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  1. Tribute to the legend Mr. Veterinary Public Health, Professor James ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The author was also destined during his Sabbatical Leave to have an interactive interview session with Prof James Steele after attending the 20th Annual James Steele lecture/ 99th birthday Dinner of Professor James Steele 4th and 6th April 2012 at the Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas, USA. The interview ...

  2. Mineral of the month: potash (United States)

    Searls, James P.


    In 1807, Sir Humphrey Davy discovered a metal during the electrolysis of potassium hydroxide; he named the metal potassium because it came from potash recovered from wood ashes. The four types of potash are the water-soluble compounds potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium-magnesium sulfate and potassium nitrate. The early uses of potash were in glass and soap manufacturing, as a diuretic, and another form was used in gunpowder.

  3. Mineral resource of the month: potash (United States)

    Jasinski, Stephen M.


    The article offers basic information about the mineral resource potash. According to the author, potash is the generic term for a variety of mined and manufactured salts that contain the mineral potassium in a water-soluble form. The author adds that potash is used in fertilizers, soaps and detergents, glass and ceramics, and alkaline batteries.

  4. Assessment of Combustion and Potash Production as Options for ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study assessed combustion and potash production as options for management of wood waste. The percentage reduction in volume by combustion and potash generation potential of wood waste from nine different common species of wood obtained from a wood factory in Ibadan were evaluated. Potash from the ashes ...

  5. The Pennsylvania Anatomy Act of 1883: Weighing the Roles of Professor William Smith Forbes and Senator William James McKnight. (United States)

    Wright, James R


    Effective Anatomical Acts transformed medical education and curtailed grave-robbing. William S. Forbes, Demonstrator of Anatomy at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, authored the Pennsylvania Anatomy Act of 1867, but it was ineffective. In December of 1882, Forbes and accomplices were charged with grave-robbing. Forbes was acquitted in early 1883, but his accomplices were all convicted; nevertheless, these events precipitated a strengthened Anatomy Act in 1883. Forbes was crowned the Father of the Pennsylvania Anatomy Act and was revered by the Philadelphia medical community for his personal sacrifices for medical education; they even paid his legal fees. Over the remainder of his life, Forbes received many honors. However, there was a second major player, rural doctor William J. McKnight, a convicted grave-robber and State Senator. The evidence shows that Forbes precipitated the crisis, which was a racial powder keg, and then primarily focused on his trial, while McKnight, creatively working behind the scenes in collaboration with Jefferson, Anatomy Professor William H. Pancoast, used the crisis to draft and pass transformative legislation enabling anatomical dissection at Pennsylvania medical schools. While not minimizing Forbes suffering throughout these events, McKnight should be appropriately recognized for his initiative and contributions, which far exceeded those of Forbes. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  6. Concentrations and health effects of potash dust. (United States)

    Markham, J W; Tan, L K


    In an investigation of the relationship between atmospheric dust levels and worker health, the respiratory dust exposures of employees at two Saskatchewan potash mines were examined following atmospheric measurements. Some, notably those of the mining crew and the screening operators, were above the Threshold Limit Value 8-hour Time Weighted Average (TLV-TWA) for total nuisance particulates specified by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Respiratory symptoms were recorded and forced expiratory lung function tests were done among 850 volunteers drawn from an eligible work force of 931. The results were compared between low and higher exposure groups after allowing for personal factors such as age and smoking habits. Symptoms of Grade I chronic phlegm production and mild shortness of breath and chronic cough were more common in the higher exposure groups, but episodes of chest illness were not. Severe respiratory symptoms were rare. There were no statistically significant differences in the proportions performing lung function tests below predicted values.

  7. Point locations and characteristics of evaporite-related potash deposits (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This spatial database of evaporite-related potash deposits and occurrences provides location and descriptive information for 981 deposits and occurrences that are...

  8. James Gillies

    CERN Multimedia


    "Physicist James gillies is chief of communications at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research). Based in the Jura foothills, just outside Geneva, Gillies is part of a teamt hat will fire up CERN's Large Hadron Collierd (LHC) - the most complicated piece of scientific equipment ever built." (1/2 page)

  9. A Conversation with James Hannan


    Gilliland, Dennis; Ramamoorthi, R.V.


    Jim Hannan is a professor who has lived an interesting life and one whose fundamental research in repeated games was not fully appreciated until late in his career. During his service as a meteorologist in the Army in World War II, Jim played poker and made weather forecasts. It is curious that his later research included strategies for repeated play that apply to selecting the best forecaster. ¶ James Hannan was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts on September 14, 1922. He attended St. Jero...

  10. Effect of potash on renal profile of albino wistar rats | Ebadan ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ) from that of the control. Our findings therefore, suggest that potash may have dosage dependent nephrotoxic and weight reduction potentials and by implication, may induce growth retardation. This indicates therefore, that potash is toxic to ...

  11. Effects of Mixed Alkaline Earth Oxides in Potash Silicate Glass ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The aim of this work is to investigate the effects of mixed alkaline earth oxide in potash silicate glasses with regards to their physical properties. More recently; there has been an increase in the demand for light weight glasses which retains their physical and chemical properties for both domestic and industrial applications.

  12. Comparative effects of Potash Sodium Chloride (PSC) mixture and ...

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    Honey (Mellifica sp) is produced by Apis mellifera africana, widely consumed without prescription or restriction, and has been shown to possess wound healing and antitusive properties. Comparative study of the effects of honey paste and Potash Sodium Chloride (PSC) mixture on the healing of incisional wound on albino ...

  13. 77 FR 71814 - Oil, Gas, and Potash Leasing and Development Within the Designated Potash Area of Eddy and Lea... (United States)


    ...). (2) Development Areas. (a) When processing an application for permit to drill (APD) an oil or gas... extract the oil and gas resources consistent with the requirements of this Order and all applicable laws... managing the impact on potash resources; (ii) The application of available oil and gas drilling and...

  14. Effects of potash mining on river ecosystems: An experimental study. (United States)

    Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel; Brucet, Sandra; Carrasco, Sergi; Flor-Arnau, Núria; Ordeix, Marc; Ponsá, Sergio; Coring, Eckhard


    In spite of being a widespread activity causing the salinization of rivers worldwide, the impact of potash mining on river ecosystems is poorly understood. Here we used a mesocosm approach to test the effects of a salt effluent coming from a potash mine on algal and aquatic invertebrate communities at different concentrations and release modes (i.e. press versus pulse releases). Algal biomass was higher in salt treatments than in control (i.e. river water), with an increase in salt-tolerant diatom species. Salt addition had an effect on invertebrate community composition that was mainly related with changes in the abundance of certain taxa. Short (i.e. 48 h long) salt pulses had no significant effect on the algal and invertebrate communities. The biotic indices showed a weak response to treatment, with only the treatment with the highest salt concentration causing a consistent (i.e. according to all indices) reduction in the ecological quality of the streams and only by the end of the study. Overall, the treatment's effects were time-dependent, being more clear by the end of the study. Our results suggest that potash mining has the potential to significantly alter biological communities of surrounding rivers and streams, and that specific biotic indices to detect salt pollution should be developed. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. Potash: a global overview of evaporate-related potash resources, including spatial databases of deposits, occurrences, and permissive tracts: Chapter S in Global mineral resource assessment (United States)

    Orris, Greta J.; Cocker, Mark D.; Dunlap, Pamela; Wynn, Jeff C.; Spanski, Gregory T.; Briggs, Deborah A.; Gass, Leila; Bliss, James D.; Bolm, Karen S.; Yang, Chao; Lipin, Bruce R.; Ludington, Stephen; Miller, Robert J.; Słowakiewicz, Mirosław


    Potash is mined worldwide to provide potassium, an essential nutrient for food crops. Evaporite-hosted potash deposits are the largest source of salts that contain potassium in water-soluble form, including potassium chloride, potassium-magnesium chloride, potassium sulfate, and potassium nitrate. Thick sections of evaporitic salt that form laterally continuous strata in sedimentary evaporite basins are the most common host for stratabound and halokinetic potash-bearing salt deposits. Potash-bearing basins may host tens of millions to more than 100 billion metric tons of potassium oxide (K2O). Examples of these deposits include those in the Elk Point Basin in Canada, the Pripyat Basin in Belarus, the Solikamsk Basin in Russia, and the Zechstein Basin in Germany.

  16. Extraction of caustic potash from spent tea for biodiesel Production (United States)

    Sulaiman, Sarina; Faiz Che Fisol, Ahmad; Sharikh, Atikah Mohamed; Noraini Jimat, Dzun; Jamal, Parveen


    Biodiesel is an alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels due to its low gas emission and economical value. This study aims to extract caustic potash (KOH) from spent tea and to optimize the transesterfication process based on parameters such as amount of catalyst, reaction temperature and methanol to oil ratio. The spent tea was first dried at 60°C prior to calcination at 600°C for two hours. Caustic Potash were extracted from the calcined spent tea. The transesterification process was done based on Design of Experiments (DOE) to study the effects of amount of catalyst ranging from 0.5 wt % to 2.5 wt %, reaction temperature from 55°C to 65°C and methanol to oil ratio from 6:1 to 12:1 at a constant agitation rate of 300 rpm for three hours. The calcined spent tea produced was recorded the highest at 54.3 wt % and the extracted catalyst was 2.4 wt %. The optimized biodiesel yield recorded was 56.95% at the optimal conditions of 2.5 wt % amount of catalyst, 65°C reaction temperature and 9:1 methanol to oil ratio.

  17. Some approaches to improve the ventilation system in underground potash mines


    Bascompta Massanes, Marc


    Mine ventilation is a crucial factor for the sake of underground operations. Not only does it affect efficiency and effectiveness rates, but it also influence the health and safety of the employees. Despite it is a topic thoroughly analysed, every mine has its particularities and there is not much specific information concerning potash mines currently. This thesis investigates the main characteristics of the ventilation system in two potash mines, using a room and pillar method, with the i...

  18. History through Red Eyes: A Conversation with James Loewen (United States)

    Jetty, Mike


    This article presents a conversation with James Loewen. Loewen is an author, historian, and professor. In a recent conversation with the author, he shared his views on how American Indian topics and events are traditionally taught and offered his insights into what teachers can do to accommodate multiple perspectives in their examination of…

  19. James Welch's Poetry. (United States)

    Velie, Alan R.


    This article examines Surrealism, its definition, and history through example. Special emphasis is on James Welch, a Blackfeet poet from Montana with a comic way of viewing the world in a surrealistic fashion. (RTS)

  20. A Conversation with James J. Morgan


    Morgan, James J.; Newman, Dianne K.


    In conversation with professor Dianne Newman, Caltech geobiologist, James “Jim” J. Morgan recalls his early days in Ireland and New York City, education in parochial and public schools, and introduction to science in Cardinal Hayes High School, Bronx. In 1950, Jim entered Manhattan College, where he elected study of civil engineering, in particular water quality. Donald O'Connor motivated Jim's future study of O_2 in rivers at Michigan, where in his MS work he learned to model O_2 dynamics of...

  1. Professor James M. Tanner and the sport sciences. (United States)

    Malina, Robert M


    Although Tanner was not directly involved in physical education or the sport sciences, several of his papers addressed issues related to research in the area. To consider the implications of selected papers and research projects for the sport sciences. PAPERS AND IMPLICATIONS: Several early papers addressed ratio standards, somatotype and total cholesterol, and anthropometric and somatotype changes associated weight training and cessation of training in young adult men. The papers have, respectively, implications for current studies of allometric scaling, physique and risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic complications, and responses to training. The survey of athletes at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games not only added to the literature but to some extent also set the stage for subsequent surveys of Olympic athletes in 1968, 1972 and 1976. Although not directly involved in the mixed-longitudinal study of Training of Youth Athletes (TOYA) in several sports, it was conducted in his department. Results from TOYA indicated no influence of systematic training for sport on growth in height, young adult height and sexual maturation. Growth at Adolescence was also a fixture in many graduate programs. Though not a sport scientist, Tanner contributed directly and indirectly to the field.

  2. Effects of Potash Fertilizer on Cabbage' s Quality in CadmiumPolluted Soils

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    WANG Xiao-jing


    Full Text Available In order to further explain how potassium affect the quality of cabbage growing in cadmium contaminated soils, a pot experiment was carried out to study the effect of different dosages of potash fertilizer on the cabbage yield, physiological characteristics(the concentration of chlorophyll and the activity of antioxidative enzymeand heavy metal concentration in two cadmium contaminated soils. The result showed that cabbage' s fresh weight above ground and underground decreased 2.6% and 19.8% respectively in low cadmium stress, while decreased 7.1%and 45.5%in high cadmiumstress. After increasing the dosage of potash fertilizer in low concentration cadmium polluted soil, cabbage' s fresh weight above ground increased by 0.3%~34.0%and the underground part decreased by 1.2%~7.4%. At the same time, after application of potash fertilizer in high concentration stress, cabbage' s fresh weight above ground had no significant change while the underground part significantly increased by 41.8%~87.3%. The concentration of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in cabbage leaves increased slightly in low cadmium stress, after application of potash fertilizer, the concentration of chlorophyll a increased greatly but chlorophyll b had no obvious change. The concentration of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in cabbage leaves decreased greatly in high cadmiumstress and it had no tremen-dous change after application of potash fertilizer. The activity of antioxidative enzymes(CAT, SOD and PODin cabbage leaves were strength-ened in low cadmium stress while the activity of kinds of antioxidative enzymes in cabbage leaves were weakened in high cadmium stress. Af-ter application of potash fertilizer in two cadmium polluted soils, all kinds of enzyme activity had a trend to increase. Applying potash fertiliz-er into the cadmium contaminated soils could effectively increase the concentration of vitamin C, reducing sugar and promote the free amino acids transforming into crude

  3. Potash in a salt mushroom at Hormoz Island, Hormoz Strait, Iran

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Talbot, Christopher; Aftabi, Pedram; Chemia, Zurab


    Island. Geochemical surveys on Hormoz Island reveal two separate potash anomalies that are valuable pseudo-stratigraphic markers. Integrating field measurements of the attitudes of bedding with lineaments on air photos suggests that Hormoz Island consists of a mature bell- or plume-shaped mushroom diapir...... with potash beds wound around a toroidal axis of rotation near current exposure levels. 2D numerical models simulate the salt mushroom on Hormoz Island and its internal circulation. They also suggest that the diapir has a wide overhand above a narrow stem in this gas-rich region. We use the mushroom diapir...

  4. James Lyon. Miami Vice.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chrysavgi Papayianni


    Full Text Available Despite the shortness of its length, Miami Vice by James Lyons is a meticulous study of NBC’s series of the same title, attempting to provide an overview of the show’s social, socio-cultural, and industrial-economic circumstances surrounding its production and distribution in order to highlight its status as a “defining show of its era” (3. The series starring Don Johnson as James Crocket and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs appeared in 1984. As a continuation of the cop shows of the p...

  5. Patronage avoidance in James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John S. Kloppenborg Verbin


    Full Text Available James 2:1-13 takes the form of a rhetorical "elaboration on a theme" described in Ps-Cicero's Rhetorica ad Herennium 2.18.28, and is directed not merely at the abstract issue of partiality or the issue of rich versus poor, but at the practice of patronage and its attendant effects on social interaction. James attacks the practice of patronage and reliance on the stereotypes of patronage as demeaning pseudo-friendship as well as the client, and contrasts this with true friendship from God.

  6. Winter Naming: James Welch (United States)

    Lincoln, Kenneth


    In the early 1970s James Welch enters American literature as an Indian postmodernist, a fractured classicist of the West, drawing fragments from both sides of the Buckskin Curtain. Reading the likes of Cesar Vallejo and early modernists from Ezra Pound to Theodore Roethke and decreationists such as Ray Carver (through Richard Hugo's tutelage at…

  7. Impact of potash mining in streams: the Llobregat basin (northeast Spain as a case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruben Ladrera


    Full Text Available Potash mining is significantly increasing the salt concentration of rivers and streams due to lixiviates coming from the mine tailings. In the present study, we have focused on the middle Llobregat basin (northeast Spain, where an important potash mining activity exists from the beginning of the XX century. Up to 50 million tonnes of saline waste have been disposed in the area, mainly composed of sodium chloride. We assessed the ecological status of streams adjacent to the mines by studying different physicochemical and hydromorphological variables, as well as aquatic macroinvertebrates. We found extraordinary high values of salinity in the studied streams, reaching conductivities up to 132.4 mS/cm. Salt-polluted streams were characterized by a deterioration of the riparian vegetation and the fluvial habitat. Both macroinvertebrate richness and abundance decreased with increasing salinity. In the most polluted stream only two families of macroinvertebrates were found: Ephydridae and Ceratopogonidae. According to the biotic indices IBMWP and IMMi-T, none of the sites met the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD; i.e., good ecological status. Overall, we can conclude that potash-mining activities have the potential to cause severe ecological damage to their surrounding streams. This is mainly related to an inadequate management of the mine tailings, leading to highly saline runoff and percolates entering surface waters. Thus, we urge water managers and policy makers to take action to prevent, detect and remediate salt pollution of rivers and streams in potash mining areas.

  8. Potash alum [KAl (SO 4) 2. 12H 2 O] catalysed esterification of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A convenient and clean procedure for esterification is reported. Direct condensation of formylphenoxyaliphatic acids with low to high boiling alcohols catalysed by potash alum gave moderate to good yields. This catalyst could be recovered and reused without substantial loss in its catalytic activity and the methodology could ...

  9. effects of mixed of mixed of mixed alkaline earth oxides in potash

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    EFFECTS OF MIXED ALKALINE EARTH OXIDES IN POTASH SILICATE GLASS. F. I. Ashiedu & E. E. Akpan. Nigerian Journal of Technology. Vol. 34 No. 4, October 2015 732 glass transition temperatures to glass melting ratio greater than 0.7 are good formers. Generally, glass formers are oxides which produce.

  10. 75 FR 70024 - Notice of Expansion of the Lisbon Valley Known Potash Leasing Area, Utah (United States)


    ... extract deep potash deposits using dissolution. Based on this new technology, the BLM approved new mineral... available drilling information to determine that the Lisbon Valley KPLA should be expanded to include deep... the following Web site: . The lands included...

  11. Geology and undiscovered resource assessment of the potash-bearing Pripyat and Dnieper-Donets Basins, Belarus and Ukraine (United States)

    Cocker, Mark D.; Orris, Greta J.; Dunlap, Pamela; Lipin, Bruce R.; Ludington, Steve; Ryan, Robert J.; Słowakiewicz, Mirosław; Spanski, Gregory T.; Wynn, Jeff; Yang, Chao


    Undiscovered potash resources in the Pripyat Basin, Belarus, and Dnieper-Donets Basin, Ukraine, were assessed as part of a global mineral resource assessment led by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The Pripyat Basin (in Belarus) and the Dnieper-Donets Basin (in Ukraine and southern Belarus) host stratabound and halokinetic Upper Devonian (Frasnian and Famennian) and Permian (Cisuralian) potash-bearing salt. The evaporite basins formed in the Donbass-Pripyat Rift, a Neoproterozoic continental rift structure that was reactivated during the Late Devonian and was flooded by seawater. Though the rift was divided, in part by volcanic deposits, into the separate Pripyat and Dnieper-Donets Basins, both basins contain similar potash‑bearing evaporite sequences. An Early Permian (Cisuralian) sag basin formed over the rift structure and was also inundated by seawater resulting in another sequence of evaporite deposition. Halokinetic activity initiated by basement faulting during the Devonian continued at least into the Permian and influenced potash salt deposition and structural evolution of potash-bearing salt in both basins.Within these basins, four areas (permissive tracts) that permit the presence of undiscovered potash deposits were defined by using geological criteria. Three tracts are permissive for stratabound potash-bearing deposits and include Famennian (Upper Devonian) salt in the Pripyat Basin, and Famennian and Cisuralian (lower Permian) salt in the Dnieper-Donets Basin. In addition, a tract was delineated for halokinetic potash-bearing Famennian salt in the Dnieper-Donets Basin.The Pripyat Basin is the third largest source of potash in the world, producing 6.4 million metric tons of potassium chloride (KCl) (the equivalent of about 4.0 million metric tons of potassium oxide or K2O) in 2012. Potash production began in 1963 in the Starobin #1 mine, near the town of Starobin, Belarus, in the northwestern corner of the basin. Potash is currently produced from

  12. Roles of emeriti professors


    Thody, Angela


    Emeritus Professor Angela Thody commenced a study of emeriti professors in 2006 when she herself had become an emeritus in 2003 and was seeking to establish an Association for emeriti at her university at Lincoln. By 2008, the literature review was finished and a pilot study of emeriti professors at Leicester University was underway. This presentation was one of several to the University of Lincoln's College of Professors to encourage their support for the formation of the association and to ...

  13. Subsurface radar applications in the Delaware Basin. Final report, June 1, 1980-January 31, 1981. [To probe into potash bed

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Unterberger, R.R.


    Purpose was to find a method of probing into potash to determine if dangers lie ahead. Of specific interest to Sandia, was the problem of outlining a breccia pipe which Mississippi Chemical Company (MCC) found protruded into the potash bed in Carlsbad, New Mexico, they were mining. MCC mined around it and continued their work. If, however, the discontinuity in the ore (breccia pipe) had any fractures linking with a high pressure water zone above the mining level, the act of mining into the pipe could have lost the mine to incoming water. Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd. had this happen to them in their only salt mine in England. Chapter II discusses our attempts (unsuccessful) to probe through the potash ore and see the breccia pipe. Chapter III contains data on laboratory measurements of the complex electric permittivity (dielectric constant and loss tangent) of potash samples from MCC.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Aug 14, 2016 ... University, Sweden in 1990. Although still very young, Professor Ensermu Kelbessa joined the Addis Ababa. University's Biology Department as a graduate assistant in 1979. He then went on to serve the university in various positions including: Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate. Professor and, finally ...

  15. U.S. Geological Survey assessment of global potash production and resources—A significant advancement for global development and a sustainable future. (United States)

    Cocker, Mark D.; Orris, Greta J.; Wynn, Jeff


    During the past 15 yr, the global requirement for fertilizers has grown considerably, mainly due to demand by a larger and wealthier world population for more and higher-quality food. The demand and price for potash as a primary fertilizer ingredient have increased in tandem, because of the necessity to increase the quantity and quality of food production on the decreasing amount of available arable land. The primary sources of potash are evaporates, which occur mainly in marine salt basins and a few brine-bearing continental basins. World potash resources are large, but distribution is inequitable and not presently developed in countries where population and food requirements are large and increasing. There is no known substitute for potash in fertilizer, so knowledge of the world’s potash resources is critical for a sustainable future. The U.S. Geological Survey recently completed a global assessment of evaporite-hosted potash resources, which included a geographic information system–based inventory of known potash resources. This assessment included permissive areas or tracts for undiscovered resources at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Assessments of undiscovered potash resources were conducted for a number of the world’s evaporite-hosted potash basins. The data collected provide a major advance in our knowledge of global potash resources that did not exist prior to this study. The two databases include: (1) potash deposits and occurrences, and (2) potash tracts (basins that contain these deposits and occurrences and potentially undiscovered potash deposits). Data available include geology, mineralogy, grade, tonnage, depth, thickness, areal extent, and structure, as well as numerous pertinent references.

  16. Geomechanical analyses to investigate wellbore/mine interactions in the Potash Enclave of Southeastern New Mexico.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ehgartner, Brian L.; Bean, James E. (Sandia Staffing Alliance, LLC, Albuquerque, NM); Arguello, Jose Guadalupe, Jr.; Stone, Charles Michael


    Geomechanical analyses have been performed to investigate potential mine interactions with wellbores that could occur in the Potash Enclave of Southeastern New Mexico. Two basic models were used in the study; (1) a global model that simulates the mechanics associated with mining and subsidence and (2) a wellbore model that examines the resulting interaction impacts on the wellbore casing. The first model is a 2D approximation of a potash mine using a plane strain idealization for mine depths of 304.8 m (1000 ft) and 609.6 m (2000 ft). A 3D wellbore model then considers the impact of bedding plane slippage across single and double cased wells cemented through the Salado formation. The wellbore model establishes allowable slippage to prevent casing yield.

  17. Review: Potash need assessment and use experience in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aman Ullah Bhatti


    Full Text Available After nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium is the third major plant nutrient which is becoming deficient in thesoils of Khyber Pakhunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Responses of various crops to potash application and soilanalysis results of various areas of KP clearly indicated deficiencies of potash. In a survey of nutrient status ofdifferent districts of KP, twenty one percent of the soil samples analyzed were deficient in K, while 50 percent weremarginal. However, major areas of K deficiency are observed in Malakand agency, Swat, and Mansehra districts. Arecent survey of orchard soils (citrus, apple, and peaches showed that 9% soils were deficient in K while 47% weremarginal. Usually the addition of K increased the yields giving higher value cost ratios (VCRs and crop responseratios especially for cereal crops under irrigated conditions. Balanced application of NPK and Zn producedsignificantly higher yields of wheat on eroded lands in Swat and Rod-Kohi soils in D.I. Khan. The available datashowed that, complex fertilizers proved better than straight fertilizers. As regards muriate of potash (MOP vssulfate of potash (SOP, the superiority of one over the other depends upon the type of soil and climatic conditions,and the crop. In D.I. Khan SOP proved better for rice, and equally effective for wheat and maize. On the other hand,MOP improved the quality of wheat regarding protein content as well as the uptake of K by maize and wheat,however, increased the chloride content of soil. In Peshawar and Swat, both the sources were found equallyeffective as regards yield without any accumulation of chloride by MOP at Tarnab but its application increasedchloride content significantly at the depths of 31-60 and 61-90 cm in Swat district. Use of potash needs to bepromoted as it is very important for improving the quality of crop products. As regards source of K, SOP should bepreferred for sulfur loving and quality crops, low rainfall areas and heavy textured

  18. Professor Volker Claus: vom o. Professor zum e-Professor (United States)

    Gunzenhäuser, Rul; Taras, Christiane; Wörner, Michael

    Der Beitrag würdigt das Wirken von Professor Claus auf Gebieten des rechnerunterstützten Lehrens. Dabei wird ein Bogen von den frühen Systemen des rechnerunterstützten Lehrens über moderne Lernplattformen im Internet zu neuen Anwendungen web-basierter Systeme für das lebenslange Lehren und Lernen gespannt.

  19. Researcher Profile: An Interview with Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP(R

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Russell James


    Full Text Available Russell James is a professor and the CH Foundation Chair in Personal Financial Planning in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, where he is also the Director of Graduate Studies in Charitable Financial Planning. His research is focused on encouraging generosity and satisfaction in financial decision-making.

  20. A Professor's Work. (United States)

    Melko, Matthew

    This book describes a year-long participant-observer case study of the professorship as a profession. Following an introductory chapter, each chapter examines one aspect of the professor's occupation by recounting the specific experiences of the author, a sociology professor at Wright State University (Ohio). Chapter 2 looks at the department as…

  1. Mr. James B. Foley, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the United States of America to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Mr. James B. Foley, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the United States of America in Geneva (2nd from left) visiting the CMS assembly hall at Point 5 with (from left to right) Professor Roger Cashmore, Research Director for Collider Programmes, Dr Michel Della Negra, Spokesman for the CMS experiment, and Professor Luciano Maiani, CERN Director-General, September 2001

  2. James Blunt matuselaulude edetabeli tipus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Bereavement Registeri andmetel Suurbritannias matustel tellitavate laulude edetabelis: James Blunt "Goodbye My Lover", Robbie Williams "Angels", Jennifer Warnes ja Bill Medley "I've Had the Time Of My Life", Elton John "Candle in the Wind", Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody"

  3. Potash resources in part of Los Medanos area of Eddy and Lea Counties, New Mexico (United States)

    Jones, C.L.


    Los Medanos area of eastern Eddy and western Lea Counties, New Mexico, is being considered for possible siting of a repository Facility for experimental studies of nuclear-waste emplacement in salt beds of the Salado Formation of Permian age. The potential repository site encompasses about 29 square miles (75 square kilometres) of sandy terrain near the center of Los Medanos. The site is underlain by evaporite and red bed formations having an aggregate thickness of 4,462 feet (1,360 metres). The Salado Formation, which is the main salt-bearing unit of the area, lies at a depth of 1,000 feet (305 metres). The formation is almost 1,970 feet (600 metres) of rock salt with prominent interbeds of anhydrite, polyhalite, glauberite, some widely spaced seams of fine-grained clastic rocks, and a few potash deposits containing sylvite and langbeinite. The potash deposits occur in salt beds 517-871 feet (158-265 metres) below the top of the formation. The lower half of the formation includes some salt beds which may be used for the experimental emplacement of nuclear wastes. Most, if not nearly all, of the potential repository site is underlain by potash deposits that contain sylvite and langbeinite. The deposits grade 12-13 percent K2O as sylvite and 3-11 percent K2O as langbeinite, and must be regarded as having economic potential for potassium minerals. There is considerable uncertainty concerning the full extent and total range in quality of the ores in the deposit, and subsurface investigation will be required to assess their potential.

  4. Professor Martin Hairer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martine Barons


    Full Text Available Professor Martin Hairer was one of four recipients of the 2014 Fields Medal, widely viewed as the highest honour a mathematician can receive. He is currently Regius Professor of Mathematics in the Mathematics Department at the University of Warwick. Professor Hairer has contributed significantly to the field of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs, which engages with interdisciplinary approaches to mathematics and physics. He has enjoyed great success communicating mathematics to a range of audiences and has also developed music editing software.In this interview, early career mathematicians, Dr Martine Barons (MJB and Dr Paul Chleboun ask Professor Hairer (MH about how his interest in mathematics developed; the awards ceremony where he received the Fields Medal; Amadeus Pro, the music software he developed and continues to maintain; and the challenges of engaging a sceptical and sometimes critical public as a mathematician.

  5. Investigating the process of Prikarpattya potash production plants’ waste recycling into marketable products

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilia V. Ivanchenko


    Full Text Available The existing technology of potash fertilizer production based on the polymineral ores leaching with chloride solutions is inevitably accompanied by the large-tonnage wastes accumulation, with the loss of up to 50% of low-soluble potassium and other minerals. The developed cyclic process of ore leaching with sulphate solutions provides opportunities for an integrated processing of ore into marketable products using all ore’s components. The results of production researches on model samples of halite-langbeinite residue give evidence of the appropriateness of applying the stoichiometric normal value of the leaching sulphate solution, which, on the one hand, is sufficient for dissolved minerals complete to the liquid phase and on other does provide a complete recovery of the sulphate solution returned to the leaching process. This maintains the hydrodynamic regime stability. The implementation of the sulphate leaching technology allows to recycle the accumulated solid waste of potash production and to eliminate new waste formation in the processing of freshly mined polymineral ore.

  6. New data on the Geochemistry of Gases in the Potash Deposits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. I. Chaykovskiy


    Full Text Available The composition of the gas phase of salt rocks from a number of potash deposits located in Europe (Verkhnekamskoe, Starobinskoe and Asia (Tubegatanskoe, Zhylyanskoe Satimolinskoe was studied. It allowed dividing them into two groups. In Asian deposits, only authigenic dry gases were formed by diagenetic decomposition of organic matter. Structural exposure of these deposits led to the oxidation of methane and hydrogen and enrichment by carbon dioxide. European deposits were not structurally exposed to the oxidation process, but were exposed during salt rock formation. They experienced influx of heavy hydrocarbons from the underlying strata. The history of the formation of gas regime at the Verkhnekamskoe potash deposit could be divided into three stages. First stage may be characterized by a syngenetic capture of deep gases and authigenic organic matter converted during diagenesis to methane, which percentage gradually increases with an increase of the thickness of impermeable salt strata. Then the deep gases invaded the salt formation during sedimentation of the upper carnallite layers and top salt rock. Third stage was associated with folding processes accompanied by a mobilization of fluids scattered in the gas-fluid inclusions, and with probable influx of heavy hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide resulted in formation of the secondary salt zones. Replacement of carnallite layers leads to the release of isomorphous ammonium ion and formation of a hydrogen.

  7. Prokaryotic life in a potash-polluted marsh with emphasis on N-metabolizing microorganisms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eilmus, Sascha [Botanical Institute, University of Cologne, Gyrhofstrasse 15, D-50923 Cologne (Germany); Roesch, Christopher [Botanical Institute, University of Cologne, Gyrhofstrasse 15, D-50923 Cologne (Germany); Bothe, Hermann [Botanical Institute, University of Cologne, Gyrhofstrasse 15, D-50923 Cologne (Germany)]. E-mail:


    Prokaryotic life along the salt gradient of the potash marsh resulting from mining waste at Schreyahn, Northern Germany, was screened for the distribution of total prokaryote (assessed by the 16S rRNA gene) and of N{sub 2}-fixing (nifH gene), denitrifying (nosZ) and nitrifying (amoA) microorganisms. Information on prokaryotes was retrieved from the different soil sites (a) by culturing in conventional media, (b) by isolating the DNA, amplifying the target genes by PCR followed by sequencing, (c) by employing the recently developed computer program (TReFID [Roesch, C., Bothe, H., 2005. Improved assessment of denitrifying, N{sub 2}-fixing, and total-community bacteria by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis using multiple restriction enzymes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71, 2026-2035]) based on tRFLP data. New sequences were obtained as well as ones that were almost identical to those found at far distant locations. Whereas the distribution of plants strictly follows the salt gradient, this is apparently not the case with prokaryotes. Bacteria of hypersaline areas coexist with salt-non-tolerant species. The recently developed TReFID program is successfully applied to characterize a prokaryote community structure. - Characterization of a prokaryotic community of a potash marsh provided information on the occurrence of many unusual prokaryotes and their horizontal distribution.

  8. Case studies of sealing methods and materials used in the salt and potash mining industries

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eyermann, T.J.; Sambeek, L.L. Van [RE/SPEC Inc., Rapid City, SD (United States); Hansen, F.D. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States). Repository Isolation Systems Dept.


    Sealing methods and materials currently used in salt and potash industries were surveyed to determine if systems analogous to the shaft seal design proposed for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) exist. Emphasis was first given to concrete and then expanded to include other materials. Representative case studies could provide useful design, construction, and performance information for development of the WIPP shaft seal system design. This report contains a summary of engineering and construction details of various sealing methods used by mining industries for bulkheads and shaft liners. Industrial experience, as determined from site visits and literature reviews, provides few examples of bulkheads built in salt and potash mines for control of water. Sealing experiences representing site-specific conditions often have little engineering design to back up the methods employed and even less quantitative evaluation of seal performance. Cases examined include successes and failures, and both contribute to a database of experiences. Mass salt-saturated concrete placement under ground was accomplished under several varied conditions. Information derived from this database has been used to assess the performance of concrete as a seal material. Concrete appears to be a robust material with successes in several case studies. 42 refs.

  9. Obituary: James Houck (1940 - 2015) (United States)

    Weedman, Daniel; Barry, Donald; Soifer, Thomas

    James R. Houck, the leading figure in developing infrared spectroscopy for astrophysics, died in Ithaca, NY, on September 18, 2015, at age 74 from complications of Alzheimer's Disease. He was born on October 5, 1940, in Mobile, Alabama, but lived much of his early life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Institute of Technology. Jim spent his scientific career at Cornell University. He came to Cornell as a physics graduate student in 1962 and remained until his retirement as the Kenneth A. Wallace Professor of Astronomy in 2012. His only year away from Ithaca was as a Guggenheim Fellow at Caltech, and he declined job offers from other universities because of his opinion that Ithaca provided the best environment for raising his family. His passion for learning, doing, and teaching science by building instruments and understanding physics led to great benefits for his students and astronomy colleagues. After receiving his PhD in condensed matter physics, he changed fields to work in astronomy at Cornell. He first collaborated with colleague Martin Harwit to develop a rocket program at Cornell for infrared observations and made numerous treks to the White Sands Missile Range flying payloads on Aerobee sounding rockets. Jim emphasized building spectrographs and making pioneering observations with ground based, airborne, and rocket-borne infrared instrumentation. Jim flew on every airplane NASA provided for astronomy. Those were pioneering times. One of his survival stories was of the Learjet in which both engines flamed out over the Pacific when the pilot did a celebratory barrel role after successful completion of their observations. His observations with rockets and airplanes were primarily of a variety of Galactic objects, including planetary nebulae, HII regions, and stars. But the most notable was an observation on the Convair 990 that produced a prescient discovery paper in 1973 led by Jim which discovered bound

  10. 77 FR 41442 - Notice of Availability of the Draft Order of the Secretary on Oil and Gas and Potash Development... (United States)


    ... long history of conflict between the potash and the oil and gas industries. This conflict has resulted... of oil and gas drilling that could be used to reduce the conflict between such drilling and the... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Availability of the Draft Order of the Secretary on Oil and Gas and...

  11. A Conversation with James J. Morgan (United States)

    Morgan, James J.; Newman, Dianne K.


    In conversation with professor Dianne Newman, Caltech geobiologist, James "Jim" J. Morgan recalls his early days in Ireland and New York City, education in parochial and public schools, and introduction to science in Cardinal Hayes High School, Bronx. In 1950, Jim entered Manhattan College, where he elected study of civil engineering, in particular water quality. Donald O'Connor motivated Jim's future study of O2 in rivers at Michigan, where in his MS work he learned to model O2 dynamics of rivers. As an engineering instructor at Illinois, Jim worked on rivers polluted by synthetic detergents. He chose to focus on chemical studies, seeing it as crucial for the environment. Jim enrolled for PhD studies with Werner Stumm at Harvard, who mentored his research in chemistry of particle coagulation and oxidation processes of Mn(II) and (IV). In succeeding decades, until retirement in 2000, Jim's teaching and research centered on aquatic chemistry; major themes comprised rates of abiotic manganese oxidation on particle surfaces and flocculation of natural water particles, and chemical speciation proved the key.

  12. James Weldon Johnson and the Speech Lab Recordings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chris Mustazza


    Full Text Available On December 24, 1935, James Weldon Johnson read thirteen of his poems at Columbia University, in a recording session engineered by Columbia Professor of Speech George W. Hibbitt and Barnard colleague Professor W. Cabell Greet, pioneers in the field that became sociolinguistics. Interested in American dialects, Greet and Hibbitt used early sound recording technologies to preserve dialect samples. In the same lab where they recorded T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, and others, James Weldon Johnson read a selection of poems that included several from his seminal collection God’s Trombones and some dialect poems. Mustazza has digitized these and made them publicly available in the PennSound archive. In this essay, Mustazza contextualizes the collection, considering the recordings as sonic inscriptions alongside their textual manifestations. He argues that the collection must be heard within the frames of its production conditions—especially its recording in a speech lab—and that the sound recordings are essential elements in an hermeneutic analysis of the poems. He reasons that the poems’ original topics are reframed and refocused when historicized and contextualized within the frame of The Speech Lab Recordings.

  13. James Stevens / James Stevens ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Stevens, James


    Inglise disainerist James Stevensist (sünd. 1962) ja tema tegevusest. J. Stevens 2000. a. Amsterdamis tehtud intervjuus koos Jon Bainsi ja Kim Bulliga 1995. a. Londonis avatud Interneti-agentuurist Obsolete, 1996-2000 tegutsenud Interneti-kohvikust Backspace, mittekommertsiaalse juhtmeteta nerworki rajamisest Londonis

  14. James Moir as Inorganic Chemist

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    James Moir was a pioneering chemist in the early 1900s who played a leading role in various chemical societies in South Africa. Although he was mainly an organic chemist, he also made contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry. His forays in this field deal with gold extraction using the new solvent thiourea, removal ...

  15. James Frey: Feelings as Facts (United States)

    Travis, Trysh


    James Frey, author of the book "A Million Little Pieces" is accused of embellishing and/or fabricating elements of his story, a graphic but supposedly honest, depiction of his struggle with drugs and alcohol. More and more college students who are caught plagiarizing believe, as Frey seems to, that as long as one agrees with the authors one…

  16. Professor Michael Levitt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gemma-Louise Davies


    Full Text Available Professor Michael Levitt (Stanford University, USA won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems—computational tools which can calculate the course of chemical reactions. Professor Levitt was born in Pretoria, South Africa; he came to the UK on a summer vacation aged 16, where he decided to stay and study for his A‑levels. His interest in the physics of living systems drove him to study biophysics at King’s College London, before securing a PhD position at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. In the interim year between his degree and beginning his PhD, Professor Levitt worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, where he met his future wife. They married later that year and moved to Cambridge, where their three children were born. After completing his PhD, he spent time working in Israel, Cambridge, the Salk Institute and Stanford (both California. Since 1986, he has split his time between Israel and California. Outside of science, he is a keen hiker and he is well-known to have attended the eclectic ‘Burning Man’ Festival in California.[1]Professor Levitt visited the University of Warwick to speak at the Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference in March 2015. In this interview, Dr Gemma-Louise Davies, an Institute of Advanced Study Global Research Fellow, spoke to Professor Levitt about the importance of Interdisciplinarity in his field, role models in Academia, and his plans for the future.Image: Professor Michael Levitt (left with Dr Scott Habershon (right, organiser of the 2015 Computational Molecular Science Annual Conference during his visit to the University of Warwick in March 2015.[1] ‘Burning Man’ is a unique annual festival dedicated to community, art, music, self-expression and self-reliance. Tens of thousands of people flock to this temporary metropolis built in the Californian desert.

  17. The extreme carbon dioxide outburst at the Menzengraben potash mine 7 July 1953

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hedlund, Frank Huess


    Carbon dioxide is an asphyxiant and an irritant gas. An extreme outburst of carbon dioxide took place 7 July 1953 in a potash mine in the former East Germany. During 25 min, a large amount of CO2 was blown out of the mine shaft with great force. It was wind still and concentrated CO2 accumulated....... It is concluded that 1100–3900 tonnes of CO2 were blown out of the mine shaft, possibly with intensities around 4 tonnes/s. It is also concluded that the large majority of the gas escaped as a near-vertical high-velocity jet with only little loss of momentum due to impingement. The release was modelled using...... histories to date include sudden releases of CO2 of up to 50 tonnes only, far too small to provide a suitable empirical perspective on predicted hazard distances for CCS projects. The 1953 outburst contributes to filling this gap....

  18. Identifying potential disaster zones around the Verkhnekamskoye potash deposit (Russia) using advanced information technology (IT) (United States)

    Royer, J. J.; Filippov, L. O.


    This work aims at improving the exploitation of the K, Mg, salts ore of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit using advanced information technology (IT) such as 3D geostatistical modeling techniques together with high performance flotation. It is expected to provide a more profitable exploitation of the actual deposit avoiding the formation of dramatic sinkholes by a better knowledge of the deposit. The GeoChron modelling method for sedimentary formations (Mallet, 2014) was used to improve the knowledge of the Verkhnekamskoye potash deposit, Perm region, Russia. After a short introduction on the modern theory of mathematical modelling applied to mineral resources exploitation and geology, new results are presented on the sedimentary architecture of the ore deposit. They enlighten the structural geology and the fault orientations, a key point for avoiding catastrophic water inflows recharging zone during exploitation. These results are important for avoiding catastrophic sinkholes during exploitation.

  19. Professor Kalkman retires

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Baas, Pieter


    On 13 December 1990 Prof. Dr. Cornelis (Kees) Kalkman retired from the positions of Professor of Plant Systematics and Scientific Director of the Rijksherbarium/ Hortus Botanicus by presenting his valedictory lecture to the academic community of Leiden University and the assembled Dutch Botanical

  20. Professor Wolfgang Panofsky

    CERN Multimedia


    "Professor Wolfgang panofsky, who died on September 24 aged 88, was a particle physicists and director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC) in California; with Jack Steinberger, he was the first to isolate the neutral pi meson, one of the subatomic particles which had been predicted by theoretical scientists to account for the strng force which binds the nuclei of atoms." (1 page)

  1. Professor Tiina Tasmuth Helsingis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Tervisekasvatuse õppetooli professor Tiina Tasmuth osales 11.-14. juunini Helsingis toimunud rahvusvahelise konverentsi "2nd Psycho-Social Impacts of Breast Cancer" töös ning esines ettekandega teemal "Chronic post-treatment symptoms in patients with breast cancer" : [täistekst

  2. Professor og DMI

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kaas, Eigil


    oplever meget lave temperaturer - og for Danmarks vedkommende en usædvanlig lang periode med vintervejr. Forklaringen kommer fra professor Eigil Kaas fra Niels Bohr Instituttet ved Københavns Universitet. Han forklarer til, at vintervejret dog er betinget af den mere eller mindre tilfældige måde...

  3. Conference James F.Buckli

    CERN Multimedia



    L'association du personnel a le plaisir d'accueillir Mons. James F.Buckli, astronaute, né en 1947. Il a participé à la mission Space Lab D1 qui pour la première fois mettait 8 personnes sur orbite.L'ass.du pers. remercie aussi Gordon White(s) de la mission américaine d'avoir permis d'organiser cette conférence

  4. Professors' Observations on Their Work. (United States)

    Myers, Betty; Mager, Gerald M.

    Previous studies of professors of education have noted what activities comprised the work of being a professor, how professors allocated time to the various work tasks, how they would have preferred to allocate time, and insights they had about their work. In this study, parallel data were gathered on the broader education professoriate. Survey…

  5. Intervjuu James Corneriga = Interview with James Corner / James Corner ; interv. Andres Sevtshuk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Corner, James


    Büroo Field Operations maastikuarhitekt ning Pennsylvania Ülikooli maastikuarhitektuuri osakonna juhataja James Corner oma büroost, maastikust kui "instrumendist", postindustriaalsete aladega seotud projektidest (New Yorgi High Line'i muutmine pargiks ja promenaadiks), tööst suuremahuliste maastikega (Fresh Kills'i soo, endise prügila muutmine pargialaks), maastikuarhitektuurist ja linnakujundusest (maastiku urbanism), õpetamise tähtsusest oma töös ja maastikuarhitektuuri ideede arendamisel. Bibl. lk. 24

  6. James F. Crow and the art of teaching and mentoring. (United States)

    Hartl, Daniel L


    To honor James F. Crow on the occasion of his 95th birthday, GENETICS has commissioned a series of Perspectives and Reviews. For GENETICS to publish the honorifics is fitting, as from their birth Crow and GENETICS have been paired. Crow was scheduled to be born in January 1916, the same month that the first issue of GENETICS was scheduled to appear, and in the many years that Crow has made major contributions to the conceptual foundations of modern genetics, GENETICS has chronicled his and other major advances in the field. The commissioned Perspectives and Reviews summarize and celebrate Professor Crow's contributions as a research scientist, administrator, colleague, community supporter, international leader, teacher, and mentor. In science, Professor Crow was the international leader of his generation in the application of genetics to populations of organisms and in uncovering the role of genetics in health and disease. In education, he was a superb undergraduate teacher whose inspiration changed the career paths of many students. His teaching skills are legendary, his lectures urbane and witty, rigorous and clear. He was also an extraordinary mentor to numerous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, many of whom went on to establish successful careers of their own. In public service, Professor Crow served in key administrative positions at the University of Wisconsin, participated as a member of numerous national and international committees, and served as president of both the Genetics Society of America and the American Society for Human Genetics. This Perspective examines Professor Crow as teacher and mentor through the eyes and experiences of one student who was enrolled in his genetics course as an undergraduate and who later studied with him as a graduate student.

  7. Microbial Fuel Cell-driven caustic potash production from wastewater for carbon sequestration. (United States)

    Gajda, Iwona; Greenman, John; Melhuish, Chris; Santoro, Carlo; Ieropoulos, Ioannis


    This work reports on the novel formation of caustic potash (KOH) directly on the MFC cathode locking carbon dioxide into potassium bicarbonate salt (kalicinite) while producing, instead of consuming electrical power. Using potassium-rich wastewater as a fuel for microorganisms to generate electricity in the anode chamber, has resulted in the formation of caustic catholyte directly on the surface of the cathode electrode. Analysis of this liquid has shown to be highly alkaline (pH>13) and act as a CO2 sorbent. It has been later mineralised to kalicinite thus locking carbon dioxide into potassium bicarbonate salt. This work demonstrates an electricity generation method as a simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly route towards CO2 sequestration that perhaps leads to a carbon negative economy. Moreover, it shows a potential application for both electricity production and nutrient recovery in the form of minerals from nutrient-rich wastewater streams such as urine for use as fertiliser in the future. Copyright © 2016 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  8. Professor Stewart's incredible numbers

    CERN Document Server

    Stewart, Ian


    Ian Stewart explores the astonishing properties of numbers from 1 to10 to zero and infinity, including one figure that, if you wrote it out, would span the universe. He looks at every kind of number you can think of - real, imaginary, rational, irrational, positive and negative - along with several you might have thought you couldn't think of. He explains the insights of the ancient mathematicians, shows how numbers have evolved through the ages, and reveals the way numerical theory enables everyday life. Under Professor Stewart's guidance you will discover the mathematics of codes,

  9. James Hillman (1926-2011). (United States)

    Stern, E Mark


    Presents an obituary for James Hillman. James Hillman, the third child of Madeline and Julian Hillman, died of metastatic bone cancer at his home in Thompson, Connecticut, on October 27, 2011. The parent of "archetypal psychology," he was born on April 12, 1926, at the Breakers, a then-opulent hotel founded by his family that overlooked the boardwalk and beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey. With an extensive footing in the classics and classical humanism, Jim established the foundations for his emerging archetypal psychology. With archetypal psychology, he was to move away from a dependence on the concept of a personal ego in favor of larger sources that relied on his notion of variegated identity. He proposed a profusion of mythical images that emerge under the rubric of "soul." Soul stands as an appellation indicating a deepening of psychic events, such as when dreams, chaos, and "pathologizing" (the struggles of imagination) are most experienced. For Hillman, psychology could not be taken as a separate discipline isolated from mythology, literature, art, philosophy, politics, religion, natural science, and the ordinary affairs of individuals. Hillman envisioned archetypes as processes that bear evidence to personal suffering and, in so doing, prompt the expansion of compassion. In 1975, Jim was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his book Re-Visioning Psychology (Harper & Row). In addition to many other citations, Jim had the high honor in 2001 of receiving the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved).

  10. Professor Alex Callinicos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Saqer


    Full Text Available Professor Alex Callinicos is a renowned social theorist and scholar of international political economy. He conducts research on Marx and Marxism, European social and political theory, contemporary political philosophy, critical theory, historiography, and international political economy. His work provides invaluable insights on issues of race and racism, social justice, the Third Way, imperialism, austerity, and EU politics, among many other fascinating contemporary issues. Alex studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford, and Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics before writing a DPhil on Marx's Capital, also at Balliol. He was a Junior Research Fellow in Contemporary Social Thought at St Peter's College, Oxford from 1979 to 1981, after which he taught social and political theory at the Department of Politics at the University of York until 2005, when he moved to King's College London. Alex is currently the Professor of European Studies at King's and editor of International Socialism. Alex has been an active contributor to the development of the movement for another globalization, participating in the World Social Forum and an animator of the European Social Forum. Among his best known books are The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (1983, Against Postmodernism (1990, Social Theory (1999, An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto (2003, The Resources of Critique (2006, Imperialism and Global Political Economy (2009. His most recent book is entitled Deciphering Capital: Marx’s Capital and its Destiny (2014.

  11. Reflections on Cambridge: M R James and Ghosts - James' portrait in King's College


    Macfarlane, Alan


    .mp4 video file 2012 is the 150th anniversary of of MR James the famous ghost story writers' birth - he will be on the first class stamp. As a very distant descendant of James, but, like him, a Fellow of King's, Alan Macfarlane tells us something about James Filmed in 2009 by Xu Bei

  12. JamesWatt: FatherofSteam Power

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    forced the piston down and the pump rod up, causing water to be pumped out. he overall efficiency of the ... In addition to miserable living conditions, James was hence forced to remain confined to his .... James Watt was married twice, first to a cousin, Margaret Miller in 1764 and after her death to. Ann McGregor in 1776.

  13. Doctors, disease and James Joyce. (United States)

    Kaplan, Robert M


    The Irish author James Joyce is regarded as the greatest modernist writer of his time. His works, notably The Dead, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake--are intensely autobiographic including meticulous descriptions of illness and states of health--no surprise in view of Joyce's medical history and hypochondria. The Dead revolves around the tragic love of a doomed tubercular youth. Ulysses has a graphic description of Mary Joyce-s death, a funeral and a birth; Stephen Dedalus, the character based on Joyce, attends a drinking session with medical students at the lying-in hospital just as Joyce had done as a student; references to syphilis, alcoholism and other illnesses abound.

  14. The James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Mather, John C.


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will extend the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the Spitzer Space Telescope (SST) by deploying a large cooled infrared telescope around the Sun-Earth Lagrange point L2. With a 6 m aperture and three instruments covering the wavelength range from 0.6 to 28 microns, it will provide sensitivities orders of magnitude better than any other facilities. It is intended to observe the light from the first galaxies and the first supernovae, the assembly of galaxies, and the formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems. In this talk I will review the scientific objectives and the ability of the system to meet them. I will close with a summary of possible future IR space missions, ranging from the far IR to planet-finding coronagraphs and interferometers

  15. Mineralogical and microstructural investigations of fractures in Permian z2 potash seam and surrounding salt rocks (United States)

    Mertineit, Michael; Grewe, Wiebke; Schramm, Michael; Hammer, Jörg; Blanke, Hartmut; Patzschke, Mario


    Fractures occur locally in the z2 potash seam (Kaliflöz Staßfurt). Most of them extend several centimeter to meter into the surrounding salt rocks. The fractures are distributed on all levels in an extremely deformed area of the Morsleben salt mine, Northern Germany. The sampling site is located within a NW-SE trending synclinal structure, which was reverse folded (Behlau & Mingerzahn 2001). The samples were taken between the -195 m and - 305 m level at the field of Marie shaft. In this area, more than 200 healed fractures were mapped. Most of them show opening widths of only a few millimeters to rarely 10 cm. The fractures in rock salt are filled with basically polyhalite, halite and carnallite. In the potash seam, the fractures are filled with kainite, halite and minor amounts of carnallite and polyhalite. In some cases the fracture infill changes depending on the type of surrounding rocks. There are two dominant orientations of the fractures, which can be interpreted as a conjugated system. The main orientation is NE-SW trending, the dip angles are steep (ca. 70°, dip direction NW and SE, respectively). Subsequent deformation of the filled fractures is documented by a strong grain shape fabric of kainite, undulatory extinction and subgrain formation in kainite, and several mineral transformations. Subgrain formation in halite occurred in both, the fracture infill and the surrounding salt rocks. The results correlate in parts with investigations which were carried out at the close-by rock salt mine Braunschweig-Lüneburg (Horn et al. 2016). The development of the fractures occurred during compression of clayey salt rocks. However, the results are only partly comparable due to different properties (composition, impurities) of the investigated stratigraphic units. Further investigations will focus on detailed microstructural and geochemical analyses of the fracture infill and surrounding salt rocks. Age dating of suitable minerals, e.g. polyhalite (Leitner et al

  16. A Tribute to James Parkinson. (United States)

    Parent, André


    Exactly 200 years ago, the London surgeon-apothecary James Parkinson (1755-1824) published a 66-page-long booklet entitled An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, which contains the first clear clinical description of the shaking palsy or paralysis agitans, which we now refer to as Parkinson's disease. However, the value of this essay was not fully recognized during Parkinson's lifetime, which spanned the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars. James Parkinson was one of the most singular figures of his time and place. He was successively or concomitantly a virulent political activist, a popular medical writer, a scholarly medical contributor, a highly appreciated parish doctor, a prominent amateur chemist, a devoted madhouse doctor, and a renowned paleontologist. It is that branch of geology that brought Parkinson fame during his lifetime. He was an insatiable collector of fossils, minerals, and shells that came to form the core of the museum that he set out at his home in Shoreditch, England. These specimens are beautifully illustrated in his Organic Remains of a Former World (1804-1811), a three-volume treatise that rapidly became a standard paleontology textbook. Parkinson was a founding member of the Geological Society of London, and in recognition of his contribution to the nascent field of paleontology his name was given to many fossils, particularly ammonites (e.g. Nautilus parkinsoni). Hence, we owe much to Mr. Parkinson, the Paleontologist, as he used to be referred to after his death, for such a vast and multifaceted contribution to natural science and medicine.

  17. Voorwoord: Professor Andrzej Borowski

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koch Jerzy


    Full Text Available Professor Andrzej Borowski from the Jagiellonian University, whose 70th anniversary we celebrate this year, is a very well known scholar and literature historian, specialised in Old Polish Literature (Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque - and with a background from Classical studies. A lesser known fact is that he also is a scholar active in the field of the Netherlandish (Dutch and Flemish literature and culture: as author of numerous books and articles about (South Netherlandish figures from the 16th and 17th century, as supervisor of numerous dissertations or habilitations in the field of the Netherlandish literature and as an inspiring personality in the field of the Netherlandish studies at Polish universities. He can indeed be seen as the Spiritus Litterarum Neerlandicorum in Poland.

  18. 3D geostatistical modelling for identifying sinkhole disaster potential zones around the Verkhnekamskoye potash deposit (Russia) (United States)

    Royer, J. J.; Litaudon, J.; Filippov, L. O.; Lyubimova, T.; Maximovich, N.


    This work results from a cooperative scientific program between the Perm State University (Russia) and the University of Lorraine (France). Its objectives are to integrate modern 3D geomodeling in order to improve sustainable mining extraction, especially for predicting and avoiding the formation of sinkholes disaster potential zones. Systematic exploration drill holes performed in the Verkhnekamskoye potash deposit (Perm region, Russia) have been used to build a comprehensive 3D model for better understanding the spatial repartition of the ore quality (geometallurgy). A precise modelling of the mineralized layers allows an estimation of the in-situ ore reserves after interpolating by kriging the potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg) contents at the node of a regular centred grid (over a million cells). Total resources in potassium vary according to the cut-off between 4.7Gt @ 16.1 % K2O; 0.32 % MgCl2 for a cut-off grade at 13.1% K2O and 2.06 Gt @ 18.2 % K2O; 0.32 % MgCl2 at a cut-off of 16.5% K2O. Most of reserves are located in the KPI, KPII and KPIII layers, the KPI being the richest, and KPIII the largest in terms of tonnage. A systematic study of the curvature calculated along the roof of the mineralized layers points out the location of potential main faults which play a major role in the formation of sinkhole during exploitation. A risk map is then derived from this attribute.

  19. Obituary: Michael James Ledlow, 1964-2004 (United States)

    Puxley, Philip John; Grashuis, Randon M.


    Michael James Ledlow died on 5 June 2004 from a large, unsuspected brain tumor. Since 2000 he had been on the scientific staff of the Gemini Observatory in La Serena, Chile, initially as a Science Fellow and then as a tenure-track astronomer. Michael was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on 1 October 1964 to Jerry and Sharon Ledlow. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in astrophysics at the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and attended the University of New Mexico for his graduate work, obtaining his PhD while studying Galaxy Clusters under Frazer Owen in 1994. From 1995-1997 Michael held a postdoctoral position with Jack Burns at New Mexico State University where he used various astronomical facilities including the VLA and Apache Point Observatory to study distant galaxies. From 1998-2000 Michael rejoined the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of New Mexico where he was a visiting professor until he moved on to Gemini. At the Gemini Observatory, Mike shared in the excitement, hard work and many long days and nights associated with bringing on-line a major new astronomical facility and its instrumentation. Following its commissioning he assisted visiting observers, supported and took data for many more remote users via the queue system, and for each he showed the same care and attention to detail evident in his own research to ensure that all got the best possible data. His research concentrated on the radio and optical properties of galaxy clusters, especially rich Abell clusters such as A2125, on luminous radio galaxies, including the detection of a powerful double radio source in the "wrong sort of galaxy," the spiral system 0313-192, and on EROs (extremely red objects), dusty galaxies barely detectable at optical wavelengths. Michael thoroughly enjoyed living in Chile and enthusiastically immersed himself in the culture of his surroundings. He and his family were actively involved with the International English Spanish Association in La Serena. He had a

  20. James Stirling Regionalismo y modernidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier de Esteban Garbayo


    Full Text Available ResumenEn los años treinta, la arquitectura moderna se había introducido en los más remotos lugares del mundo enfrentándose con la infinita idiosincrasia de lo local, y al mismo tiempo, el arquitecto, sintiendo las limitaciones de su estilo e intentando ampliar su vocabulario, se embarcó en un proceso de difusión, asimilación y personalización.La idea de una renovada época después de la posguerra británica, sería compartida por una joven generación de arquitectos con el fin de encontrar una nueva forma de modernidad.Si en sus proyectos domésticos de mediados de los cincuenta, James Stirling partió de una aproximación al regionalismo y a la 'tradición funcional' con el fin de renovar el lenguaje moderno, no abandonaría la idea 'programática' inicial de entender la arquitectura desde una consistencia formal y una lógica que combinaba 'una síntesis común del pasado reciente y una certera actitud hacia el futuro'. AbstractThirties, modern architecture had percolated into remote corners of the world, encountering the infinite idiosyncrasies of locality, and, at the same time, Architects, feelings the limitations of their style and becoming intent upon extending their vocabulary, embarked upon a process of diffusion, assimilation and personalitation.The idea of a renewed period after British postwar, was shared for a new young architects generationto find a new way of modernity.While in his mid fifties housing projects, James Stirling approached to 'regionalism' and 'the functional tradition' to renew the modern language, he wouldn't reject the programmatic idea to understand architecture from a logic and formal consistency that combine 'a common synthesis of the recent past and a certain attitude toward the future'.

  1. A chat with James Watson

    CERN Multimedia


    On 6 September, Nobel laureate James Watson paid a visit to CERN. In this interview, he shares his views with CERN's Paola Catapano.      var flash_video_player=get_video_player_path(); insert_player_for_external('Video/Public/Movies/2011/CERN-MOVIE-2011-144/CERN-MOVIE-2011-144-0753-kbps-640x360-25-fps-audio-64-kbps-44-kHz-stereo', 'mms://', 'false', 480, 360, '', '1384418', true, 'Video/Public/Movies/2011/CERN-MOVIE-2011-144/CERN-MOVIE-2011-144-0600-kbps-maxH-360-25-fps-audio-128-kbps-48-kHz-stereo.mp4');

  2. Professor Igor Yevseyev: In Memoriam Professor Igor Yevseyev: In Memoriam (United States)


    Dear readers and authors, June 3, 2012 will mark five months since Professor Igor Yevseyev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of both journals Laser Physics and Laser Physics Letters passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. He was 67. Born in Moscow, he entered one of the world's best schools of physics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). With this renowned educational and research institution he bonded an alliance for his entire life, starting as an undergraduate student in the Department of Theoretical Physics and later continued as graduate student, assistant professor, associated professor, and full professor in the same department, a rare accomplishment of a person. All those years he retained the love of his life—the love for physics. He worked tirelessly as a teacher and scholar in this captivating field of knowledge. Professor Yevseyev was one of the founders of the international journal of Laser Physics in 1990, the first academic English language journal published in the former USSR. Later, in 2004, the second journal, Laser Physics Letters was brought to the forum of global laser physics community. The idea behind this new title was Professor Yevseyev's initiative to reach the readers and participants with new pioneering and break-through research results more rapidly. His leadership and indefatigable dedication to the quality of published materials made it possible that this journal reached international recognition in a few short years. Still, in order to attract even more attention of potential contributors and readers, Professor Yevseyev originally proposed to conduct the International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS) on the annual basis. Since 1992 the Workshop has been conducted every year, each year in a different country. As in all previous years, Professor Yevseyev was the key organizer of this year's workshop in Calgary, Canada. Sadly, this workshop will take place without him. Editorial Board

  3. Using potash fertilizer to improve fruit development and fruit quality of longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Praprutdee, O.


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to determine the effect of potash fertilizers on fruit development and fruit quality, nutrient concentration in leaf, peduncle, rind and pulp of longkong fruit and some properties of soil. The experimental design was randomized complete block design (RCB with 5 replicates (one tree per replicate and 6 treatments as follows: (1 without K (control, (2 applied 13-13-21 at 2 kg tree-1, (3 applied 13-13-21 2 at kg tree-1 + K2SO4 at 1 kg tree-1, (4 applied 13-13-21 at 2 kg tree-1 + KCl at 733 g tree-1 (5 K2SO4 at 840 g tree-1 and (6 KCl at 700 g tree-1. The results showed that K application increased cluster weight, fruit weight, fruit diameter and total soluble solids (TSS, compared with the control (P<0.05, whereas the rind thickness decreased. However, there was no apparent effect on length of peduncle, peduncle weight, number of fruits and juice titratable acidity (TA. Even though K fertilization improved fruit qualities, among the K sources fruit qualities were not significantly different. The fruit qualities of the Kfertilized (average and control treatments after 14 weeks of fruit set were as follow: cluster weight 473.06 and 336.59 g cluster-1, fruit weight 432.90 and 272.79 g cluster-1, fruit diameter 32.75 and 29.96 mm and TSS 17.46 and 14.88 % Brix respectively. Moreover, K concentrations in leaf, rind and pulp in the K-fertilized treatments were higher than in the control (P<0.05, while Ca concentrations in leaf and rind were reversed (P<0.05. However, pulp K concentrations in the K-fertilized and control treatments were not different. Two application times of K-fertilizer did not give better fruit qualities than a single one, but resulted in higher amount of exchangeable K accumulation in soil. Therefore, it is recommended that KCl can be applied as a single application to longkong trees at 5 weeks after fruit set.

  4. Lines and Spaces: James Dickey's "The Leap." (United States)

    Murray, Sandra Cowan


    Describes a teacher's experience in presenting her students with James Dickey's poem "The Leap." Focuses on the primary visual images of the poem, the space where memory lives, the space where contemplation thrives, and the space where emotions dwell. (PRA)

  5. The Profession and the Professors. (United States)

    Dain, Phyllis


    Speculates on why graduate library schools have not, in the persons of their professors, produced theoretical leadership in Library Science. The ideals of professional ethical standards are contrasted with present practice. (RAA)

  6. Response to Professor Jean Guichard


    Kargulowa, Alicja; Czerkawska, Alicja; Kłodkowska, Joanna; Siarkiewicz, Elżbieta; Zielińska-Pękał, Daria; Zierkiewicz, Edyta


    The article recounts a discussion inspired by Professor Jean Guichard’s letter to Professor Alicja Kargulowa. Its participants – a group of female counsellogists – are engaged in an e-mail exchange that freely unfolds in the symbolic space of the on-line discourse. Embedded in their own specific research, their contributions depart from a conventional, structured line of argumentation, spontaneously, and at the same time insightfully, reflecting on various facets of purification and translati...

  7. James Parkinson and his essay on "shaking palsy", two hundred years later. (United States)

    Palacios-Sánchez, Leonardo; Torres Nupan, Martha; Botero-Meneses, Juan Sebastián


    In 1817, British physician James Parkinson published a 66-page document entitled "Essay on the Shaking Palsy". This brief text became a classical and fundamental piece in the history of medicine and, in particular, of neurology. The authors of this article wish to pay tribute to this great pioneer of neurology, 200 years after the publication of his findings, which would, in turn, immortalize his name and give rise to the renaming on the entity in 1860 by Professor Jean Martin Charcot, father of neurology. It would be known, henceforth as Parkinson's disease.

  8. James Parkinson and his essay on “shaking palsy”, two hundred years later

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leonardo Palacios-Sánchez

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT In 1817, British physician James Parkinson published a 66-page document entitled “Essay on the Shaking Palsy”. This brief text became a classical and fundamental piece in the history of medicine and, in particular, of neurology. The authors of this article wish to pay tribute to this great pioneer of neurology, 200 years after the publication of his findings, which would, in turn, immortalize his name and give rise to the renaming on the entity in 1860 by Professor Jean Martin Charcot, father of neurology. It would be known, henceforth as Parkinson’s disease.

  9. 75 FR 1650 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed HB Potash, LLC-“In... (United States)


    ... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed HB Potash, LLC--``In-Situ'' Solution Mine Project, Eddy County, NM AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior. ACTION: Notice of Intent. SUMMARY: In compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of...

  10. James Alfred Loader: ’n Huldeblyk aan ’n krities-solidêre profeet in die eties-teologiese tradisie/James Alfred Loader: A tribute to a critical-solidary prophet in the ethical theological tradition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andries G. van Aarde


    Full Text Available This article is the introduction to the James Alfred Loader Dedication. It consists of a tribute to Professor Loader’s academic contribution to Old Testament, Middle-Eastern religio-literary studies and the Rabbinical background of the Old- and New Testament. The article is modelled after the tribute published in German in the annual publication of the Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät Wien (Vienna, Austria due to the honorary doctorate conferred on Professor Loader by the University of Pretoria (South Africa in 2009. The tribute is combined with a comprehensive curriculum vitae, in part written in German, Afrikaans and English, and consisting of referencing Professor Loader’s personal data, his role as minister of religion, his academic awards, participation in scholarly societies, professional academic positions, academic reviewing, editorial activity, presentation of academic papers and a list of publications.

  11. James Alfred Loader: ’n Huldeblyk aan ’n krities-solidêre profeet in die eties-teologiese tradisie/James Alfred Loader: A tribute to a critical-solidary prophet in the ethical theological tradition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andries G. van Aarde


    Full Text Available This article is the introduction to the James Alfred Loader Dedication. It consists of a tribute to Professor Loader’s academic contribution to Old Testament, Middle-Eastern religio-literary studies and the Rabbinical background of the Old- and New Testament. The article is modelled after the tribute published in German in the annual publication of the Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät Wien (Vienna, Austria due to the honorary doctorate conferred on Professor Loader by the University of Pretoria (South Africa in 2009. The tribute is combined with a comprehensive curriculum vitae, in part written in German, Afrikaans and English, and consisting of referencing Professor Loader’s personal data, his role as minister of religion, his academic awards, participation in scholarly societies, professional academic positions, academic reviewing, editorial activity, presentation of academic papers and a list of publications.

  12. Obituary: James N. Kile, 1958-2007 (United States)

    Cliver, Edward W.; Lang, Kenneth R.; Willson, Robert F.


    James N. Kile, of Needham Heights, Massachusetts, died on 17 August 2007, following a brave two-year battle with cancer. One of three children of David R. Kile and Betty Jane Kile, Jim was born in Niagara Falls, New York, on 20 April 1958 and lived in the nearby village of Lewiston before his family settled in Alden, an hour east of Niagara Falls, when Jim was nine. Jim's father worked for American Telephone and Telegraph for 37 years, and his mother was a homemaker. Jim earned his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1980, a Master's degree from Northwestern University in 1982, and a Doctorate from Tufts University in 1996 under the direction of Robert Willson. His thesis involved comparison of radio data from the Very Large Array and the Russian RATAN 600 telescope with Yohkoh soft X-ray data, with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between solar noise storms and coronal magnetic fields. While working on his thesis, Jim collaborated with one of us (EWC) at the Air Force Research Laboratory on an investigation of the 154-day periodicity in solar flares. The resulting publication (ApJ 370, 442, 1991) is his most cited work. Jim co-authored four other papers in refereed journals. Jim's professional affiliations included the American Astronomical Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Geophysical Union, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Jim worked as a contractor in the defense industry from 1982 until the time of his death, settling in the Boston area in the early 1980s. He worked for Calspan Corporation from 1982-1989, the Ultra Corporation from 1989-1994, and the Riverside Research Institute from 1994-2007. He was a highly-respected expert in radar systems, including radar data and systems analysis, systems engineering, and planning support for radar acquisition programs and technology development. The work entailed frequent extended travel to Norway for system testing

  13. St. James marine terminal facility description

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The US Department of Energy (DOE) currently owns and operates a marine terminal on the west bank of the Mississippi River at St. James, Louisiana. The St. James facility was constructed by the Department to provide marine services associated with the fill and drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) crude oil storage facilities located at Bayou Choctaw and Weeks Island, Louisiana. Although strategic to the mission of the SPR in the event of a national emergency, the St. James terminal is situated such that it has a high potential to also serve the commercial industry`s needs for crude oil terminalling and storage. The St. James terminal is located approximately 45 miles west of New Orleans and 30 miles southeast of Baton Rouge, and approximately 160 miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi River. Construction of the St. James terminal was initiated in 1978 and was completed in 1980. Since then, the terminal has received and transferred over 125 million barrels of crude oil to the SPR sites for storage. For crude oil distribution, the St. James terminal was connected to the neighboring LOCAP terminal by a 0.1 mile 36-inch pipeline in 1981 and to the Capline terminal by a 0.5 mile 30-inch pipeline in 1988. The terminal also has a 30-inch pipeline connection to the Koch oil terminal which was used for initial fill purposes; however, this pipeline has been disconnected and is currently inactive. A complete description of the St. James terminal facilities, operational capabilities, operational certifications, and future Government requirements are presented in Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

  14. Obituary: James Adolph Westphal, 1930-2004 (United States)

    Danielson, G. Edward


    James A. Westphal died September 8, 2004. He had battled a neurological disease related to Alzheimer's for the past year. He was 74. James A. Westphal was born in Dubuque, Iowa, on June 13, 1930. He was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Little Rock, Arkansas. Westphal earned his bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Tulsa in 1954, a year after he went to work as geophysical research group leader at Sinclair Research Lab in Tulsa. Westphal first got into the business of scientific instrumentation right after high school, when he did well-logging in Texas and Gulf Coast oil fields. In fact, his work at Sinclair Research Labs involved devising unorthodox methods for oil discovery; one of his discoveries of a new way of processing seismic data first brought him to the attention of Caltech professor Hewitt Dix, who is often considered the father of exploration geophysics. Westphal arrived at Caltech initially on a four-month leave of absence to devise a data processor for Dix, but never left. He discovered that the academic freedom individual professors enjoy was amenable to his own predilections, so he soon began branching out to other areas of scientific investigation at Caltech. Before long, he had teamed up with Bruce Murray to do thermal infrared scans of the moon in order to see if humans could even walk on the lunar surface without sinking into the dusty soil. Westphal and Murray's work showed that rocky areas could be identified with the thermal imaging, which in turn led to the inference that the Apollo astronauts could safely walk on the soil without sinking. Westphal and Murray also teamed up to do the first infrared imaging of Venus and Jupiter. Other projects at Caltech led to Westphal's being hired on permanently by Bob Sharp, who at the time was the geology division chairman. In the following years, Westphal involved himself in novel ways of studying volcanism in Hawaii and Mount St. Helens. He invented a simple and very sensitive tilt meter

  15. Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James's Use of the Old Testament (United States)

    Morales, Nelson R.


    The epistle of James was for years a forgotten book in academic circles. In recent decades, however, a renewed focus on early Judaism has generated interest in looking at James with new eyes. Poverty and wealth in the epistle continues to be a point of interest. Other topics, however, are still to be explored. One of these topics is the rhetorical…

  16. Space perception and William James's metaphysical presuppositions. (United States)

    Farrell, Martin J


    William James's overtly philosophical work may be more continuous with his psychological work than is sometimes thought. His Essays in Radical Empiricism can be understood as an explicit statement of the absolute presupposition that formed the basis of Jamesian psychology: that direct experience is primary and has to be taken at face value. An examination of James's theory of space perception suggests that, even in his early work, he presupposed the primacy of direct experience, and that later changes in his account of space perception can be understood as making his view more consistent with this presupposition. In his earlier view of space perception, James argued that sensations were directly experienced as spatial, though he accepted that spatial relations between sensations may be constructed by higher order thought. In his later view, however, James argued that spatial relations were just as directly experienced as sensations. The work of T. H. Green may have prompted James to recognize the full consequence of his ideas and to realize that taking experience at face value required that spatial relations be thought of as intrinsic to experience rather than the result of intellectual construction.

  17. Determination of intensity functions for predicting subsidence from coal mining, potash mining, and groundwater withdrawal using the influence function technique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Triplett, T.; Yurchak, D. [Twin Cities Research Center, Bureau of Mines, US Dept. of the Interior, Minneapolis, MN (United States)


    This paper presents research, conducted by the Bureau of Mines, on modifying the influence function method to predict subsidence. According to theory, this technique must incorporate an intensity function to represent the relative significance of the causes of subsidence. This paper shows that the inclusion of a reasonable intensity function increases the accuracy of the technique, then presents the required functions for case studies of longwall coal mining subsidence in Illinois, USA, potash mining subsidence in new Mexico, USA, and subsidence produced by ground water withdrawal in California, USA. Finally, the paper discusses a method to predict the resultant strain from a simply measured site constant and ground curvatures calculated by the technique. (orig.)

  18. Obituary: James Gilbert Baker, 1914-2005 (United States)

    Baker, Neal Kenton


    Dr. James Gilbert Baker, renowned astronomer and optical physicist, died 29 June 2005 at his home in Bedford, New Hampshire at the age of 90. Although his scientific interest was astronomy, his extraordinary ability in optical design led to the creation of hundreds of optical systems that supported astronomy, aerial reconnaissance, instant photography (Polaroid SX70 camera), and the US space programs. He was the recipient of numerous awards for his creative work. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on 11 November 1914, the fourth child of Jesse B. Baker and Hattie M. Stallard. After graduating from Louisville DuPont Manual High, he went on to attend the University of Louisville majoring in Mathematics. He became very close to an Astronomy Professor, Dr. Moore, and many times used his telescopes to do nightly observations. While at the university, he built mirrors for his own telescopes and helped form the Louisville Astronomical Society in 1933. At the University of Louisville, he also met his future wife, Elizabeth Katherine Breitenstein of Jefferson County, Kentucky. He received his BA in 1935 at the height of the Depression. He began his graduate work in astronomy at the Harvard College Observatory. After his MA (1936), he was appointed a Junior Fellow (1937-1943) in the Prestigious Harvard Society of Fellows. He received his PhD in 1942 from Harvard in rather an unusual fashion, which is worth retelling. During an Astronomy Department dinner, Dr. Harlow Shapley (the director) asked him to give a talk. According to the "Courier-Journal Magazine", "Dr. Shapley stood up and proclaimed an on-the-spot departmental meeting and asked for a vote on recommending Baker for a Ph.D. on the basis of the 'oral exam' he had just finished. The vote was unanimous." It was at Harvard College Observatory during this first stage of his career that he collaborated with Donald H. Menzel, Lawrence H. Aller, and George H. Shortley on a landmark set of papers on the physical processes

  19. Il professor Mitja Skubic ottuagenario

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martina Ožbot


    Full Text Available Incredibile ma vero: il professor Mitja Skubic si trova, questa volta lui stesso, al centro dell’attenzione anziché essere il motore, il perno dell’attività. La ragione per questo attimo di respiro è il suo ottantesimo compleanno, a dire il vero passato già da tempo. È pressoché una contingenza aneddotica quella per cui il volume dedicatogli per l’occasione viene pubblicato così tardi: il professore ha continuato a tener d’occhio la nostra rivista ben dopo aver nominato i nuovi direttori tanto che sarebbe stato impossibile sorprenderlo con una miscellanea di contributi in suo onore.

  20. Professor@s e Eros Teachers and Eros

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deborah P. Britzman


    Full Text Available Professores/as são testemunhas do fantástico mundo da sexualidade. Esse artigo explora a centralidade de Eros para a educação e estabelece uma relação entre o desejo do/a professor/a e os acontecimentos emocionais da relação própria relação aluno/professor. Eu proponho que o aprendizado deva envolver nosso "eu" erótico, além das nossas fantasias. Mas esta perspectiva requer que professores/as considerem uma psicologia do amor como um caminho principal para a as situações emocionais de Eros. Na sua conclusão este trabalho sugere uma pedagogia que dê as boas vindas tanto à homossexualidade como a heterossexualidade como expressões humanas do amor.Teachers bear witness to the wondrous world of sexuality. This essay explores the centrality of Eros to education and links the teacher's desire to the emotional situation of the student/teacher relationship. I propose that learning involves our erotic selves and our fantasy life. But such a view requires that teachers consider a psychology of love as lending insight into the emotional situation of Eros. The paper concludes by suggesting a pedagogy that welcomes homosexuality and heterosexuality as human expressions of love.

  1. William James, Gustav Fechner, and Early Psychophysics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanie L. Hawkins


    Full Text Available American psychologist and philosopher William James devoted the entirety of his career to exploring the nature of volition, as expressed by such phenomena as will, attention, and belief. As part of that endeavor, James's unorthodox scientific pursuits, from his experiments with nitrous oxide and hallucinogenic drugs to his investigation of spiritualist mediums, represent his attempt to address the "hard problems" of consciousness for which his training in brain physiology and experimental psychology could not entirely account. As a student, James's reading in chemistry and physics had sparked his interest in the concepts of energy and force, terms that he later deployed in his writing about consciousness and in his arguments against philosophical monism and scientific materialism, as he developed his radically empiricist ideas privileging discontinuity and plurality. Despite James's long campaign against scientific materialism, he was, however, convinced of the existence of a naturalistic explanation for the more "wayward and fitful" aspects of mind, including transcendent experiences associated with hysteria, genius, and religious ecstasy. In this paper, I examine aspects of James's thought that are still important for contemporary debates in psychology and neuroscience: his "transmission theory" of consciousness, his ideas on the "knowing of things together," and, finally, the related concept of "the compounding of consciousness," which postulates the theoretical possibility for individual entities within a conscious system of thought to "know" the thoughts of others within the system. Taken together, these ideas suggest that James, in spite of, or perhaps because of, his forays into metaphysics, was working toward a naturalistic understanding of consciousness, what I will term a "distributive model," based on his understanding of consciousness as an "awareness" that interacts dynamically within, and in relation to, its environment.

  2. Professors of the New Economy. (United States)

    Wilson, Robin


    Profiles four professors who epitomize the increasing influence of academe on new technology-driven Internet business: a start-up maven, Steven Kaplan; a social psychologist, Michael Ray; a cyberlawyer, David Post; and an e-commerce expert, Andrew B. Whinston. (DB)

  3. An Interview with James T. Webb. (United States)

    Kirschenbaum, Robert J.


    This interview with James T. Webb, clinical psychologist and coauthor of "Guiding the Gifted Child" (1982), focuses on ambivalent messages communicated to gifted/talented children, balancing parental attention among gifted and less gifted siblings, teaching social skills, underachievement, benefits of special programing for emotional development,…

  4. James Watt: Father of Steam Power

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 14; Issue 6. James Watt: Father of Steam Power. K V Gopalakrishnan. General Article Volume 14 Issue 6 June 2009 pp 522-529. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Keywords.

  5. James Baldwin: Voyages in Search of Love

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Leeming


    Full Text Available From the time of his early adolescence until his death, traveling was one of, if not the, driving force of James Baldwin’s life. He traveled to escape, he travelled to discover, and he traveled because traveling was a way of knowing himself, of realizing his vocation.

  6. Senator James Eastland : Mississippi's Jim Crow Democrat

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zwiers, Maarten


    In the years following World War II, the national Democratic Party aligned its agenda more and more with the goals of the civil rights movement. By contrast, a majority of southern Democrats remained as committed as ever to a longstanding segregationist ideology. Through the career of Senator James

  7. Product placement in movies - James Bond


    Kalová, Simona


    Product placement as a means of marketing communication is getting very important. The thesis defines product placement, deals with its history and explains some of its forms. It focuses mainly on its occurrance in movies, especially in the series concerning British secret agent James Bond. The research part focuses on the consumer`s opinion on product placement.

  8. NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS H. Johnson Nenty, Professor ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS. H. Johnson Nenty, Professor, Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, Department of Educational. Foundations, University of Botswana Idowu Biao, Professor of Lifelong learning, Department of Adult Education,. University of Botswana. Cletus K. Mbowura, Lecturer, Department of ...

  9. ICT Use by Journalism Professors in Colombia (United States)

    Hung, Elias Said


    This article analyses how journalism professors at Colombian universities use information and communications technologies (ICT) in their teaching. Survey data was obtained during the first trimester of 2009 from 63 professors in journalism departments and from a total of 865 professors who are affiliated with journalism departments at 29…

  10. Erratum: Professor J. H. S. Gear

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    s short of their. Lesley, a nd their amily a proper Wake on 15 November 1994. Erratum: Professor J. H. S. Gear. The name of Professor B. D. Schoub, Director of the. National Institute for Virology, was inadvertently omitted as the author of the obituary of Professor J. H. S. Gear published in the September 1994 SAMJ. Books.

  11. Obituary: James Alfred Van Allen, 1914-2006 (United States)

    Ludwig, George H.; McIlwain, Carl Edwin


    new Physics and Astronomy building was completed in 1964 (rechristened in 1982, appropriately, as Van Allen Hall), he set up his private working room apart from his departmental office in a large, soon-cluttered, corner office on the seventh floor. That room became the center of his activity in 1985, when he retired as Department Head and active teacher. There, through his retirement years and until shortly before his death, he continued his roles as researcher, advisor, and mentor, serving at times as Professor Emeritus, Carver Professor of Physics, and Regent Distinguished Professor. Van Allen maintained membership in over a dozen professional organizations and received over a dozen Honorary ScD degrees. His additional awards and other distinct forms of recognition are far too numerous to list here, but include AAS's Gerard P. Kuiper Prize, the Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the National Medal of Science presented by U.S. President Reagan, the National Science Foundation's Vannevar Bush Award, NASA's Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2006 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Lifetime Achievement Trophy, the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomy Society, AGU's John A. Fleming Award and William Bowie Medal, and the Abelson Prize by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In addition to those many public acknowledgements of his prodigious contributions, James A. Van Allen will be fondly remembered by his many students, who now populate the entire realm of modern space research. He is survived by his wife, Abigail Fithian Halsey II Van Allen, and his five children, Cynthia Van Allen Schaffner, Dr. Margot Van Allen Cairns, Sarah Van Allen Trimble, Thomas Halsey Van Allen, and Peter C. Van Allen.

  12. Product Placement in James Bond Movies


    Habětín, Matěj


    The topic of this bachelor thesis is product placement in James Bond movies. My goal was to explore the issue of product placement on cases of selected movies and its impact on the audience (especially on the Czech audience). I divided my bachelor thesis into six chapters. The first three are mostly theoretical. Here I focus mainly on marketing communications mix and its forms, then on product placement in movies in general. In the remaining three chapters, I occupied with product placement e...

  13. Removal of Anionic Dyes from Water by Potash Alum Doped Polyaniline: Investigation of Kinetics and Thermodynamic Parameters of Adsorption. (United States)

    Patra, Braja N; Majhi, Deola


    Polyaniline was synthesized by the oxidative polymerization method by using ammonium persulfate as an oxidant. The positive charge in the backbone of the polymer was generated by using Potash alum as a dopant. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques were used for characterization of doped polyaniline. The doped polyaniline can be used for selective adsorption of various dyes (selectively sulfonated dyes) from aqueous solution. Adsorption studies regarding the effect of contact time, initial dye concentration, pH, doses of adsorbent, and temperature on adsorption kinetics were investigated. The influence of other anions like Cl(-), NO3(-), and SO4(2-) on the adsorption density of dyes onto doped polyaniline was also explored. Langmuir isotherm and pseudo-second-order kinetics were found to be the most appropriate models to describe the removal of anionic dyes from water through adsorption. Thermodynamic parameters such as free energy (ΔG(0)), enthalpy (ΔH(0)), and entropy (ΔS(0)) changes were also evaluated. The interaction of dyes with doped polyaniline was also investigated by FTIR and UV spectroscopy.

  14. Interview with Professor Mark Wilcox. (United States)

    Wilcox, Mark


    Mark Wilcox speaks to Georgia Patey, Commissioning Editor: Professor Mark Wilcox is a Consultant Microbiologist and Head of Microbiology at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (Leeds, UK), the Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Leeds (Leeds, UK), and is the Lead on Clostridium difficile and the Head of the UK C. difficile Reference Laboratory for Public Health England (PHE). He was the Director of Infection Prevention (4 years), Infection Control Doctor (8 years) and Clinical Director of Pathology (6 years) at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. He is Chair of PHE's Rapid Review Panel (reviews utility of infection prevention and control products for National Health Service), Deputy Chair of the UK Department of Health's Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection Committee and a member of PHE's HCAI/AR Programme Board. He is a member of UK/European/US working groups on C. difficile infection. He has provided clinical advice as part of the FDA/EMA submissions for the approval of multiple novel antimicrobial agents. He heads a healthcare-associated infection research team at University of Leeds, comprising approximately 30 doctors, scientists and nurses; projects include multiple aspects of C. difficile infection, diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance and the clinical development of new antimicrobial agents. He has authored more than 400 publications, and is the coeditor of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (5th/6th/7th Editions, 15 December 2007).

  15. [Nicolas Dobo and Pierre Jame about the army medical general Lucian Jame]. (United States)

    Dobo, N; Jame, P


    Lucien Jame was born October the 20th 1891 at Gourdon (Lot). State Police Officer's son, he studied in Lyon at the Military Health School. Called up August the 6th 1914, he shined among many fights and wore a lot of medals. After the armistice he defended his thesis upon "Venereal diseases prophylaxis study". March the 9th 1921, medical Officer in South Algeria, he published some original articles regarding to leprosis, tuberculosis and malaria. After a competitive examination in France, Lucien Jame became a Medical Commanding Officer of Military Health Service in Toulouse where Nicolas Dobo was at his disposal. August the 6th 1943, in the same rank in Algier then in Rabat, Lucien Jame reached the top of his career as Chief Executive of Military Health Service. He planed First French army medical operations through Italy, France and Germany battles. "Grand-Officier de la Légion d'honneur", the Army Medical General Lucien Jame retired but kept on with works dedicated to hygiene and preventive medicine till he died, June the 16th, 1969.

  16. Professor Gender, Age, and "Hotness" in Influencing College Students' Generation and Interpretation of Professor Ratings (United States)

    Sohr-Preston, Sara L.; Boswell, Stefanie S.; McCaleb, Kayla; Robertson, Deanna


    A sample of 230 undergraduate psychology students rated their expectations of a bogus professor (who was randomly designated a man or woman and "hot" versus "not hot") based on ratings and comments found on Five professor qualities were derived using principal components analysis: dedication,…

  17. Kuula. Kellele ei meeldiks James Blunt? / Mart Juur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Juur, Mart, 1964-


    Heliplaatidest: James Blunt "Back To Bedlam", Enrique Iglesias "Insomniac", Prince "Planet Earth", Garbage "Absolut Garbage", Justice "Cross", Interpol "Our Love To Admire", Rufus Wainwright "Release The Stars"

  18. James Henry Greathead and the London Underground

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurence Wright


    Full Text Available This article investigates the origins and early history of the device known as the ‘Greathead Shield’, an important innovation in Victorian engineering crucial to constructing the London Underground. The aim is to explore the basis on which, many years later, a South African engineer, James Henry Greathead, was accorded prominent public acknowledgment, in the form of a statue, for ‘inventing’ the Shield. From a cultural studies perspective, how is the meaning of ‘invention’ to be understood, given that several other brilliant engineers were involved? The question is adjudicated using the notion of cultural ‘extelligence’, seen in relation to several contemporary and historical accounts, including Greathead’s own record of his achievements in the proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers and presented in The City and South London Railway (1896, edited by James Forrest. The paper was first delivered at the conference on ‘Novelty and Innovation in the Nineteenth Century’ held at the North-West University in May 2016.

  19. Henry James – Modern Theoretician of Narration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandra - Denisa IGNA


    Full Text Available Henry James, properly named world writer, was one of the first modern novelists, with an exigent writing conscience. The American writer subverted the prejudgement of the omniscient author in favour of the narration which is centred on the characters’ point of view, thus modernising the novel before V. Woolf, Huxley, Thomas Mann, or in our case Camil Petrescu and G. Călinescu. Some bio-bibliographical information familiarises the reader with the life and work of this writer. The larger part of the article is dedicated to a case study of the novel with the metaphorical title: The Figure in the Carpet, where Henry James tries to illustrate in an artistic manner his conception regarding the profundity and ineffability of the literary creation. The conclusion which the author reaches, alternating the familiar plan of the relationship between a married couple with the esthetical plan, is that the relationship between writer and his work represents an act of fully intimacy, just like a ceremony that takes place in the wedding night

  20. 'Supermentoring' of assistant professors' teaching

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lauridsen, Ole

    Aarhus University offers a mandatory pedagogical training program for assistant professors, required in order to obtain tenure at a Danish university. At Business and Social Sciences, this program is supplemented by voluntary observation and (first of all formative) supervision of the assistant...... professors’ teaching practice. This offer is given is (i) because many young university teachers face problems putting pedagogical theory into practice – even though the program mentioned is practice-oriented, and (ii) because many of them (partly due to (i)) lack self-confidence as to teaching....... The presentation will discuss the theoretical framework of the supervision given and compare it to other supervision models. Furthermore it will address the need of working with supervision in a SOTL context. Attendees will be activated through discussion of short prototypical cases. A possible – and desired...

  1. Observations on Professor Hayek's Plan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ludwig von Mises


    Full Text Available This memorandum was written at the request of Henry Hazlitt to provide Mises’s comments on and concerns about F.A. Hayek’s initial proposals for what became the Mont Pèlerin Society. Mises stresses that those who favor liberty and freedom and oppose totalitarianism must also oppose interventionism. The memo argues that those who fought and lost against the rising tide of totalitarianism at the turn of the 20th Century lost their battles because they settled for middle-of-the-road policies that conceded considerable ground to the socialists. The weak point in Professor Hayek’s plan is that it relies upon the cooperation of many men who are today’s middle-of-the-roaders. As interventionists, they may not be the hoped-for intellectual pioneers to inspire people to build a freer world.

  2. Professor Camillo Negro's Neuropathological Films. (United States)

    Chiò, Adriano; Gianetto, Claudia; Dagna, Stella


    Camillo Negro, Professor in Neurology at the University of Torino, was a pioneer of scientific film. From 1906 to 1908, with the help of his assistant Giuseppe Roasenda and in collaboration with Roberto Omegna, one of the most experienced cinematographers in Italy, he filmed some of his patients for scientific and educational purposes. During the war years, he continued his scientific film project at the Military Hospital in Torino, filming shell-shocked soldiers. In autumn 2011, the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, in partnership with the Faculty of Neurosciences of the University of Torino, presented a new critical edition of the neuropathological films directed by Negro. The Museum's collection also includes 16 mm footage probably filmed in 1930 by Doctor Fedele Negro, Camillo's son. One of these films is devoted to celebrating the effects of the so-called "Bulgarian cure" on Parkinson's disease.

  3. How College Students View a Professor's Role (United States)

    Gadzella, Bernadette M.


    Views of 3,670 students from six colleges and universities on most and least important traits of an ideal professor were analyzed. All data were collected with the same instrument. Data revealed students selected similar MOST and LEAST important traits of a quality professor. (Author)

  4. Finnish Students' Perceptions of a Visiting Professor. (United States)

    Haussler, Susan C.; Paavilainen, Eija; Astedt-Kurki, Paivi


    Finnish nursing students (n=31) evaluated their experience with a visiting Fulbright professor. Students were satisfied with course content, teaching methods, and information about the U.S. health care system. They thought the professor should have been more knowledgeable about Finnish culture, education, and health care. (Contains 15 references.)…

  5. Professor Delight: Cultivating Organizational Citizenship Behavior (United States)

    Mazen, Abdelmagid; Herman, Susan; Ornstein, Suzyn


    This article describes the rationale for and use of a class innovation the authors call "professor delight." This inexpensive, high-yield concept allows students and professors to enact their understanding of citizenship throughout the term, and often beyond. The authors explain the concept, describe its implementation in class, and link it to the…

  6. Memorial to Professor Antonio Barone (United States)

    Tafuri, Francesco; Pepe, Giampiero; Vaglio, Ruggero


    Antonio Barone prematurely passed away on 4 December 2011 at the age of 72, after a one-year battle with cancer. He left behind his wife Sveva and his two sons, Alberto and Livio. Antonio was Professor Emeritus at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he had been teaching for about 40 years. The initial research activity of Antonio was in the field of nuclear physics. In this context, almost 45 years ago, the Ge 'Lithium drift' semiconductor detectors represented a novelty, due to the high energy resolution enabled by those devices. Superconductors stimulated new approaches to radiation detection and this motivated Antonio's interest towards superconductivity. Following the birth of the Laboratorio di Cibernetica of the CNR in 1967 he was given the opportunity to work on a joint USA-Italy project (University of Wisconsin, Madison and CNR Naples) in the field of superconductivity on the peculiar subject of the superconductive 'Neuristors'. His research activity on Josephson junctions opened up a wide variety of very stimulating subjects in which he was deeply involved, ranging from the soliton propagation in 'long' Josephson structures to fluctuations phenomena, from light-sensitive junctions and proximity effect to the development of innovative superconducting devices. The strong interaction of Antonio with the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, characterizes a long period of his research activity with a precious merging of theoretical and experimental aspects. This body of work converged into the famous monograph on the 'Physics and Applications of the Josephson Effect', written in collaboration with Gianfranco Paternò in 1982. This rapidly became the reference text for the Josephson effect, as documented by thousands of citations and the fact that it was translated into Russian, Japanese and Chinese. In 1983 Antonio was awarded the highest academic title of 'Doctor of the Physical-Mathematical Sciences' by the

  7. Metacognition and Self-Regulation in James, Piaget, and Vygotsky (United States)

    Fox, Emily; Riconscente, Michelle


    This article investigates the intertwined constructs of metacognition and self-regulation as they emerge in the works and theories of James, Piaget, and Vygotsky. To coordinate this exploration, we use an interpretive framework based on the relation of subject and object. In this framework, James's perspective on metacognition and self-regulation…

  8. The National Writing Project: A Best Idea from James Gray. (United States)

    Jago, Carol


    Discusses how James Gray, founder of the Bay Area Writing Project and later the National Writing Project, began with a simple idea--successful teachers are the best teachers of teachers. Describes how James Gray laid a foundation for what has become a national network with 175 sites across the nation, providing a professional home for thousands of…

  9. 75 FR 13323 - James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Exemption (United States)


    ... COMMISSION James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Exemption 1.0 Background Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc... the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAFNPP). The license provides, among other things, that... (10 CFR), Part 50, Section 50.48, requires that nuclear power plants that were licensed before January...

  10. 75 FR 16520 - James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Exemption (United States)


    ... COMMISSION James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Exemption 1.0 Background Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc... the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAFNPP). The license provides, among other things, that... physical protection of licensed activities in nuclear power reactors against radiological sabotage...

  11. The Contributions of James Moir to Physical Chemistry

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    The Contributions of James Moir to Physical Chemistry. P. Loyson*. Chemistry Department, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, P.O. Box 77000, Port Elizabeth, 6031 South Africa. Received 12 May 2014, revised 5 September 2014, Accepted 5 September 2014. ABSTRACT. James Moir was a pioneering chemist in the ...

  12. James Moir (1874–1929) Pioneering Chemical Analyst in South ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    James Moir (1874–1929) Pioneering Chemical Analyst in. South Africa in the Early 1900s. Peter Loyson*. Chemistry Department, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, P.O. Box 77000, Port Elizabeth, 6031 South Africa. Received 17 October 2013, accepted 26 March 2014. ABSTRACT. James Moir, a pioneering chemist ...

  13. James Wallbank (Redundant Technology Initiative) (RTI) / James Wallbank ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Wallbank, James


    James Wallbank (sünd. 1966) on RTI (Aegunud Tehnoloogia Initsiatiiv), mis hoiab alates 2000. aastast käigus Interneti-kohvikut "Access Space") Sheffieldis, rajaja. J. Wallbank 6. 10. 2000 tehtud intervjuus RTI-st, mis kasutab oma installatsioonides, skulptuurides ja teistes madaltehnoloogilistes teostes vanu arvuteid, installatsioonist näitusel "net_condition" Karlssruhe Kunsti- ja Meediatehnoloogia Keskuses (1999), tööst "Network Low Tech Video Wall" (2000) ja muust


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maitê Alves Bezerra


    Full Text Available Ao observar a comunidade portuguesa que busca compreender a historicidade das formas e dos processos de escolarização por meio do estabelecimento de intenso diálogo com outras comunidades, é impossível não dar destaque à figura de António Manuel Seixas Nóvoa. Nascido em Lisboa no ano de 1954, aos 18 anos inicia o curso de Ciências da Educação na Universidade de Lisboa. Após lecionar em importantes universidades tais como Paris V, Oxford e Columbia University, atualmente acumula as posições de reitor da Universidade de Lisboa e professor catedrático da Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação na Instituição. Nóvoa tem se destacado à frente de debates internacionais a respeito da história da educação e educação comparada.

  15. Professor dr hab. Anna Maria Bujakiewicz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Kujawa


    Full Text Available The article presents the biography and scientific achievements of Professor Anna Bujakiewicz. After receiving her master’s degree and doctorate in biology and mycology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Professor Bujakiewicz continued her exciting research and teaching on mycology at her Alma Mater Posnaniensis for more than 50 years. Her publications in this field include many books, articles, and other scholarly reports.

  16. James Parkinson's Chimera: syndrome or disease? (United States)

    Kempster, P A; Hurwitz, B; Lees, A J


    It is 200 years since James Parkinson published An Essay on the Shaking Palsy. While his monograph continues to be acclaimed for its precedence and clarity of description, what is often overlooked is the originality of Parkinson's ideas. Here we show that he appreciated the weakness of the systematic 18th century nosologies, which presupposed that medical species, the building blocks of these Linnaean taxonomic schemes, were as distinct as plant and animal species; and that Parkinson made a conceptual leap about combinations of clinical phenomena in recurring patterns, now recognised to be one of the germs of neurological thinking about syndromes. The Essay's written style underpins another aspect of significance to contemporary neurological practice - an inherent intellectual humility. In this commemorative year we locate the continuing importance of the related notions of syndrome and disease in successive frameworks of knowledge about the shaking palsy. Syndrome and disease are interpreted as dual character concepts, one clinically-based and the other restricted to pathophysiological causation. They both remain fundamental to understanding Parkinson's syndrome-disease today.

  17. Building the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Gardner, Jonathan P.


    The James Webb Space Telescope is the scientific successor to the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes. It will be a large (6.6m) cold (50K) telescope launched into orbit around the second Earth-Sun Lagrange point. It is a partnership of NASA with the European and Canadian Space Agencies. JWST will make progress In almost every area of astronomy, from the first galaxies to form in the early universe to exoplanets and Solar System objects. Webb will have four instruments: The Near-Infrared Camera, the Near-Infrared multi-object Spectrograph, and the Near-Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph will cover the wavelength range 0.6 to 5 microns, while the Mid-Infrared Instrument will do both imaging and spectroscopy from 5 to 28.5 microns. The observatory Is confirmed for launch in 2018; the design is complete and it is in its construction phase. Innovations that make JWST possible include large-area low-noise infrared detectors, cryogenic ASICs, a MEMS micro-shutter array providing multi-object spectroscopy, a non-redundant mask for interferometric coronagraphy and diffraction-limited segmented beryllium mirrors with active wavefront sensing and control. Recent progress includes the completion of the mirrors, the delivery of the first flight instruments and the start of the integration and test phase.

  18. James Frame's The Philosophy of Insanity (1860). (United States)

    Andrews, Jonathan; Philo, Chris


    Our aim in presenting this Classic Text is to foster wider analytical attention to a fascinating commentary on insanity by a former inmate of Glasgow Royal Asylum, Gartnavel, James Frame. Despite limited coverage in existing literature, his text (and other writings) have been surprisingly neglected by modern scholars. Frame's Philosophy presents a vivid, affecting, often destigmatizing account of the insane and their institutional provision in Scotland. Derived from extensive first-hand experience, Frame's chronicle eloquently and graphically delineates his own illness and the roles and perspectives of many other actors, from clinicians and managers to patients and relations. It is also valuable as a subjective, but heavily mediated, kaleidoscopic view of old and new theories concerning mental afflictions, offering many insights about the medico-moral ethos and milieu of the mid-Victorian Scottish asylum. Alternating as consolatory and admonitory illness biography, insanity treatise, mental health self-help guide, and asylum reform and promotion manual, it demands scrutiny for both its more progressive views and its more compromised and prejudicial attitudes.

  19. James Wenceslaus Papez, His Circuit, and Emotion. (United States)

    Bhattacharyya, Kalyan B


    James Papez worked on the anatomical substrates of emotion and described a circuit, mainly composed of the hippocampus, thalamus and cingulum, and published his observations in 1937. However, such an idea existed before him, as evidenced by the rudimentary indications from Paul Broca, and Paul MacLean added some other structures like, septum, amygdala, and hypothalamus in its ambit and called it the limbic system. Paul Ivan Yakovlev, proposed a circuit which also referred to orbitofrontal, insular, anterior temporal lobe, and other nuclei of thalamus. Further works hinted at cerebellar projections into this system and the clinical picture of aggression, arousal and positive feeding responses with stimulation of cerebellar nuclei, attests its possible role. Finally, the work of Heinrich Klüver and Paul Bucy of the United States of America on ablating the temporal lobes and amygdala and the resultant behaviour of the animals, almost incontrovertibly adduced evidence for the operation of a neural circuitry in the genesis of emotion. Additionally, Papez circuit may also be concerned with memory and damage to its various components in Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Korsakoff's syndrome, semantic dementia, and global amnesia, where cognitive disturbance is almost universal, lends credence to its putative role.

  20. James L. Outtz (1947-2016). (United States)

    Zedeck, Sheldon; Cascio, Wayne


    This article memorializes James L. Outtz, who passed away March 26, 2016. For more than 40 years, Outtz was a leading researcher, practitioner, and consultant in the areas of hiring and promotion, employment discrimination, selection-test design and implementation, and legal issues pertaining to employment. He worked tirelessly to enhance opportunities for workforce diversity through greater inclusion of minorities and women. Another important focus was on strategies to minimize adverse impact through alternative approaches to selection. His work significantly influenced best practices in equal employment opportunity, and he was a highly sought-after legal-compliance consultant and testifying expert, advisor to courts, and participant on consent decrees with experts and lawyers from all sides of an issue. His efforts involved some of the most prominent corporations in America and most visible public-sector jurisdictions. In his final 2 years, he became president-elect of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  1. James F. T. Bugental (1915-2008). (United States)

    Schneider, Kirk J; Greening, Tom


    James F. T. Bugental died peacefully at age 92 at his Petaluma, California, home on September 18, 2008. Jim was a leading psychotherapist and a founding father, with Abraham Maslow and others, of humanistic psychology, or the "third force" (in contrast to psychoanalysis and behaviorism). Jim was also the creator, along with Rollo May, of existential-humanistic psychotherapy. Jim was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Christmas Day in 1915. Jim earned his doctorate in 1948 from Ohio State University, where he was influenced by Victor Raimy and George Kelly. After a brief time on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) faculty in psychology, Jim resigned in 1953 to found the first group practice of psychotherapy, Psychological Service Associates, with Alvin Lasko. With Abraham Maslow and others, Jim was a cofounder of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology (JHP) and the Association for Humanistic Psychology in 1961. Jim also wrote many books on the topic of psychotherapy during his lifetime. Jim was a great and bold spirit--his many writings and teachings are cherished today widely, and the field of psychology is much richer for his efforts. 2009 APA, all rights reserved

  2. Differences between Male Students' and Female Students' Perception of Professors (United States)

    Tomkiewicz, Joseph; Bass, Kenneth


    This study is an empirical examination of possible differences between female and male college seniors' perceptions between male and female college professors. Subjects were presented with three variations of a scale designed to measure students' perceptions of university professors in general, female professors, and male professors. These…

  3. Public Use Management Plan James River National Wildlife Refuge 1992 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Public Use Plan for James River National Wildlife Refuge is intended to identify public use issues, objectives, and appropriate strategies for managing public...

  4. James River National Wildlife Refuge: Final comprehensive conservation plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on James River National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years. This plan outlines the...

  5. NASA 3D Models: James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be a large infrared telescope with a 6.5-meter primary mirror. The project is working to a 2018 launch date. The JWST will...

  6. James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge: Comprehensive Conservation Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years. This plan outlines the...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esma İgüs


    Full Text Available This article examines the life and works of British architect William James Smith and outlines his contributions to nineteenth century Ottoman architecture and presents his prominence as an architectural historian of nineteenth century British architectural work.

  8. Kuidas kõrgemale ohvitserile ettekannet teha / James Stavridis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Stavridis, James, 1955-


    Endine NATO Euroopa liitlasvägede ülemjuhataja jagab nõuandeid mõjusa ja konstruktiivse ettekande kirjutamiseks ja selle esitlemiseks. Lisatud foto, kus kujutatud James Stavridise autasustamist president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poolt

  9. Annual Narrative James River National Wildlife Refuge 1994 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for James River National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1994 calendar year. The report begins with a summary...

  10. Accounting Professor Qualification in Digital Age: A Perception Study on Brazilian Professors (United States)

    Vendruscolo, Maria Ivanice; Behar, Patrícia Alejandra


    This papers aims at analyzing the perception of Accounting professors about the necessary qualifications in Accounting undergraduate courses. The contribution of this study is to theoretically discuss the education of Accounting professors, with empirical data, because Accounting teaching requires specific competencies in the digital area. The…

  11. Pertumbuhan Tunas Ubi Kayu (Manihot esculenta Crantz. Genotipe Jame-jame secara In Vitro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Candra Catur Nugroho


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe continuous supply of true-to-type seedling through in vitro technique is very important for cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz. as the demand for seedlings is increasing. The research consisted of two experiments and they were conducted from February 2013 to February 2014. The first experiment was in vitro shoot multiplication to evaluate the effect of culture medium and single node position on growth and shoot multiplication of cassava Jame-jame genotype. This experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with two factors and four replications. The first factor was culture medium (MS0 and MSB3 and the second factor was single node positions used as explant (basal, middle, and top section of the stem. The result showed that middle section of the stem cultured on MS0 medium had the highest shoot height, number of leaves, and number of nodes. The second experiment was the acclimatization to evaluate the effect of culture period on the success of the acclimatization. This experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design with culture period prior to acclimatization as treatment. The results showed that seedlings from period of 12 and 24 weeks after culture showed higher survival rates (80% than seedling from period of 36 and 48 weeks after culture (50 and 40%. Culture period prior to acclimatization had no significant effect on plant height and number of leaves.Keywords: BAP, culture period, single node position, shoot multiplication

  12. Progress on the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Mather, John C.


    I will describe the scientific program anticipated for the James Webb Space Telescope and the progress in its construction. When the JWST was conceived in 1995 it was expected to make its greatest contributions in the study of the first objects to form after the Big Bang, in the evolution of galaxies, and in the formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems. Since then, the age-distance-redshift relation has become clear with the precise measurement of the Hubble constant, the discovery of the accelerating universe, and the remarkable agreement of CMBR calculations with direct measurements of the large-scale structure. So what is left and what has changed? Galaxy formation and growth is still mysterious, star formation is still hidden, the dark matter and dark energy are still unobservable, and the tools at hand may or may not help enough. But the JWST, as a general-purpose observatory, will be available for imaginative use, and is just what Simon White's polemic seems to request. As an example, the JWST should be quite capable of observing transiting exoplanets with remarkable precision, even though there was no requirement to do so, and its coronagraphs will be very good even without a monolithic primary mirror. The JWST mission has now been officially approved by NASA and is in the Federal budget. It is planned for launch in 2014. Flight instruments will begin to arrive at Goddard in mid-2010, and the first flight mirror segments have already passed their first cryogenic tests. The flight detectors have been selected and have remarkable performance; for example, the near IR detectors have dark currents of the order of 10 electrons per pixel per hour.

  13. The Art and Mystery of Historical Archaeology. Essays in Honor of James Deetz, edited by Anne Elizabeth Yentsch and Mary C. Beaudry, CRC Press. Boca Raton, 1992.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John L. Cotter


    Full Text Available Master archaeologist James Deetz richly merits this "Deetzschrift" by his students and colleagues. Reared in the hills of western Maryland and West Virginia, he was encouraged by a perceptive high school counselor to try for Harvard - successfully - as, says Deetz, "an early case of affirmatitive action…for hillbillies to Ivy League institutions". Deetz became a fabulously popular university professor at U.C. Santa Barbara and Brown, an author of small but seminal books on historical archaeology all while he and his wife raised a brood of nine children. Jim once told me they lived "on the greatest interior midden in Massachusetts".

  14. The housekeeper and the professor a novel

    CERN Document Server

    Ogawa, Yoko


    He is a brilliant math Professor with a peculiar problem—ever since a traumatic head injury, he has lived with only eighty minutes of short-term memory. She is an astute young Housekeeper—with a ten-year-old son—who is hired to care for the Professor. And every morning, as the Professor and the Housekeeper are introduced to each other anew, a strange and beautiful relationship blossoms between them. Though he cannot hold memories for long (his brain is like a tape that begins to erase itself every eighty minutes), the Professor's mind is still alive with elegant equations from the past. And the numbers, in all of their articulate order, reveal a sheltering and poetic world to both the Housekeeper and her young son. The Professor is capable of discovering connections between the simplest of quantities—like the Housekeeper's shoe size—and the universe at large, drawing their lives ever closer and more profoundly together, even as his memory slips away. Yoko Ogawa's The Housekeeper and the Professo...

  15. Professor Karel Oštir zum andenken

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bojan Čop


    Full Text Available Die Redaktion der Zeitschrift tinguistica beschloss am Anfang des Jahres 1973, den XIII.Jg. der Vollendung des fünfundachtzigsten Lebensjahres, die Professor Karel Oštir am 13. Oktober feiern sollte, zu widmen. Da sich aber das Sammeln des Materials für diesen Jahrgang sowie der Druck des XII. Jahrganges allzusehr in die Länge gezogen hatten, ist uns das unerbittliche Schicksal zuvorgekommen: am 27. Dezember 1973 ist Professor Karel Oštir sanft entschlafen. Das Leben eines der eigenartigsten Sprachwissenschaftler aller Zei ten hat sich so erfüllt. Aus einer Festschrift musste nun eine Gedenkschrift werden.

  16. Professor Stewart's casebook of mathematical mysteries

    CERN Document Server

    Stewart, Ian


    Like its wildly popular predecessors Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities and Hoard of Mathematical Treasures, Professor Stewart's brand-new book is a miscellany of over 150 mathematical curios and conundrums, packed with trademark humour and numerous illustrations. In addition to the fascinating formulae and thrilling theorems familiar to Professor Stewart's fans, the Casebook follows the adventures of the not-so-great detective Hemlock Soames and his sidekick Dr John Watsup (immortalised in the phrase 'Watsup, Doc?'). By a remarkable coincidence they live at 222B Baker Street, just a

  17. Kai Adolf Jensen, professor i almindelig patologi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Høiby, Niels


    for the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine production and supervised many young scientists’ doctoral theses on the aspects of tuberculosis. He became internationally recognized, and he revealed an important scientific fraud in the laboratory of the Austrian professor Ernst Löwenstein (1878-1950), who claimed that he...

  18. String theorist takes over as Lucasian Professor (United States)

    Banks, Michael


    String theorist Michael Green will be the next Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Green, 63, will succeed Stephen Hawking, who held the chair from 1980 before retiring last month at the age of 67 and taking up a distinguished research chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada (see above).

  19. Epistemology Shock: English Professors Confront Science (United States)

    Barnard, Ian; Osborn, Jan


    This article raises questions and concerns regarding students from the sciences working with faculty in the humanities in interdisciplinary settings. It explores the experience of two English professors facing the privileging of "facts" and a science-based understanding of the world in their own classrooms. It poses both questions and…

  20. Understanding Asperger Syndrome: A Professor's Guide [DVD (United States)

    Organization for Autism Research (NJ3), 2011


    College can be a trying time in any individual's life. For adults with Asperger Syndrome this experience can be overwhelming. This title in the new DVD series Asperger Syndrome and Adulthood focuses on educating professors, teaching assistants, and others on what it means to be a college student on the spectrum and how they might best be able to…

  1. Professor Brand Advocacy: Do Brand Relationships Matter? (United States)

    Jillapalli, Ravi K.; Wilcox, James B.


    The trend among students to advocate their professors online continues to generate interest within marketing academia. Brand advocacy in products and services has played a vital role in marketing. However, no known research to date has embraced the idea of brand advocacy in marketing education. This research builds on the recent human brand…

  2. Forestry professors and students receive national recognition


    Davis, Lynn


    Two Virginia Tech professors in the College of Natural Resources and the university's Society of American Foresters student chapter received awards for their accomplishments at the Society of American Foresters 2005 national convention held in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month.

  3. Two business professors receive Fulbright Scholar awards


    Ho, Sookhan


    Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business professors Larry French and Mahmood A. Khan have received Fulbright Scholar Awards to teach and conduct research abroad next year. Both faculty members teach in the MBA program at the university's Northern Virginia Center in metro Washington, D.C.

  4. The Supervisor Is Not the Professor (United States)

    Johnson, G. Stewart; Shafer, Carl


    College educational exposure does not prepare the graduate for the human relations demands of teamwork in industry, and may not prepare the graduate for the relationship with his supervisor. Five major dimensions of difference for the student between his interaction with his professors and his new relationships with his supervisor are: degree of…

  5. "Dear Professor: I Hate You"--Anonymous (United States)

    Bartlett, Thomas


    Flip through a stack of anonymous student evaluations of professors and the mild comments, even the compliments, tend to blend together. But often, hidden among them, is a dagger. Then there are the out-and-out insults. Students' comments can be more than simply mean. Sometimes student comments aren't cruel, just weird. In this article, some…

  6. Africa's New Crisis: A Dearth of Professors (United States)

    Lindow, Megan


    With many professors approaching retirement. a shortage of qualified academics has reached crisis proportions at a number of African universities. The shortfall is a consequence of decades of neglect of African higher education, as donors and governments concentrated limited resources on primary and secondary schools, and young scholars who manage…

  7. Professor Jacques Cortes prantsuse keele lektoraadis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Juuni alguses külastas filoloogiateaduskonna romaani-germaani filoloogia osakonda Roueni ülikooli professor Jacques Cortes (Prantsusmaa). Ta korraldas 4. õa üliõpilastele prantsuse keele intensiivkursuse ja võttis vastu eksami ning kohtus prantsuse keele lektoraadi õppejõududega : [täistekst

  8. Microcomputing Competencies for Special Education Professors. (United States)

    Blackhurst, A. Edward; And Others


    A list of microcomputing competencies associated with functions that special education professors typically perform was assessed by 148 special education faculty who use microcomputers. Word processing was rated as the single most useful competency, along with the category of providing instruction about microcomputer applications in special…

  9. Veterinary medicine professor receives national honor


    Douglas, Jeffrey S.


    Marie-Suthers-McCabe, of Riner, Va., associate professor of small animal clinical sciences at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, has been awarded the highest honor in the nation for work in the area of the "human/animal bond."

  10. CFA or CFP: A Guide for Professors (United States)

    Moy, Ronald L.


    The CFA Institute and the CFP Board of Standards provide professional certifications in the field of finance. In this paper, I provide my experience with the CFA and CFP programs in order to give other professors some insight into the process of attaining the designations. I hope to provide answers to some of the questions that other faculty…

  11. Family Law and Family Studies: Professor's Views (United States)

    Hicks, Mary W.; And Others


    The results of a survey of family studies faculty concerning the inclusion of family law topics in family studies courses are discussed. The professor's needs for training and resources in the area of family and the law are identified and recommendations for meeting these needs are suggested. (Author)

  12. Professor Attitudes and Beliefs about Teaching Evolution (United States)

    Barnes, Maryann Elizabeth

    Teaching evolution has been shown to be a challenge for faculty, in both K-12 and postsecondary education. Many of these challenges stem from perceived conflicts not only between religion and evolution, but also faculty beliefs about religion, it's compatibility with evolutionary theory, and it's proper role in classroom curriculum. Studies suggest that if educators engage with students' religious beliefs and identity, this may help students have positive attitudes towards evolution. The aim of this study was to reveal attitudes and beliefs professors have about addressing religion and providing religious scientist role models to students when teaching evolution. 15 semi-structured interviews of tenured biology professors were conducted at a large Midwestern universiy regarding their beliefs, experiences, and strategies teaching evolution and particularly, their willingness to address religion in a class section on evolution. Following a qualitative analysis of transcripts, professors did not agree on whether or not it is their job to help students accept evolution (although the majority said it is not), nor did they agree on a definition of "acceptance of evolution". Professors are willing to engage in students' religious beliefs, if this would help their students accept evolution. Finally, professors perceived many challenges to engaging students' religious beliefs in a science classroom such as the appropriateness of the material for a science class, large class sizes, and time constraints. Given the results of this study, the author concludes that instructors must come to a consensus about their goals as biology educators as well as what "acceptance of evolution" means, before they can realistically apply the engagement of student's religious beliefs and identity as an educational strategy.

  13. The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell (United States)

    Clerk Maxwell, James; Niven, W. D.


    homogeneous quadratic functions; 57. On the focal lines of a refracted pencil; 58. An Essay on the mathematical principles of physics. By Rev. James Challis. (Review); 59. On Loschmidt's experiments on diffusion in relation to the kinetic theory of gases; 60. On the final state of a system of molecules in motion subject to forces of any kind; 61. Faraday; 62. Molecules (a lecture); 63. On double refraction in a viscous fluid in motion; 64. On Hamilton's characteristic function for a narrow beam of light; 65. On the relation of geometrical optics to other parts of mathematics and physics; 66. Plateau on soap-bubbles (Review); 67. Grove's Correlation of physical forces (Review); 68. On the application of Kirchhoff's rules for electric circuits to the solution of a geometric problem; 69. Van der Waals on the continuity of the gaseous and liquid states; 70. On the centre of motion of the eye; 71. On the dynamical evidence of the molecular constitution of bodies (a lecture); 72. On the application of Hamilton's characteristic function to the theory of an optical instrument symmetrical about its axis; 73. Atom; 74. Attraction; 75. On Bow's method of drawing diagrams in graphical statics with illustrations from Peaucellier's Linkage; 76. On the equilibrium of heterogeneous substances; 77. Diffusion of gases through absorbing substances; 78. General considerations concerning scientific apparatus; 79. Instruments connected with fluids; 80. Whewell's Writing and correspondence (Review); 81. On Ohm's Law; 82. On the protection of buildings from lightning; 83. Capillary action; 84. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand Helmholtz; 85. On a paradox in the theory of attraction; 86. On approximate multiple integration between limits by summation; 87. On the unpublished electrical papers of the Hon. Henry Cavendish; 88. Constitution of bodies; 89. Diffusion; 90. Diagrams; 91. Tait's Thermo

  14. Yuriko and Michael Renardy reappointed Class of 1950 Professors


    Owczarski, Mark


    Yuriko and Michael Renardy, professors of mathematics in the College of Science at Virginia Tech, have been reappointed as the Virginia Tech Class of 1950 Professors by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  15. Trouble at Tyson Alley: James Mark Baldwin's arrest in a Baltimore bordello. (United States)

    Wozniak, Robert H; Santiago-Blay, Jorge A


    In June 1908, James Mark Baldwin, then Professor of Psychology and Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and at the pinnacle of his career, was arrested in a Baltimore house of prostitution. Although he insisted on both his legal and moral innocence and all legal charges against him were dismissed, the threat of scandal led Hopkins authorities to demand Baldwin's resignation and Baldwin to remove himself and his family permanently to France. While this is one of the most notorious events in the early history of American psychology, almost nothing has been known about the incident itself, because both Baldwin and Hopkins took great pains to keep these details private. Based on court records, contemporary newspaper accounts, and archival materials in the Presidential Records at Hopkins and elsewhere, it is now possible to reconstruct the events of 1908 and their aftermath in detail. This article describes these occurrences; places them in the context of Baldwin's life, personality, and career; presents newly obtained information on the immediate consequences of the arrest, including circumstances leading to Baldwin's forced resignation; and describes the long-term impact of Baldwin's removal from the United States. Although no definitive conclusion with regard to Baldwin's guilt or innocence can be reached, we conclude by contrasting the treatment received at the hands of his colleagues in psychology with the lifelong support received from his wife and family, and suggest that Baldwin may have been the victim of a premature rush to judgment. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved).

  16. King James II Stuart, Irish Elites and Patriot Parliament

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stankov Kirill Nikolaevich


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the insufficiently studied episode of the “Glorious revolution” of 1688-1689, the political fight on Green Island. On the basis of historical sources, the author shows the main directions of Irish policy of last catholic king James II, who tried to fight for his lost British throne, because the majority of population of this catholic country remained loyal to his patron. The author pays special attention to investigating the policy of different ethnic groups represented in Patriot Parliament by their elites. There were two elite groups who supported king James II and tried to influence him: “Old English” aristocracy and “Old Irish” nobility. King’s own elite group also consisted of “New English” and “New Scots”, but during the “Glorious revolution” the majority of them supported the counterpart of king James II – William Orange. Basing the study on historical sources the author proves that eventually king James II had two groups of supporters: “Old English” and “native Irish”. The article is concerned with non-investigated problem of negotiations between king James II and Irish elites and analyses the demands of the last. The author proves that acts and decisions of patriot parliament were the Irish population’s answers to the program and suggestions of king James II and that the main concessions were given to “Old English” aristocracy. The demands of “Old Irish” in agrarian issue were mainly ignored. The Patriot Parliament based the foundations of Jacobite political regime in Ireland during the restoration rebellion of 1689-1691.

  17. Buckley-James Estimator of AFT Models with Auxiliary Covariates (United States)

    Granville, Kevin; Fan, Zhaozhi


    In this paper we study the Buckley-James estimator of accelerated failure time models with auxiliary covariates. Instead of postulating distributional assumptions on the auxiliary covariates, we use a local polynomial approximation method to accommodate them into the Buckley-James estimating equations. The regression parameters are obtained iteratively by minimizing a consecutive distance of the estimates. Asymptotic properties of the proposed estimator are investigated. Simulation studies show that the efficiency gain of using auxiliary information is remarkable when compared to just using the validation sample. The method is applied to the PBC data from the Mayo Clinic trial in primary biliary cirrhosis as an illustration. PMID:25127479

  18. Categorization of Quantum Mechanics Problems by Professors and Students (United States)

    Lin, Shih-Yin; Singh, Chandralekha


    We discuss the categorization of 20 quantum mechanics problems by physics professors and undergraduate students from two honours-level quantum mechanics courses. Professors and students were asked to categorize the problems based upon similarity of solution. We also had individual discussions with professors who categorized the problems. Faculty…

  19. E-Mail from Professor Enhances Student Motivation and Attitudes (United States)

    Legg, Angela M.; Wilson, Janie H.


    Traditionally, professors use the first day of class to build rapport. However, current technology allows professors to contact students prior to the first day of class. This study assessed how the receipt of a welcoming e-mail from a female professor 1 week before the first day of class affected student motivation and attitudes toward the…

  20. Connect and Thrive: Perspectives from a Newly Tenured Professor (United States)

    Ciocchetti, Corey A.


    This essay encapsulates the author's perspective on how average professors can become highly effective professors. The author asserts that the secret rests in the ability to genuinely connect with students. Connecting really matters--even if it takes some personality adaptation and thrusts academics out of their comfort zones. Many professors fail…

  1. Anti-Fat Bias by Professors Teaching Physical Education Majors (United States)

    Fontana, Fabio; Furtado, Ovande, Jr.; Mazzardo, Oldemar, Jr.; Hong, Deockki; de Campos, Wagner


    Anti-fat bias by professors in physical education departments may interfere with the training provided to pre-service teachers. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the attitudes of professors in physical education departments toward obese individuals. Professors from randomly selected institutions across all four US regions participated in…

  2. 26 CFR 509.115 - Visiting professors or teachers. (United States)


    ... 26 Internal Revenue 19 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Visiting professors or teachers. 509.115...) REGULATIONS UNDER TAX CONVENTIONS SWITZERLAND General Income Tax § 509.115 Visiting professors or teachers. (a) General. Pursuant to Article XII of the convention, a professor or teacher, a nonresident alien who is a...

  3. Variables That Can Affect Student Ratings of Their Professors (United States)

    Gotlieb, Jerry


    Attribution theory was applied to help predict the results of an experiment that examined the effects of three independent variables on students' ratings of their professors. The dependent variables were students' perceptions of whether the professor caused the students' grades and student satisfaction with their professor. The results suggest…

  4. Spotlight on CERN : Professor Michel Spiro

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN video productions


    20 Member states throughout Europe. A geographical expansion underway. A worldwide, international collaboration and a scientific challenge on a scale second to none. In view of this complexity, how is CERN managed? This is the remit of the CERN council, which notably defines the strategic programmes, annual objectives, approves the annual budget and nominates the directorate. I am pleased to welcome Professor Michel Spiro, scientific director of the CNRS in France and CERN Council presdient since 2010. On today’s agenda: Expansion, innovation and communication. Hello and welcome Professor.. François et Stéphan are of course with me today to discuss such matters as antimatter, press and we will also be talking water and towers… I will say no more. It’s good to see you both ! And welcome to you all for this latest edition of Spotlight on CERN.

  5. 31 July 2014 - Professor M. Kastner

    CERN Multimedia

    Egli, Laurent


    MIT Faculty Member Donner Professor of Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States of America, Prof. M. Kastner visiting the LHC tunnel at Point 5 with Beams Department M. Solfaroli Camillocci, LHC superconducting magnet assembly hall visit with L. Rossi and R. Principe, LHC Computing Grid Project presentation and computer centre visit with I. Bird and signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer.

  6. [Homage to Professor Dr. Nicasio Etchepareborda]. (United States)


    During a solemn academic act, de Main Classroom of the Facultad de Odontologia de Buenos Aires was named after Prof. Dr. Nicasio Etchepareborda. He has been the first professor at the Escuela de Odontologia and its organizer, after having obtained his Dentistry degree at the Dental School of Paris, in 1882. The new school was founded in 1891, and its activities began the following year.

  7. The Early Years of Watomika (James Bouchard): Delaware and Jesuit. (United States)

    Miller, Jay


    Publishes and critiques the 1855 autobiography of Jesuit Father James Bouchard, born and raised a Delaware named Watomika. Contains information about Watomika's family, genealogy, and early years; his conversion to Christianity; and Delaware religious beliefs and practices. Examines the literary and ethnographic merits of the autobiography. (SV)

  8. James Newton Howard: JAMs with TRI-M. (United States)

    Reninger, Rosemary D.


    Presents an interview with James Newton Howard, a film composer. Provides background information on Howard. Addresses topics such as his most challenging and rewarding scores, his musical background, and the benefits of being associated with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). (CMK)

  9. President Nixon at Hickam AFB congratulates Astronaut James Lovell (United States)


    President Richard M. Nixon and Astronaut James A. Lovell Jr., Apollo 13 commander, shake hands at special ceremonies at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. President Nixon was in Hawaii to present the Apollo 13 crew with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor.

  10. Successful pregnancy outcome in Swyer-James-Macleod syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chopra Seema


    Full Text Available Swyer-James-MacLeod (SJM syndrome is a chronic, progressive lung disease as a result of infection and bronchial obstruction that ultimately leads to emphysema. It is associated with chronic cough, sputum production and recurrent chest infections and is occasionally seen in women of reproductive age. The radiological finding of unilateral hyperlucent lung is considered synonymous with the disease entity.

  11. Keening Woman and Today: James Welch's Early Unpublished Novel (United States)

    Orton, Thomas


    It was most likely in the spring of 1966 that the late American Indian novelist James Welch wrote his first novel, predating his first published fiction by eight years. The titleless, hand-corrected typescript, stored in his Missoula home for many years, is 114 pages long and unfinished. The book is playful and experimental the way warm-ups…

  12. James Moir as Inorganic Chemist | Loyson | South African Journal of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    James Moir was a pioneering chemist in the early 1900s who played a leading role in various chemical societies in South Africa. Although he was mainly an organic chemist, he also made contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry. His forays in this field deal with gold extraction using the new solvent thiourea, removal ...

  13. Making sense out of suffering: James 1:2-4

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. The logic of James 1:2-4 is examined. The argument is viewed as a syllogism, with the demonstrandum: 'The believer who experiences trials must be happy.' The proof of the argument runs as follows: If there are trials, then there is testing ( = refining) of faith. If there is testing ( = refining) of faith, then there is.

  14. James Brown, Sample Culture and the Permanent Distance of Glory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steve Jones


    Full Text Available The James Brown song ‘I’m Real’ (1988 features lyrics regaled from James Brown’s back catalogue, alongside vocal samples extracted from his earlier hits. As one of the most sampled artists of the hip-hop era, James employed sampling in order to reclaim his position as the “Godfather of Soul” and express his disatisfaction at having his work overtly plundered. The central questions I pose here focus on what the choice to sample himself reveals about Brown’s status as a Soul legend, and whether the contemporaneous James could sincerely live up to the mythic status inherent to the message of ‘I’m Real’ given its self-conscious form. This confusion appears to be an extension of Walter Benjamin’s conception of déjà vu as an acoustic effect - ‘the cool tomb of long ago, from the vault of which the present seems to return only as an echo’ (Benjamin cited in Breyley, 2009: 145 - only here the slippage between past and present is quite literal, involving the discordant imbrication of two divergent temporal states. Via a detailed investigation of the song ‘I’m Real‘, I will probe Brown’s playful employment of his own past. His gambit, I will argue, may be read simultaneously as testament to his own glory, and as a signifier that the excesses of egotistic auto-projection were always more distant than they first appeared to be.

  15. Optical Testing of the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Aronstein, David


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be a large infrared telescope with a 6.5-meter primary mirror, working to an October 2018 launch date. Ground testing for the JWST occurred in two test campaigns, at NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center. The talk describes the JWST and its optical ground testing.

  16. James Moffett's Mistake: Ignoring the Rational Capacities of the Other (United States)

    Donehower, Kim


    Using Alasdair MacIntyre's theory of tradition-bound rationalities, this essay analyses James Moffett's depiction of the censors who opposed his "Interactions" textbook series in the Kanawha County, West Virginia, schools. Many reviewers have found Moffett's analysis of the censors in "Storm in the Mountains" even-handed and…

  17. Astronaut James Lovell undergoes weight and balance tests (United States)


    Astronaut James A. Lovell Jr., pilot of the Gemini 7 space flight, undergoes weight and balance tests in the Pyrotechnic installation Building, Merritt Island. Talking with Lovell are (left to right) Charlie Beaty, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation; Karl Stoien, McDonnell Aircraft; NASA suit technician Al Rochford; and Norm Batterson, Weber Aircraft Corporation.

  18. A Final Glory: The Novels of James Salter. (United States)

    Dowie, William


    Critiques five novels by James Salter--THE HUNTERS, THE ARM OF FLESH, A SPORT AND A PASTIME, LIGHT YEARS, and SOLO FACES. Notes that Salter's works have been ignored by literary critics and the public though praised by other authors. (MM)

  19. Licence to Kill: About Accreditation Issues and James Bond (United States)

    Scheele, Ko


    Accreditation has become something of a hot topic in higher education. In Europe it has been described as a 'Licence to Kill'. The James Bond metaphor is particularly illustrative when reflecting on quality assurance challenges in higher education. Publications on this subject in recent years reveal that the array of issues associated with…

  20. The medium is the message : James Camerons "Avatar"


    Kirchmeier, Christian


    Der Beitrag untersucht James Camerons Film Avatar (2009) hinsichtlich seiner medialen Implikationen. Die außerirdische Welt Pandora, die zunächst als mystische Einheit erscheint, erweist sich in der Analyse als eine Welt, in der die universale Medialität selbst zum Mythos geworden ist.

  1. Physical Characterization of TNOs with the James Webb Space Telescope

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Parker, Alex; Pinilla-Alonso, Noemi; Santos-Sanz, Pablo; Stansberry, John; Alvarez-Candal, Alvaro; Bannister, Michele; Benecchi, Susan; Cook, Jason; Fraser, Wesley; Grundy, Will; Guilbert, Aurelie; Merline, Bill; Moullet, Arielle; Mueller, Michael; Olkin, Cathy; Ragozzine, Darin; Milam, Stefanie


    Studies of the physical properties of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) are a powerful probe into the processes of planetesimal formation and solar system evolution. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will provide unique new capabilities for such studies. Here, we outline where the capabilities of JWST

  2. In memory of Professor Paolo Talamucci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cantiani M


    Full Text Available Paolo Talamucci, Full Professor of Range Management at the Università degli Studi in Florence from 1975 to 2001, passed away on 27th November 2009, after a brief and unrelenting illness. Professor Talamucci spent many long years in the field of research, in both Mediterranean and Alpine regions. His research, profoundly rooted in the territory he was studying, holistic in its approach and rigorously scientific, was characterized by a strong interdisciplinary element, seeking always to take into account the totality of the components of the ecosystem. Professor Talamucci was one of the first scholars of the pastoral system to highlight the problems related to the abandonment of traditional animal husbandry in mountainous zones and to look for ways to counteract the undesirable transformation of the landscape and the consequent loss of biodiversity. His curriculum and his numerous scientific publications bear testimony not only to the prestigious research institutes, world-wide, with which he was associated, but also to the important international dimension of his research.

  3. APOSENTADORIA: como professores vivenciam este momento?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristiane Nervis Conrado Machado


    Full Text Available O presente artigo buscou compreender as implicações que a aposentadoria causa na vida de professores, levando em conta o significado que a aposentadoria representa à estes, considerando os pontos de maior mudança após a aposentadoria, bem como os aspectos positivos e negativos causados pela aposentadoria na percepção dos sujeitos da pesquisa. Para tanto, foi realizada uma pesquisa qualitativa caracterizada como exploratória e descritiva com professores aposentados por mais de dois anos, com idade entre 58 e 66 anos, através de entrevistas individuais, com roteiros semiestruturados. A análise dos dados foi por meio da análise de conteúdo de Bardin (2011. Entre os principais resultados, destaca-se o significado de “liberdade” que a aposentadoria representa, a rotina como maior mudança e flexibilidade de horários dentre os pontos positivos e a falta dos alunos como aspecto negativo, contudo, pode-se perceber que a aposentadoria possibilitou e contribuiu para que os professores pudessem desfrutar de momentos de lazer, dedicando cuidado à família e realizando seus anseios e vontades.


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mario Elkin Ramírez


    ... de Sinthoma y anudamiento a su estructura. // The contrast between some lessons in Seminar XXIII of Jacques Lacan with A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, that was one of Lacan's sources, brings about how the work depicts...

  5. Visit of Professor Shigehiko Hasumi. President of Tokyo University, Japan, Professor Kazuo Okamoto, Head of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Toshiteru Matsuura, Head of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loiez


    Visit of Professor Shigehiko Hasumi. President of Tokyo University, Japan, Professor Kazuo Okamoto, Head of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Toshiteru Matsuura, Head of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  6. Religiosidade em alunos e professores portugueses


    Ferreira, Ana Maria Mendes dos Santos Veríssimo


    Tese de Doutoramento em Ciências da Educação na especialidade de Educação Intercultural apresentada à Universidade Aberta Esta tese pretende analisar a religiosidade em alunos e professores, sendo a religiosidade entendida como o grau de ligação ou aceitação que cada indivíduo tem face à instituição religiosa (Alston, 1875) e à forma como põe em prática as crenças e os rituais (Shafranske e Malony, 1990). Para medir a religiosidade foram utilizados diversos instrumentos – a escala de Atitu...

  7. Professor Stewart's hoard of mathematical treasures

    CERN Document Server

    Stewart, Ian


    Ian Stewart, author of the bestselling Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities, presents a new and magical mix of games, puzzles, paradoxes, brainteasers, and riddles. He mingles these with forays into ancient and modern mathematical thought, appallingly hilarious mathematical jokes, and enquiries into the great mathematical challenges of the present and past. Amongst a host of arcane and astonishing facts about every kind of number from irrational or imaginary to complex or cuneiform, we find out: how to organise chaos; how matter balances anti-matter; how to turn a sphere i

  8. Boodskap van Professor Dr. J. Waterink

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Waterink


    Full Text Available Boodskap van Professor Dr. J. Waterinkter gelegendheid van die verlening aan hem van de graad Doctor Educationis, honoris causa, door de Universiteit voor Christelijk Hoger Onderwijs te Potchefstroom op Zaterdag, 26 Maart 1955, en op die dag voorgelezen door de heer Jan van den Berg, Buitengewoon en Gevolmachtigd Ambassadeur van Hare Mi iesteit de Koningin der Nederlanden. Mijnheer, de Kanselier, Mijnheer de Voorzitter van de Raad, Mijnheer deVice-Kanselier en Rector, overige Heren ambtsdragers, en gij alien,die herwaarts kwaanit ter gelegenheid van deze Gradendag,zeer geachte en zeer gewenste toehoorders.

  9. Henry James : portraits d'auteurs


    Valtat-Comet, Nelly


    Il n'est guère de lieux ni de moments de son œuvre où James, « praticien exemplaire de la représentation », ne réaffirme sa conviction de la gémellité qui lie peinture et littérature. Témoin, sous sa plume, la polysémie constamment réexplorée du mot « portrait », qui appartient au vocabulaire technique de l'une et de l'autre discipline. Je voudrais ici porter ma réflexion sur les textes de James qui se réfèrent à la tradition du « portrait littéraire » ou portrait d'homme de lettres, et plus ...

  10. Die Another Day, James Bond's smoking over six decades. (United States)

    Wilson, Nick; Tucker, Anne


    We aimed to examine smoking-related content in all 24 James Bond movies in the Eon Productions series from 1962 to 2015. There were favourable downward trends for any smoking by James Bond (p=0.015 for trend), and for tobacco-related spy-gadgetry (p=0.009). Around 20% of Bond's 60 sexual partners smoked in each decade, and most recently in 2012. There were regular mentions of smoking risks to health (starting from 1967) and product placement of branded packs was present in two movies. Overall, the persisting smoking content remains problematic from a public health perspective, especially given the popularity of this movie series. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  11. Status Update on the James Webb Space Telescope Project (United States)

    Rigby, Jane R.


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a large (6.6 m), cold status. Recent highlights: All mirrors have been fabricated, polished, and gold-coated; the mirror is expected to be diffraction-limited down to a wavelength of 2 microns. The MIRI instrument just completed its cryogenic testing. STScI has released exposure time calculators and sensitivity charts to enable scientists to start thinking about how to use JWST for their science.

  12. Reading C.L.R. James Reading Shakespeare | Frassinelli ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    One needs only to think, with respect to this, about James's lifelong engagement with Shakespeare. Not only did he write and lecture extensively on the latter, including for the BBC and Channel 4,1 but one of the two books that he had planned to write in the last decades of his life, and which he did not live to complete, was ...

  13. The James Connolly Memorial Hospital Electronic Menu Card system


    McLoughlin, Simon


    The James Connolly Memorial Hospital (JCM) require an Electronic Menu Card system so that their patients can choose their meals in a more informed and efficient manner. This entails presenting menus to the patients electronically and with an interface that will allow them to choose their meal. The electronic nature of such a system means more options can be incorporated in terms of language and presentation. In addition the system can be accessed anytime so the information will be available i...

  14. La racionalidad imperialista en la monumental obra de James Mill

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Homero Cuevas


    Full Text Available Este ensayo, parte de un trabajo más extenso sobre la dominación internacional en la economía mundial, revisa los procesos más relevantes para el análisis teórico tomando como referencia La historia de la India británica de James Mill, obra que es un hito en este campo y es la base de todas las teorías posteriores

  15. Observing Exoplanets with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Clampin Mark


    The search for exoplanets and characterization of their properties has seen increasing success over the last few years. In excess of 500 exoplanets are known and Kepler has approx. 1000 additional candidates. Recently, progress has been made in direct imaging planets, both from the ground and in space. This presentation will discuss the history and current state of technology used for such discoveries, and highlight the new capabilities that will be enabled by the James Webb Space Telescope.

  16. James Cahill and the Study of Chinese Painting’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zaixin Hong


    Full Text Available James Cahill was a leading scholar in the field of Chinese painting studies through his influential teaching and most original and prolific writings. From a global, verbal, and visual perspective, this essay examines how significantly he has challenged and thereby enriched the extant art scholarships in China and the West, and what an enduring legacy he has left behind him in the art historiography.

  17. Habitus professoral na sala de aula virtual

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Marinho Pimenta


    Full Text Available Entendendo que a indiferença na ação pedagógica contribui para a reprodução das desigualdades no sistema de ensino, o presente artigo busca captar, a partir de entrevistas semiestruturadas, traços do habitus de professores supervisores de disciplinas do curso de Licenciatura em Pedagogia na modalidade a distância na Universidade de Brasília - UnB no âmbito do Sistema Universidade Aberta do Brasil - UAB. As orientações metodológicas de Bourdieu (2007 foram um dos elementos orientadores na análise das entrevistas, considerando ainda o uso heurístico do conceito de habitus. Conclui-se que o habitus professoral envolve esforços voluntários em busca de uma ação pedagógica diferenciada. No entanto, ele é ambíguo e condescendente frente aos limites do modelo de EaD no âmbito da UAB. Ao fim, os dados analisados permitem fornecer elementos para reorientação político-pedagógica que vise a um novo modelo de EaD nacional.

  18. Entrevista com o professor Salomon Turnowski

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Lima Vilela


    Full Text Available Com aproximadamente 50 anos de experiências profissionais variadas em Geografia, o Professor Salomon Turnowski se revela, até hoje, um apaixonado por nosso campo de conhecimento. Em entrevista realizada pela equipe da Revista Giramundo, em junho de 2009, na Unidade Escolar Humaitá II, a disposição de contar sua trajetória parece movida pelos comentários a respeito de nossa ciência, de suas transformações e de sua paixão pelos livros. Atuante no Colégio Pedro II, onde lecionou entre 1984 e 2009, no IBGE e na antiga FIDERJ (Fundação Instituto de Desenvolvimento do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, entre outros, seu depoimento se revela, portanto, uma oportunidade para conhecer um pouco mais sobre sujeitos e instituições voltados à construção da Geografia no Brasil e no Rio de Janeiro, assim como sobre os contrastes entre as vivências de geógrafos e de professor. Fica aqui o registro acerca da experiência valiosa e diversificada desse profissional, assim como uma singela homenagem.

  19. Entrevista com o professor Rafael Straforini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Demian Garcia Castro


    Full Text Available Com vivência profissional na Educação Básica e na Superior, além de experiência de pesquisa em diferentes instituições universitárias nos estados de São Paulo e do Rio de Janeiro, o professor Rafael Straforini pode ser considerado uma das novas vozes importantes na área do Ensino de Geografia. Assim como na edição anterior, uma vez mais utilizamo-nos de plataforma digital e, na conexão direta Rio-Campinas, tivemos a oportunidade de abordar questões como a Geografia na Educação Infantil e nas séries iniciais do Ensino Fundamental, o currículo e a formação de professores, além de aproveitar um pouco para conversar sobre Geografia Histórica e a Revista Brasileira de Educação em Geografia. Agradecemos a Straforini pela oportunidade e deixamos o leitor com o resultado desse encontro virtual.

  20. When Professors Don't Return Essays. (United States)

    Feldman, William; Dhaliwal, Gurpreet


    Students devote hundreds of hours to writing notes during medical school clerkships but receive very limited feedback on that work. Medical student notes are like college essays-both are persuasive compositions. But attending physicians rarely scrutinize student notes like college professors analyze essays. This is a missed opportunity to teach clinical reasoning. A survey at our institution showed that only 16% of students received written feedback and 31% received oral feedback on their notes from more than 3 attending physicians during the first 8 months of 3rd-year clerkships. Many studies have reported a paucity of feedback across multiple domains and a sense among students that clinical reasoning is not being adequately taught during clerkships. Meanwhile, college professors teach written composition and reasoning through interactive methods that help students to develop structured, well-reasoned arguments. A recent study showed that 85% of Oxford undergraduates favored these demanding and time-intensive tutorials. Attending physicians who adopt a tutorial-based approach toward their students' notes would have a forum to teach clinical reasoning and emphasize the importance of written composition in medical practice.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tania Gastão Saliés


    Full Text Available O presente estudo reflete criticamente sobre a formação do professor de LE à luz da condição pós-método, com o intuito de contribuir para a ação de programas de formação.  Dentre outras questões, ilumina a importância de o professor em formação construir percepção sobre o contexto e de si próprio como agente da própria formação.  Para tal, primeiro trata de aspectos filosóficos presentes no contra-discurso da condição pós-método, em seguida destaca a conscientização sobre o papel do contexto no ensino-aprendizagem de línguas e finalmente  apresenta uma heurística reflexiva com potencial de guiar as ações dos cursos de formação.    

  2. Professor Gender, Age, and “Hotness” in Influencing College Students’ Generation and Interpretation of Professor Ratings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara L. Sohr-Preston


    Full Text Available Undergraduate psychology students rated expectations of a bogus professor (randomly designated a man or woman and hot versus not hot based on an online rating and sample comments as found on (RMP. Five professor qualities were derived using principal components analysis (PCA: dedication, attractiveness, enhancement, fairness, and clarity. Participants rated current psychology professors on the same qualities. Current professors were divided based on gender (man or woman, age (under 35 or 35 and older, and attractiveness (at or below the median or above the median. Using multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA, students expected hot professors to be more attractive but lower in clarity. They rated current professors as lowest in clarity when a man and 35 or older. Current professors were rated significantly lower in dedication, enhancement, fairness, and clarity when rated at or below the median on attractiveness. Results, with previous research, suggest numerous factors, largely out of professors’ control, influencing how students interpret and create professor ratings. Caution is therefore warranted in using online ratings to select courses or make hiring and promotion decisions.

  3. Professor Gender, Age, and “Hotness” in Influencing College Students’ Generation and Interpretation of Professor Ratings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara L. Sohr-Preston


    Full Text Available Undergraduate psychology students rated expectations of a bogus professor (randomly designated a man or woman and hot versus not hot based on an online rating and sample comments as found on (RMP. Five professor qualities were derived using principal components analysis (PCA: dedication, attractiveness, enhancement, fairness, and clarity. Participants rated current psychology professors on the same qualities. Current professors were divided based on gender (man or woman, age (under 35 or 35 and older, and attractiveness (at or below the median or above the median. Using multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA, students expected hot professors to be more attractive but lower in clarity. They rated current professors as lowest in clarity when a man and 35 or older. Current professors were rated significantly lower in dedication, enhancement, fairness, and clarity when rated at or below the median on attractiveness. Results, with previous research, suggest numerous factors, largely out of professors’ control, influencing how students interpret and create professor ratings. Caution is therefore warranted in using online ratings to select courses or make hiring and promotion decisions. 

  4. Institutional Support for the Virtual Professor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tom JONES


    Full Text Available Academics who hold positions at single-mode, distance education institutions are presently being hampered by an adherence to a long-standing set of protocols (specific office location, face-to-face meetings that were put in place when the conventional post-secondary was the norm. With the advent of a powerful merging of personal computers and the internet, a shift from those protocols to one of support for the virtual professor is in the offing, to the benefit of both the professoriate and the student. A key factor in this shift is the degree and quality of institutional support that will allow these changes to take place. This paper focuses on a number of the key factors that will have to be addressed if this new type of distance education academic is to function effectively.

  5. Students' Needs Analysis in an EFL Program for University Professors (United States)

    Bedoya, Paula Andrea; Valencia, Luz María; Montoya, Juan Carlos


    This study sets out to investigate professors' needs from an English as a foreign language program in a public university regarding demands, interests, and lacks based on the methodology of needs analysis. Data collected through a survey, focus groups, and individual interviews showed that professors need to meet the institutional language policy…

  6. Rate My Professor: Online Evaluations of Psychology Instructors (United States)

    Silva, Kathleen M.; Silva, Francisco J.; Quinn, Megan A.; Draper, Jill N.; Cover, Kimberly R.; Munoff, Alison A.


    We analyzed students' ratings and comments of their psychology instructors that were posted on and to determine which features of a course and an instructor evoked the most positive and negative reactions. A content analysis of students' comments showed that instructors' characteristics(e.g., enthusiastic,…

  7. More Colleges Offer Part-Time Options for Professors (United States)

    Wilson, Robin


    The University of California campuses are among a small but growing number of research universities adopting new policies--or reinvigorating old ones--that allow tenure-track and tenured professors to work part time. Typically, professors interested in scaling back their work want more time to care for young children, a sick relative, or an aging…

  8. Child Rearing as a Career Impediment to Women Assistant Professors. (United States)

    Finkel, Susan Kolker; Olswang, Steven G.


    Over 40% of women assistant professors in a recent survey (n=124) identified publishing, teaching, committees, and "time required by children" as serious impediments to achieving tenure, many more than reported sexual harassment and sexism as serious obstacles. Policy changes that will accommodate women professors' time commitments to…

  9. Do Professors Have Customer-Based Brand Equity? (United States)

    Jillapalli, Ravi K.; Jillapalli, Regina


    This research endeavors to understand whether certain professors have customer-based brand equity (CBBE) in the minds of students. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to conceptualize, develop, and empirically test a model of customer-based professor brand equity. Survey data gathered from 465 undergraduate business students were used to…

  10. Academic Labor Markets and Assistant Professors' Employment Outcomes (United States)

    Hargens, Lowell L.


    Using data for 638 assistant professors who joined graduate sociology departments between 1975 and 1992, I examine the claim that when the labor market for new doctorates is weak, assistant professors experience less favorable employment outcomes than when that labor market is strong. Surprisingly, I find that those hired during the weak…

  11. Effects of Social Support on Professors' Work Stress (United States)

    Moeller, Christin; Chung-Yan, Greg A.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine how various types of workplace social support from different support sources interact with occupational stressors to predict the psychological well-being of university professors. Design/method/approach: A total of 99 full-time professors participated via an online or paper questionnaire. Findings:…

  12. Mentoring by the Community College Professor: One Role among Many (United States)

    Galbraith, Michael; James, Waynne


    The process of mentorship in relationship to the community college professor and the potential to improve and enhance the teaching and learning process is explored in this article. This article suggests that not all community college professors are psychological or intellectually disposed to being or becoming a good mentor. It is put forth that…

  13. 26 CFR 521.114 - Visiting professors or teachers. (United States)


    ... 26 Internal Revenue 19 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Visiting professors or teachers. 521.114... of Denmark and of Danish Corporations § 521.114 Visiting professors or teachers. Under Article XIV of... States for the purpose of teaching, lecturing, or instructing at any university, college, school, or...

  14. Mental Health Assessment in Professors' Training in Two Chilean Universities (United States)

    Ossa, Carlos J.; Quintana, Ingrid M.; Rodriguez, Felipe F.


    This study analyzed the evaluation of professors of pedagogy and directors programs, about the importance of mental health in vocational training, and factors that might influence this valuation. The methodology includes participation of 17 academicians (professors and belonging to the managerial staff) of two universities in southern Chile. A…

  15. Differentiated Instruction: Are University Reading Professors Implementing It? (United States)

    Williams-Black, Thea Hayes; Bailey, Jennifer P.; Lawson, Pamela D. Coleman


    This qualitative study surveyed university professors of literacy education to explore "how" and "if" they modeled differentiated instruction in their own college classrooms. A survey in questionnaire format on "how" and "if" University Reading Professors differentiate instruction was sent to a purposeful…

  16. University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (Part 2)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolmos, Anette; Krogh, Lone


    In issue 1-2003, Anette Kolmos and Lone Krogh reported on the two-semester study course " University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (DK)". Now, in part 2, they are adressing guidelines for supervison and advising of assistant professors in the university teacher education...

  17. Student and Professor Gender Effects in Introductory Business Statistics (United States)

    Haley, M. Ryan; Johnson, Marianne F.; Kuennen, Eric W.


    Studies have yielded highly mixed results as to differences in male and female student performance in statistics courses; the role that professors play in these differences is even less clear. In this paper, we consider the impact of professor and student gender on student performance in an introductory business statistics course taught by…

  18. In commemoration of professor V.P. Karpov

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Semyonova L.S.


    Full Text Available This article is about professor Karpov V.P., a prominent scientist, first rector of Yekaterinoslav Medical Academy. Biography of a great investigator, his main achievements in the area of histology, biology, theory and history of medicine was studied. Professor Karpov V.P. always combined his great scientific, organizational and research work with social activity. Monographs of professor Karpov V.P. and conferences organized by him were of great importance in the solution of such new problems as theary of microscope and cell amitosis. Professor Karpov is a founder of a large school of histology. Thanks to his active participation and personal guidance, in 1917 department of histology was founded in Yekaterinoslav Medical Institute. The author of the article has analyzed Hippocrates` works translated into Russian by professor Karpov V.P. and pointed out their significance for modern medical science and practice.

  19. Professor I I Glass A Tribute and Memorial

    CERN Document Server

    Igra, Ozer


    The book provides personal memories along with description of scientific works written by ex-graduate students and research associates of the late Professor Glass. The described research work covers a wide range of shock wave phenomena, resulting from seeds planted by Professor Glass. Professor Glass was born in Poland in 1918. He immigrated together with his parents to Canada at the age of 12 and received all his professional education at the University of Toronto, Canada. He became a world recognized expert in shock wave phenomena, and during his 45 years of active research he supervised more than 125 master and doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting research associates. In this book seven of his past students/research-associates describe their personal memories of Professor Glass and present some of their investigations in shock wave phenomena which sprung from their past work with Professor Glass. Specifically, these investigations include underwater shock waves, shock/bubble interaction, m...

  20. “Cash Is Better than Tenure”: (DeConstructing the “Posthistorical University” in James Hynes’s Gothic Academic Satire The Lecturer’s Tale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreescu Raluca


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the manner in which James Hynes’s novel The Lecturer’s Tale (2001 can be read as a satire of what Bill Readings identified in his influential The University in Ruins (1996 as the “posthistorical university.” I argue that, in the contemporary context in which higher education establishments are becoming more like corporations and the idea of culture is replaced by the “discourse of excellence,” Hynes’s novel offers an insightful discussion of universities’ negotiation of the Scylla of the pursuit of profit and the Charybdis of self-absorbed literary theorizing and its association with political correctness, the exploitation of junior and non-tenured faculty, and the quest for academic stardom. At the same time, I discuss the way in which the Gothic elements that permeate the novel fittingly double and deepen the critique of contemporary educational establishments and professors.

  1. A Scientific Revolution: the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes (United States)

    Gardner, Jonathan P.


    Astronomy is going through a scientific revolution, responding to a flood of data from the Hubble Space Telescope, other space missions, and large telescopes on the ground. In this talk, I will discuss some of the most important astronomical discoveries of the last IO years, and the role that space telescopes have played in those discoveries. The next decade looks equally bright with the newly refurbished Hubble and the promise of its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. I will describe how Hubble was upgraded and how and why we are building Webb.

  2. Conversation between Rock Photographer James Fortune and Grant Scott


    Scott, Grant


    Back in the 1970s, in the aftermath of political, civil, and sexual revolution all over the world, photographer James Fortune plied his trade in the backstages and VIP sections of some of the nation’s biggest music events.\\ud \\ud Beginning in his college days in the late ’60s, Fortune spent more than a decade photographing rock’n’roll icons such as Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Elton John and countless others. His catalog of over 15,000 images from the tumultuous ’6...

  3. James Drake (1667-1707): Anatomist and political activist. (United States)

    Tubbs, R Shane; Rompala, Olivia; Verma, Ketan; Malakpour, Mehran; Shoja, Mohammadali M; Mortazavi, Martin M; Loukas, Marios


    James Drake (1667-1707) was a renowned physician, anatomist, and writer whose name was recognized throughout London. He was highly involved in the politics of his time and was a well-known pamphleteer. He also delved into comedies and plays. Drake became a fellow of the Royal Society and the College of Physicians before his early death at 40 years of age. He authored one of the most deservedly popular medical treatises of his time, Anthropologia Nova, which remained a valuable resource to physicians and anatomists alike for decades. The present article reviews the contributions of this little known name in the history of anatomy. Copyright © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. James Van Allen The First Eight Billion Miles

    CERN Document Server

    Foerstner, Abigail


    Astrophysicist and space pioneer James Van Allen (1914-2006), for whom the Van Allen radiation belts were named, was among the principal scientific investigators for twenty-four space missions, including Explorer I in 1958, the first successful U.S. satellite; Mariner 2's 1962 flyby of Venus, the first successful mission to another planet; and the 1970's Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, missions that surveyed Jupiter and Saturn. Abigail Foerstner blends space science, drama, military agenda's, cold war politics, and the events of Van Allen's lengthy career to create the first biography of this highl

  5. Compensation and translation: James Ellroy’s White Jazz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daria Protopopescu


    Full Text Available The current paper explores the Romanian translation of James Ellroy’s text “White Jazz”, with a view to explaining away the translator’s choices. The main issues at hand are the solutions provided for the ellipsis present throughout the novel and the slang used by the author, which is typical of L.A.’s ’60’s. The paper provides theoretical data supporting the translator’s choice of rendering certain slang expressions by paraphrase, explanation or even coinage of new words. We also look into how much has been compensated for and what was lost during the process of translation.

  6. James F. Crow and the Art of Teaching and Mentoring


    Hartl, Daniel L.


    To honor James F. Crow on the occasion of his 95th birthday, GENETICS has commissioned a series of Perspectives and Reviews. For GENETICS to publish the honorifics is fitting, as from their birth Crow and GENETICS have been paired. Crow was scheduled to be born in January 1916, the same month that the first issue of GENETICS was scheduled to appear, and in the many years that Crow has made major contributions to the conceptual foundations of modern genetics, GENETICS has chronicled his and ot...

  7. A Scientific Revolution: the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes (United States)

    Gardner, Jonathan P.


    Astronomy is going through a scientific revolution, responding to a flood of data from the Hubble Space Telescope, other space missions, and large telescopes on the ground. In this talk, I will discuss some of the most important astronomical discoveries of the last 10 years, and the role that space telescopes have played in those discoveries. The next decade looks equally bright with the newly refurbished Hubble and the promise of its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. I will describe how Hubble was upgraded and how and why we are building Webb.

  8. James Baldwin: Biographical Dispatches on a Freedom Writer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Phillip Luke Sinitiere


    Full Text Available This essay presents the idea of James Baldwin as a freedom writer, the organizing idea of my biography in progress. As a freedom writer, Baldwin was a revolutionary intellectual, an essayist and novelist committed unfailingly to the realization of racial justice, interracial political equality, and economic democracy. While the book is still in process, this short essay narrates autobiographically how I came to meet and know Baldwin’s work, explains in critical fashion my work in relation to existing biographies, and reflects interpretively my thoughts-in- progress on this fascinating and captivating figure of immense historical and social consequence.

  9. OBITUARY: Professor Jan Evetts in memoriam (United States)

    Dew-Hughes, David; Campbell, Archie; Glowacki, Bartek


    It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jan Evetts, who lost his second battle with cancer on 18 August 2005. In 1988 he was appointed Founding Editor of this journal where his leadership created the foundation upon which its success rests today. He made an outstanding series of contributions to the science of superconductivity and to the understanding of superconducting materials, and was an indefatigable champion of the development of applications of superconductivity. The loss to the scientific community is incalculable, as is attested by the many communications received from colleagues throughout the world. Professor Jan Edgar Evetts (1939-2005) Professor Jan Edgar Evetts (1939-2005) Jan was born on 31 March 1939, and attended the Dragon School in Oxford, and later Haileybury. He was awarded an exhibition to read Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1958 and took his BA degree in 1961. He then undertook a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Physics under the supervision of Professor Neville Mott. He was the first student to undertake this newly-instituted course; the title of his thesis was `The Resistance of Transition Metals'. In 1962 he joined David Dew-Hughes' embryonic superconducting materials research group, along with Archie Campbell and Anant Narlikar. In fact it was Jan's enthusiasm for the proposed course of research that helped convince David that he should follow Professor Alan Cottrell's suggestion to apply metallurgical methodology to the study of the factors that controlled critical current density in the type II superconductors that were then under development for applications in magnets. Competing theories for the critical current density at that time were fine filaments or `Mendelssohn Sponge' versus the pinning of Abrikosov quantized vortices. The results of the group's work, to which Jan made a major contribution, came down heavily in favour of the latter theory. Jan's outstanding characteristic was his

  10. Impacto vocal de professores Teachers' vocal impact

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Ricarte


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: analisar o impacto vocal nas atividades diárias em professores do ensino médio. Correlacionar os achado da auto-percepção do problema vocal com os aspectos: efeitos no trabalho, na comunicação diária, na comunicação social e na sua emoção. MÉTODOS: a amostra foi constituída por 107 professores, sendo 86 com queixa e 21 sem queixa, selecionados em escolas da rede particular de ensino de Maceió-AL. Cada professor respondeu individualmente o protocolo Perfil Participação em Atividades Vocais na presença da pesquisadora, assinalando suas respostas em uma escala visual que varia de 0 a 10. O protocolo é composto por 28 questões com a presença integrada em cinco aspectos englobados para avaliar a qualidade de vida e o resultado de tratamentos vocais. O protocolo oferece, ainda, dois escores adicionais: pontuação de limitação nas atividades (PLA e de restrição de participação (PRP. RESULTADOS: na comparação dos grupos com e sem queixa vocal foram verificados que todos os resultados foram estatisticamente significantes (pPURPOSE: to analyze the vocal impact in the daily activities on high-school teachers. Correlate the finding of the auto-perception on the vocal problem with the following aspects: effects in the work, daily communication, social communication and, its emotion METHODS: the sample consisted of 107 teachers, 86 with and 21 with no complaint, selected from private teaching schools in Maceió-AL. Each teacher answered individually the Protocol for Voice Activity Participation Profile in the presence of the researcher, noting their responses on a visual scale ranging from 0 to 10. The protocol is composed of 28 questions with the presence integrated in five aspects to evaluate the quality of life and the result of vocal treatments. The protocol offers, still, two additional scores: punctuation of limitation in the activities (PLA and restriction of participation (PRP. RESULTS: comparing the groups with

  11. "Perplexed in the extreme": The Holt-James controversy of 1902. (United States)

    Vinski, Edward J


    Although William James never again reprised his lectures on psychology for teachers at Harvard, he spent most of the 1890s presenting them throughout the country. For all his complaints about them, this was a fine source of income and he used the opportunity to revise and refine them over the rest of the decade. By the end of the 1890s, he was prepared to put the talks down in book form, and turned to his long-time publisher, Henry Holt. The two men first became acquainted with each other when James agreed to write a volume for Holt's American Science series. Their relationship, however, did not always result in smooth interactions. The monetary side of the agreement rankled James, and in 1902 more trouble ensued. Holt referred to the events of 1902 as the unhappiest of his professional and personal life. Perhaps to preserve James's public image, two prominent early biographies (Perry's [1935] The Thought and Character of William James, and Henry James III's [1920] Letters of William James) made no mention of the incident. In the final analysis, it is ironic that this little volume, based upon lectures James had initially been reluctant to give, and whose value James had so often downplayed, had caused more than its share of drama. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  12. Bioclimatic lessons from James C. Rose's architecture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vissilia, A.M. [Department of Structural Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Kodrou 13, 105 58 Athens (Greece)


    This paper attempts to interpret three residences designed by landscape architect James Rose, focusing on their bioclimatic concepts (layout of the buildings: orientation in relation to sun and wind, geometry of the building form; spacing: site planning-landscape; air movement; openings: size, position and orientation, protection; and building envelope: choice of building materials and construction detailing). James Rose (1913-1991) was one of the three pioneer landscape architects who established modern landscape design in the United States. He had the opportunity to design three residences and their landscapes which constitute the clearest expression of his views about environmental design. Residences conceived in Rose's design philosophy result to the creation of an ''environment'' instead of the ordinary approach of architecture plus landscape, exhibiting his contribution to the development of a less aggressive architecture, more attentive and integrated to the environment. This is a rare approach where the design is product of one single mind that of the landscape architect. Several bioclimatic concepts are apparent in the landscape architect's works, showing a deep concern with the integration between construction and environment. The three cases explored are: the landscape architect's environment (1952, 1970), the Zheutlin environment (1956), and the Slutzker environment (1964). (author)

  13. Film-Induced Tourism in the Way of Saint James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucrezia Lopez


    Full Text Available This research paper proposes an analytical approach to the study of the phenomenon of the film-induced pilgrimage tourism, along one of the most historical and relevant European cultural route: the Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago.In the present study, and in order to point out the relation between film broadcast and film-induced tourism, we combine the review of the Jacobean cinema with the statistical analysis of the pilgrims arrived to Santiago de Compostela during the last decade. So, our main aim is to analyse the repercussion of the Jacobean Cinema in the attractiveness of the Way of St. James as tourism destination. We take into consideration the role of the film producers and we also ponder on the marketing policies of the Autonomous Community, which are aimed at promoting the pilgrim’s routes, the Cathedral and the city of Santiago de Compostela. The cinema has played a less important role until now, in comparison with the impact of travel guides and the Jacobean literature, but it is increasing its impact in the international tourism markets. Recently, the American film The Way can be considered to be the first promoter of the film-induced tourism, because the arrivals of pilgrims from USA have been increased after the broadcast of this film since 2010.

  14. Uncovering Cinematic Adaptations of James Joyce’s The Dead

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pegah Marandi


    Full Text Available The relationship between literature and film is the subject of plentiful analyses and reflections within the general framework of Comparative Literature. A comparison between a literary work and its adaptations shows how filmmakers adhere to the principles of intertextuality. Exploring various adaptations of James Joyce’s The Dead (1914 and comparing them against each other are the main objectives of this research. This study examines how John Huston (1987, Travis Mills and William Ivey Long (2013 adapted James Joyce’s The Dead (1914 culturally, geopolitically, and sociologically. This study demonstrated that Huston’s adaptation was faithful to Joyce’s text in terms of character, costume, culture, and language, whereas Mills and Long’s adaptation was not fully loyal to Joyce especially in terms of character and culture. However, Mills and Long have attempted to create a language similar to Joyce’s. Further, consciousness and interior thoughts as subtle issues precisely shown in the novel were not illustrated wholly in both adaptations. Huston’s creativity was maintained in the last scene, picturing Gabriel’s monologue, whereas Mills and Long’s creativity was shown in creating new postmodern characters and culture.

  15. In Memory of Professor Mohammad Hossein Salehi 1941-2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reza Bagheri


    Full Text Available Unfortunately, last winter, we lost one of the leaders of Radiotherpy-Oncology in Iran, Professor Mohammad Hossein Salehi. He was an excellent teacher, a supportive friend and an experienced physician.Professor Salehi was born on April 21, 1941 in Shirvan. After graduating from high school, he continued his education in Mashhad Medical School. In 1968 he completed Medical School and began the Residency Program of Radiology in Mashhad Medical School. Soon after, due to the lack of Radiotherapists in Mashhad and his eager to set up a Radiotherapy services in Mashhad, Dr. Salehi moved to England. He passed the Residency of Radiotherapy from 1972 to 1975 in the Royal Marsden Hospital, London and earned his Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy (D.M.R.T from the England Royal College and finished his fellowship ( F.R.C.R. After moving back to Iran in the same year and acquiring the Iranian National Board of Radiology, he started to work as Assistant Professor of Radiotherapy in Ghaem Hospital, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran. He arranged and established the first Radiotherapy Department in Mashhad in 1976. He was the Head of Radiotherapy-Oncology Department from 1976 to 2006.He was appointed as Associate Professor and after Professor of Radiotherapy-Oncology in 1985 and 1993, respectively. Professor Salehi was an active member of the Iranian National Board of Radiotherapy for 30 years. He was awarded as” The Best Professor “for 3 times.Beside his valuable clinical and educational activities, he was interested in medical research. He has published more than 20 articles and supervised about 25 theses. After 40 years continuous activity, Professor Salehi was retired in 2010. Unfortunately Professor Salehi passed away on January 23, 2014 after a four-year battle with metastatic colon cancer. His strength, wisdom, guidance and kindness will be missed by all who knew him.

  16. Interview with Professor Karl-Heinz Mehlan. (United States)

    Neumann, H G


    Professor Karl-Heinz Mehlan, one of the founding fathers of German family planning in the post WWII area, celebrated his 75th birthday of July 18, 1991. The celebration took place in Rostock and Dr. Mehlan was in the best of health. As part of the occasion, Dr. Hans-Georg Neumann conducted an interview with Dr. Mehlan about the beginnings of family planning in what was then the Soviet occupied zone of Germany as well as its further development up to the present day. In the course of the interview Dr. Mehlan discussed the history of abortion in East Germany during the period of recovery immediately after WWII. He related his experiences working as a general practitioner in Calau and the committees he served on that were related to the study and delivery of abortion. During this time there were 80,000 recorded cases. After this he went to Berlin to the Institut fur Sozialmedizin der Chartie to write about the Calau experience. This was the 1st time that the abortion problem was discussed in German in a scientific context. He studied mortality, morbidity, and after effects.

  17. James Cossar Ewart and the Origins of the Animal Breeding Research Department in Edinburgh, 1895-1920. (United States)

    Button, Clare


    In 1919 the Animal Breeding Research Department was established in Edinburgh. This Department, later renamed the Institute of Animal Genetics, forged an international reputation, eventually becoming the centrepiece of a cluster of new genetics research units and institutions in Edinburgh after the Second World War. Yet despite its significance for institutionalising animal genetics research in the UK, the origins and development of the Department have not received as much scholarly attention as its importance warrants. This paper sheds new light on Edinburgh's place in early British genetics by drawing upon recently catalogued archival sources including the papers of James Cossar Ewart, Regius Professor of Natural History at the University of Edinburgh between 1882 and 1927. Although presently a marginal figure in genetics historiography, Ewart established two sites for experimental animal breeding work between 1895 and 1911 and played a central role in the founding of Britain's first genetics lectureship, also in 1911. These early efforts helped to secure government funding in 1913. However, a combination of the First World War, bureaucratic problems and Ewart's personal ambitions delayed the creation of the Department and the appointment of its director by another six years. This paper charts the institutionalisation of animal breeding and genetics research in Edinburgh within the wider contexts of British genetics and agriculture in the early twentieth century.

  18. Editorial: A dedication to Professor Jan Evetts (United States)

    Weber, Harald; Dew-Hughes, David; Campbell, Archie; Barber, Zoe; Somekh, Rob; Glowacki, Bartek


    A few days before the beginning of the 7th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity we learned that Professor Jan Evetts, a pioneer of superconductor research, a brilliant scientist, a wonderful person and a great personal friend, had passed away. We therefore decided to dedicate the 7th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity to the memory of Jan Evetts. The following citation is based on material provided by his former supervisor (D Dew-Hughes) and his closest co-workers in Cambridge. Professor Jan Edgar Evetts (1939-2005) Professor Jan Edgar Evetts (1939-2005) Jan Evetts passed away after losing his second battle with cancer on 24th August 2005. He made an outstanding series of contributions to the science of superconductivity and to the understanding of superconducting materials and was an indefatigable champion of the development of applications of superconductivity. The loss to the superconductivity community is incalculable, as attested by the many communications received from colleagues throughout the world. Jan was born on 31 March 1939, and attended the Dragon School in Oxford, and later Haileybury. He was awarded an exhibition to read Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He entered the college in 1958 and took his BA degree in 1961. He then undertook a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Physics under the supervision of Professor Neville Mott. He was the first student to undertake this newly-instituted course; the title of his thesis was `The Resistance of Transition Metals'. In 1962 he joined David Dew-Hughes' superconducting materials research group, along with Archie Campbell and Anant Narlikar. In fact it was Jan's enthusiasm for the proposed course of research that helped convince David that he should follow Professor Alan Cottrell's suggestion to apply metallurgical methodology to the study of the factors that controlled critical current density in the type II superconductors that were then under development for

  19. Professor M.K. Vainu Bappu (1927-82) (United States)

    West, R. M.


    It was with great sadness that we received the news of the death, on 19 August 1982, of Professor M.K.V. Bappu, President of the International Astronomical Union and Director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. Professor Bappu was spending a few months with ESO in Munich, doing research within solar and stellar spectroscopy and at the same time preparing for the XVIIIth IAU General Assembly. A heart ailment necessitated a major surgical intervention, which was apparently successful. Howeyer, post-operative complications set in, and after a heroic struggle, assisted by the foremost medical expertise, Professor Bappu expired in the early evening of 19 August.

  20. Professor perceptions of college students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (United States)

    Vance, Teresa Ann; Weyandt, Lisa


    From April to June 2005, the authors investigated professor perceptions of college students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 253 participants completed the ADHD Beliefs Survey-Revised, a 40-question survey measuring professor perceptions of ADHD. Analysis of variance measured false and reasonable beliefs related to ADHD. Results indicated that professors with differing levels of education, years of teaching experience, colleges in the university or community college, previous experiences with a student with ADHD, and ADHD training did not differ significantly in perceptions regarding general ADHD knowledge or college students with ADHD.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Elkin Ramírez


    Full Text Available La confrontación de algunas lecciones del Seminario XXIII de Jacques Lacan con El retrato del artista adolescente de James Joyce, que fue una de las fuentes de Lacan, da por resultado sorprendente cómo la obra plasma a Joyce adolescente, encontrando los anudamientos allí donde la forclusión del Nombre del Padre no le permitía responder y podría dar lugar a desenganches que lo harían desencadenar su psicosis. No obstante, con su obra iba construyendo poco a poco una obra que le sirvió de Sinthoma y anudamiento a su estructura. // The contrast between some lessons in Seminar XXIII of Jacques Lacan with A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, that was one of Lacan's sources, brings about how the work depicts Joyce as a young man, finding the knottings where the foreclosure of the Name of the Father did not allow him to respond and could lead to some detachments that would trigger his psychosis. Nevertheless, with his work he was gradually building a work that was useful as Sinthome and knotting of his structure.

  2. Adubação da batatinha resultados preliminares referentes ao emprêgo parcelado do N e K Preliminary results on parcelling out nitrogen and potash to potatoes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. J. Boock


    Full Text Available Procurando estudar a influência da aplicação parcelada de nitrogênio e potássio, sôbre o desenvolvimento e produção de tubérculos de batatinha, foi organizado um plano preliminar com a duração de três anos, executado em Campinas, em solo pertencente ao grande tipo Glacial. Nêsse plano foram subdivididas as doses de nitrogênio e potássio, provenientes respectivamente do salitre do Chile e cloreto, de maneira a têrmos a aplicação de uma só vez (no ato do plantio, em duas, três e quatro vezes. Os resultados obtidos vieram demonstrar que houve um pequeno aumento de produção quando se subdividiu o nitrogênio três ou quatro vêzes, aumento êsse mais substancial no ano em que foi mais acentuada a queda pluviométrica durante o período de cultivo da batatinha. Quanto ao potássio, já não verificamos esse fato, pois, tanto aplicando-o em uma só vez como em três ou quatro, os resultados foram praticamente semelhantes. Em relação ao tipo dos tubérculos, também não foram notadas diferenças acentuadas entre os diversos lotes adubados.The effects of nitrogen and potash when applied once or in several parcels to potatoes was compared in a series of experiments carried out in a soil of the glacial type. Nitrogen was applied as Chilean nitrate and potash, as potassium chloride. One, 2, 3, and 4 applications of the two fertilizers were compared in 3 separate experiments each. Results of the tests indicated that there was a small gain in yield when nitrogen was applied 3 or .4 times during the growing period. The increase in yield was substantially greater in one experiment that received heavy rains. Parcelling out the potash did not induce any increase in yield when compared with a single application. No definite difference in the size or type of tubers was noticed between the lots that received the various fertilizer treatments.

  3. Special issue dedicated to Professor Johann M. Schepers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gideon P De Bruin


    Full Text Available It is a great pleasure for me to have been associated with this special issue of the SA Journal of Industrial Psychology dedicated to Professor Johann M. Schepers. The purpose of the special issue is to honour Professor Schepers for his contributions to the development of Psychology and Industrial Psychology as empirical fields of study in South Africa. The contributors have worked with Professor Schepers as students or colleagues and share his academic interests. The articles reflect his areas of interest and employ analytic techniques taught and championed by him. We are grateful to Professor Schepers for his cooperation throughout this project. Thanks are due to all the contributors and referees.

  4. Three professors honored by Virginia Veterinary Medical Association


    Douglas, Jeffrey S.


    The Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) recently honored three professors from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM) during its annual meeting at the Hotel Roanoke.

  5. The Effect of Professor's Attractiveness On Distance Learning Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanny Liu


    Full Text Available Technology enabled learning is becoming more popular and pervasive in education. While the effectiveness of distance learning versus traditional classroom education is strongly debated, human factors such as students’ perception of their professors can influence their desire to learn. This research examines the perceptual effect of attractive professors on business students enrolled in distance learning courses. This study expands on prior studies by testing whether the attractiveness of the professor matters to student learning within the context of online learning environment. A total of 122 online business students were surveyed. Our findings suggest that professor’s attractiveness has a statistically significant effect on student learning, motivation, and satisfaction. In addition, online students perceived attractive professors with more expertise as an instructor. Female students had higher motivation than male students. Furthermore, separate analysis indicated that attractiveness effects were stronger for participants over the age 46 when compared to other groups.

  6. Professor Nambu, string theory, and the moonshine phenomenon


    Eguchi, Tohru


    I first recall the last occasion I met the late Professor Yoichiro Nambu, in a hospital in Osaka. I then present a brief introduction to a moonshine phenomenon in string theory that have recently come under investigation.

  7. DA Professor Honored for Teaching Excellence With Annual Hamming Award


    Chagoya, Javier


    NPS Department of Defense Analysis Associate Professor Heather Gregg is the recipient of the 2017 Richard W. Hamming Annual Faculty Award for Achievement in Teaching, recognizing her exceptional work ... Read More


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Armstead C Lewis


    ..., professional responsibility, and women's rights. Professor Girth joined the Buffalo Law School faculty in 1971 where she chaired the New York State Bar Association's Banking, Corporation and Business Law Section and was a member of the American Bar...

  9. 75 FR 9904 - James A. Holland; Denial of Hearing; Final Debarment Order (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration James A. Holland; Denial of Hearing; Final Debarment Order...) is denying James A. Holland's request for a hearing and is issuing an order under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the act) debarring Holland for 5 years from providing services in any capacity...

  10. 76 FR 65112 - James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (United States)


    ... Part 104 RIN 1105-AB39 James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 AGENCY: Department of... regulations implementing the amendments made by the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010... was killed as a result of the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of September 11, 2001, or the debris...

  11. James Joyce kui religiooni subjekt ja objekt / Kalle Käsper

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Käsper, Kalle, 1952-


    Arvustus: Joyce, James. Dublinlased : [novellid] / inglise keelest tõlkinud Jaak Rähesoo. 2. tr. [Tallinn] : Varrak, 2003 ; Joyce, James. Kunstniku noorpõlveportree : [romaan] / inglise keelest tõlkinud [ja järelsõna:] Jaak Rähesoo. [Tallinn] : Varrak, 2003; vt ka vastukaja: Raudam, Toomas. Kontra Käsper // Sirp (2003) 20. juuni, lk. 5

  12. Exploring William James's Radical Empiricism and Relational Ontologies for Alternative Possibilities in Education (United States)

    Thayer-Bacon, Barbara J.


    In "A Pluralistic Universe," James argues that the world we experience is more than we can describe. Our theories are incomplete, open, and imperfect. Concepts function to try to shape, organize, and describe this open, flowing universe, while the universe continually escapes beyond our artificial boundaries. For James and myself, the…

  13. 75 FR 11575 - James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant... Program for Nuclear Power Facilities Operating Prior to January 1, 1979,'' issued to Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. (the licensee), for the operation of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAFNPP...

  14. 78 FR 50458 - Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant, Vermont Yankee... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Request for Action AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission... petitioners'') has requested that the NRC take action with regard to James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant...

  15. Op zoek naar James Bond: media-pelgrimages, fans en masculiniteit

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Reijnders, S.


    Visiting the settings of popular films and tv series has become a growing niche in the tourist market. Little is known about what makes these visits so appealing. This question is explored on the basis of the case of James Bond. Twenty-three interviews were conducted with James Bond fans who had

  16. Interview: Professor Andrew Feinberg speaks to Epigenomics. (United States)

    Feinberg, Andrew


    Andrew Feinberg studied mathematics and humanities at Yale University (CT, USA) in the Directed Studies honors program, and he received his BA (1973) and MD (1976) from the accelerated medical program at Johns Hopkins University (MD, USA), as well as an MPH from Johns Hopkins (1981). He performed a postdoctoral fellowship in developmental biology at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD, CA, USA), clinical training in medicine and medical genetics at the University of Pennsylvania (PA, USA) and genetics research with Bert Vogelstein at Johns Hopkins, discovering altered DNA methylation in human cancer. Dr Feinberg continued to perform seminal work in cancer epigenetics as a Howard Hughes investigator at the University of Michigan (MI, USA), discovering human imprinted genes and loss of imprinting in cancer, and the molecular basis of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. He returned to John Hopkins in 1994 as King Fahd Professor of Medicine, Molecular Biology & Genetics and Oncology, and he holds an Adjunct Professorship at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Dr Feinberg is Director of the Center for Epigenetics, a National Human Genome Research Institute-designated Center of Excellence in Genome Sciences. The Center is pioneering genome-scale tools in molecular, statistical and epidemiological epigenetics, and is applying them to the study of cancer, neuropsychiatric disease and aging. As part of the center, Dr Feinberg has organized a highly innovative program to bring gifted minority high-school students into genetics and genomics. Dr Feinberg has also invented a number of widely used molecular tools, including random priming. His honors include election to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Association of American Physicians, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, as well as membership on the ISI most-cited authors list, a MERIT Award of the National Cancer Institute, a

  17. Observing Solar System Targets with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Norwood, James; Hammel, Heidi; Milam, Stefanie; Stansberry, John; Lunine, Jonathan; Chanover, Nancy; Hines, Dean; Sonneborn, George; Tiscareno, Matthew; Brown, Michael; Ferruit, Pierre


    With its anticipated launch date in October 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope will tremendously advance astronomy in the near- and mid-infrared, offering sensitivity and spatial/spectral resolution greatly surpassing its predecessors. We have developed a white paper that explores observations of Solar System targets with JWST, with the goals of highlighting anticipated Solar System capabilities, motivation of potential observers, and encouragement of further interest and discussion. This paper presents the most current information available concerning JWST instrument properties and observing techniques relevant to planetary science. It also illustrates example observing scenarios for a wide variety of Solar System objects, including the giant planets, Kuiper Belt objects, Europa, Titan, and more. We are also collaborating with a set of focus groups that have expanded upon this work, producing a series of further white papers dealing with individual subdisciplines. This work has been supported by NASA Grant NAG5-12457.

  18. Jame al- Tamsil and Its Etymology and the Stories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Zolfaghari


    Full Text Available   Abstract Jame-al-Tamsil book written by Mohammad Ali Hableh Rudy (Live 1054 including the most ancient persian Proverbs and contains the most pure Persian proverbs which had great reader and moral story book during four centuries so more than fifty times is published. This valuable and benefit book with mixing the allegory and poetry with a verse and the Hadith take the story sweet for reader. Author tries to Nurture or change the story to make it sweet and beautiful. In this paper after the introduction of the author and book and his style we will mention his DP Story methods then we say the base of story. hableh rudy at this book used 150 stroy for proverbs that at this paper we found sources of 107 story and we refere to them and we note their differences. Â

  19. James McHenry, MD: physician, patriot, politician and poet. (United States)

    Spiegel, Allen D; Kavaler, Florence


    James McHenry emigrated from Ireland to the American colonies in 1771. He studied medicine with Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia and immediately volunteered as an Army surgeon when the Revolutionary War began. After serving in the medical department in Massachusetts, New York and at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, he became an aide to General George Washington and subsequently an aide to the Marquis de Lafayette. President Washington appointed McHenry Secretary of War and he continued in that post under president John Adams. While Secretary, he revised military regulations, established a professional standing Army, pacified the Indians, enlarged the naval forces, organized the armed forces under civilian authority and initiated plans for a military academy. Baltimore's Fort Whetstone was renamed Fort McHenry in his honor. During the War of 1812, Fort McHenry gained fame as the birthplace of the national anthem of the United States.

  20. James Clerk Maxwell's class of 1856/57

    CERN Document Server

    Reid, John S


    James Clerk Maxwell is known for his outstanding contributions to fundamental physics. These include providing the equations that govern electric and magnetic fields, establishing the basis of modern colourimetry, finding important relationships in thermodynamics, molecular science, mechanics, optics and astronomy. In his first Professorial chair in 1856 at the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen he undertook a substantial amount of teaching that laid the foundation for his later pedagogic output. This paper examines whom he taught, where his first students came from and what they did in later life, drawing material from a privately published memoir. Thumbnail portraits are included for 70% of his class. The analysis complements the usual emphasis on educational method and content. The data provide an interesting sociological survey of what Scottish University education was achieving in the middle of the 19th century and is presented as raw material for a wider enquiry.

  1. James Webb Space Telescope Optical Telescope Element Mirror Coatings (United States)

    Keski-Kuha, Ritva A.; Bowers, Charles W.; Quijada, Manuel A.; Heaney, James B.; Gallagher, Benjamin; McKay, Andrew; Stevenson, Ian


    James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Optical Telescope Element (OTE) mirror coating program has been completed. The science goals of the JWST mission require a uniform, low stress, durable optical coating with high reflectivity over the JWST spectral region. The coating has to be environmentally stable, radiation resistant and compatible with the cryogenic operating environment. The large size, 1.52 m point to point, light weight, beryllium primary mirror (PM) segments and flawless coating process during the flight mirror coating program that consisted coating of 21 flight mirrors were among many technical challenges. This paper provides an overview of the JWST telescope mirror coating program. The paper summarizes the coating development program and performance of the flight mirrors.

  2. Assimilating American Indians in James Fenimore Cooper’s Novels?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peprník Michal


    Full Text Available The article employs critical concepts from sociology and anthropology to examine the stereotype of the Vanishing Indian and disclose its contradictory character. The article argues that in James Fenimore Cooper’s late novels from the 1840s a type of American Indian appears who can be regarded as a Vanishing Indian in many respects as he displays some slight degree of assimilation but at the same time he can be found to reveal a surprising amount of resistance to the process of vanishing and marginalization. His peculiar mode of survival and his mode of living demonstrate a certain degree of acculturation, which comes close to Gerald Vizenor’s survivance and for which I propose a term critical integration. I base my study on Susquesus (alias Trackless, Cooper’s less well-known character from The Littlepage Manuscripts, a three-book family saga.

  3. Observing Solar System Objects with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Sonneborn, George; Issacs, J.; Balzano, V.; Nelan, E.P.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Hammel, H.


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will have the capability to observe Solar System objects having apparent rates of motion up to 30 milliarcseconds/sec. The key science drivers are the study of Kuiper Belt Objects, asteroids, comets, and the outer planets and their moons at near and mid-infrared wavelengths. This poster presents the results from a recent study that defined the conceptual design for a capability for JWST to track and observe moving targets. We illustrate about how guide star acquisition and tracking wi11 be handled while retaining the efficient and flexible execution characteristics of JWST event-driven operations. We also show how the JWST pointing control system can readily support moving target observations. The characteristics of Solar System objects that can be observed by JWST are summarized along with descriptions of the major aspects of moving target science observation planning and on-board event-driven execution.

  4. The James Webb Space Telescope: Contamination Control and Materials (United States)

    Stewart, Elaine M.; Wooldridge, Eve M.


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), expected to launch in 2018 or early 2019, will be the premier observatory for astronomers worldwide. It is optimized for infrared wavelengths and observation from up to 1 million miles from Earth. JWST includes an Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) containing the four main instruments used to observe deep space: Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam), Near-Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec), Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI), and Fine Guidance Sensor/Near InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (FGS/NIRISS). JWST is extremely sensitive to contamination directly resulting in degradation in performance of the telescope. Contamination control has been an essential focus of this mission since the beginning of this observatory. A particular challenge has been contamination challenges in vacuum chamber operations.

  5. Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Greene, Tom


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will have numerous modes for acquiring photometry and spectra of stars, planets, galaxies, and other astronomical objects over wavelengths of 0.6 - 28 microns. Several of these modes are well-suited for observing atomic and molecular features in the atmospheres of transiting or spatially resolved exoplanets. I will present basic information on JWST capabilities, highlight modes that are well-suited for observing exoplanets, and give examples of what may be learned from JWST observations. This will include simulated spectra and expected retrieved chemical abundance, composition, equilibrium, and thermal information and uncertainties. JWST Cycle 1 general observer proposals are expected to be due in March 2018 with launch in October 2018, and the greater scientific community is encouraged to propose investigations to study exoplanet atmospheres and other topics.

  6. The scientific papers of James Clerk Maxwell, vol.I

    CERN Document Server

    Maxwell, James Clerk


    One of the greatest theoretical physicists of the 19th century, James Clerk Maxwell is best known for his studies of the electromagnetic field. The 101 scientific papers of this two-volume set, arranged chronologically, testify to Maxwell's profound scientific legacy and include the preliminary explorations that culminated in his most famous work, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. One of the nineteenth century's most significant papers, "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field," appears here, along with similarly influential expositions of Maxwell's dynamical theory of gases. The author's extensive range of interests is well represented, from his discussions of color blindness and the composition of Saturn's rings to his essays on geometrical optics, ether, and protecting buildings from lightning. His less technical writings are featured as well, including items written for the Encyclopedia Britannica and Nature magazine, book reviews, and popular lectures. Striking in their originality, these ...

  7. Solar System Observations with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Norwood, James; Hammel, Heidi; Milam, Stefanie; Stansberry, John; Lunine, Jonathan; Chanover, Nancy; Hines, Dean; Sonneborn, George; Tiscareno, Matthew; Brown, Michael; hide


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will enable a wealth of new scientific investigations in the near- and mid-infrared, with sensitivity and spatial/spectral resolution greatly surpassing its predecessors. In this paper, we focus upon Solar System science facilitated by JWST, discussing the most current information available concerning JWST instrument properties and observing techniques relevant to planetary science. We also present numerous example observing scenarios for a wide variety of Solar System targets to illustrate the potential of JWST science to the Solar System community. This paper updates and supersedes the Solar System white paper published by the JWST Project in 2010. It is based both on that paper and on a workshop held at the annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences in Reno, NV, in 2012.

  8. University Pedagogy for Assistant Professors at Aalborg University (Part 1)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolmos, Anette; Krogh, Lone


    The article describes a course for assistant professors within the University Teacher Education at Aalborg University. The course focus is to develop knowledge, skills and methods from within the didactic, pedagogical, and learning theory-based fields.......The article describes a course for assistant professors within the University Teacher Education at Aalborg University. The course focus is to develop knowledge, skills and methods from within the didactic, pedagogical, and learning theory-based fields....

  9. Sex and Science: How Professor Gender Perpetuates the Gender Gap


    Scott E. Carrell; Marianne E. Page; West, James E.


    Why aren't there more women in science? Female college students are currently 37 percent less likely than males to obtain a bachelor's degree in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and comprise only 25 percent of the STEM workforce. This paper begins to shed light on this issue by exploiting a unique dataset of college students who have been randomly assigned to professors over a wide variety of mandatory standardized courses. We focus on the role of professor gender. Our resul...

  10. Emotional exhaustion and burnout among medical professors; a nationwide survey


    Joeri K Tijdink; Vergouwen, Anton CM; Yvo M Smulders


    Background Although job-related burnout and its core feature emotional exhaustion are common among medical professionals and compromise job satisfaction and professional performance, they have never been systematically studied in medical professors, who have central positions in academic medicine. Methods We performed an online nationwide survey inviting all 1206 medical professors in The Netherlands to participate. They were asked to fill out the Maslach Burnout Inventory, a ‘professional en...

  11. The Effect of Professor's Attractiveness On Distance Learning Students


    Jeanny Liu; Stella D. Tomasi


    Technology enabled learning is becoming more popular and pervasive in education. While the effectiveness of distance learning versus traditional classroom education is strongly debated, human factors such as students’ perception of their professors can influence their desire to learn. This research examines the perceptual effect of attractive professors on business students enrolled in distance learning courses. This study expands on prior studies by testing whether the attractiveness of the ...

  12. [Dr James Lovelock and story about GAIA hypothesis]. (United States)

    Gajić, Vladimir


    Gaia is the Anglo-Saxon term for the Hellenic term Gea or Ge, which means Earth. The GAIA hypothesis was launched almost 40 years ago by the famous chemist James Lovelock, who was engaged by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to create a sensitive instrument for searching forms of extraterrestrial life on other planets. Then he published the book The ages of GAIA, which perturbed the world's scientific public of those days. Lovelock struck upon this idea in the late sixties of the past century, during the space race with Russians, when he was hired hy the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to conduct a series of experiments to find and explore life forms on the planet Mars. Experiments executed by the American module Viking failed to trace any life form, as Lovelock had predicted. He called it a dead equilibrium. Then he turned to Earth, whose perspective is totally different from its first neighbors. Venus and Mars, and is far from a dead equilibrium. DAISYWORLD: In this hypothesis. Lovelock represents Earth as one living, giant super organism, composed of all living creatures and its material environnent. In that super organisnm, the level of oxygen, weather conditions, ocean salinity and so on are under constant influence of physical, chemical and biological processes, which provide the existence for such life forms on Earth. Dr James Lovelock represents a pioneer of climatology, and his hypothesis gives a unique insight into the correlation of dynamic processes on our planet, no matter whether they are of physical or biological nature.

  13. Movements of boreal caribou in the James Bay lowlands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Megan E. Hazell


    Full Text Available Little is known about the movements and home range of boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus in the James Bay lowlands, northern Ontario. Our preliminary study involves the use of GPS collars with Argos satellite system uplink to monitor movements of caribou and 10 animals were collared in December 2004. Animals appeared to have reduced rates of daily movement starting approximately in mid to late December and stretching until late February. Similarly, most animals appeared to have very reduced rates of movement from the beginning of May to the end of June indicating that this is their calving period (includes both parturition as well as the period immediately after parturition. Thus the over-wintering range was assumed to be where the animals were from mid-December to late February and the calving range was defined as the area they were in from the beginning of May to the end of June. Individual home-ranges were typically large, the mean 90% kernel home range for 2004 - 2007 was 41 579 km2. Over wintering areas and calving areas were small when compared to annual home-range size and reflect the reduced rates of movement during these time periods. Female caribou show site fidelity to calving grounds, using the same core areas year after year. However, the same level of site fidelity was not observed in over-wintering areas. The caribou in the James Bay lowlands display behaviours that are characteristic of both the forest-tundra and forest-forest ecotypes which may warrant the reconsideration of the validity of proposed ecotypes with respect to protection under species-at-risk legislation.

  14. Physiology as the antechamber to metaphysics: the young William James's hope for a philosophical psychology. (United States)

    Croce, P J


    In the 5 years before 1878, when his career in psychology was becoming established, William James wrote a series of notes and reviews assessing the work of many of the pioneers in the new field. Adopting a public and confident voice, even while he was privately still uncertain and searching, James criticized the dogmatism of positivist and idealist claims to the study of the human brain and mind. In his short writings of 1873-1877, James started to formulate his own middle path. His first steps on that path show that he did not reject either scientific or philosophic inquiry; instead, he viewed scientific knowledge as a way to understand philosophical questions more deeply. Saving his sharpest critiques for positivism, James endorsed scientific investigation without materialist assmptions. While his career in psychology was still only a hope, James treated science as a means toward humanist insight.

  15. Exemplary Chinese University Professors: Qualities and Impact on Students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eugene P. Kim


    Full Text Available This study focuses on the qualities of Chinese university professors as perceived by their students and the effects of those qualities on student learning and motivation. Specifically, what qualities and personal characteristics do Chinese university students attribute to their favorite and least favorite professors, and how do those qualities and characteristics affect Chinese university students? Out of 280 students surveyed from three different universities, 226 surveys were completed, returned and included in the final analysis (response rate of 80.7%. The research found that Chinese students favored professors who are entertaining, who help them learn more and who provide them with helpful feedback on their assignments. Students disfavor professors who are boring, arrogant and do not provide helpful feedback or help them learn more. Linear regressions revealed a connection between high quality professors and student learning and motivation. Along with other studies, this research provides evidence that effective university professors are those who not only possess expertise in their fields, but in addition are engaging, student-focused and able to build rapport with their students.

  16. Forecasting the Student-Professor Matches That Result in Unusually Effective Teaching (United States)

    Gross, Jennifer; Lakey, Brian; Lucas, Jessica L.; LaCross, Ryan; Plotkowski, Andrea R.; Winegard, Bo


    Background: Two important influences on students' evaluations of teaching are relationship and professor effects. Relationship effects reflect unique matches between students and professors such that some professors are unusually effective for some students, but not for others. Professor effects reflect inter-rater agreement that some professors…

  17. 75 FR 14637 - James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant... (United States)


    ... COMMISSION James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant...), for the operation of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAFNPP) located in Oswego County... related to operation of James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant Power Authority of the State of New York...

  18. Dedication to Professor Hannspeter Winter (1941 2006): Dedication to Professor Hannspeter Winter (1941 2006) (United States)

    McCullough, Bob


    Professor H Winter. It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of colleague and friend Professor Hannspeter Winter in Vienna on the 8 November 2006. In memory of him and the contribution he made both to our conference and to the field of the physics of highly charged ions we dedicate these proceedings. Hannspeter was one of our distinguished invited speakers at HCI2006 and gave a talk on the status of the ITER programme. His invited paper on the subject is included in these proceedings. Hannspeter will be particularly remembered for his pioneering work on ion-surface interactions that, together with his colleagues at the Vienna University of Technology (TUW), has stimulated a worldwide experimental and theoretical interest in this field. He was appointed Director of the Institut fuer Allgemeine Physik at TUW in 1987 and using both his scientific and management skills has made it one of the leading university physics laboratories in the world. His research publications, of which there are 270, have inspired many others to work in the field of atomic and plasma physics. He was also a great European playing a major role in the EURATOM fusion programme, the European Physical Society and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and was an evaluator and advisory board member for many national and international institutions. Hannspeter was also an interesting and friendly social companion with interests in current affairs, music and fine wines and will be greatly missed both on a scientific and social level. Our condolences go to his wife Renate, son Dorian and his relatives. R W McCullough Co-chair HCI2006

  19. Professor-psicopedagogo: o que este profissional faz na escola

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caroline Andrea Pottker

    Full Text Available Este estudo teve como objetivo identificar o porquê da presença do professor-psicopedagogo nas escolas e qual a função que este desempenha dentro delas, bem como, suas implicações no processo ensino-aprendizagem. Para tanto, foram entrevistados dez professores-psicopedagogos, pertencentes a cinco escolas localizadas no Estado do Paraná. Os resultados apontaram que o cargo de professor-psicopedagogo foi ocupado por professores que tinham o título de especialista em Psicopedagogia, os quais passaram a realizar avaliações psicopedagógicas dos alunos com dificuldades de aprendizagem. Segundo a maioria desses profissionais, uma de suas funções constitui-se em auxiliar o professor que apresenta em sala de aula alunos com dificuldades de aprendizagem, assim como tentar compreender o porquê de estes alunos não estarem aprendendo, sobretudo, ajudá-los na reversão desta problemática. Concluímos que a atuação deste profissional nestas escolas pouco tem contribuído para resolução das dificuldades de aprendizagem, pois centram-se no indivíduo e não no processo ensino-aprendizagem.

  20. James L. Tuck Los Alamos ball lightning pioneer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baker, D.A.


    James Tuck was well known for starting the Project Sherwood group at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in 1952. This group was formed to study and develop concepts for controlled fusion energy. In his later years after retiring from Controlled Fusion Division, he continued research at Los Alamos on the topic of ball lightning. He traveled widely giving lectures on both observations of others and his own experimental efforts. He collected anecdotal observations obtained from those in his lecture audiences during his travels and from responses from newspaper articles where he asked for specific information from ball lightning observers. He finally cut off this collection of data when the number of responses became overwhelming. The author's primary publication on ball lightning was a short laboratory report. He planned on publishing a book on the subject but this was never completed before his death. Tuck focused his experimental effort on attempting to duplicate the production of plasma balls claimed to be observed in US Navy submarines when a switch was opened under overload conditions with battery power. During lunch breaks he made use of a Los Alamos N-division battery bank facility to mock up a submarine power pack and switch gear. This non-funded effort was abruptly terminated when an explosion occurred in the facility. An overview of Tuck's research and views will be given. The flavor Jim's personality as well as a ball produced with his experimental apparatus will be shown using video chips.

  1. Writer by Trade: James Ralph’s Claims to Authorship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Thomas Mari


    Full Text Available To the enterprising journalists of early eighteenth-century Great Britain, the refined status of “author” remained elusive. Journalism itself was a nascent occupation formed in the processes of cultural legitimatization, commercialization, and politicization of authorship. In London, James Ralph, an American expatriate and political writer, emerged as a spokesman for journalism. In his Case of Authors by Profession or Trade, a short treatise published in 1758, Ralph argued that “professional” authors included journalists and other non-patroned writers. They deserved respect as an occupational group, and a special role in society. Ralph equated and extended the privileged notions of authorship and the role of the author — essentially, respectability and some limited independence from political and financial pressures — to his fellow journalists. His Case is worth revisiting because it shows how literary culture was being challenged in his era, extended and subverted as it was by his fellow journalists and their more transitory creations.

  2. The James Webb Space Telescope: Extending the Science (United States)

    Gardner, Jonathan P.; JWST Science Working Group


    The science objectives of the James Webb Space Telescope fall into four themes. The End of the Dark Ages: First Light and Reionization theme seeks to identify the first luminous sources to form and to determine the ionization history of the universe. The Assembly of Galaxies theme seeks to determine how galaxies and the dark matter, gas, stars, metals, morphological structures, and black holes within them evolved from the epoch of reionization to the present. The Birth of Stars and Protoplanetary Systems theme seeks to unravel the birth and early evolution of stars, from infall onto dust-enshrouded protostars, to the genesis of planetary systems. The Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life theme seeks to determine the physical and chemical properties of planetary systems around nearby stars and of our own, and to investigate the potential for life in those systems. These four science themes were used to establish the design requirements for the observatory and instrumentation. Since Webb’s capabilities are unique, those science themes will remain relevant through launch and operations and goals contained within these themes will continue to guide the design and implementation choices for the mission. More recently, it has also become clear that Webb will make major contributions to other areas of research, including dark energy, dark matter, exoplanet characterization and Solar System objects. In this poster, I review the original four science themes and discuss how the scientific output of Webb will extend to these new areas of research.

  3. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and Star Formation (United States)

    Greene, Thomas P.


    The 6.5-m aperture James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be a powerful tool for studying and advancing numerous areas of astrophysics. Its Fine Guidance Sensor, Near-Infrared Camera, Near-Infrared Spectrograph, and Mid-Infrared Instrument will be capable of making very sensitive, high angular resolution imaging and spectroscopic observations spanning 0.7 - 28 ?m wavelength. These capabilities are very well suited for probing the conditions of star formation in the distant and local Universe. Indeed, JWST has been designed to detect first light objects as well as to study the fine details of jets, disks, chemistry, envelopes, and the central cores of nearby protostars. We will be able to use its cameras, coronagraphs, and spectrographs (including multi-object and integral field capabilities) to study many aspects of star forming regions throughout the galaxy, the Local Group, and more distant regions. I will describe the basic JWST scientific capabilities and illustrate a few ways how they can be applied to star formation issues and conditions with a focus on Galactic regions.

  4. James Clerk Maxwell perspectives on his life and work

    CERN Document Server

    McCartney, Mark; Whitaker, Andrew


    James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) had a relatively brief, but remarkable life, lived in his beloved rural home of Glenlair, and variously in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London and Cambridge. His scholarship also ranged wide - covering all the major aspects of Victorian natural philosophy. He was one of the most important mathematical physicists of all time, coming only after Newton and Einstein. In scientific terms his immortality is enshrined in electromagnetism and Maxwell's equations, but as this book shows, there was much more to Maxwell than electromagnetism, both in terms of his science and his wider life. Maxwell's life and contributions to science are so rich that they demand the expertise of a range of academics - physicists, mathematicians, and historians of science and literature - to do him justice. The various chapters will enable Maxwell to be seen from a range of perspectives. Chapters 1 to 4 deal with wider aspects of his life in time and place, at Aberdeen, King's College London and the Cavendish Labo...

  5. Stapp's quantum dualism: The James and Heisenberg model of consciousness (United States)

    Noyes, H. P.


    Henry Stapp attempts to resolve the Cartesian dilemma by introducing what the author would characterize as an ontological dualism between mind and matter. His model for mind comes from William James' description of conscious events and for matter from Werner Heisenberg's ontological model for quantum events (wave function collapse). His demonstration of the isomorphism between the two types of events is successful, but in the author's opinion fails to establish a monistic, scientific theory. The author traces Stapp's failure to his adamant rejection of arbitrariness, or 'randomness.' This makes it impossible for him (or for Bohr and Pauli before him) to understand the power of Darwin's explanation of biology, let alone the triumphs of modern 'neo-Darwinism.' The author notes that the point at issue is a modern version of the unresolved opposition between Leucippus and Democritus on one side and Epicurus on the other. Stapp's views are contrasted with recent discussions of consciousness by two eminent biologists: Crick and Edelman. They locate the problem firmly in the context of natural selection on the surface of the earth. Their approaches provide a sound basis for further scientific work. The author briefly examines the connection between this scientific (rather than ontological) framework and the new fundamental theory based on bit-strings and the combinatorial hierarchy.

  6. Dialectic of Male Desire in James Joyce’s Exiles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saman Zoleikhaei


    Full Text Available The current study aims to investigate James Joyce’s Exiles in light of Jacques Lacan’s theory of desire. Richard Rowan and Robert Hand as the major male characters of the play are involved with intersubjective relationships, the motor force behind which is language and its constitutive lack. Facing lack in the Symbolic order on account of language, they take recourse to desire to find object petit a. Being in a mutual relationship, object petit a fuels desire which makes the subjects establish their identity in accordance with the Other’s desire. What they seek and need is the Other’s desire to give meaning to their otherwise fruitless quest in life. Richard and Robert seek diverse object petit a’s, representative of their goals and ideals in life, to re-fill their lack. Being caught up in the same metonymical deferral of desire, they seek other surrogates throughout the play. This metonymical tendency to seek the Other’s desire paves the ground for the reproduction of desire through fantasy.

  7. James Lee Byars 1/2 an autobiography, sourcebook

    CERN Document Server

    Byars, James Lee; Eleey, Peter


    "I see my autobiography as an arbitrary segment of so many pages of time, of things that I have paid attention to at this point in my life," wrote James Lee Byars (1932-1997) in 1969. He was then 37, about half the average male lifespan at the time, and accordingly thought it appropriate to write his "1/2 autobiography." Byars' art ranged from highly refined objects to extremely minimal performance and events, and books, ephemera and correspondence that he distributed widely among friends and colleagues. Today, more than 15 years after his death, assessments of his art must negotiate Byars' performance of his charismatic self in his life and art. For his first major posthumous survey in the US, exhibition curators Magalí Arriola and Peter Eleey decided to produce a catalogue in two "halves," playing on his "1/2 autobiography": a catalogue of the exhibition itself, including new scholarship, and a sourcebook of primary documents. 1/2 an Autobiography, Sourcebook constitutes the latter volume--a reference guid...

  8. Sir James Young Simpson and religion: myths and controversies. (United States)

    Cameron, Ewen A; MacGillivray, Neil


    This paper analyses two key aspects of the life and work of Sir James Young Simpson: his evangelical Christianity and his reaction to criticism following his use of anaesthesia in obstetrics. Simpson's personal religious struggle is placed in the context of the devastating events surrounding the Disruption of the established Church of Scotland in 1843. Whatever his involvement in the events of that year, the development of his faith demonstrates his simple evangelical conviction in the atonement of Christ, very much in keeping with that of many believers in Victorian Britain. There has arisen the notion (still current as is clear from publications in medical journals within recent years) that there was a savage religious response, especially in Presbyterian Scotland, to his use of chloroform - in reality the attack on Simpson's enthusiastic promotion of chloroform was brief, sporadic and of little moment. Simpson's carefully constructed counter to criticism of anaesthesia, drawing on considerable theological and linguistic expertise, reveals a complexity at odds with the simplicity of his faith. The contrast is so great and the reaction so elaborate that it is proposed that Simpson deliberately exaggerated the affair, believing the publicity could only be valuable.

  9. Translation and Creative Writing: An Interview with Professor Margaret Rogers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruzbeh Babaee


    Full Text Available Introduction This interview was conducted with Emerita Professor Margaret Rogers with the aim of providing a brief but informative summary of the relationship between translation and creative writing. Emerita Professor Rogers is in the Centre for Translation Studies, School of English and Languages, University of Surrey, UK. She is also the founder of Terminology Network at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the UK. Professor Rogers introduced creative writing into the translation curriculum some 10 years ago at her own university.   The Interview   RB[1]: Do you believe in a theory of translation? MR[2]: There are many ways of trying to understand and, where we can, explain translation in all its guises, loci and times. To talk about ‘a theory’ in this context doesn’t help much. There are many different approaches to the academic study of translation: rather simply put, the particular approach which we choose to adopt may depend on our object of study (e.g. literary translation or specialised translation, what we want to find out about this (e.g. are we interested in product or process, in a historical or contemporary perspective, what resources we have available (e.g. a fully funded research team or a solo effort and so on. Many projects are interdisciplinary—this has long been recognised—and translation scholars are becoming much more resourceful in identifying, adopting and adapting relevant approaches from intersecting disciplines such as comparative literature, cultural studies, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Some scholars are now advocating a problem-based approach. In any research project it is important to establish how the problem/phenomenon/issue which has been identified as the focus of the study can be tackled. For this, in an empirical study a method is crucial: in translation studies this is rarely something that can be picked off the shelf and is often a contribution to the

  10. PROFESSOR DR. ION PIŞOTA (1925 – 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liliana ZAHARIA


    Full Text Available Professor Ion Pişota was born on June 6, 1925, in Hrupiştea, a small settlement in Greek Macedonia, from where he and his family came to Romania in 1927, where he got Romanian citizenship. Between 1941 and 1945, he attended the Tulcea Boys High School and later on, in 1947 he entered the Faculty of Geology – Geography at the University of Bucharest, where he continued to excel until 1951, when he graduated. In the fall of 1950, he took up a tutor position in the field of Hydrolgy at the same faculty passing subsequently through all the stages of academic hierarchy until he became, in 1971, a University Professor. Even after he retired, in 1996, he continued his academic activity as a consultant professor within the same department and faculty that he served with passion and devotion for more than 50 years.

  11. Categorization of Quantum Mechanics Problems by Professors and Students

    CERN Document Server

    Lin, Shih-Yin


    We discuss the categorization of 20 quantum mechanics problems by physics professors and undergraduate students from two honors-level quantum mechanics courses. Professors and students were asked to categorize the problems based upon similarity of solution. We also had individual discussions with professors who categorized the problems. Faculty members' categorizations were overall rated higher than those of students by three faculty members who evaluated all of the categorizations. The categories created by faculty members were more diverse compared to the categories they created for a set of introductory mechanics problems. Some faculty members noted that the categorization of introductory physics problems often involves identifying fundamental principles relevant for the problem, whereas in upper-level undergraduate quantum mechanics problems, it mainly involves identifying concepts and procedures required to solve the problem. Moreover, physics faculty members who evaluated others' categorizations express...

  12. Faculty Agency in Applying for Promotion to Professor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susan K. Gardner


    Full Text Available Aim/Purpose: In the United States, faculty who wish to pursue promotion to the rank of professor do so without clear guidance or structure. Even the timing of such a process is nebulous. As such, an individual engages in agentic action to pursue the rank. Background: This study examined the experiences of faculty members who chose to pursue the application process to be promoted to professor but were rejected or dissuaded. Methodology: Utilizing a case study of one institutional setting, we conducted 10 in-depth qualitative interviews. Contribution: Very little is known about the process of promotion to full professor in the U.S. and even less empirical research exists. This study advances knowledge of the process and the experiences of those undertaking it. Findings: We learned that cues from the social context greatly influenced these faculty members’ sense of agency.

  13. [Professor Frantisek Por MD and Professor Robert Klopstock MD, students at Budapest and Prague Faculties of Medicine]. (United States)

    Mydlík, M; Derzsiová, K


    Professor Frantisek Por MD and Professor Robert Klopstock MD were contemporaries, both born in 1899, one in Zvolen, the other in Dombovar, at the time of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Prof. Por attended the Faculty of Medicine in Budapest from 1918 to 1920, and Prof. Klopstock studied at the same place between 1917 and 1919. From 1920 until graduation on 6th February 1926, Prof. Por continued his studies at the German Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Prof. Klopstock had to interrupt his studies in Budapest due to pulmonary tuberculosis; he received treatment at Tatranske Matliare where he befriended Franz Kafka. Later, upon Kafka's encouragement, he changed institutions and continued his studies at the German Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, where he graduated the first great go. It is very likely that, during their studies in Budapest and Prague, both professors met repeatedly, even though their life paths later separated. Following his graduation, Prof. Por practiced as an internist in Prague, later in Slovakia, and from 1945 in Kosice. In 1961, he was awarded the title of university professor of internal medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, where he practiced until his death in 1980. Prof. Klopstock continued his studies in Kiel and Berlin. After his graduation in 1933, he practiced in Berlin as a surgeon and in 1938 left for USA. In 1962, he was awarded the title of university professor of pulmonary surgery in NewYork, where he died in 1972.

  14. Aspectos gerais da formação de professores

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edson do Carmo Inforsato


    Full Text Available Este artigo, ancorado em estudos recentes e antigos, mostra o afastamento dos cursos de formação de professores em relação aos elementos que compõem a prática profissional docente. Favorável a uma aproximação efetiva com o contexto das práticas de sala de aula, o autor defende a idéia de uma formação de professores atrelada aos problemas e necessidades da prática docente no ensino formal de 1º e 2º graus.

  15. O papel do formador no processo reflexivo de professores


    Altarugio Helena, M.


    Este trabalho pretende discutir as práticas e os discursos de uma formadora de professores de ciências, experiente e bem sucedida na formação inicial e continuada. Nossa hipótese é a de que, além dos conhecimentos e das técnicas, é na relação intersubjetiva construída entre a formadora e o grupo de professores, que se encontram os elementos que irão sustentar o processo de formação docente. A partir do modo singular da formadora de enfrentar sua tarefa educativa e lidar com as dificuldades do...

  16. Preditores da Síndrome de Burnout em professores

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Sandra Carlotto

    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi identificar os preditores da Síndrome de Burnout em 563 professores de instituições educacionais particulares da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre - RS. Foram utilizados um questionário elaborado para levantamento de variáveis demográficas e profissionais, o Maslach Burnout Inventory, o Job Diagnostic Survey e o Questionário de Satisfação no Trabalho S20/23. Os resultados evidenciam que variáveis relacionadas ao contexto laboral predominam no modelo explicativo de Burnout em professores em ambos os grupos.

  17. Apoio social e fatores associados com a disfonia em professores


    Ceballos,Albanita Gomes da Costa de


    p. 1-68 Fatores relacionados com o ambiente e a organização do trabalho, além de fatores próprios do sujeito têm se mostrado associados ao adoecimento vocal de professores. O objetivo deste estudo foi analisar os fatores associados a disfonia nesta categoria profissional e investigar a contribuição do apoio social no processo de adoecimento vocal de professores. Foram pesquisados 476 docentes de escolas municipais de quatro regionais de educação da cidade de Salvador – Bahia. A coleta de d...

  18. In search of lost opportunities: Marcel Proyce and James Joust discuss doctors, diseases, life and death (a hypothetical conversation between Marcel Proust and James Joyce). (United States)

    Shanahan, Fergus; Quigley, Eamonn M


    Two of the most influential thinkers of the last century, Marcel Proust (1871-1922) and James Joyce (1882-1941), met in 1922 but had little to say to each other. Had circumstances been different, what might they have said? They had much in common, including an interest in doctors and diseases, but from different perspectives. Although the meeting was a lost opportunity to explore the insights of two great analysts of the human condition, their lives and works provide a record rich in detail and timeless in relevance. From this, we construct what might have been overheard during a conversation between Marcel Proyce and James Joust almost a century ago.

  19. Presquile National Wildlife Refuge, James River National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1993 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Presquile National Wildlife Refuge and James River National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1993 calendar...

  20. Photographer: Dominic Hart/Eric James Congressman Norm Mineta and Congresswomen Anna Escho Visit Bay (United States)


    Photographer: Dominic Hart/Eric James Congressman Norm Mineta and Congresswomen Anna Escho Visit Bay Area & Monte Vista High School, Cupertino, California to promote communications superhighway along with VP Al Gore

  1. Potential for Contaminant Exposure to Bald Eagles of the James River 1993 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The James River, Virginia has one of the largest concentrations of bald eagles on the east coast of the United States. Effects of environmental contaminants upon...

  2. James Williamson d/b/a Golden Triangle Builders Information Sheet (United States)

    James Williamson d/b/a Golden Triangle Builders (the Company) is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The settlement involves renovation activities conducted at property constructed prior to 1978, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  3. James River National Wildlife Refuge: Draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on James River National Wildlife Refuge for the next 15 years. This plan outlines...

  4. Presquile National Wildlife Refuge, James River National Wildlife Refuge: Annual narrative report: Calendar year 1995 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Presquile National Wildlife Refuge and James River National Wildlife Refuge outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 1995 calendar...

  5. Annual Activity Report, Fiscal Year 2006: Presquile and James River National Wildlife Refuges (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This annual narrative report for Presquile and James River National Wildlife Refuges outlines Refuge accomplishments during the 2006 fiscal year. Land acquisition is...

  6. Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge: 2010 Academic Award - James C. Liao and Easel Biotechnologies, LLC (United States)

    Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge 2010 award winner, Dr. James C. Liao, genetically engineered microorganisms to make higher alcohols (with 3 to 8 carbon atoms) from glucose or directly from carbon dioxide (CO2).

  7. "Ever heard of EVEL Knievel?": James Bond meets the Rural sheriff

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    John D Schwetman


    James Bond emerged as an international film hero because he represented an aspirational cosmopolitan ideal offering viewers an opportunity to escape to an exciting international arena of adventure during the Cold War. Sheriff J. W...

  8. Aerial photographic water color variations from pollution in the James River (United States)

    Bressette, W. E.


    A photographic flight was made over the James River on May 17, 1977. The data show that, in general, James River water has very high sunlight reflectance. In the Bailey Bay area this reflectance is drastically reduced. Also shown is a technique for normalizing off-axis variations in radiance film exposure from camera falloff and uneven sunlight conditions to the nadir value. After data normalization, a spectral analysis is performed that identifies Bailey Creek water in James River water. The spectral results when compared with laboratory spectrometer data indicate that reflectance from James River water is dominated by suspended matter, while the substance most likely responsible for reduced reflectance in Bailey Creek water is dissolved organic carbon.

  9. Environmental Assessment for Public Deer Hunting at James River National Wildlife Refuge 1991 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — An excessively high deer population will conflict with any forest management program conducted at James River National Wildlife Refuge. To accomplish the objective...

  10. Kroll, Murakami, and Seneviratne Receive 2013 James B. Macelwane Medals: Citation for Motohiko Murakami

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bass, Jay


    The James B. Macelwane Medal of AGU is presented to Motohiko Murakami for his discovery of the postperovskite phase of MgSiO 3 , for a new class of sound velocity measurements under lower mantle pressure...

  11. James Wertsi ja SaxEsti ühiskontsert. "Valge gospel" asub taas tuurile

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Ameerika laulja ja kitarristi James Wertsi ning saksofonikvarteti SaxEst kontserdituurist Eestis algusega 1. dets. Haljala rahvamajast. Kontserdituurist "Valge gospel" alates 11. dets. kuues Eestimaa kirikus (viimane kontsert 20. dets. Tallinna Linnahallis)

  12. James Hurman "Sisuturundus ei anna kiiret lühiajalist efekti" / intervjueerinud Hando Sinisalu, Heidi Tiik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hurman, James


    Intervjuu Passwordi konverentsil ettekandega "Loovus ja äriedu: tõestus selle kohta, et loovad reklaamid suurendavad ärilist edukust" esineva James Hurmaniga edukatest kampaaniatest ja sisuturunduse efektiivsusest

  13. James Joyce’s Echoes in Caitriona Lally’s Portrait of Dublin City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Manuel Estévez-Saá


    Full Text Available James Stephens and James Joyce have been mentioned as referents for Caitriona Lally’s highly acclaimed debut novel, Eggshells (2015. The present contribution intends to study this new brilliant rendering of the city of Dublin through the eyes of allegedly ‘changeling’ Vivian, whose Joycean creative musings on language serve her to portray contemporary Dublin, as well as to imaginatively project portals to other worlds where she can feel more at ease.

  14. Reworked late Neogene Austrochlamys anderssoni (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from northern James Ross Island, Antarctica


    Pirrie, D; Jonkers, H. A.; Smellie, John L.; Crame, J. Alistair; McArthur, J. M.


    We report on the discovery of a new outcrop of fossiliferous Neogene sediments on northern James Ross Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula. Approximately 100 specimens of the pectinid bivalve Austrochlamys anderssoni (Hennig, 1911) were collected from the permafrost active layer. This bivalve species has a late Miocene to late Pliocene range and has previously been reported from both the glaciomarine Hobbs Glacier Formation and the interglacial Cockburn Island Formation in the James Ross Isla...

  15. Renaissance culture at the court of James V, 1528-1542


    Thomas, Andrea Susan


    This study of the cultural activities of the Scottish court in the adult reign of King James V reveals a vibrant, sophisticated and confident outlook, which was more closely integrated with the developments of the northern-European Renaissance than has been apparent hitherto. James V utilised the limited resources at his disposal to good effect, and his cultural patronage propagated multi-layered images of royal power. Continuity with the traditions established by his Stewart forbears, especi...

  16. Kunst, kunstiajalugu ja visuaalkultuur / James Elkins ; intervjueerinud Maarin Mürk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Elkins, James, 1955-


    Kultuuriteaduste ja kunstide doktorikool korraldas 20.-22. sept. 2010 Eesti Kunstiakadeemia kunstikultuuri teaduskonnas ameerika kunstiteadlase James Elkensi seminari "Kunst, kunstiajalugu ja visuaalkultuuri uuringud. Uurimise ja kirjastamise probleeme ja kontseptsioone tänapäeval". James Elkensiga kunstiteadusest, sellest, kuidas visuaalkultuuri uurimine paneb küsimärgi alla senise kunstiajaloo ning kuidas on võimalik kirjutada ka Euroopa traditsioonist väljapoole jäävat kunstiajalugu, siinsest kunstiajaloo uurimisest ja kirjutamisest

  17. James Webb Telescope's Near Infrared Camera: Making Models, Building Understanding (United States)

    Lebofsky, Larry A.; McCarthy, D. W.; Higgins, M. L.; Lebofsky, N. R.


    The Astronomy Camp for Girl Scout Leaders is a science education program sponsored by NASA's next large space telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The E/PO team for JWST's Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam), in collaboration with the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council, has developed a long-term relationship with adult leaders from all GSUSA Councils that directly benefits troops of all ages, not only in general science education but also specifically in the astronomical and technology concepts relating to JWST. We have been training and equipping these leaders so they can in turn teach young women essential concepts in astronomy, i.e., the night sky environment. We model what astronomers do by engaging trainers in the process of scientific inquiry, and we equip them to host troop-level astronomy-related activities. It is GSUSA's goal to foster girls’ interest and creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, creating an environment that encourages their interests early in their lives while creating a safe place for girls to try and fail, and then try again and succeed. To date, we have trained over 158 leaders in 13 camps. These leaders have come from 24 states, DC, Guam, and Japan. While many of the camp activities are related to the "First Light” theme, many of the background activities relate to two of the other JWST and NIRCam themes: "Birth of Stars and Protoplanetary Systems” and "Planetary Systems and the Origin of Life.” The latter includes our own Solar System. Our poster will highlight the Planetary Systems theme: 1. Earth and Moon: Day and Night; Rotation and Revolution. 2. Earth/Moon Comparisons. 3. Size Model: The Diameters of the Planets. 4. Macramé Planetary (Solar) Distance Model. 5.What is a Planet? 6. Planet Sorting Cards. 7. Human Orrery 8. Lookback Time in Our Daily Lives NIRCam E/PO website: dmccarthy/GSUSA

  18. Titan Science with the James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Nixon, Conor A.; Achterberg, Richard K.; Adamkovics, Mate; Bezard, Bruno; Bjoraker, Gordon L.; Comet, Thomas; Hayes, Alaxander G.; Lellouch, Emmanuel; Lemmon, Mark T.; Lopez-Puertas, Manuel; hide


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scheduled for launch in 2018, is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) but with a signicantly larger aperture (6.5 m) and advanced instrumentation focusing on infrared science (0.6-28.0 microns). In this paper, we examine the potential for scientic investigation of Titan using JWST, primarily with three of the four instruments: NIRSpec, NIRCam, and MIRI, noting that science with NIRISS will be complementary. Five core scientic themes are identied: (1) surface (2) tropospheric clouds (3) tropospheric gases (4) stratospheric composition, and (5) stratospheric hazes. We discuss each theme in depth, including the scientic purpose, capabilities, and limitations of the instrument suite and suggested observing schemes. We pay particular attention to saturation, which is a problem for all three instruments, but may be alleviated for NIRCam through use of selecting small sub-arrays of the detectorssufcient to encompass Titan, but with signicantly faster readout times. We nd that JWST has very signicant potential for advancing Titan science, with a spectral resolution exceeding the Cassini instrument suite at near-infrared wavelengths and a spatial resolution exceeding HST at the same wavelengths. In particular, JWST will be valuable for time-domain monitoring of Titan, given a ve- to ten-year expected lifetime for the observatory, for example, monitoring the seasonal appearance of clouds. JWST observations in the post-Cassini period will complement those of other large facilities such as HST, ALMA, SOFIA, and next-generation ground-based telescopes (TMT, GMT, EELT).

  19. The Jewish Setting of the Epistle of James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dale C. Allison


    Full Text Available Many older commentators understood the Epistle of James to address itself to Jews of the diaspora, whether Christian or not. Although few modern scholars have seriously reckoned with this possibility, much is to be said for the thesis. It makes sense for example of important features of the epistle that otherwise would remain unclear, such as its dearth of explicit Christology, its seeming lack of distinctive Christian sentiments, and its thoroughly Jewish orientation. The author was a Jewish Christian still hoping for a Christian place within the Jewish synagogue; he wished for irenic relations with those who did not confess Jesus to be the Messiah. He was thus intentionally quiescent about much for apologetical purposes, a strategy with clear parallels in other ancient Christian literature.Die Joodse agtergrond van die Jakobusbrief. Die Jakobusbrief is deur baie van die ouer kommentaarskrywers gesien as ’n selfverklarende geskrif aan die Jode van die diaspora – hetsy Christene of nie-Christene. Hoewel van die moderne navorsers heelhartig daarmee saamstem, bestaan daar heelwat twyfel oor hierdie siening. Dit maak egter sin ten opsigte van sekere belangrike beskrywings van die brief wat andersins onverklaarbaar sou wees soos die gebrek aan uitdruklike Christologie, die skynbare gebrek aan kenmerkende Christelike sentimente en die grondige Joodse oriëntering daarvan. Die skrywer was ’n Joodse Christen wat steeds gehoop het vir erkenning binne die Joodse sinagoge en versoenende verhoudings met diegene wat nie vir Jesus as die Messias erken het nie, verlang het. Dus was hy met voorbedagde rade baie stil oor baie dinge om apologetiese redes – ’n strategie wat duidelike parallelle met ander antieke Christelike literatuur toon.

  20. Women Professors of Educational Administration: A Profile and Salient Issues. (United States)

    Short, Paula M.; And Others

    The purpose of this study is to assess the current status of women professors of educational administration. Research findings are reviewed and discussed in the areas of socialization of women and sex-role stereotyping, mentoring, and networking. A 37-item questionnaire addressed background information, graduate school experiences, first…

  1. [Professor TIAN Cong-huo's experience on clinical acupuncture]. (United States)

    Song, Shi-Yun; Wang, Yin


    Professor TIAN's experiences on acupuncture treatment of various difficult diseases with different acupuncture methods based on syndrome differentiation of different patients, for example, para-acupuncture for treatment of migraine, triple puncture at Dazhui (GV 14) for recurrent depression, lifting and thrusting point Shexiaxue for treatment of aphasia, electroacupuncture at Shuigou (GV 26) and Baihui (GV 20) for treatment of schizophrenia, etc. are introduced.

  2. Häbi, professor, teil on Gefilus kapis / Eve Kruuse

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kruuse, Eve,d1959-


    Tartu Ülikooli professor Marika Mikelsaar võitis läinud kuul koos kolleegidega (Tiiu Kullisaar, Epp Songisepp, Hedi Annuk ja Mihkel Zilmer) Soulis ülemaailmse naisleiutajate konkursil ME-3 bakteri avastamise ja probiootikuks arendamise eest kuldmedali

  3. Burnout Syndrome and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Professors (United States)

    García Padilla, Arlington Antonio; Escorcia Bonivento, Carla Vanessa; Perez Suarez, Blinis Sat

    The presence of the Burnout syndrome in professors may be regarded as a deterioration of their mental health with negative impacts on their job performance. It is known that teachers develop different activities in the areas of teaching, outreach and research. This study aims to analyze the relationship between the Burnout syndrome and…

  4. Communication professor examines media bias in president's speeches


    Elliott, Jean


    Jim A. Kuypers, assistant professor of communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, reveals a disturbing world of media bias in his new book Bush's War: Media Bias and Justifications for War in a Terrorist Age (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2006).

  5. A Comparison of Students' Perceptions of an Ideal Professor. (United States)

    Gadzella, Bernadette M.; And Others

    A study was done of college students' current perceptions of the most and least important characteristics of an ideal professor. These perceptions were compared with findings from earlier studies, and differences among student groups (based on gender, college status, grade point average (GPA), and majors) were compared. The study surveyed 356…

  6. Analysis of an Instrument on a Quality Professor. (United States)

    Lytton, Channon R.; Gadzella, Bernadette M.

    The reliability of the questionnaire, Students' Views of an Ideal Professor, was studied. Subjects were 86 students (35 males and 51 females) who were enrolled in psychology classes at a state university. Subjects included 34 freshmen, 27 sophomores, 20 juniors, 4 seniors, and 1 graduate. The questionnaire consists of 25 characteristics of a…

  7. University Professors and Teaching Ethics: Conceptualizations and Expectations (United States)

    Dean, Kathy Lund; Beggs, Jeri Mullins


    After the spectacular ethical breaches in corporate America emerged, business school professors were singled out as having been negligent in teaching ethical standards. This exploratory study asked business school faculty about teaching ethics, including conceptualizations of ethics in a teaching context and opinions of the extent to which…

  8. Postcards from a Road Trip to Innovation: One Professor's Sabbatical (United States)

    Kelley, Todd R.


    Precious moments in life for an educator are taking time to reflect upon his or her teaching practices to evaluate effectiveness and overall impact. Often this reflection is a weekly if not a daily process for educators using a reflective practitioner model (SchÖn, 1983). For professors, many universities have opportunities for tenured faculty to…

  9. Humor and the Emeritus Professor: An Interview with Gene Roth (United States)

    Vivona, Brian


    This essay is a compilation of several conversations with Dr. Gene Roth, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Roth is past President of the Academy of Human Resource Development, and although he is well known for his efforts in bringing humor into the field of HRD, he is not the same Gene Roth that played…

  10. An Examination of Assistant Professors' Project Management Practices (United States)

    Alpert, Shannon Atkinson; Hartshorne, Richard


    Purpose: The purpose of this research was to identify factors that influence the use of project management in higher education research projects by investigating the project management practices of assistant professors. Design/methodology/approach: Using a grounded theory approach that included in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 22…

  11. Developing Student Character: Community College Professors Who Share Power (United States)

    Humphreys, Connie K.


    This phenomenological study examined the definitions, values, and experiences of seven community college professors who have tried to promote student character development by sharing some of their power in the classroom. Power sharing is a participative gesture, and participative teachers can encourage students to become more engaged in their own…

  12. For Professors' Children, the Case for Home Schooling (United States)

    Pannapacker, W. A.


    The number of families who home school their children is growing between five and 15% per year and it is believed that home schoolers outperform their public-educated peers, though critics believe that home schooling is a form of religious fanaticism and a means of avoiding diversity. A professor explains how he and his wife, home school their…

  13. "Women in Science" with Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    January 11, 2014 | 11:30 am | Multimedia hall, New Physical Sciences Building. Chair, WiS panel of the IASc, Prof. Rohini Godbole, IISc will preside. “Women in Science”: an Interactive Discussion. Session with. Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell are happy to present. Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is currently a visiting Professor at ...

  14. The professor within the context of African Universities | Nenty ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    It affirms that the professor is the soul of the university which itself is a world-wide liberal space for the development of the human intellect and genius. The paper further argues that when an individual has been able to satisfy the rigours of the professoriate, such an individual owes it as an obligation to impact positively ...

  15. Does Gender and Professional Experience Influence Students' Perceptions of Professors? (United States)

    Tindall, Natalie T. J.; Waters, Richard D.


    Grounded in literature stemming from higher education research, this study examines how students evaluate public relations educators by gauging their perceptions of the professors' professional competency, professorial warmth, course difficulty, and industry connectivity. Using an experimental design, students (N = 303) from four U.S. universities…

  16. Professor GN Ramachandran's Contributions to X-ray Crystallography

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 6; Issue 10. Professor G. N. Ramachandran's Contributions to X-ray Crystallography. K Venkatesan. General Article Volume 6 Issue 10 October 2001 pp 8-15. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  17. Ten Things Every Professor Should Know about Assessment (United States)

    Wolf, Kenneth; Dunlap, Joanna; Stevens, Ellen


    This article describes ten key assessment practices for advancing student learning that all professors should be familiar with and strategically incorporate in their classrooms and programs. Each practice or concept is explained with examples and guidance for putting it into practice. The ten are: learning outcomes, performance assessments,…

  18. Professor-Student Rapport Scale: Six Items Predict Student Outcomes (United States)

    Wilson, Janie H.; Ryan, Rebecca G.


    Rapport between students and teachers leads to numerous positive student outcomes, including attitudes toward the teacher and course, student motivation, and perceived learning. The recent development of a Professor-Student Rapport scale offers assessment of this construct. However, a Cronbach's [alpha] of 0.96 indicated item redundancy, and the…

  19. Dilemmas of a Newly Recruited Academic Qualified Professor: A Case (United States)

    Agrawal, Anand


    This case describes the situation of a newly recruited academic professor who volunteered to teach a course on Research Methods to first-term MBA students in a practitioner-oriented case method Business School. Research Methods is a unique course due to its relevance not only in business but also across all graduate programs. Instructional and…

  20. Teaching the College "Nones": Christian Privilege and the Religion Professor (United States)

    Riswold, Caryn D.


    Working with undergraduate students invites teachers into relationship and conversation with young people at a time when they are emerging as adults and forming their identities. Faith is one area of identity formation often attended to by scholars, college professors, and their institutions. But within that, little attention has been paid to…

  1. Identity Issues: Expatriate Professors Teaching and Researching in Qatar (United States)

    Romanowski, Michael H.; Nasser, Ramzi


    Today, academics are more transient, working outside their home countries, than at any other time in the history of academics especially in the Arab World were there is great demand for faculty members educated in Western' culture and academia. However, many of these professors face considerable social, professional and academic challenges in…

  2. Reflections on Finally Becoming a Professor after Forty Years (United States)

    Watkins, J. Foster


    I wrote this reflective piece in 1999 as I was assuming my first full-time position as a professor with limited administrative responsibilities at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). After 30-plus years in administrative roles in higher education that provided the opportunity to teach on a part-time basis only, I quickly became aware of…

  3. The rotor theories by Professor Joukowsky: Vortex theories

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Okulov, Valery L.; Sørensen, Jens Nørkær; Wood, David H.


    This is the second of two articles with the main, and largely self-explanatory, title "Rotor theories by Professor Joukowsky". This article considers rotors with finite number of blades and is subtitled "Vortex theories". The first article with subtitle "Momentum theories", assessed the starring ...

  4. Kant as a Professor: Some Lessons for Today's Intellectuals ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The thoughts of every great philosopher is measured and represented by the history of his social background. It is indeed, more appropriate particularly in the case of a great philosopher like Immanuel Kant to single out for special recognition the outstanding characteristics of his early life on his career as a professor of ...

  5. Reflections on the Scholarly Contributions of Professor David H. Jonassen (United States)

    Reeves, Thomas C.; Lee, Chwee Beng; Hung, Woei


    The six papers in this special issue of "Computers and Education" honoring Professor David H. Jonassen are diverse in nature. They also reflect differing interpretations of the implications of Jonassen's work for research and development focused on instructional models and the factors influencing instruction as well as the directions for future…

  6. Championing Inclusion: An Interview with Professor Luanna Meyer (United States)

    Bevan-Brown, Jill


    In May 2012, after a long and impressive career, Luanna Meyer retired from her role as Professor of Education and Director of the Jessie Hetherington Centre for Educational Research at Victoria University. The tributes paid at her retirement ceremony bear testament to a woman who is held in high esteem in the educational community. In this…

  7. On the Seminar of Professor Shulamit Kreitler in MSUPE

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fedorova A.I.


    Full Text Available From 9 to 15 of February, 2015 in Moscow state university of psychology and education hosted series of seminars of doctor of psychology Shulamit Kreitler. Dr. Kreitler is a professor of Tel-Aviv University, director of psychology studies center in Sheba medical center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.

  8. On the Seminar of Professor Shulamit Kreitler in MSUPE


    Fedorova A. I.; Scherbakova A.M.


    From 9 to 15 of February, 2015 in Moscow state university of psychology and education hosted series of seminars of doctor of psychology Shulamit Kreitler. Dr. Kreitler is a professor of Tel-Aviv University, director of psychology studies center in Sheba medical center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.

  9. The Effect of Professor's Attractiveness on Distance Learning Students (United States)

    Liu, Jeanny; Tomasi, Stella D.


    Technology enabled learning is becoming more popular and pervasive in education. While the effectiveness of distance learning versus traditional classroom education is strongly debated, human factors such as students' perception of their professors can influence their desire to learn. This research examines the perceptual effect of attractive…

  10. Career Vitality of Professors: A Cognitive Restructuring Model. (United States)

    Bumpus, J. Frank

    An attributional model that conceptualizes the pressures that reduce professors' personal and career vitality is presented. The model is based primarily on the locus of control literature and especially the reformulated model of learned helplessness by Lynn Abramson, Martin Seligman, and John Teasdale. The analysis deals only with the cognitive…

  11. Could We Talk? Pragmatic Variations in Student-Professor Negotiations. (United States)

    Biesenbach-Lucas, Sigrun; Weasenforth, Donald

    This study focuses on electronic office hour consultations and investigates the presence and organization of pragmatic elements associated with negotiating the completion and evaluation of coursework in the e-mail messages of 28 American and international students to an American professor. Findings indicate a lack of negotiation skills in the…

  12. James Chadwick Nobel Prize for Physics 1935. Discovery of the neutron; James Chadwick Premio Nobel de Fisica 1935. Descubrimiento del neutron

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    James Chadwick (1981-1974) was a key figure in the field of nuclear science. Through his studies, he researched the disintegration of atoms by bombarding alpha particles and proved the existence of neutrons. For this discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1935. (Author)

  13. Refletindo sobre a relação professor-aluno em um grupo de professores do Esino Fundamental

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antônio dos Santos Andrade


    Full Text Available A partir das concepções de Donald Schön sobre a formação do professor como prático reflexivo, os princípios de trabalho com pequenos grupos, baseados nas concepções de J. L Moreno, foram utilizados com o objetivo de facilitar o processo de reflexão sobre suas práticas de sala de aula, com seis professores do Ensino Fundamental. Foram realizados nove encontros de 90 a 120 minutos de duração. Nas discussões, os casos dos alunos mais problemáticos quanto ao seu comportamento foram trazidos pelos professores e analisados pelo grupo a luz das concepções da Pragmática da Comunicação Humana. Como resultado destas discussões, os professores foram levados a considerar os aspectos mais latentes, e portanto significantes, de suas relações com os alunos. Estas reflexões conduziram a uma "resignificação" das mesmas, com efeitos surpreendentes sobre os comportamentos dos alunos.

  14. Why Did the Professor Cross the Road? How and Why College Professors Intentionally Use Humor in Their Teaching (United States)

    Buckman, Karen Hildebrant


    College professors face many pressing challenges: staying current in their disciplines, becoming familiar with new technology, responding to national accountability issues, publishing scholarly research in their fields, and facilitating student learning in their classes. Teaching and learning are complex processes. Humor is a powerful…

  15. Yue Joseph Wang named Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Owczarski, Mark


    Yue Joseph Wang, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  16. Maury Nussbaum reappointed as Hal G. Prillaman Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering


    Owczarski, Mark


    Maury Nussbaum, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been reappointed as the Hal G. Prillaman Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  17. Brian M. Kleiner receives Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellowship in Industrial and Systems Engineering


    Owczarski, Mark


    Brian M. Kleiner, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  18. The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 2nd Edition (by James Trefil and Robert M. Hazen) (United States)

    Hoffman, Reviewed By Megan M.


    "You're going to teach the organic chemistry section of the Natural Science class?" - one of my biology colleagues asked me last semester - "Better you than me!" "You are?" added a chemistry professor, with interest. Yet these same people ardently believe that all our students should have a basic understanding of carbon's remarkable bonding capabilities and how they relate to life on Earth. If our art or economics majors can learn about organic chemistry and genetics and astronomy, our faculty should be able to teach those same topics, regardless of their acknowledged specialties. The basis of a scientifically literate society is not expertise in specific arcane subfields of science. Scientific literacy is a general understanding of what science is, what science can and cannot do, and what scientific accomplishments have occurred over the centuries. If you subscribe to this definition of scientific literacy, James Trefil and Robert M. Hazen's The Sciences: An Integrated Approach can help you and your general science students. The self-avowed purpose of this text is to address science illiteracy in America. Trefil and Hazen propose that the best way to combat scientific illiteracy is to provide integrated science courses that focus on a broad understanding of science, rather than the specialized knowledge available to a science major. The new edition of The Sciences has been influenced by the 1996 publication of the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards. While the first edition of Trefil and Hazen's book admirably addressed the integration of the natural and physical sciences, in this second edition, the authors have increased the connections between science and real-world situations and have made a more conscious effort to emphasize the process of science and the overlapping nature of scientific disciplines. The text is based on 25 "scientific concepts", one per chapter. These concepts are clearly explained in relatively jargon

  19. XML: James Webb Space Telescope Database Issues, Lessons, and Status (United States)

    Detter, Ryan; Mooney, Michael; Fatig, Curtis


    This paper will present the current concept using extensible Markup Language (XML) as the underlying structure for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) database. The purpose of using XML is to provide a JWST database, independent of any portion of the ground system, yet still compatible with the various systems using a variety of different structures. The testing of the JWST Flight Software (FSW) started in 2002, yet the launch is scheduled for 2011 with a planned 5-year mission and a 5-year follow on option. The initial database and ground system elements, including the commands, telemetry, and ground system tools will be used for 19 years, plus post mission activities. During the Integration and Test (I&T) phases of the JWST development, 24 distinct laboratories, each geographically dispersed, will have local database tools with an XML database. Each of these laboratories database tools will be used for the exporting and importing of data both locally and to a central database system, inputting data to the database certification process, and providing various reports. A centralized certified database repository will be maintained by the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. One of the challenges for the database is to be flexible enough to allow for the upgrade, addition or changing of individual items without effecting the entire ground system. Also, using XML should allow for the altering of the import and export formats needed by the various elements, tracking the verification/validation of each database item, allow many organizations to provide database inputs, and the merging of the many existing database processes into one central database structure throughout the JWST program. Many National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) projects have attempted to take advantage of open source and commercial technology. Often this causes a greater reliance on the use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), which is often limiting


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mario Elkin Ramírez


    ... some lessons in Seminar XXIII of Jacques Lacan with A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, that was one of Lacan's sources, brings about how the work depicts Joyce as a young man, finding the knottings where the foreclosure of the Name of the Father did not allow him to respond and could lead to some detachments that would tri...

  1. The Effects of Professors' Race and Gender on Student Evaluations and Performance (United States)

    Basow, Susan A.; Codos, Stephanie; Martin, Julie L.


    This experimental study examined the effects of professor gender, professor race, and student gender on student ratings of teaching effectiveness and amount learned. After watching a three-minute engineering lecture presented by a computer-animated professor who varied by gender and race (African American, White), female and male undergraduates…

  2. The Association of Professors' Style, Trait Anxiety, and Experience with Students' Grades. (United States)

    Theodory, George C.; Day, Richard C.


    The relationship between the style, trait anxiety, and experience of professors and students' grades was investigated using Fiedler's contingency theory. Results indicated professors' trait anxiety is significant influencing student grades; professors having a high Least Preferred co-worker score assigned grades negatively correlated related with…

  3. Professors and Coaches Educational Approaches That Support the NCAA Division III Student Athlete Experience (United States)

    Kuntz, Daniel E.


    While professors and coaches have the ability to enable or impede student athletes' educational success in college, studies that address the perspectives of coaches and professors about their interactions with student athletes are limited. This study aimed to understand (a) the ways in which professors and coaches who act as institutional agents…

  4. A Mixed Analysis of College Students' Best and Poorest College Professors (United States)

    Slate, John R.; LaPrairie, Kimberly; Schulte, Don P.; Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J.


    In this study, the authors examined the views of 171 college students concerning their best and poorest college professors. In a multi-stage conversion mixed analysis design, students' stories of their best and poorest college professors were thematically analysed, resulting in 15 dominant themes for their best college professors and 12 dominant…

  5. A Changing Role for University Professors? Professorial Academic Leadership as It Is Perceived by "The Led" (United States)

    Evans, Linda


    This article examines the academic leadership role of university professors in the UK (a grade title which in that national context generally refers only to the most distinguished, senior academics, who equate to the North American full professor). Drawing on theoretical interpretations of professionalism and applying these to professors, it…

  6. PREFACE: Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara Special section on Computational Fluid Dynamics—in memory of Professor Kunio Kuwahara (United States)

    Ishii, Katsuya


    This issue includes a special section on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in memory of the late Professor Kunio Kuwahara, who passed away on 15 September 2008, at the age of 66. In this special section, five articles are included that are based on the lectures and discussions at `The 7th International Nobeyama Workshop on CFD: To the Memory of Professor Kuwahara' held in Tokyo on 23 and 24 September 2009. Professor Kuwahara started his research in fluid dynamics under Professor Imai at the University of Tokyo. His first paper was published in 1969 with the title 'Steady Viscous Flow within Circular Boundary', with Professor Imai. In this paper, he combined theoretical and numerical methods in fluid dynamics. Since that time, he made significant and seminal contributions to computational fluid dynamics. He undertook pioneering numerical studies on the vortex method in 1970s. From then to the early nineties, he developed numerical analyses on a variety of three-dimensional unsteady phenomena of incompressible and compressible fluid flows and/or complex fluid flows using his own supercomputers with academic and industrial co-workers and members of his private research institute, ICFD in Tokyo. In addition, a number of senior and young researchers of fluid mechanics around the world were invited to ICFD and the Nobeyama workshops, which were held near his villa, and they intensively discussed new frontier problems of fluid physics and fluid engineering at Professor Kuwahara's kind hospitality. At the memorial Nobeyama workshop held in 2009, 24 overseas speakers presented their papers, including the talks of Dr J P Boris (Naval Research Laboratory), Dr E S Oran (Naval Research Laboratory), Professor Z J Wang (Iowa State University), Dr M Meinke (RWTH Aachen), Professor K Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor U Ghia (University of Cincinnati), Professor F Hussain (University of Houston), Professor M Farge (École Normale Superieure), Professor J Y Yong (National

  7. Little Book, Big Waves: The Epistle of James and Global Stewardship in Bioethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lora Jean Brake


    Full Text Available At first glance the twenty-first century arena of biotechnology and bioethics seems worlds away from the practical concerns of the first century outlook of the New Testament book of James. A closer look, however, reveals that the issues that James addresses have applications to challenges in bioethics. This article will give an overview of James and examine James’ teaching on wealth, poverty, and generosity and its import for the issue of global stewardship in bioethics.  Stewardship concerns both a Christian’s care and management of time, talents, and treasures.  Faithful use of the resources God has given demonstrates the fruitful faith that James writes of in his epistle. The idea of global stewardship, though “stewardship” is grounded in a distinctly Christian ethic, reflects an emerging discussion in bioethics regarding the need to address the inequities present between the money and time spent on biotechnology in some of the world in proportion to the money spent on meeting the basic healthcare needs of the poor of the entire world.  This New Testament epistle gives clear indications of how the Christian is to view wealth and how the Christian is to respond to poverty.  James, though a comparatively small book, sends a crucial message across the years that should greatly impact how Christians view stewardship in terms of global healthcare needs. 

  8. Professor Peter Higgs: "My Life as a Boson"

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    Professor Peter Higgs played a key role in the development of the Standard Model, our current theory of fundamental physics. The search for the Higgs Boson is the centrepiece of the LHC programme at CERN, and the existence of this famously elusive particle is likely to be confirmed or refuted with data currently being collected, using apparatus partly designed at Bristol. Professor Higgs will introduce the ideas of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and discuss how these developed from their application in condensed matter through the earlier work of Yoichiro Nambu and Jeffrey Goldstone, to the work of Robert Brout, Francois Englert and himself in 1964. The subsequent application of these ideas to electroweak theory will be discussed briefly.

  9. An Outstanding Career: Professor Emeritus Iacob Cătoiu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Octavian Oprică


    Full Text Available Through the duration of his commissions of Deputy Dean (1981-1989 and, respectively, Dean (1992-2003, and also by the manner of approaching the managerial problems and his scientific extension, Professor Iacob Cătoiu left and indelible trace on the evolution of the former Department of Commerce in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE – now the Department of Business and Tourism. He is author or co-author of an important number of books (57 and articles (105 and book presentations. Thus, after he made the personal acquaintance with Philip Kotler, the guru of international marketing, in 1997, Professor Iacob Cătoiu wrote the Forward to the Romanian version of Philip Kotler's volume Managementul marketingului (Marketing Management a fundamental book in its field. (Nicolae Lupu


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hector Luiz Rodrigues Munaro


    Full Text Available Increasingly, university professors engage in academic tasks often stressful and sedentary behaviors, making the practice of physical activity and healthier eating habits. The aim of this study was to review the literature Brazilian studies on physical activity and eating habits of university professors .The search was conducted between March and May 2013, in electronic databases. For the delimitation of the study, was used as descriptors: Physical Activity, University Teachers and Eating Habits. At the end of the article selection process, remaining 06 studies that have been described and discussed in the text. And all of a descriptive nature, with small samples with some robust and consistent methodology. The selected studies, regardless of their qualities, point to the need of this population to engage in more physical activity and healthy eating habits programs

  11. The University Professor View from the Communitarian Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Del Valle López


    Full Text Available The task of the university professor is a mission and not simply a profession and that is why higher education should be impregnated with values. Nowadays education is articulated into three areas: the State, the Market and the Volunteering, but no one of these three sectors by themselves has covered the needs of all the citizens, there have always been losers, therefore the conjunction of the three sectors became necessary. Communitarianism promotes an ethical-social pact that favors the progress of society without nullifying the individual dimension. It believes that the university is the space where a communitarian consciousness should be promoted to generate a social capital by means of education and it is a privilege place to substantiate the moral identity of the person beginning with the commitment of the professor with the university student.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hector Luiz Rodrigues Munaro


    Full Text Available Increasingly, university professors engage in academic tasks often stressful and sedentary behaviors, making the practice of physical activity and healthier eating habits. The aim of this study was to review the literature Brazilian studies on physical activity and eating habits of university professors .The search was conducted between March and May 2013, in electronic databases. For the delimitation of the study, was used as descriptors: Physical Activity, University Teachers and Eating Habits. At the end of the article selection process, remaining 06 studies that have been described and discussed in the text. And all of a descriptive nature, with small samples with some robust and consistent methodology. The selected studies, regardless of their qualities, point to the need of this population to engage in more physical activity and healthy eating habits programs.

  13. [The professor-student relationship in coping with dying]. (United States)

    Pinho, Líũcia Maria Oliveira; Barbosa, Maria Alves


    The new guidelines for undergraduate courses in the field of health care imply a need to prepare professionals to deal with life and death. To study death and dying in the context of nurse education means to contribute to the humanization of education and to preparing humanistic and critical professionals. We performed individual interviews with professors so that each could reveal their thoughts about experiencing death and dying in the educational relationship between nurse/professor and the nursing student in the hospital environment. Content analysis was performed using ideas close to those of Heidegger, revealing that education towards the concept and experience of death appears to be possible only if there is reflection regarding human existence, thoughts, and accepting finitude. By understanding one's own attitudes towards death and existence, it is possible to perceive possibilities in education for care in the death process.

  14. The university professor: integration between the personal and professional dimension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In the first part of this article, the authors explain how the teaching role is affected by certain social and cultural changes, like the knowledge society emergence, the universities orientation towards marketing, the constant demand and pressure exerted on teachers to publish, the loss of the ethical sense in the academic activity and the disparity of tasks that are being assigned to the university professors. In view of the above, a comprehensive model, compound by two concepts –personal and professional– of a university professor is proposed; in fact, this model incorporates and summarises different contributions regarding this theme. Finally, this article aims to defend the need to understand the teaching role as a vocation, in the broadest sense of the word, a vocation carries the inclination to pursue an aim: the education of those students that teachers have in charge.

  15. James Webb Space Telescope Studies of Dark Energy (United States)

    Gardner, Jonathan P.; Stiavelli, Massimo; Mather, John C.


    time-variable source gives the angular diameter distance through measured time delays of multiple images. Finally, the growth of structure can also be constrained by measuring the mass of the largest galaxy clusters over cosmic time. HST has contributed to the study of dark energy through SN1a and gravitational lensing, as discussed above. HST has also helped to characterize galaxy clusters and the HST-measured constraints on the current Hubble constant H(sub 0) are relevant to the interpretation of dark energy measurements (Riess et al 2009a). HST has not been used to constrain BAO as the large number of galaxy redshifts required, of order 100 million, is poorly matched to HST's capabilities. As the successor to HST, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST; Gardner et al 2006) will continue and extend HST's dark energy work in several ways.

  16. James Webb Space Telescope: The First Light Machine (United States)

    Stahl, H. Philip


    NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will search for the first luminous objects of the Universe to help answer fundamental questions about how the Universe came to look like it does today. At 6.5 meters in diameter, JWST will be the world's largest space telescope. Its architecture, e.g. aperture, wavelength range and operating temperature, is driven by JWST's science objectives. Introduction: Scheduled to start its 5 year mission after 2018, JWST will study the origin and evolution of galaxies, stars and planetary systems. Its science mission is to: Identify the first bright objects that formed in the early Universe, and follow the ionization history. Determine how galaxies form. Determine how galaxies and dark matter, including gas, stars, metals, overall morphology and active nuclei evolved to the present day. Observe the birth and early development of stars and the formation of planets. And, study the physical and chemical properties of solar systems for the building blocks of Life. Principle: To accomplish the JWST science objectives requires a larger aperture infrared cryogenic space telescope. A large aperture is required because the objects are very faint. The infrared spectral range is required because the objects are so far away that their ultraviolet and visible wavelength spectral lines are red-shifted into the infrared. Because the telescope is infrared, it needs to be cryogenic. And, because of the telescope is infrared, it must operate above the Earth's atmosphere, i.e. in space. JWST is probably the single most complicated mission that humanity has attempted. It is certainly the most difficult optical fabrication and testing challenge of our generation. The JWST 6.5 m diameter primary mirror is nearly a parabola with a conic constant of -0.9967 and radius of curvature at 30K of 15.880 m. The primary mirror is divided into 18 segments with 3 different prescriptions; each with its own off-axis distance and aspheric departure. The radius of curvature

  17. MEMS Microshutter Array System for James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Li, Mary J.; Adachi, Tomoko; Allen, Christine; Babu, Sachi; Bajikar, Sateesh; Beamesderfer, Michael; Bradley, Ruth; Denis, Kevin; Costen, Nick; Ewin, Audrey; hide


    A complex MEMS microshutter array system has been developed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) for use as a multi-object aperture array for a Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRSpec). The NIRSpec is one of the four major instruments carried by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the next generation of space telescope after the Hubble Space Telescope retires. The microshutter arrays (MSAs) are designed for the selective transmission of light with high efficiency and high contrast. It is demonstrated in Figure 1 how a MSA is used as a multiple object selector in deep space. The MSAs empower the NIRSpec instrument simultaneously collect spectra from more than 100 targets therefore increases the instrument efficiency 100 times or more. The MSA assembly is one of three major innovations on JWST and the first major MEMS devices serving observation missions in space. The MSA system developed at NASA GSFC is assembled with four quadrant fully addressable 365x171 shutter arrays that are actuated magnetically, latched and addressed electrostatically. As shown in Figure 2, each MSA is fabricated out of a 4' silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer using MEMS bulk-micromachining technology. Individual shutters are close-packed silicon nitride membranes with a pixel size close to 100x200 pm (Figure 3). Shutters are patterned with a torsion flexure permitting shutters to open 90 degrees with a minimized mechanical stress concentration. In order to prevent light leak, light shields are made on to the surrounding frame of each shutter to cover the gaps between the shutters and the Game (Figure 4). Micro-ribs and sub-micron bumps are tailored on hack walls and light shields, respectively, to prevent sticktion, shown in Figures 4 and 5. JWST instruments are required to operate at cryogenic temperatures as low as 35K, though they are to be subjected to various levels of ground tests at room temperature. The shutters should therefore maintain nearly flat in the entire temperature range

  18. Obituary: James H. "Trex" Trexler, 1918-2005 (United States)

    Barker, Ed


    James H. "Trex" Trexler, Naval Center for Space Technology, a retired scientist and astronomer, with a 50-year career at NRL died of cancer on October 22, 2005, at the age of 87. Born in Missoula, Montana (May 18, 1918), he grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) Engineering School. He combined his interests in astronomy and radio communication and operated the observatory on the SMU campus. Mr. Trexler had a most interesting and rewarding career at NRL, which resulted in notable contributions in scientific and technical developments. While at SMU, he worked on a government-sponsored project on radio detection and tracking of meteors. This work resulted in a call from NRL in 1942 to join the Navy radio detection effort being mounted against the German submarine Wolf Packs that were harassing our North Atlantic convoys on the supply routes to our European Allies. The program proved highly successful causing the breakup of the German Pack operation, and resulted in the sinking and capturing of many U-boats. After World War II, Trex and H. O. Lorenzen brought the German Navy's very advanced Wullenweber Direction Finder back to NRL, and rebuilt it at the Washington Coast Guard Station, south of Alexandria. It served as the prototype for the Direction Finder at the heart of the Navy and Air Force intercept networks and later as the first tracker of the Soviet Sputnik. He received the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his efforts. In the late l940s, Trex built the radar intercept equipment for the Navy's P4M Airborne Cold War Ferret Program. This capability provided instantaneous frequency and direction of arrival against Soviet radars from high-altitude flights along the Soviet borders. His Radio Physics Branch developed a surface mobile intercept system deployed to the Near East for which the Navy made the first group cash incentive award. With the beginning of the space age, his branch examined the moon as a possible

  19. [Analysis of professor WU Lianzhong's experience of neck acupoints application]. (United States)

    Peng, Jiandong; Zheng, Hongyan; Wang, Yingshu


    Professor WU Lianzhong's experience of neck acupoints application is introduced. The characteristics,locations, acupuncture manipulations ,efficiency and main functions of neck acupoints including Tiandixue (Extra), Jingbixue (Extra), and cervical Jiaji (EX-B 2) are stated. According to the TCM thought of treatment based on syndrome differentiation,WU Lianzhong's special theory of neck acupoints application is explained so as to provide experience for improving acupuncture effects.

  20. YouTube Professors Scholars as Online Video Stars (United States)

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    This article takes a look at how professors are becoming the latest YouTube stars. The popularity of their appearances on YouTube and other video-sharing sites end up opening the classroom and making teaching--which once took place behind closed doors--a more public art. Web videos open a new form of public intellectualism to scholars looking to…

  1. YouTube Professors: Scholars as Online Video Stars (United States)

    Young, Jeffrey R.


    This article takes a look at the rising popularity of professors as the latest YouTube stars. The popularity of their appearances on YouTube and other video-sharing sites is making it possible for classrooms to be opened up and making teaching--which once took place behind closed doors--a more public art. Web video has generated a new form of…

  2. Professor V. Weisskopf, CERN Director General (1961-1965)

    CERN Multimedia


    Well known theoretical physicist Victor Weisskopf has died aged 93. Born in Austria, he later worked with Schrodinger in Berlin before emigrating to the US in 1937, where he joined the Manhattan project in 1944, and was witness to the Trinity Test in July 1945. In 1946 he became professor of physics at MIT. He took leave of absence to be Director General of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Physics, from 1961-1965.

  3. Professor Created On-line Biology Laboratory Course (United States)

    Bowman, Arthur W.


    This paper will share the creation, implementation, and modification of an online college level general biology laboratory course offered for non-science majors as a part of a General Education Curriculum. The ability of professors to develop quality online laboratories will address a growing need in Higher Education as more institutions combine course sections and look for suitable alternative course delivery formats due to declining departmental budgets requiring reductions in staffing, equipment, and supplies. Also, there is an equal or greater need for more professors to develop the ability to create online laboratory experiences because many of the currently available online laboratory course packages from publishers do not always adequately parallel on-campus laboratory courses, or are not as aligned with the companion lecture sections. From a variety of scientific simulation and animation web sites, professors can easily identify material that closely fit the specific needs of their courses, instructional environment, and students that they serve. All too often, on-campus laboratory courses in the sciences provide what are termed confirmation experiences that do NOT allow students to experience science as would be carried out by scientists. Creatively developed online laboratory experiences can often provide the type of authentic investigative experiences that are not possible on-campus due to the time constraints of a typical two-hour, once-per-week-meeting laboratory course. In addition, online laboratory courses can address issues related to the need for students to more easily complete missing laboratory assignments, and to have opportunities to extend introductory exercises into more advanced undertakings where a greater sense of scientific discovery can be experienced. Professors are strongly encourages to begin creating online laboratory exercises for their courses, and to consider issues regarding assessment, copyrights, and Intellectual Property

  4. Professors, principals and textbooks from the Midwifery school in Zadar. (United States)

    Maksimović, Jovan; Maksimović, Marko


    Midwifery in Dalmatia was highly undeveloped at the beginning of the XIX century. The health report from 1813 suggested that there were only 48 midwives in the whole province, and none of them with a degree from the midwifery school. After abolishing the Central Schools ("Ecoles Centrales"), which were founded at the time of French reign, and which had the university range, the professors who stayed in Zadar continued their work and teaching in the Midwifery School, which was founded in 1820 according to the decision made by Emperor Franz I, and started working in 1821. Since the school was working continuously for the whole century, a lot of professors and principals passed through. Protomedicus of Dalmatia officially performed the duty of principals of the Midwifery School. Their life and work biographies were gathered in this paper. Although the newcomers were mostly illiterate, very contemporary and valuable textbooks were used at that time. The professors of this school wrote some of these textbooks. This paper analyses those textbooks from the current medical science and praxis point of view, which points out to its significance and contribution of its authors to the reputation that the School enjoyed at that time.

  5. Comunidades em processos formativos de professores de ciências

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Willian Rubira da Silva


    Full Text Available Apresentamos compreensões sobre as diferentes concepções de comunidade dentro do contexto da formação de professores de Ciências. Termos relacionados a comunidades no contexto de ensino e aprendizagem vem se tornando genéricos, dificultando compreensões de trabalhos da área no Brasil. Visualizamos a necessidade de significar concepções do termo em questão no contexto da sociologia e psicologia para então avançar nas compreensões mais abrangentes dentro da educação. Ampliamos o estudo com uma revisão dos trabalhos publicados nos anais do Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências correlacionando a formação de professores com as perspectivas teórico-práticas de comunidades em contexto educacional. Escolhemos os anais deste evento por ser um ponto de debate entre os pesquisadores na área de Educação em Ciências e que, desta maneira, nos possibilitou sistematizar diferentes concepções de comunidades. Essas foram agrupadas em 7 categorias emergentes distintas por aspectos teórico-práticos utilizados nos processos formativos de professores de Ciências.

  6. The contribution of William James to the origins of "scientific" psychology. (United States)

    Ferreri, Antonio M


    This paper illustrates the specific nature of the contribution made by the psychology of William James to the construction of modern scientific psychology. Universally recognized as the father of American scientific psychology, William James still remains a much-debated scientist, mainly for two reasons. First, he was interested in subjects that were often very far from the narrow and traditional approaches taken by the greater part of his contemporary colleagues. Secondly, in order to enlighten psychological issues, he continued to adopt multidisciplinary contributions, rather than selecting only those that stemmed from experimental and specifically laboratory contexts. James has been recently inserted in the more complex international consortium of psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, psychotherapists, and philosophers that has been called "the French-Swiss-English-and-American psychotherapeutic alliance." This does in reality seem a more appropriate framework for understanding the specificity of James's psychology. In order to illustrate the peculiar Jamesian way of thinking about psychological issues, this paper undertakes an examination of his classical concept of the "stream of thought." Here, in fact, many different contributions converge in defining and outlining "the primary fact of consciousness"--personal, subjective, and introspective observation; philosophical arguments; "mental experiments," and psychopathological experiences; but, most of all, neurological data derived specifically from brain physiology. This last contribution has been too often underestimated, as has also the background of James's training in the development of experimental psychology, neurology, and physiology at Harvard before 1890. The paper concludes with the assertion that James represents the prototype of a new way of defining the scientific quality of modern psychology, far from the narrow definition given by the laboratory experimentalists fresh from the German

  7. King James II in Foreign Historiography: the Main Scientifi c Trends and Approaches .

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stankov Kirill


    Full Text Available The fate of the tragic figure of the British king James II Stuart is considered in the article. In this paper the author pays speсial attention to the history of investigation of the character and politics of this person by the British historians, as well as by the leading European and American specialists on the Early Modern Time. The estimates of James II are of vast variety in the British historiography but at the same time diff erent authors have some similar features in their attitude. Except the apologists the British historians on the whole criticized this king and explain that the majority of the problems connected with him are based on the religious factor that is not really right. On the other hand there are some differences in this negative approaches among various scientifi c schools of British historiography. The Whigs stated that James II tried to limit the personal rights of the Englishmen which was the main result of the English revolution of the middle of the 17th century. The Tories proved that the king neglected the gentry’s property rights and tried to transform the dualistic monarchy into absolutism. The Positivists thought that James II supported the Catholic Counterreformation and fought against the Enlightenment. The revisionists and postrevisionists tried to revalue the person of James II based on the true scientific foundations. A special view on James II’ policy is produced by Non-British authors: German, French and American historians.

  8. James George Frazer’s Anthropologic Heritage in the Work of Robert Graves


    Tomislav M. Pavlović


    The works of Sir James George Frazer had an outstanding influence on the literature of modernism. Among those who benefited from Frazer’s ritualism were W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot. James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, Ezra Pound, Mary Renault, Joseph Campbell, Robert Graves and many others. Robert Graves was known for his famous adaptation of Frazer’s concept of the sacred king who is sacrificed for the benefit of his subjects thus forming the narrative frame for the one of his most c...

  9. M. Pirgerou on D. Izzo and C. Martinez’s Revisionary Interventions into Henry James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Donatella Izzo and Carlo Martinez. Revisionary Interventions Into Henry James. Eds. Napoli, 2008. Revisionary Interventions into Henry James is a compilation of a series of papers presented at a colloquium which took place at Università Orientale in Naples, Italy, on October 27, 2006. In her introduction to the volume, Donatella Izzo acknowledges the “rather blatant plagiarism” (7 which lent the book its title.  The borrowing, of course, refers to Donald Pease’s landmark Revisionary Interve...

  10. Volume celebrating the 60th birthday of Professor Dr. Franz Fie; Professor Dr. Franz Fiedler zum 60. Geburtstag

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beheng, K.D. [ed.


    This report was compiled in honor of Professor Dr. Franz Fiedler on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 7 January 1998. Its contributions deal with mesoscale modelling, the propagation of air pollutants, measurements of precipitation using radar, and prediction models. (orig./KW) [Deutsch] Dieser Bericht wurde aus Anlass des 60. Geburtstags von Herrn Prof. Dr. Franz Fiedler am 7. Januar 1998 zusammengestellt. Die Beitraege behandeln mesoskalige Modellierung, Ausbreitung von Luftschadstoffen, Niederschlagsmessung mit Radar und Vorhersagemodelle. (orig.)

  11. Review of James L. Baughman, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, and James P. Danky, eds, Protest on the Page: Essays on Print and the Culture of Dissent since 1865 (2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Zirra


    Full Text Available James L. Baughman, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, and James P. Danky, eds, Protest on the Page: Essays on Print and the Culture of Dissent since 1865 (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2015. xv + 259 pp. ISBN 978-0-299-30284-9.

  12. Graduate Student Attitudes toward Professor Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Transformational Teaching Practices, Student-Professor Engagement in Learning, and Student Deep Learning in Worldwide Business and Education Programs (United States)

    Economos, Jennifer Lynn


    Some professors are expected to remain competitive research scholars, as well as teach, particularly in research-intensive universities. It has been argued that some professors spend too much time on research to obtain institutional incentives or promotion, and not enough time on teaching. Consequently, some adjuncts assume the responsibility for…

  13. EDITORIAL: 65th Birthday of Professor Hauptmann 65th Birthday of Professor Hauptmann (United States)

    Lucklum, Ralf


    The papers in this special feature have been contributed by scientific partners in international research projects and from former PhD students of the Editor-in-Chief of this journal, Professor Dr Peter Hauptmann. The motivation for this feature is the occasion of Peter Hauptmann's 65th birthday on 24 July 2009 and his retirement from his chair at the Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany this autumn. Peter graduated in Physics at the Technical University Dresden and received his PhD from the Technical University Leuna-Merseburg in 1973. He habilitated in 1979. With his appointment at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 1985 the Chair of Measurement Science extended its profile to the fast growing area of sensors. Peter was one of the very early developers of ultrasonic sensor systems for process monitoring and quality assurance. The working style here was characteristic of all his future activities. He combined his background in theory and experiment on ultrasonic wave propagation and its application to material science with the advantages of rapidly developing capabilities in microelectronics and data processing. The results have meanwhile found their way into products that are now on the market worldwide. Germany's reunification opened the door to the international sensor community and the most challenging sensor research areas. Peter Hauptmann very soon became a well respected colleague and was consequently appointed as member of the Technical Program Committee of the most important sensor conferences, elected member and head of expert groups of research associations and funding organizations, and of course reviewer of many scientific journals. Nowadays Peter Hauptmann can rightly be called one of the key players in the area of sensors. Professor Hauptmann's research interests combine fundamental aspects of the sensor transduction scheme with application issues up to the use of the sensor system in the industrial world

  14. 77 FR 64718 - Safety Zone; Steam Ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker Relocation Project, Maumee River, Toledo, OH (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Steam Ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker...-0939 Safety Zone; Steam Ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker relocation project, Maumee River, Toledo, OH. (a...

  15. 76 FR 12360 - Request for Information on Implementation of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act... (United States)


    ... the James Zadroga 9/ 11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-347) AGENCY: National...) requests comments from the public on implementing the provisions of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and... Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-347) and all comments submitted will be...

  16. 75 FR 14488 - Public Notice for Waiver of Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance; James N. Cox Dayton International... (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Public Notice for Waiver of Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance; James N. Cox Dayton International Airport, Dayton, OH AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT. ACTION: Notice of... reviewed at this same location or at James M. Cox Dayton International Airport, Dayton, Ohio. SUPPLEMENTARY...

  17. L’immagine ricreata. L’esperienza del sacro nell’arte contemporanea seguito da Intervista con James Elkins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Gabriele


    Full Text Available Il saggio tenta di analizzare il rapporto tra il sacro e l’arte contemporanea alla luce dei recenti studi del professore americano James Elkins. Secondo l’autore del testo On the strange place of religion in contemporary art, l’arte e la religione, in passato, nella reciproca dipendenza inveravano la dimensione costitutiva e originaria dell’uomo; rivelavano la condizione rituale, cultuale, individuale e collettiva che risponde alla primordiale sacralità della vita. L’osmosi ha lasciato il posto alle singole entità non più sovrapponibili nell’era secolarizzata. In un’epoca dominata dalla razionalità della tecnica, per la maggior parte della produzione artistica contemporanea il tema religioso sembra debba essere intrecciato e connaturato al lavoro creativo. Per evitare il rischio di far risultare l’arte come “propaganda” per la religione, deve  apparire, secondo Elkins, la figura dell’artista meditativo e incerto, sia sull’arte che sulla religione: ambiguità, autocritica e ironia devono insinuarsi nell’opera per decretarne l’appartenenza allo statuto delle belle arti. La religione, come il pensiero mitico, il pensiero simbolico e la ragione, fanno parte dell’uomo, sono insite nell’uomo religioso e a-religioso, ugualmente la psicologia, come la religione in passato, si è occupata di “guarire” l’anima, di scoprire la sfera più segreta dell’individualità. La distruzione o meglio la separazione di questi linguaggi ha comportato un indebolimento dell’Io, un allontanamento dal centro, un disorientamento espresso visivamente dall’artista. La perdita di orientamento si traduce in una leggerezza dell’esistenza, fatta di molteplici direzioni, di infinite Weltanschauungen, in cui si incrociano linguaggi, culture, religioni, ideali, valori che generano vie emancipative diversificate, plurime. L’esclusività e l’intimità del rapporto fra chi guarda e l’opera, che genera stupore, meraviglia

  18. In Memoriam: James Harlan Steele (1913—2013)

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Drs. Jennifer McQuiston and Casey Barton Behravesh talk with Dr. Myron Schultz about the legendary Dr. James Harlan Steele.  Created: 5/19/2014 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 5/20/2014.

  19. Taking Your Talents to Business Communications: Analyzing Effective Communication through LeBron James's Career Moves (United States)

    Manisaligil, Alperen; Bilimoria, Diana


    We describe an in-class activity that helps students improve their skills in media selection and use to reinforce effective communication. The activity builds on media richness and channel expansion theories through an examination of the media selection and use of NBA athlete LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert during…

  20. Consciousness, Social Heredity, and Development: The Evolutionary Thought of James Mark Baldwin (United States)

    Wozniak, Robert H.


    James Mark Baldwin is one of the most important and least known early American scientific psychologists. Drawing inspiration from Charles Darwin and other evolutionists of the period, Baldwin developed a biosocial theory of psychological development that influenced both Jean Piaget and Lev S. Vygotsky; and he proposed a mechanism relating learned…

  1. Nuevos Horizontes, James Monroe High School, 1987-1988. Evaluation Section Report. OREA Report. (United States)

    Berney, Tomi D.; Lista, Carlos

    Proyecto Nuevos Horizontes (Project New Horizons) at James Monroe High School (New York City) served 328 students of limited English proficiency (LEP) in grades 9-12 during the final year of a 3-year funding cycle. The project's purpose was to build on the strengths of the school's extensive computer-assisted instructional program in order to…

  2. James Monroe High School Proyecto Nuevos Horizontes, 1986-1987. OEA Evaluation Report. (United States)

    Martinez, Ana L.; And Others

    In its second year of Title VII funding, James Monroe High Schools's Proyecto Nuevos Horizontes (Project New Horizons) served 344 limited-English-speaking recent arrivals from Latin America and the Caribbean, in grades 9 through 12. The program has built on the strengths of the high school's extensive computer-assisted instruction (CAI) program,…

  3. James Monroe High School Proyecto Nuevos Horizontes, 1985-1986. OEA Evaluation Report. (United States)

    New York City Board of Education, Brooklyn. Office of Educational Assessment.

    Proyecto Nuevos Horizontes, a 3-year Title VII-funded bilingual education program, serves 287 Spanish speaking students at James Monroe High School (Bronx, New York). This report evaluates the project's first year of operation, 1985-86. The report contains an introduction describing the school and project goals; information on student…

  4. Policy of king James II Stuart in Ireland, 1686–1688

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stankov Kirill Nikolayevich


    Full Text Available The purpose of the article is to determine the concept of the policy of British monarch James II Stuart in Ireland. The author makes an attempt to determine the principal steps of James II and channels of Crown’s influence on the political, social, religious and economical situation in Ireland. The author analyses the role of Lord Deputy of Ireland Earl of Tyrconnel in forming of James II’s policy and makes an attempt to estimate the scale and results of this reforms for Ireland. Author analysises main components of the London’s policy in “Green Island” so as social, economical and political conditions of James II’s reforms. Author concludes that earl of Tyrconnel had a determined role in Crown’s policy of Ireland in 1685–1688. British monarch reorganized political system and social structure of Ireland so as first from the English invasion gave to Irish Catholics government and army whose aim was to protect the rights and interests of native Irish.

  5. Dr. James McGee shows three astronauts how to handle non-poisonous snake (United States)


    Dr. James W. McGee (right), Medical Operations Office, Manned Spacecraft Center, shows three astronauts how to handle a non-poisonous snake during desert survival training in Washington state. Left to right, are Astronauts Thomas K. Mattingly, Alfred M. Worden, and John L. Swigert Jr.; and Dr. McGee. The astronauts are dressed in faked Arab clothing.

  6. Of Tipping Points and Sinking Ships: A Conversation between James Marriott and Suzi Gablik (United States)

    Gablik, Suzi; Marriott, James


    This article presents a conversation between the authors, James Marriott and Suzi Gablik. Marriott is a founding member and co-director of PLATFORM, a London-based, award-winning organization focused on social and ecological justice. Gablik is the author of "The Reenchantment of Art," "Conversations Before the End of Time," and "Living the Magical…

  7. A Marriage of Minds: James R. Jacobs & Shinjoung Yeo Univ. of California-San Diego (United States)

    Library Journal, 2005


    Their personalities and backgrounds are very different, but James R. Jacobs and Shinjoung Yeo are passionate about the same causes: librarianship, open government, and empowerment through information. They balance each other. Yeo is focused, realistic, critical, and an excellent researcher. Her superhero alter ego is Wet Blanket Woman, able to…

  8. VOOΛ võtab võimust / Raoul Kutvitz, James Thurlow ; intervjueerinud Andri Ksenofontov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kurvitz, Raoul, 1961-


    Tallinnas Hobusepea galeriis 12. aprillini ja Draakoni galeriis 10. aprillini avatud Raoul Kurvitza näituse "Projekt VOOL" teemal vestlevad kunstnikuga tema ateljees filosoof James Thurlow ja kriitik Andri Ksenofontov. Raoul Kurvitz soovib alustada arutelu üldkultuuriliste muutuste teemal maailmas. Mõistest "vool", kaasaegsest kunstist Eestis jm.

  9. The Importance of Child Development in Education: A Conservation with James Comer and Chip Wood. [Videotape]. (United States)

    Comer, James; Wood, Chip

    Taped before an audience of teachers from around the country, this 65-minute videotape presents a discussion between James Comer and Chip Wood, noted experts in child development and education, in which they converse and respond to questions about critical issues confronting educators today. During the first part of the video, Comer and Wood…

  10. 77 FR 27118 - Safety Zone; Rocketts Red Glare Fireworks, Ancarrows Landing Park, James River, Richmond, VA (United States)


    ... of the navigable waters of the James River centered on position 37 31'13.1'' N/077 25'07.84'' W (NAD..., design, or operation; test methods; sampling procedures; and related management systems practices) that... which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment. This rule...

  11. 76 FR 54382 - Safety Zone; Labor Day Fireworks, Ancarrows Landing Park, James River, Richmond, VA (United States)


    ... waters of the James River centered on position 37 31'13.1'' N/ ] 077 25'07.84'' W (NAD 1983). Due to the... standards (e.g., specifications of materials, performance, design, or operation; test methods; sampling... significant effect on the human environment. This rule is categorically excluded, under figure 2-1, paragraph...

  12. The CFRP primary structure of the MIRI instrument onboard the James Webb Space Telescope

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jessen, Niels Christian; Nørgaard-Nielsen, Hans Ulrik; Schroll, J


    The design of the Primary Structure of the Mid Infra-Red Instrument (MIRI) onboard the NASA/ESA James Webb Space Telescope will be presented. The main design driver is the energy flow from the 35 K "hot" satellite interface to the 7 K "cold" MIRI interface. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP...

  13. The James Webb Space Telescope: Inspiration and Context for Physics and Chemistry Teaching (United States)

    Hillier, Dan; Johnston, Tania; Davies, John


    This article describes the design, delivery, evaluation and impact of a CPD course for physics and chemistry teachers. A key aim of the course was to use the context of the James Webb Space Telescope project to inspire teachers and lead to enriched teaching of STEM subjects. (Contains 1 box and 3 figures.)

  14. Observing Near-Earth Objects with the James Webb Space Telescope

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Thomas, Cristina A.; Abell, Paul; Castillo-Rogez, Julie; Moskovitz, Nicholas; Müller, Michael; Reddy, Vishnu; Rivkin, Andrew; Ryan, Erin; Stansberry, John


    The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has the potential to enhance our understanding of near-Earth objects (NEOs). We present results of investigations into the observability of NEOs given the nominal observing requirements of JWST on elongation (85°-135°) and non-sidereal rates (

  15. Wheelwright of the heavens. The life & work of James Ferguson, FRS. (United States)

    Millburn, J. R.; King, H. C.

    This book is a biography of James Ferguson (1710 - 1776), famous for his clocks with astronomical and tidal dials, and for his mechanical models of the solar system ("orreries"). He is also known as producer of terrestrial globes and as prolific writer on astronomy, mechanics, electricity and horology.

  16. Unusual biogenic calcite structures in two shallow lakes, James Ross Island, Antarctica

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Elster, Josef; Nedbalová, Linda; Vodrážka, R.; Láska, K.; Haloda, J.; Komárek, Jiří


    Roč. 13, č. 2 (2016), s. 535-549 ISSN 1726-4170 R&D Projects: GA MŠk ME 945 Institutional support: RVO:67985939 Keywords : James Ross Island * cyanobacteria * microalgae Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour Impact factor: 3.851, year: 2016

  17. HARP : A submillimetre heterodyne array receiver operating on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smith, H.; Buckle, J.; Hills, R.; Bell, G.; Richer, J.; Curtis, E.; Withington, S.; Leech, J.; Williamson, R.; Klapwijk, T.M.


    This paper describes the key design features and performance of HARP, an innovative heterodyne focal-plane array receiver designed and built to operate in the submillimetre on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii. The 4x4 element array uses SIS detectors, and is the first

  18. Review of Ethics in Mental Health Research by James M. DuBois

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pies Ronald


    Full Text Available Abstract The burgeoning field of medical ethics raises complicated questions for mental health researchers. The critical issues of risk assessment, beneficence, and the moral duties researchers owe their patients are analyzed in James DuBois's well written Ethics in Mental Health Research.

  19. Re-Birthing the Monstrous: James Whale's (Mis)Reading of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." (United States)

    Picart, Caroline Joan S.


    Contributes to scholarship on film and feminism by showing how James Whale's film attempts to excise or severely delimit the disturbing critique of the Romantic politics of gender in Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein." Discusses parthenogenesis, showing how the novel critiques the Romantic rhetorical reconstructions of masculine…

  20. Leadership and Some Related Propositions: A Response to the Ideas of James MacGregor Burns. (United States)

    Bleedorn, Berenice D.

    The theories of James MacGregor Burns as expressed in his book, "Leadership" (1978), suggest that transformational leadership engages all persons to varying degrees throughout the levels and interstices of society. Burns believes that the transforming leader not only exploits a need or demand of a follower but also looks for his…

  1. The 13th Annual James L. Waters Symposium at Pittcon: Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (United States)

    Baltrus, John P.


    The objective of the James L. Waters Annual Symposium is to recognize pioneers in the development of instrumentation by preserving the early history of the cooperation and important contributions of inventors, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and marketing organizations. The symposium was held in Pittsburgh, United States in March 2002 to…

  2. 76 FR 78939 - James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Honolulu County, HI; Final Comprehensive Conservation... (United States)


    ..., fishing, wildlife observation and photography, and environmental education and interpretation. We will... Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Finding of No Significant Impact for Environmental Assessment AGENCY: Fish...) and a finding of no significant impact for the environmental assessment for the James Campbell...

  3. Why bad Moods Matter. William James on Melancholy, Mystic Emotion, and the Meaning of Life

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    H.J. Pott (Heleen J.)


    textabstractWilliam James’s reputation in the field of emotion research is based on his early psychological writings where he defines emotions as ‘feelings of bodily changes’. In his later work, particularly in his study of mystic emotion (1902), James comes up with what looks like a completely

  4. Much Ado about Something? James Bryant Conant, Harvard University, and Nazi Germany in the 1930s (United States)

    Urban, Wayne J.; Smith, Marybeth


    This paper discusses the actions of noted Harvard University president James Bryant Conant, taken in regard to the Nazi government in Germany, from the time of Conant's becoming president of Harvard University in 1933 to the time of the widespread pogrom in Germany of 9-10 November 1938, known as Kristallnacht. Conant's attitudes and actions…

  5. Theories of Giftedness: Reflections on James Gallagher's Work (United States)

    VanTassel-Baska, Joyce


    Dr. James Gallagher published widely on most topics in gifted education, and was often invited to provide commentary on basic theories of giftedness for audiences of psychologists and educators. His own background as a psychologist and special educator as well as a gifted educator positioned him well to hold the theoretical views he did on the…

  6. Media, Digital Technology and Learning in Sport: A Critical Response to Hodkinson, Biesta and James (United States)

    Enright, Eimear; Gard, Michael


    Background: In their 2008 paper, Hodkinson, Biesta and James draw on the sociological theories of Pierre Bourdieu to construct what they claim is a "holistic" theoretical framework for understanding learning. While not an attempt to dissolve the long-standing opposition between "cognitive" and "situated" theories, the…

  7. Bases do pensamento fenomenológico e existencial em William James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo

    Full Text Available Neste artigo, temos por objetivo investigar os fundamentos e as bases do pensamento fenomenológico e existencial advindos da Psicologia de William James no que diz respeito à noção de consciência, método e prática clínica. Para tanto, analisamos algumas obras de James e dividimos as suas propostas em três momentos distintos: pragmatismo, funcionalismo e empirismo. Por meio das elaborações em cada um desses momentos, tentamos esclarecer os pontos de encontro e os pontos de desencontro com os pensamentos fenomenológico e existencial. Concluímos que o ponto de encontro diz respeito à tentativa de não objetivação da consciência. Quanto ao desencontro, consideramos que James ainda toma a consciência como objeto da Psicologia e que a fenomenologia e as perspectivas existenciais se afastam da ideia de objeto, uma vez que não consideram a consciência contraposta ao mundo. Outro desencontro apresenta-se na acentuada divergência entre James e o pensamento fenomenológico e existencial no que se refere ao método e à prática bem como aos objetivos da clínica.

  8. Teacher Education at Oxford University: James Is Alive but Living in Karachi (United States)

    Pring, Richard


    The arguments at Oxford about the start of teacher education within the University have been repeated many times and in many ways, not least in the 1972 James Committee. The strong advocacy there for much greater attention to, and investment in, continuing professional development may not have won the day in England, but, through the influence of…

  9. A Return to Love in William James and Jean-Luc Marion (United States)

    Rocha, Samuel


    In this essay Samuel Rocha primarily addresses, and challenges, the modern conception of reason and the lowly place of intuition, feeling, and love in what has become traditional philosophy and education. Drawing upon the rich thought of William James and Jean-Luc Marion, Rocha introduces the reader to a certain harmony between their ideas, most…

  10. James Hutton's Geological Tours of Scotland: Romanticism, Literary Strategies, and the Scientific Quest (United States)

    Furniss, Tom


    Rather than focussing on the relationship between science and literature, this article attempts to read scientific writing as literature. It explores a somewhat neglected element of the story of the emergence of geology in the late eighteenth century--James Hutton's unpublished accounts of the tours of Scotland that he undertook in the years…

  11. Fatores associados a patologias de pregas vocais em professores

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla Lima de Souza


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Analisar fatores associados à prevalência do diagnóstico médico referido de patologias das pregas vocais em professores. MÉTODOS: Estudo epidemiológico transversal, censitário, com 4.495 professores da rede pública municipal de ensino elementar e fundamental de Salvador, BA, de março a abril de 2006. A variável dependente foi o diagnóstico médico referido de patologias das pregas vocais e as independentes, características sociodemográficas, atividade profissional, organização do trabalho/relações interpessoais, características físicas do ambiente de trabalho, freqüência de transtornos mentais comuns, medida pelo Self-Reporting Questionnaire-20 (SRQ-20 >7 e condições de saúde geral. Foram aplicadas técnicas de análise estatística descritiva, bivariada e regressão logística múltipla. RESULTADOS: A prevalência de diagnóstico médico referido de patologias das pregas vocais foi de 18,9%. Na análise de regressão logística, as variáveis que permaneceram associadas ao diagnóstico médico de patologia das pregas vocais foram: sexo feminino, trabalhar como professor por mais de sete anos, uso intensivo da voz, referir mais de cinco características desfavoráveis do ambiente físico de trabalho, uma ou mais doenças do trato respiratório, perda auditiva e apresentar transtornos mentais comuns. CONCLUSÕES: A presença de patologias das pregas vocais referidas associou-se a fatores que indicam a necessidade de ações de promoção da saúde vocal do professor e modificações na organização e estrutura do trabalho docente.

  12. Professor Borje Kullenberg (1906-1991): Biography and bibliography

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Sengupta, R.; Eriksson, G.

    was undisturbed, the “vacuum principle” was omitted and the “piston principle” and “free-fall principle”, were combined, utilising the enormous hydrostatic pressures at great ocean depths. Thus the piston corer, capable of collecting sediment cores up to 20 m... in the artillery he had to criss-cross Sweden many times on skis on important missions. No wonder he had a strong physique throughout his life! After the cessation of hostilities, all the flaws of the piston corer were rectified and a cruise 2 Professor Biirje...

  13. PROFESSOR DR. ION PIŞOTA (1925 – 2008)


    Liliana ZAHARIA


    Professor Ion Pişota was born on June 6, 1925, in Hrupiştea, a small settlement in Greek Macedonia, from where he and his family came to Romania in 1927, where he got Romanian citizenship. Between 1941 and 1945, he attended the Tulcea Boys High School and later on, in 1947 he entered the Faculty of Geology – Geography at the University of Bucharest, where he continued to excel until 1951, when he graduated. In the fall of 1950, he took up a tutor position in the field of Hydrolgy at the same ...

  14. The Forgetful Professor and the Space Biology Adventure (United States)

    Massa, Gioia D.; Jones, Wanda; Munoz, Angela; Santora, Joshua


    This video was created as one of the products of the 2013 ISS Faculty Fellows Summer Program. Our High School science teacher faculty fellows developed this video as an elementary/middle school education component. The video shows a forgetful professor who is trying to remember something, and along the journey she learns more about the space station, space station related plant science, and the Kennedy Space Center. She learns about the Veggie hardware, LED lighting for plant growth, the rotating garden concept, and generally about space exploration and the space station. Lastly she learns about the space shuttle Atlantis.

  15. [Preliminary study on Professor SUN Liu-he's academic thought]. (United States)

    Sun, Guo-Sheng; Zhang, Jing-Feng


    Professor SUN Liu-he has been engaged in scientific research, clinical and teaching works for tens years and he is a meticulous scholar with great learning, rich clinical experience and great theoretical attainments. In clinical practice of many years, he summarizes and develops Kangai Plaster, Kangai Fushui Plaster, Ai tong Ling Plaster, and so on for acupoint sticking to treat tumors, and establishes Nu-needle hot-reinforcing method and Ti-Yun reducing method, enriching contents of needling methods, and he is good at application of specific points, established points and channel acupoints to treat refractory diseases with good results.

  16. Comunidades em processos formativos de professores de ciências


    Willian Rubira da Silva; Valmir Heckler


    Apresentamos compreensões sobre as diferentes concepções de comunidade dentro do contexto da formação de professores de Ciências. Termos relacionados a comunidades no contexto de ensino e aprendizagem vem se tornando genéricos, dificultando compreensões de trabalhos da área no Brasil. Visualizamos a necessidade de significar concepções do termo em questão no contexto da sociologia e psicologia para então avançar nas compreensões mais abrangentes dentro da educação. Ampliamos o estudo com uma ...

  17. A biographical note on Marcel Proust's Professor Cottard. (United States)

    Pearn, John; Gardner-Thorpe, Christopher


    A medical practitioner, Professor Cottard, features in Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu, which has been described as one of the supreme achievements of world literature. Proust modelled the character of Cottard on the real-life Parisian neurologist and psychiatrist Dr Jules Cotard (1840-1889). Marcel Proust's father, Dr Adrien Proust, was an eminent Parisian surgeon and a contemporary of Cotard. A review of the biographical literature (in French) relating to Dr Jules Cotard and an analysis of his published work (in English and French) have revealed a striking parallelism between the lives of the fictional Cottard and Jules Cotard.

  18. The poor in the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick J. Hartin


    Full Text Available This study explores similarities in the thought world of the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas. Particular attention is devoted to the role that the 'poor' and 'poverty' play in both documents. For the Epistle of James it is 'the poor in the world that God has chosen to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom' (Ja 2:5.  In a similar vein, in the Gospel of Thomas the kingdom is promised to those who have embraced the poverty of a radical life-style: 'Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven' (GTh 54. This outlook betrays a basic ethos adopted toward the world. In both the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas the relationship to the world ultimately determines one's relationship to the kingdom or to God. For the Epistle of James the very definition of religion demands that one keep 'oneself unstained from  the world' (Ja 1 :27 and that 'friendship with the world' is enmity with God (Ja 4:4. For the Gospel of Thomas the rejection of the world involves a radical ethos that embraces an intinerant life ('Be passersby' [GTh 42J, which includes a rejection of wealth (GTh 63.'If you do not abstain from the world, you will not find the kingdom' (GTh 27. It is argued that the Gospel of Thomas and the Epistle of James reflect traditional sayings that endorse a similar ethos of radical discipleship.

  19. Transactional sex and sexual harassment between professors and students at an urban university in Benin. (United States)

    Eller, Amanda


    This paper adds to discussion of transactional sex relationships in Africa by examining the distinction between transactional sex and sexual harassment in the context of professor-student relationships and their inherent power dynamics. By exploring the ways in which female university students in urban Benin toe the line between empowered agent and victim, I show how the power differential between professor and student obstructs the professor's ability to objectively determine consent, and examine why, in spite of this differential, male professors are frequently perceived as the victims of these relationships. Ethnographic data were gathered through participant observation on a public university campus in Benin and in-depth interviews and focus groups with 34 students and 5 professors from that university. Findings suggest that the problem of sexual harassment on campus will be difficult to address so long as transactional sex relationships between professors and students are permitted to continue.

  20. [Professor as a facilitating agent of the teaching learning process: perspective of the nursing student]. (United States)

    Semim, Gabriela Maschio; Souza, Maria Conceição Bernardo de Mello; Corrêa, Adriana Kátia


    This study aimed at analyzing how the undergraduate student perceives professor's performance in the teaching-learning process, in courses using the critical pedagogy and dialogical competence approach, in the Nursing Bachelor's Program, from 2005 to 2006. An instrument for the assessment of the professors performance was used and answers from 142 students were analyzed. Through thematic analysis, the following meaning units were outlined approaching the teaching-learning process, professor/student relationship and evaluation. For most students, professors who stimulate the critical-reflexive process, coherent with the problem-solving methodology, facilitate the teaching-learning process. For others, this process is facilitated when the professor is more demanding in contrast with the problem-solving approach. The professor-student relationship was facilitated by the establishment of bonds. Students did few comments about evaluation, indicating the need of a formative evaluation, which is a work in progress.

  1. Surdez, políticas inclusivas e professores turistas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernanda de Camargo Machado


    Full Text Available Este artigo provém de uma pesquisa que teve como foco as políticas públicas com acento na formação de professores de surdos no regime inclusivo. A analítica aproxima-se no arcabouço teórico-metodológico dos Estudos da Governamentalidade, propostos por Michel Foucault, tomando as noções de "dispositivo" e "governamentalidade" como alavancas para a compreensão do papel e atuação do docente de surdos nas políticas inclusivas. Os documentos selecionados para a investigação são materiais/cartilhas/coleções destinadas aos professores da Educação Infantil e Ensino Fundamental das escolas comuns, no sentido de orientá-los quanto à inclusão educacional de surdos. Este empreendimento analítico apontou a utilização de técnicas que produzem no docente de surdos um perfil profissional conveniente aos anseios neoliberais, de controle e produtividade.

  2. Dificuldades no relacionamento professor/aluno: um desafio a superar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fábia Moreira Squarça Cabral


    Full Text Available O relacionamento professor - aluno é um tema que vem sendo investigado, através de diferentes estratégias metodológicas. Este trabalho trata a questão a partir da visão dos atores que participam do processo de ensino e aprendizagem, tendo por base professores e alunos de uma 8ª Série, de uma escola estadual da região de Londrina, Paraná, que responderam a um questionário, elaborado com questões abertas. Um estudo comparativo entre as informações fornecidas pelos dois grupos de participantes elucida momentos de tensão e de entrosamento entre estes personagens que constroem e reconstroem vivências e experiências capazes de expor valores e modos de vida. A luta pela sobrevivência de objetos alvo da escola, a aprendizagem e o conhecimento, é de interesse de todos, que consciente ou inconscientemente, participam do processo em busca de um caminho harmônico de convivência e crescimento.

  3. Professor Dorothy A.E. Garrod: "Small, Dark, and Alive!"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pamela Jane Smith


    Full Text Available In 1939, Dorothy Garrod became the first woman Professor in either Cambridge or Oxford. Garrod at the time was Director of Studies at Newnham College, Cambridge University and had been in charge of excava­tions in Gibraltar, Western Judaea, Southern Kurdistan and Mount Carmel for which she is now renowned. Trained by Marett at Oxford and Abbe Henri Breuil in France, she was one of our finest archaeologists. By 1939, Garrod had unearthed the well-preserved skull of 'Abel', a Neanderthal child, in Gibraltar, discovered and named the Natufian culture while excavating Shukba near Jerusalem, directed the long term, large scale excavations at Mount Carmel and traveled with Bruce Howe as her assistant to explore Bacho Kiro in Bulgaria. Once elected Professor, she became instrumental in establishing Archaeology and Anthropology as a full degree course and influential in Cambridge's decision to admit women to full membership in 1948. After retirement, she continued excavating in Lebanon and France. Here, with her close friend Suzanen Cassou de Saint Mathurin, she discovered the superb Magdalenian sculptured frieze at Angles-sur-l'Anglin.

  4. Entrevista com o professor João Rua

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Demian Garcia Castro


    Full Text Available Em um final de tarde na PUC-RJ, logo após mais uma de suas aulas de mestrado, o Prof. João Rua recebeu a equipe da Revista Giramundo para uma entrevista. Com experiência em diferentes segmentos de ensino no CAP-UFRJ, na UERJ e na própria PUC-RJ, entre outras instituições, João Rua igualmente diversificou muito sua produção como pesquisador, passando do Ensino de Geografia à Geografia Agrária e, depois, às questões ambientais, sem nunca deixar de lado uma visão política e reflexiva sobre os temas que abordou. Por essa versatilidade, pela personalidade extremamente comunicativa e por outras qualidades, Rua tornou-se um referencial como professor e intelectual para gerações de ex-alunos influenciados por suas práticas e ensinamentos. Registrar um pouco mais desse arcabouço teórico e prático foi um dos objetivos da entrevista, assim como o de prestar homenagem a esse professor muito querido por tantas pessoas de dentro e de fora de nosso campo de conhecimento.

  5. Burnout Syndrome and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Professors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arlington Antonio García Padilla


    Full Text Available The presence of the Burnout syndrome in professors may be regarded as a deterioration of their mental health with negative impacts on their job performance. It is known that teachers develop different activities in the areas of teaching, outreach and research. This study aims to analyze the relationship between the Burnout syndrome and self-efficacy beliefs and the academic performance in professors of the psychology and dentistry programs at a private university in the city of Barranquilla. This study is empirical and analytical with a descriptive-correlational design. The study population consisted of 93 teachers of the psychology and dentistry programs. To choose the sample, a non-probabilistic sample was used according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria that allowed selecting a total of 36 teachers who met the criteria for the study. The instruments that were used in this study was the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI, 1981 adapted by Seisdedos (1997, and the Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Tschannen-Moran and Woolfolk (2001 adapted by Covarrubias and Mendoza (2016. According to the results, it was observed that there is no significant relationship between Burnout, Self-efficacy Belief and the academic performance.

  6. Tomorrow's Professor, Preparing for an Academic/Research Career (United States)

    Reis, R. M.


    Richard M. Reis, author of Tomorrow's Professor: Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering, and a former executive officer of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, will discuss the essential elements in preparing for, finding, and succeeding at academic careers in today's higher education environment. He will begin with a no-hold-barred look at the academic enterprise and the important ways it differs for all other institutions in society. The unique nature engineering and science - with a particular emphasis on astronomy and astrophysics - in higher education and the special problems facing new professors in these fields will be looked at next. Dr. Reis will then describe a powerful preparation strategy to make graduate students and postdocs competitive for academic positions while maintaining their options for worthwhile careers in government and industry. He will then explain how to get the offer you want and the start-up package you need to ensure success in your first critical years on the job. Finally, Dr. Reis will summarize essential insights from experienced faculty in all areas of science and engineering on how to develop a rewarding academic career and a quality of life that is both balanced and fulfilling. Plenty of time will be set aside for active interaction and discussion.

  7. O papel do professor junto ao aluno com Altas Habilidades

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréia Jaqueline Devalle Rech


    Full Text Available .Quando se discute a Educação Especial é comum, num primeiro momento, lembrar do aluno que compõe o especial na Educação como aquele com deficiência mental, auditiva, visual ou física. No entanto, assim como essas crianças, também os alunos com altas habilidades necessitam de um atendimento especializado, pois ele também é um sujeito da Educação Especial. Nesse sentido, este artigo apresenta a definição de altas habilidades, baseada na teoria de um pesquisador norte-americano e, como foco principal algumas questões que envolvem o professor de forma mais direta com o aluno com altas habilidades em sala de aula. Entre elas estão: questões sobre a aprendizagem escolar desses alunos, bem como os fatores que fazem parte desse processo, estratégias de ensino e a importância da identificação dos alunos com altas habilidades.Palavras-chave: Educação Especial. Professor. Aluno com Altas Habilidades

  8. Professor Adler-Nissen i Radio 27syv

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Professor Adler-Nissen var fredag den 9. juni i radio 24syv (program 24syv Morgen) i forlængelse af den britiske valg. Her blev Adler-Nissen blandet andet spurgt ind til, hvilken betydning valget vil have for de kommende Brexit-forhandlinger. Adler-Nissen vurderede, at en udskydelse af forhandlin......Professor Adler-Nissen var fredag den 9. juni i radio 24syv (program 24syv Morgen) i forlængelse af den britiske valg. Her blev Adler-Nissen blandet andet spurgt ind til, hvilken betydning valget vil have for de kommende Brexit-forhandlinger. Adler-Nissen vurderede, at en udskydelse af...... forhandlingerne er et muligt scenario, da Theresa May først skal havde samlet en koalitionsregering. I følge Adler-Nissen, vil en sådan koalitionsregering også kunne have den indvirkning, at forhandlingerne vil lede til et blødere Brexit end først udmeldt af May, da der nu er behov for at tage højde til flere...... partiers holdning til Brexit....

  9. The art of science: interview with Professor John Archibald Wheeler

    CERN Document Server

    Bičák, Jiři


    During the conference on the methods of differential geometry in physics in Warsaw in June 1976, Professor Wheeler gave an interview for the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics A. After Professor Wheeler authorized the English version in January 1977, the Czech translation was published in \\v{C}eskoslovensk\\'y \\v{c}asopis pro fyziku A (1978) and soon afterwards the Polish translation appeared in Postepy fizyky. After John Wheeler's recent death it occurred to me that it would now be appropriate to publish the original interview from 1976 so that it would not be lost to English readers; and so, despite being more than 30 years old, the interview appeared in the special issue on quantum gravity of "General Relativity and Gravitation" dedicated to the memory of J. A. Wheeler. John Wheeler would now surely add more about black holes in nuclei of galaxies, not mentioning just Cygnus X-1, when discussing cosmology he would undoubtedly address the problem of dark energy etc. However, in the conversation about Einstein a...

  10. Homage to Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson

    CERN Multimedia


    It was with deep sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Hans-Åke Gustafsson, an internationally recognized scientist, beloved colleague and friend. He passed away on Wednesday January 13th at the Lund University Hospital, surrounded by his loved ones, after a short battle against cancer. This is a great loss for all of us in ALICE and the whole heavy ion community. Hans-Åke, Professor at Lund University, was one of the pioneers of heavy ion physics with relativistic beams since its very beginning. He started his research at CERN, as a fellow at the ISOLDE ion beam facility, and immediately after, in the early 1980 joined the Plastic Ball collaboration at the Bevalac. One of the seminal papers of the field on the discovery of collective flow in relativistic nuclear collisions, co-authored by Hans-Åke, Hans Gutbrod and colleagues, stems from this period. From that point on he was always at the forefront of research with relativistic nuclear beams, being for three de...

  11. 76 FR 7862 - Implementation of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-347) (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Implementation of the James Zadroga 9/11... implementing the provisions of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-347...: [email protected] . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: I. Background The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation...

  12. Professores homossexuais: suas vivências frente à comunidade escolar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luana Molina


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar uma discussão referente à problemática da vivência diária do professor/professora homossexual frente à instituição escolar, cujo pressuposto inicial parte da premissa que estes professores sofreram e vem sofrendo, algum tipo de preconceito devido sua orientação sexual. No desenvolvimento, partimos para uma abordagem qualitativa e fundamentando-se na análise de discurso, ou seja, conhecendo as experiências de professores e professoras por meio de suas narrativas. Para isso foram entrevistados dois professores gays e uma professora lésbica, todos com ensino superior, que atuam ou atuaram no Ensino Fundamental II e no Ensino Médio. Nossa estratégia metodológica acontece em duas situações: A primeira, por meio de um questionário prévio composto de dez questões de identificação pessoal no intuito de traçar um perfil dos entrevistados. No segundo momento, entrevistas semi – estruturadas, com perguntas que focaram mais especificamente a percepção dos professores/professoras sobre a homofobia na escola. Nosso resultado é composto por relatos onde pudemos identificar a escola como um ambiente que reflete o sexismo que perpassa toda a sociedade, reproduzindo com frequência, as estruturas sociais, reforçando os preconceitos e privilégios de um sexo sobre o outro. Desta forma, percebemos que o heterossexismo está tão arraigado na cultura, que se torna invisível em muitas de suas atitudes quase sutis, como por exemplo, em brincadeiras e piadas. O universo escolar reproduz os preconceitos da sociedade e, na tentativa de evitar o convívio dos alunos heterossexuais, com pessoas homossexuais, faz da homossexualidade o maior alvo da discriminação. Concluímos, portanto, que as desigualdades entre os sexos e a marginalização dos homossexuais acabam gerando vítimas de uma sociedade inacabada, de repressão, opressão e desinformação. Por fim, está sociedade esta em constante

  13. Lifestyle and physical activity of the physical education professor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria de Fátima M. Maia


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was: 1 to identify the physical activity habits in daily life of the professors at the Physical Education Department of UNIMONTES; 2 to verify the lifestyles of these individuals in terms of five well-being-related items (nutrition, physical activity, preventative behavior, social relationships, and stress control. Twenty Physical Education professors (5 women and 15 men, 27 to 53 years of age were evaluated. Three instruments were employed to obtain the required information: 1 PAR-Q, 2 Physical Activity Survey, and 3 Life Style Profi le using the Well Being Pentagram. It was verifi ed that 74% of the males were apparently fi t enough to initiate a physical exercise program. On the other hand, this number decreased to 40% in the female group. Concerning the physical activity questionnaire, 75% of the male group were active or very active, and only 40% of the female group were active. Regarding the lifestyle profi les (Well Being Pentagram, females did not report desirable healthy behavior, since their mean score was 1.4 points. In the male group, the mean score was 2.0 points, which indicates a healthy lifestyle, as well as an attitude more favorable to preventative health. We concluded that women require more attention than men, relating to the aspects mentioned above, and that men should not forget to keep on having healthy habits. RESUMO Este estudo teve por objetivos: a identifi car os hábitos de atividades físicas no cotidiano dos professores de Educação Física da UNIMONTES; b verifi car o perfi l do estilo de vida considerando cinco fatores (nutrição, atividade física, comportamento preventivo, relacionamento social e controle do stress individuais relacionados ao bem-estar. Foram avaliados 20 (vinte professores de Educação Física, sendo cinco mulheres (25% e quinze homens (75%, na faixa etária de 27 a 53 anos de idade. Para coleta das informações, utilizou-se três instrumentos: a PAR-Q; Physical

  14. An exploratory examination of student to professor disclosures of crime victimization. (United States)

    Richards, Tara N; Branch, Kathryn A; Hayes, Rebecca M


    Prior qualitative research has demonstrated that female college students may utilize their professors as support providers when they experience sexual assault and intimate partner violence victimization. To further explore this phenomenon, the present study used a random sampling design on two college campuses to examine the following questions: (a) Are student disclosures of crime victimization a common occurrence for college professors? (b) What is the nature of college professors' most recent disclosure of crime victimization? and (c) Do professor characteristics predict receiving a student disclosure of victimization? Implications of these findings as well as directions for future research will be discussed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hanna Caroline Neyris Corrêa da Costa


    Full Text Available O tema Inclusão tem-se destacado como uma forma revolucionária da educação, entende-se que analisar os discursos veiculados sobre este tema, contribui para elucidar certos aspectos que não são ditos (as entrelinhas explicitamente, mas que direcionam a maneira de pensar e de agir da pessoa que os lê, já que quem escreveu tal artigo para a Revista tem sua história, sua ideologia, sua opinião formada sobre a temática e que influencia a maneira de pensar de quem lê tal reportagem. Partindo dos pressupostos teóricos da Análise do Discurso (AD e da educação inclusiva, pretende-se, a partir da análise do artigo “A escola que é de todas as crianças” do site da Revista Nova Escola, edição n.º 182, do mês de maio de 2005, de autoria de Meire Cavalcante, cuja temática é a educação inclusiva, entender os discursos veiculados sobre a temática, que ideias difundem, que representações o artigo da Revista sob análise veicula sobre inclusão. Portanto, na análise, conforme apregoado na manchete em questão, o termo inclusão, mediante a ação do professor, é capaz de transformar os modos de pensar e agir das pessoas com deficiência, esquecendo que, na realidade, as escolas estão deficientes em vários sentidos: estrutura física, pedagógicas e tecnológicas, falta investimento na formação de todos os envolvidos no processo ensino/aprendizagem, sendo que tudo isso interfere nos resultados do processo de inclusão, ou seja, para uma educação de maior qualidade. Não é somente a ação isolada do professor que trará resultados profícuos nesse processo. Palavras-chave: Análise do discurso. Inclusão. Professores.

  16. Analyzing the Myth of Gaia and the Ecocritical Point of View in Avatar, by James Cameron

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Antonia Mezquita Fernández


    Full Text Available It is well-known that Popular Culture contains a wide variety of myths. In Avatar, a representation of the Myth of Gaia can be distinguished in the world James Cameron created. However, the film can be also analyzed from an ecocritical point of view. Consequently, the following article will show, through such myth and also through James Lovelock’s hypothesis, how Gaia can be observed in Pandora and properly recognized in Eywa Goddess. According to Ecocriticism, Cameron’s view on Pandora is that in which defending the environment is the most relevant issue. The Na’vi, who is the weakest and oppressed group, will be able to overcome the difficulties and defeat the interests of a modern society focused on extracting natural resources at any cost.

  17. Affek van toe tot nou: Die erfenis van Herder, Schleiermacher en William James

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolanda Dreyer


    Full Text Available Affect then and now: The heritage of Herder, Schleiermacher and William James. The heritage of Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744�1803, Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768�1834 and William James (1842�1910 is of significance for practical theology. In present-day pastoral care, affect, emotion, feeling and experience are explored by means of, amongst others, narrative theories. In his aesthetics, Herder linked music and literature. Schleiermacher, in his aesthetics, linked his theology of feeling with biography as narrative. Narrativity is central to present-day are theories and praxis in pastoral care. The variety of forms of affect, namely emotion, experience, feeling and mood, has been explored by present-day psychology and psychiatry. These insights can enrich narrative pastoral theories and praxis.

  18. Students’ Needs Analysis in an EFL Program for University Professors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula Andrea Bedoya


    Full Text Available This study sets out to investigate professors’ needs from an English as a foreign language program in a public university regarding demands, interests, and lacks based on the methodology of needs analysis. Data collected through a survey, focus groups, and individual interviews showed that professors need to meet the institutional language policy for contractual and academic reasons. Additionally, data revealed their desire to learn English to communicate in both academic and non-academic settings. Moreover, the lack of time and effective learning strategies were reported as comprising the main constraints for learning. Finally, the authors present the strengths and weaknesses of the program as well as the participants’ suggestions for curriculum restructuring.

  19. Professor Lesley Parker: a science educator writ large (United States)

    Kahle, Jane Butler


    Professor Lesley Parker's career has moved from teaching and advising graduate students at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia to leadership roles and advocacy positions in state and national governments and in international organizations. Throughout her distinguished career, she has been committed to social justice, particularly in gender equity. Indeed, that commitment infuses her professional contributions as teacher, advisor, administrator, and policy maker. In this Key Contribution, many of her colleagues describe their admiration for her as well as provide information that helps the reader place her work in a national and an international perspective. She has received many of Australia's highest honors, and she continues to contribute to her university, her state, and her nation. Her contributions form a lasting legacy in social justice, particularly in gender equity and in educational leadership.

  20. Tribute to Professor Anthony J. McMichael

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashwin Swaminathan


    Full Text Available Emeritus Professor A. J. “Tony” McMichael (1942–2014 was an internationally renowned and pioneering Australian academic and advocate in epidemiology, who was passionate about understanding the influences of the environment on human health. In an illustrious career spanning more than four decades, he made significant contributions to the scientific community and policy discourse—including ground-breaking research related to the health of children. McMichael was a prolific academic writer with over 300 peer-reviewed papers; 160 book chapters and two sole-authored books. However, his outstanding talent was for integrating complex and seemingly unrelated strands from the environmental and health sciences into a cohesive narrative—and highlighting its relevance to lay persons, scientists and governments alike. He was instrumental in validating this nascent field of research and inspiring many others to follow his lead.

  1. Quality of life research: interview with Professor Robert Cummins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Cummins


    Full Text Available Health-related quality of life (HRQOL is a fundamental concept in the field of clinical medicine and has been studied during the last years by psychologists, sociologists, economists and managers. The concept of HRQOL includes those aspects of overall QOL that can be indicated to have an impact on patients’ health, either physical or psychological. Concerning the individuals, this incorporates physical and mental health cognitions, including sociodemographic factors, sexual functioning, fatigue, sleep disorders and functional status. One of the most eminent experts in the world in the field of QOL is Prof. Robert Cummins [Professor of Psychology at Deakin University in Australia (School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Victoria 3125 Melbourne, Australia. E-mail:] who kindly accepted to answer our questions in the con- text of this special edition.

  2. Memorial meeting for professor Abdus Salam's 90th birthday

    CERN Document Server

    Duff, Michael; Khoo Phua, Kok; Memorial volume on Abdus Salam's 90th birthday


    In honor of one of the most prolific and exciting scientists of the second half of the last century, a memorial meeting was organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nanyang Technological University for Professor Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday in January 2016. Salam believed that "scientific thought is the common heritage of all mankind" and that the developing world should play its part, not merely by importing technology but by being the arbiter of its own scientific destiny. That belief saw him rise from humble beginnings in a village in Pakistan to become one of the world's most original and influential particle physicists, culminating in the 1979 Nobel Prize (shared with Glashow and Weinberg) for contributions to electroweak unification, which forms an integral part of the Standard Model. The book collected the papers presented at this memorable event which saw many distinguished scientists participating as speakers to reflect on Prof Salam's great passion for the science and achievements.

  3. Julio López Rendueles, a revolutionary professor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoila Rodríguez-Gobea


    Full Text Available Julio López Rendueles was part of the group of Spanish exiles who joined the rising University of Oriente, and contributed decisively to the development of this center of high studies and to the revolutionary struggle that was taking place in the nation led by Movement 26 of July. This work shows that, before arriving in Cuba, Professor López Rendueles was a prestigious intellectual and a prominent communist militant, defender of the Spanish Republic. After the triumph of the Revolution he moved to Havana, where he continued to collaborate with the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the creation of Camilo Cienfuegos Military Schools and with the Ministry of Education in the organization of polytechnic teaching and in writing books for the teaching of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

  4. Leading Character?s Antisocial Personality Disorder In James B Stewart?s Blind Eye


    Lestari, Ayu


    110705043 The title of this thesis isLeading Character?s Antisocial Personality Disorder in James B Stewart?s Blind Eyethat is research about antisocial personality of leading character in the novel, namely Dr. Michael Swango. The purpose of this thesis is to find out characteristic of Swango that show he has antisocial personality disorder and to know the causes of his disorder. The writer refers to theory antisocial personality disorder that take in a research of APA (American Psychiatri...

  5. Depth Acuity Methodology for Electronic 3D Displays: eJames (eJ) (United States)


    regarding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to Department...graphical representation of the two-bar stimuli and complicate cross-type comparisons. A compact variant of the James DPA developed by Howard made the... Holographic Video Display, HVD, Hogel 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17.LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT: SAR 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 97

  6. Benthic diatoms (Bacillariophyta) from seepages and streams on James Ross Island (NW Weddell Sea, Antarctica)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kopalová, K.; Veselá, J.; Elster, Josef; Nedbalová, Linda; Komárek, Jiří; Van de Vijver, B.


    Roč. 145, č. 2 (2012), s. 190-208 ISSN 2032-3913 R&D Projects: GA MŠk ME 934; GA MŠk ME 945; GA ČR GA206/05/0253 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60050516 Keywords : James Ross Island * Antarctic Peninsula * Bacillariophyceae Subject RIV: EF - Botanics Impact factor: 1.192, year: 2012

  7. Sense data and the philosophy of mind: Russell, James, and Mach


    Hatfield, Gary


    The theory of knowledge in early twentieth-century Anglo American philosophy was oriented toward phenomenally described cognition There was a healthy respect for the mind body problem, which meant that phenomena in both the mental and physical domain were taken sinuously Bertrand Russell's developing position on sense-data and momentary particulars drew upon, and ultimately became like, the neutral monism of Ernst Mach and William James Due to a more recent behaviorist and physicalist inspire...

  8. Aventura ranch field: A classic stratigraphic trap - James Lime, Van Zandt County, Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jones, A.; Palmer, J.T. (Palmer Petroleum, Inc., Shreveport, LA (United States))


    Aventura Ranch field, found September 10, 1990, is the most recent significant James Lime discovery in the East Texas basin. Current estimates indicate recoverable reserves of 20 bcf of gas and 1.5 million bbl of condensate. The field represents a classic stratigraphic trap, formed by a facies change from downdip porous and permeable grainstones, terminating updip into carbonate mudstones, wackestones, and unrelated grainstones. The James Lime formation consists of poorly sorted, low-porosity lime wackestone/mudstones, and well-sorted reservoir lime grainstones. The reservoir consists of two facies: (1) skeletal grainstones, and (2) oolitic grainstones. The skeletal grainstones are interpreted as deposits adjacent to the James Lime reef core. The oolitic grainstones were deposited as high-energy shoals or bars in shallow, agitated water, possible paralleling the skeletal grainstones adjacent of the reef. Both interparticle and intraparticle porosity are present in the grainstone facies. Microporosity also is evident and is responsible for suppressing most of the induction log resistivity throughout the field. Resistivity as low as 1.5 ohms is found to be hydrocarbon productive. Subsequent to the development of the Fairway field, a large James Lime stratigraphic trap had been sought for many years, resulting in only the minor discovery of North Athens field. Several dry holes had been drilled amazingly close to the currently productive area. Perseverance and persistence finally paid off with the discovery of Aventura Ranch field. Currently, the field is producing 6 million ft[sup 3] of gas and 425 bbl of condensate a day.

  9. Alcohol consumption among pregnant women in James Town Community, Accra, Ghana


    Da Pilma Lekettey, Joanita; Dako-Gyeke, Phyllis; Agyemang, Samuel Agyei; Aikins, Moses


    Background Alcohol consumption among pregnant women is a public health concern, considering its adverse outcomes for both mother and the developing foetus. This study examined factors that facilitate prenatal alcohol consumption, knowledge of adverse outcomes of prenatal alcohol exposure and alcohol expenditure among pregnant women in an urban community in Ghana. Methods In June 2014, a survey was conducted among 250 pregnant women sampled from James Town, an urban community in the Greater Ac...

  10. Kroll, Murakami, and Seneviratne Receive 2013 James B. Macelwane Medals: Citation for Motohiko Murakami (United States)

    Bass, Jay


    The James B. Macelwane Medal of AGU is presented to Motohiko Murakami for his discovery of the postperovskite phase of MgSiO3, for a new class of sound velocity measurements under lower mantle pressure-temperature conditions that have changed our view of whole-Earth chemistry, and for other fundamental contributions that have furthered our understanding of the Earth's deep interior.

  11. Matlab based Toolkits used to Interface with Optical Design Software for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (United States)

    Howard, Joseph


    The viewgraph presentation provides an introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The first part provides a brief overview of Matlab toolkits including CodeV, OSLO, and Zemax Toolkits. The toolkit overview examines purpose, layout, how Matlab gets data from CodeV, function layout, and using cvHELP. The second part provides examples of use with JWST, including wavefront sensitivities and alignment simulations.



    Mróz, Franciszek; Mróz, Łukasz


    Since last two decades we notice an intensive growth of the pilgrimage movement along the Way os St. James. This route connecting furthests places in Europe and ending in Santiago de Compostela is based on a medieval transportation route called The Royal Route – Via Regia. The route exists for over 1000 years and is constantly developed thanks to actions taken by the authorities of the Catholic Church, governments and non-government organizations, as well as numerous enthusiastics of the Way ...

  13. H.E. Professor Wang Liheng, Minister of Aviation of the People's Republic of China, President, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    H. E. Professor Wang Liheng, Minister of Aviation, and President, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation, People's Republic of China (2nd from left) with (from left to right) Professor Hans Hofer, Professor Roger Cashmore, Research Director for Collider Programmes, Professor Samuel C. C. Ting, CERN and Professor Lei Gang, Secretary to the Minister, September 2001.

  14. As interações professor-professor na co-construção dos projetos pedagógicos na escola

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mírian Raposo

    Full Text Available A qualidade das interações entre professores é uma realidade da cultura escolar de fundamental importância para o desenvolvimento do seu projeto pedagógico e do currículo vivido pelo aluno. Arquitetado nos pressupostos teóricos da abordagem sociocultural construtivista, este trabalho teve como objetivo investigar os processos co-construtivos presentes nas interações professor-professor, fundamentais para a elaboração e execução dos projetos vividos em uma escola pública de formação de professores do Distrito Federal. Participaram do estudo os 23 professores do curso normal, a coordenadora e o diretor. Procedimentos de observação participante das atividades pedagógicas de planejamento e execução de projetos e entrevista semi-estruturada com 10 desses participantes foram realizados em um período de três meses. A análise dos resultados focalizou (1 relações de confiança (2 interdependência indivíduo-grupo e (3 liderança. Estas categorias foram cruciais para o alcance dos objetivos estabelecidos na escola. Considera-se que estas são contribuições importantes da Psicologia aos cursos de formação inicial e continuada de professores.

  15. Promotion beyond Tenure: Unpacking Racism and Sexism in the Experiences of Black Womyn Professors (United States)

    Croom, Natasha N.


    This study examined seven Black womyn full professors' experiences of promotion beyond tenure. Using a critical race feminist theoretical framework, findings suggest that a meritocratic ideology undergirds a dominant narrative about the Professor rank. However, racism and sexism mediated the participants' opportunities to access the status and…

  16. Messaggio del professor Antonino Zichichi in occasione dell’International Cosmic Day (30 novembre) 2017.

    CERN Multimedia


    Messaggio del professor Antonino Zichichi in occasione dell’International Cosmic Day (30 novembre) 2017. Nella prima parte il professore spiega l’importanza per la scienza dei raggi cosmici, ieri come oggi. nella seconda parte si rivolge ai ragazzi che partecipano all’ICD 2017 per il progetto EEE del Centro Fermi

  17. "Simply the Best": Professors Nominated by Students for Their Exemplary Technology Practices in Teaching (United States)

    Jorgensen, Mary; Havel, Alice; Fichten, Catherine; King, Laura; Marcil, Evelyne; Lussier, Alex; Budd, Jillian; Vitouchanskaia, Cristina


    Our goal was to explore the technology related pedagogical practices of college professors deemed by their students to be excellent in using technology in their teaching. We explored the views of 114 community/junior college professors who were nominated by their students as excellent in using technology in their teaching using both questionnaires…

  18. Student teachers can be as good as associate professors in teaching clinical skills

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tolsgaard, Martin G; Gustafsson, Amandus; Rasmussen, Maria B


    AIM: The aim of this study is to compare student teachers and clinical associate professors regarding the quality of procedural skills teaching in terms of participants' technical skills, knowledge and satisfaction with the teaching. METHODS: This is an experimental, randomized, controlled study ....... CONCLUSION: Trained student teachers can be as good as associate professors in teaching clinical skills. Udgivelsesdato: 2007-Sep...

  19. Chip Frazier named Thomas M. Brooks Professor of Wood Science and Forest Products


    Davis, Lynn


    Charles E. "Chip" Frazier of Blacksburg, professor of wood science and forest products in the College of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech, has been appointed the Thomas M. Brooks Professor of Wood Science and Forest Products by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors during the board's quarterly meeting March 26.

  20. Professor as Facilitator: Shaping an Emerging, Living System of Shared Leadership in the Classroom (United States)

    Bright, David S.; Turesky, Elizabeth Fisher; Putzel, Roger; Stang, Thomas


    From the perspective of emergence, professors can facilitate and shape a class as a complex, adaptive, and living system. A case study illustrates phases of emergence in the classroom by tracing how a professor may use this perspective to empower students to share in the leadership of the classroom. Instead of presenting lessons, the professor…