Sample records for prognozirovaniya migratsii radionuklidov

  1. Testing-ground investigations of radionuclide migration in temporary area for radioactive waste localization << Ryzhy Les >>.; Poligonnye issledovaniya migratsii radionuklidov na uchastke punkta vremennoj lokalizatsii radioaktivnykh otkhodov << Ryzhij les >>.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dzhepo, S P; Skal` skij, A S; Bugaj, D A; Gudzenko, V V; Mogil` nyj, S A; Proskura, N I [AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine). Inst. Geologicheskikh Nauk; [Admyinyistratsyiya zoni vyidchuzhennya, Chernobil` (Ukraine)


    Experimental investigations carried out on testing grounds have permitted studying hydrogeological and geochemical conditions, contamination levels of ground waters and mechanisms of radionuclide migration in the areas of radioactive waste burial in sector 2.1 of temporary area for radioactive waste localization << Ryzhy Les >>. Distribution coefficients for {sup 137} Cs and {sup 90} Sr as well as chemical forms of sorbed radionuclides have been determined under in situ conditions. Lateral rates of radionuclide migration in ground waters are estimated.

  2. JeS i Afrika dogovoriliss o migratsii i razvitija / Kristina Kareva

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kareva, Kristina


    Siseminister Kalle Laanet viibis Tripolis toimunud Aafrika ja Euroopa Liidu migratsiooni ning arengu teemalisel konverentsil, mille üheks põhiteemaks oli Aafrika piirivalve- ja rändehaldussüsteemi suutlikkuse tõstmine

  3. Calculating and experimental technique for forecasting the bipolar digital integrated circuit response; Raschetno-ehksperimental`nyj metod prognozirovaniya reaktsii bipolyarnykh Ts IS

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Butin, V I; Trofimov, Eh N


    Typical responses of the bipolar digital integrated circuits (DIC) of the combination type under the action of pulse gamma radiation are presented. Analysis of the DIC transients is carried out. A calculation-experimental method for forecasting the temporal serviceability loss of bipolar DIC is proposed. The reliability of the method is confirmed experimentally. 1 fig.

  4. Fukci vozbuždenia dlja radionuklidov 44Sc, 46Sci, 47Sc, obrazovavšichsa pri oblučenii 45Sc dejtronami i 6He

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kulko, A. A.; Skobelev, N. K.; Burjan, Václav; Hons, Zdeněk; Daniel, A.V.; Demekhina, R.; Kalpakchieva, R.; Kugler, Andrej; Mrázek, Jaromír; Penionzhkevich, Y. E.; Piskoř, Štěpán; Sobolev, Yu. G.; Šimečková, Eva


    Roč. 75, č. 4 (2011), s. 574-576 ISSN 0367-6765 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP203/10/0310; GA MŠk LC07050 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10480505 Keywords : excitation functions * cross sections * radioactive beams Subject RIV: BN - Astronomy, Celestial Mechanics, Astrophysics

  5. The determination of major radionuclides in the surroundings of thermal power plant Novaky; Stanovenie vyznamnych radionuklidov z okolia tepelnej elektrarne Novaky

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dvorska, L; Dulanska, S [Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave, Prirodovedecka fakulta, Katedra jadrovej chemie, 84215 Bratislava (Slovakia)


    An important and fundamental fact in the operation of nuclear power plants is that there is no production of greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions especially nitrogen oxides NO{sub x}, carbon oxides CO and CO{sub 2}, sulfur dioxide and fly ash. Alpha radionuclides in fly ash from thermal power Novaky {sup 238}U, {sup 234}U, {sup 235}U, {sup 239,240} Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am were separated on extraction-chromatographic sorbents TRU Resin and Resin UTEVA involved in the vacuum box in tandem. Samples for the measurement of alpha radionuclides were measured on a double-chamber 576A spectrometer with ULTRA Alpha Detector 600, EG and G ORTEC. There was not detected any increased activity value of uranium isotopes comparing the activity of {sup 238}U and {sup 234}U with the Slovakian Collection of Laws 345/2006. (authors)

  6. Measurements and Calculations of the Slowing-Down and Migration Time; Mesures et Calcul du Temps de Ralentissement et de Migration; Izmereniya i raschety vremeni zamedleniya i migratsii; Medicion y Calculo del Tiempo de Moderacion y de Migracion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Profio, A. E.; Koppel, J. U. [General Atomic Division of General Dynamics Corporation, John Jay Hopkins Laboratory for Pure and Applied Science, San Diego, CA (United States); Adamantiades, A. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States)


    The mean time and variance in time for neutrons from an impulse source to slow down and migrate to the energy, angle and position of observation are important quantities in many experiments. The mean time is a correction in time-of-flight measurements of neutron spectra in bulk media, and the variance limits the ultimate resolution of such experiments. These parameters are equally significant in detectors which depend on moderation, in time-of-flight experiments where low energy neutrons are provided by a moderator placed near the pulsed source, and in slowing-down-time spectrometry. Various analytical and numerical methods have been developed to calculate the space-energy-angle-time . dependence, or integrals thereof. It is shown that the time moments, Empty-Set {sup (n)} (r, {Omega}, v, t) = {integral}{sub 0}{sup {infinity}}t{sup n} Empty-Set (r, {Omega}, v, t)dt, can be calculated by repeated application of a steady state transport code. The source term for the calculation of the n{sup -tb} moment is equal to nv{sup -1} Empty-Set {sup (n-1)}. Results are presented for multiplying and non-multiplying mockups of the TRIGA reactor. Another powerful calculational method is the time-dependent Monte Carlo code. Results of a calculation of leakage flux from a thin lead slab are presented. Measurements have been made of the slowing-down time to the cadmium edge and to the 1.46-eV resonance of indium in water and in toluene. Capture gamma rays are detected by a scintillation counter. The technique requires a fairly intense source and efficient detector because of the low duty cycle (short burst width for resolution of the slowing-down time, large interpulse period for thermal neutron die-away) and the small probability for capture. (author) [French] Dans le phenomene de ralentissement et de migration des neutrons puises, amenes a l'enetgie, a l'angle et S la position d'observation, le temps moyen et la variance en temps sont des grandeurs importantes pour beaucoup d'experiences. Le temps moyen est une correction pour les mesures par la methode du temps de vol des spectres de neutrons dans des milieux de grande diffusion, et la variance a pour effet d'imposer une limite a la resolution des experiences. La grandeur de ces parametres est egalement importante pour les detecteurs qui dependent du ralentissement, dans les experiences par | la methode du temps de vol des spectres de neutrons de faible energie sont fournis par un ralentisseur place pres de la source puisee, et en spectrometrie du temps de ralentissement. Diverses methodes analytiques et numeriques ont ete mises au point pour calculer la fonction espaceenergie- angle-temps ou des integrales de cette fonction. Les auteurs montrent que les moments Empty-Set {sup (n)} (r, {Omega}, v, t) = {integral}{sub 0}{sup {infinity}}t{sup n} Empty-Set (r, {Omega}, v, t)dt peuvent etre calcules par application repetee d'un code de transport pour un etat stationnaire. Le terme de la source pour le calcul du nieme moment est egal a nv{sup -1} Empty-Set {sup (n-1)}. Les auteurs presentent des resultats pour des modeles multiplicateurs et non multiplicateurs du reacteur Triga. Une autre methode de calcul tres utile est le code de Monte-Carlo variable dans le temps. Les auteurs presentent les resultats d'un calcul de flux de fuite a partir d'une mince plaque de plomb. Les auteurs ont mesure le temps de ralentissement jusqu 'au seuil cadmium et jusqu 'a la resonance 1,46 eV de l'indium dans l'eau et dans le toluene. Ils ont deceleles rayonsgamma de capture avec un compteura scintillation. La methode necessite l'utilisation d'une source assez intense et d'un detecteur efficace a cause de la brievete du cycle de fonctionnement (petite largeur de bouffee pour la resolution du temps de ralentissement, grand intervalle entre les bouffees pour l'evanouissement des neutrons thermiques) et de la faible probabilite de capture. (author) [Spanish] En muchos experimentos, reviste gran importancia el tiempo medio que transcurre hasta que la velocidad de los neutrones pulsados disminuya en la medida necesaria para que estos alcancen la energia, el angulo y la posicion de observacion apetecidas. El tiempo medio es una correccion de las mediciones de espectros neutronicos en la masa hechas segun el metodo del tiempo de vuelo, y la variacion impone limites al poder de resolucion efectivo de tales experimentos. Estos parametros son igualmente importantes en los detectores cuyo funcionamiento se base en la moderacion, en los experimentos con el metodo de tiempo de vuelo en los que un moderador situado cerca de la fuente de neutrones pulsados proporciona neutrones de baja energia, y en la espectrometria del tiempo de moderacion. Se han ideado diversos metodos analfticos y numericos para calcular la distribucion espacio-energia angulo-tiempo o sus integrales. Ha podido demostrarse que los momentos temporales Empty-Set {sup (n)} (r, {Omega}, v, t) = {integral}{sub 0}{sup {infinity}}t{sup n} Empty-Set (r, {Omega}, v, t)dt, pueden calcularse aplicando repetidamente una clave de transporte en regimen estacionario. El termino de la fuente para el calculo del momento 'n'es igual a nv{sup -1} Empty-Set {sup (n-1)}. Los autores presentan los resultados correspondientes a maquetas del reactor TRIGA en las que se emplean medios multiplicadores y no multiplicadores. Otro valioso metodo de calculo consiste en emplear una clave de Monte Cario en funcion del tiempo. Los autores exponen los resultados del calculo de un flujo que escapa de una delgada placa de plomo. Se han hecho mediciones del tiempo de moderacion hasta la energia de corte del Cd y hasta la resonancia de 1,46 eV del In en agua y en tolueno. Los rayos gamma de captura se detectaron con un contador de centelleo. Esta tecnica exige disponer de una fuente de suficiente intensidad y de un detector eficaz debido a la brevedad del ciclo de trabajo (escasa anchura de las rafagas para la resolucion del tiempo de moderacion y amplio intervalo entre los impulsos para observar la atenuacion neutronica de caracter termico) y a las escasas probabilidades de captura. (author) [Russian] Srednee vremja i izmenenie vo vremeni zhizni nejtronov, poluchaemyh ot impul'snogo istochnika, s cel'ju ih zamedlenija i migracii do velichiny energii, ugla i polozhenija, udobnogo dlja nabljudenija, javljajutsja sushhestvennymi kolichestvennymi velichinami vo mnogih jeksperimentah. Srednee vremja javljaetsja popravkoj v izmerenijah nejtronnyh spektrov po metodu vremeni proleta v bol'shih ob{sup e}mah materialov, a izmenenie ogranichivaet maksimal'nuju razreshajushhuju spo- sobnost' takih jeksperimentov. Jeti parametry odinakovo vazhny v detektorah, zavisjashhih ot zamedlenija, v jeksperimentah po vremeni proleta, gde nejtrony s maloj energiej postu- pajut iz zamedlitelja, nahodjashhegosja vblizi pul'sirujushhego istochnika, a takzhe spektrometrii vremeni zamedlenija. Razrabotany razlichnye analiticheskie i cifrovye sposoby dlja vychislenija zavisimosti prostranstvennogo-energeticheskogo-uglovogo i vremennogo raspredelenija ili integralov po nim. Pokazano, chto momenty vremeni Empty-Set {sup (n)} (r, {Omega}, v, t) = {integral}{sub 0}{sup {infinity}}t{sup n} Empty-Set (r, {Omega}, v, t)dt, mozhno vyschitat' putem povtornogo primenenija programmy rascheta dlja stacionarnogo so- stojanija perenosa. Uslovie istochnika dlja vychislenija momenta ''p'' ravno nv{sup -1} Empty-Set {sup (n-1)}. Pri- vodjatsja rezul'taty dlja razmnozhajushhih i nerazmnozhajushih modelej reaktora {sup T}riga{sup .} Dru- gim metodom energeticheskogo rascheta javljaetsja metod vremennoj zavisimosti Monte Karlo. Dajutsja takzhe rezul'taty vychislenija potoka utechki iz tonkoj svincovoj plastiny. Izmerenija provodili na zamedlenii po vremeni po otnosheniju kadmievoj grani i re- zonansa v 1,46 jev indija v vode i toluole. Zahvatnoe gamma-izluchenie detektiruetsja s po- moshh'ju scintilljacionnogo schetchika. Jetot metod trebuet iskljuchitel'no intensivnogo is- tochnika i jeffektivnogo detektora v svjazi s nizkoj polezno ispol'zuemoj dolej vremeni cikla (korotkaja prodolzhitel'nost' vspyshki dlja razreshajushhej sposobnosti zamedlenija bol'- shoj period promezhutochnogo pul'sa dlja zatuhanija teplovyh nejtronov) i nebol'shoj verojat- nosti dlja zahvata. (author)

  7. Technique for forecasting the radiation damages of digital large-scale integrated circuits under cosmic ray ions effect; Metodika prognozirovaniya radiatsionnykh sbolev tsifrovykh bis pri vozdejstv ii ionov kosmicheskikh luchej

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verkhoturov, V M [and others


    Rated experimental methods for forecasting the frequency of radiation failures of digital LSIC and SLSIC of the space vehicle electronic board equipment under effect of cosmic ray ions are considered.

  8. Technique of forecasting the working capacity of horizontal p-n-p transistor for a given radiation level; Metodika prognozirovaniya rabotosposobnosti gorizontal`nogo p-n-p tranzistora na zadannyj uroven` izlucheniya

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pershenkov, V S; Sevast` yanov, A V


    Methods of forecasting the degradation of horizontal p-n-p transistors under the effect of ionizing radiation based on the principles of invariant topological approach are presented. Results are presented and analysis of experimental investigations into the real test structures performed in the same process cycle as the integral circuit under development is given.

  9. Estimation of safety of radionuclide localization in temporary areas for radioactive waste localization in the Chernobyl estrangement zone.; Otsenka nadezhnosti lokalizatsii radionuklidov v punkte vremennoj lokalizatsii radioaktivnykh otkhodov Zony otchuzhdeniya ChAEhS.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mishunina, I B; Ledenev, A I; Khvesik, O V [Naukovo-Tekhnyichnij Tsentr z dezaktivatsyiyi ta kompleksnogo povodzhennya z radyioaktivnimi vyidkhodami, Zhovtyi Vodi (Ukraine)


    Preliminary estimation of soil water contamination as a result of radionuclide migration from burials is described. The studies necessary to make trustworthy prediction of soil water contamination are outlined.

  10. Osnovnye zakonomernosti raspredelenija, migracii i nakoplenija radionuklidov v donnyh otlozhenijah Baltijskogo morja [The basic patterns of the distribution, migration and accumulation of radionuclides in the bottom sediment of the Baltic Sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grigoryev Andrey


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the impact of certain factors on the contemporary distribution of natural (226Ra, 232Th, 40К and anthropogenic (137Cs, 60Co radionuclides in the sediments of the Baltic Sea. The results of the study suggest that the distribution of 137Cs is determined by the content of hydromica of silty-clay and clay grain-size fractions, while radiocaesium is mainly accumulated by silty fractions. The accumulation of 226Ra by bottom sediments is mainly determined by the pH geochemical barrier at the water-seafloor boundary. The accumulation of 232Th occurs mainly in clayey fractions of the sediment. The distribution and accumulation of 40K is predominantly determined by the ratio of potassium contained in hydromica minerals. Significant 60Co activity was registered only in a few samples.

  11. Using the hot carrier injection into sub gate oxide and the x-radiation effect for forecasting the working capacity of MOS-technology microcircuits; Ispol`zovanie inzhektsii goryachikh nositelej v podzatvornyj okisel i vozdejstvii rentgenovskogo izlucheniya dlya prognozirovaniya mikroskhem, izgotovlennykh po MOP-tekhnologii

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pershenkov, V S; Cheredko, S V


    Analysis of the method of forecasting the threshold strain degradation during active functioning of MOST using ionizing radiation is conducted. Problems of practical application of the method and its modification for determining the MOST working capacity under low-intensity radiation effect are discussed.

  12. Determination of radionuclides {sup 90}Sr, {sup 239,240} Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am in soil using methods of extraction chromatography and coprecipitation; Stanovenie radionuklidov {sup 90}Sr, {sup 239,240}Pu, : 2{sup 38}Pu a {sup 241}Am v pode vyuzivajuce metody extrakcnej chromatografie a spoluzrazania

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gardonova, V.; Dulanska, S.; Bilohuscin, J. [Univerzita Komenskeho, Prirodovedecka fakulta, Katedra jadrovej chemie, 84215 Bratislava (Slovakia)


    Ecosystems, which include soil and sediments, contain not only natural radionuclides but also radionuclides from deposits, mainly {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr and {alpha}-emitting radionuclides such as {sup 239,240}Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am, that originate from global fallout and nuclear facilities leaks worldwide. The goal of the work was optimization of separation and determination of {sup 90}Sr, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239,240}Pu and {sup 241}Am in soil from Slovak Republic. The newest methods were applied for separation of selected radionuclides based on coprecipitation with oxalic salts and extraction chromatography using selective commercial sorbents. (authors)

  13. An Idea on the Maximum Permissible Concentrations of Radioactive Materials in Sea Water; Concentrations Maxima Admissibles des Substances Radioactives dans l'Eau de Mer; 041e 041c 0414 ; Concentracion Maxima Admisible de Materiales Radiactivos en las Aguas del Mar

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hiyama, Yoshio [University of Tokyo (Japan)


    sobre el analisis quimico de las aguas marinas y del cuerpo humano, trata; de encontrar una relacion entre el grado de contaminacion del agua del mar por varios radionuclidos y el grado de intensidad de la dosis de radiacion en el cuerpo humano causada por estos radionuclidos de origen marino. Sin, embargo, aunque los especialistas en oceanografia, salud publica, nutricion, radiobiologia y en otras materias reconozcan la conveniencia de efectuar; esos calculos habra que obtener mas datos sobre la cantidad de trazadores, en las aguas del mar, en los productos marinos y en el cuerpo humano, para confeccionar un cuadro de las concentraciones maximas admisibles de diversos radionuclidos en las aguas del mar. En la memoria, el autor se limita a enunciar la idea y a describir algunos ejemplos. (author) [Russian] V nastojashhem doklade avtor stremitsja najti svjaz' mezhdu urovnem zarazhennosti morskoj vody nekotorymi vidami radionuklidov i urovnem radiacionnoj dozy, poluchaemoj chelovekom v rezul'tate dejstvija radionuklidov morskogo proishozhdenija; avtor ispol'zuet pri jetom rekomendacii MKRZ i nekotorye dannye himicheskogo analiza morskoj vody i chelovecheskogo organizma, izvestnye emu. Odanko, esli ideja jetih raschetov budet priznana uchenymi v oblasti okeanografii, zdravoohranenija, pitanija, radiacionnoj biologii i dr., vse zhe potrebujutsja dopolnitel'nye dannye o kolichestvah metjashhih jelementov v morskoj vode, v produktah morja i v chelovecheskom organizme dlja togo, chtoby zavershit' tablicu maksimal'no dopustimyh koncentracij v morskoj vode razlichnyh vidov radionuklidov. Ideja, vyskazannaja v doklade, nosit chisto predvaritel'nyj harakter; v doklade takzhe dajutsja nekotorye primery. (author)

  14. Monitoring of Fresh Waters Used for Dispersal of Radioactive Wastes; Controle des Eaux Fluviales Utilisees pour la Dispersion des Dechets Radioactifs; 0418 0417 041c 0414 ; Monitoraje de las Aguas Dulces Utilizadas para la Dispersion de Desechos Radiactivos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ophel, I. L. [Environmental Research and Radiation Dosimetry Branch, Division of Biology and Health Physics, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, ON (Canada)


    otnoshenijah jeta reka predstavljaet ozero. Jeffljujent razbavljaetsja bol'shimi ob{sup e}mami nizkoaktivnoj vody, ispol'zovannoj dlja ohlazhdenija, i postupaet v reku pri koncentracii radionuklidov, ne prevyshajushhih predel'no dopustimoj koncentracii dlja rabochih. Obshhaja koncentracija beta- i gamma-radionuklidov vverh po techeniju ot zavoda sostavljaet 2 x 10{sup -8} millikjuri/millilitr i 1,6 kilometra vniz po techeniju ot zavoda ravna 3 x 10{sup -8} millikjuri/millilitr. Vzjatie prob so dna reki pokazyvaet, chto radioaktivnost' ponizhaetsja v techenie celogo rjada let nesmotrja na postojannoe dobavlenie aktivnosti, osazhdajushhejsja na kolloidal'nom kremnii, vydeljajushhemsja iz vody. Iz rechnyh organizmov chelovekom upotrebljaetsja v pishhu tol'ko krupnaja ryba. Sledy stroncija-90 byli sluchajno obnaruzheny v kostjah, no ne v mjase. Maksimal'noe soderzhanie 10{sup -3} millikjuri R{sup 32}/g obshhego vesa bylo obnaruzheno v nebol'shih okunjah. Hotja fosfor-32 sostavljaet tol'ko 0,04% obshhej radioaktivnosti jeffljuenta, on predstavljaet 75-95% vseh radionuklidov obnaruzhennyh v bol'shinstve vzjatyh na issledovanie ryb. (author)

  15. Radioactive Metrology Methods in the USSR; Methodes de metrologie de la radioactivite en URSS; Metody metrologii radioaktivnosti v SSSR; Metodos de Metrologia de la Radiactividad Aplicados en la Union de Republicas Socialistas Sovieticas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aglintsev, K K; Bochkarev, V V; Grablevskij, V N; Karavaev, F M


    }-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya iz radionuklidov , vybrannykh takim obrazom, chtoby obespechit' diapazon ehnergij ot 0,018 mehv do 2,3 mehv. Kontrol'nye {beta}-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya libo iz strontsiya-90 plyus ittrij-90, libo iz talliya-204, libo iz prometiya-147. EHti istochniki okhvatyvayut shirokij diapazon aktivnosti ot 20 do 10{sup 9} raspadov v minutu. Model'nye {gamma}-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya libo iz radiya, libo iz kobal'ta-60, libo iz tseziya-137. diapazon aktivnostej ehtikh ehtalonov okhvatyvaet velichiny ot 10-{sup 11} do 5 grammov-ehkvivalento v radiya. Kontrol'nye u-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya iz vysheukazanny kh radionuklidov. Aktivnosti okhvatyvayut ochen' shirokij diapazon, poskol'ku istochniki imeyut ves'ma razlichnuyu formu i razmery. Nakonets, model'nye istochniki nejtronov byvayut dvukh vidov: radija-{alpha}-berillij (soderzhashchij ot 1 do 1000 mg radiya) i plutonij-{alpha}-berilli j (soderzhashchij ot 0,01 do 15 grammov plutoniya). Istochniki radij-{alpha}-berilli j prigotovlyayutsya iz pressovannoj smesi RaBr{sub 2} i poroshkovogo berilliya s vesovym sootnosheniem Ra/Be = 1/6. Istochniki plutonij-a-berilli j obrazuyutsya iz splava (PuBe{sub 13}) ehtikh dvukh metallov. (author)

  16. Use of Radioactive Tracers in the Study of Insect-Plant Relationships; Emploi des radioindicateurs dans l'etude des relations insecte-plante; Ispol'zovanie radioaktivnykh indikatorov dlya izucheniya vzaimnoj svyazi mezhdu nasekomymi ch rasteniyami; Empleo de marcadores radiactivos para estudiar las relaciones insecto-planta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crossley, Jr., D. A. [Radiation Ecology Section, Health Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    habian pasaco la hibernacion de los adultos nuevos, porque la eliminacion del cesio en los primeros era mas rapida. En los estudios sobre poblaciones formadas por varias especies, la relacion entre el tamano del insecto y el indice de eliminacion sirvio para calcular el periodo medio biologico para la eliminacion del radiocesio por insectos harbivoros en una zona tratada con {sup 137}Ce. Este periodo medio y los datos sobre las masas biologicas vegetales e insectiles y sobre las concentraciones de radiocesio han permitido calcular el consumo de vegetales de una poblacion entera de insectos. Del mismo modo, se ha podido calcular el consumo de insectos de los artropodos depredadores basandose en las concentraciones estacionarias de radiocesio en los depredadores y en las victimas, las masas biologicas y el indice medio de eliminacion. (author) [Russian] Pri bolee rannem ispol'zovanii radioaktivnykh indikatorov v ehkologicheskikh issledovaniyakh nasekomykh-vreditelej ikh rasseyaniya i migratsii izuchalis' pri pomoshchi radioizotopov, kotorymi markirovalis' otdel'nye nasekomye. V poslednee vremya poluchilo rasprostranenie ispol'zovanie radioizotopov dlya izucheniya biologicheskoj assotsiatsii nasekomykh i rastenij, a takkhe khishchnykh nasekomykh i ikh dobychi, iskhodya iz opredeleniya potrebleniya imi pishchi. Biologicheskoe vydelenie radioizotopov, kotoroe meshaet izucheniyu rasseyaniya nasekomykh, ispol'zuetsya v nastoyashchee vremya dlya izmereniya kolichestva potrebleniya pishchi. Kak v polevykh issledovaniyakh, tak i v laboratornykh ehksperimentakh nasekomym daetsya vozmozhnost' dostich' v protsesse pitaniya sostoyaniya ustojchivoj kontsentratsii radioizotopov. V ehtikh usloviyakh temp pogloshcheniya dannogo radioizotopa raven tempu ego vydeleniya: (temp pogloshcheniya) = (velichine ustojchivogo sostoyaniya) x (skorost' poteri); Izmereniya tempov vydeleniya (biologicheskogo poluraspada) pozvolyayut perevodit' sostoyaniya ustojchivoj kontsentratsii v funktsii tempov