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  1. Whole-Genome Sequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis TB282 and TB284, a Widespread and a Unique Strain, Respectively, Identified in a Previous Study of Tuberculosis Transmission in Central Los Angeles, California, USA

    Yang, Zhenhua


    ABSTRACT We report here the genome sequences of two Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates previously identified in central Los Angeles, CA, in the 1990s using a PacBio platform. Isolate TB282 represents a large-cluster strain that caused 27% of the tuberculosis cases, while TB284 represents a strain that caused disease in only one patient. PMID:28082486

  2. Estudios previos cursados y género de los maestros de primaria en formación: efectos sobre la resolución de problemas / Pre-service primary teachers' gender and studies previously undertaken: effects on problem solving

    Alexandre Caballer Alonso


    Full Text Available Resumen: Este trabajo analiza la influencia del género y los estudios previos cursados en la resolución de problemas. Se utilizó un diseño experimental con dos variables independientes (género y estudios previos y una variable dependiente (puntuación en los problemas. Se administró un cuadernillo con dos problemas de diferente estructura a 66 estudiantes de tercer curso del Grado de Maestro en Educacion Primaria de la misma Facultad (Facultad de Magisterio de la Universidad de Valencia, España. Los resultados de los análisis de varianza simple muestran que: a los estudiantes de sexo masculino resuelven el problema difícil con más éxito que las estudiantes, b los estudiantes que han cursado bachillerato no resuelven los problemas significativamente mejor que los que no lo han cursado y, c los estudiantes que siguieron un itinerario en 4º de la ESO con Física y Química resuelven significativamente mejor los problemas que los restantes. Abstract: This study analyses the influence of gender and studies previously undertaken on problem-solving. An experimental design was used with two independent variables (gender and studies previously undertaken and one dependent variable (scores in the problems. A booklet containing two word problems that differ from each other in structure was administered to 66 third-year pre-service primary teachers from the same Faculty (Faculty of Teacher Training, University of Valencia, Spain. The results of the analyses of variance simple showed that: a men undergraduate students solve the difficult problem more successfully than women undergraduate students, b students who had completed post-compulsory secondary education do not solve the problems significantly better than the others, and c students who had studied physics and chemistry in the tenth grade at high school solve the problems significantly better than the others.

  3. Previous studies underestimate BMAA concentrations in cycad flour.

    Cheng, Ran; Banack, Sandra Anne


    The traditional diet of the Chamorro people of Guam has high concentrations of the neurotoxin BMAA, beta-methyl-amino-L-alanine, in cycad tortillas and from animals that feed on cycad seeds. We measured BMAA concentration in washed cycad flour and compared different extraction methods used by previous researchers in order to determine how much BMAA may have been unaccounted for in prior research. Samples were analyzed with AQC precolumn derivatization using HPLC-FD detection and verified with UPLC-UV, UPLC-MS, and triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS. Although previous workers had studied only the free amino acid component of BMAA in washed cycad flour, we detected significant levels of protein-associated BMAA in washed cycad flour. These data support a link between ALS/PDC and exposure to BMAA.

  4. Study of cystic artery by arteriography. Importance of previous cholecystography

    Machado, G.O.

    An oral cholecystography previously to celiac and mesenteric arteriography is performed, in order to identify the cystic artery, in 42 patients with pancreatitis, according Seldinger technique. The cystic artery was identified in all the cases, the pattern being the outlet of the cystic artery from the right hepatic artery. Infusion pump and seriography were not used.

  5. New study reveals twice as many asteroids as previously believed


    The ISO satellite Credits: ESA ISO An artist's impression of the ISO spacecraft. The ISO Deep Asteroid Search indicates that there are between 1.1 million and 1.9 million 'space rocks' larger than 1 kilometre in diameter in the so-called 'main asteroid belt', about twice as many as previously believed. However, astronomers think it is premature to revise current assessments of the risk of the Earth being hit by an asteroid. Despite being in our own Solar System, asteroids can be more difficult to study than very distant galaxies. With sizes of up to one thousand kilometres in diameter, the brightness of these rocky objects may vary considerably in just a few minutes. They move very quickly with respect to the stars - they have been dubbed 'vermin of the sky' because they often appear as trails on long exposure images. This elusiveness explains why their actual number and size distribution remains uncertain. Most of the almost 40,000 asteroids catalogued so far (1) orbit the Sun forming the 'main asteroid belt', between Mars and Jupiter, too far to pose any threat to Earth. However, space-watchers do keep a closer eye on another category of asteroids, the 'Near Earth Asteroids' or 'NEAs', which are those whose orbits cross, or are likely to cross, that of our planet. The ISO Deep Asteroid Search (IDAS), the first systematic search for these objects performed in infrared light, focused on main belt asteroids. Because it is impossible to simply point the telescope at the whole main belt and count, astronomers choose selected regions of the belt and then use a theoretical model to extrapolate the data to the whole belt. Edward Tedesco (TerraSystems, Inc., New Hampshire, United States) and François-Xavier Desert (Observatoire de Grenoble, France) observed their main belt selected areas in 1996 and 1997 with ESA's ISO. They found that in the middle region of the belt the density of asteroids was 160 asteroids larger than 1 kilometre per square degree - an area of the

  6. Previous Adverse Infant Outcomes as Predictors of Preconception Care Use: An Analysis of the 2010 and 2012 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) Surveys.

    Batra, Priya; Higgins, Chandra; Chao, Shin M


    Objectives This study aimed to understand the impact of a previous adverse infant outcome (AIO) on use of preconception care prior to a subsequent pregnancy. Methods Responses from the 2010 and 2012 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby Surveys were analyzed. Weighted multivariate logistic regression was employed to identify significant associations between having had a previous AIO (preterm delivery, low birth weight infant, stillbirth, or major birth defect) and receipt of preconception care prior to the most recent pregnancy. Select patient-level covariates were included: chronic disease, age, education level, race/ethnicity, country of birth, insurance status prior to pregnancy and pregnancy intent. Adjustment for missing responses was performed using multiple chained imputation. Results After controlling for covariates, having had a previous AIO was associated with an increased odds of having utilized preconception care in the most recent pregnancy (OR 1.237, p = 0.040). Per the final regression model, a woman reporting a previous AIO and an intended subsequent pregnancy had a 42.4 % likelihood of having used preconception care. Of these women, only 28.8 % reported doing so because of concern regarding a previous birth complication. Discussion Women reporting a previous AIO were more likely to have used preconception care in a subsequent pregnancy. The prevalence of preconception care utilization remained low overall. Pregnancy intent emerged as a strong secondary predictor; any concerted strategy to improve access to preconception care must include initiatives to help ensure that pregnancies are planned.

  7. Rancidity inhibition study in frozen whole mackerel (scomber scombrus by a previous plant extract treatment.

    Aubourg, Santiago P.


    Full Text Available The effect of flaxseeds (Linum usitatissimum on rancidity development in frozen whole mackerel (Scomber scombrus was studied. For it, fresh mackerel were dipped in flaxseeds aqueous extract during 60 min, frozen at –80 ºC during 24 hours and kept frozen (–20 ºC up to 12 months. Sampling was carried out on the initial material and at months 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12 of frozen storage at –20 ºC. A parallel experiment with non treated fish was carried out in the same conditions. Rancidity development was measured by several biochemical indices (free fatty acids, peroxides, conjugated dienes and trienes, secondary oxidation products and lipoxygenase activity and complemented by the sensory analysis (skin, flesh odour, consistency and flesh appearance. As a result of the previous antioxidant treatment, peroxides showed to breakdown faster (pSe ha estudiado el efecto del lino (Linum usitatissimum en el desarrollo de rancidez en caballa entera congelada (Scomber scombrus. Para ello, caballas frescas fueron sumergidas en extractos acuosos de semillas de lino durante 60 min, congeladas a -80 ºC durante 24 h y mantenidas congeladas ( -20 ºC durante 12 meses. Se tomaron muestras del material inicial y tras 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 y 12 meses de congelación a -20 ºC . Un experimento paralelo con pescado no tratado fue llevado acabo en las mismas condiciones. El desarrollo de la rancidez fue medido por varios índices bioquímicos (ácidos grasos libres, peróxidos, dienos y trienos conjugados, productos secundarios de oxidación y actividad lipoxigenasa y completado con análisis sensorial (piel, olor de la carne, consistencia y apariencia de la carne. Como resultado del tratamiento antioxidante, los peróxidos se degradaron más rápidos (p < 0.05 después del mes 7, y por tanto, contenidos mayores (p < 0.05 de dienos y trienos conjugados pudieron ser detectados en el pescado tratado. El tratamiento antioxidante también condujo a un

  8. Summary of Previous Chamber or Controlled Anthrax Studies and Recommendations for Possible Additional Studies

    Piepel, Gregory F.; Amidan, Brett G.; Morrow, Jayne B.


    This report and an associated Excel file(a) summarizes the investigations and results of previous chamber and controlled studies(b) to characterize the performance of methods for collecting, storing and/or transporting, extracting, and analyzing samples from surfaces contaminated by Bacillus anthracis (BA) or related simulants. This report and the Excel are the joint work of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate. The report was originally released as PNNL-SA-69338, Rev. 0 in November 2009 with limited distribution, but was subsequently cleared for release with unlimited distribution in this Rev. 1. Only minor changes were made to Rev. 0 to yield Rev. 1. A more substantial update (including summarizing data from other studies and more condensed summary tables of data) is underway

  9. The impact of previous traumatic brain injury on health and functioning: a TRACK-TBI study.

    Dams-O'Connor, Kristen; Spielman, Lisa; Singh, Ayushi; Gordon, Wayne A; Lingsma, Hester F; Maas, Andrew I R; Manley, Geoffrey T; Mukherjee, Pratik; Okonkwo, David O; Puccio, Ava M; Schnyer, David M; Valadka, Alex B; Yue, John K; Yuh, Esther L


    The idea that multiple traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a cumulative detrimental effect on functioning is widely accepted. Most research supporting this idea comes from athlete samples, and it is not known whether remote history of previous TBI affects functioning after subsequent TBI in community-based samples. This study investigates whether a previous history of TBI with loss of consciousness (LOC) is associated with worse health and functioning in a sample of individuals who require emergency department care for current TBI. Twenty-three percent of the 586 individuals with current TBI in the Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury study reported having sustained a previous TBI with LOC. Individuals with previous TBI were more likely to be unemployed (χ(2)=17.86; p=0.000), report a variety of chronic medical and psychiatric conditions (4.75≤χ(2)≥24.16; pTBI history. Those with a previous TBI had less-severe acute injuries, but experienced worse outcomes at 6-month follow-up. Results of a series of regression analyses controlling for demographics and acute injury severity indicated that individuals with previous TBI reported more mood symptoms, more postconcussive symptoms, lower life satisfaction, and had slower processing speed and poorer verbal learning, compared to those with no previous TBI history. These findings suggest that history of TBI with LOC may have important implications for health and psychological functioning after TBI in community-based samples.

  10. Matched cohort study of external cephalic version in women with previous cesarean delivery.

    Keepanasseril, Anish; Anand, Keerthana; Soundara Raghavan, Subrahmanian


    To evaluate the efficacy and safety of external cephalic version (ECV) among women with previous cesarean delivery. A retrospective study was conducted using data for women with previous cesarean delivery and breech presentation who underwent ECV at or after 36 weeks of pregnancy during 2011-2016. For every case, two multiparous women without previous cesarean delivery who underwent ECV and were matched for age and pregnancy duration were included. Characteristics and outcomes were compared between groups. ECV was successful for 32 (84.2%) of 38 women with previous cesarean delivery and 62 (81.6%) in the control group (P=0.728). Multivariate regression analysis confirmed that previous cesarean was not associated with ECV success (odds ratio 1.89, 95% confidence interval 0.19-18.47; P=0.244). Successful vaginal delivery after successful ECV was reported for 19 (59.4%) women in the previous cesarean delivery group and 52 (83.9%) in the control group (Pcesarean delivery. To avoid a repeat cesarean delivery, ECV can be offered to women with breech presentation and previous cesarean delivery who are otherwise eligible for a trial of labor. © 2017 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

  11. Developing Reading Comprehension through Metacognitive Strategies: A Review of Previous Studies

    Channa, Mansoor Ahmed; Nordin, Zaimuariffudin Shukri; Siming, Insaf Ali; Chandio, Ali Asgher; Koondher, Mansoor Ali


    This paper has reviewed the previous studies on metacognitive strategies based on planning, monitoring, and evaluating in order to develop reading comprehension. The main purpose of this review in metacognition, and reading domain is to help readers to enhance their capabilities and power reading through these strategies. The researchers reviewed…

  12. Sourcing quality-of-life weights obtained from previous studies: theory and reality in Korea.

    Bae, SeungJin; Bae, Eun Young; Lim, Sang Hee


    The quality-of-life weights obtained in previous studies are frequently used in cost-utility analyses. The purpose of this study is to describe how the values obtained in previous studies are incorporated into the industry submissions requesting listing at the Korean National Health Insurance (NHI), focusing on the issues discussed in theoretical studies and national guidelines. The industry submissions requesting listing at the Korean NHI from January 2007 until December 2009 were evaluated by two independent researchers at the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA). Specifically, we observed the methods that were used to pool, predict joint health state utilities, and retain consistency within submissions in terms of the issues discussed in methodological research papers and recommendations from national guidelines. More than half of the submissions used QALY as an outcome measure, and most of these submissions were sourced from prior studies. Heterogeneous methodologies were frequently used within a submission, with the inconsistent use of upper and lower anchors being prevalent. Assumptions behind measuring joint health state utilities or pooling multiple values for single health states were omitted in all submissions. Most national guidelines were rather vague regarding how to predict joint health states, how to select the best available value, how to maintain consistency within a submission, and how to generalize values obtained from prior studies. Previously-generated values were commonly sourced, but this practice was frequently related to inconsistencies within and among submissions. Attention should be paid to the consistency and transparency of the value, especially if the value is sourced from prior studies.

  13. Vibrations of twisted cantilevered plates - Summary of previous and current studies

    Leissa, A. W.; Macbain, J. C.; Kielb, R. E.


    This work summarizes a comprehensive study made of the free vibrations of twisted, cantilevered plates of rectangular planform. Numerous theoretical and experimental investigations previously made by others have resulted in frequency results which disagree considerably. To clarify the problem a joint industry/government/university research effort was initiated to obtain comprehensive theoretical and experimental results for models having useful ranges of aspect ratios, thickness ratios and twist angles. Theoretical data came from 19 independent computer analyses, including finite element, shell theory and beam theory idealizations. Two independent sets of experimental data were also obtained. The theoretical and experimental results are summarized and compared.

  14. Los

    Francismar Alex Lopes de Carvalho


    El objetivo de este texto es analizar la compleja trama de interrelaciones políticas, de guerra y de paz, entre los grupos étnicos nativos y los adventicios implicados en el movimiento de las Monzones. Para ello, utilizo, como base de mis reflexiones, un texto sobre el asalto habido en 1730 en el cual el grupo Payaguá atacó la monzón del Ouvidor Lanhas Peixoto, que conducía el quinto Real de las minas de Cuiabá a São Paulo. A través del enfoque de las interacciones y las alianzas políticas en...


    Gurpreet Kaur


    Full Text Available Previous caesarean section sparks an area of controversy in Obstetrics. The management of women with previous caesarean section regarding the mode of delivery whether to opt for repeat caesarean section or vaginal delivery, is an area of debate. Very often the decision on management is not made on Principle of sound reasoning and many who choose the elective repeat caesarean section do so to circumvent the anxious moment that arise during conduct ion of labour. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE: To determine the maternal and fetal outcome in relation to type of delivery . MATERIALS AND METHOD S: A 18 month prospective observational study was conducted where in 150 patients who had a term pregnancy with a history of prior LSCS were included after obtaining their consent for participation. The obstetric and fetal outcomes of these patients in the present pregnancy were analyzed by Z test. RESULTS: Out of the 150 subjects 78 ( 52% were in age group of 26 - 30 years, 106 ( 70.67% patients belonged to the urban population, 116 ( 77.33% were booked patie nts, 107 ( 71.33% were housewives, 122 ( 81.33% belonged to middle class and 22 ( 14.67% were from high socio economic status. 67 ( 44.67% were second gravid, 112 ( 74.67% were para 1. Out of total 134 patients 29 ( 21.64% had elective caesarean section and 5 ( 3 .73% patients came as emergency admission and underwent caesarean section. Out of 134 patients, with one previous caesarean section. 32 had spontaneous onset of labour. Out of which 20 ( 68.97% had vaginal delivery and 9 ( 31.03% had repeat caesarean section. 13 patients had augmentation, 11 ( 84.62% had vaginal delivery and 2 ( 15.38% had caesarean section. In 58 patients labour was induced 29 ( 50% had section. 14 patients out of 50 who had previous 2 caesarean section only 1 ( 7.69% patient had spontane ous onset of labour and had caesarean section. 3 ( 92.86% patients had elective caesarean section. There were only 2 patients with previous 3 caesarean

  16. Case-control study for colorectal cancer genetic susceptibility in EPICOLON: previously identified variants and mucins

    Moreno Victor


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Colorectal cancer (CRC is the second leading cause of cancer death in developed countries. Familial aggregation in CRC is also important outside syndromic forms and, in this case, a polygenic model with several common low-penetrance alleles contributing to CRC genetic predisposition could be hypothesized. Mucins and GALNTs (N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase are interesting candidates for CRC genetic susceptibility and have not been previously evaluated. We present results for ten genetic variants linked to CRC risk in previous studies (previously identified category and 18 selected variants from the mucin gene family in a case-control association study from the Spanish EPICOLON consortium. Methods CRC cases and matched controls were from EPICOLON, a prospective, multicenter, nationwide Spanish initiative, comprised of two independent stages. Stage 1 corresponded to 515 CRC cases and 515 controls, whereas stage 2 consisted of 901 CRC cases and 909 controls. Also, an independent cohort of 549 CRC cases and 599 controls outside EPICOLON was available for additional replication. Genotyping was performed for ten previously identified SNPs in ADH1C, APC, CCDN1, IL6, IL8, IRS1, MTHFR, PPARG, VDR and ARL11, and 18 selected variants in the mucin gene family. Results None of the 28 SNPs analyzed in our study was found to be associated with CRC risk. Although four SNPs were significant with a P-value ADH1C (OR = 1.63, 95% CI = 1.06-2.50, P-value = 0.02, recessive, rs1800795 in IL6 (OR = 1.62, 95% CI = 1.10-2.37, P-value = 0.01, recessive, rs3803185 in ARL11 (OR = 1.58, 95% CI = 1.17-2.15, P-value = 0.007, codominant, and rs2102302 in GALNTL2 (OR = 1.20, 95% CI = 1.00-1.44, P-value = 0.04, log-additive 0, 1, 2 alleles], only rs3803185 achieved statistical significance in EPICOLON stage 2 (OR = 1.34, 95% CI = 1.06-1.69, P-value = 0.01, recessive. In the joint analysis for both stages, results were only significant for rs3803185 (OR = 1

  17. A longitudinal study of plasma insulin and glucagon in women with previous gestational diabetes

    Damm, P; Kühl, C; Hornnes, P


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether plasma insulin or glucagon predicts later development of diabetes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: The subjects studied were 91 women with diet-treated GDM and 33 healthy women. Plasma insulin and glucagon during a 50......-g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) were measured during pregnancy, postpartum, and at follow-up 5-11 years later. At follow-up, the women were also examined with a 75-g OGTT or an intravenous glucagon test. RESULTS: Twenty-seven (30%) of the women with previous GDM had abnormal glucose tolerance...... response) at all time points investigated; this was also found when only nonobese glucose-tolerant women were examined. Low insulin secretion during pregnancy together with a high fasting plasma glucose level at the diagnostic OGTT in pregnancy and hyperglycemia during the postpartum OGTT were predictive...

  18. A study about the interest and previous contact of high school students with Astronomy

    Carvalho, C. L.; Zanitti, M. H. R.; Felicidade, B. L.; Gomes, A. D. T.; Dias, E. W.; Coelho, F. O.


    The currently problems in Astronomy teaching in Brazilian Basic Education contrast with the space, and the popularity that astronomical themes have in various media in the country. In this work, we present the results of a study about the interest, and previous contact of high school students from a public school in the city of "São João del-Rei"/MG with topics related to Astronomy. The study and the pedagogical intervention were carried out by students of the PIBID/CAPES/UFSJ. The intervention was performed through an oral exposition with the students' participation, followed by the use of the Stellarium program. The results suggest the majority of students surveyed are interested in Astronomy, and have had some contact with the area. However, some inconsistencies in their responses were identified and examined. The implications for research and for Astronomy Education are discussed. We also make some considerations about relationship between the lack of specific knowledge and the misinformation as one possible reason for the little interest of students in various areas of Science.

  19. Religious Identity in Iranian Society: A Systematic Review of Previous Studies (2001-2013


    literature on identity, evidence suggests that the role of religion in shaping individuals' and group's identity is widely ignored. However, a growing number of studies have begun to take into consideration the key role of religion (Arweck & Nesbitt 2010, King and Boyatzis 2004, Peek 2005. This article has attempted to review systematically previous research and conceptualizations on the religious identity based on national studies and surveys and academic dissertations.     Materials and Methods   As mentioned, the purpose of this study was to review the results of some influential researches in the field of religious identity. To get this purpose, one of the best known methods for reviewing previous studies, a systematic review, was applied. Systematic review deals with establishing and synthesizing of researches and evidences with focus on a specific question. This occurs through the organized, transparent, formal, clear and flexible procedures and processes. A systematic review of research is not limited to review the history and this overview and review can be used in different levels, fields and goals. During the first phase of the study, terms of "religious identity", "Islamic identity", "Iranian identity" and "religious identity" was searched at libraries and research centers and in databases such as Center for Scientific Information Database (SID, a database of Iranian journals and magazines (Magiran, Noor specialized journals database, and Science and Information Technology Institute (IrnaDoc. After reviewing the gathered documents and specifying its relationship with the object and purpose of the study, a total of 47 documents were selected. Documents based on the five major parameter were summarized and reviewed: 1-general information, 2-goals and research questions, 3-research methodology, 4-variables, 5-findings     Discussion of Results and Conclusion   Findings show that in the highest percentage (38.2% of researches, religious identity has been

  20. Phase II study of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin plus vinorelbine in breast cancer with previous anthracycline exposure.

    Martin, Miguel; García-Donas, Jesus; Casado, Antonio; de la Gándara, Isabel; Pérez-Segura, Pedro; García-Saenz, Jose-Angel; Ibáñez, Gabriel; Loboff, Belen; García-Ledo, Gemma; Moreno, Fernando; Grande, Enrique; Diaz-Rubio, Eduardo


    Thirty-five patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) entered a phase II study of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin 35 mg/m2 intravenously (i.v.) on day 1 plus vinorelbine 30 mg/m2 i.v. on day 1 every 4 weeks. Patients were required to have measurable disease, previous chemotherapy with an anthracycline-containing regimen, and a normal left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). Thirty-four patients were assessable for response and toxicity. The overall response rate (on an intent-to-treat basis) was 35% (12 of 34; 95% CI, 20%-54%). One complete response and 11 partial responses were noted. In addition, 14 patients (41%) had stable disease of > 4 months duration, and 7 patients (20.5%) had disease progression. The response rates to the combination when it was used as first- and second-line chemotherapy were 31% (4 of 13) and 38% (8 of 21), respectively. Median time to disease progression was 7 months (range, 1-35 months) and median overall survival was 13 months (range, 2 to > 62 months). Neutropenia was the most frequent toxicity (grade 4 in 44% of patients and 19% of cycles), but neutropenic fever was seen in only 3 cases. No septic deaths occurred. Nonhematologic grade 3 side effects included skin toxicity (palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia syndrome, 6%) and mucositis (15%). Late alopecia was seen in 53% of patients (grade 1 in 41%, and grade 2 in 12%). The median LVEFs were 64% (range, 50%-81%) at baseline and 62% (range, 37%-70%) after treatment. Three patients presented an LVEF decrease to < 50%; however, no clinical heart failure was noted, and 2 of these patients recovered normal values after cessation of therapy. The combination of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin and vinorelbine can be safely administered to patients with anthracycline-pretreated MBC and is active in this population.

  1. The biomechanics of running in athletes with previous hamstring injury: A case-control study.

    Daly, C; Persson, U McCarthy; Twycross-Lewis, R; Woledge, R C; Morrissey, D


    Hamstring injury is prevalent with persistently high reinjury rates. We aim to inform hamstring rehabilitation by exploring the electromyographic and kinematic characteristics of running in athletes with previous hamstring injury. Nine elite male Gaelic games athletes who had returned to sport after hamstring injury and eight closely matched controls sprinted while lower limb kinematics and muscle activity of the previously injured biceps femoris, bilateral gluteus maximus, lumbar erector spinae, rectus femoris, and external oblique were recorded. Intergroup comparisons of muscle activation ratios and kinematics were performed. Previously injured athletes demonstrated significantly reduced biceps femoris muscle activation ratios with respect to ipsilateral gluteus maximus (maximum difference -12.5%, P = 0.03), ipsilateral erector spinae (maximum difference -12.5%, P = 0.01), ipsilateral external oblique (maximum difference -23%, P = 0.01), and contralateral rectus femoris (maximum difference -22%, P = 0.02) in the late swing phase. We also detected sagittal asymmetry in hip flexion (maximum 8°, P = 0.01), pelvic tilt (maximum 4°, P = 0.02), and medial rotation of the knee (maximum 6°, P = 0.03) effectively putting the hamstrings in a lengthened position just before heel strike. Previous hamstring injury is associated with altered biceps femoris associated muscle activity and potentially injurious kinematics. These deficits should be considered and addressed during rehabilitation.

  2. Effect of Previous Irradiation on Vascular Thrombosis of Microsurgical Anastomosis: A Preclinical Study in Rats.

    Barrera-Ochoa, Sergi; Gallardo-Calero, Irene; López-Fernández, Alba; Romagosa, Cleofe; Vergés, Ramona; Aguirre-Canyadell, Marius; Soldado, Francisco; Velez, Roberto


    The objective of the present investigation was to compare the effect of neoadjuvant irradiation on the microvascular anastomosis in cervical bundle using an experimental model in rats. One hundred forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were allocated into 4 groups: group I, control, arterial microanastomosis; group II, control, venous microanastomosis; group III, arterial microanastomosis with previous irradiation (20 Gy); and group IV, venous microanastomosis with previous irradiation (20 Gy). Clinical parameters, technical values of anastomosis, patency, and histopathological parameters were evaluated. Irradiated groups (III and IV) and vein anastomosis groups (II and IV) showed significantly increased technical difficulties. Group IV showed significantly reduced patency rates (7/35) when compared with the control group (0/35). Radiotherapy significantly decreased the patency rates of the vein (7/35) when compared with the artery (1/35). Groups III and IV showed significantly reduced number of endothelial cells and also showed the presence of intimal thickening and adventitial fibrosis as compared with the control group. Neoadjuvant radiotherapy reduces the viability of the venous anastomosis in a preclinical rat model with a significant increase in the incidence of vein thrombosis.

  3. Steam sterilization of previously-assembled laparoscopic instruments Esterilización por vapor de los instrumentos laparoscópicos previamente armados Esterilização pelo vapor dos instrumentos laparoscópicos previamente montados

    Tamara Carolina de Camargo


    Full Text Available Video-laparoscopy represents one of the greatest surgical advances in the recent past. Reprocessable laparoscopic instruments are complex devices that, if completely disassembled for sterilization, would cause problems for the surgical teams at the moment of their use in the surgery. The method of choice for the sterilization of this equipment is saturated steam under pressure. The goal of this review was to describe the state-of-the-art in the search for safe results in autoclaving the previously-assembled reprocessable laparoscopic instruments, since they are difficult to assemble at the moment of surgery. The PUBMED database was consulted, using controlled and free keywords, as well as their combinations, without time or language restrictions. The study investigating the exact issue of this research found contamination in both assembled (1/24 and disassembled (1/30 instruments, demonstrating equivalent risks. In view of the results and considering the lack of studies, a new experimental laboratory study is recommended, using a contamination challenge.El video-laparoscopía representa uno de los mayores avances en el área de la cirugía en los últimos tiempos. Los instrumentos laparoscópicos reprocesables son artículos complejos, que si son esterilizados totalmente desarmados ocasionan trastornos a los equipos quirúrgicos en el momento de su utilización en el campo operatorio. El método de elección para la esterilización de esos instrumentos es el vapor saturado bajo presión. El objetivo de esta revisión fue describir el estado del arte en búsqueda de los resultados de la seguridad en el autoclavado del instrumental laparoscópico reprocesable, previamente armado, teniendo presente las dificultades de su montaje en el momento de la cirugía. Se consultó la base de datos PUBMED, usando vocablos controlados, libres y la combinación de ambos, sin restricción de tiempo e idioma. Fueron localizados apenas dos artículos que

  4. Convergence in the Bilingual Lexicon: A Pre-registered Replication of Previous Studies

    White, Anne; Malt, Barbara C.; Storms, Gert


    Naming patterns of bilinguals have been found to converge and form a new intermediate language system from elements of both the bilinguals’ languages. This converged naming pattern differs from the monolingual naming patterns of both a bilingual’s languages. We conducted a pre-registered replication study of experiments addressing the question whether there is a convergence between a bilingual’s both lexicons. The replication used an enlarged set of stimuli of common household containers, providing generalizability, and more reliable representations of the semantic domain. Both an analysis at the group-level and at the individual level of the correlations between naming patterns reject the two-pattern hypothesis that poses that bilinguals use two monolingual-like naming patterns, one for each of their two languages. However, the results of the original study and the replication comply with the one-pattern hypothesis, which poses that bilinguals converge the naming patterns of their two languages and form a compromise. Since this convergence is only partial the naming pattern in bilinguals corresponds to a moderate version of the one-pattern hypothesis. These findings are further confirmed by a representation of the semantic domain in a multidimensional space and the finding of shorter distances between bilingual category centers than monolingual category centers in this multidimensional space both in the original and in the replication study. PMID:28167921

  5. Randomized phase 2 study of obinutuzumab monotherapy in symptomatic, previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Byrd, John C; Flynn, Joseph M; Kipps, Thomas J; Boxer, Michael; Kolibaba, Kathryn S; Carlile, David J; Fingerle-Rowson, Guenter; Tyson, Nicola; Hirata, Jamie; Sharman, Jeff P


    Obinutuzumab is a glycoengineered, type 2 anti-CD20 humanized antibody with single-agent activity in relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). With other CD20 antibodies, a dose-response relationship has been shown. We therefore performed a randomized phase 2 study in symptomatic, untreated CLL patients to evaluate if an obinutuzumab dose response exists. Obinutuzumab was given at a dose of 1000 mg (100 mg IV day 1, 900 mg day 2, 1000 mg day 8 and day 15 of cycle 1; 1000 mg day 1 of cycles 2-8) or 2000 mg (100 mg IV day 1, 900 mg day 2, 1000 mg day 3, 2000 mg day 8 and day 15 of cycle 1; 2000 mg day 1 of cycles 2-8). The primary end point was overall response rate (ORR). Eighty patients were enrolled with similar demographics: median age 67 years, 41% high-risk Rai disease, and 10% del(17p)(13.1). ORR (67% vs 49%, P = .08) and complete response (CR) or CR with incomplete cytopenia response (20% vs 5%) favored 2000 mg obinutuzumab. Overall, therapy was well tolerated, and infusion events were manageable. This study demonstrates significant efficacy of obinutuzumab monotherapy, for 1000 mg as well as for 2000 mg, in untreated CLL patients with acceptable toxicity. Although exploratory, a dose-response relationship may exist, but its relevance to improving progression-free survival is uncertain and will require further follow-up. This trial was registered at as #NCT01414205.




    Full Text Available With the world - wide rising trend of caesarean delivery (CD, modern obstetric practice deals with a new group of mothers carrying reproductive performance upon a scarred uterus with obvious risk in feto - maternal outcome. AIMS: (1 To analyse the maternal & neonatal outcome in post - caesarean pregnancy. (2 To evaluate the factors influencing outcome in such cases. Design : Observational analytical study. MATERIALS & METHODS: The present study was carried out over two years (2010 - 11 taking consecutive 100 p ost - caesarean cases as admitted on my admission days & delivered in BR Singh Hospital. Data collection was done by interview technique along with hospital records. ANALYSIS USED: Percentage analysis was most often done. Categorical variables were compared with chi - square test; P value was calculated with 2012 Graphpad Software. Relative risk (RR & Odd ratio (OR were calculated with 1993 - 2012 Medcalc Software bvba (Version 12.3.0. All statistical tests were evaluated at the 0.05 significance level. RESULT S: Post - caesarean pregnancy rate was 26.02%. Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC incidence was 22% whereas VBAC success on trial of labour was 55%. VBAC gave best morbidity outcome (18.18% & 27.27%. But failed VBAC cases result more significant maternal morbidity (RR=3.97, P=0.0037 & NICU admission was also found highest in failed VBAC cases (38.89%. Maternal and neonatal morbidity were significantly high when scar integrity was lost; also significantly co - related with elderly mothers (>35 yrs., un - boo ked cases & non - admitted cases undergone repeat CD. CONCLUSIONS: Post - caesarean cases need meticulous antenatal check - up & mandatory institutional delivery with proper selection of mode of confinement to have a better maternal & neonatal outcome

  7. Life cycle impact assessment of ammonia production in Algeria: A comparison with previous studies

    Makhlouf, Ali, E-mail:; Serradj, Tayeb; Cheniti, Hamza


    In this paper, a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) from “cradle to gate” of one anhydrous ton of ammonia with a purity of 99% was achieved. Particularly, the energy and environmental performance of the product (ammonia) were evaluated. The eco-profile of the product and the share of each stage of the Life Cycle on the whole environmental impacts have been evaluated. The flows of material and energy for each phase of the life cycle were counted and the associated environmental problems were identified. Evaluation of the impact was achieved using GEMIS 4.7 software. The primary data collection was executed at the production installations located in Algeria (Annaba locality). The analysis was conducted according to the LCA standards ISO 14040 series. The results show that Cumulative Energy Requirement (CER) is of 51.945 × 10{sup 3} MJ/t of ammonia, which is higher than the global average. Global Warming Potential (GWP) is of 1.44 t CO{sub 2} eq/t of ammonia; this value is lower than the world average. Tropospheric ozone precursor and Acidification are also studied in this article, their values are: 549.3 × 10{sup −6} t NMVOC eq and 259.3 × 10{sup −6} t SO{sub 2} eq respectively.

  8. Experimental bluetongue virus infection of sheep; effect of previous vaccination: clinical and immunologic studies.

    Mahrt, C R; Osburn, B I


    Clinical and immunologic responses of sheep to vaccination and subsequent bluetongue virus (BTV) challenge exposure were studied and compared with those of non-vaccinated sheep. Sheep were vaccinated with inactivated BTV administered with aluminum hydroxide and cimetidine or levamisole. After sheep were vaccinated, precipitating group-specific antibodies to BTV were detected, but serotype-specific neutralizing antibodies were not detected. Cellular immune responses (lymphocyte blastogenesis) to BTV were not detected. After virulent BTV challenge exposure, vaccinated and nonvaccinated sheep developed acute clinical disease of similar severity. Clinical signs included hyperemia and petechiae of oral mucosa and coronary bands of the feet, excess salivation, nasal discharge with crusting, ulceration of the muzzle, and edema of lips and intermandibular space. Marked increases in serum creatine kinase activity were associated with stiff gait, reluctance to move, and vomiting. Fever and leukopenia were detected in most of the challenge-exposed sheep. Viremia and neutralizing antibodies were detected in vaccinated and nonvaccinated sheep after challenge exposure. Bluetongue virus-specific reaginic antibodies were not detected in sera from any of the sheep when the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis test was used.

  9. Phase III Randomized Study of Bendamustine Compared With Chlorambucil in Previously Untreated Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Wolfgang U. Knauf; Toshko Lissichkov; Ali Aldaoud; Anna Liberati; Javier Loscertales; Raoul Herbrecht; Gunnar Juliusson; Gerhard Postner; Liana Gercheva; Stefan Goranov; Martin Becker; Hans-Joerg Fricke; Francoise Huguet; Ilaria Del Giudice; Peter Klein; Lothar Tremmel; Karlheinz Merkle; Marco Montillo


    This randomized, open-label, parallel-group, multicenter study was designed to compare the efficacy and safety of bendamustine and chlorambucil in previously untreated patients with advanced (Binet stage B or C...

  10. Effective Teaching and Learning Environments and Principal Self-Efficacy in Oklahoma: Replication of a Previous Study

    Berry, Kathryn


    The purpose of this study was to replicate a previous study by Smith et al. (2006) that explored principal self-efficacy beliefs for facilitating effective instructional environments at their schools. There has been limited research conducted on principal's self-efficacy, and the studies that have been completed on the topic have not been…

  11. Descontaminação prévia de materiais médico-cirúrgicos: estudo da eficácia de desinfetantes químicos e água e sabão Descontaminación prévia de los instrumentos médico-quirúrgicos: estudio de la eficacia de desinfectantes químicos y agua y jabón Previous descontamination of the medical surgical materials: study of the efficiency of chemical disinfectants and water and soap

    Adenícia Custódia Silva e Souza


    agua y jabón, presentó redución de microorganismos a niveles considerados adecuados para descontaminación previa.In this experimental study we compared the previous descontamination efficacy of the medical surgical materials by the use of chemical disinfectants and the mechanical cleaning with water and soap, as well as verified the organic material interference in these procedures. To carry out this study, we used surgical pincers under contamination with: Staphylococcus aureus ATCC-6538, Salmonella cholerae suis ATCC-10708, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC-15442 in presence and absence of organic matter (fetal bovine serum. The following treatments: glutaraldehyde 2%, sodium hypochlorite 1%, hydrogen peroxide 6%, alcohol 70% and the mechanical cleaning with water and soap were compared with eight repetitions in a total of 480 observations. In the described conditions, the disinfectants had a good efficacy in the previous descontamination of the medical surgical materials and a less inativation by the organic material. The mechanical cleaning with water and soap showed a reduction of the microrganism to safe levels, considered adequate for previous descontamination.

  12. Maternal and perinatal outcomes of delivery after a previous Cesarean section in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria: a prospective observational study.

    Ugwu, George O; Iyoke, Chukwuemeka A; Onah, Hyacinth E; Egwuatu, Vincent E; Ezugwu, Frank O


    Obstetricians in developing countries appear generally reluctant to conduct vaginal delivery in women with a previous Cesarean because of lack of adequate facilities for optimal fetomaternal monitoring. To describe delivery outcomes among women with one previous Cesarean section at a tertiary hospital in Southeast Nigeria. This was a prospective observational study to determine maternal and perinatal outcomes of attempted vaginal birth after Cesarean sections (VBAC) following one previous Cesarean section. Analysis was done with SPSS statistical software version 17.0 for Windows using descriptive and inferential statistics at 95% level of confidence. Two thousand six hundred and ten women delivered in the center during the study period, of whom 395 had one previous Cesarean section. A total of 370 women with one previous Cesarean section had nonrecurrent indications, of whom 355 consenting pregnant women with one previous Cesarean section were studied. A majority of the women (320/355, 90.1%) preferred to have vaginal delivery despite the one previous Cesarean section. However, only approximately 54% (190/355) were found suitable for trial of VBAC, out of whom 50% (95/190 had successful VBAC. Ninety-five women (50.0%) had failed attempt at VBAC and were delivered by emergency Cesarean section while 35 women (9.8%) had emergency Cesarean section for other obstetric indications (apart from failed VBAC). There was no case of uterine rupture or neonatal and maternal deaths recorded in any group. Apgar scores of less than 7 in the first minute were significantly more frequent amongst women who had vaginal delivery when compared to those who had elective repeat Cesarean section (P=0.03). Most women who had one previous Cesarean delivery chose to undergo trial of VBAC, although only about half were considered suitable for VBAC. The maternal and fetal outcomes of trial of VBAC in selected women with one previous Cesarean delivery for non-recurrent indications were good

  13. Evaluation of the national health surveillance program of workers previously exposed to asbestos in Spain (2008) Evaluación del programa integral de vigilancia de la salud de los trabajadores que han estado expuestos a amianto en España (2008)

    Montserrat García Gómez; Rosario Castañeda; Vega García López; Manuel Martínez Vidal; Vicent Villanueva; Mercedes Elvira Espinosa


    Objectives: Although asbestos was banned in Spain in 2001, monitoring the health of previously-exposed workers is required. In 2002 the Ministry of Health and the autonomous regions of Spain planned a health surveillance program for workers exposed to asbestos (Programa de Vigilancia de la Salud de los Trabajadores Expuestos al Amianto [PIVISTEA]) with employers' organizations, trade unions and scientific societies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the PIVISTEA to improve its effectivene...

  14. Estimating the effect of current, previous and never use of drugs in studies based on prescription registries

    Nielsen, Lars Hougaard; Løkkegaard, Ellen; Andreasen, Anne Helms;


    PURPOSE: Many studies which investigate the effect of drugs categorize the exposure variable into never, current, and previous use of the study drug. When prescription registries are used to make this categorization, the exposure variable possibly gets misclassified since the registries do not ca...... with Hazard Ratios ranging from 1.68 to 1.78 for current use compared to never use. CONCLUSIONS: The findings suggest that it is possible to estimate the effect of never, current and previous use of HT on breast cancer using prescription data.......PURPOSE: Many studies which investigate the effect of drugs categorize the exposure variable into never, current, and previous use of the study drug. When prescription registries are used to make this categorization, the exposure variable possibly gets misclassified since the registries do...... not carry any information on the time of discontinuation of treatment.In this study, we investigated the amount of misclassification of exposure (never, current, previous use) to hormone therapy (HT) when the exposure variable was based on prescription data. Furthermore, we evaluated the significance...

  15. An fMRI study of neuronal activation in schizophrenia patients with and without previous cannabis use

    Else-Marie eLøberg


    Full Text Available Previous studies have mostly shown positive effects of cannabis use on cognition in patients with schizophrenia, which could reflect lower neurocognitive vulnerability. There are however no studies comparing whether such cognitive differences have neuronal correlates. Thus, the aim of the present study was to compare whether patients with previous cannabis use differ in brain activation from patients who has never used cannabis. The patients groups were compared on the ability to up-regulate an effort mode network during a cognitive task and down-regulate activation in the same network during a task-absent condition. Task-present and task-absent brain activation was measured by functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging (fMRI. Twenty-six patients with a DSM-IV and ICD-10 diagnosis of schizophrenia were grouped into a previous cannabis user group and a no-cannabis group. An auditory dichotic listening task with instructions of attention focus on either the right or left ear stimulus was used to tap verbal processing, attention and cognitive control, calculated as an aggregate score. When comparing the two groups, there were remaining activations in the task-present condition for the cannabis group, not seen in the no-cannabis group, while there was remaining activation in the task-absent condition for the no-cannabis group, not seen in the cannabis group. Thus, the patients with previous cannabis use showed increased activation in an effort mode network and decreased activation in the default mode network as compared to the no-cannabis group. It is concluded that the present study show some differences in brain activation to a cognitively challenging task between previous cannabis and no-cannabis schizophrenia patients.

  16. Factors Associated with Unfavorable Treatment Outcomes in New and Previously Treated TB Patients in Uzbekistan: A Five Year Countrywide Study.

    Jamshid Gadoev

    Full Text Available TB is one of the main health priorities in Uzbekistan and relatively high rates of unfavorable treatment outcomes have recently been reported. This requires closer analysis to explain the reasons and recommend interventions to improve the situation. Thus, by using countrywide data this study sought to determine trends in unfavorable outcomes (lost-to-follow-ups, deaths and treatment failures and describe their associations with socio-demographic and clinical factors.A countrywide retrospective cohort study of all new and previously treated TB patients registered in the National Tuberculosis programme between January 2006 and December 2010.Among 107,380 registered patients, 67% were adults, with smaller proportions of children (10%, adolescents (4% and elderly patients (19%. Sixty per cent were male, 66% lived in rural areas, 1% were HIV-infected and 1% had a history of imprisonment. Pulmonary TB (PTB was present in 77%, of which 43% were smear-positive and 53% were smear-negative. Overall, 83% of patients were successfully treated, 6% died, 6% were lost-to-follow-up, 3% failed treatment and 2% transferred out. Factors associated with death included being above 55 years of age, HIV-positive, sputum smear positive, previously treated, jobless and living in certain provinces. Factors associated with lost-to-follow-up were being male, previously treated, jobless, living in an urban area, and living in certain provinces. Having smear-positive PTB, being an adolescent, being urban population, being HIV-negative, previously treated, jobless and residing in particular provinces were associated with treatment failure.Overall, 83% treatment success rate was achieved. However, our study findings highlight the need to improve TB services for certain vulnerable groups and in specific areas of the country. They also emphasize the need to develop unified monitoring and evaluation tools for drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB, and call for better TB

  17. Assessment of empathy in first-episode psychosis and meta-analytic comparison with previous studies in schizophrenia.

    Achim, Amelie M; Ouellet, Rosalie; Roy, Marc-André; Jackson, Philip L


    Empathy is a multidimensional construct that relies on affective and cognitive component processes. A few studies have reported impairments of both cognitive and affective empathy components in patients with schizophrenia. It is, however, not known whether these difficulties are already present at psychosis onset. The affective and cognitive components of empathy were thus assessed in 31 patients with first-episode psychosis (FEP) and 31 matched healthy controls using the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI). Our results were then compared to previous studies of empathy in patients with more chronic schizophrenia via a meta-analysis. In addition, we also assessed the relationship between empathy ratings, Mentalizing performance and clinical symptoms. Contrary to what has been reported in people with more chronic schizophrenia, the IRI ratings did not significantly differ between FEP and controls in our study, though a trend was observed for the Personal distress scale. For the Perspective taking scale, our meta-analysis revealed a significantly lower effect size in this study with FEP patients relative to previous schizophrenia studies. In the FEP group, the IRI ratings were not related to positive, negative or general psychopathology symptoms, but a significant relationship emerged between the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale and Perspective taking (negative correlation). In addition, a significant positive correlation was observed between the Empathic concern subscale and our theory of mind task. This study supports the idea that the cognitive component of empathy is less affected in patients with first-episode psychosis relative to patients with more chronic schizophrenia, and the impairments reported in previous reports with more chronic populations should be interpreted in light of a possible deterioration of this cognitive skill. The findings also provide some insight into the relationship between empathy and clinical symptoms such as social anxiety.

  18. Psychotic illness in first-time mothers with no previous psychiatric hospitalizations: a population-based study.

    Unnur Valdimarsdóttir


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Psychotic illness following childbirth is a relatively rare but severe condition with unexplained etiology. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of maternal background characteristics and obstetric factors on the risk of postpartum psychosis, specifically among mothers with no previous psychiatric hospitalizations. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We investigated incidence rates and potential maternal and obstetric risk factors of psychoses after childbirth in a national cohort of women who were first-time mothers from 1983 through 2000 (n = 745,596. Proportional hazard regression models were used to estimate relative risks of psychoses during and after the first 90 d postpartum, among mothers without any previous psychiatric hospitalization and among all mothers. Within 90 d after delivery, 892 women (1.2 per 1,000 births; 4.84 per 1,000 person-years were hospitalized due to psychoses and 436 of these (0.6 per 1,000 births; 2.38 per 1,000 person-years had not previously been hospitalized for any psychiatric disorder. During follow-up after the 90 d postpartum period, the corresponding incidence rates per 1,000 person-years were reduced to 0.65 for all women and 0.49 for women not previously hospitalized. During (but not after the first 90 d postpartum the risk of psychoses among women without any previous psychiatric hospitalization was independently affected by: maternal age (35 y or older versus 19 y or younger; hazard ratio 2.4, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.2 to 4.7; high birth weight (> or = 4,500 g; hazard ratio 0.3, 95% CI 0.1 to 1.0; and diabetes (hazard ratio 0. CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of psychotic illness peaks immediately following a first childbirth, and almost 50% of the cases are women without any previous psychiatric hospitalization. High maternal age increases the risk while diabetes and high birth weight are associated with reduced risk of first-onset psychoses, distinctly during the postpartum period.

  19. Seismic vulnerability study Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF)

    Salmon, M. [EQE International, Inc., Irvine, CA (United States); Goen, L.K. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    The Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF), located at TA-53 of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), features an 800 MeV proton accelerator used for nuclear physics and materials science research. As part of the implementation of DOE Order 5480.25 and in preparation for DOE Order 5480.28, a seismic vulnerability study of the structures, systems, and components (SSCs) supporting the beam line from the accelerator building through to the ends of die various beam stops at LAMPF has been performed. The study was accomplished using the SQUG GIP methodology to assess the capability of the various SSCs to resist an evaluation basis earthquake. The evaluation basis earthquake was selected from site specific seismic hazard studies. The goals for the study were as follows: (1) identify SSCs which are vulnerable to seismic loads; and (2) ensure that those SSCs screened during die evaluation met the performance goals required for DOE Order 5480.28. The first goal was obtained by applying the SQUG GIP methodology to those SSCS represented in the experience data base. For those SSCs not represented in the data base, information was gathered and a significant amount of engineering judgment applied to determine whether to screen the SSC or to classify it as an outlier. To assure the performance goals required by DOE Order 5480.28 are met, modifications to the SQUG GIP methodology proposed by Salmon and Kennedy were used. The results of this study ire presented in this paper.

  20. A multicenter phase II study of irinotecan in patients with advanced colorectal cancer previously treated with 5-fluorouracil.

    Méndez, Miguel; Salut, Antonieta; García-Girón, Carlos; Navalon, Marta; Diz, Pilar; García López, Maria José; España, Pilar; de la Torre, Ascensión; Martínez del Prado, Purificación; Duarte, Isabel; Pujol, Eduardo; Arizcun, Alberto; Cruz, Juan Jesús


    This multicenter, open-label, phase II study was performed to assess the efficacy and toxicity of irinotecan 350 mg/m2 intravenously every 3 weeks in patients with advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) previously treated with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU). The study enrolled 115 patients and a total of 558 cycles (median, 6 per patient) were administered. The overall objective response rate on an intent-to-treat basis was 18% (with 1 complete response and 20 partial responses), whereas 42 patients (37%) showed stable disease. Median time to progression was 4.8 months and median survival was 13.6 months. Grade 3/4 toxicities included delayed diarrhea (19.1%), nausea/vomiting (10.4%), and neutropenia (8.7%). There were 2 toxic deaths, 1 from delayed diarrhea and 1 from hemorrhage and grade 4 mucositis. In conclusion, the present study confirms the antitumor efficacy of irinotecan monotherapy in patients with CRC pretreated with 5-FU.

  1. Outcomes of induction of labour in women with previous caesarean delivery: a retrospective cohort study using a population database.

    Sarah J Stock

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: There is evidence that induction of labour (IOL around term reduces perinatal mortality and caesarean delivery rates when compared to expectant management of pregnancy (allowing the pregnancy to continue to await spontaneous labour or definitive indication for delivery. However, it is not clear whether IOL in women with a previous caesarean section confers the same benefits. The aim of this study was to describe outcomes of IOL at 39-41 weeks in women with one previous caesarean delivery and to compare outcomes of IOL or planned caesarean delivery to those of expectant management. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We performed a population-based retrospective cohort study of singleton births greater than 39 weeks gestation, in women with one previous caesarean delivery, in Scotland, UK 1981-2007 (n = 46,176. Outcomes included mode of delivery, perinatal mortality, neonatal unit admission, postpartum hemorrhage and uterine rupture. 40.1% (2,969/7,401 of women who underwent IOL 39-41 weeks were ultimately delivered by caesarean. When compared to expectant management IOL was associated with lower odds of caesarean delivery (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] after IOL at 39 weeks of 0.81 [95% CI 0.71-0.91]. There was no significant effect on the odds of perinatal mortality but greater odds of neonatal unit admission (AOR after IOL at 39 weeks of 1.29 [95% CI 1.08-1.55]. In contrast, when compared with expectant management, elective repeat caesarean delivery was associated with lower perinatal mortality (AOR after planned caesarean at 39 weeks of 0.23 [95% CI 0.07-0.75] and, depending on gestation, the same or lower neonatal unit admission (AOR after planned caesarean at 39 weeks of 0.98 [0.90-1.07] at 40 weeks of 1.08 [0.94-1.23] and at 41 weeks of 0.77 [0.60-1.00]. CONCLUSIONS: A more liberal policy of IOL in women with previous caesarean delivery may reduce repeat caesarean delivery, but increases the risks of neonatal complications.

  2. Birth outcome in women with previously treated breast cancer--a population-based cohort study from Sweden.

    Kristina Dalberg


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Data on birth outcome and offspring health after the appearance of breast cancer are limited. The aim of this study was to assess the risk of adverse birth outcomes in women previously treated for invasive breast cancer compared with the general population of mothers. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Of all 2,870,932 singleton births registered in the Swedish Medical Birth Registry during 1973-2002, 331 first births following breast cancer surgery--with a mean time to pregnancy of 37 mo (range 7-163--were identified using linkage with the Swedish Cancer Registry. Logistic regression analysis was used. The estimates were adjusted for maternal age, parity, and year of delivery. Odds ratios (ORs and 95% confidence intervals (CIs were used to estimate infant health and mortality, delivery complications, the risk of preterm birth, and the rates of instrumental delivery and cesarean section. The large majority of births from women previously treated for breast cancer had no adverse events. However, births by women exposed to breast cancer were associated with an increased risk of delivery complications (OR 1.5, 95% CI 1.2-1.9, cesarean section (OR 1.3, 95% CI 1.0-1.7, very preterm birth (<32 wk (OR 3.2, 95% CI 1.7-6.0, and low birth weight (<1500 g (OR 2.9, 95% CI 1.4-5.8. A tendency towards an increased risk of malformations among the infants was seen especially in the later time period (1988-2002 (OR 2.1, 95% CI 1.2-3.7. CONCLUSIONS: It is reassuring that births overall were without adverse events, but our findings indicate that pregnancies in previously treated breast cancer patients should possibly be regarded as higher risk pregnancies, with consequences for their surveillance and management.

  3. Does the previous diagnosis of arterial hypertension affect one´s daily life? Pró-Saúde Study

    Gilberto Senechal de Goffredo Filho


    Full Text Available In addition to damaging several target organs, arterial hypertension may negatively impact patients' activities of daily living. Biological and behavioral mechanisms underlying such limitations have yet to be clarified. The objectives of this study were to investigate whether having been previously told of a hypertension diagnosis is associated with the frequency and duration of temporary limitations in activities of daily living, and whether these relationships differ by gender, age, or socioeconomic position. We analyzed sectional data from 2,666 participants (56% women; 55% with high school or lower schooling at the baseline phase (1999 - 2001 of a longitudinal investigation of university employees in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Pró-Saúde Study, asking participants whether they had ever been diagnosed with hypertension by a health professional, if they had been unable to perform any activities of daily living due to a health problem in the previous 2 weeks, and for how many days that had occurred. Multinomial logistic regression models were fitted for the overall study population and for age, gender, educational level, and per capita household income strata. Associations between hypertension diagnosis and temporary limitations were not observed in the overall study population and in gender, education and income strata. However, there were higher odds of temporary limitations among participants aged 55 years old or more with hypertension diagnosis (adjusted OR = 9.5; 95%CI 1.5 - 58.6, regardless of blood pressure levels and use of antihypertensive medication. Elderly people may keep an attitude of higher vigilance regarding conditions or events potentially worsening their health status.

  4. Predicting DUI recidivism of male drunken driving: a prospective study of the impact of alcohol markers and previous drunken driving.

    Portman, M; Penttilä, A; Haukka, J; Eriksson, P; Alho, H; Kuoppasalmi, K


    The aim of the present study was to determine whether the alcohol biomarkers CDT, GGT, the biomarker gamma-CDT index and previous drunken driving contributed significantly to the prediction of DUI recidivism. The subjects consisted of two different samples of drivers, viz. drivers who were found to have a positive breath alcohol concentration during random breath testing surveys (n=237), and drunken drivers who were apprehended during ordinary police work (n=193). The drunken driving events were monitored using a data-base both retrospectively and prospectively. It was found that the biomarker index, gamma-CDT, emerged as a notable predictor of recidivism in the group of random breath tested drivers. Measurement of gamma-CDT and its impact on DUI recidivism has not to our knowledge been applied to random breath tested drivers before. The apprehended drunken drivers, on the other hand, did not show a significant relationship between gamma-CDT and DUI recidivism. However, in both groups of drivers it was found that a previous conviction for drunken driving strongly predicted DUI recidivism. More attention should be paid by both physicians and the police to the high risk of recidivism among those convicted of drunken driving.

  5. The suitability of XRF analysis for compositional classification of archaeological ceramic fabric: A comparison with a previous NAA study

    Padilla, R. [Centro de Aplicaciones Tecnologicas y Desarrollo Nuclear (CEADEN), Laboratorio de Analisis Quimico, Calle 30 no. 502, Playa, Ciudad Habana (Cuba)]. E-mail:; Espen, P. van [University of Antwerp (Belgium); Torres, P.P. Godo [Centro de Antropologia, Havana (Cuba)


    The main drawbacks of EDXRF techniques, restricting its more frequent use for the specific purpose of compositional analysis of archaeological ceramic fabric, have been the insufficient sensitivity to determine some important elements (like Cr, REE, among others), a somewhat worse precision and the inability to perform standard-less quantitative procedures in the absence of suitable certified reference materials (CRM) for ceramic fabric. This paper presents the advantages of combining two energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence methods for fast and non-destructive analysis of ceramic fabric with increased sensitivity. Selective polarized excitation using secondary targets (EDPXRF) and radioisotope excitation (R-XRF) using a {sup 241}Am source. The analytical performance of the methods was evaluated by analyzing several CRM of sediment type, and the fitness for the purpose of compositional classification was compared with that obtained by using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis in a previous study of Cuban aborigine pottery.

  6. Evaluation of questionnaire-based information on previous physical work loads. Stockholm MUSIC 1 Study Group. Musculoskeletal Intervention Center.

    Torgén, M; Winkel, J; Alfredsson, L; Kilbom, A


    The principal aim of the present study was to evaluate questionnaire-based information on past physical work loads (6-year recall). Effects of memory difficulties on reproducibility were evaluated for 82 subjects by comparing previously reported results on current work loads (test-retest procedure) with the same items recalled 6 years later. Validity was assessed by comparing self-reports in 1995, regarding work loads in 1989, with worksite measurements performed in 1989. Six-year reproducibility, calculated as weighted kappa coefficients (k(w)), varied between 0.36 and 0.86, with the highest values for proportion of the workday spent sitting and for perceived general exertion and the lowest values for trunk and neck flexion. The six-year reproducibility results were similar to previously reported test-retest results for these items; this finding indicates that memory difficulties was a minor problem. The validity of the questionnaire responses, expressed as rank correlations (r(s)) between the questionnaire responses and workplace measurements, varied between -0.16 and 0.78. The highest values were obtained for the items sitting and repetitive work, and the lowest and "unacceptable" values were for head rotation and neck flexion. Misclassification of exposure did not appear to be differential with regard to musculoskeletal symptom status, as judged by the calculated risk estimates. The validity of some of these self-administered questionnaire items appears sufficient for a crude assessment of physical work loads in the past in epidemiologic studies of the general population with predominantly low levels of exposure.

  7. Ecological baseline studies in Los Alamos and Guaje Canyons County of Los Alamos, New Mexico. A two-year study

    Foxx, T.S. [comp.


    During the summers of 1993 and 1994, the Biological Resource Evaluations Team (BRET) of the Environmental Protection Group (ESH-8) conducted baseline studies within two canyon systems, Los Alamos and Guaje Canyons. Biological data was collected within each canyon to provide background and baseline information for Ecological Risk models. Baseline studies included establishment of permanent vegetation plots within each canyon along the elevational gradient. Then, in association with the various vegetation types, surveys were conducted for ground dwelling insects, birds, and small mammals. The stream channels associated with the permanent vegetation plots were characterized and aquatic macroinvertebrates collected within the stream monthly throughout a six-month period. The Geographic Position System (GPS) in combination with ARC INFO was used to map the study areas. Considerable data was collected during these surveys and are summarized in individual chapters.

  8. Alemtuzumab as rescue therapy in a cohort of 16 aggressive multiple sclerosis patients previously treated by Mitoxantrone: an observational study.

    Le Page, Emmanuelle; Deburghgraeve, Véronique; Lester, Marie-Antoinette; Cardiet, Isabelle; Leray, Emmanuelle; Edan, Gilles


    Our study aimed to describe safety and neurological impact of alemtuzumab as last-line rescue therapy in aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, previously treated by Mitoxantrone (MITOX). Between June 2004 and October 2013, 13 patients received alemtuzumab at 20 mg/day and 3 at 12 mg/day for 5 days. EDSS, relapses, secondary progression were prospectively assessed 12 and 6 months before treatment, at baseline and every 3 months. Mean follow-up was 6.2 years [1-10]. Mean age at alemtuzumab start was 40 years [26-49] for 8 Secondary Progressive (SP) and 30 years [26-35] for 8 Relapsing-Remitting (RR) patients. MS duration was 13.7 (± 3) and 8.3 (± 4) years, respectively. During the 12 months before alemtuzumab, annual relapse rate was 0.75 and 3.14, respectively and the 16 patients accumulated 2-30 new gadolinium enhancing lesions. 4 patients (suboptimal responders) received alemtuzumab during MITOX and 12 patients 1-7.8 years after MITOX. Out of 8 SPMS, 2 were disease free up to last visit (4.7 and 8 years), 5 improved or stabilized but only transiently and 1 worsened. Out of 8 RRMS, 1 remained stable up to last visit (8.7 years) despite 1 relapse and active MRI at 18 months and 7 improved (1-4 point EDSS): 4 remained disease free up to last visit (12, 24, 38 months and 7 years), 2 were successfully retreated at 25 and 33 months and 1 worsened progressively 24 months after alemtuzumab. 2 patients developed Grave's disease and 1 hypothyroidism. Alemtuzumab controls aggressive RRMS despite previous use of MITOX.

  9. The LACDA (Los Angeles County Drainage Area) System Recreation Study, Los Angeles County Drainage Area.


    In orderto facilitate a comparison of bicyclists. The two-mile distance reflects the same with the earlier projects, the cost figures and format ...Trails Los Cerritos Bicycle Trail Verdugo Wash (Upper End) Bicycle and Equestrian Trails 4 13 A.k, TABLE 4 1. COST ANALYSIS FORMAT AND UNIT COSTS Coa...areaes for west as Pierce College Big Dalton - from Barranca Ave. to Foothill Boulevard, providing &cc@= to South Hills Park in Glendora Coyote Creek

  10. A phase I study of imatinib mesylate in combination with chlorambucil in previously treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients.

    Hebb, Jonathan; Assouline, Sarit; Rousseau, Caroline; Desjardins, Pierre; Caplan, Stephen; Egorin, Merrill J; Amrein, Lilian; Aloyz, Raquel; Panasci, Lawrence


    The tyrosine kinase inhibitor, imatinib, has the potential to indirectly inhibit DNA repair. This mechanism of action has been shown to mediate sensitization to chlorambucil in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). To evaluate this effect in vivo, we performed a phase I study of chlorambucil combined with imatinib in relapsed CLL patients. The three dose levels studied included imatinib at 300, 400, or 600 mg/day. Imatinib was given on days 1-10, and chlorambucil (8 mg/m(2) daily) was given on days 3-7 of a 28-day cycle (up to 6 cycles). Eleven patients participated in this study. Low-grade gastrointestinal toxicities were observed in a dose-dependent manner. Forty-five percent of patients responded (two unconfirmed CRs and three PRs). Two responding patients were fludarabine refractory. The in vitro IC(50) of chlorambucil alone or in the presence of 5 μM imatinib in CLL lymphocytes correlated with the decrease in lymphocyte counts on day 15. Imatinib plasma concentrations achieved in patients were in the range of those effective in in vitro sensitization studies. The combination of chlorambucil and imatinib in patients with previously treated CLL was well tolerated and showed evidence of clinical efficacy. Based on our results, we recommend the 400 mg daily dose of imatinib on days 1-10 with 8 mg/m(3) chlorambucil on days 3-7 every 28 days as the phase II dose. This represents the first clinical trial examining the potential synergy between a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and a conventional alkylating agent for the treatment of CLL.

  11. Pinon Pine Tree Study, Los Alamos National Laboratory: Source document

    P. R. Fresquez; J. D. Huchton; M. A. Mullen; L. Naranjo, Jr.


    One of the dominant tree species growing within and around Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM, lands is the pinon pine (Pinus edulis) tree. Pinon pine is used for firewood, fence posts, and building materials and is a source of nuts for food--the seeds are consumed by a wide variety of animals and are also gathered by people in the area and eaten raw or roasted. This study investigated the (1) concentration of {sup 3}H, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr, {sup tot}U, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239,240}Pu, and {sup 241}Am in soils (0- to 12-in. [31 cm] depth underneath the tree), pinon pine shoots (PPS), and pinon pine nuts (PPN) collected from LANL lands and regional background (BG) locations, (2) concentrations of radionuclides in PPN collected in 1977 to present data, (3) committed effective dose equivalent (CEDE) from the ingestion of nuts, and (4) soil to PPS to PPN concentration ratios (CRs). Most radionuclides, with the exception of {sup 3}H in soils, were not significantly higher (p < 0.10) in soils, PPS, and PPN collected from LANL as compared to BG locations, and concentrations of most radionuclides in PPN from LANL have decreased over time. The maximum net CEDE (the CEDE plus two sigma minus BG) at the most conservative ingestion rate (10 lb [4.5 kg]) was 0.0018 mrem (0.018 {micro}Sv). Soil-to-nut CRs for most radionuclides were within the range of default values in the literature for common fruits and vegetables.

  12. Patterns and Determinants of Treatment Seeking among Previously Untreated Psychotic Patients in Aceh Province, Indonesia: A Qualitative Study

    Marthoenis Marthoenis


    Full Text Available Immediate treatment of first-episode psychosis is essential in order to achieve a positive outcome. However, Indonesian psychiatric patients often delay accessing health services, the reason for which is not yet fully understood. The current study aimed to understand patterns of treatment seeking and to reveal determinants of the delay in accessing psychiatric care among first-time user psychotic patients. Qualitative interviews were conducted with sixteen family members who accompanied the patients to a psychiatric hospital. Many families expressed beliefs that mental illness appertains to village sickness and not hospital sickness; therefore, they usually take the patients to traditional or religious healers before taking them to a health professional. They also identified various factors that potentially delay accessing psychiatric treatment: low literacy and beliefs about the cause of the illness, stigmatisation, the role of extended family, financial problems, and long distance to the psychiatric hospital. On the other hand, the family mentioned various factors related to timely help seeking, including being a well-educated family, living closer to health facilities, previous experience of successful psychotic therapy, and having more positive symptoms of psychosis. The findings call for mental health awareness campaigns in the community.

  13. Phase III randomized study of bendamustine compared with chlorambucil in previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Knauf, Wolfgang U; Lissichkov, Toshko; Aldaoud, Ali; Liberati, Anna; Loscertales, Javier; Herbrecht, Raoul; Juliusson, Gunnar; Postner, Gerhard; Gercheva, Liana; Goranov, Stefan; Becker, Martin; Fricke, Hans-Joerg; Huguet, Francoise; Del Giudice, Ilaria; Klein, Peter; Tremmel, Lothar; Merkle, Karlheinz; Montillo, Marco


    This randomized, open-label, parallel-group, multicenter study was designed to compare the efficacy and safety of bendamustine and chlorambucil in previously untreated patients with advanced (Binet stage B or C) chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Patients (chlorambucil 0.8 mg/kg (Broca's normal weight) orally on days 1 and 15; treatment cycles were repeated every 4 weeks for a maximum of six cycles. The response to treatment was assessed according to National Cancer Institute Working Group criteria, and the final determination of response was made by a blinded independent review committee. A total of 319 patients were randomly assigned (162 bendamustine, 157 chlorambucil). Complete or partial responses were achieved in 110 (68%) of 162 bendamustine-treated and 48 (31%) of 157 chlorambucil-treated patients (P chlorambucil (31% v 2%). Median progression-free survival was 21.6 months with bendamustine and 8.3 months with chlorambucil (P chlorambucil (median, 21.8 v 8.0 months). Hematologic National Cancer Institute Common Toxicity Criteria grade 3 to 4 adverse events were more common with bendamustine than with chlorambucil (occurring in 40% v 19% of patients). Severe infections (grade 3 to 4) occurred in 8% of bendamustine-treated patients and 3% of chlorambucil-treated patients. Bendamustine offers significantly greater efficacy than chlorambucil, and a manageable toxicity profile, when used as first-line therapy in patients with advanced CLL.

  14. Integrating Sonography Training Into Undergraduate Medical Education: A Study of the Previous Exposure of One Institution's Incoming Residents.

    Day, James; Davis, Joshua; Riesenberg, Lee Ann; Heil, Daniel; Berg, Katherine; Davis, Robyn; Berg, Dale


    Sonography is a crucial and versatile tool within the field of medicine. Recent advancements in technology have led to increased use of point-of-care sonography. We designed a survey to assess prior point-of-care sonography training among incoming interns at an academic teaching hospital. In 2012 and 2013, we surveyed incoming interns (n = 154 and 145, respectively) regarding point-of-care sonography training received during medical school. The survey questions included formal didactic sessions, bedside instruction, and the use of simulation technology. One-fourth (26.3% in 2012 and 23.4% in 2013) of responding interns reported having never done an ultrasound scan at the bedside. In 2012 and 2013, 55.0% and 55.6% of respondents reported never having done an ultrasound scan in a simulation center, respectively. Interns agreed that sonography education should be provided during medical school. On average, interns disagreed with the statement that sonography should be taught in residency only. There was no significant difference in the sex or general previous experience with sonography across both intern classes. Point-of-care sonography is inconsistently taught in medical school. The interns in our study also thought that sonography education should begin in medical school, and sonography should be taught by using simulation and at the bedside. © 2015 by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

  15. Pilot Study of an Individualised Early Postpartum Intervention to Increase Physical Activity in Women with Previous Gestational Diabetes

    Harold David McIntyre


    Full Text Available Optimal strategies to prevent progression towards overt diabetes in women with recent gestational diabetes remain ill defined. We report a pilot study of a convenient, home based exercise program with telephone support, suited to the early post-partum period. Twenty eight women with recent gestational diabetes were enrolled at six weeks post-partum into a 12 week randomised controlled trial of Usual Care (n=13 versus Supported Care (individualised exercise program with regular telephone support; n=15. Baseline characteristics (Mean ± SD were: Age  33±4  years; Weight 80 ± 20 kg and Body Mass Index (BMI 30.0±9.7 kg/m2. The primary outcome, planned physical activity {Median (Range}, increased by 60 (0–540 mins/week in the SC group versus 0 (0–580 mins/week in the UC group (P=0.234. Walking was the predominant physical activity. Body weight, BMI, waist circumference, % body fat, fasting glucose and insulin did not change significantly over time in either group. This intervention designed to increase physical activity in post-partum women with previous gestational diabetes proved feasible. However, no measurable improvement in metabolic or biometric parameters was observed over a three month period.

  16. Risk factors and therapeutic coverage at 6 years in patients with previous myocardial infarction: the CASTUO study

    Félix-Redondo, Francisco Javier; Lozano Mera, Luis; Consuegra-Sánchez, Luciano; Giménez Sáez, Fernando; Garcipérez de Vargas, Francisco Javier; Castellano Vázquez, José María; Fernández-Bergés, Daniel


    Objectives To determine the degree of risk factor control, the clinical symptoms and the therapeutic management of patients with a history of previous myocardial infarction. Methods Cross-sectional study at 6 years of a first episode of acute myocardial infarction between 2000 and 2009, admitted at a hospital in the region of Extremadura (Spain). Of 2177 patients with this diagnosis, 1365 remained alive and therefore were included in the study. Results We conducted a person-to-person survey in 666 (48.8%) individuals and telephone survey in 437 (31.9%) individuals. The former are analysed. 130 were female (19.5%). The mean age was 67.4 years and the median time since the event was 5.8 (IQR 3.6–8.2) years. Active smokers made up 13.8%, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol was ≥70 mg/dL: 82%, blood pressure ≥140/90 mm Hg (≥140/85 in diabetics): 49.8%, fasting glucose ≥126 mg/dL: 26%, heart rate 50–59 bpm: 60.7%, and obesity: 45.9%. Patients reported presenting angina comprised 22.4% and those with dyspnoea, 29.3%. Drug coverage was: 88.0% antiplatelet drugs, 86.5% statins, 75.6% β-blockers and 65.8% blockers of the renin-angiotensin system. Patients receiving all four types of drugs made up 41.9%, with only 3.0% having jointly controlled cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate and glycaemia. Conclusions LDL cholesterol, heart rate and blood pressure were risk factors with less control. More than 1/5 of patients had angina and more than 1/4, dyspnoea. Risk factor control and the clinical condition were far from optimal, as was drug coverage, although to a lesser degree. PMID:27127637

  17. Persistence of cardiovascular risk factors in women with previous preeclampsia: a long-term follow-up study.

    Aykas, Fatma; Solak, Yalcin; Erden, Abdulsamet; Bulut, Kadir; Dogan, Selcuk; Sarli, Bahadr; Acmaz, Gokhan; Afsar, Baris; Siriopol, Dimitrie; Covic, Adrian; Sharma, Shailendra; Johnson, Richard J; Kanbay, Mehmet


    Preeclampsia is a cardiovascular (CV) disease risk factor, and lifestyle modifications are recommended. It was suggested that preeclampsia may increase the prevalence of various CV disease risk factors such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, insulin resistance, microalbuminuria, and endothelial dysfunction, among others. Here, we investigate the role of serum uric acid in preeclampsia in the development of CV complications. This was an observational case-control study that compared women with history of preeclampsia (n = 25) with age-matched controls with uncomplicated pregnancies (n = 20) who were followed for at least 5 years. Measurements included clinical and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ultrasound-measured flow-mediated dilatation (FMD), microalbuminuria, carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) and serum uric acid, as well as clinical and demographic features. Cardiovascular disease risk factors were compared in women with and without previous preeclampsia. At the time of index gestation, preeclamptic women had higher serum uric acid values (4.36 ± 0.61 vs 2.27 ± 0.38 mg/dL, P preeclampsia were more likely to have hypertension and had higher serum uric acid levels, higher microalbuminuria and CIMT levels, and lower FMD values than did the patients who did not have preeclampsia. The 2 groups were similar with regard to various ambulatory blood pressure parameters. Univariate associates of FMD were history of preeclampsia and the current hypertension status. Microalbuminuria correlated with gestational uric acid levels (coefficient of correlation of 0.40, P = 0.01 for FMD and coefficient of correlation of 0.37, P = 0.01 for CIMT, respectively). Preeclampsia might be a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular risk factors at least 5 years after index pregnancy. Serum uric acid and microalbuminuria may be mechanistic mediators of heightened risk, along with impaired endothelial function in preeclampsia.

  18. Sitagliptin added to previously taken antidiabetic agents on insulin resistance and lipid profile: a 2-year study evaluation.

    Derosa, Giuseppe; Ragonesi, Pietro Dario; Fogari, Elena; Cicero, Arrigo Francesco Giuseppe; Bianchi, Lucio; Bonaventura, Aldo; Romano, Davide; Maffioli, Pamela


    The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the positive effects of sitagliptin on glycemic control and insulin resistance were maintained also after 2 years of therapy and whether sitagliptin could be effective also in improving lipid profile. In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 205 patients with type 2 diabetes in therapy with different antidiabetic drugs were randomized to add sitagliptin 100 mg once a day or placebo to their current therapy. We evaluated at the baseline and after 6, 12, 18, and 24 months the following parameters: body mass index, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c ), fasting plasma glucose (FPG), postprandial plasma glucose (PPG), fasting plasma insulin (FPI), homeostasis model assessment insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR), total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), triglycerides (Tg). Sitagliptin, added to previously taken antidiabetic agents, proved to be effective in improving glycemic profile, reducing HbA1c by -17.5%, FPG by -12.7%, PPG by -20.5%. Regarding insulin resistance, sitagliptin decreased FPI by -8.3% and HOMA-IR by -20.0%, confirming that what have been already reported in short-term studies can be applied also after 2 years of treatment. Sitagliptin also reduced body weight by -4.3%. Our study also showed the positive effect of sitagliptin on lipid profile; in particular, sitagliptin decreased TC by -13.3%, LDL-C by -20.4%, and Tg by -32.3%, and also increased HDL-C by + 13.6%. Sitagliptin proved to be effective on glycemic profile and insulin resistance even after 2 years of therapy and to be effective in improving body weight and lipid profile. © 2012 The Authors Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology © 2012 Société Française de Pharmacologie et de Thérapeutique.

  19. Los Estudios Culturales, la Historiografía y los sectores subalternos Cultural studies, Historiography and the subaltern sectors

    María Mercedes Tenti


    Full Text Available El propósito de este trabajo es indagar la relación entre los Estudios Culturales y la Historiografía, en particular los modos en que esta última aborda la problemática de los sectores subalternos. Una amplia franja de actores sociales no se visibilizan en la mayoría de los trabajos historiográficos, contribuyendo a ratificar imágenes preconcebidas por posturas tradicionales. Corrientes emergentes en las últimas décadas ponen énfasis en estas nuevas formas de abordaje. El planteo de una 'nueva historia' se nutre de aportes interdisciplinarios. A fines del siglo pasado, nuevos actores -que no eran visibles en el campo historiográfico- comenzaron a emerger 'desde abajo', poniendo de relieve el relativismo cultural subyacentes en los relatos históricos. Frente al surgimiento de estos focos de interés, el principal problema al que se enfrentan los historiadores es el de las fuentes, por un lado, y el de la metodología, por otro. Con respecto al primero, nuevas lecturas e interpelaciones a la documentación oficial permiten sacar a luz la palabra de los sectores subalternos. Si bien no se debe perder de vista que estos documentos no contienen la voz directa de los protagonistas -mediada por el escribiente- ésta puede ser interpretada al interior del texto, dentro del contexto. El testimonio oral de los actores y de su entorno constituye también un aporte importante para descubrir el pasado de aquellos y aquellas que no figuran en los registros oficiales. La tradición oral comenzó a ocupar un espacio relevante a la hora de desentrañar el pasado de pueblos ágrafos o de grupos que no tienen incorporada la tradición de la cultura escrita. Los registros fotográficos y audiovisuales, las letras de cancioneros populares, las novelas y el cinematógrafo, ofrecen otras fuentes que permiten acercarnos a la subalternidad, a través de nuevas metodologías aportadas por el trabajo interdisciplinario.The purpose of this work is to research

  20. Central Arctic atmospheric summer conditions during the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS: contrasting to previous expeditions

    M. Tjernström


    Full Text Available Understanding the rapidly changing climate in the Arctic is limited by a lack of understanding of underlying strong feedback mechanisms that are specific to the Arctic. Progress in this field can only be obtained by process-level observations; this is the motivation for intensive ice-breaker-based campaigns such as that described in this paper: the Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study (ASCOS. However, detailed field observations also have to be put in the context of the larger-scale meteorology, and short field campaigns have to be analysed within the context of the underlying climate state and temporal anomalies from this.

    To aid in the analysis of other parameters or processes observed during this campaign, this paper provides an overview of the synoptic-scale meteorology and its climatic anomaly during the ASCOS field deployment. It also provides a statistical analysis of key features during the campaign, such as some key meteorological variables, the vertical structure of the lower troposphere and clouds, and energy fluxes at the surface. In order to assess the representativity of the ASCOS results, we also compare these features to similar observations obtained during three earlier summer experiments in the Arctic Ocean, the AOE-96, SHEBA and AOE-2001 expeditions.

    We find that these expeditions share many key features of the summertime lower troposphere. Taking ASCOS and the previous expeditions together, a common picture emerges with a large amount of low-level cloud in a well-mixed shallow boundary layer, capped by a weak to moderately strong inversion where moisture, and sometimes also cloud top, penetrate into the lower parts of the inversion. Much of the boundary-layer mixing is due to cloud-top cooling and subsequent buoyant overturning of the cloud. The cloud layer may, or may not, be connected with surface processes depending on the depths of the cloud and surface-based boundary layers and on the relative strengths of

  1. Discussion on further studies to measure and evaluate fitness and motor performance for preschool children; summary and previous studies in Japan and future consideratin

    Murase, Tomohiko; Demura, Shinichi


    This article discusses and summarizes previous studies dealing with fitness and motor performance in preschool children from the viewpoint of measurement and evaluation, and determines topics for further studies. The studies reviewed in this article were mainly published in the “Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences” (edited by the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences), and the “Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine” (edite...

  2. Los Alamos National Laboratory W76 Pit Tube Lifetime Study

    Abeln, Terri G. [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    A metallurgical study was requested as part of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) W76-1 life-extension program (LEP) involving a lifetime analysis of type 304 stainless steel pit tubes subject to repeat bending loads during assembly and disassembly operations at BWXT/Pantex. This initial test phase was completed during the calendar years of 2004-2006 and the report not issued until additional recommended tests could be performed. These tests have not been funded to this date and therefore this report is considered final. Tubes were reportedly fabricated according to Rocky Flats specification P14548 - Seamless Type 304 VIM/VAR Stainless Steel Tubing. Tube diameter was specified as 0.125 inches and wall thickness as 0.028 inches. A heat treat condition is not specified and the hardness range specification can be characteristic of both 1/8 and 1/4 hard conditions. Properties of all tubes tested were within specification. Metallographic analysis could not conclusively determine a specified limit to number of bends allowable. A statistical analysis suggests a range of 5-7 bends with a 99.95% confidence limit. See the 'Statistical Analysis' section of this report. The initial phase of this study involved two separate sets of test specimens. The first group was part of an investigation originating in the ESA-GTS [now Gas Transfer Systems (W-7) Group]. After the bend cycle test parameters were chosen (all three required bends subjected to the same amount of bend cycles) and the tubes bent, the investigation was transferred to Terri Abeln (Metallurgical Science and Engineering) for analysis. Subsequently, another limited quantity of tubes became available for testing and were cycled with the same bending fixture, but with different test parameters determined by T. Abeln.

  3. Randomized, multicenter, phase 2 study (EVOLUTION) of combinations of bortezomib, dexamethasone, cyclophosphamide, and lenalidomide in previously untreated multiple myeloma.

    Kumar, Shaji; Flinn, Ian; Richardson, Paul G; Hari, Parameswaran; Callander, Natalie; Noga, Stephen J; Stewart, A Keith; Turturro, Francesco; Rifkin, Robert; Wolf, Jeffrey; Estevam, Jose; Mulligan, George; Shi, Hongliang; Webb, Iain J; Rajkumar, S Vincent


    Combinations of bortezomib (V) and dexamethasone (D) with either lenalidomide (R) or cyclophosphamide (C) have shown significant efficacy. This randomized phase 2 trial evaluated VDC, VDR, and VDCR in previously untreated multiple myeloma (MM). Patients received V 1.3 mg/m2 (days 1, 4, 8, 11) and D 40 mg (days 1, 8, 15), with either C 500 mg/m2 (days 1, 8) and R 15 mg (days 1-14; VDCR), R 25 mg (days 1-14; VDR), C 500 mg/m2 (days 1, 8; VDC) or C 500 mg/m2 (days 1, 8, 15; VDC-mod) in 3-week cycles (maximum 8 cycles), followed by maintenance with V 1.3 mg/m2 (days 1, 8, 15, 22) for four 6-week cycles (all arms)≥very good partial response was seen in 58%, 51%, 41%, and 53% (complete response rate of 25%, 24%, 22%, and 47%) of patients (VDCR, VDR, VCD, and VCD-mod, respectively); the corresponding 1-year progression-free survival was 86%, 83%, 93%, and 100%, respectively. Common adverse events included hematologic toxicities, peripheral neuropathy, fatigue, and gastrointestinal disturbances. All regimens were highly active and well tolerated in previously untreated MM, and, based on this trial, VDR and VCD-mod are preferred for clinical practice and further comparative testing. No substantial advantage was noted with VDCR over the 3-drug combinations. This trial is registered at (NCT00507442).

  4. Evaluation of the national health surveillance program of workers previously exposed to asbestos in Spain (2008 Evaluación del programa integral de vigilancia de la salud de los trabajadores que han estado expuestos a amianto en España (2008

    Montserrat García Gómez


    Full Text Available Objectives: Although asbestos was banned in Spain in 2001, monitoring the health of previously-exposed workers is required. In 2002 the Ministry of Health and the autonomous regions of Spain planned a health surveillance program for workers exposed to asbestos (Programa de Vigilancia de la Salud de los Trabajadores Expuestos al Amianto [PIVISTEA] with employers' organizations, trade unions and scientific societies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the PIVISTEA to improve its effectiveness. Methods: A questionnaire with indicators for the year 2008 was sent to Spain's 17 autonomous regions, as well as to the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. The results were analyzed by evaluating the compliance of each program with the activities established by the PIVISTEA. Results: In December 2008, a total of 22,158 workers from 14 autonomous regions and 306 companies were included in the program. The program had been started in 88% of the regions but surveillance activities remained scarce in 24%. Fifty-seven percent of the autonomous regions (69% of the total number of workers provided the information requested. Seven autonomous regions provided data on the relationship between the diseases found and asbestos exposure. Only 5% of these diseases entitled affected individuals to receive compensation for occupational diseases. Conclusions: The health surveillance of workers previously exposed to asbestos in Spain, as well as medical-legal recognition of diseases caused by exposure at work, remain in adequate. Although the trend is positive, the effectiveness of many regional programs is limited, and inter-regional inequalities among affected workers have been detected.Objetivos: Después de la prohibición del amianto en España en 2001, resulta necesario vigilar la salud de los trabajadores expuestos en el pasado. En 2002, el Ministerio de Sanidad y las Comunidades Autónomas consensuaron un Programa de Vigilancia de la Salud de los Trabajadores

  5. Patient acceptance and clinical impact of Bravo monitoring in patients with previous failed catheter-based studies.

    Sweis, R; Fox, M; Anggiansah, R; Anggiansah, A; Basavaraju, K; Canavan, R; Wong, T


    Standard pH monitoring is performed over 24 h with a naso-oesophageal catheter (C-pH). Limitations include naso-pharyngeal discomfort, nausea and social embarrassment resulting in reduced reflux-provoking activities. Recently a catheter-free pH-monitoring technique has become available. The tolerability and diagnostic yield of this system in patients who failed standard monitoring remain unknown. To examine the tolerability and diagnostic outcome of catheter-free pH-monitoring technique in patients who failed standard monitoring. Patients referred for C-pH and catheter-free pH monitoring completed a tolerability questionnaire. Acid exposure in the distal oesophagus and symptom index (SI) were reviewed. Over 4 years, 883/1751 (50%) of patients with typical reflux symptoms referred for C-pH were diagnosed with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) based on a pathological percentage time acid exposure (%time pH patients failed C-pH and, of these, 129 successfully completed 2-day catheter-free pH monitoring. Ninety-eight (76%) of these patients had a pathological percentage pH patients (P patients who had previously failed C-pH; catheter-free pH monitoring assists the definitive diagnosis of GERD in this group.

  6. A Study of the Relationship between Previous Exposure to Education and Practice-Teaching Performance at the University of Ife.

    Olatunji, S. A.


    A study to identify relationships between the amount of exposure students have to education (as a discipline) and their student teaching performances is reported. Students attending the University of Ife from 1973-1976 were studied. A positive relationship was discovered, but other factors need to be researched further. (MLW)

  7. Marine fouling community in the Eastern harbour of Alexandria, Egypt compared with four decades of previous studies



    Full Text Available The aim of the present study is to compare the fouling communities between the years 1960 and 1999 in the Eastern harbour of Alexandria, Egypt and to study the main factors that may be controlling these communities. This comparison is based on monthly durations of panel immersion. By using roughened white polystyrene test panels (12.5x12.5 cm, monthly samples of marine fouling were collected from the harbour from October 1998 through September 1999. It is clear that a remarkable variation in number and diversity of fouling communities throughout the last four decades is evident. The minimum diversities were recorded during the studies of 1960 and 1970 (19 and 20 species respectively, while the maximum diversity (35 species was achieved during the 1991 study. Moreover, a small shift among the four dominant groups (Polychaeta, Cirripedia, Bryozoa and Amphipoda was noted during the four decades of the studies. The present comparison indicated that many factors may contribute to this variation, of which nutrient enrichment is the most important and the nature of the applied test panel is lees so.

  8. A cross-sectional study of personality traits in women previously treated or untreated for alcohol use disorders

    Sundh Valter


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A better understanding of the relationship between treatment-seeking for alcohol problems and personality traits could give useful insight in factors promoting or hindering treatment for alcohol use disorders (AUD. The aim of this study was to analyze the associations between treatment-seeking for AUD, personality traits, and psychiatric co-morbidity in women. The study was based on pooled cross-sectional data from three population based samples and one clinical sample (n = 1,339. Comparisons were made between treated and untreated women with AUD, and between those with resolved and unresolved AUD. Results A stepwise logistic regression model showed that treatment-seeking for AUD was not associated with personality traits. Among women with lifetime AUD (n = 217, those who had been treated (n = 42 had significantly higher scores than untreated women (n = 175 on three personality traits of the Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP; somatic anxiety, muscular tension, and guilt. Women with resolved AUD, who had received treatment (n = 23 had significantly higher scores on scales measuring somatic anxiety, psychic anxiety, muscular tension, irritability, and guilt than untreated women with resolved AUD. The latter group resembled women without AUD on most personality traits. There were no differences in occurrence of lifetime psychiatric disorders between the treated and the untreated women, whereas treated women with current AUD had increased risk of lifetime anxiety (OR: 3.1, 95% CI: 1.1–8.7. Conclusion Treatment-seeking was not associated with personality traits in this study. Still, it can be concluded that women with resolved AUD who had received treatment had high scores on the KSP-scales measuring psychic and somatic anxiety, tension, irritability, and feelings of guilt. This suggests that personality assessment might be a useful tool in tailoring individual treatment programs for women with AUD. Future studies need to

  9. Chemical Processes with Supercritical CO2 in Engineered Geologic Systems: Significance, Previous Study, and Path Forward (Invited)

    Xu, T.; Pruess, K.


    Chemical reactions with dissolved CO2 in the aqueous phase have long been considered in fundamental geosciences and practical applications. Recently, studies on geologic carbon sequestration and enhanced geothermal systems using CO2 as heat transmission fluid have brought new interests in chemical reaction processes directly with supercritical CO2 (scCO2, or gas phase). In the vicinity of a CO2 injection well, the aqueous fluid initially present in a geological formation would be quickly removed by dissolution (evaporation) into the flowing gas stream and by immiscible displacement by the scCO2, creating a gas phase dominant zone. In this zone, the water evaporation could cause formation dry-out and precipitation of salt near the injection well, reducing formation porosity, permeability, and injectivity. The scCO2 may directly attack well construction materials such as cement. Over time, the gas phase will tend to migrate upwards towards the caprock because the density of the scCO2 is lower than that of the aqueous phase. In the upper portions of the reservoir, the scCO2 will directly react with caprock minerals and alter the hydrological properties and mechanical strength. On the other hand, the scCO2 phase will maintain the dissolution into the aqueous phase, lowering pH, inducing mineral dissolution, complexing with dissolved cations, increasing CO2 solubility, increasing the density of the aqueous phase, and promoting “convective mixing”. Chemical processes are quite different in the scCO2 dominant geologic systems. The absence of an aqueous phase poses unique questions, as little is presently known about the chemistry of non-aqueous systems. Additional issues arise from the reactivity of water that is dissolved in the ScCO2 phase. In this presentation, the author will discuss the importance, state of the studies performed, and future research directions.

  10. Warfarin dosing after bariatric surgery: a retrospective study of 10 patients previously stable on chronic warfarin therapy.

    Schullo-Feulner, A M; Stoecker, Z; Brown, G A; Schneider, J; Jones, T A; Burnett, B


    Many changes associated with bariatric surgery have the potential to affect warfarin dosing; yet current literature includes little data describing this phenomenon. Investigating this relationship may allow for determination of post-bariatric surgery warfarin dosing using stable pre-operative dosing levels. A retrospective chart review was completed for 10 patients stabilized on chronic warfarin therapy who underwent bariatric surgery. Data collection consisted of the following: warfarin requirement in mg/week, time in target range (TTR), creatinine, liver function, diarrhoea, medication changes, diet, and signs of bleeding and/or thrombosis. Three study patients underwent laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedures and seven patients underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. The average (standard deviation) weekly warfarin dose required in the immediate post-operative interval was 64% (25%) of baseline dosing, corresponding to a TTR of 48%. At 6 months, patients required 85% (19%) of baseline weekly dosing, with TTR of 53.4%. At 1 year, dosing was 90% (16%) of baseline with TTR of 63.5%. Patients underwent medication changes as well as transient bouts of diarrhoea. Two patients suffered unspecified haemorrhages of the gastrointestinal tract (international normalized ratio [INR] = 2.3 and 9.8). This patient set demonstrated an initial drop in warfarin requirement, followed by escalating dosing trends that became more predictable as patients were farther out from procedure.


    Kevin M. Kostelnik; James H. Clarke; Jerry L. Harbour


    Environmental remediation efforts that are underway at hundreds of contaminated sites in the United States will not be able to remediate large portions of those sites to conditions that would permit unrestricted access. Rather, large volumes of waste materials, contaminated soils and cleanup residuals will have to be isolated either in place or in new, often on-site, disposal cells with long term monitoring, maintenance and institutional control needs. The challenge continues to be to provide engineering systems and controls that can ensure the protection of public health and the environment over very long time horizons (hundreds to perhaps thousands of years) with minimal intervention. Effective long term management of legacy hazardous and nuclear waste requires an integrated approach that addresses both the engineered containment and control system itself and the institutional controls and other responsibilities that are needed. Decisions concerning system design, monitoring and maintenance, and the institutional controls that will be employed are best done through a "risk-nformed, performance-based" approach. Such an approach should incorporate an analysis of potential "failure" modes and consequences for all important system features, together with lessons learned from experience with systems already in place. The authors will present the preliminary results of a case study approach that included several sites where contamination isolation systems including institutional controls have been implemented. The results are being used together with failure trees and logic diagrams that have been developed for both the engineered barriers and the institutional controls. The use of these analytical tools to evaluate the potential for different levels of failure and associated consequences will be discussed. Of special interest is the robustness of different approaches to providing long-term protection through redundancy and defense in depth.

  12. Variations of the accessory nerve: anatomical study including previously undocumented findings-expanding our misunderstanding of this nerve.

    Tubbs, R Shane; Ajayi, Olaide O; Fries, Fabian N; Spinner, Robert J; Oskouian, Rod J


    The anatomy of the accessory nerve has been well described but continued new clinical and anatomical findings exemplify our lack of a full understanding of the course of this nerve. Therefore, this study aimed to expand on our knowledge of the course of the 11th cranial nerve via anatomical dissections. Fifty-six cadavers (112 sides) underwent dissection of the accessory nerve from its cranial and spinal origins to its emergence into the posterior cervical triangle. Immunohistochemistry was performed when appropriate. Our findings included two cases (1.8%) where the nerve was duplicated, one intracranially and one extracranially. One accessory nerve (0.9%) was found to enter its own dural compartment within the jugular foramen. The majority of sides (80%) were found to have a cranial root of the accessory nerve. Thirty-one sides (28%) had connections to cervical dorsal roots medially and three sides (2.7%) laterally. Medial connections were most common with the C1 nerve. Medial components of these dorsal root connections were all sensory in nature. However, lateral components were motor on two sides (1.8%). Nerves traveled anterior to the internal jugular vein on 88% of sides. One (0.9%) left side nerve joined an interneural anastomosis between the dorsal rootlets. Macroganglia were found on the spinal part of the intracranial nerve on 13% of sides. The lesser occipital nerve arose directly from the accessory nerve on two sides (1.8%) and communicated with the accessory nerve on 5.4% of sides. One side (0.9%) was found to communicate with the facial nerve with both nerves innervating the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Additional anatomical knowledge of the variants of the accessory nerve may benefit patient care when this nerve is pathologically involved.

  13. Is Acropora palmata recovering? A case study in Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

    Aldo Croquer


    Full Text Available Eight years ago (2007, the distribution and status of Acropora palmata was quantified throughout Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. The aim was to produce a baseline study for this species which combined population genetics with demographic data. The results highlighted that A. palmata had the potential to recover in at least 6 out of 10 sites surveyed. Recovery potential was assumed to be high at sites with a relatively high abundance of the coral, low disease prevalence, high genetic diversity, and high rates of sexual reproduction. However, as noted, Zubillaga et al. (2008 realized recovery was still strongly dependent on local and regional stressors. In 2014 (this study, the status of A. palmata was re-evaluated at Los Roques. We increased the number of sites from 10 in the original baseline study to 106. This allowed us to assess the population status throughout the entirety of the MPA. Furthermore, we also identified local threats that may have hindered population recovery. Here, we show that A. palmata now has a relatively restricted distribution throughout the park, only occurring in 15% of the sites surveyed. Large stands of old dead colonies were common throughout the archipelago; a result which demonstrates that this species has lost almost 50% of its original distribution over the past decades. The majority of corals recorded were large adults (∼2 m height, suggesting that these older colonies might be less susceptible or more resilient to local and global threats. However, 45% of these surviving colonies showed evidence of partial mortality and degradation of living tissues. Interestingly, the greatest increase in partial mortality occurred at sites with the lowest levels of protection ( ${X}_{o}^{2}=5.4> {X}_{c}^{2}=4.5$ X o 2 = 5.4 > X c 2 = 4.5 ; df = 4, p {X}_{\\mathrm{cri}}^{2}=15.5$ X exp 2 = 126.8 > X cri 2 = 15.5 ; df = 8; p < 0.05 in the density of A. palmata in sites that had previously been categorized as having a

  14. Is Acropora palmata recovering? A case study in Los Roques National Park, Venezuela.

    Croquer, Aldo; Cavada-Blanco, Francoise; Zubillaga, Ainhoa L; Agudo-Adriani, Esteban A; Sweet, Michael


    Eight years ago (2007), the distribution and status of Acropora palmata was quantified throughout Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. The aim was to produce a baseline study for this species which combined population genetics with demographic data. The results highlighted that A. palmata had the potential to recover in at least 6 out of 10 sites surveyed. Recovery potential was assumed to be high at sites with a relatively high abundance of the coral, low disease prevalence, high genetic diversity, and high rates of sexual reproduction. However, as noted, Zubillaga et al. (2008) realized recovery was still strongly dependent on local and regional stressors. In 2014 (this study), the status of A. palmata was re-evaluated at Los Roques. We increased the number of sites from 10 in the original baseline study to 106. This allowed us to assess the population status throughout the entirety of the MPA. Furthermore, we also identified local threats that may have hindered population recovery. Here, we show that A. palmata now has a relatively restricted distribution throughout the park, only occurring in 15% of the sites surveyed. Large stands of old dead colonies were common throughout the archipelago; a result which demonstrates that this species has lost almost 50% of its original distribution over the past decades. The majority of corals recorded were large adults (∼2 m height), suggesting that these older colonies might be less susceptible or more resilient to local and global threats. However, 45% of these surviving colonies showed evidence of partial mortality and degradation of living tissues. Interestingly, the greatest increase in partial mortality occurred at sites with the lowest levels of protection ([Formula: see text]; df = 4, p < 0.05). This may suggest there is a positive role of small scale marine management in assisting reef recovery. We also recorded a significant reduction ([Formula: see text]; df = 8; p < 0.05) in the density of A. palmata in sites

  15. Nanosecond image-shuttering studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Yates, G. J.; King, N. S. P.; Jaramillo, S. A.; Noel, B. W.; Gobby, P. L.; Aeby, I.; Detch, J. L.

    Experimental results comparing gated imaging capabilities of proximity-focused microchannel-plate intensifiers and electrostatically-focused silicon-intensified-target vidicons are presented. Previous response data obtained from several standard and modified versions of both image sensors are summarized. Current efforts on: (1) sector gating of segmented photocathodes; (2) pre-pulsing of photocathodes with infrared light to increase conductivity; and (3) gate pulse injection techniques are discussed. Segmented photocathodes increased gating speed by simultaneous turn-on individual sectors whereas preliminary analyses indicate no improvements from infrared illumination.

  16. The 2007 los angeles mommy and baby study: a multilevel, population-based study of maternal and infant health in los angeles county.

    Chao, Shin M; Wakeel, Fathima; Herman, Dena; Higgins, Chandra; Shi, Lu; Chow, Jessica; Sun, Stacy; Lu, Michael C


    Objectives. In order to comprehensively examine the risks and resources associated with racial-ethnic disparities in adverse obstetric outcomes, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the University of California, Los Angeles, joined efforts to design and implement the 2007 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) study. This paper aims to present the conceptual frameworks underlying the study's development, highlight the successful collaboration between a research institution and local health department, describe the distinguishing characteristics of its methodology, and discuss the study's implications for research, programs, and policies. Methods. The LAMB study utilized a multilevel, multistage cluster design with a mixed-mode methodology for data collection. Two samples were ultimately produced: the multilevel sample (n = 4,518) and the augmented final sample (n = 6,264). Results. The LAMB study allowed us to collect multilevel data on the risks and resources associated with racial-ethnic disparities in adverse obstetric outcomes. Both samples were more likely to be Hispanic, aged 20-34 years, completed at least 12 years of schooling, and spoke English. Conclusions. The LAMB study represents the successful collaboration between an academic institution and local health department and is a theoretically based research database and surveillance system that informs effective programmatic and policy interventions to improve outcomes among LAC's varied demographic groups.

  17. Missing osteoconductive effect of a resorbable PEO/PBT copolymer in human bone defects: a clinically relevant pilot study with contrary results to previous animal studies.

    Roessler, M; Wilke, A; Griss, P; Kienapfel, H


    PEO/PBT 70/30 (POLYACTIVE(R) 70/30), a degradable porous copolymer with elastic properties, was found to be osteoconductive in many animal studies. The aim of this study was to determine the osteoconductive effect in a human paired control iliac defect model. In seven patients undergoing anterior spinal interbody fusion surgery, two bicortical iliac defects for autograft harvesting were created. The defect size was identical for both defects measuring about 40 x 15 mm (group I). One defect was filled with the degradable implants, whereas the remaining one was left untreated as a control. The defect site for treatment was chosen randomly. In three further patients, only one defect measuring about 40 x 35 mm was created (group II). All patients were examined clinically and radiologically by spiral-CT after 1, 6, 12, 24, and 52 weeks. Three-dimensional reconstructions as well as CT-volumetric measurements using 1 mm sections were used as evaluation methods. In group I, a two-tailed paired t-test showed that the treated defects had significantly less formation of new bone than the untreated ones (p < 0.05 after 12 weeks, p < 0.01 after 52 weeks). Also, in group II, not much bone ingrowth could be observed. The histological evaluation of one patient in group I revealed no bone within the pores, and a fibrous layer between bone and implant was always present. Therefore, PEO/PBT 70/30 cannot be recommended as a bone substitute for clinical use. Differences in bone regeneration between humans and certain animal species as well as inapplicable defect models in previous animal studies are discussed as possible reasons for the failure.

  18. Quantifying the influence of previously burned areas on suppression effectiveness and avoided exposure: A case study of the Las Conchas Fire

    Matthew P. Thompson; Patrick Freeborn; Jon D. Rieck; Dave Calkin; Julie W. Gilbertson-Day; Mark A. Cochrane; Michael S. Hand


    We present a case study of the Las Conchas Fire (2011) to explore the role of previously burned areas (wildfires and prescribed fires) on suppression effectiveness and avoided exposure. Methodological innovations include characterisation of the joint dynamics of fire growth and suppression activities, development of a fire line effectiveness framework, and...

  19. Study of some physical aspects previous to design of an exponential experiment; Estudio de algunos aspectos fisicos previos al diseno de una experiencia exponencial

    Caro, R.; Francisco, J. L. de


    This report presents the theoretical study of some physical aspects previous to the design of an exponential facility. The are: Fast and slow flux distribution in the multiplicative medium and in the thermal column, slowing down in the thermal column, geometrical distribution and minimum needed intensity of sources access channels and perturbations produced by possible variations in its position and intensity. (Author) 4 refs.

  20. Phase II study of reintroduction of oxaliplatin for advanced colorectal cancer in patients previously treated with oxaliplatin and irinotecan: RE-OPEN study

    Suenaga M


    Full Text Available Mitsukuni Suenaga,1 Nobuyuki Mizunuma,1 Satoshi Matsusaka,1 Eiji Shinozaki,1 Masato Ozaka,1 Mariko Ogura,1 Toshiharu Yamaguchi21Department of Gastroenterology, 2Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo, JapanBackground: The effectiveness of reintroducing oxaliplatin in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer refractory to standard chemotherapy has not been verified. We performed a single-arm, open-label, Phase II study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of reintroducing oxaliplatin. Methods: Eligible patients had received prior chemotherapy including oxaliplatin and irinotecan that achieved a response or stable disease followed by confirmed disease progression ≥6 months previously during prior oxaliplatin-based therapy. The primary endpoint was the disease control rate (DCR after 12 weeks of treatment starting. The DCR was defined as the sum of patients with complete response, partial response, and stable disease. Results: Thirty-three patients were enrolled. The median age was 62 (range: 35–77 years and the male/female ratio was 19/14. Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status was 0 in 84.8%. Fourteen primary tumors were in the colon and 19 were in the rectum. All patients received modified FOLFOX6 as the protocol treatment. After 12 weeks of treatment starting, the DCR was 39.4% (95% confidence interval 21.8–57.0 and the response rate (complete response and partial response was 6.1%. The median number of chemotherapy cycles was five and the median total dose of oxaliplatin was 425 mg/m2. Median progression-free survival time was 98 days and median overall survival was 300 days. The incidence of grade ≥1 and grade ≥3 allergic reactions was 28.1% and 3.1%, respectively. The incidence of grade ≥1 and grade ≥3 peripheral sensory neuropathy was 53.1% and 0%, respectively. There were no other severe adverse events and no treatment

  1. Los Neutrinos Los Neutrinos

    Julián Félix


    Full Text Available From all the proposals to understand the structure of matter, and the way the natural world is conformed, the one about neutrinos is the most enigmatic, abstract, and foreign to immediate experience; however, this is the one that has delved more deeply over the nearly eighty years since it was formulated by Wolfgang Pauli –in 1930- as a radical proposition to understand nucleon decay, and the decay of other particles, without the violation of the principle of conservation of energy and momentum at subatomic level. This proposition has evolved through the years, and from Pauli’s original idea only the basic elements remain.This article contains the tale of the hypothesis of neutrinos, its early history, its evolution up to present day, and the efforts done nowadays to study them. In summary, this is the physics of neutrinos. De todas las propuestas para entender la estructura de la materia, y la conformación del mundo natural, los neutrinos es la más enigmática, abstracta, y ajena a la experiencia inmediata; sin embargo, es la que más hondo ha ido calando a lo largo de los ya casi ochenta años de haber sido formulada por Wolfgang Pauli –en el año 1930- como una medida radical para entender el decaimiento de los nucleones, y otras partículas, sin que se violara el principio de la conservación de la energía y del momento a nivel subatómico. La propuesta ha evolucionado a lo largo de los años, y de la idea original de Pauli ya sólo lo básico permanece. En este artículo está el relato de la hipótesis de los neutrinos, su historia primera, su evolución hasta el presente, los esfuerzos que en la actualidad se realizan para estudiarlos. En breve, ésta es la física de los neutrinos.

  2. ATLANTIC-DIP: prevalence of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus by International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Groups criteria.

    Noctor, Eoin; Crowe, Catherine; Carmody, Louise A; Kirwan, Breda; O'Dea, Angela; Glynn, Liam G; McGuire, Brian E; O'Shea, Paula M; Dunne, Fidelma P


    Women with previous gestational diabetes (GDM) are a high-risk group for future development of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. The new International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG) criteria significantly increase the number of women diagnosed with GDM. The long-term metabolic outcome in these women is unknown. We set out to determine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, using adult treatment panel-III criteria; and insulin resistance, using HOMA2-IR, in white European women with previous GDM. Using a cohort design, we invited women meeting IADPSG GDM criteria across four Irish antenatal centres between 2007 and 2010 to participate. Two hundred and sixty-five women with previous values meeting IADPSG criteria for GDM participated (44 % of the population eligible for participation). Mean age was 36.7 years (SD 5.0). These women were compared with a randomly selected control group of 378 women (mean age 37.6 years, SD 5.1) known to have normal glucose tolerance (NGT) in pregnancy during the same period. A total of 25.3 % of women with previous IADPSG-defined GDM met metabolic syndrome criteria, compared to 6.6 % of women with NGT [at 2.6 (SD 1.0) vs. 3.3 years (SD 0.7) post-partum]. The prevalence of HOMA2-IR >1.8 was higher in women with previous IADPSG-defined GDM (33.6 vs. 9.1 % with NGT, p Women with previous GDM by IADPSG criteria demonstrate a greater than threefold prevalence of metabolic syndrome compared to women with NGT in pregnancy. Efforts to prevent projected long-term consequences of this should focus on interventions both in the preconception and post-partum periods.

  3. Un estudio piloto sobre los cuidadores de ancianos. A pilot study on elderly care

    Alina Alfonso León


    Full Text Available A medida que aumenta el nivel de envejecimiento demográfico, crece el interés desde diversas áreas del conocimiento humano de investigar en esta sensible temática. Este trabajo constituye un acercamiento a una importante cuestión que puede ser enmarcada dentro de las relaciones intergeneracionales: el cuidado de las personas mayores, desde el punto de vista de la carga que recae sobre los que ejercen esa tarea. El análisis de un pequeño grupo de entrevistas, arroja luz sobre este tema en la sociedad cubana. Los resultados revelan que los cuidadores cubanos no escapan a los sentimientos de intensa sobrecarga y a las lógicas dudas sobre su capacidad de poder desarrollar a cabalidad esta actividad. Divulgar estos datos pretende promover la realización de estudios de este tipo, a mayor escala. Los mismos deben contribuir a mejorar la calidad de vida de los principales actores de esta actividad: los cuidadores y las personas necesitadas de cuidado. The increase of population ageing is a trigger for the development of scientific studies on that particular matter. This article deals with an important issue: the care of elderly people. The opinion of care providers is taking into account. It is a little pilot study, but it results highlighted feeling and concerns of those people regarding its abilities to conduct this task. The dissemination of the results could help the promotion of wider investigations. The goal is to improve of the quality of life of elderly and care provider.

  4. Prevention and health promotion in undergraduate medical education: Preferences, attitudes and previous knowledge of medical students - a cross-sectional study

    Klement, Andreas; Bretschneider, Kristin; Lautenschläger, Christine; Stang, Andreas; Herrmann, Markus; Haerting, Johannes


    Objective: The interdisciplinary topic "prevention and health promotion" (Q10) was introduced into the medical training in Germany by the new medical licensing regulations in 2004. For the conception of an effective curriculum, it is helpful to know student preferences concerning teaching-formats, attitudes and self-estimated previous knowledge. Little is known concerning student perception of “prevention and health promotion” in Germany. Thus, this explorative cross-sectional study aims to p...

  5. Continous controversy about radiation oncologists' choice of treatment regimens for bone metatases: should we blame doctors, canser-related features, or design of previous clinical studies

    Nieder, Carsten; Pawinski, Adam; Dalhaug, Astrid


    Recent studies from Italy, Japan and Norway have confirmed previous reports, which found that a large variety of palliative radiotherapy regimens are used for painful bone metastases. Routine use of single fraction treatment might or might not be the preferred institutional approach. It is not entirely clear why inter-physician and inter-institution differences continue to persist despite numerous randomized trials, meta-analyses and guidelines, which recommend against more costly and inconve...

  6. The impact of smoking and previous periodontal disease on peri-implant microbiota and health: a retrospective study up to 7-year follow-up.

    Quaranta, Alessandro; Assenza, Bartolomeo; D'Isidoro, Orlando; Profili, Fabia; Polimeni, Antonella; Vozza, Iole


    To evaluate the impact of smoking and previous periodontal disease on peri-implant microbiota and health in medium to long-term maintained patients. A retrospective evaluation of partial edentulous patients restored with dental implants and enrolled in a regular supportive therapy was performed. Inclusion criteria were: medium to long-term periodontal and implant maintenance (at least 5 years), a minimum of 2 implants placed in each patient, absence of systemic diseases that may affect osseointegration. 30 implants in 15 patients were included in the study. Subjects were divided in smokers or non-smokers and between patients previously affected by periodontal disease and periodontally healthy. Peri-implant and periodontal parameters were assessed (PD,BoP, mPI). Microbiological samples were collected around implant and an adjacent tooth. Real- Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) analysis was performed. In all the three groups no differences in bacterial counts between dental and implant sites were observed. Non smoker, healthy patients: healthy clinical parameters, significant counts of spirochetes in isolated patients. Non smokers with previous periodontal disease: occasional positive BoP values, significant high counts of pathogenic bacteria. Smokers with previous periodontal disease: clinical signs of inflammation including deep pockets and slight bone resorption, significant counts of pathogenic bacteria. Over a follow-up of 5 to 7 years, it is possible to state that the absence of smoking habit and previous periodontal disease positively influences the peri-implant microbiological and clinical conditions in partial edentulous patients restored with dental implants and enrolled in a strict regular supportive therapy.

  7. Role of previous hospitalization in clinically-significant MRSA infection among HIV-infected inpatients: results of a case-control study

    Festa Anna


    Full Text Available Abstract Background HIV-infected subjects have high incidence rates of Staphylococcus aureus infections, with both methicillin-susceptible and methicillin-resistant (MRSA strains. Possible explanations could include the high burden of colonization, the behavioral risk factors, and the frequent exposures to health care facilities of HIV-infected patients. The purpose of the study was to assess the risk factors for clinically- significant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CS-MRSA infections in HIV-infected patients admitted to Infectious Diseases Units. Methods From January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2005, we conducted a retrospective case-control (1:2 study. We identified all the cases of CS-MRSA infections in HIV-infected patients admitted to the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (INMI "Lazzaro Spallanzani" in the 4-year study period. A conditional logistic regression model was used to identify risk factors for CS-MRSA infection. Results We found 27 CS-MRSA infections, i.e. 0.9 CS-MRSA infections per 100 HIV-infected individuals cared for in our Institute. At multivariate analysis, independent predictors of CS-MRSA infection were cumulative hospital stay, invasive procedures in the previous year, and low CD4 cell count. Particularly, the risk for CS-MRSA increased by 14% per an increase of 5 days hospitalization in the previous year. Finally, we identified a low frequency of community-acquired MRSA infections (only 1 of 27; 3.7% among HIV-infected patients. Conclusion Clinicians should be aware of the risk for CS-MRSA infection in the clinical management of HIV-infected patients, especially in those patients with a low CD4 cell count, longer previous hospital stay, and previous invasive procedures.

  8. Role of previous hospitalization in clinically-significant MRSA infection among HIV-infected inpatients: results of a case-control study

    Drapeau, Cecilia MJ; Angeletti, Claudio; Festa, Anna; Petrosillo, Nicola


    Background HIV-infected subjects have high incidence rates of Staphylococcus aureus infections, with both methicillin-susceptible and methicillin-resistant (MRSA) strains. Possible explanations could include the high burden of colonization, the behavioral risk factors, and the frequent exposures to health care facilities of HIV-infected patients. The purpose of the study was to assess the risk factors for clinically- significant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CS-MRSA) infections in HIV-infected patients admitted to Infectious Diseases Units. Methods From January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2005, we conducted a retrospective case-control (1:2) study. We identified all the cases of CS-MRSA infections in HIV-infected patients admitted to the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (INMI) "Lazzaro Spallanzani" in the 4-year study period. A conditional logistic regression model was used to identify risk factors for CS-MRSA infection. Results We found 27 CS-MRSA infections, i.e. 0.9 CS-MRSA infections per 100 HIV-infected individuals cared for in our Institute. At multivariate analysis, independent predictors of CS-MRSA infection were cumulative hospital stay, invasive procedures in the previous year, and low CD4 cell count. Particularly, the risk for CS-MRSA increased by 14% per an increase of 5 days hospitalization in the previous year. Finally, we identified a low frequency of community-acquired MRSA infections (only 1 of 27; 3.7%) among HIV-infected patients. Conclusion Clinicians should be aware of the risk for CS-MRSA infection in the clinical management of HIV-infected patients, especially in those patients with a low CD4 cell count, longer previous hospital stay, and previous invasive procedures. PMID:17470274




    Full Text Available El artículo busca hacer una introducción al trabajo de una de las escuelas de pensamiento más importantes de las ciencias de gestión contemporáneas, los Critical Management Studies (CMS o Estudios Críticos en Gestión, corriente surgida inicialmente en Europa pero que cuenta con cada vez más practicantes alrededor del mundo y cuyos aportes teóricos y metodológicos pueden contribuir al desarrollo de la disciplina administrativa en nuestro contexto, dando pistas para el estudio crítico y reflexivo de la realidad organizacional colombiana. El artículo inicia con una reflexión sobre el estado actual de la literatura crítica en administración en Colombia. A continuación se examinan las condiciones de surgimiento de los CMS y los principales medios de divulgación de sus trabajos. Luego se hace una exposición de los elementos que distinguen dicha corriente de otras posturas críticas sobre el management, identificando conceptos y autores relevantes. Por último, se presenta uno de los principales objetos de trabajo de los CMS: la reflexión sobre el problema de la emancipación.

  10. Is Acropora palmata recovering? A case study in Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

    Cavada-Blanco, Francoise; Zubillaga, Ainhoa L.; Agudo-Adriani, Esteban A.; Sweet, Michael


    Eight years ago (2007), the distribution and status of Acropora palmata was quantified throughout Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. The aim was to produce a baseline study for this species which combined population genetics with demographic data. The results highlighted that A. palmata had the potential to recover in at least 6 out of 10 sites surveyed. Recovery potential was assumed to be high at sites with a relatively high abundance of the coral, low disease prevalence, high genetic diversity, and high rates of sexual reproduction. However, as noted, Zubillaga et al. (2008) realized recovery was still strongly dependent on local and regional stressors. In 2014 (this study), the status of A. palmata was re-evaluated at Los Roques. We increased the number of sites from 10 in the original baseline study to 106. This allowed us to assess the population status throughout the entirety of the MPA. Furthermore, we also identified local threats that may have hindered population recovery. Here, we show that A. palmata now has a relatively restricted distribution throughout the park, only occurring in 15% of the sites surveyed. Large stands of old dead colonies were common throughout the archipelago; a result which demonstrates that this species has lost almost 50% of its original distribution over the past decades. The majority of corals recorded were large adults (∼2 m height), suggesting that these older colonies might be less susceptible or more resilient to local and global threats. However, 45% of these surviving colonies showed evidence of partial mortality and degradation of living tissues. Interestingly, the greatest increase in partial mortality occurred at sites with the lowest levels of protection (\\documentclass[12pt]{minimal} \\usepackage{amsmath} \\usepackage{wasysym} \\usepackage{amsfonts} \\usepackage{amssymb} \\usepackage{amsbsy} \\usepackage{upgreek} \\usepackage{mathrsfs} \\setlength{\\oddsidemargin}{-69pt} \\begin{document} }{}${X}_{o}^{2

  11. Phase II study of capecitabine as palliative treatment for patients with recurrent and metastatic squamous head and neck cancer after previous platinum-based treatment

    Martinez-Trufero, J; Isla, D; Adansa, J C; Irigoyen, A; Hitt, R; Gil-Arnaiz, I; Lambea, J; Lecumberri, M J; Cruz, J J


    Background: Platinum-based therapy (PBT) is the standard therapy for recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck cancer (HNC), but the incidence of recurrence remains high. This study evaluates the efficacy and tolerability of capecitabine as palliative monotherapy for recurrent HNC previously treated with PBT. Methods: Patients aged 18–75 years, with Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status 0–2, squamous HNC with locoregional and/or metastatic recurrence previously treated with PBT and adequate organ functions, were included. Capecitabine (1.250 mg m−2 BID) was administered on days 1–14 every 21 days for at least two cycles. Results: A total of 40 male patients with a median age of 58 years were analysed. All patients received a median number of four cycles of capecitabine (range: 1–9) and the median relative dose intensity was 91%. Seven patients were not evaluable for response. Overall response rate was 24.2%. Median time to progression and overall survival were 4.8 and 7.3 months, respectively. Haematological adverse events (AEs) grade 3/4 were reported in six patients. Most common grade 3/4 non-haematological AEs were asthenia (12.5%), palmar-plantar eritrodisestesia (10%), mucositis (10%), dysphagia (10%) and diarrhoea (7.5%). Conclusions: Capecitabine seems to be an active, feasible and well-tolerated mode of palliative treatment for advanced HNC patients who have previously received PBT schedules. PMID:20485287

  12. Study of plaster finishes on San Pedro de los Francos church at Calatayud

    Sánchez de Rojas, Mª I


    Full Text Available This study of the plaster finishes on San Pedro de los Francos Church at Calatayud revealed, firstly, the stratigraphic sequence based on the interpretation of the bonding interfaces; and secondly, the evolution of placement techniques from mudéjar style textured and painted false stonework (15th century to the smooth plastering and paint typical of later phases. Finally, scanning electron microscope (SEM, energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX and X-ray diffraction (XRD studies showed that gypsum and anhydrite are the main components of both binder and aggregate in these mortars. In other words, they constitute traditional multiphase plasters whose coarser particles or aggregate were a byproduct of the artisanal manufacturing process.El estudio de los enlucidos de la iglesia de San Pedro de los Francos de Calatayud ha permitido demostrar, en primer lugar, la secuencia estratigráfica mediante la lectura de la interfase de adherencia; en segundo lugar, la evolución de las técnicas de aplicación, desde el enlucido mudéjar, un fingido de piedra agramilado y pintado (siglo XV, hasta los enlucidos lisos y pinturas aplicados posteriormente. Y, finalmente, a través de los estudios de microscopía electrónica de barrido (SEM, microanálisis por energía dispersiva de rayos X (EDX y de difracción de rayos X (DRX, se ha determinado que son morteros en los que tanto el conglomerante como el árido son yeso y anhidrita, que correspondería a un yeso tradicional multifase, cuyos granos más gruesos analizados como áridos proceden del producto obtenido artesanalmente.

  13. Risk for High Depressive Symptoms in Diagnosed and Previously Undetected Diabetes: 5-Year Follow-Up Results of the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study

    Icks, Andrea; Albers, Bernd; Haastert, Burkhard; Pechlivanis, Sonali; Pundt, Noreen; Slomiany, Uta; Erbel, Raimund; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Kruse, Johannes; Kulzer, Bernd; Nowotny, Bettina; Herder, Christian; Giani, Guido; Moebus, Susanne


    Objective The objective of this study was to determine the risk for the development of high depressive symptoms in study participants with diagnosed and previously undetected diabetes mellitus compared to those without diabetes in a prospective population-based cohort study in Germany. Methods We estimated the 5-year cumulative incidence of high depressive symptoms in participants without high depressive symptoms at baseline (n = 3,633, 51.4% men, mean age (SD) 59.1 (7.6) years, 7.0% diagnosed diabetes, 5.3% previously undetected diabetes) from the population-based Heinz Nixdorf Recall study. Diabetes was assessed by self-report, medication, and blood glucose. High depressive symptoms were assessed using CES-D. We calculated odds ratios and their corresponding 95% confidence interval, using multiple logistic regression analyses. Result Cumulative 5-year incidences (95% CI) of high depressive symptoms in participants with diagnosed, undetected, and without diabetes were 7.1 (4.2–10.9), 4.1 (1.8–8.0), and 6.5 (5.6–7.4), respectively. The age-sex-adjusted OR for developing high depressive symptoms was 1.22 (0.74–2.03) in participants with diagnosed compared to those without diabetes, and 1.00 (0.59–1.68) after adjustment for BMI, physical activity, education, stroke, and myocardial infarction. The age-sex adjusted OR for developing high depressive symptoms in participants with previously undetected diabetes compared to those without diabetes was 0.72; 0.35–1.48; and fully adjusted 0.62; 0.30–1.30. Conclusion We found no significant associations, maybe due to low power. However, our results are in line with a recent meta-analysis suggesting that risk of developing high depressive symptoms in patients with diagnosed diabetes may be moderately higher than in those without diabetes, and that comorbidity may explain in part this association. In participants with previously undetected diabetes, this first longitudinal study indicates that the risk is not

  14. Risk for high depressive symptoms in diagnosed and previously undetected diabetes: 5-year follow-up results of the Heinz Nixdorf Recall study.

    Andrea Icks

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the risk for the development of high depressive symptoms in study participants with diagnosed and previously undetected diabetes mellitus compared to those without diabetes in a prospective population-based cohort study in Germany. METHODS: We estimated the 5-year cumulative incidence of high depressive symptoms in participants without high depressive symptoms at baseline (n = 3,633, 51.4% men, mean age (SD 59.1 (7.6 years, 7.0% diagnosed diabetes, 5.3% previously undetected diabetes from the population-based Heinz Nixdorf Recall study. Diabetes was assessed by self-report, medication, and blood glucose. High depressive symptoms were assessed using CES-D. We calculated odds ratios and their corresponding 95% confidence interval, using multiple logistic regression analyses. RESULT: Cumulative 5-year incidences (95% CI of high depressive symptoms in participants with diagnosed, undetected, and without diabetes were 7.1 (4.2-10.9, 4.1 (1.8-8.0, and 6.5 (5.6-7.4, respectively. The age-sex-adjusted OR for developing high depressive symptoms was 1.22 (0.74-2.03 in participants with diagnosed compared to those without diabetes, and 1.00 (0.59-1.68 after adjustment for BMI, physical activity, education, stroke, and myocardial infarction. The age-sex adjusted OR for developing high depressive symptoms in participants with previously undetected diabetes compared to those without diabetes was 0.72; 0.35-1.48; and fully adjusted 0.62; 0.30-1.30. CONCLUSION: We found no significant associations, maybe due to low power. However, our results are in line with a recent meta-analysis suggesting that risk of developing high depressive symptoms in patients with diagnosed diabetes may be moderately higher than in those without diabetes, and that comorbidity may explain in part this association. In participants with previously undetected diabetes, this first longitudinal study indicates that the risk is not

  15. 76 FR 28453 - Cesar Chavez Special Resource Study-Alameda, Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Monterey...


    ... site for NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment, and will be advertised in a newsletter which... National Park Service Cesar Chavez Special Resource Study--Alameda, Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles..., Stanislaus, Tulare and Ventura Counties, CA, and Maricopa and Yuma Counties, AZ AGENCY: National Park...

  16. Shallow landslide susceptibility model for the Oria river basin, Gipuzkoa province (North of Spain). Application of the logistic regression and comparison with previous studies.

    Bornaetxea, Txomin; Antigüedad, Iñaki; Ormaetxea, Orbange


    In the Oria river basin (885 km2) shallow landslides are very frequent and they produce several roadblocks and damage in the infrastructure and properties, causing big economic loss every year. Considering that the zonification of the territory in different landslide susceptibility levels provides a useful tool for the territorial planning and natural risk management, this study has the objective of identifying the most prone landslide places applying an objective and reproducible methodology. To do so, a quantitative multivariate methodology, the logistic regression, has been used. Fieldwork landslide points and randomly selected stable points have been used along with Lithology, Land Use, Distance to the transport infrastructure, Altitude, Senoidal Slope and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) independent variables to carry out a landslide susceptibility map. The model has been validated by the prediction and success rate curves and their corresponding area under the curve (AUC). In addition, the result has been compared to those from two landslide susceptibility models, covering the study area previously applied in different scales, such as ELSUS1000 version 1 (2013) and Landslide Susceptibility Map of Gipuzkoa (2007). Validation results show an excellent prediction capacity of the proposed model (AUC 0,962), and comparisons highlight big differences with previous studies.

  17. Food intake during the previous 24 h as a percentage of usual intake: a marker of hypoxia in infants with bronchiolitis: an observational, prospective, multicenter study

    Corrard François


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hypoxia associated with bronchiolitis is not always easy to assess on clinical grounds alone. The aim of this study was to determine the value of food intake during the previous 24 hours (bottle and spoon feeding, as a percentage of usual intake (24h FI, as a marker of hypoxia, and to compare its diagnostic value with that of usual clinical signs. Methods In this observational, prospective, multicenter study, 18 community pediatricians, enrolled 171 infants, aged from 0 to 6 months, with bronchiolitis (rhinorrhea + dyspnea + cough + expiratory sounds. Infants with risk factors (history of prematurity, chronic heart or lung disorders, breast-fed infants, and infants having previously been treated for bronchial disorders were excluded. The 24h FI, subcostal, intercostal, supracostal retractions, nasal flaring, respiratory rate, pauses, cyanosis, rectal temperature and respiratory syncytial virus test results were noted. The highest stable value of transcutaneous oxygen saturation (SpO2 was recorded. Hypoxia was noted if SpO2 was below 95% and verified. Results 24h FI ≥ 50% was associated with a 96% likelihood of SpO2 ≥ 95% [95% CI, 91–99]. In univariate analysis, 24h FI  Conclusion In practice, the measure of 24 h FI may be useful in identifying hypoxia and deserves further study.

  18. Four Forensic Entomology Case Studies: Records and Behavioral Observations on Seldom Reported Cadaver Fauna With Notes on Relevant Previous Occurrences and Ecology.

    Lindgren, Natalie K; Sisson, Melissa S; Archambeault, Alan D; Rahlwes, Brent C; Willett, James R; Bucheli, Sibyl R


    A yearlong survey of insect taxa associated with human decomposition was conducted at the Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science (STAFS) facility located in the Center for Biological Field Studies of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. During this study, four insect-cadaver interactions were observed that represent previously poorly documented yet forensically significant interactions: Syrphidae maggots colonized a corpse in an aquatic situation; Psychodidae adults mated and oviposited on an algal film that was present on a corpse that had been recently removed from water; several Panorpidae were the first insects to feed upon a freshly placed corpse in the autumn; and a noctuid caterpillar was found chewing and ingesting dried human skin. Baseline knowledge of insect-cadaver interactions is the foundation of forensic entomology, and unique observations have the potential to expand our understanding of decomposition ecology.

  19. Vitamin D deficiency in medical patients at a central hospital in Malawi: a comparison with TB patients from a previous study.

    Yamikani Mastala

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: To determine the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency (VDD in adult medical, non-tuberculous (non-TB patients. To investigate associations with VDD. To compare the results with a similar study in TB patients at the same hospital. DESIGN: Cross-sectional sample. SETTING: Central hospital in Malawi. PARTICIPANTS: Adult non-TB patients (n = 157, inpatients and outpatients. OUTCOME MEASURES: The primary outcome was the prevalence of VDD. Potentially causal associations sought included nutritional status, in/outpatient status, HIV status, anti-retroviral therapy (ART and, by comparison with a previous study, a diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB. RESULTS: Hypovitaminosis D (≤75 nmol/L occurred in 47.8% (75/157 of patients, 16.6% (26/157 of whom had VDD (≤50 nmol/L. None had severe VDD (≤25 nmol/L. VDD was found in 22.8% (23/101 of in-patients and 5.4% (3/56 of out-patients. In univariable analysis in-patient status, ART use and low dietary vitamin D were significant predictors of VDD. VDD was less prevalent than in previously studied TB patients in the same hospital (68/161 = 42%. In multivariate analysis of the combined data set from both studies, having TB (OR 3.61, 95%CI 2.02-6.43 and being an in-patient (OR 2.70, 95%CI 1.46-5.01 were significant independent predictors of VDD. CONCLUSIONS: About half of adult medical patients without TB have suboptimal vitamin D status, which is more common in in-patients. VDD is much more common in TB patients than non-TB patients, even when other variables are controlled for, suggesting that vitamin D deficiency is associated with TB.

  20. Myocardial adaptation to high-intensity (interval) training in previously untrained men with a longitudinal cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging study (Running Study and Heart Trial).

    Scharf, Michael; Schmid, Axel; Kemmler, Wolfgang; von Stengel, Simon; May, Matthias S; Wuest, Wolfgang; Achenbach, Stephan; Uder, Michael; Lell, Michael M


    To prospectively evaluate whether short-term high-intensity (interval) training (HI(I)T) induces detectable morphological cardiac changes in previously untrained men in cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. Eighty-four untrained volunteers were randomly assigned to a HI(I)T group (n=42; 44.1±4.7 years) or an inactive control group (n=42; 42.3±5.6 years). HI(I)T focused on interval runs (intensity: 95%-105% of individually calculated heart rate at the anaerobic threshold). Before and after 16 weeks, all subjects underwent physiological examination, stepwise treadmill test with blood lactate analysis, and contrast-enhanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (cine, tagging, and delayed enhancement). Indexed left ventricular (LV) and right ventricular (RV) volume (LV, 77.1±8.5-83.9±8.6; RV, 80.5±8.5-86.6±8.1) and mass (LV, 58.2±6.4-63.4±8.1; RV, 14.8±1.7-16.1±2.1) significantly increased with HI(I)T. Changes in LV and RV morphological parameters with HI(I)T were highly correlated with an increase in maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max) and a decrease in blood lactate concentration at the anaerobic threshold. Mean LV and RV remodeling index of HI(I)T group did not alter with training (0.76 ±0.09 and 0.24±0.10 g/mL, respectively [P=0.97 and P=0.72]), indicating balanced cardiac adaptation. Myocardial circumferential strain decreased after HI(I)T within all 6 basal segments (anteroseptal, P=0.01 and anterolateral, PHeart Association, Inc.

  1. Biomechanical jumping differences among elite female handball players with and without previous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a novel inertial sensor unit study.

    Setuain, Igor; Millor, Nora; González-Izal, Miriam; Gorostiaga, Esteban M; Gómez, Marisol; Alfaro-Adrián, Jesús; Maffiuletti, Nicola A; Izquierdo, Mikel


    Persistent biomechanical and jumping capacity alterations have been observed among female athletes who have sustained anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. The purpose of this study was to examine if biomechanical jumping differences persist among a cohort of elite female handball players with previous ACL reconstruction several years after return to top-level competition. In order to achieve this goal, a direct mechanics simplified analysis by using a single Inertial Sensor Unit (IU) was used. Twenty-one elite female (6 anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed and 15 uninjured control players) handball players were recruited and evaluated 6.0 ± 3.5 years after surgical anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Bilateral and unilateral vertical jumps were performed to evaluate the functional performance and a single inertial sensor unit was employed in order to collect 3D acceleration and 3D orientation data. Previously ACL-reconstructed analysed athletes demonstrated significant (p reconstruction. Identification of the encountered deficits through the use of an IU devise could provide clinicians with a new reliable tool for movement analysis in a clinical setting.

  2. A longitudinal study of relationships between previous academic achievement, emotional intelligence and personality traits with psychological health of medical students during stressful periods.

    Yusoff, Muhamad Saiful Bahri; Esa, Ab Rahman; Mat Pa, Mohamad Najib; Mey, See Ching; Aziz, Rosniza Abdul; Abdul Rahim, Ahmad Fuad


    There is considerable evidence that emotional intelligence, previous academic achievement (i.e. cumulative grade point average (GPA)) and personality are associated with success in various occupational settings. This study evaluated the relationships of these variables with psychological health of first year medical students during stressful periods. A 1-year prospective study was done with students accepted into the School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Information on emotional intelligence, GPA and personality traits were obtained prior to admission. The validated Universiti Sains Malaysia Emotional Quotient Inventory and Universiti Sains Malaysia Personality Inventory were used to measure emotional intelligence and personality traits, respectively. Stress, anxiety and depression were measured by the 21-item Depression Anxiety Stress Scale during the end-of-course (time 1) and final (time 2) examinations. At the less stressful period (time 1), stress level was associated with agreeableness and the final GPA, anxiety level was associated with emotional control and emotional conscientiousness and depression level was associated with the final GPA and extraversion. At the more stressful period (time 2), neuroticism associated with stress level, anxiety level was associated with neuroticism and emotional expression, and depression level was associated with neuroticism. This study found that neuroticism was the strongest associated factor of psychological health of medical students during their most stressful testing period. Various personality traits, emotional intelligence and previous academic performance were associated factors of psychological health during a less stressful period. These data suggest that early identification of medical students who are vulnerable to the stressful environment of medical schools might help them maintain psychological well-being during medical training.

  3. Study on the Properties of TiN Coatings on Previously Ion-Implanted Pure Magnesium Surface by MEVVA Ion Implantation

    ZHOU Hai; CHEN Fei; WANG Jian-ping


    A metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) is used in ion implantation for substrate preparation before the deposition process which would ensure the improvement of mechanical properties of the coating.Ti ion is implanted into pure magnesium surface by MEVVA implanter operated with a modified cathode.Implanting energy is kept at 45 keV and dose is set at 3×1017 cm-2.TiN coatings are deposited by magnetically filtered vacuum-arc plasma source on unimplanted and previously implanted substrates.Microstructure and phase composition are analysed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD).The property of corrosion resistance of TiN coatings was studied by CS300P electrochemistry-corrosion workstation,and the main impact factor of the corrosion resistance was also analyzed.

  4. Phase II study of a 3-day schedule with topotecan and cisplatin in patients with previously untreated small cell lung cancer and extensive disease

    Sorensen, M.; Lassen, Ulrik Niels; Jensen, Peter Buhl;


    and cisplatin are needed. The aim of this phase II study was to establish the response rate and response duration in chemo-naive patients with SCLC receiving a 3-day topotecan and cisplatin schedule. METHODS: Simons optimal two-stage design was used. Patients with previously untreated extensive disease SCLC......, adequate organ functions and performance status less than 3 were eligible. Topotecan (2.0 mg/m, intravenously) was administered on days 1 to 3 with cisplatin (50 mg/m, intravenously) on day 3 every 3 weeks for a total of six cycles. RESULTS: Forty-three patients received 219 cycles of chemotherapy. Median.......3-7.7), respectively. CONCLUSION: Three-day topotecan with cisplatin on day 3 is active and safe in extensive disease SCLC. An ongoing phase III randomized trial compares this combination to standard treatment Udgivelsesdato: 2008/8...


    Hausmann, Jennifer C; Wack, Allison N; Allender, Matthew C; Cranfield, Mike R; Murphy, Kevin J; Barrett, Kevin; Romero, Jennell L; Wellehan, James F X; Blum, Stella A; Zink, M Christine; Bronson, Ellen


    The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore experienced an outbreak of Frog virus-3 (FV3)-like ranavirus during the summer of 2011, during which 14 of 27 (52%) of its captive eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina) survived. To assess survival, immunity, and viral shedding, an experimental challenge study was performed in which the surviving, previously infected turtles were reinfected with the outbreak strain of FV3-like ranavirus. Seven turtles were inoculated with virus intramuscularly and four control turtles received saline intramuscularly. The turtles were monitored for 8 wk with blood and oral swabs collected for quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). During that time, one of seven (14%) inoculated turtles and none of the controls (0%) died; there was no significant difference in survival. Clinical signs of the inoculated turtles, except for the turtle that died, were mild compared to the original outbreak. Quantitative PCR for FV3-like ranavirus on blood and oral swabs was positive for all inoculated turtles and negative for all controls. The turtle that died had intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies in multiple organs. Three inoculated and two control turtles were euthanized at the end of the study. No inclusion bodies were present in any of the organs. Quantitative PCR detected FV3-like ranavirus in the spleen of a control turtle, which suggested persistence of the virus. The surviving five turtles were qPCR-negative for FV3-like ranavirus from blood and oral swabs after brumation. Quantitative PCR for Terrapene herpesvirus 1 found no association between ranavirus infection and herpesvirus loads. In conclusion, previously infected eastern box turtles can be reinfected with the same strain of FV3-like ranavirus and show mild to no clinical signs but can shed the virus from the oral cavity.

  6. Clinical evaluation of balloon occlusion of the lower abdominal aorta in patients with placenta previa and previous cesarean section: A retrospective study on 43 cases.

    Chen, Manru; Xie, Lan


    This study investigated the efficacy of balloon occlusion of the lower abdominal aorta in cesarean section surgery for the patients with placenta previa and previous cesarean section. The patients who had placenta previa and underwent cesarean section (CS) were evaluated. The patients treated with CS to terminate the pregnancy were used as control group (23 cases); the patients treated with the preset abdominal aorta balloon before CS was taken as study group (20 cases). The investigated indicators included the intraoperative blood loss, blood loss within postoperative 24 h, the transfusion amount of red cell suspension (RCS), hospital stay, incidence rate of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), the asphyxia, premature delivery and the mortality of the newborns. The two groups are comparable. The intraoperative blood loss, blood loss within postoperative 24 h, the transfusion amount of RCS and the percentage of uterus resection in the study group were significantly lower (P < 0.05) than that in the control group. The percentage of uterine cavity filling with ribbon gauze in the study group was higher than the control group (P < 0.05). The balloon occlusion of lower abdominal aorta seems effective in reducing postpartum hemorrhage and the blood transfusion and decreasing the risk of hysterectomy without harming the newborns. Copyright © 2016 IJS Publishing Group Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Biomarker-driven trial in metastatic pancreas cancer: feasibility in a multicenter study of saracatinib, an oral Src inhibitor, in previously treated pancreatic cancer.

    Arcaroli, John; Quackenbush, Kevin; Dasari, Arvind; Powell, Rebecca; McManus, Martine; Tan, Aik-Choon; Foster, Nathan R; Picus, Joel; Wright, John; Nallapareddy, Sujatha; Erlichman, Charles; Hidalgo, Manuel; Messersmith, Wells A


    Src tyrosine kinases are overexpressed in pancreatic cancers, and the oral Src inhibitor saracatinib has shown antitumor activity in preclinical models of pancreas cancer. We performed a CTEP-sponsored Phase II clinical trial of saracatinib in previously treated pancreas cancer patients, with a primary endpoint of 6-month survival. A Simon MinMax two-stage phase II design was used. Saracatinib (175 mg/day) was administered orally continuously in 28-day cycles. In the unselected portion of the study, 18 patients were evaluable. Only two (11%) patients survived for at least 6 months, and three 6-month survivors were required to move to second stage of study as originally designed. The study was amended as a biomarker-driven trial (leucine rich repeat containing protein 19 [LRRC19] > insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 [IGFBP2] "top scoring pairs" polymerase chain reaction [PCR] assay, and PIK3CA mutant) based on preclinical data in a human pancreas tumor explant model. In the biomarker study, archival tumor tissue or fresh tumor biopsies were tested. Biomarker-positive patients were eligible for the study. Only one patient was PIK3CA mutant in a 3' untranslated region (UTR) portion of the gene. This patient was enrolled in the study and failed to meet the 6-month survival endpoint. As the frequency of biomarker-positive patients was very low (pancreatic cancer patients treated with a Src inhibitor based on a biomarker would improve 6-month survival, we demonstrate that testing pancreatic tumor samples for a biomarker-driven, multicenter study in metastatic pancreas cancer is feasible.

  8. A Phase III Study of Durvalumab (MEDI4736) With or Without Tremelimumab for Previously Treated Patients With Advanced NSCLC: Rationale and Protocol Design of the ARCTIC Study.

    Planchard, David; Yokoi, Takashi; McCleod, Michael J; Fischer, Jürgen R; Kim, Young-Chul; Ballas, Marc; Shi, Kelvin; Soria, Jean-Charles


    Anti-programmed cell death-1 and anti-programmed cell death ligand-1 (PD-L1) monotherapies have shown promising clinical activity in advanced, refractory non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), but antitumor activity appears to be greater in patients with PD-L1(+) tumors compared with patients harboring PD-L1(-) tumors. Combining the anti-PD-L1 antibody durvalumab and the anti-cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 antibody tremelimumab offers the potential for antitumor activity in patients with advanced NSCLC, regardless of PD-L1 tumor status. ARCTIC (NCT02352948) is a global, phase III, randomized, open-label multicenter study in patients with advanced NSCLC assessing the safety and clinical activity of durvalumab versus standard of care (SoC; erlotinib, gemcitabine, or vinorelbine) in patients with PD-L1(+) tumors (≥25% of tumor cells with membrane staining using VENTANA PD-L1 [SP263] CDx Assay) (Sub-study A) and the combination of durvalumab + tremelimumab or either agent as monotherapy versus SoC in patients with PD-L1(-) tumors (Sub-study B). Eligible patients are those with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC (Stage IIIB/IV), without epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase activating mutations or anaplastic lymphoma kinase rearrangements, who have received at least 2 prior systemic regimens, including 1 platinum-based chemotherapy regimen. Co-primary endpoints are progression-free survival and overall survival. Secondary endpoints include the proportion of patients alive at 12 months, objective response rate, duration of response, progression-free survival at 6 and 12 months, safety and tolerability, pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity, and quality of life. The exploratory endpoints will assess potential biomarkers of treatment response. Recruitment started in January 2015 and is ongoing.

  9. Phase III study of 5FU, etoposide and leucovorin (FELV) compared to epirubicin, cisplatin and 5FU (ECF) in previously untreated patients with advanced biliary cancer.

    Rao, S; Cunningham, D; Hawkins, R E; Hill, M E; Smith, D; Daniel, F; Ross, P J; Oates, J; Norman, A R


    The purpose of this study was to determine whether epirubicin, cisplatin and infused 5FU (ECF) improves overall survival (OS) compared to 5FU, etoposide and leucovorin (FELV) in patients with previously untreated advanced biliary cancer in a prospective randomised study. Patients were randomly assigned to receive epirubicin, cisplatin and infused 5FU ECF or bolus 5FU etoposide and leucovorin (FELV). The primary end point was OS with secondary end points of objective response rate (ORR), failure-free survival (FFS), quality of life (QOL) and toxicity. In all, 54 patients were recruited with 27 randomly assigned to each arm. The median OS for ECF was 9.02 months (95% confidence interval (CI): 6.46-11.51) and FELV 12.03 months (95% CI: 9.3-14.7), P=0.2059. Objective response rates were similar for both arms: ECF 19.2% (95% CI: 6.55-39.3); FELV 15% (95% CI: 3.2-37.9), P=0.72. There was significantly increased grade 3/4 neutropenia with FELV vs ECF (53.8 vs 29.5%, respectively, P=0.020). Symptom resolution was impressive for both regimens. This is the largest reported randomised study to date in this setting. ECF did not improve OS compared to FELV, but was associated with less acute toxicity. These data suggest that chemotherapy can prolong OS and achieve good symptomatic relief in advanced biliary cancer.

  10. Plantar pressure in diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients with active foot ulceration, previous ulceration and no history of ulceration: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

    Malindu Eranga Fernando

    Full Text Available AIMS: Elevated dynamic plantar pressures are a consistent finding in diabetes patients with peripheral neuropathy with implications for plantar foot ulceration. This meta-analysis aimed to compare the plantar pressures of diabetes patients that had peripheral neuropathy and those with neuropathy with active or previous foot ulcers. METHODS: Published articles were identified from Medline via OVID, CINAHL, SCOPUS, INFORMIT, Cochrane Central EMBASE via OVID and Web of Science via ISI Web of Knowledge bibliographic databases. Observational studies reporting barefoot dynamic plantar pressure in adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, where at least one group had a history of plantar foot ulcers were included. Interventional studies, shod plantar pressure studies and studies not published in English were excluded. Overall mean peak plantar pressure (MPP and pressure time integral (PTI were primary outcomes. The six secondary outcomes were MPP and PTI at the rear foot, mid foot and fore foot. The protocol of the meta-analysis was published with PROPSERO, (registration number CRD42013004310. RESULTS: Eight observational studies were included. Overall MPP and PTI were greater in diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients with foot ulceration compared to those without ulceration (standardised mean difference 0.551, 95% CI 0.290-0.811, p<0.001; and 0.762, 95% CI 0.303-1.221, p = 0.001, respectively. Sub-group analyses demonstrated no significant difference in MPP for those with neuropathy with active ulceration compared to those without ulcers. A significant difference in MPP was found for those with neuropathy with a past history of ulceration compared to those without ulcers; (0.467, 95% CI 0.181- 0.753, p = 0.001. Statistical heterogeneity between studies was moderate. CONCLUSIONS: Plantar pressures appear to be significantly higher in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy with a history of foot ulceration compared to those with diabetic

  11. The influence of previous infections and antichlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity on functional outcome in ischemic stroke patients: results from the IN2 study.

    Consoli, Domenico; Vidale, Simone; Aguglia, Umberto; Bassi, Pietro; Cavallini, Anna; Consoli, Arturo; Galati, Franco; Guidetti, Donata; Micieli, Giuseppe; Neri, Giuseppe; Rasura, Maurizia; Sterzi, Roberto; Toni, Danilo; Inzitari, Domenico


    Although a growing attention is being paid to acute ischemic stroke patients, the correlation between clinical outcome and infectious events in this population has been poorly investigated. 749 ischemic stroke (mean age 71 years old, males 56%) patients were enrolled in this prospective case-control study by 11 Italian Stroke Units. Demographic data, vascular risk factors, previous infections and post-stroke infections (PSIs) were recorded. Blood samples were collected and the enzyme-linked immunoassay was chosen to measure Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG and IgA plasma antibodies (antibody titers were classified with specific cut-off levels: IgA > 1:16 and IgG > 1:64). Early poor outcome was defined as mRS score >2 at discharge, while poor outcome at 6-month follow-up. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed. Median NIHSS was 7, IgA and IgG antichlamydia pneumoniae seropositivities were observed in 308 (37.1%) and 207 (23.6%) patients, respectively. Multivariate analyses showed significant correlations between PSIs and NIHSS (RR: 1.06; 95% CI 1.02-1.09; p < 0.001) and PSIs and IgA antichlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity (RR: 3.84; 95% CI 2.53-5.84; p < 0.001). Significant disability was associated with baseline NIHSS (RR: 1.32; 95% CI 1.16-1.50; p < 0.001), IgA (RR: 2.67; 95% CI 1.06-6.70; p = 0.035) and IgG antichlamydia (RR: 5.75; 95% CI 1.83-18.03; p = 0.003) seropositivity and atrial fibrillation (RR: 2.58; 95% CI 1.81-3.67; p < 0.001). While previous infections were not associated with functional outcome, antichlamydia antibodies play a negative role in ischemic stroke patients. Preventive strategies may reduce the stroke burden and improve the clinical outcome.

  12. A Retrospective Case-Control Study Evaluating the Role of Mifepristone for Induction of Labor in Women with Previous Cesarean Section.

    Sharma, Chanderdeep; Soni, Anjali; Soni, Pawan K; Verma, Suresh; Verma, Ashok; Gupta, Amit


    To investigate the role of "mifepristone" for induction of labor (IOL) in pregnant women with prior cesarean section (CS). In this retrospective study, all pregnant women with prior CS who received oral mifepristone (400 mg) for IOL (as per clear obstetric indications) [group 1] were compared with pregnant women with prior CS who had spontaneous onset of labor (SOL) [group 2], with respect to incidence of vaginal delivery, CS, duration of labor, and various maternal and fetal outcomes. During the study period, 72 women received mifepristone (group 1) for IOL and 346 had SOL (group 2). In group 1 after mifepristone administration, 40 (55.6 %) women had labor onset, and 24 (33.3 %) women had cervical ripening (Bishop Score ≥ 8) within 48 h. There were no statistically significant differences with respect to duration of labor (p value: 0.681), mode of delivery (i.e., normal delivery or CS-p value: 0.076 or 0.120, respectively), or maternal (blood loss or scar dehiscence/rupture uterus), or fetal outcomes (NICU admission) compared to women with previous CS with SOL (group 2). However, the need of oxytocin (p value 0.020) and dose of oxytocin requirement (p value 0.008) were more statistically significant in group 1. Mifepristone may be considered as an agent for IOL in women with prior CS.

  13. Immunogenicity and safety of tetravalent dengue vaccine in 2-11 year-olds previously vaccinated against yellow fever: randomized, controlled, phase II study in Piura, Peru.

    Lanata, Claudio F; Andrade, Teresa; Gil, Ana I; Terrones, Cynthia; Valladolid, Omar; Zambrano, Betzana; Saville, Melanie; Crevat, Denis


    In a randomized, placebo-controlled, monocenter, observer blinded study conducted in an area where dengue is endemic, we assessed the safety and immunogenicity of a recombinant, live, attenuated, tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate (CYD-TDV) in 2-11 year-olds with varying levels of pre-existing yellow-fever immunity due to vaccination 1-7 years previously. 199 children received 3 injections of CYD-TDV (months 0, 6 and 12) and 99 received placebo (months 0 and 6) or pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (month 12). One month after the third dengue vaccination, serotype specific neutralizing antibody GMTs were in the range of 178-190 (1/dil) (versus 16.7-38.1 in the control group), a 10-20 fold-increase from baseline, and 94% of vaccines were seropositive to all four serotypes (versus 39% in the control group). There were no vaccine-related SAEs. The observed reactogenicity profile was consistent with phase I studies, with severity grade 1-2 injection site pain, headache, malaise and fever most frequently reported and no increase after subsequent vaccinations. Virologically confirmed dengue cases were seen after completion of the 3 doses: 1 in the CYD-TDV group (N=199), and 3 in the control group (N=99). A 3-dose regimen of CYD-TDV had a good safety profile in 2-11 year olds with a history of YF vaccination and elicited robust antibody responses that were balanced against the four serotypes.

  14. Cuando los bibliotecarios y los estudios culturales vienen marchando When the librarians and cultural studies go marching in

    Alejandro E. Parada


    Full Text Available El trabajo presenta un breve informe sobre las actividades académicas que se realizaron en el Congreso Internacional «Textos, autores y bibliotecas», realizado en la ciudad de Córdoba entre el 24 y 26 de setiembre de 2008, con motivo de los 190 años de apertura al público de la Biblioteca Mayor de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.This work shows a brief report about the academic activities that were carried out at the International Congress «Texts, authors and libraries», in Córdoba city on 24-26 September, 2008, on the occasion of the 190 years of the opening of the Biblioteca Mayor of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

  15. ACTG-HIV symptoms changes in patients switched to RPV/FTC/TDF due to previous intolerance to CART. Interim analysis of the PRO-STR study

    Daniel Podzamczer


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tolerability and convenience are crucial aspects for the long-term success of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact in routine clinical practice of switching to the single tablet regimen (STR RPV/FTC/TDF in patients with intolerance to previous cART, in terms of patients’ well-being, assessed by several validated measures. Methods: Prospective, multicenter study. Adult HIV-infected patients with viral load under 1.000 copies/mL while receiving a stable ART for at least the last three months and switched to RPV/FTC/TDF due to intolerance of previous regimen, were included. Analyses were performed by ITT. Presence/magnitude of symptoms (ACTG-HIV Symptom Index, quality of life (EQ-5D, EUROQoL & MOS-HIV, adherence (SMAQ, preference of treatment and perceived ease of medication (ESTAR through 48 weeks were performed. Results: Interim analysis of 125 patients with 16 weeks of follow up was performed. 100 (80% were male, mean age 46 years. Mean CD4 at baseline was 629.5±307.29 and 123 (98.4% had viral load <50 copies/mL; 15% were HCV co-infected. Ninety two (73.6% patients switched from a NNRTI (84.8% from EFV/FTC/TDF and 33 (26.4% from a PI/r. The most frequent reasons for switching were psychiatric disorders (51.2%, CNS adverse events (40.8%, gastrointestinal (19.2% and metabolic disorders (19.2%. At the time of this analysis (week 16, four patients (3.2% discontinued treatment: one due to adverse events, two virologic failures and one with no data. A total of 104 patients (83.2% were virologically suppressed (<50 copies/mL. The average degree of discomfort in the ACTG-HIV Symptom Index significantly decreased from baseline (21±15.55 to week 4 (10.89±12.36 & week 16 (10.81±12.62, p<0.001. In all the patients, quality of life tools showed a significant benefit in well-being of the patients (Table 1. Adherence to therapy significantly and progressively increased (SMAQ from

  16. Perturbation of lipids and glucose metabolism associated with previous 2,4-D exposure: a cross-sectional study of NHANES III data, 1988-1994

    Schreinemachers Dina M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Results from previous population studies showed that mortality rates from acute myocardial infarction and type-2 diabetes during the 1980s and 1990s in rural, agricultural counties of Minnesota, Montana, North and South Dakota, were higher in counties with a higher level of spring wheat farming than in counties with lower levels of this crop. Spring wheat, one of the major field crops in these four states, was treated for 85% or more of its acreage with chlorophenoxy herbicides. In the current study NHANES III data were reviewed for associations of 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid (2,4-D exposure, one of the most frequently used chlorophenoxy herbicides, with risk factors that are linked to the pathogenesis of acute myocardial infarction and type-2 diabetes, such as dyslipidemia and impaired glucose metabolism. Methods To investigate the toxicity pattern of chlorophenoxy herbicides, effects of a previous 2,4-D exposure were assessed by comparing levels of lipids, glucose metabolism, and thyroid stimulating hormone in healthy adult NHANES III subjects with urinary 2,4-D above and below the level of detection, using linear regression analysis. The analyses were conducted for all available subjects and for two susceptible subpopulations characterized by high glycosylated hemoglobin (upper 50th percentile and low thyroxine (lower 50th percentile. Results Presence of urinary 2,4-D was associated with a decrease of HDL levels: 8.6% in the unadjusted data (p-value = 0.006, 4.8% in the adjusted data (p-value = 0.08, and 9% in the adjusted data for the susceptible subpopulation with low thyroxine (p-value = 0.02. An effect modification of the inverse triglycerides-HDL relation was observed in association with 2,4-D. Among subjects with low HDL, urinary 2,4-D was associated with increased levels of triglycerides, insulin, C-peptide, and thyroid stimulating hormone, especially in the susceptible subpopulations. In contrast, subjects with

  17. Late tamoxifen in patients previously operated for breast cancer without postoperative tamoxifen: 5-year results of a single institution randomised study

    Bidoli Ettore


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A population of breast cancer patients exists who, for various reasons, never received adjuvant post-operative tamoxifen (TAM. This study was aimed to evaluate the role of late TAM in these patients. Methods From 1997 to 2003, patients aged 35 to 75 years, operated more than 2 years previously for monolateral breast cancer without adjuvant TAM, with no signs of metastases and no contraindication to TAM were randomized to TAM 20 mg/day orally for 2 years or follow-up alone. Events were categorized as locoregional relapse, distant metastases, metachronous breast cancer, tumours other than breast cancer and death from any causes, whichever occurred first. The sample size (197 patients per arm, plus 10% allowance was based on the assumption of a 30% decrease in the number of events occurring at a rate of 5% annually in the 10 years following randomization. Four hundred and thirty-three patients were randomized in the study (TAM 217, follow-up 216. Patients characteristics (TAM/follow-up included: median age 55/55 years, median time from surgery 25/25 months (range, 25-288/25-294, in situ carcinoma 18/24, oestrogen receptor (ER positive in 75/68, negative in 70/57, unknown in 72/91 patients. Previous adjuvant treatment included chemotherapy in 131/120 and an LHRH analogue in 11/13 patients. Results Thirty-six patients prematurely discontinued TAM after a median of 1 month, mostly because of subjective intolerance. Eighty-three events (TAM 39, follow-up 44 occurred: locoregional relapse in 10/8, distant metastases in 14/16, metachronous breast cancer in 4/10, other tumours in 11/10 patients. Less ER-positive secondary breast cancers occurred in the TAM treated patients than in follow-up patients (1 vs 10, p = 0.005. Event-free survival was similar in both groups of patients. Conclusions This 5-year analysis revealed significantly less metachronous ER-positive breast cancers in the TAM treated patients. No other statistically

  18. In vitro evaluation of oestrogenic/androgenic activity of the serum organochlorine pesticide mixtures previously described in a breast cancer case–control study

    Rivero, Javier; Luzardo, Octavio P., E-mail:; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis A.; Machín, Rubén P.; Pestano, José; Zumbado, Manuel; Boada, Luis D.; Camacho, María; Valerón, Pilar F.


    Some organochlorine pesticides (OCs) have been individually linked to breast cancer (BC) because they exert oestrogenic effects on mammary cells. However, humans are environmentally exposed to more or less complex mixtures of these organochlorines, and the biological effects of these mixtures must be elucidated. In this work we evaluated the in vitro effects exerted on human BC cells by the OC mixtures that were most frequently detected in two groups of women who participated in a BC case–control study developed in Spain: healthy women and women diagnosed with BC. The cytotoxicity, oestrogenicity, and androgenicity of the most prevalent OC mixtures found in healthy women (H-mixture) and in BC patients (BC-mixture) were tested at concentrations that resembled those found in the serum of the evaluated women. Our results showed that both OC mixtures presented a similar oestrogenic activity and effect on cell viability, but BC-mixture showed an additional anti-androgenic effect. These results indicate that although the proliferative effect exerted by these mixtures on human breast cells seems to depend mainly on their oestrogenic action, the BC-mixture might additionally induce cell proliferation due to its anti-androgenic activity, therefore increasing the carcinogenic potential of this mixture. The findings of this study demonstrate that subtle variations in the composition of a mixture may induce relevant changes in its biological action. - Highlights: • E-screen and A-screen of two mixtures of organochlorine pesticides (OCP) • Assay concentrations based on a previous breast cancer case–control study • Only non-cytotoxic concentrations assayed • Both OCP mixtures induce proliferation mediated by oestrogen receptor. • OCP mixture of breast cancer patients exhibits additional androgenic activity.

  19. Evaluation of the Widal tube agglutination test for the diagnosis of typhoid fever among children admitted to a rural hdospital in Tanzania and a comparison with previous studies

    Malahiyo Rajabu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The diagnosis of typhoid fever is confirmed by culture of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi (S. typhi. However, a more rapid, simpler, and cheaper diagnostic method would be very useful especially in developing countries. The Widal test is widely used in Africa but little information exists about its reliability. Methods We assessed the performance of the Widal tube agglutination test among febrile hospitalized Tanzanian children. We calculated the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV, and negative predictive value (NPV of various anti-TH and -TO titers using culture-confirmed typhoid fever cases as the "true positives" and all other febrile children with blood culture negative for S. typhi as the "true negatives." Results We found that 16 (1% of 1,680 children had culture-proven typhoid fever. A single anti-TH titer of 1:80 and higher was the optimal indicator of typhoid fever. This had a sensitivity of 75%, specificity of 98%, NPV of 100%, but PPV was only 26%. We compared our main findings with those from previous studies. Conclusion Among febrile hospitalized Tanzanian children with a low prevalence of typhoid fever, a Widal titer of ≥ 1:80 performed well in terms of sensitivity, specificity, and NPV. However a test with improved PPV that is similarly easy to apply and cost-efficient is desirable.

  20. Effects of testosterone replacement therapy on nocturia and quality of life in men with hypogonadism: a subanalysis of a previous prospective randomized controlled study in Japan.

    Shigehara, Kazuyoshi; Konaka, Hiroyuki; Koh, Eitetsu; Izumi, Koji; Kitagawa, Yasuhide; Mizokami, Atsushi; Nakashima, Takao; Shimamura, Masayoshi; Iwamoto, Teruaki; Namiki, Mikio


    We investigated the effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) on nocturia and general health among men with hypogonadism and nocturia. From our previous EARTH study population, 64 patients with a clinical diagnosis of nocturia (two or more times per one night) and hypogonadism, comprising the TRT group (n = 31) and controls (n = 33), were included in this analysis. The TRT group was administered 250 mg of testosterone enanthate as an intramuscular injection every 4 weeks for 6 months. All patients responded to the following questionnaires: International Prostatic Symptoms Score (IPSS), Aging Male Symptoms (AMS) score and Short Form-36 health survey at baseline and 6-month visit. These categories were compared based on changes from baseline to the 6-month visit between TRT and control groups. At the 6-month visit, the TRT group had a significant decrease in IPSS question no. 7 and AMS question no. 4, whereas no significant changes were observed in the control group. Additionally, role limitation because of health program, vitality and mental health domains were significantly improved in the TRT group. Six-month TRT may improve nocturia, sleep conditions and quality of life among men with hypogonadism and nocturia.

  1. Efficacy of confrontational counselling for smoking cessation in smokers with previously undiagnosed mild to moderate airflow limitation: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

    Huibers Marcus JH


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The use of spirometry for early detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD is still an issue of debate, particularly because of a lack of convincing evidence that spirometry has an added positive effect on smoking cessation. We hypothesise that early detection of COPD and confrontation with spirometry for smoking cessation may be effective when applying an approach we have termed "confrontational counselling"; a patient-centred approach which involves specific communication skills and elements of cognitive therapy. An important aspect is to confront the smoker with his/her airflow limitation during the counselling sessions. The primary objective of this study is to test the efficacy of confrontational counselling in comparison to regular health education and promotion for smoking cessation delivered by specialized respiratory nurses in current smokers with previously undiagnosed mild to moderate airflow limitation. Methods/Design The study design is a randomized controlled trial comparing confrontational counselling delivered by a respiratory nurse combined with nortriptyline for smoking cessation (experimental group, health education and promotion delivered by a respiratory nurse combined with nortriptyline for smoking cessation (control group 1, and "care as usual" delivered by the GP (control group 2. Early detection of smokers with mild to moderate airflow limitation is achieved by means of a telephone interview in combination with spirometry. Due to a comparable baseline risk of airflow limitation and motivation to quit smoking, and because of the standardization of number, duration, and scheduling of counselling sessions between the experimental group and control group 1, the study enables to assess the "net" effect of confrontational counselling. The study has been ethically approved and registered. Discussion Ethical as well as methodological considerations of the study are discussed in this protocol. A

  2. Ground-water quality in Geauga County, Ohio; review of previous studies, status in 1999, and comparison of 1986 and 1999 data

    Jagucki, Martha L.; Darner, Robert A.


    Most residents in Geauga County, Ohio, rely on ground water as their primary source of drinking water. With population growing at a steady rate, the possibility that human activity will affect ground-water quality becomes considerable. This report presents the results of a study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Geauga County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners, to provide a brief synopsis of work previously done within the county, to assess the present (1999) ground-water quality, and to determine any changes in ground-water quality between 1986 and 1999. Previous studies of ground-water quality in the county have consistently reported that manganese and iron concentrations in ground water in Geauga County often exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level (SMCL). Road salt and, less commonly, oil-field brines and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been found in ground water at isolated locations. Nitrate has not been detected above the USEPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 10 milligrams per liter as N; however, nitrate has been found in some locations at levels that may indicate the effects of fertilizer application or effluent from septic systems. Between June 7 and July 1, 1999, USGS personnel collected a total of 31 water-quality samples from wells completed in glacial deposits, the Pottsville Formation, the Cuyahoga Group, and the Berea Sandstone. All samples were analyzed for VOCs, sulfide, dissolved organic carbon, major ions, trace elements, alkalinity, total coliforms, and Escherichia coli bacteria. Fourteen of the samples also were analyzed for tritium. Water-quality data were used to determine (1) suitability of water for drinking, (2) age of ground water, (3) stratigraphic variation in water quality, (4) controls on water quality, and (5) temporal variation in water quality. Water from 16 of the 31 samples exceeded the Geauga County General Health

  3. Distribution of interferon lambda-3 gene polymorphisms in Australian patients with previously untreated genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C: Analysis from the PREDICT and CHARIOT studies.

    Roberts, Stuart K; Mitchell, Joanne; Leung, Reynold; Booth, David; Bollipo, Steven; Ostapowicz, George; Sloss, Andrew; McCaughan, Geoffrey W; Dore, Gregory J; Thompson, Alexander; Crawford, Darrell Hg; Sievert, William; Weltman, Martin; Cheng, Wendy; George, Jacob


    The aim of this study was to examine the distribution of interferon lambda-3 (IFN-λ3) gene polymorphisms in previously untreated Australian patients with genotype 1 (Gt1) chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and to compare the IFN-λ3 genotype frequency among the different ethnic populations. This was a prospective, multicenter, observational study undertaken by the Australian Liver Association Clinical Research Network. Eligible subjects had Gt1 CHC and were being considered for and/or undergoing treatment. IFN-λ3 single nucleotide polymorphisms were genotyped by the Applied Biosystems's Taqman single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping assay. Between May 2012 and June 2012, 1132 patients were recruited from 38 treatment clinics across Australia. Also, 561 subjects from the CHARIOT (collaborative group hepatitis C study using high dose Pegasys RBV Induction dose in genotype one) study of high-dose interferon who had baseline serum available were retrospectively tested. The overall frequency of IFN-λ3 rs12979860 CC/CT/TT genotypes was 36%, 52%, and 12%, and that of rs8099917 TT/TG/GG genotypes was 54%, 41%, and 5%, respectively. The prevalence of the favorable IFN-λ3 rs12979860 CC and rs8099917 TT genotypes in Causcasians, Asians, Aboriginals, Maori/Pacific Islanders, and Mediterraneans was 32% and 52%, 80% and 86%, 33% and 63%, 77% and 88%, and 19% and 29%, respectively. Compared with Caucasians, the frequency of IFN-λ3 CC was significantly higher among Asians (P < 0.0001) and Maori/Pacific Islander subjects (P < 0.0001). The distribution of IFN-λ3 polymorphisms among untreated patients with Gt1 CHC in Australia appears similar to that reported from North America. The frequency of the favorable response alleles varies considerably according to ethnicity, being more common in self-reported Asians and Maori/Pacific Islanders than Caucasians, Aboriginals, and Mediterraneans. © 2013 Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Foundation and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty

  4. The influence of previous and concomitant leflunomide on the efficacy and safety of infliximab therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis; a longitudinal observational study.

    Flendrie, M.; Creemers, M.C.W.; Welsing, P.M.J.; Riel, P.L.C.M. van


    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the influence of previous and concomitant leflunomide on the efficacy and safety of infliximab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and to compare it to infliximab in combination with other disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. METHODS: RA patients starting infliximab the

  5. Erlotinib dosing-to-rash: A phase II intrapatient dose escalation and pharmacologic study of erlotinib in previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer

    A. mita (Alain); K. Papadopoulos (K.); M.J.A. de Jonge (Maja); G. Schwartz (G.); J. Verweij (Jaap); A. Ricart (A.); Q.S.C. Chu (Q. S C); A.W. Tolcher (A. W.); L. Wood (Lori); S.W. McCarthy (Stanley); M. Hamilton; K.K. Iwata (Kenneth); B. Wacker; K. de Witte (Karel); E.K. Rowinsky (Eric Keith)


    textabstractBackground: To evaluate the anticancer activity of erlotinib in patients with previously treated, advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) whose dose is increased to that associated with a maximal level of tolerable skin toxicity (i.e., target rash (TR)); to characterise the pharmacok

  6. Phase I study of cisplatin, hyperthermia, and lapatinib in patients with recurrent carcinoma of the uterine cervix in a previously irradiated area

    E.V. Meerten (Esther Van); M. Franckena (Martine); E.A.C. Wiemer (Erik); L.V. Doorn (Lena Van); J. Kraan (Jaco); A.M. Westermann (Anneke); S. Sleijfer (Stefan)


    textabstractBackground. Patients with recurrent cervical cancer in a previously irradiated area might benefit from cisplatin combined with hyperthermia. Lapatinib inhibits the intracellular tyrosine kinase domain of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and HER2. Overexpression of EGFR and

  7. Impact of previous percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and/or stenting revascularization on outcomes after surgical revascularization : insights from the imagine study

    Chocron, Sidney; Baillot, Richard; Rouleau, Jean Lucien; Warnica, Wayne J.; Block, Pierre; Johnstone, David; Myers, Martin G.; Calciu, Cristina Dana; Nozza, Anna; Martineau, Pierre; van Gilst, Wiek H.


    Aim To determine the impact of previous coronary artery revascularization by percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and/or stenting (PCI) on outcome after subsequent coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Methods and results The ischaemia management with Accupril post-bypass Graft via Inhib

  8. Clinical evaluation of recombinant factor VIII preparation (Kogenate) in previously treated patients with hemophilia A: descriptive meta-analysis of post-marketing study data.

    Yoshioka, A; Fukutake, K; Takamatsu, J; Shirahata, A


    The safety and efficacy of Kogenate, a recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII) preparation for the treatment of bleeding episodes, were studied in a 123-patient meta-analysis population of previously treated patients (PTPs), including 15 enrolled in the registration Phase III trial (PTP-I group), 93 from the post-marketing special investigation (PTP-II group), and 15 from short-term special investigations in surgery or tooth extraction (SI group). These patients (82 severe, 31 moderate, 9 mild, and 1 unknown), aged 11 months to 72 years, were enrolled in 28 centers in Japan. Blood samples taken at the baseline and at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months after the introduction of Kogenate were evaluated for FVIII inhibitor antibodies, antibodies formed against trace proteins derived from the rFVIII production process, and for general changes in laboratory test results. Mean exposure to Kogenate was 1103 days in PTP-I, 86 days in PTP-II, 27 days in patients in surgery, and 2 days in patients with tooth extraction. Assessment of FVIII inhibitor activity was conducted in 115 of the 123 patients by means of the Bethesda assay. Twelve patients were found to have a low titer of FVIII inhibitor (0.5-3.0 BU/mL) prior to any administration of Kogenate, and 103 were inhibitor-negative at the baseline. Among this latter group, 3 patients (2.9%) tested inhibitor-positive, with titers ranging from 1.2 to 2.1 BU/mL, with 4 patients below 1.0 BU/mL. One patient in the 11 PTPs investigated (PTP-I) developed antibodies against baby hamster kidney protein and mouse immunoglobulin G, but these findings were transient and asymptomatic. Hemostasis was achieved (markedly effective or effective) in 3666 of the 3855 bleeding episodes (95.1%) observed in 108 patients. Only 1 infusion was necessary in 3790 (98.3%) of these episodes. These data indicate that Kogenate is safe and very effective for the treatment of bleeding in PTPs with hemophilia A.

  9. A cross-sectional study of 'yaws' in districts of Ghana which have previously undertaken azithromycin mass drug administration for trachoma control.

    Rosanna Ghinai


    Full Text Available Yaws, caused by Treponema pallidum ssp. pertenue, is reportedly endemic in Ghana. Mass distribution of azithromycin is now the cornerstone of the WHO yaws eradication campaign. Mass distribution of azithromycin at a lower target dose was previously undertaken in two regions of Ghana for the control of trachoma. Ongoing reporting of yaws raises the possibility that resistance may have emerged in T. pallidum pertenue, or that alternative infections may be responsible for some of the reported cases. We conducted a cross-sectional survey in thirty communities in two districts of Ghana where MDA for trachoma had previously been conducted. Children aged 5-17 years with ulcerative lesions compatible with yaws were enrolled. Samples for treponemal serology and lesion PCR were collected from all children. 90 children with 98 lesions were enrolled. Syphilis serology was negative in all of them. PCR for T. pallidum ssp pertenue was negative in all children, but Haemophilus ducreyi DNA was detected in 9 lesions. In these communities, previously treated for trachoma, we found no evidence of ongoing transmission of yaws. H. ducreyi was associated with a proportion of skin lesions, but the majority of lesions remain unexplained. Integration of diagnostic testing into both pre and post-MDA surveillance systems is required to better inform yaws control programmes.

  10. A cross-sectional study of 'yaws' in districts of Ghana which have previously undertaken azithromycin mass drug administration for trachoma control.

    Ghinai, Rosanna; El-Duah, Philip; Chi, Kai-Hua; Pillay, Allan; Solomon, Anthony W; Bailey, Robin L; Agana, Nsiire; Mabey, David C W; Chen, Cheng-Yen; Adu-Sarkodie, Yaw; Marks, Michael


    Yaws, caused by Treponema pallidum ssp. pertenue, is reportedly endemic in Ghana. Mass distribution of azithromycin is now the cornerstone of the WHO yaws eradication campaign. Mass distribution of azithromycin at a lower target dose was previously undertaken in two regions of Ghana for the control of trachoma. Ongoing reporting of yaws raises the possibility that resistance may have emerged in T. pallidum pertenue, or that alternative infections may be responsible for some of the reported cases. We conducted a cross-sectional survey in thirty communities in two districts of Ghana where MDA for trachoma had previously been conducted. Children aged 5-17 years with ulcerative lesions compatible with yaws were enrolled. Samples for treponemal serology and lesion PCR were collected from all children. 90 children with 98 lesions were enrolled. Syphilis serology was negative in all of them. PCR for T. pallidum ssp pertenue was negative in all children, but Haemophilus ducreyi DNA was detected in 9 lesions. In these communities, previously treated for trachoma, we found no evidence of ongoing transmission of yaws. H. ducreyi was associated with a proportion of skin lesions, but the majority of lesions remain unexplained. Integration of diagnostic testing into both pre and post-MDA surveillance systems is required to better inform yaws control programmes.

  11. Mortality and cardiovascular risk associated with different insulin secretagogues compared with metformin in type 2 diabetes, with or without a previous myocardial infarction: a nationwide study

    Schramm, Tina Ken; Gislason, Gunnar Hilmar; Vaag, Allan


    % confidence intervals): 1.32 (1.24-1.40), glibenclamide: 1.19 (1.11-1.28), glipizide: 1.27 (1.17-1.38), and tolbutamide: 1.28 (1.17-1.39) were associated with increased all-cause mortality in patients without previous MI. The corresponding results for patients with previous MI were as follows: glimepiride: 1.......30 (1.11-1.44), glibenclamide: 1.47 (1.22-1.76), glipizide: 1.53 (1.23-1.89), and tolbutamide: 1.47 (1.17-1.84). Results for gliclazide [1.05 (0.94-1.16) and 0.90 (0.68-1.20)] and repaglinide and [0.97 (0.81-1.15) and 1.29 (0.86-1.94)] were not statistically different from metformin in both patients...... without and with previous MI, respectively. Results were similar for cardiovascular mortality and for the composite endpoint. Conclusion Monotherapy with the most used ISs, including glimepiride, glibenclamide, glipizide, and tolbutamide, seems to be associated with increased mortality and cardiovascular...

  12. A melanoma case-control study at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Acquavella, J F; Wilkinson, G S; Tietjen, G L; Key, C R; Stebbings, J H; Voelz, G L


    We conducted a melanoma case-control study at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to investigate whether related occupational exposures or personal characteristics of employees could be identified. This study was prompted by a recent report from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that melanoma was much more frequent than expected among employees and that persons suffering from melanoma more often worked as chemists. Our investigation did not uncover an association with plutonium body burden, cumulative external radiation exposure, or employment as a chemist or a physicist. The major finding was that cases were more educated than controls. Melanoma risk was 2.11 among college-educated employees and increased to 3.17 among those with graduate degrees (Mantel-extension linear trend probability = 0.038). This finding is consistent with the often reported increased melanoma incidence among persons of higher social class. It points to personal characteristics, particular to persons of higher educational attainment, as risk factors for melanoma at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  13. Petrographic study and preliminary conceptual model of the Ixtlan de los Hervores geothermal zone, Michoacan, Mexico; Estudio petrografico y modelo conceptual preliminar de la zona geotermica de Ixtlan de los Hervores, Michoacan, Mexico

    Viggiano-Guerra, Julio C; Gutierrez-Negrin, Luis C.A [Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexico)


    Petrographic studies of cuttings from the shallow well Ixtlan 2, drilled in the Ixtlan de los Hervores geothermal zone, State of Michoacan, Mexico, at a maximum depth of 159 meters, together with results of previous exploration studies, allow to delineate a preliminary conceptual model of the probable geothermal system. It is formed by a wide-fracture zone system, with low topographic relief and shallow water level. Its hydrothermal fluids are of sodium-chloride type, neutral pH, silica oversaturated in the discharge and with temperatures between 125 and 225 degrees Celsius, based on the geothermometry and the hydrothermal mineral assemblage encountered in the well. The assemblage of laumontite + quartz + calcite + chlorite/smectite + pyrite is typical for the zeolitic facies, beneath of which it is possible to encounter the epidote-wairakite facies, with higher temperatures. The favorable conditions of the zone allow to recommend continuation of exploration in the same. [Spanish] El estudio petrografico de muestras de canal de la perforacion del pozo somero Ixtlan 2, con una profundidad maxima de 159 metros y ubicado en la zona geotermica de Ixtlan de Los Hervores, Michoacan, Mexico, aunado a los resultados de estudios previos de exploracion superficial, han permitido la configuracion de un modelo conceptual preliminar del probable yacimiento geotermico. Se trata de un sistema zona de fractura ancha, bajo relieve y nivel freatico somero, con fluidos hidrotermales de tipo clorurado-sodico, pH neutro, sobresaturados de silice en la descarga, y con temperatura entre 125 y 225 grados Celsius, de acuerdo con la geotermometria + cuarzo + calcita + clorita/esmectita + pirita es tipica de la facies zeolitica, debajo de la cual podria hallarse la facies de epidota-wairakita, con temperaturas mas altas. Las condiciones favorables de la zona permiten recomendar la continuacion de la exploracion en la misma.

  14. Los volcanes y los hombres

    García, Carmen


    Desde las entrañas de la tierra, los volcanes han creado la atmósfera, el agua de los océanos, y esculpido los relieves del planeta: son, pues, los zahoríes de la vida. Existen volcanes que los hombres explotan o cultivan, y otros sobre los cuales se han construido observatorios en los que se llevan a cabo avanzadas investigaciones científicas.

  15. Los estudios sobre la pobreza en América Latina Studies on Poverty in Latin America

    Carlos Barba Solano


    Full Text Available El propósito fundamental de este artículo es establecer los ejes paradigmáticos que cruzan y organizan el campo de los estudios sobre pobreza en América Latina.The main purpose of this article is to determine the paradigmatic axes that cross and organize the field of studies on poverty in Latin America.

  16. Treatment of advanced, recurrent, resistant to previous treatments basal and squamous cell skin carcinomas with a synergistic formulation of interferons. Open, prospective study

    Lopez-Saura Pedro


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Aggressive non-melanoma skin cancer (deeply infiltrating, recurrent, and morphea form lesions are therapeutically challenging because they require considerable tissue loss and may demand radical disfiguring surgery. Interferons (IFN may provide a non-surgical approach to the management of these tumors. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of a formulation containing IFNs-α and -γ in synergistic proportions on patients with recurrent, advanced basal cell (BCC or squamous cell skin carcinomas (SCSC. Methods Patients with extensive, recurrent, resistant to other procedures BCC or SCSC received the IFN formulation peri- and intralesionally, three times per week for 3 weeks. They had been previously treated with surgery and/or radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Thirteen weeks after the end of treatment, the original lesion sites were examined for histological evidence of remaining tumor. Results Sixteen elder (median 70 years-old patients were included. They beared 12 BCC and 4 SCSC ranging from 1.5 to 12.5 cm in the longest dimension. At the end of treatment 47% CR (complete tumor elimination, 40% PR (>30% tumor reduction, and 13% stable disease were obtained. None of the patients relapsed during the treatment period. The median duration of the response was 38 months. Only one patient with complete response had relapsed until today. Principal adverse reactions were influenza-like symptoms well known to occur with interferon therapy, which were well tolerated. Conclusion The peri- and intralesional combination of IFNs-α and -γ was safe and showed effect for the treatment of advanced, recurrent and resistant to previous treatments of BCC and SCSC in elder patients. This is the first report of such treatment in patients with advance non-melanoma skin cancer. The encouraging result justifies further confirmatory trials. Trial registration Current Controlled Trials RPCEC00000052.

  17. Application of the Gauss theorem to the study of silicic calderas: The calderas of La Primavera, Los Azufres, and Los Humeros (Mexico)

    Campos-Enríquez, J. O.; Domínguez-Méndez, F.; Lozada-Zumaeta, M.; Morales-Rodríguez, H. F.; Andaverde-Arredondo, J. A.


    We explored applications (including limitations) of Gauss's theorem to the study of silicic calderas. First it enables us to determine the mass deficiency from calderas. Mass deficiency itself has also other potential applications. It enables to make qualitative comparisons between calderas. We can use the mass deficiency to test, in a quick way and as a preliminary step to a formal gravity inversion, for the feasibility of caldera types of simple geometry (i.e., piston subsidence and funnel models). This application can be done in a straightforward way, once the mass deficiency has been determined. For this purpose the mass deficiency is converted to the volume of material missing at the caldera. Subsequently, for example, this volume and the respective caldera diameter enable us to estimate the height of the cylinder fitting the piston subsidence model. If the obtained parameters are congruent with the known geology and geophysical information then the model may be considered further in the inversion of the gravity data for the detailed structure. Other simple models (i.e., the funnel model) can also be analyzed in this way. In particular, when working with a piston subsidence caldera type, the Gauss theorem enables us to estimate the caldera collapse (very difficult to obtain based on geologic information alone). These possible uses of Gauss's theorem are illustrated with the calderas of La Primavera, Los Azufres, and Los Humeros caldera (Mexico). The obtained mass deficiency from these calderas follow the linear mass deficiency-diameter trend observed for other calderas. In particular, because of their diameters and mass deficiencies, La Primavera and Krakatau calderas can be considered equiparable. This comparison is of the most importance considering that La Primavera is located in the neighbourhood of a metropolis (Guadalajara City). Since geophysical studies have already established a piston subsidence model for these calderas, we assessed Gauss's theorem

  18. A RAPD based study revealing a previously unreported wide range of mesophilic and thermophilic spore formers associated with milk powders in China.

    Sadiq, Faizan A; Li, Yun; Liu, TongJie; Flint, Steve; Zhang, Guohua; He, GuoQing


    Aerobic spore forming bacteria are potential milk powder contaminants and are viewed as indicators of poor quality. A total of 738 bacteria, including both mesophilic and thermophilic, isolated from twenty-five powdered milk samples representative of three types of milk powders in China were analyzed based on the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) protocol to provide insight into species diversity. Bacillus licheniformis was found to be the most prevalent bacterium with greatest diversity (~43% of the total isolates) followed by Geobacillus stearothermophilus (~21% of the total isolates). Anoxybacillus flavithermus represented only 8.5% of the total profiles. Interestingly, actinomycetes represented a major group of the isolates with the predominance of Laceyella sacchari followed by Thermoactinomyces vulgaris, altogether comprising of 7.3% of the total isolates. Out of the nineteen separate bacterial species (except five unidentified groups) recovered and identified from milk powders, twelve proved to belong to novel or previously unreported species in milk powders. Assessment and characterization of the harmful effects caused by this particular micro-flora on the quality and safety of milk powders will be worth doing in the future.

  19. Update of the pompe disease mutation database with 60 novel GAA sequence variants and additional studies on the functional effect of 34 previously reported variants.

    Kroos, Marian; Hoogeveen-Westerveld, Marianne; Michelakakis, Helen; Pomponio, Robert; Van der Ploeg, Ans; Halley, Dicky; Reuser, Arnold


    Pompe disease is an autosomal recessive lysosomal glycogen storage disorder, characterized by progressive muscle weakness. Deficiency of acid α-glucosidase (EC; can be caused by numerous pathogenic variants in the GAA gene. The Pompe Disease Mutation Database at aims to list all variants and their effect. This update reports on 94 variants. We examined 35 novel and 34 known mutations by site-directed mutagenesis and transient expression in COS-7 cells or HEK293T cells. Each of these mutations was given a severity rating using a previously published system, based on the level of acid α-glucosidase activity in medium and transfected cells and on the quantity and quality of the different molecular mass species in the posttranslational modification and transport of acid α-glucosidase. This approach enabled to classify 55 missense mutations as pathogenic and 13 as likely nonpathogenic. Based on their nature and the use of in silico analysis (Alamut® software), 12 of the additional 25 novel mutations were predicted to be pathogenic including 4 splicing mutations, 6 mutations leading to frameshift, and 2 point mutations causing stop codons. Seven of the additional mutations were considered nonpathogenic (4 silent and 3 occurring in intron regions), and 6 are still under investigation.

  20. Prognostic factors in multiple myeloma: definition of risk groups in 410 previously untreated patients: a Grupo Argentino de Tratamiento de la Leucemia Aguda study.

    Corrado, C; Santarelli, M T; Pavlovsky, S; Pizzolato, M


    Four hundred ten previously untreated multiple myeloma patients entered onto two consecutive Grupo Argentino de Tratamiento de la Leucemia Aguda (GATLA) protocols were analyzed to identify significant prognostic factors influencing survival. The univariate analysis selected the following variables: performance status, renal function, percentage of bone marrow plasma cells at diagnosis, hemoglobin, and age. A multivariate analysis showed that performance status, renal function, percentage of bone marrow plasma cells, hemoglobin, and age were the best predictive variables for survival. A score was assigned to each patient according to these variables, which led to their classification in three groups: good, intermediate, and poor risk, with a probability of survival of 26% and 10% at 96 months, and 5% at 56 months, and median survival of 60, 37, and 14 months, respectively (P = .0000). In our patient population, this model proved to be superior to the Durie-Salmon staging system in defining prognostic risk groups, and separating patients with significantly different risks within each Durie-Salmon stage.

  1. No Previous Public Services Required

    Taylor, Kelley R.


    In 2007, the Supreme Court heard a case that involved the question of whether a school district could be required to reimburse parents who unilaterally placed their child in private school when the child had not previously received special education and related services in a public institution ("Board of Education v. Tom F."). The…

  2. Providing Visions of a Different Life: Self-study Narrative Inquiry as an Instrument for Seeing Ourselves in Previously-Unimagined Places

    Carmen Shields


    Full Text Available In this paper, we share stories of coming to narrative self-study research in graduate studies, and the impact this choice has had on personal and professional directions in ways we could not have imagined when graduate studies were initially embarked upon. Central to self-study narrative inquiry is a focus on life experience as a tool for connection with our own storied pasts. There we find the roots of our present-day perspectives and actions that we can incorporate into our everyday meaning-making, using our emergent understanding to choose present and future possibilities in our relationships.

  3. Isentropic Compression Studies at the Los Alamos National High Magnetic Field Laboratory


    D.G. Tasker, C.H. Mielke , G. Rodriguez, and D.W. Rickel Los Alamos National Laboratory, WX-6, MS J566 Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA Abstract...07E108-3. [3] D. G. Tasker, C. H. Mielke , G. Rodriguez, and D. G. Rickel, "A Simple Isentropic Compression Experiment (ICE) Machine," presented at

  4. Making a Living in the Streets of Los Angeles: An Ethnographic Study of Day Laborers

    Daniel Melero Malpica


    Full Text Available Este artículo examina la organización social de migrantes latinos que abiertamente venden su fuerza laboral en los mercados de trabajo de las esquinas del área metropolitana de Los Ángeles. En contraste con la caracterización de los sitios de trabajo de los jornaleros urbanos como competitivos o desestructurados, este estudio demuestra que estos mercados tienen una variedad de formas estructurales que proveen la base organizativa para reunir a empleadores potenciales y a quienes buscan trabajo, los esquineros. Como todos los demás, este mercado de trabajo tiene costumbres y reglas que se aplican cuando los participantes buscan eficiencia en su trato entre ellos y con sus clientes. Estas reglas no están escritas y se basan en gran medida en la práctica y el precedente, pero gobiernan muchos aspectos de las relaciones de trabajo, incluyendo la relación de salario. Este estudio encontró que el mercado de trabajo de los jornaleros urbanos responde menos a la competencia y más a las reglas de trabajo informal y al papel de las relaciones de costumbre.

  5. The change in motivating factors influencing commencement, adherence and retention to a supervised resistance training programme in previously sedentary post-menopausal women: a prospective cohort study.

    Viljoen, Janet Erica; Christie, Candice Jo-Anne


    Understanding motivators for exercise participation in post-menopausal women may impact retention to exercise programmes and inform intervention trial designs. The purpose of this investigation was to assess self-reported motivational factors influencing adherence and retention to a 24-week progressive resistance training programme. Post-menopausal females (n = 34) were passively recruited to undertake a 24-week progressive resistance training protocol, in small-group sessions, on three non-consecutive days of the week. Attendance was recorded by the researcher. Qualitative reports were sourced from the sample for four phases of the study: pre-study (prior to week 1), recruitment (week 1), during study (weeks 2 - 24), and post-intervention (beyond week 24). Responses were categorised according to ten descriptors: specific health index improvement, education, flexibility of time, social contact, conscience (loyalty to the researcher), wellness, weight management, organisation parameters (pertaining to the study programme) and enjoyment of the exercises. Of the initial sample, 76.5% (n = 26) met the specified ≥80% attendance criterion. The primary findings were that motivation to volunteer for the study was driven by a perceived need for a structured exercise programme (50% of respondents). A commitment to the researcher was the primary motivator for continued adherence to the study for 50% of participants. Social contact with other participants was cited by 60% of the sample as the primary reason for adherence for the full duration of 24 weeks. A desire to maintain the "wellness" derived from the programme was cited by 60% as a reason for continuing an exercise routine post-study. This study identified that routine and supervision initially attract women to exercise programmes, while social cohesion of the group setting contributes to retention over time. Understanding the changing nature of motivating factors may contribute to better overall adherence

  6. La imagen corporal en los ancianos: Estudio descriptivo Body image in older: Descriptive studie

    Carmen María Sarabia Cobo


    Full Text Available Estudio de corte transversal y descriptivo llevado a cabo en una residencia de mayores para la valoración de la imagen corporal (IC. Objetivo: determinar el autoconcepto de la imagen corporal en los mayores y la prevalencia de trastornos psiquiátricos asociados como depresión o anorexia. Sujetos y método: 198 mayores de 65 años procedentes de tres residencias. Se emplearon el Cuestionario BSQ (Body Shape Questionnarire y el test de Siluetas. Asimismo, se llevó a cabo una revisión sistemática de la historia clínica para detectar problemas psiquiátricos como depresión, ansiedad o anorexia nerviosa. Resultados: las personas con problemas psiquiátricos como depresión o ansiedad presentaron mayor insatisfacción con la imagen corporal, prevaleciendo en este caso las mujeres sobre los hombres, indiferentemente de la edad.Sectional study and descriptive conducted in a home for the elderly for the assessment of body image (CI. Objective: to determine the self-concept of Body Image in the elderly and the prevalence of associated psychiatric disorders such as depression or anorexia. Subjects and methods: 198 over 65 years, from three residences. Questionnaire were used BSQ (Body Shape Questionnarire and the Silhouettes test. Also carried out a systematic review of clinical history to detect psychiatric problems like depression, anxiety or anorexia nervosa. Results: people with psychiatric problems like depression or anxiety had higher body image dissatisfaction, to prevail in this case women over men, regardless of age.

  7. Sociohistoire des Black Studies Departments Historia Social de los Departamentos de Estudios Negros Black Studies Departments: A Sociohistory

    Caroline Rolland-Diamond


    émédiable du fait de l’évolution politique et sociale du pays vers des positions conservatrices mêlant idéal social de colorblindness (l’indifférence à la couleur de peau et valorisation du progrès individuel.This article examines the historical conditions that shaped the development of Black Studies departments within American universities in the late 1960s and 1970s, focusing on the initial challenges these new institutions faced. It begins by viewing these circumstances in relation to the rise of Black Power ideology on campuses throughout the United States in the late 1960s, highlighting the manner in which ideas of black nationalism aimed at improving ghetto conditions were adapted to university institutions that had remained until then largely unaffected by years of student protests. Based on several case studies, my analysis seeks to highlight the different strategies adopted by students and faculty members to promote the institutional legitimacy of Black Studies departments in a context of conservative backlash during the Nixon presidency. I argue that practical exigencies related to the drive for institutional acceptance and financial viability forced these actors to abandon their nationalist or community orientations and to move towards a more traditional academic outlook—a change that became irreversible within an increasingly conservative national political landscape dominated by ideals of colorblindness and individualism.Este artículo examina las condiciones históricas que permitieron el desarrollo de los departamentos especializados en estudios sobre los afroamericanos en las universidades americanas durante los años 1960 y 1970. El análisis se centra en los desafíos y retos que inicialmente existieron en ese proceso de institucionalización. Concretamente, se analiza el contexto histórico de la llegada de la ideología del Black Power a los campus americanos a finales de 1960 (conjunción de tres factores decisivos; la desilusión causada por

  8. A brief review of the estimated economic burden of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States: inflation-adjusted updates of previously published cost studies.

    Chesson, Harrell W; Gift, Thomas L; Owusu-Edusei, Kwame; Tao, Guoyu; Johnson, Ana P; Kent, Charlotte K


    We conducted a literature review of studies of the economic burden of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. The annual direct medical cost of sexually transmitted diseases (including human immunodeficiency virus) has been estimated to be $16.9 billion (range: $13.9-$23.0 billion) in 2010 US dollars.

  9. Does hyperbaric oxygen treatment have the potential to increase salivary flow rate and reduce xerostomia in previously irradiated head and neck cancer patients? A pilot study

    Forner, Lone; Hansen, Ole Hyldegaard; von Brockdorff, Annet Schack


    Irradiated head and neck cancer survivors treated in the Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital, spontaneously reported improvement of radiation-induced dry mouth feeling. The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate salivary flow rate and xerostomia before and after HBO...

  10. The safety and effectiveness of once daily detemir in patients with type 2 diabetes previously failing oral agents:the Chinese cohort from SOL-VETM observational study



    Objective To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of initiating once-daily insulin detemir(Levemir) as add-on therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM) who failed treatment of oral anti-diabetic drugs(OAD).Methods The present study was derived from the data of

  11. Panorama de los estudios sobre aprendizaje de palabras en el habla de los niños de los doce meses a los cuatro años de edad Overview of the studies about word learning in the speech of children from two months to four years of age

    Nicolás Arias


    Full Text Available Esta es una revisión de estudios empíricos sobre el aprendizaje de nuevas palabras en niños que comienzan a hablar. Se destacan tres grandes momentos en estos estudios. En el momento inicial, en la década de 1970, los estudios están sujetos al estudio del significado en distintos tipos de palabras. En el segundo momento (década de 1980 se estudia la relación entre el uso de nuevas palabras y expresiones verbales, y el desarrollo de conocimientos distintos al lenguaje. En el último momento (desde 1990 hasta la actualidad hay un despliegue de perspectivas conceptuales y de dispositivos experimentales en este campo de estudio. Es importante revisar en la investigación posterior algunos temas descuidados aún: el uso de palabras en oraciones, las definiciones precisas de las categorías gramaticales para clasificar palabras y las relaciones del aprendizaje de nuevas palabras con el resto del desarrollo del lenguaje en el niño.This is a review of empirical studies on word learning in children who are beginning to speak. The studies are distributed in three phases. The first phase, in the 1970’s, researchers studied the meaning in different kinds of words. In the second phase (1980’s the relationship between new words, verbal expressions and the development of distinct recognitions of language were studied. By the third phase (1990s to date there is a boom in new conceptual perspectives and experimental devices in this field of study. It is important to review in previous research some areas that were looked over such as: the use of words in sentences, more accurate definitions for grammatical categories used to classify words, and the relationship between new word learning and others aspects of a child’s language development.

  12. Pyrenean pastoralists’observations of environmental change: An exploratory study in los Valles Occidentales of Aragón

    Fernández-Giménez, María E.


    Full Text Available Observations of environmental change by local resource users may be an important source of information about past and current environmental conditions to complement scientific studies and monitoring. In this exploratory, qualitative study, we documented observations of environmental change made by 27 stockmen in the two westernmost valleys of the Central Western Pyrenees of Spain. Pastoralists reported changes in weather, corresponding declines in the flow of mountain springs, and an increase in shrub and tree cover in the mountains. Explanations for the increase in woody plant cover differed in the two valleys; however, the majority of stockmen from both villages believed that the lack of human presence in the mountains contributes to shrub encroachment. Stockmen’s observations of environmental change suggest additional research needs regarding climate and vegetation change in the Pyrenees, and highlight the potential contributions of Pyrenean pastoralists’ local knowledge to environmental monitoring, research and management.Las observaciones sobre el cambio medioambiental realizadas por usuarios locales pueden ser una importante fuente de información sobre las características medioambientales del pasado y del presente para complementar los estudios científicos y el monitoreo. En este estudio cualitativo documentamos observaciones sobre el cambio medioambiental realizadas por 27 ganaderos en los dos valles más occidentales de los Pirineos centro occidentales españoles. Resumen cambios climáticos relativos a la disminución del caudal de las fuentes de montaña y al aumento de la cubierta vegetal de matorrales y arbolado en las montañas. Las explicaciones sobre el aumento de arbolado difieren en los dos valles; sin embargo la mayoría de los ganaderos de ambos pueblos pensaban que la falta de presencia humana en las montañas contribuye a la invasión del matorral. Las observaciones de los ganaderos sobre los cambios medioambientales

  13. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is tolerant to higher levels of salinity than previous guidelines indicated: Implications of field and greenhouse studies

    Putnam, Daniel H.; Benes, Sharon; Galdi, Giuliano; Hutmacher, Bob; Grattan, Steve


    Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is the most widely grown leguminous forage crop in North America and is valued for high productivity, quality, economic value, and for dairy productivity. Alfalfa has historically been classified as moderately sensitive to saline conditions, with yield declines predicted at >2 dS/m in the saturated soil paste extract. However, greenhouse, sand tank, and field studies over the past five years have confirmed that alfalfa can be grown with limited negative effects at much higher salinity levels. A broad collection of alfalfa varieties has exhibited a range of resistance at irrigation water salinities >5 dS/m ECw in greenhouse trials, with significant variation due to variety. USDA-ARS sand tank studies indicated similar or greater tolerances closer to 8 dS/m in the soil water, in addition to confirmation of significant varietal differences. A three-year field study on clay loam soil with applications of 5-7 dS/m ECw irrigation water indicated normal yields and excellent stand survivability. A second field study in the same soil type with levels from 8-10 dS/m ECw showed yield reductions of 10-15% but economic yields were still achieved at those levels. Field and greenhouse studies were conducted with mixed salt saline sodic waters typical of the San Joaquin Valley of California. Field evaluation of variety performance was subject to greater variation due to secondary salinity-soil interactions including water infiltration and crusting problems, not only salinity per-se. Thus, adequate irrigation water availability to the crop may be as important as salinity in impacting yields under field conditions. Once established, the deep-rooted characteristics of alfalfa enable utilization of deeper subsurface moisture, even at moderate to high salinity levels, as documented by USDA lysimeter studies. Significant advantages to salinity-tolerant varieties have been observed. It will be important to consider specific management factors which may enable

  14. Role of micronized progesterone in prevention of preterm labour in women with previous history of one or more preterm births: a research study at a tertiary care hospital

    Rashmi Ahuja


    Conclusions: The study concluded that progesterone use was associated with 64.2% reduction in the incidence of preterm delivery (p=0.029.Antenatal administration of progesterone reduces the risk of preterm birth before 37 weeks and 34 weeks as well as the risk of a newborn being born with a birth weight of less than 2500 gms. [Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol 2015; 4(4.000: 1176-1180

  15. A Retrospective Study of Capecitabine/Temozolomide (CAPTEM Regimen in the Treatment of Metastatic Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (pNETs after Failing Previous Therapy

    Muhammad Wasif Saif


    Full Text Available Context Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNETs are notoriously resistant to currently available chemotherapy agents.Preclinical data has suggested synergy between temozolomide and capecitabine. Objective To report a retrospective data on the efficacy and safety of capecitabine and temozolomide (CAPTEM regimen in patients with metastatic pancreaticneuroendocrine tumors (pNETs who have failed prior therapies. Methods We reviewed the medical records of 7 patientswith metastatic pNETs who had had progressive cancer prior to treatment despite therapy, including long-acting releaseoctreotide (60 mg/month, chemotherapy and hepatic chemoembolization. Capecitabine was administered at a flat dose of1,000 mg orally twice daily on days 1-14 and temozolomide 200 mg/m2 was given in two divided doses daily on days 10-14of a 28-day cycle. Tumor assessments were repeated every two cycles and serum tumor markers were measured every cycle. Response to treatment was assessed using Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST parameters, and toxicity was graded using the National Cancer Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE, version 3.0. Results Among 7 patients treated, three patients achieved a partial response, and two patients had stable disease. Totalresponse rate was 43%, and clinical benefit (responders and stable disease was 71%. Median duration of response was 8months (range: 4-12 months. Grade 3 and 4 toxicities included grade 3 thrombocytopenia in one patient and grade 3 fatigue in one patient. The most common toxicities were grade 1 and 2 neutropenia, grade 1 fatigue, grade 1 and 2 hand-foot syndrome. Conclusions Our retrospective study showed that modified CAPTEM regimen was well-tolerated and produced comparable response to historical data in neuroendocrine tumors, including pNETs. Our study is unique as it only included patients with pNETs. Further prospective studies are warranted to evaluate the combination of

  16. A gender-medicine post hoc analysis (MetaGeM project to test sex differences in previous observational studies in different diseases: methodology

    Colombo D


    Full Text Available Delia Colombo,1 Gilberto Bellia,1 Donatella Vassellatti,1 Emanuela Zagni,1 Simona Sgarbi,2 Sara Rizzoli21Novartis Farma, Origgio, 2MediData, Modena, ltaly Abstract: Only recently has medical research begun to understand the importance of taking sex into account, recognizing that symptoms and responses to medical treatment may be very different between males and females. However, the analyses provided by the pharmaceutical industry to regulatory authorities often do not present safety and efficacy data by sex. Novartis has started a gender-medicine project called MetaGeM, which includes nine observational studies sponsored by Novartis Farma, Italy; conducted in Italy between 2002 and 2013 in a range of different clinical areas. The MetaGeM project aims to analyze and describe by means of post hoc analyses and meta-analyses, clinical outcomes, therapeutic approaches, and safety data of these studies, by sex: PSYCHAE; GENDER ATTENTION in psoriasis; Synergy in psoriatic arthritis; ICEBERG in HBsAg carriers; SURF and CETRA in liver- and renal transplanted patients, respectively; DEEP in Parkinson's disease; and EVOLUTION and AXEPT in Alzheimer's disease. The present paper describes the methodology of the MetaGeM project.Keywords: gender-medicine, MetaGeM project, methodology

  17. Epidemiological studies are like cherries, one draws another Los estudios epidemiológicos son como las cerezas, van una detrás de la otra

    Nuno Lunet


    Full Text Available The proverb "Words are like cherries", meaning that when you start talking subjects pop up and you end up with long conversations, just like cherries coming out of the plate in chains when you pick one, may also be applied to epidemiological research. A sequence of epidemiological studies, each being drawn from the previous, is presented as an example of how each investigation may raise new questions to be addressed in following studies. This description stresses the need for appropriate planning and the usefulness of pilot testing to depict inadequacies that can hardly be anticipated without field work. I intend to illustrate how epidemiological research can provide a deep approach to research questions, as long as findings are properly interpreted and suboptimal methodological options are taken into account in future investigations.El proverbio "Las palabras son como las cerezas" que expresa cómo cuando empezamos a hablar los asuntos van surgiendo de manera encadenada y terminamos con largas conversaciones, del mismo modo en que las cerezas que salen del plato encadenadas cuando cogemos una, puede también puede ser aplicado a la investigación epidemiológica. Una secuencia de estudios epidemiológicos, cada uno derivado del anterior, se presenta como un ejemplo de cómo cada investigación puede derivar en nuevas cuestiones en los estudios siguientes. Esta descripción subraya la necesidad de una planificación adecuada así como la utilidad de los estudios piloto para describir las deficiencias que difícilmente podrían haber sido anticipadas sin trabajo de campo. Se pretende ilustrar como la investigación epidemiológica puede proporcionar un enfoque profundo a cuestiones de investigación, siempre y cuando los resultados sean interpretados correctamente y las opciones metodológicas subóptimas sean tenidas en cuenta en futuras investigaciones.

  18. A study of the presence of B. burgdorferi, Anaplasma (previously Ehrlichia) phagocytophilum, Rickettsia, and Babesia in Ixodes ricinus collected within the territory of Belluno, Italy.

    Piccolin, G; Benedetti, G; Doglioni, C; Lorenzato, C; Mancuso, S; Papa, N; Pitton, L; Ramon, M C; Zasio, C; Bertiato, G


    In the years 2000 and 2001, we sampled ticks in order to establish the distribution of Ixodes ricinus in the province of Belluno; 5987 tick samples from 244 sites throughout the province were gathered, by dragging for a 5-min period. In 40 sites, seasonal variations and cycle stages of the parasites were studied at monthly intervals from March to September. A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique was used to identify the tick-infected sites. Of 1931 individual ticks, 8.23% were positive for Borrelia burgdorferi, 4.4% were positive for Ehrlichia, 1.6% were positive for Rickettsia, and 1.6% were positive for Babesia. The co-presence of Borrelia and Ehrlichia (1.2%) and Babesia (0.5%), Borrelia, Ehrlichia and Rickettsia (0.1%) was also found.

  19. Performance of the new 2012 EULAR/ACR classification criteria for polymyalgia rheumatica: comparison with the previous criteria in a single-centre study.

    Macchioni, Pierluigi; Boiardi, Luigi; Catanoso, Mariagrazia; Pazzola, Giulia; Salvarani, Carlo


    To compare the performance of published classification/diagnostic criteria for polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), including the new 2012 European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR)/American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria, in a single-centre study. We studied all consecutive patients with new-onset PMR seen in our centre over 6 years, whose diagnosis was confirmed during a prospective 12-month follow-up period. Subjects were classified by each of the seven different criteria. Sensitivity and specificity were compared. Control population consisted of all consecutive patients aged ≥50 years seen in a 4-year period in our early arthritis clinic who had a 12-month confirmation of a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or other inflammatory articular diseases. Data were collected from 136 cases and 149 controls, including 94 patients with RA. The most sensitive criteria were the new 2012 EULAR/ACR classification criteria (92.6%). Adding ultrasound (US) specificity increased from 81.5% to 91.3% in total cases and from 79.7% to 89.9% in RA. Bird criteria had a sensitivity of 89.2% but the lowest specificity (40.2% in total cases and 72.5% in RA). Jones and Nobunaga criteria were the most specific criteria (96.7% and 97.8% in total cases and 98.6% and 99.5% in RA) but the less sensitive (63.1% and 58.2%) ones. Overall, discriminatory ability, as reflected by the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve, was better for the 2012 US EULAR/ACR criteria (0.920 in total cases and 0.910 in RA). The new EULAR/ACR criteria in new-onset PMR patients perform best in discriminating PMR from RA and other inflammatory articular diseases. Ultrasound further increases the specificity of the criteria.

  20. Emittance studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Free-Electron Laser (FEL)

    Carlsten, B. E.; Feldman, D. W.; Lumpkin, A. H.; Stein, W. E.; Warren, R. W.

    Recent emittance studies at the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser (FEL) have indicated several areas of concern in the linac and beamline feeding the wiggler. Four emittance growth mechanisms of special importance have been studied. First, a rapid growth of the electron beam's emittance immediately after the spherical gridded Pierce gun resulted, in part, from the long time required for our pulsing electronics to ramp the grid voltage up at the start and down at the end of the pulse, which created a pulse with a cosine-like current distribution as a function of time. The growth was compounded by the extremely small radial beam size (almost a waist) leaving the gun. In addition, we saw evidence of electrostatic charging of the insulators in the gun, reducing the quality of the electron beam further. Second, the action of the solenoidal focusing fields in the low-voltage bunching region was studied, and criteria for a minimum emittance growth were established. Third, maximum misalignment angles and displacements for various elements of the beamline were calculated for the desired low emittance growth. Finally, emittance growth in the horizontal dimension through the nonisochronous bend caused by varying energy depression on the particles due to longitudinal wake fields was both calculated and observed. In addition, we measured energy depressions caused by the wake fields generated by various other elements in the beamline. Strategies were developed to relieve the magnitude of these wake-field effects.

  1. Phase II Study of Bortezomib as a Single Agent in Patients with Previously Untreated or Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia Ineligible for Intensive Therapy

    Chiara Sarlo


    Full Text Available We explored the safety and efficacy of bortezomib given as single agent in patients with untreated or relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML, unfit for conventional chemotherapy. Fourteen patients were treated with bortezomib 1.5 mg/m2 administered twice weekly for two weeks, every 3 weeks. Median age was 70 years (range 60–81 and the median number of cycles delivered was 2 (range 1–4. Of 13 evaluable patients, in 8 (61%, the administration of bortezomib resulted in an antileukemic effect as demonstrated by peripheral blood and/or bone marrow blast reduction. In 4 (50% of these 8, a decrease by 37% of transfusion requirement was also observed . Overall median survival was 4 months (range 0.25–10. Neurotoxicity was the most frequent adverse event with 7 of 13 (54% patients experiencing grades 3-4 peripheral neuropathy. Neurotoxicity led to treatment discontinuation in 4 (57% of 7. In conclusion, the observed anti-leukemic activity of bortezomib indicates that there is room for designing additional studies in which combination with other chemotherapeutic agents should be considered. Clinical registration no.: EUDRACT 2006-006923-38.

  2. Can a Repeated Sprint Ability Test Help Clear a Previously Injured Soccer Player for Fully Functional Return to Activity? A Pilot Study.

    Padulo, Johnny; Attene, Giuseppe; Ardigò, Luca P; Bragazzi, Nicola L; Maffulli, Nicola; Zagatto, Alessandro M; Dello Iacono, Antonio


    To investigate the effects of fatigue induced by a repeated sprint ability (RSA) test on the neuromuscular responses of soccer players with a recent history of lower limb injuries (CH) and a matched control group in good fitness condition (GH). This was a case-control study. Nine CH and 9 GH. Allocation to CH or GH. Each player was assessed for blood lactate concentration and jumping performance [squat jump (SJ) and countermovement jump (CMJ)] before/after RSA. Post-RSA rate of perceived exertion (RPE) was obtained. Receiver operating characteristic analysis was performed to calculate RSA sensitivity and specificity in distinguishing between CH and GH. Intraclass correlation coefficient was used to assess reliability. No baseline differences were found for any variable. ΔSJ before/after RSA was -14 ± 2% and -5 ± 2% in CH and GH, respectively (P Repeated sprint ability is a simple, low-cost field test potentially able to assist in clinical decision making for return to sport.

  3. Prevalence of pain in the head, back and feet in refugees previously exposed to torture: a ten-year follow-up study

    Olsen, Dorthe Reff; Montgomery, Edith; Bøjholm, Søren


    exposed to torture in their home country were interviewed at a Danish rehabilitation clinic on average 8 years after their final release from confinement and re-interviewed 10 years later. Interviews focused on history of exposure to physical and mental torture and on pain in the head, back and feet...... prevalent at study. RESULTS: The mean number of times imprisoned was 2.5 and the mean cumulative duration of imprisonment 19.4 months. The most frequent physical torture method reported was beating (95.0%) and the main mental torture method deprivation (88.5%). Pain reported at follow-up was strongly...... associated with pain reported at baseline, and the prevalence of pain increased considerably (pain in the head, 47.5% at baseline and 58.3% at follow-up; back, 48.2% and 75.5%; feet, 23.7% and 63.3%). Predictor patterns at baseline and at follow-up had common traits, so that pain in the head and pain...

  4. Effects of dopaminergic replacement therapy on motor speech disorders in Parkinson's disease: longitudinal follow-up study on previously untreated patients.

    Rusz, Jan; Tykalová, Tereza; Klempíř, Jiří; Čmejla, Roman; Růžička, Evžen


    Although speech disorders represent an early and common manifestation of Parkinson's disease (PD), little is known about their progression and relationship to dopaminergic replacement therapy. The aim of the current study was to examine longitudinal motor speech changes after the initiation of pharmacotherapy in PD. Fifteen newly-diagnosed, untreated PD patients and ten healthy controls of comparable age were investigated. PD patients were tested before the introduction of antiparkinsonian therapy and then twice within the following 6 years. Quantitative acoustic analyses of seven key speech dimensions of hypokinetic dysarthria were performed. At baseline, PD patients showed significantly altered speech including imprecise consonants, monopitch, inappropriate silences, decreased quality of voice, slow alternating motion rates, imprecise vowels and monoloudness. At follow-up assessment, preservation or slight improvement of speech performance was objectively observed in two-thirds of PD patients within the first 3-6 years of dopaminergic treatment, primarily associated with the improvement of stop consonant articulation. The extent of speech improvement correlated with L-dopa equivalent dose (r = 0.66, p = 0.008) as well as with reduction in principal motor manifestations based on the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (r = -0.61, p = 0.02), particularly reflecting treatment-related changes in bradykinesia but not in rigidity, tremor, or axial motor manifestations. While speech disorders are frequently present in drug-naive PD patients, they tend to improve or remain relatively stable after the initiation of dopaminergic treatment and appear to be related to the dopaminergic responsiveness of bradykinesia.

  5. Comparative study of Hg xCd 1-xTe films grown on CdTe thin films previously deposited from two different techniques

    Ali, A.; Abbas Shah, N.; Maqsood, A.


    High quality cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin films were grown on glass substrates with two different techniques, two evaporation source (TES) and closed space sublimation (CSS). Further to the above mercury telluride (HgTe) was then deposited by using single source on both CdTe thin films for obtaining Hg xCd 1-xTe samples. The crystalline structure of the Hg xCd 1-xTe sample grown from CSS-CdTe showed the preferential (1 1 1) orientation with smoother and larger grain size than those of TES-CdTe. The optical transmission for TES-CdTe sample was above 90% in the 1000-1500 nm range whereas it was significantly below 80% for CSS-CdTe sample. The optical transmission for TES-Hg xCd 1-xTe and CSS-Hg xCd 1-xTe was ˜60%. The resistivity at room temperature of TES-CdTe and CSS-CdTe was ˜3.33×10 9 Ω cm and ˜2.20×10 8 Ω cm, respectively, while the resistivity of TES-Hg xCd 1-xTe and CSS-Hg xCd 1-xTe samples was ˜1.73 Ω cm and ˜5.34×10 5 Ω cm, respectively. The comparative study of ternary compound prepared with the above techniques has been carried out for the first time.

  6. Variation in genetic admixture and population structure among Latinos: the Los Angeles Latino eye study (LALES

    Le Marchand Loic


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Population structure and admixture have strong confounding effects on genetic association studies. Discordant frequencies for age-related macular degeneration (AMD risk alleles and for AMD incidence and prevalence rates are reported across different ethnic groups. We examined the genomic ancestry characterizing 538 Latinos drawn from the Los Angeles Latino Eye Study [LALES] as part of an ongoing AMD-association study. To help assess the degree of Native American ancestry inherited by Latino populations we sampled 25 Mayans and 5 Mexican Indians collected through Coriell's Institute. Levels of European, Asian, and African descent in Latinos were inferred through the USC Multiethnic Panel (USC MEP, formed from a sample from the Multiethnic Cohort (MEC study, the Yoruba African samples from HapMap II, the Singapore Chinese Health Study, and a prospective cohort from Shanghai, China. A total of 233 ancestry informative markers were genotyped for 538 LALES Latinos, 30 Native Americans, and 355 USC MEP individuals (African Americans, Japanese, Chinese, European Americans, Latinos, and Native Hawaiians. Sensitivity of ancestry estimates to relative sample size was considered. Results We detected strong evidence for recent population admixture in LALES Latinos. Gradients of increasing Native American background and of correspondingly decreasing European ancestry were observed as a function of birth origin from North to South. The strongest excess of homozygosity, a reflection of recent population admixture, was observed in non-US born Latinos that recently populated the US. A set of 42 SNPs especially informative for distinguishing between Native Americans and Europeans were identified. Conclusion These findings reflect the historic migration patterns of Native Americans and suggest that while the 'Latino' label is used to categorize the entire population, there exists a strong degree of heterogeneity within that population, and that

  7. Phase 2 study of tabalumab, a human anti-B-cell activating factor antibody, with bortezomib and dexamethasone in patients with previously treated multiple myeloma.

    Raje, Noopur S; Moreau, Philippe; Terpos, Evangelos; Benboubker, Lotfi; Grząśko, Norbert; Holstein, Sarah A; Oriol, Albert; Huang, Shang-Yi; Beksac, Meral; Kuliczkowski, Kazimierz; Tai, Datchen F; Wooldridge, James E; Conti, Ilaria; Kaiser, Christopher J; Nguyen, Tuan S; Cronier, Damien M; Palumbo, Antonio


    In this double-blind, Phase 2 study, 220 patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma were randomly assigned 1:1:1 to receive placebo (N = 72), tabalumab 100 mg (N = 74), or tabalumab 300 mg (N = 74), each in combination with dexamethasone 20 mg and subcutaneous bortezomib 1·3 mg/m(2) on a 21-day cycle. No significant intergroup differences were observed among primary (median progression-free survival [mPFS]) or secondary efficacy outcomes. The mPFS was 6·6, 7·5 and 7·6 months for the tabalumab 100, 300 mg and placebo groups, respectively (tabalumab 100 mg vs. placebo Hazard ratio (HR) [95% confidence interval (CI)] = 1·13 [0·80-1·59], P = 0·480; tabalumab 300 mg vs. placebo HR [95% CI] = 1·03 [0·72-1·45], P = 0·884). The most commonly-reported treatment-emergent adverse events were thrombocytopenia (37%), fatigue (37%), diarrhoea (35%) and constipation (32%). Across treatments, patients with low baseline BAFF (also termed TNFSF13B) expression (n = 162) had significantly longer mPFS than those with high BAFF expression (n = 55), using the 75th percentile cut-off point (mPFS [95% CI] = 8·3 [7·0-9·3] months vs. 5·8 [3·7-6·6] months; HR [95% CI] = 1·59 [1·11-2·29], P = 0·015). Although generally well tolerated, PFS was not improved during treatment with tabalumab compared to placebo. A higher dose of 300 mg tabalumab did not improve efficacy compared to the 100 mg dose. Nonetheless, BAFF appears to have some prognostic value in patients with multiple myeloma. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  8. Intravenous C.E.R.A. maintains stable haemoglobin levels in patients on dialysis previously treated with darbepoetin alfa: results from STRIATA, a randomized phase III study

    Canaud, Bernard; Mingardi, Giulio; Braun, Johann; Aljama, Pedro; Kerr, Peter G.; Locatelli, Francesco; Villa, Giuseppe; Van Vlem, Bruno; McMahon, Alan W.; Kerloëguen, Cécile; Beyer, Ulrich


    Background. Extending the administration interval of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) represents an opportunity to improve the efficiency of anaemia management in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, effective haemoglobin (Hb) maintenance can be challenging with epoetin alfa and epoetin beta administered at extended intervals. C.E.R.A., a continuous erythropoietin receptor activator, has a unique pharmacologic profile and long half-life (∼130 h), allowing administration at extended intervals. Phase III results have demonstrated that C.E.R.A. administered once every 4 weeks effectively maintains stable Hb levels in patients with CKD on dialysis. Methods. STRIATA (Stabilizing haemoglobin TaRgets in dialysis following IV C.E.R.A. Treatment for Anaemia) was a multicentre, open-label randomized phase III study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intravenous C.E.R.A. administered once every 2 weeks (Q2W) for Hb maintenance following direct conversion from darbepoetin alfa (DA). Adult patients on dialysis receiving stable intravenous DA once weekly (QW) or Q2W were randomized (1:1) to continue their current DA regimen (n = 156) or receive intravenous C.E.R.A. Q2W (n = 157) for 52 weeks. Doses were adjusted to maintain Hb levels within ± 1.0 g/dl of baseline and between 10.0 and 13.5 g/dl. The primary endpoint was the mean Hb change between baseline and the evaluation period (weeks 29–36). Results. Most patients (>80%) received DA QW before randomization. The mean (95% CI) difference between C.E.R.A. and DA in the primary endpoint was 0.18 g/dl (−0.05, 0.41), within a pre-defined non-inferiority limit. C.E.R.A. was clinically non-inferior to DA (P < 0.0001) in maintaining Hb levels. Both treatments were well tolerated. Conclusions. Stable Hb levels were successfully maintained in patients on haemodialysis directly converted to Q2W intravenous C.E.R.A. from DA. PMID:18586762

  9. RapidArc, intensity modulated photon and proton techniques for recurrent prostate cancer in previously irradiated patients: a treatment planning comparison study

    Ratib Osman


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A study was performed comparing volumetric modulated arcs (RA and intensity modulation (with photons, IMRT, or protons, IMPT radiation therapy (RT for patients with recurrent prostate cancer after RT. Methods Plans for RA, IMRT and IMPT were optimized for 7 patients. Prescribed dose was 56 Gy in 14 fractions. The recurrent gross tumor volume (GTV was defined on 18F-fluorocholine PET/CT scans. Plans aimed to cover at least 95% of the planning target volume with a dose > 50.4 Gy. A maximum dose (DMax of 61.6 Gy was allowed to 5% of the GTV. For the urethra, DMax was constrained to 37 Gy. Rectal DMedian was 90 parameters. Results Tumor coverage (GTV and PTV was improved with RA (V95% 92.6 ± 7.9 and 83.7 ± 3.3%, when compared to IMRT (V95% 88.6 ± 10.8 and 77.2 ± 2.2%. The corresponding values for IMPT were intermediate for the GTV (V95% 88.9 ± 10.5% and better for the PTV (V95%85.6 ± 5.0%. The percentages of rectal and urethral volumes receiving intermediate doses (35 Gy were significantly decreased with RA (5.1 ± 3.0 and 38.0 ± 25.3% and IMPT (3.9 ± 2.7 and 25.1 ± 21.1%, when compared to IMRT (9.8 ± 5.3 and 60.7 ± 41.7%. CI90 was 1.3 ± 0.1 for photons and 1.6 ± 0.2 for protons. Integral Dose was 1.1 ± 0.5 Gy*cm3 *105 for IMPT and about a factor three higher for all photon's techniques. Conclusion RA and IMPT showed improvements in conformal avoidance relative to fixed beam IMRT for 7 patients with recurrent prostate cancer. IMPT showed further sparing of organs at risk.

  10. Remote sensing in the study of the perspective of enlargement of the geothermal area of Los Azufres field, Michoacan, Mexico; Utilizacion de la teledeteccion para estudiar las perspectivas de ampliacion de la zona geotermica de Los azufres, Michoacan, Mexico

    Antaramian H, Eduardo; Garduno M, Victor Hugo [UMSNH, (Mexico)


    The results are presented of a remote sensing study in Los Azufres Geothermal field. Data of a volcanological study have been used. Standing out is the importance of a resurgence phenomenon in the volcanic evolution of the caldera of Los Azufres and its observed relationships with thermal anomalies outsides the area of well known geothermal resources in the field. On the basis of these data, we suggest additional remote sensing studies in different geothermal areas to identify blind resources or large thermal anomaly outsides the well know ones in developed geothermal fields. [Spanish] En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de un estudio de teledeteccion en la zona geotermica de Los Azufres, Michoacan, Mexico. En el se han utilizado los datos obtenidos de un estudio volcanologico que resalta la importancia de un fenomeno de resurgencia en la evolucion volcanologica de la Caldera de los Azufres y su relacion con anomalias termicas fuera de la zona de explotacion del campo geotermico. Con base en estos resultados se propone que sean retomados los datos de diferentes campos geotermicos con la finalidad de hacer estudios de exploracion mediante teledeteccion en campos ciegos o bien en aquellos ya desarrollados que presentan anomalias termicas mayores fuera de las ya conocidas.

  11. Review of previous geophysical and geological studies

    Levchenko, O.V; Neprochnov, Y.P.; Rao, D; Subrahmanyam, C; Murthy, K.S.R

    stream_size 5 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name Mem_Geol_Soc_India_39_5.pdf.txt stream_source_info Mem_Geol_Soc_India_39_5.pdf.txt Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 Content-Type text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 ...

  12. Does Preconception Health Differ by Nativity?: Findings from the Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) Study

    Chao, Shin M.; Wakeel, Fathima; Nazinyan, Yeghishe; Sun, Stacy


    Objectives To compare certain preconception health (PCH) behaviors and conditions among US-born (USB) and foreign-born (FB) mothers in Los Angeles County (LAC), regardless of race/ethnicity, and to determine if any identified differences vary among Asian/Pacific Islanders (API’s) and Hispanics. Methods Data are from the 2012 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) study (n=6,252). PCH behaviors included tobacco use, multivitamin use, unintended pregnancy, and contraception use. PCH conditions comprised being overweight/obese, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, gum disease, and anemia. The relationship between nativity and each PCH behavior/ condition was assessed using multivariable logistic regression models. Results USB women were more likely than FB women to smoke (AOR=2.12, 95% CI=1.49–3.00), be overweight/obese (AOR=1.57, 95% CI=1.30–1.90), and have asthma (AOR=2.04, 95% CI=1.35–3.09) prior to pregnancy. They were less likely than FB women to use contraception before pregnancy (AOR=0.59, 95% CI=0.49–0.72). USB Hispanics and API’s were more likely than their FB counterparts to be overweight/obese (AOR=1.57, 95% CI=1.23–2.01 and AOR=2.37, 95% CI=1.58–3.56, respectively) and less likely to use contraception (AOR=0.58, 95% CI=0.45–0.74 and AOR= 0.46, 95% CI=0.30–0.71, respectively). USB Hispanic mothers were more likely than their FB counterparts to smoke (AOR=2.47, 95% CI=1.46–4.17), not take multivitamins (AOR=1.30, 95% CI=1.02–1.66), and have asthma (AOR=2.35, 95% CI=1.32–4.21) before pregnancy. Conclusions US nativity is linked to negative PCH among LAC women, with many of these associations persisting among Hispanics and API’s. As PCH profoundly impacts maternal and child health across the lifecourse, culturally-appropriate interventions that maintain positive behaviors among FB reproductive-aged women and encourage positive behaviors among USB women should be pursued. PMID:26728899

  13. Experimental study of passive compensation of space charge at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Proton Storage Ring

    M. A. Plum


    Full Text Available The inductance of the vacuum chamber of the Proton Storage Ring at Los Alamos National Laboratory was intentionally increased by the introduction of ferrite rings to counteract the longitudinal space-charge effect of the intense beam. The magnetic permeability of the ferrite could be adjusted by introducing current into solenoids wound around the ferrite. Results show that the minimum rf voltage necessary to stabilize the beam against e-p instability may be reduced over that previously measured. The injected bunch length was observed to be longer when the ferrite was heavily biased so that its effect was reduced.

  14. Emittance studies at the Los Alamos national laboratory free electron laser

    Carlsten, B. E.; Feldman, D. W.; Lumpkin, A. H.; Sollid, J. E.; Stein, W. E.; Warren, R. W.


    Recent emittance studies at the Los Alamos FEL have indicated several areas of concern in the linac and beamline feeding the wiggler. These studies included both experimental measurements and computer simulations. The beamline starts with a 5 A micropulse from the thermionic cathode in the gun. After bunching by velocity modulation and acceleration to 20 MeV in a 1300 MHz standing wave accelerator, the beam current is roughly 250 A. Final bunching to 800 A is performed in the nonisochronous bend that rotates the electrons onto the axis of the wiggler and the optical cavity. Four emittance growth mechanisms of special importance have been studied. First, a rapid growth of the electron beam's emittance immediately after the spherical gridded Pierce gun resulted, in part, from the long time required for our pulsing electronics to ramp the grid voltage up at the start and down at the end of the pulse, which created a pulse with a cosine-like current distribution as a function of time. The growth was compounded by the extremely small radial beam size (almost a waist) leaving the gun. In addition, we saw evidence of electrostatic charging of the insulators in the gun, reducing the quality of the electron beam further. Second the action of the solenoidal focusing fields in the low-voltage bunching region was studied, and criteria for a minimum emittance growth were established. Third, maximum misalignment angles and displacements for various elements of the beamline were calculated for the desired low emittance growth. Finally, emittance growth in the horizontal dimensions through the nonisochronous bend caused by varying energy depression on the particles due to longitudinal wake fields was both calculated and observed. In addition, we measured energy depressions caused by the wake fields generated by various other elements in the beamline. Strategies were developed to relieve the magnitude of these wake-field effects.

  15. Studies of fission fragment properties at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE)

    Tovesson, Fredrik; Mayorov, Dmitriy; Duke, Dana; Manning, Brett; Geppert-Kleinrath, Verena


    Nuclear data related to the fission process are needed for a wide variety of research areas, including fundamental science, nuclear energy and non-proliferation. While some of the relevant data have been measured to the required accuracies there are still many aspects of fission that need further investigation. One such aspect is how Total Kinetic Energy (TKE), fragment yields, angular distributions and other fission observables depend on excitation energy of the fissioning system. Another question is the correlation between mass, charge and energy of fission fragments. At the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) we are studying neutron-induced fission at incident energies from thermal up to hundreds of MeV using the Lujan Center and Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) facilities. Advanced instruments such as SPIDER (time-of-flight and kinetic energy spectrometer), the NIFFTE Time Projection Chamber (TPC), and Frisch grid Ionization Chambers (FGIC) are used to investigate the properties of fission fragments, and some important results for the major actinides have been obtained.

  16. Los Arboles Hablan: A Spanish Language Curriculum Unit Based on the Study of Latin American Rain Forests.

    Zuman, John P.

    "Los Arboles Hablan," a video-based curriculum that promotes the learning of Spanish as a second language through study of the Latin American rain forests is described. The 12-session unit was designed for use at the middle school level and integrates science, social science, and environmental education with content focusing on the…

  17. The Sima de los Huesos crania (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain). A comparative study.

    Arsuaga, J L; Martínez, I; Gracia, A; Lorenzo, C


    The Sima de los Huesos (Sierra de Atapuerca) cranial remains found up to and including the 1995 field season are described and compared with other fossils in order to assess their evolutionary relationships. The phenetic affinities of the Sima de los Huesos crania and a large sample of Homo fossils are investigated through principal component analyses. Metrical comparisons of the Sima de los Huesos and other European and African Middle Pleistocene fossils with Neandertals are performed using Z-scores relative to the Neandertal sample statistics. The most relevant cranial traits are metrically and morphologically analyzed and cladistically evaluated. The Sima de los Huesos crania exhibit a number of primitive traits lost in Upper Pleistocene Neandertals (especially in the braincase, but also in the facial skeleton), as well as other traits that are transitional to the Neandertal morphology (particularly in the occipital bone), and features close to what is found in Neandertals (as the supraorbital morphology and midfacial prognathism). Different combinations of primitive and derived traits (shared with Neandertals) are also displayed by the other European Middle Pleistocene fossils. In conclusion, the Sima de los Huesos sample is evolutionarily related to Neandertals as well as to the other European Middle Pleistocene fossils. In our opinion, all the European Middle Pleistocene fossils belong to the Neandertal lineage, and none can be included in an Afroeuropean common ancestor of Neandertals and modern humans.

  18. Tratamiento del dolor en los estudios de enfermería Management of pain in nursing studies

    R. M. Sánchez-Sánchez


    Full Text Available Introducción: Diversos estudios constatan insuficiente formación del personal de enfermería en el manejo y tratamiento del dolor, siendo este uno de los síntomas más frecuentes a tratar en su ejercicio profesional. Objetivos: Averiguar los conocimientos acerca de la farmacología de los analgésicos y los principios básicos en el tratamiento del dolor entre los estudiantes de enfermería e informar a los docentes para priorizar dichos conocimientos. Diseño: Se realizó una encuesta a los 55 alumnos (53 mujeres y 2 varones de tercer curso de la Escuela de Enfermería de nuestra ciudad. Material y métodos: Las cuestiones se agruparon en dos bloques: Farmacología de analgésicos: identificar los fármacos "narcóticos" de los que no lo son. Conocimientos básicos del tratamiento del dolor: escalera analgésica, indicaciones de la morfina, tolerancia, etc., así como la necesidad del dolor y su actitud ante quien lo padece. Resultados: El 87% de la muestra consideró la cocaína como "narcótico", sobre la dolantina se dispersaron los datos y un alto porcentaje de ellos no supieron encuadrar analgésicos potentes como metamizol o ketorolaco. El nivel de conocimientos básicos en el tratamiento del dolor fue aceptable, aunque debemos tener en cuenta que en un 25% consideraron que el aumento de la dosis de morfina era debido al desarrollo de adicción. Conclusiones: Observamos la necesidad de profundizar más en la farmacología fundamental de los analgésicos, debiendo ser prioritaria en la formación de pregrado, y nos alegra constatar el cambio hacia un mejor conocimiento de los principios básicos del tratamiento del dolor en las nuevas generaciones de Enfermería.Introduction: Diverse studies state insufficient formation of the personnel of Infirmary in the managing and treatment of the pain, being this one of the most frequent symptoms to treating in his professional exercise. Objectives: To verify the knowledges brings over of the

  19. Gravity study of Los Humeros caldera complex, Mexico: Structure and associated geothermal system

    Campos-Enriquez, J. O.; Arredondo-Fragoso, J. J.


    Los Humeros caldera lies in the eastern portion of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. A geothermal system is associated with this silicic caldera. The volcano-sedimentary products of the caldera itself rest on a basement of calcareous rocks and granitic intrusives. A well-marked density contrast exists between these geologic units. Consequently, gravity measurements have proved to be a useful tool to estimate depths to the local basement. A detailed interpretation of the gravity anomaly of this caldera was conducted. Digital processing included vertical derivatives, downward, and upward continuations. In this way, it was possible to infer the main features of the subsurface structure of this caldera. The 3-D structural model so created was also constrained by geology and well data. It was tested by 3-D forward modelling. Two nested depressions are subsurficial expressions of two corresponding collapses. The western rim of the caldera complex is constituted by a structural high, representing a major weakness zone that controlled the location of several vents in the caldera complex. The geothermal system is located along this structure. A straightforward correlation is observed between the subsurficial structure (nested depressions, the minor central and major western structural highs respectively) and magnetic and resistivity anomalies (MT and d.c. resistivity studies). The enhanced permeability associated with the faulting along this major structural high accounts for the observed correlation with the resistivity data. Two relatively shallow heat sources are interpreted to exist at depths around 10 km. One is related to the actual geothermal production zone; the second, is located just to the southwest of the caldera complex. Because several other geological and geophysical parameters point to the possible existence of geothermal activity, this zone is considered a target for exploration, by means of wells, for geothermal fluids.

  20. Effect of microporosity on the permeability of geothermal systems, case study of Los Humeros geothermal fie

    Carrasco, Gerardo; Cid, Hector; Ortega, Dante


    Los Humeros is the largest silicic caldera complex of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB), with an active geothermal field, which is currently producing around 65 MW. It is located in the northern part of the eastern TMVB. Its evolution includes voluminous caldera-forming eruption producing two large caldera structures (Los Humeros and Los Potreros calderas) with alternated episodes of effusive and explosive activity until the Holocene. The geothermal reservoir is located at a depth of about 1,500 m comprising a thick succession of porphyritic andesitic lava flows, and perhaps which overlay in a highly discordant contact a meta-sedimentary basement sequence dominated by altered limestone and skarn rocks. A NW/N-S structural system seems to be the main control of geothermal field distribution within the central part of the youngest caldera. Permeability in the geothermal reservoir has been associated with that system observed on the surficial geology, but also to some hidden secondary faulting and associated fracturing. Primary porosity has been considered negligible due to the low macroporosity observed in the volcanic rocks. However, a detailed analysis of the microporosity determined by X-ray microtomography new developed techniques, allow us to determine precise values of microporosity that were using for numerical simulation to obtain values of effective porosity, which reveals an interesting alternative solution to the permeability of the subsurface of Los Humeros geothermal field that should be taking into account to the final permeability of the system.

  1. Los implantes MG-OSSEOUS: Estudio multicéntrico retrospectivo MG-OSSEOUS implants: A multicentric retrospective study

    E. Serrano Caturla


    Full Text Available Objetivo. Aportar unos datos estadísticamente fiables sobre la supervivencia e incidencias asociadas a los implantes y prótesis del modelo MG-OSSEOUS (Mozo-Grau, S.L., Valladolid, España y demostrar que su eficacia es comparable a todas las marcas comerciales. Material y método. Estudio multicéntrico retrospectivo coordinado por la empresa Scientific Management in O&SS (Barcelona, España. Se colocaron 1001 implantes en 247 pacientes y se diseñaron 328 prótesis, entre los años 2004 y 2005, con un seguimiento de 2 años. Todos los implantes cargados. Se analizan y pormenorizan todos los implantes, por diámetros, longitudes, posiciones, fases quirúrgicas, cargas, tipos y modelos de prótesis y técnicas complementarias aplicadas, tanto sincrónica como anacrónicamente. Resultados. Tras la homogeneización de las muestras, se objetiva una supervivencia del 97,8% a los 2 años, detallando los fracasos según las características de cada caso clínico. No se reporta ningún fracaso de la prótesis. Discusión. Protocolizamos una serie de criterios e indicaciones a la hora de colocar los implantes MG-OSSEOUS según los casos clínicos. Comparamos nuestros resultados con la bibliografía, tanto pretérita como actual, coincidiendo con la manera de actuar a lo largo de la historia de la implantología. Finalmente, extrapolamos los resultados que consideramos comparables a los publicados por el grupo Branemark. Conclusión. La calidad del implante MG-OSSEOUS combinada con protocolos implantológicos científicamente contrastados, muestra un 2,2% de fracaso a los 2 años de seguimiento, con un porcentaje de éxito del 100% tanto en la recolocación del implante como en la fase protésica.Objective. We present some statistically contrasted results regarding the survival and incidences of MG-OSSEOUS implants and prosthetic components (Mozo-Grau, S.L., Valladolid, Spain, and we prove that they have the same efficacy when compared with other

  2. Los adolescentes y los estigmas

    Janin, Beatriz


    En este trabajo se desarrolla el tema de los diagnósticos tempranos en los que se rotula a un niño como deficitario y de las dificultades de los adolescentes que llegan a esa etapa crítica de la vida portando algún “cartel" que los señala como un “sindrome" o un “trastorno de...". Este estigma suele dificultarles el rearmado narcisista, la relación con el grupo de pares y la salida exogámica. Se habla de la crisis adolescente y de los avatares particulares de la sexualidad en estos casos. ...

  3. Comparación de los valores del espesor corneal central según los equipos Lenstar, Galilei y Pentacam Comparative study of the central corneal thickness measurements taken by Lenstar, Gallilei and Pentacam equipment

    Iramis Miranda Hernández


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Comparar valores del espesor corneal central obtenidos mediante la paquimetría con el sistema de interferometria de coherencia parcial (Lenstar con los sistemas Scheimpflug (Pentacam; Oculus y Galilei (Ziemer, Suiza. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio prospectivo, comparativo en 120 ojos de 60 pacientes. Para la comparación se tomaron varias mediciones recomendadas por los fabricantes para probar la eficacia del equipo con el nuevo biómetro Lenstar LS 900 (Haag Streit AG y con los equipos Pentacam y Galilei. La comparación de los valores se realizó mediante el análisis de regresión lineal y correlación de Pearson. Resultados: El análisis reveló que existe una alta correspondencia en los valores del espesor corneal central entre Lenstar y los topógrafos Galilei y Pentacam. Conclusiones: Existe una alta correspondencia entre los valores del espesor corneal central obtenidos por los equipos Lenstar, Pentacam y Galilei. Por esto el equipo Lenstar es útil en la cirugía de catarata y la cirugía refractiva.Objective: To compare the central corneal thickness measurements taken by pachimetry with the partial coherence interferometry, Lenstar and with Scheimpflug systems (Pentacam; Oculus and Galilei (Ziemer, Switzerland. Methods: Comparative and prospective study of 120 eyes from 60 patients. Several recommended measurements were taken with the optical biometers LenstarLS 900 (Haag Streit AG and with Pentacam y Galilei topographers. The results were evaluated using the linear regresión analysis and Pearson´s correlation. Results: There is high correlation among the central corneal thickness measurements taken by the Lenstar equipment and topographers Pentacam and Galilei. Conclusion: The new biometer LENSTAR provided results that correlated very well with those of the Pentacam and Galilei systems. The Lenstar is a precise device that will be helpful for any cataract or refractive surgery.

  4. Subsequent pregnancy outcome after previous foetal death

    Nijkamp, J. W.; Korteweg, F. J.; Holm, J. P.; Timmer, A.; Erwich, J. J. H. M.; van Pampus, M. G.


    Objective: A history of foetal death is a risk factor for complications and foetal death in subsequent pregnancies as most previous risk factors remain present and an underlying cause of death may recur. The purpose of this study was to evaluate subsequent pregnancy outcome after foetal death and to

  5. Aerosol Composition in the Los Angeles Basin Studied by High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometry

    Hayes, P. L.; Ortega, A. M.; Cubison, M.; Hu, W.; Toohey, D. W.; Flynn, J. H.; Grossberg, N.; Lefer, B. L.; Alvarez, S. L.; Rappenglueck, B.; Allan, J. D.; Taylor, J.; Holloway, J. S.; Gilman, J. B.; Kuster, W. C.; De Gouw, J. A.; Massoli, P.; Zhang, X.; Weber, R.; Zhao, Y.; Cliff, S. S.; Wexler, A. S.; Isaacman, G. A.; Worton, D. R.; Kreisberg, N. M.; Hering, S. V.; Goldstein, A. H.; Jimenez, J. L.


    Atmospheric aerosols impact climate and health, but their sources and composition are poorly understood. To address this knowledge gap, a high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) and complementary instrumentation were deployed during the 2010 CalNex campaign to characterize aerosol composition in the Los Angeles (LA) area. Total mass concentrations as well as the species concentrations measured by the AMS compare well with most other instruments. Nitrate dominates in the mornings, but its concentration is reduced in the afternoon when organic aerosols (OA) increase and dominate. The diurnal variations in concentrations are strongly influenced by emission transport from the source-rich western basin. The average OA to enhanced CO ratio increases with photochemical age from 25 to 80 μg m-3 ppm-1, which indicates significant secondary OA (SOA) production and that a large majority of OA is secondary in aged air. The ratio values are similar to those from Mexico City as well as New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. Positive matrix factorization (PMF) is used to assess the concentrations of different OA components. The major OA classes are oxygenated OA (OOA, a surrogate for total SOA), and hydrocarbon-like OA (HOA, a surrogate for primary combustion OA). Several subclasses of OA are identified as well including diesel-influenced HOA (DI-HOA) and non-diesel HOA. DI-HOA exhibits low concentrations on Sundays consistent with the well-known weekday/weekend effect in LA. PMF analysis finds that OOA is 67% of the total OA concentration. A strong correlation between OOA and Ox (O3 + NO2) concentrations is observed with a slope of 0.15 that suggests the production of fresh SOA in Pasadena. Plotting the OA elemental ratios in a Van Krevelen diagram (H:C vs. O:C) yields a slope of -0.6, which is less steep than that observed in Riverside during the SOAR-2005 campaign. The difference in slopes may be attributed to the highly oxidized HOA present in Pasadena that is


    Gonzalez, T.; Ortiz, I.


    Analysis and interpretation of gravimetric anomalies over the Occidental-Central Mexican Volcanic Belt, sheds new light on the subsurface structure of the Ixtlan de los Hervores, geothermal area. In Mexico, there are several geothermal areas that have been exploited commercially (Cerro Prieto, Los Azufres, Los Humeros, Tres Virgenes fields). However, there are many other known fields that have not been exploited. This is the case in the area of "Ixtlan de los Hervores" in the state of Michoacan. The analyzed region covers a rectangular area, aproximality from 20o N to 20.5° N and 102° W to 102.2°W. In the region there are thick basalt flows. The area is characterized by low and elongated hills formed by volcanic flows and on a smaller scale lacustrian sediments and major normal faults with a NW-SE direction particularly, the Ixtlan-Encinal fault which controls the trace of the Duero River and the Pajacuarán fault. The anomaly map was compared with the surface geology and the anomalies were correlated with major volcanic features, since our main interest was in mapping the subsurface faults and volcanic bodies. Two profiles were selected that cross major anomalies and the geothermal zone of Ixtlan. The Talwani algorithm for 2-D polygonal bodies has been used for calculating the theoretical anomalies. The proposed models adequately explain the main observed geological features. The models are made up of two lithostratigraphic units of volcanic rocks, represented by the Tertiary basalts, which adequately reflect the area's volcanic environment. These basaltic units, corresponding to different volcanic events were cut by the Ixtlan well. Both models reflect the existence of the Ixtlan-Encinal fault, the most important feature in the area which is also responsible for the existence of the geothermal area.

  7. Intervención clínica sobre los principales factores de riesgo vascular (estudio RIVANA Clinical interventions on the major vascular risk factors (RIVANA study

    C. Amézqueta


    transversal study was made of a random sample of 4,354 people between the ages of 35 and 84; antecedents were gathered by interview and clinical and analytical exploration was carried out. The subjects were classified for each risk factor into: diagnosed by information -when health personnel had informed them that they presented a risk factor-; by intervention -when they take medication for it-; and by detection in asymptomatic people. The variables of intervention were identified by dichotomic trees expressed by relative frequencies. Results. Forty-five point three percent of the subjects are hypertense: 27% previously diagnosed and 18.3% at the time of the exploration. Thirty-nine percent are hypercholesterolemic: 33.4% previously diagnosed and 5.6% at the time of the exploration. Twenty-one point two percent presented hyperglycemia: 9.7% previously diagnosed and 11.6% at the time of the exploration. Sixty-five point six percent were diagnosed as overweight or obese: 25.9% previously and 39.6% at the time of the exploration. They received dietary counselling and pharmacological treatment respectively: 79.8% and 70.3% of the hypertense; 75.4% and 35% of the hypercholesterolemic; 83.1% and 47.4% of those who presented hyperglycemia and 68.5% and 4% of those who showed overweight or obesity. Conclusions. The frequency of cardiovascular risk factors is high. There is a margin for significant improvement in the detection, intervention and control of the risk factors.

  8. Los cardinales romanos

    Segura Ramos, Bartolomé


    Tratamos en el presente trabajo de estudiar los números cardinales romanos desde el punto de vista de su simbología (el origen de la misma), así como los principios subyacentes a dichos símbolos y la «mecánica» del sistema decimal romano (de proveniencia i.e.), a saber, el origen de los nombres de los números y el procedimiento de constitución de las decenas, especialmente. We are in this paper concerned with the study of the Roman cardinal numerals as symbolic signs, its origin and subjac...

  9. Los insomnios

    Takeuchi Tan, Yuri; Fundación Valle de Lili


    Los insomnios/El sueño normal/Otros trastornos de sueño que producen insomnio pero también hipersomnio (excesiva somnolencia diurna)/Manejo y tratamiento de los insomnios/Higiene del sueño/Instrucciones para la higiene del sueño/Técnicas conductuales/Terapia farmacológica.

  10. Tratamiento del dolor en los estudios de enfermería Management of pain in nursing studies

    R. M. Sánchez-Sánchez; J. V. Pernía; Calatrava, J.


    Introducción: Diversos estudios constatan insuficiente formación del personal de enfermería en el manejo y tratamiento del dolor, siendo este uno de los síntomas más frecuentes a tratar en su ejercicio profesional. Objetivos: Averiguar los conocimientos acerca de la farmacología de los analgésicos y los principios básicos en el tratamiento del dolor entre los estudiantes de enfermería e informar a los docentes para priorizar dichos conocimientos. Diseño: Se realizó una encuesta a los 55 alumn...

  11. Study and thermodynamic characterization of the northwest area of Los Humeros, Puebla, geothermal field, Mexico; Estudio y caracterizacion termodinamica del sector noreste del campo geotermico Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico

    Machorro Jimenez, Manuel; Pizano Herrera, Arturo [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Perote, Veracruz (Mexico)


    According to the project for the study and characterization of the geothermal field Los Humeros, Puebla, drilling and production information of wells of the Northwest sector was analyzed, in order to evaluate the potential of this area. Data analysis of wells H-3, H-9, H-22, H-35 and H-37 let us determine the characteristics of this zone. We conclude that there is a producer interval with an average elevation between 1000 and 1500 most in the Andesitas of Augita, with an average temperature of 279 Celsius degree.The mechanics of productions are related to the presence of the Melpais and Antigua Faults. Wells H-3, H-37 had mechanic drilling problems, this could be the cause of low production in well H-3 as these drilling problems occurred at the producer interval. In this zone was carried out a calculation of the electric potential by means of volumetric analysis which gave a favorable estimated potential of 33 Mw for this zone during a period of time of 20 years, which indicates that it is possible to continue exploiting this area. So the future wells to drill will search objectives and be terminated to total depth of 1800 m in the zone of the wells H-35, H-37 and a depth of 2500 m in the zone of H-9. [Spanish] Como parte del proyecto para el estudio y caracterizacion del campo geotermico Los Humeros, Puebla, se analizo la informacion de la perforacion de los pozos del sector Noreste, con el proposito de evaluar el potencial de esta area. Los pozos analizados para determinar las caracteristicas de esta zona son: H-3, H-9, H-22, H-35 y H-37 de los cuales se obtuvo un intervalo productor promedio entre 1000 y 1500 msnm en las Andesitas de Augita con una temperatura promedio de 279 grados Celsius. Los mecanismos de produccion se relacionan con la presencia de las fallas Malpais y Antigua. En los pozos H-3 y H-37 se tuvieron problemas mecanicos durante la perforacion, esto puede ser la causa de que el pozo H-3 no tenga una buena produccion, ya que los problemas se

  12. Las enfermedades crónicas desde la mirada de los enfermos y los profesionales de la salud: un estudio cualitativo en México Chronic illness from the perspective of patients and health professionals: a qualitative study in Mexico

    Francisco J. Mercado-Martínez


    Full Text Available Las enfermedades crónicas constituyen las primeras causas de morbi-mortalidad e implican costos crecientes para los servicios sanitarios en numerosos países. Sin embargo, poco se conoce la forma como diversos grupos las perciben y enfrentan. Este trabajo compara las perspectivas de dos tipos de profesionales sanitarios y población enferma sobre tales enfermedades y sobre las relaciones existentes entre los actores involucrados. Un estudio cualitativo, multicéntrico, se realizó en tres ciudades de México: Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí y México DF. Participaron sujetos con enfermedades crónicas, médicos y profesionales sanitarios no médicos. La información se obtuvo mediante grupos focales y entrevistas individuales, analizándose mediante análisis del discurso. La perspectiva de los participantes sobre tales enfermedades varía entre la mirada medicalizada de los médicos, frente a la de los sujetos enfermos centrada en los padecimientos y la vida diaria. Los participantes coinciden en la existencia de relaciones desiguales entre los trabajadores de la salud, la familia y las personas enfermas, así como en relaciones más igualitarias entre los enfermos. Se discuten múltiples implicaciones de los resultados.Chronic diseases are leading causes of morbidity, mortality, and increasing expenditures in numerous countries. However, little is known about how chronic diseases are perceived and managed by social actors. This article aims to compare the perspectives of health professionals and patients towards chronic diseases, besides analyzing the relationship between these two groups. A qualitative, multi-center study was conducted in three Mexican cities: Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí, and Mexico City. Participants included chronically ill individuals, physicians, and other health professionals from primary and secondary health care centers. Data collection used focus groups and interviews. The data were analyzed using discourse analysis

  13. Radon studies for extending Los Azufres geothermal energy field in Mexico

    Tavera, L; Camacho, M E; Chavez, A; Pérez, H; Gómez, J


    Los Azufres is a 98 MW producing geothermal energy field situated in the Mexican volcanic belt at the west part of the country. Recently, hydrothermal activity and geochemical analysis of geothermal fluids from the north part of the geothermal field gave indications of a possible geothermal-production area, similar to the already producing field. In order to investigate the activity of geological structures, which are considered the means of geothermal fluids transporters, radon mapping was carried out using sets of 240 LR-115 detectors in the area of interest. Radon values higher than 10 kBq m sup - sup 3 were considered anomalous and indicative of geothermal anomalies.

  14. A model study of the impact of emission control strategies on Los Angeles air quality

    Hameed, S.; Stewart, R. W.; Lebedeff, S. A.


    A generalized cell model is developed for the calculation of city-wide averages of photochemical smog components in Los Angeles. This model takes into account the effects of variations with time and within the city of the source strengths, the wind field, and the mixing depth. The effect of the influx of background pollution from outside the modeled volume is also included. Several control strategies for reducing automobile emissions are then introduced into the model, and their impact on predicted pollutant levels, particularly those of O3, are investigated.

  15. Organizational Studies: A Complement to the Study of Social Management Los estudios organizacionales: un complemento para el estudio de la gestión social

    María Edith Morales Mosquera


    Full Text Available The article presents a reflection resulting from the PhD project “Construction intersubjective social management in the city of Medellin”, on the main aspects that turn the organizational studies into a complement in order to advance in the field of social management, addressed by tradition from the public. The article suggest how these aspects, which have an interdisciplinary perspective and look beyond the organization towards the study of phenomena different cultural, political, economic, social, among others, and whose nature is apparently non organizational, contribute to the conceptualization of social services management public which is not centered on the action of a single organization, but on the whole of the associations belonging to the civil society. In order to account for this, the article explains what is the social management, then discusses some of the main contributions made by the organizational theories, emphasizing aspects that give rise to organizational studies; after that, the article presents the contributions made by the organizational studies to the research in social management; finally, the conclusions are presented.El artículo recoge una reflexión producto del proyecto de tesis doctoral “Construcción intersubjetiva de la gestión social en la ciudad de Medellín” sobre los principales aspectos que hacen de los estudios organizacionales un complemento para avanzar en el campo de la gestión social, la cual ha sido tradicionalmente abordada desde la administración pública. Se plantea cómo éstos, al tener una perspectiva interdisciplinaria y trascender la mirada de la organización hacia el estudio de los fenómenos culturales, políticos, económicos y sociales –de naturaleza aparentemente no organizacional–, contribuyen a la conceptualización de la gestión de servicios sociales públicos, la cual no está centrada en la acción de una sola organización sino en la del conjunto de las

  16. Influencia del programa SWEP (Study Water Exercise Pregnant en los resultados perinatales: protocolo de estudio

    María José Aguilar Cordero

    Full Text Available Introducción: el entrenamiento mediante ejercicio físico moderado durante el periodo de gestación aporta beneficios tanto a la mujer embarazada como al feto. Los trabajos de investigación consultados vinculan la actividad física con una reducción del número de cesáreas, de partos instrumentados y con un parto más fisiológico. Previene igualmente la ganancia excesiva de peso de la mujer, disminuye el riesgo de diabetes gestacional y de hipertensión arterial. Objetivo: el objetivo de esta investigación es conocer si un programa de ejercicio físico de carácter moderado con el método Study Water Exercise Pregnant (SWEP, realizado en un medio acuático, contribuye a obtener unos resultados más favorables en la etapa perinatal, tanto para la mujer como para el bebé. Material y métodos: el diseño que se llevará a cabo es un ensayo clínico aleatorizado. La muestra estará constituida por 364 gestantes, obtenida de un universo total de 6.579 partos acontecidos en Granada (España durante el año 2014. Dicha muestra se ha dividido en dos grupos, uno de intervención y otro de control. La actividad se realizará en las instalaciones deportivas acuáticas de la Facultad de Ciencias del Deporte de la Universidad de Granada, que cuentan con dos vasos adecuados a nuestros objetivos, uno polivalente de 25 metros y otro de enseñanza de 12,5 metros. Resultados: el programa de ejercicios diseñado específicamente para el proyecto denominado SWEP, abarca desde la 20 hasta la 37 semana de gestación (SG y consta de tres sesiones semanales, con una duración de 60 minutos cada una. Las sesiones incluirán tres fases: fase de calentamiento, fase principal en la que el ejercicio se divide en una parte aeróbica y otra de ejercicios de fuerza y resistencia y una final con estiramientos y relajación. Las variables que se van a estudiar son las siguientes: a maternas: peso, IMC, tensión arterial, test de O'Sullivan, aparición de depresi

  17. La música en los mundos inmersivos. Estudio sobre los espacios de representación Music in Virtual Worlds. Study on the Representation Spaces

    Manuel Gértrudix Barrio


    Full Text Available Los lugares de representación de la música han estado definidos por la equipolencia entre su valor expresivo y su valor de transmisión. En este juego dialéctico comunicativo, los medios de comunicación han jugado un peso determinante como espacios mediados: desde una ensoñación musical radiofónica a una visualización de la representación de la música en la pantalla hasta llegar a una exposición multimodal merced a la integración de los medios existente en la actualidad en donde la música se ha visto amplificada tanto desde su actividad productiva como de su consumo. Es precisamente en este «cruce de medios» donde surge el interés de esta investigación y, en concreto, en su extensión más integradora e interactiva: los mundos inmersivos. Como objetivo, se pretende realizar la caracterización de los entornos inmersivos musicales a partir del análisis de los más utilizados como espacio de representación. La técnica documental ha sido el método usado con el fin de obtener: a un registro censal de los espacios inmersivos musicales actuales, y b un análisis funcional de casos significativos. A partir de este análisis se exponen diversas posibilidades de aplicación de los entornos inmersivos tanto desde un punto de vista técnico como desde su capacidad como medio interactivo. Como conclusión, se lleva a cabo una evaluación acerca de la oportunidad que estos metaversos ofrecen a la representación musical en la que, en forma de discusión, se plantean nuevos escenarios futuros.Sites for representing music have been classified by the equipollence between their expressive value and transmission value. In this dialectic game, the media have had a determining influence as an intervening space, from music imagined on the radio to its visual representation on a screen to today's multimodal display created through the integration of current existing media that expand music's potential both in terms of production and consumption

  18. Induced vaginal birth after previous caesarean section

    Akylbek Tussupkaliyev; Andrey Gayday; Bibigul Karimsakova; Saule Bermagambetova; Lunara Uteniyazova; Guldana Iztleuova; Gulkhanym Kusherbayeva; Meruyert Konakbayeva; Assylzada Merekeyeva; Zamira Imangaliyeva


    Introduction The rate of operative birth by Caesarean section is constantly rising. In Kazakhstan, it reaches 27 per cent. Research data confirm that the percentage of successful vaginal births after previous Caesarean section is 50–70 per cent. How safe the induction of vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) remains unclear. Methodology The studied techniques of labour induction were amniotomy of the foetal bladder with the vulsellum ramus, intravaginal administra...

  19. Los Cactos

    García Paredes Antonio


    Full Text Available El Cacto Cactus es uno de los géneros de plantas de la familia de las Cacteas Nopaleas que contiene muchas especies y variedades todas de formas extrañas, propias de la América intertropical y que habitan en los climas fríos y templados, en terrenos secos y estériles, desde el norte de Méjico hasta la Patagonia. Algunos cactos se cultivan por sus frutos que son sanosy sabrosos, otros como plantas ornamentales en los parques y jardines, otros como auxiliares para la industria, como los nopales en los que se cría la Cochinilla, insecto de la familia de los Hemípteros que produce la laca o carmín, materia colorante indispensable en la pintura al óleo y la acuarela, y por último, hoy están en moda y se cultivan con esmero una gran variedad de diminutos cactos exóticosque se mantienen sobre arena húmeda en pequeñas maceteras de porcelana, en los lugares más visibles de las habitaciones.

  20. Columnar modelling of nucleation burst evolution in the convective boundary layer – first results from a feasibility study Part IV: A compilation of previous observations for valuation of simulation results from a columnar modelling study

    O. Hellmuth


    according to the parameterisation of the collision-controlled binary nucleation rate proposed by Weber et al. (1996, H2O vapour does not explicitly affect the particle formation. Since the H2SO4 concentration is overpredicted in the simulations presented in Paper III, the nucleation rates are too high compared to previous estimations. Therefore, the results are not directly comparable to measurements. Especially NPF events, where organics are suspected to play a key role, such as those observed at the boreal forest station in Hyytiälä (Southern Finland or at Hohenpeissenberg (mountain site in Southern Germany, can not be explained by employing simple sulphur/ammonia chemistry. However, some valuable hints regarding the role of CBL turbulence in NPF can be obtained. In the literature a number of observations on the link between turbulence and NPF can be found, whose burst patterns support a strong contribution of CBL turbulence to the NPF burst evolution simulated here. Observations, that do not correspond to the scenarios are discussed with respect to possible reasons for the differences between model and observation. The model simulations support some state-of-the-art hypotheses on the contribution of CBL turbulence to NPF. Considering the application of box models, the present study shows, that CBL turbulence, not explicitly considered in such models, can strongly affect the spatio-temporal NPF burst evolution. The columnar high-order model presented here is a helpful tool to elucidate gas-aerosol-turbulence interactions, especially the genesis of NPF bursts in the CBL. An advanced description of the cluster formation and condensation growth is required as well as a comprehensive verification/validation study using observed high-order moments. Further scenario simulations remain to be performed.

  1. Environmental baseline study of the Los Medanos Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) project area of New Mexico: a progress report

    Wolfe, H.G. (ed.)


    Exploratory drilling operations are being conducted for a Waste Isolation Pilot Program in southeastern New Mexico. Prior to the establishment of such a program, an environmental study was initiated to serve as a baseline for evaluation of the impact of future activities in the Los Medanos area. Much of this area has been influenced by human activities over a long period, and hence the baseline data only reflects the present, relatively disturbed condition of the environment. The study covers air resources, soils, and biotic resources. 23 tables, 6 figs. (DLC)

  2. A single-arm, investigator-initiated study of the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of intravitreal aflibercept injection in subjects with exudative age-related macular degeneration previously treated with ranibizumab or bevacizumab (ASSESS study: 12-month analysis

    Singh RP


    Full Text Available Rishi P Singh, Sunil K Srivastava, Justis P Ehlers, Fabiana Q Silva, Rumneek Bedi, Andrew P Schachat, Peter K Kaiser Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA Summary statement: In subjects with active exudative age-related macular degeneration, treating with a fixed intravitreal aflibercept injection dosing regimen for 12 months demonstrated improved anatomic and vision endpoints from baseline.Purpose: Switching therapies in neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD may offer an advantage for some patients. This study evaluates the efficacy of intravitreal aflibercept injection (IAI in subjects previously treated with ranibizumab and/or bevacizumab.Methods: Subjects (n=26 were given monthly 2 mg of IAI for 3 months, followed by 2 mg once in every 2 months for up to 12 months. The mean absolute change from baseline in central subfield thickness (CST measured by optical coherence tomography and the mean change from baseline in best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA early treatment in diabetic retinopathy study (ETDRS letter score were obtained. Additionally, the percentage of subjects who gained or lost ≥15 letters of vision and the percentage of subjects who are 20/40 or better or 20/200 or worse were evaluated.Results: There was a mean decrease in CST of -50.3  µm (P<0.001 and a mean increase in ETDRS BCVA of +9.2 letters (P<0.001. Twenty-seven percent of subjects experienced a  ≥15-letter improvement in visual acuity, and no subject lost ≥3 lines of vision from baseline. Fifty percent of subjects were 20/40 or better, and 11.5% of subjects were 20/200 or worse at month 12.Conclusion: Fixed IAI dosing regimen for 12 months demonstrated improved anatomic and vision endpoints in subjects with active exudative AMD. Keywords: aflibercept, age-related macular degeneration, bevacizumab, ranibizumab, vascular endothelial growth factors

  3. Statement of work for Los Alamos National Laboratory on ferrocyanide studies

    Scheele, R.D.


    During management of the Hanford Single-Shell Waste Tanks (SST), the site operator precipitated cesium from the supernate as nickel cesium ferrocyanide to allow disposal of the supernate as low-level waste. This freed valuable tank storage space for receipt of additional radioactive waste generated by Hanford defense operations. Concern has arisen that the ferrocyanide could react explosively with nitrate, another waste component, and/or its radiolysis product nitrite. The current Hanford Principal Contractor, Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC), has requested that the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) evaluate the potential for explosive ferrocyanide reactions on a worst case basis. The worst case is believed, at this time, to be a mixture of nickel cesium ferrocyanide and a mixture of nitrate and nitrite without any dilution by inert waste constituents. PNL will perform energetic and small-scale explosion tests. The large-scale explosion tests (s) will be performed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

  4. los aprendizajes

    Graciela Pérez Rivera


    Full Text Available En este documento se presentan algunos resultados, obtenidos hasta el momento, de un estudio sobre las prácticas de evaluación de profesores universitarios. El propósito del estudio es participar en la búsqueda de las relaciones existentes entre los conceptos y las prácticas educativas, en este caso de evaluación. Se identifican las principales tendencias en cuanto a la concepción de la evaluación del aprendizaje y las funciones que se le otorgan, los propósitos con los que se evalúa, los objetos o contenidos a evaluar, las formas en que se lleva a cabo la evaluación y el uso que se da a los resultados. Identificar cuáles son las tendencias de las prácticas de evaluación en nuestras aulas universitarias representa un paso que puede ayudar a cuidar que este proceso tan importante recobre su papel formativo para todos aquellos quienes participamos en los procesos educativos; además, representa la posibilidad de construir formas para lograr mejorar nuestra labor docente en general, y en particular, nuestra práctica evaluativa.

  5. A Multilevel Study on Factors of School Effectiveness in Developing Countries: The Case of Brazilian Resources Un Estudio Multinivel Sobre los Factores de Eficacia Escolar en Países en Desarrollo: El Caso de los Recursos en Brasil

    José Luis Gaviria


    Full Text Available Classic research on school effectiveness ensures that the material resources of schools do not have any relevant effects on the academic performance of the pupils.  Such research was carried out in developed countries, with no serious economic problems. This research is based on a secondary data analysis from the evaluation of basic education in Brazil in 1995. Specifically, a multi-level study has been performed with data on pupils (6.471, teachers and schools (975, and the Brazilian Federal States (27. The main conclusion is that educational resources have an important impact on the academic development of the pupils, both with regard to the amount and quality of the resources and, above all, the use to which they are put. La investigación clásica sobre eficacia escolar afirma que los recursos educativos no tienen incidencia en el rendimiento académico de los alumnos. Dicha investigación se ha realizado en países desarrollados, donde no hay graves problemas económicos en los sistemas educativos. Sin embargo, estos resultados han justificado ciertas políticas educativas de organismos internacionales para países en vías de desarrollo. En este trabajo se ha realizado una explotación secundaria de los datos de la evaluación de la educación básica de Brasil en 1995. Concretamente se ha realizado un estudio multinivel con datos de alumnos (6.471, profesores y escuelas (975, y Estados Federados brasileños (27. Su principal conclusión es que los recursos educativos tienen un importante impacto en el desarrollo académico de los alumnos, tanto en lo que se refiere a la cantidad y calidad de recursos como, sobre todo, a su utilización.

  6. Geochemical study of two obsidian production centers in the Prehistory of Tenerife: El Tabonal de los Guanches (Icod de los Vinos and el Tabonal Negro (Las Cañadas

    Hernández Gómez, Cristo M.


    Full Text Available The obsidian production is one of the work processes that allow a good characterization of the Guanches, first inhabitants of Tenerife (Canary Islands. On this occasion, addresses the geochemical study of the volcanic flows where the main obsidian sources of the Aboriginal of Tenerife are located: The Tabonal de Los Guanches (Icod de Los Vinos and the Tabonal Negro, Mña. Blanca (Las Cañadas del Teide characterized as Production Centres. The aim is to establish the compositional differences between the two in order to trace the distribution of their lithic productions in the island territory and recognize the pattern of supply that was put into practice.

    La producción obsidiánica es uno de los procesos de trabajo que mejor permite la caracterización social de los guanches, primeros habitantes de Tenerife (Canarias. En esta ocasión se aborda el estudio geoquímico de las coladas en las que se ubican sus principales fuentes de aprovisionamiento de obsidiana: El Tabonal de Los Guanches (Icod de los Vinos y El Tabonal Negro en Mña. Blanca (Las Cañadas del Teide, consideradas desde el punto de vista arqueológico como Centros de Producción. El objetivo es establecer las diferencias composicionales entre ambas para poder rastrear la distribución de sus respectivas producciones líticas en el territorio insular y reconocer el modelo de suministro que se puso en práctica.

  7. Patient preference with respect to QoL and reduction in opioid-induced constipation (OIC) after treatment with prolonged-release (PR) oxycodone/naloxone compared with previous analgesic therapy [PREFER study].

    van Dongen, V C P C; Vanelderen, P J L; Koopmans-Klein, G; van Megen, Y J B; Van Zundert, J; Huygen, F J P M


    The aim of this study was to assess patient preference in terms of quality of life (QoL), analgesia and bowel function for patients with moderate to severe chronic non-malignant pain, when treated with oxycodone PR/naloxone PR compared with the previous WHO-step I and/or WHO-step II analgesic treatment . This was a 3-week open-label phase 3b study conducted in Belgium and the Netherlands, after 3 weeks patients could enter an extension phase. Patient preference with respect to QoL for oxycodone PR/naloxone PR treatment compared with previous WHO-step I and/or WHO-step II analgesics was assessed. A patient was considered a responder with respect to QoL if this assessment was 'better' or 'much better' compared with previous WHO-step I or II analgesics at any time point. Response rate with respect to QoL was 59.2% (95% CI: 51.7-66.8%) for the Full Analysis (FA)-population, for the Per Protocol-population response rate was 71.7% (95% CI: 63.1-80.3%). Explorative analysis showed that response rate with respect to QoL was highest in constipated patients pretreated with WHO-step II analgesics (73.8%). Mean ± SD pain score in the FA-population at start was 74.7 ± 16.6 decreasing to 53.9 ± 24.3 after a median (range) treatment period of 173.5 (31-771) days. For constipated subjects the significant reduction in constipation [improvement of the Bowel Function Index (BFI)], was -24.8 points (95% CI: -17.1 to -32.5). BFI for non-constipated subjects remained well below 28.8. Adverse events with oxycodone PR/naloxone PR treatment were well-known opioid-related adverse events. This study shows that the studied patients previously treated with WHO-step I and/or WHO-step II analgesics prefer treatment with oxycodone PR/naloxone PR with respect to QoL. Moreover, the study shows that treatment with oxycodone PR/naloxone PR significantly reduces OIC in constipated patients and that non-constipated patients do not develop OIC during treatment with oxycodone PR/naloxone PR.

  8. Non invasive Tele-assistance through Digital Television: study Television habit / Teleasistencia no invasiva mediante televisión digital: estudio de los hábitos de consumo de televisión de los mayores

    Ricardo Vizcaíno- Laorga


    Full Text Available Television habits of use by elderly people are an obligated reference when designing tele-assistance tools through digital television. Our working premise needed to corroborate and update previous research data; as a consequence of our research we found that 88% of elderly people watch television every day, percentage that increases another 5% that also used “almost every day”. We must emphasize the fact that elderly women watch television slightly more than men (4.57 hours a day compared to 4.37, and the fact that the use of television increases when the elderly doesn´t live alone. The research has also revealed that the consumption of television increases gradually in relation to the number of people living with the elderly. These references, added to the tool application “the teapot” originated in Asia, has made possible the development of Calisto´s project, an application adapted to the European culture through digital television; innovation, experience and cultural differences in the interest of elderly people.Los hábitos de consumo de la televisión de las personas mayores constituyen una referencia de estudio obligada a la hora de diseñar herramientas de teleasistencia a través de la televisión digital. Nuestra premisa de trabajo necesitaba corroborar y actualizar datos de investigaciones realizas previamente; los resultados de esta actualización indican que el 88% de los mayores ven la televisión todos los días, porcentaje al que debe sumarse otro 5% que utiliza la misma “casi todos los días”. Destaca el hecho de que las mujeres mayores ven la televisión ligeramente más que los hombres (4,57 horas diarias frente a 4,37 y el hecho de que el consumo de televisión aumenta si la persona mayor vive acompañada. Se ha detectado de igual forma que el consumo de televisión se incrementa de forma gradual en función del número de personas que convivan con la persona mayor. Estas referencias, unido a la aplicaci

  9. An exploratory study of discourse conventions in the European Parliament: Thanking in Spanish, French and Dutch Un estudio exploratorio de las convenciones discursivas en el parlamento europeo: los agradecimientos en español, francés y neerlandés

    Patrick Goethals


    Full Text Available In this paper, we analyze a small-scale corpus with Spanish, French and Dutch interventions in the plenary debates in the European Parliament, in order to verify whether there exist cultural differences in the use and the expression of the particular politeness strategy of thanking somebody. We find that thanking is more frequent in Spanish and French than in Dutch. In addition, it plays a more prominent role, e.g. because the acknowledgements are longer and receive more emphasis. Previous studies found that Dutch speakers tend to use many routine acknowledgements in contexts where there may be a threat to the negative face of one of the speech participants. Our study shows that French and Spanish speakers use more acknowledgements than Dutch when public positive face is at stake. The data also show the relevance of the concept of valuating politeness, as opposed to mitigating politeness, in order to describe the Spanish data.En este trabajo analizamos un corpus piloto de intervenciones españolas, francesas y neerlandófonas en los debates plenarios del Parlamento Europeo, con el fin de averiguar si existen diferencias interculturales en cuanto al uso y la expresión de una estrategia de cortesía particular, que son los agradecimientos. Comprobamos que los agradecimientos figuran con mayor frecuencia en los discursos de los españoles y los franceses que en los discursos de los neerlandófonos. Además, cobran más relieve, por ejemplo porque son más extensos y se enfatizan más. Estudios anteriores han observado que los neerlandófonos tienden a usar muchos agradecimientos rutinarios en contextos donde podría existir una amenaza para la imagen negativa de uno de los interlocutores. Nuestro estudio muestra que los franceses y los españoles usan más agradecimientos que los neerlandófonos cuando está en juego la imagen positiva. Los datos apuntan además hacia la relevancia del concepto de la cortesía valorizante, por oposición a la

  10. Nuclear forensics of special nuclear material at Los Alamos: three recent studies

    Tandon, Lav [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Gallimore, David L [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Garduon, Katherine [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Keller, Russell C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kuhn, Kevin J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Lujan, Elmer J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Martinez, Alexander [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Myers, Steven C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Moore, Steve S [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Porterfield, Donivan R [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Schwartz, Daniel S [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Spencer, Khalil J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Townsend, Lisa E [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Xu, Ning [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Nuclear forensics of special nuclear materials is a highly specialized field because there are few analytical laboratories in the world that can safely handle nuclear materials, perform high accuracy and precision analysis using validated analytical methods. The goal of nuclear forensics is to establish an unambiguous link between illicitly trafficked nuclear material and its origin. The Los Alamos National Laboratory Nuclear Materials Signatures Program has implemented a graded 'conduct of operations' type approach for determining the unique nuclear, chemical, and physical signatures needed to identify the manufacturing process, intended use, and origin of interdicted nuclear material. In our approach an analysis flow path was developed for determining key signatures necessary for attributing unknown materials to a source. This analysis flow path included both destructive (i.e., alpha spectrometry, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, TIMS, particle size distribution, density and particle fractionation) and non-destructive (i.e., gamma-ray spectrometry, optical microscopy, SEM, XRD, and x-ray fluorescence) characterization techniques. Analytical techniques and results from three recent cases characterized by this analysis flow path along with an evaluation of the usefulness of this approach will be discussed in this paper.

  11. The Management of Silica in Los Alamos National Laboratory Tap Water - A Study of Silica Solubility

    Wohlberg, C.; Worland, V.P.; Kozubal, M.A.; Erickson, G.F.; Jacobson, H.M.; McCarthy, K.T.


    Well water at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has a silica (SiO{sub 2}) content of 60 to 100 mg/L, with 4 mg/L of magnesium, 13 mg/L calcium and lesser concentrations of other ions. On evaporation in cooling towers, when the silica concentration reaches 150 to 220 mg/L, silica deposits on heat transfer surfaces. When the high silica well water is used in the reprocessing of plutonium, silica remains in solution at the end of the process and creates a problem of removal from the effluent prior to discharge or evaporation. The work described in this Report is divided into two major parts. The first part describes the behavior of silica when the water is evaporated at various conditions of pH and in the presence of different classes of anions: inorganic and organic. In the second part of this work it was found that precipitation (floccing) of silica was a function of solution pH and mole ratio of metal to silica.

  12. The Efficacy and Safety of Icotinib in Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Previously Treated with Chemotherapy: A Single-Arm, Multi-Center, Prospective Study

    Shi, Yuankai; Zhou, Caicun; Liu, Xiaoqing; Wang, Dong; Song, Yong; Li, Qiang; Feng, Jifeng; Qin, Shukui; Xv, Nong; Zhou, Jianying; Zhang, Li; Hu, Chunhong; Zhang, Shucai; Luo, Rongcheng; Wang, Jie; Tan, Fenlai; Wang, Yinxiang; Ding, Lieming; Sun, Yan


    Background Icotinib is a small molecule targeting epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase, which shows non-inferior efficacy and better safety comparing to gefitinib in previous phase III trial. The present study was designed to further evaluate the efficacy and safety of icotinib in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy. Methods Patients with NSCLC progressing after one or two lines of chemotherapy were enrolled to receive oral icotinib (125mg tablet, three times per day). The primary endpoint was progression-free survival. The secondary endpoints included overall survival, objective response rate, time to progression, quality of life and safety. Results From March 16, 2010 to October 9, 2011, 128 patients from 15 centers nationwide were enrolled, in which 124 patients were available for efficacy evaluation and 127 patients were evaluable for safety. The median progression-free survival and time to progression were 5.0 months (95%CI 2.9–6.6 m) and 5.4 months (95%CI 3.1–7.9 m), respectively. The objective response rate and disease control rate were 25.8% and 67.7% respectively. Median overall survival exceeded 17.6 months (95%CI 14.2 m-NA) according to censored data. Further follow-up of overall survival is ongoing. The most frequent treatment-related adverse events were rash (26%, 33/127), diarrhea (12.6%, 16/127) and elevation of transaminase (15.7%, 20/127). Conclusions In general, this study showed similar efficacy and numerically better safety when compared with that in ICOGEN trial, further confirming the efficacy and safety of icotinib in treating patients with advanced NSCLC previously treated with chemotherapy. Trial Registration NCT02486354 PMID:26599904

  13. Does local endometrial injury in the nontransfer cycle improve the IVF-ET outcome in the subsequent cycle in patients with previous unsuccessful IVF? A randomized controlled pilot study

    Sachin A Narvekar


    Full Text Available Background: Management of repeated implantation failure despite transfer of good-quality embryos still remains a dilemma for ART specialists. Scrapping of endometrium in the nontransfer cycle has been shown to improve the pregnancy rate in the subsequent IVF/ET cycle in recent studies. Aim: The objective of this randomized controlled trial (RCT was to determine whether endometrial injury caused by Pipelle sampling in the nontransfer cycle could improve the probability of pregnancy in the subsequent IVF cycle in patients who had previous failed IVF outcome. Setting: Tertiary assisted conception center. Design: Randomized controlled study. Materials and Methods: 100 eligible patients with previous failed IVF despite transfer of good-quality embryos were randomly allocated to the intervention group and control groups. In the intervention group, Pipelle endometrial sampling was done twice: One in the follicular phase and again in the luteal phase in the cycle preceding the embryo transfer cycle. Outcome Measure: The primary outcome measure was live birth rate. The secondary outcome measures were implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. Results: The live birth rate was significantly higher in the intervention group compared to control group (22.4% and 9.8% P = 0.04. The clinical pregnancy rate in the intervention group was 32.7%, while that in the control group was 13.7%, which was also statistically significant ( P = 0.01. The implantation rate was significantly higher in the intervention group as compared to controls (13.07% vs 7.1% P = 0.04. Conclusions: Endometrial injury in nontransfer cycle improves the live birth rate,clinical pregnancy and implantation rates in the subsequent IVF-ET cycle in patients with previous unsuccessful IVF cycles.

  14. Los compadres

    Luis Muñoz


    Full Text Available De lejos parecen ser personas muy silenciosas y cuando hablan lo hacen con una entonación diferente. Comienza un día hermoso en el que vamos a visitarlos y el humor es la disculpa más agradable para hacer alianzas. La señora va y viene del cuarto oscuro donde se encuentra el fogón, interviniendo a veces, con su presencia viva en la charla, aunque no lo parece. Un café, una taza de leche y roscones, un vaso de guarapo, una y otra vez. No sé como llamarlos; si cuenteros, poetas, hombres hablando. Los percibo como portadores de una tradición oral, compartiendo con nosotros sus pensamientos y creencias más profundos, en tomo a todos los matices de su realidad social. En la tradición oral se piensa el mundo de una manera integral mientras la cotidianidad está cada vez más condicionada por un mundo segmentado y especializado. Los cuentos innumerables que conocen han sido escuchados y modificados por niños, hombres y mujeres de todas las edades. Cualquier actividad diaria es buena para contar. Las noches en la caza de Luis son acogedoras, la señora Angelita prepara una sopa de maíz y tomamos hasta dos platos llenos para calentamos. La única esperma que ilumina la penumbra de la conversación se consume poco a poco. Los primeros días de mi visita sentí lo que llamaría miedos culturales, como mi obsesión por los insectos que imaginaba dentro de la casa, la cual se fue disipando en la medida en que afirmábamos nuestros lazos. Noches de tertulia, de diálogo, de cuentos. Generalmente Luis pasa esas horas escribiendo o leyendo, dedicado a su mayor afición que es la literatura, conversando con doña Angelita y escuchando cuando ella relata cuentos y anécdotas. Al joven escritor autodidacta lo cautivan las vivencias y fantasías humanas. Escribe sobre su gente y está interesado en las tradiciones literarias de la región. Trabaja como jornalero en fincas o haciendas, realizando varios oficios como la carpintería, la agricultura, la

  15. Cataract surgery in previously vitrectomized eyes.

    Akinci, A; Batman, C; Zilelioglu, O


    To evaluate the results of extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) and phacoemulsification (PHACO) performed in previously vitrectomized eyes. In this retrospective study, 56 vitrectomized eyes that had ECCE and 60 vitrectomized eyes that had PHACO were included in the study group while 65 eyes that had PHACO in the control group. The evaluated parameters were the incidence of intra-operative and postoperative complications (IPC) and visual outcomes. Chi-squared, independent samples and paired samples tests were used for comparing the results. Deep anterior chamber (AC) was significantly more common in the PHACO group of vitrectomized eyes (PGVE) and observed in eyes that had undergone extensive vitreous removal (p ECCE group and the PGVE (p > 0.05). Some of the intra-operative conditions such as posterior synechiae, primary posterior capsular opacification (PCO) and postoperative complications such as retinal detachment (RD), PCO were significantly more common in vitrectomized eyes than the controls (p ECCE group and the PGVE (p > 0.05). Deep AC is more common in eyes with extensive vitreous removal during PHACO than ECCE. Decreasing the bottle height is advised in this case. Except for this, the results of ECCE and PHACO are similar in previously vitrectomized eyes. Posterior synechiaes, primary and postoperative PCO and RD are more common in vitrectomized eyes than the controls.

  16. Un estudio sobre los "MITEMAS" en los coros de las Bacantes de Eurípides A STUDY OF THE "MYTHEMES" IN EURÍPIDES' BACCHAE

    César García Alvarez


    Full Text Available Este ensayo presenta cuatro mitemas -el lugar feliz, la armonía cósmica, la violencia báquica y el puer aeternus- presentes en los coros de la tragedia de Eurípides Las Bacantes. Estos mitemas nos ayudan a entender el pensamiento de Eurípides, más complejo que las fáciles simplificaciones que se han intentado. De hecho, los cuatro mitemas no son sólo una razón de la literatura, son la aspiración humana a un orden permanente en el cual el cosmos y el hombre encuentran una armonía originalmente negada. La clave para esto yace en el examen antropológico de la condición humana, la cual ha caído (Semele y, sin embargo está plena de aspiraciones divinas (Zeus. Mientras esta dualidad se resuelve, la historia del hombre será un pequeño relato, más cercana a la tragedia épica de Penteo que a la de Aquiles.This essay presents the four mythemes - Happy Place, Cosmic Harmony Violence Bacchic and Puer aeternus-present in the choruses of Eurípides' tragedy The Bacchae, these mythemes help us understand the thinking of Eurípides, more complex than the easy simplifications that has been treated. Indeed, the four issues is one reason only of literature, the human aspiration to a permanent order in which space comedian and a man find a harmony that was originally denied. The key to this lies in an anthropological examination of the human condition, be dropped (Semele and yet full of divine aspirations (Zeus, while this duality is resolved, the history of man is a little story, closer of the epic tragedy of Pentheus that of Achilles.

  17. Methodology for electrical studies in industrial networks including the study of electric arc; Metodologia para los estudios electricos en redes industriales incluyendo el estudio de arco electrico

    Rasgado Casique, Jose Pepe; Silva Farias, Jose Luis [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)]. E-mail:;


    This article presents a methodology for conducting electrical studies in industrial networks. The methodology included the study of arc flash as a very important area of current basic electrical studies, such as power flow, short circuit and coordination. The aim of this study is to determine the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and flash protection boundary for personnel working with or near energized equipment, based on the IEEE Std 1584-2004 and NFPA-70E- 2004. Also included are criteria and recommendations to reduce incident energy level (cal/cm{sup 2}). At work we used a distribution network for industrial type test. The studies were carried out using a commercial program for the analysis of electrical networks. [Spanish] En este articulo se presenta una metodologia para llevar a cabo los estudios electricos en redes industriales. En la metodologia se incluye al estudio de arco electrico como un area muy importante de los estudios electricos basicos actuales, como: flujos de potencia, cortocircuito y coordinacion de protecciones. El objetivo de dicho estudio es determinar el Equipo de Proteccion Personal (EPP) apropiado y los limites de proteccion para el personal que opera con o cerca de equipo energizado, con base en las normas IEEE Std. 1584-2004 y la NFPA-70E-2004. Ademas, se incluyen criterios y recomendaciones para disminuir el nivel de energia incidente (cal/cm{sup 2}). En el trabajo se utilizo una red de distribucion tipo industrial de prueba. Los estudios se llevaron a cabo utilizando un programa comercial para el analisis de redes electricas.

  18. Como novos conhecimentos podem ser construídos a partir dos conhecimentos prévios: um estudo de caso How new knowledge can be constructed from previous knowledge: a case study

    Francimar Martins Teixeira


    Full Text Available O presente artigo trata sobre o estudo de caso de como uma professora utiliza os conhecimentos prévios dos estudantes durante a abordagem de um novo conceito científico. Para tanto, foram realizadas filmagens de aulas de ciências durante a execução de uma sequência didática, a fim de investigar de que maneira os conhecimentos prévios dos estudantes eram tratados em sala de aula ao longo da abordagem do tema. A partir dos resultados encontrados, percebemos nas aulas observadas como a professora lidava com os conhecimentos dos estudantes. Identificamos que houve ocasiões em que ela os considerou e outras em que os desconsiderou. Apesar de ações antagônicas, tanto o fato de considerar quanto de desconsiderar parecem ter em comum a busca de manutenção de foco sob os conceitos, entendidos pela professora, como sendo os que devem ser objeto de atenção dos alunos.This article deals with a case study about how a teacher uses previous knowledge of students to approach a new concept. To this end, sciences classes were filmed during the execution of a didactic sequence, in order to investigate how previous knowledge of the students was treated in the classroom along the approach of the theme. From these results, we saw how the teacher dealt with previous knowledge of their students. We identified that there were occasions when she considered them and others in which she disregarded them. Although they are antagonistic actions, both the facts, to consider or to dismiss, have in common the search for keeping the focus on the concepts, defined by the teacher as those that should be the object of attention for the students.

  19. Immunogenicity, efficacy and safety of Nuwiq(®) (human-cl rhFVIII) in previously untreated patients with severe haemophilia A-Interim results from the NuProtect Study.

    Liesner, R J; Abashidze, M; Aleinikova, O; Altisent, C; Belletrutti, M J; Borel-Derlon, A; Carcao, M; Chambost, H; Chan, A K C; Dubey, L; Ducore, J; Fouzia, N A; Gattens, M; Gruel, Y; Guillet, B; Kavardakova, N; El Khorassani, M; Klukowska, A; Lambert, T; Lohade, S; Sigaud, M; Turea, V; Wu, J K M; Vdovin, V; Pavlova, A; Jansen, M; Belyanskaya, L; Walter, O; Knaub, S; Neufeld, E J


    Nuwiq(®) (Human-cl rhFVIII) is a fourth generation recombinant FVIII, produced in a human cell line, without chemical modification or protein fusion. No inhibitors developed in studies with Nuwiq(®) in 201 previously treated patients with haemophilia A (HA). The immunogenicity, efficacy and safety of Nuwiq(®) in previously untreated patients (PUPs) with severe HA are being assessed in the ongoing NuProtect study. The study, conducted across 38 centres worldwide, is evaluating 110 true PUPs of all ages and ethnicities enrolled for study up to 100 exposure days (EDs) or 5 years maximum. The primary objective is to assess the immunogenicity of Nuwiq(®) (inhibitor activity ≥0.6 BU) using the Nijmegen-modified Bethesda assay at a central laboratory. Data for 66 PUPs with ≥20 EDs from a preplanned interim analysis were analysed. High-titre (HT) inhibitors developed in 8 of 66 patients after a median of 11.5 EDs (range 6-24). Five patients developed low-titre inhibitors (4 transient). The cumulative incidence (95% confidence interval) was 12.8% (4.5%, 21.2%) for HT inhibitors and 20.8% (10.7%, 31.0%) for all inhibitors. During inhibitor-free periods, median annualized bleeding rates during prophylaxis were 0 for spontaneous bleeds and 2.40 for all bleeds. Efficacy was rated as "excellent" or "good" in treating 91.8% of bleeds. Efficacy of surgical prophylaxis was "excellent" or "good" for 8 (89%) procedures and "moderate" for 1 (11%). No tolerability concerns were evident. These interim data show a cumulative incidence of 12.8% for HT inhibitors and convincing efficacy and tolerability in PUPs treated with Nuwiq(®) . © 2017 The Authors. Haemophilia published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. Can previous learning alter future plasticity mechanisms?

    Crestani, Ana Paula; Quillfeldt, Jorge Alberto


    The dynamic processes related to mnemonic plasticity have been extensively researched in the last decades. More recently, studies have attracted attention because they show an unusual plasticity mechanism that is independent of the receptor most usually related to first-time learning--that is, memory acquisition-the NMDA receptor. An interesting feature of this type of learning is that a previous experience may cause modifications in the plasticity mechanism of a subsequent learning, suggesting that prior experience in a very similar task triggers a memory acquisition process that does not depend on NMDARs. The intracellular molecular cascades necessary to assist the learning process seem to depend on the activation of hippocampal CP-AMPARs. Moreover, most of these studies were performed on hippocampus-dependent tasks, even though other brain areas, such as the basolateral amygdala, also display NMDAR-independent learning.

  1. 77 FR 70176 - Previous Participation Certification


    ... URBAN DEVELOPMENT Previous Participation Certification AGENCY: Office of the Chief Information Officer... digital submission of all data and certifications is available via HUD's secure Internet systems. However...: Previous Participation Certification. OMB Approval Number: 2502-0118. Form Numbers: HUD-2530 ....

  2. Use of a 12 months' self-referral reminder to facilitate uptake of bowel scope (flexible sigmoidoscopy) screening in previous non-responders: a London-based feasibility study

    Kerrison, Robert S; McGregor, Lesley M; Marshall, Sarah; Isitt, John; Counsell, Nicholas; Wardle, Jane; von Wagner, Christian


    Background: In March 2013, NHS England extended its national Bowel Cancer Screening Programme to include ‘one-off' Flexible Sigmoidoscopy screening (NHS Bowel Scope Screening, BSS) for men and women aged 55. With less than one in two people currently taking up the screening test offer, there is a strong public health mandate to develop system-friendly interventions to increase uptake while the programme is rolling out. This study aimed to assess the feasibility of sending a reminder to previous BSS non-responders, 12 months after the initial invitation, with consideration for its potential impact on uptake. Method: This study was conducted in the ethnically diverse London Boroughs of Brent and Harrow, where uptake is below the national average. Between September and November 2014, 160 previous non-responders were randomly selected to receive a reminder of the opportunity to self-refer 12 months after their initial invitation. The reminder included instructions on how to book an appointment, and provided options for the time and day of the appointment and the gender of the endoscopist performing the test. To address barriers to screening, the reminder was sent with a brief locally tailored information leaflet designed specifically for this study. Participants not responding within 4 weeks were sent a follow-up reminder, after which there was no further intervention. Self-referral rates were measured 8 weeks after the delivery of the follow-up reminder and accepted as final. Results: Of the 155 participants who received the 12 months' reminder (returned to sender, n=5), 30 (19.4%) self-referred for an appointment, of which 24 (15.5%) attended and were successfully screened. Attendance rates differed by gender, with significantly more women attending an appointment than men (20.7% vs 8.8%, respectively; OR=2.73, 95% CI=1.02–7.35, P=0.05), but not by area (Brent vs Harrow) or area-level deprivation. Of the 30 people who self-referred for an appointment, 27 (90

  3. Siting study for a consolidated waste capability at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Booth, Steven Richard [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Decision analysis was used to rank alternative sites for a potential Consolidated Waste Capability (CWC) to replace current hazardous solid waste operations (hazardous/chemical, mixed low-level, transuranic, and low-level waste) at Los Alamos National Laboratory's Technical Area (TA)-54. An original list of 21 site alternatives was pre-screened to seven sites that were assessed using the analytical hierarchy process with five top-level criteria and fifteen sub-criteria. The top site choice is TA-63/52/46; the second choice is TA-18/36. The seven sites are as follows. TA-18/36 (62 acres) is located on Potrillo Drive that intersects Pajarito Road at the bottom of a steep grade. It has some blast zone issues on its southwest side and some important archeological sites on the southeast section. TA-60 (50 acres) is located at the end of Eniwetok Road off Diamond Drive, east of TA-3. Most of the site is within a fifty foot-deep ravine (that may have contamination in the drainage), with a small section on the mesa above. TA-63/52/46 (110 acres) lies to the north of Pajarito Road along Puye Road. It is centrally located in a brown field industrial area, with good access to generators on a controlled road. TA-46 (22 acres) is a narrow site on the south side of Pajarito Road across from TA-46 office buildings. TA-48 (14 acres) is also narrow, and is located on the north side of Pajarito Road near the west vehicle access portal (VAP). TA-51 (19 acres) is located on the south side of Pajarito Road at the top of the hill above TA-18 near the current entrance to the TA-54. TA-54 West (16 acres) is just north of the entrance to TA-54 at Pajarito Road and is close to Zone 4. Although it is near the San Ildefonso Pueblo property line, there may be adequate set-back for sight screening.

  4. Studies of annual and seasonal variations in four species of reptiles and amphibians at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Nelson, E.I.; Haarmann, T.; Keller, D.C.; Foxx, T.


    Baseline studies of reptiles and amphibians of the Pajarito wetlands at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been conducted by the Ecology group since 1990. With the gathered data from 1990--1997 (excluding 1992), they plan to determine if patterns can be found in the annual and seasonal population changes of four species of reptiles and amphibians over the past seven years. The four species studied are the Woodhouse toad, the western chorus frog, the many-linked skink, and the plateau striped whiptail lizard. Statistical analysis results show that significant changes occurred on a seasonal basis for the western chorus frog and the many-lined skink. Results indicate a significant difference in the annual population of the Woodhouse toad.

  5. Studies of Annual and Seasonal Variations in Four Species of Reptiles and Amphibians at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Keller, D.C.; Nelson, E.I.; Mullen, M.A.; Foxx, T.S.; Haarmann, T.K.


    Baseline studies of reptiles and amphibians of the Pajarito wetlands at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been conducted by the Ecology group since 1990. With the data gathered from 1990-1997 (excluding 1992), we examined the annual and seasonal population changes of four species of reptiles and amphibians over the past seven years. The four species studied are the Woodhouse toad (Bufo woodhousii), the western chorus frog (Pseudacris triseriata), the many-lined skink (Eunzeces nudtivirgatus), and the plateau striped whiptail lizard (Cnemidophorus velox). Statistical analyses indicate a significant change on a seasonal basis for the western chorus frog and the many-lined skink. Results indicate a significant difference in the annual population of the Woodhouse toad.

  6. Feasibility studies for the location of the exploratory borehole EN-1 at Los Negritos, Michoacan, Mexico; Antecedentes para la localizacion del pozo exploratorio EN-1 en Los Negritos, Michoacan, Mexico

    Bigurra Pimentel, Emilio; Casarrubias Unzueta, Zenon [Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia (Mexico)


    Los Negritos geothermal zone, is located in the northwestern portion of Michoacan state, 10 Km to the eastern of the Sahuayo town, 250 Km to the NW of Morelia city, and 140 Km to the southeast of Guadalajara, Jalisco state, in Mexico. The aim of this work, is to analyse the geological, geophysical and geochemical characteristics underground, and its relation with hot springs on the surface, in the drilling site of the exploratory well EN-1. Around the drilling site, there are volcanic rocks and lacustrine sediments of Upper Miocene and Upper Pliocene age. The older rocks are compound by Miocene andesites. Over this formation three are lacustrine sediments with Medium Miocene age, basaltic flows of Lower Pleistocene age and cinder cones emplaced during the Medium Pleistocene age; over this formation was deposited the last volcanic issue formed by vitric andesites of recent age. The recent rocks were affected by structural systems NE-SW (Los Negritos fault) and NW-SE. Geophysical studies confirm the location of deep structures NE-SW and NW-SE. The drilling area has a low resistivity anomaly of 8 Ohm.m. Geochemical results show sodic-chloride waters, while the geothermometers show temperatures from 150 to 200 degrees celsius. Drilling the well EN-1 we hope to confirm the geological sequence and the geophysical results, and to measure the temperatures and pressures existing at 2000 m depth. [Espanol] La zona geotermica de Los Negritos, se encuentra en la porcion noroccidental del estado de Michoacan, 10 km al oriente de la poblacion de Sahuayo, Michoacan, y 140 Km al SE de la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. El objetivo de este trabajo es resumir las caracteristicas geologicas, geofisicas y geoquimicas del subsuelo y su relacion con las manifestaciones hidrotermales, en el sitio de la perforacion exploratoria EN-1. En los alrededores del sito de perforacion afloran rocas volcanicas y sedimentos lacustres, que comprenden edades desde el Mioceno Superior al

  7. Study on the Application of Previously Fermented Juice in the Forage Silage%绿汁发酵液在饲草青贮中的应用研究



    绿汁发酵液作为一种天然、无毒的青贮添加剂加工简单,经济环保。本文根据近几年的研究,对绿汁发酵液的制作方法、作用机理以及应用进展等进行了综述。%This paper is about the previously fermented juice(PFJ) which has many advantages such as uncomplicated handing, economy and environmental protection as a natural and poisonless additive. Accord-ing to recent studies, this paper summarized the manufacturing methods, mechanism and application progress of PFJ.

  8. Los Alamos National Laboratory: A guide to records series supporting epidemiologic studies conducted for the Department of Energy



    The purpose of this guide is to describe each series of records that pertains to the epidemiologic studies conducted by the Epidemiology Section of the Occupational Medicine Group (ESH-2) at the Department of Energy`s (DOE) Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The records described in this guide relate to occupational studies performed by the Epidemiology Section, including those pertaining to workers at LANL, Mound Plant, Oak Ridge Reservation, Pantex Plant, Rocky Flats Plant, and Savannah River Site. Also included are descriptions of other health-related records generated or collected by the Epidemiology Section and a small set of records collected by the Industrial Hygiene and Safety Group. This guide is not designed to describe the universe of records generated by LANL which may be used for epidemiologic studies of the LANL work force. History Associates Incorporated (HAI) prepared this guide as part of its work as the support services contractor for DOE`s Epidemiologic Records Inventory Project. This introduction briefly describes the Epidemiologic Records Inventory Project, HAI`s role in the project, the history of LANL the history and functions of LANL`s Health Division and Epidemiology Section, and the various epidemiologic studies performed by the Epidemiology Section. It provides information on the methodology that HAI used to inventory and describe records housed in the offices of the LANL Epidemiology Section in Technical Area 59 and at the LANL Records Center. Other topics include the methodology used to produce the guide, the arrangement of the detailed record series descriptions, and information concerning access to records repositories.

  9. Estudio del estado nutricional de los ancianos de Cantabria Study of the nutritional status of elders in Cantabria

    M. Jiménez Sanz


    Full Text Available Introducción: El envejecimiento de la población representa uno de los retos más importantes desde el punto de vista biosanitario. Objetivo: Valorar el estado nutricional de las personas de 65 y más años de Cantabria. Métodos: Un total de 1605 personas fueron evaluadas por medio del MNA; a en atención primaria (59,9% en la consulta y 4,7% en domicilios y, b en residencias de ancianos (35,4%. Resultados: La puntuación nutricional (PN obtenida de la suma de los ítems del MNA fue 23,4 ± 4,1 para las mujeres y 24,4 ± 4 en los varones (p Introduction: Population ageing is a main concern under the biosanitary point of view. Aim: To assess the nutritional status of people 65 year-old and older in Cantabria (Spain Method: A total of 1605 persons were studied by means of the MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment; a by primary care (59.9% in the unit, and 4.7% at home and, b in nursing homes (35.4%. Results: Nutritional score (NS was 23.4 ± 4.1 for women and 24.4 ± 4 in males (p < 0.001. We emphasize the fact that 22.3% of people studied in the nursing homes were malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, compared with 14.2% of those studied at the unit, and only 3.3% of the home visited elders. The correlation between the value of the NS and the subjective estimation of nutrition status showed a high value (0.65. We emphasize the negative correlation (-0.53 between BNI value and the incidence of skin lesions. Conclusion: Our results highlight the importance of identifying malnutrition or its risk in elders in order to prevent the negative consequences of this deficiency.

  10. 中原地区某村既往有偿献血人群艾滋病发病和死亡规律%Study on AIDS incidence and death in previous paid blood-donated population, central China

    朱新义; 崔兆麟; 黄祚军; 朱伯健; 汪宁


    Objective To study incidence and death among previous paid blood-donated AIDS sufferers.Methods A retrospective cohort study was adopted to study incidence and death of 373 previous paid blood-donated HIV sufferers and its effect factors.Results Previous paid blood-donated HIV infection was serious and the infection rate in blood-donated crowd was 35.87%(373/1040);the mean incubation period of AIDS was 8.87 years(95%CI:8.76-8.99,Kaplan-Meier method):the cumulative incidence of AIDS(10 years)was 92.23%(344/373),and the incidence of total sufferers was 11.64/100 person-year;the cumulative probability of survival of one-year,three-year,five-year AIDS sufferers was separately 94.48% (325/344),85.76%(295/344)and 83.14%(286/344),median survival time was over 5 years;the anti-virotic treatment days(960.29±486.38),infection age(33.39±9.08)disease age(41.98±8.88)had significant effects on AIDS sufferers' survival time/survival rate(x2=61.355,P=0.000;x2=6.555,P=0.010;x2=3.969,P=0.046).Conclusion The survival time of previous paid blood-donated HIV cases was longer,and their survival rate was hisher,remarkably higher than the UNAIDS'research findings.%目的 研究既往有偿献血人群获得性免疫缺陷综合征(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,AIDS)发病和死亡规律.方法 采用回顾性队列研究方法,对373例既往有偿献血感染人类免疫缺陷病毒(human immunodeficiency virus,HIV)者的发病、死亡规律及其影响因素进行研究.结果 既往有偿献血人群HIV感染率为35.87%(373/1040),AIDS平均潜伏期为8.87年(95%CI:8.76~8.99,Kaplan-Meier法);感染后10年累计发病率为92.23%(344/373),总人时发病率为11.64/100人年;艾滋病患者1年、3年、5年累计生存率分别为94.48%(325/344)、85.76%(295/344)和83.14%(286/344),中位生存时间超过5年;抗病毒治疗天数[(960.29±486.38)d]、感染年龄[(33.39±9.08)岁]和发病年龄[(41.98±8.88)岁]对艾滋病患者生存时间

  11. Ground-Water Quality Data in the Coastal Los Angeles Basin Study Unit, 2006: Results from the California GAMA Program

    Mathany, Timothy M.; Land, Michael; Belitz, Kenneth


    Ground-water quality in the approximately 860 square-mile Coastal Los Angeles Basin study unit (CLAB) was investigated from June to November of 2006 as part of the Statewide Basin Assessment Project of the Ground-Water Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program. The GAMA Statewide Basin Assessment was developed in response to the Ground-Water Quality Monitoring Act of 2001, and is being conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The Coastal Los Angeles Basin study was designed to provide a spatially unbiased assessment of raw ground-water quality within CLAB, as well as a statistically consistent basis for comparing water quality throughout California. Samples were collected from 69 wells in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Fifty-five of the wells were selected using a spatially distributed, randomized grid-based method to provide statistical representation of the study area (?grid wells?). Fourteen additional wells were selected to evaluate changes in ground-water chemistry or to gain a greater understanding of the ground-water quality within a specific portion of the Coastal Los Angeles Basin study unit ('understanding wells'). Ground-water samples were analyzed for: a large number of synthetic organic constituents [volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gasoline oxygenates and their degradates, pesticides, polar pesticides, and pesticide degradates, pharmaceutical compounds, and potential wastewater-indicators]; constituents of special interest [perchlorate, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), 1,4-dioxane, and 1,2,3-trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP)]; inorganic constituents that can occur naturally [nutrients, major and minor ions, and trace elements]; radioactive constituents [gross-alpha and gross-beta radiation, radium isotopes, and radon-222]; and microbial indicators. Naturally occurring isotopes [stable isotopic ratios of hydrogen and oxygen, and activities of tritium and carbon-14

  12. Acción colectiva y subjetividad: Un balance desde los estudios sociales Collective action and subjetivity: a balance from social studies

    Alfonso Torres Carrillo


    Full Text Available Los movimientos sociales han sido constitutivos de las sociedades y de las ciencias sociales contemporáneas; tanto que hoy constituyen uno de los campos de investigación más prolíficos de los estudios sociales. El artículo hace una revisión crítica del lugar que han tenido las dimensiones subjetivas de la acción colectiva, entre los diferentes enfoques teóricos sobre los movimientos sociales. Además, presenta y documenta la emergencia de la subjetividad como campo problemático y perspectiva interpretativa en los estudios sociales contemporáneos. A partir de este balance, se plantea un modelo analítico para abordar procesos organizativos y de movilización social en contextos urbanos, destacando el peso de aspectos subjetivos presentes en ellos.Social movements have contributed to shape societies and contemporary Social Sciences, so much that this topic constitutes one of the more prolific fields of research in Social Studies. This article provides a critical review of the place that the dimensions of collective action have had within the different theoretical perspectives about social movements. In addition, this paper presents and documents the emergence of subjectivity as a problematic field of interpretation in contemporary social studies. From this balance, an analytical model is proposed to address organizational processes and social mobilization in urban settings, emphasizing the relevance of subjective aspects in them.

  13. Phase I/II study of docetaxel combined with resminostat, an oral hydroxamic acid HDAC inhibitor, for advanced non-small cell lung cancer in patients previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.

    Tambo, Yuichi; Hosomi, Yukio; Sakai, Hiroshi; Nogami, Naoyuki; Atagi, Shinji; Sasaki, Yasutsuna; Kato, Terufumi; Takahashi, Toshiaki; Seto, Takashi; Maemondo, Makoto; Nokihara, Hiroshi; Koyama, Ryo; Nakagawa, Kazuhiko; Kawaguchi, Tomoya; Okamura, Yuta; Nakamura, Osamu; Nishio, Makoto; Tamura, Tomohide


    Objectives To determine the recommended dose and efficacy/safety of docetaxel combined with resminostat (DR) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with previous platinum-based chemotherapy. Materials and Methods A multicenter, open-label, phase I/II study was performed in Japanese patients with stage IIIB/IV or recurrent NSCLC and prior platinum-based chemotherapy. The recommended phase II dose was determined using a standard 3 + 3 dose design in phase I part. Resminostat was escalated from 400 to 600 mg/day and docetaxel fixed at 75 mg/m(2). In phase II part, the patients were randomly assigned to docetaxel alone (75 mg/m(2)) or DR therapy. Docetaxel was administered on day 1 and resminostat on days 1-5 in the DR group. Treatment was repeated every 21 days until progression or unacceptable toxicity. The primary endpoint was progression-free survival (PFS). Results A total of 117 patients (phase I part, 9; phase II part, 108) were enrolled. There was no dose-limiting toxicity in phase I part; the recommended dose for resminostat was 600 mg/day with 75 mg/m(2) of docetaxel. In phase II part, median PFS (95% confidence interval [CI]) was 4.2 (2.8-5.7) months with docetaxel group and 4.1 (1.5-5.4) months with DR group (hazard ratio [HR]: 1.354, 95% CI: 0.835-2.195; p = 0.209). Grade ≥ 3 adverse events significantly more common with DR group than docetaxel group were leukopenia, febrile neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and anorexia. Conclusion In Japanese NSCLC patients previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, DR therapy did not improve PFS compared with docetaxel alone and increased toxicity.

  14. Engaging homeless youth in community-based participatory research: a case study from Skid Row, Los Angeles.

    Garcia, Analilia P; Minkler, Meredith; Cardenas, Zelenne; Grills, Cheryl; Porter, Charles


    Growing evidence highlights the benefits to youth of involvement in community-based participatory research. Less attention has been paid, however, to the contributions youth can make to helping change health-promoting policy through such work. We describe a multi-method case study of a policy-focused community-based participatory research project in the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles, California, where a small group of homeless youth worked with adult mentors to develop and conduct a survey of 96 homeless youth and used the findings to help secure health-promoting policy change. We review the partnership's work at each stage of the policy-making process; its successes in changing policy regarding recreation, juvenile justice, and education; and the challenges encountered, especially with policy enforcement. We share lessons learned, including the importance of strong adult mentors and of policy environments conducive to sustainable, health-promoting change for marginalized youth.

  15. Induced vaginal birth after previous caesarean section

    Akylbek Tussupkaliyev


    Full Text Available Introduction The rate of operative birth by Caesarean section is constantly rising. In Kazakhstan, it reaches 27 per cent. Research data confirm that the percentage of successful vaginal births after previous Caesarean section is 50–70 per cent. How safe the induction of vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC remains unclear. Methodology The studied techniques of labour induction were amniotomy of the foetal bladder with the vulsellum ramus, intravaginal administration of E1 prostaglandin (Misoprostol, and intravenous infusion of Oxytocin-Richter. The assessment of rediness of parturient canals was conducted by Bishop’s score; the labour course was assessed by a partogram. The effectiveness of labour induction techniques was assessed by the number of administered doses, the time of onset of regular labour, the course of labour and the postpartum period and the presence of complications, and the course of the early neonatal period, which implied the assessment of the child’s condition, described in the newborn development record. The foetus was assessed by medical ultrasound and antenatal and intranatal cardiotocography (CTG. Obtained results were analysed with SAS statistical processing software. Results The overall percentage of successful births with intravaginal administration of Misoprostol was 93 per cent (83 of cases. This percentage was higher than in the amniotomy group (relative risk (RR 11.7 and was similar to the oxytocin group (RR 0.83. Amniotomy was effective in 54 per cent (39 of cases, when it induced regular labour. Intravenous oxytocin infusion was effective in 94 per cent (89 of cases. This percentage was higher than that with amniotomy (RR 12.5. Conclusions The success of vaginal delivery after previous Caesarean section can be achieved in almost 70 per cent of cases. At that, labour induction does not decrease this indicator and remains within population boundaries.

  16. Usefulness of indirect alcohol biomarkers for predicting recidivism of drunk-driving among previously convicted drunk-driving offenders: results from the recidivism of alcohol-impaired driving (ROAD) study.

    Maenhout, Thomas M; Poll, Anneleen; Vermassen, Tijl; De Buyzere, Marc L; Delanghe, Joris R


    In several European countries, drivers under the influence (DUI), suspected of chronic alcohol abuse are referred for medical and psychological examination. This study (the ROAD study, or Recidivism Of Alcohol-impaired Driving) investigated the usefulness of indirect alcohol biomarkers for predicting drunk-driving recidivism in previously convicted drunk-driving offenders. The ROAD study is a prospective study (2009-13) that was performed on 517 randomly selected drivers in Belgium. They were convicted for drunk-driving for which their licence was confiscated. The initial post-arrest blood samples were collected and analysed for percentage carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (%CDT), transaminsase activities [alanine amino transferase (ALT), aspartate amino transferase (AST)], gamma-glutamyltransferase (γGT) and red cell mean corpuscular volume (MCV). The observation time for each driver was 3 years and dynamic. A logistic regression analysis revealed that ln(%CDT) (P drunk-driving. The ROAD index (which includes ln(%CDT), ln(γGT), -ln(ALT) and the sex of the driver) was calculated and had a significantly higher area under the receiver operator characteristic curve (0.71) than the individual biomarkers for drunk-driving recidivism. Drivers with a high risk of recidivating (ROAD index ≥ 25%; third tertile) could be distinguished from drivers with an intermediate risk (16% ≤ ROAD index drunk-driving. The association with gamma-glutamyltransferase, alanine amino transferase and the sex of the driver could have additional value for identifying drunk-drivers at intermediate risk of recidivism. Non-specific indirect alcohol markers, such as alanine amino transferase, gamma-glutamyltransferase, aspartate amino transferase and red cell mean corpuscular volume have minimal added value to % carbohydrate-deficient transferrin for distinguishing drunk drivers with a low or high risk of recidivism. © 2013 Society for the Study of Addiction.

  17. Los ensayos

    Beatriz Caballero


    Full Text Available Después de Suramérica, tierra del hombre y Latinoamérica, un mundo por hacer, al tiempo que papá es Swann, periodista, liberal, político, está escribiendo ensayo: en el 45 El nuevo príncipe, en el 47 el Breviario del Quijote. En el 48 asiste en Sevilla a la Asamblea Cervantina como delegado de la Academia Colombiana de la Lengua donde presenta y es publicada su Contribución de la crítica colombiana al estudio de Cervantes. En el 49 se edita Cartas colombianas, en el 50 Ancha es Castilla , en el 52 los Sueños gramaticales de Luciano Pulgar, en el 57 Americanos y europeos y en el 60 Historia privada de los colombianos. Los campesinos es una recopilación de notas periodísticas que puede considerarse un ensayo sobre la preocupación por el campo, y Yo, el alcalde del 72 puede considerarse un tratado sobre la administración municipal.

  18. Estereotipos hacia los ancianos

    Marta Gil Barreiro


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio descriptivo en 4 grupos etáreos diferentes: 20; 40; 60 y 70 años, del área de salud que abarca el Policlínico Docente "Lawton", con vistas a determinar cómo se estructuran los estereotipos hacia los ancianos. El instrumento de evaluación utilizado se confeccionó para la ocasión: la escala de adjetivos. El estereotipo más positivo hacia los ancianos lo evidenciaron los individuos de 40 años, a los que le siguieron, en orden decreciente, los de 70; 20 y 60 años.A descriptive study was a carried out in four different age groups: 20, 40, 60, and 70 years old, in the health area belonging to the "Lawton" Teaching Policlinic, in order to determine how the stereotypes towards the older people are formulated. The adjective scale was the assessing instrument built for the ocassion. The most positive stereotype towards the elder was demonstrated by individuals 40 years of age, followed in decreasing order, by the 70, 20, and 60 years old groups.

  19. Surgery of intracranial aneurysms previously treated endovascularly.

    Tirakotai, Wuttipong; Sure, Ulrich; Yin, Yuhua; Benes, Ludwig; Schulte, Dirk Michael; Bien, Siegfried; Bertalanffy, Helmut


    To perform a retrospective study on the patients who underwent aneurysmal surgery following endovascular treatment. We performed a retrospective study on eight patients who underwent aneurysmal surgery following endovascular treatment (-attempts) with gugliemi detachable coils (GDCs). The indications for surgery, surgical techniques and clinical outcomes were analyzed. The indications for surgical treatment after GDC coiling of aneurysm were classified into three groups. First group: surgery of incompletely coiled aneurysms (n=4). Second group: surgery of mass effect on the neural structures due to coil compaction or rebleeding (n=2). Third group: surgery of vascular complications after endovascular procedure due to parent artery occlusion or thrombus propagation from aneurysm (n=2). Aneurysm obliterations could be performed in all cases confirmed by postoperative angiography. Six patients had an excellent outcome and returned to their profession. Patient's visual acuity was improved. One individual experienced right hemiparesis (grade IV/V) and hemihypesthesia. Microsurgical clipping is rarely necessary for previously coiled aneurysms. Surgical treatment is uncommonly required when an acute complication arises during endovascular treatment, or when there is a dynamic change of a residual aneurysm configuration over time that is considered to be insecure.

  20. Cost-effectiveness of recurrence risk guided care versus care as usual in women who suffered from early-onset preeclampsia including HELLP syndrome in their previous pregnancy (the PreCare study

    de Wit-Zuurendonk Laura D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome may have serious consequences for both mother and fetus. Women who have suffered from preeclampsia or the HELLP syndrome, have an increased risk of developing preeclampsia in a subsequent pregnancy. However, most women will develop no or only minor complications. In this study, we intend to determine cost-effectiveness of recurrence risk guided care versus care as usual in pregnant women with a history of early-onset preeclampsia. Methods/design We developed a prediction model to estimate the individual risk of recurrence of early-onset preeclampsia and the HELLP syndrome. In a before-after study, pregnant women with preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome in their previous pregnancy receiving care as usual (before introduction of the prediction model will be compared with women receiving recurrence risk guided care (after introduction of the prediction model. Eligible and pregnant women will be recruited at six university hospitals and seven large non-university tertiary referral hospitals in the Netherlands. The primary outcome measure is the recurrence of early-onset preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome in women allocated to the regular monitoring group. For the economic evaluation, a modelling approach will be used. Costs and effects of recurrence risk guided care with those of care as usual will be compared by means of a decision model. Two incremental cost-effectiveness ratios will be calculated: 1 cost per Quality Adjusted Life Year (mother unit of analysis and 2 cost per live born child (child unit of analysis. Discussion This is, to our knowledge, the first study that evaluates prospectively the efficacy of a multivariable prediction rule for recurrent hypertensive disease in pregnancy. Results of this study could either be integrated into the current guideline on Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy, or be used to develop a new guideline.

  1. Rates of induced abortion in Denmark according to age, previous births and previous abortions

    Marie-Louise H. Hansen


    Full Text Available Background: Whereas the effects of various socio-demographic determinants on a woman's risk of having an abortion are relatively well-documented, less attention has been given to the effect of previous abortions and births. Objective: To study the effect of previous abortions and births on Danish women's risk of an abortion, in addition to a number of demographic and personal characteristics. Data and methods: From the Fertility of Women and Couples Dataset we obtained data on the number of live births and induced abortions by year (1981-2001, age (16-39, county of residence and marital status. Logistic regression analysis was used to estimate the influence of the explanatory variables on the probability of having an abortion in a relevant year. Main findings and conclusion: A woman's risk of having an abortion increases with the number of previous births and previous abortions. Some interactions were was found in the way a woman's risk of abortion varies with calendar year, age and parity. The risk of an abortion for women with no children decreases while the risk of an abortion for women with children increases over time. Furthermore, the risk of an abortion decreases with age, but relatively more so for women with children compared to childless women. Trends for teenagers are discussed in a separate section.

  2. Accelerator transmutation studies at Los Alamos with LAHET, MCNP, and CINDER`90

    Wilson, W.B.; England, T.R.; Arthur, E.D. [and others


    Versions of the CINDER code have been used over three decades for determination of reactor fuel inventories and aggregate neutron absorption and radioactive decay properties. The CINDER`90 code, an evolving version which requires no predetermined nuclide chain structure, is suitable for a wider range of transmutation problems including those treated with older versions. In recent accelerator transmutation studies, the CINDER`90 code has been linked with the LAHET Code System (LCS) and, for high-energy calculations, with SUPERHET. A description of the nature of these linked calculational tools is given; data requirements for the transmutation studies are described; and, examples of linked calculations are described for some interesting accelerator applications.

  3. A case study of technology transfer: Rehabilitative engineering at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. [prosthetic devices engineering

    Hildred, W.


    The transfer of NASA technolgy to rehabilitative applications of artificial limbs is studied. Human factors engineering activities range from orthotic manipulators to tiny dc motors and transducers to detect and transmit voluntary control signals. It is found that bicarbon implant devices are suitable for medical equipment and artificial limbs because of their biological compatibility with human body fluids and tissues.

  4. Private Giving to Public Schools and Districts in Los Angeles County: A Pilot Study.

    Zimmer, Ron; Krop, Cathy; Kaganoff, Tessa; Ross, Karen E.; Brewer, Dominic J.

    In an era of dependence on nonflexible funding by states, private support is a desirable source of funding. Anecdotal reports and a limited body of documented research suggest districts and schools are pursuing private support with increased sophistication and aggressiveness. This pilot study is designed to provide schools and school districts…

  5. A school-based program implemented by community providers previously trained for the prevention of eating and weight-related problems in secondary-school adolescents: the MABIC study protocol.

    Sánchez-Carracedo, David; López-Guimerà, Gemma; Fauquet, Jordi; Barrada, Juan Ramón; Pàmias, Montserrat; Puntí, Joaquim; Querol, Mireia; Trepat, Esther


    The prevention of eating disorders and disordered eating are increasingly recognized as public health priorities. Challenges in this field included moving from efficacy to effectiveness and developing an integrated approach to the prevention of a broad spectrum of eating and weight-related problems. A previous efficacy trial indicated that a universal disordered eating prevention program, based on the social cognitive model, media literacy educational approach and cognitive dissonance theory, reduced risk factors for disordered eating, but it is unclear whether this program has effects under more real-world conditions. The main aim of this effectiveness trial protocol is to test whether this program has effects when incorporating an integrated approach to prevention and when previously-trained community providers implement the intervention. The research design involved a multi-center non-randomized controlled trial with baseline, post and 1-year follow-up measures. Six schools from the city of Sabadell (close to Barcelona) participated in the intervention group, and eleven schools from four towns neighboring Sabadell participated in the control group. A total of 174 girls and 180 boys in the intervention group, and 484 girls and 490 boys in the control group were registered in class lists prior to baseline. A total of 18 community providers, secondary-school class tutors, nurses from the Catalan Government's Health and School Program, and health promotion technicians from Sabadell City Council were trained and delivered the program. Shared risk factors of eating and weight-related problems were assessed as main measures. It will be vital for progress in disordered eating prevention to conduct effectiveness trials, which test whether interventions are effective when delivered by community providers under ecologically valid conditions, as opposed to tightly controlled research trials. The MABIC project will provide new contributions in this transition from efficacy

  6. 机采血小板检测前过程质量控制的研究%A study on quality control of previous process of apheresis platelets detection

    杨图深; 朱业华; 陈亦明


    目的:探讨机采血小板检测前过程的质量控制。方法留取机采单份血小板、机采双份血小板样本各100份,以1∶1、1∶3及1∶7稀释度进行稀释,采用全自动血液细胞计数仪检测血小板计数。另采集机采血小板样本100份,室温下静置0、30、60、90、120 min ,以1∶3稀释后,检测其血小板计数。结果机采单份或双份血小板样本以1∶1与1∶3稀释后检测血小板计数的差异及1∶3与1∶7稀释后检测的差异均有统计学意义( P<0.05)。静置0、30 min检测的血小板计数与静置60、90、120 min的检测值的差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论机采血小板检测前过程的质量控制对采集后的血小板计数十分重要。%Objective To study the quality control of previous process of apheresis platelets detection .Methods Single and double apheresis platelets each of 100 samples were collected and were diluted 1∶1 ,1∶3 and 1∶7 .Aautomatic Blood Cell Count-er was employed to detect the platelet count .Another 100 samples of apheresis platelets were collected and stand at room tempera-ture for 0 ,30 ,60 ,90 ,120 min ,After 1∶3 dilution ,the platelet counts were detected .Results Differences of platelet counts be-tween 1∶1 and 1∶3 dilution ,1∶3 and 1∶7 dilution of single or double apheresis platelets showed statistically significant differ-ences(P<0 .05) .Differences of platelet counts between standing for 0 ,30 min and standing for 60 ,90 ,120 min were found statis-tically significant(P<0 .05) .Conclusion Quality control of previous process of apheresis platelets detection is very important for platelet count after collection .

  7. Study with liquid and steam tracers at the Tejamaniles area, Los Azufres, Mich., geothermal field; Estudio con trazadores de liquido y vapor en el area Tejamaniles del campo geotermico de Los Azufres, Mich.

    Iglesias, Eduardo R. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Gerencia de Geotermia, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Flores Armenta, Magaly [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico); Torres, Rodolfo J. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Gerencia de Geotermia, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico); Ramirez Montes, Miguel [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico); Reyes Picasso, Neftali [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Gerencia de Geotermia, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico); Reyes Delgado, Lisette [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico)


    The Mexican Federal Commission for Electricity injects brines produced by nearby geothermal wells into well Az-08, located in the Tejamaniles area, in the southwestern portion of Los Azufres, Mich., geothermal field. The main goals of this study are to determine whether or not the injected fluid recharges nine producing wells in the area, and if so, to estimate the fraction of the injected fluid recharging each producing well. Five of the selected wells produce mixes of liquid and steam and the rest produce only steam. For this reason, we designed this study with simultaneous injections of liquid- and steam-tracers. The nine selected producing wells detected the steam-tracer, and the five wells producing mixes detected the liquid-phase tracer. The residence curves of both tracers present a series of peaks reflecting the known fractured nature of the reservoir. The results show the feeding areas of the nine selected wells are recharged by the fluid injected into well Az-08. When this paper was written, the arrival of steam-tracers in all wells was completed, but the wells producing mixes of liquid and steam continued to record the arrival of the liquid-tracer. Until 407 days after injecting the tracer, the total percentage recovery of liquid phase tracer in the five wells producing mixes of liquid and steam was 3.5032%. The arrival of the steam tracer ended in all nine wells 205 days after the tracer was injected, with an overall recovery rate of 2.1553 x 10-2%. The recovery rates imply the recharge rates of the monitored wells by the injector Az-08 are modest, but it appears the amounts of the recovered liquid-phase tracer will increase significantly. The modest recovery rates suggest most of the fluid injected into the well Az-08 disperses in the reservoir, contributing to recharge and maintaining the pressure. Results reveal that: (i) the injected fluid is heated at depths from 700 to over 1000 m, where it boils and rises to reach the feeding areas of the

  8. Sebacinales everywhere: previously overlooked ubiquitous fungal endophytes.

    Weiss, Michael; Sýkorová, Zuzana; Garnica, Sigisfredo; Riess, Kai; Martos, Florent; Krause, Cornelia; Oberwinkler, Franz; Bauer, Robert; Redecker, Dirk


    Inconspicuous basidiomycetes from the order Sebacinales are known to be involved in a puzzling variety of mutualistic plant-fungal symbioses (mycorrhizae), which presumably involve transport of mineral nutrients. Recently a few members of this fungal order not fitting this definition and commonly referred to as 'endophytes' have raised considerable interest by their ability to enhance plant growth and to increase resistance of their host plants against abiotic stress factors and fungal pathogens. Using DNA-based detection and electron microscopy, we show that Sebacinales are not only extremely versatile in their mycorrhizal associations, but are also almost universally present as symptomless endophytes. They occurred in field specimens of bryophytes, pteridophytes and all families of herbaceous angiosperms we investigated, including liverworts, wheat, maize, and the non-mycorrhizal model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. They were present in all habitats we studied on four continents. We even detected these fungi in herbarium specimens originating from pioneering field trips to North Africa in the 1830s/40s. No geographical or host patterns were detected. Our data suggest that the multitude of mycorrhizal interactions in Sebacinales may have arisen from an ancestral endophytic habit by specialization. Considering their proven beneficial influence on plant growth and their ubiquity, endophytic Sebacinales may be a previously unrecognized universal hidden force in plant ecosystems.

  9. Sebacinales everywhere: previously overlooked ubiquitous fungal endophytes.

    Michael Weiss

    Full Text Available Inconspicuous basidiomycetes from the order Sebacinales are known to be involved in a puzzling variety of mutualistic plant-fungal symbioses (mycorrhizae, which presumably involve transport of mineral nutrients. Recently a few members of this fungal order not fitting this definition and commonly referred to as 'endophytes' have raised considerable interest by their ability to enhance plant growth and to increase resistance of their host plants against abiotic stress factors and fungal pathogens. Using DNA-based detection and electron microscopy, we show that Sebacinales are not only extremely versatile in their mycorrhizal associations, but are also almost universally present as symptomless endophytes. They occurred in field specimens of bryophytes, pteridophytes and all families of herbaceous angiosperms we investigated, including liverworts, wheat, maize, and the non-mycorrhizal model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. They were present in all habitats we studied on four continents. We even detected these fungi in herbarium specimens originating from pioneering field trips to North Africa in the 1830s/40s. No geographical or host patterns were detected. Our data suggest that the multitude of mycorrhizal interactions in Sebacinales may have arisen from an ancestral endophytic habit by specialization. Considering their proven beneficial influence on plant growth and their ubiquity, endophytic Sebacinales may be a previously unrecognized universal hidden force in plant ecosystems.

  10. A previously undescribed pathway for pyrimidine catabolism.

    Loh, Kevin D; Gyaneshwar, Prasad; Markenscoff Papadimitriou, Eirene; Fong, Rebecca; Kim, Kwang-Seo; Parales, Rebecca; Zhou, Zhongrui; Inwood, William; Kustu, Sydney


    The b1012 operon of Escherichia coli K-12, which is composed of seven unidentified ORFs, is one of the most highly expressed operons under control of nitrogen regulatory protein C. Examination of strains with lesions in this operon on Biolog Phenotype MicroArray (PM3) plates and subsequent growth tests indicated that they failed to use uridine or uracil as the sole nitrogen source and that the parental strain could use them at room temperature but not at 37 degrees C. A strain carrying an ntrB(Con) mutation, which elevates transcription of genes under nitrogen regulatory protein C control, could also grow on thymidine as the sole nitrogen source, whereas strains with lesions in the b1012 operon could not. Growth-yield experiments indicated that both nitrogens of uridine and thymidine were available. Studies with [(14)C]uridine indicated that a three-carbon waste product from the pyrimidine ring was excreted. After trimethylsilylation and gas chromatography, the waste product was identified by mass spectrometry as 3-hydroxypropionic acid. In agreement with this finding, 2-methyl-3-hydroxypropionic acid was released from thymidine. Both the number of available nitrogens and the waste products distinguished the pathway encoded by the b1012 operon from pyrimidine catabolic pathways described previously. We propose that the genes of this operon be named rutA-G for pyrimidine utilization. The product of the divergently transcribed gene, b1013, is a tetracycline repressor family regulator that controls transcription of the b1012 operon negatively.

  11. Carotid Artery Distensibility and Hormone Therapy and Menopause: The Los Angeles Atherosclerosis Study (LAAS)

    Shufelt, Chrisandra; Elboudwarej, Omeed; Johnson, B. Delia; Mehta, Puja; Bittner, Vera; Braunstein, Glenn; Berga, Sarah; Stanczyk, Frank; Dwyer, Kathleen; Merz, C. Noel Bairey


    Objective Observational studies suggest that arterial distensibility decreases during menopause; however, the relation to hormone therapy use is controversial. We prospectively studied distensibility and hormone therapy use during different menopause stages. Methods 161 women between 42–61 years of age without cardiovascular disease had carotid artery measurements by ultrasound to calculate the distensibility index at baseline and 3 years later. Menopause stage was classified at each visit as premenopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal. Over 3 years of prospective observation, women were classified as remaining premenopausal, remaining postmenopausal, or transitioning, defined as change from premenopausal-to-perimenopausal, premenopausal-to-postmenopausal, perimenopausal-to-perimenopausal, or perimenopausal-to-postmenopausal. Results Distensibility declined over time in all menopause stages (pmenopause transition is associated with reduced vascular compliance. Hormone therapy is associated with better arterial distensibility only during menopause transition. Additional prospective studies are needed to confirm these findings and to determine if hormone therapy use beyond menopause transition is related to distensibility. PMID:26308234


    S. Yu. Martsevich


    Full Text Available Aim. To evaluate drug therapy received by patients who had survived acute myocardial infarction (AMI in the framework of the AMI register (the “LIS” study and estimate this therapy influence on long-term outcomes of the disease. Material and methods. The total of 961 patients of 1133 enrolled in the “LIS” study , were discharged from hospital. 191 patients had died during follow-up. 632 patients (who had survived and consented to visit out-patient clinic underwent repeated examination (median of follow-up 1.6 [1.0; 2.4] years. Data about treatment before and during AMI were received from patient’s charts; data about treatment after AMI were obtained from out-patient medical records. Results. Before reference AMI only a small number of the patients received the main drug groups (antiplatelet agents, β-blockers, ACE inhibitors, statins, at that ACE inhibitors were prescribed more often than the others. Use of β-blockers and ACE inhibitors before reference AMI significantly improved long-term life prognosis [relative risk (RR 0.70 and 0.66, respectively]. Rate of the main drug groups prescribed in hospital was rather high with the exception of thrombolytics (less than 10%. Thrombolytics, β-blockers and antiplatelet agents prescribed in hospital significantly improved long-term life prognosis of patients (RR 0.42, 0.65 and 0.58 respectively. At the second visit (according to data of out-patient medical records rate of antiplatelet agents, ACE inhibitors, β-blockers and statins prescription exceeded 60%. Conclusion. Very low prevalence of adequate drug therapy preceding AMI determines high mortality rate among survived acute stage of myocardial infarction patients in long-term period.


    S. Yu. Martsevich


    Full Text Available Aim. To evaluate drug therapy received by patients who had survived acute myocardial infarction (AMI in the framework of the AMI register (the “LIS” study and estimate this therapy influence on long-term outcomes of the disease. Material and methods. The total of 961 patients of 1133 enrolled in the “LIS” study , were discharged from hospital. 191 patients had died during follow-up. 632 patients (who had survived and consented to visit out-patient clinic underwent repeated examination (median of follow-up 1.6 [1.0; 2.4] years. Data about treatment before and during AMI were received from patient’s charts; data about treatment after AMI were obtained from out-patient medical records. Results. Before reference AMI only a small number of the patients received the main drug groups (antiplatelet agents, β-blockers, ACE inhibitors, statins, at that ACE inhibitors were prescribed more often than the others. Use of β-blockers and ACE inhibitors before reference AMI significantly improved long-term life prognosis [relative risk (RR 0.70 and 0.66, respectively]. Rate of the main drug groups prescribed in hospital was rather high with the exception of thrombolytics (less than 10%. Thrombolytics, β-blockers and antiplatelet agents prescribed in hospital significantly improved long-term life prognosis of patients (RR 0.42, 0.65 and 0.58 respectively. At the second visit (according to data of out-patient medical records rate of antiplatelet agents, ACE inhibitors, β-blockers and statins prescription exceeded 60%. Conclusion. Very low prevalence of adequate drug therapy preceding AMI determines high mortality rate among survived acute stage of myocardial infarction patients in long-term period.

  14. Los inmigrados

    Lojze Kovačič


    Full Text Available Lojze Kovačič nació el 9 de noviembre de 1928 en Basilea, Suiza, en una familia de emigrantes, de madre alemana y padre esloveno. En 1938, cuando las autoridades suizas expulsaron del país a todos los emigrantes que no tenían ciudadanía suiza, se fue a vivir con su familia a Eslovenia, primero a Novo mesto, luego a Ljubljana donde frecuentó la escuela primaria, secundaria y la academia de pedagogía. Vivió en Ljubljana donde trabajó primero como periodista y luego como pedagogo. Murió el 1 de mayo de 2004 en la capital eslovena. Escribió obras autobiográficas y de ficción: Ljubljanske razglednice / Postales de Ljubljana (1956, Ključi mesta / Las llaves de la ciudad (1967, Deček in smrt / El niño y la muerte (1968, Sporočila v spanju – Resničnost / Mensajes en el sueño – Realidad (1972, Pet fragmentov / Cinco fragmentos (1981, Pri{leki / Los inmigrados (trilogía 1983–85, Basel / Basilea (1986, Prah / Polvo (1988, Kristalni čas / Tiempo de cristal (1990, Zgodbe s panjskih končnic / Relatos de las tablas de la colmena (1992, Knji`evna delavnica – {ola pisanja / Taller de literatura – escuela de la escritura (1997. A continuación se presentan dos fragmentos de la primera parte de la trilogía Pri{leki / Los inmigrados, una historia marcadamente autobiográfica del retorno a Eslovenia de una familia desalojada de Basilea, narrada a través de la voz de un niño de diez años, traducida al castellano por Xavier Farré y publicada por la editorial Siruela de Madrid en 2007.

  15. Los Wayuu

    Vásquez Hernán De Correa, Socorro; Investigadores Departamento de Antropología. Universidad Javeriana Este artículo hace parte de una investigación realizada para el Instituto Colombiano de Cultura Hispánica, 1991.


    Estar presentes hoy, luego de estos 500 años, le ha significado a los Wayuú, indígenas habitantes de la Península de La Guajira; pasar por profundos cambios culturales que han sido la urdimbre que ha sostenido su cultura y la ha fortalecido permitien­do la supervivencia misma del pueblo Wayuú, el cual no fue sometido, redu­cido o aniquilado como otros pueblos aborígenes del continente, y por el contrario ha consolidado en su terri­torio unas formas de vida propia y de convivencia con la socie...

  16. Pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of BAX326, a novel recombinant factor IX: a prospective, controlled, multicentre phase I/III study in previously treated patients with severe (FIX level <1%) or moderately severe (FIX level ≤2%) haemophilia B.

    Windyga, J; Lissitchkov, T; Stasyshyn, O; Mamonov, V; Rusen, L; Lamas, J L; Oh, M-S; Chapman, M; Fritsch, S; Pavlova, B G; Wong, W-Y; Abbuehl, B E


    BAX326 is a recombinant factor IX (rFIX; nonacog gamma) manufactured without the addition of any materials of human or animal origin, and with two viral inactivation steps (solvent/detergent treatment and 15 nm nanofiltration). The aim of this prospective trial was to investigate the pharmacokinetics, haemostatic efficacy and safety of BAX326 in previously treated patients aged 12-65 years with severe or moderately severe haemophilia B. BAX326 was safe and well tolerated in all 73 treated subjects; adverse events considered related to treatment (2.7% incidence, all non-serious) were transient and mild, and no hypersensitivity reactions, inhibitor formation or thrombotic events were observed. Pharmacokinetic (PK) equivalence (n = 28) between BAX326 and a licensed rFIX was confirmed in terms of the ratio of geometric mean AUC(0-72) h per dose. Twice-weekly prophylaxis [mean duration 6.2 (±0.7) months; 1.8 (±0.1) infusions per week, 49.5 (±4.8) IU kg(-1) per infusion] was effective in preventing bleeding episodes, with a significantly lower (79%, P < 0.001) annualized bleed rate (4.2) compared to an on-demand treatment in a historical control group (20.0); 24 of 56 subjects on prophylaxis (43%) did not bleed throughout the study observation period. Of 249 total acute bleeds, 211 (84.7%) were controlled with one to two infusions of BAX326. Haemostatic efficacy at resolution of bleed was rated excellent or good in 96.0% of all treated bleeding episodes. The results of this study indicate that BAX326 is safe and efficacious in treating bleeds and routine prophylaxis in patients aged 12 years and older with haemophilia B.

  17. Recent studies of the electron cloud induced beam instability at the Los Alamos PSR

    Macek, Robert James [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Mc Crady, Rodney C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Rybarcyk, Lawrence J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Zaugg, Thomas J [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Recent beam studies have demonstrated that a stable beam with the standard production bunch width of 290 ns and near the e-p instability threshold will become unstable when the bunch width is shortened significantly. This was not the case years earlier when the ring rf operated at the 72.000 integer subharmonic of the Linac bunch frequency. The present operating frequency is set at the 72.070 non-integer subharmonic and appears to be responsible for the recently observed 'short pulse instability phenomenon'. Experimental characteristics of the short pulse instability are presented along with comparisons to the instability under 72.000 subharmonic operating conditions.

  18. Recent studies of the electron cloud induced beam instability at the Los Alamos PSR

    Macek, Robert James [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Mc Crady, Rodney C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Rybarcyk, Lawrence J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Zaugg, Thomas J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Holmes, Jeffrey A [SNS, ORNL


    Recent beam studies have demonstrated that a stable beam with the standard production bunch width of 290 ns and near the e-p instability threshold will become unstable when the bunch width is shortened significantly. This was not the case years earlier when the ring rf operated at the 72.000 integer subharmonic of the Linac bunch frequency. The present operating frequency is set at the 72.070 non-integer subharmonic and appears to be responsible for the recently observed 'short pulse instability phenomenon'. Experimental characteristics of the short pulse instability are presented along with comparisons to the instability under 72.000 subharmonic operating conditions.

  19. ¿Qué aportan los estudios de felicidad al buen vivir, y viceversa? (What is the contribution of happiness studies in buen vivir, and vice versa?

    Jorge Guardiola


    Full Text Available ResumenEn los últimos años, la ciencia se ha preocupado de estudiar la felicidad y sus causas. Sin embargo, en los estudios no se ha prestado demasiada atención a grupos de individuos que comparten una idea bastante personal sobre qué es el bienestar, que va más allá de la opinión occidental. El presente texto pretende analizar las posibles ventajas e inconvenientes, así como las limitaciones y aportaciones, que los estudios de felicidad pueden ocasionar en la comprensión del Buen Vivir de los pueblos indígenas latinoamericanos. También sacaremos conclusiones sobre qué puede aportar el Buen Vivir a los estudios de la felicidad.AbstractIn the last years, science has studied happiness and its causes. However, research has not given much attention to groups that share a particular view of happiness, that goes beyond the western idea. This paper aims to analyze the possible advantages and disadvantages, as well as limitations and contributions of happiness research in the comprehension of Buen Vivir of Latin American indigenous people. We also draw conclusions on the contribution of Buen Vivir in happiness studies.

  20. Efficacy and safety of the combination paclitaxel/carboplatin in patients with previously treated advanced ovarian carcinoma: a multicenter French Groupe des Investigateurs Nationaux pour l'Etude des Cancers Ovariens phase II study.

    Pujade-Lauraine, E; Guastalla, J P; Weber, B; Curé, H; Orfeuvre, H; Mousseau, M; Vincent, P; Diéras, V; Tubiana-Mathieu, N; Jacquin, J P; Mignot, L; Leduc, B; Paraïso, D; Viens, P


    The French Groupe des Investigateurs Nationaux pour l'Etude des Cancers Ovariens (GINECO) conducted a multicenter phase II study of carboplatin and paclitaxel (Taxol; Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ) to evaluate the efficacy and side effects of this combination in pretreated advanced ovarian cancer. Patients with progressive ovarian carcinoma during or after platinum-based chemotherapy received paclitaxel 175 mg/m2 intravenously over 3 hours followed by intravenous carboplatin over 30 minutes every 4 weeks. The dose of carboplatin was calculated using a projected area under the concentration-time curve of 5 mg/mL x min. Of the 50 patients entered, 50 were evaluable for toxicity and 42 for response. There were eight complete and 10 partial responses, for an overall response rate of 43% (95% confidence interval, 28% to 56%). Overall response rates in platinum refractory patients and in those with early (> or = 3 and or = 12 months) relapse was 28%, 33%, and 71%, respectively. Median response duration, progression-free survival, and overall survivals were 8, 6, and 14 months, respectively. The most frequent and severe toxicity was myelosuppression. Grades 3 and 4 neutropenia occurred in 30% and 23% of cycles, and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor was administered in 6%. Only one case of neutropenic fever was observed. Grades 3 and 4 thrombocytopenia occurred in 3% and 1% of cycles, respectively. Alopecia and moderate nausea or vomiting were frequent. Transitory peripheral neuropathy was present in 45% of patients but was severe in only one patient. One early death was observed due to progressive disease and possibly to therapy. The combination of paclitaxel 175 mg/m2 as a 3-hour infusion and carboplatin dosed to an area under the concentration-time curve of 5 is an effective therapy in patients previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy and may be administered safely to outpatients who relapse after one or two lines of chemotherapy.

  1. Characterization of ambient aerosols in Mexico City during the MCMA-2003 campaign with Aerosol Mass Spectrometry Part II: overview of the results at the CENICA supersite and comparison to previous studies

    Salcedo, D.; Dzepina, K.; Onasch, T. B.; Canagaratna, M. R.; Jayne, J. T.; Worsnop, D. R.; Gaffney, J. S.; Marley, N. A.; Johnson, K. S.; Zuberi, B.; Molina, L. T.; Molina, M. J.; Shutthanandan, V.; Xie, Y.; Jimenez, J. L.


    An Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) was deployed at the CENICA Supersite during the Mexico City Metropolitan Area field study from 31 March-4 May 2003. The AMS provides real time information on mass concentration and composition of the non-refractory species in particulate matter less than 1 µm (NR-PM1) with high time and size-resolution. Measurements of Black Carbon (BC) using an aethalometer, and estimated soil concentrations from Proton-Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE) analysis of impactor substrates are also presented and combined with the AMS in order to include refractory material and estimate the total PM2.5 mass concentration at CENICA during this campaign. In Mexico City, the organic fraction of the estimated PM2.5 at CENICA represents 54.6% of the mass, with the rest consisting of inorganic compounds (mainly ammonium nitrate and sulfate/ammonium salts), BC, and soil. Inorganic compounds represent 27.5% of PM2.5; BC mass concentration is about 11%; while soil represents about 6.9%. The NR species and BC have diurnal cycles that can be qualitatively interpreted as the interplay of direct emissions, photochemical production in the atmosphere followed by condensation and gas-to-particle partitioning, boundary layer dynamics, and/or advection. Bi- and trimodal size distributions are observed for the AMS species, with a small combustion (likely traffic) organic particle mode and an accumulation mode that contains mainly organic and secondary inorganic compounds. The AMS and BC mass concentrations, size distributions, and diurnal cycles are found to be qualitatively similar to those from most previous field measurements in Mexico City.

  2. Urban solar photovoltaics potential: An inventory and modelling study applied to the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles

    Angelici, G. L.; Bryant, N. A.; Freta, R. K.; Friedman, S. Z.


    Procedures for analyzing the potential of solar photovoltaic collectors to meet energy requirements in a metropolitan region are described and a modeling effort is applied to the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. The procedure involves a series of steps designed to produce maps and tabulations revealing the amount of rooftop area available for establishing solar collectors and the proportion of energy requirement that could be potentially supplied by solar photovoltaics within each of the 533 mainline feeder service areas in the study area. For the sixty five square mile study area, the results showed that, with half the available flat and south facing roofs used and assuming the availability of energy storage, 52.7 percent of the actual kWh energy requirements could have been met in 1978 using photovoltaic collectors. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly fluctuations in potential supply and actual loads and recommendations of avenues for further research are discussed. Some further potential applications of the modeling technique are suggested.

  3. Los Alamos National Laboratory use study phase II : Toxicity testing of surface waters and sediment pore waters at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service New Mexico Ecological Services Field Office (Service) submitted a Use Study Proposal (USFWS 1996) in response to the settlement...

  4. Los modelos de niveles múltiples: una estrategia analítica para el estudio de los problemas de salud de la población Multilevel models: an analysis strategy for the study of health problems in society

    Irene Luppi


    Full Text Available Se presenta una discusión teórico metodológica sobre la aplicabilidad de modelos de niveles múltiples para el estudio de los procesos de salud/enfermedad, sus determinantes y condicionantes, en función de la estratificación de la sociedad y de las condiciones de vida de sus habitantes. Se recupera una noción de población según la perspectiva de la teoría de los sistemas complejos jerárquicos que busca no reducir la realidad, sino una construcción del problema procurando identificar distintos niveles de abstracción para su abordaje. Estos modelos constituyen una opción que supera las experiencias previas, con la aplicación de técnicas estadísticas convencionales, dado que permiten analizar simultáneamente distintos niveles de agregación conservando su estructura jerárquica. Se consideran la influencia de las variables teniendo en cuenta su pertenencia a unidades mayores y la asociación potencialmente existente entre las unidades de un mismo nivel, es decir, la correlación intraclase entre variables relativas a individuos, familias, grupos, próximos entre sí, que comparten condiciones semejantes. Se evita de este modo sobredimensionar el efecto de las variables de macro nivel. Los modelos de niveles múltiples resultan particularmente adecuados para valorar desigualdades en el proceso salud/enfermedad/atención de los grupos poblacionales y analizar cómo los contextos sociales afectan los resultados y los riesgos de salud individuales. Se destaca la necesidad de desarrollar estrategias de producción de información y de análisis que posibiliten reconocer niveles de explicación y de intervención, para proveer insumos y desencadenar acciones adecuadas a las especificidades locales, a nivel de las micro-áreas, con miras a lograr una mayor equidad en salud.This paper presents the theoretical-methodological discussion about the applicability of multiple level models in the study of the health/sickness process, its

  5. Pilot study of use, distribution and efficacy of time-outs in Asobal Handball League ESTUDIO PILOTO SOBRE EL USO, DISTRIBUCIÓN Y EFICACIA DE LOS TIEMPOS MUERTOS DE EQUIPO EN LA LIGA ASOBAL DE BALONMANO [Pilot study of use, distribution and efficacy of time-outs in Asobal Handball League

    María Cañadas Alonso


    Full Text Available Time-outs (T-O is tool that allows the coach interact in a direct way during the competition. Nowadays, T-O rule has been modified. Because of that, the objective is to develop a pilot study to describe and characterize ASOBAL T-O coach’s request, season 2011/12. 15 T-O from different matches were analyzed, registering five previous (n=69 and after (n=62 possessions when requesting T-O. Variables are T-O number, period of the game when is ordered, minute, score in that moment, final score, number of previous and after possessions, previous and after partial as well as last action before T-O and the first one after. An observational descriptive analysis was developed. Results show that coaches do not take advantage of T-O they have, being looser teams the ones that more use them, specially the second and the third T-O. Most of this interruption takes place in last moments of both periods, usually preceded by a negative action. In relation to its efficiency, score differences are maintained or improved Key words: mach analyses, handball, time-outs, coaches, performance.El tiempo muerto de equipo (TME es una herramienta que permite intervenir al entrenador de forma directa durante la competición. Actualmente, la regla del TME ha sido modificada. Por eso, el objetivo es realizar un estudio piloto para describir y caracterizar la solicitud del TME de los entrenadores de ASOBAL, temporada 2011/12. Se analizaron 15 TME de diferentes partidos, registrando cinco posesiones previas (n=69 y posteriores (n=62 a la solicitud del TME. Las variables son el número de TME, parte donde se solicita, minuto, resultado en ese momento, y del partido, número de posesiones previas y posteriores, parcial previo y posterior del equipo solicitante, así como la última acción antes del TME y la posterior. Se realizó un análisis descriptivo observacional. Los resultados muestran que los entrenadores no aprovechan la totalidad de los TME disponibles, siendo los

  6. Nuevos paradigmas periodísticos y documentales en los periódicos digitales: estudio de casos en España New journalistic and documentary paradigms in digital newspapers: study of specific cases in Spain

    Juan Carlos Marcos Recio


    Full Text Available Se observa la evolución, desarrollo y expansión del periodismo y la documentación digital a partir de los orígenes de las redacciones digitales y la aparición y surgimiento de documentalistas digitales al servicio de esos medios. La llegada de Internet ha colocado a los medios (grandes, medianos y pequeños en una posición difícil de entender para editores, redactores, documentalistas, gestores y también para los usuarios/ lectores que tienen una nueva percepción de la realidad informativa. En menos de una década este modelo se quebró. Ante esto, los documentalistas han modelado una forma nueva de enfrentarse a la información, de atender las peticiones de la redacción y de gestionar su propio trabajo. Se propone un seguimiento, un estudio y un desarrollo de los medios digitales y de su información basados en la óptica de la documentación y el estudio de casos en cuatro de los grandes periódicos nacionales.Evolution, development and expansion of journalism and digital documentation are observed with basis on the origin of digital writing and the surging of digital documentalists who serve these media. The arrival of Internet has put big, medium and little media in a difficult position to understand for editors, writers (proof-readers documentalists and administrators to understand, and also users/readers that now have a new perception of informative reality. In less than a decade, the previous model has broken down. In order to face this situation specialists have modeled a new way of confronting information, attending proof-reader's questions and confronting their own work. A research and follow-up of digital media and its information is proposed, under the perspective of documentation and the case study of four of the big national newspapers.

  7. La ceguera desde la perspectiva de los estudios de Ciencia-Tecnología-Sociedad Blindness from the viewpoint of the studies of Science-Tencnology-Society

    Oslay Mijail Tirado Martínez


    Full Text Available El desarrollo de la tecnociencia ha conducido a una sociedad de riesgo. Esta ultima exige un comprometimiento mayor de la ciencia con respecto a los problemas de los mas necesitados. A pesar del avance tecnologico de la oftalmologia el numero de pacientes con ceguera en el mundo es alarmante. En este trabajo se analizan los determinantes de salud relacionados con la ceguera a nivel mundial desde la perspectiva de la ciencia, tecnologia y sociedad.The development of science has lead to a society of risk, which demands more commitment to people in need. Despite the progress of ophthalmological technologies, the number of patients suffering blindness continues to be alarming. The article deals with health aspects related to blindness around the world, from the viewpoint of the studies of science-technology-society.

  8. Designing Proficiency Tests to Accredit Previous Knowledge in American and British Literature in a Bilingual Education Program

    León Chica César Julio


    Full Text Available This article aims at identifying the kind of American and British literature tests that can be designed to allow students who enter a bilingual education program at a private university in Colombia to have their previous knowledge in these two subjects accredited through a proficiency test. Students’ needs, opinions, beliefs, existing commercial tests, the University’s (specifically, the one where the study was conducted literature programs, several anthologies, and competences required in the education program were all taken into consideration. Then the tests were developed, piloted, and validated with a focus group composed of ten students of said program. The results indicated that students require previous knowledge, literary competence, and command of the English language because those are determining factors in successfully passing the tests. Key words: Previous knowledge, proficiency tests, American and British literature, competences Este artículo busca identificar un modelo óptimo para un examen de literatura americana y británica que se puede diseñar para que los estudiantes que inician el programa de educación bilingüe de una universidad privada en Colombia puedan acreditar el conocimiento previo en estas dos materias, mediante un examen de suficiencia. Para el diseño de los exámenes se tuvieron en cuenta las necesidades y opiniones de los estudiantes, así como exámenes comerciales existentes, los programas de literatura de la universidad, varias antologías y las competencias requeridas por el programa de educación. Los exámenes diseñados se pilotearon y se validaron con un grupo de 10 estudiantes del programa en mención. Se determinó que los estudiantes requieren un conocimiento previo, competencia en literatura y un nivel competitivo en inglés, para aprobar satisfactoriamente los exámenes. Palabras clave: conocimiento previo, acreditación, exámenes de literatura americana y británica, competencias

  9. Randomized Phase II Study of R-CHOP With or Without Bortezomib in Previously Untreated Patients With Non-Germinal Center B-Cell-Like Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma.

    Leonard, John P; Kolibaba, Kathryn S; Reeves, James A; Tulpule, Anil; Flinn, Ian W; Kolevska, Tatjana; Robles, Robert; Flowers, Christopher R; Collins, Robert; DiBella, Nicholas J; Papish, Steven W; Venugopal, Parameswaran; Horodner, Andrew; Tabatabai, Amir; Hajdenberg, Julio; Park, Jaehong; Neuwirth, Rachel; Mulligan, George; Suryanarayan, Kaveri; Esseltine, Dixie-Lee; de Vos, Sven


    Purpose To evaluate the impact of the addition of bortezomib to rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone (R-CHOP) on outcomes in previously untreated patients with non-germinal center B-cell-like (non-GCB) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Patients and Methods After real-time determination of non-GCB DLBCL using the Hans immunohistochemistry algorithm, 206 patients were randomly assigned (1:1; stratified by International Prognostic Index [IPI] score) to six 21-day cycles of standard R-CHOP alone or R-CHOP plus bortezomib 1.3 mg/m(2) intravenously on days 1 and 4 (VR-CHOP). The primary end point, progression-free survival (PFS), was evaluated in 183 patients with centrally confirmed non-GCB DLBCL who received one or more doses of study drug (91 R-CHOP, 92 VR-CHOP). Results After a median follow-up of 34 months, with 25% (R-CHOP) and 18% (VR-CHOP) of patients having had PFS events, the hazard ratio (HR) for PFS was 0.73 (90% CI, 0.43 to 1.24) with VR-CHOP ( P = .611). Two-year PFS rates were 77.6% with R-CHOP and 82.0% with VR-CHOP; they were 65.1% versus 72.4% in patients with high-intermediate/high IPI (HR, 0.67; 90% CI, 0.34 to 1.29), and 90.0% versus 88.9% (HR, 0.85; 90% CI, 0.35 to 2.10) in patients with low/low-intermediate IPI. Overall response rate with R-CHOP and VR-CHOP was 98% and 96%, respectively. The overall survival HR was 0.75 (90% CI, 0.38 to 1.45); 2-year survival rates were 88.4% and 93.0%, respectively. In the safety population (100 R-CHOP and 101 VR-CHOP patients), grade ≥ 3 adverse events included neutropenia (53% v 49%), thrombocytopenia (13% v 29%), anemia (7% v 15%), leukopenia (26% v 25%), and neuropathy (1% v 5%). Conclusion Outcomes for newly diagnosed, prospectively enrolled patients with non-GCB DLBCL were more favorable than expected with R-CHOP and were not significantly improved by adding bortezomib.

  10. Use of the University of California Los Angeles integrated staging system to predict survival in renal cell carcinoma: an international multicenter study.

    Patard, J.J.; Kim, H.L.; Lam, J.; Dorey, F.J.; Pantuck, A.J.; Zisman, A.; Ficarra, V.; Han, K.R.; Cindolo, L.; Taille, A. De La; Tostain, J.; Artibani, W.; Dinney, C.P.; Wood, C.G.; Swanson, D.A.; Abbou, C.C.; Lobel, B.; Mulders, P.F.A.; Chopin, D.K.; Figlin, R.A.; Belldegrun, A.S.


    PURPOSE: To evaluate ability of the University of California Los Angeles Integrated Staging System (UISS) to stratify patients with localized and metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) into risk groups in an international multicenter study. PATIENTS AND METHODS: 4,202 patients from eight internationa

  11. Summary of the Script and Program Review of Sesame Street by the Chicano Study Center, University of California in Los Angeles.

    Children's Television Workshop, New York, NY.

    The Sesame Street research staff summarizes comments on the fourth season of the program by the Chicano Study Center of the University of California at Los Angeles. Included are reviews of Sesame Street scripts and programs containing Spanish content; sex role observations; examples of modeling behavior; and comments on segments which challenge…

  12. ESTUDIO DE LOS SENTIDOS Y ORDEN DE LOS DISCURSOS EN EL LIBRO DE TEXTO DE INGLÉS COMO LENGUA EXTRANJERA Study of the senses and the organization of discourse in English as foreign language textbooks

    Diana Kiss


    Full Text Available Análisis de ocho Libros de Texto para la enseñanza escolar del inglés como lengua extranjera usados en escuelas secundarias de Osorno (Chile. El estudio se articula en cuatro momentos: en el primero se presentan los conceptos que constituyen el soporte teórico referido al Libro de Texto como dispositivo de política cultural, la autoridad del Libro de Texto de lengua extranjera, y Libro de Texto y narrativa de identidad. En el segundo momento se hace explícita la delimitación epistemológica y metodológica de la investigación. En el tercer momento se desarrollan los análisis realizados y se presentan, a modo de ejemplo, dos campos discursivos: el campo de los cuidados del sí mismo y el campo de la experiencia y la alteridad.The article focuses on the analysis of eight English as foreign language textbooks used by teachers of English in different private, subsidized and state secondary schools in Osorno, Chile. In this study, the English textbook is seen as a wide and dynamic space where social, geographic, cultural and individual scenarios are constructed, shaping a complex narrative web of senses. Our research has been articulated in four moments. Firstly, a theoretical support for the key concepts is given, showing the English textbook as a device of Cultural Politics; as a qualified authority naturally present in language classroom settings and as a space where multiple narratives of identity are interwoven to (deconstruct the self and reality. Secondly, a thorough reading on Foucault’s views of language and discourse are made to orient the analysis of texts in each book. Thirdly, to illustrate this analysis, two discursive fields are presented: care of the self and experience and alterity.

  13. Los linfocitos: modelo de estudio en las enfermedades de Alzheimer y Parkinson Lymphocytes as a cell model to study Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

    Carlos Vélez Pardo


    Full Text Available Las Enfermedades de Alzheimer Familiar (EAF y de Parkinson familiar (EPF son dos entidades neurodegenerativas progresivas que afectan a un grupo numeroso de individuos en el departamento de Antioquia, Colombia. Hasta el presente no existe un tratamiento eficaz y definitivo que reduzca o detenga el deterioro clinicopatológico que padecen los pacientes de estas enfermedades. Por estas razones, los procesos bioquímicos comprometidos en la pérdida neuronal han sido esencialmente estudiados en modelos biológicos. Los autores de este artículo, basados en su propia experiencia y en la de otros investigadores, postulan a los linfocitos como modelo celular de estudio para dilucidar las señales moleculares intracelulares activadas por el estrés oxidativo (EO en las enfermedades de Alzheimer y Parkinson. Sorprendentemente, los linfocitos poseen una similitud celular y bioquímica con las células nerviosas. De hecho, los linfocitos expresan por lo menos seis sistemas biológicos, considerados como pertenecientes únicamente a las neuronas, tales como los sistemas catecolaminérgico, serotonérgico, acetilcolinérgico, glutamaérgico, noradrenérgico, gabaérgico. Debido a que los linfocitos son células con ciclo celular en la etapa Go, y presentan los sistemas metabólicos de síntesis, transporte y procesamiento de las proteínas precursora del beta-amiloide (APP, presenilinas y parkina, estas células constituyen un modelo celular ideal que permitirá una mejor comprensión de la señalización patológica de los procesos neurodegenerativos, y además permitirá realizar un enfoque racional de los diseños terapéuticos que detengan las causas de deterioro neuronal en los pacientes que padecen estas enfermedades. Alzheimer’s disease (Ad and Parkinson’s disease (PD are two common progressive neurodegenerative disorders that affect a large group of individuals in Antioquia, Colombia. Up till now, there is not an effective and definitive

  14. Los usuarios, Internet y el bibliotecario: estudio de usuarios sobre los recursos en línea Users, Internet, and the librarian: user study about online resources

    Lorena Mariel Domínguez


    Full Text Available Actualmente Internet es un importante medio de información y comunicación, reemplazando en muchos casos la consulta a la biblioteca. No obstante, debido a la brecha digital y a las carencias de este medio, hay un espacio de actuación para el bibliotecario relacionado con el desarrollo de servicios de información basados en Internet tales como página web institucional, consulta electrónica, alertas y diseminación selectiva de información web, asistencia en las búsquedas en línea, acceso a recursos de información pagos, etc. A través de un estudio de usuarios, consistente en una encuesta mediante un cuestionario aplicado a 400 usuarios de la Dirección Hemeroteca y Naciones Unidas de la Biblioteca Argentina «Dr. Juan Álvarez» (Rosario en el año 2006, se conocieron las demandas existentes hacia estos servicios.At present, the Internet is an important information and communication medium that, in many cases, replaces the library. However, due to the digital gap and the lack of that medium, there is a space for the librarian related to information service development based on the Internet such as an institutional web page; electronic query; alert services and selective dissemination of web information; online searches assistance, access to charged information resources; etc. By means of a user study, consisting of a survey answered by 400 users of the Newspapers Library and United Nations Direction of the Argentinean Library «Dr. Juan Álvarez» (Rosario in 2006, all requirements to those services could be known.

  15. A history of the working group to address Los Alamos community health concerns - A case study of community involvement and risk communication

    Harry Otway; Jon Johnson


    In May 1991, at a Department of Energy (DOE) public hearing at Los Alamos, New Mexico, a local artist claimed there had been a recent brain tumor cluster in a small Los Alamos neighborhood. He suggested the cause was radiation from past operations of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Data from the Laboratory's extensive environmental monitoring program gave no reason to believe this charge to be true but also could not prove it false. These allegations, reported in the local and regional media, alarmed the community and revealed an unsuspected lack of trust in the Laboratory. Having no immediate and definitive response, the Laboratory offered to collaborate with the community to address this concern. The Los Alamos community accepted this offer and a joint Community-Laboratory Working Group met for the first time 29 days later. The working group set as its primary goal the search for possible carcinogens in the local environment. Meanwhile, the DOE announced its intention to fund the New Mexico Department of Health to perform a separate and independent epidemiological study of all Los Alamos cancer rates. In early 1994, after commissioning 17 environmental studies and meeting 34 times, the working group decided that the public health concerns had been resolved to the satisfaction of the community and voted to disband. This paper tells the story of the artist and the working group, and how the media covered their story. It summarizes the environmental studies directed by the working group and briefly reviews the main findings of the epidemiology study. An epilogue records the present-day recollections of some of the key players in this environmental drama.

  16. Angiosperms, Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Veracruz, Mexico

    Mandujano, S.


    Full Text Available The Los Tuxtlas Reserve has been heavily deforested and fragmented since the 1970’s. Although the floraof Los Tuxtlas has been described previously, most floristic lists come from the large forest reserve of the Los Tuxtlasfield station. Here we present a check list of Angiosperms recorded in 45 rainforest fragments (< 1 to 266 ha located inthree landscapes with different levels of deforestation. We sampled all trees, shrubs, lianas, palms and herbs withdiameter at breast height (dbh

  17. Infección de los sitios quirúrgicos: estudio de 1 año Infection of the surgical sites: a one-year study

    Vivian Vialat Soto


    sitios quirúrgicos en el niño continúa siendo un problema de salud, al elevar la morbilidad operatoria y aumentar la duración de la estadía hospitalaria y los costes de esta.INTRODUCTION. The patient that undergoes surgery is exposed to diverse complications during the postoperative period. The Center for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta, U.S.A. redifined the problem of postoperative infections and proposed the term "infection of the surgical sites" to refer to the third most reported cause of nosocomial infection. The objective of this study was to identify the behaviour of the infections of the surgical sites and their interrelation to the risk factors in children operated on in our surgery service during 2006. METHODS. A study on the incidence of infection of the surgical sites and the influence of the risk factors on children that were operated on at the surgery service of the Pediatric Teaching Hospital of Centro Habana in 2006 was conducted. The study group was composed of the 44 patients that presented postoperative infection of the total of 1158 patients that underwent surgery in this period. Different variables were studied and the data obtained from them were analyzed. RESULTS. The 44 patients with infection of the surgical sites accounted for an infection rate of 3.79 %. The sepsis of the surgical wound was the most frequent complication (93.2 %. In 25.0 % of the infected cases, perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis had been used. The infection predominated in the patients that underwent emergency surgery (75.0 % and in the dirty surgeries (43.2 %. The highest number of postoperative infections (31; 70.5 % was registered in the patients operated on of acute appendicitis. Only 7 infected patients had a hospital stay of more than 9 days (15.9 %, and there were only 6 readmissions: 4 patients with sepsis of deep wounds and 3 children with intraperitoneal abscesses secondary to acute appendicitis with generalized peritonitis. CONCLUSIONS. The infection of the

  18. Influence of the physico-chemical process as previous treatment to the electrocoagulation. Study with leachate of a landfill; Influencia del proceso fisicoquimico como tratamiento previo a la electrocoagulacion. Estudio con lixiviados de un relleno

    Mercado Martinez, I. D.; Reyes Avila, D.


    This article has as purpose to show the influence of the method physico-chemical as previous process to the novel technique of electrocoagulation, presenting as a new alternative to depurate wastewaters. to obtain it, was done tests measuring the very parameters to leachates so much affluent as effluent from treatment plant of the Sanitary Landfill La Esmeralda, situated near to the Manizales city(Colombia), and so much before as later to apply this electrochemical technology, looking for this way to compare the obtained removals. (Author)

  19. Algunas reflexiones sobre el estudio de los hombres desde el feminismo y desde los derechos humanos Some reflections on the study of men from the perspective of feminism and human rights

    Juan-Guillermo Figueroa-Perea


    Full Text Available En este texto se comentan algunos encuentros y desencuentros en la investigación e intervención sobre problemáticas que viven los hombres, a partir de contrastar acercamientos analíticos próximos al concepto de derechos, pero dependiendo de si se adopta una postura feminista o de género, ya sea explícito o no, o bien si la aproximación surge de otros referentes teóricos y políticos. La hipótesis de trabajo es que las tensiones son mayores cuando no se recupera en su sentido relacional la perspectiva de género. No se asume que el feminismo y los derechos humanos sean excluyentes entre sí, pero sí que pueden tener énfasis distintos en las estrategias para reparar exclusiones y para identificar titulares de las garantías que le viabilizan a toda persona participar en la construcción de las condiciones de posibilidad de un entorno social más equitativo y solidario. El relato de algunas experiencias en tres ámbitos de estudio pretende mostrar cómo permean lecturas maniqueas, las cuales siguen victimizando y satanizando a algunos de los personajes que interactúan en las relaciones de género, por lo que ello limita la selección de categorías analíticas y políticas más integrales y comprensivas para cuestionar las relaciones de poder y los ejercicios de violencia en sus diferentes acepciones. No hay la intención de descalificación alguna, sino estimular un intercambio dialógico que permita enriquecer el trabajo con los hombres como sujetos genéricos.This text explores some of the agreements and disagreements in the research and intervention in the problems experienced by men. It contrasts analytical approaches linked to the concept of rights. These may either adopt a feminist or gender approach, whether explicit or not or derived from other theoretical and political references. The working hypothesis is that tensions are greater when the gender perspective is not recovered in its relational sense. Feminism and human rights

  20. Epidemiologic study of neural tube defects in Los Angeles County. I. Prevalence at birth based on multiple sources of case ascertainment

    Sever, L.E. (Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA); Sanders, M.; Monsen, R.


    Epidemiologic studies of the neural tube defects (NTDs), anencephalus and spina bifida, have for the most part been based on single sources of case ascertainment in past studies. The present investigation attempts total ascertainment of NTD cases in the newborn population of Los Angeles County residents for the period 1966 to 1972. Design of the study, sources of data, and estimates of prevalence rates based on single and multiple sources of case ascertainment are here discussed. Anencephalus cases totaled 448, spina bifida 442, and encephalocele 72, giving prevalence rates of 0.52, 0.51, and 0.08 per 1000 total births, respectively, for these neural tube defects - rates considered to be low. The Los Angeles County prevalence rates are compared with those of other recent North American studies and support is provided for earlier suggestions of low rates on the West Coast.

  1. Los migrantes indocumentados y los derechos humanos

    Forero, Eduardo Andrés Sandoval


    ... con la migración desde la perspectiva multicultural. Se argumenta la necesidad de empoderar a los migrantes con los derechos humanos de tal forma que se defiendan de las violaciones a sus derechos laborales...

  2. Reflexiones críticas de los estudios sobre trabajo y trabajadores en América Latina Critical reflections on work and workers in Latin America's studies

    Marcela Emili


    Full Text Available Los estudios sistemáticos de la sociología del trabajo en América Latina se remontan a una época relativamente reciente, la década del sesenta. Desde los primeros trabajos hasta la actualidad han variado los temas y enfoques, siguiendo el pulso de los cambios socioeconómicos que se producen en la región. En este escrito proponemos realizar una reflexión crítica del devenir teórico y metodológico que ha atravesado esta disciplina a partir de la sistematización realizada por tres autores latinoamericanos en el Tratado Latinoamericano de Sociología del Trabajo (coordinado por Enrique De La Garza Toledo: Francisco Zapata, Laís Abramo y Cecilia Montero.Systematic studies of Sociology of work in Latin America go back to a relatively recent times, the Decade of the sixties. From early work until today topics and approaches have varied, according to the pulse of the socio-economic changes that occur in the region. In this paper we propose to perform a critical reflection of the theoretical and methodological becoming who has crossed this discipline. We consider as "satarting point" the systematization made by three Latin American authors in the Tratado Latinoamericano de Sociología del Trabajo (coordinado por Enrique De La Garza Toledo: Francisco Zapata, Laís Abramo and Cecilia Montero.

  3. Books average previous decade of economic misery.

    R Alexander Bentley

    Full Text Available For the 20(th century since the Depression, we find a strong correlation between a 'literary misery index' derived from English language books and a moving average of the previous decade of the annual U.S. economic misery index, which is the sum of inflation and unemployment rates. We find a peak in the goodness of fit at 11 years for the moving average. The fit between the two misery indices holds when using different techniques to measure the literary misery index, and this fit is significantly better than other possible correlations with different emotion indices. To check the robustness of the results, we also analysed books written in German language and obtained very similar correlations with the German economic misery index. The results suggest that millions of books published every year average the authors' shared economic experiences over the past decade.

  4. Obinutuzumab for previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Abraham, Jame; Stegner, Mark


    Obinutuzumab was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in late 2013 for use in combination with chlorambucil for the treatment of patients with previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The approval was based on results of an open-label phase 3 trial that showed improved progression-free survival (PFS) with the combination of obinutuzumab plus chlorambucil compared with chlorambucil alone. Obinutuzumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets CD20 antigen expressed on the surface of pre B- and mature B-lymphocytes. After binding to CD20, obinutuzumab mediates B-cell lysis by engaging immune effector cells, directly activating intracellular death signaling pathways, and activating the complement cascade. Immune effector cell activities include antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis.

  5. Books average previous decade of economic misery.

    Bentley, R Alexander; Acerbi, Alberto; Ormerod, Paul; Lampos, Vasileios


    For the 20(th) century since the Depression, we find a strong correlation between a 'literary misery index' derived from English language books and a moving average of the previous decade of the annual U.S. economic misery index, which is the sum of inflation and unemployment rates. We find a peak in the goodness of fit at 11 years for the moving average. The fit between the two misery indices holds when using different techniques to measure the literary misery index, and this fit is significantly better than other possible correlations with different emotion indices. To check the robustness of the results, we also analysed books written in German language and obtained very similar correlations with the German economic misery index. The results suggest that millions of books published every year average the authors' shared economic experiences over the past decade.

  6. Los árboles

    Jaime Paredes Pardo


    Full Text Available Los árboles son hijos del viento que transporta las semillas. En los valles anda de prisa, tanto que a veces alcanza a los trenes y a la melena de los caballos que espanta la algarabía de los pasajeros. Como los trenes, el viento tiene una frente de humo. De niebla como las montañas. ¿Pensará el viento?

  7. Implementing trials of complex interventions in community settings: The USC – Rancho Los Amigos Pressure Ulcer Prevention Study (PUPS)

    Clark, Florence; Pyatak, Elizabeth A.; Carlson, Mike; Blanche, Erna Imperatore; Vigen, Cheryl; Hay, Joel; Mallinson, Trudy; Blanchard, Jeanine; Unger, Jennifer B.; Garber, Susan L.; Diaz, Jesus; Florindez, Lucia I.; Atkins, Michal; Rubayi, Salah; Azen, Stanley Paul


    Background Randomized trials of complex, non-pharmacologic interventions implemented in home and community settings, such as the University of Southern California (USC)–Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center (RLANRC) Pressure Ulcer Prevention Study (PUPS), present unique challenges with respect to: (a) participant recruitment and retention, (b) intervention delivery and fidelity, (c) randomization and assessment, and (d) potential inadvertent treatment effects. Purpose We describe the methods employed to address the challenges confronted in implementing PUPS. In this randomized controlled trial, we are assessing the efficacy of a complex, preventive intervention in reducing the incidence of, and costs associated with, the development of medically serious pressure ulcers in people with spinal cord injury. Method Individuals with spinal cord injury recruited from RLANRC were assigned to either a 12-month preventive intervention group or a standard care control group. The primary outcome is the incidence of serious pressure ulcers with secondary endpoints including ulcer-related surgeries, medical treatment costs, and quality of life. These outcomes are assessed at 12 and 24 months after randomization. Additionally, we are studying the mediating mechanisms that account for intervention outcomes. Results PUPS has been successfully implemented, including recruitment of the target sample size of 170 participants, assurance of the integrity of intervention protocol delivery with an average 90% treatment adherence rate, and enactment of the assessment plan. However, implementation has been replete with challenges. To meet recruitment goals, we instituted a five-pronged approach customized for an underserved, ethnically diverse population. In intervention delivery, we increased staff time to overcome economic and cultural barriers to retention and adherence. To ensure treatment fidelity and replicability, we monitored intervention protocol delivery in accord

  8. Quality-of-life and performance status results from the phase III RAINBOW study of ramucirumab plus paclitaxel versus placebo plus paclitaxel in patients with previously treated gastric or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma†

    Al-Batran, S.-E.; Van Cutsem, E.; Oh, S. C.; Bodoky, G.; Shimada, Y.; Hironaka, S.; Sugimoto, N.; Lipatov, O. N.; Kim, T.-Y.; Cunningham, D.; Rougier, P.; Muro, K.; Liepa, A. M.; Chandrawansa, K.; Emig, M.; Ohtsu, A.; Wilke, H.


    Background The phase III RAINBOW trial demonstrated that the addition of ramucirumab to paclitaxel improved overall survival, progression-free survival, and tumor response rate in fluoropyrimidine–platinum previously treated patients with advanced gastric/gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) adenocarcinoma. Here, we present results from quality-of-life (QoL) and performance status (PS) analyses. Patients and methods Patients with Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group PS of 0/1 were randomized to receive ramucirumab (8 mg/kg i.v.) or placebo on days 1 and 15 of a 4-week cycle, with both arms receiving paclitaxel (80 mg/m2) on days 1, 8, and 15. Patient-reported outcomes were assessed with the QoL/health status questionnaires EORTC QLQ-C30 and EQ-5D at baseline and 6-week intervals. PS was assessed at baseline and day 1 of every cycle. Time to deterioration (TtD) in each QLQ-C30 scale was defined as randomization to first worsening of ≥10 points (on 100-point scale) and TtD in PS was defined as first worsening to ≥2. Hazard ratios (HRs) for treatment effect were estimated using stratified Cox proportional hazards models. Results Of the 665 patients randomized, 650 (98%) provided baseline QLQ-C30 and EQ-5D data, and 560 (84%) also provided data from ≥1 postbaseline time point. Baseline scores for both instruments were similar between arms. Of the 15 QLQ-C30 scales, 14 had HR < 1, indicating similar or longer TtD in QoL for ramucirumab + paclitaxel. Treatment with ramucirumab + paclitaxel was also associated with a delay in TtD in PS to ≥2 (HR = 0.798, P = 0.0941). Alternate definitions of PS deterioration yielded similar results: PS ≥ 3 (HR = 0.656, P = 0.0508), deterioration by ≥1 PS level (HR = 0.802, P = 0.0444), and deterioration by ≥2 PS levels (HR = 0.608, P = 0.0063). EQ-5D scores were comparable between treatment arms, stable during treatment, and worsened at discontinuation. Conclusion In patients with previously treated advanced gastric

  9. Los Ritos de paso entre los bubi

    Eteo Soriso, José Francisco


    Los ritos de paso entre los bubi es una etnografía sobre los rituales de nacimiento y de muerte entre los bubi de la isla de Bioko, Guinea Ecuatorial (África central). Está estructurada en dos partes: una etnográfica general y otra centrada en la ritualidad. La primera ofrece un marco suficientemente amplio sobre la sociedad bubi que permite introducir la segunda parte más específica sobre estructuras rituales. Los capítulos etnográficos introductorios se centran en algunos temas clave de la ...

  10. Repeat Targeted Prostate Biopsy under Guidance of Multiparametric MRI-Correlated Real-Time Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound for Patients with Previous Negative Biopsy and Elevated Prostate-Specific Antigen: A Prospective Study

    Jang, Dong Ryul; Jung, Dae Chul; Oh, Young Taik; Noh, Songmi; Han, Kyunghwa; Kim, Kiwook; Rha, Koon-Ho; Choi, Young Deuk; Hong, Sung Joon


    Objectives To prospectively determine whether multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) - contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) correlated, imaging-guided target biopsy (TB) method could improve the detection of prostate cancer in re-biopsy setting of patients with prior negative biopsy. Methods From 2012 to 2014, a total of 42 Korean men with a negative result from previous systematic biopsy (SB) and elevated prostate-specific antigen underwent 3T mpMRI and real-time CEUS guided TB. Target lesions were determined by fusion of mpMRI and CEUS. Subsequently, 12-core SB was performed by a different radiologist. We compared core-based cancer detection rates (CaDR) using the generalized linear mixed model (GLIMMIX) for each biopsy method. Results Core-based CaDR was higher in TB (17.92%, 38 of 212 cores) than in SB (6.15%, 31 of 504 cores) (p biopsy of patients with prior negative biopsy can improve CaDR based on the number of cores taken. PMID:26083348

  11. Estudio de los menús escolares servidos en colegios de Granada Study of nutritional menus offered at noon school in Granada

    A. B. Martínez


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Se ha considerado interesante el estudio nutricional de los menús de mediodía ofertados en centros escolares de Granada, ya que la dieta equilibrada en la población infantil y juvenil, permitirá la prevención de enfermedades en la edad adulta. Se comparan los menúselaborados en el propio centro y los ofertados por servicios de catering. Material y métodos: Los menús van dirigidos a 5.399 niños/as granadinos, analizándose 354 menús escolares de 29 centros, públicos, concertados y privados. 11 colegios, disponían de cocina propia, mientras que 18 tenían contratado un servicio de catering. Las cantidades servidas en cada menús se estimaron mediante fotografías estandarizadas con distintos tamaños de ración identificadas por los responsables del comedor o por pesada directa de la ración servida. La valoración nutricional se determinó mediante el programa informático, y para el tratamiento estadístico con el programa SPSS v. 15.0. Resultados: Existen diferencias estadísticamente significativas en el aporte de energía y nutrientes de los menús elaborados en los centros y los servicios de catering. En las empresas de catering, el aporte energético y nutricional es similar, y en los menús elaborados en los centros, existen diferencias significativas en relación a algunos nutrientes, según se trate de colegio público, concertado o privado. Conclusiones: El aporte energético, proteico y lipídico es elevado y bajo el aporte de hidratos de carbono. Es excesiva la frecuencia de consumo de carne y derivados. Para equilibrar la dieta del escolar, es necesario complementar el menú de mediodía con el resto de comidas del día.Objective: It has been considered a study of nutritional menus offered at noon School in Granada. Balanced diet in children and youth will enable the prevention of diseases in adulthood. Comparing the menus prepared on school and the services offered by catering. Material and methods: The menus

  12. Previous gastric bypass surgery complicating total thyroidectomy.

    Alfonso, Bianca; Jacobson, Adam S; Alon, Eran E; Via, Michael A


    Hypocalcemia is a well-known complication of total thyroidectomy. Patients who have previously undergone gastric bypass surgery may be at increased risk of hypocalcemia due to gastrointestinal malabsorption, secondary hyperparathyroidism, and an underlying vitamin D deficiency. We present the case of a 58-year-old woman who underwent a total thyroidectomy for the follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Her history included Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Following the thyroid surgery, she developed postoperative hypocalcemia that required large doses of oral calcium carbonate (7.5 g/day), oral calcitriol (up to 4 μg/day), intravenous calcium gluconate (2.0 g/day), calcium citrate (2.0 g/day), and ergocalciferol (50,000 IU/day). Her serum calcium levels remained normal on this regimen after hospital discharge despite persistent hypoparathyroidism. Bariatric surgery patients who undergo thyroid surgery require aggressive supplementation to maintain normal serum calcium levels. Preoperative supplementation with calcium and vitamin D is strongly recommended.

  13. [Electronic cigarettes - effects on health. Previous reports].

    Napierała, Marta; Kulza, Maksymilian; Wachowiak, Anna; Jabłecka, Katarzyna; Florek, Ewa


    Currently very popular in the market of tobacco products have gained electronic cigarettes (ang. E-cigarettes). These products are considered to be potentially less harmful in compared to traditional tobacco products. However, current reports indicate that the statements of the producers regarding to the composition of the e- liquids not always are sufficient, and consumers often do not have reliable information on the quality of the product used by them. This paper contain a review of previous reports on the composition of e-cigarettes and their impact on health. Most of the observed health effects was related to symptoms of the respiratory tract, mouth, throat, neurological complications and sensory organs. Particularly hazardous effects of the e-cigarettes were: pneumonia, congestive heart failure, confusion, convulsions, hypotension, aspiration pneumonia, face second-degree burns, blindness, chest pain and rapid heartbeat. In the literature there is no information relating to passive exposure by the aerosols released during e-cigarette smoking. Furthermore, the information regarding to the use of these products in the long term are not also available.

  14. Raw data from orientation studies in crystalline rock areas of the southeastern United States. [Maps, tables of field data and analytical data for sections of North and South Carolina and Georgia, previously reported sites of uranium mineralization

    Price, V.


    Raw data are presented on orientation studies conducted in crystalline rock areas of the Southeast which were chosen because of published references to uranium mineralization. Preliminary data for four orientation study areas are included. These areas are Lamar County, Georgia; Oconee County, South Carolina; Brush Creek, North Carolina; and North Harper, North Carolina. Sample locality maps, tables of field data, and tables of analytical data are included for each study area. (JGB)

  15. Efficacy and safety of a recombinant factor IX (Bax326) in previously treated patients with severe or moderately severe haemophilia B undergoing surgical or other invasive procedures: a prospective, open-label, uncontrolled, multicentre, phase III study.

    Windyga, J; Lissitchkov, T; Stasyshyn, O; Mamonov, V; Ghandehari, H; Chapman, M; Fritsch, S; Wong, W-Y; Pavlova, B G; Abbuehl, B E


    Haemostatic management of haemophilia B patients undergoing surgery is critical to patient safety. The aim of this ongoing prospective trial was to investigate the haemostatic efficacy and safety of a recombinant factor IX (rFIX) (Bax326) in previously treated subjects (12-65 years, without history of FIX inhibitors) with severe or moderately severe haemophilia B, undergoing surgical, dental or other invasive procedures. Haemostatic efficacy was assessed according to a predefined scale. Blood loss was compared to the average and maximum blood loss predicted preoperatively. Haemostatic FIX levels were achieved peri- and postoperatively in 100% of subjects (n = 14). Haemostasis was 'excellent' intraoperatively in all patients and postoperatively in those without a drain, and 'excellent' or 'good' at the time of drain removal and day of discharge in those with a drain employed. Following the initial dose, the mean FIX activity level rose from 6.55% to 107.58% for major surgeries and from 3.60% to 81.4% for minor surgeries. Actual vs. predicted blood loss matched predicted intraoperative blood loss but was equal to or higher than (but less than 150%) the maximum predicted postoperative blood loss reflecting the severity of procedure and FIX requirements. There were no related adverse events, severe allergic reactions or thrombotic events. There was no evidence that BAX326 increased the risk of inhibitor or binding antibody development to FIX. BAX326 was safe and effective for peri-operative management of 14 subjects with severe and moderately severe haemophilia B.

  16. Feocromocitoma bilateral: la importancia de los estudios de diagnóstico por imagen Bilateral pheochromocytoma: the importance of imaging studies

    Igor I Bonnet


    Full Text Available Se presenta un caso clínico poco frecuente de feocromocitoma bilateral, en el cual los estudios de diagnóstico por imagen, tanto de información estructural como funcional, constituyeron una fuente fundamental para su detección y seguimiento.We report a rare case of bilateral pheochromocytoma, in which imaging studies, both of structural and functional information, were a major source for its detection and follow-up.

  17. Measurement errors in polymerase chain reaction are a confounding factor for a correct interpretation of 5-HTTLPR polymorphism effects on lifelong premature ejaculation: a critical analysis of a previously published meta-analysis of six studies.

    Paddy K C Janssen

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To analyze a recently published meta-analysis of six studies on 5-HTTLPR polymorphism and lifelong premature ejaculation (PE. METHODS: Calculation of fraction observed and expected genotype frequencies and Hardy Weinberg equilibrium (HWE of cases and controls. LL,SL and SS genotype frequencies of patients were subtracted from genotype frequencies of an ideal population (LL25%, SL50%, SS25%, p = 1 for HWE. Analysis of PCRs of six studies and re-analysis of the analysis and Odds ratios (ORs reported in the recently published meta-analysis. RESULTS: Three studies deviated from HWE in patients and one study deviated from HWE in controls. In three studies in-HWE the mean deviation of genotype frequencies from a theoretical population not-deviating from HWE was small: LL(1.7%, SL(-2.3%, SS(0.6%. In three studies not-in-HWE the mean deviation of genotype frequencies was high: LL(-3.3%, SL(-18.5% and SS(21.8% with very low percentage SL genotype concurrent with very high percentage SS genotype. The most serious PCR deviations were reported in the three not-in-HWE studies. The three in-HWE studies had normal OR. In contrast, the three not-in-HWE studies had a low OR. CONCLUSIONS: In three studies not-in-HWE and with very low OR, inadequate PCR analysis and/or inadequate interpretation of its gel electrophoresis resulted in very low SL and a resulting shift to very high SS genotype frequency outcome. Consequently, PCRs of these three studies are not reliable. Failure to note the inadequacy of PCR tests makes such PCRs a confounding factor in clinical interpretation of genetic studies. Currently, a meta-analysis can only be performed on three studies-in-HWE. However, based on the three studies-in-HWE with OR of about 1 there is not any indication that in men with lifelong PE the frequency of LL,SL and SS genotype deviates from the general male population and/or that the SL or SS genotype is in any way associated with lifelong PE.

  18. Metric and morphological study of the upper cervical spine from the Sima de los Huesos site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain).

    Gómez-Olivencia, Asier; Carretero, José Miguel; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Rodríguez-García, Laura; García-González, Rebeca; Martínez, Ignacio


    In this article, the upper cervical spine remains recovered from the Sima de los Huesos (SH) middle Pleistocene site in the Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain) are described and analyzed. To date, this site has yielded more than 5000 human fossils belonging to a minimum of 28 individuals of the species Homo heidelbergensis. At least eleven individuals are represented by the upper cervical (C1 and C2) specimens: six adults and five subadults, one of which could represent an adolescent individual. The most complete adult vertebrae (three atlases and three axes) are described, measured, and compared with other fossil hominins and modern humans. These six specimens are associated with one another and represent three individuals. In addition, one of these sets of cervical vertebrae is associated with Cranium 5 (Individual XXI) from the site. The metric analysis demonstrates that the Sima de los Huesos atlases and axes are metrically more similar to Neandertals than to our modern human comparative sample. The SH atlases share with Neandertals a sagittally elongated canal. The most remarkable feature of the SH (and Neandertal) axes is that they are craniocaudally low and mediolaterally wide compared to our modern male sample. Morphologically, the SH sample shares with Neandertals a higher frequency of caudally projected anterior atlas arch, which could reflect greater development of the longus colli muscle. In other features, such as the frequency of weakly developed tubercles for the attachment of the transverse ligament of the atlas, the Sima de los Huesos fossils show intermediate frequencies between our modern comparative samples and the Neandertals, which could represent the primitive condition. Our results are consistent with the previous phylogenetic interpretation of H. heidelbergensis as an exclusively European species, ancestral only to H. neanderthalensis.

  19. El complot de los objetos

    Fernando Espuelas


    Full Text Available A partir del supuesto de que la arquitectura y los objetos tienen estatutos ontológicos diferentes, se plantea la hipótesis de que en la sociedad contemporánea los objetos, los artefactos, están acaparando tanto el espacio como la atención del hombre en su vida cotidiana, y que este afán excluyente se produce a costa de la arquitectura. De lo que se induce que el sistema de objetos (Baudrillard pretende la exclusividad en el suministro de la dimensión simbólica, del sentido que los humanos piden en todo momento al medio en el que habitan. A partir del tema del Cuerpo sin Órganos, sobre el que reflexionaron Deleuze y Guattari, se van analizando las características físicas que el cuerpo humano establece con los objetos y con la propia arquitectura en relación con la fragmentación y del automatismo de lo utilitario. El núcleo de la investigación consiste en poner en relación dos piezas tan importantes para la arquitectura del siglo XX como la Case Study 8 de los Eames y la Casa del Futuro de los Smithson. De ese análisis comparado se obtiene una serie de consecuencias interesantes para comprobar cómo hay dos maneras de afrontar la relación competitiva entre arquitectura y objetos. Cómo hay una manera de hacer arquitectura a partir del diseño para servir a los objetos (Eames; y otra que pretende hacer un gran objeto habitable que absorba a los demás objetos domésticos y que se vuelve paródico al no renunciar a los atributos de la arquitectura (Smithson.

  20. Mujeres que 'interrumpen' procesos: las primeras antologias feministas em los Estúdios Culturales Women who 'interrupt' processes: the first feminist anthologies in Cultural Studies

    Isabel González Díaz


    Full Text Available El objeto de este artículo es analizar el proceso de elaboración y producción de las dos primeras antologías editadas por mujeres en la disciplina académica conocida como Estudios Culturales, extrayendo toda la información que ambas publicaciones aportan sobre el papel jugado por las mujeres en la evolución de dicha disciplina. Tras una breve exposición sobre la historia de los Estudios Culturales, así como de los nuevos planteamientos que aportó al mundo académico, entraremos en un apartado que analizará el posterior nacimiento de los Estudios de la Mujer y su relación con los Estudios Culturales. Finalmente, me centraré en el análisis de los procesos de publicación de ambas antologías, que fueron fruto de la incorporación del colectivo feminista a la disciplina. El análisis pretende demostrar que lo que algunos críticos han calificado como 'interrupción', por parte del feminismo, del proceso que seguían los Estudios Culturales a finales de la década de los 70 del siglo XX supuso en realidad una gran aportación a la disciplina. Eso lo demuestra la inclusión de nuevos temas y conceptos en el debate académico, así como de nuevas herramientas de análisis, a pesar de las dificultades a las que se tuvieron que enfrentar las intelectuales feministas en los primeros momentos.The aim of this paper is to analyse the process of elaboration and production of the first two anthologies which were edited by women in the academic discipline known as Cultural Studies. Information about the role played by women in the development of that discipline has been taken from both publications. After a brief overview of the history of Cultural Studies, and of the contributions which it offered to the academic world, there will be a section analysing the birth of Women's Studies, and its relationship with Cultural Studies. Finally, I will focus on the analysis of the processes of publication of both anthologies, which were a result of the

  1. Empowerment perceptions of educational managers from previously ...

    Erna Kinsey

    A literature study, including an internet-based search, and empirical ... provided and educational policy implications highlighted for implementation of empowerment ... of educational managers themselves; empowerment of teachers and staff, ...

  2. Decomposing InSAR LOS displacement into co-seismic dislocation with a linear interpolation model: A case study of the Kunlun Mountain Ms=8.1 earthquake


    It has always been a difficult problem to extract horizontal and vertical displacement components from the InSAR LOS (Line of Sight) displacement since the advent of monitoring ground surface deformation with InSAR technique. Having tried to fit the firsthand field investigation data with a least squares model and obtained a preliminary result, this paper, based on the previous field data and the InSAR data, presents a linear cubic interpolation model which well fits the feature of earthquake fracture zone. This model inherits the precision of investigation data;moreover make use of some advantages of the InSAR technique, such as quasi-real time observation, continuous recording and all-weather measurement. Accordingly, by means of the model this paper presents a method to decompose the InSAR slant range co-seismic displacement (i.e. LOS change) into horizontal and vertical displacement components. Approaching the real motion step by step, finally a serial of curves representing the co-seismic horizontal and vertical displacement component along the main earthquake fracture zone are approximately obtained.

  3. El Pensamiento Multiplicativo en los Primeros Niveles: una Investigación en Curso (Multiplicative Thinking in Early Schooling: An Ongoing Research Study

    María Asunción Bosch


    Full Text Available Este artículo muestra los resultados parciales de un estudio empírico sobre el desarrollo de pensamiento multiplicativo en los primeros niveles escolares. Concretamente, se han realizado entrevistas a niños de tercer curso de segundo ciclo de Educación Infantil (cinco años en las que se han planteado, mediante situaciones manipulables, varios problemas de división que no podían ser resueltos mediante reparto, así como algunas preguntas sobre pensamiento relacional (de tipo proporcional. This paper shows some partial results of an empirical study on the development of multiplicative thinking in early schooling. In particular, we posed manipulative situations to children of third course of second cycle of Kindergarten (five years. These situations are constituted by several division problems that could not be solved by sharing, as well as some questions on (proportional relational thinking.



    Objective: To (I) describe anthropometric and body-size measurements in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Growth and Health Study (NGHS) population at baseline and (2) examine potential secular trends in the prevalence of obesity in young black and white girls by comparing NGHS baseline

  5. Twelve-week efficacy and safety study of mometasone furoate/formoterol 200/10 microg and 400/10 microg combination treatments in patients with persistent asthma previously receiving high-dose inhaled corticosteroids

    Weinstein, Steven F; Corren, Jonathan; Murphy, Kevin;


    A significant unmet medical need exists in patients with uncontrolled asthma. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of mometasone furoate/formoterol (MF/F) 400/10 microg versus MF 400 microg administered twice-daily (b.i.d.) via metered-dose inhaler in patients...




    Objective: To (I) describe anthropometric and body-size measurements in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Growth and Health Study (NGHS) population at baseline and (2) examine potential secular trends in the prevalence of obesity in young black and white girls by comparing NGHS baseline

  7. The importance of ultrasound findings in the study of anal pain Importancia de los hallazgos ecográficos en el dolor anal

    A. M. Vieira


    Full Text Available Objective: endoanal ultrasonography can detect organic causes of anal pain without pathology on physical examination. The aim of this study is to evaluate the importance of endoanal ultrasonography in the diagnosis and therapeutic management of idiopathic and functional anal pain. Material and methods: retrospective study, between 15 March 2005 and 15 June 2008, of all patients with proctalgia and normal examination or with alterations not responsible for anal pain at proctologic exam that have undergone an endoanal ultrasonography. Results: a total of 90 patients were analyzed, with a mean age of 50.5 years, 58% were female. Twenty-three patients had functional anal pain clinic criteria. Endoanal ultrasonography revealed alterations in 49% of patients. The primary findings were changes in sphincters in 14 patients, followed by anal sepsis in 12 patients, anal fissure in 10 patients, perirectal lesions in 6 patients and ulcer of the anal canal in 2 patients. Of the patients with sphincter defects, 5 patients had criteria of chronic anal pain. In this group of patients, no differences were found in manometric and defecographic results between the different ultrasound abnormalities. Conclusions: the endoanal ultrasonography detected occult organic lesions to proctologic examination, in half the patients with anal pain. Ultrasound abnormalities were found in 22% of patients with functional anal pain. However, there was no correlation between ultrasound findings and physiological studies, and therefore could not find etiological or pathogenic factors of functional anal pain.Objetivo: la ecografía endoanal puede detectar causas orgánicas en el dolor anal sin patología en la exploración física. El objetivo de este estudio es evaluar la importancia de la ecografía endoanal en el diagnóstico y en el abordaje terapéutico del dolor anal idiopática y funcional. Material y métodos: estudio retrospectivo realizado entre el 15 de marzo de 2005 y el

  8. Water and identity: an urban case study for densification along Los Angeles River’s Rio Hondo Confluence

    Jeffrey C. Vaglio


    Full Text Available When Los Angeles was founded in 1781, the mountains, river and shore formed the landscape. Today, street grids and a superimposed network of meandering freeways blanket the valleys while clusters of high-rises emerge periodically to provide underpinnings of the city’s identifiable neighborhoods. Only the Los Angeles River is invisible, reduced to concrete-lined drainage channels, denuded of riparian vegetation, bounded by rail lines, hidden behind industrial plants and beneathfreeways. What is a river without water? Throughout landscapes, urban and rural alike, rivers and infrastructure intertwine like tendons to connect cities to natural resources and each other. This dance is particularly evident in an 11-mile stretch of the 51-mile river referred to as Reach 2 where the 710 Long Beach Freeway parallels, elevates, and hurdles the concrete-lined depression of the barren riverbed. Ten cities comprise Reach2, which fail to garner the attention of Downtown Los Angeles to the north and the Long Beach estuary to the south. As a result of this intermittency, these cities suffer from social and infrastructural neglect, while struggling to develop positive community identity. In modern multi-city metropolitan areas, governmental centers dominate the political infrastructure. Meanwhile, physical infrastructures, such as freeways, often divide these cities. This research seeks to invert these paradigms in an effort to celebrate city identity at political borders, and transform physical divisions into cultural connections. Research and a design prototype were developed in a unique multi-disciplinary graduate studio environment. Reach 2 is compared to Tokyo to extract potential community identities to support dense and vibrant future development. Additionally, an innovative four-dimensional land-use analysis is conducted across the region to identify voids/opportunities for optimal multi-use development. These investigations culminate in a design

  9. Study on the Effects of Diverting Water into Upper Burnt Pocket, Navigation Pool Number 18, Illinois and A Field Test of the Regression Simulation Model Previously Developed on Navigation Pool Number 8.


    concentrations generally accepted as levels which, when combined with specific morphological , hydrological ani climatic factors, can lead to excessive...River Basin Commission from The River Studies Center, Univ. Wisconsin-La Crosse. 114 pp. Simons, D. B. 1979. River and canal morphology . Chapter 5 in...subintegerrima (Vahi) Fern. PHYTOLACCACEAE Phytolacca americana L. Pokeweed PLATANACEAE Platanus occidentalis L. Sycamore POACEAE Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw

  10. Twelve-week efficacy and safety study of mometasone furoate/formoterol 200/10 microg and 400/10 microg combination treatments in patients with persistent asthma previously receiving high-dose inhaled corticosteroids

    Weinstein, Steven F; Corren, Jonathan; Murphy, Kevin


    with asthma uncontrolled on high-dose inhaled corticosteroids (ICS). In a 12-week, randomized, multicenter, double-blind, parallel-group study, patients (>or=12 years of age) were randomized to MF/F 200/10 microg, MF/F 400/10 microg, or MF 400 microg, b.i.d. after a 2- to 3-week open-label run in with MF 400...

  11. Los pesticidas y los recursos costeros.

    Evenor Martínez González.


    Full Text Available Los recursos costeros son de gran importancia para los países ribereños. Tanto la pesca como la acuicultura son actividades que generan divisas y dan empleo a una gran cantidad de personas. En nuestro país, la agricultura siempre ha sido dependiente del uso de los agroquímicos. Esta práctica, sumada al mal manejo de los suelos agrícolas y al despale en pendiente, ha tenido efectos negativos importantes en nuestros recursos acuáticos, la sedimentación. Los plaguicidas han contaminado a moluscos (conchas negras, peces y crustáceos (jaibas y camarones. En estos organismos los pesticidas se han acumulado causando su muerte.

  12. Developing an industrial end-use forecast: A case study at the Los Angeles department of water and power

    Mureau, T.H.; Francis, D.M. [Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, CA (United States)


    The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) uses INFORM 1.0 to forecast industrial sector energy. INFORM 1.0 provides an end-use framework that can be used to forecast electricity, natural gas or other fuels consumption. Included with INFORM 1.0 is a default date set including the input data and equations necessary to solve each model. LADWP has substituted service area specific data for the default data wherever possible. This paper briefly describes the steps LADWP follows in developing those inputs and application in INFORM 1.0.

  13. The OptiMUM-study: EMDR therapy in pregnant women with posttraumatic stress disorder after previous childbirth and pregnant women with fear of childbirth: design of a multicentre randomized controlled trial

    Baas, M. A. M.; Stramrood, C. A. I.; Dijksman, L. M.; de Jongh, A.; van Pampus, M. G.


    ABSTRACT Background: Approximately 3% of women develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after giving birth, and 7.5% of pregnant women show a pathological fear of childbirth (FoC). FoC or childbirth-related PTSD during (a subsequent) pregnancy can lead to a request for an elective caesarean section as well as adverse obstetrical and neonatal outcomes. For PTSD in general, and several subtypes of specific phobia, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has been proven effective, but little is known about the effects of applying EMDR during pregnancy. Objective: To describe the protocol of the OptiMUM-study. The main aim of the study is to determine whether EMDR therapy is an effective and safe treatment for pregnant women with childbirth-related PTSD or FoC. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of this approach will be analysed. Method: The single-blind OptiMUM-study consists of two two-armed randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with overlapping design. In several hospitals and community midwifery practices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, all eligible pregnant women with a gestational age between eight and 20 weeks will be administered the Wijma delivery expectations questionnaire (WDEQ) to asses FoC. Multiparous women will also receive the PTSD checklist for DSM-5 (PCL-5) to screen for possible PTSD. The clinician administered PTSD scale (CAPS-5) will be used for assessing PTSD according to DSM-5 in women scoring above the PCL-5 cut-off value. Fifty women with childbirth-related PTSD and 120 women with FoC will be randomly allocated to either EMDR therapy carried out by a psychologist or care-as-usual. Women currently undergoing psychological treatment or women younger than 18 years will not be included. Primary outcome measures are severity of childbirth-related PTSD or FoC symptoms. Secondary outcomes are percentage of PTSD diagnoses, percentage caesarean sections, subjective childbirth experience, obstetrical and neonatal complications

  14. Time to pregnancy after a previous miscarriage in subfertile couples

    T. Cox; J.W. van der Steeg; P. Steures; P.G.A. Hompes; F. van der Veen; M.J.C. Eijkemans; J.H. Schagen van Leeuwen; C. Renckens; P.M.M. Bossuyt; B.W.J. Mol


    Objective: To assess the time to spontaneous ongoing pregnancy after a previous miscarriage in subfertile couples. Design: A prospective cohort study. Setting: The study was conducted in 38 fertility centers in the Netherlands. Patient(s): Subfertile couples who miscarried after completing their bas

  15. Revisión sistemática de los estudios de evaluación del coste de las reacciones adversas a medicamentos Systematic review of studies assessing the cost of adverse drug reactions

    Antonio Vallano Ferraz


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Las reacciones adversas a medicamentos (RAM son un problema sanitario relevante. El objetivo fue revisar los estudios publicados que han analizado los costes de las RAM en cualquier ámbito asistencial. Métodos: Se realizó una búsqueda de artículos publicados en bases bibliográficas (1970-2010. Se identificaron 28 estudios y se seleccionaron 16 que incluyeron casos de RAM según la definición de la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Se revisó la información relacionada con las características del diseño de los estudios, los tipos de costes analizados y los resultados descritos. Resultados: Las características del diseño y de las poblaciones incluidas en los estudios fueron heterogéneas. Sólo en dos se definió explícitamente la perspectiva del estudio. Sólo cinco estudios compararon los casos de los pacientes con RAM con controles apareados sin RAM. Todos los estudios analizaron los costes directos sanitarios, pero ninguno los costes indirectos o intangibles. En 14 estudios se analizaron los costes de los días de hospitalización. El porcentaje medio (DE de RAM fue de 3,04% (2,3 [mediana 2,4%, mínimo 0,70% y máximo 26,1%]. La mediana de días de hospitalización de los pacientes con RAM fue de 8,8 días (intervalo de 0,15 a 19,2 días. Los sistemas de contabilidad y los costes monetarios fueron muy variables. Conclusión: Los estudios sobre los costes de las RAM tienen diseños heterogéneos, han evaluado los costes directos sanitarios hospitalarios y sus resultados indican que las RAM generan costes significativos. Son necesarios estudios sobre los costes de las RAM realizados con una metodología adecuada.Objective: Adverse drug reactions (ADRs are an important healthcare problem. The objective of this study was to review published articles analyzing the cost of ADRs in any healthcare setting. Method: We conducted a search of articles published on the cost of ADRs in the bibliographic databases from 1970 to 2010

  16. Analysis of Previous Studies on African Nobel Prize Winner Wole Soyinka in China%非裔诺贝尔文学奖得主沃勒·索因卡在中国的研究

    江玉娇; 盛钰


    作为首位黑人诺贝尔文学奖得主,沃勒·索因卡(1934-)在其作品中融入了古老的神话、悠久的传统以及欧洲文化的文学遗产。为了深入考察和分析索因卡在中国的研究现状,文章首先梳理索因卡作品在中国的译介和引入,然后将其文学作品按照诗歌、小说、戏剧3个题材在中国的研究现状进行综述,以期探讨国内在接受非洲异质文化时的规律与特征;最后,反思目前对该作家的研究中尚存的缺失与不足,并指出今后发展的研究方向和设想,希望以此为推进国内非洲本土文学和文化研究提供借鉴。%As the first Nobel Prize winner in Africa,Wole Soyinka integrates his works with ancient Afri-can myths,a long tradition and the literary heritages of European cultures. In order to make an in-depth re-view and analysis of studies of Wole Soyinka in China,this paper,firstly,analyzes the introduction and trans-lations of his works,and then,makes a review of the present researches of his poems,novels and dramas re-spectively so as to find out the rules of how Chinese scholars have accepted the heterogeneous African cultures. At last,this paper analyzes the problems in the study of Soyinka and points out new directions and perspectives of further studies in the hope of providing reference for promoting the domestic studies on African literature and culture.

  17. The predictive effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on low back pain among newly qualified health care workers with and without previous low back pain: a prospective cohort study

    Jensen, Jette Nygaard; Albertsen, Karen; Borg, Vilhelm;


    Health care workers have a high prevalence of low back pain (LBP). Although physical exposures in the working environment are linked to an increased risk of LBP, it has been suggested that individual coping strategies, for example fear-avoidance beliefs, could also be important in the development...... and maintenance of LBP. Accordingly, the main objective of this study was to examine (1) the association between physical work load and LBP, (2) the predictive effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on the development of LBP, and (3) the moderating effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on the association between physical...

  18. Metodología del estudio Guadix sobre los efectos de un desayuno de tipo mediterráneo sobre los parámetros lipídicos y postprandiales en preadolescentes con sobrepeso y obesidad The Guadix study of the effects of a Mediterranean-diet breakfast on the postprandial lipid parameters of overweight and obese pre-adolescents

    M.ª J. Aguilar Cordero


    edades tan tempranas.The excess weight that characterizes much of the population of the world today has led the World Health Organization to declare a obesity pandemic. The number of overweight and obese children in Spain is among the highest in Europe, and this number is even higher in Andalusia. The health consequences of excess weight for children are not as evident as for adults. However, child obesity is now being associated with pathologies, such as the metabolic syndrome, which were previously believed to be only found in adults. Resistance to insulin is an important risk factor in subjects with severe obesity, which along with visceral obesity, make postprandial triglyceridemia more severe. This increases cardiovascular risk. However, in our opinion, this phenomenon has not been adequately studied in children. The hearthealthy properties of olive oil, the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, have been clearly highlighted in various studies. These properties include an improved postprandial lipid pattern. In this context, the objective of this study was to determine the effects of a Mediterranean-diet breakfast on the postprandial lipid parameters in a study group of overweight and obese preadolescents (age 10-14 in comparison to a control group of subjects with no weight problems. The results obtained provide greater knowledge of the physiopathology of child obesity and contribute to the elaboration of dietary recommendations for the maintenance of child health. Additionally, our results give information regarding the development of atherogenesis during the postprandial period, which can begin at a very early age.


    Ana Grondona


    Full Text Available El presente artículo tiene como objetivo analizar la recepción argentina de los governmentality studies, particularmente con los denominados anglofoucauldians. En esta dirección, nos referimos, inicialmente a los “deslizamientos” y “sobreentendidos” implicados en la traducción local de la perspectiva que examinamos. En segundo lugar, en un nivel más teórico y general, abordamos las limitaciones que supone la analítica del gobierno entendida en términos de la descripción de unas racionalidades políticas. En este punto, proponemos un modo alternativo, aunque complementario, de reflexión sobre las prácticas discursivas de gobierno. Para ello, nos nutrimos de las elaboraciones provenientes del análisis materialista del discurso. Finalmente, en las conclusiones reflexionamos acerca del Sur como posición enunciativa desde la cual contribuir al debate teórico-conceptual sobre el problema del gobierno y la gubernamentalidad.

  20. Carlos Bruch: pionero de los estudios entomológicos en la Argentina Carlos Bruch: pioneer of the entomological studies in Argentina

    Analía A. Lanteri


    Full Text Available Este artículo proporciona una síntesis de los principales aportes de Carlos Bruch (1869-1943 a la entomología argentina. Se reseñan sus viajes para la recolección de insectos, sus principales publicaciones y los datos de sus colecciones, depositadas en el Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia” y en el Museo de La Plata. Se destaca su habilidad para la fotografía y la ilustración científica, así como para observar y describir los comportamientos y las asociaciones particulares de hormigas y escarabajos: termitofilia y mirmecofilia. Se brinda información sobre sus logros académicos y el reconocimiento que supo ganarse entre sus contemporáneos, que le dedicaron casi cuatrocientos nombres científicos, y no dudaron en señalarlo como uno de los entomólogos más destacados de América del Sur.In this article we provide a synthesis of the main contributions of Carlos Bruch (1869-1943 to entomological studies in Argentina. We supply information on Bruch’s scientific trips, publications and collections of insects, held by the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia” and the Museo de La Plata. We highlight his capacity as a photographer and scientific illustrator, and for making observations regarding special associations and behaviors of ants and beetles: termitophily and myrmecophily. We summarize his main academic achievements and the recognition of his colleagues, who have dedicated almost four hundreds of scientific names to him and recognize him as one of the most outstanding South American entomologists.

  1. Source proximity and meteorological effects on residential outdoor VOCs in urban areas: Results from the Houston and Los Angeles RIOPA studies.

    Kwon, Jaymin; Weisel, Clifford P; Morandi, Maria T; Stock, Thomas H


    Concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) measured outside homes in Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA were characterized by the effects of source proximity and meteorological factors. Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, m,p-xylene, o-xylene (BTEX), methyl tert butyl ether (MTBE), tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene, PCE), and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) were examined. Multiple stepwise regression analysis converged the best-fit models with predictors from meteorological conditions and the proximity to specific point, area, and mobile sources on the residential outdoor VOC concentrations. Negative associations of wind speed with concentrations demonstrated the effect of dilution by high wind speed. Atmospheric stability increase was associated with concentration increase. Petrochemical source proximity was a significant predictor for BTEX and MTBE concentrations in Houston. Ethylbenzene and xylene source proximity was a significant predictor in Los Angeles. Close proximity to area sources such as scrap metal recycling or dry cleaning facilities increased the MTBE, PCE, and CCl4 concentrations in Houston and Los Angeles. Models for ethylbenzene, m,p-xylene, and MTBE in Houston, and benzene in Los Angeles explained that for the median values of the meteorological factors, homes closest to influential highways would have concentrations that were 1.7-2.2 fold higher than those furthest from these mobile emission sources. If the median distance to sources were used in the models, the VOC concentrations varied 1.7 to 6.6 fold as the meteorological conditions varied over the observed range. These results highlight that each urban area is unique and localized sources need to be carefully evaluated to understand potential contributions to VOC air concentrations near residences, which influence baseline indoor air concentrations and personal exposures. Results of this study could assist in the appropriate design of monitoring networks for community-level sampling. They

  2. Estudio sobre el almacenamiento de agua helada en los sistemas de climatización centralizados; Study about cooling water storage in centralized air conditioning system

    Mario Espín Pérez


    Full Text Available El desarrollo de este artículo se basa en el estudio del almacenamiento de agua helada en los sistemas de climatización. Para desplazar el consumo eléctrico fuera del horario pico, como herramienta para pretender  incrementar  la eficiencia energética y disminuir el costo de la energía eléctrica en los hoteles con clima tropical. Para ello se procede a la estimación del perfil de carga térmica del hotel Jagua mediante el software TRNSYS, diseño y comprobación del sistema de almacenamiento de agua helada incorporado a las condiciones actuales de la instalación mediante modelos matemáticos que describen su funcionamiento. El objetivo es, evaluar e ilustrar los posibles efectos cuantitativos y cualitativos del almacenamiento de agua helada en el sistema de clima centralizado de la edificación. El trabajo que se presenta se enmarca en los esfuerzos para desarrollar el uso de tecnologías sustentables y la evaluación de sistemas industriales asistidos por computadora en Cuba. The development of this paper is based on the study of cold water storage in air conditioning systems. To offset power consumption off-peak, as a tool to increase energy efficiency claim and reduce the cost of electricity in tropical hotels. To do this we proceed to estimate the thermal load profile Jagua by TRNSYS software, system design and testing of chilled water storage built into the current conditions of the system using mathematical models to describe their operation. The objective is to evaluate and illustrate the quantitative and qualitative effects of cold water storage in the building centralized climate system. The work presented is part of the efforts to develop the use of sustainable technologies and evaluation of computer-aided industrial systems in Cuba.

  3. Uterine rupture without previous caesarean delivery

    Thisted, Dorthe L. A.; H. Mortensen, Laust; Krebs, Lone


    .3/100,000 deliveries. Multiparity (RR 8.99 (95% CI 1.86-43.29)), induction of labour (RR 3.26 (95% CI 1.24-8.57)), epidural analgesia (RR 10.78 (95% CI 4.25-27.39)), and augmentation by oxytocin (RR 9.50 (95% CI 3.15-28.63)) were associated with uterine rupture. Induction of labour was not significantly related...... to uterine rupture when adjusted for parity, epidural analgesia and augmentation by oxytocin. CONCLUSION: Although uterine rupture is rare, its association with epidural analgesia and augmentation of labour with oxytocin in multipara should be considered. Thus, vigilance should be exercised when labour...... is obstructed and there is need for epidural analgesia and/or augmentation by oxytocin in multiparous women. Due to the rare occurrence of uterine rupture caution should be exerted when interpreting the findings of this study....


    Bellad Girija


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Carefully selected cases of Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC is safe and successful. Even though options of elective caesarean section or a trial of labour are given to women with prior caesarean section, the risk is always present. In successful VBACs, morbidity is less compared to repeat caesarean section. That is why this study is conducted to determine the outcome of pregnancy in women with previous CS. OBJECTIVES 1. To evaluate the clinical course of labour in cases with previous caesarean section. 2. To study the perinatal outcome in cases with previous caesarean section either by vaginal delivery or repeat Caesarean section. 3. To study maternal morbidity in these cases. METHOD A retrospective analysis of medical records of 250 women with a previous caesarean section, who delivered in BIMS Hospital between May 2015 and July 2015 was carried out. Women with recurrent indications for caesarean section and those having nonrecurrent indications with any complicating factors in present pregnancy and women with previous two caesarean sections were not given trial for vaginal delivery. Those women with previous section for the non-recurrent indications were given trial for vaginal delivery. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS Was done by Chi-square test. RESULT In 250 cases, 132 cases were given trial for vaginal delivery. In these, vaginal delivery was 61.3% and repeat section was 38%. There is an association between maternal morbidity and type of delivery. Birth weight was associated with the type of delivery. There is no association between neonatal outcome and type of delivery. CONCLUSION In carefully selected patients, appropriate timing and close supervision, trial of vaginal delivery in previous one caesarean section is safe and successful. Individual approach seems to be the best.

  5. Effectiveness and tolerability of treatment intensification to basal–bolus therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes on previous basal insulin-supported oral therapy with insulin glargine or supplementary insulin therapy with insulin glulisine: the PARTNER observational study

    Pfohl M


    Full Text Available Martin Pfohl,1 Thorsten Siegmund,2 Stefan Pscherer,3 Katrin Pegelow,4 Jochen Seufert5 1Medizinische Klinik I, Evangelisches Bethesda-Klinikum GmbH, Duisburg, Germany; 2Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH, Klinikum Bogenhausen, III. Medizinische Abteilung, München, Germany; 3Klinisches Diabeteszentrum Südostbayern, Innere Medizin – Diabetologie, Traunstein, Germany; 4Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, Germany; 5Medizinische Universitätsklinik, Klinik für Innere Medizin II, Abteilung für Endokrinologie und Diabetologie, Freiburg, Germany Background: Due to the progressive nature of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM, antidiabetic treatment needs to be continuously intensified to avoid long-term complications. In T2DM patients on either basal insulin-supported oral therapy (BOT or supplementary insulin therapy (SIT presenting with HbA1c values above individual targets for 3–6 months, therapy should be intensified. This study investigated effectiveness and tolerability of an intensification of BOT or SIT to a basal–bolus therapy (BBT regimen in T2DM patients in daily clinical practice. Methods: This noninterventional, 8-month, prospective, multicenter study evaluated parameters of glucose control, occurrence of adverse events (eg, hypoglycemia, and acceptance of devices in daily clinical practice routine after 12 and 24 weeks of intensifying insulin therapy to a BBT regimen starting from either preexisting BOT with insulin glargine (pre-BOT or preexisting SIT with ≥3 daily injections of insulin glulisine (pre-SIT. Results: A total of 1,530 patients were documented in 258 German medical practices. A total of 1,301 patients were included in the full analysis set (55% male, 45% female; age median 64 years; body mass index median 30.8 kg/m2; pre-BOT: n=1,072; pre-SIT: n=229, and 1,515 patients were evaluated for safety. After 12 weeks, HbA1c decreased versus baseline (pre-BOT 8.67%; pre-SIT 8.46% to 7.73% and 7.66%, respectively (Δ mean

  6. Two-stage replication of previous genome-wide association studies of AS3MT-CNNM2-NT5C2 gene cluster region in a large schizophrenia case-control sample from Han Chinese population.

    Guan, Fanglin; Zhang, Tianxiao; Li, Lu; Fu, Dongke; Lin, Huali; Chen, Gang; Chen, Teng


    Schizophrenia is a devastating psychiatric condition with high heritability. Replicating the specific genetic variants that increase susceptibility to schizophrenia in different populations is critical to better understand schizophrenia. CNNM2 and NT5C2 are genes recently identified as susceptibility genes for schizophrenia in Europeans, but the exact mechanism by which these genes confer risk for schizophrenia remains unknown. In this study, we examined the potential for genetic susceptibility to schizophrenia of a three-gene cluster region, AS3MT-CNNM2-NT5C2. We implemented a two-stage strategy to conduct association analyses of the targeted regions with schizophrenia. A total of 8218 individuals were recruited, and 45 pre-selected single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were genotyped. Both single-marker and haplotype-based analyses were conducted in addition to imputation analysis to increase the coverage of our genetic markers. Two SNPs, rs11191419 (OR=1.24, P=7.28×10(-5)) and rs11191514 (OR=1.24, P=0.0003), with significant independent effects were identified. These results were supported by the data from both the discovery and validation stages. Further haplotype and imputation analyses also validated these results, and bioinformatics analyses indicated that CALHM1, which is located approximately 630kb away from CNNM2, might be a susceptible gene for schizophrenia. Our results provide further support that AS3MT, CNNM2 and CALHM1 are involved with the etiology and pathogenesis of schizophrenia, suggesting these genes are potential targets of interest for the improvement of disease management and the development of novel pharmacological strategies.

  7. A multicenter, open-label, randomized phase II controlled study of rh-endostatin (Endostar) in combination with chemotherapy in previously untreated extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer.

    Lu, Shun; Li, Lu; Luo, Yi; Zhang, Li; Wu, Gang; Chen, Zhiwei; Huang, Cheng; Guo, Shuliang; Zhang, Yiping; Song, Xiangqun; Yu, Yongfeng; Zhou, Caicun; Li, Wei; Liao, Meilin; Li, Baolan; Xu, Liyan; Chen, Ping; Hu, Chunhong; Hu, Chengping


    Based on promising efficacy in a single-arm study, a randomized phase II trial was designed to compare the efficacy and safety of adding rh-endostatin (Endostar) to first-line standard etoposide and carboplatin (EC) chemotherapy for treatment of extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer. One hundred forty Chinese patients with pathologically confirmed, extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer were randomly assigned to EC alone or rh-endostatin + EC for 4-6 cycles, followed by single-agent rh-endostatin until progression or unacceptable toxicity. The primary endpoint was progression-free survival (PFS). The secondary endpoints included overall survival, Objective response rate (ORR), and quality of life. Median PFS was 6.4 months with rh-endostatin + EC (n = 69) and 5.9 months with EC (n = 69) (hazard ratio 0.8 [95% confidence interval 0.6-1.1]). PFS was significantly higher with rh-endostatin + EC than with EC (hazard ratio 0.4 [0.2-0.9; p = 0.020]) in female. Median overall survival was similar in both groups (12.1 versus 12.4 months, respectively [p = 0.82]). ORR was higher in the rh-endostatin + EC group (75.4%) than in the EC group (66.7%) (p = 0.348). The efficacy of rh-endostatin + EC relative to that of EC was reflected by greater improvements in patient-assessed quality of life scores after 4 and 6 weeks of treatment. There was no difference between each regimen in the incidence of nonhematological or Grade III-IV hematological toxicities. Addition of rh-endostatin to EC for the treatment of extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer had an acceptable toxicity profile, but did not improve overall survival, PFS, and ORR.

  8. Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy in Previously Shunted Children

    Eva Brichtova


    Full Text Available Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV is a routine and safe procedure for therapy of obstructive hydrocephalus. The aim of our study is to evaluate ETV success rate in therapy of obstructive hydrocephalus in pediatric patients formerly treated by ventriculoperitoneal (V-P shunt implantation. From 2001 till 2011, ETV was performed in 42 patients with former V-P drainage implantation. In all patients, the obstruction in aqueduct or outflow parts of the fourth ventricle was proved by MRI. During the surgery, V-P shunt was clipped and ETV was performed. In case of favourable clinical state and MRI functional stoma, the V-P shunt has been removed 3 months after ETV. These patients with V-P shunt possible removing were evaluated as successful. In our group of 42 patients we were successful in 29 patients (69%. There were two serious complications (4.7%—one patient died 2.5 years and one patient died 1 year after surgery in consequence of delayed ETV failure. ETV is the method of choice in obstructive hydrocephalus even in patients with former V-P shunt implantation. In case of acute or scheduled V-P shunt surgical revision, MRI is feasible, and if ventricular system obstruction is diagnosed, the hydrocephalus may be solved endoscopically.

  9. Mechanisms of virologic failure in previously untreated HIV-infected patients from a trial of induction-maintenance therapy. Trilège (Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA 072) Study Team).

    Descamps, D; Flandre, P; Calvez, V; Peytavin, G; Meiffredy, V; Collin, G; Delaugerre, C; Robert-Delmas, S; Bazin, B; Aboulker, J P; Pialoux, G; Raffi, F; Brun-Vézinet, F


    In the Trilège trial, following induction with a zidovudine, lamivudine, and indinavir regimen, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) replication was less suppressed by 2-drug maintenance therapy than by triple-drug therapy. To identify mechanisms of virologic failure in the 3 arms of the Trilège trial. Case-control study conducted from February to October 1998. Three urban hospitals in Paris, France. Fifty-eight case patients with virologic failure (HIV RNA rebound to >500 copies/mL in 2 consecutive samples) randomized to 3 therapy groups: triple drug (zidovudine, lamivudine, and indinavir), 8; zidovudine-lamivudine, 29; and zidovudine-indinavir, 21; the case patients were randomly matched with 58 control patients with sustained viral suppression. At virologic failure (S1 sample) and 6 weeks later (S2 sample), assessment of protease and reverse transcriptase gene mutations, plasma indinavir level, and degree of viral load rebound; pill count during induction and maintenance periods. Only 1 primary resistance mutation, M184V, was detected in S1 plasma samples from 4 of 6 patients in the triple-drug and in all 22 in the zidovudine-lamivudine therapy groups and in S2 plasma samples from 3 of 6 in the triple-drug and 20 of 21 in the zidovudine-lamivudine groups. Of controls, M184V was detected in 11 of 13 S1 plasma samples and in 10 of 11 S2 plasma samples. Indinavir levels were undetectable in all S1 samples but 2 in 7 triple-drug cases tested and in the expected range in 11 of 18 S1 and 5 of 12 S2 zidovudine-indinavir case plasma samples tested. Maintenance adherence rates were lower for cases vs controls for zidovudine (P = .05) and indinavir (P = .05). Low indinavir levels, lower adherence rates for zidovudine (P = .04) and lamivudine (P = .03), and rebound to near-baseline values suggested adherence as cause of early failure for 4 of 8 triple-drug cases. In the zidovudine-lamivudine arm, for which case and control adherence rates did not differ significantly (P

  10. Seismologic study of Los Hum eros geothermal field, Pueblo, Mexico. Part I: Seismicity, source mechanisms and stress distribution; Estudio sismologico del campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico. Parte I: Sismicidad, mecanismos de fuente y distribucion de esfuerzos

    Lermo, Javier; Antayhua, Yanet [Instituto de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D.F (Mexico)]. E-Mail:; Quintanar, Luis [Instituto de Geofisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D.F (Mexico); Lorenzo, Cecilia [Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Comision Federal de Electricidad, Michoacan (Mexico)


    The distribution of earthquakes at the surface and at depth in the Los Humeros geothermal field, Puebla (Mexico), is analyzed from 1997-2004. Data for 95 earthquakes were registered at more than five permanent and temporary stations installed by the Comision Federal de Electricidad and the Instituto de Ingenieria of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. The duration magnitudes of the quakes are equal to or lower than 3.6 Md and the focal depths do not exceed 4.0 km. Simple focal mechanisms and moment tensor inversions were made, and the number of earthquakes registered by two stations of the permanent network (numbers S05, S06) was compared with water-injection and steam-production volumes over a certain period. The results at the surface and at depth show seismic activity occurring in the northern zone of the field around injection wells I29 (well H-29) and I38 (well H-38); whereas, the simple focal mechanisms and moment tensors demonstrate stresses of heterogeneous origin, suggesting that part of the seismic activity in Los Humeros is probably induced, mainly by injecting water. [Spanish] Se analiza la distribucion en superficie y en profundidad de los sismos ocurridos en el campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla (Mexico), durante el periodo 1997-2004. Los datos corresponden a 95 sismos registrados por mas de cinco estaciones permanentes y temporales instaladas por la Comision Federal de Electricidad y el Instituto de Ingenieria de la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, cuyas magnitudes de duracion son menores o iguales a 3.6 Md y profundidades focales que no sobrepasan los 4.0 km. Asimismo, se realizaron mecanismos focales simples y de inversion de tensor de momento, y se comparo el numero de sismos registrados por dos estaciones de la red permanente (numeros S05, S06) con la inyeccion de agua y la produccion de vapor durante cierto tiempo. Los resultados en superficie y en profundidad muestran actividad sismica en la zona norte del campo, alrededor

  11. Los doblajes en español de los clásicos disney

    Iglesias Gómez, Luis Alberto


    [ES]Esta tesis es un estudio sobre los doblajes en español de los clásicos de dibujos animados producidos por los estudios Disney entre 1937 y 1977. Este trabajo incluye unas consideraciones generales sobre la traducción de guiones para doblaje, historia y actualidad de los doblajes Disney en español, así como un estudio de la traducción para el doblaje en español de los guiones de los clásicos Disney. [EN]This thesis is a study of Spanish-language dubbing classic cartoons produced by Disn...

  12. Los valores distintivos de los panistas

    Iván Zavala Echavarría


    Full Text Available En este artículo, el autor se propone demostrar que el hecho de ser simpatizante del partido Acción Nacional (pan es función de seis variables independientes: inculcar la fe, confiar en otros, interés en la política y auto-ubicación sobre los ejes izquierda-derecha, igualdad>desigualdad, y propiedad privada>gubernamental. La influencia de esas variables no es sólo aislada sino en conjunto. Estas variables son distintivas de los simpatizantes del Partido (de Acción Nacional, es decir los distinguen de los del Partido Revolucionario Institucional y de los del Partido de la Revolución Democrática.

  13. De los deslumbramientos a los alumbramientos

    William Fernando Torres


    Full Text Available Este texto es un relato sobre las ansiedades que hoy abruman en secreto a los profesores de la escuela básica periférica. Sin embargo, no se queda en la anécdota: evidencia que esas inquietudes tienen raíz en las dificultades de los docentes para apropiarse críticamente las culturas escritas y audiovisuales/digitales electrónicas y, por tanto, para construirse una comprensión global de los procesos culturales contemporáneos. Estas circunstancias llevan a los maestros a incomunicarse y a entrar en conflicto con las y los jóvenes. Como alternativas posibles se propone autorreconocerse, aprender a crecer siendo vulnerables, engendrar un pensamiento del contexto y lo complejo.

  14. Using Comprehensive Science-based Disaster Scenarios to Support Seismic Safety Policy: A Case Study in Los Angeles, California

    Jones, L.


    In 2014, the USGS entered a technical assistance agreement with the City of Los Angeles to apply the results of the 2008 ShakeOut Scenario of a M7.8 earthquake on the southern San Andreas fault to develop a comprehensive plan to increase the seismic resilience of the City. The results of this project are to be submitted to the Mayor of Los Angeles at the Great ShakeOut on October 16, 2014. The ShakeOut scenario detailed how the expected cascade of failures in a big earthquake could lead to significant delays in disaster recovery that could create financial losses that greatly exceed the direct losses in the event. The goal of the seismic resilience plan is to: protect the lives of residents during earthquakes improve the capacity of the City to respond to the earthquake prepare the City to recover quickly after the earthquake so as to protect the economy of the City and all of southern California To accomplish these goals, the project addresses three areas of seismic vulnerability that were identified in the original ShakeOut Scenario: Pre-1980 buildings that present an unacceptable risk to the lives of residents, including "non-ductile reinforced concrete," and "soft-first-story" buildings Water system infrastructure (including impact on firefighting capability) Communications infrastructure The critical science needed to support policy decisions is to understand the probable consequences to the regional long-term economy caused by decisions to undertake (or not) different levels of mitigation. The arguments against mitigation are the immediate financial costs, so a better understanding of the eventual benefit is required. However, the direct savings rarely justify the mitigation costs, so the arguments in favor of mitigation are driven by the potential for cascading failures and the potential to trigger the type of long term reduction in population and economic activity that has occurred in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.


    Javier Flórez Miranda


    Full Text Available Después de un diagnóstico poco alentador sobre las competencias lecto-escritoras de los estudiantes, fenómeno al que llama: ";Síndrome del pensamiento inmaduro";, el autor propone el uso de los llamados ";signos-herramienta"; de la teoría socio-cultural de Vigotsky. Con base en sus ideas, acerca de la posibilidad de utilizar vías de rodeo para superar algunas dificultades cognitivas de los estudiantes, propone la herramienta de los mapas mentales, cuya eficacia ha probado, durante su práctica docente.

  16. Abiraterone in metastatic prostate cancer without previous chemotherapy

    Ryan, C.J.; Smith, M.R.; Bono, J. De; Molina, A.; Logothetis, C.J.; Souza, P. de; Fizazi, K.; Mainwaring, P.; Piulats, J.M.; Ng, S.; Carles, J.; Mulders, P.F.A.; Basch, E.; Small, E.J.; Saad, F.; Schrijvers, D.; Poppel, H. van; Mukherjee, S.D.; Suttmann, H.; Gerritsen, W.R.; Flaig, T.W.; George, D.J.; Yu, E.Y.; Efstathiou, E.; Pantuck, A.; Winquist, E.; Higano, C.S.; Taplin, M.E.; Park, Y.; Kheoh, T.; Griffin, T.; Scher, H.I.; Rathkopf, D.E.


    BACKGROUND: Abiraterone acetate, an androgen biosynthesis inhibitor, improves overall survival in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer after chemotherapy. We evaluated this agent in patients who had not received previous chemotherapy. METHODS: In this double-blind study, we

  17. Brain cancer near Los Alamos


    The New Mexico Health Department plans to examine a resident's claim that brain cancer is on the rise in certain neighborhoods near Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The health department reportedly will request $250,000 in funding from the Department of Energy (DOE), but a DOE spokesperson refused to verify the cost of the study. The cancer worries began when a list of 20 alleged Los Alamos brain cancer victims was published. After a local doctor confirmed that nine of the victims had died from primary brain tumors, it was reported that three of them had lived on the same block in Western Area, a section of Los Alamos about a mile from the laboratory. According to statistics collected by the National Cancer Institute, the Los Alamos County rate is several times higher than the average for the state. LANL apparently took the issue seriously. In June it set up a working group cochaired by a local resident and a laboratory employee to investigate the laboratory's operations in Western Area. On 17 July, the working group announced plans for a Los Alamos program costing between $50,000 and $100,000 to sample soil. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is considering participating in the state epidemiologic study, in which health officials plan to track down cancer victims in Los Alamos County and test the area for radioactive contamination.

  18. Secondary recurrent miscarriage is associated with previous male birth.

    Ooi, Poh Veh


    Secondary recurrent miscarriage (RM) is defined as three or more consecutive pregnancy losses after delivery of a viable infant. Previous reports suggest that a firstborn male child is associated with less favourable subsequent reproductive potential, possibly due to maternal immunisation against male-specific minor histocompatibility antigens. In a retrospective cohort study of 85 cases of secondary RM we aimed to determine if secondary RM was associated with (i) gender of previous child, maternal age, or duration of miscarriage history, and (ii) increased risk of pregnancy complications. Fifty-three women (62.0%; 53\\/85) gave birth to a male child prior to RM compared to 32 (38.0%; 32\\/85) who gave birth to a female child (p=0.002). The majority (91.7%; 78\\/85) had uncomplicated, term deliveries and normal birth weight neonates, with one quarter of the women previously delivered by Caesarean section. All had routine RM investigations and 19.0% (16\\/85) had an abnormal result. Fifty-seven women conceived again and 33.3% (19\\/57) miscarried, but there was no significant difference in failure rates between those with a previous male or female child (13\\/32 vs. 6\\/25, p=0.2). When patients with abnormal results were excluded, or when women with only one previous child were considered, there was still no difference in these rates. A previous male birth may be associated with an increased risk of secondary RM but numbers preclude concluding whether this increases recurrence risk. The suggested association with previous male birth provides a basis for further investigations at a molecular level.

  19. Secondary recurrent miscarriage is associated with previous male birth.

    Ooi, Poh Veh


    Secondary recurrent miscarriage (RM) is defined as three or more consecutive pregnancy losses after delivery of a viable infant. Previous reports suggest that a firstborn male child is associated with less favourable subsequent reproductive potential, possibly due to maternal immunisation against male-specific minor histocompatibility antigens. In a retrospective cohort study of 85 cases of secondary RM we aimed to determine if secondary RM was associated with (i) gender of previous child, maternal age, or duration of miscarriage history, and (ii) increased risk of pregnancy complications. Fifty-three women (62.0%; 53\\/85) gave birth to a male child prior to RM compared to 32 (38.0%; 32\\/85) who gave birth to a female child (p=0.002). The majority (91.7%; 78\\/85) had uncomplicated, term deliveries and normal birth weight neonates, with one quarter of the women previously delivered by Caesarean section. All had routine RM investigations and 19.0% (16\\/85) had an abnormal result. Fifty-seven women conceived again and 33.3% (19\\/57) miscarried, but there was no significant difference in failure rates between those with a previous male or female child (13\\/32 vs. 6\\/25, p=0.2). When patients with abnormal results were excluded, or when women with only one previous child were considered, there was still no difference in these rates. A previous male birth may be associated with an increased risk of secondary RM but numbers preclude concluding whether this increases recurrence risk. The suggested association with previous male birth provides a basis for further investigations at a molecular level.

  20. Study with a steam tracer in a zone near well Az-64, in the Los Azufres geothermal field, Mich.; Estudio con un trazador de vapor en la zona aledana al pozo Az-64, en el campo geotermico de Los Azufres, Mich.

    Iglesias, Eduardo R. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Flores Armenta, Magaly; Quijano Leon, Jose Luis; Torres Rodriguez, Marco A. [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico); Torres, Rodolfo J.; Reyes Picasso, Neftali [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico); Sandoval Medina, Fernando [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico)


    A previous tracer study in the Maritaro-La Cumbre area of the Los Azufres, Mich., geothermal field concluded that injection in well Az-15 recharges a group of producing wells located east of the injector to a maximum distance of about 2000 m. The study also indicated injection in Az-15 either does not recharge wells farther east in the neighborhood of the Laguna Verde fault, or does so at very low rates over a long period. Because it is important to recharge this zone, it was decided to explore the possibility of doing it by injecting in well Az-64, located in the area. Thus the present study was designed. Six producing wells were chosen to monitor tracer arrivals. Because all the chosen wells produce steam (several also produce water) and for economic reasons, it was decided to use a steam-phase tracer. We chose sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a tracer successfully used before in the field. On October 24, 2006, we injected 96.4 kg of SF6 into well Az-64. All six chosen wells were sampled for 156 days, starting the day of injection. The tracer was detected in all six wells and for every well the shape of the residence curve clearly depicted the fractured nature of the corresponding permeability. Again in every case, the recovery curves indicated recovery was completed within the 156-day sampling period. The largest recoveries were in wells Az-05 (48.5%) and Az-43 (1.27%), those closest to the injection well and on the same side of the Maritaro fault as Az-64. Well Az-51, lying at 848 m from the injector and farthest away, registered the third-highest recovery percentage (1.01 x 10-5%), significantly higher than well Az-19 (6.95 x 10-6%), located 490 m from the injector; the two wells are on the same side of the Maritaro fault as Az-64. Well Az-32, located 423 m from the injector, but on the other side of the Maritaro fault, recovered 5.6 x 10-7% of the injected tracer, comparable to 8.67 x 10-7%, the amount recovered in well Az-13 on the same side of the Maritaro fault

  1. Primary Malignant Tumours of Bone Following Previous Malignancy

    Patton, J. T.; Sommerville, S. M. M.; Grimer, R. J.


    Destructive bone lesions occurring in patients who have previously had a malignancy are generally assumed to be a metastasis from that malignancy. We reviewed 60 patients with a previous history of malignancy, who presented with a solitary bone lesion that was subsequently found to be a new and different primary sarcoma of bone. These second malignancies occurred in three distinct groups of patients: (1) patients with original tumours well known to be associated with second malignancies (5%); (2) patients whose second malignancies were likely to be due to the previous treatment of their primary malignancy (40%); (3) patients in whom there was no clearly defined association between malignancies (55%). The purpose of this study is to emphasise the necessity for caution in assuming the diagnosis of a metastasis when a solitary bone lesion is identified following a prior malignancy. Inappropriate biopsy and treatment of primary bone sarcomas compromises limb salvage surgery and can affect patient mortality. PMID:18414590

  2. Primary Malignant Tumours of Bone Following Previous Malignancy

    R. J. Grimer


    Full Text Available Destructive bone lesions occurring in patients who have previously had a malignancy are generally assumed to be a metastasis from that malignancy. We reviewed 60 patients with a previous history of malignancy, who presented with a solitary bone lesion that was subsequently found to be a new and different primary sarcoma of bone. These second malignancies occurred in three distinct groups of patients: (1 patients with original tumours well known to be associated with second malignancies (5%; (2 patients whose second malignancies were likely to be due to the previous treatment of their primary malignancy (40%; (3 patients in whom there was no clearly defined association between malignancies (55%. The purpose of this study is to emphasise the necessity for caution in assuming the diagnosis of a metastasis when a solitary bone lesion is identified following a prior malignancy. Inappropriate biopsy and treatment of primary bone sarcomas compromises limb salvage surgery and can affect patient mortality.

  3. Study of antiretroviral mutants in HIV patients with treatment failures and the effect of risk factors in the virological failures Estudio de mutantes resistentes a los antiretrovirales en pacientes con VIH con falla terapeutica y efecto de los factores de riesgo en el tratamiento

    Lizeth Taylor-Castillo


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Information about HIV phenotypes of resistant to available ART and the influence of different risk factors on virological failures (VF in Costa Rican HIV positive patients prior or during HAART is unknown. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighty nine samples, 72 VF and 17 basal (before treatment were analyzed by examining resistant mutants in reverse transcriptase (RT and protease (PT regions using Trugene or LIPA genotyping kits. Sixty eight control patients were selected and relevant information was collected in a questionnaire. RESULTS: Poor adherence, presence of resistant mutations and number of treatment's changes were the only significant factors found (p = 0.006, 0.04 and 0.01 respectively. From 66 sequenced samples, 78%, 50% and 50% showed resistance to NRTI (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, NNRT (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and PI (protease inhibitors, respectively. The most frequent mutations were M41L, M184V, and T215FY in RT and L62PI, L10FIRV and M36I in PT. DISCUSSION: The most important factor related to treatment response in this study was adherence to treatment. Mutations in RT were related to the treatment failure while the ones found in PT were secondary mutations which have been previously described to influence the selection of primary resistance mutations in these regions. The study reveals the urgency to detect resistant mutations in VF to be considered by physicians for selection of treatment schedule, to analyze basal HIV patients for monitoring of the spread of resistant mutations and the importance to reinforce the adherence in the patients for overall treatment outcome.En Costa Rica no se tiene información a cerca de genotipos de resistencia para los tratamientos anti-retrovirales disponibles y la influencia de diferentes factores de riego en la falla virológica (FV de pacientes VIH positivos previo o durante su tratamiento. Ochenta y nueve muestras, 72 FV y 17 basales, fueron

  4. Quistes de los maxilares

    Ivan Alberto Manotas Arevalo


    Los Grandes Quistes de los Maxilares han estado vinculados siempre a la humanidad, desde tiempos remotos, pues han sido halladas en restos de especimenes fosiles, han llamado la atencion de los clínicos, en torno a su etiologia, en la que se ha introducido la participacion de la genetica, (demostrada en el desarrollo de los queratoquistes maxilares), la fisiopatologia, caracteristicas histologicas (inmunohistoquimica), posibilidades diagnosticas por la imagen, (como la tomografia computarizad...

  5. Melanoma cutáneo asociado a nevo previo Cutaneous melanoma associated with previous nevus

    María P. Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available El melanoma maligno es una neoplasia originada en los melanocitos de la piel y otras localizaciones. No existe información en nuestro país acerca de su incidencia y prevalecencia, sí se sabe cuáles son los factores de riesgo más importantes. El melanoma puede originarse de novo o a partir de lesiones melanocíticas previas. La noción de que un nevo melanocítico pueda servir como lesión precursora es sustentada por evidencias clínicas e histológicas. Realizamos en el Hospital Privado de Córdoba un estudio observacional, retrospectivo y analítico. El objetivo de este trabajo fue conocer cuál es la frecuencia de asociación de melanomas malignos que se desarrollan sobre nevos previos. Fueron analizados un total de 134 melanomas. En 32 pacientes (24%, los melanomas estuvieron histológicamente asociados con nevos, con espesores de Breslow mayores de 1 mm el porcentaje de asociación fue de 16.3%, y con Breslow menores de 1 mm, 38.1%. Al evaluar los melanomas en relación a la clasificación de Breslow y Clark, se objetivó que el grupo de melanomas asociados a nevos presentó un espesor de Breslow y niveles de Clark bajos y en el análisis estadístico fueron predictores significativos en la probabilidad de hallar esta asociación (p The malignant melanoma is a neoplasia originated from the melanocytes located in the skin and other locations. Even though there is not information regarding its incidence and prevalence in our country, its most important risk factors are known. The melanoma can originate de novo or from previous melanocytic lesions. The concept that a melanocytic nevus can serve as a precursor lesion is supported by clinical and histological evidence. An observational, retrospective and analytical study was carried out in the Hospital Privado de Córdoba. The objective was to determine which is the frequency of association of malignant melanomas that develop on previous nevus. A total of 134 melanomas were analyzed. In 32


    Mauricio Quiroz


    Full Text Available En los estudios de aguas subterráneas, se genera y recopila gran cantidad de datos, que necesariamente deben ser procesados y analizados de manera conjunta, buscando encontrar relaciones y/o patrones con los que se definen modelos conceptuales y numéricos adecuados para explicar de forma coherente el funcionamiento hidrogeológico de una zona específica. Acorde con lo anterior, los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG, se plantean como una de las herramientas básicas del hidrogeólogo, ya que permiten de una manera fácil y dinámica, almacenar, analizar y visualizar datos e información, así como el análisis de su comportamiento en las dimensiones espacial y temporal. No obstante, la utilización de los SIG en los proyectos hidrogeológicos se ha limitado, en muchos casos, a la elaboración de la cartografía de las diferentes unidades hidrogeológicas incluidas dentro del área de estudio y la ubicación de diferentes mediciones y parámetros relacionados con el recurso hídrico subterráneo, en detrimento de sus capacidades para el análisis de fenómenos espaciales complejos en los cuales intervienen múltiples variables. El presente trabajo presenta dos ejemplos de aplicación en Latinoamérica en los que los sistemas de información geográfica han ayudado en la modelación y preprocesamiento de los fenómenos y variables involucradas, además de la tradicional identificación de las características esenciales de los acuíferos.In underground water studies, a big amount of data is generated and compiled: these data should be jointly processed, correlated, and analyzed in order to look for relations and /or patterns through which appropriate conceptual and numerical models are defined for explaining, in a coherent way, hydro-geological functioning in a specific zone. Geographic Information Systems (GIS must be considered as one of the basic tools of hydro-geologists, because they allow storing, analyzing, and visualizing data

  7. Study of liquid and steam tracers at the Maritaro - La Cumbre area of the Los Azufres geothermal field, Mich.; Estudio con trazadores de liquido y vapor en la zona Maritaro - La Cumbre del campo geotermico de Los Azufres, Mich.

    Iglesias, Eduardo R [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos, (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Flores Armenta, Magaly; Quijano Leon, Jose Luis; Torres Rodriguez, Marco A [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico); Torres, Rodolfo J; Reyes Picasso, Neftali [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos, (Mexico)


    We ran two simultaneous tracer tests in the Maritaro-La Cumbre area of the Los Azufres geothermal field in Mexico. We wished to determine whether or not fluids injected in well Az-15 recharged the productive areas of six production wells and to estimate the fractions of injected fluid recovered in them, if any. Because only three of the wells produce water and all of them produce steam, two tracers were used, sulfur hexafluoride (SF{sub 6}) for the gas phase and 1,3,6 naphthalene trisulfonate (1,3,6-nts) for the liquid phase. All of the observation wells recorded SF{sub 6}, and the three water-producing wells recorded 1,3,6-nts, proving that fluids injected in well Az-15 do recharge the area of interest. When sampling was suspended, the three water-producing wells were still producing 1,3,6-nts at significant rates. The total recovery of 1,3,6-nts at wells Az-65D, Az-04 and Az-28, 279 days after injection when sampling was halted, were, respectively, 6.1%, 0.90% y 0.16%, for a total of 7.61%. We concluded that these quantities constitute the lower boundaries for the respective recovery factors. When sampling was halted, wells Az-65D, Az-66D and Az-30 were still producing some SF{sub 6} at lower rates, and the rest of the wells were no longer recording the gas phase tracer. The total recovery of SF{sub 6} at wells Az-65D, Az-04, Az-41, Az-30, Az-28 and Az-66D were, respectively, 4.82 e-02%, 1.37 e-03%, 1.48 e-03%, 6.38 e-04%, 1.38 e-03% y 4.31 e-04%, for a total of 5.35 e-02%. The liquid recharge occurred in orders of magnitude greater than the steam. [Spanish] Se efectuaron dos pruebas simultaneas en la zona Maritaro-La Cumbre del campo geotermico de Los Azufres, Mich., Mexico. Los objetivos de estas pruebas fueron determinar si la salmuera de desecho inyectada en el pozo Az-15 recarga las zonas de alimentacion de seis pozos productores designados por CFE, y estimar que fraccion de lo inyectado recarga dichos pozos productores. Debido a que solo tres de los pozos

  8. Study of CO/sub 2/ recovery and tertiary oil production enhancement in the Los Angeles Basin. Final report, September 1978

    Shah, R.P.; Wittmeyer, E.E.; Sharp, S.D.; Griep, R.W.


    Results are presented of stuides conducted to evaluate carbon dioxide sources in the Los Angeles Basin, determine the requirements for upgrading and transmitting the gas, write the necessary material specifications, and determine where carbon dioxde may be effectively utilized as an enhanced recovery agent in oil fields, estimate recovery performance, and evaluate potential economic benefits. Study results show that there are two major sources of CO/sub 2/ in the Los Angeles Basin. Six oil refineries and one ammonia plant (all near Los Angeles Basin oil fields), have hydrogen plants with by-product streams of concentrated CO/sub 2/. The total available (uncommitted) CO/sub 2/ from these streams is about 3,000 tons per day. Six major electric power plants, all near L.A. Basin oil fields, discharge a combined total of 70,000 tons per day of CO/sub 2/ from 27 large boilers. Average CO/sub 2/ concentration in the flue gas is about 14 percent on a dry basis. CO/sub 2/ processing recommendations include modification of the existing hydrogen-CO/sub 2/ separation system, so that nitrogen is not used for stripping and therefore does not need to be removed, use propylene carbonate absorption, and use low-temperature separation. For CO/sub 2/ extraction from flue gas, monoethanolamine (MEA) absorption is recommended. Several reservoirs have been identified and are listed as prime candidates for CO/sub 2/ injection, using the major criteria of high oil saturation in the reservoir, suitable depth of the reservoir, and a good potential for zone control. (JRD)

  9. Los sitios web académicos con información de postgrado: herramientas para su evaluación Postgraduate studies websites: a framework for evaluating

    Mª Dolores Olvera-Lobo


    Full Text Available Este trabajo diseña y desarrolla dos nuevas herramientas adaptadas específicamente para la evaluación de sitios web de estudios de postgrado desde una perspectiva objetiva -mediante una checklist y utilizando aplicaciones como Weblink Validator, W3C markup validator y TAW- y subjetiva -a través de un cuestionario−. Estas herramientas se han aplicado a sitios web de Programas Oficiales de Postgrado con Mención de Calidad -distinción otorgada por el Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia de España-. El análisis y procesamiento de los datos se ha realizado con el paquete estadístico SPSS. Los resultados muestran valores aceptables para los sitios web analizados aunque tienen algunos defectos comunes. Se constata la existencia de varios niveles de calidad de tales sitios, tal como se pone de manifiesto tanto en el análisis de cluster como en el de componentes principales o PCA.This paper proposes two tools for evaluating the quality of information on postgraduate studies websites, while providing for both objective and subjective approaches to the evaluation process. On one hand, a checklist of accessibly levels, for use with Weblink Validator, W3C markup validation service and TAW, has been developed. This is complemented by questionnaire instrument, designed and field tested to assess qualitative aspects of the target websites. These tools have been field tested on postgraduate websites that enjoy Quality Mention (MC from universities in Andalusia, Spain; and the data complied was analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS. The results of these analyses yield acceptable quality values for these websites, while revealing several common flaws. A university website ranking and a website domain ranking have also been developed. The distinct quality levels of these websites are reported in cluster and principle component analyses.

  10. Los presupuestos del Concurso

    Línea de Investigación “De la Crisis Empresarial


    Este escrito es el resultado de uno de los proyectos de investigación adelantados por el Departamento de Derecho Comercial de la Universidad Externado de Colombia. En el se hace una aproximación histórica a los presupuestos para acceder a los trámites concursales en Perú, Argentina y España, analizándolos desde los puntos doctrinal, académico y legal.Así mismo, es parte integrante de un trabajo más amplio que pretende elaborar un documento contentivo del tratamiento que se da a los presupuest...

  11. La evaluación de los aprendizajes en los sMOOC. Estudio de caso en el Proyecto Europeo ECO//The learning evaluation in the sMOOCs. Case study in the ECO European Project

    Lucía Camarero Cano


    Full Text Available Este artículo hace una reflexión crítica sobre el análisis de los nuevos sistemas de evaluación y cómo esto afecta al rol de docentes y estudiantes. El estudio se ha llevado a cabo tomando como referencia dos sMOOC liderados por el Proyecto Europeo ECO. Los resultados que se presentan han sido analizados desde una perspectiva cuantitativa, utilizando como muestra a los miembros de que han participado en ambos cursos. Se ha podido conocer cómo han valorado su experiencia formativa y su grado de satisfacción. La mitad de los sujetos encuestados ha considerado adecuado el nuevo sistema evaluativo, sin embargo existe otra mitad que lo considera injusto. Se ha abordado la evaluación como una parte intrínseca del proceso educativo y se ha enfatizado en aspectos como el empoderamiento del alumnado, la cultura participatva y la interacción social, conceptos que nos acercan a nuevos modelos de aprendizaje que potencian el intelecto colectivo.

  12. Study and thermodynamic characterization of the central area of the geothermal field Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico; Estudio y caracterizacion termodinamica del sector centro del campo geotermico Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico

    Pizano Herrera, Arturo; Machorro Jimenez, Manuel [Comision Federal de Electricidad, Perote, Veracruz (Mexico)


    Wells H-1, H-7, H-8, H-13 and H-40 are in the Central Sector of Los Humeros geothermal field. On the basis of production data analysis, two productive intervals were observed: the first between 1000 and 1500 masl, in the Augite Andesites with an average temperature of 250 Celsius degree; and the second between 650 and 1000 masl, observed in wells H-7, H-8 and H-40, with average temperatures of 280 Celsius degrees. The production mechanics are related to the presence of the Humeros-Maztaloya and Antigua faults. Wells H-13 and H-40 do not sustain production probably because although the drilling objectives were to penetrate geologic faults, this did not occur, resulting in a poor supply of geothermal fluids. In this zone, a calculation was made of the energy potential using volumetric analysis. This resulted in an estimated of 21 megawatts for the zone over a 20-years period, indicating that is possible to continuum exploiting the area. In the future, development wells must be drilled towards structural objectives and completed at depth of 2500 m. [Spanish] En el Sector Centro del Campo Geotermico de Los humeros se encuentran los pozos H-1, H-7, H-8, H-13 y H-40. La informacion analizada permite observar dos intervalos productores: el primero entre 1000 y 1500 msnm en las Andesitas de Augita, con una temperatura promedio de 250 grados Celsius y el segundo entre 650 y 1000 msnm, observado en los pozos H-7, H-8 y H-40, con 280 grados Celsius. La produccion de fluidos esta relacionada con las fallas Humeros-Maztaloya y Antigua. Los pozos H-13 y H-40 no sostienen su produccion, probablemente debido a que, pese a que su objetivo durante la perforacion fue intersectar fallas geologicas, al parecer estas quedaron alejadas de los mismos, ocasionando un aporte pobre de fluidos geotermicos. En esta zona se realizo un calculo del potencial energetico por medio de un analisis volumetrico; como resultado se estimo un potencial de generacion electrica de 21 MW durante un periodo

  13. Estudios de interés tafonómico en los restos óseos humanos de Laguna Tres Reyes 1 (Partido de Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, provincia de Buenos Aires Taphonomic studies of human bones from Laguna Tres Reyes 1 (Gonzales Chaves District, Buenos Aires province, Argentina

    Mariela Edith González


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se presentan los resultados del análisis de los efectos tafonómicos del registro bioarqueológico del sitio Laguna Tres Reyes 1 (Partido de Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, realizado en el marco de la tesis de licenciatura. La metodología consistió en el examen macroscópico de la superficie cortical de cada elemento esqueletal sobre el conjunto de entierros primarios. Las variables analizadas fueron: marcas de raíces, depositación química (carbonato de calcio y manchas de manganeso, pérdida ósea, fracturas, actividad de roedores, acción de carnívoros, marcas de excavación y limpieza, meteorización e integridad. Los resultados indican la interacción de una serie de agentes y procesos tafonómicos sobre los huesos humanos que condujeron a una historia tafonómica compleja y de baja intensidad, permitiendo una muy buena preservación del tejido óseo. Los roedores han perturbado este registro fundamentalmente en el aspecto distribucional dejando escasas marcas de su accionar sobre los elementos óseos. Por otro lado, existen evidencias de la acción de pequeños carnívoros sobre algunos esqueletos que sugieren que estos animales habrían accedido a ellos deslizándose por los túneles y cuevas excavados por los roedores.This paper presents the results of taphonomic research carried out on the bioarchaeological record of the Laguna Tres Reyes 1 site (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The variables analyzed were root etching, chemical deposition (calcium carbonate coating and manganese staining, bone destruction, fractures, rodent and carnivore activities, excavation and cleaning marks, weathering, and bone integrity. Based on a macroscopic examination of the surface of the human bones found at the site, this study shows that the skeletons were affected by the activity of small rodents, which left scarce traces on the bones. It is also suggested that small-sized carnivores were able to reach the burials through tunnels

  14. Los colgantes renacentistas

    Natalia Horcajo Palomero


    Full Text Available La Joyería europea del siglo XVI es una disciplina muy compleja por el número de piezas que han llegado hasta nosotros, y porque muchas de ellas tienen un tema representado en su parte central. De todos los tipos de joyas, en este trabajo se analiza el denominado joyel o colgante renacentista, un colgante de forma cruciforme, en oro esmaltado trabajado con motivos decorativos del Renacimiento y decorado con piedras preciosas engarzadas entre ellos. Presenta tres tipos, el más sencillo, que le da nombre, el que tiene un tema desarrollado entre los motivos y el que muestra una hornacina con figuras en su parte central. Su análisis en cuanto ejemplares, su localización en diseños, documentos y retratos, constituye el argumento de este artículo.The Renaissance jewellery is very complete. We know a lot ofjeweis of different types and there are very much themes on them. Between the types, in this article we study the denominated joyel or Renaissance pendent, a cruciform pendent in enameled gold with Renaissance decorative motives, with precious stones linked on them. This pendent presents hree types. The most symple,one that has some theme on it and, a third wich has a niche with figures. The study of these jeweis and their localization on designe, documente and portraits, is the end of this work.

  15. In vitro culture of previously uncultured oral bacterial phylotypes.

    Thompson, Hayley; Rybalka, Alexandra; Moazzez, Rebecca; Dewhirst, Floyd E; Wade, William G


    Around a third of oral bacteria cannot be grown using conventional bacteriological culture media. Community profiling targeting 16S rRNA and shotgun metagenomics methods have proved valuable in revealing the complexity of the oral bacterial community. Studies investigating the role of oral bacteria in health and disease require phenotypic characterizations that are possible only with live cultures. The aim of this study was to develop novel culture media and use an in vitro biofilm model to culture previously uncultured oral bacteria. Subgingival plaque samples collected from subjects with periodontitis were cultured on complex mucin-containing agar plates supplemented with proteose peptone (PPA), beef extract (BEA), or Gelysate (GA) as well as on fastidious anaerobe agar plus 5% horse blood (FAA). In vitro biofilms inoculated with the subgingival plaque samples and proteose peptone broth (PPB) as the growth medium were established using the Calgary biofilm device. Specific PCR primers were designed and validated for the previously uncultivated oral taxa Bacteroidetes bacteria HOT 365 and HOT 281, Lachnospiraceae bacteria HOT 100 and HOT 500, and Clostridiales bacterium HOT 093. All agar media were able to support the growth of 10 reference strains of oral bacteria. One previously uncultivated phylotype, Actinomyces sp. HOT 525, was cultivated on FAA. Of 93 previously uncultivated phylotypes found in the inocula, 26 were detected in in vitro-cultivated biofilms. Lachnospiraceae bacterium HOT 500 was successfully cultured from biofilm material harvested from PPA plates in coculture with Parvimonas micra or Veillonella dispar/parvula after colony hybridization-directed enrichment. The establishment of in vitro biofilms from oral inocula enables the cultivation of previously uncultured oral bacteria and provides source material for isolation in coculture.

  16. La interacción de los públicos en Facebook. El caso de los periódicos en Andalucía.- The interaction of public in Facebook. The study of newspapers

    María Remedios Guirado Zamora


    Full Text Available En la actualidad vemos como los periódicos, han cambiado su forma de comunicar gracias al uso de herramientas 2.0 como son los Blogs, Wiki´s, RSS o Redes Sociales, entre otras. La aparición de estas herramientas ha generado flujos favorables de información entre el medio y su receptor, que de otra forma hubiesen sido impensables. Además de contribuir a compartir conocimientos y recursos de forma visible, y a ahorrar en gastos a la hora de conseguir todo lo anterior.Los periódicos han dejado atrás el carácter impersonal y estático, que de alguna forma estaba acabando con ellos, para dar paso a una comunicación cada vez más personal, activa y lo que es más importante interactiva.Todos estos cambios están ligados en gran medida a la transformación que ha sufrido el usuario, consumidor de información en los medios de comunicación. Y es que ahora debemos hablar de un nuevo usuario, activo, inconformista, que necesita consumir información actual y cada momento y que a su vez busca participar activamente en esa información a través de sus comentarios.En definitiva lo que se pretende con este estudio es mostrar que la comunicación 2.0 a través del uso de las Redes Sociales como herramientas de comunicación dentro de los medios de comunicación es un hecho.

  17. Los nenes con los zombies, las nenas con los vampiros

    López Corral, Manuela


    En este artículo nos circunscribiremos, dentro de este género literario, a las sagas de reciente salida editorial y, con mayor precisión, a las sagas de novelas románticas para adolescentes tales como Crepúsculo (Stephenie Meyer, 2005), Hush Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick, 2009), Cazadores de Sombras (Cassandra Clare, 2007), Fallen (Lauren Kate, 2010), y otras similares, dejando de lado sagas con otro tipo de particularidades como los citados libros de Harry Potter o los pertenecientes a la trilogía...

  18. Los nenes con los zombies, las nenas con los vampiros

    López Corral, Manuela


    En este artículo nos circunscribiremos, dentro de este género literario, a las sagas de reciente salida editorial y, con mayor precisión, a las sagas de novelas románticas para adolescentes tales como Crepúsculo (Stephenie Meyer, 2005), Hush Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick, 2009), Cazadores de Sombras (Cassandra Clare, 2007), Fallen (Lauren Kate, 2010), y otras similares, dejando de lado sagas con otro tipo de particularidades como los citados libros de Harry Potter o los pertenecientes a la trilogía...

  19. Birth after previous cesarean delivery: short-term maternal outcomes.

    Lydon-Rochelle, Mona T; Cahill, Alison G; Spong, Catherine Y


    An estimated 40% of the 1.3 million cesarean deliveries performed each year in the United States are repeat procedures. The appropriate clinical management approach for women with previous cesarean delivery remains challenging because options are limited. The risks and benefits of clinical management choices in the woman's health need to be quantified. Thus, we discuss the available published scientific data on (1) the short-term maternal outcomes of trial of labor after cesarean and elective repeat cesarean delivery, (2) the differences between outcomes for both, (3) the important factors that influence these outcomes, and (4) successful vs. unsuccessful vaginal birth after cesarean. For women with a previous cesarean delivery, a successful trial of labor offers several distinct, consistently reproducible advantages compared with elective repeat cesarean delivery, including fewer hysterectomies, fewer thromboembolic events, lower blood transfusion rates, and shorter hospital stay. However, when trial of labor after cesarean fails, emergency cesarean is associated with increased uterine rupture, hysterectomy, operative injury, blood transfusion, endometritis, and longer hospital stay. Care of women with a history of previous cesarean delivery involves a confluence of interactions between medical and nonmedical factors; however, the most important determinants of the short-term outcomes among these women are likely individualized counseling, accurate clinical diagnoses, and careful management during a trial of labor. We recommend a randomized controlled trial among women undergoing a TOLAC and a longitudinal cohort study among women with previous cesarean to evaluate adverse outcomes, with focused attention on both mother and the infant.

  20. Los cambios de temperatura en los revestimientos epoxi II

    Fernández Cánovas, M.


    Full Text Available This article is the second part of a previous paper published by the author in no. 189 of this magazine. It describes the tests carried out to check the theoretical results published in the earlier article. The tests have consisted in submitting concrete slabs covered with a layer of epoxi mortar to certain thermal conditions, to check the behaviour of the covering in the face of thermal changes. In all the tests, described in detail in the article, the epoxi layer has behaved extremely well, and no bonding failure has been observed, nor failures in the concrete base or in the epoxi layer.Este artículo es la segunda parte de un trabajo publicado por el autor en el número 189 de esta revista, y en él se realiza una descripción de los ensayos prácticos llevados a cabo para complementar el estudio teórico publicado en aquella primera parte. Los ensayos han consistido en someter a placas de hormigón revestidas de una Kipa de mor tero epoxi a determinadas condiciones térmicas, con el fin de poder comprobar el comportamiento del revestimiento frente a los cambios de temperatura. En todos los ensayos realizados y que, con detalle, están descritos en este artículo, el comportamiento de los revestimientos de mortero epoxi ha sido excelente, no habiéndose notado ningún fallo de adherencia, ni roturas en la base de hormigón, ni en la capa de mortero epoxi.

  1. Estudio de las emociones en los personajes animados de Inside Out/ Study of emotions in the animated characters from Inside Out

    Leticia Porto Pedrosa


    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende mostrar la importancia de investigar las emociones a partir del cine de animación y su influencia en la audiencia infantil. Para ello, se lleva a cabo un recorrido a lo largo del tratamiento y la representación de las emociones encarnadas en los personajes animados de los largometrajes de Pixar. A través de la revisión bibliográfica y el análisis de contenido de la película Inside Out (2015, se profundiza en las principales emociones como la tristeza y la alegría para comprender cuál es el papel social de esta dimensión esencial en el ser humano. The purpose of this paper is to discuss about the importance of investigating the emotions from the cartoon movies and its influence on the child audience. For this, in this article studies the treatment and representation of emotions on the characters of films Pixar Studios. Through literature review and analysis of content of the cartoon movie Inside Out (2015, it delves into the main emotions like sadness and joy to understand what the social role of this essential dimension of the human being.

  2. Application of 129I/127I Ratios in Groundwater Studies Conducted at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico

    Longmire, P.; Dale, M.; Granzow, K.; Yanicak, S. M.


    Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is an operating nuclear site that has released treated effluents from three plutonium-processing facilities since the mid 1940s. The radioisotope 129I (T1/2 = 15.7 Myrs) derived from235U and 239Pu processing at LANL is locally detected in groundwater above background concentrations. This isotope provides a unique tracer for groundwater investigations conducted at LANL that helps to identify source releases linked to groundwater-flow paths in aquifers subject to binary and ternary mixing of natural- and industrial-derived waters containing chromate and other chemicals. Bromide, chlorate, chloride, nitrate, perchlorate, sulfate, and tritium were associated with multiple outfalls at LANL and, therefore, do not provide unique chemical signatures identifying a specific point of release or source. Natural and anthropogenic ratios of 129I/127I measured in groundwater samples collected at LANL were quantified using accelerator mass spectrometry at Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory, Purdue University. Anthropogenic ratios of 129I/127I range from 1,531 X 10-15 to 10,323 X 10-15 within perched-intermediate groundwater present in volcanoclastic and basalt aquifers (210 - 216 m depth). Anthropogenic ratios of 129I/127I range from 359 X 10-15 to 4,350 X 10-15 within the regional aquifer (280 m depth) consisting of volcanoclastic sediments of variable hydraulic properties. Local background ratios of 129I/127I have a narrow range of 171 X 10-15 to 378 X 10-15 in the regional aquifer. Dissolved iodide measured in groundwater at LANL is stable dominantly as iodate. Background concentrations of dissolved iodate (0.1 to 33.2 nM) are less variable compared to anthropogenic iodate (8.0 to 246 nM) in groundwater at the site. Variability in concentrations of anthropogenic iodate is controlled by heterogeneous source releases of iodate over time and non-uniform mixing of groundwater in the different aquifers.

  3. Fertilizer standards for controlling groundwater nitrate pollution from agriculture: El Salobral-Los Llanos case study, Spain

    Peña-Haro, S.; Llopis-Albert, C.; Pulido-Velazquez, M.; Pulido-Velazquez, D.


    SummaryAlthough the legislation on groundwater quality targets pollutant concentration, the effects of measures on non-point source pollution control are often evaluated in terms of their emission reduction potential at the source, not on their capacity of reducing the pollutant concentration in groundwater. This paper applies a hydro-economic modelling framework to an aquifer, El Salobral-Los Llanos aquifer (Mancha Oriental, Spain), where nitrate concentrations higher than those allowed by the EU Water Framework Directive and Groundwater Directive are locally found due to the intense fertilizer use in irrigated crops. The approach allows defining the economically optimal allocation of spatially variable fertilizer standards in agricultural basins using a hydro-economic model that links the fertilizer application with groundwater nitrate concentration at different control sites while maximizing net economic benefits. The methodology incorporates results from agronomic simulations, groundwater flow and transport into a management framework that yields the fertilizer allocation that maximizes benefits in agriculture while meeting the environmental standards. The cost of applying fertilizer standards was estimated as the difference between the private net revenues from actual application and the scenarios generated considering the application of the standards. Furthermore, the cost of applying fertilizer standards was compared with the cost of taxing nitrogen fertilizers in order to reduce the fertilizer use to a level that the nitrate concentration in groundwater was below the limit. The results show the required reduction of fertilizer application in the different crop areas depending on its location with regards to the control sites, crop types and soil-plant conditions, groundwater flow and transport processes, time horizon for meeting the standards, and the cost of implementing such a policy (as forgone benefits). According to the results, a high fertilizer price

  4. A Water Balance Study of Four Landfill Cover Designs at Material Disposal Area B in Los Alamos, New Mexico

    David D. Breshears; Fairley J. Barnes; John W. Nyhan; Johnny A. Salazar


    The goal of disposing of low-level radioactive and hazardous waste in shallow landfills is to reduce risk to human health and the environment by isolating contaminants until they no longer pose an unacceptable hazard. In order to achieve this, the Department of Energy Environmental Restoration Program is comparing the performance of several different surface covers at Material Disposal Area (MDA) B in Los Alamos. Two conventional landfill were compared with an improved cover designed to minimize plant and animal intrusion and to minimize water infiltration into the underlying wastes. The conventional covers varied in depth and both conventional and improved designs had different combinations of vegetation (grass verses shrub) and gravel mulch (no mulch verses mulch). These treatments were applied to each of 12 plots and water balance parameters were measured from March1987 through June 1995. Adding a gravel mulch significantly influenced the plant covered field plots receiving no gravel mulch averaged 21.2% shrub cover, while plots with gravel had a 20% larger percent cover of shrubs. However, the influence of gravel mulch on the grass cover was even larger than the influence on shrub cover, average grass cover on the plots with no gravel was 16.3%, compared with a 42% increase in grass cover due to gravel mulch. These cover relationships are important to reduce runoff on the landfill cover, as shown by a regression model that predicts that as ground cover is increased from 30 to 90%,annual runoff is reduced from 8.8 to 0.98 cm-a nine-fold increase. We also found that decreasing the slope of the landfill cover from 6 to 2% reduced runoff from the landfill cover by 2.7-fold. To minimize the risk of hazardous waste from landfills to humans, runoff and seepage need to be minimized and evapotranspiration maximized on the landfill cover. This has to be accomplished for dry and wet years at MDA B. Seepage consisted of 1.9% and 6.2% of the precipitation in the average and

  5. Subtalar Fusion Rate in Patients With Previous Ipsilateral Ankle Arthrodesis.

    Zanolli, Diego H; Nunley, James A; Easley, Mark E


    Isolated subtalar arthrodesis is generally successful, with reported fusion rates of 84% to 100%. However, alteration of subtalar joint mechanics and talar body vasculature after ankle fusion may negatively influence subsequent ipsilateral subtalar joint fusion. Because there is very limited information on the subtalar fusion rate in patients with previous ipsilateral ankle fusion, the purpose of this study was to describe fusion rates in subtalar joint arthrodesis with and without preexisting ankle fusion in a large consecutive series of primary subtalar arthrodesis cases. All primary subtalar fusions performed between January 2000 and December 2010 were reviewed. Thirteen of 151 consecutive cases were in patients with existing ipsilateral ankle fusions. All patients were evaluated for clinical and radiographic evidence of nonunion at follow-up, and fusion rates in the groups with and without previous ipsilateral ankle fusion were compared. Five nonunions occurred in the 13 cases with prior ipsilateral ankle arthrodesis, a 61.5% fusion rate. Twelve nonunions were identified in the 138 cases without prior ankle arthrodesis, a significantly higher fusion rate of 91.3% (P = .007). In our series, the subtalar fusion rate in patients with previous ipsilateral ankle arthrodesis was significantly lower than that for subtalar arthrodesis in the absence of ipsilateral ankle arthrodesis. Level III, retrospective comparative study. © The Author(s) 2015.

  6. Los viajes de los europeos al extranjero

    Juan Manuel López Sevillano


    Full Text Available En este capítulo se incluyen las últimas mediciones acerca de los viajes y vacaciones que efectuaron los europeos al extranjero entre 1995 y 1997. Comentaremos algunas cuestiones de este estudio que refleja un volumen total de 250 millones de viajes en 1995 y de 270 millones de viajes en 1997, lo que supone un aumento del 7% en dos años, cifras que continúan en aumento, aunque la mayoría de los viajeros europeos que efectúan más viajes pertenecen a países desarrollados de la Unión Europea y en menor medida a los países del Este. Entre las preferencias europeas esta el viajar por Europa, ocupando el primer lugar España (que en estas fechas se consolidó como el país más visitado de Europa y en segundo lugar Francia, además de otros países de la Europa Mediterránea como lugares preferidos por los europeos

  7. Los presupuestos del Concurso

    Línea de Investigación “De la Crisis Empresarial


    Full Text Available Este escrito es el resultado de uno de los proyectos de investigación adelantados por el Departamento de Derecho Comercial de la Universidad Externado de Colombia. En el se hace una aproximación histórica a los presupuestos para acceder a los trámites concursales en Perú, Argentina y España, analizándolos desde los puntos doctrinal, académico y legal.Así mismo, es parte integrante de un trabajo más amplio que pretende elaborar un documento contentivo del tratamiento que se da a los presupuestos concursales a nivel mundial.En este orden de ideas, nos permitimos presentar un análisis minucioso de la legislación de los citados países iberoamericanos.

  8. Los presupuestos del Concurso

    Línea de Investigación “De la Crisis Empresarial


    Full Text Available Este escrito es el resultado de uno de los proyectos de investigación adelantados por el Departamento de Derecho Comercial de la Universidad Externado de Colombia. En el se hace una aproximación histórica a los presupuestos para acceder a los trámites concursales en Perú, Argentina y España, analizándolos desde los puntos doctrinal, académico y legal.Así mismo, es parte integrante de un trabajo más amplio que pretende elaborar un documento contentivo del tratamiento que se da a los presupuestos concursales a nivel mundial. En este orden de ideas, nos permitimos presentar un análisis minucioso de la legislación de los citados países iberoamericanos.

  9. cultural de los chicanos

    Patricia Casasa


    Full Text Available En Estados Unidos los diferentes grupos étnicos de habla hispana, entre ellos los chicanos, se enfrentan al problema de definir su identidad frente a la cultura anglosajona dominante, y este proceso puede ser descrito como un fenómeno de autoreconocimiento colectivo, o sea, la percepción diferencial de una colectividad suficientemente integrada y consistente, en contraposición con otras. Cualquier elemento que integra una configuración cultural, como son las pautas de comportamiento, los estilos de vida, las fiestas, los cantos, los mitos, los usos del ceremonial laico y religioso, la organización social del espacio, el lenguaje, la vida cotidiana o la utilización y percepción del medio físico, etcétera, pueden desempeñar este papel.

  10. Das séries aos ciclos de estudos: o desafio da (descontinuidade De los grados a los ciclos de estudios: el desafío de la (descontinuidad From grades to study cycles: the challenge of the (discontinuity

    Doralice Aparecida Paranzini Gorni


    ón formativa en su cotidiano. Este trabajo ha sido basado en una encuesta cualitativa que propuso la adecuación de la evaluación del alumno a la de la escuela en ciclos de estudios e fue realizado de 2004 a 2006 en cuatro etapas: grupo de estudios realizado con el profesorado del 1º al 4º grados juntamente con el cuadro técnico-pedagógico de dicha escuela; asesoramiento individual al profesorado para trabajarse en la planificación anual y bimestral; elaboración de fichas para el acompañamiento del desempeño de los alumnos; asesoramiento al profesorado cuanto al relleno de las fichas de sus respectivas clases, además de la realización de reuniones mensuales para evaluarse y encaminar las dificultades encontradas, visando la construcción de un instrumento que posibilitara la elaboración de un método de evaluación continuado y reflexivo, integrado a la práctica pedagógica. Se obtuvo un resultado positivo junto a 50% del profesorado. Es necesario resaltar la necesidad de hacer el profesorado efectivo en las escuelas por mediante la elaboración de políticas que combatan el elevado grado rotativo de profesores y que les garanticen condiciones para que ellos se envuelvan en proyectos que contribuyan para la mejoría de la calidad de la práctica pedagógica y para enfrentar las dificultades existentes en el cotidiano de la escuela.During the 1980's, the reorganization of the Brazilian traditional grades of elementary school into cycles began, based on the principle of enlarging the students' learning period and on the idea of continuity. This study aimed to investigate the evaluation practices in a public school organized in cycles, as well as the necessary conditions to implement the formative assessment in their daily lives. A qualitative study held from 2004 to 2006 proposed the adequacy of the students' evaluation. The research was developed in four stages: a study group with the teachers and the technical-pedagogical body was carried out; assistance to


    Leonor del Carmen Leyva Vidal


    Full Text Available Several specialists of different sciences consider indispensable what it results the reading ability and to comprehend a text to obtain satisfactory results in a university context. Even some have considered that it is a subject in the curriculum. Each age of life has specific demands. It is a learning that goes with and enriches the existence. Culture, sensitivity and intelligence get involved in the capacity of transforming the text in an adventure, in enjoyment and experience. Each person has an experience relate with reading, but actually it is a process that requires a previous preparation to be able to figure out the keys of a text. Different theories about reading confirm that exits several and many ways of the reader has an approach or a distance with the text, which it carries out to supply of a literary culture or to lack definitely of it. With these theoretical and practical background is present the experiences linked in the university to motivate the pleasure for the reading and to offer useful suggestions to obtain that students become in better readers. It is undoubted that reading promotes complete persons; conversation, disposed people; and the writing ability with clarity and correction, precise people. RESUMEN Muchos especialistas de diferentes ciencias consideran lo indispensable que resulta la habilidad de leer y comprender el texto para lograr resultados satisfactorios en el contexto universitario, incluso algunos han considerado que sea una asignatura dentro de los planes de estudio. Cada edad de la vida tiene exigencias específicas. Es un aprendizaje que acompaña y enriquece la existencia. No por gusto el maestro afirmo: “Sabe más quien lee más.” Cultura, sensibilidad e inteligencia intervienen en la capacidad de transformar el texto en una aventura, en disfrute y vivencia. Cada uno tiene una experiencia relacionada con la lectura, pero realmente es un proceso que requiere de preparación previa para poder

  12. en los nuevos medios

    Jaime Alonso


    Full Text Available El presente artículo se plantea como objetivo mostrar algunas consideraciones acerca de una investigación realizada durante los años 2000-2004 sobre los procesos de comunicación en Internet, que se centró en el análisis de los “nuevos medios”: diarios digitales, buscadores y directorios, portales, comunidades virtuales, redes ciudadanas y bitácoras. La investigación desplegó una metodología fundamentalmente exploratoria, debido a la ausencia de investigaciones de carácter general sobre la cuestión –dada la novedad que implica Internet– , y se basó en el análisis de varios parámetros: análisis de los objetivos de los medios, contenidos (tipologías y sujetos (actividades de los sujetos en los medios. En este artículo se comentan, exclusivamente, algunas ideas referidas a este tercer parámetro: la actividad de los sujetos en los nuevos medios.

  13. Los niños y los videojuegos

    Orrego Gaviria, Jaime; Fundación Valle de Lili


    Los niños y los videojuegos / Efectos perjudiciales de la utilización de los videojuegos por los niños y adolescentes/ Efectos benéficos de la de la utilización de los videojuegos por los niños y adolescentes/ Recomendaciones para favorecer el uso adecuado/ Sistema de clasificación de los videojuegos

  14. Opportunity in our Ignorance: Urban Biodiversity Study Reveals 30 New Species and One New Nearctic Record for Megaselia (Diptera: Phoridae) in Los Angeles (California, USA).

    Hartop, Emily A; Brown, Brian V; Disney, R Henry L


    An urban biodiversity study sampling primarily from private backyards in Los Angeles, California (USA), reveals the presence of fifty-six species of Megaselia within the first few months of sampling. Thirty of these are described as new to science: M. armstrongorum, M. bradyi, M. brejchaorum, M. carthayensis, M. ciancii, M. creasoni, M. defibaughorum, M. donahuei, M. francoae, M. fujiokai, M. hardingorum, M. heini, M. hentschkeae, M. hoffmanorum, M. hoggorum, M. hoguei, M. isaacmajorum, M. kelleri, M. lombardorum, M. marquezi, M. mikejohnsoni, M. oxboroughae, M. pisanoi, M. renwickorum, M. rodriguezorum, M. sacatelensis, M. seaverorum, M. sidneyae, M. steptoeae, and M. wiegmanae. M. largifrontalis is newly reported from the Nearctic Region. The implications these findings have for future taxonomic work in Megaselia, particularly in urban areas, are discussed.

  15. Estudio tribológico comparativo de los Babbits Fórmula V y B-16 // Babbits comparative Study About Fórmulas V and B-16

    M. Díaz Díaz


    Full Text Available En el trabajo se realiza un estudio comparativo del coeficiente de fricción de los Babbits, fórmula V y B-16, así como lainfluencia que ejerce sobre estos la presión de trabajo y el ángulo de contacto entre el cojinete y el árbol, determinándose lasexpresiones empíricas que rigen esta relación para ambos materiales antifricción.Palabras claves: Babbi t s, presión, angulo de contacto, coj inetes de desl izamiento._________________________________________________________________________________AbstractIn this work is made a comparative study about the friction coefficients of Babbits metals, Fórmula V and B-16, taking intoaccost influence the pressure and contact angle between shaft and bearing. Empirical relations for both antifriction materials aregiven.Key words: Babbi t s, pressure, contact angle, plain bearings

  16. Los otros signos

    Sáez, Carlos


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to study the signs and symbols that appear in the hispanic medieval documents and manuscripts whose form does not derive from the word subscripsi or from the cross. These signs and symbols have usually been considered simply as mere elements to validate the charters. However, these elements were useful as a mean of visual communication between the high classes, able to generate charters, and the rest of medieval society, the majority illiterate.

    Este trabajo se enmarca en el proyecto de investigación Usos, prácticas y modelos de conservación de lo escrito en la península ibérica entre los siglos XI a XVII, n° de referencia BHA 2002-02541, financiado por el Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, dirigido por Carlos Sáez (Universidad de Alcalá.

  17. Los estudios en los seminarios españoles del siglo XIX. El ejemplo de la diócesis compostelana

    Vázquez Vilanova, José Antonio


    Full Text Available Taking the seminar of Santiago as the pattern, firstly I have tried to establish the main guidelines followed for the training of the Spanish seminarists during the 19th century. In order to do so, besides indicating the evolution brought about and the changes formed by the apparition of the seminar on the previous system, other questions have also been tackled, such as the way studies are structured, taught subjects, ideological orientations, or the methodology used. At the same time, the application and improvement level shown by the students has been taken into account both by the exams'results and by the academic years involved and the grades obtained.

    Tomando el Seminario de Santiago como modelo, he tratado primeramente de establecer cuáles fueron las principales pautas seguidas para la formación de los seminaristas españoles durante el siglo XIX. Para ello, además de indicar la evolución que respecto al sistema anterior supuso la aparición del seminario, se han abordado cuestiones referidas a la estructura de los estudios, asignaturas impartidas, orientaciones ideológicas o metodología empleada. Por su parte, el nivel de aplicación y aprovechamiento mostrado por los alumnos ha sido abordado tanto por los resultados de los exámenes como por los años cursados y calificaciones obtenidas.

  18. Study of the effects of radon in three biological systems; Estudio de los efectos del radon en tres sistemas biologicos

    Tavera, L. [Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Av. Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas No. 152, Edif. 23, Col. San Mateo Atepehuacan, 07730 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Balcazar, M.; Lopez, A.; Brena, M. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, A.P. 18-1027, 11801 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Rosa, M.E. De la [Facultad de Quimica, UNAM, 04510 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Villalobos P, R. [Centro de Estudios de la Atmosfera, UNAM, 04510 Mexico D.F. (Mexico)


    The radon and its decay products are responsible of the 3/4 parts of the exposure of the persons to the environmental radiation. The discovery at the end of XIX Century of the illnesses, mainly of cancer, which appeared in the presence of radon, lead to an accelerated growing of the radon studies: monitoring, dosimetry, effects on the persons, etc. Several epidemiological studies of radon in miners and population in general have been realized; advancing in the knowledge about the concentration-lung cancer risk relationship, but with discrepancies in the results depending on the concentration levels. Therefor, studies which consuming time, efforts and money go on doing. The research of the radon effects in biological systems different to human, allows to realize studies in less time, in controlled conditions and generally at lower cost, generating information about the alpha radiation effects in the cellular field. Therefor it was decided to study the response of three biological systems exposed to radon: an unicellular bacteria Escherichia Coli which was exposed directly to alpha particles from an electrodeposited source for determining the sensitivity limit of the chose technique. A plant, Tradescantia, for studying the cytogenetic effect of the system exposed to controlled concentrations of radon. An insect, Drosophila Melanogaster, for studying the genetic effects and the accumulated effects in several generations exposed to radon. In this work the experimental settlements are presented for the expositions of the systems and the biological results commenting the importance of these. (Author)

  19. Los apoyos en los centros docentes


    Se describen las funciones del maestro de pedagogía terapéutica y de audición y lenguaje y de los educadores en la normativa de la Comunidad Valenciana. maestro de pedagogía terapéutica, maestro de audición y lenguaje, educadores

  20. Estudio in vitro sobre los efectos de la cocaína sobre los tejidos duros del diente In vitro study on the effects of cocaine on the hard tissues of the tooth

    Eduvigis Solórzano Navarro


    Full Text Available El uso de los derivados de la cocaína es un problema de salud pública en continuo crecimiento. Estas drogas son frecuentemente frotadas sobre la mucosa gingival, pero sus efectos son poco conocidos y de difícil diagnóstico. Con este trabajo se pretende demostrar in vitro, que la aplicación por frotación de la cocaína sobre la superficie dentaria produce erosión del esmalte. Se seleccionaron 30 dientes sanos, distribuidos aleatoriamente en 3 grupos, a los cuales se frotó sobre la superficie vestibular clorhidrato de cocaína, basuco y limón (grupo control respectivamente, durante 40 semanas. Las lesiones más características observadas fueron fractura y pérdida de sustancia dura, demostrando así que la aplicación tópica y continua de drogas en cavidad bucal produce lesiones en los tejidos duros del diente.The use of cocaine derivatives is an increasingly growing public health problem. These drugs are frequently rubbed on the gingival mucosa, but their efffects are little known and difficult to be diagnosed. This paper pretends to prove in vitro that the rubbing of cocaine on the dental surface produces enamel erosion. 30 healthy teeth were selected and distributed at random into 3 groups that were rubbed cocaine hydrochloride, bazuko and lemon (control group on the vestibular surface, respectively, during 40 weeks. The most observed characteristic lesions were fracture and loss of the dental hard substance, which showed that the topical and continual application of drugs on the oral cavity causes lesions in the hard tissues of the tooth.

  1. Relación entre los niveles de compuestos volátiles sulfurados con los niveles de RANKL y OPG en pacientes con periodontitis crónica moderada o severa: Estudio transversal Relationship between the levels of volatile sulfur compounds with the levels of RANKL and OPG in patients with moderate or severe periodontitis: A cross sectional study

    D Prieto Damm


    Full Text Available Antecedentes: El efecto de los Compuestos Volátiles Sulfurados (CVS sobre los tejidos periodontales, específicamente a nivel del eje RANKL/OPG, no ha sido dilucidado y en la actualidad existe escasa literatura al respecto publicada. Objetivo: Evaluar si los CVS medidos en la cavidad oral de pacientes con periodontitis crónica moderada a severa se relacionan con la expresión de RANKL y OPG a nivel de fluido gingival crevicular (FGC. Método: Se realizó un estudio transversal con 71 pacientes derivados de la Unidad de Diagnóstico de la Clínica Odontológica Docente Asistencial de la Universidad de los Andes. Posterior a la realización de un examen periodontal completo se tomaron muestra de los niveles de CVS de la boca de los pacientes mediante un monitor de sulfuros y muestras de FGC para evaluar los niveles de RANKL y OPG mediante test de ELISA. Los datos obtenidos fueron analizados mediante test de correlación de Spearman. Resultados: Al evaluar la correlación de los niveles de CVS con los niveles de RANKL, OPG y la razón RANKL/OPG, se observó un R de 0.098 con un p value = 0.41; -0.084 con un p value= 0.48 y 0.067 con un p value = 0.57 respectivamente. Conclusiones: El presente estudio no pudo demostrar si existe una relación entre los niveles de CVS con la expresión de RANKL y OPG en el FGC de pacientes con periodontitis crónica.Background: The effect of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC on the periodontal tissues, specifically at the RANKL/OPG level has not been elucidate and there is little literature published on this subject. Aim: To explore if the VSC levels measured in the oral cavity of patients with moderate or severe chronic periodontitis are correlated with the expression of RANKL and OPG at the gingival fluid level (GF. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted with 71 patients referred by the Universidad de los Andes’s dentistry diagnosis department. After undergoing full-mouth periodontal exam, levels of CVS

  2. Los libros de los moriscos y los eruditos orientales

    Rodríguez Mediano, Fernando


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to show how the Orientalist scholarship of Christian Arabs who had come to Spain from the Middle East (via Italy adressed the literature of the Moriscos, to examine how it was understood by such scholars and what they used it for. We show that these scholars, from among whom we have chosen the examples of Marcus Dobelius and Miguel Casiri, could not carry out their Orientalist work using the Arabic manuscripts of the El Escorial library without confronting the Morisco problem in the form of Morisco texts held in several collections confiscated by the Inquisition. The knowledge and activities of these Moriscos served to trace the broad outlines of an intellectual history of the Arabic language in Europe, in which Morisco activity was interppreted in relation to its linguistic and doctrinal variables. This was achieved by means of the construction of a scholarly discipline (Orientalism at a time of religious polemic between the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, i.e. during the period of the development of religious dissidence and skepticism in early modern Europe.Pretendemos, en este trabajo, mostrar cómo la erudición orientalista de árabes cristianos venidos a España desde Oriente (a través de Italia se aproximó a la literatura de los moriscos, cómo la entendió y para qué la utilizó. Mostramos que estos eruditos, de entre los que elegimos los casos de Marcos Dobelio y Miguel Casiri, no pudieron realizar su trabajo orientalista, que se basa en una fuerte vinculación con los manuscritos árabes de la Biblioteca de El Escorial, sin evitar el problema morisco en forma de su producción escrita aparecida en diversos fondos requisados por la Inquisición. Sus saberes y su actividad sirven para trazar los contornos amplios de una historia intelectual de la lengua árabe en Europa, en la que el hecho morisco es interpretado en función de sus variables lingüsticas y doctrinales, a partir de la constitución de

  3. Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Hammel, Edward F., Jr.


    Current and post World War II scientific research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico) is discussed. The operation of the laboratory, the Los Alamos consultant program, and continuation education, and continuing education activities at the laboratory are also discussed. (JN)

  4. Los pasos cantados

    Eduardo Carranza


    Full Text Available EL documento presenta los siguientes poemas: "Los pasos cantados"; "La patria es como una carta..."; "Preludio para un himno a la bandera de Colombia"; "El extranjero"; "Romanza con unas violetas"; "Nueva Kasida del vino"; "Día lejano"; "Decir amor"; "Hacia la soledad"; "El  capitan siembra una espada" y "El poeta canta desde lo alto de un caballo".


    R. Sh. Saitgareev


    Full Text Available Heart Transplantation (HTx to date remains the most effective and radical method of treatment of patients with end-stage heart failure. The defi cit of donor hearts is forcing to resort increasingly to the use of different longterm mechanical circulatory support systems, including as a «bridge» to the follow-up HTx. According to the ISHLT Registry the number of recipients underwent cardiopulmonary bypass surgery increased from 40% in the period from 2004 to 2008 to 49.6% for the period from 2009 to 2015. HTx performed in repeated patients, on the one hand, involves considerable technical diffi culties and high risks; on the other hand, there is often no alternative medical intervention to HTx, and if not dictated by absolute contradictions the denial of the surgery is equivalent to 100% mortality. This review summarizes the results of a number of published studies aimed at understanding the immediate and late results of HTx in patients, previously underwent open heart surgery. The effect of resternotomy during HTx and that of the specifi c features associated with its implementation in recipients previously operated on open heart, and its effects on the immediate and long-term survival were considered in this review. Results of studies analyzing the risk factors for perioperative complications in repeated recipients were also demonstrated. Separately, HTx risks after implantation of prolonged mechanical circulatory support systems were examined. The literature does not allow to clearly defi ning the impact factor of earlier performed open heart surgery on the course of perioperative period and on the prognosis of survival in recipients who underwent HTx. On the other hand, subject to the regular fl ow of HTx and the perioperative period the risks in this clinical situation are justifi ed as a long-term prognosis of recipients previously conducted open heart surgery and are comparable to those of patients who underwent primary HTx. Studies

  6. los recursos culturales tangibles

    Isabel Montero Muradas


    Full Text Available La formulación de estrategias de marketing de turismo cultural necesita una correcta evaluación de los recursos culturales tangibles disponibles para el soporte de las mismas. En esta investigación se desarrolla una metodología, basada en el Modelo de Rasch, para el diseño un instrumento de medida que nos permita jerarquizar, a partir de su nivel de disponibilidad, tanto los recursos culturales, como los municipios en que están ubicados. Los datos utilizados corresponden a los municipios de la Comunidad canaria registrados en la Guía de Recursos y Espacios Culturales de las Islas Canarias

  7. Los Corregidores de Castilla bajo los Austrias: Elementos para el Estudio Prosopográfico de un Grupo de Poder (1588-1633 The «corregidores» of Castile under the Habsburgs: Elements for the prosopographical study of a power elite (1588-1633

    José Ignacio FORTEA PÉREZ


    Full Text Available Este artículo trata de hacer un análisis prosopográfico de los corregidores castellanos en el periodo 1588-1633. El autor traza un esbozo general del origen de los corregidores, de su perfil social, de las trayectorias vitales y profesionales de los candidatos y de las razones que determinaron su nombramiento. Este fue el resultado de un proceso de decisión complejo en el que el origen social, la capacitación profesional y la experiencia previa en oficios de gobierno y de justicia de los candidatos se combinaron con sus conexiones familiares y políticas, la gracia real y el servicio a la Corona para producir un tipo de corregidor socialmente homogéneo en el que la condición de caballero acabó convirtiéndose en su rasgo más característico.This article tries to make a prosopographical analysis of the Castilian corregidores appointed by the Crown in the period 1588-1633. It draws a general draft about their origin, their social profile and their professional and political activities, concluding with an analysis of the reasons that led to their appointment by the Crown. This was the result of a complex decision process in which social background, professional training and previous experience of the candidates were combined with their family and political connections, the royal grace and the service to the Crown in order to produce a socially homogeneous type of corregidor in which his hidalgo condition eventually became its most characteristic feature.

  8. Seismologic study of Los Humeros geothermal field, Puebla, Mexico. Part II: Seismic tomography by attenuation of coda waves (Qc-1) of local earthquakes; Estudio sismologico del campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico. Parte II: Tomografia sismica por atenuacion a partir de ondas de coda (Qc-1) de sismos locales

    Antayhua, Yanet; Lermo, Javier [Instituto de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, D.F (Mexico); Carlos, Vargas [Departamento de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)]. E-mail:


    In the Los Humeros geothermal field, Puebla, seismic tomography has been studied using the attenuation of coda waves (Qc{sup -1}). Ninety-five local earthquakes (Md{<=}3.6) have been used with depths up to 4.0 km registered in the seismic network stations from December 1997 to December 2004. A simple backscattering model was used, filtered in four ranks of frequencies (2, 4, 6, and 8 Hz) and one window of 5 seconds. For the 3D-representation, we used an approximation based on first-order scattering of ellipsoids. The results show that values of Qc for the used frequencies have a frequency dependency shown in the equation: Qc=24{+-}12f{sup 0.86}{+-}{sup 0.06}, where the low values of Qc were observed in the zone of higher seismic and tectonic activity and in the location of injection and production wells. The high values are located in the periphery of the geothermal field. The distribution of the Qc{sup -1} attenuation in 3D and 2D shows the anomalies of high-seismic attenuation are located in the north, south, and southwestern ends of the zone presently under operation, at depths greater than 2.5 km. [Spanish] Para realizar la tomografia sismica por atenuacion de ondas de coda (Qc{sup -1}) en el campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla, se han utilizado 95 sismos locales (Md{<=}3.6) con profundidades hasta 4.0 km, registrados en las estaciones de su red sismica, durante el periodo de diciembre 1997 a diciembre 2004. Se utilizo el modelo de retrodispersion simple, filtrados en cuatro rangos de frecuencias (2, 4, 6, y 8 Hz) y una ventana de 5 segundos. Para la representacion en 3D, se utilizo una aproximacion basada en elipsoides que representan dispersion de primer orden. Los resultados muestran que los valores de Qc para las frecuencias utilizadas tienen una dependencia con la frecuencia de la forma: Qc=24{+-}12f{sup 0.86}{+-}{sup 0.06}, donde los valores bajos de Qc fueron observados en la zona de mayor actividad sismica y en la ubicacion de pozos inyectores y




    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to see the fetomaternal outcome of pregnancy with previous cesarean section. METHODS: This study was conducted in the department of OBGYN, BARC Hospital, Mumbai from October 2011 to September 2012, a period of one year. All the pregnant women with previous one cesarean section attending ANC clinic for confinement were included in the study group after giving consent. RESULTS: Out of total75 cases, a total of 23 patients (30.67% were given trial of labor. Out of 23 patients given trial of labor, 12 patients (52.17% had successful VBAC. Commonest indication for unsuccessful trial of labor undergoing repeat cesarean section was non-progress of labor (54.55% and failed IOL (36.67%. Out of 12 patients who had successful VBAC, 3 patients (25% had complication like episiotomy hematoma, perineal tear and cervical tear. No patients had major complications. In present study no baby had apgar score <7 at 1min and 5 min in VBAC group and elective LSCS group. CONCLUSION: The current study concludes that women with a prior cesarean are at increased risk for repeat cesarean section. Vigilance with respect to indication at primary cesarean delivery, proper counseling for trial of labor and proper antepartum and intrapartum monitoring of patients, are key to reducing the cesarean section rates. The antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum complications are more in repeat cesarean section cases. There is no doubt that a trial of labor is a relatively safe procedure, but it is not risk free. Therefore, patient evaluation prior to TOLAC, careful observation throughout labor in a well-equipped unit with around the clock services for emergency surgery and availability of expertise is the backbone for successful VBAC.

  10. Product and market study for Los Alamos National Laboratory. Building resources for technology commercialization: The SciBus Analytical, Inc. paradigm



    The study project was undertaken to investigate how entrepreneurial small businesses with technology licenses can develop product and market strategies sufficiently persuasive to attract resources and exploit commercialization opportunities. The study attempts to answer two primary questions: (1) What key business development strategies are likely to make technology transfers successful, and (2) How should the plan best be presented in order to attract resources (e.g., personnel, funding, channels of distribution)? In the opinion of the investigator, Calidex Corporation, if the business strategies later prove to be successful, then the plan model has relevance for any technology licensee attempting to accumulate resources and bridge from technology resident in government laboratories to the commercial marketplace. The study utilized SciBus Analytical, Inc. (SciBus), a Los Alamos National Laboratory CRADA participant, as the paradigm small business technology licensee. The investigator concluded that the optimum value of the study lay in the preparation of an actual business development plan for SciBus that might then have, hopefully, broader relevance and merit for other private sector technology transfer licensees working with various Government agencies.

  11. Evaluation of Bilingual Intercultural Approach in Indigenous Primary Education: Case Study in the Indigenous Region Los Altos, Chiapas

    José Viveros-Márquez


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to evaluate the implementation of the EIB (Bilingual Intercultural approach, by its acronym in Spanish in an elementary indigenous school located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. This school is characterized by the cultural and linguistic diversity represented by the integration of teachers, students and parents of tseltal and tsotsil origin. We use the evaluation model CIPP (context, input, process and product and complemented it with school ethnography, using semi-structured interviews (director and supervisor, participant observation (classroom sessions, focus group interviews to teachers and parents and a sociolinguistic questionnaire to students. The theoretical framework retrieves the core theoretical elements of the EIB, by reviewing and analysing bilingual education, bilingual bicultural education (biculturalism, pedagogical interculturalism and the intercultural bilingual approach. The main findings of this study show that, in practice, intercultural bilingual indigenous education has not transcended the bilingual dimension (the indigenous language teaching. Interculturalism is not yet clearly integrated in the speech nor in the educational practice of the studied school. The EIB implementation is still limited and responds to sociocultural, linguistic, political, educational and teacher training conditions that characterize the local educational context and are not favorable to enhance the effective implementation of the EIB in the primary school.

  12. Children’s Oral Communication in English Class Activities: An Exploratory Study La comunicación oral de los niños en actividades de una clase de inglés: Un estudio exploratorio

    Alexandra Correal


    Full Text Available It is important that teachers fully equip students with the skills needed to communicate effectively in the target language so that they can share and exchange their ideas, feelings, opinions, etc. This article reports on a study aimed at examining the development of children’s oral communication in English and the way in which the activities and the teacher’s roles created or expanded students’ opportunities for learning. Data collection techniques included field notes, audio and video recordings and two interviews to the teacher. The study revealed that children’s oral production was possible thanks to the teacher’s efforts to provide children with topics and activities closely related to the students’ particular interests and needs. Likewise, the teacher created an appropriate learning environment in which children were challenged to use English in meaningful ways.Es importante que los maestros faciliten a sus estudiantes las habilidades necesarias para comunicarse efectivamente en la lengua extranjera, de tal forma que puedan compartir e intercambiar sus ideas, sentimientos, opiniones, etc. Este artículo reporta sobre un estudio encaminado a examinar el desarrollo de la comunicación oral de los niños en inglés y de la forma en que las actividades y los roles del profesor crearon y ampliaron las oportunidades de aprendizaje de los niños. Las técnicas de recolección de datos incluyeron notas de campo, grabaciones de audio y video y dos entrevistas a la profesora participante. El estudio reveló que la producción oral de los niños fue posible gracias a los esfuerzos de la profesora para brindarles temas y actividades estrechamente relacionados con sus intereses y necesidades particulares. Así mismo, la profesora creó un ambiente de aprendizaje apropiado en el cual los niños usaron el inglés de manera significativa.

  13. Study of Ami Maka Ana ( Traditional Fermented Buffalo Milk as Nutritional Food at Los Palos East Timor

    I Made Sugitha


    Full Text Available The study was conducted  to determine the public attitude toward the existence of traditional food ami maka-ana (AMAprepared by addition of maka wele( alip-bark in to buffalo milk at Locales. The method used were explorative and laboratory research, for determining the location was based on the method of purposive sampling, in which 4 villages  in the sub district of Locales was chosen as the location of the study. The samples of AMA were collected from each village which were tested organoleptically and chemical composition at  Food Nutrition Laboratory of FTP-Unud Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.  The results showed that Panelists were like the taste and overall acceptance by its characteristics such as moisture ( 50.15%,  ash ( 2.00%, protein (18.15%, fat( 20.78%, lactose( 3.68%, total acidity( 0.86%,,  total solids ( 49.95% ,   total solids non fat ( 34.71%,  total count (5.65 x 104 CFU/g and lactic acid bacteria ( 2.15 x 104 CFU/g.

  14. CÁNCER Y TERAPÉUTICA CON PRODUCTOS DE LA COLMENA. REVISIÓN SISTEMÁTICA DE LOS ESTUDIOS EXPERIMENTALES Cancer therapy with bee products. Systematic review of experimental studies

    Andrés Jagua-Gualdrón


    Full Text Available Antecedentes. Los productos de la colmena se han utilizados desde hace más de dos milenios con fines terapéuticos. Conceptos teóricos basados en la composición de los productos hacen pensar que podrían ser de utilidad en el manejo del cáncer. Objetivo. Resumir la evidencia experimental disponible en la actualidad sobre el uso de los productos de la colmena en el manejo del cáncer. Material y métodos. Se realizó una revisión sistemática de los estudios experimentales publicados a través de las bibliotecas digitales PUBMED, LiLACS y OVID en los cuales se evaluara la utilidad del uso de los distintos productos de la colmena sobre cultivos de células tumorales o sobre modelos animales de cáncer. Se realizó un análisis cualitativo de la información y se construyeron tablas de resumen. Resultados. La búsqueda arrojó un total de 391 resultados de los cuales únicamente 55 cumplieron los criterios de inclusión. El veneno de abejas, la miel y el propóleo son los productos con un mayor número de publicaciones. La mayoría son estudios in vitro y son pocos los modelos en animales realizado. Se describen los mecanismos de acción a través de los cuales estos podrían llegar a ejercer acciones farmacológicas útiles en el manejo del cáncer. Conclusión. La aplicación de los productos de la colmena en el cáncer es un campo incipiente pero prometedor de investigación. Existe evidencia experimental que documenta la plausibilidad biológica de este uso. Es necesario realizar modelos animales que permitan describir el comportamiento de los productos y documentar su seguridad y utilidad terapéutica en el cáncer.Background. The beehive products have been used for more than two millennia with therapeutic purposes. Theoretical models based on the composition of products suggest that might be useful in cancer management. Objective. To summarize experimental evidence available to date on the use of beehive products in cancer management

  15. 22 CFR 40.91 - Certain aliens previously removed.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Certain aliens previously removed. 40.91... IMMIGRANTS UNDER THE IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT, AS AMENDED Aliens Previously Removed § 40.91 Certain aliens previously removed. (a) 5-year bar. An alien who has been found inadmissible, whether as a result...

  16. de los derechos humanos

    Javier Pardo Falcón


    Full Text Available A pesar de su uso en determinados foros políticos con connotaciones claramente negativas, el término globalización tiene un significado neutro que también puede hacer referencia a fines de bondad indudable. Así, tanto la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos como otros instrumentos internacionales aprobados por las Naciones Unidas son normas jurídicas globalizadoras, surgidas con la idea de extender la vigencia de los derechos básicos de la persona a todos los países del mundo. Desde esta otra visión de la globalización, conseguir la efectiva vigencia de los derechos humanos en los países de Centroamérica resulta una tarea particularmente urgente y necesaria. En efecto, salvo Costa Rica, que puede considerarse una afortunada excepción en la turbulenta historia política centroamericana, todos los demás Estados de la región comparten un pasado marcado por los graves conflictos internos y el escaso desarrollo económico, circunstancias ambas que explican en buena parte un presente caracterizado por la debilidad de las instituciones, la falta de cohesión social y, en consecuencia, la insuficiente garantía de los derechos más básicos de la mayoría de la población. En este contexto, y desde su compromiso con la mejora de las condiciones materiales de vida de sus conciudadanos menos favorecidos, seis autores y autoras centroamericanos abordan, desde distintas perspectivas, la situación actual de los derechos fundamentales en sus respectivos países.

  17. La Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje de los Números Complejos: un Estudio en el Nivel Universitario (Teaching and Learning of Complex Numbers: A Study at University Level

    Tomás Pardo


    Full Text Available Presentamos algunos de los resultados más relevantes de un estudio sobre la problemática de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de los números complejos. El estudio se ha dirigido a recabar información para sustentar sugerencias de intervención en las pautas educativas en relación con esta temática. We present some of the most relevant results of a study concerning the teaching and learning of complex numbers. The study is focused on collecting data to support suggestions for teaching interventions related to this content.

  18. A Descriptive Study to Determine the Level of Crisis Preparedness Frontline Leaders Are Trained to Perform during an Exploding Crisis in Los Angeles County Healthcare Facilities, Providing Emergency Services

    Corbaley, Salomay Rose


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the level of crisis leadership preparedness facility administrators report frontline healthcare leaders are trained to perform during an exploding crisis in Los Angeles County healthcare facilities, providing emergency services. Methodology: This was a mixed method descriptive study. The…

  19. Influence of Previous Knowledge in Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking

    María Aranguren


    Full Text Available The aim of this work is to analyze the influence of study field, expertise and recreational activities participation in Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT, 1974 performance. Several hypotheses were postulated to explore the possible effects of previous knowledge in TTCT verbal and TTCT figural university students’ outcomes. Participants in this study included 418 students from five study fields: Psychology;Philosophy and Literature, Music; Engineering; and Journalism and Advertising (Communication Sciences. Results found in this research seem to indicate that there in none influence of the study field, expertise and recreational activities participation in neither of the TTCT tests. Instead, the findings seem to suggest some kind of interaction between certain skills needed to succeed in specific studies fields and performance on creativity tests, such as the TTCT. These results imply that TTCT is a useful and valid instrument to measure creativity and that some cognitive process involved in innovative thinking can be promoted using different intervention programs in schools and universities regardless the students study field.

  20. Trends in olive fruit handling previous to its industrial transformation

    Ferguson, Louise


    Full Text Available Until the 1940s, when production economics and labor shortages became pressing, olives around the world were hand harvested. Despite 60 years of research, mechanical. There are two major reasons for this. First, trees over 20 years old are too tall and poorly structured for mechanical harvesting. Second, mechanical harvesting research for table olive production has not been sufficiently focused on the final goal, processed fruit quality. For oil olives, which are physiologically mature at harvest and require less removal force, advances in both trunk shaking and picker head technology are advancing rapidly. Also, as olive oil is enjoying a renaissance around the world new orchards are being planted in the hedgerows that facilitate mechanical harvesting. For table olives however, mechanical harvesting is still in the developmental stage. The research being done now, unlike earlier work, focuses on the parallel goals of efficient fruit removal and final processed product quality. Within 10 years most olive oil orchards of suitable tree size and shape will be mechanically harvested. When table olives will be routinely harvested mechanically cannot be predicted.Las aceitunas se recogieron a mano hasta los años cuarenta, cuando la necesidad de reducir costes de producción y la escasez de mano de obra comenzaron ya a hacer inviable tal sistema. A pesar de la investigación realizada durante los últimos 60 años, la recolección mecánica no es todavía una práctica común. Hay dos razones principales para ello. La primera es que los árboles de más de 20 años de antigüedad son demasiado altos y no están adecuadamente estructurados para aplicar dichas técnicas. La segunda es que la investigación sobre la recolección mecánica para las aceitunas de mesa no se ha enfocado adecuadamente dándole el peso suficiente al objetivo final de obtener frutos elaborados de calidad. Para el caso de las aceitunas destinadas a la obtención de aceite, cuyos

  1. Intravitreal ranibizumab for diabetic macular oedema in previously vitrectomized eyes

    Laugesen, Caroline Schmidt; Ostri, Christoffer; Brynskov, Troels


    PURPOSE: There is little information about the efficacy of intravitreal vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) inhibition in vitrectomized eyes. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of anti-VEGF (ranibizumab) on diabetic macular oedema in previously vitrectomized eyes. METHODS: A nationwide...... retrospective review of medical records from 2010 to 2013. RESULTS: We identified 33 previously vitrectomized eyes in 28 patients treated with ranibizumab injections for diabetic macular oedema. Median follow-up was 323 days (interquartile range 72-1404 days). Baseline mean visual acuity was 0.57 logMAR (95% CI...... 0.13-1.01) before injections. After an average of 4.7 injections (range 1-15), mean visual acuity remained stable at 0.54 logMAR (95% CI 0.13-0.95) with a mean improvement of 0.03 (p = 0. 45, 95% CI -0.12 to 0.06). In 12 eyes (36%), visual acuity improved 0.1 logMAR or more, in 12 eyes (36%), vision...

  2. Examining Neurocognitive Function in Previously Concussed Interscholastic Female Soccer Players.

    Forbes, Cameron R; Glutting, Joseph J; Kaminski, Thomas W


    Awareness of sport-related concussions in soccer has gained recent attention in the medical community. Interestingly, purposeful heading-a unique yet strategic and inherent part of soccer-involves repeated subconcussive blows to the head. We divided 210 female interscholastic soccer players into control (CON [never concussed]) and experimental (EXP [previously concussed]) groups. We assessed neurocognitive performance using the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics computer program before and after the players' competitive season. Headers were recorded at all sanctioned matches. Data were analyzed using a series of one-way analyses of covariance and t tests. Both groups essentially played in the same number of games (EXP = 16.1 vs. CON = 16.1) and had an equal number of total headers (EXP = 24.9 vs. CON = 24.3). Additionally, headers per game were surprisingly low in both groups (1.4 in EXP vs. 1.3 in CON). Unexpectedly, there were no significant differences between the EXP and CON groups across all dependent variables measured (p > .05). This study suggests that although previously concussed players involve themselves in purposeful heading (i.e., subconcussive insults) throughout a competitive season, there appear to be no negative consequences on neuropsychological test performance or concussion-related symptoms. Additional research is needed to determine what may result during the course of a playing career.

  3. Remover los dogmas

    Jaime Cárdenas Gracia


    El autor plantea una serie de reflexiones en torno a cinco temas a los que califica como dogmas de la teoría de la Constitución: el principio de legalidad, la división de poderes, el control de la constitucionalidad, el prevalecimiento del derecho interno sobre el externo y los métodos de interpretación. En su concepción, estos dogmas son barreras que desde la experiencia académica van incorporándose a los conceptos jurídicos, empobreciendo y reduciendo la realidad jurídica, al no tomar en cu...

  4. Instrucciones para los autores

    Revista Facultad de Ingenieria


    Full Text Available REVISTA FACULTAD DE INGENIERÍA, publicación editada por el Centro de Estudios, nvestigación y Educación Continuada de la Facultad de Ingeniería (CEDEC de la Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, UPTC, busca contribuir a la difusión de los nuevos conocimientos científicos y tecnológicos que se producen en el campo de las ingenierías, como resultados de los procesos investigativos que llevan a cabo los docentes y estudiantes, principalmente, de esta Facultad.

  5. Capitulo uno. Los Mineros

    Lavaud, Jean-Pierre


    Si existe un sector organizado cuya oposición recurrente ha preocupado a los gobernantes, ése es el de los mineros. La revisión de las huelgas y batallas de todo tipo en las que se han visto comprometidos, su fuerza de arrastre ante los demás sindicatos, su importancia en la COB es impresionante y constituye la evidencia de su poder. Y, si aun fuera necesaria una otra prueba de su vigor, se podría mencionar la inaudita capacidad de recuperación de sus sindicatos, después que las sangrientas r...

  6. Los calculistas mentales

    Salvador Galindo Uribarri


    Full Text Available Los calculistas mentales, sujetos que realizan en un instante complejas operaciones aritméticas, han desarrollado habilidades que nos parecen -al resto de mortales- sorprendentes y aún increíbles. Estos sujetos se distinguen por su capacidad de concentración e increíble memoria y además emplean procedimientos de cálculo dis - tintos a los que ordinariamente ocupamos en nuestra vida cotidiana. Este trabajo trata sobre dichos procedimientos mostrando que difieren de los algoritmos tradicionales.

  7. Los quechuismos en Colombia

    Víctor Sánchez Montenegro


    Full Text Available Como una pequeña introducción a este estudio, debo dar algunos datos sobre el descubrimiento del Perú y la historia de los "Trece de la Fama" que se relacionan íntimamente con nuestra Isla del Gallo, en las cercanías de Tumaco, asombroso episodio que, siendo verdadera historia, tiene todos los aspectos de la más extraordinaria leyenda de esa época superior a cualquier relación mítica de los Libros de Caballería.

  8. Rectores: los virreyes cautivos


    Los rectores de las universidades españolas en la actualidad, particularmente los de las públicas, son una especia de virreyes, es decir, desempeñan un papel de administradores, pero no de creadores de auténticos objetivos para sus instituciones. Por eso la autonomía universitaria es hoy más un mecanismo de autogestión que de facilitamiento de estrategias concretas para cada universidad. Los rectores se convierten así, cautivos de un complejo e intrincado andamio legislativo. El papel del rec...

  9. Interactive analysis and evaluation of ERTS data for regional planning and urban development: A Los Angeles Basin case study

    Raje, S.; Economy, R.; Willoughby, G.; Mcknight, J.


    The progression endemic to the ERTS Data Use Experiment SR 124 in data quality, analysis sophistication and applications responsiveness is reviewed. The roles of the variety of ERTS products, including the supporting underflight aircraft imagery at various scales, are discussed in the context of this investigation. The versatility of interpretation techniques and outputs developed and implemented via the General Electric Multispectral Information Extraction Systems is described and exemplified by both system-expository and applications-explanatory products. The wide-ranging and in-depth applications studied in the course of this experiment can be characterized as community-oriented and agency-directed. In the former, generic category, which is primarily data-contextual, problems analyzed dealt with agricultural systems, surface water bodies, snow cover, brush fire burns, forestry, grass growth, parks - golf courses - cemeteries, dust storms, grading sites, geological features and coastal water structure. The ERTS MSS band selectivity and measurements thresholds were of primary interest here. The agency-directed application areas have been user-evaluational in nature. Beginning with overall urbanized regional analysis of land cover density-development intensity, residential areas were analyzed for ascertaining if housing types could be aggregated with any degree of reliability.

  10. Four-Year Incidence and Progression of Visual Impairment in Latinos: The Los Angeles Latino Eye Study (LALES)

    Varma, Rohit; Chung, Jessica; Foong, Althena W.P.; Torres, Mina; Choudhury, Farzana; Azen, Stanley P.


    Purpose To determine the 4-year incidence of visual impairment (VI) and blindness and worsening of visual acuity in adult Latinos/Hispanics aged 40 years and older. Design Population-based, longitudinal study. Methods Participants underwent a detailed ophthalmologic examination including assessing both presenting binocular (PVA) and best-corrected distance visual acuity (BCVA) in both eyes using a standard ETDRS protocol. The main outcome measures are 4-year incidence of visual impairment and blindness based on PVA or BCVA in the better seeing eye and defined as 1) baseline visual acuity (PVA or BCVA)≥20/40 and a follow-up PVA or BCVA20/200 and a follow-up PVA≤20/200 respectively. Monocular worsening was defined as a decrease of ≥5, 10, and 15 letters in either eye. Results Four thousand six hundred and fifty eight participants were examined at baseline and the 4-year follow-up. The 4-year incidence of presenting binocular VI and blindness was 2.9% and 0.3%. The 4-year incidence of best corrected VI and blindness was 1.2% and 0.3%. The 4-year incidence of monocular worsening by ≥5, 10, and 15 letters was 24.8%, 8.5% and 3.1% respectively. The incidence of VI and blindness increased with age at baseline (Pvisual impairment and blindness should focus on the older Latino population. PMID:20399925

  11. Single antiplatelet therapy for patients with previous gastrointestinal bleeds.

    Gellatly, Rochelle M; Ackman, Margaret L


    To determine whether aspirin plus a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) is preferable, from a gastrointestinal bleed (GIB) risk perspective, to clopidogrel in patients who have experienced a GIB while on aspirin and who require single antiplatelet therapy for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. A literature search was conducted using EMBASE (1980-January 2008), PubMed (1966-January 2008), Google, and a manual search of the reference lists using the search terms gastrointestinal bleed, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, peptic ulcer hemorrhage, ASA, aspirin, Plavix, clopidogrel, and PPI. The search, limited to human and English studies, yielded 110 returns. Randomized trials that compared aspirin with clopidogrel, involved patients who had previously experienced a GIB, and provided detailed information on the type and dose of drugs used were included. Studies were required to provide information on the recurrence of GIB. Two randomized trials were reviewed to assess the safety of secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease with respect to previous GIB. These noninferiority trials compared aspirin plus a PPI with clopidogrel over 12 months following confirmed healing of an aspirin-induced ulcer. In both trials, the majority of the GIB recurrences were in the clopidogrel group (8.6% vs 0.7%; difference 7.9%; 95% CI 3.4 to 12.4; p = 0.001 and 13.6% vs 0%; difference 13.6%; 95% CI 6.3 to 20.9; p = 0.0019) and the difference in recurrence rates exceeded the a priori selected upper boundary. Findings reported in the limited literature available support that clopidogrel is not equivalent to the combination of aspirin plus a PPI in the patient population studied. Aspirin plus a PPI would be considered clinically superior and should be used in medically managed patients who require single antiplatelet therapy but have had a prior GIB while on aspirin. Further research regarding dual antiplatelet therapy and a PPI is required.

  12. Consideraciones en torno a los llamados Bastones de Mando


    RESUMEN: Se examinan las características de los bastones prehistóricos, valorando las especulaciones previas sobre su utilidad. Se establece mediante demostración teórica y práctica su uso como elemento esencial de un arma de caza. Específicamente, el bastón se utilizaría como un director a través del cual pasaba la flecha que era impulsada por la lanzadera.ABSTRACT: The study examines the characteristics of prehistoric batons, evaluates some previous speculations on their use and establishes...

  13. Interpretative approaches for the Levantine rock art according to the study of Arquero de los Callejones Cerrados shelter (Albarracín, Teruel

    Manuel BEA


    Full Text Available The study on the rock art shelter of Arquero de los Callejones Cerrados, in the mountain range of Albarracín, is presented. We combined different methods on its documentation, attending to photography, geometric techniques, image digital enhancement and digital tracings. According to the analysis of the naturalistic decorated panels, depicted in red and white colour, it has been documented a wide group of animal species, some of them forming symbolic scenes together with human figures. The main focus of the study was to establish a better knowledge of the rock art on a regional scale. The analysis carried out allows us to point out a close relationship between female motifs and a feasible mating scene between two bovines, which invite to make new theoretical and interpretative evaluations. So it is possible to note a scene with already tamed animals and also to highlight the symbolic value of a fertility scene, with all those chrono-cultural implications it has out of those traditionally used for the so-called Levantine rock art. In this hand, we also set out the necessity to address a general redefinition of the Levantine rock art concept.

  14. Los pactos parasociales

    Lina Henao


    Full Text Available Los pactos parasociales son acuerdos celebrados al margen de la regulación societaria, entre los socios, entre estos y la sociedad, o con terceros, que constituyen una herramienta de uso frecuente en el desarrollo de las relaciones corporativas pese a la ausencia de una regulación legal integral, y que tienen por finalidad regular extremos no recogidos estatutariamente. Su validez, eficacia e incumplimiento estarán determinados en mayor medida por las normas de derecho civil y en menor proporción por el orden jurídico societario. El artículo desarrolla una presentación de la noción, notas características, naturaleza jurídica y las vicisitudes que subyacen en esta materia a la luz de los principales ordenamientos jurídicos de los sistemas de Civil Law y de Common Law.

  15. Sudafrica en los BRICS

    Harrison, Philip


    La membresia de Sudafrica en los BRICS ha generado controversia. Un gran numero de observadores han argumentado que este pais es demasiado pequeno en terminos de economia y poblacion para ser un miembro real de este grupo...

  16. Los beneficios del TLC

    Martín Uribe Arbeláez


    Full Text Available El TLC usa-Colombia aumenta la protección de la propiedad intelectual por encima de la normatividad internacional plasmada en los Acuerdos adpic de la omc y en la Decisión 486 de 2000, de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones. Intensifica la llamada “apertura económica” consagrando un modelo exportador. El propósito de este ensayo es analizar lo que representa para el desarrollo económico y social, con énfasis en los dramáticos cambios que se introducen en el Régimen Común de Propiedad Industrial. El saqueo de la biodiversidad, “patentes a plantas o animales”, los enormes costos para la salud pública, la competitividad basada en las maquilas y la pauperización social, contradicen los sofismas que parecen evocar el realismo mágico como explicación de nuestra historia.

  17. Los estilos de gerencia

    Jorge Noriega Santos


    Full Text Available RESUMEN Es fundamental para cada persona saber cómo  se puede manejar una organización y los resultados que puede obtener de su gestión. Existen diversas formas o estilos de gerencia que podemos utilizar para  el logro de los objetivos. En este artículo basado en la teoría de Robert  Blake y Jane Mounton conocida con el  nombre de “Malla Gerencial “se trata de exponer los diversos  estilos de gerencia  y los efectos que cada uno de ellos producen en nuestras empresas o instituciones

  18. Los pactos parasociales

    Lina Henao


    Full Text Available Los pactos parasociales son acuerdos celebrados al margen de la regulación societaria, entre los socios, entre estos y la sociedad, o con terceros, que constituyen una herramienta de uso frecuente en el desarrollo de las relaciones corporativas pese a la ausencia de una regulación legal integral, y que tienen por finalidad regular extremos no recogidos estatutariamente. Su validez, eficacia e incumplimiento estarán determinados en mayor medida por las normas de derecho civil y en menor proporción por el orden jurídico societario. El artículo desarrolla una presentación de la noción, notas características, naturaleza jurídica y las vicisitudes que subyacen en esta materia a la luz de los principales ordenamientos jurídicos de los sistemas de Civil Law y de Common Law.

  19. Historia de los Medicamentos

    Alfredo Jácome Roca


    Full Text Available

    Cómo evolucionaron los medicamentos

    La historia de los medicamentos hace parte del devenir del hombre y de la historia de la medicina.

    Desde siempre, el ser humano buscó una explicación a los fenómenos y una solución a sus males. El pensamiento mágico, más acentuado en las tribus y en las más antiguas civilizaciones, hizo importante el poder de los conjuros y la influencia de los dioses sobre las pócimas.

    Con algunas excepciones, hasta que Paracelso introdujo en terapéutica las sustancias inorgánicas, los medicamentos eran hierbas. Gobernantes estudiosos del tema (el Emperador Rojo -padre de la Herbología china- y Mitrìdates VI -inventor y consumidor consuetudinario de la famosa teriaca- vivieron obsesionados con el temor al envenenamiento. Tanto que el último, septuagenario y derrotado por sus antiguos aliados romanos, trató de envenenarse para acabar con su vida, mas no fue posible pues estaba inmunizado contra los tóxicos; tuvo que rogarle a un esclavo que atravesara su pecho con la espada. Dioscórides y Plinio el Viejo eran eruditos conocedores de la botánica; el primero escribió la “Materia Médica”, el segundo, la “Historia Natural”.

    La aparición de la medicina como oficio, en casos como los de Hipócrates y Galeno, estuvo rodeada de prestigio; pero en los más fue tarea de esclavos, labor de sirvientes. Estos colegas de la antigüedad aprendieron a manejar sus propios medicamentos, preparados en algunas trastiendas o “boticas”. Los farmacéuticos se iniciaron como simples dispensadores y tuvieron auge entre los árabes, civilización donde aparecieron también los primeros recetarios, listados de medicinas o primitivas farmacopeas. Pero siempre las mismas hierbas con los mismos hierbateros, para llamar de alguna manera a los empíricos que ejercían artesanalmente la medicina.

    Refiriéndose a las curas de su médico tratante, Adriano –considerado por aquel

  20. Twelve previously unknown phage genera are ubiquitous in global oceans.

    Holmfeldt, Karin; Solonenko, Natalie; Shah, Manesh; Corrier, Kristen; Riemann, Lasse; Verberkmoes, Nathan C; Sullivan, Matthew B


    Viruses are fundamental to ecosystems ranging from oceans to humans, yet our ability to study them is bottlenecked by the lack of ecologically relevant isolates, resulting in "unknowns" dominating culture-independent surveys. Here we present genomes from 31 phages infecting multiple strains of the aquatic bacterium Cellulophaga baltica (Bacteroidetes) to provide data for an underrepresented and environmentally abundant bacterial lineage. Comparative genomics delineated 12 phage groups that (i) each represent a new genus, and (ii) represent one novel and four well-known viral families. This diversity contrasts the few well-studied marine phage systems, but parallels the diversity of phages infecting human-associated bacteria. Although all 12 Cellulophaga phages represent new genera, the podoviruses and icosahedral, nontailed ssDNA phages were exceptional, with genomes up to twice as large as those previously observed for each phage type. Structural novelty was also substantial, requiring experimental phage proteomics to identify 83% of the structural proteins. The presence of uncommon nucleotide metabolism genes in four genera likely underscores the importance of scavenging nutrient-rich molecules as previously seen for phages in marine environments. Metagenomic recruitment analyses suggest that these particular Cellulophaga phages are rare and may represent a first glimpse into the phage side of the rare biosphere. However, these analyses also revealed that these phage genera are widespread, occurring in 94% of 137 investigated metagenomes. Together, this diverse and novel collection of phages identifies a small but ubiquitous fraction of unknown marine viral diversity and provides numerous environmentally relevant phage-host systems for experimental hypothesis testing.

  1. Los factores de riesgo

    Justo Senado Dumoy


    Full Text Available Sobre el fundamento filosófico de los conceptos de la Dialéctica Materialista, se presenta un análisis en relación con el concepto e interpretación de los Factores de Riesgo.A analysis on the concept and interpretation of risk factors is presented based on the philosophical foundation of the concepts of materialist dialectics.

  2. Estudio comparativo de los procesos de socialización alimentaria de adolescentes diagnosticados y no diagnosticados de trastornos alimentarios (Comparative study of food socialization processes of teenagers diagnosed / not diagnosed with eating disorders

    Eva Zafra Aparici


    Full Text Available Resumen: En este artículo se exponen los resultados de un estudio cualitativo y cuantitativo en el que se comparan los procesos de socialización alimentaria de adolescentes diagnosticados de algún Trastornos del Comportamiento Alimentario (TCA con otros no diagnosticados. Se analizan los elementos en común y divergencia entre sus respectivas experiencias de aprendizaje alimentario, lo cual nos ha permitido conocer y profundizar en las causas socioculturales de los TCA; causas que, indiscutiblemente, van ligadas a los sentidos y significados que adquiere la alimentación en nuestro contexto actual y cotidiano.Abstract: In this paper are exposed the results of a qualitative and quantitative study that compare the food socialization processes of boys and girls diagnosed of some eating disorder with others not diagnosed. We have analyzed the common elements and divergence between food learning experiences. This analysis has allowed us to know and deepen in the sociocultural causes of these problems, indisputably linked to the senses and meanings that food acquires in our current context.

  3. Validación de los componentes del síndrome metabólico autodeclarados en un estudio de cohortes Validity of self-reported metabolic syndrome components in a cohort study

    Alejandro Fernández-Montero


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Valorar la validez de los datos autodeclarados sobre los criterios de síndrome metabólico, en la cohorte SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra. Métodos: El proyecto SUN es una cohorte abierta multidisciplinaria formada por más de 20.000 graduados universitarios seguidos mediante cuestionarios enviados por correo cada 2 años. En una muestra de 287 participantes de la cohorte se valoró el acuerdo entre sus datos autodeclarados para el perímetro de la cintura, la presión arterial, los triglicéridos, el colesterol HDL y la glucemia, con los datos obtenidos por análisis de muestras biológicas o medidos por personal médico especializado. Para cada variable se calcularon coeficientes de correlación intraclase (CCI con intervalos de confianza del 95% (IC95%, el error relativo medio y el porcentaje de valores dentro de los límites de acuerdo al 95% según el método de Altman y Bland. Resultados: Se encontraron correlaciones intraclase altas para los valores del perímetro de la cintura (CCI=0,86, IC95%: 0,80-0,90 y la trigliceridemia (CCI=0,71, IC95%: 0,61-0,79. Se halló una consistencia moderada (CCI entre 0,46 y 0,63 para el resto de los factores que se usan como criterios para definir el síndrome metabólico. Los errores relativos medios nunca superaron el 2,5%, y el porcentaje de valores dentro de los límites de acuerdo superó en todos los casos el 91%. Conclusiones: Los resultados obtenidos sugieren que los valores autodeclarados sobre los criterios del síndrome metabólico obtenidos en la cohorte SUN poseen una validez moderada y pueden tenerse en cuenta, aunque con ciertas precauciones, en estudios epidemiológicos.Objectives: To assess the accuracy of self-reported data needed to constitute the metabolic syndrome in the University of Navarra Follow-Up [Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN] cohort. Methods: The SUN project is a multi-purpose prospective cohort, formed by more than 20,000 university graduates

  4. Motivaciones para el acceso a los estudios de comunicación en relación a los hábitos de consumo y las referencias mediáticas / Reasons for access to communication studies regarding the consumer habits and media references

    María José PÉREZ-SERRANO


    Full Text Available Los objetivos de este trabajo, que constituye uno de los últimos resultados de la investigación desarrollada a partir de la Summer Media School de la Fundación FIDES y la UFV (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, son: conocer mejor el perfil de acceso de los estudiantes de los Grados en Comunicación en la Universidades de la Comunidad de Madrid (Periodismo, Comunicación Audiovisual o Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas y determinar cuál es su motivación a la hora de iniciarlos, sobre todo, teniendo en cuenta el momento clave de crisis que vive el sector. Además, se trata de averiguar cuál es su relación con los medios de comunicación; establecer dónde encuentran sus referentes profesionales y averiguar cómo es su consumo y su competencia mediática actual como parte de la audiencia de los medios y como futuros comunicadores que ayudarán a formar un colectivo social más crítico y participativo. La metodología se ha basado en la utilización de un cuestionario cuya evolución ha ido de las 34 preguntas iniciales en 2010, a las 46 de 2013, con multirespuesta, sobre una muestra sólida de los estudiantes que se matricularán en la Comunidad de Madrid en algún Grado en Comunicación. The goals of this paper, which is one of the last results of research developed from the Summer Media School of FIDES Foundation and UFV (Francisco de Vitoria University, are: included better knowledge of the access profile of student on Bachelor’s Degree in Communication at the Universities of Madrid (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations and determine their motivation when they start their studies, especially taking into account the key moment of crisis in the sector. Also, the research try to figure out their relationship with the media, establish where are their professional models and find out how is their consumption and their media competence as part of the media audience and as future communicators that will

  5. ¿Qué Efecto Tiene Asistir a Sala Cuna y Jardín Infantil Desde los Tres Meses Hasta los Cuatro Años de Edad?: Estudio Longitudinal en la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles What Is the Effect of Attending Nursery School Between Three Months and Four Years of Age?: A Longitudinal Study in the National Preschool Association

    Ximena Seguel


    Full Text Available Este estudio longitudinal cuasi-experimental con grupo de comparación examinó el efecto de asistir desde 1 a 4 años de edad a jardines de la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles (JUNJI de Chile sobre el desarrollo/aprendizaje de los párvulos y el efecto diferencial de asistir a partir de los 3 años. El muestreo fue bietápico (41 jardines y 427 niños al inicio y estratificado por región del país. El grupo de comparación, con características socioeconómicas similares (184 niños al inicio, no asistía a sala cuna. Los niños fueron evaluados anualmente con el Inventario de Desarrollo Battelle. También se recogieron variables familiares y educativas con entrevistas semi-estructuradas y pautas de observación. Comparaciones usando Propensity Score Matching y análisis de Mínimos Cuadrados Ordinarios arrojaron que alrededor del 80% de los niños cursa un desarrollo normal, independientemente de que asistan a los jardines infantiles JUNJI o permanezcan en sus casas. Asistir desde los 3 años tendría un efecto positivo en el desarrollo infantil. La calidad de las prácticas pedagógicas en lactantes y la actitud didáctica familiar explicarían mayormente el desarrollo de los párvulos.This quasi-experimental longitudinal study with comparison group examined the effect on the learning and developmental levels of infants attending the National Preschool Association (JUNJI nursery schools in Chile (between 3 months and 4 years of age and the differential effect of attending them from 3 years of age onward. A two-stage (41 nurseries and 427 children at the beginning and stratified sample by region was used. The comparison group, with similar socioeconomic characteristics (184 children at the beginning, did not attend a nursery school. Children were assessed yearly with the Battelle Developmental Inventory. Family and educational variables were collected using semi-structured interviews and an observational guideline. Comparisons using




    Full Text Available Desde comienzos de la década de 1990 en Chile se han impulsado Reformas Educativas orientadas a mejorar la calidad y la equidad de la educación, sin embargo, no se han experimentado las mejoras esperadas. Los resultados solo han registrado leves avances, mientras se ha ido consolidando la segmentación del sistema educativo. Esta investigación abordó la problemática desde las Representaciones Sociales de los profesores sobre las implicancias de las reformas estandarizadoras en la gestión del conocimiento, aspecto fundamental en el proceso educativo. Los resultados permitieron determinar que para los docentes la estandarización ha significado un importante desafío para la gestión del conocimiento que deben desarrollar. Su implementación indiscriminada los ha enfrentado ante el desafío de tener que equilibrar la formación integral de los estudiantes para que cuenten con las habilidades que la sociedad del conocimiento les exige, y la obtención de altos resultados en las pruebas estandarizadas.

  7. de los movimientos sociales

    Juliana Flórez-Flórez


    Full Text Available Desde el giro de los ochenta hasta hoy, los análisis de la acción colectiva tienden a concluir que la lucha de los movimientos latinoamericanos se halla anclada a la ilustración. Sea porque reivindican necesidades básicas, porque su principal interlocutor es el Estado, porque su contexto de lucha es atrasado o porque están atadas a localismos. En cualquiera de estos casos, se entiende que esos actores difícilmente pueden cuestionar los límites de la modernidad globalizada. En este artículo planteamos que tales conclusiones asumen un pensamiento dicotómico que diferencia y jerarquiza las dinámicas sociales según su mayor o menor distanciamiento de la tradición; una operación ilustrada que, paradójicamente, las teorías de movimientos deben a las perspectivas críticas de la ilustración; más específicamente, a su noción eurocéntrica de la modernidad. A partir de la revisión que de ese concepto ofrecen las posturas postcoloniales, concretamente el Programa de Investigación Modernidad/Colonialidad, dejamos sentadas algunas claves interpretativas que cambiarían los términos del debate sobre el escaso potencial de los movimientos latinoamericanos como actores críticos de la modernidad.

  8. LA “NOCHE” CONSTRUIDA POR LOS VISITANTES DEL MUSEO DE ANTROPOLOGÍA FFYH-UNC. CASO DE ESTUDIO, LA NOCHE DE LOS MUSEOS / The night built by the Museum of Anthropology FFyH-UNC visitors. The Night of the Museums as a case study.

    Mariela Eleonora Zabala


    Full Text Available En este trabajo sistematizamos las opiniones y vivencias que tienen los visitantes del Museo de Antropología de la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba en la propuesta cultural conocida como la Noche de los Museos. Limitamos el análisis a la edición que tuvo lugar el viernes 23 de noviembre de 2012. Lo primero que descubrimos (o percibimos fue que había una significación especial dada a la visita por tratarse de “la noche”, a partir de ello indagamos acerca de las particularidades de lo nocturno en esta propuesta cultural. En el artículo problematizamos la importancia de los estudios de públicos o visitantes para la gestión de los museos, luego historizamos la propuesta cultural de la Noche de los Museos en Europa y Córdoba, y finalmente, presentamos, sistematizamos, analizamos e interpretamos la propuesta y desarrollo de la Noche 2013.   Abstract  In this paper we systematize the opinions and experiences that people provide when visiting the Museum of Anthropology, School of Philosophy and Humanities, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, within the framework of the cultural proposal known as the Night of the Museums. We have restricted this analysis to the event that took place on Friday 23rd November 2012. The first aspect we discovered (or perceived was the fact that a special significance was attached to the visit, for it being at "night"; hence, we inquired about the peculiarities of the night within this cultural proposal. In the article we question the importance of the studies of museum visitors in terms of museum management. We then report the history of the cultural program of the Night of the Museums in Europe and Cordoba, and present, systematize, analyze and interpret the proposal and development of the Night of 2013.

  9. El liderazgo femenino en los cargos directivos: un estudio longitudinal en la Universidad de Granada (1990-2005 Women leading managerial positions: a longitudinal study at Universidad de Granada (1990-2005

    Manuel Lorenzo Delgado


    Full Text Available La presencia de la mujer en los cargos directivos sigue siendo hoy uno de los grandes retos para este colectivo. En este artículo se pretende mostrar esa realidad, a través de un estudio descriptivo realizado en la Universidad de Granada, sobre el número de hombres y mujeres que desempeñan los cargos de más alta representación institucional, como pueden ser el de Decano/a, Secretario/a o, para el caso de los departamentos, el de Director/ a y el de Secretario/a, a través de la revisión de las memorias universitarias de cada curso académico, desde 1990 hasta el 2005. El estudio abarca, por una parte, una perspectiva diacrónica, entendida como la evolución seguida en los distintos centros o facultades de la Universidad de Granada, de la presencia femenina en los cargos directivos de los últimos quince años. Por otra, partiendo de una visión sincrónica, trata de centrarse de un modo más específico en analizar, con una mayor profundidad y precisión, la posición de la mujer en los cargos directivos de los diversos departamentos que integran la Facultad de Ciencias de Educación.The presence of women at managerial positions continues being one of the biggest challenges for this group. In this article we intend to show that situation, through a descriptive research made at Universidad de Granada , Spain , with a group of men and women who have high institutional positions as Deans, First Secretaries, or Directors. We did this work by reviewing each students group's memories at the University, from 1990 until 2005. This study includes, on one hand, a diachronical perspective, understood as the evolution of all departments and faculties at Universidad de Granada with female presence in managerial positions during the last fifteen years. On the other hand, from a synchronic perspective, this research intends to focus specifically on women's situation in managerial positions at the various Departments that compose the Faculty of

  10. DOE Los Alamos National Laboratory – PV Feasibility Assessment, 2015 Update, NREL Final Report

    Dean, Jesse [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Witt, Monica Rene [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    This report summarizes solar and wind potential for Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This report is part of the “Los Alamos National Laboratory and Los Alamos County Renewable Generation” study.

  11. The balance between stress and personal capital during pregnancy and the relationship with adverse obstetric outcomes: findings from the 2007 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) study.

    Wakeel, Fathima; Wisk, Lauren E; Gee, Rebekah; Chao, Shin M; Witt, Whitney P


    Stress during pregnancy is a salient risk factor for adverse obstetric outcomes. Personal capital during pregnancy, defined as internal and social resources that help women cope with or decrease their exposure to stress, may reduce the risk of poor obstetric outcomes. Using data from the 2007 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby study (N = 3,353), we examined the relationships between the balance of stress and personal capital during pregnancy, or the stress-to-capital ratio (SCR), and adverse obstetric outcomes (i.e., pregnancy complications, preterm birth (PTB), low birth weight (LBW), and small for gestational age (SGA)). Women with a higher SCR (i.e., greater stress relative to personal capital during pregnancy) were significantly more likely to experience at least one pregnancy complication, PTB, and lower gestational age, but not LBW or SGA. Accounting for pregnancy complications completely mediated the association between the SCR and PTB. Our findings indicate that experiencing greater stress relative to personal capital during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk for pregnancy complications, PTB, and lower gestational age and that pregnancy complications may be a mechanism by which the SCR is related to adverse obstetric outcomes.

  12. Importancia del estudio audiológico en los pacientes con trauma craneal Importance of the auditive study in patients with cranial trauma

    Eulalia Alfonso Muñoz


    Full Text Available Se realizó un estudio de 50 pacientes con antecedentes de trauma craneal, atendidos en Consulta de Audiología del Hospital Militar “Dr. Carlos J. Finlay” en el período de enero de 2002 a diciembre de 2003. Los pacientes presentaban secuelas cocleo-vestibulares, y entre ellos predominó el sexo masculino (62,0 %, la edad de 16 a 30 años (52,0 % y las fracturas en la base del cráneo (según la naturaleza del trauma. A todos se les realizó un estudio audiológico detallado para determinar las lesiones que afectaron considerablemente su calidad de vidaA study of 50 patients with cranial trauma history that received attention at the Audiology Department of “Dr. Carlos J. Finlay” Military Hospital from January 2002 to December 2003, was conducted. The patients presented cochlear-vestibular sequelae. It was observed a predominance of males (62.0 %, of age 16-30 (52.0 % and of fractures in the base of cranium (according to the nature of the trauma. All of them underwent a detailed auditive test to determine the lesions considerably affecting their quality of life

  13. Estudio de la resistencia de Mycobacterium tuberculosis a los principales tuberculostáticos (Hospital de Navarra 1996-2003 Study of the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the principal tuberculostatics (Hospital of Navarra 1996-2003

    I. Dorronsoro


    Full Text Available Introducción. El objeto de este trabajo ha sido valorar la sensibilidad a los principales tuberculostáticos de las cepas de M. tuberculosis aisladas en nuestro laboratorio y estudiar los factores relacionados con la resistencia. Material y métodos. Se han estudiado 475 cepas de M. tuberculosis correspondientes a la totalidad de los casos diagnosticados entre los años 1996-2003 ambos inclusive. En el cultivo de las muestras, se utilizó el sistema BACTEC 460TB, junto con el medio sólido de Lowenstein. Los estudios de sensibilidad se realizaron mediante el sistema BACTEC 460TB. Resultados y conclusiones. Tanto la incidencia, como el número de casos de tuberculosis resistentes, se presentaron con oscilaciones a lo largo de los 8 años del estudio. El hecho de que no exista una tendencia homogénea, obliga a mantener una vigilancia activa frente a este proceso. La resistencia global a isoniacida fue del 8%, por lo que es conveniente realizar estudios de sensibilidad en todos los casos diagnosticados. Los casos de tuberculosis multirresistentes (resistentes al menos a isoniacida y rifampicina, no superaron el 3%. El pronóstico de los pacientes con tuberculosis resistente fue sombrío en los casos de coinfección con el VIH, sin embargo, cuando las defensas inmunológicas estaban conservadas, y se pautó un tratamiento con drogas activas, se consiguió la recuperación de la mayoría de los pacientes. En la actualidad, disponemos de procedimientos sensibles y rápidos que hacen recomendable el estudio de sensibilidad en todas las cepas de M. tuberculosis aisladas, y en el caso de pacientes VIH+ o inmigrantes, resulta imprescindible.Introduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity to the principal tuberculostatics of the M. tuberculosis stocks isolated in our laboratory and to study the factors related to resistance. Methods. Study of 475 stocks of M. tuberculosis corresponding to all cases diagnosed in the eight year period

  14. Surgical treatment of breast cancer in previously augmented patients.

    Karanas, Yvonne L; Leong, Darren S; Da Lio, Andrew; Waldron, Kathleen; Watson, James P; Chang, Helena; Shaw, William W


    The incidence of breast cancer is increasing each year. Concomitantly, cosmetic breast augmentation has become the second most often performed cosmetic surgical procedure. As the augmented patient population ages, an increasing number of breast cancer cases among previously augmented women can be anticipated. The surgical treatment of these patients is controversial, with several questions remaining unanswered. Is breast conservation therapy feasible in this patient population and can these patients retain their implants? A retrospective review of all breast cancer patients with a history of previous augmentation mammaplasty who were treated at the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center between 1991 and 2001 was performed. During the study period, 58 patients were treated. Thirty patients (52 percent) were treated with a modified radical mastectomy with implant removal. Twenty-eight patients (48 percent) underwent breast conservation therapy, which consisted of lumpectomy, axillary lymph node dissection, and radiotherapy. Twenty-two of the patients who underwent breast conservation therapy initially retained their implants. Eleven of those 22 patients (50 percent) ultimately required completion mastectomies with implant removal because of implant complications (two patients), local recurrences (five patients), or the inability to obtain negative margins (four patients). Nine additional patients experienced complications resulting from their implants, including contracture, erosion, pain, and rupture. The data illustrate that breast conservation therapy with maintenance of the implant is not ideal for the majority of augmented patients. Breast conservation therapy with explantation and mastopexy might be appropriate for rare patients with large volumes of native breast tissue. Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction might be a more suitable choice for these patients.

  15. Descentralización de los servicios de salud: estudios de caso en seis estados mexicanos Decentralization of health services: case studies in six Mexican states

    Nuria Homedes


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Este artículo presenta los resultados de la segunda descentralización de la Secretaría de Salud de México (1994-2000. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Además de revisar documentos oficiales y de archivo, estadísticas de salud y de productividad, se realizaron observaciones en los centros asistenciales y 232 entrevistas de profundidad en los estados de Baja California Sur, Colima, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Sonora y Tamaulipas con directivos de las secretarías de salud estatales y jurisdiccionales, dirigentes de sindicatos, prestadores de servicios y representantes de la sociedad civil. RESULTADOS: Se identifican los problemas que los estados tuvieron que enfrentar para implementar la descentralización. CONCLUSIONES: No se alcanzaron los objetivos trazados por los promotores de la descentralización.OBJECTIVE: This article discusses the effects of the second decentralization of the Mexican Ministry of Health (1994-2000. MATERIAL AND METHODS: It is based on a review of official and archival documents, health and productivity statistics, observations in clinics and hospitals, and 232 in-depth interviews in the states of Baja California Sur, Colima, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Sonora and Tamaulipas. The interviewees included high-level administrators of state and district health systems, leaders of workers unions, health providers and representatives of civil society. RESULTS: The article identifies the problems that offices of health at state level had to overcome to implement the decentralization. CONCLUSIONS: Descentralizacion failed to achieve the objectives stated by its promoters.

  16. Boletines de calificaciones para los derechos de los refugiados

    Forster, Bruce


    El Comité de los Estados Unidos para los Refugiados e Inmigrantes ha proporcionado información valiosa en sus “boletines de calificaciones en los derechos de los refugiados”, pero un análisis posterior produce información más útil todavía.

  17. La novela de formación y sus relaciones con la pedagogía y los estudios literarios Bildungsroman and its relations to pedagogy and literary studies

    Selen Catalina Arango Rodríguez


    Full Text Available El concepto de novela de formación ha tenido diferentes transformaciones como producto de su relación con los estudios literarios. Sin embargo, son pocos los que han abordado los vínculos que el concepto sostiene con la pedagogía y en especial con la formación humana. Esta ausencia señala la necesidad de estudios que, a partir de los estudios literarios y de la pedagogía, encuentren en las novelas de formación nuevos acercamientos para la pregunta abierta acerca de la formación humana, que vayan más allá de una "pedagogización" de la novela.The concept of bildungsroman has had different transformations as a result of its relation with the literary studies. However, few studies have dealing with the relations of this concept with the field of pedagogy, especially with the human Bildung. This lack shows the necessity of other kind of studies that, linking pedagogy and literary studies, investigate the bildunsroman in order to think human Bildung beyond the simply "pedagogization" of the roman .


    Susan Turner Saelzer


    Full Text Available El proyecto de ley que crea los Tribunales de Familia, actualmente en tramitación, responde a imperativos provenientes tanto del derecho nacional como del derecho internacional. En efecto, en la formulación de un nuevo Derecho de Familia resulta indispensable adecuar los órganos jurisdiccionales llamados a conocer de los conflictos que se suscitan en el ámbito familiar y dotarlos de una competencia amplia para conocer de todos los asuntos que tengan repercusiones sobre la familia. En la primera parte del presente trabajo, se estudia el contexto que enmarca la idea de la creación de los Tribunales de Familia y en la segunda, se analiza en forma pormenorizada los aspectos del proyecto referidos a la estructura y composición de los Tribunales de Familia, a su competencia y procedimientos, y por último, a las vías de solución alternativa de conflictos consagrados.The current legislative draft that would introduce the so called «Family Courts» to the Chilean court system responds to both national and international law imperatives. In fact, it is necessary to reform the court system so as to allow that a single specialized court resolves all legal issues arising from a particular family conflict. The first part of this paper refers to the principles, ideas and institutional context behind the creation of the Family Courts. The second part contains a detailed analysis of the project regarding the organization and composition of the Family Courts, their jurisdiction, proceedings and alternative means of conflict resolution.

  19. Relación entre los niveles séricos de la proteína C reactiva y medidas antropométricas: una revisión sistemática de los estudios realizados en Suramérica Relation of serum levels of C-reactive protein to anthropometric meaurements: a sustematic review of studies in South America

    M.ª M Ramírez Alvarado


    Full Text Available En muchos estudios el Índice de Masa Corporal (IMC se ha relacionado con marcadores séricos de inflamación como la proteína C reactiva. En la obesidad se observa un aumento de tejido adiposo que se traduce en un aumento del IMC. Se ha descrito que el tejido adiposo presenta una elevada producción y secreción de una variedad de moléculas proinflamatorias como Factor de Necrosis Tumoral-α, Interleuquina-6, Interleuquina-8 y la proteína C reactiva, que pueden tener efectos locales en la fisiología de la célula adiposa y también efectos sistémicos en otros órganos. Objetivo: Realizar una revisión sistemática de los estudios realizados en Suramérica donde se relacione los niveles séricos de PCR y las medidas antropométricas como IMC y circunferencia de cintura (CC en la población adulta sana. Metodología: Se realizó una búsqueda en la base de datos PubMed de artículos publicados hasta enero de 2012, en inglés, español y portugués, donde se relacione los niveles séricos de PCR y las medidas antropométricas como IMC y CC. Para la búsqueda se utilizaron las palabras PCR, IMC y CC y los nombres de cada uno de los países suramericanos (Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Perú, Surinam, Uruguay y Venezuela. Resultados: Se localizaron 141 posibles de estudios, de los cuales 8 cumplían los criterios de inclusión. En los estudios incluidos los niveles séricos de la PCR se correlacionaron positivamente con el IMC (r: 0,08 a 0,84 y con la CC (r: 0,27 a 1,03, siendo de gran relevancia la correlación entre IMC y CC con los niveles séricos de PCR observada en obesos en la población suramericana. Conclusión: Los niveles séricos de PCR, y por tanto la inflamación subclínica parece estar relacionada al aumento en los índices de medidas antropométricas en la población suramericana. Un mayor conocimiento de los mecanismos y de los componentes moleculares de la respuesta inflamatoria

  20. Luces y sombras en los estudios sobre las mujeres y la música Lights and Shadows in Women and Music Studies

    Pilar Ramos


    Full Text Available El Congreso "Música y mujer: una mirada interdisciplinaria" se brindó como la ocasión de presentar un estado de la cuestión, un balance de resultados en los estudios sobre mujeres y música, así como algunas propuestas. He destacado como sombras cuestiones que pueden considerarse retos para futuros estudios: la persistencia de discriminaciones en las profesiones musicales, el peso marginador de la etiqueta "música de mujeres", la coincidencia geográfica entre el "canon" de compositoras y el "canon" musical a secas y el abuso feminista que supone el reduccionismo sociológico. Las aportaciones positivas del feminismo son desde luego de mucho más calado que las sombras, de modo que suponen un punto de inflexión y de no retorno en la musicología. Me he permitido sugerir como vías de actuación la interdisciplinariedad, la imaginación y el estudio del público.The Conference "Woman and Music: an Interdisciplinary Gaze " offered an occasion to present a report, a balance sheet of the women and music studies, as well as some proposals. I consider as dark sides of feminist musicology certain issues that can be also regarded as challenges for prospective studies in the future: the persistence offender discrimination in musical jobs, the discriminatory burden of the women s music label, the geographic coincidence between the musical canon and the women composers' canon and the feminist abuse produced by sociological reductionism. Positive contributions of feminism are of course stronger than its dark sides. They have established a turning point of no return in musicology. I have suggested as avenues of working the interdisciplinary, the imagination and the study of audiences.

  1. Alfabetización creativa en los videojuegos: comunicación interactiva y alfabetización cinematográfica Creative Game Literacy. A Study of Interactive Media Based on Film Literacy

    Nelson Zagalo


    Full Text Available En este estudio hemos analizado el estado actual de la alfabetización mediática prestando especial atención al cine y los videojuegos. Hemos intentado analizar si algunos de los problemas encontrados a lo largo de la historia de la alfabetización cinematográfica han existido también en el proceso de la alfabetización en los videojuegos, intentando unificar ambas visiones para captar la atención de las personas que trabajan en el campo de los videojuegos. Para ello, el estudio abarca la alfabetización en los videojuegos en dos dimensiones, la dimensión cultural y la dimensión creativa. La dimensión cultural se define a partir de los enfoques críticos y educacionales y la creativa mediante el diseño y la programación. Estas investigaciones se han llevado a cabo sin dejar de lado la perspectiva de la alfabetización cinematográfica. Hemos descubierto que la alfabetización en los videojuegos tiene una fuerte tendencia hacia el enfoque cultural, sobre todo la vertiente educativa, y que los riesgos que plantea el enfoque crítico presentan problemas similares a los que se registran en los estudios sobre el cine. En cuanto a la dimensión creativa, hemos advertido una falta de inversión para el estudio y la investigación de prácticas de diseño y programación. En conclusión, creemos que la alfabetización en los videojuegos necesita un nivel de motivación. Estimamos urgente la implantación de una perspectiva de alfabetización basada en el diseño creativo y la programación, poniendo especial énfasis en el desarrollo del enfoque comunicativo.In this study we have analysed the current state of media literacy focusing on the game and film art forms. We aim to discover if some problems found throughout the history of film literacy were also occurring in game literacy research. It is also our intention to bring both visions together in order to get the attention of people working in the gaming field. To do this we have studied the

  2. A Reappraising of Cosmography: the Interface Between Astronomical and Geographic Studies. (Breton Title: Releitura do Conceito de Cosmografia: a Interface Entre os Estudos Astronômicos e Geográficos.) Una Relectura del Concepto de Cosmografía: la Interfase Entre los Estudios Astronómicos y Geográficos

    Azevedo Sobreira, Paulo Henrique


    The concept of "Cosmography" is in disuse since the 80s of the last century, but the astronomical themes previously discussed in the school subjects of Geography and Cosmography remain in current textbooks. The use of term "Cosmography" was rescued in this research, and the study of its re-signification prompted the appearance of the term Geographic Cosmography. The Geographic Cosmography is a field of studies of the Geography, whose set of knowledge and skills is predominantly scholar. It studies the interface between terrestrial and celestial knowledge, and assigns a geographic significance to them. It examines human and natural relationships with Sidereal Space and its consequences for society and nature. O conceito de "Cosmografia" está em desuso desde os anos 80 do século XX, mas os temas astronômicos anteriormente abordados nas disciplinas escolares de Cosmografia e de Geografia permanecem nos atuais livros didáticos. O uso do termo "Cosmografia" foi resgatado nesta pesquisa e o estudo de sua ressignificação proporcionou o surgimento do termo Cosmografia Geográfica. A Cosmografia Geográfica é um campo de estudos da Geografia, cujo conjunto de conhecimentos e habilidades é predominantemente escolar. Estuda a interface entre os conhecimentos terrestres e os celestes e lhes atribui significância geográfica. Analisa as relações humanas e naturais com o Espaço Sideral e suas consequências para a sociedade e a natureza. Aunque el concepto de "Cosmografía" no se usa desde la década de los '80 del siglo pasado, los temas astronómicos que se enseñaban anteriormente en las asignaturas escolares de Cosmografía y de Geografía permanecen en los actuales libros didácticos. El uso del término "Cosmografía" fue rescatado en esta investigación y el estudio de su resignificación proporcionó el surgimiento del término Cosmografía Geográfica. La Cosmografía Geográfica es un campo de estudio de la Geografía, donde el conjunto de conocimientos y

  3. Premorbid adjustment and previous personality in schizophrenic patients

    José Juan Rodríguez Solano


    Full Text Available Psychosocial adjustment and premorbid personality are two factors that are frequently studied in order to elucidate the etiopathogenesis of schizophrenia. Premorbid adjustment alterations and personality disorders (principally those of the schizophrenia spectrum have been considered vulnerability elements or have been linked with the early manifestations of a disease that is still underdeveloped (hypothesis of neurodevelopment. In this paper we review the literature. We also studied the relationship between premorbid adjustment (PAS scale and previous personality disorders (SCID-II in a sample of 40 patients with schizophrenia (DSM-III-R, DSM-IV, CIE-10, and statistically correlated them. The results show that premorbid adjustment correlates with avoidant, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders: the more personality pathology found, the poorer is the premorbid psychosocial adjustment. Premorbid adjustment positively correlates with histrionic personality traits. The pathological traits of schizotypal and schizoid personalities account for up to 77% of the variance of the total premorbid adjustment in schizophrenic patients. Conclusion: The degrees of premorbid adjustment in schizophrenia are related to the different premorbid personality disorders of schizophrenic patients, which are mainly those most genetically related with schizophrenia, that is, the spectrum of the schizophrenia.

  4. Over 400 previously undocumented Svalbard surge-type glaciers identified

    Farnsworth, Wesley R.; Ingólfsson, Ólafur; Retelle, Michael; Schomacker, Anders


    Identifying glaciers that exhibit surge-type behavior is important when using evidence of ice front fluctuations as a proxy for reconstructing past climate oscillations. This study identifies previously undocumented surge-type glaciers in Svalbard, based on the presence of crevasse squeeze ridges in glacier forelands. Crevasse squeeze ridges are landforms suggested to be unique to surging glacier land systems. Estimates vary greatly as to the actual percentage of surge-type glaciers in Svalbard, and consequently their distribution pattern is poorly understood. A detailed survey of recent (2008-2012), high-resolution aerial imagery from TopoSvalbard, provided by the Norwegian Polar Institute, allowed for a survey of all the glacier forelands in Svalbard. Before our study, 277 individual glaciers in Svalbard have been documented to exhibit surge behavior. By using crevasse squeeze ridges as indicators of surge behavior, we have identified 431 additional glaciers that have surged. We suggest that this is a modest value as the unique surge landforms were not visible in approximately one-third of the forelands with documented surge histories. Limits to the crevasse squeeze ridge technique are presented and potential controlling factors for crevasse squeeze ridge formation/preservation are discussed.

  5. 28 CFR 10.5 - Incorporation of papers previously filed.


    ... 28 Judicial Administration 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Incorporation of papers previously filed... CARRYING ON ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE UNITED STATES Registration Statement § 10.5 Incorporation of papers previously filed. Papers and documents already filed with the Attorney General pursuant to the said act...

  6. 2 CFR 1.215 - Relationship to previous issuances.


    ... 2 Grants and Agreements 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Relationship to previous issuances. 1.215 Section 1.215 Grants and Agreements ABOUT TITLE 2 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS AND SUBTITLE A Introduction toSubtitle A § 1.215 Relationship to previous issuances. Although some of the guidance was...

  7. 49 CFR 236.1031 - Previously approved PTC systems.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Previously approved PTC systems. 236.1031 Section... Train Control Systems § 236.1031 Previously approved PTC systems. (a) Any PTC system fully implemented and operational prior to March 16, 2010, may receive PTC System Certification if the applicable PTC...

  8. Estudio cualitativo sobre la atención médica a los enfermos crónicos en el Seguro Popular A qualitative study on health care to chronically ill people in Popular Health Insurance program

    Luis Eduardo Hernández-Ibarra


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Examinar la atención médica que brinda el Seguro Popular a los enfermos crónicos en México, desde la perspectiva de quienes padecen las enfermedades y también de los profesionales de la salud. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Se llevó a cabo un estudio cualitativo en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, donde se entrevistó a 40 enfermos crónicos y a 14 profesionales sanitarios de primer nivel; posteriormente, se realizó un análisis crítico del discurso. RESULTADOS: El Seguro Popular ha significado ganancias y pérdidas para los participantes. Los enfermos lo valoran positivamente al considerarlo un regalo, mas no un derecho social. Sus carencias económicas y de recursos les impiden acceder a la atención médica, obtener medicamentos y realizarse estudios de laboratorio, también generándose relaciones conflictivas con los profesionales. CONCLUSIÓN: Los propósitos del Seguro Popular distan de lograrse en la atención a los enfermos crónicos. El Seguro tendría que ser objeto de análisis, y otorgar prioridad a la perspectiva de los enfermos y del personal de salud operativo.OBJECTIVE: To examine health care provided to chronically ill people in the Popular Health Insurance (Seguro Popular from the perspective of patients and health professionals. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A qualitative study was carried out in Guadalajara, Mexico. 40 chronically ill people, and 14 health professionals of primary health centers participated in the study. Information was gathered using semi-structured interviews; critical discourse analysis was carried out. RESULTS: Seguro Popular has meant gains and losses to participants. Cronically ill people value it positively since it is perceived as a gift, not a social right. Some obstacles impede participants accessing health care, obtaining medications and analysis. Conflictive relations also cause tensions between patients and health professionals. CONCLUSION: The initial goals of Seguro Popular are

  9. los Derechos Humanos

    Luciano Barp Fontana


    Full Text Available Una declaración universal de los derechos humanos es incompleta si se reduce a un conjunto de recomendaciones para que cada persona y cada organismo de la sociedad se esfuerce para promover, mediante la enseñanza y la educación, el respeto a una serie de valores y de derechos ligados a la dignidad humana. Así se va depauperando la expresión “derechos humanos”, que actualmente tiende a confundirse con unas instancias en las que pueden frustrarse frecuentemente las esperanzas de quien busca justicia. Para que una declaración sea completa es necesario fundamentarla en la constitución universal humana. Solamente así quedará asegurada y garantizada su inviolabilidad. En efecto, la primera violación a los derechos humanos consiste en descuidar el deber urgente de aclarar la respuesta a la pregunta “¿qué es el ser humano?” De hecho, el tema de los derechos humanos debe ser fundamentalmente ontológico-antropológico. De la postura antropológica derivará el tema axiológico de la dignidad del ser humano. De la postura axiológica brotará el tema deontológico del deber ser del ser humano. Finalmente, de la postura deontológica derivará el tema jurídico de los derechos humanos de todos los humanos. Brevemente. El punto de partida es necesariamente el ser. El segundo paso es el ser humano. El tercer paso es el valor (dignidad del ser humano. El cuarto paso será el deber ser del ser humano. La fundamentación de los derechos humanos que proponemos en este artículo consiste en un proceso dinámico-histórico de una humanización concebida y realizada como una liberación de cada hombre y de todos los hombres, sin concesiones a posturas totalitarias que devalúan el valor del individuo, o bien a posturas liberales que no respetan la igualdad de todos los grupos humanos. En realidad, cada persona goza de los mismos derechos humanos, no por un beneficio concedido por una cierta clase social o por el Estado, sino precisamente por la

  10. Quistes de los maxilares

    Ivan Alberto Manotas Arevalo


    Full Text Available Los Grandes Quistes de los Maxilares han estado vinculados siempre a la humanidad, desde tiempos remotos, pues han sido halladas en restos de especimenes fosiles, han llamado la atencion de los clínicos, en torno a su etiologia, en la que se ha introducido la participacion de la genetica, (demostrada en el desarrollo de los queratoquistes maxilares, la fisiopatologia, caracteristicas histologicas (inmunohistoquimica, posibilidades diagnosticas por la imagen, (como la tomografia computarizada y la resonancia nuclear magnetica y otras pruebas. Además llaman la atención al estudio, por sus alternativas de manejo especialmente las formas radicales, y el analisis de asociaciones a otras patolo-gias benignas y malignas, y de la recurrencia muy alto de algunas de estas lesiones. Mucho se ha desarrollado para elucidar su naturaleza real, estadificar adecuadamente la lesion descartando asocia-ciones patologicas sindromicas, indicar un tratamiento apropiado, y realizar seguimientos a largo plazo. Este articulo pretende recaudar una information general que de parametros para abordar el estudio de los quistes maxilares a partir de la presentacion de un caso clinico.

  11. Los acueductos Romanos

    Fernández Casado, C.


    Full Text Available Con este documentado trabajo —al igual que los anteriores— damos por terminada la serie de acueductos romanos que hemos ido publicando en números precedentes de nuestra revista «INFORMES». En fecha próxima aparecerá el libro que los reúne todos en un volumen de indudable interés. El Profesor Fernández Casado ha llevado a cabo, con gran cariño, la ímproba labor de recopilar y ordenar curiosos datos sobre cada uno de los acueductos que existen en España —unos en perfecto estado de conservación e incluso en servicio, otros transformados en ruinas grandiosas, y un tercer grupo, de los que no quedan más que restos gloriosos poco definidos—, buceando en todos los lugares donde pudiera existir algún vestigio de datos de partida, labor harto difícil, dada la evidente escasa: de fuentes precisas de tipo geográfico o literario. Gracias a su esfuerzo hemos podido exponer a la admiración de todos la belleza y la recia grandeza de estas muestras de la ingeniería romana en la que, como en tantas otras facetas del Arte, de la Técnica y de la Cultura, alcanzaron las más altas cotas. V. M.

  12. Normas internacionales de los alimentos



    Todos los textos del Codex se encuentran a disposición del público en los sitios web que se indican a continuación: Todas las normas, las directrices, los códigos de prácticas y los textos consultivos que integran el Codex Alimentarius están disponibles en la Lista de normas.

  13. Publications of Los Alamos Research, 1983

    Sheridan, C.J.; McClary, W.J.; Rich, J.A.; Rodriguez, L.L. (comps.)


    This bibliography is a compilation of unclassified publications of work done at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for 1983. Papers published in 1982 are included regardless of when they were actually written. Publications received too late for inclusion in earlier compilations have also been listed. Declassification of previously classified reports is considered to constitute publication. All classified issuances are omitted - even those papers, themselves unclassified, which were published only as part of a classified document. If a paper was published more than once, all places of publication are included. The bibliography includes Los Alamos National Laboratory reports, papers released as non-Laboratory reports, journal articles, books, chapters of books, conference papers either published separately or as part of conference proceedings issued as books or reports, papers publishd in congressional hearings, theses, and US patents. Publications by Los Alamos authors that are not records of Laboratory-sponsored work are included when the Library becomes aware of them.

  14. Publications of Los Alamos research 1980

    Salazar, C.A.; Willis, J.K. (comps.)


    This bibliography is a compilation of unclassified publications of work done at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for 1980. Papers published in 1980 are included regardless of when they were actually written. Publications received too late for inclusion in earlier compilations have also been listed. Declassification of previously classified reports is considered to constitute publication. All classified issuances are omitted-even those papers, themselves unclassified, which were published only as part of a classified document. If a paper was pubished more than once, all places of publication are included. The bibliography includes Los Alamos National Laboratory reports, papers released as non-laboratory reports, journal articles, books, chapters of books, conference papers published either separately or as part of conference proceedings issued as books or reports, papers published in congressional hearings, theses, and US patents. Publications by Los Alamos authors that are not records of Laboratory-sponsored work are included when the Library becomes aware of them.

  15. The Effects of Los Angeles Universal Preschool on Quality Preschool Teacher Retention in Los Angeles County

    Lopez Stevens, Holly Anne


    The purpose of this study was to determine if the implementation of Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP) programs has a positive effect on the retention of quality preschool teachers in Los Angeles County. In prior work, preschool teacher retention is associated with wages, program structure, program process, professional development, and…

  16. Instrucciones para los autores

    Revista Facultad de Ingenieria


    Full Text Available REVISTA FACULTAD DE INGENIERÍA, publicación editada por el Centro de Estudios, Investigación y Educación Continuada de la Facultad de Ingeniería (CEDEC de la Universidad Pedagógica  y Tecnológica de Colombia, UPTC, busca contribuir  a  la difusión de  los nuevos conocimientos científicos y tecnológicos que se producen en el campo de  las ingenierías, como resultados de los procesos  investigativos que llevan a cabo los docentes y estudiantes, principalmente, de esta Facultad.Se reciben colaboraciones de profesores, estudiantes y administrativos de la UPTC y de otras universidades,  tanto del país como del exterior, y de  investigadores en general y tratadistas de la temática de la revista.

  17. Instrucciones para los autores

    Revista Facultad de Ingenieria


    Full Text Available REVISTA INGENIERÍA, publicación editada por el Centro de Estudios, Investigación y Educación Continuada  de  la  Facultad de  Ingeniería  (CEDEC  de  la Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, UPTC, busca contribuir a la difusión de los nuevos conocimientos científicos y desarrollos  tecnológicos que se producen en el campo de  las  ingenierías, como resultados de los procesos investigativos que llevan a cabo los docentes y estudiantes, principalmente, de esta Facultad.

  18. en los noventa

    Gerardo Halpern


    Full Text Available Este trabajo analiza el papel del Estado en la formación, activación y administración de los marcos interpretativos respecto de los “inmigrantes paraguayos” que viven en Argentina, en tanto producto generado, ejecutado y administrado, entre otros, por los campos jurídico y laboral, fundamentales para comprender las delimitaciones de posiciones de agentes específicos en el espacio social y sus consecuentes respuestas. Estas delimitaciones se inscriben en relaciones de poder en las que el agente por excelencia es el Estado, el cual responde, a lo largo de la historia y las coyunturas, a las necesidades del capital en su relación respecto del trabajo

  19. Los oficios del comunicador

    Jesús Martín-Barbero


    Full Text Available En el presente ensayo se evalúan los oficios del comunicador a la luz de tres ámbitos problemáticos: las competencias y los oficios, las agencias de legitimación y las dinámicas de transformación. Se defiende la tesis de un cambio cualitativo, desde un comunicador-intermediario hacia un comunicador-mediador, que asume como base de su acción las asimetrías y las desigualdades sociales y culturales, al participar como actor en la construcción de una sociedad democrática. Se subraya en este contexto que, frente a las tecnologías incorporadas a los medios de comunicación, el ejercicio del comunicador debe comportar más inquietudes e interrogantes que respuestas.

  20. Los Cuchillos de Albacete

    Rodríguez Lorente, Juan J.


    Full Text Available Not available.

    DE la larga honrosa tradición española en la fabricación artesana de aceros para armas blancas, que alcanzó su cima en los siglos XVI y XVII, y desapareció casi totalmente en el XVIII con la importación de los espadines franceses puestos de moda por la corte de don Felipe de Borbón, puede decirse que no queda en nuestros días vestigio alguno, si se exceptúan los modestos esfuerzos estatales centralizados en la Fábrica Nacional de Armas de Toledo, y la pujante industria cuchillera de Albacete.

  1. El tabaco en los establecimientos de restauración y hostelería: estudio observacional en Barcelona, 2008 Smoking in the hospitality sector: an observational study in Barcelona (Spain, 2008

    Joan R. Villalbí


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Describir la situación real del consumo de tabaco en los locales de restauración y hostelería tras la ley de medidas sanitarias frente al tabaquismo, que establece exenciones en este sector a la prohibición general de fumar en el trabajo desde 2006. Métodos Estudio observacional descriptivo en Barcelona en 2008, con muestreo por conglomerados de 1130 establecimientos. Se presentan los resultados estratificados por tipo de establecimiento. Resultados: En el 85,7% de los comercios con degustación (panaderías, pastelerías… y el 85% de los locales de comida rápida se prohíbe fumar. El 40% de los restaurantes son libres de humo u ofrecen zonas separadas. En los bares-cafeterías y cafeterías-restaurantes (locales más abundantes no se suele prohibir fumar. Hay mayor oferta de locales sin humo en los distritos céntricos y centros comerciales. Conclusiones: En un 75,4% de los locales se permite fumar libremente. Estos resultados muestran las limitaciones de la ley.Objectives: To describe the actual presence of smoking in restaurant and hospitality premises after the smoking prevention act banning smoking in workplaces came into force in 2006, with wide exemptions in this sector. Methods: We performed an observational, descriptive study in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain in 2008 based on cluster sampling, with 1130 premises. The results were stratified by premise type. Results: Up to 85.7% of food shops allowing consumption within their premises (bakeries, pastry shops… ban smoking, as well as 85% of fast food establishments. Among restaurants, 40% are smoke-free or have separate smoking areas. Bar-cafés and café-restaurants (the most abundant premises usually allow smoking. There are more smoke-free options in central districts and in shopping malls. Conclusions: Up to 75.4% of all premises allow smoking freely. These results show the limitations of the law.

  2. Previous Heart Disease Complications And Hypertension In Pregnancy

    Nayer Pishnamaz


    Full Text Available Objective(sHypertensive disorders in pregnancy with incidence of 3/7% are one of the most severe complications. Cardiovascular diseases are apparent in 2% of the pregnancies. Physiologic changes during pregnancy intensify the underlying disorders and the severity of this problem. Researches indicate that pregnant women with heart disease greatly confront unfavorable maternal and fetal outcomes with increased risk of abortion, intra uterine fetal death, preterm labor and intra uterine growth retardation. This study aim was to magnify the outcomes of pregnancy accompaniment with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study in which patient records of 2500 pregnant women referring to Alzahra hospital from 2006 to 2008 were assessed. Data was gatherated by medical files and analyzed by SPSS soft ware.Results: In this study incidence of moderate Aorta Stenosis (AS was about 45.5 % (10cases, Mitral valvuloplasty (MVP was about 22/73% (5cases and Mitral stenosis (MS was 18/18% (4 cases; two patient with MR(mitral regurgitation+MS had underwent valvuloplasty. 72/7% (16 of the mothers were hospitalized due to hypertension, 9/1% due to tachycardia and dyspnea and 18/2% showed mixed form of theses complains. They were using hydralazine and methyldopa as anti hypertensive drugs. Only 10% of the patients had history of anticoagulant using during pregnancy. We found only one patient with pulmonary stenosis (PS in these patients.Conclusion: Women with hypertension and previous heart disease showed many serious complications and high fetal mortality during pregnancy. Proper and on time care giving and support during pregnancy is dependent on the accurate diagnosis of the heart disease; any health problem should be seriously noted.

  3. Instrucciones a los Autores



    Full Text Available Ingeniería,  Investigación y Desarrollo publica  trabajos inéditos sobre geología, minería, electrónica, industrial y ciencias afines, en español. Podrán publicarse artículos originales, de investigación y/o innovación tecnológica, de revisión o réplicas de publicaciones de la propia revista. Además, se podrán incluir  resúmenes de  tesis,  reseñas de  libros y comunicaciones de  interés a estas profesiones.Para  la presentación de  los artículos  se debe  tener en cuenta que: Los artículos serán evaluados por   el comité Editorial y un árbitro, el que se reserva el derecho de decidir sobre su publicación. Los  trabajos enviados a  Ingeniería,  Investigación y Desarrollo, no podrán ser sometidos simultáneamente a evaluación por otro medio de publicación. El contenido de los trabajos   es responsabilidad exclusiva de sus autores. No se devolverán los originales de los trabajos

  4. Revisión sistemática de los estudios sobre el nivel socioeconómico de los hombres que maltratan a sus parejas Systematic review of studies on the socioeconomic status of men who batter their intimate partners

    Mercedes Carrasco-Portiño


    Full Text Available Introducción: A pesar de la visibilidad de los casos de violencia del compañero íntimo contra las mujeres en parejas con problemas socioeconómicos, su relación con el hecho concreto de desarrollar una conducta violenta no está clara. Se plantea realizar una revisión sistemática de la evidencia empírica sobre el papel del nivel socioeconómico de los perpetradores en este problema. Métodos: Revisión sistemática. Bases de datos: Eric (1966-2004, Sociological Abstracts (1963-2005, Science Citation Index (1945-2005, Social Science Citation Index (1956-2005, Medline a través de Pubmed (1966-2005, Social Service Abstracts (1980-2005, Lilacs (1982-2005 y Psycinfo (1972-2005. Se incluyeron los artículos empíricos con objetivos o hipótesis sobre la relación causal entre el bajo nivel socioeconómico -empleo, educación e ingresos- de los hombres y la violencia del compañero íntimo contra mujeres. Resultados: Se localizaron 251 estudios. Sólo 10 cumplieron los criterios de inclusión. Se encontró un estudio de cohortes, uno de casos y controles, un estudio ecológico y una serie de casos. Dos estudios calculan las odds ratio (OR en sus análisis. En uno se obtiene una OR de 1,4 (intervalo de confianza del 95%, 1,1-1,9 con el desempleo, y en el otro no se alcanzó en nivel de significación estadística ni con este factor ni con el bajo nivel de ingresos y educativo. Conclusiones: Se requiere más información, y de más calidad, que permita establecer resultados concluyentes sobre el papel causal del nivel socioeconómico de los hombres que maltratan a sus parejas. Aún es insuficiente la evidencia empírica que asocia la conducta violenta de los hombres contra sus parejas con determinados grupos de bajo nivel socioeconómico.Background: Despite the visibility of intimate partner violence against women in low socioeconomic groups, the association of low socioeconomic status and violent behavior is unclear. We performed a systematic

  5. Motivational activities based on previous knowledge of students

    García, J. A.; Gómez-Robledo, L.; Huertas, R.; Perales, F. J.


    Academic results depend strongly on the individual circumstances of students: background, motivation and aptitude. We think that academic activities conducted to increase motivation must be tuned to the special situation of the students. Main goal of this work is analyze the students in the first year of the Degree in Optics and Optometry in the University of Granada and the suitability of an activity designed for those students. Initial data were obtained from a survey inquiring about the reasons to choose this degree, their knowledge of it, and previous academic backgrounds. Results show that: 1) the group is quite heterogeneous, since students have very different background. 2) Reasons to choose the Degree in Optics and Optometry are also very different, and in many cases were selected as a second option. 3) Knowledge and motivations about the Degree are in general quite low. Trying to increase the motivation of the students we designed an academic activity in which we show different topics studied in the Degree. Results show that students that have been involved in this activity are the most motivated and most satisfied with their election of the degree.

  6. Los poetas del Valle

    Helcías Martán Góngora


    Full Text Available No es el "Azul" que sirvió a Rubén, "padre y maestro mágico", como telón de fondo en su magna aventura renovadora, sino el "Azul" Comarca serenísima -donde vive la eternidad-, el color que impera en los territorios mágicos ele Gilberto Garrido (1887, el insigne lírico nacido en las montañas de Supía, pero volcado como un río sobre el Valle del Cauca, desde los manantiales de su infancia.

  7. de los adolescentes

    Laura Oliva Zárate


    Full Text Available Se evaluó el nivel de autoestima en los adolescentes que cursaban secundaria o bachillerato, cuya condición era la de ser hijos de padres emigrantes, mediante un enfoque mixto, utilizando instrumentos de evaluación y cuestionarios. Los resultados muestran que la tercera parte de dichos jóvenes manifiestan una baja autoestima en dos de las cuatro áreas valoradas, evidenciándose la necesidad de una intervención oportuna a fin de mejorarla.

  8. por los Estados parte

    Boris Barrios González


    Full Text Available El autor realiza un análisis de la cosa juzgada nacional, la cual explica como una cuestión de prejudicialidad que se traduce en una condición de procedibilidad para concurrir al Sistema Interamericano de Protección de los Derechos Humanos; para luego abordar el cumplimiento de las sentencias de la Corte Interamericana, haciendo referencia a los casos más conflictivos que se destacan en la jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos.

  9. Los pactos parasociales

    Lina Henao


    Los pactos parasociales son acuerdos celebrados al margen de la regulación societaria, entre los socios, entre estos y la sociedad, o con terceros, que constituyen una herramienta de uso frecuente en el desarrollo de las relaciones corporativas pese a la ausencia de una regulación legal integral, y que tienen por finalidad regular extremos no recogidos estatutariamente. Su validez, eficacia e incumplimiento estarán determinados en mayor medida por las normas de derecho civil y en menor propor...

  10. Cuando atacan los animales

    Erian, Alicia


    Los cuentos de Alicia Erian han aparecido recientemente en Zoetrope y Nerve. Su primera colección de narrativa breve, The Brutal Language of Love, la publicará la editorial Villard el año próximo. Alicia Erian vive en brooklyn, Nueva York, con su marido, David Franklin. «Cuando atacan los animales» es el primero de sus relatos traducidos al español. Traductor: Juan Gabriel López Guix es traductor del inglés y francés. Se dedica sobre todo a la traducción de narrativa, ensayo y divulgación cie...

  11. Los hijos de Kafka

    William Díaz Villarreal


    Full Text Available Kafka intentó sin éxito publicar un libro, titulado Los hijos, en el que se reunían tres relatos compuestos en el invierno entre 1912 y 1913: “La condena”, “La metamorfosis” y “El fogonero”. En este ensayo, el autor interpreta estos tres relatos como una unidad, a partir del motivo que sugiere el título del libro proyectado por Kafka. Así, estos tres textos exploran los intentos fallidos del hijo por autoafirmarse dentro de la opresiva esfera de influencia del padre.

  12. The sexual and reproductive health of young people in Latin America: evidence from WHO case studies La salud sexual y reproductiva de los jóvenes en América Latina: evidencia derivada de estudios de la OMS

    Kate Kostrzewa


    Full Text Available This original article addresses the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people aged 15 to 24 in Latin America. It introduces five articles from original research projects in three countries: Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. These projects were funded by the World Health Organization. This article explains the importance of studies that address the sexual and reproductive health of young people in developing countries. It provides an overview of sexual and reproductive health issues in Latin America and a discussion these issues in the three study countries. The five articles deal with difficult and challenging issues, including: knowledge of STIs and HIV/AIDS; pregnancy related practices; quality of care; the role of young men in couple formation, pregnancy and adoption of contraceptive practice; and, the role of obstetricians and gynecologists in public policy debate about family planning and abortion. The four articles in this special section help to improve our understanding of the factors that contribute to risky sexual behavior and negative reproductive health outcomes among youth in Latin America. The findings are useful to help inform and improve health care interventions in various contexts.Este artículo original trata de las necesidades de salud sexual y reproductiva de jóvenes entre 15 y 24 años de edad en América Latina. Se presentan cuatro artículos derivados de investigaciones originales en tres países: Argentina, Brasil y Perú. Estos proyectos fueron patrocinados por la Organización Mundial de la Salud. Este artículo elucida la importancia de los estudios que tratan de la salud sexual y reproductiva de jóvenes en países en desarollo. Se ilustra el panorama general en cuestiones de salud sexual y reproductiva en América Latina y una discusión de estas cuestiones en los tres países de donde provienen los estudios. Los cinco artículos discuten cuestiones difíciles y controversiales, como los conocimientos sobre

  13. Los conocimientos previos en la alfabetización inicial

    Luz Emilia Flores Davis


    Full Text Available

    Resumen. La alfabetización inicial constituye un reto para los sistemas educativos por su impacto en el desenvolvimiento de las personas en una sociedad letrada, así como por su importancia para el aprendizaje de las distintas disciplinas. En este ensayo, se presenta una reflexión sobre el papel de los conocimientos previos para generar aprendizajes significativos en el área de lectura y escritura, esta reflexión es posible a partir del análisis de información respecto a los procesos de construcción d