Sample records for radiatsionno-indutsirovannoe izluchenie iona

  1. Meet AAPT's new President, Steve Iona (United States)

    Willis, Courtney


    I first met Steve Iona 40 years ago at a Denver Area Physics Teachers meeting. Steve had recently completed bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Being a Colorado native, he was interested in returning to Colorado to teach. Steve had some rather high-powered recommendations, including one from a Nobel laureate. As Steve is fond of saying, because the recommendations were secret, he never knew if they were positive or not, but at least they were good enough for him to get a job teaching junior high school! Within a couple of years Steve had moved to the high school and was teaching Project Physics, astronomy, and general science. Steve continued to teach high school for over 25 years.

  2. Society, religion and technology: the Iona solar energy project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carrie, J G


    The philosophical and religious reasoning behind the Iona solar energy hot water heater is discussed. Conservation, non-pollution, and sharing of the earth's resources are the main themes. Iona, a Scottish island, is visited for one week by groups (50 in each group) of young people for a total of a quarter million people from April to October. The technical objectives are summarized: (1) use solar energy to provide at least 1/2 of the hot water needs and (2) build a system with a payback period of 5 years or less. Solar insolation at Iona is about 700 kWh/m/sup 2/ per season, so 16.5 m/sup 2/ of solar collectors is required at a cost of less than 450 pounds. A closed system with a 750 l roof tank is described. Efficiency was greater than expected and cost objectives were surpassed. An analysis was performed to estimate the cost of a similar system elsewhere. Visual displays on the system are described which serve as an example to the young visitors of the benefits of solar energy. 11 references. (MJJ)

  3. Liquid Scintillation Detection of Tritium and other Radioisotopes in Insoluble or Quenching Organic Samples; Detection par compteur a scintillations a liquides du tritium et des autres radioelements contenus dans des echantillons organiques insolubles ou coupeurs; Obnaruzhenie tritiya metodom zhidkostnoj stsintillyatsii v nerastvorimykh ili sposo'nykh gasit' izluchenie organicheskikh o'raztsakh; Deteccion del tritio u otros radioisotopos por centelleo liquido en muestras organicas insolubles o que provocan extincion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eastham, J F; Westbrook, H L; Gonzales, D [University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (United States)


    stsintillyatsionnoe gashenie mnogimi organicheskimi obraztsami i ogranichennaya rastvorimost ' drugikh, prisushchi takzhe biologicheskim veshchestvam. Razrabotannye protsedury vklyuchayut v sebya okislenie obernutogo v fil'troval'nuyu bumagu obraztsa v kolbe, napolnennoj kislorodom, obrazovanie rastvora okislennykh produktov v sootvetstvuyushchem rastvoritele, dobavlennom v kolbu pered okisleniem, i stsintillyatsionnyj schet rastvora. Preimushchestva razrabotannykh protsedur dlya preodoleniya ukazannykh ogranichenij vklyuchayut: kachestvo operatsii s obraztsami bol'shogo diapazona aktivnosti (nekotorye s takoj nizkoj aktivnost'yu kak 1{mu}c//mo1e), bol'shuyu tochnost' (takuyu zhe kak pri lyubom drugom obshchem metode izmereniya radioaktivnosti H{sup 3}), i primenimost' k drugim myagkim beta-izluchatelyam (C{sup 14} i k{sup 35}). S pomoshch'yu stsintillyatsionnogo spektrometra i razrabotannykh protsedur mozhet byt' razdel'no izmerena radioaktivnost ' obraztsov mechennykh trizhdy H{sup 3}, C{sup 14} i k{sup 35}. Detali, kasayushchiesya sistem rastvoritelya i razrabotannykh metodov, budut izlozheny v doklade, krome togo v nem budet dana rabochaya kharakteristika novogo, otnositel'no nedorogogo odnokanal'nogo stsintillyatsionnogo spektrometra. Budut izlozheny analiticheskie rezul'taty, kasayushchiesya takogo gasyashchego izluchenie materiala, kak 2,4-dinitro-fenilgidrozony i tiazolidy, a takzhe takikh nerastvorimykh materialov, kak proteiny i ugolevdy. Budet obsuzhdeno primenenie metodov k otsenke izotopnogo ehffekta H{sup 1}/H{sup 3} v opredelennykh reaktsiyakh vosstanovleniya. (author)

  4. Catalytic Activity and Nuclear Radiation; L'activite catalytique et les rayonnements nucleaires; Kataliticheskaya aktivnost' i yadernoe izluchenie; La actividad catalitica y las radiaciones nucleares

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turkevich, J.; Ikawa, T.; Nozaki, F.; Stamires, D. [Princeton University, N.J (United States)


    New work is to be presented on the effect of gamma radiation on the catalytic activity of alumina silica gel and decationateii molecular sieves of the Linde Y-type. A graded set of alumina silica coprecipitated gel catalysts have been made with the atomic ratio of alumina silica having ten different equally spaced values. Another set of catalysts was made by partially replacing the sodium of a Linde molecular Y-sieve Na{sub 56}(AlO{sub 2}){sub 56}(SiO{sub 2}){sub 126} by ammonium ion and then decomposing it to drive both the ammonia and the water away to produce a de-cationated position in the sieve: A graded set of such catalysts has been prepared containing varying amounts of these de-cationated sites from zero to 100% of the original sodium content. These two sets of catalysts have been characterized for catalytic activity before and after gamma radiation by studying the kinetics of cumene decomposition into benzene and propylene, the double bond isomerization of butene-1 to butene-2 and the hydrogen/deuterium exchange reaction. The number of active sites was determined by progressive poisoning using quinoline and the activity per site was thus characterized. The materials were also studied by measuring the electron spin resonance of adsorbed electron transfer agents such as triphenylamine, perylen'e and symmetrical diphenyl ethylene. The ability to transfer electrons was found to be parallel to catalytic activity. Proton resonance of adsorbed water was'used to characterize the nature of the catalytic site. (author) [French] Les auteurs se proposent de presenter des recherches nouvelles consacrees aux effets des rayons gamma sur l'activite catalytique du gel de silice et d'alumine et des tamis moleculaires decationises du type Linde Y. Pour cela ils ont prepare une serie de catalyseurs en coprecipitant de la silice et de l'alumine dans des proportions successivement egales a dix nombres regulierement espaces. Ils ont prepare une deuxieme serie de catalyseurs en remplacant en partie l e sodium d'un tamis moleculaire du type Linde Y (Na{sub 56}(AlO{sub 2}){sub 56}(SiO{sub 2}){sub 126}) par l'ion ammonium pour l e decomposer ensuite de maniere a retirer a la fois l'ammoniaque et l'eau, ce qui cree des sites depourvus d e cations dans le tamis. Ils ont prepare une serie de ces catalyseurs possedant des nombres regulierement croissants de sites decationises (de 0 a 100%par rapport a la teneur primitive en sodium). Ils ont etudie l'activite catalytique de ces deux series de catalyseurs avant et apres exposition aux rayons gamma, en observant ia cinetique de la decomposition du cumene en benzene et propylene, l'isomerisation du butene - 1 en butene-2 par deplacement de la double liaison et la reaction d'echange hydrogene-deuteriu'm. Le nombre des sites actifs a ete determine par empoisonnement progressif a la quinoleine; on a donc pu chiffrer l'activite par site. Les auteurs ont aussi etudie ces substances en mesurant la resonance de spin des electrons pour des agents de transfert des electrons adsorbes, notamment la triphenylamine, le perylene et le diphenylethylene symetrique. Ils ont constate que la capacite de transfert des electrons est parallele a l'activite catalytique. lis ont pris la resonance protonique de l'eau absorbee pour caracteriser la nature du site catalytique. (author) [Spanish] Los autores exponen los resultados de nuevos trabajos acerca de los efectos de los rayos gamma sobre la actividad catalitica de un gel de silice y alumina y sobre tamices moleculares descationizados del tipo Linde Y. A tal efecto, prepararon una serie graduada de catalizadores de gel de silice y alumina coprecipitados, con diez distintos valores equidistantes para la razon atomica alumina/silice. Otra serie de catalizadores se obtuvo sustituyendo parcialmente el sodio de un tamiz molecular Linde Y, Na{sup 56}(AlO{sub 2}){sub 56}(SiO{sub 2}){sub 126}, por el ion amonio y descomponiendolo despues para expulsar tanto el amonio como el agua, con lo que se crean sitios desprovistos de cationes en el tamiz. Se ha preparado una serie graduada de estos catalizadores que poseen numeros regularmente crecientes de tales sitios desde cero hasta un ciento por ciento con respecto al contenido original de sodio. Los autores determinaron la actividad catalitica de esas dos series de catalizadores antes y despues de someterlos a irradiacion gamma, estudiando la cinetica de la descomposicion del eumeno en benceno y propileno, la isomerizacion del butano-1 en butano-2 por desplazamiento del doble enlace y la reaccion de intercambio hydrogenodeuterio. Se determino el numero de sitios activos recurriendo al envenenamiento progresivo por medio de quinolei'na, lo que permite establecer la actividad por cada sitio. Tambien se estudiaron los materiales midiendo la resonancia del espin electronico de agentes de transferencia de electrones adsorbidos tales como la trifenilamina, el perileno y el difeniletileno simetrico. Se comprobo que la capacidad de transferencia de electrones era paralela a la actividad catalitica. Para determinar la naturaleza de los sitios cataliticos, se utilizo la resonancia protonica del agua adsorbida. (author) [Russian] Predstavlena' novaya rabota po issledovaniyu dejstviya gamma-izlucheniya na kataliticheskuyu aktivnost' alyumosilikagelya i dekationirovannykh molekulyarnykh sit .gida Linde Y. Metodom sooavzhdeniya prigotovlen rnd obraztsov katalizatorov alyumosilikagelya, prichem atomnoe otnoshenie alyuminiya k kremniyu v kazhdom iz okisnykh katalizatorov bylo raznym, i takim obrazom poluchilos' desyat' razlichnykh obraztsov razlichnykh sostavov. Drugaya seriya obraztsov katalizatorov poluchena pri nepolnom zameshchenii natriya v molekulyarnom site tipa Linde Y (Na{sub 56}(AlO{sub 2}){sub 56}(SiO{sub 2} ){sub 126} na ion ammoniya) i pri posleduyushchem razlozhenii ego dlya udaleniya kak ammiaka, tak i vody. Pri ehtom v site obrazovyvalis' vakansii kationov. Prigotovlena tselaya seriya takikh katalizatorov, soderzhavshikh razlichnoe kolichestvo dekationirovannykh tsentrov ot nulya do sta protsen- tov, schitaya na iskhodnoe soderzhanie natriya. Kataliticheskuyu aktivnost' ehtikh dvukh tipov katalizatorov opredelyali do i posle gamma-oblucheniya, issleduya kinetiku razlozheniya kumola v benzole i propilene, provodya izomerizatsiyu dvojnykh svyazej butena-1 v buten-2 i provodya reaktsii obmena mekhdu vodorodom i dejteriem. Chislo aktivnykh tsentrov opredelyali po vozrastavshemu otravleniyu, primenyaya khinolin, i takim obrazom kharakterizovali aktivnost', prikhodyashchuyusya na tsentr. Veshchestva izucheny takzhe putem izmereniya ehlektronno-spinovogo rezonansa adsorbirovannykh ehlektronno-perenosyashchikh agentov, kak, naprimer, trifenilamin, perilen i simmetrichnyj difenilehtilen. Bylo najdeno, chto sposobnost' k perenosu ehlektronov sootvetstvuet kataliticheskoj aktivnosti. Dlya vyyasneniya prirody aktivnykh tsentrov ispol'zovali protonnyj rezonans adsorbirovannoj vody. (author)

  5. 78 FR 28023 - National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program; List of Petitions Received (United States)


    .... Sean Davis, Overland Park, Kansas, Court of Federal Claims No: 09-0853V. 421. Amanda Ferris on behalf of Landen Ferris, Iona, Michigan, Court of Federal Claims No: 09-0854V. 422. Sharon Kemp and Joie...

  6. A Multi-Disciplinary University Research Initiative in Hard and Soft Information Fusion: Overview, Research Strategies and Initial Results (United States)


    Multisource Information Fusion ( CMIF ) along with a team including the Pennsylvania State University (PSU), Iona College (Iona), and Tennessee State...License. 14. ABSTRACT The University at Buffalo (UB) Center for Multisource Information Fusion ( CMIF ) along with a team including the Pennsylvania...of CMIF current research on methods for Test and Evaluation ([7], [8]) involving for example large- factor-space experimental design techniques ([9

  7. Teatralnaja paraolimpiada / Boris Tuch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    10.-13. sept. Riias toimunud Baltimaade neljandast rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Balti teatrisügis "Vaade" (Vzgljad). Eestit esindasid kaks lavastust - Jaan Unduski "Boulgakoff" (Eesti Draamateater, lavastaja Margus Kasterpalu) ja Mart Kivastiku "Kangelane" (Endla, lavastaja Kalju Komissarov). Ka Leedu Noorooteatri lavastusest "Patrioot", lavastaja Ionas Vaitkus

  8. Errors, medicine and the law

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Merry, Alan; Smith, R. Alexander McCall


    ... anonymous, but immensely helpful, reviewer in the USA. We were enabled to spend several periods working together in Canada thanks to the hospitality of Barbara Parker and Iona and John Copping of Vancouver, and of Douglas and Nadia Parker of Toronto, during which, and other times, Dr Sally Merry and Dr Elizabeth McCall Smith provided unstinting support for the proj...

  9. On the Textual History of the “Tale about the Prophecy of Iona’s Archbishopric”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artem Ye. Zhukov


    Full Text Available The Novgorod archbishop Iona was one of the most important Russian church personalities of the 15th century; he was canonized after his death. Information about his life is contained in different literary monuments of the 15th–16th centuries. One of them was the brief “Tale about the Prophecy of Iona’s Archbishopric.” Researchers believe that this monument became the source of the “Life of Iona.” This article focuses on the history of the text of the “Tale.” First, the article considers the history of research about the “Tale.” Second, the author gives an overview and description of copies of the work, and examines new copies of the “Tale.” Third, the researcher analyzes the editions of the “Tale,” revealing their new features. In conclusion, the investigator considers the question of the influence of the “Tale” on the text of the “Life of Iona.” The author tries to establish the copy of the “Tale” that was used in the “Life.”

  10. Angola Seismicity MAP (United States)

    Neto, F. A. P.; Franca, G.


    The purpose of this job was to study and document the Angola natural seismicity, establishment of the first database seismic data to facilitate consultation and search for information on seismic activity in the country. The study was conducted based on query reports produced by National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (INAMET) 1968 to 2014 with emphasis to the work presented by Moreira (1968), that defined six seismogenic zones from macro seismic data, with highlighting is Zone of Sá da Bandeira (Lubango)-Chibemba-Oncócua-Iona. This is the most important of Angola seismic zone, covering the epicentral Quihita and Iona regions, geologically characterized by transcontinental structure tectono-magmatic activation of the Mesozoic with the installation of a wide variety of intrusive rocks of ultrabasic-alkaline composition, basic and alkaline, kimberlites and carbonatites, strongly marked by intense tectonism, presenting with several faults and fractures (locally called corredor de Lucapa). The earthquake of May 9, 1948 reached intensity VI on the Mercalli-Sieberg scale (MCS) in the locality of Quihita, and seismic active of Iona January 15, 1964, the main shock hit the grade VI-VII. Although not having significant seismicity rate can not be neglected, the other five zone are: Cassongue-Ganda-Massano de Amorim; Lola-Quilengues-Caluquembe; Gago Coutinho-zone; Cuima-Cachingues-Cambândua; The Upper Zambezi zone. We also analyzed technical reports on the seismicity of the middle Kwanza produced by Hidroproekt (GAMEK) region as well as international seismic bulletins of the International Seismological Centre (ISC), United States Geological Survey (USGS), and these data served for instrumental location of the epicenters. All compiled information made possible the creation of the First datbase of seismic data for Angola, preparing the map of seismicity with the reconfirmation of the main seismic zones defined by Moreira (1968) and the identification of a new seismic

  11. Measures of Effectiveness-CONUS Reorganization 1973 (As Pertains to FORSCOM, TRADOC, HSC, OTEA and CAA). Volume I. Executive Summary (United States)


    pyraidi~z , of rm a~u;c .iron ~v~ re, a k1.iovd which ~ue 5 th;?. ove-ill oaui-L:-iona’. perfor- wace c~u: be uOacrstvo4 as a series o dt-CL C. ’Il...ciently stable to perbait a series of iterntive evaluations tor the par- poses of Identify~lng trends In performance. CDO*Wtile’r Gcelaral of tile...cuoaand anid agency levels to revIse their internal strurctres. lmpro-vement i: futurc perfomance is recopiizetl in Ow sassnt plan as a matter -- quiring

  12. Resolution of a Rank-Deficient Adjustment Model Via an Isomorphic Geometrical Setup with Tensor Structure. (United States)


    holds an economical advantage. We now formulate 1. from (65) in conjunction with (57): IH]T T I TI (4 L [I R)T(I + RR ) (L*4) where the positive...sizes of the matrices to be inverted, an economical edge of the analytical formulation hecomes apparent as well. Chapter 3 contains one such matrix of...the relat ions Sthat can tie iibta i ned via the tensor vers ion of adjustment quant it ies. Alt Iihut t . ho’ ) mpu it iona I merits of the CholeskI

  13. Penetrating Neurotrauma: What the Radiologists Needs to Know (United States)


    59 MDW/SGVU SUBJECT: Profess iona1 Presentation Approval 11 APR 2017 1. Your paper, entitled Pen et ra ting Neuro trauma: Wha t the Radi ologists Needs...Graduat e Hea lth Sciences Education student and your department has told you they cannot fund your publication , the 59th Clinical Research Division may...The author must complete page two of this form: a. In Section 2. add the funding source for your study [e.g., 59 MDW CRD Graduate Health Sciences

  14. Use of oxidative and reducing vapor generation for reducing the detection limits of iodine in biological samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Vtorushina, Eh.A.; Saprykin, A.I.; Knapp, G.


    Procedures of microwave combustion in an oxygen flow and microwave acid decomposition of biological samples were optimized for the subsequent determination of iodine. A new method was proposed for the generation of molecular iodine from periodate iona using hydrogen peroxide as a reductant. Procedures were developed for determining iodine in biological samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) using oxidative and reducing vapor generation; these allowed the detection limit for iodine to be lowered by 3-4 orders of magnitude. The developed procedures were used to analyze certified reference materials of milk (Skim Milk Powder BCR 150) and seaweed (Sea Lettuce BCR 279) and a Supradyn vitamin complex

  15. Environmental Assessment Report: Geotechnical Field Investigations. (United States)



  16. Conceptual Model of the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Platform of Engure Ecoregion, Latvia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melecis Viesturs


    Full Text Available Rakstā apskatīti nacionālā pētījumu projekta rezultāti, kuru mērķis - izstrādāt Latvijas LT(SER (Ilgtermiņa socioekoloģisko pētījumu platformas - Engures ekoreģiona integrēto konceptuālo modeli. Engures ekoreģionu veido piekrastes ezera sateces baseins (644 km2 ar Rīgas līča krasta un jūras piekrastes zonu. Ekoreģiona centrālo daļu veido Engures ezera dabas parks (EEDP - Ramsāres vieta. Konceptuālā modeļa pamatā ir DPSIR (virzošie spēki-slodzes-stāvokļi-ietekmes-rīcības koncepcija. Socioekoloģiskā sistēma tika telpiski strukturēta un virzošie spēki iedalīti divās grupās - ārējos un lokālos. Engures ekoreģions sadalīts septiņās zonās vai apakšreģionos ar izteiktām ģeoloģiskām un ģeogrāfiskām robežām. Katrai zonai raksturīgi specifiski virzošie spēki un slodzes kā arī specifiska ekosistēmu struktūra un biodaudzveidības elementi. Analizēti katra apakšreģiona galvenie virzošie spēki un slodzes trijos laika periodos: 19. gs. - 20 gs. sākums, padomju okupācijas periods (1940.-1991. g., periods pēc Latvijas neatkarības atgūšanas. Sniegti ekosistēmu stāvokļa un biodaudzveidības raksturojumi. Socioekonomiskās sistēmas aktīvā komponenta - cilvēka rīcības veido galvenokārt ekoreģionam ārējie faktori, tai skaitā vides likumdošana un finansu plūsmas zinātniskajiem pētījumiem un ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanai. Apskatīti divi alternatīvi Engures ekoreģiona attīstības scenāriji: 1 iedzīvotāju skaita samazināšanās un lauksaimniecības zemju aizaugšana; 2 lauksaimniecības, vietējās ražošanas uzņēmumu un būvniecības intensifikācija. Abos gadījumos ekosistēmu pašreizējais stāvoklis un sugu daudzveidības struktūra tiktu būtiski izmainīti. Reģiona ilgtspējīgu attīstību, saglabājot cilvēkam vēlamo ekosistēmu struktūru, iespējams nodrošināt, vienīgi ieviešot ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanas pasākumus, kas bāzēti uz

  17. Salt Marsh Formation in the Lower Hudson River Estuary (United States)

    Merley, Michael; Peteet, Dorothy; Hansen, James E. (Technical Monitor)


    Salt marshes are constant depositional environments and as a result contain accurate indicators of past relative sea level rise and salinity. The Hudson River marshes are at least twice as deep when compared to coastal marshes on either side of the mouth of the Hudson. The reason for this difference in sedimentation is unclear. This study uses macrofossil data as well as sediment stratigraphy in order to understand the formation and evolution of these marshes. The composition of seeds, roots, shoots and foraminifera, are used to indicate past sea levels. The four sites involved in this study are, from south to north, the Arthur Kill Marsh in Staten Island (40 36 N, 74 77W), Piermont marsh (N 4100; 73 55W) Croton Point (41 14 N; 73 50W) and Iona Island (41 18N, 73 58W). These are all tidally influenced but with increasing distances from the New York Bight, which gives a good spectrum of tidal influence. AMS-C14 dates on basal macrofossils will document the time of each marsh formation. Basal material from Arthur Kill (8 m) includes freshwater seeds such as Viola, Potomageton and Alnus along with Salix buds. Basal material from Croton Point (10 m) includes fibrous woody material, foraminifera and Zanichellia seeds and other brackish vegetational components. The basal material from Piermont (13.77 m) is lacking any identifiable macrofossils between 150 and 500 microns. The basal material from Iona Island (10 m) has vegetation such as Scirpus and Cyperus seeds, probably implying a brackish environment. The freshwater origin of the Arthur Kill marsh in Staten Island is significant because it predates either sea level rise or the western channel incision. Additional implications for this study include evidence for changes in river channel geomorphology. Reasons for the relatively deeper river marshes include possible basal clay compaction, high production due to river and marine nutrients as well as tectonic activity. This study provides the groundwork for more high

  18. Ground penetrating radar and microwave tomography for the safety management of a cultural heritage site: Miletos Ilyas Bey Mosque (Turkey)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kadioglu, Selma; Kadioglu, Yusuf Kagan; Catapano, Ilaria; Soldovieri, Francesco


    Detection and assessment of structural damage affecting foundation robustness is of significant relevance for the safety management of cultural heritage sites. In this framework, ground penetrating radar (GPR) is worth consideration owing to its capability of providing high resolution and detailed information about the inner status of a structure, without involving significant invasive actions and ensuring a fast survey. On the other hand, the effectiveness of a GPR diagnostic survey can be impaired by the low interpretability of the raw data radargrams; thus huge interest is currently focused on the development of advanced and application-oriented data processing strategies. In this paper, a data processing chain based on the combined use of the commercial REFLEXW program and a microwave tomography approach is presented. An assessment of the achievable imaging capabilities is provided by processing measurements collected during a survey at the Great Mosque of Ilyas Bey (Ilyas Bey Mosque), one of the most important cultural heritages in ancient Miletos-Iona in Söke-Aydin city (Turkey). (paper)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Galina PLEŞCA


    Full Text Available Articolul prezintă un studiu al limbajului ştiinţific ca subsistem al limbajului literar, scopul căruia este de a identifica caracteristicile generale ale acestuia. Limbajul ştiinţific se adresează raţiunii şi logicii, raţiona­mentul fiind caracteristica sa de bază, iar funcţia sa de a transmite informaţii ştiinţifice, utilizate pe baza unor raţionamente logice şi deductive, este una dominantă şi serveşte în scopul informării şi educării – piloni de bază ai oricărui text ştiinţific.GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SCIENTIFIC LANGUAGEThe article deals with the study of the scientific language as a literary language subsystem, the aim of which is to identify its general characteristics. The scientific language addresses the reason and logic, reasoning being its basic characteristic feature and its function of rendering scientific and utilitarian information based on logical and deductive reasoning is the dominant one and serves the purpose of informing and educating, basic pillars of any scientific text.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Factorii stresanţi generează transformări esenţiale în comportamentul adolescenţilor, afectând performanţele şcolare, abilităţile de comunicare, modul de a fi, a gândi, a acţiona, a percepe, impunând adolescenţilor trăiri afective declanşate de o serie de situaţii stresante, faţă de care ei sunt mult mai sensibili şi mai vulnerabili. Aceasta îi face pe adolescenţi să se simtă neliniştiţi, epuizaţi, revoltaţi, agresivi sau, dimpotrivă, frustraţi, anxioşi, închişi în sine cu o stimă de sine scăzută. Cunoaşterea factorilor stresanţi şi a modului de a răspunde la stres este substanţială pentru formarea unui comportament adecvat, armonios, social pozitiv, dar şi o sursă de implementare a tehnicilor de management al stresului.THE IMPACT OF STRESS FACTORS UPON TEENAGERS BEHAVIORStress factors generate essential transformations in teenagers behavior, affecting scholar performances, abilities of communicating, the way of being, of thinking, acting, perceiving, imposing affective feelings to teenagers, caused by a series of stress situations, to which teenagers are much more sensible and vulnerable. This is making teenagers feel worried, exhausted, outraged, aggressive, or vice versa, frustrated, anxious, closed inside themselves with a very low autorespect. Knowing the stress factors and the way of reacting to stress is substantial for the formation of an adequate, harmonious, socially positive behavior, and it is a source of implementing the techniques of stress management.

  1. Preconditioning, postconditioning and their application to clinical cardiology. (United States)

    Kloner, Robert A; Rezkalla, Shereif H


    Ischemic preconditioning is a well-established phenomenon first described in experimental preparations in which brief episodes of ischemia/reperfusion applied prior to a longer coronary artery occlusion reduce myocardial infarct size. There are ample correlates of ischemic preconditioning in the clinical realm. Preconditioning mimetic agents that stimulate the biochemical pathways of ischemic preconditioning and protect the heart without inducing ischemia have been examined in numerous experimental studies. However, despite the effectiveness of ischemic preconditioning and preconditioning mimetics for protecting ischemic myocardium, there are no preconditioning-based therapies that are routinely used in clinical medicine at the current time. Part of the problem is the need to administer therapy prior to the known ischemic event. Other issues are that percutaneous coronary intervention technology has advanced so far (with the development of stents and drug-eluting stents) that ischemic preconditioning or preconditioning mimetics have not been needed in most interventional cases. Recent clinical trials such as AMISTAD I and II (Acute Myocardial Infarction STudy of ADenosine) suggest that some preconditioning mimetics may reduce myocardial infarct size when given along with reperfusion or, as in the IONA trial, have benefit on clinical events when administered chronically in patients with known coronary artery disease. It is possible that some of the benefit described for adenosine in the AMISTAD 1 and 2 trials represents a manifestation of the recently described postconditioning phenomenon. It is probable that postconditioning--in which reperfusion is interrupted with brief coronary occlusions and reperfusion sequences--is more likely than preconditioning to be feasible as a clinical application to patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction.

  2. Geoarchaeological research of the mid-age Ilyas Bey complex buildings with ground penetrating radar in Miletus, Aydin, Western Anatolia, Turkey

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kadioglu, S; Kadioglu, Y K; Akyol, A A


    The ancient Miletus which were one of the most important city of ancient Iona, are today of great value from cultural standpoint of Turkey. Miletus, situated near the village of Balat in the present district of Soke was founded on a peninsula, approximately 2.5 km long. In the Byzantine period, the city boundaries were quite reduced. In 1424 Miletus was taken inside of the Ottoman Empire and was completely abandoned in the 17th century. Ancient Miletus excavation studies were first begun in 1899 by in Berlin Museum and interrupted during the World War I. At present, the extensive restoration works in Ilyas Bey Complex has applied as a project since 2006. Ilyas Bey Complex that includes Mosque, Medresah and baths situated on the archaeological area in ancient Miletus. Impressive Mosque built in 1404 by Ilyas Bey, Emir of Menteseogullari founded in 1279 and the complex was named after him, is one of the most remarkable buildings of mid-age Miletus. There are two main purposes of the study are (1) to determine archaeological remains of the study area underneath Ilyas Bey Complex and (2) to define the nature of main rock unit and their sources in the vicinity or Aegean region. After preliminary archaeometrical studies, acquired GPR profile data paralleled each other in Ilyas Bey Mosque and its around, Medresah Courtyard and inner Courtyard of the Mosque. After processing 2D parallel GPR profiles, we constructed 3D data volume by lining processed 2D profiles up to correlate remain signatures from each profile for each studied area. It was obtained transparent 3D visualisation of GPR data by assigning a new colour scale for the amplitude range and by constructing a new opacity function instead of the linear opacity function. Therefore we could successfully image the archaeological remains in an interactive transparent 3D volume and its sub-volumes, starting at different depth levels or limited profiles. The archaeometrical (geological and mineralogical, petrographical

  3. Geoarchaeological research of the mid-age Ilyas Bey complex buildings with ground penetrating radar in Miletus, Aydin, Western Anatolia, Turkey

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kadioglu, S [Ankara University, Eng. Fac. Geophysical Engineering Department, 06100 Ankara (Turkey); Kadioglu, Y K [Ankara University, Eng. Fac. Geological Engineering Department, 06100 Ankara (Turkey); Akyol, A A [Ankara University, Baskent Vac. High Sch. Prog. of Restoration and Cons., Ankara (Turkey)], E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:


    The ancient Miletus which were one of the most important city of ancient Iona, are today of great value from cultural standpoint of Turkey. Miletus, situated near the village of Balat in the present district of Soke was founded on a peninsula, approximately 2.5 km long. In the Byzantine period, the city boundaries were quite reduced. In 1424 Miletus was taken inside of the Ottoman Empire and was completely abandoned in the 17th century. Ancient Miletus excavation studies were first begun in 1899 by in Berlin Museum and interrupted during the World War I. At present, the extensive restoration works in Ilyas Bey Complex has applied as a project since 2006. Ilyas Bey Complex that includes Mosque, Medresah and baths situated on the archaeological area in ancient Miletus. Impressive Mosque built in 1404 by Ilyas Bey, Emir of Menteseogullari founded in 1279 and the complex was named after him, is one of the most remarkable buildings of mid-age Miletus. There are two main purposes of the study are (1) to determine archaeological remains of the study area underneath Ilyas Bey Complex and (2) to define the nature of main rock unit and their sources in the vicinity or Aegean region. After preliminary archaeometrical studies, acquired GPR profile data paralleled each other in Ilyas Bey Mosque and its around, Medresah Courtyard and inner Courtyard of the Mosque. After processing 2D parallel GPR profiles, we constructed 3D data volume by lining processed 2D profiles up to correlate remain signatures from each profile for each studied area. It was obtained transparent 3D visualisation of GPR data by assigning a new colour scale for the amplitude range and by constructing a new opacity function instead of the linear opacity function. Therefore we could successfully image the archaeological remains in an interactive transparent 3D volume and its sub-volumes, starting at different depth levels or limited profiles. The archaeometrical (geological and mineralogical, petrographical


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitrios K. STAMATIADIS


    Full Text Available This article is dedicated to the one of the most important questions of the International Commercial Law. As a rule, it is widely accepted that the principle of party autonomy has been adopted, in respect of contractual obligations, by practically all national legislations in their provisions for private international law. At the same time, the Principles are silent regarding the option to choose trade usages as lex causae of the contract, and understandably so, since, from a systematic viewpoint, they cannot form a comprehensive set of rules capable of resolving basic issues of contractual obligations. Author believes that the Principles do not add any significant new features to the legal systems that have already developed and adopted the principle of party autonomy, with the exception of the possible application of non-national law before state courts. As a result, there have been formulated several useful conclusions which can be used in the science of the International Commercial Law.PRINCIPIILE DE LA HAGA PRIVIND ALEGEREA LEGILOR ÎN CONTRACTELE COMERCIALE INTERNAŢIONALEAcest articol este consacrat unor dintre cele mai importante probleme ce fac parte din dreptul internaţional comercial. De regulă, principiul autonomiei părţilor în contract este recunoscut ca unul fundamental în dreptul inter­naţional. Totodată, principiile păstrează tăcerea în ceea ce ţine de opţiunea de a alege uzanţele lex causae ale contrac­tului; prin urmare, ele nu pot fi privite ca reguli comprehensive şi susceptibile de a soluţiona problemele principale ale obligaţiilor contractuale. Autorul este de părere că principiile nu conţin nimic nou pentru legislaţiile naţionale în vigoare, deoarece nu au dezvoltat şi nu au adoptat ceva necunoscut pentru principiul autonomiei care este prevăzut în toate legislaţiile, cu excepţia unei posibile aplicări a legii supra-naţionale în instanţele naţionale de judecată. Prin urmare, au fost

  5. Expression and testing in plants of ArcLight, a genetically-encoded voltage indicator used in neuroscience research. (United States)

    Matzke, Antonius J M; Matzke, Marjori


    It is increasingly appreciated that electrical controls acting at the cellular and supra-cellular levels influence development and initiate rapid responses to environmental cues. An emerging method for non-invasive optical imaging of electrical activity at cell membranes uses genetically-encoded voltage indicators (GEVIs). Developed by neuroscientists to chart neuronal circuits in animals, GEVIs comprise a fluorescent protein that is fused to a voltage-sensing domain. One well-known GEVI, ArcLight, undergoes strong shifts in fluorescence intensity in response to voltage changes in mammalian cells. ArcLight consists of super-ecliptic (SE) pHluorin (pH-sensitive fluorescent protein) with an A227D substitution, which confers voltage sensitivity in neurons, fused to the voltage-sensing domain of the voltage-sensing phosphatase of C iona i ntestinalis (Ci-VSD). In an ongoing effort to adapt tools of optical electrophysiology for plants, we describe here the expression and testing of ArcLight and various derivatives in different membranes of root cells in Arabidopsis thaliana. Transgenic constructs were designed to express ArcLight and various derivatives targeted to the plasma membrane and nuclear membranes of Arabidopsis root cells. In transgenic seedlings, changes in fluorescence intensity of these reporter proteins following extracellular ATP (eATP) application were monitored using a fluorescence microscope equipped with a high speed camera. Coordinate reductions in fluorescence intensity of ArcLight and Ci-VSD-containing derivatives were observed at both the plasma membrane and nuclear membranes following eATP treatments. However, similar responses were observed for derivatives lacking the Ci-VSD. The dispensability of the Ci-VSD suggests that in plants, where H(+) ions contribute substantially to electrical activities, the voltage-sensing ability of ArcLight is subordinate to the pH sensitivity of its SEpHluorin base. The transient reduction of Arc

  6. Flute Characteristics of and Microwave Emission from a Plasma in a Mirror; Instabilite en Cannelures et Emission de Micro-Ondes par un Plasma dans une Machine a Miroirs; Zhelobkovye kharakteristiki i ehmissiya mikrovoln iz plazmy v zerkale; Caracteristicas del Estriado y Emision de Microondas por un Plasma en un Espejo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Scott, F. R.; Jensen, T. H.; Wharton, C. B. [General Atomic Division, General Dynamics Corporation, San Diego, CA (United States)


    , intensa e irregular emision de microondas y rapida disminucion de la densidad. Se identifica en la memoria la estrfa de m = 1 y se sigue su fase hasta abarcar 4{pi}. La velocidad de fase coincide con la direccion de la deriva B de los electrones. El signo de esta velocidad de fase puede explicarse mediante la teorfa de Krall si la energfa de los electrones es mucho mayor que la energfa de los iones. El agregado de placas conductoras despues del espejo, atempero la violencia de la inestabilidad en forma de.estrias. Esta atenuacion solo depende de la resistencia superficial de dichas placas. El efecto se estudio midiendo el espectro de frecuencias de las sefiales provenientes de sondas de centelleo provistas de revestimiento y colocadas en la proximidad del recipiente de vacfo. (author) [Russian] Postroen impul'snyj probkotron dlja issledovanija ustojchivosti plazmy s umerennoj jenergiej. Plazma s jenergiej 70 jev inzhektiruetsja iz plazmennoj pushki v probkotron s pomoshh'ju linejnogo vos'mipoljusnogo napravljajushhego polja. Probochnoe pole sozdaetsja v moment prohozhdenija plazmy. V central'noj ploskosti probkotrona nabljudajutsja plotnosti plazmy 10{sup 13} jelektronov cm{sup -3}. Nabljudajutsja dva razlichnyh rezhima raboty, kotorye zavisjat tol'ko ot uslovij, sozdannyh v napravljajushhem pole. Pri pervom rezhime raboty plazma v probko- trone, po-vidimomu, javljaetsja ustojchivoj k zhelobkam, bol'shaja chast' plazmy uhodit vdol' osi, nabljudaetsja medlennaja anomal'naja radial'naja diffuzija i voznikaet mikrovolnovoe izluchenie na jelektronno-ciklotronnyh garmonikah v diapazone ot p = 1 i po krajnej mere do p = 19. Mikrovolnovoe izluchenie ne soglasuetsja s jelektronnoj vetv'ju neustojchivosti Garrisa. Schitaetsja, chto ustojchivost' jetogo tipa vyzvana provodimost'ju za schet holodnoj plazmy, istekajushhej iz oblasti napravljajushhego polja. Nabljudajutsja plotnosti svyshe 10{sup 11} jelektronov cm{sup -3} v techenie 200 mksek v oblasti mezhdu probkoj i

  7. GUEST EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Guest Editors' introduction (United States)

    Guerraoui, Rachid; Vinoski, Steve


    be layered over both Object Services and the ORB. The OMG creates specifications, not code, but the interfaces it standardizes are always derived from demonstrated technology submitted by member companies. The specified interfaces are written in a neutral Interface Definition Language (IDL) that defines contractual interfaces with potential clients. Interfaces written in IDL can be translated to a number of programming languages via OMG standard language mappings so that they can be used to develop components. The resulting components can transparently communicate with other components written in different languages and running on different operating systems and machine types. The ORB is responsible for providing the illusion of `virtual homogeneity' regardless of the programming languages, tools, operating systems and networks used to realize and support these components. With the adoption of the CORBA 2.0 specification in 1995, these components are able to interoperate across multi-vendor CORBA-based products. More than 700 member companies have joined the OMG, including Hewlett-Packard, Digital, Siemens, IONA Technologies, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and IBM, which makes it the largest standards body in existence. These companies continue to work together within the OMG to refine and enhance the OMA and its components. This special issue of Distributed Systems Engineering publishes five papers that were originally presented at the `Distributed Object-Based Platforms' track of the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), which was held in Wailea on Maui on 6 - 10 January 1997. The papers, which were selected based on their quality and the range of topics they cover, address different aspects of CORBA, including advanced aspects such as fault tolerance and transactions. These papers discuss the use of CORBA and evaluate CORBA-based development for different types of distributed object systems and architectures. The first paper, by S

  8. The Use of Copper- 64 in the Investigation of Reaction Mechanisms of Enzymes, Particularly as Related to Food Processing; Emploi de Cuivre-64 dans l'Etude des Mecanismes de Reaction des Enzymes, Notamment en Ce Qui Concerne la Preparation des Denrees Alimentaires; ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ МЕДИ-64 ДЛЯ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ МЕХАНИЗМОВ ФЕРМЕНТАТИВНЫХ РЕАКЦИЙ, СВЯЗАННЫХ С ОБРАБОТКОЙ ПИЛИ; Empleo de Cobre-64 en el Estudio de los Mecanismos de Reacciones Enzima Ticas de Interes para la Elaboracion de Alimentos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arthur, Jr., J. C.; McLemore, T. A. [Southern Regional Research Laboratory, New Orleans, LA (United States)


    complejos del tipo Cu-p-quinona. Al afladir el ion a una solucion oxidante despues de iniciada la polimerizacion de los productos de reaccion del tipo o-quinona disminuyo la cantidad de ion cuprico complejado. La memoria examina matematicamente la cinetica del intercambio y de los procesos en virtud de los cuales se forman los complejos del ion cuprico con la enzima, asi como con los productos de reaccion. (author) [Russian] Okislitel'nye fermenty rastitel'nyh tkanej chasto ne aktivny ili lish' slabo aktivny v stadii pokoja, stanovjas' aktivnymi pri povrezhdenii tkanej ili pri otdelenii ot nee. pri obrabotke pishhi jeto privodit k uskoreniju okislenija estestvennyh substratov i polimerizacii produktov, chto menjaet cvet tkani. Katalizatorami jetih reakcij v osnovnom javljajutsja mednye oksidajen. Aktivacija fermenta vedet k ego reakcii inaktivacii. Odnoj ije prichin fenomena reakcii inaktivacii javljaetsja snizhenie jeffektivnoj koncentracii fermentov, vozmozhno, za schet udalenija ili svjazyvanija ego metallosoderzhashhej prosteticheskoj gruppy med'ju. S pomoshh'ju medi-64 in vitro, bylo pokazano, chto v pokojashhemsja rastvore ion dvuhvalentnoj medi mozhet obrazovyvat' kompleksy ili ob- yenivat'sja s med' fermenta, i chto v okisljajushhihsja rast.vorah dobavochnye kolichestva iona dvuhvalentnoj medi mogut obrazovyvat' kompleksy. Kompleksy medno-orto-hinonovogo tipa imejut bolee vysokuju konstantu obrazovanija, chem kompleksy medno-paro-hinonovogo tipa. Kolichestvo komplekse- obrazujushhego iona dvuhvalentnoj medi umen'shalos', esli ion dobavljalsja k okisljajushhemusja rastvoru posle nachala polimerizacii produktov reakcii orto-hinonovogo tipa. Obsuzhdaetsja s matematicheskoj tochki zrenija kinetiki processov obmena i kompleksoobrazovanija dlja ionov dvuhvalentnoj medi s fermentom i produkty reakcii. (author)

  9. Selective Neoplasm Localization with Mercury-197 Neohydrin; Localisation Selective de Neoplasmes a l'aide de la Neohydrine Marquee avec {sup 197}hg; Obnaruzhenie opukholej s pomoshch'yu neogidrina, mechennogo rtut'yu-197; Localizacion Selectiva de Neoplasmas con Neohidrina - {sup 197}hg

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sodee, D. B. [Doctors Hospital and Renner Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Heights, OH (United States)


    parecer, la sustancia radiactiva tiende a depositarse selectivamente en regiones intercelulares. Con los aparatos de exploracion de. tipo comercial se pueden delinear facilmente las zonas de mayor absorcion de radiactividad. Tambien se comprobo la utilidad de la neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg para la diferenciacion de tumores oculares en una serie de 88 pacientes - recientemente se ha observado que este compuesto radiofarmaceutico de baja energia se concentra en los tumores nasofaringeos que luego pueden delinearse por fotoexploracion. La dosis diagnostica de neohidrina-{sup 197}Hg administrada para la exploracion del cerebro entrafla la absorcion de 3 rad por el riflon; la de neohidrina-{sup 203}Hg entrafla la absorcion de 70 rad por este ultimo organo. El elevado rendimiento de recuento del {sup 197}Hg y la facilidad con que se coliman las radiaciones que emite, hacen que este isotopo resulte mucho mas util para la exploracion gammagra-fica que cualquier otro de los agentes habitualmente empleados. (author) [Russian] RtuT'-197-izluchatel' rentgenovskih i gamma-luchej maloj jenergii (period poluraspada 2,7 dnja, konversionnoe rentgenovskoe izluchenie moshhnost'ju 69 kjev, gamma-izluchenie 77 kjev) byl oprobovan v kachestve skennirujushego sredstva v bol'shogo kolichestva bol'nyh. U 500 bol'nyh s predpolagaemymi nervohirurgicheskimi zabolevanijami proizvedeno skennirovanie po izlucheniju neogidrina, mechennogo Hg{sup 197}. S pomoshh'ju metoda fotOskennirovanija udalos' vyjavit' porazhenie sosudov i opuholi, prichem jeta metodika v 96% obespechivala korreljaciju s okonchatel'nym diagnozom. Jeta metodika rentgenologicheskogo issledovanija predshestvovala vsem drugim vidam diagnosticheskogo obsledovanija. S pomoshh'ju metoda skennirovanija golovnogo mozga avtory obnaruzhili lokalizaciju Neogidrina-Hg{sup 197} kak v limfomah, tak i v karcinomah. Po-vidimomu, imeet mesto mezhkletochnoe selektivnoe otlozhenie radioaktivnogo veshhestva. Uchastki usilennogo pogloshhenija radioaktivnosti

  10. COPD and its association with smoking in the Mainland China: a cross-sectional analysis of 0.5 million men and women from ten diverse areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kurmi OP


    Full Text Available Om P Kurmi,1 Liming Li,2,3 Jenny Wang,1 Iona Y Millwood,1 Junshi Chen,4 Rory Collins,1 Yu Guo,2 Zheng Bian,2 Jiangtao Li,5 Biyun Chen,6 Kaixu Xie,7 Weifan Jia,8 Yali Gao,9 Richard Peto,1 Zhengming Chen1 On behalf of the China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group 1Nuffield Department of Population Health, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK; 2Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Peking University, 3Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Dong Cheng District, 4China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Beijing, 5NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Huixian CDC, Huixian, Henan, 6NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Hunan CDC, Changsha, 7NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Tongxiang CDC, Zhejiang, 8NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Liuyang CDC, Baiyikengdao, Liuyang, Changsha, Hunan, 9NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Sichuan CDC, Sichuan, Mainland China Purpose: In adult Chinese men, smoking prevalence is high, but little is known about its association with chronic respiratory disease, which is still poorly diagnosed and managed. Methods: A nationwide study recruited 0.5 million men and women aged 30–79 years during 2004–2008 from ten geographically diverse areas across the Mainland China. Information was collected from each participant regarding smoking and self-reported physician diagnosis of chronic bronchitis/emphysema (CB/E, along with measurement of lung function indices. Logistic regression was used to yield sex-specific odds ratios (ORs relating smoking to airflow obstruction (AFO, defined as forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1/forced vital capacity (FVC <0.7 and CB/E, adjusting for age, areas, education, and income. Results: Overall 74% of men were ever regular smokers; among them, 7.2% had AFO compared with 5.4% in never-smokers, yielding an OR of 1.42 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.34–1

  11. Experimental Investigation of the Effect of the Excess Fuel Coefficient on the Electrical Conductivity of Potassium-Seeded Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion Products; 042d 041a 0421 041f 0414

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gol' denberg, S. A.; Zimin, Je. P.; Levlev, V. N.; Popov, V. A. [Energeticheskij Institut Im. G.M.Krzhizhanovskogo, Moskva, USSR (Russian Federation)


    zavisimosti mezhdu ionizaciej dobavki kalija i sostavom produktov sgoranija dvuh uglevodorodnyh topliv: benzina i metana. Variacija sostava produktov sgoranija obespechivalas' izmeneniem kojefficienta izbytka topliva v gorjuchej smesi. Izmerenija provodilis' pri neskol'kihfiksirovannyh znachenijah temperatury v diapazone ot 1850 do 3000 Degree-Sign K (polnoe davlenie - 1 at). Temperatura podderzhivalas' postojannoj (putem razbavlenija produktov sgoranija azotom). Poluchennye jeksperimental'nye dannye po provodimosti sootvetstvujut parcial'nomu davleniju dobavki kalija (1%). V oblasti vysokih temperatur (pri ispol'zovanii benzina v kachestve topliva) izmerenija provodilis' neposredstvenno pri dobavke 1%, togda kak v oblasti nizkih temperatur (pri ispol'zovanii metana v kachestve topliva) izmerenija provodilis' pri dobavke 3 x 10{sup -2}% a zatem rezul'taty byli pereschitany na dobavku 1%. Dlja izmerenija provodimosti ispol'zovalis' metod rezonansnogo kontura i metod zatuhanija radiovoln ({lambda} = 0,8 sm). Temperatura produktov sgoranija izmerjalas' po obrashheniju D-linii natrija. Izmerenija pokazali, chto jelektroprovodnost' produktov sgoranija s dobavkoj kalija umen'shaetsja pri umen'shenii kojefficienta izbytka topliva. Pri dostatochno bol'shih kojefficientah izbytka topliva jeto snizhenie projavljaetsja slabo. Rezkoe snizhenie jelektroprovodnosti (v neskol'ko raz) sosredotocheno v oblasti znachenij kojefficienta izbytka topliva, priblizitel'no ot 1 do 1,7. Dlja interpretacii jeksperimental'nyh dannyh ispol'zovalis'-rezul'taty teoreticheskogo rascheta vlijanija gidroksila ON na process ionizacii dobavki kalija cherez obrazovanie gidrookisi KON i zahvat chasti svobodnyh jelektronov s obrazovaniem otricatel'nogo iona ON{sup -}. Takoe sravnenie prodemonstrirovalo horoshee kachestvennoe soglasovanie jeksperimental'nyh i raschetnyh dannyh, chto podtverzhdaet pravil'nost' rassmatrivaemogo mehanizma vlijanija opredelennogo sostava produktov sgoranija na ionizaciju dobavki

  12. Public participation in decision-making processes: ONDRAF/NIRAS' approach to the disposal of low-level and short-lived radioactive waste

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hooft, E.


    January 16, 1998, is a milestone in the nuclear waste management in Belgium. On that day, the Belgian government effectively opted for a definitive or potentially definitive solution for the Iona term management of low-level, short-lived radioactive waste. The government also wanted this solution to be implemented in a progressive, flexible, and reversible manner. it was thereby definitively abandoning the prolonged interim storage option, in favour of either surface disposal or deep geological disposal. At the same time, the government entrusted new missions to ONDRAFINIRAS, aimed at enabling it to make, around 2001-2002, the necessary technical and economic choice between surface disposal and deep geological disposal. ONDRAFNIRAS had to develop, in particular, methods, including the management and dialogue strictures, necessary to integrate a repository project at the local level. Furthermore, it had to restrict from then on its investigations to the four already existing nuclear zones in Belgium namely those of Doel, Fleurus, Mol-Dessel, and Tihange, and to the local towns or villages having shown an interest in a preliminary field study. Early in 1998, ONDRAFNIRAS set up a new work programme and developed an entirely new work methodology. As we understood that the best way to take involved into account the interests of all parties, is to involve them in the decision making on the project, we developed the idea of the local partnerships. Any party that could be directly affected by a collective decision, must have a say in it. Another innovative aspect of this new methodology is that of integration: an integration at the local level which is meant to enable the development of draft repository projects creating new perspectives for the regions concerned. Extending over four to five years, ONDRAFINIRAS's new work programme assumes the active participation of all the interested local representatives. Because it has understood that any party that could be directly

  13. Patterns of Lethality and Absorbed Dose Distributions in Mice for Monoenergetic Neutrons; Letalite et Distribution de la Dose Absorbee chez la Souris pour des Neutrons Monoenergetiques; Letal'nost' i raspredelenie pogloshchennoj dozy pri obluchenii myshej monoehnergeticheskimi neitronami; Letalidad y Distribucion de las Dosis Absorbidas por el Raton para Neutrones Monoenergeticos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frigerio, N. A.; Jordan, D. L. [Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (United States)


    kontrol' raspredelenija dozy vnutri zhivotnogo. Absoljutnoe izmerenie moshhnosti potoka proizvodilos' s pomoshh'ju schetchika delenija uran-235 i absoljutnogo scheta aktivnosti zolotyh provolok i fol'g, aktivirovannyh v kadmievom pokrytii. Pogloshhenie dozy izmerjalos' s pomoshh'ju mikro-ionizacionnoj kamery i special'no razrabotannogo vysokochuvstvitel'nogo dozimetra FeSO{sub 4}- NH{sub 4}SCN. Otnositel'nye izmerenija doz proizvodilis' s pomoshh'ju ga zo v o go schetchika protonov otdachi Hersta i V10, Lie i scintilljatorov protonov otdachi. Raspredelenie jenergii nejtronov izmerjalos' s pomoshh'ju special'no razrabotannyh B{sup 10} , Ne{sup 3} i L i{sup 6} gazovyh spektrometrov i spektrometrov tverdyh tel. Gamma-izluchenie izmerjalos' s pomoshh'ju Ne/Ag schetnyh kamer. Jeti izmerenija pokazali, chto dolja gamma-luchej sostavljala menee 0,8%, a teplovoe-nadteplovoe izluchenie men'she 0,01% obshhej dozy v radah. Zhivotnyh obluchali dozami so srednim znacheniem v sredinnoj tochke ot 180 do 1200 rad pri jenergii nejtronov ot 396 do 658 {+-}50 kjev dlja ohvata o b lasti N i O-rezonansov. Uroven' i harakter letal'nosti strogo zaviseli ot jenergii nejtronov i, v ravnoj s t e peni, no sam ostojat el'no, - ot raspredelenija dozy. Odnako,nezavisimo ot dozy, jenergii ili raspredelenija dozy, vse te zhe zhivotnye, kotorye vyzhili v techenie 5 dnej, prozhili dalee ne menee 144 dnej i pogibli zatem ot obychnyh dlitel'no dejstvujushhih faktorov. Jeto pokazyvaet, chto monojenergeticheskie bystrye nejtrony bez primesi gamma- ili nadteplovyh izluchenij mogut privodit' pochti bez iskljuchenija k rannej ''kishechnoj smerti''. (author)

  14. The Main Technological Characteristics of Apparatus for Industrial Radiochemical Processes, in Particular Ethylene Polymerization; Caracteristique techniques fondamentals des appareils pour l'application industrielle de reactions chimiques sous rayonnement (notamment la polymerisation de l'ethylene ); Osnovnye tekhnologicheskie kharakteristiki apparatov dlya provedeniya radiatsionno-khimi-cheskikh protsessov (v chastnosti, dlya polimerizatsii ehtilena) v promyshlennom masshtabe; Principales caracteristicas tecnologicas de los aparatos para la aplicacion industrial de reacciones radioquimicas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Syrkus, N P; Breger, A K; Weinstein, B I [Karpov Physicochemical Institute, Moscow, USSR (Russian Federation)


    , Q {approx} W{sub 0}{sup 0'5}. (author) [Spanish] Se propone un metodo de evaluacion de la efectividad de los aparatos, cualquiera que sea su construccion, comparandola con la productividad de un aparato infinitamente grande que tenga la misma fuente de radiaciones. Se indican las caracteristicas tecnologicas de un aparato destinado a la polimerizacion del etileno mediante radiaciones (a presion de 200 atmosferas y temperatura de 25{sup o} C{sup 4} empleando como fuente principal radiaciones gamma de cobalto-60 a distintas actividades. Se pueden calcular los datos tecnicos de tal aparato segun el valor medio de la intensidad de las dosis, fijado segun la magnitud del coeficiente de rendimiento energetico del aparato. Se indica en el trabajo que, siendo las demas condiciones iguales, la productividad (Q) del aparato es funcion exponencial de la intensidad (W{sub 0}) de las radiaciones gamma del mismo. Para el aparato que se estudia en el trabajo la formula es: Q{approx}W{sub 0}{sup 0'5}. (author) [Russian] V doklade rassmotreny v obshchem vide otdel'nye naibolee vazhnye tekhnologicheskie kharakteristiki apparatov (na primere sfericheskogo apparata) dlya provedeniya radiatsionno-khimicheskikh protsessov v promyshlennom masshtabe. Predlozhen metod otsenki ehffektivnosti apparata lyuboj konstruktsii putem sravneniya s proizvoditel'nost' yu beskonechno bol'shogo apparata, imeyushchego tot zhe istochnik izlucheniya. Priveden raschet tekhnologicheskoj kharakteristiki apparata dlya radiatsionnoj polimerizatsii ehtilena (davlenie 200 atm, temperatura 25{sup o} C{sup 3} so sterzhnevym istochnikom gamma-izlucheni ya Co{sup 60} razlichnoj aktivnosti. Takoj apparat mozhno rasschityvat' po srednim znacheniyam moshchnostej doz, opredelyaemym po velichine ehnergeticheskogo KPD apparata. Pokazano, chto proizvoditel'nost'apparata (Q), pri prochikh ravnykh usloviyakh, yavlyaetsya stepennoj funktsiej moshchnosti (W{sub 0}) gamma-izlucheniya apparata. Dlya rassmotrennogo apparata : Q

  15. Application of Radiation for the Control of Salmonellae in Various Foods; Destruction des Salmonellae par les Rayonnements dans Divers Produits Alimentaires; Primenenie izluchenij dlya unichtozheniya salmonell v razlichnykh pishchevykh produktakh; Empleo de las Radiaciones Ionizantes en la Lucha Contra las Salmonellae de Diferentes Aumentos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ley, F. J. [Wantage Research Laboratory (A.E.R.E.), Wantage, Berks. (United Kingdom)


    desecados y a sus derivados, a las carnes congeladas y a los alimentos de consumo animal. (author) [Russian] Mikrobiologicheskoe izluchenie primenenija ionizirujushhih izluchenij dlja unichtozhenija salmonell v razlichnyh pishhevyh produktah pokazalo, chto bol'shoe kolichestvo faktorov mozhet vlijat' na chuvstvitel'nost' jetih organizmov k oblucheniju. K chislu jetih faktorov otnosjatsja xapaktep samogo pishhevogo produkta i ego temperatura1 v period obluchenija, naprimer, javljaetsja li produkt zamorozhennym ili nezamorozhennym. Raznica,v radiacionnoj stojkosti razlichnyh serotipov salmonelly, obluchennyh pri odinakovyh uslovijah, takzhe horosho ustanovlena. Pojetomu krivye zavisimosti vyzhivanija'salmonelly ot dozy dolzhny byt' postroeny dlja predusmotrennyh prakticheskih uslovij i osnovany na sushhestvujushhem serotipe, imejushhem samuju vysokuju stojkost'. Poskol'ku takie uslovija nel'zja tochno vosproizvesti v laboratorii, vybor doz dolzhen byt' osnovan na znachitel'nom ob{sup e}me rabot s materialom, imejushhim estestvennoe zagrjaznenie. Predstavljaetsja ochevidnym, chto dozy, trebujushhiesja dlja obrabotki razlichnyh pishhevyh produktov, nahodjatsja v diapazone 0,5 - 1,0 Mrad, obespechivaja umen'shenie'kolichestva pervonachal'nyh populjacij v 10{sup 5} - 10{sup 7} raz. Naibolee perspektivnymi javljajutsja te processy, kotorye rassmatrivalis' v svjazi s zamorozhennymi i sushenymi produktami iz jaic, zamorozhennym mjasom i kormami dlja zhivotnyh. (author)

  16. Use of radioactive tracers in studying the transport of solids in watercourses; Emploi de traceurs radioactifs pour l'etude du transport solide dans les cours d'eau; Ispol'zovanie radioaktivnykh indikatorov dlya izucheniya peremeshcheniya tverdykh chastits v vodnykh potokakh; Empleo de indicadores radiactivos para el estudio del transporte de solidos en las corrientes de agua

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Courtois, G [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (France); Jaeery, P; Heuzel, M [Laboratoire National d' Hydraulique de Chatou (France)


    aplicacion de los indicadores radiactivos a los estudios sobre modelos a escala reducida con el doble proposito de: a) disponer de un procedimiento de investigacion comun para los estudios efectuados sobre el terreno y en los modelos a escala reducida, con el objeto de poder controlar la fidelidad del modelo durante los ensayos de calibracion; b) aprovechar las ventajas que ofrecen los modelos a escala reducida en cuanto a facilidad de observacion y mediciones directas, para estudiar las posibilidades de mejorar el metodo de los indicadores, especialmente en lo que se refiere a la obtencion de datos cuantitativos. (author) [Russian] Natsional'naya gidravlicheskaya laboratoriya, vyrabotavshaya v sotrudnichestve s TSentrom yadernykh issledovanij v Sakle pribory i metody izucheniya dvizheniya donnykh otlozhenij pri pomoshchi metoda radioaktivnykh indikatorov, prilagaet v nastoyashchee vremya usiliya k tomu, chtoby osushchestvit' dejstvitel'no kolichestvennyj sposob issledovanij. Za poslednee vremya bylo provedeno dva opyta v prirodnykh usloviyakh v rekakh; pervyj iz nikh byl posvyashchen izucheniyu uvlecheniya gal'ki vodami Rony, a drugoj - izucheniyu peremeshcheniya peska v reke Niger. Parallel'no s poslednim opytom byli provedeny identichnye ispytaniya na makete reki Niger, sozdannom v laboratorii v SHatu. V ehtikh opytakh bylo ispol'zovano izluchenie margantsa-56 i natriya-24, vyzvannoe neposredstvennoj aktivatsiej tolchenoj kostochki abrikosa, izobrazhavshej v ispytaniyakh na makete prirodnye donnye otlozheniya Nigera. Sovmestnye usiliya laboratorii v SHatu i TSentra yadernykh issledovanij v Sakle napravleny v nastoyashchee vremya na primenenie metoda radioaktivnykh indikatorov k opytam na maketakh s dvojnoj tsel'yu: a) Vyrabotat' odinakovye metody issledovaniya v prirodnykh usloviyakh i na makete dlya proverki tochnosti maketa v stadii opytov po ehtalonirovaniyu; b) Ispol'zovat' legkost' vedeniya nablyudenij i proizvodstva neposredstvennykh izmerenij na maketakh dlya


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorina GUREV


    Full Text Available Dreptul la libertate, de rând cu celelalte drepturi fundamentale ale persoanei, este protejat atât de actele internaţionale, cât şi de cele naţionale. Pentru apărarea dreptului persoanelor la libertate, legiuitorul autohton incriminează distinct faptele de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi de răpire a unei persoane. Menţionăm că dreptul la libertate reprezintă posibilitatea persoanei de a se deplasa şi de a acţiona după propria sa voinţă şi dorinţă, ceea ce reprezintă o condiţie esenţială în raport cu activitatea sa şi cu relaţiile sale în societate. Analiza prevederilor legislaţiei penale a diferitelor state a permis identificarea unor divergenţe în dispoziţiile referitoare la infracţiunea de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi la cea de răpire a unei persoane. În acest sens putem preciza că în legislaţia Republicii Moldova, a SUA (majoritatea statelor, a Federaţiei Ruse, a Bielorusiei, Azerbadjanului etc. privaţiunea ilegală de libertate şi răpirea unei persoane sunt două fapte distincte. Dimpotrivă, în Codul penal al României, în redacţia din 1968 (abrogat, răpirea persoanei era prevăzută ca circumstanţă agravantă a infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, iar în contextul Codului penal al României în redacţia din 2009 (în vigoare răpirea unei persoane se contopeşte în textura elementului material al infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, asemeni legislaţiei penale a Franţei, Elveţiei, Ucrainei etc. În vederea receptării celor mai optime soluţii legislative privind incriminarea numitelor fapte, ne propunem să analizăm variile modele consacrate în materie în legislaţia altor state.COMPARATIVE LAW ASPECTS ON ILLEGAL DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY AND KIDNAPPING The right to liberty along with other human rights is protected by national and international acts. In order to protect the right to liberty Moldovan legislator incriminates separately

  18. Managing Wind-based Electricity Generation and Storage (United States)

    Zhou, Yangfang

    answer this question using a representative setting, in which a battery is utilized to trade electricity in an energy arbitrage market. Using engineering models, I capture energy capacity degradation and efficiency variation explicitly, evaluating three types of batteries: lead acid, lithium-ion, and Aqueous Hybrid Ion---a new commercial battery technology. I calibrate the model for each battery to manufacturers' data and value these batteries using the same calibrated financial engineering price model as in Chapter 2. My analysis shows that: (a) it is quite suboptimal to operate each battery as if it did not degrade, particularly for lead acid and lithium-ion; (b) reducing degradation and efficiency variation have a complimentary effect: the value of reducing both together is greater than the sum of the value of reducing one individually; and (c) decreasing degradation may have a bigger effect than decreasing efficiency variation.

  19. SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management - Project objectives, structure and components (United States)

    Maudire, G.; Maillard, C.; Fichaut, M.; Manzella, G.; Schaap, D. M. A.


    SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management Project objectives, structure and components G. Maudire (1), C. Maillard (1), G. Manzella (2), M. Fichaut (1), D.M.A. Schaap (3), E. Iona (4) and the SeaDataNet consortium. (1) IFREMER, Brest, France (, (2) ENEA, La Spezia, Italy, (3) Mariene Informatie Service 'MARIS', Voorburg, The Netherlands, (4) Hellenic Centre for Marine Research-HCMR, Anavyssos, Greece. Since a large part of the earth population lives near the oceans or carries on activities directly or indirectly linked to the seas (fishery and aquaculture, exploitation of sea bottom resources, international shipping, tourism), knowledge of oceans is of primary importance for security and economy. However, observation and monitoring of the oceans remains difficult and expensive even if real improvements have been achieved using research vessels and submersibles, satellites and automatic observatories like buoys, floats and seafloor observatories transmitting directly to the shore using global transmission systems. More than 600 governmental or private organizations are active in observation of seas bordering Europe, but European oceanographic data are fragmented, not always validated and not always easily accessible. That highlights the need of international collaboration to tend toward a comprehensive view of ocean mechanisms, resources and changes. SeaDataNet is an Integrated research Infrastructure Initiative (I3) in European Union Framework Program 6 (2006 - 2011) to provide the data management system adapted both to the fragmented observation systems and to the users need for an integrated access to data, meta-data, products and services. Its major objectives are to: - encourage long-term archiving at national level to secure ocean data taking into account that all the observations made in the variable oceanic environment can never be remade if they are lost; - promote best practices for data


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurenţiu ŞOITU


    Full Text Available Schimbările majore privind rolurile familiei în societatea actuală determină nevoia, din ce în ce mai stringentă, de educaţie şi autoeducaţie a părinţilor pentru exercitarea rolului parental. Autorii pornesc de la ipoteza că învăţarea transformativă – sintagmă datorată lui Mezirow – poate explica, într-o mare măsură, alegerile părintelui în acţiunile de parenting, prin procesul de reflecţie critică care presupune descoperirea şi depăşirea limitelor pe care individul le are în gândire şi în modul de a acţiona. Verificarea ipotezei se va realiza printr-un studiu, care constă în intervievarea a 15 fa­milii, fiecare cu trei generaţii de părinţi în interiorul ei (G1 – bunicii, G2 – părinţii, G3 – copiii care au un copil la rândul lor, însumând astfel 45 de participanţi. Scopul a fost o mai bună înţelegere a învăţării transformative prin identificarea factorilor care îi sprijină pe părinţi în renunţarea la comportamentele considerate disfuncţionale în relaţia cu copilul. Instrumentul care a stat la baza cercetării a fost un interviu de tip narativ prin care părinţii au relatat diferenţe şi asemă­nări în stilul de parenting raportându-se la propriii părinţi, strategii care i-au ajutat în depăşirea obstacolelor pentru înde­plinirea cu succes a rolului parental şi au evaluat impactul experimentării violenţei în familie în devenirea lor ca părinţi. Rezultatele arată că printre factorii care i-au determinat pe părinţi să aibă o gândire transformativă regăsim: suportul social (dialogul cu partenerul romantic, dialogul cu alte persoane – rude, familie, specialişti, reflecţia critică asupra experienţelor personale, contextul, nivelul de educaţie şi motivaţia părintelui.FACTORS THAT SUPPORT INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING AMONG PARENTSThe major changes regarding the roles of family in the current society determine the more and more

  1. Technical Developments in the USAEC Process Radiation Development Program; Etudes technologiques dans le cadre du programme de mise au point d'applications industrielles des rayonnements de la CEA-EU; Issledovaniya v oblasti promyshlennogo primeneniya izluchenij, vkhodyashchie v programmu komissii po atomnoj ehnergii USAEC; Progresos tecnicos en el programa de la USAEC para el fomento de la irradiacion industrial

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Machurek, J. E.; Stein, M. H. [Division of Isotopes Development, USAEC, Washington, DC (United States)


    ispol'zovanie ioniziruyushchikh izluchenij v promyshlennosti. Provedeno chetyrnadtsat' takikh issledovanij, rezul'taty nekotorykh iz nikh izlozheny v obshchikh chertakh v dannoj rabote, ostal'nye izlagayutsya bolee podrobno - v drugikh stat'yakh trudov. Temy issledovanij vklyuchayut: 1. Prigotovlenie kombinatsij derevo-plastik, ispol'zuya gamma-izluchenie dlya indutsirovaniya polimerizatsii. 2. Ispol'zovanie beta-izlucheniya produktov deleniya dlya gidrogenizatsii uglya, i ego produktov s tsel'yu polucheniya zhidkogo uglevodorodnogo topliva. 3. Poluchenie poluprovodnikovykh priborov s formirovaniem zadannogo prostranstvennogo raspredeleniya primesej v zavisimosti ot legirovaniya putem nejtronnykh prevrashchenij. 4. Vyzvannaya izlucheniem polimerizatsiya ehtilena i sopolimerov. 5. Osnovnye issledovaniya mekhanizmov i kinetiki reaktsij, vyzvannykh izlucheniem. 6. Radiatsionno-khimicheskie protsessy pri ftorirovanii razlichnykh aromaticheskikh soedinenij. 7. Ispol'zovanie polifunktsional'nykh monomerov dlya intensifikatsii radiatsionnogo sshivaniya poliehtilena, polipropilena, poliizobutilena i atsetattsellyulozy. 8. Vliyanie nabukhaniya, deformatsii i temperatury na fizicheskie i khimicheskie svojstva polimerov, poluchennykh s pomoshch'yu radiatsii. 9. Vliyanie strukturnykh faktorov na radiatsionnye izmeneniya v polimerakh, privodyashchie k graftsopolimerizatsii. 10. Ispol'zovanie yadernykh izluchenij dlya modifikatstsii tekstil'nykh materialov. 11. Reaktsii, vyzvannye izlucheniem kriptona-85. 12. Podgotovka ''Spravochnika po radiatsii''. 13. Ispol'zovanie metalloorganicheskoj svyazi dlya gamma-dozimetrii pri bol'shikh moshchnostyakh dozy. 14. Razrabotka dozimetra s solnechnym ehlementom. (author)

  2. Non-Destructive Testing Methods Applied to Multi-Finned SAP Tubing for Nuclear-Fuel Elements; Essais Non Destructifs de Gaines a Ailettes, en Poudre d'Aluminium Frittee, pour Elements Combustibles; Nedestruktivnye metody ispytaniya rebristykh trub iz spechennogo alyuminikiog'o poroshka dlya yadernykh toplivnykh ehlementov; Metodos de Ensayo No Destructivo Aplicados a Tubos de SAP con Aletas Multiples Destinados a Elementos Combustibles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lund, S. A. [Danish Central Welding Institution, Copenhagen (Denmark); Knudsen, P. [Danish Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment, Risoe (Denmark)


    corrientes de Foucault. (author) [Russian] Komissija po atomnoj jenergii Danii predprinjala izuchenie jenergeticheskogo reaktora s organicheskim teplonositelem i tjazhelovodnym zamedlitelem. Toplivnym jelementom dlja reaktora javljaetsja puchok iz 19 sterzhnej; toplivnyj sterzhen' soderzhit spechennye tabletki iz dvuokisi urana v dvuhmetrovoj trube iz spechennogo aljuminievogo poroshka. Truby dolzhny byt' ochen' horoshego kachestva, chtoby obespechit' optimal'nye uslovija perenosa tepla i sohranenija celostnosti toplivnyh jelementov vo vremja jekspluatacii reaktora. Dva primera otnositel'no konstrukcii trub svidetel'stvujut ob ochen' nebol'shih razmernyh dopuskah. Dlja obespechenija sootvetstvujushhego kachestva trub razrabotan strogij kontrol' v znachitel'noj stepeni osnovannyj na nedestruktivnyh metodah. Privoditsja opisanie jetih metodov, razrabotannyh dlja izmerenija tolshhiny stenok i diametrov i dlja obnaruzhenija defektov. Slozhnoe poperechnoe sechenie 24-rebernoj truby ne pozvoljaet primenjat' ul'trazvukovye metody ili metody vihrevyh tokov dlja izmerenija tolshhiny stenok. Pojetomu razrabotan special'nyj kontrol'no-izmeritel'nyj pribor, registrirujushhij beta-izluchenie, osnovannyj na principe oslablenija beta-izluchenija, poluchaemogo ot istochnika stroncija-90, pomeshhennogo vnutri truby. Metod ul'trazvukovogo rezonansa pri pogruzhenii primenjaetsja dlja postojannoj registracii tolshhiny stenok bolee prostyh konstrukcij 12-rebernyh trub. Vnutrennij i vneshnij (mezhdu granjami reber) diametry postojanno registrirujutsja bystrodejstvujushhimi sistemami vozduhomerov. Defekty obnaruzhivajut s pomoshh'ju ul'trazvuka metodom impul's-jeho i metodom vihrevyh tokov. Metodom ul'trazvuka mozhno legko obnaruzhivat' poperechnye no ne prodol'nye treshhiny. Pojetomu, krome proverki ul'trazvukom, primenjaetsja ispytanie vihrevymi tokami. (author)

  3. The Prompt Gamma-Ray, Prompt Electron and Prompt X-Ray Spectra Associated with Fission Fragments of Specific Mass; Spectres de Rayons Gamma Instantanes, d'Electrons Instantanes et de Rayons X Instantanes Associes a des Fragments de Fission de Masse Donnee; 041c 0413 041d 041e 0414 ; Espectros de Rayos Gamma. Electrones y Rayos X Inmediatos, Vinculados a Fragmentos de Fision de Masa Determinada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bowman, H. R.; Thompson, S. G.; Watson, R. L.; Kapoor, S. S.; Rasmussen, J. O. [Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    detectores de semiconductores, de elevado poder de resolucion. Las masas de los fragmentos se dedujeron de sus respectivas energias y las cargas nucleares se determinaron midiendo las energias de los rayos X-K vinculadas a las distintas masas. La magnitud y el signo del desplazamiento de Doppler permitio asignar les lineas espectrales de ios rayos gamma, a cada uno de los componentes de cada par de fragmentos. El desplazamiento de Doppler permite tambien medir independientemente la velocidad de los fragmentos y, por consiguiente, la masa de estos despues de la emision de un neutron. Los resultados de las mediciones realizadas sobre los rayos X concuerdan con la hipotesis de que la mayoria de los rayos X inmediatos emitidos durante la fision espontanea del {sup 252}Cf, son resultado de la conversion interna en los fragmentos de la fision primaria,, durante la desexcitacion de estados colectivos de baja energia. Ademas de los resultados concretos examinados en U memoiia, la consecuencia mas importante de los experimentos descritos es la demostracion de que es posible estudiar por separado las propiedades de cada fragmento de fision, identificado por sus radiaciones caracteristicas (en lugar de estudiar las propiedades de un fragmento de fision medio, con masa y carga tambien medias). Se estudian actualmente las consecuencias de este adelanto logrado en la tecnica de estudio de los fragmentos de fision. (author) [Russian] Nabljudalis' horosho opredelennye mgnovennye gamma-kvanty, mgnovennye konversionnye jelektrony i rentgenovskoe K-izluchenie v sovpadenii s dvizhushhimisja oskolkami delenija kalifornija-252. V neskol'kih sluchajah byli ustanovleny massy i zarjady jader, ispuskajushhih gamma-kvanty i konversionnye jelektrony. Jenergii gamma-kvantov, mgnovennyh jelektronov i mgnovennyh rentgenovskih luchej, a takzhe jenergii dvuh oskolkov delenija byli izmereny s pomoshh'ju tverdogo schetchika s vysokoj razreshajushhej sposobnost'ju. Massy oskolkov byli vyvedeny na osnove ih

  4. The Determination of Uranium in Urine by Delayed Neutron Counting; Dosage de l'Uranium dans l'Urine par Comptage des Neutrons Differes; Opredelenie soderzhaniya urana v moche putem scheta zapazdyvayushchikh nejtronov; Determinacion del Uranio Contenido en la Orina por Recuento de Neutrones Retardados

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brookes, I. R. [Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Berks. (United Kingdom)


    avtomaticheski vozvrashhaetsja v laboratoriju, gde butylku s obrazcom pomeshhajut k schetchiku nejtronov. Schetchik vkljuchajut cherez 25 sek posle togo, kak obrazec izvlechen iz reaktora i izmerjajut aktivnost' obrazca v techenie odnoj minuty. Kontrol'nye obrazcy sostojat iz mochi lic, ne podvergavshihsja professional'nomu oblucheniju uranom, a kalibrovochnyj standart sostoit iz izvestnogo kolichestva urana-235 (v vide prirodnogo urana). Predel obnaruzhenija sostavljaet 0,020 pikokjuri urana 93%-go obogashhenija (0,007 maksimal'no dopustimogo soderzhanija v organizme) i 0,036 mkg prirodnogo urana na 100 ml mochi. On opredeljaetsja velichinoj scheta izluchenija ot kontrol'nogo obrazca. Osnovnym komponentom dlja kontrol'nogo obrazca javljaetsja reakcija schetchika na gamma-izluchenie produktov aktivacii v obluchennoj moche. Schet i obluchenie odnogo obrazca zanimajut okolo 3,5 minut, i 50 obrazcov odnovremenno mozhno vyparit' i upakovat' v butylki v techenie rabochego dnja. Vlijaniem plutonija-239 pri analize mochi mozhno, po-vidimomu, prenebrech'. (author)

  5. Measurements and Clinical Findings on Thorotrast Deposits in the Kidney; Mesures et Observations Cliniques Faites sur des Depots de Thorotrast dans le Rein; 0418 0417 041c 0414 ; Determinaciones y Datos Clinicos Relativos a los Depositos Renales de Torotrasto

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oberhausen, E.; Muth, H.; Grillmaier, R. [Institut Fuer Biophysik der Universitaet des Saarlandes, Homburg (Saar), Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    'shim davleniem ili v to vremja imelo mesto ins'icioo- vanie pochek, to chast' ego mogla osest' v tkanjah. Vozmozhno, chto chasto jeti otlozhenija ne raspoznajutsja na rentgenogrammah, tak kak oni ochen' pohozhi na otlozhenija kal'cija v pochkah i trebuetsja nekotoryj opyt, chtoby nauchit'sja otlichat' kal'cievye otlozhenija ot torotrasta . V sotrudnichestve s urologicheskoj klinikoj avtory vyjavili sem' sluchaev za poslednie gody. V teh sluchajah, kogda otlozhenija imelis' lish' v odnoj pochke, kak jeto bylo u shesti pacientov, proizvedeno udalenie organa. Pri gistologicheskom issledovanii v 5 sluchajah obnaruzhena karcinoma i v odnom-ochen' bol'shie degenerativnye izmenenija. Soglasno nabljudenijam neobhodimyj dlja razvitija karcinomy srok sostavljaet 20 - 25 let. V dvuh sluchajah udalos' obsledovat' bol'nogo s pomoshh'ju schetchika dlja izmerenija aktivnosti vsego organizma i izmerit' radioaktivnye veshhestva v moche toron v vydyhaemom vozduhe. Vse jeti issledovanija proizvodilis' do i posle nefrjektomii. Opredeljali takzhe gamma-izluchenie izolirovannogo organa. Na osnove jetih izmerenij mozhet byt' opredelena doza obluchenija. (author)

  6. Radioisotope Scanning of the Pancreas with Selenomethionine-Se{sup 75}; Gammagraphie du Pancreas a l'Aide de la Selenomethionine-{sup 75}Se; Diagnosticheskoe fotoskennirovanie podzheludochnoj zhelezy; Gammagrafia del Pancreas Mediante Radioisotopos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sodee, D. B. [Doctors Hospital and Renner Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Heights, OH (United States)


    voznikajushhee v rezul'tate koncentraciiselenometionina - {sup 75}Se v pecheni izluchenie, kotoroe v proshlom meshalo tochnomu opredeleniju kontura podzheludochnoj zhelezy. Nedavno avtory ispol'zovali kristall razmerom 12,5 h 7,5 sm i 121-kanal'nyj svincovyj kollimator s fokusnym rasstojaniem 12,5 sm. Jeto uluchshilo kachestvo izobrazhenija, i po mere usovershenstvovanija metodiki mozhno budet, verojatno, videt' men'shie povrezhdenija na bol'shej glubine. Okazalos',chto karcinoma podzheludochnoj zhelezy koncentriruet selenometionina -Se75 . huzhe, chem normal'naja tkan'. S pomoshh'ju jetoj metodiki udalos' pravil'no istolkovat' zabolevanie u 5 iz 6 bol'nyh, stradajushhih karcinomoj podzheludochnoj zhelezy. Nepoddajushhiesja obnaruzheniju Mel'chajshie karcinomatoznye uzly byli zatemneny uvelichennoj pechen'ju. Diagnoz ostrogo i hronicheskogo pankreatita takzhe podtverzhdaetsja skennirovaniem podzheludochnoj zhelezy, poskol'ku povrezhdennye kletki podzheluzhochnoj zhelezy ne koncentrirujut selenometionin -{sup 75}Se. Avtor takzhe opisyvaet izbiratel'noe pogloshhenie selenometionina -{sup 75}Se tkan'ju para- shhitovidnoj zhelezy . S pomoshh'ju jetogo zhe metoda skennirovanija byli obnaruzheny adenomy parashhitovidnoj zhelezy u nebol'shoj gruppy bol'nyh s povyshennoj funkciej parashhitovid- noj zhelezy. Fotoskennirovanie podzheludochnoj zhelezy uzhe javljaetsja prakticheskim metodom, i v nastojashhee vremja vedetsja izuchenie fotoskennirovanija parashhitovidnoj zhelezy. Narjadu s vnov' probudivshimsja interesom k organam, kotorye byli nevidimy pri obychnyh radiograficheskih metodah, selektivnoe skennirovanie organov s pomoshh'ju soedinenij,soderzhashhih mechenye atomy i podobrannyh po ih biohemicheskim svojstvam, stanovitsja vazhnym metodom budushhego. (author)

  7. Safety issues in cultural heritage management and critical infrastructures management (United States)

    Soldovieri, Francesco; Masini, Nicola; Alvarez de Buergo, Monica; Dumoulin, Jean


    ížková (2013) present two methods as peeling tests, also known as the 'Scotch tape' method, and surface water uptake measurements, using a digitized micro-tube for assessing material characteristics and consolidation effects on historic stone and mortar. Both methods are reviewed by pointing out both the advantages and the drawbacks. Solimene et al (2013) present a novel data processing technique based on the inverse electromagnetic scattering for small and weak target detection and localization. They start from the idea of applying a two-stage MUSIC algorithm. In the first stage strong scatterers are detected. Then, information concerning their number and location is employed to detect and localize the weak scatterers. The role of an adequate scattering model is emphasized to drastically improve detection performance in realistic scenarios. Kadioglu et al (2013) deal with the exploitation of ground penetrating radar, enhanced by advanced data processing based on microwave tomography, for the detection and the assessment of structural damage affecting foundation healthiness, of significant relevance for safety management in cultural heritage. An interesting case of the effectiveness of the joint procedure is shown by processing measurements collected during a survey at the Great Mosque of Ilyas Bey, one of the most important cultural heritage features from ancient Miletos-Iona in Soke Aydin, Turkey. Finally, Nordebo et al (2013) provide an interesting analysis of the optimal accuracy and resolution in electrical impedance tomography (EIT), based on the Cramer-Rao lower bound. This study is very important in the set up and analysis of the regularization strategies for the linearized problem at hand. References Battaglini R, Raco B and Scozzari A 2013 Effective monitoring of landfills: flux measurements and thermography enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact J. Geophys. Eng. 10 064002 Cascini L, Peduto D, Reale D, Arena L, Ferlisi S, Verde S and Fornaro G 2013

  8. RBE of some Sodium, Water and Bioelectric Parameters of Gastro-Intestinal Absorption; L'EBR pour le Transport du Sodium et de l'Eau et pour Certains Parametre Bioelectriques dans l'Absorption Gastro-Intestinale; Obeh v otnoshenii nekotorykh natrievykh, vodnykh i bioehlektricheskikh parametrov vsasyvaniya v zheludochno-kishechnom trakte; La EBR Para el Transporte del Sodio y del Agua y Para Ciertos Parametros Bioelectricos en la Absorcion Gastrointestinal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vaughan, B. E.; Davis, A. K.; Cummins, J. T.; Alpen, E. L. [US Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    permeabilidad decrece al aumentar las dosis de irradiacion. (author) [Russian] Ranee soobshhalos' o biojelektricheskih izmerenijah i izmerenii potoka v odnom napravlenii. Krys i sobak pod- vergali rentgenovskomu oblucheniju pri pikovym naprjazhenii 250 kv (krysy) ili 1000 kv (sobaki) i oblucheniju bystrymi nejtronami. Obluchenie bylo obshhim, dvustoronnim, v kazhdom sluchae proizvodilas' glubinnaja dozimetrija. U hrys cherez 7 dnej posle obluchenija biojelektricheskaja aktivnost' zheludka znachitel'no snizhalas' po sravneniju s normoj, no v nizhnih otdelah zheludochno-kishechnogo trakta takogo snizhenija ne bylo. Dlja pozdnego snizhenija biojelektricheskoj aktivnosti zheludka ustanovlena velichina OBJe porjadka 2-3, jetot jeffekt otchetlivo zameten pri doze nejtronov v 160 rad (1-e stolknovenie). U sobak cherez tri dnja posle obluchenija skorost' odnostoronnego perehoda natrija i vody iz plazmy v prosvet kishechnika snizhalas'. Jeto nabljudaetsja posle rentgenovskogo obluchenija pri 1200 rentgen (doza v vozduhe) i posle nejtronnogo obluchenija pri 300 rad ili 600 rad (1-e stolknovenie). Odnako pri doze rentgenovyh luchej 600 rad (v vozduhe) jeti skorosti perehoda ne izmenjajutsja i imejut drugoe napravlenie. Velichina OBJe dlja pozdnego snizhenija perehoda iz plazmy v prosvet kishechnika budet ravnjat'sja 2 - 6. Izuchenie jelektrogennogo mehanizma na zheludke krysy ukazyvaet na specifichnost' iona natrija v otlichie ot dannyh, poluchennyh na zheludke ljagushki. Velichiny potencialov, poluchennye in vitro, sootvetstvujut velichinam, poluchennym in vivo, i menjajutsja lish' pod vlijaniem metabolicheskogo otravlenija ili zameshhanija natrija. V protivopolozhnost' biojelektricheskim parametram opredelenija potoka javljajutsja bolee specifichnymi; odnako znachitel'naja biologicheskaja variabil'nost' ogranichivaet ih ispol'zovanie. Odnostoronnie toki iz plazmy v prosvet kishechnika obnaruzhivajut znachitel'nye izmenenija pod vlijaniem radiacii, chto ukazyvaet na snizhenie

  9. Recoil Processes of Cr{sup 51} in Mixed Inorganic Systems; Processus de Recul de {sup 51}Cr dans des Melanges Inorganique; 041f 0420 041e 0426 0415 0421 0421 042b 0421 042f 0414 0420 0410 041c 0418 041e 0422 0414 0410 0427 0418 0425 0420 041e 041c 0410 -51 0412 0421 041c 0415 III 0410 041d 041d 042b 0425 041d 0415 041e 0420 0413 0410 041d 0418 0427 0415 0421 041a 0418 0425 0421 0418 0421 0422 0415 041c 0410 0425 ; Procesos de Retroceso del {sup 51}Cr en Sistemas Inorganicos Mixtos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Veljkovic, S. R.; Milenkovic, S. M.; Ratkovic, M. R. [Boris Kidric Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinca, Yugoslavia (Serbia); Faculty Of Natural Sciences, Belgrade University, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia)


    smesjah hromatov ili solej hroma s neorganicheskimi okislami. V kachestve okislov ispol'zovalis' AI{sub 2}O{sub 3}, SiO{sub 2} i MgO. Termicheskie jeffekty kontrolirovalis' parallel'no dlja ocenki chisto teplovyh vozdejstvij v reaktore i dlja ocenki vozmozhnogo vnutrennego nagreva v mishenjah. V sisteme, gde hromaty byli osazhdeny na MgO, nabljudalos' sil'noe vosstanovlenie do hrom-iona. Pri temperature obluchenija nejtronnye jeffekty prevalirovali nad termicheskimi processami i tol'ko nagrevanie do temperatury vyshe 600 Degree-Sign S davalo podobnyj rezul'tat. Ion hroma vo vremja obluchenija ne izmenilsja. Uvelichenie koncentracii hromatov privodilo k horosho izvestnomu uderzhaniju Cr{sup 51}O{sub 4}{sup =}. Hromaty, adsorbirovannye na glinozeme, sohranjali formu okisi tak zhe, kak i v sisteme s SiO{sub 2}. Teplovye jeffekty imeli to zhe samoe napravlenie. Ion hroma, absorbirovannyj na jetih okisjah, vedet sebja razlichno. V sisteme s glinozemom otmechalos' sil'noe okislenie, kotoroe znachitel'no prevyshalo vklad teplovyh processov. Pri sravnenii jeffekta obluchenija i nagreva v sisteme s SiO{sub 2} obnaruzhena nebol'shaja raznica, hotja bylo otmecheno bol'shoe diffuzionnoe obednenie poverhnosti ionami hroma. Obshhaja osobennost' vseh sistem sostoit v ochen' nebol'shoj koncentracii soedinenij hroma. Himija tonkogo sloja, po-vidimomu, otlichaetsja ot obychnogo povedenija bol'shih mass hromatov v bol'shinstve sluchaev, kak v teplovyh processah, tak i v processe otdachi. Jeto mozhet oznachat', chto processy v ''gorjachih tochkah'', nahodjas' v zavisimosti ot vseh komponentov, mogut davat' himicheskie produkty, chuvstvitel'nye k harakteru misheni. Obobshhennaja kartina processov s jadrami otdachi v tverdyh soedinenijah, po-vidimomu, nuzhdaetsja v dopolnitel'nom rassmotrenii voprosa o materiale matric. (author)

  10. Preliminary Studies of the Field Movement of the Olive Fruit Fly (Dacus Oleae Gmel,) by Labelling a Natural Population with Radioactive Phosphorus (P{sup 32}); Etudes preijminaires sur les deplacements de la mouche de l'olive (Dacus Oleae Gmel. ) par marquage d'une population naturelle au radiophosphore ({sup 32}P); Predvaritel'noe issledovanie polevogo peremeshcheniya olivkovoj fruktovoj mukhi (Dacus Oleae Gmel.) posredstvom mecheniya estestvennoj populyatsii radioaktivnym fosforom (P{sup 32}).; Estudio preliminar de la dispersion de moscas del ouvo (Dacus Oleae Gmel. ) mediante la marcacion de poblaciones naturales con {sup 32}p.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pelekassis, Constantine E.D.; Mourikos, P. A.; Bantzios, D. N. [Economic Entomology Laboratory, Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Athens (Greece)


    pinos actuan de barrera para los adultos de la Dacus oleae. (author) [Russian] Provedeny predvaritel'nye ehksperimenty dlya polucheniya pervykh dannykh o polevom peremeshchenii olivkovoj fruktovoj mukhi Dacus oleae (Gmel.). Ehksperimenty byli provedeny v rajone proizrastaniya oliv v Rovnee, Ehvina, Gretsiya, v techenie oseni 1961 goda, kogda obychno nablyudaetsya maksimal'naya aktivnost' vzroslykh osobej mukhi. Dlya mecheniya estestvennykh populyatsij vzroslykh osobej byl prigotovlen sostav Stehli j 7, sostoyashchij iz smesi P{sup 32} v vide H{sub 3}P{sup 32}O{sub 4} v solyanoj kislote i v gidroliehate belka. 14 oktyabrya 1961 goda vetvi 30 olivkovykh derev'ev, vybrannykh na polugornoj olivkovoj plantatsii v Rovnee, byli obrabotany rastvorom primanki, mechennoj P{sup 32}. Dlya otlova mukh ispol'zovalis' 500 lovushek Makfehjla s 3% diammonijfosfata v kachestve' pri manki. Lovushki byli rasstavleny v olivkovykh roshchakh vsego rajona Rovnee, a takkhe v sosednikh rajonakh (v lesakh i v olivkovykh roshchakh)na rasstoyanii do 10 km ot mechenykh derev'ev. Bylo sobrano 350 mechenykh mukh oboikh polov v 48 lovushkakh vo vremya 15 proverok lovushek v period mezhdu 15 oktyabrya i 16 noyabrya. Mechenye mukhi, pojmannye s 1 po 35 den' posle obrabotki derev'ev indikatorom, sostavlyali 2% obshchego kolichestva mukh, otlovlennykh v 48 lovushkakh ili 0,15% obshchego kolichestva mukh, otlovlennykh v 298 lovushkakh vo vsem rajone Rovies. 73% mechenykh mukh popadi v lovushki v techenie pervykh 10 dnej posle obrabotki derev'ev indikatorom. Mechenye mukhi byli obnaruzheny na rasstoyanii 44 300 m ot mesta, gde nakhodilis' mechenye derev'ya (maksimal'noe rasstoyanie) . Radioaktivnost' mechenykh mukh sostavlyala ot 258 do 9549 otsch/min (fonovoe izluchenie sostavlyaet 8 - 2 1 otsch/min). Ehti predvaritel'nye ehksperimenty podtverdili sushchestvovanie bolee ili menee postoyannogo mestnogo peremeshcheniya (rasseivaniya) mukh ot polugornoj roshchi k blizlezhashchim ravninam ili k pribrezhnym

  11. A Review of the Production of ''Special'' Radioisotopes; La Production de Radioisotopes «Spéciaux»; ОБЗОР ПРОИЗВОДСТВА ''СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫХ'' ИЗОТОПОВ; Produccion de Radioisotopos ''Especiales''

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stang, Jr., L. G. [Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY (United States)


    ] Perechisljaetsja i illjustriujutsja primerami shest' poleznyh svojstv radioizotopov i preimushhestva ih ispol'zovanija. V informacionnom liste jetogo seminara byli privedeny chetyre preimushhestva korotkozhivushhih izotopov po sravneniju s dolgozhivushhimi. Dvumja drugimi osobennostjami, blagodarja kotorym vladel'cy nebol'shih issledovatel'skih reaktorov bol'she zainteresovany v poluchenii izotopov s malym periodom poluraspada, javljajutsja jekonomichnost' i osoboe udobstvo pri proizvodstve, svjazannoe s zavisimost'ju skorosti ih nakoplenija ot perioda poluraspada. Pomimo malogo perioda poluraspada dlja proizvoditelej izotopov predstavljajut interes harakter i jenergija ispuskaemogo izluchenija. Privodjatsja v obshhih chertah devjat' preimushhestv jadernogo reaktora po sravneniju s uskoriteljami chastic. V sootvetstvii s jetim obshhim napravleniem daetsja obzor neobychnyh idi rezhe primenjaemyh metodov proizvodstva. Sjuda vkljuchajutsja: reakcii (p, r) i vtorichnye reakcii, takie, kak (t, n) i (t, p), vyzvannye teplovymi nejtronami, razlichnye metody poluchenija poleznyh potokov bystryh nejtronov, kotorye vlijajut na drugie reakcii, metody otdachi, vkljuchaja klassicheskie reakcii Scidlard-Chalmersa, ispol'zovanie zarjazhennyh jelektrodov dlja sbora korotkozhivushhih dochernih produktov gazoobraznyh ishodnyh izotopov, sistemy nepreryvnogo poluchenija dochernih produktov iz materinskih izotopov I{sup d}oenie{sup )}, parazitnoe obluchenie, vozmozhnoe ispol'zovanie ''vybityh'' protonov ili dejtronov (iz zamedlitelja) dlja provedenija takih reakcij, kak (r, p), (d, n) i t.d. i vozmozhnoe primenenie zamknutyh ''petel'' v reaktorah, s pomoshh'ju kotoryh ispol'zuetsja izluchenie sverhkorotkozhivushhih izotopov, takih, kak Ag{sup 110}, In{sup 114}, {sup 116}, Dy{sup 155m} i t.d. Upominaetsja vozmozhnost' ispol'zovanija, hotja i ne v promyshlennyh masshtabah, nekotoryh stabil'nyh izotopov (naprimer, serebra) v kachestve izotopnyh indikatorov, kotorye mogut byt' legko obnaruzheny i putem

  12. Injection of Plasma Blobs into A Mirror Trap With Adiabatic Plasma Compression: ''ASPA'' Device; Injection d'Amas de Plasma dans un Piege a Miroirs avec Compression Adiaba Tique - Machine 'ASPA'; Inzhektsiya plazmennykh sgustkov v probochnuyu lovushku s adiabaticheskim szhatiem plazmy. Ustanovka ''ASPA''; Inyeccion de Plasmoides en una Trampa de Espejos con Compresion Adiabatica. La Instalacion 'ASPA'

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Babichev, A. P.; Burjak, E. M.; Gorbunova, E. F.; Karchevskij, A. I.; Muromkin, Ju. A. [Institut Atomnoj Ehnergii, Im. I.V. Kurchatova, Moskva, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    kotorymi 20 sm (probochnoe otnoshenie 1:2). Maksimal'naja naprjazhennost' impul'snogo magnitnogo polja v probkah sostavljaet 40 kje, vremja narastanija magnitnogo polja Tilde-Operator 40 mksek, a vremja spada polja 350 mksek. Provodilis' mass-spektrometricheskie issledovanija sostava i jenergeticheskih raspredelenij ionnoj komponenty plazmy v titanovom i koaksial'nom inzhektorah. S pomoshh'ju mikrovolnovogo interferometra izmerjalas' plotnost' plazmennogo sgustka pri ego dvizhenii ot inzhektora k rabochej oblasti szhatija. Issledovalos', takzhe, prohozhdenie plazmennogo sgustka cherez magnitnuju probku s naprjazhennost'ju polja do 20 kje. V odnih opytah pole probki bylo parallel'no vedushhemu magnitnomu polju, a v drugih - antiparallel'no, t.e. sozdavalos'' pole divertornogo tipa s dvumja oblastjami nulevoj naprjazhennosti polja. Pokazano, chto inzhektiruemyj plazmennyj sgustok (kak dlja titanovogo, tak i dlja koaksial'nogo inzhektorov) otnositel'no svobodno pronikaet cherez magnitnuju probku, kogda pole probki sovpadaet po napravleniju s vedushhim magnitnym polem; i prakticheski ne prohodit v sluchae polja divertornogo tipa. Na osnovanii jetih opytov pokazana vozmozhnost' otsechki tjazhelyh primesej inzhektiruemoj plazmy s pomoshh'ju impul'snogo magnitnogo zatvora, sozdajushhego oblasti s nulevoj naprjazhennost'ju magnitnogo polja i vyhodom magnitnyh silovyh linij na stenki kamery. V predvaritel'nyh jeksperimentah po adiabaticheskomu szhatiju plazmy v lovushke probochnoj konfiguracii zaregistrirovano zhestkoe rentgenovskoe izluchenie (jenergija 30 kjev) i issledovano vlijanie nachal'nogo magnitnogo polja i parametrov plazmennogo sgustka na intensivnost' i zhestkost' jetogo izluchenija. (author)

  13. Beta-Excited Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation; Sources de rayonnements electromagnetiques excites par des particules beta; Vozbuzhdennye beta-chastitsami istochniki ehlektromagnitnogo izlucheniya; Fuentes de radiacion electromagnetica excitadas por particulas beta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cameron, J F; Rhodes, J R [Physics Group, Isotope Research Division, (AERE), Wantage Research Laboratory, Wantage, Berks (United Kingdom)


    incluyen cuadros que permiten escoger la fuente optima para absorbentes de distintos espesores. (author) [Russian] Avtory dayut opisanie vozbuzhdennykh beta-chastitsami istochnikov ehlektromagnitnogo izlucheniya v ehnergeticheskom rajone ot 1 do 200 kehv i prigodnykh dlya promyshlennogo ispol'zovaniya. V kachestve istochnikov beta-chastits byli vzyaty tritij, prometij-147, kripton-85, tallij-204 i strontsij-90+ ittrij-90, poskol'ku oni imeyut prodolzhitel'nyj period poluraspada, nebol'shuyu stoimost', vysokuyu udel'nuyu aktivnost' i legkost' ikh polucheniya. Dlya izgotovleniya vozbuzhdennykh beta-chastitsami istochnikov staralis' dostignut' kompromissa mezhdu prakticheskimi trebovaniyami konstruktsii i nailuchshej teoreticheskoj ehffektivnost'yu v dannoj ehnergeticheskoj zone. V dannoj annotatsii avtory raz{sup y}asnyayut putem podscheta kolichestva protonov, izluchaemykh beta-chastitsami, i predusmatrivayut vnesenie izmenenij v ehti podschety dlya samoabsorbtsii rentgenovskogo izlucheniya. EHti podschety uchityvayut v to zhe samoe vremya tormoznoe izluchenie i kharakteristicheskie flyuorestsentnye luchi, maksimal'nyj vykhod kharakteristicheskikh luchej, dostigaemyj dlya mishenej Z ot 40 do 60. Nakonets, oni utverzhdayut, chto v zhelaemoj ehnergeticheskoj zone poluchayut kak luchshij vykhod fotonnogo izlucheniya so ''sloenymi'' mishenyami, sloj polovinnogo oslableniya kotorogo sootvetstvuet dline probega 1-2 beta. Alyuminij, serebro i zoloto s proizvodstvennoj tochki zreniya yavlyayutsya podkhodyashchimi ehlementami dlya pokrytiya istochnikov. Oni takzhe dayut udovletvoritel'nye vykhody tormoznogo izlucheniya i rentgenovskogo izlucheniya i raspredelenie po razlichnym ehnergeticheskim zonam v radiuse ot 0 do 200 kehv pri pravil'nom ob{sup e}dinenii s vysheukazannymi beta-izluchatelyami. Dayutsya nekotorye ehnergeticheskie spektry i privodyatsya krivye pogloshcheniya v alyuminii i zheleze dlya nailuchshikh kombinatsij istochnikov mishenej. Byla obnaruzhena neznachitel

  14. Design and characteristics of beta-excited X-ray sources; Caracteristiques des sources de rayons X excitees par des particules beta; Konstruktsiya i kharakteristiki beta-vozbuzhdennykh istochnikov rentgenovskikh luchej; Diseno y caracteristicas de las fuentes de rayos X excitadas por particulas beta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Filosofo, I; Reiffel, L; Stone, C A; Voyvodic, L [Physics Division, Armour Research Foundation, Chicago, IL (United States)


    'zovaniya istochnika vysokogo urovnya, v kotorom sam prometij-147 yavlyaetsya glavnoj mishen'yu rentgenovskikh luchej. Detektirovanie rentgenovskikh luchej proizvodilos' pri pomoshchi stsintillyatsionnykh i proportsional'nykh schetchikov sovmestno s 256-kanal'nym amplitudnym analizatorom impul'sov. Dlya istolkovaniya ehksperimental'nykh dannykh bylo vyrabotano i opisano analiticheskoe vyrazhenie protsessov obrazovaniya rentgenovskikh luchej beta-chastitsami. Esli uchest' tormoznoe izluchenie, obolochechnuyu K-ionizatsiyu i flyuorestsiruyushchee vozbuzhdenie rentgenovskikh luchej, to mozhno vyvesti podkhodyashchuyu matematicheskuyu formulu dlya opredeleniya spektra i vykhoda fotonov v funktsii ot maksimal'noj beta-ehnergii, tolshchiny misheni i konfiguratsii istochnika. Poluchaetsya otlichnoe sovpadenie raschetnykh rezul'tatov s ehksperimental'no poluchennymi vykhodami, chto podtverzhadaet tsennost' ehtogo sposoba analiza. Takim obrazom otkryvaetsya vozmozhnost' dlya optimizatsii konstruktsii izotopnykh istochnikov rentgenovskikh luchej v otnoshenii tekh ili inykh primenenij. Byli skonstruirovany prototipnye istochniki kriptona-85 i prometiya-147 i obsuzhdayutsya poluchennye s nimi rezul'taty izmerenij tolshchiny i analiza sostava. Byl takzhe skonstruirovan istochnik prometiya-147 vysokogo urovnya dlya promyshlennoj radiografii i obsuzhdayutsya rezul'taty ispol'zovaniya ehtogo istochnika, a takzhe tselesoobraznost' primeneniya usilitelej izobrazheniya, chto dolzhno eshche bol'she rasshirit' oblast' primeneniya ehtogo metoda. Nakonets, daetsya obshchij obzor vozmozhnostej, preimushchestv i ogranichenij izotopnykh istochnikov rentgenovskikh luchej. (author)

  15. Effects of Gamma Radiation on the Constituents of Wheat Flour; Action des Rayons Gamma sur les Elements Constitutifs de la Farine de Ble; Dejstvie gamma-luchej na sostavnye ehlementy muki; Accion de los Ratos Gamma Sobre los Elementos Constitutivos de la Harina de Trigo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Deschreider, A. R. [Laboratoire Central du Ministere des Affaires Economiques, Bruxelles (Belgium)


    radicales primarios entre si dentro de las macromole- culas de proteina; estos fenomenos se producen durante la irradiacion. Las modificaciones de las proteinas provocan variaciones de la solubilidad de la albumina, la glia- dina y la glutenina, asi como de la distribucion porcentual de los grupos que las constituyen. Se ha observado que pequenas dosis de rayos gamma -de 20 000 a 150 000 rad- determinan un maximo en las curvas correspondientes a la viscosidad del almidon, las sustancias precipitables por electrodialisis, a la solubilidad de las gliadinas y al indice de Hagberg. Esta anomalia explica el mejoramiento de las cualidades de panificacion que algunos autores han observado en harinas irradiadas con pequenas dosis de rayos gamma. (author) [Russian] V rezul'tate obluchenija muki gamma-luchami v sostavnyh jelementah muki nabljudajutsja fizicheskie, himicheskie i biohimicheskie izmenenija. Oni zavisjat ot sorta muki i tem bolee znachitel'ny, chem vyshe doza obluchenija. Pod dejstviem izluchenija umen'shaetsja kolichestvo karotinoidov masljanistoj frakcii muki, kotorye sovsem ischezajut, kogda doza dostigaet 4 Mrad. Chto kasaetsja lipidov, to v nih proishodjat reakcii, shozhie s temi, kotorye sozdajut gidroperekisi. Tem ne menee dazhe pri ochen' vysokih dozah ih himicheskij sostav prakticheski ne menjaetsja.. Znachitel'noe umen'shenie kolichestva krahmala ukazyvaet na to, chto polisaharidy muki podvergajutsja naibolee rezkim izmenenijam v rezul'tate obluchenija. Jeto vlechet za soboj uvelichenie uzhe imevshihsja reducirujushhih veshhestv i chisla mal'tozy s vozrastaniem dozy. No rost autoliticheskoj produkcii reducirujushhih saharov proishodit v obluchennoj muke blago' darja bol'shej chuvstvitel'nosti krahmala k gidrolizu pri pomoshhi diastazov. Pererozhdenie polisaharidov vyzyvaet snizhenie vjazkosti krahmal'nogo klejstera v rezul'tate uvelichenija rastvorimosti amilopektina. Voobshhe, gamma-izluchenie snizhaet proteoliticheskuju aktivnost' muki i vyzyvaet pri vysokih

  16. Fuel location, homogeneity and amount in flat and tubular configurations; Repartition, Homogeneite et Quantite du Combustible dans les Elements a Configuration Plate ou Tubulaire; Polozhenie, gomogennost' i kolichestvo topliva v ploskikh i trubchatykh konfiguratsiyakh; Disposicion, Homogeneidad y Cantidad de Combustibles en Configuraciones Planas y Tubulares

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meester, P. de [Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie, Mol (Belgium)


    'no pri 80-90 kehv, avtoradiografiya i gammagrafiya. Pri radiografii toplivnykh Trubok svintsovuyu oprav- ku s prikreplennoj k nej rentgenovskoj plenkoj pomeshchayut vnutr' trubki. . Zatem pod razlichnymi uglami delayut rentgenovski snimki. Radioaktivnyj istochnik, skenniruyushchij toplivnuyu trubku vdol' ee tsentral'noj linii, v sochetanii s plenkoj vokrug trubki pokazyvaet zapisi, imeyushchie bol'shuyu razreshayushchuyu sposobnost'. Gomogennost' topliva neobkhodimo kontrolirovat' dlya obespecheniya bezopasnoj raboty reaktora, t.e., s odnoj storony, s tsel'yu izbezhat' izbytochnykh kontsentratsij topliva, koto- rye mogut vyzvat' paroobrazovanie pri rabote reaktora, okhlazhdaemogo vodoj pod davleniem, a s drugoj - obespechit' dostatochnuyu i ravnomerno raspredelennuyu toplivnuyu zagruzku. Ra- diografy mozhno ispol'zovat' dlya vizual'noj proverki. Esli neobkhodimo sdelat' kolichest- vennyj analiz, to luchshim priborom yavlyaetsya stsintillyatsionnyj gamma-spektrometr, izmerya- yushchij sobstvennoe izluchenie, kotoroe ispuskaet uran-235. Privoditsya analiz rezul'tatov, svyazannykh priblizitel'no s 400 toplivnymi plastinkami i pervoj partiej toplivnykh tru- bok. Mozhno kontrolirovat' kharakteristiki formirovaniya i tipichnye kontseviki. Rezul'- taty absorbtsionnykh izmerenij s pomoshch'yu aktivirovannogo istochnika yavlyayutsya neskol'ko khudshimi. Rassmatrivayutsya tsifrovye rezul'taty staticheskikh izmerenij i nepreryvnoj zapisi. Dlya raschetov fakticheskoj raboty reaktora dolzhno byt' izvestno kolichestvo top- liva, kak absolyutnoe kolichestvo, na kazhduyu zonu i na kazhdyj polnyj ehlement v tselyakh ucheta topliva i sravneniya s otsenkoj vygoraniya posle oblucheniya. Rassmatrivayutsya izgotovlenie i ispol'zovanie razlichnykh standartov, a takzhe tochnost' i ustranenie pogreshnostej. Predlagayutsya nekotorye uluchsheniya pri provedenii ispytanij v bud. (author)

  17. Pulsed Irradiation Studies in Mice, Rats and Dogs; Etudes sur l'Exposition de la Souris, du Rat et du Chien a des Rayonnements Pulses; Impul'snoe obluchenie myshej, krys i sobak; Estudios sobre la Irradiacion Pulsante de Ratones, Ratas y Perros

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ainsworth, E. J.; Leong, G. F.; Kendall, K.; Alpen, E. L.; Albright, M. L. [US Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory. San Francisco, CA (United States)


    /min para los ratones y 23 rad/min para los perros) o bien con un impulso de radiacion unico de elevada intensidad ( Tilde-Operator 10{sup 6} rad/min para los ratones y Tilde-Operator 2,0 * 10{sup 5} rad/min para los perro). En los experimentos con ratones, la DL{sup 30}{sub 50} de los animales expuestos a intensidades moderadas (40 rad/min de neutrones o 100 rad/min de rayos gamma) no se diferencia apreciablemente de la DL{sup 30}{sub 50} de los animales expuestos a la misma radiacion aplicada en forma pulsante. Analogamente, en los estudios de mortalidad aguda llevados a cabo con perros irradiados unilateralmente con neutrones, no se observaron diferencias significativas en la DL{sup 30}{sub 50} entre los grupos irradiados con 23 rad/min o expuestos a impulsos de intensidad superior a 1,5 x 10{sup 5} rad/min. Los autores efectuaron otros estudios a fin de determinar si la recuperacion de las radiolesiones en el raton, valorada mediante el procedimiento de irradiacion con dosis fraccionadas, depende o no de la intensidad de dosis que ha producido la lesion subletal inicial. Compararon el restablecimiento a los 5 y a los 14 dias a contar de la irradiacion en grupos de animales expuestos a 40 rad/min o bien a 9 x 10{sup 4} rad/min y no observaron ninguna influencia de la intensidad de la dosis sobre la recuperacion. (author) [Russian] Radiacionnaja letal'nost' kak funkcija moshhnosti dozy obluchenija shiroko izuchalas' v diapazone doz ot menee odnogo rada do neskol'kih soten rad v minutu, no sravnitel'no malo izvestno o biologicheskih posledstvijah obluchenija pri moshhnosti dozy porjadka 10{sup 5} - 10{sup 6} rad/min. V dannoj rabote izluchenie reaktora TRIGA ispol'zovalos' dlja sravnitel'nogo izuchenija reakcii nastuplenija vnezapnoj smerti (DL{sub 30/50}) y myshej i sobak, obluchennyh kak dozami umerennoj moshhnosti (40 ili 100 rad/min dlja myshej i 23 rad/min dlja sobak), tak i pri impul'snom odnokratnom o b l u chenii dozoj vysokoj moshhnosti ( Tilde-Operator 10{sup 6

  18. Injection Experiments in Jutphaas; Injection au Centre de Jutphaas; Ehksperimenty s inzhektsiej v institute fiziki plazmy v yutfaas; Experimentos de Inyeccion en Jutphaas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Kluiver, H.; Brandt, H. B.; Strijland, W.; Huizenga, W. [Fom-Instituut voor Plasma-Fysica, Runhuizen, Jutphaas (Netherlands)


    {sup -5} tor nabljudalos' rentgenovskoe izluchenie, kotoroe my pripisyvaem vzaimodejstviju puchka s plazmoj. V techenie 10-20 mksek ego intensivnost' spadala do 20% ot pervonachal'nogo znachenija pered vykljucheniem puchka. Zatem sledoval bolee medlennyj jeksponencial'nyj spad so vremenem 50 mksek. Pri vdviganii kollektora po radiusu znachitel'no uvelichivaetsja tok na nego i odnovremenno umen'shaetsja vremja spada. Izmerenija pokazyvajut, chto vo vremja inzhekcii v centre obrazuetsja polozhitel'nyj prostranstvennyj zarjad. Jeto privodit k zapolneniju vneshnej, bolee adiabaticheskoj oblasti lovushki. Posle vykljuchenija puchka chasticy v neadiabaticheskoj oblasti bystro ischezajut, v to vremja kak chasticy v adiabaticheskoj oblasti terjajutsja gorazdo medlennee (50 mksek). (author)

  19. Thermoluminescent Dosimeter as the Gamma Component of a Nuclear Accident Dosimeter; Utilisation du Dosimetre Thermoluminescent Comme Element Detecteur Gamma d'un Dosimetre pour les cas d'Accident Nucleaire; 0422 0415 0420 041c 0414 ; Los Detectores de Termoluminiscencia Como Elemento Gammametrico de un Dosimetro para Casos de Accidente Nuclear

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Handloser, J. S. [Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA (United States)


    diametro quetiueda hermeticamente cerrado, con el fosforo en su interior. Este dosimetro mide 0,8 mm de diametro y 6 mm de longitud. El autor ha disenado blindajes destinados a corregir la respuesta energetica de estos dos dosimetros. (author) [Russian] Ispol'zovalis' razlichnye tipy gamma-dozimetrov v kachestve komponenta avarijnyh dozimetrov, izmerjajushhih gamma-izluchenie. Oni vkljuchali razlichnye vidy stekljannyh, plenochnyh, himicheskih dozimetrov i dozimetrov polimerizacii. Termo- ljuminiscentnyj dozimetr obladaet znachitel'nymi preimushhestvami po sravneniju s dozimetrami drugih tipov. Shirokij diapazon termoljuminiscentnogo dozimetra daet vozmozhnost' ispol'zovat' ego v kachestve povsednevnogo kontrol'no-izmeritel'nogo pribora i v kachestve avarijnogo dozimetra. Pri jetom otpadaet nadobnost' v special'noj apparature dlja avarijnoj dozimetrii i sozdaetsja vozmozhnost' ispol'zovat' v avarijnoj dozimetricheskoj sisteme horosho kalibrovannye pribory povsednevnogo ispol'zovanija. Obychno diapazon, prisushhij termo- ljuminiscentnomu dozimetru, kolebletsja ot 5 mr do 100 000 r pri vosproizvodimosti {+-}10%. Byl sproektirovan i izgotovlen edinichnyj tip dozimetra s o ftoristym kal'ciem i s neobhodimym prisposobleniem dlja snjatija pokazanij, v diapazone ot 5 mr do 5000 r . Chtenie pokazanij dozimetra proizvoditsja putem nagreva fosfora i izmereniem vyhoda sveta. Imejutsja pribory dlja registracii pokazanij shesti porjadkov, i sproektirovany polnost'ju avtomatizirovannye sistemy. Ni odin iz priborov ne trebuet dlja opredelenija pokazanij bolee 20 sek na dozimetr. Drugoe preimushhestvo termoljuminiscentnogo dozimetra sostoit v maloj chuvstvitel'nosti k nejtronam. Ona kolebletsja v zavisimosti ot tipa kontejnera i tipa fosfora. Odin tip dozimetra s ftoristym kal'ciem obladaet nejtronnoj chuvstvitel'nost'ju, ravnoj 0,27 * 10{sup -9} r ad /n/cm{sup 2}. Rassmatrivajutsja dva termoljuminiscentnyh dozimetra razlichnyh fizicheskih form. Pervyj predstavljaet soboj nagrevaemyj

  20. Interpretation of Bioassay Data; Interpretation des Donnees de l'Analyse d'Echantillons Biologiques; Interpretatsiya dannykh biologicheskikh issledovanij; Interpretacion de Datos Obtenidos por Bioanalisis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dolphin, G. W.; Jackson, S. [Health Physics and Medical Division, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Berkshire (United Kingdom)


    a un nivel determinado de la carga corporal. Es esencial que las mediciones para la vigilancia regular se efectuen con la maxima precision y se registren minuciosamente. Tales mediciones pueden utilizarse mucho tiempo despues para evaluar la carga corporal cronica. Se resumen los datos disponibles acerca del metabolismo humano y de la excrecion por via urinaria del tritio, cesio, uranio, estroncio, radio y plutonio. (author) [Russian] Dlja ocenki dozy obluchenija kriticheskogo organa, svjazannoj s vnutrennim zarazheniem radioizotopami, neobhodimo opredeljat' kolichestva izotopov v organizme. Esli radioizotop javljaetsja istochnikom gamma- ili rentgenovyh luchej ili beta-izluchenija, vyzyvajushhego sootvetstvujushhee tormoznoe izluchenie, prjamye izmerenija soderzhanija ego b organizme mogut proizvodit'sja s pomoshh'ju ustanovki dlja izmerenija radioaktivnosti vsego organizma. Kogda zhe sootvetstvujushhie izluchenija otsutstvujut, opredelenija-proizvodjatsja s pomoshh'ju izmerenija kolichestva radioizotopov v vydelenijah, krovi, vdyhaemom vozduhe ili mazkah, vzjatyh iz nosovoj ili rotovoj polosti. Provodilos' izuchenie vydelenija radioizotopov v moche kak pokazatelja vnutrennego zarazhenija. Analiz mochi javljaetsja naibolee shiroko ispol'zuemoj formoj biologicheskogo analiza. .Ochen' ver'eznym nedostatkom vse eshe javljaetsja maloe kolichestvo dannyh ob obmene radioizotopov, i neobhodimy dal'nejshie issledovanija. V dannom obzore dlja klassifikacii razlichnyh vidov obmena raznoobraznyh izotopov ispol'zovany tri bol'shie grupp'k Pervaja gruppa vkljuchaet*te radioizotopy, kotorye dovol'no odnorodno raspredeljajutsja v organizme. Vtoraja gruppa soderzhit te, kotorye koncentrirujutsja glavnym obrazom v odnom ili bolee organah tela. Tret'ja gruppa fakticheski javljaetsja osobo vazhnoj podgruppoj vtoroj gruppy i soderzhit otkladyvajushhiesja v kostjah izotopy. Vydelenie s mochoj i osobenno ego svjaz' s dozoj, poluchaemoj kriticheskimi tkanjami, otchetlivo razlichaetsja

  1. Measurements and Calculations of the Slowing-Down and Migration Time; Mesures et Calcul du Temps de Ralentissement et de Migration; Izmereniya i raschety vremeni zamedleniya i migratsii; Medicion y Calculo del Tiempo de Moderacion y de Migracion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Profio, A. E.; Koppel, J. U. [General Atomic Division of General Dynamics Corporation, John Jay Hopkins Laboratory for Pure and Applied Science, San Diego, CA (United States); Adamantiades, A. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States)


    impulsos para observar la atenuacion neutronica de caracter termico) y a las escasas probabilidades de captura. (author) [Russian] Srednee vremja i izmenenie vo vremeni zhizni nejtronov, poluchaemyh ot impul'snogo istochnika, s cel'ju ih zamedlenija i migracii do velichiny energii, ugla i polozhenija, udobnogo dlja nabljudenija, javljajutsja sushhestvennymi kolichestvennymi velichinami vo mnogih jeksperimentah. Srednee vremja javljaetsja popravkoj v izmerenijah nejtronnyh spektrov po metodu vremeni proleta v bol'shih ob{sup e}mah materialov, a izmenenie ogranichivaet maksimal'nuju razreshajushhuju spo- sobnost' takih jeksperimentov. Jeti parametry odinakovo vazhny v detektorah, zavisjashhih ot zamedlenija, v jeksperimentah po vremeni proleta, gde nejtrony s maloj energiej postu- pajut iz zamedlitelja, nahodjashhegosja vblizi pul'sirujushhego istochnika, a takzhe spektrometrii vremeni zamedlenija. Razrabotany razlichnye analiticheskie i cifrovye sposoby dlja vychislenija zavisimosti prostranstvennogo-energeticheskogo-uglovogo i vremennogo raspredelenija ili integralov po nim. Pokazano, chto momenty vremeni Empty-Set {sup (n)} (r, {Omega}, v, t) = {integral}{sub 0}{sup {infinity}}t{sup n} Empty-Set (r, {Omega}, v, t)dt, mozhno vyschitat' putem povtornogo primenenija programmy rascheta dlja stacionarnogo so- stojanija perenosa. Uslovie istochnika dlja vychislenija momenta ''p'' ravno nv{sup -1} Empty-Set {sup (n-1)}. Pri- vodjatsja rezul'taty dlja razmnozhajushhih i nerazmnozhajushih modelej reaktora {sup T}riga{sup .} Dru- gim metodom energeticheskogo rascheta javljaetsja metod vremennoj zavisimosti Monte Karlo. Dajutsja takzhe rezul'taty vychislenija potoka utechki iz tonkoj svincovoj plastiny. Izmerenija provodili na zamedlenii po vremeni po otnosheniju kadmievoj grani i re- zonansa v 1,46 jev indija v vode i toluole. Zahvatnoe gamma-izluchenie detektiruetsja s po- moshh'ju scintilljacionnogo schetchika. Jetot metod trebuet iskljuchitel'no intensivnogo is- tochnika i

  2. Diffuse Scattering from Alloys and Disordered Systems: Experimental Techniques and Potentialities; Diffusion dans les Alliages et les Systemes Desordonnes; Methodes Experimentales et Possibilites d'Application; Diffuznoe rasseyanie na splavakh i razuporyadochennykh sistemakh. ehksperimental'nye metody i potentsial'nye vozmozhnosti; Dispersion Difusa en Aleaciones y Sistemas Desordenados; Tecnicas Experimentales y Posibilidades

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Low, G. G. [Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, Berks (United Kingdom)


    proizvedenija preobrazovanija Fur'e. Na praktike, v svjazi s tem, chto bol'shoe kolichestvo processov igraet rol' v sozdanii fona diffuznogo rassejanija, izmerenija udalos' poka proizvesti v ogranichennom chisle oblastej. V chastnosti, znachitel'nye uspehi dostignuty v oblasti magnitnyh defektov v ferromagnitnyh telah, v kotoryh magnitnye sechenija mogut kontrolirovat'sja putem izmenenija napravlenija namagnichivanija v otnoshenii vektora rassejanija nejtronov. Takim obrazom, interesujushhee rassejanie mozhet byt' otdeleno ot nemagnitnyh jeffektov putem opredelenija raznicy mezhdu rezul'tatami dvuh izmerenij intensivnosti. Processom, igrajushhim rol' v sozdanii fona diffuznogo rasseja- njja, kotoryj javljaetsja otchasti magnitnym po svoemu harakteru i ne mozhet byt' pojetomu iskljuchen s pomoshh'ju vysheukazannogo metoda, javljaetsja brjeggovskoe rassejanie na magnitnom polikristalle. Jetot process mozhno ustranit' putem ispol'zovanija monokristallicheskih obrazcov ili takih dlinnovolnovyh nejtronov, pri kotoryh nevozmozhen brjeggovskij process. Pribor, osnovannyj na jetom principe, byl razrabotan v Harujelle i ispol'zovalsja dlja shirokogo kruga izmerenij, svjazannyh s razbavlennymi ferromagnitnymi splavami. Jeti voprosy rassmatrivajutsja vmeste s nekotorymi drugimi voprosami, kasajushhimisja vozmozhnyh budushhih razrabotok v jetoj oblasti. V chislo jetih poslednih vhodjat izmerenija diffuznogo magnitnogo rassejanija na paramagnitnyh soljah. Nabljudenie takogo rassejanija predstavljaet bol'shoj interes, poskol'ku pozvoljaet poluchit' neposredstvennye dannye o velichine spina, peredannoj v rezul'tate kovalentnosti ot magnitnogo iona k okruzhajushhim ego ligandam. (author)

  3. Plasma Equilibrium in a Torus with High-Frequency Fields and Plasma Heating Resulting from the Development of a Powerful Beam of ''Escaping Electrons''; Plasma Torique: Stabilisation au Moyen de Champs de Haute Frequence et Chauffage par Formation d'un Flux Intense d'Electrons 'Emballes'; Ehksperimental'noe issledovanie ravnovesiya plazmy v tore pri nalichii vysokochastotnykh polej i nagreva plazmy za schet razvitiya moshchnogo puchka ''ubegayushchikh ehlektronov''; Equilibrio del Plasma en un Toro, en Presencia de Campos de Alta Frecuencia, y Calentamiento del Plasma por el Desarrollo de un Haz Potente de 'Electrones Desbocados '

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Demirkhanov, R. A.; Kirov, A. G.; Stotland, M. A.; Malykh, N. I.; Horasanov, G. L.; Vishnevskij, N. K.; Gutkin, T. I.; Jampol' skij, I. R. [Fiziko-Tehnicheskij Institut Gosudarstvennogo Komiteta po Ispol' zovaniju Atomnoj Ehnergii SSSR, Sukhumi, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    razvertka svechenija plazmy vo vremeni s pomoshh'ju jelektronno- opticheskogo preobrazovatelja; v) izmerenija povedenija (polnoj intensivnosti rentgenovskogo izluchenija vo vremeni s pomoshh'ju scintilljacionnogo schetchika; g) izmerenie toka v plazme i naprjazhenija na obhode. Rezul'taty jeksperimentov pokazyvajut, chto podzhigajushhee vysokochastotnoe pole s chastotoj f = 8,3 Mgc), sozdaet plazmu, kasajushhujusja stenok, so srednej plotnost'ju P{sub e} = 5 * 10{sup 12} * 10{sup 13} sm{sup -3} i jelektronnoj temperaturoj porjadka neskol'kih jelektronvol't. Pri nalozhenii na jetu plazmu vrashhajushhegosja kvadrupol'nogo vysokochastotnogo polja plazma otzhimaetsja ot stenok, lokalizuetsja v centre i temperatura ee uvelichivaetsja. Issledovalsja rezhim nagreva'sil'nym jelektricheskim polem v otsutstvie vrashhajushhegosja vysokochastotnogo kvadrupol'nogo polja. V jetom sluchae, kogda jelektricheskoe pole ravno E{sub z} = 100 * 200 v/sm v plazme razvivaetsja tok Jp =3 * 5 ka, kotoryj imeet sushhestvenno omicheskij harakter pri sil'nom zatuhanii. V to zhe vremja naprjazhenie na obhode takzhe ves'ma sil'no zatuhaet po sravneniju s holostym hodom, chto ukazyvaet na jeffektivnoe pogloshhenie jEhnergii kontura plazmoj. Velichina jEhnergii, pogloshhennoj plazmoj v techenie pervogo poluperioda toka, t.e. za vremja okolo 1 mksek, sostavljaet primerno 20 dzh; pri jetom okazyvaetsja, chto provodimost' plazmy anomal'no mala. V rezhime nagreva sil'nym jelektricheskim polem nabljudaetsja intensivnaja vspyshka rentgenovskogo izluchenija s jenergiej porjadka 100 kjev, a takzhe izluchenie mikrovolnovyh shumov na chastotah blizkih k plazmennoj. (author)

  4. The Role of Free-Radicals in the Radiation Vulcanizing of Elastomers; Role des radicaux libres dans la vulcanisation radiochimique des elastomeres; O roli svobodnykh radikalov v protsesse radiatsionnoj vulkanizatsii ehlastomerov; Papel de los radicales libres en la radiovulcanizacion de los elastomeros

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuz' minskij, A. S.; Fedoseeva, T. E.; Chertkova, V. F.


    izlucheniya v poslednee vremya ispol'zuetsya dlya sozdaniya promyshlennykh protsessov vulkanizatsii rezinovykh izdelij. Issledovateli udelyayut dostatochno bol'shoe vnimanie voprosam mekhanizma obrazovaniya trekhmernoj setki pod dejstviem izlucheniya; odnako do sikh por nedostatochno izucheny nachal'nye i promezhutochnye stadii radiatsionno-khimicheskikh reaktsij, vedushchikh k zashivaniyu molekulyarnykh tsepej, kotorye svyazany s obrazovaniem i gibel'yu svobodnykh radikalov, ion-radikalov i vozbuzhdennykh molekul. Izuchenie struktury i svojstv ehtikh chastits stalo vozmozhnym tol'ko s razrabotkoj i shirokim ispol'zovaniem metoda ehlektronnogo paramagnitnogo rezonansa (EHPR), pozvolyayushchego poluchit' neposredstvennuyu informatsiyu o strukture i svojstvakh paramagnitnykh chastits. Issledovanie protsessov rekombinatsii svobodnykh radikalov v linejnykh polimerakh daet vozmozhnost' podojti neposredstvenno k mekhanizmu radiatsionnoj vulkanizatsii. V poslednee vremya poyavilas' tendentsiya ispol'zovat' ioniziruyushchee izluchenie dlya vulkanizatsii sernykh vulkanizatov, tak kak sochetanie sernykh i uglerodnykh poperechnykh svyazej daet maksimal'noe uluchshenie fiziko-mekhanicheskikh svojstv izdelij. V svyaz'i s ehtoj novoj problemoj predstavlyalo interes izuchenie kineticheskikh svojstv svobodnykh radikalov v polimerakh s razvitoj prostranstvennoj strukturoj. Podrobno isledovalis' protsessy rekombinatsii svobodnykh radikalov, poluchennykh u-oblucheniem, v svyazi so strukturnymi osobennostyami linejnykh i sshitykh polimerov, a imenno - orientatsiej i vnutrennej podvizhnost'yu molekulyarnykh tsepej. V vysokoehlasticheskikh polimerakh tipa kauchukov, kharakterizukhshchikhsya bol'shoj vnutrennej podvizhnost'yu tsepej i maloj ehnergiej mezhmolekulyarnykh svyazej, pri temperaturakh vyshe T akty rekombinatsii svobodnykh radikalov osushchestvlyayutsya s ochen' bol'shimi skorostyami. Kontsentratsiya radikalov v obraztsakh kauchukov, obluchennykh v zhidkom azote, umen'shaetsya pri

  5. Turbulent Heating of Plasma by a Direct-Current Discharge; Chauffage Turbulent du Plasma par le Courant d'une Decharge Directe; ТУРБУЛЕНТНЫЙ НАГРЕВ ПЛАЗМЫ ТОКОМ ПРЯМОГО РАЗРЯДА; Calentamiento Turbulento del Plasma por una Corriente de Descarga Directa

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Babykin, M. V.; Gavrin, P. P.; Zavojskij, E. K.; Rudakov, L. I.; Skorjupin, V. A. [Institut Atomnoj Ehnergii Im. I.V. Kurchatova, Moskva, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    'naja chast' jEhnergii kondensatora prjamogo razrjada. Nabljudalos' sil'noe shumovoe izluchenie ot 10{sup 6} d o 4 * 10{sup 10} gerc. SVCh shumy dljatsja dol'she, chem nizkochastotnye shumy na oscillogrammah toka. Jeto svidetel'stvuet, chto neustojchivost' sushhestvuet i posle perehoda v kolebatel'nyj rezhim. Temperatura plazmy opredeljalas' po zhestkosti tormoznogo rentgenovskogo izluchenija i ravna 5 - 10 kjev. Plotnost' opredeljalas' mikrovolnovym interferometrom. Davlenie plazmy ocenivalos' po diamagnitnomu jeffektu i okazalos' Tilde-Operator 10{sup 17} jev sm{sup -3} . Otsjuda pri p Greater-Than-Or-Equivalent-To 2 * 10{sup 13} sm{sup -3} poluchaetsja temperatura Tilde-Operator 5 kjev, chto soglasuetsja s drugimi izmerenijami. Pri plotnosti nagretoj plazmy menee 10{sup 13} sm{sup -3} plazma adiabaticheski szhimaetsja, ostavajas' ustojchivoj. Temperatura jelektronov posle szhatija dostigaet 200 kjev. Pri uvelichenii nachal'noj plotnosti plazmy temperatura posle nagreva nizhe i szhatie ne proishodit. Issledovano prohozhdenie signala s chastotoj 3 * 10{sup 8} gerc cherez plazmu vo vremja neustojchivosti toka. Pokazano, chto v plazme s sil'noj turbulentnost'ju tolshhina skin-sloja znachitel'no bol'she c/{omega}{rho}. Daetsja ob'jasnenie jetomu javleniju. Obsuzhdaetsja mehanizm nagreva plazmy pri neustojchivosti toka. Podobnaja teorija jetogo javlenija daetsja v otdel'nom doklade. (author)

  6. Status of Research and Developmental Studies on Radiation Pasteurization of Fish and Shellfish in the United States; Etat des Etudes et des Realisations en Matiere de Radiopasteurisation des Poissons, Crustaces et Mollusques aux Etats-Unis; Sostoyanie nauchno-issledovatel'skikh rabot po radiatsionnoj pasterizatsii ryby i krabov v soedinennykh shtatakh; Estado de las Investigaciones y Estudios Experimentales Sobre la Radiopasteurizacion de Pescados y Mariscos en los Estados Unidos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Slavin, J. W.; Ronsivalli, L. J.; Connors, T. J. [United States Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Technological Laboratory, Gloucester, MA (United States)


    kachestvo produkta i sroki hranenija; upakovka imeet sushhestvennoe znachenie. Sinergeticheskie sistemy s ispol'zovaniem baktericidnyh solej ili nagreva v svjazi s izlucheniem jeffektivno unichtozhajut bakterii i svidetel'stvujut o vozmozhnosti sokrashhenija radiacionnyh urovnej i uvelichenija srokov hranenija produktov po sravneniju so srokami, kogda primenjaetsja lish' izluchenie. Obluchenie na ochen' nizkih urovnjah znachitel'no izmenjaet mikrobnuju floru rybnogo file, no interesno, chto jeto izmenenie bol'she izmenenija, kotoroe imeet mesto pri hranenii produktov v anajerobnoj okruzhajushhej srede. Obsuzhdaja mikrobiologicheskie izmenenija v obluchennoj i neobluchennoj rybe, avtory otmechajut, chto obrabotannye rybnye file javljajutsja takimi zhe bezopasnymi i s{sup e}dobnymi, kak i neobrabotannaja ryba. V doklade podrobno obsuzhdajutsja raboty po aspektam bezopasnosti obluchennyh rybnyh file. Provedenie issledovatel'skih rabot aktivizirovalos' posle sooruzhenija i puska v jekspluataciju ustanovki po obrabotke ryby s pomoshh'ju kobal'ta-60 moshhnost'ju v 250 000 kjuri v Glostere, Massachusets. Ispytanija po upakovke i perevozke obluchennyh produktov v iskusstvennyh kommercheskih uslovijah pokazyvajut, chto s pasterizovannoj ryboj mozhno obra shhat'sja tak zhe, kak i so svezhej ryboj, prichem srok hranenija pasterizovannoj ryby v dva raza vyshe. V sotrudnichestve s chastnymi i gosudarstvennymi organizacijami obluchennye s{sup e}dobnye produkty morja perevozilis' po territorii Soedinennyh Shtatov v kommercheskih kontejnerah i provodilas' ocenka na kachestvo. Rezul'taty - ves'ma obnadezhivajushhie i svidetel'stvujut o tom', chto dannyj process budet imet' chrezvychajno cennoe znachenie dlja promyshlennosti. Obluchenie ryby v more govorit o perspektive ispol'zovanija jetogo metoda v kachestve sredstva uvelichenija sroka hranenija vylovlennoj svezhej ryby. Predvaritel'nye rezul' taty ukazyvajut kovodnoj ryby v more na urovne menee 100 000 rad i posledujushhee povtornoe

  7. Drift Instabilities and Electron Cyclotron Oscillations for Arbitrary Plasma Pressure; Instabilites de Derive et Oscillations Cyclotroniques des Electrons pour des Pressions de Plasma Arbitraires; Drejfovaya neustojchivost' i ehlektronno-tsiklotronnye kolebaniya pri proizvol'nom davlenii plazmy; Inestabilidades de Deriva y Oscilaciones Ciclotronicas de los Electrones en un Plasma de Presion Arbitraria

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krall, N. A.; Pearlstein, L. D. [General Atomic Division, General Dynamics Corporation, San Diego, CA (United States)


    )/(massa iona) ili esli {beta}<(k{sub II}r{sub p}){sup 2} , gde r{sub p} - radius plazmy i 1/k{sub II} Greater-Than-Or-Equal-To dliny plazmy, to poluchajut predel nulevogo {beta}. Poskol'ku neustojchivost' sushhestvuet tol'ko dlja (k{sub II}r{sub p}){sup 2} < 0.01, umerennoe davlenie plazmy narushaet predel nulevogo {beta}. Rasschitano sobstvennoe znachenie dlja {beta} >(k{sub ll}r{sub p}){sup 2} i polucheny uslovija dlja stabilizacii'v ostrokone'chnoj geometrii zerkal'noj neustojchivosti. Preobladajushhie vysokochastotnye nereljativistskie kolebanija ustojchivoj plazmy s nulevym {beta} javljajutsja prodol'nymi volnami pri jelektronnoj girochastotnoj garmonike. V sluchae vozbuzhdenija jetih kolebanij, oni mogut rasprostranjat'sja tol'ko togda, kogda svjazany.s poperechnymi volnami; pri'nulevom {beta} jeta svjaz' proishodit na poverhnosti ili v lokal'noj neodnorodnosti. Poskol'ku znachitel'noe vlijanie konechnogo {beta} dolzhno soedinjat' prodol'nye i poperechnye volny, to spektr i svjaz' jelektronno-ciklotronnyh kolebanij rasschityvajutsja pri proizvol'nom {beta}. (author)

  8. Anomalous Escape of Ions into the ''Loss Cone''; Sortie Anormale d'Ions dans Le Cone de Pert; Anomal'nyj ukhod ionov v konus poter'; Escape Anomalo de Iones al Cono de Perdid

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Galeev, A. A. [Institut Jadernoj Fiziki so AN SSSR, Novosibirsk, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    anizotropija raspredelenija ionov po skorostjam iz-za nalichija konusa poter' privodit k razvitiju korotkovolnovoj neustojchivosti. V svjazi s jetim v rabote podrobno analizirujutsja spektr voznikajushhego turbulentnogo dvizhenija i anomal'nye processy perenosa v neustojchivoj plazme. V lovushkah konechnoj dliny L okazyvaetsja, chto anomal'no bystraja diffuzija chastic v konus poter' privodit k ego zapolneniju i neustojchivost' oslabljaetsja. Jeto pozvoljaet vospol'zovat'sja dlja opisanija turbulentnyh processov perenosa kvazilinejnoj teoriej, dopolnennoj kineticheskim uravneniem dlja spektral'noj plotnosti jenergii kolebanij plazmy. Naibol'shij masshtab raskachivaemyh pul'sacij opredeljaetsja usloviem malosti ih zatuhanija v oblasti torcov lovushki, gde fazovaja skorost' stanovitsja sravnimoj so srednej teplovoj skorost'ju jelektronov. Pojetomu vremja vyhoda v konus poter' za schet rassejanija ionov v osnovnom na krupnomasshtabnyh pul'sacijah sushhestvenno zavisit ot dliny ustanovki ({Omega}{sub H}{tau}-10{sup 5}R{sub H}/L; R{sub H} - larmorovskij radius teplovyh ionov). Vremja vyhoda iz lovushki cherez mag-- nitnye probki opredeljaetsja maksimal'nym iz vremen ({tau}, T Almost-Equal-To L/v{sub i}; v{sub i} -teplovaja skorost' iona). Poluchennye rezul'taty primenjajutsja k ocenke vozmozhnosti osushhestvlenija reguliruemogo termojadernogo sinteza v lovushke s magnitnymi probkami. Pri ocenke ispol'zovalis' znachenija optimal'nyh parametrov lovushki, najdennyh Postom iz sravnenija poter' jenergii iz spokojnoj plazmy v probkotrone, poter' vo vspomogatel'nyh sistemah s summarnym vyhodom jenergii v termojadernoj reakcii. Pokazano, chto vremja zhizni plazmy v takoj lovushke opredeljaetsja vremenem proleta teplovyh ionov mezhdu magnitnymi probkami i nedostatochno dlja osushhestvlenija jekonomicheski vygodnogo termojadernogo sinteza. (author)

  9. The Proportional Counter. Some Aspects of Operation; Le compteur proportionnel. Ses caracteristiques de fonctionnement; Proportsional'nyj schetchik. Nekotorye aspekty raboty; El contador proportional. Sus caracteristicas de funcionamiento

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Curran, S C [Awre, Aldermaston (United Kingdom)


    sistematica de las propriedades de los gases y mezclas utilizadas en el recuento proporcional. Cabe esperar que las mediciones efectuadas con este dispositivo permitan ampliar el campo de aplicacion de los contadores. (author) [Russian] I. Rabota nad schetnoj sistemoj, prednaznachenno j dlya izucheniya zakhvata ehlektronov, pokazala, chto diametr anoidnogo provoda v proportsional'no m schetchike s vysokim' davleniem mozhet okazyvat' bol'shoe vliyanie na razreshenie po ehnergii, poluchaemoe pri izmereniyakh radiatsii nizkoj ehnergii. V schetchike, rabotayushchem pri davlenii v 12 atmosfer, shirina raspredeleniya impul'sov pri radiatsii v 13,5 kehv K-zakhvata mozhet byt' izmenena ot 65% do 17% posredstvom izmeneniya diametra provoda ot 0,0076 do 0,0025 millimetra. EHto yavlenie ob{sup y}asnyaetsya kak dejstvie polozhitel'nogo prostranstvennog o zaryada iona v lavine. Dlya opredelennogo usileniya gaza i osnovnoj radiatsii plotnost' polozhitel'ny kh ionov v lavine bystro uvelichivaetsya vmeste s davleniem napolnyayushchego gaza, i kogda soputstvuyushchie ehlektricheskie polya stanovyatsya dostatochno bol'shimi, chtoby povliyat' na poslednie stadii protsessa umnozheniya, razreshenie po ehnergii schetchika ukhudshaetsya. Umen'shenie diametra anodnogo provoda uvelichivaet poyavlyayushcheesya izvne pole v tom meste, gde proiskhodit umnozhenie, i tem samym stremitsya protivodejstvovat ' dejstviyu prostranstvennogo zaryada. Ispol'zovanie 0,0025-millimetrovy kh anodnykh provodov okazalos' udovletvoritel'ny m pri novykh izmereniyakh koehffitsient a zakhvata L/K, provodimogo s mnogoprovodno j schetnoj sistemoj s Davleniem do 12 atmosfer. Rezul'taty, poluchennye dlya koehffitsienta zakhvata L/K s Ge{sup 71} i Kg{sup 79} ravny 0,115 i 0,112 sootvetstvenno . Tazhe schetnaya sistema ispol'zovalas' pri issledovanii M-zakhvata v ehtikh dvukh izotopakh. Nizkaya ehnergiya radiatsii M-zakhvata, 180 ehv v Ge{sup 71}, 260 ehv v Kg{sup 79} i ee nizkaya intensivnost' po po sravneniyu s intensivnost

  10. Coincidence scanning with positron-emitting arsenic or copper in the diagnosis of focal intracranial disease; Exploration par coincidences avec l'Arsenic ou le Cuivre Emetteurs de Positrons dans le Diagnostic des Maladies intracraniennes localisees; Raspoznavanie ochagovykh vnutricherepnykh zabolevanij putem podscheta (skanirovaniya) sovpralenij s primeneniem mysh'yaka ili medi, vydelyayushchikh pozitrony; Exploracion por coincidencia con arsenico o cobre emisores de positrones en el diagnostico de enfermedades intracraneanas localizadas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sweet, William H; Mealey, John Jr; Brownell, Gordon L; Aronow, Saul [Departments of Surgery and Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Neurosurgical Service and Physics Research Laboratory of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (United States)


    pozitrotsefalogramm u (PTSG) i kartinu assimmetrii obshchego gamma-izlucheni ya ili assimmetrogammagramm u (AGG). Krome togo, ustanavlivaets ya pozitrotsefalogramm a vdol' strelovidnogo (sagittal'nogo) shva. Provedenie bokovogo issledovaniya trebuet 40 minut, a sagittal'nogo - 20 minut. Iz chisla imeyushchikhsya issledovanij, kotoroe prevyshaet 3000, nami prinyaty zdes' vo vnimanie lish' 285, provedennye v poslednie 3 1/2 goda na osoboj gruppe bol'nykh, sostoyashchej iz 334 chelovek, u kotorykh pochti vo vsekh sluchayakh byli obnaruzheny ochagovye obychno zanimayushchie izvestnoe prostranstvo porazheniya, i postavlen polnyj anatomicheskij i gistologicheski j diagnoz posle khirurgicheskogo vmeshatel'stva ili posmertnogo vskrytiya. V ehtoj gruppe udalos' postavit' pravil'nyj diagnoz v 80% pri issledovanii 249 opukholej mysh'yakom i b 70% - pri issledovanii 84 opukholej med'yu. V ranee provedennom issledovanii 207 bol'nykh odnorodnoj gruppy nam udalos' lokalizirovat' lish' 69% imeyushchikhsya opukholej. V tekushchej serii tol'ko 3 iz 83 glioblastom i 3 iz 34 megshngom ne byli obnaruzheny metodom mysh'yaka. Pri pomoshchi mysh'yaka okazalos' vozmozhnym lokalizirovat ' po men'shej mere u 85 iz 100 bol'pykh s odnim ili bol'shim chislom zlokachestvenny kh metastazov. Primenenie medi ne dalo takikh polozhitel'nykh rezul'tatov ni v odnoj iz ehtikh trekh osnovnykh kategorij. Po issledovanii mysh'yakom 182 opukholej odnogo ili oboikh polusharij mozga pravil'nyj diagnoz byl postavlen v 165 sluchayakh, to est' 91 %; primenenie medi opravdalos' v 81 % sluchaev, prichem issledovano bylo 64 patsienta takogo tipa. Tak kak pri angiografii i pnevmografii nezamechennymi ostayutsya imenno nebol'shie opukholi mozga, v to vremya, kogda oni eshche poddayutsya udaleniyu khirurgicheskim putem, to vozmozhnost' ikh raspoznavaniya yavlyaetsya v nastoyashchee vremya naibolee znachitel'nym preimushchestvom rassmatrivaemogo metoda. V protivoves ehtomu my dobilis' lish' ves'ma neznachitel'ny kh rezul'tatov pri