Sample records for public administration series

  1. The New Right and American Education: A Bibliography. Public Administration Series Bibliography P-1508.

    Quay, Richard H.

    A bibliography of approximately 88 materials on the new right and education in the United States is presented. Although some of the publications are from the 1970s, most cover the 1980-1983 period. Specific topics include the following: school politics and the influence of interest groups and social movements; secular humanism and the schools;…

  2. Behavioral Public Administration

    Grimmelikhuijsen, Stephan; Jilke, Sebastian; Olsen, Asmus Leth


    on theories and methods from psychology and related fields and point to research in public administration that could benefit from further integration. An analysis of public administration topics through a psychological lens can be useful to confirm, add nuance to, or extend classical public administration...... theories. As such, behavioral public administration complements traditional public administration. Furthermore, it could be a two-way street for psychologists who want to test the external validity of their theories in a political-administrative setting. Finally, four principles are proposed to narrow......Behavioral public administration is the analysis of public administration from the micro-level perspective of individual behavior and attitudes by drawing on insights from psychology on the behavior of individuals and groups. The authors discuss how scholars in public administration currently draw...

  3. Postmodern Public Administration

    Bogason, Peter


    Discussion of the trends towards more uses of postmodern analysis within the discipline of public administration, particularly in the USA......Discussion of the trends towards more uses of postmodern analysis within the discipline of public administration, particularly in the USA...

  4. Ethics in Public Administration

    MSc. Arjeta Hallunovi


    Full Text Available The goal of this study is to deal with some ethical causes in the public administration, that aim the avoidance of negative phenomenon’s as theft, corruption, etc. In this direction, the debates about ethics are becoming more and more a global tendency, as an implement through which would be found the way to get out of the crisis. The success in the reforms of the public administrations in major part depends, on the public functionaries and their willingness to make fundamental changes in the way they work. In this direction, the State should strengthen and modernize the public service, should realize an employment system, which should reflect more the merits on its service. For this reason, the government’s attempts should be concentrated on the construction of a positive image for the state and its administration as professional objective, which is oriented to the services. Being aware for the practical restrictions of this study, we firstly chose to concentrate on the local public administrations ethics. The study will be focused on the practical comparative analysis of the city of Shkodra and Durres by the realization of a questionnaire by each of these municipalities and the Agency of Legalization and Urbanization of Informal Zones (ALUIZNI in Shkodra.

  5. Behavioral Public Administration : Combining Insights from Public Administration and Psychology

    Grimmelikhuijsen, S.G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/313875405; Jilke, Sebastian; Leth Olsen, Asmus; Tummers, L.G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/341028274


    Behavioral public administration is the analysis of public administration from the micro-perspective of individual behavior and attitudes by drawing upon insights from psychology on behavior of individuals and groups. We discuss how scholars in public administration currently draw on theories and

  6. Public Finance Administration. Second Edition.

    Reed, B. J.; Swain, John W.

    This book is intended for the nonexpert in finance who has a public administration background. It opens with a broad introduction to public finance administration and how this job is related to public budgeting, the practice of public-sector accounting, and the economic concepts of money and value. Issues surrounding public revenue, its sources,…

  7. The Future of Public Administration.

    Cleveland, Harlan

    Past approaches to public administration, the diminishing distinctions between foreign and domestic policy, the role of the public administrator, and leadership qualities are discussed. As a relatively young discipline, public administration first focused on scientific management (1920's). It then shifted to the art and science of getting things…

  8. RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 3

    Behrendt, Joachim; Fröndhoff, Dario; Munoz Ardila, Andrea; Orlina, Maria Monina; Rueda Morales, Máryeluz; Schaldach, Ruth; Schaldach, Ruth; Otterpohl, Ralf


    RUVIVAL Publication Series is a compilation of literature reviews on topics concerned with the revitalisation of rural areas. RUVIVAL Publication Series is part of the e-learning project RUVIVAL and each of the three contributions in this publication is connected to further interactive multimedia material, which can be reached under The first literature review is concerned with urine utilisation as a fertiliser in agriculture. Urine contains four important nutrients for pla...

  9. Behavioral Public Administration: Connecting Psychology with European Public Administration Research

    Leth Olsen, Asmus; Tummers, L.G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/341028274; Grimmelikhuijsen, S.G.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/313875405; Jilke, Sebastian


    Well-known public administration scholars have stressed the importance of psychological research for the study of public administration. Neighboring disciplines such as economics and political science, have witnessed the emergence of the psychology-informed subfields of behavioral economics and

  10. Publication of administrative circular

    HR Department


    ADMINISTRATIVE CIRCULAR NO. 23 (REV. 2) – SPECIAL WORKING HOURS Administrative Circular No. 23 (Rev. 2) entitled "Special working hours", approved following discussion in the Standing Concertation Committee on 9 December 2008, will be available on the intranet site of the Human Resources Department as from 19 December 2008: It cancels and replaces Administrative Circular No. 23 (Rev. 1) entitled "Stand-by duty" of April 1988. A "Frequently Asked Questions" information document on special working hours will also be available on this site. Paper copies of this circular will shortly be available in Departmental Secretariats. Human Resources Department Tel. 78003


    HR Department


    ADMINISTRATIVE CIRCULAR NO. 23 (REV. 2) – SPECIAL WORKING HOURS Administrative Circular No. 23 (Rev. 2) entitled "Special working hours", approved following discussion in the Standing Concertation Committee meeting of 9 December 2008, will be available on the intranet site of the Human Resources Department as from 19 December 2008: It cancels and replaces Administrative Circular No. 23 (Rev. 1) entitled "Stand-by duty" of April 1988. A "Frequently Asked Questions" information document on special working hours will also be available on this site. Paper copies of this circular will shortly be available in departmental secretariats. Human Resources Department Tel. 78003

  12. Contracts in Public Administration



    Full Text Available Objectives: The present makes a contribution to the discussion on contracts in administration under Polish law. It concentrates on theoretical issues, but ones of considerable practical significance. Prior Work though relatively poorly explored, field. This paper is a result of academic considerations on the classical institution of civil law, namely a bilateral juridical act significance of this area may be demonstrated by the fact that one scientific conference and a collection of papers have been devoted to contracts in administration. as research method, the analysis of jurisprudence and doctrinal writings referring to law currently in force. The paper discusses as well the draft of the administrative law, and includes comparative remarks. put forward certain comments pertainin legislation. The authors formulate as well outline theses interesting but complicated matters. As a voice in the doctrinal dispute it can als useful for law students. Value composition. Starting from gener the binding law and proposed amendments. The functioning in foreign countries and proposals of regulatory solutions.

  13. Virtual Reality and Public Administration

    István TÓZSA


    Full Text Available This study serves as an introduction to how virtual reality systems could be applied in public administration and what research tasks would be necessary to accomplish a project. E-government solutions began to emerge in public administration approximately a decade ago all over the developed world. Administration service facilities via the Internet did not attract many customers, because of the digital divide. E-government solutions were extended to mobile devices as well, but the expected breakthrough of usage has not ensued. The virtual reality form of public administration services recommended in this study has the most attractive outlay and the simplest navigation tools if compared to ‘traditional’ Internet based e-government. Thus, in accordance with the worldwide amazingly quick spread of the virtual reality systems of Second Life and 3 D types of entertainment, virtual reality applications in public administration could rely on a wide range of acceptance as well.

  14. NAICS Sector 92: Public Administration

    Find the public administration industries EPA regulations affect, with their North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. On those pages you can find a list of laws and regulations that affect your industry as well as compliance information

  15. Contemporary Education for Public Administration

    Ivan Koprić


    Full Text Available The paper examines the development of contemporary administrative education, as a crucial criterion without which it is not possible to achieve professionalism in public administration. While the term professionalism has a variety of meanings, today it is largely deemed that specific educational preparation is a foundation without which other elements of professionalism in public administration cannot be achieved. The level of professionalism, competence, education and knowledge thus become critical variables of administration reforms in transitional countries. Afterwards, the author examines the trends in the development of contemporary administrative education, pointing particularly to the importance of establishing a coherent, vertically passable system, i.e. a system which encompasses all levels of education – from secondary school education to doctoral studies. In this matter, one of the most important features in the development of administrative studies is their diversification, with simultaneous strengthening of the general administrative profile. Thus, the general administrative profile becomes modified, updated and extended by new teaching disciplines. In the final section of the paper, the author addresses the performance of administrative education in Croatia, pointing to its underdevelopment. Indeed, the author suggests that there are no sustainable results of reforms without the training of staff for administration.

  16. Directions in the theory of public administration

    N. Arabadzhiyski


    The aim of this development is to provide a brief summary of the main trends in the theory of public administration: the traditional public administration, new public administration (public management and new public management); postmodern global public management and public administration.

  17. How Public Is Public Administration? A Constitutional Approach of Publicness

    Ringeling, Arthur


    Both in Public Administration and in practice, there is a loss of the concept of public. A view became dominant in which markets were superior to governments and public to private. Not only did the esteem of the public sphere diminish, but also its significance in our reasoning and teaching. It became less clear what the public sphere stood for.…

  18. Energy policy and public administration

    Daneke, G.A.; Lagassa, G.K. (eds.)


    At the 1979 conference of the American Society for Public Administration, each editor chaired a separate panel on the administrative dimensions of energy policy. Both panels revealed the importance of involvement in energy decision making by all levels of government. It turns out that energy policy makers are confronted with unrealistic, and therefore paralyzing, choices between two rather extreme sets of energy stategies and futures: large-scale, centralized technologies vs. small-scale, decentralized, appropriate technologies. The nineteen chapters selected and compiled here represent the basic policy issues that must be confronted along whichever path that is chosen. A separate abstract was prepared for each chapter.

  19. Agritourism Rural Development Public Administration

    Maria MORTAN


    Full Text Available For Romania agritourism development represents the opportunity to differentiate between the rural and urban environment, as well as the best way for the preservation of traditions and customs in the rural areas, supplying a sustainable rural development. This work portrays agritourism as an element of rural development and critically analyzes the way in which the public administration should become involved in sustaining rural development in general and in sustaining agritourism development in particular.




    This article presents aspects of public administration paradigm of using disciplinary matrix, a public management model based on a feedback mechanism in the subject-subject interaction, which is the basis of theoretical and methodological establishment in public administration science (Public administration) in Ukraine.

  1. Public Administration reforms and results

    Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson


    Full Text Available Research on administrative reforms during the past thirty years indicates that reform efforts of countries differ. The Anglo Saxon states were at the forefront of the New Public Management movement while countries on mainland Europe were more hesitant and moved further towards the Neo-Weberian state. Academics have tried to explain different reform efforts within countries by looking at political, historical and cultural issues, values and economic factors to name just a few. Three hypotheses are put forward to explain reform efforts in different states. This research involves analysing the implementation of two different reform trends, New Public Management and the Neo-Weberian tradition. The analysis indicates that countries vary in their commitment to reform rather than in the emphasis on either New Public Management or the Neo-Weberian State. Decentralization, clear objectives and consultation with communities and experts are closely related to national reform efforts. However, Iceland does distinguish itself from Europe and the Nordic countries. The analysis reveals that although decentralization is high in the Icelandic system, autonomy of agencies does not have a strong relation to a varied use of administrative instruments. The second part of the article focuses on the results and achievements of reform programmes. The achievement of reform programmes are examined in relation to theories of bounded rationality, street level bureaucracy (bottom up and consensus decision making. Three hypotheses are presented and tested to explain what causes reforms programmes to be successful in some countries and not in others. The analysis reveals that countries are more likely to succeed if bounded rationality is applied with careful preparation and when stakeholders are consulted.




    Full Text Available In this paper we try to analyze the meaning of the public administration term. In our opinion it is necessary to be able to define exactly what public administration means but at the same time to clearly distinguish it from the other sciences. This is due to the fact that very often confusion is made between public administration and public management, public administration and bureaucracy or public administration and policy. Throughout this paper we hope to clarify some of the aspects related to what exactly distinguishes public administration from the above mentioned sciences and what are its own particularities.

  3. Behavioral Public Administration:Combining Insights from Public Administration and Psychology

    Grimmelikhuijsen, Stephan; Jilke, Sebastian; Olsen, Asmus Leth; Tummers, Lars


    We propose behavioral public administration as a designated subfield in public administration which explicitly deals with the integration of theories and methods from psychology into the study of public administration. We discuss how scholars in public administration currently draw on both methodological and theoretical innovations in psychology and point to research questions in public administration which could benefit from further integration. Behavioral public administration cannot, and s...

  4. Theories and stories in African public administration

    Itika, J.; Ridder, de K.; Tollenaar, A.


    Public administration in developing countries is administration in transformation. The main concepts that guide this transformation are universal. Yet those concepts are most often presented in Western literature, embedded in Western administrative practice. This book provides an overview of these

  5. Database Support for Research in Public Administration

    Tucker, James Cory


    This study examines the extent to which databases support student and faculty research in the area of public administration. A list of journals in public administration, public policy, political science, public budgeting and finance, and other related areas was compared to the journal content list of six business databases. These databases…

  6. Rethinking Public Administration Professionalism in Nigeria

    Nneka Umera-Okeke

    The mission statement of Nigerian public administration anchors on providing a ..... to incorporate into the Revised Public Service Rules and Financial ... in Africa is intended to consolidate rules for professional work ethic so that the public.

  7. Potential for comparative public opinion research in public administration

    G. Bouckaert (Geert); S.G.J. Van de Walle (Steven); J. K. Kampen (Jarl)


    textabstractThe public administration and public services have always taken a marginal place in the political scientists’ behavioural research. Public administration students on the other hand tend to focus on political and administrative elites and institutions, and largely ignored citizens in

  8. 76 FR 55732 - Public Listening Sessions Regarding the Maritime Administration's Panama Canal Expansion Study...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration Public Listening Sessions Regarding the Maritime Administration's Panama Canal Expansion Study and the America's Marine Highway Program AGENCY: Maritime Administration, DOT. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The purpose of this notice is to announce a series...

  9. Radiation recommendation series: administratively required dental radiographs


    Administrative requirements for radiographs are found in many segments of the United States health care system. This document presents an FDA radiation recommendation on administratively required dental x-ray examinations. In general, such examinations are not requested to further the patient's dental health, but rather as a means of monitoring claims. However, the administrative use of radiographs that have been taken in the normal course of patient care is usually appropriate, as long as the patient's right to privacy is respected

  10. On Politics and Education Finance: A Bibliography of Joel S. Berke, James W. Guthrie, and Michael W. Kirst. Vance Bibliographies, Public Administration Series: Bibliography P-821.

    Quay, Richard H.

    A bibliography of Joel S. Berke, James W. Guthrie, and Michael W. Kirst on politics and educational finance is presented. Specific topics include the following: whether financial support of public schools should be assumed completely by states, school finance policies and practices, school finance reform versus the spending and tax limitation…

  11. Public Administration Programmes in The Netherlands

    J.C.N. Raadschelders; F.K.M. van Nispen tot Pannerden (Frans)


    textabstractPublic administration in The Netherlands is generally approached as a multi-disciplinary field of inquiry, especially in the social sciences. Some schools attempt a more integrating approach preserving the integrity of Public Administration as an academic discipline. Its focus is on: 1.

  12. Informal administrative acts in public economic law

    Bauer, H.


    The article deals with agreements between the administration and citizens, which play a considerable part in public commercial law and in atomic energy law. The legal basis can be the doctrine of administrative legal relationship, which clarifies the reciprocity and multilaterality of the legal relationship. In the future informal administrative acts will have an increasing meaning. (CW) [de




    Full Text Available The principle of decisional transparency is one of the principles of good administration, fundamental principles of public administration and it is enshrined in the law of many European Union member states, including our country. In their work the public authorities must show transparency reflected by the active involvement of citizens in administrative decision as its primary beneficiary. The citizen information, consultation and his stimulation to participate actively in the elaboration of draft normative acts for their preparation and before that by bringing them to public knowledge, are tasks of the public authorities which exceed the limit of the obligations imposed by internal rules and are significant efforts to modernize the public administration and rallying to the administrative structures.

  14. Introduction to the Virtual Issue on Behavioral Public Administration

    Tummers, Lars; Olsen, Asmus Leth; Jilke, Sebastian


    For public administration scholars, psychological theories and methods can be extremely helpful, especially when studying attitudes or behaviors of (groups of) citizens, public professionals, or public managers. Behavioral public administration explicitly connects public administration...

  15. Introduction to the Virtual Issue on Behavioral Public Administration

    Tummers, Lars; Leth Olsen, Asmus; Jilke, Sebastian; Grimmelikhuijsen, S.G.


    For public administration scholars, psychological theories and methods can be extremely helpful, especially when studying attitudes or behaviors of (groups of) citizens, public professionals, or public managers. Behavioral public administration explicitly connects public administration and


    Rodica Gabriela Blidişel


    Full Text Available Major changes in information technologies characterize the current period through which humanity creates the conditions shift from information society to the knowledge. In this context of the changing of the public administration through the implementation of ITC and the reform that lead to the new public management, our paper wants to see the development of E-governance in Romanian local public administration and the influence of the main financial indicators on e-governance elements. Countries adopt e-governance in ways that reinforce traditional bureaucratic structures, cultures and links from administration to citizens and politics, in some cases making these traditional forms more responsive. The paper studies the accounting information disclosed on the internet sites of public sector entities. The research use an empirical approach to test impact of the quality of accounting information on e-financial reporting in public sector. The research use a quantitative methodology, based on surveys and author's observations. The methods chosen in this paper are reliable for this empirical study that tries to identify at a national level the problems that could improve the financial information disclosed by the public sector. The paper aims to measure the financial performance in local public administration and the main indicators of e-governance. The main objective of the paper is to make a model that demonstrates the impact of the local public administration financial performance on the e-governance. Due to the fact that the main problem of the Romanian local public administration is the lack of performance tools that could improve the e-governance, the research wants use an empirical approach to test the impact of the financial performance on the local public administration on e-governance. The research use a quantitative methodology, based on surveys and author's observations.

  17. Nature and scope of public administration

    Uchem, R.O.


    Full Text Available The success and survival of any organizations be they government or not is contingent upon group efforts and cooperation to achieve set goals. This paper discusses the nature and scope of public administration to say that in modern day societies, any administration in the public interest transcends beyond government circles and finds expression in other spheres of human endeavors including the church, mosques, postal services as well as international relations and diplomacy, respectively. The paper discusses the concepts of administration and public administration thereby creating a distinction between the two concepts. Furthermore, the understanding of the scope of administration through the various schools of thought have also been captured, the essence of which is to generate a clearer understanding of the discourse under review. The paper ends with conclusions.

  18. Evaluation of Agency's Public Personnel Administration

    Neal W. Tamayo


    As a consultant for a government agency, this paper will design recommendations and improvements for the agency’s public personnel administration. In order to do this, the consultant has to become familiar with the agency, its departments and also understand the key factors. The department chosen from the government for this paper is the Social Security Administration (Kestenbaum, 2014).

  19. Alaska Public Offices Commission, Department of Administration, State of

    Visiting Alaska State Employees State of Alaska Department of Administration Alaska Public Offices Commission Alaska Department of Administration, Alaska Public Offices Commission APOC Home Commission Filer ; AO's Contact Us Administration > Alaska Public Offices Commission Alaska Public Offices Commission

  20. Languages and Public Administration in Europe

    Thiel, S. van; Ongaro, E.; Ongaro, E.; Thiel, S. van


    One of the key features of public administration in Europe is that multiple languages are in use, both in the public and academic debates. Language shapes thought, debate and hence also research. To find out which problems researchers run into when they want to convey results of their research and

  1. Ethics in Public Administration: Evidence from Slovenia

    Zlatko NEDELKO


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this paper is to examine how employees’ personal ethics, expressed through their personal values and attitudes toward social and environmental issues, are associated with the ethics of organizations in public administration. The authors introduce their own theoretical model that examines the relations between employees’ personal ethics – expressed through employees’ personal values and attitudes toward natural and social environments – and the ethics of public administration. The reported study examined these relations and tested a proposed model based on the answers of 212 employees from public administration organizations in Slovenia. Employees’ attitudes toward natural and social environments and the ethics of their organizations were measured using a questionnaire designed to measure aspects of ethics whereas personal values were measured using the Schwartz value survey. The results demonstrated that employees’ self-enhancing values significantly influence their attitudes toward the natural environment. Employees’ self-transcendence and self-enhancement values significantly influence their attitudes toward the social environment and the ethics of organizations. In addition, research results about the mediation effect of employees’ attitudes toward natural and social environments on the association between the employees’ personal values and their perception of the ethics of public administration organizations reveals that employees’ social attitudes have a significant impact on the ethics of public administration while the impact of self-transcending and self-enhancing values becomes insignificant. Based on results of testing our model we can conclude that the employee’s attitudes toward to the social environment represent a significantly more powerful predictor of ethics in public administration organizations than the employees’ personal values. These results present a solid basis for further

  2. Five challenges for public administrations in Europe

    Ongaro Edoardo


    Full Text Available This article examines five ‘challenges’ facing most administrative systems across Europe. The first challenge stems from the increasingly asymmetric nature of European multilevel governance; the second challenge arises from the missed opportunity of reforming in the absence of a dominant administrative paradigm; the third challenge lies in rescuing and transforming the welfare state; the fourth challenge is concerned with making the most of the knowledge generated in the field of strategic management for strategically managing public services; the fifth challenge lies in staff (demotivation. These challenges are pitched at very different levels: some are related to issues of public governance, some to issues of scholarly and practitioners’ collective understandings of public administration in Europe, and some to trends in the global economy, and notably the financial, economic and fiscal ‘crises’.

  3. Usability of Public Administration Electronic Forms

    Miloslav Hub


    Full Text Available This paper is focused on the testing and evaluating of public administration electronic forms from the usability point of view. Its objective is to design a suitable methodology for usability testing of electronic forms and their description and distribution to public administration information systems professionals. Firstly, methods of usability engineering are summarized and a suitable method for usability testing and evaluation of electronic forms is selected. Farther, the methodology of electronic forms usability testing that uses the selected method is suggested. In the last part of the paper the case study that uses the proposed methodology is suggested and performed. The main benefit of the work is the design of testing methodology and proposition of the set of recommendations for new public administration electronic forms design.

  4. Personnel Policy in Local Public Administration

    Loránd Cziprián KOVÁCS


    Romanian local public adminstration is currently facing a series of harsh challenges, one of these being the establishment of a new body of public servants with the ability to answer new problems as they arise. This process has not been very easy due to various political, technical, economical and social issues. However, new steps have been taken, which have brought new hope for future developments.

  5. Personnel Policy in Local Public Administration

    Loránd Cziprián KOVÁCS


    Full Text Available Romanian local public adminstration is currently facing a series of harsh challenges, one of these being the establishment of a new body of public servants with the ability to answer new problems as they arise. This process has not been very easy due to various political, technical, economical and social issues. However, new steps have been taken, which have brought new hope for future developments.

  6. How to Develop Sustainable Public Administration Reforms

    Liviu RADU


    Full Text Available Public administration reform and reform in general is a never ending story. The human so-cieties are evolving and so do their needs. Pub-lic administration has to keep the pace with the changes that are taking place in society. Specifc issues like ageing of the population and the mi-gration from small to larger communities, or from poor to wealthy regions are placing supplemen-tary burdens on modern administrative systems for decades. The economic crisis that started in 2008 made administrative matters even more complicated. Functional economies and consol-idated democracies proved to be vulnerable to what was considered by many as a market failure. The crisis and the responses of the governments around the world raised a number of questions related to the role that state and public authority in general should play in a modern democracy. The paper is briefy exploring the challenges that administrative systems from the new European Union member states and from the candidatestates were or are facing in their attempt to meet the requirements of the European Union mem-bership, and is proposing a challenging measure: the development of an acquis communautaire for the feld of public administration and consequent-ly the establishment of a correspondent structure inside the European Commission. The acquis communautaire will comprise of a minimum set of principles, widely accepted, that should rep-resent a ‘to do list’ for new member states that are having diffculties in promoting a sound and sustainable reform in public administration.


    Doru Cîrnu


    Full Text Available The need for efficiency and quality in the managerial document is more acutely felt at all levels of governance from Romanian administration. In a modern democratic society, as the society we live in claims to be, it is necessary for the administration service to be closer to the citizen-customer requirements. Essential in this regard is that the public administration, in order to be effective, needs to fit a nation as well as to each individual, as the decisions taken at this level make people as much harm as good.




    Full Text Available Total Quality Management is an attractive philosophy and its implementation involves many difficulties.Implementation of total quality management requires a profound transformation of the organization so that theappearance of strong resistance is inevitable. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the huge effort that isrequired to resolve difficulties that appear in this process.Total quality management is based on knowing the stage of organization and its environment and throughcontinuous improvement for it to try to reach excellence.It is well known that the implementation of quality management systems depends on the specifics of eachorganization. Functions performed, defining features, characteristics of public administration systems, rigidity givenby the multitude of laws make it difficult to implement quality management systems, on the one hand and on the otherhand, these difficulties are given from the specific service.The introduction of total quality management in public administration cannot and should not present a radicalreform of it. Public administration, like any other public or private organization, can be improved. In essence, thepractice of recent years shows that the model Total Quality Management in public administration allowsimprovements, but it only with an appropriate organizational culture.

  9. Ethics in Public Administration: Evidence from Slovenia

    Zlatko NEDELKO; Vojko POTOCAN


    The main purpose of this paper is to examine how employees’ personal ethics, expressed through their personal values and attitudes toward social and environmental issues, are associated with the ethics of organizations in public administration. The authors introduce their own theoretical model that examines the relations between employees’ personal ethics – expressed through employees’ personal values and attitudes toward natural and social environments – and the ethics of public administrati...

  10. Career management perspective in public administration

    Camelia-Olivia ILIES


    Full Text Available An innovative public organization must be capable to access, internalize and implement the newest forms of knowledge and capitalize efficiently and effectively the potential of human resources available to it. Economic, political, social, administrative, organizational changes in the context of the global crisis impose permanent efforts aimed to ensure flexibility and to redesign the public organizational architecture, adaptation of career management systems to new conditions. Public organisational entities make substantial efforts to increase the quality of public services, performances and their innovative capacity, using as much as possible the employers’ potential and talent. The paper explores the importance of the concept, role, objectives and management of career from both individual and public organizational perspective. We try to identify the career features and its innovative role in the knowledge-based economy during the crisis, considering the fact that public services have in fact the ultimate responsibility for managing their own careers.

  11. Legal Knowledge and Agility in Public Administration

    Boer, A.; van Engers, T.


    To address agility in public administration, we have developed a knowledge acquisition infrastructure for legal knowledge, based on an implementation-oriented conceptualization of the legal system. Our objective is to reframe legal knowledge as a knowledge source in a design-oriented task ontology,

  12. Machiavelli’s Lessons for Public Administration

    Tholen, J.H.M.M.


    On issues concerning the basis and function of political science and public administration as a discipline, Max Weber provides answers that are puzzling when more closely examined. In this article, it is demonstrated that coherent answers to these issues can be found in the work of Niccolò

  13. Book Review: Public Administration Dictionary | Marais | Lexikos

    Book Title: Public Administration Dictionary. Book Author: William Fox & Ivan H. Meyer. 1995. viii + 139 pp. ISBN 0 70213219 5. Juta. Full Text: EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for ...




    Full Text Available This paper shows the emmergence of strong aspects that require a deep transformation of the organization through the implementation of the Quality and management. We start from knowing the status of the organization, the environment, and through continuous improvement, the implementation of the Quality of management will try to reach stages closer to excellence. In this sense, the applyable practice in Public Administration must start from something elementary and simple, to allow the realization of some improvements, with a modern administration, with a number of considerable tasks. The introduction of a system of Quality management must be the decision of superior management, and the idea that sustains the arguments must be the following: the growth of productivity, the raise of income, the improvement of the image, the growth of competitiveness, the reducing of costs, the improvement of the environment. This way, reductions of consumptions in the Public Administration through improvements in the Quality of management must be determined.

  15. Efficiency and inefficiency of public administration

    Roman VAVREK


    Full Text Available Public administration and local government in particular, which also includes municipalities in individual countries, is in the context of the economic crisis a very topical and widely discussed issue. The management of municipalities is subject to increasing control by the public, the state and the municipalities themselves. The aim of the presented paper is to offer a comprehensive definition of efficiency and methods which allow to measure it. As results of our analysis  can be mentioned overview of TOPSIS technique application in a several studies.

  16. Professor Anne Khademian named National Academy of Public Administration Fellow

    Chadwick, Heather Riley


    Anne Khademian, professor with Virginia Tech's Center for Public Administration and Policy, School of Public and International Affairs, at the Alexandria, Va., campus has been elected a National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Fellow.

  17. Home, Office of Public Advocacy, Department of Administration, State of

    Visiting Alaska State Employees State of Alaska Department of Administration Division of Office of Public Advocacy Alaska Department of Administration, Office of Public Advocacy Home Programs Sections Forms Vendor Support Search Office of Public Advocacy State of Alaska Administration > Office of Public Advocacy

  18. Knowledge Transfer and Teaching Public Administration: The Academy Model

    Hall, Michael


    Since the beginnings of Public Administration in the US and its accompanying education in other parts of the world, government and policy have become more complex. The education in Public Administration created a professional pathway to public service. The addition of education to Public Administration came out of the Progressive Movement in the…

  19. Ethics of managers in Slovenian public administration

    Zlatko Nedelko


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this paper is to examine how managers’ personal values and managers’ attitudes towards the natural and social environment are shaping the ethics of those same managers in public administration. The findings are based on a sample of 212 managers from Slovenian public administration. Personal values were measured using the Schwartz value survey, while attitudes toward natural and social environment were measured with a validated questionnaire. Results show that managers’ self-enhancing values are positively related to their attitudes toward both natural and social environment and their ethics. Managers’ self-transcendence values were found to be negatively associated with their attitudes toward the social environment and their ethics. Managers’ attitudes toward natural and social environment are both positively related with the managers’ ethics. The mediation effect of the attitudes towards the social environment on the relationships between managers’ personal values and their ethics is positive and significant. The main cognition is that managers’ attitudes towards the social environment are a significantly stronger predictor of managers’ ethics than are managers’ personal values.




    Full Text Available The notion of public administration bears several acceptations, an activity one, of functional meaning and an organisational one. In both ways, public administration is indissolubly connected to the state. In default of the state, there is no public administration, as this is a state activity, performed by government bodies. This affirmation is confirmed by the stipulations of the Romanian Constitution, called public Authorities, chapter V, titled Public Administration. The first section intended for the specialised central public administration (ministry, other central bodies, and a second section is dedicated to the local public administration (county councils, local councils, mayors. There is no doubt that both sections refer to government bodies performing a state activity, so that the central specialised bodies of the public administration as well as the local bodies of the public administration are government bodies, and the activity they perform is a state one.


    Bente Florina Maria


    Full Text Available Concomitant with the evolution of society, public relations are socially expressed only together with the explicit articulation of public categories and public organizations, once the individual becomes a citizen whose satisfaction is at the core of the public systems preoccupations, ignoring times long gone when the ordinary citizen and the majority of the public administration representatives couldnt tell apart the concept of public relations from that of relations with the public.

  2. Public administration social responsibility of business entities

    N. H. Shpankovskaya


    Full Text Available Social responsibility of a business entity is seen as an effective tool of public administration. The current stage of development of social responsibility in Ukraine requires state involvement, as its vision by business entities are different, and there is also a need to develop a national model of social responsibility on the basis of international standards, because Ukraine, on the one hand, has the national characteristics of implementation of social initiatives and, on the other, the conditions and resources for their implementation is different from developed market economies. The visions of on social responsibility in the scientific literature are also different. This was the basis for the determination of her essence. We analyzed the interpretations of social responsibility and identified their advantages and disadvantages. Formulation of social responsibility, which is submitted in article, actualizes ecological orientation of the business entity taking into account the need for responsible behavior, and responsibility for actions, which violate the norms of society.

  3. Comparing Administrative Satisfaction in Public and Private Higher Education.

    Volkwein, James Fredericks; Parmley, Kelli

    This study examined job satisfaction among administrators in public and private higher education. Data on nearly 1,200 administrators, ranging from directors to presidents, was obtained through surveys of 120 public and private universities. It was found that both public and private higher education administrators were most satisfied with the…

  4. Jobs in Public Service. Job Family Series.

    Science Research Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL.

    The booklet describes jobs in public service. The introductory chapter provides a definition and overview of public service work. Following chapters describe various levels of public service including: (1) neighborhood workers--letter carriers and postal employees, fire fighters, police officers, service repair workers, and bus drivers; (2) city…

  5. Public invited to Appalachian Studies Film Series

    Elliott, Jean


    The Appalachian Studies Program at Virginia Tech is hosting a series of notable artistic and documentary films. The films deal with themes or issues covered in Appalachian Studies courses and are organized historically, touching upon issues common to all Appalachians.

  6. Reporting ethics committee approval in public administration research.

    Jordan, Sara R; Gray, Phillip W


    While public administration research is thriving because of increased attention to social scientific rigor, lingering problems of methods and ethics remain. This article investigates the reporting of ethics approval within public administration publications. Beginning with an overview of ethics requirements regarding research with human participants, I turn to an examination of human participants protections for public administration research. Next, I present the findings of my analysis of articles published in the top five public administration journals over the period from 2000 to 2012, noting the incidences of ethics approval reporting as well as funding reporting. In explicating the importance of ethics reporting for public administration research, as it relates to replication, reputation, and vulnerable populations, I conclude with recommendations for increasing ethics approval reporting in public administration research.

  7. Putting First Things First: Critical Issues for Public Administration Education

    Rosenbaum, Allan


    This article begins by reviewing developments in the field of public administration over the past 50 years and identifying factors that have served, in some cases unintentionally, to undermine public confidence in the actual practice of public administration. It then examines a number of important conditions that must be addressed in the…

  8. Reflections and Challenges for the Public Administration Community

    Bouckaert, Geert


    The question of whether the field of public administration education is prepared for the future of the public sector in Europe is a complex one, which needs to be unpacked to give a grounded answer. Unpacking this question means that there needs to be discussions on not just what educating the field of public administration means, but also…




    Full Text Available The author reveals, in the article, the importance of transparency in the process of public administration. In the centre of attention is the citizen, who has the right to access information, the right to make his opinion known, and the right to take part in the decisional process. The citizen’s participation supposes the realization of four requirements: transparency of administra­tion, passing on the information, reception of information and the involvement of the citizen in the decisional act. Further is analysed the normative act: «The Law regarding transparency in the decisionalprocess» no 239-XV approved on 13.11.2008. The author suggests ways of improving it. There are revealed some of the recommendations mentioned in « The white Book of Good Governing» elaborated by the European Commission, where are discussed the basic principles, which should be respected by the public authorities, as well as the procedures of public consultation within the European Union. In conclusion the author considers that the Government of the Republic of Moldova has undertaken a series of complex activities regarding institutional transparency, but we cannot yet speak about a productive dialogue between the public autho­rities and citizens.

  10. Semantic Modeling of Administrative Procedures from a Spanish Regional Public Administration

    Francisco José Hidalgo López


    Full Text Available Over the past few years, Public Administrations have been providing systems for procedures and files electronic processing to ensure compliance with regulations and provide public services to citizens. Although each administration provides similar services to their citizens, these systems usually differ from the internal information management point of view since they usually come from different products and manufacturers. The common framework that regulations demand, and that Public Administrations must respect when processing electronic files, provides a unique opportunity for the development of intelligent agents in the field of administrative processes. However, for this development to be truly effective and applicable to the public sector, it is necessary to have a common representation model for these administrative processes. Although a lot of work has already been done in the development of public information reuse initiatives and common vocabularies standardization, this has not been carried out at the processes level. In this paper, we propose a semantic representation model of both processes models and processes for Public Administrations: the procedures and administrative files. The goal is to improve public administration open data initiatives and help to develop their sustainability policies, such as improving decision-making procedures and administrative management sustainability. As a case study, we modelled public administrative processes and files in collaboration with a Regional Public Administration in Spain, the Principality of Asturias, which enabled access to its information systems, helping the evaluation of our approach.

  11. Automatically producing tailored web materials for public administration

    Colineau, Nathalie; Paris, Cécile; Vander Linden, Keith


    Public administration organizations commonly produce citizen-focused, informational materials describing public programs and the conditions under which citizens or citizen groups are eligible for these programs. The organizations write these materials for generic audiences because of the excessive human resource costs that would be required to produce personalized materials for everyone. Unfortunately, generic materials tend to be longer and harder to understand than materials tailored for particular citizens. Our work explores the feasibility and effectiveness of automatically producing tailored materials. We have developed an adaptive hypermedia application system that automatically produces tailored informational materials and have evaluated it in a series of studies. The studies demonstrate that: (1) subjects prefer tailored materials over generic materials, even if the tailoring requires answering a set of demographic questions first; (2) tailored materials are more effective at supporting subjects in their task of learning about public programs; and (3) the time required to specify the demographic information on which the tailoring is based does not significantly slow down the subjects in their information seeking task.

  12. Interactive Education in Public Administration (2): Strategies for Teachers

    Brock, Jonathan; Alford, John


    The previous article ("Interactive education in public administration (1): The role of teaching 'objects'") described the benefits of "moving from behind the lectern" to engage in interactive teaching in public policy and administration, and the central role of "objects" in that process. But teaching…

  13. Information Technology and the Organization Chart of Public Administration

    Zouridis, S.; Snellen, I.Th.M.; van de Donk, W.B.H.J.


    To a certain extent the organization chart of public administration is inspired by the doctrines which are offered by public administration science. Some of these doctrines relate to policy implementation and the design of implementing agencies. In this chapter three of these main doctrines are

  14. The Communication in Public Administration in Urban Areas

    Dorina Ţicu


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to underline the role of communication in the public institutions byidentifying the characteristics and peculiarities of the process of public administration, starting from thecharacteristics of administrative process and from those of organizational behavior in urban areas identifiableat the level of each public institution. The study of the dimensions such as the actors and the stakeholdersinvolved in the administrative process, the goals and the objectives of the administrative evaluation, thecriteria and the techniques of communication and all interpersonal hierarchies established, all of these can beconsidered variables that can offer distinction to the communication process in public administration, whetherwe speak about inter-institutional communication or intra-institution alone or about that one from the publicadministration to citizens. This article aims to underlie the characteristics of the communication process inpublic administration based on a quantitative study which appeals to the variables previously set and that canbecome models or labels for subsequent specialized studies.

  15. Computer-Based Simulation Games in Public Administration Education

    Kutergina Evgeniia


    Computer simulation, an active learning technique, is now one of the advanced pedagogical technologies. Th e use of simulation games in the educational process allows students to gain a firsthand understanding of the processes of real life. Public- administration, public-policy and political-science courses increasingly adopt simulation games in universities worldwide. Besides person-to-person simulation games, there are computer-based simulations in public-administration education. Currently...

  16. Teaching Public Library Administration through Epistemic Gaming

    Becnel, Kim; O'Shea, Patrick


    This paper describes the design of an innovative educational experience that took place during the summer of 2011 with a cohort of library science students at Appalachian State University. This group of students, working online in their own virtual public libraries, engaged in an extended epistemic game that required the participants to undertake…

  17. Public Administration and the Crisis of the State. ESA844, Administrative Context of Schooling.

    Bates, Richard

    This volume is part of a series of monographs from Australia devoted to outlining an alternative approach, based on neo-Marxist concepts, to educational administration. Beginning with a discussion of the contested relationship between the individual and the state, the politics of administration is set within the debate over liberalism, Marxism and…




    The objectives and functions of automatic data processing in public administration can be deduced if we take into consideration the functioning principles of this system, that is to say the transparency in providing information and public services through ready access of both people and corporate bodies, the efficient way the public funds are used and last but not least, the confidentiality of personal data.


    Evgenii V. Ohotskii


    Full Text Available Applying the method of retrospective analysis the article deals with the process of forming the scientific fundamentals and the search by the international community of effective and adequate to the current stage of social development public administration system. The author attempts to analyze, in a number of cases in terms of models, features of public administration systems at different stages of historical development, drawing attention to reasons why the Soviet model of public administration did not manage to meet competition, did not provide the required social effect and as a natural result suffered a defeat in the global confrontation between the two social systems. Current models and theoretical concepts of public administration, especially the "new public administration", which became scientific basis for administrative reforms implemented in many countries, are the particular subject of scientific analysis. The author draws attention to major comprehensive characteristics of modern state public administration: making it impossible to absolutize principles of traditional hierarchy system of forced administration; globalization - gradual destruction of boundaries between national and international levels of administration, the growing role of supranational subjects of administration relations; informatization - increasing importance of information and communication technologies and of political networks: development of civil society, especially political parties and non-governmental organizations, growing public involvement in discussion and adoption of the most important administrative decisions; making the state policy more pluralistic and which will result in the formation of nonlinear - humanistic social consciousness as the intellectual basis of modern social governance. The author's position is that Russia is yet to solve the issue of choosing a public administration model that would be effective for further administrative

  20. Perceptions of Administrative and Supervisory Support in Public Child Welfare

    Tonya M. Westbrook


    Full Text Available Using the Child Welfare Organizational Culture Inventory (CWOCI in a public child welfare agency, perceptions of administrative and supervisory support held by employees with social work degrees (BSW and MSW were compared to perceptions of administrative and supervisory support held by employees without social work degrees. Child welfare employees with social work degrees reported lower administrative and supervisory support than employees without social work degrees. Implications for social work educators, public child welfare administrators and supervisors, and future research are presented.

  1. Pedagogical Insights into the Teaching of Public Administration in ...

    Indexed African Journals Online: An International ... In this vein, the graduates of Public Administration streaming out of the various universities and ... e) Is closely associated with the numerous groups in providing services to.

  2. Promoting energy efficiency: supporting Public Administration and Local Bodies

    Fasano, G.; Manila, E.


    ENEAS's institutional tasks include technical and scientific support to Public Administration and Local Bodies in the field of energy. Recently such a role has been strengthened by setting up the Agency for Energy Efficiency which ENEA is responsible for [it

  3. Combining Centralisation and Decentralisation in Danish Public Administration

    Chatzopoulou, Sevasti; Poulsen, Birgitte


    but also deliberation and steering by dialogue with the citizen. The administrative changes followed also international trends within the public administration such as New Public Management but also collaborative governance. They have been characterized both by centralization and decentralization, often......The Danish administration system underwent significant changes over time adapting to internal and external challenges such as administrative reforms and the EU policy decisions. These challenges led to changes in the Danish administrative structures, which aimed to enhance efficiency, performance...... combining top-down hierarchy steering with network governance characteristics. The most recent administrative reform that has been introduced in 2007 decreased the number of mMunicipalities and countries, increasing formally the level of centralization but also transferred competences from the regional...

  4. Access to forest inventory data: towards transparency in public administration?

    Borghetti M


    Full Text Available Transparency in public administration is an important issue in a modern democracy. Thus, we are glad to know the National Forest Service of Italy (Corpo Forestale dello Stato will make soon available on the web the forest inventory data collected in the ongoing National Inventory of Forests and Carbon stocks. We expect all public administrations “storing” important environmental data sets follow this way.


    Brčić, Ruža; Vuković, Ksenija


    The aim of this paper is to diagnose organizational values and personal values of individuals towards work, on the example of public administration. In the research conducted on the Croatian public administration system several research methods were used – the most prominent of which are: the survey and poll method, the specialization method, the causal and functional analysis method – accompanied by various statistical methods. The research results have indicated the non-transparency of orga...

  6. The Managerial Approach in Public Administration Studies (II

    Cristina MORA


    Full Text Available The current paper has analyzed in its first installment the causes for the decrease in the interest vested in scientific management, while accepting its virtues as the starting point for a managerial approach to public administration. This paper points out that the above-mentioned bureaucratic model is no match for the process of organizing public administration, when change in managerial terms is compulsory.


    Kapucu, Naim; Kösecik, Muhammet


    This article begins with the examination of models of analyzing the process of policy transfer, lesson drawing and policy streams with regard to initiating and directing factors and dynamics of the process. The paper continues with the assessment of administrative reform transferring by evaluating the necessity, major themes and transferability of administrative reform. Strategies for successful administrative reform transferring are emphasized. Special reference is given to New Public Manage...

  8. Rediscovering Principles of Public Administration: The Neglected Foundation of Public Law.

    Moe, Ronald C.; Gilmour, Robert S.


    Public administration is at risk of losing its theoretical distinctiveness based on public law, leaving it vulnerable to advocates of the entrepreneurial management model. Administrative principles rooted in law can accommodate useful contemporary management concepts without compromising accountable public sector management. (SK)

  9. Financial Strategies for the Romanian Local Public Administration

    Attila GYÖRGY


    Full Text Available Public administration reform at all governmental levels constitutes an important component of the transformation process from a centralized system to democratic governance. This process involved important legislative and institutional changes in order to fulfill the principles of a market economy and the European Union standards based on transparency, predictability, accountability, adaptability and effectiveness. Therefore, in a continuing extension of the citizens’ needs, Romanian public administration reform, especially at local level, is concentrated on quality of public services based on citizens’ needs and increased performances in the context of a necessary decrease of budget expenditure, taking into consideration the actual financial constraint. In this context, it is useful to investigate the financial strategies of the local public administration based on the Romanian experiences that consisted in important public resources decline because of the financial crisis.


    Ruza Brcic; Ivan Malbasic


    For decades public administration has been considered a public issue in its own right, or even a causal factor of public issues. It is perceived as an inert and inflexible system that operates in a way that neither its practices nor its effects are transparent. With the aim of enhancing the eff ectiveness of public administration attempts have been made to redefi ne the role of the state and reform public administration and public management in accordance with that new role of the state, whic...

  11. The bright future of value pluralism in public administration

    de Graaf, G.


    In their critique of Spicer’s and Wagenaar’s account of value pluralism (VP), Talisse, Overeem, and Verhoef seem to suggest either that VP does not exist or that it is irrelevant for public administration (PA). My argument is that in public governance, there are many conflicting intrinsic values.

  12. Project Management in Public Administration. TPM – Total Project Management Maturity Model. The Case of Slovenian Public Administration

    Gordana ŽURGA


    Full Text Available The purpose of the article is to present the importance of project management for the functioning of public administration, and its contribution to the realization of the developmental goals of the government. For this, integration of strategic management and project management is of vital importance. The methodology used is a combination of literature review, a case study of project management in public administration of the Republic of Slovenia, and development of a maturity model of project management in public administration, with its verifi cation on the case of Slovenia. The main contribution of the study is development of TPM – Total Project Management maturity model for public administration. Upon the TPM maturity model, project management in Slovene public administration is assessed and discussed. Out of fi ve maturity levels, the results for project management in Slovene public administration are: management of projects – level 2 (initiated, management of programs of projects – level 2 (initiated, management of portfolios of projects – level 3 (implemented, organizational support for project management – level 3 (implemented, HRM for project management – level 2 (initiated, and integration of project management and strategic management – level 3 (implemented. General fi ndings and recommendations in this respect are drawn, together with indicated areas for possible further research and investigation.

  13. General Public Interest: between Electoral Rhetoric and Administrative Actions

    Valentina Cornea


    Full Text Available Traditionally, public administration is considered to be the operative side of government. Itis supposed to include all the activities involved in carrying out the policies of the elected officialsand some activities associated with the development of these policies. In this respect, well-knownauthors consider that the Public administration is all that comes after the last election promise and theelection night cheer: the means and ends of government. The complexity of social life, however, hasgenerated in recent years the appearance of a rationality deficit in the actions of government. It is thespread of some behaviour patterns that hinder the leadership of the system: rational options arereplaced by investment policy, the administration accepts the behaviours that are substantiallydifferent from the electoral promises. This situation generates dissatisfaction of citizens, declaringthemselves dissatisfied with the activity of the public authorities which, moreover, they have chosen.The intention of this study is to encourage analytical reflections on how the general public interest isrepresented.

  14. Distinctive research patterns on public sector performance measurement of public administration and accounting disciplines

    van Helden, G. Jan; Johnsen, Age; Vakkuri, Jarmo


    This article explores distinctive research patterns of public administration and accounting disciplines concerning public sector performance measurement (PSPM). Our review shows that accounting researchers from Europe investigate reasons for limited PM use and factors explaining a rational or

  15. The process of outsourcing applied to public administration - legal approach

    Bruno Magera Conceição


    Full Text Available The article presents an analysis of outsourcing in the Brazilian Public Administration and the way it currently operates, initiating a process of reform, aiming to reduce the size of the administrative apparatus. Several doctrinal and jurisprudential concepts have been demonstrated in order to demonstrate in a concise way the applicability of outsourcing as a mechanism to reduce costs of the public machine, increase its efficiency and decrease its size. Some advantages of the use of outsourcing by the public administration by several jurists are presented, including the gains in competitiveness and ease of supervision by the citizens. The extension of the responsibility of the public administration by the outsourced company and the way in which it operates, in the light of the legislation, jurisprudence and the best doctrine, suggest efficient alternatives in the exercise of the administration, increasing its credibility and efficiency in the attainment of governmental objectives. The methodology used was through deductive. The achieved results demonstrate that the process of outsourcing after quality and a new dynamics in the public service.

  16. Peculiarities of activities of public administration subjects in the public finance

    Світлана Миколаївна Клімова


    Full Text Available A comprehensive reform of public administration and public finances conducted in Ukraine to implement the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU requires a thorough research. Problems related to the functioning of public administration, investigated by V. Averyanov, M. Benio, T.Belozerskaya, S. Vitvitsky, D. Vlasenko, S. Gaiduchenko, N. Hnidyuk, O. Jafarova, A. Zelentsov, T. Karabin, T. Kolomoets. The subject of the study is public administration in the field of public finance. T. Karabin investigated the basic theory of public administration and singled out the following: 1 classical theory; 2 the theory of new public management; 3 the theory of public service. The wording of the "broad" and "narrow" understanding of public administration should be made taking into account that today the public administration in Ukraine in the narrow sense consists of: 1 the bodies of state executive power (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central executive authorities, their territorial offices, local state administrations, etc.; 2 specialized public authorities (for example, the Accounting Chamber, the National Bank of Ukraine; 3 subjects of local self-government (village, settlement, city council, village, settlement, city mayor, executive bodies of village, settlement, city council, head of state, rayon and regional councils, representing common interests of territorial communities of villages, settlements, cities; organs of self-organization of the population . In the broad sense, non-state actors (both collective and individual should be included in the circle of subjects of the public administration of Ukraine, which delegates power and administrative powers, which are in continuous interaction with public authorities, performing the functions assigned to them. The complexity of public administration in our country is due to the variability of all elements of the system, the links between them and the environment in which the

  17. From the Classics to the Cuts: Valuing Teaching Public Administration as a Public Good

    Shand, Rory; Howell, Kerry E.


    This article intends to raise a number of issues regarding teaching public administration in the higher education sector and the value it has for individuals and society. The article explores the issue of value with reference to the teaching and learning of Public Administration as a discipline in the wider societal context. The article argues…


    Kyrylo Ohdanskyi


    Full Text Available An author in the article examines theoretical bases in the question of dynamics of community development. According to classic canons a dynamic process on any of levels of management hierarchy can be presented as a complex of changes of its ecological, economic and social components. For today, national politics in the field of realization of conception of community development does not take into account most theoretical works, which testify that in our country the mechanism of its effective adjusting is not yet created. In connection to this the author of the article accents the attention on the necessity of the use in modern Ukraine realities of the effective approaches to government control of community development. As the subject of research of the article the author chose the analysis of process of community development and methodological bases for the choice of variants for a management by this process. System approach is chosen by author as a research methodology. The aim. Analysis of theoretical bases and developing of the new approaches to the government administration of community development. An author divides the process of community development by constituents: social, economic and ecological components. From the indicated warning it is necessary to take into account the objective necessity of developing of the new conceptual approaches to the elaboration of tool of adjusting of community development. For the decision of this task the author of the article it is suggested to use the category “dynamics”. An author in the article does the analysis of different interpretations of term “dynamics”and offers his own interpretation in the context of community development. Our researches confirm that, mainly, it is methodologically possible to form the blocks of quantitative and quality factors of specific different information of ecological, economic and social character. Author’s researches confirm that it is methodologically

  19. Program for advanced study in public science policy and administration

    Rosenthal, A. H.


    The results and conclusions of the six-year effort concerned with the development and implementation of a university educational program intended to prepare scientists and engineers for upper-level management and administrative positions (as distinct from senior technical positions) were presented. This interdisciplinary program is at the graduate level, leading to a Master of Arts degree, and is given within a Division of Public Administration.


    Dmitry Bezzubov


    Full Text Available Purpose: to analyze existing threats, dangers and challenges the EU countries in terms of the present and the formulation of the basic foundations for the formation of the concept of ensuring public safety in the EU. Methods: Using a comparative method of scientific knowledge identified the major security threats in the EU and proposed substantive provisions of the administrative doctrine improve safety through the use of formal legal method. Results: the paper is dedicated to the problems of public security maintenance in the present-day context. Methods, techniques and strategies of public security maintenance as a scientific and public phenomenon are revealed. The levels of public security maintenance within the European Community are defined. Summarizing mentioned above, the concept of the service state in terms of the EU countries public security maintenance is the definition of course of development of the state mechanism and management of all administrative control branches. The main aim of which is to create mechanisms of risks and threats prevention with the respect to individuals’ rights, freedoms and legal interests in the societies of the EU countries. The concept of the service state as such is a practical result of the EU countries policy on elimination and neutralization of migration, military and terrorist threats. Discussion: in this article the author offers the basic provisions of the administrative doctrine enhance public safety in the European society.

  1. Public sector administration of ecological economics systems using mediated modeling.

    van den Belt, Marjan; Kenyan, Jennifer R; Krueger, Elizabeth; Maynard, Alison; Roy, Matthew Galen; Raphael, Ian


    In today's climate of government outsourcing and multiple stakeholder involvement in public sector management and service delivery, it is more important than ever to rethink and redesign the structure of how policy decisions are made, implemented, monitored, and adapted to new realities. The traditional command-and-control approach is now less effective because an increasing amount of responsibility to deliver public goods and services falls on networks of nongovernment agencies. Even though public administrators are seeking new decision-making models in an increasingly more complex environment, the public sector currently only sparsely utilizes Mediated Modeling (MM). There is growing evidence, however, that by employing MM and similar tools, public interest networks can be better equipped to deal with their long-term viability while maintaining the short-term needs of their clients. However, it may require a shift in organizational culture within and between organizations to achieve the desired results. This paper explores the successes and barriers to implementing MM and similar tools in the public sector and offers insights into utilizing them through a review of case studies and interdisciplinary literature. We aim to raise a broader interest in MM and similar tools among public sector administrators at various administrative levels. We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on those cases operating at the interface of ecology and socio-economic systems.

  2. Perspectives on Politics, Production and Public Administration in Africa

    . The essays cover issues related to foreign aid, local government, public administration, taxation, agriculture and political systems, these being the central sites where development efforts are ordinarily undertaken. The thread running through the essays is a common concern with politics, how it should...... be understood and how it shapes development. In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, politics is decisive for change, but poorly understood, sometimes neglected, and often depicted using rigid models. The book seeks to dig below the surface and do justice to the complexity of the politics of production and public...... administration in Africa....

  3. Regulatory Powers in Public Procurement Law of Peruvian Administrative Agencies

    Juan Carlos Morón Urbina


    Full Text Available Peruvian law has explicitly recognized regulatory powers to administrative agencies, which allows them to have a preponderant role in the production of rules in public procurement. Although these delegations of legislative authority are positively defined, distortions in the system of legal sources arise when agencies exceed delegated powers or when measures issued by administrative entities are mistaken for regulations. This paper aims to identify regulatory powers of Peruvian administrative agencies, as well as the regulatory measures they issue, and their relation with other sources of law.

  4. Public administration electricity savings. Offentlige energibesparelser; Nyere danske erfaringer

    Gjelstrup, G


    Analysis on how different types of public authorities experienced carrying out electricity savings showed that the individual public authority's internal political-administrative organizational form is of major importance for the possibilities of realizing potential electricity savings. In addition, it can be concluded that only certain public authorities have utilized external assistance in connection with effecting electricity savings. In these cases there has been some accordance between the particular authority's internal, political-administrative, organization and the organizational form presupposed in the external assistance offered. In spite of this, the public authorities in question have, in general, not progressed very far with electricity savings. Part of the reason for this lies namely in the fact that the special importance the mode of organization has for electricity savings, has been overlooked in this type of assistance. (CLS) 43 refs.

  5. Public administration electricity savings. Offentlige energibesparelser; Nyere danske erfaringer

    Gjelstrup, G.


    Analysis on how different types of public authorities experienced carrying out electricity savings showed that the individual public authority's internal political-administrative organizational form is of major importance for the possibilities of realizing potential electricity savings. In addition, it can be concluded that only certain public authorities have utilized external assistance in connection with effecting electricity savings. In these cases there has been some accordance between the particular authority's internal, political-administrative, organization and the organizational form presupposed in the external assistance offered. In spite of this, the public authorities in question have, in general, not progressed very far with electricity savings. Part of the reason for this lies namely in the fact that the special importance the mode of organization has for electricity savings, has been overlooked in this type of assistance. (CLS) 43 refs.

  6. 77 FR 14856 - Public Meeting With Interested Persons To Discuss the Proposed Federal Aviation Administration...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Federal Aviation Administration Public Meeting With Interested...) AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (DOT). ACTION: Notice of public meetings. SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be holding a public meeting to discuss issuing a new Technical Standard...

  7. Marketing Communications in Public Administration : Case: Municipal IT Unit

    Teräväinen, Terhi


    Marketing communications is traditionally associated with the private sector and commercial activities, but the term is nowadays also widely used in public sector contexts. In this thesis marketing communications is analysed from a public administration point of view. The empirical part deals with marketing communications executed by the Municipal IT Unit of the Ministry of Finance. The objective is to find out what is considered important when it comes to planning and implementing market...

  8. A framework to evaluate information quality in Public Administration websites

    Geraci, Filippo; Martinelli, Maurizio; Pellegrini, Marco; Serrecchia, Michela


    The paper presents a framework aimed at assessing the capacity of Public Administration bodies (PA) to offer a good quality of information and service on their web portals. Our framework is based on the extraction of ".it? domain names registered by Italian public institutions and the subsequent analysis of their relative websites. The analysis foresees an automatic gathering of the web pages of PA portals by means of web crawling and an assessment of the quality of their online information s...

  9. Efficiency of Public Administration Management in Cultural Heritage Protection.

    Nozharov, Shteryo


    The publication analyzes the possibilities of building a model for effective public administration management in the field of cultural heritage protection using McKinsey 7S model. Bulgaria is a country with rich cultural and archaeological heritage since Roman and Byzantine times. Significant number of cultural monuments are located on the territory of the country and are officially recognized as “world cultural heritage” by UNESCO. In this regard, the failures of Bulgarian cultural heritage ...

  10. The Europeanization of Public Administration through the General Principles of Good Administration

    Vasilica NEGRUŢ


    Full Text Available The general objective of the paper is based on an extremely present theme of real interest. Using the content analysis, through a descriptive documentary research, the present study aims at identifying the dimensions of the general principles of good administration, in the context of changes at European an implicitly at national level. To this purpose, an analisys of the specific objectives will be made: the concept of good administration, the national dimensions of the right to be heard, the right to access personal files as well as the motivation of administrative acts and the general principles regulated by the European Code of Good Administration will be underlined, in the context of institutional change determined by the Lisbon Treaty. Good administration defines the way in which institutions function, this being possible by ensuring the right to access information, a more efficient protection of fundamental rights as well as the right to defense, publication of acts and their motivation. Good administration is strongly connected to good government, the relation being in our opinion, from part to whole. The final purpose of good government and implicitly of good administration aims at accomplishing the general interest. The two concepts need a higher degree of transparency and responsibility in the public process. If governing represents the modality of exerting power, good government entails the imperative of the consensus of those governed regarding the objectives and methods of government, the responsibility of those governing, the efficiency of governing and the citizens’ right to be informed regarding the use and the distribution of the financial resources in the governing process. This new concept takes into account the implication of the citizens in the decision - making process, allowing a more efficient use of material, human, and financial resources. We assert thus that by applying the general principles of good administration

  11. Examining Community-Engaged Scholarship in Public Administration Programs

    Norvell, Katrina Herndon


    This study sought to broaden the understanding of the role that academic professions play in shaping the values and attitudes of faculty toward CES. This study explored faculty perceptions regarding the factors that encourage or dissuade them in the pursuit of CES within public administration programs. As a framework for research, a conceptual…

  12. Public Administration Teaching and Interdisciplinarity: Considering the Consequences

    van der Waldt, Gerrit


    Public administration is a highly diverse and evolving field of scientific inquiry. The study domain is characterised further by often-competing paradigmatic perspectives and seemingly endless teaching modalities. There seems to be an increasing realisation that answers to complex societal challenges cannot be solved within the knowledge…

  13. Public Administration Education in Europe: Continuity or Reorientation?

    Hajnal, Gyorgy


    The article explores the changing patterns of disciplinary orientation in European public administration (PA) education. The study builds on an earlier research, which defined three distinct clusters of countries, based on their specific PA education tradition. It asks whether countries' movement away from the Legalist paradigm has continued since…

  14. Development of Integrated Public Administration Custom Services in Hungary.

    Laki, Tamas


    The paper is a case-study introducing a national project in Hungary establishing a countrywide public administration customer service system where accessibility was a key issue. Starting from the concept the paper describes the methods and organisational background how accessible design was integrated in the planning method and gives a feedback of site experiences.

  15. The Work for Pay Exchange in Public School Administration.

    McGee, William L.; Gibson, R. Oliver

    This study explains assessments of fair pay for public school administrators in terms of some individual, job-related, and contextual variables, and it tests Jaques' hypothesis that time-span of discretion is the unconscious measure of level of work in bureaucracies. Data were gathered primarily through telephone interviews with…

  16. Supporting Public Administration with an Integrated BPR Environment

    Ciaghi, Aaron; Villafiorita, Adolfo; Weldemariam, Komminist; Mattioli, Andrea; Phan, Quoc-Sang

    The definition or redesign of Public Administration (PA) procedures is particularly challenging. This is, for example, due to the requirement of cooperation of different organizational units and actors, different laws and procedures for the production of several artifacts, and maintaining traceability while integrating processes with new laws.

  17. The Psychological Development of Adults: Implications for Public Administration.

    Schott, Richard L.


    This article analyzes the major theories of adult lifespan development, reviews some related research into the influence of various stages of development on job and organizational satisfaction, and identifies some important issues that the adult life cycle raises for public administrators and managers. (Author/CT)

  18. Meeting the needs of tomorrow's public service: Guidelines for professional education in public administration

    Chapman, R. L.; Cleaveland, F. N.


    The educational programs for public administration were studied to develop guidelines for meeting the requirements of public service in the 1980's. The current state of education for public service is discussed along with a prospective view of the service over the next decade. Criteria for evaluating graduate programs are presented.

  19. The public relations in the public administration of the Republic of Srpska

    Vranješ Nevenko


    Full Text Available The Public administration the Republic of Srpska is finally becoming a service to the citizens and businesses as an instrument which meets their needs. Even though some inequalities still exist in communication between public and administration, there is an opinion in the world today that the public has a right to be informed about all activities of funded subjects including the state administration. The Transparency of conducting administrative activities is regulated by law and it is also a subject of reforms, especially on the way to achieve a modern administration and European integration. The aim of this paper is to describe the system of the Public Relations in the Public administration of the Republic of Srpska. The authors of the paper discuss about theoretical importance of public relations, with special emphasis on the process of the legal access to information in the Republic of Srpska and current organizational capacities of the communication with public in the state administration of the Republic of Srpska.

  20. Public Administration as an academic disicpline: Trends and changes in the COCOPS academic survey of European Public Administration scholars

    S.G.J. Van de Walle (Steven); D.S.D. Curry; S. Gadellaa (Stefanie)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ This report summarises the finding from the COCOPS academic survey, a survey of public administration academics in European countries fielded in 2013. Respondents were asked to reflect on the state of the discipline and general trends within the discipline and in

  1. Administration of the School District Risk Management Program. School Business Administration Publication No. 1.

    California Association of School Business Officials, Sacramento.

    This publication is designed to provide school district administrators and boards of education with information they can use in developing, administering, and evaluating their district's risk management needs. In particular, it is meant to help school officials 1) identify local insurance needs consistent with California's statutory requirements,…

  2. Current Administrative court practice in the procedure of Public Procurement

    Silvio Čović


    Full Text Available Under the current conditions of complex and difficult economic and social circumstances and given the comparative possibilities and economic effects, the system of public procurement which is firstly at a legal level regulated by the Public Procurement Act 8 (Zakon o javnoj nabavi of 2011 (further referred to as: PPA (ZN, is of particular importance for the entire legal, political and economic system of the Republic of Croatia. Public procurement in essence represents contracting the procurement of goods, works or services. The specifities of that system are comprised, above all, of regulation of entering contractual relations between the public and private sector. Therefore, this system in principle must be formal in order to protect equality of competitors in the public procurement procedure and also in the general interest. Appreciating the legal tradition and indigenous particularities, the author’s fundamental aims consisted of providing and analysing administrative court practice in the context of international legal acquis communautaire showing some legal regulation in practice of disputable aspects of the system of public procurement in Croatia and the doubts emerging from current administrative court practice.

  3. The Question of Roles and Identities in Public Administration

    Poulsen, Birgitte


    The article argues that we need to open up the question of what it means to be a civil servant today to understand the key characteristics of public administration in contemporary western democracies. The role of the civil servant is characterized by a multitude of expectations deriving from old....... The article presents the results of a case study carried out within three Danish Ministries on the role of the civil servant. It is shown how differently the role is interpreted in the Danish State Administration depending on which of the archaeological layers are activated, and how these different...

  4. Analysis of the development trend of China’s business administration based on time series

    Jiang Rui


    Full Text Available On the general direction of the economic system, China is in a crucial period of the establishment of the modern enterprise system and reform of the macroeconomic system, and a lot of high-quality business administration talents are required to make China’s economy be stably developed. This paper carries out time series analysis of the development situation of China’s business administration major: on the whole, the society currently presents an upward trend on the demand for the business administration talents. With the gradually increasing demand for the business administration talents, various colleges and universities also set up the business administration major to train a large number of administration talents, thus leading to an upward trend for the academic focus on business administration.

  5. Aspects of Professional Training at Local and Central Public Administration Institutions from Romania

    Tudorel ANDREI


    Full Text Available The article aims to identify some characteristics  of the training process of the central and local  public administration employees. For comments  formulation we used the information obtained  from the central and local public administration  civil servants, which was collected by applying a  statistical questionnaire. The study emphasizes a  series of positive and negative aspects related to  the application of some instruments for consulting  the actors involved in the training process, the  curricula content of the training programs  addressing the public sector personnel at central  and local levels.  

  6. Political science, public administration, and natural hazards: contributions and connections

    Lindquist, E.


    The connection between the natural and social sciences has become stronger, and has increasingly been recognized as a vital component in the area of natural hazards research. Moving applied natural hazards research into the public policy or administration realm is not often easy, or effective. An improved understanding of the connection between the natural and social sciences can assist in this process and result in better public policy, acceptance from the public for these policies, and a safer and better educated public. This paper will present initial findings from a larger data set on natural hazards and social science research. Specifically we will review the current contribution of the formal academic disciplines of political science and public administration within recent natural hazards-related scholarship. The general characteristics of the contributions (e.g. coauthored, interdisciplinary, etc.), specific theories and methods being applied, and the types of natural hazards being scrutinized by these related fields will be assessed. In conclusion we will discuss future contributions and areas for potential collaboration between the natural and social sciences in the area of natural hazards research.

  7. Processes of Legislative Adaptation Undertaken by the Romanian Public Administration in the Context of the Global Economic Crisis

    Ani Matei


    Full Text Available As the economic crisis is further building the administrative burden of the Romanian public administration, the legislation is constantly reshaped in order to counteract the obstacles the crisis imposes. In order to counteract the effects of the economic crisis, the Romanian public administration has undergone a series of reforms that aimed at administrative simplification, normative simplification and reducing the public expenditures. The goal of the article is to uncover and analyze the courses of action proclaimed or adopted by Romania in the light of legislative simplification. Based on relevant literature, the parameters of empiric analysis are identified and used to acknowledge the types of measures adopted. These elements of change are depicted from relevant official documents of political or juridical power. The conclusion of the article represents an assessment of the legislative measures undertaken and points out the general action plan of the Romanian public administration.


    Mircea Aurel NITÃ


    This paper aims at underlining the existence of various types of intelligence (rational IQ, emotional EQ, spiritual SQ), representing an argument for the fact that the intelligence of „to feel” (EQ) taken to perfection triggers the qualitative jump towards the intelligence of „to be” (SQ). The paper presents at the same time the results of an empiric study done within the public administration by applying some emotional and spiritual intelligence tests.

  9. Information systems security policies: a survey in Portuguese public administration

    Lopes, Isabel Maria; Sá-Soares, Filipe de


    Information Systems Security is a relevant factor for present organizations. Among the security measures, policies assume a central role in literature. However, there is a reduced number of empirical studies about the adoption of information systems security policies. This paper contributes to mitigate this flaw by presenting the results of a survey in the adoption of Information System Security Policies in Local Public Administration in Portugal. The results are discussed in light of literat...

  10. 78 FR 13383 - Public Availability of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration FY 2012 Service Contract...


    ... NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION Public Availability of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration FY 2012 Service Contract Inventory (SCI) AGENCY: Office of Procurement, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of the FY 2012 Service Contract...

  11. 76 FR 6827 - Public Availability of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration FY 2010 Service Contract...


    ... NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION Public Availability of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration FY 2010 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: National Aeronautic and Space Administration. ACTION: Notice of public availability of FY 2010 Service Contract Inventories. [[Page 6828...

  12. 77 FR 7183 - Public Availability of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration FY 2011 Service Contract...


    ... NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION Public Availability of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration FY 2011 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of Analysis of the FY 2010 Service Contract Inventories and...


    Dorian Pocovnicu


    Full Text Available Many agree that PR and marketing are at their best when used together, when it comes to local public administration institutions there is the need for both an individual and symbiotic approach of the two. Taking into consideration that public interest organizations act within public space, PR represents a public communication strategy. Thus they present the role of generating a climate and state of social normality and, especially in democratic societies, PR plays the part of generator of communication flows between public institutions, citizens and stakeholders. In a social-political marketing context, envisaged as an aggregate of processes, with a multiple purpose, the generator which is PR must unfold coherently for each of the processes. It is our purpose in this paper to depict the PR role and management in the case of one local public administration institution (Bacau Prefect Institution, in a socio-political marketing context.

  14. IBM i5iSeries Primer Concepts and Techniques for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operators

    Forsythe, Kevin; Holt, Ted; Pence, Doug


    This comprehensive, 35-chapter book is the ultimate resource and a "must-have" for every professional working with the i5/iSeries. It is perfect for novice and intermediate programmers as well as for system administrators and operators. In simple, straightforward style, the authors explain core i5/iSeries concepts and show you step by step how to perform a wide variety of essential functions. The book includes sections on installation, operations, administration, system architecture, programming, the Internet, and troubleshooting. These sections are organized in free-standing style so you d

  15. [Public control and equity of access to hospitals under non-State public administration].

    Carneiro Junior, Nivaldo; Elias, Paulo Eduardo


    To analyze social health organizations in the light of public control and the guarantee of equity of access to health services. Utilizing the case study technique, two social health organizations in the metropolitan region of São Paulo were selected. The analytical categories were equity of access and public control, and these were based on interviews with key informants and technical-administrative reports. It was observed that the overall funding and administrative control of the social health organizations are functions of the state administrator. The presence of a local administrator is important for ensuring equity of access. Public control is expressed through supervisory actions, by means of accounting and financial procedures. Equity of access and public control are not taken into consideration in the administration of these organizations. The central question lies in the capacity of the public authorities to have a presence in implementing this model at the local level, thereby ensuring equity of access and taking public control into consideration.

  16. Computer-Based Simulation Games in Public Administration Education

    Kutergina Evgeniia


    Full Text Available Computer simulation, an active learning technique, is now one of the advanced pedagogical technologies. Th e use of simulation games in the educational process allows students to gain a firsthand understanding of the processes of real life. Public- administration, public-policy and political-science courses increasingly adopt simulation games in universities worldwide. Besides person-to-person simulation games, there are computer-based simulations in public-administration education. Currently in Russia the use of computer-based simulation games in Master of Public Administration (MPA curricula is quite limited. Th is paper focuses on computer- based simulation games for students of MPA programmes. Our aim was to analyze outcomes of implementing such games in MPA curricula. We have done so by (1 developing three computer-based simulation games about allocating public finances, (2 testing the games in the learning process, and (3 conducting a posttest examination to evaluate the effect of simulation games on students’ knowledge of municipal finances. Th is study was conducted in the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE and in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA during the period of September to December 2015, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Two groups of students were randomly selected in each university and then randomly allocated either to the experimental or the control group. In control groups (n=12 in HSE, n=13 in RANEPA students had traditional lectures. In experimental groups (n=12 in HSE, n=13 in RANEPA students played three simulation games apart from traditional lectures. Th is exploratory research shows that the use of computer-based simulation games in MPA curricula can improve students’ outcomes by 38 %. In general, the experimental groups had better performances on the post-test examination (Figure 2. Students in the HSE experimental group had 27.5 % better


    Pierfranco Malizia


    Full Text Available In one of the most interesting volumes of an equally interesting series entitled “Proposals for a change in the public administrations” concerning the Italian P.A. (VV. AA., 2002, edited by the Civil Service Department of the Italian government and realised with the collaboration of public and private partners to stimulate processes of change in the P.A., a precise and carefully explained reference is made to the absolute importance for the public administrations of the promotion of know-how development by means of the creation, valorisation and sharing of the knowledge-competence patrimony necessary to back the innovation processes like the logic of learning organizations and knowledge management.

  18. Online Communication And PR in Romanian Public Administration. The Case Study of Public Institutions From Transylvania

    Delia Cristina BALABAN


    Full Text Available New technologies such as Internet and new media introduce new challenges for public communication. Private companies from Romania use in a very creative way the new tools of Web 2.0, such as social media. In the Romanian public sector, especially in the public administration there are important steps taken towards a modern communication. Based on the example of over 40 city halls, city councils, prefectures and county councils from Transylvania, the present paper analyzes the use of new media tools in public communication by applying content analysis and in-depth interviews with the PR representatives in those institutions in two stages, 2011 and 2015. The most important advantages of online communication in public administration are high speed, cost reduction, reaching young audiences, etc. Nevertheless, there are also critical voices that express possible risks such as exclusion of audience groups that have no online media literacy.

  19. Socio-Statistical Research on the Internalization of European Administrative Space Principles in the Romanian Public Administration

    Matei, Ani; Matei, Lucica; Iancu, Diana-Camelia


    The authors propose an analysis of the public administration reform in Romania by assessing whether the Romanian civil servants perform their duties according to the regulations of the European Administrative Space. The paper offers a socio-statistic perspective on the internalization of the European Administrative Space principles, namely, the rule of law, openness towards citizens, and public administration responsibility in a Romanian context, after the European Union accession. Designed w...

  20. Future tools for area administration and public participation

    Arleth, Mette


    This paper presents a mapping of the online facilities concerning planning and geographic information that is currently offered for public participation at the Danish municipal and regional websites respectively. The Danish physical planning system has for the last 35 years consisted of three...... hierarchical levels: National, regional and municipal. The regional level has handled larger environmental issues and everything concerning planning and administration of non-urban areas; costal areas, nature preservation and restauration, agriculture, natural ressources, water quality etc. The Danish...... government has recently decided to eliminate the regional administration level and transfer the planning tasks to the municipalities, who has up till now almost entirely dealt with planning of urban areas. The problems and complexities that has to be handled in the open area planning differ from those...

  1. The Essence and Structure of Masters' of Public Administration Core Competencies in the USA

    Shevchenko, Alina


    The article deals with revealing the essence and structure of Masters' of Public Administration professional training in the USA. It has been concluded that Public Administration studies the realization of government policies and trains future public administrators for professional activity; is guided by political science and administrative law;…

  2. 76 FR 10874 - Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration and Management


    ... Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration and Management AGENCY: Administrative... Administrative Conference of the United States will host a public meeting of the Committee on Administration and... documents other than rules #0;or proposed rules that are applicable to the public. Notices of hearings #0...

  3. Public Internal Performance Contracting - Managing and financing energy-efficiency measures in public administrations

    Irrek, Wolfgang; Thomas, Stefan; Attali, Sophie; Benke, Georg; Borg, Nils; Figorski, Arkadiusz; Filipowicz, Mariusz; Labanca, Nicola; Pindar, Andrew; Ochoa, Amalia


    Public Internal Performance Contracting (PICO) is a type of in-house 'third-party' financing or energy performance contracting scheme. In theory, once triggered, PICO provides a 'perpetual motion' finance mechanism for public authorities by which energy efficiency savings fund new investments in an upward virtuous cycle. One unit of the public authority, e.g. the technical department, delivers the financial and technical energy efficiency service to another unit of the same public administration. Remuneration takes place through cross payments between these units, according savings made in energy costs. The initial investments require 'seed funds' to kick start the process, after which the cross payments provide sufficient means to fund further measures. How can the PICO mechanism be initiated in times of tight public budgets? What difficulties are faced during the implementation process and how can these be overcome? What kind of energy-efficiency measures is PICO best suited to? And what role can national and European policy play to facilitate implementation? These are the key questions that the EU-funded PICOLight project aimed to tackle. This was done through testing and disseminating the PICO schemes, first used in Germany, in six European countries, developing these further and making the necessary adaptations. PICO schemes were piloted in seven public administrations with the technical focus on energy-efficient lighting retrofits. The experiences gathered in these pilot projects should help to introduce PICO schemes on a larger scale in public administrations in Europe. The paper presents the preliminary results from these pilot projects

  4. Corporation Income Tax and Administrative Costs of the Public Sector

    Břetislav Andrlík


    Full Text Available This contribution examines the issues of measurement of corporate income tax effectiveness in the circumstances of the Czech Republic, referred to as the tax on income of legal persons. The tax on income of legal persons represents a significant part of the public budget revenue, with the volume of collection of CZK 128,002 million in 2012. The theoretical basis for this contribution is the principle of tax system effectiveness, which is one of the principles characterizing a good tax system and is related to costs inherent in a tax system. The contribution defines two existing types of costs expended on the collection of taxes, i. e. administrative costs (direct or indirect and in theory describes excessive tax burden. In this contribution we shall focus on the measurement of direct administrative costs. The measurement of effectiveness of corporation income tax is performed with the use of the full-time equivalent (FTE method, which is based on the classification of revenue authorities’ staff according to their jobs and on the determination of conversion coefficients in order to identify costs related to the collection of a particular tax.A separate part of the article deals with measurement of administrative costs performed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on the timeline ranging from year 2009 to 2011. The author of this article performed his own measurements concerning the direct administrative costs related to the collection of tax on income of legal persons in the Czech Republic. Results achieved in the respective monitored years are lower by the average (in the Czech Republic 2 percentage of ca 1.66 percentage points in relation to the average value of direct administrative costs of the Czech tax system.

  5. 21 CFR 20.120 - Records available in Food and Drug Administration Public Reading Rooms.


    ... Public Reading Rooms. 20.120 Section 20.120 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF....120 Records available in Food and Drug Administration Public Reading Rooms. (a) The Food and Drug Administration operates two public reading rooms. The Freedom of Information Staff's Public Reading Room is...

  6. [Health management as part of leadership in public administration].

    Matyssek, A K


    Leadership includes two tasks within public administration: leading employees by creating healthy working conditions and being led by others. The basis of leading others in a healthy way means dealing with oneself in a healthy manner; this includes typical healthy behavior (i.e., physical activity, improved nutrition, not smoking), which allows for recovery by a good work-life balance and a sensitive dealing with one's own limits. Given these conditions of healthy self care, managers are able to act as role models and lead their employees in a healthy manner. Leading in a healthy manner means showing appreciation, being interested in the employees ("caring"), integrating them in decision-making, allowing transparency, improving the working atmosphere, and finally reducing stress and increasing resources. The latter includes social support, which decreases the danger of employees burning out. The article presents the concept of a 2-day training that is designed for managers in order to raise their awareness for duties related to health management in public administration.

  7. Publication Ethics: A Case Series with Recommendations According to Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

    Fazly Bazzaz, Bibi Seddigheh; Sadeghi, Ramin


    Ethical misconduct is not a new issue in the history of science and literature. However, ethical misconducts in science have grown considerably in the modern era which is due to emphasis on the scientific proliferation in research institutes and gauging scientists according to their publications. In the current case series, several misconducts occurring over the previous years in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Mashhad, Iran) either for Journals or Faculty members were gathered and specific recommendations were provided to avoid similar events in the future. All recommendations are according to Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

  8. Public Administration and Public Management Research in Europe: Traditions and Trends

    Ongaro, E.; Thiel, S. van; Massey, A.; Pierre, J.; Wollmann, H.; Ongaro, E.; Thiel, S. van


    The chapter reviews the evolution of the state of the art of research in public administration and management in Europe since WWII. It argues that a pan-European community has developed, flanking and in many respects integrating the distinct national communities that characterised the field till the

  9. The Analysis of Public Administration Reforms in Macedonia and the Evaluation of the Performance of Public Administration by the European Commission

    Abdula Azizi


    The objective of this paper is to underline the deficiencies in the funcioning of Public Administration in the Republic of Macedonia. The issue of Public Administration reforms in Macedonia has been dealt with by other scholars, but the European Commission reports have not been analyzed years after receiving the status of candidate country for EU membership. The results will reflect the realistic assessments and objective perceptions of citizens about the functioning of Public Administration,...


    Hak, Mario; Budić, Hrvoje; Pišmiš, Vjekoslav


    Efficiency has long played a central role in the contested terrain of public administration values. This paper analyzes the existing business processes and explores how to determine the optimal model of business processes in the Tax Administration. The goal of this model of bussines is to increase business efficiency and reflecting on all users of the Tax Administration.

  11. Analysis of the development trend of China’s business administration based on time series

    Jiang Rui


    On the general direction of the economic system, China is in a crucial period of the establishment of the modern enterprise system and reform of the macroeconomic system, and a lot of high-quality business administration talents are required to make China’s economy be stably developed. This paper carries out time series analysis of the development situation of China’s business administration major: on the whole, the society currently presents an upward trend on the demand for the business adm...

  12. Reflecting on the role of literature in qualitative public administration research:learning from grounded theory

    L.G. Tummers (Lars); N. Karsten (Niels)


    textabstractWhen undertaking qualitative research, public administration scholars must walk a thin line between being theoretically sensitive and imposing preconceived ideas on their work. This article identifies opportunities and pitfalls in using literature in qualitative public administration

  13. 75 FR 5706 - Federal Housing Administration: Insurance for Manufactured Housing: Reopening of Public Comment...


    ... 2502-AI45 Federal Housing Administration: Insurance for Manufactured Housing: Reopening of Public.... ACTION: Proposed rule; reopening of public comment period. SUMMARY: On September 15, 2008, HUD published a proposed rule entitled ``Federal Housing Administration: Insurance for Manufactured Housing.'' The...

  14. 76 FR 61366 - Food and Drug Administration Transparency Initiative: Draft Proposals for Public Comment to...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2009-N-0247] Food and Drug Administration Transparency Initiative: Draft Proposals for Public Comment to Increase...: Food and Drug Administration, HHS. [[Page 61367


    Sabahudin Jašarević; Džeraldina Miličević; Safet Brdarević; Samir Lemeš


    Public administration is classified into a specific organizational form that follows the development of all civilizations. Today, more than ever, we deal with creating a new model of public administration. The reform of public administration intends to achieve the model adjusted to the needs of society, based on lawful solutions, and real conditions. The EU integration process puts a pressure on public administration to deliver better service, with more and more demands to increase the skills...

  16. E-Learning as an Opportunity for the Public Administration

    Casagranda, Milena; Colazzo, Luigi; Molinari, Andrea; Tomasini, Sara

    In this paper we will describe the results of a learning project in the Public Administration, highlighting the methodological approach based on a blended training model in a context that has never experienced this type of activities. The observations contained in the paper will be focused on the evaluation results of this experience and the redesign elements in term of alternation between the classroom and distance training, methodologies, the value and use of the e-learning platform and learning evaluation. The elements that emerge will also provide the basis for the design of future teaching actions for this context (in which at this moment we are involved). The objective is to identify a "learning model", related also to the use of technological tools that are able to support lifelong learning and to define dynamics and process relating to facilitating learning activities of teachers and tutors.

  17. Judges’ deadlines, deadlines for public administration and associations

    Daniel Chabanol


    Full Text Available In the theory on the activity of the judge in disputes related to exceeding powers, one fundamental principle demands that this activity is ‘beyond time’: the judge examines some past events and objectively seeks whether the administrative act being disputed has been undertaken according to the norms which should have been applied, which the judge, if necessary, identifies retroactively (emphasising that s/he does not create them. The claim of the illegality of the administrative act leads to its retroactive revocation and to the reconstruction of what should have been in administrative activity. This theory has not however survived in relation to the principle of reality. The inevitable passing of time, both in public administration and in society resist the ‘beyond time’ aspect of judge activity. This resistance is founded on social expectations and on the principle of legal security. The judge in cases of exceeding powers also responds to the demands on the one hand to become more familiar with the methods of the judge in full adjudication disputes, and on the other hand, to abandon to a certain extent the retroactivity of its intervention. This raises the following question of: is the judge in cases of legality still some kind of ‘general inspector’ of public power or does the judge become a means of appeasing the conflict which occurs in life in general? Similarly, a judge in a dispute on exceeding powers responding to a concrete social demand accepting that revocation, even retroactive, of an administrative act is not always sufficient to reinstate the principle of a country that adheres to the law. That is why, as a deciding criterion in judicial functioning, the concept of the duration of proceedings has been introduced. So, besides the customary damages and the result of consequences caused by the unreasonable duration of proceedings, it has been concluded that new attention be paid to the duration of proceedings. This is

  18. 75 FR 71412 - Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration


    ... ADMINISTRATIVE CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED STATES Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration AGENCY: Administrative Conference of the United States. ACTION: Notice of meeting. SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that the Administrative Conference of the United States will host a public meeting of...

  19. 77 FR 7184 - Public Availability of the National Archives and Records Administration FY 2011 Service Contract...


    ... NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION Public Availability of the National Archives and... Administration. ACTION: Notice of public availability of FY 2011 Service Contract Inventory. SUMMARY: In...), the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is publishing this notice to advise the public...

  20. 78 FR 73863 - Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2013 Federal Activities Inventory...


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MV-2013-03; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 37] Public... Inventory AGENCY: General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Notice of public availability of FY 2013...) Circular A-76, General Services Administration (GSA) is publishing this notice to advise the public of the...

  1. 75 FR 63798 - Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration


    ... Notice of Public Meeting of the Committee on Administration AGENCY: Administrative Conference of the... Conference of the United States will host a public meeting of the Committee on Administration of the Assembly... documents other than rules #0;or proposed rules that are applicable to the public. Notices of hearings #0...

  2. Global Comparative Public Administration: Are Graduate Programs Responding to the Call?

    Manoharan, Aroon P.; Mirbel, Wendel; Carrizales, Tony J.


    Within the past two decades, globalization has led to increased literature on comparative public administration (CPA) research, and it has enhanced analyses of administrative systems in various societies. Our paper examines CPA education among Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Policy programs in the United States. The findings…

  3. Public Administration Education in Europe: In Need of Convergence and Europeanization?

    Theo A.J. TOONEN


    Full Text Available The study of governance and public administration has a long history in the European context. On the European continent there is an ancient concern with the study of public administration. The institutionalisation of Public Administration as an academic field is more recent. As an independent and integrated field of study of its own, Public Administration is a relatively young academic discipline. Elements of what are now interdisciplinary academic programmes in Public Administration have been taught for many years (especially administrative Law. The study of the subjectmatter – government activity, governance, the administrative process, public policies – may be traced back for centuries. Public Administration as an independent, integrated discipline amounting tot full academic degree programmes has become institutionalised and developed only during the last four decades.

  4. A New Agenda for Teaching Public Administration and Public Policy in Brazil: Institutional Opportunities and Educational Reasons

    Gomes, Sandra; Almeida, Lindijane S. B.; Lucio, Magda L.


    This article discusses the reasons and teaching objectives of an array of new undergraduate courses on public administration and public policy management which have emerged recently in Brazil. While in 2001 there were only two undergraduate courses teaching formal public administration in the country, by 2015, they had risen to 40, and also…

  5. Public service quality improvements: a case for exemption from IRB review of public administration research.

    Jordan, Sara R


    Should the exemption from Institutional Review Board (IRB) evaluations currently in place for quality improvements research be extended to public administration research that addresses questions of improving the quality of public service delivery? As a means to both reduce the level of disdain held by a group of social science researchers for IRBs and to reduce the cost of review for minimal risk studies, I argue here that much of the current public administration research should also be exempted from normal processes of review by IRBs on the basis of their similarity to Quality Improvements (QI) research, a category of studies already granted exemption. This argument dovetails provisions currently in place for studies of public service and public benefit, but reframes these exemptions in the language of "quality improvements," which may be a more comfortable language for IRBs concerned to demonstrate compliance for review of all fields. To expedite this argument into the practices of IRBs, I included a checklist that researchers could use to self-identify their studies as QI, not research as such.

  6. Management Of Public Business And The Resolution Extrajudicial Of Conflicts In Face Of Public Administration Management

    Lara Caxico Martins Miranda


    Full Text Available Withthe global socio-economiccrisis in the 1980s, therehasbeendiscussionaboutthe role ofthestate in the face ofpublic-privaterelationships. The criticismsofthe reality ofthe time, in Brazil, stands out theremnantsofpatrimonialistpublicadministrationandtheexcessesofbureaucracy. Bresser Pereira in theworks (1998, 2005, 2009, bringsstudiesonthepossibilitiesof Management PublicAdministration. Thisresearchistoconsidersuchgrounds in the face ofthecurrentpossibilitiesof management ofconflicts, in publicaffairs, non-judicial waysofarbitration (Law 9.307/96 and 13.129/15 andselfcomposition (Law 13.140/15.

  7. Improvement of the public administration system of higher educational establishments

    Andrei Vyacheslavovich Romin


    Full Text Available During research found that state regulation of higher education establishments activity is a special branch of the state, during which its authorities with the help of planning, organizing, monitoring is carried out the current regulation of the activities of higher education establishments, provide organization (integrationof the total interaction of students and teachers. Proposed to allocate the financial strategy of higher educational establishments as a major in strategic management of the higher education system. In this regard, it argued that the integration capacity of the university to the regional reproductive system will optimize government funding of higher educational establishments. Also, it helps to determine the main directions of further economic and financial development of the higher education system, prioritizing the development of already existing educational and training facilities in different regions of the state, the provision of appropriate state support for higher education establishments, which training necessary specialists for the state’s economy. The improvement the public administration system of a high school should be carried out through the formation of a coordination mechanism for higher education establishments. The introduction of this mechanism will provide an opportunity to identify the main activities of the higher education establishments adapt to the operating conditions of the region, based on the trends in the development of higher education, and to provide the basic needs of the labor market in the relevant specialists.

  8. From distributive to procedural justice. Justice as a constitutive value of public administration

    Antonio SANDU


    Full Text Available The justice as an ethical value can be considered constitutive for contemporary administrative systems. These ones are asked to transpose into practice the ideal of justice in the community. The functioning of a modern state cannot be conceived without a series of institutions that would guarantee the achievement of justice. The legal system was established specifically to administer justice. Modern democratic systems felt the need for certain courts and extrajudicial procedures to create justice. The institutions required to implement the extrajudicial distribution of justice are part of the public administration, representing a central element of it. The model of a political system based on justice is a minimalist one; the role of the state is limited to making it possible for individuals to follow their own ideal of welfare. Opposed to justice, the ideal of welfare requests the state, and implicitly the administration, to ensure the individual the minimum conditions to live in that community. The minimal state centered on justice is the result of a modern paradigm with post-Kantian reverberations, which emphasize the rationality of human action. If the individual is rational, he only needs fair conditions in order to pursue his own welfare. The role of the administration is to ensure those conditions and to oversee the distribution of goods and services, as well as the distribution and redistribution of added value.

  9. 22 CFR 214.51 - Administrative review of denial for public access to records.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Administrative review of denial for public access to records. 214.51 Section 214.51 Foreign Relations AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE MANAGEMENT Administrative Remedies § 214.51 Administrative review of denial for public access to...

  10. 77 FR 5253 - Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2011 Service Contract Inventory


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MV-2012-01; Docket 2012-0002; Sequence 3] Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2011 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: Office of Acquisition Policy (MV); General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Notice of public availability of FY...

  11. 78 FR 6168 - Public Availability of Social Security Administration Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Service Contract...


    ... SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION [Docket No. SSA-2013-0001] Public Availability of Social Security Administration Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: Social Security Administration. ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of FY 2012 Service Contract Inventories. SUMMARY: In accordance with...

  12. 76 FR 50741 - 2011 Parenteral Drug Association/Food and Drug Administration Joint Public Conference; Quality...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2011-N-0002] 2011 Parenteral Drug Association/Food and Drug Administration Joint Public Conference; Quality and...: Notice of public conference. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in cosponsorship with Parenteral...

  13. 76 FR 6477 - Industry Exchange Workshop on Food and Drug Administration Drug and Device Requirements; Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2011-N-0002] Industry Exchange Workshop on Food and Drug Administration Drug and Device Requirements; Public Workshop AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS. ACTION: Notice of public workshop. SUMMARY: The Food and Drug...

  14. 78 FR 10174 - Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2012 Service Contract Inventory


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MV-2013-02; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 3] Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2012 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of FY 2012 Service Contract Inventories. SUMMARY: In...

  15. 77 FR 54917 - Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2012 Federal Activities Inventory...


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MV-2012-02; Docket No. 2012-0002; Sequence 14] Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2012 Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act Inventory AGENCY: General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of Fiscal...

  16. 76 FR 25358 - 2011 Parenteral Drug Association/Food and Drug Administration Glass Quality Conference; Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2011-N-0002] 2011 Parenteral Drug Association/Food and Drug Administration Glass Quality Conference; Public Conference AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS. ACTION: Notice of public conference. SUMMARY: The Food...

  17. 77 FR 3836 - Public Availability of Social Security Administration Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Service Contract...


    ... SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION [Docket No. SSA-2011-0105] Public Availability of Social Security Administration Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: Social Security Administration. ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of FY 2011 Service Contract Inventories. SUMMARY: In accordance with...

  18. 78 FR 76834 - Request for Public Comment on the Proposed Adoption of Administration for Native Americans...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Administration for Children and Families [CFDA Numbers: 93.581, 93.587, 93.612] Request for Public Comment on the Proposed Adoption of Administration for Native... by members of the public at the Administration for Native Americans, 901 D Street SW., Washington, DC...

  19. Public services between the citizen need and administration potential

    Grigorescu, Adriana


    This paper aims at the balance between the citizen and the public authorities with public services as an interface. Public services place themselves at the crossroads of many elements such as: needs of the citizen, social need, public will, public resources, private availability, and civic sense. Without claiming to have identified all factors that converge to defining / structuring the SP / GIS, the paper tried to highlight some of the most important. The social need is covered at the macro ...

  20. 78 FR 21085 - Establishment of a Public Docket for Administrative Detention Under the Food and Drug...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Chapter I [Docket No. FDA-2013-N-0365] Establishment of a Public Docket for Administrative Detention Under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS. ACTION: Establishment of...

  1. 75 FR 57826 - Notice of Public Meeting and Opportunity To Submit Written Comments Concerning the Administration...


    ... soliciting written comments and will hold a public meeting concerning the Administration's review of the U.S... DEPARTMENT OF STATE [Public Notice 7175] Notice of Public Meeting and Opportunity To Submit Written Comments Concerning the Administration's Review of the U.S. National Contact Point for the OECD...

  2. The state of doctoral education in public administration: developments in the field's research preparation

    O'Toole, Laurence J.; Brewer, Gene A.; Facer II, Rex L.; Douglas, James W.


    This article reports the results of a 1995 survey of the fifty-six NASPAA-affiliated doctoral programs of public administration and public affairs. Following on two related streams of research, we assess the degree of intellectual coherence in the field of public administration, and document what

  3. 78 FR 77200 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel AFFAIR; Invitation for Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration [Docket No. MARAD-2013-0151] Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel AFFAIR; Invitation for Public Comments AGENCY: Maritime... AFFAIR is: Intended Commercial Use of Vessel: ``Charter Fishing (sport) & sightseeing tours.'' Geographic...

  4. The Public Schools Contracts Law. Focus on School Law Series.

    Dabreu, O. Lisa

    New Jersey's Public Schools Contracts Law, enacted on June 2, 1977, places limits on the authority of local and regional boards of education to make purchases and to enter into contracts, agreements, or leases for supplies or services. This publication is designed to provide information and guidance that will assist boards of education in meeting…

  5. Exploring the epistemology of transdisciplinarity in public policy and administration in South Africa

    Emeka A. Ndaguba


    Full Text Available This article seeks to address and direct future research collaboration in public policy and administration from a transdisciplinary perspective in South Africa, by answering three major questions: Firstly, how can public administration be understood from a transdisciplinary perspective? To demonstrate the development of public administration vis-a-vis trends in contemporary public policy and administration in South Africa? And establish the scope for future collaborative research in public policy and administration from a transdisciplinarity perspective in South Africa? This article uses themes in the qualitative realm to provide answers to the research aims: two special editions of Future, Transdisciplinary Manifesto and over 100 journal articles were read and scanned to provide evidence for the arguments in this article. It concludes that the need for transdisciplinarity in public policy and administration cannot be undermined or overlooked as a result of depleting strategies, theories, models and frameworks in resolving complex society quagmires from a disciplinary or interdisciplinary nomenclature.

  6. Elaboration on Public Administration Crises: An Endeavor in Seeking Scientifc Identity

    Iwan Tanjung Sutarna


    The study result shows that the differing ideas and argumentations which had occurred throughout every discussion on public administration have had implications on the heterogeneity of the public administration feld. The various shifts of locus-focus and paradigm in public administration is seen as a systematic atempt in fnding its true self as a scientifc discipline. The efforts of public administration in separating itself from the shadows of political science was also observed, although being capable of truly separating itself is considered as extremely difcult, bearing in mind that the focus and locus of public administration is very much affected by constantly developing social political influences. In addition to that, various shifts of locus and focus seems to have empirical implications particularly in the scientifc scope of public administration.

  7. Inflation: Causes and Cures. Series on Public Issues No. 9.

    Saving, Thomas R.

    This booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, focuses on the relationship between growth of the money supply, growth of productivity, and inflation. Provided first is a definition of inflation along with discussions of price indexes, the value of money, and the concept of…

  8. The Overpopulation Myth. Series on Public Issues No. 4.

    Saving, Thomas R.

    In this booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, it is argued that although doomsayers claim that world population growth is threatening the ability of the world to feed itself and that drastic measures should be taken to curb population growth, the world population situation…

  9. The Recruitment Process as a Part of Effective Human Resource Management in Public Administration in Croatia

    Tišma, Sanja; Ozimec, Kristina


    Facing global trends, recognizing and retaining talented and perspective employees became an important issue in every public administration reform. Human resources management in public administration has a mission to help an institution to meet strategic goals by attracting, maintaining and managing employees more effectively. On its way to EU Croatia also has to cope with improvements and development of its public administration system with accent on HRM importance. Taking into account other...

  10. Job Sharing for Administrators: A Consideration for Public Schools.

    Muffs, Michael I.; Schmitz, Laura Ann


    To retain an exemplary dean of students with heavy caregiving responsibilities, a Poughkeepsie, New York, high school adopted a plan to split her job responsibilities with an educational administration student beginning his career. Job-sharing success hinged on strong cooperation among the district, the individual administrators, and local…

  11. Errors in drug administration by anaesthetists in public hospitals in ...

    Objective. To investigate errors in administering drugs by anaesthetists working in public hospitals in the Free State province. Methods. Anonymous questionnaires were distributed to doctors performing anaesthesia in public hospitals in the Free State, i.e. 188 doctors at 22 public sector hospitals. Outcomes included ...

  12. Empowerment of Government Public Relations Office Post Restructuring ( Case Study on Informatics and Public Relations Office of Jakarta City Administration)

    Patrianti, Tria


    This research aims to seek better understanding on the empowerment of the public relations office following the restructuring conducted by Jakarta City Administration. Involving 11 respondents, the research utilizes qualitative research method with case study approach.The background issues in the research are as followed: (1) Why the role and function of public relations office at Jakarta Administration remain insignificant regardless of the restructuring; (2) What the public relations offi...

  13. 78 FR 64598 - Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) Program; Programmatic and Administrative Aspects; Public Comment Request


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) Program; Programmatic and Administrative Aspects; Public Comment Request AGENCY: Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, Department of the Treasury. ACTION: Request for public comment...

  14. Developing an undergraduate degree in public transportation administration and management : feasibility study results.


    Experiences and results of research by the North Carolina Central University Department of Public Administration while a : conducting feasibility study for establishing a new multidisciplinary undergraduate degree in public transportation administrat...

  15. The Constitutional Fundaments of Public Administration in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg

    Mihaela V. CĂRĂUŞAN


    Full Text Available The aim of our study is to present the administrative system in some European Union member states. The systemic approach offers us the possibility to achieve a comprehensive overview of the scope and content of public administration. In terms of systemic evaluation, public administration is seen as a social entity specific to certain period of development, characterized by a mode of action, structure and logic. Starting from the systemic approach we will highlight how member states' constitutional regulations tailored the European administrative systems. Public administration, as a system, is understood as an evolutionary process, with objects, attributes and relationships that combine and allow proper operation. Also, public administration system approach provides the basis for a consistent and rigorous approach to an ideal model of government that summarizes all the advantages - goals for any administration, namely: nationality, effectiveness, optimum citizens serving etc.

  16. European Values and Practices in Post-Communist Public Administration: The Baltic States

    Pedersen, Karin Hilmer; Johannsen, Lars


    In Chapter Twelve Karin Hilmer Pedersen and Lars Johannsen look into the changes in public administration and in the identity of public servants after the breakdown of the Soviet regime. Fundamental reconstructions of the political, economic and administrative systems of the Central and East...... democracy. Public administrations have undergone complete changes in their legal environment and deep structural reorganisation, combined with a high degree of turnover among staff. This has turned previous Soviet administrations into capable modern administrations. The question highlighted in this chapter...... is whether the public servants have also returned to Europe in the sense of sharing common European values and administrative identity. Pedersen and Johannsen find that the core principles of integrity and neutrality have been internalised and many, though not all, public servants see responsiveness...


    Carlos Alberto de Salles


    Full Text Available This article debates the tension that exists between confidentiality, usual in ADRs, and the publicity principle, that rules the Public Administration in Brazil. As a solution points that the parameter of confidentiality when Public Administration is a party must be the preservation of accountability of the involved agencies, what means, the capacity to answer to its own goals and to obey the public control.


    POPESCU Maria


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to analyze the legal instruments available to the citizen to fight against government abuses. These tools, some of them published and recently developed, is a natural part of the evolution of government and the relationship between administration and citizens. Increasing citizen involvement in administration is reflected precisely by giving increasing importance in legal research to this phenomenon.

  19. The Structure and Financial Dimensions of Public Administration in EU Countries

    Martina HALÁSKOVÁ


    Full Text Available Various traditional trends and roles of pub-lic administration can be traced across the Eu-ropean Union member states. These countries, however, are obliged to abide by common ad-ministrative and legal principles of the European administrative area. This paper focuses on the structure and differentiation of public adminis-tration in EU (28 countries, levels of local gov-ernment and internal division of administrative structures, using the ESA methodology and a comparison of expenditures made by public ad-ministration in 2003, 2009 and 2013. The f scal aspect of public administration is evaluated also through f scal decentralization (revenues, expen-ditures. Cluster analysis is used for the com-parison of selected areas of public expenditures according to the levels of public administration, showing that EU (28 countries can be divided into three clusters.The most signif cant differences in public ex-penditures according to levels of public adminis-tration were observed in EU countries in the f rst and third cluster, where f scal decentralization of expenditures constitutes the most notable differ-ence. The smallest differences in all clusters are perceived in total general government expendi-tures as % of GDP.

  20. Socio-Statistical Research on the Internalization of European Administrative Space Principles in the Romanian Public Administration

    Diana-Camelia Iancu


    Full Text Available The authors propose an analysis of the public administration reform in Romania by assessing whether the Romanian civil servants perform their duties according to the regulations of the European Administrative Space. The paper offers a socio-statistic perspective on the internalization of the European Administrative Space principles, namely, the rule of law, openness towards citizens, and public administration responsibility in a Romanian context, after the European Union accession. Designed within the framework of modern theories of organizational sociology that see internalization as a process of organizational learning and change, and using a relevant sample of Romanian civil servants, the paper offers important and useful results for the future Romanian policies and strategies in an integrated European arena.

  1. Homelessness in America: What Should We Do? Public Talk Series.

    Niedergang, Mark; McCoy, Martha, Ed.

    This program guide provides a forum for discussing the different beliefs that influence public policy about homelessness as well as policy goals. The central question is addressed in two parts: (1) what society ought to do for homeless people; and (2) laying out a range of possible answers for part 1. Four possible answers are discussed: help only…

  2. Taxation in Public Education. Analysis and Bibliography Series, No. 12.

    Ross, Larry L.

    Intended for both researchers and practitioners, this analysis and bibliography cites approximately 100 publications on educational taxation, including general texts and reports, statistical reports, taxation guidelines, and alternative proposals for taxation. Topics covered in the analysis section include State and Federal aid, urban and suburban…


    Radu Ioan


    Full Text Available The base of this research was a comparative analyse of the international practices in the field, in order to identify the most important tendencies in public services management. Considering the results of this research, there were identified the foundamental principles of an intelligent management model for public management (subsidiarity, public value and deliberative governance. Starting from this point, we proposed a new intelligent management model applicable in romanian public sector, which can be structured into three major components: top management component (executive and deliberative, operational management component (back office and communication component (front level. As a case study, we focused in particullary on the water supply public service and we developed a methodology for projecting the front-office component starting from the necessity of optimising stakeholder satisfaction.

  4. A Study of Difficulties and Approaches for Innovative Talents Training of Public Administration Undergraduates

    Zhu, Yanhan; Wu, Juan


    The innovation is the soul of one nation making progresses. To build an innovative country, we need to train more innovative talents who is capable of public administration. The innovative talents training of public administration undergraduate faces a lot of problems, such as the influences of traditional culture, the constraint of education…

  5. How Do Business and Government Interact? Combining Perspectives from Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, and Practitioners

    O'Neill, Patrick B.; Harsell, Dana Michael


    The authors describe the theoretical preparation provided to students in advance of a limited-duration experiential learning experience in Washington DC in a Master's level course for students in Business or Public Administration. The students consider theoretical perspectives from economics, political science, and public administration with…

  6. Quantitative Methods in Public Administration: their use and development through time

    Groeneveld, S.M.; Tummers, L.G.; Bronkhorst, B.A.C.; Ashikali, T.S.; van Thiel, S.


    This article aims to contribute to recent debates on research methods in public administration by examining the use of quantitative methods in public administration research. We analyzed 1,605 articles published between 2001-2010 in four leading journals: JPART, PAR, Governance and PA. Results show

  7. Using the laws and the regularities of public administration in the state strategic planning

    O. L. Yevmieshkina


    Full Text Available The article researches the use of laws of public administration in the state strategic planning; defined a methodological basis of state strategic planning. State strategic planning as a function of public administration exists in accordance with its laws and regularities. Author established the use of public administration laws as: unity socio-economic system, required diversity, system integrity, unity techniques and basic functions of social management at all levels of public administration: central, sectorial, regional. At the public administration level this laws as a rule us in working and realization of state strategy, state, region and sectorial program, which directed to improve of political, economic and social process. State strategic planning as a function of public administration exists in accordance with its laws. The law in our research is considered as objective, substantive, necessary, sustainable relationship between events. The most essential feature of law is reflecting the objective state of affairs, objective relations between things, items and phenomenon’s. The other difficult sign of law is necessity as relation, which inevitably revealed in the development process of different things. Law category with regularity category is relation. Regularity is wider category then the law. The state strategic planning is an integrated, systematic process due to the action and use laws and regularities of public administration. That improves the efficiency of public administration.

  8. 21 CFR 10.206 - Procedures for electronic media coverage of agency public administrative proceedings.


    ..., whenever possible, provide advance notice to the Press Relations Staff (HFI-20), Office of Public Affairs... required by the presiding officer. If so, the Press Relations Staff will function as a liaison between the... public administrative proceedings. 10.206 Section 10.206 Food and Drugs FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION...

  9. International public management network symposium on administrative philosophies and management practice

    Jones, L.R.


    Do administrative philosophies, however defined, lead or trail change in public sector organizations? How may we define administrative philosophy and is useful to distinguish between philosophy, doctrine and justification? To what extent does academic research and theory influence administrative practice? Do academics learn most of what they theorize about from practitioners? These and other questions are addressed in this first IPMN electronic symposium.

  10. 78 FR 35272 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-05; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 20] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: M eeting notice. SUMMARY: The...

  11. 78 FR 34384 - The President's Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-04; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 19] The President's Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting Notice. SUMMARY: The...

  12. 78 FR 45200 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-06; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 22] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting Notice. SUMMARY: The...

  13. 78 FR 38042 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting...


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice--MK-2013-05; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 20] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting; Correction AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting notice...

  14. 78 FR 52531 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-07; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 24] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting Notice. SUMMARY: The...

  15. 78 FR 69416 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-11; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence No. 36] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-Wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting Notice. SUMMARY: The...

  16. 78 FR 55079 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meetings


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-08; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 27] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meetings AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting notice. SUMMARY: The...

  17. 76 FR 5375 - Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2010 Service Contract Inventory


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [2011-MV-1; Docket No. 2011-0006; Sequence 4] Public Availability of General Services Administration FY 2010 Service Contract Inventory AGENCY: Office of Acquisition Policy; General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This notice announces that GSA is...

  18. 78 FR 64942 - The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting


    ... GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION [Notice-MK-2013-10; Docket No. 2013-0002; Sequence 32] The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA); Upcoming Public Advisory Meeting AGENCY: Office of Government-Wide Policy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). ACTION: Meeting notice. SUMMARY: The...

  19. MPA and CPM Curriculum: An Analysis of the Views of Public Administrators.

    Rose, Bruce J.

    Views of state public administrators about management education and training needs were investigated, as were administrator views concerning short-term management development workshops. Data was drawn from responses to questionnaires mailed to 5,980 state administrators who were selected from a national survey and from random samples using lists…

  20. Trust and Control: Public Administration and Risk Society

    Hoyer, Hans Christian; Wood, Elin Marit


    Today we live in a society with many choices and possibilities which were absent just a few decades ago. Knowledge is seen as temporary, and many paradoxes are experienced in the flow of information surrounding us. A basic insecurity can be seen as a consequence of this development. This paper re-thinks the consequences at the administrational and…

  1. Review of Public Forestry Administrations and Related Institutions in ...

    The main findings of a study on forest administration and related institutional arrangements (PFA) are highlighted. The relevance and changing roles of PFA in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries are covered in the context of new paradigm for sustainable forest management (SFM). The current weak capacities and low ...

  2. Cultural Change, the Hybrid Administrative System and Public ...


    Jan 17, 2013 ... The absence of an indigenous entrepreneurial class, and human and ... independence to become a major actor in socio-economic development. ... public sector management reforms in achieving their intended objectives in ...

  3. E-democracy and public administrators: the Malaysian case

    Abu Bakar, Abdul Gapar


    The thesis investigates public administrators’ use of interactive Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in the Malaysian Federal Public Service (MFPS). It describes qualitative research which identifies the nature of e-democracy practices in policy development in the MFPS. In-depth interviews and scholarly as well as government documents provide empirical evidence. Through a survey of literature, contextual features such as absence of policy in the MFPS for e-democracy, constitut...




    Full Text Available Public services represent useful activities designated to meet a social need. The laws and regulations empower the activities of public services, without indicating the motives for public services. The impact of government in day to day life of citizens and communities is increasingly greater in terms of both public affairs management and budgetary aspect. The power to spend the community resources and to influence the lives of others means at the same time a great responsibility. That is the responsibility to act morally (with integrity and ensure effective spending of resources. This means not to corrupt and do not let yourself be bribed, but it also means openness to dialogue with stakeholders, internal organizational climate of trust and cooperation, internal procedures to ensure ethical advise. In this sense, in the last 20 years, the public sector has developed legal rules or internal policies, procedures and organizational tools to ensure the integrity and responsible leadership. Public organizations have adopted and applied ethics codes, procedures regarding conflicts of interest, whistleblowing, declaring gifts and other measures to prevent corruption.

  5. „Model of Effective Management of Bulgarian Public Administration Managing EU Funds“

    Nozharov, Shteryo


    Abstract: The paper analyzes the possibilities of constructing a model for the effective management of the Bulgarian public administration responsible for managing the EU funds amid the global financial crisis by using McKinsey’s 7S model. The change of the management model of the public administration in charge of the absorption of EU funds in Bulgaria would increase the absorption rate of the funds while streamlining budgetary costs on the maintenance of the administration. The aim of the s...

  6. Peculiarities of applying complex marketing elements in the activity of public administration bodies in Ukraine

    Yuriy ZBYRANIK


    Full Text Available Many practices are implemented in the activity of public administration bodies, which are used by the representatives of the business sector at the current stage of development of Ukraine. One of these practices is marketing. The article considers the theoretical aspects of marketing that can be applied in the work of public authorities. The fundamental differences between the sphere of public administration and the business are stated in this context. The main elements of the marketing mix are analysed and the peculiarities of marketing tools, which can be applied to the sphere of public administration, are noted.

  7. New approaches to improving the quality of administrative services in the modernization of public administration in Ukraine

    D. Y. Zapysnyy


    Full Text Available The benefit of the study is to highlight the issues of the administrative (municipal services by Ukrainian public authorities as a priority of the on-going decentralization and administrative reforms in Ukraine. Consequently, provision of the high quality services to the citizens became a main mission of all public authorities (State bodies, regional authorities, local self-government bodies in the framework of the implementation of the new public management and good governance standards on all levels – national, regional and local. It reflects also the main European tendencies in the field of public administration reform which are fixed in the documents of the international organizations (Council of Europe, European Union, OECD/ SIGMA etc.. For example, the European Strategy on Innovation and Good Governance on Local Level which was adopted by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers in 2008 fixed the principle of the ability to provide high quality services to the citizens as one of its twelve main principles of good governance on local level. This study tested the key issues of increasing the quality of the services which are provided to the citizens by the State bodies and the local self-government bodies. Moreover the study pointed out the main tendencies in the realization of the State policy in the field of the improvement of the quality of the administrative (municipal services (in the context of the on-going large-scaled decentralization reform in Ukraine as well as the main direction for its further modernization. The questions concerning the quality standards in the activity of the State bodies and LSG bodies are highlighted in order to increase the quality of the services to be provided to the citizens. Besides, the study emphasized the issues related to ensuring the transparency of the activity of the State bodies as well as the regional and the local authorities, in the field of the provision of the administrative (municipal

  8. Kenya National Academy of Sciences, Public Lecture Series

    Wandinga, S.O


    The monograph is subdivided into eight chapters each devoted to specific theme focusing on environmental aspects. The first four chapters are devoted to water management and how it enhances the life, the character of water resources, relevant legal and equity related to the obligation to share, maintenance of water quality and standards and especially the consequences of polluting water. The second part of the publication is devoted to the problems of drought and desertification. The issues discussed include the limitation of the deserts in social-economic development. The interactions of desertification and climate and human activities is given emphases. In addressing the status of drought in Kenya, the presenters recognizes the significations of agriculture, meteorology and geology as methods of predicting drought

  9. Representative Bureaucracy in Romania? Gender and Leadership in Central Public Administration

    Octavian MOLDOVAN


    This exploratory research is focused on two gender phenomena which can manifest in the public sphere (the glass ceiling and horizontal segregation), trying to connect these phenomena with the concept of representative bureaucracy in Romanian central public administration institutions. Using 2003-2015 data covering central public administration institutions (ministries and other government offices/departments) the analysis shows that the overall situation of women in these decision-making posi...

  10. Introduction to Value and Virtue in Public Administration

    Vries, M.S. de; Kim, P.S.; Vries, M.S. de; Kim, P.S.


    Public values are defined as those values that provide normative consensus about: (1) the rights, benefits, and prerogatives to which citizens should (and should not) be entitled; (2) the obligations of citizens to society, the state, and one another; and (3) the principles upon which governments

  11. Inclusion in Public Administration: Developing the Concept of Inclusion within a School of Accounts and Administration

    dos Santos, Mônica Pereira; de Melo, Sandra Cordeiro; Santiago, Mylene Cristina; Nazareth, Paula


    This study originates from ongoing action research that aims to develop institutional opportunities to reflect on and take decisions about inclusion in the School of Accounts and Administration of Rio de Janeiro's State Accounts Office. The research was organized in three phases. The first phase was an inservice course to sensitize professionals…

  12. Providing public information in the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration

    Fon Jager, Mojca


    Full text: Good safety culture is strongly related to transparent and timely information. Experience has shown that radiation and nuclear safety are under continuous surveillance by the public. The provision of open and authentic information to the public is a fundamental policy of the SNSA. The SNSA endeavors to provide substantial and reliable information to the interested institutions, mass media and to the citizens through press conferences, public statements, media discussions, and active participation in domestic and international meetings, symposia and congresses, through publications, the Internet and direct contacts with the interested public. The SNSA regularly provides information on nuclear safety to the Government, the National Assembly and the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. The Annual Report on Nuclear and Radiation Safety is published in Poroeevalec (Reporter) - the publication of the National Assembly - in autumn, and is available in public libraries throughout Slovenia. Annual Report is available also on the Internet ( in Slovene and English. Access to data of the Central Radiation Early Warning System of Slovenia (CROSS), recording the real time (at half-hour intervals) gamma dose rate levels, is also available through Internet. The report in English is sent every year to Slovenian embassies world-wide, to certain foreign embassies in Slovenia and to other organizations participating in the activities in the nuclear and radiological field. Reports on the SNSA activities are also published in the bulletin Okolje in prostor (Environment and Spatial Planning), published by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. The SNSA regularly contributes articles on courses, seminars and symposia attended at home and abroad. The articles are intended to give basic information on training and the names of contact persons to provide additional information on certain topics to those interested. More than half of

  13. The impact of records management system in transparency of public administrations: Transparency by design

    Agustí Cerrillo Martínez


    Full Text Available Records management system has a great impact in the improvement of transparency in public administration. Transparency by design refers to the inclusion of transparency duties stated by legislation in force in the records’ life cycle in a way that it guarantees citizens effective access to public information. In this paper, the changes that public administrations have to propel in their records management systems to improve public transparency and to make easy access to information are analysed. In particular, as a case study, provisions made by Law 19/2014, of December 29, on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance of Catalonia are explored.

  14. Geospatial Data for Computerisation of Public Administration in the Czech Republic

    Cada, V.; Mildorf, T.


    The main aim of the eGovernment programme in the Czech Republic is to enhance the efficiency of public administration. The Digital Map of Public Administration (DMVS) should be composed of digital orthophotographs of the Czech Republic, digital and digitised cadastral maps, digital purpose cadastral map (ÚKM) and a technical map of municipality, if available. The DMVS project is a part of computerisation of public administration in the Czech Republic. The project enhances the productivity of government administration and also simplifies the processes between citizens and public administration. The DMVS project, that should be compliant with the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community) initiative, generates definite demand for geodata on the level of detail of land data model. The user needs that are clearly specified and required are not met due to inconsistencies in terminology, data management and level of detail.




    Full Text Available Romanian society is in a continuous process of change in which all the economic, social, political, civic saw a new dynamic in trying to adapt to specific conditions of the phenomenon of Europeanization (full member of the European Union. The changing of Romanian society requires the public administration reform to be analyzed and disseminated on the following levels: strategic - by which to redefine the role of the state clearly, legally - using larger framework laws, organizational - administrative and fiscal decentralization, cultural - following a change of values and modes of action of public officials, non governmental organizations, the citizen / customer of public service. The term administrative reform is trivial, repetitive and recurrent nets into change, public administration reform is invited to constantly readjust the organization and the action and to clearly state objectives, called sometimes the brakes released, blockages to overcome obstacles of the past which is manifested by the upward trend of the society. Public administration is criticized especially by the public and less by governments in office. Almost general belief is that the administration functions poorly, fulfil its mission in an unsatisfactory manner, but nevertheless has an impact too on community life, economy and society. This paper aims to identify the type of problems that other countries have had to solve and the need hierarchy and management combined in a single system. Understanding the types of problems encountered and they do other countries in this process will shorten the learning cycle for Romania. The objectives of this approach is that the critical analysis of the relationship between public administration reform and administrative capacity based on the literature, outlining the operational model to assess the reform process in our country, the study of democratization (the stage of democratization of public administration modernization strategy

  16. The Opportunities and Limitations of Using Mechanical Turk (MTurk) in Public Administration and Management Scholarship

    Stritch, Justin Michael; Pedersen, Mogens Jin; Taggert, Gabel


    Other social science fields are increasingly conducting research using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk)—an online crowdsourcing platform—but how might MTurk be useful to public administration and management research? This article provides an introduction of the platform and considers both...... the opportunities and limitations for using MTurk in public administration and management scholarship. We find that MTurk might be relevant for examining particular types of research questions. We identify five areas where MTurk data may complement and enhance public administration and management research: (1...

  17. GREMEX - A management game for the new public administration.

    Mcgregor, E. B.; Baker, R. F.


    This is a critique of a new management game being used in the federal government - Goddard Research Engineering Management Exercise (GREMEX). The exercise involves teams of players who act as managers of a research and development project - the orbiting optical observatory - of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During this exercise a computer and the referee-instructor together provide the realistic environment within which the team participants make their decisions affecting the course of the project. The article discusses the place of GREMEX in a tradition of games and simulations, and notes the similarities and differences between GREMEX and other management games currently in use for business training. Some of the actual decisions being made by the GREMEX teams are described to illustrate the nature of the exercise.

  18. Linking Public Administration and Law Studies within European Union

    Mihaela V. Cărăuşan


    Full Text Available The year 1987 represented for us, scholars, the turning point for the Europeanization of highdegree studies. The European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS isa European Union student exchange program which has proved its utility in the last two decade. The publicadministration and law studies are two of the fields of studies which have benefited from the ERASMUSProgramme. In this respect we will try to learn the lesson of internationalization from the European contactthrough ERASMUS programme. The ‘win win’ for students is not just in the increase of knowledge in thearea of administrative sciences and law, but also in the share of cultures. The ERASMUS gives students abetter sense of what it means to be a European citizen. In addition, many employers highly value such aperiod abroad, which increases the students’ employability and job prospects.

  19. The origins and restriction of efficiency in public administration: regaining efficiency as the core value of public administration

    Rutgers, M.R.; van der Meer, H.


    This article is primarily a study in the history of the concept of efficiency. It is argued that efficiency originated in Aristotelian ideas about causality and acquired a broad, substantive meaning of "moving force." This meaning of the term was dominant well into 20th-century studies of public

  20. European annual of the public administration. 27, the administration and the energy in Europe


    This book aims to discuss on the energy in Europe around three questions: is it possible to keep a public service of water, gas and electric power? What about the deregulation asked by the european union? The citizen access right to the water, the gas and the electric power, must it be write in the constitution? Some cases are presented. (A.L.B.)

  1. From Headline to Hard Grind: The Importance of Understanding Public Administration in Achieving Health Outcomes

    O’Flynn, Janine


    Many public policy programs fail to translate ambitious headlines to on-the-ground action. The reasons for this are many and varied, but for public administration and management scholars a large part of the gap between ambition and achievement is the challenge associated with the operation of the machinery of government itself, and how it relates to the other parties that it relies on to fulfill these outcomes. In their article, Carey and Friel set out key reasons why public health scholars should seek to better understand important ideas in public administration. In commenting on their contribution, I draw out two critical questions that are raised by this discussion: (i) what are boundaries and what forms do they take? and (ii) why work across boundaries? Expanding on these key questions extends the points made by Carey and Friel on the importance of understanding public administration and will better place public health scholars and practitioners to realise health outcomes. PMID:27694672

  2. The Fundamental Spatial Data in the Public Administration Registers

    Čada, V.; Janečka, K.


    The system of basic registers was launched in the Czech Republic in 2012. The system provides a unique solution to centralize and keep actual most common and widely used information as a part of the eGovernment. The basic registers are the central information source for information systems of public authorities. In October 2014, the Czech government approved the conception of The Strategy for the Development of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the Czech Republic to 2020 (GeoInfoStrategy) that serves as a basis for the NSDI. The paper describes the challenges in building the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the Czech Republic with focus on the fundamental spatial data and related basic registers. The GeoInfoStrategy should also contribute to increasing of the competitiveness of the economy. Therefore the paper also reflects the Directive 2014/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communication networks. The Directive states that citizens as well as the private and public sectors must have the opportunity to be part of the digital economy. A high quality digital infrastructure underpins virtually all sectors of a modern and innovative economy. To ensure a development of such infrastructure in the Czech Republic, the Register of passive infrastructure providing information on the features of passive infrastructure has to be established.




    Full Text Available The way the public administration is organized affects the progress of the national community, in general, and of the local communities, in particular. A good management of public affairs from territorial units is not possible without the organizational design of the local administrative mechanism. From such a way, the pages of this paper are devoted to the study in mirror of the organization way of the Romanian and Greek local administrative systems, both territorially and functionally. By examining the territorial and functional administrative organisation we highlighted the peculiarities encountered and we extracted the similarities and the differences in the two local public administrations taken into consideration. As a result of the investigations conducted we found that at the basis of both local administrations are found clear regulations that expressly provide the territorial and functional organisational bases; with reference to the territorial organisation, for both administrative systems we have identified a structure with three levels of government, the difference being given by the existence of other specific territorial divisions; regarding the organs through which is realised the management of public affairs, in both administrations we find own authorities for each of the levels of government; the duration of the mandate of the Romanian local administration authorities differs from the one of the Greek administration authorities; most of administrative authorities of the two systems are elected by direct vote and only for some of them the setting occurs through indirect voting or appointment. Overall, we found that, at least regarding the criteria analyzed, between the two local public administrations there are no consistent differences, the territorial and functional organisational specificities being similar in equal measure.

  4. Public Administration: Main Factor in Successful Management of Coastal Area Development in Republic of Croatia

    Alen Jugović


    Full Text Available The modern society requires a rational, professional, stable and socially accountable public administration that serves its citizens. Analysis of the status and functioning of the Croatian public administration shows that there are still many shortcomings and problems that must be solved. This paper outlines the basic characteristics of public administration as a set of structures and processes aiming to start and implement the policies in accordance with the public interest. Also, it explores the way and the level of success of managing the common good, with special attention given to the management of the coastal area, whereas the management of the coastal area is defined as an activity comprising different levels of management – local, regional, national and international. The author stresses the need to coordinate the different levels and emphasize the importance of organizing the work process and the capabilities of the managing structure. This is necessary because the public administration often makes decisions directly influencing the citizens’ quality of life on a local and individual level. Given that the public administration has a great amount of power in all countries, it must be controlled. The author states that beside self control of public administration it is also needed to conduct the additional control. That kind of control is necessary due to the inestimable value of Croatia’s coastal and other resources. Based on the results of the research the author suggests measures to improve a continued and efficient control.




    Full Text Available The proper functioning of local administrative system is not possible without the exercise of the functions of local public administration management. From such a direction, in this article we intend to analyze the contents of the functions of forecast, of organization-coordination and of motivation, in order to show how each of these contributes to good management of local public affairs. Defining the mission, the objectives of local government and the actions to be taken to achieve them, the design and harmonization of optimal local organizational structure components to achieve preset objectives, but also the human resources training from local public administration to use their skills and capacities towards achieving the objectives of the local public organization contribute to improving the local administrative process with effect on satisfying the interests of the local community

  6. Crisis Communication in the Spanish Public Administration: Organizational Culture and Empirical Evidence

    Ismael Crespo


    Full Text Available Catastrophes, earthquakes, pandemics, epidemic diseases, emergencies and the disruption of basic services are just a few of the unpredictable events which show how rapidly crises can develop and how important it is for governments and public administrations to manage their crisis communication effectively.Experience from national crises (the politics behind the Ebola crisis, Lorca earthquake, the neighborhood movement of Gamonal in Burgos, the unauthorized strike by air traffic controllers in 2010 or the train crash in Angrois shows that effective communication requires extensive preparation and this article presents one of the first empirical works on the crisis communication of public administrations in Spain.This research aims to describe the state of the practice of crisis communication in the different levels of the Spanish Public Administration (State, Autonomous Communities and municipalities, based on the perceptions of its workers. To achieve this objective, a poll study was developed, with references to crisis cases managed by the Spanish Public Administration.

  7. Public science policy and administration. [cooperation of government industry, foundations, and educational institutions

    Rosenthal, A. H. (Editor)


    Science, the overwhelming concern of our time, is no longer a matter of private research and development but one of public policy and administration, in which government, industry, foundations, and educational institutions must all work together as never before. Few other single tasks are of such decisive importance to the collective and individual welfare of American citizens as the formulation of public science policy and the administration of scientific programs. Eleven national authorities of varied background in science, education, and government administration contribute their experience and their judgment in an effort to deal with the major aspects of the subject. Their focus is on the meeting of actual problems; they consider the decision making process in both public and public-private organizations. Topics are grouped in three general categories: personnel needs and resources, organizational problems and techniques, and the administrative role in policy leadership.

  8. Goals, communication, participation, and feedback : mid-level management and traditional public administration

    Favero, N.; Meier, K.J.; O'Toole, Laurence J.


    Much recent work in the study of public administration has emphasized new challenges, and relatively unusual aspects of management, such as managerial networking and interorganizational collaboration, cross-sectoral partnerships, the centrality of information technology in contemporary management,

  9. The Business Improvement District Movement: Contributions to Public Administration and Management by Seth A. Grossman

    Stephen Kleinschmit


    Full Text Available Grossman, S. (2016. The Business Improvement District Movement: Contributions to Public Administration and Management. New York, NY: Routledge. $49.95 (paperback, ISBN: 978-1-1386-6889-8.


    Petronela SCUTARIU


    The proper functioning of local administrative system is not possible without the exercise of the functions of local public administration management. From such a direction, in this article we intend to analyze the contents of the functions of forecast, of organization-coordination and of motivation, in order to show how each of these contributes to good management of local public affairs. Defining the mission, the objectives of local government and the actions to be taken to achieve them, th...


    PETRISOR Mihai Bogdan


    Full Text Available Romanian public administration modernization is a key objective of governments declared that they have succeeded in recent years. An example is the project run by CUPAR to promote public administrator function, d epending institutionalized by Law 286/2006. Inspired by the American model of city manager (this being the original name of the function, it aims to increase professionalism in the local government of Romania and to ensure separation of the political admi nistrative landing. City Manager is a professional administration and is the leader of this team. Personality and his professional interests have a major impact on the locality. The role of city managers all Americans are to help local authorities to impro ve services provided to citizens. The success or failure of a city manager bases on developing a close working relationship with the mayor and city council members. Often, their concerns have priority and the city manager must continuously inform on all is sues of interest. American counterpart city manager, if one may say that, in the Romanian administrative system is the public administrator. Function was introduced by Law 286/2006 amending the Law on Local Public Administration, 215/2001. The main duties of public administrators in Romania are: exercise main credit quality, coordination of various public services, direct relations with the public (audience, addressing petitions. Media relations, relations with non - governmental organizations, writing proje cts with extra - budgetary funding. A comparison of the two administrative functions considered appropriate given that too many times in Romania, and here are considered only issues concerning the public sphere were adopted techniques, methods, practices con sidered successful, the West without accommodate the local environment, techniques, in many cases failed to achieve its objectives or even causing an adverse effect.

  12. Comparative Study on Male Vs Feminine Leadership in Public Administration in Maramures County, Romania

    Gavrilescu Liviu


    Leadership in the Romanian public administration is an exciting research area and also of current interest, while the success of public organizations depends now more on the human factor than on the funds becoming less accessible. Another item of interest is given by the low representation of women in managerial positions in administration. This paper presents a study on two mayors, a woman and a man of Maramures County, Romania, in order to identify and compare the leadership styles practice...

  13. Social media in Romanian public administration – case study: National Institute of Statistics

    Iulia Alexandra Nicolescu; Andreea Mirica


    Social media offers great opportunities especially, considering widening transparency in public administration. Given the importance, the challenges and the complexity of social media-based communication in public administration, this paper aims to provide an analysis on the impact that social media has in official statistics communication and dissemination. Using social media as one of the key communication channels in official statistics in Romania has been implemented only since the late 2...

  14. Social Scientists and Public Administration in the Lula Silva Government

    Maria Celina D’Araujo


    Full Text Available We focus here on a new theme among studies on the Social Sciences in Brazil, namely, the presence of social scientists in high-level office in the federal government, whether as directors or advisers. In general, studies on the social sciences in Brazil are devoted to examining the academic profile of their founders, the contents prioritized in the disciplines, processes of institutionalization and methodologies adopted, among other aspects. However, there has never been an examination of the place of the social scientist in the division of labour of the state bureaucracy, in the market and close to those in power. By means of empirical research, we have ascertained that individuals with this academic background have a notable presence in the Lula da Silva government (2003-2006; 2007- . Our hypothesis is that this presence cannot be explained chiefly by the specificity of the knowledge produced by this set of disciplines. Instead, one has to look at other variables, especially social scientists’ link with the public service.


    Sabahudin Jašarević


    Full Text Available Public administration is classified into a specific organizational form that follows the development of all civilizations. Today, more than ever, we deal with creating a new model of public administration. The reform of public administration intends to achieve the model adjusted to the needs of society, based on lawful solutions, and real conditions. The EU integration process puts a pressure on public administration to deliver better service, with more and more demands to increase the skills of employees, to make performance of duties and tasks more effective, adhering to the principles of good governance. This paper presents a study of administrative body's organizational culture, based on the selected standpoint that the organizational culture is defined as a set of values, norms and beliefs in which the servants in administrative body share the same opinion. This brought ten characteristic values that can be shaped into the mission of observed local self-government (public administration unit. We tried to estimate through this research how civil servants perceive these ten values, and whether they like it or not.

  16. 78 FR 13752 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel SPIRIT; Invitation for Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration [Docket No. MARAD-2013 0013] Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel SPIRIT; Invitation for Public Comments AGENCY: Maritime... . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: As described by the applicant the intended service of the vessel SPIRIT is: Intended...

  17. 77 FR 22631 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel SPIRIT; Invitation for Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration [Docket No. MARAD 2012 0049] Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel SPIRIT; Invitation for Public Comments AGENCY: Maritime... . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: As described by the applicant the intended service of the vessel SPIRIT is: Intended...

  18. A Study on the Legal Literacy of Urban Public School Administrators

    Tie, Fatt Hee


    This study investigates the legal literacy of urban public school administrators in Malaysia. Data were collected from 109 school administrators. The instrument that was administered to the respondents comprised two parts: Part 1, the background information of the respondents; and Part 2, items on the law related to schools, such as teachers' duty…

  19. 76 FR 77115 - Amendments to the Export Administration Regulations: Facilitating Enhanced Public Understanding...


    ..., and 774 [Docket No. 110627356-1475-01] RIN 0694-AF29 Amendments to the Export Administration Regulations: Facilitating Enhanced Public Understanding of the Provisions That Implement the Comprehensive U.S... rule, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) amends the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by...

  20. Public vs private administration of rural health insurance schemes: a comparative study in Zhejiang of China.

    Zhou, Xiaoyuan; Mao, Zhengzhong; Rechel, Bernd; Liu, Chaojie; Jiang, Jialin; Zhang, Yinying


    Since 2003, China has experimented in some of the country's counties with the private administration of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS), a publicly subsidized health insurance scheme for rural populations. Our study compared the effectiveness and efficiency of private vs public administration in four counties in one of China's most affluent provinces in the initial stage of the NCMS's implementation. The study was undertaken in Ningbo city of Zhejiang province. Out of 10 counties in Ningbo, two counties with private administration for the NCMS (Beilun and Ninghai) were compared with two others counties with public administration (Zhenhai and Fenghua), using the following indicators: (1) proportion of enrollees who were compensated for inpatient care; (2) average reimbursement-expense ratio per episode of inpatient care; (3) overall administration cost; (4) enrollee satisfaction. Data from 2004 to 2006 were collected from the local health authorities, hospitals and the contracted insurance companies, supplemented by a randomized household questionnaire survey covering 176 households and 479 household members. In our sample counties, private administration of the NCMS neither reduced transaction costs, nor improved the benefits of enrollees. Enrollees covered by the publicly administered NCMS were more likely to be satisfied with the insurance scheme than those covered by the privately administered NCMS. Experience in the selected counties suggests that private administration of the NCMS did not deliver the hoped-for results. We conclude that caution needs to be exercised in extending private administration of the NCMS.

  1. Administrative Support and Its Mediating Effect on US Public School Teachers

    Tickle, Benjamin R.; Chang, Mido; Kim, Sunha


    This study examined the effect of administrative support on teachers' job satisfaction and intent to stay in teaching. The study employed a path analysis to the data of regular, full-time, public school teachers from the Schools and Staffing Survey teacher questionnaire. Administrative support was the most significant predictor of teachers' job…

  2. Public administration of quality of education at the local level on the foundation of the competence approach

    O. I. Popova


    Full Text Available The article deals with the essence of the phenomenon of management, reveals the meaning of science categories of public administration, of public administration of education and public administration of quality of education at the local level. Personnel factor identifies priority in improving of public administration of quality of education at the local level, the importance of the implementation of the competence approach to management education sector as a necessary condition to ensure the quality of education.

  3. Putting Theory into Theory: Thematic Value of Research in Public Administration Teaching

    Barber, Stephen; Luke, Peter


    Research can be a powerful tool informing public administration teaching. This article takes the distinctive approach of exploring its use through the prism of the research itself by considering 10 publications by the article's authors. The existing literature revolves around students learning about the craft of research or research findings. By…

  4. Academic Executive Programs in Public Administration and Management: Some Variety across Europe

    Reichard, Christoph


    Universities and other higher education institutions in Europe offer a vast and increasing number of academic degree programs in the broad field of Public Administration. A subset of these programs is those offering postgraduate degrees to experienced students being already employed by public or private organisations. These executive programs are…

  5. Paradigm Lost: Public Administration at Johns Hopkins University, 1884-96.

    Hoffman, M. Curtis


    Discusses the history of public administration at Johns Hopkins University from the late 1800s when a curriculum was developed to educate public servants. Suggests that the program made notable contributions to progressivism but was eclipsed by scientific management; however, it has new relevance in the current climate. (Contains 46 references.)…


    Alexandra Ema Cioclea


    Full Text Available The European Union is interested in ensuring that each national administration offers comparable administrative capacity through quality of public services and professionalism from the civil servants. At the same time, the European states are characterised by long and varied institutional histories, with different trajectories in their evolution. That is why, public administration structures and regulations vary among the Member States and a set of common principles can guide them towards administrative convergence and performance. This paper aims to analyze the shared principles of a common European Administrative Space and also to address the link between these principles and the performance of public institutions from a managerial point of view. The study is based on review and analysis of academic research, government documents and personal perspectives, extracting and linking key findings from existing research and practice. The paper argues that managerial theories on performance are compatible with public administration organizations and some of the criteria are common to those promoted by the principles of the European Administrative Space.

  7. Rational Consumption of Water in Administrative Public Buildings: The Experience of the Bahia Administrative Center, Brazil

    Samara Fernanda da Silva


    Full Text Available The government has to lead, by example, the effort for more rational water use. Nevertheless, public buildings in countries like Brazil lack the operational and maintenance organization necessary to induce better environmental practices. This paper presents the results of a five-year effort to control and reduce water use in governmental facilities in Salvador, Bahia. Seventeen state government headquarters in Bahia took part in this initiative. The basic actions taken include: daily monitoring and analysis of water consumption, inspections and adjustments of hydraulic equipment flow, rapid repair of leaks and layout improvements in toilets. All of these are part of the main initiative, which aims to implement water management in the facilities. Ecoteams were created and trained to conduct these efforts. Water control, consumption analysis and communication have been made using AGUAPURA VIANET, an Internet software designed by the Federal University of Bahia for this specific purpose. From June 2008, to December 2013, an estimated 270,000 m3 of potable water have been saved, which represents US$ 2.7 million in water and waste water costs. This represents a monthly savings of 31% in expenses compared to the practices before the program started.

  8. Historical Climatology Series

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Historical Climatology Series (HCS) is a set of climate-related publications published by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center beginning in 1978. HCS is...

  9. 75 FR 21000 - Draft Guidance for the Public, Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee Members, and Food...


    ...] (formerly Docket No. 02D-0049) Draft Guidance for the Public, Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee Members, and Food and Drug Administration Staff: Public Availability of Advisory Committee Members... and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007, Public Law No. 110-85), and section 701 (21 U.S.C. 371...

  10. The Politics of Neutrality and the Changing Role of Expertise in Public Administration

    Triantafillou, Peter


    This article explores and discusses the ongoing attempt to reinstate an ethos of neutrality in public administration. It focuses on the political benefits and costs of contemporary strategies in public administration for using expertise based on an ethos of neutrality. On the one hand, expertise...... may serve to allow a particular form of value neutrality that curbs abuse of political office, questions received wisdom on the efficacy of policy interventions, and thereby holds the potential to minimize the waste of public resources employed to meet political goals. On the other hand, the use...

  11. The Efficiency and Public Transport Accessibility of Indirect State Administration in the Czech Republic

    Vrabková Iveta


    Full Text Available This paper examines the efficiency and public transport accessibility of indirect (devolved state administration performed by municipalities with extended powers (hereinafter MEPs in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to evaluate the efficiency of the revenues made by municipalities with extended powers, through performing powers delegated to them by the state administration, and those municipalities’ public transport accessibility as of 31 December, 2014. The rate of efficiency is tested on an output-oriented Free Disposable Hull model. One input variable is selected - the operating expenses of the municipal offices recalculated per inhabitant of the municipality’s administrative district - and two output variables are selected: contribution to the performance of state administration, recalculated per inhabitant of the municipality’s administrative district, and revenues from administrative fees per inhabitant of the municipality’s administrative district. The municipality’s offices’ transport accessibility is evaluated via network analysis using ArcGIS software. The article investigates the hypothesis that public administration deconcentration practices logically result in higher security costs and therefore inefficiency. The results reveal that only 66 of the country’s 205 MEPs are efficient and that operating expenses and state contributions for the performance of state administrative tasks play a significant role in these results. Efficiency is less significantly influenced by administrative fee revenues. Public transport accessibility is analyzed for two time intervals - 6:00 to 8:00 am and 1:00 to 2:00 pm - on Tuesdays. The degree of accessibility is defined using a six-point scale of accessibility. The results show that the best accessibility is in the morning hours, when the offices are accessible for 68.8% of the population aged 15+ in the Czech Republic; the worst accessibility is in the afternoon hours when only 2% of the

  12. Measurement and evaluation of the public administration performance through delivery of electronic services

    Mirlinda Batalli


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper concerns the relation between delivery of electronic services (e-services and evaluation of public administration performance. Public sector organizations should pay attention and determine the strategies to be followed in order to increase the satisfaction of citizens and businesses in relation to delivery of electronic services. The study aims to review the demands toward progress to the competitiveness, the sustainability, efficiency and effectives in public administration that have rapidly enforced the wide reforms in the public sector, in order to modernize the initiatives to offer better electronic services for the citizens. The article aims to present that the transformation process toward providing electronic services to the citizens should be assessed continuously, in light with challenges, demands and process of globalization, in order to strengthen the capacities of public administration and make it more efficient. In this regard, the regular evaluation and measurement of the public administration performance leads toward the promotion of enhanced public services and higher level of accountability. Through receiving the e-services, citizens can save their time, can reduce the expenses and create an easier access of communication with all levels of the government.

  13. Challenges and actual problems in reforming the public administration in the Republic of Macedonia

    Argëtim Saliu


    Full Text Available Taking into consideration the fact that the public administration has a very important role in offering services and being a public service to the citizens and business community, as well as the need of improvement and harmonization of the norms and standards with the European Union, as one of the most important demands toward the integration process of Macedonia in the EU, makes this paper necessary to be taken into consideration for at least as a humble research in the area of public administration. Primary goal of this paper is that through comparative and quantitative methods to represent the challenges of reforming the public and state administration in Macedonia. De-politicization, more professional administration services and lowering the number of clerks in administration is one of the main criteria that our country needs to fulfil towards full integration in NATO and EU. The more time passes, the least progress is seen in this process, as we see stagnation in the aspect of quality of services, as well as in the aspect of total number of administrative clerks.

  14. Citizens’ Perceptions on Social Responsibility in Public Administration Organizations: A Case Study on Spain

    José Luis VÁZQUEZ


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes citizens’ expectations on social responsibility of public administration organizations in comparison to other public and private organizations, and argues that the mission attributed to different institutions in society might guide citizens’ perceptions and thresholds of satisfaction with sustainability standards. Three different survey studies were carried out to analyze citizens’ expectations of social responsibility of public administration organizations, private companies and a public university in the same Spanish region. A list of indicators defining internal and external social responsibility practices was developed to compare expectations in the three institutional contexts, and MANOVA was used to test differences between participants in the three surveys. Results support the notion that citizens’ expectations of social responsibility are related to perceived organizational goals in private and public contexts and the specific dimension of responsibility considered. Particularly, participants displayed higher expectations of external social responsibility in public administration organizations than in private companies and the public university analyzed, whereas citizens’ expectations of internal social responsibility were more homogeneous in public and private contexts. Implications of the study and suggestions for further research are discussed.

  15. Real estate capitalization of Public Administration Institutions - a chance to stimulate investment and increase economic competitiveness

    Ionut Constantin


    Full Text Available The divide in the development of the different European space regions, is exemplified by the different ability to attract investments between rural and urban areas. Urban areas usually assure to investors a broad availability of structures and services that rural areas cannot offer. Another limiting factor for rural areas is the difficulty the enterprises which want to localize their structures outside the urban area meet when they try to find information about the quantity and the quality of the available structures. This penalization affects also the unused real estates of the public administration institutions; these real estates could represent for the investors an important opportunity to improve area’s resources, meeting some forms of converging collaboration with the public administration institutions. POLYINVEST project aims at improving conditions for investment in the rural areas, directly tackling the development gap between the regions of the South East Europe and to develop an information system useful for those public administration institutions.


    Mirna Macur


    Full Text Available In our study, we developed new model of quality assessment in public administration. The Common Assessment Framework (CAF is frequently used in continental Europe for this purpose. Its use has many benefits, however we believe its assessment logic is not adequate for public administration. Upgraded version of CAF is conceptually different: instead of analytical and linear CAF we get the instrument that measures organisation as a network of complex processes. Original and upgraded assessment approaches are presented in the paper and compared in the case of self-assessment of selected public administration organisation. The two approaches produced different, sometimes contradictory results. The upgraded model proved to be logically more consistent and it produced higher interpretation capacity.

  17. Practical Public Relations: Effective PR Techniques for School Library/Media Specialists. Monograph Series No. 5.

    Behm, Mary W., Ed.

    This handbook of publicity ideas suggests activities and themes to highlight services and resources of school media centers, including approaches to students, faculty, administration, and the community at large. A 14-item annotated bibliography and six mailing list addresses are provided as additional sources for ideas. Clip art illustrations…


    Petronela ZAHARIA


    The transition from centralization to decentralization has emerged as a necessity in managing the administrative system. Not a few are those who have focused to study this issue, investigating the main ideas expressed thus giving us the opportunity to shape an epistemological vision. We are strongly assured by the opinions expressed in this paper that the centralized model of organization does not meet the reformatory requirements of public administration. Following the same idea, the impleme...

  19. Retrospectives, current valences and prospective dimensions of research at the Academy of Public Administration



    Full Text Available The present study is an attempt to identify the social determinants, which initiated and facilitated the content and evolution of the scientific research of the administrative phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova after the declaration of independence. It also elucidates the current valences and perspectives of this activity in the context of the provisions of the recently adopted Research Strategy of the Academy of Public Administration for the period 2016-2020.

  20. Administration

    Bogen handler om den praksis, vi kalder administration. Vi er i den offentlige sektor i Danmark hos kontorfolkene med deres sagsmapper, computere, telefoner,, lovsamlinger,, retningslinier og regneark. I bogen udfoldes en mangfoldighed af konkrete historier om det administrative arbejde fra...... forskellige områder i den offentlige sektor. Hensigten er at forstå den praksis og faglighed der knytter sig til det administrative arbejde...

  1. Market failure as ignored determinant of the choice between public and business administration

    Gaylord George Candler

    Full Text Available Abstract In the epistemology of administrative science, one of many important dimensions has been the different subfields of the study of administration. Perhaps the biggest, longest running ‘turf’ battle between these different areas of administrative knowledge is that between public and business administration. This is a controversy that goes back at least to Adam Smith, with his specific limitation of the role of ‘the sovereign’ (government, or public administration to justice, defense, and public works. In limiting government to these areas, note that Smith was also implicitly asserting that these were market, or ‘invisible hand’ failures: areas where the pursuit of self-interest would not yield the good of society, the specific moral justification Smith identified for market exchange. Contemporary discussions of the relative role of market and state are generally framed in terms of the role of the State, with market provision the default option. We will argue that even discussions of the role of the State can best be assessed through the concept of market failure. The nine broad types of market failure discussed include institutions, public goods, monopoly, asymmetric information, externalities, substantive issues, principal/agent problems, irrationality, and the implications of ‘creative destruction’.

  2. Bureaucratic behavior: A review of the theory and its application to Serbian public administration

    Žarković-Rakić Jelena


    Full Text Available A professional and competent public administration is necessary for successful transition from a socialist, centrally planned economy to a functioning market democracy. The difficulty lies in building an organized and effective civil service sector. This paper gives a brief overview of formal bureaucratic reasoning, beginning with Niskanen’s theory, followed by the principal-agent model. The "Weberian state hypothesis", which provides an alternative view of bureaucracies in less developed countries, is subsequently explored. Finally, the currant state of Serbian public administration is described, along with a discussion of challenges to be addressed in the future.

  3. The administrative agreement as a legal form for public services in comparative and roman law

    Cristina IONAŞ


    Full Text Available Doctrinal discussions on the administrative agreement have arisen along with the economic, social and industrial development of European countries. The principle of separation of powers adopted in France after the Revolution of 1789, the need to protect private law subjects, has become increasingly necessary as private subjects may be affected by the exercise of public power. Gradually, given the need to protect the interest of both public and private sectors, it has been proceeded to create a system of administrative law, separate from the common law system.

  4. Analysis of Questionnaire Results in the Use of BP and ND in Public Administration

    Survilo Larisa


    Full Text Available The goal of effective public administration is to provide qualitative services to citizens. Due to the increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICT, e-government is one of the possible solutions in achieving this goal. This solution includes a good understanding and management of the existing business processes, the use of normative documents and the effective use of information systems in public administration. To get the current view of all mentioned necessary components, the questionnaire was made. This paper is devoted to the analysis of questionnaire results. As a result of the analysis, hypotheses for further study are set.

  5. An empirical analysis of fiscal federalism implementation and of cost accounting in Italian public administrations

    Pina Puntillo


    Full Text Available The concept of cost has been introduced in Italian Administration since the early nineties. There is a copious legislation referring directly or indirectly, to the need, as well as to the utility of measuring the costs of public administration, in deference, to a renewed interpretation of the constitutional principle of Good Performance in pursuance of Article. 97 of the Italian Constitution. The most recent and probably the most significant intervention at institutional level, is the implementation of fiscal federalism as provided by Law. 42, 2009. The core features of fiscal federalism are the transition from historical expenditure to standard costs as a criterion for determining financial needs of public bodies, together with the attempt to establish more meaningful accountability mechanisms, both to policy makers and to public management. The measurement of standard costs represents one of the pillars of fiscal federalism and it will be pursued using the mechanism of "best practice". Full implementation of fiscal federalism, therefore, requires the verification of the operating costs of all public administrations. According to statutory law, regions are also required to provide verification of operating costs, for the successful pursuing of fiscal federalism. The present research is going to assess the level of diffusion of cost accounting in Italian regional public administrations. The methodology used for this paper includes the analysis of regional law as well as interviews to the officials of accounting and auditing offices

  6. Private Administration – Favorable Environment for Implementing Programs and Campaigns of Public Relations?

    Simona HAIDAU


    Full Text Available This paper refer to decision of the private administration organizations from the region northeast of Romania to implement programs and public relations campaigns from the socio-economic context in the current period. This decision of organizations above mentioned is strongly influenced by nature non-profit purposes they have, more precisely, to be involved in carrying out the public interest or community.

  7. Geospatial Based Information System Development in Public Administration for Sustainable Development and Planning in Urban Environment

    Georgios N. Kouziokas


    It is generally agreed that the governmental authorities should actively encourage the development of an efficient framework of information and communication technology initiatives so as to advance and promote sustainable development and planning strategies. This paper presents a prototype Information System for public administration which was designed to facilitate public management and decision making for sustainable development and planning. The system was developed by using several progra...

  8. 77 FR 14404 - Guidance for the Public, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee Members, and FDA...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2002-D-0094; (formerly Docket No. 02D-0049)] Guidance for the Public, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory... Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing the availability of a guidance for the public, FDA...

  9. 78 FR 20666 - Food and Drug Administration/National Institutes of Health/National Science Foundation Public...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2013-N-0345] Food and Drug Administration/National Institutes of Health/ National Science Foundation Public Workshop... public workshop; request for comments. SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing its...

  10. 75 FR 74056 - Request for Public Comment on the Proposed Adoption of Administration for Native Americans (ANA...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Administration for Children and Families Request for Public Comment on the Proposed Adoption of Administration for Native Americans (ANA) Program Policies and...) 690-7441. Comments will be available for inspection by members of the public at the Administration for...

  11. Lobbying and Social Participation – Key Features for an Effective Public Administration in Romania

    Laura Maria IRIMIEȘ


    Full Text Available Lobbying is one of the main structural elements of democratic governance and sustainable development and is essential to achieving competitive and effi cient administrative and decisional processes in local governance. Successfully implementing lobbying regulations and techniques is of extreme importance for any public system, where social participation in the decision-making process can strongly contribute to social, political and economic / fi nancial effi - ciency. Over the last 15 years, several legislative initiatives have tried to design a coherent framework for lobby, but they are still unapplied either due to insuffi cient public understanding of the concept, or due to more or less justifi ed uncertainties and fears. The necessity of regulating lobbying in Romania is placed in a context where an important number of anticorruption international and domestic recommendations and state reliability statistics, added to a certain lack of effectiveness in time and public money management, show that the public administration system needs to be reformed. And lobbying is, as the following article shows, a must for any public reform of public administration in Romania. The case of multilingual entrance signs / labels in Cluj-Napoca is an unquestionable and unbeatable example that the simple existence of legal frameworks of lobbying could turn into real time, energy and money savers.

  12. Municipal Bonds. A Viable Funding Option For Oradea Local Public Administration (Romania

    Liliana Bunescu


    Full Text Available In a market economy government resources are often insufficient to cover all the public budget needs. Public capital collecting process presents a particular interest considering the need of getting them with lower costs. The options for collecting public resources are characterized by diversity and complexity. One of them is based on municipal bonds funds. This paper explores the potential of public bonds issued at a local level in raising capital for infrastructure investments in Romanian public administration. This paper is not meant to be an empirical study at national level because sub-sovereign bonds market in Romania is not very developed. This paper is limited to a case study of public financing methods for a Romanian local public administration. Local authorities from Oradea have no other possibility without one of borrowing to achieve the objectives proposed. Thus, it resorted to a set of internal and external loans. Our study contents a comparative cost analysis of public financing by loans. The analysis lead to the result that the cheapest source of financing is the loan offered by the European Investment Bank, followed by municipal bonds issuing.

  13. Public Management and Administration Studies. Should we Include Marketind in Our Curricula?

    José L. VÁZQUEZ


    Full Text Available As a consequence of continuous adaptation of public institutions to requirements of framing where they perform day by day, Public Management and Administration is behaving once and again as a “reinvented” discipline, aiming a new kind of rational, innovative public entities that focus their activities towards an effective achievement of their intended results and benefits. Concepts such as those of “efficiency”, “effectiveness”, “responsibility”, “organizational culture”, etc. are now not only applied to business disciplines, but also to Public Management and Administration. At this point, Marketing has proved to be an useful subject in PMA curricula, not only being in demand by students and syllabi designers, but also by experts in the public field. However, applying marketing techniques and procedures in the same way as used in private business is clearly nonsense. We must consider a proper “public marketing” or “public sector marketing” development. In this paper we debate on these issues, as well as present an overview into the situation of Spanish public universities offering PMA studies, just when they are facing the Bologna adaptation requirements. As a conclusion, some comments for reflection are suggested.

  14. Defining the Impact of Public Administration Programmes for Public Sector Organizations

    Broucker, Bruno


    In times of financial and economic crises, public organizations seem to cut their budgets for training and education, especially when the impact of a programme is questioned. Therefore, PA programmes need to clarify what impact can be expected and what individual and organizational processes are influencing the impact of a PA programme on the…

  15. Program Administrator's Handbook. Strategies for Preventing Alcohol and Other Drug Problems. The College Series.

    CSR, Inc., Washington, DC.

    This handbook is for administrators of programs in higher education settings which deal with alcohol and other drug (AOD) related problems. Chapter 1, "Defining the Problem, Issues, and Trends" examines the problem from various perspectives and presents the latest statistics on the extent of AOD use on campuses, specific problems affecting…

  16. Getting Lead-Bottomed Administrators Excited about School Library Media Centers. Building Partnerships Series.

    Snyder, Timothy

    The purpose of this book is to help professional librarians gain administrator support for the library media center. The book is divided into three sections. Part 1, "Setting the Stage," explores the challenge and aspects of accountability that can be lost in the pressures of daily accomplishment. It details the personality characteristics found…

  17. The public administration and the development of the cooperative sector in Cuba

    Iriadna Marín de León


    Full Text Available The relationships - cooperative, they constitute one of the most complex problems in the theoretical plane and in their practical realization, inside the operation of the cooperative sector. Carried out investigations have determined that the same ones are inadequate, putting on to the overdraft that two are the factors that affect the administration of the cooperatives: one of internal character, related with the faulty administration and gobernability and another of external character the relationships - cooperative.   Different points of view exist about the function that carries out the State in front of the cooperative, what demonstrates the necessity of a critical focus and realist on this matter that of the necessary answer to contribute efficiently to the objectives and aspirations of the cooperative under the new conditions of the Cuban economy.   The article that is presented, has as fundamental objective to analyze the public administration in Cuba like dimension of the public administration, the particularities of the Cuban cooperative and the valuation from the systems of attention to the cooperative sector proposing a model of public administration for the cooperative sector.   For the development of the investigation empiric and theoretical methods were used, inside the empiric methods the method of the observation was used, applying the techniques of interviews and questionnaires and inside the theoretical methods, the historical method was used - logical and the method of the modelation.

  18. The Administrative Impact of Computers on the British Columbia Public School System.

    Gibbens, Trevor P.

    This case study analyzes and evaluates the administrative computer systems in the British Columbia public school organization in order to investigate the costs and benefits of computers, their impact on managerial work, their influence on centralization in organizations, and the relationship between organizational objectives and the design of…

  19. General Public Views on Uses and Users of Administrative Health Data

    P. Alison Paprica


    Members of general public were generally supportive of research based on linked administrative health data but with conditions, particularly when the possibility of private sector research was discussed. Notably, and citing security concerns, focus group participants preferred models that had a limited number of individuals or organizations accessing data.

  20. "I Am More than What I Look Alike": Asian American Women in Public School Administration

    Liang, Jia; Peters-Hawkins, April L.


    Purpose: Little research exists that examines the leadership experiences of Asian American women in public schools. This study sought to understand the meanings Asian American women school administrators have constructed out of their professional lives given the intersection of gender, race-ethnicity, and leadership. Research Method/Approach: Data…

  1. A linked open data and semantic citizen vocabulary for public administration : a first exploration and implementation

    M.W. (Martijn) Hartog; A.W. (Bert) Mulder


    Citizen participation and structural involvement in a participatory society and public administration becomes more extensive in The Netherlands as digital developments are vastly implemented. The difference in language and definitions from the system-world of professionals and the life-world of

  2. 78 FR 76100 - Newspapers Used for Publication of Legal Notices for Pre-Decisional Administrative Review...


    ...- Decisional Administrative Review Processes and Decisions Subject to Notice, Comment and Appeal Procedures... constructive notice of a decision, to provide clear evidence of timely notice, and to achieve consistency in administering appeal and objection processes. DATES: Publication of legal notices in the listed newspapers...

  3. Treating networks seriously: Practical and research-based agendas in public administration

    O'Toole, Laurence J.


    How well equipped are today's public administrators to face the challenges they confront from the involvement of businesses, not-for-profits, other units of government, and even clients in complex patterns of program operations? Not very well, if judged by the extent to which practitioners and

  4. Public Administration: What is It, Why Teach It and Does It Matter?

    Fenwick, John; McMillan, Janice


    What is understood by "public administration" in the contemporary UK higher education setting? Is it still being taught and, if so, why? These questions initially appear to be fairly straightforward but any review of the topic quickly poses some rather more tricky areas of enquiry. This article will focus upon three central questions.…

  5. A Sociological Approach to Institutional Communication: The Public Image in Organizational Administration in Education

    Serpa, Sandro


    Acknowledging that the external context visibly affects any organization, this investigation seeks to constitute a specific contribution to the study of the importance of public image in organizational administration. To that end, a collection and documentary analysis of news stories from the newspaper "O Fayalense on the Asylum for the…

  6. The Student as Co-Producer: Learning from Public Administration about the Student-University Relationship

    McCulloch, Alistair


    The dominant metaphor/model used to characterise the relationship of the student to the university, that is, the "student as consumer", is partial and not appropriate to the realities of contemporary higher education. This article suggests that co-production, a concept drawn from the public administration literature, offers a more…

  7. Interactive Education in Public Administration (1): The Role of Teaching "Objects"

    Alford, John; Brock, Jonathan


    Schools of public policy and administration are increasingly adopting interactive case teaching (long used in business schools) as one of their primary pedagogical methods -- not least because of its usefulness in both stimulating engagement by students and helping them turn that engagement into learning. This article and its companion piece…

  8. The Dilemma of Public Administration Education in South Africa: Teaching or Learning?

    Kroukamp, Hendri; de Vries, Michiel S.


    This article points to the adverse circumstances in which public administration education and training has to take place in developing countries, more specifically in South Africa. This is especially seen in the combination of scarce resources and rapidly increasing enrolment. The consequence thereof is that the didactics of education and training…

  9. MOOCs: Meaningful Learning Tools for Public Administration Education or Academic Simulacra?

    Sementelli, Arthur J.; Garrett, Terence M.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore and critically assess the potential value and effectiveness of massive open online courses (MOOCs) for public administration education. Design/methodology/approach: The research in this conceptual paper offered a critical examination of MOOCs using the work of Baudrillard, Debord, and others to…

  10. Public Administration Education in a Continental European Legalistic Setting: The Hungarian Case

    Gellén, Márton


    The Trans-European Dialogue in 2013 was dedicated to the revisiting of the research undertaken by György Hajnal in 2003 (Hajnal, 2003) on public administration education in Europe. As part of the preparations to the conference, Hajnal also revisited his research after 10 years. The findings presented on the conference offer a theoretical framework…

  11. Biography in the Study of Public Administration: Towards a Portrait of a Whitehall Mandarin

    Ribbins, Peter; Sherratt, Brian


    This paper reports on part of an on-going interview-based study of the eight permanent secretaries who served at the Department for Education from 1976 to 2012. Following a discussion of the relevance of biography to the study of public sector administrators, it presents a portrait of Sir Tim Lankester. Based on his own account and that of…

  12. Illiberal or Simply Unorthodox? Public Administration Education in Hungary: A Comparative Perspective

    Hajnal, Gyorgy


    Over the past decades, Public Administration (PA) education programmes in Europe shifted their focus from a predominantly law-oriented approach to a more multidisciplinary, social science and managerial one. This paper deals with the tenacity of traditional, law-oriented PA education programmes that can be found in a limited, but not…

  13. Living the Social Justice Brand: Attracting Prospective Students to a Masters of Public Administration Program

    Hubbell, Larry


    In this article, I describe the process and importance of branding a graduate public administration program. Written from the perspective of a participant-observer, I describe how with the assistance of my department we have given our program a more distinctive identity and therefore a more identifiable brand. That brand is one that focuses on…

  14. An Assessment of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Public Administration from 2009-2013

    Stuteville, Rebekkah; Click, Eric


    The acceptance of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a legitimate form of scholarly investigation and the shape that it takes in post-secondary education are inherently discipline-specific. This paper examines how the character and heritage of public administration influence the acceptance of SoTL, and the form that it takes. It…

  15. Comparative Research: An Approach to Teaching Research Methods in Political Science and Public Administration

    Engbers, Trent A


    The teaching of research methods has been at the core of public administration education for almost 30 years. But since 1990, this journal has published only two articles on the teaching of research methods. Given the increasing emphasis on data driven decision-making, greater insight is needed into the best practices for teaching public…

  16. Developing Insight in Aspiring Researchers: Challenges Confronting Public Administration Teachers and Scholars

    Jacobs, Richard M.


    A 2 × 2 matrix identifying four discrete thought processes was presented. The contributions of the first three processes in developing the knowledge base of public administration were detailed as were their limitations. It was argued that the fourth process--insight and its mental powers--builds upon the strengths and overcomes the limitations…

  17. Diagnosis of multi-agent systems and its application to public administration

    Boer, A.; van Engers, T.; Abramowicz, W.; Maciaszek, L.; Węcel, K.


    In this paper we present a model-based diagnosis view on the complex social systems in which large public administration organizations operate. The purpose of diagnosis as presented in this paper is to identify agent role instances that are not conforming to expectations in a multi-agent system

  18. 78 FR 70097 - Requested Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel BEE; Invitation for Public...


    ... Administrative Waiver of the Coastwise Trade Laws: Vessel BEE; Invitation for Public Comments AGENCY: Maritime... entered into this docket is available on the World Wide Web at . FOR . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: As described by the applicant the intended service of the vessel BEE...

  19. The Directions of Public Administration Reform Due to Romania’s Integration in the European Union

    Iulian M. Nedelcu


    Full Text Available From the formal point of view, in Romania there is an institutional framework that haslooked favourable for operation in at least satisfactory conditions for the authorities at the political level andat the level of public administration . In fact, things are different, and Romanians have to admit that thesignals from EU authorities made in the last few years are in compliance with the reality, namely: if the factthat we complied with the political criterion has been accepted, public administrations do not operateaccording to the standards established for adhesion. The faulty operation of public administration is obvious,well known: “Public administration has become uncontrollable in certain fields, and the political level doesnot know what decisions to make because it only listens and it is only interested in nothing else exceptfratricide fights or other image related matters. There is a lack of political culture in making decisions. Andthere is also the so called “psychological corruption” from the desire to keep the power with any price, youare absolutely opaque, closed and refuse to change the way you work, the way to make decisions"

  20. Application of Model-Based Diagnosis to Multi-Agent Systems Representing Public Administration

    Boer, A.; van Engers, T.


    In public administration, legal knowledge in the form of critical incidents and, for want of a better word, noncompliance storylines is important for monitoring and enforcement, but has no natural place in traditional forms of legal knowledge representation such as normative rules or legal argument

  1. Explaining the Behavioral Intention towards BI Implementation in Public Administrations - A Principal-Agent Theory Approach

    Becker, Jörg; Bergener, Philipp; Lis, Łukasz; Niehaves, Björn

    Business Intelligence (BI) is an established instrument to support public administrations in their management tasks by increasing their information level. BI is of special interest in the context of introducing accrual accounting in public administrations as this affects the information level of different stakeholders, leading to a possible decrease for municipal councils. The principal-agent theory can help to explain different behavioral intentions of the stakeholders concerning the introduction of BI. We employ a single qualitative case study to analyze these behavioral intentions. It shows that the introduction of accrual accounting did decrease the information level of the municipal council making the principal-agent problems possible. Furthermore, it shows that BI might be a solution for this problem. Therefore, council members show the behavioral intention to support the BI implementation while administration staff members rather resist it. Based on these finding, we discuss implications for practice and future research.

  2. Impact of Public Internal Financial Control on Public Administration in Croatia

    Vesna VAŠIČEK


    Full Text Available The PIFC /Public Internal Financial Control/ was developed by the European Commission. PIFC is set of principles internal financial controls system established for the purpose of controlling, auditing, supervise on the use of national budget and European Union budget and funds. Also, in order to support candidate countries in their internal control system reforms in the public sector. Therefore, it is expected for the candidate countries to establish and develop the system of internal financial controls according to the concept which was in that field developed by the European Union based on International Standards and the best practice of European countries. Since the year 2003 the Republic of Croatia undertakes intensive activities on the establishment and development of the internal financial control system according with the regulation of European Union. In keeping with the set concept, the Republic of Croatia undertook numerous activities during the past six years to create all the necessary assumptions for the establishment and development of the system, including: the adoption of the initial strategic documents; drafting of laws; the creation of organisational capacities and human resources; and the implementation of the system with budget users at central government and local levels. In this paper we will present phases of implementation PIFC in Croatian Public Sector. Through this phases we will show impact that PIFC has on development of New Public Management in Croatia and changes in organizational structure and human resource that are caused during this process. Also, we will give critical opinion of that process and problems which occur during implementation. In this paper we will present approach in implementation of PIFC in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and compare this with implementation in Croatia.

  3. Politics-Administration Interface and Sustenance of Public Service Ethos in South-West Nigeria

    Salami Issa Afegbua


    Full Text Available This work examined politics-administration interface and the sustenance of public service ethos in Southwest Nigeria. Public servants and political functionaries in Southwest Nigeria are constantly in a struggle to fix each other in their pre-conceived mould of mental judgment which invariably breeds mutual suspicion, apprehension and setting the stage for conflict which is likely to impact negatively on the performance of public servants in Southwest Nigeria. The article identified the factors influencing the interface of public servants and political office holders in Southwest Nigeria. It also determined the influence of the interface between on public service ethos and finally examined the efforts made towards sustaining public service ethos in Southwest Nigeria. In carrying out this work, primary and secondary data were used. In the case of primary data, survey was carried out and questionnaire was used to elicit information from respondents in the Southwest geo-political zone of the country. Purposive random sampling techniques were adopted to determine the target respondents. The study has a sample of five hundred and thirty-five (535, which constitute 50 percent of the total population figure of 1070.  The findings revealed amongst others, that the synergy between political functionaries and public office holders is often characterized by both conflict and cooperation. In addition, there are certain factors influencing the interface of public servants and political office holders in Southwest Nigeria, these factors include: contract awards, consideration in the appointment of top civil servants etc. The study therefore, recommends the need for Southwest Nigeria to strengthen politics-administration interface in such a way that the public services in that region will be more productive. There is also the need for government in the Southwest to clarify the respective roles of political office holders and public servants. The principles

  4. Valuation in the Public Sector. Reference Factor in a Credible and Fair Administration

    Adela DEACONU


    Full Text Available Public administration reform aims at the transformation of public institutions in business entities in which the principles that govern them are very close to the ones from the sphere of pri- vate entities. Public valuation is an accepted and implemented concept in public administration as a condition for ensuring complete, accurate and transparent images of available resources and their use. The present research determines through an empirical approach the regulation convergence of valuation in the public sector and presents its determinant factors and effects. The referentials subject to comparative analysis are International Valuation Standards (IVS, the last two editions, and International Public Sector Ac- counting Standards (IPSAS.The findings highlight the achievement of the objective of accounting and valuation stan- dard setters, IPSASB and IVSC, with regard to the convergence of valuation concepts and tools, in its last edition from 2011; however, the findings indicate certain differences regarding the guidance extent and the reference to mar- kets and atypical cases triggered by the global economic crisis. Our research has further found that the public accounting referential is closer to IVS 2011 than to IVS 2007 in what concerns disclosure requirements. This is in favor of the requirements imposed by the current economic environment regarding financial reporting, name- ly to provide more detail on the process of value estimation, the hypotheses and predictions used in this respect, and the risk of change of the es- timated value. 




    Full Text Available Component without which the function of local public administration management would be compromised, administrative autonomy manifests under the action of various factors. From such an angle, the space of this article is dedicated to identifying the factors affecting the autonomy in management of local public administration in order to show their actions on its manifestation. By developing the present approach, beyond the incompleteness of the existing explanations relative to this sphere of interest, we have identified and highlighted the action of two sets of factors - institutional and conjunctural. Ensign turned out to be the action that institutional factors exert on autonomy, the latter being the greater, as the local administrative structure is higher, as the number of local public services is higher, when there are legal regulations that warrant it, and vice versa. Then analyzing conjunctural factors, we found that the influence of the economic crisis is, as expected, adverse to autonomy manifestation. Regarding the local development factor, we showed that a local community with a high degree of development functions without the intervention of center, a situation that favors autonomy, as opposed to a less developed community that requires the support of the center, intervention which mitigates the autonomy. By examining the action of political factor, we noticed that, although politicians define public strategies and policies that will be implemented, which gives it a positive connotation, most often autonomy suffers under the politics influence. Finally, the social organization in local collectivities provides favorable ground to the manifestation and functioning of autonomy in the management of local public administration.

  6. Human Resource Investment – a Step in the Development of Public Administration

    Luminita Iordache


    Full Text Available Human capital development supposes important investments in the field of public administration and the assurance of the necessary conditions to provide some quality–services. This paper has as a starting point the statement of the German sociologist Max Weber according to which “a modern society can function efficiently by training and perfecting the experts within a bureaucracy.” Modern societies put into evidence new values of public administration such social responsibility and adaptability. By specializing human resources, we contribute to using them efficiently. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the degree of involvement of the public institutions in developing human capital and to focus on the role of the education of public administration in order to internally increase stability so that we resist the frequent changes which suppose the continuous adjustment to external conditions. Our aim is also to analyse the already-implemented programmes as well as the ongoing ones concerning the training and perfecting of the public servants.

  7. Citizen Diplomacy-New US Public Diplomacy Strategy in the Middle East under the Obama Administration

    YU Zhaohui


    In the information and digital era,the international situation is becoming increasingly complicated.The construction of international relations and national image depends more on people-to-people diplomacy.During the Obama Administration,the Administration recognized the central role of public diplomacy as a tool and an essential element of the 21st century statecraft.US public diplomacy and public affairs faces the five strategic tasks:to pro-actively shape global narratives,expand and strengthen people-to-peoplerelationships,counter violent extremism and better inform policy-making as well as redeploy resources in strategic alignment with shifting priorities.It presents new features under the guidance of the perfect mechanism,such as using digital methods and social media as the core to communicate,adjusting information transmission and message control,emphasizing the inter-departmental coordination,attaching great importance to the youth and women's groups and optimizing the evaluation mechanism.This article summarizes and analyzes the striking features of public diplomacy under Obama's administration,focusing on citizen diplomacy operations in the Middle East,thus putting forth a worthy reference for the further study of China's public diplomacy.

  8. Exploration of transnationalism as a concept and phenomenon in Public Administration

    Barry Hanyane


    Full Text Available Transnationalism as both a phenomenon and a concept has received negligible attention in modern times in relation to the practice of public administration and its corresponding field of study. This article provides an account of the meaning and the relevance of both the concept and phenomenon as received and applied by practitioners and scholars in the said practice and field of study. From the latter, a deliberate approach towards policy matters is undertaken in relation to the concept and phenomenon of transnationalism. In this article policies used by the national Department of Home Affairs in South Africa form the basis from which a case is made relevant to this topic in p(Public a(Administration. Additionally, case studies in the SADC region are considered. This article therefore argues that transnationalism is as much local as global issues such as immigration, citizenship, global economy, service delivery, government (inefficiency and (ineffectiveness and such other matters of public interest.

  9. An Evaluation on the Contribution of Journals Published by SSCI to the Area of Public Administration

    Ecem SEVİNÇ


    Full Text Available Citation indexes are regarded as important factors to make an effective literature review. Since the publication on the SSCI has been a requirement for the academic degrees in Turkey, the value of scientific articles published in citation indexes has increased. Therefore, bibliometric values and the topic distribution of journals published in a specific discipline are of great importance especially for academicians working in the related discipline. This study will select ten journals that have the highest value of 5-year impact factor in the 2013 JCR among the journals published in Public Administration in SSCI and examine their quantitative and qualitative values. As a result of the research, it is intended to generate benefits for researchers that will work in the discipline of Public Administration through specifying the most contributing journals to the field and presenting subject headings and the distribution of topics in the selected journals.

  10. Re(De-Forming public administration: an expert outlook on reform planning in Romania

    Diana-Camelia IANCU


    Full Text Available It has been argued that the West with its well-established democracies was largely responsible for the filling of the institutional vacuum the East experienced after the fall of totalitarian regimes in the eve of the 90s. Scholars of international relations and public policies loudly debated on the existent causality between the European enlargement and the administrative reforms Central and Eastern European countries experienced in the last two decades. Be it in the form of soft or hard law, financial aid or penalties, Western norms were supposed to have been transferred to acceding countries in a rather alert tempo, and with a high(er rate of compliance success. This research builds on these arguments without yet embracing them completely and tackles the issue of Western values successful transfer to public administration reform planning in Romania. The main question it attempts to answer is to what extent substantial compliance to the European expectations for building a consolidated public administration was achieved. In doing so, it compares formal national discourses of successful public administration reform with personal experiences of Romanian public managers, four years after Romania’s accession to the European Union. Between 2005 and 2008, the Romanian Government acknowledged the need for developing a highly professional, apolitical category of civil servants later to be called “public managers”. These managers, young people that were offered Governmental grants to train themselves in Western universities, were supposed to guide national reforms from the inside of the system. Their informal role was to use their Western academic and training experiences and place them against the national background so as to plan and execute a “good” public administration reform. Was this achieved? What were the intervening factors? The interviews performed on public managers from central government organizations are placed against the

  11. Advances in the Study of Post-Communist States and Public Administrations

    Vanhuysse, Pieter


    I introduce a 5-article special section that discusses recent advances in the study of postcommunist states and public administrations based around Anna Gzymala-Busse's Rebuilding Leviathan and Conor O'Dwyer's Runaway State Building. In addition to contributions by these two authors, it contains...... an editorial introduction by Pieter Vanhuysse, who argues that these books combine rigorous theory building with innovative empirical analysis of the size and effectiveness of CEE administrative bureaucracy, and make inroads by pointing to the nature of party competition as an important factor driving CEE...

  12. How Should Public Administration Education Curriculum Within Indiana Higher Education Institutions Evolve to Reflect the Complex Homeland Security Issues Faced by Future Public Sector Employees?


    Administration Research and Theory, 25–57. O’Leary, R. (2010). Traditions, ideas, spirits, event, challenge. Journal of Public Adminstration , 1–36. Purdue...NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited HOW SHOULD PUBLIC ... PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES? by Bryant S. Lucas March 2012 Thesis Advisor: Christopher Bellavita Second Reader: Lauren Wollman THIS PAGE

  13. Publication Rates of Social and Administrative Sciences Pharmacy Faculty in Non-Research Intensive Pharmacy Schools.

    Weathers, Trenna; Unni, Elizabeth


    Objective. To assess the level of publication rates from 2011 through 2015 by Social and Administrative Sciences (SAS) faculty at non-research intensive pharmacy schools. Methods. The Web of Science database was searched using faculty names identified from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) faculty and professional staff roster. Publication rates of SAS faculty were calculated and compared using several demographic subcategories such as public/private school, part of an academic health center, schools with PhD program, funding status, etc. Results. The 208 SAS faculty members from 59 colleges contributed to 478 publications with a mean of 95.6 publications per year and 1.62 publications per institution per year. The number of publications increased 45% over the five years from 67 publications in 2011 to 122 in 2015.The average number of publications was 0.92 per year per SAS faculty compared to 0.82 publications per year per faculty from other basic pharmaceutical sciences divisions. The most commonly published research was research articles in the area of scholarship of teaching and learning. The significant predictors of publications were being part of an academic health center, having a PhD program, and higher percent of faculty members who are SAS faculty. Conclusion. Despite being affiliated with institutions with missions less targeted on research, this study showed SAS faculty members at non-research intensive institutions consistently contribute to published literature. Further studies are needed to examine reasons for the lack of publishing by almost half of the SAS faculty and ways to increase research and publication in the field of SAS.


    Sergey Bardash


    Full Text Available Economic development of countries leads to the need improving the quality of public administration, the results of which provide economic growth, social prosperity and are facilitating to solve global problems that are facing humanity. To improve the efficiency of public administration should be effective monitoring system that can detect deviations from the planned strategic development goals, unseemly level of its operation determines the target of work, which is to establish the condition of the state financial audit in Ukraine and the definition of new uncontrollable earlier objects which are managed the state apparatus, the identification of which will improve the functionality of the system of state financial audit in Ukraine. In order to achieve the goals you need to solve the following tasks. First, should set a condition of the state economic management in Ukraine and determine the public authorities, which are subjects to implementing control functions of public administration. Second, determine the resources that have the public interest and should be controlled by the state. Third, determine the composition of objects and install a condition of government auditing system in order to improve the efficiency of these next control measures of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine and the State Audit Service of Ukraine. The methodological basis of the study is the dialectical method, which is to implement research of financial audit in public administration, its relationship with other forms of control exercised by the state; systematic analysis of financial and economic processes, which is carrying out researching of the state financial audit in the system of relations arising between economic entities of the public and private sectors; methods of retrospective and comparative analysis of experience within the objective focus in the organization of state financial audit on the territory of Ukraine; evaluation and generalization which

  15. Assessment of the dynamics of atrial signals and local atrial period series during atrial fibrillation: effects of isoproterenol administration

    Mantica Massimo


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The autonomic nervous system (ANS plays an important role in the genesis and maintenance of atrial fibrillation (AF, but quantification of its electrophysiologic effects is extremely complex and difficult. Aim of the study was to evaluate the capability of linear and non-linear indexes to capture the fine changing dynamics of atrial signals and local atrial period (LAP series during adrenergic activation induced by isoproterenol (a sympathomimetic drug infusion. Methods Nine patients with paroxysmal or persistent AF (aged 60 ± 6 underwent electrophysiological study in which isoproterenol was administered to patients. Atrial electrograms were acquired during i sinus rhythm (SR; ii sinus rhythm during isoproterenol (SRISO administration; iii atrial fibrillation (AF and iv atrial fibrillation during isoproterenol (AFISO administration. The level of organization between two electrograms was assessed by the synchronization index (S, whereas the degree of recurrence of a pattern in a signal was defined by the regularity index (R. In addition, the level of predictability (LP and regularity of LAP series were computed. Results LAP series analysis shows a reduction of both LP and R index during isoproterenol infusion in SR and AF (RSR = 0.75 ± 0.07 RSRISO = 0.69 ± 0.10, p AF = 0.31 ± 0.08 RAFISO = 0.26 ± 0.09, p SR = 99.99 ± 0.001 LPSRISO = 99.97 ± 0.03, p AF = 69.46 ± 21.55 LPAFISO = 55 ± 24.75; p SR = 0.49 ± 0.08 RSRISO = 0.46 ± 0.09 p AF = 0.29 ± 0.09 RAFISO = 0.28 ± 0.08 n.s.. Conclusions The proposed parameters succeeded in discriminating the subtle changes due to isoproterenol infusion during both the rhythms especially when considering LAP series analysis. The reduced value of analyzed parameters after isoproterenol administration could reflect an important pro-arrhythmic influence of adrenergic activation on favoring maintenance of AF.

  16. Concept of accounting high-school course book for the specialization "Public Administration"

    Baranová, Petra


    This thesis deals with a proposal of high-school course book for the specialization "Public Administration". The aim of the thesis is to offer the textbook of accounting for public sector which covers the needs of both teachers and students. For this purpose, the survey was performed firstly. The respective survey showed that no suitable textbook had been available on the market. The teachers usually use the course book of P. Štohl. Both students and teachers agree on the requirements for thi...

  17. Utilization of European Funds in the Public Administration. Study case - Galati County Council

    Manuela Panaitescu


    Full Text Available The main objectives of this paper are to reveal some aspects regarding European funds‟ utilization, starting with the comprehension of EU philosophy regarding cohesion policy and emphasizing the important role played by Structural and Cohesion Funds for public administration, especially in times of economic downturn when the financial resources are difficult to access. Prior Work: this work continues prior research carried out for the “European Programs and Projects Management” MA thesis. Approach: The main methods employed for capturing the research evidence consists in management strategies analysis in the public administration, especially in studying the capacity of absorption of European funds in the case Galati County Council. The main results of this paper show that the risks of absorption capacity decrease of EU funds are linked to a number of factors, such as financial problems, poor information, lack of managerial experience, etc.

  18. Case Study in Public Administration: A Critical Review of Brazilian Scientific Production

    Mariana Guerra


    Full Text Available This paper presents a critical review of 47 articles published between 2006 and 2011 to identify how case studies have been applied in Brazilian research on public administration. In addition to their theoretical and methodological characteristics, four further specific topics of interest were addressed: (a what is meant by case study; (b the relationship between the phenomenon of interest and the case under investigation; (c the possibility of replication; and (d how the supposed method contributes towards the development of the field of public administration. The main inconsistencies found were: the methodological descriptions are confusing; the results are inconsistent compared with data gathering procedures and data analysis techniques; a lack of information about the number of interviewed individuals; and no descriptions of research variables. The results suggest the reviewed case studies present methodological inconsistencies and limitations, which undermine their scientific value and relevance to academic work in Brazil.

  19. Interoperability and models for exchange of data between information systems in public administration

    Glavev, Victor


    The types of software applications used by public administrations can be divided in three main groups: document management systems, record management systems and business process systems. Each one of them generates outputs that can be used as input data to the others. This is the main reason that requires exchange of data between these three groups and well defined models that should be followed. There are also many other reasons that will be discussed in the paper. Interoperability is a key aspect when those models are implemented, especially when there are different manufactures of systems in the area of software applications used by public authorities. The report includes examples of implementation of models for exchange of data between software systems deployed in one of the biggest administration in Bulgaria.

  20. [Risk assessment of work-related stress: the case of a public administration].

    Loi, Michela; Bellò, Benedetta; Mattana, Veronica


    The paper describes a case study of work related stress assessment in a public administration, based on an objective methodology (Romano, 2009). The Ispes1 forms (2010) have been used to perform the assessment. They have been filled during some focus group in which 45 workers have been involved, divided into 7 homogeneous groups relying on their department, back-office vs front-office typology of work and the office collocation. According to the Grounded Theory perspective, through the content analysis three further risk factors arose, comparing to the Ispesl forms, such as: (a) the quality of communication, (b) the relationship among and with leaders and colleagues, (c) the presence of discriminatory behaviours. Hence, on the basis of the results, mostly for a deeper analysis of work related stress assessment in a public administration, we suggest to consider these further risk factors.


    Dorian Pocovnicu


    Full Text Available Efficient communication is one the most important instruments used for the purpose of generating change inside and outside an organization. It can contribute to adjusting attitudes and the manner of approaching the present and future challenges and to changing behavioral patterns. The mission and the objectives of organizational communication are highly interrelated with organizational change and environment characteristics, in which the organization functions. The communication performed by the public administration institution outside is an institutional communication, extra-organizational, which presents the following purposes: strengthening its image, stimulating an environment of trust and affinity from the citizens (Kotler & Lee, 2007. We are of opinion that the management of communication performed by a public administration institution features three fundamental aspects, relevant for institutional communicators when designing and managing the institutional communication: communication efficiency, communication process and the implications of the new information and communication technologies (ICT for this process.

  2. Public Hospital Spending in England: Evidence from National Health Service Administrative Records

    Kelly, E.; Stoye, G.; Vera-Hernández, M.


    © 2016 The Authors. Fiscal Studies published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. on behalf of Institute for Fiscal StudiesHealth spending per capita in England has almost doubled since 1997, yet relatively little is known about how that spending is distributed across the population. This paper uses administrative National Health Service (NHS) hospital records to examine key features of public hospital spending in England. We describe how costs vary across the life cycle, and the concentration of spendi...

  3. Public hospital spending in England: Evidence from National Health Service administrative records

    Kelly, Elaine; Stoye, George; Vera-Hernández, Marcos


    Health spending per capita in England has more than doubled since 1997, yet relatively little is known about how that spending is distributed across the population. This paper uses administrative National Health Service (NHS) hospital records to examine key features of public hospital spending in England. We describe how costs vary across the lifecycle, and the concentration of spending among people and over time. We find that costs per person start to increase after age 50 and escalate after...

  4. Bureaucratic Behavior: A Review of the Theory and its Application to Serbian Public Administration

    Jelena Žarković-Rakić


    A professional and competent public administration is necessary for successful transition from a socialist, centrally planned economy to a functioning market democracy. The difficulty lies in building an organized and effective civil service sector. This paper gives a brief overview of formal bureaucratic reasoning, beginning with Niskanen’s theory, followed by the principal-agent model. The "Weberian state hypothesis", which provides an alternative view of bureaucracies in less developed cou...

  5. An Analysis of COSPA – A Consortium for Open Source in the Public Administration

    Morgan, Lorraine


    peer-reviewed This paper reflects on a two-year EU funded specific research targeted project that officially began in January 2004 entitled COSPA, a Consortium for studying, evaluating and supporting the introduction of Open Source Software and Open Data Standards in the Public Administration. COSPA focuses on office automation and desktop system software and aims at rigorously measuring the effort, costs and benefits of a transition to Open Source. The project invo...

  6. Marketing of Local Public Services under the Reduction of Administrative Expenditures

    Ani Matei


    Full Text Available The concerns for reducing administrative expenditures have been expressed in the last 10-15 years in concrete initiatives. It is worth to remark the occurrence of networks concerning the application of Standard Cost Model (SCM, aimed to reduce administrative expenditures for affairs. Even the European Commission aims to elaborate and implement a strategy to reduce administrative costs for affairs inside the European Union. We find similar initiatives in OECD, several European states, i.e. United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, as well as other countries. An international project “Cross Country Benchmarking” is important in this respect.These concerns have developed and diversified due to the worsening of the economic crisis. The crisis effects, already visible in the public sector too, lessen more and more the possibilities of satisfying the citizen’s needs. The marketing specialists bring up more and more frequently new marketing instruments that, giving the context, should generate products and services meant to satisfy the citizens’ needs. The product and service, in itself, as well as their price, become the main marketing instruments. The present paper proposes an assessment, based on the two instruments of the public marketing mix, of the way in which the reduction of the administrative expenditures can lead to a reduction in the price of the public services or to their diversification with regard to the consumers’ needs. By using elements specific to the production theory, the product management shall be substantiated, as well as the strategies regarding the prices of the public services.

  7. [Organizational wellbeing and psychosocial risk factors in a sample of Italian Public Administration work environments].

    Fida, Roberta; Gualandri, M; Avallone, F


    It has been recognized both by the scientific community and within the framework of social policies in Europe that the physical and psychosocial working environments pose potential risks for workers and organizational wellbeing. In particular psychosocial risks concern aspects of the design and management of work and its social and organizational contexts which have the potential for causing psychological or physical problems. This article examines the psychosocial risk factors of several types of Italian Public Administration offices (municipal, provincial, regional, central government, university, police headquarters, chamber of commerce, etc.) with the aim of obtaining a picture of the most problematic risk factors for each type. The participants of this survey consisted of about 23,500 employees of different types of Public Administration offices. The Multidimensional Organizational Health Questionnaire (MOHQ, 3) was used to collect the data. Results from ANOVA indicated that perceptions of fairness and job demands were the most problematic risk factors. Perception of safety at work was another problematic risk factor in specific types of work. The results revealed a high perception of stress in all workers over the entire range of the public administration offices studied.

  8. Representative Bureaucracy in Romania? Gender and Leadership in Central Public Administration

    Octavian MOLDOVAN


    Full Text Available This exploratory research is focused on two gender phenomena which can manifest in the public sphere (the glass ceiling and horizontal segregation, trying to connect these phenomena with the concept of representative bureaucracy in Romanian central public administration institutions. Using 2003-2015 data covering central public administration institutions (ministries and other government offices/departments the analysis shows that the overall situation of women in these decision-making positions has improved considerably in 2011, ensuring the desideratum of gender equity (and possible fertile ground for a representative bureaucracy. However, the sudden shift observed in the data between 2010 and 2011 might be an unintended result of austerity pay cuts as men in decision-making positions migrated to the private sector due to financial reasons. Breaking down the data (according to the BEIS typology provides (partial evidence for the existence of sectorial segregation, as at the higher administrative ranks (level 1 there are more men than women in institutions with Basic functions (Government’s Office, European Funds, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Justice, National Defense, while the reverse is true for Socio-cultural institutions (Culture, Education and Scientific Research, Employment, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Health, Youth and Sport.

  9. Analysis of the National Modernizers Network for the Support of the Public Administration Reform Process from Romania



    Full Text Available The reform process of the state and implicitly of the public administration was a priority for the past governments of Romania. During 2004- 2009, within the reform process, the main actors involved in the coordination, implementation and monitoring of reform measures were: the Prime Minister, the Superior Council for Public Administration Reform, Public Policy Coordination and Structural Adjustment, the Ministry of Public Finance, the General Secretariat of Government, Ministry of Administration and Interior (renamed for a short time Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, the Central Unit for Public Administration Reform, National Institute of Administration, the National Agency of Civil Servants, and the National Modernizers Network. For evaluation of aspects related to the reform process it was designed a selective research within the members of the National Modernizers Network, for assessing their perception of the public administration reform undertaken by the institutions presented above. Evaluating their opinion can be an important point in the revitalization of the area of the administration reform process. Also, the research conducted aimed at assessing the degree of modernizers’ involvement in activities related to important aspects of the reform process: strategic planning, formulating and evaluating public policies, financial management, human resources management, decentralization, introduction of new information and communication technologies and administrative simplification.

  10. Information Systems Success In Public Administration: Proposal For An Exploratory Model

    Deyvison de Lima Oliveira


    Full Text Available Investments in Information Systems (IS have been significantly increasing and hence the relevance of the studies on the IS success is persistent. Delone and Mclean (2003 developed an IS successful model which is a benchmark for researches in the area, however, in the perspective of the public sector, studies are still rare. In this research it was sought to propose an exploratory model of successful IS in public administration, from the identification of each construct items of the Delone and McLean (2003 original model, through multiple case studies in three Municipalities and a Town Hall of the Southern Cone of Rondônia state, in Brazil. Based on the empirical research, it was found that the IS success factors in municipal public administration are close to those factors indicated in the reviewed literature, however, showing some particularities of the public sector. A model of successful factors and items of IS, from the confrontation between literature and empirical data, is presented in the end of this work.

  11. Urgent Problems in Learning the Public Administration (on the Example of Georgia

    Shota Dogonadze


    Full Text Available Public management can and should be taught. Former Soviet Republics, including Georgia are facing this acute problem. Some attention is directed to management training, but public management stays in the background, although it is evident that major political and economic problems of Georgia and other countries of so-called “fledging democracies” arise due to the government theory neglect. The article considers development of administrative way of thinking starting from political doctrine to managerial approach, prospects for public management principles development, existing educational models. The epoch of classic universities is passing; with the help of textbooks students can only make courseworks. That’s why the use of innovative methods is necessary for students training.

  12. Geospatial Based Information System Development in Public Administration for Sustainable Development and Planning in Urban Environment

    Kouziokas, Georgios N.


    It is generally agreed that the governmental authorities should actively encourage the development of an efficient framework of information and communication technology initiatives so as to advance and promote sustainable development and planning strategies. This paper presents a prototype Information System for public administration which was designed to facilitate public management and decision making for sustainable development and planning. The system was developed by using several programming languages and programming tools and also a Database Management System (DBMS) for storing and managing urban data of many kinds. Furthermore, geographic information systems were incorporated into the system in order to make possible to the authorities to deal with issues of spatial nature such as spatial planning. The developed system provides a technology based management of geospatial information, environmental and crime data of urban environment aiming at improving public decision making and also at contributing to a more efficient sustainable development and planning.

  13. Directions of improvement for public administration institutional structure in field of ecology at regional level

    O. I. Matyushenko


    Full Text Available Based on the analysis of the organizational structure of public authorities at national and regional level involved in the process of governance in the environmental field as well as their legal security it was found that at the regional level, in regions there are different units (departments, management authorities, divisions, sectors that coordinate the process of public administration in the environmental field. In order to offer its own structure unit of state administration, to deal with environmental issues it is analyzed the organizational structures of central executive authority in the field of ecology - the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine at the national level and the organizational structures of departments / offices of Ecology and Natural Resources regional administrations respectively, at the regional level. As it is determined there is no typical structure of the regional state administration unit in Ukraine. Recognized that departments and sectors uniting at the high level is chaotic, unsystematic and apparently dictated by different reasons (financial, personal and psychological, corruption etc., not the content of (the logic of and structural accountability to senior management level. It is offered the author organizational structure for the Ecology and Natural Resources Department of Regional State Administration. It is suggested that this Department consists of three units: Department of Ecology (Department of environmental monitoring and audit department of environmental security department of planning and coordination of international projects in the environmental field; Department of Natural Resources (Department of Conservation of Natural Resources, Department of Protected Areas and Ecological Network Development, Department of Environmental Economics; Management support of the Department (Legal, Financial and Economic Division, Department of Administration Department, a department of scientific and

  14. Discrete Institutional Alternatives of Public Administration Reforms in Countries with Developed and Developing Institutional Environment

    Evgeny A. Kapoguzov


    Full Text Available The paper presents an approach to evaluation the impact of the level of development of institutional environment on the success of the reforms of public administration. The indicators that characterize the degree of development of the institutional environment, in particular, the level of protection of property rights, the development of political competition, civil society, corruption, and trust in society are shown. Depending on the elements of the political-administrative system, socio-economic features, that determine the trajectories of reforms, showing alternative purposes and characterized some indicators, that characterizing the results of reforms for the OECD-counties. Showing institutional problems is implementing reforms in the transition countries, depending on the elements of the political and administrative systems, and socio-cultural factors that determine the path of reform, showing alternative purposes and characterized by individual indicators characterizing the results of the OECD reform. From the point of view of the classification results, the emphasis is made on quantitative results of the operational type, in particular, the dynamics of the general government expenditure and the level of employment of civil servants in relation to employment in the economy as a whole. Showing institutional problems in the implementation of reforms in the transition countries, in particular the gap of development of the bureaucratic ethos, the weakness of the market environment and the insufficient level of external pressure on the quality of public services. The significance for the success of reform and systemic cultural change within the state apparatus, which affects the quality of citizens' satisfaction with public services is observed. It is noted that the preliminary formalization of the public sector, the formation of Weberian bureaucracy type is essential for successful implementation of the New Public Management. The factors that

  15. Implementation of the Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: Current Issues of Public Administration Modernization

    Yaroshenko Igor V.


    Full Text Available The need of all parts of the modern Ukrainian society for structural transformations determines the direction of development of the country and its territories. One of such priority vectors is the decentralization reform, efficiency of which is inextricably linked with the changes that occur in all vital for the development of society and every individual public areas: public administration, judicial system, law enforcement bodies, deregulation and development of business, banking and financial sectors, innovation and trade policies, education, medicine and other sectors of the economy and social sphere. The initiated in Ukraine transformations, including the decentralization of public power, require further legislative changes and desire of all public institutions to ensure their effective implementation through public initiative and public support. Monitoring the course of the decentralization reform in Ukraine has demonstrated little actual results of its implementation. Today an adequate legislation framework concerning the powers, resources and responsibilities has not been established yet. It is advisable to carry out a profound theoretical and practical study of the world and Ukrainian experience, develop and introduce an own science-based system of power decentralization with consideration for historical, ideological, cultural, social, economic, geographical and other features of the country, while taking into account the best practices, which can be effectively used.

  16. Organizational models of public administration: a study of some aspects of the reality derived from Ceara State reform

    Maria Lucineide Serpa Gomes


    Full Text Available The new public management is a much-debated issue in Brazil and in many other countries worldwide. Its origin is historically dated in the 80´s, attributed to State economic and fiscal crises that had reached many countries in that decade and was also a response to State Welfare deterioration. The answer given prescribed a set of policies that proclaimed the application of market principles and private sector logic to the Public Administration. The study has as the objective to analyze the relation between the new public model practices and the modernization and efficiency of the State administration. The specific objectives are concentrated on presenting the models of Public Administration; on identifying reforms carried through in Brazilian Public Administration until the current days; on analyzing managerial practices of the new model applied to state administration. This is an exploratory, qualitative and documentary research. Interviews had been carried out, and then, the study made use of the technique of content analysis. To choose the respondents in the field research, the study considered the criterion of linking the interviewee to the process of modernization of the Public Administration. Thus, managers, former-managers of the main state secretariats involved with modernization of public administration, and researchers who had previously taken part in this process were selected. The contribution of this work results in a better evaluation of the modernization of the state Administration and also of its consequences.

  17. Globalization and Europeanization. A Projection on a European Model of Public Administration

    Ani Matei


    , also by standards. These assertions, to which we can add also others, are leading to a new model of public administration, whose area overlaps with the space of European Union, incorporating the effects of globalization under its European expression, Europeanization. Consequently, the proposed model, emphasizing the process of European Union construction will comprise transparency, accountability and participation of the interested parties to public decision. The new public administration aims to use efficiently the resources in order to create favourable conditions for its citizens to become more competitive on the world market and to reduce the gap between the poorest and the richest inhabitants of the world. The current paper aims to conceptualize and to describe a model of public administration. The architecture of this model will be that of a complex system, with a mixed architecture, emphasizing connections with different intensities among its various levels: European, regional, national etc. The feedback mechanisms will be different and specific for each level and they will be ensured by different institutions on compatible normative grounds(1.

  18. Modified small bowel follow-through using methylcellulose after administration of barium suspension : comparison with conventional series

    Shin, Ji Hoon; Ha, Hyun Kwon; Park, Sung Tae; Yoon, Soo Woong; Kim, Ho Sung; Kim, Sun Mi


    To compare modified small bowel follow-through (SBFT) using methylcellulose after the administration of barium suspension with a conventional series. Materials and Methods : In order to evaluate small bowel pathology, modified SBFT was performed in 155 patients during a 15 month period. All patients received 600 mL of methylcellulose ; 98 had taken 250 mL of 40% wt/vol barium suspension and 57 had taken 150 mL of 70% barium. For the group of 98, the barium suspension was prepared by mixing barium powder with water (n=46) or with methylcellulose in(n=52). For comparison with a modified series, 49 patients who underwent conventional SBFT using 500 mL of 40 %wt/vol barium were lso included. Image quality was rated by three radiologists as p oor , f air , g ood , or e xcellent . We analyzed the relationship between image quality, transit time and small bowel pathology;the sensitivity and specificity of each technique was also determined. Results : Among the four techniques, modified SBFT with 250 mL of 40% wt/vol barium suspension, prepared by mixing barium powder with methylcellulose, showed the best image quality ['excellent' result in 33 of the 52 patients (63%)] and shortest transit time to the cecum. The high image quality of this technique was not affected by the presence of small bowel pathology;its use resulted in the lowest incidence and slowest development of flocculation. The sensitivity (91-95%) of the three modified SBFT procedures was superior to that of a conventional series(76%), but there was no difference in specificity.Conclusion : Modified SBFT using methylcellulose after administering barium suspension with barium powder as a mixing agent is a simple technique. Its use easily improves the image quality and diagnostic accuracy of peroral SBFT


    Adrian-Mihai Zaharia-Radulescu


    Full Text Available One of the challenges in local public administration is dealing with an increasing number of competing requests coming from the communities they serve. The traditional approach would be to handle each request as a standalone project and be prioritized according to benefits and budget available. More and more nowadays program management is becoming a standard approach in managing the initiatives of local public administration. Program management approach is itself an enabler for performance in public sector organizations by allowing an organization to better coordinate its efforts and resources in managing a portfolio of projects. This paper aims to present how neuro-fuzzy modeling applied in program management can help an organization to increase its performance. Neuro-fuzzy modeling would lead organizations one step further by allowing them to simulate different scenarios and manage better the risks accompanying their initiatives. The research done by the authors is theoretical and combines knowledge from different areas and a neuro-fuzzy model is proposed and discussed.

  20. Analysis of Sustainable Performance in Romania’s Local Public Administrations: An External Stakeholders Perspective

    Diana MIHAIU


    Full Text Available Building a sustainable performance system at the level of the local public administrations must have as starting point the local public administration’s (LPA mission and must go down to the level of the individual. This system must follow the external performance that it delivers to the citizens, the outcomes generated, but also the internal performance which suggests how to achieve the external performance. We propose in this regard the simultaneous use of the Balanced Scorecard tool for managing the internal performance and the Public Service Value Model for measuring the external performance measurement which derives from the organization's mission. In the second part of the work we analyzed comparatively the external performance created by the county capitals of Romania in the year 2013 using the Public Service Value Model (PSVM. Based on this analysis, the county capitals of Romania can be divided in the following categories: high performance organizations (value driven, budget conscious organizations, low performance organizations (sleeping giants and quality conscious organizations. This classification is useful both for the external and internal stakeholders because it shows the efficiency of public money spending and the areas in which the LPA is performing well, and also the ones that need to be improved.

  1. Modern principles of public administration of pharmaceutical supply for the population in emergency situations

    P. V. Olіynуk


    Full Text Available In conditions of the emergency situations’ amount increasing the readiness of the state to provide affected people and all other segments of the population with full pharmaceutical provision is important. The aim of research is an analysis of the state of the legislative and regulatory framework of governmental administration by pharmaceutical provision of the population in the conditions of emergency situations. Materials and methods. We used methods of observation and synthesis, generalization and formalization, analysis of content. The object of the study were regulations, government pharmaceutical providing of population in emergency situations. Results. Studies show the need to develop methods and principles of public administration process to ensure people with pharmaceutical and specific methodological approaches in emergency situations. Conclusions. It has been established, that it is necessary to develop scientifically based methods of governance by the process of pharmaceutical providing the affected population.

  2. Human Resource Reforms in Public Administration: The Importance of the Reward System

    De Freitas Bradley Christopher


    Full Text Available Human resource management encompasses administrating and managing human resources or otherwise known as employees. The HR or Human Resources department of any company, whether it be public or private, deals with the day to aspects pertaining to employees, from the recruitment process to probably the most important aspect for any employee; remuneration and benefits. The importance of finding a perfect equilibrium between monetary and non-monetary incentives is crucial in obtaining an efficient work environment, as well as increasing productivity and employee motivation. Having an administrative background or knowledge is essential for any HR manager, in order to detect and implement the most beneficial reward system for both implicated parties.

  3. The reform of the Spanish public administration and the Wellfare State during the economic crisis (2012-2015

    Carlos Vidal Prado


    Full Text Available This work analyzes some structural reforms of public administrations implemented from 2012 in Spain, as a result of the economic crisis, and public policies implemented to achieve them, and if truly met the intended objectives (improve the quality and efficiency of services, transparency in public administrations and creating an Open Government. The work part of a brief diagnosis of the causes and consequences of the economic crisis, to tackle after reforms in public administration and in the model of Welfare State, especially in what refers to public employment, education, healthcare and the attention to the dependence. Finally, a brief assessment of the adopted solutions and its real impact on the current situation of the economy and the Spanish Administration is performed.

  4. The social perspective of desertification: Analysis of the public administration perception in Central America

    Garay Romero, Ingrid Carolina; Cabero Dieguez, Valentin


    Desertification is a complex problem and not only represents terrestrial ecosystems degradation. Today, it is well known that this process is linked to environmental deterioration as well as to economic and social factors, producing relevant impact in food security, poverty, migration and imbalance in many countries. Desertification perception analysis is essential in the design of the policies to fight this problem. Perception analysis in Central America is a very controversial issue and should be part of administration instruments and application strategies such as international agreements that will be included in public policies of the different States.

  5. The functions of participation of the public in administrative procedures concerning large-scale projects

    Ronellenfitsch, M.


    On the basis of the concepts of positive law and the dogmatic nature of law, the author examines the functions of participation of the public (purpose, intent) with a view to the type of administrative decisions to be taken, distinguishing between licensing and planning decisions. He discusses in particular the functions of information, participation, pacification, and legal protection. Legal protection is the example revealing the decisive difference in the two types of procedure. Balancing of legal protection is the goal, and if legal protection is made an issue already in the planning procedure, care must be taken to maintain balanced legal protection. (HSCH) [de

  6. Participation of the public in the nuclear licensing procedure, as seen by an experienced administrative officer

    Blickle, D.


    The author is an administrative officer of a licensing authority. From his point of view, there is no concrete reason to call for a modification of the legal provisions concerning the participation of the public. The legal provisions are stated to be sufficient and suitable for the task to be fulfilled, i.e. to provide for a hearing. Communication problems are said to be due to attempts of misusing hearings as a platform for questioning the peaceful use of nuclear energy altogether. (orig./HSCH) [de

  7. Translation of work experience into a Diploma of Public Administration, BA

    Lund, Anne

    The study presents an extraordinary case. Despite legal framework and institutional set-up, for VPL in higher education is well established in Denmark a candidate achieving a BA degree by VPL is not an everyday event. The case is an autodidact staff employee getting a Diploma in Public Administra......The study presents an extraordinary case. Despite legal framework and institutional set-up, for VPL in higher education is well established in Denmark a candidate achieving a BA degree by VPL is not an everyday event. The case is an autodidact staff employee getting a Diploma in Public...... Administration. It is examined how this particular case could be successful, and how the translations of work experiences into academic standards took place using an actor-network theory approach. It is based on the candidate’s written reflections, conversations with the involved professionals and the authors...

  8. Historical aspects of meetings, publication series, and digital resources dedicated to echinoderms

    Alexander Ziegler


    Full Text Available Half a century after the first scientific meeting dedicated to marine spiny-skinned animals (Deuterostomia: Echinodermata was held in Washington, DC, we take this opportunity to provide information on a number of historical aspects related to the echinoderm scientific community. Apart from shedding light on the historical origins of modern echinoderm conferences, the present contribution presents photographs taken during the first meeting of echinoderm researchers in 1963 as well as during the first installments of the International Echinoderm Conference and the European Conference on Echinoderms. Furthermore, we provide background information on publication series dedicated solely to the Echinodermata as well as descriptions of selected digital resources that focus on echinoderms. Finally, we present a number of echinoderm conference logos and flyers in addition to selected information about specific echinoderm meetings.

  9. The Incorporation of Agencies in Colombia’s National Administrative Structure: An Axiological Comparison between Two Organizational Models of Public Administration

    Alberto Montaña


    Full Text Available The incorporation of agencies into Colombia’s Administrative Structure has generated profound debates about the need to create administrative bodies that differ from traditional ones. Such incorporation is all the more problematic when these North American agencies are introduced without any real analysis of the local tradition and culture. The situation became more complicated as a consequence of the undisputed fact that the values and philosophies of the Public Administration Structure in Colombia are different from the predominant values in the United States. Hence, this paper provides a critical analysis of the institution and of its credulous and impulsive adoption of such instruments into our reality. 

  10. Reflections on health staff working with elderly people in the public administration. Case studies /

    Concepción Nieto-Morales


    Full Text Available The speech of female health professionals who work in public residences is analyzed in this writing, a work which most of them choose as their vocation, from a perspective in public employment and personal cares. The crisis has destroyed positions, social rights, made precarious the employment done in all the environments and especially in the Administration, the outsourcing of work is started, the increasing of flexibility of the labor conditions, the instability… Everything worsens particularly the conditions of the public health professionals. The question arisen is: where are the labor stability, the vocation and working in a position each one has been trained for? The labor conditions worsen, making employment and positions more precarious. The statistics reflect there is less unemployment when there is more training; but there are many university people who work in a position different to the one they have been trained for. A group of discussion composed by six people with a university degree in Nursing and Auxiliary Nursing Care, who work in public residences for elderly people, has been created to focus on this work, out of the labor place.

  11. A Multi-Criteria Methodology to Support Public Administration Decision Making Concerning Sustainable Energy Action Plans

    Chiara Novello


    Full Text Available For municipalities that have joined the Covenant of Mayors promoted by the European Commission, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP represents a strategic tool for achieving the greenhouse gas reductions required by 2020. So far as the energy retrofit actions in their residential building stock are concerned, which in the small-to-medium municipalities are responsible for more than 60% of CO2 emissions, the scenarios for intervening are normally decided on the basis of an economic (cost/performance analysis. This type of analysis, however, does not take into account important aspects for small and medium-sized communities such as social aspects, environmental impacts, local economic development and employment. A more comprehensive and effective tool to support the choices of public administrators is the multi-criteria analysis. This study proposes a methodology that integrates multi-criteria analysis in order to support Public Administration/Local Authorities in programming Sustainable Energy Action Plans with a more targeted approach to sustainability. The methodology, based on the ELECTRE III method, was applied to a medium-size municipality in the Lombardy region of Italy. The results obtained with this approach are discussed in this paper.


    Sonja Grimm


    Full Text Available This contribution studies the process of building an EU member state through democracy promotion in the case of Croatia with a special focus on two reform initiatives in the field of Public Administration Reform (PAR. Croatia’s experience is representative of intense efforts of the international community to overcome the consequences of violent state dissolution and civil war. The EU in particular has assisted post-conflict democratization with diplomatic initiatives, the provision of aid, and political conditionality. The Croatian political elite showed great willingness to implement democratic reforms, while at the same time remaining critical of what they viewed as ‘too much’ external interference in domestic state affairs. Based on 30 interviews with Croatian officials, Croatian civil society actors, members of the EU delegation and other representatives of the International donor community, we empirically assess progress and setbacks in Croatia’s public administration reform and explain why some reform initiatives have been successfully implemented while others are still pending.

  13. An analysis of the implementation of an environmental management system in a local public administration.

    Lozano, Macarena; Vallés, José


    The Environmental Management System (EMS) is commonly implemented in private firms. However, on the basis of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, our work analyzes the consequences of implementing an EMS within the context of local public administrations, particularly regarding the City Council of Ohanes in Almería (Spain). This is the first European corporation to implement an EMS according to the ISO 14001 Standard, certified by the Spanish Association of Normalization and Certification. Its analysis would be equivalent to the Shumpeterian "market innovator study", so that public administration "followers" can take advantage of the derived benefits and of minimizing the negative effects of such an experience. On the other hand, we show that the economic and environmental advantages derived from the EMS go beyond the activities that the City Council is in charge of. They have spillover effects that extend them to all economic activities in the municipality and these effects are expected to be increased in the medium and long-term perspective. In this paper, we compare the costs and benefits that the municipality obtains in two cases: the City Council implements the EMS or it does not implement it. The main objective of this article is to show the economic and environmental advantages obtained by a municipality when it is only the City Council who is implementing an EMS. It is logical to suppose that this case study can stimulate other municipalities to use this instrument, even if the economic and environmental characteristics of the municipality are different.

  14. Evaluation of the effectiveness of training in the Spanish Public Administration: transfer to the job

    Miguel Aurelio Alonso García


    Full Text Available This paper shows the results of the evaluation of training transfer in the Spanish Public Administration with the aim of identifying the factors that influence it.We analyzed 1475 answers and 69 courses organized by the Spanish Public Administration during the first semester of 2016. Direct transfer was evaluated through the Deferred Transfer Scale (CdE; Pineda, Quesada y Ciraso, 2011 while indirect transfer was evaluated through the Training Transfer Factors Scale (FET; Pineda, Quesada y Ciraso, 2013.The results show that trainee factors, organization factors, the orientation towards job requirements and the creation of a professional community all have a positive correlation with training transfer. However the duration of the training, the number of trainees and the number of instructors do not have a correlation with transfer.The time that laps until the trainees finally apply what they learnt in the training has an inverse correlation to transfer.The most important factor when it comes to predicting training transfer is the orientation towards job requirements.

  15. Evidence of co-production in public service provision: the case of the administrative arbitration centre in Portugal

    Hugo Consciência Silvestre

    Full Text Available Abstract Co-production includes all actions where citizens assist, as volunteers, in the provision of services by public agencies in order to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the public services provided. This practice, known as co-production, is being adopted by governments in the resolution of conflicts, particularly those regarding administrative and fiscal matters. However, is co-production a more efficient and effective way of settling disputes in administrative and tax areas than the traditional administrative model? And why? In Portugal, the Administrative Arbitration Centre was created in 2009 with the aim of resolving disputes between public administration and taxpayers/service users by means of co-production. The available data support the thesis that efficiency and efficacy are higher under the co-production model. Nevertheless, users are not totally satisfied since the costs associated with the use of this service provision model are also higher.




    Full Text Available Being important for the proper functioning of the management activity conducted at the local public administration level, local autonomy cannot occur without the support coming from other rules of organization and functioning of local administrative system. From this perspective, in this paper we propose to analyze the content of decentralization, eligibility of authorities and consultation of citizens in solving local problems, in order to highlight how each of these principles demonstrates the efficiency of autonomy. Moving power from central public administration authorities to local authorities in the decentralization process, making authorities of administrative-territorial units eligible and the involvement of local community members in solving problems affecting them are clear evidence of the occurrence of autonomy in local public administration management.

  17. Public high school teachers opinions on school administrators supervision duty in Turkey

    Nurhayat Celebi


    Full Text Available Supervision that has been conducted by public high school administrators plays a major role in the effectiveness of a school.Lack of having well defined criteria is thought to be causing some major problems in the educational environment. Subjectivity,administrative policy constraints, lack of teacher motivation and lack of job satisfaction are only a few examples of those kindsof problems. The study, which is based on the scanning model and a descriptive research, was performed on 303 teachersworking in randomly chosen high schools in the Bakırköy district of İstanbul. The data collection instrument was developed bythe researcher. The confirmatory factor analysis test was used to determine whether the scale confirm to the factor structureor not. It was noticed that the factor structure could be explained with 5 factor sub-dimensions, and accordingly, the measuringscale, which had been originally prepared in 45 items, was modified and reduced to 32 items. As a result of factor analysis, thefactors were confirmed as follows; “the leadership, supervision techniques, effective supervision, efficacy of administration andteaching quality”. All these factors are explain about 48 % for total test variance. Cronbach alpha internal consistency factorwhich has been calculated according to the reliability analysis and it’s value was ,90. Factor loadings of sub- dimensions arebetween ,41 and ,81. In accordance with the results, training programs must be applied regularly to the administrators in orderto enable them to acquire more supervision attitude and to increase the efficiency and quality levels of the schools

  18. Gender as a Hindering Factor for Women Operation in the Leading Positions in the Public Administration of Latvia

    Zaķe, Agate


    ANNOTATION The dissertation provides an analysis of scientific theories related to a woman’s role in public administration, including interaction of equality, feminism and public administration theories and women’s career development, discusses management vs. leadership in gender perspective, decision-making mechanisms, team role theories and gives theoretical analysis of gender stereotypes and prejudice and a comparison of discrimination theories. The practice of solving ge...

  19. Identifying Socio-Cultural Factors That Impact the Use of Open Educational Resources in Local Public Administrations

    Julia Stoffregen; Jan M. Pawlowski; Eric Ras; Snezana Scepanovic; Dragica Zugic


    The goal of this paper is to define relevant barriers to the exchange of Open Educational Resources in local public administrations. Building upon a cultural model, eleven experts were interviewed and asked to evaluate several factors, such as openness in discourse, learning at the workplace, and superior support, among others. The result is a set of socio-cultural factors that shape the use of Open Educational Resources in public administrations. Significant factors are, in...

  20. Public Administration Theoretical Aspects Disputes in Legal Science of the Second Half of XX – Early XXI Centuries

    Ol'ga D. Karnaukh


    The article is focused on comparative aspect of different approaches to the “public administration” notion in the legal science of the second half of the XX – early XXI centuries. The author came to a conclusion that the study of many pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern scientists’ views of the problem of public administration notion definition, its structure, functional orientation and territory administration features allows to conclude that different approaches to its understanding, devel...

  1. Examining the Satisfaction of Educational Leaders and Their Intent to Pursue Career Advancement in Public School Administration

    Conrad, Tracey L.; Rosser, Vicki J.


    This statewide study examined selected demographic characteristics, worklife experiences, and personal issues that influence the satisfaction of administrators (assistant principals, principals, assistant superintendents) and their intent to leave their positions and careers or pursue career advancement in public school administration. The results…

  2. A Self-Instructional Course in Student Financial Aid Administration. Module 16: Forms and Publications. Second Edition.

    Washington Consulting Group, Inc., Washington, DC.

    Module 16 (in a 17-module self-instructional course on student financial aid administration for novice financial aid administrators and other institutional personnel) discusses forms and publications that should be developed and used by the financial aid office. The full course is an introduction to the management of federal financial aid programs…

  3. The Role of the Public Administration and the Methods Used to Reduce the Effects of the Economic and Financial Crisis

    Ion Popescu Slaniceanu


    Full Text Available The current worldwide economic crisis brought back into discussion a topic long debated in the legal scholarship, pertaining both to administrative law, as well as to corporate and financial law, namely the optimal relationship between the self-regulation of the corporate and financial sector and its regulation and auditing by the institutions of the public administration .

  4. School Public Relations and the Principalship: An Interview with Mark Bielang, President of American Association of School Administrators

    Johnson, Paul


    From returning phone calls to traversing the political landscape to building trust, American Association of School Administrators (AASA) president Mark Bielang covers a lot of territory as he describes the public relations challenges confronting today's school administrators. Having just concluded his term as AASA president, Mr. Bielang has served…

  5. Develop Training Standards for Undergraduate Students with Major Public Administration at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Al-Sehiemy, Zainab Abdul-Rahman; Gheith, Nervana Abdul-Rahman


    Recently, public administration graduates are exposed to new set of challenges because of globalization, virtual world and using modern technology as a base of all today's dealings. It imposes PAD at faculty of economic and administration faculty to prepare its students to confront these changes in organizations in the community. Therefore, the…

  6. Administrative Decentralization in School Systems and Its Effect on the Organization of Media Services. Atlanta Public Schools: A Case Study.

    Williams, R. David

    This study reviews the literature on public school administration and on decentralization to establish the groundwork for an analysis of the administration of a decentralized school system and its media services, discusses some of the confusion in the centralization vs. decentralization debate, and presents a heuristic study of the administration…

  7. Administrators in Action--Managing Public Monies and Processing Emotion in School Activities: A Teaching Case Study

    Tenuto, Penny L.; Gardiner, Mary E.; Yamamoto, Julie K.


    This teaching case describes school administrators in action performing day-to-day leadership tasks, managing public funds in school activities, and interacting with others appropriately. The case focuses on administrative challenges in handling and managing school activity funds. A method for processing emotion is discussed to assist…

  8. Using a virtual breakthrough series collaborative to reduce postoperative respiratory failure in 16 Veterans Health Administration hospitals.

    Zubkoff, Lisa; Neily, Julia; Mills, Peter D; Borzecki, Ann; Shin, Marlena; Lynn, Marilyn M; Gunnar, William; Rosen, Amy


    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Virtual Breakthrough Series (VBTS) process was used in an eight-month (June 2011-January 2012) quality improvement (QI) project to improve care related to reducing postoperative respiratory failure. The VBTS collaborative drew on Patient Safety Indicator 11: Postoperative Respiratory Failure Rate to guide changes in care at the bedside. Sixteen Veterans Health Administration hospitals, each representing a regional Veterans Integrated Service Network, participated in the QI project. During the prework phase (initial two months), hospitals formed multidisciplinary teams, selected measures related to their goals, and collected baseline data. The six-month action phase included group conference calls in which the faculty presented clinical background on the topic, discussed evidence-based processes of care, and/or presented content regarding reducing postoperative respiratory failure. During a final, six-month continuous improvement and spread phase, teams were to continue implementing changes as part of their usual processes. The six most commonly reported interventions to reduce postoperative respiratory failure focused on improving incentive spirometer use, documenting implementation of targeted interventions, oral care, standardized orders, early ambulation, and provider education. A few teams reported reduced ICU readmissions for respiratory failure. The VBTS collaborative helped teams implement process changes to help reduce postoperative respiratory complications. Teams reported initial success at implementing site-specific improvements using real-time data. The VBTS model shows promise for knowledge sharing and efficient multifacility improvement efforts, although long-term sustainability and testing in these and other settings need to be examined.


    Maristella Barros Ferreira de Freitas


    Full Text Available The external control in Brazil is constitutional attribution of the legislative power, with the assistance of the Courts of Accounts and aims to oversee the public administration regarding legality, impersonality, morality, efficiency and others. This type of control presupposes a public management, in all areas, proba and efficient, that attends to the yearnings of the society. However, the current news about corruption investigations in the Brazilian public administration indicates that there are flaws in the external control carried out by the Audit Courts. For the relevance of the question, this article intends to investigate the causes of this inefficiency and the alternatives that present to correct it.

  10. It takes two to tango? Understanding the co-production of public services by integrating the services management and public administration perspectives

    S.P. Osborne; K. Strokosch


    We propose an important theoretical development for our understanding of the co-production of public services. It combines the insights from both public administration and services management theory to produce a novel typology of co-production. This clarifies its role at the operational and strategic levels, as well as its potential for transformational change in public services. Understanding co-production in this way provides a basis through which to explore a whole range of dimensions of c...

  11. Separation of powers of local administrations and other public authorities, local governments in the sphere of land relations

    А. С. Самородов


    Full Text Available Problem Setting. The article studies the issue of demarcation of powers of local administrations and other public authorities, local governments in the sphere of land relations. Emphasized the special legal status of local state administrations is to combine the powers of the authority of general and special jurisdiction. Paper objective. Local administration is a local executive body and is part of the executive power. The local administration within their authority exercises executive power in the territory of the administrative-territorial unit, as well as implementing powers delegated to it by the respective council. Paper main body. Powers of special competence in particular, carry out structural subdivisions of local state administrations, the jurisdiction of which include question of sectoral or functional management in the relevant territory (eg, health administration, financial management, etc.. Conclusions. Analyzing the above legal provisions, the authority of the local administration can be understood as assigned to it by the State and enshrined in law the obligation to exposure to certain social relations. In other words, the powers of local state administrations are certain activities of the state in the face of local state administration. This is consistent with the understanding of the general theory of law the concept of «state functions» - the basic perspectives that express its nature and social purpose in the management of public affairs.

  12. Curriculation and Competence Based Education Training (CBET in Tanzania: A Critical Assessment of Public Administration and Management (PAM Curricula at Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC

    Ramadhani Marijani


    Full Text Available The article directs the discourse in Public Administration and Management (PAM curricula at Tanzania Public Service College. The motive for this attempt is based on the fact that Public Administration (PA is itself recognized as a profession whose teaching aims at producing competent professionals and therefore needs constant review to conform to the current work complexities. Five big questions and content analysis are used as the basis for directing the discourse. The findings indicate that curriculation for PAM is complex and dynamic. Moreover, the findings indicate that the two curricula are more vocational than educational as there is little weight allocated for occupational course modules (36 out of 360 in PA and (126 out of 360 in HRM. This may pose the danger of “pourtpouri” problem in curriculum design. The article proposes rethinking interventions on curriculation for PAM at TPSC to benefit from Public Administration discipline.

  13. VT Professor Wins National Public Administration Award -- This marks the 2nd year in a row the award has been given to a Virginia Tech professor

    Newbill, Sarah


    Charles Goodsell, professor emeritus in the Center for Public Administration & Policy (CPAP), will be awarded the American Society for Public Administration's Dwight Waldo Award for 2003 at the society's 64th national conference in Washington, D.C. in March. Goodsell will receive this distinction for outstanding lifetime contributions to the literature of public administration. He will also be featured in a future issue of ASPA's "Public Administration Review".

  14. Constitutional framework of the process of decentralization and public administration reform in Serbia and Croatia

    Čiplić Svetozar M.


    Full Text Available The work is devoted to the comparative analyze of the processes of the decentralization reorganization and reform of the public administration at the level of the horizontal governance organization in Serbia and Croatia. At the first part of the work the authors analyze the decentralization and devolution as well as their demarcation in the sense of their related but not similar meanings. The second part is devoted to the historical experiences and genesis foundations of the common state where Serbia and Croatia were joined. The particular historical developments of Serbia and Croatia influenced the present attitude of their political elites toward decentralization. The third, final part/conclusion, is dedicated to a comparative analyses of the constitutional solutions in Serbia and Croatia which are related to the vertical organization. .


    Valentina Dudchenko


    Full Text Available One of the priorities of socio-economic reform in Ukraine is the modernization of the structure of the national economy and its growth. An effective structure of the economy, which will correspond to a socially oriented model of economic growth and will be based on the use of both the country’s competitive advantages in the global division of labour and the economic benefits of cooperation, will guarantee the independence of any country and will be the key to its dynamic development. The development of economic theory is due to the emergence of fundamentally new ideas, sustainable accumulation of knowledge, intellectual and meaningful updating of established concepts and theories, the formation of new scientific schools. A new paradigm of economic theory should explain the real processes in real economies, which operate on the principles of complex systems of synergistic nature and the theory of nonlinear dynamics. There is a process of theoretical polystructuredness both of mainstream and heterodoxy. An important task is to form an interdisciplinary dialogue between economists and scientists, which stipulates the relevance of the research topic. The subject of the study is the theoretical and methodological foundations and approaches to state management of economic development in the context of the institutional theory. The purpose of the study is to determine the role and influence of public administration of the development of the economy in the context of institutional theory and to develop strategic goals of the state’s innovation policy. Methodology. Directions of correlation of the system of economic development of the country and the potential of the state development with the historical preconditions for the emergence and development of the institutional doctrine of economic theory are investigated. Based on the revealed interrelations, the necessity of using instruments of institutionalism for studying the economic development

  16. Business Architecture Development at Public Administration - Insights from Government EA Method Engineering Project in Finland

    Valtonen, Katariina; Leppänen, Mauri

    Governments worldwide are concerned for efficient production of services to customers. To improve quality of services and to make service production more efficient, information and communication technology (ICT) is largely exploited in public administration (PA). Succeeding in this exploitation calls for large-scale planning which embraces issues from strategic to technological level. In this planning the notion of enterprise architecture (EA) is commonly applied. One of the sub-architectures of EA is business architecture (BA). BA planning is challenging in PA due to a large number of stakeholders, a wide set of customers, and solid and hierarchical structures of organizations. To support EA planning in Finland, a project to engineer a government EA (GEA) method was launched. In this chapter, we analyze the discussions and outputs of the project workshops and reflect emerged issues on current e-government literature. We bring forth insights into and suggestions for government BA and its development.

  17. From Theory to Practice: Utilizing Integrative Seminars as Bookends to the Master of Public Administration Program of Study

    Stout, Margaret; Holmes, Maja Husar


    Integrative seminar style courses are most often used as an application-oriented capstone in place of a thesis or comprehensive exam requirement in Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree programs. This article describes and discusses the benefits of a unique approach of one National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration…

  18. 75 FR 3197 - Notice of a Public Meeting on Administration of the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program


    ... DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Rural Business-Cooperative Service Notice of a Public Meeting on Administration of the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program AGENCY: Rural Business-Cooperative Service, USDA. ACTION: Notice of public meeting. SUMMARY: The Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS), an...

  19. PoliNet and Information Utilities: Using Telecommunications in Political Science and Public Administration Education and Research.

    Vasu, Michael L.; Garson, G. David

    General information utilities and specialized networks, such as PoliNet, provide educators and researchers in public administration and allied fields with a diversity of new tools which include: (1) bibliographic searching; (2) international teleconferencing; (3) electronic news clipping services; (4) electronic mail; and (5) free public domain…

  20. U.S. publication trends in social and administrative pharmacy: implications for promotion and tenure.

    Kangethe, Anne; Franic, Duska M; Huang, Ming-Yi; Huston, Sally; Williams, Chakita


    There is no consensus on the preferred approach to assess journal quality. Procedures previously used include journal acceptance or rejection policies, impact factors, number of subscribers, citation counts, whether the articles were refereed or not, and journals cited in books within the discipline. This study built on the work of previous authors by using a novel approach to assess journal quality in social and administrative pharmacy (SAdP). To determine U.S. SAdP faculty perceptions of prestigious journals for their research, SAdP faculty perceptions of prestigious journals by their promotion and tenure (P&T) committees, and current research trends in SAdP. A census of U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy was conducted using an e-mailed survey and an open-ended approach requiring respondents to list their preferred journals. Seventy-nine SAdP faculty reported that the 5 most prestigious journals were JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, Health Services Research, and Medical Care. These journals were selected because respondents wished to seek broad readership. Results of this study can be used as a guide by U.S. SAdP faculty and P&T committees to assess the quality of publications by pharmacy administration faculty with the caveat being that pharmacy versus nonpharmacy journals will be chosen based on the fit of the article with the audience. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Decision Making Patterns in Territorial Public Administration: The Case of Romania

    Catrinel Cotae


    Full Text Available One of the main mechanisms fuelling the process of territorial development both on local and regional levels is cooperation. It is distinguished as one fundamental priority for the European Union in terms of operational aspirations. Local initiative and decision making patterns are contributing processes for the regional and sub-regional level, as they target the ‘integrated’ feature of sustainable territorial development policies. In an attempt to address the role of these mechanisms in relation to their contribution towards delineating a new regional development model, existing theories on planned behaviour, new regionalism and decision-making in public administration are investigated. Following a set of innovative but rather less complex studies portraying the factors influencing the municipalities to associate, we hypothesize that there may be other elements accounting for these intentions expressed by the local authorities. These can be furthermore aggregated within a territorial intention model. The study aims to thoroughly define a set of secondary factors influencing the association intentions in local administrative units while subsequently underlining the potential of this dimension to define an alternative regional development model.

  2. Health care issues in Croatian elections 2005-2010: series of public opinion surveys.

    Radin, Dagmar; Dzakula, Aleksandar; Benkovic, Vanesa


    To compare the results of a series of public opinion surveys on experiences with the health care sector in Croatia conducted in the time of elections and to analyze whether political party affiliation had any influence on issues of priority ranking. The surveys were conducted during 2005, 2007, and 2009. They were administered through a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing method to representative samples of Croatian population and were statistically weighted according to sex, age, level of education, and political party affiliation. The random sampling of the person within the household was done using the table of random numbers. Health and health care system was the most important issue (58%) during the 2007 parliamentary election and the second most important issue during the 2005 and 2009 elections (46% and 28%). In the 2007 election, health care was viewed as most important by women, respondents with lower education levels, and respondents with lower income. In 2005, the most important health care issues were corruption and lack of funding (45% and 43%, respectively), in 2007 poor organization and lack of funding (43% and 42%, respectively), and in 2009 lack of funding and corruption (51% and 45%, respectively). Health and health care system were consistently among the top two issues in all elections from 2005 to 2009. The top three most important health care sector issues were corruption, poor organization, and lack of funding. This indicates that political parties should include solutions to these issues in their health care policymaking.

  3. Health care issues in Croatian elections 2005-2009: series of public opinion surveys

    Radin, Dagmar; Džakula, Aleksandar; Benković, Vanesa


    Aim To compare the results of a series of public opinion surveys on experiences with the health care sector in Croatia conducted in the time of elections and to analyze whether political party affiliation had any influence on issues of priority ranking. Methods The surveys were conducted during 2005, 2007, and 2009. They were administered through a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing method to representative samples of Croatian population and were statistically weighted according to sex, age, level of education, and political party affiliation. The random sampling of the person within the household was done using the table of random numbers. Results Health and health care system was the most important issue (58%) during the 2007 parliamentary election and the second most important issue during the 2005 and 2009 elections (46% and 28%). In the 2007 election, health care was viewed as most important by women, respondents with lower education levels, and respondents with lower income. In 2005, the most important health care issues were corruption and lack of funding (45% and 43%, respectively), in 2007 poor organization and lack of funding (43% and 42%, respectively), and in 2009 lack of funding and corruption (51% and 45%, respectively). Conclusion Health and health care system were consistently among the top two issues in all elections from 2005 to 2009. The top three most important health care sector issues were corruption, poor organization, and lack of funding. This indicates that political parties should include solutions to these issues in their health care policymaking. PMID:21990075

  4. Corporate Social Responsibility in Perspective of Public Administration (A Governance Study

    Dr.Sc. Said Achmad Lamo


    Full Text Available The Implementation of CSR in Indonesia, most of them are not run in accordance with the existing theory because the government and society in CSR activities are not fully authorised to engage in these activities, due to the fact that private sector directly manages the CSR fund. Thus, the theory of governance puts three pillars as a principal provider of public service life, those are, (1 the state, (2 the civil society and (3 the private sector. CSR has to involve all parts or elements which know about CSR, with a focus on the implementation of CSR has to be published and transparent; the CSR Fund is administered by a forum / team through a memorandum of understanding facilitated by the government in accordance with its role as mandating, facilitating, partnering, and endorsing; the CSR forum consists of government, private sector, and society; the form of regional regulation on CSR by reference to Constitution Number 40 of 2007 on the Limited Liability Private sectors and Government Regulation Number 47 of 2012 on Corporate Social Responsibility so that CSR is considered as one of the important instruments in public administration.

  5. Integration of Public Finance Administration into ISO 9001 Total Quality Management

    Hakan KİTAPÇI


    Full Text Available In Chronology; although they show different progress from each others, today Total Quality Management (TQM and Internal Auditing are two management concepts that are in mutual interaction and provide help for development of each other. TQM is a human based management concept that aims to increase customer satisfaction and enhance quality with decreasing cost in organizations. Internal Auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consultancy action on organization’s efficiency, productivity and accordance with laws and regulations. In this study; interrelation of public financial administration and TQM, how they interact each other and their size are displayed with searching lots of related scientific resources and a sample from public is given about application. In this study internal auditing is accepted as a management philosophy which has an important in TQM, and also which Exhausted risk, IT systems, internal Auditing Process, relationship with environment, performance and quality. At the end of study we can easily say that the new financial system realizes the ISO 9001 standards a high degree.

  6. The Public Administration Accounting in the Light Public Finance Managements Reform and Changes of the New Accounting Directive of the European Parliament and the European Council

    Košovská Iveta


    Full Text Available The role of public administration accounting is to secure a database of relevant information essential for the management of public finances and need for presenting of operations results of our country within the European Union (EU. The accounting of public administration entities should provide a true and fair view on the assets and liabilities, as well as the financial situation and the use of public appropriations. After the entry of the Slovak Republic (SR to the European Union (EU the International Public Sector Accounting Standards began to be applied in our legislation. They provide a uniform basis for the data consolidation as well as more efficient information for the economic decisions of individual users

  7. Without blinders: Public values scholarship in Political Science, Economics, and Law—content and contribution to Public Administration

    de Graaf, Gjalt; van der Wal, Z.


    How and why are public values studied within public administration’s cognate disciplines? This question is addressed through a qualitative analysis of 50 public values (PVs) publications in political science, economics, and law published between 1969 and 2014. The findings show that political


    Ionel Barbu


    Full Text Available In this paper we try to show the perception of the main stakeholder on the rural tourism field, local government, on the development of this economic activities. We believe that a revision of an important part of approaches that have appeared in the literature in terms of the concept of rural tourism, in terms of methods of analysis of tourism activities and, not least, requiring the use modern techniques for foresight indicators by which to make assessments on these activities.The local public administration is responsible for policy formulation, research and planning, development of basic infrastructure, the development of certain landmarks, establishing and managing service delivery standards, establishing management measures and recovery planning and environmental protection, setting standards for training and improving employment, setting standards for maintaining public health and safety.In this paper we try to show as well the main factors of the emergence and development of rural tourism in order to establish priorities in the joint action of local people, entrepreneurs, tourists and local and national administrations. In many countries, the tourism industry fall within government priority. Tourism has been identified as one of the primary industries with potential to support local communities in developing economic diversity. In this research, it was also used descriptive analysis of the variables and comparative analysis using Kruskal-Wallis H and Mann-Whitney U test.Kruskal-Wallis H test. The Kruskall-Wallis test aims at comparing several independent samples when, as is the case of our research, the dependent variable is ordinal. The test is based on rank and hierarchy of data analysis. Scores are ranked from lowest to highest, ignoring the groups they belong to, and then calculate the sum of ranks for each of the groups. The question refers to how much respondents considered that are due to the development of rural tourism

  9. Factors increasing the risk of inactivity among administrative, technical, and manual workers in Warszawa public institutions.

    Biernat, Elżbieta


    The research aims to assess the level of physical activity among administrative, technical, and manual workers employed in Warszawa public institutions and to analyze the factors that increase the risk of failing to meet World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. The study comprised 373 employees of randomly selected institutions. A short version of International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) was applied. The correlation between the mean values of duration, days, MET-min/week of efforts, gender, and type of work was analyzed using the Tukey's honest significant difference (HSD) test, while the correlation between the level of physical activity and the socio-demographic characteristics was assessed with the Chi2 test. The strength of the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics and fulfilment of WHO standards was expressed by the odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (95% CI). The significance level was p = 0.05. High levels of physical activity were declared by 41.8% of the manual workers, 14.7% of the administration staff, and 7.3% of the technicians; 19%, 31.5% and 54.5%, respectively, reported low levels of physical activity. Factors determining the fulfilment of the WHO recommendations include: the nature of work (p = 0.003), education (p = 0.004), and income (p = 0.003). The risk of being inactive nearly doubles in the case of administration staff (31.5%) and increases more than 4 times in the case of technicians (54.5%). Respondents with secondary school education (31.6%) are exposed to a 3-fold higher risk of inactivity, while in respondents with higher education (37.2%), the level of the risk is 4-fold higher. Compared to those in the highest income group (23.4%), people who earn less (34.1%) are inactive almost twice as often. Urgent intervention is necessary in all studied groups: increased energy expenditure for recreation and locomotion, educational offers of employers to promote healthy lifestyle, management of

  10. Benefits of lethal pandemics: direct impact of contagious diseases on public administration in Hungary (1867-1914).

    Palvolgyi, Balazs


    The reconciliation of 1867 between Austria and Hungary brought great changes to Hungarian public administration: the way towards the building up of a modern public administration had been opened. Although there was a functioning public health system and a related legislation from the late 18th century, major issues - such as balanced geographical distribution of medical personnel, fair access to medical services even in the poorer regions of the country, and the effective protection against some contagious diseases - were not resolved for decades. During the reform work of public administration since the 1870s, the lawmakers touched repeatedly the framework and functioning of the public health as well. Although the general conditions of the domain depended traditionally on the municipalities and counties due to the national importance of the matter, the government made efforts to make the functioning of the public health more efficient through centralisation. The contagious diseases continuously endangered the population, revealing the weak points in the existing public health system, thereby giving a momentum to the reforms and helping the government in its organization of prevention and clearly contributing to the legislation work.

  11. Independent Planning System and Public Administration in Metropolitan Development: Agglomeration Strategies of Greater Chaoshan in Southern China

    Tian Guang


    Full Text Available This paper examines independent planning system as a means of public administration in regional economic development. It proposes a new strategy based on the theories of public administrative resources, to agglomerate and unify the cities of Shantou, Jieyang, and Chaozhou into a new administrative entity as a metropolis with the status of independent planning and the preferred policies of a Special Economic Region to lead regional development. The optimal allocation of public administrative resources has played a key role in the fundamental economic development in China in recent years. The new administrative system of large cities (metropolises with independent planning has become an innovative format to utilize the renewable soft resources of administration, which in fact is a new attempt to reform the economic system by the Chinese government. The greater Chaoshan area needs to be agglomerated and unified to further develop the regional economy with the implementation of independent planning system. The current research conducted from a practical and political point of view is of significant value to the overall planning and strategic layout of the economic and social development of the whole eastern Guangdong region.

  12. From Headline to Hard Grind: The Importance of Understanding Public Administration in Achieving Health OutcomesComment on "Understanding the Role of Public Administration in Implementing Action on the Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequities".

    O'Flynn, Janine


    Many public policy programs fail to translate ambitious headlines to on-the-ground action. The reasons for this are many and varied, but for public administration and management scholars a large part of the gap between ambition and achievement is the challenge associated with the operation of the machinery of government itself, and how it relates to the other parties that it relies on to fulfill these outcomes. In their article, Carey and Friel set out key reasons why public health scholars should seek to better understand important ideas in public administration. In commenting on their contribution, I draw out two critical questions that are raised by this discussion: (i) what are boundaries and what forms do they take? and (ii) why work across boundaries? Expanding on these key questions extends the points made by Carey and Friel on the importance of understanding public administration and will better place public health scholars and practitioners to realise health outcomes. © 2016 by Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

  13. Public Administration Theoretical Aspects Disputes in Legal Science of the Second Half of XX – Early XXI Centuries

    Ol'ga D. Karnaukh


    Full Text Available The article is focused on comparative aspect of different approaches to the “public administration” notion in the legal science of the second half of the XX – early XXI centuries. The author came to a conclusion that the study of many pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern scientists’ views of the problem of public administration notion definition, its structure, functional orientation and territory administration features allows to conclude that different approaches to its understanding, developed by pre-revolutionary scientists objectively survived, were affected by class ideology in Soviet period and are influenced by the paradigm of law-governed democratic state at present.

  14. The Administrative Consensuality and the Preparation of Clinical Protocols and Therapeutic Guidelines Within the Framework of The Public Health System

    Clarissa Sampaio Silva


    Full Text Available This article deals with the need for the Public Administration rescue his decision spaces in relation to the realization of the right to health, as opposed to excessive judicialization. Based on doctrinal and legislative research seeks to demonstrate that the consensuality, new aspects of administrative action, has importance for the development, under the Public Health System, scientific medical consensus, which recommended observance in statements of the National Justice Council . The increase of social participation in the adoption of those guidelines and the opening of institutional dialogue to discuss certain cases can reduce recourse to the courts.

  15. The impact and efficiency of public administration excellence on fostering SMEs in EU countries

    Aleksander Aristovnik


    Full Text Available The article investigates the impact and efficiency of bureaucracy on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs in the European Union (EU. For this purpose, the article applies a non-parametric approach, i.e. data envelopment analysis (DEA, to assess the best performers in terms of transforming existing bureaucratic burdens into selected SME indicators, such as growth in their numbers, employment or value added in the 2010-2014 period. The empirical results show that Luxembourg, Sweden and, in particular, the Baltic States can serve as a good benchmark for transforming a relatively favourable environment of public administration excellence into SME indicator growth. On the other hand, Denmark and the UK, despite their top ease-of-doing-business rankings could not significantly spur SME growth in the considered period. Nevertheless, the main goal for the large majority of EU member states, especially in South-east Europe and the Mediterranean region, remains a further reduction of bureaucracy that could be useful for improving the regulatory environment of SMEs and thus aid in an even more rapid recovery from the crisis.

  16. Labor satisfaction as an indicator of public administration efficiency (sociological analysis

    Galina Valentinovna Leonidova


    Full Text Available Labor satisfaction is an indicator of social wellbeing of the working population. The study of subjective perceptions of labor is an important indicator of public administration efficiency. The article contains the analysis of the population’s satisfaction with labor, particularly, with one of its structural components – labor conditions. It reveals the high correlation of these indicators with the satisfaction with everyday life and labor productivity. It determines the degree of employees’ satisfaction with working conditions in such areas as health and psychological atmosphere at the workplace, equipment capability and security. The study discloses employees’ estimates in socio-demographic and territorialdimensional aspects. The research demonstrates the interrelation between satisfaction with working environment and implementation of labor potential. The analysis indicates the importance of regular sociological research into the issues of satisfaction with various aspects of labor activity. The article indicates that for the country’s development it is necessary to take into account the labor satisfaction factor (in the narrow sense – working conditions while developing strategies and approaches for social-economic policy and defining the standards of social responsibility, primarily, of the state and employers

  17. Impact of civil servant salaries on the performance of local public administration in Kosovo

    Mr.Sc. Naim Ismajli


    Full Text Available Motivation is defined as the willingness to exert high level of effort to reach organizational goals, conditioned by the ability of these efforts to satisfy some individual needs (Robbis / De Cenze p, 407. As motivating factors are: wage increase in career, workplace safety, work contracts, working conditions, organizational culture, leadership in working organizations, the level of responsibility at work and rewards. All these factors have different scale in motivating employee performance. Based on the theory of many authors in the field of Human Resources, presented in scientific literature, scientific journal articles, reports of international institutions (UNDP, World Bank, Human rights etc.that explore human resources comes the conclusion that the salary is one of the most important motivating factors for employee performance level. Main  problem treated in this research is the salary; salary level, its structure, the methodology of determining the current legal framework does not provide a realistic reflection based on needs and performance-oriented employees, so as it is does not  motivates either increase public service quality.This work reflects over presented theoretical part from literature, scientific articles, as well from own experience and the main conclusion is that wage is motivating factors in the performance of civil servants in the public administration in local level. Research questions are; which is unsatisfactory levelwithin worker's salary?, What is the salary structure?, What is actual legal framework?, Is it wage rate based on performance or work time? For this research will be used combined methodology; first collection of the primary, secondary data, and interviews, with the objective to draw scientific conclusions of this research. The purpose of this research is to come out with recommendations for institutions to develop policies, local government, human resource managers, executives managers at all levels, but

  18. Translating Theory into Practice: Implications of Japanese Management Theory for Student Personnel Administrators. NASPA Monograph Series Volume 3. First Edition.

    Deegan, William L.; And Others

    Japanese management theory was studied to identify specific models for consideration by student personnel administrators. The report is organized into three sections: major components of Japanese management theory, potential implications for student personnel administration, and three models, based on components of Japanese management theory, for…

  19. A Directory of Public Employment Relations Boards and Agencies. A Guide to the Administrative Machinery for the Conduct of Public Employee-Management Relations Within the States.

    Labor-Management Services Administration (DOL), Washington, DC.

    Given the diversity of existing patterns of regulations and agencies, this directory is intended to be a guide to the administrative structure and functional responsibilities of the agencies within the various states for the conduct of public sector labor relations. It is not meant to be a statutory analysis nor does it deal with the extent of…

  20. Mentoring and Succession of Administrators: Critical Issues in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria

    S.A. Oladipo


    Full Text Available Studies have shown that the quality of outcome in Nigerian secondary schools is declining at an alarming rate due to shortage of required resources as well as leadership challenges. The challenges have been observed to be as a result of lack of mentoring which is not a common practice in school management in Nigeria. Consequently, this study investigated the extent to which mentoring as a strategy for administrators' succession plan impacts on the performance of their duties in public and private secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey design and administered a 25-item self-constructed questionnaire on participants. A total of 530 participants were randomly selected from the population of 4,350 senior teachers. The Participants were drawn from 145 secondary schools (91 public and 54 registered private in Education District IV of Lagos State. The findings showed that mentoring has significant impact on administrators' succession planning and that succession planning does not significantly differ in public and private secondary schools in Lagos State. The study concluded that leadership development is a critical factor in secondary school effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, serving administrators as well as prospective administrators should be regularly evaluated to determine their training needs at different career stages. There should also be mentoring related policies to enhance the managerial skills, sense of competence and effectiveness of the prospective administrators.


    l. Sviridova


    Full Text Available Studied global trends of public administration land use and protection. In particular, zemleohoronni measures in the developed world are implemented through rural development policy, based on the conduct of the common agricultural policy, the creation of funds to support farmers, provide technical assistance, development of national programs and future development plans. For the European Union development policy documents on the development of land areas for 5-10 years - the overall trend. Land management activities are conducted in foreign countries on the basis of approved design documentation for land management different direction. Found that the use of land and resource potential in the world is subject to the requirements of environmental safety. Agrarian relations in these countries are based on incentive levers, with direct execution of the rules of use and protection of land. By 2020, the strategy of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union provides funding for joint agricultural market, direct subsidies to farmers and stimulate agricultural development. Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union for its activities fully demonstrates the ability of European economies to maintain the same level of development. State administration of environmental impact on the economic interests of the tenure or land use in countries with market economies include: tax exemptions (to make environmentally oriented activities, soft loans (available on interest rates for environmental investments, subsidies (for the implementation of environmental programs and subsidies (for growing products without pesticides entities. It is proved that the system of economic instruments in environmental policy Ukraine needs to improve, because it is poorly developed. Experience in other countries shows that as we strengthen land management tools (instruments for land administration, and its supporting tools to succeed in the system of rational land use

  2. 77 FR 31290 - Notice of Public Meeting of the Assembly of the Administrative Conference of the United States


    ... recommendations to administrative agencies, the President, Congress, and the Judicial Conference of the United... more effective public participation and efficiency in the rulemaking process, reduce unnecessary litigation in the regulatory process, improve the use of science in the regulatory process, and improve the...

  3. Some Contributions on Personnel Recruitment and Selection for the Administrative Council, the Participative Management Organism of a Public Enterprise

    Solomia Andres


    Full Text Available The paper presents some contributions and analyses of regulations and practice in participative management, realized by a public enterprise from the Caras-Severin District. These ideas represent the beginning of research in this new activity domain, starting from personnel recruitment and selection activities for the participative management organism, which is the Administration Council.

  4. The fundamentals of terrorism and its targets: responsible governance - American Public Administration and Impacts of International Governance

    O'Toole, Laurence J.; Hanf, Kenneth I.


    Increasingly, public administration in the United States operates in a densely interconnected international system in which local decisions and actions may trigger global repercussions—and vice versa—and the fate of communities in one region is bound to the choices of decision makers elsewhere.

  5. Personality Variables as Predictors of Leadership Role Performance Effectiveness of Administrators of Public Secondary Schools in Cross River State, Nigeria

    Akpan, Charles P.; Archibong, Ijeoma A.


    The study sought to find out the predictive effect of self-concept, self-efficacy, self-esteem and locus of control on the instructional and motivational leadership roles performance effectiveness of administrators of public secondary schools in Cross River State of Nigeria. The relative contribution of each of the independent variables to the…

  6. Government Career Interests, Perceptions of Fit, and Degree Orientations: Exploring Their Relationship in Public Administration Graduate Programs

    Bright, Leonard


    Scholars have long suggested that the degree orientations of public administration programs were related to the attitudes and behaviors of students, even though empirical research had failed to confirm this relationship. The purpose of this study was to re-examine this question from the standpoint of perceptions of fit. Using a sample of…

  7. Public administration of processes for supporting of inner ecology safety in Ukraine: organizational and legal aspect

    Y. О. Romanenko


    Full Text Available The paper studied the legal framework that regulates social relations in the field of internal environmental safety and provides a unified state policy and the exercise of powers by the authorities at all levels. Thus, in the legal field there are the gaps on many issues that are important in solving the tasks, including the powers and responsibilities of the various subjects of law in an extreme situation, as well as management and leadership of emergency rescue activity and other urgent works in disaster areas. It is established that to increase the state’s role in protecting the population from emergency situations of natural character, it is necessary to achieve a qualitative change in the legal status of government, the formation of relevant legislation and conduct regulation. In general, the process of regulation in addressing the problems of population protection from emergency situations of different nature must be carry out through the systematization of the national, regional and local levels regulations that are relevant to the issues of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations; also we must eliminate inconsistencies in current legislation and coordinate the national legislation with international. Based on analysis of existing and unresolved problems of internal environmental safety it is necessity to implement new mechanisms of state influence to prevent environmental degradation, the use of methods and means of protecting the population from current anthropogenic influences; reorganization of the territory, defining the boundaries of zones of sanitary, medical and sanitary survey of the population; ensuring internal environmental safety is realized with the help of legal, operational and rescue, functional and territorial public administration practices; the use of multi-state management controls that are able to simultaneously influence the situation in the sphere of nature.

  8. Political Meritocracy as Eastern Alternative to the Western Public Administration Traditions in the 21st Century

    Vladislav S. Gerasimov


    Full Text Available The article discusses political meritocracy phenomenon. The author examines political and economic backgrounds of the meritocracy concept occurrence within the political science discourse as well as distinctive features of that process. Special emphasis is put on economic situation of the early 1980s when the governments of various states were challenged with the necessity of overcoming the consequences of the global economic crisis of the preceding decade. The author focuses on similarities and distinctions within the policies which have been implemented by the various states at that period paying special attention to the form of the political regime in those countries. Also the author draws attention to the discussion on "Asian values" which played significant role in the political meritocracy coming-to-be process within Asian region. The article analyses origin and dissemination of the meritocratic approaches among public administration practices of some countries within Asian region (eg. China and Singapore. The author reveals main theoretical grounds of the political meritocracy and researches culturological backgrounds of those theoretical grounds. Specifically, he studies the significance of the Confucianism moral-ethic doctrine regarding theory and practice of meritocracy. Additionally the author traces the displays of the meritocratic principles within the views of the various representatives of the western political theory among which both classic (Plato, J.St. Mill and contemporary (Brennan J., Caplan B. thinkers are represented. In conclusion the author analyses the opportunities of the meritocratic theory and practice implementation in Russian reality. He compares Russia, China and Singapore via the list of criteria of political and economic importance, reveals similarities and distinctions in the political past and present of those states, estimates the significance of some culturological factors regarding the evolution of those

  9. 41 CFR 102-37.535 - What information must FAA provide to GSA on its administration of the public airport donation...


    ... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What information must FAA provide to GSA on its administration of the public airport donation program? 102-37.535 Section... Donations to Public Airports § 102-37.535 What information must FAA provide to GSA on its administration of...

  10. [Knowledge and use of the Information System on Public Health Budgets (SIOPS) by municipal health administrators, Pernambuco State, Brazil].

    Silva, Keila Silene de Brito E; Bezerra, Adriana Falangola Benjamin; Sousa, Islândia Maria Carvalho de; Gonçalves, Rogério Fabiano


    Considering the importance of Brazil's Information System on Public Health Budgets (SIOPS) as a tool for planning, management, and social control of public expenditures in health, this article aimed to evaluate the relationship between the regularity of data entry into the SIOPS and knowledge and use of the system by municipal health administrators in Pernambuco State, Brazil. Ten municipalities were selected from the State's five meso-regions, five of which entered information into the system and five only on an irregular basis. Semi-structured interviews were performed with the municipal health secretaries. Analysis of the data showed that command of information technology and knowledge of the System do not affect the regularity of data entry, as a function of the distance between the Municipal Health Secretariat administrators and the SIOPS, such that the data are normally entered by outsourced services. Thus, the resulting information has not been fully explored by systems administrators as a management tool.

  11. Impact assessment of Public Relations in the Fiscal Control Management of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration



    Full Text Available The present study examines the role of public relations as a socio-economic tool of persuasion and educating taxpayers of their civic responsibility to honor fair tax obligations. We propose solutions for improving and restructuring the fiscal control management by diversifying and expanding the range of the instrument constant communication/ public relations and increasing their efficiency in the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, diversifying forms of public communication. The proposed work aims to fill a niche in tax audit work of taxpayers to be felt in practice equitable collection of taxes.

  12. Publication of administrative circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – Recognition of merit

    HR Department


    Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – Recognition of merit Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – "Recognition of merit", approved by the Standing Concertation Committee at its meeting on 3 September 2008, is now available on the intranet site of the Human Resources Department. It cancels and replaces Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 7) – "Recognition of merit of staff members" of May 2007. Paper copies will shortly be available in Departmental secretariats. Human Resources Department Tel. 78003

  13. Publication of administrative circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – Recognition of merit

    HR Department


    Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – Recognition of merit Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 8) – "Recognition of merit", approved by the Standing Concertation Committee meeting on 3 September 2008, is now available on the intranet site of the Human Resources Department. It cancels and replaces Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev. 7) – "Recognition of merit of staff members" of May 2007. Paper copies will shortly be available in Departmental secretariats. Human Resources Department Tel. 78003

  14. Instrumente moderne de cercetare a fenomenologiei administrative prin intermediul dinamicii sistemelor în contextul analizei sistemice a politicilor publice

    Cristina Elena NICOLESCU


    Full Text Available Recorded among the research methods in administrative sciences, operational (prospective research increasingly attracts the interest of researchers in the field, due to the progresses and results it registers in the process of analysis of the complex transformations occurring in the social system. The movement of focus from the legitimacy of governments to that of public administrations determined a thorough research of the types and mechanisms of public intervention, in general, and of public policies, in particular, meant to explain and enrich the process of the public policy by identifying and promoting a new methodology of elaborating the optimum public policy variants, having as result the maximization of the benefits obtained by implementing them. For this purpose, and starting from the premise of the dynamic evolution of public policy seen as a system, the paper suggests a consolidated methodology which introduces, with the aid of the conceptual magnifying glass of systemic thinking and of systems dynamics – variant of the General Systems Theory, simulation and evaluation within complex models, future scenarios corresponding to the implementation of different variants of public policy.

  15. Identifying Socio-Cultural Factors That Impact the Use of Open Educational Resources in Local Public Administrations

    Julia Stoffregen


    Full Text Available The goal of this paper is to define relevant barriers to the exchange of Open Educational Resources in local public administrations. Building upon a cultural model, eleven experts were interviewed and asked to evaluate several factors, such as openness in discourse, learning at the workplace, and superior support, among others. The result is a set of socio-cultural factors that shape the use of Open Educational Resources in public administrations. Significant factors are, in this respect, the independent choice of learning resources, the spirit of the platform, the range of available formats and access to technologies. Practitioners use these factors to elaborate on the readiness of public administrations towards the use of open e-Learning systems. To academic debates on culture in e-Learning, the results provide an alternative model that is contextualized to meet the demands of public sector contexts. Overall, the paper contributes to the lack of research about open e-Learning systems in the public sector, as well as regarding culture in the management of learning and knowledge exchange.

  16. Two Directions of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Aplications in Local Administrations: Advantages and Disadvantages

    UYSAL, Yusuf


    The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model has been animportant alternative used by public authorities in the construction of infrastructurefacilities and public services after the 1990s. One of the most importantadvantages of the PPP is the solution to the problem of financing in publicservices. Another important advantage is that public services can be providedby private sector experience and methods. These and other advantages havegradually increased the preference rates of the PPP. Today,...




    The paper identifies the strengths and weaknesses points existing in a public organization at the five management functions : planning, organization, coordination, training and control. It also done a PEST analysis of public management in Romania and it proposes a global model diagnosis and SWOT analysis for a public service.




    Full Text Available The paper identifies the strengths and weaknesses points existing in a public organization at the five management functions : planning, organization, coordination, training and control. It also done a PEST analysis of public management in Romania and it proposes a global model diagnosis and SWOT analysis for a public service.

  19. The Revolution in Banking and the Financial Services Industry. Series on Public Issues No. 11.

    Fraser, Donald R.

    It is the premise of this booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, that a revolution in the banking and financial services industry is altering not only the fundamental nature of the services offered but the character of the organizations themselves. The purpose of the essay is…

  20. The Budget Deficit--The "Crisis" of the 80's. Series on Public Issues No. 13.

    Greenhut, Melvin L.; Smithson, Charles W.

    In this booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, an analogy is drawn between the dire predictions once made about the energy crisis and those now being made about a budget crisis. Concerns about the deficit have centered on inflation, interest rates, and growth of the economy.…

  1. Japan: The Modernization of an Ancient Culture. Series on Public Issues No. 3.

    Wolken, Lawrence C.

    This booklet, one of a series of booklets intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, traces the modernization of the ancient culture of Japan. Four major areas are covered: (1) "An Ancient Culture" covers the period from the first settling of Japan through the Heian period, the medieval ages,…

  2. Karl Marx in One Lesson (1818-1883). Series on Public Issues No. 6.

    Pejovich, Steve

    This booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, starts from the premise that Marxism is a threat to our way of life and offers a critique of fundamental components of the social movement Marx created. The first of six subsections focuses on sources of influence on Karl Marx…

  3. Journey to Planet Earth: The Urban Explosion. The Public Television Series. [Videotape].


    This videotape attempts to show students how the uncontrolled development of the world's major cities has led to a series of problems such as air pollution, water pollution, limited room for waste disposal, housing shortages, and loss of farmland. The videotape profiles four mega-cities: Mexico City, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York City. Students…

  4. Minimum Wage Laws: Who Benefits, Who Loses? Series on Public Issues No. 2.

    Hobson, Margaret Jane; Maurice, S. Charles

    It is the thesis of this booklet, one of a series intended to apply economic principles to major social and political issues of the day, that minimum wage laws actually hurt those whom such laws are designed to help. From this point of departure, separate subsections examine economic implications of minimum wage laws, including discussion of what…

  5. The power of the university in public administration. participation of national university of Colombia campus Manizales, in building public policy for the region

    Germán Albeiro Castaño Duque


    Full Text Available The current research aims to investigate the power of the University and its contribution to the public administration through participation in public policy. It examines what has been the role of academia in taking clear and decisive way finding solutions to the problems of communities and how extension programs have influenced the action of the state to lay the foundation of social development. The research methodology is approached from a casual type qualitative perspective, which aims to demonstrate the contribution and participation of the National University of Colombia Campus Manizales in the construction of public policies in its geographical influence area and the coordination with communities immersed in those territories. It is intended that this case study be as an input to generate parameters for the participation of universities in building public policies that contribute to addressing the needs and questions of citizens.

  6. Re-inventing Nigeria's Public Sector: A Review of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC

    Chinyeaka Justine Igbokwe-Ibeto


    Full Text Available Public  Over the years, the efficiency and effectiveness of Nigeria’s public sector has been a subject of debate. However, in recent time, the organizational performance and service delivery of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC have been a success story. Within the framework of New Public Management (NPM theory, the study investigates the secrete behind the degree of success achieved by NAFDAC with the aim of recommending such to other public sector organizations in Nigeria which has over the year’s demonstrated lack of zeal for service delivery. The study relied heavily on primary and secondary data. Yamani’s formula for sample size determination was used to select a sample of 133 employees from NAFDAC Lagos office out of a total of 200. Weighted mean and chi-square statistical tools was used to determine the independence or otherwise of the variables under investigation. It is the position of the study that NPM has enhanced NAFDAC’s performance and service delivery. It concludes that since the traditional public administration theories has failed to deliver the much needed public goods and services, it is therefore imperative to reinvent Nigeria’s public sector in line with (NPM international best practices so as to reposition the Nigerian public sector for the challenges of a modern and rapidly changing world. However, while change is desirable, we feel there is need to exercise caution on account of the peculiar nature and character of the Nigerian state and society. Reinventing the country’s public sector should progress slowly and wisely.

  7. Understanding the Role of Public Administration in Implementing Action on the Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequities.

    Carey, Gemma; Friel, Sharon


    Many of the societal level factors that affect health - the 'social determinants of health (SDH)' - exist outside the health sector, across diverse portfolios of government, and other major institutions including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the private sector. This has created growing interest in how to create and implement public policies which will drive better and fairer health outcomes. While designing policies that can improve the SDH is critical, so too is ensuring they are appropriately administered and implemented. In this paper, we draw attention to an important area for future public health consideration - how policies are managed and implemented through complex administrative layers of 'the state.' Implementation gaps have long been a concern of public administration scholarship. To precipitate further work in this area, in this paper, we provide an overview of the scholarly field of public administration and highlight its role in helping to understand better the challenges and opportunities for implementing policies and programs to improve health equity. © 2015 by Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

  8. Contextualism Revisited: Towards a More Relevant Conceptualization of Public Administration for Ethical and Sustainable Leadership in the Global Context

    Asghar Zomorrodian


    Full Text Available The paper examines how the contextual approach to the conceptualization and the design of public administration systems can still be a viable alternative for today’s environment. By making reference to a proposed conceptual model, predominantly based on the cultural and social values in different contexts, the paper juxtaposes both the traditional Universalists and recent NPM approaches to the Contextual model by reviewing the literature on the impacts of globalization and other recent developments in the area public administration and public policy both at the national and international levels. Special attention is paid to the significance of two major elements of ethical leadership and governance for creating a viable and sustainable public administration system that incorporates and emphasizes the process of political development and enhancing the civil society based on indigenous cultural and social values. The conclusion of the paper reinforces the validity and utility of the contextual approach by including these two major elements into its original conceptual framework.

  9. 76 FR 62496 - Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee Series of Public Subcommittee Meetings


    ... Carrier Safety Admin., No. 10-2340 (7th Cir. 2011).] The Agency will not appeal the court's decision and... effective public participation before the comment period deadline, FMCSA encourages use of the Web site...

  10. E's Are Good: Standards of Quality in Public Administration as Reflected in Discourse on Canadian Public Policy Design

    Baker, Dana Lee; Miller, Audrey Anna; Bratton, Todd


    Promoting understanding of quality in the context of good governance can be a challenging classroom exercise not only because of the potential for hijacking politicization of the discussion, but also because of the variety of ways in which public sector goals can be defined, even in the context of a single policy. Standards of quality in the…

  11. Energy and Climate Change. The Policy of the Bush Administration and the American Public Debate

    Noel, Pierre; Reiner, David


    In its oil and energy security policy, the Bush Administration has shown a willingness to serve industrial and regional interests while relying on rhetoric of crisis - energy crisis and national security crisis. The 'Bush energy plan' of stimulating internal energy production by weakening environmental and other regulations has failed politically. In climate change policy, the Bush Administration decided not to sign the Kyoto protocol as well as not to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. This policy has had far reaching adverse consequences for the Bush Administration, in both domestic and foreign politics. The Administration has failed at making its technology-only approach accepted as a credible alternative to regulating emissions

  12. Considerations regarding the unconstitutionality of articles 55¹ and 99¹ of the law on local public administration

    Mihai Cristian Apostolache


    Full Text Available Since its entry into force and to date, Law no. 215/2001 on local public administration has undergone many amendments and completions. One of the questionable additions to this act is done by GEO (OUG no. 41/2015, a regulation which brought two new articles to the body of the framework-law on local public administration, i.e. Article 55¹ and Article 99¹. These two articles regulate a unique way of establishing the local or county council, namely by reconstituting these autonomous collegial bodies. This article examines the legislative intervention made by GEO no. 41/2015 and highlights the unconstitutionality aspects of this legislative intervention, recommending the legislature to urgently repeal the regulations governing the reconstitution of the local and county councils.

  13. The diffusion of eGovernment in public administration bodies. The links between back and front office service

    Arduini Davide; Belotti Federico; Denni Mario; Giungato Gerolamo; Reggi Luigi; Zanfei Antonello


    This paper contributes to explaining the dynamics of eGovernment diffusion in Italian municipalities which play a key role in interfacing citizens and Local Public Administrations. By defining appropriate synthetic indicators, the study will analyse the relationships between the digitalization of back office services - in terms of ICT equipment and use as well as inner work process re-engineering - and front office services - in terms of quantity and interactivity of online services provided ...

  14. The New Civil Process Code and the Mediation Act: The Incentive to Extrajudicial and Consensual Conflicts Resolution in Public Administration

    Aline Sueli de Salles Santos


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to discuss the contextual aspects of the norm, inserted in the article 174 of the New Civil Process Code and in the Mediation Act, which determines the creation of the chambers of mediation and conciliation, aiming to resolve the consensual and extrajudicial conflict in the public administration. In addition, it will also focuses on the perspectives of that legislative innovation, which tends to produce socially relevant results.


    Bushueva Irina Petrovna


    The article considers the necessity and possibility of formation of personal and professional competencies of specialists in the sphere of Public and Municipal Administration (PMA) at the pre-service professional stage of development. Purpose: to justify the necessity and possibility of personal and professional skills formation of specialists-to-be in PMA sphere, as well as to determine the conditions of such activity. Methods and methodology of the research: analysis of educational standard...

  16. Energy consumption of public administration and the services sector in the Netherlands, 1995; Energieverbruik van openbaar bestuur en dienstverlening, 1995



    In 1995 the energy consumption of the sectors public administration, defence and mandatory social insurance was investigated. Also attention was paid to the energy consumption in the sectors environmental services, organizations for employees, employers and professions, and other non-profit and political organizations, cultural, sports and recreational sectors, and other services. The investigation concerned the use of natural gas, electricity, district heating, and domestic fuel oil.

  17. Public Universities in Competition with Private Enterprise: The Attitudes and Behaviors of University Administrators

    Martinson, David Otto


    Public universities undertake business activities sometimes considered by private enterprise as unfairly competitive based on nonprofit advantages. This study was an inquiry into the attitudes and actions of chief business officers at public universities regarding these activities. The research population consisted of the 1862 Morrill Act Land…

  18. Legal and administrative problems in regulating public participation in licensing of nuclear installations

    Cornelis, J.C.


    This general analysis of the question of public acceptance of nuclear activities focuses on the problems met by all governmental authorities in implementing their nuclear programmes. The author highlights the need for more specific regulations aimed at guaranteeing fuller information of the public and ensuring closer participation by it. (NEA) [fr

  19. Annual Progress Report, 1976. Southern Rural Development Center, Mississippi State University. SRDC Series Publication No. 15.

    Southern Rural Development Center, State College, MS.

    Covering the 1976 activities of the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC), this third annual report describes SRDC's: history; organization; regional workshops; functional networks; network bibliographies and other publications; Title V reports; grant received for training in rural development; orientation visits; consultants; information…

  20. Public Marketing: An Alternative Policy Decision-Making Idea for Small Cities. Community Development Research Series.

    Meyers, James; And Others

    The concept of public marketing presents a strategy for the systems approach to community development that would facilitate the community decision making process via improved communication. Basic aspects of the social marketing process include: (1) product policy; (2) channels of distribution; (3) pricing (perceived price vs quality and quantity…

  1. The Impact of Internet Subsidies in Public Schools. NBER Working Paper Series.

    Goolsbee, Austan; Guryan, Jonathan

    As part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the U.S. government began subsidizing Internet and telecommunications access in classrooms and libraries through a tax on long-distance services (the E-Rate Program). This paper analyzes the impact of this program on public schools' technology adoption during 1996-2000, examining data on technology…

  2. EAP: Employee Assistance Programs in the Public Schools. Reference & Resource Series.

    Hacker, Carol

    Employee assistance programs (EAP's) have been set up by many businesses and organizations to help employees resolve their personal problems so they can maintain or resume an acceptable job performance level. So far, only a few public school districts have considered or implemented such programs. This monograph examines EAP's in general and…

  3. EMD-RBFNN Coupling Prediction Model of Complex Regional Groundwater Depth Series: A Case Study of the Jiansanjiang Administration of Heilongjiang Land Reclamation in China

    Qiang Fu


    Full Text Available The accurate and reliable prediction of groundwater depth is the basis of the sustainable utilization of regional groundwater resources. However, the complexity of the prediction has been ignored in previous studies of regional groundwater depth system analysis and prediction, making it difficult to realize the scientific management of groundwater resources. To address this defect, taking complexity diagnosis as the research foundation, this paper proposes a new coupling forecast strategy for evaluating groundwater depth based on empirical mode decomposition (EMD and a radial basis function neural network (RBFNN. The data used for complexity analysis and modelling are the monthly groundwater depth series monitoring data from 15 long-term monitoring wells from 1997 to 2007, which were collected from the Jiansanjiang Administration of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation in China. The calculation results of the comprehensive complexity index for each groundwater depth series obtained are based on wavelet theory, fractal theory, and the approximate entropy method. The monthly groundwater depth sequence of District 8 of Farm Nongjiang, which has the highest complexity among the five farms in the Jiansanjiang Administration midland, was chosen as the modelling sample series. The groundwater depth series of District 8 of Farm Nongjiang was separated into five intrinsic mode function (IMF sequences and a remainder sequence by applying the EMD method, which revealed that local groundwater depth has a significant one-year periodic character and an increasing trend. The RBFNN was then used to forecast and stack each EMD separation sequence. The results suggest that the future groundwater depth will remain at approximately 10 m if the past pattern of water use continues, exceeding the ideal depth of groundwater. Thus, local departments should take appropriate countermeasures to conserve groundwater resources effectively.


    Bente Florina Maria


    Full Text Available The satisfaction of citizens considering public services depends on the way the authorities identify and offer solutions to fulfil citizens expectations, which are at least identical or even superior to the services offered in private domain. In addition, the worldwide governments are forced to adapt to the pressure exercised by the changes that appear in the demographic, technologic and economic environment, by the growing expectations of citizens and the necessity of lowering the taxes. As a consequence, the public system is starting to adopt the solutions that the citizens identified for the developing of the public policies, implying and making the community responsible in the act of governing.

  5. Administrative and School Nutrition Perspectives of Salad Bar Operations in Public Schools

    Andersen, Lori; Myers, Leann; O'Malley, Keelia; Rose, Donald; Johnson, Carolyn C.


    Purposes/Objectives: Fruit and vegetable (F/V) consumption may aid in childhood obesity prevention. F/V consumption in youth is low. School-based salad bars (SBs) may improve F/V access in youth. The purpose of this study was to explore administrative and school nutrition personnel perspectives related to adoption and continued implementation of…

  6. Law, Public Interest and Interpretation: Prolegomena of a Normative Framework on Administrative Discretion in the EU

    Mendes, J.


    It is conventionally assumed that administrative discretionary decisions are determined by political and expert-driven considerations and that law’s structuring and constraining capacity in that regard is and should be limited. Law defines a space within which discretionary choices are irrelevant to

  7. Soliciting Support for the American Public School: A Guide To Inform Administration and Educate Parents.

    Nelson, Jeannette; Karr-Kidwell, PJ

    While teachers, administrators, and their schools are constantly being bombarded with demands for excellence, little attention has been paid to the role of parents to achieve high levels of learning with their children. An area of concern is the modeling parents can provide by placing high value on learning. Parents must become knowledgeable about…

  8. 78 FR 59949 - Annual Factors for Determining Public Housing Agency Administrative Fees for the Section 8...


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT [Docket No. FR-5724-N-02] Annual Factors for... Web site of the annual factors for determining the on-going administrative fee for housing agencies... Relay Service during business hours at 1-800-877-8337. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The annual factors for...

  9. U.S. Public Administration Programs: Increasing Academic Achievement by Identifying and Utilizing Student Learning Styles

    Naylor, Lorenda A; Wooldridge, Blue; Lyles, Alan


    Global economic shifts are forcing universities to become more competitive and operationally efficient. As a result, universities emphasize access, affordability, and achievement. More specifically, U.S. universities have responded by emphasizing course assessment, retention rates, and graduation rates. Both university administrators and faculty…

  10. Institutional Innovation and Public Extension Services Provision: The Marche Regional Administration Reform in Central Italy

    Pascucci, Stefano; De Magistris, Tiziana


    This paper describes how Marche Regional Administration (MRA) introduced an innovative institutional reform of an Agricultural Knowledge and Information System (AKIS) in central Italy. In order to study the main features of the MRA reform we used a methodological approach based on three steps: (i) first we applied a desk analysis to sketch the…

  11. Missouri Public School Administrators' Perceived Effectiveness of Senate Bill No. 75

    Steele, Joby B.


    In this quantitative study, the perceptions of safety and preparedness of Missouri's high school administrators after participating in active shooter training as mandated by Missouri's Senate Bill No. 75 were analyzed. As school shootings continue, states have passed legislation to prepare schools to provide safety for students and faculty members…

  12. 20 CFR 655.625 - Written notice, service and Federal Register publication of Administrator's determination.


    ... TRAINING ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT OF FOREIGN WORKERS IN THE UNITED STATES... on the complainant, the employer, and other known interested parties by personal service or by... use of alien crewmembers. The notice shall also inform interested parties that they may request a...

  13. Intergenerational Stylistic Preferences in Leadership Training of Public School Business Administrators

    DeVito, Candis M.; Basilice, Lucianna; Higuera, Michael Shane; Morote, Elsa-Sofia; Manley, Robert J.


    The purpose of this study was to examine the difference in perceived importance of training in specific aspects of transformational leadership and transactional leadership during certification preparation between Generation X and Baby Boomer New York State certified school business administrators. Eighty-seven school business administrators…

  14. The future of public administration around the world: the Minnowbrook perspective

    O'Leary, Rosemary; Van Slyke, David; Kim, Soonhee


    ... engage it. Written in a readily accessible style and with a cutting-edge focus on both academic and professional themes, it is a must-read for those who want to stay or arrive at the forefront of public...

  15. Governmental control of public expenditure in the constitutional State: thoughts regarding General Comptroller sanctioning powers approval on functional administrative responsibility

    Erika García Cobián Castro


    Full Text Available Constitutional doctrine has little addressed on the General Comptroller of the Republic and its controlling function of public resources execution and management. Efforts have been made to explain this situation in other realities, regarding high budgetary, accounting and auditing content needed to carry out auditing activities constitutionally assigned to this kind of entities. Nevertheless, identifying competences of the General Comptroller of the Republic and its nature of autonomous constitutional body shapes an important expression of Constitutional State and the principle of powers division. This entity controls State’s Public Budget execution contributing to constitutional property protection, legality of budget implementation and the appropriate management of public resources, also the «efficiency» of social needs, proper functioning of public administration and prevention of corruption, among others duties. This article analyzes the constitutional mission of the General Comptroller in a Constitutional State promoting the process of given a constitutional status to the legal system in its area of influence, also optimizing constitutional properties protected. For such purpose, the 29622 recent law («Law that modifies the 27785 Organic Law of National Control System and the General Comptroller of the Republic extending powers in order to sanction in accordance of functional administrative responsibility» shall be used as object of constitutional analysis.

  16. The exceptional clauses in the contractual activity on the public administration: freedom of choice or legislative imposition

    Néstor David Osorio Moreno


    Full Text Available The contracting activity of public administration in Colombia has generally allowed, by order of constitutional and legislative norms, the application of the principle of autonomy, so that those subjects within a public legal transaction can build and establish the conditions governing their contract. The scope of the principle of autonomy must be analyzed and subjected to reflection, especially considering the institution of exception clauses in common law used by State agencies and their legal relationship with contractors. The existence of exception clauses has been justified by the interests of the State (and in particular the public interest without strictly analyzing the essence of the figure. The application of this institution in contractual relations of the State has advanced greatly, but it is still uncertain if the true nature of the figure is caused by the autonomy of the parties in order to celebrate the contract, or if it comes as privileges conferred and imposed by the legislator as a way to concise the principle of legality. This paper concludes that exception clauses in common law, clearly applied in contractual activity within public administration, consist of special privileges imposed by the legislator to State entities, and are therefore opposed to the essence of the clause and the principle of autonomy.

  17. Exécution des marchés publics mise en oeuvre administrative et financière

    Serr, Fabien


    L'exécution des marchés publics constitue la phase critique de mise en oeuvre de tous les éléments préparés lors de la passation du marché ; c'est aussi la période de gestion administrative, financière et technique des événements prévus ou non sur un chantier. Cet ouvrage opérationnel et juridique détaille la mise en oeuvre du marché et décrypte, au travers de 27 chapitres, chaque phase de l'exécution administrative et financière de tout type de marché : suivi, sous-traitance, garantie, paiement, décompte, réception, recours amiables, etc. Exécution des marchés publics permet de : - disposer d'une vue d'ensemble de l'exécution des marchés publics ; - s'approprier le cadre juridique de l'exécution (Code des marchés publics, textes réglementaires ou législatifs, CCAG et règles de la comptabilité publique, etc.) ; - maîtriser les différentes phases de l'exécution et leur articulation ; - respecter l'ensemble des étapes, les points de procédures à suivre, etc. De nombreux tabl...

  18. Faillite de l'Etat et administration de l'espace public politique par les ...


    16 sept. 2010 ... rôle de premier plan dans l'espace public politique. Il apparait que ..... diffusées par les médias internationaux, qui ont eu pour effet de présenter une image ..... elle favorise un questionnement de la définition habermassienne de l'espace public perçu .... souveraineté de l'Etat ivoirien, lui refusait ce droit.

  19. Participatory public health systems research: value of community involvement in a study series in mental health emergency preparedness.

    McCabe, O Lee; Marum, Felicity; Semon, Natalie; Mosley, Adrian; Gwon, Howard; Perry, Charlene; Moore, Suzanne Straub; Links, Jonathan M


    Concerns have arisen over recent years about the absence of empirically derived evidence on which to base policy and practice in the public health system, in general, and to meet the challenge of public health emergency preparedness, in particular. Related issues include the challenge of disaster-caused, behavioral health surge, and the frequent exclusion of populations from studies that the research is meant to aid. To characterize the contributions of nonacademic collaborators to a series of projects validating a set of interventions to enhance capacity and competency of public mental health preparedness planning and response. Urban, suburban, and rural communities of the state of Maryland and rural communities of the state of Iowa. Study partners and participants (both of this project and the studies examined) were representatives of academic health centers (AHCs), local health departments (LHDs), and faith-based organizations (FBOs) and their communities. A multiple-project, case study analysis was conducted, that is, four research projects implemented by the authors from 2005 through 2011 to determine the types and impact of contributions made by nonacademic collaborators to those projects. The analysis involved reviewing research records, conceptualizing contributions (and providing examples) for government, faith, and (nonacademic) institutional collaborators. Ten areas were identified where partners made valuable contributions to the study series; these "value-areas" were as follows: 1) leadership and management of the projects; 2) formulation and refinement of research topics, aims, etc; 3) recruitment and retention of participants; 4) design and enhancement of interventions; 5) delivery of interventions; 6) collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; 7) dissemination of findings; 8) ensuring sustainability of faith/government preparedness planning relationships; 9) optimizing scalability and portability of the model; and 10) facilitating

  20. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Science Applications Program: Exploring Partnerships to Enhance Decision Making in Public Health Practice

    Vann, Timi S.; Venezia, Robert A.


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Earth Science Enterprise is engaged in applications of NASA Earth science and remote sensing technologies for public health. Efforts are focused on establishing partnerships with those agencies and organizations that have responsibility for protecting the Nation's Health. The program's goal is the integration of NASA's advanced data and technology for enhanced decision support in the areas of disease surveillance and environmental health. A focused applications program, based on understanding partner issues and requirements, has the potential to significantly contribute to more informed decision making in public health practice. This paper intends to provide background information on NASA's investment in public health and is a call for partnership with the larger practice community.

  1. « Little Wise Men : Three Friends and the Public Administration World They Made »

    Pierre-Yves Saunier


    Full Text Available Cet article traite du travail transnational mené entre les années 1940 et les années 1960 par divers protagonistes de public administration états-unienne (entendue ici comme discipline, pratique, théorie et communauté professionnelle. Ce travail se développe entre organismes intergouvernementaux, associations internationales et sociétés professionnelles états-uniennes. On propose ici de contribuer à l’historicisation des phénomènes et processus d’internationalisation en passant par les pratiques qui les définissent, les fondent et les supportent, à travers l’activité de trois figures états-uniennes de la public administration, saisis dans leur activité quotidienne de « traducteurs de l’universel », occupés à développer un projet universaliste et universalisant, qui postule l’existence de phénomènes identifiables comme relevant de l’activité d’administration et susceptibles d’être appréhendés d’une semblable manière scientifique quel que soit leur contexte.This article examines the transnational endeavors that presided over the establishment and maintenance of a structured regime of circulation in public administration considered as a profession, a theory, a discipline and a governmental practice. The three individuals who are at the core of the article were vital in organizing this regime, and their contribution to integrate the contribution of inter-governmental organizations, non governmental organizations, professional US societies and US universities has left a deep imprint in the field. Assessing their contribution is the opportunity to develop some hunches and hypothesis on the existence of “universalizing projects” that have shaped the interconnection and interdependency of our modern world.

  2. Public Administration, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, the Commitment of Public Education Institutions: Instituto Federal Fluminense Case Study

    Isabel Grigorio Freitas


    Full Text Available School is part of the community and as such should provide ongoing discussions which are conducive to creating a more just society, striving to provide educational and vocational training in order to educate citizens who are free, able to think critically, and supportive of each other. In pursuit of this objective, education emerges as a springboard for sustainable development with social inclusion, bringing down certain barriers created by the need to meet government targets, and discussing the options associated to local characteristics, empowering people who are looking for a more dignified life.The objectives of this research are to analyse the commitment of public teaching institutions in the area of social development and sustainability; identify the main difficulties of implementing social projects according to federal government guidelines, considering not only the general characteristics, but also those given by local communities; and understand the importance of education for improving communal living conditions, helping strengthen collaboration between communities and schools in tackling these social issues and identifying practices currently adopted. This will be done by reviewing the literature and case studies available, aiming to improve the management of future actions.The method employed to answer the research question included the use of questionnaires and interviews, direct observation by the author, literature review and a study of best practices dentified throughout the research process, the use of the concept of social responsibility and sustainability to analyse public policies focused on education, and the case study of the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia to improve the handling and understanding of research data.It became apparent that the biggest difficulties encountered in the projects created by the federal government and operated by the Instituto Federal Fluminense had to do with lack of

  3. Grassroot digital innovation and public administration in the Smart City milieu

    Aurora López-Fogués


    Full Text Available This article presents the vision that Santander, Valencia, Bilbao and Donostia have of the Smart City (SC. It also explores how local corporations interact with grassroots digital innovation experiences, understood as networks of individuals and organizations that generate innovation through the use of digital technologies for social and environmental purposes. For the analysis we have used a theoretical framework based on human development and the multi-level perspective of socio-technical transitions. The results show that the discourse of cities about SC wants to move towards a participatory vision, but is still far from it in its practice. This is palpable in the way that local administrations interact with the experiences of digital social innovation where a unidirectional and instrumental practice still predominates. Additionally, we have analyzed 21 experiences of grassroots digital innovation: their vision of SC and how they interact with local administrations. Their idea of SC is more aligned with the values of human development, whereas their strategies are very different: from initiatives that choose not to have relation with administrations to others that aim for influencing them.

  4. Management Strategies Required for Preventing and Combating Corruption in Public Administration

    Sorin Adrian Ciupitu


    Full Text Available Corruption level is symptomatic of the economic, political and general social development and its manifestation is harmful to ethics and morals and undermines public confidence in the rule of law. In Romania we are witnessing a penetration of corruption in areas that should support the country’s economic development. Companies from more and more zones of activity are pushed into gear economy. The immediate effect of this situation is reflected in a vicious circle in which endemic corruption is leading to lower revenues and public investment and weakens the credibility of the rule of law. It also generates negative changes in the economic development through inefficient transactions, sometimes lacking rationality, altering capital accumulation and its productivity, government revenues and the quality of public infrastructure.

  5. Customer orientation among employees in public administration: a transnational, longitudinal study.

    Korunka, Christian; Scharitzer, Dieter; Carayon, Pascale; Hoonakker, Peter; Sonnek, Angelika; Sainfort, Francois


    The relation between ergonomic principles and quality management initiatives, both, in the private and public sector, has received increasing attention in the recent years. Customer orientation among employees is not only an important quality principle, but also an essential prerequisite for customer satisfaction, especially in service organizations. In this context, the objective of introducing new public management (NPM) in public-service organizations is to increase customer orientation among employees who are at the forefront of service providing. In this study, we developed a short scale to measure perceived customer orientation. In two separate longitudinal studies carried out in Austria and the US, we analyzed changes in customer orientation resulting from the introduction of NPM. In both organizations, we observed a significant increase in customer orientation. Perceived customer orientation was related to job characteristics, organizational characteristics and employee quality of working life. Creating positive influences on these characteristics within the framework of an organizational change process has positive effects on employee customer orientation.

  6. Options in Education: Program No. 88. Sex and Sexism in Education, Part II. Transcripts of a Weekly Series Broadcast by Member Stations of National Public Radio.

    National Public Radio, Washington, DC.

    This booklet is a transcription of a program from the radio series, "Options in Education." It is part 2 of a two-part series dealing with sexism in education. It deals with sex discrimination in various aspects of public education, including textbooks, teacher promotion, sports programs and children's literature. There is also a…

  7. IT Governance Mechanisms and Administration/IT Alignment in the Public Sector

    Winkler, Till


    The mechanisms of information technology (IT) governance have been widely recognized as practices to sustain alignment of business and IT units. However, the IT governance literature so far has drawn little attention to the possible idiosyncrasies of governance arrangements in the public sector....... In this paper we propose a conceptual model to investigate the relationship between IT governance mechanisms and according performance outcomes specifically for public sector organizations. A survey instrument is developed and validated based on in-depth interviews with IT representatives from three different...

  8. Review of Selected Dissertations Addressing School Public Relations, Administrator Communication, and Conflict Resolution

    Decman, John M.; Simieou, Felix, III


    This article is an extension to Kowalski's (2005) identification of possible lines of scholarly inquiry into themes related to schools and public relations. The article first cites professional accreditation standards for educational leaders as significant factors in providing a framework for increased scholarly inquiry. It then summarizes the…

  9. Public administration GI-based web-sites for spatial planning

    Campagna, Michele; Arleth, Mette


    This paper presents the results of an ongoing comparative study on the accessibility of Geographic Information at public authorities’ websites in Denmark and Italy. Qualitative and quantitative mappings of the level of accessibility to GI in the two countries are made and the results are compared...

  10. [Public relations in institutions and establishments of the health administration system].

    Martynenko, A V


    The article is dedicated to development of directions and specific functions of the health system bodies/institutions public relations (PR) activities. Priorities are set forth depending on the form of property thereof. A complex use of approaches toward carrying out of PR activities permits optimizing work both within the system itself and relations with the society as a whole.

  11. Legal protection against a lack of grounds in administrative judgements concerning public interests

    Schmidt, W.


    Administrative legal protection, according to Basic Law, is the right of the individual for protection, i.e. protection of 'subjective' rights based on 'objective' law. The extension of this legal protection beyond the legal protection of the individual has been under discussion lately, mostly in connection with a joint board suit, not so often with citizen actions which comprise 'individual suit' and 'joint board suit', mainly in environmental protection law (e.g. actions brought against nuclear power plants). Such rights are not to be conceded to everybody and every association, but only to a few supraregional associations with legal status, e.g. the citizen association environmental protection. (HP) [de

  12. 41 CFR 102-80.90 - Is the Fire Administration Authorization Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-522) relevant to fire...


    ... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Is the Fire Administration Authorization Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-522) relevant to fire protection engineering? 102-80.90 Section 102-80.90 Public Contracts and Property Management Federal Property Management Regulations System...

  13. On the Social Psychology of Higher Education: A Bibliography of Alexander W. Astin. Public Administration Series Bibliography, P-688.

    Quay, Richard H.

    A bibliography of articles by Alexander W. Astin on the social psychology of higher education is presented. Entries are presented by year, starting with 1980 and dating back to 1956. Topics that are covered include: equal access to higher education, student persistence and attrition, higher education policy, selective admissions and open…

  14. Health system outcomes and determinants amenable to public health in industrialized countries: a pooled, cross-sectional time series analysis

    Westert Gert P


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Few studies have tried to assess the combined cross-sectional and temporal contributions of a more comprehensive set of amenable factors to population health outcomes for wealthy countries during the last 30 years of the 20th century. We assessed the overall ecological associations between mortality and factors amenable to public health. These amenable factors included addictive and nutritional lifestyle, air quality, public health spending, healthcare coverage, and immunizations. Methods We used a pooled cross-sectional, time series analysis with corrected fixed effects regression models in an ecological design involving eighteen member countries of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development during the period 1970 to 1999. Results Alcohol, tobacco, and fat consumption, and sometimes, air pollution were significantly associated with higher all-cause mortality and premature death. Immunizations, health care coverage, fruit/vegetable and protein consumption, and collective health expenditure had negative effects on mortality and premature death, even after controlling for the elderly, density of practicing physicians, doctor visits and per capita GDP. However, tobacco, air pollution, and fruit/vegetable intake were sometimes sensitive to adjustments. Conclusion Mortality and premature deaths could be improved by focusing on factors that are amenable to public health policies. Tackling these issues should be reflected in the ongoing assessments of health system performance.

  15. Learning from New York City : a case study of public health policy practice in the Bloomberg administration.

    Isett, Kimberley Roussin; Laugesen, Miriam J; Cloud, David H


    To ascertain any lessons learned about how public health reforms undertaken in New York City during the Bloomberg Administration were shepherded through the public policy and administration gauntlet. The question is, how feasible is this approach and would it work outside of New York City? Using a theoretically grounded case study approach, 3 initiatives were examined that were proposed and/or implemented during a 10-year period of the Mayoralty of Michael Bloomberg (2002-2011): transfats restrictions, clean bus transportation policies, and a sugar-sweetened beverages tax (as a counterfactual). The investigation began by performing a comprehensive public documents search and was followed with interviews of 27 individuals involved in the selected policy initiatives. Interviews were coded in Nvivo using an iterative, grounded methodology. Using a theoretical lens, the case study illustrates that the multifaceted role of leadership was not confined to the executives in the City or the Agency. Instead, leadership extended to other administrative officials within the agency and the Board of Health. Second, New York City used reorganization and coordinative mechanisms strategically to ensure achievement of their goals. This included creation of new departments/bureaus and coordinating structures across the City. Evidence of the explicit use of incentives, as initially anticipated from the theoretical framework, was not found. While some aspects of this case study are unique to the context of New York City, 2 approaches used in New York City are feasible for other jurisdictions: harnessing the full scope and breadth of authority of the agency and its associated boards and commissions, and remobilizing existing workforce to explicitly focus on and coordinate targeted policies for issues of concern. Questions for further consideration are posed at the conclusion of the article.

  16. Institutional Communication and Organizational Culture In Romanian Public Administration. A Case Study.

    Luminița Rosca


    Full Text Available The present study aims to emphasize the extent to which modern management principles are known and applied in the Romanian public institutions. We also aim to identify a system of values that set a pattern of the organizational culture in the system of public institutions. The investigation technique we used is the questionnaire and the method we chose is the sociological survey. According to the standards of research methodology and in order to obtain accurate results, we have pre-tested the research tools in conditions similar to those of the study itself. In this respect, the present study will test the validity of the questionnaire on a group of 41 subjects, master’s students in a specialized program at the University of Bucharest, with the purpose of undertaking the sociological survey. The pilot study conclusions will allow the methodological framework of the sociological survey to refine and adapt the models of international analysis to the actual Romanian context.

  17. Potential benefits of employee portals in public administrations: implementation and proactive behaviour towards the organization

    Héctor Marcos Pérez-Feijoo


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is the determination of the advantages achieved through the implementation of an employee portal, both for the government and for the users of the portal. We proposed an adaptation of the Huang, Jin and Yang (2004 model, based on the organizational support theory (Eisenberger et al., 1986. This theory predicts a proactive behaviour of employees wheter they perceive a support of the organization. In this case, the trigger for that perception is the satisfaction derived by the benefits to personnel provided by an employee portal. Through an empirical study, conducted among public school teachers, we have found evidence of the perception of organizational support among public employees when the portal is deployes. However we haven´t found a link between that support and a proactive behaviour towards the organization.

  18. Editorial Management serials online: construction process, publication and administration with free software solutions

    Andrés Vuotto; María Carolina Rojas; Gladys Vanesa Fernández


    Initially raised the main points to consider and develop the planning and construction of an online publication of a scientific nature, emphasizing the process and editorial functions, document preservation, access management, indexing and visibility. In the second part of the paper presents a proposed solution to every aspect previously described, highlighting the work of the information professional and optimizing time, cost and results offered free software, from a concrete experience with...

  19. Faillite de l'Etat et administration de l'espace public politique par les ...

    En Côte d'Ivoire, depuis le déclenchement de la guerre en 2002, des mouvements de jeunes regroupés dans ce qu'il est convenu d'appeler « jeunes patriotes » sont apparus. Ils ont joué et continuent de jouer un rôle de premier plan dans l'espace public politique. Il apparait que leur irruption dans cet espace découle de ...

  20. Public health and social supervision issues within public administration of ukrainian territories in the late 8th- early 9th centuries.

    Hrynzovskyi, Anatolii M; Holovanova, Irina A; Omelchuk, Sergei T; Kuzminska, Olena V; Hrynzovska, Anastasia A; Karlova, Olena O; Kondratiuk, Vitalii Ye

    Introduction: The public health system modernization history is based upon the progress in state country administration and administration of healthcare within the sectorwide approach. The WHO European Bureau pays much attention to the National Health Service systems development while implementing their basic policies. The Ukrainian state health service management was founded basing on the regulatory field of the Russian Empire, using the European healthcare promotion experience. Aim: of the article is the analysis of the regulatory field of police and amenity authorities of the Russian Empire and Ukraine within the medical and social service in the 18th-19th centuries. Materials and methods: The structure of the article corresponds to the problem city and chronology principles, using the following methods and techniques of scientific learning: the systemic, historic, regulatory comparative, logical and structural-functional analysis of the studied medical-legal phenomena. The study sources are the scientific publications, collections of laws and executive orders of the Russian Empire and Ukraine in the 18th-19th centuries. Review: As a result of the performed work it can be determined were the main directions of the police competence in late 18th- early 19th centuries. Conclusion: Preserving health, treatment of the ill and injured, management of medical and social service of those in need, holding various preventive activities and supporting safe environment and regulating the safety of food were the main directions of the police competence in late 18th- early 19th centuries.