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  1. Practical Database Programming With Visual C#NET

    CERN Document Server

    Bai, Ying


    A novel approach to developing and applying databases with Visual C#.NET. Practical Database Programming with Visual C#.NET clearly explains the considerations and applications in database programming with Visual C#.NET 2008 and in developing relational databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle Database. Sidestepping the traditional approach of using large blocks of code, Ying Bai utilizes both Design Tools and Wizards provided by Visual Studio.NET and real-time object methods to incorporate over sixty real sample database programming projects along with detailed illustrations

  2. Mapping leisure shopping trip decision making: Validation of the CNET interview protocol status

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Ceunynck, T.; Kusumastuti, Diana; Hannes, E.; Janssens, D.; Wets, G.


    Qualitative research methods can provide an in-depth understanding of how people come to certain decisions, providing valuable input to ground behavioural assumptions in activity-based travel demand models and to implement high impact policy measures to change travel behaviour. The CNET interview

  3. AcCNET (Accessory Genome Constellation Network): comparative genomics software for accessory genome analysis using bipartite networks. (United States)

    Lanza, Val F; Baquero, Fernando; de la Cruz, Fernando; Coque, Teresa M


    AcCNET (Accessory genome Constellation Network) is a Perl application that aims to compare accessory genomes of a large number of genomic units, both at qualitative and quantitative levels. Using the proteomes extracted from the analysed genomes, AcCNET creates a bipartite network compatible with standard network analysis platforms. AcCNET allows merging phylogenetic and functional information about the concerned genomes, thus improving the capability of current methods of network analysis. The AcCNET bipartite network opens a new perspective to explore the pangenome of bacterial species, focusing on the accessory genome behind the idiosyncrasy of a particular strain and/or population. AcCNET is available under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) from CONTACT: : valfernandez.vf@gmail.comSupplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail:

  4. Photochemistry of Dithiocarbamate Cu(S2CNEt2)2 Complex in CHCl3. Transient Species and TD-DFT Calculations. (United States)

    Solovyev, Aleksey I; Plyusnin, Victor F; Shubin, Aleksandr A; Grivin, Vjacheslav P; Larionov, Stanislav V


    Nanosecond laser flash photolysis was used to study the mechanism of photochemical transformations of the diethyldithiocarbamate Cu(II) complex (Cu(dtc)2, where dtc- ≡ -S2CNEt2 anion) in chloroform solutions. The electron transfer from the excited Cu(dtc)2 complex to a solvent molecule leads to the appearance of the primary intermediate, the [ClCu(dtc)(dtcCHCl2)] complex, where a dtcCHCl2 molecule is coordinated with a copper ion via one sulfur atom. In the fast reaction (k = 2.1 × 109 M-1 s-1) with Cu(dtc)2, this complex forms a long-lived dimer [ClCu(dtc)(dtcCHCl2)Cu(dtc)2]. This intermediate decays during several seconds (k = 5.6 × 10-2 s-1) into the final product, i.e., a diamagnetic dimer [ClCu(dtc)Cu(dtc)2]. To determine the structure of intermediate complexes the quantum chemical calculations were carried out using DFT, TD-DFT, and PCM (Polarizable Continuum Model) methods.

  5. CNET OPN Automated Budget System (COABS) (United States)


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  6. Mixed-metal phosphinito complexes of platinum(II) and palladium(II) with lanthanide and actinide elements. The single-crystal X-ray structure of (UO/sub 2/(OH/sub 2/)/(OPPh/sub 2/)/sub 2/Pd(S/sub 2/CNEt/sub 2/)//sub 2/)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Veitch, P.M.; Allan, J.R.; Blake, A.J.; Schroeder, M.


    The single-crystal X-ray structure of the complex shows a distorted pentagonal bipyramidal uranium (VI) ion lying on a crystallographic two-fold axis with the oxo ligands of the trans-UO/sub 2/ moiety, U=O = 1.774(7) A, occupying apical sites. The structure confirms co-ordination of two ((OPPh/sub 2/)/sub 2/Pd(S/sub 2/CNEt/sub 2/))/sup -/ moieties around Usup(VI). The four phosphinito ligands bridge Usup(VI) and the two Pdsup(II) centres with U-O = 2.289(7) and 2.342(6) A and Pd-P 2.2642(24) and 2.2455(23) A. An aqua ligand, U-O = 2.526(8) A, completes the co-ordination sphere around the uranyl centre. The Pdsup(II) centres are essentially planar, each being bound to two phosphinito and one bidentate dithiocarbamate ligand, Pd-S = 2.386(3) and 2.373(3) A.

  7. Adaptive Multiuser Detectors for DS-CDMA Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Jean Etienne Jeszensky


    Full Text Available This work makes a review of the main Adaptives Multi-user Detectors (MuD-Adpt for Direct Sequence - Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA systems. The MuD-Adpt based on Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE and Decorrelator (MuD-Dec are focused. Multi-user detectors show great resistance to the near-far effect and combat effectively the Multiple Access Interference (MAI. Comparative numeric results characterize the substantial performance improvement of those detectors in relation to the matched filter conventional receiver (Conv.

  8. All That Remains: The Traditional Architecture and Engineering Structures of the Richard B. Russel Multiple Resource Area, Georgia and South Carolina. Appendix B. (United States)



  9. Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Systems Based on Open Architecture and Open Source Software (United States)


    them to their references, identified synonyms, and distinguished polysemes expressing different meanings with identical wording. We CNET News,, 16 September 2008. Balkin, J. M. (1991). The promise of legal semiotics ...conflict, whose design-time, distribution-time, and run-time architectures are not identical , whose component licenses may change through evolution

  10. Startup - Philippines Community Electronic Centres Academy | IDRC ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    The Philippines telecentre movement has gathered momentum in recent years, mainly due to the Philippines Community e-Centres Network (PhilCeCNet) developed with financial and technical support from IDRC's under project 104285. Over 800 telecentres and a number of government departments, private ...

  11. Coherent application of a contact structure to formulate Classical Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Knobbe, E; Roekaerts, D.J.E.M.


    This contribution presents an outline of a new mathematical formulation for
    Classical Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics (CNET) based on a contact
    structure in differential geometry. First a non-equilibrium state space is introduced as the third key element besides the first and second law of

  12. Startup - Philippines Community Electronic Centres Academy | CRDI ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Startup - Philippines Community Electronic Centres Academy. The Philippines telecentre movement has gathered momentum in recent years, mainly due to the Philippines Community e-Centres Network (PhilCeCNet) developed with financial and technical support from IDRC's under project 104285. Over 800 ...

  13. Privacy and Integrity in the Untrusted Cloud (United States)


    to implement dependencies efficiently. This feature of history trees allows the attributes of the leaf nodes to be aggregated up to the root where...India threatens to shut down blackberry service. CNET News, August 2010. [93] Matthias Ressel, Doris Nitsche-Ruhland, and Rul Gunzenhäuser. An integrat

  14. Condition Monitoring Techniques for Electromechanical Equipment Used in Air Force Ground C3I (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence) Systems. (United States)


    Proc. 2nd Congress National de flabilite, Perros -Guirec, Sept. 17-20, 1974, pp. 639-653. Published by CNET, Lannion (France). 53. Love, A. E. H., A...96. C. Rosiaux, Fiabilite des allumeurs determinee a partir des ventes-echanges, Proc. 2nd Congres National de fiabilite, Perros Guirec, Sept. 17-20

  15. Living the Information Society in Asia | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    13 avr. 2009 ... Startup - Philippines Community Electronic Centres Academy. The Philippines telecentre movement has gathered momentum in recent years, mainly due to the Philippines Community e-Centres Network (PhilCeCNet) developed with financial and technical support from... View moreStartup - Philippines ...

  16. Seventh International Symposium on Nondestructive Characterization of Materials (United States)


    Infrared Spectroscopy-M. Marty, C. Gounelle, F. Giroux, & H. Roede, Ocafla & C. Sema, Instituto de Ciencia de Centre Commun CNET-SGS Thomson, Materiales de...CHARACTERIZATION OF PARTICULATE CERAMIC MATERIALS BY INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY M. Ocafia & C. J. Serna, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Spain Infrared

  17. All projects related to Philippines | Page 3 | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    ... to the Philippines Community e-Centres Network (PhilCeCNet) developed with financial and technical support from IDRC's telecentre. Start Date: April 3, 2008. End Date: May 25, 2010. Topic: INFORMATION SOCIETY, INFORMATION CENTRES, COMMUNITY FACILITIES, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, MANAGEMENT ...

  18. Analytic second derivatives from auxiliary density perturbation theory (United States)

    Delgado-Venegas, Rogelio Isaac; Mejía-Rodríguez, Daniel; Flores-Moreno, Roberto; Calaminici, Patrizia; Köster, Andreas M.


    The working equations for the calculation of analytic second energy derivatives in the framework of auxiliary density functional theory (ADFT) are presented. The needed perturbations are calculated with auxiliary density perturbation theory (ADPT) which is extended to perturbation dependent basis and auxiliary functions sets. The obtained ADPT equation systems are solved with the Eirola-Nevanlinna algorithm. The newly developed analytic second ADFT energy derivative approach was implemented in deMon2k and validated with respect to the corresponding finite difference approach by calculating the harmonic frequencies of small molecules. Good agreement between these two methodologies is found. To analyze the scaling of the new analytic second ADFT energy derivatives with respect to the number of processors in parallel runs, the harmonic frequencies of the carbon fullerene C240 are calculated with varying numbers of processors. Fair scaling up to 720 processors was found. As showcase applications, symmetry unrestricted optimization and frequency analyses of icosahedral carbon fullerenes with up to 960 atoms are presented.

  19. Ligand influence on the formation of P/Se semiconductor materials from metal-organic complexes. (United States)

    Panneerselvam, Arunkumar; Nguyen, Chinh Q; Waters, John; Malik, Mohammad A; O'Brien, Paul; Raftery, James; Helliwell, Madeleine


    The complexes [Ni{(SeP(i)Pr(2))(2)N}(2)] (2), [Ni(Se(2)P(i)Pr(2))(2)] (), and [Co(Se(2)P(i)Pr(2))(2)] (4) were synthesised and the X-ray single crystal structures of (1) and (2) were determined. Thin films of nickel selenide, cobalt selenide and cobalt phosphide have been deposited by the chemical vapour deposition method using imidodiselenophosphinato-nickel(ii) (1), -cobalt(ii) [Co{(SeP(i)Pr(2))(2)N}(2)] (3), diselenophosphinato-nickel(ii) (2), -cobalt(ii) (4) and diselenocarbamato-nickel(ii) [Ni(Se(2)CNEt(2))(2)] (5), and -cobalt(iii) [Co(Se(2)CNEt(2))(3)] (6) precursors.

  20. Lanthanide modification of CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dethlefsen, Johannes Rytter; Mikhailovsky, Alexander A.; Burks, Peter T.


    Lanthanide-modified CdSe quantum dots (CdSe(Ln) QDs) have been prepared by heating a solution of Cd(oleate)(2), SeO2, and Ln(bipy)(S2CNEt2)(3) (bipy = 2,2'-bipyridine) to 180-190 degrees C for 10-15 min. The elemental compositions of the resulting CdSe(Ln) cores and CdSe(Ln)/ZnS core/shell QDs sh...

  1. Building interactive queries with LINQPad

    CERN Document Server

    Finot, Sébastien


    A step-by-step practical guide that will introduce you to LINQPad's key features, thereby helping you to query databases interactively.This book is aimed at C#/.Net developers who wish to learn LINQ programming and leverage the easy way of using LINQPad. No prior knowledge of LINQ or LINQPad is expected. A basic knowledge of SQL and XML is required for some chapters.

  2. Operational Test Director Guide. Change 4. (United States)


    to the danger , you can make the same error. Don’t let your tech- nical background smother your operational background. Confronted with a new weapons...PR1ESNAVWARCOL CO, SWOSCOLSCOM CNET CNA C0OMFLETRAGRU GTI4O CO, FLETRAU LCREEK DTIC (2) (ALtva 4 Lait on thiA pa~t o6 the dihtxibutiZon SCopy to (w/o enclosure (1

  3. Création d'une académie nationale des télécentres aux Philippines ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Ces dernières années, le mouvement des télécentres a pris de l'ampleur dans les Philippines, principalement à cause du Réseau des centres électroniques communautaires des Philippines (PhilCeCNet) mis sur pied grâce au soutien financier et technique octroyé dans le cadre du programme du CRDI ...

  4. The International Congress on Acoustics (11th) Held at Paris, France on 19-27 July 1983. (United States)


    MONITORING AGENCY NAME & ADDRESS(If different from Controllingl Office) 15. SECURITY CLASS . (of this report) UNCLASSIFIED 1S. DECL ASSI FICATION...the desi-e to country. For this meeting, the host was participate with workers in other Groupement des Acousticeans de Langue countries. In general it...contributed Groupement des Acousticiens de papers. The proceedings (240 pages) are Langue Francaise available from GALF. C.N.E.T. Lannion A. The Halifax

  5. Provincial variation of carbon emissions from bituminous coal: Influence of inertinite and other factors (United States)

    Quick, J.C.; Brill, T.


    We observe a 1.3 kg C/net GJ variation of carbon emissions due to inertinite abundance in some commercially available bituminous coal. An additional 0.9 kg C/net GJ variation of carbon emissions is expected due to the extent of coalification through the bituminous rank stages. Each percentage of sulfur in bituminous coal reduces carbon emissions by about 0.08 kg C/net GJ. Other factors, such as mineral content, liptinite abundance and individual macerals, also influence carbon emissions, but their quantitative effect is less certain. The large range of carbon emissions within the bituminous rank class suggests that rank- specific carbon emission factors are provincial rather than global. Although carbon emission factors that better account for this provincial variation might be calculated, we show that the data used for this calculation may vary according to the methods used to sample and analyze coal. Provincial variation of carbon emissions and the use of different coal sampling and analytical methods complicate the verification of national greenhouse gas inventories. Published by Elsevier Science B.V.

  6. Description and preliminary results of the PACEM 2 experimental program (United States)

    Gole, P.; Lavergnat, J.; Sylvain, M.

    The CNET experimental PACEM program, which is aimed at obtaining a better understanding of multipath propagation on microwave line-of-sight channels, is considered. The results of a previous experiment on channel modeling is summarized, and an experiment investigating the seasonal variations on a space diversity channel is described. To monitor the experiment remotely, an efficient data compression technique that involved Hadamard transforming was used. It is shown that the number of significant transform coefficients allows a quick evaluation of the propagation channel behavior without decompressing the data. First results obtained using the method are presented for a one-year period.

  7. Mitigating Risk to DOD Information Networks by Improving Network Security in Third-Party Information Networks (United States)


    Financial Services 119, no. 7 (July 2015): 46. 19 Elinor Mills , “Pentagon Spends over $100 Million on Cyberattack Cleanup,” CNET News, April 7, 2009, http...Compliance Week, November 25, 2014, 64. 23 John Keller, “Defense Industry Concerned about Cyber Security; Not Sure Where to turn for Help,” Military...results of the author’s Google search of TRANSCOM contracts. 31 Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, and George Kurtz, Hacking Exposed, 7th ed. (New York

  8. Les auteurs



    Myriam Bachir Maître de conférences en science politique, CURAPP, Université d'Amiens. Luc Berlivet Docteur en science politique, CRAP, IEP de Rennes. Sylvie Biarez Directeur de recherche, CERAT, IEP de Grenoble. Dominique Cardon Chargé de recherches au CNET (Prisme). Alistair Cole Senior Lecturer, Political Science, University of Bradford, UK. Éric Darras Docteur en science politique, chargé de mission au Conseil supérieur de l'Audiovisuel. Pierre Favre Professeur de science politique, IEP d...

  9. Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#

    CERN Document Server

    Olson, Scott; Horgen, Ben; Goers, Kenny


    Develop mobile enterprise applications in a language you already know! With employees, rather than the IT department, now driving the decision of which devices to use on the job, many companies are scrambling to integrate enterprise applications. Fortunately, enterprise developers can now create apps for all major mobile devices using C#/.NET and Mono, languages most already know. A team of authors draws on their vast experiences to teach you how to create cross-platform mobile applications, while delivering the same functionality to PC's, laptops and the web from a single technology platform

  10. Going their own way : fundamental research into froth treatment creates options for bitumen enhancement

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wells, P.


    CANMET Energy of Natural Resources Canada has been actively involved in finding new and improved ways to process bitumen. The effort has resulted in major advancements in 2 key technologies used for froth treatment. The consortium for froth treatment research was initially developed in 1993 between CANMET Energy and Syncrude. Suncor joined shortly thereafter. In 1996 Royal Dutch Shell Plc joined the consortium. Each member company also worked with CANMET Energy independent of the consortium to develop their respective approach to froth treatment. The joint effort was so successful that the researchers involved were awarded the Alberta Science and Technology award for oilsands research for the commercialization of the new froth treatment. In conventional froth treatment, naphtha is used as a solvent at a relatively low solvent-to-bitumen ratio. The separation is enhanced by addition of chemicals to destabilize the emulsion. Typical diluted bitumen products from this process contain 1 or 2 per cent water and about 0.5 per cent mineral solids, and are therefore not suitable for pipelining or refining. Heat is used to upgrade the bitumen to a synthetic crude oil. The second technology is paraffinic solvent froth treatment (PSFT ) which produces a bitumen product with lower levels of contaminants. The content of asphaltenes can also be lowered, thereby upgrading the bitumen quality. The ultimate objective was to minimize industry's energy footprint and also minimize environmental impacts. 1 ref., 5 figs.

  11. Regression Test Selection for C# Programs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nashat Mansour


    Full Text Available We present a regression test selection technique for C# programs. C# is fairly new and is often used within the Microsoft .Net framework to give programmers a solid base to develop a variety of applications. Regression testing is done after modifying a program. Regression test selection refers to selecting a suitable subset of test cases from the original test suite in order to be rerun. It aims to provide confidence that the modifications are correct and did not affect other unmodified parts of the program. The regression test selection technique presented in this paper accounts for C#.Net specific features. Our technique is based on three phases; the first phase builds an Affected Class Diagram consisting of classes that are affected by the change in the source code. The second phase builds a C# Interclass Graph (CIG from the affected class diagram based on C# specific features. In this phase, we reduce the number of selected test cases. The third phase involves further reduction and a new metric for assigning weights to test cases for prioritizing the selected test cases. We have empirically validated the proposed technique by using case studies. The empirical results show the usefulness of the proposed regression testing technique for C#.Net programs.

  12. Multi-carrier Communications over Time-varying Acoustic Channels (United States)

    Aval, Yashar M.

    -FFT demodulation, and are implemented as partial (P), shaped (S), fractional (F), and Taylor series expansion (T) FFT demodulation. They replace the conventional FFT demodulation with a few FFTs and a combiner. The input to each FFT is a specific transformation of the input signal (P,S,F,T), while the combiner performs weighted summation of the FFT outputs. We design an adaptive algorithm of stochastic gradient type to learn the combiner weights for coherent and differentially coherent detection. The algorithm is cast into the framework of multiple receiving elements to take advantage of spatial diversity. Synthetic data, as well as experimental data from the MACE'10 experiment are used to demonstrate the performance of the proposed methods, showing significant improvement over conventional detection techniques with or without inter-carrier interference equalization (5 dB--7 dB on average over multiple hours), as well as improved bandwidth efficiency.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joko Lianto Buliali


    Full Text Available The rank of a TNI AU personnel is related with the placement of the personnel in the previous rank, education, or other duty placement. TNI AU carries out rank promotion every year. In essence, the process is to check the accomplishment of a personnel to rank promotion criteria. The large number of rules in rank promotion criteria makes manual calculation time and energy consuming. In this research, a knowledge based system is developed to help calculating the accomplishment of personnel to rank promotion criteria. This system is chosen because of the suitability of representation of the rules in the criteria with the rules in knowledge based system and because of the large number of rules in rank promotion criteria. ASP.Net, C#.Net, dan IIS web server is used in the implementation of the system. The case study in this research is conducted at Pusdiklat Hanudnas Surabaya. Testing is conducted by using data approved by Pusdiklat Hanudnas Surabaya. The results show that the system has performed accepatbly as the results from the system is the same as the result from manual calculation. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Kepangkatan prajurit TNI AU berkaitan erat dengan penempatan prajurit tersebut dalam jabatan, keperluan pendidikan, atau penugasan-penugasan lainnya. TNI AU mengadakan agenda pengajuan kenaikan pangkat setiap tahun. Proses ini pada intinya adalah pemeriksaan pemenuhan kriteria kenaikan pangkat personel. Banyaknya aturan dalam pemenuhan kriteria kenaikan pangkat membuat perhitungan secara manual mambutuhkan waktu dan energi yang banyak. Dalam penelitian ini dibangun sistem berbasis pengetahuan untuk membantu perhitungan pemenuhan kriteria dalam proses kenaikan pangkat prajurit. Sistem ini dipilih karena kesesuaian representasi aturan pada kriteria dalam proses kenaikan pangkat prajurit dan aturan pada sistem berbasis pengetahuan serta banyaknya aturan yang menyangkut kenaikan pangkat prajurit. ASP.Net, C#.Net, dan IIS web server

  14. Sequential Optimization of Global Sequence Alignments Relative to Different Cost Functions

    KAUST Repository

    Odat, Enas M.


    The purpose of this dissertation is to present a methodology to model global sequence alignment problem as directed acyclic graph which helps to extract all possible optimal alignments. Moreover, a mechanism to sequentially optimize sequence alignment problem relative to different cost functions is suggested. Sequence alignment is mostly important in computational biology. It is used to find evolutionary relationships between biological sequences. There are many algo- rithms that have been developed to solve this problem. The most famous algorithms are Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman that are based on dynamic program- ming. In dynamic programming, problem is divided into a set of overlapping sub- problems and then the solution of each subproblem is found. Finally, the solutions to these subproblems are combined into a final solution. In this thesis it has been proved that for two sequences of length m and n over a fixed alphabet, the suggested optimization procedure requires O(mn) arithmetic operations per cost function on a single processor machine. The algorithm has been simulated using C#.Net programming language and a number of experiments have been done to verify the proved statements. The results of these experiments show that the number of optimal alignments is reduced after each step of optimization. Furthermore, it has been verified that as the sequence length increased linearly then the number of optimal alignments increased exponentially which also depends on the cost function that is used. Finally, the number of executed operations increases polynomially as the sequence length increase linearly.

  15. Students Mental Representation of Biology Diagrams/Pictures Conventions Based on Formation of Causal Network (United States)

    Sampurno, A. W.; Rahmat, A.; Diana, S.


    Diagrams/pictures conventions is one form of visual media that often used to assist students in understanding the biological concepts. The effectiveness of use diagrams/pictures in biology learning at school level has also been mostly reported. This study examines the ability of high school students in reading diagrams/pictures biological convention which is described by Mental Representation based on formation of causal networks. The study involved 30 students 11th grade MIA senior high school Banten Indonesia who are studying the excretory system. MR data obtained by Instrument worksheet, developed based on CNET-protocol, in which there are diagrams/drawings of nephron structure and urinary mechanism. Three patterns formed MR, namely Markov chain, feedback control with a single measurement, and repeated feedback control with multiple measurement. The third pattern is the most dominating pattern, differences in the pattern of MR reveal the difference in how and from which point the students begin to uncover important information contained in the diagram to establish a causal networks. Further analysis shows that a difference in the pattern of MR relate to how complex the students process the information contained in the diagrams/pictures.

  16. Scene Text Detection and Segmentation based on Cascaded Convolution Neural Networks. (United States)

    Tang, Youbao; Wu, Xiangqian


    Scene text detection and segmentation are two important and challenging research problems in the field of computer vision. This paper proposes a novel method for scene text detection and segmentation based on cascaded convolution neural networks (CNNs). In this method, a CNN based text-aware candidate text region (CTR) extraction model (named detection network, DNet) is designed and trained using both the edges and the whole regions of text, with which coarse CTRs are detected. A CNN based CTR refinement model (named segmentation network, SNet) is then constructed to precisely segment the coarse CTRs into text to get the refined CTRs. With DNet and SNet, much fewer CTRs are extracted than with traditional approaches while more true text regions are kept. The refined CTRs are finally classified using a CNN based CTR classification model (named classification network, CNet) to get the final text regions. All of these CNN based models are modified from VGGNet-16. Extensive experiments on three benchmark datasets demonstrate that the proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance and greatly outperforms other scene text detection and segmentation approaches.

  17. Impact of multiple joint impairments on the energetics and mechanics of walking in patients with haemophilia. (United States)

    Lobet, S; Detrembleur, C; Hermans, C


    Few studies have assessed the changes produced by multiple joint impairments (MJI) of the lower limbs on gait in patients with haemophilia (PWH). In patients with MJI, quantifiable outcome measures are necessary if treatment benefits are to be compared. This study was aimed at observing the metabolic cost, mechanical work and efficiency of walking among PWH with MJI and to investigate the relationship between joint damage and any changes in mechanical and energetic variables. This study used three-dimensional gait analysis to investigate the kinematics, cost, mechanical work and efficiency of walking in 31 PWH with MJI, with the results being compared with speed-matched values from a database of healthy subjects. Regarding energetics, the mass-specific net cost of transport (C(net)) was significantly higher for PWH with MJI compared with control and directly related to a loss in dynamic joint range of motion. Surprisingly, however, there was no substantial increase in mechanical work, with PWH being able to adopt a walking strategy to improve energy recovery via the pendulum mechanism. This probable compensatory mechanism to economize energy likely counterbalances the supplementary work associated with an increased vertical excursion of centre of mass (CoM) and lower muscle efficiency of locomotion. Metabolic variables were probably the most representative variables of gait disability for these subjects with complex orthopaedic degenerative disorders. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amir Toghyani Khorasgani


    Full Text Available This study aimed at investigating the effects of reading goals on L2 reading comprehension in a computer-mediated environment when reading is self-paced by the learners and students are responsible for their own comprehension. Sixty participants (30 males & 30 females in three groups of 20 were involved. A computer program, written in C#.NET program, presented the text on the screen four lines at a time, and measured the amount of time students would spend on each page initially, how many times students re-read pages, and how much time students would spend re-reading pages. L2 learners’ comprehension and learning strategies were measured in three ways: recall of materials, time spent reading each page of the text and time spent re-reading pages, and the number of times pages were re-read. Finally, after one month from the first test a posttest was administered to determine which group could remember materials better. The results revealed that recall of materials was significantly greater for the teaching-goal group than the other two groups in both first and second tests. Time spent re-reading was significantly greater for the teaching-goal group as well. These findings suggest that reading goals do have an effect on comprehension and recalling in a computer-mediated environment and students with a different reading goal performed differently while reading passages.

  19. Image Enhancer: A Graphic Editor to Apply Numerous Effects in Digital Image

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abhisek Hazra


    Full Text Available Image Enhancer is an open source, portable graphic editor developed for Windows platform. It is equipped with an enriched set of digital imaging filters with advanced computer vision techniques embedded within, like Interest Point Detection (Susan Corner Detector, Linear Edge Detection (Simple, Sobel, Canny, Histogram Equalization, Dithering (Bayer, Burkes, Sierra, Jarvis Judis Ninke, Transforming to Polar images and vice versa etc.  Image Enhancer was released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL and the software was made available from the Microsoft’s open source project hosting repository Codeplex ( Image Enhancer was tested and hosted by several popular software archives like SoftPedia, CNET, Freeware Files, ZDNet, Soft Tango and others. A stable Release Candidate (RC version has been made available in which some major modifications were done which were not present in the earlier Beta version. The download link for the Image Enhancer (both Release Candidate & Beta Version from CodePlex repository is (

  20. Effect of combined administration of aripiprazole and fluoxetine on cognitive functions in female rats exposed to ethyl alcohol. (United States)

    Kus, Krzysztof; Ratajczak, Piotr; Czaja, Natasza; Zaprutko, Tomasz; Nowakowska, Elżbieta


    Alcoholism is a chronic and recurrent disease. The studies on ethyl alcohol show a progressive deterioration of cognitive functions (motor hyperactivity, operating memory). The aim of the study was to establish whether combined single and chronic administration of aripiprazole (ARI) and fluoxetine (FLU) affects animal locomotor activity or modifies spatial memory functions in female rats exposed to ethyl alcohol. Female Wistar rats were studied in the Morris Water Maze (MWM) and locomotor activity test. Rats undergoing the MWM and locomotor activity test were injected with saline on day 1, 7, 14 and 21 of testing. Results showed a statistically significant mobility increase in the group of ethanol‑exposed females (CEt) (21 days) compared to the non-ethanol-exposed group (CNEt). Upon ARI administration to CEt, no statistically significant differences in animal mobility were found, either upon single or chronic administration. Chronic administration of FLU (21 days) as well as combined administration of ARI+FLU (14 and 21 days) caused a statistically significant reduction of the females' mobility compared to the control CEt group. Single and chronic administration of ARI (7x) both show a spatial memory improvement in CEt. No memory improvement was observed, however, after 14 and 21 days of ARI administration. FLU, likewise, improved spatial memory both upon single and chronic administration. Combined administration of ARI+FLU improved memory in CEt only upon single administration. Lack of effect upon chronic administration may be due to tolerance to memory improvement developing upon combined administration of ARI+FLU. It can be concluded that ARI (1.5 mg/kg), FLU (5 mg/kg), and combined administration of these drugs improves spatial memory in CEt.

  1. Continuous and Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring Based on ECG and SpO2 Signals By Using Microsoft Visual C Sharp

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Younessi Heravi M. A.


    Full Text Available Background: One of the main problems especially in operating room and monitoring devices is measurement of Blood Pressure (BP by sphygmomanometer cuff. Objective: In this study we designed a new method to measure BP changes continuously for detecting information between cuff inflation times by using vital signals in monitoring devices. This will be achieved by extraction of the time difference between each cardiac cycle and a relative pulse wave. Methods: Finger pulse and ECG signals in lead I were recorded by a monitoring device. The output of monitoring device was inserted in a computer by serial network communication. A software interface (Microsoft Visual C#.NET was used to display and process the signals in the computer. Time difference between each cardiac cycle and pulse signal was calculated throughout R wave detection in ECG and peak of pulse signal by the software. The relation between time difference in two waves and BP was determined then the coefficients of equation were obtained in different physical situations. The results of estimating BP were compared with the results of sphygmomanometer method and the error rate was calculated. Results: In this study, 25 subjects participated among them 15 were male and 10 were female. The results showed that BP was linearly related to time difference. Average of coefficient correlation was 0.9±0.03 for systolic and 0.82±0.04 for diastolic blood pressure. The highest error percentage was calculated 8% for male and 11% for female group. Significant difference was observed between the different physical situation and arm movement changes. The relationship between time difference and age was estimated in a linear relationship with a correlation coefficient of 0.76. Conclusion: By determining linear relation values with high accuracy, BP can be measured with insignificant error. Therefore it can be suggested as a new method to measure the blood pressure continuously.

  2. Determinação do índice de qualidade subsuperficial em um Latossolo Amarelo Coeso dos Tabuleiros Costeiros, sob floresta natural Determination of the subsurface quality index in a Cohesive Argisolic Yellow Latosol under natural forest in Coastal Plains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Fernandes de Melo Filho


    Full Text Available O solo é um recurso natural fundamental para a vida. Sua capacidade para funcionar como substrato para vegetais, filtro ambiental, regulador de fluxo de gases, água e energia é definida como qualidade do solo, cuja quantificação pode ser feita via estabelecimento de um índice numérico, que permite monitorar os efeitos do uso agrícola nos atributos e propriedades do solo. O objetivo do presente trabalho foi determinar o índice de qualidade do solo (IQS para os horizontes subsuperficiais em um Latossolo Amarelo coeso argissólico (LAx dos Tabuleiros Costeiros, sob floresta natural. A área estudada localiza-se em uma reserva de Mata Atlântica situada no município de Cruz das Almas-BA, e as amostras foram coletadas em um grid de 18 x 8 m, com espaçamento regular de 2 m, resultando em 50 repetições. Para determinação do índice de qualidade do solo, foram avaliados 11 indicadores de qualidade: macroporosidade, densidade do solo, condutividade hidráulica saturada, retenção de água a -33 kPa (Uv33/PT, relação de disponibilidade de água no solo (AD/PT, pH, resistência à penetração (RP, capacidade de troca catiônica (CTC, percentagem de saturação por bases (V, percentagem de saturação por alumínio (m e teor de matéria orgânica (MO, agrupados em três funções principais: crescimento radicular em profundidade (CRP, condução e armazenamento de água (CAA e suprimento de nutrientes (SN. O valor do IQS foi de 0,4620, indicando que o solo possui baixa qualidade para produção vegetal e seu uso em sistemas agrícolas exige melhorias nos indicadores de qualidade para o suprimento de nutrientes e condução e armazenamento de água.Soil is an essential natural resource for life. Its overall capacity to function as substratum for plants, as environmental filter and regulator of gas, water and energy flow is defined as soil quality. An soil quality index can be used to monitor the effects of agricultural use on the soil

  3. Plans for RegCM4 CORDEX-CORE simulations (United States)

    Giorgi, Filippo; Coppola, Erika; Giuliani, Graziano


    One of initiatives of the next phase CORDEX activities is the so-called CORDEX-CORE program, by which a core set of regional climate models (RCMs) will downscale a core set of Global Climate Model (GCM) 21st century projections over all, or most, CORDEX continental scale domains. This effort is aimed at providing a homogeneous set of RCM-based projections across land regions of the world, for use in impact assessment studies. The RegCM4 model will participate to this effort through contributions from its user community (the Regional Climate research NETwork, or RegCNET). Although the final details of the CORDEX-CORE experiment protocol have yet to be finalized by the CORDEX community, it is envisioned that ensembles of RegCM4 projections for the period 1950-2100 (or minimally 1970-2100), downscaling 3-6 GCMs over all CORDEX domains (except for the polar ones) will be produced, with forcing from a high end (likely RCP8.5) and a low end (likely RCP2.6) GHG concentration pathway. Depending on the availability of GCM simulations, CMIP5 and/or CMIP6 GCMs will be downscaled. The model grid spacing will be 20-25 km, except for the European domain, where it will be 12.5 km. The newest version of the model, RegCM4.6, will be used, which includes several new physics options compared to previous ones. The model will be validated and customized for the different domains via ERA-Interim driven simulations for the period 1979-2014. The simulations will be conducted by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) team, as well as several institutes located in the different CORDEX regions, and the data will be stored in CORDEX output format at different repositories. Analysis teams and targeted workshops will be organized to carefully assess the simulations. This presentation will describe the RegCM4 CORE experiment framework and will discuss preliminary results over different CORDEX domains from the ERA-Interim driven simulations.

  4. Disturbed small-world networks and neurocognitive function in frontal lobe low-grade glioma patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qingling Huang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Brain tumor patients often associated with losses of the small-world configuration and neurocognitive functions before operations. However, few studies were performed on the impairments of frontal lobe low-grade gliomas (LGG after tumor resection using small-world network features. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: To detect differences in the whole brain topology among LGG patients before and after operation, a combined study of neurocognitive assessment and graph theoretical network analysis of fMRI data was performed. We collected resting-state fMRI data of 12 carefully selected frontal lobe LGG patients before and after operation. We calculated the topological properties of brain functional networks in the 12 LGG, and compared with 12 healthy controls (HCs. We also applied Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA in a subset of patients (n = 12, including before and after operation groups and HCs (n = 12. The resulting functional connectivity matrices were constructed for all 12 patients, and binary network analysis was performed. In the range of 0.05 ≤ Kcos t ≤ 0.35, the functional networks in preoperative LGG and postoperative one both fitted the definition of small-worldness. We proposed Knet = 0.20 as small-world network interval, and the results showed that the topological properties were found to be disrupted in the two LGG groups, meanwhile the global efficiency increased and the local efficiency decreased. Lnet in the two LGG groups both were longer than HCs. Cnet in the LGG groups were smaller than HCs. Compared with the Hcs, MoCA in the two LGG groups were lower than HCs with significant difference, and the disturbed networks in the LGG were negatively related to worse MoCA scores. CONCLUSIONS: Disturbed small-worldness preperty in the two LGG groups was found and widely spread in the strength and spatial organization of brain networks, and the alterated small-world network may be responsible for cognitive

  5. Applications of Mobile GIS in Forestry South Australia (United States)

    Battad, D. T.; Mackenzie, P.


    South Australian Forestry Corporation (ForestrySA) had been actively investigating the applications of mobile GIS in forestry for the past few years. The main objective is to develop an integrated mobile GIS capability that allows staff to collect new spatial information, verify existing data, and remotely access and post data from the field. Two (2) prototype mobile GIS applications have been developed already using the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ARCGISR technology as the main spatial component. These prototype systems are the Forest Health Surveillance System and the Mobile GIS for Wetlands System. The Forest Health Surveillance System prototype is used primarily for aerial forest health surveillance. It was developed using a tablet PC with ArcMapR GIS. A customised toolbar was developed using ArcObjectsR in the Visual Basic 6 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The resulting dynamic linked library provides a suite of custom tools which enables the following: - quickly create spatial features and attribute the data - full utilisation of global positioning system (GPS) technology - excellent screen display navigation tools, i.e. pan, rotate map, capture of flight path - seamless integration of data into GIS as geodatabase (GDB) feature classes - screen entry of text and conversion to annotation feature classes The Mobile GIS for Wetlands System prototype was developed for verifying existing wetland areas within ForestrySA's plantation estate, collect new wetland data, and record wetland conditions. Mapping of actual wetlands within ForestrySA's plantation estate is very critical because of the need to establish protection buffers around these features during the implementation of plantation operations. System development has been focussed on a mobile phone platform (HTC HD2R ) with WindowsR Mobile 6, ESRI's ArcGISR Mobile software development kit (SDK) employing ArcObjectsR written on C#.NET IDE, and ArcGIS ServerR technology. The system

  6. دراسة حركية للتفكك الضوئي للمعقد أوكسو- 1, 2- ثنائي مثيل هايدرازيدو- ثنائي (ثنائي أثيل ثنائي ثايوكارباماتو موليبدنيوم (VI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    حسن عباس حبيب


    Full Text Available تم تحضير المعقد أوكسو 1و2- ثنائي مثيل هايدرازيدو– ثنائي (ثنائي أثيل ثنائي ثايوكارباماتو موليبدنيوم (VI بوساطة المعقد الوسطي ثنائي اوكسو ثنائي (ثنائي أثيل ثنائي ثايوكارباماتو موليبدنيوم (VI  MoO2(S2CNEt22. وتم تشخيص المعقدين طيفيا باستخدام مطيافية الأشعة المرئية والفوق بنفسجية ومطيافية الأشعة تحت الحمراء. تمت دراسة حركية التفكك الكيمياضوئي لهذا المعقد بتشعيع محلوله بضوء أحادي الطول الموجي 366 نانوميتر الذي يصدر من مصباح زئبقي متوسط الضغط بقدرة 4 واط وبدرجة حرارة 20 درجة مئوية ولمدة 90 دقيقة باستخدام الايثانول كمذيب . تبين ان مرتبة التفاعل من الدرجة الاولى وتم حساب ثابت سرعة التفكك الضوئي (k من خلال متابعة التغيرات الطيفية اثناء عملية التشعيع, وتم دراسة تأثير عدة عوامل على التفكك الضوئي تضمنت تأثير كل من : تركيز المعقد ، شدة الضوء، درجة الحرارة، الأ’س الهيدروجيني، قطبية المذيب وفترة التشعيع. حيث وجد ان سرعة تفكك المعقد تتناسب عكسيا مع التركيز, ويزداد التفكك بزيادة شدة الضوء الساقط, وإنً زيادة درجة الحرارة يؤدي الى زيادة سرعة التفكك وكذلك تم حساب طاقة التنشيط عند الاطوال الموجية (400 ,256 nm فكانت (12.742 , 23.971 kJ/mol على التوالي, وقد لوحظ ان تغيير الدالة الحامضية ما بين 4 – 10 يزداد التفكك باتجاه