Sample records for radiatsionno-indutsirovannoe izluchenie iona

  1. Meet AAPT's new President, Steve Iona

    Willis, Courtney


    I first met Steve Iona 40 years ago at a Denver Area Physics Teachers meeting. Steve had recently completed bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Being a Colorado native, he was interested in returning to Colorado to teach. Steve had some rather high-powered recommendations, including one from a Nobel laureate. As Steve is fond of saying, because the recommendations were secret, he never knew if they were positive or not, but at least they were good enough for him to get a job teaching junior high school! Within a couple of years Steve had moved to the high school and was teaching Project Physics, astronomy, and general science. Steve continued to teach high school for over 25 years.

  2. Meet AAPT's New President, Steve Iona

    Willis, Courtney


    I first met Steve Iona 40 years ago at a Denver Area Physics Teachers meeting. Steve had recently completed bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Being a Colorado native, he was interested in returning to Colorado to teach. Steve had some rather high-powered recommendations, including one from a…

  3. Degvielas tvaiku pārstrādes iekārtas Rīgas reģiona naftas bāzēs, to darbības princips un efektivitāte

    Ivanova-Fiļina, Nataļja


    Maģistra darbā „Degvielas tvaiku pārstrādes iekārtas Rīgas reģiona naftas bāzēs, to darbības princips un efektivitāte” ir aplūkoti jautājumi, kas saistīti ar naftas bāzu rādīto gaisa piesārņojumu, tā ietekmi uz vidi un cilvēka veselību, kā arī apkopotas gaisa kvalitātes un naftas bāzu darbību regulējošo normatīvo aktu prasības. Darbā sniegts raksturojums degvielas tvaiku pārstrādes iekārtām, kas kalpo kā efektīvs gaisa piesārņojuma samazināšanas veids. Kā piemērs iekārtas efektivitātes novērt...

  4. Radiation of auroral electrons and the dynamics of the magnetosphere. Rentgenovskoe izluchenie avroralnykh elektronov i dinamika magnitosfery

    Lazutin, L.L.


    A detailed concept is given of methods employed for aerostatic measurements of inhibitory radiation of auroral electrons and accompanying geophysical phenomena in order to identify the physical nature of magnetic storms, aurora borealis, electron precipitation, and other manifestations of magnetospheric processes in turbulent periods. A summarization is given of aerostatic studies by Soviet and foreign experimental groups who have undertaken measurements in the high altitude stratosphere. 302 references, 89 figures, 3 tables.

  5. Town Land Conos lidationP lanningun der the Vision of Beautiful Countryside Construtc ion-A Case Study ofLi anshi Town,Nanxun District,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Province%美丽乡村建设愿景下的镇域土地整治规划--以浙江省湖州市南浔区练市镇为例

    胡正; 邵子豪; 郑力; 徐倩


    With land consolidation in Lianshi Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province as an example, through investigation on demand and potential of village renovation, ecological improvement, low efficiency land use, infrastructure improvement and agricultural land consolidation, the basic principles and strategic objectives of land comprehensive consolidation were proposed.By policy support strengthening, system innovation and information construction , the aim was to built a happy and beautiful town with harmonious coexistence of production , life and ecology.%以浙江省湖州市南浔区练市镇土地整治为例,通过调查村庄整治、生态整治、低效用地整治、基础设施整治和农用地整理的需求与潜力,提出土地综合整治的基本方针和战略目标,优化重建镇村体系,通过加大政策扶持力度、制度创新和信息化建设,将练市镇打造成生产、生活、生态和谐共生的美丽新镇。

  6. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U15756-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available 02.B7_I13 GQ029 - Xylem scrapings - AT NITE ... 50 4e-08 3 ( FL709002 ) CCGA12403.b1 CCGA Panicum virgatum a...iona intestinalis cDNA, clone:rcibd026n10, 3' en... 54 3e-08 2 ( EX331040 ) GQ029

  7. Teatralnaja paraolimpiada / Boris Tuch

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    10.-13. sept. Riias toimunud Baltimaade neljandast rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Balti teatrisügis "Vaade" (Vzgljad). Eestit esindasid kaks lavastust - Jaan Unduski "Boulgakoff" (Eesti Draamateater, lavastaja Margus Kasterpalu) ja Mart Kivastiku "Kangelane" (Endla, lavastaja Kalju Komissarov). Ka Leedu Noorooteatri lavastusest "Patrioot", lavastaja Ionas Vaitkus

  8. Teatralnaja paraolimpiada / Boris Tuch

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    10.-13. sept. Riias toimunud Baltimaade neljandast rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Balti teatrisügis "Vaade" (Vzgljad). Eestit esindasid kaks lavastust - Jaan Unduski "Boulgakoff" (Eesti Draamateater, lavastaja Margus Kasterpalu) ja Mart Kivastiku "Kangelane" (Endla, lavastaja Kalju Komissarov). Ka Leedu Noorooteatri lavastusest "Patrioot", lavastaja Ionas Vaitkus

  9. General Plan-Based Environmental Impact Analysis Process Environmental Assessment Volume 1


    Grass Xyris drummondii C Wet prairie, flatwoods Godfrey’s Golden Aster Chrysopsis godfreyi C E Dunes Gulf Coast Lupine Lupinus westianus C T...Butterwort (Pinguicula ionantha), and the following species at risk: Largedleafed Jointweed (Polygonella macrophylia), Gulf Coast Lupine (Lupinus...iona.ntha), and the following species at risk: Larged- leafed Jointweed (Polygonella macrophylia), Gulf Coast Lupine (Lupinus west ian us), Quillwmt Yellow

  10. Konsep Pre-emptive War sebagai Anticipatory Self-defense ditinjau dari Hukum Internasional

    Rombot, Iona Hiroshi Yuki


    Iona Hiroshi Yuki Rombot (B11109421), Concept of Pre-emptive War as Anticipatory Self-Defense asessed from International Law. Supervised by Abdul Maasba Magassing and Albert Lokollo. This research intended to understand on how the concept of pre-emptive war as anticipatory self-defense within scope of international law. This research conduct based on ???library research??? method or through bibliography study, author collected both hardcopy and softcopy literatures and analyzed internatio...

  11. 73 FR 50729 - Radio Broadcasting Services; Arlington and Boardman, OR; Boise and Caldwell, ID; Elko, NV; Finley...


    ...; Elko, NV; Finley, WA; Grangeville, Hazelton, Iona, Jerome, McCall, and Melba, ID; Owyhee, NV; Pasco, WV... Order allots Channel 231C3 to Boardman, Oregon, and Channel 247C3 to Owyhee, Nevada, as first local... are 45-53-51 NL and 119-55-21 WL. The coordinates for Channel 247C3 at Owyhee, Nevada are 41-55-26...

  12. Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes

    Hooks, A.; Nitsche, F. O.


    The response of tidal marshes to increasing sea-level rise is uncertain. Tidal marshes can adapt to rising sea levels through vertical accretion and inland migration. Yet tidal marshes are vulnerable to submergence if the rate of sea-level rise exceeds the rate of accretion and if inland migration is limited by natural features or development. We studied how Piermont and Iona Island Marsh, two tidal marshes on the Hudson River, New York, would be affected by sea-level rise of 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m by 2100. This study was based on the 2011-2012 Coastal New York LiDAR survey. Using GIS we mapped sea-level rise projections accounting for accretion rates and calculated the submerged area of the marsh. Based on the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve Vegetation 2005 dataset, we studied how elevation zones based on vegetation distributions would change. To evaluate the potential for inland migration, we assessed land cover around each marsh using the National Land Cover Database 2011 Land Cover dataset and examined the slope beyond the marsh boundaries. With an accretion rate of 0.29cm/year and 0.5m of sea-level rise by 2100, Piermont Marsh would be mostly unchanged. With 1.5m of sea-level rise, 86% of Piermont Marsh would be flooded. For Iona Island Marsh with an accretion rate of 0.78cm/year, sea-level rise of 0.5m by 2100 would result in a 4% expansion while 1.5m sea-level rise would cause inundation of 17% of the marsh. The results indicate that Piermont and Iona Island Marsh may be able to survive rates of sea-level rise such as 0.5m by 2100 through vertical accretion. At rates of sea-level rise like 1.5m by 2100, vertical accretion cannot match sea-level rise, submerging parts of the marshes. High elevations and steep slopes limit Piermont and Iona Island Marsh's ability to migrate inland. Understanding the impacts of sea-level rise on Piermont and Iona Island Marsh allows for long-term planning and could motivate marsh conservation programs.

  13. Angola Seismicity MAP

    Neto, F. A. P.; Franca, G.


    The purpose of this job was to study and document the Angola natural seismicity, establishment of the first database seismic data to facilitate consultation and search for information on seismic activity in the country. The study was conducted based on query reports produced by National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (INAMET) 1968 to 2014 with emphasis to the work presented by Moreira (1968), that defined six seismogenic zones from macro seismic data, with highlighting is Zone of Sá da Bandeira (Lubango)-Chibemba-Oncócua-Iona. This is the most important of Angola seismic zone, covering the epicentral Quihita and Iona regions, geologically characterized by transcontinental structure tectono-magmatic activation of the Mesozoic with the installation of a wide variety of intrusive rocks of ultrabasic-alkaline composition, basic and alkaline, kimberlites and carbonatites, strongly marked by intense tectonism, presenting with several faults and fractures (locally called corredor de Lucapa). The earthquake of May 9, 1948 reached intensity VI on the Mercalli-Sieberg scale (MCS) in the locality of Quihita, and seismic active of Iona January 15, 1964, the main shock hit the grade VI-VII. Although not having significant seismicity rate can not be neglected, the other five zone are: Cassongue-Ganda-Massano de Amorim; Lola-Quilengues-Caluquembe; Gago Coutinho-zone; Cuima-Cachingues-Cambândua; The Upper Zambezi zone. We also analyzed technical reports on the seismicity of the middle Kwanza produced by Hidroproekt (GAMEK) region as well as international seismic bulletins of the International Seismological Centre (ISC), United States Geological Survey (USGS), and these data served for instrumental location of the epicenters. All compiled information made possible the creation of the First datbase of seismic data for Angola, preparing the map of seismicity with the reconfirmation of the main seismic zones defined by Moreira (1968) and the identification of a new seismic

  14. Environmental Assessment Report: Geotechnical Field Investigations.



  15. 3-Hidroksipiridin-4-oni (I. dio: Priprava i kelirajući učinak

    Željka Car


    Full Text Available Od otkrića deferiprona 1982. godine, za sada jedinog 3-hidroksipiridin-4-onskog kelatora tvrdih metalnih iona koji je prošao klinička ispitivanja, ti su heterociklički derivati postali iznimno proučavana skupina spojeva. U radu su opisana dva najčešća načina priprave osnovne heterocikličke 3-hidroksipiridin-4-onske strukture, a to su Harrisova metoda i izravni postupak. Osim toga, dan je pregled važnijih fizikalno-kemijskih parametara potrebnih za preliminarnu evaluaciju kelirajućeg učinka dobivenih derivata.

  16. The cause of small scale disturbances in the lower ionosphere of Mars

    Peter, Kerstin Susanne; Pätzold, Martin; González-Galindo, Francisco; Molina-Cuberos, Gregorio; Lillis, Robert J.; Dunn, Patrick A.; Witasse, Olivier; Tellmann, Silvia; Häusler, Bernd


    The radio-science experiment MaRS (Mars Express Radio Science) on the Mars Express spacecraft sounds the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere of Mars since 2004. Approximately 800 vertical profiles of the ionospheric electron density have been acquired until today. A subset of these MaRS dayside observations contains small scale disturbances in the lower part of the ionosphere. Those electron density profiles show unusual small scale features in the M1 altitude range which appear either merged with or completely detached from the M1 layer. Possible explanations for this additional ionospheric electron density may be ionospheric NO+, enhanced solar X-ray fluxes, solar energetic particle events (SEPs) or meteoroid influx. A 1D photo-chemical model of the Mars dayside ionosphere (IonA-2) is used to investigate the behavior of planetary NO+ in the lower dayside ionosphere. The influence of variable solar X-ray on the ionospheric electron density is estimated with IonA-2 and the influence of SEPs is discussed. A possible correlation between the meteoroid influx in the Mars atmosphere and the small scale disturbances is investigated based on a model of the ablation/chemical reactions of meteoroids with the atmosphere/ionosphere (MSDM) and on MAVEN IUVS magnesium ion observations.

  17. Sediment quality of the ecoregion Engure, Gulf of Riga, assessed by using ecotoxicity tests and biomarker responses

    Ieva Putna


    Full Text Available Pētījuma mērķis bija novērtēt Engures ekoreģiona (Rīgas līča rietumu piekrastes sedimentu kvalitāti, izmantojot sedimentu ekotoksicitātes testus. Lai noteiktu bioloģiskās atbildes reakcijas uz dažāda veida stresoriem, kā testorganismi pielietotas sānpeldes Monoporeia affinis and Pontogammarus robustoides, un izvēlēti biomarķieri (AChE, GST, GR, CAT, MT, kas noteikti gliemenēs Macoma balthica. Engures ekoreģionu varētu uzskatīt par nepiesārņotu rajonu, jo tā sedimentus raksturo salīdzinoši zemas smago metālu koncentrācijas. Engures ekoreģiona sedimentu ekotoksicitātes testu rezultāti neuzrādīja statistiski būtisku (>20% mirstība toksisko efektu. Testorganismu izdzīvotība bija robežās no 83 līdz 100% un norādīja uz labu testēto sedimentu kvalitāti. Biomarķieru atbildes reakcijas neuzrādīja būtiskas atšķirības starp stacijām un gadiem. Lai gan integrētais biomarķieru indekss uzrādīja lielāku gliemeņu M. balhtica stresu Mērsraga stacijā, biomarķiera MT aktivitāte liecināja par smago metālu paaugstinātu piesārņojumu Engures stacijā. Kopumā smago metālu koncentrācijas, ekotoksicitātes testu un biomarķieru aktivitātes rezultāti norāda, ka Engures ekoreģiona sedimentu kvalitāte ir samērā homogēna un nav pakļauta būtiskai antropogēnai ietekmei.

  18. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U02820-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available iona intestinalis cDNA, clone:rcilv33k04, 3' end... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807154 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 2_L_F09 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807152 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 2_L_B01 18S... ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807151 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 4_C_H09 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807150 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 4_C_H08 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807149 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 4_C_H05 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807148 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 4_C_G11

  19. Earth's density flattening and hypothesis of latitudinal normal density

    HAO; Xiaoguang


    [1]Moritz,H., The Figure of the Earth: Theoretical Geodesy and the Earth's Interior (in Chinese), translated by Chen Junyong and Zuo Chuanhui, Beijing: Surveying and Mapping Publishing House, 1992, 92-107.[2]Iona,M., Why is g larger at the poles? Am. J. Phys., 1978, 46: 790-791.[3]Maialle, M. Z., Hipolito, O., Acceleration of gravity for the earth model as an ellipsoidal mass with nonuniform density, Am. J. Phys., 1996, 64: 434-436.[4]Hao Xiaoguang, Modification of conception of latitude correction in gravity measurement, Crustal Deformation and Earthquake (in Chinese), 1996, 16(3): 8-13.[5]Guo Junyi, The Fundamental of Physical Geodesy (in Chinese), Wuhan: Wuhan Technology University of Surveying and Mapping Press, 1994, 135-136.

  20. Electronmicroscopic Study of Sand Erosion Processes in Metals.


    AO—A073 k97 ISRAEL INST OF MEtALS HAIFA - ~ - - — Ffl 11/6 ELECTROI~~ICROSCOPIC STUDY OF SAND EROSION PROCESSES IN METALS, IU) UNCLASSIFIED 79...General Appearance 8 4.2.2 Local Erosion Processes and Hard Phase Par t icles 9 5. Further Discussion 10 S S-_ S _~S _~~SS ~~~ S ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __SS...research was to ga in addit iona l unders tan di ng of the mechanism of loca l mater ia l removal from eroded compos ite meta l l i c surface

  1. Sea-level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes and their Vegetation Zonation

    Hooks, A.; Nitsche, F. O.


    Rising sea levels may cause tidal marshes to be vulnerable to submergence and affect their ability to perform ecosystem services. However, tidal marshes are dynamic ecosystems that can adapt to sea-level rise through inland migration and vertical growth. This study examines how four tidal marshes on the Hudson River (Piermont Marsh, Iona Island Marsh, Tivoli Bays, and Stockport Flats) would be affected by 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m of sea-level rise by 2100. Using high-resolution LiDAR elevation data and vegetation data, we mapped sea-level rise projections in GIS, accounting for current accretion rates unique to each marsh. We calculated the submerged area of each marsh and analyzed how vegetation zonation in each marsh is expected to change due to rising sea levels. We found that the steep topography of the Hudson River banks limits the marshes' ability to migrate inland, emphasizing the role of elevation-building processes in adaptation. The marshes studied would experience minimal to no inundation under lower rates of sea-level rise such as 0.5m by 2100. At higher projected rates of sea-level rise (1.5m by 2100), Piermont Marsh and Tivoli Bays would experience significant inundation while Iona Island marsh and Stockport Flats would be less affected. Overall, Stockport Flats is projected to be the marsh most resilient to sea-level rise due to its higher accretion rate and its topography. Rising sea levels are also expected to change the areas of vegetation zones, with upland, high marsh, and mid marsh zones generally declining in area and with subtidal and low marsh vegetation zones generally expanding under high rates of sea-level rise. Understanding the impacts of sea-level rise on Hudson River marshes enables long-term planning to adapt to potential changes in marsh ecosystem services and could motivate and inform conservation efforts.

  2. Conceptual Model of the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Platform of Engure Ecoregion, Latvia

    Melecis Viesturs


    Full Text Available Rakstā apskatīti nacionālā pētījumu projekta rezultāti, kuru mērķis - izstrādāt Latvijas LT(SER (Ilgtermiņa socioekoloģisko pētījumu platformas - Engures ekoreģiona integrēto konceptuālo modeli. Engures ekoreģionu veido piekrastes ezera sateces baseins (644 km2 ar Rīgas līča krasta un jūras piekrastes zonu. Ekoreģiona centrālo daļu veido Engures ezera dabas parks (EEDP - Ramsāres vieta. Konceptuālā modeļa pamatā ir DPSIR (virzošie spēki-slodzes-stāvokļi-ietekmes-rīcības koncepcija. Socioekoloģiskā sistēma tika telpiski strukturēta un virzošie spēki iedalīti divās grupās - ārējos un lokālos. Engures ekoreģions sadalīts septiņās zonās vai apakšreģionos ar izteiktām ģeoloģiskām un ģeogrāfiskām robežām. Katrai zonai raksturīgi specifiski virzošie spēki un slodzes kā arī specifiska ekosistēmu struktūra un biodaudzveidības elementi. Analizēti katra apakšreģiona galvenie virzošie spēki un slodzes trijos laika periodos: 19. gs. - 20 gs. sākums, padomju okupācijas periods (1940.-1991. g., periods pēc Latvijas neatkarības atgūšanas. Sniegti ekosistēmu stāvokļa un biodaudzveidības raksturojumi. Socioekonomiskās sistēmas aktīvā komponenta - cilvēka rīcības veido galvenokārt ekoreģionam ārējie faktori, tai skaitā vides likumdošana un finansu plūsmas zinātniskajiem pētījumiem un ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanai. Apskatīti divi alternatīvi Engures ekoreģiona attīstības scenāriji: 1 iedzīvotāju skaita samazināšanās un lauksaimniecības zemju aizaugšana; 2 lauksaimniecības, vietējās ražošanas uzņēmumu un būvniecības intensifikācija. Abos gadījumos ekosistēmu pašreizējais stāvoklis un sugu daudzveidības struktūra tiktu būtiski izmainīti. Reģiona ilgtspējīgu attīstību, saglabājot cilvēkam vēlamo ekosistēmu struktūru, iespējams nodrošināt, vienīgi ieviešot ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanas pasākumus, kas bāzēti uz

  3. Performance Evaluation of Communication Software Systems for Distributed Computing

    Fatoohi, Rod


    In recent years there has been an increasing interest in object-oriented distributed computing since it is better quipped to deal with complex systems while providing extensibility, maintainability, and reusability. At the same time, several new high-speed network technologies have emerged for local and wide area networks. However, the performance of networking software is not improving as fast as the networking hardware and the workstation microprocessors. This paper gives an overview and evaluates the performance of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard in a distributed computing environment at NASA Ames Research Center. The environment consists of two testbeds of SGI workstations connected by four networks: Ethernet, FDDI, HiPPI, and ATM. The performance results for three communication software systems are presented, analyzed and compared. These systems are: BSD socket programming interface, IONA's Orbix, an implementation of the CORBA specification, and the PVM message passing library. The results show that high-level communication interfaces, such as CORBA and PVM, can achieve reasonable performance under certain conditions.

  4. Elektroniskā biznesa attīstība m-biznesa virzienā un nākotnes tendences

    Žagars, Aleksandrs


    Diplomdarba mērķis: Iepazīties ar elektronisko biznesu, tā sastāvdaļām, izpētīt pašreizējo e-biznesa attīstības iespēju potenciālu un mobilās komercijas globālo integrēšanu. Sava pētījuma pamatā tiek apskatītas Eiropas savienības valstis. Izvēloties šī reģiona valstis, autoram ir iespēja apskatīt informācijas tehnoloģiju attīstību, noteikt šķēršļus un integrēšanas tempus dažādos ekonomiskos nosacījumos. Hipotēze: 80% no mobilo telefonu lietotāju apgalvo, ka 2020. gadā mobilie telefoni pi...

  5. The role of central ion in chiral recognition by taking phenylalanine as an example


    Chiral recognition of phenylalanine(Phe) was achieved in the gas phase by electrospray ionization Q-TOF tandem mass spectrometry.In this method,two central ions,i.e.proton and divalent copper,were used and chiral crown ether,(+)-2,3,11,12-tetracarboxylic acid-18-crown-6(18-C-6-TCA),was used as a chiral host.Dimeric complexes were readily formed by electrospray ionization of a methanol/water(50/50,V/V) solution containing central ions,Phe and 18-C-6-TCA.The dimeric complex included proton-bound(18-C-6-TCA)(Phe)H+ and copper-bound deprotonated [Cu2+(18-C-6-TCA)(Phe)-H]+ ions were mass selected and then collided with Ar in the CID experiments.The chiral recognition capability of these complexes was evaluated using the relative abundance of daughter ion to parent ion.A higher degree of chiral recognition ability was observed with Cu2+ compared to that of H+.Different central ions exhibited distinctive dissociation pathways and unique chiral recognition characteristics.The chiral recognition mechanism was also discussed in detail with the help of the structure of copper-bound complex predicted by theoretical calculation.

  6. The role of central ion in chiral recognition by taking phenylalanine as an example

    YU Qing; CAO Jie; LU Gang; WANG ZhiXiang


    Chiral recognition of phenylalanine(Phe)was achieved in the gas phase by electrospray ionization Q-TDF tandem mass spectrometry.In this method,two central ions,i.e.proton and divalent copper,were used and chiral crown ether,(+)-2,3,11,12-tetracarboxylic acid-18-crown-6(18-C-6-TCA),was used as a chiral host.Dimeric complexes were readily formed by electrospray ionization of a methanol/water(50/50,VIV)solution containing central ions,Phe and 18-C-6-TCA.The dimeric complex included proton-bound(18-C-6-TCA)(Phe)H+ and copper-bound deprotonated[Cu2+(18-C-6-TCA)(Phe)-H]+ ions were mass selected and then collided with Ar in the CID experiments.The chiral recognition capability of these complexes was evaluated using the relative abundance of daughter ion to parent ion.A higher degree of chiral recognition ability was observed with Cu2+ compared to that of H+.Different central ions exhibited distinctive dissociation pathways and unique chiral recognition characteristics.The chiral recognition mechanism was also discussed in detail with the help of the structure of copper-bound complex predicted by theoretical calculation.

  7. Production rate calculations for a secondary beam facility

    Jiang, C.L.; Back, B.B.; Rehm, K.E.


    In order to select the most cost-effective method for the production of secondary ion beams, yield calculations for a variety of primary beams were performed ranging in mass from protons to {sup 18}O with energies of 100-200 MeV/u. For comparison, production yields for 600-1000 MeV protons were also calculated. For light ion-(A < {sup 4}He) induced reactions at energies above 50 MeV/u the LAHET code was used while the low energy calculations were performed with LPACE. Heavy-ion-induced production rates were calculated with the ISAPACE program. The results of these codes were checked against each other and wherever possible a comparison with experimental data was performed. These comparisons extended to very exotic reaction channels, such as the production of {sup 100}Sn from {sup 112}Sn and {sup 124}Xe induced fragmentation reactions. These comparisons indicate that the codes are able to predict production rates to within one order of magnitude.

  8. Effect analysis applications of food model on diet education of obesity disease%应用食物模型进行肥胖患者饮食教育的效果分析

    苏惠崧; 卢桂好; 张秀薇


    目的 探索一种较好的肥胖患者饮食教育形式.方法 把符合条件的肥胖患者随机分为研究组和对照组,最后完成研究的人数分别为研究组54例,对照组58例.两组患者都进行肥胖饮食理论教育,对照组使用资料、图片,研究组除使用资料、图片外另加食物模型.结果 两组患者教育前后比较,白蛋白(ALB)、血红蛋白(HGB)等指标变化不大(P>0.05);两组肥胖饮食理论知识得分显著提高(P0.05),TG有下降(P 0.05). The food diet theoretical knowledge score in both groups had significani difference (P 0.05), TG was decremented (P < 0.05). The diet education effect of the observation group was better than that of the control group (P < 0.05). Conclusion Applications of food model on diet education is conductive to improve the status of nu1.rii.iona] of patients with obesity.


    Mihaela Pitea


    Full Text Available În acest articol vor fi prezentate pe scurt inițiativele eligibile ale Programul Operaţional Sectorial „Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007 – 2013” - Investește în Oameni! (POSDRU pe Axa Prioritară 6: Promovarea Incluziunii Sociale, Domeniul de Intervenție 6.1: Dezvoltarea economiei sociale. POSDRU a susținut înființarea Centrelor de Resurse în Economia Socială care și-au dovedit utilitatea în timp prin furnizare de informații și oferirea de sprijin comunităților. Articolul de față va descrie centrele care și-au făcut vizibilă activitatea, mai ales în mediul on-line punând la dispoziția publicului larg informații relevante despre domeniul economiei sociale. Centrele de Resurse în Economia Socială prezentate sunt active din anul 2010 și o parte dintre aceste vor funcționa cel puțin până în anul 2014

  10. Procurement Risk Management of an International EPC Project%国际总承包项目采购风险与管理

    徐晓路; 张莉


    We do the system research on procurement risk management for an internat-iona of main risks including engineering, vendor, inflation response and actions have been provided risk identificatio EPC project in th , logistics and for n, analysis, response and monitoring of the e view of the contractor. Not only the analysis eign exchange has been made, but also the risk%从承包商的角度,对国际总承包项目采购的风险识别、风险分析、风险应对和风险监控进行了系统研究,重点分析了设计风险、供货商风险、设备材料价格上涨风险、物流运输风险、外汇交易风险等采购阶段的主要风险,并提出了应对措施。

  11. Dzeramā ūdens kvalitāte centralizētajās ūdens apgādes sistēmās Latgales reģionā

    Smirnova, Olita


    Maģistra darba mērķis ir novērtēt dzeramā ūdens kvalitāti centralizētajās ūdens apgādes sistēmās Latgales reģionā. Mērķa sasniegšanai tika ievākti dzeramā ūdens paraugi no centralizētās ūdens apgādes sistēmas Varakļānos kā modeļobjektā, iegūti Latgales reģiona ķīmisko un mikrobioloģisko analīžu dati, veikta to analīze un interpretācija. Atslēgvārdi: dzeramā ūdens kvalitāte, centralizētās ūdensapgādes sistēmas, ūdens kvalitātes indikatori

  12. Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized YAG∶Ce,Sm spherical phosphors

    SUN Haiying; ZHANG Xiyan; BAI Zhaohui


    YAG:Ce,Sm spherical phosphors were synthesized by malic acid sol-gel method.The formation process of crystalline was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique.The influence of Sm3+ doping on the luminescent intensity and the morphology of phosphors were studied by fluorescence spectrum and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques,respectively.The results indicated that the size of spherical powders was about 100 nm calcined at 1200 ℃ for 3 h.The emission spectra of phosphors showed gradual red-shift from 525 to 540 nm with the increase of doping concentration of Sm3+ ion.A broadband emission spectrum of Ce3+ ion appeared at 540 nm,and a series of emission peaks corresponding to the 4G5/2→6HJ transition of Sm3+ ion also appeared at 617 nm with the doping of Sm3+.The red component of YAG:Ce phosphors increased with the doping of Sm3+.


    Ion Ionescu


    Full Text Available Dezvoltarea comunitară poate fi o soluție pentru diminuarea decalajelor, fiind implementată de actorii implicați ai comunităților. Ea cere identificarea problemelor comune, răspuns comunitar, parteneriat în rețea. Dezvoltarea durabilă înseamnă refuzul fatalităţii, entropiei comunitare și intreprinderea de acțiuni negentropice. Finalitatea ei este respectul ființei umane, necompromiterea capacității generațiilor viitoare de a trăi măcar ca noi, dacă nu mai bine. Pot fi identificate pe teren elemente necesare (reconstrucţiei unor comunităţi dezvoltate durabil. Autorul identifică experiențe reușite, exemple de bune practici în condițiile mondializării și comunitarizării, omogenizării și eterogenizării. Dezvoltarea comunitară rurală pleacă de la recunoașterea importanţei satului și a capacităților acestuia de a-și folosi oportunitățile, de a acționa constructiv. După definiri ale dezvoltării comunitare, economiei sociale și solidare, dezvoltării durabile, rolului asociațiilor, autorul insistă asupra formării, profilului și atribuțiilor agentului dezvoltării comunitare rurale.

  14. Medieval Warm Interval documented as drought in the northeastern US -implications for our future?

    Sritrairat, S.; Peteet, D. M.; Nichols, J. E.; Chou, C.; Pederson, D.; Kenna, T. C.; Previdi, M.


    The Northeastern United States comprise 5% of the total area of the US yet contain nearly 18% of the US population, including the densely settled metropolitan areas of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. As such, the demands on the region's water resources are severe. Historical records include only one major drought in the last half-century, which occurred in the 1960s - it was considered severe but only lasted a few years. However, recent reconstructions from tree rings, pollen, and charcoal, extend the record and reveal the occurrence of numerous droughts over the last millennium, the severity and duration of which have not been experienced by modern society. For example, a "Megadrought" has been documented during the Medieval Warming Interval (MWI) from analysis of core samples collected in Piermont Marsh, NY, which makes even the recent droughts of the western US seem minor by comparison. Charcoal data from other NY marshes (Iona Marsh, 41 N, 74 W; Tivoli Bay, 43 N, 55 W) suggest that this drought was a regional phenomenon. Similar evidence of a MWI drought in peatlands as far north as the Great Heath, Maine (44 N, 67 W) indicates the entire Northeast suffered water shortages. Examination of drought records from upland lakes nearby indicate the MWI was only one of a series of droughts throughout the Holocene that the region has experienced. Comparison with coastal tree ring records various other records suggests that conditions may have extended as far south as Roanoke, Virginia. A similar extreme drought today would devastate those living in the Northeastern US who have been lulled into complacency by the current pluvial. Severe, prolonged droughts are the most expensive natural disasters affecting our planet, with damage in the US alone reaching US$6-8 billion annually. By coupling information from paleoarchives, current climate forcing mechanisms, and climate models, we will explore the mechanisms of megadroughts during the Holocene and the implications for

  15. Nephelauxetic-Effect in DMS Zn1-xCoxSe and Effect of Pressure on Nephelauxetic-Effect%稀磁半导体Zn1-xCoxSe中的电子云延伸效应及压力对电子云延伸效应的影响

    欧阳楚英; 雷敏生


    通过对Co2+自由离子的3D电子径向波函数进行分析,引入了一个电子云延伸效应修正因子κ来修正这一波函数,从而得到了稀磁半导体Zn1-xCoxSe晶体中Co2+受到了晶体场作用的3D电子径向波函数.应用这一修正后的波函数,计算了Zn1-xCoxSe晶体的光谱跃迁.从物理学的本质出发,考虑了高压力对电子云延伸效应修正因子κ的影响,并且计算了Zn1-xCoxSe晶体吸收谱的压力蓝移谱,得到的蓝移率为dE/dp=0.45meV/GPa.%Based on the 3D electron's radial wave function of Co2+ free ion,a Nephelauxetic-effect modifying factor to modify the radial wave function is introduced when Co2+ cations are put into the crystal field of Zn1-xCoxSe.With the modified wave functions,the optical transitions for Zn1-xCoxSe crystals are calculated.Moreover,based on the first principle of physics,the influences of high-pressure to the Nephelauxetic-effect modifying factor is considered,and the high-pressure blue shift for the Zn1-xCoxSe crystal absorption spectra are calculated and a shift rate of dE/dp=0.45meV/GPa is obtained.

  16. Impact of potentially lethal ventricular arrhythmias on long-term outcome in patients with chronic heart failure

    LIU Ye-hong; SHEN Wei-feng; SU Jing-ying; WANG Lin-jie; LI Jin-ping; ZHOU Qing-fen; GAN Qian; CHAI Xi-chen; DAI Li-ying; ZHANG Feng-ru


    Background Potentially lethal ventricular arrhythmias (PLVAs) occur frequently in survivors after acute myocardial infarction and are increasingly recognized in other forms of structural heart diseases.This study investigated the prevalence and prognostic significance of PLVAs in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).Methods Data concerning demographics,etiology of heart failure,NYHA functional class,biochemical variables,electrocardiographic and echocardiographic findings,and medical treatments were collected by reviewing hospital medical records from 1080 patients with NYHA Ⅱ-Ⅳ and a left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction ≤45%.PLVAs were defined as multi-focal ventricular ectopy (>30 beats/h on Holter monitoring),bursts of ventricular premature beats,and nonsustained ventricular tachycardia.All-cause mortality,sudden death,and rehospitalization due to worsening heart failure,or cardiac transplantation during 5-year follow-up after discharge were recorded.Results The occurrence rate of PLVAs in CHF was 30.2%,and increased with age; 23.4% in patients <45 years old,27.8% in those between 45-65 years old,and 33.5% in patients >65 years old (P=0.033).Patients with PLVAs had larger LV size and lower ejection fraction (both P <0.01) and higher all-cause mortality (P=0.014) during 5-year follow-up than those without PLVAs.Age (OR 1.041,95% Cl 1.004-1.079,P=0.03) and LV end-diastolic dimension (OR 1.068,95% Cl 1.013-1.126,P=0.015) independently predicted the occurrence of PLVAs.And PLVA was an independent factor for all-cause mortality (RR 1.702,95% Cl 1.017-2.848,P=0.031) and sudden death (RR 1.937,95% CI 1.068-3.516,P=0.030) in patients with CHF.Conclusion PLVAs are common and exert a negative impact on Iona-term clinical outcome in patients with CHF.

  17. Geoarchaeological research of the mid-age Ilyas Bey complex buildings with ground penetrating radar in Miletus, Aydin, Western Anatolia, Turkey

    Kadioglu, S [Ankara University, Eng. Fac. Geophysical Engineering Department, 06100 Ankara (Turkey); Kadioglu, Y K [Ankara University, Eng. Fac. Geological Engineering Department, 06100 Ankara (Turkey); Akyol, A A [Ankara University, Baskent Vac. High Sch. Prog. of Restoration and Cons., Ankara (Turkey)], E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:


    The ancient Miletus which were one of the most important city of ancient Iona, are today of great value from cultural standpoint of Turkey. Miletus, situated near the village of Balat in the present district of Soke was founded on a peninsula, approximately 2.5 km long. In the Byzantine period, the city boundaries were quite reduced. In 1424 Miletus was taken inside of the Ottoman Empire and was completely abandoned in the 17th century. Ancient Miletus excavation studies were first begun in 1899 by in Berlin Museum and interrupted during the World War I. At present, the extensive restoration works in Ilyas Bey Complex has applied as a project since 2006. Ilyas Bey Complex that includes Mosque, Medresah and baths situated on the archaeological area in ancient Miletus. Impressive Mosque built in 1404 by Ilyas Bey, Emir of Menteseogullari founded in 1279 and the complex was named after him, is one of the most remarkable buildings of mid-age Miletus. There are two main purposes of the study are (1) to determine archaeological remains of the study area underneath Ilyas Bey Complex and (2) to define the nature of main rock unit and their sources in the vicinity or Aegean region. After preliminary archaeometrical studies, acquired GPR profile data paralleled each other in Ilyas Bey Mosque and its around, Medresah Courtyard and inner Courtyard of the Mosque. After processing 2D parallel GPR profiles, we constructed 3D data volume by lining processed 2D profiles up to correlate remain signatures from each profile for each studied area. It was obtained transparent 3D visualisation of GPR data by assigning a new colour scale for the amplitude range and by constructing a new opacity function instead of the linear opacity function. Therefore we could successfully image the archaeological remains in an interactive transparent 3D volume and its sub-volumes, starting at different depth levels or limited profiles. The archaeometrical (geological and mineralogical, petrographical

  18. The Innovation of Demonstrative Teaching Methods and the Improvement of Training%教育领导的德性范畴与培育途径



    学校教育领导的德性是他们在长期的实践锻炼中所形成的以道德品质为基础的稳定的心理倾向、道德习惯和道德操守。他们应该具备:关爱师生、热爱教育事业、公正、廉洁、奉献、改革与创新等基本德性。就教育领导的培养来看,由于德性更多地体现为内在的品质,从某种程度上讲,德性就是外在规范的内化。教育领导通过内化的品质而进行自我约束、自我调节和自我平衡,在教育领导实践中形成自律精神。培养教育领导的策略有外在教化、实践锻炼、自我约束和形成信仰等。%School education leaders’ virtue is the stable psychological tendency, moral habit and moral integ rity formed in the long-term practice based on moral quality.They should have basic virtues: love for students and teachers, love for education, just ice, honesty, ded icat ion and innovat ion.As for the train ing of education leaders, virtue is more embod ied as the inherent quality.To some extent, virtue is the external internalization of norms.Education leaders’ self -d isci pline spi rit is formed in educational leadersh i p practice through internalized qual it ies of self - restraint, self - adjustment and self-balance.The strateg ies of train ing education leaders include extrinsic enl ightenment, practice, self -d isci pline and the format ion of bel iefs, etc.


    Dimitrios K. STAMATIADIS


    Full Text Available This article is dedicated to the one of the most important questions of the International Commercial Law. As a rule, it is widely accepted that the principle of party autonomy has been adopted, in respect of contractual obligations, by practically all national legislations in their provisions for private international law. At the same time, the Principles are silent regarding the option to choose trade usages as lex causae of the contract, and understandably so, since, from a systematic viewpoint, they cannot form a comprehensive set of rules capable of resolving basic issues of contractual obligations. Author believes that the Principles do not add any significant new features to the legal systems that have already developed and adopted the principle of party autonomy, with the exception of the possible application of non-national law before state courts. As a result, there have been formulated several useful conclusions which can be used in the science of the International Commercial Law.PRINCIPIILE DE LA HAGA PRIVIND ALEGEREA LEGILOR ÎN CONTRACTELE COMERCIALE INTERNAŢIONALEAcest articol este consacrat unor dintre cele mai importante probleme ce fac parte din dreptul internaţional comercial. De regulă, principiul autonomiei părţilor în contract este recunoscut ca unul fundamental în dreptul inter­naţional. Totodată, principiile păstrează tăcerea în ceea ce ţine de opţiunea de a alege uzanţele lex causae ale contrac­tului; prin urmare, ele nu pot fi privite ca reguli comprehensive şi susceptibile de a soluţiona problemele principale ale obligaţiilor contractuale. Autorul este de părere că principiile nu conţin nimic nou pentru legislaţiile naţionale în vigoare, deoarece nu au dezvoltat şi nu au adoptat ceva necunoscut pentru principiul autonomiei care este prevăzut în toate legislaţiile, cu excepţia unei posibile aplicări a legii supra-naţionale în instanţele naţionale de judecată. Prin urmare, au fost

  20. Poisson-Fokker-Planck model for biomolecules translocation through nanopore driven by electroosmotic flow

    LIN XiaoHui; ZHANG ChiBin; GU Jun; JIANG ShuYun; YANG JueKuan


    A non-continuous electroosmotic flow model (PFP model) is built based on Poisson equation,Fokker-Planck equation and Navier-Stokse equation,and used to predict the DNA molecule translocation through nanopore.PFP model discards the continuum assumption of ion translocation and considers ions as discrete particles.In addition,this model includes the contributions of Coulomb electrostatic potential between ions,Brownian motion of ions and viscous friction to ion transportation.No ionic diffusion coefficient and other phenomenological parameters are needed in the PFP model.It is worth noting that the PFP model can describe non-equilibrium electroosmotic transportation of ions in a channel of a size comparable with the mean free path of ion.A modified clustering method is proposed for the numerical solution of PFP model,and ion current translocation through nanopore with a radius of 1 nm is simulated using the modified clustering method.The external electric field,wall charge density of nanopore,surface charge density of DNA,as well as ion average number density,influence the electroosmotic velocity profile of electrolyte solution,the velocity of DNA translocation through nanopore and ion current blockade.Results show that the ion average number density of electrolyte and surface charge density of nanopore have a significant effect on the translocation velocity of DNA and the ion current blockade.The translocation velocity of DNA is proportional to the surface charge density of nanopore,and is inversely proportional to ion average number density of electrolyte solution.Thus,the translocation velocity of DNAs can be controlled to improve the accuracy of sequencing by adjusting the external electric field,ion average number density of electrolyte and surface charge density of nanopore.Ion current decreases when the ion average number density is larger than the critical value and increases when the ion average number density is lower than the critical value.Our numerical

  1. Cenomanian-Turonian Bentonites of the Boquillas Formation, Texas, USA: keys to understanding Carbonate Shelf deposition in a Greenhouse Climate

    Bergman, Steve; Eldrett, James; Ma, Chao; Minisini, Daniel; Macaulay, Calum; Ozkan, Aysen; Kelly, Amy


    The Boquillas Formation (Fm.) (equivalent to the Eagle Ford Group) was deposited at the Southern end of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (KWIS) and the northwestern margin of the Gulf of Mexico Carbonate Shelf (passive margin) in a starved retroarc foreland basin setting during part of the Cenomanian and Turonian Stages (CT; 97-90 Ma). The Boquillas Fm. includes several Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE) marked by global Carbon Isotope Excursions (CIE) and trace metal anomalies. Here we provide a robust zircon U/Pb geochronologic framework used to accurately interpret and predict variability in facies distribution. The Boquillas Fm. consists of a succession of cyclic marlstone and limestone beds and over 300 bentonites deposited in a distal, restricted, suboxic setting mostly below storm wave base. Bentonites are generally homogenous clay-rich layers 1-10 cm thick (average 5 cm, up to 1 m) showing sharp contacts and strong yellow-orange mineral fluorescence under UV light. In addition to detailed logging of roadcuts, two research wells drilled behind outcrops, Shell IONA-1 and Shell INNES-1, recovered >330 m of continuous core from the Austin Chalk at surface through the Boquillas and Buda Limestone Fm. The bentonites form ~5% of the 60-111 m thick Boquillas Fm. intervals and are interpreted as distal pyroclastic fall deposits from large volume (>10-100 km3) Plinian eruptions from calderas associated with the subduction-related Western North American Cordilleran magmatic arc. Some of the Boquillas Fm. bentonites can be correlated using cores, petrophysical logs, geochemistry, and biostratigraphy for more than 1000 km to the north within the Western Interior Seaway at the CT global stratotype (GSSP) section at Pueblo, CO as well as many other sections in the KWIS. This contribution integrates new high-precision zircon U/Pb TIMs age data (2σ as low as 0.05 Myr) from both core and outcrop samples with independent proxies derived from sedimentology, biostratigraphy

  2. GUEST EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Guest Editors' introduction

    Guerraoui, Rachid; Vinoski, Steve


    be layered over both Object Services and the ORB. The OMG creates specifications, not code, but the interfaces it standardizes are always derived from demonstrated technology submitted by member companies. The specified interfaces are written in a neutral Interface Definition Language (IDL) that defines contractual interfaces with potential clients. Interfaces written in IDL can be translated to a number of programming languages via OMG standard language mappings so that they can be used to develop components. The resulting components can transparently communicate with other components written in different languages and running on different operating systems and machine types. The ORB is responsible for providing the illusion of `virtual homogeneity' regardless of the programming languages, tools, operating systems and networks used to realize and support these components. With the adoption of the CORBA 2.0 specification in 1995, these components are able to interoperate across multi-vendor CORBA-based products. More than 700 member companies have joined the OMG, including Hewlett-Packard, Digital, Siemens, IONA Technologies, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and IBM, which makes it the largest standards body in existence. These companies continue to work together within the OMG to refine and enhance the OMA and its components. This special issue of Distributed Systems Engineering publishes five papers that were originally presented at the `Distributed Object-Based Platforms' track of the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), which was held in Wailea on Maui on 6 - 10 January 1997. The papers, which were selected based on their quality and the range of topics they cover, address different aspects of CORBA, including advanced aspects such as fault tolerance and transactions. These papers discuss the use of CORBA and evaluate CORBA-based development for different types of distributed object systems and architectures. The first paper, by S

  3. SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management - Project objectives, structure and components

    Maudire, G.; Maillard, C.; Fichaut, M.; Manzella, G.; Schaap, D. M. A.


    SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management Project objectives, structure and components G. Maudire (1), C. Maillard (1), G. Manzella (2), M. Fichaut (1), D.M.A. Schaap (3), E. Iona (4) and the SeaDataNet consortium. (1) IFREMER, Brest, France (, (2) ENEA, La Spezia, Italy, (3) Mariene Informatie Service 'MARIS', Voorburg, The Netherlands, (4) Hellenic Centre for Marine Research-HCMR, Anavyssos, Greece. Since a large part of the earth population lives near the oceans or carries on activities directly or indirectly linked to the seas (fishery and aquaculture, exploitation of sea bottom resources, international shipping, tourism), knowledge of oceans is of primary importance for security and economy. However, observation and monitoring of the oceans remains difficult and expensive even if real improvements have been achieved using research vessels and submersibles, satellites and automatic observatories like buoys, floats and seafloor observatories transmitting directly to the shore using global transmission systems. More than 600 governmental or private organizations are active in observation of seas bordering Europe, but European oceanographic data are fragmented, not always validated and not always easily accessible. That highlights the need of international collaboration to tend toward a comprehensive view of ocean mechanisms, resources and changes. SeaDataNet is an Integrated research Infrastructure Initiative (I3) in European Union Framework Program 6 (2006 - 2011) to provide the data management system adapted both to the fragmented observation systems and to the users need for an integrated access to data, meta-data, products and services. Its major objectives are to: - encourage long-term archiving at national level to secure ocean data taking into account that all the observations made in the variable oceanic environment can never be remade if they are lost; - promote best practices for data


    Igor CIOBANU


    Full Text Available Acest articol vine în calitate de replică la opiniile adepţilor acauzalităţii inacţiunii. Prin urmare, este combătută afir-maţia celor din urmă, legată de suficienţa neîndeplinirii obligaţiunii obiective de a acţiona pentru fundamentarea răspun-derii penale pentru inacţiune. Argumentarea acauzalităţii inacţiunii nu se poate, în genere, baza pe trimiterile la temeiul răspunderii penale. Este demonstrat faptul că legătura cauzală este un semn obligatoriu al laturii obiective a oricărei componenţe materiale de infracţiune. Negarea caracterului cauzator al inacţiunii de către aceiaşi adepţi ai acauzalităţii inacţiunii este uşor combătută prin teoria deosebirii categoriei cauzalităţii, a construcţiei teoretice a legăturii cauzale şi a mecanismului cauzării empirice. De menţionat că terminologia utilizată în prezentul articol este aplicată pentru prima dată în domeniul determinismu-lui cauzalităţii (cum ar fi noţiunile generale ale teoriilor şi termenii acestora. În aceeaşi ordine de idei, în cadrul studiu-lui de faţă se face o abatere de la regulă, şi anume: sunt delimitate, în calitate de obiecte de sine stătătoare de studiu, categoria cauzalităţii şi diferitele noţiuni propuse legăturii cauzale (precum: construcţia teoretică şi mecanismul cauzării empirice.STRENGTHENING THE CAUSATIVE NATURE OF THE INACTION THROUGH THE APPLICATION OF THE THEORY WITH REGARD TO THE CAUSALITY CATEGORY DISTINCTION, THE THEORETICAL CONSTRUCTION OF THE CAUSAL LINK AND THE MECHANISM OF EMPIRICAL CAUSATIONThis article comes as a response to the opinions of the followers of acausality of inaction. It is therefore refuted their allegation that the failure to fulfill the objective obligation to act is sufficient to enable the penal liability for inaction. Pleading for the acausality of inaction can’t be done, in general, whilst also making references to the basis of penal liability. It is shown that

  5. 超高效液相色谱-质谱联用测定婴幼儿配方奶粉中的维生素B_(12)%Determination of Vitamin B_(12) in Infant Formula Milk Powder by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

    徐双阳; 许荣年; 汪庆旗; 杨琳; 宋根林


    建立了婴幼儿配方奶粉中维生素B12的超高效液相色谱-质谱联用测定方法。样品用10mmol/L醋酸铵溶解,再用三氯甲烷沉淀蛋白,滤液经AgilentSB-C8柱(4.6mm×100mm,1.8μm)进行分离,流速为0.5mL/min,进样体积10μL,柱温40℃,流动相为甲醇和10mmol/L醋酸铵,梯度洗脱。采用ESI离子源,正离子模式,以MRM方式进行定量,定量离子(m/z)为678.3/147。维生素B12在0.20~10.00ng/mL范围内线性关系良好,方法最低检测限为0.45ng/g,定量限为1.5ng/g,精密度在2.0%之内,加标回收率在94.0%~105.3%。本方法分析速度快,灵敏度高,重复性好,适用于婴幼儿配方奶粉中维生素B12的分析。%A method for determination of vitamin B12 in infant formula milk powder is developed by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry(UPLC-MS/MS).After being dissolved by 10 mmol/L ammonium acetate,the sample was treated by chloroform to precipitate the milk protein.Then the filtrate was separated by an Agilent SB-C8(4.6mm×100mm,1.8 μm) column with a mobile phase consisting of 10 mmol/L ammonium acetate and methanol with gradient elution.The injection volume was 10 μL at a flow-rate of 0.5mL/min and the column temperature was 40 ℃.The sample was analyzed using multiple reaction monitoring(MRM) mode via electrospray ionization(ESI) source and selecting(m/z) 678.3/147 as quantitative product ion.A good linear calibration was obtained for 0.20~10.00 ng/mL vitamin B12 with a correlation coefficient of 0.999 9.The detection limit of method was 0.45 ng/g and the quantification limit was 1.5 ng/g.The relative standard deviation of 6 infant formula milk powders was less than 2.0%.The recovery was between 94.0%~105.3%(n=6).Since its short operation time,high sensitivity and good reproducible,the proposed method can be used to determine vitamin B12 in infant formula milk powder.

  6. COPD and its association with smoking in the Mainland China: a cross-sectional analysis of 0.5 million men and women from ten diverse areas

    Kurmi OP


    Full Text Available Om P Kurmi,1 Liming Li,2,3 Jenny Wang,1 Iona Y Millwood,1 Junshi Chen,4 Rory Collins,1 Yu Guo,2 Zheng Bian,2 Jiangtao Li,5 Biyun Chen,6 Kaixu Xie,7 Weifan Jia,8 Yali Gao,9 Richard Peto,1 Zhengming Chen1 On behalf of the China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group 1Nuffield Department of Population Health, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK; 2Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Peking University, 3Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Dong Cheng District, 4China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Beijing, 5NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Huixian CDC, Huixian, Henan, 6NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Hunan CDC, Changsha, 7NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Tongxiang CDC, Zhejiang, 8NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Liuyang CDC, Baiyikengdao, Liuyang, Changsha, Hunan, 9NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Sichuan CDC, Sichuan, Mainland China Purpose: In adult Chinese men, smoking prevalence is high, but little is known about its association with chronic respiratory disease, which is still poorly diagnosed and managed. Methods: A nationwide study recruited 0.5 million men and women aged 30–79 years during 2004–2008 from ten geographically diverse areas across the Mainland China. Information was collected from each participant regarding smoking and self-reported physician diagnosis of chronic bronchitis/emphysema (CB/E, along with measurement of lung function indices. Logistic regression was used to yield sex-specific odds ratios (ORs relating smoking to airflow obstruction (AFO, defined as forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1/forced vital capacity (FVC <0.7 and CB/E, adjusting for age, areas, education, and income. Results: Overall 74% of men were ever regular smokers; among them, 7.2% had AFO compared with 5.4% in never-smokers, yielding an OR of 1.42 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.34–1

  7. Interannual variability of Dissolved Oxygen values around the Balearic Islands

    Balbín, R.; Aparicio, A.; López-Jurado, J. L.; Flexas, M. M.


    Waters (LIW) and underneath, the Western Mediterranean Deep Waters (WMDW) show a slight increase of these values (> 4.5 ml /l). Interannual variability of DO at the Balearic and the Algerian sub-basins and in the different water masses will be presented. A systematic difference (> 0.10 ml/l) is observed at intermediate and deep waters between the oxygen con- tent in the Balearic and Algerian sub-basins. This could be explained in terms of the longer path these water masses have to cover around the Mallorca and Menorca Islands, which implies a longer residence time and consumption as a result of respiration and decay of organic matter. During some campaigns minimum DO values (≈ 3.8 ml/l) were found in this area which are smaller that the values usually reported for the Mediterranean [2, 3, 4]. Different possible causes as the influence of the Easter Mediterranean Transient, the reported increase of surface temperature or just the interannual variability, will be discussed. [1] J. L. López-Jurado, J. M. García-Lafuente, L. Cano, et al., Oceanologica acta, vol. 18, no. 2, 1995. [2] T. Packard, H. Minas, B. Coste, R. Martinez, M. Bonin, J. Gostan, P. Garfield, J. Christensen, Q. Dortch, M. Minas, et al., Deep Sea Research Part A. Oceanographic Research Papers, vol. 35, no. 7, 1988. [3] B. Manca, M. Burca, A. Giorgetti, C. Coatanoan, M. Garcia,and A. Iona, Journal of marine systems, vol. 48, no. 1-4, 2004. [4] A. Miller, "Mediterranean sea atlas of temperature, salinity, and oxygen. profiles and data from cruises of RV Atlantis and RV Chain," tech. rep., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts, 1970.


    Laurenţiu ŞOITU


    Full Text Available Schimbările majore privind rolurile familiei în societatea actuală determină nevoia, din ce în ce mai stringentă, de educaţie şi autoeducaţie a părinţilor pentru exercitarea rolului parental. Autorii pornesc de la ipoteza că învăţarea transformativă – sintagmă datorată lui Mezirow – poate explica, într-o mare măsură, alegerile părintelui în acţiunile de parenting, prin procesul de reflecţie critică care presupune descoperirea şi depăşirea limitelor pe care individul le are în gândire şi în modul de a acţiona. Verificarea ipotezei se va realiza printr-un studiu, care constă în intervievarea a 15 fa­milii, fiecare cu trei generaţii de părinţi în interiorul ei (G1 – bunicii, G2 – părinţii, G3 – copiii care au un copil la rândul lor, însumând astfel 45 de participanţi. Scopul a fost o mai bună înţelegere a învăţării transformative prin identificarea factorilor care îi sprijină pe părinţi în renunţarea la comportamentele considerate disfuncţionale în relaţia cu copilul. Instrumentul care a stat la baza cercetării a fost un interviu de tip narativ prin care părinţii au relatat diferenţe şi asemă­nări în stilul de parenting raportându-se la propriii părinţi, strategii care i-au ajutat în depăşirea obstacolelor pentru înde­plinirea cu succes a rolului parental şi au evaluat impactul experimentării violenţei în familie în devenirea lor ca părinţi. Rezultatele arată că printre factorii care i-au determinat pe părinţi să aibă o gândire transformativă regăsim: suportul social (dialogul cu partenerul romantic, dialogul cu alte persoane – rude, familie, specialişti, reflecţia critică asupra experienţelor personale, contextul, nivelul de educaţie şi motivaţia părintelui.FACTORS THAT SUPPORT INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING AMONG PARENTSThe major changes regarding the roles of family in the current society determine the more and more

  9. Rolul bibliotecii universitare în eficientizarea utilizării resurselor electronice

    Agnes Erich


    Full Text Available Prin subiectul abordat în lucrarea de faţă ne propunem să subliniem rolul crucial pe care îl joacă biblioteca universitară în facilitarea, din perspectiva noilor tehnologii informaţionale şi comunicaţionale, accesului la resursele electronice. Vreme îndelungată s-a considerat, chiar în mediul academic, că Internet-ul va înlocui biblioteca şi că nu o să mai fie necesară cheltuirea unor sume importante de bani pentru achiziţionarea resurselor informaţionale. Lucru infirmat în ultimii ani când s-a demonstrat că nu toate informaţiile accesibile pe net sunt gratuite şi pertinente şi că utilizatorii trebuie să deţină unele abilităţi legate de cultura informaţiei pentru a fi capabili să stăpânească informaţia şi să o utilizeze într-un mod eficient. În acest context vom încerca să identificăm factorii care conduc la necesitatea utilizării resurselor electronice, vom analiza rolul pe care îl joacă biblioteca universitară în eficientizarea accesului la acest tip de resurse, implicit instruirea utilizatorilor, vom sugera modalităţi de colaborare între cadrele didactice universitare şi bibliotecari etc. Din punct de vedere managerial vom analiza câteva aspecte importante de care trebuie să se ţină seama în luarea deciziei de a achiziţiona sau nu o resursă electronică: selecţia, tipul de achiziţie, legalitatea, monitorizarea utilizării etc. Dacă investiţia în tehnologie este crucială, la fel de importantă este investiţia în oameni. Într-o instituţie academică ar trebui ca toţi să cunoască să utilizeze un computer, să fie capabili să-şi găsească informaţia necesară dar, în acelaşi timp, să o şi evalueze din punctul de vedere al cerinţelor informaţionale proprii. Însă, practica a demonstrat că lucrurile nu stau tocmai aşa, şi aici intervine specialistul în informare şi documentare care trebuie să îşi asume rolul de trainer. Acesta trebuie să con

  10. Managing Wind-based Electricity Generation and Storage

    Zhou, Yangfang

    answer this question using a representative setting, in which a battery is utilized to trade electricity in an energy arbitrage market. Using engineering models, I capture energy capacity degradation and efficiency variation explicitly, evaluating three types of batteries: lead acid, lithium-ion, and Aqueous Hybrid Ion---a new commercial battery technology. I calibrate the model for each battery to manufacturers' data and value these batteries using the same calibrated financial engineering price model as in Chapter 2. My analysis shows that: (a) it is quite suboptimal to operate each battery as if it did not degrade, particularly for lead acid and lithium-ion; (b) reducing degradation and efficiency variation have a complimentary effect: the value of reducing both together is greater than the sum of the value of reducing one individually; and (c) decreasing degradation may have a bigger effect than decreasing efficiency variation.


    Dorina GUREV


    Full Text Available Dreptul la libertate, de rând cu celelalte drepturi fundamentale ale persoanei, este protejat atât de actele internaţionale, cât şi de cele naţionale. Pentru apărarea dreptului persoanelor la libertate, legiuitorul autohton incriminează distinct faptele de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi de răpire a unei persoane. Menţionăm că dreptul la libertate reprezintă posibilitatea persoanei de a se deplasa şi de a acţiona după propria sa voinţă şi dorinţă, ceea ce reprezintă o condiţie esenţială în raport cu activitatea sa şi cu relaţiile sale în societate. Analiza prevederilor legislaţiei penale a diferitelor state a permis identificarea unor divergenţe în dispoziţiile referitoare la infracţiunea de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi la cea de răpire a unei persoane. În acest sens putem preciza că în legislaţia Republicii Moldova, a SUA (majoritatea statelor, a Federaţiei Ruse, a Bielorusiei, Azerbadjanului etc. privaţiunea ilegală de libertate şi răpirea unei persoane sunt două fapte distincte. Dimpotrivă, în Codul penal al României, în redacţia din 1968 (abrogat, răpirea persoanei era prevăzută ca circumstanţă agravantă a infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, iar în contextul Codului penal al României în redacţia din 2009 (în vigoare răpirea unei persoane se contopeşte în textura elementului material al infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, asemeni legislaţiei penale a Franţei, Elveţiei, Ucrainei etc. În vederea receptării celor mai optime soluţii legislative privind incriminarea numitelor fapte, ne propunem să analizăm variile modele consacrate în materie în legislaţia altor state.COMPARATIVE LAW ASPECTS ON ILLEGAL DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY AND KIDNAPPING The right to liberty along with other human rights is protected by national and international acts. In order to protect the right to liberty Moldovan legislator incriminates separately

  12. Safety issues in cultural heritage management and critical infrastructures management

    Soldovieri, Francesco; Masini, Nicola; Alvarez de Buergo, Monica; Dumoulin, Jean


    ížková (2013) present two methods as peeling tests, also known as the 'Scotch tape' method, and surface water uptake measurements, using a digitized micro-tube for assessing material characteristics and consolidation effects on historic stone and mortar. Both methods are reviewed by pointing out both the advantages and the drawbacks. Solimene et al (2013) present a novel data processing technique based on the inverse electromagnetic scattering for small and weak target detection and localization. They start from the idea of applying a two-stage MUSIC algorithm. In the first stage strong scatterers are detected. Then, information concerning their number and location is employed to detect and localize the weak scatterers. The role of an adequate scattering model is emphasized to drastically improve detection performance in realistic scenarios. Kadioglu et al (2013) deal with the exploitation of ground penetrating radar, enhanced by advanced data processing based on microwave tomography, for the detection and the assessment of structural damage affecting foundation healthiness, of significant relevance for safety management in cultural heritage. An interesting case of the effectiveness of the joint procedure is shown by processing measurements collected during a survey at the Great Mosque of Ilyas Bey, one of the most important cultural heritage features from ancient Miletos-Iona in Soke Aydin, Turkey. Finally, Nordebo et al (2013) provide an interesting analysis of the optimal accuracy and resolution in electrical impedance tomography (EIT), based on the Cramer-Rao lower bound. This study is very important in the set up and analysis of the regularization strategies for the linearized problem at hand. References Battaglini R, Raco B and Scozzari A 2013 Effective monitoring of landfills: flux measurements and thermography enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact J. Geophys. Eng. 10 064002 Cascini L, Peduto D, Reale D, Arena L, Ferlisi S, Verde S and Fornaro G 2013

  13. Sodium Channel Gene Mutations in Children with GEFS+ and Dravet Syndrome: A Cross Sectional Study

    Seyed Hassan TONEKABONI


    before age of one year and psychomotor retardation after age of two years are the most significant criteria in SCN1A mutation positive patients.References Dravet C, Bureau M, Oguni H, Fukuyama Y, Cokar O.Severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy (Dravet syndrome. In: Roger J, Bureau M, Dravet C, Genton P, Tassinari CA, Wolf P, eds. Epileptic Syndromes in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence, 4th  ed. London: John Libbey Eurotext Publishers; 2005. p. 89-113.Dalla Bernardina B, Colamaria V, Capovilla G, Bondavalli S. Nosological classification of epilepsies in the first three years years of life. Prog Clin Biol Res 1983;124:165-83.Commission on Classification and Terminology of the International League against Epilepsy. Proposal for revised classification of epilepsies and epileptic syndromes. Epilepsia 1989;30:389-99.Scheffer IE, Zhang. YH, Jansen FE, Dibbens L. Dravet syndrome or genetic (generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus? Brain Dev 2009;31(5:394-400.Singh R, Andermann E, Whitehouse WP, Harvey AS, Keene DL, Seni MH, et al. severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy: extended spectrum of GEFS+? Epilepsia 2001;42(7:837-44.Scheffer IE, Harkin LA, Dibbens LM, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF. Neonatal epilepsy syndromes and generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus (GEFS+. Epilepsia 2005;46 Suppl 10:41-7.Harkin LA, McMahon JM, Iona X, Dibbens L, Pelekanos JT, Zuberi SM, et al. The spectrum of SCN1A-related infantile enceptic encephalopathies. Brain 2007;130(Pt 3:843-52.Sun H, Zhang Y, Liang J, Liu X, Ma X, Qin, et al. Seven novel SCN1A mutations in Chinese patients with severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy. Epilepsia 2008;49:1104-7.Miller SA, Dykes DD, polesky HF. A simple salting out procedure  for  extracting  DNA from  human  cucleated Nucleated cells. Nucleic Acids Res 1988;16(3:2115.Marini C, Scheffer IE, Nabbout R, Mei D, Cox K, Dibbens LM, et al. SCN1A duplications and deletions detected in dravet syndrome: implications for molecular diagnosis. Epilepsia 2009; 50

  14. Health promotion: a challenge for primary care

    Armando Henrique Norman


    Full Text Available Aliviar o sofrimento é um imperativo moral infindável, mas a obsessão contemporânea pela manutenção da saúde faz parte da persistente e recorrente ilusão do sonho humano de controlar o futuro. A atual manifestação desse sonho é mediada pela ciência, cujo novo Santo Graal é uma vida longa e sem sofrimento, que termina na velhice extrema, com rápido declínio e morte, também milagrosamente sem sofrimento. Iona Heath1 Nesta edição, a RBMFC traz artigos que abordam a promoção da saúde e prevenção de doenças, em seus vários matizes. O tema da promoção da saúde é bastante complexo e controverso sob o ponto de vista de sua operacionalização nos serviços da APS/ESF. De acordo com a OMS2: [...] a promoção da saúde é o processo que empodera as pessoas, tanto no sentido de melhoria como de controle de sua saúde [...]. A saúde é, portanto, vista como recurso para o dia a dia, não como objetivo do viver. É um conceito positivo, que enfatiza recursos sociais e pessoais, bem como as capacidades físicas. Sendo assim, promoção da saúde não é apenas responsabilidade do setor da saúde, indo além de um estilo de vida saudável, rumo ao bem-estar. A promoção da saúde tem na sua raiz conceitual o alívio do sofrimento das pessoas, e essa relação, apesar de não estar claramente explícita em sua definição, é muito importante para os profissionais da saúde. Na busca do alívio do sofrimento, existem ações que pertencem ao campo dos serviços de saúde e ações externas aos serviços de saúde. Estas últimas incluem moradia, educação, renda, alimentação, ecossistema estável, recursos sustentáveis, lazer, paz, trabalho com condições dignas, mobilidade, enfim, uma gama de ações que visam o bem comum, a redistribuição das riquezas e a redução das desigualdades sociais2,3. Neste sentido, um exemplo concreto de promoção da saúde, internacionalmente reconhecido, é a política adotada pelo