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    Association du personnel


    In two judgments of February 2009, the ILO Administrative Tribunal (hereafter ILOAT) upheld CERN’s contract policy. In another case having given rise to a recent judgment (3 February 2010), the same problems, in essence, were raised concerning the illegal injustice which could result from the implementation of the policy in question. This time, the Tribunal decided in favour of our colleague, basing itself on the Latin maxim tu patere legem quam ipse fecisti, according to which any authority is bound by its own rules, as long as such rules have not been amended or abrogated. In fact, the Administration had informed the complainant that his application for a long-term contract would be examined for six slots, when in fact it was examined for only one. This judgment represents a victory for the complainant, for the Staff Association and its perseverance, and also for the principle according to which any organisation must keep its word and act in good faith. It shows that, without reversing its jud...

  2. A review of undergraduate interprofessional simulation-based education (IPSE). (United States)

    Gough, Suzanne; Hellaby, Mark; Jones, Neal; MacKinnon, Ralph


    Interprofessional simulation-based education (IPSE) is becoming an increasingly popular educational strategy worldwide within undergraduate healthcare curricular. The purpose of the literature review was to examine qualitative, quantitative and mixed/multi-method research studies featuring undergraduate IPSE. A literature review was conducted using CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PsycINFO databases from January 1999 to September 2011 and pre-set criteria. The criteria used to screen all 120 abstracts included: (a) the article pertained to both simulation and undergraduate IPE and (b) the article reported a research study. Eighteen articles which met the pre-set criteria were included in the literature review. All studies featured outcome measures; many were purposely designed and lacked psychometric development and evaluation. Key IPSE drivers included capacity planning, preparedness for disaster management and improving patient care through the evaluation of teambuilding, teamwork skills or communicating within inter-disciplinary teams. Studies evaluated/explored either student or teacher perspectives of learning within the context of IPSE or both. The IPSE learning processes varied considerably in relation to duration, fidelity and professions involved. The scenarios ranged from managing adults admitted to hospital settings, mass casualty/mock disaster patient management to the use of training wards. The majority of the articles identified common IPSE outcomes relating to increased confidence, knowledge, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Based on the findings of this review, the authors suggest that further multi-site, longitudinal research studies are required to provide evidence of the transferability of skills developed during IPSE and their overall impact on both undergraduate education and healthcare.

  3. IPSE: The Italian package for scientific experiments on Mars (United States)

    Angrilli, F.; Debei, S.; Rossi, F.; De Marchi, E.; Ferrario, R.; Prendin, W.; Terribile, A.; Espinasse, S.; Flaminis, E.


    Italian Package for Scientific Experiments (IPSE) is a scientific autonomous micro-laboratory for Mars soil and environmental in situ analysis. It is designed to provide the capability to serve, handle and manage scientific miniaturised instruments accommodated inside its envelope. It provides mission management, power conditioning, thermal control, data storage and handling. Its miniaturised sample transfer chain has the capability to receive, handle and accurately position Martian soil samples under the instruments. IPSE is an example of a small and flexible laboratory, that can be integrated on different Landers and Rovers. The strict constraints of the mission make optimisation (in terms of mass, volume, power and data storage) necessary to maximise the scientific payload. Hence, adopting state-of-the-art technological solutions becomes crucial. Technological evaluation models of the most challenging subsystems have been built. Possible future developments are outlined.

  4. Proteomic identification of IPSE/alpha-1 as a major hepatotoxin secreted by Schistosoma mansoni eggs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maha-Hamadien Abdulla


    Full Text Available Eggs deposited in the liver of the mammalian host by the blood fluke parasite, Schistosoma mansoni, normally drive a T-helper-2 (Th2-mediated granulomatous response in immune-competent mice. By contrast, in mice deprived of T-cells and incapable of producing granulomata, egg-secreted proteins (ESP induce acute hepatic injury and death. Previous work has shown that one such ESP, the T2 ribonuclease known as omega-1, is hepatotoxic in vivo in that specific antisera to omega-1 prevent hepatocyte damage.Using an in vitro culture system employing mouse primary hepatocytes and alanine transaminase (ALT activity as a marker of heptocyte injury, we demonstrated that S. mansoni eggs, egg-secreted proteins (ESP, soluble-egg antigen (SEA, and omega-1 are directly hepatotoxic and in a dose-dependent manner. Depletion of omega-1 using a monoclonal antibody abolished the toxicity of pure omega-1 and diminished the toxicity in ESP and SEA by 47 and 33%, respectively. Anion exchange chromatography of ESP yielded one predominant hepatotoxic fraction. Proteomics of that fraction identified the presence of IPSE/alpha-1 (IL-4 inducing principle from S. mansoni eggs, a known activator of basophils and inducer of Th2-type responses. Pure recombinant IPSE/alpha-1 also displayed a dose-dependent hepatotoxicity in vitro. Monoclonal antibody depletion of IPSE/alpha-1 abolished the latter's toxicity and diminished the total toxicity of ESP and SEA by 32 and 35%, respectively. Combined depletion of omega-1 and IPSE/alpha-1 diminished hepatotoxicity of ESP and SEA by 60 and 58% respectively.We identified IPSE/alpha-1 as a novel hepatotoxin and conclude that both IPSE/alpha-1 and omega-1 account for the majority of the hepatotoxicity secreted by S. mansoni eggs.

  5. A Crystallin Fold in the Interleukin-4-inducing Principle of Schistosoma mansoni Eggs (IPSE/α-1) Mediates IgE Binding for Antigen-independent Basophil Activation. (United States)

    Meyer, N Helge; Mayerhofer, Hubert; Tripsianes, Konstantinos; Blindow, Silke; Barths, Daniela; Mewes, Astrid; Weimar, Thomas; Köhli, Thies; Bade, Steffen; Madl, Tobias; Frey, Andreas; Haas, Helmut; Mueller-Dieckmann, Jochen; Sattler, Michael; Schramm, Gabriele


    The IL-4-inducing principle from Schistosoma mansoni eggs (IPSE/α-1), the major secretory product of eggs from the parasitic worm S. mansoni, efficiently triggers basophils to release the immunomodulatory key cytokine interleukin-4. Activation by IPSE/α-1 requires the presence of IgE on the basophils, but the detailed molecular mechanism underlying activation is unknown. NMR and crystallographic analysis of IPSEΔNLS, a monomeric IPSE/α-1 mutant, revealed that IPSE/α-1 is a new member of the βγ-crystallin superfamily. We demonstrate that this molecule is a general immunoglobulin-binding factor with highest affinity for IgE. NMR binding studies of IPSEΔNLS with the 180-kDa molecule IgE identified a large positively charged binding surface that includes a flexible loop, which is unique to the IPSE/α-1 crystallin fold. Mutational analysis of amino acids in the binding interface showed that residues contributing to IgE binding are important for IgE-dependent activation of basophils. As IPSE/α-1 is unable to cross-link IgE, we propose that this molecule, by taking advantage of its unique IgE-binding crystallin fold, activates basophils by a novel, cross-linking-independent mechanism.

  6. Del Ipse existencial al Ipse narrativo. Fronteras y pasajes entre la fenomenología ontológica de Sartre y la fenomenología hermenéutica de Ricoeur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Samuel Naishtat


    Full Text Available En El Ser y la nada Sartre retomó la noción de Ipseidad del vocabulario de Sein und Zeit, y la desplegó como una pieza central para deslindar el para-sí, vinculado al circuito de la conciencia reflexiva y la libertad, del en-sí, como lo inerte, lo dado, la existencia de hecho. Ahora bien, Ricoeur reconsidera la categoría de Ipse en Sí mismo como otro. Pero aquí su relación con Sartre es interesante en dos direcciones: a permite clarificar su diferencia con el desgarramiento del Ipse sartriano; b permite ver allí el papel diferente que ambos autores dan a la noción de otredad.

  7. Presidents' words - Gianni Deroma

    CERN Document Server

    Staff Association


    Gianni Deroma This week we publish the last contributions in the 'Words of presidents' series by giving the floor to Gianni Deroma (2007-2010) and Michel Goossens (2011-2015). "Tu patere legem quam ipse fecisti" This Latin adage has marked my years with the Staff Association (SA). For someone like me, coming from the technical world, the discovery of the importance of the role played by legal matters in the defence of the staff illustrates a new reality and incarnates my years spent with the SA. We, members of personnel, as citizens have as reference the democratic societies in which we live. CERN is not a democracy. The Member States, the Director-General have full powers, or almost. Contrary to citizens of states, we do not elect our leaders. So in that context is it useful to have a Staff Association? Or does it only serve as a necessary alibi for those who have the power? This is where a legal approach makes sense, in counterbalancing the power of our governing ...

  8. Defining minimum essential factors to derive highly pure human endothelial cells from iPS/ES cells in an animal substance-free system. (United States)

    Wu, Yu-Ting; I-Shing Yu; Tsai, Kuen-Jer; Shih, Chien-Yu; Hwang, Shiaw-Min; Su, Ih-Jen; Chiang, Po-Min


    It is desirable to obtain unlimited supplies of endothelial cells for research and therapeutics. However, current methods of deriving endothelial cells from humans suffer from issues, such as limited supplies, contamination from animal substances, and lengthy/complicated procedures. In this article we developed a way to differentiate human iPS and ES cells to highly pure endothelial cells in 5 days. The chemically defined system is robust, easy to perform, and free of animal substances. Using the system, we verified that combined TGFβ and canonical Wnt agonists are essential and sufficient for iPS/ES cell-to-mesoderm transition. Besides, VEGF-KDR signaling alone is required for endothelial formation at high density while supplementation with FGF allows for colonial endothelial differentiation. Finally, anti-adsorptive agents could enrich the endothelial output by allowing selective attachment of the endothelial precursors. The system was validated to work on multiple iPS/ES cells lines to produce endothelial cells capable of forming capillary-like structures in vitro and integrating into host vasculature in vivo. In sum, the simple yet robust differentiation system permits the unlimited supply of human endothelial cells. The defined and animal substance-free nature of the system is compatible with clinical applications and characterization of endothelial differentiation in an unbiased manner.

  9. Gene Synthesis,Expression and Characterization of Egg Protein IPSE of Schistosoma mansoni%曼氏血吸虫虫卵蛋白IPSE基因合成、表达及特性分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢曙英; 陈红根; 余传信; 殷旭仁; 华万全; 曾小军; 梁幼生; 高琪


    目的 合成并表达曼氏血吸虫虫卵白介素4诱导物(IPSE)基因,并对其免疫特性进行分析. 方法 应用重叠PCR方法合成曼氏血吸虫IPSE基因,将其定向克隆至表达载体pET32a(+)的硫氧还蛋白(Trx)序列下游,构建重组表达质粒IPSE/pET32a(+).将重组质粒转化至大肠埃希菌 BL21(DE3)中,经异丙基-β-D-硫代半乳糖苷(IPTG)诱导,表达Trx-IPSE融合蛋白.大量制备表达产物,用镍螯合亲和层析胶在变性条件下纯化重组Trx-IPSE融合蛋白.用大量PBS对变性融合蛋白进行透析,获得部分复性的可溶性Trx-IPSE融合蛋白.应用蛋白质印迹(Western blotting)分析其是否能被慢性日本血吸虫病患者血清中IgG抗体所识别,及其与健康人血清中IgE抗体的结合能力. 结果 人工合成的IPSE基因序列与天然基因序列完全一致.经IPTG诱导,SDS-PAGE分析,含重组质粒的转化子细菌能表达相对分子质量(Mr)约35 700的蛋白分子,与预计Trx-IPSE融合蛋白的相对分子质量大小相符.Western blotting分析结果显示,变性的和复性的Trx-IPSE融合蛋白均能被慢性日本血吸虫病患者血清中IgG抗体识别,融合蛋白Trx-IPSE能与健康人血清中IgE抗体非特异性结合. 结论 曼氏血吸虫IPSE基因合成获得成功,重组表达的IPSE具有与天然抗日本血吸虫抗体反应和与IgE非特异性结合的能力.

  10. 唾液浸泡对IPS e.max全瓷贴面树脂粘结剂颜色稳定性影响%Effect of bonding agents for IPSe. max porcelain veneers on the color stability in artificial saliva

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    唐媛媛; 李矛; 杨士毅


    Objective To evaluate the color stability of the bonding agent for IPSe. max porcelain veneers in artificial saliva. Methods 21 round porcelain specimens were fabricated with IPSe. max dentin porcelain which were divided them into 3 group randomly: group A was Superbond C&B resin( self-cure ), group B was RelyXTM Veneer bonding agents( light-cure ), and group C was variolink Ⅱ bonding agents( dual-cure ). Then these specimens were luted on resin base with corresponding bonding agents respectively and the values of L * , a * , b * were measured by spectrophotometer as baseline. After soaked in artificial saliva, the values were measured in the 7th day, the 30th day, and the 90th day again. The color differences( △E )was calculated. All of L * and a * and b * values were analyzed by SPSS 10. 0 to study the color stability of the three bonding agents. Results When the specimens were soaked in artificial saliva for 90 days, the L * , a * , b * values of three bonding agents were no significant differences( P > 0. 05 ). The average △E value was 1.05,0. 60 and 0. 64 respectively. However, with time went on, the three bonging agents had color change( P <0.05 ) :The L * values decreased,and the a * ,b * values increased.Conclusion In artificial saliva, the color of three bonding agents will change with time goes on. However, the color change is not beyond the clinical aesthetic demand in short time.%目的 研究人工唾液浸泡对IPS e.max全瓷贴面树脂粘结剂颜色的影响.方法 用IPS e.max 玻璃陶瓷制作试件21个平均分成A、B、C 3组,A 组采用Superbond C&B化学固化粘结剂粘结,B组采用RelyXTMVeneer光固化粘结剂粘结,C组采用VariolinkⅡ双重固化粘结剂粘结,3种粘结剂的颜色都选为A3色.在黑暗环境保持24 h后用色度计测量色度值.然后将各组试件分别经人工唾液浸泡7、30、90 d后再次测量其色度值,比较3种粘结剂的颜色稳定性.结果 随着人

  11. Quam maximis potest itineribus: andata e ritorno della costruzione tra immagine e modello nello spazio grafico della geometria descrittiva

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matteo Ballarin


    Full Text Available Il contributo testimonia una strategia d'insegnamento congiunto del rilievo architettonico, della geometria descrittiva e del disegno digitale concepita come un viaggio di andata e ritorno tra immagine e modello. Iniziando dalla fotogrammetria elementare e dalle tecniche di foto-modellazione offerte da software (gratuiti e dotati di un'interfaccia sufficientemente  intuitiva si possono poi introdurre – col metodo di Monge – le tecniche del rilievo topografico, giungendo alla costruzione interdefinita di un unico modello digitale degli oggetti del rilievo. Il circolo didattico si chiude poi costruendo rappresentazioni tabulari tradizionali dei modelli.

  12. «Propriis manibus ipse transcripsit». Il manoscritto London, British Library, Harley 5383

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Pani


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the manuscript London, British Library, Harley 5383. So far barely known as a 14th century copy of Paul the Deacon’s Historia Langobardorum, Harley 5383 is here proven to be an autograph by Giovanni Boccaccio. More precisely, it is a membrum disiectum of a major Boccaccio’s manuscript, two parts of which are better known and now kept at the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence. The identification of Harley 5383 now allows us to virtually reassemble the whole Boccaccio’s ancient and medieval history book as it is described in the 15th century inventory of Santo Spirito library. It contains Orosius’ Historiae adversus paganos (Firenze, Biblioteca Riccardiana, 627, Paul the Deacon’s Historia Langobardorum (London, British Library, 5383 and Firenze, Biblioteca Riccardiana, 2975VI, ff. 70-74, Pasquale Romano’s Epistola de origine civitatis Aretii (Firenze, Biblioteca Riccardiana, 2975VI, ff. 75-76. Both Boccaccio’s handwriting features and a marginal note in Harley 5383 referring to the Black Death of 1348 show that the manuscript was copied in the early fifties of the 14th century, whereas it is not at the moment possible to establish when, where and why it was divided into three parts.

  13. “[…] quia vulgus libentius videt ein gemald bild quam bene scriptum librum”. Art and pedagogy in the Lutheran Reformation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valeria Butera


    Full Text Available The paper is part of the research on art in the Reformation and, especially, on the theological basis for the image controversy, which deeply modify the relationship of the believer with the religious images. After a brief summary of the different opinions of the most important reformers about the representability of God, the article focuses on the new accepted purposes of the visual arts. Useful is, above all, the teaching role, which takes advantage of the communication and seduction qualities of art as reinforcement of the preached Word.According to Luther, the visual arts, particularly the graphics, might be of service of the Church by illustrating the Holy Scriptures and the new doctrine, by creating religious iconographies ad hoc, or by reinterpreting and modifying the traditional ones, some of which will be discussed in this paper.

  14. Esse Quam Videri, Perhaps: State Policy and Institutional Factors Impacting Low-Income Student Enrollment at North Carolina's Public and Private Four-Year Institutions (United States)

    Holly, Leslie Neal


    North Carolina is a state with a rich higher education history, which matches the diversity and number of higher education institutions that can be found there. The significant investment of both tax dollars and public support for higher education in North Carolina has created a unique environment in which public policy significantly impacts both…

  15. IPSe.max Press铸瓷全冠修复效果的临床观察%A short term clinical evaluation of IPS e.max Press all-ceramic crowns

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴文生; 徐培成; 周曼莉


    目的:评价IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠的临床修复效果.方法:对41例患者127颗前牙和前磨牙进行IPS e.maxPress热压铸瓷全冠修复,修复后12~42个月(平均28个月),参照美国公共卫生服务修正标准对修复体的颜色匹配、边缘着色、修复体折裂、继发龋、边缘适合度以及牙龈健康情况进行评价.结果:在颜色匹配方面,94.49%的修复体表现为A级,5.51%表现为B级;1.57%的全冠出现边缘着色;1颗(0.79%)修复体出现饰面瓷折裂;未发现继发龋;94.49%的修复体边缘适合度表现为A级,5.51%表现为B级;在牙龈健康方面,93.70%的修复体表现为A级,4.72%表现为B级,1.58%表现为C级.结论:在平均28个月的临床观察中,IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠临床修复效果优良.%PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical effect of IPS e.max Press crowns. METHODS: A total of 127 IPS e.max Press crowns was placed in forty-one patients from 2007 to 2009. The crowns were evaluated with a modified USPHS criteria for color match, marginal discoloration, fracture, secondary caries, marginal adaptation and gingival health for a period of 12 to 42 months, with a mean of 28 months after insertion. A,B,C and D ratings were assigned. RESULTS: 94.49% of the crowns were rated as A and 5.51% rated as B for color match and marginal adaptation. 1.57% of the crowns was detected with marginal discoloration and one crown (0.79%) was detected with veneer chipping. No secondary caries was detected, and 93.70% of the crowns were rated as A, 4.72% rated as B and 1.58% rated as C for gingival health. CONCLUSION: IPS e.max Press crowns exhibit excellent clinical performance over a mean evaluation period of 28 months.

  16. The Emergence and Further Development of the Idea of Papal Primacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhail Gratsianskiy


    Full Text Available The author analyses how the idea of the papal primacy was formed and developed, papal primacy meaning the particular way in which the place of the bishop of Rome was conceived within the Universal Church. The period in question began with the second century and the emergence of a tradition regarding Peter’s martyrdom in Rome and continued through the papacy of Leo I (440–461. It was Leo who summed up the idea of an exclusive ministry of the Roman pontiff within the Church. The author reviews early testimonies (stretching from the second to the fourth century which note the presence of Peter in Rome, and view him first as a Roman martyr, later as the founder of the Roman episcopal see, and finally as Rome’s first bishop. The idea of the position of Peter in the Church of Rome may be viewed as gradually evolving. The author demonstrates how a rather unreliable ancient tradition connecting the death of Peter with Rome evolved during the fourth and fifth centuries into the idea of Peter as the prince of the apostles (princeps apostolorum, who transmitted his authority or power over the Universal Church to his supposed successors, the bishops of Rome, — an idea which was fully developed by Leo I. The author also wishes to describe the way the Church of Rome was conceived during the first centuries of its existence and underlines the limits of its powers and its susciperent ampliorem, per quos ad unam Petri sedem universalis Ecclesiae cura conflueret, et nihil usquam a suo capite dissideret. Qui ergo scit se quibusdam esse praepositum, non moleste ferat aliquem sibi esse praelatum; sed obedientiam quam exigit, etiam ipse dependat…» (Leonis epistula XIV // PL. T. 54. Col. 676. canonical jurisdiction. It is clear that the concept of the Roman papacy’s universal ministry affording it the possibility to extend its universal jurisdiction over the entire Church within the Roman Empire are based on principles of ecclesiastical

  17. Integrated project support environments the ASPECT project

    CERN Document Server

    Brown, Alan W


    A major part of software engineering developments involve the use of computing tools which facilitate the management, maintenance, security, and building of long-scale software engineer projects. Consequently, there have been a proliferation of CASE tools and IPSES. This book looks at IPSES in general and the ASPECT project in particular, providing design and implementation details, as well as locating ASPECT in IPSE developments.Survey of integrated project support environments for more efficient software engineering**Description of a large scale IPSE--ASPECT**Evaluation of formal methods in

  18. Handleiding benchmark VO

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blank, j.l.t.


    OnderzoeksrapportenArchiefTechniek, Bestuur en Management> Over faculteit> Afdelingen> Innovation Systems> IPSE> Onderzoek> Publicaties> Onderzoeksrapporten> Handleiding benchmark VO Handleiding benchmark VO 25 november 2008 door IPSE Studies Door J.L.T. Blank. Handleiding voor het lezen van de i

  19. Are some people less influenced by others' opinions? The role of internal political self-efficacy and need for cognition in impression formation on social networking sites. (United States)

    Lee, Jayeon


    While social information processing theory (SIP) asserts that Internet users form impressions of others by using available cues in the web environment, questions remain regarding individual differences in dependence on such cues. Focusing on others' opinion cues, this study investigates the role of internal political self-efficacy (IPSE) and need for cognition (NFC) as potential moderators of the cue effect. Participants (N=251) were randomly exposed to a fictitious political candidate's Facebook profile displaying either positive or negative comments and then asked to rate perceived trustworthiness and expertise of the candidate. The results indicated that although others' opinions were powerful cues, their influence was moderated by IPSE; individuals with higher IPSE were less influenced by others' opinions. The two-way interaction was significantly moderated by NFC such that those with low IPSE and low NFC were most susceptible to others' influences, thereby indicating a significant three-way interaction among IPSE, NFC, and others' opinion cues.

  20. Neue und bemerkenswerthe Pflanzen aus der malaiisch-papuanischen Inselwelt. IV. Theil

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hallier, Hans


    E. frutescenti (BL. 1825) HASSK. arcte affine, sed foliis multo minoribus integerrimis diversum; caulis ramosus, carnosus, lignescens, in sicco longitudinaliter rimosus, griseus, foliorum cicatricibus magnis orbicularibus tuberculatus, internodiis brevibus, pluries longioribus quam crassis; folia no

  1. A new subgenus of the Coleopterous family Drilidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gorham, H.S.


    Generi Diplocladon Gorham 1) valde affine, sed antennae simpliciter pectinatae. Antennae duodecimi-articulatae, articulo basali valido subquadrato, secundo brevi quam hoc dimidio minore, tertio triangulari, angulo interno ramum emittente; quarto ad undecimum perbrevibus, latitudine haud longioribus,

  2. A new subgenus of the Coleopterous family Drilidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gorham, H.S.


    Generi Diplocladon Gorham 1) valde affine, sed antennae simpliciter pectinatae. Antennae duodecimi-articulatae, articulo basali valido subquadrato, secundo brevi quam hoc dimidio minore, tertio triangulari, angulo interno ramum emittente; quarto ad undecimum perbrevibus, latitudine haud longioribus,

  3. Zwei neue Apogonien von den Philippinen

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heller, K.M.


    Fulva, parce viridi-metallico micans, supra glabra, subtusatro-viridis, squamulis setiformibus albis sat parce tecta; clypeo antice truncato, creberrime et quam fronte fortius punctato; prothorace aliquid remote punctato, angulis anticis acutis; scutello subtiliter punctato, interdum laevi; elytris

  4. testing scitech and the Elsevier changes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque sodales massa eu metus feugiat tempus. Morbi vitae odio eu urna dignissim posuere. Fusce auctor vulputate quam, eu tempus turpis pretium nec. Nullam et tempor nulla. Proin malesuada consectetur lobortis. Pellentesque quam sem, ornare eu viverra vehicula, pulvinar nec augue. Cras auctor feugiat blandit. Integer condimentum purus et lacus lobortis tincidunt eu ac odio. Aenean et odio a lectus auctor faucibus a sit amet elit. In rhoncus nisl ante.

  5. Ubi Materia, Ibi Geometria (United States)


    ideal on the other, caused probably certain tension for Kepler during his later studies. Primamn contrarietatem Aristoteles in metaphysicis recipit itlam...quam ex materia aut occasione materiae, aut uidi materia, tbi geometrra. Itaque quam Aristoteles dixit primam con trarietatem sine medio inter idem et... Aristoteles .7 For example, in his study of the snowflake (Strena seu de Nine sexangula ([10]) ,s Kepler searches the reason and cause for the sixfold

  6. The use of trauma interprofessional simulated education (TIPSE) to enhance role awareness in the emergency department setting. (United States)

    Brown, Craig William; Howard, Morag; Morse, Jerry


    Interprofessional simulation-based education (IPSE) is common in medicine and nursing curricula, however, less evident in diagnostic radiography. Previous work suggests graduate radiographers are unprepared in terms of trauma knowledge and experience. A trauma IPSE programme as a joint venture between two universities was developed. Our aim was to explore the views of radiography, nursing, and medical students regarding preparedness for trauma practice. Second-year radiography (n = 39), nursing (n = 10), and medical (n = 5) students were invited to participate in trauma simulations. Pre- and post-scenario questionnaires were completed and quantitative analysis undertaken. Prior to IPSE, the majority of students were unprepared to manage trauma. Post-scenario felt significantly more prepared to undertake their role in the team and had better understanding of their and other professions' roles in trauma (P < 0.01). IPSE is an effective means of preparing undergraduate students in understanding both their and other professional's roles within the trauma team.

  7. Ad Iuvenci Evangeliorum librum secundum commentarius exegeticus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)


    Cum evangelium a luvenco versibus latinis translatum perlegimus, iterum iterumque magna poetae peritia movemur; nam cum tam arte, ut ille fecit, sequi vis textum sacrum, magna vero peritia utendi lingua latina tibi opus est. Sed quam bene luvencus efficit ut suaviter possimus legere ea quae nobis pr

  8. Relativistic Fluid Dynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Cattaneo, Carlo


    This title includes: Pham Mau Quam: Problemes mathematiques en hydrodynamique relativiste; A. Lichnerowicz: Ondes de choc, ondes infinitesimales et rayons en hydrodynamique et magnetohydrodynamique relativistes; A.H. Taub: Variational principles in general relativity; J. Ehlers: General relativistic kinetic theory of gases; K. Marathe: Abstract Minkowski spaces as fibre bundles; and, G. Boillat: Sur la propagation de la chaleur en relativite.

  9. A new Carex from Crete

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gradstein, S.R.; Kern, J.H.


    Rhizoma caespitosum. Culmus erectus, triqueter, laevis, inferne foliatus, 15-30 cm altus. Folia culmo multo breviora, viridia vel cinereo-viridia, 1½-2½ mm lata, breviter acuminata, apice scaberula vel sublaevia, vaginis brunnescentibus; ligulae latiores quam longiores, obtusae vel subacutae. Bracte

  10. The Modernization of Signs: A Library Leads the Way to Networked Digital Signage (United States)

    Larson, Kendall; Quam, Allison


    At Winona State University's Krueger Library, where Kendall Larson is an associate professor and Allison Quam is an assistant professor, informational and directional signs are an essential part of the interior space. Yet the ubiquitous sign and media saturation has challenged them to design and maintain effective signage that is conspicuous and…

  11. Casparis Barlæi Bogermannvs "Elegchomenos" sive examen epistolæ dedicatoriæ


    Baerle, Kaspar van


    Layoutgetreues Digitalisat der Ausg.: Lugduni Batavorum : Basson, 1615 Standort: Universität Marburg, Bibliothek Religionswissenschaft (510) Signatur: 194 Bemerkungen: Vollst. Titel: Casparis Barlæi Bogermannvs "Elegchomenos" sive examen epistolæ dedicatoriæ : quam suis ad pietatem illust. ord. Hollandiæ ac Westfrisiæ notis præfixit Ioh. Bogermannus Ecclesiastes Leovardiensis (Bibliothek Wittgenstein)

  12. New species of Marcgravia (Marcgraviaceae) from Venezuela

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roon, de A.C.


    Frutex scandens vel liana, ramis floriferis quadrangularibus, lenticellatis. Folia ramorum floriferorum petiolis 5-10 mm longis, circa 2 mm latis, canaliculatis; lamina coriacea elliptica ad oblonga, 7-12 cm longa, 4-4.5 cm lata, 1.5-2.5-plo longior quam latior, prope inflorescendam minor, apice obt

  13. Ways of Dying

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Michaelsen, Cathrine Bjørnholt


    , respectively. “Numquam enim erit homini peius in morte, quam ubi erit mors ipsa sine morte.”¹ “Wiederholung ist nur in Gestalt der Treue nicht Endlosigkeit, sondern Erfüllung.”² 1. St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei, XIII, 11. 2. Karl Jaspers, Philosophie. II. Existenzerhellung, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York...

  14. Technology and Society: Their Impact on Each Other (United States)

    Anderson, Megan; Zenner, Greta M.; Gimm, J. Aura


    As part of the National Science Foundation-funded Internships in Public Science Education (IPSE) program, we have created a classroom activity that encourages middle school students to think about the interactions between technology, individuals, and communities. Good and bad, the effects of technology on society are important, real-world issues.…

  15. Experiment list: SRX1078872 [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available ssue=Colon|Tissue Diagnosis=Carcinoma 25496155,93.9,4.4,10292 GSM1727102: N20 shSCR N20shBre1A HCT116 ChIPSe...q; Homo sapiens; ChIP-Seq source_name=HCT116 || cell type=colorectal cancer cell line || cell line=HCT116 ||

  16. Publii ovidii nasonis tristium liber IV commentario exegetico instructus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jonge, Theodorus Jacobus de


    Sub finem anni 8 p. Chr. n. P. Ovidius Naso quinquagesimum annum egressus relegatus est. Duas causas ipse poeta affert: perdiderint cum me duo crimina, carmen et error. Verisimile est utrumque crimen pertinuisse ad formulam laesae maiestatis. Augusti temporibus autem crimen laesae maiestatis

  17. Publii ovidii nasonis tristium liber IV commentario exegetico instructus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jonge, Theodorus Jacobus de


    Sub finem anni 8 p. Chr. n. P. Ovidius Naso quinquagesimum annum egressus relegatus est. Duas causas ipse poeta affert: perdiderint cum me duo crimina, carmen et error. Verisimile est utrumque crimen pertinuisse ad formulam laesae maiestatis. Augusti temporibus autem crimen laesae maiestatis quaereb

  18. Ecological and economic solution for removing and dumping the slag and ash from coal-fired low capacity boilers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dumitru Gardan; Laurentiu Maier; Nistor Bujdei; Maria Gardan [Institute of Power Studies and Design, Timisoara (Romania)


    The removal of ash and slags from fossil-fuel power plants and their transport to and storage on dumps are discussed. A new dense slurry ash removal process developed by IPSE and Termoelectrica is described. This was successfully tested at Timisoara coal-fired power plant, Romania. 2 figs., 1 tab.

  19. Publii ovidii nasonis tristium liber IV commentario exegetico instructus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jonge, Theodorus Jacobus de


    Sub finem anni 8 p. Chr. n. P. Ovidius Naso quinquagesimum annum egressus relegatus est. Duas causas ipse poeta affert: perdiderint cum me duo crimina, carmen et error. Verisimile est utrumque crimen pertinuisse ad formulam laesae maiestatis. Augusti temporibus autem crimen laesae maiestatis quaereb

  20. The effect of an interprofessional simulation-based education program on perceptions and stereotypes of nursing and medical students: A quasi-experimental study. (United States)

    Lockeman, Kelly S; Appelbaum, Nital P; Dow, Alan W; Orr, Shelly; Huff, Tanya A; Hogan, Christopher J; Queen, Brenda A


    Interprofessional education is intended to train practitioners to collaboratively address challenges in healthcare delivery, and interprofessional simulation-based education (IPSE) provides realistic, contextual learning experiences in which roles, responsibilities, and professional identity can be learned, developed, and assessed. Reducing negative stereotypes within interprofessional relationships is a prime target for IPSE. We sought to understand whether perceptions of interprofessional education and provider stereotypes change among nursing and medical students after participating in IPSE. We also sought to determine whether changes differed based on the student's discipline. This was a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest study. The study took place at a large mid-Atlantic public university with a comprehensive health science campus. 147 senior Bachelors of Science in Nursing students and 163 fourth-year medical students participated. Students were grouped into interprofessional teams for a two-week period and participated in three two-hour simulations focused on collaboration around acutely ill patients. At the beginning of the first session, they completed a pretest survey with demographic items and measures of their perceptions of interprofessional clinical education, stereotypes about doctors, and stereotypes about nurses. They completed a posttest with the same measures after the third session. 251 students completed both the pretest and posttest surveys. On all three measures, students showed an overall increase in scores after the IPSE experience. In comparing the change by student discipline, medical students showed little change from pretest to posttest on stereotypes of doctors, while nursing students had a significant increase in positive perceptions about doctors. No differences were noted between disciplines on changes in stereotypes of nurses. This study demonstrated that a short series of IPSE experiences resulted in improved perceptions of

  1. New Maximally Entangled States for Pattern-Association Through Evolutionary Processes in a Two-Qubit System (United States)

    Singh, Manu Pratap; Rajput, Balwant S.


    New set of maximally entangled states (Singh-Rajput MES), constituting orthonormal eigen bases, has been revisited and its superiority and suitability in pattern-association (Quantum Associative Memory, QuAM) have been demonstrated. Using these MES as memory states in the evolutionary process of pattern storage in a two-qubit system, it has been shown that the first two states of Singh-Rajput MES are useful for storing the pattern |11> and the last two of these MES are useful in storing the pattern |10> Recall operations of quantum associate memory (QuAM) have been conducted through evolutionary process in terms of unitary operators by separately choosing Singh-Rajput MES and Bell's MES as memory states and it has been shown that Singh-Rajput MES as valid memory states for recalling the patterns in a two-qubit system are much more suitable than Bell's MES.

  2. Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) 2013 Year End Report (United States)


    Humphrey Deputy Director, CDSE CDSE STATEMENT Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc bibendum dapibus dui, at porta nunc. In eget...accumsan odio. Donec rutrum varius purus, vitae venenatis urna porttitor eget. Mauris lorem dolor , facilisis eget purus quis, adipiscing quam at gravida. Cras a ligula suscipit, lobortis dolor vel, feugiat diam. Proin mattis lectus sit amet pellentesque interdum. Cras porttitor

  3. Knowledge-Based Vision Techniques for the Autonomous Land Vehicle Program (United States)


    Supercomputing, Santa Clara, CA, April 30-May 5, 19891). Langdon, J.H., J. Bruckner, and H. H. Baker, "Pedal Mechanics and Bipedalism in Early Hominids ...34 in Origines de la Bipedie chez les Hominides , Editors Y. Coppens and B. Senat, Paris, France, June 1990. Quam, L.H. and T.M. Strat, "SRI Image...representations - description languages - have been devised to describe different types of objects and support different types of tasks (e.g., see Agin

  4. Contract Attorneys Course Deskbook. Volume 2 (United States)


    21- 13 1. “Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur.” (“Who as well for the King as for himself sues in this matter...governments or agencies. 41 U.S.C. § 602; FAR 33.203. 24-8 3. However, See Pacrim Pizza v. Secretary of the Navy, 304 F.3d 1291 (Fed. Cir. 2002

  5. Nota a Ovidio, Tr. III 2, 23

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eulogio F. Baeza Angulo


    Full Text Available This article aims at proving the correct reading of quod in Ovid Tr. III 2, 23, basing it on the context and especially in mss. Ei mihi, quod totiens nostri pulsata sepulcri ianua, sub nullo tempore aperta fuit! Cur ego tot gladios fugi totiensque minata obruit infelix nulla procella caput? _______________________________ 23 quod codd. Heinsius def. Housman 1916, 131-132: quo Owen Ehwald-Levy Luck: quam K

  6. Hazardous Waste Minimization Assessment: Fort Meade, MD (United States)


    Eliminate Generation Reduce Generation RUSand ROCOVerY Treatment FRjiue Disposal FIgure 1. Wadte IAIikaflon hierarchy. 21 ar= z = OPZPATIO PRAwcgCS 0 waSt...evaluation o eonomic evalu~ationt a *eLeCt options fox Z ~mleatatiaa Figmr 4. Hawadous waie inniizadion amnen and feadblty analysis procedure 25 3 FORT MEADE...Waste Generation at FORSCOM Installations’ Quam4ty of Wmt Quanity of Wast Quantity of Wow Geerated Generated Osae Generated Of ske Imtallatoe (metri

  7. 曼氏血吸虫虫卵白细胞介素-4诱导因子的原核表达及多克隆抗体的制备%Prokaryotic Expression of IL-4-inducing Principle of Schistosoma Eggs of Schistosoma mansoni and Preparation of Polyclonal Antibody

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵娜; 李世杰; 徐晓芳; 吴威; 范大为; 宫鹏涛; 李建华; 张西臣


    目的 原核表达曼氏血吸虫虫卵白细胞介素-4诱导因子(IL-4-inducing principle of schistosoma eggs,IPSE),并制备小鼠多克隆抗体.方法 人工合成IPSE基因,采用PCR技术克隆其成熟体开放阅读框,插入原核表达载体pET-28a中,构建重组表达质粒pET-28a-IPSE.转化E coli BL21(DE3),IPTG诱导表达.表达产物经SDS-PAGE和Western blot分析后,应用组氨酸标签蛋白纯化柱纯化包涵体蛋白,免疫BALB/c鼠,制备多克隆抗体.结果 克隆的IPSE基因与GenBank中登录的基因序列同源性为100%;重组表达质粒pET-28a-IPSE经PCR及双酶切鉴定证明构建正确;表达的重组蛋白相对分子质量约为16 000,以包涵体形式表达,表达量约占菌体总蛋白的30%,可与鼠抗His单抗特异性结合;用纯化的包涵体蛋白免疫BALB/c小鼠后,获得的特异性抗血清效价为2× 10-4,该血清可与IPSE蛋白发生特异性反应.结论 已原核表达、纯化了曼氏血吸虫IPSE蛋白,并制备了高滴度的特异鼠抗血清,为进一步从日本血吸虫中筛选相似蛋白及研究其功能奠定了基础.%Objective To expression the IL-4-inducing principle of schistosoma eggs(Lpse) of Schistosoma mansoni in prokary otic cells and prepare mouse polyclonal antibody. Methods IPSE gene was synthesized artificially, of which the open reading frame (ORF) was cloned by PCR and inserted into expression vector Pet-28a. The constructed recombinant plasmid Pet-28a-IPSE was transformed to E. Coli BL21 (DE3) for expression under induction of IPTG. The expressed protein was identified by SDS-PAGE and Western blot, then purified by His GraviTrap protein purification column chromatography and used for immunization of BALB/c mice to prepare polyclonal antibody. Results Sequencing result showed a homology of 100% of the cloned IPSE gene to that reported in GenBank. Both PCR and restriction analysis proved that recombinant plasmid Pet-28a-IPSE was constructed correctly. The

  8. Proactive DMSMS: Part of Integrated Systems Engineering & Life Cycle Product Support Planning (United States)


    CHANGE: STRATEGIC cont’d Product Support Business Model Define the overall strategy that drives cost-effective performance and capability for the...processes to deliver the right sustainment information to decision- makers Product Support Business Model Industrial Integration Strategy Supply...LCM, SRR, SCOR , PBL Production & Deployment LCSP w/in LRIP/ FRP: LCSP, P3, PBL, LCCA Materiel Solution Analysis LCSP w/in ICD: AOA, MDD, RAM, IPSe

  9. IP Packet Size Entropy-Based Scheme for Detection of DoS/DDoS Attacks (United States)

    Du, Ping; Abe, Shunji

    Denial of service (DoS) attacks have become one of the most serious threats to the Internet. Enabling detection of attacks in network traffic is an important and challenging task. However, most existing volume-based schemes can not detect short-term attacks that have a minor effect on traffic volume. On the other hand, feature-based schemes are not suitable for real-time detection because of their complicated calculations. In this paper, we develop an IP packet size entropy (IPSE)-based DoS/DDoS detection scheme in which the entropy is markedly changed when traffic is affected by an attack. Through our analysis, we find that the IPSE-based scheme is capable of detecting not only long-term attacks but also short-term attacks that are beyond the volume-based schemes' ability to detect. Moreover, we test our proposal using two typical Internet traffic data sets from DARPA and SINET, and the test results show that the IPSE-based detection scheme can provide detection of DoS/DDoS attacks not only in a local area network (DARPA) and but also in academic backbone network (SINET).

  10. Training infection control and hospital hygiene professionals in Europe, 2010: agreed core competencies among 33 European countries. (United States)

    Brusaferro, S; Cookson, B; Kalenic, S; Cooper, T; Fabry, J; Gallagher, R; Hartemann, P; Mannerquist, K; Popp, W; Privitera, G; Ruef, C; Viale, P; Coiz, F; Fabbro, E; Suetens, C; Varela Santos, C


    The harmonisation of training programmes for infection control and hospital hygiene (IC/HH) professionals in Europe is a requirement of the Council recommendation on patient safety. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control commissioned the 'Training Infection Control in Europe' project to develop a consensus on core competencies for IC/HH professionals in the European Union (EU). Core competencies were drafted on the basis of the Improving Patient Safety in Europe (IPSE) project's core curriculum (CC), evaluated by questionnaire and approved by National Representatives (NRs) for IC/HH training. NRs also re-assessed the status of IC/HH training in European countries in 2010 in comparison with the situation before the IPSE CC in 2006. The IPSE CC had been used to develop or update 28 of 51 IC/HH courses. Only 10 of 33 countries offered training and qualification for IC/HH doctors and nurses. The proposed core competencies are structured in four areas and 16 professional tasks at junior and senior level. They form a reference for standardisation of IC/HH professional competencies and support recognition of training initiatives.

  11. ISPE: A knowledge-based system for fluidization studies. 1990 Annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reddy, S.


    Chemical engineers use mathematical simulators to design, model, optimize and refine various engineering plants/processes. This procedure requires the following steps: (1) preparation of an input data file according to the format required by the target simulator; (2) excecuting the simulation; and (3) analyzing the results of the simulation to determine if all ``specified goals`` are satisfied. If the goals are not met, the input data file must be modified and the simulation repeated. This multistep process is continued until satisfactory results are obtained. This research was undertaken to develop a knowledge based system, IPSE (Intelligent Process Simulation Environment), that can enhance the productivity of chemical engineers/modelers by serving as an intelligent assistant to perform a variety tasks related to process simulation. ASPEN, a widely used simulator by the US Department of Energy (DOE) at Morgantown Energy Technology Center (METC) was selected as the target process simulator in the project. IPSE, written in the C language, was developed using a number of knowledge-based programming paradigms: object-oriented knowledge representation that uses inheritance and methods, rulebased inferencing (includes processing and propagation of probabilistic information) and data-driven programming using demons. It was implemented using the knowledge based environment LASER. The relationship of IPSE with the user, ASPEN, LASER and the C language is shown in Figure 1.

  12. ISPE: A knowledge-based system for fluidization studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reddy, S.


    Chemical engineers use mathematical simulators to design, model, optimize and refine various engineering plants/processes. This procedure requires the following steps: (1) preparation of an input data file according to the format required by the target simulator; (2) excecuting the simulation; and (3) analyzing the results of the simulation to determine if all specified goals'' are satisfied. If the goals are not met, the input data file must be modified and the simulation repeated. This multistep process is continued until satisfactory results are obtained. This research was undertaken to develop a knowledge based system, IPSE (Intelligent Process Simulation Environment), that can enhance the productivity of chemical engineers/modelers by serving as an intelligent assistant to perform a variety tasks related to process simulation. ASPEN, a widely used simulator by the US Department of Energy (DOE) at Morgantown Energy Technology Center (METC) was selected as the target process simulator in the project. IPSE, written in the C language, was developed using a number of knowledge-based programming paradigms: object-oriented knowledge representation that uses inheritance and methods, rulebased inferencing (includes processing and propagation of probabilistic information) and data-driven programming using demons. It was implemented using the knowledge based environment LASER. The relationship of IPSE with the user, ASPEN, LASER and the C language is shown in Figure 1.

  13. De nonnullis vocibus in lexico latinitatis medii aevi iugoslaviae (a - p

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Milan Grošelj


    Full Text Available De prioribus vocibus vide haec Acta X (1970 85 ss. huma?-lege: humanum.- Textus legendus est: »quam primum te­ nera adolevit aetas et humanum, ita ut fit, pectus subierunt curae.« luterco? - lege: integra. - Textus in hanc correcturam quadrat: »... solvendo quartum de integro comuni singulis tribus mensibus.« marria?- intellege officium mari (q. v., »praefecti loci in quo pisces capiuntur«, nam et textus sub v. marria citatus »marriam unam pisca­ riarum» memorat.

  14. Les compétences juridiques de l’architecte d’après Vitruve (De architectura I, 1, 10

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Saliou


    Full Text Available Au début du livre I du De architectura, Vitruve mentionne le droit parmi les disciplines nécessaires à l’architecte, au même titre que les lettres, le dessin et la géométrie, l’histoire, la philosophie, la musique, la médecine et l’astronomie : Iura quoque nota habeat oportet ea quae necessaria sunt aedificiis communibus parietum ad ambitum stillicidiorum et cloacarum, luminum. Item aquarum ductiones et cetera, quae eiusmodi sunt, nota oportet sint architectis, uti ante caueant quam inst...

  15. Conflictos en la interpretación de la identidad personal



    A partir del debate acerca de los criterios que legitimarían la defensa del derecho a la identidad personal —del Estado respecto a los individuos y viceversa—, el artículo propone discutir la conceptualidad con que se lo pretende justificar. Para ello, se vale de la distinción entre identidad idem e ipse que elabora Paul Ricoeur, a partir de la cual se sugiere ampliar la descripción del concepto. Entre los rasgos a tener en cuenta, estará la incidencia del relato como condición para ...

  16. Report on ’PCTE 󈨟, the First International Conference on PCTE’ (United States)


    29 4.3 PME: The Project Management Environment 30 4.4 A Broadcast Message Server on PCTE 31 4.5 The ENTREPRISE II environment 32 4.6 VULCAN/AD Analysis...AD/Cycle and IBM AIX/CASE. IBM AD/Cycle is used on an enterprise level for application areas like finance , insurance, transportation, public sector and...framework product. 4 i I I TNO rpowf Pa 32 4.5 The ENTREPRISE 11 environment Speaker: Dr Amury Logalt The ENTREPRISE II environment is an IPSE supporting

  17. Phase-space methods in nuclear reactions around the Fermi energy


    Lacroix, Denis; Durand, Dominique; Lehaut, Gregory; Lopez, Olivier; Vient, Emmanuel


    Some prescriptions for in-medium complex particle production in nuclear reactions are proposed. They have been implemented in two models to simulate nucleon-nucleus (nIPSE) and nucleus-nucleus (HIPSE) reactions around the Fermi energy \\cite{Lac04,Lac05}. Our work emphasizes the effect of randomness in cluster formation, the importance of the nucleonic Fermi motion as well as the role of conservation laws. The key role of the phase-space exploration before and after secondary decay is underlin...

  18. Blinde Mimesis. Über Ordo und Kontingenz in der literaturgeschichtlichen Traditionsbildung (Horaz und Petron

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jürgen Paul Schwindt


    Full Text Available me truncus illapsus cerebro / sustulerat, nisi Faunus ictum / dextra levasset, Mercurialium / custos virorum.(Hor. carm. 2, 17, 27–30... et ipse Trimalchio capillatus caduceum tenebat Minervaque ducente Romam intrabat.(Petron. 29, 3Es ist zuweilen das Schicksal besonders gut erforschter Texte, daß sie im System der Bezüge, der Quellen und Verweise, das die gelehrte Erklärung über, neben und unter ihnen errichtet hat (Hyper-, Para-, Prae- oder Subtext, zu verschwimmen, konturlos zu werden, ...

  19. Šest Marulićevih prijatelja


    Fisković, Cvito


    Concluding his renowned Latin epistle in verse, addressed to Franjo Božićević Natalis, the poet, who at that time was staying at Nečujam, sends his regards to some of his Split friends, inviting them all to his quiet cove on the island of Šolta: ... Ipsos nunc Thalia nostra salutat, Intima quos nobis iungit amicitia, Hyeronimum cythara clarum, gravitate Marinum, Ruris et agrorum cultibus Alvisium, Nicoleon risu facilem, sed ut ipse iubemus Ante salutetur Barbarus usque me...

  20. The clinical application of IPS e.max press heat-pressed ceramic in posterior teeth%IPS e.max press热压铸全瓷冠在后牙的临床应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈亚琴; 骆小平; 陶晶晶


    目的:探讨IPSe.max press铸造玻璃陶瓷应用于后牙全冠修复的抗折裂效果.方法:选择182例274个IPSe.max press瓷块制作的后牙全瓷冠进行6-18个月的随访,评估其抗折裂情况.结果:1个全瓷冠在使用6个月时出现折裂,余未见破损及裂纹,效果满意.结论:IPS e.max press玻璃陶瓷应用于后牙的全冠修复有较好的抗折裂效果.%Objective: To evaluate the fracture resistance of full crowns made from IPS e.max press ceramic on posterior teeth. Methods: Two hundred and seventy four posterior teeth in 182 cases were restored with IPS e.max press ceramic crowns, and the fracture resistances of crowns were assessed after 6 to 18 months. Results: One ceramic crown was fractured during a follow up period of 6 months, and no breakages or cracks was noticed in other restorations. Conclusions: IPS e.max press ceramic crowns had good fracture resistance effects on posterior teeth.

  1. Internships in Public Science Education program: a model for informal science education (United States)

    Zenner, Greta


    The NSF-funded Internships in Public Science Education (IPSE) program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students with varied academic background to experience learning and teaching science--specifically nanotechnology--to the general public and middle-school students. The program is in collaboration with Discovery World Museum of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. IPSE interns have created a number of classroom activities ranging from understanding the scale of a nanometer to experimenting with liquid crystal sensors to critically examining the societal implications of nanotechnology. In a new phase of the program, the interns are developing a museum exhibit on nanotechnology to be housed at the Discovery World Museum. Through this experience, intern teams learn about nanotechnology, brainstorm ideas, present and receive feedback on their ideas, and create an exhibit prototype to explain nanotechnology and related science concepts. The program also focuses on professional development, during which interns learn techniques for presenting to non-technical audiences, strategies for assessing their materials, and work on their skills in teamwork, project design, leadership, and science communication.

  2. Heidegger y Agustín. La memoria, la tentación, el tiempo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Constantino Esposito


    Full Text Available El artículo trata la cuestión de la presencia de Agustín en el pensamiento heideggeriano,no sólo como un elemento de primera importancia en la formación del joven Heidegger (junto a la fenomenología de Husserl y la filosofía aristotélica, sino como una tendencia fundamental, aunque oculta,que Heidegger intenta traducir y «metabolizar» en su propio pensamiento. La lectura e interpretaciónde las Confesiones (en particular el libro X sobre la memoria y sobre la tentación y el libro XI sobre el tiempo constituye para Heidegger la ocasión para tomar algunas de sus decisiones teóricas fundamentales.  El hombre es un ser ahí histórico-temporal en el que se plantea el problema del ser y que al mismo tiempo coincide con este problema. Pero mientras para Agustín el hombre es el ente que pregunta frente a un Tú, para Heidegger la pregunta del hombre (la pregunta que es el hombre queda definitivamente ligada a la «nada», porque el misterio del ser no puede manifestarse como una presencia.La posibilidad de las confesiones, como un diálogo dramático entre el yo y la presencia del ser, se transforma para Heidegger en el signo de la finitud del ser ahí y de la imposibilidad del ser mismo. Es como si el conocido comienzo de las Confesiones («… quia fecisti nos ad te et inquietum est cor nostrum,donec requiescat in te» debiera ser traducido, en la perspectiva heideggeriana, como: … et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in semetipso.

  3. New Concepts of Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry: Will They Influence the Way We Conduct Science in General?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Jens; Glasdam, Sidsel-Marie; Larsen, Daniel Bo


    plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) for determination of sodium, were evaluated in terms of the true level of uncertainty and revealed a genuine problem for science that was not addressed in VIM3 and QUAM. Comparison of theory and experimentation definitely requires statistical tools......According to the guide Vocabulary in Metrology (VIM3) (JCGM, 2008), the definition of the concepts of trueness and accuracy has been revised, which has an important impact on analytical chemistry. Additionally, Eurachem/CITAC has published a new edition of the guide to Quantifying Uncertainty......, but in contemporary science two approaches to the implementation of statistics in decision making are used: 1. Short-term precision and 2. long-term precision. Both approaches are valid and both are described using the same methods of statistics. However, they lead to completely different conclusions and decisions...

  4. Le statut juridique des femmes de l’ordre sénatorial : d’Auguste aux Sévères, master 1 d’histoire ancienne, Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne (dir. François Chausson

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aurore Bigot


    Full Text Available In multis iuris nostri articulis deterior est condicio feminarum quam masculorum écrit Papinien vers 200 ap. J.-C. Mais dans quelle mesure les femmes que côtoyait le jurisconsulte jouissaient-elles d'un statut juridique homogène ? Ne serait-il pas vraisemblable d'imaginer que l’épouse de Papinien avait des privilèges supérieurs à ceux des prostituées du Subure, mais inférieurs à ceux détenus par l'impératrice au Palatin? L'étude du statut juridique des femmes de l'ordre sénatorial met en évid...

  5. Metafísica del alma humana


    Guiu Andreu, Ignacio


    Con esta tesis me propongo una comprensión radical del alma humana en términos de ser. Un estudio del alma ut ens, ut habens esse. La composición real de esencia y ser es la clave que nos permite definir metafísicamente a todo ente finito y desentrañar así su estructura última y más profunda. Ahora bien, como la verdad se funda en el ser más que en la esencia, veritas fundatur in esse magis quam in quidditate (In I Sent., d. 19, q. 5, a. 1), la verdad del alma y, en consecuencia, la del hombr...

  6. Phase-space methods in nuclear reactions around the Fermi energy

    CERN Document Server

    Lacroix, D; Lehaut, G; López, O; Vient, E; Lacroix, Denis; Durand, Dominique; Lehaut, Gregory; Lopez, Olivier; Vient, Emmanuel


    Some prescriptions for in-medium complex particle production in nuclear reactions are proposed. They have been implemented in two models to simulate nucleon-nucleus (nIPSE) and nucleus-nucleus (HIPSE) reactions around the Fermi energy \\cite{Lac04,Lac05}. Our work emphasizes the effect of randomness in cluster formation, the importance of the nucleonic Fermi motion as well as the role of conservation laws. The key role of the phase-space exploration before and after secondary decay is underlined. This is illustrated in the case of two debated issues: the memory loss of the entrance channel in central collisions and the $(N,Z)$ partitions after the pre-equilibrium stage.

  7. The tragedy of the subject in the birth of the world-society. About Edgar Morin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Manghi


    Full Text Available In the important Morin’s work La Méthode, the autonomy (autos of the subject is constituted, in each living being, by a dialogic tension between opposite/complementary polarities: the anonymous idem and the singularity of ipse. In the human subject, this tension is “tragically” unfinshed, and this implies the development of a very high creativity. The subject uninterruptly re-generates himself, together with the relational, social and ecological contexts he is a part of, through a complex cooperation/opposition between the sapiens and demens components of his body-brain-mind. The challenge of the present time, characterized by the birth of an entirely new kind of socio-ecological context, the world-society, is the birth of a new kind of human subjectivity.

  8. Ricœur et Butler: Lumières sur le débat sexe/genre, à travers le prisme de l’identité narrative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marjolaine Deschênes


    Full Text Available This article indicates a reflective paradigm generally ignored in feminist research regarding the sex/gender debate, as presented in the work of Judith Butler (Gender Trouble.  First, I address the fact that Butler’s philosophy is inscribed in the hermeneutical tradition of suspicion. Second, I put into relief the implicitly Platonic concept of mimesis, which is central to the anticipated subversion of gender, but uncriticized by Butler and others who follow her line of thought.  Third, since Butler’s feminism can’t ward off dualism, nor consider idem and ipse identity, I emphasize Paul Ricoeur ’s concept of triple mimesis and narrative identity, which allows us to depart from dichotomies and hierarchies.  Following the path of Ricoeur and Françoise Heritier, I finally defend a feminist hermeneutical point of view, which is differentialist and universal.

  9. The use of Statistical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iram Saleem


    Full Text Available Statistics is an important tool to handle the vast data of present era as statistics can interpret all the information in such a beauty that so many conclusions can be extracted from it. The aim of this study is to see the use of statistical methods in Mechanical Engineering (ME therefore; we selected research papers published in 2010 from the well reputed journals in ME under Taylor and Francis Company LTD. More than 350 research papers were downloaded from well reputed ME journals such as Inverse Problem in Science and Engineering (IPSE, Machining Science and Technology (MST, Materials and Manufacturing Processes (MMP, Particulate Science and Technology (PST and Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNE. We recorded the statistical techniques/methods used in each research paper. In this study, we presented frequency distribution of descriptive statistics and advance level statistical methods used in five of the ME journals in 2010.

  10. 一种实现MPLS VPN安全性的方案设计%Design of implementation of MPLS VPN security

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    安计勇; 夏士雄


    文章通过分析MPLS VPN无法完全保证数据的机密性和完整性的安全性缺陷,以及不易实现移动用户的VPN接入.综合MPLS VPN和IPSec VPN的优点,提出了一种在MPLS VPN应用IPSec来保证数据传输的安全性,应用IPSec VPN在CE设备实现移动用户的VPN接入的新方案.该方案既具有IPSeC VPN的高安全性和移动性,又具有MPLS VPN的高速交换、OoS保证、流量工程以及可扩展性的优点.

  11. Narrativas da herança multicultural: televisão e identidade discursiva Narratives of the multicultural heritage: television and discursive identity


    Adriana Stürmer; Ada Cristina Machado Silveira


    A análise de edições da série televisiva Preserve o que é nosso estuda a produção de sen tido a partir de narrativas sobre os imigrantes de uma área específica do sul do Brasil — os Vales do Rio Pardo e Taquari. Trata-se, aqui, de observar de que forma as perspectivas da identidade-idem, ou mesmidade, e da identidade-ipse, ou ipseidade, entram em negociação para a construção da identidade discursiva. A inserção do programete no fluxo televisivo coloca em evidência, de maneira irretocável, o p...

  12. Narrativas da herança multicultural: televisão e identidade discursiva Narratives of the multicultural heritage: television and discursive identity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Stürmer


    Full Text Available A análise de edições da série televisiva Preserve o que é nosso estuda a produção de sen tido a partir de narrativas sobre os imigrantes de uma área específica do sul do Brasil — os Vales do Rio Pardo e Taquari. Trata-se, aqui, de observar de que forma as perspectivas da identidade-idem, ou mesmidade, e da identidade-ipse, ou ipseidade, entram em negociação para a construção da identidade discursiva. A inserção do programete no fluxo televisivo coloca em evidência, de maneira irretocável, o peso que uma negociação identitária adquire quando se considera uma audiência multicultural. As negociações envolvem ainda considerar os conflitos de interesses manifestos nas grades de programação entre a emissora local, a regional e a cabeça-de-rede nacional. Narratives of the multicultural heritage: television and discursive identity — The analysis of episodes of the television series "Preserve o que é nosso" (Preserve what is ours studies the production of meaning based on narratives about the immigrants of a specific area in southern Brazil — the valleys of the Pardo and Taquari rivers. It involves observing how the perspectives of idem identity or sameness, and ipse identity or selfhood enter into negotiation for the construction of the discursive identity. The insertion of shorties in the television flow is indisputable evidence of the weight an identity negotiation takes on when one considers a multicultural audience. The negotiations also involve conflicts of interest between the TV's local and regional stations and the national head of the network, which are manifested in the network's programming schedule.

  13. Changruicaoia Z. Y. Zhu——A new genus of Labiatae from Mount Emei, Sichuan, China%长蕊草属——四川峨眉山唇形科植物一新属

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@长蕊草属新属 Changruicaoia Z. Y. Zhu, gen. nov. Herba perennis; rhizoma robustum procumbens. Caulis rectus quadrangularis quadrisulcatus supra ramosus. Folia triangularia vel triangulari_cordata usque cordata, margine crasse dentata, subtus plerumque purpurea, longius petiolata. Inflorescentia paniculata e cymis 3~16-floris composita; bracteae longe ovatae vel oblongae; bracteolae acerosae, interdum absentes. Calyx tubulatus 15_nervus, intus ad medium piloso-annulatus apice 3/2_bilabiatus, labio supero trilobo, lobo medio maximo ovato_rotundato, margine integro vel repando, lobis lateralibus oblique oblongis apice cuspidatis, labio infero bilobo lobis lanceolatis apice cuspidatis. Corolla flava vel flavida, sursum sensim ampliata, limbo bilabiato, labio supero bilobo recto, labio infero trilobo, lobo medio maximo oblongo, lobis lateralibus oblique ovatis. Stamina 4, ex labio supero exserta, anteriora 2 longiora, 2-plo longiora quam corollae tubus, filamentis filiformibus, antheris ovoideis, loculis semidivergentibus. Discus patelliformis. Ovarium 4_lobum; stylus staminibus longior; stigma subaequaliter bilobum. Nuculae obtuso-triangulo-oblongae, fuscae, reticulato_lacunosae, umbilicis oblongis parvis.

  14. Applications of Singh-Rajput Mes in Recall Operations of Quantum Associative Memory for a Two- Qubit System (United States)

    Singh, Manu Pratap; Rajput, B. S.


    Recall operations of quantum associative memory (QuAM) have been conducted separately through evolutionary as well as non-evolutionary processes in terms of unitary and non- unitary operators respectively by separately choosing our recently derived maximally entangled states (Singh-Rajput MES) and Bell's MES as memory states for various queries and it has been shown that in each case the choices of Singh-Rajput MES as valid memory states are much more suitable than those of Bell's MES. it has been demonstrated that in both the types of recall processes the first and the fourth states of Singh-Rajput MES are most suitable choices as memory states for the queries `11' and `00' respectively while none of the Bell's MES is a suitable choice as valid memory state in these recall processes. It has been demonstrated that all the four states of Singh-Rajput MES are suitable choice as valid memory states for the queries `1?', `?1', `?0' and `0?' while none of the Bell's MES is suitable choice as the valid memory state for these queries also.

  15. Zoonotic helminths affecting the human eye

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eberhard Mark L


    Full Text Available Abstract Nowaday, zoonoses are an important cause of human parasitic diseases worldwide and a major threat to the socio-economic development, mainly in developing countries. Importantly, zoonotic helminths that affect human eyes (HIE may cause blindness with severe socio-economic consequences to human communities. These infections include nematodes, cestodes and trematodes, which may be transmitted by vectors (dirofilariasis, onchocerciasis, thelaziasis, food consumption (sparganosis, trichinellosis and those acquired indirectly from the environment (ascariasis, echinococcosis, fascioliasis. Adult and/or larval stages of HIE may localize into human ocular tissues externally (i.e., lachrymal glands, eyelids, conjunctival sacs or into the ocular globe (i.e., intravitreous retina, anterior and or posterior chamber causing symptoms due to the parasitic localization in the eyes or to the immune reaction they elicit in the host. Unfortunately, data on HIE are scant and mostly limited to case reports from different countries. The biology and epidemiology of the most frequently reported HIE are discussed as well as clinical description of the diseases, diagnostic considerations and video clips on their presentation and surgical treatment. Homines amplius oculis, quam auribus credunt Seneca Ep 6,5 Men believe their eyes more than their ears

  16. Sexualidade e a interseção com o cuidado na prática profissional de enfermeiras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia Helena Rodrigues Costa


    Full Text Available Esta pesquisa teve como objetivo analisar a interseção entre sexualidade e cuidado de enfermagem enquanto prática social. Trata-se de pesquisa de abordagem qualitativa, tendo como referencial a Teoria Feminista do Ponto de Vista e gênero como categoria analítica. Foi desenvolvida junto a nove enfermeiras de Barbacena, estado de Minas Gerais. O material empírico foi produzido por meio de histórias de vida e analisado através da análise de discurso crítica. Os resultados apontam que a sexualidade possui uma transversalidade que atravessa as maneiras de cuidar nas suas diferentes formas e lugares: do cuidado direto com o corpo do(a outro(a às dificuldades apresentadas por algumas enfermeiras em lidar com situações que não se adéquam às normas socialmente aceitas da heterossexualidade.

  17. 143rd and 144th meetings of the Governing Board of the Pension Fund

    CERN Multimedia


    The Governing Board of the Pension Fund held its 143rd and 144th meetings on 16 May and 13 June respectively. At the first of these two meetings, the Board took note of the report by the Austrian Court of Audit on the 2005 financial year and of the associated comments by the Administration of the Fund. It also listened to a report by the Chairman of the Investment Committee on the latter's 10 May meeting, at which the two fund managers responsible for the "QUAM" and "Far East Ex-Japan" portfolios had been interviewed and their performances judged satisfactory. The Committee had also decided to commission ORTEC to carry out a full assets/liabilities modelling study during the current year. During the meeting, the Board also approved a document setting out its position on the CERN debt to the Pension Fund, which would be submitted to the Finance Committee and Council in June. It underlined that the reimbursement of the debt would be advantageous for the Fund as well as for the Laboratory and that it would re...

  18. Promesa e ipseidad: La crítica de Ricoeur al reduccionismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Ignacio Blanco Ilari


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: La distinción idem - ipse es una de las claves del pensamiento de Ricoeur. El juego de la mutua distinción-relación es el eje de su antropología filosófica. Esta distinción le permite establecer una crítica al reduccionismo, en especial el representado por Parfit. En este trabajo analizaremos esta crítica a la luz del fenómeno de la promesa, modelo de la identidad - ipseidad. Intentaremos mostrar de qué manera Ricoeur establece la condición de posibilidad del prometer a través de un triple acceso: lingüístico, moral y ontológico. De esta manera iremos elaborando una red categorial que tiene como ejes la noción de fuerza ilocutiva, la respuesta a las expectativas del otro, y la disponibilidad. La terna lenguaje - moral - ontología cumple, entonces, una doble función, por un lado muestra las debilidades del reduccionismo, y por otro, elabora una ontología alternativa: la ontología de la ipseidad.ABSTRACT: The distinction idem - ipse is one of the keys of Ricoeur's thought. The interaction of the mutual distinction - relation is the core of his philosophical anthropology. This distinction allows him to establish criticism towards reductionism, particularly that represented by Derek Parfit. In this paper, we will analyze this criticism in the light of the phenomenon of the promise, model of the identity - ipseity. We will try to show how Ricoeur establishes the condition of possibility of a promise by means of a triple access: a linguistic, moral, and ontological access. This way, we will create a categorial network that has the notion of illocutionary force, the response to the expectations of others and the availability as central elements. The triad language - moral - ontology therefore fulfils a double function, it shows the weaknesses of reductionism, and devises an alternative ontology: the ontology of ipseity.

  19. Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of a model cogeneration system; Analise exergoeconomica e otimizacao de um modelo de sistema de cogeracao

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vieira, Leonardo S.R. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Area de Conhecimento de Materiais e Mecanica]. E-mail:; Donatelli, Joao L.M. [Espirito Santo Univ., Vitoria, ES (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:; Cruz, Manuel E.C. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica]. E-mail:


    In this paper we perform exergetic and exergoeconomic analyses, a mathematical optimization and an exergoeconomic optimization of a gas turbine-heat recovery boiler cogeneration system with fixed electricity and steam production rates. The exergy balance is calculated with the IPSE pro thermal system simulation program. In the exergetic analysis, exergy destruction rates, exergetic efficiencies and structural bond coefficients for each component are evaluated as functions of the decision variables of the optimization problem. In the exergoeconomic analysis the cost for each exergetic flow is determined through cost balance equations and additional auxiliary equations from cost partition criteria. Mathematical optimization is performed by the metric variable method (software EES - Engineering Equation Solver) and by the successive quadratic programming (IMSL library - Fortran Power Station). The exergoeconomic optimization is performed on the basis of the exergoeconomic variables. System optimization is also performed by evaluating the derivative of the objective function through finite differences. This paper concludes with a comparison between the four optimization techniques employed. (author)

  20. 意大利移动市场考察报告

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋俊德; 金幼民


    截至2002年4月底,意大利的移动通信用户数已超过5 200万,普及率高达88%,用户规模仅次于德国,是欧洲第二大移动通信市场.目前,意大利共有4家GSM移动运营商:TIM,Omnitel Vodafone,Wind和Blu,分别占有市场份额的46.7%、34.4%、15.3%和3.6%.意大利的运营商早在1998年就开始了移动互联网业务的市场培育工作,现在,移动互联网业务收入在意大利各运营商的总业务收入中已经占到10%~15%的比例.意大利的3G牌照是通过拍卖的方式颁发,Omnitel Vodafone,TIM,Wind,IPSE2000,Wind,和H3G五家运营商获得了3G执照.

  1. Octavian Paler’s Caminante – The Journey as Intercultural Dialogue and Self-definition of Identity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia CIUCĂ


    Full Text Available Identity is a polymorphous concept, defined in the current theoretical approaches as an ongoing process and as an always dynamic report between the ipse and idem poles - according to Paul Ricoeur’s terminology in Soi-même comme un autre. From this point of view, the self pluri-identity stances are closely related to otherness, because self-affirmation requires a constant reference to the other. A careful observer, penetrating to the essence of things, Octavian Paler performs in his travel journals a series of reflections, reviews and cultural considerations, comparisons between cultures and civilizations. One such text is Caminante, which is not just a travel book, as it may look at the first glance. Assuming that the work is a confession of the writer’s experiences in the distant lands of Mexico, an analysis of the contradictions, of civilizations clashes, of different cultures, or of differences in mentality, this paper aims to follow how is the other perceived in relation to his own identity and cultural formation.

  2. Origen y desarrollo de los programas de seguimiento y cuidados para pacientes mentales graves y crónicos en la comunidad.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Alonso Suárez


    Full Text Available En el presente trabajo se revisan los distintos modelos de Programas de Seguimiento y Cuidado de enfermos mentales graves y crónicos en la comunidad (Modelo de agencia, «case management» clínico, «case management» intensivo, tratamiento asertivo comunitario, modelo de competencias y modelo rehabilitador y se analizan sus características diferenciales. Así mismo se describen los programas de estas características que se han desarrollado en el estado español en las últimas décadas y se presentan los resultados preliminares del estudio IPSE («Impacto de los Programas de Seguimiento y Cuidados en personas con trastornos Esquizofrénicos en la Comunidad» en cuanto a: la valoración cualitativa de los programas por parte de los usuarios y familiares, las características que contribuyen al adecuado funcionamiento del programa y a la consecución de los objetivos, y los obstáculos comunes a su adecuada implementación.

  3. Becoming a nurse: "it's just who I am". (United States)

    Flaming, D


    In any research study, researchers situate themselves, either explicitly or implicitly, within a variety of frameworks when studying phenomena. From a research perspective, the study will be more robust if these frameworks and the accompanying assumptions are compatible with each other; otherwise, the project may lack coherence. Ricoeur offers a methodological perspective-that is, an interpretive theory as reflected in mimesis, which is congruent with his ontological theory of self identity (ipse- and idem-identity). To illustrate Ricoeur's frameworks when researching the self identities, I use examples from a research study in which I asked senior nursing students to explore their experience of becoming a nurse. I do not intend for this article to be a comprehensive research report, but I present it as an exemplar of how Ricoeur's ideas can guide other researchers studying self identity. I labelled my study a narrative research project and assumed that becoming a nurse means developing a self identity as a nurse. While self identity is often framed in psychological terms, Ricoeur uses a philosophical perspective when exploring this concept. I conclude the paper by suggesting (a) that Ricoeur can guide any project in which researchers ask participants to describe "becoming" a person with illness, sickness or disease, and (b) that educators of healthcare professional students can improve the educative experience by purposefully considering how a student's ontological self affects that student's practice.

  4. Knowledge-based detection method for SAR targets

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Fei Gao; Achang Ru; Jun Wang; Shiyi Mao


    When the classical constant false-alarm rate (CFAR) combined with fuzzy C-means (FCM) algorithm is applied to target detection in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images with com-plex background, CFAR requires block-by-block estimation of clut-ter models and FCM clustering converges to local optimum. To address these problems, this paper pro-poses a new detection algorithm: knowledge-based combined with improved genetic algorithm-fuzzy C-means (GA-FCM) algorithm. Firstly, the algo-rithm takes target region’s maximum and average intensity, area, length of long axis and long-to-short axis ratio of the external el ipse as factors which influence the target appearing probabil-ity. The knowledge-based detection algorithm can produce pre-process results without the need of estimation of clutter models as CFAR does. Afterward the GA-FCM algorithm is improved to clus-ter pre-process results. It has advantages of incorporating global optimizing ability of GA and local optimizing ability of FCM, which wil further eliminate false alarms and get better results. The ef-fectiveness of the proposed technique is experimental y validated with real SAR images.

  5. Eugenius Hugo Edward Anders (1874-1924 praepositus et primus decanatus in Piekary decanus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janusz Wycisło


    Full Text Available In numéro multorum Silesiae Superioris meritorum sacerdotum Eugenius Anders habetur, qui Anno Domini 1913 praepositus sanctuarii Beatae Mariae Virginis in Piekary prope civitatem Bytom siti, nominatus est. Eo parocho vix undecim annos residente primum bellum mundanum gerebatur nec non multae controversiae litesque Polonorum et Germanorum in Silesiae Superioris sortibus ortae sunt. Hie rebus factum est, ut trčs seditiones facerentur et pars harum terrarum Poloniae ingeretur. Dominus Anders quamvis morbis variis laborans inceptis negotiis praedecessorum suorum assiduam curam et operam dabat ac munera sacerdotalia summo studio adimplebat. Numerum celebrationum in sanctuario auxit, agmina peregrin at orum maiori simper in numéro affluentium ordinavit, cantum ad Festum Nativitatis Christi, cum homines ad cantandum convenire solebant, fovit atque sustentavit. Anno 1917 librum novum, qui de calvaria inscribitur. in lucem edidit. Oue omnia ab eo facta oblivioni venisse videntnr Ipse en im tamquam sanctuarii administrator, qui magistratus ac publicos ministros hospitio excipere solebat, plerumque memoratur. Exemplum singulare adversus Ecclesiam pietatis ac in afflictionibus perseverantiae vir ille nobis praebuit, tamen nomen eius a scriptoribus, sive Polonis sive Germanis, vitam, mores et facta virirum illustrium exponentibus omittitur.

  6. Study of energetic particle dynamics in Harbin Dipole eXperiment (HDX) on Space Plasma Environment Research Facility (SPERF) (United States)

    Zhibin, W.; Xiao, Q.; Wang, X.; Xiao, C.; Zheng, J.; E, P.; Ji, H.; Ding, W.; Lu, Q.; Ren, Y.; Mao, A.


    Zhibin Wang1, Qingmei Xiao1, Xiaogang Wang1, Chijie Xiao2, Jinxing Zheng3, Peng E1, Hantao Ji1,5, Weixing Ding4, Quaming Lu6, Y. Ren1,5, Aohua Mao11 Laboratory for Space Environment and Physical Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China 150001 2 State Key Lab of Nuclear Physics & Technology, and School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China 100871 3ASIPP, Hefei, China, 230031 4University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 90095 5Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08543 6University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China, 230026 A new terrella device for laboratory studies of space physics relevant to the inner magnetospheric plasmas, Harbin Dipole eXperiment (HDX), is scheduled to be built at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China. HDX is one of two essential parts of Space Plasma Environment Research Facility (SPERF), which is a major national research facility for space physics studies. HDX is designed to provide a laboratory experimental platform to reproduce the earth's magnetospheric structure for investigations on the mechanism of acceleration/loss and wave-particle interaction of energetic particles in radiation belt, and on the influence of magnetic storms on the inner magnetosphere. It can be operated together with Harbin Reconnection eXperiment (HRX), which is another part of SPERF, to study the fundamental processes during interactions between solar wind and Earth's magnetosphere. In this presentation, the scientific goals and experimental plans for HDX, together with the means applied to generate the plasma with desired parameters, including multiple plasma sources and different kinds of coils with specific functions, as well as advanced diagnostics designed to be equipped to the facility for multi-functions, are reviewed. Three typical scenarios of HDX with operations of various coils and plasma sources to study specific physical processes in space plasmas will also be

  7. O trailer, o filme e a serialidade no modelo dos blockbusters do cinema hollywoodiano contemporâneo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Márcio Carneiro dos Santos


    Full Text Available A relação entre trailer e filme, dentro do atual modelo de produção e comercialização da indústria do cinema americano, perpassa o simples binômio “peça de divulgação x produto divulgado”, para criar uma nova lógica de intertextualidades a partir da reconfiguração da narrativa original, em diversos paratextos fílmicos que se adéquam aos muitos canais de comunicação utilizados nas campanhas de lançamento dos grandes filmes hollywoodianos. Nesse cenário, que começa a se consolidar a partir das três últimas décadas do século XX, uma lógica de serialidade é estabelecida entre os diversos elementos produzidos com essa finalidade, que inclui as vezes também, nos casos de grande sucesso de bilheteria, as próprias sequencias dos filmes originais e que, no conjunto, se utilizam de vários recursos característicos das séries ficcionais, tais como a construção do suspense e o uso de ganchos, agora não apenas para garantir a manutenção do interesse do espectador  a espera do próximo episódio, mas sim para fazê-lo acompanhar todo o desenvolvimento do produto filme, desde os seus primeiros momentos de produção até sua comercialização em mercados secundários, como o de games, licenciamento, parques temáticos e outros.

  8. The activities of the Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in Wiśnicz (1630–1782

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Szczepan T. Praśkiewicz


    Full Text Available Commencing with the words spoken by Stanisław Lubomirski, the founder of the monastery, in 1641, in the presence of King Władysław IV, that „the religious fraternity of Wiśnicz should strictly follow their religious discipline”, this study outlines the activities of the Discalced Carmelites in Wiśnicz, noting that the first and most fundamental aim of their apostolic religious life is fidelity to the charism and the living testimony which St. Teresa of Jesus, the reformer of the Carmelites, expressed in the words: „operibus magis, quam verbis doceant”. This study shows the activity of the monastery ad intra and ad extra. The first section elaborates upon the formation of novices and seminarians, the role of the richly stocked monastery library, the Provincial Chapters held in Wiśnicz, the care and management of goods and the maintenance of the facilities. On the other hand, in the ad extra section, there are descriptions of sacramental ministry, preaching of the Word of God in the monastery church, the promotion of local vocations, travels for the purposes of evangelization, the writing activities of the religious men and the specific apostolate of the Order (to spread devotion to Blessed Mary with a special promotion of the Scapular, the devotion to St. Joseph, to St. Teresa of Jesus and giving spiritual direction to the Discalced Carmelite nuns, as well as evidence of assistance provided by them during periods of exile due to wars and plagues. In a nutshell, the Discalced Carmelites of Wiśnicz knew that you need contemplata aliis tradere and that suprema lex is salus animarum.

  9. Validation of S-NPP VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieved from NAVO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qianguang Tu


    Full Text Available The validation of sea surface temperature (SST retrieved from the new sensor Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP Satellite is essential for the interpretation, use, and improvement of the new generation SST product. In this study, the magnitude and characteristics of uncertainties in S-NPP VIIRS SST produced by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO are investigated. The NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST and eight types of quality-controlled in situ SST from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in situ Quality Monitor (iQuam are condensed into a Taylor diagram. Considering these comparisons and their spatial coverage, the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST is then validated using collocated drifters measured SST via a three-way error analysis which also includes SST derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS onboard AQUA. The analysis shows that the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST is of high accuracy, which lies between the drifters measured SST and AQUA MODIS SST. The histogram of NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST root-mean-square error (RMSE shows normality in the range of 0–0.6 °C with a median of ~0.31 °C. Global distribution of NAVO VIIRS SST shows pronounced warm biases up to 0.5 °C in the Southern Hemisphere at high latitudes with respect to the drifters measured SST, while near-zero biases are observed in AQUA MODIS. It means that these biases may be caused by the NAVO S-NPP VIIRS SST retrieval algorithm rather than the nature of the SST. The reasons and correction for this bias need to be further studied.

  10. Laboratory Study of Magnetic Reconnection in 3D Geometry Relevant to Magnetopause and Magnetotail (United States)

    Ren, Y.; Lu, Q.; Ji, H.; Mao, A.; Wang, X.; E, P.; Wang, Z.; Xiao, Q.; Ding, W.; Zheng, J.


    Laboratory Study of Magnetic Reconnection in 3D Geometry Relevant to Magnetopause and Magnetotail Y. Ren1,2, Quaming Lu3, Hantao Ji1,2, Aohua Mao1, Xiaogang Wang1, Peng E1, Zhibin Wang1, Qingmei Xiao1, Weixing Ding4, Jinxing Zheng51 Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China2 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08543 3University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China 4University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 90095 5ASIPP, Hefei, China A new magnetic reconnection experiment, Harbin reconnection eXperiment (HRX), is currently being designed as a key part of Space Plasma Environment Research Facility (SPERF) at Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin, China. HRX aims to provide a unique experimental platform for studying reconnections in 3D geometry relevant to magnetopause and magnetotail to address: the role of electron and ion-scale dynamics in the current sheet; particle and energy transfer from magnetosheath to magnetosphere; particle energization/heating mechanisms during magnetic reconnection; 3D effects in fast reconnection, e.g. the role of 3D magnetic null point. HRX employs a unique set of coils to generate the required 3D magnetic geometry and provides a wide range of plasma parameters. Here, important motivating scientific problems are reviewed and the physics design of HRX is presented, including plasma parameters determined from Vlasov scaling law, reconnection scenarios explored using vacuum magnetic field calculations and numerical simulations of HRX using hybrid and MHD codes. Plasma diagnostics plan and engineering design of important coils will also be briefly presented.

  11. 不同全瓷冠边缘适合性的实验研究%The Evaluation of Different All-ceramic System in Vitro Marginal Fit

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    钱捷; 盛迅; 丁仲鹃


    Objective To evaluate the marginal fit of two all-ceramic crown systems with the metal-ceramic crown as the control group.Methods An extracted maxillofacial premolar was prepared for a full crown and 30 resin casts were subsequently duplicated.All-Ceramic crown (n =5) was fabricated on the resin casts using IPS e.max press and Cercon Y-TZP (yttriumcation-doped tetragonal zirconia polycrystals) with the metal ceramic crown as a comparison.The absolute marginal discrepancy (AMD) of the full crown was assessed by stereomicroscopy.The data were analyzed using 1-way ANOVA (α =0.05) Results The means of AMD were 58.03 ± 22.90 μm for the IPS e.max press group,90.23 ± 24.13 μm for the Cercon group and 51.68 ± 23.02 μm for the control group.There was a statistically significant difference between the Cercon group and the other two groups (P<0.01) but no significant difference was found between IPS e.max press group and the control group.Conclusion Within the limitation of this in vitro study,the marginal fit of all-ceramic crown systems is acceptable in clinical practices.The marginal fit of IPS e.max press is better than Cercon system (P<0.01),but no significant difference is found statistically between IPS e.max press group and the control group.%目的 比较IPS e.max press热压铸全瓷冠、Cercon计算机辅助设计制作的全瓷冠的边缘适合性.方法 取正畸拔除的上颌双尖牙1颗,制备全瓷冠的牙体模型,复制30个树脂代型,其中15个用于分别制作IPSe.maxpress、Cercon全瓷冠,对照组钴铬烤瓷冠(n=5),15个体视显微镜下观察、评价全冠边缘适合性,实验数据用进行单因素方差分析.结果 3组试件完全边缘缝隙的平均值(66.65±28.07).μm,IPS e.max press组(58.03±22.90) μm,Cercon组(90.23±24.13) μm,钴铬烤瓷组(51.68±23.02) μm,Cercon组的边缘缝隙最大,与其它2组差异有统计学意义(P<0.01).IPS e.max press组与钴铬烤瓷组完全边缘缝隙比

  12. Motivações do conceito de corpo-si: corpo-si, atividade, experiência = Motivations of the concept of selfbody: selfbody, activity, experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schwartz, Yves


    Full Text Available Este texto busca explicar a função de convergências e questões possibilitadoras do desenvolvimento da tese segundo a qual toda atividade de trabalho é sempre “uso de si, por si e por outros” (SCHWARTZ, 1987. Sucessivas reformulações levaram ao estabelecimento do seguinte princípio: toda atividade industriosa é sempre uma “dramática do uso de um corpo-si” (remetendo “dramática” à necessidade contínua de travar debates com normas. Sendo a atividade humana identificada assim como um contínuo debate de normas cujo lócus é o corpo-si, convém perguntar como, em termos de diferentes medidas temporais, esses debates se encaixam (à maneira das bonecas russas, ou seja, de que maneira as relações valorativas nos meios de vida e de trabalho se incorporam ao âmago do corpo-si, inclusive em termos de temporalidades mais curtas, “escondidas no corpo”. Cabe assim entender qual é a unidade enigmática dessa entidade – o corpo-si – que acumula experiência e saberes de formas extremamente diversas, notadamente em sua relação com a linguagem, que articula patrimônio epistêmico e sensibilidade axiológica, sem deixar de estar disponível para ou restrita por micro-escolhas e reajustamentos que a vida não cessa de lhe propor ou impor. O texto, retomando parcialmente, segundo seus objetivos, a distinção entre idem e ipse (RICOEUR, pretende conceber debates de normas encaixados como o cerne da dialética entre essas dimensões

  13. Use of humanised rat basophilic leukaemia cell line RS-ATL8 for the assessment of allergenicity of Schistosoma mansoni proteins.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Wan


    Full Text Available Parasite-specific IgE is thought to correlate with protection against Schistosoma mansoni infection or re-infection. Only a few molecular targets of the IgE response in S. mansoni infection have been characterised. A better insight into the basic mechanisms of anti-parasite immunity could be gained from a genome-wide characterisation of such S. mansoni allergens. This would have repercussions on our understanding of allergy and the development of safe and efficacious vaccinations against helminthic parasites.A complete medium- to high-throughput amenable workflow, including important quality controls, is described, which enables the rapid translation of S. mansoni proteins using wheat germ lysate and subsequent assessment of potential allergenicity with a humanised Rat Basophilic Leukemia (RBL reporter cell line. Cell-free translation is completed within 90 minutes, generating sufficient amounts of parasitic protein for rapid screening of allergenicity without any need for purification. Antigenic integrity is demonstrated using Western Blotting. After overnight incubation with infected individuals' serum, the RS-ATL8 reporter cell line is challenged with the complete wheat germ translation mixture and Luciferase activity measured, reporting cellular activation by the suspected allergen. The suitability of this system for characterization of novel S. mansoni allergens is demonstrated using well characterised plant and parasitic allergens such as Par j 2, SmTAL-1 and the IgE binding factor IPSE/alpha-1, expressed in wheat germ lysates and/or E. coli. SmTAL-1, but not SmTAL2 (used as a negative control, was able to activate the basophil reporter cell line.This method offers an accessible way for assessment of potential allergenicity of anti-helminthic vaccine candidates and is suitable for medium- to high-throughput studies using infected individual sera. It is also suitable for the study of the basis of allergenicity of helminthic proteins.

  14. Evaluation of early diagnostic value of 6 antigens from Schistosoma japonicum in mice%血吸虫感染小鼠早期诊断抗原的研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王玠; 余传信; 殷旭仁; 钱春艳; 宋丽君; 许永良; 何伟; 曹国群


    目的 对已知的6种日本血吸虫抗原的早期诊断价值进行评价,为研制用于哨鼠早期诊断的免疫试剂提供候选抗原.方法 用日本血吸虫尾蚴感染小鼠,收集感染前及感染后不同时间的小鼠血清.采用重组日本血吸虫中国大陆株23 kDa膜蛋白大亲水性肽段与谷胱甘肽的融合表达蛋白(GST-HD)、可溶性虫卵抗原(SEA)、血吸虫四跨膜蛋白第二亲水基团(TSP2HD)、血吸虫虫卵蛋白(IPSE)、日本血吸虫虫卵毛蚴抗原(SiMP-10)及日本血吸虫信号蛋白(Sj14-3-3)作为诊断抗原,采用酶联免疫吸附试验检测感染血吸虫后不同时间小鼠血清中特异性抗体IgM和IgG水平,通过分析感染后不同时间点抗原特异性抗体水平变化及阳性率,筛选具有血吸虫感染早期诊断价值的抗原分子.采用免疫印迹试验进一步验证其对血吸虫急性感染早期诊断的价值.结果 感染后第18、21、28天,抗GST-HD抗体IgM阳性率分别为60%、70%、100%,特异性IgG阳性率分别为40%、60%、90%;抗SEA抗体IgM阳性率为50%、60%、90%,特异性IgG阳性率为20%、50%、70%;抗TSP2HD抗体IgM阳性率为30%、40%、50%,特异性IgG阳性率为20%、30%、70%;抗IPSE抗体IgM阳性率为20%、30%、50%,特异性IgG阳性率为20%、30%、60%;抗SjMP-10抗体IgM阳性率为10%、20%、20%,特异性IgG阳性率为10%、20%、30%;抗Sj14-3-3抗体IgM阳性率为0、10%、20%,特异性IgG阳性率为0、10%、30%.以GST-HD融合蛋白和SEA为抗原,检测小鼠早期感染血吸虫的敏感性高于Sj14-3-3、IPSE、TSP、MP-10,检测IgM的敏感性高于IgG.免疫印迹试验结果显示,SEA中分子量在73 kDa左右的蛋白条带可被感染后1周小鼠血清所识别,并随着时间推移反应加强.GST-HD最早出现反应的血清是感染后第10天小鼠血清,反应强度在感染后第5周达到最强.结论 重组GST-HD融合蛋白与SEA中分子量约73 kDa的蛋白分子具有血吸虫感染早期诊断

  15. Práticas psicológicas: enfrentamentos entre saúde pública e saúde coletiva Psychological practices: confrontations between public health and collective health

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anita Guazzelli Bernardes


    Full Text Available Este artigo tem como objetivo problematizar as formas pelas quais a Psicologia se articula ao campo da saúde coletiva. O texto utiliza-se de uma estratégia genealógica, considerando as ferramentas foucaultianas de biopoder, verdade e subjetividade. O estudo reflete sobre as modificações das práticas psicológicas produzidas quando o fato psicológico deixa de ser um domínio do organismo para tornar-se um efeito da história de vida dos sujeitos. Essa transformação diz respeito à aproximação das práticas psicológicas do campo das políticas públicas de saúde. Entende-se que essa aproximação se conforma como um campo de lutas em que operam tanto uma lógica individualizante, quando as práticas psicológicas adéquam as políticas públicas a uma racionalidade tecnicista, tutelar e privatista, quanto uma lógica de militância na saúde, produzida pela adequação das práticas psicológicas ao direito e à cidadania.This article aims at problematizing the ways through which Psychology articulates with the collective health field. We have employed a genealogical strategy, using Foucauldian analysis tools, such as bio-power, truth, and subjectivity. This study is a reflection on modifications of psychological practices produced when the psychological fact is no longer an organism domain, becoming an effect of the subjects' life history. Such change concerns the approximation of psychological practices to the field of public health policies. This approximation is understood as a battlefield in which both individualizing logic and the logic of health militancy operate; the former is present when psychological practices fit public policies into a technical, tutelary, private rationality, and the latter is produced through conformity of psychological practices to both right and citizenship.

  16. Epidemiology of dengue: past, present and future prospects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murray NE


    Full Text Available Natasha Evelyn Anne Murray,1,2 Mikkel B Quam,1 Annelies Wilder-Smith1,31Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany; 2Population Health, Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand; 3Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeAbstract: Dengue is currently regarded globally as the most important mosquito-borne viral disease. A history of symptoms compatible with dengue can be traced back to the Chin Dynasty of 265–420 AD. The virus and its vectors have now become widely distributed throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly over the last half-century. Significant geographic expansion has been coupled with rapid increases in incident cases, epidemics, and hyperendemicity, leading to the more severe forms of dengue. Transmission of dengue is now present in every World Health Organization (WHO region of the world and more than 125 countries are known to be dengue endemic. The true impact of dengue globally is difficult to ascertain due to factors such as inadequate disease surveillance, misdiagnosis, and low levels of reporting. Currently available data likely grossly underestimates the social, economic, and disease burden. Estimates of the global incidence of dengue infections per year have ranged between 50 million and 200 million; however, recent estimates using cartographic approaches suggest this number is closer to almost 400 million. The expansion of dengue is expected to increase due to factors such as the modern dynamics of climate change, globalization, travel, trade, socioeconomics, settlement and also viral evolution. No vaccine or specific antiviral therapy currently exists to address the growing threat of dengue. Prompt case detection and appropriate clinical management can reduce the mortality from severe dengue. Effective vector control is the mainstay of dengue prevention and control. Surveillance and improved reporting of dengue

  17. Planejamento estratégico e auditoria de gestão: similaridades com o modelo coso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeisom de Melo Fajardo


    Full Text Available A nova metodologia de Tomada de Contas implementada pelo Tribunal de Contas da União (TCU originou, no ambiente de controle da Gestão Pública, a necessidade da avaliação ampla do desempenho das instituições, tarefa até certo ponto inédita em relação aos trabalhos de campo numa auditoria. Para isso, é muito importante, dentro do contexto da auditoria de avaliação gestão (AVG, o acesso irrestrito ao âmago da instituição a que se pretende auditar. De outra forma, o COSO – The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations – (Comite das organizações patrocinadoras é uma organização privada, sem fins lucrativos, dedicada à melhoria dos relatórios financeiros e prevenção de fraudes nas demonstrações contábeis através da ética, efetividade dos controles internos e governança corporativa. Em decorrência da globalização e da padronização internacional das técnicas de auditoria, as recomendações do COSO, relativas ao controles internos, bem como seu cumprimento e observância, são amplamente praticadas e tidas como modelo e referência no Brasil, assim como na maioria dos países do mundo. Sendo assim, o presente estudo busca inicialmente, através de uma pesquisa bibliográfica e documental, identificar as similaridades entre os modelos de controle interno (COSO e os trabalhos relacionados com a nova metodologia de auditoria de avaliação da gestão. Após todos os exames, conclui-se que a questão indicada foi amplamente respondida, pois existe similaridade entre os modelos COSO e os trabalhos relacionados com a AVG, especificamente no tocante à categoria desempenho e eficiências das operações. Referente a tais pontos, os trabalhos numa AVG se adéquam em relação ao modelo COSO.

  18. AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Ignatov


    Full Text Available In response to its users’ needs, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA initiated reanalysis (RAN of the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR Global Area Coverage (GAC; 4 km sea surface temperature (SST data employing its Advanced Clear Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO retrieval system. Initially, AVHRR/3 data from five NOAA and two Metop satellites from 2002 to 2015 have been reprocessed. The derived SSTs have been matched up with two reference SSTs—the quality controlled in situ SSTs from the NOAA in situ Quality Monitor (iQuam and the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC L4 SST analysis—and analyzed in the NOAA SST Quality Monitor (SQUAM online system. The corresponding clear-sky ocean brightness temperatures (BT in AVHRR bands 3b, 4 and 5 (centered at 3.7, 11, and 12 µm, respectively have been compared with the Community Radiative Transfer Model simulations in another NOAA online system, Monitoring of Infrared Clear-sky Radiances over Ocean for SST (MICROS. For some AVHRRs, the time series of “AVHRR minus reference” SSTs and “observed minus model” BTs are unstable and inconsistent, with artifacts in the SSTs and BTs strongly correlated. In the official “Reanalysis version 1” (RAN1, data from only five platforms—two midmorning (NOAA-17 and Metop-A and three afternoon (NOAA-16, -18 and -19—were included during the most stable periods of their operations. The stability of the SST time series was further improved using variable regression SST coefficients, similarly to how it was done in the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder version 5.2 (PFV5.2 dataset. For data assimilation applications, especially those blending satellite and in situ SSTs, we recommend bias-correcting the RAN1 SSTs using the newly developed sensor-specific error statistics (SSES, which are reported in the product files. Relative performance of RAN1 and PFV5.2 SSTs is discussed. Work is underway to improve the calibration of AVHRR/3s and

  19. Avaliação da composição corporal e dos níveis de aptidão física de atletas de futsal classificados segundo a tipologia dos esquemas de gênero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sérgio Adriano Gomes


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O autoconceito é uma estrutura formada por redes de esquemas cognitivos, dentre os quais se encontram os esquemas de gênero (esquema masculino e esquema feminino. De acordo com o Modelo Interativo, todos os indivíduos possuem os dois esquemas de gênero, dos quais resultam diferentes perfis psicológicos. OBJETIVO: Avaliar se atletas de futsal que diferem quanto à tipologia dos esquemas de gênero apresentam diferenças na composição corporal e nos níveis de aptidão física. MÉTODOS: A amostra inicial foi composta por 92 atletas do sexo masculino, classificados em grupos tipológicos de esquemas de gênero: Heteroesquemático Masculino (HM, Heteroesquemático Feminino (HF e Isoesquemático (ISO. Para a classificação da amostra em grupos tipológicos foi utilizado o Inventário Masculino dos Esquemas de Gênero do Autoconceito (IMEGA. Foram utilizados os testes Squat Jump, Counter Movement Jump e Running Anaerobic Sprint Test; para mensurar, respectivamente, força explosiva e potência anaeróbia. Para a análise dos resultados foram utilizadas ANOVA One Way, ANOVA Mista e MANOVA. RESULTADOS: Os resultados demonstraram que os grupos HM, ISO e HF não apresentaram diferenças quanto à composição corporal, mas que os HM apresentaram índice médio de fadiga maior do que os grupos ISO e HF. Na avaliação dos seis tiros executados pelos atletas, observou-se que o grupo HM apresentou maior variação entre a potência máxima inicial e a final, quando comparado aos demais grupos. CONCLUSÃO: Os resultados permitem concluir que os diferentes perfis psicológicos adéquam-se melhor ao desempenho de determinadas posições do jogo e/ou a determinadas situações específicas durante o jogo

  20. Phylogeny of the higher Libelluloidea (Anisoptera: Odonata): an exploration of the most speciose superfamily of dragonflies. (United States)

    Ware, Jessica; May, Michael; Kjer, Karl


    Although libelluloid dragonflies are diverse, numerous, and commonly observed and studied, their phylogenetic history is uncertain. Over 150 years of taxonomic study of Libelluloidea Rambur, 1842, beginning with Hagen (1840), [Rambur, M.P., 1842. Neuropteres. Histoire naturelle des Insectes, Paris, pp. 534; Hagen, H., 1840. Synonymia Libellularum Europaearum. Dissertation inaugularis quam consensu et auctoritate gratiosi medicorum ordinis in academia albertina ad summos in medicina et chirurgia honores.] and Selys (1850), [de Selys Longchamps, E., 1850. Revue des Odonates ou Libellules d'Europe [avec la collaboration de H.A. Hagen]. Muquardt, Bruxelles; Leipzig, 1-408.], has failed to produce a consensus about family and subfamily relationships. The present study provides a well-substantiated phylogeny of the Libelluloidea generated from gene fragments of two independent genes, the 16S and 28S ribosomal RNA (rRNA), and using models that take into account non-independence of correlated rRNA sites. Ninety-three ingroup taxa and six outgroup taxa were amplified for the 28S fragment; 78 ingroup taxa and five outgroup taxa were amplified for the 16S fragment. Bayesian, likelihood and parsimony analyses of the combined data produce well-resolved phylogenetic hypotheses and several previously suggested monophyletic groups were supported by each analysis. Macromiinae, Corduliidae s. s., and Libellulidae are each monophyletic. The corduliid (s.l.) subfamilies Synthemistinae, Gomphomacromiinae, and Idionychinae form a monophyletic group, separate from the Corduliinae. Libellulidae comprises three previously accepted subfamilies (Urothemistinae, a very restricted Tetrathemistinae, and a modified Libellulinae) and five additional consistently recovered groups. None of the other previously proposed subfamilies are supported. Bayesian analyses run with an additional 71 sequences obtained from GenBank did not alter our conclusions. The evolution of adult and larval morphological

  1. Fronteiras Trabalho e Pena: das Casas de Correção às PPPs Prisionais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thaísa Vilela Fonseca Amaral

    Full Text Available Resumo As práticas punitivas historicamente têm se apresentando ora como meio de garantir a existência de mão de obra, ora como meio de alocar aqueles que não se adéquam ao “correto” funcionamento social. Loucos, mendigos, pobres, dentre outros, formam um grupo de “ociosos” que, estando à margem da sociedade são apontados como possíveis alvos do confinamento nos muros das instituições totais, com a participação de profissionais do campo psi. Enclausurados, é possível transformá-los em corpos disciplinados e habilitados para o trabalho. Propõe-se neste artigo impulsionar a discussão acerca da relação trabalho e marginalidade interrogando o tipo de trabalho destinado aos fora da ordem e seu uso em contextos de encarceramento e assim criar condições e oferecer elementos para questionar as práticas psi no sistema prisional. Nessa linha enseja-se problematizar o projeto de Parcerias Público-Privadas no complexo penal. Ver-se-á que muito mais do que a improvável combinação de qualidade e eficiência apresentada pelos ideólogos da privatização, o que se observa é a conversão da prisão em um meio de controle lucrativo daqueles que não participam do mercado de consumo e de produção capitalista. Se fora das grades estes estão excluídos do modo de produção ou, ainda, sua produção não é capturável ou interessante ao capital, intramuros, são transformados em matéria-prima para alcançar o objetivo desse projeto de privatização: o lucro.

  2. Comparison of the marginal fit of two kinds of all-ceramic and Au-Pt based porcelain-fused-metal crown systems%两种全瓷系统与金铂合金PFM冠边缘适合性的实验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李永斌; 孙迎春; 韦荣智; 包玮玮


    Objective: This study was performed to evaluate two ceramic and PFM crown systems for their accuracy of marginal fit. Methods: A total of 30 experimental crowns, the first molar of mandibular, were fabricated from two all-ceramic systems (IPS e.max and VITA In-Ceram Zirconia) and Au-Pt PFM systems (n=10). All restorations were delivered to prefabricated stone dies with composite resin cement. Gap widths were measured by light microscopy (magnificationx200). Intergroup differences were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. Results: The results showed there were significant differences for the marginal gap widths (F=2488.6, P<0.05). IPS e.max system seemed to have the smallest gap width, even better than Au-Pt PFM, while VITA In-Ceram Zirconia had the largest. Conclusion: IPS e.max system combined with composite resin cement has excellent marginal fit, which indicated that all-ceramic restorations were acceptable for clinical use regarding to marginal fit.%目的:比较两种全瓷系统与金-铂合金烤瓷熔附金属全冠(Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crown,PFM)的边缘适合性,为临床修复材料的选择提供参考依据.方法:30个右下第一磨牙的标准预备体石膏模型随机分为3组(n=10),分别制作IPSe.max,VITA In-Ceram Zirconia和金-铂合金PFM全冠修复体,树脂粘接剂粘固后,200倍光学显微镜下测量冠边缘间隙大小.结果:三组材料制作的修复体边缘间隙大小差异有统计学意义(F=2488.6,P<0.05),边缘间隙由小到大依次为IPSe.max,金-铂合金PFM,VITA In-Ceram Zirconia.并且各组间差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论:IPS e.max全瓷修复体用树脂水门汀粘接后,边缘适合性良好,优于传统的PFM修复.全瓷修复体的边缘适合性符合临床应用要求.

  3. Derivation of Transgene-Free Rat Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Approximating the Quality of Embryonic Stem Cells. (United States)

    Li, Shuping; Lan, He; Men, Hongsheng; Wu, Yuanyuan; Li, Ning; Capecchi, Mario R; Bryda, Elizabeth C; Wu, Sen


    formation. This research contributes to a better understanding of the technical limitations in generating germline-competent embryonic stem (ES)/iPS cells and provides valuable clues for overcoming the difficulties of acquiring ground-state iPS/ES cells in other species, including humans. ©AlphaMed Press.

  4. Analysis of drop deformation dynamics in turbulent flow

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Stephanie Nachtigall; Daniel Zedel; Matthias Kraume


    Drop breakage and coalescence influence the particle formation in liquid–liquid dispersions. In order to reduce the influencing factors of the whole dispersion process, single drops where coalescence processes can be neglected were analyzed in this work. Drops passing the turbulent vicinity of a single stirrer blade were investi-gated by high-speed imaging. In order to gain a statistical y relevant amount of drops passing the area of interest and corresponding breakage events, at least 1600 droplets were considered for each parameter set of this work. A specially developed fully automatic image analysis based on Matlab® was used for the evaluation of the resulting high amount of image data. This al owed the elimination of the time-consuming manual analysis and further-more, al owed the objective evaluation of the drops' behavior. Different deformation parameters were consid-ered in order to describe the drop deformation dynamics properly. Regarding the ratio of both main particle axes (θaxes), which was therefore approximated through an el ipse, al owed the determination of very small de-viations from the spherical shape. The perimeter of the particle (θperi) was used for the description of highly de-formed shapes. In this work the results of a higher viscosity paraffin oil (ηd=127 mPa·s) and a low viscosity solvent (petroleum,ηd=1.7 mPa·s) are presented with and without the addition of SDS to the continuous water phase. All results show that the experimental y determined oscil ation but also deformation times underlie a wide spreading. Drop deformations significantly increased not only with increasing droplet viscosity, but also with decreasing interfacial tension. Highly deformed particles of one droplet species were more likely to break than more or less spherical particles. As droplet fragmentation results from a variety of different macro-scale de-formed particles, it is not assumed that a critical deformation value must be reached for the

  5. Library rooms or Library halls

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alfredo Serrai


    Full Text Available Library Halls, understood as Renaissance and Baroque architectural creations, along with the furnishings and decorations, accomplish a cognitive task and serve to transmit knowledge. The design of these spaces based on the idea that they should reflect the merits and content of the collections housed within them, in order to prepare the mind of the reader to respect and admire the volumes. In accordance with this principle, in the fifteenth century library rooms had a basilican shape, with two or three naves, like churches, reflecting thus the spiritual value of the books contained there. Next to that inspiring function, library rooms had also the task of representing the entire logical and conceptual universe of human knowledge in a figurative way, including for this purpose also the and Kunst- und Wunderkammern, namely the collections of natural, artficial objects, and works of art. The importance of library rooms and their function was understood already in the early decades of the seventeenth century, as underlined in the treatise, Musei sive Bibliothecae tam privatae quam publicae Extructio, Instructio, Cura, Usus, written by the Jesuit Claude Clément and published in 1635. Almost the entire volume is dedicated to the decoration and ornamentation of the Saloni, and the function of the library is identified exclusively with the preservation and decoration of the collection, neglecting more specifically bibliographic aspects or those connected to library science. The architectural structure of the Saloni was destined to change in relation to two factors, namely the form of books, and the sources of light. As a consequence, from the end of the sixteenth century – or perhaps even before if one considers the fragments of the Library of Urbino belonging to Federico da Montefeltro – shelves and cabinets have been placed no longer in the center of the room, but were set against the walls. This new disposition of the furniture, surmounted by

  6. Structural aspects of the zygotic embryogenesis of Acca sellowiana (O. Berg Burret (Myrtaceae Aspectos estruturais da embriogênese zigótica em Acca sellowiana (O. Berg Burret (Myrtaceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosete Pescador


    e torpedo foram observados no 30º, 45º e 60º dia após a polinização, respectivamente. O embrião maduro, caracterizado pela presença de um eixo hipocótilo-radicular bem desenvolvido e com dois cotilédones carnosos e dobrados, foi observado após 120 dias da polinização. As sementes são exospérmicas e com um único embrião do tipo espiral, característico de Myrtinae. Os estudos da embriogênese zigótica de A. sellowiana mostram que esta espécie apresenta características embriológicas que se adéquam ao conhecido para Myrtaceae (Myrteae, Myrtinae, e ampliam o conhecimento sobre a reprodução sexual dessa espécie nativa, cujo cultivo comercial tem sido incrementado.

  7. Ciceronas apie vertimą. Ką mums atskleidžia žodžių reikšmės | Cicero about Translation: Exploring the Meaning of Words

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Audronė Kučinskienė


    word, rhetorical figure and phrase to the style, conception and situation of the work in order to ex­press most effectively vim orationis. In other words, converti ut orator means converti optime.Yet more, to translate as orator means to con­vey to the reader the original function of the source text and to make it act in the new cultural context of the translation language. In the case of De optimo genere oratorum, the Latin translation of the Dem­osthenes’ and Aeschines’ orations must become a weapon in Cicero’s polemics with the Neoatticists and persuade the Roman audience to value critically their limited eloquence. A really good translation, on the one hand, enables the author of the source text to speak throught it (Aeschinem ipsum Latine dicentem audiamus; Opt. gen. 23, on the other, such a transla­tion manages to displace the original work: to learn the Attic rhetoric, Roman youths will be able to turn to the Latin translation made by Cicero, which must become a standard for the other Roman orators (erit regula, ad quam eorum dirigantur orationes qui At­tice volent dicere; Opt. gen. 23.

  8. Pobreza e Política Social: a implementação de programas complementares do Programa Bolsa Família Poverty and Social Policy: the implementation of complementary programs for the Bolsa Família Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cláudia Roberta Bocca Santos


    Full Text Available O Programa Bolsa Família articula a transferência de renda à implementação de programas complementares, a fim de promover o desenvolvimento de capital humano e a autonomização dos beneficiários. Para analisar a implementação dos programas complementares em Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, realizamos consultas documentais; grupos focais com beneficiários; entrevistas semiestruturadas com atores governamentais, não-governamentais e beneficiários, além da coleta de dados secundários. O desenho, a cobertura e a avaliação dos programas complementares mostraram-se frágeis. Os beneficiários desconheciam cursos de qualificação profissional. Os gestores reconheceram a debilidade das ações e destacaram que os cursos do Próximo Passo não se adéquam à demanda local, ainda que pensados como estratégia de capacitação voltada às obras do Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento e à vocação turística da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Considerando que a perspectiva de inclusão social está atrelada ao acesso às políticas públicas, a oferta e o acompanhamento destas ações pelas esferas governamentais e organizações civis constituem um eixo crucial para o combate à pobreza e à fome, contribuindo para as chamadas "portas de saída" do Programa Bolsa Família.The Bolsa Família Program involves the transfer of income and the implementation of complementary programs to foster human capital development and empower the beneficiaries. To analyze the implementation of complementary programs in Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, a review of documents and secondary data was conducted, focus groups of beneficiaries studied and semi-structured interviews were staged with governmental, nongovernmental stakeholders and beneficiaries. The design, coverage and evaluation of the complementary programs have been weak, and beneficiaries were even unaware of vocational training courses. The program administrators acknowledged the failings and the fact that

  9. North Pole, South Pole: the quest to understand the mystery of Earth's magnetism (United States)

    Turner, G. M.


    The story of the quest to understand Earth’s magnetic field is one of the longest and richest in the history of science. It weaves together Greek philosophy, Chinese mysticism, the development of the compass and navigation, the physics of electromagnetism and the jig-saw like piecing together of the internal structure of the planet beneath our feet. The story begins with Magnes, an old shepherd, trudging up the mountainside after a violent thunder storm, astonished at how the iron studs in his boots stick to the rocks. It was Alexander von Humboldt who, three millennia on, pointed to lightning as the source of such magnetization. The first compass was made 2000 years ago in China - to divine the ways of feng shui - a guide to planting crops, planning streets, orienting buildings and more. It reached Europe as a navigational tool in the 12th century - no-one is quite sure how, but en route it changed from south-pointing to the north-pointing compasses of today. The earliest truly scientific experiments and writings concerned magnets and geomagnetism: Petrus Peregrinus’ Epistola of 1269, and William Gilbert’s De Magnete of1600, in which he declared Magnus magnes globus terrestris ipse est - the Earth itself is a great magnet. By then it was recognized that the compass didn’t point exactly north, and the discrepancy varied from place to place and changed over time - something of a problem for Gilbert’s idea of a geocentric axial dipole. However declination and secular variation were problems well known to Edmund Halley, who, in 1700, charted the angle of declination over the Atlantic Ocean, and in the process introduced the Halleyan line - the contour. Many of the world’s greatest scientists have turned their minds to the problem of magnetism and geomagnetism in particular - Coulomb, Gauss, Faraday, Maxwell - yet in 1905, Einstein described geomagnetism as “one of the great unsolved problems of physics”. In the mid-late nineteenth century new areas of

  10. Clinical evaluation of IPS e.max Press all-ceramic crown and porcelain fused metal crown restorations%IPS e.max Press铸瓷与烤瓷全冠修复效果的临床观察

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱政; 高姗; 陈金华


    目的:评价比较IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠、贵金属烤瓷全冠、镍铬合金烤瓷全冠的临床修复效果.方法:选择IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠、贵金属烤瓷全冠、镍铬合金烤瓷全冠等3种材料修复上中切牙的患者各90例,参照美国公共卫生服务的相关标准对完成修复后即刻与12个月的修复体进行临床检查和相关评价,内容包括修复体颜色、牙龈边缘着色、继发龋、边缘密合度、牙龈健康状况等.结果:在修复体颜色与牙龈健康状况方面,IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠与贵金属烤瓷全冠均显著优于镍铬合金烤瓷全冠(P<0.05);在牙龈边缘着色和边缘密合度方面,IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠、贵金属烤瓷全冠与镍铬合金烤瓷全冠均存在显著性差异(P<0.05),IPS e.max Press铸瓷全冠最佳,贵金属烤瓷全冠次之;3组修复体均未发生继发龋.结论:IPSe.max Press铸瓷全冠修复的临床效果优良,贵金属烤瓷全冠次之,均优于镍铬合金烤瓷全冠.%Objective:To observe the clinical outcome of IPS e. max Press all-ceramic crown,gold alloy porcelain fused metal (PFM) crown and Ni-Cr alloy PFM crown restorations. Methods: Three groups of patients were treated with IPS e. max Press all-ceramic crown,gold alloy PFM crown or Ni-Cr alloy PFM crown restorations separately. The crown restorations were evaluated with the USPHS criteria for color match, marginal discoloration, secondary caries, marginal adaptation and gingival health immediately and after a period of 12 months. Results:The clinical outcome of both IPS e. max Press all-ceramic crown and gold alloy PFM crown restorations was better than Ni-Cr alloy PFM crown restorations for color match and gingival health. There was statistically significant difference in 3 groups for marginal discoloration and marginal adaptation, in which IPS e. max Press all-ceramic crown restoration was the best and gold alloy PFM crown restoration was better than Ni-Cr alloy

  11. Le parole etrusche ame, amce e la revisione di IE. *yem- ‘paaren’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adolfo Zavaroni


    with a hypothetic root *mbh-‘united, pair, together’ ≻ *H2embh- ≻ *amb(h- ≻ *am- that could also explain such words as Lat. amb-, Gr. ἀμφ-, Gaul. amb-. Moreover, this root could be connected to Etr. ame, amce, Lat. amussis, amuletum, Amulius etc., together with words like Etr. ipa and inpa, Umbr. ife, ifont, Fal. efiles and Lat. ip(se. Such a hypothesis calls for an explanation of the reason why we find *ip- instead of *if- in Etruscan. This exchange is perhaps due to the fact that the borrowing took place when the principal stress was not yet on the initial syllable. For Etr. and Lat. par we could hypothesize the formation *par- ≺ *mp-ar- ‘to be with, par, similar’, by means of the suffix -ar- ≺ - er- which is to be found in IE *apero ‘ hinder, back’, *ndhero- ‘under, inferior’ etc. However it is hard to explain the presence of *mp from *mbh-.

  12. 饰瓷对磨牙e.max双层全瓷冠断裂类型的影响%Influence of Veneering on Failure Behavior of e. max Bi- layered All- ceramic Molar Crowns. P

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    潘娱; Michael V Swain; 马骁; 张新平; 赵克


    目的:通过抗折破坏实验研究饰瓷对磨牙e.max双层全瓷冠断裂强度和断裂类型的影响,为减少临床双层全瓷修复体崩瓷提供实验依据.方法:制作单层全瓷冠(IPS e.max Press)和双层全瓷冠(IPS e.max Press/Ceram)共40个(每组20个),粘接于树脂代型后进行抗折破坏实验并记录断裂强度值;体视显微镜和扫描电子显微镜下观察断裂类型;能谱分析饰瓷-核瓷界面化学元素构成.结果:单层全瓷冠断裂强度值[(2665.4±759.2)N]与双层全瓷冠[(1431.1±404.3)N]间差异有统计学意义(P=0.000).饰瓷内部及饰瓷-核瓷界面缺陷催生裂纹造成饰瓷崩裂是双层全瓷冠断裂的主要模式.结论:饰瓷对磨牙e.max双层全瓷冠断裂强度和断裂类型均有影响;饰瓷内部及饰瓷-核瓷界面缺陷是全瓷冠断裂的主要原因,提高饰瓷断裂强度及减少界面缺陷可减少因崩瓷造成的修复体失败.%Objective: To evaluate the effect of veneering on fracture strength and failure mode of e. max bi-layered all-ceramic molar crowns, so as to provide an experimental basis for reducing veneer chipping and delamination in clinical situations. Methods: Forty all-ceramic molar crowns (IPSe. max Press) were fabricated in two groups (with and without veneering) and each group consists of twenty identical crowns. The crowns were seated on composite resin dies by adhesion and then the specimens were loaded to failure by using a universal mechanical testing machine under compressive load. Fractographic morphology and fracture mode of the failed specimens were observed by a stereomicroscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and the compositions of the veneer-core interface were analyzed by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). Result: Statistical analysis results indicated a significant difference of the mean fracture strength between mono-layered group (2665.4±759.2 N) and bi-layered group (1431.1±404.3 N, P=0.000). The bi-layered crowns

  13. Minakirjutusest. Tõnu Õnnepalu, Mihkel Raua ja Madis Kõivu näitel. On Self-Writing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aare Pilv


    selfhood from the reflecting gaze, so that the text does not seem to recount the life of the “I” in retrospect, but seems to present it in the sense of living. It is not so important how these things are thematized in the text, as it is to observe what textual devices embody or represent it. This may also explain why the poetical/fictional devices have some advantage over the factual ones when it is about the self-perception of the writer, its necessity and uniqueness. The main part of the article attempts to describe and analyse some examples of self-writing, which are construed so that the identity is not based on the sameness of the role, but instead, they express the uniqueness of selfhood and a perception that is on the borderline of the present and the future. Tõnu Õnnepalu’s diaries (Anton Nigov’s Exercises and Õnnepalu’s Spring and Summer and are discussed with regard to the motifs of the now-moment, devoid of identity; in this void a sharp perception of ipseity is most clearly felt, which is open to despair and uplift at the same time. In the light of Ricoeur’s ideas the title of Nigov’s Harjutused (Exercises acquires a new meaning, stressing the wish to leave life as a habit (harjumus and move towards life as an exercise (harjutus – Ricoeur’s ipse is something that emerges as the basis of an identity and is beyond the habit that creates sameness. In Õnnepalu’s diaries we can observe the writer’s orientation to “nothing” in between the identities that are perceived as inauthentic, and by moving through the “nothing” for a moment we get a glimpse of the authenticity of ipseity. An autobiographical bestseller by Mihkel Raud, Musta pori näkku (Throwing Mud in the Face, recounting the story of the writer’s youth when he was a punk musician and an alcoholic, is textually ambivalent, as the author’s position and the subjective focus shift: there is a somewhat warning and moralistic I, who looks at his own past, but there is also a

  14. Comparative study on difference in color reappearance of all-ceramicbilayered and monolithic molar crowns%4种全瓷材料单层及双层结构颜色再现的差异性比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭建徕; 黄冬梅; 黄琳惠; 陆建志; 覃媛; 张天; 廖红兵


    Objective To compare the differencein color reappearance of bilayered and monolithic molar crown fabricated with four different kinds of Dental ceramics materials.Methods Bilayered and monolithic molar crowns were fabricated with four different kinds of Dental ceramics materials for 3 different patients:IPSE.max Press,VITA in-ceram YZ zirconia,Cercon HT zirconia,Upcera ST zirco-nia.Color parameters of the crowns were measured with Vita Easy shade Spectrophotometer,and the color difference(△E)of crowns and contralateral teeth was calculated.The effect of color reappearance of crowns was assessed by ten;color Trained examiners.Results The layers of all-ceramic restoration exhibited no influence on the mean values of L*,a* and b*;the kind of all-ceramic Material exhibited significant influence on the values of a* and b* (P<0.001);the interaction of layers and kinds of all-ceramic Materials showed influence on the values of a* (P =0.040).In terms of the visual estimation results,the monolithic crowns fabricated with VI-TA in-ceram zirconia,Cercon HT zirconia were not receivable while the others were.Conclusions The four studied all-ceramic bilay-ered crowns could achieve acceptable aesthetics ;the monolithic molar crowns fabricated with IPS E.max Press,Upcera ST zirconia could achieve acceptable aestheticswhile the monolithic crowns fabricated with VITA in-ceram YZ zirconia,Cercon HT zirconia couldn′t.The clinical selection of restorative materialsmust be based on the transparency of all-ceramic materials and natural teeth,the distribu-tion of color,the balance for color and intensity.On the condition that the teeth is of low opacity with monotonous color and supports the heavy loading,the monolithic restorations could be considered.%目的:对4种全瓷材料单层结构及双层结构颜色再现的差异性进行比较,为全瓷材料的灵活应用提供参考。方法选择4种全瓷材料:IPS E.maxPress、Vita In-Cream YZ 氧化锆、Cercon HT