Sample records for radiologicznych czaszki osrodkowego

  1. Usefulness of radiological examination of uranium (central nervous system) in diagnosis of mental disorders; Przydatnosc badan radiologicznych czaszki (osrodkowego ukladu nerwowego) w rozpoznawaniu chorob psychicznych

    Rosinska-Mika, M.


    Usefulness of radiological examination of uranium in diagnosis of mental disorders (schizophrenia, affective psychosis, senile psychosis, chronic alcoholism, reactive psychosis) was proved in this study. Especially computerized tomography seems to be useful in revealing of organic background for mental disorders. (author). 123 refs, 32 tabs.

  2. A case of extensive skull base tumor (ameloblastoma); Przypadek rozleglego guza podstawy czaszki (ameloblastoma)

    Kukwa, A.; Krajewski, R.; Sujkowska, U. [Klinika Otolaryngologiczna, Oddzial Stomatologii, Akademia Medyczna, Warsaw (Poland)


    The authors present a case of ameloblastoma originating from rt. maxilla and extensively invading skull base. First symptoms appeared 10 years earlier and 8 years before present hospitalization the tumor was removed from maxilla. Pathology showed malignant ameloblastoma. The patient presented with giant tumor occupying whole maxilla, growing into nasal cavity and nasopharynx, invading sphenoid bone, medial parts of pyramids and reaching foramen magnum posteriorly, causing difficulties in swallowing and obstruction of the upper airway. Reoperation using lateral rhinotomy approach was undertaken and the tumor was grossly totally removed from maxillary region and subtotally from the skull base. After four months there was huge recurrence in area of the mandible, peripharyngeal space and subtemporal fossa. The tumor was again removed. Pathology showed polycystic ameloblastoma in specimens from both reoperations. After another 4 months the patient developed signs of upper cervical spinal cord compression and died. In spite of benign histological appearance the extent of tumor infiltration and rapid recurrence after reoperation caused unsatisfactory outcome. (author)

  3. Non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma of the sino-nasal region penetrating to the orbit and cranial cavity; Chloniak nieziarniczy zatok przynosowych wnikajacy do oczodolu i jamy czaszki

    Jordan, E.; Piotrowski, S.; Grono, L.; Zalewska-Rzezniczak, I. [Szpital Morski im. PCK, Gdynia-Redlowo (Poland)]|[Szpital Miejski im. J. Brudzinskiego, Gdynia (Poland)


    In case presented in this report non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma occupied the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses with penetrating to the orbit and middle cranial fossa. The patient suffered from ophthalmic symptoms like ptosis, exophthalmus and diplopia. Chemotherapy in COP - pattern and MV radiotherapy in total dose 4600 cGy were applied. Full remission was achieved. The patient is alive after more than 2 years without recurrence of the disease. (author). 15 refs, 1 fig.