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  1. Meet AAPT's new President, Steve Iona (United States)

    Willis, Courtney


    I first met Steve Iona 40 years ago at a Denver Area Physics Teachers meeting. Steve had recently completed bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from the University of Chicago. Being a Colorado native, he was interested in returning to Colorado to teach. Steve had some rather high-powered recommendations, including one from a Nobel laureate. As Steve is fond of saying, because the recommendations were secret, he never knew if they were positive or not, but at least they were good enough for him to get a job teaching junior high school! Within a couple of years Steve had moved to the high school and was teaching Project Physics, astronomy, and general science. Steve continued to teach high school for over 25 years.

  2. El movimiento laborista británico y España (1974-1977

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pilar Ortuño-Anaya


    Full Text Available Son escasos los estudios dedicados por los historiadores a la dimensión internacional de la transición española, esto es, la influencia de los actores externos sobre el proceso de cambio político en España. El trabajo publicado con Charles T. Powell: «La dimensión internacional de la transición española» abre una línea de investigación hasta entonces sin explorar. Gobiernos democráticos. Comunidad Económica Europea, Organizaciones no gubernamentales transnacionales como la Internacional Socialista, partidos y fundaciones políticas... todos ellos contribuyeron sin duda al proceso de cambio político y consolidación democrática en España durante los años setenta. Esta investigación se centra en el papel desempeñado por el movimiento laborista británico durante los años 1974-1977 como factor externo en el apoyo al movimiento socialista en España y al proceso de democratización española. Para ello hemos considerado la actuación del partido laborista, los sindicatos británicos y el gobierno británico que fue laborista desde 1974 hasta 1979.

  3. Clinical evaluation of the IONA test: a non-invasive prenatal screening test for trisomies 21, 18 and 13. (United States)

    Papageorghiou, A T; Khalil, A; Forman, M; Hulme, R; Mazey, R; Mousa, H A; Johnstone, E D; McKelvey, A; Cohen, K E; Risley, M; Denman, W; Kelly, B


    To evaluate the clinical accuracy of the IONA® test for aneuploidy screening. This was a multicenter blinded study in which plasma samples from pregnant women at increased risk of trisomy 21 underwent cell-free DNA analysis utilizing the IONA test. For each sample, the IONA software generated a likelihood ratio and a maternal age-adjusted probability risk score for trisomies 21, 18 and 13. All results from the IONA test were compared against accepted diagnostic karyotyping. A total of 442 maternal samples were obtained, of which 437 had test results available for analysis and assessment of clinical accuracy. The IONA test had a detection rate of 100% for trisomies 21 (n = 43; 95% CI, 87.98-100%), 18 (n = 10; 95% CI, 58.72-100%) and 13 (n = 5; 95% CI, 35.88-100%) with cut-offs applied to likelihood ratio (cut-off > 1 considered high risk for trisomy) and probability risk score incorporating adjustment for maternal age (cut-off ≥ 1/150 considered high risk for trisomy). The false-positive rate (FPR) was 0% for trisomies 18 and 13 with both analysis outputs. For trisomy 21, a FPR of 0.3% was observed for the likelihood ratio, but became 0% with adjustment for maternal age. This study indicates that the IONA test is suitable for trisomy screening in a high-risk screening population. The result-interpretation feature of the IONA software should facilitate wider implementation, particularly in local laboratories, and should be a useful addition to the current screening methods for trisomies 21, 18 and 13. Copyright © 2015 ISUOG. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  4. Comparative Animal Research Laboratory. Progress report, 1974--1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Separate abstracts were prepared for three sections of the report. The publication also includes an organizational chart, financial data, and a section on facilities construction and improvement. (HLW)

  5. Proteins in growth regulation during early development. Comprehensive three year report, 1974--1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Klein, N.W.


    Progress is reported on the following research projects: response of embryo regions to nutrition; synthesis of serum proteins by the yolk-sac; serum protein synthesis in relation to protein nutrition, protease secretion, teratogenic agents, genetic abnormalities, yolk-sac cell cultures, and cell free systems; and effects of serum proteins on rat embryos, chick embryos without yolk-sacs, and isolated brains. (HLW)

  6. The Portuguese Literacy Campaigns after the Carnation Revolution (1974-1977) (United States)

    Gomes, Isabel Pereira; Amorim, José Pedro; Correia, José Alberto; Menezes, Isabel


    This article presents a description of the major campaigns of adult literacy in the revolutionary period in Portugal, between the years 1974 and 1977. The campaigns aimed to address the problem of extremely low levels of formal education and high levels of adult illiteracy, and were organized by different movements, from the military to political…

  7. Shock in the Nonhuman Primate. Volume 2. Abstracts of the Published Literature, 1974-1977 (United States)


    primate. This study was, therefore, designed to answer the following questions: Do pharmacologic doses of gluco- corticoids protect the subhuman primate...metabolic changes, the GIK infusion reduced circulating FFA by about half, and increased diuresis . The only significant effect of GIK infusion on

  8. Physico-chemical study of some areas of fundamental significance to biophysics. Final report, 1974--1977

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGlynn, S.P.


    The comprehensive report includes a complete list of publications resulting from the work and a review of studies made in the vacuum ultraviolet, photoelectron spectroscopy, excited states and electron structure of inorganic salts, a model for polar molecules, application of abstract mathematics to the genetic code, the orbital approximation in which orbital properties are related to state properties. (JSR)

  9. Asbestos: a perspective. I. An overview. II. An annotated literature collection, 1960--1974. III. A literature compilation, 1974--1977. [Health hazards

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huff, J.E.; Hammons, A.S.; Dinger, C.Y.; Kline, B.W.; Whitfield, B.L.; Black, S.A.


    Although the general population is widely exposed to asbestos, both by inhalation and ingestion, the hazards of chronic, environmental exposure have not been determined. Reasons conflict but are attributed in part to a paucity of information on human dose response, effects of asbestos ingestion, ambient concentrations and distribution of asbestos in the environment, the environmental cycling of asbestos, and related biological interactions including transmission through foodchains. As distilled from the world's asbestos literature, conclusions representing a majority opinion on the pathological effects of asbestos on man are summarized. (38 references.)

  10. Biological and medical research with accelerated heavy ions at the Bevalac, 1974--1977. [Planning for use for radiotherapy and as radiation source for diagnostic radiography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elam, S. (ed.)


    The Bevalac, a versatile high-energy heavy-ion accelerator complex, has been in operation for less than two years. A major purpose for which the Bevalac was constructed was to explore the possibility of heavy-ion teams for therapy for certain forms of cancer. Significant progress has been made in this direction. The National Cancer Institute has recognized the advantages that these and other accelerated particles offer, and heavy ions have been included in a long-term plan for particle therapy that will assess by means of controlled therapeutic tests the value of various modalities. Since accelerated heavy ions became available, the possibility of other contributions, not planned, became apparent. We are developig a new diagnostic method known as heavy-ion radiography that has greatly increased sensitivity for soft-tissue detail and that may become a powerful tool for localizing early tumors and metastases. We have discovered that radioactive beams are formed from fragmentation of stable deflected beams. Use of these autoradioactive beams is just beginning; however, we know that these beams will be helpful in localizing the region in the body where therapy is being delivered. In addition, it has been demonstrated that instant implantation of the radioactive beam allows direct measurements of blood perfusion rates in inaccessible parts of the body, and such a technique may become a new tool for the study of fast hot atom reactions in biochemistry, tracer biology and nuclear medicine. The Bevalac will also be useful for the continuation of previously developed methods for the control of acromegaly, Cushing's disease and, on a research basis, advanced diabetes mellitus with vascular disease. The ability to make small bloodless lesions in the brain and elsewhere with heavy-ion beams has great potential for nervous-system studies and perhaps later for radioneurosurgery.

  11. Dignificar la historia, volumen II. Las Fuerzas de Liberación Nacional y los combates por la memoria (1974-1977. 2016. Apodaca, Nuevo León, México: Grupo editorial de La Casa de Todas y Todos. 135 p; Dignify history, volume II. As Forças de Libertação Nacional e os combates de memória (1974-1977. 2016. Apodaca, Nuevo León, México: Grupo Editorial de La Casa de Todas e Todos. 135 p; Dignifying history, volume II. The National Liberation Forces and the combats for memory (1974-1977. 2016. Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico: Editorial Group of La Casa de Todas y Todos. 135 p

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Rodríguez Castillo


    • Que no porque retomemos la condición cultural y humana y los ensayistas hagan explícito que comparten una visión ideológico-utópica con los protagonistas de la historia contada, se resta importancia social, política y cultural a los materiales recopilados.

  12. Birds and conservation significance of the Namib Desert's least ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Several threatened marine turtles occur at the nearby Cunene River mouth, and given the possibility that turtles and other Red Data birds may breed at Ilha dos Tigres, it is recommended that it should become an integral part of the Iona National Park on the adjacent mainland. Keywords: coastal wetland, Iona National Park, ...

  13. Defining fitness in evolutionary models

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Dec 23, 2008 ... While, the operational definitions of fitness may vary under different scenarios, they all have the .... The use of R0 as an operational metric of fitness implies a particular definition of the biological sce .... risk', and finally discussed by Gillespie (1974, 1977) in the context of variation in offspring number. Slatkin ...

  14. Terrestrial Biological Inventory, Hillview Drainage and Levee District, Greene and Scott Counties, Illinois. (United States)


    1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1977) have compiled state- wide distributional data on several avian families (mimic thrushes, thrushes, swallows, shrikes...1980. (Nomenclature follows American Ornithologists’ Union 1967; 1973; 1976.) Order Family Species Podicipediformes Ardea herodias Great Blue Heron...Pogonla Dink SaamaderPlantain-leaved Sedge Snake-mouth SivSa amaumn Sedge (24 specdes) Yellow-lipped Ladles’Tresse Spte Tel Galingals Hooded Ladles

  15. Teatralnaja paraolimpiada / Boris Tuch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    10.-13. sept. Riias toimunud Baltimaade neljandast rahvusvahelisest teatrifestivalist Balti teatrisügis "Vaade" (Vzgljad). Eestit esindasid kaks lavastust - Jaan Unduski "Boulgakoff" (Eesti Draamateater, lavastaja Margus Kasterpalu) ja Mart Kivastiku "Kangelane" (Endla, lavastaja Kalju Komissarov). Ka Leedu Noorooteatri lavastusest "Patrioot", lavastaja Ionas Vaitkus

  16. Celtic spirituality and the environment

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Oct 23, 2015 ... on the Celtic model at Iona (founded 563 CE by Columba) in 1936 by George MacLeod in 1938, largely because '[h]e felt the Christian church exhibited little or no concern for the earth, and his insistence in the early 1940s on an ecological dimension in theology and practice was truly prophetic' (Ferguson ...

  17. 'e Radical Imagination of Peace: elonging and violence in

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ionas Matlou, Tennyson Makiwane, O.K. Setlapelo, Pascal Ngakane and Thami. Bonga, noting that they 'have arrogantly refused to denounce their counter- revolutionary activities” (ANC NEC 19752403). Periods of severe division and violent conflict within the anti—apartheid movement therefore turned on this political ...

  18. Tradition and Change (United States)

    Nyre, Joseph E.


    Honors programs, like the institutions that host them, need to exercise constant re-examination to remain effective and to serve their students the best they can. As a private, liberal arts institution, in the tradition of the Irish Catholic Christian Brothers, Iona College provides many avenues to enhance student learning, and paramount to the…

  19. Late-night suckling inhibits onset of postpartum oestrous activity in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Late-night suckling inhibits onset of postpartum oestrous activity in beef cows. Iona B. Stewart, B.P. Louw, A.W. Lishman, P.G. Stewart. Abstract. To determine whether suckling of calves late at night would prolong lactation anoestrus, 5l Hereford-type cows (21 -29 days postpartum) were divided into three treatment groups.

  20. Dealing with Math/Science Blocks. (United States)

    Tobias, Sheila


    A discussion of programs and techniques used to deal with student difficulties in learning math and science highlights the efforts of the Claremont Colleges, the College of St. Catherine, Gustavus Adolphus College, Iona College, Mississippi State University, and Stetson University. (MSE)

  1. Evripid: Ion (725‒1249

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mojca Cajnko


    Full Text Available Predstavljeni odlomek se začne na točki, ko se Krevza skupaj s starcem in služabnicami napoti k Apolonovemu templju, da bi izvedela prerokbo. V njem smo priča Krevzini bolečini, ko izve, da ne bo dobila otroka in da jo je Ksut izdal. Temu se pridruži še njena zgodba o Apolonovem posilstvu in izpostavitvi otroka. Starec ji predlaga maščevanje nad Ksutom in Ionom, Krevza pa se odloči zgolj za to, da bo poskusila odstraniti Iona. Njena spletka, da bi Iona zastrupila s kapljico Gorgonine krvi, je razkrita in Krevza je obsojena na smrt s kamenjanjem. Odlomek se zaključi s tožbo zbora ob smrtni obsodbi.

  2. Willard J. Pierson Jr. (1922-2003) (United States)

    Donelan, Mark A.; Cardone, Vincent J.

    Willard J. Pierson, Jr., retired professor of oceanography at New York University and City College of New York (CCNY), an AGU Fellow, and past president (1974-1977) of its Ocean Sciences Section, died on 7 June 2003. He had been an AGU member since 1948.His death marked the close of an important chapter in oceanography. Pierson was a true pioneer in many aspects of oceanography, especially wave dynamics and remote sensing. His immense contributions to these fields are complemented by his legacy of a generation of scientists who successfully completed their doctoral training under his guidance to go on to productive and distinguished careers themselves. Pierson was the consummate teacher, always willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to see the light of understanding appear in his students' eyes. He was an effective mentor to many students and younger colleagues; he led by inspiration and by example; he guided with firmness and kindness.

  3. Maternal mortality following caesarean sections. (United States)

    Sikdar, K; Kundu, S; Mandal, G S


    A study of 26 maternal deaths following 3647 caesarean sections was conducted in Eden Hospital from 1974-1977. During the time period there were 35,544 births and 308 total maternal deaths (8.74/1000). Indications for Caesarean sections included: 1) abnormal presentation; 2) cephalopelvic disproportion; 3) toxemia; 4) prolonged labor; 5) fetal distress; and 6) post-caesarean pregnancies. Highest mortality rates were among cephalopelvic disproportion, toxemia, and prolonged labor patients. 38.4% of the patients died due to septicaemia and peritonitis, but other deaths were due to preclampsia, shock, and hemorrhage. Proper antenatal care may have prevented anemia and preclampsia and treated other pre-existing or superimposed diseases.

  4. Martian channels and the search for extraterrestrial life (United States)

    Masursky, H.; Strobell, M.E.; Dial, A.L.


    The origin of the channels on Mars has been a subject of intense interest since they were first recognized on early Mariner 9 images (Driscoll, 1972; Masursky, 1973). Their presence on the planet, and their striking resemblance to terrestrial flood channels related to glacial outbursts or to dendritic river systems has suggested to most investigators (Baker, 1974, 1977; Nummedal, 1978; Carr, 1979; Masursky et al., 1977) that they were formed by running water. Because life as we know it is dependent on water, the discovery by the 'Mariner cameras', of watercut channels and volcanoes as a source for water, and water ice in the residual north polar cap by Viking, has reaffirmed the choice of Mars as the best target for the search for extraterrestrial life. ?? 1979 Springer-Verlag.

  5. Konsep Pre-emptive War sebagai Anticipatory Self-defense ditinjau dari Hukum Internasional


    Rombot, Iona Hiroshi Yuki


    Iona Hiroshi Yuki Rombot (B11109421), Concept of Pre-emptive War as Anticipatory Self-Defense asessed from International Law. Supervised by Abdul Maasba Magassing and Albert Lokollo. This research intended to understand on how the concept of pre-emptive war as anticipatory self-defense within scope of international law. This research conduct based on ???library research??? method or through bibliography study, author collected both hardcopy and softcopy literatures and analyzed internatio...

  6. Navy/ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Summer Faculty Research Program, 1985. (United States)



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  8. On the Textual History of the “Tale about the Prophecy of Iona’s Archbishopric”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artem Ye. Zhukov


    Full Text Available The Novgorod archbishop Iona was one of the most important Russian church personalities of the 15th century; he was canonized after his death. Information about his life is contained in different literary monuments of the 15th–16th centuries. One of them was the brief “Tale about the Prophecy of Iona’s Archbishopric.” Researchers believe that this monument became the source of the “Life of Iona.” This article focuses on the history of the text of the “Tale.” First, the article considers the history of research about the “Tale.” Second, the author gives an overview and description of copies of the work, and examines new copies of the “Tale.” Third, the researcher analyzes the editions of the “Tale,” revealing their new features. In conclusion, the investigator considers the question of the influence of the “Tale” on the text of the “Life of Iona.” The author tries to establish the copy of the “Tale” that was used in the “Life.”

  9. Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes (United States)

    Hooks, A.; Nitsche, F. O.


    The response of tidal marshes to increasing sea-level rise is uncertain. Tidal marshes can adapt to rising sea levels through vertical accretion and inland migration. Yet tidal marshes are vulnerable to submergence if the rate of sea-level rise exceeds the rate of accretion and if inland migration is limited by natural features or development. We studied how Piermont and Iona Island Marsh, two tidal marshes on the Hudson River, New York, would be affected by sea-level rise of 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m by 2100. This study was based on the 2011-2012 Coastal New York LiDAR survey. Using GIS we mapped sea-level rise projections accounting for accretion rates and calculated the submerged area of the marsh. Based on the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve Vegetation 2005 dataset, we studied how elevation zones based on vegetation distributions would change. To evaluate the potential for inland migration, we assessed land cover around each marsh using the National Land Cover Database 2011 Land Cover dataset and examined the slope beyond the marsh boundaries. With an accretion rate of 0.29cm/year and 0.5m of sea-level rise by 2100, Piermont Marsh would be mostly unchanged. With 1.5m of sea-level rise, 86% of Piermont Marsh would be flooded. For Iona Island Marsh with an accretion rate of 0.78cm/year, sea-level rise of 0.5m by 2100 would result in a 4% expansion while 1.5m sea-level rise would cause inundation of 17% of the marsh. The results indicate that Piermont and Iona Island Marsh may be able to survive rates of sea-level rise such as 0.5m by 2100 through vertical accretion. At rates of sea-level rise like 1.5m by 2100, vertical accretion cannot match sea-level rise, submerging parts of the marshes. High elevations and steep slopes limit Piermont and Iona Island Marsh's ability to migrate inland. Understanding the impacts of sea-level rise on Piermont and Iona Island Marsh allows for long-term planning and could motivate marsh conservation programs.

  10. Mogućnosti uporabe plazma terapije u stomatologiji : teoretske osnove i klinička primjena


    Pavelić, Bernard


    Plazma je djelomično ionizirani plin graĎen od iona, slobodnih elektrona, radikala, neutralnih i pobuĎenih atoma i molekula te ostalih čestica. Prema svojim karakteristikama smatra se četvrtim agregatnim stanjem. Nastaje dovoĎenjem energije u obliku topline, električne energije ili elektromagnetskog zračenja plinu ili smjesi plinova. Zbog povećanja energije dolazi do ubrzanog gibanja elektrona i ostalih čestica u plinu te njihovog meĎusobnog sudaranja, posljedično s pokretanjem različitih pro...

  11. Dynamics of Interorganizational Coordination. (United States)


    of covariance structures." Psychological Bulletin. 88:588-606. Berger , Peter L. and Thomas Luckmann 1966 The Social Construction of Reality. Garden...another that it can agree with and trust, 0 which in turn is the product of communications (Schelling, 196f; Scheff, 1967). But, as Berger and Luckmann ...solo dliod.,m *am Bpp"$) interorgani zat iona I Ret i tions, I nt erorgAn iz t ions 1 Coord inat ion theory is developed on the creation, growth, and

  12. Reconstitution of the Base Force of 1995: Plan or Placebo (United States)


    Reagan and Buuh thin proved to be a significant factor in breakig die maid’ of badlian oal iltay ui-epradareuh wiih 6s, bk*al soccuassM perfoanence of... Contingecy . Based ondtha perceptioun, many Pentagon Mtfe haw concerns that Conupes wil use, recoI "u"i uIo as a basis to soek addItIona cuts Inua di...lagou- Ibis documat look at vriou aspects of an Amay wrcomdilai state, two of which provide important u"clusifld guidm=eamon cadre pmrocuzt. Th firs

  13. Methods of Measuring Humidity and Testing Hygrometers (United States)


    of foods . lii inber. etc. Its basic sin ii l ici t V and1( psv(hrol meters, anld sii in t a leous, determiinat ions finiialnieiita 1 cal ibrat ion...a (121). At e the pumtir l pressure of water va pot’ as d- (’evatedl teiiileratitres or low relative humuidit ies, termined by tilie psychrometric ...depression are required for a (letermiination. Occasionally, in psychrometric (e) I)ry bull) thermometer reads I (leg F low; wet bull) thermometer work, i

  14. Philippine laws, regulations back policy to contain population growth. (United States)


    A recent compilation of population related decrees promulgated since martial law was declared in the Philippines in 1972 indicates that the government may be designing a legal framework encouraging voluntary limitation of family size. The list which was published in an appendix to the 1974-1977 Population Program, reveals that population influencing policies dealing with taxation, maternity benefits, incentive schemes and provision of family planning services by employers are already in effect. Since 1972 tax relief has been restricted to 4 dependents. Paid maternity leave is limited to the first 4 deliveries. Firms with over 300 employees are required to set up family planning clinics, and smaller firms must have infirmary personnel who are trained and certified in the provision of family planning services. Also, the Department of Labor is encouraging employers to develop incentive programs that will encourage workers to use effective family planning methods. The latest population plan also gives top priority to research, calls for targeting information to labor leaders, engaged couples, and out of school youth, and proposes disseminating population and family planning information through residential cooperatives and grass roots organizations. The aim of the current plan is to reduce the birthrate to 35.9 per 100 and the population growth rate to 2.47% by the end of the 4 year period. It is projected that by 1977 58% of the eligible population will be practicing contraception.

  15. Regional integration of developing countries. Interview with Amr Moussa, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (2001-2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E M Savicheva


    Full Text Available Amr Mussa is one of the most experienced diplomats with rich experience in international organizations. In 1958 Mr. Moussa joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, where he worked in several departments and Egyptian missions including Egypt’s UN mission (1985-1972. In 1974-1977 Amr Moussa was an Assistant and Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt. In 1977-1981 and 1986-1990 he held office of the Department of International Organizations as the Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt. In 1981-1983 Mr. Moussa was an Alternate Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations in New York. In 1983-1986 he worked as Ambassador to India. Amr Moussa worked as Permanent Representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United Nations in 1990-1991. In 1991-2001 he was a head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt. In 2001-2011 he worked as Secretary General of the League of Arab States. In his interview, Mr. Amr Moussa talks about the role of international organizations in the developing world, the peculiarities of regional political and economic integration of developing countries. Particular attention is paid to the problems of peacekeeping activities at the regional level.

  16. Seven-Year Summary of Fort Irwin, CA, Family Housing Comparison Test: Operation and Maintenance Costs of Manufactured vs. Conventionally Built Units (United States)


    V nits, I R 1187/I 0/ ADA IWO 8()IUSACILRL, 1987). ’ R.t)I N C dIh atM M C. [’our -Year Summnary ’]Fort Irwin, CA, Fainily vHousing Comparison lest...34s Con vent iona lly Built Units. IR P-89/1 4/AI)A209421 (t SAC’ERL. 1)8Q). RI.D Neathaiymrnr. Five- Year Sinmnar ’ v of’Fort Irwin, CA, Family Housing...Units Per Hour Deviation (%) CBU 15 13.0 1.06 15 12.1 1.70 MilU 12 10.9 2.67 14 9.7 1.60 There was a statistically significant difference between the

  17. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U02820-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available iona intestinalis cDNA, clone:rcilv33k04, 3' end... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807154 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 2_L_F09 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807152 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 2_L_B01 18S... ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807151 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 4_C_H09 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807150 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 4_C_H08 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807149 ) Uncultured soil... fungus clone 4_C_H05 18S ribosoma... 44 6.2 1 ( EU807148 ) Uncultured soil fungus clone 4_C_G11

  18. Dicty_cDB: Contig-U16029-1 [Dicty_cDB

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available iona intestinalis cDNA, clone:cinc004d03, 5' end... 60 4e-23 5 ( FK152735 ) XABT181889.b1 Gateway compatible...15, 5' end... 60 7e-20 4 ( FK109460 ) XABT155271.b1 Gateway compatible cien cDNA ...librar... 60 7e-20 4 ( FK220930 ) XABT224057.b1 Gateway compatible cien cDNA librar... 60 7e-20 4 ( BP012900... 60 8e-20 4 ( BW203935 ) Ciona intestinalis cDNA, clone:cicl086a18, 5' end... 60 8e-20 4 ( FF714123 ) XABT33581.fwd Gateway..., 5'end,... 60 8e-20 4 ( FK218295 ) XABT222406.b1 Gateway compatible cien cDNA librar... 60 8e-20 4 ( CX8592

  19. Experimental Studies of Radial Wave Thermoacoustic Engines. Navy Environmentally Safe Ships Program. (United States)


    Rascd i.n;o’l. nhe I, ~y~ ~xc~~n~a the 1 ~e.r fN~~s:’ S{ next to the stack, the initial cold heat exchanger design consisted of copper tubing to cool the...ion in tu,bes ,•ith .v..triAe rs.s on Lby in-t.:-u, , the changirg tube cross-sectionat area inai the wave ecuation; as in Webster’s horn equation (Fq...the engine, Arf Sr) the resonator cross-see:iona! area at r. Ap(r) the cross-sectional area of" a porn at r, V; >h :c .... ,Ar tk. resonator at r

  20. The increasing burden of imported chronic hepatitis B--United States, 1974-2008.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tarissa Mitchell

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Without intervention, up to 25% of individuals chronically infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV die of late complications, including cirrhosis and liver cancer. The United States, which in 1991 implemented a strategy to eliminate HBV transmission through universal immunization, is a country of low prevalence. Approximately 3,000-5,000 U.S.-acquired cases of chronic hepatitis B have occurred annually since 2001. Many more chronically infected persons migrate to the United States yearly from countries of higher prevalence. Although early identification of chronic HBV infection can reduce the likelihood of transmission and late complications, immigrants are not routinely screened for HBV infection during or after immigration. METHODS: To estimate the number of imported cases of chronic hepatitis B, we multiplied country-specific prevalence estimates by the yearly number of immigrants from each country during 1974-2008. RESULTS: During 1974-2008, 27.9 million immigrants entered the U.S. Sixty-three percent were born in countries of intermediate or high chronic hepatitis B prevalence (range 2%-31%. On average, an estimated 53,800 chronic hepatitis B cases were imported to the U.S. yearly from 2004 through 2008. The Philippines, China, and Vietnam contributed the most imported cases (13.4%, 12.5%, and 11.0%, respectively. Imported cases increased from an estimated low of 105,750 during the period 1974-1977 to a high of 268,800 in 2004-2008. CONCLUSIONS: Imported chronic hepatitis B cases account for approximately 95% of new U.S. cases. Earlier case identification and management of infected immigrants would strengthen the U.S. strategy to eliminate HBV transmission, and could delay disease progression and prevent some deaths among new Americans.

  1. Conceptual Model of the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Platform of Engure Ecoregion, Latvia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melecis Viesturs


    Full Text Available Rakstā apskatīti nacionālā pētījumu projekta rezultāti, kuru mērķis - izstrādāt Latvijas LT(SER (Ilgtermiņa socioekoloģisko pētījumu platformas - Engures ekoreģiona integrēto konceptuālo modeli. Engures ekoreģionu veido piekrastes ezera sateces baseins (644 km2 ar Rīgas līča krasta un jūras piekrastes zonu. Ekoreģiona centrālo daļu veido Engures ezera dabas parks (EEDP - Ramsāres vieta. Konceptuālā modeļa pamatā ir DPSIR (virzošie spēki-slodzes-stāvokļi-ietekmes-rīcības koncepcija. Socioekoloģiskā sistēma tika telpiski strukturēta un virzošie spēki iedalīti divās grupās - ārējos un lokālos. Engures ekoreģions sadalīts septiņās zonās vai apakšreģionos ar izteiktām ģeoloģiskām un ģeogrāfiskām robežām. Katrai zonai raksturīgi specifiski virzošie spēki un slodzes kā arī specifiska ekosistēmu struktūra un biodaudzveidības elementi. Analizēti katra apakšreģiona galvenie virzošie spēki un slodzes trijos laika periodos: 19. gs. - 20 gs. sākums, padomju okupācijas periods (1940.-1991. g., periods pēc Latvijas neatkarības atgūšanas. Sniegti ekosistēmu stāvokļa un biodaudzveidības raksturojumi. Socioekonomiskās sistēmas aktīvā komponenta - cilvēka rīcības veido galvenokārt ekoreģionam ārējie faktori, tai skaitā vides likumdošana un finansu plūsmas zinātniskajiem pētījumiem un ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanai. Apskatīti divi alternatīvi Engures ekoreģiona attīstības scenāriji: 1 iedzīvotāju skaita samazināšanās un lauksaimniecības zemju aizaugšana; 2 lauksaimniecības, vietējās ražošanas uzņēmumu un būvniecības intensifikācija. Abos gadījumos ekosistēmu pašreizējais stāvoklis un sugu daudzveidības struktūra tiktu būtiski izmainīti. Reģiona ilgtspējīgu attīstību, saglabājot cilvēkam vēlamo ekosistēmu struktūru, iespējams nodrošināt, vienīgi ieviešot ekosistēmu apsaimniekošanas pasākumus, kas bāzēti uz

  2. Multiproxy Analysis of Droughts, Landscape Changes, Sediment Dynamics, and Human Disturbances in Hudson River Marsh Peat, using Pollen, Spores, Macrofossils, LOI, and X- Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (United States)

    Sritrairat, S.; Kenna, T. C.; Peteet, D. M.; Pederson, D.


    Marsh peat is an excellent archive for local and regional paleoecological and paleoclimate studies because of high preservation and low disturbance. Under climatic and anthropogenic changes, sediment composition and sedimentation patterns can be altered. Using this principle, we have implemented the use of field portable X-Ray Fluoresecence Spectroscopy (Innov-X, USA) to rapidly quantify stratigraphic sediment elemental composition changes. We will discuss findings from two marshes of the lower Hudson Estuary, NY. More than 250 cm depth of Piermont Marsh sediment (41.00N, 73.91W) and 100 cm depth of Iona Island Marsh sediment (41.30N, 73.97W) were analyzed. Dry and homogenized samples were used to minimize errors from water absorption and heterogeneity. In combination with our pollen, spores, macrofossil, organic/inorganic content profiles, and radiometric dating (C-14, Cs-137, and Pb-210) at Piermont (Pederson et al., 2005) and Iona (Peteet et al., 2006), we found many emerging XRF proxies for droughts, landscape changes, inorganic matter content, sedimentation rate, pollution history, and human impacts. Both cores captured human disturbances after the European Settlement, when there are pronounced changes in plants composition, invasive species expansion, organic/inorganic content, and sediment dynamics. At the longer time scale, where Pederson et al.(2005) identify Medieval Warming mega-droughts at Piermont, we found zinc, titanium, and potassium to be useful. The results suggest, 1) Many metal pollutants, such as lead, copper, and zinc, can be quantified quickly with these methods, 2) The profiles of these pollutants agree with the Ambrosia rise and radiometric dating, so the peaks can be rapidly identified and used as an additional time marker, 3) Zinc concentrations prior to the Industrial Revolution vary to a greater degree than the anthropogenic signal. The trend is closely related to the trend of charcoal and moisture-sensitive vegetation, which is linked

  3. Compensatory lengthening in the Spanish of Havana, Cuba: Acoustic analyses of word-internal, post-nuclear /l/ and /r/ (United States)

    Carlson, Kristin M.

    Given the geographic, demographic, and historical importance of Cuba vis-a-vis the dissemination of language and culture throughout the Hispanic Caribbean, one would naturally anticipate a larger corpus of scientifically-noteworthy linguistic publications on Cuban Spanish, which is far from the actual case. Moreover, the gemination of an onset positionally subsequent to the deletion of a syllable-final liquid (generally termed liquid gemination in the literature) has been repeatedly claimed yet remarkably unsubstantiated as a pervasive characteristic of Cuban Spanish, particularly of the western dialect region (cf. Alfaraz (2000, 2007, 2008), Casanellas and Alamo (1985), Choy Lopez (1985, 1988, 1989), Costa Sanchez (1987), Darias Concepcion (2001, 2005), Dohotaru (2002, 2007), Figueroa Esteva and Dohotaru (1994), Garcia Perez (2006), Garcia Riveron (1991), Haden and Matluck (1973, 1974, 1977), Isbǎsescu (1965, 1968), Lamb (1968), Levina (1970), Montero Bernal (1990, 2002, 2007a, b), Ringer Uber (1986), Ruiz Hernandez (1978), Sosa (1974), Terrell (1976), Trista and Valdes (1978), Valdes Acosta (1980), and Vera Riveron (2000)). As a result, in the interest of supplementing all antecedent work concerning the allophony of final liquids as well as affording a more descriptively-precise account of the allophony of word-internal, post-nuclear /l/ and /[Special character omitted]/ in Cuban Spanish in addition to expressly addressing the need for empirical data-collection and analysis processes, the present investigation was specifically designed and implemented to acoustically investigate the phenomenon of gemination as it is purported to occur in the Spanish of the region of Havana, Cuba: more specifically, (1) to acoustically examine the qualitative and quantitative patternings of post-nuclear /l/ and /[Special character omitted]/ within the word; and (2) to statistically evaluate the relationship between gemination and eight independent variables: gender, age group

  4. Obituary: Lyman Francis Kells, 1917-2004 (United States)

    Hockey, Thomas


    Lyman Francis Kells was born in Seattle, Washington, on 19 May 1917. He earned a 1938 BS in Chemistry from the University of Washington. He received a PhD. in 1944, also from the University of Washington. Kells held research positions at the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation of New York, New York, from 1944 through 1946; the Standard Oil Development Company of New Jersey, from 1946 through 1948; and Allied Chemical Corporation of Morristown, New Jersey, from 1951 through 1961. His wartime work involved the separation of Uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion, based on a method developed in part by Harold Urey. Kells was on the faculty of Hunter College 1948-1949, an Assistant Professor at Iona College 1949-1951, a Special Lecturer at Newark College of Engineering in 1961, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at East Tennessee State University 1962-1964, and a Professor of Chemistry at Westmar College 1964-1974. He died on 4 November 2004 in Seattle, Washington. Kells was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the New York Academy of Science, as well as this Society. He was a Unitarian. Kells is survived by his daughters Leila Stefani Newcomb and Christina V. Cohen.

  5. Thermal and energy evaluation of a novel polymer-ceramic composite as insulation for a household refrigerator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Manuel Belman-Flores


    Full Text Available Este artículo presenta un estudio de viabilidad de un nuevo mat erial compuesto polímero-cerámico aplicado como aislante térmic o sobre una superficie de un refrigerador doméstico de pequeña capacida d volumétrica. Este trabajo describe de manera sucinta su manuf actura así como la comparación energética y térmica entre el refrigerador de referencia (cuando sale de fábrica y el refrigerador con el composite instalado. Experimentalmente, c uando se usa el composite la tem peratura interna promedio del frigobar incrementa alrededor de 1°C, que para propósitos prácticos y de diseño, el refrigerador aún func iona por debajo de los 3°C. Además, para condiciones de operaci ón estables, la energía consumida usando el composite ahorra aproximadamente 1.5% en comparación con el refrigerador de referencia. A pesar de este ligero ahorro, la perlita pyro-expandida actúa como material ai slante. Este material puede exhibir mejor facilidad de uso y be neficios térmicos, energéticos y económic os, sin omitir las característi cas ambientales a su favor.

  6. Nākotnes perspektīvas suverēnās labklājības fondu darbībā Persijas Līča Sadarbības padomes reģionā


    Broka, Sintija


    Mana bakalaura darba tēma ir „Nākotnes perspektīvas suverēnās labklājības fondu darbībā Persijas Līča Sadarbības Padomes reģionā”. Mērķis ir izpētīt, suverēnās labklājības fondu attīstību nākotnē. Uzdevumi - starptautiskās finanšu sistēmas raksturojums, reģiona un turētājvalstu ekonomisko rādītāju, dokumentācijas un informācijas avotu analīze. Pētījums - trīs suverēnās labklājības fondu rādītāju analīze, stratēģiju noteikšana, darbības apjoma pieauguma radītāju analīze un secinājumu veidošan...

  7. Hymns across the water … translated and relocated: The reception of Scottish hymns in translation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elsabé Kloppers


    Full Text Available In this article a broad overview of the reception of Scottish hymnody in translation is given. Considering the pivotal role the metrical Psalms used to play in the Scottish churches, they are considered first. Only one metrical Psalm made it to be translated widely and to be included in hymnals over the world. It is the metrical setting of Psalm 23, The Lord’s my Shepherd, paired to the tune of Scottish origin, CRIMOND. It is argued that the metrical psalm owes much of its popularity to the tune. A hymn with a text from the Scottish Paraphrases, paired to a Scottish tune, DUNDEE, and for long the only hymn in the Afrikaans churches with a Scottish connection, is discussed with regard to its reception in these churches. It serves as an example of how a hymn could be translated and relocated and function in a new context. In an overview of Scottish hymns translated and included in the newest hymnals in other countries, such as the Netherlands and Norway, it is shown that primarily hymns and songs of the Iona Community are translated and included in the newest hymnals, with John Lamberton Bell being the main exponent as text, hymn and song writer.

  8. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danker H. Schaareman


    Full Text Available - H.J.M. Claessen, Jan van Bremen, Symposion. Tijdschrift voor Maatschappijwetenschap. Onder redactie van Jan van Bremen, Cees Cruson, Helle Snel, Jojada Verrips, Willem Wolters en Ton Zwaan. Uitgave: Stichting voor Maatschappijwetenschappelijk Onderzoek., Cees Cruson, Helle Snel (eds. - H.J.M. Claessen, Neil Lifuka, Logs in the current of the sea. Neil Lifuka’s story of Kioa and the Vaitupu colonists. Edited and introduced by Klaus-Friedrich Koch. With a foreword by Professor H.E. Maude. Cambridge, Mass.: Langdon Associates Press. 1978. - H.J.M. Claessen, R.R. Nayacakalou, Leadership in Fiji. 1975. Melbourne etc.: Oxford University Press. 170 pp. Appendices, tables, notes. - H.J.M. Claessen, Michael W. Young, The ethnography of Malinowski; The Trobriand Islands 1915-1918. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1979. Bibliography, Index, illustrations. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, G.B. Milner, Natural symbols in South East Asia. School of Oriental and African Studies, London 1978. 181 p., 13 plates. - P. Kloos, G.N. Appell, Ethical dilemmas in anthropological inquiry: A case book, Waltham (Mass., Crossroads Press, 1978, xii + 291 pp. - David S. Moyer, M.B. Hooker, A concise legal history of South-East Asia. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1978. 289 pp. - J.G. Oosten, Henri J.M. Claessen, The early state. Mouton Publishers. The Hague, The Netherlands 1978. XII + 690 pages., P. Skalník (eds. - J.G. Oosten, Jean Poirier, Ethnologie Régionale 2. Asie-Amérique-Mascareignes. Sous la direction de Jean Poirier. Encyclopédie de la Pleiade. Gallimard, Paris 1978. - J.G. Oosten, A. de Ruyter, Een speurtocht naar het denken. Een inleiding tot het structuralisme van Claude Lévi Strauss. Van Gorcum & Comp. N.V., Assen 1979. Serie: Terreinverkenningen in de Culturele Anthropologie, nr. 16. - Anton Ploeg, Raymond C. Kelly, Etoro Social Structure. A study in structural contradiction. Foreword by Marshall Sahlins. The University of Michigan Press. Ann Arbor, 1974, 1977

  9. Influence of Anthropogenic Nutrient Additions on Greenhouse Gas Production Rates at Water-soil Interfaces in an Urban Dominated Estuary (United States)

    Brigham, B. A.; O'Mullan, G. D.; Bird, J. A.


    The tidal Hudson River Estuary (HRE) receives significant inputs of readily dissolvable carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) from incomplete wastewater treatment and sewer overflow during storm events associated with NYC and other urban centers. Nutrient deposition may alter C utilization in the estuarine water column, associated sediments and surrounding wetlands. In these anaerobic systems, we hypothesize that microbial activity is limited by the availability of easily-degradable C (not electron acceptors), which acts as a co-metabolite and provides energy for organic matter decomposition. Sporadic transport of highly C enriched storm derived runoff may substantially enhance greenhouse gas (GHG) production rates through the utilization of stored C pools. To test our hypothesis carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) process rates (1) were evaluated from soil cores removed from three distinct HRE wetland sites (Saw Mill Creek, Piermont, and Iona Island Marsh(s)) across a salinity gradient and incubated under varying nutrient treatments. Further, CO2 and CH4 surface water effluxes (2) were quantified from multiple river cruises spanning two years at varying distance from nutrient sources associated with NYC. Incubation experiments from wetland soil core experiments demonstrated that readily degradable C but not inorganic N additions stimulated GHG production (200 - 350 ug C g-1 of dry soil day-1) threefold compared to negative controls. The HRE was found to be both a CO2 and CH4 source under all conditions. The greatest GHG efflux (300 - 3000 nmoles C m-2 day-1) was quantified in mid-channel, tributary, and near shore sites in close proximity to NYC which following precipitation events demonstrated 2-20X increased GHG efflux. These results demonstrate that anthropogenic C additions associated with dense urban centers have the potential to enhance anaerobic microbial degradation of organic matter and subsequent GHG production.

  10. Sediment redox tracers in Strait of Georgia sediments--can they inform us of the loadings of organic carbon from municipal wastewater? (United States)

    Macdonald, R W; Johannessen, S C; Gobeil, C; Wright, C; Burd, B; van Roodselaar, A; Pedersen, T F


    Organic carbon composition and redox element (Mn, Cd, U, Re, Mo, SigmaS, AVS) distributions are examined in seven 210Pb-dated box cores collected from the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia to evaluate the potential for redox elements to reveal impacts of anthropogenic loadings of labile organic carbon to sediments. In particular, the cores have been collected widely including regions far from local anthropogenic inputs and from locations within the zone of influence of two municipal outfalls where sediments are exposed to enhanced organic loadings from outfalls. We find a wide natural range in organic carbon forcing within the basin sediments generally reflected as Mn enrichments near the surface in cores exhibiting slow organic oxidation and sulphide, Cd, Mo, U and Re enrichments in cores exhibiting higher organic oxidation rates. Concentration profiles for redox elements or organic carbon are misleading by themselves, as they are influenced strongly by sediment porosity and sedimentation rate, and the organic matter remaining in sediment cores is predominantly recalcitrant. Fluxes of redox elements together with rates of organic metabolism estimated from sedimentation rates provide a better picture of the organic forcing. One core, GVRD-3, collected within the zone of influence of the Iona municipal outfall (0.5 km away), exhibits the highest organic carbon oxidation rates, enhanced Ag fluxes in the sediment surface mixed layer and altered delta15N composition, all of which implicate outfall particulates. Cd is also elevated in the GVRD-3 surface sediments, but evidence points to contamination and not redox forcing supporting this observation. Uranium also shows enrichment at sites near the outfalls, possibly in response to enhanced microbial metabolism. Predominantly these cores exhibit a wide natural range of organic carbon fluxes and organic carbon oxidation rates, supported by fluxes of marine and terrigenous organic carbon, within which it is difficult to


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitrios K. STAMATIADIS


    Full Text Available This article is dedicated to the one of the most important questions of the International Commercial Law. As a rule, it is widely accepted that the principle of party autonomy has been adopted, in respect of contractual obligations, by practically all national legislations in their provisions for private international law. At the same time, the Principles are silent regarding the option to choose trade usages as lex causae of the contract, and understandably so, since, from a systematic viewpoint, they cannot form a comprehensive set of rules capable of resolving basic issues of contractual obligations. Author believes that the Principles do not add any significant new features to the legal systems that have already developed and adopted the principle of party autonomy, with the exception of the possible application of non-national law before state courts. As a result, there have been formulated several useful conclusions which can be used in the science of the International Commercial Law.PRINCIPIILE DE LA HAGA PRIVIND ALEGEREA LEGILOR ÎN CONTRACTELE COMERCIALE INTERNAŢIONALEAcest articol este consacrat unor dintre cele mai importante probleme ce fac parte din dreptul internaţional comercial. De regulă, principiul autonomiei părţilor în contract este recunoscut ca unul fundamental în dreptul inter­naţional. Totodată, principiile păstrează tăcerea în ceea ce ţine de opţiunea de a alege uzanţele lex causae ale contrac­tului; prin urmare, ele nu pot fi privite ca reguli comprehensive şi susceptibile de a soluţiona problemele principale ale obligaţiilor contractuale. Autorul este de părere că principiile nu conţin nimic nou pentru legislaţiile naţionale în vigoare, deoarece nu au dezvoltat şi nu au adoptat ceva necunoscut pentru principiul autonomiei care este prevăzut în toate legislaţiile, cu excepţia unei posibile aplicări a legii supra-naţionale în instanţele naţionale de judecată. Prin urmare, au fost

  12. GUEST EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Guest Editors' introduction (United States)

    Guerraoui, Rachid; Vinoski, Steve


    be layered over both Object Services and the ORB. The OMG creates specifications, not code, but the interfaces it standardizes are always derived from demonstrated technology submitted by member companies. The specified interfaces are written in a neutral Interface Definition Language (IDL) that defines contractual interfaces with potential clients. Interfaces written in IDL can be translated to a number of programming languages via OMG standard language mappings so that they can be used to develop components. The resulting components can transparently communicate with other components written in different languages and running on different operating systems and machine types. The ORB is responsible for providing the illusion of `virtual homogeneity' regardless of the programming languages, tools, operating systems and networks used to realize and support these components. With the adoption of the CORBA 2.0 specification in 1995, these components are able to interoperate across multi-vendor CORBA-based products. More than 700 member companies have joined the OMG, including Hewlett-Packard, Digital, Siemens, IONA Technologies, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and IBM, which makes it the largest standards body in existence. These companies continue to work together within the OMG to refine and enhance the OMA and its components. This special issue of Distributed Systems Engineering publishes five papers that were originally presented at the `Distributed Object-Based Platforms' track of the 30th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), which was held in Wailea on Maui on 6 - 10 January 1997. The papers, which were selected based on their quality and the range of topics they cover, address different aspects of CORBA, including advanced aspects such as fault tolerance and transactions. These papers discuss the use of CORBA and evaluate CORBA-based development for different types of distributed object systems and architectures. The first paper, by S


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Igor CIOBANU


    Full Text Available Acest articol vine în calitate de replică la opiniile adepţilor acauzalităţii inacţiunii. Prin urmare, este combătută afir-maţia celor din urmă, legată de suficienţa neîndeplinirii obligaţiunii obiective de a acţiona pentru fundamentarea răspun-derii penale pentru inacţiune. Argumentarea acauzalităţii inacţiunii nu se poate, în genere, baza pe trimiterile la temeiul răspunderii penale. Este demonstrat faptul că legătura cauzală este un semn obligatoriu al laturii obiective a oricărei componenţe materiale de infracţiune. Negarea caracterului cauzator al inacţiunii de către aceiaşi adepţi ai acauzalităţii inacţiunii este uşor combătută prin teoria deosebirii categoriei cauzalităţii, a construcţiei teoretice a legăturii cauzale şi a mecanismului cauzării empirice. De menţionat că terminologia utilizată în prezentul articol este aplicată pentru prima dată în domeniul determinismu-lui cauzalităţii (cum ar fi noţiunile generale ale teoriilor şi termenii acestora. În aceeaşi ordine de idei, în cadrul studiu-lui de faţă se face o abatere de la regulă, şi anume: sunt delimitate, în calitate de obiecte de sine stătătoare de studiu, categoria cauzalităţii şi diferitele noţiuni propuse legăturii cauzale (precum: construcţia teoretică şi mecanismul cauzării empirice.STRENGTHENING THE CAUSATIVE NATURE OF THE INACTION THROUGH THE APPLICATION OF THE THEORY WITH REGARD TO THE CAUSALITY CATEGORY DISTINCTION, THE THEORETICAL CONSTRUCTION OF THE CAUSAL LINK AND THE MECHANISM OF EMPIRICAL CAUSATIONThis article comes as a response to the opinions of the followers of acausality of inaction. It is therefore refuted their allegation that the failure to fulfill the objective obligation to act is sufficient to enable the penal liability for inaction. Pleading for the acausality of inaction can’t be done, in general, whilst also making references to the basis of penal liability. It is shown that

  14. COPD and its association with smoking in the Mainland China: a cross-sectional analysis of 0.5 million men and women from ten diverse areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kurmi OP


    Full Text Available Om P Kurmi,1 Liming Li,2,3 Jenny Wang,1 Iona Y Millwood,1 Junshi Chen,4 Rory Collins,1 Yu Guo,2 Zheng Bian,2 Jiangtao Li,5 Biyun Chen,6 Kaixu Xie,7 Weifan Jia,8 Yali Gao,9 Richard Peto,1 Zhengming Chen1 On behalf of the China Kadoorie Biobank Collaborative Group 1Nuffield Department of Population Health, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK; 2Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Peking University, 3Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Dong Cheng District, 4China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Beijing, 5NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Huixian CDC, Huixian, Henan, 6NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Hunan CDC, Changsha, 7NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Tongxiang CDC, Zhejiang, 8NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Liuyang CDC, Baiyikengdao, Liuyang, Changsha, Hunan, 9NCDs Prevention and Control Department, Sichuan CDC, Sichuan, Mainland China Purpose: In adult Chinese men, smoking prevalence is high, but little is known about its association with chronic respiratory disease, which is still poorly diagnosed and managed. Methods: A nationwide study recruited 0.5 million men and women aged 30–79 years during 2004–2008 from ten geographically diverse areas across the Mainland China. Information was collected from each participant regarding smoking and self-reported physician diagnosis of chronic bronchitis/emphysema (CB/E, along with measurement of lung function indices. Logistic regression was used to yield sex-specific odds ratios (ORs relating smoking to airflow obstruction (AFO, defined as forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1/forced vital capacity (FVC <0.7 and CB/E, adjusting for age, areas, education, and income. Results: Overall 74% of men were ever regular smokers; among them, 7.2% had AFO compared with 5.4% in never-smokers, yielding an OR of 1.42 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.34–1

  15. SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management - Project objectives, structure and components (United States)

    Maudire, G.; Maillard, C.; Fichaut, M.; Manzella, G.; Schaap, D. M. A.


    SeaDataNet : Pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management Project objectives, structure and components G. Maudire (1), C. Maillard (1), G. Manzella (2), M. Fichaut (1), D.M.A. Schaap (3), E. Iona (4) and the SeaDataNet consortium. (1) IFREMER, Brest, France (, (2) ENEA, La Spezia, Italy, (3) Mariene Informatie Service 'MARIS', Voorburg, The Netherlands, (4) Hellenic Centre for Marine Research-HCMR, Anavyssos, Greece. Since a large part of the earth population lives near the oceans or carries on activities directly or indirectly linked to the seas (fishery and aquaculture, exploitation of sea bottom resources, international shipping, tourism), knowledge of oceans is of primary importance for security and economy. However, observation and monitoring of the oceans remains difficult and expensive even if real improvements have been achieved using research vessels and submersibles, satellites and automatic observatories like buoys, floats and seafloor observatories transmitting directly to the shore using global transmission systems. More than 600 governmental or private organizations are active in observation of seas bordering Europe, but European oceanographic data are fragmented, not always validated and not always easily accessible. That highlights the need of international collaboration to tend toward a comprehensive view of ocean mechanisms, resources and changes. SeaDataNet is an Integrated research Infrastructure Initiative (I3) in European Union Framework Program 6 (2006 - 2011) to provide the data management system adapted both to the fragmented observation systems and to the users need for an integrated access to data, meta-data, products and services. Its major objectives are to: - encourage long-term archiving at national level to secure ocean data taking into account that all the observations made in the variable oceanic environment can never be remade if they are lost; - promote best practices for data


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorina GUREV


    Full Text Available Dreptul la libertate, de rând cu celelalte drepturi fundamentale ale persoanei, este protejat atât de actele internaţionale, cât şi de cele naţionale. Pentru apărarea dreptului persoanelor la libertate, legiuitorul autohton incriminează distinct faptele de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi de răpire a unei persoane. Menţionăm că dreptul la libertate reprezintă posibilitatea persoanei de a se deplasa şi de a acţiona după propria sa voinţă şi dorinţă, ceea ce reprezintă o condiţie esenţială în raport cu activitatea sa şi cu relaţiile sale în societate. Analiza prevederilor legislaţiei penale a diferitelor state a permis identificarea unor divergenţe în dispoziţiile referitoare la infracţiunea de privaţiune ilegală de libertate şi la cea de răpire a unei persoane. În acest sens putem preciza că în legislaţia Republicii Moldova, a SUA (majoritatea statelor, a Federaţiei Ruse, a Bielorusiei, Azerbadjanului etc. privaţiunea ilegală de libertate şi răpirea unei persoane sunt două fapte distincte. Dimpotrivă, în Codul penal al României, în redacţia din 1968 (abrogat, răpirea persoanei era prevăzută ca circumstanţă agravantă a infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, iar în contextul Codului penal al României în redacţia din 2009 (în vigoare răpirea unei persoane se contopeşte în textura elementului material al infracţiunii de lipsire de libertate în mod ilegal, asemeni legislaţiei penale a Franţei, Elveţiei, Ucrainei etc. În vederea receptării celor mai optime soluţii legislative privind incriminarea numitelor fapte, ne propunem să analizăm variile modele consacrate în materie în legislaţia altor state.COMPARATIVE LAW ASPECTS ON ILLEGAL DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY AND KIDNAPPING The right to liberty along with other human rights is protected by national and international acts. In order to protect the right to liberty Moldovan legislator incriminates separately


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurenţiu ŞOITU


    Full Text Available Schimbările majore privind rolurile familiei în societatea actuală determină nevoia, din ce în ce mai stringentă, de educaţie şi autoeducaţie a părinţilor pentru exercitarea rolului parental. Autorii pornesc de la ipoteza că învăţarea transformativă – sintagmă datorată lui Mezirow – poate explica, într-o mare măsură, alegerile părintelui în acţiunile de parenting, prin procesul de reflecţie critică care presupune descoperirea şi depăşirea limitelor pe care individul le are în gândire şi în modul de a acţiona. Verificarea ipotezei se va realiza printr-un studiu, care constă în intervievarea a 15 fa­milii, fiecare cu trei generaţii de părinţi în interiorul ei (G1 – bunicii, G2 – părinţii, G3 – copiii care au un copil la rândul lor, însumând astfel 45 de participanţi. Scopul a fost o mai bună înţelegere a învăţării transformative prin identificarea factorilor care îi sprijină pe părinţi în renunţarea la comportamentele considerate disfuncţionale în relaţia cu copilul. Instrumentul care a stat la baza cercetării a fost un interviu de tip narativ prin care părinţii au relatat diferenţe şi asemă­nări în stilul de parenting raportându-se la propriii părinţi, strategii care i-au ajutat în depăşirea obstacolelor pentru înde­plinirea cu succes a rolului parental şi au evaluat impactul experimentării violenţei în familie în devenirea lor ca părinţi. Rezultatele arată că printre factorii care i-au determinat pe părinţi să aibă o gândire transformativă regăsim: suportul social (dialogul cu partenerul romantic, dialogul cu alte persoane – rude, familie, specialişti, reflecţia critică asupra experienţelor personale, contextul, nivelul de educaţie şi motivaţia părintelui.FACTORS THAT SUPPORT INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING AMONG PARENTSThe major changes regarding the roles of family in the current society determine the more and more

  18. Safety issues in cultural heritage management and critical infrastructures management (United States)

    Soldovieri, Francesco; Masini, Nicola; Alvarez de Buergo, Monica; Dumoulin, Jean


    ížková (2013) present two methods as peeling tests, also known as the 'Scotch tape' method, and surface water uptake measurements, using a digitized micro-tube for assessing material characteristics and consolidation effects on historic stone and mortar. Both methods are reviewed by pointing out both the advantages and the drawbacks. Solimene et al (2013) present a novel data processing technique based on the inverse electromagnetic scattering for small and weak target detection and localization. They start from the idea of applying a two-stage MUSIC algorithm. In the first stage strong scatterers are detected. Then, information concerning their number and location is employed to detect and localize the weak scatterers. The role of an adequate scattering model is emphasized to drastically improve detection performance in realistic scenarios. Kadioglu et al (2013) deal with the exploitation of ground penetrating radar, enhanced by advanced data processing based on microwave tomography, for the detection and the assessment of structural damage affecting foundation healthiness, of significant relevance for safety management in cultural heritage. An interesting case of the effectiveness of the joint procedure is shown by processing measurements collected during a survey at the Great Mosque of Ilyas Bey, one of the most important cultural heritage features from ancient Miletos-Iona in Soke Aydin, Turkey. Finally, Nordebo et al (2013) provide an interesting analysis of the optimal accuracy and resolution in electrical impedance tomography (EIT), based on the Cramer-Rao lower bound. This study is very important in the set up and analysis of the regularization strategies for the linearized problem at hand. References Battaglini R, Raco B and Scozzari A 2013 Effective monitoring of landfills: flux measurements and thermography enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact J. Geophys. Eng. 10 064002 Cascini L, Peduto D, Reale D, Arena L, Ferlisi S, Verde S and Fornaro G 2013