Sample records for pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides fron

  1. Differentiation and diagnosis of Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron) Deighton with genomic DNA probes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frei, U; Wenzel, G.


    Repetitive genomic clones were used to differentiate between varieties within the species Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides. From 21 clones tested 13 revealed restriction fragment length polymorphisms among isolates. Cluster analysis was performed based on these data. Differentiation of isolate...

  2. Genome-wide association mapping of resistance to eyespot disease (Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides) in European winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and fine-mapping of Pch1. (United States)

    Zanke, Christine D; Rodemann, Bernd; Ling, Jie; Muqaddasi, Quddoos H; Plieske, Jörg; Polley, Andreas; Kollers, Sonja; Ebmeyer, Erhard; Korzun, Viktor; Argillier, Odile; Stiewe, Gunther; Zschäckel, Thomas; Ganal, Martin W; Röder, Marion S


    Genotypes with recombination events in the Triticum ventricosum introgression on chromosome 7D allowed to fine-map resistance gene Pch1, the main source of eyespot resistance in European winter wheat cultivars. Eyespot (also called Strawbreaker) is a common and serious fungal disease of winter wheat caused by the necrotrophic fungi Oculimacula yallundae and Oculimacula acuformis (former name Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides). A genome-wide association study (GWAS) for eyespot was performed with 732 microsatellite markers (SSR) and 7761 mapped SNP markers derived from the 90 K iSELECT wheat array using a panel of 168 European winter wheat varieties as well as three spring wheat varieties and phenotypic evaluation of eyespot in field tests in three environments. Best linear unbiased estimations (BLUEs) were calculated across all trials and ranged from 1.20 (most resistant) to 5.73 (most susceptible) with an average value of 4.24 and a heritability of H 2  = 0.91. A total of 108 SSR and 235 SNP marker-trait associations (MTAs) were identified by considering associations with a -log 10 (P value) ≥3.0. Significant MTAs for eyespot-score BLUEs were found on chromosomes 1D, 2A, 2D, 3D, 5A, 5D, 6A, 7A and 7D for the SSR markers and chromosomes 1B, 2A, 2B, 2D, 3B and 7D for the SNP markers. For 18 varieties (10.5%), a highly resistant phenotype was detected that was linked to the presence of the resistance gene Pch1 on chromosome 7D. The identification of genotypes with recombination events in the introgressed genomic segment from Triticum ventricosum harboring the Pch1 resistance gene on chromosome 7DL allowed the fine-mapping of this gene using additional SNP markers and a potential candidate gene Traes_7DL_973A33763 coding for a CC-NBS-LRR class protein was identified.

  3. Influence of fungicides on occurence of Fusarium spp. and other stem base diseases on winter wheat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Václav Sklenář


    Full Text Available From 1999 to 2004 the occurence of fungi: Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron. and Fusarium spp. was evaluated in small plot field trials on seven varieties of winter wheat. The efficacy of fungicide protection against stem base diseases and influence on yields was monitored in field conditions in Velká Bystřice near Olomouc.For diagnostic of casual fungi two methods were used: 1. Method of coloring mycelium in stems, 2. Method of cultivation of mycelim on agar.Results from detection of casual fungi are following: Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron., Fusarium culmorum (W. G. Sm. Sacc. and Fusarium graminearum Schwabe.For high efficacy of protection against roots and stem base disease the following fungicide variants should be applied: Sportak Alpha 1.5 l . ha−1 (BBCH 30/Cerelux Plus 0.7 l . ha−1 (BBCH 51, Sportak HF 1 l . ha−1 (BBCH 30/Cerelux Plus 0.7 l . ha−1, Alert S 1.0 l . ha−1 (BBCH 30/Cerelux Plus 0.7 l . ha−1 (BBCH 51. The application of fungicides positively influenced yields. Yield increased at average by10–20 % after the aplication but the rise in yields was not in total correlation with the efficacy. These results can be possibly used in the system of integral control of winter wheat against stem base disease in wheat.

  4. A TSTT integrated FronTier code and its applications in computational fluid physics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fix, Brian; Glimm, James; Li Xiaolin; Li Yuanhua; Liu Xinfeng; Samulyak, Roman; Xu Zhiliang


    We introduce the FronTier-Lite software package and its adaptation to the TSTT geometry and mesh entity data interface. This package is extracted from the original front tracking code for general purpose scientific and engineering applications. The package contains a static interface library and a dynamic front propagation library. It can be used in research of different scientific problems. We demonstrate the application of FronTier in the simulations of fuel injection jet, the fusion pellet injection and fluid mixing problems

  5. Interactions between fungi colonizing the stem base of winter wheat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Urszula Wachowska


    Full Text Available In vitro conditions, the interactions betecen the fungi most frequently isolated from the stem base of winter wheat were determined. These were the species from genus Fusarium (F. culmorum, F. avenaceum and F. poae and Rhizoctonia cerealis, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, Alternaria alternata and Aureobasidium bolleyi. Some saprotrophes showed stimulating effect on R. cerealis, P. herpotrichoides and F. poae. Certain species in combined cultures showed exceptionally favourable relationships.

  6. Present status of Zymoseptoria tritici (Mycospharella graminicola /Fuckel/ Schroter of the wheat cultures in the Republic of Macedonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Karov


    Full Text Available Abstract. In the Republic of Macedonia, wheat is a very important crop and it is grown on an area of around 250.000 ha. The most important regions for wheat growing are: Bitola, Kumanovo, Sveti Nikole, Skopje, Probistip, Kocani, Veles and Stip. The most important deseases on wheat are: Tapesia yallundae Wallwork and Spooner with its anamorphic stage Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides (Fron Deighton causer of the desease „eyespot“ on barley and wheat; Puccinia graminis f. spp. tritici; Puccinia racondita f. spp. tritici; Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici; Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc. Shoemaker; Blumeria graminis var. tritici and Zymoseptoria tritici (Mycospharella graminicola (Fuckel Schroter. Many new diseases on wheat causing significant economic damage to producers are observed in Macedonia. The main aim of this article is to present the symptoms, morphology and protective measures of Zymoseptoria tritici (Mycospharella graminicola, the most widely spread fungal pathogens on wheat in the Republic of Macedonia. In the period between 2014 and 2016, the pathogen fungi on wheat with the highest intensity were: Zymoseptoria tritici, Tapesia yallundae, Puccinia graminis, Puccinia recondita, Gaeumannomyces graminis, Bipolaris sorokiniana, Blumeria graminis. The intensity of the diseases and the damages – yield losses of wheat, differed from year to year and between regions, depended on the sensitivity of the wheat varieties. The smallest yield loss was identified in wheat producers who treated the wheat with pesticides at least twice for vegetation season.

  7. La scaenae frons del teatro de Itálica. Ensayo de anaparastasis a través de sus elementos arquitectónicos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Oliva


    Full Text Available A detailed analysis of the architectural items from the excavations undertaken more than 25 years ago at the Roman theatre of Italica provides the basis for an essay of graphical anaparastasis of its architectural orders. The most recognisable of these are from the scaenae frons and its porticus post scaenum. This paper not only provides a brief formal reconstruction of the former and its modules but also provides new fundamental data for describing the process of the theatre's construction.Por medio del análisis pormenorizado de los elementos arquitectónicos recuperados a lo largo de las excavaciones que, desde hace ya más de veinticinco años, se vienen desarrollando en el teatro romano de Itálica, hemos intentado llevar a cabo un ensayo de anaparastasis gráfica de sus órdenes arquitectónicos. Los mejor caracterizados son los de su scaenae frons y su porticus post scaenam. El presente estudio se ocupa del primero de ellos, permitiendo no solamente una reconstrucción puramente formal del mismo y sus módulos, sino también la propuesta de una importante reforma de la escena en época severiana, dato fundamental para la determinación del proceso constructivo del edificio.

  8. The evaluation of winter wheat roots and leaf sheath diseases diagnostic methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ewa Solarska


    Full Text Available The maltose and mineral media for isolation of Gaeumannomyces graminis from roots were assessed. The differences in numbers of obtained isolates were found depending on the medium used and sampling date. Easier identification of pathogen was possible employing maltose medium. The fungi from genus Fusarium occurring on winter wheat leaf sheaths were identified by mycological analysis and PCR, while the fungus Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides was detected by PCR and ELISA methods. PCR and ELISA methods enabled to detect pathogens also in periods before the disease symptoms on plants occurred.

  9. Herbal remedies used by residents of the urban areas fron city of Bandeirantes, Paraná, Brazil/ Plantas medicinais utilizadas na medicina popular por moradores da área urbana de Bandeirantes, PR, Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lin Chau Ming


    Full Text Available The present study had the objective of collecting data about herbal remedies from residents of the central urban area fron the city of Bandeirantes, Paraná. The data were collected from February to December 2003, through interviews done with people aging over 40 years old, chosen considering the knowledge about the medical use of herbal species, based on indication done by local residents. The interviews were kept using a form with questions related to the interviewed one and to the herbal medicine mentioned. Each interview was recorded using a cassette recorder and pictures for a later transcription. Vegetal samples were collected as often as possible and the samples were herborized, then exsicats were prepared for later botanical identification. After the identifications, the exsicats were incorporated to the herbaceous border of FALM Botanical Garden (Faculdades Luiz Meneghel, Bandeirantes, Paraná. 31 plants (herbal remedies were indicated, distributed among 19 families. The Lamiaceae contributed with the highest number of species, followed by Rosacea, Asteraceae and Euphorbiaceae. Leafs were the most used part for the medical preparation and the most common way of preparation was the infusion. The most mentioned therapeutic indications were: headaches, stomachahes, fever, stomach cramps and infection.O presente estudo teve por objetivo levantar o conhecimento a respeito de plantas medicinais dos moradores da área urbana central do município de Bandeirantes-PR. Os dados foram coletados no período de fevereiro a dezembro de 2003, através de entrevistas feitas com mulheres, com idade acima de 40 anos, selecionadas pelo seu conhecimento sobre o uso medicinal de espécies vegetais. As entrevistas foram realizadas através de formulários pré-estruturados, com questões referentes ao entrevistado e à planta citada. Cada entrevista foi registrada com o auxílio de gravador e fotografias para evitar perdas de informações. Foram coletadas

  10. Investigation into sorption of uranium fron its high-concentrated nitric acid solutions on resin AMP

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Savel'eva, V.I.; Sudarikov, B.N.; Kireeva, G.N.; Ryzhkova, V.N.; Kandaryuk, V.V.


    Sorption of uranium has been studied on strongly basic anion-exchange resin from nitric acid solutions with concentration in metal 10-150 g/l in presence of sodium, calcium, and aluminium nitrates. Sorption of uranium from solutions has been performed by the static method with the aid of contacting the initial solution with airdry resin for 4 hours, resin to solution ratio being 1:12.5. It has been established that sorption of uranium increases with a rise in concentration of salting out agents in the following order: Al(NO 3 ) 3 > Ca(NO 3 ) 2 > Na(NO 3 ). It has been shown spectrophotometricatly that in solutions of nitrates and HNO 3 with a concentration 3 exceeds 6 mol/l

  11. Biodiversity Business fron India to Peru; Insights into successes and chellenges

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vollaard, B.; Verweij, P.A.


    The Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development recently released the report 'Biodiversity Business from India to Peru'. The study, commissioned by Hivos, provides new insights in the impacts and success factors of the upcoming concept of biodiversity-friendly enterprise across the globe. By

  12. New species of Pavonia section Malvaviscoides (Malvaceae fron Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio Krapovickas


    Full Text Available Four new species are described: P. cabraliana, P. cristaliana, P. graomogoliana and P. Occhionii and the new name, P. velvetiana, is proposed for P. viscosa var. velutina from Minas Gerais, Brazil. A key for the species of the section Malvaviscoides from Minas Gerais is also included.

  13. Estimating plutonium production fron long-lived radionuclides in permanent structural components of production reactor cores

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fetter, S.


    This paper reports that the United States and the Soviet Union face critical decisions about the future of plutonium production for nuclear weapons. Both countries could eliminate the economic burden of rebuilding their production complexes by agreeing to ban the production of plutonium for weapons. Such an agreement could also provide important national-security benefits by reinforcing the Non-Proliferation Treaty and by diminishing the ability of both nations to break out of nuclear-arms reduction agreements at a later time - especially if the plutonium in the warheads eliminated by the arms reduction agreements is put under safeguards. A production cutoff would be verifiable

  14. Desind an operation of pilot plant production of biodisel fron frying oils

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nelly Morales Pedraza


    Full Text Available The objective of this article is present the pilot plant used in the research titled: Production of biodiesel from used edible oils to industrial level for the production of methyl or ethyl esters from vegetable oils used in the food industry that be used as a fuel in diesel engines type, in order to generate alternative use for these oils are reused, and additionally, generate new options in biofuels that can replace methyl ester, since these need of methanol, a product that usually is a derived petrochemical and highly toxic. In this small-scale plant for the production of ethyl esters (biodiesel can be evaluated spent oils of different kinds and diverse origin, or study oils from food industries, which are usually a blend of palm oil and soybean oil, and other times palm oils hydrogenated or mixtures of oil spent with palm oil refning RBD (refned, bleached and deodorized. The results are the basis for the design and construction of a pilot plant to produce biodiesel by lot of 6 liter by hour approximately, which is evaluated under simulated conditions of loading and operation. It was designed and implemented a batch reactor with heating and stirring mechanics, drivers with temperature, condensation and total alcohol refux, maintaining a molar relationship of 6:1 (alcohol/oil, which is considered the best relation for a esterification with basic catalysis several scientifc publications. The temperature of the reaction is set at 60 °C and atmospheric pressure. The productivity of the reaction

  15. Climatic changes inferred fron analyses of lake-sediment cores, Walker Lake, Nevada

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yang, In Che.


    Organic and inorganic fractions of sediment collected from the bottom of Walker Lake, Nevada, have been dated by carbon-14 techniques. Sedimentation rates and the organic-carbon content of the sediment were correlated with climatic change. The cold climate between 25,000 and 21,000 years ago caused little runoff, snow accumulation on the mountains, and rapid substantial glacial advances; this period of cold climate resulted in a slow sedimentation rate (0.20 millimeter per year) and in a small organic-carbon content in the sediment. Also, organic-carbon accumulation rates in the lake during this period were slow. The most recent period of slow sedimentation rate and small organic-carbon content occurred between 10,000 and 5500 years ago, indicative of low lake stage and dry climatic conditions. This period of dry climate also was evidenced by dry conditions for Lake Lahontan in Nevada and Searles Lake in California, as cited in the literature. Walker Lake filled rapidly with water between 5500 and 4500 years ago. The data published in this report was not produced under an approved Site Investigation Plan (SIP) or Study Plan (SP) and will not be used in the licensing process. 10 refs., 3 figs., 2 tabs

  16. Fronésis a svobodné rozhodnutí

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Boháček, Kryštof


    Roč. 71, č. 5 (2016), s. 389-400 ISSN 0046-385X Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Aristotle's moral psychology * Free decision * Phronesis * Proairesis * Nicomachean Ethics * Rhetoric * Alasdair McIntyre * Isaiah Berlin Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  17. Triticale biotic stresses--an overview. (United States)

    Arseniuk, Edward


    . graminearum, Microdochium nivale, Bipolaris sorokiniana, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, and Gaeumannomyces gramminis var. tritici inciting head, leaf and seedling blights and foot, crown and root rots. Diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, virus-like organisms and nematodes are also duly treated in this overview.

  18. The IPM Wheat Model--results of a three-year study in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. (United States)

    Verreet, J A; Heger, M; Oerke, E; Dehne, H W; Finger, I; Busse, C; Klink, H


    Under the primary utilisation of phytosanitary production factors such as selection of variety, crop rotation and N fertilisation according to plant requirements, the IPM Wheat Model comprises the elements diagnosis (qualitative = type of pathogen, quantitative = disease severity), scientifically grounded treatment thresholds which, as critical values in pathogen development, can be applied to define the optimum time of fungicide application, and pathogen-specific effective fungicides and application amounts. This leads to the location and year-specific optimised control of the pathogen and of the associated yield performance. After several years of development in Bavaria (from 1985 on) and Schleswig-Holstein (1993-1999), the model was tested as part of a project involving the Universities of Bonn and Kiel and the plant protection services of the German states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein in a three-year study (1999-2001) in interregional locations (usually nine per state) with the winter wheat variety Ritmo (interregional indicator variety) and a further variety of regional importance in different variations (untreated control, three to four times growth stage-oriented variants for the determination of the absolute damage potential, IPM-variant). In exact records (approx. 12 dates per vegetation period), the disease epidemics were recorded weekly. With the genetically uniform indicator variety Ritmo, the results documented substantially differing year- and location-specific disease and yield patterns. Interregionally, a broad wheat pathogen spectrum (Puccinia striiformis, P. recondita, Septoria tritici, Stagonospora (syn. Septoria) nodorum, Blumeria (syn. Erysiphe) graminis, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, Drechslera tritici-repentis) in differing composition, disease severity and damage effect was demonstrated. The heterogeneity of the infection and damage patterns was increased in the case of the second variety, in

  19. Assessment of how forest production currently not used would be obtained for energy purposes, and fron this an evaluation of management methods most appropriate to production of wood for energy purposes. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    King, G H


    For existing plantings and management, the availability of residues and energy in the forest and from the wood processing industry in the United Kingdom has been shown to be 885kt/y for 1977 and 2520kt/y for 2000. Biomass available in 2000 from thinning of existing forests is likely to range from 600kt/y up to much higher levels if the markets for small roundwood remain weak. Energy plantations of two types have been examined in detail, coppice for the better conditions, single stem growth for the more difficult sites. Suitable species have been evaluated, and areas of land which are at present only partially utilized for food production have been identified. Depending on the conditions, yields are likely to vary from 5 to 20 t/ha/y giving a potential yield of forest biomass of 16M dry t/y from 1.5M ha. Costs of biomass per uit energy, on-site, from residues, processing, thinnings and plantations are less than the current price of coal.

  20. Chico Pereira, Ganador del Premio Cinematográfico de la Agencia Europea para la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo con el largometraje "El Invierno de Pablo" The Film "Pablo's Winter" of Chico Pereira, Winner of the film award fron the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Dolores Limón Tamés


    Full Text Available La Agencia Europea para la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo (EU-OSHA organiza cada año el Festival de Cine Documental de Leipzig (DOK, Leipzig en el que se otorga el Premio Cinematográfico "Lugares de Trabajo Saludables" al documental que destaque como promotor del debate y la reflexión entre los ciudadanos europeos sobre la importancia de la seguridad y la salud en el trabajo. Este año 2012, el Premio ha sido otorgado al largometraje "El invierno de Pablo" del director español Chico Pereira, que narra la cruda historia de Pablo, un minero jubilado que trabajó extrayendo cinabrio durante 30 años y que actualmente presenta unos pulmones y un corazón seriamente dañados como consecuencia de la continua exposición al sulfuro de mercurio. En España, la Red Española de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, coordinada por el Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo, organizará durante 2013 sesiones de cine forum en la que se podrán visionar las películas ganadoras del Certamen Cinematográfico "Lugares de Trabajo Saludables", como actividad divulgativa para el debate y la promoción de la cultura preventiva.The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA is supporting every year the Healthy Workplaces Film Award for the best documentary on work-related topics. The award is presented at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig. The award honours a documentary film that promotes the importance of workplace health and safety across Europe. The film "Pablo's Winter" won this year the edition, telling the story of a retired miner who had been working during 30 years in an old mercury mine in Spain and currently has his heart and lungs severely damaged as a result of continued exposure to mercury sulfide. In Spain, the Spanish Network of Safety and Health at Work, coordinated by the National Institute of Safety and Health at Work, is organizing during 2013 video screenings of documentary films awarded, as an activity for promoting health and safety at work to encourage preventive culture. Key words: Human Rights, Copyright, authorship, Open Access, Creative Commons.

  1. Chico Pereira, Ganador del Premio Cinematográfico de la Agencia Europea para la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo con el largometraje "El Invierno de Pablo" The Film "Pablo's Winter" of Chico Pereira, Winner of the film award fron the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


    María Dolores Limón Tamés


    La Agencia Europea para la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo (EU-OSHA) organiza cada año el Festival de Cine Documental de Leipzig (DOK, Leipzig) en el que se otorga el Premio Cinematográfico "Lugares de Trabajo Saludables" al documental que destaque como promotor del debate y la reflexión entre los ciudadanos europeos sobre la importancia de la seguridad y la salud en el trabajo. Este año 2012, el Premio ha sido otorgado al largometraje "El invierno de Pablo" del director español Chico Pere...

  2. A Review of the Neotropical Genus Stypommisa (Diptera: Tabanidae) (Contributions of the American Entomological Institute. Volume 22, Number 5, 1986) (United States)


    examined. Brazil. Rio de Janeiro State, 1 female, Rio de Janeiro, --- 11-1939; 1 female, Teresopolis, Parque National da Serra dos Orgaos, 1000 m elev...15, frons. 16-18, S. caIIicera, Brazil, Parque National da Serra dos Orgaos, Teresopolis: 16, antenna; 17, palp; 18, frons. , Fairchild and

  3. On a new Longicorn genus and species, belonging to the Agniidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Neervoort van de Poll, J.R.H.


    Caput mediocre, supra angustius; tuberibus antenniferis validis, breviusculis; oculorum lobi inferiores magni, subconvexi. — Frons trapeziformis, subconvexa; mandibulae robustae oblique prominentes. — Antennae ♂ longissimae, scapo, cylindrico, elongato, cicatricoso, articulo tertio longiore,

  4. Lithium- an update on the mechanisms of action

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    rons depending on the level of their activity.4 Lithium thus seems to .... clear that MARCKS is crucial in neuronal growth and brain ... lithium's activity is predominantly confined to the left fron- ... This ranges from neurotransmitter production right.

  5. Dry cleaning device for protective cloths for use in nuclear power plants

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sugimoto, Yoshikazu.


    Purpose: To enable the use of fron 113 as laundry liquid so that sterilizing effect can also be attained during drying. Constitution: After cleaning various kinds of contaminations deposited to cloths in a laundry drum with fron 113 (trichlorofluoroethane), gases in the drum are recycled by a blower passing through a drying condenser and a heater to evaporize solvents or moisture content remained in the cloths. The evaporated solvent or moistures are condensated to recover when they pass through the condenser cooled by the coolants of a refrigerator. Accordingly, since high temperature drying is enabled and moistures can be dried as well by the use of fron 113, no additional provision of the drier is required and sterilizing effect can also be effected at high temperature drying. (Kamimura, M.)

  6. A new species of Eufriesea Cockerell (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Euglossina from northeastern Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz R. R. Faria


    Full Text Available A new species of Eufriesea Cockerell (Hymenoptera, Apidae from northeastern Brazil. Eufriesea pyrrhopyga sp. nov. a short-tongued Eufriesea is described as a new species. It can be easily recognized for its predominantly violet lower frons and thorax, violet tergum 1 contrasting with the strong reddish coloration on the lateral portions of terga 2 to 4 and on entire terga 5 and 6, and head pubescence with contrasting colors, white on the lower two-thirds of the face and black on upper frons and vertex. This new species, collected in Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil, apparently is restricted to the Pernambuco endemic center, and seems to be highly endangered.

  7. The effect of treating wheat with Ethrel in conjunction with some fungicides on the susceptibility to fungal diseases and on the root zone mycoflora of this plant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marian Michniewicz


    Full Text Available Wheat cv. Grana grown under field conditions, in the early phase of the first node formation, was sprayed with Ethrel (0.35 ml/m2 and with the fungicides: Sportak 45 EC (0.1 ml/m2 and Bayleton Triple (0.2 g/m2 - separately and in conjunction with Ethrel. It was found that Ethrel reduced the plant's susceptibility to infection by Cercosporella herpotrichoides and by species of the genus Fusarium. The fungicides were more active and also reduced the susceptibility to infection by Erysiphe graminis and Puccinia triticina. The fungistatic effect of Ethrel and Sportak was synergistic only in the case of Cercosporella herpotrichoides. Other interactions between Ethrel and fungicides were not found. Ethrel and fungicides only slightly affected the mycoflora of the root but they completely eliminated the fungi of the genus Mucor from the rhizosphere and reduced the participation of isolates of the genus Alternaria and Cladosporium in the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of wheat. The fungicides were more active than Ethrel. An interaction between Ethrel and fungicides in the reduction of fungi of the genus Fusarium in the rhizosphere was shown.

  8. Studies on African zygaenoid moths (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Apr 14, 1998 ... Since the mid-eighties extensive field work, including searches, breeding .... obliquely; R" merging with Sc, from near upper angle of cell,. RS 1+2 and .... Frons between eyes parallel towards labral region; distal cellular spot in ...

  9. Multilingual Data Selection for Low Resource Speech Recognition (United States)


    output of this feature fron- tend is a multilingual representation from the bottleneck layer of the second network. In our training framework , we use 40...16] M. Harper, “IARPA Babel Program,” php /research-programs/babel, [Online; accessed 2016-03-25]. [17] “Assamese Babel

  10. A Quantitative Electrochemiluminescence Assay for Clostridium perfringens alpha toxin (United States)


    Doyle, L.R. Beuchat, T.J. Montville (Eds.), Food Microbiology : Fundamentals and Fron- tiers, Second ed., ASM Press, Washington, D.C., 2001, pp. 351...D.E. Lorant, A.E. Bryant, G.A. Zimmerman, T.M. McIn- tyre, D.L. Stevens, S.M. Prescott , Alpha toxin from Clostridium per- fringens induces

  11. Operation New Arrivals. Phase I - The Buildup, 27 April 1975 - 23 May 1975. Part I (United States)


    la nbvbg nba Ian bao chuyen-nghlep, na ohi la nhSng ngvicfl oo thlen« eh£, ohUng ehung tol üde-aong Dear Conpatrlote i Away fron our natlTe land...field, places for badmitten, basketball , and volleyball playing. (4) A newspaper in Vietnamese for the center is in production. Contributions of

  12. Improvement of wear-resistance of solid lubricants by ionic impact

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A solid lubricating material, preferentially as a coating, deposited on a substrate surface by conventional technique such as dipping in a suspension, painting, or spraying is bombarded with energetic ions fron an ion accelerator or in a plasma discharge. By such a treatment the wear resistance o...

  13. Some Problems in German to English Machine Translation (United States)


    fron Benanti^e is a slippery business, especially when I have just clalwsd to subscribe to the idea that the structure of an utterance is intinately...from the English translation on page 15, the example paragraph can be divided Into elm 134 sections. These diviaions can be characterized at

  14. La mobilité pendulaire et le transport collectif intercommunal dans l'agglomération du Grand El Jadida: Cas des flux provenant de la banlieue




    This thesis focuses on the question of the pendulum mobility in the grand El Jadida especially the flows from the suburbs. Following its attractiveness since the early 1980s, by the location of various developmental projects especially Jorf Lasfar industrial Port Complex, the university and tourist projects, a functional complementarity is established between centers and the territorial collectivities of the grand El Jadida. From this complementarity, the populations of the suburb are in fron...

  15. Radiosurgery for cerebral arteriovenous malformation during pregnancy: A case report focusing on fetal exposure to radiation


    Nagayama, Kazuki; Kurita, Hiroki; Tonari, Ayako; Takayama, Makoto; Shiokawa, Yoshiaki


    Introduction: We present the case of a pregnant woman who underwent linear accelerator (LINAC)-based stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and we discuss the fetal exposure to radiation. Clinical Presentation: A 20-year-old woman at 18 weeks of gestation presented with right cerebral hemorrhage and underwent urgent evacuation of the hematoma. She recovered well after surgery, but cerebral angiography after the surgery revealed a small deeply seated arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in the right fron...

  16. The War in the North Sea. Volume I. From the Beginning of the War to the First of September, 1914. Part 2. Chapters 5,6; Appendices 14-21; Charts 18-35 (United States)


    destroyers of the Iliver type, the assiGirient of the orulsers "Undynion" and ’" Theseus " fron Cruiser ,>uadron XI to ".’, and several other secondary...ton t Hawk« t Royal «rthur ♦ Theseus (X Shortly after outbreak of «ar cruiser squadron .; assigned to Grand fleet and used in Jdockade duty

  17. Terminal Ballistics. A Preliminary Report (United States)


    F. Eisenhart F. R. Moulton ..»’«•»•*.••*•«.. Richard G. Tolman, Chairman.. * * * John E. Burchard, Exec. Off.» 3 The General problem...the bomb and <T* is the comprossivc strength of the target material. Although thero is little or no theo - retical or empirical justification for...brscd more or less directly upon r. theoretical bc^ckgrcund, it is desirable to begin the. study fron c theo - retical standpoint broad enough to include

  18. Vorrichtung zum Aufnehmen und Abgeben von Stückgut an ein fahrerloses Transportfahrzeug


    Schroer, W.


    The device (1) has comb-type bearing supporting bars (4) provided for passage of goods to be transported between rollers (9) of a running surface (2). An upper edge of the supporting bars is slightly higher than the running surface formed by the transport rollers. Stripping stoppers for the goods are provided in a driving direction behind the transport rollers. The supporting bars are designed in a raised or lowerable manner in a transport vehicle (3), where the supporting bars exhibit a fron...

  19. Il decadentismo spagnolo fra letteratura e crisi modernista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis de Llera


    Full Text Available Siglo de Oro and Edad de Plata are the two culminating periods of the Spanish culture. The former symbolizes the apogee of the Empire and of Catholicism in the Iberian peninsula; the latter covers the period fron 1900 to 1936. However differences don't regard only temporal limits but even the more essential aspects of ideology: during the first years of the present century Spanish letters lose their Catholic mark in order to laicize in an irreversible way. The present work analizes the religious, philosophical and literary causes which led to this change.

  20. A simplified method for generation of pseudo natural colours from colour infrared aerial photos

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Knudsen, Thomas; Olsen, Brian Pilemann

    mapping methods. The method presented is a dramatic simplification of a recently published method, going from a 7 step to a 2 step procedure. The first step is a classification of the input image into 4 domains, based on simple thresholding of a vegetation index and a saturation measure for each pixel....... In the second step the blue colour component is estimated using tailored models for each domain. Green and red colour components are taken directly fron the CIR photo. The visual impression of the results from the 2 step method is only slightly inferior to the original 7 step method. The implementation, however...

  1. Valor Econômico Adicionado (E.V.A.: uma ferramenta para mensuração da real lucratividade de uma operação ou empreendimento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodney Wernke


    Full Text Available To follow the changes in the way to administer companies, the accountant must have sufficient knowledge related to the Economic Value Added (EVA. The power of to the Economic Value Added (EVA concept was originated fron the idea that one can not know if an operation is really creating value, taking in to account the opportunit costof all the utilized capital. In most company operations, there is no idea of what or how much the valueaggregated by these companis. KEYWORDS: Economic value added; Measurement

  2. Culto a la Santa Efigenia: la razón étnica y la utopía social


    Arroyo Aguilar, Sabino


    This study is about the ways of the culture identification and the ethnic legitimation through the reinvention of the Santa Efigenia’s Wroship, as the only «Santa Morena» from the Cañete valley, from Lima-Perú and, that these last years is incoming as a cultural force or as a religious icon, associated to the history of the afroperuanos fron colonial origin and of the contemporany Andean inmigrants. Likewise, this study explain now the archetypes works in the act escenary in order to ask for ...

  3. Las lecciones de Chernóbil: Ciencia y tecnología en la sociedad global y el proyecto cosmopolita


    Soto Acosta, Willy


    El artículo parte de las tres grandes lecciones que dejó la tragedia de Chernóbil. En primer lugar, que las invenciones científicas y tecnológicas pueden escapar del control humano y pueden llegar a re- presentar un riesgo, es decir, un potencial negativo contra la misma humanidad. Segundo, que la ciencia y la tecnología pueden volverse contra el mismo gé- nero humano si no son enmarcadas dentro de un proyecto cosmopolita.Tercero, Chernóbil demostró que los riesgos ecológicos no respetan fron...

  4. High Resolution Depth-Resolved Imaging From Multi-Focal Images for Medical Ultrasound

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Diamantis, Konstantinos; Dalgarno, Paul A.; Greenaway, Alan H.


    An ultrasound imaging technique providing subdiffraction limit axial resolution for point sources is proposed. It is based on simultaneously acquired multi-focal images of the same object, and on the image metric of sharpness. The sharpness is extracted by image data and presents higher values...... calibration curves combined with the use of a maximum-likelihood algorithm is then able to estimate, with high precision, the depth location of any emitter fron each single image. Estimated values are compared with the ground truth demonstrating that an accuracy of 28.6 µm (0.13λ) is achieved for a 4 mm depth...

  5. Staff numbers: from words to action!

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    2006 is a decisive year for the definition of needs for human resources and long-term budget for the Organization. The LHC is officially programmed for 31 August 2007; the Director-General has to draw up a â€ワLong-term Plan” (LTP) by the end of the year. This projected programme will specify the needs for staff fron now until 2010 and beyond, in particular in the framework of the completion and running of this unique machine.

  6. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 59, Number 6, December 1923 (United States)


    Remarques sur Ie tir Fusant.-F-12, January, 1923. RegIa de Calculo Para Muelles Cilindricos.-Spa-2, June, 1923. Terrain Reduit pour Exercices de tir Fictif au...I to V, on a front Brussels-Metz, pivoting on the fortified area Metz- Thionville. The inner flank of the wheel was to be covered by the VI and VII...rapidly on the fron t Beauraing-Gedinne- Paliseul- Fay- des -Veneurs-Cuignon (5th Army) and Tetaigne-Margut-Quincy (4th Army)." Fearing the German advance

  7. Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Beschreibung der Wirkungsweise und Effektivität von grossflächigen hochsensitiven SPNDs : Self-Powered-Neutron-Detectors


    Al-Dabagh, D.


    In the present work the neutron sensitivity of large surface "Self-Powered- Neutron-Detectors«SPNDs) is determined numericaily and experimentally. First a computer model for the parametric caIculation of the (n,$\\gamma$)-reaction rates in the emitter of the SPND was developed under use of the Monte-Carlo-Program KENO 11 ‘To determine the escape-probability of the electrons produced via Comptonor photoelectric effect by the emitter as weil as fron the surrounding isolator, a new Monte-Carlo-Pr...

  8. Extracción del pigmento astaxantina de desechos de crustáceos (ING

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danilo Morales M.


    Full Text Available The astaxanthin pigment was extracted from Procambarus clarkii and Solenocera agassizii wastes using a soilbean oil process. Extracts containing 22 mg of astaxanthin/100 g of oil and 104.2 mg of astaxanthin/100 g of oil were prepared fron crawfish (P.clarkii and red shrimp (S.agassizii wastes respectively. The 104.2 mg of astaxanthin/100 g of oil highest than those reported for other crustacean wastes. Therefore, red shrimp wastes has good potencial as a natural pigment source, notably in aquatic diets for salmonid fishes, laying hens and the yolk of their eggs.

  9. Civic Action Projects Report, 1 January 1965-31 December 1965. Volume 2. (United States)


    country PIO. .~. 439 EL SALVADOF b. A copy of the pamphlet " Lecturas Seleccionadas Sobre el Desarollo de la Comunidad" fron. the U. S. Army School of...PiOJECT Ponton La Vega A-I Juan Lopez Moca A-2 Las Uvas Villa Tapia A-3 Buena Vista Jarabocoa A-4 Los Rios Neyba A-5 Juan Herrera San Juan de la ...Maguana A-6 Hatillo San Cristobal A-7 Licey La Vega A-8 Canoa Barahona AF-I Fundacion Bani N-i Comatillo Bayaguana A- 9 Santa Maria San Cristobal G-I 4

  10. Clinical Investigation Program Annual Progress Report. (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF OB-GYN i ~Brady, W.K., Hill, J.M., and Sarno, A.P.: Sporadic Puerperal Mastitis - Review and Update. Presented: OB-GYN Armed Forces...Technically, we have finally worked out variou problems, to include; acquisition of fresh media from Dr. Ham’s Lab, a new CO7 regulated incubator, whole bovine ...Ham’s medium fron the University of Colorado, whole bovine pituitary extract, and the various sup- plements needed for the media. We are now in the

  11. Marketing esportivo: propostas de ações para o voleibol adulto em Joinville


    Silva, Joffran Guilherme da


    Esta dissertação que recebe o nome de Marketing Esportivo - propostas para o voleibol adulto em Joinville, aborda o papel que o esporte desempenha na vida das pessoas e visa demonstrar que, ao longo do tempo, as relações com o mundo empresarial merecem atenção especial. A consulta à literatura demonstrou que o esforço acadêmico evoluiu ao longo dos anos, porém ainda guarda espaço para novos estudos. Este estudo pretende contribuir na definição do marketing esportivo, percorrendo além das fron...

  12. Phylogenetic lineages in Pseudocercospora. (United States)

    Crous, P W; Braun, U; Hunter, G C; Wingfield, M J; Verkley, G J M; Shin, H-D; Nakashima, C; Groenewald, J Z


    Pseudocercospora is a large cosmopolitan genus of plant pathogenic fungi that are commonly associated with leaf and fruit spots as well as blights on a wide range of plant hosts. They occur in arid as well as wet environments and in a wide range of climates including cool temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions. Pseudocercospora is now treated as a genus in its own right, although formerly recognised as either an anamorphic state of Mycosphaerella or having mycosphaerella-like teleomorphs. The aim of this study was to sequence the partial 28S nuclear ribosomal RNA gene of a selected set of isolates to resolve phylogenetic generic limits within the Pseudocercospora complex. From these data, 14 clades are recognised, six of which cluster in Mycosphaerellaceae. Pseudocercospora s. str. represents a distinct clade, sister to Passalora eucalypti, and a clade representing the genera Scolecostigmina, Trochophora and Pallidocercospora gen. nov., taxa formerly accommodated in the Mycosphaerella heimii complex and characterised by smooth, pale brown conidia, as well as the formation of red crystals in agar media. Other clades in Mycosphaerellaceae include Sonderhenia, Microcyclosporella, and Paracercospora. Pseudocercosporella resides in a large clade along with Phloeospora, Miuraea, Cercospora and Septoria. Additional clades represent Dissoconiaceae, Teratosphaeriaceae, Cladosporiaceae, and the genera Xenostigmina, Strelitziana, Cyphellophora and Thedgonia. The genus Phaeomycocentrospora is introduced to accommodate Mycocentrospora cantuariensis, primarily distinguished from Pseudocercospora based on its hyaline hyphae, broad conidiogenous loci and hila. Host specificity was considered for 146 species of Pseudocercospora occurring on 115 host genera from 33 countries. Partial nucleotide sequence data for three gene loci, ITS, EF-1α, and ACT suggest that the majority of these species are host specific. Species identified on the basis of host, symptomatology and general

  13. Contribution to the formulation of a proposal of interest since the síntesis gimnastics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo Husson


    Full Text Available Resuilt the gimnastics history allthough since a short summary, let us think about it like a significant "synthesis" about man corporal acts. In the face of the risk that the gimnastics runs of being banalize a like a consumption object that answer to the fashion or " to the market needs" and to be forgotten its rol of "transmitters" of the corporal culture that desever to be known, it is necessary a concept that universalize in only a proposal most schools and past trends with others ones that start to be. This suppone to move away fron the tendency that stereotype the movements fron an unique focus and to begin since a gimnastics understood like a synthesis of own man corporal history, that knowing respect the own students interests and needs, lets them settle an appropiate relation with theirs own bodies. Proposals haven't still been mentionated in this work neither classified but deserve to be considerated every time we let us think about gimnastics like a space where everything remains to make and discover

  14. Cilia in the head of hornets: form and function. (United States)

    Ishay, Jacob S; Plotkin, Marian; Ermakov, Natalya; Jongebloed, Willem L; Kalicharan, Dharamdajal; Bergman, David J


    In the head of the Oriental hornet, beneath the cuticle, there are plaques of hair cells. These are distributed throughout the upper front part of the head; to wit: in the region of the vertex (i.e., around and behind the ocelli), in the genae around and behind the compound eyes (the ommatidia), and in the region of the forehead or frons. These hair cells are arranged with their thin whip-like part (i.e., cilia) directed outward and morphologically fall into three distinct groups: type (a) thin elongated cilia connected to each other alongside by side-links; type (b) thin elongated cilia of which two or more interconnect at their distal ends via a delicate nerve fiber bearing a knob at its center; and type (c) shorter and thicker cilia that roughly resemble a triangular thorn and are also interconnected by a thin thread, which, however, bears a ball rather then a knob at its center. The knob in the one case and the ball in the other vary in their diameter, but in both instances the interconnecting elements, be they nerve fibers or threads, are seemingly multidirectional. Beneath the frons, in the region of the coronal suture, the hair cells (cilial plaques) are inwardly directed and bear a large trachea at their center. Presumably, the "weighted" cilial cells that are directed toward the exterior of the body aid the hornet in navigation and gravity determination whereas the inwardly directed ciliary cells may possibly serve in acoustic communication. Another element worthy of mention within the hair cells are yellow granules (yg). These yg's originate from the whip-like portion of the ciliary cells that are distributed beneath the frons plate, and also in the yellow stripes of the gastral cuticle. Conceivably, these yellow granules, in both cases, may play a role in the absorption and storage of solar energy. In summary, ciliary structures are involved in the hornet in gravity sensing, in acoustical communication and in light sensing, i.e., with some similarity

  15. Simulation Study of Structure and Properties of Plasma Liners for the PLX- α Project (United States)

    Samulyak, Roman; Shih, Wen; Hsu, Scott; PLX-Alpha Team


    Detailed numerical studies of the propagation and merger of high-Mach-number plasma jets and the formation and implosion of plasma liners have been performed using the FronTier code in support of the Plasma Liner Experiment-ALPHA (PLX- α) project. Physics models include radiation, physical diffusion, plasma-EOS models, and an anisotropic diffusion model that mimics deviations from fully collisional hydrodynamics in outer layers of plasma jets. Detailed structure and non-uniformity of plasma liners of due to primary and secondary shock waves have been studies as well as averaged quantities of ram pressure and Mach number. Synthetic data from simulations have been compared with available experimental data from a multi-chord interferometer and survey and high-resolution spectrometers. Numerical studies of the sensitivity of liner properties to experimental errors in the initial masses of jets and the synchronization of plasma gun valves have also been performed. Supported by the ARPA-E ALPHA program.

  16. PRODUKSI PEPTON DARI LIMBAH INDUSTRI BIR DENGAN PAPAIN UNTUK MEDIUM PERTUMBUHAN BAKTERI [Production Of Peptone From Waste Beer Industry Using Papain for Bacterial Growth Medium

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available peptone. Papain with activity of 691.5 units based on casein substrat was used in this experiment. Results showed that optimum conditions for hydrolysis processes were as follows : substrate concentration 3.2%, papain concentration 0.4%, temperature 60-70OC, pH 6.0, hydrolysis time 5 hours. With 5 liter fermentation jar as much as 3.8 liter of hydrolyzate could be produced with 19.23% of peptone. The resulting peptone had the following characteristics : solubility 90.7%, N-amino 3.25%, N-total 11.23%, protein 70.19%, water 5.5% and ash 7.9%. This peptone gave the same effectivity for bacterial growth as that fron commercial Bacto peptone and Yeast extract to support the bacterial growth

  17. Brachylophora, a new brachypterous genus of Rhopalophorini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robin O. S. Clarke


    Full Text Available Brachylophora, a new brachypterous genus of Rhopalophorini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae. Brachylophora auricollis (Bruch, 1918 comb. nov. = Pasiphyle auricollis Bruch, 1918, originally described from Argentina (Salta, is redescribed and illustrated. Although with reduced elytra, the genus is transferred from Rhinotragini to Rhopalophorini based on the following characters: eyes well separated in both sexes, frons between eyes depressed and lacking frontal suture; pro-, meso-, and metasternum planar; mesothorax parallel-sided, not at all declivous before mesosternal process; metasternum large, together with mesosternum twice length of prosternum, metepisternum very wide, entire suture separating it from metasternum clearly visible when viewed from below; female ovipositor shortened with short cylindrical styles; and, more generally, structural features of hind legs, and surface ornamentation. Habitus similar to Coremia group. Bolivian specimens were netted as they visited flowers of Croton sp. (Euphorbiaceae.

  18. Anthropogenic mortality on coral reefs in Caribbean Panama predates coral disease and bleaching. (United States)

    Cramer, Katie L; Jackson, Jeremy B C; Angioletti, Christopher V; Leonard-Pingel, Jill; Guilderson, Thomas P


    Caribbean reef corals have declined precipitously since the 1980s due to regional episodes of bleaching, disease and algal overgrowth, but the extent of earlier degradation due to localised historical disturbances such as land clearing and overfishing remains unresolved. We analysed coral and molluscan fossil assemblages from reefs near Bocas del Toro, Panama to construct a timeline of ecological change from the 19th century-present. We report large changes before 1960 in coastal lagoons coincident with extensive deforestation, and after 1960 on offshore reefs. Striking changes include the demise of previously dominant staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis and oyster Dendrostrea frons that lives attached to gorgonians and staghorn corals. Reductions in bivalve size and simplification of gastropod trophic structure further implicate increasing environmental stress on reefs. Our paleoecological data strongly support the hypothesis, from extensive qualitative data, that Caribbean reef degradation predates coral bleaching and disease outbreaks linked to anthropogenic climate change. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS.

  19. Mudanças conjunturais do ensino e noções gerais de ensino a distância: o caso LED

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Baptista Lopez Dalmau


    Full Text Available Times have changed, the regular habit to go to school, have a seat and listen to teachers talk about theories without possible application is finishing. Distance Learning approach has been causing a revolution in the learning systems in universities and also in enterprises throughout country. The Distance Education Laboratory LED, of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catariana -UFSC, can be considered as an example and a successful reference fron the managerial model to the pedagogic and methodological model. This paper aims to propose some answers concerning Distance Learning/Education as wellas to report some factors which made the LED on excellence institution in the Distance Educationfield. KEYWORDS: Distance education; Technological innovation; Course planning

  20. El desarrollo tecnológico y la evolución de la frontera agrícola en el período 1961-2009


    Casal, Luciano Martín


    Se analizó la evolución de la frontera agrícola argentina y su relación con el cambio tecnológico sucedido para el período 1961-2009, en particular de los activos fijos tangibles como la maquinaria agrícola, además de los cambios en la función de producción. Se buscó verificar la existencia de una relación funcional importante de largo plazo entre el aumento del capital fijo tangible y los cambios en la función de producción, para explicar la evolución de la frontera agrícola. Si bien la fron...

  1. The jet membrane-experiment: downstream sampling

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Campargue, R.


    The invasion separation effect of the free jet structure was found in 1966 at Saclay. In the Downstream Sampling Configuration patended by Campargue (1967), the light fraction is withdrawn from the supersonic central core, by skimming the separating free jet. From experimental and theoretical results obtained for gas and isotopic mixtures, the following points linked to operation and equipment costs, are considered: system description; influence of mass ratio, expansion ratio, nature of separating gas, ratio of upflow to separating jet flow, rarefaction. Fron an uninteresting aspect of Jet Membrane (elimination of background penetration), a new principle has been discovered to produce nozzle beams which may be of great interest for other separation processes involving free jets and/or molecular beams [fr

  2. Simulations of Neon Pellets for Plasma Disruption Mitigation in Tokamaks (United States)

    Bosviel, Nicolas; Samulyak, Roman; Parks, Paul


    Numerical studies of the ablation of neon pellets in tokamaks in the plasma disruption mitigation parameter space have been performed using a time-dependent pellet ablation model based on the front tracking code FronTier-MHD. The main features of the model include the explicit tracking of the solid pellet/ablated gas interface, a self-consistent evolving potential distribution in the ablation cloud, JxB forces, atomic processes, and an improved electrical conductivity model. The equation of state model accounts for atomic processes in the ablation cloud as well as deviations from the ideal gas law in the dense, cold layers of neon gas near the pellet surface. Simulations predict processes in the ablation cloud and pellet ablation rates and address the sensitivity of pellet ablation processes to details of physics models, in particular the equation of state.

  3. Trigonalidae (Hymenoptera from cacao agroforestry systems in northeastern Brazil, with two new species of Trigonalys Westwood

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernardo Santos


    Full Text Available A survey of Trigonalidae from cacao (Theobroma cacao L. agroforestry systems in southern Bahia, northeastern Brazil, is conducted. A total of 65 specimens were studied, and three species are recognized. Trigonalys melanoleuca Westwood is diagnosed and illustrated. Two new species are described and illustrated. Trigonalys erythrocephala sp. n. has most of head reddish brown; metasomal armature in sternum III conspicuous, Y-shaped; supra-antennal elevation conspicuous; hind coxa with sharp lateral angles, its dorso-mesal portion strigate; legs entirely dark brown; and fore wing lightly infuscate, darker towards anterior margin. Trigonalys gotica sp. n. with body blackish or dark brown and with pale yellow marks; mesopleuron with an oblique mark; female armature absent; frons and vertex punctate-areolate; supra-antennal elevation subtle; propodeal foramen V-shaped; and fore wing vein M arising distinctly basad to 1cu-a.

  4. How user-innovators can be identified? Evidence collected from the analysis of practices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fursov, K.; Nefedova, A.; Thurner, T


    This paper studies how daily routines around media consumption, internet and technologyusage, product preferences or civic engagement mediate likehood of being a user-innovator. Based on the differences in demographic characteristics of consumers and assimilation by them of certain daily routines we conclude that a deeper analysis of day-to-day activities can help distinguishing user-innovators fron non-innovating peers. It is argued that innovationrelated actions are rooted in learned behaviour, can be observed through the daily routines and tell us more on user-innovation experience. We suggest that no individual practice, but instead sets of practices taken in different economic, social and cultural environments can explain how innovations grow and disseminate through the entire economy. (Author)

  5. Microprocessor based beam intensity and efficiency display system for the Fermilab accelerator

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Biwer, R.


    The Main Accelerator display system for the Fermilab accelerator gathers charge data and displays it including processed transfer efficiencies of each of the accelerators. To accomplish this, strategically located charge converters monitor the circulating internal beam of each of the Fermilab accelerators. Their outputs are processed via an asynchronously triggered, multiplexed analog-to-digital converter. The data is converted into a digital byte containing address code and data, then stores it into two 16-bit memories. One memory outputs the interleaved data as a data pulse train while the other interfaces directly to a local host computer for further analysis. The microprocessor based display unit synchronizes displayed data during normal operation as well as special storage modes. The display unit outputs data to the fron panel in the form of a numeric value and also makes digital-to-analog conversions of displayed data for external peripheral devices. 5 refs

  6. Effect of initial conditions and Mach number on the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in ICF like conditions (United States)

    Rao, Pooja; She, Dan; Lim, Hyunkyung; Glimm, James


    The qualitative and quantitative effect of initial conditions (linear and non-linear) and high Mach number (1.3 and 1.45) is studied on the turbulent mixing induced by the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in idealized ICF conditions. The Richtmyer-Meshkov instability seeds Rayleigh-taylor instabilities in ICF experiments and is one of the factors that contributes to reduced performance of ICF experiments. Its also found in collapsing cores of stars and supersonic combustion. We use the Stony Brook University code, FronTier, which is verified via a code comparison study against the AMR multiphysics code FLASH, and validated against vertical shock tube experiments done by the LANL Extreme Fluids Team. These simulations are designed as a step towards simulating more realistic ICF conditions and quantifying the detrimental effects of mixing on the yield.

  7. Long term effects of low doses of 56Fe ions on the brain and retina of the mouse: ultrastructural and behavioral studies (United States)

    Philpott, D. E.; Miquel, J.


    Eight month old male C57BL6 mice were exposed without anesthesia to whole-body irradiation in circular holders. The mice were tested for behavioral decrements after 0.5 and 50 rads of Fe particle irradiation at 6 and 12 months post irradiation to obtain long term results. A standard maze was used and the animals were timed for completion thereof. A string test also was administered to the mice, testing their ability to grasp and move along a string to safety. The results from animals exposed to 50 rads were significantly different from [correction of fron] control results to p = brain) and the retina were examined for ultrastructural changes. The ultrastructural changes were similar to those we found in our Cosmos 782, 936 and in our Argon experiments. The mouse data indicate that iron particles were able to induce long term changes in the central nervous system which lead to behavioral impairment.

  8. Influence of structure on the mechanical properties of low-alloyed molybdenum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ivashchenko, R.K.; Maksimovich, G.G.; Mil'man, Yu.K.; Shchepanskij, Ya.S.; AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Lvov. Fiziko-Mekhanicheskij Inst.)


    Studied were the effects of grain size and the presence of cellular dislocation structure on strength and plastic characteristies of TSM-6 low-alloyed molybdenum during short-term tests in the temperature range fron 20 to 1300 deg C. Structure refining results in considerable increase in short-term strength within the termperature range studied. Ressitance of a crystal lattice to dislocation motion and the Ky parameter in the Hall-Petch equation decreases with the temperature increase. Specific elongation (delta) with increasing the test temperature changes in a curve with the maximum for recrystallized metal and in a curve with minimim for metal with previously formed cellular structure. During the short-term tests the properties of metal with a cellular duslocation structure with provision for a low value of cold brittleness temperature are considered preferable in the whole temperature range studied

  9. Prices and species diversity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sauer, Johannes

    of biodiversity and the appropriate incorporation in stochastic fron-tier models to achieve more realistic measures of production efficiency. We use the empirical example of tobacco production drawing from as well as affecting species diversity in the surrounding forests. We apply a shadow profit distance......In recent decades a significant amount of literature has been produced concerned with establishing a link between production efficiency and environmental efficiency with respect to quantitative modelling. This has been mainly addressed by focusing on the incorporation of undesirable outputs...... or the incorporation of environmentally det-rimental inputs. However, while the debate with respect to linear programming based DEA modelling is already at an advanced stage the corresponding one with respect to stochastic frontier modelling still needs considerable efforts. This contribution fo-cuses on the case...

  10. Aportaciones coloniales a las creencias funerarias ibéricas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joaquín García Raya


    Full Text Available La «mediterraneidad» de la península ibérica ha producido una serie de contactos con otros pueblos de esta cuenca, atraídos por su riqueza minera o como recurso a la colmatación de sus territorios de origen, lo cual produjo una traslación de ritos funerarios, cuya lectura arqueológica ha significado interpretaciones erróneas básicas.The "Mediterranean style» of the Iberian Península has given way to a series of contacts wth otherpeoples fron this valley, attracted by its mining richness and as an option tgo the overcrowding of their native territories. This brought about the implantation of funeral ceremonies, who archaelogical reading has meant false interpretations.

  11. Development and Use of Anucleate Bacterial Cells to Assay the in vitro Activity of Pollutants (United States)


    s it N rtc ul ;1 i n1s . The Ohio Stare Canine Re ’ ;ca-rh inos , "I l1,111u10pr\\’efvlt ion of Parvovirus -lIndtced Diarrhca of the 9eg,". ’ vrs...sufficient amounts to begin vaccination procedures for antibody prcduc- tion. Figure 2 is a flow chart of our procedure for isolating 0.3 protein fron T7...A. :CanIl iel puve i,, il t i~l en Vt In "ii canine (1itoe d IA I i at t hietoiod itfil1 1 ly v irtis vaccinTIC. J1 A111. VeL’t. Ie C -I .A 18 111 ^i

  12. Especies nuevas de abejas de Cuba y La Española (Hymenoptera: Colletidae, Megachilidae, Apidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio A. Genaro


    Full Text Available Se describen e ilustran cinco especies nuevas de abejas antillanas: Collectes granpiedrensis n. sp. (Cuba (Colletidae; Osmia (Diceratosmia stangei n. sp. (República Dominicana; Coelioxys (Cyrtocoelioxys alayoi n. sp. (Cuba; C. (Boreocoelioxys sannicolarensis n. sp. (Cuba (Megachilidae y Triepeolus nisibonensis n. sp. (República Dominicana (ApidaeFive new species of Antillean bees are described and illustrated: Colletes granpiedrensis n. sp. (Cuba (Colletidae is charaterized as follows: Head and mesosoma black, legs and metasoma brown. Dense brown hairs on head and mesosoma; white on frons and metasomal terga. Clypeus, frons and mesosoma with large punctures, lesser on vertex and metasoma. Malar space more wide than long. Male and female slightly similar, except in the apical margin of clypeus, supraclipeal area, and color of the pubescence on legs and sterna; Osmia (Diceratosmia stangei n. sp. (Dominican Republic (Megachilidae is charaterized as follows: Dark metallic green, metasoma black with metallic green reflections. Pubescence light; body with large, closed punctures. Female with violet reflections in tergum III and mandible tridentate; Coelioxys (Cyrtocoelioxys alayoi n. sp. (Cuba (Megachilidae is charaterized as follows: Female black, except basal area of mandibles, tegula, legs, lateral area of tergum I and sterna, reddish brown. Posterior margin of scutellum rounded. Apex of tergum VI with spine curved up. Sternum VI fringed with short, closed setae, and the apex with short spine; Coelioxys (Boreocoelioxys sannicolarensis n. sp. (Cuba (Megachilidae is charaterized as follows: Black, except antenna and tegula brown; legs and sterna reddish brown. Clypeal margin straight in profile. Gradular grooves on metasomal terga II and III distinct medially. Fovea on metasomal tergum II of male deep and short, and Triepeolus nisibonensis n. sp. (Dominican Republic (Apidae is charaterized as follows: Dorsal pubescence (short and dense on mesosoma

  13. Estudio de materiales y técnica de ejecución de los restos de pintura mural romana hallados en una excavación arqueológica de Guadix (Granada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana García Bueno


    Full Text Available Este artículo da a conocer unos restos de pintura mural romana encontrados en Guadix, tanto desde el punto de vista arqueológico como analítico. Estos fragmentos de pintura mural constituían parte del material de relleno de una canalización romana, cuya cronología pudo precisarse con exactitud, que posiblemente formaría parte de la red hidráulica de la antigua ACCIS. Ateniéndonos a las características de los fragmentos, se seleccionaron muestras de los colores más frecuentes para determinar los pigmentos utilizados y la técnica de ejecución empleada en su construcción.This article makes Known the remains of Román wall painting found in Guadix, botti fron au archaeological and analytical point of view. These fragments of wall painting constituted part of ttie filling material used in a Román channelling, whose chronology was accurately established, which would probably be part of the hydraulic system in ancient ACCIS. Keeping in mind the characteristics of the fragments, samples of the most frecuent colours were chosen to determine the pigments used and the execution technique employed in its construction.

  14. Advanced biological treatment of aqueous effluent from the nuclear fuel cycle

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pitt, W.W. Jr.; Hancher, C.W.; Patton, B.D.; Shumate, S.E. II.


    Many of the processing steps in the nuclear fuel cycle generate aqueous effluent streams bearing contaminants that can, because of their chemical or radiological properties, pose an environmental hazard. Concentration of such contaminants must be reduced to acceptable levels before the streams can be discharged to the environment. Two classes of contaminants, nitrates and heavy metals, are addressed in this study. Specific techniques aimed at the removal of nitrates and radioactive heavy metals by biological processes are being developed, tested, and demonstrated. Although cost comparisons between biological processes and current treatment methods are presented, these comparisons may be misleading because biological processes yield environmentally better end results which are difficult to price. However, a strong case is made for the use of biological processes for removing nitrates and heavy metals fron nuclear fuel cycle effluents. The estimated costs for these methods are as low as, or lower than, those for alternate processes. In addition, the resulting disposal products - nitrogen gas, CO 2 , and heavy metals incorporated into microorganisms - are much more ecologically desirable than the end products of other waste treatment methods

  15. Paniculite fibrogranulomatosa focal em bovino de Minas Gerais Focal fibrogranulomatous paniculitis in a cow from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Suzan Varaschin


    Full Text Available Um caso de "lechiguana" bovina, é relatado em bovino proveniente de Fama, MG, que apresentou aumento de volume de aproximadamente 30x8cm, de consistência firme e com superfície ulcerada, localizado no lado esquerdo da região toracolombar. As lesões microscópicas caracterizaram-se por paniculite piogranulomatosa proliferativa, com linfangite e microabscessos eosinofilicos. Em alguns abscessos havia rosetas (Splendore-HoeppIi associadas a bactérias Gram-negativas. Após a biópsia o animal foi tratado com 3g diárias de cloranfenicol, por 5 dias. Houve total recuperação dentro de 30 dias.A case of a disease known as bovine "lechiguana"' in a cow fron Fama, Minas Gerais is described. The cow presented a 30x8 cm hard swelling covered by ulcerated skin and located at the left side of the dorsum. Histologically there was proliferative piogranulomatous paniculitis with lymphamgitis and eosinophilic microabscesses. In some of the abscessos there were rosettes (Splendore-HoeppIi associated with Gram-negative bacteria. After a biopsy was performed the animal was treated with 3g/day cloranphenicol for 5 days with complete recovery within 30 days.

  16. Is Drosophila nasuta Lamb (Diptera, Drosophilidae currently reaching the status of a cosmopolitan species?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Ribeiro Vilela


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT In early March 2015, three males and two females of one unknown species of Drosophila were collected from a compost pile and some garbage cans in the west region of the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil. Morphologically it is easily identified by the presence of the following conspicuous features: a brownish dorsal stripe along pleura, an entirely iridescent silvery-whitish frons when seen directly from the front, and a row of cuneiform setae on anteroventral side of femur of foreleg; the former two traits being more evident in males. The species was easily reared in a modified banana-agar medium and two isofemale lines were established allowing to obtain mitotic cells showing a diploid chromosome number of 2n = 8. Based both on morphological and chromosomal features, in addition to the geographical distribution, we concluded that the unknown flies belong to Drosophila nasuta Lamb, 1914, a tropical species of the nasuta subgroup of the Drosophila immigrans species group. Photomicrographs of male imagines, terminalia, mitotic and meiotic metaphase plates, as well as of female mitotic metaphase, are included.

  17. General overview: European Integrated project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality interactions (EUCAARI – integrating aerosol research from nano to global scales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Simpson


    Full Text Available In this paper we describe and summarize the main achievements of the European Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions project (EUCAARI. EUCAARI started on 1 January 2007 and ended on 31 December 2010 leaving a rich legacy including: (a a comprehensive database with a year of observations of the physical, chemical and optical properties of aerosol particles over Europe, (b comprehensive aerosol measurements in four developing countries, (c a database of airborne measurements of aerosols and clouds over Europe during May 2008, (d comprehensive modeling tools to study aerosol processes fron nano to global scale and their effects on climate and air quality. In addition a new Pan-European aerosol emissions inventory was developed and evaluated, a new cluster spectrometer was built and tested in the field and several new aerosol parameterizations and computations modules for chemical transport and global climate models were developed and evaluated. These achievements and related studies have substantially improved our understanding and reduced the uncertainties of aerosol radiative forcing and air quality-climate interactions. The EUCAARI results can be utilized in European and global environmental policy to assess the aerosol impacts and the corresponding abatement strategies.

  18. Comments on the recent changes in taxonomy of pygmy unicorns, with description of a new species of Metopomystrum from Brazil (Insecta, Tetrigidae, Cleostratini, Miriatrini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Santos Martins Silva


    Full Text Available The tribe Cleostratini Bolívar, 1887 sensu Storozhenko, 2016 does not represent a monophyletic taxon because it gathers various Tetrigidae genera with various types of horn and prolongation of frons or vertex. Prolongation of these structures is present in morphologically and biogeographically distant groups. We do not regard Miriatrini Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015 synonymous with Cleostratini because the genus Miriatra Bolívar, 1906 belongs to a group of genera distant from Cleostratus Stål, 1877. There is no adequate diagnosis for proposed groups of genera forming tribes Cleostratini or Miriatrini. Miriatrini stat. resurr. are monotypic and include only Miriatra, Cleostratini are monotypic as well. Apteromystrum Storozhenko, 2016 syn. n. is regarded synonymous with Metopomystrum, M. apterum comb. resurr., M. amazoniensis comb. resurr. and Miriatra brevifastigiata (Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015, comb. n. are not Metopomystrum member. Herein a new species of pygmy unicorn, Metopomystrum muriciense Silva & Skejo, sp. n., is described from Atlantic Forest remnants in northeast of Brazil, collected on the Estação Serra do Ouro (municipality of Murici, Alagoas state. Distribution data, morphological characterization, and an identification key to Metopomystrum species are also presented.

  19. Comments on the recent changes in taxonomy of pygmy unicorns, with description of a new species of Metopomystrum from Brazil (Insecta, Tetrigidae, Cleostratini, Miriatrini). (United States)

    Silva, Daniela Santos Martins; Skejo, Josip; Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Domenico, Fernando Campos De; Sperber, Carlos Frankl


    The tribe Cleostratini Bolívar, 1887 sensu Storozhenko, 2016 does not represent a monophyletic taxon because it gathers various Tetrigidae genera with various types of horn and prolongation of frons or vertex. Prolongation of these structures is present in morphologically and biogeographically distant groups. We do not regard Miriatrini Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015 synonymous with Cleostratini because the genus Miriatra Bolívar, 1906 belongs to a group of genera distant from Cleostratus Stål, 1877. There is no adequate diagnosis for proposed groups of genera forming tribes Cleostratini or Miriatrini. Miriatrini stat. resurr. are monotypic and include only Miriatra , Cleostratini are monotypic as well. Apteromystrum Storozhenko, 2016 syn. n. is regarded synonymous with Metopomystrum , M. apterum comb. resurr. , M. amazoniensis comb. resurr. and Miriatra brevifastigiata (Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015), comb. n. are not Metopomystrum member. Herein a new species of pygmy unicorn, Metopomystrum muriciense Silva & Skejo, sp. n. , is described from Atlantic Forest remnants in northeast of Brazil, collected on the Estação Serra do Ouro (municipality of Murici, Alagoas state). Distribution data, morphological characterization, and an identification key to Metopomystrum species are also presented.

  20. Cadmium resistance of endophytic bacteria and rizosféricas bacteria isolated from Oriza sativa in Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nataly Ayubb T


    Full Text Available The present study had as objective to evaluate in vitro the resistance of endophytic bacteria and rizospheric bacteria to different concentrations of Cadmium.This bacteria were isolated fron different tissues of commercial rice varieties and from bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere in rice plantations of the Nechí (Antioquía and Achí (Bolivar.  Plant growth promotion was evaluated in vitro by nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization and siderophores production of endophytic bacteria. Of each tissue isolated from rice plants was carried out isolation in culture medium for endophytic bacteria, and the soil samples were serially diluted in peptone water. Each sample was determined the population density by counting in CFU / g of tissue and morphotypes were separated by shape, color, size and appearance in culture media. Significant differences were observed for density population of bacteria with respect to tissue, with higher values in root (4x1011 g/root, followed of the stem (3x1010g/etem, leaf (5x109 g/ leaf, flag leaf (3x109 g/ flag leaf and with less density in panicle (4x108 g/panicle. The results of the identification with kit API were confirmed the presence of endophytic bacteria Burkholderia cepaceae and rizospheric bacteria Pseudomona fluorescens With the ability to tolerate different concentrations of Cd, fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphates and produce siderophores.

  1. "Opening an emotional dimension in me": changes in emotional reactivity and emotion regulation in a case of executive impairment after left fronto-parietal damage. (United States)

    Salas, Christian E; Radovic, Darinka; Yuen, Kenneth S L; Yeates, Giles N; Castro, O; Turnbull, Oliver H


    Dysexecutive impairment is a common problem after brain injury, particularly after damage to the lateral surface of the frontal lobes. There is a large literature describing the cognitive deficits associated with executive impairment after dorsolateral damage; however, little is known about its impact on emotional functioning. This case study describes changes in a 72-year-old man (Professor F) who became markedly dysexecutive after a left fron-to-parietal stroke. Professor F's case is remarkable in that, despite exhibiting typical executive impairments, abstraction and working memory capacities were spared. Such preservation of insight-related capacities allowed him to offer a detailed account of his emotional changes. Quantitative and qualitative tools were used to explore changes in several well-known emotional processes. The results suggest that Professor F's two main emotional changes were in the domain of emotional reactivity (increased experience of both positive and negative emotions) and emotion regulation (down-regulation of sadness). Professor F related both changes to difficulties in his thinking process, especially a difficulty generating and manipulating thoughts during moments of negative arousal. These results are discussed in relation to the literature on executive function and emotion regulation. The relevance of these findings for neuropsychological rehabilitation and for the debate on the neural basis of emotional processes is addressed.

  2. Development Project of Supercritical-water Cooled Power Reactor

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kataoka, K.; Shiga, S.; Moriya, K.; Oka, Y.; Yoshida, S.; Takahashi, H.


    A Supercritical-water Cooled Power Reactor (SCPR) development project (Feb. 2001- Mar. 2005) is being performed by a joint team consisting of Japanese universities and nuclear venders with a national fund. The main objective of this project is to provide technical information essential to demonstration of SCPR technologies through concentrating three sub-themes: 'plant conceptual design', 'thermohydraulics', and 'material and water chemistry'. The target of the 'plant conceptual design sub-theme' is simplify the whole plant systems compared with the conventional LWRs while achieving high thermal efficiency of more than 40 % without sacrificing the level of safety. Under the 'thermohydraulics sub-theme', heat transfer characteristics of supercritical-water as a coolant of the SCPR are examined experimentally and analytically focusing on 'heat transfer deterioration'. The experiments are being performed using fron-22 for water at a fossil boiler test facility. The experimental results are being incorporated in LWR analytical tools together with an extended steam/R22 table. Under the 'material and water chemistry sub-theme', material candidates for fuel claddings and internals of the SCPR are being screened mainly through mechanical tests, corrosion tests, and simulated irradiation tests under the SCPR condition considering water chemistry. In particular, stress corrosion cracking sensitivity is being investigated as well as uniform corrosion and swelling characteristics. Influences of water chemistry on the corrosion product characteristics are also being examined to find preferable water condition as well as to develop rational water chemistry controlling methods. (authors)

  3. From the Angle of Reader 50 Year of TKDB (1952-1986 / TK (1987-2001

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan S. Keseroğlu


    Full Text Available This study deals with the conditions and the medium of the issue of the Bulletin of the Turkish Librarians’ Association (TKDB; 1952-1986, which has been na- med as the Journal of the Turkish Librarianship (TK; 1987-2001 later. Besides, the features of it s contents, the changes based on the historical periods and the change it self has been examined closely. This evaluative procedure can be sum- marized as follows: first, the type and the genre of the writings identified as ori- ginal, translation, the latest book reviews, citation/guotation, report, letter, law, argumentative essay, interview,competition or news, considering the features obtained from the close study of each number of t he TKDB / TK j ou mal s within fift.y years. Second, af ter 1980, from the point of scientifi c method and techrıique the numerical data have been obtained fronı the usage of bibliographies, deep rıotes, and the utility of translations into Turkish in the field of Information and documentation, and ali the findings have been discussed.

  4. Implementation considerations for digital control systems in power plants: Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Shah, S.C.; Lehman, L.L.; Sarchet, M.M.


    Conversion of nuclear power plants fron analog to digital control systems will require careful design, testing, and integration of the control algorithms, the software which implements the algorithms, the digital instrumentation, the digital communications network, and analog/digital device interfaces. Digital control systems are more flexible than their analog counterparts, and therefore greater attention must be paid by the customer to all stages of the control system design process. This flexibility also provides the framework for development of significant safety and reliability are inherant aspects of the chosen design processes. Digital control algorithms are capable of improving their performance by on-line self-tuning of the control parameters. It is therefore incumbant on system designers to choose self-tuning algorithms for power plant control. Implementation of these algorithms in software required a careful software design and development process to minimize errors in interpretation of the engineering design and prevent the inclusion of programming errors during software production. Digital control system and communications software must exhibit sufficient ''fault tolerance'' to maintain some level of safe plant operation or execute a safe plant shutdown in the event of both hard equipment failures and the appearance of software design faults. A number of standardized digital communications protocols are available to designers of digital control systems. These standardized digital communications protocols provide reliable fault tolerant communication between all digital elements of the plant control system and can be implemented redundantly to further enhance power plant operational safety. 5 refs., 11 figs., 1 tab

  5. A novel human-machine interface based on recognition of multi-channel facial bioelectric signals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Razazadeh, Iman Mohammad; Firoozabadi, S. Mohammad; Golpayegani, S.M.R.H.; Hu, H.


    Full text: This paper presents a novel human-machine interface for disabled people to interact with assistive systems for a better quality of life. It is based on multichannel forehead bioelectric signals acquired by placing three pairs of electrodes (physical channels) on the Fron-tails and Temporalis facial muscles. The acquired signals are passes through a parallel filter bank to explore three different sub-bands related to facial electromyogram, electrooculogram and electroencephalogram. The root mean features of the bioelectric signals analyzed within non-overlapping 256 ms windows were extracted. The subtractive fuzzy c-means clustering method (SFCM) was applied to segment the feature space and generate initial fuzzy based Takagi-Sugeno rules. Then, an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system is exploited to tune up the premises and consequence parameters of the extracted SFCMs. rules. The average classifier discriminating ratio for eight different facial gestures (smiling, frowning, pulling up left/right lips corner, eye movement to left/right/up/down is between 93.04% and 96.99% according to different combinations and fusions of logical features. Experimental results show that the proposed interface has a high degree of accuracy and robustness for discrimination of 8 fundamental facial gestures. Some potential and further capabilities of our approach in human-machine interfaces are also discussed. (author)

  6. Topiramate and severe metabolic acidosis: case report Acidose metabólica grave por topiramato: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jayme E. Burmeister


    Full Text Available Topiramate infrequently induces anion gap metabolic acidosis through carbonic anhydrase inhibition on the distal tubule of the nephron - a type 2 renal tubular acidosis. We report on a 40 years old woman previously healthy that developed significant asymptomatic metabolic acidosis during topiramate therapy at a dosage of 100mg/day for three months. Stopping medication was followed by normalization of the acid-base status within five weeks. This infrequent side effect appears unpredictable and should be given careful attention.Topiramato pode produzir raramente uma acidose metabólica através da inibição da anidrase carbônica no túbulo distal do néfron - acidose tubular renal do tipo 2. Relatamos o caso de mulher de 40 anos previamente saudável que desenvolveu quadro de acidose metabólica assintomática grave, sem outra etiologia identificável, durante uso de topiramato na dose de 100mg/dia por três meses. Este efeito colateral, embora infrequente, parece ser imprevisível e requer atenção cuidadosa.

  7. Penología e indigenismo en la antigua Guinea española

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro María Belmonte Medina


    Full Text Available Este artículo de investigacióm pretende ser un estudio histórico-juridico del derecho penal que los españoles aplicaron a los indígenas de la Guinea española. Partiendo de la base de que el derectio penal guíneano-español se basaba, principalmente, en el reconocimiento de normas indígenas de tipo consuetudinario (derecho indígena, a través de sentencias judiciales y por adaptaciones del derecho metropolitano, usando como vehículo de expresión, así mismo, la jurisprudencia aplicada por los tribunales de raza españoles, se hace un amplio estudio de las penas que los españoles aplicaron a los indígenas, dividiendo la obra en dos parles: derecho para indígenas y derecho indígena.This work tries to be a historic-juridical study about penal law that spanish people applied to natives fron the spanish guinea. From the point of view that this law was, mainly, based on the knowledge of the natives rules about habits and native law, through sentences and the adaptation of the metropolitan law, using as mass media, the jurisprudence applied by the spanish courts, a huge study, is made about the punishments spanish people applied to natives. The study is divided in two parts: native law and law for natives.

  8. Concurrent applicative implementations of nondeterministic algorithms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Salter, R


    The author introduces a methodology for utilizing concurrency in place of backtracking in the implementation of nondeterministic algorithms. This is achieved in an applicative setting through the use of the Friedman-Wise multiprogramming primitive frons, and a paradigm which views the action of nondeterministic algorithms as one of data structure construction. The element by element nondeterminism arising from a linearized search is replaced by a control structure which is oriented towards constructing sets of partial computations. This point of view is facilitated by the use of suspensions, which allow control disciplines to be embodied in the form of conceptual data structures that in reality manifest themselves only for purposes of control. He applies this methodology to the class of problems usually solved through the use of simple backtracking (e.g. 'eight queens'), and to a problem presented by Lindstrom (1979) to illustrate the use of coroutine controlled backtracking, to produce backtrack-free solutions. The solution to the latter illustrates the coroutine capability of suspended structures, but also demonstrates a need for further investigations into resolving problems of process communication in applicative languages. 14 references.

  9. Introduction. Théâtre et révolutions


    Bourdin, Philippe


    La réflexion his­­to­­rique, esthé­­tique, musicologique, théo­­rique et cri­­tique sur le théâtre de la Révo­­lu­­tion fran­­çaise a connu depuis le Bicen­­te­­naire une efflo­­res­­cence notoire. Plu­­ri­­dis­­cip­­li­­naire, asso­­ciant his­­to­­riens, his­­to­­riens de l’art, musi­­co­­logues et lit­­té­­raires, cette recherche a jeté ces der­­nières années des ponts solides de part et d’autre de l’Atlan­­tique, et déborde actuel­­le­­ment des fron­­tières fran­­çaises pour trou­­ver écho...

  10. Effect of cutting intervals and heights in forage productivity of Moringa oleifera.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ramos-Trejo O.


    Full Text Available The use of Moringa oleifera as fodder is due to its good nutritional characteristics and high yield of fresh biomass. Eastern Yucatan, Mexico has favorable soil and climatic conditions for its establishment. The aim of this work was to estimate forage productivity of Moringa oleifera in two cutting intervals and three different heights. The experiment was conducted at the Experimental Site of Tizimín fron the National Institute of Forest, Agricultural and lLvestock Researches (INIFAP. The experimental units were placed in a completely randomized design with a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement and four replications. Forage yield was quantified and foliage samples were taken for DM content. Significant differences (p0.05 were found. In conclusion, during the evaluation of Moringa oleifera, it was found that the best performance in this work is obtained when the cuts on the soles are made every 60 days at a height of 40 cm (1.9119 t ha-1 cut-1; however, more agronomic studies of this plant are recommended in the eastern Yucatan, such as: planting density, arrangement, partnerships with other shrub species in the region, rain and dry periods, in order to have a viable and profitable option forage productivity of this plant.

  11. Radiation exposure and central nervous system cancers: A case-control study among workers at two nuclear facilities

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Carpenter, A.V.; Flanders, W.D.; Frome, E.L.; Crawford-Brown, D.J.; Fry, S.A.


    A nested case-control study was conducted among workers employed between 1943 and 1977 at two nuclear facilities to investigate the possible association of primary malignant neoplasms of the central nervous system (CNS) with occupational exposure to ionizing radiation from external and internal sources. Eighty-nine white male and female workers, who according to the information on death certificates dies of primary CNS cancers, were identified as cases. Four matched controls were selected for each case. External radiation exposure data were available from film badge readings for individual workers, whereas radiation dose to lung from internally deposited radionuclides, mainly uranium, was estimated from area and personnel monitoring data and was used in analyses in lieu of the dose to the brain. Matched sets were included in the analyses only if information was available for the case and at least one of the corresponding controls. Thus, the analyses of external radiation included 27 cases and 90 matched controls, and 47 cases and 120 matched controls were analyzed for the effects of radiation from internally deposited uranium. No association was observed between deaths fron CNS cancers and occupational exposure to ionizing radiation from external or internal sources. However, due to the small number of monitored subjects and low doses, a weak association could not be ruled out. 43 refs., 1 fig., 15 tabs

  12. A new cluster-brood building species of Plebeia (Hymenoptera, Apidae from eastern Brazil Uma nova espécie de Plebeia (Hymenoptera, Apidae do leste do Brasil, com células de cria em cacho

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel A. R. Melo


    Full Text Available A new species of Plebeia, the second largest genus of stingless bees in the Neotropical region, is described from eastern Brazil. Plebeia grapiuna sp. nov., known only from the lowland forests of southern Bahia, is most similar to P. lucii Moure, a species recently described from Minas Gerais. The lack of yellow marks and the smoother integument of the frons and mesoscutum in P. grapiuna sp. nov. distinguish them. Main features of the nesting habits of the new species are described and illustrated.Uma nova espécie de Plebeia, o segundo maior gênero de meliponíneos na região Neotropical, é descrita do leste do Brasil. Plebeia grapiuna sp. nov., conhecida apenas das florestas de terras baixas do sul da Bahia, é semelhante a P. lucii Moure, uma espécie recentemente descrita de Minas Gerais. A ausência de manchas amarelas e o integumento menos rugoso da fronte e do mesoscuto em P. grapiuna sp. nov. distinguem as duas espécies. Características principais do hábito de nidificação da nova espécie são descritas e ilustradas.

  13. Comments on the recent changes in taxonomy of pygmy unicorns, with description of a new species of Metopomystrum from Brazil (Insecta, Tetrigidae, Cleostratini, Miriatrini) (United States)

    Silva, Daniela Santos Martins; Skejo, Josip; Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro; Domenico, Fernando Campos De; Sperber, Carlos Frankl


    Abstract The tribe Cleostratini Bolívar, 1887 sensu Storozhenko, 2016 does not represent a monophyletic taxon because it gathers various Tetrigidae genera with various types of horn and prolongation of frons or vertex. Prolongation of these structures is present in morphologically and biogeographically distant groups. We do not regard Miriatrini Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015 synonymous with Cleostratini because the genus Miriatra Bolívar, 1906 belongs to a group of genera distant from Cleostratus Stål, 1877. There is no adequate diagnosis for proposed groups of genera forming tribes Cleostratini or Miriatrini. Miriatrini stat. resurr. are monotypic and include only Miriatra, Cleostratini are monotypic as well. Apteromystrum Storozhenko, 2016 syn. n. is regarded synonymous with Metopomystrum, M. apterum comb. resurr., M. amazoniensis comb. resurr. and Miriatra brevifastigiata (Cadena-Castañeda & Cardona, 2015), comb. n. are not Metopomystrum member. Herein a new species of pygmy unicorn, Metopomystrum muriciense Silva & Skejo, sp. n., is described from Atlantic Forest remnants in northeast of Brazil, collected on the Estação Serra do Ouro (municipality of Murici, Alagoas state). Distribution data, morphological characterization, and an identification key to Metopomystrum species are also presented. PMID:29118597

  14. Subgrid models for mass and thermal diffusion in turbulent mixing

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lim, H; Yu, Y; Glimm, J; Li, X-L; Sharp, D H


    We propose a new method for the large eddy simulation (LES) of turbulent mixing flows. The method yields convergent probability distribution functions (PDFs) for temperature and concentration and a chemical reaction rate when applied to reshocked Richtmyer-Meshkov (RM) unstable flows. Because such a mesh convergence is an unusual and perhaps original capability for LES of RM flows, we review previous validation studies of the principal components of the algorithm. The components are (i) a front tracking code, FronTier, to control numerical mass diffusion and (ii) dynamic subgrid scale (SGS) models to compensate for unresolved scales in the LES. We also review the relevant code comparison studies. We compare our results to a simple model based on 1D diffusion, taking place in the geometry defined statistically by the interface (the 50% isoconcentration surface between the two fluids). Several conclusions important to physics could be drawn from our study. We model chemical reactions with no closure approximations beyond those in the LES of the fluid variables itself, and as with dynamic SGS models, these closures contain no adjustable parameters. The chemical reaction rate is specified by the joint PDF for temperature and concentration. We observe a bimodal distribution for the PDF and we observe significant dependence on fluid transport parameters.

  15. Turbulent mixing in nonreactive and reactive flows

    CERN Document Server


    Turbulence, mixing and the mutual interaction of turbulence and chemistry continue to remain perplexing and impregnable in the fron­ tiers of fluid mechanics. The past ten years have brought enormous advances in computers and computational techniques on the one hand and in measurements and data processing on the other. The impact of such capabilities has led to a revolution both in the understanding of the structure of turbulence as well as in the predictive methods for application in technology. The early ideas on turbulence being an array of complicated phenomena and having some form of reasonably strong coherent struc­ ture have become well substantiated in recent experimental work. We are still at the very beginning of understanding all of the aspects of such coherence and of the possibilities of incorporating such structure into the analytical models for even those cases where the thin shear layer approximation may be valid. Nevertheless a distinguished body of "eddy chasers" has come into existence. T...

  16. Étude de la Production de Gravitation de Kaluza-Klein dans ses Désintégrations en Paires de Muons dans le Modèl de Randall-Sundrum auprès de l'Expérience D0 au Tevatron

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lahrichi, Nadia [UPMC, Paris (main)


    In this thesis we have put the first constraints on t he fundamental parameters of the Randall-Sundnun model of extra dimensions, $k / M_{pl}$ which is proportional to the coupling of the graviton to the standard model fields and $M_G$ which is the mass of the first excited state of t he Kaluza-Klein graviton. The analysis perfomed on Monte carlo sample of the sign al allowed to find an error in the PYTHIA generator. The elaboration of an independent generator dedicated for this special analysis helped to find out and correct the error. The data sample used for the an alysis covers the period running fron1 november 2002 up to July 2002 taken by the Dzero collaboration at Tevatron, which corresponds to an accumulated lumninosity of 107,8 pb-1 . The search for the graviton in the dinmon channel allowed to rnea.sure the Z production cross-section t irnes the branching ratio in dimuons.

  17. Efficiency of occlusion therapy for management of amblyopia in older children. (United States)

    Brar, Gagandeep S; Bandyopadhyay, Supratik; Kaushik, Sushmita; Raj, Surishti


    To analyse results of full time occlusion therapy for amblyopia in children older than 6 years. This was a retrospective consecutive case series analysis of children treated for amblyopia at a tertiary care center. All children received full time occlusion (FTO) for the dominant eye. Eighty-eight children older than 6 years at the time of initiation of therapy were included. Age at initiation of therapy ranged from 6 to 20 years (9.45 +/- 3.11 years). Forty-two children (47.7%) had strabismic amblyopia, 37 (42.0%) had anisometropic amblyopia and 9 (10.2%) had a combination of strabismic and anisometropic amblyopia. Eighty out of 88 eyes (90.0%) had improvement in visual acuity following FTO. Visual acuity (VA) improved from 0.82 +/- 0.34 at presentation to 0.42 +/- 0.34 (P amblyopia, VA improved from 0.81 +/- 0.42 to 0.42 +/- 0.39 (P amblyopia, visual acuity of the amblyopic eye improved fron 0.82 +/- 0.24 to 0.36 +/- 0.29 (Pocclusion was 8.37 +/- 1.78 months. Occlusion therapy yields favorable results in strabismic and/or anisometropic amblyopia, even when initiated for the first time after 6 years of age. After 12 years of age, some children may still respond to occlusion of the dominant eye.

  18. Realm of the comets

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Weissman, P.R.


    Studies of Jovian perturbations of the orbits of long-period comets led to the concept of the Oort cloud of 180 billion comets at 50,000-150,000 AU from the sun. Several comets are induced to move toward the sun every million years by the passage of a star at a distance of a few light years. The location of the cloud has since been revised to 20,000-100,000 AU, and comets are now accepted as remnant material fron the proto-solar system epoch. The galactic disk and random, close-passing stars may also cause rare, large perturbations in the orbits of the cloud comets, sending large numbers of comets through the inner solar system. The resulting cometary storm is a candidate cause for the wholesale extinction of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous-Terniary transition due to large number of planetesimals, or one large comet, striking the earth, in a short period of time. The IRAS instruments have detected similar clouds of material around other stars

  19. High pressure study of viscosity effects on the luminescence of tetracyanobenzene EDA complexes (United States)

    Thomas, Michele Moisio; Drickamer, H. G.


    High pressure fluorescence studies fron 0-10 kbar have been performed on electron donor-acceptor (EDA) complexes of s-tetracyanobenzene (TCNB) with a series of aromatic hydrocarbons. Four solvents were used, 2,2,4,4,6,8,8 heptamethylnonane (HMN), methylcyclohexane (MCH), 2,6,10,14 tetramethylpentadecane (TMPD), and a mixture of MCH and HMN. A viscosity range from 0.006 to 10 000 poise was covered at constant temperature. As pressure (viscosity) increased the fluorescence spectrum shifted from one dominated by emission from the equilibrium (EQ) excited singlet state to one dominated by Franck-Condon (FC) singlet emission. Lifetime measurements for the complexes of o-xylene and p-xylene with TCNB as well as one mesitylene complex yielded the two radiative rates (kEQ and kFC) as well as the rate of internal conversion from FC to the EQ excited state to (kIC). The results are discussed in terms of the rate of relaxation of the solvent compared with the rate kFC. It was found that kIC correlated very well with the solvent viscosity.

  20. Technical Training: Places available

    CERN Multimedia

    Davide Vitè


    The number of places available may vary. Please check our Web site to find out the current availability. Places are available on the following courses: Joint PVSS JCOP Framework : 7 - 11.11.2005 (5 days) ELEC-2005 Autumn Term - Electronics applications in HEP experiments: 8.11 - 8.12.2005 (10 x 2h lectures) The EDMS-MTF in practice: 9.11.2005 (morning, free of charge) The CERN EDMS for Local Administrators: 15-16.11.2005 (2 days, free of charge) OUTLOOK (Short Course II) - Calendar, Tasks and Notes: 16.11.2005 (morning) Hands-On Object Oriented Design and Programming with C++ : 16 - 18.11.2005 (3 days) The CERN EDMS for Engineers: 17.11.2005 (1 day, free of charge) The Java Programming Language Level 1: 21 - 23.11.2005 (3 days) Hands-on Introduction to Python Programming: 28 - 30.11.2005 (3 days) OUTLOOK (Short Course III) - Meetings and Delegation: 30.11.2005 (morning) WORD 2003 (Short Course III) - HowTo... Work with long documents : 30.11.2005 (afternoon) Fron...

  1. Simulation studies of hydrodynamic aspects of magneto-inertial fusion and high order adaptive algorithms for Maxwell equations (United States)

    Wu, Lingling

    Three-dimensional simulations of the formation and implosion of plasma liners for the Plasma Jet Induced Magneto Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) have been performed using multiscale simulation technique based on the FronTier code. In the PJMIF concept, a plasma liner, formed by merging of a large number of radial, highly supersonic plasma jets, implodes on the target in the form of two compact plasma toroids, and compresses it to conditions of the nuclear fusion ignition. The propagation of a single jet with Mach number 60 from the plasma gun to the merging point was studied using the FronTier code. The simulation result was used as input to the 3D jet merger problem. The merger of 144, 125, and 625 jets and the formation and heating of plasma liner by compression waves have been studied and compared with recent theoretical predictions. The main result of the study is the prediction of the average Mach number reduction and the description of the liner structure and properties. We have also compared the effect of different merging radii. Spherically symmetric simulations of the implosion of plasma liners and compression of plasma targets have also been performed using the method of front tracking. The cases of single deuterium and xenon liners and double layer deuterium - xenon liners compressing various deuterium-tritium targets have been investigated, optimized for maximum fusion energy gains, and compared with theoretical predictions and scaling laws of [P. Parks, On the efficacy of imploding plasma liners for magnetized fusion target compression, Phys. Plasmas 15, 062506 (2008)]. In agreement with the theory, the fusion gain was significantly below unity for deuterium - tritium targets compressed by Mach 60 deuterium liners. In the most optimal setup for a given chamber size that contained a target with the initial radius of 20 cm compressed by 10 cm thick, Mach 60 xenon liner, the target ignition and fusion energy gain of 10 was achieved. Simulations also showed that

  2. Cuerpo y subjetividad en narraciones de Andrea Maturana, Ana María del Río y Diamela Eltit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Inés Lagos


    Full Text Available Este ensayo examina tres relatos de escritoras chilenas publicados entre 1986 y 1993 en los que las protagonistas aparecen representadas como mujeres enfermas. Esta forma de representación, que subraya la materialidad del cuerpo, sugiere una concepción de la subjetividad en la que cuerpo y mente no pueden concebirse separadamente. Al enfocarse en personajes femeninos que sufren de desórdenes relacionados con la dieta, bulimia y anorexia, y en una madre enferma y su hija que está por dar a luz, estas narraciones muestran diversos modos en que las protagonistas se relacionan con su medio social, especialmente en lo que se refiere a su posición como mujeres. Los tres textos ofrecen diferentes reacciones frente a las expectativas sociales en cuanto a los roles femeninos prescritos, y varios grados de resistencia frente esos modelos. This essay examines three stories by Chilean women writers published between 1983 and 1993, in which the protaginists appear in the condition of sick women. The form of representation, underscoring the materiality of the body suggests a view of subjectivity in which body and mind cannot be conceived as separate. In focusing on femenine characters suffering fron disorders related to diet, bulimia and anorexia, and also on a sick mother with a daughter who is about to give birth, these narratives show different ways for the protagonists to relate to their respective social milieu, specially in what affects their gender condition. The three texts offer different reations to social expectations deriving from established femenine roles with various degrees of resistance to those prescribed models.

  3. The detection and mapping of the spatial distribution of insect defense compounds by desorption atmospheric pressure photoionization Orbitrap mass spectrometry. (United States)

    Rejšek, Jan; Vrkoslav, Vladimír; Hanus, Robert; Vaikkinen, Anu; Haapala, Markus; Kauppila, Tiina J; Kostiainen, Risto; Cvačka, Josef


    Many insects use chemicals synthesized in exocrine glands and stored in reservoirs to protect themselves. Two chemically defended insects were used as models for the development of a new rapid analytical method based on desorption atmospheric pressure photoionization-mass spectrometry (DAPPI-MS). The distribution of defensive chemicals on the insect body surface was studied. Since these chemicals are predominantly nonpolar, DAPPI was a suitable analytical method. Repeatability of DAPPI-MS signals and effects related to non-planarity and roughness of samples were investigated using acrylic sheets uniformly covered with an analyte. After that, analytical figures of merit of the technique were determined. The spatial distribution of (E)-1-nitropentadec-1-ene, a toxic nitro compound synthesized by soldiers of the termite Prorhinotermes simplex, was investigated. Then, the spatial distribution of the unsaturated aldehydes (E)-hex-2-enal, (E)-4-oxohex-2-enal, (E)-oct-2-enal, (E,E)-deca-2,4-dienal and (E)-dec-2-enal was monitored in the stink bug Graphosoma lineatum. Chemicals present on the body surface were scanned along the median line of the insect from the head to the abdomen and vice versa, employing either the MS or MS(2) mode. In this fast and simple way, the opening of the frontal gland on the frons of termite soldiers and the position of the frontal gland reservoir, extending deep into the abdominal cavity, were localized. In the stink bug, the opening of the metathoracic scent glands (ostiole) on the ventral side of the thorax as well as the gland reservoir in the median position under the ventral surface of the anterior abdomen were detected and localized. The developed method has future prospects in routine laboratory use in life sciences. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. A. Tsaregorodtsev


    Full Text Available The aim of the research was to study the characteristic properties of hemostasia system of children suffer-ing from metabolic syndrome (MS and exogenous obesity.Material and methods, A total of 58 children and adolescents aged from 9 to 16 with different stages of obesity. The examined were divided into two groups – the main group including children with MS (n = 33 and the control group including patients with exogenous obesity but without any indications of (n = 25. The presence of obesity was stated according to the criteria described by L.V. Kozlova and her co-authors (2008. All the examined patients had a biochemical blood analysis that included component determination of hemostasia system. The component determination was to reflect all the links of blood coagulation, so the following indices were analysed – activated partial thromboplastin time (A-PPT, prothrombin time (PTT, prothrombin ratio, level of fibrinogen, thrombin time, international normalized ratio (INR and thrombocyte aggregation with ristomycin.Results. The children suffering from MS compared with the children without this syndrome had signifi-cantly higher level of prothrombin time, thrombocyte aggregation with ristomycin as well as INR. The index of thrombocyte aggregation with ristomycin in the main group was not only higher than in the con-trol group but also exceeded the reference value. The boys with MS had a notably higher index of throm-bocyte aggregation with ristomycin than the boys suffering fron obesity. The girls with MS had a higher INR factor than the group of girls with obesity.Conclusions. The research showed that with children suffering from MS their hemostatic system gets involved in the pathological process. The discovered peculiarities show inclination to hyper-coagulation 

  5. Producción de conocimiento social: retos del investigador

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eustoquio García


    Full Text Available El propósito de este trabajo es contribuir a mejorar el proceso que debe seguir el investigador en la producciónde nuevo conocimiento en el campo social. El trabajo plantea que la contribución de la investigación social a laproducción de nuevo conocimiento, o al avance del conocimiento existente, ha sido limitada. Entre los factores quehan influido para ello desatacan: (a la falta de acuerdo entre los propios investigadores sobre el conocimiento queexiste y su naturaleza; (b el apego a los paradigmas que han sido aceptados y tienen vigencia; (c la incertidumbre yla ambigüedad que puedan generar las prácticas de investigación propiamente dichas; y (d la actitud y la motivacióndel propio investigador. Luego de un análisis de los elementos críticos de la investigación social (investigador, sistemasocial y método el trabajo presenta una serie de tácticas que el investigador podría utilizar para responder a los retosque debe enfrentar en su producción de nuevo conocimiento. Para concluir, se hace una breve síntesis sobre la frónesisy la investigación social fronética que tomaría en consideración elementos fundamentales que la investigación de lasciencias puras no considera, como sería el caso de la prudencia y la sabiduría práctica.

  6. Processes of Compression-Expansion and Subsidence-Uplift detected by the Spatial Inclinometer (IESHI) in the El Hierro Island eruption (October, 2011) (United States)

    Prates, G.; Berrocoso, M.; Fernández-Ros, A.; García, A.; Ortiz, R.


    El Hierro Island (Canary Islands, Spain) has undergone a submarine eruption a few kilometers to its southeast, detected October 10, on the rift alignment that cuts across the island. However, the seismicity level suddenly increased around July 17 and ground deformation was detected by the only continuously observed GNSS-GPS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems - Global Positioning System) benchmark FRON in the El Golfo area. Based on that information several other GNSS-GPS benchmarks were installed, some of which continuously observed as well. A normal vector analysis was applied to these collected data. The normal vector magnitude variation identified local extension-compression regimes, while the normal vector inclination showed the relative height variation between the three benchmarks that define the plan to which normal vector is analyzed. To accomplish this analysis the data was previously processed to achieve positioning solutions every 30 minutes using the Bernese GPS Software 5.0, further enhanced by a Discrete Kalman Filter, giving an overall millimeter level precision. These solutions were reached using the IGS (International GNSS Service) ultra-rapid orbits and the double-differenced ionosphere-free combination. With this strategy the positioning solutions were attained in near real-time. Later with the IGS rapid orbits the data was reprocessed to provide added confidence to the solutions. Two triangles were then considered, a smaller one located in the El Golfo area within the historically collapsed caldera, and a larger one defined by benchmarks placed in Valverde, El Golfo and La Restinga, the town closest to the eruption's location, covering almost the entire Island's surface above sea level. With these two triangles the pre-eruption and post-eruption deformation suffered by El Hierro's surface will be further analyzed.

  7. Effectiveness of traditional bone setting in chronic neck pain: randomized clinical trial. (United States)

    Zaproudina, Nina; Hänninen, Osmo O P; Airaksinen, Olavi


    This study evaluates the effectiveness of traditional bone setting (TBS) in chronic neck pain (cNP) compared with conventional physiotherapy (PT) and massage (M). This was a randomized clinical trial. Working-aged employed subjects with cNP (n = 105; 37 men and 68 women; mean age, 41.5 years) were randomized into TBS, PT, and M groups. Follow-up times were 1, 6, and 12 months after the treatments. Neck pain intensity (visual analog scale), perceived disability (Neck Disability Index [NDI]), and neck spine mobility measurements were used as outcomes. Global assessment was evaluated by the subjects (scale from -1 to +10). Data were analyzed using time (pre and post) by group (TBS, PT and M), 2- way analysis of variance for repeated measures. Neck pain decreased and NDI scores improved in all groups 1 month after the treatment (P better after TBS. Neck spine mobility in rotation movements tended to improve significantly better and the frons-knee distance improved more after TBS. One year later, both NDI and neck pain were significantly better after TBS than in reference groups. A significant improvement was reported by 40% to 45.5% of subjects in the PT and M groups and by 68.6% in the TBS group. Bone setters' ability to communicate and to interact with patients was evaluated significantly higher. In the TBS group, the number of sick days was minimal as was the use of painkillers during 1-year follow-up compared to that in the reference groups. Traditional bone setting, which is a soft manual mobilization technique focusing on the muscles, joints, and ligaments, appears to be effective in cNP. Two thirds of subjects experienced it as beneficial, and it seems to be able to improve disability and pain in patients with cNP. Subjective and partially objective benefits of TBS were found in those patients more than after other interventions, and the effects lasted at least for 1 year.

  8. Use of environmental isotopes to investigate the interconnections between the Reno River and groundwater (Northern Italy)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Carlin, F.; Magri, G.


    This research is part of the investigations carried out to assess the environmental impact of the Brasimone site in the upper reaches of the Reno River, where a nuclear research plant is under construction. This plant might imply a risk of contamination of the Reno River water by radioactive wastes. Environmental isotope techinques were used to study the interconnections between the Reno River and groundwater and qualitatively to define the flow dynamics between the surface waters and groundwater in the area of Bologna. The Reno River flows across an aquifer consisting of an irregular succession of alluvial beds of sandy gravel, sands and clayey or sandy silts of varying thicknesses. At the two pumping stations of Borgo Panigale and Tiro a Segno, the tritium and 14 C contents of the groundwater regularly decrease with increasing distance from the Reno River. This indicates that there is a contribution of recent water recharged fron the river, and that such a contribution is higher in Borgo Panigale than in Tiro a Segno. At the pumping station of San Vitale di Reno, only recently put into operation and at a distance from the river greater than that of the other two stations, there is no indication of recharge of recent river water. Stable isotopes also show a slight variation with the distance from the river, in agreement with the fact that deep groundwater is a mixture in variable proportions of two components, one of them originating from the river. All these results were possible to achieve only by means of nevironmental isotope techniques. (author)

  9. La reconstrucción significativa de la iglesia de Sant Bartomeu de Navarcles, Cataluña

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    González Moreno-Navarro, Antoni


    Full Text Available In the outskirts of Narvacles (county of Bages, province of Barcelona, the remains of a small medieval church, desecrated in 1936 and abandoned to its fortune after the civil war, ran the risk of disappearing. In 1984, the municipal government asked the Diputació for help to stop the deterioration and offer some solution for the preservation of the remains. The initial scientific work discovered that structures from a Roman villa from the I century had been used in the construction of the chapel, an that the first building from the XIII century was expanded in the XVII, taking advantage of some of the elements of the primitive Romanesque portal. The solution projected was based on the consolidation of the ruin, and the construction of a small covered space —that recalI the volume of the first temple— delimited by the preserved medieval walls and other new ones. A platform separates this from the Roman remains. The effort was topped off with a small square in fron of the now disappeared north façade.

    En un arrabal de Navarcles (comarca del Bages, provincia de Barcelona, los restos de una pequeña iglesia medieval profanada en 1936 y abandonada a su suerte después de la guerra civil, corrían el peligro de desaparecer Hacia 1984, el Ayuntamiento solicitó ayuda a la Diputación para detener el deterioro y dar alguna solución para la conservación de los restos. Los trabajos científicos iniciales evidenciaron que en la construcción de la capilla se habían aprovechado estructuras de una villa romana del siglo I y que el primer edificio del siglo XIII fue ampliado en el XVII, aprovechando algunos elementos de la portada románica primitiva. La solución proyectada se basó en la consolidación de la ruina, y la habilitación de un pequeño espacio cubierto —que recuerda el volumen del templo inicial— delimitado por los muros medievales conservados y otros nuevos. Una plataforma separa este espacio de los restos romanos


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonides Santos y Vargas


    Full Text Available Este texto propone una serie de reflexiones que se desprenden de los recientes progresos acaecidos en las investigaciones sobre el Proyecto del Genoma Humano, los cuales conducen al fortalecimiento acelerado de conocimientos y tecnologías biomédicas. Las nuevas afirmaciones sobre la naturaleza biológica de la especie humana, legitimadas por estos nuevos progresos, posibilitan reexaminar explicaciones mitológicas y metafísicas acumuladas desde hace milenios, en el contexto de una nueva antropología filosófica. Los progresos en las intervenciones de la ciencia médica sobre la salud y la calidad de la vida humana permiten evaluar nuevamente la legitimidad de una serie de nuevas posibilidades biomédicas. Es así como este texto aborda también, de manera particular, la temática de la clonación y de sus distintos aspectos económicos y políticosEste texto propõe reflexões sobre os recentes progressos apresentados pelas investigações decorrentes do Projeto Genoma Humano que conduzem a sólidos conhecimentos em tecnologias biomedicas. As novas informações sobre a natureza da espécie humana obtidas por esses avanços permitem reexaminar explicações mitológicas e metafísicas acumuladas por milênios através da ótica da antropologia filosófica. Os progressos nas intervenções da ciência sobre a saúde e qualidade de vida humana permitem avaliar a legitimidade de uma série de proposições biomédicas. Nesse sentido, o presente texto apresenta reflexões sobre o tema da clonagem e seus diferentes aspectos econômicos e políticosThis text proposes a number of reflections that issue fron the recent advancements that have taken place in investigations on the Human Genoma Project, which lead to the accelerated reinforcement of biomedical knowledge and technologies. The new statements upon human species’ biological nature, legitimated by these new progress, allow us to reexamine the mythological and metaphysical explanations

  11. Physico-chemical changes of the ground waters related to the 2011 El Hierro magmatic reactivation (United States)

    Dionis, S.; Melián, G.; Padrón, E.; Padilla, G.; Nolasco, D.; Rodríguez, F.; Hernández, I.; Peraza, D.; Barrancos, J.; Hernández, P.; Calvo, D.; Pérez, N.


    The island of El Hierro (278 Km2), is the smallest, the southwesternmost and the youngest island (˜1.12 My) of the Canarian archipelago. The main geological characteristics of El Hierro consist on the presence of three convergent ridges of volcanic cones on a truncated trihedron shape and giant landslides between the three rift zones, being the most recent El Golfo on the northwest flank of the island. On July 2011 an anomalous seismic activity at Hierro Island started and suggested the initial stage of a volcanic unrest in the volcanic system. On October 10, after the occurrence of more than 10,000 earthquakes, a submarine eruption started. Evidences of this submarine volcanic eruption were visible on the sea surface to the south of La Restinga village, at the south of the island, in the form of large light-green coloured area, turbulent gas emission and the appearance of steamy volcanic fragments three days later. As part of its volcanic surveillance activities, the Instituto Volcanologico de Canarias (INVOLCAN) started a hydrogeochemical monitoring program on August 2011 in order to evaluate the temporal evolution of several physico-chemical parameters of the ground water system of El Hierro. Four observation sites were selected: three wells on the north of the island, where the seismic activity was located at the beginning of the volcano-seismic unrest (SIMO, FRON and PADO) and one horizontal well (gallery) in the south (TACO). Ground water sampling is being regularly collected, three times per week, at each observation site, and in-situ measurements of pH, conductivity and temperature measurements are performed. After 6 month of monitoring, no significant changes have been observed on pH and temperature measurements from all the observation sites. However, clear sharp decrease of conductivity was observed at SIMO on October 10 when the seismic tremor started. In addition, the strongest conductivity decrease pattern was observed later on at SIMO and PADO on

  12. Breve acercamiento a la cuestión género en las políticas europeas sobre alcohol, tabaco y fármacos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Urios


    Full Text Available Public policies is the context of analysis chosen in this article. Specifically, the one refering to alcohol, tobacco and medicament. Public policies make an approach towards theoretical settings which raise political debates and practical porcesses from empirical analysis. The genre perspective-as social construction-points out the visibility of women, the equal participation in institutions, the care of language and transversality. Alcohol, tobacco and medicament are substances which have ,as a commom characteristic, the manipulation fron powerful and complex economical interests that can, and indeed, do influence both public policies and political profitability. The main point of the article is a warning about some of the consequences of "invisibility" for women. Este trabajo quiere introducir una reflexión en torno al contexto de análisis que se abre en torno al alcohol, el tabaco y los fármacos, el de las políticas públicas. Frente al ámbito de política criminal que ha de abordarse en el tratamiento de las drogas denominadas ilegales, las políticas públicas se abren a marcos teóricos que permiten una ordenación tipológica de las políticas públicas. Y, en este ámbito, intentaremos apuntar en relación con el tema estudiado cómo cabe un análisis empírico de las políticas públicas en tanto en cuanto permiten un primer proceso de definición de problemas y de acceso de cuestiones a la agenda pública de actuación; con posterioridad, un proceso de negociación y, en tercer término, la articulación de escenarios organizativos y de gestión. En este proceso, todos los actores políticos interactúan en función de intereses, ideas y valores ligados a distribuciones cambiantes de poder y con reglas más o menos formalizadas dentro de una clave institucional. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  13. Liquid-vapor equilibrium in VOCl3-Si2OCl6 and VOCl3-CCl3COCl systems

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tret'yakova, K.V.


    Two methods were used in a study of liquid-vapor equilibrium of VOCl 3 -Si 2 OCl 6 (1) and VOCl 3 -CCl 3 COCl (2) systems. The first, ebulliometric method was used for determining the relationship saturated vapor pressure in the range from 450-500 to 1450-1500 mm Hg and the temperature which is in the range from 100-110 to 150-160 deg C. The data on saturated vapor pressure of pure substances and their mixtures were interpreted by the least squares method according to an equations of the type lgP=A-B/T. For 760 mm Hg isobar the dependence of the b.p. of system 1 on the concentration of its components considerably deviates fron the ideal state. In this case positive azeotrope is formed (b.p. 126.5 deg C) containing 83.5% mole VOCl 3 . The Van Laar euqation was used in calculating the relative volatility. At 760 mm Hg pressure in I, Si 2 OCl 6 is more volatile, the difference between the normal b.p. of VOCl 6 (127.7 deg C) and that of the azeotropic mixture (126.5 deg C) being only 1.2 deg C. The Rayleigh distillation method was used for direct determination of the volatility of this system. The average value for αsub(Si 2 OCl 6 /VOCl 3 ) was found to be 1.44. It accords well with the value of 1.47 obtained from an extrapolation of results for pure VOCl 3 on the basis of the ebulloimetric measurements. In the case of system 2 a considerable positive deviation from the ideal state was observed within the entire range of concentrations. Calculations of the activity coefficients for the components of this system, the composition of the vapor phase and the relative volatility were made with the aid of the Dugem-Margulis equation. The value for the relative volatility αsub(CCl 3 COCl/VOCl 3 ), as extrapolated for pure VOCl 3 , was 1.8. No direct measurements of α were made in this case owing to difficulties in analysis of the two components

  14. Comportamento de Hedypathes betulinus (Klug, 1825 em erva-mate em campo Behavior of Hedypathes betulinus (Klug, 1825 on the Paraguay tea plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerson Vanderlei Carús Guedes


    Full Text Available Foi avaliado o comportamento de cópula, postura, alimentação e deslocamento da broca da erva-mate, Hedypathes betulinus (Klug, 1825, na área experimental da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Essas características da broca foram avaliadas por um período de quatro dias através de observações visuais (de hora em hora, em duas gaiolas teladas colocadas sobre um ramo da planta, e contendo dois casais do inseto/gaiola. Observou-se que o macho, quando acompanhado de uma fêmea, tenta copular imediatamente, realizando cópulas durante todos os perí odos do dia, principalmente entre 14 e 18h, e em toda a extensão do ramo. A postura ocorreu nos ramos de 15-20mm de diâmetro. A maior intensidade de alimentação ocorreu no período compreendido entre 10 e 18h, sendo preferencialmente realizada em ramos de 30-40mm de diâmetro. O inseto apresentou comportamento sedentário e de fácil localizaç ;ão em função de sua limitada e lenta movimentação. Esses resultados são importantes para localização, amostragem, catação manual e manejo da praga.A trial was carried out in the experimental area of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria to study the behaviour of mating, egg-laying, feeding and movement of Hedypathes betulinus (Klug, 1825 in the Paraguay tea (Ilex paraguariensis. These characteristics were monitored during four days (hourly in two screen cages, each envolving a branch of a plant and containing two adult couples of H. betulinus. When approaching a female, the male tried to copulate immediately and usually mated several times during the day mainly between 2:00 and 6:00pm and on along the branch. Egg-laying was more frequent on branches between 15 and 20mm in diameter. Feeding ocorred more intensivel y fron 10:00am to 6:00p.m preferently on branches between 30 and 4mm in diameter The adults showed limited movement and sedentary behaviour.

  15. Efeito do Estádio Vegetativo do Sorgo (Sorghum bicolor, (L. Moench sobre a Composição Química da Silagem, Consumo, Produção e Teor de Gordura do Leite para Vacas em lactação, em Comparação à Silagem de Milho (Zea mays (L. Effect of the Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor, (L. Moench Growth Stage on the Silage Chemical Composition, Intake, Milk Production and Fat on Dairy Cattle, Compared with Corn Silage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Argélia Maria Araújo Dias


    and the lactating order and consisted of three cows and three periods. Each period was performed by 28 days. The following treatments were tested: CS -- corn silage, SSB -- sorghum silage in a boot stage and, SSM -- sorghum silage in a milk grain stage in addition to 25 kg of spineless cactus animal/day and commercial concentrate according to milk production. The animals fed with corn silage showed the highest dry matter intake of the silage and of the total diet, when compared to those fed with sorghum silage at the two growth stage tested. There were no significant effects of the vegetative stage on sorghum silage intake. It was observed higher milk yield and 4% fat corrected milk yield for the animals that consumed corn silage compared to the animals that received sorghum silage in the milk grain stage. The cows fed with sorghum silage at the boot stage did not differ fron those fed the other two treatments. No significant differences were observed among the tested silages for the milk fat content.

  16. Processamento mínimo de mamão 'formosa' Fresh cut of 'formosa' papaya

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gustavo Henrique de Almeida TEIXEIRA


    Full Text Available Este trabalho foi conduzido para verificar o efeito do tamanho do corte, 2,5 x 2,5cm (corte 1 e 2,5 x 5,0cm (corte 2, e da temperatura de armazenamento (3, 6 e 9ºC, na velocidade da modificação da atmosfera ambiente e nas características químicas de mamões do grupo `Formosa' minimamente processados e embalados em copos plásticos (500ml. A concentração de CO2 no interior destes copos aumentou 2 a 3 vezes, durante as primeiras 6 horas após o corte, para depois diminuir e se estabilizar. Esta concentração aumentou com o aumento da temperatura de armazenamento. A umidade dos pedaços diminuiu consideravelmente nos dois primeiros dias, e a temperatura que melhor conservou a umidade foi a de 6ºC. A acidez total titulável foi menor no corte 2, com as maiores reduções a 6 e 9oC. Os teores de sólidos solúveis totais não variaram entre os tratamentos, e os cuidados higiênicos adotados durante o processamento permitiram a obtenção de produtos com baixa contagem microbiana, 10³UFC.g-1 nos pedaços armazenados a 9ºC após sete dias, e com boa manutenção da qualidade sensorial das mesmas. Estes resultados permitem indicar o mamão `Formosa' para a produção de produtos minimamente processados, na forma de pedaços, com conservação refrigerada (3 e 6ºC por um período de 7 dias.This work was undertaken to verify the effect of cutting size, 2.5 x 2.5cm (chunk 1, 2.5 x 5.0cm (chunk 2, and storage temperatures (3, 6 and 9ºC, on atmosphere modification rate and chemical characteristics of `Formosa' fresh-cut papaya packed in plastic cups (500 ml. The CO2 concentration into theses cups increased fron two to three fold during first 6 hours after cutting, then it decreased and stabilized. This concentration increased with the storage temperature increasing. The chunks's moisture remarkably decreased in the first 2 days, and the temperature which best sustained the moisture was 6ºC. The titratable total acidity was lower in chunk 2

  17. Feeding mechanisms and ecology of pycnodont fishes (Neopterygii, Pycnodontiformes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Kriwet


    seit dem Eozän ausgestorbenen Neopterygier-Gruppe der Pycnodontier wird im Vergleich zu einigen rezenten Halecostomen (Amia calva, verschiedene Teleosteer untersucht und diskutiert. Dazu wird eine kurze Übersicht über die funktionellen Einheiten des Pycnodontierschädels gegeben. Die Kinematik des Nahrungsaufnahmeapparates der Pycnodontier stellt einen Übergang von der einfachen, stereotypischen Kinematik primitiver Actinopterygier zu der modulierenden Kinematik fortschrittlicher Teleosteer dar und wird hier als limitierte, modulierende Kinematik bezeichnet. Zwei structurelle Spezialisationen, die bei Halecostomi entwickelt sind (Operculum mit distinkten m. levator operculare und das Interoperculare mit dem interoperculare Ligament fehlen bei Pycnodontiern, wogegen sie die zwei primitiven Verbindungen zwischen den epaxialen Muskeln und dem Neurocrani-um und zwischen den hypaxialen Muskeln, dem Cleithrum und dem Sternohyoidmuskel für die direkte Unterkieferabsenkung beibehalten. Fortschrittliche Pycnodontier entwickeln aber eine neue Struktur (bewegliches Maxillare und Premaxillare zur Erweiterung des buccopharyngealen Raumes, die bei Halecomorphen als auch ursprünglichen Pycnodontiern (z. B. †Ardua-frons, †Mesturus fehlt: Maxillare und Prämaxillare werden aus dem Schädelverband gelöst und beide werden gegeneinander beweglich Während der Mandibulardepression schwingt das nun freie Maxillare um einen vorderen Artikulationszapfen antero-ventrad und drückt das Prämaxillare nach vorne in Richtung Beute. Die ökomorphologische Untersuchung zeigt, dass der Rachenraum als „truncated-cone”, wie er für Teleosteer mit ausgeprägtem Schnappsaugmechanismus typisch ist, rekonstruiert werden kann. Die Kinematik des Kieferapparates der Pycnodontier repräsentiert somit eine Kombination aus reinem Beißen und Schnappsaugen. Pycnodontier ernährten sich vermutlich omnivor sowohl von schalentragenden als auch schalenlosen Invertebraten ernährten. Vermutlich waren

  18. Maduración sexual en niños con diabetes mellitus tipo 1 tratados con dosis múltiples de insulina Sexual maturation in children presenting with Type 1 diabetes mellitus treated with multiple dose of insulin.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tania Espinosa Reyes


    Infantile Endocrinlogy. A non-concurrent prospective study of medical records of patients treated withmultiple dose of insulin, from 32 boys and 28 girls resident in urban areas lenghwise followed by clinical examinatio and periodic biochemical determinarions fron onset of 1 MD to achieve its final height. Metabolic control was assessed by means of glycolised hemoglobin (HbA1 performed quarterly, and classified by Institution criteria as good (G; 10 %. Mean age with a testicular volume of 4 mL was of 12,5 ? 8 years; in girls onset of breast development contrasted with average age of 11,4 years, and menarche occured at 12,9 ? 1,2 years. Also, it was confirmed that 31 patients have a B metabolic control (51,6 %, 11 R (36,7 %, and 7 M (11,7 %. It was conclude that treatment with multiple dose of insulin has a favourable end decisive influence on degree of metabolic control, whith allows a appropriate pubertal development in patients presenting 1 MD.

  19. Centralidade do dinheiro na espiritualidade neopentecostal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Drance Elias da Silva


    profane God, to destroy him. Can this be so? The tithe is money. It is something that belongs to God. One perceives a certain Mystic, developed fron a resignification constant process. Symbolical perspective compounds this object, called, nominated money, comprehensive analysis, money that, in neo-pentecostal cult space, increases in inportance and expressiveness in faith regarding to those ones who look for victony, conquest, prosperity. KEYWORDS: Spirituality; Money; Social Bond; Gift; Neopentecostalism.

  20. Caracterización molecular en pacientes con enfermedad granulomatosa crónica por deficiencia en p47 phox Molecular characterization in patients with chronic granulomatous disease due to p47phox deficiency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Javier Patiño Grajales


    conocida, el cual es amplificado; las mutantes así generadas pueden dar información acerca de la estructura y función de los genes analizados, observando su efecto sobre la función. De esta manera se puede determinar lo importante que puede ser un cambio estructural en la función de esta proteína. NADPH oxidase system is an enzymatic electron transport complex localized in the membrane of phagocytic cells. Several proteins belong to this system: A flavocytochrome b558, formed by a b chain (gp91.phox and an a chain (p22.phox and, at least, 3 cytosolic proteins (p47.phox, p67.phox and p40 phox. Genetic alteration in any of these proteins causes the syndrome of Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD. Characterization of mutations in patients with CGD has been fundamental to elucidate the structure and function of NADPH oxidase system ComponentS. Several findings make p47.phoX an interesting model to study the molecular mechanism involved in regulating the expreSSion and bioChemical function ofthis system. So far, in patients with p47.phoX defect a deletion of dinucleotide GT has been foUnd at the beginning of exon 2; most of them are homocygotic for this deletion which is probably due to recombinant events between normal p47.phoX gen and a recently described pseudogen. Any mutation found when diagnosing non.homocygotic patients (gDNA or cDNA may represent a pseudogen change. Therefore, for precise identification of the genetic defect it is necessary to separate the normal gen from the pseudogen and to analyze individual sequences. Non.homocygotic patients posibly have a second mutation in the wild type allele different fron GT deletion. On the other hand, through site. oriented mutagenesis it is posible to modify some of the aminoacids or domains of p47.phoX, which may be essential for its function and relationship with CGD. With this method010gy it is possible to introduce changes in a gen whoSe sequence is thoroughly known and which is amplified; mutants So generated can


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Jesús Marrón Gaite


    the learning. For it, nothing better than to resort more to the activity desired by children and adolescents: the play. The playful methodology, in addition to being highly motivating constitutes specially suitable means to develop in the individual an ample range of capacities in the three scopes of the knowledge: conceptual, procedural and actitudinal, contributing effectively to its socialization. From this perspective we have designed the simulation game "Differents but equals", that allows to work the Primary students of and E.S.O. different aspects of intercultural education the Geography from, that as social science contributes to develop the values of citicen coexistence fron an ample and integrating approach. KEY WORDS:Intercultural education in values, citizen coexistence, playful methodology, intrinsic motivation, active education, simulation games. RESUMÉ:Dans l'article présent est analysé le besoin qui existe de nos jours dans notre pays pour arbitrer les nouvelles stratégies didactiques, qui permettent de s'approcher avec l'eficacité de la formation d'enfants et des adolescents dans des valeurs pour la vie civile ensemble, dans une société que cha- que jour devient plus interculturel comme la conséquence de I'arrivée massive d'irnmigrants pro- venant de secteurs tres divers culturels. Nous avons pensé que pour obtenir des résultats positifs est indispensable développer dans les étudiant la motivation intrinseque vers l'étude. Pour cela, rien mieux que pour faire appel l'activi- té le plus désirable par des enfants et des adolescents : le jeu. La méthodologie espiegle, á c6té d'etre fortement motivative, constitue une faqons particulierement appropriée de développer dans I'individu une largue échelle de capacités dans trois secteurs de savoir : conceptuel, procédural et attitudinal, contribuant efficacement a son socialisation. De cette perspective que nous avons conqu le jeu de simulation "Différents mais égales", cela laisse

  2. Development of a local baiting system for the control of the Africa invader fly, (Bactrocera invadens) Drew, Tsuruta and White (Diptera: Tephritidae) in mango orchards at Somanya, Eastern Ghana

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yeboah, S.


    Fruit production plays an important role in Africa's economy. In Ghana, mango is targeted as one of the next non-traditional export crop that is expected to fetch the highest foreign exchange for the country and replace cocoa. Ghana's current production is said to have increased from 6,800 tonnes in 2007 to about 7000 tonnes in 2010. However, the African invader fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens, is causing high yield losses as an important quarantine pest and has brought some setback in the mango trade between Ghana and their exporting destinations. Imported commercial protein hydrolysate bait for controlling the flies constitutes the highest cost component of the control programme, excluding cost of labour. The baits are exhorbitant for local farmers and seldom available. This setback has called for the need to design and implement efficient and cost-effective control regimes for managing this pest. The objective of the study was to explore the development of locally produced, cheap and efficient baiting system using brewery yeast wastes and coloured cylinder traps to attract and control this quarantine pest. A 1 ha study area was selected within DORMEHSCO FARM, a mango orchard at Somanya in the Eastern region of Ghana with the Keith mango variety for the study. Local sources of Guiness, Beer and Pito yeast wastes were collected into Winchester bottles and subjected to pasteurisation. Papain enzyme was added to maximize yeast cell autolysis at 70 degrees celcius for 9 hours. The Micro-Kjeldahl apparatus was used to determine the percentage protein in each waste. Transparent cylinder traps with three different colours of lids (red, yellow and green) and three 3cm diameter round holes referred to as coloured traps were used to dispense the baits. The traps were labelled according to the type of bait and trap colour combination. The trials were conducted in two successive peak fruiting seasons fron October to November, 2011 (minor season and then from April to June

  3. 13th National Congress of the South African Society of Psychiatrists, 20-23 September 2004

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eugene Allers


    , Liezl Koen 45. Buprenorphine/Naloxone maintenance in office practice: 18 months and 170 patients after the American release Ted Parran Jr, Chris Adelman 46. Integration of Pharmacotherapy for Opioid dependence into general psychiatric practice: Naltrexone, Methadone and Buprenorphine/ Naloxone Ted Parran 47. Our African understanding of individulalism and communitarianism Willie Pienaar 48. Healthy ageing and the prevention of Dementia Felix Potocnik, Susan van Rensburg, Christianne Bouwens 49. Indigenous plants and methods used by traditional African healers for treatinf psychiatric patients in the Soutpansberg Area (Research was done in 1998 Ramovha Muvhango Rachel 50. Symptom pattern & associated psychiatric disorders in subjects with possible & confirmed 22Q11 deletional syndrome J.L. Roos, H.W. Pretorius, M. Karayiorgou 51. Duration of antidepressant treatment: How long is long enough? How long is too long Steven P Roose 52. A comparison study of early non-psychotic deviant behaviour in the first ten years of life, in Afrikaner patients with Schizophrenia, Schizo-affective disorder and Bipolar disorder Martin Scholtz, Melissa Janse van Rensburg, J. Louw Roos 53. Treatment, treatment issues, and prevention of PTSD in women: An update Soraya Seedat 54. Fron neural networks to clinical practice M Spitzer 55. Opening keynote presentation: The art and science of Psychiatry M Spitzer 56. The future of Pharmacotherapy for anxiety disorders Dan J. Stein 57. Neuropsychological deficits pre and post Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT thrice a week: A report of four cases Ugash Subramaney, Yusuf Moosa 58. Prevalence of and risk factors for Tradive Dyskinesia in a Xhosa population in the Eastern Cape Dave Singler, Betty D. Patterson, Sandi Willows 59. Eating disorders: Addictive disorders? Christopher Paul Szabo 60. Ethical challenges and dilemmas of research in third world countries Godfrey B. Tangwa 61. The interface between Neurology and Psychiatry with specific focus on

  4. A Study of the Relationship between Mulla Sadra's " Extra-Intellectual Order" and Kierkegaard's "Sphere of Religion"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahmoud Reza Sadraei


    , Kierkegaard is a known to be a harsh critic of rationalism. He wants to remind his readers of limitations of human reason. Placing faith in the center of Christian thinking, he believed that intellect has no role in religious creed; and that the object of faith has to be paradoxical. Without submission to the paradoxical, the necessary passion and the ground for decision would not be peovided. Submitting to the paradoxical, a passionate human being displays his/her exyreme passion and commitment to the object of his/her faith, which is a paradox, and paradoxical as much as the paradox itself. In Kierkegaard's view, the void arising from the inconsistency of two discrete, and at the same time, subsequent issues (ethical and religious life is filled by an existential issue, namely deapair. Such a despair, he argues, is an existential process swallowing the entire individual existence and is the result of paradoxes and substantial impasses that an individual faces within the extant conditions of his/her own life, becoming the turning point where a human being is detached fron morality and adjoins religion. Such a despair is deliberaye and chosen. Humans cannot be desperate without spliciting despair. When resolving it correctly, an individual would go beyond it righteously. In Islamic view, however, faith is not an anti rational category. In Mulla Sadra's view, faith is inclusive of instinctive knowledge and intuitive knowledge. Faith has various grades, one being intuitive. Another grade is the knowledge of God through argumentative comparison. Although faith is a matter of heart/instinct, the heartfelt/instinctive faith is not exclusive to exploratory knowledge; and knowledge of God through reasoning and arguments could be considered heartfelt/inatinctive faith. He tries to reconcile intellect and religion; or in other words, gnosticism and argumentation. In his specific semantic analytic method, Mulla Sadra links elements seemingly not directly related to the concept of faith