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  1. Selection of Electronic Resources.

    Weathers, Barbara


    Discusses the impact of electronic resources on collection development; selection of CD-ROMs, (platform, speed, video and sound, networking capability, installation and maintenance); selection of laser disks; and Internet evaluation (accuracy of content, authority, objectivity, currency, technical characteristics). Lists Web sites for evaluating…

  2. Electronic Resource Management Systems

    Mark Ellingsen


    Full Text Available Computer applications which deal with electronic resource management (ERM are quite a recent development. They have grown out of the need to manage the burgeoning number of electronic resources particularly electronic journals. Typically, in the early years of e-journal acquisition, library staff provided an easy means of accessing these journals by providing an alphabetical list on a web page. Some went as far as categorising the e-journals by subject and then grouping the journals either on a single web page or by using multiple pages. It didn't take long before it was recognised that it would be more efficient to dynamically generate the pages from a database rather than to continually edit the pages manually. Of course, once the descriptive metadata for an electronic journal was held within a database the next logical step was to provide administrative forms whereby that metadata could be manipulated. This in turn led to demands for incorporating more information and more functionality into the developing application.

  3. Reproduction Diversity of Enteromorpha prolifera

    Apeng Lin; Songdong Shen; Jianwei Wang; Binlun Yan


    Enteromorpha prolifera (Muell.) J. Agardh (Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae), which is distributed widely in the Inter-tidal zone of the ocean, is one of the most common fouling green algae. However, the present understandings of the life history of E. prolifera have been insufficient to explain their seasonal abundances. Thus it is essential to investigate how many.reproductive strategies are likely to contribute to the successful colonization and flourishing of the green alga. In the present study the reproduction diversity of E. prolifera was observed and studied systematically by culturing chopped tissues. Our results showed that there are in total seven pathways of reproduction for E. prolifera including sexual, asexual and vegetative reproduction. It was Indicated that the variety of the reproductive ways and the large quantity of reproductive cells produced and released during the reproductive season are the two key factors that facilitate colonization of E. prolifera. The reproduction of the alga E. prolifera mainly depends on asexual methods. The results presented here contribute to increasing our understanding about how the opportunistic macroalgae successfully maintain colonization and excessive growth.

  4. Electronic Resource Management and Design

    Abrams, Kimberly R.


    We have now reached a tipping point at which electronic resources comprise more than half of academic library budgets. Because of the increasing work associated with the ever-increasing number of e-resources, there is a trend to distribute work throughout the library even in the presence of an electronic resources department. In 2013, the author…

  5. Electronic Resource Management and Design

    Abrams, Kimberly R.


    We have now reached a tipping point at which electronic resources comprise more than half of academic library budgets. Because of the increasing work associated with the ever-increasing number of e-resources, there is a trend to distribute work throughout the library even in the presence of an electronic resources department. In 2013, the author…

  6. Developmental morphology of branching flowers in Nymphaea prolifera.

    Grob, Valentin; Moline, Philip; Pfeifer, Evelin; Novelo, Alejandro R; Rutishauser, Rolf


    Nymphaea and Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae) share an extra-axillary mode of floral inception in the shoot apical meristem (SAM). Some leaf sites along the ontogenetic spiral are occupied by floral primordia lacking a subtending bract. This pattern of flower initiation in leaf sites is repeated inside branching flowers of Nymphaea prolifera (Central and South America). Instead of fertile flowers this species usually produces sterile tuberiferous flowers that act as vegetative propagules. N. prolifera changes the meristem identity from reproductive to vegetative or vice versa repeatedly. Each branching flower first produces some perianth-like leaves, then it switches back to the vegetative meristem identity of the SAM with the formation of foliage leaves and another set of branching flowers. This process is repeated up to three times giving rise to more than 100 vegetative propagules. The developmental morphology of the branching flowers of N. prolifera is described using both microtome sections and scanning electron microscopy.

  7. Managing electronic resources a LITA guide

    Weir, Ryan O


    Informative, useful, current, Managing Electronic Resources: A LITA Guide shows how to successfully manage time, resources, and relationships with vendors and staff to ensure personal, professional, and institutional success.

  8. New Myrsinol Diterpenes from Euphorbia prolifera

    ZHANG,Wan-Jin(张万金); CHEN,Dao-Feng(陈道峰); HOU,Ai-Jun(侯爱君)


    Four new myrsinol diterpenes, euphorprolitherins A-D (1-3, 5), were isolated from the ethanolic extract of the root of Euphorbia prolifera, along with a known one, SPr5 (4). The structures were elucidated on the basis of their spectroscopic evidences. The structure and relative stereochemistry of 1 were confirmed by X-ray crystallography.

  9. Electronic Resources Management Project Presentation 2012

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    This presentation describes the electronic resources management project undertaken by the KAUST library. The objectives of this project is to migrate information from MS Sharepoint to Millennium ERM module. One of the advantages of this migration is to consolidate all electronic resources into a single and centralized location. This would allow for better information sharing among library staff.

  10. Implementing CORAL: An Electronic Resource Management System

    Whitfield, Sharon


    A 2010 electronic resource management survey conducted by Maria Collins of North Carolina State University and Jill E. Grogg of University of Alabama Libraries found that the top six electronic resources management priorities included workflow management, communications management, license management, statistics management, administrative…

  11. Implementing CORAL: An Electronic Resource Management System

    Whitfield, Sharon


    A 2010 electronic resource management survey conducted by Maria Collins of North Carolina State University and Jill E. Grogg of University of Alabama Libraries found that the top six electronic resources management priorities included workflow management, communications management, license management, statistics management, administrative…

  12. Resource Letter: TE-1: Teaching electronics

    Henry, Dennis C.


    This Resource Letter examines the evolution, roles, and content of courses in electronics in the undergraduate physics curriculum, and provides a guide to resources for faculty teaching such courses. It concludes with a brief section addressing problems of electromagnetic interference in electronic systems, and provides an introduction to the literature and practice of electromagnetic compatibility. I have included textbooks, reference books, articles, collections of laboratory experiments and projects, sources of equipment and parts, software packages, videos, and websites.

  13. Electronic Resources Management System: Recommendation Report 2017

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    This recommendation report provides an overview of the selection process for the new Electronic Resources Management System. The library has decided to move away from Innovative Interfaces Millennium ERM module. The library reviewed 3 system as potential replacements namely: Proquest 360 Resource Manager, Ex Libris Alma and Open Source CORAL ERMS. After comparing and trialling the systems, it was decided to go for Proquest 360 Resource Manager.

  14. Analysis of expressed sequence tags from the Ulva prolifera (Chlorophyta)

    牛建峰; 胡海岩; 胡松年; 王广策; 彭光; 孙松


    In 2008,a green tide broke out before the sailing competition of the 29th Olympic Games in Qingdao.The causative species was determined to be Enteromorpha prolifera (Ulva prolifera O.F.Müller),a familiar green macroalga along the coastline of China.Rapid accumulation of a large biomass of floating U.prolifera prompted research on different aspects of this species.In this study,we constructed a nonnormalized cDNA library from the thalli of U.prolifera and acquired 10 072 high-quality expressed sequence tags ...

  15. Library Training to Promote Electronic Resource Usage

    Frandsen, Tove Faber; Tibyampansha, Dativa; Ibrahim, Glory


    Purpose: Increasing the usage of electronic resources is an issue of concern for many libraries all over the world. Several studies stress the importance of information literacy and instruction in order to increase the usage. Design/methodology/approach: The present article presents the results...

  16. Reviewing the Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference

    Tijerina, Bonnie


    The third Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) conference gathered at Georgia Institute of Technology's Global Learning and Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, March 18-21, 2008. Over 360 attendees, from six countries and from 80% of the United States, represented their libraries and organizations resulting in a diverse and…

  17. Making sense of the electronic resource marketplace: trends in health-related electronic resources.

    Blansit, B D; Connor, E


    Changes in the practice of medicine and technological developments offer librarians unprecedented opportunities to select and organize electronic resources, use the Web to deliver content throughout the organization, and improve knowledge at the point of need. The confusing array of available products, access routes, and pricing plans makes it difficult to anticipate the needs of users, identify the top resources, budget effectively, make sound collection management decisions, and organize the resources effectively and seamlessly. The electronic resource marketplace requires much vigilance, considerable patience, and continuous evaluation. There are several strategies that librarians can employ to stay ahead of the electronic resource curve, including taking advantage of free trials from publishers; marketing free trials and involving users in evaluating new products; watching and testing products marketed to the clientele; agreeing to beta test new products and services; working with aggregators or republishers; joining vendor advisory boards; benchmarking institutional resources against five to eight competitors; and forming or joining a consortium for group negotiating and purchasing. This article provides a brief snapshot of leading biomedical resources; showcases several libraries that have excelled in identifying, acquiring, and organizing electronic resources; and discusses strategies and trends of potential interest to biomedical librarians, especially those working in hospital settings.

  18. Optimization study on the hydrogen peroxide pretreatment and production of bioethanol from seaweed Ulva prolifera biomass.

    Li, Yinping; Cui, Jiefen; Zhang, Gaoli; Liu, Zhengkun; Guan, Huashi; Hwang, Hueymin; Aker, Winfred G; Wang, Peng


    The seaweed Ulva prolifera, distributed in inter-tidal zones worldwide, contains a large percentage of cellulosic materials. The technical feasibility of using U. prolifera residue (UPR) obtained after extraction of polysaccharides as a renewable energy resource was investigated. An environment-friendly and economical pretreatment process was conducted using hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide pretreatment improved the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis. The resulting yield of reducing sugar reached a maximum of 0.42g/g UPR under the optimal pretreatment condition (hydrogen peroxide 0.2%, 50°C, pH 4.0, 12h). The rate of conversion of reducing sugar in the concentrated hydrolysates to bioethanol reached 31.4% by Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation, which corresponds to 61.7% of the theoretical maximum yield. Compared with other reported traditional processes on Ulva biomass, the reducing sugar and bioethanol yield are substantially higher. Thus, hydrogen peroxide pretreatment is an effective enhancement of the process of bioethanol production from the seaweed U. prolifera.

  19. Electronic resource management systems a workflow approach

    Anderson, Elsa K


    To get to the bottom of a successful approach to Electronic Resource Management (ERM), Anderson interviewed staff at 11 institutions about their ERM implementations. Among her conclusions, presented in this issue of Library Technology Reports, is that grasping the intricacies of your workflow-analyzing each step to reveal the gaps and problems-at the beginning is crucial to selecting and implementing an ERM. Whether the system will be used to fill a gap, aggregate critical data, or replace a tedious manual process, the best solution for your library depends on factors such as your current soft

  20. Electronic Resource Management System. Vernetzung von Lizenzinformationen

    Michaela Selbach


    Full Text Available In den letzten zehn Jahren spielen elektronische Ressourcen im Bereich der Erwerbung eine zunehmend wichtige Rolle: Eindeutig lässt sich hier ein Wandel in den Bibliotheken (fort vom reinen Printbestand zu immer größeren E-Only-Beständen feststellen. Die stetig wachsende Menge an E-Ressourcen und deren Heterogenität stellt Bibliotheken vor die Herausforderung, die E-Ressourcen effizient zu verwalten. Nicht nur Bibliotheken, sondern auch verhandlungsführende Institutionen von Konsortial- und Allianzlizenzen benötigen ein geeignetes Instrument zur Verwaltung von Lizenzinformationen, welches den komplexen Anforderungen moderner E-Ressourcen gerecht wird. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG unterstützt ein Projekt des Hochschulbibliothekszentrums des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (hbz, der Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg, der Verbundzentrale des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes (GBV und der Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt, in dem ein bundesweit verfügbares Electronic Ressource Managementsystem (ERMS aufgebaut werden soll. Ein solches ERMS soll auf Basis einer zentralen Knowledge Base eine einheitliche Nutzung von Daten zur Lizenzverwaltung elektronischer Ressourcen auf lokaler, regionaler und nationaler Ebene ermöglichen. Statistische Auswertungen, Rechteverwaltung für alle angeschlossenen Bibliotheken, kooperative Datenpflege sowie ein über standardisierte Schnittstellen geführter Datenaustausch stehen bei der Erarbeitung der Anforderungen ebenso im Fokus wie die Entwicklung eines Daten- und Funktionsmodells. In the last few years the importance of electronic resources in library acquisitions has increased significantly. There has been a shift from mere print holdings to both e- and print combinations and even e-only subscriptions. This shift poses a double challenge for libraries: On the one hand they have to provide their e-resource collections to library users in an appealing way, on the other hand they have to manage these

  1. Utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff at ...

    Utilization of electronic information resources by academic staff at Makerere University. ... AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE (AJOL) · Journals · Advanced Search ... It examined the academic staff awareness of the resources available, the types ...

  2. A microfluidic chip for studying the reproduction of Enteromorpha prolifera.

    Xu, Zhixuan; Liu, Qi; Zhang, Xinlian; Huang, Xuxiong; He, Peimin; Liu, Sixiu; Sui, Guodong


    In recent years, green tides caused by water eutrophication, has brought serious environmental problems. Enteromorpha prolifera (E. prolifera), an opportunistic macroalgae, is one of the main source contributing to the formation of green tides. It has been estimated that the excessive growth of E. prolifera is closely related to various reproductive ways of germ cells which are at the micrometer scale. Here we report a microfluidic device named Germ Cell Capture Chip (GCChip) to investigate the E. prolifera reproductive mechanism. GCChip integrates the functions of algal growing, and the release, capture and selective culture of germ cells. Automatic separation and capture of germ cells on the chip allows to study germ cells' response to different stimuli. The novel device greatly facilitates long-term live-cell imaging at cellular resolution and implements the rapid and accurate exchange of growth medium without manual intervention. Results showed that the starting time of germ cell releases were earlier on the chip than that of traditional experiments with more concentrated breakout. Moreover, GCChip can be widely applied on the study of other algae. The study of algae growth process, including the elongation of somatic cell, the generation, and the release of reproductive cells, can all be improved by using this microfluidic platform.

  3. Effectiveness Analysis of Electronic Resources at the Hacettepe University


    It is important to collect and analyze the usage data of electronic databases and periodicals in order to make policies regarding the composition, improvement and more extensive utilization of electronic resources of libraries. The aim of this study is to investigate how efficiently the full text accessible electronic resources of Hacettepe University Libraries are used. For this purpose the usage data obtained from COUNTER Software regarding the electronic databases to which Hacettepe Univer...

  4. The Study of Analytical Model of Library Electronic Resources Usage-A Case of Medical Electronic Resources

    Chung-Yen Yu; Jiann-Cherng Shieh


    With the advents of internet, the importance of electronic resources is growing. Due to the increasing expensiveness of electronic resources, university libraries normally received budgets from parent institutions annually. They necessarily applied effective and systematic methods for decision making in electronic resources purchase or re-subscription. However, there are some difficulties in practices: First of all, libraries are unable to receive user records; second, the COUNTER statistics ...

  5. The Role of the Acquisitions Librarian in Electronic Resources Management

    Pomerantz, Sarah B.


    With the ongoing shift to electronic formats for library resources, acquisitions librarians, like the rest of the profession, must adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of electronic resources by keeping up with trends and mastering new skills related to digital publishing, technology, and licensing. The author sought to know what roles…

  6. Electronic resources preferred by pediatric hospitalists for clinical care.

    Beck, Jimmy B; Tieder, Joel S


    There is little research on pediatric hospitalists' use of evidence-based resources. The aim of this study was to determine the electronic resources that pediatric hospitalists prefer. Using a web-based survey, the authors determined hospitalists' preferred electronic resources, as well as their attitudes toward lifelong learning, practice, and experience characteristics. One hundred sixteen hospitalists completed the survey. The most preferred resource for general information, patient handouts, and treatment was UpToDate. Online search engines were ranked second for general information and patient handouts. Pediatric hospitalists tend to utilize less rigorous electronic resources such as UpToDate and Google. These results can set a platform for discussing the quality of resources that pediatric hospitalists use.

  7. Senyawa Fenolik dari Daun Tanaman Kalanchoe prolifera (Crassulaceae

    Yenny Febriani Yun


    Full Text Available Phenolic compounds such as kaempferol (1, quercetin (2, and methyl caffeate (3 have been isolated from the ethyl acetate extract of Kalanchoe prolifera (Crassulaceae. The chemical structure of isolated compounds 1-3 were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidence (UV, IR, NMR and comparison with those compound previouly reported.DOI:  

  8. Cataloging and Indexing of Electronic Information Resources


    digital library, but it facilitates the exchange of these objects among digital libraries . METS provides an XML DTD that can point to metadata in other...International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). (2002). Digital Libraries : Metadata Resources. Retrieved May 3, 2002 from the

  9. Adoption and use of electronic information resources by medical ...

    ... were analysed with descriptive Statistics(Simple percentage and frequency count). ... for doing assignment, Google search, for personal development, and getting ... major problems encountered when using electronic Information Resources.

  10. Euler European Libraries and Electronic Resources in Mathematical Sciences

    The Euler Project. Karlsruhe

    The European Libraries and Electronic Resources (EULER) Project in Mathematical Sciences provides the EulerService site for searching out "mathematical resources such as books, pre-prints, web-pages, abstracts, proceedings, serials, technical reports preprints) and NetLab (for Internet resources), this outstanding engine is capable of simple, full, and refined searches. It also offers a browse option, which responds to entries in the author, keyword, and title fields. Further information about the Project is provided at the EULER homepage.

  11. Biosorption Behavior of Ciprofloxacin onto Enteromorpha prolifera: Isotherm and Kinetic Studies.

    Wu, Shaoling; Li, Yanhui; Zhao, Xindong; Du, Qiuju; Wang, Zonghua; Xia, Yanzhi; Xia, Linhua


    The studies aimed at the feasibility of using Enteromorpha prolifera for the removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions. Batch experiments were carried out for the biosorption of ciprofloxacin onto Enteromorpha prolifera. The factors affecting the biosorption process such as the initial concentration, dosage, pH and the contact time were studied. Enteromorpha prolifera exhibited a maximum biosorption capacity of 21.7 mg/g. The pseudo-second-order kinetic model described the ciprofloxacin biosorption process with a good fitting. The optimum pH of ciprofloxacin adsorbed by Enteromorpha prolifera was 10. Biosorption equilibrium studies demonstrated that the biosorption followed Freundlich isotherm model, which implied a heterogeneous biosorption phenomenon.

  12. Building an electronic resource collection a practical guide

    Lee, Stuart D


    This practical book guides information professionals step-by-step through building and managing an electronic resource collection. It outlines the range of electronic products currently available in abstracting and indexing, bibliographic, and other services and then describes how to effectively select, evaluate and purchase them.

  13. Why and How to Measure the Use of Electronic Resources

    Jean Bernon


    Full Text Available A complete overview of library activity implies a complete and reliable measurement of the use of both electronic resources and printed materials. This measurement is based on three sets of definitions: document types, use types and user types. There is a common model of definitions for printed materials, but a lot of questions and technical issues remain for electronic resources. In 2006 a French national working group studied these questions. It relied on the COUNTER standard, but found it insufficient and pointed out the need for local tools such as web markers and deep analysis of proxy logs. Within the French national consortium COUPERIN, a new working group is testing ERMS, SUSHI standards, Shibboleth authentication, along with COUNTER standards, to improve the counting of the electronic resources use. At this stage this counting is insufficient and its improvement will be a European challenge for the future.

  14. Access to electronic resources by visually impaired people

    Jenny Craven


    Full Text Available Research into access to electronic resources by visually impaired people undertaken by the Centre for Research in Library and Information Management has not only explored the accessibility of websites and levels of awareness in providing websites that adhere to design for all principles, but has sought to enhance understanding of information seeking behaviour of blind and visually impaired people when using digital resources.

  15. The Study of Analytical Model of Library Electronic Resources Usage-A Case of Medical Electronic Resources

    Chung-Yen Yu


    Full Text Available With the advents of internet, the importance of electronic resources is growing. Due to the increasing expensiveness of electronic resources, university libraries normally received budgets from parent institutions annually. They necessarily applied effective and systematic methods for decision making in electronic resources purchase or re-subscription. However, there are some difficulties in practices: First of all, libraries are unable to receive user records; second, the COUNTER statistics does not include details about users and their affiliation. As a result, one cannot conduct advanced user analysis based on the usage of users, institutions, and departments. To overcome the difficulties, this study presents a feasible model to analyze electronic resource usage effectively and flexibly. We set up a proxy server to collect actual usage raw data. By analyzing items in internet browsing records, associated with original library automatic system, this study aims at exploring how to use effective ways to analyze big data of website log data. We also propose the process of how original data to be transformed, cleared, integrated, and demonstrated. This study adopted a medical university library and its subscription of medical electronic resources as a case. Our data analysis includes (1 year of subscription,(2 title of journal, (3 affiliation, (4 subjects, and (5 specific journal requirements, etc. The findings of the study are contributed to obtain further understanding in policy making and user behavior analysis. The integrated data provides multiple applications in informatics research, information behavior, bibliomining, presenting diverse views and extended issues for further discussion.

  16. Practical guide to electronic resources in the humanities

    Dubnjakovic, Ana


    From full-text article databases to digitized collections of primary source materials, newly emerging electronic resources have radically impacted how research in the humanities is conducted and discovered. This book, covering high-quality, up-to-date electronic resources for the humanities, is an easy-to-use annotated guide for the librarian, student, and scholar alike. It covers online databases, indexes, archives, and many other critical tools in key humanities disciplines including philosophy, religion, languages and literature, and performing and visual arts. Succinct overviews of key eme

  17. Discipline, availability of electronic resources and the use of Finnish National Electronic Library - FinELib

    Sanna Torma


    Full Text Available This study elaborated relations between digital library use by university faculty, users' discipline and the availability of key resources in the Finnish National Electronic Library (FinELib, Finnish national digital library, by using nationwide representative survey data. The results show that the perceived availability of key electronic resources by researchers in FinELib was a stronger predictor of the frequency and purpose of use of its services than users' discipline. Regardless of discipline a good perceived provision of central resources led to a more frequent use of FinELib. The satisfaction with the services did not vary with the discipline, but with the perceived availability of resources.

  18. Providing Access to Electronic Information Resources in Further Education

    Banwell, Linda; Ray, Kathryn; Coulson, Graham; Urquhart, Christine; Lonsdale, Ray; Armstrong, Chris; Thomas, Rhian; Spink, Sin; Yeoman, Alison; Fenton, Roger; Rowley, Jennifer


    This article aims to provide a baseline for future studies on the provision and support for the use of digital or electronic information services (EIS) in further education. The analysis presented is based on a multi-level model of access, which encompasses access to and availability of information and communication technology (ICT) resources,…


    Olena Yu. Balalaieva


    Full Text Available The article investigates the current state of development of e-learning content in the Latin language. It is noted that the introduction of ICT in the educational space has expanded the possibility of studying Latin, opened access to digital libraries resources, made it possible to use scientific and educational potential and teaching Latin best practices of world's leading universities. A review of foreign and Ukrainian information resources and electronic editions for the study of Latin is given. Much attention was paid to the didactic potential of local and online multimedia courses of Latin, electronic textbooks, workbooks of interactive tests and exercises, various dictionaries and software translators, databases and digital libraries. Based on analysis of the world market of educational services and products the main trends in the development of information resources and electronic books are examined. It was found that multimedia courses with interactive exercises or workbooks with interactive tests, online dictionaries and translators are the most widely represented and demanded. The noticeable lagging of Ukrainian education and computer linguistics in quantitative and qualitative measures in this industry is established. The obvious drawback of existing Ukrainian resources and electronic editions for the study of Latin is their noninteractive nature. The prospects of e-learning content in Latin in Ukraine are outlined.

  20. Electronic Commerce Resource Centers. An Industry--University Partnership.

    Gulledge, Thomas R.; Sommer, Rainer; Tarimcilar, M. Murat


    Electronic Commerce Resource Centers focus on transferring emerging technologies to small businesses through university/industry partnerships. Successful implementation hinges on a strategic operating plan, creation of measurable value for customers, investment in customer-targeted training, and measurement of performance outputs. (SK)

  1. Student Satisfaction with Electronic Library Resources at Wayne State University

    Holley, Robert P.; Powell, Ronald R.


    This paper reports the results of a survey of student satisfaction with electronic library resources other than the online catalog at Wayne State University. Undertaken in Fall Term 2000 as a class project for a marketing course, a student team designed, administered, and analyzed a survey of a random sample of students. Almost 40% of the…

  2. Electronic Commerce Resource Centers. An Industry--University Partnership.

    Gulledge, Thomas R.; Sommer, Rainer; Tarimcilar, M. Murat


    Electronic Commerce Resource Centers focus on transferring emerging technologies to small businesses through university/industry partnerships. Successful implementation hinges on a strategic operating plan, creation of measurable value for customers, investment in customer-targeted training, and measurement of performance outputs. (SK)

  3. Technical Communicator: A New Model for the Electronic Resources Librarian?

    Hulseberg, Anna


    This article explores whether technical communicator is a useful model for electronic resources (ER) librarians. The fields of ER librarianship and technical communication (TC) originated and continue to develop in relation to evolving technologies. A review of the literature reveals four common themes for ER librarianship and TC. While the…

  4. Providing Access to Electronic Information Resources in Further Education

    Banwell, Linda; Ray, Kathryn; Coulson, Graham; Urquhart, Christine; Lonsdale, Ray; Armstrong, Chris; Thomas, Rhian; Spink, Sin; Yeoman, Alison; Fenton, Roger; Rowley, Jennifer


    This article aims to provide a baseline for future studies on the provision and support for the use of digital or electronic information services (EIS) in further education. The analysis presented is based on a multi-level model of access, which encompasses access to and availability of information and communication technology (ICT) resources,…

  5. Evaluating the appropriateness of electronic information resources for learning.

    Saparova, Dinara; Nolan, Nathanial S


    Current US medical students have begun to rely on electronic information repositories-such as UpToDate, AccessMedicine, and Wikipedia-for their pre-clerkship medical education. However, it is unclear whether these resources are appropriate for this level of learning due to factors involving information quality, level of evidence, and the requisite knowledgebase. This study evaluated appropriateness of electronic information resources from a novel perspective: amount of mental effort learners invest in interactions with these resources and effects of the experienced mental effort on learning. Eighteen first-year medical students read about three unstudied diseases in the above-mentioned resources (a total of fifty-four observations). Their eye movement characteristics (i.e., fixation duration, fixation count, visit duration, and task-evoked pupillary response) were recorded and used as psychophysiological indicators of the experienced mental effort. Post reading, students' learning was assessed with multiple-choice tests. Eye metrics and test results constituted quantitative data analyzed according to the repeated Latin square design. Students' perceptions of interacting with the information resources were also collected. Participants' feedback during semi-structured interviews constituted qualitative data and was reviewed, transcribed, and open coded for emergent themes. Compared to AccessMedicine and Wikipedia, UpToDate was associated with significantly higher values of eye metrics, suggesting learners experienced higher mental effort. No statistically significant difference between the amount of mental effort and learning outcomes was found. More so, descriptive statistical analysis of the knowledge test scores suggested similar levels of learning regardless of the information resource used. Judging by the learning outcomes, all three information resources were found appropriate for learning. UpToDate, however, when used alone, may be less appropriate for first

  6. Effect of temperature, salinity and irradiance on growth and photosynthesis of Ulva prolifera

    XIAO Jie; ZHANG Xiaohong; GAO Chunlei; JIANG Meijie; LI Ruixiang; WANG Zongling; LI Yan; FAN Shiliang; ZHANG Xuelei


    Intensive Pyropia aquaculture in the coast of southwestern Yellow Sea and its subsequent waste, including disposed Ulva prolifera, was speculated to be one of the major sources for the large-scale green tide proceeding in the Yellow Sea since 2007. It was, however, unclear how the detached U. prolifera responded and resumed growing after they detached from its original habitat. In this study, we investigated the growth and photosynthetic response of the detached U. prolifera to various temperature, salinity and irradiance in the laboratory. The photosynthetic rate of the detached U. prolifera was significantly higher at moderate temperature levels (14–27°C) and high salinity (26–32), with optimum at 23°C and 32. Both low (<14°C) and highest temperature (40°C), as well as low salinity (8) had adverse effects on the photosynthesis. Compared with the other Ulva species, U. prolifera showed higher saturated irradiance and no significant photoinhibition at high irradiance, indicating the great tolerance of U. prolifera to the high irradiance. The dense branch and complex structure of floating mats could help protect the thalli and reduce photoinhibition in field. Furthermore, temperature exerted a stronger influence on the growth rate of the detached U. prolifera compared to salinity. Overall, the high growth rate of this detached U. prolifera (10.6%–16.7% d–1) at a wide range of temperature (5–32°C) and salinity (14–32) implied its blooming tendency with fluctuated salinity and temperature during floating. The environmental parameters in the southwestern Yellow Sea at the beginning of green tide were coincident with the optimal conditions for the detached U. prolifera.


    Anatoliy V. Loban


    Full Text Available The mathematical structure of the modular architecture of an electronic educational resource (EER of new generation, which allows to decompose the process of studying the subjects of the course at a hierarchically ordered set of data (knowledge and procedures for manipulating them, to determine the roles of participants of process of training of and technology the development and use of EOR in the study procrate.

  8. Evaluating increased resource use in fibromyalgia using electronic health records

    Margolis JM


    Full Text Available Jay M Margolis,1 Elizabeth T Masters,2 Joseph C Cappelleri,3 David M Smith,1 Steven Faulkner4 1Truven Health Analytics, Life Sciences, Outcomes Research, Bethesda, MD, 2Pfizer Inc, Outcomes & Evidence, New York, NY, 3Pfizer Inc, Statistics, Groton, CT, 4Pfizer Inc, North American Medical Affairs, Medical Outcomes Specialists, St Louis, MO, USA Objective: The management of fibromyalgia (FM, a chronic musculoskeletal disease, remains challenging, and patients with FM are often characterized by high health care resource utilization. This study sought to explore potential drivers of all-cause health care resource utilization and other factors associated with high resource use, using a large electronic health records (EHR database to explore data from patients diagnosed with FM. Methods: This was a retrospective analysis of de-identified EHR data from the Humedica database. Adults (≥18 years with FM were identified based on ≥2 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision codes for FM (729.1 ≥30 days apart between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2012 and were required to have evidence of ≥12 months continuous care pre- and post-index; first FM diagnosis was the index event; 12-month pre- and post-index reporting periods. Multivariable analysis evaluated relationships between variables and resource utilization. Results: Patients were predominantly female (81.4%, Caucasian (87.7%, with a mean (standard deviation age of 54.4 (14.8 years. The highest health care resource utilization was observed for the categories of “medication orders” and “physician office visits,” with 12-month post-index means of 21.2 (21.5 drug orders/patient and 15.1 (18.1 office visits/patient; the latter accounted for 73.3% of all health care visits. Opioids were the most common prescription medication, 44.3% of all patients. The chance of high resource use was significantly increased (P<0.001 26% among African-Americans vs Caucasians and for patients

  9. Online Electronic Resources and Slovenian Bibliography: a Case Study

    Daniela Škerget


    Full Text Available AbstractConsidering the fact that the number of publications available online only is growing, the question whether to include online electronic resources into the Slovenian bibliography, and if so, in which way, and what are the requirements for the inclusion, is raised. To answer these questions, the research on the growth of the Slovenian online scientific production in comparison with production in printed form was conducted in the case of original scientific articles. Results showed a rapid growth of the number of original scientific articles available online only, which indicates the necessity to form a separate Slovenian bibliography of online resources. The selection criteria for the Slovenian bibliography of online resources are also presented. This kind of bibliography would, along with the informational value, add to the historical value of intellectual production in a given time frame, enriched with a link to the resource preserved in another location (archive, repository, in case of unavailability of the resource on its original location.

  10. Potential utilization of anaerobic fermentation sludge of Enteromorpha prolifera%浒苔厌氧发酵产气剩余污泥利用技术研究

    李丰; 李秀辰; 张国琛; 牟晨晓; 巩学敏


    研究了浒苔(Enteromorpha prolifera)厌氧发酵产气剩余污泥的预处理、成形和干燥加工方法,并对剩余污泥的营养成分进行了测定与分析.成形后的浒苔厌氧发酵产气剩余污泥颗粒,经过60℃热风干燥70min,终产品含水量可降至13%以下,而且污泥颗粒中的有机质、全钾(K)和全磷(P)含量分别达到55.68%、2.72%和0.048%.污泥颗粒保形好,表面质量高,浒苔厌氧发酵产气剩余污泥是机肥料生成的优质原料.%Anaerobic fermentation sludge of biomass is rich in nutrition and active materials, and it is a resource of high development value. This study investigates the pretreatment, pelletizing and drying methods of sludge which comes from the anaerobic fermentation of Enteromorpha prolifera, and analyzes the nutritional components of the sludge. The formed sludge pellets from anaerobic fermentation of Enteromorpha prolifera goes through 70 min hot air drying at 60^ , becomes the final products with moisture content of blow 13% , and the organic matter, total phosphorus and total potassium in the sludge pellets reach to 55. 68% , 2. 72% and 0.048% , respectively. In addition, the sludge pellets keep a good shape and high surface quality. The sludge from anaerobic fermentation of Enteromorpha prolifera is accordingly high-quality raw material for organic fertilizer production.

  11. Journals, Data and Abstracts Make an Integrated Electronic Resource

    Boyce, P.


    Astronomy now has an integrated, Web-based information resource for research papers, data and bibliographic information. The major scholarly research journals, a comprehensive abstract service and the astronomical data centers are now linked together to provide an information resource which is not available to most other scientific disciplines. As of January, 1997, the Astrophysical Journal joins the ApJ Letters on the Web. Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplements now has a page image version. Elsevier's electronic journal New Astronomy has recently made its appearance. Over forty percent of the new peer-reviewed, astronomical literature is now available electronically. The main Astronomy and Astrophysics journal, the Astronomical Journal and others will be available by 1998, at which point ninety percent of the literature will be available electronically, a figure not approached by any other scientific discipline. With so many different sources, one of the challenges has been to integrate the on-line, peer-reviewed literature into a resource which serves the astronomical community in a unified and coherent manner. Following the lead of the AAS, the major publishers have chosen to rely upon the NASA-supported Astrophysics Data System (ADS) and the astronomical data centers to provide the means by which the various separate journals can interoperate. The data centers and the ADS have developed unique identification codes for journal articles. By adopting the existing standard "bibcodes" and integrating them into their WWW links, each of the major astronomical journals are able to link to the abstracts of most of the referenced articles. Since the ADS also serves as an on-line repository for page images of the past twenty years of the major astronomical journals, the full text of many of the referenced articles are available, too. The articles in the ADS have recently been linked through their references, both forward and backward in time. With the "bibcode" providing

  12. Analysis of Human Resources Management Strategy in China Electronic Commerce Enterprises

    Shao, Fang

    The paper discussed electronic-commerce's influence on enterprise human resources management, proposed and proved the human resources management strategy which electronic commerce enterprise should adopt from recruitment strategy to training strategy, keeping talent strategy and other ways.

  13. Resources

    ... resources Alzheimer's - resources Anorexia nervosa - resources Arthritis - resources Asthma and allergy - resources Autism - resources Blindness - resources BPH - resources Breastfeeding - resources Bulimia - resources Burns - resources Cancer - resources Cerebral ...

  14. Discipline, Availability of Electronic Resources and the Use of Finnish National Electronic Library-- FinELib

    Törmä, Sanna; Vakkari, Pertti


    This study elaborated relations between digital library use by university faculty, users' discipline and the availability of key resources in the Finnish National Electronic Library (FinELib), Finnish national digital library, by using nationwide representative survey data. The results show that the perceived availability of key electronic…

  15. End-of-life resource recovery from emerging electronic products

    Parajuly, Keshav; Habib, Komal; Cimpan, Ciprian


    of emerging electronic product, in order to understand the recovery fate of different materials and its linkage to product design. Ten different brands of RVC were dismantled and their material composition and design profiles were studied. Another 125 RVCs (349 kg) were used for an experimental trial......Integrating product design with appropriate end-of-life (EoL) processing is widely recognized to have huge potentials in improving resource recovery from electronic products. In this study, we investigate both the product characteristics and EoL processing of robotic vacuum cleaner (RVC), as a case...... at a conventional ‘shred-and-separate’ type preprocessing plant in Denmark. A detailed material flow analysis was performed throughout the recycling chain. The results show a mismatch between product design and EoL processing, and the lack of practical implementation of ‘Design for EoL’ thinking. In the best...

  16. Electronic Resources and Mission Creep: Reorganizing the Library for the Twenty-First Century

    Stachokas, George


    The position of electronic resources librarian was created to serve as a specialist in the negotiation of license agreements for electronic resources, but mission creep has added more functions to the routine work of electronic resources such as cataloging, gathering information for collection development, and technical support. As electronic…

  17. Effects of Electronic Information Resources Skills Training for Lecturers on Pedagogical Practices and Research Productivity

    Bhukuvhani, Crispen; Chiparausha, Blessing; Zuvalinyenga, Dorcas


    Lecturers use various electronic resources at different frequencies. The university library's information literacy skills workshops and seminars are the main sources of knowledge of accessing electronic resources. The use of electronic resources can be said to have positively affected lecturers' pedagogical practices and their work in general. The…

  18. Electronic Document Management: A Human Resource Management Case Study

    Thomas Groenewald


    Full Text Available This case study serve as exemplar regarding what can go wrong with the implementation of an electronic document management system. Knowledge agility and knowledge as capital, is outlined against the backdrop of the information society and knowledge economy. The importance of electronic document management and control is sketched thereafter. The literature review is concluded with the impact of human resource management on knowledge agility, which includes references to the learning organisation and complexity theory. The intervention methodology, comprising three phases, follows next. The results of the three phases are presented thereafter. Partial success has been achieved with improving the human efficacy of electronic document management, however the client opted to discontinue the system in use. Opsomming Die gevalle studie dien as voorbeeld van wat kan verkeerd loop met die implementering van ’n elektroniese dokumentbestuur sisteem. Teen die agtergrond van die inligtingsgemeenskap en kennishuishouding word kennissoepelheid en kennis as kapitaal bespreek. Die literatuurstudie word afgesluit met die inpak van menslikehulpbronbestuur op kennissoepelheid, wat ook die verwysings na die leerorganisasie en kompleksietydsteorie insluit. Die metodologie van die intervensie, wat uit drie fases bestaan, volg daarna. Die resultate van die drie fases word vervolgens aangebied. Slegs gedeelte welslae is behaal met die verbetering van die menslike doeltreffendheid ten opsigte van elektroniese dokumentbestuur. Die klient besluit egter om nie voort te gaan om die huidige sisteem te gebruik nie.

  19. Pyrolytic characteristics and kinetics of the marine green tide macroalgae, Enteromorpha prolifera

    ZHAO Hui; YAN Huaxiao; LIU Ming; ZHANG Congwang; QIN Song


    The marine macroalgae Enteromorpha prolifera was one of the main algal genera that occurred in the widespread green tides in Qingdao,China,during the summers of 2007,2008 and 2010.It is thus a plentiful source of biomass and could be used as a biofuel.In this study,the pyrolytic characteristics and kinetics of E.prolifera were investigated using thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)method.Cornstalk and sawdust were used as comparisons.Pyrolytic characteristics were studied using TG-DTG (thermogravimetry-derivative thermogravimetry) curves.Three stages in the pyrolytic process were determined:dehydration,dramatic weight loss and slow weight loss.E.prolifera was pyrolyzed at a lower initial temperature than the two terrestrial biomass forms.The apparent activation energy values for the three types of biomass were calculated and the mechanism functions were determined using 16 different mechanism functions,frequently used in thermal kinetics analysis.Activation energy values varied with mechanism function and the range of activation energy values for E.prolifera,cornstalk,and sawdust were 25-50 kJ/mol,60-90 kJ/mol and 120-155 kJ/mol,respectively.This indicates that E.prolifera has low thermal stability for pyrolysis and good combustion chaxacteristics.

  20. Ulva prolifera monitoring by GF-1 wide field-of-view sensor data

    Liang, Wenxiu; Li, Junsheng; Zhou, Demin; Shen, Qian; Zhang, Fangfang; Zhang, Haobin


    Ulva prolifera, a kind of green macroalgae, is nontoxic itself, however, its bloom has bad effects on the marine environment, coastal scene, water sports and seashore tourism. Monitoring of the Ulva prolifera by remote sensing technology has the advantages of wide coverage, rapidness, low cost and dynamic monitoring over a long period of time. The GF-1 satellite was launched in April 2013, which provides a new suitable remote sensing data source for monitoring the Ulva prolifera. At present, segmenting image with a threshold is the most widely used method in Ulva prolifera extraction by remote sensing data, because it is simple and easy to operate. However, the threshold value is obtained through visual analysis or using a fixed statistical value, and could not be got automatically. Facing this problem, we proposed a new method, which can obtain the segmentation threshold automatically based on the local maximum gradient value. This method adopted the average NDVI value of local maximum gradient points as the threshold, and could get an appropriate segmentation threshold automatically for each image. The preliminary results showed that this method works well in monitoring Ulva prolifera by GF-1 WFV data.

  1. Comparison of Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis Parameters of Floating and Attached Ulva prolifera

    Apeng Lin; Songdong Shen; Guangce Wang; Qianqian Yi; Hongjin Qiao; Jianfeng Niu; Guanghua Pan


    (Chlorophyta,Ulvales)thalli struck the coastal area of Qingdao,China.To understand the present physiological conditions of the floating alga,in this work both laboratory and field inVestigations were conducted on the floating U.prolifera thalli in comparison with the attached U.prolifera thalli collected from the area.The floating thalli of three distinctively different colors and attached thalli at three different stages of sporangium formation process were characterized under a microscope,while their photosynthetic parameters were determined with chlorophyll fluorescence technology.On the other hand,the sporangium formation status of the floating U.prolifera thalli was surveyed both in the Iaboratory and in the field.Comparisons showed that both of the paired morphological characteristics and the paired physiological parameters of the floating and attached U.prolifera thalli were consistent.Furthermore,some spores were confirmed in the field and some motile particles were found within the floating thalli.These results suggest that the floating U.prolifera thalli with different colors could be at different stages of sporangium formation.However,our results also showed that the floating alga thalli have only a limited reproductive potential.This might limit the duration and the further geographic expansion of the green algal bloom.

  2. Influence of nutrients pollution on the growth and organic matter output of Ulva prolifera in the southern Yellow Sea, China.

    Zhou, Yuping; Tan, Liju; Pang, Qiuting; Li, Feng; Wang, Jiangtao


    The influence of nutrients on the growth of Ulva prolifera was studied in the SYS by field experiments. The wet weight of U. prolifera gradiently increased from 11.94% to 25.92% in proportion to contents of DIN supply, which indicated DIN content was essentially decisive for the output of U. prolifera blooms. Continuous nutrient supply could promote the growth of U. prolifera, indicated by the increase of growth rate from 10.46% of the batch culture to 42.17% of the in situ culture. The higher P utilized rate in all treatments showed P was the potential limited factor for the growth of U. prolifera. Moreover, it was calculated about 4.1×10(5)t organic matter was begot by U. prolifera in the whole Yellow Sea based on the statistical relationship between output of U. prolifera and DIN content. This work could be convenient to evaluate biomass and prepare enough tools to manage U. prolifera.

  3. Comparative study of the germination of Ulva prolifera gametes on various substrates

    Geng, Huixia; Yan, Tian; Zhou, Mingjiang; Liu, Qing


    Since 2007, massive green tides have occurred every summer in the southern Yellow Sea (YS), China. They have caused severe ecological consequences and huge economic losses. Ulva prolifera originated from Subei Shoal of the YS was confirmed as causative species of the green tides. The Porphyra yezoensis aquaculture rafts in the Subei Shoal have been highly suspected to be the "seed bed" of the green tides, because U. prolifera abundantly fouled the Porphyra yezoensis aquaculture facilities. Besides, various habitats of aquaculture ponds along the Jiangsu coastline and mudflat in the Subei Shoal were proposed to be possible sources of green tides. To understand the "seed" of the green tides in the southern YS and mitigate the original biomass of the green tide, various materials used as substrates for the germination of U. prolifera gametes were tested in this study. Culture experiments showed the following: 1) materials used in the P. yezoensis rafts (plastic, bamboo, jute rope, plastic rope, nylon netting, and plastic netting) displayed a significantly higher germination rate than those associated with mudflats and aquaculture ponds (mud, sand and rock); 2) plastics were the best substrates for the germination of U. prolifera gametes; 3) poor germination was found on old fronds of U. prolifera,, and rubber showed inhibitory effect on germination. The success in germination on P. yezoensis rafts related materials supports the notion that these mariculture structures may be involved in acting as a seed bed for green tide macroalgae. The lack of germination on rubber surfaces may suggest one way to limit the proliferation of early stages of U. prolifera.

  4. Genetic diversity of Ulva prolifera population in Qingdao coastal water during the green algal blooms revealed by microsatellite.

    Li, Yue; Huang, Hong-Jia; Li, Hongye; Liu, Jiesheng; Yang, Weidong


    Green tides have occurred in Qingdao coast in China for seven consecutive years from 2007 to 2013. To provide information on the genetic structure of these blooms, 210 free-floating green algae samples isolated from the green tide in Qingdao coast on June 19, 2013 were identified based on the ITS, rbcL and 5S sequence, and genetic diversity was investigated by microsatellite markers. According to ITS, rbcL and 5S sequence, all the 210 samples belonged to Ulva prolifera. Nei's genetic diversity and Shannon index estimated using eight microsatellite markers indicated that the genetic diversity of U. prolifera population within Qingdao's green bloom in 2013 was low. Taking into account previous reports about life history and physiology of U. prolifera, we proposed that the limited origin area of the free-floating biomass and asexual reproduction of U. prolifera might be responsible for the lower diversity of free floating U. prolifera.

  5. Electronic Safety Resource Tools -- Supporting Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Commercialization

    Barilo, Nick F.


    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Hydrogen Safety Program conducted a planning session in Los Angeles, CA on April 1, 2014 to consider what electronic safety tools would benefit the next phase of hydrogen and fuel cell commercialization. A diverse, 20-person team led by an experienced facilitator considered the question as it applied to the eight most relevant user groups. The results and subsequent evaluation activities revealed several possible resource tools that could greatly benefit users. The tool identified as having the greatest potential for impact is a hydrogen safety portal, which can be the central location for integrating and disseminating safety information (including most of the tools identified in this report). Such a tool can provide credible and reliable information from a trustworthy source. Other impactful tools identified include a codes and standards wizard to guide users through a series of questions relating to application and specific features of the requirements; a scenario-based virtual reality training for first responders; peer networking tools to bring users from focused groups together to discuss and collaborate on hydrogen safety issues; and a focused tool for training inspectors. Table ES.1 provides results of the planning session, including proposed new tools and changes to existing tools.

  6. Controlling user access to electronic resources without password

    Smith, Fred Hewitt


    Described herein are devices and techniques for remotely controlling user access to a restricted computer resource. The process includes pre-determining an association of the restricted computer resource and computer-resource-proximal environmental information. Indicia of user-proximal environmental information are received from a user requesting access to the restricted computer resource. Received indicia of user-proximal environmental information are compared to associated computer-resource-proximal environmental information. User access to the restricted computer resource is selectively granted responsive to a favorable comparison in which the user-proximal environmental information is sufficiently similar to the computer-resource proximal environmental information. In at least some embodiments, the process further includes comparing user-supplied biometric measure and comparing it with a predetermined association of at least one biometric measure of an authorized user. Access to the restricted computer resource is granted in response to a favorable comparison.

  7. Multi-sensor monitoring of Ulva prolifera blooms in the Yellow Sea using different methods

    Xu, Qing; Zhang, Hongyuan; Cheng, Yongcun


    The massive Ulva (U.) prolifera bloom in the Yellow Sea was first observed and reported in summer of 2008. After that, the green tide event occurred every year and influenced coastal areas of Jiangsu and Shandong provinces of China. Satellite remote sensing plays an important role in monitoring the floating macroalgae. In this paper, U. prolifera patches are detected from quasisynchronous satellite images with different spatial resolution, i.e., Aqua MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), HJ-1A/B (China Small Satellite Constellation for Environment and Disaster Monitoring and Forecasting), CCD (Charge-Coupled Device), Landsat 8 OLI (Operational Land Imager), and ENVISAT (Environmental Satellite) ASAR (Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar) images. Two comparative experiments are performed to explore the U. prolifera monitoring abilities by different data using detection methods such as NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) with different thresholds. Results demonstrate that spatial resolution is an important factor affecting the extracted area of the floating macroalgae. Due to the complexity of Case II sea water characteristics in the Yellow Sea, a fixed threshold NDVI method is not suitable for U. prolifera monitoring. A method with adaptive ability in time and space, e.g., the threshold selection method proposed by Otsu (1979), is needed here to obtain accurate information on the floating macroalgae.

  8. Nederlandse Kranswieren 2. Boomglanswieren – Groot boomglanswier [Tolypella prolifera (Ziz ex A. Braun) Leonhardi

    Raam, van J.C.; Maier, E.X.


    A characteristic species of small ephemeric waters in the Dutch riverclay area is Tolypella prolifera. The distribution of this species is most likely restricted to Europe, with an optimal occurrence in the Netherlands. Due to the pollution of the river Rhine many localities of this species have dis

  9. The Internet School of Medicine: use of electronic resources by medical trainees and the reliability of those resources.

    Egle, Jonathan P; Smeenge, David M; Kassem, Kamal M; Mittal, Vijay K


    Electronic sources of medical information are plentiful, and numerous studies have demonstrated the use of the Internet by patients and the variable reliability of these sources. Studies have investigated neither the use of web-based resources by residents, nor the reliability of the information available on these websites. A web-based survey was distributed to surgical residents in Michigan and third- and fourth-year medical students at an American allopathic and osteopathic medical school and a Caribbean allopathic school regarding their preferred sources of medical information in various situations. A set of 254 queries simulating those faced by medical trainees on rounds, on a written examination, or during patient care was developed. The top 5 electronic resources cited by the trainees were evaluated for their ability to answer these questions accurately, using standard textbooks as the point of reference. The respondents reported a wide variety of overall preferred resources. Most of the 73 responding medical trainees favored textbooks or board review books for prolonged studying, but electronic resources are frequently used for quick studying, clinical decision-making questions, and medication queries. The most commonly used electronic resources were UpToDate, Google, Medscape, Wikipedia, and Epocrates. UpToDate and Epocrates had the highest percentage of correct answers (47%) and Wikipedia had the lowest (26%). Epocrates also had the highest percentage of wrong answers (30%), whereas Google had the lowest percentage (18%). All resources had a significant number of questions that they were unable to answer. Though hardcopy books have not been completely replaced by electronic resources, more than half of medical students and nearly half of residents prefer web-based sources of information. For quick questions and studying, both groups prefer Internet sources. However, the most commonly used electronic resources fail to answer clinical queries more than half

  10. On the recurrent Ulva prolifera blooms in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea

    Hu, Chuanmin; Li, Daqiu; Chen, Changsheng; Ge, Jianzhong; Muller-Karger, Frank E.; Liu, Junpeng; Yu, Feng; He, Ming-Xia


    A massive bloom of the green macroalgae Ulva prolifera (previously known as Enteromorpha prolifera) occurred in June 2008 in the Yellow Sea (YS), resulting in perhaps the largest "green tide" event in history. Using a novel index (Floating Algae Index) and multiresolution remote sensing data from MODIS and Landsat, we show that U. prolifera patches appeared nearly every year between April and July 2000-2009 in the YS and/or East China Sea (ECS), which all originated from the nearshore Subei Bank. A finite volume numerical circulation model, driven by realistic forcing and boundary conditions, confirmed this finding. Analysis of meteorological/environmental data and information related to local aquaculture activities strongly supports the hypothesis that the recurrent U. prolifera in the YS and ECS resulted from aquaculture of the seaweed Porphyra yezoensis (or nori) conducted along the 200 km shoreline of the Subei Bank north of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River mouth. Given the continuous growth in aquaculture efforts in the region, similar macroalgae bloom events, such as the summer 2008 event, are likely to occur in the future, particularly between May and July. This was confirmed by the 2009 bloom event in the same regions and the same period. The profit of the local P. yezoensis aquaculture industry (˜16,000 Ha in 2007) is estimated as U.S. 53 million, yet the cost to manage the impact of the summer 2008 U. prolifera bloom exceeded U.S. 100 million. Therefore, better strategies are required to balance the economic benefit of seaweed aquaculture and the costs of environmental impacts.

  11. Developing Humanities Collections in the Digital Age: Exploring Humanities Faculty Engagement with Electronic and Print Resources

    Kachaluba, Sarah Buck; Brady, Jessica Evans; Critten, Jessica


    This article is based on quantitative and qualitative research examining humanities scholars' understandings of the advantages and disadvantages of print versus electronic information resources. It explores how humanities' faculty members at Florida State University (FSU) use print and electronic resources, as well as how they perceive these…

  12. Developing Humanities Collections in the Digital Age: Exploring Humanities Faculty Engagement with Electronic and Print Resources

    Kachaluba, Sarah Buck; Brady, Jessica Evans; Critten, Jessica


    This article is based on quantitative and qualitative research examining humanities scholars' understandings of the advantages and disadvantages of print versus electronic information resources. It explores how humanities' faculty members at Florida State University (FSU) use print and electronic resources, as well as how they perceive these…

  13. Electronic resource management practical perspectives in a new technical services model

    Elguindi, Anne


    A significant shift is taking place in libraries, with the purchase of e-resources accounting for the bulk of materials spending. Electronic Resource Management makes the case that technical services workflows need to make a corresponding shift toward e-centric models and highlights the increasing variety of e-formats that are forcing new developments in the field.Six chapters cover key topics, including: technical services models, both past and emerging; staffing and workflow in electronic resource management; implementation and transformation of electronic resource management systems; the ro

  14. Strategic Planning for Electronic Resources Management: A Case Study at Gustavus Adolphus College

    Hulseberg, Anna; Monson, Sarah


    Electronic resources, the tools we use to manage them, and the needs and expectations of our users are constantly evolving; at the same time, the roles, responsibilities, and workflow of the library staff who manage e-resources are also in flux. Recognizing a need to be more intentional and proactive about how we manage e-resources, the…

  15. Strategic Planning for Electronic Resources Management: A Case Study at Gustavus Adolphus College

    Hulseberg, Anna; Monson, Sarah


    Electronic resources, the tools we use to manage them, and the needs and expectations of our users are constantly evolving; at the same time, the roles, responsibilities, and workflow of the library staff who manage e-resources are also in flux. Recognizing a need to be more intentional and proactive about how we manage e-resources, the…

  16. The Relevancy of Graduate Curriculum to Human Resource Professionals' Electronic Communication.

    Hoell, Robert C.; Henry, Gordon O.


    Electronic communications of human resource professionals and the content of 23 university human resource management courses were categorized using the Human Resource Certification Institute's body of knowledge. Differences between proportion of topics discussed and topics covered in curricula suggest some topics are over- or undertaught.…

  17. 2015 Utilization of Electronic Information Resources in Ramat ...

    intensely powerful and has permeated all segments and ... Web (WWW) and the internet to make information more accessible. On the other ... access points on the campus and computer literacy is till .... resources are often faster to consult than.

  18. Remote Electronic Resources and the OPAC: Illustrated by the Unisa Library Experience.

    Van der Merwe, Ina; Van Eeden, Welna; Hartzer, Sandra

    This paper describes the Unisa (University of South Africa) Library's experience with cataloging remote electronic resources, including electronic journals, electronic text files, online databases, digital images, Unisa campus Web sites, and mailing list discussions. The first section discusses the decision to add bibliographic references for…

  19. Controlling user access to electronic resources without password

    Smith, Fred Hewitt


    Described herein are devices and techniques for remotely controlling user access to a restricted computer resource. The process includes obtaining an image from a communication device of a user. An individual and a landmark are identified within the image. Determinations are made that the individual is the user and that the landmark is a predetermined landmark. Access to a restricted computing resource is granted based on the determining that the individual is the user and that the landmark is the predetermined landmark. Other embodiments are disclosed.

  20. Allelopathic interactions between the opportunistic species Ulva prolifera and the native macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides.

    Xu, Dong; Gao, Zhengquan; Zhang, Xiaowen; Fan, Xiao; Wang, Yitao; Li, Demao; Wang, Wei; Zhuang, Zhimeng; Ye, Naihao


    Allelopathy, one type of direct plant competition, can be a potent mechanism through which plant communities are structured. The aim of this study was to determine whether allelopathic interactions occur between the opportunistic green tide-forming species Ulva prolifera and the native macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides, both of which were collected from the coastline of East China sea. In laboratory experiments, the presence of G. lichvoides at 1.25 g wet weight L(-1) significantly inhibited growth and photosynthesis of U. prolifera at concentrations of 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 g wet weight L(-1) (p0.05). Culture medium experiments further confirmed that some allelochemicals may be released by both of the tested macroalgae, and these could account for the observed physiological inhibition of growth and photosynthesis. Moreover, the native macroalgae G. lichvoides was a stronger competitor than the opportunistic species U. prolifera. Collectively, the results of the present study represent a significant advance in exploring ecological questions about the effects of green tide blooms on the macroalgal community.

  1. Allelopathic interactions between the opportunistic species Ulva prolifera and the native macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides.

    Dong Xu

    Full Text Available Allelopathy, one type of direct plant competition, can be a potent mechanism through which plant communities are structured. The aim of this study was to determine whether allelopathic interactions occur between the opportunistic green tide-forming species Ulva prolifera and the native macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides, both of which were collected from the coastline of East China sea. In laboratory experiments, the presence of G. lichvoides at 1.25 g wet weight L(-1 significantly inhibited growth and photosynthesis of U. prolifera at concentrations of 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 g wet weight L(-1 (p0.05. Culture medium experiments further confirmed that some allelochemicals may be released by both of the tested macroalgae, and these could account for the observed physiological inhibition of growth and photosynthesis. Moreover, the native macroalgae G. lichvoides was a stronger competitor than the opportunistic species U. prolifera. Collectively, the results of the present study represent a significant advance in exploring ecological questions about the effects of green tide blooms on the macroalgal community.

  2. Allelopathic Interactions between the Opportunistic Species Ulva prolifera and the Native Macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides

    Zhang, Xiaowen; Fan, Xiao; Wang, Yitao; Li, Demao; Wang, Wei; Zhuang, Zhimeng; Ye, Naihao


    Allelopathy, one type of direct plant competition, can be a potent mechanism through which plant communities are structured. The aim of this study was to determine whether allelopathic interactions occur between the opportunistic green tide-forming species Ulva prolifera and the native macroalga Gracilaria lichvoides, both of which were collected from the coastline of East China sea. In laboratory experiments, the presence of G. lichvoides at 1.25 g wet weight L−1 significantly inhibited growth and photosynthesis of U. prolifera at concentrations of 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 g wet weight L−1 (p0.05). Culture medium experiments further confirmed that some allelochemicals may be released by both of the tested macroalgae, and these could account for the observed physiological inhibition of growth and photosynthesis. Moreover, the native macroalgae G. lichvoides was a stronger competitor than the opportunistic species U. prolifera. Collectively, the results of the present study represent a significant advance in exploring ecological questions about the effects of green tide blooms on the macroalgal community. PMID:22496758

  3. An Evaluation of Electronic Product Design Education Using Hypermedia-Resourced Learning Environments

    Page, Tom; Thorsteinsson, Gisli


    The work outlined here provides a comprehensive report and formative observations of the development and implementation of hypermedia resources for learning and teaching used in conjunction with a managed learning environment (MLE). These resources are used to enhance teaching and learning of an electronics module in product design at final year…

  4. A Study on Developing Evaluation Criteria for Electronic Resources in Evaluation Indicators of Libraries

    Noh, Younghee


    This study aimed to improve the current state of electronic resource evaluation in libraries. While the use of Web DB, e-book, e-journal, and other e-resources such as CD-ROM, DVD, and micro materials is increasing in libraries, their use is not comprehensively factored into the general evaluation of libraries and may diminish the reliability of…

  5. Managing Selection for Electronic Resources: Kent State University Develops a New System to Automate Selection

    Downey, Kay


    Kent State University has developed a centralized system that manages the communication and work related to the review and selection of commercially available electronic resources. It is an automated system that tracks the review process, provides selectors with price and trial information, and compiles reviewers' feedback about the resource. It…

  6. Genetic diversity and biogeographical patterns of Caulerpa prolifera across the Mediterranean and Mediterranean/Atlantic transition zone

    Varela-Álvarez, Elena


    Knowledge of spatial patterns of genetic differentiation between populations is key to understanding processes in evolutionary history of biological species. Caulerpa is a genus of marine green algae, which has attracted much public attention, mainly because of the impacts of invasive species in the Mediterranean. However, very little is known about the ecological and evolutionary history of the Mediterranean native Caulerpa prolifera, a species which is currently found at sites distributed worldwide. C. prolifera provides a good model to explore the patterns of genetic diversity at different scales across the Mediterranean and Atlantic area. This study aims to investigate the biogeographical patterns of diversity and differentiation of C. prolifera in the Mediterranean, with special focus on the Mediterranean/Atlantic transition zone. We used two nuclear (ITS rDNA and the hypervariable microsatellite locus CaPr_J2) and one chloroplast (tufA) DNA markers on samples of C. prolifera from its entire range. Analyses of 51 sequences of the cpDNA tufA of C. prolifera, 87 ITS2 sequences and genotypes of 788 ramets of C. prolifera for the locus CaPr_J2 revealed three different biogeographical areas: West Atlantic, East Atlantic and a larger area representing the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean/Atlantic transition zone and a Pacific site (Bali). It was found out that the Mediterranean/Atlantic transition zone is a biogeographical boundary for C. prolifera. A lack of connectivity was revealed between Atlantic and Mediterranean types, and identical sequences found in the Mediterranean and Indo-Pacific suggest either recent gene flow along the Red Sea connection or a possible ancient Indo-Pacific origin.

  7. Where Do Electronic Books Fit in the College Research Arsenal of Resources?

    Barbier, Patricia


    Student use of electronic books has become an accepted supplement to traditional resources. Student use and satisfaction was monitored through an online course discussion board. Increased use of electronic books indicate this service is an accepted supplement to the print book collection.

  8. Where Do Electronic Books Fit in the College Research Arsenal of Resources?

    Barbier, Patricia


    Student use of electronic books has become an accepted supplement to traditional resources. Student use and satisfaction was monitored through an online course discussion board. Increased use of electronic books indicate this service is an accepted supplement to the print book collection.

  9. MULER: Building an Electronic Resource Management (ERM Solution at York University

    Aaron August Lupton


    Full Text Available Many university libraries now utilize an Electronic Resource Management (ERM system to assist with operations related to electronic resources. An ERM is a relational database containing information such as suppliers, costs, holdings, and renewal dates for electronic resources, both at the database and title levels. While commercial ERM products are widely available, some institutions are custom building their own ERM in- house. This article describes how York University in Toronto, Canada, did just that by building a system called Managing University Library Electronic Resources (MULER. The article details the background and history of how electronic resources were managed pre-MULER; why a new ERM was needed; the planning process; the current and innovative functions of MULER, including integration of MULER data into York University Libraries search and discovery layer, Vufind; subject tagging in MULER; new functions to be added; and lessons learned from the project. Positive and negative implications of choosing an in-house project over paying for a commercial product are also discussed.

  10. The National Site Licensing of Electronic Resources: An Institutional Perspective

    Xiaohua Zhu


    Full Text Available While academic libraries in most countries are struggling to negotiate with publishers and vendors individually or collaboratively via consortia, a few countries have experimented with a different model, national site licensing (NSL. Because NSL often involves government and large-scale collaboration, it has the potential to solve many problems in the complex licensing world. However, not many nations have adopted it. This study uses historical research approach and the comparative case study research method to explore the seemingly low level of adoption. The cases include the Canadian National Site Licensing Project (CNSLP, the United Kingdom’s National Electronic Site Licensing Initiative (NESLI, and the United States, which has not adopted NSL. The theoretical framework guiding the research design and data collection is W. Richard Scott’s institutional theory, which utilizes three supporting pillars—regulative, normative, and cultural-cognitive—to analyze institutional processes. In this study, the regulative pillar and the normative pillar of NSL adoption— an institutional construction and change—are examined. Data were collected from monographs, research articles, government documents, and relevant websites. Based on the analysis of these cases, a preliminary model is proposed for the adoption of NSL. The factors that support a country’s adoption of NSL include the need for new institutions, a centralized educational policy-making system and funding system, supportive political trends, and the tradition of cooperation. The factors that may prevent a country from adopting NSL include decentralized educational policy and funding, diversity and the large number of institutions, the concern for the “Big Deal,” and the concern for monopoly.

  11. Analytical Study of Usage of Electronic Information Resources at Pharmacopoeial Libraries in India

    Sunil Tyagi


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to know the rate and purpose of the use of e-resource by the scientists at pharmacopoeial libraries in India. Among other things, this study examined the preferences of the scientists toward printed books and journals, electronic information resources, and pattern of using e-resources. Non-probability sampling specially accidental and purposive technique was applied in the collection of primary data through administration of user questionnaire. The sample respondents chosen for the study consists of principle scientific officer, senior scientific officer, scientific officer, and scientific assistant of different division of the laboratories, namely, research and development, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacovigilance, pharmacology, pharmacogonosy, and microbiology. The findings of the study reveal the personal experiences and perceptions they have had on practice and research activity using e-resource. The major findings indicate that of the total anticipated participants, 78% indicated that they perceived the ability to use computer for electronic information resources. The data analysis shows that all the scientists belonging to the pharmacopoeial libraries used electronic information resources to address issues relating to drug indexes and compendia, monographs, drugs obtained through online databases, e-journals, and the Internet sources—especially polices by regulatory agencies, contacts, drug promotional literature, and standards.

  12. Connecting knowledge resources to the veterinary electronic health record: opportunities for learning at point of care.

    Alpi, Kristine M; Burnett, Heidi A; Bryant, Sheila J; Anderson, Katherine M


    Electronic health records (EHRs) provide clinical learning opportunities through quick and contextual linkage of patient signalment, symptom, and diagnosis data with knowledge resources covering tests, drugs, conditions, procedures, and client instructions. This paper introduces the EHR standards for linkage and the partners-practitioners, content publishers, and software developers-necessary to leverage this possibility in veterinary medicine. The efforts of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Electronic Health Records Task Force to partner with veterinary practice management systems to improve the use of controlled vocabulary is a first step in the development of standards for sharing knowledge at the point of care. The Veterinary Medical Libraries Section (VMLS) of the Medical Library Association's Task Force on Connecting the Veterinary Health Record to Information Resources compiled a list of resources of potential use at point of care. Resource details were drawn from product Web sites and organized by a metric used to evaluate medical point-of-care resources. Additional information was gathered from questions sent by e-mail and follow-up interviews with two practitioners, a hospital network, two software developers, and three publishers. Veterinarians with electronic records use a variety of information resources that are not linked to their software. Systems lack the infrastructure to use the Infobutton standard that has been gaining popularity in human EHRs. While some veterinary knowledge resources are digital, publisher sites and responses do not indicate a Web-based linkage of veterinary resources with EHRs. In order to facilitate lifelong learning and evidence-based practice, veterinarians and educators of future practitioners must demonstrate to veterinary practice software developers and publishers a clinically-based need to connect knowledge resources to veterinary EHRs.

  13. Improving access to information – defining core electronic resources for research and wellbeing

    Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen


    Full Text Available Research and innovation are listed as the key success factors for the future development of Finnish prosperity and the Finnish economy. The Finnish libraries have developed a scenario to support this vision. University, polytechnic and research institute libraries as well as public libraries have defined the core electronic resources necessary to improve access to information in Finland. The primary aim of this work has been to provide information and justification for central funding for electronic resources to support the national goals. The secondary aim is to help with the reallocation of existing central funds to better support access to information.

  14. Acute toxicity of live and decomposing green alga Ulva (Enteromorpha) prolifera to abalone Haliotis discus hannai

    WANG Chao; YU Rencheng; ZHOU Mingjiang


    From 2007 to 2009, large-scale blooms of green algae (the so-called "green tides")occurred every summer in the Yellow Sea, China. In June 2008, huge amounts of floating green algae accumulated along the coast of Qingdao and led to mass mortality of cultured abalone and sea cucumber. However, the mechanism for the mass mortality of cultured animals remains undetermined. This study examined the toxic effects of Ulva (Enteromorpha) prolifera, the causative species of green tides in the Yellow Sea during the last three years. The acute toxicity of fresh culture medium and decomposing algal effluent of U. prolifera to the cultured abalone Haliotis discus hannai were tested. It was found that both fresh culture medium and decomposing algal effluent had toxic effects to abalone, and decomposing algal effluent was more toxic than fresh culture medium. The acute toxicity of decomposing algal effluent could be attributed to the ammonia and sulfide presented in the effluent, as well as the hypoxia caused by the decomposition process.

  15. Elektronik Bilgi Kaynaklarının Seçimi / Selection of Electronic Information Resources

    Pınar Al


    Full Text Available For many years, library users have used only from the printed media in order to get the information that they have needed. Today with the widespread use of the Web and the addition of electronic information resources to library collections, the use of information in the electronic environment as well as in printed media is started to be used. In time, such types of information resources as, electronic journals, electronic books, electronic encyclopedias, electronic dictionaries and electronic theses have been added to library collections. In this study, selection criteria that can be used for electronic information resources are discussed and suggestions are provided for libraries that try to select electronic information resources for their collections.

  16. Using Electronic Information Resources Centers by Faculty Members at University Education: Competencies, Needs and Challenges

    Abouelenein, Yousri


    This study aimed at investigating the factual situation of electronic information resources centers to faculty members at university education. Competencies that faculty members should possess regarding this issue were determined. Also their needs for (scientific research skills and teaching) were assessed. In addition, problems that hinder their…

  17. Localising versus standardising electronic human resource management: complexities and tensions between HRM and IT departments

    Tate, Mary; Furtmueller, E.; Wilderom, C.P.M.


    In this paper, we provide an analysis of the complexities involved during global e-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) implementation. We present findings from a case study on the challenge of global integration versus local responsiveness of e-HRM systems. We take a local site lens, analysin

  18. Use of Electronic Information Resources among Research Scholars in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

    Amjad, Anam; Ahmed, Shamshad; Bin Naeem, Salman


    This study examined the use of electronic resources among academic scholars of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), Punjab, Pakistan. A quantitative survey was found most convenient and useful for this study. The total population of the study was 169 research students in IUB. The response rate was 79% and 133 utilizable responses were coded…

  19. The Acquisition and Management of Electronic Resources: Can Use Justify Cost?

    Koehn, Shona L.; Hawamdeh, Suliman


    As library collections increasingly become digital, libraries are faced with many challenges regarding the acquisition and management of electronic resources. Some of these challenges include copyright and fair use, the first-sale doctrine, licensing versus ownership, digital preservation, long-term archiving, and, most important, the issue of…

  20. 电子资源的编目策略%Cataloging Strategies of Electronic Resources



    Compared with traditional paper resources, electronic resources have following characteristics which determine different cataloging strategies from paper resources. These characteristics are huge quantity, updating rapidly, coexistence of a variety of manifestations. The source data of electronic resources is usually provided by the database agent. The cataloging of electronic resources is based on the Chapter IX of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations and rules of Cooperative Online Serials. There are two major cataloging methods for electronic resources abroad, they are single record approach and separate record approach. Peking University Library chooses the latter method and batches cataloging automatically using the source data.%电子资源吲传统纸质资源相比,具有数量大、更新快、多种载体表现并行等特点,且大部分出版机构能够提供数据源数据。这些特点决定了.电子资源应采取与纸质文献不同的编目策略。电子资源编日的主要依据是《英美编日条例》的第9章、美国《国会图书馆条例解释》及全美期刊合作编目计划的规定。对于电子资源的编目,国外有单一记录编目法和分散记录编目法。北京大学图书馆采用后者,同时利用数据源数据批舒自动编目。

  1. Effect of temperature and irradiance on the growth and reproduction of Enteromorpha prolifera J. Ag. (Chlorophycophyta, Chlorophyceae)

    Fu, Gang; Yao, Jianting; Liu, Fuli; Liu, Jidong; Wang, Xiuliang; Fu, Wandong; Li, Dapeng; Zhou, Mingjiang; Sun, Song; Duan, Delin


    Effect of temperature and irradiance on growth and reproduction of Enteromorpha prolifera that bloomed offshore along the Qingdao coast in summer 2008, was studied. It was showed that E. prolifera propagated mainly asexually with specific growth rate (SGR) of 10.47 at 25°C/40 μmol m-2s-1. Under this condition, gametes with two flagellate formed and released in 5 days. At the beginning of the development, the unicell gamete divided into two cells with heteropolarity, and then the apical cell developed into thalli primordial cells, whereas the basal cell developed into rhizoid primordial cells. In 8-day culture, the monoplast gamete developed into juvenile germling of 240 μm in length. Unreleased gametes can develop directly within the alga body. E. prolifera could either reproduce through lateral branching or fragmenting except apomixis revealed by Microscopic observation. On aged tissue of E. prolifera, although the degraded pigments partially remained in faded algal filaments, numerous vegetative cells could still divide actively in the algal tissues.

  2. Effect of temperature and irradiance on the growth and reproduction of Enteromorpha prolifera J. Ag.(Chlorophycophyta, Chlorophyceae)

    FU Gang; DUAN Delin; YAO Jianting; LIU Fuli; LIU Jidong; WANG Xiuliang; FU Wandong; LI Dapeng; ZHOU Mingjiang; SUN Song


    Effect of temperature and irradiance on growth and reproduction of Enteromorpha prolifera that bloomed offshore along the Qingdao coast in summer 2008, was studied. It was showed that E. prolifera propagated mainly asexually with specific growth rate (SGR) of 10.47 at 25°C/40 μmol m-2s-1. Under this condition, gametes with two flagellate formed and released in 5 days. At the beginning of the development, the unicell gamete divided into two cells with heteropolarity, and then the apical cell developed into thalli primordial cells, whereas the basal cell developed into rhizoid primordial cells. In 8-day culture, the monoplast gamete developed into juvenile germling of 240 μm in length. Unreleased gametes can develop directly within the alga body. E. prolifera could either reproduce through lateral branching or fragmenting except apomixis revealed by Microscopic observation. On aged tissue of E. prolifera, although the degraded pigments partially remained in faded algal filaments, numerous vegetative ceils could still divide actively in the algal tissues.

  3. Power resource management and low-power remote wireless RF electronics

    Jannson, Tomasz; Forrester, Thomas; Degrood, Kevin; Lee, Kang; Gans, Eric; Walter, Kevin


    Battery power resource management becomes a critical issue in the case of self-powered remote wireless RF electronics, where the basic parameter is time of system operation before battery recharging or battery replacement. In such cases, very often related to physical protection against antitampering (AT), proper theoretical modeling of a battery driven power supply in the context of a given digital electronic system is of utmost importance. Such modeling should include various types of batteries (primary and secondary), various self-discharge processes in different temperatures, and even energy harvesting, the latter to supply power for long-term content, low-power electronic subsystems. In this paper we analyze simple modeling of resource power management, including variations of all of these parameters and energy harvesting.

  4. Identifying and evaluating electronic learning resources for use in adult-gerontology nurse practitioner education.

    Thompson, Hilaire J; Belza, Basia; Baker, Margaret; Christianson, Phyllis; Doorenbos, Ardith; Nguyen, Huong


    Enhancing existing curricula to meet newly published adult-gerontology advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) competencies in an efficient manner presents a challenge to nurse educators. Incorporating shared, published electronic learning resources (ELRs) in existing or new courses may be appropriate in order to assist students in achieving competencies. The purposes of this project were to (a) identify relevant available ELR for use in enhancing geriatric APRN education and (b) to evaluate the educational utility of identified ELRs based on established criteria. A multilevel search strategy was used. Two independent team members reviewed identified ELR against established criteria to ensure utility. Only resources meeting all criteria were retained. Resources were found for each of the competency areas and included formats such as podcasts, Web casts, case studies, and teaching videos. In many cases, resources were identified using supplemental strategies and not through traditional search or search of existing geriatric repositories. Resources identified have been useful to advanced practice educators in improving lecture and seminar content in a particular topic area and providing students and preceptors with additional self-learning resources. Addressing sustainability within geriatric APRN education is critical for sharing of best practices among educators and for sustainability of teaching and related resources. © 2014.

  5. A strategy for the proliferation of Ulva prolifera, main causative species of green tides, with formation of sporangia by fragmentation.

    Shan Gao

    Full Text Available Ulva prolifera, a common green seaweed, is one of the causative species of green tides that occurred frequently along the shores of Qingdao in 2008 and had detrimental effects on the preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sailing competition, since more than 30 percent of the area of the games was invaded. In view of the rapid accumulation of the vast biomass of floating U. prolifera in green tides, we investigated the formation of sporangia in disks of different diameters excised from U. prolifera, changes of the photosynthetic properties of cells during sporangia formation, and development of spores. The results suggested that disks less than 1.00 mm in diameter were optimal for the formation of sporangia, but there was a small amount of spore release in these. The highest percentage of area of spore release occurred in disks that were 2.50 mm in diameter. In contrast, sporangia were formed only at the cut edges of larger disks (3.00 mm, 3.50 mm, and 4.00 mm in diameter. Additionally, the majority of spores liberated from the disks appeared vigorous and developed successfully into new individuals. These results implied that fragments of the appropriate size from the U. prolifera thalli broken by a variety of factors via producing spores gave rise to the rapid proliferation of the seaweed under field conditions, which may be one of the most important factors to the rapid accumulation of the vast biomass of U. prolifera in the green tide that occurred in Qingdao, 2008.

  6. Library Electronic Resource Sharing Among Liberal Arts Colleges: ACS Palladian Alliance Project

    Wenxian Zhang


    Full Text Available 無Effective electronic resource sharing is critical to library information services of the 1990s. Explosion of data and increased cost of information force libraries to work together, and technological advancements present the library service profession a platform for resource sharing. The Palladian Alliance Project of the Associated Colleges of the South is designed to provides ACS member institutions an effective means to enhance information access for their faculty and students, and achieve significant cost containment in the years to come.

  7. Electricity generation from macroalgae Enteromorpha prolifera hydrolysates using an alkaline fuel cell.

    Liu, Susu; Liu, Xianhua; Wang, Ying; Zhang, Pingping


    The goal of this work was to develop a method for the direct power generation using macroalgae Enteromorpha prolifera. The process conditions for the saccharification of macroalgae were optimized and a type of alkaline fuel cell contained no precious metal catalysts was developed. Under optimum conditions (170°C and 2% hydrochloric acid for 45min), dilute acid hydrolysis of the homogenized plants yielded 272.25g reducing sugar/kg dry algal biomass. The maximum power density reached 3.81W/m(2) under the condition of 3M KOH and 18.15g/L reducing sugar in hydrolysate, higher than any other reported algae-fed fuel cells. This study represents the first report on direct electricity generation from macroalgae using alkaline fuel cells, suggesting that there is great potential for the production of renewable energy using marine biomass. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Availability, Level of Use and Constraints to Use of Electronic Resources by Law Lecturers in Public Universities in Nigeria

    Amusa, Oyintola Isiaka; Atinmo, Morayo


    (Purpose) This study surveyed the level of availability, use and constraints to use of electronic resources among law lecturers in Nigeria. (Methodology) Five hundred and fifty-two law lecturers were surveyed and four hundred and forty-two responded. (Results) Data analysis revealed that the level of availability of electronic resources for the…

  9. Potential resource and toxicity impacts from metals in waste electronic devices.

    Woo, Seung H; Lee, Dae Sung; Lim, Seong-Rin


    As a result of the continuous release of new electronic devices, existing electronic devices are quickly made obsolete and rapidly become electronic waste (e-waste). Because e-waste contains a variety of metals, information about those metals with the potential for substantial environmental impact should be provided to manufacturers, recyclers, and disposers to proactively reduce this impact. This study assesses the resource and toxicity (i.e., cancer, noncancer, and ecotoxicity) potentials of various heavy metals commonly found in e-waste from laptop computers, liquid-crystal display (LCD) monitors, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, color cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs, and cell phones and then evaluates such potentials using life cycle impact-based methods. Resource potentials derive primarily from Cu, Sb, Ag, and Pb. Toxicity potentials derive primarily from Pb, Ni, and Hg for cancer toxicity; from Pb, Hg, Zn, and As for noncancer toxicity; and from Cu, Pb, Hg, and Zn for ecotoxicity. Therefore, managing these heavy metals should be a high priority in the design, recycling, and disposal stages of electronic devices.

  10. Model of e-learning with electronic educational resources of new generation

    A. V. Loban


    Full Text Available Purpose of the article: improving of scientific and methodical base of the theory of the е-learning of variability. Methods used: conceptual and logical modeling of the е-learning of variability process with electronic educational resource of new generation and system analysis of the interconnection of the studied subject area, methods, didactics approaches and information and communication technologies means. Results: the formalization complex model of the е-learning of variability with electronic educational resource of new generation is developed, conditionally decomposed into three basic components: the formalization model of the course in the form of the thesaurusclassifier (“Author of e-resource”, the model of learning as management (“Coordination. Consultation. Control”, the learning model with the thesaurus-classifier (“Student”. Model “Author of e-resource” allows the student to achieve completeness, high degree of didactic elaboration and structuring of the studied material in triples of variants: modules of education information, practical task and control tasks; the result of the student’s (author’s of e-resource activity is the thesaurus-classifier. Model of learning as management is based on the principle of personal orientation of learning in computer environment and determines the logic of interaction between the lecturer and the student when determining the triple of variants individually for each student; organization of a dialogue between the lecturer and the student for consulting purposes; personal control of the student’s success (report generation and iterative search for the concept of the class assignment in the thesaurus-classifier before acquiring the required level of training. Model “Student” makes it possible to concretize the learning tasks in relation to the personality of the student and to the training level achieved; the assumption of the lecturer about the level of training of a

  11. Chemical composition of volatiles from Opuntia littoralis, Opuntia ficus-indica, and Opuntia prolifera growing on Catalina Island, California.

    Wright, Cynthia R; Setzer, William N


    The essential oils from the cladodes of Opuntia littoralis, Opuntia ficus-indica and Opuntia prolifera growing wild on Santa Catalina Island, California, were obtained by hydrodistillation and analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Terpenoids were the dominant class of volatiles in O. littoralis, with the two main components being the furanoid forms of cis-linalool oxide (10.8%) and trans-linalool oxide (8.8%). Fatty acid-derived compounds dominated the essential oil of O. ficus-indica with linoleic acid (22.3%), palmitic acid (12.7%), lauric acid (10.5%) and myristic acid (4.2%) as major fatty acids. O. prolifera oil was composed of 46.6% alkanes and the primary hydrocarbon component was heptadecane (19.2%). Sixteen compounds were common to all the three Opuntia species.

  12. [Use of internet and electronic resources among Spanish intensivist physicians. First national survey].

    Gómez-Tello, V; Latour-Pérez, J; Añón Elizalde, J M; Palencia-Herrejón, E; Díaz-Alersi, R; De Lucas-García, N


    Estimate knowledge and use habits of different electronic resources in a sample of Spanish intensivists: Internet, E-mail, distribution lists, and use of portable electronic devices. Self-applied questionnaire. A 50-question questionnaire was distributed among Spanish intensivists through the hospital marketing delegates of a pharmaceutical company and of electronic forums. A total of 682 questionnaires were analyzed (participation: 74%). Ninety six percent of those surveyed used Internet individually: 67% admitted training gap. Internet was the second source of clinical consultations most used (61%), slightly behind consultation to colleagues (65%). The pages consulted most were bibliographic databases (65%) and electronic professional journals (63%), with limited use of Evidence Based Medicine pages (19%). Ninety percent of those surveyed used e-mail regularly in the practice of their profession, although 25% admitted that were not aware of its possibilities. The use of E-mail decreased significantly with increase in age. A total of 62% of the intensivists used distribution lists. Of the rest, 42% were not aware of its existence and 32% admitted they had insufficient training to handle them. Twenty percent of those surveyed had portable electronic devices and 64% considered it useful, basically due to its rapid consultation at bedside. Female gender was a negative predictive factor of its use (OR 0.35; 95% CI 0.2-0.63; p=0.0002). A large majority of the Spanish intensivists use Internet and E-mail. E-mail lists and use of portable devices are still underused resources. There are important gaps in training and infrequent use of essential pages. There are specific groups that require directed educational policies.

  13. Review of material recovery from used electric and electronic equipment-alternative options for resource conservation.

    Friege, Henning


    For waste from electric and electronic equipment, the WEEE Directive stipulates the separate collection of electric and electronic waste. As to new electric and electronic devices, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive bans the use of certain chemicals dangerous for man and environment. From the implementation of the WEEE directive, many unsolved problems have been documented: poor collection success, emission of dangerous substances during collection and recycling, irretrievable loss of valuable metals among others. As to RoHS, data from the literature show a satisfying success. The problems identified in the process can be reduced to some basic dilemmas at the borders between waste management, product policy and chemical safety. The objectives of the WEEE Directive and the specific targets for use and recycling of appliances are not consistent. There is no focus on scarce resources. Extended producer responsibility is not sufficient to guarantee sustainable waste management. Waste management reaches its limits due to problems of implementation but also due to physical laws. A holistic approach is necessary looking at all branch points and sinks in the stream of used products and waste from electric and electronic equipment. This may be done with respect to the general rules for sustainable management of material streams covering the three dimensions of sustainable policy. The relationships between the players in the field of electric and electronic devices have to be taken into account. Most of the problems identified in the implementation process will not be solved by the current amendment of the WEEE Directive.

  14. Aufwand und Nutzen des Electronic Resource Management Systems RMS an der UB Kassel

    Tobias Pohlmann


    The university library of Kassel therefore uses SemperTool’s web-based electronic resource management system RMS. This paper presents the functionality of this system and makes an estimate of the expenditure of work necessary to enter all relevant information about licensed databases, e-book and e-journal packages with the corresponding individual resources. It also describes existing and projected tools for analysis and evaluation, which are decisive for the usefulness of such a system, and concludes with the satisfaction reached at the university library of Kassel. These experiences may help other libraries to decide whether or not to introduce RMS or a comparable system.


    Maria D. Tukalo


    Full Text Available This article contains material of some modern electronic educational resources that can be used via the Internet to support the modern chemistry classes in specialized school. It was drawn attention to the educational chemical experiments as means of knowledge; simulated key motivational characteristics to enhance students interest for learning subjects, their cognitive and practical activity in the formation of self-reliance and self-creative; commented forecasts for creating of conditions to enhance the creative potential of students in a modern learning environment.

  16. Sustainable and hierarchical porous Enteromorpha prolifera based carbon for CO2 capture.

    Zhang, Zhanquan; Wang, Ke; Atkinson, John D; Yan, Xinlong; Li, Xiang; Rood, Mark J; Yan, Zifeng


    Nitrogen-containing porous carbon was synthesized from an ocean pollutant, Enteromorpha prolifera, via hydrothermal carbonization and potassium hydroxide activation. Carbons contained as much as 2.6% nitrogen in their as-prepared state. Physical and chemical properties were characterized by XRD, N(2) sorption, FTIR, SEM, TEM, and elemental analysis. The carbon exhibited a hierarchical structure with interconnected microporosity, mesoporosity and macroporosity. Inorganic minerals in the carbon matrix contributed to the development of mesoporosity and macroporosity, functioning as an in situ hard template. The carbon manifested high CO(2) capacity and facile regeneration at room temperature. The CO(2) sorption performance was investigated in the range of 0-75°C. The dynamic uptake of CO(2) is 61.4 mg/g and 105 mg/g at 25°C and 0°C, respectively, using 15% CO(2) (v/v) in N(2). Meanwhile, regeneration under Ar at 25°C recovered 89% of the carbon's initial uptake after eight cycles. A piecewise model was employed to analyze the CO(2) adsorption kinetics; the Avrami model fit well with a correlation coefficient (R(2)) of 0.98 and 0.99 at 0°C and 25°C, respectively.

  17. Three New Myrsinol Diterpenes from Euphorbia prolifera and Their Neuroprotective Activities

    Yuanqiang Guo


    Full Text Available Three new myrsinol diterpenes were isolated from the roots of Euphorbia prolifera. Their structures were elucidated as 2α-O-isobutyryl-3β,5α,7β,10,15β-penta-O-acetyl-14α-O-benzoyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (1, 2α-O-isobutyryl-3β-O-propion-yl-5α,7β,10,15β-tetra-O-acetyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (2, and 2α,14α-di-O-benzoyl-3β,5α,7β,10,15β-penta-O-acetyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (3 on the basis of spectroscopic data analyses (IR, ESI-MS, HR-ESI-MS, and 1D and 2D NMR. Their neuroprotective activities were evaluated and compounds 1 and 2 showed neuroprotective effects against MPP+-induced neuronal cell death in SH-SY5Y cells.

  18. Teachers' Link to Electronic Resources in the Library Media Center: A Local Study of Awareness, Knowledge, and Influence

    Williams, Teresa D.; Grimble, Bonnie J.; Irwin, Marilyn


    High school students often use online databases and the Internet in the school library media center (SLMC) to complete teachers' assignments. This case study used a survey to assess teachers' awareness of electronic resources, and to determine whether their directions influence student use of these resources in the SLMC. Participants were teachers…

  19. Impact of Knowledge Resources Linked to an Electronic Health Record on Frequency of Unnecessary Tests and Treatments

    Goodman, Kenneth; Grad, Roland; Pluye, Pierre; Nowacki, Amy; Hickner, John


    Introduction: Electronic knowledge resources have the potential to rapidly provide answers to clinicians' questions. We sought to determine clinicians' reasons for searching these resources, the rate of finding relevant information, and the perceived clinical impact of the information they retrieved. Methods: We asked general internists, family…

  20. Study of ciprofloxacin adsorption and regeneration of activated carbon prepared from Enteromorpha prolifera impregnated with H3PO4 and sodium benzenesulfonate.

    Wang, Man; Li, Gang; Huang, Lihui; Xue, Jing; Liu, Quan; Bao, Nan; Huang, Ji


    Activated carbons were derived from Enteromorpha prolifera immersed in H3PO4 solution or the H3PO4 solution mixed with sodium benzenesulfonate (SBS), producing AC and AC-SBS. NaOH solution was employed in regeneration of ciprofloxacin (CIP)-loaded AC and AC-SBS to obtain RAC and RAC-SBS. The properties of the original and regenerated activated carbons were characterized by thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), N2 adsorption/desorption isotherms and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Batched adsorption studies were carried out to compare CIP adsorption behaviors of the four carbons. The results suggested that the four samples exhibited higher proportions of mesopores and similar functional groups. Although AC displayed much higher specific surface area (SBET) (1045.79m(2)/g) than AC-SBS (738.03m(2)/g), its CIP adsorption capacity was much less than AC-SBS. The maximum adsorption capacity for AC, AC-SBS, RAC and RAC-SBS were found to be 250mg/g, 286mg/g, 233mg/g and 256mg/g, respectively, with the isotherms adhering to Langmuir isotherm model. The electrostatic attraction and cation exchange between CIP and the four carbons were the dominant adsorption mechanisms. Moreover, the thermodynamic parameters represented that the adsorption process had been confirmed to be a spontaneous and endothermic reaction. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  1. Reducing Clinical Trial Monitoring Resource Allocation and Costs Through Remote Access to Electronic Medical Records

    Uren, Shannon C.; Kirkman, Mitchell B.; Dalton, Brad S.; Zalcberg, John R.


    Purpose: With electronic medical records (eMRs), the option now exists for clinical trial monitors to perform source data verification (SDV) remotely. We report on a feasibility study of remote access to eMRs for SDV and the potential advantages of such a process in terms of resource allocation and cost. Methods: The Clinical Trials Unit at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, in collaboration with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia, conducted a 6-month feasibility study of remote SDV. A Novartis monitor was granted dedicated software and restricted remote access to the eMR portal of the cancer center, thereby providing an avenue through which perform SDV. Results: Six monitoring visits were conducted during the study period, four of which were performed remotely. The ability to conduct two thirds of the monitoring visits remotely in this complex phase III study resulted in an overall cost saving to Novartis. Similarly, remote monitoring eased the strain on internal resources, particularly monitoring space and hospital computer terminal access, at the cancer center. Conclusion: Remote access to patient eMRs for SDV is feasible and is potentially an avenue through which resources can be more efficiently used. Although this feasibility study involved limited numbers, there is no limit to scaling these processes to any number of patients enrolled onto large clinical trials. PMID:23633977

  2. Electronic theses and dissertations: a review of this valuable resource for nurse scholars worldwide.

    Goodfellow, L M


    A worldwide repository of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) could provide worldwide access to the most up-to-date research generated by masters and doctoral students. Until that international repository is established, it is possible to access some of these valuable knowledge resources. ETDs provide a technologically advanced medium with endless multimedia capabilities that far exceed the print and bound copies of theses and dissertations housed traditionally in individual university libraries. CURRENT USE: A growing trend exists for universities worldwide to require graduate students to submit theses or dissertations as electronic documents. However, nurse scholars underutilize ETDs, as evidenced by perusing bibliographic citation lists in many of the research journals. ETDs can be searched for and retrieved through several digital resources such as the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (, ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (, the Australasian Digital Theses Program ( and through individual university web sites and online catalogues. An international repository of ETDs benefits the community of nurse scholars in many ways. The ability to access recent graduate students' research electronically from anywhere in the world is advantageous. For scholars residing in developing countries, access to these ETDs may prove to be even more valuable. In some cases, ETDs are not available for worldwide access and can only be accessed through the university library from which the student graduated. Public access to university library ETD collections is not always permitted. Nurse scholars from both developing and developed countries could benefit from ETDs.

  3. A preliminary categorization of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment as secondary metal resources.

    Oguchi, Masahiro; Murakami, Shinsuke; Sakanakura, Hirofumi; Kida, Akiko; Kameya, Takashi


    End-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has recently received attention as a secondary source of metals. This study examined characteristics of end-of-life EEE as secondary metal resources to consider efficient collection and metal recovery systems according to the specific metals and types of EEE. We constructed an analogy between natural resource development and metal recovery from end-of-life EEE and found that metal content and total annual amount of metal contained in each type of end-of-life EEE should be considered in secondary resource development, as well as the collectability of the end-of-life products. We then categorized 21 EEE types into five groups and discussed their potential as secondary metal resources. Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and CRT TVs were evaluated as the most important sources of common metals, and personal computers, mobile phones, and video games were evaluated as the most important sources of precious metals. Several types of small digital equipment were also identified as important sources of precious metals; however, mid-size information and communication technology (ICT) equipment (e.g., printers and fax machines) and audio/video equipment were shown to be more important as a source of a variety of less common metals. The physical collectability of each type of EEE was roughly characterized by unit size and number of end-of-life products generated annually. Current collection systems in Japan were examined and potentially appropriate collection methods were suggested for equipment types that currently have no specific collection systems in Japan, particularly for video games, notebook computers, and mid-size ICT and audio/video equipment.

  4. From Millennium ERM to Proquest 360 Resource Manager: Implementing a new Electronic Resources Management System ERMS in an International Graduate Research University in Saudi Arabia

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    An overview of the Recommendation Study and the subsequent Implementation of a new Electronic Resources Management system ERMS in an international graduate research university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It covers the timeline, deliverables and challenges as well as lessons learnt by the Project Team.

  5. Electronic tracking of human resource skills and knowledge, just in time training, manageable due diligence

    Kolodziej, M.A. [Quick Test International Inc., (Canada). Canadian Technology Human Resource Board; Baker, O. [KeySpan Energy Canada, Calgary, AB (Canada)


    KeySpan Energy Canada is in the process of obtaining recognition of various occupational profiles including pipeline operators, inspectors, and field and plant operators from various certifying organizations. The process of allowing individuals to obtain certification is recognized by Canadian Technology Human Resources Board as a step towards national standards for technologists and technicians. Proven competency is a must for workers in todays oil industry in response to increasingly stringent government safety regulations, environmental concerns and high public scrutiny. Quick Test international Inc. has developed a management tool in collaboration with end users at KeySpan Energy Canada. It is an electronic, Internet based competency tool for tracking personal competencies and maintaining continued competency. Response to the tool has been favourable. 2 refs., 4 figs.


    Stepanova, M I; Aleksandrova, I E; Sazanyuk, Z I; Voronova, B Z; Lashneva, L P; Shumkova, T V; Berezina, N O


    We studied the effect of academic studies with the use a notebook computer and interactive whiteboard on the functional state of an organism of schoolchildren. Using a complex of hygienic and physiological methods of the study we established that regulation of the computer activity of students must take into account not only duration but its intensity either. Design features of a notebook computer were shown both to impede keeping the optimal working posture in primary school children and increase the risk offormation of disorders of vision and musculoskeletal system. There were established the activating influence of the interactive whiteboard on performance activities and favorable dynamics of indices of the functional state of the organism of students under keeping optimal density of the academic study and the duration of its use. There are determined safety regulations of the work of schoolchildren with electronic resources in the educational process.

  7. Medical Image Resource Center--making electronic teaching files from PACS.

    Lim, C C Tchoyoson; Yang, Guo Liang; Nowinski, Wieslaw L; Hui, Francis


    A picture archive and communications system (PACS) is a rich source of images and data suitable for creating electronic teaching files (ETF). However, the potential for PACS to support nonclinical applications has not been fully realized: at present there is no mechanism for PACS to identify and store teaching files; neither is there a standardized method for sharing such teaching images. The Medical Image Resource Center (MIRC) is a new central image repository that defines standards for data exchange among different centers. We developed an ETF server that retrieves digital imaging and communication in medicine (DICOM) images from PACS, and enables users to create teaching files that conform to the new MIRC schema. We test-populated our ETF server with illustrative images from the clinical case load of the National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore. Together, PACS and MIRC have the potential to benefit radiology teaching and research.

  8. Electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM of Hotel Business in Phuket

    Kitimaporn Choochote


    Full Text Available This research aims to study the pattern of the electronic human resources management (e-HRM of the hotel business in Phuket. The study is conducted with the implementation of field data and in-depth interview of hotels’ HR managers. In consequence, the study reveals that the hotel business has applied the use of the e-HRM varying in job recruitment (15 percent, employee engagement (55 percent, organizational file structure (10 percent, idea and creativity exchanges (38 percent and assessment system (6 percent. However, considered as 100 percent, the hotel business has not prepared to apply the use of the e-HRM in salary system, learning and training program, welfare allocation and career development.

  9. Formula Optimization of Ulva prolifera Shrimp Balls%浒苔虾丸配方的优化

    李红艳; 刘天红; 李晓; 孙元芹; 吴志宏; 于晓清; 王颖


    【目的】将营养价值高的浒苔(Ulvaprolifera)添加到虾丸中制成浒苔虾丸,丰富虾丸品种,提高其营养价值。【方法】通过单因素和正交试验,确定浒苔虾丸的最佳配方。【结果】浒苔虾丸的最佳配方为鱼糜虾糜比6:4,浒苔粉6%,淀粉10%,蛋清蛋白6%,大豆分离蛋白3%,氯化钙0.3%。【结论】所得的浒苔虾丸产品色泽诱人、弹性良好、风味独特、营养丰富,是一种老少咸宜的方便食品。%Objective]In order to enrich the varieties and improve the nutritional value of shrimp balls,Ulva prolifera and fish were added into shrimp balls.[Methods]The best for-mula of Ulva prolifera shrimp balls was determined through single factor and orthogonal test.[Results]The best formula was 6:4 for fish versus shrimp,6%U.prolifera powder, 10% starch,6% egg white,3% soybean protein isolate and 0.3% CaCl2 .[Conclusion]The product was flexible,high nutritious,attractive color and unique flavor,making it a conven-ient food for all ages.

  10. Annual benthic metabolism and organic carbon fluxes in a semi-enclosed Mediterranean bay dominated by the macroalgae Caulerpa prolifera.

    Sergio eRuiz-Halpern


    Full Text Available Coastal areas play an important role on carbon cycling. Elucidating the dynamics on the production, transport and fate of organic carbon is relevant to gain a better understanding of the role coastal areas play in the global carbon budget. Here, we assess the metabolic status and associated organic carbon fluxes of a semi-enclosed Mediterranean bay supporting a meadow of Caulerpa prolifera. We test whether the EDOC pool is a significant component of the organic carbon pool and associated fluxes in this ecosystem. The Bay of Portocolom was in net metabolic balance on a yearly basis, but heterotrophic during the summer months. Community respiration (CR was positively correlated to C. prolifera biomass, while net community production (NCP had a negative correlation. The benthic compartment represented, on average, 72.6 ± 5.2 % of CR and 86.8 ± 4.5 % of gross primary production (GPP. Dissolved organic carbon (DOC production peaked in summer and was always positive, with the incubations performed in the dark almost doubling the flux of those performed in the light. Exchangeable dissolved organic carbon (EDOC, however, oscillated between production and uptake, being completely recycled within the system and representing around 14% of the DOC flux. The pools of bottom and surface DOC were high for an oligotrophic environment, and were positively correlated to the pool of EDOC. Thus, despite being in metabolic balance, this ecosystem acted as a conduit for organic carbon (OC, as it is able to export OC to adjacent areas derived from allochtonous inputs during heterotrophic conditions. These inputs likely come from groundwater discharge, human activity in the watershed, delivered to the sediments through the high capacity of C. prolifera to remove particles from the water column, and from the air-water exchange of EDOC, demonstrating that these communities are a major contributor to the cycling of OC in coastal embayments.

  11. Using mobile electronic devices to deliver educational resources in developing countries.

    Mazal, Jonathan Robert; Ludwig, Rebecca


    Developing countries have far fewer trained radiography professionals than developed countries, which exacerbates the limited access to imaging services. The lack of trained radiographers reflects, in part, limited availability of radiographer-specific educational resources. Historically, organizations that provided such resources in the developing world faced challenges related to the limited stock of current materials as well as expenses associated with shipping and delivery. Four mobile electronic devices (MEDs) were loaded with educational content (e-books, PDFs, and digital applications) spanning major radiography topics. The MEDs were distributed to 4 imaging departments in Ghana, India, Nepal, and Nigeria based on evidence of need for radiography-specific resources, as revealed by survey responses. A cost comparison of postal delivery vs digital delivery of educational content was performed. The effectiveness of delivering additional content via Wi-Fi transmission also was evaluated. Feedback was solicited on users' experience with the MEDs as a delivery tool for educational content. An initial average per e-book expense of $30.05, which included the cost of the device, was calculated for the MED delivery method compared with $15.56 for postal delivery of printed materials. The cost of the MED delivery method was reduced to an average of $10.05 for subsequent e-book deliveries. Additional content was successfully delivered via Wi-Fi transmission to all recipients during the 3-month follow-up period. Overall user feedback on the experience was positive, and ideas for enhancing the MED-based method were identified. Using MEDs to deliver radiography-specific educational content appears to be more cost effective than postal delivery of printed materials on a long-term basis. MEDs are more efficient for providing updates to educational materials. Customization of content to department needs, and using projector devices could enhance the usefulness of MEDs for

  12. Estudo experimental da inibição da proliferação vitreorretiniana pelo uso da hiperecina

    Machado,Roberto Augusto Fernandes; Casella, Antonio Marcelo Barbante; Malaguido,Marcus Rudolph; Oguido,Ana Paula Miyagusko Taba


    OBJETIVOS: Induzir a produção de membranas vitreorretinianas em modelo de trauma ocular animal. Avaliar a inibição do desenvolvimento da proliferação vitreorretiniana (PVR) com o uso de hiperecina. MÉTODOS: Estudo Experimental. Foram utilizados 19 coelhos machos pigmentados adultos com peso entre 2.000 e 3.000 gramas. Todos submetidos a modelo de trauma com dispase associada à diatermia da retina para indução de membranas de PVR. Separados randomicamente para receberem hiperecina (10 µM em 0,...

  13. The expansion of Ulva prolifera O.F. Müller macroalgal blooms in the Yellow Sea, PR China, through asexual reproduction.

    Zhang, Jianheng; Kim, Jang Kyun; Yarish, Charles; He, Peimin


    Since 2007, Ulva macroalgal blooms have occurred along the coastal areas of the Yellow Sea, China. These blooms are dominated by fragments of Ulva prolifera in the early stages of development. The objectives of this study were to identify the primary mode of asexual reproduction for U. prolifera and to evaluate the contribution of these thalli fragments to the formation of blooms. Four different growth and reproductive strategies of U. prolifera segments were found including: 1) tubular diameter becoming larger; 2) formation of new branches; 3) release of zoids; and 4) polarized growth. This is the first report showing the development of numerous blade-lets from a single segment, which is remarkably different from previous studies on other Ulva species. The results in the present study provide critical information to understand how this species is able to support its explosive growth during a bloom.

  14. Plastics disassembly versus bulk recycling: engineering design for end-of-life electronics resource recovery.

    Rios, Pedro; Stuart, Julie Ann; Grant, Ed


    Annual plastic flows through the business and consumer electronics manufacturing supply chain include nearly 3 billion lb of high-value engineering plastics derived from petroleum. The recovery of resource value from this stream presents critical challenges in areas of materials identification and recycling process design that demand new green engineering technologies applied together with life cycle assessment and ecological supply chain analysis to create viable plastics-to-plastics supply cycles. The sustainable recovery of potentially high-value engineering plastics streams requires that recyclers either avoid mixing plastic parts or purify later by separating smaller plastic pieces created in volume reduction (shredding) steps. Identification and separation constitute significant barriers in the plastics-to-plastics recycling value proposition. In the present work, we develop a model that accepts randomly arriving electronic products to study scenarios by which a recycler might identify and separate high-value engineering plastics as well as metals. Using discrete eventsimulation,we compare current mixed plastics recovery with spectrochemical plastic resin identification and subsequent sorting. Our results show that limited disassembly with whole-part identification can produce substantial yields in separated streams of recovered engineering thermoplastics. We find that disassembly with identification does not constitute a bottleneck, but rather, with relatively few workers, can be configured to pull the process and thus decrease maximum staging space requirements.

  15. SAGES: a suite of freely-available software tools for electronic disease surveillance in resource-limited settings.

    Sheri L Lewis

    Full Text Available Public health surveillance is undergoing a revolution driven by advances in the field of information technology. Many countries have experienced vast improvements in the collection, ingestion, analysis, visualization, and dissemination of public health data. Resource-limited countries have lagged behind due to challenges in information technology infrastructure, public health resources, and the costs of proprietary software. The Suite for Automated Global Electronic bioSurveillance (SAGES is a collection of modular, flexible, freely-available software tools for electronic disease surveillance in resource-limited settings. One or more SAGES tools may be used in concert with existing surveillance applications or the SAGES tools may be used en masse for an end-to-end biosurveillance capability. This flexibility allows for the development of an inexpensive, customized, and sustainable disease surveillance system. The ability to rapidly assess anomalous disease activity may lead to more efficient use of limited resources and better compliance with World Health Organization International Health Regulations.

  16. Inhibitory effects of Enteromorpha prolifera on the production of nitric oxide, prostaglandin E2, and pro-inflammatory cytokines in RAW 264.7 cells

    Yoon, Weon-Jong; Kim, Dong Sam; Yang, Eun-Jin; Moon, Ji-Young; Kim, Min-Jin; Lee, Wook Jae; Lee, Nam Ho; Hyun, Chang-Gu


    Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 have been used as tools for the screening of anti-inflammatory agents. In a search for inhibitors of COX-2 and iNOS, we found that extracts of Enteromorpha prolifera inhibit the production of nitric oxide (NO) and prostaglandin (PG)E2 in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophage cells. We first extracted E. prolifera with 80% ethanol and the extract was partitioned with hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, butanol, and water, succ...

  17. DNA barcoding in closely related species: A case study of Primula L.sect.Proliferae Pax (Primulaceae) in China

    Hai-Fei YAN; Gang HAO; Chi-Ming HU; Xue-Jun GE


    DNA barcoding is a method of identifying species by analyzing one or a few short standardized DNA sequences. There are particular challenges in barcoding plants, especially for distinguishing closely related species. Hence, there is an urgent need to evaluate the performance of candidate loci for distinguishing between species, especially closely related species, to complement the rbcL + matK combination suggested as the core barcode for land plants. We sampled 48 individuals representing 12 species in Primula sect. Proliferae Pax in China to evaluate the performance of eight leading candidate barcode loci (matK, rbcL, rpoB, rpoCl, trnH-psbA, psbK-psbI, atpFatpH, and internal transcribed spacer (ITS)). The core combination rbcL + matK gave only 50% species resolution in sect. Proliferae. In terms of intraspecies and interspecies divergence, degree of monophyly, and sequence similarity, ITS, trnH-psbA, and psbK-psbI showed good performance as single-locus barcodes. Internal transcribed spacer displayed the highest genetic divergence and best discriminatory power, both alone and in combination with rbcL +matK (83.3% species resolution). We recommend evaluating the use of ITS for barcoding in other species. Low or single copy nuclear regions would provide more sophisticated barcoding tools in the long term, even though further research is required to find suitable loci.

  18. Impact of Electronic Resources and Usage in Academic Libraries in Ghana: Evidence from Koforidua Polytechnic & All Nations University College, Ghana

    Akussah, Maxwell; Asante, Edward; Adu-Sarkodee, Rosemary


    The study investigates the relationship between impact of electronic resources and its usage in academic libraries in Ghana: evidence from Koforidua Polytechnic & All Nations University College, Ghana. The study was a quantitative approach using questionnaire to gather data and information. A valid response rate of 58.5% was assumed. SPSS…

  19. Utilization of Electronic Information Resources by Undergraduate Students of University of Ibadan: A Case Study of Social Sciences and Education

    Owolabi, Sola; Idowu, Oluwafemi A.; Okocha, Foluke; Ogundare, Atinuke Omotayo


    The study evaluated utilization of electronic information resources by undergraduates in the Faculties of Education and the Social Sciences in University of Ibadan. The study adopted a descriptive survey design with a study population of 1872 undergraduates in the Faculties of Education and the Social Sciences in University of Ibadan, from which a…

  20. Human resource requirements for quality-assured electronic data capture of the tuberculosis case register

    Hoa Nguyen B


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The tuberculosis case register is the data source for the reports submitted by basic management units to the national tuberculosis program. Our objective was to measure the data entry time required to complete and double-enter one record, and to estimate the time for the correction of errors in the captured information from tuberculosis case registers in Cambodia and Viet Nam. This should assist in quantifying the additional requirements in human resources for national programs moving towards electronic recording and reporting. Methods Data from a representative sample of tuberculosis case registers from Cambodia and Viet Nam were double-entered and discordances resolved by rechecking the original case register. Computer-generated data entry time recorded the time elapsed between opening of a new record and saving it to disk. Results The dataset comprised 22,732 double-entered records of 11,366 patients (37.1% from Cambodia and 62.9% from Viet Nam. The mean data entry times per record were 97.5 (95% CI: 96.2-98.8 and 66.2 (95% CI: 59.5-73.0 seconds with medians of 90 and 31 s respectively in Cambodia and in Viet Nam. The percentage of records with an error was 6.0% and 39.0% respectively in Cambodia and Viet Nam. Data entry time was inversely associated with error frequency. We estimate that approximately 118-person-hours were required to produce 1,000 validated records. Conclusions This study quantifies differences between two countries for data entry time for the tuberculosis case register and frequencies of data entry errors and suggests that higher data entry speed is partially offset by requiring revisiting more records for corrections.

  1. Use and Cost of Electronic Resources in Central Library of Ferdowsi University Based on E-metrics

    Mohammad Reza Davarpanah


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate the usage of electronic journals in Ferdowsi University, Iran based on e-metrics. The paper also aimed to emphasize the analysis of cost-benefit and the correlation between the journal impact factors and the usage data. In this study experiences of Ferdowsi University library on licensing and usage of electronic resources was evaluated by providing a cost-benefit analysis based on the cost and usage statistics of electronic resources. Vendor-provided data were also compared with local usage data. The usage data were collected by tracking web-based access locally, and by collecting vender-provided usage data. The data sources were one-year of vendor-supplied e-resource usage data such as Ebsco, Elsevier, Proquest, Emerald, Oxford and Springer and local usage data collected from the Ferdowsi university web server. The study found that actual usage values differ for vendor-provided data and local usage data. Elsevier has got the highest usage degree in searches, sessions and downloads. Statistics also showed that a small number of journals satisfy significant amount of use while the majority of journals were used less frequent and some were never used at all. The users preferred the PDF rather than HTML format. The data in subject profile suggested that the provided e-resources were best suited to certain subjects. There was no correlation between IF and electronic journal use. Monitoring the usage of e-resources gained increasing importance for acquisition policy and budget decisions. The article provided information about local metrics for the six surveyed vendors/publishers, e.g. usage trends, requests per package, cost per use as related to the scientific specialty of the university.

  2. The possibility analysis of habitats, origin and reappearance of bloom green alga (Enteromorpha prolifera) on inshore of western Yellow Sea

    DING Lanping; FEI Xiugeng; LU Qinqin; DENG Yunyan; LIAN Shaoxing


    Combining some information from field investigation of algae along the coastal areas in China and a few pictures materialized from the western Yellow Sea in 2008, authors analyze the necessary conditions and possible water area in China producing a large biomass, some reasons for firestorm, and the possibility of the reappearance of marine bloom green alga Enteromorpha prolifera. The change of habitats and the increase of nutritional levels related to the water area could be considered as direct reasons. It was transferred northward by the combination of the flow of rainwater, wind and alongshore marine current. The original region of large biomass produced is possibly located in the southwestern Yellow sea. It will possibly be appearing again in the coming years or in the future. A summary is also given referring to its reproduction, development and distribution worldwide.

  3. Use and User Perception of Electronic Information Resources: A Case Study of Siva Institute of Frontier Technology, India

    Velmurugan Chandran


    Full Text Available The present study aims to explore the use and user perception of electronic resources in Siva Institute of Frontier Technology, India. A total number of 123 users were taken into account for the study through a questionnaire-based survey method. A well-structured questionnaire was designed and distributed to the selected 200 students and staff members. 123 copies of the questionnaires were returned dully filled in and the overall response rate was 61.50 percent. The questionnaire contained both open- and close-ended questions. The collected data were classified, analyzed, and tabulated by using simple statistical methods. This study covers the impact of electronic resources on students and faculty in their academic pursuit.

  4. How Human Resource Professionals Use Electronic Channels to Communicate CSR : A case study focused on Solvay's French industrial sites

    Fournet, Clara; Pauly, Marissa


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a large concern for many companies with the rise of globalization. Oftentimes, companies are encouraged to communicate CSR externally, but not internally. This research focuses upon the internal communication of CSR, specifically how Human Resource (HR) professionals use electronic channels to communicate to employees. The scope of this research is focused solely upon HR professionals within Solvay’s French industrial sites, which produce chemi...

  5. Challenges in the implementation of an electronic surveillance system in a resource-limited setting: Alerta, in Peru

    Soto Giselle


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Infectious disease surveillance is a primary public health function in resource-limited settings. In 2003, an electronic disease surveillance system (Alerta was established in the Peruvian Navy with support from the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center Detachment (NMRCD. Many challenges arose during the implementation process, and a variety of solutions were applied. The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss these issues. Methods This is a retrospective description of the Alerta implementation. After a thoughtful evaluation according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC guidelines, the main challenges to implementation were identified and solutions were devised in the context of a resource-limited setting, Peru. Results After four years of operation, we have identified a number of challenges in implementing and operating this electronic disease surveillance system. These can be divided into the following categories: (1 issues with personnel and stakeholders; (2 issues with resources in a developing setting; (3 issues with processes involved in the collection of data and operation of the system; and (4 issues with organization at the central hub. Some of the challenges are unique to resource-limited settings, but many are applicable for any surveillance system. For each of these challenges, we developed feasible solutions that are discussed. Conclusion There are many challenges to overcome when implementing an electronic disease surveillance system, not only related to technology issues. A comprehensive approach is required for success, including: technical support, personnel management, effective training, and cultural sensitivity in order to assure the effective deployment of an electronic disease surveillance system.

  6. Tracking the Flow of Resources in Electronic Waste - The Case of End-of-Life Computer Hard Disk Drives.

    Habib, Komal; Parajuly, Keshav; Wenzel, Henrik


    Recovery of resources, in particular, metals, from waste flows is widely seen as a prioritized option to reduce their potential supply constraints in the future. The current waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) treatment system is more focused on bulk metals, where the recycling rate of specialty metals, such as rare earths, is negligible compared to their increasing use in modern products, such as electronics. This study investigates the challenges in recovering these resources in the existing WEEE treatment system. It is illustrated by following the material flows of resources in a conventional WEEE treatment plant in Denmark. Computer hard disk drives (HDDs) containing neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets were selected as the case product for this experiment. The resulting output fractions were tracked until their final treatment in order to estimate the recovery potential of rare earth elements (REEs) and other resources contained in HDDs. The results further show that out of the 244 kg of HDDs treated, 212 kg comprising mainly of aluminum and steel can be finally recovered from the metallurgic process. The results further demonstrate the complete loss of REEs in the existing shredding-based WEEE treatment processes. Dismantling and separate processing of NdFeB magnets from their end-use products can be a more preferred option over shredding. However, it remains a technological and logistic challenge for the existing system.

  7. The impact of electronic healthcare associated infection surveillance software on infection prevention resources: A systematic review of the literature.

    Russo, Philip L; Shaban, Ramon Z; MacBeth, Deborough; Carter, Abigail; Mitchell, Brett G


    Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections is fundamental for infection prevention. The methods and practices for surveillance have evolved as technology becomes more advanced. The availability of electronic surveillance software (ESS) has increased, and yet adoption of ESS is slow. It is argued that ESS deliver savings through automation, particularly in terms of human resourcing and infection prevention (IP) staff time. This paper describes the findings of a systematic review on the impact of ESS on IP resources. A systematic search was conducted of electronic databases Medline and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature published between 1st January 2006 and 31(st) December 2016 with analysis using Newcastle-Ottawa Scale. 2832 articles were reviewed of which 16 studies met the inclusion criteria. IP resources were identified as time undertaken on surveillance. A reduction in IP staff time to undertake surveillance was demonstrated in 13 studies. The reduction proportion ranged from 12.5% - 98.4% (mean 73.9%). The remaining three did not allow for any estimation of the effect in terms of IP staff time. None of the studies demonstrated an increase in IP staff time. The results of this review demonstrate that adopting ESS yield considerable dividends in IP staff time relating to data collection and case ascertainment whilst maintaining high levels of sensitivity and specificity. This has the potential to enable reinvestment into other components of IP to maximise efficient use of scare IP resources. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.


    А. М. Гавриленко


    Object of research is the help information resource "The chronicle of the Odessa national university of I. I. Mechnikov: dates, facts, events". The main objective of our article – to state the main methodological bases of creation of information resource. One of advantages of information resource is possibility of continuous updating and replenishment by new information. Main objective of creation of this information resource is systematization of material on stories of the Odessa national university of I. I. Mechnikov from the date of his basis to the present, ensuring interactive access to information on the main dates, the most significant events in life of university. The base of research are sources on the history of university, chronology of historical development, formation of infrastructure, cadres and scientific researches. In information resource the main stages of development, functioning and transformation of the Odessa University are analyzed, information on its divisions is collected. For creation of this information resource in Scientific library the method of work was developed, the main selection criteria of data are allocated. This information resource have practical value for all who is interested in history of university, historians, scientists-researchers of history of science and the city of Odessa.

  9. Effect of Access to an Electronic Medical Resource on Performance Characteristics of a Certification Examination: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

    Lipner, Rebecca S; Brossman, Bradley G; Samonte, Kelli M; Durning, Steven J


    Electronic resources are increasingly used in medical practice. Their use during high-stakes certification examinations has been advocated by many experts, but whether doing so would affect the capacity to differentiate between high and low abilities is unknown. To determine the effect of electronic resources on examination performance characteristics. Randomized controlled trial. Medical certification program. 825 physicians initially certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) who passed the Internal Medicine Certification examination or sat for the Internal Medicine Maintenance of Certification (IM-MOC) examination in 2012 to 2015. Participants were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 conditions: closed book using typical or additional time, or open book (that is, UpToDate [Wolters Kluwer]) using typical or additional time. All participants took the same modified version of the IM-MOC examination. Primary outcomes included item difficulty (how easy or difficult the question was), item discrimination (how well the question differentiated between high and low abilities), and average question response time. Secondary outcomes included examination dimensionality (that is, the number of factors measured) and test-taking strategy. Item response theory was used to calculate question characteristics. Analysis of variance compared differences among conditions. Closed-book conditions took significantly less time than open-book conditions (mean, 79.2 seconds [95% CI, 78.5 to 79.9 seconds] vs. 110.3 seconds [CI, 109.2 to 111.4 seconds] per question). Mean discrimination was statistically significantly higher for open-book conditions (0.34 [CI, 0.32 to 0.35] vs. 0.39 [CI, 0.37 to 0.41] per question). A strong single dimension showed that the examination measured the same factor with or without the resource. Only 1 electronic resource was evaluated. Inclusion of an electronic resource with time constraints did not adversely affect test performance and did not change

  10. Understanding intention to use electronic information resources: A theoretical extension of the technology acceptance model (TAM).

    Tao, Donghua


    This study extended the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by examining the roles of two aspects of e-resource characteristics, namely, information quality and system quality, in predicting public health students' intention to use e-resources for completing research paper assignments. Both focus groups and a questionnaire were used to collect data. Descriptive analysis, data screening, and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques were used for data analysis. The study found that perceived usefulness played a major role in determining students' intention to use e-resources. Perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use fully mediated the impact that information quality and system quality had on behavior intention. The research model enriches the existing technology acceptance literature by extending TAM. Representing two aspects of e-resource characteristics provides greater explanatory information for diagnosing problems of system design, development, and implementation.

  11. Building and Managing Electronic Resources in Digital Era in India with Special Reference to IUCAA and NIV, Pune: A Comparative Case Study

    Sahu, H. K.; Singh, S. N.


    This paper discusses and presents a comparative case study of two libraries in Pune, India, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics and Information Centre and Library of National Institute of Virology (Indian Council of Medical Research). It compares how both libraries have managed their e-resource collections, including acquisitions, subscriptions, and consortia arrangements, while also developing a collection of their own resources, including pre-prints and publications, video lectures, and other materials in an institutional repository. This study illustrates how difficult it is to manage electronic resources in a developing country like India, even though electronic resources are used more than print resources. Electronic resource management can be daunting, but with a systematic approach, various problems can be solved, and use of the materials will be enhanced.

  12. Print and Electronic Resources: Usage Statistics at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library

    Kapoor, Kanta


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to quantify the use of electronic journals in comparison with the print collections in the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library. Design/methodology/approach: A detailed analysis was made of the use of lending services, the Xerox facility and usage of electronic journals such as Science Direct,…

  13. Print and Electronic Resources: Usage Statistics at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library

    Kapoor, Kanta


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to quantify the use of electronic journals in comparison with the print collections in the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Library. Design/methodology/approach: A detailed analysis was made of the use of lending services, the Xerox facility and usage of electronic journals such as Science Direct,…

  14. Intention to use and actual use of electronic information resources: further exploring Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).

    Tao, Donghua


    Following up a previous study that examined public health students' intention to use e-resources for completing research paper assignments, the present study proposed two models to investigate whether or not public health students actually used the e-resources they intended to use and whether or not the determinants of intention to use predict actual use of e-resources. Focus groups and pre- and post-questionnaires were used to collect data. Descriptive analysis, data screening, and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques were used for data analysis. The study found that the determinants of intention-to-use significantly predict actual use behavior. Direct impact of perceived usefulness and indirect impact of perceived ease of use to both behavior intention and actual behavior indicated the importance of ease of use at the early stage of technology acceptance. Non-significant intention-behavior relationship prompted thoughts on the measurement of actual behavior and multidimensional characteristics of the intention construct.

  15. Absorption of different nitrogen species by Enteromorpha prolifera%浒苔对不同氮源吸收特性的初步研究

    吴婷; 田小亭; 刘召辉; 石晓勇; 史华明


    A large scale of Enteromorpha prolifera tide occurred in the coastal area of Qingdao in 2008 utilizations of NO3-N、 NH4-N and CO(NH2)2 by Enteromorpha prolifera and the absorption kinetics of Michaelis-Menten were studied in this paper. The apparent Michaelis constant Ks for various nitrogen species followed the order of NO3-N >NH4-N> CO(NH2)2, indicating that Enteromorpha prolifera has affinity to organic nitrogen than to inorganic nitrogen. In addition, Vmax for various nitrogen species followed the order of NO3-N >NH4-N> CO(NH2)2,indicating that the order of Enteromorpha prolifera absorbing potential on different types of nitrogen is NO3-N > NH4-N > CO(NH2)2.%采用Michaelis-Menten动力学方法,研究了浒苔对NO-N、NH-N和CO(NH)吸收利用关系.结果显示,浒苔对三种不同氮源的K(表观米氏常数)大小顺序为:NO-N>NH-N>CO(NH),表明浒苔对有机氮的亲和力大于对无机氮的亲和力,且对NH-N的亲和力大于其对NO-N的亲和力;浒苔对三种不同氮源的最大吸收速率顺序为:NO-N>NH-N>CO(NH),表明浒苔对氮源的吸收潜力由大到小依次为NO-N、NH-N、CO(NH).

  16. Study on the photosynthetic performances of Enteromorpha prolifera collected from the surface and bottom of the sea of Qingdao sea area

    LIN APeng; WANG Chao; QIAO HongJin; PAN GuangHua; WANG GuangCe; SONG LiYun; WANG ZhiYuan; SUN Song; ZHOU BaiCheng


    In this work, the photosynthetic performances of Enteromorpha prolifera thalli collected from the sur-face and bottom of the sea of Qingdao sea area were studied with chlorophyll fluorescence and oxy-graph technology. The samples with the highest photosynthetic activity among their kinds, the floating thalli from the sea surface of the south of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and the sedimentary thaili from the mud surface of the bottom Tuandao bay, were chosen as representatives of surface thalli and bottom thallil respectively. The results showed that the maximal PSll quantum yield of the floating thalli was significantly lower than the normal level although their photosynthetic activities were relatively high; the photosynthetic potential of the thalli form the mud surface was extremely low. Thus, it is indicated that the floating thalli are seriously stressed by their environment and the thalli from the mud surface are already dead or are dying. On the other hand, the results of the laboratory cultivation showed that the sedimentary thalli cannot regain normal photosynthetic activity even under normal illumination condi-tions. Thus, the thalli from the mud surface cannot become reproductive source of the alga even if they can reach sea surface again. Therefore, a preliminary conclusion can be reached that, up to mid-July 2008, the environmental conditions of the Qingdao sea area are not suitable for the growth of the alga E. prolifera and for this reason the biomass of E. prolifera, in the area, could be declining.

  17. MendelWeb: An Electronic Science/Math/History Resource for the WWW.

    Blumberg, Roger B.

    This paper describes a hypermedia resource, called MendelWeb that integrates elementary biology, discrete mathematics, and the history of science. MendelWeb is constructed from Gregor Menders 1865 paper, "Experiments in Plant Hybridization". An English translation of Mendel's paper, which is considered to mark the birth of classical and…

  18. QR Codes as Finding Aides: Linking Electronic and Print Library Resources

    Kane, Danielle; Schneidewind, Jeff


    As part of a focused, methodical, and evaluative approach to emerging technologies, QR codes are one of many new technologies being used by the UC Irvine Libraries. QR codes provide simple connections between print and virtual resources. In summer 2010, a small task force began to investigate how QR codes could be used to provide information and…

  19. Electronic resources at the University of Sharjah medical library: an investigation of students' information-seeking behavior.

    Boumarafi, Behdja


    Electronic information is becoming prevalent worldwide, and its use is growing exponentially as more and more users are recognizing the potential that it offers in terms of access and delivery. However, with the introduction of new tools for e-information searching and retrieval, users have to readjust their information-seeking behavior to cope with the corresponding changes. The University of Sharjah library is steadily increasing its investment in e-resources to offer ubiquitous access to the growing body of literature in areas that interest the community it serves. This study reports the findings of a survey conducted to investigate the information-seeking behavior of medical students at the medical library. Results showed evidence of use of e-resources, but they did not explicitly establish that some of the major problems mentioned by participants did hinder the information searches of the respondents. An extensive literature review sets the background for the study.

  20. 图书馆电子信息资源利用效果评价研究%Study on Utilization Effect Evaluation of Library Electronic Information Resources

    晋晓强; 贺培风; 何忠印


    This paper discusses utilization effect of electronic information resources combining with the characteristics of electronic information resources, makes evaluation system of library electronic information resource utilization effect from three aspects : the library, the users and the data providers, hoping for providing valuable reference for the efficient use of library electronic resources.%本文结合电子信息资源的特性对电子信息资源的利用进行初步探讨,从图书馆、用户和数据服务商三个角度构建图书馆电子信息资源利用效果的评价体系,希望能为图书馆电子信息资源的高效利用提供参考。

  1. An Aqueous-Ethanol Extract of Liriope spicata var. prolifera Ameliorates Diabetic Nephropathy through Suppression of Renal Inflammation

    Hung-Jen Lu


    Full Text Available The tuberous root of Liriope spicata var. prolifera (TRLS; Liliaceae family is valued for the ability to promote glucose homeostasis, and it may therefore be utilized as an adjuvant therapy in the control of diabetic complications. The aim of the present study was to examine the effects of an aqueous ethanol extract from TRLS (TRLS-ext (100 or 200 mg kg−1 per day for eight weeks on rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy (DN. Renal dysfunction in diabetic rats was ameliorated by TRLS-ext as evidenced by reduced creatinine clearance, as well as increased blood urea nitrogen and proteinuria. Treatment with TRLS-ext was found to markedly improve histological architecture in the diabetic kidney. Hyperglycemia induced degradation of inhibitory kappa B and reduced nuclear factor kappa B activation, leading to increased infiltration of macrophages and increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines, including interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-α. All of the above abnormalities were reversed by TRLS-ext treatment, which also decreased the expression of intercellular adhesion molecule-1, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, and fibronectin in the diabetic kidneys. These findings provide a perspective on the renoprotective effects of TRLS-ext in DN.

  2. An Exploratory study on the use of LibAnswers to Resolve, Track and Monitor Electronic Resources Issues: The KAUST Library experience

    Ramli, Rindra M.


    An Exploratory study on KAUST library use of LibAnswers in resolving electronic resources questions received in LibAnswers. It describes the findings of the questions received in LibAnswers. The author made suggestions based on the findings to improve the reference services in responding to e-resources questions.

  3. Eavesdropping on Electronic Guidebooks: Observing Learning Resources in Shared Listening Environments.

    Woodruff, Allison; Aoki, Paul M.; Grinter, Rebecca E.; Hurst, Amy; Szymanski, Margaret H.; Thornton, James D.

    This paper describes an electronic guidebook, "Sotto Voce," that enables visitors to share audio information by eavesdropping on each others guidebook activity. The first section discusses the design and implementation of the guidebook device, key aspects of its user interface, the design goals for the audio environment, the eavesdropping…

  4. Electronic Resources in a Next-Generation Catalog: The Case of WorldCat Local

    Shadle, Steve


    In April 2007, the University of Washington Libraries debuted WorldCat Local (WCL), a localized version of the WorldCat database that interoperates with a library's integrated library system and fulfillment services to provide a single-search interface for a library's physical and electronic content. This brief will describe how WCL incorporates a…

  5. Equalizing Access to Electronic Networked Resources: A Model for Rural Libraries in the United States.

    Senkevitch, Judith J.; Wolfram, Dietmar


    Provides an overview of the current state of networking technology in rural libraries and describes a model for educating rural librarians in accessing electronic networks. Topics discussed include information needs in rural libraries; telecommunications technology access in rural areas; and examples of services to enhance information access.…

  6. Preference and Use of Electronic Information and Resources by Blind/Visually Impaired in NCR Libraries in India

    Shailendra Kumar


    Full Text Available This paper aims to determine the preference and use of electronic information and resources by blind/visually impaired users in the leading National Capital Region (NCR libraries of India. Survey methodology has been used as the basic research tool for data collection with the help of questionnaires. The 125 in total users surveyed in all the five libraries were selected randomly on the basis of willingness of the users with experience of working in digital environments to participate in the survey. The survey results were tabulated and analyzed with descriptive statistics methods using Excel software and 'Stata version 11'. The findings reveal that ICT have a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities as it helps them to work independently and increases the level of confidence among them. The Internet is the most preferred medium of access to information among the majority of blind/visually impaired users. The 'Complexity of content available on the net' is found as the major challenge faced during Internet use by blind users of NCR libraries. 'Audio books on CDs/DVDs and DAISY books' are the most preferred electronic resources among the majority of blind/visually impaired users. This study will help the library professionals and organizations/institutions serving people with disabilities to develop effective library services for blind/visually impaired users in the digital environment on the basis of findings on information usage behavior in the study.

  7. Collaboration in electronic resource provision in university libraries: SHEDL, a Scottish case study

    Kidd, T


    This case study examines the growth of collaboration among Scottish higher education institutions. Following a summary of the work of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL), more detailed information is provided on collaboration in the fields of acquisition, licensing, selection, and purchasing. Some of the UK background is outlined, relating to NESLi2 in particular, in order to illuminate the options within Scotland. The origins of negotiations on electronic ...

  8. Internet and electronic resources for inflammatory bowel disease: a primer for providers and patients.

    Fortinsky, Kyle J; Fournier, Marc R; Benchimol, Eric I


    Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are increasingly turning to the Internet to research their condition and engage in discourse on their experiences. This has resulted in new dynamics in the relationship between providers and their patients, with misinformation and advertising potentially presenting barriers to the cooperative patient-provider partnership. This article addresses important issues of online IBD-related health information and social media activity, such as quality, reliability, objectivity, and privacy. We reviewed the medical literature on the quality of online information provided to IBD patients, and summarized the most commonly accessed Websites related to IBD. We also assessed the activity on popular social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), and evaluated currently available applications for use by IBD patients and providers on mobile phones and tablets. Through our review of the literature and currently available resources, we developed a list of recommended online resources to strengthen patient participation in their care by providing reliable, comprehensive educational material.

  9. Granulometric composition study of mineral resources using opto-electronic devices and Elsieve software system

    Kaminski Stanislaw


    Full Text Available The use of mechanical sieves has a great impact on measurement results because occurrence of anisometric particles causes undercounting the average size. Such errors can be avoided by using opto-electronic measuring devices that enable measurement of particles from 10 μm up to a few dozen millimetres in size. The results of measurement of each particle size fraction are summed up proportionally to its weight with the use of Elsieve software system and for every type of material particle-size distribution can be obtained. The software allows further statistical interpretation of the results. Beam of infrared radiation identifies size of particles and counts them precisely. Every particle is represented by an electronic impulse proportional to its size. Measurement of particles in aqueous suspension that replaces the hydrometer method can be carried out by using the IPS L analyser (range from 0.2 to 600 μm. The IPS UA analyser (range from 0.5 to 2000 μm is designed for measurement in the air. An ultrasonic adapter enables performing measurements of moist and aggregated particles from 0.5 to 1000 μm. The construction and software system allow to determine second dimension of the particle, its shape coefficient and specific surface area. The AWK 3D analyser (range from 0.2 to 31.5 mm is devoted to measurement of various powdery materials with subsequent determination of particle shape. The AWK B analyser (range from 1 to 130 mm measures materials of thick granulation and shape of the grains. The presented method of measurement repeatedly accelerates and facilitates study of granulometric composition.

  10. 试论图书馆电子资源与纸本资源的协调发展%The coordinated development of library electronic resources and paper resources



      纸本资源和电子资源属于公共图书馆文献资源中两个非常重要的资源类型,纸本资源和电子资源的协调发展在图书馆的可持续发展过程中起着非常重要的作用。本文对如何实现图书馆电子资源和纸本资源之间的协调发展进行了探讨,希望能够为图书馆文献资源的管理提供一些参考。%  The paper and electronic resources are two very important types of literature resources of public libraries, the coordinated development of the paper and electronic resources play a very important role in the sustainable development process of the library. This article discusses how to realize the coordinated development of library electronic resources and paper resources, hope to provide some reference for library literature resource management.

  11. Preparation, Physical and Chemical Properties of Enteromorpha Prolifera Polysaccharide Iron Complex%浒苔多糖铁的制备及其理化性质研究

    姜峻; 余腾飞; 张忠山


    Enteromorpha prolifera polysaccharide iron complex was synthesized and its physical and chemical properties was studied. Enteromorpha prolifera polysaccharide was reacted with ferric chloride to obtain polysaccharide iron complex. The structure of polysaccharide iron complex was identified by infrared spectroscopy. Complete the qualitative identification of polysaccharide iron complex by comparing with ferric hydroxide sol; conduct the reduction experiment via phenanthroline colorimetric. The iron content of polysaccharide iron complex was 2.53%; polysaccharide iron remained stable in pH 6-10; at 37℃, Fe3+ in the complex was completely reduced to Fe2+ by ascorbic acid. The results showed Enteromorpha prolifera polysaccharide iron was expected to be a good iron agent.%人工合成浒苔多糖铁复合物并研究其理化性质。用浒苔多糖与氯化铁反应制得浒苔多糖铁复合物;利用红外光谱法确定浒苔多糖铁复合物的结构;通过体外溶出试验测定浒苔多糖铁复合物中的铁含量;通过水解试验,考察浒苔多糖铁在不同pH时的稳定情况。通过邻菲罗啉比色法,对浒苔多糖铁进行还原性试验。硒浒苔多糖铁中铁含量为2.53%;浒苔多糖铁在pH6~10性质稳定;37℃时,Fe3+被抗坏血酸完全还原为Fe2+。浒苔多糖铁将来有望发展成为优良的补铁剂。

  12. On the Development of Electronic Resources and Paper Resources%关于电子资源与纸本资源协调发展的思考和建议



    In recent years, a large number of electronic resources was introduced to the libraries, which has become an im- portant component of library resource system. However, there are also a lot of hot debates about the following issues, such as how to build a traditional paper resources, how to deal with the relationship between paper resources and electronic resources, how to build a library resources development system, etc. These problems also confused many librarians who are building resources in the library. With the combination with the opinions from some experts, research scholars, the paper proposed some guiding principles to deal with the relationship between electronic resources and paper resources. Taking all the aspects into consideration, such as the concepts of the library, the funding of the resources, the policies and structure of the library, cooperative development, the paper also proposes some measures for the development of electronic resources and paper resources.%在复合图书馆环境下,如何协调发展电子资源与纸本资源是图书馆界专家、学者研究和探讨的热点问题,也是许多图书馆工作者在文献资源建设实践中十分困惑的问题。文章结合有关专家、学者的研究成果及图书馆的相关案例,概述了电子资源与纸本资源协调发展应遵循的指导性原则,并从馆藏理念、经费投入、馆藏政策、馆藏结构、合作发展、服务利用等几个方面提出了协调发展电子资源与纸本资源的若干举措。

  13. Análise quantitativa da proliferação celular no epitélio seminífero humano

    Graça, Maria Inês Pinho dos Santos


    Apesar de décadas de investigação básica na espermatogénese humana, pouco se sabe acerca da proliferação e diferenciação das células germinais humanas em termos quantitativos. Com este trabalho pretendeu-se estudar quantitativamente os efeitos temporais e específicos de cada estadio celular, da Hormona Foliculo Estimulante (FSH) e da testosterona (T) na capacidade proliferativa do epitélio seminífero humano normal sob condições de cultura de órgão. Para tal, fragmentos de túbul...




    Full Text Available Artificially inoculated asparagus tissue culture plantlets with a virulent fungus, Fusarium proliferatum showed signs of infection as early as 4 days after inoculat ion. Macroscopic observations revealed presence of early symptoms such as necrotic lesions at the affected area and light microscopic examinations clearly revealed the post-penetration events that took place including the destruction of surrounding cells. However, little is known of the hyphal activity or advancement on the host's surface at the initial stage after inoculation. Scanning electron microscopic examination clearly revealed the hyphal advancement on the surface and the mode of entrance into the host tissues beneath. Four days after inoculation, the fungi proceeded to spread out from the inoculation point onto the host surface which eventually developed into a sparse network of both aerial and non-aerial hyphae. Non-aerial hyphae form a network of mycelium that adheres to the surface and it's movement appeared to be oriented towards the stomata. Hyphal penetration occurs more often through the stomata, natural openings or wounds. In some cases, the hyphae crossed over the stomatal opening w ithout entering the host tissues. At places where the cuticle layer is absent or not well developed the hyphae successfully grew in between the epidermal cells into the tissues beneath.

  15. Green Supply Chain Collaboration for Fashionable Consumer Electronics Products under Third-Party Power Intervention—A Resource Dependence Perspective

    Jiuh-Biing Sheu


    Full Text Available Under third-party power intervention (TPPI, which increases uncertainty in task environments, complex channel power interplays and restructuring are indispensable among green supply chain members as they move toward sustainable collaborative relationships for increased viability and competitive advantage. From the resource dependence perspective, this work presents a novel conceptual model to investigate the influence of political and social power on channel power restructuring and induced green supply chain collaboration in brander-retailer bidirectional green supply chains of fashionable consumer electronics products (FCEPs. An FCEP refers to the consumer electronics product (e.g., personal computers, mobile phones, computer notebooks, and game consoles with the features of a well-known brand associated, a short product lifecycle, timely and fashionable design fit for market trends, and quick responsiveness to the variations of market demands. The proposed model is tested empirically using questionnaire data obtained from retailers in the FCEP brander-retailer distribution channels. Analytical results reveal that as an extension of political and social power, TPPI positively affects the reciprocal interdependence of dyadic members and reduces power asymmetry, thereby enhancing the collaborative relationship of dyadic members and leading to improved green supply chain performance. Therein, reciprocal interdependence underlying collaborative relationship is the key to reducing the external environmental uncertainties in the TPPI context.

  16. Electronic medical record data to identify variables associated with a fibromyalgia diagnosis: importance of health care resource utilization

    Masters ET


    Full Text Available Elizabeth T Masters,1 Jack Mardekian,1 Birol Emir,1 Andrew Clair,1 Max Kuhn,2 Stuart L Silverman,31Pfizer, Inc., New York, NY, 2Pfizer, Inc., Groton, CT, 3Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USABackground: Diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM is often challenging. Identifying factors associated with an FM diagnosis may guide health care providers in implementing appropriate diagnostic and management strategies.Methods: This retrospective study used the de-identified Humedica electronic medical record (EMR database to identify variables associated with an FM diagnosis. Cases (n=4,296 were subjects ≥18 years old with ≥2 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9 codes for FM (729.1 ≥30 days apart during 2012, associated with an integrated delivery network, with ≥1 encounter with a health care provider in 2011 and 2012. Controls without FM (no-FM; n=583,665 did not have the ICD-9 codes for FM. Demographic, clinical, and health care resource utilization variables were extracted from structured EMR data. Univariate analysis identified variables showing significant differences between the cohorts based on odds ratios (ORs.Results: Consistent with FM epidemiology, FM subjects were predominantly female (78.7% vs 64.5%; P<0.0001 and slightly older (mean age 53.3 vs 52.7 years; P=0.0318. Relative to the no-FM cohort, the FM cohort was characterized by a higher prevalence of nearly all evaluated comorbidities; the ORs suggested a higher likelihood of an FM diagnosis (P<0.0001, especially for musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain conditions (OR 3.1 for each condition. Variables potentially associated with an FM diagnosis included higher levels of use of specific health care resources including emergency-room visits, outpatient visits, hospitalizations, and medications. Units used per subject for emergency-room visits, outpatient visits, hospitalizations, and medications were also significantly higher in the FM cohort (P<0

  17. Relação entre a proliferação neointimal e a lesão inicial, em pacientes portadores de stent coronario, pela angiografia quantitativa

    Jose Roberto Maiello


    Processo de reestenose, a proliferação neointimal parece estar associada à carga de placa inicial de acordo com estudos utilizando o ultrassom intravascular (IVUS). O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a relação entre a placa inicial e a proliferação neointimal após implante de stent coronário, não recoberto, pela angiografiacoronária quantitativa (ACQ). Métodos: De junho de 1997 a junho de 2000, 26 pacientes consecutivos, 61% do sexo masculino, 35% diabéticos foram submetidos a cinecoronar...

  18. Survey on User Satisfaction of Electronic Resources in University Libraries%高校图书馆电子资源用户满意度调查

    陈姚竹; 马东


    通过分析影响用户对图书馆电子资源利用的因素,以美国顾客满意度指数模型为基础,提出关于各个因素的测量指标,对高校图书馆电子资源用户满意度进行测量。%Through analyzing the influencing factors on utilizing library electronic resources, based on the model of American customer satisfaction index, the paper puts forward corresponding measurement indexes, and then measures the user satisfaction on electronic resources of university library

  19. Isolation, purification, and identification of antialgal substances in green alga Ulva prolifera for antialgal activity against the common harmful red tide microalgae.

    Sun, Ying-ying; Wang, Hui; Guo, Gan-lin; Pu, Yin-fang; Yan, Bin-lun; Wang, Chang-hai


    Ten compounds (1~10) were successfully isolated from green algae Ulva prolifera through the combination of silica gel column chromatography, Sephadex LH-20 column chromatography and repeated preparative thin-layer chromatography. These ten compounds showed antialgal activity against red tide microalgae. Among them, compounds 3, 6, and 7 showed stronger antialgal activity against red tide microalgae. Furthermore, their structure was identified on the basis of spectroscopic data. There are three glycoglycerolipids: 1-O-octadecanoic acid-3-O-β-D-galactopyranosyl glycerol (2), 1-O-palmitoyl-3-O-β-D-galactopyranosyl glycerol (4), and 1-O-palmitoyl-2-O-oleoyl-3-O-β-D-galactopyranosyl glycerol (5); two monoglycerides: glycerol monopalmitate (1), 9-hexadecenoic acid, 2,3-dihydroxypropyl ester (3); two terpenoids: loliolide (6) and lsololiolide (7); one lipid-soluble pigments: zeaxanthin (8); one sterol: cholest-5-en-3-ol (9); and one alkaloid: pyrrolopiperazine-2,5-dione (10). These compounds were isolated from U. prolifera for the first time, and compounds 2, 3, 5, and 8 were isolated from marine macroalgae for the first time.

  20. Development of an electronic medical record based alert for risk of HIV treatment failure in a low-resource setting.

    Nancy Puttkammer

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The adoption of electronic medical record systems in resource-limited settings can help clinicians monitor patients' adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART and identify patients at risk of future ART failure, allowing resources to be targeted to those most at risk. METHODS: Among adult patients enrolled on ART from 2005-2013 at two large, public-sector hospitals in Haiti, ART failure was assessed after 6-12 months on treatment, based on the World Health Organization's immunologic and clinical criteria. We identified models for predicting ART failure based on ART adherence measures and other patient characteristics. We assessed performance of candidate models using area under the receiver operating curve, and validated results using a randomly-split data sample. The selected prediction model was used to generate a risk score, and its ability to differentiate ART failure risk over a 42-month follow-up period was tested using stratified Kaplan Meier survival curves. RESULTS: Among 923 patients with CD4 results available during the period 6-12 months after ART initiation, 196 (21.2% met ART failure criteria. The pharmacy-based proportion of days covered (PDC measure performed best among five possible ART adherence measures at predicting ART failure. Average PDC during the first 6 months on ART was 79.0% among cases of ART failure and 88.6% among cases of non-failure (p<0.01. When additional information including sex, baseline CD4, and duration of enrollment in HIV care prior to ART initiation were added to PDC, the risk score differentiated between those who did and did not meet failure criteria over 42 months following ART initiation. CONCLUSIONS: Pharmacy data are most useful for new ART adherence alerts within iSanté. Such alerts offer potential to help clinicians identify patients at high risk of ART failure so that they can be targeted with adherence support interventions, before ART failure occurs.

  1. Efeitos do ultra-som terapêutico contínuo sobre a proliferação e viabilidade de células musculares C2C12 Effects of continuous therapeutic ultrasound on proliferation and viability of C2C12 muscle cells

    Paola Pelegrineli Artilheiro


    Full Text Available O ultra-som terapêutico (US é um recurso bioestimulante utilizado para propiciar reparo muscular de melhor qualidade e menor duração, mas o potencial terapêutico do US contínuo não está totalmente estabelecido. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito do US contínuo sobre a proliferação e viabilidade de células musculares precursoras (mioblastos C2C12. Mioblastos C2C12 foram cultivados em meio de cultura contendo 10% de soro fetal bovino e irradiados com US contínuo nas freqüências de 1 e 3 MHz nas intensidades de 0,2 e 0,5 W/cm2, durante 2 e 5 minutos. A viabilidade e proliferação celular foram avaliadas após 24, 48 e 72 h de incubação. Grupos não-irradiados serviram como controle. Foram realizados experimentos independentes em cada condição acima, e os dados obtidos submetidos à análise estatística. Os resultados mostram que não houve diferença estatisticamente significativa na proliferação e viabilidade celular entre os mioblastos tratados com US e as culturas controles após os diferentes períodos de incubação, em todos os parâmetros avaliados. Conclui-se que o US contínuo, nos parâmetros avaliados, não foi capaz de alterar a proliferação e viabilidade dos mioblastos.Therapeutic ultrasound (US is a biophysical stimulation resource widely used in order to promote better, faster muscle repair, but the effectiveness of continuous US in treating injuries is not fully established. The aim of the present in vitro study was to assess the effects of continuous ultrasound on viability and proliferation of skeletal muscle precursor cells (C2C12 myoblasts. C2C12 myoblasts were cultured in a medium containing 10% foetal bovine serum and irradiated with continuous ultrasound at 1 and 3 MHz frequencies, at intensities of 0.2 and 0.5 W/cm² for 2 and 5 minutes. Cell viability and proliferation were assessed after different incubation periods (24, 48 and 72 h. Non-irradiated groups served as control and data were

  2. The BRIGHTEN Program: Implementation and Evaluation of a Program to Bridge Resources of an Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Team via Electronic Networking

    Emery, Erin E.; Lapidos, Stan; Eisenstein, Amy R.; Ivan, Iulia I.; Golden, Robyn L.


    Purpose: To demonstrate the feasibility of the BRIGHTEN Program (Bridging Resources of an Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Team via Electronic Networking), an interdisciplinary team intervention for assessing and treating older adults for depression in outpatient primary and specialty medical clinics. The BRIGHTEN team collaborates "virtually"…

  3. The module of methodical support in system of electronic educational resources as the innovative element of the modern maintenance of formation

    Ольга Николаевна Крылова


    Full Text Available The article introduces some results of research, which were devoted to evaluation of tearches' mobility to introduce innovations in the contents of education. The author considers innovative potential of modules of the methodical support for system of electronic educational resources.

  4. Charting a Course through CORAL: Texas A&M University Libraries' Experience Implementing an Open-Source Electronic Resources Management System

    Hartnett, Eric; Beh, Eugenia; Resnick, Taryn; Ugaz, Ana; Tabacaru, Simona


    In 2010, after two previous unsuccessful attempts at electronic resources management system (ERMS) implementation, Texas A&M University (TAMU) Libraries set out once again to find an ERMS that would fit its needs. After surveying the field, TAMU Libraries selected the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries-developed, open-source ERMS,…

  5. The BRIGHTEN Program: Implementation and Evaluation of a Program to Bridge Resources of an Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Team via Electronic Networking

    Emery, Erin E.; Lapidos, Stan; Eisenstein, Amy R.; Ivan, Iulia I.; Golden, Robyn L.


    Purpose: To demonstrate the feasibility of the BRIGHTEN Program (Bridging Resources of an Interdisciplinary Geriatric Health Team via Electronic Networking), an interdisciplinary team intervention for assessing and treating older adults for depression in outpatient primary and specialty medical clinics. The BRIGHTEN team collaborates "virtually"…

  6. Electronic Information Resources (EIR Adoption in Private University Libraries: The Moderating Effect of Productivity and Relative Advantage on Perceived Usefulness

    Izuagbe, Roland


    Full Text Available The study tested a hybrid model with constructs drawn from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM and Diffusion of Innovation (DOI theory in order to examine the moderating effect of productivity and relative advantage (RA on perceived usefulness (PU vis-à-vis electronic information resources (EIR adoption in private university libraries in Ogun and Osun States of Nigeria. The descriptive research design was adopted in the study. The population consisted of 61 (55.0% librarians and 50 (45.0% library officers (totaling 116—100% in Babcock University, Bells University, Covenant University, Bowen University, Oduduwa University, and Redeemer's University. Purposive sampling procedure was adopted after which total enumeration was used since the total population is small. The questionnaire was used for data collection. Of the 116 copies of the questionnaire administered, 111 (95.7% were found usable. The instrument was structured based on a 4-point Likert agreement scale of Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics like tables of frequency counts and percentage. The findings revealed that productivity and relative advantage are significant moderators of perceived usefulness of EIR adoption in private university libraries in Ogun and Osun States, Nigeria.

  7. Antígeno nuclear de proliferação celular em tumores de adrenal Proliferating cell nuclear antigen in adrenal tumors

    Rodrigo A.R. Falconi


    Full Text Available Fez-se um estudo imunohistoquímico do antígeno nuclear de proliferação celular (PCNA em 26 adenomas e 24 carcinomas de adrenal através da técnica da avidina-biotina-peroxidase. O índice de marcação (IP do PCNA, definido com o número de células marcadas/1000 contadas, foi em média de 77,4± 66,1 (mediana - 63,5 para os adenomas enquanto que para os carcinomas foi 215,8± 56,0 (mediana - 217,5 (p<0,0001. Estabelecendo-se o IP de 100 o marcador (para a discriminação de carcinomas dos adenomas o marcador exibiu sensibilidade, especificidade e valor preditivo positivo seguintes, respectivamente: 100%, 69% e 75%.

  8. Green synthesis of the Cu/ZnO nanoparticles mediated by Euphorbia prolifera leaf extract and investigation of their catalytic activity.

    Momeni, Seyedeh Samaneh; Nasrollahzadeh, Mahmoud; Rustaiyan, Abdolhossein


    A green synthesis process was developed for the preparation of the Cu/ZnO nanoparticles (NPs) using Euphorbia prolifera leaf extract as a mild, renewable and non-toxic reducing agent and efficient stabilizer without using dangerous, hazardous and toxic materials. The approach of biosynthesis appears to be cost efficient eco-friendly and easy alternative to conventional methods of the Cu/ZnO NPs synthesis. The Cu/ZnO NPs were characterized by FESEM, EDS, elemental mapping, TEM and XRD. TEM micrograph has shown the formation of Cu NPs with the size in the range of 5-17 nm. In addition, the synthesized Cu/ZnO NPs presented excellent catalytic activity for the degradation of Methylene blue (MB) and Congo red (CR) in the presence of NaBH4 in water at room temperature. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Photosystem I shows a higher tolerance to sorbitol-induced osmotic stress than photosystem II in the intertidal macro-algae Ulva prolifera (Chlorophyta).

    Gao, Shan; Zheng, Zhenbing; Gu, Wenhui; Xie, Xiujun; Huan, Li; Pan, Guanghua; Wang, Guangce


    The photosynthetic performance of the desiccation-tolerant, intertidal macro-algae Ulva prolifera was significantly affected by sorbitol-induced osmotic stress. Our results showed that photosynthetic activity decreased significantly with increases in sorbitol concentration. Although the partial activity of both photosystem I (PS I) and photosystem II (PS II) was able to recover after 30 min of rehydration, the activity of PS II decreased more rapidly than PS I. At 4 M sorbitol concentration, the activity of PS II was almost 0 while that of PS I was still at about one third of normal levels. Following prolonged treatment with 1 and 2 M sorbitol, the activity of PS I and PS II decreased slowly, suggesting that the effects of moderate concentrations of sorbitol on PS I and PS II were gradual. Interestingly, an increase in non-photochemical quenching occurred under these conditions in response to moderate osmotic stress, whereas it declined significantly under severe osmotic stress. These results suggest that photoprotection in U. prolifera could also be induced by moderate osmotic stress. In addition, the oxidation of PS I was significantly affected by osmotic stress. P700(+) in the thalli treated with high concentrations of sorbitol could still be reduced, as PS II was inhibited by 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea (DCMU), but it could not be fully oxidized. This observation may be caused by the higher quantum yield of non-photochemical energy dissipation in PS I due to acceptor-side limitation (Y(NA)) during rehydration in seawater containing DCMU.

  10. A Study on the Model for Resources Matching of Electronic Bartering%电子易货资源匹配模型研究

    吴剑云; 张嵩


    By exchanging idle goods and services, electronic bartering can help enterprises solve dull sale problems, shortage of funds, overstocks and other problems without sufficient cash. Relying on the Internet and the e-commerce platform, electronic bartering removes the traditional bartering limitations, greatly expands the trading object and range, improves the transaction efficiency, and provides additional channels for economic development. How to promote more successful barters among multiple barterers? A key factor is the matching of barter resources. Focusing on the automatic matching of resources in the electronic barter, this paper proposes a network model to help maximize resources matching and provide recommendation information for barter participants, thereby raising the transaction rate and making the barter market prosperous.According to the type and quantity of barter resources, barter market can be divided into two types. In the first type, the supply and demand of the barter market is related to the same type of resources and each barterer owns only one type of resource. In the second type, the supply and demand of the barter market is linked to many types of resources and each barterer owns multiple resources to be exchanged. The first case has been resolved in the relevant document by using the graph theory to solve digraph circuits. This paper is interested in studying the second type of barter. Suppose the barter market has m barterers and n resources. Each barterer owns diverse types of barter resources, and is interested in other types of resources. The barterer a will provide other barterers his own resources only if he gets the resources he needs from the barterer b. Note that each of the bartered resource is regarded as having equal value to any other resources. The main objective is to maximize the number of resources that are bartered.Next, this paper proposes a math model of automatic resources matching by systematically analyzing resource

  11. The Use and Maintenance of University Library Electronic Resources%浅议大学图书馆电子资源的利用与维护

    马鹏飞; 熊豫玲


    随着科学技术的飞速发展,高新信息技术的广泛应用,大学图书馆的工作内容和方法也面临新的挑战,为了使用户更好的利用大学图书馆的电子资源,提高电子资源利用率,实现大学图书馆数字化,本文主要从电子资源的利用和维护方面进行探讨。%With the rapid development of science and technology,the extensive application of high-tech information technology, University of content and methods of library work is also facing new challenges in order to make better use of university library users to electronic resources,improve the utilization of electronic resources to achieve the University Library digital,paper, from the use of electronic resources and maintenance were discussed.

  12. Barriers to electronic access and delivery of educational information in resource constrained public schools: a case of Greater Tubatse Municipality

    Pholotho, T


    Full Text Available Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are capable of expanding access to quality education, educational resources and provide teachers with new skills. Nevertheless, a majority of rural public schools have limited ICTs, mainly due...

  13. Electronic Grey Literature in Accelerator Science and Its Allied Subjects : Selected Web Resources for Scientists and Engineers

    Rajendiran, P


    Grey literature Web resources in the field of accelerator science and its allied subjects are collected for the scientists and engineers of RRCAT (Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology). For definition purposes the different types of grey literature are described. The Web resources collected and compiled in this article (with an overview and link for each) specifically focus on technical reports, preprints or e-prints, which meet the main information needs of RRCAT users.

  14. 电子资源许可使用的发展与创新%The Development and Innovation of the Use of the Electronic Resource License



      电子资源许可使用在我国发展时间较短,在其建立过程中还存在许可定价、购买模式、馆际互借以及电子资源的长期保存许可方式等难题。电子资源许可使用的发展与创新,需要根据用户需求制定发展战略,建立图书馆的读者监督管理制度和数字化资源服务制度,规范文献编目制度等,以提高电子信息资源与图书馆信息资源的使用效果和广泛的使用需求%  It's been a short time since the use of electronic resource licenses has developed in China; in addition, many problems ap-pear in the establishment process in terms of license pricing, purchase pattern, inter-library loan and long-term preservation ways of electronic resources. In order to develop and innovate the use of the license, libraries should develop strategies in accordance with the users' needs, establish a reader supervision system and a digital resource service system, and normalize the document cataloging sys-tem to enhance the utilization effect and meet the extensive demand for electronic and library information resources.

  15. Clinician‐selected Electronic Information Resources do not Guarantee Accuracy in Answering Primary Care Physicians’ Information Needs. A review of: McKibbon, K. Ann, and Douglas B. Fridsma. “Effectiveness of Clinician‐selected Electronic Information Resources for Answering Primary Care Physicians’ Information Needs.” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 13.6 (2006: 653‐9.

    Martha Ingrid Preddie


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine if electronic information resources selected by primary care physicians improve their ability to answer simulated clinical questions.Design – An observational study utilizing hour‐long interviews and think‐aloud protocols.Setting – The offices and clinics of primary care physicians in Canada and the United States.Subjects – Twenty‐five primary care physicians of whom 4 were women, 17 were from Canada, 22 were family physicians,and 24 were board certified.Methods – Participants provided responses to 23 multiple‐choice questions. Each physician then chose two questions and looked for the answers utilizing information resources of their own choice. The search processes, chosen resources and search times were noted. These were analyzed along with data on the accuracy of the answers and certainties related to the answer to each clinical question prior to the search.Main results – Twenty‐three physicians sought answers to 46 simulated clinical questions. Utilizing only electronic information resources, physicians spent a mean of 13.0 (SD 5.5 minutes searching for answers to the questions, an average of 7.3(SD 4.0 minutes for the first question and 5.8 (SD 2.2 minutes to answer the second question. On average, 1.8 resources were utilized per question. Resources that summarized information, such as the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, UpToDate and Clinical Evidence, were favored 39.2% of the time, MEDLINE (Ovid and PubMed 35.7%, and Internet resources including Google 22.6%. Almost 50% of the search and retrieval strategies were keyword‐based, while MeSH, subheadings and limiting were used less frequently. On average, before searching physicians answered 10 of 23 (43.5% questions accurately. For questions that were searched using clinician‐selected electronic resources, 18 (39.1% of the 46 answers were accurate before searching, while 19 (42.1% were accurate after searching. The difference of

  16. Conceived on the City Electronic Waste Resource Mana oement Model%城市电子废弃物资源化管理模式构想

    熊贵琍; 余涛


    Investigated e- waste collection system the investigation, the whereabouts and electronic waste disposal in Httizhou city, the paper analyzed the Huizhou city e- waste collection and disposal of a series of problems, combined with the actual, conceived urban electronic waste resources management mode.%通过对惠州市电子废弃物收集体系组成、去向以及电子废弃物处置方式的调查,分析惠州市电子废弃物收集和处置存在的一系列问题,结合实际提出了城市电子废弃物资源化管理模式的初步构想。

  17. Seasonal variation and structure of a decapod (Crustacea) assemblage living in a Caulerpa prolifera meadow in Cádiz Bay (SW Spain)

    López De La Rosa, Inmaculada; Rodríguez, Antonio; García Raso, J. Enrique


    The decapod taxocoenosis living in shallow muddy bottoms with the green algae Caulerpa prolifera was studied monthly between February 1994 and January 1996 in the Inner Bay of Cádiz (SW Spain). More than 32,000 specimens belonging to 35 species were collected. Six species were dominant (representing the 85.8% of the total number of specimens), but the structure of the taxocoenosis was regulated by the Hippolyte species, Sicyonia carinata, Palaemon adspersus and Liocarcinus arcuatus. There was no significant qualitative difference between years. There was no clear change in the dominance of groups of species during the year, as happened in the outer Bay. This is probably due to the sheltered character of the area and the more stable and dense vegetal cover, but some seasonal differences were found. The benthic characteristics of the Inner Bay of Cádiz, such as shallow soft bottoms of fine and muddy sediments and the presence of macrophytes (seagrasses and seaweeds) might be key factors influencing the composition and structure of the general and seasonal decapod assemblage. In spite of human impacts on the bay (e.g. aquaculture activities, sewage), the values of the diversity, equitability and richness indexes appeared stable over time (higher than those found in outer adjacent areas) and no significant differences between years were found.

  18. Accessibility and Use of Web-Based Electronic Resources by Physicians in a Psychiatric Institution in Nigeria

    Oduwole, Adebambo Adewale; Oyewumi, Olatundun


    Purpose: This study aims to examine the accessibility and use of web-based electronic databases on the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) portal by physicians in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro--a psychiatry health institution in Nigeria. Design/methodology/approach: Collection of data was through the use of a three-part…

  19. Effects of temperature and light intensity on the release and germination of Ulva prolifera spores/gametes%温度与光照强度对浒苔孢子/配子放散和萌发的影响

    韩红宾; 韦章良; 霍元子; 陈群芳; 张建恒; 何培民; 于克锋


    通过比较不同温度和光照强度对浒苔(Ulva prolifera)孢子/配子放散和萌发的影响,来探究适合浒苔孢子/配子放散和萌发的温度和光照强度。实验结果表明,适宜浒苔孢子/配子放散的温度和光照强度范围分别为20~30℃和180~300μmol·m-2·s-1。在温度25℃、光照强度240μmol·m-2·s-1时,浒苔孢子/配子的放散量最大。浒苔孢子/配子萌发的适宜温度和光照强度分别为15~25℃和40~160μmol·m-2·s-1,最适温度和光照强度分别为20℃和120μmol·m-2·s-1。本实验揭示了黄海绿潮优势种浒苔繁殖与生长的环境响应过程,为进一步探索黄海绿潮暴发机制提供理论依据。%Massive green tide has occurred every year in the coast of the Yellow Sea since 2007 ,seriously damaging the ecological environment and becoming a sustained marine environmental disaster.The dominant species of the floating green tide in the Yellow Sea was identified as U.prolifera.Floating thalli of Ulva prolifera samples were collected from Rudong coast,Jiangsu Province. Firstly,for the release of U.prolifera spores/gametes investigations,five temperature treatments (15,20, 25,30,35 ℃),five light intensity treatments(0,60,120,180,240,300 μmol·m-2 ·s-1 )and all materials were subjected to a 12L∶12D photoperiod throughout the experiment.In the second experiment,to study the response of the germination of U.prolifera spores/gametes to temperature and light intensity,six temperature treatments (10,15,20,25,30,35 ℃)under 60 μmol·m-2 ·s-1,six light intensity treatments (0,40,80,120,160,200μmol·m-2·s-1)under 20℃and all materials were subjected to a 12L∶12D photoperiod throughout the experiment. The results showed that the suitable temperature and light intensity for the release of U.prolifera spores/gametes were 20-30 ℃ and 180 -300 μmol·m-2 ·s-1 ,respectively.The maximum released amount of U.prolifera spores

  20. Share and share alike: encouraging the reuse of academic resources through the Scottish electronic Staff Development Library

    Lorna M. Campbell


    Full Text Available The Scottish electronic Staff Development Library (http://www.sesdl.scotcit.acuk is an ongoing collaborative project involving the Universities of Edinburgh, Paisley and Strathclyde which has been funded by SHEFC as part of their current ScotCIT Programme ( This project is being developed in response to the increasing demand for flexible, high-quality staff development materials.

  1. 重庆高校图书馆电子文献资源建设现状及对策%The Present Situation and Countermeasure of Electronic Literature Resources Construction about Chongqing University Library

    刘子辉; 彭渝; 陈强; 吴晓英


    In the information society, Electronic document resources are very important for library development and the school's teaching and research. The university library should pay more at ention to the construction of electronic document resources. Through the survey of the electronic document resources in Chongqing, We have mastered the distribution of electronic document resources, analyzed the existing problems in resource construction, and proposed the related countermeasure. We hope to provide reference for the electronic document resources construction.%在信息社会,电子文献资源对高校图书馆建设、学校的教学与科研都起到非常重要的作用,各高校图书馆应该更加重视电子文献资源的建设。通过对重庆高校图书馆电子文献资源建设情况进行调查,掌握了本地区电子文献资源的分布情况,分析了资源建设中存在的问题,并提出了相关对策,希望为本地区高校图书馆电子文献资源建设提供参考。

  2. Estudo da proliferação linfocitária em pacientes sensibilizados ao níquel Study on lymphocyte proliferation in nickel sensitive patients

    Ana Paula Galli Sanchez


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTO: O diagnóstico da alergia ao níquel é estabelecido com a realização do teste de contato. OBJETIVO: Desenvolver um método diagnóstico mais sensível e específico. CASUÍSTICAS E MÉTODOS: Dezenove pacientes com teste de contato positivo para o níquel e 25 controles foram submetidos ao teste da proliferação linfocitária. As células mononucleadas foram isoladas do sangue venoso periférico e cultivadas em triplicatas, em placas de cultura (2x10(5 células/orifício com: meio de cultura apenas; sulfato de níquel (156,25; 78,13; 19,53; 9,77 e 2,44µM e concentrações ideais do antígeno Candida albicans e dos mitógenos pokeweed, fito-hemaglutinina A e anticorpo anti-CD3 (OKT3. Timidina tritiada foi adicionada às placas, a radioatividade incorporada pelas células medida e os resultados expressos pelo índice de estimulação (IE. RESULTADOS: A resposta proliferativa dos linfócitos dos casos foi superior à dos controles em todas as concentrações de níquel testadas. Considerando teste positivo para níquel quando IE > 3, nenhum dos controles e 16 (84,21% dos casos apresentaram teste positivo em pelo menos uma das cinco concentrações usadas. As respostas à Candida albicans e aos mitógenos foram semelhantes nos casos e controles, demonstrando a integridade da imunidade celular em ambos os grupos. CONCLUSÃO: O teste da proliferação linfocitária mostra-se útil no diagnóstico da alergia ao níquel.BACKGROUND: The diagnosis of nickel sensitivity is made by epicutaneous patch testing. OBJECTIVE: To develop a more sensitive and specific test. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Nineteen patients with positive patch test reactions to nickel and 25 controls were submitted to lymphocyte proliferation test. Mononuclear cells were isolated from peripheral venous blood and cultivated in triplicate in culture plates (2x10(5 cells/well with: culture medium only, nickel sulfate (156.25; 78.13; 19.53; 9.77 and 2.44µM and optimal

  3. Selection and Evaluation of Electronic Resources Elektronik Kaynakların Seçimi ve Değerlendirilmesi

    Doğan Atılgan


    Full Text Available Publication boom and issues related to controlling and accession of printed sources have created some problems after World War II. Consequently, publishing industry has encountered the problem of finding possible solution for emerged situation. Industry of electronic publishing has started to improve with the rapid increase of the price of printed sources as well as the problem of publication boom. The first effects of electronic publishing were appeared on the academic and scholarly publications then electronic publishing became a crucial part of all types of publications. As a result of these developments, collection developments and service policies of information centers were also significantly changed. In this article, after a general introduction about selection and evaluation processes of electronic publications, the subscribed databases by a state and a privately owned university in Turkey and their usage were examined. İkinci dünya savaşından sonra görülen yayın patlaması, basılı kaynakların denetim ve erişiminde sorunlar yaşanmasına neden olmuştur. Bu da yayıncılık sektöründe yeni arayışlara yol açmıştır. 1980’li yıllardan sonra basılı yayın fiyatlarındaki hızlı artış da bu etmenlere eklenince elektronik yayıncılık sektörü gelişmeye başlamıştır. Öncelikle bilimsel ve akademik yayınlarla başlayan elektronik yayın günümüzde tüm yayın türlerini kapsamaktadır. Yayıncılıktaki bu gelişim bilgi merkezlerinin derme geliştirme ve hizmet politikalarını da önemli ölçüde değiştirmiştir. Bu çalışmada elektronik yayınların seçim, değerlendirme ve sağlama konularında genel bir girişten sonra bir devlet üniversitesinin bir de özel üniversitenin abone olduğu veritabanları ve bu veri tabanlarının kullanımının değerlendirilmesi yapılmaktadır.

  4. O Brasil, a AIEA e o Regime de Não Proliferação Nuclear (1957-2014: entre a cooperação e a desconfiança.

    Edson José Perosa


    Full Text Available A AIEA foi criada em 1957 após a proposta ‘‘átomos para paz’’ do presidente estadunidense Eisenhower, apresentada na ONU em 1953. A Agência deveria promover o uso pacífico da energia nuclear e coibir seu uso militar. O Tratado de Não Proliferação Nuclear (TNP, por sua vez, foi aprovado em 1968 e entrou em vigor em 1970. Os países que aderissem a esse tratado se comprometiam em não desenvolver armas nucleares e, por sua vez, os que já dispunham desses armamentos se comprometiam em reduzir seus arsenais. Esses são dois dos principais instrumentos do regime de não proliferação nuclear. O Brasil adotou uma postura crítica em relação ao TNP, criticando-o como sendo discriminatório. Com relação à AIEA, o governo brasileiro manteve contatos com a Agência e firmou tratados com ela – como o tratado tripartite Brasil-RFA-AIEA e o tratado quadripartite Brasil-Argentina-AIEA-ABACC.  Diferentemente de outros atores do regime de não proliferação, o Brasil pareceu mais disposto a aceitar a tutela da AIEA, ainda que não aderisse integralmente às salvaguardas da Agência. Ademais, a Agência – por meio dos tratados assinados com ela – pode ter sido um meio para o Brasil tentar legitimar seu programa nuclear como pacífico.

  5. Utility of the electronic information resource UpToDate for clinical decision-making at bedside rounds.

    Phua, J; See, K C; Khalizah, H J; Low, S P; Lim, T K


    Clinical questions often arise at daily hospital bedside rounds. Yet, little information exists on how the search for answers may be facilitated. The aim of this prospective study was, therefore, to evaluate the overall utility, including the feasibility and usefulness of incorporating searches of UpToDate, a popular online information resource, into rounds. Doctors searched UpToDate for any unresolved clinical questions during rounds for patients in general medicine and respiratory wards, and in the medical intensive care unit of a tertiary teaching hospital. The nature of the questions and the results of the searches were recorded. Searches were deemed feasible if they were completed during the rounds and useful if they provided a satisfactory answer. A total of 157 UpToDate searches were performed during the study period. Questions were raised by all ranks of clinicians from junior doctors to consultants. The searches were feasible and performed immediately during rounds 44% of the time. Each search took a median of three minutes (first quartile: two minutes, third quartile: five minutes). UpToDate provided a useful and satisfactory answer 75% of the time, a partial answer 17% of the time and no answer 9% of the time. It led to a change in investigations, diagnosis or management 37% of the time, confirmed what was originally known or planned 38% of the time and had no effect 25% of the time. Incorporating UpToDate searches into daily bedside rounds was feasible and useful in clinical decision-making.

  6. Proliferação de linfócitos e apoptose de células CD5+ de bovinos infectados pelo vírus da leucose enzoótica bovina

    F.N Souza


    Full Text Available Avaliaram-se a proliferação de linfócitos e a apoptose de células CD5+ de bovinos naturalmente infectados pelo vírus da leucose enzoótica bovina. Para tal, 100 vacas da raça Holandesa, em lactação, foram triadas quanto ao sorodiagnóstico para a leucose enzoótica bovina e o perfil hematológico, e 15 foram escolhidos e distribuídos uniformemente entre os três grupos, a saber: animais negativos, animais positivos alinfocitóticos e animais positivos e que manifestaram linfocitose persistente (LP. Para a avaliação da proliferação de linfócitos, procedeu-se ao isolamento das células mononucleares por gradiente de centrifugação, em que 2x10(6 linfócitos por mL foram plaqueados por poço e analisados por citometria de fluxo utilizando-se o fluorocromo CFSE-DA. A apoptose do sangue periférico deu-se utilizando a anexina V-FITC, e para a identificação das células CD5+, utilizaram-se anticorpos monoclonais. Ocorreu menor proliferação de linfócitos nos animais infectados e que manifestavam LP, e menor apoptose de células CD5+ do sangue periférico. Pode-se sugerir que o desenvolvimento da LP, resultante do aumento de linfócitos B, deve-se à redução do processo apoptótico das células CD5+, principal população infectada, e que a maior proliferação linfocitária pode se restringir apenas ao estádio inicial do desenvolvimento da LP.

  7. 图书馆纸质资源与电子资源投入比例研究%The research of ratio between traditional and electronics resources in library

    王以婧; 李明


    With the popularization of electronic product development,library is no longer the paper-based resources into a single information carrier the pattern,but has formed a paper resource and electronic resources coexist in the new situation.Because the library types of our country,the proportion of input between paper-based resources and other kinds of resources exist difference.This paper will discuss the relationship between the traditional and electronics resources,and also points out the existing problems and the countermeasures.%随着电子产品的普及发展,图书馆已不再以纸质资源为唯一的信息载体,而是形成了纸质资源和电子资源并存的新局面。由于国内图书馆类型的不同,纸质资源与电子资源的配比也会存在差异。通过讨论二者的关系,指出存在的问题及应对之策。

  8. Da hiperglobalização à proliferação de regimes normativos From globalization to the proliferation of normative regimes

    Roberto Chacon de Albuquerque


    Full Text Available Este artigo analisa o conflito entre duas propostas para a solução da crise financeira internacional que representam tradições econômicas e políticas distintas, a anglo-americana e a franco-alemã. Washington e Londres propõem sanar os efeitos da crise internacional, enquanto berlim e paris sugerem uma nova arquitetura para o mercado financeiro, com uma autoridade internacional centralizada para regulá-lo e controlá-lo, com cessão de soberania. estas duas propostas contrapuseram-se na última reunião do g-20 ocorrida em Londres. Mais de setenta anos atrás, a conferência econômica de londres, iniciada em 12 de junho de 1933, teve como objetivo adotar medidas contra a grande depressão, estimulando o comércio internacional e estabilizando o mercado de câmbio. a recusa a uma autoridade central para regular e controlar o mercado financeiro favorece a proliferação de regimes normativos.This article analyzes the conflict between two proposals aiming at solving the international financial crisis that represent different economic and political traditions, the anglo-american and the franco-german ones. Washington and London propose to repair the effects of the international crisis, while berlin and paris suggest a new architecture for the financial market, with a central authority in charge of regulating and controlling it, with cession of sovereignty. These two proposals have been confronted at the last g-20 meeting that took place in London. More than seventy years ago, the London economic conference, which began on 12 june 1933, had as goal the adoption of measures against the great depression, by stimulating the international trade and stabilizing the foreign exchange market. The refusal to a central authority in charge of regulating and controlling the financial market favors the proliferation of normative regimes.

  9. There is a Relationship between Resource Expenditures and Reference Transactions in Academic Libraries. A Review of: Dubnjakovic, A. (2012. Electronic resource expenditure and the decline in reference transaction statistics in academic libraries. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(2, 94-100. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2012.01.001

    Annie M. Hughes


    Full Text Available Objective – To provide an analysis of the impact of expenditures on electronic resourcesand gate counts on the increase or decrease in reference transactions.Design – Analysis of results of existing survey data from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES 2006 Academic Library Survey(ALS.Setting – Academic libraries in the United States.Subjects – 3925 academic library respondents.Methods – The author chose to use survey data collected from the 2006 ALS conducted bythe NCES. The survey included data on various topics related to academic libraries, but in the case of this study, the author chose to analyze three of the 193 variables included. The three variables: electronic books expenditure, computer hardware and software, and expenditures on bibliographic utilities, were combined into one variable called electronic resource expenditure. Gate counts were also considered as a variable. Electronic resource expenditure was also split as a variable into three groups: low, medium, and high. Multiple regression analysis and general linear modeling, along with tests of reliability, were employed. Main Results – The author determined that low, medium, and high spenders with regard to electronic resources exhibited differences in gate counts, and gate counts have an effect on reference transactions in any given week. Gate counts tend to not have much of an effect on reference transactions for the higher spenders, and higher spenders tend to have a higher number of reference transactions overall. Low spenders have lower gate counts and also a lower amount of reference transactions.Conclusion – The findings from this study show that academic libraries spending more on electronic resources also tend to have an increase with regard to reference transactions. The author also concludes that library spaces are no longer the determining factor with regard to number of reference transactions. Spending more on electronic resources is

  10. Effects of refrigeration and acid treatment on the survival of the blades in Porphyra haitanensis and Enteromorpha prolifera%鲜冻与酸处理对坛紫菜和浒苔苗存活的影响

    严兴洪; 钟晨辉; 亓庆宝; 王长青


    In order to establish an economical and simple method to kill Enteromorpha prolifera which competitively grow together with Porphyra haitanensis in the Porphyra cultivation net,the blades of P.haitanensis and E.prolifera in different sizes were treated with direct refrigeration and acid.The results showed that there were significant differences in cell survival rates of the young blades(1-2 cm) between P.haitanensis and E.prolifera which were directly refrigerated for 5 days.The cell survival rate of the former was 90% and the latter was 50%.The blades of P.haitanensis grew well except that some dead cells appeared in the blade head after recover culture for 30 days,but the blades of E.prolifera became yellow and died gradually.When the blades grew up to 5 cm,they were treated with citric acid(pH=2.0) for 3 min the cell survival rate of P.haitanensis was about 90.9%,whereas it was only 58.5% for E.prolifera.The growth inhibition appeared in the blades of E.prolifera but not in P.haitanensis.It was better to treat them with hydrochloric acid solution(pH=2.3).After treatment for 1 min,the cell survival rate of E.prolifera was less than 20%;however,it was still up to 97% for P.haitanensis.Refrigerating the small blades(1-2 cm length) and treating the bigger blades(5 cm length) with acids would be a good method to get rid of E.prolifera.%采用直接鲜冻和酸处理的方法分别对不同大小的坛紫菜和浒苔藻体进行了处理,旨在建立一种可以有效杀死浒苔而保留坛紫菜的简便方法。实验结果表明:体长为1~2 cm的坛紫菜和浒苔幼苗不经干燥直接鲜冻5 d,坛紫菜苗的细胞成活率达到90%左右,而浒苔只有50%,恢复培养30 d,坛紫菜苗生长良好,只有梢部的少量细胞死亡,而浒苔苗则大部分变黄死亡。用pH为2.0的柠檬酸溶液处理体长为5 cm左右的中苗3 min,坛紫菜的细胞成活率仍高达90.9%,但浒苔的细胞成活率只有58.5%,恢复培养30 d,

  11. If Information Wants To Be Free...Then Who's Going To Pay for It? [and] A Question of Access: SPARC, BioOne, and Society-Driven Electronic Publishing [and] Who Is Going To Mine Digital Library Resources? And How?

    Kaser, Richard T.; Johnson, Richard K.; Rudner, Lawrence


    Discusses Fair Use and the public perception; models for funding information services; publishers illusion that information is/should be free; Internet's role in making information freely available; scholarly communication systems: Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and BioOne (an electronic aggregation of bioscience…

  12. If Information Wants To Be Free...Then Who's Going To Pay for It? [and] A Question of Access: SPARC, BioOne, and Society-Driven Electronic Publishing [and] Who Is Going To Mine Digital Library Resources? And How?

    Kaser, Richard T.; Johnson, Richard K.; Rudner, Lawrence


    Discusses Fair Use and the public perception; models for funding information services; publishers illusion that information is/should be free; Internet's role in making information freely available; scholarly communication systems: Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and BioOne (an electronic aggregation of bioscience…

  13. Impact of two interventions on timeliness and data quality of an electronic disease surveillance system in a resource limited setting (Peru: a prospective evaluation

    Quispe Jose A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A timely detection of outbreaks through surveillance is needed in order to prevent future pandemics. However, current surveillance systems may not be prepared to accomplish this goal, especially in resource limited settings. As data quality and timeliness are attributes that improve outbreak detection capacity, we assessed the effect of two interventions on such attributes in Alerta, an electronic disease surveillance system in the Peruvian Navy. Methods 40 Alerta reporting units (18 clinics and 22 ships were included in a 12-week prospective evaluation project. After a short refresher course on the notification process, units were randomly assigned to either a phone, visit or control group. Phone group sites were called three hours before the biweekly reporting deadline if they had not sent their report. Visit group sites received supervision visits on weeks 4 & 8, but no phone calls. The control group sites were not contacted by phone or visited. Timeliness and data quality were assessed by calculating the percentage of reports sent on time and percentage of errors per total number of reports, respectively. Results Timeliness improved in the phone group from 64.6% to 84% in clinics (+19.4 [95% CI, +10.3 to +28.6]; p Conclusion Regular phone reminders significantly improved timeliness of reports in clinics and ships, whereas supervision visits led to improved data quality only among clinics. Further investigations are needed to establish the cost-effectiveness and optimal use of each of these strategies.

  14. Metadata for Electronic Information Resources


    among digital libraries . METS provides an XML DTD that can point to metadata in other schemes by declaring the scheme that is being used. For International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). (2002). Digital Libraries : Metadata

  15. 基于ASP.NET的电子资源整合系统设计与实现%Design and Realization of an Integrated Electronic Resource System Based on ASP.NET

    冀宪武; 陈晓冬; 何燕; 杨方; 曹宇宾; 潘大丰


    电子信息资源的整合是数字图书馆建设中的一个非常重要的环节,论述了数字资源整合的必要性,结合农业图书馆的实际,开展了电子资源整合服务平台的设计与实现。%The integration of electronic information resources is a very important part in digital library construction.In this paper,the necessity for integration of digital resources was discussed,combined with the actuality of the agricultural library,the design and implementation about services platform of electronic resource integration were carried out.

  16. Library resources on the Internet

    Buchanan, Nancy L.


    Library resources are prevalent on the Internet. Library catalogs, electronic books, electronic periodicals, periodical indexes, reference sources, and U.S. Government documents are available by telnet, Gopher, World Wide Web, and FTP. Comparatively few copyrighted library resources are available freely on the Internet. Internet implementations of library resources can add useful features, such as full-text searching. There are discussion lists, Gophers, and World Wide Web pages to help users keep up with new resources and changes to existing ones. The future will bring more library resources, more types of library resources, and more integrated implementations of such resources to the Internet.

  17. Assessment of cell proliferation and prognostic factors in canine mammary gland tumors Avaliação da proliferação celular e fatores prognósticos em tumores mamários caninos

    A.P. Dutra


    Full Text Available Three methods for the analysis of cell proliferation, mitotic index/10 high-power fields (10 HPF, mitotic index/four sets of 10 HPF (40 HPF, and MIB-1 index were evaluated in a series of canine mammary gland tumors, as well as the possible correlation between them. Fifty-six canine mammary gland tumors, including 23 benign and 33 malignant, were studied. In addition, the prognostic impact of mitotic index/10 HPF, and histological malignancy grade were evaluated in 17 malignant tumors, being seven ductal and 10 metaplastic carcinomas. The three methods used to evaluate cell proliferation were correlated with the prognostic impact of mitotic index/10 HPF and histological malignancy grade. The results showed a strong association between mitotic figure counts and MIB-1 index (PAvaliaram-se três métodos de proliferação celular, índice mitótico/10 campos de grande aumento (10 CGA, quatro vezes 10 CGA (40 CGA e índice de marcação por MIB-1, em uma série de tumores mamários caninos, e as possíveis correlações entre estes métodos. Foram estudados 56 tumores mamários caninos, 23 benignos e 33 malignos. Foi também avaliado o impacto prognóstico do índice mitótico (10 CGA e o grau histológico maligno em 17 tumores malignos, sete carcinomas ductais e 10 carcinomas metaplásicos. A correlação entre os três métodos para avaliar a proliferação celular e o impacto prognóstico do índice mitótico por 10 CGA e o grau histológico maligno foi realizada. Os resultados mostraram que existe uma forte associação entre contagem de mitose e o índice de marcação por MIB-1(P<0,0001 e correlação entre contagem de mitoses em 40 CGA e índice de marcação por MIB-1 e entre índice mitótico em 10 CGA e 40 CGA (P<0,05. Observou-se correlação entre os três métodos de avaliação da proliferação celular e os fatores prognósticos semelhante aos estudos de câncer de mama humano.

  18. Proliferation and cell death in an experimental model of brain tissue heterotopia in the lung Proliferação e morte celular na heterotopia encefálica experimental

    Paulo Roberto Veiga Quemelo


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To investigate the proliferation and neuronal death in brain tissue heterotopia in the lung in an experimental model during both fetal and neonatal periods. METHODS: Twenty four pregnant female Swiss mice were used to induce brain tissue heterotopia on the 15th gestational day. Briefly, the brain of one fetus of each dam was extracted, disaggregated and injected into the right hemithorax of siblings. Six of these fetuses with pulmonary brain tissue implantation (PBI were collected on the 18th gestational day (group E18 and six other on the 8th postnatal day (group P8. Immunohistochemical staining for PCNA and Bcl2 were used to assess proliferation and cell death. RESULTS: PCNA Labelling Index (LI in heterotopic brain tissue was greater in fetal than postnatal period (E18 > P8 (pOBJETIVO: Investigar a proliferação e morte neuronal na heterotopia encefálica pulmonar em modelo experimental durante o período fetal e neonatal. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados 24 camundongos Swiss fêmeas prenhes para induzir a heterotopia encefálica no pulmão. O tecido encefálico de um feto de cada fêmea prenha foi removido, picotado e injetado no pulmão dos irmãos. Seis fetos com Implantação Encefálica Pulmonar (IEP foram coletados no 18º dia gestacional (grupo E18 e seis outros fetos no 8º dia pós-natal (grupo P8. Foi realizada a reação Imuno-histoquímica para PCNA e Bcl2 para analisar a proliferação e morte celular. RESULTADOS: O índice de marcação (IM para PCNA era maior no período fetal quando comparado com o período pós-natal (E8 > P18 (p<0,05 e a imunomarcação para o anticorpo Bcl2 não apresentou diferença. CONCLUSÃO: A proliferação celular foi mantida no tecido heterotópico encefálico, embora a apoptose também foi observada.

  19. 湖北麦冬花药愈伤组织诱导及再生植株的获得%Callus induction and plant regeneration of Liriope spicata var. prolifera anther

    周群; 周健丘; 王小刚; 王菁菁; 李敬文; 陈家春


    Objective: To study the technique of the callus induction from anther and plant regeneration of medicinal plants Liriope spicata var. prolifera. Method: Callus was induced from anther of L. spicata var. prolifera on a MS medium supplemented with different hormones. The squash methods combined with a microscope were used to analyze chromosomes of regenerated plantlets.regenerated plantlets originated from somatic cells. At the same time, the effects of pretreatment of low temperature at 4 ℃ on the callus induction were studied and discussed. Conclusion: This paper sets up the method of tissue culture of anther somatic-cells and intermediate propagation of L. spicata var. prolifera.%目的:探讨药用植物湖北麦冬花药愈伤组织诱导和植株再生条件.方法:以湖北麦冬花药为外植体,采用MS培养基,附加不同的植物激素进行实验.常规压片法结合显微镜进行再生植株染色体的计数分析.结果:MS+2,4-D 1.0 mg·L~(-1)+KT 2.0 mg·L~(-1)诱导愈伤组织效果最好,愈伤组织诱导率可达41.07%.MS+6-BA 1.5~2.0 mg·L~(-1)+NAA0.1~0.3mg·L~(-1)适于不定芽的诱导,不定芽转入附加NAA 0.1~0.3 mg·L~(-1)的1/2 MS的生根培养基上,生根后获得完整的再生植株,再生植株为体细胞起源.同时,讨论了4℃低温预处理对愈伤组织诱导的影响.结论:建立了湖北麦冬花药体细胞组织培养体系和快速繁殖途径.

  20. 基于 EZproxy 日志的电子资源异常访问行为研究%Research on Abnormal Access to Electronic Resources Based on EZproxy Logs

    雷东升; 郭振英


    The off - campus access to electronic resources in the library benefits readers a lot .Meanwhile ,some abnormal access behavior arises .The paper analyzed the electronic resources access log with EZproxyog proxy server ,designed and devel-oped the EZproxy log analysis system so as to pretreat ,upload ,count and analyze the access log to electronic resources .To dis-cover the abnormal access behavior of readers on the basis of the characteristics of their access and to classify the abnormal behav -ior , the paper could avoid that IP is temporarily blocked by the supporters of database of electronic resources in the library so that can maintain the readers' rights and improve the efficiency of resource access .%校外访问图书馆电子资源在方便读者的同时也出现一些异常访问行为,利用 EZproxy 代理服务器日志信息分析异常访问行为特征,设计并开发 EZproxy 日志分析系统,完成对电子资源访问日志的预处理、上传、统计和分析,从访问特征发掘读者的异常访问行为,对异常行为情况分类处理,基本避免了异常访问行为导致图书馆电子资源被数据库商临时封掉 IP 的现象出现,维护图书馆读者的合法权利,提高资源访问效率。

  1. Expressão de MMPs, marcadores angiogênicos e proliferação celular em tumores odontogênicos Expression of MMPs, angiogenic and proliferation cell markers in odontogenic tumors

    Felipe Rodrigues de Matos


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO E OBJETIVO: O conhecimento do comportamento biológico de lesões de natureza odontogênica é essencial para tornar a abordagem terapêutica adequada e estabelecer um prognóstico. A produção de metaloproteinases da matriz extracelular (MMPs, a angiogênese e a proliferação celular fornecem subsídios para o crescimento tumoral. O presente artigo tem como objetivo fazer uma revisão de literatura de pesquisas em tumores odontogênicos (TOs selecionados a partir da nova classificação da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS de 2005 sobre a expressão de MMPs, marcadores angiogênicos e proliferação celular e verificar, nestes estudos, a relação desses marcadores quanto ao comportamento biológico dessas lesões. RESULTADOS: Nota-se que as MMPs -1, -2, -7, -9 e -26 encontram-se mais expressas no componente epitelial e estroma e, particularmente, a -13 em estroma. Uma maior angiogênese é observada em TOs mais agressivos. CD 105 foi mais expresso no TO ceratocístico (TOC e CD34 em ameloblastomas sólidos (ASs. Relata-se elevada expressão do Ki-67 e p53 no TOC e no AS e baixo índice de proliferação celular no TO adenomatoide (TOA. CONCLUSÃO: Esses resultados mostram que as MMPs participam no processo de invasão e recorrência de algumas lesões odontogênicas, estando associadas ao comportamento biológico desses tumores. A angiogênese é fundamental para fornecer suporte à proliferação celular e esses dois eventos em conjunto estão correlacionados com diferentes níveis de comportamento biológico nos TOs, quando comparados com cistos de natureza odontogênica, o que pode sugerir o uso de inibidores angiogênicos como provável abordagem terapêutica nessas lesões.INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: The study of biological behavior of odontogenic lesions is essential to the establishment of appropriate therapeutic approach and prognosis. The production of extracellular matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs, angiogenesis and

  2. Em nome da autonomia e do desenvolvimento: Brasil e a não-proliferação, o desarmamento e os usos pacíficos da energia nuclear

    Diego Santos Vieira de Jesus


    Full Text Available O objetivo é examinar as posições defendidas pelo Brasil quanto à não-proliferação, ao desarmamento e aos usos pacíficos da energia nuclear neste início de século. O argumento central aponta que o Brasil almeja pressionar os Estados nuclearmente armados para que cumpram suas obrigações de desarmamento, enquanto procura preservar a autonomia para desenvolver atividades nucleares pacíficas.   The objective is to examine the positions adopted by Brazil on nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament and peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the beginning of this century. The central argument indicates that Brazil aims to pressure the nuclear-weapon states to fulfill their disarmament obligations, while seeks to preserve autonomy to develop peaceful nuclear activities.

  3. Inter- and intra-annual patterns of Ulva prolifera green tides in the Yellow Sea during 2007-2009, their origin and relationship to the expansion of coastal seaweed aquaculture in China.

    Keesing, John K; Liu, Dongyan; Fearns, Peter; Garcia, Rodrigo


    The large green-tide events that occurred in the Yellow Sea in 2008 (3489km(2)) and 2009 (4994km(2)) are shown to be novel events preceded only once by a much smaller event in 2007 (82km(2)). The blooms originated in the coastal area of Jiangsu province and spread north-east towards the Shandong Peninsula. The blooms grew at different rates and mesoscale variability in surface winds explained the differences in the spatial and temporal patterns of blooms in 2008 and 2009. The 2009 bloom was tracked to its origin immediately offshore of extensive intertidal flats between Yancheng and Nantong where recent rapid expansion of Porphyra aquaculture has occurred. We review published hypotheses which have been advanced to explain the occurrence of blooms and in light of our findings, we conclude that the accumulation and disposal of waste Ulva prolifera from Porphyra aquaculture rafts is the most likely cause of the blooms.

  4. Apoptose e proliferação celular em células trofoblásticas (linhagem BeWo) são diferentemente moduladas pelas cepas de Toxoplasma gondii


    A transmissão transplacentária de Toxoplasma gondii causa uma das formas mais graves da infecção pelo protozoário. A habilidade do parasito em sobreviver no interior da célula hospedeira depende da capacidade do mesmo de manipular diversas vias intracelulares, entre elas, a apoptose e a proliferação celular. T. gondii é capaz de bloquear a apoptose da célula hospedeira através da interação com vias de sinalização anti-apoptótica da célula. Entretanto a desregulação na incidênci...

  5. Analysis on the Thinking Modes of Medical Users Utilizing Library Electronic Resources%医药学用户使用图书馆电子资源的思维模式分析

    陈东滨; 应峻; 辛继宾; 徐一新


    The paper studies the thinking modes of medical users utilizing electronic resources in college and university libraries. Combining with the questionnaires,in - depth analysis of utilization desire,utilization decision,impact factors of utilization behaviors are compiled,in order to provide references for college and university libraries formulating electronic resources marketing strategies.%研究高校图书馆医药学用户在使用电子资源过程中的思维模式,结合问卷调查结果深入分析思维模式中使用意愿、使用决策、使用行为的影响因素,为高校图书馆制定电子资源营销策略提供依据。

  6. Effects of Enteromorpha prolifera Adding Ratio and Microbial Fermentation on Growth, Digestion and Non-Specific Immune of Juvenile Sea Cucumbers (Apostichopus japonicus Selenka)%浒苔添加比例与微生物发酵对幼刺参生长、消化和非特异性免疫的影响

    李猛; 廖梅杰; 王印庚; 常青; 李彬; 张振; 范瑞用


    为探究浒苔添加比例与微生物发酵对幼刺参生长、消化和非特异性免疫的影响,试验以浒苔、马尾藻、石莼、扇贝边等为原料,配制成浒苔添加比例分别为0、10%、20%、30%和40%的5种饲料。将每种饲料均分成2份,其中1份利用酿酒酵母菌发酵,试验最终得到10种试验饲料。将上述饲料饲喂初始平均体重为(3.94±0.46) g的幼刺参46 d,每种饲料设3个重复,每个重复投喂30头幼刺参。结果表明:1)随着浒苔添加比例的提高,在未发酵组中幼刺参的增重率( WGR)、特定生长率( SGR)和饲料效率( FE)有升高的趋势,以40%添加组最优;在发酵组中幼刺参的WGR、SGR 和 FE 先升高后降低,以30%添加组最优。添加30%与40%的浒苔对WGR、SGR和FE的影响差异不显著(P>0.05),但二者均显著高于添加10%的浒苔(P0.05)。2)在未发酵组中,随着浒苔添加比例的提高,肠道纤维素酶活力呈现出先上升后下降的趋势;而在发酵组中,肠道纤维素酶活力呈现出不断上升趋势。同一添加比例下,发酵组的肠道纤维素酶活力要高于未发酵组,且在添加比例为10%、20%、40%时差异显著(P0.05)。3)浒苔添加比例与发酵与否对幼刺参体腔液中酸性磷酸酶( ACP)、碱性磷酸酶( AKP)和超氧化物歧化酶( SOD)活力均无显著促进作用( P>0.05),且二者无显著交互作用( P>0.05)。由此得出,幼刺参饲料中浒苔的适宜添加比例在30%~40%之间;对添加浒苔饲料的进行微生物发酵可以适当提高幼刺参肠道中纤维素酶活力。%A 46-day feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of adding Enteromorpha prolifera and microbial fermentation on growth, digestion and non-specific immune of juvenile sea cucumbers ( Apostichopus japonicus Selenka) . Main sources included Enteromorpha prolifera, Sargassum polycystum, Sargassum thun-bergii, Ulva lactuca and so on. Five diets were formulated to contain 0, 10%, 20

  7. Review of Researches on the Usage Standard Management of Electronic Resources in China from 2000 to 2010%2000—20l0年我国电子资源使用的规范管理研微

    宛玲; 杜坤


    In recent years, electronic resources play an increasingly important role in research, teaching and other works. Through the statistical analysis of the domestic research on the usage standard management of electronic resources from 2000 to 2010, we find that the issue of the usage standard management of electronic resources is increasingly concerned by the public and researchers. But there are still some problems, such as lack of systematic discussion and empirical research, scattered research topics, most research results on guidance proposals, and so on. Our researches about usage standard management of electronic resources should strengthen researches on the user, related technologies, licensing alliance, strengthen the communication between libraries and database providers, and strengthen the analysis and absorption of foreign experience.%目前,电子资源在科研、教学等工作中扮演着越来越重要的角色。通过对2000-2010年我国电子资源使用规范管理研究文献的统计分析发现,虽然公众及科研人员对电子资源使用的规范的关注程度越来越高,但是仍存在缺乏系统性的论述和实证性的研究、研究主题过于分散、研究成果多为指导性建议等问题。我国电子资源使用规范管理研究应加强对用户、相关技术、许可联盟的研究,加强对图书馆与数据库商交流的研究,加强对国外经验的分析与吸收。

  8. 高校图书馆电子资源购买过程中的委托-代理关系探究%Principal-agent Relationship During the Electronic Resources Purchase Process of University Libraries

    桂君; 吴冬曼


    The prineipal-agent relationship is throughout the whole process of the electronic resources purchase for university libraries. Based on the asymmetric informatiun theory the issues of information asymmetries in the purchase process of electronic resources for university libraries are analyzed. The major prineipal-agent relationships between the university libraries, the group organizers and the database providers ate studied. The operational characteristics and existing problems in the purchase process of electronic resources for university libraries are also discussed. Taking this opportunity to attention the principal-agent relationships existed in the electronic resources purchase of university libraries, the authors hope to solve some problems caused by the market information asymmetry.%委托-代理关系贯穿了高校图书馆电子资源的购买全过程,,基于信息不对称理论,分析高校图书馆电子资源购买中的信息不对称现象,并以高校图书馆、集团组织者、数据库提供者为主体,研究高校图书馆电子资源采购过程中存在的几种主要委托-代理关系、业务特点和存在的问题、通过对委托-代理关系的研究和分析,合理把握电子资源采购的规律,可以部分解决高校电子资源购买中由市场信息不平衡所带来的问题。

  9. Printed Resources and Electronic Resources Integrated Services in Small and Medium-sized Libraries%中小型图书馆印本资源与电子资源一体化服务实践



    Through analyzing the integrated service system of library resources, this paper sums up three methods for the integration of printed resources and digital resources including the digital resources catalog, digital resources navigate and open link system, and suggests that the libraries should give priority to books and periodicals integrated retrieval in the integrated service, and carry out the system construction within their capabilities by adopting the methods of making second development, introducing new system, and conducting independent development, etc.%通过对图书馆馆藏一体化服务系统的分析,归纳总结出印本资源与电子资源整合的3种主要模式———电子资源编目、电子资源导航与开放链接,并建议图书馆在进行一体化服务时,优先考虑图书和期刊的整合检索,在系统建设上量力而行,采取二次开发、引进新系统、自主开发等方式。

  10. 基于使用数据的馆藏电子资源评价方法与系统分析%Methods and Systems of Library Electronic Resources Evaluation Analysis Based on Usage Data



    The origin and methods of library electronic resources evaluation were summarized;the statistical standards of library users' us-age data were reviewed. Then four library electronic resources evaluation systems based on library users' usage data which are ScholarlyS-tats,Journal Use Reports,360 Counter and Ustat were compared and contrasted. The related work which librarians need to do and the con-sidering factors about the selection of electronic resources evaluation system was also analyzed.%总结了图书馆馆藏电子资源评价的缘起与方法,梳理了图书馆用户使用数据的统计规范。以此为基础对比了四个基于使用数据的馆藏电子资源评价系统---ScholarlyStats,Journal Use Reports,360 Counter,UStat,分析了图书馆选择电子资源评价系统的考虑因素和需要预先做好的相关工作。

  11. Analysis on Current Situation and Countermeasure of Domestic Electronic Commerce Logistics in the Internet Age——Based on Resource Dependence Theory

    Zhang Jiapeng


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes the status of electric business logistics in the current Internet era in China, and combines the SWOT analysis with AHP to do the empirical analysis, then puts forward the countermeasure that the electric business logistics resource should be shared based on the resource dependence theory. Through the empirical analysis, it is found that the disadvantages and opportunities of the logistics status are important in the Internet era.The resource sharing strategy based on the resource dependence theory is more scientific. The rational use of Internet technology in electric business logistics industry can achieve “sharing”. It is of great significance for its balanced development, intelligent development and optimization and development.

  12. Fiber resources

    P. J. Ince


    In economics, primary inputs or factors of production define the term ‘resources.’ Resources include land resources (plants, animals, and minerals), labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Almost all pulp and paper fiber resources are plant materials obtained from trees or agricultural crops. These resources encompass plant materials harvested directly from the land (...

  13. On the development and the utilization of library holding in electronic resources Taking the Library of Shandong University of Science and Technology%试论电子资源的馆藏发展与利用——以山东科技大学图书馆为例

    陈明华; 马圣芹


    通过分析电子资源馆藏发展的意义及模式,对电子资源发展的目标及有效管理进行了探讨,并提出一些提高电子资源利用率的措施。%This paper analyses the mode and the importance of library holding development in electronic resources. It also ex- plores the aim and the affective management in electronic resource development and put forwards some measures to improve the utilization ratio of electronic resources.

  14. Paroxetine and bupropion have no in vitro effects on lynphocyte proliferation and viability Paroxetina e bupropiona não apresentam efeito na viabilidade nem na proliferação de linfócitos in vitro

    Ramiro Ronchetti


    suprimir a proliferação de linfócitos induzida por fitoemaglutinina. RESULTADOS: Nenhum efeito significativo foi produzido por ambos os antidepressivos na viabilidade das células nem na proliferação de células T. CONCLUSÕES: Esses resultados podem ser de valiosa informação para a prática clínica quando essas drogas são administradas. Esses resultados indicam um efeito mais favorável desses psicofármacos quando comparados aos efeitos imunológicos relacionados ao uso de antidepressivos tricíclicos ou lítio.

  15. Farnesol inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis after partial hepatectomy in rats Farnesol inibe a proliferação celular e induz a apoptose após a hepatectomia parcial em ratos

    Carlos Eduardo Andrade Chagas


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To study farnesol (FOH effects on liver regeneration after 70% partial hepatectomy (PH in rats. METHODS: Animals received FOH (25 mg/100 g body weight/day or corn oil (CO, 0.25 mL/100 g body weight/day, controls. After a 2 week-treatment, all animals were subjected to PH and euthanized at different time points (0 h, 0.5 h, 4 h, 8 h, 18 h and 24 h after surgery. Hepatic cell proliferation (PCNA positive nuclei and apoptosis (fluorescence microscopy were evaluated. RESULTS: Compared to CO treatment, FOH treatment inhibited (pOBJETIVO: Estudar o efeito do farnesol (FOH durante a regeneração hepática em ratos submetidos à Hepatectomia Parcial (HP a 70%. MÉTODOS: Os animais foram tratados com FOH (25 mg/100g de peso corpórel/dia ou óleo de milho (OM, 0,25 mL/100g de peso corpóreo/dia, grupo controle. Depois de 2 semanas de tratamento, todos os animais foram submetidos à HP e eutanaziados em diferentes momentos (0h, 30min., 4h, 8h, 18h, 24h. após o procedimento cirúrgico. Foi avaliada a proliferação celular (imunohistoquímica para PCNA e a apoptose (microscopia de fluorescência. RESULTADOS: Em comparação aos animais controles, animais tratados com FOH apresentaram menor (p<0,05 proliferação celular 24h. (fase S do ciclo celular após a HP. Tal efeito foi precedido de uma indução de apoptose 30min. (p<0,05; transição entre as fases G0/G1 do ciclo celular após a cirurgia. CONCLUSÃO: Os resultados do presente estudo sugerem que a indução da apoptose pode estar associada com o menor número de células na fase S observadas nos animais tratados com FOH. Essa nova evidência in vivo reforça o farnesol como um promissor agente preventivo e terapêutico contra o câncer.

  16. Modelo de suplementação nutricional com fatores hepatotróficos aumenta proliferação celular em fígado de ratos sadios

    T.P.A. Aloia


    Full Text Available Foram avaliados dois protocolos de administração, em ratos sadios, de uma solução de fatores hepatotróficos (FH, composta por aminoácidos, vitaminas, sais minerais, glicose, insulina, glucagon e triiodotironina (T3. A solução foi administrada durante 10 dias, 40mg/kg/dia, i.p., em duas, grupo 2xFH (n=15, ou três doses, grupo 3xFH (n=15, diárias. Foram observados os efeitos na proliferação celular dos hepatócitos, na angiogênese e na matriz extracelular hepática, assim como as possíveis reações adversas. Os animais dos grupos 2xFH e 3xFH apresentaram aumento da massa hepática de 30,1% e 22,5%, respectivamente, em relação ao grupo-controle (CT; n=15. O índice de proliferação hepatocelular foi maior nos grupos 2xFH (1,4% e 3xFH (1,2% em relação ao grupo CT (0,53%, e a densitometria relativa do fator de crescimento do endotélio vascular pelo imunoblot não revelou diferença estatística entre os três grupos. Nos grupos 2xFH e 3xFH, houve redução do colágeno intersticial em relação ao grupo CT. A solução de FH estimulou o crescimento hepático e reduziu o volume de colágeno perissinusoidal. A administração em três doses diárias resultou em mortalidade de 26,7%, possivelmente pelo excessivo estresse da manipulação e pela menor adaptação fisiológica dos ratos, o que não ocorreu nos grupos 2xFH e CT. Para esse tipo de abordagem em ratos, o procedimento experimental mais apropriado, seguro, com melhor chance de adaptação dos animais e com resultados significativos é a aplicação dos FH em duas doses diárias.

  17. Electronic Library: A TERI Experiment.

    Kar, Debal C.; Deb, Subrata; Kumar, Satish


    Discusses the development of Electronic Library at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi). Highlights include: hardware and software used; the digital library/Virtual Electronic Library; directory of Internet journals; virtual reference resources; electronic collection/Physical Electronic Library; downloaded online full-length…

  18. Innovative Resources for Education and Public Information: Electronic Services, Data and Information from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Other NASA Missions.

    Christian, Carol A.

    The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), which supports the operation of the Hubble Space Telescope, is actively investigating and supporting innovative and experimental methods for improving science and math education content. The educational resources on the World Wide Web are derived from the latest data, scientific results, and advances…

  19. An implementation case study. Implementation of the Indian Health Service's Resource and Patient Management System Electronic Health Record in the ambulatory care setting at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center.

    Dunnigan, Anthony; John, Karen; Scott, Andrea; Von Bibra, Lynda; Walling, Jeffrey


    The Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) has successfully implemented the Resource and Patient Management System Electronic Health Record (RPMS-EHR) in its Ambulatory Care departments. One-hundred and twenty-six providers use the system for essentially all elements of documentation, ordering, and coding. Implementation of one function at a time, in one clinical area at a time, allowed for focused training and support. Strong departmental leadership and the development of 'super-users' were key elements. Detailed assessments of each clinic prior to implementation were vital, resulting in optimal workstation utilization and a greater understanding of each clinic's unique flow. Each phase saw an increasing reluctance to revert to old paper processes. The success of this implementation has placed pressure on the remainder of the hospital to implement the RPMS-EHR, and has given the informatics team an increased awareness of what resources are required to achieve this result.

  20. 大學圖書館電子資源之需求分析與行銷策略之研究 A Study of Demands Analysis and Marketing Strategy of Electronic Resources in University Library

    Huang-Yu Liu


    Full Text Available 電子資源的出現,使得知識載體有了新的突破,提高了使用者的便利性與即時性。對於圖書館而言,如何使電子資源的使用效益達到最高,必須思考一套有效的行銷策略。電子資源行銷概念應以讀者為導向,尊重讀者的資訊需求,並利用各種宣傳技巧,行銷電子資源,使圖書館能提供更完善的服務。本研究之目的旨在探討讀者的使用需求及電子資源的推廣策略,以獲致最有效益的行銷方式。研究對象以開南大學日間部四學院(商學院、運輸觀光學院、資訊學院、人文社會學院)學生為樣本,佐以缺口分析模型為分析架構,藉以找出個案中讀者/學生對於電子資源使用的真實需求,並進而歸納出提供服務的大學圖書館在其推廣或行銷服務上可有的因應策略。The emergence of electronic resources has made new breakthrough in knowledge carriers because of their ease of use, instant availability, and the characteristic of no time and space constraints. For public libraries to achieve maximum efficiency in its electronic resources, it is necessary to seek the most effective marketing strategies. Therefore, the marketing concept of the electronic resources should be reader oriented, such as respecting and understanding library user’s information needs. Libraries also need to utilize various media and techniques to market the electronic resources, so that more comprehensive services and experiences can be provided to readers. The purpose of this study is to investigate library user’s needs and promotion strategies of electronic resources in order to identify the most effective ways of marketing. This study focuses on the students of the four colleges (College of Business, College of Tourism, College of Information, and College of Humanities and Social Science in Kainan University as subjects in the survey questionnaire. It uses the Gap Analysis

  1. 电子商务系统内的人力资源管理模式解析%The analytic model of human resource management in electronic commerce system



      企业人力资源管理工作在现代电子商务环境下呈现出多方面的电子化新特征,且较之于传统的人力资源管理工作有非常多显著的优势可言,基本上已经成为了企业获取更大成功的基本导向。电子商务系统内的人力资源管理新模式E-HR就是在这样一种背景下应运而生的,E-HR管理模式不仅已经成为了众多企业发展的趋势,而且在实际应用的过程当中也已经给企业带来了非常多的利益。本文正是在此背景之下对电子商务系统内的人力资源管理模式E-HR进行解析,希望能够对其有更深入的理解并更好的应用到实践当中去。%The enterprise human resources management in modern electronic commerce environment presents many new characteristics of the electron,and compared with the traditional human resource management has many significant advantages,basically has become a basic guide for more successful enterprises.E-HR is a new mode of human resource management system emerge as the times require electronic commerce is in such a background,the E-HR management model not only has become the trend of development of many enterprises, but also in the process of practical application also has to the enterprise has brought a lot of benefits. This paper is analyzed under this background to the electronic commerce system within the human resources management mode of E-HR,the application wishes to have a deeper understanding and better on it into practice.

  2. Positive Perceptions of Access to Online Library Resources Correlates with Quality and Quantity of Scholarly Publications among Finnish Academics. A Review of: Vakkari, Pertti. “Perceived Influence of the Use of Electronic Information Resources on Scholarly Work and Publication Productivity.” Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 59.4 (Feb. 15, 2008: 602-12.

    Scott Marsalis


    Full Text Available Objective – To investigate the relationship between academics’ use of library electronic resources and their opinions regarding how these resources have impacted their work, and to investigate the association between this perceived influence and publication productivity during the previous two years.Design – Two specific questions added to an annual online user-survey questionnaire; additional data mined from surveySetting – Twenty-two Finnish Universities served by FinELib, the Finnish Electronic Library.Subjects – Seven hundred and sixty seven academic staff and full-time doctoral students.Methods – A questionnaire was posted in April 2007 on FinELib’s homepage and advertised on each university library’s mainpage, and focused on respondents’ experience in the previous two years. Participants selected answers either from a list of category choices, or, when measuring perceptions, by rating agreement with statements along a four-point scale. Controlled variables measured were the respondents’ academic position, their discipline, membership in a research group, whether their literature use was discipline-specific or interdisciplinary, and their perception of the availability online of the relevant core literature. The independent variable measured was the scholars’ perception of the impact of the use of electronic library resources on their work. The dependent variable measured was the scholars’ self-reported publications in the two years preceding the survey.Main Results – Participants reported a positive impact on the efficiency of their work, most strongly in areas of ease of access, with lesser impacts in the range of materials available to them and the ease with which they can keep up-to-date in their field. To a lesser extent, the scholars perceived a positive impact on the quality of their work. Upon analysis, the study found that access to online library resources improved scholars’ work by the interconnected

  3. Avaliação da cinética do epitélio corneano com marcadores de proliferação celular Evaluation of the corneal epithelium kinetics using cell proliferation markers

    Fernando Betty Cresta


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar a cinética celular do epitélio corneano de coelhas em três situações: controle, hiperproliferação e hipoproliferação celular, com a utilização dos marcadores de proliferação celular BrdU, Ki-67/MIB-1 e AgNOR. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizadas quinze coelhas albinas que tiveram seus olhos aleatoriamente divididos em 3 grupos (A, B e C. O grupo A incluiu olhos que foram submetidos à instilação de tampão fosfato (total de 10 olhos; o grupo B, instilação de tampão fosfato após a remoção de uma área central do epitélio corneano de 10 mm (total de 10 olhos e o grupo C, instilação de 5-fluoruracil em superfície ocular íntegra (total de 10 olhos. RESULTADOS: Os resultados da média e desvio-padrão do número de células marcadas pela BrdU nos grupos A, B e C foram, respectivamente, de 7,17 ± 0,74; 35,00 ± 3,01 e 0,22 ± 0,1 células marcadas por 100 células basais. As diferenças entre os grupos foram estatisticamente significantes. A média e o desvio padrão do número de células marcadas utilizando o Ki-67 foram de 7,55 ± 1,22 no grupo A; 35,55 ± 3,84 no grupo B e 0,34 ± 0,14 no grupo C. As diferenças entre os grupos foram estatisticamente significantes. A média e o desvio-padrão da medida da área das NORs no grupo A foram de 1,92 ± 0,24, no grupo B foram de 3,61 ± 0,27 e no grupo C foram de 1,71 ± 0,26. CONCLUSÕES: Os marcadores BrdU, Ki-67 e AgNOR apresentaram uma correlação positiva e estatisticamente significante nas situações de proliferação celular avaliadas (controle, hiperproliferação e hipoproliferação; o emprego do AgNOR não permitiu identificar diferenças na proliferação celular nas situações controle e hipoproliferação e houve maior concordância de resultados entre a BrdU e o Ki-67 nas três situações de proliferação celular.PURPOSE: In order to maintain its clear and uniform structure, the corneal epithelium needs constant equilibrium between production

  4. Lactation resources for clinicians.

    Turner-Maffei, Cynthia


    Breastfeeding is widely acknowledged as the optimal infant feeding choice. However, many clinicians working in maternal and child health do not receive adequate university preparation to support breastfeeding. Knowledge and skill are most often gained through on-the-job and personal experience. Myriad resources exist to support clinicians in delivering the best quality care to breastfeeding clients. Among the available resources are policies and protocols of professional organizations, governmental, and health advocacy groups. Breastfeeding-focused academic and continuing education programs are identified. Electronic and other resources for breastfeeding information are available for both professional and consumer audiences.

  5. Renewable energy resources

    Ellabban, Omar S.; Abu-Rub, Haitham A.; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Electric energy security is essential, yet the high cost and limited sources of fossil fuels, in addition to the need to reduce greenhouse gasses emission, have made renewable resources attractive in world energy-based economies. The potential for renewable energy resources is enormous because...... they can, in principle, exponentially exceed the world's energy demand; therefore, these types of resources will have a significant share in the future global energy portfolio, much of which is now concentrating on advancing their pool of renewable energy resources. Accordingly, this paper presents how...... renewable energy resources are currently being used, scientific developments to improve their use, their future prospects, and their deployment. Additionally, the paper represents the impact of power electronics and smart grid technologies that can enable the proportionate share of renewable energy...

  6. Merge of terminological resources

    Henriksen, Lina; Braasch, Anna


    In our globalized world, the amount of cross-national communication increases rapidly, which also calls for easy access to multi-lingual high quality terminological resources. Sharing of terminology resources is currently becoming common practice, and efficient strategies for integration...... – or merging – of terminology resources are strongly needed. This paper discusses prerequisites for successful merging with the focus on identification of candidate duplicates of a subject domain found in the resources to be merged, and it describes automatic merging strategies to be applied to such duplicates...... in electronic terminology resources. Further, some perspectives of manual, supplementary assessment methods supporting the automatic procedures are sketched. Our considerations are primarily based on experience gained in the IATE and EuroTermBank projects, as merging was a much discussed issue in both projects....

  7. Evaluating the use of a simulated electronic health record and online drug reference in a case study to enhance nursing students' understanding of pharmacologic concepts and resources.

    Vana, Kimberly D; Silva, Graciela E


    Nursing students should learn to navigate the complexities of the healthcare arena, such as integrating use of electronic health records (EHRs) and online drug references into patient care. Using a simulated EHR in a nursing pharmacology course allowed students to interact with these technologies while learning and applying pharmacologic concepts to a case study. The authors discuss how they created and facilitated such a case study, as well as students' outcomes.

  8. 浅谈高职院校图书馆电子资源的管理和服务%On the Management and Service of the Electronic Resources of Higher Vocational College Library



    Under the background of rapid development of social economy, the computer technology, computer network technology, communication technology, database technology and other information technology, China has entered the information age ahead of time. In higher vocational colleges, the library electronic resources have become an important way for teachers and students to get teaching knowledge and scientific research information, providing reliable, timely and accurate books resources information service for teachers and students. In order to ensure the effective utilization of library electronic resources in higher vocational colleges, scientific and reasonable management is necessary, so as to promote the construction of digital libraries in higher vocational colleges, to achieve better and faster development.%在社会经济的快速发展背景下,我国计算机技术、计算机网络技术、通讯技术以及数据库技术等信息技术的产生,使我国提前进入信息化时代。在高职院校中,图书馆电子资源已经成为老师和学生获取教学知识、科研信息等方面的重要途径,为学校老师和学生提供了可靠、及时、准确的图书资源信息化服务。为了确保高职院校图书馆电子资源的有效利用,需要对其进行科学合理的管理,促进高职院校图书馆数字化建设,使其更好更快地发展。

  9. Power Electronics

    Iov, Florin; Ciobotaru, Mihai; Blaabjerg, Frede


    is to change the electrical power production sources from the conventional, fossil (and short term) based energy sources to renewable energy resources. The other is to use high efficient power electronics in power generation, power transmission/distribution and end-user application. This paper discuss the most...... emerging renewable energy sources, wind energy, which by means of power electronics are changing from being a minor energy source to be acting as an important power source in the energy system. Power electronics is the enabling technology and the presentation will cover the development in wind turbine...... technology from kW to MW, discuss which power electronic solutions are most feasible and used today....

  10. Electronic collection management

    Mcginnis, Suzan D


    Build and manage your collection of digital resources with these successful strategies! This comprehensive volume is a practical guide to the art and science of acquiring and organizing electronic resources. The collections discussed here range in size from small college libraries to large research libraries, but all are facing similar problems: shrinking budgets, increasing demands, and rapidly shifting formats. Electronic Collection Management offers new ideas for coping with these issues. Bringing together diverse aspects of collection development, Electronic Collection

  11. 基于高校图书馆电子资源的采访调查与分析——以海南大学图书馆为例%Survey and Analysis Based on the Electronic Resource of University Libraries Taking Hainan University library as an Example



    随着信息化时代的到来,高校图书馆的馆藏资源建设模式已经发生了变化,形成了纸质资源与电子资源并存的局面,电子资源以其方便快捷深受读者喜爱,电子资源的采购比例越来越重,如何协调电子资源的采购比例,是图书馆界丞待解决的问题.文章通过对海南大学2006-2010年间的电子资源经费使用情况进行统计、对比和分析,对此问题进行了初步的探讨.%With the arrival of information age, college library collection resources construction mode has changed, and the paper-based resources and electroic resources coexist.With the convenience of electronic resources, the acquisition proportion of electronic resources grows.How to coordinate the acquisition of electronic resource proportion is a problem faced by the libraries.Through the funds statistics, contrast and analysis of electronic resources in hainan university 2006-2010 this article provides a preliminary discussion.

  12. Entermorpha prolifera: Effects on Performance, Carcass Quality and Small Intestinal Digestive Enzyme Activities of Broilers%浒苔添加水平对肉鸡生产性能、胴体品质及小肠消化酶活性的影响

    王述柏; 史雪萍; 周传凤; 林英庭


    To determine the optimum supplemental level of Enterrnorpha prolifera for broiler diet,this experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of different supplemental levels of Entermorpha prolifera on performance,carcass quality and small intestinal digestive enzyme activities of broilers.Four hundred 1-day-old healthy Arbor Acres broilers were randomly allocated to 4 groups with 5 replicates per group and 20 chickens per replicate.Control group was fed a basal diet,and test groups were fed the basal diet supplemented with 2%,3% and 4% dry powder of Entermorpha prolifera,respectively.The experiment lasted for 35 days.The results showed as follows:1) the average daily gain of broilers fed diets with 3% and 4% Entermorpha prolifera dry powder were significantly higher than that in the control group (P < 0.05),the feed consumption of broilers fed diets with 3% Entermorpha prolifera dry powder was significantly higher than that in the control group (P < 0.05),the ratio of feed to gain in all test groups was lower than that in the control group to some extent,while there were no significant differences among them (P > 0.05).2) Adding 2 % to 4 % Entermorpha prolifera dry powder in diets significantly decreased the thickness of subcutaneous fat,abdominal fat rate and the content of fat in breast muscle (P <0.05 or P <0.01),and adding 3% and 4% Entermorpha prolifera dry powder in diets significantly decreased the width of intramuscular fat (P < 0.05).3) The amylase activities in duodenal content of broilers were increased by adding 2% to 4% Entermorpha prolifera dry powder in diets to some extent,which only in 4% group was significantly increased (P <0.05).It is concluded that adding 2% to 4% Entermorpha prolifera dry powder in diets of broilers can improve the growth of broilers,decrease abdominal and subcutaneous fat,improve breast meat quality,and enhance the activities of amylase in duodenal content of broilers


    Andrei A. Fedoseev


    Full Text Available The article analyzes effective electronic tutorials creation and application based on the theory of pedagogy. Herewith the issues of necessary electronic tutorial functional, ways of the educational process organization with the use of information and communication technologies and the logistics of electronic educational resources are touched upon. 

  14. Tissue culture techniques in the proliferation of shoots and roots of Calendula officinalis Utilização de técnicas de cultura de tecidos na proliferação de brotos e enraizamento de Calendula officinalis

    Cristiane Pimentel Victório


    Full Text Available The high demand for plant material from Calendula officinalis in the production of herbal medicines and cosmetics, turns the technique of plant-tissue culture into one of the alternatives for the improvement of crops over a short period of time. A protocol for tissue culture was developed from segments of seedlings of C. officinalis, in order to improve the proliferation of shoots and roots. We used a Murashige and Skoog (MS½N medium, reduced to half the concentrations of NH4NO3 and KNO3 to verify the effect of different types of explants (basal, intermediate, and apical, a medium containing beach sand as support instead of agar, and the effect of auxins and cytokinins (TDZ tidiazuron; BAP, 6-benzylaminopurine, IAA, indol-3-acetic acid, IBA, indol-3-butyric acid, NAA, naphthalene-acetic acid on plant development in vitro. The results showed pronounced rooting from the apical explants, as well as a greater elongation of shoots and number of leaves. The solid medium was more suitable for the C. officinalis cultures. Shoot proliferation was dependent on cytokinins with better results from the influence of TDZ or BAP compared to the other treatments. Plants regenerated from the medium containing TDZ displayed a glazed appearance and morphogenetic deformations. The highest rate for rooting (80% was obtained using IAA 0.1mgL-1. Through in-vitro propagation, healthy C. officinalis plants were obtained with roots which can acclimatise, allowing the continuous supplement of raw material.A alta demanda por material vegetal de Calendula officinalis para produção de fitoterápicos e cosméticos, configura a técnica de cultura de tecidos vegetais como uma das alternativas para o aprimoramento das culturas em curto período de tempo. Um protocolo de cultura de tecidos foi desenvolvido a partir de segmentos de plântulas de C. officinalis, no intuito de melhorar a proliferação de brotos e o enraizamento. Foi utilizado o meio Murashige e Skoog (MS

  15. Expressão de marcadores de proliferação celular e apoptose em carcinoma basocelular Markers expression of cell proliferation and apoptosis in basal cell carcinoma

    Marília de Pádua Dornelas Corrêa


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTOS: O carcinoma basocelular é o câncer mais comum em humanos. Estudos que utilizam recursos da biologia molecular e genética, associados à histomorfologia, permitem a identificação de fatores de risco no desenvolvimento de lesões mais recorrentes e agressivas. OBJETIVO: Correlacionar a expressão dos marcadores de apoptose (p53 e Bcl-2 e proliferação celular (Ki-67 e PCNA com os indicadores histológicos de gravidade do tumor. MÉTODOS: Estudaram-se cinco amostras das formas nodular, morfeiforme e superficial, respectivamente, e um grupo-controle com três pacientes livres de lesão. Empregou-se o teste de Mann-Whitney na comparação da expressão desses marcadores com a forma de apresentação do carcinoma basocelular. RESULTADOS: Verificou-se que a marcação do Bcl-2 foi expressiva nos CBCs ditos agressivos (variantes morfeiforme e nodular. Dos tumores estudados, 66,7% (n = 10 indicaram fortemente o p53. Nossos resultados mostram maior expressão do Ki-67 no carcinoma basocelular nodular e superficial, sem expressão nos controles. O PCNA mostrou forte marcação em todos os tipos de tumores e nos controles. CONCLUSÃO: Os achados nos permitem concluir que o Bcl-2 e o p53 apresentam tendência para diagnosticar gravidade do carcinoma basocelular e o Ki-67, por seu comportamento variável, não pode ser considerado como marcador de gravidade, assim como o PCNA, que não foi um bom marcador de proliferação celular.BACKGROUND: - Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of human cancer. Studies employing molecular and genetic biology techniques, associated with histomorphology, lead to the identification of risk factors in the development of more recurring and aggressive lesions. OBJECTIVE - To correlate markers expression of apoptosis (p53 and bcl-2 and cell proliferation (Ki-67 and PCNA with histological indicators of tumor severity. METHODS - Five samples of the nodular, morpheaform and superficial types of carcinoma

  16. Studies on the secondary metabolites of Eurotium herbariorum HT-2 symbiotic with Enteromorpha prolifera%浒苔共生真菌HT-2次生代谢产物的研究

    孙坤来; 王乂; 付鹏; 刘培培; 朱伟明


    目的 探究浒苔共生真菌——蜡叶散囊菌(Eurotium herbariorum)HT-2的次生代谢产物及其抗菌活性.方法 菌株规模发酵,有机溶剂萃取,采用硅胶柱色谱、凝胶柱色谱及HPLC等方法对发酵产物进行分离、纯化,运用紫外、红外、核磁共振等手段鉴定化合物的结构;采用二倍稀释法评价化合物的抑菌活性.结果 从浒苔共生真菌E.herbariorum HT-2的发酵产物中分离鉴定了10个化合物:preechinulin (1)、cyclo-(L-Trp-D-Val) (2)、(+)-neoechinulin A(3)、neoechinulin B(4)、crypotechinulin C(5)、cyclo-(L-Trp-L-Ala) (6)、variecolorin H(7)、2-(E-1-庚烯基)-3,6-二羟基-5-(3-甲基-2-丁烯基)苯甲醛(8)、2-(E,E-3,5-庚二烯基)-3,6-二羟基-5-(3-甲基-2-丁烯基)苯甲醛(9)和2-(E,E-1,3-庚二烯基)-3,6-二羟基-5-(3-甲基-2-丁烯基)苯甲醛(10).化合物2、4和8分别对产气杆菌Enterobacter aerogenes、大肠杆菌Escherichia coli、枯草芽孢杆菌Bacillus subtilis具有弱的抗菌活性.结论 浒苔共生真菌HT-2菌株能代谢产生具有抑菌活性的化合物.%Objective To study the secondary metabolites of Eurotium herbariorum HT-2 symbiotic with Enteromorpha prolifera , and assay the antibacterial activities. Methods The isolations and purifications of compounds were performed by means of solvent extraction, column chromatography over silica gel and Sephadex LH-20, and semi-prepared HPLC. The structure identificontions were made through spectroscopic analysis of UV, IR, ESI-MS, ID and 2D NMR. The antibacterial activities were assayed using 2-fold dilution method. Results From the fermentation broth of E. herbariorum HT-2, ten compounds (1-10) were isolated and identified as preechinulin (1), cyclo-(L-Trp-D-Val) (2), ( + )-neo-echinulin A (3), neoechinulin B (4), crypotechinulin C (5), cyclo-(L-Trp-L-Ala) (6), variecolorin H (7), 2-(E-l-heptenyl)-3,6-dihydroxy-5-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)benzaldehyde (8), 2-(3E, 5E-heptadie-nyl)- 3, 6-dihydroxy-5

  17. 浒苔膳食纤维提取及其功能性初步研究%Study on Extraction and Functional Proerties of Dietary Fiber from Enteromorpha prolifera

    薛勇; 韩晓银; 王超; 诸葛爱香; 张莉莉; 薛长湖


    The optimum extraction process and bleach process conditions of alkali-insoluble dietary fiber from Enteromorpha prolifera was studied. Color was selected as the indicator of extraction, the optimum extracting was determined by orthogonal test. The functional properties of alkali-insoluble dietary fiber were preliminary determined. The results showed that the optimum extraction process conditions of alkali-insoluble dietary fiber was 1 g/L NaOH ,alka- line cooking time 60min, HCl concentrationl g/L, the extraction rate could be as high as 21.97% with the color near light green. The optimum bleach process condition was: 0.7 g/L NaClO, solid-liquid ratio 1 : 60, pH5, bleach time 45min. The production rates of dietary fiber could be as high as 16.88% with the color near to white. The dry base content, expansive capacity and water holding capacity of the alkali-insoluble dietary fiber from Enteromorpha prolifera were 70.49%. 22.09mL/g and 510.58% , respectively.%实验以浒苔碱不溶性膳食纤维提取率、膳食纤维颜色为指标,通过正交实验确定了碱不溶性膳食纤维的适宜提取和漂白工艺条件,并初步测定了碱不溶性膳食纤维的功能特性。结果表明:碱不溶性膳食纤维提取的32艺参数为NaOH浓度1g/L、碱煮时间60min、HCl浓度1g/L、酸煮时间60min,所得膳食纤维提取率为21.97%,颜色是浅绿色。碱不溶性膳食纤维漂白的工艺参数为次氯酸钠溶液浓度0.7g/L、料液比1:60(g:mL)、pH值5、漂白时间45min,所得膳食纤维产率为16.88%,颜色是类白色;碱不溶性膳食纤维干基含量达70.49%。膨胀力为22.09mL/g,持水力为510.58%。

  18. Tumor odontogênico cístico calcificante com proliferação ameloblastomosa em seio maxilar Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor with ameloblastoma proliferation in the maxillary sinus

    Maria Carolina Gonçalves Carnasciali


    Full Text Available O tumor odontogênico cístico calcificante (TOCC com proliferação ameloblastomosa é uma variante rara entre os cistos maxilares. Este trabalho objetiva apresentar o relato clínico de um paciente do sexo masculino, 18 anos de idade, que apresentava aumento de volume extra e intraoral do lado esquerdo da maxila, firme à palpação, de característica normocrômica e indolor. A conduta consistiu em realização de tomografia Cone Beam, biópsia incisional, remoção completa da lesão, curetagem e fixação maxilar. O paciente encontra-se em acompanhamento clínico e radiográfico sem recidiva após doze meses. Dessa forma, ressalta-se a importância do diagnóstico precoce, a conduta clínica empregada e o acompanhamento periódico.Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumors (CCOT with proliferative ameloblastoma are a rare variant among maxillary cysts. This study aims to present a clinical report of an 18-year-old male patient with extra and intra oral swelling of the left maxilla, firm to touch, with normochromic characteristics and painless. The clinical approach comprised cone-beam tomography, incisional biopsy, complete removal of the lesion, curettage and maxilla fixation. His clinical and radiographic follow-up has revealed no relapse after 12 months. Hence, this study corroborates the importance of early diagnosis, clinical approach and periodical follow-ups.

  19. Power Electronics

    Iov, Florin; Ciobotaru, Mihai; Blaabjerg, Frede


    energy at the end-user should also be set up. Deregulation of energy has in the past lowered the investment in larger power plants, which means the need for new electrical power sources will be high in the near future. Two major technologies will play important roles to solve the future problems. One...... is to change the electrical power production sources from the conventional, fossil (and short term) based energy sources to renewable energy resources. The other is to use high efficient power electronics in power generation, power transmission/distribution and end-user application. This paper discuss the most...... emerging renewable energy sources, wind energy, which by means of power electronics are changing from being a minor energy source to be acting as an important power source in the energy system. Power electronics is the enabling technology and the presentation will cover the development in wind turbine...

  20. Study of time-lapse processing for dynamic hydrologic conditions. [electronic satellite image analysis console for Earth Resources Technology Satellites imagery

    Serebreny, S. M.; Evans, W. E.; Wiegman, E. J.


    The usefulness of dynamic display techniques in exploiting the repetitive nature of ERTS imagery was investigated. A specially designed Electronic Satellite Image Analysis Console (ESIAC) was developed and employed to process data for seven ERTS principal investigators studying dynamic hydrological conditions for diverse applications. These applications include measurement of snowfield extent and sediment plumes from estuary discharge, Playa Lake inventory, and monitoring of phreatophyte and other vegetation changes. The ESIAC provides facilities for storing registered image sequences in a magnetic video disc memory for subsequent recall, enhancement, and animated display in monochrome or color. The most unique feature of the system is the capability to time lapse the imagery and analytic displays of the imagery. Data products included quantitative measurements of distances and areas, binary thematic maps based on monospectral or multispectral decisions, radiance profiles, and movie loops. Applications of animation for uses other than creating time-lapse sequences are identified. Input to the ESIAC can be either digital or via photographic transparencies.

  1. Progress of studies on the responses of the key physiological processes including photosynthese in Ulva prolifera O. F. Müller to environmental factors%浒苔光合作用等关键生理过程对环境因子响应途径的研究进展

    王广策; 唐学玺; 何培民; 孙松; 高山; 郇丽; 王辉


    近年来,以浒苔(Ulva prolifera O. F. Müller)为原因种的绿潮在我国黄海海域持续爆发,已成为主要的生态灾害,国家对此高度重视,国际科学期刊上也发表了一系列研究论文,内容包括绿潮成因种浒苔的溯源和浒苔生理过程、繁殖途径及其对非生物胁迫因子的响应等,这些研究对认识绿潮的爆发机制有重要意义。为全面了解浒苔的研究状况,本文综述了近年来关于浒苔繁殖方式和途径、光合作用及其对非生物胁迫因子的响应的研究进展,同时对关键生物学过程进行了科学描述。%Recently, green tides mainly caused by Ulva prolifera O. F. Müller occurred frequently in the Yellow Sea of China and have become one of primary ecological disasters. Increasing attention has been paid to the event by the government of China. As a result, a large number of papers including tracking the algal origin of the green tides, physiological process and reproduction methods in U. prolifera and the responses of this alage to aboitic stresses have been published in the international journals. Those studies play an important role in un-derstanding the formation mechanism of green tides. In this paper, we reviewed the different methods of repro-duction in U. prolifera, photosynthesis, its responses to aboitic stresses and description of the key biological process.

  2. Influência da aplicação intraoperatória de mitomicina C tópica episcleral na proliferação e diferenciação de células epiteliais córneo-conjuntivais de coelhos

    Marisa Braga Potério


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Avaliar a influência da mitomicina C a 0,02% (MMC, aplicada em dose única por 3 minutos, na proliferação e diferenciação das células epiteliais da córnea de coelhos. Métodos: A MMC tópica foi aplicada na episclera da área límbica temporal, mediante tecido epitelial corneano intacto (um olho e após desepitelização epitelial parcial da córnea (outro olho. Durante o procedimento cirúrgico, MMC ou solução fisiológica 0,9% (SF foi aplicada e a solução escolhida para cada animal foi determinada por sorteio. Os animais foram divididos em grupo A (20 olhos, grupo B (16 olhos e grupo C (14 olhos. Foram sacrificados respectivamente em 4º, 15º e 45º dia de pós-operatório. Para estimular a proliferação celular, os animais do grupo C foram submetidos à desepitelização central da córnea 3 dias antes do dia do sacrifício. Marcadores de diferenciação celular (AE1, AE3 e AE5 e de proliferação (5Bromo-2-Deoxiuridina, BrdU foram utilizados. Nas lâminas coradas com BrdU, as áreas nasal, temporal e central foram delimitadas. O número de células coradas pela BrdU foram contadas nos 3 diferentes campos e a média aritmética de cada área foi analisada estatisticamente. Resultados: Houve diferença estatística entre MMC e SF nas áreas central e temporal da córnea previamente desepitelizada em todos os grupos. Não houve diferença estatística durante a análise de diferenciação celular. Conclusão: A MMC na dose de 0,02%, aplicada por 3 minutos sobre a episclera, interfere na proliferação celular da área exposta à droga e previamente desepitelizada. Não interfere na diferenciação celular e sua ação possui efeito prolongado.

  3. Resource Manual

    Human Development Institute, 2008


    This manual was designed primarily for use by individuals with developmental disabilities and related conditions. The main focus of this manual is to provide easy-to-read information concerning available resources, and to provide immediate contact information for the purpose of applying for resources and/or locating additional information. The…

  4. Rethinking Resourcing.

    Norris, Donald M.; Olson, Mark A.


    This adaptation of an excerpt from a book, "The Business Value Web: Resourcing Business Processes and Solutions in Higher Education," addresses ways to look at college business processes systematically, take fresh approaches to resourcing, and create real value for stakeholders. (EV)

  5. Assessment of use of library resources on research activities of ...

    Open Access DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT ... Library resources use contribute immensely to the research output of agricultural scientists and ... electronics Library resources such as electronic journals, e-books, scholarly databases, ... researchers to have access to a wide range of high quality electronic information resources.

  6. Genetic toxicology: web resources.

    Young, Robert R


    Genetic toxicology is the scientific discipline dealing with the effects of chemical, physical and biological agents on the heredity of living organisms. The Internet offers a wide range of online digital resources for the field of Genetic Toxicology. The history of genetic toxicology and electronic data collections are reviewed. Web-based resources at US National Library of Medicine (NLM), including MEDLINE, PUBMED, Gateway, Entrez, and TOXNET, are discussed. Search strategies and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are reviewed in the context of genetic toxicology. The TOXNET group of databases are discussed with emphasis on those databases with genetic toxicology content including GENE-TOX, TOXLINE, Hazardous Substances Data Bank, Integrated Risk Information System, and Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System. Location of chemical information including chemical structure and linkage to health and regulatory information using CHEMIDPLUS at NLM and other databases is reviewed. Various government agencies have active genetic toxicology research programs or use genetic toxicology data to assist fulfilling the agency's mission. Online resources at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) are outlined. Much of the genetic toxicology for pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and pesticides that is performed in the world is regulatory-driven. Regulatory web resources are presented for the laws mandating testing, guidelines on study design, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations, and requirements for electronic data collection and reporting. The Internet provides a range of other supporting resources to the field of genetic toxicology. The web links for key professional societies and journals in genetic toxicology are listed. Distance education, educational media resources, and job placement services are also

  7. 地方高校的电子文献资源建设——以南京晓庄学院为例%Construction of Electronic Literature Resources of Local University Library —— A Case Study ofNanjing Xiaozhuang University



    以南京晓庄学院图书馆为蓝本,从电子资源的文献价值入手,阐明了编制电子资源的采访标准和评价指标的意义,指出在当前网络环境下,地方高校加强电子文献资源建设的重要性和发展方向。%This paper is on the original version ofNanjing Xiaozhuang University library, from the literature value of electron- ic resource, expounds the meaning of compiling electronic resources acquisition standard and evaluation index, points out under current network environment, the importance of local university library strengthen electronic litera-ture resources construction and development direction.

  8. The Strategies for the Construction of the Electronic Journal Resources in Higher Vocational College Library in the Network Environment%网络环境下高职院校图书馆电子期刊资源建设策略



    This paper expounds some main principles of the construction of the network electronic journal resources in higher vocational college library in the network environment, introduces several types of the network electronic journal resources, and probes into some strategies for the construction of electronic journal resources in higher vocational college library.%阐述了高职院校图书馆网络电子期刊资源建设的主要原则,介绍了网络电子期刊资源的几种类型, 探讨了高职院校图书馆电子期刊资源建设的策略.

  9. 区域性高校数字图书馆联盟电子资源建设研究--以湖南省高校数字图书馆为例%Study on the Electronic Resources Construction of Regional University Digital Library Alliance---Taking Hunan Academic Digital Library (HNADL)as an Example



    介绍了湖南省高校数字图书馆电子资源建设情况,阐述了各联盟成员馆电子资源建设现状,探讨了湖南省高校数字图书馆电子资源建设存在的问题,并提出了相应的对策及建议。%ABSTRACT:This paper introduces the situation of the electronic resources construction of HNADL, expounds the current status of the electronic resources construction of each number library, probes into the problems existing in the electronic resources construction of HNADL,and puts forward some corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.

  10. Telecommunications--Electronic Mail.

    Kelly, Luke E.; Zuckerman, B. Michael


    This article identifies resources needed in order for physical education, recreation, and dance professionals to use computer-based telecommunications; discusses electronic mail; and explains how telecommunications can enhance communication in the field, both within and across professions. (IAH)

  11. Rethinking resources

    Fisher, W.L. [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States)


    We class energy and mineral resources as finite because we are reasonably certain that they do not form at a rate remotely approaching man`s rate of use. We have certain environments of the earth that have limits in carrying capacity, and we presume that the global environment does as well. These facts and presumptions, coupled with anxieties over growth in population and consumption, have posed pictures of impending catastrophe from Malthus through the Club of Rome and currently, among certain advocates of what is called sustainable development. To avoid future calamity, command and control management of resource use is urged by many. But, quite simply, such management would presume a wisdom that historical experience suggests does not exist. As a recent example, consider natural gas resources. A decade and a half ago, the resource base of natural gas in the United States was judged to be near exhaustion. Estimates of remaining resources by governmental agencies, academicians, and several major energy companies indicated the ultimate resource would be at about 100 tcf today, with essential depletion by the end of the century. Such was the near universal wisdom that compelled Congress to enact legislation to outright prohibit certain use of natural gas. Today, after nearly eight years of gas supply in excess of demand and with entirely new appreciation of the impact of technology, estimates of the remaining gas resource by industry, government, and others are an order of magnitude greater than those made just 15 yr ago, and the same government that then sought to husband a resource presumed to be near depletion now aggressively promotes its use and consumption. Limits to resources and limits to environmental carrying capacity do indeed exist, but we have yet to define those limits and the paths thereto.

  12. Arthritis - resources

    Resources - arthritis ... The following organizations provide more information on arthritis : American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons -- Arthritis Foundation -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- www. ...

  13. Diabetes - resources

    Resources - diabetes ... The following sites provide further information on diabetes: American Diabetes Association -- Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International -- National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion -- ...

  14. Seaweed resources

    Deshmukhe, G.V.; Dhargalkar, V.K.; Untawale, A.G.

    The chapter summarizes our present knowledge of the seaweed resources of the Indian Ocean region with regard to the phytogeographical distribution, composition, biomass, utilization, cultivation, conservation and management. The voluminous data...

  15. Mineral resources

    Valsangkar, A.B.

    (placers), biogenous (ooze, limestone) or chemogenous (phosphorites and polymetallic nodules) type. In recent years, hydrothermal deposits, cobalt crust and methane gas hydrates are considered as frontier resources. Their distribution depends upon proximity...

  16. Depression - resources

    Resources - depression ... Depression is a medical condition. If you think you may be depressed, see a health care provider. ... following organizations are good sources of information on depression : American Psychological Association -- ...

  17. Land Resources

    Young, Anthony


    Unless action is taken, the developing world will face recurrent problems of food security and conflict. This volume provides a summary and perspective of the field of land resources and suggests improvements needed to conserve resources for future generations. Coverage provides an authoritative review of the resources of soils, water, climate, forests and pastures on which agriculture depends. It assesses the interactions between land resources and wider aspects of development, including population and poverty. It provides a strong critique of current methods of assessing land degradation and placing an economic value on land. It should be read by all involved in rural development, including scientists, economists, geographers, sociologists, planners, and students of development studies.

  18. Hemophilia - resources

    Resources - hemophilia ... The following organizations provide further information on hemophilia : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute -- ...

  19. Forest Resources



    Forest biomass is an abundant biomass feedstock that complements the conventional forest use of wood for paper and wood materials. It may be utilized for bioenergy production, such as heat and electricity, as well as for biofuels and a variety of bioproducts, such as industrial chemicals, textiles, and other renewable materials. The resources within the 2016 Billion-Ton Report include primary forest resources, which are taken directly from timberland-only forests, removed from the land, and taken to the roadside.

  20. Studies on photosynthesis carbon fixation and ocean acidification prevention in Ulva prolifera I.Rate of photosynthesis carbon fixation and seawater pH increase%绿潮藻浒苔光合固碳与防治海水酸化的作用Ⅰ.光合固碳与海水pH值提高速率研究

    冯子慧; 何培民; 孟阳; 陆巍; 陈群芳; 于克锋; 蔡春尔; 霍元子; 吴维宁; 魏华


    以黄海绿潮暴发的主要漂浮种类浒苔(Ulva prolifera)为材料,在实验室条件下研究了浒苔光合参数、固碳速率及提升海水pH的作用,结果表明:浒苔光合作用半饱和常数Km为0.25 mmol/dm3,光合作用饱和时海水溶解无机碳(DIC)浓度也只需1.2 mmol/dm3,为正常海水DIC浓度(2.4 mmol/dm3)一半,故黄海绿潮暴发时藻体可以一直保持光合作用饱和与旺盛生长状态.水生条件下浒苔藻体主要吸收海水中的DIC,0.5 g/dm3培养密度下,1个光周期内净光合固碳速率为10.92 mg/(g·d)(鲜重).连续培养5d,0.5,1.0和2.5 g/dm3培养密度组的DIC浓度从22 mg/dm3分别降为4.85,2.62和0.66 mg/dm3,表明DIC去除率随藻体培养密度提高而增强,分别可达77.78%,88.00%,96.98%;藻体吸收海水中无机碳的同时可使海水pH升高,0.5g/dm3培养密度下,1个光周期内净提升pH速率高达0.96/(dm3·g·d).连续培养5d,0.5,1.0和2.5 g/dm3培养密度组第1天其pH分别可达到9.1,9.2和9.7,表明藻体密度越高pH提升越快,而且第5天pH均可稳定在9.9左右.浒苔暴露在空气中可直接吸收空气中CO2,1个光周期内其光合固碳速率约为46.14mg/(g.d),而在海水中的光合固碳速率为10.92 mg/(g·d),可见浒苔在空气中的光合固碳速率是水中的4.23倍.水生和气生时单位质量藻体的固碳效率因藻体间相互遮蔽而下降.结果可为今后黄海绿潮暴发机制及CO2减排和防止海洋酸化作用的评估提供技术支撑.%The effects of DIC levels on the photosynthesis of Ulva prolifera, carbon absorbing capacity at aquatic and aerial state, and Ph value improving ability, were studied under laboratory conditions. The results show that the value of Xm(DIC) for photosynthesis of U. Prolifera is 0. 25 mmol/dm3, and photosynthesis of U. Prolifera is saturated at 1. 2mmol/dm3 of DIC concentration in seawater, which is extremely lower than ambient DIC concentration(2. 4 mmol/dm3, DIC) in normal

  1. Model for Presenting Resources in Scholar's Portal

    Feeney, Mary; Newby, Jill


    Presenting electronic resources to users through a federated search engine introduces unique opportunities and challenges to libraries. This article reports on the decision-making tools and processes used for selecting collections of electronic resources by a project team at the University of Arizona (UA) Libraries for the Association of Research…

  2. Electronics and electronic systems

    Olsen, George H


    Electronics and Electronic Systems explores the significant developments in the field of electronics and electronic devices. This book is organized into three parts encompassing 11 chapters that discuss the fundamental circuit theory and the principles of analog and digital electronics. This book deals first with the passive components of electronic systems, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. These topics are followed by a discussion on the analysis of electronic circuits, which involves three ways, namely, the actual circuit, graphical techniques, and rule of thumb. The remaining p

  3. Multilingual digital resources with Bulgarian language

    Ludmila Dimitrova


    Full Text Available Multilingual digital resources with Bulgarian language The paper presents in brief Bulgarian language resources as a part of multilingual digital resources developed in the frame of some international projects, among them parallel annotated and aligned corpora, comparable corpora, morpho-syntactic specifications for corpora annotation and dictionaries encoding, lexicons, lexical databases, and electronic dictionaries.

  4. STEP electronic system design

    Couch, R. H.; Johnson, J. W.


    The STEP electronic system design is discussed. The purpose of the design is outlined. The electronic system design is summarized and it is found that: an effective conceptual system design is developed; the design represents a unique set of capabilities; makes efficient use of available orbiter resources; the system capabilities exceed identified potential experiment needs.

  5. 高校图书馆外文电子资源的建设与利用研究——以安徽建筑大学图书馆为例%Study on the Construction and Utilization of Foreign Electronic Resources in University Library ——A Case Study of the Library of AUA



    This paper makes an investigation and statistical analysis on the current construction ans utilization of foreign electronic resources of the library of AUA from the aspects of the quantities, funds as well as utilization rate of foreign database, discusses some factors influencing the construction and utilization of foreign electronic resources, and probes into the countermeasures for strengthening the construction of foreign electronic resources and improving the utilization rate of foreign electronic resources.%从外文数据库的数量、经费和利用率等方面,对安徽建筑大学图书馆外文电子资源建设与利用现状进行了调查研究与统计分析,论述了影响外文电子资源建设与利用的因素,探讨了加强外文电子资源建设、提高外文数据库利用率的对策.

  6. Interactive Technologies in Electronic Educational Resources

    Anisimova, Tatyana Ivanovna; Krasnova, Lyubov Alekseevna


    Modern professional education in the transition to a tiered system of specialists training is focused not on the transfer of ready knowledge but on teaching to find this knowledge and to apply them in situations close to the professional conditions. The educational process, relying on use of interactive methods of teaching, which is organized with…

  7. Resource Abundance and Resource Dependence in China

    Ji, K.; Magnus, J.R.; Wang, W.


    This paper reconsiders the ‘curse of resources’ hypothesis for the case of China, and distinguishes between resource abundance, resource rents, and resource dependence. Resource abundance and resource rents are shown to be approximately equivalent, and their association with resource dependence vari

  8. Proliferação e enraizamento in vitro de brotos de palma forrageira - Opuntia ficus-indica (L. MILL - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v26i2.1641 Proliferation and rooting in vitro of buds of palm grass Opuntia ficusindica (L. MILL - DOI: 10.4025/actascibiolsci.v26i2.1641

    Francisco de Assis Paiva Campos


    Full Text Available O trabalho foi conduzido no Departamento de Bioquímica e Biologia Molecular da Universidade Federal do Ceará com o objetivo de avaliar o efeito do 6- benzilaminopurina (BAP e do ácido indolacético (AIA na proliferação e no enraizamento in vitro de brotos da palma forrageira. Os explantes foram incubados no meio de cultura com sais e vitaminas MS, suplementados com 5% de sacarose, 0,8% de ágar e pH 5,85. Para a proliferação, os brotos foram inoculados em placas de Petri contendo o meio de cultura em diferentes concentrações de BAP. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente ao acaso, em arranjo fatorial de 10 x 3, com 3 repetições. No enraizamento, os brotos foram inoculados no meio de cultura contendo diferentes concentrações de AIA. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente ao acaso, em arranjo fatorial de 10 x 3, com 3 repetições. Concluiu-se que os melhores protocolos para a proliferação e o enraizamento de brotos foram, respectivamente, BAP 1,00mg/L e AIA 5,00mg/LThe work was carried out in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of Ceará Federal University. The aim was to evaluate the effects of 6- benzylaminopurine (BAP and indolacetic acid (IAA on proliferation and rooting ,em>in vitro of buds of palm grass. The samples were incubated in the culture environment with salts, vitamins MS, 5% of sucrose, 0.8% of agar and pH of 5.85. For the proliferation, the buds were inoculated in Petri plates, and the culture environment was contained in different BAP concentrations. The experimental delineation was entirely randomly in an arrangement factorial of 10 x 3 and three replications. In the rooting, the buds were inoculated in the culture environment and they had different concentrations of indoacetic acid (IAA. Results showed that the best protocols for proliferation and buds of rooting were, respectively: BAP to 1.00mg/L and IAA to 5.00mg/L

  9. Estudo experimental da inibição da proliferação vitreorretiniana pelo uso da hiperecina Experimental study of vitreoretinal proliferation inhibition by the use of hypericin

    Roberto Augusto Fernandes Machado


    Full Text Available OBJETIVOS: Induzir a produção de membranas vitreorretinianas em modelo de trauma ocular animal. Avaliar a inibição do desenvolvimento da proliferação vitreorretiniana (PVR com o uso de hiperecina. MÉTODOS: Estudo Experimental. Foram utilizados 19 coelhos machos pigmentados adultos com peso entre 2.000 e 3.000 gramas. Todos submetidos a modelo de trauma com dispase associada à diatermia da retina para indução de membranas de PVR. Separados randomicamente para receberem hiperecina (10 µM em 0,1 ml ou solução salina (0,1 ml como placebo. Avaliados clinicamente no sétimo, décimo quarto, vigésimo primeiro e vigésimo oitavo dias de pós-operatório com oftalmoscopia indireta e retinografia colorida digitalizada. O grau de PVR foi classificado em estágios (de 0 a 7 segundo Hida e colaboradores. RESULTADOS: A formação de membranas esteve presente em 79% dos olhos, sendo 100% nos olhos do grupo placebo e 60% nos olhos do grupo tratamento (hiperecina. A comparação entre as médias dos estágios de PVR entre os grupos mostrou diferença estatisticamente significativa, com valor p=0,0321 pelo teste Wilcoxon. CONCLUSÕES: O modelo de trauma com uso de dispase e diatermia da retina produz membranas vitreorretinianas. A hiperecina mostrou-se eficaz na diminuição do aparecimento e progressão do PVR.PURPOSE: To produce proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR in an animal ocular trauma model. To evaluate the inhibition of (PVR emergence and progression by hypericin. METHODS: Experimental Study. Nineteen pigmented male adult rabbits weighing between 2,000 and 3,000 grams were used in this study. All of them were submitted to trauma model with dispase and retinal diathermy to induce PVR membranes formation. They were randomly assigned to receive hypericin (10 µM in 0.1 ml or saline solution (0.1 ml as placebo. They were evaluated clinically in the seventh, fourteenth, twenty-first and twenty-eighth postoperative days with indirect

  10. Expressão de marcadores de proliferação celular e apoptose no carcinoma espinocelular de pele e ceratose actínica Expression of cell proliferation and apoptosis biomarkers in skin spinocellular carcinoma and actinic keratose

    Marilho Tadeu Dornelas


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTOS: O câncer de pele é o mais frequente tipo de câncer humano e mostra aumento de sua incidência. Em muitos casos, antes do surgimento do carcinoma, instala-se uma lesão precursora, ceratose actínica, podendo evoluir para carcinoma espinocelular. Estudos buscam determinar os parâmetros com significado prognóstico na predição daqueles tumores que terão comportamento mais agressivo. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a expressão dos marcadores de proliferação celular (PCNA, Ki-67 e apoptose (p53, Bcl-2, em portadores de carcinoma espinocelular e ceratose actínica. MÉTODO: Foram estudadas amostras de 30 pacientes: sendo dez portadores do carcinoma espinocelular; dez de ceratose actínica e dez indivíduos livres de lesões submetidos à blefaroplastia. RESULTADOS: A proteína p53 foi expressa em todos os casos estudados, embora apresentassem padrões quantitativos diferentes. O Bcl-2 foi expresso em baixa intensidade. Em seis casos de ceratose actínica, nas peles de blefaroplastia, e negativo nos casos de carcinoma espinocelular. O PCNA exibiu expressão intensa, em todas as amostras. O Ki-67 apresentou expressão variável, nos casos de carcinoma e de ceratose, e negativo na pele de pálpebra. CONCLUSÃO: A expressão do Ki-67 e a não-expressão de Bcl-2, no grupo CEC, indica intensificação da atividade proliferativa. Ao passo que, a maior expressão de p53 e Bcl-2, no grupo CA, sugere imortalização celular.BACKGROUND: Skin cancer is the most frequent type of human cancer and has shown an increase in its incidence. In many cases, before the onset of the carcinoma, there might be a precursor lesion - actinic keratosis, which can develop into squamous cell carcinoma. Studies have been carried out in order to etermine the parameters that have prognostic significance in predicting those tumors which have more aggressive behavior. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the expression of markers of cell proliferation (PCNA, Ki-67 and apoptosis (p53,Bcl-2

  11. Algae Resources



    Algae are highly efficient at producing biomass, and they can be found all over the planet. Many use sunlight and nutrients to create biomass, which contain key components—including lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates— that can be converted and upgraded to a variety of biofuels and products. A functional algal biofuels production system requires resources such as suitable land and climate, sustainable management of water resources, a supplemental carbon dioxide (CO2) supply, and other nutrients (e.g., nitrogen and phosphorus). Algae can be an attractive feedstock for many locations in the United States because their diversity allows for highpotential biomass yields in a variety of climates and environments. Depending on the strain, algae can grow by using fresh, saline, or brackish water from surface water sources, groundwater, or seawater. Additionally, they can grow in water from second-use sources such as treated industrial wastewater; municipal, agricultural, or aquaculture wastewater; or produced water generated from oil and gas drilling operations.

  12. Electronic Books for Secondary Students.

    Anderson-Inman, Lynne; Horney, Mark


    Discusses the definition, purposes, and advantages and disadvantages of electronic books. Notes the types of embedded resources present in them, offers an example of an electronic book, and suggests three steps to evaluate and select electronic books for the curriculum. (SR)

  13. Ações da dihidrotestosterona sobre a proliferação celular, expressão do receptor de androgênios, bcl-2 e p21 em células prostáticas humanas não transformadas

    Adriane Pozzobon


    Hiperplasia Prostática Benigna (HPB) é uma condição patológica que acomete os homens na senescência e está presente em 50% da população masculina, com cerca de 85 anos de idade. A glândula prostática é alvo dos hormônios androgênicos que são responsáveis pela diferenciação e crescimento do epitélio e estroma prostáticos. Os mecanismos proliferativos da próstata envolvem uma série de fatores que operam em conjunto para manter o equilíbrio entre inibição e/ou proliferação celular. Este trabalho...

  14. Ki-67 cell proliferation in familial and in esporadic unilateral retinoblastoma: case report Avaliação da proliferação celular com marcador ki-67 em pacientes com retinoblastoma unilateral esporádico e familiar: relato de caso

    Maria Teresa Brizzi Chizzotti Bonanomi


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: Ki-67 is a nuclear protein that is expressed at all phases of the cell cycle except the resting phase. This study is a clinicopathologic observational case report that aims to report on the cell proliferation rates, as measured by the Ki-67 antigen, in two enucleated retinoblastoma eyes. METHODS: One unilateral familial (mother with unilateral disease - patient 1 and one unilateral sporadic retinoblastoma (patient 2 patients were submitted to enucleation without previous treatment. The tumor cell proliferation rate was assessed by the Ki-67 antigen labeling index (stained cells / 100 cells in five different fields of the tumor. RESULTS: Patient 1 was 23 months old and the tumor was exophytic with associated neovascularization of the iris; patient 2 was 6 years old and the tumor was endophytic with coarse vitreous seeds. Both enucleated eyes presented optic nerve with free surgical margins. Positive Ki-67 cell index in patient 1 varied from 75 to 90 (MD ± SD: 79.5 ± 6.61 and in patient 2 from 38 to 60 (MD ± SD: 46.6 ± 8.2. CONCLUSIONS: The familial retinoblastoma, besides the earlier age presentation, showed 45.8% more Ki-67 positive cells than the same stage sporadic one. This proliferation rate may explain the earlier presentation age of the tumor in the inherited disease.OBJETIVO: O Ki-67 é antígeno nuclear que se expressa em todas as fases do ciclo celular, exceto no período de repouso. Este é um estudo de casos com correlação clínico-patológica que visa avaliar a taxa de proliferação celular, medida pelo antígeno Ki-67, em 2 olhos enucleados com retinoblastoma. MÉTODOS: Um paciente com retinoblastoma unilateral familiar (mãe com doença unilateral - paciente 1 e outro com retinoblastoma unilateral esporádico (paciente 2 foram submetidos à enucleação ocular sem outro tratamento prévio. A taxa de proliferação celular foi avaliada segundo índice obtido pela contagem de células marcadas com Ki-67, em 5 campos

  15. Comparative study on meiotic behavior and pollen development of medicinal plants Liriope spicata var.prolifera and L.spicata%药用植物湖北麦冬和山麦冬减数分裂及花粉发育的比较研究

    周群; 周健丘; 王菁菁; 陆文亮; 王小刚; 陈家春


    目的:比较湖北麦冬和山麦冬减数分裂及花粉发育的差异,探讨湖北麦冬不育的细胞学实质.方法:采用常规压片法,观察湖北麦冬和山麦冬的减数分裂行为及花粉发育过程.结果:山麦冬花粉母细胞减数分裂过程基本正常,染色体能正常配对和分离.湖北麦冬花粉母细胞减数分裂过程中染色体行为异常,多表现为中期出现少数染色体及断片游离在纺锤体外面,在后期出现染色体桥、断片和落后染色体,在末期出现单个染色体游离在细胞核外形成微核的现象.湖北麦冬花粉发育异常,花粉畸形率为95.81%(2 066个).山麦冬花粉发育基本正常,花粉畸形率为3.44%(2 949个).结论:湖北麦冬减数分裂及花粉发育的异常是引起花粉败育的重要原因.%Objective:To reveal the mechanism of sterility of Liriope spicata var.prolifera.Method:Meiotic behavior and pollen development of L.spicata var.prolifera were described in detail.Its proto-variety L spicata was also investigated for compari-son.Result:During the meiosis of microspore mother ceHs(MMC),most of cells displayed normally in L.spicata,but abnormally in L.spicata vat.prolifera.The abnormity Was showed that:some chromosomes or their fragments moved out of the spindle of the cell at metaphase;some chromosome bridges,fragments and lagging ones were formed at anaphase;and many microspores displayed the mi-cronucleus at the telophase.The pollen development was abnormal in L spicata var.prolifera and normal in L spicata.with the aber-ration rate of pollen Was 95.8 1%and 3.44%separately.Conclusion:These results indicate that some abnormalities of meiotic behav-ior and pollen development are main reasons for inducing microspore abortion during its development.

  16. Automotive electronics design fundamentals

    Zaman, Najamuz


    This book explains the topology behind automotive electronics architectures and examines how they can be profoundly augmented with embedded controllers. These controllers serve as the core building blocks of today’s vehicle electronics. Rather than simply teaching electrical basics, this unique resource focuses on the fundamental concepts of vehicle electronics architecture, and details the wide variety of Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) that enable the increasingly sophisticated "bells & whistles" of modern designs.  A must-have for automotive design engineers, technicians working in automotive electronics repair centers and students taking automotive electronics courses, this guide bridges the gap between academic instruction and industry practice with clear, concise advice on how to design and optimize automotive electronics with embedded controllers.

  17. Energy resources

    Simon, Andrew L


    Energy Resources mainly focuses on energy, including its definition, historical perspective, sources, utilization, and conservation. This text first explains what energy is and what its uses are. This book then explains coal, oil, and natural gas, which are some of the common energy sources used by various industries. Other energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, water, and nuclear energy sources are also tackled. This text also looks into fusion energy and techniques of energy conversion. This book concludes by explaining the energy allocation and utilization crisis. This publ

  18. Ação inibitória da Interleucina - 1ß sobre a proliferação de células musculares lisas cultivadas a partir de veias safenas humanas Inhibitory action of the Interleukin 1ß over the cellular proliferation of smooth muscle cells cultivated from human saphenous veins

    Luís A.O. Dallan


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: A veia safena é um enxerto coronário eficiente. Porém, sua patência pode ser limitada por desenvolvimento de aterosclerose. Estudos experimentais "ex vivo", por nós realizados anteriormente, demonstraram apoptose (ensaio de TUNEL em veias safenas humanas cultivadas sob pressão arterial por 24 horas. Nessas veias safenas, a expressão gênica da Interleucina-1ß avaliada por RT-PCR em tempo real, também mostrou-se elevada. Não há ainda consenso sobre a ação moduladora das citocinas sobre proliferação/apoptose das células musculares lisas das veias safenas. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a influência da Interleucina -1ß na proliferação inicial de cultura de células primárias de músculo liso de veia safena humana. MÉTODO: Foram cultivadas células primárias de músculo liso de seis diferentes veias safenas humanas (em triplicata. O meio de cultura foi o DMEM, suplementado com 10% de soro fetal bovino. O grupo controle não recebeu Interleucina - 1ß. Nos demais grupos, as células cultivadas receberam, respectivamente, 0,1; 1; 10 e 100 ng/mL de Interleucina - 1ß. A proliferação celular foi avaliada através da quantificação de timidina triciada [³H], incorporada às células recém-proliferadas. RESULTADOS: O tratamento com Interleucina - 1ß diminuiu a proliferação celular, a saber: Grupo controle (sem Interleucina - 1ß: definiu-se esse grupo como apresentando 100±4,5% de proliferação celular. Nos demais grupos, a quantidade de Interleucina - 1ß administrada e a proliferação celular aferida foram, respectivamente, 0,1 ng/mL:112±0,7%; 1 ng/mL:83,8±4,7%; 10 ng/mL:69,1±3,8%; 100 ng/mL:67,3±10,9%; (pOBJECTIVE: The saphenous vein (SV is an effective graft used in coronary artery bypass grafting, although, its patency can be affected by the development of atherosclerosis. We have developed an experimental study demonstrating the development of apoptosis in SV grafts cultivated under arterial hemodynamic

  19. The Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to enable resource discovery in clinical and translational research.

    Tenenbaum, Jessica D; Whetzel, Patricia L; Anderson, Kent; Borromeo, Charles D; Dinov, Ivo D; Gabriel, Davera; Kirschner, Beth; Mirel, Barbara; Morris, Tim; Noy, Natasha; Nyulas, Csongor; Rubenson, David; Saxman, Paul R; Singh, Harpreet; Whelan, Nancy; Wright, Zach; Athey, Brian D; Becich, Michael J; Ginsburg, Geoffrey S; Musen, Mark A; Smith, Kevin A; Tarantal, Alice F; Rubin, Daniel L; Lyster, Peter


    The biomedical research community relies on a diverse set of resources, both within their own institutions and at other research centers. In addition, an increasing number of shared electronic resources have been developed. Without effective means to locate and query these resources, it is challenging, if not impossible, for investigators to be aware of the myriad resources available, or to effectively perform resource discovery when the need arises. In this paper, we describe the development and use of the Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to enable semantic annotation and discovery of biomedical resources. We also describe the Resource Discovery System (RDS) which is a federated, inter-institutional pilot project that uses the BRO to facilitate resource discovery on the Internet. Through the RDS framework and its associated Biositemaps infrastructure, the BRO facilitates semantic search and discovery of biomedical resources, breaking down barriers and streamlining scientific research that will improve human health. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. The Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to Enable Resource Discovery in Clinical and Translational Research

    Tenenbaum, Jessica D.; Whetzel, Patricia L.; Anderson, Kent; Borromeo, Charles D.; Dinov, Ivo D.; Gabriel, Davera; Kirschner, Beth; Mirel, Barbara; Morris, Tim; Noy, Natasha; Nyulas, Csongor; Rubenson, David; Saxman, Paul R.; Singh, Harpreet; Whelan, Nancy; Wright, Zach; Athey, Brian D.; Becich, Michael J.; Ginsburg, Geoffrey S.; Musen, Mark A.; Smith, Kevin A.; Tarantal, Alice F.; Rubin, Daniel L; Lyster, Peter


    The biomedical research community relies on a diverse set of resources, both within their own institutions and at other research centers. In addition, an increasing number of shared electronic resources have been developed. Without effective means to locate and query these resources, it is challenging, if not impossible, for investigators to be aware of the myriad resources available, or to effectively perform resource discovery when the need arises. In this paper, we describe the development and use of the Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to enable semantic annotation and discovery of biomedical resources. We also describe the Resource Discovery System (RDS) which is a federated, inter-institutional pilot project that uses the BRO to facilitate resource discovery on the Internet. Through the RDS framework and its associated Biositemaps infrastructure, the BRO facilitates semantic search and discovery of biomedical resources, breaking down barriers and streamlining scientific research that will improve human health. PMID:20955817

  1. PDA对我国外文电子期刊资源联合采购的影响研究%Study on the Inlfuence of Patron Driven Acquisition(PDA)on the Joint Purchase of the Foreign Electronic Periodical Resources Libraries



    Patron driven Acquisition,PDA(读者决策采购)在国外图书馆电子图书联合采购中效益非常明显。如果把它引进我国高校图书馆电子期刊文献资源特别是外文电子期刊联合采购中,将会对我国的电子期刊文献资源建设起到非常重要的作用。本文主要对把读者决策采购PDA模式对我国高校图书馆外文电子期刊文献资源联合采购的影响进行论述。%The Benefit of Patron-driven Acquisition(PDA)is very obvious in the foreign library electronic book purchase.PDA will play an very important role to our country's electronic resources construction especially foreign electronic journal if it is introduced into the electronic journal literature resources joint purchase in our country university libraries.This article mainly discusses the influence of the PDA mode on the purchase of the foreign electronic journals of University Libraries in China.

  2. Open Educational Resources (1): Wat hebben we nodig?

    Westera, Wim


    Westera, W. (2010). Open Educational Resources (1): Wat hebben we nodig? Electronic article on SURFspace. SURF foundation: Utrecht. Retrieved december 14 at

  3. Open Educational Resources (2): Hoe dekken we de kosten?

    Westera, Wim


    Westera, W. (2010). Open Educational Resources (2): Hoe dekken we de kosten? Electronic article on SURFspace. SURF foundation: Utrecht. Retrieved december 14 at

  4. The Use of Resources in Resource Acquisition

    Wernerfelt, Birger


    The author considers the processes through which a firm can acquire resources and argues that its current stock of resources create asymmetries in competition for new resources. Two simple models illustrate how this can work through linkages on the demand and/or cost side. The normative implication is that firms should expand their resource portfolios by building on their existing resources; different firms will then acquire different new resources, and small initial heterogeneities will ampl...

  5. Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR) (Poster)

    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)


    This poster introduces the Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR), an electronic database with demographic, health outcome, and exposure information for over a million DOE nuclear plant and laboratory workers.

  6. Hard electronics; Hard electronics



    In the fields of power conversion devices and broadcasting/communication amplifiers, high power, high frequency and low losses are desirable. Further, for electronic elements in aerospace/aeronautical/geothermal surveys, etc., heat resistance to 500degC is required. Devices which respond to such hard specifications are called hard electronic devices. However, with Si which is at the core of the present electronics, the specifications cannot fully be fulfilled because of the restrictions arising from physical values. Accordingly, taking up new device materials/structures necessary to construct hard electronics, technologies to develop these to a level of IC were examined and studied. They are a technology to make devices/IC of new semiconductors such as SiC, diamond, etc. which can handle higher temperature, higher power and higher frequency than Si and also is possible of reducing losses, a technology to make devices of hard semiconducter materials such as a vacuum microelectronics technology using ultra-micro/high-luminance electronic emitter using negative electron affinity which diamond, etc. have, a technology to make devices of oxides which have various electric properties, etc. 321 refs., 194 figs., 8 tabs.

  7. Electronic Cigarettes

    ... New FDA Regulations Text Size: A A A Electronic Cigarettes Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery operated products designed ... more about: The latest news and events about electronic cigarettes on this FDA page Electronic cigarette basics ...

  8. The Electron

    Thomson, George


    Electrons are elementary particles of atoms that revolve around and outside the nucleus and have a negative charge. This booklet discusses how electrons relate to electricity, some applications of electrons, electrons as waves, electrons in atoms and solids, the electron microscope, among other things.

  9. Hard electronics; Hard electronics



    Hard material technologies were surveyed to establish the hard electronic technology which offers superior characteristics under hard operational or environmental conditions as compared with conventional Si devices. The following technologies were separately surveyed: (1) The device and integration technologies of wide gap hard semiconductors such as SiC, diamond and nitride, (2) The technology of hard semiconductor devices for vacuum micro- electronics technology, and (3) The technology of hard new material devices for oxides. The formation technology of oxide thin films made remarkable progress after discovery of oxide superconductor materials, resulting in development of an atomic layer growth method and mist deposition method. This leading research is expected to solve such issues difficult to be easily realized by current Si technology as high-power, high-frequency and low-loss devices in power electronics, high temperature-proof and radiation-proof devices in ultimate electronics, and high-speed and dense- integrated devices in information electronics. 432 refs., 136 figs., 15 tabs.

  10. Electronic Resources and Web Sites: Replacing a Back-end Database with Innovative's Electronic Resource Management

    Laura Tull


    .... This article focuses on one aspect of ERM, the integration of the module with the Web OPAC, and describes how the Ohio State University Libraries replaced a back-end database with ERM to support...

  11. 饲料中添加浒苔对黄斑蓝子鱼生长性能与生理生化指标的影响%Effects of dietary seaweed Enteromorpha prolifera on growth per-formance, physiological and biochemical characteristics of rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus

    周胜强; 游翠红; 王树启; 李远友


    We evaluated the feasibility of using seaweed Enteromorpha prolifera as a dietary ingredient for the rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus. We formulated five compound feeds with different levels of dried E. prolifera, but all with 32% total protein and 8% lipid. Three of the diets contained 5%, 10%, or 15% dried seaweed. Two diets contained 10%or 15%dried seaweed supplemented with 0.2%non-starch polysaccharide enzymes(NSP en-zymes). The control diet had no seaweed. Groups of rabbitfish juveniles were fed one of the diets for 8 weeks. We measured growth and physiological and biochemical indexes to determine the optimum dietary ratio of E. prolifera. The addition of 5%seaweed had no effect on growth relative to the control group(P>0.05), whereas growth de-clined significantly in fish fed diets with 10% or 15% seaweed(P 0.05). Furthermore, there was no significant difference in survival or the whole fish moisture, protein, fat, and ash contents among the groups(P>0.05). The activities of hydrogen peroxide enzyme and glutathione peroxi-dase increased, whereas malondialdehyde content decreased in the liver and muscle of fish fed diets containing seaweed. Our results suggest that the optimal proportion of E. prolifera in rabbitfish diet is 5%, or between 10%-15%if supplemented with 0.2%NSP enzymes. The addition of seaweed in diets may also increase the anti-oxidant capacity.%试验用黄斑蓝子鱼(Siganus canaliculatus)幼鱼捕自汕头大学南澳临海试验站附近海域,在海上网箱中暂养半个月后将其转入室内水族缸(容积200 L)中驯养2周,饵料为自制配合饲料。新鲜浒苔(Enteromorpha prolifera)从汕头市南澳县盐田采得,用水清洗后晒干,经小型粉碎机粉碎,过60目筛,制成海藻干粉。选取体质量约23 g黄斑蓝子鱼进行试验。在蛋白水平32%、脂肪水平8%的情况下,配制6种配合饲料,其中3种饲料分别添加5%、10%和15%的浒苔干粉,另2种添加10%、15%浒苔的饲料中还添加0.2%

  12. Shaping the Electronic Library--The UW-Madison Approach.

    Dean, Charles W., Ed.; Frazier, Ken; Pope, Nolan F.; Gorman, Peter C.; Dentinger, Sue; Boston, Jeanne; Phillips, Hugh; Daggett, Steven C.; Lundquist, Mitch; McClung, Mark; Riley, Curran; Allan, Craig; Waugh, David


    This special theme section describes the University of Wisconsin-Madison's experience building its Electronic Library. Highlights include integrating resources and services; the administrative framework; the public electronic library, including electronic publishing capability and access to World Wide Web-based and other electronic resources;…

  13. Hammurabi and the Electronic Age: Documenting Electronic Collecting Decisions.

    Fedunok, Suzanne


    Presents a list of commonly used elements found in a number of electronic information collection development policy statements collected by an American Library Association committee. The article concludes with a selected annotated bibliography of 14 sources relating to collection development policies for electronic information resources.…

  14. 研究/電子資源使用統計標準與規範之探討/陳雪華;許嘉珍;朱雅琦 | Study of the Electronic Resources Usage Statistics Standards and Guidelines/ Hsueh-Hua Chen;Chia-Chen Hsu;Ya-Chi Chu



    Full Text Available

    近年來,由於資訊科技的進步,圖書館中的電子資源數量快速增加,所佔預算金額比例也大幅增長。圖書館希望能夠透過評鑑電子資源的使用,以便能夠在電 子資源館藏發展等方面做出正確的決策。由於體認到電子資源使用統計之重要性,圖書館界與相關組織紛紛發展或修訂圖書館統計標準,增列電子資源使用統計的項 目以充分反映圖書館電子資源使用之狀況。本文主要採用文獻分析法以及內容分析法,收集探討並比較近軍來國內外電子資源使用統計之相關規範及標準,包含 ISO 2789、 ICOLC Guidelines、州ANSI/NISO Z39.7、CNS13151、ARL E-Metrlcs、E-Measures Project、以及Project COUNTER等。

    Recently, due to the advances of information technology, electronic resources are gradually replacing print resources as the largest consumer of library acquisition budgets. Logically, libraries want to evaluate the usage of electronic resources and incorporate the results into their decision making regarding electronic resource acquisition. Over these years, there is a general awareness among libraries to develop statistics standards and guidelines for library electronic resources usage. In this paper, literature review and content analysis methods are used to compare several library statistics standards, including: ISO 2789 、ICOLC Guidelines、ANSI/NISO Z39.7、CNS13151、ARL E-Metrics、E-Measures Project、and Project COUNTER etc.


  15. Electronic Reference Works and Library Budgeting Dilemma

    Lawal, Ibironke O.


    The number of electronic resources has climbed up steadily in recent times. Some of these e-resources are reference sources, mostly in Science, Technology and Medicine (STM), which publishers convert to electronic for obvious reasons. The library budgets for materials usually have two main lines, budget for one time purchase (monographs) and…

  16. Alterações na expressão do antígeno nuclear de proliferação celular e dos receptores de estrogênio e de progesterona provocadas pela quimioterapia primária no carcinoma de mama

    Depes Daniella De Batista


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: averiguar as alterações induzidas pela quimioterapia primária no fenótipo celular. MÉTODOS: avaliamos a expressão do antígeno nuclear de proliferação celular (PCNA e dos receptores de estrogênio (RE e de progesterona (RP em 17 tumores de mama no estádio clínico II, obtidos antes e após a terapia antiblástica, por método imuno-histoquímico. Os valores foram relacionados com o estado menstrual, com a resposta clínica tumoral e com o comprometimento axilar. RESULTADOS: houve redução significante na porcentagem de células coradas pelo anti-PCNA antes (tempo A e após (tempo B a quimioterapia (p=0,041. Observamos também resultados significantes ao compararmos os índices médios de PCNA com o grau histológico GII/GIII [tempo A=63,1 e tempo B=38,7 (p=0,049] e nos casos em que houve resposta clínica [tempo A=53,1 e tempo B=34,4 (p=0,011]. Não observamos relação significante entre os índices de PCNA com o estado menstrual e o axilar. Houve redução significante do RE após a quimioterapia nas pacientes pré-menopausadas [tempo A=60,3 e tempo B=24,1 (p=0,027] e naquelas que apresentaram resposta clínica ao tratamento [tempo A=59,1 e tempo B=37,9 (p=0,030]. Observamos aumento significante do RP após a quimioterapia nas pacientes pós-menopausadas [tempo A=35,3 e tempo B=58,3 (p=0,023]. Não encontramos relação entre os receptores hormonais e o comprometimento axilar. CONCLUSÕES: a diminuição dos índices de PCNA nos tumores de alto grau histológico, do RE nas pacientes pré-menopausadas e de ambos, PCNA e RE, nos tumores com redução clínica após a quimioterapia nos mostra que ela atuou sobre as células em proliferação e que o PCNA pode ser utilizado como parâmetro de resposta a este tratamento.

  17. Ambient Electronics

    Sekitani, Tsuyoshi; Someya, Takao


    We report the recent research progress and future prospects of flexible and printed electronics, focusing on molecular electronic material-based thin-film transistors, which are expected to usher in a new era of electronics.

  18. Electron cooling

    Meshkov, I.; Sidorin, A.


    The brief review of the most significant and interesting achievements in electron cooling method, which took place during last two years, is presented. The description of the electron cooling facilities-storage rings and traps being in operation or under development-is given. The applications of the electron cooling method are considered. The following modern fields of the method development are discussed: crystalline beam formation, expansion into middle and high energy electron cooling (the Fermilab Recycler Electron Cooler, the BNL cooler-recuperator, cooling with circulating electron beam, the GSI project), electron cooling in traps, antihydrogen generation, electron cooling of positrons (the LEPTA project).

  19. Negotiating for Critical Resources.

    Bartunek, Frank P.


    School districts dependent on outside resources must develop skills for securing educational resources, including competencies in collaborative, creative, and principled resource management. Constructive negotiations between local and provincial levels of government can improve relationships and support the development of collaborative…

  20. Digital Knowledge Resources Sharing Through Online Distance Education Course

    Josephine; Yu; Chen; Sche


    Since the electronic resources and Internet Web sites became popular, distance education courses offered via the Internet could play an important role in providing global digital resources and teaching the knowledge of international library and information standards for bibliographic databases with electronic and web resources.This paper uses the example of the author's new online course: ILS 608 Cataloging and Development of a Digital Union Catalog for Ancient Chinese Books to demonstrate the global re...

  1. Inhibition of Enteromorpha prolifera and Porphyra yazoensis powders on the Growth of three species of the red tide microalgae%浒苔和紫菜等2种海藻干体对3种赤潮微藻生长的抑制作用

    孙颖颖; 徐深圳; 张静; 阎斌伦; 王长海


    To study the effects of Enteromorpha prolifera and Porphyra yazoensis powders on the growth of three species of the red tide microalgae {Karenia mikimitoi, Skeletonema costatum and Alexandrium tamarense) , the macroalgae powders were added to the microalgae culture medium, respectively. Based on the observation of algal morphology and the measurement of algal density, and the analysis of half inhibition concentration (IC50) and inhibition concentration (IC100) , and of initial algal cell number range with effective action of IC50 and IC100, the results showed the growth of those microalgae was significantly inhibited by E, prolifera and P. yazoensis powders at the concentration of 0.8 g/L and 1.0 g/L, respectively. And the inhibitory effect of all tested microalgae by macroalgae powders was above 60 % in day 12. IC50 of E. prolifera and P. yazoensis powders was equivalent, varying between 0.71 g/L and 1.22 g/L. IC100 of two macroalgae powders was significantly different, and IC100 of E. prolifera changed between 2.4 g/L and 2.8 g/L, which was approximately 2 times of that of P. yazoensis powders. The IC50 and IC100 were effective when initial cell number was less than 40×l04·mL -1, but its value could be increased to 60×l04·mL -1 for K. mikimitoi and S. costatum. On this basis, macroalgae powders were at the lethal concentration which was added to the microalgae culture medium, and eutrophication effects of macroalgae powders added to the microalgae culture medium were analyzed by monitoring total nitrogen (nitrate, nitrite nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen) and total phosphorus in the microalgae culture medium. During the training period, total nitrogen and total phosphorus content in the culture medium of the experimental group which added maroalgae powders were significantly higher than that in controls. Total nitrogen concentration in the culture medium of the experimental group was 382 μg/L and total phosphorus concentration was lower than 100

  2. Conventional transmission electron microscopy.

    Winey, Mark; Meehl, Janet B; O'Toole, Eileen T; Giddings, Thomas H


    Researchers have used transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to make contributions to cell biology for well over 50 years, and TEM continues to be an important technology in our field. We briefly present for the neophyte the components of a TEM-based study, beginning with sample preparation through imaging of the samples. We point out the limitations of TEM and issues to be considered during experimental design. Advanced electron microscopy techniques are listed as well. Finally, we point potential new users of TEM to resources to help launch their project.

  3. The Global Resource Nexus

    Ridder, M. de; Duijne, F. van; Jong, S. de; Jones, J.; Luit, E. van; Bekkers, F.F.; Auping, W.


    Supply and demand of resources are connected in a complex way. This interconnectivity has been framed as the global resource nexus and can conceivebly include all types of resources. This study focus on the nexus of five essential natural resources: land, food, energy, water and minerals. Together t

  4. The New Resource File

    Luck, Donald D.


    The development of the resource file is a common experience in teacher preparation programs. The author examines strategies for transforming what has been a project composed of physical resources to one emphasizing digital resources. Methods for finding, tagging, storing and retrieving resources are explored.

  5. Knowledge and Natural Resources

    Bertelsen, Rasmus Gjedssø; Justinussen, Jens Christian Svabo


    Arctic economies are generally natural resource based economies, whether they are indigenous economies largely dependent on living on the land or industrialized economies depending on marine resources, mineral resources or fossil or renewable energy resources. However, the central role of knowledge...... on the Icelandic and Faroese experiences with marine resources and renewable energy resources in geothermal, hydro, tidal and wind power. Iceland and the Faroe Islands are selected because they are examples of very small Arctic societies, which particularly well illustrate how the combination of human capital...... and marine resources and renewable energy can contribute to socio-economic and political-constitutional development....

  6. The impact of technological era in human resource management


    The Impact of the Technological Era in Human Resource Management This work project is a literature review, which covers current studies (theoretical and empirical) on electronic Human Resource Management, human resources analytics and telework, and discusses some implications of the adoption of technology in human resource management processes. The Work Project presents and discusses different and contradictory perspectives between empirical and theoretical studies, demonstrating that t...

  7. The impact of technological era in human resource management

    Ritter, Andrea Fernandes Rodrigues


    The Impact of the Technological Era in Human Resource Management This work project is a literature review, which covers current studies (theoretical and empirical) on electronic Human Resource Management, human resources analytics and telework, and discusses some implications of the adoption of technology in human resource management processes. The Work Project presents and discusses different and contradictory perspectives between empirical and theoretical studies, demonstrating that t...

  8. Electronic Recruitment at CERN


    The Human Resources Department switches to electronic recruitment. From now on whenever you are involved in a recruitment action you will receive an e-mail giving you access to a Web folder. Inside you will find a shortlist of applications drawn up by the Human Resources Department. This will allow you to consult the folder, at the same time as everyone else involved in the recruitment process, for the vacancy you are interested in. This new electronic recruitment system, known as e-RT, will be introduced in a presentation given at 10 a.m. on 11 February in the Main Auditorium. Implemented by AIS (Administrative Information Services) and the Human Resources Department, e-RT will cover vacancies open in all of CERN's recruitment programmes. The electronic application system was initially made available to technical students in July 2003. By December it was extended to summer students, fellows, associates and Local Staff. Geraldine Ballet from the Recruitment Service prefers e-RT to mountains of paper! The Hu...

  9. Electron Microscopy.

    Beer, Michael


    Reviews technical aspects of structure determination in biological electron microscopy (EM). Discusses low dose EM, low temperature microscopy, electron energy loss spectra, determination of mass or molecular weight, and EM of labeled systems. Cites 34 references. (CS)

  10. Electron Microscopy.

    Beer, Michael


    Reviews technical aspects of structure determination in biological electron microscopy (EM). Discusses low dose EM, low temperature microscopy, electron energy loss spectra, determination of mass or molecular weight, and EM of labeled systems. Cites 34 references. (CS)

  11. Students developing resources for students.

    Pearce, Michael; Evans, Darrell


    The development of new technologies has provided medical education with the ability to enhance the student learning experience and meet the needs of changing curricula. Students quickly adapt to using multimedia learning resources, but these need to be well designed, learner-centred and interactive for students to become significantly engaged. One way to ensure that students become committed users and that resources become distinct elements of the learning cycle is to involve students in resource design and production. Such an approach enables resources to accommodate student needs and preferences, but also provides opportunities for them to develop their own teaching and training skills. The aim of the medical student research project was to design and produce an electronic resource that was focused on a particular anatomical region. The views of other medical students were used to decide what features were suitable for inclusion and the resulting package contained basic principles and clinical relevance, and used a variety of approaches such as images of cadaveric material, living anatomy movies and quizzes. The completed package was assessed using a survey matrix and found to compare well with commercially available products. Given the ever-diversifying arena of multimedia instruction and the ability of students to be fully conversant with technology, this project demonstrates that students are ideal participants and creators of multimedia resources. It is hoped that such an approach will help to further develop the skill base of students, but will also provide an avenue of developing packages that are student user friendly, and that are focused towards particular curricula requirements. © Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012.

  12. Value-added Applications of Libraries’ E-resources: A Case Study of Citation Analysis System

    黃明居、吳東陽 Ming-Jiu Hwang,Tung-Yang Wu


    Full Text Available The libraries now still play as the role of information provider without effectively aggregate inforrmations to knowledge based on users’ requirement, though the budget of electronic resources increasing yearly. For example, the aggregative search of library resources just shorten the timeusers attach the electronic resources without providing real knowledge. This research proposed ageneral value-added model of electronic resources during the process building the citation analysissystem. With the model, the library would be offer some value-added enhancement, even knowledgeprovider furthermore, based on the typical knowledge from aggregation of electronic resources inthe library. pp. 66-81

  13. Understand electronics

    Bishop, Owen


    Understand Electronics provides a readable introduction to the exciting world of electronics for the student or enthusiast with little previous knowledge. The subject is treated with the minimum of mathematics and the book is extensively illustrated.This is an essential guide for the newcomer to electronics, and replaces the author's best-selling Beginner's Guide to Electronics.The step-by-step approach makes this book ideal for introductory courses such as the Intermediate GNVQ.

  14. Electronic components

    Colwell, Morris A


    Electronic Components provides a basic grounding in the practical aspects of using and selecting electronics components. The book describes the basic requirements needed to start practical work on electronic equipment, resistors and potentiometers, capacitance, and inductors and transformers. The text discusses semiconductor devices such as diodes, thyristors and triacs, transistors and heat sinks, logic and linear integrated circuits (I.C.s) and electromechanical devices. Common abbreviations applied to components are provided. Constructors and electronics engineers will find the book useful

  15. Electronic Prescribing

    ... Do you prescribe electronically?” For more information about electronic prescribing, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633- ... TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048 . Electronic eRx Prescribing I went to the pharmacy, and ...

  16. Resources and Transaction Costs

    Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai Juul


    AbstractThe economics of property rights furthers the resource-based view in a number ofways. Resource analysis is refined by conceptualizing resources as composed ofmultiple attributes to which property rights may be held. A resource owner's abilityto create, appropriate and sustain value from...... resources depends on the propertyrights that she holds to those resources and on the transaction costs of exchanging,defining and protecting the relevant property rights. While transaction costs aremajor sources of value dissipation, value may be created by reducing suchdissipation. Implications for the RBV...

  17. Capacidade da matriz extracelular da medula óssea de induzir proliferação de células mielóides in vitro no modelo de desnutrição protéica em camundongos Capacity of the extracellular matrix of the bone marrow to induce proliferation of myeloid cells in vitro in model of protein malnutrition in mice

    Cidônia de Lourdes Vituri


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem por objetivo verificar se a matriz extracelular (MEC obtida da medula óssea de camundongos com desnutrição protéica energética sustenta a sobrevivência, se induz proliferação de células mielóides, bem como avaliar a capacidade desta MEC de interagir com citocinas hematopoiéticas in vitro. Camundongos machos "Swiss" foram submetidos à desnutrição protéica (4% de caseína até que perdessem 20% do peso inicial e o grupo-controle foi mantido com uma dieta contendo 14% de caseína. A medula óssea foi extraída com tampão PBS suplementado com 1 mg de aprotinina/mL. Os ensaios de proliferação foram realizados com a linhagem mielóide FDC-P1, pelo método colorimétrico de redução do MTT. A MEC obtida tanto do grupo-controle como do desnutrido induziu proliferação celular in vitro. Os ensaios de interação foram realizados com IL-3 e GM-CSF na concentração de 10 ρg e 500 ρg/mL, que demonstraram efeito sinérgico e efeito regulatório, respectivamente. A MEC obtida de animais do grupo desnutrido quando submetida ao ensaio de ligação ao GM-CSF mostrou maior proliferação celular do que a MEC obtida de animais do grupo-controle (pThe aim of this study was to verify the capacity of the extracellular matrix (ECM obtained from bone marrow of malnourished mice to sustain survival and to induce the proliferation of myeloid cells. We also verified the capacity of the tests to interact with in vitro hematopoietic cytokines. Male "Swiss" mice were submitted to protein malnutrition with a diet content of '4% casein until they lost 20% of the original weight, while the group-control was kept with a diet content of 14% of casein. The bone marrow was extracted with 1.0 mg of aprotinin/mL in PBS. The proliferation tests were carried out with myeloid cell line FDCP-1, by the colorimetric method of reduction of the MTT. The obtained ECM from nourished and undernourished mice induced cellular proliferation invitro. Tests

  18. Basic electronics

    Holbrook, Harold D


    Basic Electronics is an elementary text designed for basic instruction in electricity and electronics. It gives emphasis on electronic emission and the vacuum tube and shows transistor circuits in parallel with electron tube circuits. This book also demonstrates how the transistor merely replaces the tube, with proper change of circuit constants as required. Many problems are presented at the end of each chapter. This book is comprised of 17 chapters and opens with an overview of electron theory, followed by a discussion on resistance, inductance, and capacitance, along with their effects on t

  19. Economics of exhaustible resources

    Rabhan, S.A.


    This dissertation deals with various issues of resource depletion, beginning with a rather comprehensive review of the literature. The resource scarcity is the first issue dealt with, where differentiation is made between Ricardian and Pure scarcities of exhaustible resources. While the Ricardian scarcity is properly acknowledged and modeled in the resource literature, the fact that the resource stocks are always decreasing with extraction (i.e., the pure scarcity) is overlooked. One important conclusion of the scarcity analysis is that the steady-state point defining the equilibrium values for the nonresource output to capital and the resource flow to resource stock ratios, is found to be a moving one, as a result of the increasing scarcity mechanism. Another observation about the literature is that there is a marked bias in favor of long run, developed economies' problems and resource inputs as opposed to the problems of developing economies and resource exports. Thus, a theoretical framework is developed where not only resource inputs and exports are analyzed but resource exports are advanced as a vehicle for development. Within the context of this theoretical framework, it is concluded that optimality dictates that the resource inputs and exports, expressed per unit of the capital stock, be declining over time. Furthermore, the resource exports are proposed as the domestic substitute for foreign aid.

  20. Electronic Government and Electronic Participation

    Tambouris, E.; Scholl, H.J.; Janssen, M.F.W.H.A.; Wimmer, M.A.; Tarabanis, K.; Gascó, M.; Klievink, A.J.; Lindgren, I.; Milano, M.; Panagiotopoulos, P.; Pardo, T.A.; Parycek, P.; Sæbø, O.


    Electronic government and electronic participation continue to transform the public sector and society worldwide and are constantly being transformed themselves by emerging information and communication technologies. This book presents papers from the 14th International Federation for Information P

  1. Electron Tree

    Appelt, Ane L; Rønde, Heidi S


    The photo shows a close-up of a Lichtenberg figure – popularly called an “electron tree” – produced in a cylinder of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Electron trees are created by irradiating a suitable insulating material, in this case PMMA, with an intense high energy electron beam. Upon discharge......, during dielectric breakdown in the material, the electrons generate branching chains of fractures on leaving the PMMA, producing the tree pattern seen. To be able to create electron trees with a clinical linear accelerator, one needs to access the primary electron beam used for photon treatments. We...... appropriated a linac that was being decommissioned in our department and dismantled the head to circumvent the target and ion chambers. This is one of 24 electron trees produced before we had to stop the fun and allow the rest of the accelerator to be disassembled....

  2. Electron Tree

    Appelt, Ane L; Rønde, Heidi S


    The photo shows a close-up of a Lichtenberg figure – popularly called an “electron tree” – produced in a cylinder of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Electron trees are created by irradiating a suitable insulating material, in this case PMMA, with an intense high energy electron beam. Upon discharge......, during dielectric breakdown in the material, the electrons generate branching chains of fractures on leaving the PMMA, producing the tree pattern seen. To be able to create electron trees with a clinical linear accelerator, one needs to access the primary electron beam used for photon treatments. We...... appropriated a linac that was being decommissioned in our department and dismantled the head to circumvent the target and ion chambers. This is one of 24 electron trees produced before we had to stop the fun and allow the rest of the accelerator to be disassembled....

  3. Conjugated Polymers for Organic Electronics: Structural and Electronic Characteristics

    Rafael C. González-Cano; López Navarrete, Juan T.; Ruiz Delgado, M. Carmen


    The use of organic materials to design electronic devices has actually presented a broad interest for because they constitute an ecological and suitable resource for our current "electronic world". These materials provide several advantages (low cost, light weight, good flexibility and solubility to be easily printed) that cannot be afforded with silicium. They can also potentially interact with biological systems, something impossible with inorganic devices. Between these materials we can in...

  4. Resources, Technology, and Strategy

    Resources, Technology and Strategy brings together contributors from Europe, North America and Asia to consider the strategic relationship between technology and other resources, such as production capabilities, marketing prowess, finance and organisational culture. Throughout the book...

  5. Hydrography - Water Resources

    NSGIC Education | GIS Inventory — A Water Resource is a DEP primary facility type related to the Water Use Planning Program. The sub-facility types related to Water Resources that are included are:...

  6. Solar Resource Assessment

    Renne, D.; George, R.; Wilcox, S.; Stoffel, T.; Myers, D.; Heimiller, D.


    This report covers the solar resource assessment aspects of the Renewable Systems Interconnection study. The status of solar resource assessment in the United States is described, and summaries of the availability of modeled data sets are provided.

  7. Human Resource Planning

    Hoffman, W. H.; Wyatt, L. L.


    By using the total resource approach, we have focused attention on the need to integrate human resource planning with other business plans and highlighted the importance of a productivity strategy. (Author)

  8. Vermont Natural Resources Atlas

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — The purpose of the Natural Resources Atlas is to provide geographic information about environmental features and sites that the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources...

  9. Hydrography - Water Resources

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — A Water Resource is a DEP primary facility type related to the Water Use Planning Program. The sub-facility types related to Water Resources that are included are:...

  10. Current Resource Imagery Projects

    Farm Service Agency, Department of Agriculture — Map showing coverage of current Resource imagery projects. High resolution/large scale Resource imagery is typically acquired for the U.S. Forest Service and other...

  11. Mineral Resources Data System

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Mineral resource occurrence data covering the world, most thoroughly within the U.S. This database contains the records previously provided in the Mineral Resource...

  12. Análise comparativa da proliferação celular entre carcinomas de células escamosas orais HPV-positivos e HPV-negativos Comparative analysis of the cellular proliferation between HPV-positive and HPV-negative oral squamous cell carcinomas

    Danielle Albuquerque Pires Rocha


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: O carcinoma de células escamosas oral (OSCC representa a neoplasia maligna mais freqüente em boca, e, entre os agentes etiológicos implicados, o papilomavírus humano (HPV tem sido extensivamente estudado nos últimos anos. OBJETIVO: Analisar comparativamente os índices de proliferação celular em OSCCs HPV-negativos e HPV-positivos. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A amostra consistiu em 11 casos de OSCCs HPV-positivos (10 infectados por HPV-18 e um por HPV-16 e 18 e 13 HPV-negativos, previamente analisados quanto à presença ou ausência, bem quanto à tipagem viral por proteína C reativa (PCR (primers GP5+/GP6+ e hibridização dot blot, respectivamente. No método imunoistoquímico utilizou-se a técnica da estreptoavidina-biotina, com anticorpo para a proteína nuclear Ki-67. RESULTADOS: O teste estatístico não-paramétrico de Mann-Whitney revelou que não houve diferença estatisticamente significativa entre os grupos HPV-positivo e HPV-negativo (p = 0,72. Discussão: Os estudos semelhantes a estes são poucos e não são concordantes em demonstrar maior atividade proliferativa tumoral nos casos HPV-positivos em relação aos HPV-negativos, seja através da análise da expressão de proteínas relacionadas ao ciclo celular, seja na análise direta da fração proliferativa tumoral. CONCLUSÃO: Não houve diferença no índice de proliferação celular entre os grupos de OSCCs HPV-positivo e HPV-negativos.BACKGROUND: Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC is the most common malignant tumor in the mouth, and the human papillomavirus (HPV has been hardly studied as a possible etiologic agent. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to compare the rates of cell proliferation in HPV-positive and HPV-negative OSCC, using the immunohistochemical antibody Ki-67. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The sample consisted of 11 cases HPV-positive OSCC (10 cases infected with HPV-18 and 1 case infected with HPV-16 and 18 and 13 cases HPV-negative OSCCs

  13. The effects of light and increased CO2 on the growth and physiological performances in marine green algaeUlva prolifera seedling%光强和二氧化碳浓度变化对浒苔幼苗生长及生理的影响

    高秀秀; 李亚鹤; 段维军; 徐年军


    Ocean acidification due to increasing anthropogenic CO2 is expected to influence marine primary productiv-ity.In order to investigate the interactive effects of increased light and CO2 changes on macroalgae,we grewUlva prolifera seedling under the normal CO2 level (400 μL/L)and elevated CO2 level (1 000 μL/L)conditions,the light levels set as 80 and 260 μmol/(m2 ·s),and measured its physiological performance.Research finding that the specific growth rate and activity of SOD was highest under high light and normal CO2 level .However,the activity of CAT showed the highest value under the high CO2 and low light conditions.Under the different treatments, there was no significant effect on the chlorophyll a and maximal photochemical yield of PSⅡ (Fv/Fm ),while the largest ratios of chlorophylla to carotenoid occurred at nomal CO2 and low light conditions.Meanwhile,the content of soluble protein was decreased by high light and high CO2 .%大气 CO2浓度升高引起的海洋酸化如何在光变环境下影响大型海藻固碳量的问题,关系到未来海洋初级生产力的变化趋势。为研究大型海藻对 CO2浓度升高和光强变化的响应,本文选取浒苔(Ulva prolifera )幼苗为实验材料,探讨其在不同光强下[80、260μmol/(m2·s)]和两种 CO2浓度(正常 CO2浓度:400μL/L 和高 CO2浓度:1000μL/L)下的生理变化。研究发现,在正常 CO2浓度、高光条件下,浒苔幼苗的生长最快,超氧化物特化酶(SOD)活性最高,而过氧化氢酶(CAT )活性在低光、高CO2处理下有最大值。光合色素含量和光系统Ⅱ的光化学效率在不同处理间没有显著性差异,但叶绿素 a 与类胡萝卜素的比值在低光正常 CO2处理下有最大值。同时,高光高 CO2处理下,浒苔幼苗的可溶性蛋白含量最低。

  14. Sustainable polymers from renewable resources.

    Zhu, Yunqing; Romain, Charles; Williams, Charlotte K


    Renewable resources are used increasingly in the production of polymers. In particular, monomers such as carbon dioxide, terpenes, vegetable oils and carbohydrates can be used as feedstocks for the manufacture of a variety of sustainable materials and products, including elastomers, plastics, hydrogels, flexible electronics, resins, engineering polymers and composites. Efficient catalysis is required to produce monomers, to facilitate selective polymerizations and to enable recycling or upcycling of waste materials. There are opportunities to use such sustainable polymers in both high-value areas and in basic applications such as packaging. Life-cycle assessment can be used to quantify the environmental benefits of sustainable polymers.

  15. Sustainable polymers from renewable resources

    Zhu, Yunqing; Romain, Charles; Williams, Charlotte K.


    Renewable resources are used increasingly in the production of polymers. In particular, monomers such as carbon dioxide, terpenes, vegetable oils and carbohydrates can be used as feedstocks for the manufacture of a variety of sustainable materials and products, including elastomers, plastics, hydrogels, flexible electronics, resins, engineering polymers and composites. Efficient catalysis is required to produce monomers, to facilitate selective polymerizations and to enable recycling or upcycling of waste materials. There are opportunities to use such sustainable polymers in both high-value areas and in basic applications such as packaging. Life-cycle assessment can be used to quantify the environmental benefits of sustainable polymers.

  16. Human Resources Accounting


    The 21 st century will be the epoch of knowled ge economy. Knowledge economy is to develop economy on the basis of knowledge will surely become the major resources of economy development. Therefore, human resources accounting which provides such information as the ebb and follow of hu man resources investment, the size of the human resources employment, will bec ome the main stream of accounting the time of knowledge economy. To face China 's reality, to develop economy, and to flourish enterprise...

  17. Human Resource Management System

    Navaz, A. S. Syed; Fiaz, A. S. Syed; Prabhadevi, C.; V.Sangeetha; Gopalakrishnan,S.


    The paper titled HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is basically concerned with managing the Administrator of HUMAN RESOURCE Department in a company. A Human Resource Management System, refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management and information technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field, whereas the programming of data processing systems evolved into standa...

  18. There is a Relationship between Resource Expenditures and Reference Transactions in Academic Libraries. A Review of: Dubnjakovic, A. (2012). Electronic resource expenditure and the decline in reference transaction statistics in academic libraries. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(2), 94-100. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2012.01.001

    Hughes, Annie M.


    Objective – To provide an analysis of the impact of expenditures on electronic resourcesand gate counts on the increase or decrease in reference transactions.Design – Analysis of results of existing survey data from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) 2006 Academic Library Survey(ALS).Setting – Academic libraries in the United States.Subjects – 3925 academic library respondents.Methods – The author chose to use survey data collected from the 2006 ALS conducted bythe NCES. Th...

  19. The cellulose resource matrix

    Keijsers, E.R.P.; Yilmaz, G.; Dam, van J.E.G.


    The emerging biobased economy is causing shifts from mineral fossil oil based resources towards renewable resources. Because of market mechanisms, current and new industries utilising renewable commodities, will attempt to secure their supply of resources. Cellulose is among these commodities, where

  20. The cellulose resource matrix

    Keijsers, E.R.P.; Yilmaz, G.; Dam, van J.E.G.


    The emerging biobased economy is causing shifts from mineral fossil oil based resources towards renewable resources. Because of market mechanisms, current and new industries utilising renewable commodities, will attempt to secure their supply of resources. Cellulose is among these commodities, where

  1. Reasoning abstractly about resources

    Clement, B.; Barrett, A.


    r describes a way to schedule high level activities before distributing them across multiple rovers in order to coordinate the resultant use of shared resources regardless of how each rover decides how to perform its activities. We present an algorithm for summarizing the metric resource requirements of an abstract activity based n the resource usages of its potential refinements.

  2. Chapter Four: Discursive Resources

    Young, Richard F.


    In this chapter, the focus of attention moves from the contexts described in chapter 3 to the verbal, nonverbal, and interactional resources that participants employ in discursive practices. These resources are discussed within the frame of participation status and participation framework proposed by Goffman. Verbal resources employed by…

  3. Bootstrapping Deep Lexical Resources: Resources for Courses

    Baldwin, Timothy


    We propose a range of deep lexical acquisition methods which make use of morphological, syntactic and ontological language resources to model word similarity and bootstrap from a seed lexicon. The different methods are deployed in learning lexical items for a precision grammar, and shown to each have strengths and weaknesses over different word classes. A particular focus of this paper is the relative accessibility of different language resource types, and predicted ``bang for the buck'' associated with each in deep lexical acquisition applications.

  4. Electronic warfare target location methods

    Poisel, Richard


    Describing the mathematical development underlying current and classical methods of geolocating electronic systems that are emitting, this newly revised and greatly expanded edition of a classic Artech House book offers practical guidance in electronic warfare target location. The Second Edition features a wealth of additional material including new chapters on time delay estimation, direction finding techniques, and the MUSIC algorithm. This practical resource provides you with critical design information on geolocation algorithms, and establishes the fundamentals of existing algorithms as a

  5. Reconciling resource utilization and resource selection functions

    Hooten, Mevin B.; Hanks, Ephraim M.; Johnson, Devin S.; Alldredge, Mat W.


    Summary: 1. Analyses based on utilization distributions (UDs) have been ubiquitous in animal space use studies, largely because they are computationally straightforward and relatively easy to employ. Conventional applications of resource utilization functions (RUFs) suggest that estimates of UDs can be used as response variables in a regression involving spatial covariates of interest. 2. It has been claimed that contemporary implementations of RUFs can yield inference about resource selection, although to our knowledge, an explicit connection has not been described. 3. We explore the relationships between RUFs and resource selection functions from a hueristic and simulation perspective. We investigate several sources of potential bias in the estimation of resource selection coefficients using RUFs (e.g. the spatial covariance modelling that is often used in RUF analyses). 4. Our findings illustrate that RUFs can, in fact, serve as approximations to RSFs and are capable of providing inference about resource selection, but only with some modification and under specific circumstances. 5. Using real telemetry data as an example, we provide guidance on which methods for estimating resource selection may be more appropriate and in which situations. In general, if telemetry data are assumed to arise as a point process, then RSF methods may be preferable to RUFs; however, modified RUFs may provide less biased parameter estimates when the data are subject to location error.

  6. Tools, Techniques, and Training: Results of an E-Resources Troubleshooting Survey

    Rathmel, Angela; Mobley, Liisa; Pennington, Buddy; Chandler, Adam


    A primary role of any e-resources librarian or staff is troubleshooting electronic resources (e-resources). While much progress has been made in many areas of e-resources management (ERM) to understand the ERM lifecycle and to manage workflows, troubleshooting access remains a challenge. This collaborative study is the result of the well-received…

  7. Factors Influencing the Internet Resource Users' Satisfaction: An Analytical Study on Omani Undergraduate Learners

    Sriram, B.


    The internet resources are one of the important knowledge sharing tools in day-to-day business processes. These internet resources have greater impact on education field too. The learning processes have become comparatively easy due to these electronic resources. The online resources help the students to acquire the required knowledge through…

  8. What's the Use? The Value of E-Resource Usage Statistics.

    Peters, Thomas A.


    Discusses librarians' use of electronic resource (e-resource) statistics. Topics include the historical context of computerized monitoring of human-computer interaction; where e-resource usage statistics originate; organizational efforts to gain value from e-resource usage statistics; practical aspects, including funding decisions, measuring…

  9. Introduction of home electronics for the future

    Yoshimoto, Hideyuki; Shirai, Iwao

    Development of electronics has accelerated the automation and labor saving at factories and offices. Home electronics is also expected to be needed more and more in Japan towards the 21st century, as the advanced information society and the elderly society will be accelerated, and women's participation in social affairs will be increased. Resources Council, which is the advisory organ of the Minister of State for Science and Technology, forecast to what extent home electronics will be popularized by the year of 2010. The Council expected to promote home electronics, because resource and energy saving should be accelerated and people should enjoy much more their individual lives at home.

  10. Electronic Commerce

    Slavko Đerić


    Full Text Available Electronic commerce can be defined in different ways. Any definition helps to understand and explain that concept as better as possible.. Electronic commerce is a set of procedures and technologies that automate the tasks of financial transactions using electronic means. Also, according to some authors, electronic commerce is defined as a new concept, which is being developed and which includes process of buying and selling or exchanging products, services or information via computer networks, including the Internet. Electronic commerce is not limited just to buying and selling, but it also includes all pre-sales and after-sales ongoing activities along the supply chain. Introducing electronic commerce, using the Internet and Web services in business, realizes the way to a completely new type of economy - internet economy.

  11. Another Kind of Diplomacy: International Resource Sharing

    Arlitsch, Kenning; Lombardo, Nancy T.; Gregory, Joan M.


    Over the past six years, the University of Utah libraries have developed an extensive international presence through digital resource sharing. Services include instruction, electronic document delivery, shared catalogs, and full-text databases. This paper will describe the process of establishing, extending, and improving these services through…

  12. Micropower electronics

    Keonjian, Edward


    Micropower Electronics deals with the operation of modern electronic equipment at micropower levels and the problems associated with micropower electronics. Topics covered include the relations between minimum required power density and frequency response for semiconductor triode amplifiers; physical realization of digital logic circuits; micropower microelectronic subsystems; and metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect devices for micropower logic circuitry. This book is comprised of 10 chapters and begins with an analysis of fundamental relationships and basic requirements pertinent to the ph

  13. Microfluidic electronics.

    Cheng, Shi; Wu, Zhigang


    Microfluidics, a field that has been well-established for several decades, has seen extensive applications in the areas of biology, chemistry, and medicine. However, it might be very hard to imagine how such soft microfluidic devices would be used in other areas, such as electronics, in which stiff, solid metals, insulators, and semiconductors have previously dominated. Very recently, things have radically changed. Taking advantage of native properties of microfluidics, advances in microfluidics-based electronics have shown great potential in numerous new appealing applications, e.g. bio-inspired devices, body-worn healthcare and medical sensing systems, and ergonomic units, in which conventional rigid, bulky electronics are facing insurmountable obstacles to fulfil the demand on comfortable user experience. Not only would the birth of microfluidic electronics contribute to both the microfluidics and electronics fields, but it may also shape the future of our daily life. Nevertheless, microfluidic electronics are still at a very early stage, and significant efforts in research and development are needed to advance this emerging field. The intention of this article is to review recent research outcomes in the field of microfluidic electronics, and address current technical challenges and issues. The outlook of future development in microfluidic electronic devices and systems, as well as new fabrication techniques, is also discussed. Moreover, the authors would like to inspire both the microfluidics and electronics communities to further exploit this newly-established field.

  14. Paper electronics.

    Tobjörk, Daniel; Österbacka, Ronald


    Paper is ubiquitous in everyday life and a truly low-cost substrate. The use of paper substrates could be extended even further, if electronic applications would be applied next to or below the printed graphics. However, applying electronics on paper is challenging. The paper surface is not only very rough compared to plastics, but is also porous. While this is detrimental for most electronic devices manufactured directly onto paper substrates, there are also approaches that are compatible with the rough and absorptive paper surface. In this review, recent advances and possibilities of these approaches are evaluated and the limitations of paper electronics are discussed.

  15. Electron holography

    Tonomura, Akira


    Holography was devised for breaking through the resolution limit of electron microscopes The advent of a "coherent" field emission electron beam has enabled the use of Electron Holography in various areas of magnetic domain structures observation, fluxon observation in superconductors, and fundamental experiments in physics which have been inaccessible using other techniques After examining the fundamentals of electron holography and its applications to the afore mentioned fields, a detailed discussion of the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the related experiments is presented Many photographs and illustrations are included to elucidate the text

  16. Polymer electronics

    Hsin-Fei, Meng


    Polymer semiconductor is the only semiconductor that can be processed in solution. Electronics made by these flexible materials have many advantages such as large-area solution process, low cost, and high performance. Researchers and companies are increasingly dedicating time and money in polymer electronics. This book focuses on the fundamental materials and device physics of polymer electronics. It describes polymer light-emitting diodes, polymer field-effect transistors, organic vertical transistors, polymer solar cells, and many applications based on polymer electronics. The book also disc

  17. Electronic Photography

    Payne, Meredith Lindsay


    The main objective was to assist in the production of electronic images in the Electronic Photography Lab (EPL). The EPL is a new facility serving the electronic photographic needs of the Langley community. The purpose of the Electronic Photography lab is to provide Langley with access to digital imaging technology. Although the EPL has been in operation for less than one year, almost 1,000 images have been produced. The decision to establish the lab was made after careful determination of the centers needs for electronic photography. The LaRC community requires electronic photography for the production of electronic printing, Web sites, desktop publications, and its increased enhancement capabilities. In addition to general use, other considerations went into the planning of the EPL. For example, electronic photography is much less of a burden on the environment compared to conventional photography. Also, the possibilities of an on-line database and retrieval system could make locating past work more efficient. Finally, information in an electronic image is quantified, making measurements and calculations easier for the researcher.

  18. Electron Bifurcation

    Peters, John W.; Miller, Anne-Frances; Jones, Anne K.; King, Paul W.; Adams, Michael W. W.


    Electron bifurcation is the recently recognized third mechanism of biological energy conservation. It simultaneously couples exergonic and endergonic oxidation-reduction reactions to circumvent thermodynamic barriers and minimize free energy loss. Little is known about the details of how electron bifurcating enzymes function, but specifics are beginning to emerge for several bifurcating enzymes. To date, those characterized contain a collection of redox cofactors including flavins and iron-sulfur clusters. Here we discuss the current understanding of bifurcating enzymes and the mechanistic features required to reversibly partition multiple electrons from a single redox site into exergonic and endergonic electron transfer paths.

  19. Resource Structuring and Ambidexterity

    Ma, Yucheng; Li, Peter Ping

    -shaped effect on organizational ambidexterity in new ventures. Further, because of the traditional culture and economic transition characteristics, new ventures actively leverage managerial ties as key social relations to obtain special resources or nurture business transactions. We propose that ties with other......Focusing on how resource structuring mechanisms and managerial ties influence organizational ambidexterity of new ventures in emerging economy, this study explores the effects of resource structuring mechanisms (i.e., resource acquiring and resource accumulating) on organizational ambidexterity....... It further examines the moderating effects of managerial ties, (i.e., ties with other firms and ties with the government) on the above relationships. Survey data from China¡¯s 202 new ventures demonstrates that the resource acquiring has an inverted U-shaped effect whereas the resource accumulating has a U...

  20. Electronic publishing: the movement from print to digital publication.

    Ludwick, R; Glazer, G


    This article provides an overview of electronic publishing, describes how information increasingly is being exchanged within the scientific community, and discusses the scholarly qualifications of electronic venues. The following content is included: a.definition of electronic publishing; b.uses and types of electronic publishing; c.uses of electronic journals in nursing and health care; d.advantages and disadvantages of electronic journals; e.advantages and disadvantages of print journals; and f.the authors' projections for the future. Hotlinks to a variety of Internet resources on electronic resources are integrated throughout the article.

  1. Experimental investigation of collisionless electron-electron microinstabilities. Final technical report for the period August 1, 1997-October 31, 2000

    Scime, Earl E. [West Virginia Univ., Morgantown, WV (United States)


    This is the final report for the Office of Fusion Energy sponsored project entitled, "Experimental Investigation of Collisionless Electron-Electron Microinstabilities." The report summarizes the scientific and human resource development accomplishments supported through this project.

  2. 试析电子与电器废弃物资源化处理技术%Analysis on Waste Resource Treatment Technology of Electronic and Electrical Equipment



    电子、电器设备的更新换代可谓是飞速发展,而这急速的产品更替产生了大量的电子与电器废弃物(waste electric and electronic equipment,WEEE).而WEEE含有大量的重金属、贵金属以及塑料、玻璃等物质,一旦遗漏在外,将带来无法想象的环境破坏问题,因此,目前社会各界对于W EEE进行回收利用的资源化处理成为了人们关注的热点.文章在介绍电子、电器废弃物的特点的基础上,主要分析了目前社会上对于电子、电器设备废弃物资源化处理的主要技术,进而分析各种处理技术对提高电子与电器废弃物的利用效果.

  3. Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) - resources

    Resources - benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH); Prostate enlargement resources; BPH resources ... The following organizations provide information on benign prostatic hyperplasia ( prostate enlargement ... Urology Care Foundation -- www. ...

  4. 75 FR 48642 - Fresno County Resource Advisory Committee


    ... District, 29688 Auberry Rd., Prather, CA. Send written comments to Robbin Ekman, Fresno County Resource..., Prather, CA 93651 or electronically to . FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Robbin Ekman...

  5. Printed Electronics

    Crain, John M. (Inventor); Lettow, John S. (Inventor); Aksay, Ilhan A. (Inventor); Korkut, Sibel (Inventor); Chiang, Katherine S. (Inventor); Chen, Chuan-Hua (Inventor); Prud'Homme, Robert K. (Inventor)


    Printed electronic device comprising a substrate onto at least one surface of which has been applied a layer of an electrically conductive ink comprising functionalized graphene sheets and at least one binder. A method of preparing printed electronic devices is further disclosed.

  6. Looking for Guidelines for the Production of Electronic Textbooks.

    Landoni, M.; Wilson, R.; Gibb, F.


    Reports the results of two studies of electronic book production, including production on the World Wide Web, and explains EBONI (Electronic Books On-screen Interface) that focuses on the evaluation of electronic resources and compiling guidelines for publishing electronic materials on the Internet for the United Kingdom higher education…

  7. Looking for Guidelines for the Production of Electronic Textbooks.

    Landoni, M.; Wilson, R.; Gibb, F.


    Reports the results of two studies of electronic book production, including production on the World Wide Web, and explains EBONI (Electronic Books On-screen Interface) that focuses on the evaluation of electronic resources and compiling guidelines for publishing electronic materials on the Internet for the United Kingdom higher education…

  8. A Case for Customizable Resource Management in Networks,


    00C Ca~aegie ej=)n ’C= 4P -jý A Case for Customizable Resource Management in Networks Peter Steenkiste Allan Fisher Hui Zhang October 21, 1998 CMU-CS-98...167 School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Abstract We envision the deployment of an electronic services market ...that will deliver a wide range of electronic ser- vices over networks. This market will allow applications to combine resources at endpoints with

  9. Oscillator clustering in a resource distribution chain.

    Postnov, Dmitry E; Sosnovtseva, Olga V; Mosekilde, Erik


    The paper investigates the special clustering phenomena that one can observe in systems of nonlinear oscillators that are coupled via a shared flow of primary resources (or a common power supply). This type of coupling, which appears to be quite frequent in nature, implies that one can no longer separate the inherent dynamics of the individual oscillator from the properties of the coupling network. Illustrated by examples from microbiological population dynamics, renal physiology, and electronic oscillator theory, we show how competition for primary resources in a resource distribution chain leads to a number of new generic phenomena, including partial synchronization, sliding of the synchronization region with the resource supply, and coupling-induced inhomogeneity.

  10. Cockpit resource management training

    Yocum, M.; Foushee, C.


    Cockpit resource management which is a multifaceted concept is outlined. The system involves the effective coordination of many resources: aircraft systems, company, air traffic control, equipment, navigational aids, documents, and manuals. The main concept, however, is group interaction. Problems which arise from lack of coordination, decision making, and lack of communication are pointed out. Implementation by the regional airline industry of cockpit resource management, designed to deal with human interactions problems in the most cost effective manner, is discussed.

  11. Emotional Intelligence Research within Human Resource Development Scholarship

    Farnia, Forouzan; Nafukho, Fredrick Muyia


    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to review and synthesize pertinent emotional intelligence (EI) research within the human resource development (HRD) scholarship. Design/methodology/approach: An integrative review of literature was conducted and multiple electronic databases were searched to find the relevant resources. Using the content…

  12. Readings and Resources on Autism. ERIC Mini-Bib.

    Drill, Janet, Comp.; Sorenson, Barbara, Comp.

    This annotated bibliography and resource guide lists 21 books on autism, published from 1987 through 1995. Books are listed alphabetically by author and include bibliographic information and brief descriptive abstracts. Also included are lists of 23 videos (with sources), four periodicals, four organizational resources, and electronic resources…

  13. 1990 Resource Program.

    United States. Bonneville Power Administration.


    This document is a summary providing an overview of the analysis, thought process, and conclusions of the Resource Program. This summary is accompanied by a Technical Report, under separate cover, that provides a more in-depth discussion of the information presented here. Another companion document published under separate cover, the Resource Program Public Comment Summary and BPA's Response, provides a detailed summary of public comments on the Draft 1990 Resource Program and BPA's response to those comments. For a thorough understanding of how BPA arrived at the following conclusions, all three documents should be consulted. The 1990 Resource Program describes the actions Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will take to develop new resources to meet the power requirements of its customers. The main focus is to determine what BPA should do in Fiscal Years (FY's) 1992 and 1993. This document presents Energy Resource budgets for these years. However, much care has been taken to define near-term actions aimed at meeting BPA's long-term resource needs. consequently, proposed program actions are presented for FY's 1994 through 1997. In addition, the 1990 Resource Program addresses some resource-related policy issues.

  14. Sharing network resources

    Parekh, Abhay


    Resource Allocation lies at the heart of network control. In the early days of the Internet the scarcest resource was bandwidth, but as the network has evolved to become an essential utility in the lives of billions, the nature of the resource allocation problem has changed. This book attempts to describe the facets of resource allocation that are most relevant to modern networks. It is targeted at graduate students and researchers who have an introductory background in networking and who desire to internalize core concepts before designing new protocols and applications. We start from the fun

  15. World energy resources

    Clerici, A.; Alimonti, G.


    As energy is the main "fuel" for social and economic development and since energy-related activities have significant environmental impacts, it is important for decision-makers to have access to reliable and accurate data in an user-friendly format. The World Energy Council (WEC) has for decades been a pioneer in the field of energy resources and every three years publishes its flagship report Survey of Energy Resources. A commented analysis in the light of latest data summarized in such a report, World Energy Resources (WER) 2013, is presented together with the evolution of the world energy resources over the last twenty years.

  16. World energy resources

    Clerici A.


    Full Text Available As energy is the main “fuel” for social and economic development and since energy-related activities have significant environmental impacts, it is important for decision-makers to have access to reliable and accurate data in an user-friendly format. The World Energy Council (WEC has for decades been a pioneer in the field of energy resources and every three years publishes its flagship report Survey of Energy Resources. A commented analysis in the light of latest data summarized in such a report, World Energy Resources (WER 2013, is presented together with the evolution of the world energy resources over the last twenty years.

  17. National Airspace System Resources

    Department of Transportation — National Airspace System Resources (NASR) maintains the national aeronautical information database, containing static data related to NAS facilities and operations....

  18. Phytoremediation Resource Guide

    This Guide provides abstracts of over 100 phytoremediation overviews, field studies and demonstrations, research articles, and Internet resources. It also provides a brief summary of phytoremediation.

  19. Risk Profile May Affect Search Process but Not Results. A review of: McKibbon, K. Ann, Douglas B. Fridsma, and Rebecca S. Crowley. “How Primary Care Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Risk and Uncertainty Affect Their Use of Electronic Information Resources.” Journal of the Medical Library Association 95.2 (2007: 138‐46, e49‐50. 10 Nov. 2007 .

    Gale G. Hannigan


    Full Text Available Objective – To compare the use, in terms of process and outcomes, of electronic information resources by primary care physicians with different risk profiles and comfort with uncertainty.Design – Survey, and observation using “think‐aloud” method.Setting – Physicians’ offices.Subjects – Canadian and U.S. primary carephysicians who report seeing patients in clinic settings.Methods – Volunteers were recruited from personal contacts and the list of physicianswho rate current studies for the McMaster Online Rating of Evidence (MORE project. Physicians completed the Pearson scale to measure attitude toward risk and the Gerrity scale to measure comfort with uncertainty, and those who scored at the extremes of each of these two scales were included in the study (n=25, resulting in four groups (risk‐seeking, risk‐avoiding, uncertainty‐stressed, uncertainty unstressed. One researcher observed each of these physicians in their offices for an hour during which they completed questionnaires about their computer skills and familiarity with resources, answered multiple‐choice clinical questions, and indicated level of certainty with regard to those answers (scale of 0 to 100%. Physicians also chose two of the clinical questions to answer using their own resources. The think‐aloud method was employed, and transcripts were coded and analyzed.Main results – The study analysis included two comparisons: risk‐seeking (11 subjects versus risk‐avoiding (11 subjects physicians,and uncertainty‐stressed (11 subjects versus uncertainty‐unstressed (10 subjects physicians. Most physicians were included in both sets of analyses. The researchers found no association of risk attitude and uncertainty stress with computer skills nor with familiarity and use of specific information resources (Internet, MEDLINE, PIER, Clinical Evidence, and UpToDate. No differences were found for the following outcomes: time spent searching, answers correct

  20. Electron optics

    Grivet, Pierre; Bertein, F; Castaing, R; Gauzit, M; Septier, Albert L


    Electron Optics, Second English Edition, Part I: Optics is a 10-chapter book that begins by elucidating the fundamental features and basic techniques of electron optics, as well as the distribution of potential and field in electrostatic lenses. This book then explains the field distribution in magnetic lenses; the optical properties of electrostatic and magnetic lenses; and the similarities and differences between glass optics and electron optics. Subsequent chapters focus on lens defects; some electrostatic lenses and triode guns; and magnetic lens models. The strong focusing lenses and pris

  1. Electronic diagrams

    Colwell, Morris A


    Electronic Diagrams is a ready reference and general guide to systems and circuit planning and in the preparation of diagrams for both newcomers and the more experienced. This book presents guidelines and logical procedures that the reader can follow and then be equipped to tackle large complex diagrams by recognition of characteristic 'building blocks' or 'black boxes'. The goal is to break down many of the barriers that often seem to deter students and laymen in learning the art of electronics, especially when they take up electronics as a spare time occupation. This text is comprised of nin

  2. Digital electronics

    Morris, John


    An essential companion to John C Morris's 'Analogue Electronics', this clear and accessible text is designed for electronics students, teachers and enthusiasts who already have a basic understanding of electronics, and who wish to develop their knowledge of digital techniques and applications. Employing a discovery-based approach, the author covers fundamental theory before going on to develop an appreciation of logic networks, integrated circuit applications and analogue-digital conversion. A section on digital fault finding and useful ic data sheets completes th

  3. Electronic identity

    de Andrade, Norberto Nuno Gomes; Argles, David


    With the increasing availability of electronic services, security and a reliable means by which identity is verified is essential.Written by Norberto Andrade the first chapter of this book provides an overview of the main legal and regulatory aspects regarding electronic identity in Europe and assesses the importance of electronic identity for administration (public), business (private) and, above all, citizens. It also highlights the role of eID as a key enabler of the economy.In the second chapter Lisha Chen-Wilson, David Argles, Michele Schiano di Zenise and Gary Wills discuss the user-cent

  4. Stretchable electronics

    Someya, Takao


    With its comprehensive coverage this handbook and ready reference brings together some of the most outstanding scientists in the field to lay down the undisputed knowledge on how to make electronics stretchable.As such, it focuses on gathering and evaluating the materials, designs, models and technologies that enable the fabrication of fully elastic electronic devices which can sustain high strain. Furthermore, it provides a review of those specific applications that directly benefit from highly compliant electronics, including transistors, photonic devices and sensors. In addition to stre

  5. Starting electronics

    Brindley, Keith


    Starting Electronics is unrivalled as a highly practical introduction for hobbyists, students and technicians. Keith Brindley introduces readers to the functions of the main component types, their uses, and the basic principles of building and designing electronic circuits. Breadboard layouts make this very much a ready-to-run book for the experimenter; and the use of multimeter, but not oscilloscopes, puts this practical exploration of electronics within reach of every home enthusiast's pocket. The third edition has kept the simplicity and clarity of the original. New material

  6. Polymer electronics

    Geoghegan, Mark


    Polymer electronics is the science behind many important new developments in technology, such as the flexible electronic display (e-ink) and many new developments in transistor technology. Solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and transistors are all areas where plastic electronics is likely to, or is already having, a serious impact on our daily lives. With polymer transistors and light-emitting diodes now being commercialised, there is a clear need for a pedagogic text thatdiscusses the subject in a clear and concise fashion suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students. The content

  7. Recycling of electronic scrap

    Legarth, Jens Brøbech

    This Ph.D. thesis deals with the growingly important field of electronics recycling with special attention to the problem of printed circuit board recycling. A literature survey of contemporary electronics recycling and printed circuit board recycling is presented.Further, an analysis of the role...... in the metals producing industry is presented and tested on two printed circuit board scrap cases. The underlying idea for the method is that complex scrap should be introduced in the matrix of man-made material flows at recipient points where the scrap constitutes the least environmental problem and where...... resource recovery is largest. It is clearly shown with the two printed circuit board scrap cases that the currently used copper recycling scenario is environmentally inferior to the tin and lead primary production scenarios. The method is a novelty, since no-one has previously put forward a method...

  8. Electronic Elections

    Schürmann, Carsten


    Electronic voting technology is a two edged sword. It comes with many risks but brings also many benefits. Instead of flat out rejecting the technology as uncontrollably dangerous, we advocate in this paper a different technological angle that renders electronic elections trustworthy beyond...... the usual levels of doubt. We exploit the trust that voters currently have into the democratic process and model our techniques around that observation accordingly. In particular, we propose a technique of trace emitting computations to record the individual steps of an electronic voting machine...... for a posteriori validation on an acceptably small trusted computing base. Our technology enables us to prove that an electronic elections preserves the voter’s intent, assuming that the voting machine and the trace verifier are independent....

  9. Electronic plants

    Stavrinidou, Eleni; Gabrielsson, Roger; Gomez, Eliot; Crispin, Xavier; Nilsson, Ove; Simon, Daniel T.; Berggren, Magnus


    The roots, stems, leaves, and vascular circuitry of higher plants are responsible for conveying the chemical signals that regulate growth and functions. From a certain perspective, these features are analogous to the contacts, interconnections, devices, and wires of discrete and integrated electronic circuits. Although many attempts have been made to augment plant function with electroactive materials, plants’ “circuitry” has never been directly merged with electronics. We report analog and digital organic electronic circuits and devices manufactured in living plants. The four key components of a circuit have been achieved using the xylem, leaves, veins, and signals of the plant as the template and integral part of the circuit elements and functions. With integrated and distributed electronics in plants, one can envisage a range of applications including precision recording and regulation of physiology, energy harvesting from photosynthesis, and alternatives to genetic modification for plant optimization. PMID:26702448



    'electronic signature' means data attached to, incorporated in, or logically ... See Cwele v S 2012 4 All SA 497 (SCA); Mohlabeng v Minister of Safety and Security ... ZAKZPHC 51 (2 September 2010); Delta Finance, a Division of Wesbank, ...

  11. Electron Microprobe

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The JEOL JXA-8600 is a conventional hairpin filament thermal emission electron microprobe that is more than 20 years old. It is capable of performing qualitative and...

  12. Electronic commerce

    Veselková, Zdeňka


    The thesis deals with a description of electronic commerce from its beginning up to present situation in this area. It explains basic terms connected with electronic commerce and it summarizes the relevant legislation. Moreover it describes e-contracts and rights and duties of both contractual parties. The main view is the view of Internet retailer, which is reflected in the practical part focused on concrete problems of retailers.

  13. Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Promoting "Hidden" Research

    Copeland, Susan


    Since the mid 1990s an increasing number of higher education institutions and organisations have been encouraging the production and submission of theses and dissertations in electronic format. Where access to electronic theses and dissertations is available via the Internet, usage figures indicate that this is a much consulted resource. However,…

  14. Supported Text in Electronic Reading Environments.

    Horney, Mark A.; Anderson-Inman, Lynne


    Defines "electronic books," and shares examples of prior research on the use of such environments to improve the reading fluency and comprehension of students with reading difficulties. Presents a taxonomy of the types of supportive resources that have emerged from efforts to design and research the use of electronic books, and presents…

  15. Electronic Publishing in Academia: An Economic Perspective.

    Getz, Malcolm

    The challenge to academia is to invest in services that will turn the abundance of electronic data into sound, useful, compelling information products. The process of filtering, labeling, refining, and packaging, that is, the process of editing and publishing, takes resources and will be shaped by the electronic world in significant ways. This…

  16. Human Resource Accounting

    Woodruff, Robert L., Jr.


    An interview is reported which discussed the implications for the hiring, recruiting, screening and development of employees in the light of human resource accounting, here defined as the identification, accumulation and dissemination of information about human resources in dollar terms. (SA)

  17. Selected Resources and Bibliography

    New Directions for Higher Education, 2011


    This chapter provides an annotated bibliography of resources pertaining to international branch campuses (IBCs). This collection of references has been selected to represent the breadth of emerging scholarship on cross-border higher education and is intended to provide further resources on a range of concerns surrounding cross-border higher…

  18. Learning resource metadata

    Silvana Temesio


    Full Text Available Metadata of educational resources are subject of analysis including LOM, OBAA and in a particular way LOM-ES Profile and accesibility VII annex. Conclusions are the importance of getting quality descriptions of resources to fulfill discovery, localization and reuse operations. The information professionals have a principal importance in the metadata registration.

  19. Resources for Teaching Astronomy.

    Grafton, Teresa; Suggett, Martin


    Resources that are available for teachers presenting astronomy in the National Curriculum are listed. Included are societies and organizations, resource centers and places to visit, planetaria, telescopes and binoculars, planispheres, star charts, night sky diaries, equipment, audiovisual materials, computer software, books, and magazines. (KR)

  20. Report Details Human Resources


    China issues its first white paper on human resources The Chinese Government issued a white paper on its human resources on September 10, highlighting the country’s policies to cope with employment pressures and a lack of "high-level innovative talents.

  1. The Strategic Resources

    Liu Zhiyang


    “The reason I pay close attention to and am very concerned about standards is that fiom my point of view standards are very important resources or even strategic resources.The meteorological work is highly professional and requires standards in every aspect.With disjoint standards,businesses,services and scientific researches cannot be properly done.”

  2. Open Educational Resources

    McShane, Michael Q.


    While digital products have made significant inroads into the educational resources market, textbooks and other print materials still command about 60 percent of sales. But whether print or digital, all of these commercial offerings now face threats from a burgeoning effort to promote "open" resources for education--that is, materials…

  3. Livelihoods and natural resources

    Cotta, Jamie Nicole

    , particularly following a widespread flood, when crops and livestock are lost and mutual assistance is compromised. Furthermore, ethnicity, market distance, resource type/proximity, and household wealth, among other variables, are all significant determinants of natural resource harvest for household income...

  4. World Music Resources

    Beegle, Amy C.


    Access to world music resources such as videos and sound recordings have increased with the advent of YouTube and the efforts of music educators working closely with ethnomusicologists to provide more detailed visual and audio information about various musical practices. This column discusses some world music resources available for music…

  5. School Library Resources.

    Hawaii State Dept. of Education, Honolulu. Office of Instructional Services.

    As part of an on-going effort to provide high-quality resources to support instruction, this resource guide provides a list of nonbook materials evaluated according to their currency, relevance, and value to Hawaii's educational programs. The following information is included: (1) Subject Heading List; (2) Listing of Titles by Subject Heading,…

  6. Human Resource Construction


    Centering on strategic objective of reform and development,CIAE formulated its objectives in human resource construction for the 13th Five-year Plan period,and achieved new apparent progress in human resource construction in 2015.1 Implementation of"LONGMA Project"

  7. Forest Resources: An Overview

    Bethel, J. S.; Schreuder, G. F.


    Concern for long-term availability of nonrenewable resources has fostered proposals for substitution with renewable resources. Forest products could become the basis for materials substitution and production. Further feasibility studies are needed to determine the technical, economic, energy, and environmental aspects of substitution. (MR)

  8. Iowa's forest resources, 1974.

    John S. Jr. Spencer; Pamela J. Jakes


    The second inventory of Iowa's forest resources shows big declines in commercial forest area and in growing-stock and sawtimber volumes between 1954 and 1974. Presented are text and statistics on forest area and timber volume, growth, mortality, ownership, stocking, future timber supply, timber use, forest management opportunities, and nontimber resources.

  9. Estudo clínico-patológico, da proliferação celular e da apoptose no adenocarcinoma gástrico da cárdia Analysis of clinicopathological, tumor cell proliferation and apoptosis parameters in adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia

    Ana Maria Amaral Antonio Mader


    Full Text Available RACIONAL/OBJETIVO: Em vista do aumento na incidência do carcinoma da cárdia nos últimos anos, este trabalho visa estudar os aspectos clínico-patológicos, da proliferação celular e da apoptose tumorais, suas correlações e eventuais influências no seu prognóstico. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Estudaram-se 40 doentes submetidos a gastrectomia total por carcinoma da cárdia, no período de 1988 a 2001, com seguimento clínico de no mínimo 3 anos. Excluíram-se aqueles com tratamento químio ou radioterápico prévio, neoplasia precoce, óbito no intra-operatório ou por outras causas não relacionadas ao câncer. Analisou-se sexo, idade, tipo histológico de Laurén, padrão de crescimento tumoral de Ming, estádio e presença ou ausência de metaplasia intestinal e/ou Helicobacter pylori na mucosa adjacente. O índice apoptótico foi avaliado por cortes histológicos corados pela hematoxilina-eosina. O índice de proliferação celular foi avaliado por meio da imunoexpressão ao PCNA, sendo a técnica imunoistoquímica utilizada a da estreptoavidina-biotina-peroxidase. Para análise da sobrevida, excluíram-se os casos com metástase à distância ao diagnóstico. Foram utilizados testes t de Student, de Mann-Whitney, curvas de Kaplan-Meier e modelo de regressão de Cox. O nível de significância adotado foi menor de 0,05. RESULTADOS: A idade média foi de 61 anos (mediana: 63; houve predomínio do sexo masculino (72,5%, tipo histológico difuso (55% e infiltrativo (72,5% e de estádios mais avançados (III e IV: 67,5%. Não houve associação com metaplasia intestinal e/ou H. pylori. O índice apoptótico médio foi de 7,05 em 10 campos consecutivos de grande aumento e de 11,40 em 500 células (2,28%. A positividade média ao PCNA foi de 275,05 células em 10 campos consecutivos de grande aumento e de 409,33 em 500 células (81,9%. Houve correlação positiva do tipo histológico intestinal com PCNA e com a apoptose em 10 campos consecutivos

  10. Supplier Resource Mobilization

    Ellegaard, Chris; Kragh, Hanne; Andersen, Poul Houman

    Companies that wish to draw benefit from supplier resources beyond standard market offerings must actively make an effort to mobilize these resources. This task has been a major topic of interest in the management literature, but the continued reported problems of companies attempting to influence...... suppliers suggests that the knowledge of this challenge is yet inadequate. The purpose of this paper is therefore to establish a research agenda on supplier resource mobilization that can improve this knowledge. To fulfill the purpose we review the management literature and identify the most prevalent...... theoretical perspectives. This review, synthesis, and resultant discussion allow us to propose that future research should look closer at the resource activation process on the supplier side, the role of the buyer-supplier relationship in resource mobilization, and the approach of the buying company...

  11. Identidade, status e instituições internacionais: o caso do Brasil, da Índia e do tratado de não proliferação Identity, status and international institutions: the case of Brazil, India and the non-proliferation treaty

    Oliver Stuenkel


    Full Text Available A fim de se entender como podemos explicar o comportamento das potências emergentes diante das instituições internacionais, este artigo analisa o caso de Brasil, Índia e do Tratado de Não Proliferação com maior profundidade e mostrar que nem os realistas nem os institucionalistas liberais podem explicar plenamente o comportamento de ambos os países. Argumenta-se, no artigo, que status e identidade, ambos amplamente negligenciados pelo realismo e pelo liberalismo, desempenham um papel-chave. Tanto o Brasil quanto a Índia compartilham uma convicção fundamental de que são "grandes potências" (ou estão no caminho de se tornarem uma, e sua decisão de integrar uma instituição particular depende da habilidade dessa instituição em conferir um status às potências emergentes que seja compatível com a identidade das potências emergentes. Como mostra o exemplo do TNP, status e identidade superam outros determinantes mais comumente aceitos para o comportamento dos Estados, como as preocupações com segurança.In order to understand how we can explain rising powers' behavior towards international institutions, this article analyzes the case of Brazil, India and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT in more depth and shows that neither realists nor liberal institutionalists can fully explain both countries' behavior. In the article it is argued that status and identity, both largely overlooked by realism and liberalism, play a key role. Both Brazil and India share a fundamental conviction that they are 'great powers' (or on their way to becoming one, and their decision to integrate into a particular institution depends on this institutions' ability to confer status on the emerging powers that is compatible with the rising powers' identity. As the example of the NPT shows, status and identity override other, more commonly accepted determinants for states' behavior such as security concerns.

  12. E-waste management and resources recovery in France.

    Vadoudi, Kiyan; Kim, Junbeum; Laratte, Bertrand; Lee, Seung-Jin; Troussier, Nadège


    There are various issues of concern regarding electronic waste management, such as the toxicity of hazardous materials and the collection, recycling and recovery of useful resources. To understand the fate of electronic waste after collection and recycling, a products and materials flow analysis should be performed. This is a critical need, as material resources are becoming increasingly scarce and recycling may be able to provide secondary sources for new materials in the future. In this study, we investigate electronic waste systems, specifically the resource recovery or recycling aspects, as well as mapping electronic waste flows based on collection data in France. Approximately 1,588,453 t of new electrical and electronic equipment were sold in the French market in 2010. Of this amount, 430,000 t of electronic waste were collected, with the remaining 1,128,444 t remaining in stock. Furthermore, the total recycled amounts were 354,106 t and 11,396 t, respectively. The main electronic waste materials were ferrous metals (37%), plastic (22%), aluminium (12%), copper (11%) and glass (7%). This study will contribute to developing sustainable electronic waste and resource recycling systems in France.

  13. Gaseous Electronics Tables, Atoms, and Molecules

    Raju, Gorur Govinda


    With the constant emergence of new research and application possibilities, gaseous electronics is more important than ever in disciplines including engineering (electrical, power, mechanical, electronics, and environmental), physics, and electronics. The first resource of its kind, Gaseous Electronics: Tables, Atoms, and Molecules fulfills the author's vision of a stand-alone reference to condense 100 years of research on electron-neutral collision data into one easily searchable volume. It presents most--if not all--of the properly classified experimental results that scientists, researchers,

  14. The Frustrated Nerds Project--Resources for Systems Administrators in Higher Education: A Resource Webliography

    Henninger, Jessamyn; Aber, Susan Ward


    Systems Architects and Information Technology administrators working in higher education help faculty, staff, and student computer users. Yet, who helps them? What resources do these professionals value? A case study was conducted using purposeful sampling and data collection through electronic interview to gather the preferred information-seeking…

  15. Automatic recovery from resource exhaustion exceptions by collecting leaked resources

    Zi-ying DAI; Xiao-guang MAO; Li-qian CHEN; Yan LEI


    Despite the availability of garbage collectors, programmers must manually manage non-memory fi nite system resources such as fi le descriptors. Resource leaks can gradually consume all available resources and cause programs to raise resource exhaustion exceptions. However, programmers commonly provide no effective recovery approach for resource exhaustion exceptions, which often causes programs to halt without completing their tasks. In this paper, we propose to automatically recover programs from resource exhaustion exceptions caused by resource leaks. We transform programs to catch resource exhaustion exceptions, collect leaked resources, and then retry the failure code. A resource collector is designed to identify leaked resources and safely release them. We implement our approach for Java programs. Experimental results show that our approach can successfully handle resource exhaustion exceptions caused by reported resource leaks and allow programs to complete their tasks with an average execution time increase of 2.52%and negligible bytecode size increase.

  16. Reciprocal Relationships between Job Resources, Personal Resources, and Work Engagement

    Xanthopoulou, Despoina; Bakker, Arnold B.; Demerouti, Evangelia; Schaufeli, Wilmar B.


    This study examined longitudinal relationships between job resources, personal resources, and work engagement. On the basis of Conservation of Resources theory, we hypothesized that job resources, personal resources, and work engagement are reciprocal over time. The study was conducted among 163 employees, who were followed-up over a period of 18…

  17. Reciprocal Relationships between Job Resources, Personal Resources, and Work Engagement

    Xanthopoulou, Despoina; Bakker, Arnold B.; Demerouti, Evangelia; Schaufeli, Wilmar B.


    This study examined longitudinal relationships between job resources, personal resources, and work engagement. On the basis of Conservation of Resources theory, we hypothesized that job resources, personal resources, and work engagement are reciprocal over time. The study was conducted among 163 employees, who were followed-up over a period of 18…

  18. Molecular Electronics

    Jennum, Karsten Stein

    This thesis includes the synthesis and characterisation of organic compounds designed for molecular electronics. The synthesised organic molecules are mainly based on two motifs, the obigo(phenyleneethynylenes) (OPE)s and tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) as shown below. These two scaffolds (OPE and TTF......) are chemically merged together to form cruciform-like structures that are an essential part of the thesis. The cruciform molecules were subjected to molecular conductance measurements to explore their capability towards single-crystal field-effect transistors (Part 1), molecular wires, and single electron......, however, was obtained by a study of a single molecular transistor. The investigated OPE5-TTF compound was captured in a three-terminal experiment, whereby manipulation of the molecule’s electronic spin was possible in different charge states. Thus, we demonstrated how the cruciform molecules could...

  19. Electron Spectroscopy

    Siegbahn, Kai

    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's discovery of X radiation in 1895 in Wörzburg resulted in an immediate break-through not only in physics but also in Society, the latter mainly because of its sensational radiological applications. Within a short time it furthermore indirectly led to the discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel. The discovery of X radiation opened the gate to modern atomic physics, and radioactivity to nuclear physics. Later on, the discovery of X-ray diffraction by Laue, Friedrich and Knipping in 1912 initiated the field of X-ray spectroscopy with its fundamental contributions to atomic and crystal structures. Secondary electrons were early observed in the scattered radiation when X-rays were hitting a sample. The development of the corresponding electron spectroscopy had to wait a much longer time for its maturity. A survey of electron spectroscopy is presented.

  20. Electronic Commerce

    Laird, N. [NRG Information Services Inc., Calgary, AB (Canada)


    The concept of electronic commerce in the gas industry was discussed. It was defined as the integration of communication technology, advanced information processing capability and business standards, to improve effectiveness of the business process. Examples of electronic data interchange from the automotive, airline, and banking industry were given. The objective of using this technology in the gas industry was described as the provision of one electronic facility to make seamless contractual and operational arrangements for moving natural gas across participating pipelines. The benefit of seamless integration - one readily available standard system used by several companies - was highlighted. A list of value-added services such as the free movement of bulletins, directories, nominations,and other documents was provided.

  1. Spin electronics

    Buhrman, Robert; Daughton, James; Molnár, Stephan; Roukes, Michael


    This report is a comparative review of spin electronics ("spintronics") research and development activities in the United States, Japan, and Western Europe conducted by a panel of leading U.S. experts in the field. It covers materials, fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanostructures, magnetism and spin control in magnetic nanostructures, magneto-optical properties of semiconductors, and magnetoelectronics and devices. The panel's conclusions are based on a literature review and a series of site visits to leading spin electronics research centers in Japan and Western Europe. The panel found that Japan is clearly the world leader in new material synthesis and characterization; it is also a leader in magneto-optical properties of semiconductor devices. Europe is strong in theory pertaining to spin electronics, including injection device structures such as tunneling devices, and band structure predictions of materials properties, and in development of magnetic semiconductors and semiconductor heterost...

  2. Molecular Electronics

    Jennum, Karsten Stein

    ) are chemically merged together to form cruciform-like structures that are an essential part of the thesis. The cruciform molecules were subjected to molecular conductance measurements to explore their capability towards single-crystal field-effect transistors (Part 1), molecular wires, and single electron......This thesis includes the synthesis and characterisation of organic compounds designed for molecular electronics. The synthesised organic molecules are mainly based on two motifs, the obigo(phenyleneethynylenes) (OPE)s and tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) as shown below. These two scaffolds (OPE and TTF......, however, was obtained by a study of a single molecular transistor. The investigated OPE5-TTF compound was captured in a three-terminal experiment, whereby manipulation of the molecule’s electronic spin was possible in different charge states. Thus, we demonstrated how the cruciform molecules could...

  3. Greenland and Natural Resources

    Lyck, Lise

    Greenland policy can delay and maybe change the future of the forecasted development of the use of natural resources. This book is relevant for anyone interested in Greenland in general and the development of Greenland both politically and economically and in relation natural resources.......The Greenland development is a story about: Having a hinterland position in relation to the global development. An indigenous people achieving more political influence. How conflicts and discussions on power and ownership of the subsurface resources between a state and an autonomy (Home Rule) can...

  4. Global resource sharing

    Frederiksen, Linda; Nance, Heidi


    Written from a global perspective, this book reviews sharing of library resources on a global scale. With expanded discovery tools and massive digitization projects, the rich and extensive holdings of the world's libraries are more visible now than at any time in the past. Advanced communication and transmission technologies, along with improved international standards, present a means for the sharing of library resources around the globe. Despite these significant improvements, a number of challenges remain. Global Resource Sharing provides librarians and library managers with a comprehensive

  5. Adaptive radar resource management

    Moo, Peter


    Radar Resource Management (RRM) is vital for optimizing the performance of modern phased array radars, which are the primary sensor for aircraft, ships, and land platforms. Adaptive Radar Resource Management gives an introduction to radar resource management (RRM), presenting a clear overview of different approaches and techniques, making it very suitable for radar practitioners and researchers in industry and universities. Coverage includes: RRM's role in optimizing the performance of modern phased array radars The advantages of adaptivity in implementing RRMThe role that modelling and

  6. Medical pedagogical resources management.

    Pouliquen, Bruno; Le Duff, Franck; Delamarre, Denis; Cuggia, Marc; Mougin, Fleur; Le Beux, Pierre


    The main objective of this work is to help the management of training resources for students using a pedagogical network available at the Medical School of Rennes. With the increase of the number of connections and the number of medical documents available on this network, the management of new contents requires a lot of efforts for the webmaster. In order to improve the management of the resources, we implemented an automatic web engine for teachers, able to manage the links for the most interesting resources for their practice.

  7. 2006 Pacific Northwest Loads and Resources Study.

    United States. Bonneville Power Administration.


    programs, permanent loss of loads due to economic conditions or closures, additional contract purchases, and/or the addition of new generating resources. This study incorporates information on Pacific Northwest (PNW) regional retail loads, contract obligations, and contract resources. This loads and resources analysis simulates the operation of the power system in the PNW. The simulated hydro operation incorporates plant characteristics, streamflows, and non-power requirements from the current Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement (PNCA). Additional resource capability estimates were provided by BPA, PNW Federal agency, public agency, cooperative, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), and investor-owned utility (IOU) customers furnished through annual PNUCC data submittals for 2005 and/or direct submittals to BPA. The 2006 White Book is presented in two documents: (1) this summary document of Federal system and PNW region loads and resources, and (2) a technical appendix which presents regional loads, grouped by major PNW utility categories, and detailed contract and resource information. The technical appendix is available only in electronic form. Individual customer information for marketer contracts is not detailed due to confidentiality agreements. The 2006 White Book analysis updates the 2004 White Book. This analysis shows projections of the Federal system and region's yearly average annual energy consumption and resource availability for the study period, OY 2007-2016. The study also presents projections of Federal system and region expected 1-hour monthly peak demand, monthly energy demand, monthly 1-hour peak generating capability, and monthly energy generation for OY 2007, 2011, and 2016. BPA is investigating a new approach in capacity planning depicting the monthly Federal system 120-hour peak generating capability and 120-hour peak surplus/deficit for OY 2007, 2011, and 2016. This document analyzes the PNW's projected loads and available generating

  8. Livelihoods and natural resources

    Cotta, Jamie Nicole

    This dissertation research contributes to the emerging body of knowledge on the economic contributions of natural resources to rural livelihoods, including their role in household shock coping, in the humid tropics. Data from one of the first comprehensive household income quantifications...... high degree of natural resource reliance compared to other forested regions (an average 42% of household income derived from forest and agroforestry products, plus 14% derived from fishing). Results from household shock coping surveys highlight the safety net functions of forest and fishery products......, particularly following a widespread flood, when crops and livestock are lost and mutual assistance is compromised. Furthermore, ethnicity, market distance, resource type/proximity, and household wealth, among other variables, are all significant determinants of natural resource harvest for household income...

  9. Biospecimen Core Resource - TCGA

    The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Biospecimen Core Resource centralized laboratory reviews and processes blood and tissue samples and their associated data using optimized standard operating procedures for the entire TCGA Research Network.

  10. Homelessness Assistance and Resources

    ... Initiatives and Programs Guidance and Tools Chronic Homelessness LGBT Domestic Violence Families Youth Youth Main Page Provider ... of Chronic Homelessness View new resources on the definition of chronic homelessness , as well as other materials ...

  11. Resources for International Partners

    Learn about NCI's Center for Global Health, which facilitates global collaboration by leveraging research resources with U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, non-government organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

  12. Space Resource Roundtable Rationale

    Duke, Michael


    Recent progress in the U.S. Space Program has renewed interest in space resource issues. The Lunar Prospector mission conducted in NASA's Discovery Program has yielded interesting new insights into lunar resource issues, particularly the possibility that water is concentrated in cold traps at the lunar poles. This finding has not yet triggered a new program of lunar exploration or development, however it opens the possibility that new Discovery Missions might be viable. Several asteroid missions are underway or under development and a mission to return samples from the Mars satellite, Phobos, is being developed. These exploration missions are oriented toward scientific analysis, not resource development and utilization, but can provide additional insight into the possibilities for mining asteroids. The Mars Surveyor program now includes experiments on the 2001 lander that are directly applicable to developing propellants from the atmosphere of Mars, and the program has solicited proposals for the 2003/2005 missions in the area of resource utilization. These are aimed at the eventual human exploration of Mars. The beginning of construction of the International Space Station has awakened interest in follow-on programs of human exploration, and NASA is once more studying the human exploration of Moon, Mars and asteroids. Resource utilization will be included as objectives by some of these human exploration programs. At the same time, research and technology development programs in NASA such as the Microgravity Materials Science Program and the Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program are including resource utilization as a valid area for study. Several major development areas that could utilize space resources, such as space tourism and solar power satellite programs, are actively under study. NASA's interests in space resource development largely are associated with NASA missions rather than the economic development of resources for industrial processes. That

  13. Human Resource Accounting System

    Cerullo, Michael J.


    Main objectives of human resource accounting systems are to satisfy the informational demands made by investors and by operating managers. The paper's main concern is with the internal uses of a human asset system. (Author)

  14. Mineral resources of Australia

    Kelsall, D.F.; Woodcock, J.T. (eds.)


    The papers presented cover geological, geochemical technology and geophysics in mineral exploration, mineral resources, mining methods and technology, aspects of beneficiation, pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy, and environmental aspects. 4 of the 14 papers have been abstracted separately.

  15. Modern water resources engineering

    Yang, Chih


    The Handbook of Environmental Engineering series is an incredible collection of methodologies that study the effects of pollution and waste in their three basic forms: gas, solid, and liquid. This exciting new addition to the series, Volume 15: Modern Water Resources Engineering , has been designed to serve as a water resources engineering reference book as well as a supplemental textbook. We hope and expect it will prove of equal high value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, to designers of water resources systems, and to scientists and researchers. A critical volume in the Handbook of Environmental Engineering series, chapters employ methods of practical design and calculation illustrated by numerical examples, include pertinent cost data whenever possible, and explore in great detail the fundamental principles of the field. Volume 15: Modern Water Resources Engineering, provides information on some of the most innovative and ground-breaking advances in the field today from a panel of esteemed...

  16. Tay-Sachs - resources

    Resources - Tay-Sachs ... The following organizations provide information on Tay-Sachs disease : US National Library of Medicine -- March of Dimes -- ...

  17. BEI Resource Repository

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — BEI Resources provides reagents, tools and information for studying Category A, B, and C priority pathogens, emerging infectious disease agents, non-pathogenic...

  18. Limited Income and Resources

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Information for those with limited income and resources (those who may qualify for or already have the Low Income Subsidy to lower their prescription drug coverage...

  19. Myasthenia gravis - resources

    Resources - myasthenia gravis ... The following organizations provide information on myasthenia gravis : Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America -- National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke -- ...

  20. Resources for Industry

    NCI develops and commercializes novel technologies and products to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer through its Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs. Find links to these programs and resources.

  1. Report Details Human Resources



    @@ The Chinese Government issued a white paper on its human resources on September I0, highlighting the coun-try's policies to cope with employ-ment pressures and a lack of "high-level innovative talents."

  2. Greening Electronics

    Pizzol, Massimo; Søes Kokborg, Morten; Thomsen, Marianne

    Based on a literature review with focus on hazardous substances in waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) and numbers from a Danish treatment facility a flow analysis for specific substances has been conducted. Further, the accessible knowledge on human and environmental effects due...

  3. Superconducting electronics

    Rogalla, Horst


    During the last decades superconducting electronics has been the most prominent area of research for small scale applications of superconductivity. It has experienced quite a stormy development, from individual low frequency devices to devices with high integration density and pico second switching

  4. Electronic Portfolios.

    Purves, Alan C.


    Outlines three forms of electronic portfolio based on a student's work, a class project about a specific topic, and a class seminar on a broad topic. Discusses logistical problems of management, access, and cross-referencing; technical problems of input, access, and copying; and theoretical issues of the lack of realia, of ownership and copyright,…

  5. Electronic Money.

    Schilling, Tim

    Thirty years ago a cashless society was predicted for the near future; paper currency and checks would be an antiquated symbol of the past. Consumers would embrace a new alternative for making payments: electronic money. But currency is still used for 87% of payments, mainly for "nickel and dime" purchases. And checks are the payment…

  6. Electronic spectroscopies

    Weckhuysen, B.M.; Schoonheydt, R.A.


    Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared region is a versatile spectroscopic technique, as both d-d and charge transfer transitions of supported TMI can be probed. One of the advantages of electronic spectroscopy is that the obtained information is

  7. Electronic Homework.

    Lee, Fong-lok; Heyworth, Rex M.

    The Electronic Homework assistant system is composed of two components: the Computer Tutor and the Homework Administrator. The Computer Tutor is an intelligent tutoring system that can provide personal assistance like supplying hints, checking errors, providing remediation and prioritizing problems. The Homework Administrator is a teacher's…

  8. Greening Electronics

    Pizzol, Massimo; Søes Kokborg, Morten; Thomsen, Marianne

    Based on a literature review with focus on hazardous substances in waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) and numbers from a Danish treatment facility a flow analysis for specific substances has been conducted. Further, the accessible knowledge on human and environmental effects due to po...

  9. Electronic Government

    Wimmer, Maria A.; Traunmüller, Roland; Grönlund, Åke

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Electronic Government, EGOV 2005, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August 2005. The 30 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions, and assess the state-of-the-art in e...

  10. Resources to Riches?


    Africa's natural resources can be a cornerstone of development for some countries on the struggling continent Africa is a vast territory with abundant mineral and biological resources, and this is where great hope lies for a better future. Its valuable metallic reserves, which include gold, cobalt, platinum, chromium, manganese, titanium and vanadium, and mineral reserves, such as diamond, bauxite and phosphate, top the world. Its verified oil and natural gas deposits

  11. Municipal Solid Waste Resources



    Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a source of biomass material that can be utilized for bioenergy production with minimal additional inputs. MSW resources include mixed commercial and residential garbage such as yard trimmings, paper and paperboard, plastics, rubber, leather, textiles, and food wastes. Waste resources such as landfill gas, mill residues, and waste grease are already being utilized for cost-effective renewable energy generation. MSW for bioenergy also represents an opportunity to divert greater volumes of residential and commercial waste from landfills.

  12. Wind Resource Maps (Postcard)


    The U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Powering America initiative provides high-resolution wind maps and estimates of the wind resource potential that would be possible from development of the available windy land areas after excluding areas unlikely to be developed. This postcard is a marketing piece that stakeholders can provide to interested parties; it will guide them to Wind Powering America's online wind energy resource maps.

  13. Strategic Human Resources Management

    Marta Muqaj


    Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) represents an important and sensitive aspect of the functioning and development of a company, business, institution, state, public or private agency of a country. SHRM is based on a point of view of the psychological practices, especially by investing on empowerment, broad training and teamwork. This way it remains the primary resource to maintain stability and competitiveness. SHRM has lately evolved on fast and secure steps, and the transformation...

  14. Hanford cultural resources laboratory

    Wright, M.K.


    This section of the 1994 Hanford Site Environmental Report describes activities of the Hanford Cultural Resources Laboratory (HCRL) which was established by the Richland Operations Office in 1987 as part of PNL.The HCRL provides support for the management of the archaeological, historical, and traditional cultural resources of the site in a manner consistent with the National Historic Preservation Act, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.

  15. Establishing lunar resource viability

    Carpenter, J.; Fisackerly, R.; Houdou, B.


    Recent research has highlighted the potential of lunar resources as an important element of space exploration but their viability has not been demonstrated. Establishing whether or not they can be considered in future plans is a multidisciplinary effort, requiring scientific expertise and delivering scientific results. To this end various space agencies and private entities are looking to lunar resources, extracted and processed in situ, as a potentially game changing element in future space architectures, with the potential to increase scale and reduce cost. However, before any decisions can be made on the inclusion of resources in exploration roadmaps or future scenarios some big questions need to be answered about the viability of different resource deposits and the processes for extraction and utilisation. The missions and measurements that will be required to answer these questions, and which are being prepared by agencies and others, can only be performed through the engagement and support of the science community. In answering questions about resources, data and knowledge will be generated that is of fundamental scientific importance. In supporting resource prospecting missions the science community will de facto generate new scientific knowledge. Science enables exploration and exploration enables science.

  16. Lunar Resources: A Review

    Crawford, Ian A


    There is growing interest in the possibility that the resource base of the Solar System might in future be used to supplement the economic resources of our own planet. As the Earth's closest celestial neighbour, the Moon is sure to feature prominently in these developments. In this paper I review what is currently known about economically exploitable resources on the Moon, while also stressing the need for continued lunar exploration. I find that, although it is difficult to identify any single lunar resource that will be sufficiently valuable to drive a lunar resource extraction industry on its own (notwithstanding claims sometimes made for the 3He isotope, which I find to be exaggerated), the Moon nevertheless does possess abundant raw materials that are of potential economic interest. These are relevant to a hierarchy of future applications, beginning with the use of lunar materials to facilitate human activities on the Moon itself, and progressing to the use of lunar resources to underpin a future industr...

  17. Electronic detectors for electron microscopy.

    Faruqi, A R; McMullan, G


    Electron microscopy (EM) is an important tool for high-resolution structure determination in applications ranging from condensed matter to biology. Electronic detectors are now used in most applications in EM as they offer convenience and immediate feedback that is not possible with film or image plates. The earliest forms of electronic detector used routinely in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were charge coupled devices (CCDs) and for many applications these remain perfectly adequate. There are however applications, such as the study of radiation-sensitive biological samples, where film is still used and improved detectors would be of great value. The emphasis in this review is therefore on detectors for use in such applications. Two of the most promising candidates for improved detection are: monolithic active pixel sensors (MAPS) and hybrid pixel detectors (of which Medipix2 was chosen for this study). From the studies described in this review, a back-thinned MAPS detector appears well suited to replace film in for the study of radiation-sensitive samples at 300 keV, while Medipix2 is suited to use at lower energies and especially in situations with very low count rates. The performance of a detector depends on the energy of electrons to be recorded, which in turn is dependent on the application it is being used for; results are described for a wide range of electron energies ranging from 40 to 300 keV. The basic properties of detectors are discussed in terms of their modulation transfer function (MTF) and detective quantum efficiency (DQE) as a function of spatial frequency.

  18. Design and Implement of Self-Training Program for Library Electronic Resources---A Case Study of CNKI%图书馆电子资源自主培训程序的设计与实现--以中国知网为例



    A self-training program is designed and implemented to solve the problems of low attendance and poor results of elec-tronic resources training. It applies Visual Basic 6.0 to automatically operating web document objects. Modules named"Menu navigation"and"intelligent forecast"are programmed to introduce database functional area, to show database browsing, retrieval and utilization of literature and so on. The software is limited in Trident kernel browsers, but works well and provides a new approch for library training.%设计并实现图书馆电子资源自主培训程序,解决培训讲座上座率低、效果差问题。使用Visual Basic 6.0编程,自动操控网页文档对象。完成了“菜单导航”和“智能预测”模块,实现了数据库功能区介绍、数据库浏览及检索演示、文献利用演示等功能。但程序只能工作于Trident内核浏览器。结论:程序功能确切,为图书馆用户培训工作提供了新方法。

  19. Leveraging the Libguides Platform for Electronic Resources Access Assistance

    Erb, Rachel A.; Erb, Brian


    This case study offers an alternative use of LibGuides beyond its intended purpose to offer course and subject guides. LibGuides have become an integral part of the virtual instruction landscape at Colorado State University (CSU) Libraries. We discovered that the LibGuides platform can also be effectively harnessed to provide support for…

  20. The Undergraduate Research Paper and Electronic Resources: A Cautionary Tale.

    Van Hartesveldt, Fred R.


    Addresses pitfalls in using the Internet for undergraduate research, including: increased ability to commit plagiarism and academic fraud; difficulties sorting valid, useful information from inaccurate or misleading sources; difficulties searching the Internet; growing confusion between reality and virtual reality; and lack of context for much…

  1. Leveraging the Libguides Platform for Electronic Resources Access Assistance

    Erb, Rachel A.; Erb, Brian


    This case study offers an alternative use of LibGuides beyond its intended purpose to offer course and subject guides. LibGuides have become an integral part of the virtual instruction landscape at Colorado State University (CSU) Libraries. We discovered that the LibGuides platform can also be effectively harnessed to provide support for…

  2. Developing an Electronic Infrastructure To Support Multimedia Telecomputing Resources.

    Robin, Bernard; Miller, Robert


    The Houston Consortium of Urban Professional Development and Technology Schools project, developed to prepare teachers for urban, multicultural classrooms is continuing its development of a telecommunications infrastructure for its members--faculty, teachers, staff and students from colleges, public schools, and regional educational service…


    D.F. Fenster


    The purpose of this report is to summarize the scientific work that was performed to evaluate and assess the occurrence and economic potential of natural resources within the geologic setting of the Yucca Mountain area. The extent of the regional areas of investigation for each commodity differs and those areas are described in more detail in the major subsections of this report. Natural resource assessments have focused on an area defined as the ''conceptual controlled area'' because of the requirements contained in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulation, 10 CFR Part 60, to define long-term boundaries for potential radionuclide releases. New requirements (proposed 10 CFR Part 63 [Dyer 1999]) have obviated the need for defining such an area. However, for the purposes of this report, the area being discussed, in most cases, is the previously defined ''conceptual controlled area'', now renamed the ''natural resources site study area'' for this report (shown on Figure 1). Resource potential can be difficult to assess because it is dependent upon many factors, including economics (demand, supply, cost), the potential discovery of new uses for resources, or the potential discovery of synthetics to replace natural resource use. The evaluations summarized are based on present-day use and economic potential of the resources. The objective of this report is to summarize the existing reports and information for the Yucca Mountain area on: (1) Metallic mineral and mined energy resources (such as gold, silver, etc., including uranium); (2) Industrial rocks and minerals (such as sand, gravel, building stone, etc.); (3) Hydrocarbons (including oil, natural gas, tar sands, oil shales, and coal); and (4) Geothermal resources. Groundwater is present at the Yucca Mountain site at depths ranging from 500 to 750 m (about 1,600 to 2,500 ft) below the ground surface. Groundwater resources are not discussed in this

  4. NASA Water Resources Program

    Toll, David L.


    With increasing population pressure and water usage coupled with climate variability and change, water issues are being reported by numerous groups as the most critical environmental problems facing us in the 21st century. Competitive uses and the prevalence of river basins and aquifers that extend across boundaries engender political tensions between communities, stakeholders and countries. In addition to the numerous water availability issues, water quality related problems are seriously affecting human health and our environment. The potential crises and conflicts especially arise when water is competed among multiple uses. For example, urban areas, environmental and recreational uses, agriculture, and energy production compete for scarce resources, not only in the Western U.S. but throughout much of the U.S. and also in numerous parts of the world. Mitigating these conflicts and meeting water demands and needs requires using existing water resources more efficiently. The NASA Water Resources Program Element works to use NASA products and technology to address these critical water issues. The primary goal of the Water Resources is to facilitate application of NASA Earth science products as a routine use in integrated water resources management for the sustainable use of water. This also includes the extreme events of drought and floods and the adaptation to the impacts from climate change. NASA satellite and Earth system observations of water and related data provide a huge volume of valuable data in both near-real-time and extended back nearly 50 years about the Earth's land surface conditions such as precipitation, snow, soil moisture, water levels, land cover type, vegetation type, and health. NASA Water Resources Program works closely to use NASA and Earth science data with other U.S. government agencies, universities, and non-profit and private sector organizations both domestically and internationally. The NASA Water Resources Program organizes its

  5. Comprehensive resource: Skeletal gene database.

    Jia, L; Ho, N C; Park, S S; Powell, J; Francomano, C A


    The Skeletal Gene Database (SGD) is an integrated resource that provides comprehensive information about bone-related genes, mRNA, and proteins expressed in human and mouse, with rich links to numerous other electronic tools. SGD contains expressed sequence tag (EST) data from all the skeletal-related cDNA libraries that are available to the public. It supplies the query/data access analytic tools for users to search and compare each gene expressed in skeletal tissue(s). The results derived from EST tissue expression profiling will allow users to get the data on the mRNA copy numbers of each gene expressed in each tissue and its normalized value. From the SGD, researchers can obtain information regarding the name, symbol, size, exon/intron number, chromosomal location, LocusLink, and related disease (if any is known) of each gene. This electronic compendium also furnishes information on the protein of the corresponding gene including the protein size (amino acid number and molecular weight). It provides swift and ready access to other useful databases including OMIM, UniGene and PUBMED. The data will be updated regularly in step with current and future research, thereby providing what we hope will serve as a highly useful source of information and a powerful analytic tool to the scientific community.

  6. Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This is a polygon coverage of the Land Resource Regions and Major Land Resource Areas of the conterminous United States. Land resource regions are geographic areas...

  7. Oceans: Geochemistry and mineral resources

    Joao, H.M.; Paropkari, A.L.

    resources on the continental margins as in deep sea is currently uneconomical. With further depletion of onshore resources and advancement in technology, the mining of these resources may also become a reality in the near future....

  8. Staying afloat in a sea of information: Point-of-care resources.

    Andrews, Rebecca; Mehta, Neil; Maypole, Jack; Martin, Stephen A


    Physicians can use a variety of electronic resources at the point of care to help them make decisions about patient management. The authors address the need for these resources, characterize the elements of good resources, and compare several popular ones, ie, Clinical Evidence, Dynamed, Evidence Essentials, First Consult, Medscape, and UpToDate.

  9. Electronic Aggression


    Aggression is no longer limited to the school yard. New forms of electronic media, such as blogs, instant messaging, chat rooms, email, text messaging, and the internet are providing new arenas for youth violence to occur.  Created: 11/20/2007 by National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention.   Date Released: 11/28/2007.

  10. Interacting Electrons

    Martin, Richard M.; Reining, Lucia; Ceperley, David M.


    Preface; Part I. Interacting Electrons: Beyond the Independent-Particle Picture: 1. The many electron problem: introduction; 2. Signatures of electron correlation; 3. Concepts and models for interacting electrons; Part II. Foundations of Theory for Many-Body Systems: 4. Mean fields and auxiliary systems; 5. Correlation functions; 6. Many-body wavefunctions; 7. Particles and quasi-particles; 8. Functionals in many-particle physics; Part III. Many-Body Green's Function Methods: 9. Many-body perturbation theory: expansion in the interaction; 10. Many-body perturbation theory via functional derivatives; 11. The RPA and the GW approximation for the self-energy; 12. GWA calculations in practice; 13. GWA calculations: illustrative results; 14. RPA and beyond: the Bethe-Salpeter equation; 15. Beyond the GW approximation; 16. Dynamical mean field theory; 17. Beyond the single-site approximation in DMFT; 18. Solvers for embedded systems; 19. Characteristic hamiltonians for solids with d and f states; 20. Examples of calculations for solids with d and f states; 21. Combining Green's functions approaches: an outlook; Part IV. Stochastic Methods: 22. Introduction to stochastic methods; 23. Variational Monte Carlo; 24. Projector quantum Monte Carlo; 25. Path integral Monte Carlo; 26. Concluding remarks; Part V. Appendices: A. Second quantization; B. Pictures; C. Green's functions: general properties; D. Matsubara formulation for Green's functions for T ̸= 0; E. Time-ordering, contours, and non-equilibrium; F. Hedin's equations in a basis; G. Unique solutions in Green's function theory; H. Properties of functionals; I. Auxiliary systems and constrained search; J. Derivation of the Luttinger theorem; K. Gutzwiller and Hubbard approaches; References; Index.


    Christofilos, N.C.; Ehlers, K.W.


    A pulsed electron gun capable of delivering pulses at voltages of the order of 1 mv and currents of the order of 100 amperes is described. The principal novelty resides in a transformer construction which is disposed in the same vacuum housing as the electron source and accelerating electrode structure of the gun to supply the accelerating potential thereto. The transformer is provided by a plurality of magnetic cores disposed in circumferentially spaced relation and having a plurality of primary windings each inductively coupled to a different one of the cores, and a helical secondary winding which is disposed coaxially of the cores and passes therethrough in circumferential succession. Additional novelty resides in the disposition of the electron source cathode filament input leads interiorly of the transformer secondary winding which is hollow, as well as in the employment of a half-wave filament supply which is synchronously operated with the transformer supply such that the transformer is pulsed during the zero current portions of the half-wave cycle.

  12. Space Resources Roundtable 2

    Ignatiev, A.


    Contents include following: Developing Technologies for Space Resource Utilization - Concept for a Planetary Engineering Research Institute. Results of a Conceptual Systems Analysis of Systems for 200 m Deep Sampling of the Martian Subsurface. The Role of Near-Earth Asteroids in Long-Term Platinum Supply. Core Drilling for Extra-Terrestrial Mining. Recommendations by the "LSP and Manufacturing" Group to the NSF-NASA Workshop on Autonomous Construction and Manufacturing for Space Electrical Power Systems. Plasma Processing of Lunar and Planetary Materials. Percussive Force Magnitude in Permafrost. Summary of the Issues Regarding the Martian Subsurface Explorer. A Costing Strategy for Manufacturing in Orbit Using Extraterrestrial Resources. Mine Planning for Asteroid Orebodies. Organic-based Dissolution of Silicates: A New Approach to Element Extraction from LunarRegohth. Historic Frontier Processes Active in Future Space-based Mineral Extraction. The Near-Earth Space Surveillance (NIESS) Mission: Discovery, Tracking, and Characterization of Asteroids, Comets, and Artificial Satellites with a microsatellite. Privatized Space Resource Property Ownership. The Fabrication of Silicon Solar Cells on the Moon Using In-Situ Resources. A New Strategy for Exploration Technology Development: The Human Exploration and Development of Space (HEDS) Exploratiori/Commercialization Technology Initiative. Space Resources for Space Tourism. Recovery of Volatiles from the Moon and Associated Issues. Preliminary Analysis of a Small Robot for Martian Regolith Excavation. The Registration of Space-based Property. Continuous Processing with Mars Gases. Drilling and Logging in Space; An Oil-Well Perspective. LORPEX for Power Surges: Drilling, Rock Crushing. An End-To-End Near-Earth Asteroid Resource Exploitation Plan. An Engineering and Cost Model for Human Space Settlement Architectures: Focus on Space Hotels and Moon/Mars Exploration. The Development and Realization of a Silicon-60-based

  13. Information technology resources assessment

    Loken, S.C. [ed.


    The emphasis in Information Technology (IT) development has shifted from technology management to information management, and the tools of information management are increasingly at the disposal of end-users, people who deal with information. Moreover, the interactive capabilities of technologies such as hypertext, scientific visualization, virtual reality, video conferencing, and even database management systems have placed in the hands of users a significant amount of discretion over how these resources will be used. The emergence of high-performance networks, as well as network operating systems, improved interoperability, and platform independence of applications will eliminate technical barriers to the use of data, increase the power and range of resources that can be used cooperatively, and open up a wealth of possibilities for new applications. The very scope of these prospects for the immediate future is a problem for the IT planner or administrator. Technology procurement and implementation, integration of new technologies into the existing infrastructure, cost recovery and usage of networks and networked resources, training issues, and security concerns such as data protection and access to experiments are just some of the issues that need to be considered in the emerging IT environment. As managers we must use technology to improve competitiveness. When procuring new systems, we must take advantage of scalable resources. New resources such as distributed file systems can improve access to and efficiency of existing operating systems. In addition, we must assess opportunities to improve information worker productivity and information management through tedmologies such as distributed computational visualization and teleseminar applications.

  14. Natural Resource Management Plan

    Green, T. [Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Schwager, K. [Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    This comprehensive Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) for Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) was built on the successful foundation of the Wildlife Management Plan for BNL, which it replaces. This update to the 2003 plan continues to build on successes and efforts to better understand the ecosystems and natural resources found on the BNL site. The plan establishes the basis for managing the varied natural resources located on the 5,265-acre BNL site, setting goals and actions to achieve those goals. The planning of this document is based on the knowledge and expertise gained over the past 15 years by the Natural Resources management staff at BNL in concert with local natural resource agencies including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Long Island Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission, The Nature Conservancy, and others. The development of this plan works toward sound ecological management that not only benefits BNL’s ecosystems but also benefits the greater Pine Barrens habitats in which BNL is situated. This plan applies equally to the Upton Ecological and Research Reserve (Upton Reserve). Any difference in management between the larger BNL area and the Upton Reserve are noted in the text.

  15. Conceptualization of Electronic Government Adoption

    Rahmath Safeena; Abdullah Kammani


    E-government facilitates provision of relevant government information in electronic form to the citizens ina timely manner and better service delivery to citizens. Information Technology today is recognized as aneffective tool for turning the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource.E-government is a kind of governmental administration which is based on ICT Services. The essence of egovernmentis using information technology to break the boundary of administra...

  16. Molecular electronic-structure theory

    Helgaker, Trygve; Jorgensen, Poul


    Ab initio quantum chemistry is increasingly paired with computational methods to solve intractable problems in chemistry and molecular physics. Now in a paperback edition, this comprehensive and technical work covers all the important aspects of modern molecular electronic-structure theory, clearly explaining quantum-mechanical methods and applications to molecular equilibrium structure, atomization energies, and reaction enthalpies. Extensive numerical examples illustrate each method described. An excellent resource for researchers in quantum chemistry and anyone interested in the theory and its applications.

  17. Information Technology Resources Assessment


    The Information Technology Resources Assessment (ITRA) is being published as a companion document to the Department of Energy (DOE) FY 1994--FY 1998 Information Resources Management Long-Range Plan. This document represents a collaborative effort between the Office of Information Resources Management and the Office of Energy Research that was undertaken to achieve, in part, the Technology Strategic Objective of IRM Vision 21. An integral part of this objective, technology forecasting provides an understanding of the information technology horizon and presents a perspective and focus on technologies of particular interest to DOE program activities. Specifically, this document provides site planners with an overview of the status and use of new information technology for their planning consideration.

  18. Wireless communications resource management

    Lee, B; Seo, H


    Wireless technologies continue to evolve to address the insatiable demand for faster response times, larger bandwidth, and reliable transmission. Yet as the industry moves toward the development of post 3G systems, engineers have consumed all the affordable physical layer technologies discovered to date. This has necessitated more intelligent and optimized utilization of available wireless resources. Wireless Communications Resource Managem ent, Lee, Park, and Seo cover all aspects of this critical topic, from the preliminary concepts and mathematical tools to detailed descriptions of all the resource management techniques. Readers will be able to more effectively leverage limited spectrum and maximize device battery power, as well as address channel loss, shadowing, and multipath fading phenomena.

  19. Battle for natural resources


    This book examines federal land management conflicts in the nation's resource battles. It begins by tracing the shift away from the 19th century policy of granting, giving, or selling lands to homesteaders, railroads, and miners toward the modern-day belief in preserving wilderness and conserving public resources through permanent government control. Subsequent chapters outline specific controversies over leasing federal energy reserves, selling timber from national forests, controlling grazing by ranchers' livestock on federally owned rangelands, and opening the public lands for prospecting and mining. The book concludes by assessing the building tensions between regions within the US over federal policies on water, public lands, and their resources. 109 references, 13 tables.

  20. Storage resource manager

    Perelmutov, T.; Bakken, J.; Petravick, D.; /Fermilab


    Storage Resource Managers (SRMs) are middleware components whose function is to provide dynamic space allocation and file management on shared storage components on the Grid[1,2]. SRMs support protocol negotiation and reliable replication mechanism. The SRM standard supports independent SRM implementations, allowing for a uniform access to heterogeneous storage elements. SRMs allow site-specific policies at each location. Resource Reservations made through SRMs have limited lifetimes and allow for automatic collection of unused resources thus preventing clogging of storage systems with ''orphan'' files. At Fermilab, data handling systems use the SRM management interface to the dCache Distributed Disk Cache [5,6] and the Enstore Tape Storage System [15] as key components to satisfy current and future user requests [4]. The SAM project offers the SRM interface for its internal caches as well.