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  1. Organ-sparing treatment for primarily disseminated breast cancer with metachronous bilateral involvement

    Yu. A. Ragulin


    Full Text Available Systemic drug therapy remains first-line treatment for primarily disseminated breast cancer (BC. The problem in the use of local methods to treat BC patients with distant metastases has not been fully solved. The most of investigations presented in the modern literature suggest that patients show significantly better survivals after adjuvant systemic therapy with local exposure of a primary tumor, the main goal of which is its local monitoring. At the same time, the choice of optimal treatments and their sequence and combination remain to be explored. The paper describes a case of successful organ-sparing chemoradiation therapy for primarily disseminated BC with metachronous bilateral involvement.

  2. Salinity-induced inhibition of growth in the aquatic pteridophyte Azolla microphylla primarily involves inhibition of photosynthetic components and signaling molecules as revealed by proteome analysis.

    Thagela, Preeti; Yadav, Ravindra Kumar; Mishra, Vagish; Dahuja, Anil; Ahmad, Altaf; Singh, Pawan Kumar; Tiwari, Budhi Sagar; Abraham, Gerard


    Salinity stress causes adverse physiological and biochemical changes in the growth and productivity of a plant. Azolla, a symbiotic pteridophyte and potent candidate for biofertilizer due to its nitrogen fixation ability, shows reduced growth and nitrogen fixation during saline stress. To better understand regulatory components involved in salinity-induced physiological changes, in the present study, Azolla microphylla plants were exposed to NaCl (6.74 and 8.61 ds/m) and growth, photochemical reactions of photosynthesis, ion accumulation, and changes in cellular proteome were studied. Maximum dry weight was accumulated in control and untreated plant while a substantial decrease in dry weight was observed in the plants exposed to salinity. Exposure of the organism to different concentrations of salt in hydroponic conditions resulted in differential level of Na(+) and K(+) ion accumulation. Comparative analysis of salinity-induced proteome changes in A. microphylla revealed 58 salt responsive proteins which were differentially expressed during the salt exposure. Moreover, 42 % spots among differentially expressed proteins were involved in different signaling events. The identified proteins are involved in photosynthesis, energy metabolism, amino acid biosynthesis, protein synthesis, and defense. Downregulation of these key metabolic proteins appears to inhibit the growth of A. microphylla in response to salinity. Altogether, the study revealed that in Azolla, increased salinity primarily affected signaling and photosynthesis that in turn leads to reduced biomass.

  3. Perturbation of the natural killer cell compartment during primary human immunodeficiency virus 1 infection primarily involving the CD56bright subset

    Mantegani, Paola; Tambussi, Giuseppe; Galli, Laura; Din, Chiara Tassan; Lazzarin, Adriano; Fortis, Claudio


    We investigated the distribution of natural killer (NK) cell subsets, their activating and inhibitory receptors, and their cytolytic potential, in primary human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected (PHI) individuals at baseline and during 1 year of follow-up with or without antiretroviral therapy, and compared the results with those obtained in treatment-naïve, chronically HIV-infected (CHI) individuals, and HIV-seronegative (HN) healthy individuals. The proportion of the CD56dim and CD56bright subsets decreased with disease progression, whereas that of the CD56− CD16+ subset increased. In the CD56dim subset, the proportion of cells with natural cytotoxicity receptors (NCRs) decreased with disease progression, and their cytolytic potential was reduced. Conversely, the CD56bright subset was characterized by a high proportion of NCR-positive, killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR)-positive NKG2A+ cells in both CHI and PHI individuals, which was associated with an increase in their cytolytic potential. During the 1 year of follow-up, the PHI individuals with high viraemia levels and low CD4+ T-cell counts who received highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) had a similar proportion of NK subsets to CHI individuals, while patients with low viraemia levels and high CD4+ T-cell counts who remained untreated had values similar to those of the HN individuals. Our results indicate a marked perturbation of the NK cell compartment during HIV-1 infection that is multifaceted, starts early and is progressive, primarily involves the CD56bright subset, and is partially corrected by effective HAART. PMID:19824914

  4. How to suppress undesired synchronization.

    Louzada, V H P; Araújo, N A M; Andrade, J S; Herrmann, H J


    Examples of synchronization can be found in a wide range of phenomena such as neurons firing, lasers cascades, chemical reactions, and opinion formation. However, in many situations the formation of a coherent state is not pleasant and should be mitigated. For example, the onset of synchronization can be the root of epileptic seizures, traffic congestion in networks, and the collapse of constructions. Here we propose the use of contrarians to suppress undesired synchronization. We perform a comparative study of different strategies, either requiring local or total knowledge, and show that the most efficient one solely requires local information. Our results also reveal that, even when the distribution of neighboring interactions is narrow, significant improvement is observed when contrarians sit at the highly connected elements. The same qualitative results are obtained for artificially generated networks and two real ones, namely, the Routers of the Internet and a neuronal network.

  5. How to suppress undesired synchronization

    Louzada, V H P; Andrade, J S; Herrmann, H J


    It is delightful to observe the emergence of synchronization in the blinking of fireflies to attract partners and preys. Other charming examples of synchronization can also be found in a wide range of phenomena such as, e.g., neurons firing, lasers cascades, chemical reactions, and opinion formation. However, in many situations the formation of a coherent state is not pleasant and should be mitigated. For example, the onset of synchronization can be the root of epileptic seizures, traffic congestion in communication networks, and the collapse of constructions. Here we propose the use of contrarians to suppress undesired synchronization. We perform a comparative study of different strategies, either requiring local or total knowledge of the system, and show that the most efficient one solely requires local information. Our results also reveal that, even when the distribution of neighboring interactions is narrow, significant improvement in mitigation is observed when contrarians sit at the highly connected ele...

  6. Parental mediation of undesired advertising effects

    Buijzen, M.A.; Valkenburg, P.M.


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of various types of parental mediation of 3 potentially undesired effects of television advertising. In a survey among 360 parent–child dyads with children in the 8 to 12 years age range, we investigated how different styles of advertising m

  7. Risk sectors for undesirable behaviour and mobbing

    Hubert, A.B.; Veldhoven, M.J.P.M. van


    The aim of this short note was to get an impression of risk sectors for the prevalence of undesirable behaviour and mobbing in The Netherlands. Data were collected from 1995 to 1999 with the Questionnaire on The Assessment and Experience of Work (Vragenlijst Beleving en Beoordeling van de Arbeid; VB

  8. The undesirable effects of neuromuscular blocking drugs

    Claudius, C; Garvey, L H; Viby-Mogensen, J


    Neuromuscular blocking drugs are designed to bind to the nicotinic receptor at the neuromuscular junction. However, they also interact with other acetylcholine receptors in the body. Binding to these receptors causes adverse effects that vary with the specificity for the cholinergic receptor...... in question. Moreover, all neuromuscular blocking drugs may cause hypersensitivity reactions. Often the symptoms are mild and self-limiting but massive histamine release can cause systematic reactions with circulatory and respiratory symptoms and signs. At the end of anaesthesia, no residual effect...... of a neuromuscular blocking drug should be present. However, the huge variability in response to neuromuscular blocking drugs makes it impossible to predict which patient will suffer postoperative residual curarization. This article discusses the undesirable effects of the currently available neuromuscular blocking...

  9. Origin of undesirable cracks during layer transfer

    Ponson, Laurent; Atwater, Harry; Ravichandran, Guruswami; Bhattacharya, Kaushik


    We investigate the origin of undesirable transverse cracks often observed in thin films obtained by the layer transfer technique. During this process, two crystals bonded to each other containing a weak plan produced by ion implantation are heated to let a thin layer of one of the material on the other. The level of stress imposed on the film during the heating phase due to the mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients of the substrate and the film is shown to be the relevant parameter of the problem. In particular, it is shown that if the film is submitted to a tensile stress, the microcracks produced by ion implantation are not stable and deviate from their straight trajectory making the layer transfer process impossible. However, if the compressive stress exceeds a threshold value, after layer transfer, the film can buckle and delaminate, leading to transverse cracks induced by bending. As a result, we show that the imposed stress \\sigma_m - or equivalently the heating temperature - must be within the ran...

  10. Investigations of undesirable behavioural patterns in nursing students experience

    E Siamaga


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research work is to investigate the experience of undesirable behaviourable patterns from nursing students in the university and in the places of clinical practice. For this purpose we used the questionnaire of Rautio, Synnari, Nuutinen and Laitala (2005. The data were collected from 104 nursing students (18 male and 86 female, age between 20-26. For the statistical analysis of data was used the SPSS 10.0 for Windows and the chi-square. Results: a the male nursing students had experienced more verbal undesirable behavior from their teachers and negative comments for their professional carrier from patients. The female nursing students had verbal undesirable behavior from the hospital personnel. b The students between the ages of 23-26 had experienced verbal undesirable behavior from teachers and hospital personnel. c The students in the final semester who were doing their clinical practice had more often experienced verbal undesirable behavior from teachers and injustice criticism from hospital personnel. d The students who were working in the hospital had experienced negative behavior from hospital personnel and negative comments from teachers in comparative with students who were not working

  11. [Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: is the astrocyte the cell primarily involved?].

    Sica, Roberto E


    So far, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is thought as due to a primary insult of the motor neurons. None of its pathogenic processes proved to be the cause of the illness, nor can be blamed environmental agents. Motor neurons die by apoptosis, leaving the possibility that their death might be due to an unfriendly environment, unable to sustain their health, rather than being directly targeted themselves. These reasons justify an examination of the astrocytes, because they have the most important role controlling the neurons' environment. It is known that astrocytes are plastic, enslaving their functions to the requirements of the neurons to which they are related. Each population of astrocytes is unique, and if it were affected the consequences would reach the neurons that it normally sustains. In regard to the motor neurons, this situation would lead to a disturbed production and release of astrocytic neurotransmitters and transporters, impairing nutritional and trophic support as well. For explaining the spreading of muscle symptoms in ALS, correlated with the type of spreading observed at the cortical and spinal motor neurons pools, the present hypotheses suggests that the illness-causing process is spreading among astrocytes, through their gap junctions, depriving the motor neurons of their support. Also it is postulated that a normal astrocytic protein becomes misfolded and infectious, inducing the misfolding of its wild type, travelling from one protoplasmatic astrocyte to another and to the fibrous astrocytes encircling the pyramidal pathway which joints the upper and lower motoneurones.

  12. Undesirable compounds in oils and fats: analysis and regulation

    Lacoste Florence


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to present, for some undesirable compounds representative of the major origins, a comparison between the efficiency of the analytical methods used (sensitivity, precision and existing regulations. An idea of the different origins of the presence of undesirable compounds in oils and fats is given. Then a focus is done on guidelines on contaminant analysis provided by European directives or Codex Alimentarius. The reliability of some existing test methods compared to regulations is also examined: lead, hexane, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and pesticide residues.

  13. Reducing the illusion of control when an action is followed by an undesired outcome.

    Matute, Helena; Blanco, Fernando


    The illusion of control is the belief that our behavior produces an effect that is actually independent from it. This illusion is often at the core of superstitious and pseudoscientific thinking. Although recent research has proposed several evidence-based strategies that can be used to reduce the illusion, the majority of these experiments have involved positive illusions-that is, those in which the potential outcomes are desired (e.g., recovery from illness or earning points). By contrast, many real-life superstitions and pseudosciences are tied to negative illusions-that is, those in which the potential consequences are undesired. Examples are walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, or sitting in row 13, all of which are supposed to generate bad luck. Thus, the question is whether the available evidence on how to reduce positive illusions would also apply to situations in which the outcomes are undesired. We conducted an experiment in which participants were exposed to undesired outcomes that occurred independently of their behavior. One strategy that has been shown to reduce positive illusions consists of warning people that the outcomes might have alternative causes, other than the participants' actions, and telling them that the best they can do to find out whether an alternative cause is at work is to act on only about 50% of the trials. When we gave our participants this information in an experiment in which the outcomes were undesired, their illusion was enhanced rather than reduced, contrary to what happens when the outcome is desired. This suggests that the strategies that reduce positive illusions may work in just the opposite way when the outcome is undesired.

  14. An analytic network process approach for locating undesirable facilities: an example from Istanbul, Turkey.

    Tuzkaya, Gülfem; Onüt, Semih; Tuzkaya, Umut R; Gülsün, Bahadir


    Locating an undesirable facility is a sophisticated problem, for the evaluation procedures involve several objectives and the solution to the problem calls for some compromises to be made between probable conflicting criteria. This paper addresses the problem of undesirable facility location selection using the analytic network process (ANP), a multi-criteria decision-making technique. The ANP technique enables us to consider both qualitative and quantitative criteria as well as the interdependencies and feedbacks. A number of criteria (benefits, opportunities, costs and risks) and their sub-criteria are considered for siting a new facility with which this study has dealt. The questions of what criteria would be considered and what the interdependencies between these criteria and their weights would be were discussed and determined via interviews with some competent authorities of the Istanbul Municipality and of two environmental organizations. Four representative locations were evaluated and the most convenient one was selected. This was followed by the sensitivity analyses of the results.

  15. Predoction Model of Data Envelopment Analysis with Undesirable Outputs

    边馥萍; 范宇


    Data envelopment analysis (DEA) has become a standard non-parametric approach to productivity analysis, especially to relative efficiency analysis of decision making units (DMUs). Extended to the prediction field, it can solve the prediction problem with multiple inputs and outputs which can not be solved easily by the regression analysis method.But the traditional DEA models can not solve the problem with undesirable outputs,so in this paper the inherent relationship between goal programming and the DEA method based on the relationship between multiple goal programming and goal programming is explored,and a mixed DEA model which can make all factors of inputs and undesirable outputs decrease in different proportions is built.And at the same time,all the factors of desirable outputs increase in different proportions.

  16. Indecisiveness, Undesirability and Overload Revealed Through Rational Choice Deferral

    Gerasimou, Georgios


    Three reasons why decision makers may defer choice are *indecisiveness* between various feasible options, *unattractiveness* of these options, and *choice overload*. This paper provides a choice-theoretic explanation for each of these phenomena by means of three deferral-permitting models of decision making that are driven by preference incompleteness, undesirability and complexity constraints, respectively. These models feature *rational* choice deferral in the sense that whenever the indivi...

  17. Can compensatory culling offset undesirable evolutionary consequences of trophy hunting?


    There is growing concern about the evolutionary consequences of human harvesting on phenotypic trait quality in wild populations. Undesirable consequences are especially likely with trophy hunting because of its strong bias for specific phenotypic trait values, such as large antlers in cervids and horns in bovids. Selective hunting can cause a decline in a trophy trait over time if it is heritable, thereby reducing the long-term sustainability of the activity itself. How can we build a sustai...

  18. Undesirable Effects of Media on Children: Why Limitation is Necessary?

    Karaagac, Aysu Turkmen


    Pervasive media environment is a social problem shared by most of the countries around the world. Several studies have been performed to highlight the undesired effects of media on children. Some of these studies have focused on the time spent by children watching television, playing with computers or using mobile media devices while some others have tried to explain the associations between the obesity, postural abnormalities or psychological problems of children, and their media use. This article discusses the recent approaches to curb influence of media on children, and the importance of family media literacy education programs with particular relevance to developing countries.

  19. Pig herd monitoring and undesirable tripping and stepping prevention

    Gronskyte, Ruta; Clemmensen, Line Katrine Harder; Hviid, Marchen Sonja


    at the slaughterhouse and identify undesirable events such as pigs tripping or stepping on each other. In this paper, we monitor pig behavior in color videos recorded during unloading from transportation trucks. We monitor the movement of a pig herd where the pigs enter and leave a surveyed area. The method is based...... performed the unloading of the pigs from the trucks in the available datasets, indicates that the drivers perform significantly differently. Driver 1 has 2.95 times higher odds to have pigs tripping and stepping on each other than the two others, and Driver 2 has 1.11 times higher odds than Driver 3. (C...

  20. Techniques Use by Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) Teachers for Controlling Undesirable Classroom Behaviours in Anambra State Secondary Schools

    Chinelo, Okigbo Ebele; Nwanneka, Okoli Josephine


    This study investigated the techniques used by secondary school Science Technology and Mathematics (STM) teachers in controlling undesirable behaviours in their classrooms. It adopted descriptive survey design in which 178 Anambra State teachers teaching STM subjects in senior secondary were involved in the research. Two sections of questionnaire…

  1. Undesirable substances in vegetable oils: anything to declare?

    Lacoste Florence


    Full Text Available The presence of undesirable compounds in vegetable and animal oils and fats may have many different origins. Although the potential toxicity of most of these undesirable compounds is real, poisoning risks are rather limited due to the efficient elimination during oil-refining steps, careful conditioning, choice of efficient packaging and industrial quality control management. However the research of contaminants is part of multiple controls conducted by fat and oil industry to verify the conformity of products placed on the market in relation to regulations such as the European commission regulation EC No. 1881/2006 setting maximum levels for some contaminants in food as lead, some mycotoxins, dioxins, polychlorobiphenyls, benzo[a]pyrene. In the absence of regulation, the detection of contaminants must be addressed in partnership with authorities according to the toxicity of molecules. The controls are not confined to environmental contaminants. They also include compounds that can be formed during the production process of vegetable oils such as esters of 3-monochloropropanediol. This article focuses more particularly on heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, phthalates and 3-MCPD or glycidyl esters. Aspects such as methods for analysis, limits fixed by EC regulation and occurrence in vegetable oils are discussed.

  2. mCPP: an undesired addition to the ecstasy market.

    Bossong, M G; Brunt, T M; Van Dijk, J P; Rigter, S M; Hoek, J; Goldschmidt, H M J; Niesink, R J M


    A new ecstasy-like substance, meta-chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP), has been detected in street drugs in the Netherlands. Theoretically, mCPP possesses the potential to become a non-neurotoxic alternative for methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), the regular psychoactive substance of ecstasy. Since its introduction on the Dutch market of synthetic drugs, the percentage of mCPP-containing tablets has increased, including both tablets that contain only mCPP and tablets containing a combination of mCPP and MDMA. These tablets occur in many different colours, shapes and sizes and with various logos, making it impossible to distinguish mCPP-containing tablets from regular MDMA tablets. In addition, the reports of users concerning the effects of mCPP are predominantly negative. All these aspects together lead to the conclusion that mCPP is an undesired addition to the ecstasy market from the user's perspective.

  3. Cosmetics Europe Guidelines on the Management of Undesirable Effects and Reporting of Serious Undesirable Effects from Cosmetics in the European Union

    Gerald Renner


    Full Text Available The European Union (EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC No. 1223/2009 requires companies to collect and assess reports of adverse health effects from the cosmetic products (undesirable effects they market. Furthermore, undesirable effects that are considered as serious need to be reported to the national competent authorities. Cosmetics Europe, representing the European cosmetics industry, has developed these guidelines to promote a consistent practical approach for the management of undesirable effects and the notification of serious undesirable effects. Following these guidelines allows companies concerned to demonstrate due diligence and compliance with the legal requirements.

  4. Environmentally Clean Mitigation of Undesirable Plant Life Using Lasers

    Rubenchik, A M; McGrann, T J; Yamamoto, R M; Parker, J M


    This concept comprises a method for environmentally clean destruction of undesirable plant life using visible or infrared radiation. We believe that during the blossom stage, plant life is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, with an enhanced sensitivity to specific spectral ranges. Small doses of irradiation can arrest further plant growth, cause flower destruction or promote plant death. Surrounding plants, which are not in the blossoming stage, should not be affected. Our proposed mechanism to initiate this effect is radiation produced by a laser. Tender parts of the blossom possess enhanced absorptivity in some spectral ranges. This absorption can increase the local tissue temperature by several degrees, which is sufficient to induce bio-tissue damage. In some instances, the radiation may actually stimulate plant growth, as an alternative for use in increased crop production. This would be dependent on factors such as plant type, the wavelength of the laser radiation being used and the amount of the radiation dose. Practical, economically viable realization of this concept is possible today with the advent of high efficiency, compact and powerful laser diodes. The laser diodes provide an efficient, environmentally clean source of radiation at a variety of power levels and radiation wavelengths. Figure 1 shows the overall concept, with the laser diodes mounted on a movable platform, traversing and directing the laser radiation over a field of opium poppies.

  5. Volatile organic silicon compounds: the most undesirable contaminants in biogases.

    Ohannessian, Aurélie; Desjardin, Valérie; Chatain, Vincent; Germain, Patrick


    Recently a lot of attention has been focused on volatile organic silicon compounds (VOSiC) present in biogases. They induce costly problems due to silicate formation during biogas combustion in valorisation engine. The cost of converting landfill gas and digester gas into electricity is adversely affected by this undesirable presence. VOSiC in biogases spark off formation of silicate deposits in combustion chambers. They engender abrasion of the inner surfaces leading to serious damage, which causes frequent service interruptions, thus reducing the economic benefit of biogases. It is already known that these VOSiC originate from polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS) hydrolysis. PDMS (silicones) are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. PDMS are released into the environment through landfills and wastewater treatment plants. There is a lack of knowledge concerning PDMS biodegradation during waste storage. Consequently, understanding PDMS behaviour in landfill cells and in sludge digester is particularly important. In this article, we focused on microbial degradation of PDMS through laboratory experiments. Preliminary test concerning anaerobic biodegradation of various PDMS have been investigated. Results demonstrate that the biotic step has an obvious influence on PDMS biodegradation. IWA Publishing 2008.

  6. Preventing Undesirable Seismic Behaviour of Infill Walls in Design Process

    Azadeh Noorifard


    Full Text Available Dividing walls are usually considered as non-structural elements, but experiences of past earthquakes show that some buildings designed and constructed by engineers have been damaged during earthquakes because of disregarding the negative effects of walls. Apart from the poor quality of construction and materials, inattention in design process is the main reason for undesirable seismic behaviour of walls.The main aim of this paper is to investigate the measures taken in different stages of architectural and structural design for improving the seismic behaviour of infilled concrete structures. As a general principle, with the further progress of project from basic architectural design to detailed structural design, there is a need to reduce designer authority and increase obligation, furthermore the cost of project increases too. The conclusion of this study implies that, in order to achieve the desirable seismic behaviour of walls, close collaboration between architects and structural engineers is required from the early stages of design. The results of this study are presented in a check list for designing reinforced concrete (RC moment resisting frame and RC shear wall.

  7. Can compensatory culling offset undesirable evolutionary consequences of trophy hunting?

    Mysterud, Atle; Bischof, Richard


    1. There is growing concern about the evolutionary consequences of human harvesting on phenotypic trait quality in wild populations. Undesirable consequences are especially likely with trophy hunting because of its strong bias for specific phenotypic trait values, such as large antlers in cervids and horns in bovids. Selective hunting can cause a decline in a trophy trait over time if it is heritable, thereby reducing the long-term sustainability of the activity itself. 2. How can we build a sustainable trophy hunting tradition without the negative trait-altering effects? We used an individual-based model to explore whether selective compensatory culling of 'low quality' individuals at an early life stage can facilitate sustainability, as suggested by information from managed game populations in eastern and central Europe. Our model was rooted in empirical data on red deer, where heritability of sexual ornaments has been confirmed and phenotypic quality can be assessed by antler size in individuals as young as 1 year. 3. Simulations showed that targeted culling of low-quality yearlings could counter the selective effects of trophy hunting on the distribution of the affected trait (e.g. antler or horn size) in prime-aged individuals. Assumptions of trait heritability and young-to-adult correlation were essential for compensation, but the model proved robust to various other assumptions and changes to input parameters. The simulation approach allowed us to verify responses as evolutionary changes in trait values rather than short-term consequences of altered age structure, density and viability selection. 4. We conclude that evolutionarily enlightened management may accommodate trophy hunting. This has far reaching implications as income from trophy hunting is often channelled into local conservation efforts and rural economies. As an essential follow-up, we recommend an analysis of the effects of trophy hunting in conjunction with compensatory culling on the

  8. Examination of the Messages Preschool Teachers Use against Undesirable Behaviors of Children

    Tepeli, Kezban


    The purpose of this study was to examine, through in-class observations, the messages preschool teachers use against children's undesirable behaviors, in order to warn the children and remove negative behaviors. The study group consisted of six preschool teachers. The messages used by preschool teachers against undesirable behaviors of children…

  9. Children's Perceptions of Hypothetical Peers With Undesirable Characteristics: Role of the Peers' Desire to Change, Source of Effort to Change, and Outcome.

    Barnett, Mark A; Sonnentag, Tammy L; Wadian, Taylor W; Jones, Tucker L; Langley, Courtney A


    The present study, involving sixth- to eighth-grade students, is an extension of a prior investigation (Barnett, Livengood, Sonnentag, Barlett, & Witham, 2010) that examined children's perceptions of hypothetical peers with various undesirable characteristics. Results indicate that children's perceptions of hypothetical peers with an undesirable characteristic are influenced by the peers' desire to change, the source of effort to change, and the peers' success or failure in changing the characteristic. The children anticipated responding more favorably to peers who were successful in overcoming an undesirable characteristic than peers who were unsuccessful. Regardless of the peers' outcome, the children anticipated responding more favorably to peers who tried to change than peers who relied on the effort of adult authorities to motivate change. The children perceived successful peers as experiencing more positive affect than their unsuccessful counterparts, especially if the success was presented as a fulfillment of the peers' desire to change their undesirable characteristic. Finally, the children's ratings reflected the belief that, among peers who failed to change their undesirable characteristic, lacking the desire to change increases the relative likelihood that the characteristic will be permanent.

  10. Undesirable Enzymatic Browning in Crustaceans: Causative Effects and Its Inhibition by Phenolic Compounds.

    Nirmal, Nilesh Prakash; Benjakul, Soottawat; Ahmad, Mehraj; Arfat, Yasir Ali; Panichayupakaranant, Pharkphoom


    Undesirable enzymatic browning mediated by polyphenol oxidase (E.C. on the surface of seafood from crustaceans have been a great concern to food processors, causing quality losses of seafood products. Seafoods especially from crustaceans are worldwide consumed due to their delicacy and nutritional value. However, black spot formation (melanosis) is the major problem occurring in crustaceans during postmortem handling and refrigerated storage induce deleterious changes in organoleptic properties and, therefore, decreases commercial value. Polyphenoloxidase (PPO), the copper-containing metalloprotein involved in oxidation of phenol to quinone is the major biochemical reaction of melanosis formation. This enzymatic mechanism causes unappealing blackening in postharvest crustaceans. To alleviate the melanosis formation in crustaceans, use of phenolic compounds from plant extract can serve as antimelanotics and appears to be a good alternative to the conventional sulfites which are associated with health-related disorders. In this review, we focuses on the unique features about the structure, distribution, and properties of PPO as well as mechanism of melanosis formation and provide a comprehensive deeper insight on the factors affecting melanosis formation and its inhibition by various antimelanotics including newly discovered plant phenolic compounds.

  11. Primarily nonlinear effects observed in a driven asymmetrical vibrating wire

    Hanson, Roger J.; Macomber, H. Kent; Morrison, Andrew C.; Boucher, Matthew A.


    The purpose of the work reported here is to further experimentally explore the wide variety of behaviors exhibited by driven vibrating wires, primarily in the nonlinear regime. When the wire is driven near a resonant frequency, it is found that most such behaviors are significantly affected by the splitting of the resonant frequency and by the existence of a ``characteristic'' axis associated with each split frequency. It is shown that frequency splitting decreases with increasing wire tension and can be altered by twisting. Two methods are described for determining the orientation of characteristic axes. Evidence is provided, with a possible explanation, that each axis has the same orientation everywhere along the wire. Frequency response data exhibiting nonlinear generation of transverse motion perpendicular to the driving direction, hysteresis, linear generation of perpendicular motion (sometimes tubular), and generation of motion at harmonics of the driving frequency are exhibited and discussed. Also reported under seemingly unchanging conditions are abrupt large changes in the harmonic content of the motion that sometimes involve large subharmonics and harmonics thereof. Slow transitions from one stable state of vibration to another and quasiperiodic motions are also exhibited. Possible musical significance is discussed. .

  12. A simple method to generate chromosomal mutations in Lactobacillus plantarum strain TF103 to eliminate undesired fermentation products.

    Liu, Siqing


    Gram-positive bacteria have been explored to convert lignocellulosic biomass to biofuel and bioproducts. Our long-term goal is to create genetically engineered lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains that convert agricultural biomass into ethanol and other value-added products. The immediate approaches toward this goal involve genetic manipulations by either introducing ethanol production pathway genes or inactivating pathways genes that lead to production of undesired byproducts. The widely studied species Lactobacillus plantarum is now considered a model for genetic manipulations of LAB. In this study, L. plantarum TF103 strain, in which two of the chromosomal L-ldh and D-ldh genes are inactivated, was used to introduce additional mutations on the chromosome to eliminate undesired fermentation products. We targeted the acetolactate synthase gene (als) that converts pyruvate to acetolactate, to eliminate the production of acetoin and 2,3-butanodial. A pBluescript derivative containing sections of the als coding region and an erythromycin resistance gene was directly introduced into L. plantarum TF103 cells to create mutations under selection pressure. The resulting erythromycin resistant (Emr) TF103 strain appears to have chromosomal mutations of both the als and the adjacent lysP genes as revealed by polymerase chain reaction and Southern blot analyses. Mutations were thus generated via targeted homologous recombination using a Gram-negative cloning vector, eliminating the use of a shuttle vector. This method should facilitate research in targeted inactivation of other genes in LAB.

  13. Risk management of undesirable substances in feed following updated risk assessments

    Verstraete, Frans, E-mail:


    Directive 2002/32/EC of 7 May 2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council on undesirable substances in animal feed is the framework for the EU action on undesirable substances in feed. This framework Directive provides: ⁎that products intended for animal feed may enter for use in the Union from third countries, be put into circulation and/or used in the Union only if they are sound, genuine and of merchantable quality and therefore when correctly used do not represent any danger to human health, animal health or to the environment or could adversely affect livestock production. ⁎that in order to protect animal and public health and the environment, maximum levels for specific undesirable substances shall be established where necessary. ⁎for mandatory consultation of a scientific body (EFSA) for all provisions which may have an effect upon public health or animal health or on the environment. ⁎that products intended for animal feed containing levels of an undesirable substance that exceed the established maximum level may not be mixed for dilution purposes with the same, or other, products intended for animal feed and may not be used for the production of compound feed. Based on the provisions and principles laid down in this framework Directive, maximum levels for a whole range of undesirable substances have been established at EU level. During the discussions in view of the adoption of Directive 2002/32/EC, the European Commission made the commitment to review all existing provisions on undesirable substances on the basis of updated scientific risk assessments. Following requests of the European Commission, the Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain (CONTAM) from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has completed a series of 30 risk assessments undertaken over the last 5 years on undesirable substances in animal feed reviewing the possible risks for animal and human health due to the presence of these substances in animal feed. EU legislation

  14. Defining and detecting undesirable disturbance in the context of marine eutrophication.

    Tett, Paul; Gowen, Richard; Mills, Dave; Fernandes, Teresa; Gilpin, Linda; Huxham, Mark; Kennington, Kevin; Read, Paul; Service, Matthew; Wilkinson, Martin; Malcolm, Stephen


    An understanding of undesirable disturbance to the balance of organisms is needed to diagnose marine eutrophication as defined by EU Directives and OSPAR. This review summarizes the findings of the UK Defra-funded Undesirable Disturbance Study Team, which concluded that 'an undesirable disturbance is a perturbation of a marine ecosystem that appreciably degrades the health or threatens the sustainable human use of that ecosystem'. A methodology is proposed for detecting disturbance of temperate salt-water communities dominated by phytoplanktonic or phytobenthic primary producers. It relies on monitoring indicators of ecosystem structure and vigour, which are components of health. Undesirable disturbance can be diagnosed by accumulating evidence of ecohydrodynamic type-specific changes in: (i) bulk indicators; (ii) frequency statistics; (iii) flux measurements; (iv) structural indicators; and (v) indicator species. These are exemplified by (i) chlorophyll, transparency, dissolved oxygen, and opportunistic seaweed cover; (ii) HABs frequency; (iii) primary production; (iv) benthic and planktonic 'trophic indices'; (v) seagrasses and Nephrops norvegicus. Ecological Quality Objectives are proposed for some of these. Linking the diagnosis to eutrophication requires correlation of changes with nutrient enrichment. The methodology, which requires the development of a plankton community index and emphasizes the importance of primary production as an indicator of vigour, can be harmonized with the EU Water Framework Directive and OSPAR's Strategy to Combat Eutrophication.

  15. A survey on the presence of undesirable botanical substances in feed in the European Union

    Raamsdonk, van L.W.D.; Vancutsem, J.; Jorgensen, J.S.


    Directive 2002/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 May 2002 on undesirable substances in animal feed lists a range of substances from botanical origin (weed seeds) and additionally some chemical compounds directly originating from specific weeds. In order to examine the actual s

  16. A survey on the presence of undesirable botanical substances in feed in the European Union

    Raamsdonk, van L.W.D.; Vancutsem, J.; Jorgensen, J.S.


    Directive 2002/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 May 2002 on undesirable substances in animal feed lists a range of substances from botanical origin (weed seeds) and additionally some chemical compounds directly originating from specific weeds. In order to examine the actual s

  17. Array diagnostics, spatial resolution, and filtering of undesired radiation with the 3D reconstruction algorithm

    Cappellin, C.; Pivnenko, Sergey; Jørgensen, E.


    This paper focuses on three important features of the 3D reconstruction algorithm of DIATOOL: the identification of array elements improper functioning and failure, the obtainable spatial resolution of the reconstructed fields and currents, and the filtering of undesired radiation and scattering...

  18. Problems that Class Teachers Faced in the Classroom Related to Undesired Behaviors and Their Solutions

    Barış ÇETİN


    Full Text Available The aim this study is to determine the undesired behaviors of students that class teachers faced in the classroom and their solutions. The sample of the study consists of 37 class teachers working in the provinces of Gumushane, Canakkale, Erzurum, Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kocaeli, Kutahya, Bursa, Samsun, Eskisehir, and Mus in Turkey in the fall term of 2011-2012 academic year. As a result, the undesired behaviors of students that teachers faced in the classroom have been determined as not obeying the class rules, swearing, talking without permission, shyness, hyperactivity and lack of attention, and problems caused by watching violent TV programs (such as threatening. Solutions to these problems have been stated as: punishments and awards, warning, ignoring, behaving more sincerely towards students, including students by means of activities, guidance service, giving assignment, making students sit in front of the class, and playing games.

  19. Experimental investigation of undesired stable equilibria in pumpkin shape super-pressure balloon designs

    Schur, W. W.


    Excess in skin material of a pneumatic envelope beyond what is required for minimum enclosure of a gas bubble is a necessary but by no means sufficient condition for the existence of multiple equilibrium configurations for that pneumatic envelope. The very design of structurally efficient super-pressure balloons of the pumpkin shape type requires such excess. Undesired stable equilibria in pumpkin shape balloons have been observed on experimental pumpkin shape balloons. These configurations contain regions with stress levels far higher than those predicted for the cyclically symmetric design configuration under maximum pressurization. Successful designs of pumpkin shape super-pressure balloons do not allow such undesired stable equilibria under full pressurization. This work documents efforts made so far and describes efforts still underway by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Balloon Program Office to arrive on guidance on the design of pumpkin shape super-pressure balloons that guarantee full and proper deployment.

  20. Psychological determinants of health and performance: the tangled web of desirable and undesirable characteristics.

    Robbins, A S; Spence, J T; Clark, H


    Correlations were determined for male (n = 225) and female (n = 242) college students between sets of undesirable personality traits (anxiety, stress reactivity, anger, and alienation) and desirable personality traits (instrumentality, achievement strivings, and optimism measured by the Scheier-Carver [1987] Life Orientation Test), and a series of outcome variables related to health (self-reported health complaints and health maintenance behaviors and beliefs) and academic performance (academic expectations and actual grade point average). Significant correlations were found between many of the personality variables and the outcome variables. However, partial correlations revealed different relationships for the various criteria. With other variables held constant, health complaints were related to several undesirable characteristics, whereas health maintenance behaviors and beliefs were related to several desirable attributes. Only achievement strivings made an independent contribution in both sexes to the 2 measures of academic performance. The theoretical and methodological wisdom of using measures of multiple personality constructs and outcome variables is discussed.

  1. Undesirable Behaviors Elementary School Classroom Teachers Encounter in the Classroom and Their Reasons

    E.G. Balcik; S. Gulec


    The present study aims to determine how often elementary school teachers encounter undesirable behaviors in the classroom and what their thoughts regarding possible reasons of these behaviors are. The teachers’ opininon about the prevalence of these behaviors and their possible reasons were evaluated according to gender, marital status, level of class being taught, size of class being taught and it was tried to be determined if there were significant differences between variables. The measure...

  2. Moral and Spirtual Support to İndividuals Faced with Unexpected and Undesirable Events.

    KULA, Naci


    This study aims at analysing the attributes and the importance of moral and spirtual support to individuals facing with unexpected and undesirable events. For this aim, the analysis focused on the studies on the 1999 Marmara eartquake survivors and physically disabled persons. The results of the study suggest that the support to these individuals should have the following attributes; learning- centered evaluation of the event, inflicting the sense of hope, emphasis on self respect, religious ...

  3. Development of Data Envelopment Analysis for the Performance Evaluation of Green Supply Chain with Undesirable Outputs

    Alireza Alinezhad


    Full Text Available A fundamental problem is the use of DEA in multistep or multilevel processes such as supply chain, lack of attention to processes’ internal communications in a way that the recent studies on DEA in the context of serial processes have focused on closed systems that the outputs of one level become the inputs of the next level and none of the inputs enter the mediator process. The present study aimed to examine the general dimensions of an open multilevel process. Here, some of the data such as inputs and outputs are supposed to leave the system while other outputs turn into the inputs of the next level. The new inputs can enter the next level as well. We expand this mode for network structures. The overall performance of such a structure is considered as a weighted average of sectors’ performance or distinct steps. Therefore, this suggested model in this study, not only provides the possibility to evaluate the performance of the entire network, but creates the performance analysis for each of the sub-processes. On the other hand, considering the data with undesirable structure leads to more correct performance estimation. In the real world, all productive processes do not comprise desirable factors. Therefore, presenting a structure that is capable of taking into account the undesirable structure is of crucial importance. In this study, a new model in the DEA by network structure is offered that can analyze the performance considering undesirable factors.

  4. Proposed technique for inguinal hernia repair with self-gripping mesh: avoiding fixation to undesired structures.

    Porrero, J L; Cano-Valderrama, O; Castillo, M J; Alonso, M T


    Self-gripping meshes have been developed to avoid fixing sutures during inguinal hernia repair. Operative time is shorter when using a self-gripping mesh than with conventional Lichtenstein repair. However, these meshes can be difficult to handle because they fix to undesired structures. The aim of this report is to describe a new technique to avoid this problem. Inguinal hernia dissection is made as usual. Once dissection is finished, a Parietex ProGrip(®) (Covidien, Dublin, Ireland) flat sheet mesh is cut depending on the size needed. A small split is made between the lower and medium third of the mesh to mark where the split for the spermatic cord will be. Using this mark, the upper third of the mesh is folded over the medium third, hiding the microgrips that make this a self-gripping mesh. In this way, only the lower third of the mesh has the microgrips exposed and the mesh can be fixed to the pubic bone and inguinal ligament without fixation to undesired structures. Once the lower third of the mesh is fixed, the split for the spermatic cord is completed and the upper part of the mesh is passed below the spermatic cord. Then, the mesh is unfolded to expose the microgrips again and the medium and upper third of the mesh are descended to its final position. This proposed technique for inguinal hernia repair with self-gripping mesh makes the surgery easier, avoiding mesh fixation to undesired structures.

  5. On Henselian valuations and Brauer groups of primarily quasilocal fields

    Chipchakov, Ivan


    This paper finds a classification, up-to an isomorphism, of abelian torsion groups realizable as Brauer groups of major types of Henselian valued primarily quasilocal fields with totally indivisible value groups. When $E$ is a quasilocal field with such a valuation, it shows that the Brauer group of $E$ is divisible and embeddable in the quotient group of the additive group of rational numbers by the subgroup of integers.

  6. 32 CFR 887.7 - Persons separated under other than honorable conditions (undesirable or bad conduct) or...


    ... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Persons separated under other than honorable conditions (undesirable or bad conduct) or dishonorable discharge. 887.7 Section 887.7 National Defense... honorable conditions (undesirable or bad conduct) or dishonorable discharge. Those persons whose...

  7. Careers in virology: teaching at a primarily undergraduate institution.

    Kushner, David B


    A faculty position at a primarily undergraduate institution requires working with undergraduates in both the classroom and the research lab. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in such a career should understand that faculty at these institutions need to teach broadly and devise research questions that can be addressed safely and with limited resources compared to a research I university. Aspects of, and ways to prepare for, this career will be reviewed herein. Copyright © 2014, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.

  8. Undesirable Behaviors Elementary School Classroom Teachers Encounter in the Classroom and Their Reasons

    E.G. Balcik


    Full Text Available The present study aims to determine how often elementary school teachers encounter undesirable behaviors in the classroom and what their thoughts regarding possible reasons of these behaviors are. The teachers’ opininon about the prevalence of these behaviors and their possible reasons were evaluated according to gender, marital status, level of class being taught, size of class being taught and it was tried to be determined if there were significant differences between variables. The measurement tool was applied to a total of 54 teachers at 5 schools in Gölcük district of the Kocaeli province. The data collection tool is composed of three sections. The first section is for establishing teachers’ personal information. In this study, as a data collection tool, a questionnaire was used. When preparing questions for the questionnaire, following the examination of resources available, the questionnaire prepared by Aksoy (1999 and used in the thesis study entitled “Classroom Management and Student Discipline in Elementary Schools of Ankara” and also used in the thesis study by Boyraz (2007 entitled “Discipline Problems that Candidate Teachers Servicing at Elementary Schools Encounter in the Classroom” was employed. Although the validity and reliability of the questionnaire was tested by Aksoy (1999 and Boyraz (2007, the reliability study for the questionnaire was retested and found to be 0,9. The questionnaire include 42 items. 19 of them are related to the reasons of undesirable behaviors observed in the classroom and 23 of them are related to undesirable behaviors observed in the classroom.

  9. Genome Wide Association Study Identifies New Loci Associated with Undesired Coat Color Phenotypes in Saanen Goats.

    Pauline Marie Martin

    Full Text Available This paper reports a quantitative genetics and genomic analysis of undesirable coat color patterns in goats. Two undesirable coat colors have routinely been recorded for the past 15 years in French Saanen goats. One fifth of Saanen females have been phenotyped "pink" (8.0% or "pink neck" (11.5% and consequently have not been included in the breeding program as elite animals. Heritability of the binary "pink" and "pink neck" phenotype, estimated from 103,443 females was 0.26 for "pink" and 0.21 for "pink neck". Genome wide association studies (using haplotypes or single SNPs were implemented using a daughter design of 810 Saanen goats sired by 9 Artificial Insemination bucks genotyped with the goatSNP50 chip. A highly significant signal (-log10pvalue = 10.2 was associated with the "pink neck" phenotype on chromosome 11, suggesting the presence of a major gene. Highly significant signals for the "pink" phenotype were found on chromosomes 5 and 13 (-log10p values of 7.2 and, 7.7 respectively. The most significant SNP on chromosome 13 was in the ASIP gene region, well known for its association with coat color phenotypes. Nine significant signals were also found for both traits. The highest signal for each trait was detected by both single SNP and haplotype approaches, whereas the smaller signals were not consistently detected by the two methods. Altogether these results demonstrated a strong genetic control of the "pink" and "pink neck" phenotypes in French Saanen goats suggesting that SNP information could be used to identify and remove undesired colored animals from the breeding program.

  10. Stochastic frontier production model with undesirable outputs:An application to an HIV immunology model

    BIAN Fuping; DAI Min


    This paper extends the stochastic frontier production theory to the case of multiple outputs and calculate the measurement of efficiency using the production theory. We further apply this method to construct the stochastic frontier production model with undesirable outputs. Finally, the model is used in an HIV immunology model and the efficient drug treatment strategies are then explored.All the models are estimated using the Maximum Likelihood Estimation method. Stochastic errors are considered in this model, which is an advantage over other deterministic efficiency models. Some of our conclusions agree with those published in related papers.

  11. Prevention of undesired student behaviours in current school practice: Legal and curricular framework

    Šaljić Zorica


    Full Text Available The school, as the institution whose basic activity is education, has an important role in preventing the emergence of undesired and stimulating desired forms of behaviour of the students. In the realization of this role it relies on legal and curricular documents which define the direction of the preventing acting of school. Starting from this, the article describes and analyses laws and other legal documents in the field of education which cover in more detail the issues of violence prevention, as well as curricular documents which are developed on the school level. The obtained results show that legal provisions should define the issues of the prevention of undesirable behaviours of students more clearly. The analysis of the curricular documents showed that the planned preventive measures and activities are not sufficiently accorded with the needs of different categories of students, as well as the fact that important participants in the educational process are not sufficiently included in the process of planning and realization of the preventive activities of the school.

  12. Human punishment is not primarily motivated by inequality

    Marczyk, Jesse


    Previous theorizing about punishment has suggested that humans desire to punish inequality per se. However, the research supporting such an interpretation contains important methodological confounds. The main objective of the current experiment was to remove those confounds in order to test whether generating inequality per se is punished. Participants were recruited from an online market to take part in a wealth-alteration game with an ostensible second player. The participants were given an option to deduct from the other player’s payment as punishment for their behavior during the game. The results suggest that human punishment does not appear to be motivated by inequality per se, as inequality that was generated without inflicting costs on others was not reliably punished. Instead, punishment seems to respond primarily to the infliction of costs, with inequality only becoming relevant as a secondary input for punishment decisions. The theoretical significance of this finding is discussed in the context of its possible adaptive value. PMID:28187166

  13. Cycles of undesirable substances in the food chain; Kreislaeufe unerwuenschter Stoffe in der Lebensmittelkette



    The working group ''Carry over of undesirable substances in animal feed'' at the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (BMELV) in cooperation with the Institute of Animal Nutrition of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) performed on 27 and 28 October 2011 in Braunschweig a workshop on ''cycles of undesirable substances in Food Chain ''. The aim of the workshop was to present the latest findings of research and Carry over Recommendations of the Carry over - Working Group on undesirable substances in feed and production processes of the feed industry, to evaluate and discuss about this with representatives from science, business and management and to work out the further research and action need. The focus of the considerations were the pathways, the carry over and the Exposure to dioxins and other halogenated hydrocarbons, the effects of Mycotoxins in feed and starting points for preventive measures, the soil contamination and the exposure of humans and animals by cadmium and case studies on Nitrite in feed, antibiotics in plants and residues of pesticides and radionuclides in feed. Furthermore the risks associated with specified manufacturing processes of feed are considered, especially the used materials that come into contact with animal feed, and the risks from nanotechnology. [German] Die Arbeitsgruppe ''Carry over unerwuenschter Stoffe in Futtermitteln'' beim Bundesministerium fuer Ernaehrung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten (BMELV) hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut fuer Tierernaehrung des Friedrich-Loeffler-Instituts (FLI) am 27. und 28. Oktober 2011 in Braunschweig einen Workshop zum Thema ''Kreislaeufe unerwuenschter Stoffe in der Lebensmittelkette'' durchgefuehrt. Ziel des Workshops war es, die aktuellen Erkenntnisse der Carry over Forschung und die Empfehlungen der Carry over - Arbeitsgruppe zu unerwuenschten Stoffen in Futtermitteln und Produktionsverfahren in

  14. Operation condition for continuous anti-solvent crystallization of CBZ-SAC cocrystal considering deposition risk of undesired crystals

    Nishimaru, Momoko; Nakasa, Miku; Kudo, Shoji; Takiyama, Hiroshi


    Crystallization operation of cocrystal production has deposition risk of undesired crystals. Simultaneously, continuous manufacturing processes are focused on. In this study, conditions for continuous cocrystallization considering risk reduction of undesired crystals deposition were investigated on the view point of thermodynamics and kinetics. The anti-solvent cocrystallization was carried out in four-component system of carbamazepine, saccharin, methanol and water. From the preliminary batch experiment, the relationships among undesired crystal deposition, solution composition decided by mixing ratio of solutions, and residence time for the crystals were considered, and then the conditions of continuous experiment were decided. Under these conditions, the continuous experiment was carried out. The XRD patterns of obtained crystals in the continuous experiment showed that desired cocrystals were obtained without undesired crystals. This experimental result was evaluated by using multi-component phase diagrams from the view point of the operation point's movement. From the evaluation, it was found that there is a certain operation condition which the operation point is fixed with time in the specific domain without the deposition risk of undesired single component crystals. It means the possibility of continuous production of cocrystals without deposition risk of undesired crystals was confirmed by using multi-component phase diagrams.

  15. Developing Algorithms to Improve Defect Extraction and Suppressing Undesired Heat Patterns in Sonic IR Images

    Obeidat, Omar; Yu, Qiuye; Han, Xiaoyan


    Sonic IR imaging is an emerging NDE technology. This technology uses short pulses of ultrasonic excitation together with infrared imaging to detect defects in materials and structures. Sonic energy is coupled to the specimen under inspection by means of direct contact between the transducer tip and the specimen at some convenient point. This region which is normally in the field of view of the camera appears as intensity peak in the image which might be misinterpreted as defects or obscure the detection and/or extraction of the defect signals in the proximity of the contact region. Moreover, certain defects may have very small heat signature or being buried in noise. In this paper, we present algorithms to improve defect extraction and suppression of undesired heat patterns in sonic IR images. Two approaches are presented, each fits to a specific category of sonic IR images.

  16. Research on China's Aquaculture Efficiency Evaluation and Influencing Factors with Undesirable Outputs

    JI Jianyue; WANG Pingping


    Taking the aquaculture area, the number of farming boats and that of aquaculturist as input variables, the aquaculture production as desirable output variable and polluted economic loss as undesirable output variable, this paper conducts SBM model to evaluate the aquaculture efficiency based on the data of 16 aquaculture-developed provinces in China from 2004 to 2011. The results show the efficiency in China has not changed much in recent years with the efficiency values mainly between 0.39 and 0.53, and the efficiency of marine-aquaculture-dominated provinces is generally higher than that of freshwater-aquaculture-dominated ones. To analyze the difference under the efficiency, the panel Tobit model is used with education level factor, training factor, technology ex-tension factor, technical level factor, scale factor and species factor as the efficiency influencing factors. The results show that tech-nology extension factor and technical level factor have significant positive influence.

  17. Removing undesirable color and boosting biological activity in red beet extracts using gamma irradiation

    Lee, Seung Sik; Lee, Eun Mi; Hong, Sung Hyun; Bai, Hyoung Woo; Chung, Byung Yeoup [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, In Chul [Youngdong University, Youngdong (Korea, Republic of)


    Red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is a traditional and popular vegetable distributed in many part of the world and has been used as a natural colorant in many dairy products, beverages, candies and cattle products. Red beet roots contain two groups of betalain pigments, redviolet betacyanins and yellow betaxanthins. Betalains possess several biological activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and anticancer properities. Recent trend of using natural products in industries tends toward multifunctional, high quality, and highpriced value foods and cosmetics. To meet the needs of consumers, cosmetics, medicine, and foods should contain the proper amount of natural products. Although the color removal processes such as filtration and absorption by clay are still useful, these procedures are difficult, time-consuming and costly. To overcome this problem, the radiation technology has emerged as a new way. Radiation technology has been applied to the decomposition and decoloration of pigment and is an efficient technique for inactivating pathogens, removing undesirable color in biomaterial extracts and improving or maintaining biological activities. Gamma-irradiation and electron beamirradiation techniques in previous reports were applied in order to remove any undesirable color and to improve or maintain biological activities of various extracts such as green tea leaves, licorice root, and S. chinensis fruits. Latorre et al. reported that betacyanin concentration decreased with the irradiation dose and significantly, in 35%, after 2.0 kGy of gamma-ray, whereas betaxathin concentration increased (about 11%-ratio with respect to control) after 1 kGy but decreased (about 19%) after 2 kGy. However, they did not try to analysis for completed removal of red beet pigments. Therefore, it is necessary to find the optimum irradiation dose for entirely removing red pigments in red beet. The aim of this work was to address the effects of the color removal and

  18. Undesired small RNAs originate from an artificial microRNA precursor in transgenic petunia (Petunia hybrida.

    Yulong Guo

    Full Text Available Although artificial microRNA (amiRNA technology has been used frequently in gene silencing in plants, little research has been devoted to investigating the accuracy of amiRNA precursor processing. In this work, amiRNAchs1 (amiRchs1, based on the Arabidopsis miR319a precursor, was expressed in order to suppress the expression of CHS genes in petunia. The transgenic plants showed the CHS gene-silencing phenotype. A modified 5' RACE technique was used to map small-RNA-directed cleavage sites and to detect processing intermediates of the amiRchs1 precursor. The results showed that the target CHS mRNAs were cut at the expected sites and that the amiRchs1 precursor was processed from loop to base. The accumulation of small RNAs in amiRchs1 transgenic petunia petals was analyzed using the deep-sequencing technique. The results showed that, alongside the accumulation of the desired artificial microRNAs, additional small RNAs that originated from other regions of the amiRNA precursor were also accumulated at high frequency. Some of these had previously been found to be accumulated at low frequency in the products of ath-miR319a precursor processing and some of them were accompanied by 3'-tailing variant. Potential targets of the undesired small RNAs were discovered in petunia and other Solanaceae plants. The findings draw attention to the potential occurrence of undesired target silencing induced by such additional small RNAs when amiRNA technology is used. No appreciable production of secondary small RNAs occurred, despite the fact that amiRchs1 was designed to have perfect complementarity to its CHS-J target. This confirmed that perfect pairing between an amiRNA and its targets is not the trigger for secondary small RNA production. In conjunction with the observation that amiRNAs with perfect complementarity to their target genes show high efficiency and specificity in gene silencing, this finding has an important bearing on future applications of ami

  19. The presence of undesirable mould species on the surface of dry sausages

    Vesković-Moračanin Slavica M.


    Full Text Available Transition from manufacture to the industrial way of meat production and processing, as well as contemporary concept of food quality and safety, have led to the application of starter cultures. Their application leads towards the streamlining of the production process in the desired direction, quality improvement and its harmonization, and thereby to its standardization. Application of moulds in the meat industry is based on positive effects of their proteolytic and lipolytic egzoenzymes which, as a consequence, leads to the creation of characteristic sensory properties ('flavor' of fermented products. Penicillium nalgiovense is a typical representative of moulds used in the production of fermented sausages-salamis from our region. Samples of 'zimska salama' (dry sausage, produced with Penicillium nalgiovense, were evaluated as hygienically unacceptable. Their sensory properties changed due to contamination of this mould during the ripening process. Micological analysis discovered the presence of Penicillium aurantiogriseum, which is a frequent mould contaminant in the meat industry. At the same time, thin layer chromatography revealed no possibility of metabolic activity of this mould in the creation of mycotoxins. However, the presence of this mould on the surface of 'zimska salama' is considered as undesirable due to formation of 'off flavor' in products. Such product is considered as hygienically unacceptable and cannot be used for the human consumption.

  20. When carbon nanotubes encounter the immune system: desirable and undesirable effects.

    Dumortier, Hélène


    The role of our immune system is to bring efficient protection against invasion by foreign elements, not only pathogens but also any material it may be in contact with. Nanoparticles may enter the body and encounter the immune system either intentionally (e.g. administration for biomedical application) or not (e.g. respiratory occupational exposure). Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to get a thorough knowledge of the way they interact with immune cells and all related consequences. Among nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are of special interest because of their tremendous field of applications. Consequently, their increasing production, processing and eventual incorporation into new types of composites and/or into biological systems have raised fundamental issues regarding their potential impact on health. This review aims at giving an overview of the known desirable and undesirable effects of CNTs on the immune system, i.e. beneficial modulation of immune cells by CNTs engineered for biomedical applications versus toxicity, inflammation and unwanted immune reactions triggered by CNTs themselves.

  1. Racemization of undesired enantiomers: Immobilization of mandelate racemase and application in a fixed bed reactor.

    Wrzosek, Katarzyna; Rivera, Mariel A García; Bettenbrock, Katja; Seidel-Morgenstern, Andreas


    Production of optically pure products can be based on simple unselective synthesis of racemic mixtures combined with a subsequent separation of the enantiomers; however, this approach suffers from a 50% yield limitation which can be overcome by racemization of the undesired enantiomer and recycling. Application of biocatalyst for the racemization steps offers an attractive option for high-yield manufacturing of commercially valuable compounds. Our work focuses on exploiting the potential of racemization with immobilized mandelate racemase. Immobilization of crude mandelate racemase via covalent attachment was optimized for two supports: Eupergit(®) CM and CNBr-activated Sepharose 4 Fast Flow. To allow coupling of enzymatic reaction with enantioselective chromatography, a mobile phase composition compatible with both processes was used in enzymatic reactor. Kinetic parameters obtained analyzing experiments carried out in a batch reactor could be successfully used to predict fixed-bed reactor performance. The applicability of the immobilized enzyme and the determined kinetic parameters were validated in transient experiments recording responses to pulse injections of R-mandelic acid. The approach investigated can be used for futher design and optimization of high yield combined resolution processes. The characterized fixed-bed enzymatic reactor can be integrated e.g. with chromatographic single- or multicolumn steps in various configurations.


    马生昀; 马占新


    Aiming at the evaluation index of decision making units containing the undesirable outputs,generalized DEA method with undesirable outputs is given in this paper.The definition of generalized DEA efficiency,judgement condition and the relationship with the Pareto efficiency of corresponding multi-objective programming are discussed in the generalized DEA method with undesirable outputs.%本文针对决策单元的评价指标中含有非期望输出的情形,给出具有非期望输出的广义DEA方法.讨论了具有非期望输出广义DEA方法中广义DEA有效的概念,判别条件以及与相应多目标规划中Pareto有效之间的关系.

  3. Potentially inappropriate prescribing of primarily renally cleared medications for older veterans affairs nursing home patients.

    Hanlon, Joseph T; Wang, Xiaoqiang; Handler, Steven M; Weisbord, Steven; Pugh, Mary Jo; Semla, Todd; Stone, Roslyn A; Aspinall, Sherrie L


    Inappropriate prescribing of primarily renally cleared medications in older patients with kidney disease can lead to adverse outcomes. To estimate the prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescribing of 21 primarily renally cleared medications based on 2 separate estimates of renal function and to identify factors associated with this form of suboptimal prescribing in older VA nursing home (NH) patients. Longitudinal study Participants were 1304 patients, aged 65 years or older, admitted between January 1, 2004, and June 30, 2005, for 90 days or more to 1 of 133 VA NHs. Potentially inappropriate prescribing of primarily renally cleared medications determined by estimating creatinine clearance using the Cockcroft Gault (CG) and Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) equations and applying explicit guidelines for contraindicated medications and dosing. The median estimated creatinine clearance via CG was 67 mL/min, whereas it was 80 mL/min/1.73m(2) with the MDRD. Overall, 11.89% patients via CG and only 5.98% via MDRD had evidence of potentially inappropriate prescribing of at least 1 renally cleared medication. The most commonly involved medications were ranitidine, glyburide, gabapentin, and nitrofurantoin. Factors associated with potentially inappropriate prescribing as per the CG were age older than 85 (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] 4.24, 95% confidence interval [CI] 2.42-7.43), obesity (AOR 0.26, 95% CI 0.14-0.50) and having multiple comorbidities (AOR 1.09 for each unit increase in the Charlson comorbidity index, 95% CI 1.01-1.19). Potentially inappropriate prescribing of renally cleared medications is common in older VA NH patients. Intervention studies to improve the prescribing of primarily renally cleared medications in nursing homes are needed. Copyright © 2011 American Medical Directors Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Stochastic DEA model with undesirable outputs: An application to the prediction of anti-HIV therapy efficiency

    BIAN Fuping; TANG Xiaoqin


    This paper proposes a stochastic prediction DEA model with undesirable outputs and simplifies the process using chance constrained techniques in order to obtain an equivalent linear programming formulation. The existence and stability of the optimal solutions have been proved. And the model is used to describe and predict the efficiency of anti-HIV therapy in AIDS patients.

  5. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Primarily Presenting with Fanconi Syndrome and Acute Kidney Injury

    Wen-ling Ye; Bing Han; Bing-yan Liu; Chan Meng; Wei Ye; Yu-bing Wen; Hang Li; Xue-mei Li


    @@ KIDNEY involvement is common in non-Hodg-kin's lymphoma (NHL) with incidence up to 30%-40% in autopsy studies. However, it us-ually occurs late in the course of the disease and is clinically silent. Clinically overt renal disease in-cluding acute kidney injury (AKI) as its primary manifes-tation is rarely reported, moreover, Fanconi syndrome (FS) is extremely rare as the main manifestation in NHL. In this report, we presented a case of NHL primarily presenting with FS and AKI due to diffuse interstitial infiltration of NHL cells and emphasized the important role of renal biopsy, especially renal immunohistochemical analysis in the di-agnosis of renal diffuse lymphoma.

  6. Estimation of marginal abatement costs for undesirable outputs in India's power generation sector: An output distance function approach.

    Manish Gupta


    Many production activities generate undesirable byproducts in conjunction with the desirable outputs they produce. The present study uses an output distance function approach and its duality with the revenue function to estimate the marginal abatement cost of CO2 emissions from a sample of thermal plants in India. Two sets of exercises have been undertaken. The marginal abatement cost is first estimated without considering the distinction between the clean and the dirty plants (model-1) and t...

  7. Effects of sulfur dioxide on formation of fishy off-odor and undesirable taste in wine consumed with seafood.

    Fujita, Akiko; Isogai, Atsuko; Endo, Michiko; Utsunomiya, Hitoshi; Nakano, Shigeyoshi; Iwata, Hiroshi


    In order to evaluate sensory compatibility of alcoholic beverages with food, beverages and dried squid, namely, "surume", a common Japanese accompaniment, were consumed together. White wine and dried squid pairings had a more undesirable taste and more fishy off-odor than sake and dried squid pairings. The undesirable taste and fishy off-odor appeared to be caused by degradation of unsaturated fatty acids (e.g., docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)), which are found in fish and squid. Upon addition of DHA to the beverage, bitterness intensity, measured by instrumental taste sensor analysis, and the concentration of certain aldehydes reported to contribute to fishy flavors, increased in white wines, whereas they remained largely the same in sake. Among the major chemical constituents that distinguish wine from sake, only wine-specific sulfite markedly increased bitterness intensity and aldehyde levels upon addition of DHA. These results suggest that sulfur dioxide in wine participated in degradation of unsaturated fatty acids, causing an increase in undesirable taste and fishy off-odor in wine and seafood pairings.

  8. Undesired variance due to examiner stringency/leniency effect in communication skill scores assessed in OSCEs.

    Harasym, Peter H; Woloschuk, Wayne; Cunning, Leslie


    Physician-patient communication is a clinical skill that can be learned and has a positive impact on patient satisfaction and health outcomes. A concerted effort at all medical schools is now directed at teaching and evaluating this core skill. Student communication skills are often assessed by an Objective Structure Clinical Examination (OSCE). However, it is unknown what sources of error variance are introduced into examinee communication scores by various OSCE components. This study primarily examined the effect different examiners had on the evaluation of students' communication skills assessed at the end of a family medicine clerkship rotation. The communication performance of clinical clerks from Classes 2005 and 2006 were assessed using six OSCE stations. Performance was rated at each station using the 28-item Calgary-Cambridge guide. Item Response Theory analysis using a Multifaceted Rasch model was used to partition the various sources of error variance and generate a "true" communication score where the effects of examiner, case, and items are removed. Variance and reliability of scores were as follows: communication scores (.20 and .87), examiner stringency/leniency (.86 and .91), case (.03 and .96), and item (.86 and .99), respectively. All facet scores were reliable (.87-.99). Examiner variance (.86) was more than four times the examinee variance (.20). About 11% of the clerks' outcome status shifted using "true" rather than observed/raw scores. There was large variability in examinee scores due to variation in examiner stringency/leniency behaviors that may impact pass-fail decisions. Exploring the benefits of examiner training and employing "true" scores generated using Item Response Theory analyses prior to making pass/fail decisions are recommended.

  9. Consensus guidelines for oral dosing of primarily renally cleared medications in older adults.

    Hanlon, Joseph T; Aspinall, Sherrie L; Semla, Todd P; Weisbord, Steven D; Fried, Linda F; Good, C Bernie; Fine, Michael J; Stone, Roslyn A; Pugh, Mary Jo V; Rossi, Michelle I; Handler, Steven M


    To establish consensus oral dosing guidelines for primarily renally cleared medications prescribed for older adults. Literature search followed by a two-round modified Delphi survey. A nationally representative survey of experts in geriatric clinical pharmacy. Eleven geriatric clinical pharmacists. After a comprehensive literature search and review by an investigative group of six physicians (2 general internal medicine, 2 nephrology, 2 geriatrics), 43 dosing recommendations for 30 medications at various levels of renal function were created. The expert panel rated its agreement with each of these 43 dosing recommendations using a 5-point Likert scale (1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree). Recommendation-specific means and 95% confidence intervals were estimated. Consensus was defined as a lower 95% confidence limit of greater than 4.0 for the recommendation-specific mean score. The response rate was 81.8% (9/11) for the first round. All respondents who completed the first round also completed the second round. The expert panel reached consensus on 26 recommendations involving 18 (60%) medications. For 10 medications (chlorpropamide, colchicine, cotrimoxazole, glyburide, meperidine, nitrofurantoin, probenecid, propoxyphene, spironolactone, and triamterene), the consensus recommendation was not to use the medication in older adults below a specified level of renal function (e.g., creatinine clearance <30 mL/min). For the remaining eight medications (acyclovir, amantadine, ciprofloxacin, gabapentin, memantine, ranitidine, rimantadine, and valacyclovir), specific recommendations for dose reduction or interval extension were made. An expert panel of geriatric clinical pharmacists was able to reach consensus agreement on a number of oral medications that are primarily renally cleared.

  10. Using the incidence and impact of behavioural conditions in guide dogs to investigate patterns in undesirable behaviour in dogs


    The domestic dog is one of our most popular companions and longest relationships, occupying different roles, from pet to working guide dog for the blind. As dogs age different behavioural issues occur and in some cases dogs may be relinquished or removed from their working service. Here we analyse a dataset on working guide dogs that were removed from their service between 1994 and 2013. We use the withdrawal reasons as a proxy for the manifestation of undesirable behaviour. More than 7,500 d...

  11. The development and characterization of a primarily mineral calcium phosphate - poly(epsilon-caprolactone) biocomposite

    Dunkley, Ian Robert

    Orthopaedic reconstruction often involves the surgical introduction of structural implants that provide for rigid fixation, skeletal stabilization, and bone integration. The high stresses incurred by these implanted devices have historically limited material choices to metallic and select polymeric formulations. While mechanical requirements are achieved, these non-degradable materials do not participate actively in the remodeling of the skeleton and present the possibility of long-term failure or rejection. This is particularly relevant in cervical fusion, an orthopaedic procedure to treat damaged, degenerative or diseased intervertebral discs. A significant improvement on the available synthetic bone replacement/regeneration options for implants to treat these conditions in the cervical spine may be achieved with the development of primarily mineral biocomposites comprised of a bioactive ceramic matrix reinforced with a biodegradable polymer. Such a biocomposite may be engineered to possess the clinically required mechanical properties of a particular application, while maintaining the ability to be remodeled completely by the body. A biocomposite of Si-doped calcium phosphate (Si-CaP) and poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) was developed for application as such a synthetic bone material for potential use as a fusion device in the cervical spine. In this thesis, a method by which high mineral content Si-CaP/PCL biocomposites with interpenetrating matrices of mineral and polymer phases may be prepared will be demonstrated, in addition to the effects of the various preparation parameters on the biocomposite density, porosity and mechanical properties. This new technique by which dense, primarily ceramic Si-CaP/PCL biocomposites were prepared, allowed for the incorporation of mineral contents ranging between 45-97vol%. Polymer infiltration, accomplished solely by passive capillary uptake over several days, was found to be capable of fully infiltrating the microporosity

  12. 12 CFR 225.127 - Investment in corporations or projects designed primarily to promote community welfare.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Investment in corporations or projects designed... equity and debt investments in corporations or projects designed primarily to promote community welfare... not intended to limit projects under § 225.25(b)(6) to that area. Other investments primarily designed...

  13. Nanofluids and chemical highly retentive hydrogels for controlled and selective removal of overpaintings and undesired graffiti from street art.

    Giorgi, Rodorico; Baglioni, Michele; Baglioni, Piero


    One of the main problems connected to the conservation of street art is the selective removal of overlying undesired graffiti, i.e., drawings and tags. Unfortunately, selective and controlled removal of graffiti and overpaintings from street art is almost unachievable using traditional methodologies. Recently, the use of nanofluids confined in highly retentive pHEMA/PVP semi-interpenetrated polymer networks was proposed. Here, we report on the selective removal of acrylic overpaintings from a layer of acrylic paint on mortar mockups in laboratory tests. The results of the cleaning tests were characterized by visual and photographic observation, optical microscopy, and FT-IR microreflectance investigation. It was shown that this methodology represents a major advancement with respect to the use of nonconfined neat solvents.

  14. Whole-patient measure of safety: using administrative data to assess the probability of highly undesirable events during hospitalization.

    Perla, Rocco J; Hohmann, Samuel F; Annis, Karen


    Hospitals often have limited ability to obtain primary clinical data from electronic health records to use in assessing quality and safety. We outline a new model that uses administrative data to gauge the safety of care at the hospital level. The model is based on a set of highly undesirable events (HUEs) defined using administrative data and can be customized to address the priorities and needs of different users. Patients with HUEs were identified using discharge abstracts from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2010. Diagnoses were classified as HUEs based on the associated present-on-admission status. The 2-year study population comprised more than 6.5 million discharges from 161 hospitals. The proportion of hospitalizations including at least one HUE during the 24-month study period varied greatly among hospitals, with a mean of 7.74% (SD 2.3%) and a range of 13.32% (max, 15.31%; min, 1.99%). The whole-patient measure of safety provides a global measure to use in assessing hospitals with the patient's entire care experience in mind. As administrative and clinical datasets become more consistent, it becomes possible to use administrative data to compare the rates of HUEs across organizations and to identify opportunities for improvement.

  15. Potential conflict between TRIPS and GATT concerning parallel importation of drugs and possible solution to prevent undesirable market segmentation.

    Lo, Chang-Fa


    From international perspective, parallel importation, especially with respect to drugs, has to do with the exhaustion principle in Article 6 of the TRIPS Agreement and the general exception in Article XX of the GATT 1994. Issues concerning the TRIPS Agreement have been constant topics of discussion. However, parallel importation in relation to the general rules of the GATT 1994 as well as to its exceptions provided in Article XX was not seriously discussed. In the view of the paper, there is a conflict between the provisions in these two agreements. The paper explains such conflict and tries to propose a method of interpretation to resolve the conflict between GATT Article XX and TRIPS Article 6 concerning parallel importation for the purpose of reducing the possible undesirable market segmentation in pharmaceutical sector. The method suggested in the paper is a proper application of good faith principle in the Vienna Convention to interpret GATT Article XX, so that there could be some flexibility for those prohibitions of parallel importation which have positive effect on international trade.

  16. Preliminary evaluations of the undesirable patient dose from a BNCT treatment at the ENEA-TAPIRO reactor.

    Ferrari, P; Gualdrini, G; Nava, E; Burn, K W


    Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is an experimental technique for the treatment of certain kinds of tumors. Research in BNCT is performed utilizing both thermal and epithermal neutron beams. Epithermal neutrons (0.4 eV-10 keV) penetrate more deeply into tissue and are thus used in non-superficial clinical applications such as the brain glioma. In the last few years, the fast reactor TAPIRO (ENEA-Casaccia Rome) has been employed as a neutron source for research into BNCT applications. Recently, an 'epithermal therapeutic column' has been designed and its construction has been completed. The Monte Carlo code MCNPX was employed to optimize the design of the column and to evaluate the dose profiles and the therapeutic parameters in the cranium of the anthropomorphic phantom ADAM. In the same context, some preliminary evaluations of the undesirable doses to the patient were performed with MCNPX. A hermaphrodite phantom derived from ADAM and EVA was employed to evaluate the energy deposition in some organs during a standard BNCT treatment. The total dose consists of the contributions from the primary neutron beam, the neutron interactions with boron and the neutron induced photons generated in the epithermal column structures and in the patient's tissues. The paper summarizes the computational procedure and provides a general dosimetric framework of the patient radiological protection aspects related to a BNCT treatment scenario at the TAPIRO reactor.

  17. Using the incidence and impact of behavioural conditions in guide dogs to investigate patterns in undesirable behaviour in dogs.

    Caron-Lormier, Geoffrey; Harvey, Naomi D; England, Gary C W; Asher, Lucy


    The domestic dog is one of our most popular companions and longest relationships, occupying different roles, from pet to working guide dog for the blind. As dogs age different behavioural issues occur and in some cases dogs may be relinquished or removed from their working service. Here we analyse a dataset on working guide dogs that were removed from their service between 1994 and 2013. We use the withdrawal reasons as a proxy for the manifestation of undesirable behaviour. More than 7,500 dogs were in the dataset used, 83% of which were retired (due to old age) and 17% were withdrawn for behavioural issues. We found that the main reasons for behaviour withdrawal were environmental anxiety, training, and fear/aggression. Breed and sex had an effect on the odds of dogs being withdrawn under the different reasons. The age at withdrawal for the different withdrawal reasons suggested that dogs were more likely to develop fear/aggression related issues early on, whilst issues related to training could develop at almost any age. We found no evidence for heterosis effecting behaviour. We believe that this work is relevant to the pet dog population and had implications for understanding ageing and genetic influences on behaviour.

  18. Identity-Related Influences on the Success of Minority Workers in Primarily Nonminority Organizations.

    James, Keith; Khoo, Gillian


    Reviews literature at the micro- (individual, interpersonal, and small group) and macro- (organizational, societal, and cultural) levels relating to the experiences and outcomes of minorities in work settings populated primarily by members of the majority. Uses Tajfel and Turner's Social Identity Theory as an organizational and integrative…

  19. 29 CFR 780.607 - “Primarily employed” in agriculture.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false âPrimarily employedâ in agriculture. 780.607 Section 780... AGRICULTURE, PROCESSING OF AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES, AND RELATED SUBJECTS UNDER THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT Employment in Agriculture and Livestock Auction Operations Under the Section 13(b)(13) Exemption Requirements...

  20. Propulsion and control propellers with thruster nozzles primarily for aircraft applications

    Pabst, W.


    A propulsion and control propeller with thruster nozzles, primarily for aircraft application is described. Adjustability of rotor blades at the hub and pressurized gas expulsion combined with an air propeller increase power. Both characteristics are combined in one simple device, and, furthermore, incorporate overall aircraft control so that mechanisms which govern lateral and horizontal movement become superfluous.

  1. Examining the Effects of Introducing Online Access to ACS Journals at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

    Landolt, R. G.


    In collaboration with the Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), students and faculty at 24 primarily undergraduate institutions were provided online access to ACS primary research journals for a period of 18 months, and a group of eight schools were granted access to use the archives of ACS journals for a year. Resources…

  2. Purifying Sufism: Observations on the Marginalization and Exclusion of Undesirable and Rejected Elements in the Earlier Middle Period (late fourth/tenth to mid-seventh/thirteenth centuries

    Ephrat, Daphna


    Full Text Available This article offers observations on the process of differentiation and purification within premodern Sufism during a seminal period in the institutionalization of the Sufi ṭarīqa as a Path to God and as a community of followers. Drawing on manuals and narratives by prominent articulators and representatives of the emerging mainstream Sufi tradition, the article highlights the discursive and actual mechanisms they employed to delineate the borderlines of affiliation with the communities of the genuine Sufis, disentangle the solid-core from lay affiliates, and exclude undesirable elements wrongly associated with Sufism. The construction of higher barriers between mainstream Sufism and its margins is closely tied to the spread of popular forms of Sufism and a new kind of antinomianism that gained popularity in the public sphere, beginning in the late sixth/twelfth century. The final part of the article considers the involvement of the political rulers of the time in the inner dynamics of Sufism. My main conclusion is that by patronizing mainstream Sufis and supporting arbiters of true religion in the public sphere, the ruling elite of military lords in the Arab Near East played a significant role in marginalizing the undesirable and rejected elements and in strengthening the mainstream Sunni camp against its rivals.Este artículo ofrece una serie de observaciones sobre el proceso de diferenciación y purificación dentro del sufismo pre-moderno durante un periodo crucial para la institucionalización de las ṭarīqa-s sufíes como una Vía hacia Dios y como una comunidad de seguidores. Basándose en manuales y en narraciones de autores prominentes y representantes de la tradición sufí mainstream emergente, este artículo pone de relieve los mecanismos discursivos que emplearon para marcar los bordes de la afiliación con comunidades de sufíes genuinos, separar el núcleo central de los afiliados externos, y excluir a los elementos

  3. Role of Fault Attributions and Desire, Effort, and Outcome Expectations in Children's Anticipated Responses to Hypothetical Peers with Various Undesirable Characteristics

    Barnett, Mark A.; Sonnentag, Tammy L.; Livengood, Jennifer L.; Struble, Adrienne L.; Wadian, Taylor W.


    A total of 137 third- through eighth-grade students were asked to respond to a series of statements concerning 6 male peers described as having various undesirable characteristics (i.e., poor student, poor athlete, extremely overweight, extremely aggressive, extremely shy, or having the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The…

  4. Investigation on empowering one direction emission of guided waves to avoid undesired reflections from other pipe attachments

    Tse, Peter W.; Zhou, Fang


    An in-service pipe always contains elbows and joints at the ends of the pipe. Since the emitted guided waves from a transducer array is bi-directional, any attachments located at both ends of the pipe will cause reflections. For building pipes that are partially covered by wall, the transducer array must be installed near one end of the pipe. If there is elbow or joint connected to that end of the pipe, high reflections generated from the elbow or joint are inevitable. Such reflections may interfere the detection of reflections caused by true defect exists along the pipe body. Hence, to minimize such undesired interference, one must employs some smart devices or algorithms so that it can reduce the emission of guided wave from one direction but enhance the emission from the other direction. To achieve such purpose, two identical transducer arrays must be installed on the same pipe but with a smartly and specially calculated distance apart from the mounting locations of these two arrays. The distance is to ensure there is a proper time delay for emitting the second array after the emission of the first array. The designed processes are listed as follow. Firstly, two identical transducer arrays that could emit L(0,1) guided waves were mounted on a pipe with a specific distance apart from their mounting locations. The distance was determined after calculating the necessary time delay. Secondly, the guided waves generated from the two arrays are combined together to create the desired superimposing effect. With the help of simulation and finite element analysis, such single direction guided wave was successfully generated and tested. By accurately adjusted the time delay, results showed that it is possible to minimize the emitted guided waves in one direction and then empower the guided waves in another direction. Hence, the reflections generated from elbows and joints at one end of the pipe has been minimized, whilst, the emission of guided wave in the other direction


    Richard W. Johnson; Hugh M. McIlroy


    random instability, it was deemed undesirable for a validation data set. It was predicted using CFD that by eliminating the first of the four jets, the recirculation zone could be stabilized. The present paper reports detailed results for the three-jet case with comparisons to the four-jet data inasmuch as three-jet data are still unavailable. Hence, the present simulations are true or blind predictions.

  6. Lamin A/C mutation affecting primarily the right side of the heart

    Laura Ollila


    Full Text Available LMNA mutations are amongst the most important causes of familial dilated cardiomyopathy. The most important cause of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC is desmosomal pathology. The aim of the study was to elucidate the role of LMNA mutations among Finnish cardiomyopathy patients. We screened 135 unrelated cardiomyopathy patients for LMNA mutations. Because of unusual phenotype, two patients were screened for the known Finnish ARVC-related mutations of desmosomal genes, and their Plakophilin-2b gene was sequenced. Myocardial samples from two patients were examined by immunohistochemical plakoglobin staining and in one case by electron microscopy. We found a new LMNA mutation Phe237Ser in a family of five affected members with a cardiomyopathy affecting primarily the right side of the heart. The phenotype resembles ARVC but does not fulfill the Task Force Criteria. The main clinical manifestations of the mutation were severe tricuspid insufficiency, right ventricular enlargement and failure. Three of the affected patients died of the heart disease, and the two living patients received heart transplants at ages 44 and 47. Electron microscopy showed nuclear blebbing compatible with laminopathy. Immunohisto - chemical analysis did not suggest desmosomal pathology. No desmosomal mutations were found. The Phe237Ser LMNA mutation causes a phenotype different from traditional cardiolaminopathy. Our findings suggest that cardiomyopathy affecting primarily the right side of the heart is not always caused by desmosomal pathology. Our observations highlight the challenges in classifying cardiomyopathies, as there often is significant overlap between the traditional categories.

  7. Influence of nitrogen source and pH value on undesired poly(γ-glutamic acid) formation of a protease producing Bacillus licheniformis strain.

    Meissner, Lena; Kauffmann, Kira; Wengeler, Timo; Mitsunaga, Hitoshi; Fukusaki, Eiichiro; Büchs, Jochen


    Bacillus spp. are used for the production of industrial enzymes but are also known to be capable of producing biopolymers such as poly(γ-glutamic acid). Biopolymers increase the viscosity of the fermentation broth, thereby impairing mixing, gas/liquid mass and heat transfer in any bioreactor system. Undesired biopolymer formation has a significant impact on the fermentation and downstream processing performance. This study shows how undesirable poly(γ-glutamic acid) formation of an industrial protease producing Bacillus licheniformis strain was prevented by switching the nitrogen source from ammonium to nitrate. The viscosity was reduced from 32 to 2.5 mPa s. A constant or changing pH value did not influence the poly(γ-glutamic acid) production. Protease production was not affected: protease activities of 38 and 46 U mL(-1) were obtained for ammonium and nitrate, respectively. With the presented results, protease production with industrial Bacillus strains is now possible without the negative impact on fermentation and downstream processing by undesired poly(γ-glutamic acid) formation.

  8. Temporal integration of loudness in listeners with hearing losses of primarily cochlear origin

    Buus, Søren; Florentine, Mary; Poulsen, Torben


    To investigate how hearing loss of primarily cochlear origin affects the loudness of brief tones, loudness matches between 5- and 200-ms tones were obtained as a function of level for 15 listeners with cochlear impairments and for seven age-matched controls. Three frequencies, usually 0.5, 1, and 4......-frequency hearing losses (slopes >50 dB/octave) showed larger-than-normal maximal amounts of temporal integration (40 to 50 dB). This finding is consistent with the shallow loudness functions predicted by our excitation-pattern model for impaired listeners [, in Modeling Sensorineural Hearing Loss, edited by W....... Jesteadt (Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ, 1997), pp. 187–198]. Loudness functions derived from impaired listeners' temporal-integration functions indicate that restoration of loudness in listeners with cochlear hearing loss usually will require the same gain whether the sound is short or long. ©1999 Acoustical...

  9. N170 Changes Show Identifiable Chinese Characters Compete Primarily with Faces Rather than Houses.

    Fan, Cong; He, Weiqi; He, Huamin; Ren, Guofang; Luo, Yuejia; Li, Hong; Luo, Wenbo


    Character processing is a crucial cognitive skill that is highly emphasized and industriously cultivated in contemporary society. In the present study, using a competition paradigm, we examined the electrophysiological correlates of different relationships between Chinese characters and faces and between Chinese characters and houses during early visual processing. We observed that identifiable Chinese characters compete primarily with faces rather than houses at an early visual processing stage, with a significantly reduced N170 for faces but not for houses, when they were viewed concurrently with identifiable characters relative to when they were viewed concurrently with unidentifiable characters. Consistent with our previous study, there was a significant increase in N170 after characters have been learned, indicating a modulatory effect of Chinese character identification level on N170 amplitude. Furthermore, we found an enlarged N170 in response to faces compared to houses, indicating that the neural mechanisms for processing faces and houses are different at an early visual processing stage.

  10. Which sensory perception is primarily considered, in consumers’ hedonic evaluation of foods?

    Andersen, Barbara Vad; Brockhoff, Per B.; Hyldig, Grethe


    An analysis of the primary hedonic drivers of liking and sensory satisfaction will provide valuable information to product developers on which sensory properties to emphasise the most. The aims of the present study were: a) to study if liking of the sensory properties: appearance, odour, taste...... and texture were considered equally, when consumers rated overall liking and sensory satisfaction b) to study if the relation depended on, whether liking of sensory properties were related to overall liking or sensory satisfaction, and c) to study individual differences in which sensory properties...... the consumers primarily paid attention to when rating overall liking and sensory satisfaction, respectively. Four apple-cherry fruit drinks were used, varying in: type of sweetener, and addition of aroma and fibre. The fruit drinks were used in a in a cross-over consumer study on 67 subjects together...

  11. Efficient transfection of DNA into primarily cultured rat sertoli cells by electroporation.

    Li, Fuping; Yamaguchi, Kohei; Okada, Keisuke; Matsushita, Kei; Enatsu, Noritoshi; Chiba, Koji; Yue, Huanxun; Fujisawa, Masato


    The expression of exogenous DNA in Sertoli cells is essential for studying its functional genomics, pathway analysis, and medical applications. Electroporation is a valuable tool for nucleic acid delivery, even in primarily cultured cells, which are considered difficult to transfect. In this study, we developed an optimized protocol for electroporation-based transfection of Sertoli cells and compared its efficiency with conventional lipofection. Sertoli cells were transfected with pCMV-GFP plasmid by square-wave electroporation under different conditions. After transfection of plasmid into Sertoli cells, enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) expression could be easily detected by fluorescent microscopy, and cell survival was evaluated by dye exclusion assay using Trypan blue. In terms of both cell survival and the percentage expressing EGFP, 250 V was determined to produce the greatest number of transiently transfected cells. Keeping the voltage constant (250 V), relatively high cell survival (76.5% ± 3.4%) and transfection efficiency (30.6% ± 5.6%) were observed with a pulse length of 20 μm. The number of pulses significantly affected cell survival and EGFP expression (P electroporation (21.5% ± 5.7%) was significantly higher than those of Lipofectamine 2000 (2.9% ± 1.0%) and Effectene (1.9% ± 0.8%) in this experiment (P electroporation conditions, and the successful electroporation of plasmid DNA into primarily cultured Sertoli cells. Our results indicate that the method of electroporation is more suitable than other approaches for the transfection of Sertoli cells.

  12. Notionally steady background noise acts primarily as a modulation masker of speech.

    Stone, Michael A; Füllgrabe, Christian; Moore, Brian C J


    Stone et al. [J. Acoust. Soc Am. 130, 2874-2881 (2011)], using vocoder processing, showed that the envelope modulations of a notionally steady noise were more effective than the envelope energy as a masker of speech. Here the same effect is demonstrated using non-vocoded signals. Speech was filtered into 28 channels. A masker centered on each channel was added to the channel signal at a target-to-background ratio of -5 or -10 dB. Maskers were sinusoids or noise bands with bandwidth 1/3 or 1 ERB(N) (ERB(N) being the bandwidth of "normal" auditory filters), synthesized with Gaussian (GN) or low-noise (LNN) statistics. To minimize peripheral interactions between maskers, odd-numbered channels were presented to one ear and even to the other. Speech intelligibility was assessed in the presence of each "steady" masker and that masker 100% sinusoidally amplitude modulated (SAM) at 8 Hz. Intelligibility decreased with increasing envelope fluctuation of the maskers. Masking release, the difference in intelligibility between the SAM and its "steady" counterpart, increased with bandwidth from near-zero to around 50 percentage points for the 1-ERB(N) GN. It is concluded that the sinusoidal and GN maskers behaved primarily as energetic and modulation maskers, respectively.

  13. Local field potentials primarily reflect inhibitory neuron activity in human and monkey cortex

    Teleńczuk, Bartosz; Dehghani, Nima; Le Van Quyen, Michel; Cash, Sydney S.; Halgren, Eric; Hatsopoulos, Nicholas G.; Destexhe, Alain


    The local field potential (LFP) is generated by large populations of neurons, but unitary contribution of spiking neurons to LFP is not well characterised. We investigated this contribution in multi-electrode array recordings from human and monkey neocortex by examining the spike-triggered LFP average (st-LFP). The resulting st-LFPs were dominated by broad spatio-temporal components due to ongoing activity, synaptic inputs and recurrent connectivity. To reduce the spatial reach of the st-LFP and observe the local field related to a single spike we applied a spatial filter, whose weights were adapted to the covariance of ongoing LFP. The filtered st-LFPs were limited to the perimeter of 800 μm around the neuron, and propagated at axonal speed, which is consistent with their unitary nature. In addition, we discriminated between putative inhibitory and excitatory neurons and found that the inhibitory st-LFP peaked at shorter latencies, consistently with previous findings in hippocampal slices. Thus, in human and monkey neocortex, the LFP reflects primarily inhibitory neuron activity. PMID:28074856

  14. Floral biology of two Vanilloideae (Orchidaceae) primarily adapted to pollination by euglossine bees.

    Pansarin, E R; Pansarin, L M


    Vanilloideae comprises 15 genera distributed worldwide, among which are Vanilla and Epistephium (tribe Vanilleae). Based on field and laboratory investigations, the pollination biology of V. dubia and E. sclerophyllum was analysed. The former was surveyed in a semi-deciduous mesophytic forest at the biological reserve of Serra do Japi and in a marshy forest at the city of Pradópolis, southeastern Brazil. The latter was examined in rocky outcrop vegetation in the Chapada Diamantina, northeastern Brazil. In the studied populations, the tubular flowers of V. dubia and E. sclerophyllum were pollinated by bees. Pollen was deposited on either their scutellum (V. dubia) or scutum (E. sclerophyllum). The mentum region of V. dubia is dry, whereas that of E. sclerophyllum presents a small quantity of dilute nectar. Flowers of E. sclerophyllum are scentless, while those of V. dubia are odoriferous. Although V. dubia is self-compatible, it needs a pollinator to produce fruit. In contrast, E. sclerophyllum sets fruit through spontaneous self-pollination, but biotic pollination also occurs. Both species are primarily adapted to pollination by euglossine bees. Pollination by Euglossina seems to have occurred at least twice during the evolution of Vanilleae. Furthermore, shifts between rewarding and reward-free flowers and between autogamous and allogamous species have been reported among vanillas. © 2014 German Botanical Society and The Royal Botanical Society of the Netherlands.

  15. Hepatitis B virus infection and replication in primarily cultured human fetal hepatocytes

    Min Lin; Qun Chen; Li-Ye Yang; Wen-Yu Li; Xi-Biao Cao; Jiao-Ren Wu; You-Peng Peng; Mo-Rui Chen


    AIM:To investigate the infection and replication of hepatitis B virus(HBV)in primarily cultured human fetal hepatocytes(HFHs).METHODS:The human fetal hepatocytes were cultured in serum-free medium,HBV-positive serum was added into the medium to study the susceptibility of hepatocytes to HBV infection.The supernatant was collected for ELISA assay of HBsAg and HBeAg,and quantitative fluorescence PCR for HBV-DNA assay daily.Albumin and HBcAg,CK8 and CK18 expressions were detected by immunohistochemistry in cultured hepatocytes.Content of lactate dehydrogenate(LDH)was measured to find out the integrity of the cell membrane.RESULTS:A stable hepatocyte culture system was established.HBV could infect the hepatocytes and replicate,and HBcAg expression could be detected by immunohistochemistry in hepatocyte-like cells.HBV-DNA in the supernatant could be detected from d 2 to d 18 and HBsAg and HBeAg were positive on d 3-d 18 after HBV infection.HBV in medium increased from d 0 to d 6 and subsequently decreased as the cells were progressively loosing their hepatocyte phenotypes.CONCLUSION:HBV could infect human fetal hepatocytes and replicate.This in vitro model allowed a detailed Study on early events associated with human HBV entry into cells and subsequent replication.

  16. Audiovisual contrast enhancement is articulated primarily via the M-pathway.

    Jaekl, Philip M; Soto-Faraco, Salvador


    Although it has been previously reported that audiovisual integration can modulate performance on some visual tasks, multisensory interactions have not been explicitly assessed in the context of different visual processing pathways. In the present study, we test auditory influences on visual processing employing a psychophysical paradigm that reveals distinct spatial contrast signatures of magnocellular and parvocellular visual pathways. We found that contrast thresholds are reduced when noninformative sounds are presented with transient, low-frequency Gabor patch stimuli and thus favor the M-system. In contrast, visual thresholds are unaffected by concurrent sounds when detection is primarily attributed to P-pathway processing. These results demonstrate that the visual detection enhancement resulting from multisensory integration is mainly articulated by the magnocellular system, which is most sensitive at low spatial frequencies. Such enhancement may subserve stimulus-driven processes including the orientation of spatial attention and fast, automatic ocular and motor responses. This dissociation helps explain discrepancies between the results of previous studies investigating visual enhancement by sounds.

  17. Spontaneous reports of primarily suspected herbal hepatotoxicity by Pelargonium sidoides: was causality adequately ascertained?

    Teschke, Rolf; Frenzel, Christian; Schulze, Johannes; Eickhoff, Axel


    Spontaneous reports of primarily assumed hepatotoxicity in connection with the use of Pelargonium sidoides (PS) have been interpreted by the Drug Commission of the German Medical Association (DCGMA) as showing some hepatotoxic potential of PS used to treat common cold and other respiratory tract infections. Causality for PS was assessed using the liver specific, structured, quantitative, and updated scale of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS). In none of the 15 cases was there a highly probable or probable causality for PS. Analysis revealed confounding factors such as numerous final diagnoses unrelated to PS and poor data quality in virtually all cases. In only a minority of the cases were data provided to consider even common other diseases of the liver. For instance, biliary tract imaging data were available in only 3 patients; data to exclude virus infections by hepatitis A-C were provided in 4 cases and by CMV and EBV in 1 case, whereas HSV and VZV virus infections remained unconsidered. Thus, convincing evidence is lacking that PS was a potential hepatotoxin in the analyzed cases.

  18. Pituitary tumor disappearance in a patient with newly diagnosed acromegaly primarily treated with octreotide LAR.

    Resmini, E; Murialdo, G; Giusti, M; Boschetti, M; Minuto, F; Ferone, D


    We describe the case of an acromegalic patient primarily treated with octreotide LAR in whom the pituitary tumor disappeared after 18 months of treatment. A 68-yr-old woman, with clinical suspicion of acromegaly, was admitted to our Unit with the ultrasonographical evidence of cardiac hypertrophy, arrhythmias, right branch block and interatrial septum aneurism. She referred hands and feet enlargement since the age of 30 and facial disfigurements since the age of 50. At the age of 45 she underwent surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and at the age of 61 an euthyroid nodular goiter was diagnosed. Hormonal evaluation showed elevated circulating GH levels (25+/-3.2 ng/ml), not suppressible after oral glucose load, and elevated IGF-I levels (646 ng/ml), whereas the remaining pituitary function was normal. Visual perimetry was normal, whereas magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an intrasellar pituitary adenoma with maximal diameter of 9 mm. In order to improve cardiovascular function before surgery, the patient started octreotide LAR 20 mg every 4 weeks for 3 months. Then based on IGF-I values, the dose was adjusted to 30 mg. After 6 months a second MRI showed significant tumor reduction (>50% of baseline maximal diameter), GH and IGF-I were within the normal range and the patient continued the treatment. After one-year therapy, an improvement of cardiac alterations was recorded and the patient was referred to the neurosurgeon. However, she refused the operation. At 18-month follow-up, MRI showed the complete disappearance of direct and indirect signs of pituitary adenoma. To our knowledge, this is the first case of complete radiological remission of pituitary tumor during octreotide LAR treatment in acromegaly.

  19. Predictors of nephrectomy in high grade blunt renal trauma patients treated primarily with conservative intent.

    Prasad, Narla Hari; Devraj, Rahul; Chandriah, G Ram; Sagar, S Vidya; Reddy, Ch Ram; Murthy, Pisapati Venkata Lakshmi Narsimha


    There is no consensus on the optimal management of high grade renal trauma. Delayed surgery increases the likelihood of secondary hemorrhage and persistent urinary extravasation, whereas immediate surgery results in high renal loss. Hence, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the predictors of nephrectomy and outcome of high Grade (III-V) renal injury, treated primarily with conservative intent. The records of 55 patients who were admitted to our institute with varying degrees of blunt renal trauma from January 2005 to December 2012 were retrospectively reviewed. Grade III-V renal injury was defined as high grade blunt renal trauma and was present in 44 patients. The factors analyzed to predict emergency intervention were demographic profile, grade of injury, degree of hemodynamic instability, requirement of blood transfusion, need for intervention, mode of intervention, and duration of intensive care unit stay. Rest of the 40 patients with high grade injury (grade 3 and 4)did not require emergency intervention and underwent a trail of conservative management. 7 of the 40 patients with high grade renal injury (grade 3 and 4), who were managed conservatively experienced complications requiring procedural intervention and three required a delayed nephrectomy. Presence of grade V injuries with hemodynamic instability and requirement of more than 10 packed cell units for resuscitation were predictors of nephrectomy. Predictors of complications were urinary extravasation and hemodynamic instability at presentation. Majority of the high grade renal injuries can be successfully managed conservatively. Grade V injuries and the need for more packed cell transfusions during resuscitation predict the need for emergency intervention.

  20. Predictors of nephrectomy in high grade blunt renal trauma patients treated primarily with conservative intent

    Narla Hari Prasad


    Full Text Available Introduction: There is no consensus on the optimal management of high grade renal trauma. Delayed surgery increases the likelihood of secondary hemorrhage and persistent urinary extravasation, whereas immediate surgery results in high renal loss. Hence, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the predictors of nephrectomy and outcome of high Grade (III-V renal injury, treated primarily with conservative intent. Materials and Methods: The records of 55 patients who were admitted to our institute with varying degrees of blunt renal trauma from January 2005 to December 2012 were retrospectively reviewed. Grade III-V renal injury was defined as high grade blunt renal trauma and was present in 44 patients. The factors analyzed to predict emergency intervention were demographic profile, grade of injury, degree of hemodynamic instability, requirement of blood transfusion, need for intervention, mode of intervention, and duration of intensive care unit stay. Results: Rest of the 40 patients with high grade injury (grade 3 and 4 did not require emergency intervention and underwent a trail of conservative management. 7 of the 40 patients with high grade renal injury (grade 3 and 4, who were managed conservatively experienced complications requiring procedural intervention and three required a delayed nephrectomy. Presence of grade V injuries with hemodynamic instability and requirement of more than 10 packed cell units for resuscitation were predictors of nephrectomy. Predictors of complications were urinary extravasation and hemodynamic instability at presentation. Conclusion: Majority of the high grade renal injuries can be successfully managed conservatively. Grade V injuries and the need for more packed cell transfusions during resuscitation predict the need for emergency intervention.

  1. A Doctoral Dissertation by Undesirable Learning Style——On Liu Fang's Song Dynasty Double Capital of Urban Culture and Literary Production

    Tan Qingyang


    Recently,I saw a doctoral dissertation online.It is Liu Fang' s Song Dynasty Double Capital of Urban Culture and Literary Production which passed Ph.D.thesis defense in a university in 2008.At the first glance at the subject,it is very attractive.While I read the afterword and knew the topic had won three funds given by his university,his province and the Ministry of Education respectively,it seemed even better.But after carefully reading the text,I was disappointed.We can say that it is not only filled with faults everywhere,but also by undesirable learning style.

  2. Design Method for a Low-Profile Dual-Shaped Reflector Antenna with an Elliptical Aperture by the Suppression of Undesired Scattering

    Inasawa, Yoshio; Kuroda, Shinji; Kusakabe, Kenji; Naito, Izuru; Konishi, Yoshihiko; Makino, Shigeru; Tsuchiya, Makio

    A design method is proposed for a low-profile dual-shaped reflector antenna for the mobile satellite communications. The antenna is required to be low-profile because of mount restrictions. However, reduction of its height generally causes degradation of antenna performance. Firstly, an initial low-profile reflector antenna with an elliptical aperture is designed by using Geometrical Optics (GO) shaping. Then a Physical Optics (PO) shaping technique is applied to optimize the gain and sidelobes including mitigation of undesired scattering. The developed design method provides highly accurate design procedure for electrically small reflector antennas. Fabrication and measurement of a prototype antenna support the theory.

  3. Commercial Bank Efficiency Evaluation in Consideration of the Undesirable Output and Its Link with Stakeholders Relationship: An Application of China’s Commercial Banks

    Jianyue Ji


    Full Text Available Based on the modern contract theory, expectancy theory, and stakeholder theory, this paper analyzes how stakeholders relationship influences the efficiency of commercial banks and finds that the efficiency is a function of stakeholders relationship. A DEA model with Seiford's linear transformation function is developed to evaluate the efficiency in consideration of the undesirable output. The panel Tobit model is established to conduct empirical research with data of 14 Chinese commercial banks from 2004 to 2012. The study finds that except for business customer relation, stakeholder relationship is the key variable that influences comprehensive efficiency of commercial banks.

  4. Parental Involvement

    Ezra S Simon


    This study was conducted in Ghana to investigate, (1) factors that predict parental involvement, (2) the relationship between parental home and school involvement and the educational achievement of adolescents, (3) the relationship between parental authoritativeness and the educational achievement of adolescent students, (4) parental involvement serving as a mediator between their authoritativeness and the educational achievement of the students, and (5) whether parental involvement decreases...

  5. Overweight dogs are more likely to display undesirable behaviours: results of a large online survey of dog owners in the UK.

    German, Alexander J; Blackwell, Emily; Evans, Mark; Westgarth, Carri


    Much of the global canine population is now overweight, and this can adversely affect health, lifespan and quality of life. Undesirable behaviours are also common in pet dogs, and these can adversely affect welfare, as well as being stressful to owners. However, links between obesity and behavioural disorders have never previously been explored. An online survey was conducted between June and August in 2014, coinciding with the broadcast of a National UK television programme, exploring dog health, welfare and behaviour. Information gathered included signalment, overweight status and the prevalence of a range of undesirable behaviours. Fisher's exact test and OR were used to determine associations between overweight status and owner-reported behaviours. A total of 17 028 responses were received. After data verification, the final dataset comprised 11 154 dogs, 1801 (16·1 %) of which were reported by owners to be overweight. Owners of overweight dogs were more likely to see them as 'a baby' (P dogs were also more likely to guard food (P food (P dogs included barking, growling or snapping at strangers (P = 0·0011) and other dogs (P = 0·0015), being fearful of outdoors (P dog's health (P dogs. Further studies are now required to explore the reasons for these associations.

  6. Efficiency Valuation of DMUs with Undesirable Outputs%具有非期望输出决策单元的有效性评价

    边馥萍; 杨爱萍


    针对具有非期望输出决策单元DMu的相对有效性,提出对其进行评价的非径向FDEA模型,并给出模型的相对有效性理论证明.结合实际算例,指出FDEA模型在实际生产过程中对于节约生产资源,提高期望输出,降低非期望输出,特别是减少环境污染有重要应用价值.%The researching on the DMUs with undesirable outputs gives the non-radial model FDEA of the rela-tive efficiency evaluation,proves the efficiency theories, and calculates the example. The application of FDEAmodel shows its importance in the production to save the resources, improve the desirable outputs, and decreasethe undesirable outputs, especially reduce the environmental pollution.

  7. [Undesired awareness phenomena during general anesthesia: Evidence-based state of knowledge, current discussions and strategies for prevention and management].

    Bischoff, P; Rundshagen, I; Schneider, G


    Patient awareness during general anesthesia and the later recall of what happened during surgery can be experienced by patients as horrifying events that leave lasting mental trauma in the form of posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSS). Awareness is related to a temporary insufficient depth of anesthesia. This phenomenon has been discussed for more than 20 years. According to randomized controlled studies, in the absence of risk factors awareness phenomena occur in 1-2 per 1000 operations involving general anesthesia (0.1-0.2%) and are classified as occasionally occurring critical events. An astonishing twist occurred elicited by the recent data from the 5th National Audit Project from Great Britain (NAP5) published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia and in Anaesthesia. The NAP5 evaluated patient reports of accidental awareness during general anesthesia (AAGA) in a multicenter manner in more than 2.7 million cases and indicated incidences of awareness of only 1:19,600, a frequency 20 times less than previously reported. These results gave rise to some controversy. It seems likely that, due to the absence of structured interviews, the NAP5 data only demonstrated the tip of the iceberg and may have vastly underestimated the real incidence of intraoperative awareness. The present overview summarizes the current knowledge about awareness. Furthermore, it addresses the question whether the awareness problem has been overestimated by evidence-based criteria or underestimated by the results of the NAP5. The responsibility for sufficient anesthesia in the clinical routine requires knowledge of awareness risks and potential sequelae. A formal recommendation from the German Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI) concerning awareness is not yet available; however, the recognition of evidence-based strategies in the management of anesthesia may minimize the occurrence of awareness and its sequelae.

  8. Parasites affect food web structure primarily through increased diversity and complexity.

    Jennifer A Dunne

    Full Text Available Comparative research on food web structure has revealed generalities in trophic organization, produced simple models, and allowed assessment of robustness to species loss. These studies have mostly focused on free-living species. Recent research has suggested that inclusion of parasites alters structure. We assess whether such changes in network structure result from unique roles and traits of parasites or from changes to diversity and complexity. We analyzed seven highly resolved food webs that include metazoan parasite data. Our analyses show that adding parasites usually increases link density and connectance (simple measures of complexity, particularly when including concomitant links (links from predators to parasites of their prey. However, we clarify prior claims that parasites "dominate" food web links. Although parasites can be involved in a majority of links, in most cases classic predation links outnumber classic parasitism links. Regarding network structure, observed changes in degree distributions, 14 commonly studied metrics, and link probabilities are consistent with scale-dependent changes in structure associated with changes in diversity and complexity. Parasite and free-living species thus have similar effects on these aspects of structure. However, two changes point to unique roles of parasites. First, adding parasites and concomitant links strongly alters the frequency of most motifs of interactions among three taxa, reflecting parasites' roles as resources for predators of their hosts, driven by trophic intimacy with their hosts. Second, compared to free-living consumers, many parasites' feeding niches appear broader and less contiguous, which may reflect complex life cycles and small body sizes. This study provides new insights about generic versus unique impacts of parasites on food web structure, extends the generality of food web theory, gives a more rigorous framework for assessing the impact of any species on trophic

  9. Retinal Morphology and Sensitivity Are Primarily Impaired in Eyes with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD)

    Akiba, Ryutaro; Yokouchi, Hirotaka; Mori, Masahiro; Oshitari, Toshiyuki; Baba, Takayuki; Sawai, Setsu; Kuwabara, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Shuichi


    Background Previous studies of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) using spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) showed that the outer nuclear layer (ONL) in eyes without a history of optic neuritis (ON) was thinner than that of healthy controls. It remains unclear whether the ONL thinning is caused by a direct attack on the retina by an autoantibody or a retrograde degeneration. Objective To determine the mechanisms involved in the retinal damage in eyes with NMOSD without ON. Methods SD-OCT was used to determine the thicknesses of the different retinal layers of 21 eyes of 12 NMOSD patients without prior ON and 19 eyes of 10 healthy controls. Eyes with peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thinning were excluded to eliminate the confounding effects of retrograde degeneration. Microperimetry was used to determine the central retinal sensitivity. The data of the two groups were compared using generalized estimated equation models to account for inter-eye dependencies. Results The ganglion cell plus inner plexiform layer and the inner nuclear layer plus outer plexiform layer thicknesses of the NMOSD eyes were not significantly different from that of the control eyes (P = 0.28, P = 0.78). However, the ONL and average macular thickness (AMT) in the NMOSD eyes were significantly thinner than that of the control eyes (P = 0.022, P = 0.036). The retinal sensitivity in the central 10°, 10° to 2°, and 2° sectors were significantly lower in the NMOSD eyes than in the control eyes (P = 0.013, P = 0.022, P = 0.002). Conclusions The ONL thinning, AMT thinning, and reduced retinal sensitivity in eyes with NMOSD without significant peripapillary RNFL thinning are most likely due to direct retinal pathology. PMID:27936154

  10. Parasites affect food web structure primarily through increased diversity and complexity

    Dunne, Jennifer A.; Lafferty, Kevin D.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Hechinger, Ryan F.; Kuris, Armand M.; Martinez, Neo D.; McLaughlin, John P.; Mouritsen, Kim N.; Poulin, Robert; Reise, Karsten; Stouffer, Daniel B.; Thieltges, David W.; Williams, Richard J.; Zander, Claus Dieter


    Comparative research on food web structure has revealed generalities in trophic organization, produced simple models, and allowed assessment of robustness to species loss. These studies have mostly focused on free-living species. Recent research has suggested that inclusion of parasites alters structure. We assess whether such changes in network structure result from unique roles and traits of parasites or from changes to diversity and complexity. We analyzed seven highly resolved food webs that include metazoan parasite data. Our analyses show that adding parasites usually increases link density and connectance (simple measures of complexity), particularly when including concomitant links (links from predators to parasites of their prey). However, we clarify prior claims that parasites ‘‘dominate’’ food web links. Although parasites can be involved in a majority of links, in most cases classic predation links outnumber classic parasitism links. Regarding network structure, observed changes in degree distributions, 14 commonly studied metrics, and link probabilities are consistent with scale-dependent changes in structure associated with changes in diversity and complexity. Parasite and free-living species thus have similar effects on these aspects of structure. However, two changes point to unique roles of parasites. First, adding parasites and concomitant links strongly alters the frequency of most motifs of interactions among three taxa, reflecting parasites’ roles as resources for predators of their hosts, driven by trophic intimacy with their hosts. Second, compared to free-living consumers, many parasites’ feeding niches appear broader and less contiguous, which may reflect complex life cycles and small body sizes. This study provides new insights about generic versus unique impacts of parasites on food web structure, extends the generality of food web theory, gives a more rigorous framework for assessing the impact of any species on trophic

  11. Plasma Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin Is Primarily Related to Inflammation during Sepsis: A Translational Approach.

    Gordon P Otto

    Full Text Available Acute kidney injury (AKI during sepsis is common and underestimated. Plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (plasma-NGAL is discussed as new biomarker for AKI diagnosis, but during inflammation its function and diagnostic impact remain unclear. The association between plasma-NGAL and inflammatory markers in septic patients, but also in healthy controls and patients with chronic inflammation before and after either maximum exercise test or treatment with an anti-TNF therapy were investigated. In-vitro blood stimulations with IL-6, lipopolysaccharide, NGAL or its combinations were performed to investigate cause-effect-relationship. Plasma-NGAL levels were stronger associated with inflammation markers including IL-6 (Sepsis: r = 0.785 P < 0.001; chronic inflammation after anti-TNF: r = 0.558 P < 0.001, IL-8 (Sepsis: r = 0.714 P<0.004; healthy controls after exercise r = 0.786 P < 0.028; chronic inflammation before anti-TNF: r = 0.429 P < 0.041 and IL-10 (healthy controls before exercise: r = 0.791 P < 0.028 than with kidney injury or function. Correlation to kidney injury or function was found only in septic patients (for creatinine: r = 0.906 P < 0.001; for eGFR: r = -0.686 P = 0.005 and in patients with rheumatic disease after anti-TNF therapy (for creatinine: r = 0.466 P < 0.025. In stimulation assays with IL-6 and lipopolysaccharide plasma-NGAL was increased. Co-stimulation of lipopolysaccharide with plasma-NGAL decreased cellular injury (P < 0.05 and in trend IL-10 levels (P = 0.057. Septic mice demonstrated a significantly improved survival rate after NGAL treatment (P < 0.01. Plasma-NGAL seams to be strongly involved in inflammation. For clinical relevance, it might not only be useful for AKI detection during severe inflammation - indeed it has to be interpreted carefully within this setting - but additionally might offer therapeutic potential.

  12. Analysis of regional total factor energy efficiency in China under environmental constraints: based on undesirable-minds and DEA window model

    Zhang, Shuying; Li, Deshan; Li, Shuangqiang; Jiang, Hanyu; Shen, Yuqing


    With China’s entrance into the new economy, the improvement of energy efficiency has become an important indicator to measure the quality of ecological civilization construction and economic development. According to the panel data of Chinese regions in 1996-2014, the nearest distance to the efficient frontier of Undesirable-MinDS Xeon model and DEA window model have been used to calculate the total factor energy efficiency of China’s regions. Study found that: Under environmental constraints, China’s total factor energy efficiency has increased after the first drop in the overall 1996-2014, and then increases again. And the difference between the regions is very large, showing a characteristic of “the east is the highest, the west is lower, and lowest is in the central” finally, this paper puts forward relevant policy suggestions.

  13. DSP-1053, a novel serotonin reuptake inhibitor with 5-HT1A partial agonistic activity, displays fast antidepressant effect with minimal undesirable effects in juvenile rats.

    Kato, Taro; Matsumoto, Yuji; Yamamoto, Masanori; Matsumoto, Kenji; Baba, Satoko; Nakamichi, Keiko; Matsuda, Harumi; Nishimuta, Haruka; Yabuuchi, Kazuki


    Enhancement of serotonergic neurotransmission has been the main stream of treatment for patients with depression. However, delayed therapeutic onset and undesirable side effects are major drawbacks for conventional serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Here, we show that DSP-1053, a novel serotonin reuptake inhibitor with 5-HT1A partial agonistic activity, displays fast antidepressant efficacy with minimal undesirable effects, especially nausea and emesis in animal models. DSP-1053 bound human serotonin transporter and 5-HT1A receptor with the K i values of 1.02 ± 0.06 and 5.05 ± 1.07 nmol/L, respectively. This compound inhibited the serotonin transporter with an IC50 value of 2.74 ± 0.41 nmol/L and had an intrinsic activity for 5-HT1A receptors of 70.0 ± 6.3%. In rat microdialysis, DSP-1053, given once at 3 and 10 mg kg(-1), dose-dependently increased extracellular 5-HT levels. In the rat forced swimming test, 2-week administration of DSR-1053 (1 mg kg(-1)) significantly reduced rats immobility time after treatment, whereas paroxetine (3 and 10 mg kg(-1)) required 3-week administration to reduce rats immobility time. In olfactory bulbectomy model, 1- and 2-week administration of DSP-1053 reduced both of emotional scores and activity in the open field, whereas paroxetine required 2 weeks to show similar beneficial effects. Although single administration of DSP-1053-induced emesis and vomiting in the rat and Suncus murinus, multiple treatment with this compound, but not with paroxetine, decreased the number of vomiting episodes. These results highlight the important role of 5-HT1A receptors in both the efficacy and tolerability of DSP-1053 as a new therapeutic option for the treatment of depression.

  14. Community involvement

    Editorial Office


    Full Text Available Community involvement is the main theme of Health Year. Governments have a responsibility for the health of their people, and in this country under the present 3-tier system of government, the responsibility for the rendering of health services is divided between central, provincial and local government. However, under our democratic system, all people have the right to, and it is indeed their duty, to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of services to meet their health needs. Ultimately, through involvement of individuals, families and communities, greater self-reliance is achieved leading to greater responsibility being assumed by people for their own health.

  15. Prognostic cell biological markers in cervical cancer patients primarily treated with (chemo)radiation : a systematic review

    Noordhuis, Maartje G; Eijsink, Jasper J H; Roossink, Frank; de Graeff, Pauline; Pras, Elisabeth; Schuuring, Ed; Wisman, G Bea A; de Bock, Geertruida H; van der Zee, Ate G J


    The aim of this study was to systematically review the prognostic and predictive significance of cell biological markers in cervical cancer patients primarily treated with (chemo)radiation. A PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane literature search was performed. Studies describing a relation between a cell b

  16. Diferentes métodos de controle de plantas indesejáveis em pastagem nativa Different methods for controlling undesirable plants in native pasture

    Luiz Giovani de Pellegrini


    Full Text Available O experimento foi desenvolvido em área de pastagem nativa representativa da transição entre a Serra do Sudeste e a Depressão Central do Rio Grande do Sul, onde as espécies indesejáveis foram representadas especialmente por carqueja (Baccharis trimera (Less. DC., caraguatá (Eryngium horridum (Spreng. Less. e alecrim (Vernonia nudiflora Less.. Foram avaliados os efeitos iniciais de dois métodos de controle de espécies indesejáveis (até 60 dias após aplicação sobre a produção de forragem, a dinâmica da vegetação e a eficiência de controle: sem-controle; controle mecânico; e controle químico (herbicida comercial à base de Picloram [64 g/L] + 2,4-D [240 g/L], na dosagem de 5 L do produto comercial/ha. Os tratamentos foram arranjados em um delineamento em blocos ao acaso, com quatro repetições. A massa gramíneas verdes secas e a massa total de MS não diferiram entre os métodos de controle. Foram obtidos valores de 587,9; 472,0 e 0 kg de MS com o controle mecânico, o controle químico e sem-controle, respectivamente, o que comprova influência do método de controle sobre a massa de forragem de leguminosas. A eficiência de controle das espécies indesejáveis, em comparação à ausência de controle, foi de 76,2% para o controle químico e 27,9% para o controle mecânico. A eficiência de controle de espécies, sob aspectos de freqüência dos componentes da pastagem, evidenciou que o controle mecânico não foi eficiente aos 60 dias após aplicação no controle de plantas de alecrim no segundo toque (-27,7% e plantas de caraguatá no primeiro toque (-30,0%.The study was conducted in a representative native pasture area in the transition between the Serra do Sudeste and Depressão Central of RS. The main undesirable species were represented by: carqueja (Baccharis trimera (Less. DC., caraguatá (Eryngium horridum (Spreng. Less. and alecrim (Vernonia nudiflora Less. It was evaluated the initial effect (until 60 days after

  17. Ruptured episiotomia resutured primarily.

    Monberg, J; Hammen, S


    In a randomized study, 35 patients with ruptured episiotomy were treated in two ways. One group, treated with Clindamycin and primary resuture, did better than the other group, not resutured but spontaneously healed.

  18. Optimal locations and orientations of piezoelectric transducers on cylindrical shell based on gramians of contributed and undesired Rayleigh-Ritz modes using genetic algorithm

    Biglar, Mojtaba; Mirdamadi, Hamid Reza; Danesh, Mohammad


    In this study, the active vibration control and configurational optimization of a cylindrical shell are analyzed by using piezoelectric transducers. The piezoelectric patches are attached to the surface of the cylindrical shell. The Rayleigh-Ritz method is used for deriving dynamic modeling of cylindrical shell and piezoelectric sensors and actuators based on the Donnel-Mushtari shell theory. The major goal of this study is to find the optimal locations and orientations of piezoelectric sensors and actuators on the cylindrical shell. The optimization procedure is designed based on desired controllability and observability of each contributed and undesired mode. Further, in order to limit spillover effects, the residual modes are taken into consideration. The optimization variables are the positions and orientations of piezoelectric patches. Genetic algorithm is utilized to evaluate the optimal configurations. In this article, for improving the maximum power and capacity of actuators for amplitude depreciation of negative velocity feedback strategy, we have proposed a new control strategy, called "Saturated Negative Velocity Feedback Rule (SNVF)". The numerical results show that the optimization procedure is effective for vibration reduction, and specifically, by locating actuators and sensors in their optimal locations and orientations, the vibrations of cylindrical shell are suppressed more quickly.

  19. Assessment of Vegetation Variation on Primarily Creation Zones of the Dust Storms Around the Euphrates Using Remote Sensing Images

    Jamil Amanollahi


    Full Text Available Recently, period frequency and effect domain of the dust storms that enter Iran from Iraq have increased. In this study, in addition to detecting the creation zones of the dust storms, the effect of vegetation cover variation on their creation was investigated using remote sensing. Moderate resolution image Spectroradiometer (MODIS and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM5 have been utilized to identify the primarily creation zones of the dust storms and to assess the vegetation cover variation, respectively. Vegetation cover variation was studied using Normalized Differences Vegetation Index (NDVI obtained from band 3 and band 4 of the Landsate satellite. The results showed that the surrounding area of the Euphrates in Syria, the desert in the vicinity of this river in Iraq, including the deserts of Alanbar Province, and the north deserts of Saudi Arabia are the primarily creation zones of the dust storms entering west and south west of Iran. The results of NDVI showed that excluding the deserts in the border of Syria and Iraq, the area with very weak vegetation cover have increased between 2.44% and 20.65% from 1991 to 2009. In the meanwhile, the retention pound surface areas in the south deserts of Syria as well as the deserts in its border with Iraq have decreased 6320 and 4397 hectares, respectively. As it can be concluded from the findings, one of the main environmental parameters initiating these dust storms is the decrease in the vegetation cover in their primarily creation zones.


    XU Wei-dong; ZHANG Yong-juan; YANG Jie; CHEN Xiao-xiang; LIU Yong-xiang


    Objective: To observe the clinical effect of treatment of acute bronchitis primarily with prickingcupping method on Back-shu points. Methods: The patients of acute bronchitis were randomly divided into 2groups. In the observation group, there were 36 cases, who were treated with the integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, primarily the pricking-cupping method on Back-shu points; while in the control group, there were 29 cases who were given the conventinal treatment of western medicine. All the 2 groups were treated for 7 days as one treating course. Results: The total effective rate of the observation group was 97.2% while that of the control group was 82.8%, so there is a significant difference between them. On the first and third days the clinical manifestations were more satisfactorily improved in the treatment group than in the control group (P < 0.01 ) and on the fifth and seventh days, the comparison showed no significant difference (P >0.05). Conclusion: The treatment of acute bronchitis by means of the integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine primarily with pricking-cupping method on Back-shu points is of marked therapeutic effect, simple manipulation, and little untoward effects, thus claiming the unique advantage.

  1. A critical assessment for the value of markers to gate-out undesired events in HLA-peptide multimer staining protocols

    Odunsi Kunle


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The introduction of antibody markers to identify undesired cell populations in flow-cytometry based assays, so called DUMP channel markers, has become a practice in an increasing number of labs performing HLA-peptide multimer assays. However, the impact of the introduction of a DUMP channel in multimer assays has so far not been systematically investigated across a broad variety of protocols. Methods The Cancer Research Institute's Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CRI-CIC conducted a multimer proficiency panel with a specific focus on the impact of DUMP channel use. The panel design allowed individual laboratories to use their own protocol for thawing, staining, gating, and data analysis. Each experiment was performed twice and in parallel, with and without the application of a dump channel strategy. Results The introduction of a DUMP channel is an effective measure to reduce the amount of non-specific MULTIMER binding to T cells. Beneficial effects for the use of a DUMP channel were observed across a wide range of individual laboratories and for all tested donor-antigen combinations. In 48% of experiments we observed a reduction of the background MULTIMER-binding. In this subgroup of experiments the median background reduction observed after introduction of a DUMP channel was 0.053%. Conclusions We conclude that appropriate use of a DUMP channel can significantly reduce background staining across a large fraction of protocols and improve the ability to accurately detect and quantify the frequency of antigen-specific T cells by multimer reagents. Thus, use of a DUMP channel may become crucial for detecting low frequency antigen-specific immune responses. Further recommendations on assay performance and data presentation guidelines for publication of MULTIMER experimental data are provided.

  2. [Facial pain- a rare cause. Impacted lower third molars causing primarily "unclear" facial pain: a case report].

    Gander, Thomas; Dagassan-Berndt, Dorothea; Mascolo, Luana; Kruse, Astrid L; Grätz, Klaus W; Lübbers, Heinz-Theo


    Orofacial pain often causes special difficulties to patients and dentists. Numerous differential diagnoses require the utilization of a coordinated diagnostic concept. Often, multiple causes lead to the need for a complex treatment plan. Impacted third molars are a potential cause of a variety of complications. Caries, pulp necrosis, and periapical infection are some of the infrequent causes of such pain. The presented case shows just such a constellation, resulting in primarily "unclear" orofacial pain. A diagnostic sequence generally leads to the correct diagnosis and thereby allows for fast and effective therapy. This shows how important structured diagnostics are, especially in cases of "unclear" pain.

  3. The Undesirable Behaviors of Students in Academic Classrooms, and the Discipline Strategies Used by Faculty Members to Control Such Behaviors from the Perspective of the College of Education Students in King Saud University

    Al Qahtani, Norah Saad Sultan


    This study aimed to identify the undesirable students' behaviors in academic classrooms, and the disciplinary, preventive and therapeutic strategies that will be used by faculty members to control those behaviors from the perspective of the College of Education's students in King Saud University. The results of the study has shown that the…

  4. Understanding the Goals of Everyday Instrumental Actions Is Primarily Linked to Object, Not Motor-Kinematic, Information: Evidence from fMRI

    Nicholson, Toby; Roser, Matt; Bach, Patric


    Prior research conceptualised action understanding primarily as a kinematic matching of observed actions to own motor representations but has ignored the role of object information. The current study utilized fMRI to identify (a) regions uniquely involved in encoding the goal of others’ actions, and (b) to test whether these goal understanding processes draw more strongly on regions involved in encoding object semantics or movement kinematics. Participants watched sequences of instrumental actions while attending to either the actions’ goal (goal task), the movements performed (movement task) or the objects used (object task). The results confirmed, first, a unique role of the inferior frontal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus and medial frontal gyrus in action goal understanding. Second, they show for the first time that activation in the goal task overlaps directly with object- but not movement-related activation. Moreover, subsequent parametric analyses revealed that movement-related regions become activated only when goals are unclear, or observers have little action experience. In contrast to motor theories of action understanding, these data suggest that objects—rather than movement kinematics—carry the key information about others’ actions. Kinematic information is additionally recruited when goals are ambiguous or unfamiliar. PMID:28081175

  5. Multi-Province Listeriosis Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Deli Meat Consumed Primarily in Institutional Settings, Canada, 2008.

    Currie, Andrea; Farber, Jeffrey M; Nadon, Céline; Sharma, Davendra; Whitfield, Yvonne; Gaulin, Colette; Galanis, Eleni; Bekal, Sadjia; Flint, James; Tschetter, Lorelee; Pagotto, Franco; Lee, Brenda; Jamieson, Fred; Badiani, Tina; MacDonald, Diane; Ellis, Andrea; May-Hadford, Jennifer; McCormick, Rachel; Savelli, Carmen; Middleton, Dean; Allen, Vanessa; Tremblay, Francois-William; MacDougall, Laura; Hoang, Linda; Shyng, Sion; Everett, Doug; Chui, Linda; Louie, Marie; Bangura, Helen; Levett, Paul N; Wilkinson, Krista; Wylie, John; Reid, Janet; Major, Brian; Engel, Dave; Douey, Donna; Huszczynski, George; Di Lecci, Joe; Strazds, Judy; Rousseau, Josée; Ma, Kenneth; Isaac, Leah; Sierpinska, Urszula


    A multi-province outbreak of listeriosis occurred in Canada from June to November 2008. Fifty-seven persons were infected with 1 of 3 similar outbreak strains defined by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, and 24 (42%) individuals died. Forty-one (72%) of 57 individuals were residents of long-term care facilities or hospital inpatients during their exposure period. Descriptive epidemiology, product traceback, and detection of the outbreak strains of Listeria monocytogenes in food samples and the plant environment confirmed delicatessen meat manufactured by one establishment and purchased primarily by institutions was the source of the outbreak. The food safety investigation identified a plant environment conducive to the introduction and proliferation of L. monocytogenes and persistently contaminated with Listeria spp. This outbreak demonstrated the need for improved listeriosis surveillance, strict control of L. monocytogenes in establishments producing ready-to-eat foods, and advice to vulnerable populations and institutions serving these populations regarding which high-risk foods to avoid.

  6. Healthy younger and older adults control foot placement to avoid small obstacles during gait primarily by modulating step width

    Schulz Brian W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Falls are a significant problem in the older population. Most falls occur during gait, which is primarily regulated by foot placement. Variability of foot placement has been associated with falls, but these associations are inconsistent and generally for smooth, level flooring. This study investigates the control of foot placement and the associated gait variability in younger and older men and women (N=7/group, total N=28 while walking at three different speeds (slow, preferred, and fast across a control surface with no obstacles and surfaces with multiple (64 small (10cm long ×13mm high visible and hidden obstacles. Results Minimum obstacle distance between the shoe and nearest obstacle during each footfall was greater on the visible obstacles surface for older subjects because some of them chose to actively avoid obstacles. This obstacle avoidance strategy was implemented primarily by modulating step width and to a lesser extent step length as indicated by linear regressions of step width and length variability on minimum obstacle distance. Mean gait speed, step length, step width, and step time did not significantly differ by subject group, flooring surface, or obstacle avoidance strategy. Conclusions Some healthy older subjects choose to actively avoid small obstacles that do not substantially perturb their gait by modulating step width and, to a lesser extent, step length. It is not clear if this obstacle avoidance strategy is appropriate and beneficial or overcautious and maladaptive, as it results in fewer obstacles encountered at a consequence of a less efficient gait pattern that has been shown to indicate increased fall risk. Further research is needed on the appropriateness of strategy selection when the environmental demands and/or task requirements have multiple possible completion strategies with conflicting objectives (i.e. perceived safety vs. efficiency.

  7. User involvement in care work

    Dybbroe, Betina; Kamp, Annette

    effectiveness and shared responsibility for care pathways. While NPM position users as consumers making their free choice, the user involvement paradigm underlines the users’ active participation in the mastering of their problems and disease. Research is scarce on this theme, and has until now primarily......In recent years user involvement has become a paradigm for transforming the health and social care sector. This development–also labelled empowerment, co-creation, partnership, patient-centeredness - is seen as a means to reform organizations in ways that enhance quality, economic cost...... addressed the way this paradigm affects the users, in specific sectors. However user involvement also affects working life. It may imply change and redistribution of tasks and identities between users and professionals, and may also transform the relations of care. In this paper we explore the possible...

  8. [Nail involvement in leprosy].

    Belinchón Romero, I; Ramos Rincón, J M; Reyes Rabell, F


    Leprosy, a disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, primarily affects the skin and nerves, but the nails are also involved in as many as 3 out of 4 patients .The factors that trigger nail changes in leprosy are numerous and include repeated trauma, neuropathy, vascular impairment, infections, lepra reactions, and the drugs used to manage the disease. The changes most often reported include subungual hematomas, onycholysis, onychauxis, onychogryphosis, pterygium unguis, and onychoheterotopia, most of which can be attributed to nerve damage and trauma. Furthermore, the acro-osteolysis that occurs in the advanced stages of the disease may present with brachyonychia, racquet nails, or even anonychia. Infections of the nail bed leading to paronychia and onychomycosis should also be taken into account in leprosy. Other typical changes include longitudinal striae, pitting, macrolunula, Terry nails, leukonychia, hapalonychia, and Beau lines. In this review, we describe the principal nail changes associated with leprosy. These changes, which are highly varied and diverse in origin, are in fact a reflection of the significant morbidity caused by M. leprae infection.

  9. Human land uses enhance sediment denitrification and N2O production in Yangtze lakes primarily by influencing lake water quality

    W. Liu


    Full Text Available Sediment denitrification in lakes alleviates the effects of eutrophication through removal of nitrogen to the atmosphere as N2O and N2. However, N2O contributes notably to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Human lands uses (e.g., agricultural and urban areas strongly affect lake water quality and sediment characteristics, which, in turn, may regulate lake sediment denitrification and N2O production. In this study, we investigated sediment denitrification and N2O production and their relationships to within-lake variables and watershed land uses in 20 lakes from the Yangtze River basin in China. The results indicated that both lake water quality and sediment characteristics were significantly influenced by watershed land uses. Increased background denitrification rate would result in increased N2O production rate. Background denitrification and N2O production rates were positively related to water nitrogen concentrations but were not significantly correlated with sediment characteristics and plant community structure. A significant positive relationship was observed between background denitrification rate and percentage of human-dominated land uses (HDL in watersheds. Structural equation modelling revealed that the indirect effects of HDL on sediment denitrification and N2O production in Yangtze lakes were mediated primarily through lake water quality. Our findings also suggest that although sediments in Yangtze lakes can remove large quantities of nitrogen through denitrification, they may also be an important source of N2O, especially in lakes with high nitrogen content.

  10. Patient-Provider Engagement and Chronic Pain in Drug-Using, Primarily African American Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.

    Mitchell, Mary M; Nguyen, Trang Q; Maragh-Bass, Allysha C; Isenberg, Sarina R; Beach, Mary Catherine; Knowlton, Amy R


    Among disadvantaged persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), patient-provider engagement, which has been defined as patient-provider relationships that promote the use of health care services and are characterized by active listening and supportive decision making, has been associated with antiretroviral therapy (ART) maintenance and viral suppression. However, chronic pain, depression, and substance use, all of which are prevalent in this population, can reduce the quality of patient-provider engagement. We hypothesized a model in which chronic pain, depression, and substance use would be associated with poorer patient-provider engagement, which would be positively associated with adherence, with the latter associated positively with viral suppression. We analyzed data from the BEACON study, which included surveys from 383 PLHIV who were primarily African American, on ART, and had histories of drug use. Due to six missing cases on the chronic pain variable, we used data from 377 respondents in a structural equation model. Chronic pain and depressive symptoms were significantly associated with poorer patient-provider engagement, while substance use was associated with better engagement. Patient-provider engagement in turn was associated with better ART adherence, which was associated with higher viral suppression. Results suggest the role of chronic pain in poor patient-physician engagement in this population, which has potential implications for quality of HIV patient care and health outcomes. Findings suggest the need for attention to patient-provider engagement in PLHIV.

  11. Inverted Papilloma Originating Primarily from the Nasolacrimal Duct: A Case Report and Review of the Pertinent Literature

    Hussein Z. Walijee


    Full Text Available Introduction. Inverted papilloma (IP is an uncommon, benign yet aggressive neoplasm characterised by high recurrence rates and tendency towards malignant transformation. The majority of IP cases originate in the ethmoid region, lateral wall of the nasal fossa, and maxillary sinus. The authors report a case of an IP originating primarily from the nasolacrimal duct (NLD. Case. A 69-year-old Caucasian gentleman presented with a lump in his right medial canthal region, epiphora, and discharge bilaterally. Radiological investigation revealed a well-defined, heterogeneous mass within the proximal NLD eroding the bony canal, protruding into the middle meatus and into the right orbit. The tumour was excised en bloc utilizing a combined external and endoscopic approach based on its location. Histology revealed hyperplastic ribbons of basement membrane-enclosed epithelium growing endophytically into the underlying stroma with no evidence of invasive malignancy. The patient made an uneventful recovery with unchanged visual acuity and normal extraocular movements. Conclusion. The case demonstrates variability within the sinonasal tract that IP can develop and the individuality of each case necessitating tailored operative techniques for complete excision whilst minimising recurrence rates. We also present a combined endoscopic approach for the en bloc resection of a NLD IP with no clinical recurrence at 15-month follow-up.

  12. Chemical and biological studies of a new cigarette that primarily heats tobacco. Part 3. In vitro toxicity of whole smoke.

    Bombick, D W; Ayres, P H; Putnam, K; Bombick, B R; Doolittle, D J


    Mainstream smoke from Kentucky reference low "tar" (1R4F) and ultra-low "tar" (1R5F) cigarettes and a test cigarette (TOB-HT), that primarily heats tobacco, was compared for cytotoxic and genotoxic potential using cellular smoke exposure technology (CSET). CSET includes a computer controlled 30-port AMESA/Battelle-Geneva smoke generator which exposes cultured mammalian Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) to whole smoke. Cytotoxicity was assessed using the neutral red assay and genotoxicity was assessed using the sister chromatid exchange (SCE) assay. Compared on a per cigarette basis, mainstream smoke from 1R5F and the TOB-HT cigarette was significantly less cytotoxic and genotoxic than the smoke from the 1R4F cigarette. The cytotoxic and genotoxic activity of smoke from the TOB-HT cigarettes was slightly greater than the smoke from the ultra-low "tar" Kentucky 1R5F reference cigarettes. In conclusion, in these assays mainstream whole smoke of the TOB-HT cigarette had slightly greater cytotoxic and genotoxic potential compared with an ultra-low "tar" 1R5F Kentucky reference cigarette and significantly less activity compared with the whole mainstream smoke from a low "tar" 1R4F Kentucky reference cigarette, representative of the US market average cigarette for FTC yields of "tar", CO and nicotine.


    Ramseyer, Vanesa; Hong, Nancy; Garvin, Jeffrey L.


    Inappropriate Na+ reabsorption by thick ascending limbs (THALs) induces hypertension. Nitric oxide (NO) produced by NO synthase type 3 (NOS3 or eNOS) inhibits NaCl reabsorption by THALs. Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) decreases NOS3 expression in endothelial cells and contributes to increases in blood pressure. However, the effects of TNF-α on THAL NOS3 and the signaling cascade are unknown. TNF-α activates several signaling pathways including Rho/Rho kinase (ROCK) which is known to reduce NOS3 expression in endothelial cells. Therefore, we hypothesized that TNF-α decreases NOS3 expression via Rho/ROCK in rat THAL primary cultures. THAL cells were incubated with either vehicle or 1 nmol/L TNF-α for 24 hrs and NOS3 expression was measured by Western blot. TNF-α decreased NOS3 expression by 51±6% (pNOS3 expression by 30±8% (pNOS3 expression by 66±15 % (pNOS3 expression. We conclude that TNF-α decreases NOS3 expression primarily via Rho/ROCK in rat THALs. These data suggest that some of the beneficial effects of ROCK inhibitors in hypertension could be due to the mitigation of TNF-α-induced reduction in NOS3 expression. PMID:22566503

  14. Adolescent Pornography Use and Dating Violence among a Sample of Primarily Black and Hispanic, Urban-Residing, Underage Youth

    Emily F. Rothman


    Full Text Available This cross-sectional study was designed to characterize the pornography viewing preferences of a sample of U.S.-based, urban-residing, economically disadvantaged, primarily Black and Hispanic youth (n = 72, and to assess whether pornography use was associated with experiences of adolescent dating abuse (ADA victimization. The sample was recruited from a large, urban, safety net hospital, and participants were 53% female, 59% Black, 19% Hispanic, 14% Other race, 6% White, and 1% Native American. All were 16–17 years old. More than half (51% had been asked to watch pornography together by a dating or sexual partner, and 44% had been asked to do something sexual that a partner saw in pornography. Adolescent dating abuse (ADA victimization was associated with more frequent pornography use, viewing pornography in the company of others, being asked to perform a sexual act that a partner first saw in pornography, and watching pornography during or after marijuana use. Approximately 50% of ADA victims and 32% of non-victims reported that they had been asked to do a sexual act that their partner saw in pornography (p = 0.15, and 58% did not feel happy to have been asked. Results suggest that weekly pornography use among underage, urban-residing youth is common, and may be associated with ADA victimization.

  15. Adolescent Pornography Use and Dating Violence among a Sample of Primarily Black and Hispanic, Urban-Residing, Underage Youth

    Rothman, Emily F.; Adhia, Avanti


    This cross-sectional study was designed to characterize the pornography viewing preferences of a sample of U.S.-based, urban-residing, economically disadvantaged, primarily Black and Hispanic youth (n = 72), and to assess whether pornography use was associated with experiences of adolescent dating abuse (ADA) victimization. The sample was recruited from a large, urban, safety net hospital, and participants were 53% female, 59% Black, 19% Hispanic, 14% Other race, 6% White, and 1% Native American. All were 16–17 years old. More than half (51%) had been asked to watch pornography together by a dating or sexual partner, and 44% had been asked to do something sexual that a partner saw in pornography. Adolescent dating abuse (ADA) victimization was associated with more frequent pornography use, viewing pornography in the company of others, being asked to perform a sexual act that a partner first saw in pornography, and watching pornography during or after marijuana use. Approximately 50% of ADA victims and 32% of non-victims reported that they had been asked to do a sexual act that their partner saw in pornography (p = 0.15), and 58% did not feel happy to have been asked. Results suggest that weekly pornography use among underage, urban-residing youth may be common, and may be associated with ADA victimization. PMID:26703744

  16. Y-Chromosomal Diversity in Europe Is Clinal and Influenced Primarily by Geography, Rather than by Language

    Rosser, Zoë H.; Zerjal, Tatiana; Hurles, Matthew E.; Adojaan, Maarja; Alavantic, Dragan; Amorim, António; Amos, William; Armenteros, Manuel; Arroyo, Eduardo; Barbujani, Guido; Beckman, Gunhild; Beckman, Lars; Bertranpetit, Jaume; Bosch, Elena; Bradley, Daniel G.; Brede, Gaute; Cooper, Gillian; Côrte-Real, Helena B. S. M.; de Knijff, Peter; Decorte, Ronny; Dubrova, Yuri E.; Evgrafov, Oleg; Gilissen, Anja; Glisic, Sanja; Gölge, Mukaddes; Hill, Emmeline W.; Jeziorowska, Anna; Kalaydjieva, Luba; Kayser, Manfred; Kivisild, Toomas; Kravchenko, Sergey A.; Krumina, Astrida; Kučinskas, Vaidutis; Lavinha, João; Livshits, Ludmila A.; Malaspina, Patrizia; Maria, Syrrou; McElreavey, Ken; Meitinger, Thomas A.; Mikelsaar, Aavo-Valdur; Mitchell, R. John; Nafa, Khedoudja; Nicholson, Jayne; Nørby, Søren; Pandya, Arpita; Parik, Jüri; Patsalis, Philippos C.; Pereira, Luísa; Peterlin, Borut; Pielberg, Gerli; Prata, Maria João; Previderé, Carlo; Roewer, Lutz; Rootsi, Siiri; Rubinsztein, D. C.; Saillard, Juliette; Santos, Fabrício R.; Stefanescu, Gheorghe; Sykes, Bryan C.; Tolun, Aslihan; Villems, Richard; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Jobling, Mark A.


    Clinal patterns of autosomal genetic diversity within Europe have been interpreted in previous studies in terms of a Neolithic demic diffusion model for the spread of agriculture; in contrast, studies using mtDNA have traced many founding lineages to the Paleolithic and have not shown strongly clinal variation. We have used 11 human Y-chromosomal biallelic polymorphisms, defining 10 haplogroups, to analyze a sample of 3,616 Y chromosomes belonging to 47 European and circum-European populations. Patterns of geographic differentiation are highly nonrandom, and, when they are assessed using spatial autocorrelation analysis, they show significant clines for five of six haplogroups analyzed. Clines for two haplogroups, representing 45% of the chromosomes, are continentwide and consistent with the demic diffusion hypothesis. Clines for three other haplogroups each have different foci and are more regionally restricted and are likely to reflect distinct population movements, including one from north of the Black Sea. Principal-components analysis suggests that populations are related primarily on the basis of geography, rather than on the basis of linguistic affinity. This is confirmed in Mantel tests, which show a strong and highly significant partial correlation between genetics and geography but a low, nonsignificant partial correlation between genetics and language. Genetic-barrier analysis also indicates the primacy of geography in the shaping of patterns of variation. These patterns retain a strong signal of expansion from the Near East but also suggest that the demographic history of Europe has been complex and influenced by other major population movements, as well as by linguistic and geographic heterogeneities and the effects of drift. PMID:11078479

  17. Both cell substratum regulation and hormonal regulation of milk protein gene expression are exerted primarily at the posttranscriptional level

    Eisenstein, R.S.; Rosen, J.M.


    The mechanism by which individual peptide and steroid hormones and cell-substratum interactions regulate milk protein gene expression has been studied in the COMMA-D mammary epithelial cell line. In the presence of insulin, hydrocortisone, and prolactin, growth of COMMA-D cells on floating collagen gels in comparison with that on a plastic substratum resulted in a 2.5- to 3-fold increase in the relative rate of ..beta..-casein gene transcription but a 37-fold increase in ..beta..-casein mRNA accumulation. In contrast, whey acidic protein gene transcription was constitutive in COMMA-D cells grown on either substratum, but its mRNA was unstable and little intact mature mRNA was detected. Culturing COMMA-D cells on collagen also promoted increased expression of other genes expressed in differentiated mammary epithelial cells, including those encoding ..cap alpha..- and ..gamma..-casein, transferrin, malic enzyme, and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase but decreased the expression of actin and histone genes. Using COMMA-D cells, the authors defined further the role of individual hormones in influencing ..beta..-casein gene transcription. With insulin alone, a basal level of ..beta..-casein gene transcription was detected in COMMA-D cells grown on floating collagen gels. Addition of prolactin but not hydrocortisone resulted in a 2.5- to 3.0-fold increase in ..beta..-casein gene transcription, but both hormones were required to elicit the maximal 73-fold induction in mRNA accumulation. The posttranscriptional effect of hormones on casein mRNA accummulation preceded any detectable changes in the relative rate of transcription. Thus, regulation by both hormones and cell substratum of casein gene expression is exerted primarily at the post transcriptional level.

  18. Inward Rectifier K+ Currents Are Regulated by CaMKII in Endothelial Cells of Primarily Cultured Bovine Pulmonary Arteries.

    Lihui Qu

    Full Text Available Endothelium lines the interior surface of vascular walls and regulates vascular tones. The endothelial cells sense and respond to chemical and mechanical stimuli in the circulation, and couple the stimulus signals to vascular smooth muscles, in which inward rectifier K+ currents (Kir play an important role. Here we applied several complementary strategies to determine the Kir subunit in primarily cultured pulmonary arterial endothelial cells (PAECs that was regulated by the Ca2+/calmodulin (CaM-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII. In whole-cell voltage clamp, the Kir currents were sensitive to micromolar concentrations of extracellular Ba2+. In excised inside-out patches, an inward rectifier K+ current was observed with single-channel conductance 32.43 ± 0.45 pS and Popen 0.27 ± 0.04, which were consistent with known unitary conductance of Kir 2.1. RT-PCR and western blot results showed that expression of Kir 2.1 was significantly stronger than that of other subtypes in PAECs. Pharmacological analysis of the Kir currents demonstrated that insensitivity to intracellular ATP, pinacidil, glibenclamide, pH, GDP-β-S and choleratoxin suggested that currents weren't determined by KATP, Kir2.3, Kir2.4 and Kir3.x. The currents were strongly suppressed by exposure to CaMKII inhibitor W-7 and KN-62. The expression of Kir2.1 was inhibited by knocking down CaMKII. Consistently, vasodilation was suppressed by Ba2+, W-7 and KN-62 in isolated and perfused pulmonary arterial rings. These results suggest that the PAECs express an inward rectifier K+ current that is carried dominantly by Kir2.1, and this K+ channel appears to be targeted by CaMKII-dependent intracellular signaling systems.

  19. Predator effects on a detritus-based food web are primarily mediated by non-trophic interactions.

    Majdi, Nabil; Boiché, Anatole; Traunspurger, Walter; Lecerf, Antoine


    Predator effects on ecosystems can extend far beyond their prey and are often not solely lethally transmitted. Change in prey traits in response to predation risk can have important repercussions on community assembly and key ecosystem processes (i.e. trait-mediated indirect effects). In addition, some predators themselves alter habitat structure or nutrient cycling through ecological engineering effects. Tracking these non-trophic pathways is thus an important, yet challenging task to gain a better grasp of the functional role of predators. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that, in detritus-based food webs, non-trophic interactions may prevail over purely trophic interactions in determining predator effects on plant litter decomposition. This hypothesis was tested in a headwater stream by modulating the density of a flatworm predator (Polycelis felina) in enclosures containing oak (Quercus robur) leaf litter exposed to natural colonization by small invertebrates and microbial decomposers. Causal path modelling was used to infer how predator effects propagated through the food web. Flatworms accelerated litter decomposition through positive effects on microbial decomposers. The biomass of prey and non-prey invertebrates was not negatively affected by flatworms, suggesting that net predator effect on litter decomposition was primarily determined by non-trophic interactions. Flatworms enhanced the deposition and retention of fine sediments on leaf surface, thereby improving leaf colonization by invertebrates - most of which having strong affinities with interstitial habitats. This predator-induced improvement of habitat availability was attributed to the sticky nature of the mucus that flatworms secrete in copious amount while foraging. Results of path analyses further indicated that this bottom-up ecological engineering effect was as powerful as the top-down effect on invertebrate prey. Our findings suggest that predators have the potential to affect substantially

  20. Transient activation of microglia following acute alcohol exposure in developing mouse neocortex is primarily driven by BAX-dependent neurodegeneration.

    Ahlers, Katelin E; Karaçay, Bahri; Fuller, Leah; Bonthius, Daniel J; Dailey, Michael E


    Fetal alcohol exposure is the most common known cause of preventable mental retardation, yet we know little about how microglia respond to, or are affected by, alcohol in the developing brain in vivo. Using an acute (single day) model of moderate (3 g/kg) to severe (5 g/kg) alcohol exposure in postnatal day (P) 7 or P8 mice, we found that alcohol-induced neuroapoptosis in the neocortex is closely correlated in space and time with the appearance of activated microglia near dead cells. The timing and molecular pattern of microglial activation varied with the level of cell death. Although microglia rapidly mobilized to contact and engulf late-stage apoptotic neurons, apoptotic bodies temporarily accumulated in neocortex, suggesting that in severe cases of alcohol toxicity the neurodegeneration rate exceeds the clearance capacity of endogenous microglia. Nevertheless, most dead cells were cleared and microglia began to deactivate within 1-2 days of the initial insult. Coincident with microglial activation and deactivation, there was a transient increase in expression of pro-inflammatory factors, TNFα and IL-1β, after severe (5 g/kg) but not moderate (3 g/kg) EtOH levels. Alcohol-induced microglial activation and pro-inflammatory factor expression were largely abolished in BAX null mice lacking neuroapoptosis, indicating that microglial activation is primarily triggered by apoptosis rather than the alcohol. Therefore, acute alcohol exposure in the developing neocortex causes transient microglial activation and mobilization, promoting clearance of dead cells and tissue recovery. Moreover, cortical microglia show a remarkable capacity to rapidly deactivate following even severe neurodegenerative insults in the developing brain.

  1. 49 CFR 37.195 - Purchase or lease of OTRBs by private entities not primarily in the business of transporting people.


    ... primarily in the business of transporting people. 37.195 Section 37.195 Transportation Office of the... transporting people. This section applies to all purchases or leases of new vehicles by private entities which are not primarily engaged in the business of transporting people, with respect to buses delivered...

  2. Liver involvement in systemic infection

    Masami; Minemura; Kazuto; Tajiri; Yukihiro; Shimizu


    The liver is often involved in systemic infections,resulting in various types of abnormal liver function test results.In particular,hyperbilirubinemia in the range of 2-10 mg/dL is often seen in patients with sepsis,and several mechanisms for this phenomenon have been proposed.In this review,we summarize how the liver is involved in various systemic infections that are not considered to be primarily hepatotropic.In most patients with systemic infections,treatment for the invading microbes is enough to normalize the liver function tests.However,some patients may show severe liver injury or fulminant hepatic failure,requiring intensive treatment of the liver.

  3. TRPA1 is functionally expressed primarily by IB4-binding, non-peptidergic mouse and rat sensory neurons.

    Marie E Barabas

    functionally expressed primarily in the IB4-positive, CGRP-negative subpopulation of small lumbar DRG neurons from rodents. Thus, IB4 binding is a better indicator than neuropeptides for TRPA1 expression.

  4. TRPA1 Is Functionally Expressed Primarily by IB4-Binding, Non-Peptidergic Mouse and Rat Sensory Neurons

    Stucky, Cheryl L.


    primarily in the IB4-positive, CGRP-negative subpopulation of small lumbar DRG neurons from rodents. Thus, IB4 binding is a better indicator than neuropeptides for TRPA1 expression. PMID:23133534

  5. Prostaglandin (PG) E3 synthesis elicted by adrenergic stimuli in guinea-pig trachea (GPT) is mediated primarily by B2 adrenergic receptors

    Nadel, G.L.; Malik, K.U.; Lew, D.B. (Univ. of Tennessee, Memphis (United States))


    The purpose of this study was to examine arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism and to characterize the type of adrenergic receptor (AR) involved in the production of the major metabolite of this fatty acid. ({sup 14}C)AA was incubated with GPT-rings and the radiolabelled products were extracted and separated by TLC method. The medium was also assayed for radiolabelled immunoreactive PG's (iPG's) and leukotrienes (LT) B4 and C4 by RIA or Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) after exposure to various AR agonists. ({sup 14}C)AA was incorporated into GPT-rings and metabolized mainly into iPGE2 and smaller amounts into PGF2{alpha}. Trace amounts of PGD2 and 6-keto-PGF1{alpha} but not LTB4 or LTC4 were detected by RIA and/or EIA. Incubation of GPT rings for 15 minutes with isoproterenol and salbutamol resulted in a significant increase of PGE2 synthesis (optimum conc: 10{sup {minus}7}, 10{sup {minus}7}M respectively). In contrast, dobutamine, norepinephrine, phenylnephrine and xylazine (up to 10{sup {minus}6}M) did not significantly increase PGE2 production. Isoproterenol-induced iPGE2 production was inhibited by a selective {beta}2 antagonist, butoxamine (70%: 10{sup {minus}7}M, 91%: 10{sup {minus}6}M) and somewhat reduced by {beta}1 antagonists practolol and metoprolol (30-64%:10{sup {minus}6}M). These data suggest that isoproterenol induced iPGE2 synthesis is primarily mediated via activation of {beta}2 adrenergic receptor.

  6. MicroRNAs function primarily in the pathogenesis of human anencephaly via the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.

    Zhang, W D; Yu, X; Fu, X; Huang, S; Jin, S J; Ning, Q; Luo, X P


    Anencephaly is one of the most serious forms of neural tube defects (NTDs), a group of congenital central nervous system (CNS) malformations. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are involved in diverse biological processes via the post-transcriptional regulation of target mRNAs. Although miRNAs play important roles in the development of mammalian CNS, their function in human NTDs remains unknown. Using a miRNA microarray, we identified a unique expression profile in fetal anencephalic brain tissues, characterized by 70 upregulated miRNAs (ratio ≥ 2) and 7 downregulated miRNAs (ratio ≤ 0.5) compared with healthy human samples. Ten miRNAs with altered expression were selected from the microarray findings for validation with real-time quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. We found that in anencephalic tissues, miR-22, miR-23a, miR-34a, miR-103, miR-125a, miR-132, miR-134, miR-138, and miR-185 were significantly upregulated, while miR-149 was significantly downregulated. Furthermore, 459 potential target genes within the validated miRNAs were revealed using combined four target prediction algorithms in the human genome, and subsequently analyzed with the Molecule Annotation System 3.0. A total of 119 target genes were ultimately identified, including those involved in 22 singular annotations (i.e., transcription, signal transduction, and cell cycle) and 55 functional pathways [i.e., mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway, and actin cytoskeleton regulation]. Six target genes (HNRPU, JAG1, FMR1, EGR3, RUNX1T1, and NDEL1) were chosen as candidate genes and associated with congenital birth abnormalities of the brain structure. Our results, therefore, suggest that miRNA maladjustment mainly contributes to the etiopathogenesis of anencephaly via the MAPK signaling pathway.

  7. Magnetic resonance hypointensive signal primarily originates from extracellular iron particles in the long-term tracking of mesenchymal stem cells transplanted in the infarcted myocardium

    Huang Z


    Full Text Available Zheyong Huang,1,* Chenguang Li,1,* Shan Yang,2 Jianfeng Xu,1 Yunli Shen,3 Xinxing Xie,4 Yuxiang Dai,1 Hao Lu,1 Hui Gong,5 Aijun Sun,1 Juying Qian,1 Junbo Ge1 1Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Radiology, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Cardiology, Shanghai East Hospital, Tongji University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 4Department of Cardiology, Qianfoshan Hospital, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China; 5Institute of Biomedical Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: The long-lasting hypointensities in cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR were believed to originate from superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO-engulfed macrophages during long-term stem cell tracking. However, the iron clearance capacity of the ischemic heart was limited. Therefore, we speculated that the extracellular SPIO particles may also be involved in the generation of false-positive signals.Methods and results: Male swine mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs were incubated with SPIO for 24 hours, and SPIO labeling had no significant effects on either cell viability or differentiation. In vitro studies showed that magnetic resonance failed to distinguish SPIO from living SPIO-MSCs or dead SPIO-MSCs. Two hours after the establishment of the female swine acute myocardial infarction model, 2×107 male SPIO-labeled MSCs (n=5 or unlabeled MSCs (n=5 were transextracardially injected into the infarcted myocardium at ten distinct sites. In vivo CMR with T2 star weighted imaging-flash-2D sequence revealed a signal void corresponding to the initial SPIO-MSC injection sites. At 6 months after transplantation, CMR identified 32 (64% of the 50 injection sites, where massive Prussian blue-positive iron

  8. Eye Involvement in TSC

    ... Privacy Policy Sitemap Learn Engage Donate About TSC Eyes Campbell (1905) first described the eye involvement in ... some form of eye involvement. Nonretinal and Retinal Eye Findings Facial angiofibromas may involve the eyelids of ...

  9. Who and What Does Involvement Involve?

    Hansen, Jeppe Oute; Petersen, Anders; Huniche, Lotte


    elucidates how a psycho-ideological discourse positions the mentally ill person as weak, incapable, and ineffective. By contrast, the supporting relative is positioned as a strong, capable, and effective co-therapist. Furthermore, the analysis considers how this dominant discourse of involvement...... theoretical perspective laid out by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, the aim of this study is to show how the dominant discourse about involvement at the political and clinical sites is constituted by understandings of mentally ill individuals and by political objectives of involvement. The analysis...... the responsibility toward the mental health of the ill individual as well as toward the psychological milieu of the family....

  10. Nanoparticles affect PCR primarily via surface interactions with PCR components: using amino-modified silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles as a main model

    Nanomaterials have been widely reported to affect the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). However, many studies in which these effects were observed were not comprehensive, and many of the proposed mechanisms have been primarily speculative. In this work, we used amino-modified silica-coated magnetic n...

  11. The validity of the pretreated, unilaterally MPTP-treated monkeys as a model of Parkinson's disease: a detailed behavioural analysis of the therapeutic and undesired effects of the D2 agonist quinpirole and the D1 agonist SKF 81297.

    Andringa, G; Vermeulen, R J; Drukarch, B; Renier, W O; Stoof, J C; Cools, A R


    The goal of this study was to evaluate the validity of the pretreated, unilaterally MPTP-treated monkey as an animal model of Parkinson's disease (PD). For that purpose, a detailed ethogram was developed and assessed in four male rhesus monkeys that had received MPTP (2.5 mg) in the carotid artery contralateral to the dominant limb. Subsequently, the behavioural effects of the dopamine D2 agonist quinpirole and the dopamine D1 agonist SKF 81297 were studied. The ethogram was found to allow a clear-cut and objective separation of drug-induced behaviours into therapeutic and undesired effects in the MPTP-treated monkeys. Saline-treated monkeys predominantly displayed ipsilateral goal-directed fore-limb movements, and distinct types of ipsilaterally directed rotations. Although quinpirole and SKF 81297 increased motor behaviours, such as body displacement, contralateral fore-limb movements and contralateral rotational behaviours, assessment of the new detailed ethogram revealed that this increase was completely due to the activation of abnormal, non-goal-directed behaviours, such as dyskinetic fore-limb movements, pivoting and shuffling. Moreover, the new ethogram made clear that the drug treatments induced not only dyskinesia and dystonia, but also epileptoid behaviour, which was confirmed by EEG analysis. In summary, the detailed behavioural analysis showed that this model does not adequately predict the clinical effects of the D2 agonist. It is concluded that the pretreated, unilaterally MPTP-treated monkey is not a valid model to predict the therapeutic and undesired effects of dopaminergic drugs in humans.

  12. Undesirable evolutionary consequences of trophy hunting.

    Coltman, David W; O'Donoghue, Paul; Jorgenson, Jon T; Hogg, John T; Strobeck, Curtis; Festa-Bianchet, Marco


    Phenotype-based selective harvests, including trophy hunting, can have important implications for sustainable wildlife management if they target heritable traits. Here we show that in an evolutionary response to sport hunting of bighorn trophy rams (Ovis canadensis) body weight and horn size have declined significantly over time. We used quantitative genetic analyses, based on a partly genetically reconstructed pedigree from a 30-year study of a wild population in which trophy hunting targeted rams with rapidly growing horns, to explore the evolutionary response to hunter selection on ram weight and horn size. Both traits were highly heritable, and trophy-harvested rams were of significantly higher genetic 'breeding value' for weight and horn size than rams that were not harvested. Rams of high breeding value were also shot at an early age, and thus did not achieve high reproductive success. Declines in mean breeding values for weight and horn size therefore occurred in response to unrestricted trophy hunting, resulting in the production of smaller-horned, lighter rams, and fewer trophies.

  13. Interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor-alpha sensitize primarily resistant human endometrial stromal cells to Fas-mediated apoptosis

    Fluhr, Herbert; Krenzer, Stefanie; Stein, Gerburg M


    -mediated signaling during early implantation. Here we show that ESCs are primarily resistant to Fas-mediated apoptosis independently of their state of hormonal differentiation. Pre-treatment of ESCs with interferon (IFN)-gamma and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha sensitizes them to become apoptotic upon stimulation......-inhibitory protein (FLIP, CFLAR) expression in ESCs. Additionally, we observed an activation of caspase 3, caspase 8 and caspase 9 upon apoptotic Fas triggering. In summary, we demonstrate that IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha sensitize primarily apoptosis-resistant ESCs to Fas-mediated cell death. This might be due...... to an upregulation of Fas expression, and apoptosis seems to be mediated by active caspase 3, caspase 8 and caspase 9. The observed pro-apoptotic effect of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha on ESCs could play an important role in the modulation of early implantation....

  14. Lung Involvement in TSC

    ... Privacy Policy Sitemap Learn Engage Donate About TSC Lungs Lung involvement in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) has ... testing. (Krueger et al., 2013) What Are the Lung Features of TSC? Two forms of lung involvement ...

  15. “四风”的内涵及其相互关系探讨%To Probe the Connotations and Interrelation of the Four Forms of Undesirable Work Styles



    反腐倡廉如何从制度、机制上遏制腐败是一个亟待解决的问题。对“四风”病灶的深刻剖析是药到病除的先决条件。从现象到本质、从内涵到外延,深刻揭示了“四风”的内涵及其相互关系,进而指出,形式与内容相互依存,“官僚主义”就是“四风”的核心内容,而“形式主义、享乐主义、奢靡之风”就是“四风”的外在形式。%In anti-corruption work,how to curb corruption from the system and mechanism is a se-rious problem to be solved.A profound analysis of the nidus is a prerequisite to cure the patient. The connotations and interrelation of "the four forms of undesirable work styles" are revealed from phenomenon to essence,from connotation to denotation.It is pointed out that the form and content are interdependent."Bureaucracy" is the core content,while "formalism,hedonism and extravagance" are the external form .

  16. Doctors' involvement in torture

    Sonntag, Jesper


    Doctors from both non-democratic and democratic countries are involved in torture. The majority of doctors involved in torture are doctors at risk. Doctors at risk might compromise their ethical duty towards patients for the following possible reasons: individual factors (such as career, economic...

  17. Involvement of relatives as a managerial technology in the treatment of depression?

    Hansen, Jeppe Oute

    here is health political interest in involving relatives in treatment processes as it is assumed that it brings down the societal and human burdens of depression. However, studies show that involvement is primarily aimed at securing compliance with medical regimes, leading to relatives experiencing...... how such involvement is negotiated depending on the characteristics of the mutual relationship and availability of social resources....

  18. Kinetic Analysis for Macrocyclizations Involving Anionic Template at the Transition State

    Vicente Martí-Centelles


    competitive oligomerization/polymerization processes yielding undesired oligomeric/polymeric byproducts. The effect of anions has also been included in the kinetic models, as they can act as catalytic templates in the transition state reducing and stabilizing the transition state. The corresponding differential equation systems for each kinetic model can be solved numerically. Through a comprehensive analysis of these results, it is possible to obtain a better understanding of the different parameters that are involved in the macrocyclization reaction mechanism and to develop strategies for the optimization of the desired processes.

  19. The activation of p38 MAPK primarily contributes to UV-induced RhoB expression by recruiting the c-Jun and p300 to the distal CCAAT box of the RhoB promoter

    Ahn, Jiwon [Genome Research Center, KRIBB, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of); Department of Microbiology, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764 (Korea, Republic of); Choi, Jeong-Hae; Won, Misun [Genome Research Center, KRIBB, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of); Kang, Chang-Mo [Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Tissue Regeneration, KIRAMS, Seoul 139-706 (Korea, Republic of); Gyun, Mi-Rang [Genome Research Center, KRIBB, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of); Functional Genomics, Korea University of Science and Technology, Daejeon 305-350 (Korea, Republic of); Park, Hee-Moon [Department of Microbiology, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764 (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Chun-Ho, E-mail: [Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Tissue Regeneration, KIRAMS, Seoul 139-706 (Korea, Republic of); Chung, Kyung-Sook, E-mail: [Genome Research Center, KRIBB, Daejeon 305-806 (Korea, Republic of)


    Highlights: {yields} Regulation of transcriptional activation of RhoB is still unclear. {yields} We examine the effect of p38 MAPK inhibition, and c-Jun and RhoB depletion on UV-induced RhoB expression and apoptosis. {yields} We identify the regions of RhoB promoter necessary to confer UV responsiveness using pRhoB-luciferase reporter assays. {yields} c-Jun, ATF2 and p300 are dominantly associated with NF-Y on the distal CCAAT box. {yields} The activation of p38 MAPK primarily contribute to UV-induced RhoB expression by recruiting the c-Jun and p300 proteins on distal CCAAT box of RhoB promoter. -- Abstract: The Ras-related small GTP-binding protein RhoB is rapidly induced in response to genotoxic stresses caused by ionizing radiation. It is known that UV-induced RhoB expression results from the binding of activating transcription factor 2 (ATF2) via NF-Y to the inverted CCAAT box (-23) of the RhoB promoter. Here, we show that the association of c-Jun with the distal CCAAT box (-72) is primarily involved in UV-induced RhoB expression and p38 MAPK regulated RhoB induction through the distal CCAAT box. UV-induced RhoB expression and apoptosis were markedly attenuated by pretreatment with the p38 MAPK inhibitor. siRNA knockdown of RhoB, ATF2 and c-Jun resulted in decreased RhoB expression and eventually restored the growth of UV-irradiated Jurkat cells. In the reporter assay using luciferase under the RhoB promoter, inhibition of RhoB promoter activity by the p38 inhibitor and knockdown of c-Jun using siRNA occurred through the distal CCAAT box. Immunoprecipitation and DNA affinity protein binding assays revealed the association of c-Jun and p300 via NF-YA and the dissociation of histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) via c-Jun recruitment to the CCAAT boxes of the RhoB promoter. These results suggest that the activation of p38 MAPK primarily contributes to UV-induced RhoB expression by recruiting the c-Jun and p300 proteins to the distal CCAAT box of the RhoB promoter in

  20. Partial unilateral lentiginosis with ocular involvement.

    Schaffer, J V; Lazova, R; Bolognia, J L


    Partial unilateral lentiginosis (PUL) is an unusual pigmentary disorder characterized by numerous lentigines grouped within an area of normal skin; the pigmented macules are often in a segmental distribution with a sharp demarcation at the midline. We report the first case of ocular involvement in a patient with this diagnosis. The patient, a 30-year-old Peruvian woman, had multiple brown macules on the left upper face in primarily a V1 and V2 distribution with a sharp demarcation at the midline of the forehead. The lesions first appeared near the hairline when she was 5 years of age, and then began to extend onto the face. She also had a discrete area of brown pigmentation on the left lateral bulbar conjunctiva. Because the patient had been previously diagnosed by several dermatologists as having either a speckled lentiginous nevus or a nevus of Ota, we draw attention to the entity PUL and the possibility of ocular involvement.

  1. [Palliative care workshop primarily aimed for physicians and nurses in order to improve the care of the end-of- life homecare patient].

    Sato, Kyoko; Metoki, Yoko; Mori, Mitsuko; Arino, Kaoru; Ikemizu, Ayumi; Nito, Noriko; Yoshikawa, Sachiko; Tsutazawa, Tomomi; Oi, Fumiko; Ando, Takashi; Tokuno, Kenji; Ishimaru, Haruo; Ishiguro, Hiroshi; Tsutsui, Shoko; Miyamori, Tadashi


    Since 2008, we held a palliative care workshop primarily aimed for physicians, who engaged in clinical practice for cancer treatment. In order to improve the end-of-life stage patient care at home, we made all sorts of efforts not only for physicians, but we also made a workshop available for healthcare professionals to participate. There were more than 60 people participated the workshop: our 20% of physicians and 24% of nurses, 13% of nearby hospital and clinic physicians, 12% of pharmacists and 17% of nurses. According to our questionnaire survey, more than 90% of the participants were satisfied with the workshop. Only 8% of the participants expressed that the workshop was rather difficult. From our analysis of the results, it was clear that we attained a high level of participants' satisfaction.

  2. Radical Resection of a Primarily Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Using Gemcitabine, TS-1, and Nafamostat Mesilate; Report of a Case

    Fujiwara, Yuki; Shiba, Hiroaki; Uwagawa, Tadashi; Futagawa, Yasuro; Misawa, Takeyuki; Yanaga, Katsuhiko


    A 58-year-old male visited his primary physician for epigastric and back pain. Abdominal-enhanced computed tomography (CT) revealed a hypovascular pancreatic tumor measuring 17 × 11 mm in the uncinate process of the pancreas extending into the superior mesenteric plexus for greater than 180°. With a diagnosis of unresectable pancreatic cancer, the patient received gemcitabine and TS-1 with arterial infusion of nafamostat mesilate. After 3 courses of chemotherapy, enhanced CT revealed a decrease in size of the pancreatic tumor with no lymph node and distant metastasis and improved invasion of the superior mesenteric plexus down to 120°. The patient underwent R0 pancreaticoduodenectomy. The patient made a satisfactory recovery without complications and was discharged on postoperative day 10. We herein report the first curative resected case of a primarily unresectable pancreatic cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy using gemcitabine, TS-1, and nafamostat mesilate. PMID:25692432

  3. Community perceptions of safety in relation to perceived youth violence-delinquency in a primarily native Hawaiian and Asian American community in Hawai'i.

    Hishinuma, Earl S; Chang, Janice Y; Soli, Faapisa M


    Perception of safety is an important component to the well-being of community members in their own neighborhood. The present study was the first of its kind to model community perception of safety utilizing a primarily Native Hawaiian and Asian American community sample (N = 101) and with perceived youth violence and delinquency as prominent potential influences. The study found that the majority of participants felt that several types of youth violence and delinquency were problems in the community. The overall social-ecological model evidenced a strong fit and indicated that community perception of safety was adversely impacted by perceived youth violence and delinquency and increased through positive relations with neighbors. The implications included the need for a more comprehensive approach to positive youth development and community capacity-building, including incorporation of cultural components, and to determine whether the model is applicable to other minority communities.

  4. Consumer Involvement in Rehabilitation

    Daniels, Susan


    With the emphasis on consumer involvement in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, changes in the counseling relationship must occur. This article discusses new interaction patterns for consumer and counselor. (Author)

  5. Clinical studies involving probiotics

    Degnan, Fred H


    Researchers from a diverse array of scientific disciplines have focused and continue to focus on opportunities and areas for responsible clinical research involving the possible beneficial health effects of “probiotics.” Investigators and researchers should be aware that not all clinical research involving probiotics reasonably falls within the requirements of the “investigational new drug” (IND) rubric administered and enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration. In determining whether a...

  6. Pancreatic Involvement in Melioidosis

    Vui Heng Chong


    Full Text Available Context Melioidosis is endemic to tropical regions and, despite the common occurrence of intra-abdominal abscesses, pancreatic involvement in melioidosis has not previously been reported. Objective We report our experience with pancreatic melioidosis. Patients All 65 patients treated for melioidosis who had computed tomography (CT scans were identified from prospective databases and were retrospectively reviewed. Main outcome measures A detailed review of cases with pancreas involvement was carried out. Results There were four cases (three males and one female; median age 29.5 years, range: 25-48 years with pancreatic melioidosis, giving a prevalence of 6.2%. All had predisposing conditions (two had poorly controlled diabetes mellitus and two had thalassemia for melioidosis. Fever (100%, anorexia (100%, weight loss (100%, rigor (75% and abdominal pain (75% were the most common symptoms at presentation and the median duration of symptoms before presentation was six weeks (range: 2-8 weeks. All pancreatic abscesses were detected on CT scan. Multiple foci involvement was common (3 to 6 sites: blood (4 patients, liver (3 patients, psoas muscle (2 patients, spleen (2 patients, infected ascites (2 patients and lung (1 patient. Pancreatic involvement ranged from multi-focal micro-abscesses to focal large abscesses and involved all parts of the pancreas (body 100%, head 75% and tail 50%. Associated pancreatic findings included splenic vein thrombosis, peripancreatic inflammation and peripancreatic fat streaking. All the pancreatic abscesses were resolved with antibiotics without requiring pancreatic abscess drainage (including one patient who died from disseminated melioidosis. Conclusion Pancreatic involvement typically occurs as part of multi-organ involvement and commonly manifests as multifoci micro-abscesses. Associated pancreatic abnormalities were also common. All responded to treatment without requiring drainage

  7. [Pulmonary involvements of sarcoidosis].

    Ohmichi, M; Hiraga, Y; Hirasawa, M


    We reported about intrathoracic changes and prognosis of 686 patients with sarcoidosis diagnosed in our hospital between 1963 and 1988. We evaluated CT findings in 135 patients with sarcoidosis and found pulmonary involvements in 81. We analyzed CT findings according to the classification by Tuengerthal which classified radiographic findings combining ILO classification of pneumoconiosis and characteristic findings of bronchovascular sheath with sarcoidosis. The CT findings were as follows: small opacities (44 out of 81 cases, 54.3%), large opacities (37 cases, 46.7%). Additional findings were as follows: peribronchial marking (42 cases, 51.9%), contraction (17 cases, 21.0%), pleural involvement (9 cases, 11.1%), bulla (5 cases, 6.2%). The characteristic CT findings of serious sarcoidosis were extasis of bronchus, thickening of the bronchial wall, unclearness of vascular shadow, atelectasis and thickening of pleura. Concerning the prognosis of pulmonary involvement, according to age, patients younger than 30 years old at initial diagnosis were better than those of 30 years and over in terms of disappearance of pulmonary involvements. According to stage, patients of stage I and stage II were better than those of stage III. Among the patients we were able to observe chest X-ray findings during five years according to the character of shadow, ill-defined shadow of small opacities and rounded shadows of large opacities had a higher disappearance rate of pulmonary involvements than irregular shadows of large opacities, atelectasis and contraction.

  8. Musculoskeletal involvement in sarcoidosis*, **

    Nessrine, Akasbi; Zahra, Abourazzak Fatima; Taoufik, Harzy


    Sarcoidosis is a multisystem inflammatory disorder of unknown cause. It most commonly affects the pulmonary system but can also affect the musculoskeletal system, albeit less frequently. In patients with sarcoidosis, rheumatic involvement is polymorphic. It can be the presenting symptom of the disease or can appear during its progression. Articular involvement is dominated by nonspecific arthralgia, polyarthritis, and Löfgren's syndrome, which is defined as the presence of lung adenopathy, arthralgia (or arthritis), and erythema nodosum. Skeletal manifestations, especially dactylitis, appear mainly as complications of chronic, multiorgan sarcoidosis. Muscle involvement in sarcoidosis is rare and usually asymptomatic. The diagnosis of rheumatic sarcoidosis is based on X-ray findings and magnetic resonance imaging findings, although the definitive diagnosis is made by anatomopathological study of biopsy samples. Musculoskeletal involvement in sarcoidosis is generally relieved with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids. In corticosteroid-resistant or -dependent forms of the disease, immunosuppressive therapy, such as treatment with methotrexate or anti-TNF-α, is employed. The aim of this review was to present an overview of the various types of osteoarticular and muscle involvement in sarcoidosis, focusing on their diagnosis and management. PMID:24831403

  9. Musculoskeletal involvement in sarcoidosis

    Akasbi Nessrine


    Full Text Available Sarcoidosis is a multisystem inflammatory disorder of unknown cause. It most commonly affects the pulmonary system but can also affect the musculoskeletal system, albeit less frequently. In patients with sarcoidosis, rheumatic involvement is polymorphic. It can be the presenting symptom of the disease or can appear during its progression. Articular involvement is dominated by nonspecific arthralgia, polyarthritis, and Löfgren's syndrome, which is defined as the presence of lung adenopathy, arthralgia (or arthritis, and erythema nodosum. Skeletal manifestations, especially dactylitis, appear mainly as complications of chronic, multiorgan sarcoidosis. Muscle involvement in sarcoidosis is rare and usually asymptomatic. The diagnosis of rheumatic sarcoidosis is based on X-ray findings and magnetic resonance imaging findings, although the definitive diagnosis is made by anatomopathological study of biopsy samples. Musculoskeletal involvement in sarcoidosis is generally relieved with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids. In corticosteroid-resistant or -dependent forms of the disease, immunosuppressive therapy, such as treatment with methotrexate or anti-TNF-α, is employed. The aim of this review was to present an overview of the various types of osteoarticular and muscle involvement in sarcoidosis, focusing on their diagnosis and management.

  10. Involve physicians in marketing.

    Randolph, G T; Baker, K M; Laubach, C A


    Many everyday problems in medical group practice can be attacked by a marketing approach. To be successful, however, this kind of approach must have the full support of those involved, especially the physicians, since they are the principal providers of healthcare services. When marketing is presented in a broad context, including elements such as patient mix, population distribution, and research, physicians are more likely to be interested and supportive. The members of Geisinger Medical Center's Department of Cardiovascular Medicine addressed their patient appointment backlog problem with a marketing approach. Their method is chronicled here and serves as a fine example of how physician involvement in marketing can lead to a positive outcome.

  11. Chlamydia trachomatis recombinant MOMP encapsulated in PLGA nanoparticles triggers primarily T helper 1 cellular and antibody immune responses in mice: a desirable candidate nanovaccine

    Fairley SJ


    Full Text Available Stacie J Fairley, Shree R Singh, Abebayehu N Yilma, Alain B Waffo, Praseetha Subbarayan, Saurabh Dixit, Murtada A Taha, Chino D Cambridge, Vida A Dennis Center for NanoBiotechnology Research, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL, USA Abstract: We recently demonstrated by in vitro experiments that PLGA (poly D, L-lactide-co-glycolide potentiates T helper 1 (Th1 immune responses induced by a peptide derived from the recombinant major outer membrane protein (rMOMP of Chlamydia trachomatis, and may be a promising vaccine delivery system. Herein we evaluated the immune-potentiating potential of PLGA by encapsulating the full-length rMOMP (PLGA-rMOMP, characterizing it in vitro, and investigating its immunogenicity in vivo. Our hypothesis was that PLGA-rMOMP triggers Th1 immune responses in mice, which are desirable prerequisites for a C. trachomatis candidate nanovaccine. Physical-structural characterizations of PLGA-rMOMP revealed its size (approximately 272 nm, zeta potential (−14.30 mV, apparent spherical smooth morphology, and continuous slow release pattern. PLGA potentiated the ability of encapsulated rMOMP to trigger production of cytokines and chemokines by mouse J774 macrophages. Flow cytometric analyses revealed that spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with PLGA-rMOMP had elevated numbers of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets, and secreted more rMOMP-specific interferon-gamma (Th1 and interleukin (IL-12p40 (Th1/Th17 than IL-4 and IL-10 (Th2 cytokines. PLGA-rMOMP-immunized mice produced higher serum immunoglobulin (IgG and IgG2a (Th1 than IgG1 (Th2 rMOMP-specific antibodies. Notably, sera from PLGA-rMOMP-immunized mice had a 64-fold higher Th1 than Th2 antibody titer, whereas mice immunized with rMOMP in Freund's adjuvant had only a four-fold higher Th1 than Th2 antibody titer, suggesting primarily induction of a Th1 antibody response in PLGA-rMOMP-immunized mice. Our data underscore PLGA as an effective delivery system for a C

  12. Reaching Parents Through Involvement

    Schmerber, Ronald J.


    The parent involvement program evolved from the needs of parents. Basic to the program is the concept of parenting, which implies taking positive action to facilitate and meet the needs of the children ahe family. Parents participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of their child's program. (Author)

  13. Parents' conceptions of their homework involvement in elementary school.

    Cunha, Jennifer; Rosário, Pedro; Macedo, Lúcia; Nunes, Ana Rita; Fuentes, Sonia; Pinto, Ricardo; Suárez, Natalia


    Homework is a universal practice used in schools, and is commonly related to academic achievement. According to literature, parental homework involvement has positive and negative aspects, depending on parents’ behaviors. Assuming a phenomenographic perspective, this study examined 4th graders’ parents’ conceptions of their involvement in homework. With the purpose of mapping the parents’ various conceptions of homework involvement, 32 semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed. The results show that parents’ conceptions of homework involvement have a positive meaning, and focus primarily on the role played in the promotion of academic learning by (a) fostering their children’s autonomy, (b) exerting control over their learning, and (c) providing them with emotional encouragement (when children struggle with difficulties). Given that parents perceive their involvement in their children’s homework as important, it is necessary to promote parent-teacher collaboration and parent-training workshops to improve the quality of parental homework involvement.

  14. Hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma primarily diagnosed in a cervical lymph node: a case report of a 30-year-old woman with multiple metastases

    Behnes Carl Ludwig


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Papillary renal cell carcinoma is a rare cancer. Some cases can be attributed to individuals with hereditary renal cell carcinomas usually consisting of the clear cell subtype. In addition, two syndromes with hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma have been described. One is the hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell carcinoma, which is characterized by cutaneous and uterine leiomyomas and renal cell carcinoma mostly consisting of the papillary renal cell carcinoma type II with a worse prognosis. Case presentation We describe a case of a 30-year-old woman with hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell carcinoma syndrome with extensively metastasized papillary renal cell carcinoma, primarily diagnosed in a cervical lymph node lacking leiomyomas at any site. Conclusion Papillary renal cell carcinoma in young patients should be further investigated for a hereditary variant like the hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell carcinoma even if leiomyomas could not be detected. A detailed histological examination and search for mutations is essential for the survival of patients and relatives.

  15. Neuroserpin, a brain-associated inhibitor of tissue plasminogen activator is localized primarily in neurons. Implications for the regulation of motor learning and neuronal survival.

    Hastings, G A; Coleman, T A; Haudenschild, C C; Stefansson, S; Smith, E P; Barthlow, R; Cherry, S; Sandkvist, M; Lawrence, D A


    A cDNA clone for the serine proteinase inhibitor (serpin), neuroserpin, was isolated from a human whole brain cDNA library, and recombinant protein was expressed in insect cells. The purified protein is an efficient inhibitor of tissue type plasminogen activator (tPA), having an apparent second-order rate constant of 6. 2 x 10(5) M-1 s-1 for the two-chain form. However, unlike other known plasminogen activator inhibitors, neuroserpin is a more effective inactivator of tPA than of urokinase-type plasminogen activator. Neuroserpin also effectively inhibited trypsin and nerve growth factor-gamma but reacted only slowly with plasmin and thrombin. Northern blot analysis showed a 1.8 kilobase messenger RNA expressed predominantly in adult human brain and spinal cord, and immunohistochemical studies of normal mouse tissue detected strong staining primarily in neuronal cells with occasionally positive microglial cells. Staining was most prominent in the ependymal cells of the choroid plexus, Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, select neurons of the hypothalamus and hippocampus, and in the myelinated axons of the commissura. Expression of tPA within these regions is reported to be high and has previously been correlated with both motor learning and neuronal survival. Taken together, these data suggest that neuroserpin is likely to be a critical regulator of tPA activity in the central nervous system, and as such may play an important role in neuronal plasticity and/or maintenance.

  16. Is Walking Capacity in Subjects with Multiple Sclerosis Primarily Related to Muscle Oxidative Capacity or Maximal Muscle Strength? A Pilot Study

    Dominique Hansen


    Full Text Available Background and Purpose. Walking capacity is reduced in subjects with multiple sclerosis (MS. To develop effective exercise interventions to enhance walking capacity, it is important to determine the impact of factors, modifiable by exercise intervention (maximal muscle strength versus muscle oxidative capacity, on walking capacity. The purpose of this pilot study is to discriminate between the impact of maximal muscle strength versus muscle oxidative capacity on walking capacity in subjects with MS. Methods. From 24 patients with MS, muscle oxidative capacity was determined by calculation of exercise-onset oxygen uptake kinetics (mean response time during submaximal exercise bouts. Maximal muscle strength (isometric knee extension and flexion peak torque was assessed on dynamometer. All subjects completed a 6-minute walking test. Relationships between walking capacity (as a percentage of normal value and muscle strength (of knee flexors and extensors versus muscle oxidative capacity were assessed in multivariate regression analyses. Results. The expanded disability status score (EDSS showed a significant univariate correlation (r=-0.70, P<0.004 with walking capacity. In multivariate regression analyses, EDSS and mean response time, but not muscle strength, were independently related to walking capacity (P<0.05. Conclusions. Walking distance is, next to disability level and not taking neurologic symptoms/deficits into account, primarily related to muscle oxidative capacity in subjects with MS. Additional study is needed to further examine/verify these findings.

  17. Bacterial diversity shift determined by different diets in the gut of the spotted wing fly Drosophila suzukii is primarily reflected on acetic acid bacteria

    Vacchini, Violetta


    The pivotal role of diet in shaping gut microbiota has been evaluated in different animal models, including insects. Drosophila flies harbour an inconstant microbiota among which acetic acid bacteria (AAB) are important components. Here, we investigated the bacterial and AAB components of the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii microbiota, by studying the same insect population separately grown on fruit-based or non-fruit artificial diet. AAB were highly prevalent in the gut under both diets (90 and 92% infection rates with fruits and artificial diet, respectively). Fluorescent in situ hybridization and recolonization experiments with green fluorescent protein (Gfp)-labelled strains showed AAB capability to massively colonize insect gut. High-throughput sequencing on 16S rRNA gene indicated that the bacterial microbiota of guts fed with the two diets clustered separately. By excluding AAB-related OTUs from the analysis, insect bacterial communities did not cluster separately according to the diet, suggesting that diet-based diversification of the community is primarily reflected on the AAB component of the community. Diet influenced also AAB alpha-diversity, with separate OTU distributions based on diets. High prevalence, localization and massive recolonization, together with AAB clustering behaviour in relation to diet, suggest an AAB role in the D. suzukii gut response to diet modification. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

  18. Negative effects on survival and performance of Norway spruce seedlings colonized by dark septate root endophytes are primarily isolate-dependent.

    Tellenbach, Christoph; Grünig, Christoph R; Sieber, Thomas N


    Root endophytes are common and genetically highly diverse suggesting important ecological roles. Yet, relative to above-ground endophytes, little is known about them. Dark septate endophytic fungi of the Phialocephala fortinii s.l.-Acephala applanata species complex (PAC) are ubiquitous root colonizers of conifers and Ericaceae, but their ecological function is largely unknown. Responses of Norway spruce seedlings of two seed provenances to inoculations with isolates of four PAC species were studied in vitro. In addition, isolates of Phialocephala subalpina from two populations within and one outside the natural range of Norway spruce were also included to study the effect of the geographic origin of P. subalpina on host response. The interaction of PAC with Norway spruce ranged from neutral to highly virulent and was primarily isolate-dependent. Variation in virulence was much higher within than among species, nonetheless only isolates of P. subalpina were highly virulent. Disease caused by P. subalpina genotypes from the native range of Norway spruce was more severe than that induced by genotypes from outside the natural distribution of Norway spruce. Virulence was not correlated with the phylogenetic relatedness of the isolates but was positively correlated with the extent of fungal colonization as measured by quantitative real-time PCR.

  19. Bacterial diversity shift determined by different diets in the gut of the spotted wing fly Drosophila suzukii is primarily reflected on acetic acid bacteria.

    Vacchini, Violetta; Gonella, Elena; Crotti, Elena; Prosdocimi, Erica M; Mazzetto, Fabio; Chouaia, Bessem; Callegari, Matteo; Mapelli, Francesca; Mandrioli, Mauro; Alma, Alberto; Daffonchio, Daniele


    The pivotal role of diet in shaping gut microbiota has been evaluated in different animal models, including insects. Drosophila flies harbour an inconstant microbiota among which acetic acid bacteria (AAB) are important components. Here, we investigated the bacterial and AAB components of the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii microbiota, by studying the same insect population separately grown on fruit-based or non-fruit artificial diet. AAB were highly prevalent in the gut under both diets (90 and 92% infection rates with fruits and artificial diet respectively). Fluorescent in situ hybridization and recolonization experiments with green fluorescent protein (Gfp)-labelled strains showed AAB capability to massively colonize insect gut. High-throughput sequencing on 16S rRNA gene indicated that the bacterial microbiota of guts fed with the two diets clustered separately. By excluding AAB-related OTUs from the analysis, insect bacterial communities did not cluster separately according to the diet, suggesting that diet-based diversification of the community is primarily reflected on the AAB component of the community. Diet influenced also AAB alpha-diversity, with separate OTU distributions based on diets. High prevalence, localization and massive recolonization, together with AAB clustering behaviour in relation to diet, suggest an AAB role in the D. suzukii gut response to diet modification. © 2016 Society for Applied Microbiology and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. STO Feeder Cells Are Useful for Propagation of Primarily Cultured Human Deciduous Dental Pulp Cells by Eliminating Contaminating Bacteria and Promoting Cellular Outgrowth.

    Murakami, Tomoya; Saitoh, Issei; Inada, Emi; Kurosawa, Mie; Iwase, Yoko; Noguchi, Hirofumi; Terao, Yutaka; Yamasaki, Youichi; Hayasaki, Haruaki; Sato, Masahiro


    STO feeder cells, a line established from mouse SIM embryonic fibroblasts, have been frequently used for establishing embryonic stem cells and maintaining them in an undifferentiated state. There are some reports demonstrating that fibroblastic cells have the ability to phagocytose Gram-positive bacterium (e.g., streptococci and staphylococci). In this study, we examined the possibility that STO cells could phagocytose Streptococcus mutans (a bacteria causing tooth decay), which always contaminates cultures of primarily isolated human deciduous dental pulp cells (HDDPCs). Simple cultivation of the primary HDDPCs in the absence of STO cells allowed S. mutans to massively propagate in the medium, thus leading to an opaque medium. In contrast, there was no bacterial contamination in the cultures containing mitomycin C (MMC)-inactivated STO cells. Furthermore, STO cells indicated bacterial phagocytic activity under fluorescent microscopy with the dye pHrodo. Besides removal of contaminating bacteria, STO feeder cells allowed the HDDPCs to spread out. These data suggest that MMC-treated STO cells can be useful for propagation of HDDPCs by eliminating contaminating bacteria and by promoting cellular outgrowth.

  1. Human peripheral blood antibodies with long HCDR3s are established primarily at original recombination using a limited subset of germline genes.

    Bryan S Briney

    Full Text Available A number of antibodies that efficiently neutralize microbial targets contain long heavy chain complementarity determining region 3 (HCDR3 loops. For HIV, several of the most broad and potently neutralizing antibodies have exceptionally long HCDR3s. Two broad potently neutralizing HIV-specific antibodies, PG9 and PG16, exhibit secondary structure. Two other long HCDR3 antibodies, 2F5 and 4E10, protect against mucosal challenge with SHIV. Induction of such long HCDR3 antibodies may be critical to the design of an effective vaccine strategy for HIV and other pathogens, however it is unclear at present how to induce such antibodies. Here, we present genetic evidence that human peripheral blood antibodies containing long HCDR3s are not primarily generated by insertions introduced during the somatic hypermutation process. Instead, they are typically formed by processes occurring as part of the original recombination event. Thus, the response of B cells encoding antibodies with long HCDR3s results from selection of unusual clones from the naïve repertoire rather than through accumulation of insertions. These antibodies typically use a small subset of D and J gene segments that are particularly suited to encoding long HCDR3s, resulting in the incorporation of highly conserved genetic elements in the majority of antibody sequences encoding long HCDR3s.

  2. Microorganisms involved in MIC

    Sorensen, K. [Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)


    Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is a widespread problem that is difficult to detect and assess because of its complex mechanism. This paper presents the involvement of microorganisms in MIC. Some of the mechanisms that cause MIC include hydrogen consumption, production of acids, anode-cathode formation and electron shuttling. A classic bio-corrosive microorganism in the oil and gas industry is sulphate-reducing prokaryotes (SRP). Methanogens also increase corrosion rates in metals. Some of the phylogenetic orders detected while studying SRP and methanogens are archaeoglobales, clostridiales, methanosarcinales and methanothermococcus. There were some implications, such as growth of SRP not being correlated with growth of methanogens; methanogens were included in MIC risk assessment. A few examples are used to display how microorganisms are involved in topside corrosion and microbial community in producing wells. From the study, it can be concluded that, MIC risk assessment includes system data and empirical knowledge of the distribution and number of microorganisms in the system.

  3. Involved Node Radiation Therapy

    Maraldo, Maja V; Aznar, Marianne C; Vogelius, Ivan R


    PURPOSE: The involved node radiation therapy (INRT) strategy was introduced for patients with Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) to reduce the risk of late effects. With INRT, only the originally involved lymph nodes are irradiated. We present treatment outcome in a retrospective analysis using this strategy...... to 36 Gy). Patients attended regular follow-up visits until 5 years after therapy. RESULTS: The 4-year freedom from disease progression was 96.4% (95% confidence interval: 92.4%-100.4%), median follow-up of 50 months (range: 4-71 months). Three relapses occurred: 2 within the previous radiation field......, and 1 in a previously uninvolved region. The 4-year overall survival was 94% (95% confidence interval: 88.8%-99.1%), median follow-up of 58 months (range: 4-91 months). Early radiation therapy toxicity was limited to grade 1 (23.4%) and grade 2 (13.8%). During follow-up, 8 patients died, none from HL, 7...

  4. Between Involvement and Detachment

    Thomasen, Gry

    Between Involvement and Detachment takes grasp with the Johnson administration’s (1963-1969) perceptions of and responses to the Western European realignments. Arguing that the Johnson administration set out to maintain the American unilateralist position in the transatlantic relation, not just a...... the administration maintained. Despite changed circumstances, the Nixon administration’s relation with and perceptions of the European allies largely resemble the traditionalist view of the Johnson administration....

  5. Joint involvement in Ochronosis

    Biehl, Christoph; Thormann, U.; Madera, N.; Heiß, C


    Introduction: Ochronosis is a metabolic disorder that is usually associated with the typical brown-black colored urine and retention of phenol complexes in sclera and skin. Kidney and heart are also checked, the disease can also cause damage in these organs. The disease is less associated with degenerative changes in the joints of the limbs and the spine. Methods: We report on the progress of a patient with documented family history on alcaptonuria and joint involvement. In the age of 69 ...

  6. Involvement Without Participation?

    Olsén, Peter


    The article presents a case study of a knowledge-intensive company that launched a 2-year project to improve their psychosocial working environment. All parties agreed on the project, and the methods used aimed to promote the involvement of the employees. Surprisingly, the psychosocial working...... and participation. In order to develop a more sustainable and viable psychosocial working environment, a broader and more democratic notion of organisational learning and managing is proposed....

  7. Getting involved in research.

    Banner, Davina; Grant, Lyle G


    The need for quality nursing research to promote evidence-based practice and optimize patient care is well recognized. This is particularly pertinent in cardiovascular nursing, where cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide (World Health Organization, 2007). Across the spectrum of academic, clinical, and health care administration nursing roles, research remains fundamental to bridging theory, practice, and education (LoBiondo-Wood, Haber, Cameron, & Singh, 2009). Despite recognition of the importance of nursing research, the gap between research and practice continues to be an ongoing issue (Funk, Tornquist, & Champagne, 1995; Pettengill, Gillies, & Clark, 1994; Rizzuto, Bostrom, Suterm, & Chenitz, 1994; Rolfe, 1998). Nurses are appropriately situated to contribute to research that improves clinical outcomes and health service delivery. However, the majority of nurses in clinical practice do not have a significant research component structured into their nursing role. In this research column, the authors outline the importance of nurses being engaged in research and present some different levels of involvement that nurses may assume. A continuum of nursing research involvement includes asking researchable questions, being a savvy consumer of research evidence, finding your own level of research involvement, and aspiring to lead.

  8. Sitagliptin reduces cardiac apoptosis, hypertrophy and fibrosis primarily by insulin-dependent mechanisms in experimental type-II diabetes. Potential roles of GLP-1 isoforms.

    Belén Picatoste

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Myocardial fibrosis is a key process in diabetic cardiomyopathy. However, their underlying mechanisms have not been elucidated, leading to a lack of therapy. The glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1 enhancer, sitagliptin, reduces hyperglycemia but may also trigger direct effects on the heart. METHODS: Goto-Kakizaki (GK rats developed type-II diabetes and received sitagliptin, an anti-hyperglycemic drug (metformin or vehicle (n=10, each. After cardiac structure and function assessment, plasma and left ventricles were isolated for biochemical studies. Cultured cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts were used for in vitro assays. RESULTS: Untreated GK rats exhibited hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, plasma GLP-1 decrease, and cardiac cell-death, hypertrophy, fibrosis and prolonged deceleration time. Moreover, cardiac pro-apoptotic/necrotic, hypertrophic and fibrotic factors were up-regulated. Importantly, both sitagliptin and metformin lessened all these parameters. In cultured cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts, high-concentration of palmitate or glucose induced cell-death, hypertrophy and fibrosis. Interestingly, GLP-1 and its insulinotropic-inactive metabolite, GLP-1(9-36, alleviated these responses. In addition, despite a specific GLP-1 receptor was only detected in cardiomyocytes, GLP-1 isoforms attenuated the pro-fibrotic expression in cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts. In addition, GLP-1 receptor signalling may be linked to PPARδ activation, and metformin may also exhibit anti-apoptotic/necrotic and anti-fibrotic direct effects in cardiac cells. CONCLUSIONS: Sitagliptin, via GLP-1 stabilization, promoted cardioprotection in type-II diabetic hearts primarily by limiting hyperglycemia e hyperlipidemia. However, GLP-1 and GLP-1(9-36 promoted survival and anti-hypertrophic/fibrotic effects on cultured cardiac cells, suggesting cell-autonomous cardioprotective actions.

  9. Maternal Exposure to Valproic Acid Primarily Targets Interneurons Followed by Late Effects on Neurogenesis in the Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus in Rat Offspring.

    Watanabe, Yousuke; Murakami, Tomoaki; Kawashima, Masashi; Hasegawa-Baba, Yasuko; Mizukami, Sayaka; Imatanaka, Nobuya; Akahori, Yumi; Yoshida, Toshinori; Shibutani, Makoto


    Valproic acid (VPA) is used to establish models of experimental autism. The present study investigated the developmental exposure effect of VPA on postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis in accordance with the exposure scheme of OECD Test Guideline 426 adopted for developmental neurotoxicity. Pregnant rats were administered drinking water containing 0, 667, or 2000 ppm VPA from gestational day 6 until day 21 post-delivery. In the subgranular zone (SGZ) and granule cell layer (GCL) of offspring, the number of granule cell lineage subpopulations remained unchanged upon weaning. However, in the hilus of the dentate gyrus, the number of reelin(+) interneurons decreased at ≥667 ppm, and the number of PVALB(+) or GAD67(+) interneurons decreased at 2000 ppm. Conversely, Reln and Gad1 transcript levels increased at 2000 ppm, but Pvalb and Grin2d decreased, in the dentate gyrus. At the adult stage, PCNA(+) proliferating SGZ cells, NeuN(+) postmitotic SGZ/GCL neurons, and ARC(+) or COX2(+) GCL neurons increased at ≥667 ppm. In the dentate hilus, decreases in GAD67(+) interneuron subpopulations and Grin2d transcript levels sustained at 2000 ppm. These results suggested that VPA primarily targets interneurons by developmental exposure, and this is followed by late effects on granule cell lineages, likely by influencing SGZ cell proliferation and synaptic plasticity. A reduced population of reelin(+) or PVALB(+) interneurons did not affect distribution of granule cell lineage subpopulations upon weaning. The late effect on neurogenesis, which resulted in increased GCL neurons, might be the result of a sustained decrease in GAD67(+) interneurons expressing NR2D encoded by Grin2d.

  10. Quantity of dietary protein intake, but not pattern of intake, affects net protein balance primarily through differences in protein synthesis in older adults.

    Kim, Il-Young; Schutzler, Scott; Schrader, Amy; Spencer, Horace; Kortebein, Patrick; Deutz, Nicolaas E P; Wolfe, Robert R; Ferrando, Arny A


    To examine whole body protein turnover and muscle protein fractional synthesis rate (MPS) following ingestions of protein in mixed meals at two doses of protein and two intake patterns, 20 healthy older adult subjects (52-75 yr) participated in one of four groups in a randomized clinical trial: a level of protein intake of 0.8 g (1RDA) or 1.5 g·kg(-1)·day(-1) (∼2RDA) with uneven (U: 15/20/65%) or even distribution (E: 33/33/33%) patterns of intake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the day (1RDA-U, 1RDA-E, 2RDA-U, or 2RDA-E). Subjects were studied with primed continuous infusions of L-[(2)H5]phenylalanine and L-[(2)H2]tyrosine on day 4 following 3 days of diet habituation. Whole body protein kinetics [protein synthesis (PS), breakdown, and net balance (NB)] were expressed as changes from the fasted to the fed states. Positive NB was achieved at both protein levels, but NB was greater in 2RDA vs. 1RDA (94.8 ± 6.0 vs. 58.9 ± 4.9 g protein/750 min; P = 0.0001), without effects of distribution on NB. The greater NB was due to the higher PS with 2RDA vs. 1RDA (15.4 ± 4.8 vs. -18.0 ± 8.4 g protein/750 min; P = 0.0018). Consistent with PS, MPS was greater with 2RDA vs. 1RDA, regardless of distribution patterns. In conclusion, whole body net protein balance was greater with protein intake above recommended dietary allowance (0.8 g protein·kg(-1)·day(-1)) in the context of mixed meals, without demonstrated effects of protein intake pattern, primarily through higher rates of protein synthesis at whole body and muscle levels.

  11. Class II integrase mutants with changes in putative nuclear localization signals are primarily blocked at a postnuclear entry step of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication.

    Lu, Richard; Limón, Ana; Devroe, Eric; Silver, Pamela A; Cherepanov, Peter; Engelman, Alan


    Integrase has been implicated in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) nuclear import. Integrase analyses, however, can be complicated by the pleiotropic nature of mutations: whereas class I mutants are integration defective, class II mutants display additional assembly and/or reverse transcription defects. We previously determined that HIV-1(V165A), originally reported as defective for nuclear import, was a class II mutant. Here we analyzed mutants containing changes in other putative nuclear localization signals, including (186)KRK(188)/(211)KELQKQITK(219) and Cys-130. Previous work established HIV-1(K186Q), HIV-1(Q214L/Q216L), and HIV-1(C130G) as replication defective, but phenotypic classification was unclear and nuclear import in nondividing cells was not addressed. Consistent with previous reports, most of the bipartite mutants studied here were replication defective. These mutants as well as HIV-1(V165A) synthesized reduced cDNA levels, but a normal fraction of mutant cDNA localized to dividing and nondividing cell nuclei. Somewhat surprisingly, recombinant class II mutant proteins were catalytically active, and class II Vpr-integrase fusion proteins efficiently complemented class I mutant virus. Since a class I Vpr-integrase mutant efficiently complemented class II mutant viruses under conditions in which class II Vpr-integrases failed to function, we conclude that classes I and II define two distinct complementation groups and suggest that class II mutants are primarily defective at a postnuclear entry step of HIV-1 replication. HIV-1(C130G) was also defective for reverse transcription, but Vpr-integrase(C130G) did not efficiently complement class I mutant HIV-1. Since HIV-1(C130A) grew like the wild type, we conclude that Cys-130 is not essential for replication and speculate that perturbation of integrase structure contributed to the pleiotropic HIV-1(C130G) phenotype.

  12. (-)Deprenyl and (-)1-phenyl-2-propylaminopentane, [(-)PPAP], act primarily as potent stimulants of action potential-transmitter release coupling in the catecholaminergic neurons.

    Knoll, J; Miklya, I; Knoll, B; Markó, R; Kelemen, K


    The activity of the catecholaminergic neurons in the rat brain is enhanced significantly 30 min after the subcutaneous injection of very small doses of (-)deprenyl (threshold doses: 0.01 mg/kg for noradrenergic neurons and 0.025 mg/kg for dopaminergic neurons). As a catecholaminergic activity enhancer (CAE) substance (-)deprenyl is about ten times more potent than its parent compound, (-)methamphetamine. While the (+)methamphetamine is 3-5 times more potent than (-)methamphetammine in releasing catecholamines, the (-)methamphetamine is the more potent CAE substance. The mechanism of the CAE effect of (-)deprenyl and (-)PPAP, a deprenyl-derived substance devoid of MAO inhibitory potency, was studied in rats by measuring: a) the release of catecholamines from striatum, substantia nigra, tuberculum olfactorium and locus coeruleus; b) the stimulation induced release of 3H-noradrenaline from the isolated brain stem; and c) the antagonistic effect against tetrabenazine-induced depression of learning in the shuttle box. The CAE effect was found to be unrelated: a) to the inhibition of MAO activity; b) to the inhibition of presynaptic catecholamine receptors; c) to the inhibition of the uptake of catecholamines; and d) to the release of catecholamines. It was concluded that (-)deprenyl and (-)PPAP act primarily as potent stimulants of action potential-transmitter release coupling in the catecholaminergic neurons of the brain. We show that both (-)deprenyl and (-)PPAP enhance the inward Ca2+ current in sino-auricular fibers of the frog heart. (-)PPAP was much more potent than either (+)PPAP or (-)deprenyl in this test.

  13. The elevation of apoB in hypercholesterolemic patients is primarily attributed to the relative increase of apoB/Lp-PLA₂.

    Tellis, Constantinos C; Moutzouri, Eliza; Elisaf, Moses; Wolfert, Robert L; Tselepis, Alexandros D


    Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A₂ (Lp-PLA₂) is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Plasma Lp-PLA₂ is mainly associated with apolipoprotein (apo)B-containing lipoproteins, primarily with low density lipoproteins (LDLs). Importantly, only a proportion of circulating lipoproteins contain Lp-PLA₂. We determined the plasma levels of Lp-PLA₂-bound apoB (apoB/Lp-PLA₂) in patients with primary hypercholesterolemia. The effect of simvastatin therapy was also addressed. The plasma apoB/Lp-PLA₂ concentration in 50 normolipidemic controls and 53 patients with primary hypercholesterolemia at baseline and at 3 months posttreatment with simvastatin (40 mg/day) was determined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The concentration of the apoB-containing lipoproteins that do not bind Lp-PLA₂ [apoB/Lp-PLA₂⁻] was calculated by subtracting the apoB/Lp-PLA₂ from total apoB. The apoB/Lp-PLA₂ levels were 3.6-fold higher, while apoB/Lp-PLA₂⁻ were 1.3-fold higher in patients compared with controls. After 3 months of simvastatin treatment apoB/Lp-PLA₂ and apoB/Lp-PLA₂⁻ levels were reduced by 52% and 33%, respectively. The elevation in apoB-containing lipoproteins in hypercholesterolemic patients is mainly attributed to the relative increase in the proatherogenic apoB/Lp-PLA₂, while simvastatin reduces these particles to a higher extent compared with apoB/Lp-PLA₂⁻. Considering that Lp-PLA₂ is proatherogenic, the predominance of apoB/Lp-PLA₂ particles in hypercholesterolemic patients may contribute to their higher atherogenicity and incidence of cardiovascular disease.

  14. Water deficit in field-grown Gossypium hirsutum primarily limits net photosynthesis by decreasing stomatal conductance, increasing photorespiration, and increasing the ratio of dark respiration to gross photosynthesis.

    Chastain, Daryl R; Snider, John L; Collins, Guy D; Perry, Calvin D; Whitaker, Jared; Byrd, Seth A


    Much effort has been expended to improve irrigation efficiency and drought tolerance of agronomic crops; however, a clear understanding of the physiological mechanisms that interact to decrease source strength and drive yield loss has not been attained. To elucidate the underlying mechanisms contributing to inhibition of net carbon assimilation under drought stress, three cultivars of Gossypium hirsutum were grown in the field under contrasting irrigation regimes during the 2012 and 2013 growing season near Camilla, Georgia, USA. Physiological measurements were conducted on three sample dates during each growing season (providing a broad range of plant water status) and included, predawn and midday leaf water potential (ΨPD and ΨMD), gross and net photosynthesis, dark respiration, photorespiration, and chlorophyll a fluorescence. End-of-season lint yield was also determined. ΨPD ranged from -0.31 to -0.95MPa, and ΨMD ranged from -1.02 to -2.67MPa, depending upon irrigation regime and sample date. G. hirsutum responded to water deficit by decreasing stomatal conductance, increasing photorespiration, and increasing the ratio of dark respiration to gross photosynthesis, thereby limiting PN and decreasing lint yield (lint yield declines observed during the 2012 growing season only). Conversely, even extreme water deficit, causing a 54% decline in PN, did not negatively affect actual quantum yield, maximum quantum yield, or photosynthetic electron transport. It is concluded that PN is primarily limited in drought-stressed G. hirsutum by decreased stomatal conductance, along with increases in respiratory and photorespiratory carbon losses, not inhibition or down-regulation of electron transport through photosystem II. It is further concluded that ΨPD is a reliable indicator of drought stress and the need for irrigation in field-grown cotton.

  15. HIV/AIDS stigma among a sample of primarily African-American and Latino men who have sex with men social media users.

    Garett, Renee; Smith, Justin; Chiu, Jason; Young, Sean D


    The recent increase in social media use allows these technologies to rapidly reach communities with higher HIV prevalence, such as African-American and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM). However, no studies have looked at HIV/AIDS stigma among social media users from African-American and Latino MSM communities, or the association between stigma and social media use among these groups. This study sought to assess the level of HIV/AIDS stigma among a sample of social media-using African-American and Latino MSM from Los Angeles. A total of 112 (primarily African-American and Latino, n = 98, 88%) MSM Facebook users completed a survey on demographics, online social network use, and HIV/AIDS stigma. A composite stigma score was created by taking the cumulative score from a 15-item stigma questionnaire. Cumulative logistic models were used to assess the association between HIV/AIDS stigma and online social network use. In general, participants reported a low level of HIV/AIDS stigma (mean = 22.2/75, SD = 5.74). HIV/AIDS stigma composite score was significantly associated with increased time spent on online social networks each day (Adjusted odds ratios (AOR): 1.07, 95% CI: 1.00, 1.15). Among this diverse sample of MSM online social network users, findings suggest that HIV/AIDS stigma is associated with usage of social media. We discuss the implications of this work for future HIV prevention.

  16. Produção animal em pastagem nativa submetida ao controle de plantas indesejáveis e a intensidades de pastejo Animal production on native pasture submitted to the control of undesirable plants and grazing intensity

    José Acélio Silveira da Fontoura Júnior


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho, realizado no município de Cachoeira do Sul, região Fisiográfica da Serra do Sudeste do Rio Grande do Sul, foi estudar diferentes métodos de controle de espécies indesejáveis em pastagem nativa, associados a dois níveis de oferta de forragem, medindo suas eficiências em termos de resposta animal. Os tratamentos foram: testemunha (T, roçada de primavera (P, roçada de primavera + outono (P+O e roçada de primavera + controle químico (P+Q, todos submetidos a dois níveis de oferta de forragem (8 e 14kg de matéria seca 100kg-1 de peso vivo por dia. O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o de fatorial em blocos completos casualizados (4 x 2, com duas repetições. Não houve efeito significativo de blocos nem interação dos fatores métodos de controle e níveis de oferta de forragem. O maior nível de oferta proporcionou maior ganho de peso vivo por área (P0,05. Os resultados mostram que é possível manter o peso vivo de bovinos em pastagens nativas da Serra do Sudeste/RS, durante o período de inverno, utilizando práticas de manejo que assegurem nível mínimo de oferta de forragem e, ainda, que o manejo da pastagem nativa com roçada de primavera, com ou sem o uso de herbicida, proporciona melhor desempenho individual e menores perdas de peso no período hibernal.The aim of this experiment was to study different methods of controlling undesirable plants in native pastures, associated with two levels of herbage allowance, and their effects on animal production. The treatments were no control (T, spring slashing (P, spring+autumn slashing (P+O and spring slashing +chemical control (P+Q, under two levels of herbage allowance (8 and 14kg of dry matter 100kg-1 of liveweight per day. The experimental design was a randomized complete block with two replicates. Not have block effects neither interaction between methods of control and herbage allowances (P>0.05. The higher herbage allowance resulted in more

  17. Relations between Coparenting and Father Involvement in Families with Preschool-Age Children

    Jia, Rongfang; Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah J.


    A sample (N = 112) composed primarily of European American and middle-class two-parent families with a resident father and a 4-year-old child (48% girls) participated in a longitudinal study of associations between coparenting and father involvement. At the initial assessment and 1 year later, fathers reported on their involvement in play and…

  18. Involvement of youth in Impact Assessment processes

    Skjervedal, Anna-Sofie Hurup; Hansen, Anne Merrild


    Initial studies of the current public participation (PP) forms, public consultations and workshops, applied in Greenland in relation to Impact Assessments (IAs) of oil-gas and mineral projects, have revealed a narrow representation of the local communities. The local representatives involved...... in the PP processes comprise primarily elder men, whereas the youth remain absent. The fast growing development in the natural resource area has already sparked societal change among the widespread communities in Greenland; changes that set high demands for a greater higher educated workforce among...... complementary alternative methods to the current PP forms. Through combining social media and the visual anthropological method of photo-interviewing, this paper seeks to give voice to the absent voice of the young Greenlanders, encouraging them to engage and have their say in these important matters regarding...

  19. Brucellar Arthritis Involving Left Sternoclavicular Joint

    Senem Şaş


    Full Text Available Brucellosis is a widely spread zoonosis and an important global public health problem, especially in the Mediterranean region. Brucellosis is a systemic infectious disease, and it is transmitted to humans by consumption of raw milk or its by-products as well as by contact with products of infected animals. Clinical findings differ depending on the Brucella species, the host, and the duration of illness. The diagnosis of brucellosis is made by positive culture. Since the organism is cultured on blood, the examination is made primarily on the basis of suspicion as well as the high levels of humoral antibody titer. The disease may cause various complications. The most common complications of brucellosis are osteoarticular complications, including arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis. In this report, brucellar arthritis involving the sternoclavicular joint (STCJ is presented. In this report we present a rare example of an osteoarticular complication caused by brucellosis

  20. Histopathological variables and biomarkers enhancer of zeste homologue 2, Ki-67 and minichromosome maintenance protein 7 as prognosticators in primarily endocrine-treated prostate cancer.

    Tolonen, Teemu T; Tammela, Teuvo L J; Kujala, Paula M; Tuominen, Vilppu J; Isola, Jorma J; Visakorpi, Tapio


    • To evaluate the prognostic value of histopathological variables and immunostainings of biomarkers enhancer of zeste homologue 2 (EZH2), Ki-67 and minichromosome maintenance protein 7 (MCM7) from core biopsies of hormonally treated patients with prostate cancer. • Biopsies of 247 primarily endocrine-treated patients were analysed for histopathological characteristics and Gleason scores (GS) according to the revised guidelines of International Society of Urologic Pathology (ISUP) consensus conference 2005. • Immunohistochemical stainings were analysed with the aid of digital image analysis. • The prognostic value of the histopathological variables and the biomarkers was analysed with univariate and multivariate Cox regression analysis, with biochemical recurrence as an endpoint. • Biomarkers EZH2 (relative risk [RR] 2.0, 95% confidence interval 1.2-3.3), Ki-67 (3.4, 2.1-5.5) and MCM7 (2.4, 1.5-3.9) were significantly associated with progression-free survival in a univariate analysis. • Ki-67 immunostaining index detected high-risk patients with GS of 7 (9.1, 8.0-10.3). • In a multivariate analysis with non-conventional GS groups 5-7 (3 + 4), 7(4 + 3)-8, and 9-10, the independent prognostic markers were pretreatment GS (2.2, 1.5-3.2), prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level (2.1, 1.1-4.2), perineural invasion (PNI) (1.6, 1.2-2.2), and clinical T-stage (cT) (1.9, 1.0-3.7). • Combination of the independent markers (PSA level > 20 ng/mL or GS >3 + 4 or PNI >3 or cT >2) yielded best risk stratification (RR 11.6, 10.4-12.7). • GS remains one of the most important prognostic factors in prostate cancer. However, the refined guidelines by ISUP 2005 might have shifted the threshold between low-grade and high-grade cancers from GS 6 vs 7 to GS 3 + 4 vs 4 + 3. • PNI is an independent prognostic marker superior to cT. • Ki-67 is the most useful biomarker in detecting patients with GS = 7 at high risk for progression. © 2011 THE AUTHORS. BJU INTERNATIONAL

  1. 13C-metabolic flux ratio and novel carbon path analyses confirmed that Trichoderma reesei uses primarily the respirative pathway also on the preferred carbon source glucose

    Saloheimo Markku


    and respirative activities of the TCA cycle. Conclusion High similarity between the biosynthetic pathways of amino acids in T. reesei and yeast S. cerevisiae was concluded. In vivo flux distributions confirmed that T. reesei uses primarily the respirative pathway also when growing on the repressive carbon source glucose in contrast to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which substantially diminishes the respirative pathway flux under glucose repression.

  2. Cystic Echinococcosis: A Case of Extrahepatic Intra-Abdominal Involvement

    Carvalho, André; Fernandes, Teresa; Gonçalves, José


    Hydatid disease, or echinococcal disease, is a parasitic infestation caused by the larval stage of the Echinococcus tapeworm and it primarily affects the liver and lung but involvement of other organs is also possible secondary to peritoneal seeding or hematogeneous dissemination. We describe a rare case of extensive abdominal disease, with lesions affecting the liver, peritoneum, and lesser omentum, requiring aggressive surgical intervention. Complementary diagnostic exams were crucial to reach the diagnosis and evaluate the extension of the disease. PMID:28194292

  3. The role of Customer Involvement in Library E-services

    Scupola, Ada; Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh


    We investigate customer involvement in the development of e-service within research Libraries. By revisiting earlier research on innovation processes as well as newer research on new product and new service development we derive a conceptual model on different actors that are important...... in the process of e-service development. Our conclusion is that due to the immature technologies in use customers primarily contribute as users whereby their logged use or the feedback they provide inform the innovation process....

  4. Involvement in Physical Activity

    James Gavin


    Full Text Available A total of 1,096 adolescents participated in 123 focus groups regarding the perceived outcomes of their involvement in sports and physical activity (PA. The groups, segmented by grade level, sex, and school types, were conducted in both public and private high schools in Montreal, Quebec. We sought to understand, through the participants’ own words, their perception of the outcome matrix of involvement in sports and PA. Focus group questions emphasized changes that adolescents associated with such engagement. In particular, participants were asked how sports and PA might influence behaviors, emotional states, personal characteristics, and other outcomes. Twelve themes were identified in the responses: Positive Health and Physical Changes (18.5%, Activity-Related Positive Emotions (15.6%, and Personal Learning (11.3% were most prevalent in the discussions. A cluster of deeper personal changes thematically described as Self-Identity, Autonomy, and Positive Character Development accounted for another 16.5% of the responses. Relatively few commentaries emphasized negative effects (7.1%. Converting the proportions of qualitative data into a quantitative index allowed us to analyze potential differences in emphasis according to sex, age, and school type. Though a few significant findings emerged, the larger pattern was of a uniform perceptual map across the variables for this adolescent sample. Implications drawn from this investigation highlight the need to clearly articulate concrete pathways to positive nonphysical changes (e.g., mood states, autonomy, positive character development from engagements in sports and PA.

  5. Intervention or Involvement

    Liebst, Lasse Suonperä; Ejbye-Ernst, Peter; Heinskou, Marie Bruvik

    patrons plays in bouncers’ use of violence. To address this gap, we offer a micro-interactional analysis of violent behavior of bouncers. We observed video surveillance footage of naturally occurring barroom conflicts involving bouncers. A quantitative analysis shows that violence is relatively uncommon......, and when it occurs, it is associated with interactions where bouncers are a party to the conflict, compared to situations where they intervene as a third party. Further, a visual analysis of emotional cues identifies anger as a plausible mechanism leading bouncers to practice violent aggression. Thus......, adding to the situational and cultural interpretations in the literature, this study highlights interactional structures as a feature influencing the likelihood of violent bouncer behavior. In considering the implications of our study, we discuss strengths and weaknesses of applying video data analysis...

  6. Between Involvement and Detachment

    Thomasen, Gry

    a traditional reading of de Gaulle’s policies, and feared that if Gaullist thinking spread among the European allies, it would merit to a return to traditional European power politics. The analysis shows that, by 1964 the administration believed, according to this study, that NATO’s principle of integration......Between Involvement and Detachment takes grasp with the Johnson administration’s (1963-1969) perceptions of and responses to the Western European realignments. Arguing that the Johnson administration set out to maintain the American unilateralist position in the transatlantic relation, not just......, essentially, were detached as America rejected the European reason of state. The Western European realignments were recorded in the Johnson administration with de Gaulle’s critique of US hegemony in Western Europe in the early 1960s. The thesis argues that the administration to a large extent had...

  7. Effectiveness of citizen involvement

    Robinson, L. [Prince William Sound Regional Citizen' s Advisory Council, Anchorage, AK (United States)


    This paper reviewed the rise of citizen involvement in industry that affects their community. Following the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS) in 1989, the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 provided funding by industry for a citizens group to provide oversite of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Agency terminal and associated tankers. That role is currently filled by the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen's Advisory Council, a volunteer organization that represents communities that were affected by the EVOS. The history of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen's Advisory Council was discussed along with its structure, funding and overview of projects and research into safer transportation of oil, better oil spill response capabilities and improved environmental protection practices. Some of the successes involving citizen input include the requirement that all tankers going into Prince William Sound be double hull by 2015; a world-class system of tugs escorting tankers in Prince William Sound; installation of an ice-detection radar on a small island near the site of the EVOS; a guidebook for communities affected by man-made disasters; identification of nearshore locations that should be the first to be protected in the case of another spill; and, the installation of a system to capture crude oil vapors when tankers take on cargo. Other projects underway include the study of invasive species that can be transported in the ballast water of tankers, efficacy of dispersants, soil contamination at the tanker loading site, emissions of hazardous air pollutants from ballast water treatment processes, and continual review of emergency response plans. In the 17 years since the formation of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen's Advisory Council, it has been shown that communication and transparency are the keys to solving complacency, which is believed to have been a contributing factor to the EVOS. 3 refs.

  8. The Society's Involvement in the Defense of Human Rights

    Gerjuoy, Edward


    The history of the Society's involvement in the defense of human rights, a history of which the Society can be proud, will be summarized; the summary will include illustrative specific APS human rights defense actions in illustrative specific cases. As will be emphasized, the aforesaid involvement has been primarily through the activities of the APS Committee on International Freedom of Scientists (CIFS). It is noteworthy-and one of the reasons the Society can be proud-that CIFS is charged with ``monitoring concerns regarding human rights for scientists,'' not solely for physicists, and that CIFS indeed has sought to protect the human rights of nonphysicists.

  9. Building Footprints, Primarily residential, at risk buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc for use in Emergency Management Hazard Mitigation planning., Published in 2010, 1:4800 (1in=400ft) scale, Carroll County Government.

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — Building Footprints dataset current as of 2010. Primarily residential, at risk buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc for use in Emergency Management Hazard...

  10. Combination therapy with brentuximab vedotin and cisplatin/cytarabine in a patient with primarily refractory anaplastic lymphoma kinase positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

    Heidegger, Simon; Beer, Ambros J; Geissinger, Eva; Rosenwald, Andreas; Peschel, Christian; Ringshausen, Ingo; Keller, Ulrich


    Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a common subtype of the heterogeneous group of peripheral T-cell lymphomas, which is characterized by large pleomorphic cells with strong expression of CD30. Translocations involving ALK, the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene, are associated with a favorable clinical outcome. Such ALK-positive ALCLs are usually responsive to a multidrug chemotherapy with CHOP (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone). However, there is no general consensus on the optimal therapy for relapsed or refractory ALCL. We report the case of a 24-year-old male suffering from ALK-positive ALCL with an uncommon manifestation of only extranodal disease in the gastric cardia region that showed primary refractoriness to standard CHOP chemotherapy. A combination therapy consisting of the anti-CD30 drug conjugate, brentuximab vedotin, and classical lymphoma salvage regimen DHAP (cisplatin, high-dose cytarabine and dexamethasone) was administered. Following two treatment cycles in 21-day intervals, the lymphoma showed considerable regression based on imaging diagnostics and no evidence of vital lymphoma in a subsequent biopsy. We did not observe any increase in toxicity; in particular, polyneuropathy and febrile neutropenia were not observed. In summary, we report that the antibody-drug conjugate brentuximab vedotin and a classical regimen used for aggressive lymphoma, DHAP, could be combined as salvage therapy in a case of refractory ALK-positive ALCL. Phase I/II studies will be required for safety and efficacy analysis.

  11. CXCL12 and CXCR4, but not CXCR7, are primarily expressed by the stroma in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

    Clatot, Florian; Cornic, Marie; Berghian, Anca; Marchand, Vinciane; Choussy, Olivier; El Ouakif, Faissal; François, Arnaud; Ruminy, Philippe; Laberge-Le-Couteulx, Sophie; Picquenot, Jean-Michel; Jardin, Fabrice


    The CXCL12/CXCR4 axis is involved in numerous models of metastatic dissemination, including head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). We assessed the relative expressions of CXCL12, CXCR4 and CXCR7 in the stroma and the tumour of HNSCC, and evaluated the methylation status of the CXCL12 promoter.Snap-frozen, HPV negative HNSCC samples were micro-dissected to isolate the tumoural and stromal compartments. The expression levels of CXCL12, CXCR4 and CXCR7 were assessed by qRT-PCR, and the methylation level of the CXCL12 promoter was evaluated by pyrosequencing.In total, 23 matched tumour/stroma samples were analysed. Higher expressions of CXCR4 and CXCL12 were observed in the stroma (p = 0.012 and p 40%) of the CXCL12 promoter was observed in only a few tumoural samples (5/23) and was associated with a lower expression of the gene (p = 0.03).Stromal cells, rather than the tumour itself, are mainly responsible for the expression of both CXCL12 and CXCR4 expression in HNSCC. CXCR7 expression did not differ between the two compartments and was not related to CXCL12 or CXCR4 expression. Finally, the methylation of the CXCL12 promoter could only explain the low intra-tumoural expression of this gene in 20% of cases.

  12. Multidrug toxicity involving sumatriptan.

    Knittel, Jessica L; Vorce, Shawn P; Levine, Barry; Hughes, Rhome L; Bosy, Thomas Z


    A multidrug fatality involving sumatriptan is reported. Sumatriptan is a tryptamine derivative that acts at 5-HT(1B/1D) receptors and is used for the treatment of migraines. The decedent was a 21-year-old white female found dead in bed by her spouse. No signs of physical trauma were observed and a large number of prescription medications were discovered at the scene. Toxicological analysis of the central blood revealed sumatriptan at a concentration of 1.03 mg/L. Following therapeutic dosing guidelines, sumatriptan concentrations do not exceed 0.095 mg/L. Sumatriptan was isolated by solid-phase extraction and analyzed using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in multiple reaction monitoring mode. A tissue distribution study was completed with the following concentrations measured: 0.61 mg/L in femoral blood, 0.56 mg/L in iliac blood, 5.01 mg/L in urine, 0.51 mg/kg in liver, 3.66 mg/kg in kidney, 0.09 mg/kg in heart, 0.32 mg/kg in spleen, 0.01 mg/kg in brain, 15.99 mg/kg in lung and 78.54 mg/45 mL in the stomach contents. Carisoprodol, meprobamate, fluoxetine, doxylamine, orphenadrine, dextromethorphan and hydroxyzine were also present in the blood at the following concentrations: 3.35, 2.36, 0.63, 0.19, 0.06, 0.55 and 0.16 mg/L. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as acute mixed drug toxicity and the manner of death as accident.

  13. Democratizing Process Innovation? On Citizen Involvement in Public Sector BPM

    Niehaves, Björn; Malsch, Robert

    ‘Open Innovation’ has been heavily discussed for product innovations; however, an information systems (IS) perspective on ‘process innovation’ has not yet been taken. Analyzing the example of the public sector in Germany, the paper seeks to investigate the factors that hinder and support ‘open process innovation’, a concept we define as the involvement of citizens in business process management (BPM) activities. With the help of a quantitative study (n=358), six factors are examined for their impact on citizen involvement in local government BPM initiatives. The results show that citizen involvement in reform processes is not primarily motivated by the aim of cost reduction, but rather related to legitimacy reasons and the intent to increase employee motivation. Based on these findings, implications for (design) theory and practice are discussed: Instead of detailed collaborative business processes modeling, the key of citizen involvement in public sector BPM lies in communication and mutual understanding.

  14. The MyD88 pathway in plasmacytoid and CD4+ dendritic cells primarily triggers type I IFN production against measles virus in a mouse infection model.

    Takaki, Hiromi; Takeda, Makoto; Tahara, Maino; Shingai, Masashi; Oshiumi, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, Misako; Seya, Tsukasa


    Infection by measles virus (MV) induces type I IFN via the retinoic acid-inducible gene I/melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5/mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein (MAVS) pathway in human cells. However, the in vivo role of the MAVS pathway in host defense against MV infection remains undetermined. CD150 transgenic (Tg) mice, which express human CD150, an entry receptor for MV, with the disrupting IFNR gene (Ifnar(-/-)), are susceptible to MV and serve as a model for MV infection. In this study, we generated CD150Tg/Mavs(-/-) mice and examined MV permissiveness compared with that in CD150Tg/Ifnar(-/-) mice. MV replicated mostly in the spleen of i.p.-infected CD150Tg/Ifnar(-/-) mice. Strikingly, CD150Tg/Mavs(-/-) mice were not permissive to MV in vivo because of substantial type I IFN induction. MV barely replicated in any other organs tested. When T cells, B cells, and dendritic cells (DCs) isolated from CD150Tg/Mavs(-/-) splenocytes were cultured with MV in vitro, only the DCs produced type I IFN. In vitro infection analysis using CD150Tg/Mavs(-/-) DC subsets revealed that CD4(+) and plasmacytoid DCs, but not CD8α(+) and CD8α(-)CD4(-) double negative DCs, were exclusively involved in type I IFN production in response to MV infection. Because CD150Tg/Mavs(-/-) mice turned permissive to MV by anti-IFNAR Ab, type I IFN produced by CD4(+) DCs and plasmacytoid DCs plays a critical role in antiviral protection for neighboring cells expressing IFNAR. Induction of type I IFN in these DC subsets was abolished by the MyD88 inhibitory peptide. Thus, production of type I IFN occurs via the MyD88-dependent and MAVS-independent signaling pathway during MV infection.

  15. Superior immunogenicity of inactivated whole virus H5N1 influenza vaccine is primarily controlled by Toll-like receptor signalling.

    Felix Geeraedts

    Full Text Available In the case of an influenza pandemic, the current global influenza vaccine production capacity will be unable to meet the demand for billions of vaccine doses. The ongoing threat of an H5N1 pandemic therefore urges the development of highly immunogenic, dose-sparing vaccine formulations. In unprimed individuals, inactivated whole virus (WIV vaccines are more immunogenic and induce protective antibody responses at a lower antigen dose than other formulations like split virus (SV or subunit (SU vaccines. The reason for this discrepancy in immunogenicity is a long-standing enigma. Here, we show that stimulation of Toll-like receptors (TLRs of the innate immune system, in particular stimulation of TLR7, by H5N1 WIV vaccine is the prime determinant of the greater magnitude and Th1 polarization of the WIV-induced immune response, as compared to SV- or SU-induced responses. This TLR dependency largely explains the relative loss of immunogenicity in SV and SU vaccines. The natural pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP recognized by TLR7 is viral genomic ssRNA. Processing of whole virus particles into SV or SU vaccines destroys the integrity of the viral particle and leaves the viral RNA prone to degradation or involves its active removal. Our results show for a classic vaccine that the acquired immune response evoked by vaccination can be enhanced and steered by the innate immune system, which is triggered by interaction of an intrinsic vaccine component with a pattern recognition receptor (PRR. The insights presented here may be used to further improve the immune-stimulatory and dose-sparing properties of classic influenza vaccine formulations such as WIV, and will facilitate the development of new, even more powerful vaccines to face the next influenza pandemic.

  16. Enkephalin-immunoreactive subpopulations in the myenteric plexus of the guinea-pig fundus project primarily to the muscle and not to the mucosa.

    Pfannkuche, H; Reiche, D; Firzlaff, U; Sann, H; Schemann, M


    Enkephalin (ENK) immunoreactivity was localised in different neuronal subpopulations of the myenteric plexus in the guinea-pig gastric fundus using immunohistochemistry for neurone-specific enolase (NSE), ENK, choline acetyltransferase (ChAT), substance P (SP), neuropeptide Y (NPY), calretinin (CALRET), and somatostatin (SOM). NADPH-diaphorase staining was used to label nitric oxide synthase (NOS)-containing neurones. ENK was observed in 44% of the myenteric neurones. The major ENK-positive subpopulations were ChAT/ENK (35% of ENK-positive neurones), ChAT/SP/ENK (26%), NOS/NPY/ENK (22%) and ChAT/SP/ENK/CALRET (9%). The projection pathways of these ENK-positive subpopulations to the circular muscle and the mucosa were determined using retrograde labelling with DiI in organ culture followed by immunohistochemistry. Of myenteric neurones retrogradely labelled from the mucosa and the circular muscle, 13% and 48% exhibited ENK immunoreactivity, respectively. Three major ENK-positive subpopulations innervating the mucosa or circular muscle were identified: ascending ChAT/SP/ENK (7% of all mucosa neurones; 24% of all circular muscle neurones), ascending ChAT/ENK (4%; 15%) and descending NOS/NPY/ENK (1%; 8%) neurones. Only very few CALRET- or SOM-positive neurones projected to the mucosa or circular muscle. ChAT/SP/ENK and ChAT/ENK neurones might function as ascending excitatory muscle motor neurones, whereas NOS/NPY/ENK neurones are most likely descending inhibitory muscle motor neurones. The relatively few ENK-positive mucosa neurones do not favour a major involvement of ENK-positive myenteric neurones in the control of gastric mucosa activity.

  17. A Piscine Birnavirus Induces Inhibition of Protein Synthesis in CHSE-214 Cells Primarily through the Induction of eIF2α Phosphorylation

    Amr A.A. Gamil


    Full Text Available Inhibition of protein synthesis represents one of the antiviral mechanisms employed by cells and it is also used by viruses for their own propagation. To what extent members of the Birnaviridae family employ such strategies is not well understood. Here we use a type-strain of the Aquabirnavirus, infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV, to investigate this phenomenon in vitro. CHSE-214 cells were infected with IPNV and at 3, 12, 24, and 48 hours post infection (hpi before the cells were harvested and labeled with S35 methionine to assess protein synthesis. eIF2α phosphorylation was examined by Western blot while RT-qPCR was used to assess virus replication and the expression levels of IFN-α, Mx1 and PKR. Cellular responses to IPNV infection were assessed by DNA laddering, Caspase-3 assays and flow cytometry. The results show that the onset and kinetics of eIF2α phosphorylation was similar to that of protein synthesis inhibition as shown by metabolic labeling. Increased virus replication and virus protein formation was observed by 12 hpi, peaking at 24 hpi. Apoptosis was induced in a small fraction (1−2% of IPNV-infected CHSE cells from 24 hpi while necrotic/late apoptotic cells increased from 10% by 24 hpi to 59% at 48 hpi, as shown by flow cytometry. These results were in accordance with a small decline in cell viability by 24hpi, dropping below 50% by 48 hpi. IPNV induced IFN-α mRNA upregulation by 24 hpi while no change was observed in the expression of Mx1 and PKR mRNA. Collectively, these findings show that IPNV induces inhibition of protein synthesis in CHSE cells through phosphorylation of eIF2α with minimal involvement of apoptosis. The anticipation is that protein inhibition is used by the virus to evade the host innate antiviral responses.

  18. Soil nutritional status, not inoculum identity, primarily determines the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of Knautia arvensis plants.

    Doubková, Pavla; Kohout, Petr; Sudová, Radka


    Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis is among the factors contributing to plant survival in serpentine soils characterised by unfavourable physicochemical properties. However, AM fungi show a considerable functional diversity, which is further modified by host plant identity and edaphic conditions. To determine the variability among serpentine AM fungal isolates in their effects on plant growth and nutrition, a greenhouse experiment was conducted involving two serpentine and two non-serpentine populations of Knautia arvensis plants grown in their native substrates. The plants were inoculated with one of the four serpentine AM fungal isolates or with a complex AM fungal community native to the respective plant population. At harvest after 6-month cultivation, intraradical fungal development was assessed, AM fungal taxa established from native fungal communities were determined and plant growth and element uptake evaluated. AM symbiosis significantly improved the performance of all the K. arvensis populations. The extent of mycorrhizal growth promotion was mainly governed by nutritional status of the substrate, while the effect of AM fungal identity was negligible. Inoculation with the native AM fungal communities was not more efficient than inoculation with single AM fungal isolates in any plant population. Contrary to the growth effects, a certain variation among AM fungal isolates was revealed in terms of their effects on plant nutrient uptake, especially P, Mg and Ca, with none of the AM fungi being generally superior in this respect. Regardless of AM symbiosis, K. arvensis populations significantly differed in their relative nutrient accumulation ratios, clearly showing the plant's ability to adapt to nutrient deficiency/excess.

  19. Combination therapy with brentuximab vedotin and cisplatin/cytarabine in a patient with primarily refractory anaplastic lymphoma kinase positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma

    Heidegger S


    Full Text Available Simon Heidegger,1 Ambros Beer,2 Eva Geissinger,3 Andreas Rosenwald,3 Christian Peschel,1 Ingo Ringshausen,1 Ulrich Keller11III Medical Department, 2Nuclear Medicine Department, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany; 3Institute of Pathology, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, GermanyAbstract: Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL is a common subtype of the heterogeneous group of peripheral T-cell lymphomas, which is characterized by large pleomorphic cells with strong expression of CD30. Translocations involving ALK, the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene, are associated with a favorable clinical outcome. Such ALK-positive ALCLs are usually responsive to a multidrug chemotherapy with CHOP (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone. However, there is no general consensus on the optimal therapy for relapsed or refractory ALCL. We report the case of a 24-year-old male suffering from ALK-positive ALCL with an uncommon manifestation of only extranodal disease in the gastric cardia region that showed primary refractoriness to standard CHOP chemotherapy. A combination therapy consisting of the anti-CD30 drug conjugate, brentuximab vedotin, and classical lymphoma salvage regimen DHAP (cisplatin, high-dose cytarabine and dexamethasone was administered. Following two treatment cycles in 21-day intervals, the lymphoma showed considerable regression based on imaging diagnostics and no evidence of vital lymphoma in a subsequent biopsy. We did not observe any increase in toxicity; in particular, polyneuropathy and febrile neutropenia were not observed. In summary, we report that the antibody-drug conjugate brentuximab vedotin and a classical regimen used for aggressive lymphoma, DHAP, could be combined as salvage therapy in a case of refractory ALK-positive ALCL. Phase I/II studies will be required for safety and efficacy analysis.Keywords: anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL, refractory/relapsed lymphoma, anti-CD30 drug conjugate, DHAP

  20. Liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney involvement by human fascioliasis: imaging findings

    Hekmatdoost Azita


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Fasciola hepatica primarily involves the liver, however in some exceptional situations other organs have been reported to be involved. The ectopic involvement is either a result of Parasite migration or perhaps eosinophilic reaction. Case presentation Here we report a known case of multiple myeloma who was under treatment with prednisolone and melphalan. He was infected by Fasciola hepatica, which involved many organs and the lesions were mistaken with metastatic ones. Discussion Presented here is a very unusual case of the disease, likely the first case involving the pancreas, spleen, and kidney, as well as the liver.

  1. Multi-Objective Model and Algorithm for Municipal Trash Transferring Depots Location Problems by Considering Undesirable Effects%考虑负效应的城市废弃物中转站多目标选址模型及算法

    王海燕; 张岐山


    Municipal waste disposal facilities are typical semi-desirable facilities. Their location decision often needs to apply multi-objective decision methods and consider systemic cost and the undesirable effect. Unfortunately, the existing methods of measuring undesirable effect of trash disposal facilities ignore some obvious factors, such as wind directions, speed, etc. Therefore, they cannot exactly describe practical situations. Moreover, most current study focuses on two-layer municipal trash logistics network, which only covers trash generation points and final disposal points. However, the municipal trash disposal networks of most large and medium-sized cities are three-layer network, in which the transferring depots are one kind of essential facilities. This article first analyzes the characteristics of municipal trash transferring depots in order to understand the undesirable effect, such as local wind directions, wind speed and facility capacity, etc. The concept of "diffusion distances" is used to amend the traditional Euclidean distance and to state the real effect by considering all the above-mentioned factors. Subsequently, a piecewise function is proposed to measure the undesirable effect based on " diffusion distances". We further study the discrete three-level municipal trash logistics network with transferring depots. A multi-objective mixed integer programming model is introduced to optimize the trash transferring depots location problem in the network and minimize both of the annual total cost and the average daily undesirable effect. In order to solve the model, a two-stage hybrid simulated annealing algorithm (HSA) is devised according to problem features. Facilities location and the capacity of each facility are obtained in the first stage. The assignment of generation points among facilities selected in the previous stage is obtained in the second stage through a well-designed greedy algorithm. The multi-objective simulation of annealing

  2. My Body is a Temple: Eating Disturbances, Religious Involvement, and Mental Health Among Young Adult Women.

    Henderson, Andrea K; Ellison, Christopher G


    A growing body of the literature outlines the undesirable mental health consequences of eating disturbances. However, little attention has been given to the possible mitigating effects of cultural institutions, such as religion, in the lives of women suffering from such pathologies. Our work contributes to the literature by (a) outlining a series of arguments linking eating disturbances, religion, and mental health; (b) specifying two conceptual models of these relationships; and (c) testing relevant hypotheses using data on a large nationwide sample of young women. Results indicate that religious involvement-organizational, non-organizational, and subjective religiousness-moderates the effects of eating disturbances on mental health, particularly for self-esteem. Study limitations are identified and several promising directions for future research are discussed.

  3. Sacroiliac joint involvement in psoriasis.

    Kaçar, Cahit; Sezer, Ilhan; Kocabaş, Hilal; Cay, Hasan Fatih; Cevikol, Can; Alpsoy, Erkan; Melikoğlu, Meltem Alkan; Akman, Ayşe


    Psoriasis is a skin disorder that is associated with arthritis. Sacroiliac joint involvement is considered to be less frequent than the other types of psoriatic arthritis. Additionally, the psoriatic sacroiliitis is considered to be asymmetric in general. We aimed to define the frequency and type of sacroiliac involvement in patients with psoriasis. Patients with psoriasis were included the study. Characteristics of skin, nail and articular involvement were noted. Psoriasis area and severity index was calculated. Antero-posterior pelvic X-rays were obtained and graded by two rheumatologists and a radiologist independently. One hundred and thirty-three patients were included. Thirty-seven of patients (27%) have articular involvement symptomatically. The sacroiliac joint involvement was observed in 34 (26%) of patients. More than one-half of sacroiliac involvement was bilateral while less than one-half was in symptomatic patients regarding sacroiliitis. Fifty-seven percentages of all patients have psoriatic nail involvement. Sacroiliac joint involvement did not show any significant association with psoriatic nail involvement or the severity of skin disease. We found higher frequency of sacroiliac joint involvement and bilateral sacroiliitis in patients with psoriasis. This is in contrast to present information about the association of psoriasis and sacroiliitis. These findings need confirmation by further studies and with more sophisticated techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging.

  4. Polyarteritis nodosa with uterine involvement

    Chihiro Hirai


    Full Text Available Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN is characterized by multisystem necrotizing vasculitis, primarily affecting small-to-medium-sized muscular arteries, and it is typically found in middle-aged men. PAN is rarely found in the female genital tract (including the uterus, and imaging of the uterus with PAN has not previously been reported. Reported is a case of a 78-year-old patient with uterus enlargement who was diagnosed with PAN through clinical findings and images. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings of a uterus affected by PAN are presented and reviewed, and potential characteristic findings of the uterine with PAN are discussed.

  5. Cardiac Involvement in Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Ozkan, Yasemin


    Ankylosing spondylitis is one of the subgroup of diseases called “seronegative spondyloarthropathy”. Frequently, it affects the vertebral colon and sacroiliac joint primarily and affects the peripheral joints less often. This chronic, inflammatory and rheumatic disease can also affect the extraarticular regions of the body. The extraarticular affections can be ophthalmologic, cardiac, pulmonary or neurologic. The cardiac affection can be 2-10% in all patients. Cardiac complications such as left ventricular dysfunction, aortitis, aortic regurgitation, pericarditis and cardiomegaly are reviewed. PMID:27222669


    Yeşim ULUSU


    Full Text Available The concept of “Involvement” is based on social psychology and specially attitude and attitude change subjects in the area of persuasive communication. The conceptualization of the “involvement” as a phe- nomenon was started to construct especially during the years between 1965-1980 when “involvement” was discussed in many areas of social sciences related to human behavior such as marketing, consumer behavior and advertising with its different dimensions.


    ULUSU, Yeşim


    The concept of “Involvement” is based on social psychology and specially attitude and attitude change subjects in the area of persuasive communication. The conceptualization of the “involvement” as a phe- nomenon was started to construct especially during the years between 1965-1980 when “involvement” was discussed in many areas of social sciences related to human behavior such as marketing, consumer behavior and advertising with its different dimensions.

  8. Monoarticular Hip Involvement in Pseudogout

    Figen Kocyigit


    Full Text Available Pseudogout is the acutest form of arthritis in the elderly. Although clinical manifestations vary widely, polyarticular involvement is typical mimicking osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Monoarticular involvement is relatively rare and is generally provoked by another medical condition. There are reported cases of hip involvement by pseudogout in monoarticular form. However, all of the cases were presented as septic arthritis. In this report, we present a case of monoarticular hip involvement mimicking soft tissue abscess. We confirmed the pseudogout diagnosis after ultrasonographic evaluation of the involved hip joint and pathological and biochemical analysis of synovial fluid analysis. Diagnosis is important to avoid unnecessary medical and surgical treatment in cases of the bizarre involvement of hip in pseudogout.

  9. Bacterial Extracellular Polysaccharides Involved in Biofilm Formation

    Elena P. Ivanova


    Full Text Available Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS produced by microorganisms are a complex mixture of biopolymers primarily consisting of polysaccharides, as well as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and humic substances. EPS make up the intercellular space of microbial aggregates and form the structure and architecture of the biofilm matrix. The key functions of EPS comprise the mediation of the initial attachment of cells to different substrata and protection against environmental stress and dehydration. The aim of this review is to present a summary of the current status of the research into the role of EPS in bacterial attachment followed by biofilm formation. The latter has a profound impact on an array of biomedical, biotechnology and industrial fields including pharmaceutical and surgical applications, food engineering, bioremediation and biohydrometallurgy. The diverse structural variations of EPS produced by bacteria of different taxonomic lineages, together with examples of biotechnological applications, are discussed. Finally, a range of novel techniques that can be used in studies involving biofilm-specific polysaccharides is discussed.

  10. Skin involvement in Dupuytren's disease.

    Wade, R.; Igali, L; Figus, A


    Whether the palmar skin has a role in the development, propagation or recurrence of Dupuytren's disease remains unclear. Clinical assessment for skin involvement is difficult and its correlation with histology uncertain. We prospectively biopsied the palmar skin of consecutive patients undergoing single digit fasciectomy (for primary Dupuytren's disease without clinically involved skin) and dermofasciectomy (for clinically involved skin or recurrence) in order to investigate this relationship...

  11. [Brodie abscess. Primarily misinterpreted as traumatic lesion].

    Nicolajsen, K; Jørgensen, P S; Tørholm, C


    Two case histories are presented. In the first, a 49 year-old man fell on his right hip. He was able to walk, but because of pain he came to our emergency room. Radiographics gave an impression of an undislocated intertrochanteric fracture, scintigraphy confirmed the suspicion. There were no signs of infection. On starting osteosynthesis with the drilling of a hole in the lateral cortex, discharge of pus was observed and curettage of the abscess cavity was performed. In the second, a 21 year-old man hit his right knee against a table. Because of pain he was admitted to hospital. Primary signs of a lesion of the lateral meniscus were found and arthroscopy was scheduled. When readmitted we found signs of an infection and X-ray revealed a Brodie's abscess in the proximal tibia. The abscess cavity was opened and curettage was performed. Radiographics, scintigraphics, blood parameters and pathological and microbiological investigations revealed primary chronic osteomyelitis in both patients. Antibiotic therapy was instituted and six weeks after primary operation bone transplantation was performed. The further course was uncomplicated.

  12. Media in a Crisis Situation Involving National Interest:

    Xigen, Li; Lindsay, Laura; Mogensen, Kirsten

    the networks. This study found that a variety of sources was used, and the influence of government officials was not as great as in the coverage of a crisis with less involvement of U.S. national interest. Media primarily serve as the sources of accurate information instead of guidance and consolation......A content analysis of coverage of 9/11 incident during the first eight hours examined how five television networks framed the news coverage as events unfolded. Media performed their function in a crisis basically as they were expected and coverage and issues do not vary significantly among...

  13. The Impact of Japanese Corporate Transnationalism on Men's Involvement in Family Life and Relationships

    Yasuike, Akiko


    This study examines the ways in which Japanese corporate transnationalism affects husbands' involvement in family life and marital relationships primarily from a perspective of wives. It is based on interviews with 22 Japanese wives and 4 husbands. Studies of Japanese corporate transnationalism treat men as mere supervisors to local workers or…

  14. Adolescents' Domain-Specific Judgments about Different Forms of Civic Involvement: Variations by Age and Gender

    Metzger, Aaron; Ferris, Kaitlyn


    Domain-specific judgments about different forms of civic engagement were assessed in a sample 467 primarily White adolescents (M age = 15.26, range = 11-19). Adolescents reported on the obligatory nature and social praiseworthiness (respect) of different forms of civic involvement. Adolescents distinguished among four different categories of civic…

  15. Diagnostic imaging of recurred mandibular ameloblastoma with large soft tissue involvement

    Park, Kwan Soo; Lee, Sam Sun; Choi, Hang Moon [Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and Dental research Institute, College of Dentistry, Seoul National University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Jeon, In Seong [Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Sanggyepaik Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    An uncommon case of a patient with recurrent mandibular ameloblastoma involving various adjacent soft tissues is presented with plain film radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) and bone scan. The tumor involved mandible and eroded several bones including foramen ovale. This case shows that although an ameloblastoma primarily affect mandible, exact radiographic evaluation of tumor extent will assist the surgeon in the progress of rational approaches to the management of ameloblastoma.

  16. Citizen Involvement in Public Television.

    Wenner, Lawrence A.

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the amount and quality of citizen involvement in public television. From the perspective of the "average citizen," the concept of involvement is considered with regard to the Carnegie Commission, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) borad of directors, the National Citizens Committee for…

  17. Preparing Teachers for Parent Involvement.

    Safran, Daniel

    This paper examines the potential impact of parent involvement in the formal education of their children and suggests ways that teacher education can be restructured to prepare teachers to work with parents. This paper attempts to answer five questions: (1) Why should parents be involved in the formal education of their children? (2) Why should…

  18. Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement

    Goodwin, Sarah Christine


    This research study examined the correlation between student achievement and parent's perceptions of their involvement in their child's schooling. Parent participants completed the Parent Involvement Project Parent Questionnaire. Results slightly indicated parents of students with higher level of achievement perceived less demand or invitations…

  19. Involvement of inositol in reproduction.

    Beemster, P.; Groenen, P.; Steegers-Theunissen, R.P.M.


    Inositol is involved in several aspects of reproduction. It affects overall embryogenesis, may prevent neural tube defects, and stimulates the production of lung surfactant. This article will review the involvement of inositol in reproduction. After describing the biologic function of inositol and i

  20. Direct Employee Involvement Quality (DEIQ)

    Torka, Nicole; Woerkom, van Marianne; Looise, Jan-Kees


    This paper focuses on one aspect of human resource management (HRM) that is important for innovative employee behaviour: direct employee involvement quality (DEIQ). However, research has also shown that employee involvement is often in serious need of improvement. This paper presents evidence from t

  1. Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement

    Goodwin, Sarah Christine


    This research study examined the correlation between student achievement and parent's perceptions of their involvement in their child's schooling. Parent participants completed the Parent Involvement Project Parent Questionnaire. Results slightly indicated parents of students with higher level of achievement perceived less demand or invitations…

  2. Ocular involvement in pemphigus vulgaris.

    Akhyani, Maryam; Keshtkar-Jafari, Alireza; Chams-Davatchi, Cheyda; Lajevardi, Vahide; Beigi, Sara; Aghazadeh, Nessa; Rayati Damavandi, Maede; Arami, Shabnam


    Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) is an autoimmune disorder affecting the skin and mucous membranes. Ocular involvement in PV has been reported but its prevalence and clinical characteristics are not well defined. This prospective cross-sectional study of 103 PV patients was designed to determine the prevalence, clinical types and epidemiological trends of ocular involvement in a population of Iranian patients with PV. Ocular involvement was present in 17 (16.5%) patients. Conjunctivitis was the most prevalent type of ocular involvement (9/17, 52.9%), followed by erosion of the palpebral conjunctiva (7/17, 41.2%). Erosion of the bulbar conjunctiva was noted in only one patient (5.9%). The most commonly reported symptoms were eye irritation (76.5%) and redness (76.5%). No significant relation was found between ocular involvement and disease activity (partial remission or relapse). Mucoid discharge was significantly more common in patients with conjunctival erosions as compared to patients with conjunctivitis (P = 0.038). We conclude that ocular involvement is not rare in PV; 16.5% of PV patients develop ocular disease independent of the disease activity and extension. Conjunctivitis is the most common type of involvement, however, palpebral conjunctival erosion is more frequent than previously realized.

  3. Road rage and collision involvement.

    Mann, Robert E; Zhao, Jinhui; Stoduto, Gina; Adlaf, Edward M; Smart, Reginald G; Donovan, John E


    To assess the contribution of road rage victimization and perpetration to collision involvement. The relationship between self-reported collision involvement and road rage victimization and perpetration was examined, based on telephone interviews with a representative sample of 4897 Ontario adult drivers interviewed between 2002 and 2004. Perpetrators and victims of both any road rage and serious road rage had a significantly higher risk of collision involvement than did those without road rage experience. This study provides epidemiological evidence that both victims and perpetrators of road rage experience increased collision risk. More detailed studies of the contribution of road rage to traffic crashes are needed.




    Full Text Available In this article, we will follow the involvement that the government has,through its expenses, on the consumption behavior. The involvement that the government has inthe consumption behavior is made through fees and taxes that are applied on income. Fees andtaxes are applied to the different forms of income but in this article we will be focused only onthe influence of them on wages. In order to analyze the involvement of government expenses onconsumption behavior an utility model will be used.

  5. Estrogenic involvement in social learning, social recognition and pathogen avoidance.

    Choleris, Elena; Clipperton-Allen, Amy E; Phan, Anna; Valsecchi, Paola; Kavaliers, Martin


    Sociality comes with specific cognitive skills that allow the proper processing of information about others (social recognition), as well as of information originating from others (social learning). Because sociality and social interactions can also facilitate the spread of infection among individuals the ability to recognize and avoid pathogen threat is also essential. We review here various studies primarily from the rodent literature supporting estrogenic involvement in the regulation of social recognition, social learning (socially acquired food preferences and mate choice copying) and the recognition and avoidance of infected and potentially infected individuals. We consider both genomic and rapid estrogenic effects involving estrogen receptors α and β, and G-protein coupled estrogen receptor 1, along with their interactions with neuropeptide systems in the processing of social stimuli and the regulation and expression of these various socially relevant behaviors.

  6. [Hand involvement in systemic sclerosis].

    Mouthon, Luc


    Hand involvement is very common in patients with systemic sclerosis and represents an important tool for the early diagnosis of the disease. Vascular involvement of the hands is at the forefront of systemic sclerosis, with Raynaud's phenomenon, which may be complicated by digital ulcers, digital necrosis causing pain, infection and significant disability. Joint inflammation can also be disabling and causes the occurrence of contractures and deformities resulting in a marked hand disability. Skin sclerosis involving fingers and hands leads to the occurrence of pain and functional impairment. Hand involvement contributes to 75 % of global disability in patients with systemic sclerosis. Only a comprehensive care, taking into account the vascular, skin and joint manifestations, including physical therapy if needed can improve hand function in patients with systemic sclerosis.

  7. Abdominal Actinomycetoma With Lymphnode Involvement

    Damisetty Rajetha


    Full Text Available Actinomycotic mycetoma of the anterior abdominal wall with inguinal lymphnode involvement, an exceedingly rare entity is described here with mycological histological features. Remarkable therapeutic response was noted with Welsh regimen.

  8. User Involvement And Entrepreneurial Action

    Eva Heiskanen


    Full Text Available Involving users in the innovation process is a subject of much research, experimentation, and debate. Less attention has been given to the limits to user involvement that ensue from specific organizational characteristics. This article explores barriers to the utilization of users’ input in two small companies developing interactive digital applications. We contrast our findings to earlier research involving large companies to identify features of entrepreneurial sensemaking and action that influence the utilization of users’ input. We find that the small companies follow a distinct action rationality, leading to rapid implementation of some user inputs, and defensiveness toward others. Both sets of data also reveal common features that are often overlooked in the literature. We reconceptualize user involvement as a form of interaction between users and innovating companies that is facilitated and constrained by micro-sociological processes, on the one hand, and the nature of the competitive environment, on the other.

  9. Patient involvement in hospital architecture

    Herriott, Richard


    This paper examines user-involvement in the process used to design new hospitals. Denmark is in the midst of a phase of hospital building. This recent experience is studied by means of expert interviews with senior practitioners involved in three projects. Examined thematically, the data covers......-studied area, design for hospitals. It highlights difficulties in applying the goals of user-centred design and Design for All in large projects....

  10. Thinking on the High Undesirable Administrative Costs of Chinese Government---Reflection on the Junket ofPublic Servants in China%中国政府不良行政成本偏高的制度思考--对我国公务人员公费旅游的反思



    The relationship between state and society,government and citizen reflected in the administrative costs determines its significance in public affairs.Whether the administrative costs is reasonable or not is directly related to the credibility of the government as well as the legitimacy of the regime.This study divides the administrative costs into “necessary administrative costs”and “undesirable administrative costs”,starts from the defects of the current system of public servants out learning in our country,has deep reflection on the cause of the high undesirable administrative costs and explore the solutions in terms of system to reduce the administrative costs and improve administrative efficiency .%行政成本所内含的国家与社会、政府与公民关系决定了其在公共事务中的重要意义,行政成本合理与否将直接关系到政府的公信力以及政权的合法性。文章将行政成本分为“必须行政成本”和“不良行政成本”,从我国现行公务人员外出学习考察体制的制度缺陷着手,对不良行政成本偏高的原因进行深层次的反思,探寻降低行政成本,提高行政效率的制度上的解法。

  11. Perturbations Involving nu1 of NCCN.

    Maki; Klee


    From high-resolution infrared spectra of 14N12C12C14N, 14N13C13C14N, and 15N12C12C15N, we find that the levels 1000(0)0(0), 1000(0)1(1), 1000(0)2(0,2), and 1000(0)3(1,3) have very pronounced perturbations. Our analysis shows that these perturbations are due to a vibrational resonance among the levels 1000(0)0(0), 0102(0)2(0), and 0102(0)2(2) in the one case, and equivalent levels with one or more additional quanta of nu5 in the other three cases. The resonance constant for the perturbation involving nu1 is 0.25 cm-1. It has the dependence on v5 and l5 that is expected for the sextic potential constant, K124455, although it seems too large for such a high-order constant. The Deltal (or Deltak) = 2 interaction between, for instance, 1000(0)0(0) and 0102(0)2(2e) is shown to be primarily due to the l-type resonance mixing of the 0102(0)2(0) and 0102(0)2(2e) states. The resonance is nearly "turned off" for the 1000(0)2(0,2) and 1000(0)3(1,3) states of 14N13C13C14N because there are no level crossings between the interacting states and the band centers are too far away to have an obvious effect, although careful analysis shows that the perturbation can be seen in their effective centrifugal distortion constants. The spectrum of 15N12C12C15N shows level crossings only in the case of the 1000(0)1(1), 1000(0)2(0,2), and 1000(0)3(1,3) states. Copyright 1999 Academic Press.

  12. Strategy Innovation with Employee Involvement

    Friis, Ole Uhrskov; Koch, Christian


    if the managers still dominate, some processes of direct involvement of employees occur, in particular when employees are asked to supplement overall strategic goals and when they directly shape several sub-strategies. Strategy practices found include strategy planning, an open space workshop and organised......The purpose of this article is to investigate how employees can be involved in strategy innovation processes and how new strategy practices (new tools and procedures) are used to change strategy praxis in order to sustain value creation. In the strategizing actions, we found that even...... strategy projects. Especially the latter two are important in facilitating the employee involvement. The case, however, also exhibits enterprise-situated praxises related to unplanned events, like the mitigation of taboos....

  13. Involving Employees in Strategy innovation

    Friis, Ole Uhrskov; Koch, Christian


    some of its employees. Even if managers still dominate, some processes of direct involvement of employees occur. The employees are in particular active in supplementing overall strategic goals and directly shaping one sub strategy, that of ‘process’. Strategy practices include planning, Porterian......Strategy as a practice and continuous innovation approaches are combined to conceptualise dilemmas of short versus long term and to analyse a case of employee participation as a particular example of strategy innovation. The case is a medium size textile company developing its strategy involving...... and Balanced Score Card consultancy, an ‘open space’ workshop and organized strategy projects. Especially the latter two are important in facilitating the employee involvement. The case however also exhibit enterprise situated praxis’s like mitigation of taboos....

  14. Gastrointestinal involvement in systemic sclerosis.

    Savarino, Edoardo; Furnari, Manuele; de Bortoli, Nicola; Martinucci, Irene; Bodini, Giorgia; Ghio, Massimo; Savarino, Vincenzo


    Systemic sclerosis is an autoimmune chronic disease characterised by microvascular, muscular and immunologic abnormalities that lead to progressive and systemic deposition of connective tissue in the skin and internal organs. The gastrointestinal tract is often overlooked by physicians but it is the most affected organ after the skin, from the mouth to the anus. Indeed, 80% of SSc patients may present with gastrointestinal involvement. Gastrointestinal manifestations range from bloating and heartburn to dysphagia and anorectal dysfunction to severe weight loss and malabsorption. However, the gastrointestinal involvement is rarely the direct cause of death, but has great impact on quality of life and leads to several comorbidities that subsequently affect patients' survival. Treatments, including nutritional support and prokinetics provide limited benefits and do not arrest the progressive course of the disease, but earlier detection of gastrointestinal involvement may reduce the risk of complications such as malnutrition.

  15. Opioid receptors: toward separation of analgesic from undesirable effects.

    Law, Ping-Yee; Reggio, Patricia H; Loh, Horace H


    The use of opioid analgesics for pain has always been hampered by their many side effects; in particular, the addictive liability associated with chronic use. Recently, attempts to develop analgesic agents with reduced side effects have targeted either the putative opioid receptor splice variants or the receptor hetero-oligomers. This review discusses the potential for receptor splice variant- and the hetero-oligomer-based discovery of new opioid analgesics. We also examine an alternative approach of using receptor mutants for pain management. Finally, we discuss the role of the biased agonism observed and the recently reported opioid receptor crystal structures in guiding the future development of opioid analgesics.

  16. (Un)Desirable Effects of Output Funding for Flemish Universities

    Cantillon, B.; De Ridder, A.; Vanhaecht, E.; Verbist, G.


    Governments introducing output parameters (e.g. graduation numbers) in the funding rule of universities believe that it will induce universities to raise their teaching efforts while educational standards will remain unaffected. In this article we first show on theoretical grounds that this desire can only be fulfilled if there exist positive…

  17. [Dermatologic manifestation of undesirable effects of drugs (excluding cytostatic drugs)].

    Villette, B; Rybojad, M; Puissant, A


    Medications, consumed more and more frequently as a result of self-medication or prescribed under medical supervision, have multiple side effects, including dermatological ones. In fact, the latter represent the primary cause of drug intolerance. However, the diagnosis is not always made easily and is based upon standardized norms defined by pharmacology control centers. Fixed pigmented eruptions are the only erythema solely of drug-induced origin. Failure to recognize a drug-induced dermatological manifestation can be fatal if the drug is taken again, as in the case of toxic epidermal necrolysis.

  18. Control Strategies for Prevention of Undesirable Traits in Cattle - Review

    Daniela Elena Ilie


    Full Text Available Cattle genome sequencing has a major impact on livestock breeding and provides useful information in the field biotechnology that can ultimately lead to the development of several techniques for early molecular diagnosis. These developments within molecular genetics have made possible the rapid and effective detection of lethal or mutant alleles associated with a disease-specific phenotype by DNA isolation followed by in vitro amplification techniques and enzymatic restriction. DNA tests are currently in use for the detection of heterozygotes and diagnosis of genetic diseases such as bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency (BLAD, deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase (DUMPS and bovine citrullinemia. These genetic defects are autosomal recessive disorders which were widespread trough advanced reproductive technologies, including artificial insemination and multiple ovulation embryo transfer, as result of selection focused on desirable traits carried by elite bulls with high genetic merit. In order to prevent the risk of dissemination of inherited defects in dairy herds and to decrease the economic losses all bulls have to be tested, although the prevalence of the above mentioned recessive alleles is low. Therefore, it is advisable to use molecular markers to assess bovine health and to implement such programs for the purpose of monitoring hereditary diseases in cattle.

  19. [Premature recourse to tubal ligation in Quebec: some undesirable consequences?].

    Marcil-gratton, N


    Currently over 40% of fertile aged couples in Quebec have chosen voluntary sterilization as a fertility control method, and it is estimated that nearly 70% of women will be protected by sterilization before the natural end of their reproductive years. Under these circumstances the probability arises that some proportion will come to regret their decision to seek sterilization. Telephone interviews with 497 randomly selected sterilized women aged 25-44 in the Montreal area in 1985 provided data on their degree of satisfaction with their decisions. The response rate of 67.5% exceeded the expected 60% and the women were similar in characteristics to those of other samples of sterilized women. Some bias may however have been introduced if there were systematic differences in the women not responding. 2 questions were asked to provide estimates of women regretting the sterilization because they would have liked another child. The women were asked if they subsequently regretted their sterilization because they might have wanted another child. Those answering affirmatively were asked if they thought they would actually have attempted pregnancy. A positive answer to the 2nd question was used as the indicator of regret. The results indicated that physicians' estimates of regret are seriously underestimated. 3.9% of the sample said they had discussed the possibility of a reversal with their physicians, but a much higher 21.2% said they had felt regret without openly expressing it to their physician. 12.7% said they would have attempted a later pregnancy and 4.1% said they might have done so. The fundamental variable was age at sterilization. 35.9% of the 167 women aged 20-29 at ligation, 20.5% of the 222 aged 30-34, and 17.9% of the 106 aged 35 or older stated they had at some time regretted their sterilization. 8.4% of those 20-29 at ligation, 8.6% of those 30-34, and 9.4% of those over 35 said they would have tried to have another child. 70% of those who would have wanted another child experienced regret within 3 years of the sterilization. Among women of all ages at ligation, 10.3% of those whose 1st marriage was still intact, 17.1% experiencing at least 1 broken marriage, and 22.6% of those never legally married expressed regret at being sterilized. But among women under 30 at ligation, 18.2% whose 1st marriage was still intact expressed regret. Family size did not seem to be systematically related to regret. Socioeconomic differentials in likelihood of regret were related to age. Women who were less educated and less attached to professional activity were likely to have married at younger ages, to have had their families early, and to have been sterilized before the age of 30.

  20. Opioid Receptors: Toward Separation of Analgesic from Undesirable Effects

    Law, P.Y.; Reggio, Patricia H.; Loh, H.H.


    The use of opioid analgesics for pain has always been hampered by their many side effects; in particular, the addictive liability associated with chronic use. Recently, attempts to develop analgesic agents with reduced side effects have targeted either the putative opioid receptor splice variants or the receptor heterooligomers. This review discusses the potential for receptor splice variant- and the hetero-oligomer-based discovery of new opioid analgesics. We also examine an alternative approach of using receptor mutants for pain management. Finally, we discuss the role of the biased agonism observed and the recently reported opioid receptor crystal structures in guiding the future development of opioid analgesics PMID:23598157

  1. [Diabetes mellitus and depressive disorder, an undesirable association].

    Nicolau, Joana; Masmiquel, Lluís


    Type 2 diabetes and depressive disorder are 2 chronic diseases highly prevalent in developed countries and with a negative impact on quality of life and life expectancy. In recent years, both conditions have been shown to be strongly associated. Thus, diabetics have an increased risk of suffering depressive disorder, as well as impaired glucose homeostasis, if they experience depression. In diabetic patients, concurrent depression is associated to greater difficulties in disease management and metabolic control, increased risk of developing chronic complications, decreased quality of life, and higher healthcare expenses. As a result, the interest of diabetic scientific societies in this association has increased, and they recommend regular mood assessment in diabetic patients. However, the limited clinical experience available and the conflicting results reported to date make it difficult to draw conclusions.

  2. [Heel involvement in rheumatoid polyarthritis].

    Bouysset, M; Tebib, J G; Vianey, J C; Berthier, M; Nemoz, J C; Chaumentin, G; Schnepp, J; Llorca, G; Bouvier, M


    Calcaneus involvement during the course of RA is poorly known. A clinical and radiological study of 408 consecutive rheumatoid feet are then reported. If talalgia was seldomly noted (3.7 p. cent), plantar calcaneitis was found in 29.7 p. cent as plantar spur. Similarly, posterior exostosis was displayed in 30.5 p. cent of patients. These radiological abnormalities are increased in RA but appeared more as a consequence of the statical modification of the foot secondary to RA process than as a direct involvement. Logical orthopedic therapeutics are then proposed.

  3. Multisystem involvement in neuromyelitis optica

    Megan M Langille


    Full Text Available We describe a case of pediatric neuromyelitis optica (NMO with muscle and lung involvement in addition to central nervous system disease. Our patient initially presented with features of area postrema syndrome, then subsequently with optic neuritis. The patient also had recurrent hyperCKemia that responded to corticosteroids. Finally, axillary and hilar adenopathy with pulmonary consolidation were noted as well and responded to immunomodulation. Our case highlights multisystem involvement in NMO including non-infectious pulmonary findings which have not been described in the pediatric population previously.

  4. Vertebral osteomyelitis without disc involvement

    Kamani, I.; Syed, I.; Saifuddin, A. E-mail:; Green, R.; MacSweeney, F


    Vertebral osteomyelitis is most commonly due to pyogenic or granulomatous infection and typically results in the combined involvement of the intervertebral disc and adjacent vertebral bodies. Non-infective causes include the related conditions of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) and SAPHO (synovitis, acne, pustulosis, hyperostosis, and osteitis) syndrome. Occasionally, these conditions may present purely within the vertebral body, resulting in various combinations of vertebral marrow oedema and sclerosis, destructive lesions of the vertebral body and pathological vertebral collapse, thus mimicking neoplastic disease. This review illustrates the imaging features of vertebral osteomyelitis without disc involvement, with emphasis on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings.

  5. Parental Involvement in Norwegian Schools

    Paulsen, Jan Merok


    This article examines findings on key challenges of school-parent relations in Norway. The review is based on recent large-scale studies on several issues, including formalized school-parent cooperation, parental involvement in the pedagogical discourse, and teacher perspectives on the parents' role in the school community. Findings suggest a…

  6. Parent Involvement as Ritualized Practice

    Doucet, Fabienne


    This article examines parent involvement (PI) as a ritual system using Turner's concept of root paradigms. Through a twofold analysis, I argue that the highly ritualized nature of PI practices creates a group identity among mainstream parents and schools that marginalizes diverse families. First, I point out three root paradigms in the ritual…

  7. Putaminal involvement in Rasmussen encephalitis

    Rajesh, Bhagavatheeswaran; Ashalatha, Radhakrishnan [Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Department of Neurology, Trivandrum, Kerala (India); Kesavadas, Chandrasekharan; Thomas, Bejoy [Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Department of Imaging Sciences and Interventional Radiology, Trivandrum, Kerala (India)


    Rasmussen encephalitis (RE) is a rare devastating disease of childhood causing progressive neurological deficits and intractable seizures, typically affecting one hemisphere. Characteristic MRI features include progressive unihemispheric focal cortical atrophy and grey- or white-matter high-signal changes and basal ganglion involvement, particularly of the caudate nucleus. To analyse the pattern of involvement of different brain structures in a series of patients with RE and to attempt clinical correlation. We reviewed the medical records and neuroimaging data of 12 patients diagnosed with RE satisfying the European Consensus Statement diagnostic criteria. The disease manifested as seizures in all patients and was refractory; epilepsia partialis continua was a notable feature (nine patients). Hemiparesis of varying grades was noted in all but one patient; none had extrapyramidal signs. Neuroimaging showed cortical involvement in the insular/periinsular regions in 11 patients. Caudate atrophy was noted in ten patients. Putaminal atrophy was seen in nine patients, six of whom had additional hyperintense signal changes. Our study highlights frequent putaminal atrophy and signal changes in RE, which suggests a more extensive basal ganglion involvement than emphasized previously. Recognition of putaminal changes may be a useful additional tool in the radiological diagnosis of RE. (orig.)

  8. Neuronal involvement in cisplatin neuropathy

    Krarup-Hansen, A; Helweg-Larsen, Susanne Elisabeth; Schmalbruch, H


    Although it is well known that cisplatin causes a sensory neuropathy, the primary site of involvement is not established. The clinical symptoms localized in a stocking-glove distribution may be explained by a length dependent neuronopathy or by a distal axonopathy. To study whether the whole neur...

  9. Promoting Active Involvement in Classrooms

    Conderman, Greg; Bresnahan, Val; Hedin, Laura


    This article presents a rationale for using active involvement techniques, describes large- and small-group methods based on their documented effectiveness and applicability to K-12 classrooms, and illustrates their use. These approaches include ways of engaging students in large groups (e.g., unison responses, response cards, dry-erase boards,…

  10. Involving Employees in Strategy innovation

    Friis, Ole Uhrskov; Koch, Christian


    Strategy as a practice and continuous innovation approaches are combined to conceptualise dilemmas of short versus long term and to analyse a case of employee participation as a particular example of strategy innovation. The case is a medium size textile company developing its strategy involving...

  11. Managing Parent Involvement during Crisis

    Merriman, Lynette S.


    In the wake of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, it is no surprise that concern for students' safety is the primary reason attributed to parents' increased involvement. Parents and university administrators share in their commitment to student safety. However, college and university staff who assume responsibility…

  12. Good cop, bad cop: quality of parental involvement in type 1 diabetes management in youth.

    Young, Mackenzie T; Lord, Jadienne H; Patel, Niral J; Gruhn, Meredith A; Jaser, Sarah S


    Sustained parental involvement in diabetes management has been generally advised to counteract the deteriorating adherence and glycemic control often seen during adolescence, yet until recently, little attention has been given to the optimal amount, type, and quality of parental involvement to promote the best health outcomes for adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D). This review synthesizes research regarding the involvement of caregivers-primarily mothers and fathers-of youth with T1D, with a focus on biopsychosocial outcomes. The recent literature on parental involvement in diabetes management highlights a shift in focus from not only amount but also the types (e.g., monitoring, problem-solving) and quality (e.g., warm, critical) of involvement in both mothers and fathers. We provide recommendations for ways that both parents can remain involved to facilitate greater collaboration in shared direct and indirect responsibility for diabetes care and improve outcomes in youth with T1D.

  13. On the correlation among threats, errors, and undesired states in air traffic control based on a Bayesian network model%民航空管威胁、差错与意外状态相关性的贝叶斯网络方法研究

    曹海峰; 白福利; 李彤


    This paper is aimed to introduce a Bayesian network model developed by the author to investigate the correlation among the threats, errors, and undesired states in the air traffic control. In this model, we have taken the Bayesian Network (BN) as the theoretical foundation for analyzing the quantitative method on the database of Threat and Error Management (TEM) . For our research purpose, we have adopted six types of safety states most frequently to be dealt with (that is, the interior procedure threat, the adjacent units threat, the air traffic threat, equipment operating error, procedure error, and communication error) to establish our BN network model. While discussing the relations among the undesired states in the air and all threats and errors concerned, we have established a risk assessment model with reference to the Bayesian Network. All this has enabled the given model we have developed to provide the predictive probability in advance as for the incoming threats and errors so as to find necessary means to work out the corresponding subsequent measures to deal with the undesired states and all other threats and errors. Thus, we have thoroughly founded our research results on a database of TEM and the proper application of Bayesian network. Thus, the above research results of ours make us draw the following conclusions: (1) There actually exist significant gaps among the results based on the study of the resultant probability and the anticipating probability. While the resultant probability mainly indicates the probability of threats and errors likely to come about under the premise of accident status, it allows the flight control workers to use all the information of forecasting as the main indicators to determine the likely events due to the threat and error factors under control. (2) If any undesired states in the air occur, the posterior probability of the interior progress threats can be made as high as to 77 % , which can be thought of as the most

  14. Design for Mass User Involvement

    Vianello, Giovanna; Tan, Adrian

    as it creates a closer relationship to customers as well as creating the best possibilities for reducing impact of products on our natural environment. This new way of organizing the development process in collaboration with users holds many opportunities, but also challenges for companies and researchers. We...... be broadly adopted by the masses of people in the next century. Design methods are powerful tools to create solutions that fulfill the needs of people and improve their lives. Based on emerging trends in design and development as well as projecting current trends in the world today, we propose a new design...... formalism for the future in 2030 that is suited for a high tech, global manufacturing company. The design formalism involves the user throughout the design process and involves the company in the entire lifecycle of its products. It is believed that this approach will give companies a competitive advantage...

  15. Inclusive Briefing and User Involvement

    Jensen, Per Anker


    includes a literature study on briefing and user involvement in building projects, and presents a case study of a major building project of a new headquarters and media centre for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in Copenhagen. The building project was actively used as part of a corporate change process......Briefing is not just about specifying needs as requirements but also about evaluating how well design proposals fulfil needs and aspirations. Furthermore, briefing is not only about building design. Briefing starts at the preproject stage to create a basis for the project decision and can include...... a number of different processes with varying purposes before and during the design and construction activities. Thus, briefing can be regarded as a continuous process but it should also be an inclusive and interactive process with the involvement of all stakeholders, including end users. This article...

  16. Inclusive Briefing and User Involvement

    Jensen, Per Anker


    Briefing is not just about specifying needs as requirements but also about evaluating how well design proposals fulfil needs and aspirations. Furthermore, briefing is not only about building design. Briefing starts at the preproject stage to create a basis for the project decision and can include...... a number of different processes with varying purposes before and during the design and construction activities. Thus, briefing can be regarded as a continuous process but it should also be an inclusive and interactive process with the involvement of all stakeholders, including end users. This article...... includes a literature study on briefing and user involvement in building projects, and presents a case study of a major building project of a new headquarters and media centre for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in Copenhagen. The building project was actively used as part of a corporate change process...

  17. Renal involvement in antiphospholipid syndrome.

    Pons-Estel, Guillermo J; Cervera, Ricard


    Renal involvement can be a serious problem for patients with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). However, this complication has been poorly recognized and studied. It can be present in patients who have either primary or systemic lupus erythematosus-associated APS. Clinical and laboratory features of renal involvement in APS include hypertension, hematuria, acute renal failure, and progressive chronic renal insufficiency with mild levels of proteinuria that can progress to nephrotic-range proteinuria. The main lesions are renal artery stenosis, venous renal thrombosis, and glomerular lesions (APS nephropathy) that may be acute (thrombotic microangiopathy) and/or chronic (arteriosclerosis, arterial fibrous intimal hyperplasia, tubular thyroidization, arteriolar occlusions, and focal cortical atrophy). APS can also cause end-stage renal disease and allograft vascular thrombosis. This article reviews the range of renal abnormalities associated with APS, and their diagnosis and treatment options.

  18. Lupus panniculitis involving the breast

    Sabate, Josep M.; Gomez, Antonio; Torrubia, Sofia; Salinas, Teresa; Clotet, Montse [Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Unity of Breast Imaging, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona (Spain); Lerma, Enrique [Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Department of Pathology, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona (Spain)


    Lupus panniculitis is an unusual immunological disease that characteristically affects the subcutaneous fat and occurs in 2% of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. We report a case of lupus panniculitis involving the breast, which represents a very uncommon location. Mammographically, it presented as a suspicious irregular mass involving the subcutaneous fat pad with skin thickening. High echogenicity constituted the most relevant sonographic finding. To the best of our knowledge, the magnetic resonance (MR) features have not been previously described. High signal intensity was found on both T1- and T2-weighted precontrast MR images. A dynamic contrast-enhanced study revealed a suspicious focal mass with irregular margins and rim enhancement, with a type 3 time-signal intensity curve. Differential diagnosis with carcinoma and fat necrosis and the value of core biopsy are discussed. (orig.)

  19. Cardiac involvement in rheumatoid arthritis

    V. De Gennaro Colonna


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is a systemic disease of unknown etiology characterized by a chronic inflammatory process mainly leading to destruction of synovial membrane of small and major diarthrodial joints. The prevalence of RA within the general adult population is about 1% and female subjects in fertile age result mostly involved. It’s an invalidating disease, associated with changes in life quality and a reduced life expectancy. Moreover, we can observe an increased mortality rate in this population early after the onset of the disease. The mortality excess can be partially due to infective, gastrointestinal, renal or pulmonary complications and malignancy (mainly lung cancer and non- Hodgkin lymphoma. Among extra-articular complications, cardiovascular (CV involvement represents one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Every cardiac structure can be affected by different pathogenic pathways: heart valves, conduction system, myocardium, endocardium, pericardium and coronary arteries. Consequently, different clinical manifestations can be detected, including: pericarditis, myocarditis, myocardial fibrosis, arrhythmias, alterations of conduction system, coronaropathies and ischemic cardiopathy, valvular disease, pulmonary hypertension and heart failure. Considering that early cardiac involvement negatively affects the prognosis, it is mandatory to identify high CV risk RA patients to better define long-term management of this population.

  20. Laryngeal Involvement of Multiple Myeloma

    Ariel B. Grobman


    Full Text Available The objectives of this paper are to discuss a rare cause of laryngeal multiple myeloma, to review unique pathologic findings associated with plasma cell neoplasms, to discuss epidemiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment options for plasma cell neoplasms of the larynx. Laryngeal multiple myeloma, also noted in the literature as “metastatic” multiple myeloma, presenting as a de novo laryngeal mass is extremely rare with few reported cases. Laryngeal involvement of extramedullary tumors is reported to be between 6% and 18% with the epiglottis, glottis, false vocal folds, aryepiglottic folds, and subglottis involved in decreasing the order of frequency. We present the case of a 58-year-old male with a history of IgA smoldering myeloma who presented to a tertiary care laryngological practice with a two-month history of dysphonia, which was found to be laryngeal involvement of multiple myeloma. We review the classification of and differentiation between different plasma cell neoplasms, disease workups, pathologic findings, and treatment options.

  1. DHA involvement in neurotransmission process

    Vancassel Sylvie


    Full Text Available The very high enrichment of the nervous system in the polyunsaturated fatty acids, arachidonic (AA, 20: 4n-6 and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA, 22: 6n-3, is dependant of the dietary availability of their respective precursors, linoleic (18: 2n-6 and_-linolenic acids (18: 3n-3. Inadequate amounts of DHA in brain membranes have been linked to a wide variety of abnormalities ranging from visual acuity and learning irregularities, to psychopathologies. However, the molecular mechanisms involved remain unknown. Several years ago, we hypothesized that a modification of DHA contents of neuronal membranes by dietary modulation could change the neurotransmission function and then underlie inappropriate behavioural response. We showed that, in parallel to a severe loss of brain DHA concomitant to a compensatory substitution by 22:5n-6, the dietary lack of α-linolenic acid during development induced important changes in the release of neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine in cerebral areas specifically involved in learning, memory and reward processes. Data suggested alteration of presynaptic storage process and dysregulations of reciprocal functional interactions between monoaminergic and cholinergic pathways. Moreover, we showed that recovery of these neurochemical changes was possible when the deficient diet was switched to a diet balanced in n-3 and n-6 PUFA before weaning. The next step is to understand the mechanism involved. Particularly, we focus on the study of the metabolic cooperation between the endothelial cell, the astrocyte and the neuron which regulate synaptic transmission.These works could contribute to the understanding of the link between some neuropsychiatric disorders and the metabolism of n-3 PUFA, through their action on neurotransmission.

  2. Neuronal involvement in cisplatin neuropathy

    Krarup-Hansen, A; Helweg-Larsen, Susanne Elisabeth; Schmalbruch, H


    Although it is well known that cisplatin causes a sensory neuropathy, the primary site of involvement is not established. The clinical symptoms localized in a stocking-glove distribution may be explained by a length dependent neuronopathy or by a distal axonopathy. To study whether the whole neuron...... of large dorsal root ganglion cells. Motor conduction studies, autonomic function and warm and cold temperature sensation remained unchanged at all doses of cisplatin treatment. The results of these studies are consistent with degeneration of large sensory neurons whereas there was no evidence of distal...

  3. Modeling interdisciplinary activities involving Mathematics

    Iversen, Steffen Møllegaard


    In this paper a didactical model is presented. The goal of the model is to work as a didactical tool, or conceptual frame, for developing, carrying through and evaluating interdisciplinary activities involving the subject of mathematics and philosophy in the high schools. Through the terms...... domains (Michelsen, 2001, 2005a, 2005b). Furthermore the theoretical description rest on a series of qualitative interviews with teachers from the Danish high school (grades 9-11) conducted recently. The special case of concrete interdisciplinary activities between mathematics and philosophy is also...

  4. Increasing User Involvement in Health Care and Health Research Simultaneously

    Kaltoft, Mette Kjer; Nielsen, Jesper Bo; Salkeld, Glenn


    for how well each of the available options performs on each of those outcomes. The hypothesis is that this person-as-researcher is more likely to be able to position themselves as an active participant in a clinical encounter, if they wish, than someone who has engaged with a descriptive decision aid...... and democracy. OBJECTIVE: Our Web-based project aims to increase involvement in health care and health research and is presented in the form of an umbrella protocol for a set of project-specific protocols. We conceptualize the person as a researcher engaged in a continual, living, informal "n-of-1"-type study...... of the effects of different actions and interventions on their health, including those implying contact with health care services. We see their research as primarily carried out in order to make better decisions for themselves, but they can offer to contribute the results to the wider population. We see...

  5. Back to the future: community involvement in the Healthy Start Program.

    Howell, E M; Devaney, B; McCormick, M; Raykovich, K T


    This article discusses how community involvement is incorporated into Healthy Start, a major initiative to reduce infant mortality in selected communities with disproportionately high levels of infant mortality. Based on site visits to each of the fifteen original Healthy Start project areas, we discovered that two main community involvement strategies were used: a service consortium model and a community empowerment model. In the service consortium model, the community is involved primarily through a consortium of local providers, other professionals, and some governmental representatives who help to plan services. The community empowerment model involves the community by engaging neighborhood-based groups, contracting with community-based organizations, employing community residents as lay workers in the Healthy Start program, and creating other economic development initiatives. Important lessons drawn from this study are that the purpose and commitment to community involvement is not always clear; that it is difficult to involve community residents; that efforts to involve the community are extremely labor intensive; that given monetary incentives, it is easier to involve community providers than residents; that community involvement may conflict with efficient program operations; that increased community involvement may create program goals that differ from the program's original goals; and that community involvement may slow program development.

  6. 超12小时面部软组织创伤Ⅰ期修复临床观察%clinical observation of repairing primarily for over 12-houred facial soft tissue injury

    孙秀锋; 王洪燕; 郑妍丽; 姜涛


    目的:探讨Ⅰ期整形修复超12小时面部软组织创伤的方法和经验.方法:选择我院急诊面部软组织创伤超过12h病例17例,采用积极扩创和整形外科技术Ⅰ期修复,观察治疗效果.结果:伤口均甲级愈合,无明显瘢痕增生,无功能障碍,不需要Ⅱ期修复,美容效果良好.结论:超12h面部软组织创伤,采用积极扩创和整形缝合,可获Ⅰ期修复和满意的美容效果,值得临床应用和深入研究.%Objective To explore the clinical method and experience of repairing over 12-houred emergency facial soft tissue trauma primarily with plastic surgical techniques. Methods The over 12-houred emergency facial soft tissue injuries of 17 patients were selected. They had been expanded debrided and repaired primarily with plastic surgical techniques. Healing effects were observed and compared. Results All cases were primary healing.There were no obvious scar formative or function problems.Second stage reconstruction was not needed, the cosmetic effect was perfect. Conclusion The facial soft tissue injury of over 12-hours can require primary healing and- satisfactory cosmetic result with active expanded debride and plastic surgical techniques. It is worth clinical applying and deeply researching.

  7. Renal involvement in antiphospholipid syndrome.

    Sciascia, Savino; Cuadrado, Maria José; Khamashta, Munther; Roccatello, Dario


    Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an autoimmune disease defined by the presence of arterial or venous thrombotic events and/or pregnancy morbidity in patients who test positive for antiphospholipid antibodies (aPLs). APS can be isolated (known as primary APS) or associated with other autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE; known as secondary APS). The kidney is a major target organ in APS and renal thrombosis can occur at any level within the vasculature of the kidney (renal arteries, intrarenal arteries, glomerular capillaries and renal veins); events reflect the site and size of the involved vessels. Histological findings vary widely, including ischaemic glomeruli and thrombotic lesions without glomerular or arterial immune deposits on immunofluorescence. Renal prognosis is affected by the presence of aPLs in patients with lupus nephritis and can be poor. In patients with SLE and aPLs, biopsy should be performed because inflammatory and thrombotic lesions require different therapeutic approaches. Renal involvement in patients with definite APS is treated by anticoagulation with long-term warfarin. The range of renal manifestations associated with APS is broadening and, therefore, aPLs have increasing relevance in end-stage renal disease, transplantation and pregnancy.

  8. Subfascial involvement in glomuvenous malformation

    Shaikh, Raja; Alomari, Ahmad I.; Chaudry, Gulraiz [Boston Children' s Hospital, Division of Interventional Radiology, Boston, MA (United States); Mulliken, John B. [Boston Children' s Hospital, Division of Plastic Surgery, Boston, MA (United States); Fishman, Steven J. [Boston Children' s Hospital, Department of Surgery, Boston, MA (United States); Kozakewich, Harry P.W. [Boston Children' s Hospital, Department of Pathology, Boston, MA (United States)


    Glomuvenous malformation (GVM) is an inherited autosomal dominant trait. The lesions, which appear as bluish nodules or plaque-like cutaneous elevations, are usually tender and more firm than sporadic venous malformations. Conventionally, the lesions are thought to be limited to the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue planes. The objective was to characterize the depth of involvement of GVM lesions. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in GVM were retrospectively evaluated by two radiologists. The signal characteristics, tissue distribution, pattern of contrast enhancement of the lesions in GVM were documented. Thirty patients (19 female) aged 1-35 years (mean 18 years) were diagnosed with GVM based on clinical features (n = 20) and/or histopathological findings (n = 10). The lesions were present in the lower extremity (n = 15), upper extremity (n = 6), cervico-facial region (n = 6), pelvis (n = 2), and chest wall (n = 1). All patients had skin and subcutaneous lesions. Fifty percent of the patients (n = 15) demonstrated subfascial intramuscular (n = 15), intra-osseous (n = 1), and intra-articular involvement (n = 1). Contrary to the conventional belief that GVMs are generally limited to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, deep subfascial extension of the lesions is common. (orig.)

  9. Cutaneous Plasmacytosis with Perineural Involvement

    Elizabeth A. Brezinski


    Full Text Available Importance. Cutaneous and systemic plasmacytosis are rare conditions of unknown etiology with characteristic red-brown skin lesions and a mature polyclonal plasma cell infiltrate within the dermis. Perineural plasma cell infiltrates may be a histologic clue to the diagnosis of cutaneous plasmacytosis. Observations. Our patient had a five-year history of persistent reddish-brown plaques on the neck and trunk without systemic symptoms. Histologic examination showed dermal perivascular and perineural plasma cells with excess lambda light chain expression. Due to decreased quality of life caused by his skin lesions, he was placed on a chemotherapeutic regimen with bortezomib. Conclusions and Relevance. The patient was diagnosed with cutaneous plasmacytosis based on classic histopathology results with a recently characterized pattern of perineural involvement. Bortezomib therapy was initiated to manage his skin eruption, which has not been previously described as a treatment for this chronic condition.

  10. Modeling interdisciplinary activities involving Mathematics

    Iversen, Steffen Møllegaard


    In this paper a didactical model is presented. The goal of the model is to work as a didactical tool, or conceptual frame, for developing, carrying through and evaluating interdisciplinary activities involving the subject of mathematics and philosophy in the high schools. Through the terms...... of Horizontal Intertwining, Vertical Structuring and Horizontal Propagation the model consists of three phases, each considering different aspects of the nature of interdisciplinary activities. The theoretical modelling is inspired by work which focuses on the students abilities to concept formation in expanded...... domains (Michelsen, 2001, 2005a, 2005b). Furthermore the theoretical description rest on a series of qualitative interviews with teachers from the Danish high school (grades 9-11) conducted recently. The special case of concrete interdisciplinary activities between mathematics and philosophy is also...



    The encouragement of individual members of staff to contribute to the work of the task forces by making suggestions via the form on the Users'page of the web has been successful. Therefore, as announced by the Director General in his talk to the Staff in April, the management would like staff to continue to be involved in the change process by making further suggestions. Suggestions received will be distributed to the Director(s)/Division Leader(s) concerned, for reply and action where appropriate. The Director General has set up a small Panel that will ensure the proper processing of the ideas and will present a regular overview to the Director General. Members of the Panel are: Jan van der Boon, Vincent Hatton, Karl-Heinz Kissler, Thomas Pettersson, Florian Sonnemann, and Horst Wenninger.

  12. Metronidazole neurotoxicity: Sequential neuroaxis involvement

    Kyung-Il Park


    Full Text Available Neurological manifestation of metronidazole toxicity include neuropathy and encephalopathy. We report a 67-year-old man with progressive painful paresthesias involving all the four limbs of 3 weeks′ duration before admission. He had been treated with metronidazole and cephalosporin for 10 weeks for a hepatic abscess. Five weeks after the symptom onset, he complained of dysarthria and limb ataxia. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed signal abnormalities in the splenium of the corpus callosum and bilateral dentate nuclei. A few hours after brain imaging, the patient exhibited excessive diaphoresis and fluctuation in blood pressure, which resolved within several hours after discontinuation of metronidazole. Whereas his speech returned to near normal within approximately 1 week, a burning sensation was not completely relieved, even 6 months after discharge.

  13. Charmless B decays involving baryons

    Gronau, Michael; Rosner, Jonathan L.


    Predictions are made for the fraction of B-meson decays involving specific final states of NN¯+nπ (n>=0), as functions of (a) decay dynamics, (b) models for multipion production, (c) the isospin of the final state, and (d) the ratio ||Vbu/Vbc|| of Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix elements. From recent observations of B+-->pp¯π+(+c.c.) and B0-->pp¯π+π- by the ARGUS Collaboration, it is concluded that ||Vbu/Vbc||>~0.08, similar to the ARGUS Collaboration's own estimate of 0.07. However, a more likely value for this ratio is near its present experimental upper limit. Predictions are made for further final states in NN¯+nπ and in other charmless B decays. We also comment briefly on prospects for observing CP violation in B-->NN¯+nπ.

  14. Measuring Purchase‐decision involvement ,

    Naser Azad


    Full Text Available Nowadays, increasing competition is forcing businesses to pay more attention on customer satisfaction providing strong customer services. Increased competition has also increased marketing activities. This paper presents an empirical investigation to determine important factors influencing purchase decision involvement in food industry in city of Tehran, Iran. The study designs a questionnaire in Likert scale, distributes it among 270 experts in food industry and, using principle component (PCA analysis, extracts important group of factors. The questionnaire consists of 27 questions, which is reduced to 23 questions because of sensitivity of the PCA to Skewness of data. Cronbach alpha is calculated as 0.81, which is well above the minimum acceptable level. The results indicate that there were four factors including individual differences, product validation, triggers and dependent behavior influencing purchasing decisions.

  15. Kidney involvement in rheumatoid arthritis

    P. Lazzarini


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA is a widespread disease and its renal involvement, relatively common, is clinically significant because worsens course and mortality of the primary disease. There is still no agreement on the prevalence of renal disorders in RA: data analysis originates from different sources, as death certificates, autopsies, clinical and laboratory findings and kidney biopsies, each with its limitations. Histoimmunological studies on bioptical specimens of patients with RA and kidney damage, led to clarify prevalent pathologies. In order of frequency: glomerulonephritis and amyloidosis (60-65% and 20-30% respectively, followed by acute or chronic interstitial nephritis. Kidney injury during RA includes secondary renal amyloidosis, nephrotoxic effects of antirheumatic drugs and nephropathies as extra-articular manifestations (rheumatoid nephropathy. Amyloidosis affects survival, increases morbidity and is the main cause of end stage renal disease in patients with RA and nephropathy. Strong association between RA activity and amyloidosis needs the use of immunosuppressive and combined therapies, to prevent this complication and reduce risk of dialysis. Long-lasting and combined RA pharmacotherapy involves various renal side effects. In this review we describe NSAIDs and DMARDs (Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs nephrotoxicity, particularly by gold compounds, D-penicillamine, cyclosporine A and methotrexate. Rare cases of IgA glomerulonephritis during immunomodulating therapy with leflunomide and TNF blocking receptor (etanercept are reported; real clinical significance of this drug-related nephropathy will be established by development of RA treatment. In RA nephropathies, mesangial glomerulonephritis is the most frequent histological lesion (35-60 % out of biopsies from patients with urinary abnormalities and/or kidney impairment, followed by minimal change glomerulopathy (3-14% and p-ANCA positive necrotizing crescentic

  16. Drug hypersensitivity reactions involving skin.

    Hausmann, Oliver; Schnyder, Benno; Pichler, Werner J


    Immune reactions to drugs can cause a variety of diseases involving the skin, liver, kidney, lungs, and other organs. Beside immediate, IgE-mediated reactions of varying degrees (urticaria to anaphylactic shock), many drug hypersensitivity reactions appear delayed, namely hours to days after starting drug treatment, showing a variety of clinical manifestations from solely skin involvement to fulminant systemic diseases which may be fatal. Immunohistochemical and functional studies of drug-specific T cells in patients with delayed reactions confirmed a predominant role for T cells in the onset and maintenance of immune-mediated delayed drug hypersensitivity reactions (type IV reactions). In these reactions, drug-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are stimulated by drugs through their T cell receptors (TCR). Drugs can stimulate T cells in two ways: they can act as haptens and bind covalently to larger protein structures (hapten-carrier model), inducing a specific immune response. In addition, they may accidentally bind in a labile, noncovalent way to a particular TCR of the whole TCR repertoire and possibly also major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-molecules - similar to their pharmacologic action. This seems to be sufficient to reactivate certain, probably in vivo preactivated T cells, if an additional interaction of the drug-stimulated TCR with MHC molecules occurs. The mechanism was named pharmacological interaction of a drug with (immune) receptor and thus termed the p-i concept. This new concept may explain the frequent skin symptoms in drug hypersensitivity to oral or parenteral drugs. Furthermore, the various clinical manifestations of T cell-mediated drug hypersensitivity may be explained by distinct T cell functions leading to different clinical phenotypes. These data allowed a subclassification of the delayed hypersensitivity reactions (type IV) into T cell reactions which, by releasing certain cytokines and chemokines, preferentially activate and recruit

  17. Anastomosing hemangioma involving the para-arotic region: A case report

    Lee, Jung Min; KIm, Hyun Cheol; Yang, Dal Mo; Kim, Sang Won; Won, Kyu Yeoun [Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Anastomosing hemangioma (AH) is a rare and benign vascular neoplasm that is regarded as a morphological variant of capillary hemangioma. AH has been encountered primarily in the kidney. To our knowledge, para-aortic involvement of AH has not been reported previously. Here, we report a case of slowly progressing AH involving the left para-aortic region in a 72-year-old woman with a history of breast cancer surgery. A contrast-enhanced, dynamic abdominal CT scan revealed that the lesion had peripheral enhancement with slow centripetal fashion, which is an enhancement pattern similar to that of hepatic hemangioma.

  18. Noncontiguous multifocal brucellar spondylitis involving the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine: A case report

    Rong Wang


    Full Text Available Brucellosis is a zoonosis infectious disease, brucellar spondylitis primarily infects the lumbar, the cervical is uncommon. Multiple-level involvement is extremely rare. This report describes a 46-year-old man with noncontiguous multifocal brucellar spondylitis involving the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Brucellar spondylitis is difficult to diagnose. Routine laboratory findings for the disease have little diagnostic value. Manifestations and radiological features are usually nonspecific. Radiological features of brucellar spondylitis are similar to tuberculous spondylitis and pyogenic spondylitis. MRI findings have diagnostic value. Suspicious patients with unexplained fever, musculoskeletal complaints at risk of infection should be considered.

  19. 78 FR 48848 - Private Attorney Involvement


    ..., especially in ``incubator'' initiatives; Topic 2: Grantees should be allowed to spend PAI resources to... recipient that is a staff-model legal services program primarily providing civil legal assistance to low... underemployed attorneys receiving reduced fees (e.g., in ``incubator projects'') that may be their primary...

  20. Lymphoblastic lymphoma involving multiple vertebrae.

    Li, Da; Xu, Yu-Lun; Wu, Zhen


    Acute lymphoblastic lymphoma (ALL) was a malignant hematological disease in childhood but rarely, initially involved epidural compartment in adult. A 20-year-old male presented with progressive osphyalgia for 2 months and left lower motor weakness for 2 weeks with constipation. Physical examination revealed decreased muscle strength and numbness of left lower limb, and abnormal gait. Contrasted MRI showed multiple vertebrae of hypointense T1 signals (C2/C4/C7/T5/T8/T9/T12/L2/L4) and an intraspinal epidural lesion (L2-4). Subtotal resection was achieved. Histopathology suggested malignant B-cell lymphoma with Ki-67 of 90% and positivity of leukocyte common antigen (LCA). A bone marrow biopsy was unequivocally diagnostic of B-cell ALL followed by chemotherapy (Methotrexate) and partial recovery was observed. The present case was the oldest patient with epidural ALL. The radiographic changes in multiple vertebrae suggested metabolic, hematological, or granulomatous disease. The marrow biopsy was necessary if without hypercalcemia and abnormal peripheral blood examination. Accurate pathological diagnosis was essential. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    D. V. Bestaev


    Full Text Available Rheumatoid arthritis (RA is an autoimmune disease with erosive and destructive polyarthritis and systemic manifestations. Pulmonary involvement (PI is common in RA. With high-resolution computed tomography, the detection rate of PI in RA is as high as 50%. PI is a direct cause of death in 10–20% of patients with RA. Autoimmune mechanisms play a leading part in the development of PI in RA. Under the hypothesis advanced by M. Selman et al., that impaired alveolocyte regeneration processes after injury rather inflammation underlie the pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis. The pathological process is triggered by damaged alveolocytes and characterized by the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts, the suppressed apoptosis of the latter, and the enhanced activity of pneumofibrosis-stimulating cytokines. This gives rise to remodeling of the extracellular matrix, including destruction of the basement membrane, angiogenesis, and fibrosis. The paper considers the types of lung injury in RA and main methods for diagnosis and therapy.

  2. Intracellular calcium elevation during plateau potentials mediated by extrasynaptic NMDA receptor activation in rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons is primarily due to calcium entry through voltage-gated calcium channels.

    Oda, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Satoshi; Tsuchiya, Sadahiro; Inoue, Masashi; Miyakawa, Hiroyoshi


    We reported previously that plateau potentials mediated by extrasynaptic N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) can be induced either by synaptic stimulation in the presence of glutamate transporter antagonist or by iontophoresis of NMDA in rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. To examine whether the plateau potentials are accompanied by an elevation of intracellular Ca2+ and to determine the source of Ca2+ elevation, we performed Ca2+ imaging during the plateau potential. Neurons were loaded with Ca2+ indicator fluo-4, and the plateau potentials were generated either synaptically in the presence of glutamate transporter antagonist or by iontophoretically applying NMDA. We have found that a transient elevation in intracellular Ca2+ accompanies the plateau potential. The synaptically induced plateau potential and the Ca2+ elevation were blocked by 5,7-dichlorokynurenic acid (5,7-dCK), an antagonist for the glycine-binding sites of NMDAR. A mixture of Cd2+ and tetrodotoxin did not block NMDA-induced plateau potentials, but completely abolished the accompanying Ca2+ elevation in both the presence and absence of Mg2+ ions in the bathing solution. The NMDA-induced plateau potential was blocked by further adding 5,7-dCK. Our results show that the NMDAR-mediated plateau potential is accompanied by elevation of intracellular Ca2+ that is primarily caused by the influx of Ca2+ through voltage-gated Ca2+ channels. © 2014 Federation of European Neuroscience Societies and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  3. 音乐干预对男子大学生耐力训练及测试前不良情绪的影响研究%Research on effect of music intervention on undesirable mood of training and Pretest for Male College Students



    目的:探索长期音乐干预对耐力测试成绩较差的男子大学生耐力训练和测试前情绪的影响。方法:通过对男子大学生的耐力训练和1000m跑测试前进行音乐干预,并在每个阶段训练后进行《主观锻炼体验量表》和每次测试前进行《运动员心理唤醒量表》的测试,观察其训练和测试前的心理变化情况。结论:1、在训练中采用音乐干预,可以在训练的早期调节大学生在耐力训练中的畏惧和焦虑等不良情绪,提高其训练和比赛动机。2、只在测试前的准备活动中运用音乐干预对男大学生1000m跑的成绩和考前情绪影响不大,通过训练中和测试前的音乐干预,能够在短时间内提高大学生1000m跑的成绩和测试前心理应激能力。3、男子大学生1000m跑测试前的心理调控能力会随着体能、技能的增强和考试经验的积累而提高。但随着疲劳程度的加深,音乐对运动调节的效果会降低。%Objective:to explore the effect of music intervention on undesirable mood of training and before test for male college students. Method: interved whom male college students endurance training and 1000m running pretest by music and testing (the subjective exercise experience scale)(SEES) after training in the end of each stage and (mental arousal scale for athlete and validity test)(MASA) before each test, so that observeing their psychology condition of training and pretest conclusion:l ,music intervention can adjust fear ,anxiety and so on undesirable mood, promote training and testing motivation of male college students in endurance training and pretest. 2, It is ineffectual that music intervention is used only in pretest on 1000m running test and pretest mood of male college students;it can promote 1000m running test and psychological stress that music intervention is used in pretest and endurance training. 3 ,With advance of physical ability ,skill and

  4. Evaluating Parent Involvement. Issue Paper No. 1.

    Safran, Daniel

    This paper poses a series of questions to assist programs in deciding what it is about parent involvement that they wish to evaluate. The questions focus on the nature of parent involvement, why parent involvement is needed, and what evaluation of parent involvement should include. A conceptual framework for research on the impact of parent…

  5. Defining Parental Involvement: Perception of School Administrators

    Young, Clara Y.; Austin, Sheila M.; Growe, Roslin


    There remains a plaguing question of how to get parents involved with their child's education. Many parents and educators have different perceptions of what parental involvement means. Miscommunication between the two groups often exists because of how parental involvement is conceptualized. While educators define parental involvement as…

  6. Pilot programs increase men's involvement.

    Finger, W R


    The UN Population Fund contends that it is the need for family planning (FP) information and services instead of lack of interest that prevents men from participating more in FP. 3 pilot projects in Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and Colombia have acted on this belief. In geographically isolated Mardan, Pakistan, the all male Urban Community Developing Council (UCDC) started a community education project to involve men in FP. 5 UCDC member form 1 community educator team of which there are 60. The teams visit families in Mardan. In 1988, 1 team reported that some men in the households wanted a women to inform their wives about FP. Eventually UCDC located enough women free to be members on 40 teams. In 4 years, contraceptive prevalence among married couples rose from 9% to 21%. Initially the methods tended to be temporary methods but are now longer lasting methods (IUDs, sterilization, injectables, and even a few vasectomies). Other community groups donate about US$541/month to the project. In 1988, the Zimbabwean National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) began its national education/male motivation project which included sending messages via popular radio soap opera, discussions, and leaflet distribution. The program reached many rural men since they tend to have radios. In 1 year, more men were taking part in decisions about FP (25-35%). ZNFPC has learned it needs to design 2 campaigns to promote condom use: 1 for single and 1 for married men. PROFAMILIA in Colombia began its 1st male clinic in 1985 in Bogota. By 1992, it had 8 male clinics. The key to its success is attractive clinics, low cost vasectomy, individualized care, wide range of services such as condom distribution and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and Saturday hours. Despite the 3 projects' successes, they face many obstacles that need to be addressed.

  7. Cardiovascular involvement in psoriatic arthritis

    V. De Gennaro Colonna


    Full Text Available Psoriasis is a chronic, genetically determined and immunomediated inflammatory skin disease that affects 2-3% of the Caucasian population. A considerable proportion of these patients develop a form of inflammatory arthritis known as psoriatic arthritis (PsA, although the prevalence of this has not been well defined. Patients with PsA have a higher mortality rate than the general population and the risk of mortality is related to disease severity at the time of presentation. Endothelial dysfunction and early atherosclerosis have been found in patients with PsA without any cardiovascular disease (CVD risk factors, and experts believe that CVD is one of the leading causes of death, as it is in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA. Various disease-related mechanisms may be involved in the development of premature vascular damage in both cases, including an increased synthesis of proinflammatory mediators (such as cytokines, chemokines and adhesion molecules, autoantibodies against endothelial cell components, perturbations in T-cell subsets, genetic polymorphisms, hyperhomocysteinemia, oxidative stress, abnormal vascular repair, and iatrogenic factors. In a recent study of 22 patients with PsA without any signs of CVD, we found that the plasma concentration of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA levels were significantly high and coronary flow reserve (CFR was significantly reduced. Moreover, there was a significant correlation between CFR and plasma ADMA levels in the PsA group. The significant correlation between the reduced CRF and increased ADMA levels suggests that, like patients with early RA, PsA patients suffer from endothelial dysfunction and impaired coronary microcirculation. Active PsA is a risk factor for CVD, and so PsA patients should be screened for subclinical forms of the disease and its risk factors, and an early treatment approach should be adopted.

  8. Cardiac involvement in myotonic dystrophy

    Koroush Khalighi


    Full Text Available Background: Myotonic dystrophy (DM is an inherited progressive muscle disorder caused by defects in muscle proteins. As the incidence of this condition is low, not many are familiar with the multisystem involvement. At times, cardiac disease may even be the predominant manifestation in the form of arrhythmias, conduction defects, and cardiomyopathies. The progression of the disease can lead to sudden, unpredictable death. Thus, it is important to identify this subgroup and treat accordingly. Objective: To identify patients with DM and assess their risk for sudden cardiac death. Methods: Nine patients previously diagnosed with muscular dystrophy were evaluated by cardiologists for various reasons, from a general follow-up to cardiac arrest. All of them had electrocardiograms (EKG and 2-D echocardiograms, and seven of them had further electrophysiological (EP studies. Results: Of the nine patients with DM, eight had EKG evidence of conduction abnormalities ranging from first-degree heart block to complete heart block. Of the seven who had EP studies, five had inducible ventricular tachycardia requiring immediate cardioversion and implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD implant. Two of them underwent permanent pacemaker placement due to complete heart block and infra-Hissian block. The remaining two patients opted for a conservative approach with yearly EKG monitoring. Conclusion: Because one-third of the cardiac deaths in patients with DM are sudden, there is a strong need to identify these patients and intervene in those at high risk. Prophylactic pacemaker placement is recommended even in those with minimal conduction system abnormality. However, the common practice is to identify patients at high risk of conduction abnormalities by EP studies and then provide them with prophylactic invasive strategies.

  9. Investigating issues and challenges for customer involvement in Business services innovation

    Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh; Scupola, Ada


    Purpose - The paper investigates how customers may contribute to radical innovation in consultancy services and what are the conditions needed for customers to involve in such radical service innovations. Design/methodology/approach - The paper uses a qualitative case study approach including rich...... descriptions based primarily on interviews to investigate an extreme example of successful customer involvement in the development of radical service innovations in Ramboll, a leading Scandinavian engineering consultancy. Findings – Our study reveals that customers may be involved in radical innovation...... processes to different degrees. However involving customers actively in radical services innovation require a relationship between the customer company and the service provider that might be described as a partnership in which ongoing learning is taking place to develop new solutions. Our findings reveal...


    İbrahim ÇANKAYA


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to determine the undesirable student behaviors faced by the classroom teachers and the solutions they apply to these behaviors. The population of the research comprises of the class teachers who worked in the Elazığ Province Central Elementary Schools during the 2010-2011 fall semester. The sample of the research was carried out on the 60 class teachers who were selected randomly among the population and who were interviewed face to face. The data written in the interview forms which were answered by the 38 teachers among the teachers who were interviewed face to face was evaluated with the “Nvivo 7” qualitative data analysis program. “Being irrelevant to the course”, “cheating”, “physical or verbal violence”, “being disrespectful to the teacher”, refusing responsibility”, “disturbing the order in the class” and “grouping” are among the undesirable student behaviors frequently faced by the teachers. The short or long run solution suggestions such as “guidance-counseling”, “confrontation”, “responsibility training”, “punishing”, “rewarding” and “providing social support” are among the solutions to which the teachers appeal against the undesirable behaviors Bu çalışmanın amacı sınıf öğretmenlerinin karşılaştıkları istenmeyen öğrenci davranışları ve bu davranışlara karşı uyguladıkları çözüm yollarını tespit etmektir. Araştırmanın çalışma evrenini 2010-2011 yılı eğitim-öğretim yılı güz döneminde Elazığ İli Merkez İlköğretim okullarında görev yapan sınıf öğretmenleri oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmanın örneklemi, çalışma evreni içerisinden tesadüfî olarak belirlenen ve yüz yüze görüşülen 60 sınıf öğretmeni üzerinden yürütülmüştür. Yüz yüze görüşülen öğretmenlerden 38 öğretmenin cevapladığı görüşme formlarındaki yazılı veriler “Nvivo 7” nitel veri analizi program

  11. A comparison of the hazard perception ability of accident-involved and accident-free motorcycle riders.

    Cheng, Andy S K; Ng, Terry C K; Lee, Hoe C


    Hazard perception is the ability to read the road and is closely related to involvement in traffic accidents. It consists of both cognitive and behavioral components. Within the cognitive component, visual attention is an important function of driving whereas driving behavior, which represents the behavioral component, can affect the hazard perception of the driver. Motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable types of road user. The primary purpose of this study was to deepen our understanding of the correlation of different subtypes of visual attention and driving violation behaviors and their effect on hazard perception between accident-free and accident-involved motorcycle riders. Sixty-three accident-free and 46 accident-involved motorcycle riders undertook four neuropsychological tests of attention (Digit Vigilance Test, Color Trails Test-1, Color Trails Test-2, and Symbol Digit Modalities Test), filled out the Chinese Motorcycle Rider Driving Violation (CMRDV) Questionnaire, and viewed a road-user-based hazard situation with an eye-tracking system to record the response latencies to potentially dangerous traffic situations. The results showed that both the divided and selective attention of accident-involved motorcycle riders were significantly inferior to those of accident-free motorcycle riders, and that accident-involved riders exhibited significantly higher driving violation behaviors and took longer to identify hazardous situations compared to their accident-free counterparts. However, the results of the regression analysis showed that aggressive driving violation CMRDV score significantly predicted hazard perception and accident involvement of motorcycle riders. Given that all participants were mature and experienced motorcycle riders, the most plausible explanation for the differences between them is their driving style (influenced by an undesirable driving attitude), rather than skill deficits per se. The present study points to the importance of

  12. Involvement of neuropeptide FF receptors in neuroadaptive responses to acute and chronic opiate treatments.

    Elhabazi, K; Trigo, J M; Mollereau, C; Moulédous, L; Zajac, J-M; Bihel, F; Schmitt, M; Bourguignon, J J; Meziane, H; Petit-demoulière, B; Bockel, F; Maldonado, R; Simonin, F


    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Opiates remain the most effective compounds for alleviating severe pain across a wide range of conditions. However, their use is associated with significant side effects. Neuropeptide FF (NPFF) receptors have been implicated in several opiate-induced neuroadaptive changes including the development of tolerance. In this study, we investigated the consequences of NPFF receptor blockade on acute and chronic stimulation of opioid receptors in mice by using RF9, a potent and selective antagonist of NPFF receptors that can be administered systemically. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH The effects of RF9 were investigated on opioid pharmacological responses including locomotor activity, antinociception, opioid-induced hyperalgesia, rewarding properties and physical dependence. KEY RESULTS RF9 had no effect on morphine-induced horizontal hyperlocomotion and slightly attenuated the decrease induced in vertical activity. Furthermore, RF9 dose-dependently blocked the long-lasting hyperalgesia produced by either acute fentanyl or chronic morphine administration. RF9 also potentiated opiate early analgesic effects and prevented the development of morphine tolerance. Finally, RF9 increased morphine-induced conditioned place preference without producing any rewarding effect by itself and decreased naltrexone-precipitated withdrawal syndrome following chronic morphine treatment. CONCLUSION AND IMPLICATIONS The NPFF system is involved in the development of two major undesirable effects: tolerance and dependence, which are clinically associated with prolonged exposure to opiates. Our findings suggest that NPFF receptors are interesting therapeutic targets to improve the analgesic efficacy of opiates by limiting the development of tolerance, and for the treatment of opioid dependence.

  13. User involvement in assisted reproductive technologies: England and Portugal.

    Samorinha, Catarina; Lichon, Mateusz; Silva, Susana; Dent, Mike


    The purpose of this paper is to compare user involvement in the case of assisted reproductive technologies in England and Portugal through the concepts of voice, choice and co-production, assessing the implications for user empowerment. This qualitative study draws primarily on policy review and uses exploratory semi-structured interviews with key informants as a way of illustrating points. Data on the following themes was compared: voice (users' representativeness on licensing bodies and channels of communication between users and doctors); choice (funding and accessibility criteria; choice of fertility centres, doctors and level of care); and co-production (criteria through which users actively engage with health professionals in planning the treatment). Inter- and intra-healthcare systems variations between the two countries on choice and co-production were identified. Differences between funding and accessibility, regions, public and private sectors and attitudes towards doctor-patient relationship (paternalistic/partnership) were the key issues. Although consumer choice and indicators of co-production are evident in treatment pathways in both countries, user empowerment is not. This is limited by inequalities in accessibility criteria, dependence on doctors' individual perspectives and lack of genuine and formal hearing of citizens' voice. Enhancing users' involvement claims for individual and organizational cultures reflecting user-centred values. Effective ways to incorporate users' knowledge in shared decision making and co-design are needed to empower patients and to improve the delivery of care.


    Maguiña, Ciro; Gotuzzo, Eduardo; Carcelén, Amador; Salinas, César; Cok, Jaime; Recavarren, Sixto; Bussalleu, Alejandro


    We present a prospective study of 68 patients with the acute phase of human bartonellosis, admitted to Cayetano Heredia National Hospital.Gastrointestinal symptoms were reported as follows: abdominal pain 46,3%, coluria 44,4%, vomiting 40,3%, jaundice 38,5%, diarrhea 29,9%, constipation 8,9%. The more common signs were pallor 97%, hepatomegaly 82%, fever 79,1%, malnutrition 75,2%, systolic heart murmur 77,9%, jaundice 71,6%, lymph node enlargement 70,1%.Signs observed during the hospital course were 29,4% lower extremities edema, 22,6% myalgia, 16,4% pericardial effusion, 16,4% generalized edema. The more common gastrointestinal signs were hepatomegaly 82%(52/68), jaundice 71,6% (48/68) and splenomegaly 29,4%(20/68).The -lower liver border was found between 1 to 4 below the lower rib border in 71,6%(48/67) and below 5 cm b. l. r. b. in 11,9%(8/67).60% had abnormal liver function tests, 54,6% had mainly direct bilirrubin elevationand 45,4% mainly indirect.SGOT was elevated in 28,5% and SGPT in 25%, 28,3% had elevated alkaline phosphatase. The bilirrubin media was 3,5 mg/dI (range 0,6-21), the indirect bilirrubin media was 1,6 mg/dI (range 0,5-11,5), the direct bilirrubin media was 1,9 mg/dI (range 0,3-18), The SGOT media 73,9 U/L (range 9-1250), SGPT media 65,5U/L (range 6-1596). Alkaline phosphatase 5,9 mui/ml (range 3-497). Albumin media 3,09 (range 2-4,2).Patients with bacterial coinfection (salmonella, staphilococcus, enterobacter, shigella) had a higher increase in bilirrubin and transaminases.Three patients had liver biopsies, two revealed Küpffer cells hyperplasia (moderate to severe), one revealed intracellular hyperplasia, one patient coinfected with diseminated hystoplasmosis had granulomas in the liver.Mortality(8,8%) was associated to hepatocellular involvement (SGOT media 330U/L, SGPT media 207 U/L, alkaline phosphatase media 183 mui/ml), hypoalbuminemia media = 2,4 gr/1) and generalized edema.

  15. CYP2C subfamily, primarily CYP2C9, catalyses the enantioselective demethylation of the endocrine disruptor pesticide methoxychlor in human liver microsomes: use of inhibitory monoclonal antibodies in P450 identification.

    Hu, Y; Krausz, K; Gelboin, H V; Kupfer, D


    1. The endocrine disruptor pesticide methoxychlor undergoes O-demethylation by mammalian liver microsomes forming chiral mono-phenolic (1,1,1-trichloro-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethane, i.e. mono-OH-M) and achiral bis-phenolic oestrogenic metabolites. Human liver microsomes (HLM) generated primarily the S-mono-OH-M. 2. Inhibitory monoclonal antibodies (MAb) identified those P450s catalysing the enantioselective O-demethylation of methoxychlor. In HLM, O-demethylation was inhibited by MAb anti-2C9 (30-40%), diminishing the per cent of S-mono-OH-M from about 80 to 55-60%. MAb anti-CYP1A2, 2A6, 2B6, 2C8, 2C19, 2D6 and 3A4 did not affect the demethylation rate in HLM. Nevertheless, MAb anti-CYP1A2 decreased the formation of R-mono-OH-M from 21-23 to 10-17%, indicating that CYP1A2 exhibits a role in generating the R-enantiomer. 3. Among cDNA-expressed human P450s (supersomes), CYP2C19 was the most active in demethylation, but in HLM, CYP2C19 appeared inactive (no inhibition by MAb anti-CYP2C19). There was a substantial difference in the per cent inhibition of demethylation by MAb anti-CYP2C9 and anti-rat CYP2C (MAb inhibiting all human CYP2C forms) and in altering the enantioselectivity, suggesting that demethylation by combined CYP2C8, 2C18 and 2C19 was significant (20-30%). 4. Polymorphism of methoxychlor demethylation was examined with supersomes and HLM-expressing CYP2C9 allelic variants. CYP2C9*1 and 2C9*2 were highly active; however, CYP2C9*3 appeared inactive.

  16. Patient involvement in Danish health care

    Vrangbaek, Karsten


    PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to investigate different types of patient involvement in Denmark, and to discuss the potential implications of pursuing several strategies for patient involvement simultaneously. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: The paper presents a preliminary framework...... for analysis of patient involvement in health care. This framework is used to analyze key governance features of patient involvement in Denmark based on previous research papers and reports describing patient involvement in Danish health care. FINDINGS: Patient involvement is important in Denmark...... implications for the development of patient involvement in health care. ORIGINALITY/VALUE: This paper fulfills a need to study different types of patient involvement and to develop a theoretical framework for characterizing and analyzing such involvement strategies....

  17. The influence of contextual factors on patient involvement during follow-up consultations after colorectal cancer surgery

    Thomsen, Thora G; Soelver, Lisbeth; Hølge-Hazelton, Bibi


    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To identify the contextual factors that influence individual patient involvement during colorectal cancer surgical follow-up consultations. BACKGROUND: The healthcare system is subject to the requirement and expectation of greater involvement of patients and relatives...... the identification of current contextual factors. RESULTS: The results showed five contextual factors that seemed to have an impact on patient involvement. The first, 'Two dimensions of patient involvement: treatment-oriented and person-oriented' highlighted a dual interpretation of patient involvement...... in the consultation situation. The two dimensions seemed to be influenced by four additional factors: 'Doctors leading the agenda', 'Traditional health professional roles', 'Unclear responsibilities' and 'Guidance primarily focused on treatment'. CONCLUSION: The results showed how patient involvement in clinical...

  18. Quality assurance - how to involve the employees

    Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard


    An overview of strategies for involvement of employees in quality assurance developement and implementation.......An overview of strategies for involvement of employees in quality assurance developement and implementation....

  19. 健康教育联合银离子藻酸盐抗菌敷料在手术伤口愈合不良中的应用%Application of health education combined with silver ion alginate antimicrobial dressing to the undesirable healing of surgery wound

    林燕清; 黄惜珍


    目的:通过健康教育与银离子藻酸盐抗菌敷料的结合应用,验证银离子藻酸盐抗菌敷料联合健康教育对伤口愈合不良患者减轻伤口疼痛的效果,为临床伤口护理提供参考。方法将我院伤口治疗门诊的60例患者随机分为健康教育组和对照组各30例,两组患者均使用银离子藻酸盐抗菌敷料处理伤口,健康教育组在此基础上进行健康教育,包括疾病基本知识教育、疼痛和心理教育、饮食营养指导和预防伤口感染指导。4周后观察比较两组患者伤口疼痛评分( VAS)及伤口抗张强度评分( WBS)。结果两组患者在性别、年龄、文化程度方面比较,差异均无统计学意义( P>0.05)。两组患者VAS评分和WBS评分在干预前比较,差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05)。经4周的健康教育,教育组与对照组比较,VAS评分和WBS评分差异均有统计学意义(P0. 05). Compared with the VAS and WBS of patients in both groups before intervention, the difference had no sta-tistical significance (P>0. 05). After 4 weeks of health education, compared with control group, the score of VAS and WBS of the education group appeared statistical difference ( P<0. 05 ) . Conclusions With regard to the undesirable healing of surgery wound, silver ion alginate antimicrobial dressing combined with health education can not only relieve the subjective sensation for pain of patients, but also strengthen wound tensile strength to promote wound healing.

  20. 36 CFR 1010.12 - Public involvement.


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Public involvement. 1010.12 Section 1010.12 Parks, Forests, and Public Property PRESIDIO TRUST ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY § 1010.12 Public involvement. The Trust will make public involvement an essential part of its environmental review...

  1. Community Involvement and Disadvantaged Students: A Review.

    Nettles, Saundra Murray


    Community involvement is conceptualized as a typology of the following processes of social change: (1) conversion; (2) mobilization; (3) allocation of resources; and (4) instruction. The effects of these forms of involvement are considered in a review of 13 evaluations of programs for disadvantaged youth involving the community. (SLD)

  2. Involving Nepali academics in health research

    Neupane, Dinesh; van Teijlingen, E; Khanal, V;


    Many academics from Nepal do not involve in research activities. There are several factors hindering the involvement such as inadequate human resources and lack of financial resources. Despite limited human and financial resources, we believe it is still possible to attract many Nepali academics...... in health research. This paper purposes some ideas to increase involvement of Nepali academics in health research....

  3. Parental Involvement in Traditional and Online Education

    Chang, Cheng-Sian; Chen, Hsi-Mei


    While parental involvement benefits the learning performance of elementary students and the internet changes the learning environment, few studies have examined how parents are involved in the virtual world. This two-year project analysed the effects of parental involvement at home, in school and on internet use. The first stage of our research…

  4. Parental Involvement in Special Education Curriculum

    Westwood-Robinette, Nicole M.


    Educators and researchers have long considered parental involvement an integral part in the success of students and researchers have concluded that there is a connection between parental involvement and the retention rates of students who are involved in regular education curriculum. However, much less information is available regarding the…

  5. Brainstem involvement in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

    Pawan Sharma


    Full Text Available The parieto-occipital region of the brain is most frequently and severely affected in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE. The basal ganglia, cerebellum and corpus callosum are less commonly involved. Brainstem involvement is rarely described in SSPE, and usually there is involvement of other regions of the brain. We describe a patient with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with brain magnetic resonance imaging showing extensive brainstem involvement without significant involvement of other cortical structures. Though rarely described in SSPE, one should be aware of such brainstem and cerebellum involvement, and SSPE should be kept in mind when brainstem signal changes are seen in brain MRI with or without involvement of other regions of brain to avoid erroneous reporting.

  6. Isolated cutaneous involvement in a child with nodal anaplastic large cell lymphoma

    Vibhu Mendiratta


    Full Text Available Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a common childhood T-cell and B-cell neoplasm that originates primarily from lymphoid tissue. Cutaneous involvement can be in the form of a primary extranodal lymphoma, or secondary to metastasis from a non-cutaneous location. The latter is uncommon, and isolated cutaneous involvement is rarely reported. We report a case of isolated secondary cutaneous involvement from nodal anaplastic large cell lymphoma (CD30 + and ALK + in a 7-year-old boy who was on chemotherapy. This case is reported for its unusual clinical presentation as an acute febrile, generalized papulonodular eruption that mimicked deep fungal infection, with the absence of other foci of systemic metastasis.

  7. [Family perceptions and moderating factors of involvement in non-residential fathers].

    Della Casa, André; Spillner, Murielle; Winkler-Metzke, Christa; Steinhausen, Hans-Christoph


    The involvement of non-resident fathers with their child was analysed by use of a questionnaire in a sample of 74 divorced or separated families living in the city of Ziurich, Switzerland. Fathers, mothers, and one child separately rated the involvement of the father. The three perspectives were compared and showed significant differences in the dimensions of educational responsibility, cognitive and social support, and the quality of the emotional relationship. The temporal availability and leisure time activities did not show significant differences. The different family perspectives should be considered when assessing a father's involvement with his child. The quality of the relationship of the children to their fathers was primarily fostered by the emotional engagement of the father.

  8. Zn-catalyzed enantio- and diastereoselective formal [4 + 2] cycloaddition involving two electron-deficient partners: asymmetric synthesis of piperidines from 1-azadienes and nitro-alkenes.

    Chu, John C K; Dalton, Derek M; Rovis, Tomislav


    We report a catalytic asymmetric synthesis of piperidines through [4 + 2] cycloaddition of 1-azadienes and nitro-alkenes. The reaction uses earth abundant Zn as catalyst and is highly diastereo- and regioselective. A novel BOPA ligand (F-BOPA) confers high reactivity and enantioselectivity in the process. The presence of ortho substitution on the arenes adjacent to the bis(oxazolines) was found to be particularly impactful, due to limiting the undesired coordination of 1-azadiene to the Lewis acid and thus allowing the reaction to be carried out at lower temperature. A series of secondary kinetic isotope effect studies using a range of ligands implicates a stepwise mechanism for the transformation, involving an initial Michael-type addition of the imine to the nitro-alkene followed by a cyclization event. The stepwise mechanism obviates the electronic requirement inherent to a concerted mechanism, explaining the successful cycloaddition between two electron-deficient partners.

  9. Climate Throughout Geologic Time Has Been Controlled Primarily by the Balance Between Cooling Caused by Major Explosive Eruptions of Evolved Magmas Typical of Island Arcs and Warming Caused by Voluminous Effusive Eruptions of Basaltic Magma Typical of Subaerial Ocean Ridges and Island Chains

    Ward, P. L.


    Most volcanic eruptions deplete ozone ~6% for a few years, allowing more high-energy, ultraviolet-B radiation to warm earth. Record low levels of total column ozone followed the 1991 explosive eruption of Pinatubo. Yet 6% depletion also followed the smaller and more effusive eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull (2010) and Grímsvötn (2011) in Iceland. Explosive volcanoes also eject 10-20 megatons of sulfur dioxide into the lower stratosphere, forming sulfuric-acid aerosols that reflect and diffuse sunlight causing a net cooling of ~0.5°C for 3 years. High rates of explosive volcanos cool earth into ice ages while high rates of effusive basaltic volcanism in Iceland between 11,500 and 9,500 years ago clearly warmed Earth out of the last ice age depositing sulfate recorded in ice cores in Greenland. Basalts from these eruptions are observed as tuyas in Iceland dated during this period. The 25 Dansgaard-Oeschger abrupt warmings are contemporaneous with increased sulfate in Greenland and with the few older dates available for tuyas in Iceland. Extensive flood basalts were formed during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum and during times of most major mass extinctions when global temperatures rose substantially, with fossil evidence for ozone depletion. Greenhouse-gas theory assumes electromagnetic radiation travels through space as waves and therefore thermal energy reaching earth is proportional to the square of wave amplitude. Thus the change in energy reaching Earth due to ozone depletion is considered small compared to infrared energy absorbed by greenhouse gases. But waves travel in matter and there is no matter in space. Electromagnetic energy is transmitted as frequency, as shown by radio signals, where energy equals frequency times the Planck constant. Thus thermal energy reaching earth when ozone is depleted is 50 times thermal energy involved in greenhouse gases. Global warming from 1970 to 1998 was caused primarily by 3% ozone depletion due to anthropogenic

  10. Who and What Does Involvement Involve? A Multi-Sited Field Study of Involvement of Relatives in Danish Psychiatry.

    Oute, Jeppe; Petersen, Anders; Huniche, Lotte


    This article gives an account of aspects of a multi-sited field study of involvement of relatives in Danish psychiatry. By following metaphors of involvement across three sites of the psychiatric system-a family site, a clinical site and a policy site-the first author (J.O.) investigated how, and on what grounds, involvement of relatives is perceived in Danish psychiatry. Paradoxically, the current understanding of involvement of relatives fails to take into consideration the perspectives of the relatives per se and families that were being studied. By analyzing involvement from a discourse theoretical perspective laid out by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, the aim of this study is to show how the dominant discourse about involvement at the political and clinical sites is constituted by understandings of mentally ill individuals and by political objectives of involvement. The analysis elucidates how a psycho-ideological discourse positions the mentally ill person as weak, incapable, and ineffective. By contrast, the supporting relative is positioned as a strong, capable, and effective co-therapist. Furthermore, the analysis considers how this dominant discourse of involvement is constituted by a broader discourse of neoliberalism and market orientation, which justifies involvement as a subtle institutionalization of social control. The article highlights that the role of the relative as a co-therapist may be contested by the families' discourse, which emphasizes issues concerning the responsibility toward the mental health of the ill individual as well as toward the psychological milieu of the family.

  11. Catabolism of hyaluronan: involvement of transition metals

    Šoltés, Ladislav; Kogan, Grigorij


    One of the very complex structures in the vertebrates is the joint. The main component of the joint is the synovial fluid with its high-molar-mass glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan, which turnover is approximately twelve hours. Since the synovial fluid does not contain any hyaluronidases, the fast hyaluronan catabolism is caused primarily by reductive-oxidative processes. Eight transition metals – V23, Mn25, Fe26, Co27, Ni28, Cu29, Zn30, and Mo42 – naturally occurring in living organism are essent...

  12. Top Management Involvement in New Product Development

    Felekoglu, Burcu; Maier, Anja; Moultrie, James


    Involvement of top managers in new product development (NPD) is a critical factor affecting NPD performance and frequently considered to be the participation of top management to certain activities in NPD or their NPD related behaviours. However, “Top management involvement in NPD” occupies...... a broader conceptual space than this participation. This paper reviews the literature on top management involvement in new product development (NPD) and discusses relevance of different theoretical perspectives from other disciplines such as management, organisational behaviour and communication to analyse...... antecedents, realisation and consequences of top management involvement in NPD. It is argued that top management has different involvement at different NPD levels: organisation level and project level. Resulting from this literature review, a tentative framework for top management involvement in NPD...

  13. Dual Headquarters Involvement in Subsidiary Innovation

    Dellestrand, Henrik; Kappen, Philip; Nell, Phillip Christopher


    innovation importance, i.e., an innovation that is important for the division and the corporate level, drives dual headquarters involvement in innovation development. Contrary to expectations, no significant effect of dual embeddedness on dual headquarters involvement is found. The network size......The strategy and international business literature has identified the overall potential for headquarters to add value by allocating resources to subsidiary activities, but little is known about the extent to which multiple headquarters simultaneously involves itself in subsidiary operations...

  14. Consumer involvement in nonprescription medicine purchase decisions.

    Gore, P; Madhavan, S; McClung, G; Riley, D


    As self-medication with nonprescription drugs becomes increasingly popular and important in this era of escalating health care costs and growing consumer sophistication, the degree of consumer involvement in the purchase decision becomes an important factor. High involvement suggests active information-seeking behavior and, therefore, a greater likelihood of appropriate nonprescription drug use. The authors assess consumer involvement in nonprescription medicine purchase decisions and the use of expert sources of information.

  15. Fathers' Leave, Fathers' Involvement and Child Development

    del Carmen Huerta, Maria; Lausten, Mette; Baxter, Jennifer

    their involvement translates into positive child cognitive and behavioural outcomes. This analysis shows that fathers’ leave, father’s involvement and child development are related. Fathers who take leave, especially those taking two weeks or more, are more likely to carry out childcare related activities when...... was available, results suggest that the kind of involvement matters. These results suggest that what matters is the quality and not the quantity of father-child interactions....

  16. Another baby? Father involvement and childbearing in fragile families.

    Kotila, Letitia E; Kamp Dush, Claire M


    An historic number of women in the United States have children outside of marriage, and with more than one father, yet little research has examined the association between family process and women's childbearing decisions. Using a subsample of unmarried women from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (n = 2028), a study of primarily low-income unmarried parents, we conducted discrete-time survival analysis models to predict whether women had another child with the focal child's father (same-father birth) or with a new father (new-father birth). Father involvement was measured by engagement, indirect care, accessibility, and financial support. Overall, mothers who reported greater engagement and indirect care from the focal child's father were more likely to have a same-father birth even when he was not living in her home, and were also less likely to have a new-father birth. Further, mothers who reported greater accessibility and stable financial support from the focal child's nonresident father were also less likely to have a new-father birth. One pathway through which this may have occurred was that single mothers who perceived less indirect care and accessibility from the focal child's nonresident father were more likely to begin new romantic relationships. Indeed, whether or not the mother had a new romantic partner partially mediated the association between indirect care and a same-father birth and fully mediated the association between accessibility and a new-father birth, suggesting that one pathway linking father involvement to a new-father birth was through maternal repartnering. Clinical and policy implications are discussed.

  17. Client Involvement in Home Care Practice

    Glasdam, Stinne; Henriksen, Nina; Kjær, Lone


    , political and administrative frames that rule home- care practice. Client involvement is shown within four constructed analytical categories: ‘Structural conditions of providing and receiving home care’; ‘Client involvement inside the home: performing a professional task and living an everyday life......’; ‘Client involvement outside the home: liberal business and mutual goal setting’; and ‘Converting a home to a working place: refurnishing a life’. The meaning of involvement is depending on which position it is viewed from. On the basis of this analysis, we raise the question of the extent to which...

  18. Liver involvement in Langerhans cell histiocytosis

    Wong, Adelaine; Ortiz-Neira, Clara L.; Abou Reslan, Walid; Kaura, Deepak [Alberta Children' s Hospital, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Calgary, Alberta (Canada); Sharon, Raphael; Anderson, Ronald [Alberta Children' s Hospital, Department of Oncology, Calgary, AB (Canada); Pinto-Rojas, Alfredo [Alberta Children' s Hospital, Department of Pathology, Calgary, AB (Canada)


    Liver involvement in Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) typically presents with hepatomegaly and other signs of liver dysfunction. We present an 11-month-old child having only minimally elevated liver enzymes as an indication of liver involvement. Using sonography as the initial diagnostic tool followed by MRI, LCH of the liver was revealed. A review of sonographic, CT, MRI and MR cholangiopancreatography findings in liver LCH is presented. We recommend that physicians consider sonography and MRI screening for liver involvement in patients with newly diagnosed LCH, as periportal involvement may be present with little or no liver function abnormality present, as in this patient. (orig.)

  19. Improving research on parental involvement in sexuality education: Findings from the Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy Survey – 2010

    Kelleher, Caroline; Boduszek, Daniel; Bourke, Ashling; McBride, Orla; Morgan, Karen


    Sexuality education research has highlighted the importance of parental involvement2. Parents largely concur with the idea that they should play a fundamental role in their children’s sexuality education; indeed, 95% of parents in one national UK study felt that discussing contraception with their children was primarily their responsibility3. However, only 58% of those parents had actually done so, suggesting that these beliefs are not always reflected in practice3. Investigating sexuality ed...

  20. Protein hydrophobic dressing on seeds aiming at the delay of undesirable germination Cobertura hidrofóbica a base de proteínas sobre sementes visando a redução de germinações indesejáveis

    Odilio Benedito Garrido Assis


    Full Text Available Polymer seed-coatings have been largely tested as an alternative method for preventing diseases and have the potential to be used to control undesirable germination and thereby increasing seed storage. Amongst these, the protein-based coatings can be applied with advantage of forming stable biodegradable and hydrophobic films. Due to their chemical structure, protein dressings act as efficient barriers for water uptake, even when seeds are unavoidable exposed to a moist environment. In this work, the effect of hydrophobic dressings was tested on the germination rate of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. and broccolis (Brassica oleraceae var italic L. seeds under laboratorial condition. Zein, natural maize (Zea mays L. proteins extracted from gluten meal, was used as precursor polymers to form the coatings. Seeds were dressed by direct submersion into a zein/ethanol formulation of zein concentration of 3.0 g L-1, followed by natural air drying. The resultant coating has elevated the hydrophobic feature due to the high content amino acids present in the structure of the zein. For both types of seeds an overall delay in sprouting and germination was observed, with a more accentuated reduction on sugar beet germination percentage after eleven days of measurements. The effect on germination rates is understood as the efficiency of the zein coating to form a physical barrier preventing water permeation into the seeds.Filmes com características hidrofóbicas baseados em proteínas foram avaliados como revestimento em sementes de beterraba e brócolis, com o objetivo de prevenir germinações prematuras pela redução na absorção de água. Zeínas, proteínas naturais extraídas do glúten de milho, foram empregados como polímeros precursores na elaboração das soluções de cobertura. Os revestimentos se deram pela completa imersão das sementes em formulação zeínas/etanol na concentração de 3,0 g L-1, seguidos de secagem ao ar. Os filmes

  1. Alienation in Rural Women: A Longitudinal Cross-Lagged Analysis of its Association with Community and Family Involvement, Socioeconomic Status, and Education.

    Poresky, Robert H.; Atilano, Raymond B.


    58 rural Kansas women were interviewed when their children were three, six, or nine years old, and again two years later. Maternal alienation appeared to be primarily affected by socioeconomic status, community involvement, and maternal education. The validity of anomia as a social measure of rural women was also examined. (Author/SK)

  2. Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Child Behavior Problems among Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Buffering Effect of Mother-Reported Partner Child Care Involvement

    Smith, Erin N.; Grau, Josefina M.; Duran, Petra A.; Castellanos, Patricia


    We examined the relations between maternal depressive symptoms and child internalizing and externalizing problems in a sample of 125 adolescent Latina mothers (primarily Puerto Rican) and their toddlers. We also tested the influence of mother-reported partner child care involvement on child behavior problems and explored mother-reported partner…

  3. MR imaging of abdominopelvic involvement in neurofibromatosis type 1: a review of 43 patients

    Zacharia, T. Thomas [Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Radiology, Boston, MA (United States); Jaramillo, Diego [Children' s Hospital of Philadelphia, Department of Radiology, Philadelphia, PA (United States); Poussaint, Tina Young [Children' s Hospital Boston, Department of Radiology, Boston, MA (United States); Korf, Bruce [University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, Department of Genetics, Birmingham, AL (United States)


    Plexiform neurofibromas are a frequent complication of neurofibromatosis type 1. This article discusses MR imaging findings and distribution of plexiform neurofibromas in the abdomen and pelvis. To define the most prevalent patterns of involvement and MR imaging findings in abdominopelvic neurofibromatosis type 1. We reviewed the MR appearance of abdominopelvic lesions in 23 male and 20 female patients (median age: 16 years) with type 1 neurofibromatosis. The patients were part of a multi-institutional study of 300 patients. Imaging included coronal or sagittal, and axial short tau inversion recovery images. The most common abdominopelvic involvement was in the abdominopelvic wall (n=28, 65%) and lumbosacral plexus (n=27, 63%). Retroperitoneal involvement was frequent (n=15, 35%). Lesions were less often intraperitoneal (21%) (P=0.001). Pelvic disease (n=27, 63%), neural canal involvement (n=18, 42%), and hydronephrosis (n=4, 9%) were also noted. Target-like appearance of plexiform lesions was noted in more than half the patients. Abdominopelvic involvement in neurofibromatosis type 1 is primarily extraperitoneal. Although lesions are most prevalent in the abdominopelvic wall and lumbosacral plexus, retroperitoneal and pelvic involvement is common and usually affects important organs. MR imaging added information in the initial and follow-up clinical evaluation of these patients. (orig.)

  4. Involving Program Constituencies in the Evaluation Process.

    Deshler, David


    Two case studies provide examples of citizen and program participant involvement in program evaluation. The Reflective Appraisal of Programs at Cornell Cooperative Extension involves volunteer interviewers of participants; the Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) Office of Mental Health/Mental Retardation is reviewed by a volunteer citizens' committee.…

  5. Defining stakeholder involvement in participatory design processes

    Vink, P.; Imada, A.S.; Zink, K.J.


    A participatory approach could be used to implement work place or organizational improvements. However, the question is which participants should be involved and how. In this paper the theoretical involvement in different steps of a linear stepwise approach is described and compared with the latest

  6. Strategic Management: Managing Change by Employee Involvement

    Dr. Fareeha Zafar


    Full Text Available Strategic management attempts to link strategic planning with decision making and these decisions implementation. The role of involvement -who should be involved and how that involvement should be managed is essential for effectual decision making. This paper scrutinizes the significance of involvement in decision making generally and demonstrate how involvement management principles apply to the strategic management process explicitly. Strategic management composed of three important steps: creation of a documented plan, making strategic planning an effectual part of the management systems, and appropriately manage involvement in the planning process. It requires that an organization's managers must be involved in a process of objectives identification, strategies development and implementation plans to accomplish those objectives, and sporadically evaluate the decisions implementation of decisions. Decision making, implementation, feedback, and evaluation; is a continuous process. Basically, effective decision making and implementation means congregating the right mix of people, convincing them that what they are doing is significant to the senior executive, and effectively managing their involvement in the decision making process. This paper provides some proven techniques that add value to many organizations.

  7. Secret-involved Information System Security Audit

    ZHANG; Ya-lan


    Secret-involved information system security audit is a network security technology developing rapidly in recent years.It uses various technical to detect the problem of secret-involved information system,and uses certain audit methods to analyze all kinds of suspicious behavior and irregularities.

  8. 12 CFR 1815.113 - Public involvement.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 7 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Public involvement. 1815.113 Section 1815.113 Banks and Banking COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS FUND, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY § 1815.113 Public involvement. All information collected by the Fund pursuant to this part...

  9. Bullying Prevention and the Parent Involvement Model

    Kolbert, Jered B.; Schultz, Danielle; Crothers, Laura M.


    A recent meta-analysis of bullying prevention programs provides support for social-ecological theory, in which parent involvement addressing child bullying behaviors is seen as important in preventing school-based bullying. The purpose of this manuscript is to suggest how Epstein and colleagues' parent involvement model can be used as a…

  10. Perceptions of Parent Involvement in Academic Achievement

    DePlanty, Jennifer; Coulter-Kern, Russell; Duchane, Kim A.


    The authors sought to understand the types of parent involvement that teachers, parents, and students believe affect the academic achievement of adolescent learners at the junior high school level. Research that included focus groups, interviews, and surveys indicated that teachers and students believed that parent involvement at school was…

  11. Citizen Involvement in Local Security Networks

    Terpstra, J.B.


    This paper deals with the involvement of citizens (and local businesspersons) in the prevention and control of crime and disorder. Four models of citizen involvement in local security networks are distinguished. In each of these models the role of citizens concentrates on different functions: (1) p

  12. Turkish Early Childhood Educators on Parental Involvement

    Hakyemez, Sevcan


    Research conducted over recent decades show that parental involvement plays a significant role in children's academic achievement as well as their cognitive, social and emotional development. For effective parental involvement, understanding the conceptualization of early childhood educators should be significant. This research investigated the…

  13. Examining Teacher's Comfort Level of Parental Involvement

    Jensen, Deborah Ann


    The connection between home and school is of utmost importance. Therefore, an important concern for those educating teachers is to help teachers recognize the need for and importance of establishing parental involvement and to help them create avenues in which communication can occur. Knowing that parental involvement is important and putting that…

  14. Defining stakeholder involvement in participatory design processes

    Vink, P.; Imada, A.S.; Zink, K.J.


    A participatory approach could be used to implement work place or organizational improvements. However, the question is which participants should be involved and how. In this paper the theoretical involvement in different steps of a linear stepwise approach is described and compared with the latest

  15. Science Learning at Home: Involving Families

    Crawford, Elizabeth Outlaw; Heaton, Emily T.; Heslop, Karen; Kixmiller, Kassandra


    Families' involvement in their children's science learning at home has numerous benefits, especially when they support children's self-initiated investigations. In a position statement on parental involvement in science education, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA 2009) stresses the role of parents in the daily reinforcement of…

  16. Patient involvement in research priorities (PIRE)

    Piil, Karin; Jarden, Mary


    Introduction: Patient involvement in healthcare has expanded from the clinical practice setting to include collaboration during the research process. There has been a growing international interest in patient and public involvement in setting research priorities to reduce the risk of discrepancy ...

  17. Addressing Measurement Issues Related to Bullying Involvement

    Casper, Deborah M.; Meter, Diana J.; Card, Noel A.


    In this article, we address measurement issues related to select aspects of bullying involvement with the goal of moving psychometrically sound measurement practices toward applied bullying research. We first provide a nontechnical introduction to psychometric considerations in measuring bullying involvement, highlighting the importance of…

  18. Involving Migrant Families in Education. ERIC Digest.

    Martinez, Yolanda G.; Velazquez, Jose A.

    This digest describes parent involvement in their children's education from the perspective of migrant parents and educators and offers strategies to enhance the experience of schooling for migrant students and their families. Teachers often perceive parent involvement as preparing children for school, attending school events, and fulfilling…

  19. Peer Involvement in Adolescent Dating Violence

    Stephenson, Pam S.; Martsolf, Donna; Draucker, Claire Burke


    This study investigated the ways in which peers are involved in adolescent dating violence. Eighty-eight young adults aged 18-21 were interviewed and asked to reflect on aggressive dating relationships they experienced as teens. The researchers used grounded theory to analyze the data. Findings showed that male and female peers were involved in…

  20. Outlaw biker affiliations and criminal involvement

    Klement, Christian


    This study investigates the effect of being an outlaw biker on criminal involvement in Denmark. Using a unique dataset, 297 outlaw bikers are matched on various background characteristics with 181,931 control individuals and effects are estimated in difference-in-difference regressions. This appr......This study investigates the effect of being an outlaw biker on criminal involvement in Denmark. Using a unique dataset, 297 outlaw bikers are matched on various background characteristics with 181,931 control individuals and effects are estimated in difference-in-difference regressions....... This approach reduces the risk of selection bias and helps isolate the effect of affiliation on criminal involvement. The results suggest that affiliation with an outlaw motorcycle club may increase involvement in overall crime, specifically property crime, drug crime, and weapons crime. Results regarding...... violent crimes are inconclusive. It is concluded that an outlaw biker affiliation may increase criminal involvement....

  1. Macrodystrophia lipomatosa of foot involving great toe.

    Gaur, A K; Mhambre, A S; Popalwar, H; Sharma, R


    Macrodystrophia lipomatosa is a rare form of congenital disorder in which there is localized gigantism characterized by progressive overgrowth of all mesenchymal elements with a disproportionate increase in the fibroadipose tissues. The adipose tissue infiltration involves subcutaneous tissue, periosteum, nerves and bone marrow. Most of the cases reported have hand or foot involvement. Patient seeks medical help for improving cosmesis or to get the size of the involved part reduced in order to reduce mechanical problems. We report a case of macrodystrophia lipomatosa involving medial side of foot with significant enlargement of great toe causing concern for cosmesis and inconvenience due to mechanical problems. The X-rays showed increased soft tissue with more of adipose tissue and increased size of involved digits with widening of ends. Since the patient's mother did not want any surgical intervention he was educated about foot care and proper footwear design was suggested.

  2. Supporting Active User Involvment in Prototyping

    Grønbæk, Kaj


    in the development process. But prototyping does not automatically imply active user involvement! Thus a cooperative prototyping approach aiming at involving users actively and creatively in system design is proposed in this paper. The key point of the approach is to involve users in activities that closely couple......The term prototyping has in recent years become a buzzword in both research and practice of system design due to a number of claimed advantages of prototyping techniques over traditional specification techniques. In particular it is often stated that prototyping facilitates the users' involvement...... development of prototypes to early evaluation of prototypes in envisioned use situations. Having users involved in such activities creates new requirements for tool support. Tools that support direct manipulation of prototypes and simulation of behaviour have shown promise for cooperative prototyping...


    陈向东; 杨鹏麟


    [Objective] Explore the feasibility of simvastatin therapy on preclinical Atherosclerosis in basic level hospitals. [Methods] 64 hypertention patients combining atherosclerosis of carotid arteries were selected and were randomly divided into two groups; 32 patients were involved as simvastatin group treated with simvastatin 20 mg/d and conventional therapy for six weeks. Others only treated by conventional therapy as control were convention group.Above all, not only serum levels of TC, TC, LDL-C and hs- CRP of all patients were detected but also carotid inteima-media thickness (IMT), calculus of carotid plaque and the prevalence rate of carotid plaque were measured by ultrasound before and after treatment. [Results] After three months, the levels of TC, TG, LDL-C and hsC-RP reduced significantly in the simvastatin group than those of before (P< 0.05). In addition, the decrease of hsC-RP was no relation with the decrease of TC, TG and LDL-C. [Conclusion] Simar-tatin could lower the level of carotid atherosclerosis and inflammatory reaction and promote stabilization of atherosclerosis plaque. It was safe in the patients with hypertention combining atherosclerosis of carotid arteries.%[目的]探讨辛伐他汀治疗高血压伴颈动脉硬化患者的临床效果.[方法]64例高血压伴颈动脉硬化患者随机分为两组:辛伐他汀组采用辛伐他汀20 mg/d+常规治疗,对照组采用常规治疗,于治疗前后6周分别测定hsCRP、TC、TG及LDL-C等指标;高频超声检测颈动脉,记录颈动脉内膜中膜厚度(IMT)、颈动脉斑块积分、斑块发生率.[结果]辛伐他汀组治疗6周后TC、TG、LDL-C、hsC-RP、颈动脉内膜中膜厚度(IMT)、颈动脉斑块积分、斑块发生率较治疗前显著下降,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).[结论]辛伐他汀治疗可改善高血压伴动脉硬化患者动脉硬化程度及炎症反应的程度,具有稳定斑块的作用.

  4. Central nervous system involvement in T-cell lymphoma: A single center experience.

    Gurion, Ronit; Mehta, Neha; Migliacci, Jocelyn C; Zelenetz, Andrew; Moskowitz, Alison; Lunning, Matthew; Moskowitz, Craig; Hamlin, Paul; Horwitz, Steven


    Background We characterized the incidence of central nervous system (CNS) involvement, risk factors and outcome in a large single institution dataset of peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL). Methods Retrospective review of the PTCL database at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We identified 231 patients with any subtype of PTCL between 1994-2011 with a minimum six months of follow-up or an event defined as relapse or death. Results Histologies included peripheral T-cell lymphoma-not otherwise specified (PTCL-NOS) (31.6%), angioimmunoblastic (16.9%), anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), ALK- (12.1%), ALCL, ALK + (6.1%), extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma (7.4%), adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATLL) (7.4%), and transformed mycosis fungoides (8.7%). Seventeen patients had CNS disease (7%). Fifteen had CNS involvement with PTCL and two had diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and glioblastoma. Median time to CNS involvement was 3.44 months (0.16-103.1). CNS prophylaxis was given to 24 patients (primarily intrathecal methotrexate). Rates of CNS involvement were not different in patients who received prophylaxis. Univariate analysis identified stage III-IV, bone marrow involvement, >1 extranodal site and ATLL as risk factors for CNS disease. On multivariate analysis, >1 extranodal site and international prognostic index (IPI) ≥ 3 were predictive for CNS involvement. The median survival of patients with CNS involvement was 2.63 months (0.10-75). Conclusions Despite high relapse rates, PTCL, except ATLL, carries a low risk of CNS involvement. Prognosis with CNS involvement is poor and risk factors include: >1 extra nodal site and IPI ≥3.

  5. The psychology of male (non) involvement.


    The primary reason for male involvement in family planning is that the current approach of focusing all family planning attention on women is not working. Unwanted pregnancy continues to increase despite the advent of the oral contraceptive and the IUD and despite the great amount of money and effort that have been invested in making women better contraceptors. Whether or not a contraceptive is effectively used depends a lot on the attitude of the man. The great majority of the studies conducted on male attitudes toward ocntraception indicates that boys and men are interested in the subject. Despite the discrepancy between what people say and what they actually do, there is a vast population of men who are receptive to education and guidance. If the approach is right, the majority of men are willing to become involved. The men who are resistant to involvement in family planning are a minority, and probably nothing can be done about this group. Although the majority of men are not resistant, they see no reason for involvement. In the last 20 years men have been taught that contraception is none of their business. This teaching has been done by the media, family planning agencies, some feminist writers and by women themselves. Most of the resistance to male involvement comes from family planning agencies rather than from the men. How to get men involved in actually a small issues. If there is a change in thinking in the agencies and a willingness to involve men, many effective ways will be found.

  6. Disseminated coccidioidomycosis with multifocal musculoskeletal disease involvement

    Michael F. McConnell, DO


    Full Text Available We report a rare case of disseminated coccidioidomycosis with multifocal musculoskeletal involvement. The patient presented to the emergency department with left shoulder pain and swelling. Magnetic resonance imaging of the left shoulder revealed enhancing soft tissue masses, bony lesions, and fluid collections in and around the glenohumeral joint with involvement of the proximal humerus, glenoid, and rotator cuff musculature. Multiple additional areas of involvement were subsequently discovered. Fungal cultures confirmed coccidioidomycosis infection at all surgical sites with superimposed polymicrobial bacterial infection in the left shoulder.

  7. Liver Involvement with Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    Emily Mathews


    Full Text Available Liver involvement with acute myeloid leukemia (AML is rarely reported. The majority of published cases suggest a cholestatic picture and obstructive jaundice at presentation. On the contrary, our patient presented with transaminitis without cholestasis. Elevated liver function tests persisted in our patient despite cholecystectomy; however, they normalized with chemotherapy administration, suggesting that AML was the causative effect of the hepatitis-like picture. Our review of the literature revealed that most reported cases of AML with liver involvement had short-lived remissions and an overall ominous prognosis. In our opinion, patients who have liver involvement with AML should be offered alternative investigational therapies with a low hepatic toxicity profile.

  8. Management of hip involvement in ankylosing spondylitis.

    Guan, Mingqiang; Wang, Jian; Zhao, Liang; Xiao, Jun; Li, Zhihan; Shi, Zhanjun


    Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory rheumatologic disease characterized by inflammation and progressive structural damage of the affected joints. Hip involvement often results in severe deformities and significant impairment on function. Although, tremendous progress has been made in conservative management for AS, effective prevention strategies for hip involvement and long-term need for total hip arthroplasty (THA) remain indefinite. When hip involvement has progressed to intractable pain and disability, THA is still the most effective treatment strategy to relieve pain and restore function. However, certain AS-specific problems regarding "preoperative preparation," "intraoperative difficulties," "perioperative pharmacological management," "postoperative physiotherapy," "operation benefits," and "operation complications" need more concern and further discussion.

  9. Stakeholder involvement in CSR strategy-making?

    Trapp, Leila


    A given characteristic of successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs is that they reflect stakeholder expectations and preferences for corporate behavior. This study examines the process by which this alignment is sought by CSR managers in the CSR strategy-making process. Through...... reliance on stakeholder management theories, and with a particular focus on how and why managers communicate with stakeholders, the extent to which the company-stakeholder alignment process in CSR strategy-making reflects modern, enlightened approaches to stakeholder relations is assessed. This assessment...... is based on an analysis of structured, in-depth interviews with CSR managers from sixteen industry-leading, Danish companies. The managers’ descriptions of their interactions with stakeholders reveal that their practices fall short of the normative, theoretical ideals since their focus is primarily on just...

  10. Kimura′s disease - An unusual presentation involving subcutaneous tissue, parotid gland and lymph node

    Parul Sah


    Full Text Available Kimura′s disease is a rare chronic inflammatory condition of uncertain etiology which has an affinity for the Asian population. It primarily involves the head and neck region, presenting as deep subcutaneous masses and is often accompanied by regional lymphadenopathy and salivary gland involvement. Peripheral blood eosinophilia and elevated serum immunoglobulin E (IgE levels are characteristic features and the microscopic picture reveals lymphoid proliferation with eosinophilic infiltration. For years, Kimura′s disease was believed to be identical to or part of the same disease spectrum as angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE. Recent reports, however, have confirmed that the two are, in fact, separate entities. We report a case of Kimura′s disease in a 22-year-old Indian male who presented with a subcutaneous mass, parotid enlargement and lymphadenopathy. The clinical presentation was suggestive of Kimura′s disease and microscopic examination following biopsy of the lesion allowed us to make a definitive diagnosis.

  11. Complementarities Between Employee Involvement and Financial Participation

    Jones, Derek C.; Kalmi, Panu; Kato, Takao


    The authors investigate whether productivity is greater if firms use employee involvement (EI) in decision making and financial participation (FP) as complementary practices. Based on representative panel data from Finnish manufacturing firms, the study uses diverse specifications to examine...

  12. [Unusual muscular involvement in ankylosing spondylitis].

    Wattiaux, M J; Rondier, J; Bletry, O; Godeau, P; Cayla, J


    Muscle involvement in ankylosing spondylitis has been little studied. The authors report two cases with marked muscular atrophy and functional impotence, which had directed the diagnosis towards a myopathy over a period of several years in the first case, and a suspected primary muscular disease associated with ankylosing spondylitis in the second. Muscle biopsies eliminated the diagnosis of myopathy in both cases, with rapid functional recovery with proper treatment. Following a review of the literature, two hypotheses can be considered to explain the muscular involvement in ankylosing spondylitis: one mechanism which appears well-established is a radiculitis with involvement of the paravertebral muscles: other authors suggest that there is nonspecific, generalized muscular involvement in this disorder.

  13. Dual Headquarters Involvement in Subsidiary Innovation

    Nell, Phillip Christopher; Kappen, Philip; Dellestrand, Henrik

    . The current paper takes on this neglected question by empirically investigating corporate and divisional headquarters direct involvement in innovation development projects at the subsidiary level. Analyses that draw upon 85 innovation development projects in 23 multinational enterprises reveal that dual...... innovation importance, i.e., an innovation that is important for the division and the corporate level, drives dual headquarters involvement in innovation development. Contrary to expectations, no significant effect of dual embeddedness on dual headquarters involvement is found. The network size...... on headquarters. It appears that multiple headquarters do get involved in specific subsidiary activities and that the theoretical advancements on headquarters should be discussed in the context of their complexity to reflect the nature of the contemporary multinational enterprise....


    Yu-Jia Hu


    Full Text Available Although literature review supported the concept that customer loyalty, brand equity and perceived risk are significant factors to affect customer involvement, very limited studies have extensively examined the relationship among those variables. This research applied quantitative study to comprehensively explore the relationship between customer loyalty, brand equity, perceived risk and customer involvement for consumers. The population for this research was identified as consumers having the shopping experience for digital camera. The findings supported the hypothesis that customer loyalty, brand equity and perceived risk have significant and positive relationship to customer involvement. The findings identified the predictors of customer loyalty, brand equity and perceived risk on the customer involvement and generated the recommendations for corporate operations and future scholar studies.

  15. Fires and Burns Involving Home Medical Oxygen

    ... Fires and Burns Involving Home Medical Oxygen The air is normally 21% oxygen. Oxygen is not flammable, but fire needs it to burn. ¾ When more oxygen is present, any fire that starts will burn ...

  16. Posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disease involving the pituitary gland.

    Meriden, Zina; Bullock, Grant C; Bagg, Adam; Bonatti, Hugo; Cousar, John B; Lopes, M Beatriz; Robbins, Mark K; Cathro, Helen P


    Posttransplantation lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLD) are heterogeneous lesions with variable morphology, immunophenotype, and molecular characteristics. Multiple distinct primary lesions can occur in PTLD, rarely with both B-cell and T-cell characteristics. Lesions can involve both grafted organs and other sites; however, PTLD involving the pituitary gland has not been previously reported. We describe a patient who developed Epstein-Barr virus-negative PTLD 13 years posttransplantation involving the terminal ileum and pituitary, which was simultaneously involved by a pituitary adenoma. Immunohistochemistry of the pituitary lesion showed expression of CD79a, CD3, and CD7 with clonal rearrangements of both T-cell receptor gamma chain (TRG@) and immunoglobulin heavy chain (IGH@) genes. The terminal ileal lesion was immunophenotypically and molecularly distinct. This is the first report of pituitary PTLD and illustrates the potentially complex nature of PTLD. Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Peer Effects and Academics’ Industry Involvement

    Aschhoff, Birgit; Grimpe, Christoph

    This study explores the interaction between professional imprinting and age in the context of industry-science collaboration. Specifically, we examine the impact of localized and personal peer effects on academics’ involvement with industry and how these effects are moderated by the career age...... of the scientist. We suggest that both localized and personal peer effects drive industry involvement but that the effects from such imprinting are more pronounced for younger researchers, suggesting that professional imprinting takes place in the early stages of a scientist’s academic career. Based on a sample...... of 330 German academics in the field of biotechnology and publication data from the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), we find that scientists with industry-oriented co-authors are more likely to be involved with industry (personal peer effect). Moreover, we find that the scientist’s involvement...

  18. Testicular Involvement of Tuberculous Epididymitis : Sonographic Findings

    Chung, Jae Joon; Kim, Myeong Jin; Yoo, Hyung Sik; Lee, Jong Tae; Lee, Yong Hee [Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Park, Joong Hwa [Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Wonju (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Yeon Hee [Dankook University Hospital, Cheonan (Korea, Republic of)


    To report the sonographic findings of testicular involvement of tuberculous epididymitis. The sonographic findings of testicular involvement in twelve patients with histologically proven tuberculous epididymitis were retrospectively reviewed. The sonographic findings of testicular lesions are 1) an ill defined hypoechoic lesion (3 cases, 25.0%), 2) a well-demarcated hypoechoic lesion (3 cases, 25.0%),3) multiple and small hypoechoic nodules in the enlarged testis (2 cases, 16.7%), 4) indistinct margin between the testis and epididymis (2 cases, 16.7%) and 5) a diffusely enlarged testis with hypoechogenicity (2 cases, 16.7%).Nine patients had ipsilateral epididymitis, and 3 patients had bilateral epididymitis. Pus discharge through the draining sinus tract was noted in 4 cases (33.3%), and hydrocele in 8 cases (66.7%). No parenchymal calcification was seen in the involved testis. Sonographic findings of testicular involvement in tuberculous epididymitis were various

  19. involvement of methyltransferases enzymes during the energy ...


    semesiae sp. nov. to evaluate whether the enzyme systems involved were constitutive or inductive. ... methyl transfer reaction in DMS conversion proceeds in a manner similar to methyltransferases ..... influence the rate of methanogenesis.

  20. Parental Involvement: Writing Instruction's Missing Dimension.

    Fischer, Olga Howard; Fischer, Chester A.


    Argues that elementary instructors of writing should aggressively seek parental involvement in teaching children to write well. Presents a list of activities that parents can do with children to foster writing development. Lists strategies for parent-teacher communications. (HB)

  1. Nurses' political involvement: responsibility versus privilege.

    Boswell, Carol; Cannon, Sharon; Miller, Joyce


    Nursing apathy toward participation in the political process is pandemic. Never more so than today has the profession needed a strong united stand within the political arena. Political involvement encompasses being knowledgeable about issues, laws, and health policy. Barriers to political activism are thought to encompass several spectra including heavy workloads, feelings of powerlessness, time constraints, sex issues, and lack of understanding of a complex political process. The implementation of a political role for a nurse is based on three levels of commitment including survival, success, and significance. Survival includes individual involvement within communities. Success accepts challenges in addressing injustices especially within the health-care arena. Significant involvement uses visionary nurses toward the betterment of the nurse profession. Strategies for involvement include political awareness, incorporation of course/program expectations on both undergraduate and graduate levels and teamwork. As patient advocates, nurses cannot continue to be spectators in the political arena.

  2. Influences of Product Involvement, Environmental Message and ...

    Influences of Product Involvement, Environmental Message and Green ... The study employs an empirical research by 2x2x2 between subject factorial design. ... Advertising Appeals, Green Marketing, Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) ...

  3. Guidance for Catastrophic Emergency Situations Involving Asbestos

    This document addresses the types of asbestos issues that may arise during catastrophic events and how EPA has addressed such issues. It replaces the Guidelines for Catastrophic Emergency Situations Involving Asbestos which was issued in 1992.

  4. disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform

    holders (educators, parents, learners and non-teaching staff) will actively participate in the ... affairs could surely impact on principals' view of teacher involvement in ... that has occurred, from the old authoritarian paradigm and accompanying.

  5. Central Nervous System Involvement in Whipple Disease

    Compain, Caroline; Sacre, Karim; Puéchal, Xavier; Klein, Isabelle; Vital-Durand, Denis; Houeto, Jean-Luc; De Broucker, Thomas; Raoult, Didier; Papo, Thomas


    Abstract Whipple disease (WD) is a rare multisystemic infection with a protean clinical presentation. The central nervous system (CNS) is involved in 3 situations: CNS involvement in classic WD, CNS relapse in previously treated WD, and isolated CNS infection. We retrospectively analyzed clinical features, diagnostic workup, brain imaging, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) study, treatment, and follow-up data in 18 patients with WD and CNS infection. Ten men and 8 women were included with a median ag...

  6. Eosinophilic gastroenteritis with ascites and colon involvement.

    Levinson, J D; Ramanathan, V R; Nozick, J H


    The case of a 39-year old white man with eosinophilic gastroenteritis is presented. The major clinical features were gastric outlet obstruction, diarrhea and massive ascites. At surgery, significant involvement of the entire gastrointestinal tract from the gastric antrum to the sigmoid colon was found. Histologic documentation of colon involvement was obtained. The response to corticosteroids was prompt and sustained. At present, he is maintained on an alternating day schedule of steroid administration.




    This Community Involvement Plan has been prepared by the Brookhaven National Laboratory's Community Involvement Office with the input of the community, Laboratory employees and representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy. The process to develop the plan began with the formation of a focus group consisting of representatives from: the community at large; special interest groups within the community; the business community; Laboratory retirees; senior and line management from the Laboratory; and the U.S. Department of Energy. The focus group reviewed an initial outline developed by the Office of Community involvement, held in-depth roundtable discussions of community involvement needs, and created a draft plan based on their discussions. A workshop was held to present the draft Community Involvement Plan to a wider audience for their input and insights on how Brookhaven should involve the community in decision making. This workshop was advertised in local newspapers and within the Laboratory. It was attended by community members, special interest group representatives, Laboratory employees and managers, U.S. Department of Energy-Brookhaven Group management, and members of the Laboratory's Community Advisory Council. The results of the workshop discussions are incorporated in this plan.

  8. Pupils' involvement in ecological activities in school

    Stanišić Jelena


    Full Text Available Ecological education gains an increasing importance in the moment when ecological crisis acquires increasingly larger proportions. Education is one of the most powerful social means in fighting problems and challenges of the future. This paper presents the results of the research referring to pupils' attitudes with respect to the activities they prefer to be involved in, the independent variables their readiness for involvement depends on, as well as the relation between the knowledge possessed by pupils and their readiness to be involved in ecological activities. Research was conducted on the sample of 284 pupils in the eighth grade of primary school in urban and rural area and polluted and unpolluted environment. The results indicate that pupils find more interesting the activities taking place in nature, those where they are immediate participants and those where they have a subjective feeling that they are doing something to protect the environment. Besides, the results show that girls from both samples and pupils from rural area are more ready to get involved in ecological activities. Living in polluted or unpolluted environment is not a statistically significant variable which would influence the readiness of pupils to get involved in these activities. As the most interesting result of this research, we consider the finding that a higher level of pupils' ecological knowledge and living in polluted environment do not guarantee higher readiness of pupils to get involved in the activities of environment protection.

  9. Conceptions of Ability and Related Affects in Task Involvement and Ego Involvement.

    Jagacinski, Carolyn M.; Nicholls, John G.


    Five studies were conducted to determine if college students employ different conceptions of ability in self-referenced (task-involving) and interpersonally competitive (ego-involving) situations. Competence and positive affects were associated with higher effort in task-involving situations but negatively associated with higher effort in…

  10. Adolescent Mothers' Perceptions of Fathers' Parental Involvement: Satisfaction and Desire for Involvement

    Herzog, Melissa J.; Umana-Taylor, Adriana J.; Madden-Derdich, Debra A.; Leonard, Stacie A.


    Grounded in family systems and ecological theories, this study examined teenage mothers' perceptions of fathers' parental involvement and the role of teenage mothers' gatekeeping beliefs. Fathers' involvement was perceived to be greater when teenage parents were romantically involved (n = 55). When they no longer shared a romantic relationship (n…


    Salt, David E.


    Hyperaccumulator plant species are able to accumulate between 1-5% of their biomass as metal. However, these plants are often small, slow growing, and do not produce a high biomass. Phytoextraction, a cost-effective, in situ, plant based approach to soil remediation takes advantage of the remarkable ability of hyperaccumulating plants to concentrate metals from the soil and accumulate them in their harvestable, above-ground tissues (Salt et al., 1998). However, to make use of the valuable genetic resources identified in metal hyperaccumulating species, it will be necessary to transfer this material to high biomass rapidly growing crop plants (Persans and Salt (2000)). These plants would then be ideally suited to the phytoremediation process, having the ability to produce large amount of metal-rich plant biomass for rapid harvest and soil cleanup. Although progress is being made in understanding the genetic basis of metal hyperaccumulation (Salt and Krdmer, 1999) a more complete understanding will be necessary before we can take full advantage of the genetic potential of these plants. Research funds provided by the DOE EMSP (DE-FG07-98ER20295) have been used to start to uncover the genetic processes involved in the hyperaccumulation of Ni in Thlaspi goesingense. Our strategy has focused on isolating and characterizing the key genetic information needed for expression of the metal-hyperaccumulation phenotype. In the last reporting period we determined that nickel tolerance was the key difference between the hyperaccumulator T. goesingense and the non-accumulator Thlaspi arvense. We also established that this nickel tolerance was primarily due to an enhanced ability to compartmentalize Ni in the leaf cell vacuoles of the hyperaccumulator. During the 2000-2001 reporting period we have been investigating the molecular genetic mechanism of this enhanced vacuolar accumulation of Ni in the hyperaccumulator.

  12. Stakeholder involvement in Swedish nuclear waste management

    Elam, Mark; Sundqvist, Goeran [Goeteborg Univ. (Sweden). Section for Science and Technology Studies


    This report concerning Swedish nuclear waste management has been produced as part of a cross national research project: CARL - A Social Science Research Project into the Effects of Stakeholder involvement on Decision-Making in Radioactive Waste Management. Besides Sweden, the participating countries are Belgium, Canada, Finland, Slovenia and United Kingdom. A social science research team, working for three years, is in the first phase conducting research in their own countries in order to produce 6 country reports. During the next years the focus will shift to comparisons of stakeholder involvement practices in the participating countries. The report addresses current practices of Swedish nuclear waste management and their historical development. The main focus is on past, current and emerging patterns of stakeholder involvement in the siting of a deep repository for the final disposal of Sweden's spent nuclear fuel. The general questions attended to in the report are: Who are the main stakeholders, and how have they emerged and gained recognition as such? What are the issues currently subject to stakeholder involvement and how have these been decided upon? How is stakeholder involvement organized locally and nationally and how has this changed over time? How has stakeholder involvement gained acceptance as an activity of value in the siting of major waste facilities? The report have attempted to show the development of stakeholder involvement in the siting of a final repository for Sweden's spent nuclear fuel as resembling something other than a straightforward linear process of improvement and refinement. Stakeholder involvement has developed, over the past 15 years or so, into something more like a patchwork of different shapes and forms. Some of the forces that may well contribute to the further elaboration of the patchwork of stakeholder involvement have been pointed out, contingently modifying once more its overall colour and orientation. Questions

  13. [Pulmonary involvement in connective tissue disease].

    Bartosiewicz, Małgorzata


    The connective tissue diseases are a variable group of autoimmune mediated disorders characterized by multiorgan damage. Pulmonary complications are common, usually occur after the onset of joint symptoms, but can also be initially presenting complaint. The respiratory system may be involved in all its component: airways, vessels, parenchyma, pleura and respiratory muscles. Lung involvement is an increasing cause of morbidity and mortality in the connective tissue diseases. Clinical course is highly variable - can range from mild to rapidly progressive, some processes are reversible, while others are irreversible. Thus, the identification of reversible disease , and separately progressive disease, are important clinical issues. The frequency, clinical presentation, prognosis and responce to therapy are different, depending on the pattern of involvement as well as on specyfic diagnostic method used to identify it. High- resolution computed tompography plays an important role in identifying patients with respiratory involvement. Pulmonary function tests are a sensitive tool detecting interstitial lung disease. In this article, pulmonary lung involvement accompanying most frequently apperaing connective tissue diseases - rheumatoid arthritis, systemic sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, polymyositis/dermatomyositis, Sjögrens syndrome and mixed connective tissue disaese are reviewed.

  14. User involvement and the NHS reforms.

    Rhodes, Penny; Nocon, Andrew


    The policy of 'user involvement' in the UK National Health Service emerged during the 1990s along with the reforms that created an internal market. Despite the official rhetoric, progress has been limited. Critics suggest that, not only was the policy flawed in its conception by the construction of service users as consumers and the conflation of consumerism with empowerment, but collaborative models of involvement have tended to legitimate rather than challenge existing provision. Some commentators have questioned the value of user involvement initiatives and proposed that alternative approaches, such as a strengthening of procedural rights or alignment with broader political campaigns, would be more appropriate. The low prominence given in the recent Government White Paper The New NHS1 to the contribution of service users, however, represents less of an ideological shift than a concentration on other, in the Government's view, more pressing priorities: namely, a concern to address the problems of public legitimacy and low staff morale by engaging in greater public participation and giving health professionals a more central role. The result has been a weakening of the users' voice by a conflation of user involvement with public participation and giving health professionals the authority to define users' needs for them. Service users risk, not only having their contribution devalued, but losing the right to an independent and distinctive voice. There is a real danger that the issues of user involvement will not be included on local agendas and the disparities between provision and need and between professionals' and users' views will increase.

  15. Third party involvement in barroom conflicts.

    Parks, Michael J; Osgood, D Wayne; Felson, Richard B; Wells, Samantha; Graham, Kathryn


    This study examines the effect of situational variables on whether third parties intervene in conflicts in barroom settings, and whether they are aggressive or not when they intervene. Based on research on bystander intervention in emergencies, we hypothesized that third parties would be most likely to become involved in incidents with features that convey greater danger of serious harm. The situational variables indicative of danger were severity of aggression, whether the aggression was one-sided or mutual, gender, and level of intoxication of the initial participants in the conflict. Analyses consist of cross-tabulations and three-level Hierarchical Logistic Models (with bar, evening, and incidents as levels) for 860 incidents of verbal and physical aggression from 503 nights of observation in 87 large bars and clubs in Toronto, Canada. Third party involvement was more likely during incidents in which: (1) the aggression was more severe; (2) the aggression was mutual (vs. one-sided) aggression; (3) only males (vs. mixed gender) were involved; and (4) participants were more intoxicated. These incident characteristics were stronger predictors of non-aggressive third party involvement than aggressive third party involvement. The findings suggest that third parties are indeed responding to the perceived danger of serious harm. Improving our knowledge about this aspect of aggressive incidents is valuable for developing prevention and intervention approaches designed to reduce aggression in bars and other locations. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. [User involvement in mental health services research].

    Krumm, Silvia; Becker, Thomas


    User involvement in mental health services research is discussed in Great Britain, and a number of user-led research initiatives can be found. In Germany, less attention is paid to the concept while virtually no initiatives can be found. The concept of user involvement is introduced by reviewing the relevant literature. After discussion of theoretical and methodological implications, practicability of the concept for mental health services research is illustrated by some examples from Great Britain. User involvement in mental health services may promote the provision of user focused services. User involvement aims at the empowerment of mental health service users and can also improve the quality of mental health services research. Frequently, user-led/collaborative studies are focused on mental health service assessment. Some problematic aspects (e. g. representativeness, knowledge/skills of users) are discussed. Although more research is needed to document the additional benefit of user involvement in mental health services research it is conceivable that the concept will gain in importance.

  17. Creating Learning at Conferences Through Participant Involvement

    Ravn, Ib; Elsborg, Steen

    in Denmark to introduce a variety of simple learning techniques related to the design principles at thirty real conferences of some 100-200 participants each. We present twelve of these techniques and the data evaluating them and conclude that by spending a fraction of the time at a conference on involving......The typical conference is brimming with PowerPoint presentations that leave very little time for participant involvement. Students of learning have long abandoned the transfer model that underlies this massive show of one-way communication. We propose an alternative theory of the conference...... as a forum for learning, mutual inspiration and "human co-flourishing." We offer five design principles that specify how conferences may involve participants more and hence increase their learning. In the research and development effort reported here, our team collaborated with conference organizers...

  18. Parental involvement with their working teens.

    Runyan, Carol W; Vladutiu, Catherine J; Schulman, Michael D; Rauscher, Kimberly J


    Adolescents work in varied environments and are exposed to hazards. Parents of these working adolescents have an opportunity to help them select jobs and address worker safety issues with employers. The present study conducted telephonic interviews among a national sample of 922 working adolescents along with one parent of each to examine the involvement of parents in their children's employment and safety issues. Over 70% of parents were found who helped their children identify job opportunities, consider questions about work hours or tasks, fill out job applications, prepare for interviews, or handle difficult safety issues. Parents suggested stronger actions in response to hypothetical situations than when confronted with real problems. Mean level of parental involvement did not vary by the number of hazards reported by teen workers. Parents were involved in helping their teens with work. Further research should explore how to enhance parental effectiveness by making work safe for teens.

  19. Kidney involvement in Crow-Fukase syndrome

    Karim Zouaghi


    Full Text Available Crow-Fukase syndrome, also known as POEMS syndrome, is a rare plasma dyscrasia characterized by monoclonal gammopathy and various combinations of polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy and dermatological changes, and their initials stand for the acronym POEMS. Substantial kidney involvement is rarely related to this disease. Our report is about five patients suffering from the POEMS syndrome with kidney involvement that rapidly progressed to end-stage renal disease. Our report is about three females and two males with a mean age of 60.6 years. Neuropathy was noted in all the cases. Endocrinopathy included hypothyroidism and/or diabetes. Skin changes were noted in one case, and included peri-orbital hyperpigmentation. Monoclonal gammopathy was present in all the cases and was related to multiple myeloma in three cases. Kidney involvement presented in all the five cases. Treatment included Melphalan, Thalidomid, steroids and hemodialysis. Survival was short for three patients, from five to 34 months.

  20. Pulmonary Involvement in Rheumatic Diseases: HRCT Findings

    Serhat Avcu


    Full Text Available Aim: Systemic rheumatic disease (SRD may affect all the components of the pulmonary system. This study was designed to investigate the frequency and pattern of pulmonary involvement of systemic collagen tissue diseases. Material and Methods: A total of 128 patients -44 with rheumatoid arthritis (RA, 8 with giant cell arteritis, 14 with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, 8 with juvenile chronic arthritis, 24 with ankylosing spondylitis (AS, 6 with scleroderma, 12 with Behcet’s disease, 4 with mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD, 4 with polymyositis and 4 with dermatomyositis- who had presented to the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Rheumatology between January 2007 and December 2008 were included in the study. All the ptients were informed about the study in detail and all gave written consent before enrollment. HRCT was performed in all patients. Results: Pulmonary involvement was detected in 21 patients with RA (48%, in 8 patients withcSLE (57%, in 16 patients with AS (67%, in 4 patients with scleroderma (67%, and in 4 patients with MCTD (50%. No pulmonary involvement was observed in patients with Behçet’s disease, polymyositis and dermatomyositis. Conclusions: Our results suggest that patients with SRD may present with pulmonary involvement in varying degrees. Pulmonary symptoms may be underdiagnosed due to limited capacity of exercise secondary to musculoskeletal involvement. Therefore, a routine pulmonary X-ray should be performed in the process of the diagnosis and prior to treatment, even in the lack of complaints suggesting pulmonary involvement. Further investigations including HRCT should be performed if needed. 

  1. Acute multiple infarction involving the anterior circulation.

    Bogousslavsky, J; Bernasconi, A; Kumral, E


    To evaluate the frequency and clinical, topographic, and etiologic patterns of acute multiple infarction involving the anterior circulation. Data analysis from a prospective acute stroke registry in a community-based primary care center. Among 751 patients with first ischemic stroke in the anterior circulation over a 4-year period, 40 patients (5%) had acute multiple infarcts involving the anterior circulation. On computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium enhancement, there were four topographic patterns of infarction: (1) superficial infarcts (11 patients [28%]); (2) superficial and deep infarcts (12 patients [30%]); (3) deep infarcts (three patients [8%]); and (4) infarcts involving the anterior and the posterior circulation (14 patients [35%]). Both cerebral hemispheres were involved in one fourth of the cases. A specific clinical picture was found in up to 20% of the patients. This included global aphasia with left hemianopia, hemisensory loss or hemiparesis (in right-handed patients), transcortical mixed aphasia with hemianopia, and acute pure cognitive impairment ("dementia"). Large-artery disease was found in 13 patients (33%); a cardiac source of embolism was found in 11 patients (28%); and both were found in three patients (8%). Bilateral infarcts were related to cardioembolism (four patients) and bilateral large-artery disease (three patients). One month after stroke, one fourth of the patients were independent, one third had some disability, and 40% were either dead or completely dependent. Acute multiple infarcts involving the anterior circulation may be bilateral more frequently than is currently thought, and they are often associated with posterior circulation infarcts. They mainly involve the pial hemispheral territories, commonly being caused by cardioembolism or bilateral carotid atheroma. They may be associated with a specific neurologic-neuropsychological dysfunction pattern in up to one fifth of the patients, allowing

  2. Autophagy and proteins involved in vesicular trafficking.

    Amaya, Celina; Fader, Claudio Marcelo; Colombo, María Isabel


    Autophagy is an intracellular degradation system that, as a basic mechanism it delivers cytoplasmic components to the lysosomes in order to maintain adequate energy levels and cellular homeostasis. This complex cellular process is activated by low cellular nutrient levels and other stress situations such as low ATP levels, the accumulation of damaged proteins or organelles, or pathogen invasion. Autophagy as a multistep process involves vesicular transport events leading to tethering and fusion of autophagic vesicles with several intracellular compartments. This review summarizes our current understanding of the autophagic pathway with emphasis in the trafficking machinery (i.e. Rabs GTPases and SNAP receptors (SNAREs)) involved in specific steps of the pathway.

  3. Modeling fault among motorcyclists involved in crashes.

    Haque, Md Mazharul; Chin, Hoong Chor; Huang, Helai


    Singapore crash statistics from 2001 to 2006 show that the motorcyclist fatality and injury rates per registered vehicle are higher than those of other motor vehicles by 13 and 7 times, respectively. The crash involvement rate of motorcyclists as victims of other road users is also about 43%. The objective of this study is to identify the factors that contribute to the fault of motorcyclists involved in crashes. This is done by using the binary logit model to differentiate between at-fault and not-at-fault cases and the analysis is further categorized by the location of the crashes, i.e., at intersections, on expressways and at non-intersections. A number of explanatory variables representing roadway characteristics, environmental factors, motorcycle descriptions, and rider demographics have been evaluated. Time trend effect shows that not-at-fault crash involvement of motorcyclists has increased with time. The likelihood of night time crashes has also increased for not-at-fault crashes at intersections and expressways. The presence of surveillance cameras is effective in reducing not-at-fault crashes at intersections. Wet-road surfaces increase at-fault crash involvement at non-intersections. At intersections, not-at-fault crash involvement is more likely on single-lane roads or on median lane of multi-lane roads, while on expressways at-fault crash involvement is more likely on the median lane. Roads with higher speed limit have higher at-fault crash involvement and this is also true on expressways. Motorcycles with pillion passengers or with higher engine capacity have higher likelihood of being at-fault in crashes on expressways. Motorcyclists are more likely to be at-fault in collisions involving pedestrians and this effect is higher at night. In multi-vehicle crashes, motorcyclists are more likely to be victims than at-fault. Young and older riders are more likely to be at-fault in crashes than middle-aged group of riders. The findings of this study will help

  4. Isolated lingual involvement in Wilson's disease.

    Choudhary, Neera; Joshi, Laxmikant; Duggal, Ashish; Puri, Vinod; Khwaja, Geeta Anjum


    Lingual involvement can occur in a variety of neurological disorders including pyramidal, extrapyramidal and lower motor neuron disorders. It can be seen in the form of tremor, bradykinesia, dystonia, atrophy and weakness of tongue movements and can clinically present as difficulty in swallowing and dysarthria which can be a source of great discomfort to the patient. We describe a patient who presented with isolated lingual involvement and was diagnosed to have Wilsons's disease. This case emphasizes the clinical variability in presentation of Wilson's disease and importance of early clinical diagnosis.

  5. Lymph node involvement in multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma.

    Engohan-Aloghe, Corinne; Anaf, Vincent; Noël, Jean Christophe


    Multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma is an uncommon lesion most frequently encountered in women of reproductive age. Although the pathologic characteristics have been documented, the lymph node status associated with this pathology, the etiopathogenesis and prognosis of which remain unclear, is unknown. We report here the case of a 35-year-old woman with a 5.5 cm multicystic mesothelioma affecting the pelvic peritoneum of the rectum. Involvement by multicystic mesothelioma was observed within two lymph nodes simultaneously resected with the tumor. To the best of our knowledge, lymph node involvement has not been described in previous studies.

  6. Involving Customer Relations in Contextual Design

    Simonsen, Jesper


    This paper presents a case study in the form of a contextual design project, the aim of which was to design a system for a particular organization. The starting point in the case was a need in the organization for a specific system. The case involved an analysis of the organizations customer...... point of the design project, how the project was conducted, and which results it ended up with. This is followed by a discussion of the effects of, and lessons learned by, involving customer relations in contextual design....

  7. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Involving Maxilla and Mandible

    M. Guna Shekhar


    Full Text Available Langerhans cell histiocytosis is a relatively rare unique disease process characterized by an abnormal proliferation of immature dendritic cells usually affecting children and young adults. Jaws are involved in less than 10% of children with the disease while mandibular involvement in young children is uncommon and bilateral affection is very rare. The purpose of this report is to describe a unique and very rare case of simultaneous and bilateral occurrence of Langerhans cell histiocytosis in both the jaws of a four-year-old boy.

  8. Supporting Active User Involvment in Prototyping

    Grønbæk, Kaj


    development of prototypes to early evaluation of prototypes in envisioned use situations. Having users involved in such activities creates new requirements for tool support. Tools that support direct manipulation of prototypes and simulation of behaviour have shown promise for cooperative prototyping...... activities. Examples of such tools are given and the ways that they support cooperative prototyping within various use domains are discussed.......The term prototyping has in recent years become a buzzword in both research and practice of system design due to a number of claimed advantages of prototyping techniques over traditional specification techniques. In particular it is often stated that prototyping facilitates the users' involvement...

  9. Citizen Involvement in Public Library Planning.

    Stephens, Annabel K.


    Discusses the planning process for public libraries developed by the Public Library Association (PLA) and describes two libraries' use of the planning process and the resulting benefits. Topics discussed include lay citizens as planning committee members; Friends of the Library; involvement of local government officials; and resultant increases in…

  10. Family involvement and helping behaviour in teams

    Brummelhuis, L.L. ten; Lippe, T. van der; Kluwer, E.S.


    Helping behavior at work has become increasingly important, with organizations making more and more use of cooperative work practices. The difficulty is that employees are facing growing demands beyond the workplace. This study investigates the mechanisms by which family involvement (family structur

  11. Learning models of activities involving interacting objects

    Manfredotti, Cristina; Pedersen, Kim Steenstrup; Hamilton, Howard J.;


    We propose the LEMAIO multi-layer framework, which makes use of hierarchical abstraction to learn models for activities involving multiple interacting objects from time sequences of data concerning the individual objects. Experiments in the sea navigation domain yielded learned models that were...

  12. Family Involvement in the Schools of Belize

    Youngblom, Rachel K.; Houlihan, Daniel


    This study was conducted to better understand the level of involvement of families in Belize with the education of their children. It was anticipated that information from this broadly distributed survey might show areas of current strengths and weakness in the current system that might allow for future adjustments.

  13. Glial cells are involved in itch processing

    Andersen, Hjalte H.; Arendt-Nielsen, Lars; Gazerani, Parisa


    Recent discoveries in itch neurophysiology include itch-selective neuronal pathways, the clinically relevant non-histaminergic pathway, and elucidation of the notable similarities and differences between itch and pain. Potential involvement of glial cells in itch processing and the possibility...

  14. Parent Involvement, Technology, and Media: Now What?

    Patrikakou, Eva N.


    The rapid technological advances, the expansion of online media use, and the declining cost of mobile technology have introduced a communication factor that has precipitously affected parent involvement and the relationship between parents and children. The present article explores ways through which technology and online media have affected…

  15. Quantitative Relationships Involving Additive Differences: Numerical Resilience

    Ramful, Ajay; Ho, Siew Yin


    This case study describes the ways in which problems involving additive differences with unknown starting quantities, constrain the problem solver in articulating the inherent quantitative relationship. It gives empirical evidence to show how numerical reasoning takes over as a Grade 6 student instantiates the quantitative relation by resorting to…

  16. Father Involvement among Malay Muslims in Malaysia

    Juhari, Rumaya; Yaacob, Siti Nor; Talib, Mansor Abu


    This article reports on findings from a study of 989 fathers of school-going children aged 10 through 16 from intact families in rural and urban areas in Selangor, Malaysia. The study aims to explore the factors that affect father involvement among Malay Muslims. Results indicate that fathers' education, marital quality, and number of…

  17. Citizen Involvement in Public Library Planning.

    Stephens, Annabel K.


    Discusses the planning process for public libraries developed by the Public Library Association (PLA) and describes two libraries' use of the planning process and the resulting benefits. Topics discussed include lay citizens as planning committee members; Friends of the Library; involvement of local government officials; and resultant increases in…

  18. Some strategies to help strengthen parental involvement

    School of General & Continuing Education, University of Fort Hare, South Africa ... primary aim of the study, which has influenced this paper, was to investigate the level of ... strategies that enable effective parental involvement in their children's schooling. ... responsibility for student and school performance by working.

  19. Crossing boundaries : Involving external parties in innovation

    Slot, J.H.


    To improve the return on investments in innovation, firms increasingly open up their new product development (NPD) processes by inviting external parties to participate. This dissertation focuses on the involvement of three different types of external parties in the NPD process: suppliers, customers

  20. Understanding of Multiplicative Contexts Involving Fractions.

    Hardiman, Pamela Thibodeau; Mestre, Jose P.

    Numerous studies indicate that performance in solving single step multiplicative word problems is influenced by both problem structure and the types of numbers involved in the problem. For example, including numbers less than one often increases the difficulty of a problem. What remains unclear is how problem structure and number type interact in…

  1. Primary (AL) amyloidosis with gastrointestinal involvement

    Madsen, Lone Galmstrup; Gimsing, Peter; Schiødt, Frank V


    patients underwent high-dose melphalan and autologous stem-cell transplantation. Five patients died within the observation period, at a median of 10 (3-36) months after the diagnosis was established. Non-survivors tended to have lower albumin levels on admission and more involvement of other organs...

  2. Involvement in Internet Aggression during Early Adolescence

    Werner, Nicole E.; Bumpus, Matthew F.; Rock, Daquarii


    The current study examined concurrent and longitudinal predictors of early adolescents' involvement in Internet aggression. Cross-sectional results (N = 330; 57% female) showed that the likelihood of reporting Internet aggression was higher among youth who spent more time using Internet-based technologies to communicate with friends and who were…

  3. The Politics and Policies of Parental Involvement

    Kennedy, Kirsten


    Today's parents are involved in college students' lives more than those of any previous generation. The purpose of this article is to help institutions constructively manage their relationships with parents, for the benefit of students, the institution, and the parents themselves. The author seeks to offer guidance to institutions in developing a…

  4. A fatal poisoning involving Bromo-Dragonfly

    Andreasen, Mette Findal

    This poster reports a fatal overdose case involving Bromo-Dragonfly. Bromo-Dragonfly is a common name for 1-(8-bromobenzo[1,2-b; 4,5-b´]difuran-4-yl)-2-aminopropane. Structurally, it is closely related to phenylethylamines like 2C-B and DOB. Bromo-Dragonfly is considered an extremely potent hallu...

  5. Involving Families and Community through Gardening

    Starbuck, Sara; Olthof, Maria


    Gardens are complex and require a variety of skills. Gross- and fine-motor activities, science concepts, language and literacy development, math, and community involvement are all part of the preschool gardening project the authors describe. They list gardening books for children and suggest container gardens for urban school settings. The authors…

  6. Lymphomatoid granulomatosis: two cases with skin involvement.

    Camisa, C


    Lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a systemic disease marked by a polymorphous cellular infiltrate that is both angiocentric and angiodestructive. The predominant organs of involvement are lungs, skin, central nervous system, and kidneys. I describe two cases of lymphomatoid granulomatosis in association with cutaneous manifestations, stressing to the dermatologist the importance of early recognition and diagnosis of this entity.

  7. Community Involvement in School Management in Portugal

    Veloso, Luísa; Craveiro, Daniela; Rufino, Isabel


    This article discusses the ways in which the community is involved in Portuguese school management. It is based on an analysis of the external evaluation reports of 298 Portuguese schools for the academic years 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09. The corpus analysed allowed the identification of two main aspects of the participation processes: (1) local…

  8. Schools Seek to Channel Parent Involvement

    Keller, Bess


    Schools flush with students' parents showing up and helping out have long been the envy of those where classrooms echo on back-to-school night. But in recent years, incidents reported in the news media have dabbed shadows on that glowing picture of parent involvement, raising issues about whether demanding adults have made teachers' jobs harder…

  9. User involvement in mental health rehabilitation

    Petersen, Kirsten; Hounsgaard, Lise; Borg, Tove


    Abstract Aim: The study aimed to explore service user involvement in supported housing schemes as experienced by adults with mental illness in interplay with professionals during rehabilitation. Method: The study was designed as a field study in two supported housing schemes, using an ethnographic...

  10. Ocular Involvement in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases.

    Generali, Elena; Cantarini, Luca; Selmi, Carlo


    Eye involvement represents a common finding in patients with systemic autoimmune diseases, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren syndrome, seronegative spondyloarthropathy, and antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis. The eye is a privileged immune site but commensal bacteria are found on the ocular surface. The eye injury may be inflammatory, vascular or infectious, as well as iatrogenic, as in the case of hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, corticosteroids, and bisphosphonates. Manifestations may affect different components of the eye, with episcleritis involving the episclera, a thin layer of tissue covering the sclera; scleritis being an inflammation of the sclera potentially leading to blindness; keratitis, referring to corneal inflammation frequently associated with scleritis; and uveitis as the inflammation of the uvea, including the iris, ciliary body, and choroid, subdivided into anterior, posterior, or panuveitis. As blindness may result from the eye involvement, clinicians should be aware of the possible manifestations and their management also independent of the ophthalmologist opinion as the therapeutic approach generally points to the underlying diseases. In some cases, the eye involvement may have a diagnostic implication, as for episcleritis in rheumatoid arthritis, or acute anterior uveitis in seronegative spondyloarthritis. Nonetheless, some conditions lack specificity, as in the case of dry eye which affects nearly 30 % of the general population. The aim of this review is to elucidate to non-ophthalmologists the major ocular complications of rheumatic diseases and their specific management and treatment options.

  11. Intergenerational Relationship Quality, Gender, and Grandparent Involvement

    Barnett, Melissa A.; Scaramella, Laura V.; Neppl, Tricia K.; Ontai, Lenna; Conger, Rand D.


    This prospective, intergenerational study (N = 181) considered how parent (G1, Generation 1) and child (G2, Generation 2) relationship quality during adolescence and adulthood is associated with G1's level of involvement with their 3- to 4-year-old grandchildren (G3, Generation 3). Path model analyses indicated different patterns of results for…

  12. Teenage Pregnancy and Parental Involvement: Changing Trends.

    Rosen, Raye H.

    This study investigates decision-making among women with unplanned and unwanted conceptions. Subjects were females younger than 18 years old, who were unmarried at the time that they became pregnant (N=432). Data were obtained by means of questionnaires given to subjects prior to abortion or delivery. Questions concerned involvements of mother,…

  13. Electrochemical Reduction Reactions Involving Formic Acid.



  14. Family involvement and helping behaviour in teams

    Brummelhuis, L.L. ten; Lippe, T. van der; Kluwer, E.S.


    Helping behavior at work has become increasingly important, with organizations making more and more use of cooperative work practices. The difficulty is that employees are facing growing demands beyond the workplace. This study investigates the mechanisms by which family involvement (family

  15. The players involved in neuropathic pain pathophysiology

    Francesco Amato


    Full Text Available The author presents a well documentated review on the receptorial mechanisms involved in the neuropathic pain physiopathology. In particular, the review focus on the role of TRPV1 receptors, on the processes subserving their sensitization and on the role of P2x4R microglial receptors.

  16. A Case of Neurosarcoidosis with Labyrinthine Involvement

    Peter B. Johnson


    Full Text Available Sarcoidosis is a chronic granulomatous disease of unknown aetiology, which may involve any organ system. It most commonly occurs in adults with childhood involvement being rare. Central nervous system involvement is seen in up to 25% and typically involves meningeal disease resulting in multiple cranial neuropathies. Other common clinical findings include seizures, headache, dementia, and pituitary dysfunction. Imaging plays a central role in the diagnosis with typical findings including pachymeningeal and leptomeningeal enhancing lesions. Other imaging findings include lacunar and major territory infarcts, hypothalamic and infundibular thickening, hydrocephalus, and cranial nerve enhancement. We present a case of an eight-year-old male patient with progressive headache, visual disturbance, unilateral sensory hearing loss, and multiple cranial neuropathies. Imaging findings demonstrated the classic pachymeningeal and leptomeningeal enhancement along much of the skull base, as well as enhancement of the right and left second and eighth cranial nerves. Extensive inflammatory changes were noted in the temporal bones and paranasal sinuses. There was also enhancement of the right and left labyrinths. Sinus biopsy confirmed sarcoidosis. We present the first case to our knowledge of sarcoid labyrinthitis.

  17. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the streets.…

  18. Reflections on Commercial Involvement in Tourism Planning

    Li Zhaorong


    Tourism planningis a necessary preliminarytotourism development.Planning should occur beforetourism development.Yet commercial involvement in tourism planning is liable to lead planning into a wrong path. A serious study of this issue should be made, and countermeasures should be laid down, in order that tourism planning will play an appropriate guiding role in the development of tourism industry.

  19. Pulmonary involvement in early rheumatoid arthritis patients.

    Habib, Hisham M; Eisa, Ashraf A; Arafat, Waleed R; Marie, Mohamed A


    Pulmonary involvement in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is common and can be due to the disease itself as well as to the therapies used to treat it. The purpose of this study was to disclose the pulmonary involvement in early RA patients not more than 2 years disease duration using the computed tomography (CT) as well as the pulmonary function tests as ways of pulmonary involvement assessment. Forty patients aged 37.6 ± 10.3 with early rheumatoid arthritis not more than 2 years of disease duration were recruited for the study. All patients were assessed clinically for their RA with DAS28, which was utilized for disease activity determination. Ten percent of our patients were found to be clinically involved by interstitial lung disease (ILD), where 27% have abnormal HRCT finding and 32.5% with abnormal PFT. Predilection for clinically manifest ILD was evident in active RA patients with high DAS28 score, seropositive RA patients, and in patients receiving steroids and anti-TNFα therapy. ILD occurs early in the course of RA, with more predilection for clinically active RA disease.

  20. Multi-Dimensional Perception of Parental Involvement

    Fisher, Yael


    The main purpose of this study was to define and conceptualize the term parental involvement. A questionnaire was administrated to parents (140), teachers (145), students (120) and high ranking civil servants in the Ministry of Education (30). Responses were analyzed through Smallest Space Analysis (SSA). The SSA solution among all groups rendered…

  1. Day Care Services: Industry's Involvement. Bulletin 296.

    Besner, Arthur

    This bulletin provides an overview of the need for services for the children of working mothers. Topics discussed include historical developments in industry day care programs, alternative roles for industry involvement, costs of operating day care centers, and income tax allowances. Also given are examples of unique programs which suggest various…

  2. 29 CFR 1904.35 - Employee involvement.


    ... must be involved in the recordkeeping system in several ways. (1) You must inform each employee of how... such, in writing; or (B) The legal representative of a deceased or legally incapacitated employee or... end of the next business day. (iv) May I remove the names of the employees or any other information...

  3. Mergers and acquisitions involving equine veterinary practices.

    Jackman, Brad R; McCafferty, Owen E


    This article discusses mergers and acquisitions involving equine veterinary practices. Combining practices can be professionally and economically advantageous but requires a great deal of thought, planning, and implementation. If due diligence is performed and true business teamwork is undertaken, the benefits can be enormous and rewarding.

  4. Learning models of activities involving interacting objects

    Manfredotti, Cristina; Pedersen, Kim Steenstrup; Hamilton, Howard J.


    We propose the LEMAIO multi-layer framework, which makes use of hierarchical abstraction to learn models for activities involving multiple interacting objects from time sequences of data concerning the individual objects. Experiments in the sea navigation domain yielded learned models that were t...

  5. How doctor involvement in management affects innovation.

    Wijngaarden, J.D.H. van; Botje, D.; Ilinca, S.; Waa, N.; Veloso Mendes, R.; Plochg, T.


    Much is expected from the (re) involvement of doctors in health care management to boost innovation. As clinicians may better understand how health services are organized and function, they may be in a better position to identify innovations. However, a key question is: Whose innovation agenda (i.e.

  6. Symptomatic manubriosternal joint involvement in rheumatoid arthritis.


    The manubriosternal joint is commonly involved in rheumatoid arthritis but rarely gives rise to symptoms. A patient is reported with seropositive, erosive rheumatoid arthritis, who developed symptoms resembling pleuritic pain, arising from synovitis of the manubriosternal joint. Treatment with intra-articular steroid injection resolved these symptoms rapidly.

  7. Symptomatic manubriosternal joint involvement in rheumatoid arthritis.

    Doube, A; Clarke, A K


    The manubriosternal joint is commonly involved in rheumatoid arthritis but rarely gives rise to symptoms. A patient is reported with seropositive, erosive rheumatoid arthritis, who developed symptoms resembling pleuritic pain, arising from synovitis of the manubriosternal joint. Treatment with intra-articular steroid injection resolved these symptoms rapidly.

  8. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the…

  9. Peripheral nerve involvement in spinocerebellar ataxias

    van de Warrenburg, Bart P C; Notermans, Nicolette C; Schelhaas, Helenius J; van Alfen, Nens; Sinke, Richard J; Knoers, Nine V A M; Zwarts, Machiel J; Kremer, Berry P H


    BACKGROUND: In autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxias (ADCAs), it is unclear whether the associated peripheral nerve involvement is always a typical length-dependent axonopathy rather than primary neuronopathy due to neuronal degeneration in the spinal anterior horns and/or dorsal root ganglia. OBJEC

  10. Student Involvement in Individualized Education Program Meetings

    Test, David W.; Mason, Christine; Hughes, Carolyn; Konrad, Moira; Neale, Melia; Wood, Wendy M.


    We conducted a review of the literature to investigate interventions designed to increase students' involvement in their individualized education program (IEP) process. Sixteen studies were identified and analyzed in terms of six variables: purpose, participants/setting, design, dependent variables, independent variable, and results. Our findings…

  11. Curriculum Development: Teacher Involvement in Curriculum Development

    Alsubaie, Merfat Ayesh


    In order for curriculum development to be effective and schools to be successful, teachers must be involved in the development process. An effective curriculum should reflect the philosophy, goals, objectives, learning experiences, instructional resources, and assessments that comprise a specific educational program ("Guide to curriculum…

  12. 23 CFR 650.109 - Public involvement.


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Public involvement. 650.109 Section 650.109 Highways FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING AND TRAFFIC OPERATIONS BRIDGES, STRUCTURES, AND HYDRAULICS Location and Hydraulic Design of Encroachments on Flood Plains § 650.109...

  13. The Personal Meaning of Participation: Enduring Involvement.

    McIntyre, N.


    Examines the personal meaning of participation, discussing recreation and consumer behavior literature, the development of an instrument to measure the concept, and the relationship between commitment to camping and choice of campground setting. Personal meaning of participation seems to be best represented by the concept of enduring involvement.…

  14. American Involvement in Fringe Religious Cults

    Intellect, 1977


    "Twenty million Americans are involved in fringe religious cults such as spiritualism, Hare Krishna, Scientology, and Black Gospel groups," according to anthropologist Irving Zaretsky of the University of Chicago. He recently completed a 10-year period as a participant-observer of fringe religious groups in the San Francisco Bay area and the…

  15. A fatal poisoning involving Bromo-Dragonfly

    Andreasen, Mette Findal

    This poster reports a fatal overdose case involving Bromo-Dragonfly. Bromo-Dragonfly is a common name for 1-(8-bromobenzo[1,2-b; 4,5-b´]difuran-4-yl)-2-aminopropane. Structurally, it is closely related to phenylethylamines like 2C-B and DOB. Bromo-Dragonfly is considered an extremely potent...

  16. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the streets.…

  17. Comparing Methods for Involving Users in Ideation

    Nicolajsen, Hanne Westh; Scupola, Ada; Sørensen, Flemming


    In this paper we discuss how users may be involved in the ideation phase of innovation. The study compares the use of a blog and three future workshops (students, employees and a mix of the two) in a library. Our study shows that the blog is efficient in giving the users voice whereas the mixed...

  18. Balanitis xerotica obliterans involving anterior urethra.

    Herschorn, S; Colapinto, V


    Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) is known to affect the urethral meatus, glans, and prepuce. We describe a case of biopsy-proved BXO that involves not only the usual areas but the anterior urethra as well. Of added interest is the subsequent development of squamous cell carcinoma in the fossa navicularis. The literature is reviewed.

  19. Involving purchasing in new product development

    Nijssen, EJ; Biemans, WG; de Kort, JF


    Purchasing is evolving into a strategic business activity and thus also a potential contributor to the successful development of new products. However, the literature on the involvement of purchasing in new product development (NPD) is sorely lacking. We conducted an exploratory study to investigate

  20. Handbook of Indigenous Foods Involving Alkaline Fermentation

    Sarkar, P.K.; Nout, M.J.R.


    This book details the basic approaches of alkaline fermentation, provides a brief history, and offers an overview of the subject. The book discusses the diversity of indigenous fermented foods involving an alkaline reaction, as well as the taxonomy, ecology, physiology, and genetics of predominant m

  1. Imaging of genetic and degenerative disorders primarily causing Parkinsonism.

    Brooks, David J


    In this chapter the structural and functional imaging changes associated with both genetic causes of Parkinson's disease and the sporadic condition are reviewed. The role of imaging for supporting diagnosis and detecting subclinical disease is discussed and the potential use and drawbacks of using imaging biomarkers for monitoring disease progression are debated. Additionally, the use of imaging for differentiating atypical parkinsonian syndromes from Parkinson's disease is presented.

  2. Astronomical Research and Facilities at a Primarily Undergraduate State Institution

    Carini, M. T.; Barnaby, D.


    In 1999, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western Kentucky University undertook an ambitious refurbishment of our 0.6m telescope and observatory. Our goal was to take a manually operated system and turn it into a state of the art scientific instrument, which would operate in any one of three modes: manual, scripted or autonomous. We undertook this endeavor at a state institution whose primary focus is undergraduate education and which has little internal sources of funding for such a project. Using the refurbished system, we planned on establishing a research program which would engage undergraduate students. I will discuss our successes to date and the work that still remains. This work has been funded in part by NASA grant NAG 58762, NSF/Kentucky EPSCoR, NASA/Kentucky EPSCoR, NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium and the Applied Research and Technology Program at WKU.

  3. Leg stiffness primarily depends on ankle stiffness during human hopping.

    Farley, C T; Morgenroth, D C


    When humans hop in place or run forward, they adjust leg stiffness to accommodate changes in stride frequency or surface stiffness. The goal of the present study was to determine the mechanisms by which humans adjust leg stiffness during hopping in place. Five subjects hopped in place at 2.2 Hz while we collected force platform and kinematic data. Each subject completed trials in which they hopped to whatever height they chose ("preferred height hopping") and trials in which they hopped as high as possible ("maximum height hopping"). Leg stiffness was approximately twice as great for maximum height hopping as for preferred height hopping. Ankle torsional stiffness was 1.9-times greater while knee torsional stiffness was 1.7-times greater in maximum height hopping than in preferred height hopping. We used a computer simulation to examine the sensitivity of leg stiffness to the observed changes in ankle and knee stiffness. Our model consisted of four segments (foot, shank, thigh, head-arms-trunk) interconnected by three torsional springs (ankle, knee, hip). In the model, increasing ankle stiffness by 1.9-fold, as observed in the subjects, caused leg stiffness to increase by 2.0-fold. Increasing knee stiffness by 1.7-fold had virtually no effect on leg stiffness. Thus, we conclude that the primary mechanism for leg stiffness adjustment is the adjustment of ankle stiffness.

  4. Executive functioning in boys with ADHD: primarily an inhibition deficit?

    Scheres, A.P.J.; Oosterlaan, J.; Geurts, H.M.; Morein-Zamir, S.; Meiran, N.; Vlasveld, L.; Sergeant, J.A.


    This study was aimed at: (1) testing whether boys with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) demonstrate a deficit in response inhibition and deficits in other executive functions (EF), or alternatively, demonstrate a deficit in only response inhibition; (2) investigating which role associ

  5. Neuroprotective effect of piperine on primarily cultured hippocampal neurons.

    Fu, Min; Sun, Zhao-Hui; Zuo, Huan-Cong


    It was previously reported that piperine (PIP) significantly blocks convulsions induced by intracerebroventricular injection of threshold doses of kainate, but had no or only slight effects on convulsions induced by L-glutamate, N-methyl-D-aspartate and guanidinosuccinate. In traditional Chinese medicine, black pepper has been used for epileptic treatment; however, the exact mechanism is still unclear. We reported here in that appropriate concentration of PIP effectively inhibites the synchronized oscillation of intracellular calcium in rat hippocampal neuronal networks and represses spontaneous synaptic activities in terms of spontaneous synaptic currents (SSC) and spontaneous excitatory postsynaptic currents (sEPSC). Moreover, pretreatment with PIP expects protective effect on glutamate-induced decrease of cell viability and apoptosis of hippocampal neurons. These data suggest that the neuroprotective effects of PIP might be associated with suppression of synchronization of neuronal networks, presynaptic glutamic acid release, and Ca(2+) overloading.

  6. What Happens to Marriages Built Primarily on Sex?

    Mace, David R.


    In an interview, a marriage counselor answers questions concerning sex in marriage. He concludes that sex alone is too narrow a base for a marriage to rest upon and for a successful marriage, there is a need for a deeper basis of companionship. (Author/CG)

  7. Is Self-Sacrificial Competitive Altruism Primarily a Male Activity?

    Francis T. McAndrew


    Full Text Available This study explored the basis of self-sacrificial prosocial behavior in small groups. Seventy-eight undergraduates (39M, 39F filled out a thirty-item personality scale and then participated in a “group problem-solving study” in which the monetary success of a three-person group depended upon one of its members volunteering to endure pain (a cold stressor test and inconvenience (being soaked in a dunk tank. There were 13 groups consisting of two females and one male, and 13 groups consisting of two males and one female. Across groups, the behavior of the altruist was judged to be more costly, challenging, and important and he/she was liked better, rewarded with more money, and preferred as a future experimental partner. Groups containing two males showed more evidence of competition to become altruists than groups containing two females, and personality traits were more effective predictors of altruistic behavior in males than in females. We conclude that competition between males and “showing off” are key factors in triggering self-sacrificial altruistic behavior.

  8. Weapon Involvement in the Victimization of Children.

    Mitchell, Kimberly J; Hamby, Sherry L; Turner, Heather A; Shattuck, Anne; Jones, Lisa M


    To report the prevalence of weapons involved in the victimization of youth with particular emphasis on weapons with a "high lethality risk" and how such exposure fits into the broader victimization and life experiences of children and adolescents. Data were collected as part of the Second National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence, a nationally representative telephone survey of youth ages 2 to 17 years and caregivers (N = 4114) conducted in 2011. Estimates from the Second National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence indicate that almost 14 million youth, ages 2–17, in the United States have been exposed to violence involving a weapon in their lifetimes as witnesses or victims,or .1 in 5 children in this age group [corrected]. More than 2 million youth in the United States (1 in 33) have been directly assaulted in incidents where the high lethality risk weapons of guns and knives were used. Differences were noted between victimizations involving higher and lower lethality risk weapons as well as between any weapon involvement versus none. Poly-victims, youth with 7 or more victimization types, were particularly likely to experience victimization with any weapon, as well as victimization with a highly lethal weapon compared with nonpoly-victims. Findings add to the field's broadening conceptualization of youth victimization highlighting the potentially highly consequential risk factor of weapon exposure as a component of victimization experiences on the mental health of youth. Further work on improving gun safety practices and taking steps to reduce children's exposure to weapon-involved violence is warranted to reduce this problem. Copyright © 2015 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  9. Cell resistance to the Cytolethal Distending Toxin involves an association of DNA repair mechanisms

    Bezine, Elisabeth; Malaisé, Yann; Loeuillet, Aurore; Chevalier, Marianne; Boutet-Robinet, Elisa; Salles, Bernard; Mirey, Gladys; Vignard, Julien


    The Cytolethal Distending Toxin (CDT), produced by many bacteria, has been associated with various diseases including cancer. CDT induces DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), leading to cell death or mutagenesis if misrepaired. At low doses of CDT, other DNA lesions precede replication-dependent DSB formation, implying that non-DSB repair mechanisms may contribute to CDT cell resistance. To address this question, we developed a proliferation assay using human cell lines specifically depleted in each of the main DNA repair pathways. Here, we validate the involvement of the two major DSB repair mechanisms, Homologous Recombination and Non Homologous End Joining, in the management of CDT-induced lesions. We show that impairment of single-strand break repair (SSBR), but not nucleotide excision repair, sensitizes cells to CDT, and we explore the interplay of SSBR with the DSB repair mechanisms. Finally, we document the role of the replicative stress response and demonstrate the involvement of the Fanconi Anemia repair pathway in response to CDT. In conclusion, our work indicates that cellular survival to CDT-induced DNA damage involves different repair pathways, in particular SSBR. This reinforces a model where CDT-related genotoxicity primarily involves SSBs rather than DSBs, underlining the importance of cell proliferation during CDT intoxication and pathogenicity. PMID:27775089

  10. Job involvement and job satisfaction of South African nurses compared with other professions

    R.A. Kaplan


    Full Text Available The study was designed primarily to compare the work outcomes of job satisfaction and job involvement of South African nurses with those of members of 13 other professional groups in South Africa and with American nurses where data was available. Secondary aims included identifying areas where job satisfaction was particularly low and demonstrating the relative independence of the job involvement and job satisfaction constructs. A questionnaire incorporating the Kanungo Job Involvement Scale and the Short Form of the Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire was mailed to random samples of people between the ages of 29 and 41 drawn from 14 professional registers. There were 114 nurses in the final sample and 1677members of other professions. Differences among professions were tested for significance using one-way analyses of variance and Bonferroni ranges tests. South African Nurses were shown to have extremely low job satisfaction relative to American nurses and to other professional groups in South-Africa. By contrast their job involvement was moderately high. The implications of these findings for the medical profession as a whole and for nurses in particular are discussed. The fear is expressed that wide spread dissatisfaction may lead to fewer people entering the profession and highly trained people leaving.

  11. Spinal involvement in mucopolysaccharidosis IVA (Morquio-Brailsford or Morquio A syndrome): presentation, diagnosis and management.

    Solanki, Guirish A; Martin, Kenneth W; Theroux, Mary C; Lampe, Christina; White, Klane K; Shediac, Renée; Lampe, Christian G; Beck, Michael; Mackenzie, William G; Hendriksz, Christian J; Harmatz, Paul R


    Mucopolysaccharidosis IVA (MPS IVA), also known as Morquio-Brailsford or Morquio A syndrome, is a lysosomal storage disorder caused by a deficiency of the enzyme N-acetyl-galactosamine-6-sulphate sulphatase (GALNS). MPS IVA is multisystemic but manifests primarily as a progressive skeletal dysplasia. Spinal involvement is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in MPS IVA. Early diagnosis and timely treatment of problems involving the spine are critical in preventing or arresting neurological deterioration and loss of function. This review details the spinal manifestations of MPS IVA and describes the tools used to diagnose and monitor spinal involvement. The relative utility of radiography, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the evaluation of cervical spine instability, stenosis, and cord compression is discussed. Surgical interventions, anaesthetic considerations, and the use of neurophysiological monitoring during procedures performed under general anaesthesia are reviewed. Recommendations for regular radiological imaging and neurologic assessments are presented, and the need for a more standardized approach for evaluating and managing spinal involvement in MPS IVA is addressed.

  12. Involving Children With Cancer in Health Promotive Research: A Case Study Describing Why, What, and How

    Lindberg, Susanne; Wärnestål, Pontus; Svedberg, Petra


    Background Participatory research approaches have been introduced to meet end-users’ needs in the development of health promotion interventions among children. However, whereas children are increasingly involved as passive informants in particular parts of research, they are rarely involved as partners, equal to adult researchers, throughout the research process. This is especially prominent in the context of child health where the child is commonly considered to be vulnerable or when the research concerns sensitive situations. In these cases, researchers and gatekeepers to children’s involvement base their resistance to active involvement of children on potential adverse effects on the accuracy or quality of the research or on ethical or moral principles that participation might harm the child. Thus most research aimed at developing health promotion interventions for children in health care is primarily based on the involvement of parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders. Objective The objective of this paper is to discuss reasons for involving children in health promotive research and to explore models for children’s participation in research as a basis for describing how researchers can use design methodology and participatory approaches to support the participation and contribution of children in a vulnerable context. Methods We developed and applied a model for children's participation in research to the development of a digital peer support service for children cancer survivors. This guided the selection of appropriate research and design methodologies (such as interviews, focus groups, design sessions, and usability evaluation) for involving the children cancer survivors (8-12 years) in the design of a digital peer support service. Results We present a model for what children’s participation in research means and describe how we practically implemented this model in a research project on children with cancer. This paper can inform researchers in

  13. [Muscular Dystrophies Involving the Retinal Function].

    Jägle, H


    Muscular dystrophies are rare disorders, with an incidence of approx. 20 in 100 000. Some dystrophies also affect retinal or optic nerve function. In such cases, the ophthalmological findings may be critical for differential diagnosis or patient counseling. For example in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, where the alteration in retinal function seems to reflect cerebral involvement. Other important forms are mitochondrial and metabolic disorders, such as the Kearns-Sayre syndrome and the Refsum syndrome. Molecular genetic analysis has become a major tool for differential diagnosis, but may be complex and demanding. This article gives an overview of major muscular dystrophies involving retinal function and their genetic origin, in order to guide differential diagnosis.

  14. User involvement competence for radical innovation

    Lettl, Christopher


    -assisted navigation systems. The case study analysis reveals that firms who closely interact with specific users benefit significantly for their radical innovation work. These users have a high motivation toward new solutions, are open to new technologies, possess diverse competencies, and are embedded into a very......One important market related capability for firms which seek to develop radical innovations is the competence to involve the 'right' users at the 'right' time in the 'right' form. While former studies have identified a rather passive role of users in the radical innovation process, this paper...... focuses on the involvement of such users that are in the position to play an active role as inventors and (co)-developers. A multiple case study analysis was conducted in the field of medical technology. Five radical innovation projects within four firms were selected including medical robots and computer...

  15. Local identities involving Jacobi elliptic functions

    Avinash Khare; Arul Lakshminarayan; Uday Sukhatme


    We derive a number of local identities involving Jacobi elliptic functions and use them to obtain several new results. First, we present an alternative, simpler derivation of the cyclic identities discovered by us recently, along with an extension to several new cyclic identities. Second, we obtain a generalization to cyclic identities in which successive terms have a multiplicative phase factor exp$(2i=s)$, where $s$ is any integer. Third, we systematize the local identities by deriving four local `master identities' analogous to the master identities for the cyclic sums discussed by us previously. Fourth, we point out that many of the local identities can be thought of as exact discretizations of standard non-linear differential equations satisfied by the Jacobi elliptic functions. Finally, we obtain explicit answers for a number of definite integrals and simpler forms for several indefinite integrals involving Jacobi elliptic functions.

  16. Involving patients with E-health

    Nielsen, Karen Dam


    With e-health technologies, patients are invited as co-producers of data and information. The invitation sparks new expectations, yet often results in disappointments. With persistent ambitions to involve patients by means of e-health, it seems crucial to gain a better understanding of the nature......, sources and workings of the expectations that come with being invited. I analyse the use of an e-health system for ICD-patients, focusing on how patients sought to serve as information providers. Continuing STS-research on invisible work in technology use, I show how using the system involved complex work...... that understanding the dialogic dynamics and ‘overflows’ of information filtration work can help unpack the challenges of facilitating (patient) participation with e-health and other filtration devices....

  17. Central nervous system involvement by multiple myeloma

    Jurczyszyn, Artur; Grzasko, Norbert; Gozzetti, Alessandro


    The multicenter retrospective study conducted in 38 centers from 20 countries including 172 adult patients with CNS MM aimed to describe the clinical and pathological characteristics and outcomes of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) involving the central nervous system (CNS). Univariate......, 97% patients received initial therapy for CNS disease, of which 76% received systemic therapy, 36% radiotherapy and 32% intrathecal therapy. After a median follow-up of 3.5 years, the median overall survival (OS) from the onset of CNS involvement for the entire group was 7 months. Untreated...... untreated patients and patients with favorable cytogenetic profile might be prolonged due to systemic treatment and/or radiotherapy. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved....

  18. Spin versus helicity in processes involving transversity

    Mekhfi, Mustapha


    We construct the spin formalism in order to deal in a direct and natural way with processes involving transversity which are now of increasing popularity. The helicity formalism which is more appropriate for collision processes of definite helicity has been so far used also to manage processes with transversity, but at the price of computing numerous helicity amplitudes generally involving unnecessary kinematical variables.In a second step we work out the correspondence between both formalisms and retrieve in another way all results of the helicity formalism but in simpler forms.We then compute certain processes for comparison.A special process:the quark dipole magnetic moment is shown to be exclusively treated within the spin formalism as it is directly related to the transverse spin of the quark inside the baryon.

  19. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma with skeletal involvement



    Full Text Available Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of soft part is rather common but malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the bone is rarely encountered clinically. Authors present five cases of malignant fibrous histiocytoma with skeletal involvement and discuss their clinical course, x-ray findings and histological features. This tumor has marked tendency for local recurrence and metastasis. Other bone tumors such as giant cell tumor, aneurysmal bone cyst, non ossifying fibroma, osteosarcoma, fibrosarcoma of bone and metastatic cancer can be excluded by several characteristic findings observed in x-rays as well as histopathological features. All information on the patient should be carefully analysed, because it is difficult to decide whether bone involvement is primary or secondary. Four out of five cases definitely originated within the bone.

  20. Involving patients with E-health

    Nielsen, Karen Dam


    , sources and workings of the expectations that come with being invited. I analyse the use of an e-health system for ICD-patients, focusing on how patients sought to serve as information providers. Continuing STS-research on invisible work in technology use, I show how using the system involved complex work...... about the infrastructure of care. Secondly, it entailed the expectation that the system— for better or for worse—would facilitate not just information sharing but open up a dialogue, which glaringly contrasted with the clinicians’ expectations of being able to better manage dialogue. I suggest......With e-health technologies, patients are invited as co-producers of data and information. The invitation sparks new expectations, yet often results in disappointments. With persistent ambitions to involve patients by means of e-health, it seems crucial to gain a better understanding of the nature...

  1. Cortical areas involved in Arabic number reading.

    Roux, F-E; Lubrano, V; Lauwers-Cances, V; Giussani, C; Démonet, J-F


    Distinct functional pathways for processing words and numbers have been hypothesized from the observation of dissociated impairments of these categories in brain-damaged patients. We aimed to identify the cortical areas involved in Arabic number reading process in patients operated on for various brain lesions. Direct cortical electrostimulation was prospectively used in 60 brain mappings. We used object naming and two reading tasks: alphabetic script (sentences and number words) and Arabic number reading. Cortical areas involved in Arabic number reading were identified according to location, type of interference, and distinctness from areas associated with other language tasks. Arabic number reading was sustained by small cortical areas, often extremely well localized (area (Brodmann area 45), the anterior part of the dominant supramarginal gyrus (Brodmann area 40; p area (Brodmann area 37; p areas.

  2. Gaucher's disease with myocardial involvement in pregnancy

    Maria Regina Torloni


    Full Text Available CONTEXT: Described originally in 1882, Gaucher's disease is the most prevalent of storage disorders. This autosomal recessive disease is caused by a defective gene responsible for coding the beta-glucosidase enzyme, essential in the hydrolysis of glucosylceramide in glucose and ceramide. The accumulation of glucosylceramide in the lysosomes of the reticuloendothelial system produces a heterogeneous clinical picture with neurological involvement, liver and spleen enlargement, hematological disorders and bone lesions. CASE REPORT: Two pregnancies of a patient with Gaucher's disease are presented. The patient, who had been asymptomatic following earlier splenectomy, developed congestive heart failure due to myocardial involvement at the beginning of her first pregnancy, and responded to conservative treatment. In spite of this complication and also chronic anemia, hepatomegaly and ascites due to portal hypertension, the patient had two successful pregnancies with good perinatal results. No hemorrhagic complications were observed.

  3. Advancing efforts to address youth violence involvement.

    Weist, M D; Cooley-Quille, M


    Discusses the increased public attention on violence-related problems among youth and the concomitant increased diversity in research. Youth violence involvement is a complex construct that includes violence experienced in multiple settings (home, school, neighborhood) and in multiple forms (as victims, witnesses, perpetrators, and through family members, friends, and the media). Potential impacts of such violence involvement are considerable, including increased internalizing and externalizing behaviors among youth and future problems in school adjustment and life-course development. This introductory article reviews key dimensions of youth-related violence, describes an American Psychological Association Task Force (Division 12) developed to advance relevant research, and presents examples of national resources and efforts that attempt to address this critical public health issue.

  4. Community involvement in social marketing: guineaworm control.

    Brieger, W R; Ramakrishna, J; Adeniyi, J D


    Social marketing as a health education strategy has the potential for encouraging the adoption of new health technologies. The focus on the individual, though, holds the risk of victim blaming. This can be overcome if the consumers/community are involved in the four major components of the marketing strategy-product design, price, distribution and promotion. The community of Idere, Nigeria, has recently been involved in marketing a monofilament nylon cloth filter to prevent the water-borne helminthic disease, guineaworm. Local tailors produced the filters. Volunteer primary health workers debated pricing, sold the product and educated each consumer. Coverage in those neighborhoods and farm settlements where primary health workers were resident was nearly double that of other sections showing the value of local action to market health changes.

  5. Phytochelatins: peptides involved in heavy metal detoxification.

    Pal, Rama; Rai, J P N


    Phytochelatins (PCs) are enzymatically synthesized peptides known to involve in heavy metal detoxification and accumulation, which have been measured in plants grown at high heavy metal concentrations, but few studies have examined the response of plants even at lower environmentally relevant metal concentrations. Recently, genes encoding the enzyme PC synthase have been identified in plants and other species enabling molecular biological studies to untangle the mechanisms underlying PC synthesis and its regulation. The present paper embodies review on recent advances in structure of PCs, their biosynthetic regulation, roles in heavy metal detoxification and/or accumulation, and PC synthase gene expression for better understanding of mechanism involved and to improve phytoremediation efficiency of plants for wider application.

  6. GABAA receptor subtype involvement in addictive behaviour.

    Stephens, D N; King, S L; Lambert, J J; Belelli, D; Duka, T


    GABAA receptors form the major class of inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain. This review sets out to summarize the evidence that variations in genes encoding GABAA receptor isoforms are associated with aspects of addictive behaviour in humans, while animal models of addictive behaviour also implicate certain subtypes of GABAA receptor. In addition to outlining the evidence for the involvement of specific subtypes in addiction, we summarize the particular contributions of these isoforms in control over the functioning of brain circuits, especially the mesolimbic system, and make a first attempt to bring together evidence from several fields to understanding potential involvement of GABAA receptor subtypes in addictive behaviour. While the weight of the published literature is on alcohol dependency, the underlying principles outlined are relevant across a number of different aspects of addictive behaviour. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd and International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society.

  7. Involvement in internet aggression during early adolescence.

    Werner, Nicole E; Bumpus, Matthew F; Rock, Daquarii


    The current study examined concurrent and longitudinal predictors of early adolescents' involvement in Internet aggression. Cross-sectional results (N = 330; 57% female) showed that the likelihood of reporting Internet aggression was higher among youth who spent more time using Internet-based technologies to communicate with friends and who were themselves targets of Internet aggression. Offline relational aggression and beliefs supportive of relational and physical aggression also predicted concurrent involvement in Internet aggression. We used longitudinal data (N = 150; 51% female) to distinguish between youth who were aggressive in traditional contexts only (i.e., school) from those who were aggressive both online and offline. These results indicated that youth who were aggressive both online and offline were older at the initial assessment, were targets of Internet aggression, and held beliefs more supportive of relational aggression than youth who were aggressive offline only. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.

  8. Improving Parent Involvement. The National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs.

    Sullivan, Patricia


    In 1997, the National PTA developed and adopted National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs to help schools, communities, and parenting groups implement effective parent involvement. Six standards are essential for optimum results (communicating, parenting, student learning, volunteering, school decision making and advocacy, and…

  9. Parent Involvement in Preschool: Predictors and the Relation of Involvement to Preliteracy Development

    Arnold, David H.; Zeljo, Alexandra; Doctoroff, Greta L.; Ortiz, Camilo


    The present study examined the relation between parent involvement in preschool and children's preliteracy skills. It also examined socioeconomic status (SES), parent depression, and single-parent status as predictors of parent involvement. Participants were 163 preschool-aged children from mostly low-income families, their parents, and their…

  10. Adolescents' Psychological Well-Being and Perceived Parental Involvement: Implications for Parental Involvement in Middle Schools

    Cripps, Kayla; Zyromski, Brett


    Adolescence is a critical period of development. Previous research suggests parent involvement in school directly impacts student success. However, different types of parental involvement and the efforts of middle school personnel to educate parents about these effective practices have received scant attention in the literature. The level and type…

  11. Parental Involvement, Is It Real? A Study of Viewpoints Promoting Parental Involvement That Enhances Student Performance

    Rucker, Lorretta Faye


    The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore the motives, practices, attitudes, and barriers of parental involvement as recognized by administrators and teachers in southwest Tennessee in order to improve the school-home and community relationship in southwest Tennessee. This study investigated the benefits of parental involvement and…

  12. Competence and Affect in Task Involvement and Ego Involvement: The Impact of Social Comparison Information.

    Jagacinski, Carolyn M.; Nicholls, John G.


    Two studies investigated the impact of information about the effort and performance of others on students' anticipated affects and judgments of competence given success in task-involving and ego-involving contexts. Without social comparison information, competence and positive affects were judged higher when students were asked to imagine…

  13. Two Dimensions of Parental Involvement: What Affects Parental Involvement in Dual Language Immersion?

    Ee, Jongyeon


    This article investigates parental involvement in Korean two-way immersion (TWI) programs from the social capital theory perspective. This study explores the degree to which parental involvement is affected by parents' demographic features and parent-related variables by analyzing data from 454 parents of students enrolled in seven elementary…

  14. 2-rational Cubic Spline Involving Tension Parameters

    M Shrivastava; J Joseph


    In the present paper, 1-piecewise rational cubic spline function involving tension parameters is considered which produces a monotonic interpolant to a given monotonic data set. It is observed that under certain conditions the interpolant preserves the convexity property of the data set. The existence and uniqueness of a 2-rational cubic spline interpolant are established. The error analysis of the spline interpolant is also given.

  15. Learning models of activities involving interacting objects

    Manfredotti, Cristina; Pedersen, Kim Steenstrup; Hamilton, Howard J.;


    We propose the LEMAIO multi-layer framework, which makes use of hierarchical abstraction to learn models for activities involving multiple interacting objects from time sequences of data concerning the individual objects. Experiments in the sea navigation domain yielded learned models that were...... then successfully applied to activity recognition, activity simulation and multi-target tracking. Our method compares favourably with respect to previously reported results using Hidden Markov Models and Relational Particle Filtering....

  16. Kidney involvement in a wegener granulomatosis case

    Gioacchino Li Cavoli


    Full Text Available Wegener Granulomatosis is a systemic Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibody- associated Vasculitis, affecting small-to-medium vessels. Clinical presentation with simultaneous involvement of kidney and upper and lower respiratory tract is unusual. We report an instructive case of WG, analyzing clinical course, laboratory, and radiological features, kidney, lung, and larynx histological pictures. Besides renal biopsy, nephrology team performed larynx and lung biopsies because of unusual clinical presentation, computed tomography chest examination, and relevant malignancy risk regarding following immunosuppressant therapy.

  17. Innovative Pedagogical Processes Involving Educational Technology

    Weitze, Charlotte Lærke

    it experimented with gamified learning designs. This involved the students designing digital games while implementing learning goals from their curriculum. The project thus created knowledge about which learning designs and competence development models were possible in this environment, which learning designs...... about how design and learning processes can support continuous pedagogical innovation and competence development. The objective of the learning designs was to create motivating learning experiences for the students in the hybrid synchronous video-mediated learning environment, to which end...

  18. Subclinical sensory involvement in monomelic amyotrophy.

    Liao, Jenny P; Waclawik, Andrew J; Lotz, Barend P


    An 18-year-old woman presented with weakness and atrophy in her hand without associated sensory symptoms, preceding events, or structural abnormalities on neuroimaging. No sensory deficits were detected on neurologic examination. Electrophysiological studies showed not only the expected motor findings for monomelic amyotrophy (MA) in the affected limb, but also markedly reduced sensory nerve action potentials when compared with the unaffected side. These findings suggest that subclinical sensory involvement can exist in patients with otherwise classic presentations of MA.

  19. Third Party Involvement in Barroom Conflicts

    Parks, Michael J.; Osgood, D. Wayne; Richard B. Felson; Wells, Samantha; Graham, Kathryn


    This study examines the effect of situational variables on whether third parties intervene in conflicts in barroom settings, and whether they are aggressive or not when they intervene. Based on research on bystander intervention in emergencies, we hypothesized that third parties would be most likely to become involved in incidents with features that convey greater danger of serious harm. The situational variables indicative of danger were severity of aggression, whether the aggression was one...

  20. Acute myocardial involvement after heroin inhalation

    Ritu Karoli


    Full Text Available Amongst the illicit drugs cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis have been studied and documented well to cause myocardial infarction by different mechanisms but there is very sparse data available on myocardial involvement after heroin abuse. We report a young man who developed acute myocardial injury after heroin inhalation and alcohol binge drinking. Heroin induced cardio toxic effect and vasospasm compounded by alcohol were suspected to be the cause of this.