using 3 different treatment strategies: a mandibular overdenture

  11. Radiologic evaluation of bone loss at implants with biocide coated titanium abutments: a study in the dog.

    Roberto López-Píriz

    Full Text Available The objective of the present study is to evaluate bone loss at implant abutments coated with a soda-lime glass containing silver nanoparticles subjected to experimental peri-implantitis. Five beagle dogs were used in the experiments, 3 implants were installed in each quadrant of the mandibles. Glass/n-Ag coted abutments were connected to implant platform. Cotton floss ligatures were placed in a submarginal position around the abutment necks and the animals were subject to a diet which allowed plaque accumulation, and after 15 weeks the dogs were sacrificed. Radiographs of all implant sites were obtained at the beginning and at the end of the experimentally induced peri-implantitis. The radiographic examination indicated that significant amounts of additional bone loss occurred in implants without biocide coating, considering both absolute and relative values of bone loss. Percentages of additional bone loss observed in implants dressed with a biocide coated abutment were about 3 times lower (p<0.006 distal aspect; and p<0.031 at mesial aspect than the control ones. Within the limits of the present study it seems promising the use of soda-lime glass/nAg coatings on abutments to prevent peri-implant diseases.

  12. Radiologic evaluation of bone loss at implants with biocide coated titanium abutments: a study in the dog.

    López-Píriz, Roberto; Solá-Linares, Eva; Granizo, Juan J; Díaz-Güemes, Idohia; Enciso, Silvia; Bartolomé, José F; Cabal, Belén; Esteban-Tejeda, Leticia; Torrecillas, Ramón; Moya, José S


    The objective of the present study is to evaluate bone loss at implant abutments coated with a soda-lime glass containing silver nanoparticles subjected to experimental peri-implantitis. Five beagle dogs were used in the experiments, 3 implants were installed in each quadrant of the mandibles. Glass/n-Ag coted abutments were connected to implant platform. Cotton floss ligatures were placed in a submarginal position around the abutment necks and the animals were subject to a diet which allowed plaque accumulation, and after 15 weeks the dogs were sacrificed. Radiographs of all implant sites were obtained at the beginning and at the end of the experimentally induced peri-implantitis. The radiographic examination indicated that significant amounts of additional bone loss occurred in implants without biocide coating, considering both absolute and relative values of bone loss. Percentages of additional bone loss observed in implants dressed with a biocide coated abutment were about 3 times lower (p<0.006 distal aspect; and p<0.031 at mesial aspect) than the control ones. Within the limits of the present study it seems promising the use of soda-lime glass/nAg coatings on abutments to prevent peri-implant diseases.

  13. Clinical and Radiological Outcome of Titanium Implants in Clinical Practice: A 5 Year, Prospective, Multicenter Case Series

    Claude Jaquiéry


    Full Text Available The objective of this prospective clinical case series was to confirm the 5-year clinical and radiographic performance of titanium implants occlusally loaded after 12 weeks. Periapical X-rays for quantitative bone level assessment were taken immediately post-surgery, after loading, 6 and 12 months, and 5 years after loading. Pocket depth (PD and clinical attachment level (CAL were measured. One-hundred and fourteen implants were inserted in 71 consecutive patients; 111 (97% implants/69 (97% patients were followed for 5 years. One implant was lost before loading (acute infection of unknown origin. Another patient developed peri-implantitis in the healing phase, and underwent successful surgical revision. Mesial median bone level at 6 and 12 months, and 5 years was 1.2 (SD ± 0.7, 1.3 (SD ± 0.7 and 1.1 (SD ± 0.6 mm; distal values were: 1.1 (SD ± 0.7, 1.4 (SD ± 0.7 and 1.2 (SD ± 0.6 mm; below implant shoulder. Stable CAL (1.2–1.6 mm and PD (2.0–3.0 mm were found. After 5 years no implant was lost. Three crowns and one abutment screw were defective and replaced. Implant survival (1 failure/114 as well as minimal peri-implant bone loss confirmed the favorable outcome of the used implant line. Five years post-loading, crestal bone stabilized slightly below the machined/rough border.

  14. Beyond The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying: A Theoretical and Methodological Intervention into the Sociology of Brain Implant Surgery.

    Hancock, Black Hawk; Morrison, Daniel R


    Drawing on and extending the Foucaultian philosophical framework that Jeffrey Bishop develops in his masterful book, The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying, we undertake a sociological analysis of the neurological procedure-deep brain stimulation (DBS)-which implants electrodes in the brain, powered by a pacemaker-like device, for the treatment of movement disorders. Following Bishop's work, we carry out this analysis through a two-fold strategy. First, we examine how a multidisciplinary team evaluates candidates for this implant at a major medical center. We present excerpts from an ethnographic study of the "case conference" where disease entities are presented, contested, ratified, and made objects for intervention with this technology. The case conference becomes the key site in the transition from "person-with-illness" to "person-with-brain-implant" as a team of health professionals determines a plan of action by interpreting both statistical and "quality of life" data regarding their patients. Second, this article explores these decision-making processes through Bishop's conceptualization of evidence-based medicine, which relies on statistical approaches as the ultimate authority in knowledge production and medical decisions. We then reflect on Bishop's critique of the social sciences and the methodological, analytical, and substantive ramifications that The Anticipatory Corpse can offer future sociological work.

  15. Radiological evaluation of the therapeutic response of malignant diseases. Status quo, innovative developments and requirements for radiology; Radiologische Beurteilung des Therapieansprechens maligner Erkrankungen. Status quo, innovative Entwicklungen und Anforderungen an die Radiologie

    Hoeink, A.J.; Heindel, W.; Buerke, B. [University Hospital Muenster (Germany). Dept. of Clinical Radiology


    In consequence of the rapid development of newer targeted and personalized tumor therapies, radiology as an essential component of the treatment concept of numerous malignant diseases needs to improve in order to adequately capture and evaluate the effects, but also the side effects of these novel therapeutic agents. The early recognition of therapy response or failure is crucial for the optimal planning of the further treatment and can therefore have direct impact on the chances of recovery and the survival time of oncological patients. In previous years, the goal of medical imaging was to just qualitatively assess the increase or reduction in the size of tumors and their metastases, which was often achieved by a simple subjective estimation of the tumor findings by the diagnosing radiologist. Nowadays, radiology is faced with the challenge of evaluating changes during therapy quantitatively and of visualizing therapeutic effects that are more discrete (e.g. necrosis, altered tumor perfusion). The importance of an adequate assessment of therapy response is further underlined by the fact that in these days, a good portion of oncological patients are enrolled in clinical trials, in which the quantitative radiological evaluation of malignant disorders is an important surrogate parameter. On the basis of this development, the demands for radiology to provide more sophisticated assessments of therapy response and documentation of imaging findings have been constantly growing. The following article provides an overview of the established and still widely spread but in particular also the latest imaging modalities and evaluation criteria with regard to oncological diseases as well as of the increasing demands on radiology that result from these developments. Beyond that, future advancements in tumor imaging are taken into account and the new challenges these developments will bring are discussed.

  16. Implementation of the quality management system ISO CD2 9001-2000 in a radiology department; Ueber die Implementierung des Qualitaetsmanagementsystems ISO/CD2 9001-2000 in einem radiologischen Institut

    Fleisch, M.; Hergan, K.; Oser, W. [Landesunfallkrankenhaus, Feldkirch (Austria). Zentrales Inst. fuer Radiologie


    Quality assurance in health care, a relatively new discipline, has developed rapidly over the last years and is now required by law. The Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 aims at the definition of requirements necessary in order to achieve perfect products and continuous quality improvement. Implementation of this QMS necessitates the analysis and written documentation of all working processes and modes of operation. Furthermore, potential improvement possibilities are defined to guarantee highly qualified, generally applicable and standardised procedures. Time-consuming data assessment is an instrument to enable disclosure and analysis of existing errors as well as to show possibilities of optimization, thus forming the basis for continuous improvement. The new ISO NORM 9001-2000 is process-orientated with an organisational structure strongly recommendable for service institutions and therefore also for a department of radiology. (orig.) [German] Qualitaetssicherung (QS) im Gesundheitswesen ist eine relativ 'junge' Disziplin, die sich allerdings in den letzten Jahren rasant weiterentwickelt hat und auch gesetzlich gefordert wird. Ziel des Qualitaetsmanagementsystems (QMS) ISO 9001 ist, Forderungen als Mittel zur Erzielung fehlerfreier Produkte festzulegen und eine staendige Qualitaetsverbesserung zu erreichen. Fuer die Implementation dieses QMS ist es notwendig, saemtliche Arbeits- und Verfahrensablaeufe zu ueberdenken, schriftlich festzulegen und Verbesserungspotential aufzudecken, um eine allgemein gueltige und qualitativ hochwertige, standardisierte Vorgehensweise zu gewaehrleisten. Die zeitaufwendigen Datenerfassungen sind Mittel zum Zweck und dienen durch ihre Analyse dem Aufdecken von noch bestehenden Fehlern und Optimierungsmoeglichkeiten und somit der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung. Die neue ISO Norm 9001-2000 bietet durch ihren prozessorientierten Ansatz eine Organisationsstruktur, die fuer Dienstleistungsbetriebe und somit auch fuer ein

  17. Spondarthritis hyperostotica pustulo-psoriatica - Review and a clinical-radiological study with special emphasis on SAPHO syndrome; Die Spondarthritis hyperostotica pustulo-psoriatica: Nosologische Studie mit klinischer und radiologischer Darstellung innerhalb des SAPHO-Syndroms

    Schilling, F. [Radiologische Universitaetsklinik Mainz (Germany)]|[Zentrum fuer Rheuma-Pathologie, Mainz (Germany); Kessler, S. [Radiologische Universitaetsklinik Mainz (Germany)


    Spondarthritis hyperostotica pustulo-psoriatica (Spond.hyp.pp-Schilling), corresponding nosologically to pustulotic arthroosteitis, is a dermato-skeletal `double system` disease of adults. It consists of the triad (a) palmo-plantar pustulosis (Ppp) or, alternatively, Koenigsbeck-Barber-type psoriasis, (b) sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis (SCCH), and (c) truncal-skeletal changes with syndesmophite-like, hyperostotic and/or parasyndesmophite-like ossifications of layers of the anterior vertebral ligament taken together in the sense of a desmophytal hyperostosis. There is also a potential for sclerosing inflammatory arthritis of the sacro-iliac joints and `dry` inflammatory arthritis of the sacro-iliac joints and `dry` inflammatory arthritis of peripheral joints. Thus, the pustulo-psoriatic terrain seems to have a decisive influence on osseous pathology. A total of 38 cases from a study during the years 1982 to 1992 is analysed with regard to morphological characteristics. Rare cases with diaphyseal and pelvic hyperostotic lesions subsequent to bland sclerosing osteomyelitis constitute an overlapping region to chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) and illustrate the relationship between hyperostotic spondarthritis and CRMO. The syndromes of `acquired hyperostosis` and `SAPHO`, the former more radiologically oriented and the latter more clinically oriented, together with mainly CRMO and hyperostotic spondarthritis and its forms, constitute the `Spond.hyp.pp.`. Although hyperostosis is a guidepost for the radiologist and SAPHO symptoms are one for the clinician, the syndrome does not represent a diagnosis by itself and requires further differentiation. In this report the entity `Spond.hyp.pp.` is considered and requires contributions from rheumatologically and osteologically oriented radiologist. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die vorliegende Uebersicht beschreibt unter vorwiegend radiologischen Gesichtspunkten das Krankheitsbild der Spondarthritis hyperostatica

  18. Die binding van die konfessie

    P. J. Coetzee


    Full Text Available Ons moet waak teen twee uiterstes. Aan die een kant het die dogma as onversoenlike vyand die dogmatisme en aan die ander kant die antidogmatisme — dit hou enersyds die gevaar in van verabsolutering (oorskatting, en ander- syds die gevaar van relativisme (onderskatting.

  19. Die instelling van die doop

    J. L. Venter


    Full Text Available Die eerste plek in die evangeliebeskrywings waar daar van die doop as ’n opdrag van Jesus Christus gepraat word en waar die betekenis die duidelikste uitkristalliseer, staan in Matteus 28 : 16 - 20. Heilshistories gesien, is dit die begin van kerklike inlywing van die wat gehoor het hoedat Jesus sy koninkryk proklameer, die evangelie aanvaar en tot bekering kom. Vir die doel van hierdie artikel word hierdie gedeelte ondersoek om te sien hoe die instelling geskied het, wat die plek en betekenis van die Christelike doop is.

  20. S3 guideline. Diagnosis and treatment of gastric carcinoma. Relevance for radiologic imaging; Aktualisierte S3-Leitlinie zur Diagnostik und Therapie des Magenkarzinoms. Bedeutung fuer die Radiologische Diagnostik

    Grenacher, L.; Schwarz, M.; Kauczor, H.U. [Universitaetsklinikum Heidelberg (Germany). Abt. Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Lordick, F. [Staedtisches Klinikum Braunschweig (Germany). Medizinische Klinik III; Krause, B. [Universitaetsklinikum Rostock (Germany). Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin; Roecken, C. [Kiel Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Pathologie; Moenig, S. [Universitaetsklinikum Koeln (Germany). Klinik fuer Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Tumorchirurgie; Ebert, M. [Universitaetsklinikum Mannheim (Germany). Medizinische Klinik II; Jenssen, C. [Krankenhaus Maerkisch Oderland, Wriezen (Germany). Innere Medizin; Moehler, M. [Universitaetsmedizin Mainz (Germany). I. Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik


    The new German S3 guideline regarding stomach cancer includes a variety of innovations with respect to the diagnosis and treatment of adenocarcinoma of the stomach and the esophagogastric junction. The guideline has been strongly supported by the 'oncology' guidelines program consisting of the 'Deutsche Krebshilfe' and the German Cancer Society and the AWMF (Dr. M. Follmann). This guideline contains evidence-based treatment recommendations and quality indicators for guideline implementation and evaluation in order to improve broad medical care and to facilitate development and subsequent adjustment. The purpose of this article is to introduce the innovations with regard to radiological diagnosis and to discuss the latest literature on the subject. (orig.)

  1. Radiologic technologists versus X-ray-assistance. The differences of an occupational family in health organizations; Radiologietechnologie versus Roentgenassistenz. Die Unterschiede einer Berufsfamilie in Gesundheitsorganisationen

    Rosenblattl, M. [FH Wiener Neustadt (Austria). Studiengang Radiologietechnologie; rtaustria, Berufsverband der Radiologietechnologen/-technologinnen Oesterreichs, Wiener Neustadt (Austria)


    This article is an information for radiation protection experts. In Austria 2013, seven new jobs were enshrined in ''medical assistance law''. One is the X-ray assistant (Radiographic Assistant). The X-ray assistant may perform simple standardized radiographs. It represents the lowest common denominator to the profession ''Radiologic Technology''. This post will serve experts for radiation protection and employers to inform objectively about which profession has the competences and in which field of work X-ray assistants can be deployed. This article deals with the course content and the classification in the European Qualifications Framework and the legal anchorages.

  2. Surgical treatment of lateral clavicle fractures associated with complete coracoclavicular ligament disruption: Clinico-radiological outcomes of acromioclavicular joint sparing and spanning implants

    Bhatia, Deepak N.; Page, Richard S.


    Purpose: Distal clavicle fracture associated with complete coracoclavicular ligament disruption represents an unstable injury, and osteosynthesis is recommended. This study was performed (1) to retrospectively analyse the clinico-radiological outcomes of two internal fixation techniques, and (2) to identify and analyse radiographic fracture patterns of fracture that are associated with this injury. Materials and Methods: A total of 15 patients underwent osteosynthesis with either (1) acromioclavicular joint-spanning implants (Group 1, Hook plate device, n = 10) or (2) joint-sparing implants (Group 2, distal radius plate, n = 5); these were reviewed at a mean period of 26.1 months (12 to 40 months). Clinical outcomes were measured using Constant Score (CS), Simple Shoulder Test (SST), and Walch ACJ score (WS). Radiographs and ultrasonography were used to assess the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints, and the subacromial space. Preoperative radiographs were analyzed for assessment of fracture lines to identify radiographic patterns. Statistical analysis of the data was performed to determine any significant differences between the two groups. Results: The overall clinical outcome was satisfactory (CS 80.8, SST 11.3, WS 17.6) and a high union rate (93.3%) was observed. Radiographic complications (acromioclavicular degeneration and subluxation, hook migration, abnormal ossification) did not negatively influence the final clinical outcomes. Four distinct radiographic fracture patterns were observed. A statistically significant difference ( P < 0.05) was observed in the reoperation rates between the two groups. Conclusions: Internal fixation of this fracture pattern is associated with a high union rate and favorable clinical outcomes with both techniques. A combination of distal radius plate and ligament reconstruction device resulted in stable fixation and significantly lower reoperation rates, and should be used when fracture geometry permits (Types 1 and 2

  3. The German Radiological Society and the protagonists of radiology during the time of National Socialism. State of research, explanation attempts, desiderata and research prospects; Die Deutsche Roentgengesellschaft und die Protagonisten der Radiologie in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus. Forschungsstand, Erklaerungsansaetze, Desiderate und Perspektiven

    Schmidt, M.; Winzen, T.; Gross, D. [RWTH Aachen University Medical School, Aachen (Germany). Inst. of the History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine


    The intention of the authors is the recognition and critical analysis of efforts to study the history of the German Radiological Society during the time of National Socialism from 1933 to 1945 with the goal of determining existing desiderata and identifying the resulting research prospects. There is a need to study concrete individual biographies of radiologists (members of the German Radiological Society, perpetrators, and victims) and their careers before and after 1945 as well as the importance of the interdisciplinarity of the discipline and the lack of institutional involvement during the ''Third Reich''. Moreover, the comparatively difficult starting situation of the study of the history of the German Radiological Society is discussed.

  4. Radiological placement of peripheral central venous access ports at the forearm. Technical results and long term outcome in 391 patients; Radiologische Implantation zentralvenoeser Portsysteme am Unterarm. Implantationsergebnisse und Langzeit-Follow-up bei 391 Patienten

    Lenhart, M. [Sozialstiftung Bamberg (Germany). Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Schaetzler, S. [Klinikum der Regensburg Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Roentgendiagnostik; Manke, C. [Klinikum Fulda (DE). Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie] (and others)


    To retrospectively analyze the technical result and long term outcome of central venous arm ports placed by radiologists. Over a 5-year period, 399 arm ports were implanted by radiologists in 391 patients. The system consists of a low profile titanium chamber and a silicone catheter. Ports were placed at the forearm after puncture of a vein proximally to the elbow under fluoroscopic guidance. In a retrospective analysis the technical results and the long term outcome were evaluated. Complications were documented according to the standards of the society of interventional radiology. In 391 patients a total of 98 633 catheter days were documented (1 - 1325 days, mean 252 days). Primary technical success was 99.25 % (396 / 399) with a 100 % secondary technical success rate. No severe procedural complications, e. g. pneumothorax or severe hemorrhage, were found. A total of 45 complications occurred (11.28 %, 0.45 / 1000 catheter days), including 8 portal pocket infections (27 - 205 days, mean 115 days). Fifteen ports were explanted because of complications. The complication rate corresponds to the data from subclavian ports and is less than the complication rates published in large surgical trials. Implantation of central-venous arm ports by radiologists is safe and minimally invasive. No severe immediate procedural complications occur due to the peripheral implantation site. Long term complication rates are comparable to other studies of radiological or surgical port implantation at different sites. (orig.)

  5. Die topkwark

    R. Tegen


    Full Text Available ’n Oorsig van die belangrikheid van die onlangs ontdekte topkwark by Fermilab in Chicago word gegee. Daar word aangetnon dat die topkwark belangrik is in fisika van die Oerknal, oftewel "Big Bang", en in die Standaard Model van Elementêredeeltjie-fisika. Toepaslike literatuur vir verdere studie kan van die lys van verwysings in hierdie kort, nietegniese artikel, nagegaan word.

  6. Clinical and radiological investigations of mandibular overdentures supported by conventional or mini-dental implants: A 2-year prospective follow-up study.

    Temizel, Sonay; Heinemann, Friedhelm; Dirk, Cornelius; Bourauel, Christoph; Hasan, Istabrak


    Conventional dental implants are not applicable in the mandibular interforaminal region if bone volume is limited. Mini-dental implants offer an alternative means of supporting mandibular overdentures in a narrow residual ridge, without additional surgery. The purpose of this nonrandomized clinical trial was to compare the ability of mini-dental implants with that of conventional dental implants in supporting mandibular overdentures during a 2-year clinical follow-up. Bone quality, bone resorption, implant stability, and oral health were assessed radiographically. A total of 32 participants with edentulism were included. Twenty-two participants (99 implants) received 4 to 5 mini-dental implants (diameter: 1.8-2.4 mm; length: 13-15 mm, study group), and 10 participants (35 implants) received 2 to 4 conventional dental implants (diameter: 3.3-3.7 mm; length: 11-13 mm, control group). The selection of the participants in the study or control group was based on the available bone volume in the mandible. The selection was not randomized. The density of cortical bone thickness was measured in Hounsfield units (HU) from computed tomography data, and patients were followed for 2 years. The participants were examined 3, 6, 12, and 24 months after surgery. Primary stability immediately after the insertion of dental implants (Periotest), secondary stability 6 months after implantation, modified plaque, bleeding on probing indices, and probing depth were measured and analyzed statistically (α=.05). The mean HU value 6 months after implantation in the participants who received mini-dental implants was significantly (P=.035) higher (1250 HU) than that in the participants who received conventional dental implants (1100 HU). The probing depths around the conventional dental implants (1.6 and 1.8 mm, respectively) were significantly higher than those around the mini-dental implants (1.3 and 1.2 mm, respectively) 12 and 24 months after surgery, respectively (Pdental implants were

  7. Fractures of the atlantoaxial complex in the elderly: assessment of radiological spectrum of fractures and factors influencing imaging diagnosis; Frakturen des Atlas und Axis bei aelteren Patienten: Untersuchung des Radiologischen Spektrums der Frakturen und bedeutsamer Faktoren fuer die Bildgebende Diagnostik

    Lomoschitz, F.M. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, AKH Wien, Wien (Germany); Dept. of Radiology, Harborview Medical Center, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA (United States); Blackmore, C.C.; Linnau, K.F.; Mann, F.A. [Dept. of Radiology, Harborview Medical Center, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA (United States); Stadler, A. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, AKH Wien, Wien (Germany)


    Objective: to describe patterns of atlantoaxial fractures in a population of consecutive elderly patients, including assessment of type, distribution and associated clinical and radiological findings, and to analyze any influence of the causative trauma mechanism on the individual fracture pattern. Materials and methods: the distribution and type of 123 atlantoaxial fractures in 95 subjects older than 65 years (range: 65-102; mean age: 79 years) were retrospectively assessed. For each subject, trauma mechanism and clinical and neurological status were recorded at admission. Initial imaging studies of the cervical spine were reviewed. Preexistent degenerative changes were assessed and the atlantoaxial fractures classified. Data were evaluated for the frequency of different types of fractures of C1 and C2 and for accompanying fractures of cervical vertebrae or the occipital condyles, respectively. Results: the majority of patients with injuries of the atlantoaxial complex had fractures of C2 (90 of 95, 95%). A large proportion of these patients (67 of 90, 74%) had odontoid fractures. An isolated fracture of C1 was present in only 5 (5%) patients. Associated fractures of the occipital condyles or other cervical vertebrae were rare (10 of 95, 11%). The main trauma mechanism for atlantoaxial injuries was a fall (56 of 95, 59%). Elderly patients injured in motor vehicle accidents were more likely to have isolated fractures of C2 and Type III fractures of the odontoid (p < 0.02). Conclusion: in elderly patients, fractures of the atlantoaxial complex are mainly caused by falls and almost always involve C2. The trauma mechanism influences the fracture pattern (orig.) [German] Untersuchung von Frakturen des Atlas (C1) und Axis (C2) in einer konsekutiven Population aelterer Patienten ({>=} 65 Jahre) hinsichtlich Fraktur-Typus, -Haeufigkeit, und -Kombinationen, und Analyse von assoziierter Klinik sowie Einfluss von unfall-ursaechlichen Faktoren auf Frakturen des atlanto

  8. Conventional dental radiology; Konventionelle Dentalradiologie und Zukunftsperspektiven

    Youssefzadeh, S.; Gahleitner, A. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, Wien (Austria); Bernhart, D.; Bernhart, T. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Zahnheilkunde, Wien (Austria)


    Until recently, conventional dental radiology was performed by dentists and orofacial surgeons. Due to the rapid development of radiological technique, the demand of radiological advice is increasing. The radiologists see more and more dental patients in their daily routine. The aim of this article is to give an overview on established dental radiology and a glimpse into the future. Conventional dental radiology and digital radiography are presently in use. Intraoral technique comprises dental films, bite-wing views and occlusal radiographs. Panoramic views and cephalometric radiographs are done with extraoral technique. Digital radiography lacks all processes in behalf of film development. It leads to dose reduction and enables image manipulation. (orig.) [German] Die konventionelle Radiologie in der Zahnheilkunde (Dentalradiologie) wurde hauptsaechlich von den niedergelassenen Zahnaerzten und Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgen betrieben. Aufgrund der rasanten Entwicklung in der radiologischen Methodik wird die fachaerztliche Unterstuetzung durch den Radiologen immer notwendiger, und die raschen Fortschritte erfordern eine zunehmende Zusammenarbeit dieser medizinischen Faecher. Die fachspezifische Anforderung an den Radiologen tritt immer haeufiger im Routinebetrieb auf. Ziel dieses Artikels ist die Aufstellung der derzeit eingesetzten Technik sowie ein Ausblick in die nahe Zukunft. Prinzipiell wird zwischen der konventionellen Dentalradiologie und der digitalen Radiographie unterschieden. Die Dentalradiologie setzt sich aus der intraoralen Technik (Zahnfilme, Bissfluegelaufnahmen, Aufbissaufnahme) und der extraoralen Technik (Panoramaaufnahmen, Panoramaschichtaufnahmen, Fernroentgen) zusammen. Die digitale Radiographie ermoeglicht die Umgehung der konventionellen Entwicklungsverfahren, eine Strahlendosisreduktion und bietet die Moeglichkeit der Bildverarbeitung. (orig.)

  9. Avaliação por imagem nos candidatos ao implante coclear: correlação radiológico-cirúrgica Evaluation by imaging methods of cochlear implant candidates: radiological and surgical correlation

    Luiz Rodolpho Pena Lima Júnior


    Full Text Available No pré-operatório da cirurgia de Implante Coclear (IC o estudo por imagem adquire importância fundamental, proporcionando ao cirurgião segurança na indicação e realização da cirurgia. A avaliação ideal compreende a associação entre Tomografia Computadorizada (TC e Ressonância Nuclear Magnética (RNM. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a acurácia dos exames de imagem como preditores de possíveis complicações durante o ato cirúrgico. Desenho do Estudo: Corte transversal. MATERIAL E MÉTODOS: Foram avaliados por prontuários, 104 pacientes submetidos à cirurgia de IC de maio de 2003 a outubro de 2006. Estes passaram por uma seleção multidisciplinar pré-operatória, e radiológica por TC associada ou não à RNM. RESULTADOS: Excluiu-se 4 pacientes sem registro de exames radiológicos, resultando 100 pacientes. Estes foram divididos em dois grupos: grupo A (TC apresentou acurácia 69,69%, sensibilidade 36,36%; especificidade 86,36%; Valor Preditivo Positivo (VPP 57,14%; Valor Preditivo Negativo (VPN 73,07% e o B (TC e RNM acurácia 80,59%, sensibilidade 38,46%; especificidade 90,74%; VPP 50,0%; VPN 85,96%. CONCLUSÕES: A avaliação radiológica pré-operatória do IC mostrou-se importante, sendo capaz de identificar alterações anatômicas, evitando, ou ao menos, preparando o cirurgião para possíveis complicações. Esse estudo demonstrou que a avaliação associada com TC e RNM pôde ser considerada superior à TC isoladamente.Evaluation by imaging methods is critical in the preoperative care of cochlear implant (CI surgery, providing safety to surgeons when indicating and performing this procedure. The ideal imaging study consists of an association between Computed Tomography (CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI. AIM: To investigate the accuracy of imaging studies as predictors of possible complications of surgery. Study Design: A cross-sectional investigation. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The medical records of 104 patients undergoing CI

  10. Single-blind randomized clinical trial to evaluate clinical and radiological outcomes after one year of immediate versus delayed implant placement supporting full-arch prostheses.

    Pellicer-Chover, Hilario; Peñarrocha-Oltra, David; Bagán, Leticia; Fichy-Fernandez, Antonio-J; Canullo, Luigi; Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel


    To evaluate and compare peri-implant health, marginal bone loss and success of immediate and delayed implant placement for rehabilitation with full-arch fixed prostheses. The present study was a prospective, randomized, single-blind, clinical preliminary trial. Patients were randomized into two treatment groups. In Group A implants were placed immediately post-extraction and in Group B six months after extraction. The following control time-points were established: one week, six months and twelve months after loading. Measurements were taken of peri-implant crevicular fluid volume, plaque index, gingival retraction, keratinized mucosa, probing depth, modified gingival index and presence of mucositis. Implant success rates were evaluated for the two groups. The study sample included fifteen patients (nine women and six men) with a mean average age of 63.7 years. One hundred and forty-four implants were placed: 76 placed in healed sites and 68 placed immediately. At the moment of prosthetic loading, keratinized mucosa width and probing depth were higher in immediate implants than delayed implants, with statistically significant differences. However, after six and twelve months, differences between groups had disappeared. Bone loss was 0.54 ± 0.39 mm for immediate implants and 0.66 ± 0.25 mm for delayed implants (p=0.201). No implants failed in either group. The present study with a short follow-up and a small sample yielded no statistically significant differences in implant success and peri-implant marginal bone loss between immediate and delayed implants with fixed full-arch prostheses. Peri-implant health showed no statistically significant differences for any of the studied parameters (crevicular fluid volume, plaque index, gingival retraction, keratinized mucosa, probing depth, modified gingival index and presence of mucositis) at the twelve-month follow-up.

  11. Radiological English

    Ribes, R. [Hospital Reina Sofia, Cordoba (Spain). Servicio de Radiologia; Ros, P.R. [Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (United States). Div. of Radiology


    The book is an introductory book to radiological English on the basis that there are a lot of radiologists, radiology residents, radiology nurses, radiology students, and radiographers worldwide whose English level is indeterminate because their reading skills are much higher than their fluency. It is intended to help those health care professionals who need English for their work but do not speak English on a day-to-day basis. (orig.)

  12. Marginal Bone Loss Around Early-Loaded SLA and SLActive Implants: Radiological Follow-Up Evaluation Up to 6.5 Years.

    Şener-Yamaner, Işil Damla; Yamaner, Gökhan; Sertgöz, Atilla; Çanakçi, Cenk Fatih; Özcan, Mutlu


    The aim of this study was to compare marginal bone loss around early-loaded SLA and SLActive tissue-level implants (Straumann Dental Implants; Institut Straumann AG, Basel, Switzerland) after a mean of 81-month follow-up period. One hundred seven SLA and 68 SLActive implants were placed in 55 patients and loaded with final restoration after 8 and 3 weeks of healing time, respectively. Marginal bone loss around implants was determined radiographically at initial and after a mean observation time ranging between 20 and 81 months. The effect of location (mandible vs maxilla), smoking habit, sex, implant length and diameter, and the type of prosthesis on the marginal bone loss was evaluated. The overall cumulative survival rate was 98.2% being 99% for SLA implants and 97% for SLActive implants. After 20-month follow-up period, mean marginal bone loss values for the SLA and SLActive implants were 0.24 and 0.17 mm, respectively. After 81 months, mean marginal bone loss for the SLA and SLActive implants reached 0.71 and 0.53 mm, respectively. Marginal bone loss was affected by the length and type of implant and patients' smoking habit after a mean observation time of 20 months. However, none of the parameters had any significant effect on the marginal bone loss after a follow-up period of 81 months. With both SLA and SLActive implants, successful clinical results could be achieved up to 6.5 years of follow-up period.

  13. Radiological response of ceramic and polymeric devices for breast brachytherapy

    Batista Nogueira, Luciana, E-mail: [Departamento de Propedeutica Complementar, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Av. Antonio Carlos, 6627, Pampulha 31270901, BH/MG (Brazil); Passos Ribeiro de Campos, Tarcisio, E-mail: [Departamento de Engenharia Nuclear, Programa de Pos Graduacao em Ciencias e Tecnicas Nucleares, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Av. Antonio Carlos, 6627, Pampulha 31270901, BH/MG (Brazil)


    In the present study, the radiological visibility of ceramic and polymeric devices implanted in breast phantom was investigated for future applications in brachytherapy. The main goal was to determine the radiological viability of ceramic and polymeric devices in vitro by performing simple radiological diagnostic methods such as conventional X-ray analysis and mammography due to its easy access to the population. The radiological response of ceramic and polymeric devices implanted in breast phantom was determined using conventional X-ray, mammography and CT analysis. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Radiological visibility of ceramic and polymeric devices implanted in breast phantom. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The barium incorporation in the seed improves the radiological contrast. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Radiological monitoring shows the position, orientation and degradation of devices. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Simple radiological methods such as X-ray and mammography were used for radiological monitoring.

  14. Aspectos técnicos da cateterização do seio coronariano baseada no componente atrial do eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica durante o procedimento de implante de marcapasso biventricular Technical aspects of coronary sinus catheterization based on the atrial component of the intracavitary electrogram and radiological anatomy during the implantation procedure of a biventricular pacemaker

    Fernando Sérgio Oliva de Souza


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Apresentar uma proposição técnica baseada na experiência de 130 implantes utilizando técnica simplificada para cateterização do seio coronariano, baseada no componente atrial do eletrograma intracavi-tário e anatomia radiológica. MÉTODOS: De outubro de 2001 a outubro de 2004 foram realiza-dos 130 implantes de marcapasso biventricular, utilizando-se anatomia radiológica e observação de eletrograma intracavitário, com prioridade ao componente atrial. RESULTADOS: O implante do sistema, utilizando-se a estimulação do ventrículo esquerdo via seio coronariano, não foi possível em 8 pacientes. Em 12 pacientes foram observadas dificuldades na canulação do óstio coronário e em 15 pacientes observaram-se dificuldades de progressão do eletrodo através do seio coronariano. O tempo médio de utilização de radioscopia foi de 18,69 min. CONCLUSÃO: A técnica de implante, utilizando a morfologia do componente atrial do eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica, demonstrou ser pouco trabalhosa, segura e eficaz para canulação do óstio do seio coronariano, necessitando de reduzido tempo de radioscopia.OBJECTIVE: To present a technical proposal based on the experience of 130 implantations using a simplified technique for coronary sinus catheterization, based on the atrial component of the intracavitary electrogram and radiological anatomy. METHODS: From October, 2001 to October, 2004, 130 biventricular pacemaker implantations were performed, using radiological anatomy and observation of the intracavitary electrogram, focusing on the atrial component. RESULTS: The implantation of the system using left ventricular pacing via coronary sinus was not possible in 8 patients. Difficulties on the cannulation of the coronary ostium were felt in 12 patients and difficulties of lead advancement through the coronary sinus were felt in 15 patients. The mean time of radioscopy utilization was 18.69 min. CONCLUSION: The

  15. Radiology fundamentals

    Singh, Harjit


    ""Radiology Fundamentals"" is a concise introduction to the dynamic field of radiology for medical students, non-radiology house staff, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiology assistants, and other allied health professionals. The goal of the book is to provide readers with general examples and brief discussions of basic radiographic principles and to serve as a curriculum guide, supplementing a radiology education and providing a solid foundation for further learning. Introductory chapters provide readers with the fundamental scientific concepts underlying the medical use of imag

  16. Die menswaardigheid van die menslike embrio : die debat tot dusver

    Vorster, J.M


    ...), "Stem cell research: the ethical issues". Rakende die gebruik van menslike embrio's in stamselnavorsing, behandel hierdie artikels die potensiaal van die menslike embrio, die morele status (menswaardigheid...

  17. Anatomy and Radiology of the Jaws, an Implication to Dental Implant%口腔种植相关的颌骨解剖及其影像学表现



    口腔种植手术并发症,与手术者对颌骨相关的应用解剖不熟悉有很大的关系.本文结合作者的临床和教学经验,对颌骨的相关应用解剖及其影像学特征做一系统简介,为口腔种植初学者在口腔种植设计和手术时提供参考.%Implant theropy is. Popular in denral practice. However, prosthetic complications in implant-supported pmtheses are common. Although most of the problems can be prevented by careful case selection and treatment planning, failures da ocpur and their management can sometimes be very demanding. With the author's clinical and leaching experience, ihe compis.-aliom of denial implant surgery are mainly related with unfamiliar with ihe jaws anatomy. This article purpled to make a systemic review of anatomy and radiology of the jaws and aimed 10 help dental implant designs and operations for the beginners.

  18. Radiology illustrated. Pediatric radiology

    Kim, In-One (ed.) [Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine (Korea, Republic of). Dept. of Radiology


    Depicts characteristic imaging findings of common and uncommon diseases in the pediatric age group. Will serve as an ideal diagnostic reference in daily practice. Offers an excellent teaching aid, with numerous high-quality illustrations. This case-based atlas presents images depicting the findings typically observed when imaging a variety of common and uncommon diseases in the pediatric age group. The cases are organized according to anatomic region, covering disorders of the brain, spinal cord, head and neck, chest, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system, and musculoskeletal system. Cases are presented in a form resembling teaching files, and the images are accompanied by concise informative text. The goal is to provide a diagnostic reference suitable for use in daily routine by both practicing radiologists and radiology residents or fellows. The atlas will also serve as a teaching aide and a study resource, and will offer pediatricians and surgeons guidance on the clinical applications of pediatric imaging.

  19. Wireless energy transmission through the abdominal wall for operating implanted actuators and recharging implanted energy storages with due consideration to the simultaneous undisturbed transcutaneous transmission of encoded signals for controlling various functions of the implant; Drahtloser Energietransfer durch die Bauchdecke zum Betrieb von implantierten Aktoren und zur Wiederaufladung von implantierten Energiespeichern unter Beruecksichtigung der gleichzeitigen ungestoerten transkutanen Uebertragung von codierten Signalen zur Steuerung verschiedener Funktionen eines Implantats

    Peter, S.


    One of the two goals of this study was to provide a power supply for a medical implant for artificial micturition such that the energy storages integrated in the system could be recharged without a need for wires passing through the abdominal wall. This goal was achieved by the development and use of an inductive, transcutaneous energy transfer technique adapted to the requirements of an urological implant. The technique provides the following advantages to patients: complete avoidance of infections that would otherwise be provoked by the presence of a permanent open wound in the abdominal wall allowing wires to pass through. This in turn permits reducing medication and eliminates the costs of constant wound treatment. The system can largely be operated independently of stationary power supply systems, since it can run for several days without the patient requiring a wall outlet close by. This greatly improves patient mobility. The development of a transcutaneous signal transmission technique based on infrared or radiofrequency has been a decisive step towards restoring patients' volitional control of micturition, thus eliminating one of their main concerns, namely the prospect of having to live an externally controlled life dominated by a fixed around-the-clock discharge schedule. The additional facility of being able to query the reservoir's filling level allows patients to check on this at any time, making it much easier for them to plan their visits to the toilet. This was the second goal of the study. The combination of transcutaneous energy and signal transfer has produced, amongst other things, a package solution which will substantially improve the quality of life of patients having undergone total bladder extirpation and will also reduce aftercare costs for payers. [German] Eines der beiden ziele der vorliegenden Arbeit war, das medizinische Implantat des kuenstlichen harnableitenden Systems so mit Energie zu versorgen, dass die im System

  20. Clinical and radiologic evaluation of 2-stage IMZ implants placed in a single-stage procedure : 2-year results of a prospective comparative study

    Heydenrijk, K; Raghoebar, GM; Meijer, HJA; Stegenga, B


    Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of using a 2-stage implant system in a single-stage procedure and to study the impact of the microgap between the implant and the abutment. Materials and Methods: Sixty edentulous patients (Cawood class V or VI) participated in this stud

  1. Clinical and radiological 12-year follow-up of full arch maxilla prosthetic restoration supported by dental implants positioned through guide flapless surgery.

    Soardi, C M; Bramanti, E; Cicciù, M


    The computer-guided flapless surgery for implant placement using stereolithographic templates is going to be considered a daily practice technique. The advantages of this kind of surgery are related with its no flap opening, with the precision of the implant positioning and with the possibility of having a quick rehabilitation and low post-surgical discomfort. The introduction of digital planning programs has made it possible to place dental implants in preplanned positions and being immediately functionally loaded by using prefabricated prostheses. This case presented a 12-year follow-up of a maxillary prosthesis supported by dental implant immediately loading and positioned with the first kind of guided flapless surgery technique. Aim of this paper was to report how the guide surgery implant position technique can be considered a predictable and safe technique giving the surgeon excellent long-term results.

  2. Die posisie van die Helper in die sending

    I. J. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Gedurende die aanvangsjare van die sending het die helper ’n onmisbare funksie vervul. Hulle het die onherbergsame binnelande geken, waardevolle kontakpunte vir die sendelinge geopen en hulle mense geestelik help voorlig en voorberei.

  3. Imaging and radiology

    Interventional radiology; Diagnostic radiology; X-ray imaging ... DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY Diagnostic radiology helps health care professionals see structures inside your body. Doctors that specialize in the interpretation ...

  4. Radiological intervention in postoperative complications following liver transplantation; Interventionelle radiologische Verfahren bei postoperativen Komplikationen nach Lebertransplantation

    Berger, H. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Staebler, A. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Kunzfeld, A. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Zuelke, C. [Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Anthuber, M. [Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Kraemling, H.J. [Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik, Klinikum Grosshadern, Univ. Muenchen (Germany)


    Purpose: Postoperative complications contribute significantly to the morbidity and mortality of liver transplant patients. The management of these complications requires a multidisciplinary approach in which interventional radiology plays an integral role. Indications, techniques, and results of radiological interventions in the management of the liver transplant patient are presented. Material and methods: During a 10-year period, 52 out of 420 liver transplant recipients underwent radiological interventions, including angioplasty (n=20), embolization (n=2), percutaneous drainage (n=11), and biliary interventions (n=19). Results: Nine out of ten arterial stenoses located at the anastomoses (n=8), within the liver (n=1) and in the coeliac trunk (n=1) were successfully treated by balloon dilatation. Angioplasty of supra- or infrahepatic anastomotic stenoses of the IVC (n=5) provided long-term success only in combination with stent implantation. Portal vein stenoses and chronic thrombosis were treated by balloon dilatation and stent insertion via transhepatic catheterization of the portal vein. Late strictures of bile-duct anastomoses can be managed by ante- or retrograde interventions. If biliary complications are related to inflammatory or septic problems, the prognosis of graft survival is poor. Conclusion: Interventional radiological procedures are very useful in the management of vascular and biliary complications after liver transplantation. These techniques provide a cure in many situations, and thus, surgical interventions may be avoided in selected cases. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die komplexe chirurgisch-technische Operation sowie immunologische und ischaemieverursachte Probleme tragen zur relativ hohen Komplikationsrate nach Lebertransplantation bei, die grundsaetzlich organ- bzw. lebensbedrohlich fuer den Patienten sind. Interventionelle radiologische Techniken sind aufgrund ihres minimal-invasiven Charakters in der klinischen Versorgung dieser Komplikationen

  5. Radiologic images of an aggressive implant-associated fibromatosis of the breast and chest wall: case report and review of the literature

    Lourdes Alanis, MD, MPH


    Full Text Available Fibromatosis of the breast is a rare benign disease compromising <0.2% of all primary breast tumors. Although the chest wall is a common location, occurrences of implant-associated fibromatosis of the breast are extremely rare; only 33 cases have been reported. We present a case of a 42-year-old female who underwent breast augmentation with silicone breast implants, and 2 years later developed an aggressive implant-associated fibromatosis of the breast and chest wall. On imaging studies, the tumor mimicked breast carcinoma, and despite chemotherapy, the fibromatosis rapidly enlarged and was locally invasive requiring wide surgical excision. Unlike previously reported imaging findings, magnetic resonance imaging revealed an oval circumscribed mass with fringe-like internal architecture. We provide a review of the literature and discuss the imaging features of implant-associated fibromatosis of the breast.

  6. Evaluation of porous vitreous carbon or silicon implants by radiology in rat's skull; Avaliacao radiologica de implantes de carbono vitreo poroso ou silicone em cranio de ratos

    Vaccari-Mazzetti, Marcelo Paulo; Kobata, Celio Toshiro [Lusiada University of Santos, SP (Brazil). Hospital Defeitos da Face. Dept. of Surgery]. E-mail:; Fabiani, Paulo [Lusiada University of Santos, SP (Brazil). Dept. of Radiology; Martins, Dulce Maria Fonseca Soares [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. of Surgery. Div. of Plastic Surgery; Gomes, Paulo de Oliveira [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. of Surgery. Div. of Operatory Technique and Experimental Surgery; Martins, Jose Luiz [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. of Surgery. Div. of Pediatric Surgery


    Purpose: Evaluate by CT the use of porous vitreous carbon (PVC) and silicon (S) implants as the replacement bone in the craniofacial skeleton of rats. Methods: 40 rats divided in: Group A (n=20) PVC submitted to the implant of a fragment in skull. After the euthanasia, the animals were divided into two subgroups: A I: 10 animals, studied in the 7th postoperative day (P.O) and AII: 10 animals, studied in the 28th P.O. In group B, S, 20 rats were submitted to S implant in the skull. All other steps were identical to group A, with designation of subgroups BI and BII. CT with beams in axial cuts of 1 mm thickness to obtain 3-D information It was used Hounsfield scale for evaluate the radio density of the implant. They were used non parametric tests to analyze the results. Results: The 7th PO boss remained in the two groups, but for 28th PO, observed reduction in the volume of the implant in Group A, not observed in group B. CT studies noticed different radio densities around all of S prostheses (pseudo capsule), that do not appeared in CPV implants. The S has remained unchanged in the CT, but the CPV has had a modification in its radio density (p{<=}0,05), in all implants. Conclusion: In CT evaluation the implants of CPV have greater deformation that the S, which makes them not suitable for replacement of membranous bone in the rat skull. (author)

  7. Rehabilitation of deaf persons with cochlear implants; Rehabilitation Hoergeschaedigter mit Cochlearimplantaten

    Gstoettner, W.; Hamzavi, J. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Wien (Austria); Czerny, C. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie, Wien (Austria)


    In the last decade, the rehabilitation of postlingually deaf adults and prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants has been established as a treatment of deafness. The technological development of the implant devices and improvement of the surgical technique have led to a considerable increase of hearing performance during the last years. The postlingually deaf adults are able to use the telephone and may be integrated in their original job. Prelingually deaf children can even visit normal schools after cochlear implantation and hearing rehabilitation training. In order to preoperatively establish the state of the cochlear, radiological diagnosis of the temporal bone is necessary. High resolution computerized tomography imaging of the temporal bone with coronar and axial 1 mm slices and MRI with thin slice technique (three dimensional, T2 weighted turbo-spinecho sequence with 0.7 mm slices) have proved to be valuable according to our experience. Furthermore a postoperative synoptical X-ray, in a modified Chausse III projection, offers good information about the position of the implant and insertion of the stimulating electrode into the cochlea. (orig.) [Deutsch] In der letzten Dekade hat sich der operative Einsatz von Cochlearimplantaten fuer die Rehabilitation taubgeborener Kinder und ertaubter Erwachsenen als erfolgreiche Therapie etabliert. Durch technische Weiterentwicklung der Implantatsysteme und Verbesserung der Operationstechnik konnten in den letzten Jahren die Hoerleistungen der Patienten deutlich verbessert werden. Postlingual ertaubte Erwachsene koennen nun oftmals wieder ins Berufsleben eingegliedert werden und praelingual ertaubte Kinder koennen regulaere Schulen besuchen. Im Rahmen der Voruntersuchung fuer die Cochlearimplantation ist die radiologische Felsenbeindiagnostik von besonderer Bedeutung. Hochaufloesendes CT des Felsenbeins in koronaren und axialen Ebenen mit 1 mm Schichtdicke und MRT in Duennschichttechnik (dreidimensionale, T2

  8. Evaluation of porous vitreous carbon or silicon implants by radiology in rat's skull Avaliação radiológica de implantes de carbono vítreo poroso ou silicone em crânio de ratos

    Marcelo Paulo Vaccari-Mazzetti


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: Evaluate by CT the use of porous vitreous carbon (PVC and silicon (S implants as the replacement bone in the craniofacial skeleton of rats. METHODS: 40 rats divided in: Group A (n=20 PVC submitted to the implant of a fragment in skull. After the euthanasia, the animals were divided into two subgroups: A I: 10 animals, studied in the 7th postoperative day (P.O and AII: 10 animals, studied in the 28th P.O. In group B, S, 20 rats were submitted to S implant in the skull. All other steps were identical to group A, with designation of subgroups BI and BII. CT with beams in axial cuts of 1 mm thickness to obtain 3-D information It was used Hounsfield scale for evaluate the radio density of the implant. They were used non parametric tests to analyze the results. RESULTS: The 7th PO boss remained in the two groups, but for 28th PO, observed reduction in the volume of the implant in Group A, not observed in group B. CT studies noticed different radio densities around all of S prostheses (pseudo-capsule, that don't appeared in CPV implants. The S has remained unchanged in the CT, but the CPV has had a modification in its radio density (pOBJETIVO: Realizar avaliação através de tomografia computadorizada (TC de implantes de carbono vítreo poroso (CVP e silicone (S para sua utilização na substituição óssea no esqueleto craniofacial de ratos. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados 40 ratos Wistar divididos em: Grupo A (n=20, implantes subperiostais de CVP no crânio. Após o momento da eutanásia os animais foram divididos em dois subgrupos: A I: 10 animais, estudados no 7(0 dia pós-operatório (PO e AII: 10 animais, estudados no 28(0 PO. No grupo B (n=20, os ratos foram submetidos ao implante de silicone no crânio. Todas outras etapas foram idênticas ao grupo A, com a designação de subgrupos BI e BII. Foi realizada tomografia computadorizada com cortes axiais de 1 mm de espessura para obtenção de imagens tridimensionais. A escala de Hounsfield

  9. Technical aspects of lead implantation for left ventricle pacing through the coronary sinus, using anatomic radiology and intracavitary electrography in the cardiac resynchronization therapy

    Fernando Sérgio Oliva de Souza; Domingo Marcolino Braile; Reinaldo Wilson Vieira; Salomon Ordinola Rojas; Nicola Luciano Mortati; Alexandre Caputo Rabelo; Sérgio Almeida de Oliveira


    OBJETIVO: Apresentar a experiência de 157 implantes utilizando uma técnica simplificada para cateterização do seio coronariano, baseada no eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica, demonstrando o porcentual de sucesso e tempo total de utilização de radioscopia. MÉTODO: De outubro de 2001 a fevereiro de 2005, foram realizados 157 implantes de marcapasso biventricular em pacientes previamente selecionados, utilizando-se anatomia radiológica e observação de eletrograma intracavitário, d...

  10. Die regsposisie van die gemolesteerde kind 1

    P.J. Schabort


    Full Text Available Hoe reik die reg uit na die seksueel gemolesteerde kind? As na die reg in wye verband gekyk word, sou dit alie wetgewing en alle gemeneregsbeginsels en alle regsprosedures insluit waardeur die Staat poog om molestering te voorkom en die gemolesteerde kind in beskerming te neem. Dit le baie wyd en sou byvoorbeeld die maatreels insluit van die Kindenvet 33 van 1960; die Wet op Egskeiding 70 van 1979; die Wet op Kindersorg 74 van 1983; die Wet op die Status van Kinders 82 van 1987 en die Wet op Bemiddeling in Sekere Egskeidingsaangeleenthede 24 van 1987. Eersdaags sal dit moontlik ook ’n Manifes vir die Regte van Kinders insluit wat vermoedelik geskoei sal wees op die W O se Konvensie vir die Regte van die Kind (1989 w a arv an die RSA tan s nog nie ’n ondertekenaar is nie.

  11. Protocol of an expertise based randomized trial comparing surgical Venae Sectio versus radiological Puncture of Vena Subclavia for insertion of Totally Implantable Access Port in oncological patients

    Radeleff Boris


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Totally Implantable Access Ports (TIAP are being extensively used world-wide and can be expected to gain further importance with the introduction of new neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatments in oncology. Two different techniques for the implantation can be selected: A direct puncture of a central vein and the utilization of a Seldinger device or the surgical Venae sectio. It is still unclear which technique has the optimal benefit/risk ratio for the patient. Design A single-center, expertise based randomized, controlled superiority trial to compare two different TIAP implantation techniques. 100 patients will be included and randomized pre-operatively. All patients aged 18 years or older scheduled for primary elective implantation of a TIAP under local anesthesia who signed the informed consent will be included. The primary endpoint is the primary success rate of the randomized technique. Control Intervention: Venae Sectio will be employed to insert a TIAP by a surgeon; Experimental intervention: Punction of V. Subclavia will be used to place a TIAP by a radiologist. Duration of study: Approximately 10 months, follow up time: 90 days. Organisation/Responsibility The PORTAS 2 – Trial will be conducted in accordance with the protocol and in compliance with the moral, ethical, and scientific principles governing clinical research as set out in the Declaration of Helsinki (1989 and Good Clinical Practice (GCP. The Center of Clinical Trials at the Department of Surgery, University Hospital Heidelberg is responsible for design and conduct of the trial including randomization and documentation of patients' data. Data management and statistical analysis will be performed by the independent Institute for Medical Biometry and Informatics (IMBI, University of Heidelberg. Trial Registration The trial is registered at (NCT00600444.

  12. Die Heimkunft

    Stephen Romer


    Full Text Available En hommage amical à René Gallet.Die HeimkunftRuhig glänzen indes die silberen Höhen darüber,Voll mit Rosen ist schon droben der leuchtende Schnee.- HölderlinAnd then one day the young master returnsfrom a dark placeand birdsong leads the wanderer inand the cat yawns and curls againin the headiness of this instantthe house is fragrantwith woodsmoke and honeysucklewhich is a kind of accomplishment.Returning from dogmahome to the humanehe lays asideknapsack, alpenstock and hat,goes straight to t...

  13. Interventional radiology

    Steinbrich, W. (ed.) (Basel Univ. (Switzerland). Inst. fuer Medizinische Radiologie); Gross-Fengels, W. (ed.) (Allgemeines Krankenhaus Harburg, Hamburg (Germany). Abt. fuer Klinische Radiologie)


    In interventional radiology adjunctive medical therapy can increase patient's comfort, and should further reduce the risks of the procedures. In order to fulfill the responsibility of the interventionist to the patients and to increase the success rate of the interventions, a profound knowledge of certain drugs is indispensable. This includes, for example, sedatives, analgesics, cardiovascular drugs and agents to prevent infections, thromboembolic complications or restenoses. Moreover, a good monitoring system during complex procedures will increase the safety of radiological interventions. These topics and several more are presented in this book. (orig.). 32 figs.

  14. Calvyn en die Skrifgesag

    L. F. Schulze


    Full Text Available Die probleem van die Skrifgesag het die (teologiese geeste nog altyd in beroering — vandag (ná die Aufklarung! nog meer as gedurende die sestiende eeu. Gedurende die laaste paar jaar is ons in Suid-Afrika hardhandig uit ons isolement geruk en skielik lewensgroot gekonfronteer met die probleem van die Skrifgesag.

  15. Aspekte van die siekepastoraat

    H. J. C. Pieterse


    Full Text Available Die siekepastoraat vra ons aandag in hierdie tyd omdat die versorging van siekes ’n kenmerk is van die koms van die koninkryk van God. God se barmhartigheid het in sy volheid tot gelding gekom in die optrede van Jesus Christus. Die volle seën van die heil van die Ryk van God hou ook die versorging van die siekes in. Deur die heilswerk van Christus sien die blindes weer, loop die kreupeles, word melaatses gereinig, hoor die dowes, word dooies opgewek (Luk. 7:22.

  16. S3 Guideline. Diagnosis and treatment of colorectal carcinoma. Relevance for radiologic imaging and interventions; Aktualisierte S3-Leitlinie zur Diagnostik und Therapie des kolorektalen Karzinoms. Bedeutung fuer die radiologische Diagnostik und Intervention

    Vogl, T.J.; Fischer, S. [Universitaetsklinikum Frankfurt (Germany). Inst. fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Schmiegel, W.; Pox, C. [Bochum Univ. (Germany). Medizinische Universitaetsklinik; Pereira, P.L. [SLK Kliniken, Heilbronn (Germany). Klinik fuer Radiologie, Minimal-Invasive Therapien und Nuklearmedizin; Brambs, H.J. [Universitaetsklinikum Ulm (Germany). Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Lux, P. [Universitaetsklinikum Erlangen (Germany). Chirurgische Klinik


    The new German S3 guideline 'Colorectal Carcinoma' was created as part of the German Guideline Program in Oncology of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany, the German Cancer Society and the German Cancer Aid under the auspices of the German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases and replaces the guideline from 2008. With its evidence-based treatment recommendations, the guideline contains numerous updates and detailed definitions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of colon and rectal cancer. In particular, consensus-based recommendations regarding early detection, preoperative diagnostic method selection, and the use of interventional radiological treatment methods are detailed. The guideline also includes quality indicators so that standardized quality assurance methods can be used to optimize patient-related processes. The present article discusses the significance of the current recommendations for radiological diagnosis and treatment and is intended to enhance the quality of patient information and care by increasing distribution. (orig.)

  17. Die prediking oor die historiese stof van die Ou Testament

    F. N. Lion-Cachet


    Full Text Available Uit ’n steekproef wat gedoen is uit die preke wat in Die Kerkblad (1986- 1987 verskyn het, blyk dit dat 40% van hierdie preke historiese stof uit die Ou Testament as teks gebruik het.

  18. Die gesag van die Heilige Skrif

    S.C.W. Duvenage


    Full Text Available Dit geld nie maar t.o.v. ’n ongeloofsbeskouing soos dié van Karl Jaspers nie wat beweer: „Die Bibel ist das Depositum eines Jahrtausends menschlicher Grenzerfahrung” of van die Rooms-Katolieke skrifbeskouing nie wat die kerklike leertradisie, soos dogmaties op die konsilie van Trente vasgelê is, beskou as die enigste gesaghebbende kriterium vir die kanonisering en interpretasie van die Skrif.

  19. Diagnostics for diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract from the viewpoint of the internist and surgeon. Demands made on radiological diagnostics; Diagnostik von Erkrankungen der Gallenblase und - Wege aus Sicht des Internisten und Chirurgen. Anforderungen an die radiologische Diagnostik

    Reimann, F.M. [Krankenhaus Salem, Heidelberg (Germany); Friess, H. [Krankenhaus Salem, Heidelberg (Germany); Universitaetsklinikum Heidelberg (Germany). Abteilung fuer Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Unfallchirurgie


    Jaundice and colic pain of the right upper quadrant are the main symptoms of biliary diseases. Gallstone-related diseases often lead to hospital admission. The evaluation of a patient with biliary symptoms requires a combination of history taking, physical examination, laboratory analysis, and imaging modalities. A high-quality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scan is usually sufficient to evaluate a patient with painless jaundice. Ultrasonography is helpful as an initial screening test to guide the diagnostic work-up. Invasive methods (e.g., ERCP) are mainly used for palliation of patients with incurable disease. (orig.) [German] Erkrankungen der Gallenwege manifestieren sich mit den beiden Kardinalsymptomen Ikterus und kolikartigen rechtsseitigen Oberbauchschmerzen. Die durch Gallensteine verursachten Beschwerden und Erkrankungen zaehlen zu den haeufigsten gastroenterologischen Krankheitsbildern, die eine Klinikaufnahme erfordern. Die Abklaerung eines Patienten mit biliaeren Symptomen erfolgt durch eine Kombination von Anamnese, Medikamentenanamnese, koerperlicher Untersuchung, Laboranalysen und bildgebenden Verfahren. Bei Patienten mit malignen Tumoren im Bereich der ableitenden Gallenwege reichen in vielen Faellen Computertomographie (CT) oder Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) zur Abklaerung des schmerzlosen Ikterus aus, um Therapieentscheidungen fuer den Patienten zu faellen. Der Ultraschall ist fuer die Planung der weiteren Diagnostik oft entscheidend. Der Stellenwert invasiver Methoden, wie z. B. der endoskopischen retrograden Cholangio-Pankreatikographie (ERCP), liegt vornehmlich in der Intervention, insbesondere zur Palliation bei Patienten, deren Erkrankung nicht mehr heilbar ist. (orig.)

  20. Rehabilitation of irradiated patients with chemically modified and conventional SLA implants: five-year follow-up.

    Nack, C; Raguse, J-D; Stricker, A; Nelson, K; Nahles, S


    The aim of this study is to evaluate the clinical and radiological parameters of standard SLA surface implants compared to chemically modified hydrophilic SLActive implants in irradiated patients after the initial 12-month loading period up to 5 years. Twenty patients with a mean age of 61·1 years were treated with dental implants after ablative surgery and radio-chemotherapy of oral cancer. All patients were non-smokers. The placement of 102 implants (50 SLA, 52 SLActive) was performed bilaterally according to a split-mouth design. Mean crestal bone changes were evaluated using standardised orthopantomographies and clinical parameters. Data were analysed using a Kaplan-Meier curve, Mann-Whitney U-test and two-factorial non-parametric analysis. The average observation period was 60 months. The amount of bone loss at the implant shoulder of SLA implants was mesial and distal 0·7 mm. The SLActive implants displayed a bone loss of mesial 0·6 mm as well as distal 0·7 mm after 5 years. Two SLA implants were lost before loading. One patient lost five implants due to recurrence of a tumour. The overall cumulative 12-month, 3-year and 5-year survival rate of SLA implants was 92%, 80% and 75·8% and of SLActive implants 94·2%, 78·8% and 74·4%, respectively. Eighteen implants were considered lost because the patients had died. Sandblasted acid-etched implants with or without a chemically modified surface can be used in irradiated patients with a high predictability of success. Lower implant survival rates in patients with irradiated oral cancer may be associated with systemic effects rather than peri-implantitis. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  1. In vivo osseointegration of dental implants with an antimicrobial peptide coating.

    Chen, X; Zhou, X C; Liu, S; Wu, R F; Aparicio, C; Wu, J Y


    This study aimed to evaluate the in vivo osseointegration of implants with hydrophobic antimicrobial GL13K-peptide coating in rabbit femoral condyles by micro-CT and histological analysis. Six male Japanese Rabbits (4 months old and weighing 2.5 kg each) were included in this study. Twelve implants (3.75 mm wide, 7 mm long) were randomly distributed in two groups, with six implants in the experimental group coated with GL13K peptide and six implants in the control group without surface coating. Each implant in the test and the control group was randomly implanted in the left or right side of femoral condyles. On one side randomly-selected of the femur, each rabbit received a drill that was left without implant as control for the natural healing of bone. After 3 weeks of healing radiographic evaluation of the implant sites was taken. After 6 weeks of healing, rabbits were sacrificed for evaluation of the short-term osseointegration of the dental implants using digital radiography, micro-CT and histology analysis. To perform evaluation of osseointegration, implant location and group was double blinded for surgeon and histology/radiology researcher. Two rabbits died of wound infection in sites with non-coated implants 2 weeks after surgery. Thus, at least four rabbits per group survived after 6 weeks of healing. The wounds healed without suppuration and inflammation. No implant was loose after 6 weeks of healing. Radiography observations showed good osseointegration after 3 and 6 weeks postoperatively, which proved that the tissues followed a natural healing process. Micro-CT reconstruction and analysis showed that there was no statistically significant difference (P > 0.05) in volume of bone around the implant between implants coated with GL13K peptide and implants without coating. Histomorphometric analysis also showed that the mineralized bone area was no statistically different (P > 0.05) between implants coated with GL13K peptide and

  2. Die ontwrigting van die Afrikanervolk en volkseenheid

    H. du Plessis


    Full Text Available Die gevare wat ons Afrikanerdom voor die deur staan, is baie en ernstig. Daar is die gevaar van immigrasie van buitelanders, daar is die al driester geroep om gelykstelling tussen blank en gekleurd, daar is die dreigende oorheersing van ’n oppervlakkige Amerikaanse „jazz”-gees.

  3. Otologic radiology with clinical correlations

    Ruenes, R.; De la Cruz, A.


    This manual covers developments in the radiologic diagnosis of otologic problems. To demonstrate the appearance of each disorder comprehensively, a large number of radiographs are included, many of them annotated to highlight both diagnostic signs and the subtle aspects of normal pathologic anatomy. Contents: X-ray and Imaging Techniques and Anatomy. Congenital Malformations. Middle and External Ear Infections. Otosclerosis and Otospongiosis. Temporal Bone Fractures. The Facial Nerve. Tumors of the Temporal Bone and Skull Base. Tumors of the Cerebellopontine Angle. Cochlear Implants.

  4. Die Nasionale Vakterminologiediens (NVD

    L. A. Genis


    Full Text Available Die Nasionale Vakterminologiediens (NVD ressorteer onder die Hoofdirektoraat Kultuur en Vakkundige Hulp- dienste van die Departement van Nasionale Opvoeding. Die hoofdoelwit van die NVD is die skepping van ’n fijnksionele vakwoordeskat in veral Afrikaans, parallel met die inter- nasionaal gebruikte terminologieë.

  5. Die kritiese taak van die literator

    A. L. Combrink


    Full Text Available Die beoefening van die literêre kritiek was aanvanklik slegs ’n deeltydse aktiwiteit. Die vroegste literêre kritici was nie as sodanig kritici nie maar het as deel van hulle totale intellektuele aktiwiteit hulle ook uitgelaat oor die letterkunde. Die motivering wat hulle hiertoe gehad het sou in ons dag heeltemal verdag voorkom: ’n uitgesproke didaktiese of moraliserende houding was die reel.

  6. Valoración radio lógica a los tres y cinco años de la pérdida y calidad ósea periimplantaria en implantes Branemark Radiological evaluation three and five years after loasing and periimplant bone quality in Branemark implants

    A. Donado Azcárate


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Valorar la reabsorción marginal y la calidad ósea en torno a implantes Branemark comparando entre sí ambos parámetros a los tres y cinco años de función. MATERIALY MÉTODO: Se estudiaron 139 implantes Branemark realizados en el Máster de Implantes de la Facultad de Odontología de Madrid colocados por profesores del Departamento y que soportaban exclusivamente prótesis fijas, y se valoró mediante estudio radiográfico estandarizado la reabsorción y la calidad ósea en torno a los implantes RESULTADOS: Si bien a los tres años no puede establecese una relación entre la pérdida marginal y la calidad ósea periimplantaria, se comprueba estadísticamente que aquellos implantes que a los tres años demostraron una mejor calidad a los cinco sufrieron una menor reabsorción; igualmente los implantes que en el primer control sufrieron menor pérdida, en el segundo poseían una mejor calidad y, finalmente, a los cinco años siempre fueron coincidentes los implantes con menor reabsorción y mejor calidad. CONCLUSIONES: En nuestra muestra resulta evidente la relación estadística entre los parámetros estudiados pero ello no nos permite hacer un pronóstico a largo plazo con los resultados observados a los 3 años. Si bien podemos decir que una buena calidad ósea en los primeros controles parece garantizarnos menor reabsorción en el futuro, no podemos asegurar que una peor calidad augure el fracaso del tratamiento.OBJETIVE: We try to evaluate if there statistical relation betwen bone mrginal resorption and bone quality around Branemark implants afther 3 and 5 years of prosthodontic function. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We have controIled 139 Branemark implants from fixed bridges treated in the Implantology Service of The Dentistry Faculty of Madrid. Sistematic radiological exams were made in a 3 and 5 year controls. RESULTS: Values obtained demonstrates there is no relation between bone quality and marginal resorption after 3 years

  7. Die Via Dolorosa

    W. J. van der Merwe


    Full Text Available In die hartjie van Jerusalem, die heilige stad vir Jood, Mohammedaan en Christen staan daar ’n boog, die ,,Ecce Homoboog” genaamd, en 'n klein endjie daarvandaan, die Heilige Grafkerk.

  8. Luther die prediker

    J. J. van der Walt


    Full Text Available ’n Prediker moet ’n getroue herder wees wat magtig is in die Heilige Skrif, want die Woord bring die kerk voort. Daarom moet die prediker in sy bediening aan mense ’n woord van sekerheid hê deur seker te wees hy het die Woord van God. Met hierdie gedagtegang het Luther se pastorale besorgdheid vaste bodem vir die prediking in die gesag van die Woord van God.

  9. Computer-assisted intraoperative visualization of dental implants. Augmented reality in medicine; Computergestuetzte intraoperative Visualisierung von dentalen Implantaten. Augmented Reality in der Medizin

    Ploder, O. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, Wien (Austria); Wagner, A. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, Wien (Austria); Enislidis, G. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, Wien (Austria); Ewers, R. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, Wien (Austria)


    In this paper, a recently developed computer-based dental implant positioning system with an image-to-tissue interface is presented. On a computer monitor or in a head-up display, planned implant positions and the implant drill are graphically superimposed on the patient`s anatomy. Electromagnetic 3D sensors track all skull and jaw movements; their signal feedback to the workstation induces permanent real-time updating of the virtual graphics` position. An experimental study and a clinical case demonstrates the concept of the augmented reality environment - the physician can see the operating field and superimposed virtual structures, such as dental implants and surgical instruments, without loosing visual control of the operating field. Therefore, the operation system allows visualization of CT planned implantposition and the implementation of important anatomical structures. The presented method for the first time links preoperatively acquired radiologic data, planned implant location and intraoperative navigation assistance for orthotopic positioning of dental implants. (orig.) [Deutsch] In dieser Arbeit wird ein kuerzlich entwickeltes computergestuetztes intraoperatives Visualisierungssystem zur Setzung von dentalen Implantaten praesentiert. Die praeoperativ geplante Implantatposition wird in ein intraoperatives Live-Videobild raeumlich orthotop als virtuelles Implantat eingeblendet und auf einem Computermonitor oder in einer Datenbrille graphisch dargestellt. Elektromagnetische 3D-Sensoren registrieren Kopf- und Kieferposition des Patienten, durch die Verarbeitung der Daten in Echtzeit wird das virtuelle Implantat immer ortsgerecht eingeblendet. In einer experimentellen Studie und an einem klinischen Fallbeispiel wird das Konzept der `Augmented Reality` demonstriert; der Operateur vermag die ueberlagerten virtuellen Strukturen zu sehen, ohne die visuelle Kontrolle ueber das Operationsfeld zu verlieren. Das Operationssystem kann generell zur Visualisierung von

  10. Radiologically-placed venous ports in children under venous anesthesia

    Jang, Joo Yeon; Jeon, Ung Bae; Choo, Ki Seok; Hwang, Jae Yeon; Kim, Yong Woo; Lee, Yun Jin; Nam, Sang Ool; Lim, Young Tak [Pusan National University School of Medicine, Yangsan (Korea, Republic of)


    To evaluate the efficacy and safety of radiologic venous port placement in children under venous anesthesia. Between April 2009 and July 2011, 44 ports were implanted in 41 children (24 boys, 17 girls). The age of patients ranged from 9 months to 19 years (mean, 6.5 years) and their body weights ranged from 6.8 kg to 56.3 kg (mean, 23.2 kg). Right internal jugular vein access was used in 42 ports, right subclavian vein in 1, and left subclavian in 1. Durability and complications of port implantation were reviewed. The technical success rate was 100%. The catheter life was 10-661 days (mean 246 days). Two patients died during the follow-up period, 21 and 6 ports were removed at the end of treatment or as a result of complications, respectively. One port was removed and replaced by a Hickmann catheter. Three ports were explanted due to port-related sepsis, one due to a catheter kink, and two for unexplained fever or insertion site pain. The overall port-related infection was 3 cases (6.8%, 0.28/1000 catheter days). Venous port placement by interventional radiologists in children under intravenous sedation is relatively safe, with a high rate of technical success and low rate of complications.

  11. Medical liability and patient law in Germany. Main features with particular focus on treatments in the field of interventional radiology; Arzthaftung und Patientenrechtegesetz in Deutschland. Die Grundzuege unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Behandlungen auf dem Gebiet der Interventionellen Radiologie

    Sommer, S.A.; Geissler, R. [Kapp and Geissler Lawyers, Stuttgart (Germany); Stampfl, U.; Radeleff, B.A.; Kauczor, H.U.; Sommer, Christof M. [Univ. Hospital Heidelberg (Germany). Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology; Wolf, M.B. [German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg (Germany). Radiology (E010); Richter, G.M. [Klinikum Stuttgart (Germany). Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology; Pereira, P.L. [SLK Kliniken, Heilbronn (Germany). Radiology, Minimally-invasive Therapies and Nuclearmedicine


    On February 26th, 2013 the patient law became effective in Germany. Goal of the lawmakers was a most authoritative case law for liability of malpractice and to improve enforcement of the rights of the patients. The following article contains several examples detailing legal situation. By no means should these discourage those persons who treat patients. Rather should they be sensitized to to various aspects of this increasingly important field of law. To identify relevant sources according to judicial standard research was conducted including first- and second selection. Goal was the identification of jurisdiction, literature and other various analyses that all deal with liability of malpractice and patient law within the field of Interventional Radiology - with particular focus on transarterial chemoembolization of the liver and related procedures. In summary, 89 different sources were included and analyzed. The individual who treats a patient is liable for an error in treatment if it causes injury to life, the body or the patient's health. Independent of the error in treatment the individual providing medical care is liable for mistakes made in the context of obtaining informed consent. Prerequisite is the presence of an error made when obtaining informed consent and its causality for the patient's consent for the treatment. Without an effective consent the treatment is considered illegal whether it was free of treatment error or not. The new patient law does not cause material change of the German liability of malpractice law.

  12. Wêreldmededingendheid en die tegnologie

    C. W. I. Pistorius


    Full Text Available Afgesien van die interne uitdagings wat die Heropbou- en Ontwikkelingsprogram (HOP aan Suid-Afrika bied, moet die land ook tred hou met die veranderende globale omgewing, spesifiek die toenemende belangrikheid van ekonomiese sekuriteit as komponent van nasionale sekuriteit. Die konsep van mededingendheid vergestalt die doelwit wat nagestreef moet word ten einde die ontluikende globale ekonomiese stryd aan te durf. As ’n belangrike drywer van ekonomiese welvaart is tegnologie een van die belangrikste sleutels tot internasionale mededingendheid. Tegnologiese innovasie is die proses wat as hefboom hiervoor gebruik moet word. Dit is egter nodig dat tegnologie, en spesifiek die proses van tegnologiese innovasie, formeel en gestruktureerd bestuur moet word, sowel op nasionale as firmavlak. Op nasionale vlak is die voorsiene Nasionale Innovasiestelsel beslis ’n stap in die regte rigting.

  13. Current radiology. Volume 5

    Wilson, G.H.; Hanafee, W.N.


    This book contains 10 selections. They are: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Interventional Vascular Radiology, Genitourinary Radiology, Skeletal Radiology, Digital Subtraction Angiography, Neuroradiology, Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Degenerative Diseases of the Lumbar Spine, The Lung, Otolaringology and Opthalmology, and Pediatric Radiology: Cranial, Facial, Cervical, Vertebral, and Appendicular.

  14. Impact of a PACS/RIS-integrated speech recognition system on radiology reporting time and report availability; Einfluss eines PACS-/RIS-integrierten Spracherkennungssystems auf den Zeitaufwand der Erstellung und die Verfuegbarkeit radiologischer Berfunde

    Trumm, C.G.; Glaser, C.; Paasche, V.; Kuettner, B.; Francke, M.; Nissen-Meyer, S.; Reiser, M. [Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen (Germany). Inst. fuer Klinische Radiologie; Crispin, A. [Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen (Germany). Inst. fuer Medizinische Informationsverarbeitung, Biometrie und Epidemiologie; Popp, P. [Siemens AG Erlangen (Germany). Medizinische Loesungen


    Purpose: Quantification of the impact of a PACS/RIS-integrated speech recognition system (SRS) on the time expenditure for radiology reporting and on hospital-wide report availability (RA) in a university institution. Material and Methods: In a prospective pilot study, the following parameters were assessed for 669 radiographic examinations (CR): 1. time requirement per report dictation (TED: dictation time (s)/number of images [examination] x number of words [report]) with either a combination of PACS/tape-based dictation (TD: analog dictation device/minicassette/transcription) or PACS/RIS/speech recognition system (RR: remote recognition/transcription and OR: online recognition/self-correction by radiologist), respectively, and 2. the Report Turnaround Time (RTT) as the time interval from the entry of the first image into the PACS to the available RIS/HIS report. Two equal time periods were chosen retrospectively from the RIS database: 11/2002-2/2003 (only TD) and 11/2003-2/2004 (only RR or OR with speech recognition system [SRS]). The midterm ({>=}24 h, 24 h intervals) and short-term (< 24 h, 1 h intervals), RA after examination completion were calculated for all modalities and for Cr, CT, MR and XA/DS separately. The relative increase in the mid-term RA (RIMRA: related to total number of examinations in each time period) and increase in the short-term RA (ISRA: ratio of available reports during the 1st to 24th hour) were calculated. Results: Prospectively, there was a significant difference between TD/RR/OR (n=151/257/261) regarding mean TED (0.44/0.54/0.62 s [per word and image]) and mean RTT (10.47/6.65/1.27 h), respectively. Retrospectively, 37 898/39 680 reports were computed from the RIS database for the time periods of 11/2002-2/2003 and 11/2003-2/2004. For CR/CT there was a shift of the short-term RA to the first 6 hours after examination completion (mean cumulative RA 20% higher) with a more than three-fold increase in the total number of available

  15. Structure of the meeting of the German radiological society and scientific discourse pertaining to radiation dose and dose reduction. An analysis of 1998-2008; Die Struktur des Deutschen Roentgenkongresses und die wissenschaftliche Behandlung der Themen Strahlendosis und Dosisreduktion. Eine Analyse der Jahre 1998-2008

    Heyer, Christoph M.; Peters, S.; Lemburg, S. [Inst. fuer Diagnostische Radiologie, Interventionelle Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin, Berufsgenossenschaftliches Universitaetsklinikum Bergmannsheil, Bochum (Germany)


    Purpose: Evaluation of the emphasis of themes pertaining to radiation dose and dose reduction at the Meeting of the German Radiological Society from 1998-2008 in comparison to international data. Materials and Methods: Retrospective analysis of 9440 abstracts with documentation of study presentation character, type of imaging, and examined body region. Abstracts stating radiation dose or primarily dealing with radiation dose/dose reduction were documented. Results were compared with a Pubmed query. Results: The percentage of purely scientific presentations sank in the observation period from 88 to 66%. While contributions dealing with MRI sank from 48 to 34%, those dealing with CT rose from 30 to 34%. The percentage of abstracts dealing with radiation dose rose from 7 to 10%, while that of work primarily pertaining to dose/dose reduction grew from 4 to 6% and 2 to 4%, respectively. Of all abstracts concerning CT, 15% touched on radiation dose, while 9% and 6% primarily dealt with dose and dose reduction. The respective numbers for cardiac CT, whose relative share of all CT abstracts rose from 3% in 1998 to 12% in 2008, were 10%, 7%, and 5%. An online query produced 137,791 publications on CT, and 2% of these abstracts mentioned radiation dose and 0.5% mentioned dose reduction. Conclusion: The number of presentations dealing with dose at the Meeting of the German Radiological Society has risen with time and is higher than the international number. On the other hand, >90% of all presentations and >85% of all CT abstracts do not mention radiation dose. In light of increasing public concern relating to radiation exposure, more intensive research of these themes is warranted. (orig.)

  16. Die rol van die blanke werker in die motivering van die swart werker

    G. J. Oosthuizen


    Full Text Available The motivation of the Black worker can not be studied in isolation since the White worker still holds many executive positions and therefore has an influence on the Black workers' motivation. The role of the White worker in motivating the Black worker in a specific organisation and the attitude and leadership approach of the White worker on the existence/nonexistence and relative satisfaction of the needs of Black workers are discussed.Opsomming Die motivering van die Swart werker kan nie in die huidige situasie in isolasie bestudeer word nie, omdat die Blanke werker steeds in die bestuursposisie is en daarom die motivering van die Swart werker kan beïnvloed. Hierdie ondersoek was daarop gerig om die rol van die Blanke werker in die motivering van die Swart werker nader te ondersoek. Die houding en die leierskapsbenadering van die Blanke werker teenoor die Swart werker is gemeet, asook die behoeftes wat volgens die Blanke werker by die Swart werker bestaan, bevredig is, of nie bestaan nie. Die behoeftes van Swart werkers, soos deur hulleself gesien, is ook ondersoek. Ten opsigte van sekere aspekte is beduidende verskille gevind.

  17. Die verbondeling in verband

    J. A.L. Taljaard


    Full Text Available Daar is dikwels en deur groot outoriteite al geskryf oor die mens in die samelewing. Hier wil ons egter die saak probeer aanraak uit ’n nuwe hoek, veral om die Skrifbeligting van die siening te benader. Vanselfsprekend verg hierdie benaming ’n skrifmatige mensbeskouing, maar ook ’n skrifmatige verbandsbeskouing. Die mens staan egter nie slegs in verhouding tot sy medemens nie maar ook in verhou­ ding tot stof, plant en dier. Boweal staan die mens in verhouding tot God, en hierdie verhouding is deurslaggewend vir al die ander verhoudinge waarin die mens hom bevind. Tog staan die mens ook in verhouding tot homself; wie kan die diepere roersele van die menslike siel peil, wie weet van die wroeginge, vreugde, leed en genot van die mens beter as hyself? Ook hierdie aspek verdien ons aandag. Op volledigheid kan nie aanspraak gemaak word nie, dit is ook nie my bedoeling nie. Die bedoeling is maar om die omvang van die tema aan te dui, die gedagtes te prikkel en veral om aan te spoor tot nuwe denkoriëntering waarin ook terminologies gebreek behoort te word met die neo-skolastiek binne reformatoriese lyn.

  18. Radiological Control Manual


    This manual has been prepared by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to provide guidance for site-specific additions, supplements, and clarifications to the DOE Radiological Control Manual. The guidance provided in this manual is based on the requirements given in Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 835, Radiation Protection for Occupational Workers, DOE Order 5480.11, Radiation Protection for Occupational Workers, and the DOE Radiological Control Manual. The topics covered are (1) excellence in radiological control, (2) radiological standards, (3) conduct of radiological work, (4) radioactive materials, (5) radiological health support operations, (6) training and qualification, and (7) radiological records.

  19. Role of Radiology in Forensic Dentistry

    T Chandrasekhar


    Full Text Available Forensic radiology is a specialized area of medical imaging utilizing radiological techniques to assist physicians and pathologists in matter pertaining to the law. Postmortem dental radiographs are the most consistent part of the antemortem records that can be transmitted during the forensic examination procedures. Pathologists regularly use radiographic images during the course of autopsy to assist them in identification of foreign bodies or determination of death. Forensic radiology can be used in suspicious death or murder, in analysis of adverse medical events, solving legal matters, to detect child abuse, drug trafficking, body identification and disease identification. Using the possibilities of radiology, special characteristics of the internal structures of the dentomaxillofacial region can be revealed. We can also detect endodontic treatments, healing extraction sockets, implants or even tooth colored restoration. Therefore, we can give answers to problems dealing with identification procedures, mass disaster and dental age estimation.

  20. Wege in die Zukunft

    Kauermann, Göran; Mosler, Karl

    Die Zukunft stellt große Herausforderungen an die Arbeit der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft. Sie betreffen die gestiegenen Anforderungen der Nutzer von Statistik, die Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten des Internets sowie die Dynamik der statistischen Wissenschaften und ihrer Anwendungsgebiete. Das Kapitel 5 beschreibt, wie sich die Gesellschaft diesen Herausforderungen stellt und welche Ziele sie sich in der wissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit und im Kampf gegen das Innumeratentum gesetzt hat.

  1. Die Gewalt der Frauen

    Angelika Ebrecht


    Full Text Available Anhand historischer Beispiele aus der Zeit der letzten Jahrhundertwende in Europa stellt die Autorin den Zusammenhang von Transgression, Aggression und Inversion dar. Gegen die gängige Auffassung, Gewalt sei männlich, setzt sie Selbst- und Fremdentwürfe von Frauen, die als Duellantinnen, Soldatinnen und Mörderinnen die gesellschaftlich festgelegten Grenzen der Gewalt verletzten. Sie interpretiert dies als Versuch, die Geschlechtergrenzen zu überschreiten und sich eine Subjektposition anzueignen.

  2. Materials on dies for pressure die casting

    E. Ragan


    Full Text Available In the contribution the stress of die materials of thermal fatigue is defi ned and material life is derived theoretically and compared with the measured values. The important properties of the die materials as thermal conductivity, coeffi cient of thermal expansivity, modulus of elasticity and mechanical properties are described. Binding to it single die materials as carbon steels and chrome-tungsten steels are analyzed. As the perspective die material for pressure die casting of ferrous metals appears molybdenum with regard to advantageous properties.

  3. Antiglobalisierung die Andere Globalisierung

    Ljiljana Croce


    Das Ziel der Arbeit ist, ein je größeres Interesse an diesem Thema zu erwecken und auf die Gefahren hinzuweisen, denen wir alle verlaufen, wie die Armen, sowie auch die Reichen und die kleine Gruppe der zum mittleren Stand gehörenden, die immer mehr in die offene Armut versinken. Es wäre zu viel, in einer Welt solcher Globalisierung, die soziale Empfi ndlichkeit der Menschen zueinander zu erwarten. In Wirklichkeit geht sie immer mehr verloren. Der Mensch als Einzelperson, sowie auch die Völke...

  4. Verrekening van die kragveld van die verbond in die inkleding van die kommunikatiewe driehoeksverhouding tussen teks, hoorder en prediker


    In hierdie artikel word die kommunikatiewe driehoeksverhouding tussen die Bybelse teks, die hoorders en die prediker homileties verken. Die probleemstelling waarmee gewerk word handel oor potensiële versteurings wat kan plaasvind in hierdie driehoeksverhouding wanneer die hoorders en die prediker in hulle menslike beperktheid in verbinding gebring word met die ewige Woord van God soos dit in die Bybelse teks na vore kom. In die loop van die artikel word die volgende aspekte verken: ’n Ideale...

  5. Aspectos técnicos do implante de eletrodo para estimulação ventricular esquerda através do seio coronariano, com a utilização de anatomia radiológica e eletrograma intracavitário, na terapia de ressincronização cardíaca Technical aspects of lead implantation for left ventricle pacing through the coronary sinus, using anatomic radiology and intracavitary electrography in the cardiac resynchronization therapy

    Fernando Sérgio Oliva de Souza


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Apresentar a experiência de 157 implantes utilizando uma técnica simplificada para cateterização do seio coronariano, baseada no eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica, demonstrando o porcentual de sucesso e tempo total de utilização de radioscopia. MÉTODO: De outubro de 2001 a fevereiro de 2005, foram realizados 157 implantes de marcapasso biventricular em pacientes previamente selecionados, utilizando-se anatomia radiológica e observação de eletrograma intracavitário, demonstrando a taxa de sucesso, complicações e tempo total de utilização de radioscopia. RESULTADOS: O implante do sistema, utilizando-se a estimulação do ventrículo esquerdo via seio coronariano, não foi possível em onze procedimentos. Em 20 pacientes foram observadas dificuldades na canulação do óstio coronário e em 39 pacientes observou-se dificuldade de progressão do eletrodo através do seio coronário. O tempo médio de utilização de radioscopia foi 18,27 ± 15,46 min. CONCLUSÃO: A técnica de implante, proposta pelo autor, utilizando o eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica, demonstrou ser segura e eficaz para canulação do óstio do seio coronário, necessitando de reduzidos tempos de radioscopia.OBJECTIVE: To present the experience of 157 implantations using a simplified technique for coronary sinus catheterization, based on the atrial component of the intracavitary electrogram and radiological anatomy, showing the success rate and total time of radioscopy use. METHOD: From October 2001 to February 2005, 157 biventricular pacemaker implantations were performed in previously selected patients, using radiological anatomy and observation of the intracavitary electrogram, focusing on the atrial component. Here we show the success rate, complications and total time of radioscopy use. RESULTS: The implantation of the system employing left ventricular pacing via the coronary sinus was not possible in 11 patients

  6. Breast Implants

    ... Medical Procedures Implants and Prosthetics Breast Implants Breast Implants Share Tweet Linkedin Pin it More sharing options Linkedin Pin it Email Print Breast implants are medical devices that are implanted under the ...

  7. Die voorspellingswaarde van die takseersentrum: 'n Oorsig

    H. J. Pietersen


    Full Text Available The assessment centre: a brief review of predictive value. Factors such as the rise of the professional manager, industrialization and worker expectations have, over the last few decades, increasingly placed managers in the limelight as a key occupational group. In this regard the assessment centre has become prominent as a method for the identification of managerial potential. However, a brief review of the relevant research literature indicates low predictive variances for the managerial assessment centre. This fact, together with the limited scope of the assessment centre, therefore necessitates, amongst other things, a wider research perspective which will include other work and non-work related factors as well. Opsomming Verskynsels soos die opkoms van die professionele bestuurder, industrialisering en stygende werkerverwagtinge het meegebring dat die kollig die afgelope paar dekades al hoe meer op bestuurders as sleutelberoepskategone geplaas is. In hierdie verband het veral die takseersentrum aandag gekry as 'n metode vir die identifisering van bestuurs- potensiaal 'n Kort oorsig van die betrokke navorsingsliteratuur toon egter lae voorspellingsvariansiesyfers vir die takseersentrum aan. Hierdie feit, tesame met die beperkte fokus van die takseersentrum, noodsaak, onder andere, 'n wyer navorsingsperspektief wat ook ander relevante werk- en nie-werkverwante faktore msluit.

  8. Die ontwikkeling van die bestuursmotiveringsvraelys (BMV

    A. S. Engelbrecht


    Full Text Available The development of the Managerial Motivation Questionnaire (MMQ: Several criticisms of the psychometric suitability of existing measures of managerial motivation are reported in the literature. This study aimed at developing a new psychometrically sound instrument, the Managerial Motivation Questionnaire (MMQ. This was done on the basis of a comprehensive study of the literature on managerial motivation and the role-motivation theory. The preliminary MMQ was systematically shortened and refined until the final MMQ of 98 items was composed. This was based on social desirability and semantic appraisal, item analysis and factor analysis of the questionnaire. The results indicate that it was possible to develop a final MMQ that was relatively free of social desirability. It further demonstrated satsifactory internal consistencies on two samples (a = 0/90, N = 360; a = 0/91, N = 535, where all subscale items were found to be relatively pure measures of the isolated factors. Although some evidence was found providing support for the reliability of the MMQ, a need for further research on the construct validity of managerial motivation still exists. Opsomming In die literatuur word verskeie punte van kritiek teen die psigometriese geskiktheid van bestaande meetinstrumente van bestuursmotivering gerapporteer. Die doelstelling van hierdie studie was dus om aan die hand van die konseptuele omiyning van bestuursmotivering, en die rolmotiveringsteorie as algemene verwysingsraamwerk, 'n nuwe psigometries aanvaarbare meetinstrument, die Bestuursmotiveringsvraelys (BMV, te ontwikkel. Op grond van sosiale wenslikheids- en semantiese beoordeling, itemontleding en faktorontleding van die voorlopige BMV is die vraelys stelselmatig verkort en verfyn totdat die finale BMV van 98 items saamgestel is. Die resultate dui daarop dat hierdie studie wel daarin geslaag het om 'n finale BMV te ontwikkel wat relatief vry van sosiale wenslikheid is, bevredigende interne

  9. Educational treasures in Radiology: The Radiology Olympics - striving for gold in Radiology education

    Talanow, Roland


    This article focuses on Radiology Olympics ( - a collaboration with the international Radiology community for Radiology education, Radiolopolis ( The Radiology Olympics honour the movers and shakers in Radiology education and offer an easy to use platform for educating medical professionals based on Radiology cases.

  10. Educational treasures in Radiology: The Radiology Olympics - striving for gold in Radiology education

    Talanow, Roland


    This article focuses on Radiology Olympics ( - a collaboration with the international Radiology community for Radiology education, Radiolopolis ( The Radiology Olympics honour the movers and shakers in Radiology education and offer an easy to use platform for educating medical professionals based on Radiology cases.

  11. Die sestienpersoonlikheidsfaktorvraelys as hulpmiddel by die takseersentrum

    J. C. D. Augustyn


    Full Text Available The 16PF Personality Test as an aid to the assessment centre Assessment centres still remains costly and thime consuming. This study investigates the reduction of time and costs by the use of the 16 PF Personality Test as a method for measuring management dimensions. Promising results were obtained with a relatively small sample for the prediction of initiative and perseverance. Significant multiple correlations were also found for three criteria of management success. Further research may establish the use of the 16 PF as an aid to management assessment and thereby reduce the costs and time involved in assessment centres. Opsomming Takseersentrums se grootste probleem is gelee in die koste en tyd wat dit behels. Hierdie studie ondersoek die moontlikheid om beide te verminder deur die aanwending van die 16 PF Persoonlikheidsvraelys vir die meting van bestuursdimensies. Belowende resultate is met 'n relatiewe klein steekproef bevind ten opsigte van die voorspelling van inisiatiefen deursettingsvermoe. Beduidende meervoudige korrelasies is ook ten opsigte van drie kriteria van bestuursukses bevind. Verdere navorsing kan die gebruik van die 16 PF as hulpmiddel by bestuursevaluering vestig en sodoende die tydsduur en koste van takseersentrums verminder.


    norm aan die een kant en deur die S^^eeksnorm aan die ander." (ibid. 384). ...... grondslag, hoewel die groot aantal voorbeelde uit die werke van Thomas Mann ...... Mentrup, W., & P. Kuhn, (1980) "Deutsche Sprache in Osterreich und in der.

  13. Society of Interventional Radiology


  14. Interventional Radiology: Stroke


  15. Society of Interventional Radiology

    ... Search Patient information Membership Directory (SIR login) Interventional Radiology General News Multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR) rate ... contact Eleanore Moye . Learn more . American Board of Radiology Announces Maintenance of Certification Part 3: ABR diplomates ...

  16. Laenderyggens degeneration og radiologi

    Jacobsen, Steffen; Gosvig, Kasper Kjaerulf; Sonne-Holm, Stig


    and significant relationships between radiological findings and subjective symptoms have both been notoriously difficult to identify. The lack of consensus on clinical criteria and radiological definitions has hampered the undertaking of properly executed epidemiological studies. The natural history of LBP...

  17. Die etiek van Luther

    J. H. van Wyk


    Full Text Available Dink ons aan die etiek van Luther dan spring onmiddellik ’n paar boeiende uitsprake van hom na vore soos o.a. dat Christene vanuit die gemeenskap met Christus nuwe dekaloë moet maak wat helderder as die van Moses kan wees, of dat ons in bepaalde sin vir ons naaste ’n Christus moet word. Die bydrae van Luther 'tot die Christelike etiek is sonder twyfel van groot betekenis en die bestudering daarvan die moeite werd. Luther is geprys as rewolusionêr en verguis as konserwatis, hy is geëer as iemand wat weer die ware be­tekenis van godsdiens ontdek het toe die lewe vervloei het in etiek. Of dit egter korrek is om sy etiek as konserwatief te tipeer, soos White doen, moet betwyfel word.

  18. Ambrosius en die virginitas

    C. J. Malan


    Full Text Available Ambrosius het met reg die benaming “Leraar van Maagdelikheid” ontvang (Dooley, 1948:119. Die opmerking van Thamin: “C’est une vertu proprement chrétienne que la vertu de virginité, proclame tout d’abord saint Ambroise” (1895:344, gee dadelik aanleiding tot die vraag of Ambrosius dan geen waardering vir die huwelik gehad het nie. Hierdie vraag word nog meer dringend as sy beskrywing van die kruis van die getroude lewe nagegaan word.

  19. The Management of Retrograde Peri-Implantitis: A Case Report

    Mohamed, Jumshad B; Alam, Md Nazish; Singh, Gurudeep; Chandrasekaran, S. C.


    Peri-Implantitis is defined as an inflammatory reaction with the loss of the supporting bone in the tissues which surround a functioning implant. The peri-implantitis lesions are often asymptomatic and they are usually detected during the routine recall appointments. Careful probing around the teeth and the implants should be done routinely along with the radiologic evaluation during these check-up appointments. Retrograde peri-implantitis may sometimes prove even more difficult to identify, ...

  20. Navorsing op die gebied van die sosiale wetenskappe*

    P. M. Robbertse


    Full Text Available In Hollands is die woord scientia vertaal met wetenskap, wat sowel die natuur- as die geesteswetenskappe insluit, waardeur die woordsy oorspronklike betekenis behou. Die neiging bestaan om die Engels science met wetenskap in Afrikaans te vertaal, waarmee dan eintlik die natuurwetenskap bedoel word.

  1. Penile Implants

    ... the discussion with your doctor. Types of penile implants There are two main types of penile implants: ... might help reduce the risk of infection. Comparing implant types When choosing which type of penile implant ...

  2. Foute in die meting van die aarde se magneetveld met die protonmagnetometer

    G. P. Hancke


    Full Text Available Die tipiese foute wat voorkom wanneer die metode van periode-meting gebruik word vir die bepaling van die presessiefrekwensie van die magnetiese moment van protone, word bespreek, en metodes om dit teen te werk word voorgestel. Belangrike gevolgtrekkings wat sal lei tot die optimale funksionering van die periodemeter, word gemaak — veral ten opsigte van die meettyd, polarisasietyd en die eienskappe van die sensorvloeistof.

  3. Wake up and Die

    Schubart, Rikke


    Anmeldelse af den colombianske gyserfilm Volver a morir (eng. titel Wake Up and Die) af Miguel Urrutia......Anmeldelse af den colombianske gyserfilm Volver a morir (eng. titel Wake Up and Die) af Miguel Urrutia...

  4. Die radio in Afrika

    S. de Villiers


    Full Text Available Omvang van radio-uitsendings in en na Afrika. — Redes vir die versnelde tempo van uitbreiding. — Radio as die geskikste massa-kommunikasiemiddel vir Afrika. — Faktore wat die verspreiding bemoeilik. — Skouspelagtige toename in luistertalle.Toe Plinius, wat in die jaar 79 oorlede is, in sy „Historia Naturalis” verklaar het dat daar altyd iets nuuts uit Afrika afkomstig is, kon hy nouliks voorsien het dat die „iets" negentien eeue later in die lug sou setel wat hierdie reuse-vasteland oorspan — ’n Babelse spraakverwarring en ’n ongekende, verbete woorde-oorlog in die etergolwe, onder meer daarop bereken om die harte en hoofde van derduisendes te verower.

  5. Análise clínica, radiológica, macroscópica e histológica do úmero de codornas domésticas (Coturnix japonica, submetido ao implante da poliuretana derivada do polímero de mamona (Ricinnus communis Clinical, radiological, macroscopical and histological analysis of domestic quail (Coturnix japonica humerus submitted to implant of polyurethane from castor oil polymer (Ricinnus communis

    Juliano Bolson


    ça de trabéculas e medula óssea no interior do implante. Concluiu-se que a poliuretana derivada do polímero de mamona é biocompatível em aves, podendo ser utilizada na cirurgia ortopédica, ocorrendo osteointegração.In orthopedic surgery there are frequently situations in which the surgeon faces severe bone losses caused by high-energy trauma, tumors or infections. Repairing these losses require knowledge about filling materials. Those materials can be biological, synthetic or metallic, with emphasis in bony grafts and biomaterial implants. The increase of the use of birds as pets is leading to an increasing number of clinical and surgical cases related to this taxon, where fractures are the most commonly observed surgical problems. The objective of this study was to evaluate clinical, radiological, macroscopic and microscopic effects of the polyurethane derived from castor oil (Ricinus communis polymer, when implanted in the humerus of domestic quails (Coturnix japonica. Twenty male and female quails, were used randomly distributed in four groups of five individuals. The birds received the implants in the left humerus, being submitted to daily physical examination during the postoperative period, immediate and biweekly radiological examination, and macroscopic and microscopic evaluation at the 15th, 30th, 60th and 90th days. Clinically, there were not observed local, regional or systemic changes. Radiologically, increase in local density was observed with no signs of changes in bone or adjacent tissue, as well as in the air sacs. Macroscopic analysis revealed that the polyurethane derived from castor oil polymer was not absorbed in none of the four groups, remaining implanted within the pneumatic bone. Its resistance, however, has changed. Microscopic examination evidenced minimum inflammatory reaction, slight fibrosis around the implants, and osteo-integration with presence of trabeculi and bone marrow inside the implants. Concluding, implants of polyurethane

  6. A Classification Proposal for Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis: A Critical Update

    Ata-Ali, Javier; Ata-Ali, Fadi; Bagan, Leticia


    Definitions of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis vary in the literature, and no clear criteria have been established for the diagnosis and treatment of such disorders. This study proposes a classification for peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis based on the severity of the disease, using a combination of peri-implant clinical and radiological parameters to classify severity into several stages (Stage 0A and 0B = peri-implant mucositis, and Stage I to IV = periimplantitis). F...

  7. Die verhouding doop en geloof

    L. Floor


    Full Text Available By die aanvalle wat op die kinderdoop geloods word, kom telkens die verhouding doop en geloof ter sprake. Die geloof is so wesentlik met die doop verbonde, sodat daar nie gedoop mag word waar die geloof nie aanwesig is nie. 0ns lees inderdaad dwarsdeur die Nuwe Testament van ’n innige samehang wat daar tussen geloof en doop beslaan.

  8. Die gebruik van parallelplaatreologie vir die bepaling van die intrinsieke viskositeit van poli-etileentereftalaat

    O. C. Vorster


    Full Text Available Die bepaling van die intrinsieke viskositeit van poli-etileentereftalaat word bemoeilik deur die feit dat daar tans slegs twee metodes in gebruik is. In die eerste metode word die bepaling deur middel van oplossingsviskometrie gedoen, maar die toksisiteit van die oplosmiddel, asook die tydperk wat dit neem om die bepaling te doen, is ’n probleem. Die tweede metode word beperk deur die kompleksiteit en beskikbaarheid van die apparatuur in Suid-Afrika. In hierdie studie word ’n alternatiewe metode, gebaseer op parallelplaatreologie, voorgestel wat albei hierdie probleme oorkom en die resultate sodoende verkry, word vergelyk met dié wat met bestaande metodes verkry is.

  9. Die invloed van die neo-marxistiese kultuuranalise op die Wêreldraad van Kerke en die Gereformeerde Kerke van Nederland

    J. M. Vorster


    Full Text Available Toe die studente dwarsoor die VSA en Europa in die laat sestigerjare ’n plotselinge en radikale verset openbaar het teen die bestaande orde, het hulle die deur geopen vir ’n nuwe mededinger om die hart van die Westerse kultuur. Dit is die nou reeds bekende neo-Marxisme. Sedertdien het hierdie jongeling sy voetspore op vele vlakke van die Westerse kultuur gelaat.

  10. Die lebensvision des semonides

    Milivoj Sironić


    Full Text Available Der Autor analysiert die Weibersatire des Semonides und andere seiner kurzen Fragmente. Dabei kommt er zu der Schlussfolgerung, dass sich die Verse der Satire durch eine gute Technik auszeich­ nen, dass aber auch eine unnötige Weitschweifigkeit nicht zu Ubersehen ist. Trotzdem kann man jedoch dem Dichter nicht die künstlerische Überzeugungskraft absprechen, wie auch die Ten­ denz nach Detailschilderungen und die Feinheit geistreicher Charakterisierungen. Die Aussage beinhaltet manchmal eine be­ stimmte innere Ironie in der Einfachheit der Wörter.In kurzen Fragmenten wird die Fähigkeit des Semonides sichtbar, sich sehr präzise auszudrücken. Seine ironisch-epische Sprache ist sehr reich  und verdient vom linguistischen Standpunkt aus Auf­ merksamkeit wegen ihres reichhaltigen lexischen und termino­ logischen Materials, insbesondere was die Bereiche der Tier­ welt und des Essens anbelangt.Die Weltanschauung des Dichters ist in dem ersten Fragment recht deutlich erkennbar. Da sieht man, dass er düster und pessimistisch auf das Leben blickt. Das Fehlen jeglicher positiven Einstellung hat dann den Sar­ kasmus zur Folge, mit dem der Dichter die Darstellung der Weiber einkleidet, ihn aber auch auf die Menschen schlechthin ausweitet.

  11. Verskuiwing in die moraal?

    S.P. van der Walt


    Full Text Available Modewoorde het ons deesdae oorgenoeg in die Christelike sedeleer en hulle kan nogal verwarring stig. U moet my vergun om met u te spreek oor een so ’n modewoord nl „verskuiwing’’ in die moraal. Dis nogal ’n mooi woord, wat so dikwels gebruik word op baie terreine en tog meer wil aandui as maar net ’n veranderde sienswyse, ’n wysiging in opvattinge of nuwe riglyne wat al gangbaar geword het in die praktyk. Die begrip wil eintlik die ewolusionêre gang beklemtoon, want dit is dan eintlik net die ou norme wat effens anders bekyk word of nie meer so nou geneem of dik onderstreep word nie. Die verskuiwing beteken dan dat alles nog dieselfde bly, net die posisie of plek het verander. Verskuiwing beteken tog plekverandering of plekwisseling en dan sekerlik nie in die sin dat die plekke ver uitmekaar lê nie. Verskuiwing beteken net maar vlak langs die vorige te staan kom. As dit dan ’n beter plek is, is dit ewolusie, ontwikkeling, verbetering.

  12. Die Chirurgie der abdominellen Aorta bei Dissektionen, Aneurysmen und Ruptur

    Veit FH


    Full Text Available Das chirurgische Standardverfahren in der Behandlung geschlossener oder rupturierter abdomineller Aneurysmen ist die "offene" Dissektionsresektion. Mit diesem invasiven konventionellen Verfahren sind alle Formen abdomineller Aneurysmen behandelbar. Bei Patienten mit niedrigem Risikoprofil ist die perioperative Mortalität gering und das Langzeitergebnis ausgezeichnet. Die transfemorale minimal invasive Implantation von Endoprothesen ist bei ausgewählten Patienten mit geeigneter Anatomie eine befriedigende Alternative. Die perioperative Mortalität ist auch beim Hochrisikopatienten gering. Der ungewisse Langzeitverlauf erfordert eine lebenslange Observanz des Aneurysmas.

  13. Die karst-ekologie van die Bakwenagrot (Gauteng

    François Durand


    Full Text Available Die Bakwenagrot huisves ’n verskeidenheid organismes wat ’n ingewikkelde en verweefde voedselweb vorm. ’n Kolonie Natalse langvingervlermuise gebruik hierdie grot regdeur die jaar as blyplek. Die vlermuisguano en dooie plantmateriaal wat van buite in die grot inval, vorm die basis van die ekologie in die grot wat ook as ’n tipiese detritus-gedrewe ekostelsel beskryf kan word. Afbrekers soos bakterieë en swamme wat vir die afbraak van die guano en plantreste verantwoordelik is, word deur ’n verskeidenheid organismes, insluitend nematode en myte, as voedselbron benut. Hierdie organismes wat die volgende trofiese vlak vorm, word deur predatoriese artropode as voedselbron benut. Die Bakwenagrot is een van die weinige dolomietiese grotte in Suid-Afrika wat dit vir ‘n mens moontlik maak om tot by die grondwatervlak te kom. Die grondwater huisves verskeie tipes organismes waaronder bakterieë, swamme en diere – hoofsaaklik nematode en krustaseë. Die Bakwenagrot is ook die hoofvindplek waar varswater-amfipode in Suider-Afrika gevind is. Hierdie besondere en sensitiewe ekostelsel is hoofsaaklik van guano van die vlermuiskolonie afhanklik. Die grasveld in die gebied rondom die grot, wat as voedingsarea vir die vlermuiskolonie dien, word tans deur voorstedelike ontwikkeling en die gevolglike habitatfragmentasie en -vernietiging bedreig. Indien die vlermuise die grot sou verlaat, sal dit ’n hele domino-effek van uitsterwing van die grotbewonende organismes tot gevolg hê.

  14. Poul Erik Andersen's radiological work on Osteochondrodysplasias and interventional radiology

    Andersen, Poul Erik


    Hospital. His significant experience and extensive scientific work has led to many posts in the Danish Society of Interventional Radiology, the European Society of Radiology and the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe, where he is a fellow and has passed the European Board...... of Interventional Radiology - The European qualification in Interventional Radiology....

  15. Die voorgeskiedenis van kwantumberekening

    P. H. Potgieter


    Full Text Available

    Die hoofidees wat tans gestalte vind in die teorie en tegnologie van kwantumberekening is in die laat 1970’s en vroeg 1980’s deur fisici in die Weste en ’n wiskundige in die voormalige Sowjetunie neergelˆ e. Dat di´ e teorie ook wortels in die Russiestalige vakliteratuur het, is nie algemeen bekend in die Weste nie. Daar word kortliks gekyk na die idee soos deur Benioff en (veral Feynman in die Weste versprei, asook die voorstel van di´ e rekengrondslag deur Manin in die Russiese literatuur. Die outeur hoop om hiermee so ’n onpartydig moontlike sintese van die vroe ¨ e gedagtegeskiedenis rondom kwantumberekening aan te bied. Die rol van omkeerbare en onomkeerbare berekeningsprosesse word vlugtig bekyk soos dit verband hou met die ontstaan van kwantumberekening, asook die sogenaamde Inligtingsparadoks in die fisika. Die inligtingsteorie en die fisika het heelwat met mekaar te kommunikeer, soos hierdie paradoks uitwys.


    The pre-history of quantum computation

    The main ideas behind developments in the theory and technology of quantum computation were formulated in the late 1970s and early 1980s by two physicists in the West and a mathematician in the former Soviet Union. It is not generally known in the West that the subject has roots in the Russian technical literature. The idea, as propagated by Benioff and (especially Feynman, is reviewed along with the proposition of a foundation for this kind of computation by Manin in the Russian literature. The author hopes to present as impartial a synthesis as possible of the early history of thought on this subject. The role of reversible and irreversible computational processes will be examined briefly as it relates to the origins of quantum computing and the so-called Information Paradox in physics. Information theory and physics, as this paradox shows, have much to communicate to each other.

  16. Die benutting van water in die landbou: strategie vir die toekoms

    D. S. van der Merwe


    Full Text Available ’n Uiteensetting word gegee van die faktore wat die hoofrol in die toekomstige waterbenutting in die landbou gaan speel. Hierdie faktore is die hoeveelheid water beskikbaar vir landboudoeleindes; die toenemende mineraiisasie van besproeiingswater; en die invloed wat energiebehoeftes op besproeiing sal hê. Navorsing is nodig om die situasie na wense te hanteer, en die aanbevelings van besproeiingsnavorsingswerksessies in hierdie verband word kortliks aangedui en bespreek.

  17. Essentials of skeletal radiology

    Yochum, T.R.; Rowe, L.J.


    This book discusses the following topics of skeletal radiology: Positioning of patients for diagnostic radiology and normal anatomy; congenital malformations of skeleton; measurements in radiology; spondylolisthesis; metabolic and endocrine diseases of bone and their diagnostic aspects; image processing of vertebrae, skeleton, bone fractures evaluations and epidemiological and social aspects of some bone diseases. Various modalities as CT scanning, NMR imaging, ultrasonography and biomedical radiography are briefly discussed in relation to bone pathology.

  18. Outcome of radiologically placed tunneled haemodialysis catheters.

    Sayani, Raza; Anwar, Muhammad; Tanveer-ul-Haq; Al-Qamari, Nauman; Bilal, Muhammad Asif


    To study the outcome of radiologically placed double lumen tunneled haemodialysis catheters for the management of renal failure. Case series. Interventional Suite of Radiology Department at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from April 2010 to June 2011. All consecutive patients who were referred to the department of radiology by the nephrologists for double lumen tunneled haemodialysis catheter (Permacath) placement during the study period were included. Patients with septicemia, those for whom follow-up was not available, those coming for catheter exchange or who died due to a noncatheter related condition were excluded. A radio-opaque, soft silicone double lumen catheter was inserted through a subcutaneous tunnel created over the anterior chest wall. The catheter tip was placed in the right atrium via the internal jugular vein. Ultrasound guidance was used for initial venous puncture. The rest of the procedure was carried out under fluoroscopic guidance. Technical success, catheter related bacteremia rates, adequacy of dialysis, patency, and adverse events were analyzed. Overall 88 tunneled haemodialysis catheters were placed in 87 patients. Patients were followed-up for duration of 1 - 307 days with mean follow-up period of 4 months. Immediate technical success was 100%. The procedural complication rate was 5.6% (5 catheters). Eight patients died during the study period, seven from causes unrelated to the procedure. One patient died due to septicemia secondary to catheter related infection. Of the remaining 69 patients, 50 (72.4%) predominantly had uneventful course during the study period. Twelve patients developed infection (17.3%); two were successfully treated conservatively while in 10 patients catheter had to be removed. Seven catheters (10.1%) failed due to mechanical problems. In 3 patients the internal jugular veins got partially thrombosed. One catheter was accidentally damaged in the ward and had to be removed. Radiological guided tunneled

  19. Machine Learning and Radiology

    Wang, Shijun; Summers, Ronald M.


    In this paper, we give a short introduction to machine learning and survey its applications in radiology. We focused on six categories of applications in radiology: medical image segmentation, registration, computer aided detection and diagnosis, brain function or activity analysis and neurological disease diagnosis from fMR images, content-based image retrieval systems for CT or MRI images, and text analysis of radiology reports using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU). This survey shows that machine learning plays a key role in many radiology applications. Machine learning identifies complex patterns automatically and helps radiologists make intelligent decisions on radiology data such as conventional radiographs, CT, MRI, and PET images and radiology reports. In many applications, the performance of machine learning-based automatic detection and diagnosis systems has shown to be comparable to that of a well-trained and experienced radiologist. Technology development in machine learning and radiology will benefit from each other in the long run. Key contributions and common characteristics of machine learning techniques in radiology are discussed. We also discuss the problem of translating machine learning applications to the radiology clinical setting, including advantages and potential barriers. PMID:22465077

  20. Radiological Emergency Response Data

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Quality Data Asset includes all current and historical emergency radiological response event and incident of national significance data and surveillance, monitoring,...

  1. Openbaring, teologie en die regswetenskap

    S. Postma


    Full Text Available In die jongste tyd is telkens en weer gewaarsku teen die gevare van oorspesialisasie en die hipertrofie van professionalisme. Die gemis aan ’n totaliteitsvisie wat hiermee gepaard gaan, word dan ook tereg teengegaan en wel deur aan die Wysbegeerte as die Wetenskap van die totaliteit van die kosmos in toenemende mate sy regmatige plek as wetenskapsintegreerder te gun. Hierdie grootmoedige gun van ’n plek in die son van geleerdheid kan egter ook uit bedenklike motiewe plaasvind. Die vakwetenskaplike kan nie of wil nie die plek en betekenis van sy spesifieke vak bepaal en bepeins nie en vind dit in elk geval moeilik om die verband tussen Gods Woord en sy besondere vak in duidelike perspektief te sien; vandaar dan ’n grootmoedige toelaat dat die wysbegeerte die „veritas” dien terwyl die eie ek tevrede is om die „utilitas” onderdanig te wees.

  2. Die tug oor ampsdraers tydens die doleansie van 1886

    J. Visser


    Full Text Available In art 29 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis word bely: “Die merktekens om die ware Kerk te ken is die volgende: As die Kerk die suiwere prediking van die evangelie uitoefen, as dit die suiwer bediening van die sakramente gebruik soos Christus dit ingestel het, as die kerklike tug gebruik word om die sondes te straf.” Dit spreek vanself dat wanneer ampsdraers, aan wie Christus sy kudde toevertrou het (Hand 20 : 28, met leer en /of lewenswandel in sonde volhard en nie daarin met tug gestuit word nie, word die ware kerk nie gebou nie maar afgebreek. 0ns sal later in hierdie artikel aantoon hoedanig die suiwer tug oor ampsdraers, veral leertug, tydens die Doleansie tot skade van die kerk van Christus agterweë gebly het.

  3. Die sterwende kindjie

    J.T. De Jongh van Arkel


    Full Text Available The thought of a child dying appears as an antithesis and thus the feelings evoked by the dying child are stronger than when older persons are dying. Around the child’s death bed there is no place for detached spectators and all become involved in caring for and supporting him. Caregivers also have a supporting responsibility towards the members of the child’s family.

  4. Ontsporing van die regstaatsbegrip en sy konsekwensies vir die afrikanervolk

    N. G.S. Van der Walt


    Full Text Available Die opvatting van die suiwere regstaat bring sy vraagstukke mee wanneer dit in verband gebring word met die leer van die soewereiniteit in eie kring. Laasgenoemde leer wortel in die geloof dat God die mens roep tot diens aan Hom, en dat die mens vry moet wees om ten opsigte van alle lewensaspekte God na die hoogste mate te kan dien. Hierdie verskeidenheid van aspekte is deur dr. A. Kuyper en sy volgelinge gesistemati- seer tot menslike verbande en lewenskringe, elk met ’n be- paalde sfeer waarin ander kringe nie mag inmeng nie. Elkeen is dan soewerein binne sy eie kring. Met verwysing na die staat is dan gespreek van die staatstaak as synde die hand- hawing van die reg, en omdat die staat in toenemende mate hom veral in die latere tyd ook besig gehou het met bedrywig- hede wat nouliks as van juridiese aard beskou kan word, is daar die onderskeid gemaak tussen die primêre en sekundêre taak van die staat. Die sistematiek van die wetsidee, deur prof. Dooyeweerd ontwikkel, waar die staat sy bestemmingsfunksie in die regsaspek vind, het vanselfsprekend geen plek vir so 'n dualistiese staatstaak nie, en die oplossing is deur sommige daarin gesoek om sulke staatsoptrede te vertolk as hebbende wel betrekking op die regsgemeenskap of die regsverkeer. Staatsondernemings soos paaie, spoorweë, spellingreëling, ens. word dan beskou as noodsaaklik vir die instandhouding van die regsgemeenskap en regsverkeer. Tereg wys A. M. Donner1 daarop dat so ’n vertolking eintlik neerkom op ’n oorspanning van die regsbegrip. Hy self sien dan die staatstaak in vrede- of orde-handhawing, wat in die eerste plaas wel regshandha- wing veronderstel. Onder orde word dan alles verstaan wat noodsaaklik is vir die gladde verkeer in die ontwikkelingsgang van die regsgemeenskap. Die wese van die staat het dan vol- gens hom te doen met reg, maar sy taak is meer as suiwere regshandhawing. Wat onrus verwek en die orde versteur, moet uit die openbare lewe verwyder word, en die

  5. Analise van die Tswanaraaisel

    S. A. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available ’n Strukturele, stilistiese en funksionele bcskrywing van die Twanaraaisel bring mee dat daar aan die volgende aspekte aandag gegee moet word: •\tWat is ’n raaisel en lioe word dit in Tswana genoem. •\tTot watter studiegebied en literere genre hoort die raaisel en watter subvorme kan vir Tswana onderskei word. •\tHoe sien die struktuur van Tswanaraaisels daar uit. •\tDeur wie, waar, wanneer en hoe word Tswanaraaisels voorgedra. •\tWatter stilistiese kenmcrke kan in Tswanaraaisels onderskei word. •\tWatter funksies vervul raaisels in ’n Tswanagcmeenskap.

  6. American College of Radiology

    American College of Radiology Login About Us Media Center Contact Us Follow us Shopping Cart (0) ACR Catalog Donate My ACR Join ACR ... ACR Catalog Education Center eLearning Exams & Assessments AIRP™ Radiology Leadership Institute ® Quality & Safety Accreditation Appropriateness Criteria ® Practice ...

  7. Physics of Radiology

    Johns, Harold Elford


    Authority, comprehensivity and a consummate manner of presentation have been hallmarks of The Physics of Radiology since it first saw publication some three decades past. This Fourth Edition adheres to that tradition but again updates the context. It thoroughly integrates ideas recently advanced and practices lately effected. Students and professionals alike will continue to view it, in essence, as the bible of radiological physics.

  8. Die brein soos beskou deur die Grieke en Romeine

    Francois P. Retief


    Full Text Available In Ou Egipte is mummifikasie met uitgebreide reseksie of uitsnyding van organe geassosieer, maar geen kennis is geneem van die morfologie van die brein nie. Griekse skrywers van die sesde en vyfde eeue v.C. het die brein aanvanklik gesien as die setel van intelligensie, die orgaan van sensoriese waarneming en gedeeltelik die oorsprong van sperma. Pneuma het ’n belangrike rol in breinfunksie gespeel. Hippokrates was die eerste om die brein te beskryf as ’n dubbele orgaan, wat met harsingvlies (meninges bedek, funksioneel van pneuma afhanklik en vertolker van begrip is. Tydgenote soos Plato, Aristoteles en Diokles het tot die beskrywing bygedra, maar laasgenoemde twee het beweer dat die hart die middelpunt van intelligensie is en nie die brein nie. Gedurende die laaste helfte van die vierde eeu v.C. is disseksie van die menslike liggaam tydelik aan die mediese skool van Alexandrië toegelaat en het dit tot merkwaardige vooruitgang in die begrip van die menslike anatomie en fisiologie gelei. Herofilus en Erasistratus het uitstekende beskrywings van die struktuur en funksie van die brein gegee wat eers in die tweede eeu n.C. deur Galenus geëwenaar is.

  9. Radiological findings of intraparenchymal liver Ascaris (hepatobiliary ascariasis)

    Akata, D.; Oezmen, M.N.; Kaya, A.; Akhan, O. [Dept. of Radiology, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Ankara (Turkey)


    Ascariasis is a well-known cause of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis; however, very rarely do worms penetrate and colonize the liver parenchyma. Here we present the unique radiological demonstration (US, CT and ERCP) of hepatobiliary ascariasis in which worm was first alive in the parenchyma of the liver and subsequently died and formed liver abscess. (orig.) (orig.) With 3 figs., 8 refs.

  10. Prediking oor die poëtiese stof van die Ou Testament - Die Psalms

    E. J. Smit


    Full Text Available ’n Belangrike rede waarom die prediking uit die Psalms ’n aparte bespreking regverdig, is die feit dat die Psalms die omvangrykste verteenwoordiging van poetiese stof in die Ou Testament be vat. Dit is nie vir almal ewe maklik om poesie te lees en te verklaar nie.

  11. Die Soldering in Aluminium Die Casting

    Han, Q.; Kenik, E.A.; Viswanathan, S.


    Two types of tests, dipping tests and dip-coating tests were carried out on small steel cylinders using pure aluminum and 380 alloy to investigate the mechanism of die soldering during aluminum die casting. Optical and scanning electron microscopy were used to study the morphology and composition of the phases formed during soldering. A soldering mechanism is postulated based on experimental observations. A soldering critical temperature is postulated at which iron begins to react with aluminum to form an aluminum-rich liquid phase and solid intermetallic compounds. When the temperature at the die surface is higher than this critical temperature, the aluminum-rich phase is liquid and joins the die with the casting during the subsequent solidification. The paper discusses the mechanism of soldering for the case of pure aluminum and 380 alloy casting in a steel mold, the factors that promote soldering, and the strength of the bond formed when soldering occurs. conditions, an aluminum-rich soldering layer may also form over the intermetallic layer. Although a significant amount of research has been conducted on the nature of these intermetallics, little is known about the conditions under which soldering occurs.

  12. Dental Implants.

    Griggs, Jason A


    Systematic reviews of literature over the period between 2008 and 2017 are discussed regarding clinical evidence for the factors affecting survival and failure of dental implants. The factors addressed include publication bias, tooth location, insertion torque, collar design, implant-abutment connection design, implant length, implant width, bone augmentation, platform switching, surface roughness, implant coatings, and the use of ceramic materials in the implant body and abutment. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Die hebsugtige seekoei en Rooikappie: Die groteske in sprokies

    Dineke van der Walt


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel bied ’n vergelykende lees van twee volksverhale wat ook as kinderverhale getipeer kan word (een vanuit Venda-folklore en die ander ’n populêre Europese narratief met die oog daarop om spesifieke ooreenkomste uit te lig – soos die eet van mensvleis, goedgelowige mense wat deur ‘n maskerspel om die bos gelei word en ander ‘onetiese’ en ‘immorele’ aktiwiteite. In Die hebsugtige seekoei boots die monster byvoorbeeld die stem van die jong seun na om sy suster te flous en toegang tot hulle hut te verkry, terwyl die wolf in Rooikappie op sy beurt die ouma flous om die huis te kan betree sodat hy later ook vir Rooikappie kan mislei. In albei stories word die jong meisies (asook Rooikappie se ouma deur ’n seekoei óf ’n wolf opgeëet. Soos gewoonlik in sprokies, word die slagoffers gered of ontsnap en die verhale het ’n gelukkige einde. Alhoewel dit absurd mag voorkom dat kinderverhale elemente van die groteske bevat, argumenteer ek dat dit inderdaad ’n bruikbare doel dien. Hierdie verhale betrek kinders nie net op ’n emosionele vlak nie (as gevolg van die skokwaarde van die groteske; die groteske dien ook as objek van fassinasie. Sodoende word die waarskuwingsboodskap in die verhale beter oorgedra en onthou deur die kinders.

  14. Radiological diagnosis of osteoporosis; Radiologische Diagnostik der Osteoporose

    Issever, A.S. [Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin, Institut fuer Radiologie, Berlin (Germany); Link, T.M. [University of California, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research Group, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    Having at their disposal a wide range of imaging techniques, radiologists play a crucial role in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with osteoporosis. The radiological tests range from dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), which is the only reference method accepted by the WHO, to conventional radiographs for fracture characterization, to more recent techniques for analyzing trabecular structure, and the findings are decisive in initiating correct management of osteoporosis patients. This review provides an overview of established radiological techniques and an outline of new diagnostic approaches. (orig.) [German] Fuer die Diagnose der Osteoporose hat die Radiologie mit ihren vielfaeltigen bildgebenden Verfahren eine zentrale Bedeutung. Angefangen mit der ''dual energy X-ray absorptiometry'' (DXA), die die einzige von der World Health Organization (WHO) anerkannte Referenzmethode ist, ueber die Projektionsradiographie zur Frakturklassifikation bis zu den neueren Methoden der trabekulaeren Strukturanalyse stellt die radiologische Begutachtung wichtige Weichen fuer das Management von Osteoporosepatienten. Im Folgenden werden ein Ueberblick ueber die gaengigen Verfahren und ein Einblick in neue diagnostische Ansaetze gegeben. (orig.)

  15. Die entwicklung, die metamorphose, die entstehung: Die konzepte des organismus von Aristoteles bis Darwin

    Kamerer Eva


    Full Text Available (nemački In diesem Aufsatz versuche ich, die Elemente verschiedener Konzepte des Organismus in der Philosophie und in der Wissenschaft zu analysieren. Die Deutungen des Organismus und der Einheit der Natur bei Aristoteles, Kant und Goethe werden als ein Beispiel der Bewegung von einem finalistischen zum antifinalistischen Bild der Natur verstanden.

  16. Die Gattung Oerstedia

    Stiasny-Wijnhoff, G.


    Die vorliegenden Individuen von Oerstedia dorsalis (Abildg.) wurden in den Helder an der holländischen Küste gesammelt; die Art war in frühern Jahren im Hafen sehr allgemein. Sie lebte zwischen Tubularien und Muschelbrut, welche in der Gezeitenzone den Schiffsrümpfen angewachsen sind und enthielt im

  17. Die Mollusken der Njalindungschichten

    Martin, K.


    Die Versteinerungen, welche im folgenden behandelt sind, sammelten meine Frau und ich im Jahre 1910 in den Preanger-Regentschappen von Java, in der Gegend von Njalindung ¹). Sie stammen aus Sedimenten, für welche ich den Namen Njalindungschichten einführte, und für die Gastropoden wurde bereits eine

  18. Die oorsake vir die ontstaan en besondere aard van die Zion Christian Church

    M. A. Kruger


    Full Text Available Aanvanklik het die Z.C.C. geen opsienbarende groei getoon nie, maar veral sedert die veertigerjare het hulle getalle skerp toegeneem en versprei oor die hele land. In 1963 is Edward Lekganyane toegelaat tot die Stofberg Teologiese Skool van die N.G. Kerk. Sedert die stigting van die Z.C.C. het die groep al verder van die Woord af weg beweeg, maar met hierdie toetrede tot die skool het daar by Edward self ’n mate van verandering gekom.

  19. Paediatric radiology. 2. enl. and tot. rev. ed.; Kinderradiologie

    Benz-Bohm, G. (ed.)


    This book presents a current, comprehensive and clearly written introduction to the often-neglected field of paediatric radiology, from important aspects of radiation protection to the specific anatomic features of the growing skeleton and the special anatomy of the thorax and abdomen of newborns and infants. Special knowledge is imparted on the radiology of trauma effects in infant age and the 'battered child syndrome'. The diseases and findings are presented in an organ-specific and topographic manner. There are special chapters on sonography, CT and MRT in infants. The structure of the book serves two purposes. First, the reader can obtain information on specific diseases; secondly, the particular features of examination techniques and the specifics of paediatric radiology are presented. (orig.) [German] Der grosse Umfang des Faches Radiologie hat schon vor vielen Jahren dazu gefuehrt, dass die Kinderradiologie als eigener Schwerpunkt eingerichtet und weiter entwickelt wurde. Bedeutung und Besonderheiten der Kinderradiologie werden aber dennoch in der Weiterbildung des Allgemeinradiologen nicht genuegend beruecksichtigt und gewuerdigt. Intensives Training und ausreichende eigene Erfahrung bei kinderradiologischen Untersuchungen sind nur bedingt gegeben bzw. werden in der Weiterbildung vermittelt. Umso wichtiger ist eine aktuelle, gruendliche und gut nachvollziehbare Aufarbeitung aller kinderradiologischen Themen zum Nachlesen und Nachschlagen. Dazu gehoert die Darstellung wichtiger Aspekte des Strahlenschutzes, die Eroerterung spezieller anatomischer Gegebenheiten des wachsenden Skeletts sowie der besonderen Anatomie von Thorax und Abdomen beim Saeugling und Kleinkind. Auch die Radiologie der Traumafolgen im Kindesalter und das ''Battered child syndrome'' verlangen besondere Expertise und Kenntnisse. Die Autoren haben alle fuer die Radiologie wesentlichen Erkrankungen des Kindesalters organbezogen bzw. topographisch aufgearbeitet

  20. [Controlling instruments in radiology].

    Maurer, M


    Due to the rising costs and competitive pressures radiological clinics and practices are now facing, controlling instruments are gaining importance in the optimization of structures and processes of the various diagnostic examinations and interventional procedures. It will be shown how the use of selected controlling instruments can secure and improve the performance of radiological facilities. A definition of the concept of controlling will be provided. It will be shown which controlling instruments can be applied in radiological departments and practices. As an example, two of the controlling instruments, material cost analysis and benchmarking, will be illustrated.

  1. Short-term and long-term outcome of radiological-guided insertion of central venous access port devices implanted at the forearm: a retrospective monocenter analysis in 1704 patients

    Wildgruber, Moritz; Borgmeyer, Sebastian; Gaa, Jochen; Meier, Reinhard; Berger, Hermann [Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Division of Interventional Radiology, Department of Radiology, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Muenchen (Germany); Haller, Bernhard [Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich (Germany); Jansen, Heike; Kiechle, Marion; Ettl, Johannes [Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich (Germany)


    The objectives are to analyze the technical success rate as well as the short-term and long-term complications of totally implantable venous access ports (TIVAPs) at the forearm. Retrospective analysis of 1,704 consecutively implanted TIVAPs was performed. Primary endpoints were defined as technical success rate, clinical outcome, device service interval, and rates of major complications. Minor complications not requiring port explantation were defined as secondary endpoints. The technical success rate was 99.2 % with no major complications. During follow-up, a total of 643,200 catheter-days were documented, the mean device service interval was 380.6 days/patient. A total of 243 complications (14.4 %) in 226 patients were observed (0.4/1000 catheter-days), in 140 patients (8.3 %) the port device had to be explanted. Disconnection between the port device and the catheter (1.6 %) was more frequent than fracture (0.8 %) and leakage (0.6 %) of the catheter, which occurred more frequently when the catheter was inserted via the cephalic versus the brachial vein. TIVAP implantation at the forearm is a simple and safe procedure with a low rate of early and late complications. (orig.)

  2. Tweedetaalteorie vir die eerstetaalonderwyser

    Ludolph Botha


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel word die eerstetaalonderwyser se aandag op tweedetaalteorie gevestig. Krashen se tweedetaalteorie word uitgesonder en die implikasies van sy werk vir eerstetaalonderwysersword ondersoek. Die oordrewe beklemtoning van vormen struktuur in moedertaalklasse ( oor die taal praatl lees/ skryf word vanuit die gesigspunt van Krashen se taalverwerwingsteorie beskou en die gevolgtrekking word gemaak dat daar veel meer klem op gebruiksvaardigheid behoort te val (in die taal praat!lees!skryf. In this article the first language teacher is made aware of second language teaching theory. Particularly Krashen' s second language theory is referred to and implications of his work for mother tongue teachers are discussed. The over-emphasis on form and structure in first language classes (talking/reading/writing about the language is looked at in terms of Krashen' s theory and it is concluded that the emphasis in first language classes should be far more on the functional use of the language (talking/reading/writing in the language.

  3. Laenderyggens degeneration og radiologi

    Jacobsen, Steffen; Gosvig, Kasper Kjaerulf; Sonne-Holm, Stig


    Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common conditions, and at the same time one of the most complex nosological entities. The lifetime prevalence is approximately 80%, and radiological features of lumbar degeneration are almost universal in adults. The individual risk factors for LBP and signi......Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common conditions, and at the same time one of the most complex nosological entities. The lifetime prevalence is approximately 80%, and radiological features of lumbar degeneration are almost universal in adults. The individual risk factors for LBP...... and significant relationships between radiological findings and subjective symptoms have both been notoriously difficult to identify. The lack of consensus on clinical criteria and radiological definitions has hampered the undertaking of properly executed epidemiological studies. The natural history of LBP...

  4. Radiologic Technology Program Standards.

    Georgia Univ., Athens. Dept. of Vocational Education.

    This publication contains statewide standards for the radiologic technology program in Georgia. The standards are divided into 12 categories; Foundations (philosophy, purpose, goals, program objectives, availability, evaluation); Admissions (admission requirements, provisional admission requirements, recruitment, evaluation and planning); Program…

  5. Die kairos van die New Age: 'n Kultuurhistoriese skets

    the whole universe, manifesting the two aspects of spirit and matter, .... vestiging van die Christendom het hierdie leer uit die Westerse kultuur verdwyn tot- ... Hegel (1770-1831) het die Simboliste aangespreek (Mathews 1986:30-31, 33). Sy.

  6. Oor die einders van die bladsy as konseptuele kuns

    Rita M.C. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel bied ’n filosofies-besinnende oorsig oor konseptuele kuns. Ek argumenteer dat, soos wat die projek Oor die einders van die bladsy die grense van boekwees oorskry en konseptueel uitbrei, dit in geheel ’n konseptuele en taalgebaseerde kunsinstallasie is wat uit verskeie komponente, naamlik kunstenaarsboeke,bestaan. Hierdie saamgestelde konseptuele kunsinstallasie daag vanweë die interdissiplinêre aard daarvan, die grense van konseptuele kuns uit. Hierdie projek en uitstallings bevestig dat kunstenaarsboeke ’n ideale medium is om kunstenaars uit verskillende dissiplines by die spel met en ontdekking van die moontlikhede van die boek te betrek. Die projek kan in die geheel as konseptuele kuns getipeer word omdat die konsep boek herdink, herskep en oor gefilosofeer word.

  7. Die owerheidsinmenging met betrekking tot kerklike tughandelinge.

    L. Roeleveld


    Full Text Available Volgens art 29 NGB is die merktekens van die ware kerk die suiwere prediking van die Evangelie, die suiwere bediening van die Sakramente en die gebruik van die kerklike tug. Art. 32 NGB spreek uit dat die Kerkorde nie mag afwyk van wat Christus ingestel het nie. Menslike vindinge en wette om die gewetens te bind en te dwing, moet daarom verwerp word. Die ekskommunikasie of die ban moet toegepas word volgens die Woord van God.

  8. Aspectos técnicos da cateterização do seio coronariano baseada no componente atrial do eletrograma intracavitário e anatomia radiológica durante o procedimento de implante de marcapasso biventricular Technical aspects of coronary sinus catheterization based on the atrial component of the intracavitary electrogram and radiological anatomy during the implantation procedure of a biventricular pacemaker

    Fernando Sérgio Oliva de Souza; Nicola Luciano Mortati; Domingo Marcolino Braile; Reinaldo Wilson Vieira; Salomon Ordinola Rojas; Alessandre Caputo Rabelo; Januário Manuel de Souza; Sérgio Almeida de Oliveira


    OBJETIVO: Apresentar uma proposição técnica baseada na experiência de 130 implantes utilizando técnica simplificada para cateterização do seio coronariano, baseada no componente atrial do eletrograma intracavi-tário e anatomia radiológica. MÉTODOS: De outubro de 2001 a outubro de 2004 foram realiza-dos 130 implantes de marcapasso biventricular, utilizando-se anatomia radiológica e observação de eletrograma intracavitário, com prioridade ao componente atrial. RESULTADOS: O implante do sistema,...

  9. Hygiene in radiology

    Kapp-Schwoerer, A.; Daschner, F.


    A survey is given of the hygienic management in radiological departments with special regard to the handling of injections and infusions. It includes prevention of bacterial as well as viral infections. In radiological departments disinfection of X-ray tables is necessary only in exceptional cases. A special proposal for disinfection is added. A safe method of sterilisation of flexible catheders is included, which proved to prevent bacterial infection.

  10. Radiologic science for technologists

    Bushong, S.C.


    This book provides in-depth coverage of physics, biology and protection for the radiologic technology student. It presents a significant portion of all of the science required of radiologic technology students under one cover. Chapter content reflects a readable and practical organization with outlines listed on the first page of each chapter and sample problems at the end. New to this edition are: new and expanded sections on radiation techniques, digital imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound.

  11. Diagnostic and interventional radiology

    Vogl, Thomas J. [Klinikum der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Inst. fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie; Reith, Wolfgang [Universitaetsklinikum des Saarlandes, Homburg/Saar (Germany). Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Neuroradiologie; Rummeny, Ernst J. (ed.) [Technische Univ. Muenchen Klinikum rechts der Isar, Muenchen (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologie


    This exceptional book covers all aspects of diagnostic and interventional radiology within one volume, at a level appropriate for the specialist. From the basics through diagnosis to intervention: the reader will find a complete overview of all areas of radiology. The clear, uniform structure, with chapters organized according to organ system, facilitates the rapid retrieval of information. Features include: Presentation of the normal radiological anatomy Classification of the different imaging procedures according to their diagnostic relevance Imaging diagnosis with many reference images Precise description of the interventional options The inclusion of many instructive aids will be of particular value to novices in decision making: Important take home messages and summaries of key radiological findings smooth the path through the jungle of facts Numerous tables on differential diagnosis and typical findings in the most common diseases offer a rapid overview and orientation Diagnostic flow charts outline the sequence of diagnostic evaluation All standard procedures within the field of interventional radiology are presented in a clinically relevant and readily understandable way, with an abundance of illustrations. This is a textbook, atlas, and reference in one: with more than 2500 images for comparison with the reader's own findings. This comprehensive and totally up-to-date book provides a superb overview of everything that the radiology specialist of today needs to know.

  12. Radiologic diagnostics of dementia; Radiologische Demenzdiagnostik

    Essig, M. [Radiologie, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg (Germany); Radiologie, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120, Heidelberg (Germany); Schoenberg, S.O. [Institut fuer klinische Radiologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)


    Dementia is one of the most common diseases in the elderly population and is getting more and more important with the ageing of the population. A radiologic structural examination with CT or MRI is meanwhile a standard procedure in the diagnostic work up of patients with dementia syndrome. Radiology enables an early diagnosis and a differential diagnosis between different causes of dementia. Because structural changes occur only late in the disease process, a more detailed structural analysis using volumetric techniques or the use of functional imaging techniques is mandatory. These days, structural imaging uses MRI which enables to detect early atrophic changes at the medial temporal lobe with focus on the amygdala hippocampal complex. These changes are also present in the normal ageing process. In patients with Alzheimer's disease, however, they are more rapid and more pronounced. The use of functional imaging methods such as perfusion MRI, diffusion MRI or fMRI allow new insights into the pathophysiologic changes of dementia. The article gives an overview of the current status of structural imaging and an outlook into the potential of functional imaging methods. Detailed results of structural and functional imaging are presented in other articles of this issue. (orig.) [German] Demenzielle Syndrome gehoeren zu den haeufigsten Erkrankungen im hoeheren Lebensalter und werden mit einer Zunahme der Ueberalterung in der Bevoelkerung volkswirtschaftlich immer bedeutender. Die radiologische Untersuchung mittels struktureller CT oder MRT gehoert mittlerweile zur Standardabklaerung jeder demenziellen Symptomatik. Sie dient der Frueherkennung und der Differenzialdiagnostik der verschiedenen Ursachen einer Demenz. Dies gilt insbesondere in Hinblick auf zu erwartende und bereits vorhandene Therapiemoeglichkeiten. Da jedoch strukturelle Veraenderungen erst relativ spaet im Fortschreiten der Erkrankung visualisiert werden koennen, sind detaillierte strukturelle

  13. Die verband tussen die sielkundige kontrak en organisasieverbondenheid

    K. J. Stanz


    Full Text Available The relationship between the psychological contract and organisational commitment. The aim of this study is to design a measuring instrument with acceptable metric characteristics for the strength of the psychological contract within the South African context, and to determine empirically the relation between the strength of the psychological contract and organisational commitment. The Dhammanungune Model served as foundation for the design of the Strength of the Psychological Contract Questionnaire which consists of two scales namely, a needs expectation scale and a needs fulfilment expectation scale. The items of each scale have been formulated in the manner that ensures that the respondent reacts consecutively to two instructions namely, (a the level of the expectation and (b the importance of the expectation. This questionnaire was administered together with the Organisational Commitment Questionnaire to two population groups within the military environment. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation was calculated between the strength of the psychological contract and organisational commitment and the significance of the correlations was evaluated. Opsomming Die doel van die studie is om 'n meetinstrument met aanvaarbare metriese eienskappe vir die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak vir Suid-Afrikaanse omstandighede te ontwerp en om empirics die verband tussen die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak en organisasieverbondenheid te bepaal. Die sterkte van die sielkundige kontrak vraelys is op grond van die Dhammanungune-model ontwerp en het uit twee skale naamlik, die behoefteverwagting- en vervullingsverwagtingskale bestaan. Items vir eike skaal is sodanig geformuleer dat die respondent agteropeenvolgens op twee instruksies naamlik (a die vlak van die verwagting en (b die belangrikheid van die verwagting moet reageer. Die vraelys is saam met die organisasieverbondenheidsvraelys op twee populasies uit 'n militere omgewing toegepas. Die Pearson

  14. Die postpolitische Stadt

    Erik Swyngedouw


    Full Text Available Die Polis ist tot, es lebe die kreative Stadt! Während die Stadt, zumindest in Teilen des städtischen Raums, blüht und gedeiht, scheint die Polis im idealisierten griechischen Sinn dem Untergang geweiht; in diesem Verständnis ist sie der Ort der öffentlichen politischen Auseinandersetzung und demokratischen Unterhandlung und somit eine Stätte (oft radikaler Abweichung und Unstimmigkeit, an der die politische Subjektivierung buchstäblich ihren Platz hat. Diese Figur einer entpolitisierten (oder postpolitischen und postdemokratischen Stadt im Spätkapitalismus bildet das Leitmotiv des vorliegenden Beitrags. Ich lehne mich dabei an Jacques Rancière, Slavoj Žižek, Chantal Mouffe, Mustafa Dikeç, Alain Badiou und andere Kritiker jenes zynischen Radikalismus an, der dafür gesorgt hat, dass eine kritische Theorie und eine radikale politische Praxis ohnmächtig und unfruchtbar vor jenen entpolitisierenden Gesten stehen, die in der polizeilichen Ordnung des zeitgenössischen neoliberalen Spätkapitalismus als Stadtentwicklungspolitik [urban policy] und städtische Politik [urban politics] gelten. Ziel meiner Intervention ist es, das Politische wieder in den Mittelpunkt der zeitgenössischen Debatten über das Urbane zu stellen. [...

  15. Die Anima in Eschenbachs Parzival

    Kitunen, S. (Sakari)


    In meiner Pro-Gradu -Arbeit untersuche ich die Darstellung und Entwicklung des Jungschen Animabegriffes im Parzival von Wolfram von Eschenbach. Ich werde die in Parzival vorkommenden Charaktere als Anima- und Animus-Figuren analysieren und untersuchen, wie die Interaktion zwischen ihnen die Entwicklung des Helden beeinflusst. Viele Werke, die das Thema Frauen bzw. Weiblichkeit im Mittelalter behandeln, gehen oft davon aus, dass die Frauen in der mittelalterlichen Literatur als Objekte behande...

  16. Die liefde wat die son beweeg en die ander sterre: Digterlike transendering – tot die vermenigvuldigde lewe ontroer

    A.S. (Rensia Robinson


    Full Text Available T.T. Cloete se oeuvre word onder andere gekenmerk deur fyn waarneming van ’n mistieke vervlegtheid in die skepping. Dit word op vele maniere ontgin en geïnterpreteer. Die poëtiese potensiaal van die vrou, in uiteenlopende gestaltes, is een van die sentrale temas waardeur die digter hieraan vorm gee. In die kunstige, bibliofiele uitgawe Uit die wit lig van my land gesny val die lig op die vrou se kreatiewe rol in die groter skepping wat haar onder andere identifiseer as haarveer vir digterlike insig en vormgewing. Vrou (alternatief Anna Perenna, universele moeder, is nie slegs draer van die lewenskiem wat tot gees transendeer nie, maar sy funksioneer as ligbron (’sonvrou’ wat selfs kosmiese insig verwesenlik. Dit raak meervoudige vorms en patrone waarin die mens ingeweef is in die universele hologram van lewe. Vir die digter is hierdie patroonvorming vergelykbaar met die maak van Persiese tapyte waarvan die patrone vasgelê is in die geheue van voorouers, en oorgedra word na opeenvolgende geslagte. In dié verkenning word digterlike transendering ontgin as ’n proses waarin die kleurvolheid van lewe en dood in en deur individuele sowel as universele vroulikheid geïnspireer word.

  17. Die liefde wat die son beweeg en die ander sterre: Digterlike transendering – tot die vermenigvuldigde lewe ontroer

    A.S. (Rensia Robinson


    Full Text Available T.T. Cloete se oeuvre word onder andere gekenmerk deur fyn waarneming van ’n mistieke vervlegtheid in die skepping. Dit word op vele maniere ontgin en geïnterpreteer. Die poëtiese potensiaal van die vrou, in uiteenlopende gestaltes, is een van die sentrale temas waardeur die digter hieraan vorm gee. In die kunstige, bibliofiele uitgawe Uit die wit lig van my land gesny val die lig op die vrou se kreatiewe rol in die groter skepping wat haar onder andere identifiseer as haarveer vir digterlike insig en vormgewing. Vrou (alternatief Anna Perenna, universele moeder, is nie slegs draer van die lewenskiem wat tot gees transendeer nie, maar sy funksioneer as ligbron (’sonvrou’ wat selfs kosmiese insig verwesenlik. Dit raak meervoudige vorms en patrone waarin die mens ingeweef is in die universele hologram van lewe. Vir die digter is hierdie patroonvorming vergelykbaar met die maak van Persiese tapyte waarvan die patrone vasgelê is in die geheue van voorouers, en oorgedra word na opeenvolgende geslagte. In dié verkenning word digterlike transendering ontgin as ’n proses waarin die kleurvolheid van lewe en dood in en deur individuele sowel as universele vroulikheid geïnspireer word.

  18. Die histologie en ultrastruktuur van die hepatopankreas van die bloukurper Oreochromis mossambicus

    M. M. Nel


    Full Text Available Die histologie en ultrastruktuur van die hepatopankreas van die bloukurper Oreochromis mossambicus word beskryf. ’n Dun bindweefselkapsel omring die lewer. Die hepatosietrangskikking vertoon as lobules, met die koorde van hepatosiete wat vanaf ’n sentrale vene uitradieer en met mekaar anastomaseer. Indiwiduele lewerlohules vertoon nie duidelike grense nie, maar enkele duidelike triades word wel in die lewer van O. mossambicus aangetref. Die hepatosiete bevat ’n enkele ronde kern met ’n duidelike nukleolus en die growwe endoplasmiese retikula kom in twee of meer rye om die kerne en teen die selgrense van die hepatosiete voor. Die ander sitoplasmiese organelle kom verspreid in die hepatosietsitoplasma voor. Die eksokriene pankreasselle is om die portale venes gesetel. Die kerne van hierdie selle is rond en is hasaal in die kubies- tot silindervormige selle gelee. ’n Goedontwikkelde growwe endoplasmiese retikulum — vesikulêr, tubulêr en sirkulêr in vorm — en sektretoriese granules wat apikaal in die sel gelee is, kom voor.

  19. Long-term clinical and radiologic documentation of a maxillary odontogenic myxoma from early clinical signs to implant-supported prosthodontic rehabilitation: Case report and review of the literature.

    Berger, Sebastian; Hakl, Paul; Meier, Marius; Sutter, Walter; Kielbassa, Andrej M; Turhani, Dritan


    Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a non-metastasizing neoplasm of mesenchymal origin, arising in the tooth-bearing areas of the jaws. When regarding the whole spectrum of differential diagnoses for osteolytic jaw lesions, OM constitutes a benign tumor rarely located in the maxilla. Radiographically, displacement of teeth and frequent involvement of the sinus will be found with advanced maxillary OM. The tumor can be removed by means of several techniques, ranging from conservative measures to extended surgical procedures that differ according to type of bone resection and reconstruction of the defect. This report documents 10 years of follow-up in a patient suffering from a Type IV lesion of maxillary OM; with a radiographically proven growth extending into the right maxillary sinus, the patient underwent a segmental maxillectomy. After a tumor-free period of 5 years, the alveolar ridge splitting technique (ARST) was modified to insert dental implants into the horizontally deficient alveolar ridge of the maxilla, and final rehabilitation by means of a conditionally removable prosthetic reconstruction followed. In this paper, the most striking clinical signs of OM with which the dentist should be familiar are reviewed, and we discuss the advantages of segmental maxillectomy in case of an OM, along with the possibility of using ARST, aiming at prosthetic rehabilitation by placement of dental implants in cases of moderate alveolar ridge deficiency after tumor resection.

  20. The Future of Radiology

    Alexander R. Margulis


    Full Text Available It has been my good fortune to live and practice radiology during a long period of momentous change – to see the transformation of the discipline from a supportive service into a mainstream, essential branch of clinical medicine. I remember wearing red goggles to adapt my vision before performing fluoroscopy; observing the horrible, now thankfully obsolete, practice of ventriculography, which was considered advanced neuroradiology; and performing other, now rarely prescribed procedures, such as double-contrast barium enemas and intravenous pyelography. Witnessing the beginnings of interventional radiology, I suggested its name in an editorial. I also had the good fortune to see the introduction of computed tomography (CT and a technology first known as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Together with fellow members of a committee of the American College of Radiology and editors of prestigious radiological journals, I took part in changing the name of the latter modality to MRI, freeing it from threatening implications. Looking back on these experiences, one lesson stands out above all: Innovation and transformation never cease. Looking forward, it is clear that radiology, along with the rest of medicine, is now undergoing further momentous changes that will affect the future of all those already practicing as well as those yet to start their careers.


    Rade R. Babić


    Full Text Available The development of information systems in health care is approaching the process of integration of various systems used in a single computer so that we witness today the omnipresent idea of merging the functions of the clinical-hospital (CHIS and radiology (RIS information system. Radiological Information System (RIS is a technology solution to complete computerization and modernization of the work of the radiology center, and transition from film to paper and ful electronic management and digital recordings. RIS creates the digital radiology center where information is always available at the right place and at the right time. Within the realisation of RIS, it is necessary to follow the standards and systems relating to the specific RIS, which are: DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System, HL7 (Health Level Seven. The relevant links of modern RIS are teleradiology and mobile radiology. The authors conclude that the introduction of RIS, HIS and other information systems are reflected in the automation, reduction of possible errors, increase in diagnostic and therapeutic quality, lower costs for materials, the increase in efficiency, saving time and others.

  2. Radiological protection; Proteccion radiologica

    Azorin N, J. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Iztapalapa, Division de Ciencias Basicas e Ingenieria, Av. San Rafael Atlixco 186, Col. Vicentina, 09340 Mexico, D. F. (Mexico); Azorin V, J. C. [Universidad de Guanajuato, Campus Leon, Division de Ciencias e Ingenieria, Loma del Bosque 103, Lomas del Campestre, 37150 Leon de los Aldama, Guanajuato (Mexico)


    This work is directed to all those people related with the exercise of the radiological protection and has the purpose of providing them a base of knowledge in this discipline so that they can make decisions documented on technical and scientist factors for the protection of the personnel occupationally exposed, the people in general and the environment during the work with ionizing radiations. Before de lack of a text on this matter, this work seeks to cover the specific necessities of our country, providing a solid presentation of the radiological protection, included the bases of the radiations physics, the detection and radiation dosimetry, the radiobiology, the normative and operational procedures associates, the radioactive wastes, the emergencies and the transport of the radioactive material through the medical and industrial applications of the radiations, making emphasis in the relative particular aspects to the radiological protection in Mexico. The book have 16 chapters and with the purpose of supplementing the given information, are included at the end four appendixes: 1) the radioactive waste management in Mexico, 2-3) the Mexican official standards related with the radiological protection, 4) a terms glossary used in radiological protection. We hope this book will be of utility for those people that work in the investigation and the applications of the ionizing radiations. (Author)

  3. Diskussie oor die millenium en die herstel van Israel

    J. J. Engelbrecht van Waverley


    Full Text Available Dit verheug my dat daar eindelik gereageer word op my boekie. Behalwe telefoonoproepe en briewe van medechiliaste was daar tot dusver geen kommentaar van anti-chiliastiese kant. Ek het die boekie aan ongeveer 1800 predikante en professore gestuur en vriendelik uitgenooi tot nuwe besinning. Net soos oor die soteriologie, is die Bybel nêrens in teëspraak met homself oor die eskatologie nie. God gee in sy Woord nie vir ons drie verskillende toekomsbeelde om uit te kies nie. God is een en sy profetiese Woord is deurgaans eenstemmig m.b.t. die raad van God oor Israel, die nasies en die kerk.

  4. Die kerk en die kommunisme, uitgangspunt en perspektief

    A. H. Murray


    Full Text Available Waar ons onmiddellike opdrag is om die konkrete taak van die kerk in die bestryding van Kommunisme en Marxisme te beskrywe, is ons gedwing om terug te dink aan die eerste grondslae van die vyandelike aanslag — die grondslae waarop sy leer en sy beleid van gewelddadige optrede berus. Want ons het nie te doen met ’n opportunistiese onderneming of ’n imperialistiese waagstuk as dit oor die Kommunisme gaan nie, en ook nie met die blinde opbruising van laere en agterlike volksklasse nie, maar wel met ’n deurdagte en afgeronde heelal-filosofie wat oor die aardbol versprei is en wat op sistematiese wyse en met wetenskaplike strategie ’n aanval op die bestaande Christelike orde maak.

  5. Organizational decentralization in radiology.

    Aas, I H Monrad


    At present, most hospitals have a department of radiology where images are captured and interpreted. Decentralization is the opposite of centralization and means 'away from the centre'. With a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and broadband communications, transmitting radiology images between sites will be far easier than before. Qualitative interviews of 26 resource persons were performed in Norway. There was a response rate of 90%. Decentralization of radiology interpretations seems less relevant than centralization, but several forms of decentralization have a role to play. The respondents mentioned several advantages, including exploitation of capacity and competence. They also mentioned several disadvantages, including splitting professional communities and reduced contact between radiologists and clinicians. With the new technology decentralization and centralization of image interpretation are important possibilities in organizational change. This will be important for the future of teleradiology.

  6. Development and implantation of a control and data acquisition program for the calibration of instruments for diagnostic radiology; Desenvolvimento e implantacao de um programa de controle e aquisicao de dados na calibracao de instrumentos em radiodiagnostico

    Betti, Flavio


    Design techniques of an automatic control system implementing corrected kerma determination and shutter command in the calibration laboratory at IPEN are shown, as well as the periodic calibration program developed for a monitor chamber for several X-ray beam qualities used for diagnostic radiology and radiation protection instruments. Two reference electrometers, a multichannel secondary standard thermometer, and an absolute pressure barometer were connected to the Rs-232 interface from a PC computer equipped with a National Instruments multi function analog and digital I/O card. LabVIEW{sup MR} was chosen as programming tool, which allowed for the development of a suite of programs for both controlling the shutter timing cycles and the calibration of the monitor chamber against a reference standard. A detailed description of the methods used for troubleshooting, fine tuning of parameters and evaluation of program results is followed by an analysis showing that considerable advantages regarding reduction of time and precision improvements during the calibrations could be achieved by the use of the developed programs, particularly under adverse conditions like those found during short expositions, or instead during long irradiation intervals where fluctuation of parameters like kerma rate or room conditions (temperature or pressure) can be found. (author)

  7. Radiology illustrated. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic radiology

    Choi, Byung Ihn (ed.) [Seoul National Univ. Hospital (Korea, Republic of). Dept. of Radiology


    Clear, practical guide to the diagnostic imaging of diseases of the liver, biliary tree, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen. A wealth of carefully selected and categorized illustrations. Highlighted key points to facilitate rapid review. Aid to differential diagnosis. Radiology Illustrated: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Radiology is the first of two volumes that will serve as a clear, practical guide to the diagnostic imaging of abdominal diseases. This volume, devoted to diseases of the liver, biliary tree, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen, covers congenital disorders, vascular diseases, benign and malignant tumors, and infectious conditions. Liver transplantation, evaluation of the therapeutic response of hepatocellular carcinoma, trauma, and post-treatment complications are also addressed. The book presents approximately 560 cases with more than 2100 carefully selected and categorized illustrations, along with key text messages and tables, that will allow the reader easily to recall the relevant images as an aid to differential diagnosis. At the end of each text message, key points are summarized to facilitate rapid review and learning. In addition, brief descriptions of each clinical problem are provided, followed by both common and uncommon case studies that illustrate the role of different imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, radiography, CT, and MRI.

  8. Radiology's value chain.

    Enzmann, Dieter R


    A diagnostic radiology value chain is constructed to define its main components, all of which are vulnerable to change, because digitization has caused disaggregation of the chain. Some components afford opportunities to improve productivity, some add value, while some face outsourcing to lower labor cost and to information technology substitutes, raising commoditization risks. Digital image information, because it can be competitive at smaller economies of scale, allows faster, differential rates of technological innovation of components, initiating a centralization-to-decentralization technology trend. Digitization, having triggered disaggregation of radiology's professional service model, may soon usher in an information business model. This means moving from a mind-set of "reading images" to an orientation of creating and organizing information for greater accuracy, faster speed, and lower cost in medical decision making. Information businesses view value chain investments differently than do small professional services. In the former model, producing a better business product will extend image interpretation beyond a radiologist's personal fund of knowledge to encompass expanding external imaging databases. A follow-on expansion with integration of image and molecular information into a report will offer new value in medical decision making. Improved interpretation plus new integration will enrich and diversify radiology's key service products, the report and consultation. A more robust, information-rich report derived from a "systems" and "computational" radiology approach will be facilitated by a transition from a professional service to an information business. Under health care reform, radiology will transition its emphasis from volume to greater value. Radiology's future brightens with the adoption of a philosophy of offering information rather than "reads" for decision making. Staunchly defending the status quo via turf wars is unlikely to constitute a

  9. Die Psychosen bei Epilepsie

    Glauninger G


    Full Text Available In einer Übersicht werden die verschiedenen Formen psychotischer Zustandsbilder bei Epilepsiepatienten, deren Ätiopathogenese und Möglichkeiten der Behandlung dieser Störungen beschrieben. Risikofaktoren finden sich durch neurobiologische Gegebenheiten - besonders bei Mitbeteiligung des Temporallappens, durch psychosoziale Einflüsse und manchmal auch durch medikamentöse Behandlung. Anhand von Fallbeispielen sollen dem Leser typische Krankheitsverläufe von psychotischen Episoden bei Epilepsiepatienten, die zumeist erst bei einer schon länger dauernden Epilepsie auftreten, nähergebracht werden. Es wird deutlich, daß sich die Beschwerden von Patienten mit Epilepsie nicht auf iktale Phänomene beschränken. Bei der Behandlung dieser Patienten kommt einer guten interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit besondere Bedeutung zu.

  10. A Classification Proposal for Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis: A Critical Update.

    Ata-Ali, Javier; Ata-Ali, Fadi; Bagan, Leticia


    Definitions of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis vary in the literature, and no clear criteria have been established for the diagnosis and treatment of such disorders. This study proposes a classification for peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis based on the severity of the disease, using a combination of peri-implant clinical and radiological parameters to classify severity into several stages (Stage 0A and 0B = peri-implant mucositis, and Stage I to IV = periimplantitis). Following a review of the literature on the subject and justification of the proposed peri-implant disease classification, the latter aims to facilitate professional communication and data collection for research and community health studies.

  11. Radiological worker training



    This Handbook describes an implementation process for core training as recommended in Implementation Guide G441.12, Radiation Safety Training, and as outlined in the DOE Radiological Control Standard (RCS). The Handbook is meant to assist those individuals within the Department of Energy, Managing and Operating contractors, and Managing and Integrating contractors identified as having responsibility for implementing core training recommended by the RCS. This training is intended for radiological workers to assist in meeting their job-specific training requirements of 10 CFR 835. While this Handbook addresses many requirements of 10 CFR 835 Subpart J, it must be supplemented with facility-specific information to achieve full compliance.

  12. Westinghouse radiological containment guide

    Aitken, S.B. [Idaho National Engineering Lab., Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Brown, R.L. [Westinghouse Hanford Co., Richland, WA (United States); Cantrell, J.R. [Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC (United States); Wilcox, D.P. [West Valley Nuclear Services Co., Inc., West Valley, NY (United States)


    This document provides uniform guidance for Westinghouse contractors on the implementation of radiological containments. This document reflects standard industry practices and is provided as a guide. The guidance presented herein is consistent with the requirements of the DOE Radiological Control Manual (DOE N 5480.6). This guidance should further serve to enable and encourage the use of containments for contamination control and to accomplish the following: Minimize personnel contamination; Prevent the spread of contamination; Minimize the required use of protective clothing and personal protective equipment; Minimize the generation of waste.

  13. Radiological sciences dictionary

    Dowsett, David


    The Radiological Sciences Dictionary is a rapid reference guide for all hospital staff employed in diagnostic imaging, providing definitions of over 3000 keywords as applied to the technology of diagnostic radiology.Written in a concise and easy to digest form, the dictionary covers a wide variety of subject matter, including:· radiation legislation and measurement · computing and digital imaging terminology· nuclear medicine radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals· radiographic contrast agents (x-ray, MRI and ultrasound)· definitions used in ultrasound and MRI technology· statistical exp

  14. Defect size dependent contrast reduction and additional blurring from scattered radiation reduce the quality of radiological images. A comparison of films and digital detectors; Fehlergroessenabhaengige Kontrastreduktion und zusaetzliche Unschaerfe durch Streustrahlung reduzieren die Bildqualitaet radiologischer Abbildungen. Film und digitale Detektoren im Vergleich

    Ewert, Uwe; Beckmann, Joerg; Bellon, Carsten; Jaenisch, Gerd-Ruediger; Zscherpel, Uwe; Jechow, Mirko [Bundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und -pruefung (BAM), Berlin (Germany); Grosser, Anja [Technische Fachhochschule Wildau (Germany)


    Radiographic image quality in its classic definition depends on contrast, noise (in films: grain as an equivalent to image noise), and blur. These parameters are normally measured with the aid of image quality test specimens. Scattered radiation will always reduce the quality of radiographic imaging. The various influencing parameters are analysed with a view to the available techniques like film radiograpy, computerised radiography with storage foils, and digital radiography using digital detector arrays (DDA). Textbooks and standards (e.g. ASTM E 1000) define the scattering ratio k and various contrasts, e.g. specific and relative contrast in radiographic imaging. In the case of digital media, additional arameters are introduced like the signal-noise ratio SNR and the contrast-noise ratio CNR; the inverse CNR corresponds to the well-known contrast sensitivity typically measured with the aid of image quality test specimens. In project ''FilmFree'', the optimum conditions for film substitution are investigated. The influence of scattered radiation from the measured object and the detector on image quality were investigated. Numeric modelling (Monte-Carlo modelling) is used for defining the scattered radiation and the primary radiation emitted by the object. The scattered radiation from the object and the detector generates an image that is superposed on the primary image and is more blurred than the latter, especially at higher radiation energies. The scattered radiation images have blurs in the cm range. This is an undesirable effect both in classic film radiography and in digital radiography and computed tomography. Further, an additional contrast reduction resulting from scattered radiation was found when the detector is close to the object (contact technique). This effect depends on the defect size, the distance between detector and object, and the intermediate filtering. [German] Die radiographische Bildqualitaet in ihrer klassischen

  15. Cochlear Implants

    A cochlear implant is a small, complex electronic device that can help to provide a sense of sound. People who are ... of-hearing can get help from them. The implant consists of two parts. One part sits on ...

  16. Cochlear Implants

    ... imaging (MRI) scans, to evaluate your inner ear anatomy. Cochlear implant surgery Cochlear implant surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. An incision is made behind the ear ...

  17. Wêreldgebeure gedurende die jaar 1954.

    S. du Toit


    Full Text Available Die jaar 1954 het begin sonder Stalin, die magtigste diktator van die modeme tyd, en dit wa s nog onseker hoe die nuwe regime sou optree.Teen die einde van die ja a r weet ons nou dat hulle oënskynlik meer toeskietlik is maar in wese nog net so geheimsinnig en nog net so geslepe. Die Petrof-gesjriedenis in Australië het weereens laat blyk dat daar oordie hele aarde ’n netwerk van spioene is.

  18. Die voorspelling van akademiese prestasie na die eerste universiteitsjaar

    G. K. Huysamen


    Full Text Available The prediction of academic performance after the first year at university. In agreement with findings elsewhere, the correlations of high school performance (Swedish Formula Point and the verbal and nonverbal GSAT scores with the mean percentage marks (MPMs gradually decreased from the first through sixth semester at university, whereas the decrease in the corresponding correlations with the cumulative mean percentage marks (CMPMs was less pronounced. The later the semester for which either an MPM or a CMPM was used as a predictor, the higher the latter tended to correlate with the MPMs of subsequent semesters but these correlations also decreased in size over the ensuing semesters. The best predictor of the MPM of any given semester was either the MPM of the immediately preceding semester or the CMPM of all the preceding semesters. Opsomming In ooreenstemming met bevindings elders, het die korrelasies van hoërskoolprestasie (Sweedse Formulepunt en verbale en nie-verbale ASAT-tellings met die gemiddelde persentasiepunte (GPP's geleidelik van die eerste tot die sesde semester op Universiteit afgeneem, terwyl die afname in die ooreenstemmende korrelasies met die kumulatiewe gemiddelde persentasiepunte (KGP's minder opvallend was. Hoe later die semester waarvan die GGP of KGP as voorspeller gebruik is, hoe hoër was dit geneig om met die GGP's van die daaropvolgende semesters te korreleer, maar die korrelasies het: eweneens met die toename in laasgenoemde semesters in grootte afgeneem. Die beste voorspeller van die GPP van enige gegewe semester was of die GPP van die pas afgelope semester, of die KGP van al die voorafgaande semesters.

  19. Radiologic quality and safety: mapping value into radiology.

    Swensen, Stephen J; Johnson, C Daniel


    The authors have created a radiology quality map to help understand the opportunities for improvement in the radiologic safety, reliability, quality, and appropriateness of examinations and interventions. It entails 9 steps with dozens of specific opportunities for improving care to patients. The radiology profession has an obligation to robustly document and improve quality and safety in its practice.

  20. Radiological Approach to Forefoot Pain

    Sai Chung Ho


    Full Text Available Forefoot pain is a common clinical complaint in orthopaedic practice. In this article, we discuss the anatomy of the forefoot, clinical and radiological approaches to forefoot pain, and common painful forefoot disorders and their associated radiological features.

  1. 324 Building Baseline Radiological Characterization

    R.J. Reeder, J.C. Cooper


    This report documents the analysis of radiological data collected as part of the characterization study performed in 1998. The study was performed to create a baseline of the radiological conditions in the 324 Building.

  2. Radiological Safety Handbook.

    Army Ordnance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

    Written to be used concurrently with the U.S. Army's Radiological Safety Course, this publication discusses the causes, sources, and detection of nuclear radiation. In addition, the transportation and disposal of radioactive materials are covered. The report also deals with the safety precautions to be observed when working with lasers, microwave…

  3. Radiology of spinal curvature

    De Smet, A.A.


    This book offers the only comprehensive, concise summary of both the clinical and radiologic features of thoracic and lumbar spine deformity. Emphasis is placed on idiopathic scoliosis, which represents 85% of all patients with scoliosis, but less common areas of secondary scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis are also covered.

  4. Paediatric musculoskeletal interventional radiology

    Paolantonio, Guglielmo; Fruhwirth, Rodolfo; Alvaro, Giuseppe; Parapatt, George K; Toma', Paolo; Rollo, Massimo


    Interventional radiology technique is now well established and widely used in the adult population. Through minimally invasive procedures, it increasingly replaces surgical interventions that involve higher percentages of invasiveness and, consequently, of morbidity and mortality. For these advantageous reasons, interventional radiology in recent years has spread to the paediatric age as well. The aim of this study was to review the literature on the development, use and perspectives of these procedures in the paediatric musculoskeletal field. Several topics are covered: osteomuscle neoplastic malignant and benign pathologies treated with invasive diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures such as radiofrequency ablation in the osteoid osteoma; invasive and non-invasive procedures in vascular malformations; treatment of aneurysmal bone cysts; and role of interventional radiology in paediatric inflammatory and rheumatic inflammations. The positive results that have been generated with interventional radiology procedures in the paediatric field highly encourage both the development of new ad hoc materials, obviously adapted to young patients, as well as the improvement of such techniques, in consideration of the fact that childrens' pathologies do not always correspond to those of adults. In conclusion, as these interventional procedures have proven to be less invasive, with lower morbidity and mortality rates as well, they are becoming a viable and valid alternative to surgery in the paediatric population. PMID:26235144

  5. Radiologic Technology Program Guide.

    Georgia Univ., Athens. Dept. of Vocational Education.

    This guide presents the standard curriculum for technical institutes in Georgia. The curriculum addresses the minimum competencies for a radiologic technology program. The guide contains four major sections. The General Information section contains an introduction giving an overview and defining purpose and objectives; a program description,…

  6. Radiologic manifestations in alcaptonuria

    Justesen, P.; Andersen, P.E.


    Alcaptonuria is a rare, hereditary disorder of amino acid metabolism, secondary to lack of homogentisic acid oxydase. As a consequence, there is an accumulation of homogenitisic acid, which is excreted in the urine and deposited in the connective tissues. This deposition results in ochronotic pigmentation and arthropathy, of which some characteristic radiological findings are demonstrated.

  7. Radiological dose and metadata management; Radiologisches Dosis- und Metadatenmanagement

    Walz, M.; Madsack, B. [TUeV SUeD Life Service GmbH, Aerztliche Stelle fuer Qualitaetssicherung in der Radiologie, Nuklearmedizin und Strahlentherapie Hessen, Frankfurt (Germany); Kolodziej, M. [INFINITT Europe GmbH, Frankfurt/M (Germany)


    This article describes the features of management systems currently available in Germany for extraction, registration and evaluation of metadata from radiological examinations, particularly in the digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) environment. In addition, the probable relevant developments in this area concerning radiation protection legislation, terminology, standardization and information technology are presented. (orig.) [German] Dieser Artikel stellt die aktuell in Deutschland verfuegbaren Funktionen von Managementsystemen zur Erfassung und Auswertung von Metadaten zu radiologischen Untersuchungen insbesondere im DICOM-Umfeld (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) vor. Ausserdem werden die in diesem Bereich voraussichtlich relevanten Entwicklungen von Strahlenschutzgesetzgebung ueber Terminologie und Standardisierung bis zu informationstechnischen Aspekten dargestellt. (orig.)

  8. Die Kunst des Scheiterns

    Juul, Jesper


    Menschen haben von Kindesbeinen an das Verlangen, Erfolge zu erzielen und Kompetenz zu erreichen. Computerspieler entscheiden sich jedoch fortlaufend für eine Aktivität, die oft und wiederholt zum Verlieren führen muss und ein taubes Gefühl der Unfähigkeit erzeugt. Im Kino, im Theatersaal und bei...

  9. Die skool en die onderwyser as faktore in die geestesgesondheid van die kind*

    B. C. Schutte


    Full Text Available Ons hou geestesgesondheidsweke, stig beroepsentrums, samel geld in om mense wat geestelik siek is te genees, klae oor die tekort aan psigiaters, kliniese sielkundiges, bedryfsielkundiges, voorligters, skoolpsigoloë,ens. ’n Karige kwarteeu gelede het ons aan al hierdie dinge slegs akademiese aandag gewy. In hierdie kursus wordverskeie tipes kinders bespreek en geleer hoe om hulle probleme te benader.

  10. Die Kunst des Scheiterns

    Juul, Jesper


    Menschen haben von Kindesbeinen an das Verlangen, Erfolge zu erzielen und Kompetenz zu erreichen. Computerspieler entscheiden sich jedoch fortlaufend für eine Aktivität, die oft und wiederholt zum Verlieren führen muss und ein taubes Gefühl der Unfähigkeit erzeugt. Im Kino, im Theatersaal und bei...

  11. Die Creol Taal

    Rossem, van Cefas; Voort, van der Hein


    Negerhollands is the original creole language, lexically closely related to Dutch, of the Virgin Islands. It emerged as a separate language around 1700 and died out completely only a few years ago, having gradually been replaced by English in the course of the nineteenth century. Apart from giving i

  12. Die andere Revolution

    Kippenhahn, Rudolf


    War Kopernikus der größte Revolutionär des naturwissenschaftlichen Weltbildes? Seine Erkenntnisse waren der Beginn eines jahrhundertelangen Denkprozesses, welcher zur Einsicht führte, dass im Weltall die gleichen physikalischen Gesetze gelten wie auf der Erde.

  13. Die Kosmologie der Griechen.

    Mittelstraß, J.

    Contents: 1. Mythische Eier. 2. Thales-Welten. 3. "Alles ist voller Götter". 4. Griechische Astronomie. 5. "Rettung der Phänomene". 6. Aristotelische Kosmololgie. 7. Aristoteles-Welt und Platon-Welt. 8. Noch einmal: die Göttlichkeit der Welt. 9. Griechischer Idealismus.

  14. Ethical problems in radiology: radiological consumerism.

    Magnavita, N; Bergamaschi, A


    One of the causes of the increasing request for radiological examinations occurring in all economically developed countries is the active role played by the patient-consumer. Consumerism places the radiologist in an ethical dilemma, between the principle of autonomy on the one hand and the ethical principles of beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice on the other. The choice made by radiologists in moral dilemmas is inspired by an adherence to moral principles, which in Italy and elsewhere refer to the Judaeo-Christian tradition or to neo-Darwinian relativism. Whatever the choice, the radiologist is bound to adhere to that choice and to provide the patient with all the relevant information regarding his or her state of health.

  15. Die ontwikkeling van 'n instrument vir die meting van die konstruk sielkundige diepte-orientasie

    L. C. De Jager


    Full Text Available The development of an instrument (the RD-Depth Questionnaire, Form B for measuring the construct psychological depth orientation is discussed. Results show that the questionnaire has satisfactory internal consistency and that the items of the questionnaire in general measure the same characteristic. Further research is needed to refine and improve the questionnaire until it meets all the psychometric requirements of a good measuring instrument.OpsommingDie ontwikkeling van 'n instrument (die RD-Diepte Vraelys, Vorm B vir die meting van die konstruk sielkundige diepteoriëntasie word bespreek. Resultate dui daarop dat die vraelys bevredigende interne bestendigheid toon en dat die items van die vraelys oor die algemeen dieselfde eienskap meet. Verdere navorsing word egter nog vereis om die vraelys te verfyn en te verbeter sodat dit aan al die psigometriese vereistes van 'n goeie meetinstrument sal voldoen.

  16. Improvement of die life in high speed injection die casting

    Yasuhiro Arisuda; Akihito Hasuno; Junji Yoshida; Kazunari Tanii


    High-speed injection die casting is an efficient manufacturing technology for upgrading aluminum die-cast products. However, deficiencies (such as die damage in eady period) due to larger load on the molding die compared with conventional technology have brought new challenges. In this study, the cause of damage generated in super high-speed injection was investigated by the combination of experimental observation of the dies and CAE simulation (e.g. die temperature analysis, flow analysis and thermal stress analysis). The potential countermeasures to solve the above problems were also proposed.

  17. Improvement of die life in high speed injection die casting

    Akihito Hasuno


    Full Text Available High-speed injection die casting is an effi cient manufacturing technology for upgrading aluminum die-cast products. However, defi ciencies (such as die damage in early period due to larger load on the molding die compared with conventional technology have brought new challenges. In this study, the cause of damage generated in super high-speed injection was investigated by the combination of experimental observation of the dies and CAE simulation (e.g. die emperature analysis, fl ow analysis and thermal stress analysis. The potential countermeasures to solve the above problems were also proposed.

  18. Die Wiege stand doch in Africka


    Kaum ein Forschungsgebiet ist so umstritten wie die Palaeoanthropologie, die Lehre yore Ursprung der Menschheit. Nicht nur die Vorgeschichte, ouch die unmittelbare Entstebung des Homo sapiens entzweit die Experten: Die einen verrnuten die Wiege in Afrika,die anderen gehen davon aus, dass sich tier moderne Mensch auf mehreren Kontinenten gleichzeifig aus Vorfahren eatwickelte,

  19. The DICOM-CD-project of the German Radiology Association - an overview of the content and results of a pilot study in 2006; Das DICOM-CD-Projekt der Deutschen Roentgengesellschaft - eine Uebersicht ueber die Inhalte und Ergebnisse des Pilottests 2006

    Mildenberger, P. [Universitaetsklinikum Mainz (Germany). Klinik fuer Interventionelle und Diagnostische Radiologie; Kotter, E. [Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg (Germany). Klinik fuer Radiologie; Riesmeier, J.; Onken, M.; Eichelberg, M. [OFFIS (Germany). Medizininformatik; Kauer, T. [Erlangen-Nuernberg Univ. (Germany). Medizininformatik; Walz, M. [TUeV SUeD Life Service GmbH (Germany). Aerztliche Stelle fuer Qualitaetssicherung in der Radiologie, Nuklearmedizin und Strahlentherapie


    DICOM-CDs are frequently used for medical image data transfer. Many different potential advantages are known, such as improved image quality, handling simplification, and cost optimization. However, there are numerous restrictions in the daily routine. While testing DICOM-CDs at the 2006 German Radiology Congress, we found that more than 70 % of CDs have discrepancies with respect to data structure or content. The German Radiological Association and OFFIS started an initiative to improve the quality of DICOM-CDs. There are three main objectives: To provide requirements for vendors of CD-writing systems, to establish user guidelines for the handling of DICOM-CDs, and to develop a test procedure for DICOM-CDs. Radiologists using such systems should be aware of these developments and use them for RFP's. (orig.)

  20. Dental Implant Surgery

    ... here to find out more. Dental Implant Surgery Dental Implant Surgery Dental implant surgery is, of course, surgery, ... here to find out more. Dental Implant Surgery Dental Implant Surgery Dental implant surgery is, of course, surgery, ...

  1. Die Tambaniprojek: ’n rekenaaranimasie van Die hebsugtige seekoei

    Rita M.C. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel bied ’n ondersoek na en refleksie op die tegnieke en die produksieprosesse wat gebruik is in die omskakeling van ’n tradisionele Ngano-Venda-volksverhaal, Die hebsugtige seekoei, vanaf borduurwerk in ’n digitale animasiefilm. Die artikel word gerig deur ’n metode wat afgelei is uit ’n praktykgebaseerde navorsingsmodel vir skeppende uitsette. Hierdie navorsingsmodel omskryf wyses waarvolgens skeppende uitsette as geldige navorsingsopsies gereken kan word. Die metode bestaan uit die dokumentering van en refleksie ten opsigte van die projek in drie fases, naamlik pre-produksie, produksie en post-produksie. Die Tambani-borduurwerkprojek is ’n gemeenskapsuitreikingsinisiatief wat deur Ina le Roux van stapel laat loop is. Ngano is die versamelwoord vir tradisionele Vendavolksverhale. In hierdie artikel argumenteer ons dat rekenaaranimasietegnieke wel suksesvol geïmplementeer word in die digitale omskakeling van ’n Venda-volksverhaal wat oorspronklik uit ’n mondelinge tradisie stam. Ons demonstreer hierdie argument aan die hand van Christiaan van der Westhuizen se omskakeling van Die hebsugtige seekoei in ’n rekenaaranimasie.

  2. Radiation exposure and radiological protection in interventional radiological procedures with special attention to neurointerventional radiology

    Okamoto, Kouichirou; Sakai, Kunio [Niigata Univ. (Japan). School of Medicine; Yoshimura, Shutaro; Oka, Tetsuya; Ito, Jusuke


    It is necessary to interventional radiologists to understand the system of radiological protection recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection: justification, optimization, and individual dose and risk limits. Estimation and measurements of the radiation exposure to patients and personnel are important for radiological protection to avoid radiation injuries, such as temporal epilation and cataract. The practical principle of ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) should be kept in any interventional radiological procedure. (author)

  3. Die historiese betroubaarheid van die aartsvadervertellinge. 'n Beknopte bespreking van die huidige debat na aanleiding van die jongste publikasie

    W. Vosloo


    Full Text Available Die afgelope twintig jaar was daar �n toenemende belangstelling in die aartsvadervertellinge in Genesis. Benewens die talle tydskrifartikels het skrywers soos die volgende ook boeke oor die onderwerp die lig laat sien: A. Parrot (1962, W. M. Clark (1964, R. Kilian (1966, R. E. Clements (1967, N. Lohfink (1967, H. Weidemann (1968, R. Martin-Achard (1969, T. L. Thompson (1974, J. van Seters (1975, J. P. Fokkelman (1975, C. Westermann (1976, R. Rendtorff (1977, J. Bright (1977, W. McKane (1979 en A. R. Millard en D. J. Wiseman (1980.

  4. Herausforderungen durch die deutsche Wiedervereinigung

    Stäglin, Reiner

    Die Wiedervereinigung stellte auch die Statistik vor große Aufgaben. Die als Organ der staatlichen Planung staatsnah orientierte Statistik der DDR musste auf das zur Neutralität und wissenschaftlichen Unabhängigkeit verpflichtete System der Bundesrepublik umgestellt werden. Ebenso verlangten die Universitäten eine Neuorientierung. Die Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft hat sich vor allem dreier Aufgaben mit großem Engagement, aber auch mit Bedachtsamkeit angenommen: Aufnahme und Integration der Statistiker aus den neuen Bundesländern in die Gesellschaft, Begleitung der Neuausrichtung des Faches Statistik an deren Hochschulen und Sicherung sowie Nutzung von Datenbeständen der ehemaligen DDR.

  5. Gedagtes oor die begin van die kerk - 'n geskiedenis van ...

    seriously, affirm, and thankfully acknowledge Christendom, the. Church. We must ... In all this we at least approached the theology and practice of a spiritual partisan ..... Hegel se geskiedsfilosofie hou juis 'sintese' voor as die eindpunt van die.

  6. Modeling the Mechanical Performance of Die Casting Dies

    R. Allen Miller


    The following report covers work performed at Ohio State on modeling the mechanical performance of dies. The focus of the project was development and particularly verification of finite element techniques used to model and predict displacements and stresses in die casting dies. The work entails a major case study performed with and industrial partner on a production die and laboratory experiments performed at Ohio State.

  7. Film Presentation: Die Urknallmaschine

    Carolyn Lee


    Die Urknallmaschine, an Austrian film by Gerd Baldauf, narrated by Norbert Frischauf (Alpha Österreich - ORF, 2009).  In CERN’s gigantic complex particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light, brought to collision and made to divide into even smaller particles. Public opinion of CERN’s research is also divided. Sceptics fear that black holes may be created. Might the goal to study the origin of the world lead to its destruction? The Austrian researcher Norbert Frischauf worked at CERN for many years. With his guidance it is possible to explore the world’s largest research centre, get a glimpse of the fascinating work the scientists do there and take a crash course in particle physics. Die Urknallmaschine will be presented on Friday, 25 June from 13:00 to 14:00 in the Main Auditorium. Language: German

  8. Dying for security

    Buchan, Bruce


    Full Text Available If political statements and media coverage are any guide, it seems Australians today are dying for security. At no other moment in our history has the spectre of war and terrorism so haunted popular, political and scholarly perceptions of Australia’s colonial past and of its geopolitical future. And yet, debates over colonial war or genocide and contemporary terrorism have been conducted in more or less complete isolation. In this article I argue that our contemporary obsession with ‘security’ is premised on the perennial threat of ‘insecurity’. This is the problem of in/security, and it has played a central role in the development of Western political thought. More importantly, its formulation in Western political thought provided a powerful justification for the violence of the early decades of Australia’s colonisation during which Indigenous Australians could also be said to have been dying for security.

  9. Dying for Security

    Bruce Buchan


    Full Text Available If political statements and media coverage are any guide, it seems Australians today are dying for security. At no other moment in our history has the spectre of war and terrorism so haunted popular, political and scholarly perceptions of Australia’s colonial past and of its geopolitical future. And yet, debates over colonial war or genocide and contemporary terrorism have been conducted in more or less complete isolation. In this article I argue that our contemporary obsession with ‘security’ is premised on the perennial threat of ‘insecurity’. This is the problem of in/security, and it has played a central role in the development of Western political thought. More importantly, its formulation in Western political thought provided a powerful justification for the violence of the early decades of Australia’s colonisation during which Indigenous Australians could also be said to have been dying for security.

  10. Trauma radiology in infancy and childhood; Traumaradiologie beim Kind

    Riccabona, M.; Lindbichler, F. [LKH-Universitaetsklinikum Graz (Austria). Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie


    The aim of this review article is to familiarise the reader with the specific paediatric conditions in trauma radiology. The article briefly describes the major pathophysiologic differences in childhood and the consecutive altered injury pattern. The standard radiological imaging protocol for various involved body regions and different trauma settings/varying queries is described, with suggestion for standardised diagnostic flowcharts in some typical settings. Special regard is given to radiation protection and the potential of newer imaging modalities such as ultrasound, multi-detector- and spiral CT as well as MRI in paediatric trauma patients. As such the paper hopefully provides some basic guidelines for general radiologists in peripheral hospitals who less often have to deal with paediatric queries. (orig.) [German] Diese Arbeit soll einen kurzen Ueberblick ueber die Besonderheiten des Kindesalters in der Traumaradiologie vermitteln. Neben einer kurzen Beschreibung der pathophysiologischen Unterschiede zum Erwachsenen werden die daraus resultierenden unterschiedlichen Verletzungsarten und Traumafolgen ueberblickartig dargestellt. Die daraus resultierenden Anforderung an die Bildgebung beinhalten neben strahlenhygienischen Aspekten eine fundierte Kenntnis der fuer das Kindesalter typischen Verletzungen und Frakturarten und eine Anpassung der bildgebenden Untersuchungsprotokolle an die kindlichen Umstaende. Neben dem Vorschlag einiger standardisierter Untersuchungssequenzen bei typischen und haeufigen Fragestellungen/Konstellationen werden auch die Moeglichkeiten moderner bildgebender Methoden wie des Ultraschalls, der Spiral- und Multidetektor-CT sowie der MRT andiskutiert. Insgesamt soll die Arbeit eine Hilfestellung fuer den Allgemeinradiologen eines peripheren Spitals bei der fuer ihn/sie doch selteneren Konfrontation mit paediatrischen Traumapatienten anbieten, um im Sinne unserer kleinen Patienten ein sicheres und doch schonendes Vorgehen zu ermoeglichen

  11. Dying from cardiac tamponade

    Powari Manish


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To determine the causes of cardiac tamponade (CT, focussing especially on haemopericardium (HP, as a terminal mode of death, within a 430,000 rural English population. Methods Our hospital mortuary register and, all postmortem reports between 1995 and 2004 inclusive, were interrogated for patients dying of CT or HP. The causes of CT/HP and selected morphological characteristics were then determined. Results 14,368 postmortems were performed in this period: of these, 461 patients died of CT. Three cases were due to non-haemorrhagic pericardial effusion. HP accounted for the remaining 458 cases of which, five were post-traumatic, 311 followed rupture of an acute myocardial infarction (RAMI, 138 after intra-pericardial rupture of dissecting ascending aortic aneurysms (RD3A and four were due to miscellaneous causes. HP was more commonly due to RAMI. Men tended to die from RAMI or RD3A earlier than women. RAMI or RD3A were commoner in men Two thirds of RAMI were associated with coronary artery thrombosis. Anterior free wall rupture was commonest overall, and in women, but posterior free wall rupture was commoner in men. The volume of intrapericardial blood in RAMI (mean = 440 ml and RD3A (mean = 498 ml varied between 150 and 1000 ml: intrapericardial blood volume was greater in men than in women dying from either RAMI or RD3A. Conclusion At postmortem, CT is most often related to HP, attributable to either RAMI or intrapericardial RD3A. Post-traumatic and other causes of CT are infrequent.

  12. Die medizinische Diskussion um die Fettleibigkeit 1800-1914

    Holstermann, Inga Kristine


    Gegenstand der Untersuchung ist die medizinische Diskussion um die Fettleibigkeit von 1800 bis 1914. Dargestellt werden die unterschiedlichen Betrachtungsweisen der Fettleibigkeit beeinflusst durch gesellschaftliche, industrielle und medizinische Entwicklungen im Untersuchungszeitraum unter den Aspekten der Ursachen (Lebensführung, erbliche Veranlagung, Geschlecht, Alter, Stoffwechselstörungen) und Folgen (Gesundheitsgefahren, Ästhetik, psychische Auswirkungen). Des weiteren werden Konzepte z...

  13. Die Leben Einsteins eine Reise durch die Geschichte der Physik



    Jeder kennt die Namen Einstein, Newton oder Galilei. aber was weiss man über sie? Hier ein Porträt Einsteins anhand von sechs Meilensteinen aus der Geschichte der Physik. Einstein tritt auf als Protagonist in verschiedenen Epochen und bei verschiedenen Entdeckungen, die die Welt verändert haben.

  14. Geslagsverskille in die ouditiewe ontlokte potensiaal van die brein

    Anita D Stuart


    Full Text Available Gender differences in the auditory evoked potential of the brain. Based on literature indications of an association between temperament characteristics and the evoked potential of the brain, and indications of gender differences in certain temperament traits, the purpose of this study was to ascertain whether evoked responses also differentiated between the genders. A sample of 81 male and 210 female students was randomly selected. Two auditory evoked potential procedures were applied. The results indicated statistically significant differences in evoked potential responses between the genders. The results are interpreted against the background of sensory and neurological sources of the evoked potential responses and linked to the neurophysiological foundations of temperament. Opsomming: Gegrond op aanduidings in die literatuur van ’n assosiasie tussen temperamentskenmerke en die ontlokte potensiaal van die brein, sowel as aanduidings van geslagsverskille in sekere temperamentstrekke, was die doel van die huidige studie om te bepaal of ontloktepotensiaal-response ook tussen die geslagte onderskei. ’n Steekproef van 81 manlike en 210 vroulike studente is ewekansig geselekteer. Twee ouditiewe ontloktepotensiaal- prosedures is toegepas. Die resultate het op statisties beduidende verskille tussen die geslagte gedui. Die bevindinge word teen die agtergrond van die sensoriese en neurologiese oorsprong van ontloktepotensiaal–response geïnterpreteer en verbind aan die neurofisiologiese verankering van temperament.

  15. Radiological analysis of osteoporosis

    Lemaire, C


    This paper is intended to provide medical radiation technologists with an overview of how radiology can play a role in the detection of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is defined as disease where there is a generalized or localized deficiency of bone matrix. This deficiency causes bones to become weak resulting in an increased risk of fracture. Current methods to detect bone deficiency involve the use of bone densitometry. Over the years both radioactivity and ionizing radiation have been used to measure bone density. Currently the preferred method of choice for bone densitometry is a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry unit. This unit has the greatest reliability and precision with a low absorbed dose to the patient. With early detection of the disease, treatment can begin and further bone loss prevented. In the future, radiology will continue to be a valuable asset in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. (author)

  16. Radiologic aspects of lunatomalacia

    Rasmussen, F.; Schantz, K.


    A radiological classification of lunatomalacia, based upon the chronological radiologic manifestations in 93 patients is presented. Compression fractures were not seen as the initial event. Fifty-seven per cent of the patients had a short ulna (ulna minus variant). The presence of ulna minus variant was expecially observed in the younger patients. In 16 patients suffering from a lunate fracture and in 20 patients with lunate or perilunate luxations, lunatomalacia did not develop. Immobilization as treatment of the disorder resulted in a progressive course in all patients, but one, an 8-year-old girl. The lesion of the lunate was arrested and tended to heal following radial osteotomy in all patients. (orig.)

  17. Data mining in radiology.

    Kharat, Amit T; Singh, Amarjit; Kulkarni, Vilas M; Shah, Digish


    Data mining facilitates the study of radiology data in various dimensions. It converts large patient image and text datasets into useful information that helps in improving patient care and provides informative reports. Data mining technology analyzes data within the Radiology Information System and Hospital Information System using specialized software which assesses relationships and agreement in available information. By using similar data analysis tools, radiologists can make informed decisions and predict the future outcome of a particular imaging finding. Data, information and knowledge are the components of data mining. Classes, Clusters, Associations, Sequential patterns, Classification, Prediction and Decision tree are the various types of data mining. Data mining has the potential to make delivery of health care affordable and ensure that the best imaging practices are followed. It is a tool for academic research. Data mining is considered to be ethically neutral, however concerns regarding privacy and legality exists which need to be addressed to ensure success of data mining.

  18. Radiology and Ethics Education.

    Camargo, Aline; Liu, Li; Yousem, David M


    The purpose of this study is to assess medical ethics knowledge among trainees and practicing radiologists through an online survey that included questions about the American College of Radiology Code of Ethics and the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics. Most survey respondents reported that they had never read the American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics or the American College of Radiology Code of Ethics (77.2% and 67.4% of respondents, respectively). With regard to ethics education during medical school and residency, 57.3% and 70.0% of respondents, respectively, found such education to be insufficient. Medical ethics training should be highlighted during residency, at specialty society meetings, and in journals and online resources for radiologists.

  19. Data mining in radiology

    Amit T Kharat


    Full Text Available Data mining facilitates the study of radiology data in various dimensions. It converts large patient image and text datasets into useful information that helps in improving patient care and provides informative reports. Data mining technology analyzes data within the Radiology Information System and Hospital Information System using specialized software which assesses relationships and agreement in available information. By using similar data analysis tools, radiologists can make informed decisions and predict the future outcome of a particular imaging finding. Data, information and knowledge are the components of data mining. Classes, Clusters, Associations, Sequential patterns, Classification, Prediction and Decision tree are the various types of data mining. Data mining has the potential to make delivery of health care affordable and ensure that the best imaging practices are followed. It is a tool for academic research. Data mining is considered to be ethically neutral, however concerns regarding privacy and legality exists which need to be addressed to ensure success of data mining.

  20. Data mining in radiology

    Kharat, Amit T; Singh, Amarjit; Kulkarni, Vilas M; Shah, Digish


    Data mining facilitates the study of radiology data in various dimensions. It converts large patient image and text datasets into useful information that helps in improving patient care and provides informative reports. Data mining technology analyzes data within the Radiology Information System and Hospital Information System using specialized software which assesses relationships and agreement in available information. By using similar data analysis tools, radiologists can make informed decisions and predict the future outcome of a particular imaging finding. Data, information and knowledge are the components of data mining. Classes, Clusters, Associations, Sequential patterns, Classification, Prediction and Decision tree are the various types of data mining. Data mining has the potential to make delivery of health care affordable and ensure that the best imaging practices are followed. It is a tool for academic research. Data mining is considered to be ethically neutral, however concerns regarding privacy and legality exists which need to be addressed to ensure success of data mining. PMID:25024513

  1. Ion implantation phenomena in 4H-silicon carbide

    Phelps, Gordon James


    Silicon Carbide is a promising wide band gap semiconductor with many new properties yet to be established and investigated. Ion implantation is the dominant method of incorporating dopant materials into the Silicon Carbide crystalline structure for electronic device fabrication. The implantation process of dopants into Silicon Carbide, both theoretical and practical, is described in this Thesis. Additional fabrication process steps, such as annealing, and their implications are also described. To gain further insight into the process of ion implantation into Silicon Carbide, the detailed design of a special test die is discussed. The aim of the special test die was to obtain general information such as implanted dopant sheet resistivity and to test a novel bipolar transistor design. The fabrication steps involved for the special test die are discussed in detail. The results from the special test die take the form of specific electrical measurements, together with detailed visual observations provided by a sca...

  2. Disabling Radiological Dispersal Terror

    Hart, M


    Terror resulting from the use of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) relies upon an individual's lack of knowledge and understanding regarding its significance. Disabling this terror will depend upon realistic reviews of the current conservative radiation protection regulatory standards. It will also depend upon individuals being able to make their own informed decisions merging perceived risks with reality. Preparation in these areas will reduce the effectiveness of the RDD and may even reduce the possibility of its use.

  3. Microcephaly: a radiological review

    Tarrant, Ailbhe; Garel, Catherine; Germanaud, David; Lenoir, Marion; Pointe, Hubert Ducou le [Universite Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie, Radiology Department, Hopital d' Enfants Armand-Trousseau, Paris (France); Villemeur, Thierry Billette de; Mignot, Cyril [Universite Paris V Rene Descartes, CNRS (UMR 8104), Inserm, U567, Institut Cochin, Paris (France); Universite Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie, Paediatric Neurology Department, Hopital d' Enfants Armand-Trousseau, Paris (France)


    Microcephaly results from inadequate brain growth during development. It may develop in utero, and therefore be present at birth, or may develop later as a result of perinatal events or postnatal conditions. The aetiology of microcephaly may be congenital (secondary to cerebral malformations or metabolic abnormalities) or acquired, most frequently following an ischaemic insult. This distinct radiological and pathological entity is reviewed with a specific focus on aetiology. (orig.)

  4. Radiological safety and control

    Chang, Sea Young; Yoo, Y. S.; Lee, J. C.; Lee, T. Y.; Lee, J. L.; Kim, B. W.; Lee, B. J.; Chung, K. K.; Chung, R. I.; Kim, J. S.; Lee, H. S.; Han, Y. D.; Lee, J. I.; Lee, K. C.; Yoon, J. H.; Sul, C. W.; Kim, C. K.; Yoon, K. S.; Seo, K. W.; Yoon, Y. C. [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    This report describes the annual results of radiological safety and control program of 1995. This program consists of working area monitoring including HANARO, personnel radiation monitoring, education for radiation protection. As a result, the objectives of radiation protection have been achieved satisfactorily through the activities mentioned above. Also, the calibration services were provided to insure accurate radiation measurement in the radiation working places. 21 figs., 39 tabs., 5 refs. (Author) .new.

  5. Implantable Microimagers

    Jun Ohta


    Full Text Available Implantable devices such as cardiac pacemakers, drug-delivery systems, and defibrillators have had a tremendous impact on the quality of live for many disabled people. To date, many devices have been developed for implantation into various parts of the human body. In this paper, we focus on devices implanted in the head. In particular, we describe the technologies necessary to create implantable microimagers. Design, fabrication, and implementation issues are discussed vis-à-vis two examples of implantable microimagers; the retinal prosthesis and in vivo neuro-microimager. Testing of these devices in animals verify the use of the microimagers in the implanted state. We believe that further advancement of these devices will lead to the development of a new method for medical and scientific applications.

  6. Pitfalls in diagnostic radiology

    Peh, Wilfred C.G. (ed.) [Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (Singapore). Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology


    Only textbook to focus primarily on the topic of pitfalls in diagnostic radiology. Highlights the pitfalls in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Written by experts in different imaging modalities and subspecialties from reputable centers across the world. The practice of diagnostic radiology has become increasingly complex, with the use of numerous imaging modalities and division into many subspecialty areas. It is becoming ever more difficult for subspecialist radiologists, general radiologists, and residents to keep up with the advances that are occurring year on year, and this is particularly true for less familiar topics. Failure to appreciate imaging pitfalls often leads to diagnostic error and misinterpretation, and potential medicolegal problems. Diagnostic errors may be due to various factors such as inadequate imaging technique, imaging artifacts, failure to recognize normal structures or variants, lack of correlation with clinical and other imaging findings, and poor training or inexperience. Many, if not most, of these factors are potentially recognizable, preventable, or correctable. This textbook, written by experts from reputable centers across the world, systematically and comprehensively highlights the pitfalls that may occur in diagnostic radiology. Both pitfalls specific to different modalities and techniques and those specific to particular organ systems are described with the help of numerous high-quality illustrations. Recognition of these pitfalls is crucial in helping the practicing radiologist to achieve a more accurate diagnosis.

  7. Verrekening van die kragveld van die verbond in die inkleding van die kommunikatiewe driehoeksverhouding tussen teks, hoorder en prediker

    Friedrich W. de Wet


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel word die kommunikatiewe driehoeksverhouding tussen die Bybelse teks, die hoorders en die prediker homileties verken. Die probleemstelling waarmee gewerk word handel oor potensiële versteurings wat kan plaasvind in hierdie driehoeksverhouding wanneer die hoorders en die prediker in hulle menslike beperktheid in verbinding gebring word met die ewige Woord van God soos dit in die Bybelse teks na vore kom. In die loop van die artikel word die volgende aspekte verken: ’n Ideale tipering van die verhouding tussen die teks, hoorders en prediker waarin al drie faktore ’n regmatige plek het; die maniere waarop die kommunikatiewe driehoek in die spanningsveld tussen teks, hoorders en prediker kan skeeftrek; en pneumatologiese verankering van die kommunikatiewe driehoek in die kragveld van die verbondsruimte, waarin Jesus Christus versoenend (integrerend teenwoordig is. Die gevolgtrekking waartoe gekom word, is dat die prediker in die kragveld van die verbond in staat gestel word om getrou te bly aan die teks (waarin God aan die Woord kom, aan die hoorders (as mededeelgenote in die genade van God sowel as – in missionêre konteks – mense wat geroep word om deelgenote in hierdie genade te word en aan hom- of haarself (as nuwe mens in Christus sonder dat die verbintenis aan een element in die  kommunikatiewe driehoek die verbintenis aan die ander versteur of laat disintegreer.Reckoning with the force field of the covenant in aligning the communicative triangle between text, listener and preacher. In this article the communicative triangular relationship between the Biblical text, the listeners and the preacher is reflected upon from a homiletic point of view. The problem statement deals with potential distortions in this triangular relationship when the listeners and preacher (in their human finitude are brought into contact with the eternal Word of God as it proceeds from the Biblical text. In the course of the article the

  8. The battered child syndrome; Die nicht unfallbedingte Verletzung (battered child)

    Sorantin, E.; Lindbichler, F. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie, Graz (Austria). Abt. fuer Kinderradiologie


    The recognition of a battered child represents a challenge for all groups of adults dealing with children. Radiology plays a special role in this setting. By detection typical injuries, imaging is able to confirm the suspicion of a battered child. Recognition of those injuries on films, taken for other reasons, gives the caretaker an important hint, thus maybe preventing a fatal outcome for the child. One of the most important injury types is represented by the so called ''shakin baby syndrome''. The infant is held by the thorax and shaken. Thus causing a repetitive acceleration-deceleration trauma, which leads to the typical paravertebral rib fractures, intracranial bleeding and eye injuries. After shaking the child is thrown away, with subsequent injuries. The aim of this article is the presentation of an overview regarding the radiology of the battered child. Typical examples will be shown. (orig.) [German] Die Aufdeckung einer Kindesmisshandlung stellt eine grosse Herausforderung fuer alle in der Kinderbetreuung taetigen Berufsgruppen dar. Der Radiologie kommt eine besondere Rolle zu, da sie einerseits durch die Erkennung typischer Verletzungsmuster einen Verdacht bestaetigen, als auch bei ''Zufallsbefunden'' die moeglicherweise fatalen Folgen fuer die betroffenen Kinder verhindern kann. Der typische Verletzungsmechanismus im Rahmen einer Kindesmisshandlung stellt das sog. ''shakin baby syndrome'' dar. Dabei wird der Thorax mit beiden Haenden umfasst und das Kind geschuettelt. Durch dieses repetitive Akzelerations-Dezelerationstrauma entstehen typische Verletzungen mit paravertebralen Rippenfrakturen, ZNS- sowie Retinablutungen. Anschliessend wird das Kind weggeworfen mit entsprechend weiteren Verletzungen. Ziel dieses Artikels ist es, einen Ueberblick ueber die Radiologie der wichtigsten Verletzungen und deren Abklaerung im Rahmen einer Kindesmisshandlung zu geben sowie die Demonstration der Befunde

  9. Diagnostic radiology of pet and wild birds: a review II. Indications of radiological examination and radiographs of pathological lesions.

    Beregi, A; Molnár, V; Felkai, F; Bíró, F; Szentgáli, Z


    The second part of the review dealing with the diagnostic radiology of pet and wild birds discusses the indications of radiological examination, the interpretation of radiographs taken of pathological lesions, and the differential diagnosis of such lesions. Radiology has paramount importance in the diagnosis of diseases affecting the skeletal, digestive, respiratory, urogenital and cardiovascular systems. Certain diseases (shortage of grits, ovarian cysts) cannot be recognized without radiography. Other conditions (e.g. Macaw Wasting Disease, renal tumours, egg retention) require this complementary diagnostic method for confirmation of a suspicion based upon the clinical signs. Radiographic examination is also indicated for follow-up of the surgical management of bone fractures and for facilitating the implantation of transponders aimed at individual identification of the birds.

  10. Cochlear implantation in congenital cochlear abnormalities.

    Ahmad, R L; Lokman, S


    Many children have benefited from cochlear implant device including those with congenital malformation of the inner ear. The results reported in children with malformed cochlea are very encouraging. We describe 2 cases of Mondini's malformation with severe sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implantation was performed and both of them underwent post-implantation speech rehabilitation. Post-implantation, both of them were noted to respond to external sound. But the second case developed facial twitching a few months after the device was switched on. It is important to evaluate the severity of the inner ear deformity and the other associated anomalies in pre-implantation radiological assessment in order to identify the problem that may complicate the surgery and subsequent patient management.

  11. Die amtliche Kinder- und Jugendhilfestatistik

    Schilling, Matthias


    Unter Rückgriff auf verschiedene wissenschaftliche Methoden umfasst die Dissertation eine differenzierte Untersuchung der amtlichen Kinder- und Jugendhilfestatistik (KJH-Statistik). Da die wissenschaftliche Sozialpädagogik erst langsam und zögerlich beginnt, die amtliche Statistik der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe wahrzunehmen, liegt das Forschungsinteresse darin, dass eine grundlegende und umfassende wissenschaftliche Analyse der Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der KJH-Statistik vorgenommen wird. Die KJ...

  12. Precision die design by the die expansion method

    Ibhadode, A O Akii


    This book presents a new method for the design of the precision dies used in cold-forging, extrusion and drawing processes. The method is based upon die expansion, and attempts to provide a clear-cut theoretical basis for the selection of critical die dimensions for this group of precision dies when the tolerance on product diameter (or thickness) is specified. It also presents a procedure for selecting the minimum-production-cost die from among a set of design alternatives. The mathematical content of the book is relatively simple and will present no difficulty to those who have taken basic c

  13. Reinventing radiology reimbursement.

    Marshall, John; Adema, Denise


    Lee Memorial Health System (LMHS), located in southwest Florida, consists of 5 hospitals, a home health agency, a skilled nursing facility, multiple outpatient centers, walk-in medical centers, and primary care physician offices. LMHS annually performs more than 300,000 imaging procedures with gross imaging revenues exceeding dollar 350 million. In fall 2002, LMHS received the results of an independent audit of its IR coding. The overall IR coding error rate was determined to be 84.5%. The projected net financial impact of these errors was an annual reimbursement loss of dollar 182,000. To address the issues of coding errors and reimbursement loss, LMHS implemented its clinical reimbursementspecialist (CRS) system in October 2003, as an extension of financial services' reimbursement division. LMHS began with CRSs in 3 service lines: emergency department, cardiac catheterization, and radiology. These 3 CRSs coordinate all facets of their respective areas' chargemaster, patient charges, coding, and reimbursement functions while serving as a resident coding expert within their clinical areas. The radiology reimbursement specialist (RRS) combines an experienced radiologic technologist, interventional technologist, medical records coder, financial auditor, reimbursement specialist, and biller into a single position. The RRS's radiology experience and technologist knowledge are key assets to resolving coding conflicts and handling complex interventional coding. In addition, performing a daily charge audit and an active code review are essential if an organization is to eliminate coding errors. One of the inherent effects of eliminating coding errors is the capturing of additional RVUs and units of service. During its first year, based on account level detail, the RRS system increased radiology productivity through the additional capture of just more than 3,000 RVUs and 1,000 additional units of service. In addition, the physicians appreciate having someone who "keeps up

  14. Gods hand in die natuur

    A. Duvenage


    Full Text Available Kan ons van so iets spreek? Daaroor bestaan daar seker geen verskil nie. Die Bybel is vol daarvan van Genesis tot Openbaring. God is Skepper. ’n Ander vraag is of ons God ook kan ken uit wat daar in die natuur gebeur? Verloop alles nie maar volgens ewige natuurwette waaraan tog niks verander kan word nie? Ons bely egter dat die Here nie net in die hart van die mens gelê het wat ons noem die „saad van die religie” nie (semen religionis, maar dat ons Hom ook ken deur die skep- ping, onderhouding en regering van die hele wêreld, aangesien dit voor ons oë is soos ’n mooi boek waarin alle skepsels, groot en klein, die letters is wat ons die onsigbare dinge van God duidelik laat sien, nl. sy ewige krag en Goddelikheid ...; dinge wat almal genoegsaam is om die mense te oortuig en hulle alle verontskuldiging te ontneem (Art. 2 Ned. Gel. Bel..

  15. New aspects from legislation, guidelines and safety standards for MRI; Neues aus Gesetzen, Richtlinien und Sicherheitsstandards fuer die MRT

    Muehlenweg, M. [Krankenhaus Martha-Maria Halle-Doelau, Institut fuer Radiologie, Halle (Saale) (Germany); Schaefers, G. [MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen (Germany); Trattnig, S. [Exzellenzzentrum Hochfeld-Magnetresonanz, Medizinische Universitaet Wien, Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiodiagnostik, Wien (Austria)


    Many aspects of magnetic resonance (MR) operation are not directly regulated by law but in standards, guidelines and the operating instructions of the MR scanner. The mandatory contents of the operating instructions are regulated in a central standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60601-2-33. In this standard, the application of static magnetic fields in MRI up to 8 Tesla (T) in the clinical routine (first level controlled mode) has recently been approved. Furthermore, the equally necessary CE certification of ultra-high field scanners (7-8 T) in Europe is expected for future devices. The existing installations will not be automatically certified but will retain their experimental status. The current extension of IEC 60601-2-33 introduces a new add-on option, the so-called fixed parameter option (FPO). This option might also be switched on in addition to the established operating modes and defines a fixed device constellation and certain parameters of the energy output of MR scanners designed to simplify the testing of patients with implants in the future. The employment of pregnant workers in an MRI environment is still not generally regulated in Europe. In parts of Germany and Austria pregnant and lactating employees were prohibited from working in the MR control zone (0.5 mT) in 2014. This is based on the mostly unresolved question of the applicability of limits for employees (exposure of extremities to static magnetic fields up to 8 T allowed) or the thresholds for the general population (maximum 400 mT). According to the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR), the discarding of breast milk after i.v. administration of gadolinium-based contrast agents in the case of a breastfeeding woman is only recommended when using contrast agents in the nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) high-risk category. (orig.) [German] Viele Belange des MR-Betriebs sind nicht direkt gesetzlich geregelt, sondern in Normen, Richtlinien und der

  16. Die eunug in die klassieke mitologie en samelewing

    F. P. Retief


    Full Text Available Die konsep, eunug, wat na ’n gekastreerde persoon (gewoonlik manlik verwys, het sy oorsprong in die mitologie. Van hier word dit deurgevolg na die Klassieke tydperk. Kastrering vir religieuse redes was deel van godsdiensrituele gekoppel aan verering van aardgodinne en fertiliteit. Die kultusse wat aan die godinne Kubele, Hekate, Atargatis-Dea, Astarte, Artemis en Innana-Ishtar gewy was en wat deur eunugpriesters bedien was, word beskryf. Kastrering vir niereligieuse redes, oorwegend weens sosio-ekonomiese oorwegings, het waarskynlik tydens die 2de millennium v.C. sy oorsprong in Midde-Oosterse lande gehad vanwaar dit teen ongeveer die 5de eeu v.C. na Griekeland, en twee eeue later na Rome uitgebrei het. ’n Oorsig word gelewer van die invloed en rol van die eunug ten tye van die klassieke beskawing. Die sogenaamde “kongenitale eunug” waar hipogonadisme weens ’n aangebore letsel ontstaan, ’n baie seldsame verskynsel, word nie verder bespreek nie.

  17. Aard, funksie en invloed van die Literatuur

    J. van der Elst


    Full Text Available Binne die raam werk van die tema van hierdie simposium gaan dit om twee komponente:die Literatuur, meer bepaald die letterkundige werk of woordkunswerk met sy drie genres endie gemeenskap, die onlvangers of belewers van die Literatuur of doodgewoon die lesers.

  18. Videobasierte Unterrichtsbeobachtung: die Quadratur des Zirkels?

    Fankhauser, Regula


    Seit einigen Jahren wird Unterrichtsforschung vermehrt videobasiert angegangen. Die methodologische Diskussion, die die Weiterentwicklung des Instrumentariums begleitet, kreist dabei zentral um die Frage der Invasivität der Aufzeichnungstechnik und möglicher Kameraeffekte. Je nach methodologischer Ausrichtung wird diesem Problem anders begegnet: So versucht die abbildtheoretische Unterrichtsvideografie, die Invasivität zu kontrollieren. Qualitative Methoden wie die Kameraethnografie dagegen m...

  19. Die wisselende rol van kontinuïteit en diskontinuïteit in die geskiedenis van die filosofie en die wiskunde

    Danie F.M. Strauss


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel wil lig werp op die onvermydelikheid van diskreetheid en kontinuïteit as primitiewe (ondefinieerbare verklaringswyses in die geskiedenis van die filosofie en die wiskunde. Dit beliggaam die algemene uitdaging om rekenskap van die samehang van iets wat uniek is te gee. Gödel beklemtoon die samehang van ‘primitiewe begrippe’. Die Griekse filosofie het reeds die ruimtelike geheel-dele-relasie – en die oneindige verdeelbaarheid daarvan – ontdek. Gedurende en na die Middeleeue het filosowe wipplank gery tussen ’n atomistiese waardering van die kontinuum en die teenoorgestelde daarvan, wat byvoorbeeld in die denke van Leibniz aangetref word as die gepostuleerde wet van kontinuïteit (lex continui. Die ontdekking van ‘inkommensurabiliteit’ (irrasionale getalle deur die Grieke het aanleiding gegee tot die eerste grondslagkrisis van die wiskunde en die geometrisering daarvan. Leibniz en Newton kon die probleme rondom die limietbegrip nie besleg nie en spoedig sou dit tot die derde grondslagkrisis van die wiskunde aanleiding gee. Dit het Frege en die ‘kontinuum-teoretici’ daartoe gebring om prioriteit aan die kontinuum te gee – diskreetheid is ’n katastrofe. Onlangs waardeer Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis kontinuïteit as iets wat ’n ‘ongebroke en ononderbroke geheel’ daarstel. Die intuïsionistiese wiskunde het opnuut aangesluit by die klem op die ruimtelike geheel-dele-relasie. Ondanks pogings om kontinuïteit eksklusief aritmeties en ruimtelik te verstaan bevestig die geskiedenis van die filosofie en die wiskunde onmiskenbaar dat die medekondisionerende rol van hierdie twee wyses van verklaring ’n konstante metgesel in die nadenke oor kontinuïteit en diskontinuïteit sou bly. (Die rol van kontinuïteit en diskontinuïteit in die fisika en biologie sal in ’n aparte artikel ondersoek word.

  20. Reuchlin und die Kabbala


    Auszug: Hundert Jahre nachdem Johannes Reuchlin sein wissenschaftliches Werk vollendet hatte, war der von ihm hinterlassene Eindruck auf die europäische Wissenschaft und das europäische Denken so nachdrücklich, daß er - liebe- oder vorwurfsvoll - einmal >Rabbi Capnion< genannt wurde. Und wirklich - so meint Joseph Blau in seiner Darstellung der christlichen Kabbala - habe Reuchlin der hebräischen Literatur mehr gedient als mancher ordentliche Rabbiner. Ähnlich hat Gershom Scholem, der Begründ...

  1. Die Mythosphilosophie Ernst Cassirers

    Pedersen, Esther Oluffa

    Bogen undersøger Ernst Cassirers filosofiske hovedværk - Die Philosophie der symbolischen Formen - for at finde frem til, hvilken betydning det har, at Cassirer inddrager myten som den menneskelige kulturs grundform og dermed på mange måder sidestillet med videnskab, sprog og kunst. Der...... argumenteres for, at netop arbejdet med myten muliggjorde en frugtbar åbning af erkendelsesteorien i retning af udtryksfænomenet og følelsers betydning for menneskets livsverden. Bogens anden del ser nærmere på, hvordan Cassirer bruger sin mytefilosofi fra 1920'erne til at forstå 1940'ernes fascistiske...

  2. Die ideaal van die spreker in die satiriese gedig: M.M. Walters

    S. M. Cameron


    Full Text Available Wanneer van die satirikus gepraat word, word eintlik die spreker in die satiriese gedig veronderstel. “For the Muse ought always to be our reminder that it is not the author as man who casts these shadows on our printed page, but the author as poet” (Mack, 1971:193.

  3. Renewal of radiological equipment.


    In this century, medical imaging is at the heart of medical practice. Besides providing fast and accurate diagnosis, advances in radiology equipment offer new and previously non-existing options for treatment guidance with quite low morbidity, resulting in the improvement of health outcomes and quality of life for the patients. Although rapid technological development created new medical imaging modalities and methods, the same progress speed resulted in accelerated technical and functional obsolescence of the same medical imaging equipment, consequently creating a need for renewal. Older equipment has a high risk of failures and breakdowns, which might cause delays in diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and safety problems both for the patient and the medical staff. The European Society of Radiology is promoting the use of up-to-date equipment, especially in the context of the EuroSafe Imaging Campaign, as the use of up-to-date equipment will improve quality and safety in medical imaging. Every healthcare institution or authority should have a plan for medical imaging equipment upgrade or renewal. This plan should look forward a minimum of 5 years, with annual updates. Teaching points • Radiological equipment has a definite life cycle span, resulting in unavoidable breakdown and decrease or loss of image quality which renders equipment useless after a certain time period.• Equipment older than 10 years is no longer state-of-the art equipment and replacement is essential. Operating costs of older equipment will be high when compared with new equipment, and sometimes maintenance will be impossible if no spare parts are available.• Older equipment has a high risk of failure and breakdown, causing delays in diagnosis and treatment of the patient and safety problems both for the patient and the medical staff.• Every healthcare institution or authority should have a plan for medical imaging equipment upgrade or replacement. This plan should look forward a

  4. Radiological aspects of Gaucher disease

    Katz, Robert; Booth, Tom; Hargunani, Rikin; Wylie, Peter; Holloway, Brian [Royal Free Hospital, Radiology Department, London (United Kingdom)


    Advances in imaging and the development of commercially available enzyme therapy have significantly altered the traditional radiology of Gaucher disease. The cost of treatment and need for monitoring response to therapy have magnified the importance of imaging. There are no recent comprehensive reviews of the radiology of this relatively common lysosomal storage disease. This article describes the modern imaging, techniques and radiological manifestations of Gaucher disease. (orig.)

  5. Die historiese Jesus, die Jesus-beweging en die vorming van die kerk

    Andries van Aarde


    Full Text Available The historical Jesus, the Jesus movement and the birth of the church. The article focuses on the birth of the church. The point at which the church began its existence is located within the boundaries of fonnative Judaism. The parting of the ways is explained as a movement from faction to sect, to the eventual fonnation of the church in its own right as distinct from the synagogue. The historical Jesus should therefore not be seen as the founder of the church. However, the article argues that the relation of the life and death of the historical Jesus to the resurrection belief of the post-paschal Jesus movement constitutes the cradle of the church. This continuum between Jesus and New Testament Christendom is referred to by means of the Gennan phrase die Sache Jesu. Reconsideration of this trajectory results in the conviction that the vision and program of the historical Jesus cannot be neglected when one reflects on the nature of the church in the New Testament or on the vocation of the church through history to the present day. Two thought complexes form the kernel of die Sache Jesu: God's unbounded presence and the concept that everyone has unmediated and non-hierarchical access to the grace of God.

  6. Radiological safety and control

    Seo, Kyeong Won; You, Young Soo; Chang, Sea Young; Yoon, Yeo Chang; Yoon, Suk Chul; Kim, Jang Yeol; Lee, Tae Young; Lee, Bong Jae; Kim, Bong Hwan; Lee, Jong Il; Jeong, Juk Yeon; Lee, Sang Yeol; Jeong, Kyung Ki; Jeong, Rae Ik; Kim, Jong Su; Han, Young Dae; Lee, Hyung Sub; Kim, Chang Kyung [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    This report describes the annual results of radiological safety and control program. This program includes working area monitoring (WAM), personnel radiation monitoring (PRM), education for radiation protection (ERP), preparing for KMRR operation and developing QA program on personal dose evaluation. As a result, the objectives of radiation protection have been achieved satisfactorily through the WAM, PRM and ERP. The QA program on personal dose evaluation has been approved by the MOST according to the Ministerial Ordinance (No. 1992-15). KAERI has also been authorized as a specialized processor for personal dose evaluation. 32 tabs., 20 figs. (Author) .new.

  7. Radiological evaluation of chondroblastoma

    Hudson, T.M.; Hawkins, I.F. Jr.


    Eleven new and six recurrent chondroblastomas were studied with multiple radiological imaging methods (plain radiography, conventional tomography, computed tomography, radionuclide bone scanning, and angiography). When the plain radiographic appearance was typical, conventional tomography or computed tomography (CT) was helpful, but other studies were not. Periosteal reaction and angiographic hypervascularity were common and did not indicate cortical breakthrough. For large, aggressive, or atypical lesions, conventional tomography and CT were helpful in delineating anatomic extent, and angiography was of value in demonstrating major vessel displacement. Radionuclide bone scanning was not useful.

  8. Die hermeneutiek van gereformeerde kerkreg

    Andries le Roux du Plooy


    Full Text Available Die artikel het op die belangrikheid en noodsaaklikheid van ‘n hermeneutiek vir die gereformeerde kerkreg gefokus. Die kerkregtelike dokument wat besonderlik ter sake was, is die kerkorde van die Gereformeerde kerke in Suid-Afrika, met sy besondere band met die Dordtse kerkorde van 1618 en 1619. Agtereenvolgens is aandag gegee aan die volgende aspekte soos (1 die eiesoortige aard van ‘n kerkorde as ‘n teologiese dokument en teks, in onderskeiding van regsdokumente; (2 die aard van die hermeneutiek van kerkreg; (3 enkele teorieë oor die interpretasie of uitleg van tekste, veral regstekste en (4 normatiewe vooronderstellings en reëls vir die interpretasie en verstaan van die teks en artikels van die kerkorde asook besluite van kerklike vergaderinge. Die gevolgtrekking was dat weinig indringende navorsing gedoen is oor die saak van hermeneutiek vir kerkreg, hoewel dit noodsaaklik is. Duidelike hermeneutiese reëls is gesuggereer en verduidelik, wat sou kon meehelp dat kerke en kerklike vergaderinge die artikels van die kerkorde asook besluite en reglemente wat daarop berus het, kan interpreteer en toepas.The hermeneutics of reformed church polity. The article focused on the importance and urgency of a design for reformed hermeneutics on church polity. The Church Order referred to in the article is the Church Order of the Reformed Churches in South Africa, which are closely related to the Church Order of Dordt of 1618 and 1619. The following aspects received attention namely (1  the unique character of a Church Order, in comparison to and distinguished from legal documents and statutes; (2 the character and nature of hermeneutics of church polity; (3 theories of interpretation in the common law tradition and their relevance to church polity and (4 normative presuppositions and marks for the interpretation and understanding of the text and articles of the Church Order, as well as the resolutions of church assemblies. It was found that

  9. Is die ortodoksie se verstaan van die sondeval belemmerend vir die gesprek tussen teologie en natuurwetenskap?

    Johan Buitendag


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel is betoog dat die Gereformeerde Ortodoksie se begrip van die sondeval ’n  belemmering  was  vir  die  gesprek  tussen  teologie  en  natuurwetenskap.  Die  rede hiervoor was dat dit ten eerste ’n bepaalde verstaan van liniêre tyd nahou en ten tweede dat dit ’n bonatuurlike ingryp veronderstel het. Albei hierdie aspekte het die debat onnodig problematiseer. Die argument is ontwikkel deur eerstens die probleem te definieer, gevolg deur ’n uiteensetting van die standpunte van Augustinus en Calvyn onderskeidelik oor die sondeval. As ’n heuristiese sleutel is die konsepte van infralapsarisme en supralapsarisme aangewend om die tema te ontleed. Die artikel is afgesluit met die oortuiging dat die imago Dei ’n beliggaamde menslike persoon is wat biologies in die geskiedenis in terme van selfbewussyn en morele verantwoordelikheid ontluik het.Is the Orthodoxy’s notion of the Fall inhibitory for the dialogue between theology and science? In this article it was argued that the Reformed Orthodoxy’s interpretation of the Fall had become an impediment in the dialogue between theology and science. The reason was that it assumed firstly a specific understanding of linear time and secondly a metaphysical intervention. Both events were unnecessarily problematising the debate. The argument was deployed by stating the problem, followed by an exposition of the views of Augustine and Calvin on the Fall. As a heuristic key, the concepts of infralapsarism and supralapsarism were applied respectively to analyse the topic. The article concluded with the conviction that the imago Dei is an embodied human person that had biologically emerged in history as a center of self-awareness, and moral responsibility.

  10. Die verband tussen lokus van beheer en die werks prestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf

    E. L. Coetzer


    Full Text Available The relationship between locus of control and the work performance of black marketers in the life assurance industry. The aim of the study was to establish the relationship between locus of control and the work performance of black marketers in the life assurance industry. These constructs were selected by virtue of the lack of empirical research regarding the assumed relationship between them. The Locus of Control Scale of Schepers (1995 was used for measuring locus of control. Work performance was measured by the commission earned per month by the marketer, the number of policies generated by the marketer, as well as the percentage of lapsed policies. The relevant measurements were obtained in respect of a sample of 149 black marketing personnel. The results indicated a modest but statistically significant relationship between external locus of control and the work performance of black marketers. Opsomming Die doel van die studie was om die verband tussen lokus van beheer en die werksprestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf te bepaal. Hierdie konstrukte is gekies op grond van die gebrek aan empiriese navorsing rakende die veronderstelde verband tussen genoemde konstrukte. Die Lokus van Beheer-vraelys van Schepers (1995 is in die meting van lokus van beheer gebruik. Werksprestasie is aan die hand van kommissie per maand verdien, aantal polisse gegenereer deur 'n bemarker en die persentasie vervalde polisse, gemeet. Die tersaaklike metinge is verkry ten opsigte van 'n steekproef van 149 swart bemarkers. Die resultate toon 'n klein, dog statisties beduidende verband tussen eksterne lokus van beheer en die werksprestasie van swart bemarkers in die lewensversekeringsbedryf.

  11. Radiological Calibration and Standards Facility

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — PNNL maintains a state-of-the-art Radiological Calibration and Standards Laboratory on the Hanford Site at Richland, Washington. Laboratory staff provide expertise...

  12. Sedimentêre omgewings van die Inhaca-eilandstelsel met spesiale verwysing na die petrografiese en geochemiese eienskappe van die sedimente spesiale verwysing na die petrografiese en geochemiese eienskappe van die sedimente

    Marieke Peché


    Full Text Available Die Inhaca-eilandstelsel is geleë langs die suidooskus van Mosambiek. Die oostekant van die stelsel grens aan die Indiese Oseaan en die westekant aan die Baai van Maputo. Hierdie eilandstelsel bestaan uit Inhaca- en Portugese eiland, asook ’n groep sandbanke wat van die noordlike punt van Inhaca na Portugese eiland strek. Die doel van hierdie studie is om die verskillende moderne en oer-sedimentêre omgewings op die eilandstelsel te identifiseer en te beskryf, die invloed van getye en golfaksie op die moderne sedimentêre omgewing vas te stel en die geochemiese en petrografiese samestelling van die geologiese eenhede te bepaal.

  13. Die gebruik van metode in die filosofie, spesiaal in die reformatoriese tra­disie 1

    N. T. van der Merwe


    Full Text Available Die onderw erp van my voordrag, Die gebruik van metode in die fílosofie, verg ’n paar verduidelikende opinerkings vooraf. Ek dink u verm oed alreeds dat hierdie fomulering ’n versuikerde pil is om u in so ’n mate nuuskierig te maak dat una ’n heerlike vrye filosofiese ‘onderonsie’ gedurende die teepouse darem vir ’n tw eede sessie terugkeer. Want is dit nie twee smaaklike heuningdruppels nie: filosofie en sy metode’ en ‘metode in die Reformatoriese filosofiese tradisie'?! Veral as in gedagte gehou word dat in teenstelling met wat ’n mens sou verw ag, daaroor dié onderwerp as sodanig relatief maar heel weinig geskrywe is en word, selfs as die ‘Inleidings in die Metodologie’ daarby gereken word.

  14. Radiology illustrated. Spine

    Kang, Heung Sik; Lee, Joon Woo [Seoul National Univ. Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Kyonggi-do (Korea, Republic of). Dept. of Radiology; Kwon, Jong Won [Samsung Medical Center, Seoul (Korea, Republic of). Dept. of Radiology


    Offers a practical approach to image interpretation for spinal disorders. Includes numerous high-quality radiographic images and schematic illustrations. Will serve as a self-learning book covering daily routine cases from the basic to the advanced. Radiology Illustrated: Spine is an up-to-date, superbly illustrated reference in the style of a teaching file that has been designed specifically to be of value in clinical practice. Common, critical, and rare but distinctive spinal disorders are described succinctly with the aid of images highlighting important features and informative schematic illustrations. The first part of the book, on common spinal disorders, is for radiology residents and other clinicians who are embarking on the interpretation of spinal images. A range of key disorders are then presented, including infectious spondylitis, cervical trauma, spinal cord disorders, spinal tumors, congenital disorders, uncommon degenerative disorders, inflammatory arthritides, and vascular malformations. The third part is devoted to rare but clinically significant spinal disorders with characteristic imaging features, and the book closes by presenting practical tips that will assist in the interpretation of confusing cases.

  15. Sexual Harassment in Radiology.

    Camargo, Aline; Liu, Li; Yousem, David M


    To gauge the prevalence of sexual harassment (SH) and to understand the issues regarding its disclosure among radiologists. A questionnaire on ethics and SH was sent by e-mail to 1,569 radiologists and radiology trainees in an institutional database maintained for continuing medical education purposes on three separate occasions between September 17 and October 31, 2016. The link to the survey was also posted on social media sites via the authors' divisional and institutional accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Aunt Minnie, as well as on ACR and RSNA web blogs. Overall, 9.75% (39 of 400) respondents stated they had suffered SH, with more female (22 of 90 = 24.4%) than male victims (11 of 249 = 4.4%) (P victims said they would likely report SH (P witnessed SH. By percentage responding, female radiologists are more frequently victims and witnesses of sexual harassment but are less likely to report such cases. Steps need to be taken to eliminate a culture that leads radiologists to tolerate SH without addressing it. Copyright © 2017 American College of Radiology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Die derivation der slowenischen substantive

    ]ože Toporišič


    Full Text Available Von der traditionellen slowenischen Wortbildungslehre von Substantiven mit den Suffixen (s. g. Derivation wird die betreffende Problematik so dargestellt, dass man - nach Miklošič's Vorbild - von Suffixen mit einem charakteristischen Konsonanten (oder mit eine charakteristischen Konsonantengruppe aus gehend bei verschiedenen Wortartbasen (Zeitwort, Adjektiv, Substantiv die semantischen kategorien von Wortbildungen mit »demselben« Suffix aufzählt. Aber schon bei A. Bajec (Besedotvorje slovenskega jezika, 1950 findet man auch das Kapitel »Die Suffixe nach ihren Bedeutungen, worin Suffixe für 24 Bedeutungsgruppen festgehalten sind. In der Slovenska slovnica (1956 gibt es 16, im Slovenski knjižni jezik 2 (1966 aber 13 solcher Gruppen von Suffixen. Der vorliegende Ausatz geht ebenfalls von den semantischen Kategorien aus, versucht aber die Zahl der Bedeutungskategorien, die aus verhalen, adjekvsehen oder substantiviseher Basen mit Hilfe von Suffixen gebildet werden, auf 6 grosse Gruppen zu reduzieren. Diese 6 Gruppen sind: 1. die Namen der Agenten, des Eigenschaftstragers und der Verbundenheit; 2. die Namen der Werkzeuge, 3. die Namen der Handlung, der Eigenschaft und des Zustandes, 4. die Namen der vergegenständlichten Tat oder Eigenschaft, 5. die Namen der Lokalisierung und 6. Verschiedene. Nur bei den Wortbildungen aus einer substantivischen Basis gibt es noch eine besondere, die s. g. Modifikationsbedeutungsgruppe (Feminativa und Maskulinativa, Kollektiva, Gradativa, Iuvenalia, Diminutiva, Diminutivhipokoristika, Diminutivpeirotiva und Peiorativa. - Dabei wird keine Riick­ sicht darauf genommen, ob diese Suffixe genain slowenisch oder aus anderen Sprachen übernommen sind. Die Berechtigung dafiir gibt uns nicht nur die produktive Wortbildung mit den entlehnten (nichtautochtonen Suffixen im gegenwärtigen Slowenisch, sondern (was noch wichtiger ist auch das richtige Verständnisvermögen der Sprecher für solche Wortbildungen im

  17. Die invloed van herbivorie en vuur op die oorlewing van sekere meerjarige kruide langs die Sabierivier, Kruger Nasionale Park

    H. Myburgh


    Full Text Available Die groot vloede wat in die jaar 2000 in die Kruger Nasionale Park plaasgevind het, het dierivieroewerplantegroei versteur. Dit het die geleentheid gebied om heinings op te rig langsdie Sabierivier om herbivore uit sekere gebiede uit te sluit en sodoende die herstel van die rivieroewerekosisteme te monitor.

  18. Clinical and radiological evaluation of sinus-lifting results with digital volume tomography

    A.M. Panin; A.Yu. Vasiljev; Vishnyakov, V.V.; N.S. Serova; A.A. Kharlamov


    Modern techniques of radiological examination form the basis for additional diagnostic and planning methods of surgical treatment in oral surgery and implantology. Assessment of maxillary sinus condition and sinuslifting results is a part of preoperative examination before dental implantation. The estimated results of digital volume tomography after sinuslifting have shown that 51,1% of patients have lack of volume of implant on the medial wall of the sinus. That does not allow placing dental...

  19. Die heelal en sy onstaan (II

    D. J. Van Rooy


    Full Text Available Ons kennis en wetenskap van die hemelliggame word volkome bepaal deur die lig wat ons van hulle ontvang, d.w.s. as ons die feite wat die Bybel daaromtrent meedeel, buite rekening laat.

  20. Spearman se G en die faktorstrukture van die senior aanlegtoetse en die algemene skolastiese aanlegtoets

    G. P. De Bruin


    Full Text Available Spearman's G and the factor structures of the Senior Aptlitude Test and the General Scholastic Aptitude Test. Scores of 1507 university students on the six subtests of the General Scholastic Aptitude Test (GSAT and on nine subtests of the Senior Aptitude Tests (SAT were subjected to a joint confirmatory factor analysis. This procedure was followed to examine (a the extent to which scores in respect of the two batteries of tests, are explained by a general factor (Spearman's g, and (b the relationship between the two general factors. Scores on the GSAT subtests were adequately explained by just one factor. With regard to the SAT three group factors could be distinguished, namely Verbal Ability, Visual-Spatial Ability and Numerical Ability. The correlations between the group factors were so high that the influence of a general factor was evident. The general factors underlying the SAT and GSAT respectively, also correlated significantly. In view of findings suggesting the general intelligence is the best single predictor of criteria such as academic success and work performance, the GSAT is recommended for selection purposes. Opsomming Tellings van 1507 universiteitstudente op die ses subtoetse van die ASAT en nege subtoetse van die SAT, is gesamentlik aan 'n bevestigende faktorontleding onderwerp. Hierdie prosedure is gevolg om ondersoek in te stel na (a die mate waartoe 'n algemene faktor (Spearman se g die tellings op die twee batterye toetse onderskeidelik onderle, en (b wat die verwantskap tussen die twee algemene faktore sou wees. Ten opsigte van die ASAT is dit duidelik dat slegs een faktor tellings op al ses subtoetse verklaar. Ten opsigte van die SAT kon drie groepsfaktore onderskei word/ naamlik Verbale Vermoe, Visueel-Ruimtelike Vermoe en Numeriese Vermoe. Die korrelasies tussen die drie groepsfaktore was egter so hoog dat dit duidelik is dat daar 'n algemene faktor onderliggend is aan die nege subtoetse. Die algemene faktore wat die

  1. Die MCI im Wandel: User Experience als die zentrale Herausforderung?

    Jetter, Christian


    Die Informationstechnologie hat heute einen Reifegrad erlangt, der stark umkämpfte Massenmärkte von interaktiven Produkten hervorgebracht hat. In diesen sind - wie auch in den herkömmlichen Konsumgütermärkten - nicht nur die pragmatische Produktqualität, sondern auch das Benutzungserlebnis und die Gesamtwirkung auf den Käufer entscheidend für den Markterfolg. Eine erfolgreiche Gestaltung dieser "User Experience" geht dabei über die reine Softwareergonomie hinaus und erfordert interdisziplinär...

  2. Radiology of the primary systemic vasculitides; Radiologie der primaeren systemischen Vaskulitiden

    Reuter, M.; Biederer, J.; Both, M.; Heller, M.L. [Universitaetsklinikum Kiel (Germany). Klinik fuer Diagnostische Radiologie; Schnabel, A. [Universitaetsklinik Luebeck (Germany). Poliklinik fuer Rheumatologie; Medizinische Krankenhausabteilung Rheumaklinik Bad Bramstedt GmbH (Germany); Sana Rheumazentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany). Klinik fuer Internistische Rheumatologie und Klinische Immunologie; Reinhold-Keller, E.; Gross,W. [Universitaetsklinik Luebeck (Germany). Poliklinik fuer Rheumatologie; Medizinische Krankenhausabteilung Rheumaklinik Bad Bramstedt GmbH (Germany)


    Determination of disease extension and disease activity are in the foreground of diagnostic imaging in vasculitides. There are several radiologic modalities available each having specific indications. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) readily depicts granulomas and mucosal inflammations in the paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity and orbits. Computed tomography detects osseous lesions of the skull. Due to its superb sensitivity MRI is an established screening modality for CNS vasculitides, although there are limitations with regard to specificity. In spite of its limited accuracy in most institutions angiography is still required for radiological confirmation of CNS vasculitis. Perfusion and diffusion MR-imaging may combine the advantages of ''conventional'' MRI and angiography. By now the method is not fully validated for vasculitides, however. Vascular disease in Takayasu's arteritis and in giant cell arteritis involving predominantly large and medium sized vessels is readily diagnosed by non invasive magnetic resonance angiography. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty has proven to be an effective and save therapeutic modality for the cure of vascular stenoses and occlusions. Plain film radiography in two planes is the established modality for pulmonary imaging. In pulmonary vasculitides a more thorough analysis of lung disease is provided by high resolution computed tomography. Diagnostic imaging does substantially assist in the interdisciplinary management of patients suffering from vasculitides. (orig.) [German] Die Bestimmung der Krankheitsausdehnung und die Festlegung der Krankheitsaktivitaet stehen im Vordergrund der bildgebenden Diagnostik von Vaskulitiden. Fuer die eigentliche Diagnosefindung ist die Radiologie von untergeordneter Bedeutung. Die verschiedenen radiologischen Methoden weisen jeweils spezifische Indikationen auf. Die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) hat sich als hilfreich fuer die Diagnostik von Granulomen und

  3. Extra-aortic implantable counterpulsation pump in chronic heart failure.

    Mitnovetski, Sergei; Almeida, Aubrey A; Barr, Althea; Peters, William S; Milsom, F Paget; Ho, Betty; Smith, Julian A


    Extra-aortic counterpulsation for the management of chronic heart failure is a novel approach. We report the use of an extra-aortic implantable counterpulsation pump in the management of a 73-year-old patient with severe heart failure refractory to medical therapy. The implantable counterpulsation pump prolonged his life and greatly improved its quality. The patient lived almost 7 months after the implantation of the device and died of septic complications secondary to gas line infection.

  4. Meganisisme, vitalisme en holisme in die Biologie

    P.J. Botha


    Full Text Available Die Biologie word omskryf as die wetenskap van die lewende wesens (organismes. Die lewe staan dus in die brandpunt van die biologiese studie en ondersoek. Vra ons ons egter af wat onder „lewe” verstaan word, besef ons dadelik dat ons hier met ’n uiters moeilik definieerbare begrip te doen het. In verband met die aard van lewe het daar onder die bioloë en natuurfilosowe veral twee denkrigtings posgevat, nl. meganisisme en vitalism.

  5. Die mites rondom die val van Troje en Vergilius se uitbeelding daarvan in die tweede boek van die Aeneïs

    J. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available Die mites oor die val van Troje vertel ’n aangrypende verhaal en in die tweede boek van die Aeneïs gee Vergilius op ’n besondere wyse gestalte daaraan. Maar Vergilius se vergestalting daarvan is slegs een van die variante van die verhaal.

  6. Lady Di - Die moderne Madonna

    Steuten, Ulrich; Strasser, Hermann


    Die authentischen Bekundungen von Trauer und Wertschätzung, die der bei einem Autounfall in Paris ums Leben gekommenen Prinzessin Diana weltweit entgegengebracht und seit Jahren von mehreren Seiten instrumentalisiert werden, sind unübersehbar. Das Leben und Sterben der Prinzessin von Wales ist nach Ansicht der Autoren geeignet, einer populären Mythenbildung in der modernen Gesellschaft Substanz zu verleihen. Vor allem bietet es die Möglichkeit, einen modernen Kult zu etablieren, der sich im Z...

  7. Maintaining Low Voiding Solder Die Attach for Power Die While Minimizing Die Tilt

    Hamm, Randy; Peterson, Kenneth A.


    This paper addresses work to minimize voiding and die tilt in solder attachment of a large power die, measuring 9.0 mm X 6.5 mm X 0.1 mm (0.354” x 0.256” x 0.004”), to a heat spreader. As demands for larger high power die continue, minimizing voiding and die tilt is of interest for improved die functionality, yield, manufacturability, and reliability. High-power die generate considerable heat, which is important to dissipate effectively through control of voiding under high thermal load areas of the die while maintaining a consistent bondline (minimizing die tilt). Voiding was measured using acoustic imaging and die tilt was measured using two different optical measurement systems. 80Au-20Sn solder reflow was achieved using a batch vacuum solder system with optimized fixturing. Minimizing die tilt proved to be the more difficult of the two product requirements to meet. Process development variables included tooling, weight and solder preform thickness.

  8. Goserelin Implant

    ... in men (blockage that causes difficulty urinating), or heart or liver disease.tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Goserelin implant should not be used in pregnant women, except ...

  9. Common Data Elements in Radiology.

    Rubin, Daniel L; Kahn, Charles E


    Diagnostic radiologists generally produce unstructured information in the form of images and narrative text reports. Although designed for human consumption, radiologic reports contain a wealth of information that could be valuable for clinical care, research, and quality improvement if that information could be extracted by automated systems. Unfortunately, the lack of structure in radiologic reports limits the ability of information systems to share information easily with other systems. A common data element (CDE)-a unit of information used in a shared, predefined fashion-can improve the ability to exchange information seamlessly among information systems. In this article, a model and a repository of radiologic CDEs is described, and three important applications are highlighted. CDEs can help advance radiologic practice, research, and performance improvement, and thus, it is crucial that CDEs be adopted widely in radiologic information systems. (©) RSNA, 2016.

  10. Radiological Work Planning and Procedures

    Kurtz, J E


    Each facility is tasked with maintaining personnel radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). A continued effort is required to meet this goal by developing and implementing improvements to technical work documents (TWDs) and work performance. A review of selected TWDs from most facilities shows there is a need to incorporate more radiological control requirements into the TWD. The Radioactive Work Permit (RWP) provides a mechanism to place some of the requirements but does not provide all the information needed by the worker as he/she is accomplishing the steps of the TWD. Requiring the engineers, planners and procedure writers to put the radiological control requirements in the work steps would be very easy if all personnel had a strong background in radiological work planning and radiological controls. Unfortunately, many of these personnel do not have the background necessary to include these requirements without assistance by the Radiological Control organization at each facility. In add...

  11. Radiological changes of adult sprue

    Neutard, E.; Kluge, F.


    Radiological findings of 10 adult patients with sprue were compared with histology. Patients suffering from subtotal villous atrophy were showing distinct radiological changes. The most important finding of sprue is the dilatation of the small intestine. Further typical changes are segmentations and fragmentations as well as mucous hypertrophy and the sign of moulage. In a 57-year-old female patient who was suffering from sprue for 35 years, a carcinoma of the small bowl was found and was resected during laparatomy. Sprue is a premalignant disease; therefore radiological investigations are of special importance. Therapy by a diet without gluten can reduce the radiological changes to normal very bad changes rarely can be reduced totally. Radiological changes are not significant, but the diagnosis can be made in most cases by investigation with barium.

  12. Neurokognitiewe integrasie en die leerproses

    Johan J. Du Preez


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article, "Neuro-cognitive integration and the learning process'; is to find principles and strategies for the development of brain potential and the optimal integration of subject matter. Eight neuro-cognitive systems are identified and their importance to the integration of subject matter is emphasized. These systems are cortical energy, coding, planning and controlling, as well as the verbal sequential, non-verbal holistic, physical-motor, social effective and the subconscious. The relevant principles and strategies can serve as basis for mainstream and special education, guidance as well as psychotherapy. Die doe! met hierdie artikel is om beginsels en strategiee te vind om breinpotensiaal te ontsluit en leerstof optimaal te integreer. Aan die hand van 'n neurokognitiewe model word 'n aantal beginsels en strategiee bespreek en die verband met die leerproses word aangetoon. Agt neurokognitiewe sisteme is gei'dentifiseer en die belangrike rot wat dit speel ten opsigte van die integrasie van leerstof word beklemtoon. Genoemde sisteme sluit die volgende in: kortikale energie, kodering, beplanning en kontrolering, asook die verbaal-sekwensiele, nieverbaal- holistiese, fisiek-motoriese, sosio-affektiewe en die subbewuste. Genoemde beginsels en strategiee kan oak dien as grondslag vir hoofstroomonderwys, spesialiseringsonderwys, voorligting sowel as psigoterapie.

  13. Radiological differential diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis; Radiologische Differenzialdiagnose der rheumatoiden Arthritis

    Wick, M.C.; Klauser, A.S. [Medizinische Universitaet Innsbruck, Department Radiologie, Innsbruck (Austria)


    Establishing an early and reliable diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is of major importance but can be a great clinical challenge leading to direct therapeutic consequences. No single epidemiological, genetic, clinical, serological or radiological test exists which can exclusively diagnose RA. In general diagnosis of RA includes a case history, clinical signs, laboratory abnormalities and radiological examinations, viz. conventional radiography of the joints of the hands and feet. This review summarizes the most important radiological features of RA and the radiological findings of its closest differential diagnoses. (orig.) [German] Eine fruehe Diagnosestellung bei rheumatoider Arthritis (RA) stellt eine grosse klinische Herausforderung dar, da sich daraus unmittelbare therapeutische Konsequenzen ableiten. Es gibt keinen epidemiologischen, genetischen, klinischen, serologischen oder radiologischen Test, mit dessen alleiniger Anwendung die Diagnose der RA definitiv gestellt werden kann. Die Diagnose der RA erfolgt durch die Kombination von Patientenanamnese, klinischen Zeichen und serologischen Biomarkern in Zusammenschau mit der radiologischen Diagnostik, allen voran der Anwendung konventioneller Roentgenbilder der Haende und Fuesse. In diesem Uebersichtsartikel werden die wichtigsten radiologischen Merkmale zur Diagnose der RA und der diagnostisch haeufigsten Differenzialerkrankungen dargestellt. (orig.)

  14. Observational study of 67 wide platform implants treated with avantblast surface. Results at three year.

    Barona-Dorado, Cristina; Martínez-Rodríguez, Natalia; Torres-Lear, Francisco; Martínez-González, José-Ma


    This paper shows the results of the clinical and radiographic behavior, at 3 years, of 67 wide platform implants undergoing prosthetic load. This is an observational prospective study of 67 implants in 49 patients within the range of 54-69 years of age. Screening was performed after a radiological study with panoramic and tomographic radiographs followed by the implantological treatment with prosthetic load and clinical (15 days, 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months) and radiological control follow-up (6, 12, 24 and 36 months). During the healing period 1 implant failed, representing a 98.5% survival. After placing the prosthesis, it was not necessary to remove any implant, therefore 66 implants remain successfully in place. The favorable results and follow-up after the prosthetic load of 66 implants (CSR of 100%) attest that wide platform implants can and should be applied after careful planning and case selection.

  15. Piezosurgery in implant dentistry

    Stübinger S


    Full Text Available Stefan Stübinger,1 Andres Stricker,2 Britt-Isabelle Berg3,4 1Hightech Research Center of Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, University of Basel, Allschwil, Switzerland; 2Private Practice, Konstanz, Germany; 3Department of Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland; 4Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA Abstract: Piezosurgery, or the use of piezoelectric devices, is being applied increasingly in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The main advantages of this technique are precise and selective cuttings, the avoidance of thermal damage, and the preservation of soft-tissue structures. Through the application of piezoelectric surgery, implant-site preparation, bone grafting, sinus-floor elevation, edentulous ridge splitting or the lateralization of the inferior alveolar nerve are very technically feasible. This clinical overview gives a short summary of the current literature and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of piezoelectric bone surgery in implant dentistry. Overall, piezoelectric surgery is superior to other methods that utilize mechanical instruments. Handling of delicate or compromised hard- and soft-tissue conditions can be performed with less risk for the patient. With respect to current and future innovative surgical concepts, piezoelectric surgery offers a wide range of new possibilities to perform customized and minimally invasive osteotomies. Keywords: implantology, piezoelectric device, piezosurgery, maxillary sinus elevation, bone grafting, osteotomy, edentulous ridge splitting

  16. Op die grens van vakwetenskap en filosofie

    M Elaine Botha


    Full Text Available Die begrip “grens” soos dit voorkom in die titel is vir meerdere uitleg vatbaar. Eerstens sou dit kon dui op ’n onoorskreibare punt tussen die filosofie en die vakwetenskappe, so iets soos ’n grenspaal of baken, met ander woorde ’n punt van waterdigte skeiding tussen die domein van die filosofie en die vakwetenskappe. As ’n mens soms die dramatiese grensgevegte tussen die filo­ sofie en die vakwetenskappe in die wetenskaplike literatuur beskou1 dan blyk dit kennelik noodsaaklik te wees om wel sodanige grens te stel, veral ten einde die gevaar van weten­ skaplike terrorisme van die een of die ander kant die hoof te bied.

  17. Radiology illustrated. Gastrointestinal tract

    Choi, Byung Ihn (ed.) [Seoul National University Hospital (Korea, Republic of). Dept. of Radiology


    Radiology Illustrated: Gastrointestinal Tract is the second of two volumes designed to provide clear and practical guidance on the diagnostic imaging of abdominal diseases. The book presents approximately 300 cases with 1500 carefully selected and categorized illustrations of gastrointestinal tract diseases, along with key text messages and tables that will help the reader easily to recall the relevant images as an aid to differential diagnosis., Essential points are summarized at the end of each text message to facilitate rapid review and learning. Additionally, brief descriptions of each clinical problem are provided, followed by case studies of both common and uncommon pathologies that illustrate the roles of the different imaging modalities, including ultrasound, radiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

  18. Radiology today. Volume 4

    Heuck, F.H.W.; Donner, M.W.


    The book discusses the following contents: Advances in Cardiovascular Imaging: Digital Arteriography: Ongoing Developments. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Cardiovascular System. Comparison of Vascular CT and MRI. Characterization of Vascular Lesions by Ultrasound - Progress in Vascular Interventions: Laser Angioplasty: A Review. Fibrinolytic Therapy Combined with Clot Extraction. Drugs Useful in Angioplasty. Developments in Cardiovascular Imaging: Blood Flow Measurements with Digital Arteriography. Selection of Imaging Techniques for Venous Thromboembolic Disease. Clinical Usefulness of High-Verus Low-Osmolality Contrast Agents. Developments in Angiographic and Interventional Instrumentation. Progress in Cardiovascular Interventions. Inferior Vena Cava Filters: Types, Placement, and Efficiency. Transluminal Vascular Stenting and Grafting. Venography and Sclerotherapy of Varioceles in Children and Adolescents. A New Catheter System - Important Hip Problems: Radiologic and Pathologic Correlation and Hip Disease. Comparison of Imaging Modalities in Femoral Head Necrosis. Osteoartrosis and Arthritis (Synovitis) of the Hip. Hip Anthrography.

  19. Abdominal hernias: Radiological features

    Lassandro, Francesco; Iasiello, Francesca; Pizza, Nunzia Luisa; Valente, Tullio; Stefano, Maria Luisa Mangoni di Santo; Grassi, Roberto; Muto, Roberto


    Abdominal wall hernias are common diseases of the abdomen with a global incidence approximately 4%-5%. They are distinguished in external, diaphragmatic and internal hernias on the basis of their localisation. Groin hernias are the most common with a prevalence of 75%, followed by femoral (15%) and umbilical (8%). There is a higher prevalence in males (M:F, 8:1). Diagnosis is usually made on physical examination. However, clinical diagnosis may be difficult, especially in patients with obesity, pain or abdominal wall scarring. In these cases, abdominal imaging may be the first clue to the correct diagnosis and to confirm suspected complications. Different imaging modalities are used: conventional radiographs or barium studies, ultrasonography and Computed Tomography. Imaging modalities can aid in the differential diagnosis of palpable abdominal wall masses and can help to define hernial contents such as fatty tissue, bowel, other organs or fluid. This work focuses on the main radiological findings of abdominal herniations. PMID:21860678

  20. Radiologic findings in neurofibromatosis

    Kim, Dai Young; Jeon, Seok Chol; Lee, Kwan Se; Yeon, Kyung Mo; Choo, Dong Woon [Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Neurofibromatosis is an uncommon but certainly not a rare hereditary disorder, probably of neuralcrest origin, involving not only neuroectoderm and mesoderm but also endoderm and characterized by cafe au lait spots and cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors, with secondary mesodermal defects responsible for protean osseous abnormalities and various manifestations in other systems. This paper is a study of confirmed 143 cases of neurofibromatosis collected for past 8 years. In this analysis, special attention was given to the selected 37 cases which showed abnormal findings on radiological examinations. Overall male to female ratio was 1 : 1.3. The most frequent kind of abnormalities was vertebral kyphoscoliosis in 12 cases. Among the more pathognomonic but uncommon abnormalities to neurofibromatosis, we experienced each 2 cases of lambdoid defect, pseudoarthrosis and renovascular hypertension, and 1 cases of sphenoid bone absence.

  1. "Patient care in radiology"

    Bro Brask, Kirsten; Birkelund, Regner


    and semistructured interviews and analyzed according to the guidelines for meaning condensation by Giorgi. The imaging staff found that care is expressed in an administrative, an instrumental, and a compassionate sense. The imaging staff perceived care in a way that clearly differs from the traditional perception...... of care understood as the close relations between people. In their self-understanding, the staff found that care not only comprised the relational aspect but also that it was already delivered during the preparatory phases before the actual meeting with the patient and up until the image...... was electronically forwarded. And, care expressed in between was perceived as care in the traditional sense and termed as “patient care in radiology.”...

  2. Contraceptive implants.

    McDonald-Mosley, Raegan; Burke, Anne E


    Implantable contraception has been extensively used worldwide. Implants are one of the most effective and reversible methods of contraception available. These devices may be particularly appropriate for certain populations of women, including women who cannot use estrogen-containing contraception. Implants are safe for use by women with many chronic medical problems. The newest implant, Implanon (Organon International, Oss, The Netherlands), is the only device currently available in the United States and was approved in 2006. It is registered for 3 years of pregnancy prevention. Contraceptive implants have failure rates similar to tubal ligation, and yet they are readily reversible with a return to fertility within days of removal. Moreover, these contraceptive devices can be safely placed in the immediate postpartum period, ensuring good contraceptive coverage for women who may be at risk for an unintended pregnancy. Irregular bleeding is a common side effect for all progestin-only contraceptive implants. Preinsertion counseling should address possible side effects, and treatment may be offered to women who experience prolonged or frequent bleeding. Thieme Medical Publishers.

  3. het die reformasie die leer gered en aanbidding verloor?

    B. Spoelstra, emeritusprofessor in Diakoniologiese Vakke, Fakulteit Teo- logie, P.U. vir C.H.O. (Skool vir ... Van der Leeuw sê liturgiek en leer is verwant en die geskiedenis van liturgie weerspieël die ...... VAN LEEUWEN G. 1946. Liturgiek.

  4. Optimal Radiologic Report

    Esmaeel Shokrollahi


    Full Text Available The radiological report is the medical document that qualifies the radiologist as a clinician and as a specialist, because through it radiologists expresse their professionalism."nThere is nothing more debatable than the report and how it should be written. It is conditioned by many variables that derive from the wide variety of sensitivities and personal or local cultures. In addition, there has never been a specific school in which these rules are taught."nIn the assessment of each written material, two things are explained:"n1. Methodology of the writing process itself as an act"n2. Characters of the written material "nIn assessing the method of writing a radiological report, two dimensions are discussed: "n1. Hardware: including data gathering, their processing and preparing them to be seen, the me-thod of reporting, conditions of workspace, instru-ments and all the physical parts of the work."n2. Software: how someone watches the images, me-thodology of thought and logical reasoning, and ultimately, how pictures are transferred to understandable, meaningful and useful written material."nIn assessing the characters of the written material itself, we should note:"n1. The configuration includes the structure of the words and grammar, style of writing, order of things to come after each other. This is the carrier of the content. "n2. The content is the main reason of the writing which contains the whole meaning and all parts of what one wants his or her audience to get from the note.

  5. Radiology of bacterial pneumonia

    Vilar, Jose E-mail:; Domingo, Maria Luisa; Soto, Cristina; Cogollos, Jonathan


    Bacterial pneumonia is commonly encountered in clinical practice. Radiology plays a prominent role in the evaluation of pneumonia. Chest radiography is the most commonly used imaging tool in pneumonias due to its availability and excellent cost benefit ratio. CT should be used in unresolved cases or when complications of pneumonia are suspected. The main applications of radiology in pneumonia are oriented to detection, characterisation and follow-up, especially regarding complications. The classical classification of pneumonias into lobar and bronchial pneumonia has been abandoned for a more clinical classification. Thus, bacterial pneumonias are typified into three main groups: Community acquired pneumonia (CAD), Aspiration pneumonia and Nosocomial pneumonia (NP).The usual pattern of CAD is that of the previously called lobar pneumonia; an air-space consolidation limited to one lobe or segment. Nevertheless, the radiographic patterns of CAD may be variable and are often related to the causative agent. Aspiration pneumonia generally involves the lower lobes with bilateral multicentric opacities. Nosocomial Pneumonia (NP) occurs in hospitalised patients. The importance of NP is related to its high mortality and, thus, the need to obtain a prompt diagnosis. The role of imaging in NP is limited but decisive. The most valuable information is when the chest radiographs are negative and rule out pneumonia. The radiographic patterns of NP are very variable, most commonly showing diffuse multifocal involvement and pleural effusion. Imaging plays also an important role in the detection and evaluation of complications of bacterial pneumonias. In many of these cases, especially in hospitalised patients, chest CT must be obtained in order to better depict these associate findings.

  6. Radiological anatomy - evaluation of integrative education in radiology.

    Dettmer, S; Schmiedl, A; Meyer, S; Giesemann, A; Pabst, R; Weidemann, J; Wacker, F K; Kirchhoff, T


    Evaluation and analysis of the integrative course "Radiological Anatomy" established since 2007 at the Medical School Hannover (MHH) in comparison with conventional education. Anatomy and radiology are usually taught separately with a considerable time lag. Interdisciplinary teaching of these associated subjects seems logical for several reasons. Therefore, the integrative course "Radiological Anatomy" was established in the second year of medical education, combining these two closely related subjects. This interdisciplinary course was retrospectively evaluated by consideration of a student questionnaire and staff observations. The advantages and disadvantages of integrative teaching in medical education are discussed. The course ratings were excellent (median 1; mean 1.3 on a scale of 1 to 6). This is significantly (p radiology increased during the course (88 %). According to the students' suggestions the course was enhanced by a visitation in the Department of Radiology and the additional topic central nervous system. Integrative teaching of anatomy and radiology was well received by the students. Both, anatomical and radiological comprehension and the motivation to learn were improved. However, it should be considered, that the amount of work and time required by the teaching staff is considerably increased compared to traditional teaching. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  7. Energy technology development: GM prototype epoxy die facility module number 6011 - final report

    Williams, D.A.; Mizzi, T.A. [General Motors of Canada Ltd., Toronto, ON (Canada)


    The development and testing of an innovative epoxy die prototype system for the production of automotive parts, was described. General Motors has developed a process which provides an economical way to stamp metal car parts in low volume. Until now, all prototype stamping dies were made with soft metal tooling. This new epoxy die system could save considerable lead-time, cost, and energy and could result in quality improvements in the production of prototype stampings. The technology could be used for low volume production vehicles such as for the new GM electric vehicle. The epoxy die process of GMR 233A as the die material and the process of plasma ion implantation, treating one-half of the die surface for comparison with the untreated half, was described. Several tables indicating potential energy savings are included. tabs., figs.

  8. Die wysgerige konsepsie van Thomas van Aquino

    Thomas Van Aquino


    Full Text Available Samevattend is tot dusver die volgende aangetoon: Die werklikheid vertoon volgens Thomas 'n hierargiese struktuur. Daar is verskillende grade van syn. God is die hoogste, die volheid van syn, en by die laere synsniveaus is daar steeds 'n verdere verwydering van hierdie synsvolmaaktheid in die rigting van absolute afwesigheid van syn. Hierdie synshiërargie is volgens die vorm-materieskema opgebou. Die materie in die hoëre synslaag word vorm vir die laere, of omgekeerd: die vorm van die laere is die materie vir die hoëre dinge. God is absoluut suiwer vorm of wet (essensie. Die vorme van die dinge is die goddelike wet (genoem exemplar, similitudo, ratio, verbum of imago wat deur God daarin geskape is. God druk op dié wyse sy gelykenis op wyse uit. Sy absolute volmaaktheid kan alleen tot uitdrukking gebring word deur 'n veelheid en verskeidenheid van geskape dinge. God word deur Thomas die causa effiaiens en exemplaris genoem. Die verhouding tussen Skepper en geskape werklikheid is dus dié van oorsaak en gevolg. As gevolg van sy wetsidee word daar deur Thomas dus nie duidelik tussen Skepper en skepping onderskei nie, want skepping beteken volgens hom onder andere dat God iets goddeliks (die wet in die dinge lê. Via die goddelike wet in die dinge ingeskape, is daar 'n sekere kontinuiteit tussen God en kosmos.

  9. Comparative Clinical Study of Conventional Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants for Mandibular Overdentures: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

    Aunmeungtong, Weerapan; Kumchai, Thongnard; Strietzel, Frank P; Reichart, Peter A; Khongkhunthian, Pathawee


    Dental implant-retained overdentures have been chosen as the treatment of choice for complete mandibular removable dentures. Dental implants, such as mini dental implants, and components for retaining overdentures, are commercially available. However, comparative clinical studies comparing mini dental implants and conventional dental implants using different attachment for implant-retained overdentures have not been well documented. To compare the clinical outcomes of using two mini dental implants with Equator(®) attachments, four mini dental implants with Equator attachments, or two conventional dental implants with ball attachments, by means of a randomized clinical trial. Sixty patients received implant-retained mandibular overdentures in the interforaminal region. The patients were divided into three groups. In Groups 1 and 2, two and four mini dental implants, respectively, were placed and immediately loaded by overdentures, using Equator(®) attachments. In Group 3, conventional implants were placed. After osseointegration, the implants were loaded by overdentures, using ball attachments. The study distribution was randomized and double-blinded. Outcome measures included changes in radiological peri-implant bone level from surgery to 12 months postinsertion, prosthodontic complications and patient satisfaction. The cumulative survival rate in the three clinical groups after one year was 100%. There was no significant difference (p dental implants with Equator attachments. However, there was a significant difference in marginal bone loss and patient satisfaction between those receiving mini dental implants with Equator attachments and conventional dental implants with ball attachments. The marginal bone resorption in Group 3 was significantly higher than in Groups 1 and 2 (p dental implants can be immediately used successfully for retaining lower complete dentures, as shown after a 1-year follow up. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  10. Numerical optimization of die geometry in open die forging

    Christiansen, Peter; Hattel, Jesper Henri; Bay, Niels


    This paper deals with numerical optimization of open die forging of large metallic ingots made by casting implying risk of defects, e.g. central pores. Different material hardening properties and die geometries are combined in order to investigate, which geometry gives rise to maximum closure...... of a centreline hole in a single compression operation. Friction is also taken into account. The numerical analysis indicates that a lower die angle of approximately 140o results in the largest centreline hole closure for a wide range of material hardening. The value of optimum die angle is not influenced...... by friction, which was found only to change the degree of centreline porosity closure in case of small lower die angle....

  11. Statues Also Die

    Pierre-Philippe Fraiture


    Full Text Available “African thinking,” “African thought,” and “African philosophy.” These phrases are often used indiscriminately to refer to intellectual activities in and/or about Africa. This large field, which sits at the crossroads between analytic philosophy, continental thought, political philosophy and even linguistics is apparently limitless in its ability to submit the object “Africa” to a multiplicity of disciplinary approaches. This absence of limits has far-reaching historical origins. Indeed it needs to be understood as a legacy of the period leading to African independence and to the context in which African philosophy emerged not so much as a discipline as a point of departure to think colonial strictures and the constraints of colonial modes of thinking. That the first (self-appointed exponents of African philosophy were Westerners speaks volumes. Placide Tempels but also some of his predecessors such as Paul Radin (Primitive Man as Philosopher, 1927 and Vernon Brelsford (Primitive Philosophy, 1935 were the first scholars to envisage this extension of philosophy into the realm of the African “primitive.” The material explored in this article – Statues Also Die (Marker, Resnais, and Cloquet, Bantu Philosophy (Tempels, The Cultural Unity of Negro Africa (Cheikh Anta Diop, and It For Others (Duncan Campbell - resonates with this initial gesture but also with the ambition on part of African philosophers such as VY Mudimbe to challenge the limits of a discipline shaped by late colonialism and then subsequently recaptured by ethnophilosophers. Statues Also Die is thus used here as a text to appraise the limitations of African philosophy at an early stage.  The term “stage,” however, is purely arbitrary and the work of African philosophers has since the 1950s often been absorbed by an effort to retrieve African philosophizing practices before, or away from, the colonial matrix. This activity has gained momentum and has been

  12. Implant periapical lesion. Case report

    Gregory Venetis, Fotis Iordanidis, Paraskevi Giovani, Lambros Zouloumis


    Full Text Available Ιmplant periapical lesion (IPL is probably not a uniform entity in all cases presented in the literature. Asseptic bone necrosis may be a cause for some of the IPLs, whilst the presence of microorganisms is not always detectable with conventional methods. A case of IPL in a male patient who underwent an extraction of 12 tooth and an immediate implantation at this site is presented. Eight months postoperatively, an IPL was revealed on radiologic examination. After surgical exploration, the IPL was removed and examined histologically and microbiologically. The implant was replaced with a longer one and a bone regeneration procedure was simultaneously carried out. From the study of the lesion and the patient’s followup, infection cannot be considered as primary cause information of presented IPL, but literature data suggests that classic histology and microbiology cannot exclude infection from IPL causatives.

  13. Die Presbiter by Lukas en Paulus

    L. Floor


    Full Text Available In die jongste navorsing oor Lukas word die skrywer van die derde evangelieverhaal en die Handelinge van die Apostels aan ons bekend gestel as ’n teoloog wat uit die ‘Sitz im Leben’ (uit die situasie van sy eie tyd die boodskap aangaande Christus interpreteer . Lukas sou hom by sy interpretasie van die Christusboodskap laat lei het deur ’n bepaalde dogmatiese ‘Verstandnis’ waardeur hy homself verraai as ’n teoloog van die na-apostoliese tyd.

  14. Awareness of Dying Preface

    Barney G. Glaser, PhD, Hon. PhD


    Full Text Available Recently The New York Times reported: “VERY ILL CHILDREN TOLD OF DISEASE; Leukemia Patients at N.I.H. Not Shielded From Truth. . . . A child should always be told the truth, even when he has an incurable disease such as leukemia, according to two researchers who interviewed 51 children hospitalized at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, for treat¬ment of leukemia.” This kind of news item reflects the growing concern among researchers and public about matters which touch on morality as much as on the technical aspects of medi¬cine. The rapidly increasing proportion of elderly people in the American population presents a range of personal and social questions; not the least is how they view their newly won longevity (often including anticipated years of chronic disease as well as their attitudes toward death. In consequence, many geriatric specialists are beginning to study American attitudes toward death, while others, spurred on by what seems a sense-less prolonging of life within hospital walls by medical tech¬nology run wild, are raising questions about death and dying in American life.

  15. Adapt or die?

    Visser, S S; Nel, A H


    The worldwide economic recession and the concomitant limited stock of finances have had an influence on the available money of every household and have also inhibited the improvement of socio-economic conditions and medicine. The Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) has the objective of improving the living conditions of the people with regard to housing, education, training and health care. The latter seems to be a major problem which has to be addressed with the emphasis on the preventive and promotional aspects of health care. A comprehensive health care system did not come into being property in the past because of the maldistribution of health care services, personnel and differences in culture and health care beliefs and values. The question that now arises, is how to render a quality health care service within the constraints of inadequate financing and resources. A comprehensive literature study has been done with reference to quality health care and financing followed by a survey of existing health services and finances. Recommendations are made about minimum requirements to be accepted if one were to adapt rather than die in terms of the provision of healthcare: the decentralization and rationalization of the administration of health care, the stress on and realization of effective and efficient primary health care, the acceptance of participative management in health providing organizations, the provision of financial management training for health care managers and the application of management accounting principles for the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of management.

  16. Die etiek van Karl Barth

    J. H. van Wyk


    Full Text Available Die etiek van Barth kan nie reg verstaan word sonder begrip van sy ganse teologiese agtergrond en opset, en ek wil byvoeg: sonder die besondere tydsomstandighede (oorlog! waarin hy geleef en gewerk het nie. Dit is verder bekend dat in sy teologiese ontwikkeling verskillende figure groot invloed op hom uitgeoefen het.

  17. Die Parlamentswahlen 2008 in Malaysia

    Reher, Stefanie; Knirsch, Thomas


    Nach den Parlamentswahlen vom März 2008 in Malaysia deutet manches auf einen politischen Umbruch hin: Die regierende Barisan Nasional (BN), die sich bislang einer komfortablen Zweidrittelmehrheit von 91,4 Prozent der Sitze im Parlament des Landes erfreut hatte, rutschte auf 63,1 Prozent ab und das...

  18. Risk management in radiology departments

    Craciun, Horea; Mankad, Kshitij; Lynch, Jeremy


    Medical imaging and interventional radiology sustained prompt changes in the last few years, mainly as a result of technology breakthroughs, rise in workload, deficit in workforce and globalization. Risk is considered to be the chance or possibility of incurring loss or of a negative event happening that may cause injury to patients or medical practitioners. There are various causes of risks leading to harm and injury in radiology departments, and it is one of the objectives of this paper to scrutinize some of the causes. This will drive to consideration of some of the approaches that are used in managing risks in radiology. This paper aims at investigating risk management in radiology, and this will be achieved through a thorough assessment of the risk control measures that are used in the radiology department. It has been observed that the major focus of risk management in such medical setting is to reduce and eliminate harm and injury to patients through integration of various medical precautions. The field of Radiology is rapidly evolving due to technology advances and the globalization of healthcare. This ongoing development will have a great impact on the level of quality of care and service delivery. Thus, risk management in radiology is essential in protecting the patients, radiologists, and the medical organization in terms of capital and widening of the reputation of the medical organization with the patients. PMID:26120383

  19. Risk management in radiology departments

    Horea; Craciun; Kshitij; Mankad; Jeremy; Lynch


    Medical imaging and interventional radiology sustained prompt changes in the last few years, mainly as aresult of technology breakthroughs, rise in workload, deficit in workforce and globalization. Risk is considered to be the chance or possibility of incurring loss or of a negative event happening that may cause injury to patients or medical practitioners. There are various causes of risks leading to harm and injury in radiology departments, and it is one of the objectives of this paper to scrutinize some of the causes. This will drive to consideration of some of the approaches that are used in managing risks in radiology. This paper aims at investigating risk management in radiology, and this will be achieved through a thorough assessment of the risk control measures that are used in the radiology department. It has been observed that the major focus of risk management in such medical setting is to reduce and eliminate harm and injury to patients through integration of various medical precautions. The field of Radiology is rapidly evolving due to technology advances and the globalization of healthcare. This ongoing development will have a great impact on the level of quality of care and service delivery. Thus, risk management in radiology is essential in protecting the patients, radiologists, and the medical organization in terms of capital and widening of the reputation of the medical organization with the patients.

  20. Neuroradiological imaging in patients with sensorineural hearing loss prior to cochlear implantation; Neuroradiologische Diagnostik bei Patienten mit sensorineuralem Hoerverlust vor Cochlea-Implantation

    Biller, A.; Bartsch, A.; Solymosi, L.; Bendszus, M. [Abteilung fuer Neuroradiologie, Universitaet Wuerzburg (Germany); Knaus, C.; Mueller, J. [Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenkranke, Universitaet Wuerzburg (Germany)


    Cochlear implantation (CI) is an established technique for enabling speech perception in patients suffering from severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). Thorough preoperative radiological assessment is essential for correctly evaluating the indication for surgery and safely performing cochlear implantation. CT and conventional and functional MRI are available for radiological assessment. Therefore, knowledge of the most frequent congenital syndromal, non-syndromal, and acquired malformations of inner ear structures is fundamental. This article provides information about imaging techniques prior to CI and relevant malformations of the inner ear. Safety aspects for patients with a cochlear implant undergoing MR imaging are also discussed. (orig.)

  1. Leierskapstyl en die lerende organisasie

    W. G. Victor


    Full Text Available Leadership style and the learning organisation. In the present highly competitive environment, it has become increasingly important for organisational leaders to establish a learning organisation. In this study the focus was on the extent of influence that the evolution of organisations, as determined by their relative level of leadership practises (leadership style, has on the establishment of a learning organisation. Opsomming Die daarstel van ’n lerende organisasie deur bedryfsleiers word toenemend belangrik in die hedendaagse hoogskompeterende omgewing. In hierdie studie is gefokus op die mate van beinvloeding wat die evolusie van organisasies, soos deur hul relatiewe vlak van demokratiese leierskapspraktyke (leierskapstyl bepaal, op die daarstelling van’n lerende organisasie het.

  2. Multiscale analyses of the bone-implant interface.

    Cha, J Y; Pereira, M D; Smith, A A; Houschyar, K S; Yin, X; Mouraret, S; Brunski, J B; Helms, J A


    Implants placed with high insertion torque (IT) typically exhibit primary stability, which enables early loading. Whether high IT has a negative impact on peri-implant bone health, however, remains to be determined. The purpose of this study was to ascertain how peri-implant bone responds to strains and stresses created when implants are placed with low and high IT. Titanium micro-implants were inserted into murine femurs with low and high IT using torque values that were scaled to approximate those used to place clinically sized implants. Torque created in peri-implant tissues a distribution and magnitude of strains, which were calculated through finite element modeling. Stiffness tests quantified primary and secondary implant stability. At multiple time points, molecular, cellular, and histomorphometric analyses were performed to quantitatively determine the effect of high and low strains on apoptosis, mineralization, resorption, and collagen matrix deposition in peri-implant bone. Preparation of an osteotomy results in a narrow zone of dead and dying osteocytes in peri-implant bone that is not significantly enlarged in response to implants placed with low IT. Placing implants with high IT more than doubles this zone of dead and dying osteocytes. As a result, peri-implant bone develops micro-fractures, bone resorption is increased, and bone formation is decreased. Using high IT to place an implant creates high interfacial stress and strain that are associated with damage to peri-implant bone and therefore should be avoided to best preserve the viability of this tissue. © International & American Associations for Dental Research 2015.

  3. Montessori-skole: die ander kant

    Monica Viljoen


    Full Text Available Na aanleiding van die artikel “Die invloed van die New Age-beweging op die onderwysagenda van die toekoms” deur Lien van Niekerk en Corinne Meier van die Departement Historiese Opvoedkunde van Unisa (vgl. Koers, 59 (1 1994:69-84 wil ek graag ’n ander sy van Montessori-skole onder die aandag van Koers lesers bring.

  4. Interventional radiology for paediatric trauma

    Sidhu, Manrita K. [Everett Clinic, AIC, Seattle Radiologists, Seattle, WA (United States); University of Washington School of Medicine, Radiology Department, Children' s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA (United States); Hogan, Mark J. [The Ohio State University, Section of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Nationwide Children' s Hospital, Columbus, OH (United States); Shaw, Dennis W.W. [University of Washington School of Medicine, Radiology Department, Children' s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA (United States); Burdick, Thomas [University of Washington School of Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA (United States)


    Paediatric interventional radiology plays a cornerstone role in the management of paediatric trauma. In the acute setting, interventional radiology techniques allow minimally invasive control of haemorrhage or re-establishment of blood flow. Percutaneous stenting and drainage can allow disruptions in urinary or biliary systems to heal without the need for further surgery. Interventional radiology techniques also have a significant role in treating delayed complications of trauma, including embolization of arterial pseudoaneurysms and pulmonary embolism prophylaxis in individuals immobilized due to the trauma or its operative treatment. (orig.)

  5. Radiological aspects of rheumatoid arthritis

    Schacherl, M.


    An introductory summary of the imaging-diagnosis will be given. The necessity of acquiring a catalogue of application to particular imaging methods is emphasized. Discussion of step by step diagnosis regarding rheumatologic questions is given on example of the hand. Technically insufficient radiographs and bad habits during diagnostic analysis are pointed out. Radiologic problems in differentiating arthritis/osteoarthrosis will be mentioned. The discussion of these points is followed by outlining the radiology of rheumatoid arthritis and the complexity of this disease. Introduction of a new stage classification. Finally twelve basic radiologic types of rheumatoid arthritis will be presented.

  6. Standard practice for radiologic examination of semiconductors and electronic components

    American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia


    1.1 This practice provides the minimum requirements for nondestructive radiologic examination of semiconductor devices, microelectronic devices, electromagnetic devices, electronic and electrical devices, and the materials used for construction of these items. 1.2 This practice covers the radiologic examination of these items to detect possible defective conditions within the sealed case, especially those resulting from sealing the lid to the case, and internal defects such as extraneous material (foreign objects), improper interconnecting wires, voids in the die attach material or in the glass (when sealing glass is used) or physical damage. 1.3 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. No other units of measurement are included in this practice. 1.4 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applic...

  7. Decontamination of Anodized Implant Surface With Different Modalities for Peri-Implantitis Treatment: Lasers and Mechanical Debridement With Citric Acid.

    Htet, Moe; Madi, Marwa; Zakaria, Osama; Miyahara, Takayuki; Xin, Wang; Lin, Zayar; Aoki, Kazuhiro; Kasugai, Shohei


    Although oral rehabilitation with dental implants is a very promising and effective procedure, peri-implantitis is an emerging concern. Surgical and non-surgical methods have been applied to treat peri-implantitis together with various implant surface decontamination methods. However, there is no consensus concerning the most effective treatment for peri-implantitis. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effects of erbium-doped:yttrium, aluminum, and garnet (Er:YAG) laser, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and titanium bur with and without citric acid on ligature-induced peri-implantitis around an anodized implant surface. Thirty dental implants with anodized surface (3.3 × 10 mm) were installed in the mandibles of five beagle dogs. After 3 months, peri-implantitis was induced by applying cotton ligatures subgingivally. After ligature removal (baseline), the implants were divided into the following treatment groups: 1) Er:YAG laser, 2) PDT, 3) titanium bur alone, and 4) titanium bur with citric acid. Animals were sacrificed after 3 months, and clinical, radiologic, histologic, and histomorphometric evaluations were conducted for all treatment modalities. The data were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance and Tukey test. A value of P implant contact than the PDT group and the bur-alone group. Within the limits of the study, the combination of mechanical and chemical treatment proved to be the most effective treatment for disinfection of the anodized implant surface.

  8. Filosofiese tendense in die wordinggeskiedenis van ons verstaan van die fisiese natuur

    D. F. M. Strauss


    Full Text Available Die ontstaan van ’n lang tradisie van natuurwetenskaplike denke is in antieke Griekeland te vind – die bakermat van die Westerse beskawing en die bron van geartikuleerde rasionele besinning. Die vroegste fases van die Griekse kultuur het reeds geboorte geskenk aan ’n teoretiese nadenke oor die heelal. Die Pythagoreërs is veral bekend vir hul klem op die verklaringskrag van getalsverhoudinge. In hul tese dat “alles getal is” het hulle egter slegs rasionale getalle (breuke erken en gevolglik uiteindelik vasgeloop in die ontdekking van irrasionale getalle wat tot die geometrisering van die Griekse wiskunde gelei het en tegelyk die bedding gevorm het van waaruit ’n magtige tradisie van ruimte-metafisika gegroei het wat die hele middeleeuse tydperk omspan het. Die vermeende statiese syn is in die mees ekstreme geval – die skool van Parmenides en die argumente van Zeno teen veelheid en beweging – tot in die uiteindelike antinomiese konsekwensies daarvan deurdink. Dit was egter eers die vroeg-moderne tyd – die voorgangers en nakomelinge van Galilei – wat naas getal en ruimte ’n waardering ontwikkel het vir die verklaringskrag van beweging (vergelyk die klassieke meganistiese wêreldbeeld van die heelal as ’n meganisme van stofdeeltjies in beweging. Maar ook hierdie meganistiese reduksie (waardeur alle fisiese verskynsels herlei is tot die beweging van al of niegelade massapunte sou uiteindelik misluk omdat dit nie van die onomkeerbaarheid van fisiese prosesse rekenskap kon gee nie. Gevolglik beliggaam eers die fisika van die 20ste eeu ’n erkenning van die deurslaggewend-stempelende rol van energie-werking (dus van die fisiese aspek in die aard van stoflike dinge en prosesse. Die artikel word afgesluit met ’n vlugtige verduideliking van die implikasies van die voorafgaande argumentasie vir ’n benadering van die misterie van die bestaan van materie.

  9. Die rym in Jukstaposisie (T.T. Cloete en die regverdiging van enkele fonologiese begrippe

    D. P. Wissing


    Full Text Available Die taalkundige hon daarvan om te kan se dat die goeie literator sonder taalkundige insigte geen volledige cn behoorlike teksanalise kan docn nie. Maar die situasic kan ook omgekeerd wees: die letterkunde (eintlik die woordkunswerk kan ook vir die taalkunde van waarde wees. In hierdie stuk wil ek meer in die besonder probeer aantoon dat en hoe die taalkundige ook ondersteuning vir die invoering van bepaalde fonologiese begrippe uit die gedig kan vind. Vir die doel beperk ek my tot die bunde Jukstaposisie van T.T. Cloete.

  10. Cardiac radiology: centenary review.

    de Roos, Albert; Higgins, Charles B


    During the past century, cardiac imaging technologies have revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of acquired and congenital heart disease. Many important contributions to the field of cardiac imaging were initially reported in Radiology. The field developed from the early stages of cardiac imaging, including the use of coronary x-ray angiography and roentgen kymography, to nowadays the widely used echocardiographic, nuclear medicine, cardiac computed tomographic (CT), and magnetic resonance (MR) applications. It is surprising how many of these techniques were not recognized for their potential during their early inception. Some techniques were described in the literature but required many years to enter the clinical arena and presently continue to expand in terms of clinical application. The application of various CT and MR contrast agents for the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia is a case in point, as the utility of contrast agents continues to expand the noninvasive characterization of myocardium. The history of cardiac imaging has included a continuous process of advances in our understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, along with advances in imaging technology that continue to the present day.

  11. Granulomatous mastitis: radiological findings

    Ozturk, M.; Mavili, E.; Kahriman, G.; Akcan, A.C.; Ozturk, F. [Depts. of Radiology, Surgery, and Pathology, Erciyes Univ. Medical Faculty, Kayseri (Turkey)


    Purpose: To evaluate the radiological, ultrasonographic, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis. Material and Methods: Between April 2002 and June 2005, the mammography, ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, non enhanced MR, and dynamic MR findings of nine patients with the preliminary clinical diagnosis of malignancy and the final diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis were evaluated. Results: On mammography, asymmetrical focal densities with no distinct margins, ill-defined masses with spiculated contours, and bilateral multiple ill-defined nodules were seen. On ultrasound, in four patients a discrete, heterogenous hypoechoic mass, in two patients multiple abscesses, in one patient bilateral multiple central hypo peripheral hyperechoic lesions, in two patients heterogeneous hypo- and hyperechoic areas together with parenchymal distortion, and in one patient irregular hypoechoic masses with tubular extensions and abscess cavities were seen. Five of the lesions were vascular on color Doppler ultrasound. On MR mammography, the most frequent finding was focal or diffuse asymmetrical signal intensity changes that were hypointense on T1W images and hyperintense on T2W images, without significant mass effect. Nodular lesions were also seen. On dynamic contrast-enhanced mammography, mass-like enhancement, ring-like enhancement, and nodular enhancement were seen. The time-intensity curves differed from patient to patient and from lesion to lesion. Conclusion: The imaging findings of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis have a wide spectrum, and they are inconclusive for differentiating malignant and benign lesions.

  12. [Controlling in outpatient radiology].

    Baum, T


    Radiology is among the medical disciplines which require the highest investment costs in the healthcare system. The need to design efficient workflows to ensure maximum utilization of the equipment has long been known. In order to be able to establish a sound financial plan prior to a project or equipment purchase, the costs of an examination have to be broken down by modality and compared with the reimbursement rates. Obviously, the same holds true for operative decisions when scarce human resources have to be allocated. It is the task of controlling to review the economic viability of the different modalities and ideally, the results are incorporated into the management decision-making processes. The main section of this article looks at the recognition and allocation of direct and indirect costs in a medical center (Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum - MVZ) in the German North Rhine region. The profit contribution of each examination is determined by deducting the costs from the income generated by the treatment of patients with either private or statutory health insurance.

  13. Cochlear Implant


    In this text, the authors recall the main principles and data ruling cochlear implants. Then, a first circle of technical equipment for assistance is presented. This circle includes: device setting (DS), Electrically evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses (EABR), Neural Response Telemetry (NRT), Stapedial Reflex (SR) and Electrodogram Acquisition (EA). This first cycle becomes more and more important as children are implanted younger and younger; the amount of data available with this assistance makes necessary the use of models (implicit or explicit) to handle this information. Consequently, this field is more open than ever.

  14. Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) Regions

    Department of Homeland Security — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) created the Radiological Assistance Program (RAP) in the 1950s to make DOE resources and expertise available to organizations...

  15. National Radiological Fixed Lab Data

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The National Radiological Fixed Laboratory Data Asset includes data produced in support of various clients such as other EPA offices, EPA Regional programs, DOE,...

  16. Development of Mobile Radiological Monitor


    <正>Mobile radiological monitor is used to detect gamma rays and neutron for personal and vehicle. It can be installed on a microbus as a mobile monitoring system. One large plastic scintillation detector is

  17. The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility

    Hall, E.J.


    The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility (RARAF) is based on a 4-MV Van de Graaff accelerator, which is used to generate a variety of well-characterized radiation beams for research in radiobiology, radiological physics, and radiation chemistry. It is part of the Center for Radiological Research (CRR) -- formerly the Radiological Research Laboratory (RRL) -- of Columbia University, and its operation is supported as a National Facility by the US Department of Energy (DOE). As such, RARAF is available to all potential users on an equal basis, and scientists outside the CRR are encouraged to submit proposals for experiments at RARAF. The operation of the Van de Graaff is supported by the DOE, but the research projects themselves must be supported separately. Experiments performed from May 1991--April 1992 are described.

  18. The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility

    Hall, E.J.; Marino, S.A.


    The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility (RARAF) is based on a 4-MV Van de Graaff accelerator, which is used to generate a variety of well-characterized radiation beams for research in radiobiology, radiological physics, and radiation chemistry. It is part of the Center for Radiological Research (CRR) - formerly the Radiological Research Laboratory of Columbia University, and its operation is supported as a National Facility by the US Department of Energy (DOE). As such, RARAF is available to all potential users on an equal basis and scientists outside the CRR are encouraged to submit proposals for experiments at RARAF. The operation of the Van de Graaff is supported by the DOE, but the research projects themselves must be supported separately. This report provides a listing and brief description of experiments performed at RARAF during the May 1, 1992 through April 30, 1993.

  19. Peer review in cardiothoracic radiology.

    Kanne, Jeffrey P


    A variety of peer review methods can be used as part of quality assurance and quality improvement in cardiothoracic radiology. Traditionally, peer review in radiology is a retrospective process relying primarily on review of previously interpreted studies at the time of follow-up or additional imaging. However, peer review can be enhanced with other methods such as double reads, focused practice review, practice audit, and correlation with operative and pathologic findings. Furthermore, feedback from referring physicians can be extremely useful in improving the quality of a radiology practice. This article discusses peer review in radiology with a focus on cardiothoracic imaging. Types of peer review, advantages and shortcomings, and future challenges are addressed.

  20. Ekumeniese kerkreg: Die aangewese weg?

    Pieter J. Strauss


    Full Text Available Die argument word gehoor dat kerkregeringstelsels soos dié van die Rooms-Katolieke, Lutherse en gereformeerde kerke van ’n transendentale aard was en is. Daardeur word geïmpliseer dat hierdie stelsels een transendentale, unieke vaste beginsel gebruik om ’n hele stelsel van kerkregering van buite af te bepaal. Volgens Leo Koffeman, ’n voorstander van ’n ekumeniese kerkreg, plaas hierdie stelsels hulself hiermee buite die diskoers oor kerkreg en kerkregering en die beweging van die Heilige Gees. ’n Ekumeniese kerkreg, daarenteen, is ten gunste van ’n gemeenskaplike kerkreg tussen kerke. Omdat dit verskillende tradisies bymekaar bring, is dit ’n kritiese en daarom beter benadering. Die skrywer oorweeg hierdie argumente krities in die lig van ’n gereformeerde benadering tot kerkreg.The argument is used that church political systems like that of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran and reformed churches were of a transcendental character. By that it is implied that it used one transcendental and unique ‘hard principle’ from outside to direct a system of church government. Such uniqueness, according to Leo Koffeman who advocates an ecumenical church polity, places it outside the church political discourse and the way of the Holy Spirit. An ecumenical church polity seeks a combined polity between churches and is, by bringing different traditions together, a critical and therefore better undertaking. The author examines these arguments critically in the light of a reformed church polity.

  1. 'n Begronde bedieningsmodel vir die diakonia van die gemeente

    15 Feb 2012 ... This work is licensed under the ... Grobler & Van der Walt 2008; Lingenfelter 2005; Armour & Browning 2000) en daarmee saam die ...... missionary structure of the church', Swedish Missiological Themes 93(3), 433–447.

  2. 21 CFR 892.1980 - Radiologic table.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Radiologic table. 892.1980 Section 892.1980 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES RADIOLOGY DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 892.1980 Radiologic table. (a) Identification. A radiologic...

  3. Die Valenz als textgrammatische Kategorie

    Stojan Bračič


    Full Text Available Vor mehr als dreißig Jahren kam der französische Linguist Lucien Tesnière auf die geniale Idee, die gegenseitigen Relationen zwischen dem Verb eines Satzes einerseits und den anderen Satzteilen andererseits mit den chemischen Relationen in der Struktur eines Moleküls zu vergleichen. Die Eigenschaft des Verbs, andere Wörter an sich zu binden, nannte er Verbvalenz. Tesnière schreibt (schon 1959 wörtlich: "Man kann das Verb mit einem Atom vergleichen, an dem Häkchen angebracht sind, so daß es -je nach der Anzahl der Häkchen - eine wechselnde Zahl von Aktanten an sich ziehen und in Abhängigkeit halten kann. Die Anzahl der Häkchen, die ein Verb aufweist, und dementsprechend die Zahl der Aktanten, die es regieren kann, ergibt das, was man die Valenz des Verbs nennt" (Tesnière 1980: 161. Und weiter: "Aufgrund der strukturalen Konnexionen bestehen Dependenzbeziehungen (Abhängigkeitsbeziehungen zwischen den Wörtem. Jede Konnexion verbindet im Prinzip einen übergeordneten mit einem untergeordneten Term" (ibid., 27. Schematisch hat Tesnière diese Relationen bekannt­ lich in den sogenannten Stemmata (Strukturbaumen, graphischen Darstellungen von Konnexionsstrukturen; ibid., 384 wiedergegeben. Im Satz "Mon vieil ami chante cette chanson fort jolie" ist das Verb "chante" als "régissant" allen anderen Wortkonstituenten iibergeordnet, wobei die üntergeordneten Elemente "ami" und "chanson" in einer zweiten Rangstufe wiederum den untergeordneten Elementen "mon", "vieil", "cette", "jolie" übergeordnet sind. (Vgl. Greule 1982: 99.

  4. Die Dankesrede bei der Preisverleihung

    Elenmari Pletikos Olof


    Full Text Available Festliche Preisverleihungen sind Gelegenheiten, bei denen von den Preisträgerneine kurze Rede erwartet wird. Obwohl die Dankesrede eine kleinere Randgattung innerhalb des epideiktischen Genres ist, steht sie im Mittelpunkt des Ereignisses. Rhetorikhandbücher geben zahlreiche Ratschläge, wie eine gute Festrede vorbereitet werden soll, um zu unterhalten, zu bewegen und zu belehren. Ziel dieser Untersuchung ist es festzustellen, welche Eigenschaften der Dankesrede die Zuhörer als erwünscht oder unerwünscht wahrnehmen und welche Charakteristika am meisten zur Qualität festlicher Dankesreden beitragen. Das Korpus der gesprochenen Texte bilden 30 Dankesreden anlässlich kroatischer Preisverleihungen in den Bereichen Schauspiel, Sport, Musik, Fernsehen, Literatur und Wirtschaft. Die Audio-Aufnahmen der Dankesreden wurden einer Gruppe von Hörern zur Bewertung in folgenden Kategorien vorgelegt: interessant, geistreich, hoher Sprachstil, feierlich, emotiv, persönlich, originell, bescheiden, vorbereitet und spontan. Zusätzlich wurde zu jeder Rede die offene Frage gestellt, was dem Zuhörer an der Rede gefallen oder nicht gefallen habe. Die Resultate der Perzeptionsanalye lassen erkennen, dass die Interessantheit einer Rede mit der Eigenschaft des Geistreichen, des Originellen, des Emotionalen und des Persönlichen in Verbindung gebracht wird und die Eigenschaft des Festlichen im Wesentlichen nur mit dem hohen Sprachstil und der Vorbereitetheit des Textes korreliert. Einige Eigenschaften können sowohl erwünscht als auch unerwünscht sein, z. B. Dialekt, Persönliches und Kürze. Die besten Dankesreden haben Eigenschaften, die im Grunde schwer miteinander zu verbinden sind: Einerseits soll der Text vorbereitet sein (hoher Stil, Wortwahl, Figuren, Originalität der Geschichte, Humor, andererseits wird bei der Ausführung Spontaneität (Aufrichtigkeit, Emotionalität, Persönlichkeit erwartet.

  5. Financial accounting for radiology executives.

    Seidmann, Abraham; Mehta, Tushar


    The authors review the role of financial accounting information from the perspective of a radiology executive. They begin by introducing the role of pro forma statements. They discuss the fundamental concepts of accounting, including the matching principle and accrual accounting. The authors then explore the use of financial accounting information in making investment decisions in diagnostic medical imaging. The paper focuses on critically evaluating the benefits and limitations of financial accounting for decision making in a radiology practice.

  6. Radiological training for tritium facilities



    This program management guide describes a recommended implementation standard for core training as outlined in the DOE Radiological Control Manual (RCM). The standard is to assist those individuals, both within DOE and Managing and Operating contractors, identified as having responsibility for implementing the core training recommended by the RCM. This training may also be given to radiological workers using tritium to assist in meeting their job specific training requirements of 10 CFR 835.

  7. FDH radiological design review guidelines

    Millsap, W.J.


    These guidelines discuss in more detail the radiological design review process used by the Project Hanford Management Contractors as described in HNF-PRO-1622, Radiological Design Review Process. They are intended to supplement the procedure by providing background information on the design review process and providing a ready source of information to design reviewers. The guidelines are not intended to contain all the information in the procedure, but at points, in order to maintain continuity, they contain some of the same information.

  8. Die wêreld en ons

    D. W. Kruger


    Full Text Available Gedurende die jaar 1949 het Sowjet-Rusland twee groot suksesse behaal, n.l. die oorwinning van die Komniunisnie in China en die vervaardiging van die atoombom, albei gebeurtenisse wat vir sy westerse teenstanders ’n groot ontngtering was.

  9. Ueber die Neoperla-Arten aus Java

    Klapálek, Fr.


    Die Anregung zum Versuche die bisher aus Java bekannten Neoperla-Arten zusammenzustellen, gab mir die Sendung des Herrn E. Jacobson aus Semarang. Sie enthielt zwei Arten, von welchen die eine für mich neu war; ich nehme mir die Freiheit dieselbe ihrem Entdecker zu widmen. Bei dieser Gelegenheit habe

  10. Vraagstelling vir bemagtiging: die tradisionele klaskamer as ...

    Erna Kinsey

    ... loep geneem aan die hand van kwalitatiewe data wat tydens 'n empiriese studie op die voor- .... stelling in die klas opgelei, wat die hantering van die leerders se ant- ..... tent, but as part of the meta-communication in the classroom. Reasons.

  11. Afrika die Onbekende: Die Federasie van Rhodesie Njassaland (I

    J. S. van der Merwe


    Full Text Available Die grondgebied van die Federasie van Rhodesië en Njassaland strek oor 14° 15’ in ’n N.-S.-rigting (vanaf22“ 30’ S. to t 8° 15’ S. en ongeveervanaf 22° 0 to t 36° 0. Dit verteenwoordig afstande in albei gevalle van tussen 900 en 1000 myl.

  12. Decorative pleats; Falten, die schmuecken

    Marfurt, P. [Sulzer Rueti AG, Rueti (Switzerland)


    Pleated fabrics - also known as plisses - are very popular in the fashion industry. The pleats are normally created in a process which involves pressing and heat-setting. The Sulzer Ruti G6200 rapier weaving machine is now available with special equipment, which allows the pleats to be woven directly into the fabric. (orig.) [Deutsch] Im modischen Bereich sind Faltengewebe - sogenannte Plissees - sehr beliebt. Ueblicherweise entstehen die Falten in einem Press- und Thermofixiervorgang. Die Greiferwebmaschine G6200 von Sulzer Rueti ist jetzt mit einer speziellen Ausruestung lieferbar, mit deren Hilfe die Falten direkt in den Stoff gewebt werden koennen. (orig.)

  13. Radiological Control Manual. Revision 0, January 1993


    This manual has been prepared by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to provide guidance for site-specific additions, supplements, and clarifications to the DOE Radiological Control Manual. The guidance provided in this manual is based on the requirements given in Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 835, Radiation Protection for Occupational Workers, DOE Order 5480.11, Radiation Protection for Occupational Workers, and the DOE Radiological Control Manual. The topics covered are (1) excellence in radiological control, (2) radiological standards, (3) conduct of radiological work, (4) radioactive materials, (5) radiological health support operations, (6) training and qualification, and (7) radiological records.

  14. Die rol van persoonlikheidstrekke in die weerstand teen stres

    Sonja V. R. van Oudtshoorn


    Full Text Available The role of personality characteristics in resistance to stress: A study was conducted to establish whether certain personality characteristics contribute to resistance to stress. Rescue brigadesmen, performing dangerous rescue operations in the goldmining industry, served as basis for the study. The sample consisted of 63 current, 56 ex- and 50 non-brigadesmen. Results indicate that brigadesmen, on the basis of their personality structure, are better equipped to cope with stress. Scores on the 16PF show that they have a lower level of interpersonal anxiety (Factor Q4 and that they are more practical (Factor I, emotionally stable (Factor C, and conscientious (Factor G. These findings support existing knowledge of the 16PF. Opsomming Ten einde vas te stel ofdaar sekere persoonlikheidstrekke bestaan wat bydra tot weerstand teen stres, is 'n studie uitgevoer met reddingspanlede, wat lewensgevaarlike reddingsdiens in die goudmynbedryf verrig, as ondersoekgroep. Die streekproefhet uit 63 huidige, 56 oud-reddingspanlede en 50 amptenare, wat nog nooit aan die span behoort het nie, bestaan. Dit blyk dat reddingspanlede, op grond van hulle persoonlikheidstruktuur, beter toegerus is om stres te hanteer. Tellings op die 16PF toon dat hulle oor 'n laervlakvan interpersoonlike angs beskik, (Faktor Q4, dat hulle meer prakties (Faktor I, emosioneel stabiel (Faktor C en konsensieus is (Faktor G. Hierdie bevindinge sluit aan by die reeds bestaande kennis oor die 16PF.

  15. Quantenfische die Stringtheorie und die Suche nach Weltformel

    Lüst, Dieter


    Lässt sich das Verhalten aller Dinge, von den kleinsten Teilchen bis zum Universum, einheitlich beschreiben? Der heißeste Kandidat für die Entwicklung einer Weltformel, die alle physikalischen Phänomene erklären kann, ist die Stringtheorie. Sollte sie sich als richtig erweisen, so würde das unser Verständnis über den Ursprung der Naturgesetze dramatisch verändern. Denn das von uns beobachtete Universum wäre dann vermutlich eine winzige Blase in einem viel größeren Gebilde, dem Multiversum. Um die Stringtheorie und die Idee des Multiversums plausibel zu machen, greift der international bekannte theoretische Physiker Dieter Lüst auf ein Modell zurück: das Leben von Fischen in einem Teich. Eines Tages gelingt es den Fischen, die kleinsten Teilchen zu identifizieren, aus denen alles im Fischteich besteht - eingeschlossen sie selbst. Sie nennen diese Urbausteine Quantenfische, da ihr Verhalten nahelegt, dass sie auch eine Art von Lebewesen sind. Doch der ersten folgt eine weitere Entdeckung der Fisch...

  16. Die plek van goud in die huidige internasionale monetêre stelsel en die rol wat dit kan speel in die herstel van die internasionale monetêre orde.

    D. P. Erasmus


    Full Text Available Die vrye wêreld het sedert die oorloggedwonge opskorting van die goudstandaard in 1914, ’n groot agteruitgang in die internasionale betalingsmeganisme beleef. Hoewel die inter- nasionale goudstandaard in die laaste helfte van die twintiger- jare herstel is, was meeste lande nie langer gedwee om hulle aan die monetêre dissipline van dié stelsel te onderwerp nie en vind ons dat die een land na die ander onder die druk van die depressie in die dertigerjare die goudstandaard laat vaar het. Die Verenigde State van Amerika was die enigste uitson- dering. Geleidelik moes wisselkoersstabiliteit en die vrye inter­ nasionale betalingsverkeer vir wisselkoersmanipulasie en valu- tabeheer plek maak. Hierdie transformasie was ’n weerspieë- ling van die sterker opkoms van ekonomiese nasionalisme en die begeerte van die onderskeie lande om elkeen vir homself die beste voordeel in die internasionale ekonomiese en finan- siële terrein toe te eien. Die daarstelling van die Internasionale Monetêre Fonds te Bretton Woods in 1944, was ’n simptoom van die wêreldwye kommer oor die vooroorlogse neigings op monetêre gebied en terselfdertyd ’n poging om meer dissi­ pline in die internasionale betalingsverkeer te skep. Feit is egter dat ondanks sy positiewe resultate op sommige gebiede, die Internasionale Monetêre Fonds nie heeltemal 'n geskikte substituut vir die goudstandaard daargestel het nie. Wat meer is, die skok van die internasionale monetêre steurnisse word nog steeds deur die lande met die internasionale geldeenhede, naamlik die pond sterling en die dollar ondervind.

  17. Die verbond - van Ou Testament na Nuwe Testament

    H. F. van Rooy


    Full Text Available Die verbondsbegrip het in die Ou Testamentiese wetenskap weer ’n plek gekry op grond van die werk van Eichrodt en die studie van ooreenkomste tussen die verbond in die Ou Testament en die buite-Bybelse staatsverdrae, sedert die werk van Korosec,Mendenhall en baie ander. Natuurlik bestaan hieroor nie eenstemmigheid nie, veral omdat oor die ouderdom van die verbondsgedagte in die Ou Testament nie eenstemmigheid bestaan onder geleerdes nie. Die studie van die verbond in die Nuwe Testament het egter nie naastenby dieselfde aandag gekry nie - iets wat miskien as een van die redes vir die ontkenning van die waarde van die verbond vir Nuwe Testamentiese gelowiges beskou kan word. In hierdie studie word drie sake aangeraak, nl. die terminologie vir verbond in die Ou en Nuwe Testament, die agtergrond vir en belangrikste vorme van die verbond in die Ou Testament en enkele opmerkings oor die verbond in die Nuwe Testament.

  18. Radiologic analysis of amebiasis

    Kim, S. Y.; Lee, Y. H.; Park, C. Y. [Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The amebiasis is a common diseases in Korea as well as worldwide especially frequent in tropical area such as India, Africa and South America. The diagnosis of amebiasis remain difficult and complex, despite of many diagnostic method, for example, direct stool test for ameba, many immunologic studies and biopsy. Authors analyzed radiologically the patient who have had confirmed as a amebiasis from June, 1976 to September, 1979 at Yonsei University, College of Medicine, Severance Hospital. The results as follows: 1. The amebic liver abscess was a most common from of the amebiasis in Korea, which were 40 cases among 56 cases. Plain abdomen showed huge hepatomegaly, compression and displacement in hepatic flexure of colon, and reflex gas distension in almost cases. Chest P-A showed nonspecific right lower lung findings from secondary to right upper abdominal pathology, such as elevated right diaphragm (61.3%), pleural effusion (60.0%), right lower lung consolidation (37.5%) and abscess cavities (5.0%). Liver scan showed large space occupying lesion, most commonly situated in right lobe of liver (68.6%). 2. Among total 15 cases of the amebic colitis, positive findings on barium enema were 80%. Barium enama showed spas and irritability (89.2%), narrowing of lumen and lack of distensibility (71.4%) and deformity of cecum (20.0%). Involved site was cecum, ascending colon, rectosigmoid, transeverse and descending colon in order of frequency. Unusual involvement of terminal ileum was 2 cases. 3. Combined cases of amebic liver abscess and colitis were 4 cases (27.7%)

  19. DOE standard: Radiological control


    The Department of Energy (DOE) has developed this Standard to assist line managers in meeting their responsibilities for implementing occupational radiological control programs. DOE has established regulatory requirements for occupational radiation protection in Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 835 (10 CFR 835), ``Occupational Radiation Protection``. Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to appropriate enforcement actions as authorized under the Price Anderson Act Amendments (PAAA). While this Standard does not establish requirements, it does restate, paraphrase, or cite many (but not all) of the requirements of 10 CFR 835 and related documents (e.g., occupational safety and health, hazardous materials transportation, and environmental protection standards). Because of the wide range of activities undertaken by DOE and the varying requirements affecting these activities, DOE does not believe that it would be practical or useful to identify and reproduce the entire range of health and safety requirements in this Standard and therefore has not done so. In all cases, DOE cautions the user to review any underlying regulatory and contractual requirements and the primary guidance documents in their original context to ensure that the site program is adequate to ensure continuing compliance with the applicable requirements. To assist its operating entities in achieving and maintaining compliance with the requirements of 10 CFR 835, DOE has established its primary regulatory guidance in the DOE G 441.1 series of Guides. This Standard supplements the DOE G 441.1 series of Guides and serves as a secondary source of guidance for achieving compliance with 10 CFR 835.

  20. Diagnostic possibilities following implantation of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) total hip arthroplasty; Moeglichkeiten der bildgebenden Darstellung eines Hueftendoprothesenschaftes aus Kohlenstofffaserverbundwerkstoff (CFK)

    Krueger, T.; Reichel, H.; Birke, A.; Hein, W. [Univ. Halle-Wittenberg (Germany). Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Orthopaedie; Alter, C.; Spielmann, R.P. [Univ. Halle-Wittenberg (Germany). Klinik fuer Diagnostische Radiologie


    Introduction: There are many problems in the radiological diagnosis of aseptic loosening in total hip arthroplasty. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) are not usable for metallic implants (stainless steel, cobalt alloy, titanium alloy). Material and Methods: From April 1993 to December 1993 15 CFRP non-cemented hip prostheses have been implanted. In a prospective clinical study plane radiographs, CT and MRT have been analysed. Results: Three stems were revised (1 femoral fracture, 1 severe thigh pain, 1 aseptic loosening). CFRP are not visible in plane radiographs. There was a complete (two-third of the cases) or nearly complete (one-third of the cases) small sclerotic interface between the prosthesis and the bone, these were apparent in CT and MRT in stable implant cases and did not have any clinical correlations. Discussion: The small sclerotic interface is quite different in comparison to so called `Reactive lines`. In one case of aseptic loosening there was an interposition of soft tissue between prothesis and bone in MRT and CT. CFRP inaugurates new diagnostic possibilities in aseptic loosening of hip prosthesis and in tumour surgery too. (orig.) [Deutsch] Einleitung: Die Diagnostik der aseptischen Endoprothesenlockerung bereitet mitunter im Routineroentgenbild erhebliche Probleme. Bei den zumeist verwendeten Implantaten (Material: rostfreier Stahl, Titan- oder Kobaltbasislegierungen) sind Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) und Computertomographie (CT) wegen grenzschichtnaher Artefakte nicht einsetzbar. Material und Methode: Im Rahmen einer klinischen Studie wurden zwischen April 1993 und Dezember 1993 15 Hueftendoprothesenschaefte aus Kohlenstofffaserverbundwerkstoff (CFK) zementfrei implantiert und prospektiv klinisch, radiologisch und mit MRT/CT untersucht. Ergebnisse: Drei Schaefte mussten im Untersuchungszeitraum entfernt werden (1 Femurfraktur, 1 Oberschenkelschmerz, 1 aseptische Lockerung). Radiologisch imponiert die

  1. Verlossing en die verbeelding van die kinderjare: Dickens se voorstelling van kinders in A Christmas Carol

    David E. Robinson


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel oorweeg die uitbeelding van kinders in Dickens se bekendste Kersboek. Sentraal in hierdie staan die oorweging van die historiese omstandighede waarin hierdie boek geskryf is, asook Dickens se eie kinderjare en die moontlikheid van verlossing, deur die mag van die verbeelding, uit die negatiewe gevolge van sosiale omstandighede en persoonlike keuses. Die veranderende opvatting van die Victoriaanse kind, van die idee dat kinders van nature sondig is tot die idee dat hulle suiwer en onskuldig is, plaas hierdie literêre werk histories en teoreties. Die rol van Dickens se herinneringe aan sy kinderdae en die invloed daarvan op sy werk word bespreek. Die werk van Edmund Wilson en die kenner van kinderliteratuur, Adrienne Gavin, word ingesluit in hierdie oorweging van die kort roman.

  2. Die Last mit der Lust

    Lutz Sauerteig


    Full Text Available Robert Jütte legt mit Lust ohne Last eine umfassende, allgemeinverständliche und spannend zu lesende Geschichte der Empfängnisverhütung von der Antike bis in die unmittelbare Gegenwart vor.

  3. Nuwe patogene in die voedselbedryf

    M. M. Ehlers


    Full Text Available ’n “Nuwe generasie” voedselpatogene het die afgelope jare hul verskyning gemaak en kan 'n ernstige gevaar vir die voedselbedryf inhou. Hierdie organismes is uiters aanpasbaar en bestaande voedselprosesseringstegnieke, veral die verkoeling van voedsel, is nie altyd volkome effektief om hul groei te voorkom nie. Clostridium botulinum tipe E, enterotoksigeniese Eschsrichia coli. Listeria monocytogenes en Aeromonas hydrophila is in staat om in voedsel by 5 °C te groei. Campylobacter jejuni en Brucella kan weer by 5 °C oorleef en 'n derde groep organismes, naamlik Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus en Vibrio vulnificus kan by temperature tussen 5 °C en 12 °C groei en hul teenwoordigheid is ’n aanduiding dat die koueketting verbreek is.

  4. Radiation protection in interventional radiology; Strahlenschutz in der interventionellen Radiologie

    Adamus, R.; Loose, R.; Galster, M. [Klinikum Nuernberg Nord, Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Nuernberg (Germany); Wucherer, M. [Klinikum Nuernberg Nord, Institut fuer Medizinische Physik, Nuernberg (Germany); Uder, M. [Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Institut fuer Radiologie, Erlangen (Germany)


    The application of ionizing radiation in medicine seems to be a safe procedure for patients as well as for occupational exposition to personnel. The developments in interventional radiology with fluoroscopy and dose-intensive interventions require intensified radiation protection. It is recommended that all available tools should be used for this purpose. Besides the options for instruments, x-ray protection at the intervention table must be intensively practiced with lead aprons and mounted lead glass. A special focus on eye protection to prevent cataracts is also recommended. The development of cataracts might no longer be deterministic, as confirmed by new data; therefore, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has lowered the threshold dose value for eyes from 150 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year. Measurements show that the new values can be achieved by applying all X-ray protection measures plus lead-containing eyeglasses. (orig.) [German] Die Anwendung ionisierender Strahlung in der Medizin scheint sowohl fuer Patienten als auch fuer beruflich exponierte Personen sicher zu sein. Die interventionellen Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre mit sehr durchleuchtungs- und dosisintensiven Eingriffen erfordern allerdings eine Intensivierung des Strahlenschutzes. Es empfiehlt sich, die zur Verfuegung stehenden Moeglichkeiten auszuschoepfen. Neben den Geraeteoptionen muss der Strahlenschutz am Eingriffstisch durch Bleilamellenaufstecker und montiertes Bleiglas intensiv betrieben werden. Besonderen Fokus muss auf den Schutz der Augen zur Kataraktvermeidung gelegt werden. Da dessen Ausbildung nach neuen Erkenntnissen moeglicherweise nicht mehr deterministisch zu sehen ist, hat die Internationale Strahlenschutzkommission (IRCP) den Grenzwert von 150 auf 20 Mikrosievert (mSv)/Jahr erniedrigt. Messungen belegen, dass unter Einhaltung aller Strahlenschutzmassnahmen plus Bleiglasbrille dieser einzuhalten ist. (orig.)

  5. Die gesetzliche Frauenquote in Deutschland

    Amling, Svenja


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird auf eine per Gesetz vorgeschriebene Frauenquote in Deutschland eingegangen. Im Fokus steht die Frage, ob Frauendiskriminierung durch eine solche Vorschrift tatsächlich bekämpft werden kann oder ob vielmehr die Männer diskriminiert würden. Zudem werden mögliche Unterschiede in den Führungsstilen zwischen Frauen und Männern untersucht sowie einige bereits vorhandene Frauenquoten in Politik und Wirtschaft vorgestellt.

  6. Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~


    从2007年11月的Diesirae Also sprach Zarathstra到2009年的7月的Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra—die Wieder kunfl-,Light社的Diesirae的完全版可说是时隔两年的大坑,发行了两个非完全版的游戏吊足玩家们的胃口后。

  7. Investigation of Peri-implant Status and Risk Variables for Implant Failure in Body of Maxilla after Oral Tumor Surgery


    The aim of this study was to assess the peri-implant parameters and evaluate the clinical status with the survival of dental implants in body of maxilla after treatments of oral tumor. A follow-up examination included 27 patients who underwent the ablative tumor and (or) reconstructive surgery during a 5-year period. The follow-up protocol included clinical examination, radiological evaluation, and an interview using a standardized questionnaire. The reasons related to implant failure were studied by comparing the amount of failure with the value of marginal bone resorption, probing pocket depth, and plaque index using statistical t-test. The relationship between smoking and implant failure was analyzed statistically by chi-square test. The results showed among the 112 implants observed after implant loading, 29 have failed with the failure rate being 22.14 %. There was no significant correlation between the peri-implant status and the implant failure (P>0.05), however, the association of smoking and implant failure was statistically tested (P<0.05). It was suggested that the association of peri-implant status and implant failure in the maxilla after tumor surgery can't be statistically tested, however smoking was still a mainly significant factor.

  8. Gedagtes oor die onbepaaldheidsbeginsel van Heisenberg

    P. H. Stoker


    Full Text Available Van filosofiesc syde en ook deur populariserende skrywers is daar al baie geskryf oor die onbepaaldheidsbeginsel in die Fisika, wat deur Heisenberg in die twintiger jare na vore gebring is.

  9. Videobasierte Unterrichtsbeobachtung: die Quadratur des Zirkels?

    Regula Fankhauser


    Full Text Available Seit einigen Jahren wird Unterrichtsforschung vermehrt videobasiert angegangen. Die methodologische Diskussion, die die Weiterentwicklung des Instrumentariums begleitet, kreist dabei zentral um die Frage der Invasivität der Aufzeichnungstechnik und möglicher Kameraeffekte. Je nach methodologischer Ausrichtung wird diesem Problem anders begegnet: So versucht die abbildtheoretische Unterrichtsvideografie, die Invasivität zu kontrollieren. Qualitative Methoden wie die Kameraethnografie dagegen machen mögliche Kameraeffekte wie die Performanz vor der Kamera oder die Blickrichtung, die durch das Kameraauge fixiert wird, zum Ausgangspunkt neuer, ästhetischer Verfahrensweisen. Der vorliegende Artikel geht einen dritten Weg: Anhand eines Rückgriffs auf den Wissenschaftssoziologen LATOUR und anhand der methodologischen Reflexion eines forschungspraktischen Beispiels sollen grundsätzliche Probleme der Unterrichtsforschung herausgearbeitet werden, die sich mit dem Einsatz der Videografie besonders deutlich zeigen und mit der sich die Unterrichtsforschung vermehrt auseinandersetzen müsste. URN:

  10. Dying at the best time.

    Seale, C; Addington-Hall, J


    These are the results of two surveys of relatives, and others who knew people who had died, describing events in the year before death and their views on the time of the person's death. Those surveyed were identified from death certificates in England. The main focus is on a sample of 3696 people dying in 1990 in 20 health authorities, with supporting analysis from an earlier national sample of 639 people dying in 1987. Variation in peoples' views about whether an earlier death would have been better is reported, in the context of debate about euthanasia. Spouses were less likely than others to feel that it would have been better if the person had died earlier, and this held true even when controlling for the deceaseds' levels of pain, distress, dependency and age. Spouses were more likely than others to say that a later death would have been better, though not in cases where the deceased was reported as having said they wanted to die sooner. Spouses were influenced by the loss which the death of the person represented for them, being more likely than others to say they missed the person who died a great deal, and feel loneliness was a big problem. Non spouses (children and other relatives of the deceased, friends, neighbours and a few officials) on the other hand were more likely than spouses to say an earlier death would have been better, even when levels of pain, distress, dependency and age were controlled for.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  11. Uitdagings in die onderrig van evolusie in die lewenswetenskappeklaskamer

    Josef J. de Beer


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel skryf die outeurs oor navorsing wat hulle gedoen het oor onderwysers se siening van die onderrig van evolusie, wat in 2008 as ’n tema in lewenswetenskappe in Suid-Afrikaanse skole ingesluit is. Hierdie vernuwing in die kurrikulum is met gemengde reaksies begroet. Terwyl sommige onderwysers dit met entoesiasme onderrig, is baie gekant teen die onderrig van evolusie. Die artikel is gebaseer op ’n navorsingsprojek waarby 255 onderwysers betrek is. Vraelyste is gebruik om kwalitatiewe data, wat vir diskoers ontleed is, in te samel. Die diskoers van die onderwysers het getoon dat ’n groot getal van hulle nie hul onderrigopdrag kan versoen met hul geloof nie en konsepte oor evolusie as ‘feite’ verduidelik, maar seker maak dat evolusie as ’n teorie gediskrediteer word. Dit het verreikende implikasies vir sowel onderwyseropleiding as kurrikulumontwikkeling. Konseptuele veranderingsteorie word as ’n lens gebruik om na hierdie problematiek te kyk. Challenges in the teaching of evolution in the life sciences classroom. In this article the authors report on research that was conducted about teachers’ views on evolution, which was introduced as a theme in the school life sciences curriculum in 2008. This innovation in the curriculum has been met with mixed reactions. Whereas some teachers embrace this new theme, many teachers are opposed to the teaching of evolution. The article reports on an inquiry that was conducted amongst 255 teachers and in which survey questionnaires were used to collect qualitative data, which was analysed for its discourse. The discourse of the teachers shows that many of them cannot reconcile their religious faith with their teaching and that they may teach the ‘facts’ of evolution, but make sure that they discredit evolution as a theory. This raises serious concerns about teacher education and curriculum development. The authors examine these issues through the lens of conceptual change

  12. The implantable loop recorder and its mammographic appearance: A case based approach.

    Steinberger, Sharon; Margolies, Laurie R


    The normal radiographic appearance of implantable loop recorders has been illustrated in the radiology literature; however, their mammographic appearance has not been described. Breast imagers should become familiar with the appearance of loop recorders in order to create an accurate report. In this paper we report 3 cases of patients with implantable loop recorders who underwent mammography. We describe the types and components of implantable loop recorders, indications for their placement, and their classic appearance on mammography.

  13. Implantation und Komplikation der Vagusnervstimulation

    Spuck S


    Full Text Available Weltweit wurden bis zum Beginn des Jahres 2007 45.000 Vagusnervstimulatoren (VNS implantiert. Trotz der häufigen Operationen sind nur wenige Berichte über Komplikationen veröffentlicht. Die primäre operative Implantation ist ein sicheres Verfahren. Komplikationen und Nebenwirkungen können nach operations-, material- und stimulationsassoziiertem Ursprung unterteilt werden. Erforderliche Revisionseingriffe sind insbesondere bei Kindern anspruchsvoll. Im folgenden Artikel werden mögliche Probleme der VNS-Therapie und deren Behandlung dargestellt.

  14. Accuracy of computer-assisted implant placement with insertion templates.

    Naziri, Eleni; Schramm, Alexander; Wilde, Frank


    Zielsetzung: Ziel der vorliegenden klinischen Untersuchung war die Evaluation der klinischen Genauigkeit schablonengestützter Implantationen mit laborgefertigten Bohrschablonen auf Basis dreidimensionaler Bildgebung. Material und Methoden: Es wurden insgesamt 246 Implantate mit laborgefertigten Bohrschablonen auf Basis einer dreidimensionaler Bildgebung in 181 teilbezahnten Patienten inseriert. Die inserierten Implantate wurden in Abhängigkeit vom verwendeten Implantatsystem, dem chirurgischen Protokoll und den verwendeten Hülsen in fünf unterschiedliche Gruppen eingeteilt. Nach dreidimensionaler Implantatplanung mit der Software CoDiagnostiX wurden im zahntechnischen Labor Bohrschablonen hergestellt. Nach Implantatinsertion wurde die aktuelle Implantatposition intraoperativ registriert und auf ein Gipsmodell des Patienten übertagen. Durch die Bildfusion der präoperativen Implantatplanung mit der dreidimensionalen Bildgebung des Gipsmodells konnten die Abweichungen zwischen geplanter und erzielter Implantatposition berechnet werden.Ergebnisse: Der Median der Abweichungen zwischen geplanter und erreichter Implantatposition war 1 mm an der Implantatbasis und 1,4 mm an der Implantatspitze. Der Median der Achsenabweichung lag bei 3,6º. Implantate, welche in einer Schaltlücke gesetzt worden waren, zeigten statistisch signifikant kleinere Achsenabweichungen (P=0.000) und geringere Abweichungen an der Implantatspitze (P=0.008) im Vergleich zu Implantaten, welche in einer Freiendsituation inseriert wurden. Es zeigte sich keine Abhängigkeit der Genauigkeit von einer Implantation im Oberkiefer oder Unterkiefer. Die zunehmende Implantatlänge wirkte sich negativ auf die Genauigkeit der erreichten Implantatposition auf. In Abhängigkeit vom Implantatsystem ergab sich ein statistisch signifikanter Unterschied ausschließlich zwischen zwei Systemen. Schlussfolgerung: Die vorliegende klinische Untersuchung konnte die hohe Präzision und Verlässlichkeit einer

  15. Die Departement Godsdiens- en Sending- wetenskap (Afd A ...

    van die teologiese leergang aan die Transvaalse Universiteitskollege (TUK). Die. ISSN 0259 9422 = m s 4 ... Die Universiteit van Pretoria neem in 1916 'n eerste tree met die onderrig van teo- logie. In die TUK ...... Van Leeuwen, A T 1966.

  16. Kantaantekeninge by die formele en materiële beginsels van die Suid-Afrikaanse kerkgeskiedskrywing

    E. Brown


    Full Text Available Die totstandkoming van ons Kerkhistoriese Werkgemeenskap staan sekerlik in die teken van ’n ‘geschichtliche Bevifusstsein’ met betrekking tot die kerkgeskiedenis in ons land. In die geskiedenis van die ecclesia patria val dit nie sonder rede met die toenemende pleitredes vir ’n krities (teologiese beoefening van hierdie vakgebied saam nie.

  17. Die Energiesicherheit Europas in Bezug auf Erdgas und die Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung im Gassektor

    Krämer, Luis-Martín


    Die Dissertation untersucht die aktuelle Sicherheit der europaeischen Erdgasversorgung. Sie beruecksichtigt zudem die moeglichen Auswirkungen einer Kartellbildung auf die europaeische Gasversorgungssicherheit. Die Arbeit besteht aus einer detaillierten empirischen Studie und darauf aufbauender Szenarioanalyse. Hierzu wird auf den Interdependenzansatz von Robert O. Keohane und Joseph Nye zurueckgegriffen. Zur Darstellung des komplexen Themenbereichs wird auf die Darstellungspraxis der Dichten ...

  18. Radiological features of bilateral hereditary micro-epiphyseal dysplasia - a distinct entity in the skeletal dysplasias

    Mostert, A.K. [Isala Clinics, Location Weezenlanden, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Zwolle (Netherlands); Dijkstra, P.F. [Jan van Breemen Inst., Dept. of Radiology, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Horn, J.R. van [Univ. Hospital Groningen, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Groningen (Netherlands); Jansen, B.R.H. [Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Delft (Netherlands); Heutink, P. [Erasmus MCRotterdam, Dept. of Clinical Genetics, Rotterdam (Netherlands); Lindhout, D. [Univ. Medical Centre Utrecht, Dept. of Medical Genetics, Utrecht (Netherlands)


    Aim: To prove that bilateral hereditary micro-epiphyseal dysplasia (BHMED), first described by Elsbach in 1959, is a distinct disorder radiologically as well as clinically, compared with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED). Material and Methods: We used the data of the revised pedigree with 84 family members, performed a medical history, physical examination and made a radiological evaluation for defining a clinical and radiological phenotype of BHMED family members. We used blood samples for genetic analysis. Results: Although there is a clear clinical picture of the dysplasia, the radiological signs are more reliable for making the diagnosis. Especially the typical deformity of the hip and knee joint are diagnostic for BHMED. By linkage analysis we excluded linkage with the three known MED-loci (EDM1, EDM2 and EDM3). Conclusion: BHMED is indeed an entity that is distinct from common multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED), clinically, as well as radiologically and genetically. (orig.) [German] Ziel: Es sollte dargelegt werden, dass sich eine vererbliche, laterale Mikro-Epiphysendysplasie (BHMED), Erstbeschreibung durch Elsbach 1959, klinisch, radiologisch und genetisch von einer mutiplen Epiphysendysplasie (MED) unterscheidet. Material und Methode: Anhand der Daten eines ueberarbeiteten Stammbaumes mit 84 Familienmitgliedern wurde der medizinische Werdegang rekonstruiert. Es erfolgte eine physische Untersuchung der Familienmitglieder. Schliesslich wurde eine radiologische Auswertung durchgefuehrt, um einen klinischen und radiologischen Phaenotyp der von BHMED betroffenen Familienmitglieder zu definieren. Fuer eine genetische Analyse wurden Blutproben entnommen. Ergebnisse: Obwohl es ein deutliches klinisches Bild einer Dysplasie gibt, sind die radiologischen Kennzeichen fuer die Diagnose zuverlaessiger. Insbesondere die typische Deformation der Huefte und des Kniegelenks ist diagnostisch fuer BHMED. Durch Linkage-Analyse konnte eine Verbindung zu den drei bekannten

  19. Die Literêre Sisteem Van Dertig

    H. Viljoen


    Full Text Available In die literatuurgeskiedenis is daar onteenseglik ’n behoefte aan sistematiek. ’n Vinnige oorsig oor byvoorbeeld die geskiedenis v an die Afrikaanse poesie kan die leser erg verward laat. Daar is verskeie redes daarvoor. Eerstens word verskillende kategorieë gebruik om die verskillende generasies mee te beskryf — as dit al hoegenaamd duidelik is waar die grense tussen generasies nou eintlik lê. Die leser word as belangrike kategorie beskou by die poësie voor 1900, bewuste kunstenaarskap by Dertig, stad en oorlog (tematiese dinge by Veertig. Standaardbegrippe is nodig waarmee verskillende generasies vergelyk kan word.

  20. Die filosofie van Smuts en Boodin.

    J. M. de Wet


    Full Text Available Die werk van generaal Smuts, baie goed bekend omder die titel ,,Holism and Evolution” , en sy artikel oor ,,Some recent scientificadvances in their bearing on philosophy” in ,,Our Changing worldview”, as ook die werke van J. E. Boodin, professor in die wysbegeerteaan die Universiteit van California, Los Angeles, ,,Cosmic Evolution 1925, ,,Three interpretations of the Universe” 1934 en ,,God” 1934, toon die besondere en kenmerkende gedagtegamg vandie filosofie van die laaste tiental jare aan. Die kenmerkende is dit dat dit ’in filosofie is van sintese of, soos Whitehead

  1. Radiological impacts of phosphogypsum.

    Al Attar, Lina; Al-Oudat, Mohammad; Kanakri, Salwa; Budeir, Youssef; Khalily, Hussam; Al Hamwi, Ahmad


    This study was carried out to assess the radiological impact of Syrian phosphogypsum (PG) piles in the compartments of the surrounding ecosystem. Estimating the distribution of naturally occurring radionuclides (i.e. (226)Ra, (238)U, (232)Th, (210)Po and (210)Pb) in the raw materials, product and by-product of the Syrian phosphate fertilizer industry was essential. The data revealed that the concentrations of the radionuclides were enhanced in the treated phosphate ore. In PG, (226)Ra content had a mean activity of 318 Bq kg(-1). The uranium content in PG was low, ca. 33 Bq kg(-1), because uranium remained in the phosphoric acid produced. Over 80% of (232)Th, (210)Po and (210)Pb present partitioned in PG. The presence of PG piles did not increase significantly the concentration of (222)Rn or gamma rays exposure dose in the area studied. The annual effective dose was only 0.082 mSv y(-1). The geometric mean of total suspended air particulates (TSP) ca. 85 μg m(-3). The activity concentration of the radionuclides in filtrates and runoff waters were below the detection limits (ca. 0.15 mBq L(-1) for (238)U, 0.1 mBq L(-1) for (232)Th and 0.18 mBq L(-1) for both of (210)Po and (210)Pb); the concentration of the radionuclides in ground water samples and Qattina Lake were less than the permissible limits set for drinking water by the World Health Organisation, WHO, (10, 1 and 0.1 Bq L(-1) for (238)U, (232)Th and both of (210)Po and (210)Pb, respectively). Eastern sites soil samples of PG piles recorded the highest activity concentrations, i.e. 26, 33, 28, 61 and 40 Bq kg(-1) for (226)Ra, (238)U, (232)Th, (210)Po and (210)Pb, respectively, due to the prevailing western and north-western wind in the area, but remained within the natural levels reported in Syrian soil (13-32 Bq kg(-1) for (226)Ra, 24.9-62.2 Bq kg(-1) for (238)U and 10-32 Bq kg(-1) for (232)Th). The impact of PG piles on plants varied upon the plant species. Higher concentrations of the radionuclides were

  2. Strategieë om die implementering van die Suid-Afrikaanse professionele leergemeenskapmodel te bevorder

    Christina J. van Staden


    Full Text Available Die Geïntegreerde Strategiese Beplanningsraamwerk vir Onderwyseropleiding en -ontwikkeling in Suid-Afrika 2011–2025 vereis dat vakverwante professionele leergemeenskappe tussen 2011 en 2017 op skool- en distriksvlak gevestig word. Die doel daarvan is om onderwysers van geleenthede te voorsien om hul eie leerbehoeftes te identifiseer en te vervul. Slegs sommige van die Distriksonderwysersontwikkelingsentra wat as vergaderplekke moet dien, hoef egter teen 2025 gereed te wees. Die gaping tussen beleid en die implemetering daarvan kan die vestiging van professionele leergemeenskappe rem en selfs verhoed. Drie implementeringsprobleme wat die professionele leergemeenskapmodel op die berugte onderwyshervormingsiklus kan stuur, word geïdentifiseer ten einde strategieë aan die hand te doen om die probleme op te los. Die ondersoek het tot die voorstel gelei dat ’n gekoördineerde benadering noodsaaklik geword het ten einde te verhoed dat die professionele leergemeenskapmodel die prooi van die berugte onderwyshervormingsiklus word.

  3. Die rol van die onderwys in die handhawing en uitbouing van ons volkskultuur

    G.J. Jordaan


    Full Text Available Op die oog af lyk dit ’n baie maklike onderwerp, maar hoe meer 'n mens daaroor nadink hoe ingewikkelder en omvangryker word die implikasies wat verband hou. Dit is veral so omdat dit hier voor alles gaan om eerste fundamentele uitgangspunte, dit wil sê, om lewens- en wêreldbeskouing. Dit geld van albei komponente — van onderwys sowel as van kultuur.

  4. Radiological findings in NAO syndrome

    Al-Otaibi, Leftan; Hugosson, Claes O. [Department of Radiology, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia); Al-Mayouf, Sulalman M.; Majeed, Mahmoud; Al-Eid, Wea' am; Bahabri, Sultan [Department of Paediatrics, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


    Background: Diseases exhibiting osteolysis in children are rare hereditary conditions. Several types have been recognised with different clinical manifestations. One type includes subcutaneous nodules, arthropathy and osteolysis and has been termed NAO syndrome. Previous radiological reports have described the affected bones, usually the carpal and tarsal regions, but a detailed analysis of the radiological findings of both the axial as well as the appendicular skeleton has not been reported. Objectives: To describe the radiological findings in a large group of children with an autosomal recessive disease characterized by nodules, familial arthropathy and osteolysis. Materials and methods: The study comprises 14 patients from 9 families and all patients had the triad of nodulosis, arthropathy and osteolysis (NAO). Results: The most common radiological manifestations were osteopenia, undertubulation of long bones, arthritic changes, sclerotic sutures of the calvaria, osteolysis and muscle contractures. Other common findings were squared vertebrae, broad medial clavicles and brachycephaly. Progress of disease was documented in more than half of the patients. Conclusions: Our study is the first report of the detailed radiological findings of NAO syndrome. In NAO syndrome, both the axial and appendicular skeleton are involved (orig.)

  5. Using Multiple Implant Regions To Reduce Development Wafer Usage

    Walther, S. R.; Falk, S.; Mehta, S.; Erokhin, Y.; Nunan, P.


    The cost of new process development has risen significantly with larger wafer sizes and the increased number of fabrication steps needed to create advanced devices. The high value of each 300 mm development wafer has spurred efforts to find a way to explore more than a single process setting with each wafer. Traditional methods of defining multiple spatially distinct implant regions on a single wafer achieve poor utilization of device die. The need for efficient utilization of the die and wide process latitude for defining multiple implant regions per wafer has led to the development of an implant proximity mask (vMask™), which permits sharply defined borders between implant regions that may have different species, energy, angle, or dose. The capability of this system to achieve multiple spatially resolved implant conditions per wafer with high die utilization and using the same process parameters as production implants will be described. Specifically, results for measurement of the uniform process area, process repeatability, and cleanliness will illustrate the potential of this technique to dramatically reduce implant process development costs.

  6. White Paper: Curriculum in Interventional Radiology.

    Mahnken, Andreas H; Bücker, Arno; Hohl, Christian; Berlis, Ansgar


    Purpose Scope and clinical importance of interventional radiology markedly evolved over the last decades. Consequently it was acknowledged as independent subspecialty by the "European Union of Medical Specialists" (UEMS). Based on radiological imaging techniques Interventional Radiology is an integral part of Radiology. Materials und Methods In 2009 the German Society for Interventional Radiology and minimally-invasive therapy (DeGIR) developed a structured training in Interventional Radiology. In cooperation with the German Society of Neuroradiology (DGNR) this training was extended to also cover Interventional Neuroradiology in 2012. Tailored for this training in Interventional Radiology a structured curriculum was developed, covering the scope of this modular training. Results The curriculum is based on the DeGIR/DGNR modular training concept in Interventional Radiology. There is also an European Curriculum and Syllabus for Interventional Radiology developed by the "Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe" (CIRSE). The presented curriculum in Interventional Radiology is designed to provide a uniform base for the training in Interventional Radiology in Germany, based on the competencies obtained during residency. Conclusion This curriculum can be used as a basis for training in Interventional Radiology by all training sites. Key Points: · Interventional Radiology is an integral part of clinical radiology. · The German Society for Interventional Radiology and minimally-invasive therapy (DeGIR) developed a curriculum in Interventional Radiology. · This curriculum is an integrative basis for the training in interventional. Citation Format · Mahnken AH, Bücker A, Hohl C et al. White Paper: Curriculum in Interventional Radiology. Fortschr Röntgenstr 2017; 189: 309 - 311. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  7. Short Implants: New Horizon in Implant Dentistry.

    Jain, Neha; Gulati, Manisha; Garg, Meenu; Pathak, Chetan


    The choice of implant length is an essential factor in deciding the survival rates of these implants and the overall success of the prosthesis. Placing an implant in the posterior part of the maxilla and mandible has always been very critical due to poor bone quality and quantity. Long implants can be placed in association with complex surgical procedures such as sinus lift and bone augmentation. These techniques are associated with higher cost, increased treatment time and greater morbidity. Hence, there is need for a less invasive treatment option in areas of poor bone quantity and quality. Data related to survival rates of short implants, their design and prosthetic considerations has been compiled and structured in this manuscript with emphasis on the indications, advantages of short implants and critical biomechanical factors to be taken into consideration when choosing to place them. Studies have shown that comparable success rates can be achieved with short implants as those with long implants by decreasing the lateral forces to the prosthesis, eliminating cantilevers, increasing implant surface area and improving implant to abutment connection. Short implants can be considered as an effective treatment alternative in resorbed ridges. Short implants can be considered as a viable treatment option in atrophic ridge cases in order to avoid complex surgical procedures required to place long implants. With improvement in the implant surface geometry and surface texture, there is an increase in the bone implant contact area which provides a good primary stability during osseo-integration.

  8. Radiological control manual. Revision 1

    Kloepping, R.


    This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Radiological Control Manual (LBNL RCM) has been prepared to provide guidance for site-specific additions, supplements and interpretation of the DOE Radiological Control Manual. The guidance provided in this manual is one methodology to implement the requirements given in Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 835 (10 CFR 835) and the DOE Radiological Control Manual. Information given in this manual is also intended to provide demonstration of compliance to specific requirements in 10 CFR 835. The LBNL RCM (Publication 3113) and LBNL Health and Safety Manual Publication-3000 form the technical basis for the LBNL RPP and will be revised as necessary to ensure that current requirements from Rules and Orders are represented. The LBNL RCM will form the standard for excellence in the implementation of the LBNL RPP.

  9. Implications Of Computer Assisted Radiology

    Lemke, Heinz U.


    Within the field of radiology, assistance with computer and communication systems may be applied to generation, storing, transmission, viewing, analyzing and interpreting of images. As a result, digital image management and communication systems will be applied at various levels in the health care system. Four groups of people are somehow involved or affected by this process. These are, first of all, the patients and the medical personnel, but also the scientific-engineering community and the group of professions involved with financing and/or administering these systems. Each group approaches computer assisted radiology from a particular point of view. The paper outlines some aspects as regards the different perceptions of these groups, which need to be clarified in order to successfully realise computer assisted radiology.

  10. Radiology information management system, TOSRIM

    Tani, Yuichiro; Uchiyama, Akira; Kimura, Hirohito (Toshiba Corp., Kawasaki, Kanagawa (Japan))


    This is a report on a new type of distributed computer system for radiology departments named 'TOSRIM' (Toshiba radiology information management system), which is designed to be installed between medical diagnosis equipment and a host computer system in a hospital. Recently, a new type of host computer system has been developed which enables doctors to order any of the hospital's entire activities using terminals. By connecting 'TOSRIM' to this type of host computer system, many of the activities of a radiology department can be carried out via terminals without the use of examination requirement forms. As well as being connected to medical diagnosis equipment, 'TOSRIM' can also be connected to a medical imaging system which stores and displays medical images. By means of these connections, doctors will be able to diagnose medical images using display terminals without the need for films. (author).

  11. Induction of periimplantitis in dental implants.

    Becker, Stephan T; Föge, Marc; Beck-Broichsitter, Benedicta E; Gavrilova, Olga; Bolte, Hendrik; Rosenstiel, Philipp; Wiltfang, Jörg


    Development, progression, and therapy of periimplantitis are nonresolved emerging problems. The aim of this pilot study was to establish a model for periimplantitis in mice to have a base for tests with immune-deficient knockout organisms to improve the knowledge about development and progression of periimplantitis and to develop further therapeutic options.In 8 mice, titanium implants were inserted in the median of the palate. Four of these implants had ligatures (periimplantitis group). After 2 weeks, the animals received a special diet enriched with sugar and flavor. After 9 weeks, micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) examinations to evaluate the periimplant tissue and histologies were performed.Dental implant insertions within the oral cavity are possible in living mice. Implants with ligatures showed significantly larger periimplant bone defects than controls. The radiologic findings were confirmed by histology. At the end of the observation period, the portion of implants lost was higher in the ligature group.This is the first publication to describe the insertion of dental implants in living mice. In addition, it is the first time that periimplant infection could be induced in that species. This model will pave the way to study knockout mice with reduced or even enhanced resistance to periimplantitis.

  12. Die anderen Ausdrucksweisen: subtile Offensiven

    Ella Jasiowka


    Full Text Available Was passiert, wenn der „Herrscher des filmischen Blickes“ eine Frau ist? Anhand zweier jeweils sehr unterschiedlicher Beispiele „weiblicher“ Filmkunst zeigt die Autorin, dass es nötig ist, herkömmliche Interpretationsmuster zu überwinden, um dem Filmschaffen einzelner Künstler und Künstlerinnen auf den Grund zu gehen. Da es nicht die „feministische Kunst“ an sich gibt, muß man für das Werk so unterschiedlicher Künstlerinnen wie Sally Potter und Jane Campion jeweils unterschiedliche Schlüssel suchen, um ihnen gerecht zu werden. Dies tut Radkiewicz in ihrem Werk – aus feministischer Perspektive. Sie holt jeweils verschieden weit aus, wenn es darum geht, künstlerische Herkunft, Biographie, Vorbilder und Ziele der Künstlerinnen zu deren Werk in Bezug zu setzten. Ohne zu bahnbrechend neuen Erkenntnissen zu kommen, gelingt es ihr doch, ein komplexes Bild der von ihr behandelten Filmemacherinnen und den Filmen zu entwerfen, das einen umfassenden Gesamteindruck vermittelt. Die Kürze des Buches bringt dabei eine Konzentration mit sich, die zu einer Weiterbeschäftigung und Vertiefung einlädt.

  13. Managing Generational Differences in Radiology.

    Eastland, Robin; Clark, Kevin R


    Diversity can take many forms. One type of recent focus is generational differences and intergenerational issues. Much research exists regarding generational differences in the workplace and in healthcare as a whole. Very little has been done on generational differences within the field of radiology. An analysis of current research of generational differences within radiology, nursing, and healthcart in general was performed to identify current trends and establish similarities and discordance in available studies. An emphasis was placed on how generational differences influence education, teamwork, and patient care, along with what challenges and opportunities exist for managers, leaders, and organizations.

  14. Diagnostic radiology on multiple injured patients: interdisciplinary management; Radiologische Diagnostik beim Polytrauma: interdisziplinaeres Management

    Linsenmaier, U.; Pfeifer, K.J. [Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik, Klinikum der Univ. Muenchen (Germany); Kanz, K.G.; Mutschler, W. [Chirurgische Klinik Innenstadt, Klinikum der Univ. Muenchen, (Germany)


    The presence of a radiologist within the admitting area of an emergency department and his capability as a member of the trauma team have a major impact on the role of diagnostic radiology in trauma care. The knowledge of clinical decision criteria, algorithms, and standards of patient care are essential for the acceptance within a trauma team. We present an interdisciplinary management concept of diagnostic radiology for trauma patients, which comprises basic diagnosis, organ diagnosis, radiological ABC, and algorithms of early clinical care. It is the result of a prospective study comprising over 2000 documented multiple injured patients. The radiologist on a trauma team should support trauma surgery and anesthesia in diagnostic and clinical work-up. The radiological ABC provides a structured approach for diagnostic imaging in all steps of the early clinical care of the multiple injured patient. Radiological ABC requires a reevaluation in cases of equivocal findings or difficulties in the clinical course. Direct communication of radiological findings with the trauma team enables quick clinical decisions. In addition, the radiologist can priority-oriented influence the therapy by using interventional procedures. The clinical radiologist is an active member of the interdisciplinary trauma team, not only providing diagnostic imaging but also participating in clinical decisions. (orig.) [German] Die Anwesenheit des Radiologen im Schockraum und dessen Teamfaehigkeit bestimmen den Status der diagnostischen Radiologie in der Traumaversorgung. Voraussetzung zur Mitarbeit im interdisziplinaeren Traumateam ist die detaillierte Kenntnis der wesentlichen Entscheidungskriterien, Algorithmen und Behandlungsablaeufe. Das hier vorgestellte interdisziplinaere Managementkonzept der radiologischen Diagnostik beim Polytrauma mit Basisdiagnostik, Organdiagnostik, radiologischer ABC-Regel und Algorithmen zur fruehklinischen Behandlung beruht auf einer prospektiven Polytraumastudie mit

  15. Tweedimensionele generatorfunksie vir die vektorkardiogram vir gebruik in volume-geleidingsmodelle van die toraks

    T. A. Geldenhuys


    Full Text Available ’n Elektrokardiogram (EKG meet die elektriese aktiwiteit van die hart op die veloppervlak. Volumegeleidingsmodelle van die toraks kan ontwerp word om hierdie metings te simuleer. ’n Generatorfunksie, wat die elektriese aktiwiteit van die hart beskryf, word benodig om hierdie simulasies aan te dryf. Hoewel soortgelyke simulasies van variërende kompleksiteit in die literatuur bespreek word, is daar ’n behoefte aan ’n vereenvoudigde, dog omvattende benadering wat kan dien as inleiding tot die onderwerp of vir gevalle waar ’n eerste-orde-benadering tot die probleem voldoende is. In hierdie artikel word ’n oorsig gegee oor die vektorinterpretasie van die EKG, ook bekend as ’n vektorkardiogram (VKG, in die tweedimensionele menslike frontale vlak. Die afleiding van die ekwivalente elektriese dipool (met ander woorde die kardiale vektor vanaf die VKG, wat gebruik kan word as ’n stroombron-generatorfunksie vir volumegeleidingsmodelle wat die EKG simuleer, word bespreek. ’n Prosedure om so ’n volume-geleidingsmodel met die eindige-element-tegniek te implementeer en die vereenvoudigde tweedimensionele generatorfunksie te gebruik, sowel as die resultate daarvan, word bespreek. Die algemene kenmerke van gemete EKG-afleidings stem ooreen met dié wat deur die eenvoudige model voorspel word.

  16. 人工颈椎间盘与颈椎动态稳定器治疗颈椎病的早中期临床疗效和影像学分析%A comparison of cervical disc arthroplasty versus dynamic cervial implant in the treatment of cervical spondylopathy:a clinical and radiological study

    关立; 陈小龙; 海涌; 刘玉增; 汪文龙; 于志毅


    ;两组患者术后6个月和末次随访与术前比较,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.01),但两组间术前及术后末次随访时差异无统计学意义(P>0.05);两组患者术前、术后6个月及末次随访时对比,手术节段椎间隙高度、手术节段和相邻节段椎间活动度差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。Prodisc-C 组术后末次随访发现3例异位骨化,2例假体前移1 mm,DCI 组未出现异位骨化和假体移动。结论 Prodisc-C 人工颈椎间盘与 DCI 治疗颈椎病均能保留颈椎活动度,恢复和维持椎间隙高度和颈椎生理弧度,早中期疗效满意。%Objective To evaluate the clinical and radiological outcomes of cervical disc arthroplasty by Prodisc-C versus dynamic cervial implant ( DCI ) in the treatment of cervical spondylopathy.Methods All cervical spondylopathy cases undergoing cervical disc arthroplasty by Prodisc-C or dynamic cervial implant between February 2011 and February 2013 were analyzed retrospectively. There were 16 patients in anterior cervical disc arthroplasty group ( male 8, female 8 ). Age averaged 44 years ( range: 32-54 years ). There were 10 cases with cervical spondylotic myelopathy, and 6 cases with radicular spondylosis. In dynamic cervical implant group were 10 cases ( male 6, female 4 ). Age averaged 44.5 years ( range: 33-55 years ). There were 7 cases of cervical spondylotic myelopathy, and 3 cases of radicular spondylosis. Parameters as gender, age, operation time and blood loss of all the patients were analyzed. The patients were followed 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months postoperatively. Neck disability index ( NDI ), Japanese Orthopaedic Association ( JOA ) Score and Visual Analogue Scale ( VAS ) were used to evaluate the clinical outcomes of the two groups. Anterioposterior and lateral X-ray, hyperextension and hyperflexion X-ray films before and after surgery were analyzed and cervical lordosis, the height of disc, range of motion

  17. [Radiological media and modern supporting tools in radiology].

    Sachs, A; Pokieser, P


    Radiology is a field with a high demand on information. Nowadays, a huge variety of electronic media and tools exists in addition to the classical media. Asynchronous and synchronous e-learning are constantly growing and support radiology with case collections, webinars and online textbooks. Various internet resources, social media and online courses have been established. Dynamic websites show a variety of interactive elements and it is easier and faster to access large amounts of data. Social media have an exponentially growing number of users and enable an efficient collaboration as well as forming professional networks. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) complete the offer of education and increase the opportunity to take part in educational activities. Apart from the existing variety of resources it is essential to focus on a critical selection for using these radiological media. It is reasonable to combine classical and electronic media instead of a one-sided use. As dynamic as the progress in the field of radiological media and its tools may be, the personal contact remains and should be maintained.

  18. Die Meting van die verband tussen geslag en konformiteit as groepdinamiese veranderlikes.

    W. S. de Villiers


    Full Text Available The amount and kind of conformity induced by group pressure depend upon the nature of the situation. The nature of the group and the characteristics of the individual. In this particular study the experimental measurement of conformity developed by Asch and Crutchfield was repeated. Confirmation was found that sex operates as one of the determinants of conformity. OpsommingIn die sosiale bedryfsielkunde is die invloed van die groep op die individu een van die vernaamste studieterreine. Die mate waarin ‘n individu konformeer tot groepsdruk hang af van die aard van die situasie, die aard van die groep en die eienskappe van die individu. In hierdie studie is die eksperimentele meting van konformiteit soos ontwikkel deur Asch en Crutchfield herhaal en bevestiging is gevind dat geslag een van die individuele determinante van konformiteit is.

  19. Long-term survival and radiological results of the Duracon™ total knee arthroplasty

    Bachmann, Matthias; Bolliger, Lilianna; Ilchmann, Thomas; Clauss, Martin


    Purpose The aim of this study was to analyse the long-term (>ten years) survival rate and radiological results of the Duracon TKA. Methods Between 1992 and 1999 159 Duracon TKA were implanted at our institution. A Kaplan-Meier survival analysis for the endpoints exchange, addition or removal of any component for any reason, revision due to aseptic loosening and mechanical failure was performed. Radiological long-term (>ten years) follow-up (FU) analysis was performed according to the Knee Soc...

  20. Radiological long-term follow-up of grafted xenogeneic bone in patients with bone tumors.

    Ozaki, Toshifumi; Inoue, Hajime; Sugihara, Shinsuke; Sumii, Hiroshi


    Radiological findings on the fate of grafted Kiel bone implants for the treatment of bone tumors were evaluated in 25 lesions. The mean follow-up period was 14.8 years, ranging from 5 to 21.8 years. We classified the radiological findings into 4 grades; Excellent (4 lesions), Good (14 lesions), Fair (2 lesions), and Poor (5 lesions). All cases of the Poor grade were polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. The younger the patient at the time of the operation, the more rapidly Kiel bone grafts tended to...

  1. Leerteoretiese basis van die andragogie

    C. J. A. Simpson


    Full Text Available Learning theory basis of andragogy. A cursory glance at andragogy creates the impression that humanistic learning theory plays an all encompassing role in the learner centered approach andragogy espouses. A closer look, however, reveals that Knowles (1973, after having made an intensive study of learning theory, created an extensive framework within which human resource development can take place. The fact that Knowles attracted critique from different areas, led to a need to ascertain the role different learning theories, if any, played in the emergence of andragogy. Having looked at the assumptions displayed by the andragogical approach, as well as a comparison of different learning theories and their connection with andragogy, it became clear that andragogy contains elements of various learning theories in an adapted way. These adaptations resulted in an approach to adult education in which learners are given the opportunity to be part of the learning process in such a way that they themselves contribute to the development which takes place. Opsomming Met 'n eerste oogopslag wil dit voorkom asof humanistiese leerteorie 'n oorheersende rol in die leerdergesentreerde benadering van andragogie speel. By nadere ondersoek blyk dit egter dat Knowles (1973, na 'n deeglike studie van verskillende leerteoretiese beginsels, 'n omvangryke raamwerk geskep het waarbinne, aan die hand van verskeie aangepaste leerteoretiese beginsels, menslike hulpbronontwikkeling kan plaasvind. As gevolg van die feit dat Knowles vanuit verskillende oorde kritiek op die lyf geloop het, is besluit om die rol wat verskillende leerteorieë in andragogie speel, te bestudeer. Dit blyk dat andragogie nie net elemente van verskillende leerteorieë bevat nie, maar dat toepaslike aspekte van die teoriee wat ondersoek is, benut en aangepas is om 'n geintegreerde benadering te bewerkstellig waarin veral volwassene-leerders by leergeleenthede en hulle selfontwikkeling betrek word.

  2. Die resepsie van die Heidelbergse Kategismus (Sondag 17 en 22 insake die opstanding in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk sedert 2000 (Deel 2

    Johannes W. Hofmeyr


    Full Text Available Met die 450e herdenking van die Heidelbergse Kategismus as vertrekpunt, word met die huidige en die vorige artikel gepoog om lig te werp op die plek, die rol en die interpretasie van die opstanding van Jesus Christus in veral Sondag 17 en 22, spesifiek in die konteks van twee besondere eras in die Nederduitse Gereformeerde (NG Kerk. In die vorige artikel is allereers ’n bespreking gevoer oor die Heidelbergse Kategismus (HK. Daar is gekyk na die resepsie van die betrokke HK-geloofsartikels in die era van Andrew Murray, spesifiek teen die agtergrond van die negentiende-eeuse liberale teologie in Nederland. In die huidige artikel word soortgelyk gekyk na die resepsie van die betrokke HK-geloofsartikels in die NG Kerk na 2000, teen die agtergrond van die herverskyning van die negentiende-eeuse liberale teologie in die vorm van die Jesus Seminaar, die Nuwe Hervorming en ondersteuners daarvan binne die NG Kerk. Sowel die negentiende-eeuse liberale stryd in die NG Kerk asook die stryd oor die opstanding in die NG Kerk van die eerste dekade van die een-en-twintigste eeu, soos verder in hierdie artikel sal blyk, was gekenmerk deur kontekstueelbepaalde uniekhede. Die gemene deler was dat albei deel was van tye van teologiese vrysinnigheid. In die lig van hierdie bespreking word tot die gevolgtrekking gekom dat die NG Kerk tans, betreffende haar identiteit as gereformeerde kerk waarskynlik in ’n kritieke geloofs- en toekomskrisis verkeer. Dit impliseer kommerwekkende gevolge vir haar Skrifverstaan en getuienis as belydenis en belydende kerk van Jesus Christus en haar toekoms. Alleen duidelike visie, verantwoordelike leierskap en ’n herontdekking van die verlossingskrag van Christus se kruis en opstanding sal herstellende, positiewe en dinamiese oplossings kan bied om sodoende die NG Kerk te red van ’n snelwentelende afwaartse spiraal.With the 450th celebrations of the origin of the Heidelberg Catechism (HC in mind, the main aim of this and the

  3. Die «ASEAN-Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft»

    Juego, Bonn


    Entwicklungsstufen, wie sie unterschiedlicher kaum sein können. Der Autor, Bonn Juego, nimmt die ASEAN Vision 2020 sowie die Debatten, die diesbezüglich in den einzelnen Ländern geführt werden, unter die Lupe. Er geht dem Potenzial des ASEANAnsatzes zu sozialer Teilhabe und wirtschaftlicher Verteilungsgerechtigkeit...

  4. Moderne diskoerse in die teologie vandag

    J.H. van Wyk


    Full Text Available In hierdie artikel word aandag gevra vir enkele moderne diskoerse in die teologie vandag. Volgens die outeur staan die vrae oor God, Jesus, die mens en die aarde in die sentrum van belangstelling en oorheers dit in ’n groot mate die teologiese debat. Die opkoms van die moderne aggressiewe ateïsme, die wetenskaplike navorsing oor die historiese Jesus, die groeiende vrae oor die mens en die menslike samelewing, asook die dreigende ekologiese krisis op aarde, sorg vir nuwe debatte van ongekende omvang. Die outeur bespreek hierdie debatte oorsigtelik, met kritiek waar nodig, en sluit af met enkele rigtingwysers van wat hy as ‘goeie teologie’ verstaan.In this article attention is paid to some modern discourses in theology today. According to the author the questions about God, Jesus, man and the earth are in the centre of interest and to a large extent dominate the theological debate. The rise of modern aggressive atheism, the scientific research on the historic Jesus, the growing questions about man and human society as well as the threatening ecological crisis on earth, provide new discourses of unparalleled magnitude. The author provides a broad summary of these discourses, with criticism where necessary, and concludes with some indicators of his view what can be called ‘good theology’.

  5. Die Ökonomik der Reputation

    Tegtmeyer, Jan C.


    Gegenstand dieser Arbeit ist die Betrachtung der Reputation eines Unternehmens aus ökonomischer Sicht. Die Zusammenfassung von Beurteilungen der Unternehmensaktivitäten durch wirtschaftlich relevante Interessengruppen bildet eine Unternehmensreputation. Die Reputation wird hier mit einem betriebswirtschaftlichen Kosten-Nutzen Kalkül betrachtet. Nur mit einer Reputation, die durch eine vorteilhafte Beurteilung der Unternehmensleistung entsteht, kann ein Unternehmen wirtschaftliche Vorteile gen...

  6. Die Ökonomik der Reputation

    Tegtmeyer, Jan C.


    Gegenstand dieser Arbeit ist die Betrachtung der Reputation eines Unternehmens aus ökonomischer Sicht. Die Zusammenfassung von Beurteilungen der Unternehmensaktivitäten durch wirtschaftlich relevante Interessengruppen bildet eine Unternehmensreputation. Die Reputation wird hier mit einem betriebswirtschaftlichen Kosten-Nutzen Kalkül betrachtet. Nur mit einer Reputation, die durch eine vorteilhafte Beurteilung der Unternehmensleistung entsteht, kann ein Unternehmen wirtschaftliche Vorteile gen...

  7. Bone grafting simultaneous to implant placement. Presentation of a case.

    Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel; Gómez-Adrián, Maria Dolores; García-Mira, Berta; Ivorra-Sais, Mariola


    Bone defects at mandibular alveolar crest level complicate the placement of dental implants in the ideal location. Surgical reconstruction using autologous bone grafts allows implant fixation in an esthetic and functional manner. We describe a patient with large mandibular bone loss secondary to periodontal inflammatory processes. Reconstruction of the mandibular alveolar process was carried out using onlay block bone grafts harvested from the mandible. The grafts were stabilized by positioning the dental implants through them--a procedure that moreover afforded good primary implant fixation. After two years of follow-up the clinical and radiological outcome is good. In the lower jaw, where bone regeneration is complicated, we were able to achieve good results in this patient--minimizing the corresponding waiting time by grafting and placing the implants in the same surgical step.

  8. Die Welt als Fassade : kosmischer Schrecken als Angriff auf die Wirklichkeit

    Zuch, Rainer


    "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." Mit diesem Satz eröffnet Howard Phillips Lovecraft 1927 seinen berühmten Essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature". In der Phantastik wird oft die Demontage der Erfahrungswirklichkeit durch die Kontaminierung mit dem Wunderbaren thematisiert; die bekannte Welt bekommt Risse, durch die das Unbekannte eindringt. Radikalisiert wird dies in Konzepten, die die gesamte vertrau...

  9. How Tycho Brahe really died

    Jacobsen, Aase Roland; Petersen, Lars


    In 2001 we commemorate the 4th centenary of the death of Tycho Brahe, perhaps the first great scientists in a modern sense.This famous Danish astronomer died in Prague on the 24th of October 1601, eleven days after he had attended a banquet at the Bohemian count of Rosenberg. Tycho was too...... courteous to obey the calls of nature during the hour-long dinner and finally his bladder burst, which led to his death. Or so the story goes. But is this the real cause of Tycho's death? Is it at all possible to die from a burst bladder? Or are there more likely explanations of his death?...

  10. Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

    Michaela Kempter


    Full Text Available In den Games-Workshops der wienXtra-spielebox lernen Kinder zwischen 7 und 12 Jahren empfehlenswerte Computer- und Konsolenspiele kennen und reflektieren nebenbei ihren Spielkonsum. Dieser Beitrag lässt die Leserinnen und Leser einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Arbeit von wienXtra werfen.wienXtra-spielebox offers gaming workshops for young people between 7 and 12 years. The objective of these workshops is to explore new games that are evaluated as suited for the target group and to let the girls and boys reflect their playing habits. This article describes the work of wienXtra-spielebox.

  11. [Dying with cancer: Hollywood lessons].

    Niemeyer, Fernanda; Kruse, Maria Henriqueta Luce


    The study attempts to understand how dying from cancer is portrayed by five movies produced in Hollywood between 1993 and 2006. Based on the cultural studies and their post-structuralism version and supported by the notions of discourse and subjectivity, as proposed by philosopher Michel Foucault, we suggest one of the possible readings of the movie picture corpus. We assess how the movie picture discourse acts as a cultural pedagogy that produces ways of seeing dying with cancer: immortalizing the healthy body image, silencing death, taking care of the dead body and, finally, accepting death. Our proposal is intended to stimulate reflections that may contribute to care and education in nursing.

  12. Radiology in Medical Education: A Pediatric Radiology Elective as a Template for Other Radiology Courses.

    Hilmes, Melissa A; Hyatt, Eddie; Penrod, Cody H; Fleming, Amy E; Singh, Sudha P


    Traditionally, the pediatric radiology elective for medical students and pediatric residents constituted a morning teaching session focused mainly on radiography and fluoroscopy. A more structured elective was desired to broaden the exposure to more imaging modalities, create a more uniform educational experience, and include assessment tools. In 2012, an introductory e-mail and formal syllabus, including required reading assignments, were sent to participants before the start date. A rotating weekly schedule was expanded to include cross-sectional imaging (ultrasound, CT, MR) and nuclear medicine. The schedule could accommodate specific goals of the pediatric resident or medical student, as requested. Starting in 2013, an online pre-test and post-test were developed, as well as an online end-of-rotation survey specific to the pediatric radiology elective. Taking the Image Gently pledge was required. A scavenger hunt tool, cue cards, and electronic modules were added. Pre-test and post-test scores, averaged over 2 years, showed improvement in radiology knowledge, with scores increasing by 27% for medical students and 21% for pediatric residents. Surveys at the end of the elective were overwhelmingly positive, with constructive criticism and complimentary comments. We have successfully created an elective experience in radiology that dedicates time to education while preserving the workflow of radiologists. We have developed tools to provide a customized experience with many self-directed learning opportunities. Our tools and techniques are easily translatable to a general or adult radiology elective. Copyright © 2016 American College of Radiology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. ’n Etiek van liefde: Die etiese perspektiewe van die Heidelbergse Kategismus

    Koos Vorster


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel behandel die etiese perspektiewe van die Heidelbergse Kategismus – een van die prominente belydenisskrifte in die gereformeerde tradisie. Die etiese relevansie is ingebed in die konfessie se verklaring van die tien gebooie. Die artikel verduidelik dat die etiek van die Heidelbergse Kategismus ten diepste ’n karakteretiek is en dat dit gelowiges oproep tot ’n etiek van liefde. Hierdie liefde sluit in liefde vir die verbondsgemeenskap, die bediening van die Woord, die heiligheid van God en die waardigheid van mense, die gemeenskap van die gelowiges, gesag, die lewe, die huwelik, privaatbesit en arbeid asook waarheid en geregtigheid. As gevolg van die sinekdogeekarakter van die wet is hierdie etiek van liefde vandag baie relevant.This article deals with the ethical relevance of one of the prominent confessions in the reformed tradition, namely the Heidelberg Cathechism. The ethical relevance lies in the confession’s elucidation of the ten commandments and its application to moral conduct. The article explains that the ethics of the Heidelberg Catechism is essentially a virtue ethics calling for an ethics of love. This love should include love for the covenantal communion, ministry of the Word, the holiness of God and the dignity of people, the communion of the saints, authority, life, marriage, private property and labour, and truth and justice. Due to the synecdochical character of the ten commandments this ethics of love is highy relevant in the present times.

  14. How to Read Your Radiology Report

    ... Site Index A-Z How to Read Your Radiology Report Imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging ( ... this article. top of page Sections of the Radiology Report Type of exam The type of exam ...

  15. Process management and controlling in diagnostic radiology; Prozessmanagement und Controlling in der Diagnostischen Radiologie im Krankenhaus

    Gocke, P.; Debatin, J.F. [Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Universitaetsklinikum Essen (Germany); Duerselen, L.F.J. [DxD Consulting, Dogern (Germany)


    Systematic process management and efficient quality control is rapidly gaining importance in our healthcare system. What does this mean for diagnostic radiology departments?To improve efficiency, quality and productivity the workflow within the department of diagnostic and interventional radiology at the University Hospital of Essen were restructured over the last two years. Furthermore, a controlling system was established. One of the pursued aims was to create a quality management system as a basis for the subsequent certification according to the ISO EN 9001:2000 norm.Central to the success of the workflow reorganisation was the training of selected members of the department's staff in process and quality management theory. Thereafter, a dedicated working group was created to prepare the reorganisation and the subsequent ISO certification with the support of a consulting partner. To assure a smooth implementation of the restructured workflow and create acceptance for the required ISO-9001 documentation, the entire staff was familiarized with the basic ideas of process- and quality-management in several training sessions.This manuscript summarizes the basic concepts of process and quality management as they were taught to our staff. A direct relationship towards diagnostic radiology is maintained throughout the text. (orig.) [German] Systematisches Prozessmanagement und effizientes Qualitaetsmanagement erlangen im Gesundheitswesen zunehmend an Bedeutung. Was bedeutet dies fuer die diagnostische Radiologie im Krankenhaus?Zur Steigerung von Effizienz, Qualitaet und Produktivitaet wurden im Institut fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie des Universitaetsklinikums Essen in den vergangenen beiden Jahren nahezu saemtliche Arbeitsablaeufe reorganisiert. Darueber hinaus wurde ein Controllingsystem etabliert. Eines der damit verbundenen Ziele war es, ein Qualitaetsmanagementsystem zu erstellen, welches Grundlage fuer die angestrebte ISO-EN-9001

  16. Lumbar disc arthroplasty: indications, biomechanics, types, and radiological criteria; Lumbale Bandscheibenendoprothesen: Indikationen, Biomechanik, Typen und radiologische Kriterien

    Baur-Melnyk, A.; Reiser, M.F. [Klinikum Grosshadern der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Orthopaedische Klinik und Poliklinik, Muenchen (Germany); Birkenmaier, C. [Klinikum Grosshadern der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Muenchen (Germany)


    Lumbar total disc replacement (TDR) was developed to treat a painful degenerative lumbar motion segment while avoiding the disadvantages of fusion surgery, such as adjacent segment instabilities. Early clinical results with TDR have shown a significant reduction in low back pain and a significant improvement in disability scores. When compared to fusion, the results with TDR tend to be superior in the short-term follow-up and initial rehabilitation is faster. The radiological assessment is an integral part of the preoperative work-up. Plain X-rays of the lumbar spine should be complemented by flexion - extension views in order to assess residual segmental mobility. Computed tomography is used to exclude osteoarthritis of the zygapophyseal joints, Baastrup's disease (kissing spines) and other sources of low back pain. Magnetic resonance imaging is useful to exclude substantial disc protrusions; it allows for the detection of disc dehydration and bone marrow edema in the case of activated spondylochondrosis. If osteoporosis is suspected, an osteodensitometry of the lumbar spine should be performed. Postoperative plain X-rays should include antero-posterior and lateral views as well as flexion - extension views in the later postoperative course. Measurements should determine the disc space height in the lateral view, the segmental and total lumbar lordosis as well as the segmental mobility in the flexion - extension views. The ideal position of a TDR is exactly central in the ap-view and close to the dorsal border of the vertebral endplates in the lateral view. Malpositioning may cause segmental hyperlordosis and unbalanced loading of the endplates with the risk of implant subsidence and migration. (orig.) [German] Die lumbale Bandscheibenendoprothese (LBEP) wurde entwickelt, um ein schmerzhaftes lumbales Bewegungssegment unter Vermeidung der Nachteile einer Fusionsoperation zu behandeln. Erste klinische Ergebnisse der LBEP zeigen eine signifikante Reduktion der

  17. Cochlear Implant

    Mehrnaz Karimi


    Full Text Available People with profound hearing loss are not able to use some kinds of conventional amplifiers due to the nature of their loss . In these people, hearing sense is stimulated only when the auditory nerve is activated via electrical stimulation. This stimulation is possible through cochlear implant. In fact, for the deaf people who have good mental health and can not use surgical and medical treatment and also can not benefit from air and bone conduction hearing aids, this device is used if they have normal central auditory system. The basic parts of the device included: Microphone, speech processor, transmitter, stimulator and receiver, and electrode array.

  18. International Data on Radiological Sources

    Martha Finck; Margaret Goldberg


    ABSTRACT The mission of radiological dispersal device (RDD) nuclear forensics is to identify the provenance of nuclear and radiological materials used in RDDs and to aid law enforcement in tracking nuclear materials and routes. The application of databases to radiological forensics is to match RDD source material to a source model in the database, provide guidance regarding a possible second device, and aid the FBI by providing a short list of manufacturers and distributors, and ultimately to the last legal owner of the source. The Argonne/Idaho National Laboratory RDD attribution database is a powerful technical tool in radiological forensics. The database (1267 unique vendors) includes all sealed sources and a device registered in the U.S., is complemented by data from the IAEA Catalogue, and is supported by rigorous in-lab characterization of selected sealed sources regarding physical form, radiochemical composition, and age-dating profiles. Close working relationships with global partners in the commercial sealed sources industry provide invaluable technical information and expertise in the development of signature profiles. These profiles are critical to the down-selection of potential candidates in either pre- or post- event RDD attribution. The down-selection process includes a match between an interdicted (or detonated) source and a model in the database linked to one or more manufacturers and distributors.

  19. Radiologic Technology Occupations. Curriculum Guide.

    Reneau, Fred; And Others

    This guide delineates the tasks and performance standards for radiologic technology occupations. It includes job seeking skills, work attitudes, energy conservation practices, and safety. The guide is centered around the three domains of learning: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective. For each duty, the following are provided: task, standard of…

  20. Chirurgie in die Grieks-Romeinse era

    François P. Retief


    Full Text Available In die Grieks-Romeinse era het mediese behandeling kenmerkend uit drie elemente bestaan, naamlik regimen (dieet en gesonde leefwyse, geneesmiddels en chirurgie – laasgenoemde alleen toegepas indien regimen en geneesmiddels onsuksesvol was. Bewyse van primitiewe chirurgie dateer terug na die Bronstydperk, en in Homerus se eposse is heelwat vermelding van die chirurgiese hantering van oorlogswonde, met tussenkoms van die gode. Met die koms van empiriese geneeskunde in die 5de eeu v.C. het chirurgie in die Hippokratiese Corpus prominent gefigureer met beduidende bydraes in veral die ortopediese veld en hoofbeserings. Uitbouing van anatomiese en fisiologiese kennis, gebaseer op disseksie van menslike kadawers in Alexandrië vanaf die laat 4de eeu v.C., het chirurgie ’n hupstoot gegee. Teen die Romeinse era vanaf die 2de eeu v.C. het snykundetegnieke (en -instrumente beduidend verbeter, maar is steeds oorwegend deur Griekse geneeshere beoefen. Van geneeshere is steeds verwag om al drie bovermelde terapeutiese modaliteite te bemeester, maar chirurgie het meer aansien verwerf en daar is al meer in onderafdelings van chirurgie soos oogheelkunde, vrouesiektes en verloskunde, blaaskwale en mond- en keelsnykunde gespesialiseer. Militêre geneeskunde was in die Romeinse Ryk ’n belangrike aktiwiteit, en het veral traumachirurgie uitgebou. Betreding van die buik- en toraksholtes was nie meer noodwendig fataal nie, en veeartsenykunde het tot stand gekom. Die eerste beduidende chirurgiehandboek ná die Hippokratiese Corpus is in die 1ste eeu n.C. deur Celsus opgestel. Vanaf die 3de eeu het die chirurgieberoep min vordering gemaak, die beroepstaal het mettertyd van Grieks na Latyn verander en kundigheid is later veral deur Islam-geneeshere na die Middeleeue en later oorgedra.

  1. The Cape Gunsmith / Die Kaapse Geweersmid

    W. Otto


    Full Text Available In die Verslag van die Kommissie van Ondersoek na die Koordinering van Museums op 'n Nasionale Vlak (RP 113/1975, word vyf kolomme gewy aan historiese vuurwapens. Die kommissie wys op die belangrike plek wat vuurwapens in Suid-Afrika se wordingsgeskiedenis inneem en voeg daaraan toe dat geen museum in Suid-Afrika hierdie belangrike veld in sy uitstallings dek nie.

  2. The Efficacy of Supportive Peri-Implant Therapies in Preventing Peri-Implantitis and Implant Loss: a Systematic Review of the Literature

    Ausra Ramanauskaite


    Full Text Available Objectives: To study the efficacy of supportive peri-implant therapies in preventing clinical and radiological signs of peri-implantitis and implant loss. Material and Methods: Longitudinal human studies, published between January 1, 2006, and February 1, 2016, were included based on an electronic search using MEDLINE and EMBASE databases and complemented by a manual search. Articles were included only if 1 they comprised a group of patients involved in/adhering to regular supportive peri-implant therapies (SPTs and a control group without such therapies or with poor adherence to them, 2 the protocol of the SPTs was clearly described and 3 the outcome was indicated by means of clinical/radiological changes or implant loss. Results: After initially identifying a total of 710 titles and abstracts, 12 full text articles were selected for eligibility assessment. Seven studies, three prospective and four retrospective, fulfilled the inclusion criteria for this review. The frequency of recall visits varied between the studies from a minimum of one visit every three months to an individually tailored regimen. In all the studies a lack of SPTs or poor adherence to them resulted in significantly higher frequencies of sites with mucosal bleeding, deepened peri-implant pockets or alveolar bone loss. In line with the above, a lack of/poor adherence to SPTs was associated with higher implant loss. Conclusions: To prevent peri-implantitis, an individually tailored supportive programme based on patient motivation and re-instruction in oral hygiene measures combined with professional implant cleaning seem to be crucial.

  3. Hernia Surgical Mesh Implants

    ... Prosthetics Hernia Surgical Mesh Implants Hernia Surgical Mesh Implants Share Tweet Linkedin Pin it More sharing options ... majority of tissue used to produce these mesh implants are from a pig (porcine) or cow (bovine) ...

  4. Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants

    ... Prosthetics Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants Share Tweet Linkedin Pin it More sharing options ... majority of tissue used to produce these mesh implants are from a pig (porcine) or cow (bovine). ...

  5. Degradation of implant materials

    Eliaz, Noam


    This book surveys the degradation of implant materials, reviewing in detail such failure mechanisms as corrosion, fatigue and wear, along with monitoring techniques. Surveys common implant biomaterials, as well as procedures for implant retrieval and analysis.

  6. Bevordering van transformerende leer: Die skryf van ’n reflektiewe joernaal in die Natuurwetenskappe

    Erna R. du Toit


    Full Text Available Die doel van die artikel is om aan te toon hoe die skryf van ’n reflektiewe joernaal in die Natuurwetenskappe die perspektiewe en denke van onderwysstudente kan transformeer en/of leer kan bevorder. Die studie maak voorspraak vir die gebruik van ’n reflektiewe joernaal as ’n instrument vir studente om betekenis te gee aan die leeromgewing vanuit verskillende perspektiewe deur te leer in praktyk. ’n Kwalitatiewe navorsingsmetode is gevolg om die inskrywings in ’n joernaal te analiseer aan die hand van bepaalde indikatore. Die bevindinge toon dat die meeste studente na die praktykervaring positief was en sommiges het tot ander perspektiewe vanweë hul ervaring gekom.

  7. Die invloed van drie kruisbestuiwers op die saadinhoud van Minneola tangelo (Citrus parodist x C reticulata

    H. J. Esterhuizen


    Full Text Available Die invloed van verskillende kruisbestuiwers (Clementine, Empress en Valencia op die gemiddelde saadinhoud van Minneo­la tangelo is ondersoek. Clementine en Empress as kruisbestuiwers het die grootste invloed op die gemiddelde saadinhoud van die vrugte gehad, terwyl dié van Valencia nie noemenswaardig was nie. Die gemiddelde saadinhoud van die vrugte het afgeneem met toename in afstand vanaf die kruisbestuiwer. Indien ’n beperking op die afstand tussen kultivar en kruisbestuiwer geplaas word, sal ’n groter persentasie vrugte aan uitvoerstandaarde ten opsigte van saadinhoud voldoen.

  8. MOOCs; vanwaar al die ophef?

    Henderikx, Maartje; Kreijns, Karel


    MOOCs; vanwaar die ophef? Het nog maar zeer recente fenomeen MOOCs (massive open online courses) heeft zich in korte tijd al een onwrikbare positie weten in te nemen in het open online onderwijs. De hype rondom deze nieuwe manier van onderwijs geven bereikte zijn hoogtepunt in 2012, dat prompt werd

  9. Die Suche nach den Gottesteilchen


    2008 wird der größte jemals gebaute Teilchenbeschleuniger in Betrieb genommen Anlässlich des Mathematik-Jahres 2008 hat der Experimentalphysiker der Universität Hamburg und der designierte Generaldirektor des europäischen Zentrums für Teilchenphysik CERN in Genf, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, die Bedeutung des Dialogs zwischen Naturwissenschaftlern und Philosophen hervorgehoben.

  10. Robert Merton Dies at 92

    Snell, Joel C.


    This article features Robert Merton, who died recently at age 92. Merton came into this world as a Jewish baby named Meyer Schkolnick. He lived in South Philly where his parents wrenched a living as blue-collar workers. Merton chose an Anglicized name to move into the Yankee dominated America of the 20's and 30's. At Harvard, he studied under…

  11. 10 CFR 835.501 - Radiological areas.


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Radiological areas. 835.501 Section 835.501 Energy DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OCCUPATIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION Entry Control Program § 835.501 Radiological areas. (a) Personnel entry control shall be maintained for each radiological area. (b) The degree of control shall...

  12. Women in Radiology: Exploring the Gender Disparity.

    Zener, Rebecca; Lee, Stefanie Y; Visscher, Kari L; Ricketts, Michelle; Speer, Stacey; Wiseman, Daniele


    In 2015, only 1.5% of female Canadian medical students pursued radiology as a specialty, versus 5.6% of men. The aim of this study was to determine what factors attract and deter Canadian medical students from pursuing a career in radiology, and why fewer women than men pursue radiology as a specialty. An anonymous online survey was e-mailed to English-speaking Canadian medical schools, and 12 of 14 schools participated. Subgroup analyses for gender and radiology interest were performed using the Fisher exact test (P Physics deterred more women (47%) than it did men (21%), despite similar educational backgrounds for the two gender groups in physical sciences (P < .0001). More women who were considering radiology as a specialty rated intellectual stimulation as being important to their career choice (93%), compared with women who were not (80%; P = .002). Fewer women who were not interested in radiology had done preclinical observerships in radiology (20%), compared with men who were not interested in radiology (28%; P = .04). A perceived lack of direct patient contact dissuades medical students from pursuing radiology as a career. Women have less preclinical radiology exposure than do men. Programs that increase preclinical exposure to radiology subspecialties that have greater patient contact should be initiated, and an effort to actively recruit women to such programs should be made. Copyright © 2016 American College of Radiology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Radiological interventions in inflammatory bowel disease; Interventionelle Verfahren bei entzuendlichen Darmerkrankungen

    Krolak, C.; Rock, C.; Reiser, M. [Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Klinikum der Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)


    Abscesses, fistulas,hemorrhages and stenoses are common complications of inflammatory bowel diseases.This study provides an overview on various methods of radiological intervention and the clinical usefulness of these methods is analyzed. The success rate of percutaneous abscess drainage (PAD), embolisation of hemorrhages and dilatation of bowel stenoses is reviewed and current literature is adressed.Success rate is defined in terms of cure rate and need for subsequent surgery. After PAD, surgery can be avoided during the observation period in about 50% of patients with abscesses due to Crohn's disease and diverticulitis.Preoperative PAD reduces the degree of invasiveness and thus the risk of surgery.Abscess recurrence is found with the same frecuency following surgery or PAD.Bowel dilatation can be performed both with radiological and with endoscopic guidance.Embolisation of GI-hemorrhage is technically feasible, but the indication should be limited to strictly selected cases. In treating abscesses and fistulas associated with Crohn's disease and diverticulitis, PAD is a valuable treatment option.Embolisation or dilatation are restricted to rare cares. (orig.) [German] Fragestellung Abszesse, Fisteln, Blutungen und Darmstenosen sind typische Komplikationen entzuendlicher Darmerkrankungen. Es werden verschiedene radiologisch-interventionelle Verfahren vorgestellt und ihre Wertigkeit fuer die Behandlung geprueft.Methodik Unter Beruecksichtigung der neueren Literatur werden der Erfolg der perkutanen Abszessdrainage (PAD) hinsichtlich der Ausheilung und Notwendigkeit einer folgenden OP, die perkutane Embolisation und die Dilatation von Darmstenosen bewertet.Ergebnisse Die PAD vermeidet bei 50% der Patienten mit Morbus Crohn und bei 20% der Patienten mit Divertikulitis eine OP im kurzfristigen Verlauf.Die PAD verringert die Invasivitaet einer nachfolgenden OP.Rezidivabszesse treten nach PAD und OP gleich haeufig auf.Die Dilatation entzuendlicher Darmstenosen

  14. Complications after cardiac implantable electronic device implantations

    Kirkfeldt, Rikke Esberg; Johansen, Jens Brock; Nohr, Ellen Aagaard;


    Complications after cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) treatment, including permanent pacemakers (PMs), cardiac resynchronization therapy devices with defibrillators (CRT-Ds) or without (CRT-Ps), and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), are associated with increased patient...

  15. Implant marketing: cost effective implant dentistry.

    Wohrle, P S; Levin, R P


    The application of the KAL-Technique to the field of implant dentistry allows both patients and dental practices to benefit. It is an exciting advance that decreases frustration and stress in providing implant procedures and lowers overall costs. Professionals using the KAL-Technique report significant predictability in achieving passive framework fit. They are also lowering overall cost of implant cases, which increases the number of patients who can accept implant treatment. It has been well established that the more individuals in a practice that receive implants, the more referrals a practice will gain. This is because implant patients find tremendous advances in the quality of life, and do not hesitate to tell others who can take advantage of this opportunity. Implant dentistry is one of the fastest growing fields in dentistry today. While some other areas of dentistry begin to decline in volume and need, implant dentistry provides the opportunity to keep practices strong and to insure long-term success.

  16. Pediatric radiology for medical-technical radiology assistants/radiologists; Paediatrische Radiologie fuer MTRA/RT

    Oppelt, Birgit


    The book on pediatric radiology includes the following chapter: differences between adults and children; psycho-social aspects concerning the patient child in radiology; relevant radiation doses in radiology; help for self-help: simple phantoms for image quality estimation in pediatric radiology; general information; immobilization of the patient; pediatric features for radiological settings; traumatology; contrast agents; biomedical radiography; computerized tomography; NMR imaging; diagnostic ultrasonography; handling of stress practical recommendations; medical displays.

  17. Differential diagnostic radiology of skeletal diseases; Radiologische Differentialdiagnose der Skeletterkrankungen

    Reiser, M. [ed.] [Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen (Germany). Inst. fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Peters, P.E. [ed.] [Muenster Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Klinische Radiologie


    The reference work presents a comprehensive review of the entire spectrum of differential diagnostic radiology of bone diseases. Taking systematic image analysis and localisation, which are the principal criteria of differential diagnosis, as the main line of orientation, the chapters of the book are arranged by diseases and, following a standard pattern common to all chapters, analyse the various syndromes and clinical pictures, giving all essential differential diagnostic aspects ascertained by anamnesis, clinical examination, and augmentative diagnostic evaluation. All chapters conclude with a tabulated list of principal symptoms and diagnostic signs. The great majority of the diagnoses are accompanied by the relevant images, primarily based on X-ray radiography, but all modern imaging methods and their findings are also shown according to their diagnostic applicability and value. (orig./MG). 709 figs., 119 tabs. [Deutsch] Das Referenzwerk gibt eine komplette Uebersicht ueber die gesamte Bandbreite der `Radiologischen Differentialdiagnostik der Skeletterkrankungen`. Ausgehend von der systematischen radiologischen Bildanalyse und der Lokalisation als den wichtigsten differentialdiagnostischen Kriterien werden die einzelnen Krankheitsbilder nach einer einheitlichen Struktur analysiert und alle wesentlichen differentialdiagnostischen Aspekte aus Anamnese, Klinik und weiterfuehrender Diagnostik zusammengestellt. Alle wichtigen Leitsymptome mit den entsprechenden Differentialdiagnosen jeweils in einer Tabelle am Kapitelende wiedergegeben. Die Mehrzahl der Befunde wird durch eine Abbildung dokumentiert. Dabei wird primaer von der konventionellen Roentgendiagnostik ausgegangen, jedoch sind alle modernen bildgebenden Verfahren ihrer Bedeutung entsprechend beruecksichtigt. (orig./MG)

  18. Radiology and social media: are private practice radiology groups more social than academic radiology departments?

    Glover, McKinley; Choy, Garry; Boland, Giles W; Saini, Sanjay; Prabhakar, Anand M


    This study assesses the prevalence of use of the most commonly used social media sites among private radiology groups (PRGs) and academic radiology departments (ARDs). The 50 largest PRGs and the 50 ARDs with the highest level of funding from the National Institutes of Health were assessed for presence of a radiology-specific social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Measures of organizational activity and end-user activity were collected, including the number of posts and followers, as appropriate; between-group comparisons were performed. PRGs adopted Facebook 12 months earlier (P = .02) and Twitter 18 months earlier (P = .02) than did ARDs. A total of 76% of PRGs maintained ≥1 account on the social media sites included in the study, compared with 28% of ARDs (P social media sites for PRGs was: Facebook, 66%; LinkedIn, 56%; Twitter, 42%; YouTube, 20%; Pinterest, 4%; and Instagram, 2%. The prevalence of radiology-specific social media accounts for ARDs was: Facebook, 18%; LinkedIn, 0%; Twitter, 24%; YouTube, 6%; Pinterest, 0%; and Instagram, 0%. There was no significant difference between ARDs and PRGs in measures of end-user or organizational activity on Facebook or Twitter. Use of social media in health care is emerging as mainstream, with PRGs being early adopters of Facebook and Twitter in comparison with ARDs. Competitive environments and institutional policies may be strong factors that influence how social media is used by radiologists at the group and department levels. Copyright © 2015 American College of Radiology. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Die spel van assosiasies in en om 'Die verlossing van die beeld' van Breyten Breytenbach

    P.A. du Toit


    Full Text Available The play of association in and around 'The liberation of the image' by Breyten Breytenbach This analysis focuses on the conjunction of memory and imagination, which is an important impulse in, and key to, Breytenbach’s work. The play with language and with associations, the foregrounding, in the short story, “Die verlossing van die beeld” (Breytenbach, 1983 with its metafictional title and apparently divergent motifs (rain/water, watch, onion, the death and burial of a grandfather acts, as it were, as an invitation to the reader to become a co-player. The reader ventures on a search for traces, intertextual links within the Breytenbach oeuvre and for already acknowledged influences such as Surrealism (which in turn casts some light on the strange title of the story and the Eastern philosophies such as Zen and the even older Taoism. The analysis also takes into account the context in which “Mouroir” was written, namely Breytenbach’s term in prison (1975-1982. Seeing that the writer had to hand in his manuscripts to the jail authorities regularly, he might have decided, consciously or by intuition, to hide some thoughts and feelings behind a screen or a mask, in, for example in “Die verlossing van die beeld”, a lighter tone and irony.

  20. Die Wissensgesellschaft und die Bildung des Subjekts - ein Widerspruch?

    Sebastian Hacke


    Full Text Available Der Beitrag untersucht, inwiefern sich medienpädagogisch relevante Diskrepanzen zwischen dem Diskurs der Wissensgesellschaft und jugendlichem Medienhandeln nachzeichnen lassen. Dazu werden zunächst einige Aspekte des Konstrukts Wissensgesellschaft skizziert, das in seiner gegenwärtig populären Form ins Fahrwasser an volkswirtschaftlichen Verwertungskalkülen orientierter Denkformen geraten ist. Dies wird in Bezug auf die sich daran gekoppelte Programmatik von Kompetenz diskutiert, welche den «homo oeconomicus» beschwört und sich darin konträr zu klassisch bildungstheoretischen Kategorien verhält. Weitergeführt werden diese Überlegungen anhand der Problematisierung des Medienkompetenztheorems, das sich bis heute damit schwer tut, sich von der Vereinnahmung durch zweckrationale und restringierende Tendenzen zu befreien. Argumentiert wird, dass mit Medienkompetenz zu wenig einer milieuspezifischen Differenzierung Rechnung getragen werden kann, die eine wichtige Prämisse für eine soziale Ungleichheiten ernst nehmende Medienpädagogik ist. Als eine Alternative diskutieren wir, inwieweit sich hier praxeologische Perspektiven zum Verständnis jugendlichen Handelns anbieten. Der Beitrag mündet in einige medienpädagogisch fruchtbare Ideen, in deren Zentrum eine reflexivere, stärker am Habitus von Jugendlichen orientierte Praxis steht.

  1. Die impak van tutoriale op die wiskundeprestasie van eerstejaarstudente

    J. G. Maree


    Full Text Available

    Studente uit histories-agtergeblewe gemeenskappe in Suid-Afrika onderpresteer dikwels in wiskunde vanweë ’n verskeidenheid faktore. Aksienavorsing wat aan die (voormalige Technikon Noord-Gauteng uitgevoer is, om ondersoek in te stel na wyses waarop hierdie studente se wiskundeprestasie verbeter kan word, het die implementering van ’n tutoriaalstelsel behels. Kwantitatiewe en kwalitatiewe data is deur middel van ’n verskeidenheid instrumente ingesamel. Die resultate het sekere tendense in tersiêre wiskundeonderrig, wat in ’n tweede of derde taal geskied, uitgewys.


    The impact of tutorials on achievement in mathematics of first year students

    Historically disadvantaged students in South Africa often underachieve in mathematics due to a number of factors. Action research that was conducted at the (former Technikon Northern Gauteng to investigate ways in which these students’ achievements in mathematics could be improved comprised the implementation of tutorial sessions. Quantitative and qualitative data were gathered by means of a variety of instruments. The results revealed certain trends in tertiary mathematics education where learning takes place in a second or third language.

  2. Clinical requirements of aortic imaging; Klinische Anforderungen an die Bildgebung der Aorta

    Boeckler, D.; Hylik-Duerr, A.; Klemm, K. [Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg, Klinik fuer Gefaesschirurgie,Vaskulaere und Endovaskulaere Chirurgie, Heidelberg (Germany); Tengg-Kobligk, H. von; Kauczor, H.U. [Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ) Heidelberg, Abteilung Radiologie, Heidelberg (Germany); Lopez-Benitez, R. [Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg, Abteilung Radiodiagnostik, Heidelberg (Germany)


    Modern imaging modalities, especially noninvasive cross-sectional imaging techniques, have advanced dramatically in recent years and are now the backbone of pre- and postoperative evaluation of aortic pathologies. The planning in particular, but also the aftercare following endovascular aortic reconstructions, make heavy demands on physicians. It is necessary to select the method of examination that is best suited to the pathology concerned and to apply it to the patient in an individual manner. Ultrasound is the examination of choice for screening and follow-up of infrarenal aneurysms. Transesophageal echocardiography and magnetic resonance angiography are used in diagnosis, in intraoperative navigation during the implantation of endografts and in follow-up of patients with thoracic aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections who have undergone conservative treatment, with very high sensitivity and specificity. The use of MRA is restricted by the long time needed for an examination, metal artifacts and limited availability. DSA has been largely superseded in the diagnosis of aortic pathologies by CTA, but as yet retains its role in intraoperative imaging of the anchorage regions of endoprostheses. Selective demonstration of postoperative internal leaks with subsequent therapeutic embolization is a further area of use for DSA. CTA, including so-called image postprocessing, has taken over the prime role in imaging of the aorta. Disease-specific diagnostic algorithms are useful and necessary in day-to-day clinical practice. (orig.) [German] Die moderne Bildgebung, insbesondere die nichtinvasive Schnittbildgebung, hat sich in den letzten Jahren dramatisch weiterentwickelt und stellt mittlerweile die Basis fuer die prae- und postoperative Diagnostik aortaler Pathologien dar. Insbesondere die Planung, aber auch die Nachsorge endovaskulaerer Aortenrekonstruktionen stellen sehr hohe Anforderungen an den Diagnostiker und Therapeuten. Aus der Vielzahl der bestehenden

  3. Die aard en problematiek van vertaling

    J. Swanepoel


    Full Text Available George Steiner (1975 se onlangse werk oor vertaling dra die treffende titel: After Babel. Dit is met hierdie dilemma wat die mens in sy na-babelse bestaan in sy strewe na sinvolle kommunikasie te kampe het: die bestaan van ’n magdom van tale wat geen individu, hoe begaafd ookal, eers kan droom om te beheers nie. Vandaar die strewe na die totstandbrenging van ’n eenvoudige en universele wereldtaal, Esperanto, of — meer algemeen — die behoefte aan vertaling. Maar vertaling is nie net ’n dilemma nie, dit is ook ’n uitdaging.

  4. Die Felsfassadengräber von Kyrene

    Greve, Anika


    Die griechische Kolonie Kyrene wurde im letzten Drittel des 7. Jhs. v. Chr. einige Kilometer vom Mittelmeer entfernt im libyschen Innenland gegründet. Die Siedler waren dorische Griechen aus Thera im Süden der Kykladen. Nicht nur die erhaltenen innerstädtischen Gebäude zeugen von einem einstigen Wohlstand, auch die Nekropole nahm im Laufe der Zeit gewaltige Ausmaße mit aufwendig gestalteten Grabanlagen an, die sich rund um die urbane Bebauung entlang der Ausfallstraßen ausbreitete. Viele Ruhe...

  5. Radiology and pregnancy. Pt. 2. Clinical recommendations; Radiologie und Schwangerschaft. T. 2. Klinische Empfehlungen

    Weisser, G.; Neff, K.W.; Buesing, K.A. [Universitaetsmedizin Mannheim, Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin, Medizinische Fakultaet Mannheim der Universitaet Heidelberg, Mannheim (Germany); Steil, V. [Universitaetsmedizin Mannheim, Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Radioonkologie, Mannheim (Germany)


    In spite of a growing number of radiological scans in pregnant women there is still a high level of uncertainty concerning radiation exposure to the fetus. At the same time, the risk of fetal radiation injury is frequently overestimated. This entails an avoidable fear in the pregnant patient and may delay urgently required imaging and thus lead to an increased risk for maternal and fetal health. As a consequence, radiological scans in pregnant patients do not only require a thorough medical check but also a careful estimate of the specific radiation exposure to the fetus. The previous first part of the article described the legal requirements in Germany, the technical exposure and pharmacological risks for the pregnant woman and the fetus. The current second article focuses on the risk analysis for examinations with ionizing radiation and will provide recommendations for typical indications for maternal and fetal imaging. (orig.) [German] Trotz einer wachsenden Zahl radiologischer Untersuchungen von Schwangeren bestehen oft Unsicherheiten ueber die Gefaehrdung des Feten durch eine begleitende Strahlenexposition. Dabei wird das Risiko fetaler Schaeden haeufig ueberschaetzt. Neben einer unnoetigen Verunsicherung der Schwangeren kann die Verzoegerung einer erforderlichen Bildgebung zu einer Gefaehrdung des muetterlichen und fetalen Gesundheitszustands fuehren. Vor jeder radiologischen Untersuchung einer schwangeren Patientin ist daher nicht nur die Indikation kritisch zu ueberpruefen, sondern auch eine Nutzen-Risiko-Abwaegung unter Beruecksichtigung des tatsaechlich zu erwartenden Risikos fuer den Feten durchzufuehren. Im ersten Teil des Artikels wurden die gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen sowie die technischen und pharmakologischen Belastungen fuer die Schwangere und den Fetus bei radiologischen Methoden behandelt. Im vorliegenden zweiten Teil wird auf die individuelle Risikoanalyse fuer Untersuchungen mit ionisierenden Strahlen eingegangen, und es werden klinische

  6. Radiology education: a glimpse into the future

    Scarsbrook, A.F. [Department of Radiology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford (United Kingdom)]. E-mail:; Graham, R.N.J. [Department of Radiology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford (United Kingdom); Perriss, R.W. [Department of Radiology, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford (United Kingdom)


    The digital revolution in radiology continues to advance rapidly. There are a number of interesting developments within radiology informatics which may have a significant impact on education and training of radiologists in the near future. These include extended functionality of handheld computers, web-based skill and knowledge assessment, standardization of radiological procedural training using simulated or virtual patients, worldwide videoconferencing via high-quality health networks such as Internet2 and global collaboration of radiological educational resources via comprehensive, multi-national databases such as the medical imaging resource centre initiative of the Radiological Society of North America. This article will explore the role of e-learning in radiology, highlight a number of useful web-based applications in this area, and explain how the current and future technological advances might best be incorporated into radiological training.

  7. A hypermedia radiological reporting system.

    De Simone, M; Drudi, F M; Lalle, C; Poggi, R; Ricci, F L


    Report is the main phase of a diagnostic process by images. The product of the process is the diagnostic report. We are proposing an hypermedia structure of diagnostic report in radiology, in order to facilitate exchange between radiologist and clinician (specialist in internal medicine or surgeon) on a clinical case, without anymore charge on the side of the radiologist but with an 'off-line' consultation. An hypermedia radiological report software will produce further advantages in many aspects: radiologist and clinician could access patient's data directly from DB on patients; radiologist could check DB on exemplary cases real-time; clinician could read preliminary and final reports available in network and make requests online. The proposed hyper-report system is modular. Starting from the 'report text' writing, edited by the radiologist on the basis of most significative images, it is possible to insert comments in text, drawing and 'external' images form.

  8. Radiologic findings of neonatal sepsis

    Kim, Sam Soo; Han, Dae Hee; Choi, Guk Myeong; Jung, Hye Won [Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Yoon, Hye Kyung; Han, Bokyung Kim; Lee, Nam Yong [Sansung Medical Center, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    To review the simple radiographic and sonographic findings in infants with neonatal sepsis. We retrospectively analyzed simple chest and abdominal radiographs, and brain sonograms in 36 newborn infants (preterm : term=23 :13). With neonatal sepsis diagnosed by blood culture and clinical manifestations. Pulmonary parenchymal infiltrate excluding respiratory distress syndrome and pulmonary edema or atelectasis was found in 22 infants (61%). Paralytic ileus, hepatosplenomegaly, and necrotizing enterocolitis were present in 18(50%), 9(25%), and 1(3%) infants, respectively, while skeletal changes suggesting osteomyelitis were found in three. Brain sonography was performed in 29 infants and in four, abnormalities were seen ; these comprised three germinal matrix hemorrhages and one intraparenchymal hemorrhage. In six patients(17%) radiologic examinations revealed no abnormality. In patients with neonatal sepsis, pulmonary infiltrates and paralytic ileus were common abnormalities. Although these were nonspecific, radiologic findings may be used to supplement clinical and laboratory findings in diagnosing neonatal sepsis and planning its treatment.

  9. Radiology applications of financial accounting.

    Leibenhaut, Mark H


    A basic knowledge of financial accounting can help radiologists analyze business opportunities and examine the potential impacts of new technology or predict the adverse consequences of new competitors entering their service area. The income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are the three basic financial statements that document the current financial position of the radiology practice and allow managers to monitor the ongoing financial operations of the enterprise. Pro forma, or hypothetical, financial statements can be generated to predict the financial impact of specific business decisions or investments on the profitability of the practice. Sensitivity analysis, or what-if scenarios, can be performed to determine the potential impact of changing key revenue, investment, operating cost or financial assumptions. By viewing radiology as both a profession and a business, radiologists can optimize their use of scarce economic resources and maximize the return on their financial investments.

  10. Thalamic Lesions: A Radiological Review

    Dimitri Renard


    Full Text Available Background. Thalamic lesions are seen in a multitude of disorders including vascular diseases, metabolic disorders, inflammatory diseases, trauma, tumours, and infections. In some diseases, thalamic involvement is typical and sometimes isolated, while in other diseases thalamic lesions are observed only occasionally (often in the presence of other typical extrathalamic lesions. Summary. In this review, we will mainly discuss the MRI characteristics of thalamic lesions. Identification of the origin of the thalamic lesion depends on the exact localisation inside the thalamus, the presence of extrathalamic lesions, the signal changes on different MRI sequences, the evolution of the radiological abnormalities over time, the history and clinical state of the patient, and other radiological and nonradiological examinations.

  11. Computational radiology for orthopaedic interventions

    Li, Shuo


    This book provides a cohesive overview of the current technological advances in computational radiology, and their applications in orthopaedic interventions. Contributed by the leading researchers in the field, this volume covers not only basic computational radiology techniques such as statistical shape modeling, CT/MRI segmentation, augmented reality and micro-CT image processing, but also the applications of these techniques to various orthopaedic interventional tasks. Details about following important state-of-the-art development are featured: 3D preoperative planning and patient-specific instrumentation for surgical treatment of long-bone deformities, computer assisted diagnosis and planning of periacetabular osteotomy and femoroacetabular impingement, 2D-3D reconstruction-based planning of total hip arthroplasty, image fusion for  computer-assisted bone tumor surgery, intra-operative three-dimensional imaging in fracture treatment, augmented reality based orthopaedic interventions and education, medica...

  12. Radiology of the resurfaced hip

    Rahman, Luthfur [The London Hip Unit, London (United Kingdom); Hall-Craggs, Margaret [University College London Hospital, London (United Kingdom); Muirhead-Allwood, Sarah K. [The London Hip Unit, London (United Kingdom); The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Middlesex (United Kingdom)


    Hip resurfacing arthroplasty is an increasingly common procedure for osteoarthritis. Conventional radiographs are used routinely for follow-up assessment, however they only provide limited information on the radiological outcome. Various complications have been reported in the scientific literature although not all are fully understood. In an effort to investigate problematic or failing hip resurfacings, various radiological methods have been utilized. These methods can be used to help make a diagnosis and guide management. This paper aims to review and illustrate the radiographic findings in the form of radiography, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound of both normal and abnormal findings in hip resurfacing arthroplasty. However, imaging around a metal prosthesis with CT and MRI is particularly challenging and therefore the potential techniques used to overcome this are discussed. (orig.)

  13. Increasing diversity in radiologic technology.

    Carwile, Laura


    Diversity is increasingly important in the radiologic technology workplace. For significant changes to occur in work force diversity, educators must first recruit and retain students from a wide variety of backgrounds. This article examines personality, race and gender as factors affecting career choice and how educators can use these factors to increase diversity in their programs. An overview of the ASRT's efforts to improve diversity within the profession is presented, along with suggestions for developing effective recruitment and retention plans to increase diversity.

  14. Radiological diagnosis of aggressive fibromatosis

    Wiesmann, W.; Galanski, M.; Peters, P.E.; Timm, C.


    Aggressive fibromatosis (desmoid, desmoid tumour) resembles, in its infiltrating and destructive growth, a fibrosarcoma, but does not metastasise. Because of its high recurrence rate, the tumour remains a surgical problem. Various imaging methods were evaluated retrospectively in 23 patients with histologically confirmed aggressive fibromatosis. Conventional radiological procedures are poor at demonstrating the extent and type of tumour. Modern tomographic methods are more able to determine the size of the lesion and a combination of angiography and CT can frequently provide a definite diagnosis.

  15. Frontiers in European radiology 9

    Baert, A.L. (ed.) (Leuven Univ. (Belgium)); Heuck, F.H.W. (ed.) (Katharinenhospital, Stuttgart (Germany))


    The twelve chapters of the book - which were not prepared for separate retrieval from the database - deal with recent enhancements in equipment or technique, or novel applications, of existing diagnostic medical radiology methods such as magnetic resonance angiography, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, Doppler sonography, digital subtraction angiography, and non-invasive thermometry. Possible side effects of the methods covered are also discussed, as e.g. nephropathy induced by contrast media, or artifacts involved in MRI. (UWA). 182 figs., 26 tabs.

  16. Benign chondroblastoma - malignant radiological appearances

    Schulze, K.; Treugut, H.; Mueller, G.E.


    The very rare benign chondroblastoma occasionally invades soft tissues and may grow beyond the epiphysis into the metaphysis. In the present case such a tumour did not show the typical radiological appearances, but presented malignant features both on plain films and on the angiogram. The importance of biopsy of tumours which cannot be identified with certainty must be stressed before radical surgery is carried out.

  17. Implant placement and immediate loading in aesthetic zone- A report of three cases

    Vijay Deshmukh


    Full Text Available Single teeth replaced by implants in the aesthetic zone are one of the most challenging situations faced by a clinician. Recent studies have encouraged a progressive shortening of the healing period for single-tooth implants with immediate implantation and immediate loading being proposed for the aesthetic zone in the maxilla. The present report describes three cases with single tooth replacement in the anterior maxillary region by implant therapy with flapless technique followed by immediate provisionalization of the implant with all-ceramic crown. The patients exhibited no clinical or radiologic complications 1 year after loading. Implant placement and immediate loading of single tooth can provide an attractive treatment option in the aesthetic zone. Careful assessment must be made of mucosal and bone volumes in relation to implant placement for optimum aesthetic outcome.

  18. Psychotherapy of the dying patient.

    Stedeford, A


    The psychotherapeutic aspects of the care of the 49 terminally ill patients described in the preceeding paper are discussed. Their differing ways of coping with the stress of dying and the range of psychotherapeutic strategies used in treatment are described. The work suggests that the therapist's use of psychological insights can improve his understanding of the emotional pain of terminal illness, and well-aimed psychotherapy can contribute to its relief.

  19. Los Alamos National Laboratory Ion Implantation Program with General Motors and the University of Wisconsin

    Sherwood, A. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    The Plasma Source Ion Implantation (PSII) collaboration is described. Its principal objective is to develop the PSII process, invented at the University of Wisconsin, on a large-scale for practical use in the automotive industry. The process achieves ion implantation for surface modification at higher implantation currents than conventional methods by biasing a target part immersed in a low temperature plasma to high negative voltage. Automotive applications being explored involve hardening of tool dies and automotive power train components.

  20. Understanding Mechanisms of Radiological Contamination

    Rick Demmer; John Drake; Ryan James, PhD


    Over the last 50 years, the study of radiological contamination and decontamination has expanded significantly. This paper addresses the mechanisms of radiological contamination that have been reported and then discusses which methods have recently been used during performance testing of several different decontamination technologies. About twenty years ago the Idaho Nuclear Technology Engineering Center (INTEC) at the INL began a search for decontamination processes which could minimize secondary waste. In order to test the effectiveness of these decontamination technologies, a new simulated contamination, termed SIMCON, was developed. SIMCON was designed to replicate the types of contamination found on stainless steel, spent fuel processing equipment. Ten years later, the INL began research into methods for simulating urban contamination resulting from a radiological dispersal device (RDD). This work was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and included the initial development an aqueous application of contaminant to substrate. Since 2007, research sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advanced that effort and led to the development of a contamination method that simulates particulate fallout from an Improvised Nuclear Device (IND). The IND method diverges from previous efforts to create tenacious contamination by simulating a reproducible “loose” contamination. Examining these different types of contamination (and subsequent decontamination processes), which have included several different radionuclides and substrates, sheds light on contamination processes that occur throughout the nuclear industry and in the urban environment.

  1. Quality management systems in radiology

    Geoffrey K. Korir


    Full Text Available Background: The use of X-ray imaging is ever increasing in proportion to the need for radiological services and technological capabilities. Quality management that includes patient radiation dose monitoring is fundamental to safety and quality improvement of radiological services.Objective: To assess the level of quality management systems in X-ray medical facilities in Kenya.Methods: Quality management inspection, quality control performance tests and patient radiation exposure were assessed in 54 representative X-ray medical facilities. Additionally, a survey of X-ray examination frequency was conducted in 140 hospitals across the country.Results: The overall findings placed the country’s X-ray imaging quality management systems at 61±3% out of a possible 100%. The most and the least quality assurance performance indicators were general radiography X-ray equipment quality control tests at 88±4%, and the interventional cardiology adult examinations below diagnostic reference level at 25±1%, respectively.Conclusions: The study used a systematic evidence-based approach for the assessment of national quality management systems in radiological practice in clinical application, technical conduct of the procedure, image quality criteria, and patient characteristics as part of the quality management programme.

  2. Radiologic evaluation of os odontoideum

    Lee, Eun Ju; Chung, Tae Sub; Suh, Jung Ho; Kim, Dong Ik; Kim, Yong Soo; Park, Hyoung Chun; Oh, Soung Hoon [Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    We took an analysis on the clinical and radiologic findings of os odontoideum, which had been regarded as relatively uncommon disease, on 5 patients whom we have recently experienced. Our results were as follows: 1. Os odontoideums were incidentally discovered during the radiologic evaluation of traumatised 4 cases, who had been well being. Another one case of os odontoideum was associated with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia. 2. General radiologic findings of os odontoideum were a round or oval and hypoplastic ossicle separated from the base of odontoid process by wise gap. 3. Alanto-Axial instability was developed in 5 cases of os odontoideum by flexion and extension stress view of lateral cervical spine. 4. Flexion views of lateral cervical spine showed narrowing of anteroposterior diameter of spinal canal which were available at atlantoaxial level on 5 cases of os odontoidum. 5. CT myelogram and cervical myelogram showed anteriorly compressed dural sac and deformed spinal cord by body of axis at the atlanto-axial level.

  3. Telemetry of Aerial Radiological Measurements

    H. W. Clark, Jr.


    Telemetry has been added to National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA's) Aerial Measuring System (AMS) Incident Response aircraft to accelerate availability of aerial radiological mapping data. Rapid aerial radiological mapping is promptly performed by AMS Incident Response aircraft in the event of a major radiological dispersal. The AMS airplane flies the entire potentially affected area, plus a generous margin, to provide a quick look at the extent and severity of the event. The primary result of the AMS Incident Response over flight is a map of estimated exposure rate on the ground along the flight path. Formerly, it was necessary to wait for the airplane to land before the map could be seen. Now, while the flight is still in progress, data are relayed via satellite directly from the aircraft to an operations center, where they are displayed and disseminated. This permits more timely utilization of results by decision makers and redirection of the mission to optimize its value. The current telemetry capability can cover all of North America. Extension to a global capability is under consideration.

  4. Skrifberoep in die vorming van etiese uitsprake, Deel 1: ’n Etiese verstaan van die vrou in die Bybel

    Adriaan L. Rheeder


    Full Text Available Na 30 jaar kon die grammaties-historiese metode van Skrifondersoek nie daarin slaag om die etiese probleem van die vrou in die kerklike ampte (en homoseksualiteit in die GKSA op te los nie. Hierdie metode kan na alle waarskynlikheid nie meer as die enigste verklaringsmetode gebruik word nie en moet deur ander uitgangspunte aangevul word. In hierdie artikel word twee hermeneutiese uitgangspunte bespreek wat saam met die grammaties-historiese metode in die vertolking van die Skrif gebruik kan word. Hierdie hermeneutiese uitgangspunte sal gedemonstreer word in ‘n bespreking oor die etiese verstaan van die vrou in die Bybel, spesifiek soos dit op die vrou in kerklike ampte toegepas word. In aansluiting by laasgenoemde twee vertrekpunte word in ’n opvolgartikel ’n verdere drie hermeneutiese vertrekpunte behandel. Die twee hermeneutiese vertrekpunte wat in hierdie artikel behandel word, staan as reëldoelwit en analogie bekend. Die eerste hermeneutiese vertrekpunt gaan uit van die veronderstelling dat die reëldoelwit van ’n teks swaarder weeg as die teks self, terwyl analogie van die veronderstelling uitgaan dat analogie as beredenering ’n aanvaarbare en noodsaaklike vertrekpunt is. Bogenoemde hermeneutiese vertrekpunte (vyf in totaal is op twee aannames gegrond. Ten eerste word aanvaar dat die Bybel, alhoewel ’n goddelike boek, ’n besliste kreatuurlike kant het wat in die vertolking daarvan in ag geneem moet word. Tweedens word geredeneer dat die Skrif nie ’n  teologiese boek is nie, wat beteken dat gelowiges in etiese sake waaroor daar twee verstaansmoontlikhede bestaan, die reg gegun moet word om self die Skrif te vertolk. Daar word tot die  gevolgtrekking gekom dat ’n etiese verstaan van die vrou daartoe moet lei dat die vrou as gelykwaardig aan die man beskou en behandel moet word, met die gevolg dat die vrou tot alle ampte in die kerk toegelaat moet word.Appeal to Scripture in the formation of ethical judgments, Part 1: An

  5. Killing, letting die and euthanasia.

    Husak, D N


    Medical ethicists debate whether or not the moral assessment of cases of euthanasia should depend on whether the patient is 'killed' or 'allowed to die'. The usual presupposition is that a clear distinction between killing and letting die can be drawn so that this substantive question is not begged. I contend that the categorisation of cases of instances of killing rather than as instances of letting die depends in part on a prior moral assessment of the case. Hence is it trivially rather than substantively true that the distinction has moral significance. But even if a morally neutral (ie non-question begging) distinction could be drawn, its application to the euthanasia controversy is problematic. I illustrate the difficulties of employing this distinction to reach moral conclusions by critically discussing Philippa Foot's recent treatment of euthanasia. I conclude that even if an act of euthanasia is an instance of killing, and there exists a prima facie moral duty not to kill, and no more stringent duty overrides this duty, one still cannot determine such an act to be morally impermissible.

  6. Letting die and mercy killing.

    Narbekovas, Andrius; Meilius, Kazimieras


    We are all called to make moral decisions, not only about preserving life and health, but also about accepting our death and dying. There are situations, when it is morally right, and indeed obligatory, to allow a dying person to die in peace and dignity. But there is a world of difference between allowing a peaceful death, and deliberately setting out to bring death of the person either by acts of commission (s.c. 'active euthanasia'), or by acts of omission (s.c. 'passive euthanasia'). The word "killing" seems proper for euthanasia, because "to kill" does mean " to intentionally cause the death of someone." It can be morally acceptable to withhold or withdraw a treatment precisely because it is reasonably judged as inefficacious (futile), or excessively burdensome for the patient. One's reason for withholding such treatment must not be a judgement about the desirability of putting an end to the patient's life, but a judgement about the desirability of putting an end to the treatment, which is futile or burdensome.

  7. Retrograde peri-implantitis

    Mohamed Jumshad


    Full Text Available Retrograde peri-implantitis constitutes an important cause for implant failure. Retrograde peri-implantitis may sometimes prove difficult to identify and hence institution of early treatment may not be possible. This paper presents a report of four cases of (the implant placed developing to retrograde peri-implantitis. Three of these implants were successfully restored to their fully functional state while one was lost due to extensive damage. The paper highlights the importance of recognizing the etiopathogenic mechanisms, preoperative assessment, and a strong postoperative maintenance protocol to avoid retrograde peri-implant inflammation.

  8. [Bilateral cochlear implantation].

    Kronenberg, Jona; Migirov, Lela; Taitelbaum-Swead, Rikey; Hildesheimer, Minka


    Cochlear implant surgery became the standard of care in hearing rehabilitation of patients with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. This procedure may alter the lives of children and adults enabling them to integrate with the hearing population. In the past, implantation was performed only in one ear, despite the fact that binaural hearing is superior to unilateral, especially in noisy conditions. Cochlear implantation may be performed sequentially or simultaneously. The "sensitive period" of time between hearing loss and implantation and between the two implantations, when performed sequentially, significantly influences the results. Shorter time spans between implantations improve the hearing results after implantation. Hearing success after implantation is highly dependent on the rehabilitation process which includes mapping, implant adjustments and hearing training. Bilateral cochlear implantation in children is recommended as the proposed procedure in spite of the additional financial burden.

  9. Ethnographische Filme und die Darstellung von Frauen

    Judith Keilbach


    Full Text Available In dieser Filmographie werden ethnographische und koloniale Filme aus dem Bestand des Nederlands Filmmuseum kommentiert, die für die Frage nach der Darstellung von Frauen und Geschlechterverhältnissen von Interesse sind.

  10. [Die Gründung...] / Anders Henriksson

    Henriksson, Anders


    Rets.: Karsten Brüggemann. Die Gründung der Republik Estland und das Ende des "Einen und unteilbaren Russland" : die Petrograder Front des Russischen Bürgerkrieges, 1918-1920. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2002

  11. Die ausbildung von wertbedeutungen im schuljugendalter*

    Siegfried Heusinger


    Full Text Available Die folgenden Darlegungen stützen sich auf Untersuchungsergebnisse des Verlassers zur Sprachentwicklung in der Ontogenese. Angeregt wurde die UnterSuchung durch die besonders in den letzten Jahren in mehreren Ländern verstärkt erhobenen Forderungen, nicht nur die Sprache des Klein­ kindes, sondern vornehmlich den Entwicklungsstand der Schülersprache auf den einzelnen Klassenstufen zu erforschen und den Prozeß der Sprachentwicklung des Schülers genauer zu bestimmen. Die Forderungen sind (so z. B. in der DDR durch das Bestreben motiviert, weitere wissenschaftliche Voraussetzungen für die Verbesserung der muttersprachlichen Bildung und Erzliehung zu schaffen. Es geht also vor allem um Bedürfnisse des Muttersprachunterrichts, die aus der gesellschaftlichen Bedeutung der Sprache überhaupt und den steigenden Anforderungen an die gesellschaftliche Kommunikation insbesondere erwachsen.

  12. Implantation of human bot fly larvae in host skin.

    Leite, A C R; Nascimento, M F A; Serafim, L R


    Adult males of Mus musculus each infested with four first-instar (L1) larvae of Dermatobia hominis (Linneaus, Jr.) were used as donors of larvae to other mice (recipients). Larvae at four (L1), six (early L2), 12 (L2), or 20 (L3) days postinfestation (dpi), were implanted into the skin of each recipient. Only two of 38 mice (5.3%) were refractory to implants and three died after implantation. Developmental times (pre- plus postimplantation) of implanted larvae were of similar duration to those in larvae that completed their development in the original mice. The L3 that emerged from implanted hosts developed to pupae and fertile adult specimens, whose L1 descendants were used to maintain the D. hominis life cycle in our laboratory. The model described here has several potential applications, including studies of the host relationship with specific instars and the development of management and control measures to combat this Neotropical myiasis.

  13. Die invloed van verpoeiering op die kwikinhoud van verskeie gesertifiseerde verwysingsmateriale

    Frederick Roelofse


    Full Text Available Die meeste analitiese tegnieke wat gebruik word vir die bepaling van die kwikinhoud van aardmateriale benodig komminusie van monsters voor analise. Dit word gewoonlik bewerkstellig deur die vergruising van die monsters, gevolg deur die verpoeiering daarvan. Dit is bekend dat in konvensionele meule hitte tydens verpoeiering vrygestel word, en dit volg dat kwikverlies verwag kan word weens die element se vlugtigheid. Om kwikverlies tydens verpoeiering te bestudeer het ons nege gesertifiseerde verwysingsmateriale van stolrotse geanaliseer voor verpoeiering, asook na 3 en weer na 10 minute van verpoeiering, met behulp van ’n direkte kwikanaliseerder. Die resultate van die eksperimente dui daarop dat: (1 kwikverlies onbeduidend is na 3 minute van verpoeiering, (2 kwikverlies beduidend raak indien monsters oormatige verpoeiering ondergaan, (3 kwikverlies klaarblyklik nie deur mineralogie beheer word nie en (4 vir monsters met ’n lae kwikinhoud, kontaminasie tydens verpoeiering ’n baie meer beduidende invloed op die geanaliseerde kwikinhoud het as die duur van verpoeiering.

  14. Die tätigkeitstheoretische Perspektive

    Stroh, Wolfgang Martin


    Die Perspektive, die der Autor entwickelt, ist die der dialektischen Tätigkeitstheorie. Gemäß dieser Theorie ist Musik eine spezifische Art der Aneignung von Wirklichkeit. SchülerInnen sollten im Musikunterricht lernen, bewusst, selbstbestimmt und sozial zu handeln, wenn sie sich durch Musizieren Wirklichkeit aneignen. Wenn SchülerInnen im Unterricht Musik machen, müssen sie sich daher auch des kulturellen Kontextes bewusst sein, dem die Musik entstammt. Sie sollten auch selbstbestimmt handel...

  15. Aanspreekvorme in die poësie

    D. M. Wybenga


    Full Text Available By die deurblaai van die Groot Verseboek (hierna GV is dit opvallend dat daar so baie keer van aanspreekvorme in gedigte gebruik gemaak word. Van die heel eerste gedig wat daarin opgeneem is, naamlik Klaas Geswind en sy perd (p. 1 tot ’n gedig van die laaste opgenome digter, André le Roux, (struisbaai-blues, p. 506, gebruik digters telkens hierdie taalmiddel om een of ander spesifieke effek te verkry.

  16. “Ruik die verderf in die kieliebakke”: Breyten Breytenbach se blik op die lyk

    M. Crous


    Full Text Available “Smell the rot in the armpits”: Breyten Breytenbach’s perspectives on the corpse The purpose of this article is to analyse Breyten Breytenbach’s so-called corpse poem, “bekommernis”, taken from his debut album “die ysterkoei moet sweet” (1964. The theoretical point of departure is the theories of Kristeva, in particular her essay on abjection. Not only does the article focus on Breytenbach’s portrayal of the abject, but also shows to what extent his use of language describing death, decay and the cadaver illustrates what Kristeva calls “a revolution in poetic language”. Given the fact that the poem is situated in a Zen Buddhist context, the Zen philosophy on death and dying is also taken into consideration when analysing aspects such as the dissolution of the ego, the bardos of death, et cetera.

  17. Nucleating emergency radiology specialization in India.

    Agrawal, Anjali; Khandelwal, Niranjan


    Emergency radiology is being recognized as an important and distinct specialty of radiology which merits utmost attention of educators, radiology program curricula committees, and radiology practices in India. Providing an accurate but timely diagnosis requires a skilled judgement and a strong process framework, particularly in acute trauma setting or a life-threatening acute illness. However, due to a shortage of radiologists in India and lack of awareness and suitable opportunities, there has been no concerted movement towards emergency radiology subspecialty training or dedicated emergency radiology positions. It was with these gaps in mind that the Society for Emergency Radiology was envisioned in 2012 and formulated in 2013. The proposed role of the Society for Emergency Radiology is to identify deficiencies in the field, namely, lack of adequate exposure, lack of mentorship by experienced emergency radiologists, lack of suitable opportunities for emergency radiologists; establish standards of practice; and promote education and implementation research to bridge the gaps. Through collaboration with other societies and partnership with the journal Emergency Radiology, the Society for Emergency Radiology hopes to promote a free exchange of ideas, protocols, and multi-institutional trials across continents.

  18. Die waarde van voorafopleiding deur die ouer vir pedo-oudiometrie by drie- en vierjarige kleuters

    Merisa Lodewyckx


    Full Text Available Die verkryging van akkurate, betroubare inligting aangaande die gehoorvermoë van jong kinders is van besondere belang vir die oudioloog, maar word dikwels bemoeilik aangesien die kleuter nie goeie samewerking bied in die vreemde pedo-oudiometriese situasie nie. Die oplossing hiervoor is grootliks geleë in die opleiding van die kind voor formele  gehoortoetsing en meer spesifiek  opleiding tuis deur die ouer. Die doel van hierdie studie was om 'n voorbereidende program op te stel wat die ouer tuis met die kind kan uitvoer, voordat formele  toetsing plaasvind. Die waarde en effek van hierdie program in die pedo-oudiometriese situasie is geevalueer by 'n groep drie- en vierjarige kleuters. Resultate dui daarop dat laer en meer akkurate drempels, 'n korter toetstydperk, verminderde angs en beter samewerking verkry is by die kleuters wat vooraf  opleiding ontvang het. Die opleidingsprogram kan dus in die kliniese praktyk benut word as voorafopleiding  vir pedo-oudiometrie.

  19. Cochlear Implantation in Children with Cochlear Malformation.

    Saikawa, Etsuko; Takano, Kenichi; Ogasawara, Noriko; Tsubomatsu, Chieko; Takahashi, Nozomi; Shirasaki, Hideaki; Himi, Tetsuo


    Cochlear implantation (CI) has proven to be an effective treatment for severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). Inner ear malformation is a rare anomaly and occurs in approximately 20% of cases with congenital SNHL. In cases with cochlear malformation, CI can be successfully performed in nearly all patients, the exceptions being those with complete labyrinthine and cochlear aplasia. It is important to evaluate the severity of inner ear deformity and other associated anomalies during the preimplantation radiological assessment in order to identify any complication that may potentially occur during the surgery and subsequent patient management.

  20. Custom surgical implants using additive manufacturing

    POUKENS, Jules; Laeven, Paul; BEERENS, Maikel; Koper, David; Lethaus, Bernd; Kessler, Peter; Vander Sloten, Jos; Lambrichts, Ivo


    CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing (AM) are getting more attention in the medical sector, especially in cranio-maxillofacial surgery where defects of the face (e.g., absence of a nose, ear, or eye) have a very big psycho-social impact. Radiological, optical, and laser scans of the patient are converted into a virtual three-dimensional patient with subsequent virtual design of the medical device. AM methods enable the production of custom implants made in a solid or resorbable material, or eve...

  1. Die persoonlikheidseienskappe en bestuurspotensiaal van bestuursgemotiveerde persone

    A. S. Engelbrecht


    Full Text Available The personality traits and managerial potential of managerial motivated persons: In the ligth of criticisms of the psychometric suitability of existing measures of managerial motivation a new scale, the Managerial Motivation Questionnaire (MMQ, was developed. This was done on the basis of a comprehensive study of the literature on managerial motivation and the role-motivation theory of Miner. The MMQ demonstrated adequate internal consistency. The aim of this study is to clarify the construct validity of the MMQ. Significant and positive correlations were found between managerial motivation, overall managerial potential, and nine managerial dimensions. The construct validity of the MMQ was further supported by correlations between sixteen personality traits and managerial motivation. Opsomming In die lig van kritiek teen die psigometriese geskiktheid van bestaande meetinstrumente van bestuursmotivering is 'n nuwe skaal, die Bestuursmotiveringsvraelys (BMV/ ontwikkel. Dit is gedoen op grond van die konseptuele omiyning van bestuursmotivering en die rolmotiveringsteorie van Miner. Die BMV vertoon toereikende interne konsekwentheid. Die doel van hierdie studie is om die konstrukgeldigheid van die BMV verder op te klaar. Beduidend positiewe korrelasies is tussen bestuursmotivering/ globale bestuurspotensiaal en nege bestuursdimensies gevind. Hierbenewens het die korrelasies tussen sestien persoonlikheidseienskappe en bestuursmotivering verdere ondersteunende bewyse gelewer van die konstrukgeldigheid van die BMV.

  2. Die Prozessionsspinner Mitteleuropas - Ein Überblick

    Bräsicke, Nadine


    Full Text Available Die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels lassen sich bereits auch in Deutschland beobachten. Dabei werden die Waldökosysteme in besonderer Weise betroffen. Waldstandorte sind stärker trockenen Bedingungen ausgesetzt, die zusammen mit höheren Vegetationszeittemperaturen eine erhöhte Stressanfälligkeit der Bäume verursachen. Bei den Insekten beeinflusst eine erhöhte Temperatur u. a. die Entwicklungsdauer, die Populationsdichte und die Verwertbarkeit der Wirtspflanzen als Nahrung (BMLFUW 2003, Petercord et al. 2008. Es ist zu erwarten, dass die Wachstumsrate und die Entwicklung der Insektenarten beeinflusst wird (Netherer & Schopf 2009, die aufgrund eines relativ hohen Populationswachstums und hoher Mobilität durch Migration oder Adaption auf veränderte Klimabedingungen rascher reagieren (Harrington et al. 2001. Bei einigen Schädlingen zeichnet sich eine solche Entwicklung bereits ab. Unter ihnen befinden sich humanpathogene Arten, die zunehmend auch zum Forstschädling avancieren und die Waldbestände existenziell gefährden. Der Eichenprozessionsspinner gehört zu diesen Arten. Ebenfalls relevant für Mitteleuropa sind Thaumetopoea pinivora und Th. pityocampa, die mit dem Beitrag näher betrachtet werden.

  3. Die kuns van Maggie Laubser . 1

    G. Dekker


    Full Text Available Dis vir my ’n groot genoeë om iets te mag sê oor die kuns van 'n vrouw at jare lank haar pad eensaam gegaan het, trou gebly het aan haar kunstenaarsoortuiging en nie toegegee het aan die smaak van die publiek, geenkompromieë daarmee gesluit het terwille van populariteit of stoflike gewin nie.

  4. Eenheid en differensiasie in die onderwys

    B. C. Schutte


    Full Text Available Hierdie tenia van die interíakultêre lesings sny in werkliklieid oor alle fakulteite lieen en is ’11 probleem wal by elke dissipliiie ontstaan, sonder twyfel by almal wat met die mens en met levve te doen het, maar ook by die fisiese wetenskappe waar met die lewelosc skepping gewerk word. Waar ons in ons land en veral in Transvaal deesdae voortdurend te doen het met differensiasie in die onderwys, met A-, B- en C-bane, is hierdie beginsel van eenheid en verskeidenheid, van eeridersheid en ver- skillendbeid, van integrasie en differensiasie, van verdeelde beheer in die onderwys en van ’11 eenheidsheleid en -beheer, van nasionale en inter- nasionale onderwys, van verskillende skooltipes en van komprehensiewe skole e.d.m., voortdurend in die nuus. Saam met die eenheid en differen­ siasie in die volkewêreld van Afrika, is die probleem in die onderwys seker die popnlêrste; dis byna reeds gemeen|laas.

  5. Missionale kerkwees en die elektroniese sosiale media

    Martin J. Lazenby


    Full Text Available Die geweldige toename in die benutting van die sosiale media as interaktiewe kommunikasiemiddel wêreldwyd, bied aan die Christelike kerk groot missionale geleenthede, maar stel ook groot uitdagings en eise. Hierdie geleentheid moet benut word om missionaal ’n verskil ten gunste van God se koninkryk te maak. Die inhoud en die kommunikasiestyl kom onder die vergrootglas. Hierdie artikel poog om ’n paar bybels-etiese beginsels aan te dui wat as basis vir die missionale styl van kommunikasie moet dien. As uitgangspunt word die Bybel as die Woord van God gebruik. Daar word geredeneer dat die moreel-etiese beginsels wat in die Bybel aan die gelowige voorgeskryf word, van die grootste belang is om gestalte te gee aan die koninkryk van God in hierdie wêreld wanneer via die sosiale media op horisontale vlak met mense gekommunikeer word. Dit gaan dus vir die gelowige nooit net om humanistiese, sosiale kommunikasie nie, maar altyd dat die beeld van God in hierdie wêreld geëer en sy koninkryk daardeur uitgebou word. Vir die Christen-gelowige gaan dit nooit om die mens nie, maar altyd om God se eer en die manifestasie van sy koninkryk.Being a missional church and the social media. The tremendous increase in using the social media as interactive communication medium worldwide creates the opportunity for the Christian church to make a missional difference in favour of God’s kingdom on earth. It also brings great challenges with it. This means that the way communication via the mass social media is done, becomes of the utmost importance. The content as well as the manner in which the communication is conducted must be considered. This article aims at providing certain basic biblical-ethical principles for communicating in the mass social media that will serve the missional calling of the church. The point of departure is the Word of God. The basic focus of the argument is that the moral-ethical principles given to the believer in the Bible are of the

  6. Straatsburg en artikel 2 van die dordtse kerkorde

    L. F. Schulze


    Full Text Available In art. 2 K.O. word daar vier soorte kerklike dienste on dcrskei, nl. „dié van die bedienaars van die Woord, dié van die professore aan die teologiese skool, die van die ouderlinge, en dié van die diakens”.

  7. Methods of process management in radiology; Methoden des Prozessmanagements in der Radiologie

    Teichgraeber, U.K.M.; Gillessen, C.; Neumann, F. [Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlenheilkunde im Virchow Klinikum


    The main emphasis in health care has been on quality and availability but increasing cost pressure has made cost efficiency ever more relevant for nurses, technicians, and physicians. Within a hospital, the radiologist considerably influences the patient's length of stay through the availability of service and diagnostic information. Therefore, coordinating and timing radiologic examinations become increasingly more important. Physicians are not taught organizational management during their medical education and residency training, and the necessary expertise in economics is generally acquired through the literature or specialized courses. Beyond the medical service, the physicians are increasingly required to optimize their work flow according to economic factors. This review introduces various tools for process management and its application in radiology. By means of simple paper-based methods, the work flow of most processes can be analyzed. For more complex work flow, it is suggested to choose a method that allows for an exact qualitative and quantitative prediction of the effect of variations. This review introduces network planning technique and process simulation. (orig.) [German] Im Gesundheitswesen wurde bislang insbesondere Wert auf Qualitaet und Verfuegbarkeit von medizinischen Leistungen gelegt. Bedingt durch eingeschraenkte Ressourcen gewinnt derzeit der Aspekt der Kosteneffizienz bei gleichbleibender oder verbesserter Qualitaet besondere Relevanz fuer Aerzte wie Pflege- oder technisches Personal. Innerhalb eines Krankenhauses beeinflusst der Radiologe in einem Verbund von Fachabteilungen wesentlich die Liegezeiten von Patienten durch die diagnostische Information und die Verfuegbarkeit seiner Dienstleistungen. Die Organisation und zeitliche Bemessung von radiologischen Untersuchungsablaeufen werden dadurch um so wichtiger. Der Arzt wird im Rahmen seines Studiums und seiner Facharztweiterbildung nicht im Organisationsmanagement ausgebildet

  8. Electromagnetic fields from the environment, or EMC for man. On the effect of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields on man; EMVU, die EMV fuer den Menschen, ueber die Wirkungen elektrischer, magnetischer und elektromagnetischer Felder auf den Menschen

    David, E. [Univ. Witten/Herdecke, Inst. fuer Normale und Pathologische Physiologie, Witten (Germany); Reissenweber, J. [Univ. Witten/Herdecke, Inst. fuer Normale und Pathologische Physiologie, Witten (Germany); Peier, D. [Univ. Dortmund, Inst. fuer Hochspannungstechnik (Germany)


    The increasing use of electrotechnical equipment causes enhanced exposure of the environment to electromagnetic fields. The impact of such fields on biological systems and on man is difficult to assess because of its complexity. In the first part the article gives an overview of the effect of electromagnetic fields on melatonin production in man, dealing specifically with the importance of melatonin for the night-and-day rhythm, sleep, the immune system, as a hormone antagonist, and for the development and growth of tumors. In a second part the authors discuss possible effects on electronic implants, especially cardiac pacemakers. (MG) [Deutsch] Die zunehmende Nutzung elektrotechnischer Einrichtungen fuehrt dazu, dass die Umwelt in steigendem Mass elektromagnetischen Feldern ausgesetzt ist. Die Ermittlung der Auswirkungen dieser Felder auf biologische System und auf den Menschen erweist sich aufgrund ihrer Komplexitaet als schwierig. In einem ersten Teil gibt der Artikel einen Ueberblick ueber die Auswirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder auf die Melatoninproduktion beim Menschen, wobei naeher auf die Bedeutung des Melatonins beim Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus, dem Schlaf, auf das Immunsystem, als Hormonantagonist und bei Tumorentstehung und -wachstum diskutiert werden. In einem zweiten Teil diskutieren die Autoren moegliche Auswirkungen auf elektronische Implantate, v.a. auf Herzschrittmacher. (orig.)

  9. Thermal Fatigue of Die-Casting Dies: An Overview

    Abdulhadi Hassan A.


    Full Text Available Coupled studies by experimental and numerical simulations are necessary for an increased understanding of the material behaviour as related to the interaction between the thermal and mechanical conditions. This paper focus on the mechanisms of thermal fatigue in the failure of dies and cores used in the die casting of aluminum alloys. The thermal fatigue resistance is expressed by two crack parameters which are the average maximum crack and the average cracked area. Samples of various types of H13 steel were compared with a standard H13 steel by testing under identical thermal fatigue cycles. To determine the thermal constraint developed in the sample during the test, a finite difference technique was used to obtain the temperature distribution, based on temperature measurements at the boundaries. The resulting stresses and strains were computed, and the strain calculated at the edge or weakest point of the sample was used to correlate the number of cycles to crack initiation. As the strain at the edge increased, the number of cycles to failure decreased. The influence of various factors on thermal fatigue behavior was studied including austenitizing temperature, surface condition, stress relieving, casting, vacuum melting, and resulfurization. The thermal fatigue resistance improved as the austenitizing temperature increased from 1750 to 2050ºF.

  10. Die effekvan punttoekenningstandaarde op die korrelasie tussen matriek- en universiteitsprestasie

    G. K. Huysamen


    Full Text Available The effect of marking standards on the correlation between matriculation and university performance. Marking standards differ between courses in the sense that the same group of students shows different course means in different courses. Goldman andWidawski (1976 proposed a within-persons procedure to adjust for such differences between university departments and Elliott and Strenta (1988 adjusted this procedure to perform such corrections between courses within departments. In this study the correlation between matriculation performance and university performance has been increased by applying this adjustment not only to university courses but also to matriculation subjects. Opsomming Punttoekenningstandaarde verskil tussen kursusse in die opsig dat dieselfde groep studente verskillende kursusgemiddeldes in verskillende kursusse toon. Goldman en Widawski (1976 het 'n tussenproefpersoonprosedure voorgestel om vir sodanige verskille tussen universiteitsdepartemente te korrigeer en Elliott en Strenta (1988 het dit aangepas om sodanige korreksies tussen kursusse binne departemente uit te voer. In hierdie ondersoek is die korrelasie tussen matriekprestasie en universiteitsprestasie verhoog deur hierdie aanpassing nie slegs op universiteit-kursusse nie, maar ook op matriekvakke toe te pas.

  11. Artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis as geloofsvooronderstelling in die gesprek tussen wetenskap en geloof

    Jan A. Erasmus


    Full Text Available Artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis bely dat God deur twee middele geken word, te wete deur middel van die skepping, onderhouding en regering van die wêreld (waaronder die wetenskap en deur die heilige en goddelike Woord (die Bybel. Hierdie belydenis is van groot belang vir die gesprek tussen Wetenskap en Teologie. In hierdie artikel word gepoog om die verskille, maar ook die ooreenkomste tussen hierdie twee middele van openbaring uit te lig, elkeen tot sy reg te laat kom, maar hulle ook in balans met mekaar te stel. Die wyse waarop te werk gegaan word, is die volgende: eers word gestel wat vooronderstellings is, asook die plek wat vooronderstellings in die beoefening van wetenskap sowel as geloof inneem. Daarna word nagevors watter perspektiewe artikel 2 van die Nederlandse Geloofsbelydenis as geloofsvooronderstelling vir die wetenskaps- en teologiebeoefening respektiewelik bied. Hieruit word ’n aantal gevolgtrekkings gemaak wat kan help om die problematiek in die wetenskap-geloofsgesprek op te los. Die kernbevinding van hierdie artikel is die volgende: Vanweë die verskil in die aard en die doel tussen Bybelfeite en wetenskaplike navorsingsresultate kan en sal klaarblyklike harmonieprobleme tussen die Skrif en die wetenskap ontstaan. Hierdie is egter slegs klaarblyklike probleme, omdat ’n verrekening van die verskil in die aard en die bedoeling van die wetenskapresultate en die Bybelfeite hierdie probleem sal oplos.Article 2 of the Belgic Confession as faith presupposition in the science-faith debate. Article 2 of the Belgic Confession confesses that God can be known by two means: firstly by studying the creation, preservation and government of the universe (i.e. science and secondly by studying the Word of God (the Bible. This confession is very important for the discussion between science and faith. In this article the similarities, but also the differences between these two means of revelation are researched. The aim is to

  12. [Cranioencephalic trauma in adults: clinical and radiologic features].

    Marruecos-Sant, L; Pérez-Márquez, M; Betbesé, A J; Rialp, G; Molet, J; Net, A


    To analyse extracranial complications and basic variables in head-injury patients, such as Glasgow coma score (GCS), intracranial pressure (ICP) and cranial computerized tomography (CT), in relation to the outcome of these patients. 64 consecutive patients (47 males and 17 females) with head injury, admitted from January 1992 to May 1994, were studied in this prospective study. Mean age was 37 +/- 18 years. Overall mortality was 23% (15/64). Student-t and Chi-square tests were used for statistical analysis, and p 50 mmHg (p = 0.03). Diabetes insipidus, cardiorespiratory arrest, shock, prolonged mechanical ventilation, SDRA and sepsis were the most frequent extracranial complications in non-survivors. There is an association between the outcome of head-injury patients with the GCS and ICP values. Absence of mesencephalic cisterns and SAH were radiologic signs of poor prognosis. Patients who died had more extracranial complications.

  13. Die Welt des Herrn Kuhn

    Kern, Daniela

    Eines Morgens erwachte Herr Kuhn fröstelnd und staunte darüber, dass es in seinerWohnung eiskalt war. Dennoch quälte er sich aus seiner kuscheligen Bettdecke heraus und schlurfte ins Bad. "Hoffentlich wird wenigstens das Wasser warm", dachte er sich, als er den Wasserhahn betätigte - aber es kam nicht nur kein warmesWasser, außer einem unheilvollen Gluckser kam gar nichts aus der Leitung. "Dann werde ich wohl mal den Klempner anrufen", sprach er sich leise in den Bart und griff zu seinem Handy - doch das Netz war tot! Herr Kuhn begann nun, sich ernsthaft Sorgen zu machen, "Oje, was ist denn heute nur los? Ist irgendetwas Schlimmes passiert?" Um einen besseren Überblick über die Lage zu bekommen und sich austauschen zu können, brannte er nun förmlich darauf, rauszugehen und zur Arbeit zu fahren. An anderen Tagen, die er frisch geduscht und mit Kaffee und Marmeladen-Brot begann, war er selten so motiviert. So ging er also nun mit leerem Magen aus dem Haus. Hätte er den Versuch unternommen, sein tägliches Marmeladenbrot zuzubereiten, und dafür den Kühlschrank geöffnet, um das Marmeladenglas herauszunehmen, wäre ihm aufgefallen, dass auch die Stromversorgung Störungen unterworfen war, unschön zu erkennen an den ersten grünen, felligen Inseln auf seinem Lieblingskäse.

  14. [European curriculum for further education in radiology].

    Ertl-Wagner, B


    The European training curriculum for radiology of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) aims to harmonize training in radiology in Europe. Levels I and II constitute the centerpiece of the curriculum. The ESR recommends a 5-year training period in radiology with 3 years of level I and 2 years of level II training. The undergraduate (U) level curriculum is conceived as a basis for teaching radiology in medical schools and consists of a modality-oriented U1 level and an organ-based U2 level. Level III curricula provide contents for subspecialty and fellowship training after board certification in radiology. The curricular contents of all parts of the European Training Curriculum are divided into the sections knowledge, skills as well as competences and attitudes. The European training curriculum is meant to be a recommendation and a basis for the development of national curricula, but is not meant to replace existing national regulations.

  15. Die rol van kapitaal in die ekonomiese groei en ontwikkeling van onderontwikkelde gebiede*

    F. J. du Plessis


    Full Text Available In die teorie oor ekonomiese groei speel kapitaal ’n besonder prominente rol. Kapitaal met die daarby behorende tegnologiese ontwikkeling, word beskou as die belangrikste enkele faktor verantwoordelik vir die bereiking en instandhouding van ’n „ten voile ontwikkelde” volkshuishouding.

  16. Die persoonlikheidsoriëntasieprofiel van die saluto-genies-funksionerende mens

    A. M. Viviers


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to integrate the theoretical personality profile of the salutogenic functioning person, drawn from the literature on Salutogenesis, with the personality orientation profile of the optimal functioning employee, as documented in the literature on Organisational and Personnel psychology. The integration is done according to intra- (cognitive affective, conative and physical characteristics and interpersonal characteristics. The two profiles could be integrated, according to these characteristics, into a profile of the salutogenic functioning person who handles life and work stressors effectively and functions optimally in his daily existence. This integration shows a theoretical relationship between the two constructs and confirms a meaningful relationship found in empirical research. Opsomming Die doel van hierdie navorsing is om die teoretiese persoonlikheidsprofiel van die salutogenies-funksionerende mens vanuit die literatuur oor Salutogenese met die persoonlikheidsorientasieprofiel van die optimaal- funksionerende werknemer soos deur die Organisasie- en Personeelsielkunde-literatuur voorgehou, te integreer. Die integrasie word volgens intra- (kognitiewe, affektiewe, konatiewe en fisiese eienskappe en interpersoonlike eienskappe gedoen. Daar is bevind dat die twee profiele volgens die eienskappe geïntegreer kan word tot 'n profiel van die salutogenies-funksionerende mens wat die stressors van die lewe en werk effektief kan hanteer en sodoende optimaal in sy daaglikse bestaan funksioneer. Die integrasie bevind 'n teoretiese verband tussen die twee konstrukte. Dit bevestig empiriese navorsing wat 'n beduidende verband tussen die twee konstrukte bevind het.

  17. Was die neuen Frauen wollen

    Wilhelm, Hannah; Meyen, Michael


    Seit Mitte der 90er Jahre hat sich eine neue Generation von Frauenzeitschriften auf einem als übersättigt geltenden Markt etabliert. Diese Blätter richten sich an Frauen zwischen 20 und 35 Jahren. Glamour aus dem Condé Nast Verlag scheint die Perfektion dieses neuen Zeitschriftentypus zu sein. Das Magazin im Pocket-Format wurde sofort nach seiner Einführung im Februar 2001 Marktführer im Segment der monatlich erscheinenden Frauenzeitschriften. Der Beitrag geht der Frage nach, wie dieser Erfol...

  18. An Integrated Die Casting Design System

    Y; K; Woon; K; S; Lee


    Die casting process is one of the prime options for m anufacturing precisely dimensioned, sharply defined metal parts. The design of d ie casting dies comprises several stages and entails a large amount of time. Tra ditionally, the different stages of the die design were not integrated but exist as separate entities. Moreover, recurring modifications or even redesigns are r equired due to the complexity in achieving an accurate initial die design. As a result, die design is usually time-consuming and cos...



    Logic components are used to support the conceptual design. Taking the stamping die structure as the research object,several logic components are defined for the conceptual die construction design. A new method-logic assembly modeling is presented to satisfy the characteristic of the top-down die design process. Representing shapes and spatial relations in logic can provide a natural,intuitive method of developing complete computer systems for reasoning about die construction design at the conceptual stage. This method can reflect the designer's thought clearly and provide the designer with a test bed for generating alternatives and performing reasoning work at the conceptual die design stage.

  20. Genl. Koos De La Rey, die krygsman.

    J. S. du Plessis


    Full Text Available 22 Oktober is die geboortedag van genl. Koos de la Rey, wat van dag tot ons heldeverlede behoort. Vanjaargedenk ons ook op 11 Oktober die uitbreek van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog, sestig jaar gelede. Daarom wil ek graag by hierdie geleentheid die persoon van Koos de la Rey in herinnering roepen by wyse van hierdie artikel huldebring aan hom wat God aan ons volkgegee het op ’n tydstip toe sulke mannedringend noodsaaklik was; ’n man wat in die ure van dood en benoudheid leidingkon gee; ’n man sonder wie onsvolksgeskiedenis beslis armer sou gewees het. Aangesien hy by uitstek krygsmanen veldheer.