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  1. Enhancing Youth Outcomes Following Parental Divorce: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of the New Beginnings Program on Educational and Occupational Goals (United States)

    Sigal, Amanda B.; Wolchik, Sharlene A.; Tein, Jenn-Yun; Sandler, Irwin N.


    This study examined whether the New Beginnings Program for divorced families led to improvements in youth's educational goals and job aspirations 6 years following participation and tested whether several parenting and youth variables mediated the program effects. Participants were 240 youth aged 9 to 12 years at the initial assessment, and data…

  2. Beginning programming for dummies

    CERN Document Server

    Wang, Wallace


    Do you think the programmers who work at your office are magical wizards who hold special powers that manipulate your computer? Believe it or not, anyone can learn how to write programs, and it doesn't take a higher math and science education to start. Beginning Programming for Dummies shows you how computer programming works without all the technical details or hard programming language. It explores the common parts of every computer programming language and how to write for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This easily accessible guide provides you with the tools

  3. Beginning Swift programming

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    Lee, Wei-Meng


    Enter the Swift future of iOS and OS X programming Beginning Swift Programming is your ideal starting point for creating Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps using Apple's new Swift programming language. Written by an experienced Apple developer and trainer, this comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know to jumpstart the creation of your app idea. Coverage includes data types, strings and characters, operators and functions, arrays and dictionaries, control flow, and looping, with expert guidance on classes, objects, class inheritance, closures, protocols, and generics. This succinct - ye

  4. Enhancing youth outcomes following parental divorce: a longitudinal study of the effects of the new beginnings program on educational and occupational goals. (United States)

    Sigal, Amanda B; Wolchik, Sharlene A; Tein, Jenn-Yun; Sandler, Irwin N


    This study examined whether the New Beginnings Program for divorced families led to improvements in youth's educational goals and job aspirations 6 years following participation and tested whether several parenting and youth variables mediated the program effects. Participants were 240 youth aged 9 to 12 years at the initial assessment, and data were part of a randomized, experimental trial of a parenting skills preventive intervention targeting children's postdivorce adjustment. The results revealed positive effects of the program on youth's educational goals and job aspirations 6 years after participation for those who were at high risk for developing later problems at program entry. Further, intervention-induced changes in mother-child relationship quality and youth externalizing problems, internalizing problems, self-esteem, and academic competence at the 6-year follow-up mediated the effects of the program on the educational expectations of high-risk youth. Intervention-induced changes in youth externalizing problems and academic competence at the 6-year follow-up mediated the effects of the program on the job aspirations of high-risk youth.

  5. Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

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    Burd, Barry


    One of the most popular beginning programming books, now fully updated Java is a popular language for beginning programmers, and earlier editions of this fun and friendly guide have helped thousands get started. Now fully revised to cover recent updates for Java 7.0, Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 3rd Edition is certain to put more first-time programmers and Java beginners on the road to Java mastery.Explores what goes into creating a program, putting the pieces together, dealing with standard programming challenges, debugging, and making the program work Offers new options for

  6. Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard programming

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    Trent, Michael


    Michael Trent is a technical reviewer for numerous books and magazine articles and the coauthor of Beginning Mac OS X Programming with Drew McCormack. Drew McCormack is an experienced computational scientist, founder of the ""The Mental Faculty""-an independent company developing software for the Mac and iPhone-and the coauthor of Beginning Mac OS X Programming with Michael Trent. Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.

  7. Beginning programming with Python for dummies

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    Mueller, John Paul


    Learn Python-the fun and easy way-and get in the programming game today! Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages, and no wonder. It requires three to five times less time than developing in Java, is a great building block for learning both procedural and object-oriented programming concepts, and is an ideal language for data analysis. Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies is the perfect guide to this dynamic and powerful programming language-even if you''ve never coded before! Author John Paul Mueller draws on his vast programming knowledge and experience to guide yo

  8. Beginning programming with Java for dummies

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    Burd, Barry


    A practical introduction to programming with Java Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition is a comprehensive guide to learning one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. This book covers basic development concepts and techniques through a Java lens. You'll learn what goes into a program, how to put the pieces together, how to deal with challenges, and how to make it work. The new Fourth Edition has been updated to align with Java 8, and includes new options for the latest tools and techniques. Java is the predominant language used to program Android and cloud app

  9. Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming

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    Clark, Dan


    Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming brings you into the modern world of development as you master the fundamentals of programming with C# and learn to develop efficient, reusable, elegant code through the object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology. Take your skills out of the 20th century and into this one with Dan Clark's accessible, quick-paced guide to C# and object-oriented programming, completely updated for .NET 4.0 and C# 4.0. As you develop techniques and best practices for coding in C#, one of the world's most popular contemporary languages, you'll experience modeling a "real

  10. Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming

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    Atkinson, Paul


    Get up to speed on the extensive changes to the newest release of Microsoft SQL Server The 2012 release of Microsoft SQL Server changes how you develop applications for SQL Server. With this comprehensive resource, SQL Server authority Robert Vieira presents the fundamentals of database design and SQL concepts, and then shows you how to apply these concepts using the updated SQL Server. Publishing time and date with the 2012 release, Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming begins with a quick overview of database design basics and the SQL query language and then quickly proceeds to sho

  11. Goal programming for land use planning. (United States)

    Enoch F. Bell


    A simple transformation of the linear programing model used in land use planning to a goal programing model allows the multiple goals implied by multiple use management to be explicitly recognized. This report outlines the procedure for accomplishing the transformation and discusses problems with use of goal programing. Of particular concern are the expert opinions...

  12. Industrial Arts Program Goals and Competencies. (United States)


    The first section of the manual on secondary level industrial arts goal and competencies concerns the ALIVE (Allied Learning Vocational Exploration) Program, a student-managed, individualized learning program involving art, home economics, and industrial arts in a team instruction approach. It provides goals, competencies, and performance…

  13. Beginning the Program. Project DEEP (Diversified Educational Experiences Program). (United States)

    Connett, Jane; And Others

    Project DEEP (Diversified Educational Experience Program) was developed to improve the behavior and attitudes of secondary students in schools where dropouts, absenteeism, and poor attitudes are existing problems. The open classroom with student involvement and participation in goal setting, presentation, and evaluation is the basic concept of…

  14. Multi-Language Programs. Beginnings Workshop. (United States)

    D'Onofrio-Papadaki, Evienia; Matsalia, Joan; Bowie, Paula; Wardle, Francis; Bruno, Holly Elissa


    Presents five articles on multi-language programs in early childhood education: "Bilingualism/Multilingualism and Language Acquisition Theories" (Evienia Papadaki-D'Onofrio); "Training and Supporting Caregivers Who Speak a Language Different from Those in Their Community" (Joan Matsalia and Paula Bowie); "Language Immersion Programs for Young…

  15. Beginnings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rehfeld, Jens F


    in the history of gastrointestinal endocrinology from classic studies of digestive juice secretion over peptide chemistry, immunochemistry, and molecular genetics to modern receptor pharmacology and drug development. From shadowy beginnings, gastrointestinal endocrinology has emerged as a central discipline...

  16. Beginning programming with C for dummies

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    Gookin, Dan


    Learn the basics of programming with C with this fun and friendly guide! C offers a reliable, strong foundation for programming and serves as a stepping stone upon which to expand your knowledge and learn additional programming languages. Written by veteran For Dummies author Dan Gookin, this straightforward-but-fun beginner's guide covers the fundamentals of using C and gradually walks you through more advanced topics including pointers, linked lists, file I/O, and debugging. With a special focus on the subject of an Integrated Development Environment, it gives you a solid understanding of

  17. "In the beginning...": tools for talking about resuscitation and goals of care early in the admission. (United States)

    White, Jocelyn; Fromme, Erik K


    Quality standards no longer allow physicians to delay discussing goals of care and resuscitation. We propose 2 novel strategies for discussing goals and resuscitation on admission. The first, SPAM (determine Surrogate decision maker, determine resuscitation Preferences, Assume full care, and advise them to expect More discussion especially with clinical changes), helps clinicians discover patient preferences and decision maker during routine admissions. The second, UFO-UFO (Understand what they know, Fill in knowledge gaps, ask about desired Outcomes, Understand their reasoning, discuss the spectrum Feasible Outcomes), helps patients with poor or uncertain prognosis or family-team conflict. Using a challenging case example, this article illustrates how SPAM and UFO-UFO can help clinicians have patient-centered resuscitation and goals of care discussions at the beginning of care.

  18. Handbook of critical issues in goal programming

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    Romero, C


    Goal Programming (GP) is perhaps the oldest and most widely used approach within the Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) paradigm. GP combines the logic of optimisation in mathematical programming with the decision maker's desire to satisfy several goals. The primary purpose of this book is to identify the critical issues in GP and to demonstrate different procedures capable of avoiding or mitigating the inherent pitfalls associated with these issues. The outcome of a search of the literature shows many instances where GP models produced misleading or even erroneous results simply because

  19. Beginnings (United States)

    Livingston, Myra Cohn


    Criticizes the Poets in the Schools program and similar undertakings for praising students' writing excessively and thus failing to acquaint students with the discipline required to produce outstanding poetry. (DD)

  20. Operational budgeting using fuzzy goal programming


    Saeed Mohammadi; Kamran Feizi; Ali Khatami Firouz Abadi


    Having an efficient budget normally has different advantages such as measuring the performance of various organizations, setting appropriate targets and promoting managers based on their achievements. However, any budgeting planning requires prediction of different cost components. There are various methods for budgeting planning such as incremental budgeting, program budgeting, zero based budgeting and performance budgeting. In this paper, we present a fuzzy goal programming to estimate oper...

  1. Operational budgeting using fuzzy goal programming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saeed Mohammadi


    Full Text Available Having an efficient budget normally has different advantages such as measuring the performance of various organizations, setting appropriate targets and promoting managers based on their achievements. However, any budgeting planning requires prediction of different cost components. There are various methods for budgeting planning such as incremental budgeting, program budgeting, zero based budgeting and performance budgeting. In this paper, we present a fuzzy goal programming to estimate operational budget. The proposed model uses fuzzy triangular as well as interval number to estimate budgeting expenses. The proposed study of this paper is implemented for a real-world case study in province of Qom, Iran and the results are analyzed.

  2. A Cyclical Nurse Schedule Using Goal Programming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruzzakiah Jenal


    Full Text Available Scheduling is a very tedious task in organizations where duty is around the clock. Constructing timetable for nurses in hospital is one of the challenging jobs for the head nurse or nurse manager. It requires a lot of time to spend for generating a good and fair timetable. Thus, in this study, we propose a cyclical nurse scheduling model using a 0-1 goal programming that would help the head nurse or nurse manager to have less effort on building new schedules periodically. The proposed model satisfies the stated hospital’s policies and the nurses’ preferences. The result obtained from this model gives an optimal solution where all goals are achieved. The model also provides an unbiased way of scheduling the nurses and thus leads to an overall higher satisfaction and fairness to the nurses and the hospital management.

  3. Beginning Java programming the object-oriented approach

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    Baesens, Bart; vanden Broucke, Seppe


    A comprehensive Java guide, with samples, exercises, case studies, and step-by-step instruction Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach is a straightforward resource for getting started with one of the world's most enduringly popular programming languages. Based on classes taught by the authors, the book starts with the basics and gradually builds into more advanced concepts. The approach utilizes an integrated development environment that allows readers to immediately apply what they learn, and includes step-by-step instruction with plenty of sample programs. Each chapter c

  4. Beginning with the Students: Ownership through Reflection and Goal-Setting (United States)

    Harford, Marisa


    A secondary English teacher in the Bronx, Marisa Harford describes several self-reflective activities she has designed to improve students' writing skills. Beginning a new school year with activities like Harford's can focus students' efforts all year. (Contains 1 figure.)

  5. 10 CFR 436.103 - Program goal setting. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Program goal setting. 436.103 Section 436.103 Energy DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ENERGY CONSERVATION FEDERAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING PROGRAMS Guidelines for General Operations Plans § 436.103 Program goal setting. (a) In developing and revising plans for a...

  6. Performance improvement program: goals and experience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guglielmi, F. [Point Lepreau Generating Station, Maces Bay, New Brunswick (Canada)


    Following long 54 month refurbishment outage at Point Lepreau Generating Station, operational performance had fallen below industry standards in a number of areas. Leadership development and succession planning had stalled. Operational focus was low primarily due to the construction focus during refurbishment. Condition of balance of plant was poor including several long standing deficiencies. In order to improve performance, the site implemented a framework based on INPO 12-011: Focus on Improving Behaviours; Set common goals and demonstrate results; Align and engage the organization; Drive to achieve high levels of performance and sustain performance.

  7. Improvement of program-goal method in defence planning system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Р.М. Федоренко


    Full Text Available  The article proposes the conception of defence planning system development with program-goal method application that based on analysis of advanced experience of developed countries. Article specified the place of program-goal method in resolving defence planning tasks of national security.

  8. Chilean Teachers Begin Exchange Program Visit in Magdalena (United States)


    Two teachers from the town of San Pedro de Atacama, in the northern desert of the South American nation of Chile, arrive in Magdalena, New Mexico, Sunday, January 28, for a two-week visit that is part of a Sister Cities program sponsored by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI), the nonprofit research corporation that operates the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). They will be accompanied by their town's mayor. Myriam Nancy Rivera Mercado, Head of the high school in San Pedro, Gabriela Fernanda Rodriguez Moraleda, a tourism teacher there, and San Pedro Mayor Sandra Berna Martinez will begin a visit that includes classroom observations in the Magdalena schools, a reception hosted by the Magdalena Village Council, and a Mayor's Breakfast with Magdalena Mayor Jim Wolfe. They also will meet local residents, tour the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge with a second-grade class, visit an area ranch, tour the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope, and see Socorro's Community Arts Party. "These teachers will learn much about New Mexico, the United States, and our educational system, and will take this new knowledge back to their students and their community," said NRAO Education Officer Robyn Harrison. The visit is part of a Sister Cities program initiated and funded by AUI, which operates the NRAO for the U.S. National Science Foundation. Radio astronomy is a common link between San Pedro de Atacama and Magdalena. San Pedro is near the site of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international telescope project now under construction with funding by major partners in North America, Europe, and Japan. Magdalena is near the site of NRAO's VLA radio telescope. In Magdalena, the Village Council and Mayor Wolfe formalized their participation in the Sister Cities program last September, and San Pedro ratified the program in December. In San Pedro, the ceremony ratifying the agreement was attended by U.S. Ambassador to Chile Craig K

  9. Integer goal programming approach for finding a compromise ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology. Vol. 3, No. ... The use of goal programming allows considering multiple criteria to achieve the goals and satisfy the constraints and ... The selective maintenance operation is an optimal decision-making activity for systems consisting of several components under.

  10. Hydrogen program goal-setting methodologies: Report to Congress

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    DOE's Hydrogen Goal-Setting Methodologies Report to Congress summarizes the processes used to set Hydrogen Program goals and milestones. Published in August 2006, it fulfills the requirement under section 1819 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

  11. Goal Programming: A New Tool for the Christmas Tree Industry (United States)

    Bruce G. Hansen


    Goal programing (GP) can be useful for decision making in the natural Christmas tree industry. Its usefulness is demonstrated through an analysis of a hypothetical problem in which two potential growers decide how to use 10 acres in growing Christmas trees. Though the physical settings are identical, distinct differences between their goals significantly influence the...

  12. Application of goal programming technique in government statutory ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Application of goal programming technique in government statutory budget in ... Water Resources and Supply, Rural Electricity, Road Maintenance, Finance and ... Environment Development and management, and Community Development) ...

  13. "Growing Better Beginnings": An Evaluation of a Family Literacy Program for Pre-Schoolers (United States)

    Barratt-Pugh, Caroline; Maloney, Carmel


    This paper investigates the implementation and outcomes of "Growing Better Beginnings": a family literacy program for four and five year olds. The program builds on "Better Beginnings: Birth to Three" launched in 2005. Parents, teachers and librarians were surveyed and interviewed to ascertain their perceptions of the program.…

  14. Using The GLOBE Program to address the Global Development Goals (United States)

    Wegner, K.; Murphy, T.; Wigbels, L.; Mauriello, H.; Kucera, P. A.


    The GLOBE Program ( is an international science and education program in more than 110 countries that provides students and the public worldwide the opportunity to participate in the scientific process through Earth observations and geospatial information. To address the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, The GLOBE Program has collaborated with with international organizations such as the UNEP, Peace Corps, USAID, UNESCO, Eco-Schools, and SciStarter to address the Goals for Sustainable Development. In this presentation, GLOBE will share the alignment materials that they have created to provide pathways to achieving the goals, as well as present case studies that demonstrate how the GLOBE community uses GLOBE protocols as Earth observations to monitor and communicate environmental indicators aligned to the Global Development Goals.

  15. Hybrid-Mentoring Programs for Beginning Elementary Science Teachers (United States)

    Bang, EunJin


    This study examines four induction models and teacher changes in science teaching practices, as a result of several mentoring programs. It explores three different computer-mediated mentoring programs, and a traditional offline induction program--in terms of interactivity, inquiry-based teaching, and topics of knowledge. Fifteen elementary science…

  16. 15 CFR 9.1 - Goal of program. (United States)


    ... Protection Agency develop a voluntary labeling program which would apply to energy-consuming home appliances... FOR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES AND EQUIPMENT TO EFFECT ENERGY CONSERVATION § 9.1 Goal of program. (a) This..., with information on the energy consumption and energy efficiency of household appliances and equipment...

  17. ERMAS: Beginning Reading Program for Mexican American Children (United States)

    Hillerich, Robert L.


    Describes the Experiment in Reading for Mexican American Students (ERMAS) a Title III, ESEA program in Spanish that is taught in a manner consistent with the program to be used for reading in English. While learning to read in Spanish, the child simultaneously learns to speak English through an aural-oral approach. (JF)

  18. A goal programming model for planning management of Miombo ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study used a Goal Programming approach to investigate the effects of changes in agricultural policies and labour supply due to deaths in farming households, on use of woodlands under two regimes; namely one where utilization of forest resources was restricted to within sustainable levels and under another where ...

  19. Diet models with linear goal programming: impact of achievement functions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gerdessen, J.C.; Vries, de J.H.M.


    Background/Objectives: Diet models based on goal programming (GP) are valuable tools in designing diets that comply with nutritional, palatability and cost constraints. Results derived from GP models are usually very sensitive to the type of achievement function that is chosen. This paper aims to

  20. Integer goal programming approach for finding a compromise ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In the first model, the reliability of subsystems are considered as different objectives. In second model the cost and time spent on repairing the components are considered as two different objectives. Selective maintenance operation is used to select the repairable components and a multi-objective goal programming ...

  1. Menu variations for diabetes mellitus patients using Goal Programming model (United States)

    Dhoruri, Atmini; Lestari, Dwi; Ratnasari, Eminugroho


    Diabetes mellitus (DM) was a chronic metabolic disease characterized by higher than normal blood glucose level (normal blood glucose level = = 80 -120 mg/dl). In this study, type 2 DM which mostly caused by unhealthy eating habits would be investigated. Related to eating habit, DM patients needed dietary menu planning with an extracare regarding their nutrients intake (energy, protein, fat and carbohydrate). Therefore, the measures taken were by organizing nutritious dietary menu for diabetes mellitus patients. Dietary menu with appropriate amount of nutrients was organized by considering the amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In this study, Goal Programming model was employed to determine optimal dietary menu variations for diabetes mellitus patients by paying attention to optimal expenses. According to the data obtained from hospitals in Yogyakarta, optimal menu variations would be analyzed by using Goal Programming model and would be completed by using LINGO computer program.

  2. Portfolio optimization in enhanced index tracking with goal programming approach (United States)

    Siew, Lam Weng; Jaaman, Saiful Hafizah Hj.; Ismail, Hamizun bin


    Enhanced index tracking is a popular form of passive fund management in stock market. Enhanced index tracking aims to generate excess return over the return achieved by the market index without purchasing all of the stocks that make up the index. This can be done by establishing an optimal portfolio to maximize the mean return and minimize the risk. The objective of this paper is to determine the portfolio composition and performance using goal programming approach in enhanced index tracking and comparing it to the market index. Goal programming is a branch of multi-objective optimization which can handle decision problems that involve two different goals in enhanced index tracking, a trade-off between maximizing the mean return and minimizing the risk. The results of this study show that the optimal portfolio with goal programming approach is able to outperform the Malaysia market index which is FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index because of higher mean return and lower risk without purchasing all the stocks in the market index.

  3. Solving cyclical nurse scheduling problem using preemptive goal programming (United States)

    Sundari, V. E.; Mardiyati, S.


    Nurse scheduling system in a hospital is being modeled as a preemptive goal programming problem that is solved by using LINGO software with the objective function to minimize deviation variable at each goal. The scheduling is done cyclically, so every nurse is treated fairly since they have the same work shift portion with the other nurses. By paying attention to the hospital's rules regarding nursing work shift cyclically, it can be obtained that numbers of nurse needed in every ward are 18 nurses and the numbers of scheduling periods are 18 periods where every period consists of 21 days.

  4. A goal programming model for the coal blending problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lyu, J.; Gunasekaran, A.; Chen, C.Y.; Kao, C. [National Cheng Kung University, Tainan (Taiwan). Dept. of Industrial Management Science


    This paper presents a coal blending management system incorporating a goal programming (GP) model as used at a Taiwanese power plant. The main aim of this paper is to develop a goal programming (GP) model with an objective to provide a decision support system for coal stockyard managers. This model determines appropriate quantities of coal from different stockpiles for a consistent feeding of blended coal while meeting environmental and boiler performance requirements. Finally, the model is implemented as an operational decision making support system so that a novice operator will have no difficulty in using it. A real-world case is presented to illustrate the application of the model. 12 refs., 4 figs., 5 tabs.

  5. Belief Revision in the GOAL Agent Programming Language

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Spurkeland, Johannes Svante; Jensen, Andreas Schmidt; Villadsen, Jørgen


    Agents in a multiagent system may in many cases find themselves in situations where inconsistencies arise. In order to properly deal with these, a good belief revision procedure is required. This paper illustrates the usefulness of such a procedure: a certain belief revision algorithm is consider...... in order to deal with inconsistencies and, particularly, the issue of inconsistencies, and belief revision is examined in relation to the GOAL agent programming language....

  6. Mathematics Student Teachers' Epistemological Beliefs about the Nature of Mathematics and the Goals of Mathematics Teaching and Learning in the Beginning of Their Studies (United States)

    Viholainen, Antti; Asikainen, Mervi; Hirvonen, Pekka E.


    This article examines Finnish mathematics student teachers' epistemological beliefs concerning the nature of mathematics and the goals of mathematics teaching and learning solely in the beginning of their studies at university. A total of 18 students participated in a study consisting of a short questionnaire and interviews. The data was analyzed…

  7. Scholar Quest: A Residency Research Program Aligned With Faculty Goals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashish R. Panchal


    Full Text Available Introduction: The ACGME requires that residents perform scholarly activities prior to graduation, but this is difficult to complete and challenging to support. We describe a residency research program, taking advantage of environmental change aligning resident and faculty goals, to become a contributor to departmental cultural change and research development. Methods: A research program, Scholar Quest (SQ, was developed as a part of an Information Mastery program. The goal of SQ is for residents to gain understanding of scholarly activity through a mentor-directed experience in original research. This curriculum is facilitated by providing residents protected time for didactics, seed grants and statistical/staff support. We evaluated total scholarly activity and resident/faculty involvement before and after implementation (PRE-SQ; 2003-2005 and POST-SQ; 2007-2009. Results: Scholarly activity was greater POST-SQ versus PRE-SQ (123 versus 27 (p<0.05 with an incidence rate ratio (IRR=2.35. Resident and faculty involvement in scholarly activity also increased PRE-SQ to POST-SQ (22 to 98 residents; 10 to 39 faculty, p<0.05 with an IRR=2.87 and 2.69, respectively. Conclusion: Implementation of a program using department environmental change promoting a resident longitudinal research curriculum yielded increased resident and faculty scholarly involvement, as well as an increase in total scholarly activity.

  8. A fuzzy goal programming model for biodiesel production (United States)

    Lutero, D. S.; Pangue, EMU; Tubay, J. M.; Lubag, S. P.


    A fuzzy goal programming (FGP) model for biodiesel production in the Philippines was formulated with Coconut (Cocos nucifera) and Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) as sources of biodiesel. Objectives were maximization of feedstock production and overall revenue and, minimization of energy used in production and working capital for farming subject to biodiesel and non-biodiesel requirements, and availability of land, labor, water and machine time. All these objectives and constraints were assumed to be fuzzy. Model was tested for different sets of weights. Results for all sets of weights showed the same optimal allocation. Coconut alone can satisfy the biodiesel requirement of 2% per volume.

  9. The Effect of a Collaborative Mentoring Program on Beginning Science Teachers' Inquiry-Based Teaching Practice (United States)

    Nam, Jeonghee; Seung, Eulsun; Go, MunSuk


    This study investigated how a collaborative mentoring program influenced beginning science teachers' inquiry-based teaching and their reflection on practice. The one-year program consisted of five one-on-one mentoring meetings, weekly science education seminars, weekly mentoring group discussions, and self-evaluation activities. The participants…

  10. An Evaluation of the New Teacher Induction Program in Turkey through the Eyes of Beginning Teachers (United States)

    Hangül, Sükrü


    Aim of this study was to explore and compare beginning teachers' experiences and evaluations about the new teacher induction program put into practice by the Turkish Ministry of Education. According to the directive and training program announced by the Ministry of Education on March 2nd 2016, the teachers who were appointed in February, 2016 took…

  11. Evolutionary programming for goal-driven dynamic planning (United States)

    Vaccaro, James M.; Guest, Clark C.; Ross, David O.


    Many complex artificial intelligence (IA) problems are goal- driven in nature and the opportunity exists to realize the benefits of a goal-oriented solution. In many cases, such as in command and control, a goal-oriented approach may be the only option. One of many appropriate applications for such an approach is War Gaming. War Gaming is an important tool for command and control because it provides a set of alternative courses of actions so that military leaders can contemplate their next move in the battlefield. For instance, when making decisions that save lives, it is necessary to completely understand the consequences of a given order. A goal-oriented approach provides a slowly evolving tractably reasoned solution that inherently follows one of the principles of war: namely concentration on the objective. Future decision-making will depend not only on the battlefield, but also on a virtual world where military leaders can wage wars and determine their options by playing computer war games much like the real world. The problem with these games is that the built-in AI does not learn nor adapt and many times cheats, because the intelligent player has access to all the information, while the user has access to limited information provided on a display. These games are written for the purpose of entertainment and actions are calculated a priori and off-line, and are made prior or during their development. With these games getting more sophisticated in structure and less domain specific in scope, there needs to be a more general intelligent player that can adapt and learn in case the battlefield situations or the rules of engagement change. One such war game that might be considered is Risk. Risk incorporates the principles of war, is a top-down scalable model, and provides a good application for testing a variety of goal- oriented AI approaches. By integrating a goal-oriented hybrid approach, one can develop a program that plays the Risk game effectively and move

  12. A goal programming technique for railroad passenger scheduling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masoud Yaghini


    Full Text Available Railroad industry has received tremendous challenges in the world in terms of handling cost and efficiency. For many years, the railroad business lost money in many countries such as Japan until many governments decided to privatize the industry in an attempt to reduce the cost components and to increase the efficiency of various units, significantly. In this paper, we propose a new goal programming technique to handle two objectives of operating cost and the number of passengers travel by train. We consider different types of trains for public transportation of passengers in order to make the proposed model of this paper more realistic. The implementation of the proposed model is demonstrated using some numerical examples to show the effectiveness of the method.

  13. Biomass energy production in agriculture: A weighted goal programming analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ballarin, A. [TeSAF, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padova (Italy); Vecchiato, D., E-mail: daniel.vecchiato@unipd.i [TeSAF, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padova (Italy); Tempesta, T. [TeSAF, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padova (Italy); Marangon, F.; Troiano, S. [DSE, Department of Economic Sciences, University of Udine (Italy)


    Energy production from biomasses can be an important resource that, when combined with other green energies such as wind power and solar plants, can contribute to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The aim of this study is to assess how agriculture could contribute to the production of bio-energy. A multi-period Weighted Goal Programming model (MpWGP) has been applied to identify the optimal land use combinations that simultaneously maximise farmers' income and biomass energy production under three concurrent constraints: water, labour and soil availability. Alternative scenarios are considered that take into account the effect of climate change and social change. The MpWGP model was tested with data from the Rovigo county area (Italy) over a 15-year time period. Our findings show that trade-off exists between the two optimisation targets considered. Although the optimisation of the first target requires traditional agricultural crops, which are characterised by high revenue and a low production of biomass energy, the latter would be achievable with intensive wood production, namely, high-energy production and low income. Our results also show the importance of the constraints imposed, particularly water availability; water scarcity has an overall negative effect and specifically affects the level of energy production. - Research Highlights: {yields} The aim of this study is to assess how agriculture could contribute to the production of bio-energy. {yields} A multi-period (15-year) Weighted Goal Programming model (MpWGP) has been applied. {yields} We identify the optimal land use combinations that simultaneously maximise farmers' income and biomass energy production. {yields} Three concurrent constraints have been considered: water, labour and soil availability.{yields} Water scarcity has an overall negative effect and specifically affects the level of energy production.

  14. Diet models with linear goal programming: impact of achievement functions. (United States)

    Gerdessen, J C; de Vries, J H M


    Diet models based on goal programming (GP) are valuable tools in designing diets that comply with nutritional, palatability and cost constraints. Results derived from GP models are usually very sensitive to the type of achievement function that is chosen.This paper aims to provide a methodological insight into several achievement functions. It describes the extended GP (EGP) achievement function, which enables the decision maker to use either a MinSum achievement function (which minimizes the sum of the unwanted deviations) or a MinMax achievement function (which minimizes the largest unwanted deviation), or a compromise between both. An additional advantage of EGP models is that from one set of data and weights multiple solutions can be obtained. We use small numerical examples to illustrate the 'mechanics' of achievement functions. Then, the EGP achievement function is demonstrated on a diet problem with 144 foods, 19 nutrients and several types of palatability constraints, in which the nutritional constraints are modeled with fuzzy sets. Choice of achievement function affects the results of diet models. MinSum achievement functions can give rise to solutions that are sensitive to weight changes, and that pile all unwanted deviations on a limited number of nutritional constraints. MinMax achievement functions spread the unwanted deviations as evenly as possible, but may create many (small) deviations. EGP comprises both types of achievement functions, as well as compromises between them. It can thus, from one data set, find a range of solutions with various properties.

  15. Estimation of the Randomized Complete Block Design Parameters with Fuzzy Goal Programming


    Kula, Kamile; Apaydin, Ayşen


    Since goal programming was introduced by Charnes, Cooper and Ferguson (1955), goal programming has been widely studied and applied in various areas. Parameter estimation is quite important in many areas. Recently, many researches have been studied in fuzzy estimation. In this study, fuzzy goal programming was proposed by Hannan (1981) adapted to estimation of randomized complete block design parameters. Suggested fuzzy goal programming is used for estimation of randomized complete block desig...

  16. 30 CFR 250.1501 - What is the goal of my training program? (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What is the goal of my training program? 250.1501 Section 250.1501 Mineral Resources MINERALS MANAGEMENT SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR... Safety Training § 250.1501 What is the goal of my training program? The goal of your training program...

  17. Learning Goals of AACSB-Accredited Undergraduate Business Programs: Predictors of Conformity versus Differentiation (United States)

    Brink, Kyle E.; Palmer, Timothy B.; Costigan, Robert D.


    Learning goals are central to assurance of learning. Yet little is known about what goals are used by business programs or how they are established. On the one hand, business schools are encouraged to develop their own unique learning goals. However, business schools also face pressures that would encourage conformity by adopting goals used by…

  18. 20 CFR 628.701 - Program goals and objectives. (United States)


    ... TITLE II OF THE JOB TRAINING PARTNERSHIP ACT The Summer Youth Employment and Training Program § 628.701... supplementary or alternative school programs; improvement of employability skills, including provision of vocational exploration opportunities and exposure to the world of work; enhancement of youth citizenship...

  19. 15 CFR 16.2 - Description and goal of program. (United States)


    ... Voluntary Consumer Product Information Labeling Program makes available to consumers, at the point of sale... consumers at the point of sale; (3) Encouraging manufacturers and other participants in the program... performance characteristics in CPILP labels if, by doing so, product comparison at the point of sale is...

  20. Goals of care conversation teaching in residency - a cross-sectional survey of postgraduate program directors. (United States)

    Roze des Ordons, Amanda; Kassam, Aliya; Simon, Jessica


    Residents are commonly involved in establishing goals of care for hospitalized patients. While education can improve the quality of these conversations, whether and how postgraduate training programs integrate such teaching into their curricula is not well established. The objective of this study was to characterize perceptions of current teaching and assessment of goals of care conversations, and program director interest in associated curricular integration. An electronic survey was sent to all postgraduate program directors at the University of Calgary. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and qualitative comments were analyzed using thematic analysis. The survey response rate was 34% (22/64). Formal goals of care conversation teaching is incorporated into 63% of responding programs, and most commonly involves lectures. Informal teaching occurs in 86% of programs, involving discussion, direct observation and role modeling in the clinical setting. Seventy-three percent of programs assess goals of care conversation skills, mostly in the clinical setting through feedback. Program directors believe that over two-thirds of clinical faculty are prepared to teach goals of care conversations, and are interested in resources to teach and assess goals of care conversations. Themes that emerged include 1) general perceptions, 2) need for teaching, 3) ideas for teaching, and 4) assessment of goals of care conversations. The majority of residency training programs at the University of Calgary incorporate some goals of care conversation teaching and assessment into their curricula. Program directors are interested in resources to improve teaching and assessment of goals of care conversations.

  1. Teachers as Leaders: The Impact of Teacher Leadership Supports for Beginning Teachers in an Online Induction Program (United States)

    Ellis, Joshua; Polizzi, Samuel Justin; Roehrig, Gillian; Rushton, Gregory


    Induction programs have become a leading model of providing coherent, targeted support for beginning teachers who are most at risk for leaving the profession. This comparison study assessed the impact of a designed teacher leadership intervention to support beginning teachers' reflective practices and their use of network social capital in an…

  2. Geothermal Program Review VI: proceedings. Beyond goals and objectives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Program Review VI was comprised of six sessions, including an opening session, four technical sessions that addressed each of the major DOE research areas, and a session on special issues. The technical sessions were on Hydrothermal, Hot Dry Rock, Geopressured and Magma resources. Presenters in the technical sessions discussed their R and D activities within the context of specific GTD Programmatic Objectives for that technology, their progress toward achieving those objectives, and the value of those achievements to industry. The ''Special Issues'' presentations addressed several topics such as the interactions between government and industry on geothermal energy R and D; the origin and basis for the programmatic objectives analytical computer model; and international marketing opportunities for US geothermal equipment and services. The unique aspect of Program Review VI was that it was held in conjunction with the National Geothermal Association's Industry Round Table on Federal R and D. The Round Table provided a forum for open and lively discussions between industry and government researchers and gave industry an opportunity to convey their needs and perspectives on DOE's research programs. These discussions also provided valuable information to DOE regarding industry's priorities and directions.

  3. Mars exploration program analysis group goal one: determine if life ever arose on Mars. (United States)

    Hoehler, Tori M; Westall, Frances


    The Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) maintains a standing document that articulates scientific community goals, objectives, and priorities for mission-enabled Mars science. Each of the goals articulated within the document is periodically revisited and updated. The astrobiology-related Goal One, "Determine if life ever arose on Mars," has recently undergone such revision. The finalized revision, which appears in the version of the MEPAG Goals Document posted on September 24, 2010, is presented here.

  4. Beginning C

    CERN Document Server

    Horton, Ivor


    Beginning C, 5th Edition teaches you how to program using the widely-available C language. You'll begin from first-principles and progress through step-by-step examples to become a competent, C-language programmer. All you need are this book and any of the widely available free or commercial C or C++ compilers, and you'll soon be writing real C programs. C is a foundational language that every programmer ought to know. C is the basis for C# used in Microsoft .NET programming. It is the basis for Objective-C used in programming for the iPhone, the iPad, and other Apple devices. It is the basis

  5. Outward to the Beginning: the CRAF and Cassini Missions of the Mariner Mark 2 Program (United States)


    Two successive journeys will soon offer a perspective on the origin of the solar system and perhaps provide clues on the origin of life as well. The missions, the Comet Rendezvous Asteroid Flyby (CRAF) and Cassini (the Saturn orbiter/Titan probe), combine to form the first initiative of the Mariner Mark 2 program, a series of planetary missions whose common objective is to explore primitive bodies and the outer solar system, toward the ultimate goal of understanding the nature of our origins. Cassini and CRAF are exciting planetary missions. The objectives that they share, the region of the solar system in which comets, asteroids, and the Saturnian system have evolved and now reside, and the spacecraft that will carry both sets of experiments to their targets in the outer solar system are described.

  6. The Program Directors' Perspective on the Goals and Objectives of Advanced General Dentistry Training. (United States)

    Badner, Victor M.; And Others


    A survey of 265 postgraduate general dentistry program directors and dental general practice residency directors found substantial agreement about the relative importance of various program goals and curriculum areas. The largest differences were found among site types (e.g., hospitals vs. dental schools) not program types. (MSE)

  7. The SEEK Mentoring Program: An Application of the Goal-Setting Theory (United States)

    Sorrentino, Diane M.


    This article describes a pilot academic mentoring program carried out over 1 semester in the SEEK Program at the College of Staten Island, CUNY. The program was utilized to provide a resource for students whose overall grade point average was below 2.5, placing them at risk for academic dismissal. A goal-setting approach was used to aid the…

  8. Beginning Perl

    CERN Document Server

    Poe, Curtis 'Ovid'


    Everything beginners need to start programming with Perl Perl is the ever-popular, flexible, open source programming language that has been called the programmers’ Swiss army knife. This book introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones who are looking to learn a new language. In the tradition of the popular Wrox Beginning guides, it presents step-by-step guidance in getting started, a host of try-it-out exercises, real-world examples, and everything necessary for a Perl novice to start programming with confidence. Introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced o

  9. An iterative method for tri-level quadratic fractional programming problems using fuzzy goal programming approach (United States)

    Kassa, Semu Mitiku; Tsegay, Teklay Hailay


    Tri-level optimization problems are optimization problems with three nested hierarchical structures, where in most cases conflicting objectives are set at each level of hierarchy. Such problems are common in management, engineering designs and in decision making situations in general, and are known to be strongly NP-hard. Existing solution methods lack universality in solving these types of problems. In this paper, we investigate a tri-level programming problem with quadratic fractional objective functions at each of the three levels. A solution algorithm has been proposed by applying fuzzy goal programming approach and by reformulating the fractional constraints to equivalent but non-fractional non-linear constraints. Based on the transformed formulation, an iterative procedure is developed that can yield a satisfactory solution to the tri-level problem. The numerical results on various illustrative examples demonstrated that the proposed algorithm is very much promising and it can also be used to solve larger-sized as well as n-level problems of similar structure.

  10. Beginning topology

    CERN Document Server

    Goodman, Sue E


    Beginning Topology is designed to give undergraduate students a broad notion of the scope of topology in areas of point-set, geometric, combinatorial, differential, and algebraic topology, including an introduction to knot theory. A primary goal is to expose students to some recent research and to get them actively involved in learning. Exercises and open-ended projects are placed throughout the text, making it adaptable to seminar-style classes. The book starts with a chapter introducing the basic concepts of point-set topology, with examples chosen to captivate students' imaginations while i

  11. Probabilistic Fuzzy Goal Programming Problems Involving Pareto Distribution: Some Additive Approaches

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.K. Barik


    Full Text Available In many real-life decision making problems, probabilistic fuzzy goal programming problems are used where some of the input parameters of the problem are considered as random variables with fuzzy aspiration levels. In the present paper, a linearly constrained probabilistic fuzzy goal programming programming problem is presented where the right hand side parameters in some constraints follows Pareto distribution with known mean and variance. Also the aspiration levels are considered as fuzzy. Further, simple, weighted, and preemptive additive approaches are discussed for probabilistic fuzzy goal programming model. These additive approaches are employed to aggregating the membership values and form crisp equivalent deterministic models. The resulting models are then solved by using standard linear mathematical programming techniques. The developed methodology and solution procedures are illustrated with a numerical example.

  12. Evaluation of a Goal-Focused Educational Program in Social Work. (United States)

    Westbury, Ian; Korbelik, John

    Results from an evaluation study of a new masters' program in social work are described. The paper focuses upon the interaction between program goals that are conceived in terms of (1) the need to train social work students in three methods of social work, and (2) the need to prepare students who could address the problems of disorganized urban…

  13. Applying EXCEL Solver to a watershed management goal-programming problem (United States)

    J. E. de Steiguer


    This article demonstrates the application of EXCEL® spreadsheet linear programming (LP) solver to a watershed management multiple use goal programming (GP) problem. The data used to demonstrate the application are from a published study for a watershed in northern Colorado. GP has been used by natural resource managers for many years. However, the GP solution by means...

  14. Goals, data use, and instruction : the effect of a teacher professional development program on reading achievement

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Kuijk, Mechteld F.; Deunk, Marjolein I.; Bosker, Roel J.; Ritzema, Evelien S.

    In this paper, we investigated whether student reading comprehension could be improved with help of a teacher Professional Development (PD) program targeting goals, data use, and instruction. The effect of this PD program on 2nd- and 3rd-grade student achievement was examined using a

  15. Institutional Goal Priorities in Texas: A Look at an Associate Degree Nursing Program. (United States)

    De Leon, John E.

    A study examined the perceptions of four key constituent groups from the Southeast College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program regarding institutional goal priorities. (Southeast College manages the ADN program for the Houston Community College System.) The study involved 23 ADN faculty, 13 college administrators, 128 ADN students, and 5 ADN…

  16. Patients' perceptions of their roles in goal setting in a spinal cord injury regional rehabilitation program. (United States)

    Draaistra, Harriett; Singh, Mina D; Ireland, Sandra; Harper, Theresa


    Goal setting is a common practice in rehabilitation, yet there is a paucity of literature exploring patients' perceptions of their roles in this process. This study was conducted using a qualitative descriptive methodology to explore patients' perceptions of their roles in setting goals in a spinal cord injury regional rehabilitation program. Imogene King's theory of goal attainment was used to frame the study. Data were collected through interviews and analyzed using a content analysis. The results revealed four themes: Visioning, Redefining, Brainstorming, and Rebuilding Participants (n = 13) envisioned their roles as setting an overarching priority goal, defining detailed rehabilitation goals, sharing knowledge with the team, and rebuilding skills to attain goals. Implications for nursing practice include the need to understand patients' experiences and perceptions, share knowledge, and support effective communication to promote collaborative goal setting. A need to enhance health professionals' education to fully understand factors influencing patients' abilities to set rehabilitation goals, and future research in methods to promote patients' engagement in goal setting was also clearly indicated.

  17. Means, goals, and outcomes of a comprehensive occupational health program for telephone operators. (United States)

    Westlander, G


    A means-goals analysis requires a plan with some degree of distinctness, which is worked out beforehand and specifies reasonably clear goals and intended means. This article draws its material from a broadly designed strategy for organizational change that meets these criteria. A service division of Swedish Telecom underwent a program of comprehensive organizational change; major efforts were made to improve the occupational health of 300 telephone operators in manual service operations. Over a full three-year period, a number of specific problems were to be resolved. An independent research team evaluated the implementation of the program prospectively. The team followed an evaluation model in which stringent distinction was made between: (1) action areas, (2) intended specific means, (3) intended immediate goals, and (4) the longer-term favorable effects of achieving these immediate goals. In addition, an attempt was made to interpret and understand the findings of the means-goals evaluation by paying systematic attention to the implementation process and factors that might permit an understanding of the final outcomes of the program. Compared with other efforts to improve telephone operators' work conditions as reported in the research literature, this strategy for the promotion of change is broad and ambitious.

  18. Veterans' pain management goals: Changes during the course of a peer-led pain self-management program. (United States)

    Bauer, Sarah M; McGuire, Alan B; Kukla, Marina; McGuire, Shannon; Bair, Matthew J; Matthias, Marianne S


    Goal setting is a common element of self-management support programs; however, little is known about the nature of patients' goals or how goals change during pain self-management. The purpose of the current study is to explore how patients' goals and views of goal setting change over the course of a peer-led pain self-management program. Veterans (n=16) completing a 4-month peer-led pain self-management program completed semi-structured interviews at baseline and follow-up regarding their goals for their pain. Interviews were analyzed using immersion/crystallization. Analyses revealed six themes: motivation to do something for their pain, more goal-oriented, actually setting goals, clarity of goal importance, more specific/measurable goal criteria, and more specific/measurable strategies. The current analyses illustrate how participants' goals can evolve over the course of a peer-led pain self-management program. Specifically, increased motivation, more openness to using goals, greater clarity of goal importance, more specific and measurable goals and strategies, and the influence of the peer coach relationship were described by participants. Pain self-management interventions should emphasize goal setting, and development of specific, measurable goals and plans. Trainings for providers should address the potential for the provider-patient relationship, particularly peer providers, to facilitate motivation and goal setting. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Veterans' Pain Management Goals: Changes During the Course of a Peer-led Pain Self-Management Program (United States)

    Bauer, Sarah M.; McGuire, Alan B.; Kukla, Marina; McGuire, Shannon; Bair, Matthew J.; Matthias, Marianne S.


    Objective Goal setting is a common element of self-management support programs; however, little is known about the nature of patients' goals or how goals change during pain self-management. The purpose of the current study is to explore how patients' goals and views of goal setting change over the course of a peer-led pain self-management program. Methods Veterans (n = 16) completing a 4-month peer-led pain self-management program completed semi-structured interviews at baseline and follow-up regarding their goals for their pain. Interviews were analyzed using immersion/crystallization. Results Analyses revealed six themes: motivation to do something for their pain, more goal-oriented, actually setting goals, clarity of goal importance, more specific/measurable goal criteria, and more specific/measurable strategies. Conclusion The current analyses illustrate how participants' goals can evolve over the course of a peer-led pain self-management program. Specifically, increased motivation, more openness to using goals, greater clarity of goal importance, more specific and measurable goals and strategies, and the influence of the peer coach relationship were described by participants. Practice implications Pain self-management interventions should emphasize goal setting, and development of specific, measurable goals and plans. Trainings for providers should address the potential for the provider-patient relationship, particularly peer providers, to facilitate motivation and goal setting. PMID:27516437

  20. Enchancing coaches' professional development through a goal setting program : an action research cross-case study


    Erkina, Elena; Kiens, Kristel


    Erkina Elena, Kiens Kristel, 2013. Enhancing Coaches’ Professional Development Through a Goal Setting Program: An Action Research Cross-Case Study. Master’s Thesis in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Department of Sport Sciences, University of Jyväskylä. 115 p. Lack of knowledge and practical training are some of the main barriers for coaches not to use mental training in their everyday practice. Educational programs for coaches should include relevant topics and hands-on experiences to in...

  1. 75 FR 57145 - Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program; Funding Goals for Interest-Free Advances (United States)


    ... Labor Employment and Training Administration 20 CFR Part 606 Federal-State Unemployment Compensation... Administration 20 CFR Part 606 RIN 1205-AB53 Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program; Funding Goals for... advances from the Federal Government for the payment of unemployment compensation (UC) upon the State...

  2. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Goal Programming Technique for Solving Non-Linear Multi-objective Structural Problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samir Dey


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a new multi-objective intuitionistic fuzzy goal programming approach to solve a multi-objective nonlinear programming problem in context of a structural design. Here we describe some basic properties of intuitionistic fuzzy optimization. We have considered a multi-objective structural optimization problem with several mutually conflicting objectives. The design objective is to minimize weight of the structure and minimize the vertical deflection at loading point of a statistically loaded three-bar planar truss subjected to stress constraints on each of the truss members. This approach is used to solve the above structural optimization model based on arithmetic mean and compare with the solution by intuitionistic fuzzy goal programming approach. A numerical solution is given to illustrate our approach.

  3. Financial Statement Management, Liability Reduction and Asset Accumulation: An Application of Goal Programming Model to a Nigerian Bank


    Ajibola Arewa; John Ayodele Owoputi; Lezaasi Lenee Torbira


    This paper examines the management of the financial statement of UBA using goal programming (GP) technique. The data are collected from the annual financial statement of the bank to cover a period of 2007 to 2011. Six goals are identified in the bank: goal (1) (asset accumulation); goal 2 (liability reduction); goal 3 (shareholders¡¯ wealth); goal 4 (earning); goal 5 (profitability); and goal 6 (optimum management of the items in the financial statement). Applying POM-QM Version 3 software, t...

  4. Combating Obesity in the Beginning: Incorporating Wellness and Exercise Principles in Teacher Education Programs (United States)

    Cavallini, M. Felicia; Wendt, Janice C.; Rice, Desmond


    Schools have the potential to foster healthy behaviors among youths through sound health and physical education programs. Teacher candidates who are being certified through teacher preparation programs should take a course on basic wellness and exercise principles, in order to prepare themselves to teach those principles to all school faculty…

  5. Analysis of the efficiency of the linearization techniques for solving multi-objective linear fractional programming problems by goal programming


    Tunjo Perić; Zoran Babić; Maid Omerović


    This paper presents and analyzes the applicability of three linearization techniques used for solving multi-objective linear fractional programming problems using the goal programming method. The three linearization techniques are: (1) Taylor’s polynomial linearization approximation, (2) the method of variable change, and (3) a modification of the method of variable change proposed in [20]. All three linearization techniques are presented and analyzed in two variants: (a) using the optimal va...

  6. "Home Practice Is the Program": Parents' Practice of Program Skills as Predictors of Outcomes in the New Beginnings Program Effectiveness Trial. (United States)

    Berkel, Cady; Sandler, Irwin N; Wolchik, Sharlene A; Brown, C Hendricks; Gallo, Carlos G; Chiapa, Amanda; Mauricio, Anne M; Jones, Sarah


    An examination of the content and processes of evidence-based programs is critical for empirically evaluating theories about how programs work, the "action theory" of the program (West et al. in American Journal of Community Psychology, 21, 571-605, 1993). The New Beginnings Program (NBP; Wolchik et al., 2007), a parenting-after-divorce preventive intervention, theorizes that program-induced improvements in parenting across three domains: positive relationship quality, effective discipline, and protecting children from interparental conflict, will reduce the negative outcomes that are common among children from divorced families. The process theory is that home practice of program skills related to these parenting domains is the primary mechanism leading to positive change in parenting. This theory was tested using multi-rater data from 477 parents in the intervention condition of an effectiveness trial of the NBP (Sandler et al. 2016a, 2016b). Four research questions were addressed: Does home practice of skills predict change in the associated parenting outcomes targeted by the program? Is the effect above and beyond the influence of attendance at program sessions? What indicators of home practice (i.e., attempts, fidelity, efficacy, and competence) are most predictive of improvements in parenting? Do these indicators predict parenting improvements in underserved subpopulations (i.e., fathers and Latinos)? Structural Equation Modeling analyses indicated that parent-reported efficacy and provider-rated parent competence of home practice predicted improvements in the targeted parenting domains according to both parent and child reports. Moreover, indicators of home practice predicted improvements in parenting for fathers and Latinos, although patterns of effects varied by parenting outcome.

  7. Achievement goal orientation patterns and fifth graders' motivation in physical education running programs. (United States)

    Xiang, Ping; McBride, Ron E; Bruene, April; Liu, Yuanlong


    This study examined achievement goal orientation patterns and their impact on student motivation in physical education running programs. Participants included 533 fifth graders. They completed questionnaires assessing their achievement goal orientations, expectancy beliefs, task values, and intentions for future participation in running. They also completed a timed, 1-mile run. Data revealed 4 goal orientation patterns: low task/low ego, low task/high ego, high task/low ego, and high task/high ego. Students in the high-task/low-ego and high-task/high-ego groups demonstrated higher levels of motivation in running than those in the low-task/low-ego and low-task/high-ego groups.

  8. Goal programming for cyclical auxiliary police scheduling at UiTM Cawangan Perlis (United States)

    Mustapar, Wasilatul Effah; Nasir, Diana Sirmayunie Mohd; Nor, Nor Azriani Mohamad; Abas, Sharifah Fhahriyah Syed


    Constructing a good and fair schedule for shift workers poses a great challenge as it requires a lot of time and effort. In this study, goal programming has been applied on scheduling to achieve the hard and soft constraints for a cyclical schedule that would ease the head of auxiliary police at building new schedules. To accomplish this goal, shift types were assigned in order to provide a fair schedule that takes into account the auxiliary police's policies and preferences. The model was run using Lingo software. Three out of four goals set for the study were achieved. In addition, the results considered an equal allocation for every auxiliary police, namely 70% for total duty and 30% for the day. Furthermore, the schedule was able to cyclically generate another 10 sets schedule. More importantly, the model has provided unbiased scheduling of auxiliary policies which led to high satisfaction in auxiliary police management.

  9. Analysis of the efficiency of the linearization techniques for solving multi-objective linear fractional programming problems by goal programming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tunjo Perić


    Full Text Available This paper presents and analyzes the applicability of three linearization techniques used for solving multi-objective linear fractional programming problems using the goal programming method. The three linearization techniques are: (1 Taylor’s polynomial linearization approximation, (2 the method of variable change, and (3 a modification of the method of variable change proposed in [20]. All three linearization techniques are presented and analyzed in two variants: (a using the optimal value of the objective functions as the decision makers’ aspirations, and (b the decision makers’ aspirations are given by the decision makers. As the criteria for the analysis we use the efficiency of the obtained solutions and the difficulties the analyst comes upon in preparing the linearization models. To analyze the applicability of the linearization techniques incorporated in the linear goal programming method we use an example of a financial structure optimization problem.

  10. 8th International Conference on Multi-Objective and Goal Programming

    CERN Document Server

    Tamiz, Mehrdad; Ries, Jana


    This volume shows the state-of-the-art in both theoretical development and application of multiple objective and goal programming. Applications from the fields of supply chain management, financial portfolio selection, financial risk management, insurance, medical imaging, sustainability, nurse scheduling, project management, water resource management, and the interface with data envelopment analysis give a good reflection of current usage. A pleasing variety of techniques are used including models with fuzzy, group-decision, stochastic, interactive, and binary aspects. Additionally, two papers from the upcoming area of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms are included. The book is based on the papers of the 8th International Conference on Multi-Objective and Goal Programming (MOPGP08) which was held in Portsmouth, UK, in September 2008.

  11. Leadership styles and occupational stress among college athletic directors: the moderating effect of program goals. (United States)

    Ryska, Todd A


    The interaction between an individual's abilities and the perceived demands of the workplace appears to make a unique contribution to job-related stress above and beyond that of dispositional or situational factors alone (R. S. Lazarus, 1990). In the present study, the author evaluated this contention among 245 male intercollegiate athletic directors by assessing the combined influence of leadership style and program goals on occupational stress. Regression analyses revealed the presence of both significant main effects and interaction effects of leadership style and program goals in the prediction of emotional exhaustion, daily job stress, and personal accomplishment. Findings are discussed in terms of person-environment fit theory (J. R. P. French, R. D. Caplan, & R. V. Harrison, 1982) and the notion of perceived control within the occupational setting.

  12. Impact of obtaining medications from pharmaceutical company assistance programs on therapeutic goals. (United States)

    Trompeter, Jessica M; Havrda, Dawn E


    Limited data exist regarding whether improved access to medications for indigent persons through pharmaceutical company assistance programs (PCAPs) leads to attainment of therapeutic goals. To evaluate the impact of obtaining medications through PCAPs with pharmacist assistance versus prescription insurance on the likelihood of achieving therapeutic goals. A retrospective chart review was conducted in a private family practice clinic. Individuals prescribed one or more drugs for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, or dyslipidemia and receiving medication through a PCAP or prescription insurance were included. Eligible records were reviewed for pertinent laboratory and medication information and to assess achievement of hypertension, diabetic, and dyslipidemia goals. A total of 458 persons were eligible for inclusion: 250 with prescription insurance and 208 using a PCAP. The PCAP group was older, with more females and multiple disease states. There was no significant difference between the groups in reaching hypertension goals; the goals were not predicted by PCAP, presence of diabetes, or class of drug. More PCAP individuals (67.1%) achieved hemoglobin A1C values less than 7% compared with patients in the prescription insurance group (39.6%; p = 0.002). The PCAP group had lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) values (95.8 +/- 28.0 mg/dL; mean +/- SD) and higher high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) values (40.8 +/- 12.1 mg/dL) compared with the prescription insurance group (111.8 +/- 37.5 mg/dL; p values compared with persons with prescription insurance. The presence of prescription insurance alone does not guarantee reaching therapeutic goals; pharmacist involvement with PCAP and obtaining drugs enhances the likelihood of persons achieving therapeutic goals.

  13. Goals, objectives, and competencies for reference service: a training program at the UCLA Biomedical Library. (United States)

    Walters, R J; Barnes, S J


    The UCLA Biomedical Library, in cooperation with the UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science, offers a medical library internship program for second-year library school students. Goals, objectives, competencies, and training guidelines have been developed for the reference services section of the internship, including reference desk experience, online searching, group discussions, assigned readings, and training new staff members, allows flexibility in meeting the differing interests, needs, and abilities of trainees.

  14. Optimal method of ecological restoration of degraded ecosystem using goal programming (United States)

    Sun, Ling; Zhu, Zesheng


    Ecological restoration of degraded wetland ecosystem can be achieved by planning experts according to ground investigation, but with low efficiencies. We report that satellite sensors, maximizing ecosystem service values and minimizing ecological restoration cost improve ecological restoration efficiency. In particular, linear goal programming (LGP), an optimal programming, improves ecological restoration efficiency by more than 250% in the return on investment of ecological restoration, using TM satellite as area sensors. LGP also enables efficient introduction of optimal management into ecological restoration of degraded wetland ecosystem.

  15. Participatory Goal Programming in Forest Management: An Application Integrating Several Ecosystem Services

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Aldea


    Full Text Available In this study, we propose a procedure for integrating several ecosystem services into forest management by using the well-known multi-criteria approach called goal programming. It shows how interactions with various stakeholders are essential in order to choose the goal programming model applied, as well as some of its basic components (variant, targets, preferential weights, etc.. This methodology has been applied to a real forest management case where five criteria have been selected: timber production, wild edible mushroom production, carbon sequestration, net present value of the underlying investment, and a criterion associated with the sustainability of forest management defined by the idea of a normal forest. Given the characteristics of some of these criteria, such as mushroom production, the model has been developed in two scenarios: one deterministic and another with a Monte Carlo analysis. The results show a considerable degree of conflict between the proposed criteria. By applying several goal programming models, different Paretian efficient solutions were obtained. In addition, some results in Monte Carlo analysis for several criteria show notable variations. This fact is especially notable for the mushroom production criterion. Finally, the proposed approach seems attractive and can be directly applied to other forest management situations.

  16. Stochastic goal programming based groundwater remediation management under human-health-risk uncertainty

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li, Jing; He, Li, E-mail:; Lu, Hongwei; Fan, Xing


    Highlights: • We propose an integrated optimal groundwater remediation design approach. • The approach can address stochasticity in carcinogenic risks. • Goal programming is used to make the system approaching to ideal operation and remediation effects. • The uncertainty in slope factor is evaluated under different confidence levels. • Optimal strategies are obtained to support remediation design under uncertainty. - Abstract: An optimal design approach for groundwater remediation is developed through incorporating numerical simulation, health risk assessment, uncertainty analysis and nonlinear optimization within a general framework. Stochastic analysis and goal programming are introduced into the framework to handle uncertainties in real-world groundwater remediation systems. Carcinogenic risks associated with remediation actions are further evaluated at four confidence levels. The differences between ideal and predicted constraints are minimized by goal programming. The approach is then applied to a contaminated site in western Canada for creating a set of optimal remediation strategies. Results from the case study indicate that factors including environmental standards, health risks and technical requirements mutually affected and restricted themselves. Stochastic uncertainty existed in the entire process of remediation optimization, which should to be taken into consideration in groundwater remediation design.

  17. Efficacy of an Evidence-Based Literacy Preparation Program for Young Children Beginning School (United States)

    Wheldall, Robyn; Glenn, Katharine; Arakelian, Sarah; Madelaine, Alison; Reynolds, Meree; Wheldall, Kevin


    This study aimed to provide evidence regarding the efficacy of an early literacy preparation program, "PreLit", designed to improve the skills of young Australian children. Participants comprised 240 children in eight schools attending their first year of schooling. Children in the four experimental group schools received instruction in…

  18. The neurosciences research program at MIT and the beginning of the modern field of neuroscience. (United States)

    Adelman, George


    The interdisciplinary field, "neuroscience," began at MIT in 1962 with the founding of the Neurosciences Research Program (NRP) by Francis O. Schmitt and a group of US and international scientists - physical, biological, medical, and behavioral - interested in understanding the brain basis of behavior and mind. They organized and held specialist meetings of basic topics in neuroscience, and the journal and book publications over the next 20 years, based on these meetings, helped establish the new field.

  19. Achievement Goals and Their Relations to Children's Disruptive Behaviors in an After-School Physical Activity Program (United States)

    Agbuga, Bulent; Xiang, Ping; McBride, Ron


    This study used a trichotomous achievement goal model to explore and describe what actually happened in terms of students' achievement goals and disruptive behaviors in an after-school physical activity program. Participants included 158 students in grades 3-6. They completed questionnaires assessing their achievement goals and disruptive…

  20. The UCLA reading and writing program: an evaluation of the beginning stages. (United States)

    Eikeseth, S; Jahr, E


    Some individuals with developmental disabilities fail to acquire functional speech despite extensive teaching efforts. To help such individuals develop functional communication skills, a "reading and writing" program was developed. This study was designed to evaluate early parts of the program. Acquisition, transfer, and maintenance of "reading and writing" skills was examined and compared with the acquisition, transfer, and maintenance of sign language. Participants were four children with autism, who scored within the mentally retarded range on standardized tests of intellectual, adaptive, and language functioning, and three 3-year-old non-disabled children. A simultaneous-treatment design was employed to compare the rate of acquisition of "reading and writing" skills to the rate at which the participants acquired receptive and expressive signs. For the participants with autism, acquisition of "reading and writing" was more successful than receptive and expressive signing on all variables assessed. All non-disabled participants acquired all of the "reading and writing" and sign language skills, but participants with autism did not. However, "reading" was acquired slightly quicker by the participants with autism than the non-disabled participants, and the participants with autism also showed some evidence of better transfer and maintenance than the non-disabled participants did.

  1. The Robotic Lunar Exploration Program (RLEP): An Introduction to the Goals, Approach, and Architecture (United States)

    Watzin, James G.; Burt, Joseph; Tooley, Craig


    The Vision for Space Exploration calls for undertaking lunar exploration activities to enable sustained human and robotic exploration of Mars and beyond, including more distant destinations in the solar system. In support of this vision, the Robotic Lunar Exploration Program (RLEP) is expected to execute a series of robotic missions to the Moon, starting in 2008, in order to pave the way for further human space exploration. This paper will give an introduction to the RLEP program office, its role and its goals, and the approach it is taking to executing the charter of the program. The paper will also discuss candidate architectures that are being studied as a framework for defining the RLEP missions and the context in which they will evolve.

  2. On the location selection problem using analytic hierarchy process and multi-choice goal programming (United States)

    Ho, Hui-Ping; Chang, Ching-Ter; Ku, Cheng-Yuan


    Location selection is a crucial decision in cost/benefit analysis of restaurants, coffee shops and others. However, it is difficult to be solved because there are many conflicting multiple goals in the problem of location selection. In order to solve the problem, this study integrates analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and multi-choice goal programming (MCGP) as a decision aid to obtain an appropriate house from many alternative locations that better suit the preferences of renters under their needs. This study obtains weights from AHP and implements it upon each goal using MCGP for the location selection problem. According to the function of multi-aspiration provided by MCGP, decision makers can set multi-aspiration for each location goal to rank the candidate locations. Compared to the unaided selection processes, the integrated approach of AHP and MCGP is a better scientific and efficient method than traditional methods in finding a suitable location for buying or renting a house for business, especially under multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria within a shorter evaluation time. In addition, a real case is provided to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed method. The results show that the proposed method is able to provide better quality decision than normal manual methods.

  3. Understanding the inheritors: The perception of beginning-level students toward their Spanish as a Heritage Language program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Damián Vergara Wilson


    Full Text Available How do students perceive their Spanish as a Heritage Language (SHL program at a large southwestern university? Student perceptions of their language classes may be linked to affective needs and motivation (Tse, 2000 and a resolution of the potential mismatch between the perceptions of educators and students can lead to greater engagement and student satisfaction (Beaudrie, 2015. This study reports on the perspective of beginning-level students in 35 interviews conducted by the authors in order to gain insight into how participants conceive of the SHL program. The findings show that the participants respond positively to and comprehend the value of a pedagogical approach that values students’ home varieties. They also recognize both the social importance and pedagogical potential of exploring bilingual community practices, such as code-switching. The findings support an approach that fosters engagement with the participants’ speech communities as a valuable source of linguistic and cultural input.

  4. Promoting resilience in youth from divorced families: lessons learned from experimental trials of the New Beginnings Program. (United States)

    Wolchik, Sharlene A; Schenck, Clorinda E; Sandler, Irwin N


    This article focuses on the contributions that the program of research on the New Beginnings Program (NBP) has made to understanding pathways to resilience in youth who experience parental divorce. First, the research demonstrating that divorce increases risk for mental health, physical health, and social adaptation problems is reviewed. Next, theory and research linking social environmental-level and youth-level modifiable risk factors and resilience resources to youth's postdivorce adjustment are presented. The conceptual framework underlying the NBP and the risk factors and resilience resources targeted in this program are described next. The short-term and long-term results of two experimental, randomized efficacy trials of the NBP and moderators and mediators of its effects are then presented. Analyses that examine whether youth self-systems beliefs account for the links between program-induced changes in family-level resilience resources and positive long-term program on adaptation outcomes are presented and how experimental trials can be used to further theories of resilience for youth facing adversities is discussed. The final section describes directions for future research on the NBP.

  5. The NASA Materials Science Research Program - It's New Strategic Goals and Plans (United States)

    Schlagheck, Ronald A.


    In 2001, the NASA created a separate science enterprise, the Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR), to perform strategical and fundamental research bringing together physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to solve problems needed for future agency mission goals. The Materials Science Program is one of basic research disciplines within this new Enterprise's Division of Physical Sciences Research. The Materials Science Program participates to utilize effective use of International Space Station (ISS) experimental facilities, target new scientific and technology questions, and transfer results for Earth benefits. The program has recently pursued new investigative research in areas necessary to expand NASA knowledge base for exploration of the universe, some of which will need access to the microgravity of space. The program has a wide variety of traditional ground and flight based research related types of basic science related to materials crystallization, fundamental processing, and properties characterization in order to obtain basic understanding of various phenomena effects and relationships to the structures, processing, and properties of materials. A summary of the types and sources for this research is presented and those experiments planned for the space. Areas to help expand the science basis for NASA future missions are described. An overview of the program is given including the scope of the current and future NASA Research Announcements with emphasis on new materials science initiatives. A description of the planned flight experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station program along with the planned facility class Materials Science Research Rack (MSRR) and Microgravity Glovebox (MSG) type investigations.

  6. Project evaluation and selection using fuzzy Delphi method and zero - one goal programming (United States)

    Alias, Suriana; Adna, Nofarziah; Arsad, Roslah; Soid, Siti Khuzaimah; Ali, Zaileha Md


    Project evaluation and selection is a factor affecting the impotence of board director in which is trying to maximize all the possible goals. Assessment of the problem occurred in organization plan is the first phase for decision making process. The company needs a group of expert to evaluate the problems. The Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) is a systematic procedure to evoke the group's opinion in order to get the best result to evaluate the project performance. This paper proposes an evaluation and selection of the best alternative project based on combination of FDM and Zero - One Goal Programming (ZOGP) formulation. ZOGP is used to solve the multi-criteria decision making for final decision part by using optimization software LINDO 6.1. An empirical example on an ongoing decision making project in Johor, Malaysia is implemented for case study.

  7. The International Geophysical Year: Its influence on the beginning of the French space program (United States)

    Moulin, Hervé


    In 1957-1958, the International Geophysical Year (IGY) was the most important scientific cooperation programme in the World, after the Second World War. Thousands of scientists from 67 countries were involved in this large operation, among them a lot of French scientists. IGY was previously called the IPY (International Polar Year) and France, as many other countries, has been involved in the Arctic and Antarctic regions researches. Everybody knows that the IGY is at the origin of Sputnik and the first launch of Russian and American satellites. But, we know less about the IGY rockets programme itself in which France had intended to participate. This paper will discuss this programme with a special highlight on some aspects of the French participation and their relationship with the IGY programme. This approach arises several questions, such as: Which French scientists have been involved? What was the attitude of the French Government about this program, etc. We focus our analysis on the interrogation: did the IGY have any real influence on the origin of the French space research activities?

  8. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal >1 Year Update >2 Year Update >3 Year Update > ... they often don't know where to begin. This program will introduce you to three Sjögren’s patients ...

  9. A program plan addressing carpal tunnel syndrome: the utility of King's goal attainment theory. (United States)

    Norgan, G H; Ettipio, A M; Lasome, C E


    1. Today's nurse is prepared to address the needs of groups of individuals who share common characteristics or risks (aggregates). Program planning skills and ability to use nursing theory can enhance the nurse's effectiveness in addressing the needs of such aggregates. 2. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries are very costly to industry, both in terms of monetary loss and lost work hours. Such injuries can be reduced in the workplace through careful observation and communication of trends by the nurse. 3. The systems perspective of King's goal attainment theory guided the nurse in problem solving and facilitating the development of a workplace capable of responding to trends as they occur.

  10. Applying a Goal Programming Model to Support the Selection of Artifacts in a Testing Process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreia Rodrigues da Silva


    Full Text Available This paper proposes the definition of a goal programming model for the selection of artifacts to be developed during a testing process, so that the set of selected artifacts is more viable to the reality of micro and small enterprises. This model was based on the IEEE Standard 829, which establishes a set of artifacts that must be generated throughout the test activities. Several factors can influence the definition of this set of artifacts. Therefore, in order to consider such factors, we developed a multicriteria model that helps in determining the priority of artifacts according to the reality of micro and small enterprises.

  11. Application of fuzzy goal programming approach to multi-objective linear fractional inventory model (United States)

    Dutta, D.; Kumar, Pavan


    In this paper, we propose a model and solution approach for a multi-item inventory problem without shortages. The proposed model is formulated as a fractional multi-objective optimisation problem along with three constraints: budget constraint, space constraint and budgetary constraint on ordering cost of each item. The proposed inventory model becomes a multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) problem in fuzzy environment. This model is solved by multi-objective fuzzy goal programming (MOFGP) approach. A numerical example is given to illustrate the proposed model.

  12. Multiobjective Optimization of Aircraft Maintenance in Thailand Using Goal Programming: A Decision-Support Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuttapong Pleumpirom


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to develop the multiobjective optimization model in order to evaluate suppliers for aircraft maintenance tasks, using goal programming. The authors have developed a two-step process. The model will firstly be used as a decision-support tool for managing demand, by using aircraft and flight schedules to evaluate and generate aircraft-maintenance requirements, including spare-part lists. Secondly, they develop a multiobjective optimization model by minimizing cost, minimizing lead time, and maximizing the quality under various constraints in the model. Finally, the model is implemented in the actual airline's case.

  13. Utilizing Secondary Agricultural Education Programs to Deliver Evidence-Based Grain Safety Training for Young and Beginning Workers. (United States)

    Cheng, Yuan-Hsin; Field, William E; Tormoehlen, Roger L; French, Brian F


    Purdue University's Agricultural Safety and Health Program (PUASHP) has collaborated with secondary agricultural education programs, including FFA Chapters, for over 70 years to deliver and promote agricultural safety and health programming. With support from a U.S. Department of Labor Susan Harwood Program grant, PUASHP utilized a Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) process to develop, implement, and evaluate an evidence-based curriculum for use with young and beginning workers, ages 16-20, exposed to hazards associated with grain storage and handling. The primary audience was students enrolled in secondary agricultural education programs. A review of the literature identified a gap in educational resources that specifically addresses this target population. The curriculum developed was based on fatality and injury incident data mined from Purdue's Agricultural Confined Space Incident Database and input from a panel of experts. The process identified 27 learning outcomes and finalized a pool of test questions, supported by empirical evidence and confirmed by a panel of experts. An alignment process was then completed with the current national standards for secondary agricultural education programs. Seventy-two youth, ages 16-20, enrolled in secondary-school agricultural education programs, and a smaller group of post-secondary students under the age of 21 interested in working in the grain industry pilot tested the curriculum. Based on student and instructor feedback, the curriculum was refined and submitted to OSHA for approval as part of OSHA's online training resources. The curriculum was delivered to 3,665 students, ages 16-20. A total of 346 pre- and post-tests were analyzed, and the results used to confirm content validity and assess knowledge gain. Findings led to additional modifications to curriculum content, affirmed knowledge gain, and confirmed appropriateness for use with secondary agricultural education programs. The curriculum has been promoted

  14. The influence of science teacher preparation programs on instructional practices of beginning primary school teachers in Malawi (United States)

    Kalande, Wotchiwe Mtonga

    The purpose of this study was to observe the science teaching practices of six primary school teachers in Standards 5 through 7, to learn about their perceptions of teaching science and to examine whether or not their teaching practices were in keeping with what they were taught during teacher preparation as well as Malawi's educational expectations for primary school science based upon MIITEP (Malawi Integrated In-service Teacher Education Program) handbooks. Three research questions were posited: (a) What is the teacher preparation program for primary teachers in Malawi? (b) What were the instructional practices of the six beginning primary school science teachers who were prepared in the teacher training college programs? (c) What connections were evident between what beginning primary school science teachers were expected to learn and what they demonstrated in the classroom? All of the six participants (5 males and 1 female) had completed MIITEP in the past three to five years. The data sources for these science teachers included a self-assessment form, pre-observation interviews, post-observation interviews, and lesson observations. Data were also gathered from MIITEP handbooks and three science teacher educators who were interviewed. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The study revealed that there were matches, partial matches, and mismatches between what the six primary school teachers demonstrated in their classroom as compared with the Malawi Ministry of Education science teacher preparation expectations. Of particular interest were that science teachers did not fully engage pupils in most of the process skills for science teaching, nor did they utilize a variety of appropriate teaching and learning strategies and materials for teaching science. In addition, allotted time for teaching science lessons was not fully utilized due to, among other factors, time conflicts with other official and community welfare duties, and mixing English with


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vera Devani


    Full Text Available Salah satu alternatif pilihan yang diharapkan dapat meningkatkan potensi produksi tanaman dalam rangka memenuhi kebutuhan pangan adalah pendayagunaan lahan kering. Pada model Linear Programming kendala-kendala fungsional menjadi pembatas bagi usaha memaksimumkan atau meminimumkan fungsi tujuan, maka pada Multi Objective Goal Programming kendala-kendala itu merupakan sarana untuk mewujudkan sasaran yang hendak dicapai. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan pola tanam sayur-sayuran, menentukan kendala sasaran yang dapat dicapai, dan mengetahui sensitivitas terhadap solusi optimum yang telah dicapai. Dari penelitian diperoleh bahwa dengan luas lahan 504 Ha, jumlah tenaga kerja 300 orang, kebutuhan pupuk kandang sebanyak 15.000 kg/Ha, dan kebutuhan pupuk urea sebanyak 350 kg/Ha dapat mengoptimasi pola tanam dengan menanam jenis komoditas sayuran berupa ketimun dan sawi.

  16. Rehabilitation of the Goal of Ignition, Sober Assessments of the Large Machine Approach to Fusion and the Ignitor Program (United States)

    Spillantini, P.; Coppi, B.; Ignitor Collaboration


    Although the value of investigating the physics of plasmas close to or at ignition condition has never been questioned. The ``relevance'' of efforts with this goal has been too frequently passed under silence by supporters of large scale programs that cannot claim this objective. By now studies of the characteristics of ignited plasmas and of the requirements of power producing reactors have led to conclude that operating at ignition is necessary for a practically useful fusion reactor. The confinement scaling laws, that were identified originally when the line of high field compact experiments began to be proposed in order in order to investigate igniting plasmas, have been rediscovered and confirmed. Both ``Damnatio Memoriae'' and ``Renovatio Memoriae'' episodes have occurred in this context as well as in that of the first introduction of high field superconducting magnet technology in fusion research. The record confinement parameters, beginning to approach the ideal ignition conditions, obtained recently by the Alcator C Mod machine have validated the perspectives of success of the Ignitor experiment.

  17. Goal/Completion Abstract. The Wilbur Wright College Environmental Technician Training Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In September 1993 DOE through Argonne National Laboratory awarded Wilbur Wright College a grant to develop an Environmental Technician training program. The primary goals included developing a comprehensive curriculum for the best possible training of environmental technicians as well as the building of a state-of-the-art facility to serve these students. The specific goal of the creation of the Environmental Technology Department was to train participants in identifying, auditing, sampling, and managing hazardous substances, handling in routine use, as well as responding to chemical emergencies, and in minimizing the generation of hazardous waste through pollution prevention. The development of the facilities included a state-of-the-art classroom with projection equipment and satellite connection, a computer lab, and a fully equipped wet science laboratory. The program was intended to make available a range of education options for students. Because of the accomplishments of the Environmental Technology Department, it must be considered a success that continues after the completion of the grant.

  18. Fitting of full Cobb-Douglas and full VRTS cost frontiers by solving goal programming problem (United States)

    Venkateswarlu, B.; Mahaboob, B.; Subbarami Reddy, C.; Madhusudhana Rao, B.


    The present research article first defines two popular production functions viz, Cobb-Douglas and VRTS production frontiers and their dual cost functions and then derives their cost limited maximal outputs. This paper tells us that the cost limited maximal output is cost efficient. Here the one side goal programming problem is proposed by which the full Cobb-Douglas cost frontier, full VRTS frontier can be fitted. This paper includes the framing of goal programming by which stochastic cost frontier and stochastic VRTS frontiers are fitted. Hasan et al. [1] used a parameter approach Stochastic Frontier Approach (SFA) to examine the technical efficiency of the Malaysian domestic banks listed in the Kuala Lumpur stock Exchange (KLSE) market over the period 2005-2010. AshkanHassani [2] exposed Cobb-Douglas Production Functions application in construction schedule crashing and project risk analysis related to the duration of construction projects. Nan Jiang [3] applied Stochastic Frontier analysis to a panel of New Zealand dairy forms in 1998/99-2006/2007.

  19. The Trend of the Extended Program of Immunization (EPI in Iran from the Beginning (1984 to 2013

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zohreh Arefi


    Full Text Available Introduction The extended program of immunization (EPI in Iran is started in 1984, and it played an important and effective role in controlling many infectious diseases in community. The objective of this study was to determine the time trends of vaccination coverage by the type of vaccine among children, in the age group of 0-24 months, in Iran from the beginning of EPI (1984 to 2013. Materials and Methods This study has been conducted as a descriptive analytical research to evaluate the vaccines of extended program of immunization in Iran from 1984 to 2013. The data of this study have been obtained from the World Health Organization and UNICEF. The data of this study included the percentage of coverage for routine vaccines in Iran National immunization program in children, aged 0-24 months. The data analysis has been done by STATA, Version12. Results The coverage of all vaccines has been continuously increased from 1984 to 2013, and now the coverage for all of them is about 99 percent. All coefficients in the regression models are positive and statistically significant (P

  20. Weight-Related Goal Setting in a Telephone-Based Preventive Health-Coaching Program: Demonstration of Effectiveness. (United States)

    O'Hara, Blythe J; Gale, Joanne; McGill, Bronwyn; Bauman, Adrian; Hebden, Lana; Allman-Farinelli, Margaret; Maxwell, Michelle; Phongsavan, Philayrath


    This study investigated whether participants in a 6-month telephone-based coaching program, who set physical activity, nutrition, and weight loss goals had better outcomes in these domains. Quasi-experimental design. The Australian Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service (GHS), a free population-wide telephone health-coaching service that includes goal setting as a key component of its coaching program. Consenting GHS coaching participants who had completed coaching between February 2009 and December 2012 (n = 4108). At baseline, participants select a goal for the coaching program, and sociodemographic variables are collected. Self-reported weight, height, waist circumference, physical activity, and nutrition-related behaviors are assessed at baseline and 6 months. Descriptive analysis was performed on key sociodemographic variables, and the relationship between goal type and change in health outcomes was assessed using a series of linear mixed models that modeled change from baseline to 6 months. Participants who set goals in relation to weight management and physical activity achieved better results in these areas than those who set alternate goals, losing more than those who set alternate goals (1.5 kg and 0.9 cm in waist circumference) and increasing walking per week (40 minutes), respectively. There was no difference in food-related outcomes for those that set nutrition-related goals. Goal setting for weight management and increasing physical activity in the overweight and obese population, undertaken in a telephone-based coaching program, can be effective. © The Author(s) 2016.

  1. The NASA Materials Science Research Program: It's New Strategic Goals and Opportunities (United States)

    Schlagheck, Ronald A.; Stagg, Elizabeth


    In the past year, the NASA s Office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR) has formulated a long term plan to perform strategical and fundamental research bringing together physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to solve problems needed for current and future agency mission goals. Materials Science is one of basic disciplines within the Enterprise s Division of Physical Sciences Research. The Materials Science Program participates to utilize effective use of International Space Station (ISS) and various world class ground laboratory facilities to solve new scientific and technology questions and transfer these results for public and agency benefits. The program has recently targeted new investigative research in strategic areas necessary to expand NASA knowledge base for exploration of the universe and some of these experiments will need access to the microgravity of space. The program is implementing a wide variety of traditional ground and flight based research related types of fundamental science related to materials crystallization, fundamental processing, and properties characterization in order to obtain basic understanding of various phenomena effects and relationships to the structures, processing, and properties of materials. , In addition new initiatives in radiation protection, materials for propulsion and In-space fabrication and repair focus on research helping the agency solve problems needed for future transportation into the solar system. A summary of the types and sources for this research is presented including those experiments planned for a low gravity environment. Areas to help expand the science basis for NASA future missions are described. An overview of the program is given including the scope of the current and future NASA Research Announcements with emphasis on new materials science initiatives. A description of the planned flight experiments to be conducted on the International Space Station program along with the planned

  2. A Nonlinear Goal Programming Model for University Admission Capacity Planning with Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Said Ali El-Quliti


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a nonlinear Goal Programming Model (GPM for solving the problem of admission capacity planning in academic universities. Many factors of university admission capacity planning have been taken into consideration among which are number of admitted students in the past years, total population in the country, number of graduates from secondary schools, desired ratios of specific specialties, faculty-to-students ratio, and the past number of graduates. The proposed model is general and has been tested at King Abdulaziz University (KAU in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the work aims to achieve the key objectives of a five-year development plan in addition to a 25-year future plan (AAFAQ for universities education in the Kingdom. Based on the results of this test, the proposed GPM with a modified differential evolution algorithm has approved an ability to solve general admission capacity planning problem in terms of high quality, rapid convergence speed, efficiency, and robustness.

  3. Goal-Programming-Driven Genetic Algorithm Model for Wireless Access Point Deployment Optimization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen-Shu Wang


    Full Text Available Appropriate wireless access point deployment (APD is essential for ensuring seamless user communication. Optimal APD enables good telecommunication quality, balanced capacity loading, and optimal deployment costs. APD is a typical NP-complex problem because improving wireless networking infrastructure has multiple objectives (MOs. This paper proposes a method that integrates a goal-programming-driven model (PM and a genetic algorithm (GA to resolve the MO-APD problem. The PM identifies the target deployment subject of four constraints: budget, coverage, capacity, and interference. The PM also calculates dynamic capacity requirements to replicate real wireless communication. Three experiments validate the feasibility of the PM. The results demonstrate the utility and stability of the proposed method. Decision makers can easily refer to the PM-identified target deployment before allocating APs.

  4. Combining interactive multiple goal linear programming with an inter-stakeholder communication matrix to generate land use options

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nidumolu, U.B.; Keulen, van H.; Lubbers, M.T.M.H.; Mapfumo, P.


    An Interactive Multiple Goal Linear Programming (IMGLP) model is developed that considers objectives of multiple stakeholders, i.e. different farmer groups, district agricultural officers and agricultural scientists for agricultural land use analysis. The analysis focuses on crop selection;

  5. The effect of an interdisciplinary Greek traditional dance, history, and anthropology program on male and female students' achievement goal orientations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Filippos Filippou


      The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of an interdisciplinary program of Greek traditional dance with issues from history and anthropology on high school students' achievement goal orientations...

  6. The Contributions of Onchocerciasis Control and Elimination Programs toward the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. (United States)

    Dunn, Caitlin; Callahan, Kelly; Katabarwa, Moses; Richards, Frank; Hopkins, Donald; Withers, P Craig; Buyon, Lucas E; McFarland, Deborah


    In 2000, 189 member states of the United Nations (UN) developed a plan for peace and development, which resulted in eight actionable goals known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Since their inception, the MDGs have been considered the international standard for measuring development progress and have provided a blueprint for global health policy and programming. However, emphasis upon the achievement of priority benchmarks around the "big three" diseases--namely HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria--has influenced global health entities to disproportionately allocate resources. Meanwhile, several tropical diseases that almost exclusively impact the poorest of the poor continue to be neglected, despite the existence of cost-effective and feasible methods of control or elimination. One such Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD), onchocerciasis, more commonly known as river blindness, is a debilitating and stigmatizing disease primarily affecting individuals living in remote and impoverished areas. Onchocerciasis control is considered to be one of the most successful and cost-effective public health campaigns ever launched. In addition to improving the health and well-being of millions of individuals, these programs also lead to improvements in education, agricultural production, and economic development in affected communities. Perhaps most pertinent to the global health community, though, is the demonstrated effectiveness of facilitating community engagement by allowing communities considerable ownership with regard to drug delivery. This paper reviews the contributions that such concentrated efforts to control and eliminate onchocerciasis make to achieving select MDGs. The authors hope to draw the attention of public policymakers and global health funders to the importance of the struggle against onchocerciasis as a model for community-directed interventions to advance health and development, and to advocate for NTDs inclusion in the post 2015 agenda.

  7. The Contributions of Onchocerciasis Control and Elimination Programs toward the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caitlin Dunn


    Full Text Available In 2000, 189 member states of the United Nations (UN developed a plan for peace and development, which resulted in eight actionable goals known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs. Since their inception, the MDGs have been considered the international standard for measuring development progress and have provided a blueprint for global health policy and programming. However, emphasis upon the achievement of priority benchmarks around the "big three" diseases--namely HIV, tuberculosis (TB, and malaria--has influenced global health entities to disproportionately allocate resources. Meanwhile, several tropical diseases that almost exclusively impact the poorest of the poor continue to be neglected, despite the existence of cost-effective and feasible methods of control or elimination. One such Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD, onchocerciasis, more commonly known as river blindness, is a debilitating and stigmatizing disease primarily affecting individuals living in remote and impoverished areas. Onchocerciasis control is considered to be one of the most successful and cost-effective public health campaigns ever launched. In addition to improving the health and well-being of millions of individuals, these programs also lead to improvements in education, agricultural production, and economic development in affected communities. Perhaps most pertinent to the global health community, though, is the demonstrated effectiveness of facilitating community engagement by allowing communities considerable ownership with regard to drug delivery. This paper reviews the contributions that such concentrated efforts to control and eliminate onchocerciasis make to achieving select MDGs. The authors hope to draw the attention of public policymakers and global health funders to the importance of the struggle against onchocerciasis as a model for community-directed interventions to advance health and development, and to advocate for NTDs inclusion in the post 2015

  8. Mother-Child Relationship Quality and Effective Discipline as Mediators of the 6-Year Effects of the New Beginnings Program for Children from Divorced Families (United States)

    Zhou, Qing; Sandler, Irwin N.; Millsap, Roger E.; Wolchik, Sharlene A.; Dawson-McClure, Spring R.


    This study examines whether program effects on mother-child relationship quality and effective discipline mediated the 6-year longitudinal effects of the New Beginnings Program (NBP) to improve mental health and competence outcomes in 218 adolescents from divorced families in a randomized experimental trial. The NBP is a theory-based and…

  9. Mysterious Beginnings (United States)

    Pinkcombe, Josie; Ellyn, Tracy


    Introduce students to humankind's mysterious beginnings with a captivating sense of mystery. Low lighting and simple percussion music will add to the mood. Allow students time to leave behind the sunshine of this modern era and crawl through the narrow tunnel of their imaginations into an immense, dark, underground cave. This is, in fact, was what…

  10. Master plan nurse duty roster using the 0-1 goal programming technique (United States)

    Ismail, Wan Rosmanira; Jenal, Ruzzakiah


    The scheduling of nurses is particularly challenging because of the nature of the work which is around the clock. In addition, inefficient duty roster can have an effect on the nurses well being as well as their job satisfaction. In nurse scheduling problem (NSP), nurses are generally allocated to periods of work over a specified time horizon. A typical length of the schedule varies from a few weeks to a month. The schedule will be consistently rebuilt after the specified time period and will result in a time-consuming task for the administrative staff involved. Moreover, the task becomes overwhelming when the staff needs to consider the previous duty rosters in order to maintain the quality of schedules. Therefore, this study suggests the development of a master plan for a nurse duty roster for approximately one year. The master plan starts with the development of a blue print for the nurse duty roster using a 0-1 goal programming technique. The appropriate working period for this blue print is formulated based on the number of night shifts and the number of required nurses for night shift per schedule. Subsequently, the blue print is repeated to complete the annual nurse duty roster. These newly developed procedures were then tested on several data sets. The test results found that the master plan has successfully distributed the annual workload evenly among nurses. In addition, the master plan allows nurses to arrange their career and social activities in advance.

  11. Contribution of Mexico's Universal Immunization Program to the Fourth Millennium Development Goal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vesta Richardson


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To identify and describe 1 progress achieved thus far in meeting the commitments of the Fourth Millennium Development Goal (MDG 4 in Mexico, mainly the contribution of the Universal Immunization Program (UIP over the last 20 years, and 2 new opportunities for further reducing mortality among children under 5 years old. METHODS: An observational, descriptive, retrospective study was carried out to examine registered causes of death in children under 5 between 1990 and 2010. Indicators were built according to the recommendations of the United Nations. RESULTS: In 2010, deaths among children under 5 decreased 64.3% compared to the baseline (1990 figure. Of the total deaths of the children under 5, the neonatal period was the most affected (52.8%, followed by the 1 to 11 months (30.9%, and the 12 to 59 months (16.2% groups. A 34% overall mortality reduction was observed after the universalization of immunization against influenza, rotavirus, and pneumococcus in children under 5. CONCLUSIONS: Despite a significant reduction in under-5 mortality in Mexico over the last 20 years, largely due to the successes of the UIP, several challenges remain, particularly in improving preventive and curative services during pre- and postnatal care.

  12. The nurse scheduling problem: a goal programming and nonlinear optimization approaches (United States)

    Hakim, L.; Bakhtiar, T.; Jaharuddin


    Nurses scheduling is an activity of allocating nurses to conduct a set of tasks at certain room at a hospital or health centre within a certain period. One of obstacles in the nurse scheduling is the lack of resources in order to fulfil the needs of the hospital. Nurse scheduling which is undertaken manually will be at risk of not fulfilling some nursing rules set by the hospital. Therefore, this study aimed to perform scheduling models that satisfy all the specific rules set by the management of Bogor State Hospital. We have developed three models to overcome the scheduling needs. Model 1 is designed to schedule nurses who are solely assigned to a certain inpatient unit and Model 2 is constructed to manage nurses who are assigned to an inpatient room as well as at Polyclinic room as conjunct nurses. As the assignment of nurses on each shift is uneven, then we propose Model 3 to minimize the variance of the workload in order to achieve equitable assignment on every shift. The first two models are formulated in goal programming framework, while the last model is in nonlinear optimization form.

  13. Beginning Hibernate

    CERN Document Server

    Linwood, Jeff


    Beginning Hibernate, Second Edition is ideal if you're experienced in Java with databases (the traditional, or "connected," approach), but new to open source, lightweight Hibernate-the de facto object-relational mapping and database-oriented application development framework. This book packs in brand-new information about the latest release of the Hibernate 3.5 persistence layer and provides a clear introduction to the current standard for object-relational persistence in Java. And since the book keeps its focus on Hibernate without wasting time on nonessential third-party tools, you

  14. Beginning Spring

    CERN Document Server

    Caliskan, Mert


    Get up to speed quickly with this comprehensive guide toSpring Beginning Spring is the complete beginner's guide toJava's most popular framework. Written with an eye towardreal-world enterprises, the book covers all aspects of applicationdevelopment within the Spring Framework. Extensive samples withineach chapter allow developers to get up to speed quickly byproviding concrete references for experimentation, building askillset that drives successful application development byexploiting the full capabilities of Java's latest advances. Spring provides the exact toolset required to build anent

  15. Beginning Hibernate

    CERN Document Server

    Minter, Dave; Ottinger, Joseph


    Beginning Hibernate, Third Edition is ideal if you're experienced in Java with databases (the traditional, or "connected," approach), but new to open-source, lightweight Hibernate, a leading object-relational mapping and database-oriented application development framework.This book packs in information about the release of the Hibernate 4.x persistence layer and provides a clear introduction to the current standard for object-relational persistence in Java. And since the book keeps its focus on Hibernate without wasting time on nonessential third-party tools, you'll be able to immediately star

  16. Optimalisasi Alokasi Penggunaan Lahan di Sub DAS Ambang: Pendekatan Analitikal Hirarki Proses dan Goal Programming (Optimalization of Land Use Planning in Ambang Sub-Watershed: Analytical Hierarchy Process and Goal Programming Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kresno Agus Hendarto


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The purpose of land use planning on a river basin or a watershed is "to promote the accomplishment of service wide objectives and targets" subject to the lands potential and the public's desires. This paper aimed to describe a representative formulation of the analitical hierarchi process and linear programming application and show how it may be modified for goal programming. The purposive sampling was used to collect primary data. From five persons were represented each stakeholders on a watershed. The secondary data was collected from the report of each stakeholders and internet. The results show that goal programing had generated considerable interest as a tool for land use planning in multiple goal situations. It does present problems in terms of somewhat difficult data requirements-linearity in its usual form, possible inferior solutions, and lack of explicit recognition of tradeoffs. Keywords:  ambang watershed, linear program, analytical hierarchy process, goal programming, land use planning

  17. Update on the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III guidelines: getting to goal. (United States)

    McKenney, James M


    Considerable data on the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and treatment of dyslipidemia-induced coronary heart disease (CHD) have accumulated in recent years. These data have been assessed and incorporated into the guidelines of the National Cholesterol Education Program Expert Panel on the Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults (Adult Treatment Panel [ATP] III). A major focus of the new guidelines is the assessment of the near-term (i.e., 10-yr) risk of experiencing a CHD event and matching the intensity of treatment to this risk. Patients with diabetes and those with a greater than 20% 10-year risk of experiencing a CHD event have been elevated to the risk level of CHD equivalent. The ATP III guidelines also modify several lipid and lipoprotein classifications. A low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) level below 100 mg/dl is now considered optimum for all individuals. In addition, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) and triglyceride cutoff points have been modified to reflect more accurately the risk associated with abnormalities in these lipoproteins. As with the previous guidelines, the primary target of therapy remains LDL. Therapeutic lifestyle changes consisting of diet, weight reduction, and increased physical activity should be included in all treatment regimens. Based on their potent LDL-lowering properties and their proven ability to decrease mortality in a variety of patient populations, statins are generally the first choice for pharmacologic therapy. A secondary target of therapy includes non-HDL goals for patients with high triglyceride levels and the metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by abdominal obesity, elevated triglyceride levels, low HDL levels, and insulin resistance. Management of these secondary targets includes weight reduction and increased physical activity, and treatment of the lipid and nonlipid risk factors. Overall, ATP III represents an aggressive approach to treating dyslipidemia

  18. Goal orientations of health profession students throughout the undergraduate program: a multilevel study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kool, A.; Mainhard, M.T.; Brekelmans, J.M.G.; van Beukelen, P.; Jaarsma, A.D.C.


    Background The achievement goal theory defines two major foci of students’ learning goals (1) primarily interested in truly mastering a task (mastery orientation), and (2) striving to show ones competences to others (performance orientation). The present study is undertaken to better understand if

  19. City and County Solar PV Training Program, Module 1: Goal Setting and Clarification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McLaren, Joyce A [National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    This module will help attendees understand nuances between different types of renewable energy goals, the importance of terminology when setting and announcing goals, the value of formally clarifying priorities, and how priorities may impact procurement options. It is the first training in a series intended to help municipal staff procure solar PV for their land and buildings.

  20. Goal orientations of health profession students throughout the undergraduate program : a multilevel study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kool, Ada; Mainhard, Tim; Brekelmans, Mieke; van Beukelen, Peter; Jaarsma, Debbie


    Background: The achievement goal theory defines two major foci of students' learning goals (1) primarily interested in truly mastering a task (mastery orientation), and (2) striving to show ones competences to others (performance orientation). The present study is undertaken to better understand if

  1. The Iraq Community Action Program: USAID’s Agreement with CHF Met Goals, but Greater Oversight Is Needed (United States)


    OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL INSPECTOR GENERAL FOR IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION THE IRAQ COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM: USAID’S AGREEMENT WITH CHF MET...00-00-2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Iraq Community Action Program: USAID’s Agreement with CHF Met Goals, but Greater Oversight Is Needed 5a...for International Development (USAID) has obligated about $276 million to Cooperative Housing Foundation International ( CHF ) to implement the

  2. Supplier selection by Using AHP-TOPSIS and Goal Programming - A case Study in Casumina Rubber Company - Vietnam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chi Ha Thi Xuan


    Full Text Available Suppliers, one of the important factors, directly affect to trade strategy of a company which frequently changed. Evaluating the supplier’s abilities is a required step to select the appropriate supplier who ensure meet the demands of the company flexibly. This paper integrates both MADM and MODM approaches considering quantitative and qualitative techniques to support decision makers select the best solution under criteria and goals suggested by the company in different period. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution method (TOPSIS are used to weigh criteria and obtain total score for each alternative, respectively. In addition, Goal Programming (GP allows defining priorities of goals and conflicted goals as the company expects to achieve. This study combines three methods solving the supplier section issue for Casumina Rubber Company in Vietnam.

  3. Earth education: a new beginning

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Van Matre, Steve


    .... The goal of this book is to "help people improve upon their cognitive and affective relationship with the earth's natural comunities and life support systems, and begin crafting lifestyles that will...

  4. Beginning analog electronics through projects

    CERN Document Server

    Singmin, Andrew


    Analog electronics is the simplest way to start a fun, informative, learning program. Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects, Second Edition was written with the needs of beginning hobbyists and students in mind. This revision of Andrew Singmin's popular Beginning Electronics Through Projects provides practical exercises, building techniques, and ideas for useful electronics projects. Additionally, it features new material on analog and digital electronics, and new projects for troubleshooting test equipment.Published in the tradition of Beginning Electronics Through Projects an

  5. Beginning Drupal

    CERN Document Server

    Redding, Jacob


    A thorough introduction that lessens the learning curve to Drupal development. Drupal is a free, open source modular framework and content management system written in the programming language PHP that carries with it a reputation of a steep learning curve. This guide to Drupal methodically demystifies Drupal and even aims shorten the learning curve. Author Jacob Redding is deeply embedded in the Drupal community, and walks first-time Drupal developers through the installation and configuration of a Drupal system. In-depth information on key areas of Drupal explore the Drupal hook system, Drup

  6. Beginning Objective-C

    CERN Document Server

    Dovey, James


    Objective-C is today's fastest growing programming language, at least in part due to the popularity of Apple's Mac, iPhone and iPad. Beginning Objective-C is for you if you have some programming experience, but you're new to the Objective-C programming language and you want a modern-and fast-way forwards to your own coding projects. Beginning Objective-C offers you a modern programmer's perspective on Objective-C courtesy of two of the best iOS and Mac developers in the field today, and gets you programming to the best of your ability in this important language.  It gets you rolling fast into

  7. Spelling and Spelling Motivation in High School Students with Writing Goals on Their Individualized Education Programs (United States)

    Garbe, Elsie Helene


    This study used a qualitative phenomenological approach within a constructivist paradigm to examine spelling and spelling motivation of four suburban Illinois high school students: two male seniors with LD, one male freshman with ADHD, and one female freshman with LD. The purposes of the study were to determine why students with writing goals and…

  8. School Environmental Health Programs and the Challenges of Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (United States)

    Ana, Godson R. E. E.; Shendell, Derek G.


    The United Nations (UN) mandate of achieving healthful living for all by the year 2015 through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is facing several challenges. In the school environment, and particularly in less developed countries (LDCs), the situation is further strained by both relatively weak infrastructure and competing governmental…

  9. Assessing Medicare's hospital pay-for-performance programs and whether they are achieving their goals. (United States)

    Kahn, Charles N; Ault, Thomas; Potetz, Lisa; Walke, Thomas; Chambers, Jayne Hart; Burch, Samantha


    Three separate pay-for-performance programs affect the amount of Medicare payment for inpatient services to about 3,400 US hospitals. These payments are based on hospital performance on specified measures of quality of care. A growing share of Medicare hospital payments (6 percent by 2017) are dependent upon how hospitals perform under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, the Value-Based Purchasing Program, and the Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program. In 2015 four of five hospitals subject to these programs will be penalized under one or more of them, and more than one in three major teaching hospitals will be penalized under all three. Interactions among these programs should be considered going forward, including overlap among measures and differences in scoring performance. Project HOPE—The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

  10. Outcomes of a 4-year program with higher education and employment goals for individuals diagnosed with mental illness. (United States)

    Schindler, Victoria P; Sauerwald, Camille


    This study examined outcomes of the first four years (2005-2009) of the Bridge Program, an occupational therapy (OT) program that incorporates principles of supported education and supported employment. This program was developed to assist individuals with mental illness to achieve higher education and employment goals. Forty-eight adult participants with various mental health diagnoses. A quantitative one-group pretest-posttest survey design and posttest qualitative focus groups were used. Participants enrolled in higher education increased from 7 to 11 (pretest=15%; posttest=23%), participants employed increased from 5 to 19 (pretest=10%; posttest=40%), and the combined category of higher education/employment increased from 12 to 30 (pretest=25%; posttest=63%) Statistical significance was achieved from pre to posttest in the employment sample (p<0.000), and in the combined sample of higher education/employment (p< 0.000), but was not achieved in the higher education sample from pre to posttest (p=0.125). Quantitative and qualitative results support that an OT program incorporating principles of supported education and employment can assist individuals with mental illness to achieve higher education and employment goals. Results also outlined items participants found to be supports and barriers to achieving goals.

  11. A Survey of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs: Goals, Outcomes, Consumers, Finances, and Changes. (United States)

    Botterbusch, Karl F.; Miller, John W.

    This report discusses the outcomes of a study that examined the present state of 124 community-based rehabilitation programs (CRP) and future trends. Results indicated: (1) the typical CRP served an average of 219 consumers daily and had total revenues of $5.262 million; (2) more than 60 percent of the CRPs offered programs in the following areas:…

  12. An In-Depth Analysis of Learning Goals in Higher Education: Evidence from the Programming Education (United States)

    Xia, Belle Selene


    Previous research has shown that, despite the importance of programming education, there is limited research done on programming education experiences from the students' point of view and the need to do so is strong. By understanding the student behaviour, their learning styles, their expectation and motivation to learn, the quality of teaching…

  13. Implementation of a goal programming model for solid waste management: a case study of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lyeme Halidi Ally


    Full Text Available In this research article, the multi-objective optimization model for solid waste management problem is solved by the goal programming method. The model has three objectives: total cost minimization, minimization of final waste disposal to the landfill, and environmental impact minimization. First, the model is solved for the higher priority goal, and then its value is never allowed to deteriorate. The model is solved for the next priority goal and so on until the problem is solved. The model was tested with real data for solid waste management system from Dar es Salaam city. The results determine the best locations for recycling plants, separating plants, composting plants, incinerating plants, landfill and waste flow allocation between them. Furthermore, the solution shows a high reduction of the amount of waste to the landfill and greenhouse gas emissions by 78% and 57.5% respectively if fully implemented compared to the current system.

  14. Programming and Validation Techniques for Reliable Goal-driven Autonomic Software (United States)

    Dechev, Damian; Rouquette, Nicolas; Pirkelbauer, Peter; Stroustrup, Bjarne

    Future space missions such as theMars Science Laboratory demand the engineering of some of the most complex man-rated autonomous software systems. According to some recent estimates, the certification cost for mission-critical software exceeds its development cost. The current process-oriented methodologies do not reach the level of detail of providing guidelines for the development and validation of concurrent software. Time and concurrency are themost critical notions in an autonomous space system. In thiswork we present the design and implementation of a first concurrency and time centered framework for verification and semantic parallelization of real-time C++ within the JPL Mission Data System Framework (MDS). The end goal of the industrial project that motivated our work is to provide certification artifacts and accelerated testing of the complex software interactions in autonomous flight systems. As a case study we demonstrate the verification and semantic parallelization of the MDS Goal Networks.

  15. The role of siblings in goal achievement in residential child care programs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Martín


    Full Text Available Within the child welfare system, when groups of siblings are placed in residential care it is recommendedto keep them together. The goal of this work is to verify whether keeping groups of siblings together inresidential care is beneficial. The sample was made up of 167 children and adolescents who lived insupervised homes; 105 (62.9% were with siblings and 62 (37.1% were alone. We analyzed the evolution oftheir scores on the monthly goal observation scale of the SERAR (Del Valle and Bravo, 2007. The resultsindicate that, in general, children who are with their siblings obtain more benefits than children who arealone, especially in the dimensions of the residential setting. Nevertheless, when stays are too long, socialinteraction within the residence worsens in the groups of siblings. These results are discussed with regardto prior research and its practical implications.

  16. Scheduling elective surgeries: the tradeoff among bed capacity, waiting patients and operating room utilization using goal programming. (United States)

    Li, Xiangyong; Rafaliya, N; Baki, M Fazle; Chaouch, Ben A


    Scheduling of surgeries in the operating rooms under limited competing resources such as surgical and nursing staff, anesthesiologist, medical equipment, and recovery beds in surgical wards is a complicated process. A well-designed schedule should be concerned with the welfare of the entire system by allocating the available resources in an efficient and effective manner. In this paper, we develop an integer linear programming model in a manner useful for multiple goals for optimally scheduling elective surgeries based on the availability of surgeons and operating rooms over a time horizon. In particular, the model is concerned with the minimization of the following important goals: (1) the anticipated number of patients waiting for service; (2) the underutilization of operating room time; (3) the maximum expected number of patients in the recovery unit; and (4) the expected range (the difference between maximum and minimum expected number) of patients in the recovery unit. We develop two goal programming (GP) models: lexicographic GP model and weighted GP model. The lexicographic GP model schedules operating rooms when various preemptive priority levels are given to these four goals. A numerical study is conducted to illustrate the optimal master-surgery schedule obtained from the models. The numerical results demonstrate that when the available number of surgeons and operating rooms is known without error over the planning horizon, the proposed models can produce good schedules and priority levels and preference weights of four goals affect the resulting schedules. The results quantify the tradeoffs that must take place as the preemptive-weights of the four goals are changed.

  17. Weight Loss Goals among African American Women with Type 2 Diabetes in a Behavioral Weight Control Program


    White, D.B.; Bursac, Z.; DiLillo, V.; West, D.S.


    African American women with type 2 diabetes experience limited weight loss in behavioral weight control programs. Some research suggests overly ambitious weight loss expectations may negatively affect weight losses achieved but it is unknown whether they affect weight loss among African American women. The current study examined personal weight loss goals and expected satisfaction with a reasonable weight loss among African American women with type 2 diabetes starting a behavioral obesity tre...

  18. Optimizing engagement in goal pursuit with youth with physical disabilities attending life skills and transition programs: an exploratory study. (United States)

    Smart, Eric; Aulakh, Adeeta; McDougall, Carolyn; Rigby, Patty; King, Gillian


    Identify strategies youth perceive will optimize their engagement in goal pursuit in life skills and transition programs using an engagement framework involving affective, cognitive, and behavioral components. A qualitative descriptive design was used. Two semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven youth. The first was informed by a prior observation session, and the second occurred after the program ended and explored youths' perceptions of whether and how their engagement changed. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The analysis generated eight strategies youth considered effective. These were categorized under the three components of engagement. Affective strategies: (1) building a relationship on familiarity and reciprocity; and (2) guiding the program using youths' preferences and strengths. Cognitive strategies: (3) assisting youth to envision meaningful change; (4) utilizing youths' learning styles; and (5) promoting awareness of goal progress. Behavioral strategies: (6) ensuring youth access to a resource network; (7) providing youth multiple decision opportunities; and (8) enabling youth to showcase capabilities. Service providers together with youth are encouraged to consider the role of context and self-determination needs in order to optimize youth engagement in goal pursuit. Systematic approaches to studying engagement are necessary to learn how to maximize rehabilitation potential. Implications for Rehabilitation Service providers are encouraged to be aware of the nature of engagement strategies identified by youth. Comprehensive frameworks of engagement are essential to generate knowledge on the range of strategies service providers can use to engage clients in rehabilitation services. Strategies perceived by youth to optimize their engagement in goal pursuit in life skills and transition programs have subtle yet significant differences with strategies used in other rehabilitation settings like mental health and adult healthcare

  19. Scenario Analysis of Web Service Composition based on Multi-Criteria Mathematical Goal Programming


    LiYing Cui; Soundar Kumara; Dongwon Lee


    This paper addresses the web service composition problem considering multi-criteria regarding quality of services (QoS). Three different scenarios of multi-criteria mathematical programming models are explored under the framework of network based analysis in web service composition. This work takes care of the issues pertaining to inputs and outputs matching of web services and Quality-of-Service (QoS) at the same time. The multi-criteria programming models are explored to select the desirabl...

  20. Beginning software engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Stephens, Rod


    Beginning Software Engineering demystifies the software engineering methodologies and techniques that professional developers use to design and build robust, efficient, and consistently reliable software. Free of jargon and assuming no previous programming, development, or management experience, this accessible guide explains important concepts and techniques that can be applied to any programming language. Each chapter ends with exercises that let you test your understanding and help you elaborate on the chapter's main concepts. Everything you need to understand waterfall, Sashimi, agile, RAD, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and many other development models is inside!

  1. Beginning Visual C# 2010

    CERN Document Server

    Watson, Karli; Pedersen, Jacob Hammer


    Update to Wrox's leading C# book for beginners. Get ready for the next release of Microsoft's C# programming language with this essential Wrox beginner's guide. Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2010 starts with the basics and brings you thoroughly up to speed. You'll first cover the fundamentals such as variables, flow control, and object-oriented programming and gradually build your skills for Web and Windows programming, Windows forms, and data access. Step-by-step directions walk you through processes and invite you to "Try it Out," at every stage. By the end, you'll be able to write

  2. The University of Kitakyushu-Tacoma Community College Semester Study Abroad Program: Overview, Goals and Reflections




    Although declining in recent years, the number of Japanese students studying in the United States every year is still over 20,000. According to Open Doors International, in 2009, 24,264 Japanese students spent time studying for some length of time at an American university (2009). Many of these students participated in a program of a semester of less. Recent research (Dwyer, 2004) has shown that while perhaps longterm programs (a semester or more) have a more significant impact on language gr...

  3. The Use of Nanomaterials to Achieve NASA's Exploration Program Power Goals (United States)

    Jeevarajan, J.


    This slide presentation reviews the power requirements for the space exploration and the lunar surface mobility programs. It includes information about the specifications for high energy batteries and the power requirements for lunar rovers, lunar outposts, lunar ascent module, and the lunar EVA suit.

  4. Unifying Program Goals: Developing and Implementing a Writing and Rhetoric Major at Oakland University (United States)

    Ostergaard, Lori; Giberson, Greg A.


    In this critical program profile, the authors provide an analysis of the historical, political, theoretical, and practical circumstances that influenced the development of Oakland University's undergraduate major in writing and rhetoric. Through an analysis of the developmental process and the major itself, this article explores many separate, yet…

  5. Goals, obstacles and effective strategies of wildfire mitigation programs in the Wildland-Urban Interface (United States)

    Margaret A. Reams; Terry K. Haines; Cheryl R. Renner; Michael W. Wascom; Harish Kingre


    The dramatic expansion into the Wildland–Urban Interface (WUI) places property, natural assets, and human life at risk from wildfire destruction. The U.S. National Fire Plan encourages communities to implement laws and outreach programs for pre-fire planning to mitigate the risk to area residents. Starting in 2003, we surveyed the administrators of regulatory and...

  6. Project Hero: A Goal-Setting and Healthy Decision-Making Program (United States)

    Borders, Mira Jane


    Unhealthy coping mechanisms become more widely available to young people during their teenage years. Students frequently choose these unhealthy activities as avenues for dealing with the stress of physical and social changes that confront them during adolescence. For these reasons, a need exists for intervention programs that teach adolescents to…

  7. Reflections on the Galileoscope Program: Goals, Challenges, Achievements, and Future Directions (United States)

    Pompea, Stephen M.; Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.


    The value of an inexpensive telescope that could be constructed and used at night became clear in the planning process for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. In fact, it became a national and international priority to develop such a telescope. Thus was born the Galileoscope project, as it later became known. We tested nearly every department store telescope available and finding them wanting in some major aspect, project members developed and tested a series of prototypes of refracting telescope kits. A key to the project is that the telescope is professionally designed and engineered with its design informed by extensive usability testing to ensure that it can be used easily by people of all ages. The eyepiece has excellent eye relief, for example, so that one can observe with glasses. The primary image quality requirement was that the telescope be good enough to see the rings of Saturn, as well as the Galilean satellites of Jupiter, with a field of view large enough to view the entire Pleiades. The Galileoscope is an ideal telescope to reproduce the observations of Galileo, from any place bright city or dark rural site. For the science classroom, we have developed well-tested educational materials on observing with the Galileoscope and teaching optics with it, available in pdf format on the Web site www. The educational materials are standards-based and appropriate for high school and beginning-level physics classes. Some of the key project decisions will be described and the future directions of the project will be described. This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation Astronomy Division. NOAO is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc. under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation.

  8. An Overview of the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program Subsonic Fixed Wing Project and Ultra High Bypass Partnership Research Goals (United States)

    Hughes, Christopher E.


    An overview of the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Program (FAP) mission and goals is presented. One of the subprograms under the FAP, the Subsonic Fixed Wing Project (SFW), is the focus of the presentation. The SFW system environmental metrics are discussed, along with highlights of planned, systematic approach to research to reduce the environmental impact of commercial aircraft in the areas of acoustics, fuel burn and emissions. The presentation then focuses on collaborative research being conducted with U.S. Industry on the Ultra High Bypass (UHB) engine cycle, the propulsion cycle selected by the SFW to meet the system goals. The partnerships with General Electric Aviation to investigate Open Rotor propulsion concepts and with Pratt & Whitney to investigate the Geared Turbofan UHB engine are highlighted, including current and planned future collaborative research activities with NASA and each organization.

  9. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Continued Oversight Needed as Program Plans to Begin Development of New Capabilities (United States)


    Report to Congressional Committees April 2016 GAO-16-390 United States Government Accountability Office United States Government... Accountability Office Highlights of GAO-16-390, a report to congressional committees April 2016 F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER Continued Oversight...program, transparency will be limited. Therefore, it will be difficult for Congress to hold it accountable for achieving its cost, schedule, and

  10. [Effects of Group Counseling Program Based on Goal Attainment Theory for Middle School Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems]. (United States)

    Jeong, In Ju; Kim, Soo Jin


    The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a group counseling program based on goal attainment theory on self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and school adjustment of middle school students with emotional and behavioral problems. Forty-four middle school students with emotional and behavioral problems (22 in the experimental group and 22 in the control group) from G city participated in this study. Data were collected from July 30 to September 24, 2015. The experimental group received the 8-session program, scheduled once a week, with each session lasting 45 minutes. Outcome variables included self-esteem, interpersonal relationship, and school adjustment. There were significant increases for self-esteem (t=3.69, p=.001), interpersonal relationship (t=8.88, ptheory is very effective in increasing self-esteem, interpersonal relationship, and school adjustment for middle school students with emotional and behavioral problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the group counseling program based on goal attainment theory be used as an effective psychiatric nursing intervention for mental health promotion and the prevention of mental illness in adolescents.

  11. Assessing the twinning model in the Rwandan Human Resources for Health Program: goal setting, satisfaction and perceived skill transfer. (United States)

    Ndenga, Esperance; Uwizeye, Glorieuse; Thomson, Dana R; Uwitonze, Eric; Mubiligi, Joel; Hedt-Gauthier, Bethany L; Wilkes, Michael; Binagwaho, Agnes


    Because of the shortage of health professionals, particularly in specialty areas, Rwanda initiated the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Program. In this program, faculty from United States teaching institutions (USF) "twin" with Rwandan Faculty (RF) to transfer skills. This paper assesses the twinning model, exploring USF and RF goal setting, satisfaction and perceptions of the effectiveness of skill transfer within the twinning model. All USF and RF in the HRH Program from August 2012-May 2014 were invited to participate. An 85-item questionnaire for USF and 71-item questionnaire for RF were administered via Survey Monkey in April and May 2014. Associations among primary outcomes were assessed and factors related with outcomes were modeled using logistic regression. Most RF and USF reported setting goals with their twin (89% and 71%, respectively). Half of RF (52%) reported effective skill transfer compared to 10% of USF. Only 38% of RF and 28% of USF reported being very satisfied with the twinning model. There was significant overlap in the three operational outcomes. For RF, the following factors were associated with outcomes: for effective skill transfer, being able to communicate in a common language and working at a nursing site outside of Kigali; and for satisfaction, 7+ years of professional experience and being part of a male RF-female USF twin pair. For USF, the following factors were associated with outcomes: for setting goals, prior teaching experience; and for satisfaction, experience in low resource settings for one month or less and feeling that HRH promotes a culture of respect. Twinning is the cornerstone of the HRH Program in Rwanda. These findings helped the HRH team identify key areas to improve the twinning experience including better recruitment and orientation of USF and RF, consideration of additional factors during the twinning process, provide language training support, facilitate joint twin activities and cross-cultural training and

  12. A hybrid analytical network process and fuzzy goal programming for supplier selection: A case study of auto part maker

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hesam Zande Hesami


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to present a hybrid model to select auto part suppliers. The proposed method of this paper uses factor analysis to find the most influencing factors on part maker selection and the results are validated using different statistical tests such as Cronbach's Alpha and Kaiser-Meyer.The hybrid model uses analytical network process to rank different part maker suppliers and fuzzy goal programming to choose the appropriate alternative among various choices. The implementation of the proposed model of this paper is used for a case study of real-world problem and the results are discussed.

  13. Mother-child relationship quality and effective discipline as mediators of the 6-year effects of the New Beginnings Program for children from divorced families. (United States)

    Zhou, Qing; Sandler, Irwin N; Millsap, Roger E; Wolchik, Sharlene A; Dawson-McClure, Spring R


    This study examines whether program effects on mother-child relationship quality and effective discipline mediated the 6-year longitudinal effects of the New Beginnings Program (NBP) to improve mental health and competence outcomes in 218 adolescents from divorced families in a randomized experimental trial. The NBP is a theory-based and parenting-focused preventive intervention to help children adjust to divorce, and it has previously shown significant main and/or Program x Baseline Risk interaction effects to reduce adolescents' mental health and social adaptation problems and to promote competence. Mediation analyses were conducted using single- and two-group (high and low baseline risk) structural equation modeling. A multiple-methods and multiple-informants approach was used to assess the putative mediators and adolescents' outcomes. Results indicated that program-induced improvement in maternal effective discipline at posttest mediated the intervention effect on adolescents' GPA at the 6-year follow-up. Moreover, program-induced improvement in mother-child relationship quality mediated the intervention effect on adolescents' mental health problems for those with high baseline risk for maladjustment. The discussion focuses on the implications of the mediation findings for advancing the developmental theories that informed the design of the NBP and the implications for implementation of the NBP in community settings. Copyright 2008 APA, all rights reserved.

  14. Let's Start at the Very Beginning: The Impact of Program Origins and Negotiated Community-University Partnerships on Canadian Radical Humanities Programs (United States)

    Groen, Janet; Hyland-Russell, Tara


    This article examines the community-university partnerships and the planning process of three Canadian Radical Humanities programs: programs that offer university entry-level humanities to adult learners on the margins of society. Examining these three iterations has revealed the significance of program origins, particularly the introduction of…

  15. Optimalisasi Harga Penjualan Perumahan dengan Metode Goal Programming (Studi Kasus: Golden Gindi Residence Kota Bima Nusa Tenggara Barat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilik Ika Rahmawati


    Full Text Available This research aims to determine the minimum selling price of each type of house using the method of goal programming, so that the developer  get profit  in appropriate with the targets set. Goal Programming method is one of the method of solving linear programming to solve the problems that include multiple targets. The result of the research showed: (1 the minimum salling price type of house 36/150 is Rp. 56.371.450,-; (2 type 45/150 is Rp. 77.261.250,-; (3 type 52/150 is Rp. 84.221.445,56. To calculate monthly installment purchase of a home within 5 years and 10 years using Capital Recovery Factor (CRF method with annual interest of 11.5%. In order to obtain the amount of monthly loan installments within 5 years with 60 time installments for the type 36/150 is Rp. 930.250 , type 45/150 is Rp. 1.275.000 and type 52/150 is Rp. 1.389.800. By using the same method obtained the amount of monthly installments within 10 years with 120 installments for the type 36/150 is Rp. 549.900, type 45/150 is Rp. 815.300 and type 52/150 is Rp. 888.800 . Optimal selling price obtained was lower than the selling price from the developer, so the developer need to consider again the results obtained for the salling price of homes. The calculation of credit installments depending on the amount of interest and repayment period, so not become burden for the customers.

  16. Optimalisasi Harga Penjualan Perumahan dengan Metode Goal Programming (Studi Kasus: Golden Gindi Residence Kota Bima Nusa Tenggara Barat

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilik Ika Rahmawati


    Full Text Available This research aims to determine the minimum selling price of each type of house using the method of goal programming, so that the developer  get profit  in appropriate with the targets set. Goal Programming method is one of the method of solving linear programming to solve the problems that include multiple targets. The result of the research showed: (1 the minimum salling price type of house 36/150 is Rp. 56.371.450,-; (2 type 45/150 is Rp. 77.261.250,-; (3 type 52/150 is Rp. 84.221.445,56. To calculate monthly installment purchase of a home within 5 years and 10 years using Capital Recovery Factor (CRF method with annual interest of 11.5%. In order to obtain the amount of monthly loan installments within 5 years with 60 time installments for the type 36/150 is Rp. 930.250 , type 45/150 is Rp. 1.275.000 and type 52/150 is Rp. 1.389.800. By using the same method obtained the amount of monthly installments within 10 years with 120 installments for the type 36/150 is Rp. 549.900, type 45/150 is Rp. 815.300 and type 52/150 is Rp. 888.800 . Optimal selling price obtained was lower than the selling price from the developer, so the developer need to consider again the results obtained for the salling price of homes. The calculation of credit installments depending on the amount of interest and repayment period, so not become burden for the customers.

  17. Designing optimal food intake patterns to achieve nutritional goals for Japanese adults through the use of linear programming optimization models. (United States)

    Okubo, Hitomi; Sasaki, Satoshi; Murakami, Kentaro; Yokoyama, Tetsuji; Hirota, Naoko; Notsu, Akiko; Fukui, Mitsuru; Date, Chigusa


    Simultaneous dietary achievement of a full set of nutritional recommendations is difficult. Diet optimization model using linear programming is a useful mathematical means of translating nutrient-based recommendations into realistic nutritionally-optimal food combinations incorporating local and culture-specific foods. We used this approach to explore optimal food intake patterns that meet the nutrient recommendations of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) while incorporating typical Japanese food selections. As observed intake values, we used the food and nutrient intake data of 92 women aged 31-69 years and 82 men aged 32-69 years living in three regions of Japan. Dietary data were collected with semi-weighed dietary record on four non-consecutive days in each season of the year (16 days total). The linear programming models were constructed to minimize the differences between observed and optimized food intake patterns while also meeting the DRIs for a set of 28 nutrients, setting energy equal to estimated requirements, and not exceeding typical quantities of each food consumed by each age (30-49 or 50-69 years) and gender group. We successfully developed mathematically optimized food intake patterns that met the DRIs for all 28 nutrients studied in each sex and age group. Achieving nutritional goals required minor modifications of existing diets in older groups, particularly women, while major modifications were required to increase intake of fruit and vegetables in younger groups of both sexes. Across all sex and age groups, optimized food intake patterns demanded greatly increased intake of whole grains and reduced-fat dairy products in place of intake of refined grains and full-fat dairy products. Salt intake goals were the most difficult to achieve, requiring marked reduction of salt-containing seasoning (65-80%) in all sex and age groups. Using a linear programming model, we identified optimal food intake patterns providing practical food choices and

  18. Cinder begin creative coding

    CERN Document Server

    Rijnieks, Krisjanis


    Presented in an easy to follow, tutorial-style format, this book will lead you step-by-step through the multi-faceted uses of Cinder.""Cinder: Begin Creative Coding"" is for people who already have experience in programming. It can serve as a transition from a previous background in Processing, Java in general, JavaScript, openFrameworks, C++ in general or ActionScript to the framework covered in this book, namely Cinder. If you like quick and easy to follow tutorials that will let yousee progress in less than an hour - this book is for you. If you are searching for a book that will explain al

  19. Goal Programming for the Improvingof the Planning of the Harvest´s Structure in Sugar Stations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elio David Zaldívar–Linares


    Full Text Available Some Cuban sugar factory are forced every year to grind cane entities away from their natural jurisdiction for take advantage of the standard potential use of milling and fulfill the plan of sugar´s production. This causes the industry get a significant volume of low-quality raw materials. The only way to counter this is to raise the overall quality indicators in set of subordinate entities of the sugar factory. The objective of this paper is to improve the planning of sugarcane harvest considering this issue. To that end a goal programming model was constructed to determine the best harvest´s structure by entities. This model was applied in the Managerial Unit of Base (MUB sugar station “Paquito Rosales” from province Santiago de Cuba and made possible in the planning stages an improvement in economic and industrial indicators close to 5%. 


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vitalii A. Vernikov


    Full Text Available The subject / topic. The relevance of this study is due to the fact that the current strategic goal of Economic Development is to create conditions that will ensure high and stable economic growth of the country and its socio-economic systems. One of the most effective tools for achieving the above goal should be the process of implementation-oriented management in the social and economic systems of the national economy, as they are a key factor in increasing the competitive advantages such as cost reduction, quality improvement, development of new markets, improve the country's image. This article discusses the features of the application program and target planning to company management, is an example of implementing and using techniques "Lean Production" in one of the domestic enterprises using program-target method.The purpose / objectives. The purpose of this article is to justify the strategic priorities of sustainable economic growth and social and economic systems of the national economy.Methodology. Methodological basis of this article are the comparative and economic-statistical methods of analysis.The Results. As part of the presentation of the article the author has been found that in the current climate of uncertainty and risk for Russian business to the fore issues that previously were not so relevant: how to be built business processes; which represent the optimal organizational structure; how to create a functioning system of quality management; what must be done to reduce the unit costs of production without compromising the quality of the products; how to motivate employees to achieve their goals. All of the above it is the projection of the same problem the effective development and implementation of the planned development strategy based on Management by Objectives.Conclusions / significance. Management of enterprises in the real sector of the economy in modern conditions should be based on synergies methodological principles

  1. MOTIVATION: Goals and Goal Setting (United States)

    Stratton, Richard K.


    Goal setting has great impact on a team's performance. Goals enable a team to synchronize their efforts to achieve success. In this article, the author talks about goals and goal setting. This articles complements Domain 5--Teaching and Communication (p.14) and discusses one of the benchmarks listed therein: "Teach the goal setting process and…

  2. IODP New Ventures in Exploring Scientific Targets (INVEST: Defining the New Goals of an International Drilling Program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fumio Inagaki


    Full Text Available The INVEST conference, an international meeting to define the scientific goals and required technology for a new ocean drilling program, was held at the University of Bremen on 22–25 September 2009. Based on the large attendance and vigorous engagement of scientists in the discussion of new science/technology ideas, INVEST was extremely successful. Initially 400 participants were expected, but the INVEST steering and organization committees were thrilled to see a much larger number of scientists flock to Bremen to demonstrate their support and enthusiasm for the continuation of an international scientific ocean drilling program. In all, 584 participants, including sixty-four students, from twenty-one nations and >200 institutions and agencies attended the INVEST conference. Contributions to INVEST included 103 submitted white papers that were posted on the INVEST webpage ( html, and breakout discussions in fifty working groups that focused on a range of topics during the course of the conference. In addition, students and early career scientists, as well as national funding agency managers and platform providers, presented a total of eighty-six posters. Interspersed with the working group and plenary sessions were twelve keynote lectures, chosen to highlight overarching themes and new directions in research and technology.

  3. A goal programming approach for a joint design of macroeconomic and environmental policies: a methodological proposal and an application to the Spanish economy. (United States)

    André, Francisco J; Cardenete, M Alejandro; Romero, Carlos


    The economic policy needs to pay increasingly more attention to the environmental issues, which requires the development of methodologies able to incorporate environmental, as well as macroeconomic, goals in the design of public policies. Starting from this observation, this article proposes a methodology based upon a Simonian satisficing logic made operational with the help of goal programming (GP) models, to address the joint design of macroeconomic and environmental policies. The methodology is applied to the Spanish economy, where a joint policy is elicited, taking into consideration macroeconomic goals (economic growth, inflation, unemployment, public deficit) and environmental goals (CO(2), NO( x ) and SO( x ) emissions) within the context of a computable general equilibrium model. The results show how the government can "fine-tune" its policy according to different criteria using GP models. The resulting policies aggregate the environmental and the economic goals in different ways: maximum aggregate performance, maximum balance and a lexicographic hierarchy of the goals.

  4. Application of Multio-bjective Fuzzy Goal Programming to Optimize Cropping Pattern with Emphasis on Using Conservation Tillage Methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    samad erfanifar


    Full Text Available In this study, the optimal cropping patterns based on individual aims are presented and followed by a multi-objective cropping pattern with emphasize on the use of conservation tillage methods in Darab region presented. Individual goals consisted of maximizing gross margin and food secIn this study, the optimal cropping patterns based on individual aims were presented and followed by using a multi-objective fuzzy goal programming with emphasize on the use of conservation tillage methods in the Darab region. Individual goals consisted of maximizing gross margin and food security and minimizing water consumption and urea fertilizer use. The results showed that in the multi-objective cropping pattern, gross margin and food security increased by 23.5% and 6.1% , while water and energy consumption decreased by 4% and 5.1%, respectively as compared to the current cropping pattern. The fuzzy composite distance improved by %36, as compared to the current condition. Moreover, having replaced the conventional tillage methods with conservation tillage methods in the cropping pattern, the diesel fuel consumption reduced by 27%. Therefore, replacing multi-objective cropping pattern ,on which the conservation tillage methods are emphasized, with the conventional cropping patterns improves economic and environmental conditions. urity index and minimizing water and urea fertilizer.The results showed that in the multi-objective cropping pattern, gross margin and food security index respectively increase by 23.5% and 6.1% and water and energy consumption decrease by 4% and 5.1% respectively as compared to current cropping pattern. The fuzzy composite distance improves by %36 compares to current condition and represents better cropping pattern than the others. Morever in this cropping pattern, conventional tillage method will be replaced by conservation tillage practices, therefore the amount of diesel fuel consumption reduces by 27% that is equivalent to an

  5. Lamont-Doherty's Secondary School Field Research Program: Using Goal-Oriented Applied Research as a Means of Building Comprehensive and Integrated Scientific Understanding (United States)

    Bostick, B. C.; Newton, R.; Vincent, S.; Peteet, D. M.; Sambrotto, R.; Schlosser, P.; Corbett, E.


    Conventional instruction in science often proceeds from the general to the specific and from text to action. Fundamental terminologies, concepts, and ideas that are often abstract are taught first and only after such introductory processes can a student engage in research. Many students struggle to find relevance when presented information without context specific to their own experiences. This challenge is exacerbated for students whose social circles do not include adults who can validate scientific learning from their own experiences. Lamont-Doherty's Secondary School Field Research Program inverts the standard paradigm and places small groups of students in research projects where they begin by performing manageable tasks on complex applied research projects. These tasks are supplemented with informal mentoring and relevant articles (~1 per week). Quantitative metrics suggest the approach is highly successful—most participants report a dramatic increase in their enthusiasm for science, 100% attend college, and approximately 50% declare majors in science or technology. We use one project, the construction of a microbial battery, to illustrate this novel model of science learning and argue that it should be considered a best practice for project-based science education. The goal of this project was to build a rechargeable battery for a mobile phone based on a geochemical cycle, to generate and store electricity. The students, mostly from ethnic groups under-represented in the STEM fields, combined concepts and laboratory methods from biology, chemistry and physics to isolate photosynthetic bacteria from a natural salt marsh, and made an in situ device capable of powering a light bulb. The younger participants had been exposed to neither high school chemistry nor physics at the start of the project, yet they were able to use the project as a platform to deepen their science knowledge and their desire for increased participation in formal science education.

  6. Masters International Program in Natural Hazards: a joint program between Michigan Tech and US Peace Corps begins move to work in Indonesia (United States)

    Rose, W. I.; Carn, S. A.; Waite, G. P.; Gierke, J. S.; Wellik, J. J.


    We are in the seventh year of developing a unique graduate degree program in which each student serves in the U.S. Peace Corps for two years while conducting his/her field research. Our program allows candidates to work on natural hazard mitigation projects in a country where natural hazards are important parts of life. For US students, living abroad provides a vital broadening experience and the Peace Corps emphasis on social context adds cultural understanding to their hazards work. Up until now, we have mostly worked in Central America, and 33 students have enrolled in the program. The greatest focus to date has been in Volcanic Hazards, including slope stability and debris flows, and our work is fostering long-term infrastructure-building relationships with partner agencies within the 8 countries where we have worked. This year we sent a student (Jay Wellik) to a Peace Corps site in East Java, Indonesia where he will work with schools in his village and commute weekly to the Raung Observatory Post to work with CVGHM scientists on volcano seismology and public outreach projects.. We recruit 4-6 new students each year, and we hope more will soon be in Indonesia as Peace Corps expands their new program in that country. Although the Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI) students must be US citizens, we also have regular undergraduate and graduate (MS and PhD) degree students in geology, geological engineering and geophysics who come from all over the world. We are especially interested in people from partner Peace Corps countries. Annually our natural-hazards group consists of 5 faculty, 2 post-doctoral researchers, several Ph.D and traditional M.S. students, 12 PCMI students, and roughly 20 undergraduate students. Support for our program has come from NSF and we have also benefitted from a supportive cooperation with USGS VDAP. In the past two years we have built a complementary dual degree partnership with the Université Blaise-Pascal, Clermont Ferrand

  7. An enhanced reliability-oriented workforce planning model for process industry using combined fuzzy goal programming and differential evolution approach (United States)

    Ighravwe, D. E.; Oke, S. A.; Adebiyi, K. A.


    This paper draws on the "human reliability" concept as a structure for gaining insight into the maintenance workforce assessment in a process industry. Human reliability hinges on developing the reliability of humans to a threshold that guides the maintenance workforce to execute accurate decisions within the limits of resources and time allocations. This concept offers a worthwhile point of deviation to encompass three elegant adjustments to literature model in terms of maintenance time, workforce performance and return-on-workforce investments. These fully explain the results of our influence. The presented structure breaks new grounds in maintenance workforce theory and practice from a number of perspectives. First, we have successfully implemented fuzzy goal programming (FGP) and differential evolution (DE) techniques for the solution of optimisation problem in maintenance of a process plant for the first time. The results obtained in this work showed better quality of solution from the DE algorithm compared with those of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimisation algorithm, thus expressing superiority of the proposed procedure over them. Second, the analytical discourse, which was framed on stochastic theory, focusing on specific application to a process plant in Nigeria is a novelty. The work provides more insights into maintenance workforce planning during overhaul rework and overtime maintenance activities in manufacturing systems and demonstrated capacity in generating substantially helpful information for practice.

  8. Solving a multi-objective location routing problem for infectious waste disposal using hybrid goal programming and hybrid genetic algorithm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narong Wichapa


    Full Text Available Infectious waste disposal remains one of the most serious problems in the medical, social and environmental domains of almost every country. Selection of new suitable locations and finding the optimal set of transport routes for a fleet of vehicles to transport infectious waste material, location routing problem for infectious waste disposal, is one of the major problems in hazardous waste management. Determining locations for infectious waste disposal is a difficult and complex process, because it requires combining both intangible and tangible factors. Additionally, it depends on several criteria and various regulations. This facility location problem for infectious waste disposal is complicated, and it cannot be addressed using any stand-alone technique. Based on a case study, 107 hospitals and 6 candidate municipalities in Upper-Northeastern Thailand, we considered criteria such as infrastructure, geology and social & environmental criteria, evaluating global priority weights using the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (Fuzzy AHP. After that, a new multi-objective facility location problem model which hybridizes fuzzy AHP and goal programming (GP, namely the HGP model, was tested. Finally, the vehicle routing problem (VRP for a case study was formulated, and it was tested using a hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA which hybridizes the push forward insertion heuristic (PFIH, genetic algorithm (GA and three local searches including 2-opt, insertion-move and interexchange-move. The results show that both the HGP and HGA can lead to select new suitable locations and to find the optimal set of transport routes for vehicles delivering infectious waste material. The novelty of the proposed methodologies, HGP, is the simultaneous combination of relevant factors that are difficult to interpret and cost factors in order to determine new suitable locations, and HGA can be applied to determine the transport routes which provide a minimum number of vehicles

  9. The impact of goal attainment on behavioral and mediating variables among low income women participating in an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program intervention study. (United States)

    Cullen, Karen Weber; Thompson, Deborah I; Scott, Amanda R; Lara-Smalling, Agueda; Watson, Kathleen B; Konzelmann, Karen


    This study examined the relationships between participant goal attainment and changes in mediating variables and food choice outcomes from a modified curriculum for the Texas Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) promoting healthy home food environments and parenting skills related to obesity prevention. EFNEP participants in 54 intervention classes received a goal sheet after each of 6 classes. Participants recorded goal attainment and returned at the next class, Diet and mediating variables were measured at baseline, immediate post, and 4 months later. Mixed model regression analysis over time assessed whether goal attainment was associated with the outcomes at post or follow-up, controlling for baseline assessment. Participants who reported attaining more goals reported greater self-efficacy for planning/encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption and making fruit and vegetables available, menu planning skills, improvement in the food preparation practices and higher home availability for regular vegetables. At post, those who reported attaining more fiber, vegetable, and water goals reported consuming more of these items. Goal attainment was related to some changes in food choice and mediating variables in an at risk population. Further research into the use and efficacy of goal setting and attainment in this population is warranted.

  10. Goal Definition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjørn, Anders; Laurent, Alexis; Owsianiak, Mikołaj


    The goal definition is the first phase of an LCA and determines the purpose of a study in detail. This chapter teaches how to perform the six aspects of a goal definition: (1) Intended applications of the results, (2) Limitations due to methodological choices, (3) Decision context and reasons for...

  11. School Readiness Goal Begins with Health Care Reform. (United States)

    Penning, Nick


    Currently 59 bills are awaiting Congressional action. Meanwhile, a national coalition of economists and medical specialists (the National Leadership Coalition for Health Care Reform) are circulating a sensible consensus health reform plan proposing national practice guidelines; universal health care access; and efficient cost control, delivery,…

  12. NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program's 2016 Projects that Work Towards Stratefic Goals to Reduce Fishing Impacts on Coral (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2016 the following projects will take place to work towards CRCP's strategic goals to reduce fishing impacts on coral reefs Building GIS Long-term Capacity:...

  13. Weight loss goals among African-American women with type 2 diabetes in a behavioral weight control program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    White, Della B; Bursac, Zoran; Dilillo, Vicki; West, Delia S


    .... The current study examined personal weight loss goals and expected satisfaction with a reasonable weight loss among African-American women with type 2 diabetes starting a behavioral obesity treatment...

  14. The impact of goal attainment on behavioral and mediating variables among low income women participating in an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program intervention study (United States)

    This study examined the relationships between participant goal attainment, and changes in mediating variables, and food choice outcomes from a modified curriculum for the Texas Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), promoting healthy home food environments and parenting skills relate...

  15. İzmirde Kurulu Bir Plastik İşletmesinde Karar Vericinin Optimal Hedeflere Odaklanmasında Toplamsal Model Tabanlı Bulanık Hedef Programlama (An Additive Model Based Fuzzy Goal Programming Allows Decision Makers to Focus On Optimal Goals in A Plastic Factory Which Is Established in Izmir

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet AKDENİZ


    Full Text Available As known; goal programming, which is a type of multi-objective programming that its priority is satisfaction and based on optimization, allows decision maker to design an optimal system. Hence; a solution set provides simultaneous satisfactory is determined. Fuzzy goal programming model is analyzed in two different forms with respect to objective preemptive priority structure. In the first form, an importance level of preferences is specified quantitatively. In the second form, preference priority is added to model as linguistic information.In fuzzy goal programming; additive model which is adapted to mentioned two forms is developed by Tiwari, Dharmar and Rao (1987. Goal programming based on more satisfaction instead of optimization. Thus, using of fuzzy logic in this area is appealing. Goal programming approaches based on fuzzy logic is developed by the time of progress and every approach is aimed at getting better models. A model that allows preemptive priority in fuzzy goal programming in order to reach maximum membership and makes its solution to one structural problem is developed by Chen and Tsai (2001. Additive model which is proposed by Chen and Tsai allows for making desired success of level for every fuzzy goal by a decision maker. Thus, relative importance of these goals is stated clearly. In this paper, additive model used in fuzzy goal programming applied to plastic factory which is established in Izmir. The relationship between goals of production planning chief and model outputs is evaluated and presented.

  16. A randomized trial comparing structured and lifestyle goals in an internet-mediated walking program for people with type 2 diabetes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fortlage Laurie A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The majority of individuals with type 2 diabetes do not exercise regularly. Pedometer-based walking interventions can help; however, pedometer-based interventions targeting only total daily accumulated steps might not yield the same health benefits as physical activity programs specifying a minimum duration and intensity of physical activity bouts. Methods This pilot randomized trial compared two goal-setting strategies: 1 lifestyle goals targeting total daily accumulated step counts and 2 structured goals targeting bout steps defined as walking that lasts for 10 minutes or longer at a pace of at least 60 steps per minute. We sought to determine which goal-setting strategy was more effective at increasing bout steps. Participants were sedentary adults with type 2 diabetes. All participants: wore enhanced pedometers with embedded USB ports; uploaded detailed, time-stamped step-count data to a website called Stepping Up to Health; and received automated step-count feedback, automatically calculated goals, and tailored motivational messages throughout the six-week intervention. Only the automated goal calculations and step-count feedback differed between the two groups. The primary outcome of interest was increase in steps taken during the previously defined bouts of walking (lasting at least 10 minutes or longer at a pace of at least 60 steps per minute between baseline and end of the intervention. Results Thirty-five participants were randomized and 30 (86% completed the pilot study. Both groups significantly increased bout steps, but there was no statistically significant difference between groups. Among study completers, bout steps increased by 1921 ± 2729 steps a day. Those who received lifestyle goals were more satisfied with the intervention (p = 0.006 and wore the pedometer more often (p Conclusion In this six-week intervention, Lifestyle Goals group participants achieved increases in bout steps comparable to the

  17. Goal Definition

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjørn, Anders; Laurent, Alexis; Owsianiak, Mikołaj


    The goal definition is the first phase of an LCA and determines the purpose of a study in detail. This chapter teaches how to perform the six aspects of a goal definition: (1) Intended applications of the results, (2) Limitations due to methodological choices, (3) Decision context and reasons for......-JRC in European Commission—Joint Research Centre—Institute for Environment and Sustainability: International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook—General Guide for Life Cycle Assessment—Detailed Guidance. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg 2010).......The goal definition is the first phase of an LCA and determines the purpose of a study in detail. This chapter teaches how to perform the six aspects of a goal definition: (1) Intended applications of the results, (2) Limitations due to methodological choices, (3) Decision context and reasons...

  18. Vaccines for Children: Reexamination of Program Goals and Implementation Needed to Ensure Vaccination. Report to Congressional Requesters. (United States)

    General Accounting Office, Washington, DC. Program Evaluation and Methodology Div.

    This report presents: (1) a review of the evidence that vaccine cost has prevented children from being immunized on time; (2) an evaluation of the implementation of the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program, including whether this program, as implemented, is likely to meet the needs of the under-immunized children; and (3) some options for improving…

  19. Classification and Prioritization of Strategic Plans in Balanced Score Card (BSC Model by Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment and Zero-One Goal Programming (ZOGP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    mehdi pourmostafa


    Full Text Available Due to continuous changes in organizational environment, there is no warranty for long term survival in the market. Currently, those organizations can succeed that are agile and able to rapidly respond to environmental requirements. In this research a model has been proposed for applying proper strategies for achieving long term organizational success. The proposed model is an integration of Balanced Score Card (BSC approach, Fuzzy Quality Function Development (FQFD and Zero-One Goal Programming (ZOGP. In fact by BSC, appropriate strategic plans can be designed and prioritized by FQFD. Then, based on multiple objectives and existing problem constraints, feasible strategic plans are identified by ZOGP. Findings imply that decision making techniques can be well utilized in designing BSC through a structured methodology make improvement in all aspects and have a positive influence on organization's performance in long term .   Keywords : B alanced Score Card , Fuzzy Quality Function Development, Zero-One Goal Programming, Strategic plans

  20. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... with Sjögren’s, they often don't know where to begin. This program will introduce you to three Sjögren’s patients who will share their journey ... there, we hope you will have a place to begin as you develop a partnership and treatment ...

  1. Using a modified Learning Potential Assessment Device and Mediated Learning Experiences to Assess Minority Student Progress and Program Goals in an Undergraduate Research Based Geoscience Program Serving American Indians (United States)

    Mitchell, L. W.


    During the initiation of a new program at the University of North Dakota designed to promote American Indians to engage in geoscience research and complete geoscience related degrees, an evaluation procedure utilizing a modified Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD) and Mediated Learning Experiences (MLE) to assess minority student progress was implemented. The program, called Indians Into Geosciences (INGEOS), utilized a modified form of the Learning Potential Assessment Device first to assess cultural factors, determination, and other baseline information, and second, utilized a series of Mediated Learning Experiences to enhance minority students' opportunities in a culturally appropriate, culturally diverse, and scientifically challenging manner in an effort to prepare students for competitive research careers in the geosciences. All of the LPADs and MLEs corresponded directly to the three goals or eight objectives of INGEOS. The three goals of the INGEOS program are: 1) increasing the number of American Indians earning degrees at all levels, 2) engaging American Indians in challenging and technically based scientific research, and 3) preparing American Indians for successful geoscience careers through multicultural community involvement. The eight objectives of the INGEOS program, called the Eight Points of Success, are: 1) spiritual health, 2) social health, 3) physical health, 4) mental health, 5) financial management, 6) research involvement, 7) technical exposure, and 8) multicultural community education. The INGEOS program goals were evaluated strictly quantitatively utilizing a variety of data sources such as grade point averages, number of credits earned, research project information, and developed products. The INGEOS Program goals reflected a combined quantitative score of all participants, whereas the objectives reflected qualitative measures and are specific for each INGEOS participant. Initial results indicate that those participants which

  2. Hydrogen program overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gronich, S. [Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC (United States). Office of Utility Technologies


    This paper consists of viewgraphs which summarize the following: Hydrogen program structure; Goals for hydrogen production research; Goals for hydrogen storage and utilization research; Technology validation; DOE technology validation activities supporting hydrogen pathways; Near-term opportunities for hydrogen; Market for hydrogen; and List of solicitation awards. It is concluded that a full transition toward a hydrogen economy can begin in the next decade.

  3. Effect of goal attainment theory based education program on cardiovascular risks, behavioral modification, and quality of life among patients with first episode of acute myocardial infarction: Randomized study. (United States)

    Park, Moonkyoung; Song, Rhayun; Jeong, Jin-Ok


    Effect of goal-attainment-theory-based education program on cardiovascular risks, behavioral modification, and quality of life among patients with first episode of acute myocardial infarction: randomized study BACKGROUND: The behavioral modification strategies should be explored at the time of admission to lead the maximum effect of cardiovascular risk management. This randomized study aimed to elucidate the effects of a nurse-led theory-based education program in individuals with a first episode of acute myocardial infarction on cardiovascular risks, health behaviors, and quality of life over 6 months. The study involved a convenience sample of 64 patients with acute myocardial infarction who were randomly assigned to either the education group or the control group. The goal-attainment-based education program was designed to set the mutually agreed goals of risk management and the behavioral modification strategies for achieving those goals. Those in the control group received routine management only. The participants in both groups were contacted at 6-8 weeks and at 6 months after discharge to measure outcome variables. Repeated measure ANOVA was conducted using SPSSWIN (version 20.0) to determine the significance of differences in outcome variables over 6 months between the groups. Both groups showed significant positive changes in cardiovascular risks, health behaviors, and quality of life over 6 months. The 2-year risk of cardiovascular disease was significantly reduced in both study groups, but with no significant interaction effect (F=2.01, p=0.142). The performance and maintenance of health behaviors (F=3.75, p=0.029) and the mental component of quality of life (F=4.03, p=0.020) were significantly better in the education group than the control group. Applying a goal-oriented education program at an early stage of hospital management improved and maintained blood glucose, health behaviors, and mental component of the quality of life up to six months in

  4. Beginning CouchDB

    CERN Document Server

    Lennon, Joe


    The new world of cloud computing needs data storage. CouchDB is the scalable, portable, simple database engine that is helping open source cloud architects put their data stores onto a firm foundation. Beginning CouchDB provides the tools to begin using this very powerful database engine without having to pay license fees for the software, or worry about administrator's certifications or vast hardware requirements. This book teaches the fundamentals of one of the most powerful database engines ever created for the price of a good lunch. After reading this book and working through the examples,

  5. Beginning Oracle SQL

    CERN Document Server

    DeHaan, Lex; Gorman, Tim; Jorgensen, Inger; Fink, Daniel


    Beginning Oracle SQL is your introduction to the interactive query tools and specific dialect of SQL used with Oracle Database. The book is a revision of the classic Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus by Lex de Haan, and has been updated to cover the very latest developments in Oracle's version of the SQL query language. Written in an easygoing and example-based style, Beginning Oracle SQL is the book that will get you started down the path to successfully writing SQL statements and getting results from Oracle Database. * Takes an example-based approach, with clear and authoritative explanation

  6. Beginning Ubuntu Linux

    CERN Document Server

    Raggi, Emilio; Channelle, Andy; Parsons, Trevor; Van Vugt, Sander


    Ubuntu Linux is the fastest growing Linux-based operating system, and Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Fifth Edition teaches all of us - including those who have never used Linux - how to use it productively, whether you come from Windows or the Mac or the world of open source. Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Fifth Edition shows you how to take advantage of the newest Ubuntu release, Lucid Lynx. Based on the best-selling previous edition, Emilio Raggi maintains a fine balance between teaching Ubuntu and introducing new features. Whether you aim to use it in the home or in the office, you'll be introduced to th

  7. Beginning Rails 3

    CERN Document Server

    Barazi, Rida Al


    Beginning Rails 3 is the practical starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to build dynamic web applications using the latest release of the Rails framework for Ruby. You'll learn how all of the components of Rails fit together and how you can leverage them to create sophisticated web applications with less code and more joy. This book is particularly well suited to those with little or no experience with web application development, or who have some experience but are new to Rails. Beginning Rails 3 assumes basic familiarity with web terms and technologies, but doesn't require you to b

  8. Beginning ASPNET Security

    CERN Document Server

    Dorrans, Barry


    Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 Security is geared for novice to intermediate ASP.NET programmers who wish to protect and defend their web sites against attack and exploitation. Beginning with a discussion of why we need security and the things that may occur when it is ignored and an overview of how ASP.NET works, readers are taken through the common steps in developing a web site, the security problems each area exposes and how these can be exploited. Visual Studio Security MVP Barry Dorrans teaches readers how they can defend their applications using the standard .NET framework, industry patterns and

  9. "Finnish embryo transfer breeding program ""ASMO"": description of the goals and a summary of the results of initial selection"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In 1990 the organizations responsible for Finnish dairy breeding established an open nucleus multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET breeding program called ASMO. The aim was, besides to test effectiveness of MOET, to improve the protein to fat ratio in milk produced by Finnish Ayrshires but without sacrificing the progress in protein yield. The relative weights of traits were such that equal importance was assigned to protein % and protein yield. Negative weight was assigned to fat % to ensure it remained unaltered. The MOET work continued until 1994 after which the performance of selected animals has been monitored. During the five years the scheme operated, 276 cows were flushed for embryos, and 2751 embryos were recovered, of which 1810 were transferable. More than 1600 embryos were transferred to recipients, and 813 calves were born. Eighty bull calves were sold for the artificial insemination test scheme. In December 1995 the first 125 ET daughters were evaluated with the national animal model program. Their mean estimated breeding values (EBVs were +0.13 for protein % and -0.18 for fat % compared with the genetic base of progeny tested sires born in 1986-1988, and the protein yield EBVs were 12 kg above the genetic base. Despite the efficiency of selection, the program was discontinued in 1994. Due to the difficulty of maintaining sufficient control over donor animals, there were fewer than expected embryos per flush and also too few flushes per donor.;

  10. Beginning to edit physics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Murphy, P.W.


    A physicist-turned-editor shows you the basics required for copyediting physics papers (physical quantities, symbols, units, scientific notation, the structure of mathematical expressions, the nature of graphs), and points the way to learning enough ``editorial physics`` to begin substantive editing.










  14. Health Begins at Home

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Clean and well-maintained homes can prevent many illnesses and injuries. This podcast discusses how good health begins at home.  Created: 3/30/2009 by Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention (CCEHIP).   Date Released: 3/30/2009.

  15. Teaching Approaches of Beginning Teachers for Jewish Studies in Israeli "Mamlachti" Schools: A Case Study of a Jewish Education Teachers' Training Program for Outstanding Students (United States)

    Katzin, Ori


    This article presents findings from a longitudinal qualitative study that examined teaching approaches of neophyte teachers in Israel during their 4-year exclusive teachers' training program for teaching Jewish subjects and first two years of teaching. The program wanted to promote change in secular pupils' attitudes toward Jewish subjects. We…

  16. Analysis of the Multi Strategy Goal Programming for Micro-Grid Based on Dynamic ant Genetic Algorithm (United States)

    Qiu, J. P.; Niu, D. X.

    Micro-grid is one of the key technologies of the future energy supplies. Take economic planning. reliability, and environmental protection of micro grid as a basis for the analysis of multi-strategy objective programming problems for micro grid which contains wind power, solar power, and battery and micro gas turbine. Establish the mathematical model of each power generation characteristics and energy dissipation. and change micro grid planning multi-objective function under different operating strategies to a single objective model based on AHP method. Example analysis shows that in combination with dynamic ant mixed genetic algorithm can get the optimal power output of this model.

  17. International Learning through an Organised Study Abroad Program: Goals, Processes and Effects of an Organised Study Program in the United States of America. Report of an Evaluation Research. (United States)

    Dekker, Henk; Oostindie, Marga

    This book presents a report of an evaluative study of an organized study abroad program. The problem addressed in this study is: what is the value of the United States of America/Netherlands Social Studies Student-Teachers Exchange Program 1987 with respect to both product and process? A preliminary literature study about internationalization of…

  18. Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace

    CERN Document Server

    Perez, Darrin


    Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace takes you through the process of using the RPG Maker VX Ace game development engine to create your very own role playing game. The book has been designed with the complete beginner in mind who has little to no experience with the engine. Tutorials and exercises will take you from installing the software to putting the final touches upon your first project. Game design can be quite a daunting challenge, as it generally involves a large amount of programming know-how on top of having to plan everything out that makes a good game what it is. RPG Maker VX Ace

  19. Beginning algebra a textworkbook

    CERN Document Server

    McKeague, Charles P


    Beginning Algebra: A Text/Workbook, Second Edition focuses on the principles, operations, and approaches involved in algebra. The publication first elaborates on the basics, linear equations and inequalities, and graphing and linear systems. Discussions focus on solving linear systems by graphing, elimination method, graphing ordered pairs and straight lines, linear and compound inequalities, addition and subtraction of real numbers, and properties of real numbers. The text then examines exponents and polynomials, factoring, and rational expressions. Topics include multiplication and division

  20. Beginning partial differential equations

    CERN Document Server

    O'Neil, Peter V


    A broad introduction to PDEs with an emphasis on specialized topics and applications occurring in a variety of fields Featuring a thoroughly revised presentation of topics, Beginning Partial Differential Equations, Third Edition provides a challenging, yet accessible,combination of techniques, applications, and introductory theory on the subjectof partial differential equations. The new edition offers nonstandard coverageon material including Burger's equation, the telegraph equation, damped wavemotion, and the use of characteristics to solve nonhomogeneous problems. The Third Edition is or

  1. Beginnings and Endings


    Young, John


    This paper attempts to outline a framework for understanding implications of the musical devices used by composers in the opening and closing moments of electroacoustic music, with a particular focus on acousmatic music. The beginning-middle-end paradigm exerts a strong influence on the way practitioners and listeners formulate frameworks for the creation and reception of Western music (Agawu, 1991), as does the concept of the narrative curve (Childs, 1977). Thus openings and closings are ...

  2. Unreal Goal Bots

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hindriks, K.V.; Korstanje, R.; Van Riemsdijk, M.B.; Kraayenbrink, N.; De Rijk, L.; Behrens, T.; Pasman, W.


    It remains a challenge with current state of the art technology to use BDI agents to control real-time, dynamic and complex environments. We report on our effort to connect the GOAL agent programming language to the real-time game UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004. We focus in particular on the design of a

  3. I like to jump on my trampoline: an analysis of drawings from 8- to 12-year-old children beginning a weight-management program. (United States)

    Walker, Kathleen; Caine-Bish, Natalie; Wait, Samantha


    The main objective of this exploratory study was to assess children's perceptions of their activity choices as they began a weight-management program for overweight children and their families. During pretesting of a 10-week weight-management program, participating children were asked to draw pictures of themselves doing something. The drawings of 35 children, ages 8 to 12, were qualitatively analyzed. The analysis focused on (a) the type of activities (i.e., physical or sedentary) children chose to convey, (b) the specific focus of the activities described, (c) the children's future activity choices, and (d) the children's responses to the activities they drew. Seventy-one percent of the participating children drew themselves engaged in a physical activity. These results are notable and suggest positive perceptions of physical activities. Children's views related to their activity choices might play a role in designing weight-management programs that successfully increase children's adherence to long-term physical activity.

  4. Optimasi Pengatur Siklus Waktu Lampu Lalu-Lintas Dinamik menggunakan metode Optimasi Goal Programming dengan Java dan OpenCV untuk meminimalisir kesenjangan kepadatan Lalu-Lintas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rizky Praditya


    Full Text Available Peningkatan jumlah kepadatan lalu-lintas sedang menjadi perhatian khusus saat ini. Salah satu faktor signifikan yang mempengaruhi kepadatan lalu-lintas adalah sistem pengaturan siklus waktu lampu lintas. Perbaikan dalam sistem pengaturan siklus waktu lampu lintas yang mampu mengatur waktu siklusnya secara dinamis dan optimal akan menjadi suatu hal yang cukup penting di masa depan. Kami menggunakan metode Goal Programming yang dapat menyelesaikan permasalahan dengan fungsi tujuan beragam dan banyak. Kami menggunakan metode Haar Feature Cascade Classifier dalam mengidentifikasi objek kendaraan yang melewati persimpangan tersebut dan menggunakan machine vision OpenCV dalam memproses hasil training cascade tersebut. Hasil optimasi dengan menggunakan model Goal Programming didapatkan durasi lampu hijau optimal dibandingkan dengan kondisi realita  pada setiap jalur pada persimpangan sesuai kondisi lalu-lintas dengan memperhatikan redudansi kendaraan dan waktu tunggu serta batasan-batasan yang dimilikinya. Hasil optimasi lebih baik dibandingkan realita dengan melihat aspek Penurunan Redudansi kendaraan sebesar 45.95%, Percepatan Waktu Tunggu sebesar 39.43%, Penurunan Kendaraan Tersisa sebesar 29.88% dan Penurunan kendaraan Tersisa Terakhir sebesar 52.55%, namun lebih buruk pada aspek Peningkatan Kendaraan Melintas sebesar 41.50% dikarenakan oleh beberapa kondisi.

  5. Financial Planning with Fractional Goals

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.H. Goedhart; J. Spronk (Jaap)


    textabstractWhen solving financial planning problems with multiple goals by means of multiple objective programming, the presence of fractional goals leads to technical difficulties. In this paper we present a straightforward interactive approach for solving such linear fractional programs with

  6. The Retention Question in Context-Specific Teacher Education: Do Beginning Teachers and Their Program Leaders See Teachers' Future Career Eye to Eye (United States)

    Tamir, Eran


    This paper discusses the challenge of retaining teachers in hard-to-staff schools by examining how it is addressed in three context specific teacher education programs, which prepare teachers to teach in urban public, urban Catholic, and Jewish Day Schools in U.S.A. The findings of this study suggest that counter to teaching force trends teachers…

  7. The effects of a life goal-setting technique in a preventive care program for frail community-dwelling older people: a cluster nonrandomized controlled trial. (United States)

    Yuri, Yoshimi; Takabatake, Shinichi; Nishikawa, Tomoko; Oka, Mari; Fujiwara, Taro


    Frailty among older people is associated with an increased risk of needing care. There have been many reports on preventive care programs for frail older people, but few have shown positive effects on disability prevention. Physical exercise programs for frail older people affect elements such as physical fitness and balance, but are less effective for disability outcomes and are not followed up in the longer term. We developed a life goal-setting technique (LGST). Our objective was to determine the effect of a LGST plus standard preventive care program for community-dwelling frail older people. We used a cluster nonrandomized controlled trial with seven intervention and nine matched control groups, with baseline assessment and follow-up at 3, 6, and 9 months. Participants were 176 frail older people, aged 65 years or over, living in the community in Izumi, Osaka, Japan. All participants attended regular 120 min preventive care exercise classes each week, over 3 months. They also received oral care and nutrition education. The intervention groups alone received life goal-setting support. We assessed outcomes longitudinally, comparing pre-intervention with follow-up. The primary outcome measure was health improvement according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "Kihon Checklist" for assessment of frailty and quality of life (QOL), analyzed with a two-way ANOVA and post-test comparison. Secondary outcomes included physical functions and assessment of life goals. The improvement on the Kihon Checklist for the intervention group was approximately 60 % from baseline to 9-months follow-up; the control group improved by approximately 40 %. The difference between groups was significant at 3-month (p = 0.043) and 6-month (p = 0.015) follow-ups but not at 9-month (p = 0.098) follow-up. Analysis of QOL yielded a significant time × group interaction effect (p = 0.022). The effect was significant at 3 months in the intervention

  8. Cosmology without a beginning

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    Most of the puzzles with standard big bang cosmology can be avoided if the big bang is NOT identified with the beginning of time. The short-distance cutoff and duality symmetries of superstring theory suggest a new (so-called pre-big bang) cosmology in which the birth of our Universe is the result of a long classical evolution characterized by a gravitational instability. I will motivate and describe this heretical scenario and compare its phenomenological implications with those of ortodox (post-big bang) inflation.

  9. Beginning Android 3

    CERN Document Server

    Murphy, Mark


    The vibrant and rich Android development platform, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, continues to be a platform in its truest sense, encompassing hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java classes and open source components that ship with the software development kit. Android's continued growth includes support for Flash and Flash gaming apps, Wi-Fi tethering, improved performance, WebM or WebMedia integration for HTML5-based video and other multimedia APIs, Chrome OS (WebOS) integration, and more. With Beginning Android 3, you'll learn how to develop applications for Andro

  10. Beginning Windows 8

    CERN Document Server

    Halsey, Mike


    Windows 8 has been described by Microsoft as its 'boldest' Windows release ever. Beginning Windows 8 takes you through the new features and helps you get more out of the familiar to reveal the possibilities for this amazing new operating system. You will learn, with non-technical language used throughout, how to get up and running in the new Windows interface, minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and harness the features you never knew existed to take control of your computer and enjoy the peace of mind and excitement that comes with it. From tips and tweaks to easy-to-follow guides and d

  11. Beginning Android Application Development

    CERN Document Server

    Lee, Wei-Meng


    Create must-have applications for the latest Android OSThe Android OS is a popular and flexible platform for many of today's most in-demand mobile devices. This full-color guide offers you a hands-on introduction to creating Android applications for the latest mobile devices. Veteran author Wei Meng Lee accompanies each lesson with real-world examples to drive home the content he covers. Beginning with an overview of core Android features and tools, he moves at a steady pace while teaching everything you need to know to successfully develop your own Android applications.Explains what an activi

  12. Beginning Visual Basic 2010

    CERN Document Server

    Willis, Thearon


    A focused, step-by-step approach to Visual Basic for new programmers. What better way to get started with Visual Basic than with this essential Wrox beginner's guide? Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 not only shows you how to write Windows applications, Web applications with ASP.NET, and Windows mobile and embedded CE apps with Visual Basic 2010, but you'll also get a thorough grounding in the basic nuts-and-bolts of writing good code. You'll be exposed to the very latest VB tools and techniques with coverage of both the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 releases. Plus, the book walks you ste

  13. Beginning partial differential equations

    CERN Document Server

    O'Neil, Peter V


    A rigorous, yet accessible, introduction to partial differential equations-updated in a valuable new edition Beginning Partial Differential Equations, Second Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to partial differential equations (PDEs) with a special focus on the significance of characteristics, solutions by Fourier series, integrals and transforms, properties and physical interpretations of solutions, and a transition to the modern function space approach to PDEs. With its breadth of coverage, this new edition continues to present a broad introduction to the field, while also addres

  14. We Have Goals. Now What? (United States)

    Bensimon, Estela Mara; Dowd, Alicia C.; Longanecker, David; Witham, Keith


    The nation is in an era of policy reform aimed at improving the productivity and effectiveness of higher education. Major philanthropies and policy groups have converged around variations of the ambitious college completion goals announced by President Obama at the beginning of his administration. But at the same time, many state governments,…

  15. Composting Begins at Home. (United States)

    Dreckman, George P.


    Reports the results of a year-long home composting pilot program run by the city of Madison, Wisconsin. The study was designed to gather data on the amount and type of materials composted by 300 volunteer households and to determine the feasibility of a full-scale program. (LZ)

  16. Foreign-trained dentists in advanced education in prosthodontics programs in the United States: demographics, perspectives on current training, and future goals. (United States)

    Al-Sowygh, Zeyad H; Sukotjo, Cortino


    This study investigated the perspectives of foreign-trained dentists (FTDs) in comparison with US-trained Dentists (USTDs) in Advanced Education in Prosthodontics (AEP) programs on their current clinical training and future goals. This study was conducted by analyzing data from previously published literature. When appropriate, Chi-square statistical analysis was conducted to determine the influence of where the AEP residents earned their DMD/DDS degree (FTDs/USTDs) on all variables. Only results that yielded significant differences were discussed. A majority of both FTDs and USTDs were male. Most USTDs were married, while most FTDs were single. Most FTDs were not US citizens and most originated from Asia, followed by the Middle East, South America, and Europe. Significantly more FTDs had higher ranks in their dental schools, had more advanced degrees, and spent more time practicing before entering the AEP programs. In selecting AEP programs, FTDs placed significantly higher values on a program's reputation and research opportunities. During their AEP training, FTDs paid significantly higher tuition and received lower stipends, but obtained more financial support from families. On the other hand, USTDs received significantly more financial aid and earned income from part-time work, but had significantly higher total educational debts. USTDs showed a significantly higher interest in becoming a student member of the American College of Prosthodontists and participated actively in prosthodontics organizations. USTDs were more interested in becoming maxillofacial prosthodontists, while FTDs were more interested in pursuing academic careers. FTDs differed from USTDs in several ways. Because of their interests in academics and research, FTDs may potentially have a positive impact on the development of the prosthodontics discipline. This information may be beneficial for AEP program directors in accommodating the needs of FTDs, and for FTDs in better preparing for their

  17. The Origin, Goals, and Development of a Clinical Pharmacy Emphasis in Pharmacy Education and Practice. (United States)

    Smith, Harry A.; Swintosky, Joseph V.


    The origin, goals, and development of a clinical emphasis are reviewed, beginning with some fundamental developments in pharmacy practice and education brought about by economic, political, social, scientific, and technological forces. The challenge of fitting the desirable curriculum element into a limited program length is discussed. (MSE)

  18. MSW Students' Perspectives on Social Work Goals and Social Activism before and after Completing Graduate Education (United States)

    Mizrahi, Terry; Dodd, Sarah-Jane


    This article analyzes perspectives on the goals of the social work profession and social activism of a cohort of MSW students before and after attending their graduate program. This study provides insights into the question about whether and how preexisting values, experiences, and background characteristics affect beginning and ending students'…

  19. A decision rule based on goal programming and one-stage models for uncertain multi-criteria mixed decision making and games against nature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helena Gaspars-Wieloch


    Full Text Available This paper is concerned with games against nature and multi-criteria decision making under uncertainty along with scenario planning. We focus on decision problems where a deterministic evaluation of criteria is not possible. The procedure we propose is based on weighted goal programming and may be applied when seeking a mixed strategy. A mixed strategy allows the decision maker to select and perform a weighted combination of several accessible alternatives. The new method takes into consideration the decision maker’s preference structure (importance of particular goals and nature (pessimistic, moderate or optimistic attitude towards a given problem. It is designed for one-shot decisions made under uncertainty with unknown probabilities (frequencies, i.e. for decision making under complete uncertainty or decision making under strategic uncertainty. The procedure refers to one-stage models, i.e. models considering combinations of scenarios and criteria (scenario-criterion pairs as distinct meta-attributes, which means that the novel approach can be used in the case of totally independent payoff matrices for particular targets. The algorithm does not require any information about frequencies, which is especially desirable for new decision problems. It can be successfully applied by passive decision makers, as only criteria weights and the coefficient of optimism have to be declared.

  20. Designing Multi Objective Facility Location Models Based on Multiple Type Facility Dispersion and Data Envelopment Analysis Using Fuzzy Goal Programing Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahdi Karbasian


    Full Text Available In this paper, four different multiple-type dispersion facilities location modeling formulations have been developed, which utilize efficiency measures of Data Envelopment Analysis to find optimal and efficient facility location patterns. While the problems studied previously do not clearly indicate which candidate is elected by a unit, simultaneous DEA approach has been used for analysis. In these models, existing facilities are considered. These models with two objectives, considerabely match the real world problems. Since these four models are multiobjective, a fuzzy goal programming approach has been applied to solve the four problems. In this paper, after introducing the proposed models, an example, with the results of numerical calculations has been presented.

  1. Beginning HTML and CSS

    CERN Document Server

    Larsen, Rob


    Everything you need to build websites with the newest versions of HTML and CSS If you develop websites, you know that the goal posts keep moving, especially now that your website must work on not only traditional desktops, but also on an ever-changing range of smartphones and tablets. This step-by-step book efficiently guides you through the thicket. Teaching you the very latest best practices and techniques, this practical reference walks you through how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to develop attractive, modern websites for today's multiple devices. From handling text, forms, and video,

  2. What to Begin with?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Rappaport


    Full Text Available Critical reassessment of academic traditions in architectural education shows necessity of individuation as new method of self-education and development of reflective approach to design process. Availability of knowledge resources makes nowadays more actual strategic individual approach to educational programs where students take responsibility for the methods of professional growth.

  3. Ivor Horton's Beginning Java

    CERN Document Server

    Horton, Ivor


    Find out why thousands have turned to Ivor Horton for learning Java Ivor Horton's approach is teaching Java is so effective and popular that he is one of the leading authors of introductory programming tutorials, with over 160,000 copies of his Java books sold. In this latest edition, whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer switching to Java, you'll learn how to build real-world Java applications using Java SE 7. The author thoroughly covers the basics as well as new features such as extensions and classes; extended coverage of the Swing Application Framework; and he does it all

  4. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Sheets Books, CDs & More! Donate Today Your support will help us continue to meet the needs of ... don't know where to begin. This program will introduce you to three Sjögren’s patients who will ...

  5. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... who care about them. Home > About Sjögren's When a person is diagnosed with Sjögren’s, they often don't know where to begin. This program will introduce you to three Sjögren’s patients ...

  6. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... those who care about them. Home > About Sjögren's When a person is diagnosed with Sjögren’s, they often don't know where to begin. This program will introduce you to three ...

  7. Community Living Skills Guide: Beginning Woodworking. (United States)

    Miller, Steve; Smith, Don

    This is one of twenty course guides in the Community Living Skills Guide for the College for Living series which provides guidelines and workbook activities for the course, Beginning Woodworking, Use of Basic Hand Tools and Shop Safety. The series of courses for developmentally disabled adults is intended to supplement residential programs and to…

  8. Beginning R The Statistical Programming Language

    CERN Document Server

    Gardener, Mark


    Conquer the complexities of this open source statistical language R is fast becoming the de facto standard for statistical computing and analysis in science, business, engineering, and related fields. This book examines this complex language using simple statistical examples, showing how R operates in a user-friendly context. Both students and workers in fields that require extensive statistical analysis will find this book helpful as they learn to use R for simple summary statistics, hypothesis testing, creating graphs, regression, and much more. It covers formula notation, complex statistics

  9. Beginning R: the statistical programming language

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gardener, Mark


    Conquer the complexities of this open source statistical language R is fast becoming the de facto standard for statistical computing and analysis in science, business, engineering, and related fields...

  10. Comparative study on credibility measures of type-2 and type-1 fuzzy variables and their application to a multi-objective profit transportation problem via goal programming

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dipak Kumar Jana


    Full Text Available In real world applications supply, demand and transportation costs per unit of the quantities in multi-objective transportation problems may be hardly specified accurately because of the changing economic and environmental conditions. It is also significant that the time required for transportation should be minimized. In this paper, we have presented three reduction methods for a type-2 triangular fuzzy variable (T2TrFV by adopting the critical value (CV. Three generalized expected values (optimistic, CV and pessimistic are derived for T2TrFVs with some special cases. Then a multi-objective profit transportation problem (MOPTP with fixed charge (FC cost has been formulated and solved in type-2 fuzzy environment. Unit transportation costs, FC, selling prices, unit transport times, loading and unloading times, total supply capacities and demands are all considered as triangular Type-2 fuzzy numbers. The MOPTP has been converted into a single objective by using the goal programming technique and the weighted sum method. The deterministic model is then solved using the Generalized Reduced Gradient method Lingo 14.0. Numerical experiments with some sensitivity analysis are illustrated the application and effectiveness of the proposed approaches.

  11. Development and initial evaluation of a telephone-delivered, behavioral activation, and problem-solving treatment program to address functional goals of breast cancer survivors. (United States)

    Lyons, Kathleen D; Hull, Jay G; Kaufman, Peter A; Li, Zhongze; Seville, Janette L; Ahles, Tim A; Kornblith, Alice B; Hegel, Mark T


    The purpose of this research was to develop and pilot test an intervention to optimize functional recovery for breast cancer survivors. Over two studies, 31 women enrolled in a goal-setting program via telephone. All eligible women enrolled (37% of those screened) and 66% completed all study activities. Completers were highly satisfied with the intervention, using it to address, on average, four different challenging activities. The longitudinal analysis showed a main effect of time for overall quality of life (F(5, 43.1) = 5.1, p = 0.001) and improvements in active coping (F (3, 31.7) = 4.9, p = 0.007), planning (F (3, 36.0) = 4.1, p = 0.01), reframing (F (3, 29.3) = 8.5, p < 0.001), and decreases in self-blame (F (3,31.6) = 4.3, p = 0.01). The intervention is feasible and warrants further study to determine its efficacy in fostering recovery and maximizing activity engagement after cancer treatment.

  12. Solving multi-objective facility location problem using the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process and goal programming: a case study on infectious waste disposal centers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narong Wichapa

    Full Text Available The selection of a suitable location for infectious waste disposal is one of the major problems in waste management. Determining the location of infectious waste disposal centers is a difficult and complex process because it requires combining social and environmental factors that are hard to interpret, and cost factors that require the allocation of resources. Additionally, it depends on several regulations. Based on the actual conditions of a case study, forty hospitals and three candidate municipalities in the sub-Northeast region of Thailand, we considered multiple factors such as infrastructure, geological and social & environmental factors, calculating global priority weights using the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP. After that, a new multi-objective facility location problem model which combines FAHP and goal programming (GP, namely the FAHP-GP model, was tested. The proposed model can lead to selecting new suitable locations for infectious waste disposal by considering both total cost and final priority weight objectives. The novelty of the proposed model is the simultaneous combination of relevant factors that are difficult to interpret and cost factors, which require the allocation of resources. Keywords: Multi-objective facility location problem, Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, Infectious waste disposal centers

  13. Feasibility of neuromuscular training in patients with severe hip or knee OA: The individualized goal-based NEMEX-TJR training program

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Link Anne


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although improvements are achieved by general exercise, training to improve sensorimotor control may be needed for people with osteoarthritis (OA. The aim was to apply the principles of neuromuscular training, which have been successfully used in younger and middle-aged patients with knee injuries, to older patients with severe hip or knee OA. We hypothesized that the training program was feasible, determined as: 1 at most acceptable self-reported pain following training; 2 decreased or unchanged pain during the training period; 3 few joint specific adverse events related to training, and 4 achieved progression of training level during the training period. Methods Seventy-six patients, between 60 and 77 years, with severe hip (n = 38, 55% women or knee OA (n = 38, 61% women underwent an individualized, goal-based neuromuscular training program (NEMEX-TJR in groups for a median of 11 weeks (quartiles 7 to 15 prior to total joint replacement (TJR. Pain was self-reported immediately after each training session on a 0 to 10 cm, no pain to pain as bad as it could be, scale, where 0-2 indicates safe, > 2 to 5 acceptable and > 5 high risk pain. Joint specific adverse events were: not attending or ceasing training because of increased pain/problems in the index joint related to training, and self-reported pain > 5 after training. The level of difficulty of training was registered. Results Patients with severe OA of the hip or knee reported safe pain (median 2 cm after training. Self-reported pain was lower at training sessions 10 and 20 (p = 0.04 and unchanged at training sessions 5 and 15 (p = 0.170, p = 0.161 compared with training session 1. There were no joint specific adverse events in terms of not attending or ceasing training. Few patients (n = 17, 22% reported adverse events in terms of self-reported pain > 5 after one or more training sessions. Progression of training level was achieved over time (p Conclusions The NEMEX

  14. Alignment of Learning Goals, Assessments and Curricula in an Earth Sciences Program to Prepare the Geoscience Workforce for the 21st Century (United States)

    Mogk, D. W.; Schmitt, J.


    The Dept. of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, recently completed a comprehensive revision of its undergraduate curriculum to meet challenges and opportunities in training the next generation geoscience workforce. The department has 280 undergraduate majors in degree options that include: geology, geography (physical and human), snow science, paleontology and GIS/planning. We used a 'backward design' approach by first considering the profile of a student leaving our program: what should they know and be able to do, in anticipation of professional development for traditional (exploration, environmental, regulatory agencies) and non-traditional (planning, policy, law, business, teaching) jobs or for further training in graduate school. We adopted an Earth system approach to be better aligned with contemporary approaches to Earth science and to demonstrate the connections between sub-disciplines across the curriculum. Learning sequences were designed according to Bloom's Taxonomy to develop higher level thinking skills (starting from observations and progressing to descriptions, interpretations, applications, integration of multiple lines of evidence, synthetic and analytical thinking and evaluation). Central themes are reinforced in multiple classes: history and evolution of the Earth system, composition and architecture of Earth, surface of Earth and the 'critical zone' and human dimensions. The cornerstones of the curriculum are strong background in cognate sciences, geologic 'habits of mind', an emphasis on geologic processes and field instruction. Ancillary learning goals include development of quantitative, communication, and interpersonal skills; use of Earth data and modeling; systems thinking; research and research-like experiences; and applications to societal issues. The first year course of study includes a slate of courses to explore the Earth system, primarily to engage and recruit students to the major. Second year studies are foundational for

  15. Beginnings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Contribution to a series of recollections and reflections on professional experiences of distinguished economists. Originally published in the BNL Quarterly review,vol. 38 n. 154, September 1985 pp.211-221.

  16. Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development

    CERN Document Server

    Lee, Henry


    Microsoft is injecting new energy into the smart phone marketplace with the sophisticated Windows Phone 7. This new energy equates to new opportunities for you, the mobile developer. Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development has been written specifically to help you seize these opportunities and begin creating applications for this exciting new mobile device platform. Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development starts with the basics, walking you through the process of downloading and setting up the right development tools, including Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Silverlight SDK, and Windows Phone SD

  17. Department of Defense Small Business (SB) Program: A Knowledge-Level Analysis of How Customer Education Relates to Meeting SB Goals (United States)


    Business The Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999 recognized that veterans were important to SB innovativeness in the U.S...part 2). The Act also established a statutory SDVOSB goal of 3% of prime and subcontract awards (Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small ng_Goals_in_FY_2012. pdf Defense Acquisition University (DAU). (2011). USD (AT&L) better buying power

  18. The beginning of human life (United States)


    Introduction The Jewish religion is characterized by a strict association between faith and practical precept. Jewish law has two sections, the written and the oral tradition. The foundation of the written law and the origin of authority is the Torah, the first five books of the Scripture. It is an expression of God’s revelation, teaching and guiding humanity. The oral laws interpret, expand, and elucidate the written Torah and behavior patterns regulate new rules and customs. The main parts of the oral law are as follows: the Mishnah, the Talmud, Post-Talmudic Codes and. Responsa Literature. Discussion Life is a process that has a beginning and an end. The consensus about the time when human life really begins is still not reached among scientists, philosophers, ethicists, sociologists and theologizes. The scientific data suggested that a single developmental moment marking the beginning of human life does not exist. Current biological perspectives on when human life begins range through fertilization, gastrulation, to birth and even after. The development of a newborn is a smoothly continuous process. Results Procreation is acknowledged in the Bible to be the gift of God. The (Halachic) Jewish interpretation of when human life begins is extracted predominantly from procreation is acknowledged in the Bible to be the gift of God. The Jewish interpretation of when human life begins is extracted predominantly from The Halachic sources. The Bible does not make any other direct references regarding the beginning of human life. Conclusion While the Talmud gives the full status of humanness to a child at birth, the rabbinical writings have partially extended the acquisition of humanness to the 13th postnatal day of life for full-term infants. The Babylonian Talmud Yevamot 69b states that: “the embryo is considered to be mere water until the fortieth day.” Afterwards, it is considered subhuman until it is born. The issues of abortion, embryo research, multifetal

  19. Beginning Python from novice to professional

    CERN Document Server

    Hetland, Magnus Lie


    ""Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional"" is the most comprehensive book on the Python ever written. Based on ""Practical Python,"" this newly revised book is both an introduction and practical reference for a swath of Python-related programming topics, including addressing language internals, database integration, network programming, and web services. Advanced topics, such as extending Python and packaging/distributing Python applications, are also covered. Ten different projects illustrate the concepts introduced in the book. You will learn how to create a P2P file-sharing applicati

  20. Comparing Three Models of Achievement Goals: Goal Orientations, Goal Standards, and Goal Complexes (United States)

    Senko, Corwin; Tropiano, Katie L.


    Achievement goal theory (Dweck, 1986) initially characterized mastery goals and performance goals as opposites in a good-bad dualism of student motivation. A later revision (Harackiewicz, Barron, & Elliot, 1998) contended that both goals can provide benefits and be pursued together. Perhaps both frameworks are correct: Their contrasting views…

  1. Telepractice Services at Sound Beginnings at Utah State University (United States)

    Blaiser, Kristina M.; Edwards, Marge; Behl, Diane; Munoz, Karen F.


    The Utah State University Sound Beginnings program originated in 2007 as a laboratory school to serve children with hearing loss from birth to age 6 years old living in Northern Utah. Sound Beginnings offers an interdisciplinary listening and spoken language educational option for families through the following services: toddler and preschool…

  2. Sense of Efficacy among Beginning Teachers in Sarawak (United States)

    Murshidi, Rahmah; Konting, Mohd Majid; Elias, Habibah; Fooi, Foo Say


    This study examined the level of teachers' sense of efficacy among beginning teachers in Sarawak, Malaysia. It also sought to investigate whether there is any difference in beginning teachers' sense of efficacy in relation to gender, race and types of teacher preparation program. The study was conducted by using the teacher sense of efficacy…

  3. Comparative study of goal contents and goal characteristics between medical and business students. (United States)

    Park, Soowon; Kim, Ji Eun; Lee, Jun-Young; Shin, Jongho


    Medical and business are one of the most popular majors among students, and both fields require intensive training to reach certain level of expertise. During the development of professionalism, goal can become a crucial role in psychological impetus. The purpose of this study is to compare goal contents, goal characteristics, and effect of goal characteristics on student's major satisfaction between medical and business. A total of 193 undergraduate students (97 medical students, 96 business students) answered survey questions including goal contents, goal characteristics (goal autonomy, goal attainability, social value of goal) and satisfaction on their majors. Qualitative analysis of goal contents and quantitative analysis of goal characteristics, and their effects on student major satisfaction were performed. Goal content analysis showed percentage of social concern goal was higher in medical students (25.8%) than business students (6.3%), whereas percentage of wealth goal was higher business students (24.0%) than medical students (3.1%). Among goal characteristics, goal attainability and social value of goal were higher in medical students than business students. In both groups, social value of goal was significantly predict major satisfaction. Goal contents and goal characteristics are different between medical and business students. Curriculum and educational interventions that concerning students' goal and developing programs to enhance students' social value of goal is necessary.

  4. Beginning WordPress 3

    CERN Document Server

    Leary, Stephanie


    One of the most popular open source blogging and content management systems, WordPress lets you create a website to promote yourself or your business quickly and easilyi' "and better yet, it's free. WordPress is a flexible, user-friendly system, and it can be extended with a variety of themes and plugins. Beginning WordPress 3 is a complete guide for the beginning developer who wants to start using WordPress. You'll learn how to publish and manage online content, add media, create widgets and plugins, and much more. What you'll learn * How to get started with Wordpress, create new content

  5. Mathematics Education: Student Terminal Goals, Program Goals, and Behavioral Objectives. (United States)

    Mesa Public Schools, AZ.

    Behavioral objectives are listed for the primary, intermediate and junior high mathematics curriculum in the Mesa Public Schools (Arizona). Lists of specific objectives are given by level for sets, symbol recognition, number operations, mathematical structures, measurement and problem solving skills. (JP)

  6. Feasibility, Patient Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of a Culturally Informed, Health Promotion Program to Improve Glaucoma Medication Adherence Among African Americans: "Glaucoma Management Optimism for African Americans Living with Glaucoma" (GOAL). (United States)

    Dreer, Laura E; Owsley, Cynthia; Campbell, Lisa; Gao, Liyan; Wood, Andy; Girkin, Christopher A


    To examine the feasibility, patient acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of a culturally informed, health promotion program designed to improve glaucoma medication adherence among African American's (AA's) with glaucoma. A sample of 11 AA glaucoma patients (mean age 61 years; 73% women and 27% men) completed a culturally informed and individually tailored, health promotion program developed for AAs titled, "Glaucoma Management Optimism for African Americans Living with Glaucoma" (GOAL)©. The aim of the brief 4-week program is to enhance glaucoma medication adherence through a combination of education, motivational interviewing (MI), and problem-solving training (PST). Feasibility was assessed on the basis of patient satisfaction with the program, number of sessions completed, and length of sessions. Preliminary efficacy was evaluated using a pre-post design to determine whether the program improved objective glaucoma medication adherence via an electronic Travalert dosing aid as well as satisfaction with aspects of glaucoma treatment, health beliefs about medications, glaucoma symptoms, emotional well-being, and intraocular pressure. Overall patient satisfaction and acceptability was high for the program, interactions with the health educator, program materials, and the length of sessions. Feasibility was also supported given the need for the program, success in recruitment/retention, and ease of implementing the program with AA glaucoma patients in clinic and/or over the telephone. In terms of preliminary efficacy, patients showed significant pre-post improvements in objective medication adherence rates by 15% (p = 0.03), self-efficacy for glaucoma management (p = 0.02), ease of use in administering eye drops (p = 0.03), glaucoma treatment satisfaction (p = 0.05), beliefs about the necessity of taking glaucoma medications (p = 0.05), and functional visual ocular symptoms (p = 0.03). (GOAL)© holds great promise toward improving

  7. Math Learning Begins at Home (United States)

    Eason, Sarah H.; Levine, Susan C.


    Children demonstrate gaps in the math knowledge that they possess by the time they begin school, and these gaps have been found to predict long-term outcomes not only in math but also in reading. Consequently, it is important to identify what accounts for these early differences and how they can be addressed to ensure that all children enter…

  8. Mindfulness and the Beginning Teacher (United States)

    Bernay, Ross S.


    This article reviews a hermeneutic phenomenological study of five beginning teachers who were introduced to mindfulness during their initial teacher education programme. The participants kept fortnightly journals and engaged in three interviews with the researcher to assess the benefits of using mindfulness during the first year of teaching. The…

  9. In the beginning was information

    CERN Document Server

    Gitt, Werner, Dr


    Information is the cornerstone of life, yet it is something people don't often think about. In his fascinating new book, In the Beginning Was Information, Dr. Werner Gitt helps the reader see how the very presence of information reveals a Designer.

  10. Rapport Pitfalls of Beginning Testers. (United States)

    Teglasi, Hedwig; Freeman, Robert W.


    Uses verbatim examples from observation notes to describe common pitfalls of beginning testers in the area of rapport with children. Concluded that trainees in testing often cannot translate guidelines in the literature into effective rapport in the testing session. Observation of test administration in a realistic setting is essential. (JAC)

  11. Goals and Psychological Accounting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koch, Alexander Karl; Nafziger, Julia

    We model how people formulate and evaluate goals to overcome self-control problems. People often attempt to regulate their behavior by evaluating goal-related outcomes separately (in narrow psychological accounts) rather than jointly (in a broad account). To explain this evidence, our theory...... of endogenous narrow or broad psychological accounts combines insights from the literatures on goals and mental accounting with models of expectations-based reference-dependent preferences. By formulating goals the individual creates expectations that induce reference points for task outcomes. These goal......-induced reference points make substandard performance psychologically painful and motivate the individual to stick to his goals. How strong the commitment to goals is depends on the type of psychological account. We provide conditions when it is optimal to evaluate goals in narrow accounts. The key intuition...

  12. Let the Brushing Games Begin (United States)

    ... on bedtime brushing, technically speaking, your goal of brushing teeth is to clean food off of them, and ... adults we know make a regular habit of brushing their teeth throughout the day. Start having your child brush ...

  13. Frequency of obtaining national cholesterol education program adult treatment panel III goals for all major serum lipoproteins after initiation of lipid altering therapy. (United States)

    Nichols, Gregory A; Ambegaonkar, Baishali M; Sazonov, Vasilisa; Brown, Jonathan B


    Statin treatment targeting low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is widely used for cardiovascular risk reduction, but many statin users still face greatly elevated risks. Some experts advocate additional therapy that targets high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. However, the size of the patient group that could benefit from HDL cholesterol or triglyceride therapy has not been reported. Using observational data from a large health maintenance organization, 5,158 patients were identified who initiated dyslipidemia pharmacotherapy from July 2004 to June 2006, continued therapy for 1 year, and had full lipid panels within 6 months before and 9 to 15 months after therapy initiation. Therapy (primarily statins) reduced the proportion of patients not at LDL cholesterol goals from 77% to 22% and the proportion with high triglyceride levels from 34% to 20%. HDL cholesterol levels were unchanged (49% and 50% were less than normal levels before and after therapy, respectively) in the aggregate and in high-risk subgroups (patients with coronary artery disease, diabetes, and 10-year heart disease risk >20%). After therapy, 29% of high-risk patients still had multiple lipid abnormalities. In conclusion, current dyslipidemia therapy substantially improved LDL cholesterol goal attainment in this cohort, but low HDL cholesterol levels were unaffected. About half the patients starting statins could be candidates for additional therapy targeting non-LDL cholesterol lipid fractions.

  14. Workplace aggression: beginning a dialogue. (United States)

    McLemore, Monica R


    The June 2005 Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing editorial titled "Communication: Whose Problem Is It?" (Griffin-Sobel, 2005) was written to begin a dialogue about a phenomenon frequently experienced yet rarely discussed: workplace aggression, also known as disruptive behavior. Prompted by a groundbreaking study published in the American Journal of Nursing by Rosenstein and O'Daniel (2005), the editorial challenged oncology nurses to begin to fix problems of communication. After reflecting on both of the articles and considering my own experience as a nurse manager, clinician, and scholar, I decided to explore the topic as it relates to nurse-to-nurse workplace aggression. The following is a summary of interviews with nurse managers, nurse practitioners, and nurse scientists about root causes and effective strategies to manage these sometimes complicated situations. This article is meant to continue the dialogue about the very sensitive issue. Confidentiality has been maintained, and I welcome your comments.

  15. The Beginning of Protohaykian Calendar (United States)

    Broutian, G. H.


    From its foundation, studies in the field of history of Armenian astronomy and Armenian calendars were integral to astrophysical researches of the Byurakan Observatory. It is important to note the monographs and articles of H. Badalian and B. Toumanian in this field. As the result of our work in this field, beginning of the Haykian calendar (BC 2341) and the concept of Protohaykian calendar were established. In the present work an attempt is made to determine the beginning of the oldest Armenian calendar-the Protohaykian calendar. It is shown that Protohaykian calendar was originated when the heliacal rising of the star Spica (α Virgo) was observable from Armenia 8 days before summer solstice. Calculations made on this basis provide date of the beginning of this calendar as BC 9000 with an error not to exceed 80 years. This date is in correspondence with the date of observations of the Pleiades from Metsamor (about BC 9000), that was found a few years ago. Meanwhile, it also corresponds to the geological data, which prove, that the oldest lake (Araratian Sea) in the territory of modern Araratian valley was dried out at the same time. There is also good correlation with the time of cultivation of crops that was done in the territory of historical Armenia about 12000 years ago.

  16. [Goal analysis and goal operationalisation: a group intervention for the enhancement of work motivation]. (United States)

    Hanna, Rana; Fiedler, Rolf G; Dietrich, Hilke; Greitemann, Bernhard; Heuft, Gereon


    Work motivation, mental well-being and competencies of self-regulation are linked to successful job-related reintegration after rehabilitation. Based on the Diagnostical Instrument to assess Work motivation (Diagnostikinstrument für Arbeitsmotivation DIAMO) and existing training programs, a new group intervention, the goal analysis and goal operationalization, was developed and evaluated. The objective of this intervention, designed for participants of a rehabilitation program was to enhance work motivation and volitional control processes (self-regulation and self-control), to encourage job-related goal orientation and to thereby increase the probability of goal achievement. In a quasi-experimental longitudinal design 207 patients (111 experimental group/96 control group) were tested. The experimental group took part in the job-related training (ZAZO) in addition to the usual rehabilitation. The evaluation was conducted through various scales at t0 (beginning) and t1 (end of the training). Scales for the measurement of work motivation, mental well-being, status of rehabilitation, competencies of self-regulation and the subjective prognosis of the ability to work were used. As direct effects of the training an enhancement of work motivation and of an improved subjective prognosis of the ability to work were expected. Accordingly, a positive influence on the subjective well-being as indirect effects, were anticipated in the long run, the experimental group should also show an enhanced job-related reintegration. Participants of the experimental group showed significantly higher values on particular scales of the Diagnostical Instrument of Work motivation as opposed to the control group (curiosity motive, attitudes to work and contact motive). Most notably, significant interactional effects could be found on the scale for the subjective prognosis of the ability to work, which is a highly reliable instrument and important predictor for prospective job

  17. The RIMS Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Partnership: A Study of Eight Years of Collaboration. (United States)

    Hendrick, Linda Scott; Childress, Linda J.

    In the year 2003, the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program (BTSA) will become a mandatory credentialing program for California's new teachers. At a local level, the Riverside, Inyo, Mono, San Bernardino Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program (RIMS/BTSA) is one of 147 BTSA programs. Now entering its eighth year, the RIMS/BTSA…

  18. Shared goals and development

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Blomberg, Olle


    In 'Joint Action and Development', Stephen Butterfill argues that if several agents' actions are driven by what he calls a "shared goal" -- a certain pattern of goal-relations and expectations -- then these actions constitute a joint action. This kind of joint action is sufficiently cognitively...... a counterexample, I show that the pattern of goal-relations and expectations specified by Butterfill cannot play this role. I then provide an appropriately conceptually and cognitively undemanding amendment with which the account can be saved....

  19. Intensity of lipid-lowering therapy and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment among the elderly before and after the 2004 National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III update. (United States)

    Nichols, Gregory A; Nag, Soma; Chan, Wiley


    In 2004, the Coordinating Committee of the National Cholesterol Education Program issued an update to the Adult Treatment Panel III guidelines on cholesterol management (the Update). Our objectives were to compare the proportion of elderly patients receiving intensive or minimal-guideline lipid-lowering therapy and the proportions meeting low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) goals before and after the update. We used dispense records from Kaiser Permanente Northwest (Portland, OR) to identify elderly patients who received statin therapy in 2003 (n = 14425) and 2005 (n = 19422) and laboratory records to assess LDL-C goal attainment. Among new statin initiators, 85.4% of very-high-risk patients received minimal-guideline therapy in 2005, compared with 65.3% (P treatment, a significantly greater proportion of patients in 2005 versus 2003 attained the optional goal of <70 mg/dL (45.5% vs 34.4% P = .014). However, there was no significant difference in the proportion attaining <100 mg/dL (77.8% vs 81.8%, P = .281). After the Update, more elderly patients were receiving intensive or minimal-guideline statin therapy. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment was isolated and appeared to occur by shifting already well-controlled patients to lower LDL-C levels. Although these findings may translate into less overall coronary heart disease risk, more aggressive lipid-lowering therapy would likely further reduce risk.




  1. Engineering drawing from the beginning

    CERN Document Server

    Cousins, M F


    Engineering Drawing from the Beginning, Volume 2 discusses the methods for communicating technical engineering concepts through illustrations and drawings. This volume covers the more advance techniques in engineering drawing. The coverage of the text includes the helix, which is the path traced by a point moving uniformly around the surface of a right cylinder that is moving axially. The book also covers drawings of solid objects such as prisms, pyramids, and cones, along with hollow objects made from sheet material. In Chapter 5, the text presents the conventional representations of common

  2. Beginning Windows 8.1

    CERN Document Server

    Halsey, Mike


    Windows 8 has been described by Microsoft as its 'boldest' Windows release ever and the 8.1 update enhances the paradigm further. Beginning Windows 8.1 takes you through the new features and helps you get more out of the familiar to reveal the fullest possibilities for this amazing new operating system. You will learn, with non-technical language used throughout, how to get up and running in the new Windows interface, minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and harness the features you never knew existed to take control of your computer and enjoy the peace of mind and excitement that comes w

  3. Beginning Django E-Commerce

    CERN Document Server

    McGaw, James


    Beginning Django E-Commerce guides you through producing an e-commerce site using Django, the most popular Python web development framework. Topics covered include how to make a shopping cart, a checkout, and a payment processor; how to make the most of Ajax; and search engine optimization best practices. Throughout the book, you'll take each topic and apply it to build a single example site, and all the while you'll learn the theory behind what you're architecting. * Build a fully functional e-commerce site. * Learn to architect your site properly to survive in an increasingly competitive onl

  4. Beginning Oracle Application Express 4

    CERN Document Server

    Gault, Doug; Cimolini, Patrick; D'Souza, Martin; Hilaire, Timothy St


    Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 introduces one of the most talked-about development platforms to come out of Oracle Corporation in years. Oracle Application Express, called APEX for short, enables rapid and easy development of web-based applications that make full use of Oracle Database. The release of APEX 4 brings a huge leap forward in terms of functionality and usability for both the developer and the end user. Power users and programmers alike can quickly put together robust and scalable applications for use by one person, by a department, by an entire company. Whether you're new t

  5. Beginning Silverlight 4 in C#

    CERN Document Server

    Lair, Robert L


    The growing popularity of Web 2.0 applications is increasing user expectations for high-quality web site design, presentation, and functionality. It is into this climate that Microsoft is releasing Silverlight 4, the third and latest iteration of its cross-browser web presentation technology. Beginning Sliverlight 4 brings you to the cutting-edge of Web 2.0 application design and includes plenty of practical guidance to get you started straightaway. Silverlight design tools have important differences compared to those used to create Ajax and JavaScript functionality. Robert Lair takes you on a

  6. Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration

    CERN Document Server

    Walters, R


    Beginning SQL Server 2008 Administration is essential for anyone wishing to learn about implementing and managing SQL Server 2008 database. From college students, to experienced database administrators from other platforms, to those already familiar with SQL Server and wanting to fill in some gaps of knowledge, this book will bring all readers up to speed on the enterprise platform Microsoft SQL Server 2008. * Clearly describes relational database concepts* Explains the SQL Server database engine and supporting tools* Shows various database maintenance scenarios What you'll learn* Understand c

  7. Partnership Cultures: Beginning at the Beginning through Parenting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Licia Rando


    Full Text Available Partnership cultures begin with the smallest units of society, the family. Creating partnership families requires evaluating internalized parenting scripts, discarding domination practices, and acting to nurture and form healthy relationships. Care and respect are foundational to partnership parenting, creating a safe environment in which children’s neurophysiologies flourish. Parenting practices that promote safety and calm, such as use of touch and communication that appreciates feelings, buffer children from the effects of stress. Policies and practices that support parents toward partnership -- particularly parents living with overwhelming stress, depression, addictions, and/or childhood histories of abuse and neglect -- may improve children’s lifetime physical and mental health outcomes as well as improve our society.

  8. Motivational Goal Bracketing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nafziger, Julia; Koch, Alexander

    It is a puzzle why people often evaluate consequences of choices separately (narrow bracketing) rather than jointly (broad bracketing). We study the hypothesis that a present-biased individual, who faces two tasks, may bracket his goals narrowly for motivational reasons. Goals motivate because th...

  9. No Smooth Beginning for Spacetime (United States)

    Feldbrugge, Job; Lehners, Jean-Luc; Turok, Neil


    We identify a fundamental obstruction to any theory of the beginning of the Universe, formulated as a semiclassical path integral. The Hartle-Hawking no boundary proposal and Vilenkin's tunneling proposal are examples of such theories. Each may be formulated as the quantum amplitude for obtaining a final 3-geometry by integrating over 4-geometries. We introduce a new mathematical tool—Picard-Lefschetz theory—for defining the semiclassical path integral for gravity. The Lorentzian path integral for quantum cosmology with a positive cosmological constant is mathematically meaningful in this approach, but the Euclidean version is not. The Lorentzian-Picard-Lefschetz formulation yields unambiguous predictions. Unfortunately, the outcome is that primordial tensor (gravitational wave) fluctuations are unsuppressed. We prove a general theorem to this effect, in a wide class of theories.

  10. Beginning of Viniculture in France (United States)

    McGovern, Patrick E.; Luley, Benjamin P.; Rovira, Nuria; Mirzoian, Armen; Callahan, Michael P.; Smith, Karen F.; Hall, Gretchen R.; Davidson, Theodore; Henkin, Joshua M.


    Chemical analyses of ancient organic compounds absorbed into the pottery fabrics of imported Etruscan amphoras (ca. 500-475 B.C.) and into a limestone pressing platform (ca. 425-400 B.C.) at the ancient coastal port site of Lattara in southern France provide the earliest biomolecular archaeological evidence for grape wine and viniculture from this country, which is crucial to the later history of wine in Europe and the rest of the world. The data support the hypothesis that export of wine by ship from Etruria in central Italy to southern Mediterranean France fueled an ever-growing market and interest in wine there, which, in turn, as evidenced by the winepress, led to transplantation of the Eurasian grapevine and the beginning of a Celtic industry in France. Herbal and pine resin additives to the Etruscan wine point to the medicinal role of wine in antiquity, as well as a means of preserving it during marine transport.

  11. Beginning Data Science in R

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mailund, Thomas

    Discover best practices for data analysis and software development in R and start on the path to becoming a fully-fledged data scientist. This book teaches you techniques for both data manipulation and visualization and shows you the best way for developing new software packages for R. Data Scien...... and analytics using statistics and the R programming language Visualize and explore data, including working with large data sets found in big data Build an R package Test and check your code Practice version control Profile and optimize your code...... in R details how data science is a combination of statistics, computational science, and machine learning. You’ll see how to efficiently structure and mine data to extract useful patterns and build mathematical models. This requires computational methods and programming, and R is an ideal programming...... language for this. This book is based on a number of lecture notes for classes the author has taught on data science and statistical programming using the R programming language. Modern data analysis requires computational skills and usually a minimum of programming. You will: Perform data science...

  12. Panda-Monium at the Library: 1995 Arizona Reading Program. (United States)

    Arizona State Dept. of Library, Archives and Public Records, Phoenix.

    Panda bears are the theme of this guide which includes many reading-related activities, crafts, and programs on a broad range of topics, and which can be expanded to other theme approaches such as endangered species, bears in general, and the concept of black and white. The program begins with a general definition and discussion of goals,…

  13. Setting goals in psychotherapy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Emiliussen, Jakob; Wagoner, Brady


    The present study is concerned with the ethical dilemmas of setting goals in therapy. The main questions that it aims to answer are: who is to set the goals for therapy and who is to decide when they have been reached? The study is based on four semi-­‐structured, phenomenological interviews...... with psychologists, which were analyzed using the framework of the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), with minor changes to the procedure of categorization. Using Harré’s (2002, 2012) Positioning Theory, it is shown that determining goals and deciding if they have been reached are processes...... that are based on asymmetric collaboration between the therapist and the client. Determining goals and deciding when they are reached are not “sterile” procedures, as both the client and the therapist might have different agendas when working therapeutically. The psychologists that participated in this study...

  14. Citizen Goals Online

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalin Vrabie


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to give to public institution Web designers a better understanding of the citizens’ objectives when accessing a Web page. Understanding citizen online goals is critical because it gets to the heart of what the public institution website should or could “do.” Approach: The challenge for e-marketers is that for most agencies/institutions, there are likely to be multiple goals that represent the “reason why” citizens could come to the website. For example, a national theatre website might be very effective for people who have already been there, they know effectively what place is the best, who are the actors, etc. Research limitations: The nature of a public institution activity almost dictates the different types of goals that consumers have when visiting the site. It is clear that a citizen has a different goal when accessing a theatre Web page or when he’s accessing a municipality Web page. This is the biggest impediment for drawing a good conceptual model for a public institution Web page. Practical implications: there are likely to be many other goals that could lead people to visit the site, like receiving customer service or leaving a remark. Value: Since citizen online goals represent the starting point for Web design efforts (for public institutions, this article has attempted to highlight the nature and types of goals that e-marketers might consider when planning what their website should do in order to create. Findings: The goal a site visitor has when arriving at a website tends to be very action oriented. If the visitor has never visited the site before, the goal may simply be to evaluate the website and figure out what the site is and if it will help him. On the other hand, if the visitor has reached the site as the result of a directed search or is a repeat visitor, the user goal is likely to be specific and functional. If important citizen goals are not supported by the website, the public

  15. Citizen Goals Online

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catalin Vrabie


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to give to public institution Web designers a better understanding of the citizens’ objectives when accessing a Web page. Understanding citizen online goals is critical because it gets to the heart of what the public institution website should or could “do.”Approach: The challenge for e-marketers is that for most agencies/institutions, there are likely to be multiple goals that represent the “reason why” citizens could come to the website. For example, a national theatre website might be very effective for people who have already been there, they know effectively what place is the best, who are the actors, etc.Research limitations: The nature of a public institution activity almost dictates the different types of goals that consumers have when visiting the site. It is clear that a citizen has a different goal when accessing a theatre Web page or when he’s accessing a municipality Web page. This is the biggest impediment for drawing a good conceptual model for a public institution Web page.Practical implications: there are likely to be many other goals that could lead people to visit the site, like receiving customer service or leaving a remark.Value: Since citizen online goals represent the starting point for Web design efforts (for public institutions, this article has attempted to highlight the nature and types of goals that e-marketers might consider when planning what their website should do in order to create.Findings: The goal a site visitor has when arriving at a website tends to be very action oriented. If the visitor has never visited the site before, the goal may simply be to evaluate the website and figure out what the site is and if it will help him. On the other hand, if the visitor has reached the site as the result of a directed search or is a repeat visitor, the user goal is likely to be specific and functional. If important citizen goals are not supported by the website, the public

  16. Estimating the cost-per-result of a national reflexed Cryptococcal antigenaemia screening program: Forecasting the impact of potential HIV guideline changes and treatment goals. (United States)

    Cassim, Naseem; Coetzee, Lindi Marie; Schnippel, Kathryn; Glencross, Deborah Kim


    During 2016, the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) introduced laboratory-based reflexed Cryptococcal antigen (CrAg) screening to detect early Cryptococcal disease in immunosuppressed HIV+ patients with a confirmed CD4 count of 100 cells/μl or less. The aim of this study was to assess cost-per-result of a national screening program across different tiers of laboratory service, with variable daily CrAg test volumes. The impact of potential ART treatment guideline and treatment target changes on CrAg volumes, platform choice and laboratory workflow are considered. CD4 data (with counts testing volumes with appropriately-matched CrAg testing platforms allocated at each of 52 NHLS CD4 laboratories. A cost-per-result was calculated for four scenarios, including the existing service status quo (Scenario-I), and three other settings (as Scenarios II-IV) which were based on information from recent antiretroviral (ART) guidelines, District Health Information System (DHIS) data and UNAIDS 90/90/90 HIV/AIDS treatment targets. Scenario-II forecast CD4 testing offered only to new ART initiates recorded at DHIS. Scenario-III projected all patients notified as HIV+, but not yet on ART (recorded at DHIS) and Scenario-IV forecast CrAg screening in 90% of estimated HIV+ patients across South Africa (also DHIS). Stata was used to assess daily CrAg volumes at the 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th and 95th percentiles across 52 CD4-laboratories. Daily volumes were used to determine technical effort/ operator staff costs (% full time equivalent) and cost-per-result for all scenarios. Daily volumes ranged between 3 and 64 samples for Scenario-I at the 5th and 95th percentile. Similarly, daily volumes ranges of 1-12, 2-45 and 5-100 CrAg-directed samples were noted for Scenario's II, III and IV respectively. A cut-off of 30 CrAg tests per day defined use of either LFA or EIA platform. LFA cost-per-result ranged from $8.24 to $5.44 and EIA cost-per-result between $5.58 and $4

  17. Beginning Android 4 Application Development

    CERN Document Server

    Lee, Wei-Meng


    Understand Android OS for both smartphone and tablet programming This fast-paced introduction to the newest release of Android OS gives aspiring mobile app developers what they need to know to program for today's hottest Android smartphones and tablets. Android 4 OS is, for the first time, a single solution for both smartphones and tablets, so if you master the information in this helpful guide, you'll be well on your way to successful development for both devices. From using activities and intents and creating rich user interfaces to working with SMS, messaging APIs, and the Android SDK, what

  18. Treatment of high-risk patients with ezetimibe plus simvastatin co-administration versus simvastatin alone to attain National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goals. (United States)

    Feldman, Theodore; Koren, Michael; Insull, William; McKenney, James; Schrott, Helmut; Lewin, Andrew; Shah, Sukrut; Sidisin, Michelle; Cho, Meehyung; Kush, Debra; Mitchel, Yale


    This study assessed whether the co-administration of ezetimibe and simvastatin would be more effective than simvastatin monotherapy in allowing high-risk patients to achieve a low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol goal of /=130 mg/dl and meeting National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III criteria for coronary heart disease (CHD) or CHD risk equivalent were randomized to 1 of 4 daily treatments for 23 weeks: simvastatin 20 mg (n = 253), ezetimibe 10 mg plus simvastatin 10 mg (n = 251), ezetimibe 10 mg plus simvastatin 20 mg (n = 109), and ezetimibe 10 mg plus simvastatin 40 mg (n = 97). In all groups, patients not at goal had their simvastatin doses doubled at weeks 6, 12, and/or 18, up to a maximum of 80 mg. The primary efficacy objective was LDL cholesterol goal attainment (treatment. Ezetimibe plus any dose of simvastatin produced greater reductions in LDL cholesterol and allowed more patients to achieve goal after 5 weeks (p <0.001) and at the end of the study (p <0.001) than simvastatin 20 mg alone. At 5 weeks, 75%, 83%, and 87% of patients receiving ezetimibe plus simvastatin 10, 20, and 40 mg had LDL cholesterol <100 mg/dl compared with 46% of patients receiving simvastatin 20 mg. In patients who started on ezetimibe plus simvastatin 10, 20 and 40 mg, 33%, 22%, and 12%, respectively, required simvastatin titration during the study compared with 68% of patients who started on simvastatin 20 mg. The corresponding median simvastatin doses used were 10, 20, 40, and 40 mg, respectively. Ezetimibe plus simvastatin was well tolerated, with an overall safety profile similar to that of simvastatin monotherapy. Thus, through the dual inhibition of cholesterol absorption and synthesis, ezetimibe plus simvastatin allowed more patients to reach LDL cholesterol <100 mg/dl at a lower simvastatin dose and with fewer dose titrations than simvastatin monotherapy.

  19. Effects of Goal Setting When Goal Difficulty Is Held Constant. (United States)

    Dossett, Dennis L.; And Others

    Goal-setting has been accepted as an effective motivational tool. Whether goals should be participatively set or assigned was examined by holding goal difficulty constant in an investigation based on previous results which suggested that participants in goal-setting set more difficult goals than those for whom goals are assigned. Results suggest…

  20. Classroom Environment, Achievement Goals and Maths Performance: Gender Differences (United States)

    Gherasim, Loredana Ruxandra; Butnaru, Simona; Mairean, Cornelia


    This study investigated how gender shapes the relationships between classroom environment, achievement goals and maths performance. Seventh-grade students ("N"?=?498) from five urban secondary schools filled in achievement goal orientations and classroom environment scales at the beginning of the second semester. Maths performance was…

  1. Confronting Task Difficulty in Ego Involvement: Change in Performance Goals (United States)

    Kumar, Shamala; Jagacinski, Carolyn M.


    Both Dweck (1986) and Nicholls (1984) proposed that when ego-involved individuals encounter difficulty, they would begin to doubt their level of ability, and as a consequence, their commitment to the goal of demonstrating high ability would decline. As difficulty continued, perceived ability would decline, and eventually the goal would be…

  2. Antecedents of Norwegian Beginning Teachers' Turnover Intentions (United States)

    Tiplic, Dijana; Brandmo, Christian; Elstad, Eyvind


    This study aims at exploring several individual, organizational, and contextual factors that may affect beginning teachers' turnover intentions during their first years of practice. The sample consists of 227 beginning teachers (69% female and 31% male) from 133 schools in Norway. The results show four important antecedents of beginning teachers'…

  3. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... to begin as you develop a partnership and treatment plan with your physician. Click here to find a place to begin. Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Place To Begin from Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation on Vimeo . anxiety and buy , tranquility as well as medication © 2018 ...

  4. Simplified Signalling System: A Beginning Reading Orthography. (United States)

    McClintick, Otto F.

    A beginning reading alphabet identified as the Simplified Signalling System was developed in this study for the teaching of reading. The system consisted of (1) key symbols and augmentations used in the introduction for beginning and remedial readers and (2) transliteration of sample materials suggested for use by beginning and remedial readers.…

  5. Materialistic Values and Goals. (United States)

    Kasser, Tim


    Materialism comprises a set of values and goals focused on wealth, possessions, image, and status. These aims are a fundamental aspect of the human value/goal system, standing in relative conflict with aims concerning the well-being of others, as well as one's own personal and spiritual growth. Substantial evidence shows that people who place a relatively high priority on materialistic values/goals consume more products and incur more debt, have lower-quality interpersonal relationships, act in more ecologically destructive ways, have adverse work and educational motivation, and report lower personal and physical well-being. Experimentally activating materialistic aims causes similar outcomes. Given these ills, researchers have investigated means of decreasing people's materialism. Successful interventions encourage intrinsic/self-transcendent values/goals, increase felt personal security, and/or block materialistic messages from the environment. These interventions would likely be more effective if policies were also adopted that diminished contemporary culture's focus on consumption, profit, and economic growth.

  6. Perception of future goals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ottsen, Christina L.; Berntsen, Dorthe

    The current study: a cross-cultural comparison between the Middle East and Scandinavia. Two societies that offer a unique opportunity to examine gender and cultural differences in perception of personal goals. Previous studies show that imagined future events are affected by memories of personal...

  7. 以目標規劃建立大學圖書館圖書經費分配之研究 A Goal Programming Model for the Budget Allocation of Academic Library

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ming-Jiu Hwang


    Full Text Available 目前大學圖書經費分配大多利用公式法將經費分給各教學單位,如此館方較無法管控各領域之新增書籍,繼而影響館藏發展。本研究以線性目標規劃(Linear Goal Programming, LGP方法處理大學圖書館經費分配問題,建立兼顧教學單位(學院)與圖書館館藏(學科)兩面向,且符合實務面又具有彈性、公平性、多面向考量的理想圖書 經費分配模式,用以改善各教學單位對經費分配之爭議並兼顧館藏發展政策之實踐。最後,開發圖書經費分配互動平台,可做為國內大學圖書館經費分配決策之應 用。University libraries often allocate acquisition budgets by instructional units through a formula method. Formula method may keep the library from allocating appropriate budgetary resource in adding new book collections needed in every academic field. Consequently, the library collection would suffer. This study was proposed using Linear Goal Programming method to deal with the budget allocation of university libraries. It established an ideal, practical, flexible, and fair budget allocation model using goal programming of two dimensions. This model can be used to reduce the dispute about the budget among instructional units and implement the policy of collection development. Furthermore, the development of the interactive platform of collection budget allocation can be applied in the decision making of the budget allocation of university libraries.

  8. Beginning data science with R

    CERN Document Server

    Pathak, Manas A


    “Data Science with R” deals with implementing many useful data analysis methodologies with the R programming language. The target audience for this book is non-R programmers and non-statisticians. The book will cover all the necessary concepts from the basics to state-of-the-art technologies like working with big data. The author attempts to strike a balance between the “how”: specific processes and methodologies, while also talking about the “why”: giving an intuition behind how a particular technique works, so that the reader can apply the generalized solution to the problem at hand.

  9. Nigeria: Positioning Rural Economy for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akinbode Michael Okunola


    Full Text Available Nigeria as nation has over the years engaged in lots of developmental activities without actions which makes achievements to elude the people. Development of societies doesn’t happen in the vacuum. Thus, the adoption of Structural Adjustment Program, SAP, by Nigeria leading to the neglect of the custom periodic National Plan at a time when Nigeria had no structure for development was the beginning of journey to widened inequality and large poverty incidence, depth and severity. To close the gap between the rich and the poor, the Nigeria government had designed and implemented some programs and policies whose implementation has not solved the inherent problems. In year 2000, the world leaders subscribed to the Millennium Development Goals to ensure synergized global approach to solving the poverty menace. Programs designed in Nigeria to achieve the MDGs focused on the urban centers thereby relegating the rural areas which are responsible for the feeding of the teeming population of the urban dwellers. Farming households and the general rural communities do not have access to clean water, quality education and health facilities, good feeder roads, affordable and safe energy as well as other socioeconomic and socio-infrastructural facilities that would ensure sustainable living for the people whose contribution to the national economy cannot be overemphasized. This study therefore looks at the structural actions the Nigeria government should embarked upon to ensure that the rural dweller have access to life. As the government would be developing programs and policies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals whose priority is the end poverty in all forms and everywhere by 2030, this study reveals how to position the rural economy for developmental attention from the policy makers.

  10. Heuristic Dynamic Programming With Internal Goal Representation (United States)


    Jagannathan (2007). We introduce one more input, namely internal reward signal s, for the critic network and aim to help the value function approximation...reinforcement learning (ADPRL), IEEE symposium series on computational intelligence (SSCI), France He P, Jagannathan S (2007) Reinforcement learning

  11. Preliminary recommendations on the design of the characterization program for the Hanford Site single-shell tanks: A system analysis. Volume 2, Closure-related analyte priorities, concentration thresholds, and detection limit goals based on public health concerns

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buck, J.W.; Peffers, M.S.; Hwang, S.T.


    The work described in this volume was conducted by Pacific Northwest Laboratory to provide preliminary recommendations on data quality objectives (DQOs) to support the Waste Characterization Plan (WCP) and closure decisions for the Hanford Site single-shell tanks (SSTs). The WCP describes the first of a two-phase characterization program that will obtain information to assess and implement disposal options for SSTs. This work was performed for the Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC), the current operating contractor on the Hanford Site. The preliminary DQOs contained in this volume deal with the analysis of SST wastes in support of the WCP and final closure decisions. These DQOs include information on significant contributors and detection limit goals (DLGs) for SST analytes based on public health risk.

  12. The Role of Goal Attainment Expectancies in Achievement Goal Pursuit (United States)

    Senko, Corwin; Hulleman, Chris S.


    The current studies introduce the goal attainment expectancy construct to achievement goal theory. Three studies, 2 in college classrooms and the other using a novel math task in the laboratory, converged on the same finding. For mastery-approach goals and performance-approach goals alike, the harder the goal appeared to attain, the less likely…

  13. Environmental Modeling, A goal of the Baseline Sampling and Analysis program is to determine baseline levels of select priority pollutants and petroleum markers in areas with high probability for oil spills., Published in 1999, 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, Louisiana State University (LSU). (United States)

    NSGIC Education | GIS Inventory — Environmental Modeling dataset current as of 1999. A goal of the Baseline Sampling and Analysis program is to determine baseline levels of select priority pollutants...

  14. Tactical Combat Casualty Care: Beginnings. (United States)

    Butler, Frank K


    Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is a set of evidence-based, best-practice prehospital trauma care guidelines customized for use on the battlefield. The origins of TCCC were nontraditional. The TCCC program began as a Naval Special Warfare biomedical research effort launched after the realization that extremity hemorrhage, a leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield, was not being treated with a readily available and highly effective intervention: the tourniquet. This insight prompted a systematic reevaluation of all aspects of battlefield trauma care that was conducted from 1993 to 1996 as a joint effort by special operations medical personnel and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. The product of that 3-year research project was TCCC, the first-ever set of battlefield trauma care guidelines designed to combine good medicine with good small-unit tactics. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  15. Determinants of vaccination coverage and adherence to the Greek national immunization program among infants aged 2-24 months at the beginning of the economic crisis (2009-2011). (United States)

    Vassiliki, Papaevangelou; Ioanna, Koutsoumbari; Artemis, Vintila; Eleni, Klinaki; Aglaia, Zellos; Attilakos, Achilleas; Maria, Tsolia; Dimitris, Kafetzis


    Childhood immunization has significantly reduced the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases. Parental mistrust over vaccine safety has been associated with vaccine refusal creating barriers on vaccine coverage. Recently, economic crisis has imposed additional impediment. Study aim was to evaluate vaccine coverage among infants 2-24 months old in the Athens metropolitan area at the beginning of the economic crisis (2009-2011). Overall, 1,667 infants were enrolled (mean age 13 months). Less than 5% of parents admitted omitting or postponing vaccination secondary to their beliefs. Although vaccination coverage was acceptable for most vaccines, lower rates of immunization were found for some newer vaccines such as hepatitis A and rotavirus. Multiple regression analysis indicated that parental age, occupational, educational statuses and family size were independently associated with immunization coverage at 6 and 12 months. Interestingly, lack of insurance was not associated with missed vaccine doses. Incomplete vaccination coverage was associated with socioeconomic factors. It becomes apparent, that reassessing vaccination priorities under the current economic situation may be needed.

  16. 76 FR 67377 - Anglers for Christ Ministries, Inc., New Beginning Ministries; Petitioners; Interpretation of... (United States)


    ..., 2012 must begin providing closed captioning of its programming beginning on January 19, 2012. The full... Format (PDF) at: . Appendix A associated with FCC 11-159 listing the..., owner, or producer of video programming that petitioned the Commission, upon a showing that the closed...

  17. SPIG From Beginning To Today (United States)

    Labat, J.


    Rapid growth of nuclear physics in fifties attracted attention of numerous scientists, mainly physicists. At the same time, governments become interested in the field, expecting various advantages, and to be honest, in the first place the nuclear weapons. As a result, also in the country at that time called Yugoslavia, the Federal Nuclear Agency has been formed, and generously funds have been given to support the research. In Yugoslavia three nuclear centers have been founded: in Belgrade (Serbia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). The nuclear research and applications to related fields, inevitably was related to the physics of ionized gases. Just to mention electro-magnetic separation of isotopes, mass spectrometry, gas filled nuclear radiation detectors, accelerator ion sources, sources for analytical spectroscopy and others. Right from the beginning a common problem has been met: lack of basic knowledge on elementary collision processes and in general on the matter in ionized state. Groups of physicists in the mentioned institutes have started paying full attention to these problems. They found it of interest to exchange the results and cooperate not only between themselves but also with research centers in other countries. It was felt that at least one national meeting should be organized, where an overview of activities in the field of ionized gases could be presented. Thanks to extraordinary efforts of prof. B. Perovic, supported, backed and simulated by prof. A. Milojevic, prof. Z. Sternberg, prof. Dj. Bosan and prof. A. Moljk first such meeting was prepared. In 1962 the "Ist Yugoslav Symposium an the Physics of Ionized Gases" was organized in Belgrade. Six invited lectures and 26 original contributions were presented. Two years later, in 1964, the second meeting of the same title was held in Zagreb (Croatia). The large number of participants and unexpected interest in field has initiated an idea that the study of different fields related to the

  18. Motivational Goal Bracketing: An Experiment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koch, Alexander; Nafziger, Julia

    We study in an online, real-effort experiment how the bracketing of non-binding goals affects performance in a work-leisure self-control problem. We externally induce the goal bracket - daily goals or a weekly goal - and within that bracket let subjects set goals for how much they want to work over...

  19. La expresión corporal en la formación de maestros The Body Expression in Teachers Forming: Beginning Programs Study at Universities in Bogotá

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Blanco Vega María De Jesús


    Full Text Available Esta investigación tuvo como propósito indagar las orientaciones, enfoques y perspectivas de la expresión corporal en los programas de Educación Inicial en universidades de Bogotá. El método desarrollado fue el cualitativo y el tipo de estudio documental. Se diseñó y aplicó una matriz como instrumento de análisis y descripción basado en la categorización de la información teniendo en cuenta los documentos fuente: Proyecto Educativo Institucional (PEI, Proyecto Educativo del Programa (PEP y Planes de Estudio. A manera de conclusiones se puede decir que las orientaciones teórico-conceptuales están fundamentadas en el eje pedagógico, las perspectivas de formación se centran en el campo disciplinar, profesionalización específica y complementaria; y los enfoques pedagógicos y metodológicos están basados en el cuerpo y la expresión. This investigation inquires guidance, approaches and perspectives about corporal expression in beginning education at universities of Bogota. The qualitative method and documentary study type was put into practice. Information setting up from source documents: PEI, PEP and Study Plans provided a Matrix designed and applied to analyze and describe the pedagogical line. Forming perspectives are placed in the discipline field and in the specific and complementary professional activity. The pedagogic and method approaches are based on body and expression.

  20. Epilepsy genetics: clinical beginnings and social consequences. (United States)

    Johnston, J A; Rees, M I; Smith, P E M


    The approach to epilepsy care has transformed in the last 30 years, with more and better anti-epileptic medications, improved cerebral imaging and increased surgical options. Alongside this, developments in neuroscience and molecular genetics have furthered the understanding of epileptogenesis. Future developments in pharmacogenomics hold the promise of antiepileptic drugs matched to specific genotypes. Despite this rapid progress, one-third of epilepsy patients remain refractory to medication, with their seizures impacting upon day-to-day activity, social well-being, independence, economic output and quality of life. International genome collaborations, such as HapMap and the Welcome Trust Case-Control Consortium single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mapping project have identified common genetic variations in diseases of major public health importance. Such genetic signposts should help to identify at-risk populations with a view to producing more effective pharmaceutical treatments. Neurological disorders, despite comprising one-fifth of UK acute medical hospital admissions, are surprisingly under-represented in these projects. Epilepsy is the commonest serious neurological disorder worldwide. Although physically, psychologically, socially and financially disabling, it rarely receives deserved attention from physicians, scientists and governmental bodies. As outlined in this article, research into epilepsy genetics presents unique challenges. These help to explain why the identification of its complex genetic traits has lagged well behind other disciplines, particularly the efforts made in neuropsychiatric disorders. Clinical beginnings must underpin any genetic understanding in epilepsy. Success in identifying genetic traits in other disorders does not make the automatic case for genome-wide screening in epilepsy, but such is a desired goal. The essential clinical approach of accurately phenotyping, diagnosing and interpreting the dynamic nature of epilepsy

  1. Setting goals, not just roles: Improving teamwork through goal-focused debriefing. (United States)

    Gardner, Aimee K; Kosemund, Matthew; Hogg, Deborah; Heymann, Abraham; Martinez, Joseph


    The role of goal setting within post-simulation debriefing is not well known. This study sought to examine how inclusion of group-level goals, individual-level goals, or no goals in the debriefing process impacts teamwork. Students participated in two high-fidelity team training scenarios. Between scenarios, teams were assigned to one of three debriefing groups: jointly creating five teamwork goals for the group to achieve (group-level goals); independently creating five teamwork goals for each individual to attain (individual-level goals); or no goals. Paired-samples t tests and one-way ANOVA with post-hoc Tukey tests were used to examine performance improvements and differences between groups. 86 MS3s participated in the training program across 22 groups. Percentage of items achieved on the teamwork tool from first to second scenario were 61.7±20.4 to 60.2±8.8 (no goals; ns), 59.8±14.0 to 76.8±7.0 (individual goals; pDebriefing facilitators should encourage learners to focus on creating and achieving personal goals contributing to teamwork. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Educational Goals and National Development (United States)

    Umapathy, K. Setty


    Discusses educational goals in ancient India, western education in India, educational goals in free India, goals and national development, and the problem of poverty and equal distribution of national gains. (Author/PG)

  3. The Beginning Farmers’ Problem In Canada


    Pouliot, Sebastien


    Concerns about beginning farmers in Canada derive from trends in data that show that the population of farmers and the number of young farmers are declining. This paper discusses and analyses issues regarding the constraints and opportunities beginning farmers in Canada face. The discussion covers whether issues peculiar to beginning farmers are, from an economic policy point of view, a source of concern and whether there are motives for government intervention. The main conclusions are 1) th...

  4. Examining factors affecting beginning teachers' transfer of learning of ICT-enhanced learning activities in their teaching practice

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Agyei, D.D.; Voogt, J.


    This study examined 100 beginning teachers’ transfer of learning when utilising Information Communication Technology-enhanced activity-based learning activities. The beginning teachers had participated in a professional development program that was characterised by ‘learning technology by

  5. Examining factors affecting beginning teachers’ transfer of learning of ICT-enhanced learning activities in their teaching practice

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Voogt, Joke; Agyei, Douglas; McBride, Ron; Searson, Michael


    This study examined 100 beginning teachers’ transfer of learning in utilizing Information Communication Technology-enhanced activity-based learning activities. The beginning teachers had participated in a professional development program characterized by ‘learning technology by collaborative design’

  6. Predicting Subsequent Task Performance From Goal Motivation and Goal Failure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Catherine Healy


    Full Text Available Recent research has demonstrated that the cognitive processes associated with goal pursuit can continue to interfere with unrelated tasks when a goal is unfulfilled. Drawing from the self-regulation and goal-striving literatures, the present study explored the impact of goal failure on subsequent cognitive and physical task performance. Furthermore, we examined if the autonomous or controlled motivation underpinning goal striving moderates the responses to goal failure. Athletes (75 male, 59 female, Mage = 19.90 years, SDage = 3.50 completed a cycling trial with the goal of covering a given distance in 8 minutes. Prior to the trial, their motivation was primed using a video. During the trial they were provided with manipulated performance feedback, thus creating conditions of goal success or failure. No differences emerged in the responses to goal failure between the primed motivation or performance feedback conditions. We make recommendations for future research into how individuals can deal with failure in goal striving.

  7. Predicting subsequent task performance from goal motivation and goal failure (United States)

    Healy, Laura C.; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Stewart, Brandon D.; Duda, Joan L.


    Recent research has demonstrated that the cognitive processes associated with goal pursuit can continue to interfere with unrelated tasks when a goal is unfulfilled. Drawing from the self-regulation and goal-striving literatures, the present study explored the impact of goal failure on subsequent cognitive and physical task performance. Furthermore, we examined if the autonomous or controlled motivation underpinning goal striving moderates the responses to goal failure. Athletes (75 male, 59 female, Mage = 19.90 years, SDage = 3.50) completed a cycling trial with the goal of covering a given distance in 8 min. Prior to the trial, their motivation was primed using a video. During the trial they were provided with manipulated performance feedback, thus creating conditions of goal success or failure. No differences emerged in the responses to goal failure between the primed motivation or performance feedback conditions. We make recommendations for future research into how individuals can deal with failure in goal striving. PMID:26191029

  8. Different way, same goal

    CERN Multimedia

    Antonella Del Rosso & Fabio Capello


    Radio-oncologists and radiotherapists represented a large proportion of the doctors and clinicians who attended the ICTR-PHE 2012 conference. With them were also biologists and doctors of nuclear medicine. They presented the state of the art of their research that touches on the genetics and biology of tumours as well as on futuristic drugs that selectively target malignant cells. The future of cancer treatment seems to lie in the personalised approach.   When the members of the life sciences community took over from the physicists, the focus remained basically the same. Just another sign of the fact that the different communities are leading the same battle and have the same goal. However, the methodologies and issues can be very different. The example of hadrontherapy illustrates the situation well: while for physicists this is a relatively well-established concept, medical doctors consider that the amount of patient data available is still very small. Several clinical trials are in progress ...

  9. A goal for nursing education. (United States)

    Marcinkiw, Karen L


    Current trends of an increasingly multicultural society emphasize the need for nursing education programs that effectively address cultural issues. To understand the diverse cultural backgrounds of clients, nurses must strive to be culturally competent. Cultural competence requires the building of cultural awareness, knowledge, skill, encounters, and desire in the nurse. Clients will feel respected, valued, and have a greater desire to achieve mutually agreed upon health care goals if the nurse is culturally competent. Nurse educators can assist nursing students in acquiring cultural competence using a model created by Campinha-Bacote (1999) entitled "The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services: A Culturally Competent Model of Care". The model contributes to the development of cultural competence in the nursing profession by providing a concrete guide that is useful for teaching and implementing cultural competence in nursing education.

  10. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip > Dry ... Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip Survival ...

  11. Beginning Farmer Sustainable Agriculture Project. Interim Report. (United States)

    Center for Rural Affairs, Hartington, NE.

    This project increases opportunities for beginning farmers to learn about and implement sustainable farming methods through mutual-help discussion groups and continuing education opportunities. Local groups established in six areas in northeast Nebraska in 1991 constitute the Beginning Farmer Support Network (BFSN). At workshops held throughout…

  12. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip > Dry Eye ... What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip Survival Tips ...

  13. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary ... Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary ...

  14. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... here to find a place to begin. Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Place To Begin from Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation on Vimeo . anxiety and buy , tranquility as well as medication © 2018 Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation, Inc. 10701 Parkridge Blvd. Suite 170, Reston, ...

  15. "Beginning with the end in mind": imagining personal retirement speeches to promote professionalism. (United States)

    Yu, Eunice; Wright, Scott M


    The goal of teaching professionalism in medicine is to transform a theoretical concept into an internalized and actualized identity. Many trainees struggle with professionalism in the abstract, particularly when instruction methods are didactic and disconnected from personal experience. The authors aim to demonstrate the feasibility of having interns frame a personal definition of professionalism based on a reflective technique called "beginning with the end in mind." Interns composed remarks that might be used to introduce them at their own retirement ceremony following a career in medicine. This "career eulogies" exercise was introduced to groups of six interns during the first third of the internship year as part of a two-week curriculum focused on professional development. Two investigators independently coded the written introductions, identifying emergent themes through content analysis. Of the 19 interns in an internal medicine residency program (2012-13), 17 participated in the exercise. Six themes emerged from the data: aligning behaviors with core values, achieving excellence in medicine, changing the world and giving back, valuing teamwork and relationships, realizing work-life balance, and appreciating a career in medicine. These themes correlate with accepted published definitions of professionalism. The personal reflections produced through this exercise allow physicians to begin to formulate their professional self-conception. Extensions of this work might include linking such forms of critical reflection to individualized learning plans and updating the speeches over time. Further research on "reflecting forward" may determine its impact as a complement to traditional narrative reflection.

  16. Understanding beginning teacher induction: A contextualized examination of best practice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sean Kearney


    Full Text Available The problems that teachers face early in their careers are a major factor in growing rates of attrition among neophyte teachers. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, high rates of attrition, coupled with and aging teacher population in many countries in the developed world, may cause a teacher shortage crisis in coming years. Beginning teacher induction is an imperative process in acculturating teachers to their new careers and helping them overcome the hardships of teaching and the accreditation process. While induction practices have become more common in recent years, there are still no mandated structures for inducting teachers into the profession throughout Australia. This article reviews a number of international induction programs, which have been successful in supporting beginning teachers and curbing attrition rates, to emphasize why many programs are inadequate at meeting the needs of beginning teachers. The review proposes a definition for induction to better understand common misconceptions and highlights best practice induction as a way to retain quality teachers in the profession and help ameliorate conditions for beginning teachers. Finally, recommendations are made, specifically in the Australian context, which could help to improve induction practices to better acculturate neophyte teachers to their profession.

  17. on Goal Framing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eulàlia P. Abril


    Full Text Available En respuesta a la enorme y algunas veces conceptualmente inconsistente literatura sobre valence framing,Levin y sus colegas (1998 desarrollaron una tipología de encuadre de valencia que organiza los diferentesresultados a partir de elección arriesgada, atributo, y encuadre de los resultados (goal framing. Este estudiofavorece la literatura sobre encuadre de los resultados mediante (a su aplicación en el contexto de una cuestiónsocial como la pobreza infantil extrema; y (b el examen de los mecanismos afectivos sobre el cual el encuadrede los resultados es de eficacia persuasiva. Los resultados experimentales (N = 197 mostraron que la exposiciónal mensaje de encuadre de pérdida permitió un apoyo mayor hacia las políticas públicas que buscan erradicar lapobreza infantil, en comparación con el mensaje de encuadre de ganancia. Los resultados también revelaronque el afecto negativo sirve como herramienta mediadora de apoyo hacia las políticas públicas. Estos hallazgossugieren que, en el contexto del apoyo social hacia la población pobre, la capacidad de persuasión dentro delencuadre de pérdida se facilita cuando los participantes experimentan afectos negativos.

  18. Begin and start: aspect and complement choice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tünde Nagy


    Full Text Available The paper offers a semantic analysis of begin and start and their non-finite complementation: the to-infinitive and –ing constructions. The core idea of the paper is that the aspectual constructions ‘begin+ to infinitive’, ‘begin + ing’, ‘start+ to infinitive’, and ‘start+ ing’ have both a schematic and a prototypical meaning, and that the subtle differences between them are motivated by several factors, like viewing (perfectivity vs. imperfectivity, temporality (future orientation vs. ongoing reading dynamicity (graduality vs. abruptness, agentivity, etc.

  19. Beginning ArcGIS for desktop development using .NET

    CERN Document Server

    Amirian, Pouria


    Pouria Amirian holds a Ph.D. of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Dr. Amirian is a developer and GIS/IT lecturer with extensive experience developing and deploying small to large-scale Geospatial Information Systems. Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that guides you through all the techniques involved.

  20. Diversity Education Goals: A Policy Discourse Analysis (United States)

    Swain, Stuart


    Many U.S. colleges and universities have established student learning outcomes for diversity education in their general education programs. These education goals, frequently developed for assessment or other policy purposes, convey a range of possible purposes for diversity and multicultural learning. The manner in which these purposes are…

  1. Teaching Goal Modeling in Undergraduate Education

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dalpiaz, Fabiano


    Goal modeling in general, and i* in particular, are typically taught in specialized courses that are part of postgraduate programs. In this paper, we report on our experience concerning teaching i* and its basic, essential dialect called simple i* to over 130 first-year students of a bachelor degree

  2. Goal Contents and Goal Contexts: Experiments with Chinese Students (United States)

    Wang, Ze; Hu, Xiao Yong; Guo, Yong Yu


    Using samples of Chinese middle school students, the 2 experimental studies presented here examined the effects of goal content and goal context on test performance, free-choice engagement, and test anxiety within the framework of self-determination theory. Students' learning goals were induced as intrinsic or extrinsic with the learning contexts…

  3. Adult age differences in goal activation and goal maintenance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Jong, Ritske


    According to the goal-neglect hypothesis of age-related decrements in cognitive control advocated in this paper, such decrements can be usefully and parsimoniously attributed to a reduced capacity for goal selection and goal maintenance in working memory. A selective review of research findings on

  4. A Healthy Start Can Begin Now (United States)

    A healthy pregnancy begins before you ever become pregnant. Give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby before you start down the road to motherhood. If you smoke, now’s a great time to quit.

  5. Behavior and safety: from where to begin?; Seguranca e comportamento: por onde comecar?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marchi, Luiz Carlos [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The E and P-SERV-US-SS performs drilling and completion of offshore oil and gas wells in the Campos Basin. Its responsibility is the supply of employees, platforms, drilling and completion tools and equipment. According to the Brazilian Law, the risk degree is 4. PETROBRAS established annual goals for the Lost Time Injury Frequency-LTIF indicator. For 2010, the goal is 0,5. In the last decade, the efforts of PETROBRAS for the reduction of accidents began to be better planned. The certifications in Health, Safety, Environment and Affairs, bring to workforce a new consciousness about the risks in the work places. Since 2002, PETROBRAS has guided its efforts to reduction of accidents, focusing human being valorization. The Behavior Audits started the process of change of attitudes and people's behavior. In USSS department, they were initiated in 2003, with the managers and supervisors involvement. The participation and the examples of the leaderships in the training of the workforce about risk perception are suitable as the beginning of a program aiming at permanent deviation, incidents and accidents reduction. Reducing deviations, we will reduce the accidents. (author)

  6. Pioneers - The Beginning of Danish Electronic Music

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kristensen, Thomas Bjørnsten


    Anmeldelse af dobbelt-cd'en Pioneers - The Beginning of Danish Electronic Music, der dokumenterer de tidligste år af dansk elektronisk musiks historie fra 1960-1978. Udgivelsesdato: 29.10......Anmeldelse af dobbelt-cd'en Pioneers - The Beginning of Danish Electronic Music, der dokumenterer de tidligste år af dansk elektronisk musiks historie fra 1960-1978. Udgivelsesdato: 29.10...

  7. 9 + 1 = Fun! "Good Management Begins with Good People" (United States)

    Vicars, Dennis


    All organizations are different in nature, culture, programs, and services. However, every truly successful enterprise ("successful" meaning their mission statement and strategic goals are followed and achieved) that the author has encountered: (1) Employs strategic leadership; (2) Is organized in a way to promote maximum individual staff…

  8. Gaps, goals and conditions for expanding graduate programs in psychology in Brazil / Lacunas, metas e condições para a expansão da pós-graduação em psicologia no país

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terezinha Féres-Carneiro


    Full Text Available This paper aims to discuss gaps, goals and conditions for the expansion of graduate studies in psychology in Brazil. To this end, based on the assumption that it is necessary to consider the objectives to be achieved, the conditions for predicted or supposed feasibility must be taken into account. It is initially approached the need for expanding graduate studies in psychology. Affirmatively concluding it, different goals and conditions necessary to achieve such expansion are drawn: (a to proceed in the direction that every State in the country offers graduate programs in the area and that in five years, there are five States with new programs; (b that the States which already have masters' programs start to have doctorate ones; (c that the States that only have programs in private higher education institutions may also offer programs in public institutions; (d that in some States with large territory more micro-regions might be contemplated. To better equip the existing programs with qualified human resources, it is proposed an annual growth of awarded degrees around 10%. Analyzing data from surveys, difficulties of proposing goals based on some gaps in subareas were discussed, one of them is the lack of consensus about what should be a Concentration Area or Line of Research. The goals of Graduate Programs to be met with the types of expansion proposed and the issue of professional master's degrees were discussed and it was proposed the induction of professional master's in existing consolidated programs, up to a limit of 10% of the system (area in an interval of two years. It is suggested to prioritize the qualification / training of managers and professionals in the field of social policies (health care. Some goals have also been proposed considering the relation between graduate and undergraduate education and the needs indentified in the process of training such professionals. New studies and surveys are needed to update the available data

  9. Vehicle Technologies Program Overview

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Overview of the Vehicle Technologies Program including external assessment and market view; internal assessment, program history and progress; program justification and federal role; program vision, mission, approach, strategic goals, outputs, and outcomes; and performance goals.

  10. Achievement Goals and their Underlying Goal Motivation: Does it Matter Why Sport Participants Pursue their Goals?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick Gaudreau


    Full Text Available This study examined whether the good or bad outcomes associated with mastery-approach (MAP and performance-approach (PAP goals depend on the extent to which they are motivated by autonomous or controlled motivation. A sample of 515 undergraduate students who participated in sport completed measures of achievement goals, motivation of achievement goals, perceived goal attainment, sport satisfaction, and both positive and negative affect. Results of moderated regression analyses revealed that the positive relations of both MAP and PAP goals with perceived goal attainment were stronger for athletes pursuing these goals with high level of autonomous goal motivation. Also, the positive relations between PAP goals and both sport satisfaction and positive affect were stronger at high levels of autonomous goal motivation and controlled goal motivation. The shape of all these significant interactions was consistent with tenets of Self-Determination Theory as controlled goal motivation was negatively associated with positive affect and sport satisfaction and positively associated with negative affect. Overall, these findings demonstrated the importance of considering goal motivation in order to better understand the conditions under which achievement goals are associated with better experiential and performance outcomes in the lives of sport participants.

  11. Alcohol breeds empty goal commitments. (United States)

    Sevincer, A Timur; Oettingen, Gabriele


    According to alcohol-myopia theory (C. M. Steele & R. A. Josephs, 1990), alcohol leads individuals to disproportionally focus on the most salient aspects of a situation and to ignore peripheral information. The authors hypothesized that alcohol leads individuals to strongly commit to their goals without considering information about the probability of goal attainment. In Study 1, participants named their most important interpersonal goal, indicated their expectations of successfully attaining it, and then consumed either alcohol or a placebo. In contrast to participants who consumed a placebo, intoxicated participants felt strongly committed to their goals despite low expectations of attaining them. In Study 2, goal-directed actions were measured over time. Once sober again, intoxicated participants with low expectations did not follow up on their strong commitments. Apparently, when prospects are bleak, alcohol produces empty goal commitments, as commitments are not based on individuals' expectations of attaining their goals and do not foster goal striving over time.

  12. Punishment goals of crime victims. (United States)

    Orth, Uli


    Research on subjective punishment goals has focused on the perspective of third-party observers of criminal offenses and neglected the perspective of victims. This study investigates punishment goals among 174 adult crime victims (rape and nonsexual assault) for each participant's real criminal case. Scales measuring support for punishment goals are constructed by factor analysis of an 18-item list. Results show that 5 highly supported goals can be distinguished: retaliation, recognition of victim status, confirmation of societal values, victim security, and societal security. Analysis of relations between punishment goal scales and personal variables, situational variables, and demanded punishment severity corroborates the view that the punishment goals revealed can be classified according to the two independent dichotomies of moral versus instrumental goals, and micro versus macro goals.

  13. Teachers' goal orientations: Effects on classroom goal structures and emotions. (United States)

    Wang, Hui; Hall, Nathan C; Goetz, Thomas; Frenzel, Anne C


    Prior research has shown teachers' goal orientations to influence classroom goal structures (Retelsdorf et al., 2010, Learning and Instruction, 20, 30) and to also impact their emotions (Schutz et al., 2007, Emotion in education, Academic Press, Amsterdam, the Netherlands). However, empirical research evaluating possible causal ordering and mediation effects involving these variables in teachers is presently lacking. The present 6-month longitudinal study investigated the relations between varied motivational, behavioural, and emotional variables in practising teachers. More specifically, this study examined the reciprocal, longitudinal relations between teachers' achievement goals, classroom goal structures, and teaching-related emotions, as well as cumulative mediational models in which observed causal relations were evaluated. Participants were 495 practising teachers from Canada (86% female, M = 42 years). Teachers completed a web-based questionnaire at two time points assessing their instructional goals, perceived classroom goal structures, achievement emotions, and demographic items. Results from cross-lagged analyses and structural equation modelling showed teachers' achievement goals to predict their perceived classroom goal structures that, in turn, predicted their teaching-related emotions. The present results inform both Butler's (2012, Journal of Educational Psychology, 104, 726) theory on teachers' achievement goals and Frenzel's (2014, International handbook of emotions in education, Routledge, New York, NY) model of teachers' emotions in showing teachers' instructional goals to both directly predict their teaching-related emotions, as well as indirectly through the mediating effects of classroom goal structures. © 2016 The British Psychological Society.

  14. A Reading Skills Development Program for Adult Non-Readers. Featuring: Supplementary Graphics and Sound (Voice Tutorials). Volumes 1 and 2. The TRS-80 Computer Assisted Instruction Series for Adult Basic Education Students. (United States)

    San Antonio State Hospital, TX. Office of Education Services.

    This instructional manual consists of materials for use in implementing a computer-assisted instructional program in reading skills development for adult nonreaders. Discussed first are the project during which this instructional program and manual were developed and the goals of the computer-assisted beginning reading program, a major feature of…

  15. The Role of Goal Importance in Predicting University Students' High Academic Performance (United States)

    Kyle, Vanessa A.; White, Katherine M.; Hyde, Melissa K.; Occhipinti, Stefano


    We examined goal importance, focusing on high, but not exclusive priority goals, in the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) to predict students' academic performance. At the beginning of semester, students in a psychology subject (N = 197) completed TPB and goal importance items for achieving a high grade. Regression analyses revealed partial…

  16. 45 CFR 1801.51 - Report at the beginning of each term. (United States)


    ... 45 Public Welfare 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Report at the beginning of each term. 1801.51 Section 1801.51 Public Welfare Regulations Relating to Public Welfare (Continued) HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Payment Conditions and Procedures § 1801.51 Report at the beginning of each term. (a) To receive...

  17. 20 CFR 615.13 - Announcement of the beginning and ending of Extended Benefit Periods. (United States)


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 3 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Announcement of the beginning and ending of Extended Benefit Periods. 615.13 Section 615.13 Employees' Benefits EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR EXTENDED BENEFITS IN THE FEDERAL-STATE UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION PROGRAM § 615.13 Announcement of the beginning and ending...

  18. Teaching Beginning Braille Reading Using an Alphabet or Uncontracted Braille Approach (United States)

    Day, Janice Neibaur; McDonnell, Andrea P.; O'Neill, Rob


    This study examined the effects of using a research based print reading program modified to accommodate beginning braille readers using an alphabet or uncontracted braille reading approach with five beginning braille readers. Four of the 5 participants displayed a clear increase in their ability to read high frequency words when they began using…

  19. On Planning: Toward a Natural History of Goal | Thalos ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The goal of the essay is to articulate some beginnings for an empirical approach to the study of agency, in the firm conviction that agency is subject to scientific scrutiny, and is not to be abandoned to high-brow aprioristic philosophy. Drawing on insights from decision analysis, game theory, general dynamics, physics and ...

  20. Daunting but Worthy Goal: Reducing the De Novo Cancer Incidence After Transplantation. (United States)

    Dantal, Jacques; Campone, Mario


    Solid-organ transplant recipients are at increased risk of developing de novo malignancies compared with the general population, and malignancies become a major limitation in achieving optimal outcomes. The prevention and the management of posttransplant malignancies must be considered as a main goal in our transplant programs. For these patients, immunosuppression plays a major role in oncogenesis by both impairement of immunosurveillance, enhancement of chronic viral infection, and by direct prooncogenic effects. It is essential to manage the recipient with a long-term adapted screening program beginning before transplantation to use a prophylaxis to decrease infection-related cancer, to propose a viral monitoring, and to modulate the immunosuppression toward lower doses especially for calcineurin inhibitors. Indeed, strategies to induce tolerance or to allow a dramatic reduction of the immunosuppression burden are the more promising approaches for the reduction of the posttransplant malignancies.

  1. A season-long team-building intervention: examining the effect of team goal setting on cohesion. (United States)

    Senécal, Julie; Loughead, Todd M; Bloom, Gordon A


    The purpose of the current study was to determine whether the implementation of a season-long team-building intervention program using team goal setting increased perceptions of cohesion. The participants were 86 female high school basketball players from 8 teams. The teams were randomly assigned to either an experimental team goal-setting or control condition. Each participant completed the Group Environment Questionnaire (GEQ; Carron, Brawley, & Widmeyer, 2002; Carron, Widmeyer, & Brawley, 1985), which assessed cohesion at both the beginning and end of the season. Overall, the results revealed a significant multivariate effect, Pillai's trace F(12, 438) = 2.68, p = .002. Post hoc analyses showed that at the beginning of the season, athletes from both conditions did not differ in their perceptions of cohesion. However, at the end of the season, athletes in the team goal-setting condition held higher perceptions of cohesion than athletes in the control condition. Overall, the results indicated that team goal setting was an effective team-building tool for influencing cohesiveness in sport teams.

  2. Perinatal Education and Support Program: Baystate’s New Beginnings


    Congden, Kimberly A.


    Parent education traditionally focuses on childbirth, whereas the perinatal period gets little attention despite parents’ reports of feeling unprepared. Lack of education surrounding newborn behavior leads to decreased maternal confidence and ineffective responsiveness to infant cues for feeding, crying, and sleep. This can cause overfeeding, lowered breastfeeding success, and contributes to parental stress which can impact maternal–infant bonding. Lack of postpartum maternal support adds to ...

  3. Probabilistic safety goals. Phase 2 - Status report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holmberg, J.-E.; Bjoerkman, K. Rossi, J. (VTT (Finland)); Knochenhauer, M.; Xuhong He; Persson, A.; Gustavsson, H. (Relcon Scandpower AB, Sundbyberg (Sweden))


    The second phase of the project, the outcome of which is described in this project report has mainly dealt with four issues: 1) Consistency in the usage of safety goals 2) Criteria for assessment of results from PSA level 2 3) Overview of international safety goals and experiences from their use 4) Safety goals related to other man-made risks in society. Consistency in judgement over time has been perceived to be one of the main problems in the usage of safety goals. Safety goals defined in the 80ies were met in the beginning with PSA:s performed to the standards of that time, i.e., by PSA:s that were quite limited in scope and level of detail compared to today's state of the art. This issue was investigated by performing a comparative review was performed of three generations of the same PSA, focusing on the impact from changes over time in component failure data, IE frequency, and modelling of the plant, including plant changes and changes in success criteria. It proved to be very time-consuming and in some cases next to impossible to correctly identify the basic causes for changes in PSA results. A multitude of different sub-causes turned out to combined and difficult to differentiate. Thus, rigorous book-keeping is needed in order to keep track of how and why PSA results change. This is especially important in order to differentiate 'real' differences due to plant changes and updated component and IE data from differences that are due to general PSA development (scope, level of detail, modelling issues). (au)

  4. Goal-based dictator game (United States)

    Zaibidi, Nerda Zura; Ibrahim, Adyda; Abidin, Norhaslinda Zainal


    A considerable number of studies have been conducted to study fairness issues using two-player game. Dictator Game is one of the two-player games that receive much attention. In this paper, we develop an evolutionary approach to the Dictator Game by using Goal programming to build a model of human decision-making for cooperation. The model is formulated based on the theories of cognitive neuroscience that is capable in capturing a more realistic fairness concerns between players in the games. We show that fairness will evolve by taking into account players' aspirations and preferences explicitly in terms of profit and fairness concerns. The model is then simulated to investigate any possible effective strategy for people in economics to deal with fairness coalition. Parallels are drawn between the approach and concepts of human decision making from the field of cognitive neuroscience and psychology. The proposed model is also able to help decision makers to plan or enhance the effective strategies for business purposes.

  5. Aquinas and Contemporary Cosmology: Creation and Beginnings (United States)

    Carroll, William E.

    Discussions in the Middle Ages about creation and the temporal beginning of the world involved sophisticated analyses in theology, metaphysics, and natural philosophy. Mediaeval insights on this subject, especially Thomas Aquinas' defense of the intelligibility of an eternal, created universe, can help to clarify reflections about the philosophical and theological implications of contemporary cosmological theories: from the "singularity" of the Big Bang, to "quantum tunneling from nothing," to multiverse scenarios. Thomas' insights help us to see the value of Georges Lemaître's insistence that his cosmological reflections must be kept separate from an analysis of creation. This essay will look at different senses of "beginning" and examine the claim that creation, in its fundamental meaning, tells us nothing about whether there is a temporal beginning to the universe. Multiverse models, like that recently proposed by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, may challenge certain views of a Grand Designer, but not of a Creator.

  6. The Selfish Goal: Unintended Consequences of Intended Goal Pursuits. (United States)

    Bargh, John A; Green, Michelle; Fitzsimons, Gráinne


    Three experiments tested the hypothesis that consciously intended goal pursuits have unintended consequences for social judgment and behavior. From evolutionary theory (Dawkins 1976/2006) and empirical evidence of a nonconscious mode of goal pursuit (Bargh, 2005) we derive the hypothesis that most human goal pursuits are open-ended in nature: Once active, goals will operate on goal-relevant content in the environment, even if that content is not the intended focus of the conscious goal. Experiments 1 and 2 demonstrate that goals to evaluate a job applicant for either a waiter or crime reporter position also shape impressions of incidental bystanders in the situation, such that the bystander is later liked or disliked not on his own merits, but on how well his behavior matches the criteria consciously applied in evaluating the job applicant. Experiment 3 finds that a goal to help a specific target person spills over to influence actions toward incidental bystanders, but only while active. Implications of these findings for goal pursuit in everyday life are discussed.

  7. Inductive Generalization of Analytically Learned Goal Hierarchies (United States)

    Könik, Tolga; Nejati, Negin; Kuter, Ugur

    We describe a new approach for learning procedural knowledge represented as teleoreactive logic programs using relational behavior traces as input. This representation organizes task decomposition skills hierarchically and associate explicitly defined goals with them. Our approach integrates analytical learning with inductive generalization in order to learn these skills. The analytical component predicts the goal dependencies in a successful solution and generates a teleoreactive logic program that can solve similar problems by determining the structure of the skill hierarchy and skill applicability conditions (preconditions), which may be overgeneral. The inductive component experiments with these skills on new problems and uses the data collected in this process to refine the preconditions. Our system achieves this by converting the data collected during the problem solving experiments into the positive and negative examples of preconditions that can be learned with a standard Inductive Logic Programming system. We show that this conversion uses one of the main commitments of teleoreactive logic programs: associating all skills with explicitly defined goals. We claim that our approach uses less expert effort compared to a purely inductive approach and performs better compared to a purely analytical approach.

  8. Ivor Horton's beginning visual C++ 2013

    CERN Document Server

    Horton, Ivor


    Learn C++ with the best tutorial on the market! Horton's unique tutorial approach and step-by-step guidance have helped over 100,000 novice programmers learn C++. In Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2013, Horton not only guides you through the fundamentals of the standard C++ language, but also teaches you how C++ is used in the latest Visual Studio 2013 environment. Visual Studio 2013 includes major changes to the IDE and expanded options for C++ coding. Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2013 will teach you the latest techniques to take your Visual C++ coding to an all-new level.C++ langua

  9. The Predictiveness of Achievement Goals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huy P. Phan


    Full Text Available Using the Revised Achievement Goal Questionnaire (AGQ-R (Elliot & Murayama, 2008, we explored first-year university students’ achievement goal orientations on the premise of the 2 × 2 model. Similar to recent studies (Elliot & Murayama, 2008; Elliot & Thrash, 2010, we conceptualized a model that included both antecedent (i.e., enactive learning experience and consequence (i.e., intrinsic motivation and academic achievement of achievement goals. Two hundred seventy-seven university students (151 women, 126 men participated in the study. Structural equation modeling procedures yielded evidence that showed the predictive effects of enactive learning experience and mastery goals on intrinsic motivation. Academic achievement was influenced intrinsic motivation, performance-approach goals, and enactive learning experience. Enactive learning experience also served as an antecedent of the four achievement goal types. On the whole, evidence obtained supports the AGQ-R and contributes, theoretically, to 2 × 2 model.

  10. Teachers' Goal Orientations: Effects on Classroom Goal Structures and Emotions (United States)

    Wang, Hui; Hall, Nathan C.; Goetz, Thomas; Frenzel, Anne C.


    Background: Prior research has shown teachers' goal orientations to influence classroom goal structures (Retelsdorf "et al.," 2010, "Learning and Instruction, 20," 30) and to also impact their emotions (Schutz "et al.," 2007, "Emotion in Education," Academic Press, Amsterdam, the Netherlands). However,…

  11. Alcohol myopia and goal commitment


    Sevincer, A. Timur; Oettingen, Gabriele


    According to alcohol myopia theory, acute alcohol consumption leads people to disproportionally focus on the salient rather than the peripheral aspects of a situation. We summarize various studies exploring how myopic processes resulting from acute alcohol intake affect goal commitment. After consuming alcohol student participants felt strongly committed to an important personal goal even though they had low expectations of successfully attaining the goal. However, once intoxicated participan...

  12. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Sjögren's Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & ... Patient Information Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place ...

  13. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Faces of Sjögren's Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin ... Diagnosis Criteria > Free Brochures > Sjögren’s Quarterly > HealthCare Members Clinical Practice Guidelines Physician Resources Member Community Symptoms Diagnosis ...

  14. Mozart Effect: Sound Beginnings? Infants and Toddlers. (United States)

    Caulfield, Rick


    Notes that outcomes of the "Mozart Effect" on early brain development are not thoroughly proven and presents challenges for future research. Points out that it is still unknown at what age exposure to musical concepts should begin, and that parents should allow children to pursue musical interests at their own pace to avoid burnout at a…

  15. Symposium: A Beginning in the Humanities (United States)

    Brooks, Peter; Fry, Paul H.; Carnochan, W. B.; Culler, Jonathan; Lerer, Seth; Marshall, Donald G.; Johnson, Barbara; Steiner, Wendy; Haack, Susan; Nussbaum, Martha C.


    2001 marked Yale's 300th birthday. It seemed an opportunity for reflection on the evolution of the institution, and particularly on the vicissitudes of the humanities over those three centuries. This article presents essays which represent a selection from the symposium, "Beginning With the Humanities," held at the Whitney Humanities Center on…

  16. A Graphophonic Investigation of Beginning Level Texts (United States)

    Walker, Kevin Clark


    This study attempted to provide a systematic framework for phonics instruction for beginning readers in literature-based classrooms based on relative frequency of phoneme-grapheme occurrences found in three distinct corpora. The first corpus contained an academic word list. The second corpus contained the running text from 363 books identified as…

  17. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip Survival Tips Brochures & Resource Sheets Books, CDs & More! Donate Today Your support will help us continue to meet the needs ...

  18. An ENSO beginning in the year 2000?

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Gopinathan, C.K.

    Several models have been developed over the last few decades to predict the advent of new ENSO events several months in advance of the actual event. None of the models have predicted a warm event beginning by the year 2000. Positive SST anomalies...




  20. Beginning Practicum Experiences: Anxiety and Its Consequences. (United States)

    Yager, Geoffrey G.; Beck, Terry F.

    Beginning counselors are rarely able to avoid anxiety during early counseling sessions. The fears involved in demonstrating counseling arise from: (1) irrational beliefs concerning "the perfect response;" (2) academic coursework which seems to equate psychological illness with poor counseling skills; (3) uncertainty about necessary skills; and (4)…

  1. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Dry Eyes >> Resources > Dry Mouth Diagnosis Treatments Patient Information Faces of Sjögren's Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s ... Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip > Dry Eye Tips > ...

  2. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... millions of people with Sjögren's and those who care about them. Home > About Sjögren's When a person is diagnosed with Sjögren’s, they often don't know where to begin. ...

  3. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Missouri >> Montana >> Nebraksa >> New Hampshire >> New Jersey >> New Mexico >> New York >> North Carolina >> Ohio >> Oklahoma >> Oregon >> Pennsylvania >> ... To Begin from Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation on Vimeo . anxiety and buy , tranquility as well as medication © 2017 ...

  4. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... who care about them. Home > About Sjögren's When a person is diagnosed with Sjögren’s, they often don' ... Sjögren’s. From there, we hope you will have a place to begin as you develop a partnership ...

  5. Beginning Fencing, Physical Education: 5551.53. (United States)

    McInerney, Marjorie

    This course outline is a guide for teaching the principles and basic fundamentals of beginning fencing in grades 7-12. The course format includes lectures and demonstrations, skills practice, films, and class competition, which focus on mastery of skills, rules and etiquette, care and repair of equipment, safety, and development of techniques and…

  6. On New Beginnings and Democratic Legitimacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Signe Larsen


    Full Text Available This paper sets out to discuss the enigma of revolutionary new political beginnings of constitutional orders. The problem is that when a political community is constituted, the act of constituting per definition is unconstitutional or extra-legal. For this reason the question of new beginnings is a political and not a legal question. The question of what the authority of the constituent act is presents an important question since the constitution is the fundamental law from which the legitimacy or authority of all other laws is derived. The problem for this paper is whether and in what way it is possible to think new beginnings that are not merely institutionalizations of factual relations of domination or arbitrary acts of violence. This problem is discussed on basis of two revolutionary theories in the tradition of constituent power—Emmanuel Sieyès and Hannah Arendt—that both understand power to emanate from below and not from above whereby they both, though in different way, present arguments against the understanding that new beginnings merely are institutionalizations of relations of domination and arbitrary acts of violence. The question of whether and to what extent they are successful and whether their theories are democratic will finally be discussed.

  7. Beginning School Age and Academic Achievement. (United States)

    Dietz, Carol; Wilson, Barry J.


    Studied effects of beginning school age and gender on later school achievement and retention in grade (N=117). No significant differences among the three age groups were found at kindergarten, second, or fourth grade. Differences in achievement between boys and girls were noted. (BH)

  8. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Sjögren's Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & Friends Information Sjögren’s ...

  9. Educating future leaders of medical research: analysis of student opinions and goals from the MD-PhD SAGE (Students' Attitudes, Goals, and Education) survey. (United States)

    Ahn, Jaimo; Watt, Christopher D; Man, Li-Xing; Greeley, Siri Atma W; Shea, Judy A


    To collect national trainee-derived data about the educational process and experience of MD-PhD students. Eight hundred sixty-eight MD-PhD students enrolled in 15 training programs nationally were surveyed in spring 2003 via a 29-item Web-based questionnaire. Closed-ended questions assessed students' opinions, attitudes, and goals concerning education and future careers, as well as demographic characteristics. Programs were categorized by size; students were categorized by stage of training. Statistical analyses included chi-square tests and ANOVAs. From 13 institutions, 492 questionnaires were received, for a 57.6% response rate. Generally, satisfaction with overall education was highest at the beginning of training, lowest during graduate school, and rebounded after the PhD. Students at smaller programs were less satisfied with information received regarding future residency/career choices and coordination between training stages. Later-stage students showed greater satisfaction in obtaining the philosophical goals of their education and a different array of clinical interests than early-stage students. A majority of students chose research as their future primary activity, academic centers as their primary practice setting, and disease oriented as their future primary research activity. Many students did not agree with the current working definition of a physician-scientist. Findings indicate that students have clinical interests that develop over time, a variety of future career goals, and ambivalence concerning the appropriate balance of clinical and research activities. This information may provide a basis for future improvements in the education of MD-PhDs in the United States and abroad.

  10. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal >1 Year Update >2 Year Update >3 Year Update > ... Blvd. Suite 170, Reston, VA 20191 (Privacy Policy) 1-800 475-6473 · 301 530-4415 (Fax)

  11. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Tips > Surgery Tips Survival Tips Brochures & Resource Sheets Books, CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal > ... Social Network Host an SSF Event SSF Store - Books, CDs & More Faces of Sjögren's Wake Up, Koala! ...

  12. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal >1 Year Update >2 Year Update >3 Year Update > ... Blvd, Ste 325, Bethesda, MD 20817 (Privacy Policy) 1-800 475-6473 · 301 530-4415 (Fax)

  13. Goals. (United States)

    Phillips, David A.; Phillips, Prudence


    Presents viewpoints of two teachers about the importance of kinetics and how it contributes to students' understanding of chemistry. Discusses reaction rates, concentration effects, and temperature effects related to an understanding of dynamic equilibrium, molecular structure, and control of reacting systems. (JM)

  14. Goals and Personality in Adolescents (United States)

    Sanz de Acedo Lizarraga, M. L.; Ugarte, M. D.; Lumbreras, M. Victoria; Sanz de Acedo Baquedano, M. T.


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of personality factors in the value allotted by adolescents to various groups of goals. For this purpose, the "Cuestionario de Personalidad Situacional, CPS" (Situational Personality Questionnaire) and the "Cuestionario de Metas para Adolescentes, CMA" (Goals for…

  15. Alcohol myopia and goal commitment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Timur Sevincer


    Full Text Available According to alcohol-myopia theory, acute alcohol consumption leads people to disproportionally focus on the salient rather than the peripheral aspects of a situation. We summarize various studies exploring how myopic processes resulting from acute alcohol intake affect goal commitment. After consuming alcohol student participants felt strongly committed to an important personal goal even though they had low expectations of successfully attaining the goal. However, once intoxicated participants were sober again (i.e., not myopic anymore they failed to act on their goal commitment. In line with alcohol-myopia theory, strong goal commitment as a result of alcohol intake was mediated by intoxicated (vs. sober participants disproportionally focusing on the desirability rather than the feasibility of their goal. Further supporting alcohol-myopia theory, when the low feasibility of attaining a particular goal was experimentally made salient (either explicitly or implicitly by subliminal priming, intoxicated participants felt less committed than those who consumed a placebo. We discuss these effects of acute alcohol intake in the context of research on the effects of chronic alcohol consumption on goal commitment.

  16. Beginning Swift games development for iOS

    CERN Document Server

    Goodwill, James


    Game apps are one of the most popular categories in the Apple iTunes App Store. Well, the introduction of the new Swift programming language will make game development even more appealing and easier to existing and future iOS app developers. In response, James Goodwill, Wesley Matlock and Apress introduce you to this book, Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS. In this book, you'll learn the fundamental elements of the new Swift language as applied to game development for iOS. In part 1, you'll start with a basic 2D game idea and build the game throughout the book introducing each Sprit

  17. Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB

    CERN Document Server

    Spaanjaars, Imar


    This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to build rich and interactive web sites that run on the Microsoft platform. With the knowledge you gain from this book, you create a great foundation to build any type of web site, ranging from simple hobby-related web sites to sites you may be creating for commercial purposes. Anyone new to web programming should be able to follow along because no prior background in web development is assumed although it helps if you do have a basic understanding of HTML and the web in general. The book starts at the very beginning of web development by showing

  18. Learning the hard way: the beginnings of Forest Service research in Arkansas (United States)

    Don C. Bragg


    As the Forest Service celebrates its first century of service, it is helpful top remember the agency's humble beginnings. In July 1905, soon after Gifford Pinchot achieved his goal of a unified land management organization within the United States Department of Agriculture, the Forest Service had a grand total of 821 employees, including 153 professional foresters...

  19. Does the Social Working Environment Predict Beginning Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Feelings of Depression? (United States)

    Devos, Christelle; Dupriez, Vincent; Paquay, Leopold


    We investigate how the social working environment predicts beginning teachers' self-efficacy and feelings of depression. Two quantitative studies are presented. The results show that the goal structure of the school culture (mastery or performance orientation) predicts both outcomes. Frequent collaborative interactions with colleagues are related…

  20. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Faces of Sjögren's Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place to Begin Family & ... Treatments Patient Information Living with Sjögren's Survey Sjögren’s Clinical Trial Locations Clinical Trials – What’s Involved Video: A Place ...

  1. Human organisms begin to exist at fertilization. (United States)

    Miller, Calum; Pruss, Alexander


    Eugene Mills has recently argued that human organisms cannot begin to exist at fertilization because the evidence suggests that egg cells persist through fertilization and simply turn into zygotes. He offers two main arguments for this conclusion: that 'fertilized egg' commits no conceptual fallacy, and that on the face of it, it looks as though egg cells survive fertilization when the process is watched through a microscope. We refute these arguments and offer several reasons of our own to think that egg cells do not survive fertilization, appealing to various forms of essentialism regarding persons, fission cases, and a detailed discussion of the biological facts relevant to fertilization and genetics. We conclude that it is plausible, therefore, that human organisms begin to exist at fertilization - or, at the very least, that there are grounds for thinking that they existed as zygotes which do not apply to the prior egg cells. While this does not entail that human persons begin to exist at this point, it nevertheless has considerable significance for this latter question. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  2. Goals Analysis Procedure Guidelines for Applying the Goals Analysis Process (United States)

    Motley, Albert E., III


    One of the key elements to successful project management is the establishment of the "right set of requirements", requirements that reflect the true customer needs and are consistent with the strategic goals and objectives of the participating organizations. A viable set of requirements implies that each individual requirement is a necessary element in satisfying the stated goals and that the entire set of requirements, taken as a whole, is sufficient to satisfy the stated goals. Unfortunately, it is the author's experience that during project formulation phases' many of the Systems Engineering customers do not conduct a rigorous analysis of the goals and objectives that drive the system requirements. As a result, the Systems Engineer is often provided with requirements that are vague, incomplete, and internally inconsistent. To complicate matters, most systems development methodologies assume that the customer provides unambiguous, comprehensive and concise requirements. This paper describes the specific steps of a Goals Analysis process applied by Systems Engineers at the NASA Langley Research Center during the formulation of requirements for research projects. The objective of Goals Analysis is to identify and explore all of the influencing factors that ultimately drive the system's requirements.

  3. Setting, elaborating, and reflecting on personal goals improves academic performance. (United States)

    Morisano, Dominique; Hirsh, Jacob B; Peterson, Jordan B; Pihl, Robert O; Shore, Bruce M


    Of students who enroll in 4-year universities, 25% never finish. Precipitating causes of early departure include poor academic progress and lack of clear goals and motivation. In the present study, we investigated whether an intensive, online, written, goal-setting program for struggling students would have positive effects on academic achievement. Students (N = 85) experiencing academic difficulty were recruited to participate in a randomized, controlled intervention. Participants were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 intervention groups: Half completed the goal-setting program, and half completed a control task with intervention-quality face validity. After a 4-month period, students who completed the goal-setting intervention displayed significant improvements in academic performance compared with the control group. The goal-setting program thus appears to be a quick, effective, and inexpensive intervention for struggling undergraduate students. 2010 APA, all rights reserved

  4. AMG 145, a monoclonal antibody against PCSK9, facilitates achievement of national cholesterol education program-adult treatment panel III low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goals among high-risk patients: an analysis from the LAPLACE-TIMI 57 trial (LDL-C assessment with PCSK9 monoclonal antibody inhibition combined with statin thErapy-thrombolysis in myocardial infarction 57). (United States)

    Desai, Nihar R; Giugliano, Robert P; Zhou, Jing; Kohli, Payal; Somaratne, Ransi; Hoffman, Elaine; Liu, Thomas; Scott, Robert; Wasserman, Scott M; Sabatine, Marc S


    This study sought to define the ability of AMG 145, a monoclonal antibody directed against proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 (PCSK9), to enable subjects at high risk for major adverse cardiovascular events to achieve National Cholesterol Education Program-Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP-ATP III) parameters for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and other lipid goals. Many patients at high risk for adverse cardiovascular events are unable to achieve the NCEP-ATP III LDL-C goal of III criteria, we compared the proportion of subjects achieving the NCEP-ATP III recommended LDL-C goal of treatment arms. Other outcomes included the triple goals of LDL-C <70 mg/dl, non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) <100 mg/dl, and apolipoprotein B (ApoB) <80 mg/dl. During the dosing interval, more than 90% of subjects in both of the top dose groups every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks attained this lipid target over the dosing interval, with similar success rates for the triple lipid goal. PCSK9 inhibition with AMG 145 enables high-risk patients to achieve established lipid goals. If this therapy demonstrates efficacy for reducing cardiovascular events with a favorable safety profile in ongoing phase 3 trials, we believe it will have major public health implications. Copyright © 2014 American College of Cardiology Foundation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Career Goals in Young Adults: Personal Resources, Goal Appraisals, Attitudes, and Goal Management Strategies (United States)

    Haratsis, Jessica M.; Hood, Michelle; Creed, Peter A.


    We tested a model based on the dual-process framework that assessed the relationships among personal resources, career goal appraisals, career attitudes, and career goal management, which have not been previously assessed together. The model (tested on a sample of 486 young adults: 74% female, M[subscript]age = 22 years) proposed that personal…

  6. Continuous goal-directed actions: advances in robot learning


    Morante Cendrero, Santiago


    Robot Programming by Demonstration (PbD) has several limitations. This thesis proposes a solution to the shortcomings of PbD with an inspiration on Goal-Directed imitation applied to robots. A framework for goal imitation, called Continuous Goal-Directed Actions (CGDA), has been designed and developed. This framework provides a mechanism to encode actions as changes in the environment. CGDA learns the objective of the action, beyond the movements made to perform it. With CGDA, an action such ...

  7. Global Goals and Global Sustainability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Subhash Janardhan Bhore


    Full Text Available On 25 September 2015, the United Nations (UN member countries adopted an ambitious 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs aiming to ‘transform the world’ in the next 15 years. [...

  8. Using goal setting as a strategy for dietary behavior change. (United States)

    Cullen, K W; Baranowski, T; Smith, S P


    Recent reviews have noted that behavioral theory-based nutrition education programs are more successful at achieving food behavior change than knowledge-based programs and that a clear understanding of the mechanisms of behavior change procedures enable dietetics professionals to more effectively promote change. Successful dietary behavior change programs target 1 or more of the personal, behavioral, or environmental factors that influence the behavior of interest and apply theory-based strategies to influence or change those factors. Goal setting is a strategy that is frequently used to help people change. A 4-step goal-setting process has been identified: recognizing a need for change; establishing a goal; adopting a goal-directed activity and self-monitoring it; and self-rewarding goal attainment. The applications of goal setting in dietary interventions for adults and children are reviewed here. Because interventions using goal setting appear to promote dietary change, dietitians should consider incorporating the goal-setting strategies to enhance the behavior change process in nutrition education programs.

  9. Optimization on the financial management of the bank with goal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Financial management is crucial for planning bank's asset and liabilities while taking consideration for multiple objectives. The objective of this study is to develop a Goal Programming (GP) model to optimize the financial management of Public Bank Berhad in. Malaysia. Six goals from the financial statements namely total ...

  10. Engineering a Multi-Agent System in GOAL

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Villadsen, Jørgen; Jensen, Andreas Schmidt; Christensen, Nicolai Christian


    We provide a brief description of the GOAL-DTU system, including the overall design, the tools and the algorithms that we used in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2013. We focus on a description of the strategies and on an analysis of the matches. We also evaluate our experiences with the GOAL...

  11. Control to goal of cardiometabolic risk factors among Nigerians ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    National and international guidelines on management of diabetes therefore emphasize control to goals of blood glucose, blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and obesity ... (ADA), National cholesterol education program (NCEP), American association of clinical endocrinologist (AACE) and International diabetes federation (IDF).

  12. Goal setting and worker motivation


    Goerg, Sebastian J.


    Employers want motivated and productive employees. Are there ways to increase employee motivation without relying solely on monetary incentives, such as pay-for-performance schemes? One tool that has shown promise in recent decades for improving worker performance is setting goals, whether they are assigned by management or self-chosen. Goals are powerful motivators for workers, with the potential for boosting productivity in an organization. However, if not chosen carefully or if used in uns...

  13. Information Technology & Goals of Standards-Based Instruction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Douglas A. Archbald


    Full Text Available This article examines goals of standards-based reform in education and ways in which developments in information technology have facilitated those goals. Since standards-based reform is a rather general concept, I begin by developing a more specific formulation which I refer to as the “standards-based instruction and assessment” model. Developments in information technology over the last fifteen years have contributed in important ways to the goals of standards-based reform at the policy level, but difficult organizational and technical challenges still have to be overcome to realize more fully the goal of standards-based instruction and assessment in instructional management and practice within schools and classrooms.

  14. Silicon...Beyond Silicon: Beginning of the Ed or End of the Beginning

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lagnado, J; de la Houssaye, P. R


    In the early 1960's, at the beginning of the electronics revolution, silicon integrated circuits built their current dominance fundamentally and pervasively on tailor-made materials, staffing at the atomic level...

  15. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Books, CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal >1 Year Update >2 Year Update >3 Year ... Faces of Sjögren's Wake Up, Koala! Provider/Researcher Research Grants > Grant Application > Current Recipients > Past Recipients Student ...

  16. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip > Dry Eye Tips > Dry Mouth Tips > Other Dryness Tips > Diet & Food Tips > Peripheral Neuropathy Tips > Surgery Tips Survival Tips Brochures & Resource Sheets Books, CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal > ...

  17. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin (United States)

    ... Friends Information Sjögren’s FAQs Glossary Sjögren’s Tip > Dry Eye Tips > Dry Mouth Tips > Other Dryness Tips > Diet & Food Tips > Peripheral Neuropathy Tips > Surgery Tips Survival Tips Brochures & Resource Sheets Books, CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal > ...

  18. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... CDs & More! About the Foundation Mission Breakthrough Goal >1 Year Update >2 Year Update >3 Year Update >4 Year Update > ... Blvd, Ste 325, Bethesda, MD 20817 (Privacy Policy) 1-800 475-6473 · 301 530-4415 (Fax)

  19. Induction and mentoring – counselling to sustain beginning teacher in a lifelong professional career

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frederiksen, Lisbeth Angela Lunde; Mølgaard, Dorthe Busk; Andersen, Bente Kjeldbjerg


    We present a review-study. Our aim is to analyse the literature pertaining to induction programs and mentoring for beginning teachers. Research question: What are the documented influences of induction programs and mentoring in sustaining beginning teachers in a lifelong professional career...... development? The review is part of a Danish research project named ”Induction programs and mentoring” carried out by Research Centre VIA Profession and Education in collaboration with The Danish Union Of Teachers. The results of the project will provide part of the basis which a Danish model of induction can...

  20. Adult Learner Perceptions: Perspectives from Beginning Musicians (Ages 60-86 Years) (United States)

    Bugos, Jennifer A.


    The purpose of this project was to examine adult learning perceptions of a model music program with group piano instruction and group percussion ensemble for beginning-level musicians (ages 60-86 years). Participants were matched by age and education to two 16-week music programs. Forty participants completed a post-training questionnaire related…

  1. Developing Mentorship Skills in Clinical Faculty: A Best Practices Approach to Supporting Beginning Teachers (United States)

    Hall, Dara M.; Hughes, Michelle A.; Thelk, Amy D.


    Effective mentoring programs help to recruit new teachers and improve teacher retention rates (e.g. Ingersoll & Strong, 2011, Rideout & Windle, 2010). Many school districts require mentoring programs for new teachers; however, they do not always have the resources to prepare their teachers to mentor beginning teachers. Clinical faculty…

  2. Virginia Tech begins self study as part of NCAA recertification process


    Hincker, Lawrence


    Virginia Tech will begin a year-long, comprehensive self study as part of the NCAA Division I Athletics Certification program which is required of all NCAA member schools to ensure integrity in the operation of athletics programs at the university.

  3. Beginning database design from novice to professional

    CERN Document Server

    Churcher, Clare


    Beginning Database Design, Second Edition provides short, easy-to-read explanations of how to get database design right the first time. This book offers numerous examples to help you avoid the many pitfalls that entrap new and not-so-new database designers. Through the help of use cases and class diagrams modeled in the UML, you'll learn to discover and represent the details and scope of any design problem you choose to attack. Database design is not an exact science. Many are surprised to find that problems with their databases are caused by poor design rather than by difficulties in using th

  4. Transcription Blockage Leads to New Beginnings (United States)

    Andrade-Lima, Leonardo C.; Veloso, Artur; Ljungman, Mats


    Environmental agents are constantly challenging cells by damaging DNA, leading to the blockage of transcription elongation. How do cells deal with transcription-blockage and how is transcription restarted after the blocking lesions are removed? Here we review the processes responsible for the removal of transcription-blocking lesions, as well as mechanisms of transcription restart. We also discuss recent data suggesting that blocked RNA polymerases may not resume transcription from the site of the lesion following its removal but, rather, are forced to start over from the beginning of genes. PMID:26197343

  5. Behaviorism and the beginnings of close reading. (United States)

    Gang, Joshua


    Many of close reading's most enduring assumptions and techniques have their origins in psychological behaviorism. Beginning with I. A. Richards's critical work from the 1920s, this article demonstrates the central place of behaviorist ideas in New Critical theories of poetry. Despite explicitly disparaging Richards's behavioristic poetics, Brooks's Well Wrought Urn and Wimsatt and Beardsley's "intentional fallacy" perpetuated behaviorism's influence on literary criticism. This article traces how the New Critics translated behavioristic psychology into poetic formalism and discusses the implications of this for contemporary critical practice.

  6. Beginning ASPNET 4 in C# 2010

    CERN Document Server

    MacDonald, Matthew


    The most up-to-date and comprehensive introductory ASP.NET book you'll find on any shelf, Beginning ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010 guides you through Microsoft's latest technology for building dynamic web sites. This book will enable you to build dynamic web pages on the fly, and assumes only the most basic knowledge of C#. The book provides exhaustive coverage of ASP.NET, guiding you from your first steps right up to the most advanced techniques, such as querying databases from within a web page and tuning your site for optimal performance. Within these pages, you'll find tips for "best practices&

  7. Beginning ASPNET 4 in VB 2010

    CERN Document Server

    MacDonald, Matthew


    The most up-to-date and comprehensive introductory ASP.NET book you'll find on any shelf, Beginning ASP.NET 4 in VB 2010 guides you through Microsoft's latest technology for building dynamic web sites. This book will enable you to build dynamic web pages on the fly, and assumes only the most basic knowledge of Visual Basic. The book provides exhaustive coverage of ASP.NET, guiding you from your first steps right up to the most advanced techniques, such as querying databases from within a web page and tuning your site for optimal performance. Within these pages, you'll find tips for best practi

  8. Fear of waste- Beginning of wisdom

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guillemin, C. (Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres (BRGM), 75 - Paris (France))


    The problem of wastes is kept by the press in an ecologic fear. Public opinion merges frauds and failures. Industrial wastes are a problem only when the storage is internal, in the factory itself; but enterprises understood it was a benefit for them to give an ecologic image, less pollutant processing is more economic and uses less energy. The real problem is municipal waste because volume is important and the number of disposal is reducing. Nobody wants a disposal in his city. Disposal is getting change in recycling factory but it is necessary to select at the beginning at consumer's home and to reutilize the packing as possibly achievable.

  9. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Event Calendar Walk for Sjögren's Team Sjögren’s Running Program > Team Sjögren’s Goes Turkey! Sip for Sjögren’s National Patient Conference Team Sjögren’s Running Program National Patient Conference Shop Online to Support the ...

  10. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Day Little Voices Event Calendar Walk for Sjögren's Team Sjögren’s Running Program > Team Sjögren’s Goes Turkey! Sip for Sjögren’s National Patient Conference Team Sjögren’s Running Program National Patient Conference Shop Online ...

  11. Every Day is a New Beginning

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This podcast features a new music video showing African Americans having fun being physically active in everyday life.  Created: 11/1/2007 by National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), a joint program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.   Date Released: 11/28/2007.

  12. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Voices Event Calendar Walk for Sjögren's Team Sjögren’s Running Program > Team Sjögren’s Goes Turkey! Sip for Sjögren’s National Patient Conference Team Sjögren’s Running Program National Patient Conference Shop Online to Support ...

  13. Goal-Oriented Ethics: Framing the Goal-Setting Concretely

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mathew Illathuparampil


    Full Text Available Joseph Selling, professor emeritus from KU Leuven, Belgium, recently made a significant contribution towards ethical methodology. It is in fact a continuation of the in-house conversations that have been in vogue about methods in moral reasoning since Vatican II in the discipline called theological ethics. What is specific about Selling’s attempt is that he re-orients or reframes the evaluation of the moral event to consider human intentionality or motivation before considering human behavior or human acts. He convincingly establishes his method by a meticulous reading of Thomas Aquinas. This paper is a response to the goal-oriented ethics that he has posited. As illustrated below, this paper evaluates the goal-oriented approach as solid and sufficient. While fully endorsing this approach, this paper argues that the process of ethical goal-setting is to be framed concretely. In a concrete historical context, so that a goal-oriented approach fully serves its purpose, this paper proposes that it is to be reinforced by four supportive pillars, which are in fact assumed by Selling in his work. They are openness to human sciences, conversation among various narratives, positing a theological frame for ethical reasoning, and recourse to non-discursive reasoning.

  14. Equipping Every Student with Psychological Tools: A Vygotskian Guide to Establishing the Goals of Education (United States)

    Eun, Barohny


    The present conceptual analysis begins with an assertion that the most fundamental act in any educational endeavors is establishing their goals. The discussion proceeds to reviewing recent pertinent literature that presents Vygotsky's theory of development as a useful source in providing guidance to establishing the goals of education in rapidly…

  15. Wisdom: a goal of nursing education. (United States)

    D'Antonio, Jocelyn


    The attainment of wisdom is a goal of intellectual development manifested in an individual by a solid knowledge base, effective critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and a sense of duty and altruism to humankind. Promoting the achievement of wisdom as a focal point in a nursing program can provide a unifying perspective in the development of a curriculum. Teaching strategies such as case studies, small group discussions, mentoring, reflective writing, and professional networking are effective ways to promote wisdom in nursing students. Copyright 2014, SLACK Incorporated.

  16. Word-learning performance in beginning readers. (United States)

    Nilsen, Elizabeth; Bourassa, Derrick


    This investigation examined word-learning performance in beginning readers. The children learned to read words with regular spelling-sound mappings (e.g., snake) more easily than words with irregular spelling-sound mappings (e.g., sword). In addition, there was an effect of semantics: Children learned to read concrete words (e.g., elbow) more successfully than abstract words (e.g., temper). Trial-by-trial learning indicated that children made greater use of the regularity and semantic properties at later trials as compared with early trials. The influence of cognitive skills (paired associate learning and phonological awareness) on word-learning performance was also examined. Regression analyses revealed that whereas paired associate learning skills accounted for unique variance in the children's learning of both regular and irregular words, phonological awareness accounted for unique variance only in the acquisition of regular words. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved).

  17. Beginning iPhone Games Development

    CERN Document Server

    Cabera, P; Marsh, Ian; Smith, Ben; Wing, Eric


    iPhone games are hot! Just look at the numbers. Games make up over 25 percent of total apps and over 70 percent of the most popular apps. Surprised? Of course not! Most of us have filled our iPhone or iPod touch with games, and many of us hope to develop the next best-selling, most talked-about game. You've probably already read and mastered Beginning iPhone 3 Development; Exploring the iPhone SDK, the best-selling, the second edition of Apress's highly acclaimed introduction to the iPhone and iPod touch by developers Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. This book is the game-specific equivalent, prov

  18. Before the beginning our universe and others

    CERN Document Server

    Rees, Martin


    "Although we cannot observe them (and they may be forever inaccessible), other universes are a natural expectation from current cosmology. Moreover, many features of our universe that otherwise seem baffling fall into place once we recognize this." Sir Martin Rees, the British Astronomer Royal, gives a vivid, occasionally acid tour of current astrophysics and cosmology, with insights into scientific politics, such as the enormous increase in the cost of the space telescope because of its association with the Space Shuttle. He also offers keen observations on personalities such as Subrahmayan Chandrasekhar and Isaac Newton, Yakov Zeldovich and Albert Einstein. Joseph Silk calls Before the Beginning "an unusual blend of wit, asperity and cosmology ... a combination of clarity and conciseness."

  19. Goal Setting as Teacher Development Practice (United States)

    Camp, Heather


    This article explores goal setting as a teacher development practice in higher education. It reports on a study of college teacher goal setting informed by goal setting theory. Analysis of study participants' goal setting practices and their experiences with goal pursuit offers a framework for thinking about the kinds of goals teachers might set…

  20. How to Begin a Quality Improvement Project (United States)

    Harel, Ziv; McQuillan, Rory; Weizman, Adam V.; Thomas, Alison; Chertow, Glenn M.; Nesrallah, Gihad; Bell, Chaim M.; Chan, Christopher T.


    Quality improvement involves a combined effort among health care staff and stakeholders to diagnose and treat problems in the health care system. However, health care professionals often lack training in quality improvement methods, which makes it challenging to participate in improvement efforts. This article familiarizes health care professionals with how to begin a quality improvement project. The initial steps involve forming an improvement team that possesses expertise in the quality of care problem, leadership, and change management. Stakeholder mapping and analysis are useful tools at this stage, and these are reviewed to help identify individuals who might have a vested interest in the project. Physician engagement is a particularly important component of project success, and the knowledge that patients/caregivers can offer as members of a quality improvement team should not be overlooked. After a team is formed, an improvement framework helps to organize the scientific process of system change. Common quality improvement frameworks include Six Sigma, Lean, and the Model for Improvement. These models are contrasted, with a focus on the Model for Improvement, because it is widely used and applicable to a variety of quality of care problems without advanced training. It involves three steps: setting aims to focus improvement, choosing a balanced set of measures to determine if improvement occurs, and testing new ideas to change the current process. These new ideas are evaluated using Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles, where knowledge is gained by testing changes and reflecting on their effect. To show the real world utility of the quality improvement methods discussed, they are applied to a hypothetical quality improvement initiative that aims to promote home dialysis (home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis). This provides an example that kidney health care professionals can use to begin their own quality improvement projects. PMID:27016497

  1. Health Education. Common Curriculum Goals. (United States)

    Oregon State Dept. of Education, Salem.

    This guide presents the common curriculm goals for health education developed by the Oregon State Department of Education. Four content strands--safe living, stressor/risk-taking management, physical fitness, and nutrition--are a synthesis of the traditional health education and health promotion objectives. Knowledge and skills objectives are…

  2. A goal model of catharsis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Denzler, M.; Förster, J.


    Although research in social psychology has repeatedly refuted the idea that aggression reduces subsequent aggression (e.g., Bushman, 2002), we suggest a more fine-grained analysis of catharsis. We will present and discuss a social-cognitive goal model of cathartic effects in aggression that predicts

  3. Adventures in Supercomputing: An innovative program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Summers, B.G.; Hicks, H.R.; Oliver, C.E.


    Within the realm of education, seldom does an innovative program become available with the potential to change an educator`s teaching methodology and serve as a spur to systemic reform. The Adventures in Supercomputing (AiS) program, sponsored by the Department of Energy, is such a program. Adventures in Supercomputing is a program for high school and middle school teachers. It has helped to change the teaching paradigm of many of the teachers involved in the program from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom. ``A student-centered classroom offers better opportunities for development of internal motivation, planning skills, goal setting and perseverance than does the traditional teacher-directed mode``. Not only is the process of teaching changed, but evidences of systemic reform are beginning to surface. After describing the program, the authors discuss the teaching strategies being used and the evidences of systemic change in many of the AiS schools in Tennessee.

  4. Relationship between Goal Attributes and the Academic Achievement of Southeast Asian Adolescent Refugees. (United States)

    Lese, Karen P.; Robbins, Steven B.


    Examined relationship among goals, acculturation, and academic achievement for 39 Southeast Asian adolescent refugees in high school vocational education program. Students expressed career, work, and family goals that were positive in affect and individual in nature. Low goal instability and high goal commitment were significantly related to…

  5. EC-LEDS Mexico: Advancing Clean Energy Goals

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    EC-LEDS works with the government of Mexico to help meet its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector. The program targets specific, highly technical areas where Mexico has indicated the program can add value and make an impact.

  6. Adolescents Occupational and Educational Goals: A Test of Reciprocal Relations. (United States)

    Beal, Sarah J; Crockett, Lisa J


    During adolescence, young people's future aspirations and expectations begin to crystallize, especially in the domains of education and occupation. Much of the research in this area has emphasized development within a particular domain (e.g., education) and relations between aspirations and expectations across domains remain largely unexplored, resulting in a lack of information on how goals develop in tandem and affect each other. It is also unclear whether these developmental processes differ by gender and socioeconomic status. We tested reciprocal effects between occupational and educational goals using a longitudinal sample of 636 adolescents (52% boys). Results from dynamic systems models indicated change in occupational and educational goals across high school. For all youth, occupational aspirations predicted change in occupational expectations. Educational expectations predicted change in occupational aspirations for youth in high but not low parent education groups, and occupational expectations predicted change in educational expectations for girls but not boys.

  7. [Treatment goals in FACE philosophy]. (United States)

    Martin, Domingo; Maté, Amaia; Zabalegui, Paula; Valenzuela, Jaime


    The FACE philosophy is characterized by clearly defined treatment goals: facial esthetics, dental esthetics, periodontal health, functional occlusion, neuromuscular mechanism and joint function. The purpose is to establish ideal occlusion with good facial esthetics and an orthopedic stable joint position. The authors present all the concepts of FACE philosophy and illustrate them through one case report. Taking into account all the FACE philosophy concepts increases diagnostic ability and improves the quality and stability of treatment outcomes. The goal of this philosophy is to harmonize the facial profile, tooth alignment, periodontium, functional occlusion, neuromuscular mechanism and joint function. The evaluation and treatment approach to vertical problems are unique to the philosophy. © EDP Sciences, SFODF, 2017.

  8. Treatment goals of pulmonary hypertension.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    McLaughlin, Vallerie V


    With significant therapeutic advances in the field of pulmonary arterial hypertension, the need to identify clinically relevant treatment goals that correlate with long-term outcome has emerged as 1 of the most critical tasks. Current goals include achieving modified New York Heart Association functional class I or II, 6-min walk distance >380 m, normalization of right ventricular size and function on echocardiograph, a decreasing or normalization of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP), and hemodynamics with right atrial pressure <8 mm Hg and cardiac index >2.5 mg\\/kg\\/min(2). However, to more effectively prognosticate in the current era of complex treatments, it is becoming clear that the "bar" needs to be set higher, with more robust and clearer delineations aimed at parameters that correlate with long-term outcome; namely, exercise capacity and right heart function. Specifically, tests that accurately and noninvasively determine right ventricular function, such as cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and BNP\\/N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, are emerging as promising indicators to serve as baseline predictors and treatment targets. Furthermore, studies focusing on outcomes have shown that no single test can reliably serve as a long-term prognostic marker and that composite treatment goals are more predictive of long-term outcome. It has been proposed that treatment goals be revised to include the following: modified New York Heart Association functional class I or II, 6-min walk distance ≥ 380 to 440 m, cardiopulmonary exercise test-measured peak oxygen consumption >15 ml\\/min\\/kg and ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide <45 l\\/min\\/l\\/min, BNP level toward "normal," echocardiograph and\\/or cardiac magnetic resonance imaging demonstrating normal\\/near-normal right ventricular size and function, and hemodynamics showing normalization of right ventricular function with right atrial pressure <8 mm Hg and cardiac index >2.5 to 3.0 l\\/min\\/m(2).

  9. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Update >4 Year Update >5 Year Update News & Events > Walkabouts > Sip for Sjogren's > Patient Seminars History World ... an Awareness Ambassador Bold Blue Day Little Voices Event Calendar Walkabouts Team Sjögren’s Running Program > Team Sjögren’s ...

  10. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Patient Seminars History World Sjögren's Day Advocacy > Social Security Disability & Sjögren’s Board of Directors Medical & Scientific Advisory ... Team Sjögren’s Running Program National Patient Conference Shop Online to Support the SSF Blog: Conquering Sjögren’s SSF ...

  11. The Concerns of Beginning Nursing Students. (United States)

    Williams, Rhea P.


    A descriptive correlational study looked at the concerns of nursing students (n=245) as they began their nursing education program. Among the most stressful areas cited were academic work, long hours of study, lack of sufficient clinical knowledge and experience to complete the task, and relationship with faculty. (JOW)

  12. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Patient Seminars History World Sjögren's Day Advocacy > Social Security Disability & Sjögren’s ... Turkey! Sip for Sjögren’s National Patient Conference Team Sjögren’s Running Program National Patient ...

  13. Sjogren's Syndrome: A Place to Begin

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... 5 Year Update >WE DID IT! News & Events >Walk for Sjögren's > Sip for Sjogren's > Patient Seminars History ... Ambassador Bold Blue Day Little Voices Event Calendar Walk for Sjögren's Team Sjögren’s Running Program > Team Sjögren’s ...

  14. What Is Europe? The Greek Beginnings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piotr Jaroszyński


    Full Text Available The article begins with the statement that there are three concepts of Europe historically significant. The first concept of Europe looms out in the context of the clash between the ancient Greeks and the Persians, the second one is induced by Christianity and Islam meeting head-on whereas the third concept results from the European civilization confronting the cultures of the newly discovered peoples inhabiting other continents. It is just in the context of the indicated clashes that the concept of Europe is shaped as a phenomenon diversified not only geographically but also in terms of civilization as regards other cultures or civilizations. The article then concerns with the concept of Europeanism which in the cultural sense was crystallized in Greece at the turn of the fifth and fourth centuries before Christ. It emerged on the background of the opposition between the Greeks and Asians as well as other peoples, which were referred to as barbarians by the Greeks. The article concludes that it was culture and freedom which constituted two arms of Europeanness shaped by the ancient Greeks.

  15. Die Klein Begin 1916−1933

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J.P. Oberholzer


    Full Text Available Die opleiding neem ‘n aanvang met een kerklike dosent, J.H.J.A. Greyventein, en ‘n aantal universiteitsdosente. Die studentetal groei stadig. Die vertrek van professor Paterson en die koms van S.P. Engelbrecht in 1921 bring ‘n belangrike wending. Wanneer B. Gemser in 1926 toetree, is daar drie dosente wat tegelyk ampsdraers van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk is. Gemser is dosent in Teologie sowel as in Lettere en Wysbegeerte waar hy begin met die vestiging van ‘n sterk departement Semitiese Tale. Engelbrecht se kundigheid omvat Kerkgeskiedenis sowel as ‘n unieke kennis van die Voortrekker- en ou Tansvaalse geskiedenis en dit kom die Departement Geskiedenis ten goede. Die akademiese gehalte van die opleiding neem toe, en so ook die studentetal. ‘n Bedreiging vir die voortbestaan van die Fakulteit teologie is afgeweer deur die tydige optrede van S.P. Engelbrecht en die tussenkoms van die Eerste Minister. Die selfstandigwording van die Universiteit van Pretoria en die Afrikaanswording van die Universiteit bring ‘n veranderde konteks.

  16. The Beginnings of Australian Radio Astronomy (United States)

    Sullivan, Woodruff T.

    The early stages of Australian radio astronomy, especially the first decade after World War II, are described in detail. These include the transition of the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory, under the leadership of Joseph Pawsey and Taffy Bowen, from a wartime laboratory in 1945 to, by 1950, the largest and one of the two most important radio astronomy groups in the world (with the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University). The initial solar investigations are described, including discovery of the hot corona and development of the sea-cliff interferometer. During this same period painstaking `radio star' observations by John Bolton and colleagues led to the first suggested optical identifications of Taurus-A (the Crab Nebula), Centaurus-A (NGC 5128), and Virgo-A (M87). The factors that led to the extraordinary early success of the Radiophysics Laboratory are analyzed in detail, followed by discussion of how the situation changed significantly in the second decade of 1955-1965. Finally, the development of major Australian instruments, from the Parkes Radio Telescope (1961) to the Australia Telescope (1988), is briefly presented. This chapter is a direct reprint of the following research paper: Sullivan, W., 2005. The beginnings of Australian radio astronomy. Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, 8, 11-32.

  17. Drawing as a beginning: Case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stojković-Pavlović Jasmina


    Full Text Available Treatment of patients with affective disorders during hospitalisation at the Institute of Mental Health includes pharmacotherapy, individual supportive therapy, group and expressive therapies including art therapy. Art therapy takes a place weekly, it lasts one hour during which patients paint for twenty minutes and then discuss their paintings in the group for the next forty minutes. In this paper the case of a patient who has been treated as recurrent depressive disorder (F33 and mixed personality disorder (F61 is presented. During previous years of treatment the patient had no inability to verbalise his symptoms and feelings, which led to difficult understanding of his actual psychopathology. After applied integrative treatment, pharmaco – and psychotherapy including expressive – art therapy, with the help of the supportive group, the patient for the first time since the beginning of the treatment spoke about his thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, alienation and loneliness. All of the applied psychometric scales have shown improvement, for depression – MADRS, for anxiety – VAS and for functionality – SDS. This clinical example shows how the art therapy and interreaction with the group, which was supportive and highly associative, can turn the non-verbal into verbal and non-communication into communication.

  18. Galen and the beginnings of Western physiology. (United States)

    West, John B


    Galen (129-c. 216 AD) was a key figure in the early development of Western physiology. His teachings incorporated much of the ancient Greek traditions including the work of Hippocrates and Aristotle. Galen himself was a well-educated Greco-Roman physician and physiologist who at one time was a physician to the gladiators in Pergamon. Later he moved to Rome, where he was associated with the Roman emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. The Galenical school was responsible for voluminous writings, many of which are still extant. One emphasis was on the humors of the body, which were believed to be important in disease. Another was the cardiopulmonary system, including the belief that part of the blood from the right ventricle could enter the left through the interventricular septum. An extraordinary feature of these teachings is that they dominated thinking for some 1,300 years and became accepted as dogma by both the State and Church. One of the first anatomists to challenge the Galenical teachings was Andreas Vesalius, who produced a magnificent atlas of human anatomy in 1543. At about the same time Michael Servetus described the pulmonary transit of blood, but he was burned at the stake for heresy. Finally, with William Harvey and others in the first part of the 17th century, the beginnings of modern physiology emerged with an emphasis on hypotheses and experimental data. Nevertheless, vestiges of Galen's teaching survived into the 19th century. Copyright © 2014 the American Physiological Society.

  19. Access to credit: beginning a new phase. (United States)


    This article briefly describes an INSTRAW study of an income generation program in the Dominican Republic. The women in development program is operated by the Association for the Development of Micro-Enterprises in the Dominican Republic. The evaluation aims to quantify the results for men and women borrowers in terms of income, family health and nutrition, business reinvestment, job creation, and other measures. The aim is to compare findings between female household heads and non-heads. Findings support other empirical results showing increased sales and income after development. Women invested some of their additional income in their families' health, nutrition, and education. Women also hired other women and tended to employ more unpaid family members. 12% of employees were aged 7-14 years. The use of local community members, who were recent college graduates, as field officers was found to be an effective management tool. The young loan officers were successful in identifying potential clients and in creating accessible opportunities for advice and service. Loan officers increased the number of borrowers, and the program had low rates of nonpayment of loans. Comparisons between female heads and non-heads indicated different reasons for involvement in the program. Non-heads with other income providers reported personal reasons such as self realization and more money. Heads desired financial stability for the family and sometimes satisfaction of survival needs. Female heads tended to reinvest and expand their income-generating capacities. Women tended to increase their working space. This usually meant home space, since many women conducted their business at home. One obstacle was identified which limited income enhancement. For 30% of interviewed women a limit was set on available credit. Credit could only yield income equal to the minimum wage. This pilot study was limited to 400 persons from Santo Domingo. A further impact study is planned which would

  20. Mining Industry of the Future Vision: The Future Begins with Mining

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Mining Industry of the Future was started in June 1998 when the Chairman of the National Mining Association and the Secretary of Energy entered into a Compact to pursue a collaborative technology research partnership. After the Compact signing, the mining industry developed its vision document, The Future Begins with Mining, A Vision of the Mining Industry of the Future, in September 1998. This vision document lists long-term goals for the mining industry. Stemming from this vision document, targeted technology roadmaps were developed that describe pathways of research to achieve the vision goals.

  1. Does Alzheimer's disease begin in the brainstem? (United States)

    Simic, G; Stanic, G; Mladinov, M; Jovanov-Milosevic, N; Kostovic, I; Hof, P R


    Although substantial evidence indicates that the progression of pathological changes of the neuronal cytoskeleton is crucial in determining the severity of dementia in Alzheimer's disease (AD), the exact causes and evolution of these changes, the initial site at which they begin, and the neuronal susceptibility levels for their development are poorly understood. The current clinical criteria for diagnosis of AD are focused mostly on cognitive deficits produced by dysfunction of hippocampal and high-order neocortical areas, whereas noncognitive, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia such as disturbances in mood, emotion, appetite, and wake-sleep cycle, confusion, agitation and depression have been less considered. The early occurrence of these symptoms suggests brainstem involvement, and more specifically of the serotonergic nuclei. In spite of the fact that the Braak and Braak staging system and National Institutes of Aging - Reagan Institute (NIA-RI) criteria do not include their evaluation, several recent reports drew attention to the possibility of selective and early involvement of raphe nuclei, particularly the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN), in the pathogenesis of AD. Based on these findings of differential susceptibility and anatomical connectivity, a novel pathogenetic scheme of AD progression was proposed. Although the precise mechanisms of neurofibrillary degeneration still await elucidation, we speculated that cumulative oxidative damage may be the main cause of DRN alterations, as the age is the main risk factor for sporadic AD. Within such a framework, beta-amyloid production is considered only as one of the factors (although a significant one in familial cases) that promotes molecular series of events underlying AD-related neuropathological changes.

  2. LANL Meteorology Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dewart, Jean Marie [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The goal of the Meteorology Program is to provide all routine meteorology measurements for LANL operational requirements. This report discusses the program, its routine operations, and other services.

  3. The Beginning Before the Beginning: Hegel and the Activation of Philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paul Ashton


    Full Text Available This paper suggests that it is not enough to simply account for the lsquo;beginningrsquo; in Hegelrsquo;s philosophy. To capture the speculative depth of Hegelrsquo;s thinking one must also account for the beginning of philosophy as such. That is, how or why the philosopher begins or lsquo;the beginning before the beginningrsquo;. The question of the activation of the philosophical project itself is explored through Hegelrsquo;s notion of the lsquo;need of philosophyrsquo; and the fundamental relation between the historical event of the French Revolution and philosophical thinking. This question is explored through a critical discussion of those thinkers who are also concerned with the philosophy/revolution relation but are critical of Hegelrsquo;s approach. It is suggested that these critical readings employ a thematic approach to both Hegel and philosophy more generally. This approach renders them unable to appreciate Hegelrsquo;s philosophy speculatively and as a consequence the relation between philosophy and freedom, via the revolution, is misconstrued. In contradistinction to these readings the question of how one encounters Hegelrsquo;s thought non-thematically is explored through an analysis of the willingness of the would-be philosopher to activate themselves into the philosophical project and dwell with Hegel in the lsquo;wersquo;. Rather than providing answers to the questions raised, this paper seeks to act as a provocation for a renewed encounter with Hegelrsquo;s philosophy. br /

  4. Using Blackboard and Skype for Mentoring Beginning Teachers (United States)

    Suk Hwang, Young; Vrongistinos, Konstantinos


    The purpose of this article is to examine the nature of the Blackboard and Skype-based electronic mentoring system for beginning teachers. The Quality Teachers for Quality Students project developed an electronic mentoring system between beginning teachers and experienced teachers to support beginning teachers' instructional and classroom…

  5. Induction of Beginning Teachers in Ghana: Principles and Prospects ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A beginning teacher is a teacher in his probationary year. In Ghana, this is the first year after pre-service education. The need to provide support for the beginning teacher has become more necessary than before because there has been a drastic reduction in the ages at which most beginning teachers enter the service.

  6. Neurology clerkship goals and their effect on learning and satisfaction. (United States)

    Strowd, Roy E; Salas, Rachel Marie E; Cruz, Tiana E; Gamaldo, Charlene E


    To define medical student goals in the neurology clerkship and explore the association between goal setting and student performance, clerkship satisfaction, self-directed learning (SDL), and interest in neurology. A 4-year prospective study of consecutive second- to fourth-year medical students rotating through a required 4-week neurology clerkship was conducted. A goal-generating cohort (first 2 years) was enrolled to describe the breadth of student-derived goals. A goal-evaluating cohort (second 2 years) was used to evaluate the frequency of goal achievement and assess associations with performance (e.g., National Board of Medical Examiners [NBME], examination), satisfaction, and SDL behaviors (both based on 5-point Likert scale). Of 440 evaluable students, 201 were goal-generating and 239 goal-evaluating. The top 3 goals were (1) improvement in neurologic examination, (2) understanding neurologic disease, and (3) deriving a differential diagnosis. More than 90% (n = 216/239) of students reported achieving goals. Achievers reported significantly higher clerkship satisfaction (4.2 ± 0.8 vs. 2.8 ± 1.0, p neurology (71% vs. 35%, p = 0.001), and higher observed tendency toward SDL (4.5 ± 0.5 vs. 4.1 ± 0.8, p neurology clerkship. Goal achievers had better adjusted standardized test scores, higher satisfaction, and greater tendency toward SDL. This student-generated, goal-setting program may be particularly appealing to clinicians, educators, and researchers seeking resource-lean mechanisms to improve student experience and performance in the clinical clerkships. © 2015 American Academy of Neurology.

  7. Where to Begin? Eye-Movement When Drawing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bryan Maycock


    Full Text Available For over a century, drawing from observation, at least at the introductory level, has been integral to many secondary and most post-secondary art school programs in Europe and North America. Its place in such programs is understood to develop an ability to see and interpret on a flat surface the real, three-dimensional world; this skill, in turn, provides support to related mental processes such as memory, visualization, and imagination. Where an artist looks when drawing from observation may not be arbitrary and can be observed, quantified, and analyzed. Our interest in examining the first few minutes of the drawing process takes its lead from the novice’s question, "Where should I begin?" Attempting to understand these first few minutes led to a collaborative study between art educators and cognitive-perceptual psychologists: the former interested in implications for practical pedagogy, the latter in applying expertise in eye movement and scientific methodology in service of a specific real-world question. The stated purpose of the study notwithstanding, contrasting histories and practices in art and science provided contexts for discussion beyond the collection and interpretation of data. This article seeks to report upon and further that discussion.

  8. Beginning Android 3D game development

    CERN Document Server

    Chin, Robert


    1. This Apress book aims to be first or unique English language book to market on Android 3D Game Programming (there is however a Chinese lang book.). 1. Given sell like, there may be some potential for retail, trade sales. 2. Otherwise, most revenue should come from the high relevancy of Android in books as a service database engines like Safari where Android meme is nearly at the top. 3. Android has the most user market share worldwide and is second best apps eco although game specific development seems more popular on Android than iOS.

  9. Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development

    CERN Document Server

    Fox, Steve


    Discover how to take advantage of the many new features in SharePoint 2010. SharePoint provides content management (enterprise content management, Web content management, records management, and more), workflow, and social media features, and the new version boasts enhanced capabilities. This introductory-level book walks you through the process of learning, developing, and deploying SharePoint 2010 solutions. You'll leverage your existing skills and tools to grasp the fundamental programming concepts and practices of SharePoint 2010. The author clearly explains how to develop your first appli

  10. Goethe's bone and the beginnings of morphology. (United States)

    Opitz, John M


    Biology as a discipline per se and its agenda, seems not to have been burdened from its beginnings as heavily with neo-Platonism as its subspecialty morphology, conceptualized at the same time by Goethe and Burdach. One of the reasons may have been that biologists were then regarded as "mere" naturalists, "doing" anatomy and embryology, breeding, and field work (as did Darwin, Wallace, Bateson and a legion of others during the 19th century), whereas the, perhaps more elitist, morphologists, ab initio devoted themselves to the origin, even to the Kantian analysis of causes of development and its variability within and between species. Since Goethe included abnormal plant development in his studies, his definition of morphology as the science of the form, formation and transformation of living organisms may be modified to include the concept of malformation, although the embryological and comparative analysis of vertebrate/mammalian malformation had its real inception somewhat later with the younger Meckel. In view of the meaning attached by his French contemporaries to the term transformisme (eventually defined as evolution) one would err considering Goethe as a prophet of "descent;" he was not, referring primarily to the continuous state of flux of living beings. Nonetheless, Goethe and Burdach independently coined the concept of morphology and set its agenda, increasingly freed of Naturphilosophie, an agenda that dominated 19th century biology but which did not come to fruition in its causal analysis of form and its formation until the 20th century, after Mendel, Darwin and the pioneers of experimental embryology (a.o., Roux, Driesch, Spemann, Vogt). In his discovery of the intermaxillary bone in humans (Goethe's bone), he had a startling insight, against conventional wisdom, into the anatomical, hence developmental, similarity of primate/mammals. During his lifetime, this was still called analogie by his great French contemporary Etienne Geoffroy St-Hilaire who

  11. Patient-Centered Goal Setting in a Hospital-Based Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Center. (United States)

    Rice, Danielle B; McIntyre, Amanda; Mirkowski, Magdalena; Janzen, Shannon; Viana, Ricardo; Britt, Eileen; Teasell, Robert


    Goal-setting can have a positive impact on stroke recovery during rehabilitation. Patient participation in goal formulation can ensure that personally relevant goals are set, and can result in greater satisfaction with the rehabilitation experience, along with improved recovery of stroke deficits. This, however, not yet been studied in a stroke outpatient rehabilitation setting. To assess patient satisfaction of meeting self-selected goals during outpatient rehabilitation following a stroke. Retrospective chart review. Stroke patients enrolled in a multidisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation program, who set at least 1 goal during rehabilitation. Patients recovering from a stroke received therapy through the outpatient rehabilitation program between January 2010 and December 2013. Upon admission and discharge from rehabilitation, patients rated their satisfaction with their ability to perform goals that they wanted to achieve. Researchers independently sorted and labeled recurrent themes of goals. Goals were further sorted into International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) categories. To compare the perception of patients' goal satisfaction, repeated-measures analysis of variance was conducted across the 3 ICF goal categorizations. Goal satisfaction scores. A total of 286 patients were included in the analysis. Patient goals concentrated on themes of improving hand function, mobility, and cognition. Goals were also sorted into ICF categories in which impairment-based and activity limitation-based goals were predominant. Compared to activity-based and participation-based goals, patients with impairment-based goals perceived greater satisfaction with meeting their goals at admission and discharge (P setting, patients set heterogeneous goals that were predominantly impairment based. Satisfaction in achieving goals significantly improved after receiving therapy. The type of goals that patients set were related to their goal satisfaction

  12. Internationalization of graduate programs in Psychology: profile and qualification goals / A internacionalização dos programas de pós-graduação em Psicologia: perfil e metas de qualificação

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Carolina Lo Bianco


    Full Text Available Internationalization is examined as part of the efforts pursued by graduate courses in Brazil to enhance the possibilities of exchanges with courses abroad which may improve their qualification. Even encompassed by the indisputable phenomenon of globalization, a critical view must be kept over internationalization, especially on its consequences for institutional functioning. Data of 57 Psychology graduate programs regarding academic education and production are analyzed. Conclusions point to the accentuated valorization for publishing in international journals as far as evaluating agencies are concerned. On the other hand, aiming the internationalization, innumerable actions which are presented in a more diversified form in order to follow the sub-areas covered by Psychology in Brazil are observed.

  13. Title: An Overview of NOAA's Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) whose goal is to make major climate and environmental databases available via the Internet thus increasing the access and utilization of this national resource (United States)

    Ross, T. F.


    Instead of being kept in a dusty warehouse, NOAA records are becoming more available to researchers and the public for use in various studies and projects. Modernization efforts involve keying of observations; imaging of original records on paper, microform, or photographs; vectorizing of shoreline charts; converting analog records to a digital format and web hosting data on the WSSRD (Web, Search, Store, Retrieve, Display) system. The number of images on-line via the WSSRD system has grown from just one-half million in 2000 to currently over forty-three million. CDMP has over 40 separate NOAA tasks underway, in an effort to provide increased access to its vast archive of climate and environmental data. The scope and variety of these data recovery projects range from producing digital files of Franklin and Thomas Jefferson's weather and climate diaries, keying early 20th century ionospheric data, building climatologies of the near-earth space environment using satellite data, to digitizing Mechanical Bathythermograph Data measurements of water temperatures at various ocean depths. Many of the records being converted from an analog to digital format are the original records housed in various NOAA Offices and storage facilities. These and many other NOAA records are available only in their original manuscript form and have deteriorated over time. The CDMP program allows these records to be saved for current and future scientists and historians by imaging and keying the data. The images are indexed so they can be more easily located via the Internet. The CDMP program is an example of a successful government project working hand- in-hand with the private sector to recover valuable climate and environmental data. For more information, see the latest annual report at: oa/climate/cdmp/files/annualreport2003.pdf

  14. The Development and Experimental Application of Self-Instructional Practice Materials for Beginning Instrumentalists. Final Report. (United States)

    Puopolo, Vito

    This study investigated the feasibility of structured, programmed practice with tape-recorded materials and its effect upon the performance achievement of beginning elementary cornet and trumpet students. The main purpose of the study was to facilitate the teaching and learning in instrumental performance through the application of programmed…

  15. First year effects of induction arrangements on beginning teachers' psychological processes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Helms-Lorenz, Michelle; Slof, Bert; van de Grift, Wim


    This study examined the (1) effects of a supportive program (i.e., induction arrangement) on beginning teachers' (BTs') psychological processes after a period of 1 year and (2) psychological paths of influence of the arrangement. Participants (56 Dutch secondary schools with 143 BTs) were randomly

  16. Goal motives and multiple-goal striving in sport and academia: A person-centered investigation of goal motives and inter-goal relations. (United States)

    Healy, Laura C; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Duda, Joan L


    This investigation extended the goal striving literature by examining motives for two goals being pursued simultaneously. Grounded in self-determination theory, we examined how student-athletes' motives for their sporting and academic goals were associated with inter-goal facilitation and interference. Cross-sectional survey. UK university student-athletes (n=204) identified their most important sporting and academic goals. They then rated their extrinsic, introjected, identified and intrinsic motives for these goals and completed questionnaires assessing inter-goal facilitation and interference. Using a person-centered approach via latent profile analysis, we identified three distinct profiles of goal motives. Auxiliary analyses showed that the profile with high identified motives for both goals reported greater inter-goal facilitation. Extending the previous literature, the findings demonstrate the benefits of autonomous motives when simultaneously pursing goals in sport and academia. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  17. 49 CFR 26.45 - How do recipients set overall goals? (United States)


    ... BUSINESS ENTERPRISES IN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Goals, Good Faith...) Consultation with minority, women's and general contractor groups, community organizations, and other officials...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denys Yu. Lapigin


    Full Text Available Currently the tools to identify strategicallyimportant objectives of regional development is not enough to build a developmentperspective, relying on something special,what distinguishes each region from therest. The article discusses approaches to the formation of the regional developmentstrategy, which is based on goals set by the results of the analysis of the main factors inthe development of the region. The study is based on the methodology of systems theoryand methods of strategic management. The most important results should include tools tobuild the tree of strategic objectives resultingfrom the implementation of the algorithm forconstructing planes of analysis and development of the region. The results can be used to develop a strategy for the developmentof socio-economic systems of various typesand forms.

  19. Urban Latino children's physical activity levels and performance in interactive dance video games: effects of goal difficulty and goal specificity. (United States)

    Gao, Zan; Podlog, Leslie


    To examine the effects of different levels of goal specificity and difficulty on Latino children's performance and physical activity (PA) levels in an after-school program incorporating an interactive dance program (Dance Dance Revolution [DDR]; Konami Corporation). Comparison study. Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah. Ninety-eight Latino children in the first through sixth grades, aged 7 to 13 years. After the pretest, the participants were randomly assigned into 1 of the following 3 goal-setting conditions: (1) easy, (2) difficult, and (3) best effort (hereinafter referred to as do-your-best goal). Participants' PA levels were measured using piezoelectric pedometers, and steps per minute were used as the outcome variable. Participants' total points for their dance on television screens were retrieved as their performance scores. These outcome variables were assessed again 8 weeks later (posttest score). The multivariate analysis of covariance yielded a significant main effect for the goal-setting condition. Follow-up tests revealed that children who set specific (easy or difficult) goals had significantly greater increased PA levels (mean scores, 10.34 for easy and 22.45 for difficult) and DDR performance (0.011 for easy and 0.67 for difficult) than those in the do-your-best group (0.83 for PA and 0.17 for performance). In addition, children's increased PA levels in the difficult-goal group were significantly higher than those in the easy-goal group. The easy- and difficult-goal groups show a significant improvement on DDR performance. The difficult- goal group also displays the highest improvement on PA levels. Strategies to enhance children's DDR performance and PA levels are discussed in relation to the extant goal-setting literature.

  20. Involving High School Students in Astronomy Research: What's the goal? (United States)

    Heatherly, Sue Ann; Scoles, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Lorimer, D.


    The Pulsar Search Collaboratory (PSC) is an NSF funded ITEST program that engages high school students and their teachers in radio astronomy research. Teachers and students from 72 schools have received training through this program. More than 300 students have joined with astronomers in analyzing data, and several discoveries have been made. In this paper we examine the evaluation data collected to determine if initial goals were met, and if in fact, the initial goals were the right ones. In particular we examine whether participation in the PSC a) affected students' and teachers' understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry, and b) motivated students to pursue STEM career paths.

  1. The Impact of Professional Development on Beginning Teachers’ Practices in One Secondary School

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marjorie Hinds


    Full Text Available A case study was conducted in 2004-2005 on the professional development experiences of beginning teachers (1-5 years of experience in an Ontario, Canada secondary school (Grades 7-12 and the impact of those experiences in improving their practices. For comparative purposes, the study included the perspectives of administrators from the same school on the impact of professional development on these teachers. The findings revealed that the literacy training program was successfully implemented at the school and positively affected beginning teachers’ knowledge, instructional strategies, and planning practices. Other findings indicated that beginning teachers needed subject content and instructional strategies, ongoing mentoring, and skills in both classroom management and mapping the curriculum. Based on the findings of the study, a new framework for professional development is suggested. A number of recommendations propose ways of connecting research, policy and practice that could ultimately improve the effectiveness of professional development programs for beginning teachers.   Key words: teacher professional development, beginning teacher, adult learning, self-efficacy, collective efficacy, supervision, organizational policies and culture

  2. A internacionalização dos programas de pós-graduação em Psicologia: perfil e metas de qualificação Internationalization of graduate programs in Psychology: profile and qualification goals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Carolina Lo Bianco


    Full Text Available O trabalho examina a internacionalização como parte fundamental nos esforços para alargar o horizonte de interlocuções das pós-graduações no país e para a maior qualificação dos mesmos. Circunscreve a internacionalização no fenômeno indiscutível da globalização ao mesmo tempo em que aponta a necessidade de se manter uma visão crítica sobre suas consequências para o funcionamento das instituições. Analisa, a partir das categorias de formação e produção, dados relativos à internacionalização em 57 Programas de Pós-Graduação em Psicologia. Conclui apontando para a acentuada valorização da publicação em periódicos internacionais por parte das agências avaliadoras. Por outro lado, observa as inúmeras ações, que visando à internacionalização, apresentam-se de forma mais diversificada acompanhando a especificidade das subáreas que constituem a Psicologia.Internationalization is examined as part of the efforts pursued by graduate courses in Brazil to enhance the possibilities of exchanges with courses abroad which may improve their qualification. Even encompassed by the indisputable phenomenon of globalization, a critical view must be kept over internationalization, especially on its consequences for institutional functioning. Data of 57 Psychology graduate programs regarding academic education and production are analyzed. Conclusions point to the accentuated valorization for publishing in international journals as far as evaluating agencies are concerned. On the other hand, aiming the internationalization, innumerable actions which are presented in a more diversified form in order to follow the sub-areas covered by Psychology in Brazil are observed.

  3. Social Goals and Well-Being (United States)

    King, Ronnel B.


    Students have various social reasons for doing well in school (social-academic goals). However, most studies have focused on competence-oriented achievement goals with little attention paid to social-academic goals. This study aims to examine the role of social-academic goals in students' general well-being (Study 1) and socioemotional functioning…

  4. Different tracks for pathology informatics fellowship training: Experiences of and input from trainees in a large multisite fellowship program


    Levy, Bruce P.; McClintock, David S.; Lee, Roy E.; Lane, William J.; Klepeis, Veronica E.; Baron, Jason M.; Onozato, Maristela L.; Kim, JiYeon; Brodsky, Victor; Beckwith, Bruce; Kuo, Frank; Gilbertson, John R.


    Background: Pathology Informatics is a new field; a field that is still defining itself even as it begins the formalization, accreditation, and board certification process. At the same time, Pathology itself is changing in a variety of ways that impact informatics, including subspecialization and an increased use of data analysis. In this paper, we examine how these changes impact both the structure of Pathology Informatics fellowship programs and the fellows′ goals within those programs. Mat...

  5. Os primórdios da organização do Programa Nacional de Vacinação em Portugal Los inicios de la organización del Programa Nacional de Vacunación en Portugal The beginnings of the organization of the National Vaccination Program in Portugal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Lousada Subtil


    siguiente hasta la creación del Programa Nacional de Vacunación con el intuito de descorrer el velo sobre el papel desempeñado por los enfermeros en esta área de la Salud Pública, con destaque para los Serviços de Luta Anti-Tuberculosa.Nurses nowadays play a major role in achieving the National Vaccination Program, which began in 1965. The origins of this program go back to the early nineteenth century with the foundation of Instituição Vacínica by the Royal Academy of Sciences of Lisbon. This study is part of a broader research project on public health and un nurses between the historical periods of Vintismo and Regeneração and aims to describe a wide variety of aspects related to the beginning of Instituição Vacínica’s activity in Portugal. This is a qualitative historical research study, using secondary sources. It describes the foundation and evolution of Instituição Vacínica and the the social and political environment that characterized the first half of the nineteenth century. We suggest further studies covering the following period until the establishment of the National Vaccination Program in order to reveal the role played by nurses in this area of public health, with an emphasis on the Serviços de Luta Anti-Tuberculosa.

  6. Personal goals and prolonged grief disorder symptoms. (United States)

    Boelen, Paul A


    Prolonged grief disorder (PGD, previously called complicated grief) is a debilitating condition that can develop following the loss of a loved one. The present study investigated the relationship between different features of personal goals of bereaved individuals and PGD symptom severity. To this end, 160 bereaved people were asked to write down seven important personal goals and to complete self-report measures of PGD and depression symptom severity. With respect to the form of goals, the findings showed that more severe PGD symptomatology was associated with lower specificity of goals, a reduced sense of control over achieving goals and a lower perceived likelihood of achieving goals. With respect to the content of the goals, it was found that mourners with more severe levels of PGD symptoms reported more goals that were associated with loss (compared with goals unrelated to the loss), more goals related to feeling states and less goals related to work/education and close relationships. Implications of these findings are discussed. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Key Practitioner Message: • The severity of prolonged grief disorder (PGD) symptoms after bereavement is associated with different features of personal goals, including reduced specificity of goals, lower perceived probability and controllability of achieving goals and an enhanced focus on loss-related goals and goals related to feeling states. • In the treatment of PGD, it could be useful to change the negative beliefs that patients have about the probability and controllability of achieving goals and to help them in finding ways to achieve valued goals. • As recovery from loss hinges (in part) on the person's ability to continue (or restore) activities that are satisfying and meaningful, it could furthermore be fruitful to help patients to reduce their focus on 'inward-directed' goals (associated with their own feelings) and to increase their focus on 'outward-directed' goals



    MARTIN HOEGL; K Praveen Parboteeah


    In this paper, we investigate a relatively neglected but important aspect of team research, namely team goal commitment or the team member's attachment to the team goal. Specifically, we examine whether the performance effect of team goal commitment is contingent on the level of innovativeness of the team task. Furthermore, we also examine five controllable team-level antecedent factors to team goal commitment. Results provide support for the hypothesis that team goal commitment is related to...

  8. Report of the Integrated Program Planning Activity for the DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report of the Integrated Program Planning Activity (IPPA) has been prepared in response to a recommendation by the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board that, ''Given the complex nature of the fusion effort, an integrated program planning process is an absolute necessity.'' We, therefore, undertook this activity in order to integrate the various elements of the program, to improve communication and performance accountability across the program, and to show the inter-connectedness and inter-dependency of the diverse parts of the national fusion energy sciences program. This report is based on the September 1999 Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee's (FESAC) report ''Priorities and Balance within the Fusion Energy Sciences Program''. In its December 5,2000, letter to the Director of the Office of Science, the FESAC has reaffirmed the validity of the September 1999 report and stated that the IPPA presents a framework and process to guide the achievement of the 5-year goals listed in the 1999 report. The National Research Council's (NRC) Fusion Assessment Committee draft final report ''An Assessment of the Department of Energy's Office of Fusion Energy Sciences Program'', reviewing the quality of the science in the program, was made available after the IPPA report had been completed. The IPPA report is, nevertheless, consistent with the recommendations in the NRC report. In addition to program goals and the related 5-year, 10-year, and 15-year objectives, this report elaborates on the scientific issues associated with each of these objectives. The report also makes clear the relationships among the various program elements, and cites these relationships as the reason why integrated program planning is essential. In particular, while focusing on the science conducted by the program, the report addresses the important balances between the science and energy goals of the program, between the

  9. Integrating Environmental Education With Beginning Reading and Phonics Instruction (United States)

    Bolsem, Anne M.

    The practice of integrating methods of instruction shows signs of promise as teachers seek new ways to raise student achievement. Although researchers have focused on the efficacy of environment-based education, little research has been done to investigate a framework for integration. The research question that guided this case study was designed to explore the instructional practices teachers employ to integrate environmental education with beginning reading and phonics instruction. The conceptual framework is based on the seminal idea of using the environment as an integrating context, which postulates that the natural world becomes the overarching theme for teaching and learning. Data were obtained through interviews and lesson observations using a purposeful sample of 4 kindergarten and first grade teacher participants. A focus group interview also included the on-site naturalist. Inductive data analysis was used to discover categories and themes. Findings indicated that teachers integrate instruction primarily in the areas of vocabulary and writing after purposeful planning, collaboration, and a deep understanding of broader student goals. Findings also specified that teachers' integration strategies represent a combination of who the teachers are, what they believe, and what action they take in the classroom. Site-specific recommendations for action include ongoing professional development for teachers and support staff, time for collaboration, and review of teacher personal beliefs. Implications for social change include reflection and improvement of practice by teachers at the study site, as well as continued evaluation and discussion about teaching practices and teacher roles leading to more cohesive, enriching integrated instruction rooted in authentic, place-based experiences.

  10. Preventive goals in oral implantology. (United States)

    Kalk, W; Denissen, H W; Käyser, A F


    Preventive dentistry is mainly concerned with caries and periodontal disease and little or no attention is paid to the prevention of alveolar bone loss. An overdenture contributes to the preservation of alveolar bone and offers a number of advantages in comparison to a conventional complete denture. After tooth extraction the atrophy of edentulous lower jaws can be prevented or delayed by using implants supporting an overdenture or a fixed mandibular prosthesis. Hydroxyapatite implants have been studied as submerged tooth root substitutes and have proven to be able to preserve the bulk of the alveolar ridge. A drawback of this submucosal implant is that the ridge maintenance depends solely on the physical presence of the hydroxyapatite implants. If implants support an overdenture or a fixed prosthesis they also play a role in maintaining the function of the bone in the different stages of reduction of the mandible. In this paper a classification for the different resorption stages of the mandible is presented and is used to determine the correct moment for preventive implantology. In addition the use of a lingualised occlusion is discussed as a contribution to the preventive goals in oral implantology.

  11. Advancing women's status: a foreign policy goal. (United States)

    Albright, M


    US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright asserted in a March 1997 speech to the State Department that integrating gender issues into foreign policy forwards the interests of the US government. Albright noted that advancing the status of women is necessary to build the kind of future the US wants for the world. This cannot happen unless women have the equal access, rights, and protection necessary to contribute to society to their full potential. Advancing the status of women is crucial for realizing the goals of building peace, expanding the circle of democracy, sustaining a growing global economy, and spreading US-endorsed values. The US is incorporating concerns relating to women into the mainstream of its foreign policy by supporting foreign aid programs that expand the political and economic participation of women, increase access for women to education and health care, and augment the ability of women to protect themselves from violence and disease. This integration process means that the US will be working with other governments as well as with nongovernmental organizations and other agents of progress. This gender perspective will affect every stage from policy-making to program implementation. The US will be seeking an end to the old era of injustice and repression to make way for a new era of opportunity and full participation.

  12. Take Five Strategic Planning Steps, and Turn School Goals into Realities. (United States)

    Martisko, Les; Ammentorp, William


    Identifies five steps in the development of strategic planning: identification of goals, development of programs, setting of priorities, implementation of programs, and evaluation. Includes discussion of the five stages and the uses of microcomputers. (MD)

  13. Weight loss goals of patients in a health maintenance organization. (United States)

    Dutton, Gareth R; Perri, Michael G; Dancer-Brown, Melissa; Goble, Mary; Van Vessem, Nancy


    Individuals seeking weight loss treatment endorse unrealistic expectations regarding their goals for weight loss, although these conclusions are primarily based on research conducted in obesity specialty clinics and/or controlled clinical trials. This study examined the weight loss goals and predictors of these goals among patients participating in obesity treatment in an applied, clinical setting (i.e., managed care organization). Managed care patients enrolled in a behavioral weight loss program (N=143; mean age=46.8 years; mean BMI=36.9 kg/m(2); 89.5% female; 64.5% Caucasian) completed a self-report survey during an initial weight loss session. The survey included items assessing patients' weight loss expectations, including goals for dream, happy, acceptable, and disappointed weights. Participants completed questions regarding contacts with their primary care physician and physician provision of weight loss counseling and/or referrals. They also provided values for current height and weight. BMI's and weight loss associated with dream, happy, acceptable, and disappointed weight goals were 24.8 kg/m(2) (30.9% loss), 27.1 kg/m(2) (25.2% loss), 29.3 kg/m(2) (19.7% loss), and 33.0 kg/m(2) (10.4% loss), respectively. There were significant gender differences in weight loss goals, with women endorsing more unrealistic goals than men for dream and happy weights, psgoals included baseline BMI, gender, ethnicity, and frequency of visits with one's primary care physician, pssetting endorsed unrealistic expectations for weight loss. However, more frequent contact with one's primary care physician was associated with more realistic goals. Future, longitudinal research is needed to document the discrepancy between these goals and actual weight loss achieved in such settings as well as to determine whether excessive goals are associated with diminished treatment outcomes. Copyright 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. START: The Beginning or the End to Arms Control (United States)


    rosy not be raiesaed (fo open publikrabot and ti hu bewt deared by the appmpnats mditUy Aftv or government agency. START: THE BEGINNING OR THE END TO...Security Classification) START, The Beginning or the End of Arms Control 12. PERSONAL AUTHOR(S) LTC Nicholas J. Ciccarello, USA 13a. TYPE OF the appropriate military service or government &gency. START: THE BEGINNING OR THE END TO ARMS CONTROL AN INDIVIDUAL STUDY PROJECT by Lieutenant

  15. Relational consequences of personal goal pursuits. (United States)

    VanderDrift, Laura E; Agnew, Christopher R


    Individuals balance tasks necessary to fulfill personal goals and to maintain their interpersonal relationships. In the current studies, we examined the impact of personal goal pursuits on how individuals process and respond to events in their romantic relationships. In 5 experiments, we examined consequences of motivationally active personal goals for relationships. Results indicated that when individuals focused on pursuing a personal goal, they processed relationship information in an evaluatively polarized (Study 1), one-sided (Study 2) fashion. Relative to those deliberating about a personal goal, those focused on a personal goal reported less willingness to engage in some kinds of pro-relationship behaviors (Study 3) and were more likely to forego an opportunity to improve their relationship (Study 4). We attribute this pattern of findings to processing that shielded the personal goal from goal-irrelevant influence (Study 5). These findings provide a greater understanding of how pursuing a personal goal can undermine relationships.

  16. Sustainable Health Development Goals (SHDG): breaking down the walls. (United States)

    Oleribe, Obinna Ositadimma; Crossey, Mary Margaret Elizabeth; Taylor-Robinson, Simon David


    The world's governments failed to achieve the Health for All 2000 goals from the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978. Although a lot of milestones have been covered since 2000, the world's governing authorities are unlikely to achieve the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which expire by the end of this year. The inability to achieve these goals may be linked to the multiplicity of health-related directives and fragmentation of health systems in many countries. However, with the proposed 17 sustainability development goals, health has only one universal aim: to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Accomplishing this will require a focus on health systems (system-thinking), commonization of services and full integration of services with total dismantling of vertical programs across the world.

  17. Get a taste of your goals: promoting motive-goal congruence through affect-focus goal fantasy. (United States)

    Job, Veronika; Brandstätter, Veronika


    Studies show that motive-goal congruence is an important predictor of well-being (Baumann, Kaschel, & Kuhl, 2005; Brunstein, Schultheiss, & Grässmann, 1998). However, little is known about the factors that promote congruence between implicit motives and goals. Relying on McClelland's (1985) concept of implicit motives and the theory of fantasy realization (Oettingen, 1999), we postulated that goal fantasies focusing on motive-specific affective incentives promote motive-congruent goal setting. This hypothesis was tested in 3 experimental studies. In Study 1 (n=46) and Study 2 (n=48), participants were asked to select goals in a hypothetical scenario. In Study 3 (n=179), they rated their commitment to personal goals for their actual life situation. The results of all 3 studies supported our hypothesis that participants who focus on motive-specific affective incentives in their goal fantasies set their goals in line with their corresponding implicit motive dispositions.

  18. Setting Goals for Urban Scale Climate Governance (United States)

    Rosenthal, J. K.; Brunner, E.


    The impacts of climate change on temperate urban areas may include the increase in frequency and intensity of damaging extreme weather events, such as heat waves, hurricanes, heavy rainfall or drought, and coastal flooding and erosion, and potential adverse impacts on infrastructure, energy systems, and public health. Warmer average summertime temperatures are also associated with environmental and public health liabilities, such as decreased air quality and increased peak electrical demand. Simultaneously, a strong global trend towards urbanization of poverty exists, with increased challenges for local governments to protect and sustain the well-being of growing cities and populations currently stressed by poverty, health and economic inequities. In the context of these trends, research at the city scale has sought to understand the social and economic impacts of climate change and variability and to evaluate strategies in the built environment that might serve as adaptive and mitigative responses to climate change. We review the goals and outcomes of several municipal climate protection programs, generally categorized as approaches based on technological innovation (e.g., new materials); changes in behavior and public education (e.g., neighborhood watch programs and cooling centers); improvements in urban design (e.g., zoning for mixed land-use; the use of water, vegetation and plazas to reduce the urban heat island effect); and efforts to incentivize the use of non-fossil-fuel based energy sources. Urban initiatives in European and American cities are assessed within the context of the global collective efforts enacted by the Kyoto Protocol and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Our concern is to understand the active networked role of urban managers in climate policies and programs in relation to supranational objectives and non-state actors.

  19. Assessment of goals in problem-based learning. (United States)

    Özbıçakçı, Şeyda; Bilik, Özlem; İntepeler, Şeyda Seren


    Assessing the learning goals set by faculty is an important part of problem-based learning (PBL). Students also develop individual and group goals during module tutorials. They choose learning activities and create a framework for their self-directed study in order to achieve these goals. This investigation analyzes perceptions of the depth of understanding that students acquire. The effects of setting learning goals by faculty and by students themselves are examined, and we explore differences within groups and within the different years in the program. Nursing students responded to a questionnaire indicating how well they thought they had understood new material, according to both the goals preset by the faculty and those developed by the students themselves. A five-point Likert scale was used for this. The findings indicate no significant difference between tutors' and students' evaluations of student level of understanding within the different years of the program. Students and tutors in all three years indicated that they achieved adequate or good understanding of learning goals. (Students: First year: 91.6%, second year: 76.5%, third year: 90.1%; Tutors: First year: 76.8%, second year: 65.7%, third year: 89.1%) These findings are useful for evaluation of PBL outcomes for curriculum committees. Based on these research results, our faculty curriculum committee has decided to give the students a list of faculty generated learning goals at the end of every curriculum module. The students then compare these with their own self-directed goals in feedback sessions with faculty members. These feedback sessions have been very popular with students. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Self-regulation through Goal Setting

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koch, Alexander; Nafziger, Julia


    Goals are an important motivator. But little is known about why and how people set them. We address this issue in a model based on two stylized facts. i) Goals serve as reference points for performance. ii) Present-biased preferences create self-control problems. We show the power and limits...... of self-regulation through goals. Goals increase an individual's motivation - but only up to a certain point. And they are painful self-disciplining devices. Greater self-control problems may result in tougher goals; but for a severe present bias goals either lack motivating force, or are too painful...