Sample records for primaert mucinost karcinom

  1. Primaert mucinøst karcinom i huden--en oversigt over litteraturen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Breiting, Line Bro; Christensen, Lise; Dahlstrøm, Karin


    , ovaries or prostate. The recurrence rate is high, but mortality is low. A MEDLINE literature search was performed for reports on PKMK. A total of 228 cases were identified. These are presented with regard to tumour characteristics and clinical features as well as histopathological and immunohistochemical...

  2. Cerebral toksoplasmose primaert diagnosticeret som tumor

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cortsen, M E; Skøt, J; Skriver, E B


    Three cases of cerebral toxoplasmosis as the presenting manifestation of AIDS are reported. The initial diagnoses were brain tumors because of the cerebral mass lesions which resembled glioblastoma. In the light of the increasing occurrence of AIDS, attention is drawn to cerebral toxoplasmosis...

  3. Småcellet karcinom i analkanalen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lauritzen, Michael Bødker; Lindebjerg, Jan


    A 77 year-old male presented a locally advanced small cell anal cancer and simultaneous hepatic and glandular deposits. Due to metastatic disease, chemotherapy with carboplatin and etoposide was the primary choice of treatment. Small cell cancer of the gastrointestinal tract exerts an aggressive...... clinical course with early metastases and a very poor prognosis. The diagnosis is based on careful histopathological examination and immunohistochemistry. Due to the aggressiveness of this tumor it is of great importance that the pathologist, the oncologist, and the surgeons are aware of this rare type...... of cancer....

  4. Kostbetinget makrocytaer anaemi i sidste trimester--primaert tolket som HELLP-syndrom

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ellingsen, T J; Sommer, S


    A case of severe macrocytic anaemia caused by cobalamin and folic acid deficiency in a 32 year-old gemellipregnant woman in gestational week 32 +2 is described. Her symptoms and the laboratory data were initially interpreted as HELLP-syndrome (haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet...... count), and caesarean section was performed. None of the persons involved in her earlier prophylactic controls suspected anaemia, and no specific dietary advice were given. If she had received dietary advice early in the pregnancy, anaemia could have been avoided. This emphasizes the need for dietary...... advice early in pregnancy....

  5. Spinocellulært karcinom opstået ved cikatrice efter Calmette-vaccination

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Rikke Maria; Andersen, F.; Salskov-Iversen, Maria Luise


    Marjolin's ulcer is an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) found in chronically inflamed skin. SCC has been reported in smallpox vaccination sites, whereas basal cell carcinomas are more common in scar after bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination. A 72-year-old man presented with a chronic...

  6. Primært planocellulært karcinom i rectum

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Matlub, Karam; Qvist, Niels


    Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the colon and rectum is rare. It presents clinically as other types of colorectal cancer and the treatment is primarily surgery. The pathogenesis is unclear, but several hypotheses have been suggested, including human papilloma virus infection. Gynaecological...

  7. Recidiverende tilfælde af spinocellulær karcinom i necrobiosis lipoidica-sår hos en patient med diabetes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kolovics, Judit; Mattes, Liuba Penova; Andersen, Klaus Ejner


    The development of squamous cell carcinoma in chronic and/or non-healing ulcers associated with necrobiosis lipoidica (NL) is rare, but should be considered in diabetic patients. NL is a non-infectious granulomatous degenerative skin disease. The prevalence of NL in diabetic patients is estimated...

  8. Infekční onemocnění urogenitálního traktu v anamnéze nemají vliv na biologické chování a prognózu karcinomu prostaty

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hrbáček, J.; Urban, M.; Eis, V.; Hamšíková, E.; Tachezy, R.; Brabec, Marek; Heráček, J.


    Roč. 15, č. 3 (2011), s. 172-180 ISSN 1211-8729 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10300504 Keywords : infekce * karcinom prostaty * pohlavně přenosné nemoci * staging nádoru Subject RIV: FD - Oncology ; Hematology