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  1. A Study on Librarian Service Providers' Awareness and Perceptions of Library Services for the Disabled

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Younghee Noh


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to improve library promotional marketing for the disabled by identifying requirements of public library disability services. This study aimed to investigate librarian service providers' awareness of library programs for the disabled in order to prepare a systematic plan for promoting such library services. Research methods used are a literature analysis and survey. First, the ratio of respondents with experience promoting activities and services for the disabled was less than 50%. Second, regarding methods for promoting library disability services, the respondents used library homepages, press releases, library user guides, library newsletters, and library pamphlets in that order. Third, when asked what kind of PR media the library disability service providers had experience with and how often they use it, library boards and banners were the most common response. Fourth, suggested improvements to the current design and content of PR materials included: clearer word choice (or greater understandability, more detailed descriptions, simpler layouts, and more interesting or eye-catching content in that order. Fifth, the library disability services which are in the most need of public relations were guide information for library disability services, Library and Information Service (DOI services and search services, using alternative materials and the library collection, and aiding the information search. Overall, when evaluating the promotion of disability services in Korea, the library's public relations for disabled services needs to improve because currently neither librarians nor the disabled community they are targeting has frequent or quality experience with it. Thus, the policy department for the library disability services must develop a variety of promotional strategies adjusted for each type of the disability and distribute PR materials to service providers individually, making sure to utilize effective PR

  2. Providing quality reference services at a special library


    Semertzaki, Eva


    The paper deals with the traditional vs. modern reference service and with the reference interview and its value. It analyzes new channels of communication: the virtual reference service. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face vs. virtual reference and touches issues of user education, information literacy, user satisfaction and evaluation of reference services. Finally, it highlights the competencies of the reference librarian.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    В. В. Степко


    Full Text Available The article highlights information resources of the scientific library of the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts and characterizes its use in the system of providing librarian and informational services for users. It is proved that the important information resource of the library is website, which provides additional opportunities for users, forming a positive image of the library in the virtual space. The site contains information on various directions of the library’s activities, librarian services, projects and media products. One of the main tasks of the library is formation and presentation on the website of the electronic catalog as a multifunctional bibliographic resource, which is the basis for informational services and the basic information product of the library. The creation of an electronic library continues as the essential element of providing qualitative and effective services to users. The article discusses the functioning of the “Virtual Help” service as an effective form of working with remote users. The authors also consider such an actual direction of the library’s activity as the presentation of the scientific and creative heritage of the university with help of “12 + books of the year” project. The aim of the project is to inform about new editions of university’s teachers published this year and presented in the library fund. The implementation of the patriotic innovation and educational project “Treasures of the Nation”, whose purpose is to study and popularize the elements of the intangible cultural heritage ofUkraine, is analyzed. The booktrails and flash presentations are considered as a means of presenting books prepared by the library staff. The preparation of longreed, a new format for submitting information on the Internet, is also considered. Thanks to the use of Tilda Publishing and ThingLink services, innovative products were created: a complex multimedia story that combined photos

  4. Accuracy of Answers Provided by Digital/Face-to-Face Reference Services in Japanese Public Libraries and Q & A Sites (United States)

    Tsuji, Keita; To, Haruna; Hara, Atsuyuki


    We asked the same 60 questions using DRS (digital reference services) in Japanese public libraries, face-to-face reference services and Q & A (question and answer) sites. It was found that: (1) The correct answer ratio of DRS is higher than that of Q & A sites; (2) DRS takes longer to provide answers as compared to Q & A sites; and (3)…

  5. Library Services Funding Assessment (United States)

    Lorig, Jonathan A.


    The Glenn Technical Library is a science and engineering library that primarily supports research activities at the Glenn Research Center, and provides selected services to researchers at all of the NASA research centers. Resources available in the library include books, journals, CD-ROMs, and access to various online sources, as well as live reference and inter-library loan services. The collection contains over 77,000 books, 800,000 research reports, and print or online access to over 1,400 journals. Currently the library operates within the Logistics and Technical Information Division, and is funded as an open-access resource within the GRC. Some of the research units at the GRC have recently requested that the library convert to a "pay-for-services" model, in which individual research units could fund only those journal subscriptions for which they have a specific need. Under this model, the library would always maintain a certain minimum level of pooled-expense services, including the ready reference and book collections, and inter-library loan services. Theoretically the "pay-for-services" model would encourage efficient financial allocation, and minimize the extent to which paid journal subscriptions go unused. However, this model also could potentially negate the benefits of group purchases for journal subscriptions and access. All of the major journal publishers offer package subscriptions that compare favorably in cost with the sum of individual subscription costs for a similar selection of titles. Furthermore, some of these subscription packages are "consortium" purchases that are funded collectively by the libraries at multiple NASA research centers; such consortia1 memberships would be difficult for the library to pay, if enough GRC research units were to withdraw their pooled contributions. cost of collectively-funded journal access with the cost of individual subscriptions. My primary task this summer is to create the cost dataset framework, and

  6. Clear Purpose...Complete Commitment. A Long-Range Program To Provide Louisianians with Library and Information Services Adequate to Their Needs 1996-2000. (United States)

    Jaques, Thomas F.

    This document provides the 5-year (1996-2000) library plan for public libraries in Louisiana. It identifies specific inadequacies in public library services, resources, facilities, and personnel. It identifies the people who are to be served, and reveals the geographical, sociological, economic, and educational barriers to the expanded use of…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES IN ACADEMIC LIBRARIES: A TOOL FOR SURVIVAL IN THE ... This article discusses the concept of marketing library and information services as an ... EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT

  8. Virtual Libraries: Service Realities. (United States)

    Novak, Jan


    Discussion of changes in society that have resulted from information and communication technologies focuses on changes in libraries and a new market for library services with new styles of clients. Highlights client service issues to be considered when transitioning to a virtual library situation. (Author/LRW)

  9. Ask! Your Library at the HUB: Penn State Libraries’ Experiences Providing Reference Services at the Campus Student Union Building

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Charlotte Behler


    Full Text Available The Web 2.0 generation presents many service challenges to libraries. College students of today have work styles that emphasize collaboration, preference for flexible and comfortable spaces, and independent discovery of information. Given that challenge, it is important for libraries to experiment with new and unique models of service. Librarians and Staff at the Penn State University Libraries explored offering library service at the main campus’s student union building during two trials, during the Spring and Fall semesters of 2006.

  10. Libraries for users services in academic libraries

    CERN Document Server

    Alvite, Luisa


    This book reviews the quality and evolution of academic library services. It revises service trends offered by academic libraries and the challenge of enhancing traditional ones such as: catalogues, repositories and digital collections, learning resources centres, virtual reference services, information literacy and 2.0 tools.studies the role of the university library in the new educational environment of higher educationrethinks libraries in academic contextredefines roles for academic libraries

  11. Providing Health Sciences Services in a Joint-Use Distributed Learning Library System: An Organizational Case Study. (United States)

    Enslow, Electra; Fricke, Suzanne; Vela, Kathryn


    The purpose of this organizational case study is to describe the complexities librarians face when serving a multi-campus institution that supports both a joint-use library and expanding health sciences academic partnerships. In a system without a centralized health science library administration, liaison librarians are identifying dispersed programs and user groups and collaborating to define their unique service and outreach needs within a larger land-grant university. Using a team-based approach, health sciences librarians are communicating to integrate research and teaching support, systems differences across dispersed campuses, and future needs of a new community-based medical program.

  12. Virtual Libraries: Service Realities. (United States)

    Novak, Jan

    This paper discusses client service issues to be considered when transitioning to a virtual library situation. Themes related to the transitional nature of society in the knowledge era are presented, including: paradox and a contradictory nature; blurring of boundaries; networks, systems, and holistic thinking; process/not product, becoming/not…

  13. The Research Funding Service: a model for expanded library services


    Means, Martha L.


    Traditionally, libraries have provided a modest amount of information about grants and funding opportunities to researchers in need of research funding. Ten years ago, the University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences Libraries and Information Center joined in a cooperative effort with the School of Medicine to develop a complete, library-based grant and funding service for health sciences researchers called the Research Funding Service. The library provided space, access to the library colle...

  14. Marketing and Promotion of Library Services (United States)

    Nicholas, Julie

    As librarians we should be actively marketing and promoting our library services. This paper aims to demystify marketing for librarians. Practical solutions are provided on how to implement a marketing strategy, with particular emphasis on the value of using electronic information resources. It also shows the link between promoting library services and raising the profile of the library.

  15. Research evaluation support services in biomedical libraries. (United States)

    Gutzman, Karen Elizabeth; Bales, Michael E; Belter, Christopher W; Chambers, Thane; Chan, Liza; Holmes, Kristi L; Lu, Ya-Ling; Palmer, Lisa A; Reznik-Zellen, Rebecca C; Sarli, Cathy C; Suiter, Amy M; Wheeler, Terrie R


    The paper provides a review of current practices related to evaluation support services reported by seven biomedical and research libraries. A group of seven libraries from the United States and Canada described their experiences with establishing evaluation support services at their libraries. A questionnaire was distributed among the libraries to elicit information as to program development, service and staffing models, campus partnerships, training, products such as tools and reports, and resources used for evaluation support services. The libraries also reported interesting projects, lessons learned, and future plans. The seven libraries profiled in this paper report a variety of service models in providing evaluation support services to meet the needs of campus stakeholders. The service models range from research center cores, partnerships with research groups, and library programs with staff dedicated to evaluation support services. A variety of products and services were described such as an automated tool to develop rank-based metrics, consultation on appropriate metrics to use for evaluation, customized publication and citation reports, resource guides, classes and training, and others. Implementing these services has allowed the libraries to expand their roles on campus and to contribute more directly to the research missions of their institutions. Libraries can leverage a variety of evaluation support services as an opportunity to successfully meet an array of challenges confronting the biomedical research community, including robust efforts to report and demonstrate tangible and meaningful outcomes of biomedical research and clinical care. These services represent a transformative direction that can be emulated by other biomedical and research libraries.

  16. Service Innovation In Academic Libraries

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scupola, Ada; Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh


    Purpose – The purpose of this article is to investigate whether management and employees in academic libraries involve users in library service innovations and what these user roles are. Design/methodology/approach – The article first reviews the literature focusing on innovation, new product...... development, new service development and library science with specific focus on users and management. Subsequently the research uses a case study approach to investigate management and customer involvement in a Danish academic library. Findings – Results from the case study show that academic libraries...... in academic library service innovations on the basis of an in-depth case study of a Danish academic library....

  17. Library user metaphors and services

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johannsen, Carl Gustav

    that these user metaphors crucially inform librarians' interactions with the public, and, by extension, determine the quality and content of the services received. The ultimate aim of the book is to provide library professionals with insights and tools for avoiding common pitfalls associated with false...

  18. Clear Purpose...Complete Commitment: A Long-Range Program To Provide Louisianians with Library and Information Services Adequate to Their Needs, 1995-1999. (United States)

    Jaques, Thomas F.

    This document presents the five year library plan for public libraries in Louisiana. It identifies the specific inadequacies in public library services, resources, facilities, and personnel; identifies the people who are to be served; reveals the geographical, sociological, economic, and educational barriers to the expanded use of libraries; and…

  19. Clear Purpose...Complete Commitment: A Long-Range Program To Provide Louisianians with Library and Information Services Adequate to Their Needs, 1993-1997. (United States)

    Jaques, Thomas F.

    This long range plan, which was prepared in compliance with the Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA), begins with an overview of the library public and the state library agency in Louisiana. Identification of needs and action plans are presented in the following goal areas: (1) improving state library administration; (2) extending services…

  20. Marketing library and information services in academic libraries in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Marketing library and information services in academic libraries in Niger State, Nigeria. ... This study was designed to investigate the marketing of library services in academic libraries in Niger state, ... EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT

  1. Distance Learning Library Services in Ugandan Universities (United States)

    Mayende, Jackline Estomihi Kiwelu; Obura, Constant Okello


    The study carried out at Makerere University and Uganda Martyrs University in 2010 aimed at providing strategies for enhanced distance learning library services in terms of convenience and adequacy. The study adopted a cross sectional descriptive survey design. The study revealed services provided in branch libraries in Ugandan universities were…

  2. Library Services Online: Introducing Library Services for Online MBA Classes (United States)

    Slavin, Laura C.


    In this article, a librarian at Lincoln Memorial University creates library services for an MBA program offered entirely online that is in the early stages of development. The library services include a subject guide and 4 tutorials that will be added to the MBA online orientation. Other services include offering online office hours and…

  3. Clear Purpose...Complete Commitment. A Long-Range Program To Provide Louisianians with Library and Information Services Adequate to Their Needs, 1990/91-1995. (United States)

    Jaques, Thomas F.

    This long-range library program for the state of Louisiana identifies specific inadequacies in public library services, resources, facilities, and personnel. It identifies the people who are to be served, and reveals geographical, socioeconomic, and educational barriers to the expanded use of libraries. Finally, it presents specific goals and…

  4. Exposing Library Services with AngularJS


    Jakob Voß; Moritz Horn


    This article provides an introduction to the JavaScript framework AngularJS and specific AngularJS modules for accessing library services. It shows how information such as search suggestions, additional links, and availability can be embedded in any website. The ease of reuse may encourage more libraries to expose their services via standard APIs to allow usage in different contexts.

  5. E-Services in Danish Research Libraries

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scupola, Ada


    This chapter reports the findings of a case study of e-services adoption at research libraries. The case under consideration is Roskilde University Library (RUB), a research library supporting learning activities at Roskilde University. The research focuses on the main issues that RUB had to deal...... research libraries in Denmark. The main results can be summarized as follows: 1) Adoption of e-services has forced RUB to innovate rapidly. Innovation is driven, among other factors, by ICT developments (technology push), but innovation is also user-driven and pervasive throughout the organization.  2) E...... with in the process of adopting e-services and the future challenges that e-services provide for RUB. The chapter also presents the consequences of e-services adoption for Roskilde University library's organization, its business model and the relationships with customers, publishers (providers of knowledge) and other...

  6. Possibilities for Proactive Library Services. (United States)

    Morgan, Eric Lease


    Considers ways in which library services can be more proactive in today's networked-computer environment. Discusses how to find and use patterns of behavior, such as borrowing behavior and profiles of patrons' interests; making a CD-ROM with information describing the library's services and products; and reviving telephone reference. (LRW)

  7. Telelibrary: Library Services via Satellite. (United States)

    Liu, Rosa


    Investigates the provision of library services via satellite, explains briefly the operation and advantages of communication satellites, and discusses the various telecommunications equipment and services which, when coupled with satellite transmission, will enhance library activities. Demand trend projections for telecommunications services…

  8. NEIC Library Services (United States)

    The National Enforcement Investigation Center (NEIC) Environmental Forensic Library partners with NEIC's forensic scientists to retrieve, validate and deliver information to develop methods, defensible regulations, and environmental measurements.

  9. Research data services in veterinary medicine libraries. (United States)

    Kerby, Erin E


    The study investigated veterinary medicine librarians' experience with and perceptions of research data services. Many academic libraries have begun to offer research data services in response to researchers' increased need for data management support. To date, such services have typically been generic, rather than discipline-specific, to appeal to a wide variety of researchers. An online survey was deployed to identify trends regarding research data services in veterinary medicine libraries. Participants were identified from a list of contacts from the MLA Veterinary Medical Libraries Section. Although many respondents indicated that they have a professional interest in research data services, the majority of veterinary medicine librarians only rarely or occasionally provide data management support as part of their regular job responsibilities. There was little consensus as to whether research data services should be core to a library's mission despite their perceived importance to the advancement of veterinary research. Furthermore, most respondents stated that research data services are just as or somewhat less important than the other services that they provide and feel only slightly or somewhat prepared to offer such services. Lacking a standard definition of "research data" and a common understanding of precisely what research data services encompass, it is difficult for veterinary medicine librarians and libraries to define and understand their roles in research data services. Nonetheless, they appear to have an interest in learning more about and providing research data services.

  10. Clear Purpose...Complete Commitment: A Long-Range Program To Provide Louisianians with Library and Information Services Adequate to Their Needs, 1992-1996. (United States)

    Jaques, Thomas F.

    This report identifies specific inadequacies in Louisiana public library services, resources, facilities, and personnel. It also identifies the people who are to be served, and reveals the geographical, sociological, economic, and educational barriers to the expanded use of libraries. Finally, it presents specific goals and objectives as part of…

  11. If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere: Providing Reference and Instructional Library Services in the Virtual Environment (United States)

    Leonard, Elizabeth; Morasch, Maureen J.


    Despite the old-fashioned view of the academic library as a static institution, libraries can and do change in response to the needs of users and stakeholders. Perhaps the most dramatic shift in services has been the transition from a purely physical to a combination physical/virtual or even virtual-only environment. This article examines how…

  12. Library performance and service competition developing strategic responses

    CERN Document Server

    White, Larry Nash


    A practice-driven and proven resource for library administrators of all types of libraries. The work describes how the library can identify the service environment factors impacting customers; strategic needs; identify library competitors; strategic abilities and service environment impacts; and use the combined results to develop proactive competitive responses that drive the service environment instead of reacting to the service environment. These strategic competitive responses would allow the library to increase the value of its service impact and effectiveness while increasing customer appreciation and the libraries advantage in the competitive service environment. Written by a highly knowledgeable practitioner from the library field Experience of the author (library and for-profit management experience) provides a hybrid/blended view of library competition and management responses from both the library and for-profit management worlds Written to applicable to all types of libraries.

  13. Research data services in veterinary medicine libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erin E. Kerby, MSI


    Conclusions: Lacking a standard definition of ‘‘research data’’ and a common understanding of precisely what research data services encompass, it is difficult for veterinary medicine librarians and libraries to define and understand their roles in research data services. Nonetheless, they appear to have an interest in learning more about and providing research data services.

  14. Managing user queries using cloud services: KAUST library experience

    KAUST Repository

    Ramli, Rindra M.; Ba-Rayyan, Faten A.


    The provision of reference and information services are one of the major activities for academic libraries. Answering questions and providing relevant and timely answers for library users are just one of such services. Questions come in many format

  15. Chat reference service in medical libraries: part 2--Trends in medical school libraries. (United States)

    Dee, Cheryl R


    An increasing number of medical school libraries offer chat service to provide immediate, high quality information at the time and point of need to students, faculty, staff, and health care professionals. Part 2 of Chat Reference Service in Medical Libraries presents a snapshot of the current trends in chat reference service in medical school libraries. In late 2002, 25 (21%) medical school libraries provided chat reference. Trends in chat reference services in medical school libraries were compiled from an exploration of medical school library Web sites and informal correspondence from medical school library personnel. Many medical libraries are actively investigating and planning new chat reference services, while others have decided not to pursue chat reference at this time. Anecdotal comments from medical school library staff provide insights into chat reference service.

  16. Charging Users for Library Service. (United States)

    Cooper, Michael D.


    Examines the question of instituting direct charges for library service, using on-line bibliographic searching as an example, and contrasts this with the current indirect charging system where services are paid for by taxes. Information, as a merit good, should be supplied with or without direct charges, depending upon user status. (CWM)

  17. Building Service Provider Capabilities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandl, Kristin; Jaura, Manya; Ørberg Jensen, Peter D.


    In this paper we study whether and how the interaction between clients and the service providers contributes to the development of capabilities in service provider firms. In situations where such a contribution occurs, we analyze how different types of activities in the production process...... process. We find that clients influence the development of human capital capabilities and management capabilities in reciprocally produced services. While in sequential produced services clients influence the development of organizational capital capabilities and management capital capabilities....... of the services, such as sequential or reciprocal task activities, influence the development of different types of capabilities. We study five cases of offshore-outsourced knowledge-intensive business services that are distinguished according to their reciprocal or sequential task activities in their production...

  18. Service Standards for the Mobile/Social Library (United States)

    Thomas, Lisa Carlucci


    Customer service is at the core of everything librarians do in libraries. They strive to create positive customer relationships and to provide added value to the library services offered to their patrons. Emerging technologies offer opportunities for creative integration with library services. Staff should be encouraged to explore, learn, and…

  19. Staff development and library services in academic libraries in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Staff development and library services in academic libraries in Bayelsa and Delta States. ... Information Impact: Journal of Information and Knowledge Management ... Descriptive survey research design was used for this study, data was ...

  20. Provider of Services File (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The POS file consists of two data files, one for CLIA labs and one for 18 other provider types. The file names are CLIA and OTHER. If downloading the file, note it...

  1. Medical service provider networks. (United States)

    Mougeot, Michel; Naegelen, Florence


    In many countries, health insurers or health plans choose to contract either with any willing providers or with preferred providers. We compare these mechanisms when two medical services are imperfect substitutes in demand and are supplied by two different firms. In both cases, the reimbursement is higher when patients select the in-network provider(s). We show that these mechanisms yield lower prices, lower providers' and insurer's profits, and lower expense than in the uniform-reimbursement case. Whatever the degree of product differentiation, a not-for-profit insurer should prefer selective contracting and select a reimbursement such that the out-of-pocket expense is null. Although all providers join the network under any-willing-provider contracting in the absence of third-party payment, an asymmetric equilibrium may exist when this billing arrangement is implemented. Copyright © 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  2. Delivering Library Services to Remote Students. (United States)

    Casado, Margaret


    Discusses library services at the University of Tennessee to reach off-campus and distance education students. Topics include online research; email; library instruction for faculty and students; Web interfaces; fax; telephone service; chat technology; the library's Web page; virtual classrooms; library links from a course management system; and…

  3. Providing Services to Virtual Patrons. (United States)

    Hulshof, Robert


    Discusses the types of services libraries need to support patrons who access the library via the Internet or e-mail. Highlights include issues in technical support; establishing policies and procedures; tools for technical support, including hardware and software; impacts of technical support on staff; and future possibilities. (LRW)

  4. Cross Support Transfer Service (CSTS) Framework Library (United States)

    Ray, Timothy


    Within the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), there is an effort to standardize data transfer between ground stations and control centers. CCSDS plans to publish a collection of transfer services that will each address the transfer of a particular type of data (e.g., tracking data). These services will be called Cross Support Transfer Services (CSTSs). All of these services will make use of a common foundation that is called the CSTS Framework. This library implements the User side of the CSTS Framework. "User side" means that the library performs the role that is typically expected of the control center. This library was developed in support of the Goddard Data Standards program. This technology could be applicable for control centers, and possibly for use in control center simulators needed to test ground station capabilities. The main advantages of this implementation are its flexibility and simplicity. It provides the framework capabilities, while allowing the library user to provide a wrapper that adapts the library to any particular environment. The main purpose of this implementation was to support the inter-operability testing required by CCSDS. In addition, it is likely that the implementation will be useful within the Goddard mission community (for use in control centers).

  5. How to Provide Live Library Information via SMS Using Twilio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mike Beccaria


    Full Text Available Paul Smith’s College provides library hours and workstation availability using SMS Text Messages. The service was implemented using an easy and affordable web-based API for SMS sending and receiving, from A new class of ‘cloud-based‘ SMS vendors make simple SMS-based services efficient and cost-effective to implement, and have many possible applications in the library environment. A simple PHP example is provided which supplies workstation availability over SMS based on a database of computer availability from a previous Code4Lib Journal Article.

  6. Mobile technology for expansion of service range medan public library (United States)

    Siregar, A. R.; Dewiyana, H.


    The information society, especially library users, expects an easier and faster way to get information and share knowledge. The library also implements the best way to provide the best service and the easiest way to disseminate and share information with its users. One technology that allows libraries more closely with their users is mobile technology. This paper aims to determine the basic conditions of mobile technology services and mobile services most needed library users, as well as constraints faced by libraries and users in the application of mobile technology. This paper will help libraries to develop better M-Library services in expanding the reach of library services. Methods of data collection were conducted through surveys through questionnaires, interviews, and direct observation. The results of the use of mobile technology applications in libraries bring great advantages to provide better library services and to improve accessibility of library resources in the easiest way, but due to lack of funds, lack of skills and lack of staff, many libraries are unable to provide this service with very successful.

  7. Review of Full Spectrum of Services offered at Special Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatemeh Assian


    Full Text Available   Special libraries fill a very important role in providing services to corporate users. The necessity to identify and promote the full spectrum of services offered by these type of libraries is felt more than ever. The present paper attempts to describe these services by reviewing the literature published in this respect.

  8. Virtual Reference Service in Academic Libraries in West Africa (United States)

    Sekyere, Kwabena


    As technology continues to advance, libraries in Europe and America continue to improve upon their virtual reference services by employing new Web technologies and applying them to existing services. West African academic libraries have begun providing resources electronically to their users but still typically lag behind in the services they…

  9. Pre-Service Teachers' Use of Library Databases: Some Insights (United States)

    Lamb, Janeen; Howard, Sarah; Easey, Michael


    The aim of this study is to investigate if providing mathematics education pre-service teachers with animated library tutorials on library and database searches changes their searching practices. This study involved the completion of a survey by 138 students and seven individual interviews before and after library search demonstration videos were…

  10. Providing Music Notation Services over Internet


    Solomon , Mike; Fober , Dominique; Orlarey , Yann; Letz , Stéphane


    International audience; The GUIDO project gathers a textual format for music representation, a rendering engine operating on this format, and a library providing a high level support for all the services related to the GUIDO format and it's graphic rendering. The project includes now an HTTP server that allows users to access the musical-score-related functions in the API of the GUIDOEngine library via uniform resource identifiers (URIs). This article resumes the core tenants of the REST arch...

  11. Customer service in libraries best practices

    CERN Document Server

    Harmon, Charles


    In this book, nine librarians from across the country describe their libraries' best practices in this key area. Their contributions range from all-encompassing customer service policies and models any library can both adapt and be proud of to micro-approaches that emphasize offering excellent user-focused technology planning, picture book arrangement with patrons in mind, Web 2.0 tools to connect users with the library, establishing good service delivery chains, and making your library fantastic for homeschoolers.

  12. Digital reference service: trends in academic health science libraries. (United States)

    Dee, Cheryl R


    Two years after the initial 2002 study, a greater number of academic health science libraries are offering digital reference chat services, and this number appears poised to grow in the coming years. This 2004 follow-up study found that 36 (27%) of the academic health science libraries examined provide digital chat reference services; this was an approximately 6% increase over the 25 libraries (21%) located in 2002. Trends in digital reference services in academic health science libraries were derived from the exploration of academic health science library Web sites and from digital correspondence with academic health science library personnel using e-mail and chat. This article presents an overview of the current state of digital reference service in academic health science libraries.

  13. Provider of Services File (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The POS file contains data on characteristics of hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities, including the name and address of the facility and the type of...

  14. Library 2.0 A New Service Model For Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agnes Erich


    Full Text Available The utilization of the new information and communication technologies implies a series of changes concerning the libraries. Currently it is spoken more and more about a new type of service offered by them, Library 2.0, which brings in foreground the user who becomes a modeler of the library services and resources. The information structures customer is not satisfied anymore by the unidirectional access to the resources, he wanted to be involved in the evaluation of them, making comments and sharing his ideas with another user. In this sense the library managers are looking for more efficient means to deliver services so that to obtain a proper feedback which enable them to take the best measures to make profitable them. Library 2.0 can be a solution for all these problems.

  15. Virtual Library: Providing Accessible Online Resources. (United States)

    Kelly, Rob


    Describes e-global library, a virtual library based on the Jones International University's library that organizes Internet resources to make them more accessible to students at all skill levels. Highlights include online tutorials; research guides; financial aid and career development information; and possible partnerships with other digital…

  16. Assessing users satisfaction with service quality in Slovenian public library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Igor Podbrežnik


    Full Text Available Purpose: A research was made into user satisfaction with regard to the quality of library services in one of the Slovenian public libraries. The aim was to establish the type of service quality level actually expected by the users, and to determine their satisfaction with the current quality level of available library services.Methodology: The research was performed by means of the SERVQUAL measuring tool which was used to determine the size and direction of the gap between the detected and the expected quality of library services among public library users.Results: Different groups of users provide different assessments of specific quality factors, and a library cannot satisfy the expectations of each and every user if most quality factors display discrepancies between the estimated perception and expectations. The users expect more reliable services and more qualified library staff members who would understand and allocate time for each user’s individual needs. The largest discrepancies from the expectations are detected among users in the under-35 age group and among the more experienced and skilled library users. The results of factor analysis confirm the fact that a higher number of quality factors can be explained by three common factors affecting the satisfaction of library users. A strong connection between user satisfaction and their assessment of the integral quality of services and loyalty has been established.Research restrictions: The research results should not be generalised and applied to all Slovenian public libraries since they differ in many important aspects. In addition, a non-random sampling method was used.Research originality/Applicability: The conducted research illustrates the use of a measuring tool that was developed with the aim of determining the satisfaction of users with the quality of library services in Slovenian public libraries. Keywords: public library, user satisfaction, quality of library services, user

  17. School library services: A necessity | Fakandu | Information ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The research paper focused on the school library services as a necessity to all primary and secondary schools. The study discussed the concept and significance of school libraries in the community, it also explained the reading habits of school children as they utilize the library and the adoption of Information and ...

  18. The National Library Service (SBN towards digital

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuliana Sgambati


    Full Text Available In the sector of technologies for the Information Society, the General Direction for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes has promoted two programs: · SBN: The National Library Service (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale · BDI: The Italian Digital Library (Biblioteca Digitale Italiana and another project, which was approved on March 18, 2003: · BDI&NTC: The Italian Digital Library and Cultural Tourist Network

  19. Credential Service Provider (CSP) (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Provides a VA operated Level 1 and Level 2 credential for individuals who require access to VA applications, yet cannot obtain a credential from another VA accepted...

  20. Library Service to the Spanish Speaking. (United States)

    Peterson, Anita R.

    This manual was developed to formalize Inglewood Public Library's existing policies and programs regarding library services to the Spanish speaking, and to define future program goals. The introduction discusses why such services have been initiated, why the manual was developed, and the potential benefits the manual has for library…

  1. Research evaluation support services in biomedical libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karen Elizabeth Gutzman


    Conclusions: Libraries can leverage a variety of evaluation support services as an opportunity to successfully meet an array of challenges confronting the biomedical research community, including robust efforts to report and demonstrate tangible and meaningful outcomes of biomedical research and clinical care. These services represent a transformative direction that can be emulated by other biomedical and research libraries.

  2. Digital reference service : libraries online 24/7


    Vijayakumar, Manju; Vijayakumar, J. K.


    The integration of the Internet Technology in to Libraries has not changed its mission of providing excellent information service to users but it has added several new dimensions and opened new avenues to their tasks. Reference librarians, while assisting users in the library, now have an additional set of remote users, who access the reference service online, who are more demanding, less patient users who have greater expectations. This paper discusses the methods in Online Reference service...

  3. Library and information services: impact on patient care quality. (United States)

    Marshall, Joanne Gard; Morgan, Jennifer Craft; Thompson, Cheryl A; Wells, Amber L


    The purpose of this paper is to explore library and information service impact on patient care quality. A large-scale critical incident survey of physicians and residents at 56 library sites serving 118 hospitals in the USA and Canada. Respondents were asked to base their answers on a recent incident in which they had used library resources to search for information related to a specific clinical case. Of 4,520 respondents, 75 percent said that they definitely or probably handled patient care differently using information obtained through the library. In a multivariate analysis, three summary clinical outcome measures were used as value and impact indicators: first, time saved; second, patient care changes; and third, adverse events avoided. The outcomes were examined in relation to four information access methods: first, asking librarian for assistance; second, performing search in a physical library; third, searching library's web site; or fourth, searching library resources on an institutional intranet. All library access methods had consistently positive relationships with the clinical outcomes, providing evidence that library services have a positive impact on patient care quality. Electronic collections and services provided by the library and the librarian contribute to patient care quality.

  4. A rural virtual health sciences library project: research findings with implications for next generation library services*


    Richwine, Margaret (Peggy); McGowan, Julie J.


    Purpose: The Shared Hospital Electronic Library of Southern Indiana (SHELSI) research project was designed to determine whether access to a virtual health sciences library and training in its use would support medical decision making in rural southern Indiana and achieve the same level of impact seen by targeted information services provided by health sciences librarians in urban hospitals.

  5. Improving Public Library Services for Rural Community Development

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The library as a social instrument for transformation in response to the ... To provide effective services for children and young people including requisite .... explanations clearer than they would have been without this multi-media tool especially.

  6. A Study of Early Learning Services in Museums and Libraries (United States)

    Sirinides, P.; Fink, R.; DuBois, T.


    Museums and libraries can play a role in providing opportunities for early learning, and there is clear momentum and infrastructure already in place to help make this happen. Researchers conducted a mixed-methods descriptive study to generate new evidence about the availability of services for young children in museums and libraries, and the…

  7. Learning to Provide 3D Virtual Reference: A Library Science Assignment (United States)

    Johnson, Megan; Purpur, Geraldine; Abbott, Lisa T.


    In spring semester 2009, two of the authors taught LIB 5020--Information Sources & Services to graduate library science students at Appalachian State University. The course covers information seeking patterns and provides an overview of reference services. The course is also designed to examine and evaluate library reference materials and…

  8. Using Cloud Services for Library IT Infrastructure


    Erik Mitchell


    Cloud computing comes in several different forms and this article documents how service, platform, and infrastructure forms of cloud computing have been used to serve library needs. Following an overview of these uses the article discusses the experience of one library in migrating IT infrastructure to a cloud environment and concludes with a model for assessing cloud computing.

  9. Invigorating Library Service Delivery through the Adoption of M ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Invigorating Library Service Delivery through the Adoption of M-Learning by Library Users in Nigeria. ... Nigerian School Library Journal ... so as to be at par with the libraries in the developed nations and to keep abreast Nigerian library users with the recent mobile technologies in the library services delivery in the world.

  10. School library services and students' satisfaction in the school library ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study examined school library services and satisfaction of students in the Federal Government Girls College Owerri, Imo State. The Survey method was adopted for the study and the population of study was 2756, out of which a sample of 281 was drawn. Two sets of questionnaire (one for management staff and one for ...

  11. Multiple Case Studies of Public Library Systems in New York State: Service Decision-Making Processes (United States)

    Ren, Xiaoai


    This research examined the functions and roles of public library systems in New York State and the services they provide for individual libraries and the public. The dissertation further studied the service decision-making processes at three selected New York State cooperative public library systems. Public library systems have played an important…

  12. Research Data Management Services in Academic Libraries in the US: A Content Analysis of Libraries' Websites (United States)

    Yoon, Ayoung; Schultz, Teresa


    Examining landscapes of research data management services in academic libraries is timely and significant for both those libraries on the front line and the libraries that are already ahead. While it provides overall understanding of where the research data management program is at and where it is going, it also provides understanding of current…

  13. Providing Staff Training and Programming to Support People with Disabilities: An Academic Library Case Study (United States)

    Brannen, Michelle H.; Milewski, Steven; Mack, Thura


    This case study explores services academic libraries provide to students with disabilities and the impact these can have on the success and experience of these students. The study focuses on staff training and outreach programming. The authors examine the academic library literature surrounding these topics, provide examples of programming…

  14. Ecosystem services provided by waterbirds. (United States)

    Green, Andy J; Elmberg, Johan


    Ecosystem services are ecosystem processes that directly or indirectly benefit human well-being. There has been much recent literature identifying different services and the communities and species that provide them. This is a vital first step towards management and maintenance of these services. In this review, we specifically address the waterbirds, which play key functional roles in many aquatic ecosystems, including as predators, herbivores and vectors of seeds, invertebrates and nutrients, although these roles have often been overlooked. Waterbirds can maintain the diversity of other organisms, control pests, be effective bioindicators of ecological conditions, and act as sentinels of potential disease outbreaks. They also provide important provisioning (meat, feathers, eggs, etc.) and cultural services to both indigenous and westernized societies. We identify key gaps in the understanding of ecosystem services provided by waterbirds and areas for future research required to clarify their functional role in ecosystems and the services they provide. We consider how the economic value of these services could be calculated, giving some examples. Such valuation will provide powerful arguments for waterbird conservation. © 2013 The Authors. Biological Reviews © 2013 Cambridge Philosophical Society.

  15. Ecosystem services provided by bats. (United States)

    Kunz, Thomas H; Braun de Torrez, Elizabeth; Bauer, Dana; Lobova, Tatyana; Fleming, Theodore H


    Ecosystem services are the benefits obtained from the environment that increase human well-being. Economic valuation is conducted by measuring the human welfare gains or losses that result from changes in the provision of ecosystem services. Bats have long been postulated to play important roles in arthropod suppression, seed dispersal, and pollination; however, only recently have these ecosystem services begun to be thoroughly evaluated. Here, we review the available literature on the ecological and economic impact of ecosystem services provided by bats. We describe dietary preferences, foraging behaviors, adaptations, and phylogenetic histories of insectivorous, frugivorous, and nectarivorous bats worldwide in the context of their respective ecosystem services. For each trophic ensemble, we discuss the consequences of these ecological interactions on both natural and agricultural systems. Throughout this review, we highlight the research needed to fully determine the ecosystem services in question. Finally, we provide a comprehensive overview of economic valuation of ecosystem services. Unfortunately, few studies estimating the economic value of ecosystem services provided by bats have been conducted to date; however, we outline a framework that could be used in future studies to more fully address this question. Consumptive goods provided by bats, such as food and guano, are often exchanged in markets where the market price indicates an economic value. Nonmarket valuation methods can be used to estimate the economic value of nonconsumptive services, including inputs to agricultural production and recreational activities. Information on the ecological and economic value of ecosystem services provided by bats can be used to inform decisions regarding where and when to protect or restore bat populations and associated habitats, as well as to improve public perception of bats. © 2011 New York Academy of Sciences.

  16. Behind the Appearance of Reference Services at the Library University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lailatur Rahmi


    Full Text Available This study aims to describe the development of reference services at the Library of Universitas Indonesia. The research discussed about innovation in the development of new activities in the reference services. Analyzing reference services from librarians’ point of view concerning the new activities in reference services, including attitudes and policies toward activities. This research takes a descriptive qualitative approach and uses semiotic analysis refering to Semiology of Roland Bathes concerning significance from two stage,  denotation and connotation, for analyzing the result of interviews. The results showed that the Universitas Indonesia Library reference service provides some new activities. Librarians become more active, revealed to be closer  to users, and transformation of information technology is seen as one of the competitive need to accompany the development of knowledge. Transfer media eventually have implications not on technology but rather to communication of reference services in the Universitas Indonesia Library.

  17. Behind the Appearance of Reference Services at the Library University

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lailatur Rahmi


    Full Text Available This study aims to describe the development of reference services at the Library of Universitas Indonesia. The research discussed about innovation in the development of new activities in the reference services. Analyzing reference services from librarians’ point of view concerning the new activities in reference services, including attitudes and policies toward activities. This research takes a descriptive qualitative approach and uses semiotic analysis refering to Semiology of Roland Bathes concerning significance from two stage,  denotation and connotation, for analyzing the result of interviews. The results showed that the Universitas Indonesia Library reference service provides some new activities. Librarians become more active, revealed to be closer  to users, and transformation of information technology is seen as one of the competitive need to accompany the development of knowledge. Transfer media eventually have implications not on technology but rather to communication of reference services in the Universitas Indonesia Library.

  18. (ICT) to Technical Services in Libraries

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The term technical services is used in this paper to refer to the major operations that are common to all Technical Services Divisions in libraries – namely, cataloguing, classification, indexing and abstracting. These activities have many repetitive components which used to be done manually. But today the new technology ...

  19. Internet and Its Contributions to Library Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yaşar Çelik


    Full Text Available This paper examines the major Internet services such as email, telnet and ftp and describes various information discovery and retrieval tools such as gopher, WAIS, and WWW. It also discusses the contributions of the Internet to library and information services.

  20. Benchmarking Reference Desk Service in Academic Health Science Libraries: A Preliminary Survey. (United States)

    Robbins, Kathryn; Daniels, Kathleen


    This preliminary study was designed to benchmark patron perceptions of reference desk services at academic health science libraries, using a standard questionnaire. Responses were compared to determine the library that provided the highest-quality service overall and along five service dimensions. All libraries were rated very favorably, but none…

  1. Digital Library Collaboration: A Service-Oriented Perspective (United States)

    Buchanan, Steven; Gibb, Forbes; Simmons, Susan; McMenemy, David


    Collaboration in the digital domain offers an opportunity to provide enhanced digital services and extended reach to the community. This article adopts a service-oriented perspective through which it considers environmental drivers for digital library collaboration; discusses emergent collaborative partnerships across UK educational institutions,…

  2. Three-Dimensional Extension of a Digital Library Service System (United States)

    Xiao, Long


    Purpose: The paper aims to provide an overall methodology and case study for the innovation and extension of a digital library, especially the service system. Design/methodology/approach: Based on the three-dimensional structure theory of the information service industry, this paper combines a comprehensive analysis with the practical experiences…

  3. Models of Reference Services in Australian Academic Libraries (United States)

    Burke, Liz


    This article reports on a project which was undertaken in 2006 to investigate the current modes and methods for delivering reference services in Australian academic libraries. The project included a literature review to assist in providing a definition of reference services as well as a snapshot of statistics showing staff and patron numbers from…

  4. University Library Virtual Reference Services: Best Practices and Continuous Improvement (United States)

    Shaw, Kate; Spink, Amanda


    The inclusion or not of chat services within Virtual Reference (VR) is an important topic for university libraries. Increasingly, email supported by a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database is suggested in the scholarly literature as the preferred, cost-effective means for providing university VR services. This paper examines these issues and…

  5. Developing European Library Services in Changing Times

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Ayris


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to explain what academic and national libraries can do to continue to offer services and facilities at a time of economic difficulties. It identifies a number of methodologies and opportunities that are open to libraries and takes the view that it is never wise to waste a good crisis, because all threats are really opportunities in disguise. The article looks at the initial economic context for European research libraries and then examines ways in which libraries can tackle the threats which the current financial crisis poses. Joint procurement is one way in which libraries can achieve value for money, and the paper examines the role of JIS C Collections in the UK. Innovation through collaboration and shared services are also ways in which libraries can innovate/make savings in a cost-effective way by sharing the burden of costs around the partnership. The paper gives two examples: one which is now well established, the DART-Europe portal for Open Access e-theses; and one which is in the early stages of being discussed — a cloud-based solution for true collaborative cataloguing amongst the UK’s research and national libraries. The European Research Area (ERA and the contributions that libraries can make to this infrastructure through innovative EU project funding are analysed in some detail by looking at LI BER’s EU project portfolio. Finally, change and growth can come through changes to legal frameworks, and the paper looks at the Hargreaves review of copyright frameworks in the UK and the launch of the new library-based EU lobbying group for copyright reform, Information Sans Frontières (IS F.

  6. A handbook of digital library economics operations, collections and services

    CERN Document Server

    Baker, David P


    This book provides a companion volume to Digital Library Economics and focuses on the 'how to' of managing digital collections and services (of all types) with regard to their financing and financial management. The emphasis is on case studies and practical examples drawn from a wide variety of contexts. A Handbook of Digital Library Economics is a practical manual for those involved - or expecting to be involved - in the development and management of digital libraries.provides practical approach to the subjectfocuses on the challenges associated with the economic and financial aspects of digi

  7. Improving library services to people with disabilities

    CERN Document Server

    Deines-Jones, Courtney


    The book takes account of the key fact that to maximize their potential, people must have lifelong access to the information and services offered through books and libraries. Whether to address concerns of an ageing population or to enable all citizens to contribute fully through meaningful education and work opportunities, more emphasis is being given to promoting library services to people who have disabilities. This book is a compendium of articles focused on serving adults with disabilities in an international setting. From this book, librarians, policy makers and constituents will underst

  8. Providing Access to Library Automation Systems for Students with Disabilities. (United States)

    California Community Colleges, Sacramento. High-Tech Center for the Disabled.

    This document provides information on the integration of assistive computer technologies and library automation systems at California Community Colleges in order to ensure access for students with disabilities. Topics covered include planning, upgrading, purchasing, implementing and using these technologies with library systems. As information…

  9. Ancillary Services Provided from DER

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campbell, J.B.


    Distributed energy resources (DER) are quickly making their way to industry primarily as backup generation. They are effective at starting and then producing full-load power within a few seconds. The distribution system is aging and transmission system development has not kept up with the growth in load and generation. The nation's transmission system is stressed with heavy power flows over long distances, and many areas are experiencing problems in providing the power quality needed to satisfy customers. Thus, a new market for DER is beginning to emerge. DER can alleviate the burden on the distribution system by providing ancillary services while providing a cost adjustment for the DER owner. This report describes 10 types of ancillary services that distributed generation (DG) can provide to the distribution system. Of these 10 services the feasibility, control strategy, effectiveness, and cost benefits are all analyzed as in the context of a future utility-power market. In this market, services will be provided at a local level that will benefit the customer, the distribution utility, and the transmission company.

  10. Developing European Library Services in Changing Times

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Ayris


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to explain what academic and national libraries can do to continue to offer services and facilities at a time of economic difficulties. It identifies a number of methodologies and opportunities that are open to libraries and takes the view that it is never wise to waste a good crisis, because all threats are really opportunities in disguise. The kernel of this paper was delivered at the 10th Anniversary special EISZ Consortium Members’ Meeting on 2 December 2011, in Budapest, Hungary. It builds on an earlier talk delivered in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 14–15 November 2011 at the 20th Pan-Hellenic Academic Libraries Conference, entitled ‘Academic Libraries and Financial Crisis: Strategies for Survival’. Both these presentations are available in UCL Discovery. This article draws on themes used in both presentations, and introduces a new one on the topic of copyright reform. The article looks at the initial economic context for European research libraries and then examines ways in which libraries can tackle the threats which the current financial crisis poses. Joint procurement is one way in which libraries can achieve value for money, and the paper examines the role of JISC Collections in the UK. Innovation through collaboration and shared services are also ways in which libraries can innovate/make savings in a cost-effective way by sharing the burden of costs around the partnership. The paper gives two examples: one which is now well established, the DART-Europe portal for Open Access e-theses; and one which is in the early stages of being discussed — a cloud-based solution for true collaborative cataloguing amongst the UK’s research and national libraries. The European Research Area (ERA and the contributions that libraries can make to this infrastructure through innovative EU project funding are analysed in some detail by looking at LIBER’s EU project portfolio. Finally, change and growth can come

  11. Supervisor, Library & Training Services | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    S/he recommends training and advises on career development opportunities, and ... the value of library and corporate software support services, and new tools to ... the other members of the management group with respect to the implementation ... S/he leads project teams and working groups made up of colleagues and ...

  12. School Library Services in a Multicultural Society (United States)

    Montiel-Overall, Patricia, Ed.; Adcock, Donald C., Ed.


    According to the preface, "in light of the growing multicultural population in the United States, twenty-first-century library services will require culturally competent librarians." For years AASL has been addressing cultural issues in its official journal, "Knowledge Quest". This collection brings together articles that touch…

  13. Investigations into Library Web-Scale Discovery Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jason Vaughan


    Full Text Available Web-scale discovery services for libraries provide deep discovery to a library’s local and licensed content, and represent an evolution, perhaps a revolution, for end user information discovery as pertains to library collections.  This article frames the topic of web-scale discovery, and begins by illuminating web-scale discovery from an academic library’s perspective – that is, the internal perspective seeking widespread staff participation in the discovery conversation.  This included the creation of a discovery task force, a group which educated library staff, conducted internal staff surveys, and gathered observations from early adopters.  The article next addresses the substantial research conducted with library vendors which have developed these services.  Such work included drafting of multiple comprehensive question lists distributed to the vendors, onsite vendor visits, and continual tracking of service enhancements.  Together, feedback gained from library staff, insights arrived at by the Discovery Task Force, and information gathered from vendors collectively informed the recommendation of a service for the UNLV Libraries.

  14. Emotional Branding as an Effort to Improve the Quality of Library Service in Order to Increase the Use of Library


    Neneng Komariah; Saleha Rodiah; Encang Saepudin


    This paper is a study of implementation of emotional branding in library services.    Emotional branding is a new paradigm in marketing world. It means create emotional nuance and its objective is to create an emotional nearness between a brand and its consumer. The library as an institution which provide information services may implement emotional branding concept in creating emotional nuance which will build emotional nearness between the library and its users. It is hope that the emotiona...

  15. Users' Satisfaction with Library Services: A Case Study of Delta State University Library (United States)

    Ikolo, Violet E.


    The study focused on users' satisfaction with library services at the Delta State University main Library, Abraka, Delta State. The objective was to find out if users are satisfied with the services, facilities, the library environment, information sources and staff of the library. Using the descriptive survey design, the population for the study…

  16. UNSW Library's Outreach Librarian Service: What They Need before They Want It! (United States)

    Hinsch, Neil; Dunn, Kate


    At the end of 2006 the UNSW Library restructured its five special libraries into a new division called the Information Services Department. It was a radical restructure and provides a new model through which the Library delivers services in both the physical and online environments in a flexible and proactive manner. A pivotal role within this new…

  17. Management systems for service providers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bolokonya, Herbert Chiwalo


    In the field of radiation safety and protection there are a number of institutions that are involved in achieving different goals and strategies. These strategies and objectives are achieved based on a number of tools and systems, one of these tools and systems is the use of a management system. This study aimed at reviewing the management system concept for Technical Service Providers in the field of radiation safety and protection. The main focus was on personal monitoring services provided by personal dosimetry laboratories. A number of key issues were found to be prominent to make the management system efficient. These are laboratory accreditation, approval; having a customer driven operating criteria; and controlling of records and good reporting. (au)

  18. Application of social media to library service delivery: Perception of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study revealed that few of the social media identified are rarely relevant to library service delivery. Reference services, current awareness services, and library news postings were the types of library services that social media are applied. Results also indicated that there were benefits derived from using social media in ...

  19. Inter-library Service Brokerage in LicenseScript

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Chong, C.N.; Etalle, Sandro; Hartel, Pieter H.; Joosten, Rieks; Kleinhuis, Geert

    Inter-library loan involves interaction among a dynamic number of digital libraries and users. Therefore, inter-library service management is complex. We need to handle different and conflicting requirements of services from the digital libraries and users. To resolve this problem, we present the

  20. Self-Service Charge Systems: Current Technological Applications and Their Implications for the Future Library. (United States)

    Mardikian, Jackie


    Discusses a possible shift to self-service check-out systems for academic library patrons. Provides an annotated bibliography of 51 items that discuss the impact of self-service technology on the quality of service and customer satisfaction in libraries, service sectors, banking, and the vending industry. (LRW)

  1. A rural virtual health sciences library project: research findings with implications for next generation library services. (United States)

    Richwine, M P; McGowan, J J


    The Shared Hospital Electronic Library of Southern Indiana (SHELSI) research project was designed to determine whether access to a virtual health sciences library and training in its use would support medical decision making in rural southern Indiana and achieve the same level of impact seen by targeted information services provided by health sciences librarians in urban hospitals. Based on the results of a needs assessment, a virtual medical library was created; various levels of training were provided. Virtual library users were asked to complete a Likert-type survey, which included questions on intent of use and impact of use. At the conclusion of the project period, structured interviews were conducted. Impact of the virtual health sciences library showed a strong correlation with the impact of information provided by health sciences librarians. Both interventions resulted in avoidance of adverse health events. Data collected from the structured interviews confirmed the perceived value of the virtual library. While librarians continue to hold a strong position in supporting information access for health care providers, their roles in the information age must begin to move away from providing information toward selecting and organizing knowledge resources and instruction in their use.

  2. A rural virtual health sciences library project: research findings with implications for next generation library services* (United States)

    Richwine, Margaret (Peggy); McGowan, Julie J.


    Purpose: The Shared Hospital Electronic Library of Southern Indiana (SHELSI) research project was designed to determine whether access to a virtual health sciences library and training in its use would support medical decision making in rural southern Indiana and achieve the same level of impact seen by targeted information services provided by health sciences librarians in urban hospitals. Methods: Based on the results of a needs assessment, a virtual medical library was created; various levels of training were provided. Virtual library users were asked to complete a Likert-type survey, which included questions on intent of use and impact of use. At the conclusion of the project period, structured interviews were conducted. Results: Impact of the virtual health sciences library showed a strong correlation with the impact of information provided by health sciences librarians. Both interventions resulted in avoidance of adverse health events. Data collected from the structured interviews confirmed the perceived value of the virtual library. Conclusion: While librarians continue to hold a strong position in supporting information access for health care providers, their roles in the information age must begin to move away from providing information toward selecting and organizing knowledge resources and instruction in their use. PMID:11209799

  3. Developing new copyright services in academic libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Inga-Lill Nilsson


    Full Text Available This article discusses the role of academic librarians in handling copyright-related issues, including their required skills and knowledge about copyright. IP (intellectual property issues have become more important in publishing and in accessing and reusing scientific research, and new technology and delivery mechanisms have increased copyright issues. Due to the complications and general confusion about copyright, there is a growing need for official support. Academic librarians often have only an informal mandate to work in this area and therefore lack confidence, sufficient knowledge and training. They seldom have the authority to work with copyright education in a formalized way. Legitimacy can be achieved by collaborating with other university units with an interest in copyright. Co-operation with other libraries and library organizations is also an important way to share experiences and increase knowledge about copyright. Libraries can contribute to improved IP services once they have established that copyright is a library matter, found tools for copyright education and embedded these activities into library routines.

  4. The medical libraries of Vietnam--a service in transition. (United States)

    Brennen, P W


    The medical libraries of Vietnam maintain high profiles within their institutions and are recognized by health care professionals and administrators as an important part of the health care system. Despite the multitude of problems in providing even a minimal level of medical library services, librarians, clinicians, and researchers nevertheless are determined that enhanced services be made available. Currently, services can be described as basic and unsophisticated, yet viable and surprisingly well organized. The lack of hard western currency required to buy materials and the lack of library technology will be major obstacles to improving information services. Vietnam, like many developing nations, is about to enter a period of technological upheaval, which ultimately will result in a transition from the traditional library limited by walls to a national resource that will rely increasingly on electronic access to international knowledge networks. Technology such as CD-ROM, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and satellite telecommunication networks such as Internet can provide the technical backbone to provide access to remote and widely distributed electronic databases to support the information needs of the health care community. Over the long term, access to such databases likely will be cost-effective, in contrast to the assuredly astronomical cost of building a comparable domestic print collection. The advent of new, low-cost electronic technologies probably will revolutionize health care information services in developing nations. However, for the immediate future, the medical libraries of Vietnam will require ongoing sustained support from the international community, so that minimal levels of resources will be available to support the information needs of the health care community. It is remarkable, and a credit to the determination of Vietnam's librarians that, in a country with a legacy of war, economic deprivation, and international isolation

  5. Apps and Mobile Support Services in Canadian Academic Medical Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tess Grynoch


    Full Text Available Objective: To examine how Canadian academic medical libraries are supporting mobile apps, what apps are currently being provided by these libraries, and what types of promotion are being used. Methods: A survey of the library websites for the 17 medical schools in Canada was completed. For each library website surveyed, the medical apps listed on the website, any services mentioned through this medium, and any type of app promotion events were noted. When Facebook and Twitter accounts were evident, the tweets were searched and the past two years of Facebook posts scanned for mention of medical apps or mobile services/events. Results: All seventeen academic medical libraries had lists of mobile medical apps with a large range in the number of medical relevant apps (average=31, median= 23. A total of 275 different apps were noted and the apps covered a wide range of subjects. Five of the 14 Facebook accounts scanned had posts about medical apps in the past two years while 11 of the 15 Twitter accounts had tweets about medical apps. Social media was only one of the many promotional methods noted. Outside of the app lists and mobile resources guides, Canadian academic medical libraries are providing workshops, presentations, and drop-in sessions for mobile medical apps. Conclusion: While librarians cannot simply compare mobile services and resources between academic medical libraries without factoring in a number of other circumstances, librarians can learn from mobile resources strategies employed at other libraries, such as using research guides to increase medical app literacy.

  6. The quality infrastructure measuring, analyzing, and improving library services

    CERN Document Server

    Murphy, Sarah Anne


    Summarizing specific tools for measuring service quality alongside tips for using these tools most effectively, this book helps libraries of all kinds take a programmatic approach to measuring, analyzing, and improving library services.

  7. Services of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority Library

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Carregado, M.A.; Wallingre, G.V.


    Full text; The main of this work is to present the services and activities of the ARN (Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear) Library to potential users from the biological dosimetry area in the framework of the intercomparison Meeting of the Latin American Biological Dosimetry Network held in Buenos Aires from October 27-30 of 2008. It makes a short chronology of the library; the services offered to each type of users and the tasks related to technical and international cooperation with other organizations such as: the terminology Committee of IRAM (Instituto Argentino de Normalizacion y Certificacion); the input of national literature to the INIS Database of the IAEA; the retrospective digitalisation, indexing and bibliographic description of institutional publications to be submitted to the repository of the Ibero American Forum of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Regulatory Organizations and the participation in nuclear information networks. Finally it shown some relevant data from the internal statistics. (authors)

  8. News from the Library: Scientific Information Service - service interruption

    CERN Multimedia


    Techniques de l'Ingénieur has been part of the selection of databases offered by the Scientific Information Service for the last five years.   Unfortunately, as a consequence of budget reductions, and after careful consideration of all available options, we have to end this subscription. It will be still possible to purchase access to individual chapters via the Library services.  Furthermore, we are considering ending our subscriptions to Web of Science and Springer Materials (the Landolt-Börnstein database) during the course of 2015. We thank you for your understanding and welcome your feedback to

  9. Health science library and information services in the hospital. (United States)

    Wakeley, P J; Marshall, S B; Foster, E C


    In an increasingly information-based society, hospitals need a variety of information for multiple purposes--direct patient care, staff development and training, continuing education, patient and community education, and administrative decision support. Health science library and information services play a key role in providing broad-based information support within the hospital. This guide identifies resources that will help administrators plan information services that are appropriate to their needs.

  10. Provision of ICT services and user satisfaction in public libraries in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study revealed that the ICT-based services provided are: bar coded circulation services; bibliographic database services; electronic-mail services; online selective dissemination of information resources; e-library services; and full text journal articles. Users are not satisfied with the available ICT-based services provided ...

  11. Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Service in Special Libraries. (United States)

    White, Marilyn Domas; Abels, Eileen G.; Nitecki, Danuta

    This project tested the appropriateness of SERVQUAL (i.e., an instrument widely used in the service industry for assessing service quality based on repeated service encounters rather than a particular service encounter) to measure service quality in special libraries and developed a modified version for special libraries. SERVQUAL is based on an…

  12. The Adoption of Cloud Computing Technology for Library Services ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study investigated the rationales for the adoption of cloud computing technology for library services in NOUN Library. Issues related to the existing computer network available in NOUN library such as LAN, WAN, rationales for the adoption of cloud computing in NOUN library such as the need to disclose their collections ...

  13. Managing user queries using cloud services: KAUST library experience

    KAUST Repository

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    The provision of reference and information services are one of the major activities for academic libraries. Answering questions and providing relevant and timely answers for library users are just one of such services. Questions come in many format: in person, phone, email and even on social media platforms. The type of questions may also differ from simple, directional to complicated ones. One of the challenges for libraries is the capturing and managing of these inquiries. Libraries need to address some of these points: •\\tHow the questions will be captured •\\tHow the questions will be answered •\\tWho will answer these questions •\\tWhat is the turn-around time for answering these questions •\\tWhat kind of statistics to monitor •\\tHow are these statistics communicated to internal library staff and other stakeholders This paper describe the initiatives undertaken by KAUST, a brand new Graduate Research Library located in Saudi Arabia. This initiatives include the implementation of LibAnswers to assist the library in capturing and managing all inquiries. We are tracking inquiries coming in via email or widgets (such as online form), converting received questions into FAQ entries, creating and maintaining a public knowledge base for our users. In addition, it will also describe future plans in store to expand reference services for our library users. KAUST: (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) is a graduate research university located along the shores of the Red Sea. The university was inaugurated in September 2009. The main areas of study are: Mathematics and Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. The university library is situated at the heart of the campus. It is a digitally born library with collections comprising of print and electronic resources. The library has: •\\t310,000 e-book titles •\\tOver 50,000 e-journal titles •\\tOver 30 scientific databases •\\tAbout 3,500 print titles

  14. Nuclear data services provided by the IAEA

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schwerer, O.; Oblozinsky, P.


    This paper summarizes the various nuclear data types, libraries and services available free of charge from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section. The databases are collected, maintained and made available within the framework of an international nuclear data center's network. Particular emphasis is given to online services via the Internet. The URL address of the IAEA Nuclear Services is (author)

  15. Business Students' Perception of University Library Service Quality and Satisfaction (United States)

    Hsu, Maxwell K.; Cummings, Richard G.; Wang, Stephen W.


    The main purpose of this study is to examine the college students' perception of library services, and to what extent the quality of library services influences students' satisfaction. The findings depict the relationship between academic libraries and their users in today's digital world and identify critical factors that may sustain a viable…

  16. Mobile phone applications and the utilization of library services in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Mobile phone applications and the utilization of library services in the university of Calabar library, Calabar, Nigeria. ... Global Journal of Educational Research ... The findings revealed that there was a significant relationship between Tweeter apps and the utilization of library services, (r=0.57*, P<.05, df=223, rcritical=.

  17. Multicultural Communities: Guidelines for Library Services. Third Edition (United States)

    International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (NJ1), 2009


    These Guidelines constitute the third edition of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) "Multicultural Communities: "Guidelines for Library Services." This revision follows the IFLA Section of Library Services to Multicultural Populations' "2006-2010 Strategic Plans": to review and revise the…

  18. Evaluating School Library Information Services in the Digital Age. (United States)

    Everhart, Nancy


    Discusses criteria for evaluating school library information services. Highlights include types of services; physical facilities; library usage; circulation statistics; changes due to technology; fill rate, or the percentage of successful searches for library materials; OPAC (online public access catalog) reports; observation; and examining…

  19. How Academic Libraries Provide Value through Course Readings (United States)

    Tabacaru, Simona; Hartnett, Eric


    Academic libraries are continually being asked to demonstrate their value. Showing benefits that provide financial value to the user community is one approach to meeting this challenge. With a focus on journal articles and monographs, the authors have analyzed course syllabi to determine the cost savings graduate students in psychology receive…

  20. Use of internet library based services by the students of Imo State ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Findings show that students utilizes internet based library services in their academic work, for their intellectual development as well as in communicating to their lecturers and other relations on their day to day information needs. It is recommended that University libraries should provide and offer internet based library ...

  1. Potentials of fee-based library services in Nigeria: with a case report ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Libraries have traditionally been custodians of information which are provided free of charge to users. Recent decline in funds to libraries and the change in the concept of information from a free resource to a marketable resource in the information age have necessitated the re-evaluation of free services in the libraries.

  2. Proyecto de un servicio funcional a prestar en una biblioteca universitaria: “El Servicio de Información Departamental” de la Biblioteca Max von Buch (Universidad de San Andrés = Project of a functional service to be provided in an university library: "The Departmental Information Service" of the Max von Buch Library (Universidad de San Andrés

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moira Guppy


    Full Text Available Este trabajo –elaborado para el Seminario “La organización de los Servicios al Público en la Biblioteca” (UBA, 1998- describe el proyecto de un servicio a desarrollar en la Biblioteca Max von Buch de la Universidad de San Andrés. El “Servicio de Información Departamental” ofrecerá a los docentes e investigadores acceso a los recursos disponibles dentro de su área temática (Internet, bases de datos, índices de artículos de publicaciones periódicas, revistas en texto completo, series estadísticas, etc. Estará elaborado en dos formatos: un cd-rom actualizado periódicamente, y una página Web en línea especialmente diseñada. Con la implementación de este servicio se logrará un gran ahorro de tiempo en la búsqueda, análisis, tratamiento y difusión de la información destinada a la investigación académica = This paper –presented at the seminary “Public Services Organization at the Library”- describes a project to be developed at the Max von Buch Library, Universidad de San Andrés. The “Academic Information Service” would be design to provide access to researchers and faculty to all the resources available whithin each discipline and research area in the Internet, databases, periodical indexes, full text periodicals, statistical data, etc. They will gain access to it from a cd-rom which would be updated periodically, and a web page specially designed. The implementation of this project would provide faculty with qualified information along with considerable time saving in their researches.

  3. Providing health information to the general public: a survey of current practices in academic health sciences libraries. (United States)

    Hollander, S M


    A questionnaire was mailed to 148 publicly and privately supported academic health sciences libraries affiliated with Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC-accredited medical schools in the United States and Canada to determine level of access and services provided to the general public. For purposes of this study, "general public" was defined as nonaffiliated students or health care professionals, attorneys and other nonhealth-related professionals, patients from affiliated or other hospitals or clinics, and general consumers. One hundred five (71%) libraries responded. Results showed 98% of publicly supported libraries and 88% of privately supported libraries provided access to some or all of the general public. Publicly supported libraries saw greater numbers of public patrons, often provided more services, and were more likely to circulate materials from their collections than were privately supported libraries. A significant number of academic health sciences libraries housed a collection of consumer-oriented materials and many provided some level of document delivery service, usually for a fee. Most allowed the public to use some or all library computers. Results of this study indicated that academic health sciences libraries played a significant role in serving the information-seeking public and suggested a need to develop written policies or guidelines covering the services that will be provided to minimize the impact of this service on primary clientele.

  4. Providing health information to the general public: a survey of current practices in academic health sciences libraries* (United States)

    Hollander, Sue M.


    A questionnaire was mailed to 148 publicly and privately supported academic health sciences libraries affiliated with Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)–accredited medical schools in the United States and Canada to determine level of access and services provided to the general public. For purposes of this study, “general public” was defined as nonaffiliated students or health care professionals, attorneys and other nonhealth-related professionals, patients from affiliated or other hospitals or clinics, and general consumers. One hundred five (71%) libraries responded. Results showed 98% of publicly supported libraries and 88% of privately supported libraries provided access to some or all of the general public. Publicly supported libraries saw greater numbers of public patrons, often provided more services, and were more likely to circulate materials from their collections than were privately supported libraries. A significant number of academic health sciences libraries housed a collection of consumer-oriented materials and many provided some level of document delivery service, usually for a fee. Most allowed the public to use some or all library computers. Results of this study indicated that academic health sciences libraries played a significant role in serving the information-seeking public and suggested a need to develop written policies or guidelines covering the services that will be provided to minimize the impact of this service on primary clientele. PMID:10658965

  5. Marketing Strategy: A Tool for Library and Information Services ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Marketing Strategy: A Tool for Library and Information Services Delivery by ... delivery by academic libraries using the various technology driven facilities. ... Data were gathered using questionnaire and the findings revealed that face to face ...

  6. Adaptive technologies for library and information services for ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Adaptive technologies for library and information services for physically challenged in special education schools of Kaduna State. ... special education schools because; these are genuine demand from adaptive technology users of the library.

  7. Improving Library and Information Services: Use of Appropriate ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Information Communication Technology in Nigerian Libraries. Murtala Aliyu ... The focus of this paper is on how to improve services in libraries and information centers in. Nigeria by ..... games, video and educational materials. Database on ...

  8. Effective marketing of library and information services: problems and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effective marketing of library services is an important aspect of Librarianship that helps ... Therefore, this work x-rays the problems and prospects of effective marketing of library and ... EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT

  9. Research Data Services in European Academic Research Libraries


    Tenopir, Carol; Talja, Sanna; Horstmann, Wolfram; Late, Elina; Hughes, Dane; Pollock, Danielle; Schmidt, Birgit; Baird, Lynn; Sandusky, Robert J.; Allard, Suzie


    Research data is an essential part of the scholarly record, and management of research data is increasingly seen as an important role for academic libraries. This article presents the results of a survey of directors of the Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) academic member libraries to discover what types of research data services (RDS) are being offered by European academic research libraries and what services are planned for the future. Overall, the survey found that librar...

  10. Research data services in academic libraries: Data intensive roles for the future? (United States)

    Tenopir, Carol; Hughes, Dane; Allard, Suzie; Frame, Mike; Birch, Ben; Sandusky, Robert; Langseth, Madison L.; Lundeen, Andrew


    Objectives: The primary objectives of this study are to gauge the various levels of Research Data Service academic libraries provide based on demographic factors, gauging RDS growth since 2011, and what obstacles may prevent expansion or growth of services.

  11. "Better libraries for everyone!": the development of library services in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article examines the political, social and cultural ways in which institutions such as libraries helped to shape the reading practices of Black and White South Africans in the Western Cape in the 1940s. An examination of several institutions involved in library development in this period (the Society for Book Distribution, ...

  12. 留学生多元文化服务现状调查及思考%Thinking on Library how to Provide the Multicultural Service for the Foreign Students

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    漆俐红; 刘莉


    Multicultural service is a popular research field on the world.There is a huge disparity in the multicultural services between our university libraries and the standards of IFLA.The university libraries must afford multilingual guidance system,enhance multicultural library collection,establish training lessons,set up the foreign students network,hold the sodalities,advance the librarian's multicultural diathesis.%"多元文化"是近年国际上兴起的研究领域,我国高校图书馆的留学生多元文化服务与国际图联"公正、公平"的服务要求存在较大距离。高校图书馆的多元文化服务举措为提供多语种馆内指引系统、加强多元馆藏建设、开设针对性培训课程、建立留学生网络页面、举办读者联谊活动、提高图书馆员多元文化素养。

  13. Assessing service quality satisfying the expectations of library customers

    CERN Document Server

    Hernon, Peter; Dugan, Robert


    Academic and public libraries are continuing to transform as the information landscape changes, expanding their missions into new service roles that call for improved organizational performance and accountability. Since Assessing Service Quality premiered in 1998, receiving the prestigious Highsmith Library Literature Award, scores of library managers and administrators have trusted its guidance for applying a customer-centered approach to service quality and performance evaluation. This extensively revised and updated edition explores even further the ways technology influences both the experiences of library customers and the ways libraries themselves can assess those experiences.

  14. Trends in hospital librarianship and hospital library services: 1989 to 2006. (United States)

    Thibodeau, Patricia L; Funk, Carla J


    The research studied the status of hospital librarians and library services to better inform the Medical Library Association's advocacy activities. The Vital Pathways Survey Subcommittee of the Task Force on Vital Pathways for Hospital Librarians distributed a web-based survey to hospital librarians and academic health sciences library directors. The survey results were compared to data collected in a 1989 survey of hospital libraries by the American Hospital Association in order to identify any trends in hospital libraries, roles of librarians, and library services. A web-based hospital library report form based on the survey questions was also developed to more quickly identify changes in the status of hospital libraries on an ongoing basis. The greatest change in library services between 1989 and 2005/06 was in the area of access to information, with 40% more of the respondents providing access to commercial online services, 100% more providing access to Internet resources, and 28% more providing training in database searching and use of information resources. Twenty-nine percent (n = 587) of the 2005/06 respondents reported a decrease in staff over the last 5 years. Survey data support reported trends of consolidation of hospitals and hospital libraries and additions of new services. These services have likely required librarians to acquire new skills. It is hoped that future surveys will be undertaken to continue to study these trends.

  15. PhysiomeSpace: digital library service for biomedical data. (United States)

    Testi, Debora; Quadrani, Paolo; Viceconti, Marco


    Every research laboratory has a wealth of biomedical data locked up, which, if shared with other experts, could dramatically improve biomedical and healthcare research. With the PhysiomeSpace service, it is now possible with a few clicks to share with selected users biomedical data in an easy, controlled and safe way. The digital library service is managed using a client-server approach. The client application is used to import, fuse and enrich the data information according to the PhysiomeSpace resource ontology and upload/download the data to the library. The server services are hosted on the Biomed Town community portal, where through a web interface, the user can complete the metadata curation and share and/or publish the data resources. A search service capitalizes on the domain ontology and on the enrichment of metadata for each resource, providing a powerful discovery environment. Once the users have found the data resources they are interested in, they can add them to their basket, following a metaphor popular in e-commerce web sites. When all the necessary resources have been selected, the user can download the basket contents into the client application. The digital library service is now in beta and open to the biomedical research community.

  16. Health Libraries and Information Services in Tanzania: A Strategic Assessment. (United States)

    Haruna, Hussein; Mtoroki, Majaliwa; Gerendasy, Dan D; Detlefsen, Ellen G

    The intention of the Government of Tanzania is to establish more health information resource canters in all health facilities. With this regard, health information science personnel are needed to provide adequate and accurate health information services. However, availability of these personnel remains to be a challenge because of their non-existence. To identify the current status and local impact of health sciences libraries and user perception of these libraries, as a prerequisite to the development of a competence-based curriculum for health information science training in Tanzania. A needs assessment was carried out using a convenience sample of local respondents, including librarians, trainers, academicians, students, health care providers, and patients and families, drawn from national, referral, regional, district hospitals, health training institutions, and universities from both government and nongovernment entities in Tanzania. A focus group approach was used to gather data from respondents. Results from this assessment revealed that health science libraries in Tanzania are faced with the challenges of insufficient infrastructure, old technology, limited facilities and furniture, inadequate and incompetent library staff, lack of health sciences librarians, outdated and insufficient resources, and low knowledge and use of information technologies by library clients. Most respondents would prefer to have both physical and electronic libraries, as well as librarians with specialized health information science skills, to cope with changing nature of the medical field. The findings obtained from this assessment are strong enough to guide the development of a curriculum and training strategy and an operational plan and training packages for health information professionals. The development of a training curriculum for health information science professionals will mean better health information service delivery for Tanzania. Copyright © 2016 Icahn School of

  17. Measuring patrons' technology habits: an evidence-based approach to tailoring library services. (United States)

    Wu, Jin; Chatfield, Amy J; Hughes, Annie M; Kysh, Lynn; Rosenbloom, Megan Curran


    Librarians continually integrate new technologies into library services for health sciences students. Recently published data are lacking about student ownership of technological devices, awareness of new technologies, and interest in using devices and technologies to interact with the library. A survey was implemented at seven health sciences libraries to help answer these questions. Results show that librarian assumptions about awareness of technologies are not supported, and student interest in using new technologies to interact with the library varies widely. Collecting this evidence provides useful information for successfully integrating technologies into library services.

  18. Transformation of Library Services in Nuclear Malaysia: e-SDI

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mohd Hafizal Yusof; Nasaruddin Ahmad; Habibah Adnan


    In order to deliver its services to the public, library must have initiatives to attract the public on using their services. One of the services offered by the library is information packaging or Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI). SDI is services that enable the librarian to serve the user on upcoming information according to the users interest. Before this, librarian will package new publication or information regarding certain topics of the user need and deliver it to the target user frequently. Theorically, this service is connection between library and user and back to library again. Nuclear Malaysia Library has used Integrated Library Management Utilities (ILMU) since 2005. Through this system, there is one module known as Article Browsing where its function same with SDI. This paper will elaborate on transformation of SDI services from conventional to the electronic form. (author)

  19. Evaluating the Impact of a Special Library and Information Service (United States)

    Botha, Erika; Erasmus, Rene; van Deventer, Martie


    The mere fact that a library service is being used does not mean that the service makes a difference or has a positive impact on the user. This has significant implications for Special Library and Information Services (SL&IS) that have to constantly prove that they add value. Because of the difficulty of measuring impact effectively, the…

  20. The Value of Academic Libraries: Library Services as a Predictor of Student Retention (United States)

    Murray, Adam; Ireland, Ashley; Hackathorn, Jana


    This study examined the predictive relationship between library use by individual students and their retention status in university settings. The methodology builds on a small number of previous studies to examine library use at the individual level to determine if use of specific library services is predictive of retention for freshmen and…

  1. Planning and Implementing a 3D Printing Service in an Academic Library (United States)

    Gonzalez, Sara Russell; Bennett, Denise Beaubien


    Initiating a 3D printing service in an academic library goes beyond justification of its value and gaining the necessary library and administrative support. Additional aspects such as policies, environmental safety, training, publicizing, maintenance, and scope of service must be considered. This article provides a guide to developing a 3D print…

  2. Faculty and Student Assessment of the Citadel Library User Services. (United States)

    Maynard, J. Edmund

    The focus of this study was a survey of faculty and student use/needs of library services and user education at Daniel Library, the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. More specifically, the study sought to determine user information needs and how the library staff should adapt for meeting the educational and research needs of its…

  3. Balanced score card: A measurement for effective library services in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study presented balanced scorecard as a measurement for effective library services in academic libraries for sustainable education development. A study of Imo State University library, Owerri. In every organization, the importance of internal measurement appraisal and/or evaluation is very imperative. This helps the ...

  4. Marketing library and information services II a global outlook

    CERN Document Server

    Gupta, Dinesh K; Massisimo, Angels


    With contributions from library and information professionals (practitioners, researchers, faculty members, consultants, and others), Marketing Library and Information Services: A Global Outlook highlights a variety of exemplary LIS marketing practices and efforts from around the globe. The following broad topics are explored: changing marketing concepts; marketing library

  5. 75 FR 63516 - Institute of Museum and Library Services; Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library... (United States)


    ...: Elizabeth Lyons, Director of Special Events and Board Liaison, Institute of Museum and Library Services... and Library Services, related to museum and library services. If you need special accommodations due... NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES Institute of Museum and Library Services...

  6. Emotional Branding as an Effort to Improve the Quality of Library Service in Order to Increase the Use of Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neneng Komariah


    Full Text Available This paper is a study of implementation of emotional branding in library services.    Emotional branding is a new paradigm in marketing world. It means create emotional nuance and its objective is to create an emotional nearness between a brand and its consumer. The library as an institution which provide information services may implement emotional branding concept in creating emotional nuance which will build emotional nearness between the library and its users. It is hope that the emotional nearness  will create users’ satisfaction and  loyality, so the use of library will  increase. Emotional branding in library can be created through working performance of librarian who always try to create and maintain good relationships with users. Some strategies could be implemented, those are always ask the user first, ask their name and try to remember it, know information which usually needed, tell them when there is new information which relevant for them, create a situation that librarian always ready to help, show them that the librarian like to discuss with them, be a good listener, the librarian should be wear uniform with name tag, and be a mobile staff and ask the user if they need some helps.  The implementation of emotional branding in library services need a crucial change in mindset of library management in order to provide qualified services which suitable with users’ demand.

  7. Emotional Branding as an Effort to Improve the Quality of Library Service in Order to Increase the Use of Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neneng Komariah


    Full Text Available This paper is a study of implementation of emotional branding in library services.    Emotional branding is a new paradigm in marketing world. It means create emotional nuance and its objective is to create an emotional nearness between a brand and its consumer. The library as an institution which provide information services may implement emotional branding concept in creating emotional nuance which will build emotional nearness between the library and its users. It is hope that the emotional nearness  will create users’ satisfaction and  loyality, so the use of library will  increase. Emotional branding in library can be created through working performance of librarian who always try to create and maintain good relationships with users. Some strategies could be implemented, those are always ask the user first, ask their name and try to remember it, know information which usually needed, tell them when there is new information which relevant for them, create a situation that librarian always ready to help, show them that the librarian like to discuss with them, be a good listener, the librarian should be wear uniform with name tag, and be a mobile staff and ask the user if they need some helps.  The implementation of emotional branding in library services need a crucial change in mindset of library management in order to provide qualified services which suitable with users’ demand.

  8. Developing a Marketing Orientation in Hospital Library Services: A Case Report. (United States)

    Delawska-Elliott, Basia; Grinstead, Carrie; Martin, Heather J


    When the four Providence Health & Services libraries in Oregon regionalized services and resources, the transition, which was originally met with apprehension from some library users, turned out to be a resounding success. Despite a loss of two-thirds of the professional staff and a decreased budget, the new regionalized library experienced an increase in business and recognition. While many factors contributed to the success, a creative marketing and outreach campaign was a key component. This column describes the steps taken to promote regionalized library reference services and online resources.

  9. Towards an Editable, Versionized LOD Service for Library Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felix Ostrowski


    Full Text Available The Northrhine-Westphalian Library Service Center (hbz launched its LOD service in August 2010 and has since then continuously been improving the underlying conversion processes, data models and software. The present paper first explains the background and motivation for developing . It then describes the underlying software framework Phresnel which is written in PHP and which provides presentation and editing capabilities of RDF data based on the Fresnel Display Vocabulary for RDF. The paper gives an overview of the current state of the Phresnel development and discusses the technical challenges encountered. Finally, possible prospects for further developing Phresnel are outlined.

  10. Choosing the Right Free IM Providers and Clients for Your Library (United States)

    Izenstark, Amanda K.


    With virtual library services increasing, public services librarians may find themselves with questions such as: What instant messaging services (IM) are available? Which IM service would best suit my patrons' needs? Which IM service best suits my library's technology profile? This column describes the features and functionality of major instant…

  11. Library analytics and metrics using data to drive decisions and services

    CERN Document Server


    This book will enable libraries to make informed decisions, develop new services and improve user experience by collecting, analysing and utilising data. With the wealth of data available to library and information services, analytics are the key to understanding your users and your field of operations better and improving the services that you offer. This book sets out the opportunities that analytics present to libraries, and provides inspiration for how they can use the data within their systems to help inform decisions and drive services. Using case studies to provide real-life examples of current developments and services, and packed full of practical advice and guidance for libraries looking to realise the value of their data, this will be an essential guide for librarians and information professionals. This volume will bring together a group of internationally recognised experts to explore some of the key issues in the exploitation of data analytics and metrics in the library and cultural heritage sect...

  12. resource sharing activities in academic libraries services

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    practice at a very low level coupled with failure of the selected libraries to embrace information ... subject for libraries: globalization of the economy and society-the economic and .... are mostly textbooks which are mainly for teaching.

  13. Factors Influencing Self Employment Media Service Providers ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Factors Influencing Self Employment Media Service Providers among Tertiary ... role stereotype and common business practices on media self employment in ... Sex, Psycho-social Characteristics, self Employment, Providing Media Services.

  14. VA Library Service--Today's look at Tomorrow's Library. (United States)

    Veterans Administration, Washington, DC.

    The Conference Poceedings are divided into three broad topics: systems planning, audiovisuals in biomedical communication, and automation and networking. Speakers from within the Veterans Administration (VA), from the National Medical Audiovisual Center, and the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, National Library of…

  15. Bridging the Gaps: Measuring Cultural Competence among Future School Library and Youth Services Library Professionals (United States)

    Hill, Renee Franklin; Kumasi, Kafi


    School library and youth services professionals must develop and display a strong sense of cultural competence to effectively serve their patrons. Cultural competence is defined here as one's ability to understand the needs of populations different from their own. This paper reports on the perceptions of school library and youth services students…

  16. Targeted Evolution of Embedded Librarian Services: Providing Mobile Reference and Instruction Services Using iPads. (United States)

    Stellrecht, Elizabeth; Chiarella, Deborah


    The University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library provides reference and instructional services to support research, curricular, and clinical programs of the University at Buffalo. With funding from an NN/LM MAR Technology Improvement Award, the University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library (UBHSL) purchased iPads to develop embedded reference and educational services. Usage statistics were collected over a ten-month period to measure the frequency of iPad use for mobile services. While this experiment demonstrates that the iPad can be used to meet the library user's needs outside of the physical library space, this article will also offer advice for others who are considering implementing their own program.

  17. Research on new information service model of the contemporary library

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Xin Pingping; Lu Yan


    According to the development of the internet and multimedia technology, the information service models in the contemporary library become both of the traditional and digital information service. The libraries in each country do their best to make the voluminous information and the complex technology be High-integrated in the background management, and also make the front interface be more and more convenient to the users. The essential characteristics of the information service of the contemporary library are all-in-one and humanness. In this article, we will describe several new hot information service models of the contemporary library in detail, such as individualized service, reference service, reference service and strategic information service. (authors)

  18. Digital Library and Digital Reference Service: Integration and Mutual Complementarity (United States)

    Liu, Jia


    Both the digital library and the digital reference service were invented and have been developed under the networked environment. Among their intersections, the fundamental thing is their symbiotic interest--serving the user in a more efficient way. The article starts by discussing the digital library and its service and the digital reference…

  19. Internet Use for Service Provision and Research in Libraries and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study discussed internet, the services and the uses, it can be put to in the provision of library services, or in an information centre. Literature search was used to elicit information for this study. The results revealed that whenever internet intervenes in library operations, these is bridge in time, space, minimized cost and ...

  20. A Model Assessing Relevant Factors in Building Minority Library Service. (United States)

    Bonin, Kenneth Roy


    Presents research design applicable to definition of minority library service needs for any minority language group in Canada, focusing on French-speaking population outside Quebec. Profiles of the target group's population, culture, needs, and library services are highlighted. Five sources are given. (EJS)

  1. Promoting effective use of library resources and services at Kwame ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This explains why various library services have been developed to promote and facilitate effective use of recorded information in all formats by users. This paper examines the resources available and services offered by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Library. The methodology used ...

  2. Personalized Boutique Service: Critical to Academic Library Success? (United States)

    Tilley, Elizabeth


    An academic library that focuses on delivering a personalized service is examined within the context of the boutique library model. It is suggested that a critical success factor in adopting a personalized, boutique-style service is acquiring knowledge and insight of our users. This, together with appropriate evaluation, will assist with providing…

  3. The construction of knowledge service system in professional libraries

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhang Xue


    In this paper, the challenges for the professional libraries under the new situation are pointed out. Combined with characteristics of knowledge service, its hierarchical structure is proposed and elaborated. It also describes the practices and outcomes obtained from the construction of knowledge service system of nuclear science and technology library. Recommendations for its future work are also presented. (author)

  4. Library Services To Prisoners In South East Geopolitical Zones Of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prison inmates tend to be side -lined in information provision in Nigeria. Library services to prisoners are critical to their rehabilitation into the larger society on release. The paper is an assessment of Provision of Library services to prison inmates in South East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. The questionnaire method was ...

  5. Surveys of Online Information Service in Large Public Libraries. (United States)

    Woy, James B.


    Reports results of 1983 survey of 25 public libraries and 1981 survey of 11 public libraries, both of which focused on facets of online information services--user fees, databases, documentation, equipment, miscellaneous services, and subject areas searched. The 1983 questionnaire and seven sources are appended. (EJS)

  6. User Preferences in Reference Services: Virtual Reference and Academic Libraries (United States)

    Cummings, Joel; Cummings, Lara; Frederiksen, Linda


    This study examines the use of chat in an academic library's user population and where virtual reference services might fit within the spectrum of public services offered by academic libraries. Using questionnaires, this research demonstrates that many within the academic community are open to the idea of chat-based reference or using chat for…

  7. Call Us: Development of a Library Telephone Enquiry Service (United States)

    Burke, Liz; Beranek, Lea


    The authors detail the trial and piloting of a telephone enquiry service (TES) at the Bundoora Campus Library at La Trobe University in order to attempt to resolve the balance between telephone and face-to-face enquiries at the library service desk. They investigated various options throughout 2001 and 2002 and settled on a centralised service…

  8. Cutting-edge research in developing the library of the future new paths for building future services

    CERN Document Server

    Eden, Bradford Lee


    Cutting-Edge Research in the 21st-Century Academic Library: New Paths for Building Future Services explores examples of exciting new library services and workflows and provides opportunities for the rest of the library profession to model and adapt for their own communities and patrons.

  9. Assessment of Data Management Services at New England Region Resource Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julie Goldman


    Full Text Available Objective: To understand how New England medical libraries are addressing scientific research data management and providing services to their communities. Setting: The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region (NN/LM NER contains 17 Resource Libraries. The University of Massachusetts Medical School serves as the New England Regional Medical Library (RML. Sixteen of the NER Resource Libraries completed this survey. Methods: A 40-question online survey assessed libraries’ services and programs for providing research data management education and support. Libraries shared their current plans and institutional challenges associated with developing data services. Results: This study shows few NER Resource Libraries currently integrate scientific research data management into their services and programs, and highlights the region’s use of resources provided by the NN/LM NER RML at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Conclusions: Understanding the types of data services being delivered at NER libraries helps to inform the NN/LM NER about the eScience learning needs of New England medical librarians and helps in the planning of professional development programs that foster effective biomedical research data services.

  10. Developing library bioinformatics services in context: the Purdue University Libraries bioinformationist program. (United States)

    Rein, Diane C


    Purdue University is a major agricultural, engineering, biomedical, and applied life science research institution with an increasing focus on bioinformatics research that spans multiple disciplines and campus academic units. The Purdue University Libraries (PUL) hired a molecular biosciences specialist to discover, engage, and support bioinformatics needs across the campus. After an extended period of information needs assessment and environmental scanning, the specialist developed a week of focused bioinformatics instruction (Bioinformatics Week) to launch system-wide, library-based bioinformatics services. The specialist employed a two-tiered approach to assess user information requirements and expectations. The first phase involved careful observation and collection of information needs in-context throughout the campus, attending laboratory meetings, interviewing department chairs and individual researchers, and engaging in strategic planning efforts. Based on the information gathered during the integration phase, several survey instruments were developed to facilitate more critical user assessment and the recovery of quantifiable data prior to planning. Given information gathered while working with clients and through formal needs assessments, as well as the success of instructional approaches used in Bioinformatics Week, the specialist is developing bioinformatics support services for the Purdue community. The specialist is also engaged in training PUL faculty librarians in bioinformatics to provide a sustaining culture of library-based bioinformatics support and understanding of Purdue's bioinformatics-related decision and policy making.

  11. Status of Medical Library Resources and Services in Teaching Hospitals in Enugu State, Nigeria: implications for quality health care services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oluchi C. Okeke


    Full Text Available Considering the need for quality health information and resultant health care services in any society, this study was carried out to look into the status of library and information resources and services provided by medical libraries in Enugu State, Nigeria. The main objective of the study was to find out the information resources and services available for medical library users towards quality health care provision. Five (5 medical libraries of major teaching hospitals were used for the study with 980 registered users as the study population from where 245 users were sampled. Observation checklist was used to collect data on resources while questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents on the services provided. The Medical Library Association Standard guided the analysis of data from observation while frequency counts and mean scores were used to analyze data from the questionnaire. Major findings showed that even though some of the required resources and services are available and provided the medical libraries, most of the required resources and services are not adequately provided by these libraries.

  12. 公共图书馆服务社会力量供给的经济激励%Economic Incentive Provided by Social Forces in Public Library Service

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Economic incentive is the use of funds or material means satisifes materially prompted personnel so as to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity in order to achieve common goals. Social forces participate in the supply of public cultural services for different forms can be through cooperation proift, publicity, state subsidies and preferential tax incentives, economic incentive directly or indirectly. China will continue to improve the relevant laws and regulations, optimize the social investment environment, promoting the public library service and government procurement, improve the public welfare social organizations, improve the self-development ability of enterprises private library, safeguard their legitimate income and other lawful rights and interests, the role of economic incentive to play.%经济激励是运用资金或物质手段使受激励者得到物质上的满足,从而调动其积极性、主动性和创造性,以实现双方共同目标。社会力量参与公共文化服务供给可以通过合作获利、宣传效应、国家补贴奖励和税费优惠,获得直接或间接的经济激励。我国需不断完善相关法规、优化社会投资环境,推进公共图书馆服务政府采购,健全公益社会组织,提高民办图书馆自我发展能力,保障企业个人的合法收入和正当权益,切实发挥经济激励的现实作用。

  13. Can your public library improve your health and well-being? An investigation of East Sussex Library and Information Service. (United States)

    Ingham, Anneliese


    This article is only the second in the Dissertations into Practice series to highlight the role of public libraries in health information. It is the result of an investigation into the provision of health information in East Sussex Library and Information Service, which formed the basis of Anneliese Ingham's dissertation for her MA in Information Studies at the University of Brighton. At the time Anneliese was doing her research, the service was experimenting with different ways of providing healthcare information at one of its main libraries, and they were interested in the impact of this. The provision of health information to the public is one of my own research interests, and I was Anneliese's dissertation supervisor. I thought she produced a very good piece of work, and the results she highlights in this article are applicable to all public library authorities. Anneliese graduated with an MA in 2012 and worked for East Sussex Library and Information Service, which she joined whilst she was still studying. AM. © 2014 The authors. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2014 Health Libraries Group.

  14. Provider Customer Service Program - Performance Data (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — CMS is continuously analyzing performance and quality of the Provider Customer Service Programs (PCSPs) of the contractors and will be identifying trends and making...

  15. E-Commerce for Library Promotion and Sustainability: How Library Technicians Can Market Themselves and Their Library's Services Online (United States)

    von Retzlaff, Lothar


    As players in the delivery of services and online information, libraries are in the best position to use staff expertise and the technology they have developed to foster community awareness of social, professional and commercial interactions on the internet. Historically, libraries have been progressive institutions, undertaking constant…

  16. Streamlined library programming how to improve services and cut costs

    CERN Document Server

    Porter-Reynolds, Daisy


    In their roles as community centers, public libraries offer many innovative and appealing programs; but under current budget cuts, library resources are stretched thin. With slashed budgets and limited staff hours, what can libraries do to best serve their publics? This how-to guide provides strategies for streamlining library programming in public libraries while simultaneously maintaining-or even improving-quality delivery. The wide variety of principles and techniques described can be applied on a selective basis to libraries of all sizes. Based upon the author's own extensive experience as

  17. Librarians' Attitudes towards Marketing Library Services (United States)

    Aharony, Noa


    This research set out to explore the attitudes of school, academic and public librarians towards marketing libraries. The main question that was examined is whether personality characteristics such as empowerment, extroversion and resistance to change influence librarians' attitudes towards the marketing of libraries. One hundred and fifty-six…

  18. Measuring Quality in Special Libraries: Lessons from Service Marketing. (United States)

    White, Marilyn Domas; Abels, Eileen G.


    Surveys the service marketing literature for models and data-gathering instruments measuring service quality, particularly the instruments SERVQUAL and SERVPERF, and assesses their applicability to special libraries and information centers. Topics include service characteristics and definitions of service; performance-minus-expectations and…

  19. InfoGallery: Informative Arts Services for Physical Library Spaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grønbæk, Kaj; Rohde, Anne; Sundararajah, Balasuthas


    Much focus in digital libraries research has been devoted to new online services rather than services for the visitors in the physical library. This paper describes InfoGallery, which is a web-based infrastructure for enriching the physical library space with informative art "exhibitions......" of digital library material and other relevant information, such as RSS news streams, event announcements etc. InfoGallery presents information in an aesthetically attractive manner on a variety of surfaces in the library, including cylindrical displays and floors. The infrastructure consists of a server...... structure, an editor application and a variety of display clients. The paper discusses the design of the infrastructure and its utilization of RSS, podcasts and manually edited news. Applications in the library domain are described and the experiences are discussed....

  20. User services in the central library of Juelich Research Center

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lapp, E.


    The central library is a sci/tech special library providing information for the KFA researchers and staff. The library has a large collection of sci/tech materials to meet the information demands of the KFA employees and over 3.000 external users. Among the outside users are students fromthe universities and polytechnics of the region Aachen, Cologne, Duesseldorf, and industry. The library acquires about 8.000 volumes per year and subscribes to 2000 journals. (orig.)

  1. The Defence Medical Library Service and military medicine. (United States)

    Walker, S B


    The Defence Medical Library Service (DMLS) supports the clinical practice and career development of military health professionals across the world. Clinical governance and the need for medical knowledge to be evidence-based means the DMLS has a central role to play in support of defence medicine. The DMLS is important for enabling health professionals to make sense of the evidence-based pyramid and the hierarchy of medical knowledge. The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) in Birmingham is recognised as an international centre of excellence. The information, knowledge and research requirements of the RCDM will provide opportunities for the DMLS to support and engage with the academic community.

  2. Assessment of Customer Service in Academic Health Care Libraries (ACSAHL): an instrument for measuring customer service. (United States)

    Crossno, J E; Berkins, B; Gotcher, N; Hill, J L; McConoughey, M; Walters, M


    In a pilot study, the library had good results using SERVQUAL, a respected and often-used instrument for measuring customer satisfaction. The SERVQUAL instrument itself, however, received some serious and well-founded criticism from the respondents to our survey. The purpose of this study was to test the comparability of the results of SERVQUAL with a revised and shortened instrument modeled on SERVQUAL. The revised instrument, the Assessment of Customer Service in Academic Health Care Libraries (ACSAHL), was designed to better assess customer service in academic health care libraries. Surveys were sent to clients who had used the document delivery services at three academic medical libraries in Texas over the previous twelve to eighteen months. ACSAHL surveys were sent exclusively to clients at University of Texas (UT) Southwestern, while the client pools at the two other institutions were randomly divided and provided either SERVQUAL or ACSAHL surveys. Results indicated that more respondents preferred the shorter ACSAHL instrument to the longer and more complex SERVQUAL instrument. Also, comparing the scores from both surveys indicated that ACSAHL elicited comparable results. ACSAHL appears to measure the same type of data in similar settings, but additional testing is recommended both to confirm the survey's results through data replication and to investigate whether the instrument applies to different service areas.

  3. Marketing of library services in Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ionel Enache


    Full Text Available This paper, based on a few articles written by specialists from different European countries, contains an objective analysis of the way the marketing techniques and instruments are implemented in libraries. In Europe, we can see that library marketing is present in different forms; in some countries it is more intense and in others it is less strong. We will surprisingly discover manifestations of marketing in unexpected places, in less developed countries, with few financial possibilities but opened to this domain and oriented towards the users, and in more developed but traditional countries, marketing techniques are in an incipient phase. Unfortunately, libraries are a long way ahead from this perspective.

  4. Prison Library Services in Croatia Need Improvement to Meet International Standards of Universal Rights to Access

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carol Perryman


    Full Text Available A Review of: Šimunić, Z., Tanacković, S.F., & Badurina, B. (2016. Library services for incarcerated persons: A survey of recent trends and challenges in prison libraries in Croatia. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 48(1, 72-89. Objective – To compare the status of prison libraries in Croatia to prior studies and ultimately, to guidelines for prison library services (Lehmann & Locke, 2005. Two research questions were asked: 1 How are Croatian prison libraries organized and managed? and 2 What kind of library collections and services are offered to incarcerated persons in Croatia? Design – Quantitative survey. Setting – 23 Croatian prison libraries. Subjects – Persons in charge of prison libraries. Methods – A paper survey was mailed to all 23 Croatian prisons in 2013. The survey consisted of 31 questions grouped into 3 categories: general library information, management of the library, and use. Analysis provided descriptive statistics. Main Results – Twenty-one responses (91% were received. For the 10 institutions providing data on library holdings size, the numbers ranged from 450 to 6122, but per capita figures were not possible to calculate as no responses provided prison population size. Most (65% maintained an entry book for new acquisitions, while one library kept a card catalogue. Half performed collection assessment on an annual basis. While all but 1 of the prisons had libraries, most (16 of 20 reported that funding was not provided on a regular basis; 13 had space allocated specifically for library purposes, but none were staffed by trained librarians, instead using prison staff or prisoners. Only two libraries practised regularly-scheduled collection development, with half acquiring materials solely through donations resulting in limited topical coverage. All collections included monographs, but only around 25% carried newspapers, magazines, music, or videos

  5. Positive Correlation Between Academic Library Services and High-Impact Practices for

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saori Wendy Herman, MLIS, AHIP


    Full Text Available Objective – To investigate the perceived alignment between academic library services and high-impact practices (HIPs that affect student retention. Design – Survey questionnaire. Setting – Public comprehensive universities in the United States of America with a Carnegie classification of master’s level as of January 2013. Subjects – 68 library deans or directors out of the 271 who were originally contacted. Methods – The author used Qualtrics software to create a survey based on the HIPs, tested the survey for reliability, and then distributed it to 271 universities. Library services were grouped into 1 of 3 library scales: library collection, library instruction, or library facilities. The survey consisted of a matrix of 10 Likert-style questions addressing the perceived level of alignment between the library scales and the HIPs. Each question provided an opportunity for the respondent to enter a “brief description of support practices” (p 477. Additional demographic questions addressed the years of experience of the respondent, undergraduate student enrollment of the university, and whether librarians held faculty rank. Main Results – The author measured Pearson correlation coefficients and found a positive correlation between the library scales and the HIPs. All three library scales displayed a moderately strong positive correlation between first-year seminars and experiences (HIP 1, common intellectual experiences (HIP 2, writing-intensive courses (HIP 4, undergraduate research (HIP 6, diversity and global learning (HIP 7, service learning and community-based learning (HIP 8, internships (HIP 9, and capstone courses and projects (HIP 10. The library collections scale and library facilities scale displayed a moderately strong correlation with learning communities (HIP 3 and collaborative assignments and projects (HIP 5. The library instruction scale displayed a strong positive correlation with HIP 3 and a very strong

  6. Mobile Phone, Application, Utilization, Library Services

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Global Journal

    GLOBAL JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH VOL 16, 2017: 111-119. COPYRIGHT© BACHUDO .... available in a library, a mobile app can help get and sustain users' interest ..... How smartphones are changing the face of mobile and ...

  7. University Rankings: How Well Do They Measure Library Service Quality? (United States)

    Jackson, Brian


    University rankings play an increasingly large role in shaping the goals of academic institutions and departments, while removing universities themselves from the evaluation process. This study compares the library-related results of two university ranking publications with scores on the LibQUAL+™ survey to identify if library service quality--as…

  8. Library and information services: the need for their promotion in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Library and information services: the need for their promotion in Ogun state, Nigeria. WO Lawal, OI Amusa. Abstract. No Abstract. Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science Vol. 3(1) 2005: 32-42. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT.

  9. An Assessment of School Library Resources and Services in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The paper evaluates the availability of library resources and services in selected secondary schools. Data were collected from 300 respondents who participated in this study through completion of questionnaire and participation in interview sessions. The findings of this study show that available library resources and ...

  10. Public Library Services to Ethno-Cultural Minorities. (United States)

    Schulte-Albert, Hans G.


    Report on development of multicultural and multilingual public library services in Federal Republic of Germany highlights influx of migratory workers, education, occupational training, efforts of public libraries to address information needs of foreign workers, illiteracy, and an international seminar titled "Books for Children from…

  11. Libraries and E-Commerce: Improving Information Services and Beyond. (United States)

    Harris, Lesley Ellen


    Explains e-commerce and discusses how it can be used by special libraries. Highlights include library goals; examples of successful uses of e-commerce; how e-commerce can improve information services, including access to information, new information resources, delivery of information, and broadening information markets; and developing an…

  12. Research into Learning Resulting from Quality School Library Media Service. (United States)

    Marchant, Maurice P.; And Others


    This annotated bibliography of 20 research reports identifies what has been determined about the effects of library media services on learning and suggests methodologies available for similar studies. Organization is according to area of learning affected--academic achievement; language, reading, and library skills; mathematics; science; social…

  13. Evaluation of computer-based library services at Kenneth Dike ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study evaluated computer-based library services/routines at Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan. Four research questions were developed and answered. A survey research design was adopted; using questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. A total of 200 respondents randomly selected from 10 ...

  14. The IAEA library and documentation services

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The library was established in 1958 and has since acquired a large and steadily increasing collection of nuclear science literature. The collection can be divided into three broad categories: (a) books, (b) periodicals, and (c) technical reports and official documents. There are at present approximately 19000 books in the library. The books cover all aspects of nuclear science and technology as well as some relevant branches of economics, law and other subjects. In addition, there are numerous reference books, both on science and on other subjects related to the work of the Agency. The library receives 7 00 periodicals, mostly of a scientific or technical nature. Sixty-three per cent of the periodicals are obtained by subscription and some 30 per cent as presentation copies. The rest of the periodicals are received under an exchange of publications. Of particular interest to research workers is a comprehensive collection of abstracting journals. The technical reports and documents are usually obtained from Member Governments and other international organizations, including the United Nations and the specialized agencies. There are nearly 50 000 reports, some 30 000 of which are on microcards. As international organizations and Member States supply the library with their documents and other publications on atomic energy on a routine basis, the collection in the library now represents much of the world's unclassified material on different branches of nuclear science and technology. The library also possesses about 5000 reprints and translations of technical reports

  15. Library 2.0: Service for the Next-Generation Library (United States)

    Casey, Michael E.; Savastinuk, Laura C.


    Libraries are changing. Funding limits and customer demands are transforming staffing levels, service models, access to resources, and services to the public. Administrators and taxpayers are seeking more efficient ways of delivering services to achieve greater returns on financial investments. In this article, the author discusses the benefits of…

  16. Geospatial Services in Special Libraries: A Needs Assessment Perspective (United States)

    Barnes, Ilana


    Once limited to geographers and mapmakers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has taken a growing central role in information management and visualization. Geospatial services run a gamut of different products and services from Google maps to ArcGIS servers to Mobile development. Geospatial services are not new. Libraries have been writing about…

  17. Current status of digital reference services in academic libraries in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper investigates the extent of the application of digital reference services in academic libraries in Nigeria, highlighting the emerging formats and models of digital reference services, to include email and web forms, Ask A librarian services, online chat reference, video conferencing, digital robots, and collaborative ...

  18. Quality and the academic library reviewing, assessing and enhancing service provision

    CERN Document Server


    Quality and the Academic Library: Reviewing, Assessing and Enhancing Service Provision provides an in-depth review and analysis of quality management and service quality in academic libraries. All aspects of quality are considered in the book, including quality assessment, quality review, and quality enhancement. An overview of quality management and service quality concepts, principles, and methods leads to a detailed consideration of how they have been applied in universities and their libraries. A case study approach is used with different perspectives provided from the different stakeholders involved in the quality processes. All contributors adopt a critical reflection approach, reflecting on the implications, impact, and significance of the activities undertaken and the conclusions that can be drawn for future developments. The book concludes with an overall reflection on quality management and service quality in academic libraries with a final analysis of priorities for the future.

  19. Comparative Analysis of the Development of Multicultural Library Services in the Spanish Public Library Network (2007-2010) (United States)

    Garcia Lopez, Fatima; Caridad Sebastian, Mercedes; Morales Garcia, Ana Maria


    Introduction: The percentage of foreign-born residents in Spain has multiplied almost fourfold over the last decade. Immigration has changed our society, both from a demographic and economic perspective, and from a cultural and political prospective. The Spanish public library network, a democratic institution that provides services, initially, of…

  20. Providing Device Independence to Mobile Services


    Nylander, Stina; Bylund, Markus


    People want user interfaces to services that are functional and well suited to the device they choose for access. To provide this, services must be able to offer device specific user interfaces for the wide range of devices available today. We propose to combine the two dominant approaches to platform independence, "Write Once, Run Every-where™" and "different version for each device", to create multiple device specific user interfaces for mobile services. This gives possibilities to minimize...

  1. 75 FR 32818 - Institute of Museum and Library Services; Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library... (United States)


    ... NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES Institute of Museum and Library Services; Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NFAH. ACTION: Notice of Meeting. SUMMARY: This notice sets forth the agenda of...

  2. 75 FR 8139 - Institute of Museum and Library Services; Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library... (United States)


    ... policies with respect to the duties, powers, and authorities related to Museum and Library Services. If you... NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES Institute of Museum and Library Services; Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and...

  3. A novel method of providing a library of n-mers or biopolymers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    The present invention relates to a method of providing a library of n-mer sequences, wherein the library is composed of an n-mer sequence. Also the invention concerns a method of providing a library of biopolymer sequences having one or more n-mers in common. Further provided are specific primers...

  4. The role of Customer Involvement in Library E-services

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scupola, Ada; Nikolajsen, H. W.


    We investigate customer involvement in the development of e-service within research Libraries. By revisiting earlier research on innovation processes as well as newer research on new product and new service development we derive a conceptual model on different actors that are important in the pro......We investigate customer involvement in the development of e-service within research Libraries. By revisiting earlier research on innovation processes as well as newer research on new product and new service development we derive a conceptual model on different actors that are important...

  5. Marketing Library Services: Strategy for Survival. (United States)

    Edinger, Joyce A.


    Discusses the conditions necessary for the success of marketing programs within libraries and methods of implementing a formal marketing program. The four factors of the marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) are considered and administrative decisions are explored within the framework of these four factors. (Author)

  6. Managing school library services for effective academic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... teachers and student s toward the roles of school library in achieving effective performance, school librarians are not recognized as a stakeholder in promoting students academic performance, school librarians are not part of the school management and curriculum planning team. Establishing and adequate management ...

  7. Virtual Reference Services through Web Search Engines: Study of Academic Libraries in Pakistan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rubia Khan


    Full Text Available Web search engines (WSE are powerful and popular tools in the field of information service management. This study is an attempt to examine the impact and usefulness of web search engines in providing virtual reference services (VRS within academic libraries in Pakistan. The study also attempts to investigate the relevant expertise and skills of library professionals in providing digital reference services (DRS efficiently using web search engines. Methodology used in this study is quantitative in nature. The data was collected from fifty public and private sector universities in Pakistan using a structured questionnaire. Microsoft Excel and SPSS were used for data analysis. The study concludes that web search engines are commonly used by librarians to help users (especially research scholars by providing digital reference services. The study also finds a positive correlation between use of web search engines and quality of digital reference services provided to library users. It is concluded that although search engines have increased the expectations of users and are really big competitors to a library’s reference desk, they are however not an alternative to reference service. Findings reveal that search engines pose numerous challenges for librarians and the study also attempts to bring together possible remedial measures. This study is useful for library professionals to understand the importance of search engines in providing VRS. The study also provides an intellectual comparison among different search engines, their capabilities, limitations, challenges and opportunities to provide VRS effectively in libraries.

  8. VT Wireless Internet Service Providers 2006 (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) The VT Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) dataset (WISP2006) includes polygons depicting the extent of Vermont's WISP broadband system as of...

  9. VT Wireless Internet Service Providers 2007 (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) The VT Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) dataset (WISP2007) includes polygons depicting the extent of Vermont's WISP broadband system as of...

  10. Area health education centers and health science library services. (United States)

    West, R T; Howard, F H


    A study to determine the impact that the Area Health Education Center type of programs may have on health science libraries was conducted by the Extramural Programs, National Library of Medicine, in conjunction with a contract awarded by the Bureau of Health Manpower, Health Resources Administration, to develop an inventory of the AHEC type of projects in the United States. Specific study tasks included a review of these programs as they relate to library and information activities, on-site surveys on the programs to define their needs for library services and information, and a categorization of library activities. A major finding was that health science libraries and information services are generally not included in AHEC program planning and development, although information and information exchange is a fundamental part of the AHEC type of programs. This study suggests that library inadequacies are basically the result of this planning failure and of a lack of financial resources; however, many other factors may be contributory. The design and value of library activities for these programs needs explication.

  11. 75 FR 75393 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism and A National Broadband Plan for Our... (United States)


    ... absolve schools and libraries of their obligation to adhere to the Children's Internet Protection Act.... Section 254(h)(1)(B) requires telecommunications carriers to provide universal service to schools and... schools and libraries the same services that a traditional telecommunications carrier can provide a school...

  12. Logistic service providers and sustainable physical distribution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stef Weijers


    Full Text Available Background: Logistic Service Providers main concern was to ensure reliability for a low price (Christopher, 2005. Dutch Logistic Service Providers still have these two aspects at the top of their list, but also have to take in a new aspect: sustainability. 88% Of the investigated Logistic Service Providers have included sustainability in the company's goals. These Logistic Service Providers have developed different strategies to achieve a higher level of sustainability. This paper presents the results of a study into what Logistic Service Providers say what they are doing, or intend to do, to improve sustainability for their transport services. In this way insight is given in the attitude of Dutch Logistic Service Providers towards sustainability and how they intend to translate this into business practise: internal solutions or new methods incorporating external partners. Methods: Various methods of the investigations were used, among which the analysis of the statements about the sustainabilityon the websites of various companies as well as the questionnaire per Internet. The research covered 50 largest logistics companies operating in the Netherlands and 60 companies that competed for the award "Lean and Green" advertised in the Netherlands. In addition, the Internet survey was answered by 41 companies that belong to the network of our university. Results: The investigation has shown that sustainability is handled by the logistics company as an integral part of the corporate strategy. In contrast, shippers depend in the choice of logistics services primarily on such classical aspects as the reliability or the price and the sustainability play a minor role. Conclusions: Trying to find methods to improve the sustainability, Dutch logistics service providers, in the first place, look for solutions that increase the efficiency and therefore the cost reduction potential. Solutions, which require the involvement of clients, were less often

  13. Role Coastumer Service PT. Bank Danamon Provide Service to Customers


    ", NURJANAH; Hardani, Ninda


    PT. Bank Danamon Pekanbaru is the bank engaged in banking goods and services that always seeks to prioritize the satisfaction of its customers. The employee on duty and deal directly with the customer in providing services commonly known as customer service that are required to have the ability to serve customers accurately and quickly and have good communication skills. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of customer service as a receptionist, Deskman, salesman, customer rela...

  14. SEAL: Common Core Libraries and Services for LHC Applications

    CERN Document Server

    Generowicz, J; Moneta, L; Roiser, S; Marino, M; Tuura, L A


    The CERN LHC experiments have begun the LHC Computing Grid project in 2001. One of the project's aims is to develop common software infrastructure based on a development vision shared by the participating experiments. The SEAL project will provide common foundation libraries, services and utilities identified by the project's architecture blueprint report. This requires a broad range of functionality that no individual package suitably covers. SEAL thus selects external and experiment-developed packages, integrates them in a coherent whole, develops new code for missing functionality, and provides support to the experiments. We describe the set of basic components identified by the LHC Computing Grid project and thought to be sufficient for development of higher level framework components and specializations. Examples of such components are a plug-in manager, an object dictionary, object whiteboards, an incident or event manager. We present the design and implementation of some of these components and the und...

  15. 76 FR 10916 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... Lyons, Special Events and Board Liaison, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street, NW... Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NFAH. ACTION: Notice of... Library Services Board. This notice also describes the function of the Board. Notice of the meeting is...

  16. 77 FR 24741 - Sunshine Act Meeting; National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... Lyons, Special Events and Board Liaison, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street NW... Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NFAH. ACTION: Notice of... Library Services Board. This notice also describes the function of the Board. Notice of the meeting is...

  17. Factors Influencing Virtual Patron Satisfaction with Online Library Resources and Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katherine Tyler


    Full Text Available College students are accessing virtual libraries whether they are on campus or learning from a distance. Academic institutions serving virtual patrons must remain focused on meeting the needs of those library users by continually examining their preferences, their searching behavior, and the information they seek. The purpose of this research was to determine if virtual patrons are satisfied with the resources and services being provided by a university’s online library. Following a web-based survey, demographic characteristics of students were analyzed to determine if any influenced students’ satisfaction. Using analysis of variance, correlation, and descriptive statistics, several demographic factors were found to influence student satisfaction with the library’s online resources: age, gender, achieved educational level, student status, and computer experience. One factor, computer experience, was found to influence student satisfaction with the library’s online services. Overall, students reported satisfaction with the university’s online library resources and services. Comments submitted to open-ended questions regarding areas for improvement to the online library provide library administrators with avenues for development to increase awareness of library services, focus improvement in navigation, and enhance student satisfaction.

  18. County Library Service to Rural Schools. Bulletin, 1930, No. 20 (United States)

    Lathrop, Edith A.


    An efficient county library contemplates maximum service for money expended. Situated at the county seat or at some other centrally located place within the county, its book stock is carried to every resident of the county through a system branches, stations, and school deposits, and the services of an automobile and the parcel post. A trained…

  19. The role of Customer Involvement in Library E-services

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scupola, Ada; Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh


    We investigate customer involvement in the development of e-service within research Libraries. By revisiting earlier research on innovation processes as well as newer research on new product and new service development we derive a conceptual model on different actors that are important...

  20. Managing Technological Change in Libraries and Information Services. (United States)

    Klobas, Jane E.


    Examines factors to be considered in the management of technological change in libraries and information services. The organizational climate for change is discussed, and factors to consider when developing a strategy for introducing a new product, service, or system are described, including leadership, goals, political processes, marketing, and…

  1. Rethinking library technical services redefining our profession for the future

    CERN Document Server

    Weber, Mary Beth


    Will library technical services exist thirty years from now? If so, what do leading experts see as the direction of the field? In this visionary look at the future of technical services, Mary Beth Weber has compiled a veritable who's who of the field to answer just these questions.

  2. Insights into Library Services and Users from Qualitative Research. (United States)

    Lincoln, Yvonna S.


    Describes a study that used interview data to adapt SERVQUAL, a survey to determine customer perceptions of service quality, to LibQUAL[TM], a Web-based survey to investigate users' perceptions of library service quality. Offers hypotheses regarding how data was categorized as it was. (Author/LRW)

  3. Perspectives on Library Public Services from Four Leaders (United States)

    Dallis, Diane


    This article explores and examines the state of library services through interviewing a small group of directors, associate deans, and associate university librarians of public services and identifying common themes and insightful views on this area of librarianship. The participants respond to the same set of questions that cover topics including…

  4. Applying GRA and QFD to Improve Library Service Quality (United States)

    Chen, Yen-Ting; Chou, Tsung-Yu


    This paper applied Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) to Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to identify service improvement techniques for an academic library. First, reader needs and their importance, and satisfaction degrees were examined via questionnaires. Second, the service improvement techniques for satisfying the reader needs were developed by…

  5. The value of Web-based library services at Cedars-Sinai Health System. (United States)

    Halub, L P


    Cedars-Sinai Medical Library/Information Center has maintained Web-based services since 1995 on the Cedars-Sinai Health System network. In that time, the librarians have found the provision of Web-based services to be a very worthwhile endeavor. Library users value the services that they access from their desktops because the services save time. They also appreciate being able to access services at their convenience, without restriction by the library's hours of operation. The library values its Web site because it brings increased visibility within the health system, and it enables library staff to expand services when budget restrictions have forced reduced hours of operation. In creating and maintaining the information center Web site, the librarians have learned the following lessons: consider the design carefully; offer what services you can, but weigh the advantages of providing the services against the time required to maintain them; make the content as accessible as possible; promote your Web site; and make friends in other departments, especially information services.

  6. Mitigating Provider Uncertainty in Service Provision Contracts (United States)

    Smith, Chris; van Moorsel, Aad

    Uncertainty is an inherent property of open, distributed and multiparty systems. The viability of the mutually beneficial relationships which motivate these systems relies on rational decision-making by each constituent party under uncertainty. Service provision in distributed systems is one such relationship. Uncertainty is experienced by the service provider in his ability to deliver a service with selected quality level guarantees due to inherent non-determinism, such as load fluctuations and hardware failures. Statistical estimators utilized to model this non-determinism introduce additional uncertainty through sampling error. Inability of the provider to accurately model and analyze uncertainty in the quality level guarantees can result in the formation of sub-optimal service provision contracts. Emblematic consequences include loss of revenue, inefficient resource utilization and erosion of reputation and consumer trust. We propose a utility model for contract-based service provision to provide a systematic approach to optimal service provision contract formation under uncertainty. Performance prediction methods to enable the derivation of statistical estimators for quality level are introduced, with analysis of their resultant accuracy and cost.

  7. Fee-based services in sci-tech libraries

    CERN Document Server

    Mount, Ellis


    This timely and important book explores how fee-based services have developed in various types of sci-tech libraries. The authoritative contributors focus on the current changing financial aspects of the sci-tech library operation and clarify for the reader how these changes have brought about conditions in which traditional methods of funding are no longer adequate. What new options are open and how they are best being applied in today's sci-tech libraries is fully and clearly explained and illustrated. Topics explored include cost allocation and cost recovery, fees for computer searching, an

  8. Library Media Services. Multicultural Nonsexist Education in Iowa Schools. (United States)

    Iowa State Dept. of Public Instruction, Des Moines.

    Intended as an aid for Iowa school library media specialists, this pamphlet identifies resources and provides guidelines for the development of multicultural, nonsexist (MC-NS) school library media programs. Definitions of terms used in the pamphlet are given. The rationale and philosophy underlying elementary and secondary curricula design are…

  9. Analysis of Environmental Friendly Library Based on the Satisfaction and Service Quality: study at Library “X” (United States)

    Herdiansyah, Herdis; Satriya Utama, Andre; Safruddin; Hidayat, Heri; Gema Zuliana Irawan, Angga; Immanuel Tjandra Muliawan, R.; Mutia Pratiwi, Diana


    One of the factor that influenced the development of science is the existence of the library, which in this case is the college libraries. Library, which is located in the college environment, aims to supply collections of literatures to support research activities as well as educational for students of the college. Conceptually, every library now starts to practice environmental principles. For example, “X” library as a central library claims to be an environmental friendly library for practicing environmental friendly management, but the X library has not inserted the satisfaction and service aspect to the users, including whether it is true that environmental friendly process is perceived by library users. Satisfaction can be seen from the comparison between expectations and reality of library users. This paper analyzes the level of library user satisfaction with library services in the campus area and the gap between expectations and reality felt by the library users. The result of the research shows that there is a disparity between the hope of library management, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly with the reality in the management of the library, so that it has not given satisfaction to the users yet. The gap value of satisfaction that has the biggest difference is in the library collection with the value of 1.57; while for the smallest gap value is in the same service to all students with a value of 0.67.

  10. Health sciences library outreach to family caregivers: a call to service. (United States)

    Howrey, Mary M


    This commentary discusses the information needs of family caregivers and care recipients in the United States. Health sciences library services and outreach activities that support family caregivers include: (1) advocacy, (2) resource building, and (3) programming and education. Ethical issues related to the privacy and confidentiality of clients are outlined in the commentary for information service providers. Also, continuing professional education resources are identified to assist librarians in providing high-quality information services for this special family caregiver population, such as those designed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) through the NLM 4 Caregivers program.

  11. Health sciences library outreach to family caregivers: a call to service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary M. Howrey


    Full Text Available This commentary discusses the information needs of family caregivers and care recipients in the United States. Health sciences library services and outreach activities that support family caregivers include: (1 advocacy, (2 resource building, and (3 programming and education. Ethical issues related to the privacy and confidentiality of clients are outlined in the commentary for information service providers. Also, continuing professional education resources are identified to assist librarians in providing high-quality information services for this special family caregiver population, such as those designed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM through the NLM 4 Caregivers program.

  12. Introducing New Library Services: Nuclear Malaysia Gallery Photos and Videos

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mohd Hafizal Yusof; Nasaruddin Ahmad; Habibah Adnan


    The main purpose of the existing of library is to preserve books and journals for the organizations main business. The role of library itself is to organize the books such as borrowing and renewal services as consulting their customers on getting the best references for the customers need and demand. Nowadays, the role of library also expands and the need for storing and preserving non-monograph resources such as photo and video also increase. Follow that current situation, Nuclear Malaysia's Library also take a step forwards by introducing new services so called Photo and Video Gallery. Realizing that Nuclear Malaysia also have their valuable photo and video that contains so called memorable moment and must be preserve for future reference, the management of Nuclear Malaysia's Library have decided to buy the system so called P-Canvas. The main purpose of this paper is to explain the library new services, Photo and Video Gallery, development and advantage of this system in storing and preserving Nuclear Malaysia's photo and video. (author)

  13. Engaging service providers in improving industry performance

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Oberth, R.


    Effective task leadership is the key to achieving results in the nuclear industry and in most other industries. One of the themes of this conference is to discuss how the nuclear industry can undertake Issue-Identification and Definition as a means of 'identifying what needs attention' and then 'defining what needs to be done to make that happen'. I will explore this theme from the perspective of the 'Service Provider' - which by the definition of this conference includes everyone not within an operating utility - meaning 'those involved in everything from inspection and repair to research and plant architecture' - basically the member companies of my association, OCI. Our members take the definition of the roles and responsibilities of the 'Service Provider' community very seriously. In the context of this discussion a key utility function is the early definition of requirements and expectations of Service Providers in supplying to these requirements. Let's explore for a moment the Service Provider role and perspective. Service Providers are by nature pro-active - they seek ways to engage with utilities (and tier one vendors) to solve problems and achieve good outcomes. They come to industry conferences like this one to learn about upcoming utility programs and supply opportunities and how they can improve performance. Service Providers particularly want to hear senior utility people comment on emerging issues even those at the very early identification stage. Some Clarification of Roles is in Order - as that is the focus of this conference: 'Issue-Identification and Definition'. 'Issue-Identification' is the utility's job - it is the utility's role to identify as early as possible 'what needs attention and what their needs and expectations are'. This takes place before service provider engagement. 'Issue-Definition' is more challenging. It means 'determining and prioritizing what needs to be done to deal with the situation at hand'. This typically involves

  14. 76 FR 13097 - Institute of Museum and Library Services; Evaluation by Grantees (United States)


    ... With Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations, provides, in part... Services; Evaluation by Grantees AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Foundation On.... IMLS amends 45 CFR 1180.46, Evaluation by the grantee, to ensure that IMLS requirements conform to the...

  15. Computer Programme Library at Ispra: Service to IAEA Member States

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    In 1964, in view of the increasingly important role of computers in atomic energy, the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development established a Computer Programme Library (CPL) at Ispra, Italy. The original purpose of this Library, then consisting chiefly of programmes for reactor calculations, was to improve communication between the originators of the computer programmes and the scientists and engineers in Member States of the OECD who used them, thus furthering the efficient and economic use of the many large and expensive computers in the countries concerned. During the first few years of the Library's operation, a growing interest in its activities became evident in countries which were not members of the OECD. The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, aware that such countries which were Member States of the IAEA could benefit from the Library's services, concluded an agreement with the Nuclear Energy Agency in 1967 to the effect that these services would be extended to all IAEA Member States. In March 1968, the Director General announced by circular letter that these services were available, and requested the governments of Member States that were not members of OECD to nominate establishments to participate in the activities of the Computer Programme Library. By August 1973, 32 such establishments were regularly using the services of the CPL

  16. Educational services in health sciences libraries: an analysis of the periodical literature, 1975-1986. (United States)

    Zachert, M J


    The periodical literature on group instructional services in health sciences libraries was analyzed to determine the nature of these services, their target audiences, and their institutional settings. Three kinds of reports were identified: descriptions of services (70%), reviews of the literature (10.5%), and future-oriented articles that advocate various group instructional services (19.5%). Five target audiences were identified: library users, staff, librarian peers, library science students, and patients. Instructional services were offered primarily in medical school/center libraries, hospital libraries, and the National Library of Medicine and its Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs). To a lesser extent, health sciences educational services are offered through other professional school libraries, library associations and consortia, and schools of library science. There are gaps in the literature in the areas of library experience with marketing, evaluation, administration of the offered educational services, and continuing education for health sciences librarians.

  17. Pop-up Library Makerspace: academic libraries provide flexible, supportive space to explore emerging technologies.


    Groves, Antony


    The word Makerspace is a general term for a place where people get together to make things, create things and\\ud learn together. Antony Groves presents a look at a recent university library experiment hosting a pop-up makerspace. Working with local edtech leaders MakerClub and colleagues the library organised a two-hour workshop which offered the opportunity for students and staff to explore emerging technologies.

  18. Alison Gregory Named Director of Library Services at Lycoming College

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alison S. Gregory


    Full Text Available Alison S. Gregory has been named Lycoming College’s Associate Dean and Director of Library Services at the John G. Snowden Memorial Library, according to an announcement by Dr. Phil Sprunger, Provost and Dean of the college. She began her duties July 1, having served the college since 2005 as Assistant Professor and Instructional Services Librarian and Coordinator of Information Literacy and Outreach. She is replacing Janet McNeil Hurlbert, who retired at the conclusion of the 2012-13 academic year.

  19. 76 FR 63666 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... you need special accommodations due to a disability, please contact: Institute of Museum and Library... Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NFAH. ACTION: Notice of... Library Services Board. This notice also describes the function of the Board. Notice of the meeting is...

  20. We Cannot See Them, but They Are There: Marketing Library Services to Distance Learners (United States)

    Dermody, Melinda


    Distance learners are a unique target-population for the marketing of library services and resources. Because these patrons do not visit the library often, if at all, it is crucial to actively promote the library resources and services available to them. Marketing strategies for distance learning library services need to take a multifaceted…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The theme of our research is the ways of keeping accounting entities that are the object of the provision of services in the accounting profession. This paper aims to achieve a parallel between the ways of organizing financial records - accounting provided by freelancers and companies with activity in the financial - accounting. The first step in our scientific research is to establish objectives chosen area of scientific knowledge. Our scientific approach seeks to explain through a thorough and detailed approach as different sides (conceptual and practical looking projections of accounting issues related to regulatory developments and practices in the field. This paper addresses various concepts, accounting treatments, and books and accounting documents used both freelancers in providing accounting services and legal persons authorized accounting profession. In terms of methodology and research perspective, the whole scientific approach combined with quantitative and qualitative research theoretical perspective (descriptive-conceptual with practice perspective (empirical analyzing the main contributions of various authors (Romanian and foreign to knowledge in the field. Following the survey believe that the amendments to the national legislation will support entities providing accounting services, by cutting red tape on Administrative Burdens, and consequently will increase profitability and increase service quality.

  2. Library Services Alliance of New Mexico. 1994 Annual report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Library Services Alliance is a unique multi-type library consortium committed to resource sharing. As a voluntary association of university and governmental laboratory libraries supporting scientific research, the Alliance has become a leader in New Mexico in using cooperative ventures to cost-effectively expand resources supporting their scientific and technical communities. During 1994, the alliance continued to expand on their strategic planning foundation to enhance access to research information for the scientific and technical communities. Significant progress was made in facilitating easy access to the on-line catalogs of member libraries via connections through the Internet. Access to Alliance resources is now available via the World Wide Web and Gopher, as well as links to other databases and electronic information. This report highlights the accomplishments of the Alliance during calendar year 1994.

  3. Measuring Perceptual (In) Congruence between Information Service Providers and Users (United States)

    Boyce, Crystal


    Library quality is no longer evaluated solely on the value of its collections, as user perceptions of service quality play an increasingly important role in defining overall library value. This paper presents a retooling of the LibQUAL+ survey instrument, blending the gap measurement model with perceptual congruence model studies from information…

  4. TQM Training; The Library Service Challenge. (United States)

    Loney, Tim; Bellefontaine, Arnie


    Addresses training in the context of organizing and implementing a Total Quality Management (TQM) initiative. The customer service implications and relevant training or skill implications for the following phases are described: (1) exploration and commitment; (2) organizing for quality; (3) start up; and (4) expansion and integration. (Contains 18…

  5. Libraries across Land and Sea: Academic Library Services on International Branch Campuses (United States)

    Green, Harriett


    This preliminary study explores how library services are offered at the international branch campuses of U.S. institutions of higher education, including librarians' experiences, challenges faced, and collaborations with the home U.S. institutions. The data from a Web survey distributed to international branch campus librarians, a conducted…





    The theme of our research is the ways of keeping accounting entities that are the object of the provision of services in the accounting profession. This paper aims to achieve a parallel between the ways of organizing financial records - accounting provided by freelancers and companies with activity in the financial - accounting. The first step in our scientific research is to establish objectives chosen area of scientific knowledge. Our scientific approach seeks to explain thr...

  7. Usage of Academic Libraries : The Role of Service Quality, Resources, and User Characteristics


    Hamad Ben Ibrahim Al Omran - Translation


    A survival study to 3 academic libraries located in Pennsylvania , it aiming at measuring the effects of service quality and users profiles on the usage of academic libraries. the study contained 188 users from the 3 libraries.

  8. Usage of Academic Libraries : The Role of Service Quality, Resources, and User Characteristics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamad Ben Ibrahim Al Omran - Translation


    Full Text Available A survival study to 3 academic libraries located in Pennsylvania , it aiming at measuring the effects of service quality and users profiles on the usage of academic libraries. the study contained 188 users from the 3 libraries.

  9. Using Augmented Reality Tools to Enhance Children's Library Services (United States)

    Meredith, Tamara R.


    Augmented reality (AR) has been used and documented for a variety of commercial and educational purposes, and the proliferation of mobile devices has increased the average person's access to AR systems and tools. However, little research has been done in the area of using AR to supplement traditional library services, specifically for patrons aged…

  10. Growing a Technology Equipment Service in an Academic Library (United States)

    Anderson, Sean; Weatherbee, Sue


    The 21st-century student is highly technological. In order to encourage and enable the technologically advanced students, the authors wanted to develop a technology equipment service in the library at Texas A&M University-Commerce. They had an idea of what they wanted to accomplish but were unsure of how to get started. They started a small…

  11. User-Focused Strategic Services for Technological University Libraries. (United States)

    Townley, Charles T.

    This paper describes the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Library's strategic plan to develop its services amid an atmosphere of change. A summary of the following components of the strategic plan is given: vision; mission; values; and goals. The revised organizational functions are then illustrated, as well as the role of the selector-liaison…

  12. Library service delivery, information literacy knowledge: a modelling ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Knowledge preservation, access to information and dissemination has rapidly changed the way people seek and use information. The study concluded that the application of IT will encourage self sufficiency in food production, good health and rapid development among the citizenry. Keywords: Library service delivery, ...

  13. Evaluation of School Library Resources, Services and Usage: A ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The paper evaluates the library resources services and usage in the International School, University of Ibadan. Data for the study was collected by means of questionnaires administered to students, staff and the librarian of the school. Interviews were conducted and records were observed to support the data gathered The ...

  14. Research Support in Australian Academic Libraries: Services, Resources, and Relationships (United States)

    Haddow, Gaby; Mamtora, Jayshree


    In the last decade Australian academic libraries have increasingly aligned their research support services with assessment criteria used in the national research evaluation exercise (Excellence for Research in Australia). The same period has seen growing interest in research impact outside of traditional measures, such as bibliometrics. Social…

  15. Computerization of the Botswana National Library Service. Restricted Technical Report. (United States)

    Underwood, Peter C.

    This report discusses the scope for and feasibility of introducing automated systems into the Botswana National Library Service (BNLS). The study was undertaken at the request of BNLS and was conducted by an outside consultant who interviewed staff, read internal documents and reports, and studied patterns of work. Topics of the report include:…

  16. The Future Role of Publishing Services in University Libraries (United States)

    Walters, Tyler


    This study explores possible futures for university-based library publishing services (LPS) and uses scenario planning as its research method. The study posits that the major force in developing LPS is the level of funding from the host university, with the most uncertain factor being whether faculty will adopt LPS. The study participants…

  17. Marketing/Planning Library and Information Services. Second Edition. (United States)

    Weingand, Darlene E.

    In the first edition of this book, the concepts of marketing and planning library and information services were presented as effective managerial strategies. Several paragraphs from the introduction to the first edition are reproduced, with author commentary, in this edition as an affirmation that the message is still true. In this second edition,…

  18. Virtual Libraries and Education in Virtual Worlds: Twenty-First Century Library Services (United States)

    Bell, Lori; Lindbloom, Mary-Carol; Peters, Tom; Pope, Kitty


    As the use of the Internet and time spent on the Internet by individuals grows, and the use of virtual worlds like Active Worlds and Second Life increases, the library needs to have an interactive place and role in these worlds as well as a bricks and mortar space. This article provides an overview of what some libraries are doing in these worlds,…

  19. Public library services in the information age: international overview and the situation in Buenos Aires (Argentina

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elsa Barber


    Full Text Available The article analizes public/popular library services in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. The aim has been to relate the descriptive local data with the trends in developed countries after a selective study of the international literature. The results have shown that the studied units provide a basic service, misuse their alleged technological infrastructure and do not direct their resources to implement the services required by society in the information age.

  20. Digital chat reference in health science libraries: challenges in initiating a new service. (United States)

    Dee, Cheryl R; Newhouse, Joshua D


    Digital reference service adds a valuable new dimension to health science reference services, but the road to implementation can present questions that require carefully considered decisions. This article incorporates suggestions from the published literature, provides tips from interviews with practicing academic health science librarians, and reports on data from students' exploration of academic health science library Web sites' digital reference services. The goal of this study is to provide guidelines to plan new services, assess user needs, and select software, and to showcase potential benefits of collaboration and proactive and user-friendly marketing. In addition, tips for successful operation and evaluation of services are discussed.

  1. Multimedia Bootcamp: a health sciences library provides basic training to promote faculty technology integration. (United States)

    Ramsey, Ellen C


    Recent research has shown a backlash against the enthusiastic promotion of technological solutions as replacements for traditional educational content delivery. Many institutions, including the University of Virginia, have committed staff and resources to supporting state-of-the-art, showpiece educational technology projects. However, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library has taken the approach of helping Health Sciences faculty be more comfortable using technology in incremental ways for instruction and research presentations. In July 2004, to raise awareness of self-service multimedia resources for instructional and professional development needs, the Library conducted a "Multimedia Bootcamp" for nine Health Sciences faculty and fellows. Case study. Program stewardship by a single Library faculty member contributed to the delivery of an integrated learning experience. The amount of time required to attend the sessions and complete homework was the maximum fellows had to devote to such pursuits. The benefit of introducing technology unfamiliar to most fellows allowed program instructors to start everyone at the same baseline while not appearing to pass judgment on the technology literacy skills of faculty. The combination of wrapping the program in the trappings of a fellowship and selecting fellows who could commit to a majority of scheduled sessions yielded strong commitment from participants as evidenced by high attendance and a 100% rate of assignment completion. Response rates to follow-up evaluation requests, as well as continued use of Media Studio resources and Library expertise for projects begun or conceived during Bootcamp, bode well for the long-term success of this program. An incremental approach to integrating technology with current practices in instruction and presentation provided a supportive yet energizing environment for Health Sciences faculty. Keys to this program were its faculty focus, traditional hands-on instruction, unrestricted

  2. Cost Calculation Model for Logistics Service Providers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoltán Bokor


    Full Text Available The exact calculation of logistics costs has become a real challenge in logistics and supply chain management. It is essential to gain reliable and accurate costing information to attain efficient resource allocation within the logistics service provider companies. Traditional costing approaches, however, may not be sufficient to reach this aim in case of complex and heterogeneous logistics service structures. So this paper intends to explore the ways of improving the cost calculation regimes of logistics service providers and show how to adopt the multi-level full cost allocation technique in logistics practice. After determining the methodological framework, a sample cost calculation scheme is developed and tested by using estimated input data. Based on the theoretical findings and the experiences of the pilot project it can be concluded that the improved costing model contributes to making logistics costing more accurate and transparent. Moreover, the relations between costs and performances also become more visible, which enhances the effectiveness of logistics planning and controlling significantly

  3. Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing for Inter-Library Services: A Case Study in a University (United States)

    Pernot, Eli; Roodhooft, Filip; Van den Abbeele, Alexandra


    Although the true costs of inter-library loans (ILL) are unknown, universities increasingly rely on them to provide better library services at lower costs. Through a case study, we show how to perform a time-driven activity-based costing analysis of ILL and provide evidence of the benefits of such an analysis.

  4. A New Model and Its Implementation of Academic Resources Services for Academic Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu-Ting Chiang


    Full Text Available Internet has become one of the important channels for retrieval of academic resources in the recent years. The roles and service models of academic libraries has been changed accordingly. Most academic libraries have been providing subject directory (subject gateway for users to browse the highly selected academic resources. On the contrary, few academic libraries managed to provide academic resources for user to retrieve. This article proposes a new model which the libraries will cooperate with search engine providers to support the full-text retrieval for academic resources in a low cost. We discuss the design and implementation of “NTU Scholars Gateway” based on the new model. In addition, the functionalities and future development of NTU Scholars Gateway are discussedas well. [Article content in Chinese

  5. Academic Medical Library Services Contribute to Scholarship in Medical Faculty and Residents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peace Ossom Williamson


    Full Text Available A Review of: Quesenberry, A. C., Oelschlegel, S., Earl, M., Leonard, K., & Vaughn, C. J. (2016. The impact of library resources and services on the scholarly activity of medical faculty and residents. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 35(3, 259-265. Abstract Objective – To assess the impact of academic medical library services and resources on information-seeking behaviours during the academic efforts of medical faculty and residents. Design – Value study derived from a 23-item survey. Setting – Public medical residency program and training hospital in Tennessee, USA. Subjects – 433 faculty and residents currently employed by or completing residency in an academic medical centre. Methods – Respondents completed a 23-question survey about their use of library resources and services in preparation for publishing, presenting, and teaching. The library services in the survey included literature searches completed by librarians and document delivery for preparation of publications, presentations, and lecture material. The survey also included questions about how resources were being accessed in preparation for scholarship. The survey sought information on whether respondents published articles or chapters or presented papers or posters in the previous three years. If respondents answered in the affirmative to one of the aforementioned methods of scholarship, they were provided with further questions about how they access library resources and whether they sought mediated literature search and document delivery services in preparation for their recent presentations and publications. The survey also included questions concerning what types of scholarly activity prompt faculty and residents to use online library resources. Main Results – The study was provided to 433 subjects, including 220 faculty and 213 residents, contacted through an email distribution list. The response rate to the

  6. Rethinking Library Service: Improving the User Experience with Service Blueprinting (United States)

    Pretlow, Cassi; Sobel, Karen


    Service blueprinting is a process that businesses use for analyzing and improving service. Originally presented in the Harvard Business Review in 1984, it has retained a strong following ever since. At present, it is experiencing a revival at numerous academic institutions. The authors of this article present the process of service blueprinting.…

  7. Information Service in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Information Needed on Iranian Libraries. (United States)

    Harvey, John F.


    The first of two articles describes changes in information services in Iran since the Islamic revolution. Topics covered include the publishing industry, library collections and technical services, reference services, library personnel, information service administration, library education, and professional associations. The second is a call for…

  8. The National Library of Medicine Programs and Services, Fiscal Year 1974. (United States)

    National Library of Medicine (DHEW), Bethesda, MD.

    The activities and projects of the National Library of Medicine are described. New and continuing programs in library services and operations, on-line computer retrieval services, grants for library assistance, audiovisual programs, and health communications research are included. International activities of the Library are outlined. Summary…

  9. Publication Services at the University Library Graz: A New Venture, a New Role (United States)

    Ginther, Clara; Lackner, Karin; Kaier, Christian


    Establishing Publication Services in the library at the University of Graz did more than broaden the service portfolio of the library. A convergence of expertise at the library, needs of researchers at the university, and ongoing changes in scholarly communication also contributed to the evolution of the library's role and profile. The new…

  10. Ancillary services provided by PV power plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonio PIERNO


    Full Text Available Renewable energy sources are widely utilized in distributed generation systems, and, recently, they are also considered for providing ancillary services. The paper is focused on PV plants, a survey of the most interesting papers published in the literature in the last decade is reported and the main characteristics of the technical proposals, with their advantages and limits, are evidenced. The results are schematically shown in a table that immediately gives the opportunity to be aware of what was already done, representing a reference tool.

  11. Calculating the Fee-Based Services of Library Institutions: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sysіuk Svitlana V.


    Full Text Available The article is aimed at highlighting features of the provision of the fee-based services by library institutions, identifying problems related to the legal and regulatory framework for their calculation, and the methods to implement this. The objective of the study is to develop recommendations to improve the calculation of the fee-based library services. The theoretical foundations have been systematized, the need to develop a Provision for the procedure of the fee-based services by library institutions has been substantiated. Such a Provision would protect library institution from errors in fixing the fee for a paid service and would be an informational source of its explicability. The appropriateness of applying the market pricing law based on demand and supply has been substantiated. The development and improvement of accounting and calculation, taking into consideration both industry-specific and market-based conditions, would optimize the costs and revenues generated by the provision of the fee-based services. In addition, the complex combination of calculation leverages with development of the system of internal accounting together with use of its methodology – provides another equally efficient way of improving the efficiency of library institutions’ activity.

  12. Expanding Library Services and Instruction Through LibGuides. (United States)

    Ream, Tim; Parker-Kelly, Darlene


    Beginning in 2012, the Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Health Sciences Library used LibGuides in a number of innovative ways. Librarians constructed e-book databases, in-depth tutorials on technology-related topics, and web pages highlighting special events. To assess similar LibGuides innovation, CDU librarians developed an eight-question survey distributed to health sciences and hospital libraries throughout Southern California and Arizona. Results showed that libraries used LibGuides primarily to deliver access to online resources and to provide supplementary materials supporting instruction. Responses also revealed that many libraries had not yet adopted LibGuides. These findings were analyzed and compared to past and current LibGuides design at CDU.

  13. System and Method for Providing a Climate Data Analytic Services Application Programming Interface Distribution Package (United States)

    Schnase, John L. (Inventor); Duffy, Daniel Q. (Inventor); Tamkin, Glenn S. (Inventor)


    A system, method and computer-readable storage devices for providing a climate data analytic services application programming interface distribution package. The example system can provide various components. The system provides a climate data analytic services application programming interface library that enables software applications running on a client device to invoke the capabilities of a climate data analytic service. The system provides a command-line interface that provides a means of interacting with a climate data analytic service by issuing commands directly to the system's server interface. The system provides sample programs that call on the capabilities of the application programming interface library and can be used as templates for the construction of new client applications. The system can also provide test utilities, build utilities, service integration utilities, and documentation.

  14. Switching Service Providers: Reasons, Service Types, and Sequences

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In Keaveney.s (1995) landmark study on the reasons for switching service providers, data were gathered using critical incident technique (CIT); here the original findings are tested using survey method. Keaveney.s typology of reasons for switching is supported across a range of categories but, in this new study, the reasons ...

  15. Service Provider Revenue Dependence of Offered Number of Service Classes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. S. Aćimović-Raspopović


    Full Text Available In this paper possible applications of responsive pricing scheme and Stackelberg game for pricing telecommunication services with service provider as a leader and users acting as followers are analyzed. We have classified users according to an elasticity criterion into inelastic, partially elastic and elastic users. Their preferences are modelled through utility functions, which describe users’ sensitivity to changes in the quality of service and price. In the proposed algorithm a bandwidth management server is responsible for performing automatic optimal bandwidth allocation to each user’s session while maximizing its expected utility and the overall service provider’s revenue. The pricing algorithm is used for congestion control and more efficient network capacity utilization. We have analyzed different scenarios of the proposed usage-based pricing algorithm. Particularly, the influence of the number of service classes on price setting in terms of service provider’s revenue and total users’ utility maximization are discussed. The model is verified through numerous simulations performed by software that we have developed for that purpose.

  16. Impact of a Graduate Entry Programme on a medical school library service. (United States)

    Martin, Sam


    The aim of this study was to compare the use of library facilities by first year undergraduate medical students and Graduate Entry Programme students (GEP). More specifically it tried to determine which library services (if any) were more frequently used by GEP so that this could be taken into account in future Information Services planning. A questionnaire on the use of Library and Information Services was posted to all first year GEP students and undergraduates on the 5-year course. In addition, user statistics of library entry and borrowing were collated from gate readings and the library Unicorn management system. Overall, GEP students were found to make a greater daily/weekly use of library facilities than undergraduates on the 5-year course. The facilities most used by both sets of students were essential texts, e-mail, PCs and study facilities. Computer Aided Learning packages, journals and video facilities were least used. However, on a daily/weekly basis GEP students made 74% more use of journals (P difference in use should be taken into account by LIS providers as there is expected to be an increase in fast-track graduate courses offered by medical schools throughout the UK.

  17. Developing Library Services for the Nomadic Population under the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Basic education in Nigeria under the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme provides expanded opportunities to meet the basic learning needs of children, youths and adults in school and out of school. Every library meets the educational and informational needs of an identified community of users by providing ...

  18. Contingency management: perspectives of Australian service providers. (United States)

    Cameron, Jacqui; Ritter, Alison


    Given the very positive and extensive research evidence demonstrating efficacy and effectiveness of contingency management, it is important that Australia explore whether contingency management has a role to play in our own treatment context. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 30 experienced alcohol and drug practitioners, service managers and policy-makers in Victoria. Interviewees were selected to represent the range of drug treatment services types and included rural representation. A semi-structured interview schedule, covering their perceptions and practices of contingency management was used. All interviews were transcribed verbatim and analysed using N2 qualitative data analysis program. The majority of key informants were positively inclined toward contingency management, notwithstanding some concerns about the philosophical underpinnings. Concerns were raised in relation to the use of monetary rewards. Examples of the use of contingency management provided by key informants demonstrated an over-inclusive definition: all the examples did not adhere to the key principles of contingency management. This may create problems if a structured contingency management were to be introduced in Australia. Contingency management is an important adjunctive treatment intervention and its use in Australia has the potential to enhance treatment outcomes. No unmanageable barriers were identified in this study.

  19. Libraries and Learning (United States)

    Rainie, Lee


    The majority of Americans think local libraries serve the educational needs of their communities and families pretty well and library users often outpace others in learning activities. But many do not know about key education services libraries provide. This report provides statistics on library usage and presents key education services provided…

  20. Supercomputing Centers and Electricity Service Providers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Patki, Tapasya; Bates, Natalie; Ghatikar, Girish


    from a detailed, quantitative survey-based analysis and compare the perspectives of the European grid and SCs to the ones of the United States (US). We then show that contrary to the expectation, SCs in the US are more open toward cooperating and developing demand-management strategies with their ESPs......Supercomputing Centers (SCs) have high and variable power demands, which increase the challenges of the Electricity Service Providers (ESPs) with regards to efficient electricity distribution and reliable grid operation. High penetration of renewable energy generation further exacerbates...... this problem. In order to develop a symbiotic relationship between the SCs and their ESPs and to support effective power management at all levels, it is critical to understand and analyze how the existing relationships were formed and how these are expected to evolve. In this paper, we first present results...

  1. New consumer services provided by smart metering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daminov Ildar


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the issues of smart metering market and considers different services provided by smart metering from consumer point of view. Firstly, smart metering deployment challenges emerging and conventional tariffs, which modify a consumer behavior and thus, the entire electric energy market can be optimized since the customer is motivated to consume less energy. Secondly, the authors illustrate changes in electricity quality, which have an impact on consumer relations with utility. Additionally, two main indices of grid resilience – SAIDI and SAIFI – are exemplified to reveal the improvement potential of smart metering implementation in certain regions of Russia that also influence the consumer. Finally, in-home display and privacy problem directly reflect the consumer’s behavior, thus the private life rights should not be violated as they are guaranteed by law.

  2. LISTENing to healthcare students: the impact of new library facilities on the quality of services. (United States)

    Haldane, Graham C


    Following a low assessment of 'Learning resources' provision by the Quality Assurance Agency, the librarian of Homerton College, School of Health Studies commenced the LISTEN Project, a long-term study to monitor the effects of planned interventions on the quality of library provision. Surveys of entry-to-register student nurses & midwives were conducted in 1999 and 2001 by extensive questionnaires, inviting Likert-scaled and free text responses. Following a college relocation, students made greater than expected use of a new health studies library in Cambridge, and significantly less use of the local teaching hospital library. Using both a satisfaction index and a non-parametric test of mean scores, student evaluation of library services in Cambridge significantly improved following relocation. The physical accommodation and location of library services remain important to healthcare students. Identifiable improvements to the quality of services, however, will overcome initial resistance to change. Education providers must ensure the best mix of physical and electronic services for students who spend much of their time on clinical placement.

  3. Places for all? Cape Town’s public library services to gays and lesbians

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Genevieve Hart


    Full Text Available The article reports on an investigation of the provision of gay and lesbian literature and of information services to gays and lesbians in Cape Town’s public libraries. Although by definition public libraries serve all members of a community, the international literature suggests that they neglect the reading and information needs and interests of gays and lesbians. The progressive South African Constitution views the rights of gays and lesbians as human rights; yet homophobia is prevalent. Using a questionnaire, the study explored attitudes and practices of 69 senior librarians, responsible for collection development, across all six of Cape Town’s library districts. The situation was found to be “spotty” with only 26 respondents believing that their library service is meeting the needs of gays and lesbians. The survey found contradictions between stated beliefs and behaviours. Thus, although most agree that LGBT rights to information and equal services are human rights, only 55% consider LGBT people in their selection procedures and very little material is acquired. Information services are thin with, for example, only 10% of the libraries in the survey providing LGBT related information in their community information files.

  4. Curry’s Study on the Quality of Public Library Reference Service to LGBTQ Youth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gregg A Stevens


    Full Text Available A Review of: Curry, A. (2005. If I ask, will they answer? Evaluating public library reference service to gay and lesbian youth. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 45(1, 65-75. Retrieved from Abstract Objective - To assess the quality of service provided by reference staff in public libraries when presented with a request for LGBTQ information by a young person. Design - Unobtrusive observation without informed consent. Setting - Public library branches in the greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada. Subjects - Reference librarians. Methods - A 19-year-old posing as a high school student approached reference desk staff at 20 public library branches. The student proxy, “Angela”, was instructed to ask for books on forming a gay-straight alliance at her school and, if there was a full reference interview, to also ask for recommendations of novels that the group might read. She recorded the reactions, both verbal and nonverbal, using Reference and User Services Association guidelines as a template. Library administrators were aware of the potential visits and permitted the research, but the reference desk staff were not aware of a potential visit by the student proxy. The researcher claimed that her method, while deceptive, was necessary to obtain authentic reactions from the library staff. Main Results - Most reference librarians approached by Angela made adequate attempts to assist her, although a few library staff reacted negatively to her query. Half of the librarians reacted positively to the patron’s request, with most of the others providing neutral responses. Very few of the librarians actually taught the patron how to use the library’s catalog to search for materials, and most of the librarians were unable to find appropriate materials due to not knowing the appropriate search terms. Only three library staff showed overt disapproval of the search topic, such as frowning or rushing

  5. 77 FR 68851 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... Coordinator for Special Events and Board Liaison, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street NW... NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES Institute of Museum and Library Services Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and...

  6. A Survey of the Usability of Digital Reference Services on Academic Health Science Library Web Sites (United States)

    Dee, Cheryl; Allen, Maryellen


    Reference interactions with patrons in a digital library environment using digital reference services (DRS) has become widespread. However, such services in many libraries appear to be underutilized. A study surveying the ease and convenience of such services for patrons in over 100 academic health science library Web sites suggests that…

  7. Implementing a 3D printing service in a biomedical library. (United States)

    Walker, Verma


    Three-dimensional (3D) printing is opening new opportunities in biomedicine by enabling creative problem solving, faster prototyping of ideas, advances in tissue engineering, and customized patient solutions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Library purchased a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer to give scientists a chance to try out this technology. To launch the service, the library offered training, conducted a survey on service model preferences, and tracked usage and class attendance. 3D printing was very popular, with new lab equipment prototypes being the most common model type. Most survey respondents indicated they would use the service again and be willing to pay for models. There was high interest in training for 3D modeling, which has a steep learning curve. 3D printers also require significant care and repairs. NIH scientists are using 3D printing to improve their research, and it is opening new avenues for problem solving in labs. Several scientists found the 3D printer so helpful they bought one for their labs. Having a printer in a central and open location like a library can help scientists, doctors, and students learn how to use this technology in their work.

  8. Implementing a 3D printing service in a biomedical library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verma Walker, MLIS


    Full Text Available Three-dimensional (3D printing is opening new opportunities in biomedicine by enabling creative problem solving, faster prototyping of ideas, advances in tissue engineering, and customized patient solutions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH Library purchased a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer to give scientists a chance to try out this technology. To launch the service, the library offered training, conducted a survey on service model preferences, and tracked usage and class attendance. 3D printing was very popular, with new lab equipment prototypes being the most common model type. Most survey respondents indicated they would use the service again and be willing to pay for models. There was high interest in training for 3D modeling, which has a steep learning curve. 3D printers also require significant care and repairs. NIH scientists are using 3D printing to improve their research, and it is opening new avenues for problem solving in labs. Several scientists found the 3D printer so helpful they bought one for their labs. Having a printer in a central and open location like a library can help scientists, doctors, and students learn how to use this technology in their work.

  9. 75 FR 81832 - Technical Service Provider Assistance (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Natural Resources Conservation Service 7 CFR Part 652 Technical Service... as of Jan. 1, 2010, on page 565, in Sec. 652.2, the first definition for ``Technical service'' is removed. [FR Doc. 2010-32945 Filed 12-28-10; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 1505-01-D ...

  10. Measuring Prefered Services from Cloud Computing Providers ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    2018, 10(5S), 207-212. 207. Measuring Prefered Services from ... Published online: 22 March 2018 .... and then introduces a general service selection and ranking model with QoS ..... To facilitate add, remove, and prioritize services in election.

  11. Next-generation applications in healthcare digital libraries using semantic service composition and coordination. (United States)

    Möller, Thorsten; Schuldt, Heiko; Gerber, Andreas; Klusch, Matthias


    Healthcare digital libraries (DLs) increasingly make use of dedicated services to access functionality and/or data. Semantic (web) services enhance single services and facilitate compound services, thereby supporting advanced applications on top of a DL. The traditional process management approach tends to focus on process definition at build time rather than on actual service events in run time, and to anticipate failures in order to define appropriate strategies. This paper presents a novel approach where service coordination is distributed among a set of agents. A dedicated component plans compound semantic services on demand for a particular application. In failure, the planner is reinvoked to define contin- gency strategies. Finally, matchmaking is effected at runtime by choosing the appropriate service provider. These combined technologies will provide key support for highly flexible next-generation DL applications. Such technologies are under development within CASCOM.

  12. 47 CFR 54.517 - Services provided by non-telecommunications carriers. (United States)


    ... paragraph (b) of this section for eligible schools, libraries, and consortia including those entities. (b... CARRIER SERVICES (CONTINUED) UNIVERSAL SERVICE Universal Service Support for Schools and Libraries § 54...

  13. Evaluation of products and services of a nursing library: user satisfaction


    Cozin,Sheila Kátia; Turrini,Ruth Natalia Teresa


    The goal of the study was to evaluate the quality of the services provided by the library at the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo. A questionnaire evaluating users' satisfaction with the service was employed, covering five quality components: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The Satisfaction Rate was calculated through the degree of importance in relation to satisfaction. The analysis of the open-ended answers was quanti-qualitative. For Reliability ...

  14. Keeley's journey: from service user to service provider. (United States)

    Cassinello, Keeley; Bramley, Sally


    This paper presents the vocational journey of a young British woman, Keeley, who changed her career aspirations to become a mental health worker following an episode of significant mental health difficulties. Keeley's story illustrates the application of the locally developed WORKS framework in conceptualising and supporting Keeley's vocational recovery. A narrative approach highlights the partnerships that developed between Keeley, the Occupational Therapist, Sally, and the User Support and Employment Service. The WORKS framework supported Keeley and Sally to collaboratively develop a successful employment pathway. Strategies, including attention to Keeley's view of her capabilities and aspirations, volunteer placements, support of peers, employer engagement and planning for sustainable employment, assisted Keeley to establish her chosen career. Keeley's journey highlights the leadership role that mental health services can assume by providing paid work for people with experience of mental health difficulties.

  15. Directory of Library Automation Software, Systems, and Services. 1998 Edition. (United States)

    Cibbarelli, Pamela R., Ed.; Cibbarelli, Shawn E., Ed.

    This book includes basic information to locate and compare available options for library automation based on various criteria such as hardware requirements, operating systems, components and applications, and price, and provides the necessary contact information to allow further investigation. The major part of the directory lists 211 software…




  17. Outsourcing of Corporate Information Services: Implications for Redesigning Corporate Library Services. (United States)

    Agada, John


    Examines the trend in outsourcing information services and suggests it threatens the survival of corporate libraries. Topics include changes in the competitive corporate environment; characteristics of outsourceable services; managing change; redesigning the corporate librarian's role; and implications for redesigning corporate information…

  18. The review of the organization of library services for the blind and partially sighted in the selected countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Damjana Vovk


    Full Text Available Purpose: Models of organization of library services for the blind and partially sighted from the view of special and public librarianship in selected countries were examined.In addition, theoretical and legislative frameworks, professional guidelines and trends are explored. Some terminological inconsistencies and obstacles in performing the services are also presented.Methodology/approach: The explorative-comparative study carried in the years 2008-2010 includes the comparative analysis of data acquired by the survey and literature desktop research. The research sample included 14 countries - eleven European countries, USA,Australia, and Canada.Results: The findings show great varieties among the selected countries, however,there is the trend of moving the organization of services based on a private charitable association to the formalized state supported system. The majority of countries have applied the centralized model with one specialized (national library. There is rarely a case of formal inclusion of public libraries in the organization of services. Recent major professional interests in the field of providing library services to visually impaired are broadening the copyright exceptions and user groups, and the implementation of information technology for bigger production of alternative formats and availability of library materials.Research limitation: The low rate of survey response and the differences in the organization of library services influenced on the lack of data and low level of data comparability.Originality/practical implications: The results are useful for designing a model of library services in Slovenia.

  19. Assessment of Customer Service in Academic Health Care Libraries (ACSAHL): an instrument for measuring customer service*† (United States)

    Crossno, Jon E.; Berkins, Brenda; Gotcher, Nancy; Hill, Judith L.; McConoughey, Michelle; Walters, Mitchel


    Objectives: In a pilot study, the library had good results using SERVQUAL, a respected and often-used instrument for measuring customer satisfaction. The SERVQUAL instrument itself, however, received some serious and well-founded criticism from the respondents to our survey. The purpose of this study was to test the comparability of the results of SERVQUAL with a revised and shortened instrument modeled on SERVQUAL. The revised instrument, the Assessment of Customer Service in Academic Health Care Libraries (ACSAHL), was designed to better assess customer service in academic health care libraries. Methods: Surveys were sent to clients who had used the document delivery services at three academic medical libraries in Texas over the previous twelve to eighteen months. ACSAHL surveys were sent exclusively to clients at University of Texas (UT) Southwestern, while the client pools at the two other institutions were randomly divided and provided either SERVQUAL or ACSAHL surveys. Results: Results indicated that more respondents preferred the shorter ACSAHL instrument to the longer and more complex SERVQUAL instrument. Also, comparing the scores from both surveys indicated that ACSAHL elicited comparable results. Conclusions: ACSAHL appears to measure the same type of data in similar settings, but additional testing is recommended both to confirm the survey's results through data replication and to investigate whether the instrument applies to different service areas. PMID:11337948

  20. Are Girls Game?: How School Libraries Can Provide Gender Equity in E-Gaming (United States)

    Farmer, Lesley S. J.


    Gaming has come to the library. School librarians are increasingly incorporating gaming into their program of resources and services. Besides addressing the natural interest that youth have in games, school librarians recognize the educational benefits of games, particularly in terms of information and digital literacies. While board games have…

  1. Forging New Service Paths: Institutional Approaches to Providing Research Data Management Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Regina Raboin


    Full Text Available Objective: This paper describes three different institutional experiences in developing research data management programs and services, challenges/opportunities and lessons learned.Overview: This paper is based on the Librarian Panel Discussion during the 4th Annual University of Massachusetts and New England Region e-Science Symposium. Librarians representing large public and private research universities presented an overview of service models developed at their respective organizations to bring support for data management and eScience to their communities. The approaches described include two library-based, integrated service models and one collaboratively-staffed, center-based service model.Results: Three institutions describe their experiences in creating the organizational capacity for research data management support services. Although each institutional approach is unique, common challenges include garnering administrative support, managing the integration of services with new or existing staff structures, and continuing to meet researchers needs as they evolve.Conclusions: There is no one way to provide research data management services, but any staff position, committee, or formalized center reflects an overarching organizational commitment to data management support.

  2. Activity-Based Costing in User Services of an Academic Library. (United States)

    Ellis-Newman, Jennifer


    The rationale for using Activity-Based Costing (ABC) in a library is to allocate indirect costs to products and services based on the factors that most influence them. This paper discusses the benefits of ABC to library managers and explains the steps involved in implementing ABC in the user services area of an Australian academic library.…

  3. 78 FR 23311 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... policies with respect to the duties, powers, and authority of the Institute relating to museum, library and... NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES Institute of Museum and Library Services Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board AGENCY: Institute of Museum and...

  4. Assessment of Information Provision Services of Libraries in the 21st Century in Some Selected Academic Libraries in Delta State (United States)

    Ogbah, Enovwor Laura


    This study is an assessment of Information Provision Services of Libraries in the 21st century in some selected academic libraries in Delta State. A descriptive survey was adopted in carrying out the research. The questionnaire was the instrument for data collection of which 62 were retrieved. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended…

  5. The Public's Attitude Toward Public Library Services in Essex County, New Jersey; A Research Study Conducted for the Essex County Library Directors Group Public Relations Committee. (United States)

    Market Dynamics, Inc., Princeton, NJ.

    In order to structure an effective campaign aimed at increasing the usage of the public libraries in Essex County, New Jersey, this research project was undertaken to determine the consumer attitudes toward various aspects of public library services. These aspects include: extent of public library usage; awareness of library services offered,…

  6. Security issues and service provision in Laz Otti Memorial Library ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science ... Data was analysed with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS. ... To curb this menace, library management must educate users on use of library resources ... Keywords: Library security, Theft, Mutilation, Vandalism, Library resources; Laz Otti Memorial ...

  7. Developing Cultural Competence in Human Service Providers. (United States)

    Krajewski-Jaime, Elvia R.; And Others

    Cultural competence assumes greater importance in the United States as international relations shift and the United States changes its own demographic makeup. Hispanics have significant health care needs and cultural beliefs that influence their acceptance of service. As part of an effort to build cultural competence in undergraduate social work…

  8. Effectiveness of Reference Services in Providing Students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    after spending lots of money due to some reason and the other. .... services include various forms of current awareness and selective dissemination of ... the users. Personal attention is at the very heart of the reference desk, and the goal of the.

  9. 78 FR 68100 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museums and Library Services Board (United States)


    ..., Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): Libraries, Museums, and Makerspaces (Open to the Public) Afternoon... Specialist, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street NW., 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20036...

  10. Non-use of Library Services by Students in a UK Academic Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa Toner


    Full Text Available Objective – This study examined low or non-use of the library at St. Martin’s College, UK and determined the possible reasons for this. Additionally, this study investigated the other sources of information non-users were accessing. The results were then fed into the library’s future strategic planning cycle. Methods – Using data from the TALIS management system, a postal survey was distributed to students who registered as low or non-users. Non-users were considered a hard-to-reach target group, and a further classroom-based survey was administered.Results – The findings showed that students in part-time and distance learning courses were the largest group of non-users. Other factors influencing non-use included the purchase of books, use of the Internet, and a lack of awareness of services available.Conclusions – The library service needs to target non-traditional student groups, particularly those taught off-campus, with innovative induction techniques. This survey highlighted the need to embed information skills teaching into the curriculum and a recent restructure of the department has enabled this to happen with a more focused approach to academic liaisonship.

  11. Putting "Service" into Library Staff Training: A Library Manager's Training Guide. LAMA Occasional Papers Series. A Patron-Centered Guide. (United States)

    Bessler, Joanne M.

    This guide is built on librarianship training literature and customer service research from a variety of professions. It tells library managers how to identify and describe service ideals, to translate these ideals into realistic goals, and to lead new and experienced staff in fulfilling these service ideals. They are encouraged to focus the…

  12. On the new situation to descend a basic level technology library information service work

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sun Haiyan


    With information technology fast developing. library can give readers modernization service. The results of information technology revolution can be used in library. Information materials can be supplied by acoustic image and researching in internet. In this document, we analysis the characteristics, present situations and developments of grass-roots libraries. Discuss the questions in grass-roots science-technology library in nuclear industry, improving the grass-roots equipments, developing various data library, and how to improve the quality of information service in grass-roots library. (author)

  13. Innovative public library services - staff-less or staff-intensive?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johannsen, Carl Gustav Viggo


    Purpose – Several recent library innovations seem to make professional and clerical staff superfluous such as automated loan and delivery equipment, staff-less libraries open in 80 hours a week, and virtual services, enabling users to search the library catalogue and make reservations of library...... materials from their home address. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether such developments will necessarily lead to a situation where public libraries become self-service institutions or to what extent self-service and innovative staff-intensive library services can develop and co......-exist. Furthermore, the paper will examine what challenges library leaders face and what they can do, and actually have done, to handle staff resistance and other related problems to the benefit of both the users, the local communities, and also, the staff, in particular, when introducing new and innovative services...

  14. Use of library statistics to support library and advisory services and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Statistical information is a vital tool for management and development of organizations. Keeping statistics of activities is basic to the survival and progress of a library and enables the library to measure its performance periodically. The National Library of Nigeria (NLN) places high premium on the library statistics that it ...

  15. Creating new library services through collaboration with resident groups : Aimimg at human resource development and information literacy education in ways only libraries can do : Study on activities of an NPO called Ueda Library Club (United States)

    Morita, Utako

    Creating new library services through collaboration with resident groups : Aimimg at human resource development and information literacy education in ways only libraries can do : Study on activities of an NPO called Ueda Library Club

  16. User library service expectations in health science vs. other settings: a LibQUAL+ Study. (United States)

    Thompson, Bruce; Kyrillidou, Martha; Cook, Colleen


    To explore how the library service expectations and perceptions of users might differ across health-related libraries as against major research libraries not operating in a medical context; to determine whether users of medical libraries demand better library service quality, because the inability of users to access needed literature promptly may lead to a patient who cannot be properly diagnosed, or a diagnosis that cannot be properly treated. We compared LibQUAL+ total and subscale scores across three groups of US, Canadian and British libraries for this purpose. Anticipated differences in expectations for health as other library settings did not emerge. The expectations and perceptions are similar across different types of health science library settings, hospital and academic, and across other general research libraries.

  17. The Impact of On-line Searching on Document Supply Services at Individual Libraries (United States)

    Hosono, Kimio; Tanaka, Isao; Fukazawa, Yoshiko

    As use of on-line searching services has progressed in libraries, requests on primary materials have increased much more than before. For the purpose of clarifying this trend and countermeasures against it a survey by questionnaire was conducted in 1985. The respondants from totally 112 libraries are as follows ; 60 industrial libraries, 41 academic libraries and 11 libraries of research institutes and laboratories. It was shown that industrial libraries have received more requests on primary materials mostly resulting from on-line searching while the requests have not increased remarkably in academic libraries. Regardless the type of libraries, almost all libraries can not fully meet the requests with their own collection so that industrial libraries have to rely on external information services and academic libraries utilize interlibrary loan system. Requests are sent via on-line from industrial libraries, and by mail from academic libraries. In fact, any-libraries are not likely to review their material-collecting policy. Therefore it is urgent to establish the system which enables use of external information services or interlibrary loan system more than ever.

  18. IFLA General Conference, 1989. Division of Libraries Serving the General Public. Section on Library Services to Multicultural Populations; Round Table--International Association of Metropolitan City Libraries; Round Table on Mobile Libraries. Booklet 31. (United States)

    International Federation of Library Associations, The Hague (Netherlands).

    The seven papers in this collection continue the presentations from the Division of Libraries Serving the General Public: (1) "Multicultural Activities for Children and Young People at the Munich International Youth Library" (German and English versions; Lioba Betten); (2) "Multicultural Literature and Library Services for Children:…

  19. An evaluation of a collaborative bibliotherapy scheme delivered via a library service. (United States)

    Macdonald, J; Vallance, D; McGrath, M


    This paper reports on the evaluation of a bibliotherapy scheme delivered via a local library service, in conjunction with General Practice (GP) practices, local social welfare agencies and through self-referral. The Read Yourself Well (RYW) scheme was based on principles established from other similar schemes and as a way of delivering support for adults experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems for whom clinical treatments are not appropriate. The intervention consisted of initial referral and evaluation by the scheme bibliotherapist, a one-hour session at the beginning and end of the intervention where a purpose-designed questionnaire and two mental health assessments were carried out (the General Health Questionnaire and the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation questionnaire). Contact and support from the bibliotherapist was provided during the intervention period. One hundred and fifty-seven participants were recruited to the evaluation of whom 114 provided full data. Statistical analyses of the mental health scores showed significant improvements post treatment, for, both male and female participants, for all three referral routes, and for participants who were previously library users, and those who joined the library service to participate in the RYW scheme. The results of this large sample evaluation support the proposal that library-based bibliotherapy can be effective in the treatment of mental health problems. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. Developing Library GIS Services for Humanities and Social Science: An Action Research Approach (United States)

    Kong, Ningning; Fosmire, Michael; Branch, Benjamin Dewayne


    In the academic libraries' efforts to support digital humanities and social science, GIS service plays an important role. However, there is no general service model existing about how libraries can develop GIS services to best engage with digital humanities and social science. In this study, we adopted the action research method to develop and…

  1. Evaluating a Chat Reference Service at the University of South Alabama's Baugh Biomedical Library (United States)

    Clanton, Clista C.; Staggs, Geneva B.; Williams, Thomas L.


    The University of South Alabama's Baugh Biomedical Library recently initiated a chat reference service targeted at distance education students in the biomedical sciences. After one year of service, the library conducted an evaluation of the chat reference to assess the success of this mode of reference service. Both traditional reference and…

  2. Service Quality: An Unobtrusive Investigation of Interlibrary Loan in Large Public Libraries in Canada. (United States)

    Hebert, Francoise


    Describes a study that investigated the quality of interlibrary loan services in Canadian public libraries from the library's and the user's perspectives and then compared results. Measures of interlibrary loan performance are reviewed; an alternative conceptualization of service quality is discussed; and SERVQUAL, a measure of service quality, is…

  3. An exploratory study into employee attitudes towards digitalisation of library services in higher education


    Niedzwiecka, Monika; Pan, Yu-Chun


    With the advent of technologies, library services in higher education face pressure to increase their level of digitalisation in order to meet changing user demands. While many researchers aim to understand what digitalisation means to library services from the user perspective, there is little attention paid to the employees of library services. Since employees are one of the key driving forces of digitalisation, there is a need to understand their attitudes towards digitalisation. This pape...

  4. Library services and user satisfaction in developing countries: a case study. (United States)

    Mairaj, Muhammad Ijaz; Naseer, Mirza Muhammad


    Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) is a recognised teaching hospital for cardiac care in the Punjab province of Pakistan. PIC has established a library to fulfil the research and information needs of health care professionals. This study aims to evaluate the satisfaction of users with the services of PIC library. A purposive sample of 15 health care professionals was selected. A semistructured interview technique based on an interview guide was used for collection of data. The data were qualitatively analysed using a thematic approach. Users of PIC library were satisfied with the library collection, organisation, reference and circulation services, staff attitudes, cooling and heating. They were concerned about library space, hours, furniture and environment, and suggested more availability of electronic library services, newer collections, better Internet access and comfortable furniture. The study proved useful to investigate users' satisfaction with the services of PIC library. It concludes that the PIC library should maintain and strengthen the services with which users are satisfied, and improve those about which they are concerned. The study will be useful to libraries in other developing countries for improvement in their services. © 2013 The authors. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2013 Health Libraries Group.

  5. A Framework for Evaluating Digital Library Services; Interdisciplinarity: The Road Ahead for Education in Digital Libraries; Federated Digital Rights Management: A Proposed DRM Solution for Research and Education; Learning Lessons Holistically in the Glasgow Digital Library. (United States)

    Choudhury, Sayeed; Hobbs, Benjamin; Lorie, Mark; Flores, Nicholas; Coleman, Anita; Martin, Mairead; Kuhlman, David L.; McNair, John H.; Rhodes, William A.; Tipton, Ron; Agnew, Grace; Nicholson, Dennis; Macgregor, George


    Includes four articles that address issues related to digital libraries. Highlights include a framework for evaluating digital library services, particularly academic research libraries; interdisciplinary approaches to education about digital libraries that includes library and information science and computing; digital rights management; and the…

  6. 25 CFR 20.402 - When are protective services provided? (United States)


    ... AND SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS Services to Children, Elderly, and Families § 20.402 When are protective services provided? Protective services are provided when children or adults: (a) Are deprived temporarily or permanently of needed supervision by responsible adults; (b) Are neglected, abused or exploited...

  7. Practical Theology and providing service: The service through love ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    known sight in society. Despite the larger picture of inadequate service, there are those who serve their fellow humans and society every day. The Mamas Africa utilising the minimum resources available, are examples of people who make a ...

  8. Supercapacitor to Provide Ancillary Services: Preprint

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Muljadi, Eduard [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Gevorgian, Vahan [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Luo, Yusheng [Idaho National Laboratory; Mohanpurkar, M. [Idaho National Laboratory; Hovsapian, R. [Idaho National Laboratory; Koritarov, V. [Argonne National Laboratory


    Supercapacitor technology has reached a level of maturity as a viable energy storage option available to support a modern electric power system grid; however, its application is still limited because of its energy capacity and the cost of the commercial product. In this paper, we demonstrate transient models of supercapacitor energy storage plants operating in coordination with run-of-the-river (ROR), doubly-fed induction generator hydropower plants (HPP) using a system control concept and architecture developed. A detailed transient model of a supercapacitor energy storage device is coupled with the grid via a three-phase inverter/rectifier and bidirectional DC-DC converter. In addition, we use a version of a 14-bus IEEE test case that includes the models of the supercapacitor energy storage device, ROR HPPs, and synchronous condensers that use the rotating synchronous generators of retired coal-powered plants. The purpose of the synchronous condensers is to enhance the system stability by providing voltage and reactive power control, provide power system oscillations damping, and maintain system inertia at secure levels. The control layer provides coordinated, decentralized operation of distributed ROR HPPs and energy storage as aggregate support to power system operations.

  9. Availability and accessibility of evidence-based information resources provided by medical libraries in Australia. (United States)

    Ritchie, A; Sowter, B


    This article reports on the results of an exploratory survey of the availability and accessibility of evidence-based information resources provided by medical libraries in Australia. Although barriers impede access to evidence-based information for hospital clinicians, the survey revealed that Medline and Cinahl are available in over 90% of facilities. In most cases they are widely accessible via internal networks and the Internet. The Cochrane Library is available in 69% of cases. The Internet is widely accessible and most libraries provide access to some full-text, electronic journals. Strategies for overcoming restrictions and integrating information resources with clinical workflow are being pursued. State, regional and national public and private consortia are developing agreements utilising on-line technology. These could produce cost savings and more equitable access to a greater range of evidence-based resources.

  10. Technical training: CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services

    CERN Multimedia

    IT & GS Departments


    A new training course, “CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services”, is available since the beginning of the year. The training course is given by members of CERN’s CDS Team (IT-CIS group) and the Library Services (GIS SIS group) and is intended for all members of personnel of CERN. This course will present CDS and and the content, scope and scientific information available in or with CDS, as much as the classification and organization of the documents. It is intended to give you the training needed to know how to use CDS most efficiently and in particular covers: the main characteristics and advanced features for the search of documents (scientific, multimedia, etc). the collaborative tools : baskets, alerts, comments, evaluation, etc. the submission of documents in CDS and examples of workflows. An important part of the training is composed of various exercises, designed to acquire practical ability to work with CDS in cases similar to re...

  11. Diversifying Fiscal Support by Pricing Public Library Services: A Policy Impact Analysis. (United States)

    Hicks, Donald A.


    Addresses the possibility of diversifying the resource base of public libraries dependent on property taxes for funding through the setting of fees for library services, and reports on a pricing policy adopted by the Dallas Public Library System. Twenty-seven references are cited. (FM)

  12. Maximizing Academic Library Collections: Measuring Changes in Use Patterns Owing to EBSCO Discovery Service (United States)

    Calvert, Kristin


    Despite the prevalence of academic libraries adopting web-scale discovery tools, few studies have quantified their effect on the use of library collections. This study measures the impact that EBSCO Discovery Service has had on use of library resources through circulation statistics, use of electronic resources, and interlibrary loan requests.…

  13. On the Improvement of the "Copyright Law" of Korea for Library Services for Persons with Disabilities (United States)

    Yoon, Hee-Yoon; Kim, Sin-Young


    One of the most important issues for world libraries at the present time is to extend copyright limitations and exceptions for reproduction, for library preservation and distribution services including lending and ILL/DDS, the printout and transmission of Internet information resources, copying of library materials which are rarely available…

  14. The Internet and Multicultural Library Services: A Vision for the Future. (United States)

    Skrzeszewski, Stan; Cubberley, Maureen


    Surveys public libraries in Canada and a 1997 IFLA conference regarding use of Internet for multicultural library services. Librarians identified if, and how the Internet is currently used. Key strategies in training, communications, global library partnerships, and funding need to be considered for a global implementation. (MMU)

  15. Services for Graduate Students: A Review of Academic Library Web Sites (United States)

    Rempel, Hannah Gascho


    A library's Web site is well recognized as the gateway to the library for the vast majority of users. Choosing the most user-friendly Web architecture to reflect the many services libraries offer is a complex process, and librarians are still experimenting to find what works best for their users. As part of a redesign of the Oregon State…

  16. Library Services and Construction Act. Long Range Plan, 1982-1986 Updates. (United States)

    Seidenberg, Edward

    This 1982-86 update to long-range planning designed to continue the improvement of library facilities and services in Texas includes a review of how the plan developed, the various environmental factors affecting library operations, the present development of libraries, information needs and approaches to satisfying those needs, and methods for…

  17. An Appraisal of Library Services Provision to Prison Inmates in Nigeria

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prisons like other correctional institutions deserve organized information provision centers like a library. This study examined library services provision in the south-western part of Nigeria. It was found out that despite their incarceration, inmates desires variety of information; whereas the library stock is grossly inadequate ...

  18. Improving Communication between Postgraduate Researchers and the University Library: A Case Study at De Montfort University Library and Learning Services (United States)

    Petch, Melanie; Fraser, Katie; Rush, Nathan; Cope, Alan; Lowe, Julie


    A well-established postgraduate researcher development program has existed at De Montfort University for many years. Library and Learning Services include modules on literature searching skills and critical appraisal. However, we recognized that researchers seemed to be disengaged with the services on offer. This concern informed a research…

  19. library use instruction and the pattern of utilization of library services ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Global Journal

    the University of Calabar library, the vision of the parent institution is a .... prevalence of a user category devoid of basic information literacy ... because they might have been computer literate. 90 ..... Nigerian medical libraries: Challenges for ...

  20. The Impact of Library Resources and Services on the Scholarly Activity of Medical Faculty and Residents. (United States)

    Quesenberry, Alexandria C; Oelschlegel, Sandy; Earl, Martha; Leonard, Kelsey; Vaughn, Cynthia J


    Librarians at an academic medical center library gathered data to determine if library services and resources impacted scholarly activity. A survey was developed and sent out to faculty and residents asking how they used the library during scholarly activity. Sixty-five faculty members and residents responded to the survey. The majority of respondents involved with scholarly activity use the library's services and resources. PubMed is the most frequently used database. The positive results show the library impacts the scholarly activity of medical faculty and residents.

  1. Researcher-library collaborations: Data repositories as a service for researchers. (United States)

    Gordon, Andrew S; Millman, David S; Steiger, Lisa; Adolph, Karen E; Gilmore, Rick O

    New interest has arisen in organizing, preserving, and sharing the raw materials-the data and metadata-that undergird the published products of research. Library and information scientists have valuable expertise to bring to bear in the effort to create larger, more diverse, and more widely used data repositories. However, for libraries to be maximally successful in providing the research data management and preservation services required of a successful data repository, librarians must work closely with researchers and learn about their data management workflows. Databrary is a data repository that is closely linked to the needs of a specific scholarly community-researchers who use video as a main source of data to study child development and learning. The project's success to date is a result of its focus on community outreach and providing services for scholarly communication, engaging institutional partners, offering services for data curation with the guidance of closely involved information professionals, and the creation of a strong technical infrastructure. Databrary plans to improve its curation tools that allow researchers to deposit their own data, enhance the user-facing feature set, increase integration with library systems, and implement strategies for long-term sustainability.

  2. Female Public Library Patrons Value the Library for Services, Programs, and Technology. A Review of: Fidishun, Dolores. “Women and the Public Library: Using Technology, Using the Library.” Library Trends 56.2 (2007: 328-43.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Virginia Wilson


    respondents who reported ages between 18 and 79 years. Seventy-one percent of these reported having a bachelor’s degree or higher. The study uses some contrasting data from the men’s responses where appropriate. In terms of library use, out of the 184 respondents, 42% came to the library monthly, while 36% visited the library weekly. Sixty-two percent of respondents knew they could email the library and 72% knew that they could call the library with questions. As for reasons for library use, the most prominent response was to borrow books rather than buying them. The second most common reason for using the library related to children’s books and programming for children. Other common reasons for library use included research activities, using public computers, reading, use of services such as photocopying and tax forms, and to volunteer or tutor. The library was also used as a place of solitude, where women could find a place and time for themselves. The author compared the men’s results to the women’s responses, and found that coming to the library for books was lower on the list, and very few men mentioned children’s library services. Men came to the library more often than women to study or read. In terms of using technology, the female respondents were fairly tech-savvy. Seventy-four percent of respondents felt comfortable using computers. Only 5% replied that using computers meant more work for them. Eighty-two percent said they used a computer on a regular basis, and 98% reported that they had used the Internet. Out of those who use the Internet, 91% used it at home, 64% used it at work, and 34% used it at the public library. Ninety-eight percent of women who used the Internet used a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find information. Topics frequently mentioned were medical and travel information, information for their children, and shopping. Men, by contrast, listed shopping and finding medical information as their second reason for using the

  3. The Cost of Library Services: Activity-Based Costing in an Australian Academic Library. (United States)

    Robinson, Peter; Ellis-Newman, Jennifer


    Explains activity-based costing (ABC), discusses the benefits of ABC to library managers, and describes the steps involved in implementing ABC in an Australian academic library. Discusses the budgeting process in universities, and considers benefits to the library. (Author/LRW)

  4. Decision support system of e-book provider selection for library using Simple Additive Weighting (United States)

    Ciptayani, P. I.; Dewi, K. C.


    Each library has its own criteria and differences in the importance of each criterion in choosing an e-book provider for them. The large number of providers and the different importance levels of each criterion make the problem of determining the e-book provider to be complex and take a considerable time in decision making. The aim of this study was to implement Decision support system (DSS) to assist the library in selecting the best e-book provider based on their preferences. The way of DSS works is by comparing the importance of each criterion and the condition of each alternative decision. SAW is one of DSS method that is quite simple, fast and widely used. This study used 9 criteria and 18 provider to demonstrate how SAW work in this study. With the DSS, then the decision-making time can be shortened and the calculation results can be more accurate than manual calculations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. О. Kolesnykova


    Full Text Available Introduction. Integration of knowledge and communications, the movement for open access to knowledge lead to the emergence of factors that update the philosophy of functioning and development of university libraries. There is a need to comprehend the ongoing innovations in the activities of university libraries in the world. Purpose. The study assumes understanding of the substantial changes in the library services for scientists related to Open Access and the new role of university libraries – a partner in the production, preservation and spread of knowledge. Methodology. On the basis of empirical and theoretical methods, the features of modern university libraries are considered. They include shift of the priority vector towards the services for an author-scientist and support of the philosophy of open access to knowledge. The study identifies and analyzes the anthropological aspects of communicative and informational awareness of reality by university researchers and librarians. The realities of modern services for scientists of Ukraine are examined based on the experience of the Scientific and Technical Library of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan. The observations and surveys of scientists, librarians, publishers of scientific periodicals allow analyzing the anthropological aspects concerning new digital library services. The aspects affect: 1 relationship between communicants; 2 explanations of why it is the authors-researchers who have been at the center of the attention of libraries, why they are provided with exactly these services and exactly in this way; 3 levels of impact of new services on both scientists and librarians. Originality. It is established that in the process of communicative and informational awareness of reality, there are changes in the dimension of scientists and university librarians, namely, the ways of their behaviour and the communicative features

  6. Library Services in West Virginia, Present and Proposed. (United States)

    Blasingame, Ralph; Ridinger, Thornton J.

    The scope of this study included (1) reviewing the present plan for regional library development; (2) analyzing statutes affecting library organization and financing; (3) conducting a survey of the library collections, staff, and physical facilities presently existing; (4) compiling data on educational, social, and economic conditions in West…

  7. Budgeting for efficient school library services in Nigeria: Proposal for ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Varioussources of generating income for school libraries were also discussed and they include internally generated revenue and external sources which include over due library charges, P TA, Library Development Levy (LDL), schoolfees as well as donor agencies. To ensure adequate funding by the management, school ...

  8. OhioLINK: Implementing Integrated Library Services across Institutional Boundaries. (United States)

    Hawks, Carol Pitts


    Discusses the implementation of the OhioLINK (Ohio Library and Information Network) system, an integrated library system linking 23 public and private academic institutions and the Ohio State Library. Topics include a history of OhioLINK; organizational structure; decision-making procedures; public relations strategies; cooperative circulation;…

  9. Users' Satisfaction with Library Information Resources and Services: A Case Study College of Health Sciences Library Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Nigeria (United States)

    Tiemo, Pereware Aghwotu; Ateboh, Benedict Alaowei


    This study investigated users' satisfaction with library information resources and services at the College of Health Sciences (CHS) library Niger Delta University, Nigeria. The objective was to determine the level of users satisfaction with library information resources and services. 2 (two) research questions were formulated to guide the study.…

  10. 28 CFR 92.8 - Providing recruitment services. (United States)


    ... populations to a police department. The recruitment strategies employed may include: (a) A process for... 28 Judicial Administration 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Providing recruitment services. 92.8... POLICING SERVICES (COPS) Police Recruitment Program Guidelines § 92.8 Providing recruitment services. The...

  11. Filling Service Gaps: Providing Intensive Treatment Services for Offenders (United States)

    Young, Douglas W.; Farrell, Jill L.; Henderson, Craig E.; Taxman, Faye S.


    Consistent with the few studies that have previously examined treatment prevalence and access in the adult and juvenile justice systems, the recent National Criminal Justice Treatment Practices (NCJTP) survey indicated that there is a particular need to expand intensive treatment modalities for offenders in both institutional and community corrections settings. Applying multilevel modeling techniques to NCJTP survey data, this study explores conditions and factors that may underlie the wide variation among states in the provision of intensive treatment for offenders. Results indicate that states' overall rates of substance abuse and dependence, funding resources, and the state governor's political party affiliation were significantly associated with intensive treatment provision. Numerous factors that have been implicated in recent studies of evidence-based practice adoption, including state agency executives' views regarding rehabilitation, agency culture and climate, and other state-level measures (e.g., household income, crime rates, expenditures on treatment for the general population) were not associated with treatment provision. Future research should examine further variations in offenders' service needs, the role of legislators' political affiliations, and how other factors may interact with administrator characteristics in the adoption and expansion of intensive treatment services for offenders. PMID:19261394

  12. Changing the Concept and Measure of Service Quality in Academic Libraries. (United States)

    Nitecki, Danuta A.


    The diagnostic instrument SERVQUAL has been developed to measure customer expectations and perceptions of service. This article describes a study that investigated how applicable SERVQUAL is to academic libraries and how influential the study's findings might be in changing concepts of the management of academic library services. Two SERVQUAL…

  13. 78 FR 9945 - Sunshine Act Meeting of the National Museum and Library Services Board (United States)


    ... Library Services. 1800 M Street, NW., 9th Floor, Washington, DC, 20036. Telephone: (202) 653-4676. STATUS..., United States Code because the Board will consider information that may disclose: Trade secrets and... Events and Board Liaison, Institute of Museum and Library Services, 1800 M Street, NW., 9th Floor...

  14. Lowell Public Library, Final Performance Report for Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) Title VI, Library Literacy Program. (United States)

    Maravilla, Virginia

    The Lowell Public Library (Indiana) Adult Literacy Program expanded literacy efforts of the library and its volunteer tutors by increasing the program enrollment numbers of the functionally illiterate English-speaking, English as a Second Language (ESL), migrant workers, and Basic Math students; assisted students in achieving their stated goals in…

  15. Uranium mining and metallurgy library information service under the network environment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tang Lilei


    This paper analyzes the effect of the network environment on the uranium mining and metallurgy of the information service. Introduces some measures such as strengthening professional characteristic literature resources construction, changing the service mode, building up information navigation, deepening service, meet the individual needs of users, raising librarian's quality, promoting the co-construction and sharing of library information resources, and puts forward the development idea of uranium mining and metallurgy library information service under the network environment. (author)

  16. Reference Services in Australian Academic Libraries are Becoming More Multifaceted, A Review of: Burke, L. “Models of Reference Services in Australian Academic Libraries.” Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 40.4 (2008: 269‐86.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Herron


    Full Text Available Objective – To investigate the current organizational models for reference work in Australian academic libraries, and how these reference services are staffed.Design – Mixed methods.Setting – Academic universities in Australia.Subjects – Forty Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL member libraries.Methods – A literature study was undertaken to (1 find a definition of reference services and (2 explore the development of reference service models over time. Statistics from the CAUL member libraries were studied for trends in student population and number of academic and library staff. A web‐based survey, with questions based on the findings in the literature study, was then distributed to the 40 Australian university libraries in 2006. Respondents were asked when the library commenced different reference services in five areas: formats in which the library received and responded to reference queries, information literacy, subject specialization, liaison activities, and collection development. Respondents also answered questions about the organization of the reference department, including: whether they had a separate or integrated model; the size of the reference collections; if they had a librarian dedicated to supporting students studying in remote or distant mode; if the interlibrary loans department was part of the suite of reference services; and if they had a mission or statement of purpose for their reference services department.Main Results – Based on the literature study, the working definition of reference services (1 for the project was “all activities which assist in providing relevant and appropriate information services to patrons” (270, including:•All interactions with patrons to assist them in their searches for information in all media types.•All training by librarians of patrons to be able to access information for themselves.•Activities to help the library stay informed of relevant developments

  17. Expanding services in a shrinking economy: desktop document delivery in a dental school library. (United States)

    Gushrowski, Barbara A


    How can library staff develop and promote a document delivery service and then expand the service to a wide audience? The setting is the library at the Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD), Indianapolis. A faculty survey and a citation analysis were conducted to determine potential use of the service. Volume of interlibrary loan transactions and staff and equipment capacity were also studied. IUSD Library staff created a desktop delivery service (DDSXpress) for faculty and then expanded the service to practicing dental professionals and graduate students. The number of faculty using DDSXpress remains consistent. The number of practicing dental professionals using the service is low. Graduate students have been quick to adopt the service. Through careful analysis of capacity and need for the service, staff successfully expanded document delivery service without incurring additional costs. Use of DDSXpress is continually monitored, and opportunities to market the service to practicing dental professionals are being investigated.

  18. A national survey of UK health libraries investigating the cost of interlibrary loan services and assessing the accessibility to key orthopaedic journals. (United States)

    Tahim, Arpan; Stokes, Oliver; Vedi, Vikas


     NHS Library Services are utilised by NHS staff and junior trainees to locate scientific papers that provide them with the evidence base required for modern medical practice. The cost of accessing articles can be considerable particularly for junior trainees.  This survey looks at variations in cost of journal article loans and investigates access to particular orthopaedic journals across the country.  A national survey of UK Health Libraries was performed. Access to and costs of journals and interlibrary loan services were assessed. Availability of five wide-reaching orthopaedic journals was investigated.  Seven hundred and ten libraries were identified. One hundred and ten libraries completed the questionnaire (16.7%). Of these, 96.2% reported free access to scientific journals for users. 99.1% of libraries used interlibrary loan services with 38.2% passing costs on to the user at an average of £2.99 per article. 72.7% of libraries supported orthopaedic services. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British) had greatest onsite availability.  The study demonstrates fluctuations in cost of access to interlibrary loan services and variation in access to important orthopaedic journals. It provides a reflection of current policy of charging for the acquisition of medical evidence by libraries in the UK. © 2012 The authors. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2012 Health Libraries Group.

  19. Security measures effect over performance in service provider network

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Mar 5, 2018 ... Abstract—network security is defined as a set of policies and actions taken by a ... These threats are linked with the following factors that are ... typically smaller than those in the service provider space. ... Service providers cannot manage to provide ... e the DB performance effect ... r the business needs [10].

  20. Embeddedness Creates Opportunities for Enhanced Library Liaison Services and Relationships

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Hayman


    Full Text Available A Review of: O’Toole, E., Barham, R., & Monahan, J. (2016. The impact of physically embedded librarianship on academic departments. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 16(3, 529-556. Objective – To examine whether liaison librarian interactions increase when librarians are physically embedded in their liaison areas. Design – Natural experiment using quantitative measures. Setting – A large, public university in the United States of America. Subjects – Liaison librarian reference interactions. Methods – This research is organized around four primary research questions that examine the effect of liaison librarian physical, co-located embeddedness on the following: 1 the frequency of walk-up reference transactions of the embedded location versus the service desk; 2 the frequency of reference and instructional transactions with liaison areas after the implementation of embedded services; 3 the frequency of walk-up transactions at embedded sites compared to the number of reference and instructional transactions after embeddedness began; and 4 liaison librarian participation in new collaborative or integrative activities with their liaison areas. Researchers used data collected between Fall 2012 and Spring 2014 and compared this to data collected in the pre-embedded period for Fall 2010 to Fall 2011. Data sources included the library’s locally developed reference services statistics tracking tool, individual librarians’ calendar appointment records, and librarian performance agreements. The analysis uses descriptive statistics. Main Results – Researchers discovered a decrease in the frequency of liaison librarians’ walk-up reference transactions at the service desk, as tracked by transactions per hour, occurring before the transition, during the transition, and after the transition to embedded librarianship. They note a decrease of 45% in the number of walk-up interactions at service points

  1. Improving Educational Outcomes by Providing Educational Services through Mobile Technology


    Hosam Farouk El-Sofany


    The use of Computers, Networks, and Internet has successfully enabled educational institutions to provide their students and instructors with various online educational services. With the recent developments in M-learning and mobile technology, further possibilities are emerging to provide such services through mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. By providing the educational services using wireless and mobile technologies, the educational institutions can potentially bring great co...

  2. Cloud-based services for your library a LITA guide

    CERN Document Server

    Mitchell, Erik T


    By exploring specific examples of cloud computing and virtualization, this book allows libraries considering cloud computing to start their exploration of these systems with a more informed perspective.

  3. 28 CFR 549.72 - Services provided without fees. (United States)


    ... care; (f) Diagnosis or treatment of chronic infectious diseases; (g) Mental health care; or (h... Section 549.72 Judicial Administration BUREAU OF PRISONS, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT MEDICAL SERVICES Fees for Health Care Services § 549.72 Services provided without fees. We will not charge...

  4. Mental Health Service Providers: College Student Perceptions of Helper Effectiveness (United States)

    Ackerman, Ashley M.; Wantz, Richard A.; Firmin, Michael W; Poindexter, Dawn C.; Pujara, Amita L.


    Undergraduate perceptions of the overall effectiveness of six types of mental health service providers (MHSPs) were obtained with a survey. Although many mental health services are available to consumers in the United States, research has indicated that these services are underutilized. Perceptions have been linked to therapeutic outcomes and may…

  5. Customer assessment of long-term care pharmacy provider services. (United States)

    Clark, Thomas R


    Assess performance of long-term care pharmacy providers on key services offered to nursing facilities. Cross-sectional; nursing facility team. Random phone survey of nursing facility team members. 485 nursing facility team members (practicing in nursing facilities, interacting with > or = 1 consultant pharmacist); 46 members excluded, unable to identify facility's pharmacy provider. Directors of nursing, medical directors, and administrators were asked to rate long-term care pharmacy provider performance of eight commonly offered pharmacy services. All groups evaluated pharmacy provider performance of these services using a five-point scale. Results are broken down by employer type. Average rating for eight pharmacy services was 3.64. Top two services: "Labeling medications accurately" ranked in top 1-2 services for all groups (combined rating of 3.97) and "Provides medication administration system" ranked in top 1-3 services for all groups (combined rating of 3.95). One service, "Provides educational inservices," ranked lowest for all groups (combined rating of 3.54). In general, when looking at the eight services in combination for all providers, all services were ranked between Good and Very Good (average score of 3.64). Therefore, while the pharmacy provider is performing above average for these services, there is room for improvement in all of these services. These results can be used as a benchmark. Detailed data results and sample surveys are available online at These surveys can be used by the pharmacy provider to solicit assessments from their own facilities on these services.

  6. library use instruction and the pattern of utilization of library services ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Global Journal

    The data collected was analysed using descriptive statistics (simple percentage %). ... semesters and it should be an independent credit carrying course under the General Studies ... large and well stocked a library is, if the ..... Online. LIBRARY USE INSTRUCTION AND THE PATTERN OF UTILIZATION OF LIBRARY ...

  7. Locally Generated Information and Referral Services in Indian Libraries. Guide 8: Generating Information in Indian Libraries. (United States)

    Townley, Charles T.

    Libraries and information centers are rapidly becoming an integral part of American Indian live. A primary concern of Indian people is the availability of dependable information on those issues and programs which directly affect their day to day lives. As the community information agency, the library plays a key role in improving access to local…

  8. New Strategies in Library Services Organization: Consortia University Libraries in Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Duarte Barrionuevo


    Full Text Available New political, economic, and technological developments, as well as the growth of information markets, in Spain have created a foundation for the creation of library consortia. The author describes the process by which different regions in Spain have organized university library consortia.

  9. SOA-based digital library services and composition in biomedical applications. (United States)

    Zhao, Xia; Liu, Enjie; Clapworthy, Gordon J; Viceconti, Marco; Testi, Debora


    Carefully collected, high-quality data are crucial in biomedical visualization, and it is important that the user community has ready access to both this data and the high-performance computing resources needed by the complex, computational algorithms that will process it. Biological researchers generally require data, tools and algorithms from multiple providers to achieve their goals. This paper illustrates our response to the problems that result from this. The Living Human Digital Library (LHDL) project presented in this paper has taken advantage of Web Services to build a biomedical digital library infrastructure that allows clinicians and researchers not only to preserve, trace and share data resources, but also to collaborate at the data-processing level. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Feasibility Study of Document Delivery Services in Special Libraries in Tehran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Assiyeh Pour- Emam- Ali


    Full Text Available The present study investigates the feasibility of establishing document delivery services in special libraries in Tehran. Document delivery services is copyright-cleared hard copy or electronic copy supply to individuals or corporations on a non-profit or for-profit basis. A descriptive survey was conducted over 105 special libraries located within Tehran. Capabilities studied included manual and automated equipments, skilled and motivated manpower, adequate budget and etc. Investigations show that 8.42% of these libraries use web-sites for resource location. 5.43% employ bibliographies. 5.36% of users lodge their requests by phone. 2.32% of the libraries receive requests in person. 3.14% of librarians are familiar with English while 6.28% are familiar with IT. 5.27% of the libraries studied use British library Document Supply Center at Boston Spa as their primary source of Foreign Document acquisition. 5.32% of the libraries consider membership in Interlibrary Cooperative Schemes as appropriate means of meeting patrons’ information needs. Maximum request response time is 3-4 weeks. 3.28% of the requests are for books. 6.88% of the special libraries, lack staff training courses for skill acquisition in the area of document delivery. 8.29% of libraries cite lack of adequate equipment as the main document delivery obstacle. The findings demonstrate the document delivery service among special libraries in Tehran is not appropriate given the existing capabilities.

  11. MARC and the Library Service Center: Automation at Bargain Rates. (United States)

    Pearson, Karl M.

    Despite recent research and development in the field of library automation, libraries have been unable to reap the benefits promised by technology due to the high cost of building and maintaining their own computer-based systems. Time-sharing and disc mass storage devices will bring automation costs, if spread over a number of users, within the…

  12. United States: Reaching out with Library Services for GLBTQ Teens (United States)

    Carter, Julie


    Although major strides toward the inclusion of GLBT images in North American libraries have indeed been achieved, censorship is alive and well where children's literature is concerned. It is plain to see that libraries have become a major battleground for the free flow of information about and for GLBTQ children and families. This article…

  13. Framing the future: sme logistics service providers and scenario planning

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stef Weijers; Reinder Pieters; Allan Woodburn; Hans-Heinrich Glöckner


    In recent years, the transport industry has encountered numerous challenges. It experienced strong growth, but also many uncertainties. In many cases, logistics service providers were forced to change their strategy. So, the question for logistics service providers arises “how to deal best with

  14. CERN Analysis Preservation: A Novel Digital Library Service to Enable Reusable and Reproducible Research

    CERN Document Server

    AUTHOR|(CDS)2079501; Chen, Xiaoli; Dani, Anxhela; Dasler, Robin Lynnette; Delgado Fernandez, Javier; Fokianos, Pamfilos; Herterich, Patricia Sigrid; Simko, Tibor


    The latest policy developments require immediate action for data preservation, as well as reproducible and Open Science. To address this, an unprecedented digital library service is presented to enable the High-Energy Physics community to preserve and share their research objects (such as data, code, documentation, notes) throughout their research process. While facing the challenges of a “big data” community, the internal service builds on existing internal databases to make the process as easy and intrinsic as possible for researchers. Given the “work in progress” nature of the objects preserved, versioning is supported. It is expected that the service will not only facilitate better preservation techniques in the community, but will foremost make collaborative research easier as detailed metadata and novel retrieval functionality provide better access to ongoing works. This new type of e-infrastructure, fully integrated into the research workflow, could help in fostering Open Science practices acro...

  15. Man-machine communication in Portuguese: a friendly library service system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coelho, H


    This paper enhances some of the main aspects of a system which converses in Portuguese to provide a library service covering the field of artificial intelligence. Its central feature is the use of logic as a single uniform language for knowledge and data representation, deductive information retrieval and linguistic analysis. The objective of designing this system was the development of a feasible method for consulting and creating data bases in natural Portuguese. The system is implemented in PROLOG, a programming language essentially identical in syntax and semantics to a subset of predicate calculus in clausal form. 32 references.

  16. Neutron cross-section library for SAND-2 and its service program

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Berzonis, M.A.; Bondars, Kh.Ya.; Lapenas, A.A.


    The logical structure of the neutron cross-section library used in the SAND-2 program complex is considered. The organization of the DSIG01 program creating and servicing the neutron cross section library is described. The DSIG 01 program is written on FORTRAN and permits to create the neutron cross section library on the ES computer magnetic discs operating under the control of the ES operating system and to perform certain manipulations therewith

  17. Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, No. 225-231 (July-November, 2005) (United States)

    Lietzau, Zeth; Lance, Keith Curry; Dickenson, Don


    Seven issues of Fast Facts from the Library Research Service that cover information from libraries across Colorado are contained in this document. These issues focus on topics from various library sectors and include patron use of AskColorado (a statewide virtual reference service) and the rising use of online services, Colorado public library…

  18. Low-Value Service Use in Provider Organizations. (United States)

    Schwartz, Aaron L; Zaslavsky, Alan M; Landon, Bruce E; Chernew, Michael E; McWilliams, J Michael


    To assess whether provider organizations exhibit distinct profiles of low-value service provision. 2007-2011 Medicare fee-for-service claims and enrollment data. Use of 31 services that provide minimal clinical benefit was measured for 4,039,733 beneficiaries served by 3,137 provider organizations. Variation across organizations, persistence within organizations over time, and correlations in use of different types of low-value services within organizations were estimated via multilevel modeling, with adjustment for beneficiary sociodemographic and clinical characteristics. Organizations provided 45.6 low-value services per 100 beneficiaries on average, with considerable variation across organizations (90th/10th percentile ratio, 1.78; 95 percent CI, 1.72-1.84), including substantial between-organization variation within hospital referral regions (90th/10th percentile ratio, 1.66; 95 percent CI, 1.60-1.71). Low-value service use within organizations was highly correlated over time (r, 0.98; 95 percent CI, 0.97-0.99) and positively correlated between 13 of 15 pairs of service categories (average r, 0.26; 95 percent CI, 0.24-0.28), with the greatest correlation between low-value imaging and low-value cardiovascular testing and procedures (r, 0.54). Use of low-value services in provider organizations exhibited substantial variation, high persistence, and modest consistency across service types. These findings are consistent with organizations shaping the practice patterns of affiliated physicians. © Health Research and Educational Trust.

  19. Reflection on the talent structure of knowledge-service oriented nuclear technology library

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhang Xue; Zhang Ruiping


    Nuclear technology library is the only authoritative organization in collection of nuclear technology literatures.It has exceptional advantage and a large number of customers with great requirement. With promotion of network and digitization of information resource, new situation is posed before nuclear technology library-transforming from traditional library to knowledge-service oriented library. In order to carry on knowledge service effectively and conveniently, a variety of talents are essential. So establishing a talent team with high quality and complete specialities is the fundamental guarantee. Based on a great deal research and discussion, requirements for establishment of a talent team are put forward in the paper and suggestion are present: 5 basic specialized talents are required in nuclear technology library, including organization and management talent, basic operation talent, search service talent, technology application talent, information development talent. (authors)

  20. The Development of a Consumer Input Program for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS/BPH) and Network Libraries. Final Report. (United States)

    Cavenaugh, David

    This document presents a review of the current consumer relations activites of the National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress, and an overall plan to improve NLS receipt of user suggestions, comments, opinions, or complaints through libraries which form the nationwide NLS distribution system.…

  1. E-Books and New Library Service Models: An Analysis of the Impact of E-Book Technology on Academic Libraries. (United States)

    Jantz, Ronald


    Analyzes the implications of electronic book technology (e-books) on academic libraries. Discusses new business models for publishers, including self-publishing, Internet publishing, and partnerships with libraries as publishers; impact on library services, including cataloging, circulation, and digital preservation; user benefits; standards;…

  2. Academic Library Services in Virtual Worlds: An Examination of the Potential for Library Services in Immersive Environments (United States)

    Ryan, Jenna; Porter, Marjorie; Miller, Rebecca


    Current literature on libraries is abundant with articles about the uses and the potential of new interactive communication technology, including Web 2.0 tools. Recently, the advent and use of virtual worlds have received top billing in these works. Many library institutions are exploring these virtual environments; this exploration and the…

  3. Sexual health service providers' perceptions of transgender youth in England. (United States)

    Lefkowitz, Ayla R F; Mannell, Jenevieve


    Transgender youth often face difficulties when accessing sexual health services. However, few studies investigate health service providers' perceptions of transgender youth, and fewer focus on sexual health. To fill this gap, our study draws on social representations theory to examine sexual health service providers' perceptions of transgender youth and how this influences the provision of health services for this marginalised population in England. A thematic analysis of 20 semi-structured interviews with service providers, conducted between March and June 2014, resulted in five main themes centred on: binary representations of transgender; transgender as homosexuality; uncertain bodies; unstable mental states; and too young to know. Of the service providers interviewed, many understood transgender within a male/female binary, and perceived being transgender to be synonymous with being gay. There was confusion among service providers regarding transgender youths' sexual organs, and most of those interviewed saw transgender youth as mentally unstable and confused. Finally, many service providers perceived that transgender youth are too young to know that they are transgender and make decisions about their body. Some of these representations were potentially stigmatising and many conflicted with transgender youths' representations of themselves. Training by transgender people is recommended to help address these misunderstandings. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. use of library and information services for legislative research

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    library or the other depending on the classification scheme in use by that particular ... Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme known as the DDC; it uses numbers such ... Universal Decimal Classification scheme known as UDC, and a host of ...

  5. Remote access to information sources in National and university library: development of service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gorazd Vodeb


    Full Text Available National and University Library established remote access to information sources in september 2004. The article describes implementation and development of the service. Library wanted to offer information sources to users wherever and whenever they would need them. First main evaluation criteria for software selection were integration with existing authentication system and second no need for intervention user side. The EZproxy software from Useful Utilities was chosen. Key step to implementation was establishing communication between software applications EZproxy and COBISS library automation system. Library needed to obtain licence agreements from publishers. Promotion campaign aimed to notify large number of users. Only users of National & University Library were able to use the service. Other users and libraries of Ljubljana University requested to authenticate by credentials of their library. Remote access service was developed further in order to enable authentication for other libraries. We needed to establish authentication and authorisation system and also upgrade and install the communication command procedure on different servers. The data about service usage are presented.

  6. An Exploratory Study: A Kinesic Analysis of Academic Library Public Service Points (United States)

    Kazlauskas, Edward


    An analysis of body movements of individuals at reference and circulation public service points in four academic libraries indicated that both receptive and nonreceptive nonverbal behaviors were used by all levels of library employees, and these behaviors influenced patron interaction. (Author/LS)

  7. Marketing of Academic Library Services through Social Networking Sites: Implications of Electronic Word-of-Mouth (United States)

    Siddike, Md. Abul Kalam; Kiran, K.


    The main objective of this study is to investigate the perceptions of academic librarians towards the marketing of library services through social networking sites (SNSs) and their understanding of using electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) as a marketing tool in academic libraries. This study follows a qualitative data-gathering approach of structured…

  8. Trends in marketing library services in urban areas: A case study of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article presents the findings of a study that was undertaken in Kampala City, Uganda, in nine libraries belonging to the private sector, government, academic and diplomatic- related institutions. The aim of the study was to establish trends in marketing library services in urban areas with a view to identify marketing ...

  9. Research Support: The New Mission for Libraries (United States)

    Mitchell, Erik T.


    Research support services are growing areas of importance in academic libraries and are part of the libraries' larger goal to provide wider support for research-related services. Ithaka's "Library Survey 2010" indicated that research support services, along with teaching facilitation, are the two growth areas projected by library directors. In…

  10. Homeless health needs: shelter and health service provider perspective. (United States)

    Hauff, Alicia J; Secor-Turner, Molly


    The effects of homelessness on health are well documented, although less is known about the challenges of health care delivery from the perspective of service providers. Using data from a larger health needs assessment, the purpose of this study was to describe homeless health care needs and barriers to access utilizing qualitative data collected from shelter staff (n = 10) and health service staff (n = 14). Shelter staff members described many unmet health needs and barriers to health care access, and discussed needs for other supportive services in the area. Health service providers also described multiple health and service needs, and the need for a recuperative care setting for this population. Although a variety of resources are currently available for homeless health service delivery, barriers to access and gaps in care still exist. Recommendations for program planning are discussed and examined in the context of contributing factors and health care reform.

  11. Libraries of Middlesex, Final Performance Report for Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) Title VI, Library Literacy Program. (United States)

    Director, Elissa

    This final performance report for the Libraries of Middlesex literacy project begins with a section that compares actual accomplishments to the following objectives for 1992-93: (1) recruit and enroll at least 150 new volunteers in Basic Reading of English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor training; (2) have at least 125 volunteers successfully…

  12. Telecommunications: Issues in Providing Cable and Satellite Television Services (United States)


    This report provides information on (1) whether the availability of cable modem Internet access service appears to be affecting the competitiveness of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) companies in the provision of video services, (2) whether cable prices and DBS penetration rates appear to be affected in areas where the DBS companies offer local broadcast channels, and (3) whether the two individual DBS companies are technologically capable of expanding local broadcast channel services into all 210 television markets in the United States.

  13. Conceptual Models of the Individual Public Service Provider

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Lotte Bøgh; Pedersen, Lene Holm; Bhatti, Yosef

    are used to gain insight on the motivation of public service providers; namely principal-agent theory, self-determination theory and public service motivation theory. We situate the theoretical discussions in the context of public service providers being transferred to private organizations......Individual public service providers’ motivation can be conceptualized as either extrinsic, autonomous or prosocial, and the question is how we can best theoretically understand this complexity without losing too much coherence and parsimony. Drawing on Allison’s approach (1969), three perspectives...... theoretical – to develop a coherent model of individual public service providers – but the empirical illustration also contributes to our understanding of motivation in the context of public sector outsourcing....

  14. Early abortion services in the United States: a provider survey. (United States)

    Benson, Janie; Clark, Kathryn Andersen; Gerhardt, Ann; Randall, Lynne; Dudley, Susan


    The objective of this study was to describe the availability of early surgical and medical abortion among members of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and to identify factors affecting the integration of early abortion services into current services. Telephone interviews were conducted with staff at 113 Planned Parenthood affiliates and independent abortion providers between February and April 2000, prior to FDA approval of mifepristone. Early abortion services were available at 59% of sites, and establishing services was less difficult than or about what was anticipated. Sites generally found it easier to begin offering early surgical abortion than early medical abortion. Physician participation was found to be critical to implementing early services. At sites where some but not all providers offered early abortion, variations in service availability resulted. Given the option of reconsidering early services, virtually all sites would make the same decision again. These data suggest that developing mentoring relationships between experienced early abortion providers/sites and those not offering early services, and training physicians and other staff, are likely to be effective approaches to expanding service availability.

  15. Mobile technology and academic libraries innovative services for research and learning

    CERN Document Server

    Canuel, Robin


    In seventeen chapters ranging from A Mobile-First Library Site Redesign to Mobile Technology Support for Field Research to Virtual Reality Library Environments, Mobile Technology and Academic Libraries explores how librarians around the world are working to adapt their spaces, collections, teaching, and services to the new possibilities presented by mobile technology. This is a detailed and thorough examination of technology that's emerging now and how to incorporate it into your library to help the students and researchers of both today and tomorrow.

  16. Higher-Order Factor Analysis as a Score Validity Evaluation Tool: An Example with a Measure of Perceptions of Library Service Quality. (United States)

    Cook, Colleen; Thompson, Bruce

    The SERVQUAL measure was developed by A. Parasuraman, L. Berry, and V. Zeithaml (1988) to measure perceptions of service quality, originally in the retailing sector. However, libraries and other educational institutions are also service providers. Librarians in particular have increasingly become interested in measuring quality of service as the…

  17. Privately Provided Accommodation Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joshua Mugambwa


    Full Text Available Privately provided accommodation is a growing service in Uganda’s higher education sector due to education liberalization and demand for education. This research took a case study of Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development (NTISD to determine the relationship between privately provided accommodation service quality and customer satisfaction. Specifically, the objectives of the study were (a to find out the relationship between security and NTISD students’ satisfaction with privately provided accommodation, and (b to find out the hierarchical level of importance of NTISD student satisfaction of the three service quality dimensions (reliability, security, and tangibles with privately provided accommodation. Using quantitative and qualitative modes of data analysis and a sample of 300 students from 20 private hostels, this study established a strong positive significant relationship between security and satisfaction regarding privately provided accommodation. This implies that accommodation service providers should increase the quality of security so as to increase the satisfaction of students regarding privately provided accommodation. The study established the hierarchical order of importance from the most important service quality dimension, respectively, as follows: reliability, security, and tangibles. Therefore, private accommodation service managers should pay extra attention to the dimensions in the same order.

  18. Personal Perspectives on Providing Services to Foster Youth (United States)

    Whitman, Kenyon L.


    Utilizing an academic capital framework and student perspectives, this chapter provides insight into the ways that programs and services can help students develop the skills needed to succeed in college.

  19. Ecosystem services provided by pacific NW Estuaries: State of knowledge (United States)

    Coastal regions in the United States are rapidly developing areas, with increasing urbanization and growing populations. Estuarine and nearshore coastal marine waters provide valuable ecosystem services to resident and transient human communities. In the Pacific Northwest (PNW)...

  20. Patients' Evaluations of Gynecologic Services Provided by Nurse Practitioners. (United States)

    Wagener, J. Mark; Carter, Glenna


    The development, operating principles, and users' evaluations of a broad based gynecologic program emphasizing effective birth control on a university campus are discussed. A major feature explored is the use of nurse practitioners as the primary service providers. (JMF)

  1. Strategic information systems planning for health service providers. (United States)

    Moriarty, D D


    There is significant opportunity for health service providers to gain competitive advantage through the innovative use of strategic information systems. This analysis presents some key strategic information systems issues that will enable managers to identify opportunities within their organizations.

  2. Mental Health Providers: Credentials, Services Offered and What to Expect (United States)

    ... and specific services they offer Treatment approaches and philosophy Which insurance providers they work with Office hours, ... trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. © 1998-2018 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and ...

  3. Health Worker Opinion/Perception of Health Services provided to ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nancy Kamau

    VDH Industrial Hygiene CC.PO. Box ... conducted to establish relations of mining activities to human health at Selebi. Phikwe is called for. .... Table 1: Demographic data of health service providers and patients in the study area. Medical ...

  4. Starting the data conversation: informing data services at an academic health sciences library. (United States)

    Read, Kevin B; Surkis, Alisa; Larson, Catherine; McCrillis, Aileen; Graff, Alice; Nicholson, Joey; Xu, Juanchan


    The research obtained information to plan data-related products and services. Biomedical researchers in an academic medical center were selected using purposive sampling and interviewed using open-ended questions based on a literature review. Interviews were conducted until saturation was achieved. Interview responses informed library planners about researchers' key data issues. This approach proved valuable for planning data management products and services and raising library visibility among clients in the research data realm.

  5. Effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings: a systematic review. (United States)

    Perrier, Laure; Farrell, Ann; Ayala, A Patricia; Lightfoot, David; Kenny, Tim; Aaronson, Ellen; Allee, Nancy; Brigham, Tara; Connor, Elizabeth; Constantinescu, Teodora; Muellenbach, Joanne; Epstein, Helen-Ann Brown; Weiss, Ardis


    To assess the effects of librarian-provided services in healthcare settings on patient, healthcare provider, and researcher outcomes. Medline, CINAHL, ERIC, LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts), and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials were searched from inception to June 2013. Studies involving librarian-provided services for patients encountering the healthcare system, healthcare providers, or researchers were eligible for inclusion. All librarian-provided services in healthcare settings were considered as an intervention, including hospitals, primary care settings, or public health clinics. Twenty-five articles fulfilled our eligibility criteria, including 22 primary publications and three companion reports. The majority of studies (15/22 primary publications) examined librarians providing instruction in literature searching to healthcare trainees, and measured literature searching proficiency. Other studies analyzed librarian-provided literature searching services and instruction in question formulation as well as the impact of librarian-provided services on patient length of stay in hospital. No studies were found that investigated librarians providing direct services to researchers or patients in healthcare settings. Librarian-provided services directed to participants in training programs (eg, students, residents) improve skills in searching the literature to facilitate the integration of research evidence into clinical decision-making. Services provided to clinicians were shown to be effective in saving time for health professionals and providing relevant information for decision-making. Two studies indicated patient length of stay was reduced when clinicians requested literature searches related to a patient's case. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  6. The demand for ambulatory mental health services from specialty providers. (United States)

    Horgan, C M


    A two-part model is used to examine the demand for ambulatory mental health services in the specialty sector. In the first equation, the probability of having a mental health visit is estimated. In the second part of the model, variations in levels of use expressed in terms of visits and expenditures are examined in turn, with each of these equations conditional on positive utilization of mental health services. In the second part of the model, users are additionally grouped into those with and without out-of-pocket payment for services. This specification accounts for special characteristics regarding the utilization of ambulatory mental health services: (1) a large part of the population does not use these services; (2) of those who use services, the distribution of use is highly skewed; and (3) a large number of users have zero out-of-pocket expenditures. Cost-sharing does indeed matter in the demand for ambulatory mental health services from specialty providers; however, the decision to use mental health services is affected by the level of cost-sharing to a lesser degree than is the decision regarding the level of use of services. The results also show that price is only one of several important factors in determining the demand for services. The lack of significance of family income and of being female is notable. Evidence is presented for the existence of bandwagon effects. The importance of Medicaid in the probability of use equations is noted. PMID:3721874

  7. International Students' Perception of Library Services and Information Resources in Chinese Academic Libraries (United States)

    Nzivo, Charles N.; Chuanfu, Chen


    With the growth of international student enrollment in Chinese universities, user perception has become an area of developing research in academic libraries. China's policy of opening up has led to the education and economic reforms allowing major universities to enroll international students. These changes have created an increasing need for…

  8. Students' Perception on Library Service Quality: A Qualitative Study of IIUM Library (United States)

    Ahmed, Selim; Islam, Rafikul


    Academic libraries are currently facing their greatest challenge since the explosion in tertiary education and academic publishing, which began after World War II. The global digital revolution is affecting both the traditional forms of the creation, organisation, and dissemination of knowledge, and the world of tertiary education itself. In the…

  9. Selling library services and skills in Nigeria: the prospect for library ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The paper proffered a model for the domestication of entrepreneurial education in library and information science, while it listed skills for LIS graduates such as Independent and self-employment, Reliable information provision, Effective customers' relation, etc as prospects for entrepreneurship education vis-a-vis tools ...

  10. Information-seeking behavior of basic science researchers: implications for library services. (United States)

    Haines, Laura L; Light, Jeanene; O'Malley, Donna; Delwiche, Frances A


    This study examined the information-seeking behaviors of basic science researchers to inform the development of customized library services. A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews was conducted on a sample of basic science researchers employed at a university medical school. The basic science researchers used a variety of information resources ranging from popular Internet search engines to highly technical databases. They generally relied on basic keyword searching, using the simplest interface of a database or search engine. They were highly collegial, interacting primarily with coworkers in their laboratories and colleagues employed at other institutions. They made little use of traditional library services and instead performed many traditional library functions internally. Although the basic science researchers expressed a positive attitude toward the library, they did not view its resources or services as integral to their work. To maximize their use by researchers, library resources must be accessible via departmental websites. Use of library services may be increased by cultivating relationships with key departmental administrative personnel. Despite their self-sufficiency, subjects expressed a desire for centralized information about ongoing research on campus and shared resources, suggesting a role for the library in creating and managing an institutional repository.

  11. Prejudice and discrimination from mental health service providers. (United States)

    Nemec, Patricia B; Swarbrick, Margaret; Legere, Lyn


    This column describes the experience of prejudice and discrimination that some mental health service users encounter in their interactions with service providers and organizations. The intent of this column is to highlight potential action steps to address the negative beliefs and attitudes of service providers that contribute to prejudice and discrimination. This description draws from published material and the authors' experience. If the most effective approaches to reduce public prejudice and discrimination toward people diagnosed with a mental illness are education and contact, then those methods may be useful methods to help mental health service providers view and engage persons served from a strengths-based recovery and wellness orientation. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  12. System and Method for Providing a Climate Data Persistence Service (United States)

    Schnase, John L. (Inventor); Ripley, III, William David (Inventor); Duffy, Daniel Q. (Inventor); Thompson, John H. (Inventor); Strong, Savannah L. (Inventor); McInerney, Mark (Inventor); Sinno, Scott (Inventor); Tamkin, Glenn S. (Inventor); Nadeau, Denis (Inventor)


    A system, method and computer-readable storage devices for providing a climate data persistence service. A system configured to provide the service can include a climate data server that performs data and metadata storage and management functions for climate data objects, a compute-storage platform that provides the resources needed to support a climate data server, provisioning software that allows climate data server instances to be deployed as virtual climate data servers in a cloud computing environment, and a service interface, wherein persistence service capabilities are invoked by software applications running on a client device. The climate data objects can be in various formats, such as International Organization for Standards (ISO) Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model Submission Information Packages, Archive Information Packages, and Dissemination Information Packages. The climate data server can enable scalable, federated storage, management, discovery, and access, and can be tailored for particular use cases.

  13. Employee motivation in Product-Service-System providers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kreye, Melanie


    This research investigates how intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors contribute to employee motivation in providers of Product-Service Systems (PSS). Employee motivation determines the quality of the delivered service and is thus an area of great importance for PSS providers. We present rich...... case-based data collected through semi-structured interviews, a survey and secondary sources. The analysis showed the particularly high importance of intrinsic and individual motivation factors such as the fulfilling nature of the work and skill development showing the ownership and pride service...... employees took in their work. Further, the organisation needs to set the context of high employee motivation by enabling flexibility and performance feedback. Our research contributes to the literature by providing a first empirical study of employee motivation in PSS providers and thus providing important...

  14. Emerging solutions in reference services implications for libraries in the new millennium

    CERN Document Server

    Edwards, John D


    How can you enhance reference services without adding staff?Modern law librarians are under growing pressure to keep up with new technologies, deal instantly with the demands of patrons, keep the library safe and user-friendly, and generally offer the best possible service while keeping costs down. Emerging Solutions in Reference Services: Implications for Libraries in the New Millennium is a very practical guide for coping with rapidly changing technology and increasing demands for services. Its sane, well-researched advice and suggestions can help you deal with the hectic days and

  15. Improving Educational Outcomes by Providing Educational Services through Mobile Technology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hosam Farouk El-Sofany


    Full Text Available The use of Computers, Networks, and Internet has successfully enabled educational institutions to provide their students and instructors with various online educational services. With the recent developments in M-learning and mobile technology, further possibilities are emerging to provide such services through mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. By providing the educational services using wireless and mobile technologies, the educational institutions can potentially bring great convenience to those off-campus students who do not always have time to find Internet enabled computers to get the important educational information from their academic institutions. With the mobile or M-educational services, both the students and the instructors can access the services anytime and anywhere they want. This paper discusses those M-educational services that can be moved to the mobile platform and then presents the system prototype and architecture that integrate these services into the mobile technology platform. The paper will conclude with a description of the formative evaluation of the system prototype.

  16. Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, Numbers 283-289. January-December, 2010 (United States)

    Library Research Service, 2010


    Issues 283 through 289 of "Fast Facts" from the Library Research Service present data collected from libraries in Colorado and throughout the nation. Topics addressed in these "Fast Facts" from 2010 include the relationship between computer access in libraries and use of traditional services, analysis of the third year of data…

  17. Elementary statistics for effective library and information service management

    CERN Document Server

    Egghe, Leo


    This title describes how best to use statistical data to produce professional reports on library activities. The authors cover data gathering, sampling, graphical representation of data and summary statistics from data, and also include a section on trend analysis. A full bibliography and a subject index make this a key title for any information professional..

  18. Cloud computing: An innovative tool for library services


    Sahu, R.


    Cloud computing is a new technique of information communication technology because of its potential benefits such as reduced cost, accessible anywhere any time as well as its elasticity and flexibility. In this Paper defines cloud Computing, definition, essential characteristics, model of cloud computing, components of cloud, advantages & drawbacks of cloud computing and also describe cloud computing in libraries.

  19. Library Services For Neo-Literates: Some Challenges | Adjah ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    It looks at the illiteracy situation in Ghana, and attempts made by the government to eradicate illiteracy by the establishment of the Non-Formal Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. The paper argues that libraries have an essential role to play to help neo-literates sustain literacy skills.

  20. Bridging the Gulf: Mixed Methods and Library Service Evaluation (United States)

    Haynes, Abby


    This paper explores library evaluation in Australia and proposes a return to research fundamentals in which evaluators are asked to consider the centrality of philosophical issues and the role of different research methods. A critique of current evaluation examples demonstrates a system-centred, quantitative, input/output focus which fails to…

  1. Building Bridges: Cultivating Partnerships between Libraries and Minority Student Services (United States)

    Love, Emily


    Research on multiculturalism in libraries focuses primarily on collection development and on the recruitment of minorities to the profession. Although multicultural student outreach is relatively uncommon, it is essential in helping to combat the social, education, technological and financial barriers that leave many minority students at a…

  2. Application software packages for library operations and services in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Purposive sampling was used to select 218 subjects from five Federal Universities where Library Automation have begun. Analysis and discussions were made. Findings revealed that all Universities studied are making use of KOHA, Virtua, E-LIB and Dspace and Greenstone to manage their digital Information resources.

  3. Envisioning future academic library services initiatives, ideas and challenges

    CERN Document Server

    McKnight, Sue


    There are huge challenges facing the library and information science profession. Librarians need to be 'blended professionals' who can take their professional skills and experience, and adapt them to different business models and strategic challenges. This work intends to stimulate strategic and innovative thinking and questions the status quo.

  4. The state of the psychology health service provider workforce. (United States)

    Michalski, Daniel S; Kohout, Jessica L


    Numerous efforts to describe the health service provider or clinical workforce in psychology have been conducted during the past 30 years. The American Psychological Association (APA) has studied trends in the doctoral education pathway and the resultant effects on the broader psychology workforce. During this period, the creation and growth of the PsyD degree and the formalization of the predoctoral internship placement system (the APPIC Match) have been well noted, but efforts to gain a complete understanding of professional practice are lacking. Specifically, piecemeal research on the provider workforce has led to the study of specific subpopulations using varying approaches and definitions of those providing direct clinical service. Consequently, estimates of the supply and need for health service providers are distinctly divergent and generate protracted debate in organized psychology. The APA membership directory and the APA Doctorate Employment Surveys have traditionally been relied on for workforce analyses. Yet, these data have become characterized by limited generalizability in recent years because of declining survey response rates and the fact that APA member data may not be as representative of the entire psychology health service provider population as they were previously. The 2008 APA Survey of Psychology Health Service Providers targeted these limitations by including nonmember psychologists in the sampling frame. Results revealed emerging themes in the demographics, work settings, and delivery of health services of the psychology health service provider workforce. Future areas of research for APA and organized psychology to undertake in addressing need and demand are suggested. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved).

  5. Maternity Care Services Provided by Family Physicians in Rural Hospitals. (United States)

    Young, Richard A

    The purpose of this study was to describe how many rural family physicians (FPs) and other types of providers currently provide maternity care services, and the requirements to obtain privileges. Chief executive officers of rural hospitals were purposively sampled in 15 geographically diverse states with significant rural areas in 2013 to 2014. Questions were asked about the provision of maternity care services, the physicians who perform them, and qualifications required to obtain maternity care privileges. Analysis used descriptive statistics, with comparisons between the states, community rurality, and hospital size. The overall response rate was 51.2% (437/854). Among all identified hospitals, 44.9% provided maternity care services, which varied considerably by state (range, 17-83%; P maternity care, a mean of 271 babies were delivered per year, 27% by cesarean delivery. A mean of 7.0 FPs had privileges in these hospitals, of which 2.8 provided maternity care and 1.8 performed cesarean deliveries. The percentage of FPs who provide maternity care (mean, 48%; range, 10-69%; P maternity care who are FPs (mean, 63%; range, 10-88%; P maternity care services in US rural hospitals, including cesarean deliveries. Some family medicine residencies should continue to train their residents to provide these services to keep replenishing this valuable workforce. © Copyright 2017 by the American Board of Family Medicine.

  6. 75 FR 32692 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ...-rate program--separately priced firewall services, anti-virus/anti-spam software, scheduling services.../anti-spam software, scheduling services, wireless Internet access applications, and web hosting should... that separately priced firewall services, anti-virus and anti-spam software, teleconferencing...

  7. Implementation of Web 2.0 services in academic, medical and research libraries: a scoping review. (United States)

    Gardois, Paolo; Colombi, Nicoletta; Grillo, Gaetano; Villanacci, Maria C


    Academic, medical and research libraries frequently implement Web 2.0 services for users. Several reports notwithstanding, characteristics and effectiveness of services are unclear. To find out: the Web 2.0 services implemented by medical, academic and research libraries; study designs, measures and types of data used in included articles to evaluate effectiveness; whether the identified body of literature is amenable to a systematic review of results. Scoping review mapping the literature on the topic. Searches were performed in 19 databases. research articles in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish (publication date ≥ 2006) about Web 2.0 services for final users implemented by academic, medical and research libraries. Reviewers' agreement was measured by Cohen's kappa. From a data set of 6461 articles, 255 (4%) were coded and analysed. Conferencing/chat/instant messaging, blogging, podcasts, social networking, wikis and aggregators were frequently examined. Services were mainly targeted at general academic users of English-speaking countries. Data prohibit a reliable estimate of the relative frequency of implemented Web 2.0 services. Case studies were the prevalent design. Most articles evaluated different outcomes using diverse assessment methodologies. A systematic review is recommended to assess the effectiveness of such services. © 2012 The authors. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2012 Health Libraries Group.

  8. The patron-driven library a practical guide for managing collections and services in the digital age

    CERN Document Server

    Allison, Dee Ann


    Libraries in the USA and globally are undergoing quiet revolution. Libraries are moving away from a philosophy that is collection-centered to one focused on service. Technology is key to that change. The Patron Driven Library explores the way technology has moved the focus from library collections to services, placing the reader at the center of library activities. The book reveals the way library users are changing, and how social networking, web delivery of information, and the uncertain landscape of e-print has energized librarians to adopt technology to meet a different model of the library while preserving core values. Following an introduction, the first part begins with the historical milieu, and moves on to current challenges for financing and acquiring materials, and an exploration of why the millennial generation is transformational. The second part examines how changes in library practice can create a culture for imagining library services in an age of information overflow. The final chapter asks: ...

  9. Customer satisfaction surveys: Methodological recommendations for financial service providers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Đorđić Marko


    Full Text Available This methodological article investigates practical challenges that emerge when conducting customer satisfaction surveys (CSS for financial service providers such as banks, insurance or leasing companies, and so forth. It displays methodological recommendations in reference with: (a survey design, (b sampling, (c survey method, (d questionnaire design, and (e data acquisition. Article provides appropriate explanations that usage of: two-stage survey design, SRS method, large samples, and rigorous fieldwork preparation can enhance the overall quality of CSS in financial services. Proposed methodological recommendations can primarily be applied to the primary quantitative marketing research in retail financial services. However, majority of them can be successfully applied when conducting primary quantitative marketing research in corporate financial services as well. .

  10. The Importance of Library Services to Preschool Children and an Exemplary Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arif Yılmaz


    Full Text Available This study aims that during early childhood stage, access to quality education programs and books have a vital importance and in that context, public libraries ’ children departments have an essential mission to support preschool children. This is a descriptive study that used qualitative method. While collecting data of MIHK, observations, interviews, and documents were used as data collection technique and the data was analyzed in that sense. IFLAs “Guidelines for Children s Libraries Services” was used as aframework to evaluate thefindings. According to the results, MCPL system is very successful in regard to accomplishing the terms of IFLA ’s guidelines to support preschool children; however in fulfilling all of these there is a definite need for strong financial structure and support from the society.

  11. ASMATRA: Rankin g ASs Providing Transit Service to Malware Hosters


    Wagner , Cynthia; François , Jérôme; State , Radu; Dulaunoy , Alexandre; Engel , Thomas; Massen , Gilles


    International audience; The Internet has grown into an enormous network offering a variety of services, which are spread over a multitude of domains. BGP-routing and Autonomous Systems (AS) are the key components for maintaining high connectivity in the Internet. Unfortunately, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating ASs do not only host normal users and content, but also malicious content used by attackers for spreading malware, hosting phishing web-sites or performing any kind of fraudu...

  12. The Restaurant as Hybrid: Lean Manufacturer and Service Provider

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher Muller


    Full Text Available Uniquely positioned as both consumer service providers and tangible finished goods manufacturers, restaurants sell at retail an inventory that is fabricated from raw materials at the site of consumption. This article illustrates how restaurant managers have historically used the fundamentals of just-in-time and lean manufacturing production, often without understanding the power for efficiency and profit each brings. The goal is to encourage restaurateurs to seek a better understanding of where these principles interface with service management theory.

  13. Public service providers and users in the information society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernt Krohn Solvang


    Full Text Available The issue to be discussed in this article is to what extent does ICT create new challenges for the relationship between public service providers and users? It is important to recognize the concept of social capital because the concept is vital to the understanding of access to the information society and efficient functioning of government in its service to citizens. In this way we see social capital as a mediating “institution” between public authorities and the citizens (users.

  14. Transforming Health Care Service Delivery and Provider Selection


    Reiner, Bruce I.


    Commoditization pressures in medicine have risked transforming service provider selection from “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the cheapest.” Quality- and safety-oriented mandates by the Institute of Medicine have led to the creation of a number of data-driven quality-centric initiatives including Pay for Performance and Evidence-Based Medicine. A synergistic approach to creating quantitative accountability in medical service delivery is through the creation of consumer-oriented per...

  15. Editorial Library: User Survey. (United States)

    Surace, Cecily J.

    This report presents the findings of a survey conducted by the editorial library of the Los Angeles Times to measure usage and satisfaction with library service, provide background information on library user characteristics, collect information on patterns of use of the Times' clipping files, relate data on usage and satisfaction parameters to…

  16. Factors influencing business of mobile telecommunication service providers in Vietnam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ha Thanh Hai


    Full Text Available According to the Ministry of Information and Communications in Vietnam, as of November 2015, the number of mobile subscribers is over 120 million ones, accounting for over 86% of the total number of telephone subscribers. With a total population of over 92 million Vietnam citizens, a stable national economy and a large populations of young consumers in the country, mobile communication industries still have a huge potentials for future development. Telecommunication service providers in Vietnam are facing fierce competition. Subscribers are expecting OTT (Over the Top applications, good quality service and handset subsidy. This study investigated whether legal frameworks, OTT applications, quality of service and handset subsidy are important components of mobile telecommunication service in Vietnam. This study used quantitative method to distribute surveys to mobile subscribers. Findings found that all four factors significantly influence mobile business in Vietnam. Thus, telecommunication service providers in Vietnam must continuously innovate to enhance operational competitiveness, improve business efficiency, expand business scale, and improve its position in the market in order to ensure sustainable development. Moreover, Vietnamese government needs to develop a legal framework to help mobile telecommunication service providers enhance the common interests and benefits of the entire society.

  17. Nuclear data libraries and online services. An introduction to the data types and services available from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Oblozinsky, P.; Schwerer, O.


    The IAEA Nuclear Data Section provides convenient, cost-free access to the world's most comprehensive collection of numerical nuclear physics data. These nuclear data libraries result from a worldwide cooperation of nuclear data centres coordinated by the IAEA. An introduction is given to the various nuclear data types and libraries with particular emphasis to online services via the Internet. This paper summarizes a presentation for the IAEA Workshop on ''Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors: Physics, Design and Safety'' held at ICTP Trieste, Italy, 23 February - 17 March 1998. (author)

  18. Marketing in the business activity of logistics service providers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcin Świtała


    Full Text Available Background: This article is a discussion on the role of marketing in the activity of logistics service providers. The strong competition and changing purchasing preferences should motivate the transport, forwarding and logistics sector managers to apply the marketing approach in practice. Methods: Results of direct research, conducted among a targeted group of 100 companies from the transport, forwarding and logistics sector, constitute the source basis. The sample group was divided into three categories of logistics providers: 2PL, 3PL and 4PL. The statistical analysis was based on three different non-parametric tests (Kruskal-Wallis, Chi-square and V Kramer.  Results and conclusions:  Currently, marketing does not play a key role in the activity of logistics services providers. The prevailing opinion is that importance of marketing in the company is average. The respondents have assessed in a similar way their activity compared to the activities of the competition. However, it was found that with the increase of the level of specialization (2PL-4PL, the awareness of impact of marketing on the logistics services sector also increased. The logistics services providers, who offer a wide range of logistics services, asses their competitive position in a better light.  

  19. Planning for library services in the banking industry in Nigeria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    No Abstract. Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science Vol. 1(2) 2003: 163-171. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for ...

  20. Evaluating the impact of a special library and information service

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Botha, E


    Full Text Available the service actually makes. This paper discusses specifically the impact an information service has on the ability of natural science researchers to perform their research effectively and efficiently. A focus group, short survey and 15 interviews were...

  1. Embracing Change: Adapting and Evolving Your Distance Learning Library Services to Meet the New ACRL Distance Learning Library Services Standards (United States)

    Marcum, Brad


    This article examines the update and revision of the current Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Distance Learning Standards that has been proposed and submitted to the ACRL Standards Committee. An in-depth analysis of the update is included, along with some comparisons between the old and new. Practical advice detailing…

  2. Using focus groups to investigate service quality determinants for customer satisfaction in selected university libraries in Sri Lanka

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chaminda Jayasundara


    Full Text Available This study aimed at establishing service quality determinants which may affect customer satisfaction in university libraries in Sri Lanka. Using the literature, 113 service quality determinants were identified. These were then reviewed by eight focus groups in four different universities. Forty of the determinants were perceived to be applicable to their context. The participants also added 14 quality requirements which they thought were not provided for in the list. Finally, the content and face validity of the 54 determinants were evaluated by a panel of experts who ultimately reduced them to 50. This study recommends the use of the identified quality determinants by library administrators and policymakers in the higher education sector in Sri Lanka to gauge the levels of customer satisfaction and assure quality of service.

  3. Federated query services provided by the Seamless SAR Archive project (United States)

    Baker, S.; Bryson, G.; Buechler, B.; Meertens, C. M.; Crosby, C. J.; Fielding, E. J.; Nicoll, J.; Youn, C.; Baru, C.


    The NASA Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS) seamless synthetic aperture radar (SAR) archive (SSARA) project is a 2-year collaboration between UNAVCO, the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and OpenTopography at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) to design and implement a seamless distributed access system for SAR data and derived data products (i.e. interferograms). A major milestone for the first year of the SSARA project was a unified application programming interface (API) for SAR data search and results at ASF and UNAVCO (WInSAR and EarthScope data archives) through the use of simple web services. A federated query service was developed using the unified APIs, providing users a single search interface for both archives ( A command line client that utilizes this new service is provided as an open source utility for the community on GitHub ( Further API development and enhancements added more InSAR specific keywords and quality control parameters (Doppler centroid, faraday rotation, InSAR stack size, and perpendicular baselines). To facilitate InSAR processing, the federated query service incorporated URLs for DEM (from OpenTopography) and tropospheric corrections (from the JPL OSCAR service) in addition to the URLs for SAR data. This federated query service will provide relevant QC metadata for selecting pairs of SAR data for InSAR processing and all the URLs necessary for interferogram generation. Interest from the international community has prompted an effort to incorporate other SAR data archives (the ESA Virtual Archive 4 and the DLR TerraSAR-X_SSC Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories collections) into the federated query service which provide data for researchers outside the US and North America.

  4. 75 FR 17584 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (United States)


    ..., wireless LAN controllers, VoIP-related services, and virtualization software. We also find that telephone... been designated as an eligible service, and the E-rate program pays for the software for a server-based... messaging is an ``add- on to voice mail'' service and not software for voice mail itself. Therefore, we find...

  5. The Role of the Access Services Manager in the Virtual Library (United States)

    Jetton, Lora Lennertz; Bailey, Alberta S.


    This article updates a previous article published in 1992 that described the role of the access services manager in policy formation. Since that time, the access services department and mission has matured and evolved to a prominent position within the library organization. Technological changes and innovation in the marketplace of wired and…

  6. Intelligent Technologies in Library and Information Service Applications. ASIST Monograph Series. (United States)

    Lancaster, F. W.; Warner, Amy

    The objective of this study was to gain enough familiarity with developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies to be able to advise the information service community on what can be applied today and what one might reasonably expect to be applicable to library and information services in the near future. The emphasis is on…

  7. The Effect of Digital Publishing on Technical Services in University Libraries (United States)

    Hunter, Ben


    The past decade has brought enormous changes in scholarly communication, leading many libraries to undertake large-scale digital publishing initiatives. However, no study has investigated how technical services departments are changing to support these new services. Using change management as a theoretical framework, the investigator uses content…

  8. Spanish Faculty Preferences and Usage of Library Services in the Field of Science and Technology (United States)

    Pinto, Maria; Fernandez-Ramos, Andres


    The authors compare Spanish faculty use of library services and the interest they express in value-added services and improvement actions. The results are based on data from a survey of 546 faculty in the field of science and technology. The study differentiates between the areas of pure science, engineering and architecture, and life sciences.…

  9. Mobile Phone Applications in Academic Library Services: A Students' Feedback Survey (United States)

    Karim, Nor Shahriza Abdul; Darus, Siti Hawa; Hussin, Ramlah


    Purpose: This study seeks to explore the utilization of mobile phone services in the educational environment, explore the nature of mobile phone use among university students, and investigate the perception of university students on mobile phone uses in library and information services. Design/methodology/approach: The study used a review of…

  10. Technology News; Distance Education Project: Extending Extension Programming via Telecommunications Technology; [and] Fax for Library Services. (United States)

    Coyle, Larry; Spitzer, Kathleen L.


    Three articles discuss (1) the numbers of microcomputers installed in elementary and secondary schools; (2) a distance education project in the Minnesota Extension Service that used a satellite delivery system and integrated it with a computer information network; and (3) the use of facsimile machines for library services. (LRW)

  11. Industrial Demand Management Providing Ancillary Services to the Distribution Grid

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rahnama, Samira; Green, Torben; Lyhne, Casper


    A prominent feature of the future smart grid is the active participation of the consumer side in ancillary service provision. Grid operators procure ancillary services, including regulating power, voltage control, frequency control, and so on, to ensure safe, reliable, and high-quality electricity...... delivery. Consumers' involvement requires new entities and infrastructure. A so-called aggregator has been introduced as a new player to manage the services that are offered by the consumption units. This paper describes an industrial scale experimental setup for evaluating a particular type of aggregator....... The aggregator aims to provide a distribution grid service from industrial thermal loads through a direct control policy. Our specific case studies are a supermarket refrigeration system and an HVac chiller in conjunction with an ice storage, which are virtually connected to the aggregator. Practical results...

  12. Neonicotinoid pesticide exposure impairs crop pollination services provided by bumblebees (United States)

    Stanley, Dara A.; Garratt, Michael P. D.; Wickens, Jennifer B.; Wickens, Victoria J.; Potts, Simon G.; Raine, Nigel E.


    Recent concern over global pollinator declines has led to considerable research on the effects of pesticides on bees. Although pesticides are typically not encountered at lethal levels in the field, there is growing evidence indicating that exposure to field-realistic levels can have sublethal effects on bees, affecting their foraging behaviour, homing ability and reproductive success. Bees are essential for the pollination of a wide variety of crops and the majority of wild flowering plants, but until now research on pesticide effects has been limited to direct effects on bees themselves and not on the pollination services they provide. Here we show the first evidence to our knowledge that pesticide exposure can reduce the pollination services bumblebees deliver to apples, a crop of global economic importance. Bumblebee colonies exposed to a neonicotinoid pesticide provided lower visitation rates to apple trees and collected pollen less often. Most importantly, these pesticide-exposed colonies produced apples containing fewer seeds, demonstrating a reduced delivery of pollination services. Our results also indicate that reduced pollination service delivery is not due to pesticide-induced changes in individual bee behaviour, but most likely due to effects at the colony level. These findings show that pesticide exposure can impair the ability of bees to provide pollination services, with important implications for both the sustained delivery of stable crop yields and the functioning of natural ecosystems.

  13. Eliminating traditional reference services in an academic health sciences library: a case study (United States)

    Schulte, Stephanie J


    Question: How were traditional librarian reference desk services successfully eliminated at one health sciences library? Setting: The analysis was done at an academic health sciences library at a major research university. Method: A gap analysis was performed, evaluating changes in the first eleven months through analysis of reference transaction and instructional session data. Main Results: Substantial increases were seen in the overall number of specialized reference transactions and those conducted by librarians lasting more than thirty minutes. The number of reference transactions overall increased after implementing the new model. Several new small-scale instructional initiatives began, though perhaps not directly related to the new model. Conclusion: Traditional reference desk services were eliminated at one academic health sciences library without negative impact on reference and instructional statistics. Eliminating ties to the confines of the physical library due to staffing reference desk hours removed one significant barrier to a more proactive liaison program. PMID:22022221

  14. The Implementation of TTG Book Service Done By Community Library in Rural Area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pawit Muhammad Yusup


    Full Text Available The problem of poverty in rural areas cannot be separated from the following aspects: poverty, lack of education facilities, low level of entrepreneurial skills, health, lack of learning facilities, population distribution, infrastructure and facilities are inadequate, access to information, and other aspects that are still limited. The Village Library and Community Library as part of the affordable infrastructure and learning facilities are, not yet available in every village. This study tried to introduce pilot models Appropriate Technology Implementation Services Book through Rural Libraries and the community library to a number of poor people in the village. The result could contribute in improving the skills of a number of rural poor in entrepreneurship-based reading. This service models can be applied in other similar villages.

  15. Benchmarked Library Websites Comparative Study

    KAUST Repository

    Ramli, Rindra M.; Tyhurst, Janis


    This presentation provides an analysis of services provided by the benchmarked library websites. The exploratory study includes comparison of these websites against a list of criterion and presents a list of services that are most commonly deployed by the selected websites. In addition to that, the investigators proposed a list of services that could be provided via the KAUST library website.

  16. An Analysis of User Satisfaction of K University’s Library Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Younghee Noh


    Full Text Available This study purposed to discover whether or not academic libraries reflect these changing roles. We selected K University as the research target and surveyed user satisfaction of materials, staff services, facilities, electronic devices, media, and so on. The research findings are as follows: 1 the frequency of library visits of University K was on the high side, 2 the primary purpose of using the academic library was associated with learning or reading, therefore, the most used library spaces were related to that, 3 the most used library materials were 'general books', the most unused were 'reference books', 4 the most preferred way to obtain needed materials when failing to find wanted materials was 'Contact librarian'. A similar phenomenon occurred in terms of facility use, 5 university K's users were usually satisfied with the loan policy, 6 the rate of users who don't know whether there is user education was very high, the rate of users who have no experience with user education was extremely low. These research findings can be referenced by library management to improve libraries' service quality and take advantage of complex spatial configurations.

  17. Improving palliative care outcomes for Aboriginal Australians: service providers' perspectives. (United States)

    Shahid, Shaouli; Bessarab, Dawn; van Schaik, Katherine D; Aoun, Samar M; Thompson, Sandra C


    Aboriginal Australians have a lower rate of utilisation of palliative care services than the general population. This study aimed to explore care providers' experiences and concerns in providing palliative care for Aboriginal people, and to identify opportunities for overcoming gaps in understanding between them and their Aboriginal patients and families. In-depth, qualitative interviews with urban, rural and remote palliative care providers were undertaken in inpatient and community settings in Western Australia. Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim and coded independently by two researchers with QSR NVivo 10 software used to help manage data. Data analysis was informed by multiple theoretical standpoints, including the social ecological model, critical cultural theories and the 'cultural security' framework. Thematic analysis was carried out that identified patterns within data. Fifteen palliative care providers were interviewed. Overall they reported lack of understanding of Aboriginal culture and being uncertain of the needs and priorities of Aboriginal people during end-of-life care. According to several participants, very few Aboriginal people had an understanding of palliative care. Managing issues such as anger, denial, the need for non-medical support due to socioeconomic disadvantage, and dealing with crises and conflicts over funeral arrangements were reported as some of the tensions between Aboriginal patients and families and the service providers. Early referral to palliative care is important in demonstrating and maintaining a caring therapeutic relationship. Paramount to meeting the needs for Aboriginal patients was access to appropriate information and logistical, psychological and emotional support. These were often seen as essential but additional to standard palliative care services. The broader context of Aboriginal history and historical distrust of mainstream services was seen to impinge on Aboriginal people's willingness and

  18. HIV/AIDS reference questions in an AIDS service organization special library. (United States)

    Deevey, Sharon; Behring, Michael


    Librarians in many venues may anticipate a wide range of reference questions related to HIV and AIDS. Information on HIV/ AIDS is now available in medical, academic, and public libraries and on the Internet, and ranges from the most complex science to the most private disclosures about personal behavior. In this article, the 913 reference questions asked between May 2002 and August 2004 in a special library in a mid-western community-based AIDS service organization are described and analyzed.

  19. Obesity among health service providers in Nigeria: danger to long ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Introduction: Obesity is a global epidemic. There are rising rates of obesity and its associated disorders, especially in developing countries, including among Health Service Providers (HSPs). Obesity is associated with early retirement, increased morbidity and mortality. Thus, obesity has the potential of reducing long-term ...

  20. CSRQ Center Report on Education Service Providers: Educator's Summary (United States)

    Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (NJ3), 2008


    Education service providers (ESPs), or education management organizations, are for-profit or non-profit organizations that contract with new or existing public, charter, or private schools to help them implement comprehensive reforms. Which of these ESPs have evidence that they help children in elementary and secondary school of positive effects…

  1. The State of the Psychology Health Service Provider Workforce (United States)

    Michalski, Daniel S.; Kohout, Jessica L.


    Numerous efforts to describe the health service provider or clinical workforce in psychology have been conducted during the past 30 years. The American Psychological Association (APA) has studied trends in the doctoral education pathway and the resultant effects on the broader psychology workforce. During this period, the creation and growth of…

  2. Humanistic Wellness Services for Community Mental Health Providers (United States)

    Carney, Jolynn V.


    The author examines the unique ability of mental health providers to offer humanistic services in a highly competitive atmosphere by using a wellness approach. J. E. Myers and T. J. Sweeney's (2005) 5 second-order factors are offered as a conceptual model. Therapeutic techniques and humanizing benefits for individuals, families, and communities…

  3. Improved Collaborative Transport Planning at Dutch Logistics Service Provider Fritom

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Buijs, Paul; Lopez Alvarez, Jose Alejandro; Veenstra, Marjolein; Roodbergen, Kees Jan


    We study the collaborative transport planning for two autonomous business units of Fritom, a Dutch logistics service provider. This difficult planning problem does not fit any existing type of vehicle routing problem proposed in the academic literature; therefore, we define a new problem class, the

  4. Comparison of Iranian National Medical Library with digital libraries of selected countries. (United States)

    Zare-Farashbandi, Firoozeh; Najafi, Nayere Sadat Soleimanzade; Atashpour, Bahare


    The important role of information and communication technologies and their influence on methods of storing, retrieving information in digital libraries, has not only changed the meanings behind classic library activates but has also created great changes in their services. However, it seems that not all digital libraries provide their users with similar services and only some of them are successful in fulfilling their role in digital environment. The Iranian National Medical library is among those that appear to come short compared to other digital libraries around the world. By knowing the different services provided by digital libraries worldwide, one can evaluate the services provided by Iranian National Medical library. The goal of this study is a comparison between Iranian National Medical library and digital libraries of selected countries. This is an applied study and uses descriptive - survey method. The statistical population is the digital libraries around the world which were actively providing library services between October and December 2011 and were selected by using the key word "Digital Library" in Google search engine. The data-gathering tool was direct access to the websites of these digital libraries. The statistical study is descriptive and Excel software was used for data analysis and plotting of the charts. The findings showed that among the 33 digital libraries investigated worldwide, most of them provided Browse (87.87%), Search (84.84%), and Electronic information retrieval (57.57%) services. The "Help" in public services (48/48%) and "Interlibrary Loan" in traditional services (27/27%) had the highest frequency. The Iranian National Medical library provides more digital services compared to other libraries but has less classic and public services and has less than half of possible public services. Other than Iranian National Medical library, among the 33 libraries investigated, the leaders in providing different services are Library of

  5. Under what conditions are provided services in Czech municipalities?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Markéta Fantová Šumpíková


    Full Text Available The goal of our paper is to present a set of analytical data connected with local services and their delivery arrangements, focusing on contracting out. Brief theoretical part of this paper shortly highlights theoretical issues of local service delivery and new alternative service delivery arrangements. Analytical part provides selected data on forms of delivery and the ways of selection of an external supplier, including comparisons with similar research data from Slovakia. This study uses a positive approach to investigate the research issue. The study analyzes the original collected survey data from own research project No. 402/05/2644 supported by Czech Scientific Foundation. A survey was conducted for each of selected local service to collect data on the structure of forms of delivery of service; the decision-making processes, concerning the selection of the delivery form; and in case of external delivery, the way/system selecting the external supplier and some other selected aspects of the contracting-out. The delivery of local services by external supplier or municipal firm is frequent solution. However, the selection of supplier is realized in many cases without any competition, via the direct award, resulting in non-transparency and bringing inefficiency risks. The final part of our paper summarizes the outcomes and formulates recommendations.

  6. Trend analysis of journal metrics: a new academic library service? (United States)

    Kokol, Peter


    Temporal trends in source normalized impact per paper (SNIP) values for the three top-ranking nursing journals were analyzed and compared to explore whether predicting future SNIP values based on trend analysis could be an innovative service provided by librarians. The International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Journal of Advanced Nursing were the three top-ranked nursing journals according to 2015 SNIP values. SNIP values for the selected journals were retrieved from the Scopus database, and extracted data were exported to Joinpoint trend analysis software to perform trend analysis. The trend in SNIP values for the International Journal of Nursing Studies was the most stable and positive, whereas the trend in SNIP values for the Journal of Advanced Nursing was the most negative. The annual percentage change of the most recent trend line, which is the best indicator for predicting future SNIP values, was the largest for the International Journal of Nursing Studies. Predictions of journal metrics based on statistical joinpoint regression may not be completely accurate. Using this technique, however, a librarian can reasonably claim which journal will retain or even improve its prestige in the future and thus safely advise prospective authors on where to publish their research.

  7. A theoretical model to predict customer satisfaction in relation to service quality in selected university libraries in Sri Lanka

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chaminda Jayasundara


    Full Text Available University library administrators in Sri Lanka have begun to search for alternative ways to satisfy their clientele on the basis of service quality. This article aims at providing a theoretical model to facilitate the identification of service quality attributes and domains that may be used to predict customer satisfaction from a service quality perspective. The effectiveness of existing service quality models such as LibQUAL, SERVQUAL and SERVPREF have been questioned. In that regard, this study developed a theoretical model for academic libraries in Sri Lanka based on the disconfirmation and performance-only paradigms. These perspectives were considered by researchers to be the core mechanism to develop service quality/customer satisfaction models. The attributes and domain identification of service quality was carried out with a stratified sample of 263 participants selected from postgraduate and undergraduate students and academic staff members from the faculties of Arts in four universities in Sri Lanka. The study established that responsiveness, supportiveness, building environment, collection and access, furniture and facilities, technology, Web services and service delivery were quality domains which can be used to predict customer satisfaction. The theoretical model is unique in its domain structure compared to the existing models. The model needs to be statistically tested to make it valid and parsimonious.

  8. Loads Providing Ancillary Services: Review of International Experience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Heffner, Grayson; Goldman, Charles; Kintner-Meyer, Michael


    In this study, we examine the arrangements for and experiences of end-use loads providing ancillary services (AS) in five electricity markets: Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), the Nordic market, and the ERCOT and PJM markets in the United States. Our objective in undertaking this review of international experience was to identify specific approaches or market designs that have enabled customer loads to effectively deliver various ancillary services (AS) products. We hope that this report will contribute to the ongoing discussion in the U.S. and elsewhere regarding what institutional and technical developments are needed to ensure that customer loads can meaningfully participate in all wholesale electricity markets.

  9. Interrelationships of risks faced by third party logistics service providers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Govindan, Kannan; Chaudhuri, Atanu


    insights. Results show that arms-length relationship between the customer and the 3PLs has strong influence on other risks and there is a need for collaborative relationships between 3PLs and its customers. Moreover, analysis indicates that the 3PLs need to improve internal processes related to quality......This paper analyses the interrelationships between risks faced by third party logistics service providers (3PLs) in relation to one of its customers using DEMATEL. Novel analysis of both within and between risk categories and generation of threshold value to prioritize risks generate useful...... management, flexibility of its operations and also geographical coverage of their services....

  10. Commercial Building Loads Providing Ancillary Services in PJM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    MacDonald, Jason; Kiliccote, Sila; Boch, Jim; Chen, Jonathan; Nawy, Robert


    The adoption of low carbon energy technologies such as variable renewable energy and electric vehicles, coupled with the efficacy of energy efficiency to reduce traditional base load has increased the uncertainty inherent in the net load shape. Handling this variability with slower, traditional resources leads to inefficient system dispatch, and in some cases may compromise reliability. Grid operators are looking to future energy technologies, such as automated demand response (DR), to provide capacity-based reliability services as the need for these services increase. While DR resources are expected to have the flexibility characteristics operators are looking for, demonstrations are necessary to build confidence in their capabilities. Additionally, building owners are uncertain of the monetary value and operational burden of providing these services. To address this, the present study demonstrates the ability of demand response resources providing two ancillary services in the PJM territory, synchronous reserve and regulation, using an OpenADR 2.0b signaling architecture. The loads under control include HVAC and lighting at a big box retail store and variable frequency fan loads. The study examines performance characteristics of the resource: the speed of response, communications latencies in the architecture, and accuracy of response. It also examines the frequency and duration of events and the value in the marketplace which can be used to examine if the opportunity is sufficient to entice building owners to participate.

  11. The Customer Comes First: Implementing a Customer Service Program at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Libraries (United States)

    Bayer, Jerrie; Llewellyn, Steven


    Library customers have more remote information choices than ever before, so we must ensure that when they do come to the library, they experience a welcoming environment, a high standard of service, and receive equitable levels of service across campus. Developing a customer service program was a logical next step to reinforce the ongoing…

  12. Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, Nos. 214-224. February 11-March 31, 2005 (United States)

    Steffen, Nicolle Olivia; Lance, Keith Curry; Lietzau, Zeth; Dickenson, Don


    Eleven issues of "Fast Facts" from the Library Research Service cover information from libraries across Colorado. These issues focus on topics from the public, academic, and school sectors. These topics include patron use of AskColorado (a statewide virtual reference service) and the rising use of online services. The "Fast…

  13. Research Library (United States)

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library Search Site submit Contact Us | Remote Access Standards Theses/Dissertations Research Help Subject Guides Library Training Video Tutorials Alerts Research Library: delivering essential knowledge services for national security sciences since 1947 Los

  14. The impact of complaint management and service quality on organizational image: A case study at the Malaysian public university library (United States)

    Tan, Pei Kian; Mohd Suradi, Nur Riza; Saludin, Mohamad Nasir


    Service failure frequently occurs. This affects customer expectations which lead to complaint. However, not all dissatisfied customers actually complain. Without customer feedback, it would be impossible for a company to know whether they needed a change for improvement. Thus, complaint management brings a learning experience to organization in order to provide better service. Therefore, it is important to identify customer dissatisfaction through a systematic complaint handling or management. The study proposes a model of systematic complaint management which applied to academic library as a tool of service recovery. As such, the main purpose of this study is to investigate the critical success factors of complaint management towards service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the impact to organizational image at academic library. Three academic libraries have been identified and selected for this project, the Library of Tun Sri Lanang, UKM, UTeM and UNIMAS. Using the justice theory, this study investigates the perception of customers on complaint management in terms of outcomes they receive, procedures used by organization and interpersonal treatment. In this study, there are five factors of complaint management identified, which includes speed of recovery, management system, empowerment, culture and psychology and tangible compensation. A questionnaire was designed and used as the data gathering instrument. A total of 600 respondents participated in this study. Ten hypotheses were used to test the relationships between complaint management, service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and organizational image. To measure the construct relationships, Structural Equation Model (SEM) approach was used. The results show that management system (b = 0.210; p 0.05) do not influence service quality. The second part of this study uses confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to analyze and confirm the conceptual model proposed in this research

  15. Quality of Services and Quality of Life from Service Providers' Perspectives: Analysis with Focus Groups (United States)

    Jenaro, C.; Vega, V.; Flores, N.; Cruz, M.


    Background: Concepts such as support, quality of life and quality of services are customary in services for people with intellectual disabilities. The identification of the different ways of conceiving, prioritising and implementing these concepts by service providers can help to drive changes to achieve better personal outcomes for this…

  16. Mental Health Service Delivery Systems and Perceived Qualifications of Mental Health Service Providers in School Settings (United States)

    Dixon, Decia Nicole


    Latest research on the mental health status of children indicates that schools are key providers of mental health services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2003). The push for school mental health services has only increased as stakeholders have begun to recognize the significance of sound mental health as an essential part of…

  17. Online medical books: their availability and an assessment of how health sciences libraries provide access on their public Websites. (United States)

    MacCall, Steven L


    The objective of this study was to determine the number and topical range of available online medical books and to assess how health sciences libraries were providing access to these resources on their public Websites. The collection-based evaluative technique of list checking was used to assess the number and topical range of online medical books of the six largest publishers. Publisher inventory lists were downloaded over a two-day period (May 16-17, 2004). Titles were counted and compared with the 2003 Brandon/Hill list. A sample of health sciences libraries was subsequently derived by consulting the 2004 "Top Medical Schools-Research" in U.S. News & World Report. Bibliographic and bibliothecal access methods were evaluated based on an inspection of the publicly available Websites of the sample libraries. Of 318 currently published online medical books, 151 (47%) were Brandon/Hill titles covering 42 of 59 Brandon/Hill topics (71%). These 151 titles represented 22% (N = 672) of the Brandon/Hill list, which further broke down as 52 minimal core, 41 initial purchase, and 58 other recommended Brandon/Hill titles. These numbers represented 50%, 28%, and 12%, respectively, of all Brandon/Hill titles corresponding to those categories. In terms of bibliographic access, 20 of 21 of sampled libraries created catalog records for their online medical books, 1 of which also provided analytical access at the chapter level, and none provided access at the chapter section level. Of the 21 libraries, 19 had library Website search engines that provided title-level access and 4 provided access at the chapter level and none that at the chapter section level. For bibliothecal access, 19 of 21 libraries provided title-level access to medical books, 8 of which provided classified and alphabetic arrangements, 1 provided a classified arrangement only, and 10 provided an alphabetic arrangement only. No library provided a bibliothecal arrangement for medical book chapters or chapter

  18. Evaluating the service quality of third-party logistics service providers using the analytic hierarchy process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soon-hoo So


    Full Text Available In this study we apply the analytic hierarchy process (AHP to evaluate the service quality of third-party logistics (3PL service providers. We first conceptualize five dimensions of 3PL service quality (i.e. tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. We then apply the AHP method to determine the relative weights of the five service quality dimensions and eventually select the best 3PL service provider. To implement this idea in practice, we conduct an empirical case study on four companies providing 3PL services in Korea. The results indicate that Responsiveness out of the five service quality dimensions is the most important factor in the perception of 3PL customers.

  19. Library


    Dulaney, Ronald E. Jr.


    This study began with the desire to design a public town library of the future and became a search for an inkling of what is essential to Architecture. It is murky and full of contradictions. It asks more than it proposes, and the traces of its windings are better ordered through collage than logical synthesis. This study is neither a thesis nor a synthesis. When drawing out the measure of this study it may be beneficial to state what it attempts to place at the ...

  20. Collaborative business processes for enhancing partnerships among software services providers (United States)

    Heil Cancian, Maiara; Rabelo, Ricardo; Gresse von Wangenheim, Christiane


    Software services have represented a powerful view to support the realisation of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) paradigm. Using open standards and facilitating systems projects, they have increasingly been used as a corporate architectural approach to create interoperable services-based software solutions that can more easily be reused and shared across disparate applications. In the context of software companies, most of them are small firms having enormous difficulties to keep competitive. One strategy to enhance their sustainability is to enlarge partnerships among them at a more valuable level by jointly offering (web) services-based solutions. However, their culture of collaboration is low, and partnerships are usually done with the same companies and sporadically. This article presents an approach to support a more intense collaboration among software companies to attend business opportunities in a more agile way, joining capacities and capabilities which they would not have if they worked alone. This requires, however, some preparedness. From the perspective of business processes, they should understand how to carry out a collaboration more properly. This is essentially what this article is about. It presents a comprehensive list of collaborative business processes and base practices that can also act as a guide for service providers' managers to implement and manage the collaboration along its lifecycle. Processes have been validated and results are discussed.

  1. Data as a service a framework for providing reusable enterprise data services

    CERN Document Server

    Sarkar, Pushpak


    Data as a Service shows how organizations can leverage "data as a service" by providing real-life case studies on the various and innovative architectures and related patterns. Comprehensive approach to introducing data as a service in any organization. A re-usable and flexible SOA based architecture framework. Roadmap to introduce 'big data as a service' for potential clients. Presents a thorough description of each component in the DaaS reference architecture so readers can implement solutions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie HUNTE


    Full Text Available The number of online continuous education and training initiatives continues to increase in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS and by extension, the number of adult learners who are unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the online teaching and learning environment. The extent to which these learners can derive maximum benefit from these initiatives depends on the rate at which they can adapt to the new circumstances and, as a result, function effectively in this type of teaching and learning environment. To this end, while supporting learners is recognized as a critical success factor little has been explored or documented specific to the Caribbean-SIDS context. The purpose of this study therefore was to describe the support services provided first time online learners in the context of Caribbean-SIDS and examine what if any benefit learners derived from them through their perceptions of these services. The findings reveal that participants’ overall perception of the support services was high. They also reveal that although participants’ awareness of ongoing support services was variable, their rating of the need for and importance of this type of support was also high. The findings suggest that providing support for first time online learners in the context of Caribbean SIDS positively impacts their performance in the online teaching and learning environment.

  3. Library/vendor relationships

    CERN Document Server

    Brooks, Sam


    A view of the mutual dependence between libraries and vendorsAs technology advances, libraries are forced to reach beyond their own resources to find effective ways to maintain accuracy and superior service levels. Vendors provide databases and integrated library systems that perform those functions for profit. Library/Vendor Relationships examines the increasing cooperation in which libraries find they must participate in, and vice versa, with the vendors that provide system infrastructure and software. Expert contributors provide insights from all sides of this unique collaboration, offering

  4. Impact of CRM on the competitiveness level of ICT services in Croatian service providers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dražen Alerić


    Full Text Available This paper proves a higher competitiveness of ICT service providers who utilize CRM versus the providers who do not. The study of observed participating ICT service providers in Croatia proves that the value added of the services incorporating CRM is more competitive than the same services but without CRM. There is also stronger demand from clients for the services enriched with CRM. Increased service competitiveness generated by CRM utilization raises the company’s general competitiveness. A systematic application of CRM creates a long-lasting relationship between clients and providers and thus enables high-quality long-term term solutions to client demands. CRM represents the value added that raises the level of service competitiveness and makes the service provider unique and recognizable among numerous competitors. Consequently, the satisfaction of clients with the provider and their preference for the same provider result in higher client loyalty. A service company that incorporates CRM in its practices has a higher success rate in fulfilling its mission and attaining goals in accordance with the marketing philosophy.

  5. 75 FR 32699 - Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism, A National Broadband Plan for Our Future (United States)


    ...-83] Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism, A National Broadband Plan for Our... internal connections for schools and libraries serving impoverished populations. Finally, the [[Page 32700... rules. Needs and Uses: The existing information collection requires schools and libraries to report on...

  6. Not just for celebrities: collaborating with a PR representative to market library education services. (United States)

    Bloedel, Kimberly; Skhal, Kathryn


    Hardin Library for the Health Sciences offers an education service called Hardin House Calls. In collaboration with the University of Iowa libraries' public relations coordinator, the education team developed a marketing campaign for Hardin House Calls. Marketing strategies included designing a new logo, meeting with external relations representatives and faculty, distributing a user survey, and producing and distributing posters and advertisements. These marketing strategies greatly increased the visibility and use of Hardin House Calls. The campaign also led to a series of faculty development sessions, education collaborations with smaller health sciences departments, and collection development opportunities. Promoting an instructional service through a public relations frameworkwas found to be a highly successful strategy.

  7. Library perceptions of using blogs in the idea generation phase of service innovations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Scupola, Ada; Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh


    This article investigates the use of social software such as blogs to communicate with and to involve users in the idea generation process of service innovations. After a theoretical discussion of user involvement and more specifically user involvement using web-tools with specific focus on blogs......, the article reports findings and lessons from a field experiment at a university library. In the experiment, a blog was established to collect service innovation ideas from the library users. The experiment shows that a blog may engage a limited number of users in the idea generation process and generate...

  8. Examination of cultural competence in service providers in an early intervention programme for psychosis in Montreal, Quebec: Perspectives of service users and treatment providers. (United States)

    Venkataraman, Shruthi; Jordan, Gerald; Pope, Megan A; Iyer, Srividya N


    To better understand cultural competence in early intervention for psychosis, we compared service users' and service providers' perceptions of the importance of providers being culturally competent and attentive to aspects of culture. At a Canadian early intervention programme, a validated scale was adapted to assess service user (N = 51) and provider (N = 30) perceptions of service providers' cultural competence and the importance accorded thereto. Analyses of variance revealed that the importance of service providers being culturally competent was rated highest by service providers, followed by visible minority service users, followed by white service users. Providers rated themselves as being more interested in knowing about service users' culture than service users perceived them to be. Service users accorded less import to service providers' cultural competence than providers themselves, owing possibly to varied socialization. A mismatch in users' and providers' views on providers' efforts to know their users' cultures may influence mental healthcare outcomes. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

  9. Exploring Service-led Growth Trajectories for Analytical Equipment Providers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Raja, Jawwad; Frandsen, Thomas; Mouritsen, Jan


    This paper examines the dilemmas encountered by advanced analytical equipment providers in developing service-led growth strategies to expand their business in pursuit of more attractive revenue models. It does so by adopting a case based research approach. The findings detail the capabilities...... and solutions-in different contexts, with a view to expanding markets and developing solution based business models, are discussed. It is argued that analytical equipment providers encounter dilemmas as managing these different trajectories implies different needs in terms of the technological sophistication...... of equipment required. This does not necessarily imply that one context is less complex than the other, but rather suggests that the role of integration is qualitatively different and that the relationship between product and service varies when developing solutions in these different arenas....

  10. A Model for the Growth of Network Service Providers (United States)


    Service Provider O-D Origin-Destination POP Point of Presence UCG Unilateral Connection Game xiv THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK xv EXECUTIVE...xvi We make use of the Abilene dataset as input to the network provisioning model and assume that the NSP is new to the market and is building an...has to decide on the connections to build and the markets to serve in order to maximize its profits. The NSP makes these decisions based on the market

  11. Horizontal cooperations between logistics service providers:motives, structure, performance


    Schmoltzi, Christina; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus


    Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich. This publication is with permission of the rights owner freely accessible due to an Alliance licence and a national licence (funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation) respectively. Purpose – This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the motives, structure and performance attributes of horizontal cooperations between logistics service provi...

  12. Influence of Organizational Culture on Service Provider Selection


    Yılmaz, Mehmet; Yılmaz Börekçi, Dilek; Örnek, Ali


    Although Third Party Logistics Service Provider (3PL) selection literature mentions organizational culture’s role in the development as well as in the maintenance of 3PL arrangements, there is a paucity of attempts to underline the significance of organizational culture’s influence on the formation and management of 3PL relationships. In this study, the influence of different organizational cultural orientations in uncertainty avoidance, future orientation, performance orientation and paterna...

  13. Serving some and serving all: how providers navigate the challenges of providing racially targeted health services. (United States)

    Zhou, Amy


    Racially targeted healthcare provides racial minorities with culturally and linguistically appropriate health services. This mandate, however, can conflict with the professional obligation of healthcare providers to serve patients based on their health needs. The dilemma between serving a particular population and serving all is heightened when the patients seeking care are racially diverse. This study examines how providers in a multi-racial context decide whom to include or exclude from health programs. This study draws on 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork at an Asian-specific HIV organization. Fieldwork included participant observation of HIV support groups, community outreach programs, and substance abuse recovery groups, as well as interviews with providers and clients. Providers managed the dilemma in different ways. While some programs in the organization focused on an Asian clientele, others de-emphasized race and served a predominantly Latino and African American clientele. Organizational structures shaped whether services were delivered according to racial categories. When funders examined client documents, providers prioritized finding Asian clients so that their documents reflected program goals to serve the Asian population. In contrast, when funders used qualitative methods, providers could construct an image of a program that targets Asians during evaluations while they included other racial minorities in their everyday practice. Program services were organized more broadly by health needs. Even within racially targeted programs, the meaning of race fluctuates and is contested. Patients' health needs cross cut racial boundaries, and in some circumstances, the boundaries of inclusion can expand beyond specific racial categories to include racial minorities and underserved populations more generally.

  14. Handling of the demilitarized zone using service providers in SAP (United States)

    Iovan, A.; Robu, R.


    External collaboration needs to allow data access from the Internet. In a trusted Internet collaboration scenario where the external user works on the same data like the internal user direct access to the data in the Intranet is required. The paper presents a solution to get access to certain data in the Enterprise Resource Planning system, having the User Interface on a system in the Demilitarized Zone and the database on a system which is located in the trusted area. Using the Service Provider Interface framework, connections between separate systems can be created in different areas of the network. The paper demonstrates how to connect the two systems, one in the Demilitarized Zone and one in the trusted area, using SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7. In order to use the Service Provider Interface SAP Business Suite Foundation component must be installed in both systems. The advantage of using the Service Provider Interface framework is that the external user works on the same data like the internal user (and not on copies). This assures data consistency and less overhead for backup and security systems.

  15. Application of Ethics for Providing Telemedicine Services and Information Technology. (United States)

    Langarizadeh, Mostafa; Moghbeli, Fatemeh; Aliabadi, Ali


    Advanced technology has increased the use of telemedicine and Information Technology (IT) in treating or rehabilitating diseases. An increased use of technology increases the importance of the ethical issues involved. The need for keeping patients' information confidential and secure, controlling a number of therapists' inefficiency as well as raising the quality of healthcare services necessitates adequate heed to ethical issues in telemedicine provision. The goal of this review is gathering all articles that are published through 5 years until now (2012-2017) for detecting ethical issues for providing telemedicine services and Information technology. The reason of this time is improvement of telemedicine and technology through these years. This article is important for clinical practice and also to world, because of knowing ethical issues in telemedicine and technology are always important factors for physician and health providers. the required data in this research were derived from published electronic sources and credible academic articles published in such databases as PubMed, Scopus and Science Direct. The following key words were searched for in separation and combination: tele-health, telemedicine, ethical issues in telemedicine. A total of 503 articles were found. After excluding the duplicates (n= 93), the titles and abstracts of 410 articles were skimmed according to the inclusion criteria. Finally, 64 articles remained. They were reviewed in full text and 36 articles were excluded. At the end, 28 articles were chosen which met our eligibility criteria and were included in this study. Ethics has been of a great significance in IT and telemedicine especially the Internet since there are more chances provided for accessing information. It is, however, accompanied by a threat to patients' personal information. Therefore, suggestions are made to investigate ethics in technology, to offer standards and guidelines to therapists. Due to the advancement in

  16. Providing Context-sensitive Access to the Earth Observation Product Library


    Kiemle, Stephan; Freitag, Burkhard


    The German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) has developed a digital library for the long-term management of earth observation data products. This Product Library is a central part of DFD’s multi-mission ground segment Data and Information Management System (DIMS) currently hosting one million digital products, corresponding to 150 Terabyte of data. Its data model is regularly extended to support products of upcoming earth observation missions. The ever increasing complexity led to the develop...

  17. Computer Aided Reference Services in the Academic Library: Experiences in Organizing and Operating an Online Reference Service. (United States)

    Hoover, Ryan E.


    Summarizes the development of the Computer-Aided Reference Services (CARS) division of the University of Utah Libraries' reference department. Development, organizational structure, site selection, equipment, management, staffing and training considerations, promotion and marketing, budget and pricing, record keeping, statistics, and evaluation…

  18. 75 FR 73132 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests: Public Demand for Museum and Library Services... (United States)


    .... Our achievement as individuals and our success as a democratic society depend on learning continually... knowledge. IMLS provides leadership and funding for the nation's museums and libraries, to help them fulfill...

  19. Building capacity in social service agencies to employ peer providers. (United States)

    Gates, Lauren B; Mandiberg, James M; Akabas, Sheila H


    While there is evidence that peer providers are valuable to service delivery teams, the agencies where they work face difficulties in fulfilling the potential of including peers on staff effectively. The purpose of this article is to report findings of a pilot test of a workplace strategy that promoted inclusion of peer providers at social service agencies by building organizational capacity to support people with mental health conditions in peer provider roles. The strategy included training, goal setting and ongoing consultation. Seventy-one peer, non-peer and supervisory staff participated from 6 agencies over a one year period. Goal attainment scaling and data from in-depth interviews about perceptions of differences in the ways in which staff are supported, administered prior to and after the consultation period, were used to assess strategy impact. Most frequently staff set goals to respond to role conflict or a lack of support. Staff that met or exceeded their goals utilized the formal structure of consultation to improve communication among themselves, had leadership that sanctioned changes and felt that their participation was of value to the organization and contributed to their individual development. Strategy participation promoted inclusion by initiating changes to policies and practices that devalued the peer provider role, increased skill sets, and formalized lines of communication for sharing information and understanding related to peer providers. Findings demonstrate that a strategy of training, goal setting and consultation can positively affect perceptions of inclusion, and promote implementation of practices associated with inclusive workplaces.

  20. Data Curation Network: How Do We Compare? A Snapshot of Six Academic Library Institutions’ Data Repository and Curation Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa R. Johnston


    Full Text Available Objective: Many academic and research institutions are exploring opportunities to better support researchers in sharing their data. As partners in the Data Curation Network project, our six institutions developed a comparison of the current levels of support provided for researchers to meet their data sharing goals through library-based data repository and curation services. Methods: Each institutional lead provided a written summary of their services based on a previously developed structure, followed by group discussion and refinement of descriptions. Service areas assessed include the repository services for data, technologies used, policies, and staffing in place. Conclusions: Through this process we aim to better define the current levels of support offered by our institutions as a first step toward meeting our project's overarching goal to develop a shared staffing model for data curation across multiple institutions.