Sample records for prostrednictvim analyzy fosfolipidovych

  1. Decommissioning analyzis of a university cyclotron

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eggermont, G.X.; Buls, N.; Hermanne, A.


    In the widespread use of some medical nuclear facilities, such as cyclotrons for isotope production, Life cycle analyzis, including decommissioning, was not taken into account. The structural materials of an accelerator and the concrete shielding of the bunker are activated by neutrons. This could yield a considerable volume of nuclear waste and needs radiation protection concern for occupational workers and the environment during some decennia. At the university of Brussels (WB) a prospective radiation protection and waste analyzis is being made for the later decommissioning of their cyclotron. Only few similar studies have been published. In Belgium future nuclear dismantling operations will be submitted to a radiation protection authorization procedure. Meanwhile the nuclear waste authorities insist on dismantling planning, including financial provisioning. An optimization exercise was made at the VUB-cyclotron, taking into account international trends to clearance levels for low level nuclear waste. Conceptual prevention opportunities e.g. selective material choice could be identified for future accelerator constructions. (author)

  2. A Pharmaco-Economic Analyzis of Treating Severe Uncontrolled Child Asthma with Omalizumab — Actual Russian Clinical Practice Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. S. Kolbin


    Full Text Available Background: Omalizumab is the first and yet the only biopreparation for asthma which combines high efficiency and high cost. The clinical-economic expediency of using omalizumab in asthmatic children has not been previously studied in Russia.Objective: Our aim was to evaluate the clinical and economic expediency of using omalizumab as additive treatment (to basic or supporting therapy in children with severe uncontrolled atopic asthma under the Russian economic conditions.Methods: We conducted a mathematical simulation of asthma treatment in children with an increased frequency of hospitalization (9 times per year with an average monthly omalizumab requirement of 558 mg. The model is based on the Markov chain. The model includes direct and non-direct costs. The planning horizons were 2 and 5 years. We analyzed the efficiency and utility of the costs and their influence on the budget. The stability of received data is proven by sensitivity analyzis.Results: Over a 5-year planning horizon the cost of an additional year of quality life (due to using omalizumab was 1,259,185 roubles, while the “society’s solvency” is 1 341 308 roubles (cost utility analizis. It takes 39,820 rubles to prevent one hospitalization with omalizumab over a 5-year planning horizon (cost efficiency analizis, which is comparable to the cost of hospitalization (43,141 rubles. Total costs for treating 100 children with asthma, 7 of which would be treated with omalizumab, were equal to the amount of money which is enough to treat 105 children without omalizumab (analysis of budgetary influence.Conclusion: The analyses of cost efficiency and utility have shown that the strategy of using omalizumab together with standard treatment is economically expedient. Budgetary influence analysis has not detected a significant burden on the budget.

  3. Porta dos fundos: semiotics analyzis of a tranmidia project

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandra Robaina dos Santos


    Full Text Available The so-called transmidia storytellings (Jenkins, 2009 are characterized by the migratory behavior of the public, which moves through different platforms in order to find narrative elements. Thereby, this paper analyzes a transmedia project in different pertinence levels of in order to line up the strategies adopted to make the user move among the medias and experiment the full experience proposed.--- DOI:

  4. Automatic analyzis of droplet impact by high speed imaging


    Decourselle, Thomas; Cointault, Frédéric; Journaux, Ludovic; Yang, Fan


    The impact of agricultural activities on the water quality is the consequence of the loss of fertilisers (chemical fertilisers, livestock effluent, also referred to as farm fertiliser, food-processing effluent and sludge) and crop treatment products (phytosanitary products). This pollution may prevent certain uses of water, notably its use for human and animal food (groundwater and surface water), and leads to a deterioration in aquatic environments. In the domain of vineyard precision sprayi...

  5. Transcriptome analyzis of germinatiing maize kernels exposed to smoke-water and active compound KAR1

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Soós, V.; Sebestyén, E.; Juhász, A.; Light, M. E.; Kohout, Ladislav; Szalai, G.; Tandori, J.; van Staden, J.; Balázs, E.


    Roč. 10, č. 236 (2010), s. 1-15 ISSN 1471-2229 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40550506 Keywords : smoke compound * transcriptome * KAR1 * butenolide Subject RIV: CC - Organic Chemistry Impact factor: 4.085, year: 2010

  6. [Study impacto: Descriptive analyzis of pharmacist's clinical practice in onco-hematology]. (United States)

    Le Guen, R; Madelaine, I; Tournamille, J-F; Bellanger, A; Astier, A; Braguer, D; Ollivier, C; Bardin, C; Lemare, F; Daouphars, M; Pinguet, F; Latour, J-F; Vigneron, J; Tilleul, P


    Pharmaceutical analyses of chemotherapy prescriptions by hospital pharmacists are activities codified by regulation and rules (bon usage). The involvement of the pharmacists in clinical pharmacy activities in the oncology setting is not clearly identified, justifying the development of a mapping of these activities from a questionnaire addressed to the professionals. One hundred and seven centers have participated to this study at the national level (overall participation rate of 32.4%). More than 95% of them used a computerized ordering system and three quarter of them submit the introduction of new compounds to an analysis by the drug therapeutic committee. Prescription analysis allowed detecting around 2% of errors from the current prescription. Clinical pharmacist participates to tumor boards of onco-hematology (RCP) at a level of 46% for senior pharmacist and 42% for junior pharmacist. This involvement in the RCP allowed anticipating protocol's modification and temporary used authorization. Ninety-two percent of the senior pharmacists estimate that they highlight the risk of no reimbursement for prescription out of the guideline during RCP, resulting to a modification of the prescription for 40% of them. This level of intervention is lower with respectively 64% and 10% for the juniors. This study underlines the expert value of the clinical pharmacist dedicated to oncology setting in pre and post analysis prescriptions. It could be targeted by a prospective analysis of both clinical and pharmacoeconomics impact of these interventions. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  7. Study of the mutagenic potential of low power microwaves by direct DNA analyzis

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sarkar, S.; Ali, S.; Thelma, B.K.; Behari, J.


    Man is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation which is a constituent part of the biosphere. Due to the technological progress and numerous man-made sources such as those used in industry, traffic, medicine, defence, communication network as well as some home appliances, the character of the natural electromagnetic field has altered significantly. These sources of nonionizing radiation cause atmospheric pollution similar to the pollution from various industrial sources. Unambiguous detection of the mutagenic potential of these radiations is necessary for genetic well being of future generations. (author)

  8. Development of decision-making support tools for early right-of-way acquisitions. (United States)


    This report documents the work performed during phase two of Project 0-5534, Asset Management Texas : Style. This phase included gathering historical Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) right-of-way : acquisition information, analyzi...

  9. Proceedings of the 8. Banska Stiavnica Days 2006. Measurements and analyses in environmental sciences and radioenvironmental sciences. Medium-term perspectives of energetic development in the Slovak Republic and in the European Union. Application of nuclear technologies; Zbornik 8. Banskostiavnicke dni 2006. Merania a analyzy v environmentalistike a radioenvironmentalistike. Strednedobe perspektivy rozvoja energetiky v SR a EU. Aplikacie nuklearnych technologii

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lalik, V; Hybler, P; Schwarz, M [Katedra environmentalneho inzinierstva, Fakulta ekologie a environmentalistiky, Technicka univerzita Zvolen, Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia)


    Scientific conference deals with problems in environmental sciences and radio-environmental sciences. The conference proceeded in two sections: (A) Nuclear technologies; (B) Environmental engineering. Forty participants and further fifty guests took part in conference. Twenty-seven lectures and four posters were presented. Proceedings contain fifteen papers from which 8 papers deal with the scope of INIS.

  10. Improved adsorption-desorption extraction applied to the partial characterization of the antilisterial bacteriocin produced by Carnobacterium maltaromaticum C2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. L Tulini


    Full Text Available Bacteriocins are ribosomally produced peptides useful for food biopreservation. An improved adsorption-desorption process is proposed for the partial purification of the bacteriocin produced by the fish isolate Carnobacterium maltaromaticum C2. Analyzis of extract by SDS-PAGE indicated this method may offer an alternative to improve the yield of purification of bacteriocins.

  11. Evaluasi Kebijakan Pengawasan Pelekatan Pita Cukai pada Minuman Mengandung Etil Alkohol (Mmea) Buatan dalam Negeri (Studi pada Kantor Pengawasan dan Pelayanan (Kppbc) Tipe Madya Cukai Malang)




    The domestic affairs Ethyl Alcohol Beverage production shows increasingly, makes Malang Office of Monitoring and Service Tax Excise Madya Cukai Type run faster for monitoring. The goal of this research is to know and evaluate the implementation of stamp excise agglutinative monitoring policy of domestic affairs Ethyl Alcohol Beverage, especially in Group B and Group C. Its analyzis based on William N. Dunn criteria model, those are effectiveness, eficiency, sufficiency, justicy, responsivity,...

  12. Accuracy Combination Test of Classical and Modern Technical Analysis: A Case Study in Stock of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk


    Agustini Hamid


    The research aimed to measure the accuracy and combination of Classic and Modern Technical Analysis. PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA)’s stock in two periods is the sample of research. Technical analysis was used to predict stock prices by observing changes in historical share price. Practically, technical analysis is divided into Classic Technical and Modern. Research was conducted by library study and using a computer software. Microsft Excel was used for the simulation and Chart Nexus for analyzi...

  13. "Oniryczny" słownik Bolesława Leśmiana


    Pomykała, Joanna


    The aim of my article is to describe the word “dream” and its meanings in the Leśmian’s poetry. The phrase itself is one of the most significant words which adds to Leśmian's works. In the first part I have done analyzis of grammatical categories of the word “dream” and I have distinguished three of them - verbal, adjectival and noun. Besides, I have analized the phrase-in question's word-formation. The conclusion I have drawn is that the nouns have been transformed with low fr...

  14. Study of the cooling process of an extruded aluminium profile

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bouffioux, C.; Habraken, A.M.; Carton, M.; Lecomte-Beckers, J.


    The prediction of the final axial stresses and the residual strains of complex extruded aluminium profiles requires a good knowledge of the material behavior and of the industrial process. This paper is focused on the methods required to provide the whole set of data: material ones and process ones. Scanning differential calorimetry, dilatometry and diffusivity tests identify thermophysic material properties and hot tensile tests identify parameters of the elasto-visco-plastic Norton-Hoff law. The description of the industrial process and its simulations are described. Then a sensitivity analyzis provides the cooling key parameters causing the undesired final curvature during the industrial process


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. V. Poliuha


    Full Text Available The article interprets the gender issues and their interconnection of musical art that leads to analyzis of music pedagogy and educational system in general. The purpose of the study is the selection and analysis of such gender definitions of music as ender dimension, gender roles, gender approach, the gender component in the system of music education. Methodology of the study is based on the interdisciplinary approach that involves the use of scientific methods of analysis, synthesis and synthesis. Also, there is the method of comparative analysis and analogy applied in understanding the problems related to the study of gender influence in art and education. Originality is reflected in modern educational concept that appeals to the understanding of gender issues as a way of more thorough understanding of individuals, their role status of the individual, which in turn defines social opportunities in educational activities. Accordingly, the modern science can not remain uninvolved into the problems of modern times. Conclusions. Studies of gender in musical art education leads to selection, analyzis and understanding of such definitions as: gender dimension, which is focused on the understanding of the principle of obtaining polysynthetic, gender sensation from a musical work; gender roles, which distinguish representation of women in different kinds of music; gender approach, which establishes the availability of gender imbalance in the system of music education; gender component, which distinguishes the importance of understanding and practical implementation of gender equality in the system of music education.

  16. Estimation of cytogenetic risk in the process of non-destructive testing of welds

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fucic, A; Garaj-Vrhovac, V; Kubelka, D [Inst. for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb (Croatia); Novakovic, M [Ecotec, Zagreb (Croatia)


    The estimation of dose based on chromosomal aberration analyzis is a reliable and generally accepted method, and it indicates genome damages earlier than any other method used in medicine. However, according to available literature data it could be seen that in the cases of overexposure of radiographers detected by film dosimeter only skin changes are quite often diagnosed even without heamatological analyzis. Since no biodosimetrical study so far provides data on genome damages of radiographers caused by combined exposure to gamma irradiation and ultrasound the aim of this study was to compare the effects of the exposure to ionizing radiation alone and combined with application of ultrasound during the process of weld testing. It can be concluded that in cases of combined occupational exposure estimation of dose received by radiographers using film dosimetry should be accompanied by cytogenetic monitoring because personal dosimeter for ultrasound has not been constructed yet. In order to minimize health risk biomonitoring can detect possible synergistic action of both ultrasound and ionizing radiation which is not measurable by any physical method. (author).

  17. An analysis of child deaths by suicide in Queensland Australia, 2004-2012. What are we missing from a preventative health services perspective?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florin Oprescu


    Full Text Available Background: This article analyses case descriptions of child suicides from 2004 to 2012 toinform future policy and practice. Methods: Quantitative data and case descriptions for 159 child suicides (under 18 years in Queensland, Australia, were analysed quantitatively using SPSS and qualitatively using automated content analyzis (Leximancer. Results: More than three quarters of child suicides involved hanging and 81% of suicides occurred in the family home. Less than 20% of the deceased left a note, however there was evidence of planning in 54% of cases. Most common triggering events were family conflicts. Conclusions: Effective suicide prevention interventions require a comprehensive understanding of risk factors. Quality of case descriptions varied widely, which can hamper injury prevention efforts through an incomplete understanding of characteristics of, and important factors in child suicide. Additional attention and resources dedicated to this public health issue could enhance the development and implementation of effective intervention strategies targeting child and adolescent suicide.

  18. Coefficient of soil decontamination from strontium-90 at the territory of east Ural radioactive trace (EURT)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bazhenov, A.V.; Volobuev, P.V.; Isymov, M.A.


    The knowledge of coefficient of soil decontamination is necessary for predictions the dynamics in development of radioactive situation, for retrospective estimation and reconstruction of the initial radioactive contamination levels of territories. By effective coefficient of soil decontamination from radionuclides (CSD) we mean the multiple of a nuclide completely removed from the soil as a result of its physical decay, active removal of radionuclides from the ground into water ecosystems, as well as biogeochemical and wind migration beyond KURT borders. Its dimension can be expressed in the divisible relation (in how many times?), in percentage, as well as in periods of half-desintegration, if the process of desintegration is the exponent. The calculation is made on a complete nuclides supply in soil. The objective of the study is to calculate the effective coefficient of soil decontamination from 90 Sr on the basis of the analyzis of the experimental materials received at KURT territories in Sverdlovsk region. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sulaiman .


    Full Text Available This research is a comparison study which intended to know the average ofstudents’ result in learning mathematics taught by using everyone is a teacherhere strategy and taught by using expository on circle subject. The populationof this research is the eight graders in the even semester of SMP Negeri 1Sukoharjo in the academic year 2014-2015. The sample of the research is thestudents of the third grade. Sampling technique this research used clusterrandom sampling technique. The data analysis used t-test the statistics. Basedon the data analyzis it shows that there is an average difference on the resultsof from those who are taught by using expository and average result ofstudents’ who are learning by using Everyone Is A Teacher Her Strategy arebetter than those who are learning by using expository.Keywords : everyone is a teacher here strategy , expository strategy, circle subject

  20. de las regiones centro-occidente y fronteriza

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Myriam Guadalupe Colmenares López


    Full Text Available This research analyzes the labor´s sex segregation and its association with the wage differ-ence in the model of industrial development of import substitution as well as in theexportation industrial model, comparing the Guadalajara and El Salto metropolitan zoneand the city of Tijuana betwen 1989 and 1999.The segregation analyzis is based on a study of the concentration indexes and asynthetic segregation index. Their interrelationship with wages levels of every industrialbranch allows the study of the association between segregation by sex and salary differ-ences. The conclusion of this research is that the Guadalajara and El Salto metropolitanzone presents a stronger sexual segregation in the industry than in Tijuana, despite bothcities converge toward the same model of industrialization and exportation.

  1. Synthetic Analysis about Single-Criterion and Multi-Criterion Financial Assets Portfolio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Badea


    Full Text Available This paper as a synthetic analyzis based on the Markowitz and Sharpe models deals with the problem of portfolio trying to determine both the optimum proportion of titles and the influence of a considered macroeconomic factor over their level of efficiency and risk. The improvement of these models was made through the introduction of a new model, the APT model (Arbitrage Price Theory, as a development of the uni-factorial CAPM model, in other words, the above-mentioned model only constitutes a particular form of the APT model trying to establish a relationship between the individual efficiency of a title from the portfolio and several macroeconomic factors. Also, this model involves the identification of macroeconomic factors influencing the profitability of the titles and the determination of the influence of these factors individually, through the application of the APT model.

  2. Synthetic Analysis about Single-Criterion and Multi-Criterion Financial Assets Portfolio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Badea


    Full Text Available This paper as a synthetic analyzis based on the Markowitz and Sharpe models deals with the problem of portfolio trying to determine both the optimum proportion of titles and the influence of a considered macroeconomic factor over their level of efficiency and risk. The improvement of these models was made through the introduction of a new model, the APT model (Arbitrage Price Theory, as a development of the uni-factorial CAPM model, in other words, the above-mentioned model only constitutes a particular form of the APT model trying to establish a relationship between the individual efficiency of a title from the portfolio and several macroeconomic factors. Also, this model involves the identification of macroeconomic factors influencing the profitability of the titles and the determination of the influence of these factors individually, through the application of the APT model.

  3. Mechanism of primitive duct formation in the pancreas and submandibular glands: a role for SDF-1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Courtoy Pierre J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The exocrine pancreas is composed of a branched network of ducts connected to acini. They are lined by a monolayered epithelium that derives from the endoderm and is surrounded by mesoderm-derived mesenchyme. The morphogenic mechanisms by which the ductal network is established as well as the signaling pathways involved in this process are poorly understood. Results By morphological analyzis of wild-type and mutant mouse embryos and using cultured embryonic explants we investigated how epithelial morphogenesis takes place and is regulated by chemokine signaling. Pancreas ontogenesis displayed a sequence of two opposite epithelial transitions. During the first transition, the monolayered and polarized endodermal cells give rise to tissue buds composed of a mass of non polarized epithelial cells. During the second transition the buds reorganize into branched and polarized epithelial monolayers that further differentiate into tubulo-acinar glands. We found that the second epithelial transition is controlled by the chemokine Stromal cell-Derived Factor (SDF-1. The latter is expressed by the mesenchyme, whereas its receptor CXCR4 is expressed by the epithelium. Reorganization of cultured pancreatic buds into monolayered epithelia was blocked in the presence of AMD3100, a SDF-1 antagonist. Analyzis of sdf1 and cxcr4 knockout embryos at the stage of the second epithelial transition revealed transient defective morphogenesis of the ventral and dorsal pancreas. Reorganization of a globular mass of epithelial cells in polarized monolayers is also observed during submandibular glands development. We found that SDF-1 and CXCR4 are expressed in this organ and that AMD3100 treatment of submandibular gland explants blocks its branching morphogenesis. Conclusion In conclusion, our data show that the primitive pancreatic ductal network, which is lined by a monolayered and polarized epithelium, forms by remodeling of a globular mass of non


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Besar Tirto Husodo


    Full Text Available The Utilization of KIA Book by the Cadre of Posyandu: A Study of Cadre in Posyandu in the Working Area of Puskesmas Kedungadem, Bojonegoro District. One of the government policies for maternal and child health (KIA service based on community is Posyandu (Primary Health Care. In the activity of KIA in Posyandu cadres have three roles, such as executive, manager and consumer or user. Cadres have to read and gradually to study KIA book as national guidance after they have finished their activities in Posyandu as the evaluation to what they have done. In the KIA activities in Posyandu the exploration of KIA book in the working area at Puskesmas (Public Health Centre, Kedungadem, Bojonegoro is still low. The research aim is to analyze the influence of Posyandu cadre characteristics and roles concerning with the KIA Book in the working area of Puskesmas. This research has been done by cross sectional approach, with the population of 64 Posyandu cadres as sample in the working area of Puskesmas. The univariate analyzis has been done for the frequency distribution, the bivariate analyzis tested by Chi Square to know the relation. Variables which statistically significant tested by the multiple logistic regression-multivariate. Research results: respondent ages < 35.2 years old (56%, working duration at home < 8 hours per day (58%, family income less than regional minimum income (66%, elementary education (81% year of service ≥ 8 year (52%, training ≥ 2 times (81%, poor knowledge (56.25%, good role as executor of the KIA book (76.56%, good role as the KIA book manager (56,25%, the exploration of the KIA book (56.25%. Related variables in the exploration of the KIA Book are the working duration at home (p=0.017, role as executor (p=0.016, role as manager (p=0.003. The most influenced variable of the use of KIA book is the role as executor (p=0.032, EXP (B= 6.630. Age and working duration at home influence the utilization of KIA book by Posyandu Cadres

  5. Interfrm Cooperation Strategy of Hyper-Growth and Stable-Growth ICT Firms in Sweden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Golonka


    Full Text Available Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to compare the phenomenon of interfrm cooperation strategy in both hyper-growth, and stable-growth knowledge and technology–intensive frms, in a country characterized by a high level of generalized trust: Sweden. Methodology: Qualitative methods were incorporated: direct semistructured interviews with top managers in 13 ICT frms (8 hyper-growth and 5 stable-growth, analyzis of reports, corporate websites and press releases. Furthermore, interviews in 3 expert frms in the industry were conducted, facilitating interfrm cooperation. Conclusions: There were signifcant differences in interfrm cooperation strategy in two distinguished groups of the frms: hyper-growth, and stable-growth. Managers’ individual approaches to uncertainty, strategy and cooperation might be more important than institutional settings. The ICT frms operate in a constantly changing global environment and local context seems to have only a minor impact on the rules of the game in the industry. Research limitations: This study was a qualitative explorative approach as an introduction to further empirical research. Originality: The study presents an interfrm cooperation phenomenon incorporating different perspectives and settings. It contributes to alliance portfolio literature (forming and managing of alliance portfolio in a different context/country/industry, and enhances understanding of frm strategies characterized by different growth rates.

  6. Obligations Related to the Transportation of pet Animals (Eu Legislation / Povinnosti Súvisiace S Prepravou Spoločenských Zvierat (Európska Legislatíva

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavlíková Barbara


    Full Text Available Prispevok sa zaobera otazkou, ktoru často riešia majitelia spoločenskych zvierat vo všetkych členskych štatoch EU. Poskytuje bližši pohľad na povinnosti spojene s cestovanim so zvieraťom medzi členskymi štatmi, alebo medzi členskym štatom a treťou - nečlenskou krajinou. Zameriava sa na nekomerčnu prepravu, ako je napriklad dovolenka, vylet a podobne. Praca prostrednictvom syntezy, analyzy a porovnania ponuka prehľad zakladnych legislativnych aktov v predmetnej oblasti. Venuje sa tiež otazke tzv. pet pasu, najdoležitejšieho identifikačneho dokladu, vyžadovaneho pre spoločenske zvierata na uzemi EU. Možno v nej najsť aj definicie najčastejšie použivanej terminologie.

  7. A point of view on Otto cycle approach specific for an undergraduate thermodynamics course in CMU (United States)

    Memet, F.; Preda, A.


    This paper refers to the description of the way in which can be presented to future marine engineers the analyzis of the performance of an Otto cycle, in a manner which is beyond the classic approach of the course of thermodynamics in Constanta Maritime University. The conventional course of thermodynamics is dealing with the topic of performance analysis of the cycle of the internal combustion engine with isochoric combustion for the situation in which the working medium is treated as such a perfect gas. This type of approach is viable only when are considered relatively small temperature differences. But this is the situation when specific heats are seen as constant. Instead, the practical experience has shown that small temperature differences are not viable, resulting the need for variable specific heat evaluation. The presentation bellow is available for the adiabatic exponent written as a liniar function depending on temperature. In the section of this paper dedicated to methods and materials, the situation in which the specific heat is taken as constant is not neglected, additionaly being given the algorithm for variable specific heat.For the both cases it is given the way in which it is assessed the work output. The calculus is based on the cycle shown in temperature- entropy diagram, in which are also indicated the irreversible adiabatic compression and expansion. The experience achieved after understanding this theory will allow to future professionals to deal successfully with the design practice of internal combustion engines.

  8. Communication self-assessment by public prosecutors in a north-eastern Brazilian state. (United States)

    Sales, Neuza Josina; Castaneda, Daniel Francisco Neyra; Barreto, Íkaro Daniel de Carvalho; Paoliello, Marina; Campanha, Silvia Márcia Andrade


    To describe how public prosecutors self-assess their communication approaches and how listeners react to them; to analyze how this relates to gender, age, and work experience. Descriptive, transversal study. A questionnaire was developed and sent to 126 public prosecutors for completion. Thirty-three completed questionnaires were sent back. The independent variables were gender, age, and number of years of professional experience. The dependent variables were communication self-assessment throughout the years of work, communication parameters used, and listeners' reactions. A descriptive analyzis and Fisher's Exact Test was carried out. the sample contained both male and female participants with a median age of 43 years and an average of 20 years of professional experience. Most of the respondents claimed they had experienced demotivation, insecurity, tension, and difficulty when trying to convince listeners. More women than men reported they felt that their communication had worsened throughout their careers. All the women reported they experienced insecurity when speaking in public. One third of the public prosecutors stated they suffered from disorders on their voice. Those respondents aged over 43, experienced greater proportion on voice change than younger ones. In contrast to their younger colleagues, the majority of public prosecutors with more than 20 years of professional experience revealed that they felt insecure when speaking in public. the public prosecutors identified their strong and weak communication parameters. Gender, age, and work experience affect communicative performance.

  9. Study of the expression for apoptosis factors of thyroid cells after arterial embolization to treat hyperthyroidism caused by Graved' disease

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhao Wei; Yi Genfa; Hu Jihong; Xiang Shutian; Jiang Yongneng; Li Liyuan; Hu Zhengqin; Yang Huiying; Li Hong; Shen Lijuan; Zhang Huaxian


    Objective: To study the expressions of Fas, FasL, Bax,Bcl-2 and P53 in thyroid tissue and to analyzis (Semi-quantitative analysis)the relation between change of apoptosis in thyroid tissues and clinical therapeutic effect after thyroid arterial embolization in treating hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease with observation of apoptosis for 3 years. Methods: 15 patients undergone core needle biopsy of the thyroid gland were divided into three groups according to the amount of time elapsed after thyroid arterial embolization: A group, before thyroid arterial embolization, B group, 1 year group (including 7-day subgroup, 3-month subgroup, 6-month subgroup) and C group, 1 year subgroup and mom than 1 year subgroup after arterial embolization. Results: (1) After embolisation, 15 patients' symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism disappeared or improved greatly with 9 long term released and 6 improved with small amount of ATD maintenance. (2) The positive staining of Fas and FasL located in endochylema and cell-membrane of thyroid tissue from patients treated with transcathter arterial embolization were higher than those not treated with transcathter arterial embolization (P 0.05). (4) The positive cell and the staining of P53 in thyroid tissue had significant difference before and after thyroid arterial embolization (P<0.05). Conclusions: The extra-expression and the increased expression of Fas, FasL, Bax, P53 in thyroid tissue of patient with GD treated by thyroid arterial embolization are correlated with the effects of interventional therapy. (authors)

  10. Velocity and concentration fields in turbulent buoyant mixing in tilted tubes (United States)

    Znaien, J.; Moisy, F.; Hulin, J. P.; Salin, D.; Hinch, E. J.


    2D PIV and LIF measurements have been performed on buoyancy driven flows of two miscible fluids of the same viscosity in a tube tilted at different angles θ from vertical and at different density contrasts (characterized by the Atwood number At). As θ increases and At decreases, the flow regime evolves, behind the front, from a turbulent shear flow towards a laminar counter flow with 3 layers of different concentrations. Time variations of the structure function show that both intermittent and developed turbulence occur in intermediate conditions. In the turbulent regime (Reλ˜60) the magnitudes of the longitudinal u'^2 and transverse v'^2 velocity fluctuations and of the component u'v' of the Reynolds stress tensor are shown to be largest on the tube axis while viscous stresses is only important close to the walls. The analyzis of the momentum transfer in the flow with buoyancy forces estimated from the concentration gradients demonstrates that 3D effects are required to achieve the momentum balance. These results are discussed in the framework of classical turbulence models.

  11. Standby after the Chernobyl accident

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The report is an investigation concerning strandby and actions by SKI (Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate) and SSI (National Institute of Radiation Protection) due to the Chernobyl reactor accident. It consists of a final report and two appendices. The final report is divided into two parts: 'I: Facts' and 'II: Analyzes'. 'Facts': The Swedish model for information: radio, press. Basic knowledge about ionizing radiation in the society. Resources for information. Need for information. Message forms for information. Announcements from the authorities in TV, radio, press, meeting, advertisements. Statements concerning the reactor accident and its consequences in Swedish mass media. How did the public recieve the information? 'Analyzis': Information responsibilities and policies. SSI information activities concerning radiologic accidents, conditions, methods and resources. Ditto for SKI, Swedish National Food Administration and the National Board of Agriculture. Appendix I: Information from authorities in the press three weeks after the Chernobyl accident: The material and the methods. The acute phase, the adoptation phase, the extension of the persective. What is said about the authorities in connection with Chernobyl? Appendix II: The fallout from Chernobyl, the authorities and the media coverage: The nationwide, regional and local coverage from radio and television. Ditto from the press. Topic and problem areas in reporting. Instructions from the authorities in media. Contribution in the media from people representing the authorities. Fallout in a chronologic perspective. (L.F.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilija TODOROV


    Full Text Available Persons with Broca’s aphasia socialize in societymuch faster, because of the early rehabilitationtreatment using the speech therapy. In thebeginning of the illness, the voice production isarduous and the speech is with variable prosody.The patient expresses himself exceptionally withnouns and working verbs, also using mimics andgestures.The main purpose of the research is the evaluationof the communicational language skills of personswith Broca’s aphasia, even in the acuteness of theillness. The goal is also to examine and establishthe opinion of persons with Broca’s aphasia, theirfamily members and medical staff regarding theuse of early rehabilitation treatment with speechtherapy.The basic tasks of this research are to determinewhether the disturbance of verbal interaction isoften followed with speech apraxia andagrammatism among the persons suffering fromBroca’s aphasia. Two types of examinees areincluded in the research. The survey was conductedin Skopje and in a period of three months.The data gained from the research are grouped,tabulated, processed and graphically shownusing the program Microsoft Office Excel 2003.The differecnces in the data of the examinees isanalyzed with Chi square test with level of significanceр<0.05. From the analyzis and interpretationof the results we can see that personswith Broca’s aphasia, although produce incompletesentences, they verbalise sentences withcontent which are informative for their interlocutorand the auditory understending is less demagedthan the expressive funcion of the speech.In conclusion, the study found that earlyrehabilitation treatment using speech therapyfor persons with Broca’s aphasia resulted infaster improvements and better capabilities forspeech-language communicational skills.

  13. A survey of chest medical X-ray doses

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lomba, M.; Conha, P.G. da; Almeida, C.E. de


    The medical X-ray exposures due to radiological examinations are responsible for the largest contribution to the population collective dose as result of the normal use of artificial sources of radiation. The relative impact of the medical exposures to the total dose received by the population from all kinds of radiation sources varies from country to country and in some cases within the same country. The dose variations observed for a specific type of examination are in general associated to several factors i.e. the type of film-ecran combination, the choice of the appropriate physical parameters of the X-ray generator (Kvp, filament current, exposure time) and finally to the film processing conditions. At the present moment the data available in Brazil are scarce and scanty to allow a complete analyzis of this question so needed by the health authorities to justify the implementation of a quality assurance and dose reduction programs. In addition, it is desirable to establish a cost effective operation based on simple administrative concepts in order to reduce the number of films retake, then increasing the life expectancy of the equipment and the number of radiological procedures. The aim of this work was to assess the typical doses of an PA and LAT chest wall X-ray examinations in five different public hospitals (a University Hospital, a Cancer Hospital, a Navy Hospital, an Emergency Hospital and a State General Hospital), as representative of the city of Rio de Janeiro, and compare the results with the international data and recommendations available. (author)

  14. [Acoustic conditions in open plan office - Application of technical measures in a typical room]. (United States)

    Mikulski, Witold


    Noise in open plan offices should not exceed acceptable levels for the hearing protection. Its major negative effects on employees are nuisance and impediment in execution of work. Specific technical solutions should be introduced to provide proper acoustic conditions for work performance. Acoustic evaluation of a typical open plan office was presented in the article published in "Medycyna Pracy" 5/2016. None of the rooms meets all the criteria, therefore, in this article one of the rooms was chosen to apply different technical solutions to check the possibility of reaching proper acoustic conditions. Acoustic effectiveness of those solutions was verified by means of digital simulation. The model was checked by comparing the results of measurements and calculations before using simulation. The analyzis revealed that open plan offices supplemented with signals for masking speech signals can meet all the required criteria. It is relatively easy to reach proper reverberation time (i.e., sound absorption). It is more difficult to reach proper values of evaluation parameters determined from A-weighted sound pressure level (SPLA) of speech. The most difficult is to provide proper values of evaluation parameters determined from speech transmission index (STI). Finally, it is necessary (besides acoustic treatment) to use devices for speech masking. The study proved that it is technically possible to reach proper acoustic condition. Main causes of employees complaints in open plan office are inadequate acoustic work conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to apply specific technical solutions - not only sound absorbing suspended ceiling and high acoustic barriers, but also devices for speech masking. Med Pr 2018;69(2):153-165. This work is available in Open Access model and licensed under a CC BY-NC 3.0 PL license.

  15. Joint Economic Lot Sizing Optimization in a Supplier-Buyer Inventory System When the Supplier Offers Decremental Temporary Discounts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diana Puspita Sari


    Full Text Available This research discusses mathematical models of joint economic lot size optimization in a supplier-buyer inventory system in a situation when the supplier offers decremental temporary discounts during a sale period. Here, the sale period consists of n phases and the phases of discounts offered descend as much as the number of phases. The highest discount will be given when orders are placed in the first phase while the lowest one will be given when they are placed in the last phase. In this situation, the supplier attempts to attract the buyer to place orders as early as possible during the sale period. The buyers will respon these offers by ordering a special quantity in one of the phase. In this paper, we propose such a forward buying model with discount-proportionally-distributed time phases. To examine the behaviour of the proposed model, we conducted numerical experiments. We assumed that there are three phases of discounts during the sale period. We then compared the total joint costs of special order placed in each phase for two scenarios. The first scenario is the case of independent situation – there is no coordination between the buyer and the supplie-, while the second scenario is the opposite one, the coordinated model. Our results showed the coordinated model outperform the independent model in terms of producing total joint costs. We finally conducted a sensitivity analyzis to examine the other behaviour of the proposed model. Keywords: supplier-buyer inventory system, forward buying model, decremental temporary discounts, joint economic lot sizing, optimization.

  16. ClusTrack: feature extraction and similarity measures for clustering of genome-wide data sets.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halfdan Rydbeck

    Full Text Available Clustering is a popular technique for explorative analysis of data, as it can reveal subgroupings and similarities between data in an unsupervised manner. While clustering is routinely applied to gene expression data, there is a lack of appropriate general methodology for clustering of sequence-level genomic and epigenomic data, e.g. ChIP-based data. We here introduce a general methodology for clustering data sets of coordinates relative to a genome assembly, i.e. genomic tracks. By defining appropriate feature extraction approaches and similarity measures, we allow biologically meaningful clustering to be performed for genomic tracks using standard clustering algorithms. An implementation of the methodology is provided through a tool, ClusTrack, which allows fine-tuned clustering analyses to be specified through a web-based interface. We apply our methods to the clustering of occupancy of the H3K4me1 histone modification in samples from a range of different cell types. The majority of samples form meaningful subclusters, confirming that the definitions of features and similarity capture biological, rather than technical, variation between the genomic tracks. Input data and results are available, and can be reproduced, through a Galaxy Pages document at The clustering functionality is available as a Galaxy tool, under the menu option "Specialized analyzis of tracks", and the submenu option "Cluster tracks based on genome level similarity", at the Genomic HyperBrowser server:

  17. Examination of X-ray spectra from the antiprotonic helium isotopes 3He and 4He

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schneider, M.


    Using the high intensity antiprotonic LEAR beam at CERN (Geneva), several measurements were done to investigate the X-ray spectra of the antiprotonic Helium isotopes 3 He and 4 He. For the first time antiprotons were stopped in gases at low pressures (600, 375, 72 and 36 mbar), which permitted observations on nearly isolated atoms. A newly developed method for stopping the antiprotons in gases by means of a focusing cyclotron field surrounding the target gas was used. The field was supplied by a superconducting magnet ('cyclotron trap'). The antiprotons were tangentially injected into the cyclotron field, where they slowed down by ionising the target gas. The inhomogeneous magnetic field guided the antiprotons in spiral orbits to the magnetic center. Thus, even at low pressures a very small stopping volume could be achieved. To detect the X-rays different Si(Li)- and Ge-semiconductor detectors were used, some of which were furnished with 'guard-rings'. They were used to investigate the effects of the strong interaction between the antiproton and the nucleus in the (3d → 2p) transition in both isotopes. The analyzis of this transition permitted directly the determination of the shift and width of the 2p-level. The width of the 3d-level could be determined only indirectly using an intensity balance. The utilization of gases with different pressures permitted investigations of the pressure dependence of the antiprotonic deexcitation process. The results for the widths and shifts were compared with earlier measurements and theoretical predictions. The theory agrees only partly with the measurements. The evaluation of a complex scattering length using an optical model contradicts some of the results of calculations. (orig.) [de

  18. [Gene cloning and bioinformatics analysis of SABATH methyltransferase in Lonicera japonica var. chinensis]. (United States)

    Yu, Xiao-Dan; Jiang, Chao; Huang, Lu-Qi; Qin, Shuang-Shuang; Zeng, Xiang-Mei; Chen, Ping; Yuan, Yuan


    To clone SABATH methyltransferase (rLjSABATHMT) gene in Lonicera japonica var. chinensis, and compare the gene expression and intron sequence of SABATH methyltransferase orthologous in L. japonica with L. japonica var. chinensis. It provide a basis for gene regulate the formation of L. japonica floral scents. The cDNA and genome sequences of LjSABATHMT from L. japonica var. chinensis were cloned according to the gene fragments in cDNA library. The LjSABATHMT protein was characterized by bioinformatics analysis. SABATH family phylogenetic tree were built by MEGA 5.0. The transcripted level of SABATHMT orthologous were analyzed in different organs and different flower periods of L. japonica and L. japonica var. chinensis using RT-PCR analysis. Intron sequences of SABATHMT orthologous were also analyzied. The cDNA of LjSABATHMT was 1 251 bp, had a complete coding frame with 365 amino acids. The protein had the conservative SABATHMT domain, and phylogenetic tree showed that it may be a salicylic acid/benzoic acid methyltransferase. Higher expression of SABATH methyltransferase orthologous was found in flower. The intron sequence of L. japonica and L. japonica var. chinensis had rich polymorphism, and two SNP are unique genotype of L. japonica var. chinensis. The motif elements in two orthologous genes were significant differences. The intron difference of SABATH methyltransferase orthologous could be inducing to difference of gene expression between L. japonica and L. japonica var. chinensis. These results will provide important base on regulating active compounds of L. japonica.

  19. Validação da Chronic Pain Self-Efficacy Scale para a língua portuguesa Chronic Pain Self-Efficacy Scale portuguese validation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina de Góes Salvetti


    Full Text Available A crença de auto-eficácia relaciona-se com a percepção da dor e com a funcionalidade física e psíquica dos doentes. O objetivo deste estudo foi validar para a língua portuguesa a Chronic Pain Self-efficacy Scale. A amostra foi de 132 pacientes com dor crônica de etiologia variada. A validade da escala em língua portuguesa foi confirmada pela análise fatorial, que manteve os três domínios e os 22 itens da escala original; a variância explicada foi de 60,8%. A confiabilidade, analisada pelo alfa de Cronbach, variou entre 0,76 e 0,92 para os domínios e foi de 0,94 para a escala total. A validade convergente, verificada por meio da comparação entre a Escala de Auto-Eficácia para Dor Crônica (AEDC e o Inventário de Depressão de Beck (IDB mostrou correlação negativa e estatisticamente significativa. Este estudo disponibiliza para a língua portuguesa um instrumento válido e confiável para a avaliação da auto-eficácia de pacientes com dor crônica.The self-efficacy belief relates to pain perception and physical and psychiatric functionality. The goal of this study was to validate to the Portuguese language the Chronic Pain Self-efficacy Scale (CPSS. The subjects were 132 chronic pain patients with pain from several etiologies. The scale validity in the Portuguese language was confirmed by factor analyzis, which maintained the 3 factors and 22 items of the original scale; the accounted variance was 60,8%. The reliability, analyzed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient, were 0,76 - 0,92 to the factors and 0,94 to the total scale. The convergent validity, verified by the comparison with the Portuguese version of the Chronic Pain Self-efficacy Scale and Beck Depression Inventory (IDB showed significantly negative correlation. This study made available to the Portuguese language a valid and reliable instrument to assess self-efficacy in chronic pain patients.

  20. Polyphenolic compounds and essential oil analysis of selected species of the genus Thymus / Analýza fenolových zložiek a analýza silice vybraných druhov rodu Thymus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kameníková M.


    Full Text Available Predložena praca bola zamerana na stanovenie obsahu vybranych fenolovych zlučenin (celkove fenoly, triesloviny, flavonoidy a antokyany troch roznych druhov rodu Thymus (T. pulegioides, T. pannonicus, T. praecox s rozdielnym povodom (Českomoravska vrchovina, Křivoklat a Považsky Inovec. Na stanovenie tychto zložiek boli využite spektrofotometricke metody Europskeho liekopisu, 8. vydanie. Zaroveň bol stanoveny aj obsah silice a bola vykonana analyza jej zložiek. Obsah celkovych polyfenolov bol stanoveny spektrofotometrickou metodou s využitim Folin-Ciocalteovho činidla. Obsah kolisal od 3.87 % do 8,86 %. Obsah trieslovin bol realizovany na zaklade predošleho stanovenia obsahu celkovych fenolov, a to adsorpciou trieslovin na kožny prašok. Ich obsah sa pohyboval v rozmedzi 1,96 % do 5,65 %. Na stanovenie obsahu flavonoidov bola využita spektrofotometricka metoda s chloridom hlinitym. Obsah flavonoidov vyjadrenych ako luteolin-7-O-glukozid (λ = 392 nm kolisal od 0,59 % do 1,52 % a obsah flavonoidov vyjadrenych ako rutin (λ = 420 nm sa pohyboval v rozmedzi od 0,41 % do 1,12 %. Antokyany zaberaju v ramci fenolovych zložiek rodu Thymus len minimalny podiel. V našich vzorkach bol obsah antokyanov vyjadreny ako cyanidin-3- O-glukozid a kolisal od 0,02 % do 0,1 %. Na stanovenie obsahu silice bola využita metoda Europskeho liekopisu, 8.vydanie. Obsah silice sa pohyboval v rozmedzi od 0,2 % do 0,75 %. Na analyzu silice bola nasledne využita metoda plynovej chromatografie s hmotnostnou spektrometriou. Na zaklade tejto analyzy bola zistena pritomnosť troch chemotypov silice, a to tymoloveho, karvakroloveho a linalooloveho chemotypu. Vďaka variaciami chemickeho zloženia silice, bolo možne pozorovať vzťah medzi pritomnosťou určiteho chemotypu a povodom vzorky. Rozdiely v stanoveni obsahu flavonoidov nepreukazali žiadny vyrazny vzťah k lokalite povodu.

  1. A EDUCAÇÃO PARA À SUSTENTABILIDADE: um olhar para o avanço econômico proporcionado por uma Mineradora no município de São João da Boa Vista/SP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Romilson Cesar Lima


    Full Text Available A educação é considerada uma importante fonte de transformação do ser social. Provocações e novos desafios surgem a cada dia em busca de analisarmos se estamos atuando ou não de forma moral e ética. A sustentabilidade e o consumismo são características bem opostas, de um lado empresas que primam pelo progresso, oferecem vagas de empregos e beneficiam seres humanos com suas atividades, do outro, uma nova educação, dotada de preocupações com a preservação ambiental. Considerado um dos assuntos mais comentados na atualidade, a educação para sustentabilidade está intrinsecamente ligada à solidariedade, respeito e afetividade e precisa estar conectada a três pilares: prosperidade econômica, respeito ao meio ambiente e proteção social. Para isto, é necessário que as pessoas substituam o pensamento capitalista consumista, mantendo a sustentabilidade. Esta pesquisa teve o objetivo de identificar acontecimentos atuais provocados por uma mineradora no município de São João da Boa Vista e o quanto a conscientização pela Educação para a Sustentabilidade pode proporcionar para a localidade e humanidade. Investigouse a Lei Orgânica e Legislação Municipal a fim de evitarem a ação da mineradora e manter, sem maiores danos, o turismo local e regional.   Education is considered an important source of transformation of social being. Provocations and new challenges arise every day in order to analyzy whether or not we are acting with morals and ethics. Sustainability and consumerism are quite opposite characteristics on the one hand companies that strive for progress, offer job openings a new education, endowed with concerns over environmental preservation. Considered as one of the most discussed subjects currently, education for sustainability is intrinsically linked to solidarity, respect and affection and has to be connected to three pillars: economic prosperity, environmental respect and social protection. To achieve this


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Widya Novia Hedyanti


    Full Text Available Family has a very important contribution to education because the family is the first and foremost in the world of early childhood education and continuing education of children. Appropriate care will motivate children to obtain optimal learning achievement. This type of research is ex post facto. The sample was 123 students in five schools that are members of the Cluster 2 Ngantang. Data were collected using a questionnaire as an instrument of variable patterns of parenting and motivation to learn., While learning outcomes are from the daily tests. The results of the questionnaire will be analyzed using path analysis and assisted with SPSS for Windows version 23. The results of data analysis showed that 1 There is a significant direct effect between parenting on the learning achievement of children and parenting on children learning motivation, 2 There is a significant direct effect between student’s motivation to IPS student achievement; 3 There is no direct influence between parenting on student achievement through learning motivation. Variable motivation to strengthen the direct influence of parenting on learning achievement IPS students. Keluarga memiliki kontribusi yang sangat penting terhadap dunia pendidikan karena keluarga merupakan orang yang pertama dan utama dalam dunia pendidikan awal anak dan kelanjutan pendidikan anak. Pengasuhan yang tepat akan memberikan motivasi pada anak untuk mendapatkan prestasi belajar yang optimal. Jenis penelitian ini adalah ex post facto. Sampel yang digunakan berjumlah 123 siswa di lima sekolah yang tergabung dalam Gugus 2 Kecamatan Ngantang. Data dikumpulkan dengan menggunakan angket sebagai instrumen dari variabel pola asuh orangtua dan motivasi belajar., sedangkan hasil belajar diambil dari nilai ulangan harian. Hasil dari angket akan dianalisis dengan menggunakan analisis jalur (path analyzis dan dibantu dengan SPSS for windows versi 23. Hasil analisis data menunjukkan bahwa 1 Terdapat pengaruh

  3. A realização do teste anti-hiv no pré-natal: os significados para a gestante El establecimiento de la lucha contra la prueba del vih en pre-navidad: significados para el embarazo The establishment of anti-hiv test in pre-natal: meanings for pregnancy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Maria de Oliveira Silva


    parte de la construcción del papel maternal de un cuidado bien-tomado del concreto con la salud del bebé.The study had as objective, the knowledge and the analyzis of the meaning of the accomplishment for the test anti-HIV in the prenatal one for the pregnant women. One is about a research with qualitative approach and was carried through in a Hospital School and a Maternity at the city of Rio de Janeiro. As a resource of technician-methodological, the speech of the collective citizen was used (DSC. After the analysis of the speeches we verified that, for the pregnant women the accomplishment of the test means the possibility to prevent the vertical transmission of the HIV and as part of the prenatal assistance. The prenatal one was considered by the pregnant women an excellent chance for the accomplishment of the test anti HIV, for the knowledge of the serological condition and precocious beginning of the treatment. It is concluded that the test, for the majority of the pregnant women, represents the possibility to protect the son of the HIV, beyond being part of the construction of the maternal paper from a well-taken care of concrete with the health of the baby.

  4. Complicações pulmonares não infecciosas após transplante de células-tronco hematopoiéticas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eliane Viana Mancuzo


    evolution of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation receptors.The objective of this study is to review the most frequent non-infection complications associated to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation since the first bone marrow transplantation performed in 1957.A systematic literature review was performed, using the PICO strategy to ask the questions. The descriptors hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, non-infectious pulmonary complications, systematic review, in portuguese and their english correspondents, were used to access the following databases: MEDLINE, EBM, Embase, Cocrane Library, LILACS and SciELO. In this review, 263 studies were identified, from which 31 were selected for full analyzis.The non-infection pulmonary complications most frequently found were: bronchiolitis obliterans, bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia, pulmonary edema, idiopathic pneumonia syndrome, delayed pulmonary toxicity syndrome, diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, engrafment syndrome and pulmonary cytolitic thrombi.Rev Port Pneumol 2010; XVI (5: 815-828 Palavras-chave: Transplante de células-tronco hematopoiéticas, complicações pulmonares não infecciosas, revisão sistemática, Key-words: Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, non-infectious pulmonary complications, systematic review


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nita Rahmawati


    collected observation, interview, and documentation. The procedure of the research were pre-court stage, field work stage and data analysis stage. The data were analyzied by data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions.The result of the study showed that the archives management include the record, control and distribution of archive, archival storage, archive maintenance, archive monitoring, archive removal and destruction. The problem of the study is there are still archives that accumulate in the archives storage depos space, there is no of sanctions for borrowers who are late return.Based on the result on this study it can be concluded that the recording archive through archive complete, control and distribution of the data received, date of letter, initials of the recipient. System archive storage that is used system chronological (date, maintenance with cleaning every corner of the archive room either with a duster or broom and give camphor in the shelf filling also coat archive with cover paper, removal and destruction of archive conducted by periodic or once a year. Thus, it is recommended: 1 optimize the storage depot space that archive are still stacked and unprocessed, 2 give sanction the borrowers that return the archive not in time

  6. Comparação de kits ELISA® comerciais para anticorpos no soro e leite com um teste coproparasitológico em bovinos naturalmente infectados por Fasciola hepatica Comparison of comercial® ELISA kits for antibodies in serum and milk with a fecal test in cattle naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cíntia das C. Bernardo


    Full Text Available A fasciolose é uma enfermidade causada por um trematoda que acomete o fígado principalmente de ruminantes domésticos, podendo parasitar o homem e seu diagnóstico é realizado rotineiramente por exames coproparasitológicos. O objetivo do presente estudo foi comparar kits comerciais de ELISA para anticorpos no soro e leite com um teste coproprarasitológico em bovinos naturalmente infectados por Fasciola hepatica. Foram coletadas amostras de fezes (92 sangue (92 e leite (43 de bovinos provenientes de propriedades de gado leiteiro do município de Jerônimo Monteiro, sul do Estado do Espírito Santo. As amostras de fezes coletadas foram processadas pela técnica de sedimentação fecal para ovos de F. hepatica, utilizada como padrão ouro para as análises. Amostras de sangue e de leite foram processadas segundo a orientação do fabricante dos respectivos Kits ELISA comerciais testados. Utilizou-se o c² de McNemar para comparação estatística e calcularam-se a sensibilidade e especificidade, valores preditivos e kappa. Os resultados obtidos mostraram que as frequências de positividade pelo uso dos kits ELISA comerciais de soro e de leite diferiram significativamente (pThe fascioliasis is a disease caused by a trematode that affects the liver mainly of domestic ruminants and can also parasite man; its diagnosis is routinely done by coprological methods. The aim of this study was to compare commercial ELISA kits for antibodies in serum and milk with a coprological test in cattle naturally infected by Fasciola hepatica. We collected fecal, blood and milk samples from cattle in the municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro, southern Espírito Santo state. The fecal samples were processed by the fecal egg sedimentation for F. hepatica, which is used as a gold standard for analyzis. Blood (92 and milk (43 samples were processed according to the manufacturer instructions of the respective commercial ELISA kits tested. We used the McNemar chi-square for

  7. Alta hospitalar e o cuidado do recém-nascido prematuro no domicílio: vivência materna Alta hospitalaria y el cuidado de los recién-nacidos prematuros en el hogar: experiencias de la madre Hospital and care of the premature newborn at home: maternal experiences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirna Albuquerque Frota


    ía acerca del cuidado con el bebé después del alta, reforzando que las madres llevan al bebé a la casa sin estar preparadas para la nueva realidad.It aimed at learning about the mother's perception in a hospital and the care of premature newborns at home after the first week of discharge. Descriptive, qualitative approach, using semi-structured interviews to collect data, developed in the outpatient follow-up of premature (Follow up of the State Public Hospital Network of Fortaleza, in October and November 2011. The participants were nine mothers of preterm infants after the first week of discharge. It was applied the analyzis the content for data analysis. The results pointed to the categories: Guidelines on the care of premature infants during discharge; feelings and difficulties with the baby's arrival at home; family support in the care of premature infants. The study showed that some mothers were not instructed interdisciplinary team of neonatology care about the baby after discharge, stressing that they take the baby to the household without being prepared for the new reality.

  8. Emprego de soluções adocicadas no alívio da dor neonatal em recém-nascido prematuro: uma revisão integrativa Empleo de soluciones edulcoradas en el manejo del dolor neonatal en recién nacido prematuro: una revisión integrativa Use of sweet solutions for neonatal pain relief in premature newborns: an integrative review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline de Oliveira Alves


    de la salud.The repeated painful experiences in newborns may have short- and long-time effects, especially in premature infants. The use of sweetened solutions during painful procedures has been recommended as a measure of pain relief. This study aims to evaluate the evidence of the effect of oral sucrose or glucose for acute pain relief in premature infants. An integrative review was conducted in the MEDLINE and LILACS databases. Eight articles were selected from 2005 to 2010. The analyzis of these articles revealed the analgesic effect of glucose and sucrose in acute procedures. No significant side effects were found in infants who received glucose/sucrose. We emphasize the importance of the use of the pain assessment scale most closely related to the predominant population in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a scale easy to be used and handled by health professionals.