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  1. Premier Wen Jiabao Chaired a State Council Executive Meeting to Review and Deploy the Program to Further Implement the Restructuring and Reinvigoration Plan for Key Industries


    @@ Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to review and deploy the program to further implement the restructuring and reinvigoration plan for key industries on February 24th,2010.

  2. Premier Wen on Domestic Policies


    The Second Session of the 11th National People’s Congress held a press conference at the Great Hall of the People on March 13. Premier Wen Jiabao answered questions from the Chinese and foreign press. Below are highlights of his answers on domestic policies.

  3. Premier Wen hails sci-tech cooperation with CERN


    Premier Wen Jiabao met CERN's director general Dr Robert Aymar and physicist and Nobel laureate Dr Samuel Chao Chung Ting. Premier Wen emphasied the importance for China to collaborate on fundamental science (0.5 page)

  4. Cognitive metaphor in the West and the East : A comparison of metaphors in the speeches of Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao

    Wong, Wai Yee Christine


    The thesis discusses the metaphors used in the speeches of US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. The framework is Cognitive Metaphor Theory, which introduces the idea that cognitive metaphors are conceptualizations or patterns of thought, not lingusitic phenomena, although these metaphors give rise to linguistic metaphors. The metaphorical mapping, the relations between conceptual metaphors and our experience, the differences between conceptual metaphors and poetic metapho...

  5. “You are back home!”——On Premier Wen Jiabao’s Meeting with Japanese Orphans Delegation


    <正>Beijing,November 11,2009 The sky was exceptionally blue after the first snow.The temperature was low,but people could feel the bright sunshine’s warmth.For the members of the Japanese orphans delegation, they felt especially so because they would soon meet Premier Wen Jiabao whom they had been longing to see.



    On March 14, Premier Wen Jiabao addressed the Chinese and foreign media at a press conference after the closing meeting of the Third Session of the 11th National People’s Congress. Edited highlights on a number of economic and social issues follow:



    @@ March 14.Premier Wen Jiabao addressed the Chinese and foreign media at a press conference after the closing meeting of the Third Session of the 1 lth National People's Congress.Edited highlights on a number of economic and social issues follow:

  8. Our Measures Are Effective, Premier


    @@ In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency in Beijing on December 27, 2009, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao shared his visions of the current economic situation in China and the government's economic policy orientations for 2010. Here are the highlights of the interview.

  9. Wen's Report: No Difficulty Can Daunt China

    Li Zhen


    @@ On March 5, China's Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a government work report to the 3,000 or so National People's Congress (NPC) deputies and more than 2,000 members of the Chinese People's Political Consulta-tive Conference (CPPCC) National Committee.

  10. Our Measures Are Effective,Premier


    In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency in Beijing on December 27,2009,Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao shared his visions of the current economic situation in China and the government’s economic policy orientations for 2010.Here are the highlights of the interview.

  11. Premier Event


    China and Russia look to move beyond resources and light manufacturing to hi-tech trade Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to China at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao on October 11-12, Putin’s first visit abroad since he declared his intention to run for president next year.

  12. Premier Event

    YU YAN


    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to China at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao on October 11-12,Putin's first visit abroad since he declared his intention to run for president next year.The visit strengthened diversified practical cooperation and promoted the SinoRussian strategic cooperative partnership in an all-around way,said Chinese analysts.

  13. Tears of a Chinese Premier Hussein Ismail Hussein


    THE day Premier Wen took office he stated.""Leaders should be closer to the masses."" His visit to comfort and talk with everyday workers in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province on January 1, 2005, where a few weeks previously a gas blast in the Chenjiashan Coalmine had killed 166 workers, was by no means his first. But it was the first time he publicly shed tears. In one household that had lost its breadwinner, Wen Jiabao embraced the victim's son and shared his grief. He later had a simple lunch of steamed bread and tea in a tunnel 1,300 meters belowg round as he chatted with workers at another mine in the city.

  14. Eurasian Exchanges


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao advocates trust and cooperation during a recent four-nation tour chinese Premier Wen Jiabao stressed during his recent Eurasian tour that China would continue to cooperate with other countries to revive

  15. Beacon of Development


    Premier Wen Jiabao sends crucial signals to the international community at UN headquarters For the first time since he took office five years ago, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao addressed the United Nations in New York on September

  16. Averting a Moral Landslide


    Premier Wen Jiabao said food safety scandals in China indicate serious moral degradation Incidents related to food safety indicate that"dishonesty and moral degradation"have become a very serious problem in the country,Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on April 14.Wen made the remark during a

  17. Metaphor Analysis of Chinese Premier Wen’s Cambridge Speech

    LUO Luo


    Metaphor is more than an ostensible decoration of language. It is an integral part of human thought of ideologized world. This article analyzes the metaphor use of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s speech at Cambridge in February 2009, in an at-tempt to display how the preferred metaphors serve the purpose of this speech and reflect Premier Wen ’s construction of Chi-na’s situation.

  18. Application of Adaptation Theory in Practice of Interpreting Taking the Interpreting Reports of Premier WEN in 2010 .as an Example%语言顺应论在口译实践中的应用——以2010年温家宝总理答记者问现场口译为例



    Adaptation theory was proposed by Versehueren in 2000, the main idea of which is that language has three properties : variability, negotiability and adaptability. Based on the adaptation theory, how the target language adapts to the context, language structure and the dynamic process of interpreting were explained to demonstrate the important guiding function through studying the interpreting reports of Premier WEN in 2010.%语言顺应论是Verschueren于2000年提出,之后被广泛应用于语言学界,其主要内容包括变异性、商讨性和顺应性。以语言顺应论为理论支撑,以2010年温总理答记者问现场口译稿为语料,分析口译实践过程中语言顺应论如何解释译语顺应语境、语言结构和口译的动态过程,说明语言顺应论在口译实践过程中的重要指导作用。



    Premier Wen Jiabao's recent trip to Europe and Central Asia is symbolic of China's new-style multilateral diplomacy While addressing a Sino-European economic summit in Hamburg, Germany, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao hailed economic relations between China and Europe. "If the China-EU [European

  20. Brotherly Bonds


    @@ Beijing Review: How do you view the importance of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's upcoming visit to Pakistan? Masood Khan: There is a lot of excitement in Pakistan to receive Premier Wen Jiabao. He is a very popular leader in Pakistan, as he represents the most beloved nation for Pakistanis-China.

  1. Wen Tien Ke

    Qiang Lei


    Full Text Available Based on enormous first-hand data as diaries, memoirs, newspapers, archival materials, books, and journals, this article tries to clarify some important aspects concerning Wen Tien Ke(Ko (文殿閣 such as when it established, how its inner structure worked and what its major businesses covered. By doing so, the author tells the story of the Wen Tien Ke: how it had witnessed the vicissitudes of its time and its own, how it had contributed to the cultural exchange and communication between China and the West through its daily business activities such as rare book retails, and reprint of books on various aspects of China in English and other languages written by distinguished western sinologists. In all, this article makes efforts to explore the publishing history of Wen Tien Ke from 1934 to 1950s. [Article content in Chinese

  2. Premier Wen Stresses Building of “Harmonious Society”


    While high-speed economic growth and dramatic social changes continue to distinguish China across the globe, the country's leadership is eyeing a smoother ride on its development path by setting forth a guideline prioritizing harmony.

  3. Adapting to Change


    China and Europe advance relations with an eye toward addressing emerging global challenges Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao must have been fully confident when he urged China and the European Union (EU) to help shape the

  4. Seven Major Influential Events in China's Oil Industry in 2003

    Zhang Zaixiang


    @@ Study of sustainable oil and gas development strategy kicks off China's Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a work conference on May 26 to commence the research on China's sustainable oil and gas development strategy.

  5. Hitting the Mark



    @@ At the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reaffirmed China's determina-tion to realize its commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  6. Development and Peace Hold Key To National Rejuvenation


    While developing productivity and immensely increasing material wealth, China needs to gradually secure fairness and social justice, said Premier Wen Jiabao in an essay published on February 26. He called these the “two interrelated and mutually benefici

  7. Crisis vs.Crisistunity



    When Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Europe recently,he mentioned a word that means one thing to the Chinese,and another to English-speaking people,with significant differences in nuance and implication.The word he

  8. News in Brief


    <正>State Council Standing Committee Meeting Discusses and Approves Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft) in Principle Premier WEN Jiabao presided over the State Council Standing Committee Meet- ing on

  9. Yuan Exchange Rate 'Properly Adjusted'


      The currency exchange rate was "properly adjusted" this year and takes into account effects on the country's neighbors and the world, Premier Wen Jiabao said at a regional meeting in Malaysia.……

  10. A Painting Tells Its Story


    Separated parts of an ancient Chinese painting to be displayed together Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told a story about a famous Chinese painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains at a press conference after the Third Session of the

  11. Ice-thawing Visit: New Opportunities for Closer China-Japan Trade Ties Exclusive Interview with Takeo Donoue, Economic Counsellor of Embassy of Japan in China

    Guo Yan; Sun Yongjian


    @@ At the invitation of the Japanese government, from April 11 to 13, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao paid an official visit to Japan, which was described as an "ice-thawing journey", and launched talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

  12. Strategic Partners


    Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to seven African countries cements growing China-Africa ties For Chinese diplomacy, this is "Africa year." Following the visits of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao started his eight-day visit to seven African countries on June 17. "Africa year" will continue in the second half of this year with the third ministerial conference and the first summit of the Forum on China-Africa

  13. A 10-thousand Earner 33 Years Ago Wealthier than A Millionaire Now

    Pan Hao


    @@ A half-year review on China's combating inflation Recently Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a standing meeting of the State Council, with the theme of stabilizing pork price.This is the third time in recent two weeks that Premier Wen mentioned the pork price.He emphasized that price stability of the meat market is the unavoidable responsibility of the government.

  14. Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia


    Premier Wen Jiabao’s visits to Malaysia and Indonesia enhance China’s relations with its neighbors Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao paid official visits to two Southeast Asian nations-Malaysia and Indonesia-from April 27 to 30. The trip helped foster a "harmonious,

  15. Huangshan, Approach to Internationalization——Interview with Wang Fuhong, NPC Member and Party Secretary of Huangshan City

    Gao Wentian; Bai Yifeng


    @@ In his government work report,Premier Wen Jiabao brought up the "24 words principle this year,in which "expanding domestic demand and increasing capital growth" is an important one.Premier Wen pointed out that we should give full play to the domestic demand,especially the consumption demand a leading role in the economic growth.

  16. China Urges Russia to Honor Oil Agreements


    @@ China's Premier Wen Jiabao paid a three-day official visit to Russia in late September with a mission to secure more power supply from Russia to satisfy China's booming demand for oil and gas.This is his first visit to Russia since taking office in March last year. Oil was top of the agenda in Premier Wen's trip to Moscow.

  17. Premier Hospital Historical Data

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — To provide a historical overview of the participating hospitals, before the first project report, Premier Healthcare Informatics has used data already available for...

  18. Man of the People


    Chinese premier spearheads the nation’s earthquake relief efforts Premier Wen Jiabao moved China once again with his resolute yet emotional response to calamity. Visiting one of the many earth- quake-devastated schools in Dujiangyan City in southwest China’s Sichuan Province on May 13,Wen trudged through mud and concrete debris in rain showers.The premier wept when he reached rescuers trying to get two children out of the school’s ruins.

  19. China and Mongolia


    China is set to launch feasibility studies on establishing a free trade area with Mongolia,said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his recent visit to Ulan Bator.Wen told Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaataryn Batbold on June 1 the two

  20. More Than Energy

    Ding Ying


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Saudi Arabia,the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar,and participated in the Fifth World Future Energy Summit (WFES) from January 14 to 19.The Chinese premier stated China's stance on world energy supply at the summit and called for strengthening comprehensive cooperation with the three nations,including energy cooperation.

  1. A Blossoming Partnership


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has just concluded an official visit abroad that took him to three European countries-Finland, Britain and Germany-and the Centra) Asian nation of Tajikistan. Some political observers and scholars have hailed the premier's visit as

  2. 75 FR 337 - Action Affecting Export Privileges: Ning Wen


    ... Export Privileges: Ning Wen In the Matter of: Ning Wen, No. 07511-089, Federal Prison Camp--H Dorm, P.O... Regulations in effect under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701-1706). Charge 1..., Ning Wen, No. 07511-089, Federal Prison Camp-H Dorm, P.O. Box 1000, Duluth, MN 55814, with an...

  3. The Premier’s Concerns


    As an annual routine,the Chinese premier meets the press after the closing ceremony of each year’s session of the National People’s Congress (NPC).Wen Jiabao, who was appointed to a second five-year term as premier at the First Session of the 11th NPC, answered questions from domestic and foreign journalists on March 18. Premier Wen’s main points follow.

  4. Deepen the Collective Forest Right System and the Reform of State-owned Forest Farms


    @@ The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting on July 9th to review and approve in principle"the Plan Outline for National Forest Land Protection and Utilization(2010-2020)"(hereinafter referred to as"the Plan Outline").

  5. 新闻(英文)


    State Council Six Measures to Promote Light Industry DevelopmentNov. 19, Beijing:The Premier Wen Jiabao hosted the general conference of the State Council to work out policy measures to promote the sound development of light and textile industry. Light and textile industry is the traditional industry in China. The stable

  6. United in Diversity


    East Asian nations promote economic growth through regional cooperation to battle the world recession From October 23 to 25, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the 12th China-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit, the 12th ASEAN Plus Three summit and the fourth East Asia summit in Hua Hin, Thailand.

  7. Scrapping Agricultural Tax


    On March 5,in his government report to the annual session of the country's top legislature,the National People's Congress,Premier Wen Jiabao set the goal to reduce the agricultural tax rate by more than one percentage point each year,

  8. Fiscal Deficit Will Be Cut Down RMB19.8 Billion This Year


      When delivering the government work report on March5, Premier Wen Jiabao said,"China will carry out the stable fiscal policy this year and cut down the fiscal deficit accordingly, plan to arrange a central fiscal deficit of RMB300 billion,which is RMB19.8 billion less than last year."……

  9. Fiscal Deficit Will Be Cut Down RMB19.8 Billion This Year


    @@ When delivering the government work report on March5, Premier Wen Jiabao said,"China will carry out the stable fiscal policy this year and cut down the fiscal deficit accordingly, plan to arrange a central fiscal deficit of RMB300 billion,which is RMB19.8 billion less than last year."

  10. Growth Enterprise Board on Track


    @@ In Premier Wen Jiabao's Government Work Report to the NPC,he said,"China will establish a stock market for high growth enterprises this year,accelerate development of the bond market and steadily develop the futures market."But he didn't layout a fixed timetable.

  11. Over the Moon


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (right) applauds after he unveiled China’s first photo of the moon surface,taken by its lunar probe Chang’e-1,in Beijing on November 26. The framed black-and-white photo,grouping 19 images,shows part of the moon’s highland that is mainly composed of plagioclase,a common

  12. Hitting the Mark


    After making early progress, China remains committed to the UN Millennium Development Goals At the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reaffirmed China’s determina- tion to realize its commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  13. Aligning Against Global Concerns


    @@ While meeting with visiting Turkish Foreign MiniVer Ahmet Davutoglu on November 1,Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping called on China and Turkey to strengthen coordination in international organizations,including the Group of 20 (G20).Davutoglu's visit came shortly after the two countries announced the establishment of a "strategic relationship of cooperation" during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's October trip to Turkey.

  14. Diplomacy in The New Year


    senior Chinese leaders embarked on foreign trips soon after China’s Spring Festival.Premier Wen Jiabao visited Switzerland,Germany,Spain,Britain,and the EU head-quarters in Brussels from January 27 to February 2,after attending the World Economic Forum in Davos,Switzerland.From February 10 to 17,President Hu Jintao toured

  15. Road Definition


    In a recent article, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao stresses that China will remain at the primary stage of socialism for quite a long time and is facing arduous tasks to develop productivity and to reform its political system and improve the socialist democ



    Wen Jiabao (Premier of the State Council): The issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers are fundamental ones that have a bearing on the overall modernization drive. Building a new socialist countryside refers to putting agriculture and rural initiatives more prominently on the agenda of China's modernization drive.

  17. China Expected to Use Energy Effectively and Economically

    Zhang Zhao


    @@ The national energy leading group chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao recently declared that "marketization is the most important element of energy policy." As it is wellknown in many countries, the market-oriented measures are more effective than administrative measures to carry out the government's commitment to reducing pollution and raising energy efficiency.

  18. Aligning The Abacus Beads: China’s New European Economic Presence

    David A. Jones


    Full Text Available Chinese premier Wen Jiabao announced in Warsaw on 26 April 2012 China’s intent to increase its Foreign Direct Investment to Central and Eastern Europe by US$ 10 Billion, earmarked for high technology, new technology, and green technology. This paper aims to evaluate this investment’s significance to China itself and Europe.



    "China has a huge population of football fans who will wake up at midnight to watch a game in the forthcoming World Cup in Germany and I am one of them." Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, to visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  20. Middle Region to Embrace Golden Time

    Yan Manman


    @@ On September 23, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the State Council's executive meeting, which discussed and passed the Planning to Boost the Rise of Middle Region, which set the goals for the middle region of significantly increasing the level of economic development, further strengthening the developing vitality, remarkably enhancing the sustainable development capacity and making new progress in building a harmonious society by 2015.

  1. Middle Region to Embrace Golden Time

    Yan Manman


    @@ On September 23, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the State Council's executive meeting, which discussed and passed the Planning to Boost the Rise of Middle Region, which set the goals for the middle region of significantly increasing the level of economic development, further strengthening the developing vitality, remarkably enhancing the sustainable development capacity and making new progress in building a harmonious society by 2015.

  2. AQSIQ Sends Working Groups to Implement the Spirit of National Quality Working Conference


    @@ On August 1st, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) convened a conference to transmit the spirit of national quality work and study an important speech regarding standards from Wen Jiabao,Premier of the State Council.

  3. CLEARING AWAY THE ICE China and Japan are on the right path to developing a 'culture of trust'


    'If Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to China last October was an ice-breaking journey, I hope that my visit to Japan in April will be an ice-melting one,' Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said at a press conference on March 16 con-cluding the annual

  4. Enhancing Cooperation


    China's purpose in encouraging its enterprises to invest in Africa is to help improve the self-development capability of African countries, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told a press conference in Egypt on June 19, countering accusations against China of practicing neo-colonialism in Africa.

  5. Is China Ready for Bird Flu?


    Besides a clear plan to deal with bird flu, a leading epidemic expert warns the biggest challenge is raising public awareness Premier Wen Jiabao said in his government work report, presented March 5 at the annual session of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, that the country is attaching great attention to the prevention and control of




    @@ Defending the Yuan Recent complaints from the United States about the Chinese yuan have escalated.Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said China is an advocate of free trade and opposed the idea of taking aggressive measures to force another country's currency to either depreciate or appreciate.

  7. Precision Cleaning - Path to Premier

    Mackler, Scott E.


    ITT Space Systems Division s new Precision Cleaning facility provides critical cleaning and packaging of aerospace flight hardware and optical payloads to meet customer performance requirements. The Precision Cleaning Path to Premier Project was a 2007 capital project and is a key element in the approved Premier Resource Management - Integrated Supply Chain Footprint Optimization Project. Formerly precision cleaning was located offsite in a leased building. A new facility equipped with modern precision cleaning equipment including advanced process analytical technology and improved capabilities was designed and built after outsourcing solutions were investigated and found lacking in ability to meet quality specifications and schedule needs. SSD cleans parts that can range in size from a single threaded fastener all the way up to large composite structures. Materials that can be processed include optics, composites, metals and various high performance coatings. We are required to provide verification to our customers that we have met their particulate and molecular cleanliness requirements and we have that analytical capability in this new facility. The new facility footprint is approximately half the size of the former leased operation and provides double the amount of throughput. Process improvements and new cleaning equipment are projected to increase 1st pass yield from 78% to 98% avoiding $300K+/yr in rework costs. Cost avoidance of $350K/yr will result from elimination of rent, IT services, transportation, and decreased utility costs. Savings due to reduced staff expected to net $4-500K/yr.

  8. Figures from Government Working Report

    Zhang Shengjun


    @@ Nine o'clock in the morning of March 5th,2008,the first meeting of the eleventh session of National People's Congresswas held in the Great Hall of People.As usual,the first pefformance ofthis big event in China was from the government working report made by the Premier.Five years of government's WOrk in this session was counted in Premier Wen Jiabao's working report.

  9. Comparing balance and instep angle of premier and non- premier leg in female soccer athletics

    Mahsa Mohammadzadeh


    Full Text Available This study is aimed to compare balanceand instep angle in premier and non- premier leg. The number of 30 female futsal athletics of Tehran Province (in the age of years old, in the weight of kg participated in this study. To determine premier and non- premier leg of subjects, they besides questioning requested to shoot 5 times and the leg with less error recorded as premier leg. Balance Error Scoring System (BESS test was used for evaluating static balance. 4 markers were used for evaluating instep angle according to Clark Model. For evaluating dynamic balance of subjects single-leg landing test on 3- axes force board with 1000 hertz frequency was used and the time to stability was computed in line with anteroposterior and internal- external based on sequential estimation technique. Data analyzing was done in two sections, first, instep angle was compared in different status and static and dynamic balance in premier and non- premier leg by paired t- test and then the relationship between instep angle was examined in different status with static balance (total score of balance in the test (BESS with instep angle in standing on two leg and single leg for premier leg and dynamic balance in 3 anteroposterior (AP, mediolateral (ML and vertical (V sides by using from correlation coefficient test (for normal data of Pearson correlation coefficient and Spearman abnormal data. There is significant difference between dynamic balance in premier and dynamic balance in non- premier leg of futsal athletics and the premier leg has further balance than non- premier leg. There is negative and significant relationship between dynamic balance and instep angle in all statusexcept premier leg of single- leg in vertical side. Futsal athletics in premier leg have further balance than non- premier leg.

  10. Bouc–Wen hysteresis model identification using Modified Firefly Algorithm

    Zaman, Mohammad Asif, E-mail: [Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (United States); Sikder, Urmita [Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley (United States)


    The parameters of Bouc–Wen hysteresis model are identified using a Modified Firefly Algorithm. The proposed algorithm uses dynamic process control parameters to improve its performance. The algorithm is used to find the model parameter values that results in the least amount of error between a set of given data points and points obtained from the Bouc–Wen model. The performance of the algorithm is compared with the performance of conventional Firefly Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Differential Evolution algorithm in terms of convergence rate and accuracy. Compared to the other three optimization algorithms, the proposed algorithm is found to have good convergence rate with high degree of accuracy in identifying Bouc–Wen model parameters. Finally, the proposed method is used to find the Bouc–Wen model parameters from experimental data. The obtained model is found to be in good agreement with measured data. - Highlights: • We describe a new method to find the Bouc–Wen hysteresis model parameters. • We propose a Modified Firefly Algorithm. • We compare our method with existing methods to find that the proposed method performs better. • We use our model to fit experimental results. Good agreement is found.

  11. Quench dynamics of TQPT in Wen-plaquette model

    Zhang, Long; Deng, Youjing


    In this paper, we study quench dynamics of topological quantum phase transition (TQPT) in transverse Wen-plaquette model, which has a phase transition from $Z_{2}$ topological order to a spin-polarized state. The study is based on others' work on Ising model, for 2D Wen-plaquette model with a external field can be mapped to 1D quantum Ising model. Using the mapping, we get the expression of SOPs and calculate the number of quasiparticles after a linear quench. The result tells us when the evolution is adiabatic, half of the plaquettes will be turned into $F_{i}=-1$.

  12. Ma Shi Wen Tong and its Theory of Language


    <正>Ma Shi Wen Tong is a very influential book in the field of linguistics.Its theory of language is closely related to the social background of China at that time.The paper will deal with concept of language in this book from a cultural and historical perspective.

  13. The story of geneticist Hsien-Wen Li

    Guihuan Luo


    @@ Hsien-Wen Li(1902-1976)is a distinguished geneticist and agricultural breeding specialist,and a significant figure in modern biology and agriculture development in China.He was born to a peasant's family in Jiangjin county,Sichuan Province,whose ancestors were Hakka(Kejia)people from Guangdong Province.

  14. Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    Ekert, Paul


    Designed to be practical and engaging, Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a project-based book to help you truly augment your skills and become a film editing hotshot.If you're just starting out or even migrating from existing video editing software, then this book is for you. With rapid progression through practical examples constructed to be both engaging and useful, Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is ideal for learning the sometimes complex workflows of this powerful application.

  15. Scottish Premier League Reading Stars Evaluation Report

    National Literacy Trust, 2009


    Scottish Premier League (SPL) Reading Stars uses the motivational power of football to attract families who need support with literacy into a positive and friendly learning environment. It ran for the first time between March and August 2009 and attracted 225 children and 190 adults to take part in a series of inspirational learning sessions in 23…

  16. Cool Wool Iaunched at Premiere Vision


    Visitors to Premiere Vision were greeted by the inspired The Woolmark Company image, rapidly becoming iconic, of a welcoming flock of stylish Merino sheep in sunglasses. It raised many a smile and set the scene for a feel- good exhibition, putting Cool Wool firmly at the doorway to the new summer season 2013.

  17. Pakistanis Eager to Welcome Premier Li Keqiang

    Syed; Ali; Nawaz; Gilani


    <正>"We the Pakistani Nation,are very much eager to welcome Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on his first visit to Pakistan after taking over the Premiership of the People’s Republic of China whom we are enjoying deep rooted and exemplary friendship for

  18. Changes in China's Trade Policy?

    Wang Xi; Zhang Yong


    @@ We will steadily develop foreign trade. The main issues are to exploit new markets, adjust the trade structure and promote trade balance", Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a government work report at the opening meeting of the annual full session of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, which started in Beijing on March 5, declaring a new development path of Chinese foreign trade in 2010.

  19. Invigorating Private Investment


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set in motion the policies and measures to encourage and guide the sound development of private investment at an executive meeting of the State Council on March 24. While aimed at improving the overall private investment environment, these measures will help promote China’s economic restructuring and maintain its growth momentum, said Sun Lijian,a professor of finance at Fudan University in Shanghai, in an article for Shanghai Securities News.Edited excerpts follow:

  20. Invigorating Private Investment


    @@ Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set in motion the policies and measures to encourage and guide the sound development of private investment at an executive meeting of the State Council on March24.While aimed at improving the overall private investment environment,these measures will help promote China's economic restructuring and maintain its growth momentum,said Sun Lijian,a professor of finance at Fudan University in Shanghai,in an article for Shanghai Securities News.

  1. Top 10 Energy Events in 2009


    @@ Recently,China's State Council decided to set up the National Energy Commission led by Premier Wen Jiabao to step up strategic policymaking and coordination.As a closely related topic to the national economy and people's livelihoods,the energy issue has always attracted considerable attention.The country's energy industry also witnessed a series of significant changes in 2009.The top 10 energy news events of 2009,as selected by the Economic Information Daily under Xinhua News Agency,follow:

  2. Top 10 Energy Events in 2009


    Recently, China’s State Council decided to set up the National Energy Commission led by Premier Wen Jiabao to step up strategic policymaking and coordination. As a closely related topic to the national economy and people’s livelihoods, the energy issue has always attracted considerable attention. The country’s energy industry also witnessed a series of significant changes in 2009. The top 10 energy news events of 2009, as selected by the Economic Information Daily under Xinhua News Agency, follow:

  3. Neighbors and Partners



    @@ Ghinese and Mongolian leaders have strength-ened exchanges since the beginning of this year. Only weeks after Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaataryn Batbold attended the Boao Forum for Asia in China in April, Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj paid a state visit to the country. During the visit, he also attended the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai on April 30. In early June, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao vis-ited Monngolia for the first time.

  4. Figure out the Foreign Trade

    Chen Wenhao


    @@ 1.Introduction The global economy suffered the financial crisis in the first three quarters of 2008. Since China deeply integrated into the global economy, it's already faced with a number of problems in economy. As Premier Wen Jiabao said in an article published in Qiushijournal that the global economic situation had been worsening and the negative impact of the volatile international market on Chinese economy would become more obvious as the days go by.

  5. Third Round of Tax Reforms Launched



    China's third round of tax reform is underway.Premier Wen Jiabao declared the three main lpoints of this tax reform in this year's 'state-of-the-art' government working report:to shift gradually from production-oriented value added tax(VAT) to consumption-oriented,the reform of export tax rebate system and to eliminate the agricultural tax in five yeaars.



    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visits AIDS orphans in Shangcai County,central China’s Henan Province,on November 30,a day before the 20th World AIDS Day. The region of Shangcai has the highest concentration of people living with HIV/AIDS in China. The Chinese Government has released a package of policies that offer people living with HIV/AIDS free medicine,health checks and consultations,as well as free schooling to AIDS orphans.

  7. Putin's Visit Bears Fruit


    The Russian President's trip to China marks progress in overall cooperation between the two countries If one word could be used to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent visit to China, it would be "fruitful." During his brief two-day stay, which began March 21, Putin had a compact agenda-he met with his Chinese counterpart, President Hu Jintao, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and China's top legis-

  8. 英文摘要


    What's Inside the 12th Five- Year Plan Unveiled October 18, a draft of the 12th Fwe-Year Plan charts a key economic course for years to come. In the process of preparing the plan, a task force headed by Premier Wen Jiabao gathered input from tens of thousands of experts in 67 government departments, as well as several foreign economists.

  9. Closer Ties


    China and its South Asian neighbors face opportunities and challenges in expanding economic cooperation China gained observer status in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) at the 13th summit of the regional organization held in Dacca, Bangladesh, in November 2005. Detailed discussions on the country's status are scheduled for July. China requested SAARC's observer status in January 2004, when Premier Wen Jiabao conerdtulated the success of the bloc's

  10. 信息(英文)


    Emergency Rule for Unexpected Public Sanitation Events Published我国《突发公共卫生事件就急条例》公布实施Premier Wen Jiabao signed on May 9 the No. 376 Order of the State Council, announcing the implementation of the Emergency Rule for Unexpected Public Sanitation Events. The rule establishes an emergency legal system of "smooth information flow, instant reaction, forceful instruction, and definite responsibilities" to deal with sudden emergency public sanitation events.

  11. Let Basic Medical Insurance Reach Every Citizen——A showcase city in east China



    @@ EDITOR'S NOTE: On July 24, 2007, Premier Wen Jiabao announced at a meeting in Beijing that China is working hard to build a comprehensive,government-financed system of medical insurance that covers all citizens in cities. What does this mean for the average Chinese? What is being done to build this projected system? We hope that the report printed here may answer these questions.

  12. Brotherly Bonds


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao just completed his official visit to Pakistan at the invitation of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, talked on December 10-prior to Wen’s visit-with Beijing Review reporter Yu Yan about the significance of Wen’s visit, the foundations of the China-Pakistan partnership, Pakistan’s relations with India and Pakistan’s domestic situations.

  13. News Round-Up


    WenJiabao, Chinese Premier "Inflation expectations are more dire than inflation itself, I am confident of keeping prices at a reasonable level," Manual for traditional healers Mozambique Mozambique’s Traditional Medicine Institute,an institution under the Health Ministry,is drawing up a new training manual for practitioners of traditional medicine as part of its efforts to prevent and combat HIV/AIDS in the country. The manual contains detailed informa-

  14. Continuity and Intensity


    Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, paid an official visit to China from May 21 to 23 at the invitation of her Chinese counterpart, Premier Wen Jiabao. It is her first trip to the country since she took office last November. In an interview with Beijing Review Publisher Wang Gangyi shortly before her visit, German Ambassador to China Volker Stanzel talked about Germany's policy toward China and current Chinese-German relations.

  15. Economic Key to Sino-African Ties


    Following Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Africa's Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya in April, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is currently visiting seven African countries-Egypt, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Angola, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Haile-Kiros Gessesse, Ethiopia's Ambassador to China, discussed with Beijing Review reporter Ni Yanshuo the future of the Sino-African relationship. As special envoy for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, he also expressed his expectations of the forum summit t...

  16. An Urgent Task



    @@ An 8-percent goal for GDP growth appeared again in the government's work report delivered earlier this month by Premier Wen Jiabao at the annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature. But this year's "8-percent" means more than maintaining the growth momentum, which clearly implies ensuring the quality of growth, and focusing on transforming the model of economic development and adjusting the economic structure.

  17. China Struggles to Meet Energy Shortage



    China is making plans not only to bolster1 energy production to meet everincreasing domestic needs2 but also to cut down on overall energy use in coming years. Headed by Premier Wen Jiabao, China's cabinet3 unveiled its longer-term energy development plan, in which the heart of the program is to be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible while pursuing4 economic growth between now and 2020.

  18. A Dose of Stimulus


    China is introducing a fiscal stimulus plan to keep its economy from slumping The Chinese Government hopes to save the economy from further slowdowns with a fiscal stimulus package worth approximately 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion) to boost domestic demand. It was agreed on November 5 at an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier Wen Jiabao that China must adopt "flexible and prudent" macro-control policies, given the volatile world situation and grim global economic outlook.

  19. Le Premier Amendement : un mythe

    Claude‑Jean Bertrand


    Full Text Available Ce papier, plein de verve, d’humeur et d’humour, pose, comme sait si bien le faire l’auteur, des questions profondes sous une apparence paradoxale. Il a été présenté lors d’un colloque sur le Premier amendement organisé à l’Université Lumière-Lyon 2 les 17 et 18 janvier 2003. Certaines communications ont été publiées dans le volume XXIV, n°1 (2003, « Le premier amendement : un modèle américain des libertés » (sous la direction de Vincent Michelot de la Revue Tocqueville.

  20. MicroEnterprise Americas: Premiere Issue, 2001

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


    This premiere issue of MicroEnterprise Americas concentrates on the microfinance industry, a thriving segment of the Latin American financial sector that has rapidly expanded in the past five years. This issue explores looks at how market leaders have developed technologies, attracted investments, and developed tools for mitigating risk in the difficult financial climate of the past two years. MicroEnterprise Americas is published by the Inter-American Forum on Microenterprise, an annual even...

  1. MicroEnterprise Americas: Premiere Issue, 2001

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


    This premiere issue of MicroEnterprise Americas concentrates on the microfinance industry, a thriving segment of the Latin American financial sector that has rapidly expanded in the past five years. This issue explores looks at how market leaders have developed technologies, attracted investments, and developed tools for mitigating risk in the difficult financial climate of the past two years. MicroEnterprise Americas is published by the Inter-American Forum on Microenterprise, an annual even...

  2. Setting Targets For 2011


    At the opening of full annual session of the lawmaking National People’s Congress on March 5, Premier Wen Jiabao delivered the government work report. The report consists of three parts: Review of National Economic and Social Development During the 11th Five-Year Plan Period, Major Objectives and Tasks for the 12th Five-Year Plan Period and Work for 2011. When outlining this year’s work, Wen said the government would focus on improving people’s livelihoods. Excerpts follow:

  3. Global Partnership China and India seek to exert a positive influence on-the world


    China and India seek to exert a positive influence on-the world Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao dis- played his signature smile as he and his visiting Indian counter- part Manmohan Singh signed a document to upgrade China-India relations in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on January 14.Wen had good rea- son to be confident.Having just concluded a fruitful meeting in which the two leaders reached a consensus on a wide range of top- ics,they were now reaffirming in a written document the two countries’commitment to intensifying bilateral cooperation from a global perspective.

  4. The Rise of a Region


    Recent summits in Singapore chart the future course for East Asian cooperationChina has been a trustworthy sup- porter and parmer for Southeast Asian countries.Premier Wen Jiabao enhanced this positive image in Singapore last November when he addressed a series of multilateral summits held within the framework of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Wen not only reaffirmed China’s support for ASEAN’s integration process,but also underscored China’s eagerness to build"a

  5. Voices from the"Summer Davos"in Asia



    @@ China pledges to sustained growth Wen Jiabao,Premier of the People's Republic of China,opened the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions,laying out an ambitious agenda to reinvigorate China's economy while meeting social goals.He explained the nation's stimulus plan and called for increased cooperation to meet collective challenges as the world recovers from the recent financial turmoil."Over the past year,the world economy has experienced the most severe challenge since the Great Depression," said Wen."Thanks to the concerted efforts and active measures of the entire world community,the world economy has started to recover."

  6. Development of Digitex premier digital angiographic systems

    Miura, Yoshiaki; Miura, Yusuke; Goto, Keiichi; Imanishi, Tetsuo; Miyamoto, Wataru [Shimadzu Corp., Medical Systems Division, Kyoto (Japan)


    The technique of interventional radiology has come to be widely utilized in the field of angiography. This has brought forth a strong demand that digital angiographic systems provide high efficiency in patient examinations and high level of interventional support. This report refers to our newly developed Digitex Premier Series digital angiographic systems, designed to meet the above demands. The new systems utilize a high-speed, wide-range C-arm system, a high-resolution image intensifier, a fluid-lubricant X-ray tube, and a digital image processing system, in order to ensure high patient examination efficiency. Their IVR (interventional radiology)-Master bed-side image controller further enhances the efficiency of patient examinations, and also, their CAT (comfortable angio terminal) and FMC (file management console) improve the patient examination throughput and diagnostic workflow of the systems. (author)

  7. Lifting the Stigma


    Once an unspoken epidemic across China,AIDS is now the focus of a government-led fight to stop its spread When Premier Wen Jiabao visit- ed the AIDS ward at Ditan Hospital of Beijing and shook hands with three AIDS patients on December 1,World AIDS Day,2003,it was the first time that a Chinese premier had met with AIDS patients on a public occasion.The unprece- dented move was seen by the world as a symbolic display of government commit- ment to fighting the disease.

  8. Research on modeling of nonlinear vibration isolation system based on BouceWen model

    Zhi-ling PENG; Chun-gui ZHOU


    A feedforword neural network of multi-layer topologies for systems with hysteretic nonlinearity is constructed based on BouceWen dif-ferential model. It not only reflects the hysteresis force characteristics of the BouceWen model, but also determines its corresponding pa-rameters. The simulation results show that restoring forceedisplacement curve hysteresis loop is very close to the real curve. The model trained can accurately predict the time response of system. The model is checked under the noise level. The result shows that the model has higher modeling precision, good generalization capability and a certain anti-interference ability.

  9. Effects of Wen Dan Tang on insomnia-related anxiety and levels of the brain-gut peptide Ghrelin

    Liye Wang; Binghe Guan; Xiaolan Liu; Yuehan Song; Feng Li; Yan Liu; Jie Ma; Meng Mao; Fengzhi Wu; Ying Wu; Sinai Li


    Ghrelin, a brain-gut peptide that induces anxiety and other abnormal emotions, contributes to the effects of insomnia on emotional behavior. In contrast, the traditional Chinese Medi-cine remedy Wen Dan Tang reduces insomnia-related anxiety, which may perhaps correspond to changes in the brain-gut axis. This suggests a possible relationship between Wen Dan Tang’s pharmacological mechanism and the brain-gut axis. Based on this hypothesis, a sleep-deprived rat model was induced and Wen Dan Tang was administered using oral gavage during model es-tablishment. Wen Dan Tang signiifcantly reduced insomnia-related anxiety and prevented Ghrelin level decreases following sleep deprivation, especially in the hypothalamus. Increased expression of Ghrelin receptor mRNA in the hypothalamus was also observed, suggesting that reduced anxi-ety may be a result of Wen Dan Tang’s regulation of Ghrelin-Ghrelin receptors.

  10. De Hemingway au chinois classique : le travail de la langue de l’écrivain taïwanais Wang Wen-hsing

    Sandrine Marchand


    Full Text Available Dans les années 1970, l’« occidentalisation » de Wang Wen-hsing lui attire les foudres de la critique. On lui reproche, entre autres choses, de mal écrire, d’être incompréhensible et d’écrire dans une langue occidentalisée. Lui-même semble prendre pour modèle son professeur de français, dont le niveau de chinois classique était très élevé. Entre chinois classique, moderne, dialecte de sa région natale (très proche du dialecte de Taïwan, anglais, et français idéalisé, Wang Wen-hsing invente sa propre langue. Dans les manuscrits de son premier roman, il recourt au syllabaire que les enfants utilisent en cours d’apprentissage de la langue chinoise pour remplacer les caractères d’écriture, syllabaire qui disparaît ensuite à la publication. Que nous apprend l’utilisation de ce syllabaire sur le travail créatif de l’auteur ?Wang Wen-hsing est un auteur qui, entre extrême précision et violence, consacre sa vie et toute son énergie au travail de la langue. Quelle langue tente-t-il d’approcher : le chinois normatif des temps anciens, la langue américaine de Hemingway, ou un mélange des deux ?Multilingue à l’intérieur de la langue chinoise moderne, elle-même langue encore proche du chinois classique, abandonné seulement au début du xxe siècle, l’écriture romanesque de Wang Wen-hsing, qui a pour critère de valeur le « tong-shun » (clarté et aisance, est le fruit de l’oralité et d’une langue expérimentale. Ce rapport à la langue vient-il de sa situation d’émigration, de son isolement des milieux politiques et intellectuels, comme cela lui a été reproché lorsque justement on l’accusait d’écrire dans une langue incompréhensible pour le lecteur ? Pourquoi ces romans sont-ils jugés incompréhensibles ? En raison du niveau du lecteur moyen ? Pour des raisons géopolitiques, car il est un émigré en position dominante dans l’île ? Parce que la langue chinoise est dans

  11. Premiere toob lavale jalgpallimeeskonna, inimkatsed ja punase tooli / Kairi Prints

    Prints, Kairi, 1977-


    Premiere 2012 osalevad neli Eesti tantsukunstnikku: Svetlana Grigorjeva tantsulavastusega "sõp rus est", Kaisa Selde, Kristina-Maria Heinsalu ja Christin Lunts tantsulavastusega "fie", esmakordselt võtab osa välismaalane - sakslanna Mareike Franz tantsulavastusega "Duett". Kõik esietenduvad 9. veebruaril Kanuti gildi saalis

  12. Premiere toob lavale jalgpallimeeskonna, inimkatsed ja punase tooli / Kairi Prints

    Prints, Kairi, 1977-


    Premiere 2012 osalevad neli Eesti tantsukunstnikku: Svetlana Grigorjeva tantsulavastusega "sõp rus est", Kaisa Selde, Kristina-Maria Heinsalu ja Christin Lunts tantsulavastusega "fie", esmakordselt võtab osa välismaalane - sakslanna Mareike Franz tantsulavastusega "Duett". Kõik esietenduvad 9. veebruaril Kanuti gildi saalis

  13. Open Access Publishing in Indian Premier Research Institutions

    Bhat, Mohammad Hanief


    Introduction: Publishing research findings in open access journals is a means of enhancing visibility and consequently increasing the impact of publications. This study provides an overview of open access publishing in premier research institutes of India. Method: The publication output of each institution from 2003 to 2007 was ascertained through…

  14. Crisis in Experts' Eyes

    Guo Liqin


    @@ 2008 has seen the most turbulent ups and downs in the world economy in quite some time, and China too, has been affected. "This is the most difficult year for the Chinses economy," Premier Wen Jiabao said, "Confidence is more important than gold. The most impgrtant thing for China is to keep a consistent and healthy growing economy." Some of the most influential economists and CEOs have also given a variety of different opinions worthy of our consideration, though the real effects of their suggestions will be tested over the next few years.

  15. Independent Innovation Is a Must


    The importance of independent innovation has been recognized by the Chinese Government and the public. The 11 th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) sets the enhancement of China's capability of independent innovation and the creation of an innovation-driven growth mode as the national strategy that is required to be integrated into every aspect of society. "Independent innovation" was also a key word in Premier Wen Jiabao's report on government work at the recent session of the National People's Congress, the top ...

  16. Social Public Care Ahead

    Guo Liqin


    @@ China faces toughest after-quake reconstruction since 1976. In contrast with neighbouring Myanmar's lethargic and secre-tive handling of its cyclone ten days earlier, China responded to the earthquake rapidly and with uncharacteristic openness. Within hours Premier Wen Jiabao was on a plane, and appeared in almost all the strategic plac-es in the earthquake-hit areas in the follow-ing days; President Hu Jintao was chairing an emergency meeting of Standing Com-mittee and thousands of soldiers and police were being dispatched. China is moved and moves. For the most impressive time, we read the social care from all works of lives.

  17. Introduction to the RFID Technology in the Application of the Smart Supermarket

    Fu Binbin


    Full Text Available RFID technology is no stranger to more or less have contacted various of industries in nowadays. Premier wen Jiabao put forward the “experience China” in 2009, after the application of IOT (Internet of things is rocketed development and RFID technology is absolutely necessary as the core of IOT. On the experiment background of campus supermarket, this paper briefly introduces the application of RFID technology in the intelligent supermarket that mainly included four parts. Through analysis of system, it detailed interpretation that IOT bring changes to campus supermarket.



    1.SMART COMPANY State leaders walk into the closing meeting of the First Session of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing,on Merch 14 2.PEOPLE’S CHOICE The choosing of e new stere leadership was e major pert of this year’s full session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) In this picuture,voting results shown on an electronic display in the Great Hell of the People affirm another five-year term for Wen Jiabao as China’s premier

  19. News in Brief


    <正>Regulations on Expropriation and Compensation for Houses on Stateowned Land Issued On Jan. 21,2011,Premier WEN Jiabao signed the Decree of the State Council to promulgate the Regulations on Expropriation and Compensation for Houses on State-owned Land. Containing five chapters and 35 articles,the regulations is aimed at normalizing the expropriation and compensation for the houses on stateowned land,protecting public interests,and guaranteeing the lawful rights and interests of the owners whose houses are expropriated.

  20. Foreign Views


    When the Fourth Session of the 11th National People’s Congress was held on March 5-14 and drew the nation’s attention, expats in Beijing also followed the meeting. Beijing Review reporter Liu Xinlian interviewed foreign nationals completing their master’s degrees in public administration at School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University about the government work report delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao and the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) approved at the session.

  1. Neighbors and Partners


    China and Mongolia make the most of their economic advantages to cement business ties Chinese and Mongolian leaders have strengthened exchanges since the beginning of this year. Only weeks after Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaataryn Batbold attended the Boao Forum for Asia in China in April,Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj paid a state visit to the country. During the visit, he also attended the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai on April 30. In early June, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Mongolia for the first time.

  2. Critical Metaphor Analysis of Political Discourse in the Global Financial Crisis%金融危机中政治话语的批评隐喻分析



    文章采用批评性隐喻分析研究方法,以温家宝总理针对全球金融危机所发表的一系列讲话为例,对政治经济语篇中的概念隐喻建构信心话语进行了分析。%Using a series of speech of Premier Wen Jiabao in the global financial crisis as corpus, this paper aims at finding out how the confidence is discursively constructed in the political and economic dis-course by means of Critical Metaphor Analysis.



    The most important agenda of this year’s session of the National People Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, held March 5-14, was deliberation and approval of the draft blueprint of China’s economic and social development for the next five years, the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15). When delivering the government work report at the Fourth Session of the 11th NPC on March 5, Premier Wen Jiabao also summarized the main targets and tasks for the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Excerpts follow:



    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called for intensified efforts to save energy and reduce emissions over the next five years to ease climate change and promote sustainable development. The country fulfilled most of its binding energy-saving and emission reduction goals set out in the nation's l lth Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010). China's energy consumption grew at an annual rate of 6.6 percent over the last five years, much slower than the 11.2-percent increase in the country's economic growth.

  5. China Aims to Boost Emerging Industries for Low Carbon Economy


    @@ China is making concrete steps in pushing forward with its low-carbon economy by boosting strategic emerging industries at home.The Chinese government will guido the development of high-tech industries such as wind and solar power equipment manufacturing as China rushed to build a low-carbon economy.In December 2009,Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao listed seven high-tech emerging industries as new energy,energy-saving and environmental protection,electric vehicles,new materials,information industry,new medicine and pharmacology,as well as biological breeding.

  6. Renewing Historical Ties


    History was made when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao kicked off his seven-nation Africa tour in June in Cairo, attending a gala at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza to mark 50 years of China-Egypt diplomatic relations in the company of his Egyptian counterpart Ahmed Nazef. This is the first time the world heritage site has ever been used for such an occasion. Following on the heels of the two ancient civilizations consolidating their relationship, Egyptian Ambassador to China Mahmoud Allam shared his visions ...

  7. Lawmakers Gather in Beijing


    Deputies to the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, applaud while listening to a government work report delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao at the opening of their annual session in Beijing on March 5. The session, which is scheduled to conclude on March 13, outlines China’s development program for 2009 and approves the state budget to support the country’s counter-crisis measures. The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the top advisory body, also opened its annual session in Beijing on March 3.

  8. China's Export,Still Tough Road Ahead%China's Export, Still Tough Road Ahead

    Yang Wei


    @@ When Premier Wen Jiabao set the annual economic growth at 8 percent for 2009 in his government report early this March,three driving forces behind the national economy took the corresponding task of achieving this growth onto their shoulders.In March,at a regularly held conference for all of CCPIT,Zhang Wei,vice president of the organization,gave a concrete analysis on this year's goals for each of the three driving forces:investment will be responsible for growth of 3.6 percentage points,3.2 percentage points will come from domestic consumption,and 1.2 percentage points should be contributed by exports.

  9. Attaining New Heights With Germany


    The launch of inter-governmental consultation ushers in a new era for Sino-German relations During his recent visit to Germany,Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao,together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel,inaugurated an inter-governmental cons ultation mechanism to enhance cooperation between the two countries.The two cochaired the first round of consultation in Berlin on June 28.This is a milestone in Sino-German relations since Germany is the first country to establish this kind of mecha-

  10. CRISIS FOCUS Forex Reserves to The Rescue


    When Premier Wen Jiabao told this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos that the Chinese Government was explor- ing more efficient ways to use its massive foreign exchange (forex) reserves to boost the domestic economy, he empha- sized that the reserves could only be used overseas. Zuo Xiaolei, Chief Economist of Beijing-based China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd., recently wrote an article in the Securities Times explaining why the country’s forex reserves can only be used overseas and how they can help stimulate domestic development. Edited excerpts follow:

  11. Premiere of Film Nine-Mile Fragrance Held in Kenya


    <正>The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-HABITAT) in Kenya staged the premiere of the film Nine-Mile Fragrance depicting the Wenchuan earthquake relief efforts. The film, showing the unique culture of the Qiang ethnic group and the great spirit of love of the Chinese people in their earthquake relief work, left a deep impression on the African audience.

  12. Jian Shu Wen Qing Tang Used in the Treatment for 60 Cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    吴家瑜; 罗世忠


    @@ Based on the TCM theory of strengthening the spleen, soothing the liver, warming the middle-jiao, and purging the bowels, the author of this article has treated 60 cases of irritable bowel syndrome with the self-made prescription of Jian Shu Wen Qing Tang (健疏温清汤 Decoction for Strengthening the Spleen, Soothing the Liver, Warming the Middle-jiao, and Purging the Bowels), and has obtained good therapeutic results. The following is a report of it.

  13. Vice Premier Li Keqiang Meets Chinese and Russian Friendly Personages


    <正>The scene: 5 pm on April 26 at the President Hotel in Moscow, and Vice Premier Li Keqiang, having just arrived in Russia for an official visit, cordially meets Chinese and Russian friendly personages from various sectors of society including people-to-people diplomatic, academic, cultural, scientific and educational, and business circles. Among them are experts and scholars in their seventies and eighties, important professionals of their respective workplaces in their prime, as well as students in the bloom of their youth.

  14. Lessons premier hospitals learned about implementing electronic health records.

    DeVore, Susan D; Figlioli, Keith


    Implementing health information technology (IT) is a major strategic objective for providers. To pinpoint considerations that tie to success, the Premier health care alliance surveyed hospitals to develop an electronic health record best-practices library. Compiled from diverse health care organizations, the library outlines considerations to support "meaningful use" in the areas of computerized physician order entry, medication management, clinical documentation, reporting of measures, privacy, information exchange, management of populations' health, and personal health records. Best practices also uncovered strategies for securing executive leadership, culture change, communication, and support for clinicians. This paper summarizes lessons from the library, providing recommendations to speed up health IT implementation.

  15. Eric Wen



    @@ How did you come to open a snowboard shop? I attended Shenyang Sports University,and was very interested in sports photography.During my second year of university,I worked part-time for a snowboard company and started getting to know about snowboarding and skiing.I gradually found snowboarding as intriguing as photography and it became one of my main hobbies.After working for the company part-time for three years,I graduated and came to Shanghai.

  16. Medical Reform Should Follow Market Rules——Exclusive interview with Professor Hai Wen,Vice President of Peking University

    张翼; 孙晨


    Hai Wen, economist and vice president of Peking University, has for many years been involved in in-depth investigation and research of China’s medical reform, earning a reputation as one of the foremost economists in the field of medical reform. However, in the recent debate on medical reform policy, Hai Wen deliberately decided to keep a low profile. In his view, some of the ideas coming out of academic circles these days are "too short-sighted and political-motivated." During this interview, he talks about this recent round of medical reform debate, its challenges, and prospects for future reform.

  17. L’abri premier, de Vitruve à Nils-Udo

    Nathalie Huvenne


    Full Text Available Cette étude se propose de mettre en écho les écrits de Vitruve, livre second, chapitre 1 du De architectura et les créations plastiques de l’artiste contemporain Nils-Udo.Ce vis-à-vis des réflexions de Vitruve avec celles de l’artiste nous permettra de tisser un lien entre ces deux hommes et de voir dans leurs travaux respectifs des points de similitude.Le texte extrait du De architectura II, 1, sous-titré par M. Nisard, De la manière de vivre des premiers hommes, et quels ont été les commenc...

  18. Premier Li Keqiang and Indian Prime Minister Modi Attend Regional Forum

    Zhang; Min


    The First Forum of Leaders of the Regions of China and India,cosponsored by the CPAFFC and the China International Friendship Cities Association(CIFCA),was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 15.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi gave addresses.Premier Li expressed his congrat-

  19. 《素问》的人体观%Human body structure in Su Wen



    The ancient medical book Su Wen states that the human is a dual composition of physical and spiritual bodies. Thus, if only physical perspectives were applied to interpret its medical terms, confusion would result because of the misunderstanding of spiritual terms. The descriptions in Su Wen didn' t show a complete anatomy system or at least at organ levels. The fragments of its context revealed proofs of gross anatomical studies with measurement in ancient China. Su Wen was not a special work for the circulatory route of the channels, so the anatomy terms used was simple. The anatomy position of the body couldn' t be judged. The elementary superficial anatomy system formed, which can be traced from the superficial anatomy locations expounded in the book.%主张人体是由有形的"形"(即肉体)和无形的"神"(即能量体)所结合的,因此后世若单纯用"形"的现代解剖学角度来检视,便会产生很多争议.至于形体的解剖,虽然没有提出全面性或至少在器官系统上完整性的解剖文献,但它明确的告知,中国古人确曾"论理人形"和运用度量衡进行过形体的测量,书中有许多关于脏腑和其他组织的片段解剖细节可当作佐证.由于不是描述经脉循行路线的专书,所以其中解剖方位术语的应用比较简略,无法由此看出所采用的解剖姿势.但是也叙述了不少表面解剖部位,所以已成俱备表面解剖部位的体系.

  20. 文廷式与日本文人的交游——以与野口宇斋的交往为中心%The Interaction between Wen Tingshi and Japanese Writers --Focusing on Wen Tingshi And Neisai Noguchi



    Wen Tingshi is well known among history scholars in Japan, as he contributed much to the foundation of the subject of Japan's Oriental history. Wen gave Konan Naito a copy of The Secret History of The Mongols which later spread in Japan and was translated into Japanese--The Documentary of Genghis Khan. The Document of Genghis Khanwas considered as the first accomplishment of the Oriental history field. Besides Konan Naito, Wen also communicated with many Japanese writers, of which Neisai Noguchi was the most intimate one. This paper is aimed at making clear the exchanges between Wen and Japanese writers, catching the image of Wen in Japanese writers' eyes, and through Wen's case presenting an instance of the interaction between China and Japan.%在日本史学界,几乎无人不知文廷式的名字.因为正是由他抄录《元朝秘史》并托日本友人内藤湖南带入日本,才有“东洋史学”的开山之作《成吉思汗实录》的问世。除内藤湖南外,文廷式还与众多的日本文人有过交往,其中交情最深的当属野口宁斋。本文则试图通过考察文廷式与野口宁斋等日本文人的交游情况,来重现日本文人眼中的文廷式形象,以待展现中日文化交流的一隅。

  1. China Expected to maintain Sustainable Economic Growth


    @@ China has seen a 10.9 percent growth in its national economy in the first half of the year. However, Chinese top leaders have warned of possible overheating and emphasized better macroeconomic control. For example, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, in a recent tour of Northeast China, called for the relevant departments to boost the economy of the northeastern industrial base through sustainable development. He said the reforms of stateowned enterprises should be continued, while inspiring the growth of the private economic sector and cooperation with other regions and neighboring countries. Wen also stressed a system for environment protection and ecological compensation is also required, calling for the establishment of surveillance and warning systems for environment protection in the northeastern Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, where some of the nation's major oil fields are located.




    Full Text Available Bouc-Wen model is theoretical formulation that allows to reflect real hysteresis loop of modeled object. Such object is for example a wire rope, which is present on equipment of crane lifting mechanism. Where adopted modified version of the model has nine parameters. Determination of such a number of parameters is complex and problematic issue. In this article are shown the methodology to identify and sample results of numerical simulations. The results were compared with data obtained on the basis of laboratory tests of ropes [3] and on their basis it was found that there is compliance between results and there is possibility to apply in dynamic systems containing in their structures wire ropes [4].

  3. [Li Wen-Rong's experience on acupuncture at painful locality taken as acupoint].

    Wei, Qing-Lin; Li, Jun


    Doctor Li Wen-Rong, who has been practicing acupuncture for five decades by combination of the meridian theory of TCM and related modern medical science, has still been active in acupuncture clinic, especially in acupuncture manipulation based on the method of acupuncture at painful locality taken as acupoint, Jiaji (EX-B 2) being selected as the main acupoints and Back-shu acupoints of the Bladder Meridian as adjuvant acupoints, except the acupoints on the limbs, and the selected acupoints being relatively concentrated and the needles being inserted in tender points for treatment of relevant nervous system diseases and complicated chronic cases, which has formed her own academic style. In this article, the authors introduce some of her medical records by using acupuncture manipulation based on the method of acupuncture at painful locality taken as acupoint for treatment of facial paralysis, renal colic and rheumatoid arthritis, and the main idea of this article is to summarize and analyze her academic thoughts.

  4. Effective Factors on Reducing the Number of Spectators in Iran Football Premier League

    Amir Reza Khadem Azghadi


    Full Text Available Because of reducing the number of spectators of football premier league, this study is seeking for identifying factors put the most impact on this decline. The statistical population consisted of all spectators in Iran football premier league in 2015-16, out of which 395 spectators were randomly selected as the research samples. The data were collected via a researcher-made questionnaire. The first part of the questionnaire included demographic information and the second part, at 6 aspects, includes 35 questions analyzing the reasons for reducing the number of spectators in Iran's football Premier League. For analyzing data, it was used from first and second order confirmatory factor analysis based on structural equations through using SPSS 20 and LISREL 8.8 software. The results of first order confirmatory factor analysis showed that the measurement model of factors affecting on reducing the number of spectators of football premier league is an appropriate model and model parameters are significant. All factors are approved as effective variables on reducing the number of spectators of football premier league. The results also showed that the second order measurement model of effective factors on reducing the number of spectators of football premier league are also appropriate, and economic, facilitative, administrative, technical, cultural-social, and personal-family respectively put the most effects on reducing the number of spectators of football premier league. It is suggested for the sport marketers to analyze identified factors in this research and develop applicable strategies and guidelines for them.

  5. NE TIGER Premieres New Hua Fu At Bird’s Nest


    On the evening of September 25, China’s leading luxury fashion brand NE TIGER presented its premiere fashion show of Hua Fu(Chinese national dress) at a concert of superstars from China, Japan and South Korea,

  6. Recognition on "the Theory of Bailment" from CI Works by Wen Jingjun%温庭筠词“寄托说”再认识



    Wen Tingyun pioneered the genre of the Ci works in the history of Chinese literature.Ci works by Wen plays a special paradigm role in the history of Ci.Most focus and controversy over Wen Ci lies in whether his Ci embodies moral and bailment.Based on interpretation of the previous comments,the paper deems Wen Ci without deliberate life meaning and bailment.%温庭筠开创了中国文学史上第一个词的流派。温词在词史上有着特殊的范式作用。温词人们关注最多也是存在争议之处,则是其词有无寓意与寄托。本文在阐释前人评说基础上进行分析,认为温词无刻意的命意与寄托。

  7. The Variation of Riverbed Material due to Tropical Storms in Shi-Wen River, Taiwan

    Chin-Ping Lin


    Full Text Available Taiwan, because of its location, is a flood prone region and is characterised by typhoons which brings about two-thirds to three quarters of the annual rainfall amount. Consequently, enormous flows result in rivers and entrain some fractions of the grains that constitute the riverbed. Hence, the purpose of the study is to quantify the impacts of these enormous flows on the distribution of grain size in riverbeds. The characteristics of riverbed material prior to and after the typhoon season are compared in Shi-Wen River located at southern Taiwan. These include grain size variation, bimodality, and roughness coefficient. A decrease (65% and increase (50% in geometric mean size of grains were observed for subsurface and surface bed material, respectively. Geometric standard deviation decreased in all sites after typhoon. Subsurface material was bimodal prior to typhoons and polymodal after. For surface material, modal class is in the gravel class, while after typhoons it shifts towards cobble class. The reduction in geometric mean resulted to a decrease in roughness coefficient by up to 30%. Finally, the relationship of Shields and Froude numbers are studied and a change in the bed form to antidunes and transition form is observed, respectively.

  8. The variation of riverbed material due to tropical storms in Shi-Wen River, Taiwan.

    Lin, Chin-Ping; Wang, Yu-Min; Tfwala, Samkele S; Chen, Ching-Nuo


    Taiwan, because of its location, is a flood prone region and is characterised by typhoons which brings about two-thirds to three quarters of the annual rainfall amount. Consequently, enormous flows result in rivers and entrain some fractions of the grains that constitute the riverbed. Hence, the purpose of the study is to quantify the impacts of these enormous flows on the distribution of grain size in riverbeds. The characteristics of riverbed material prior to and after the typhoon season are compared in Shi-Wen River located at southern Taiwan. These include grain size variation, bimodality, and roughness coefficient. A decrease (65%) and increase (50%) in geometric mean size of grains were observed for subsurface and surface bed material, respectively. Geometric standard deviation decreased in all sites after typhoon. Subsurface material was bimodal prior to typhoons and polymodal after. For surface material, modal class is in the gravel class, while after typhoons it shifts towards cobble class. The reduction in geometric mean resulted to a decrease in roughness coefficient by up to 30%. Finally, the relationship of Shields and Froude numbers are studied and a change in the bed form to antidunes and transition form is observed, respectively.

  9. Focal Depth of the WenChuan Earthquake Aftershocks from modeling of Seismic Depth Phases

    Luo, Y.; Zeng, X.; Chong, J.; Ni, S.; Chen, Y.


    After the 05/12/2008 great WenChuan earthquake in Sichuan Province of China, tens of thousands earthquakes occurred with hundreds of them stronger than M4. Those aftershocks provide valuable information about seismotectonics and rupture processes for the mainshock, particularly accurate spatial distribution of aftershocks is very informational for determining rupture fault planes. However focal depth can not be well resolved just with first arrivals recorded by relatively sparse network in Sichuan Province, therefore 3D seismicity distribution is difficult to obtain though horizontal location can be located with accuracy of 5km. Instead local/regional depth phases such as sPmP, sPn, sPL and teleseismic pP,sP are very sensitive to depth, and be readily modeled to determine depth with accuracy of 2km. With reference 1D velocity structure resolved from receiver functions and seismic refraction studies, local/regional depth phases such as sPmP, sPn and sPL are identified by comparing observed waveform with synthetic seismograms by generalized ray theory and reflectivity methods. For teleseismic depth phases well observed for M5.5 and stronger events, we developed an algorithm in inverting both depth and focal mechanism from P and SH waveforms. Also we employed the Cut and Paste (CAP) method developed by Zhao and Helmberger in modeling mechanism and depth with local waveforms, which constrains depth by fitting Pnl waveforms and the relative weight between surface wave and Pnl. After modeling all the depth phases for hundreds of events , we find that most of the M4 earthquakes occur between 2-18km depth, with aftershocks depth ranging 4-12km in the southern half of Longmenshan fault while aftershocks in the northern half featuring large depth range up to 18km. Therefore seismogenic zone in the northern segment is deeper as compared to the southern segment. All the aftershocks occur in upper crust, given that the Moho is deeper than 40km, or even 60km west of the

  10. Breakfast Meeting Held to Welcome Visiting Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda


    <正>The China-Japan Friendship Association(CJFA) and the CPAFFC held a breakfast meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing on December 29,2007 to welcome visiting Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda.Premier Wen Jiabao and Prime Minister Fukuda attended it and made speeches on the occasion.In his speech Premier Wen reemphasized the three important foundations for Sino-Japanese friendship:first,to abide by the three political documents signed between China and Japan,draw lessons from history and look to the future;second,the people’s support constitutes the real foundation for China-Japan friendship,therefore,the people of the two countries should respect and understand each other and treat each other equally;and third,the future of China-Japan friendship depends on the young people.The Premier said,if economic and trade cooperation stands for the present-day Sino-Japanese relations,then,exchanges between the youth and friendship between our peoples contain the future of the relationship.

  11. The 2014 presidential elections and their impact on the premier-presidential regime in Romania

    Ionela Gavril


    Full Text Available First, we will demonstrate that, from an institutional perspective, Romania can labeled of premier-presidentialism regime, but the 2004 and 2009 elections have had a strong impact on the type of regime, meaning that several extra-constitutional factors led to the malfunction of the regime. Out of a total of 15 prime-minister nominations made after 1989, 8 can be considered deviations from the premier-presidential regime, their number being larger between 2004-2014 rather than in 1990-2000. The empirical analysis of the 2004-2014 period, highlighted three extra-constitutional factors that that made the premier-presidential regime be, in fact, a malfunctioning one: leadership style, crisis situations and the recent legitimacy of the president versus the parliament. By identifying the factors that influenced the regime type, we can determine some theoretical expectations following the 2014 elections. The success of a premier-presidentialism regime in Romania will be determined by the number of deviations from such a regime registered after the 2014 elections.

  12. Effectiveness of in-season manager changes in English Premier League Football

    Besters, Lucas; van Ours, Jan; van Tuijl, Martin


    We analyze the performance effects of in-season manager changes in English Premier League football during the seasons 2000/2001–2014/2015. We find that some managerial changes are successful, while others are counterproductive. On average, performance does not improve following a managerial replacem

  13. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan Meets with Michael Cohrs, CEO of Corporate & Investment Banking of Deutsche Bank


    <正>Invited by the CPAFFC, Michael Cohrs, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate and Investment Banking of Deutsche Bank, visited Beijing from February 26 to 28, 2004. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan of the State Council met with Cohrs and his party. Deutsche Bank AG, a global multipurpose bank

  14. Effectiveness of in-season manager changes in English Premier League Football

    Besters, Lucas; van Ours, Jan; van Tuijl, Martin

    We analyze the performance effects of in-season manager changes in English Premier League football during the seasons 2000/2001–2014/2015. We find that some managerial changes are successful, while others are counterproductive. On average, performance does not improve following a managerial

  15. Profil de l'etudiant du premier cycle des etudes medicales de Lome ...

    Profil de l'etudiant du premier cycle des etudes medicales de Lome et sa perception de l'enseignement de l'anatomie. ... Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Universite de Lome ... aux différentes questions des paramètres étudiés.

  16. Premiere of TV Documentary Choe Chi-won Held in Beijing


    <正>The premiere of the TV documentary Choe Chi-won was held in Beijing on August 19. The TV documentary,a joint production by the CPAFFC,the Jiangsu Provincial Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries,the

  17. High-intensity running in English FA Premier League soccer matches

    Bradley, Paul S.; Sheldon, William; Wooster, Blake


    The aims of this study were to (1) determine the activity profiles of a large sample of English FA Premier League soccer players and (2) examine high-intensity running during elite-standard soccer matches for players in various playing positions. Twenty-eight English FA Premier League games were.......01), attackers (2341 m, s=575, P game, high-intensity running distance was approximately 20% less than in the first 15-min period for wide midfielders (467 m, s=104 vs. 589 m, s=134, P ....01) and without ball possession (229 m, s=85 vs. 278 m, s=97, P game. Mean recovery time between very high-intensity running bouts was 72 s (s=28), with a 28% longer recovery time during the last 15 min than the first 15 min of the game (83 s, s=26 vs...

  18. Chinese Circulations. Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia, Eric Tagliacozzo & Wen-Chin Chang (éds

    Jean Baffie


    Full Text Available Cet ouvrage est une contribution majeure à l’étude des activités commerciales des Chinois d’Asie du Sud-Est, particulièrement du commerce entre les Chinois installés en Asie du Sud-Est et la Chine. Il est publié sous la direction d’un historien de l’université de Cornell aux États-Unis, Eric Tagliacozzo, spécialiste de l’Asie du Sud-Est musulmane, de l’Insulinde, principalement, et de Wen-Chin Chang, anthropologue au CAPAS de l’Academia Sinica et spécialiste des Chinois yunnanais de la Thaïla...

  19. Media messages and the needs of infants and young children after Cyclone Nargis and the WenChuan earthquake.

    Gribble, Karleen D


    Infants and young children are vulnerable in emergencies. The media plays an important role in aid delivery and has a positive impact when reports are accurate. However, the media has been implicated in encouraging harmful aid in the form of donations of infant formula and other milk products. Internet-based media reports were collected after Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and the WenChuan Earthquake in China (2008) and examined for content related to infant and young child feeding. Common messages identified included that: babies are vulnerable; stress prevents breastfeeding; and providing infant formula saves lives. Messages rarely reported included that: artificial feeding is dangerous; and breastfeeding protects infants. This analysis suggests that current patterns of media reporting may encourage harmful aid and increase child morbidity and mortality. Aid organisations should encourage the media to report accurately on the needs of infant and young children in emergencies so as to improve aid delivery.

  20. Review of BAN Xiu-wens Academic Thoughts%班秀文学术思想研究概述

    蓝丽霞; 员晓云; 戴铭; 张璐砾


    国医大师班秀文教授对中医经典著作和历代名家学术思想颇有研究,他擅长治疗内、妇、儿科疑难杂病,其中,对中医妇科造诣尤深.不少学者对其学术思想有所探讨和研究,本文对近25年来,学者们对班秀文学术思想的研究状况进行综述.%Professor BAN Xiu-wen has studied TCM classics and academic thoughts and he is good at treating internal diseases,gynaecology and paediatrics diseases,pediatric diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases. He is especially skilled at TCM gynecological attainments. Many scholars have studied its academic thoughts , this paper reviewed the BAN's academic thought research in recent 25 years.

  1. Black Generation Y gender differences in Premier Soccer League spectator motives : sport marketing

    T.E. Mofokeng; Bevan-Dye, A.L.


    The purpose of this study was to determine whether there are gender differences concerning Premier Soccer League (PSL) spectator motives amongst black Generation Y students in South Africa. In South Africa, the black Generation Y cohort (individuals born between 1986 and 2005) represents an important but under-researched market segment in that, in 2013, they made up 32 percent of the country's population. From a PSL marketing perspective, understanding the motives that drive game spectatorshi...

  2. Market segmentation in two-sided markets : tv rights for premier league

    Kind, Hans Jarle; Sørgard, Lars


    This paper analyzes market segmentation in a two-sided market that consists of media consumers and advertisers. The analysis is motivated by a European Court of Justice Decision in October 2011, which allowed viewers to take advantage of international price differences and buy access to Premier League TV matches from whichever country they like. We compare complete market segmentation with the new situation where consumers can purchase from abroad (allowing for passive sales). Clearly, such a...


    Vlad Ionut Dumitrache


    Smart economy implies the development of key factors like global economy growth, competition, economic progress, economic prosperity, innovation. In the European top-level football, like the case of the British Premier League, financial indicators have demonstrated that the factors that define smart economy can be identified. The new rules of the financial fair-play policies and the ever growing revenues for television rights have created a new market in sports economy, one that identifies it...

  4. Logistique de transport pour le projet LHC enseignements des premiers secteurs

    Prodon, S


    Ce papier dresse un premier bilan de la logistique de transport mise en place pour l'installation du LHC. Les moyens de planification mis en oeuvre seront tout d'abord évoqués avec notamment les réunions avec les groupes utilisateurs, l'élaboration de procédures de transport, la génération de listings d'articles à transporter ou encore l'établissement d'un planning des ressources. Cependant, les premiers travaux d'installation du LHC ont fait apparaître des divergences importantes entre le planning logistique établi et la réalité du terrain. Ces écarts seront analysés, qu'il s'agisse de différences sur le volume de matériel à acheminer, d'opérations non planifiées, de changements de plannings entraînant de longues et délicates traversées de chantiers ou de manque de planification des besoins en personnel dans certaines zones. Tous ces enseignements acquis au cours des premiers travaux devraient permettre de dégager des voies d'amélioration à mettre en place pour les prochains secteur...

  5. From Imitation to Innovation: A Strategic Adjustment in China's S&T Development

    Fang Xin


    @@ Since the latter half of 2004, China's top leaders have given higher priority to the issue of national capacity building for S&T innovation. Chinese President Hu Jintao reiterates that stress should be placed on the upgrading of innovation capacity when making overall plans for S&T development,and the task should remain the key link in promoting economic structural readjustment and raising national competitiveness. This strategic transition from imitation to innovation is also found in the National Long- &Medium-term Plan for S&T Development,which is being formulated under the leadership of Premier Wen Jiabao. The author explains the reason behind such a transition and the major administrative measures to be adopted for its implementation.



    TO THE POINT: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set several national economic targets for this year at the annual session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, and said parts of the central budget would be allocated to various sectors to shore up economic growth. State-owned enterprises administered by the Central Government reported dismal profits of $97 billion last year, a 30-percent year-on-year decrease. Spurred by the government stimulus plans, the purchase managers’ index continued to rise for the third consecutive month in February, reflecting managers’restored confidence in the country’s economic prospects. China increased its holdings of U.S. treasury securities last December to $727.4 billion, making it the largest holder of such investments. Sanlu dairy brand, which lost its credibility in the tainted milk scandal, was officially eliminated from the market after it was bought by Beijing-based dairy producer Sanyuan Group.

  7. China's Manufacturing May Contract for the First Time in a Year


    @@ China's manufacturing may contract for the first time in a year as output and new orders drop, preliminary data for a purchasing managers' index indicated. The gauge fell to 48.9 for July from a final reading of 50.1 for June, HSBC Holdings Pic and Markit Economics said in a statement.The final July reading is due Aug.1. Recent data adds to evidence that growth in the world's second-largest economy is slowing on Premier Wen Jiabao's campaign to tame consumer and property prices.The International Monetary Fund said in a report released recently in Washington that risks for the economy in clude the threat of faster-than-expected inflation, a real-estate bubble, and bad loans from stimulus spending.

  8. Green Tire Industrialization Being Extremely Urgent---Current Situation & Development Trend of Chinese Tire lndustry

    Mr. Cai Weimin


    According to the data published by the National Bureau of Statistics on April 13, GDP in the first quarter increased by 8.1% on a year-on-year basis. Though the growth dropped a little, it was still higher than 7.5%, the planned development goal put forward by Premier Wen Jiabao in the report on the work of the government at the beginning of this year. Around the world, Consensus Forecast's data in March showed that the growth rate of America in the first quarter was 2%, that in the Eurozone was -0.3%, that of Britain narrowed by 0.2%, that of Japan was 1.7% and that of India was 6.4%. All were below that of China.



    Answering the U.S. threat to classify China as a currency manipulator, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said China will maintain the yuan at a relatively stable level and on a reasonable basis, while any trade protectionism under the guise of currency manipulation should be condemned. China’s sovereign wealth fund made another major investment in a U.S. power company in addition to its previous interest in financial institutions. Foreign direct investment in China rose slightly in the first two months of this year. Google remains unresolved in its decision to leave or continue operating in China. Netizens strongly opposed the construction of a maglev train connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou, complaining that the project was a waste of money.

  10. The Concept of "People Oriented" and Traditional Culture%“以人为本”与传统文化

    Zhang Yin


    温家宝总理在今年"两会"期间的政府工作报告中,提出"以人为本"的观念,尽管多少天来大家有不同的理解和说法,但都给予了极高的评价和关注,表示了衷心的拥护和支持,说明这个提法是深得民心、顺乎民意的.The concept of People Oriented,first put forward by Premier Wen Jiabao in the 2008 government report,saw a series of different under-standings and comments but won the same amount of credit and attention and gained a colossal quantity of endorsement and support.This also tes-tifies to the popularity and acceptance of the concept.

  11. New Leadership Debut


    The curtain has come down on the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing.The meetings deliberated and ap- proved the Report on the Work of the Government and other important reports, summarized significant achievements and lessons learned in the past five years, identified key tasks and charted the directions for the next five years. In his report on the work of the government,Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that in the past five years,China saw remarkable progress in carrying out reform and opening up and in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

  12. An important way to build a new socialistic countryside: developing circular economy

    Ji Kunsen


    @@ It was put forward in the Fifth Session of Sixteenth Central Committee of the Party that "it is a great historic mission on the path for China to modernization to construct new socialistic countries",and that "according to the requirements of developing production, ample life, civilized countryside climate, clean countryside, democratic management,urban and rural social and economic development should be unifiedly planned, modern agricultural construction should be promoted, rural reform should be deepened all round, rural public service should be advanced, and peasants' income should be increased by all means." Some time ago Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that problems about the carrying capacity of resources and environment, for example the decrease of arable land, the lack of freshwater and eco-environmental deterioration, will be tough challenges to agricultural development in China.

  13. 《中华人民共和国外汇管理条例》英文版(英文)


    <正>(Promulgated by the State Council on August 6, 2008) Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China No. 532 The Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Foreign Exchange Administration, revised and adopted at the 20th Executive Meeting of the State Council on August 1, 2008, are hereby promulgated and shall be effective as of the date of promulgation. Premier Wen Jiabao August 5, 2008 Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Foreign Exchange Administration (Promulgated by Decree No. 193 of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on January 29, 1996, revised in accordance with the Decision of the State Council on Amending the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China

  14. Aralia elata var. mandshurica (Rupr. & Maxim.) J.Wen: An overview of pharmacological studies.

    Shikov, Alexander N; Pozharitskaya, Olga N; Makarov, Valery G


    Aralia elata var. mandshurica (Rupr. & Maxim.) J.Wen syn. A. mandshurica Rupr. & Maxim is evaluated for its medicinal application. The aim of this study is to analyze pharmacological studies on A. elata var. mandshurica published until December 2015. The information regarding the chemistry, safety, effectiveness, and pharmacological and clinical effects of A. elata was systematically collected from the scientific literature through library catalogs; online services such as, Medline/PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. A. elata is often considered an example of a medicinal plant used in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese traditional medicine. However, the contemporary applications of Aralia in officinal medicine result primarily from a large number of pharmacological and clinical investigations carried out in the former USSR in the mid-20th century. Since the 1950s, medicinal preparations from radices of A. elata and radices of A. mandshurica have secured an established position within Russian/USSR medicine as evidenced by the inclusion of the drug in recent editions of the National Pharmacopoeia of the USSR and in the Register of Medicinal Preparations of Russia. Pharmacological studies on animals have shown that Aralia increases physical working capacity and affords a stress-protective effect against a broad spectrum of harmful factors including cold stress, immobilization, UV irradiation, and low air pressure. The phytoadaptogen exerts an effect on the central nervous, reproductive, immune, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems; the metabolic syndrome including hypolipidemic and antidiabetic effects; and blood coagulation. Together with general properties of adaptogens, Aralia has its own specificity, which manifests in cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic activities. Studies on isolated organs, cells, and enzymes have revealed that Aralia preparations exhibit antioxidant activities and enhance sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)-ATPase

  15. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan Meets with Michael Cohrs,CEO of Corporate & Investment Banking of Deutsche Bank



    Invited by the CPAFFC, Michael Cohrs, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate and Investment Banking of Deutsche Bank, visited Beijing from February 26 to 28, 2004. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan of the State Council met with Cohrs and his party.

  16. 温庭筠与《干子》的创作%Wen Tingyun and His Gan sun zi



    温庭筠是晚唐著名的诗人和词人,在文学史上有着重要的地位。才华使温庭筠负有盛名,然而,由于他士行尘杂,不修边幅,酣醉终日,由是累年不第。最后竟落得为当涂者所薄,名宦不进,坎坷终身的悲惨境遇。温庭筠的小说创作和当时的社会风气有关。温庭筠创作《干子》的动机一是能悦众心;二是能抒己心。《干  子》问世于晚唐时期,原书已不存,今人可从《太平广记》、《类说》、《绀珠集》等旧籍搜罗佚文。《太平广记》录佚文33篇,王汝涛编校的《全唐小说》共收有33篇。%Wen Tingyun is a famous poet of late Tang dynasty and plays a considerable role in literary history. Although he is a gifted poet,he has always failed in the provincial civil service examination under the old Chinese examination sys-tem,for his alcohol addiction. He is despised by the authorities,with no reputation and social status,living a miserable life throughout his life. Wen Tingyun’s novels are related to the social morality in his time,his Gan Sun Zi aims to please everyone as well as expressing his inner emotion. Gan Sun Zi is created in late Tang dynasty,but the original writing is missing. Modern people can collect the lost essays or words from Tai Ping Guang Ji,Lei Shuo,Qian Zhu Ji and other ancient books. Tai Ping Guang Ji consists of 33 lost articles,which is completely collected by Wang Rutao in his Quan Tang Novel.

  17. On Semantic Field of ShuoWenJieZi-MuBu%《说文解字·目部》语义场初探



    《说文解字》采用部首编排法系统地分析字形、说解字义、考究字源。语义场理论是西方语言学理论分析方法。文章对《说文解字》中《目部》的字义进行初步探析,具体分析《目部》语义场内涵及分类。%ShuoWenJieZi uses the radical choreography to analyze systematically the grapheme,meaning of the character and Chinese character source.Semantic field theory is a kind of analysis method of Western linguistic theory.This article analyzed preliminarily the character meaning in MuBu of ShuoWenJieZi and then analyzed concretely the connotation and classification of the semantic field in MuBu.

  18. Hubs and Authorities of the English Premier League for 2010-2011

    Leznik, Michael


    In this work author applies well known web search algorithm Hyperlink - Induced Topic Search (HITS) to problem of ranking football teams in English Premier League (EPL). The algorithm allows the ranking of the teams using the notions of hubs and authorities well known for ranking pages in the World Wide Web. Results of the games introduced as a graph where losing team 'gives a link' to a winning team and, if draw registered both team give links to each other. In case of a win link is weighted...

  19. Wen Tingshi’s Lost Articles Appear in Wen’s Genealogy Book%文廷式佚文近见腊市文氏谱



    提文廷式谱类佚文之第八篇近见腊市庙岭村造里文氏收藏《萍西文氏族谱》,属谱序,系手书刻版(文缉熙书抄)共八页,是谱成于1890年冬,至今已123年。因谱本纸质、收藏条件等局限,序文第一页已湮缺8个字,笔者依己见补入。全序拟加标点符号以断句。%Recently, the eighth Wen Tingshi’s lost article appears in “The Genealogy Book of Wen Family in Western Pingxiang” which is collected in Miaoling Village of Lashi Town. The hand-written genealogy book with eight pages (transcribed by Wen Jixi) was finished in the winter of 1890 with a history of 123 years. Due to the paper quality and the limitations of collection conditions, 67 words are missing on the first two pages of the preface, therefore the author added 18 words to it based on personal understanding and inserted punctuations to make pauses.

  20. Discourse Analysis in the Wen Zhang's Apology Statement%文章出轨《致歉声明》之语篇分析

    李娜; 李楠


    语篇分析多用于政治事件的评述。利用系统功能语法三大元功能理论为指导,对《文章出轨致歉声明》这一语篇进行分析,将这一理论应用于其他领域(娱乐圈)文本分析。通过分析,认为本具有致歉声明表示悔过之意的特质,但是危机公关色彩亦十分明显。%The paper analyzes the apology statement by Wen Zhang with metafunction theory which is mainly applied to the analysis of politics events .The paper argues that Wen Zhang's statement ,on one side ,expresses Wen's guilty for his adultery and on the other side the statement also suggests the sense of crisis management .

  1. On Wen Yiduo's Concept of Yuefu%试论闻一多的乐府观念



    闻一多乐府观念主要体现在《乐府诗笺》和未刊稿《乐府叙论》中,具体表现为重视乐府古辞的文本示范价值、主张乐府诗以入乐为正格、强调乐府诗作情感以及艺术表现以及重视六朝乐府相关文献的价值四个方面。在民国时期的乐府研究中,闻一多的乐府观独树一帜,并对建国后的乐府诗选编著作产生了一定影响。%Wen Yiduo's concept of Yuefu is mainly reflected in the Yuefu Poems and the unfinished draft of On Yuefu. It focuses on four aspects:emphasis on the value of related literature in the period of Six Dynasties, his attention to the value of ancient Yuefu poems as a model text, Yuefu poems stressing the musical qualities, and emphasis on emotional and artistic expression of Yuefu poems.

  2. Chest injuries associated with earthquakes: an analysis of injuries sustained during the 2008 Wen-Chuan earthquake in China.

    Hu, Jia; Guo, Ying-Qiang; Zhang, Er-Yong; Tan, Jin; Shi, Ying-Kang


    The goal of this study was to analyze the patterns, therapeutic modalities, and short-term outcomes of patients with chest injuries in the aftermath of the Wen-Chuan earthquake, which occurred on May 12, 2008 and registered 8.0 on the Richter scale. Of the 1522 patients who were referred to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University from May 12 to May 27, 169 patients (11.1%) had suffered major chest injuries. The type of injury, the presence of infection, Abbreviated Injury Score (AIS 2005), New Injury Severity Score (NISS), treatment, and short-term outcome were all documented for each case. Isolated chest injuries were diagnosed in 129 patients (76.3%), while multiple injuries with a major chest trauma were diagnosed in 40 patients (23.7%). The mean AIS and the median NISS of the hospitalized patients with chest injuries were 2.5 and 13, respectively. The mortality rate was 3.0% (5 patients). Most of the chest injuries were classified as minor to moderate trauma; however, coexistent multiple injuries and subsequent infection should be carefully considered in medical response strategies. Coordinated efforts among emergency medical support groups and prior training in earthquake preparedness and rescue in earthquake-prone areas are therefore necessary for efficient evacuation and treatment of catastrophic casualties.

  3. Wen-Dan Decoction Improves Negative Emotions in Sleep-Deprived Rats by Regulating Orexin-A and Leptin Expression

    Fengzhi Wu


    Full Text Available Wen-Dan Decoction (WDD, a formula of traditional Chinese medicine, has been clinically used for treating insomnia for approximately 800 years. However, the therapeutic mechanisms of WDD remain unclear. Orexin-A plays a key role in the sleep-wake cycle, while leptin function is opposite to orexin-A. Thus, orexin-A and leptin may be important factors in sleep disorders. In this study, 48 rats were divided into control, model, WDD-treated, and diazepam-treated groups. The model of insomnia was produced by sleep deprivation (SD for 14 days. The expressions of orexin-A, leptin, and their receptors in blood serum, prefrontal cortex, and hypothalamus were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunohistochemistry, and real time PCR. Open field tests showed that SD increased both crossing movement (Cm and rearing-movement (Rm times. Orexin-A and leptin levels in blood serum increased after SD but decreased in brain compared to the control group. mRNA expressions of orexin receptor 1 and leptin receptor after SD were decreased in the prefrontal cortex but were increased in hypothalamus. WDD treatment normalized the behavior and upregulated orexin-A, leptin, orexin receptor 1 and leptin receptor in brain. The findings suggest that WDD treatment may regulate SD-induced negative emotions by regulating orexin-A and leptin expression.


    Ahmad Narimani


    Full Text Available This study aimed to rank the spectators’ difficulties in buying electronic tickets of football premier league matches at Azadi stadium. The population consisted of all spectators of Esteghlal-Persepolis match in the fifteenth league at Azadi stadium (N= 100000. According to Morgan table and using simple random sampling method, 500 participants were selected as sample. A researcher-made questionnaire was used for collecting the data; its face validity was confirmed by 15 experts and performing a pilot study on 30 subjects, its Cronbach’s alpha was calculated to be 0.86. Using SPSS 22, the descriptive and inferential (including Friedman test statistics was applied for analyzing the data. The findings showed that there was a significant difference between rankings of difficulties in buying electronic tickets of Football premier league matches at Azadi Stadium. The difficulties were ranked as: problem in ticket systems, early selling out of electronic tickets, lack of confidence to electronic ticket sale, lack of skill to work with the internet, low speed of internet, and lack of access to the internet

  5. The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction among Coaches in Premier Under-20 Football League

    Mehdi Moradi


    Full Text Available The purpose of present study was to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction among coaches in premier Under-20 football league. The research method was descriptive-correlative, the performance method was survey, and data collection was done through field study. Research population consisted of 56 coaching staff in 14 teams participating in premier Under-20 football league. Finally, there were 48 questionnaires useable in data analysis. Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (Syber Yashring and JDI (Wysocki & Kromm were used to collect the data. Descriptive statistics was used to describe data, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to know whether the distribution of data was normal, and Pearson correlation and stepwise regression were applied to investigate the significance of hypotheses. Results showed that there was significant association between emotional intelligence, subscale self-awareness, subscale empathy, and subscale social skills with job satisfaction (p≤0.05. However, there was not significant association between subscale self-motivation and subscale self-control with job satisfaction. Self-awareness, empathy, and social skills (predictors predicted job satisfaction (criterion significantly. Predicted value of self-awareness, empathy, and social skills was 0.4, 0.29, and 0.26 respectively. Training and aging increase emotional intelligence so it is predicted more job satisfaction over the time. From other side, clubs and football federation as the head can create scientific atmosphere and instruct psychological coaching principles. It will lead to enjoy creative, willing players as output.


    Vlad Ionut Dumitrache


    Full Text Available Smart economy implies the development of key factors like global economy growth, competition, economic progress, economic prosperity, innovation. In the European top-level football, like the case of the British Premier League, financial indicators have demonstrated that the factors that define smart economy can be identified. The new rules of the financial fair-play policies and the ever growing revenues for television rights have created a new market in sports economy, one that identifies itself with the criteria identifies in studies regarding smart economy. This paper comparatively examines the determinants of four indicators of the football team quality in the British Premier League, in order to find out whether a common set of potential determinants could be effective in improving all four indicators of quality, without worsening any of them. This allows finding what measures undertaken at the level of football teams could raise the football team quality. Considering the subjective and multidimensional nature of the football team quality, we first propose four indicators that might be appropriate to define this latent summative measure. Then we select a number of four potentially common determinants of the football team quality, and finally discuss the empirical results, based on panel generalized least squares regression models. The television broadcasting rights are found to be the most important determinant of the football team quality.

  7. Description sémantique de dans un premier temps : de la composition syntagmatique au discours

    Catherine Schnedecker


    Full Text Available Cet article est consacré à l’expression adverbiale réputée sérielle dans un premier temps. Y est d’abord décrit le comportement sémantique de la locution dont le sens reste, pour une bonne partie, compositionnel, étant donné l’importance de la dimension temporelle et les contraintes qu’elle fait peser sur la nature des constituants de la configuration. Ensuite, nous montrons que l’expression dans un premier temps n’est « sérielle » que dans une partie de ses emplois. Dans les autres, non signalés dans la littérature, dans un premier temps marque une relation d’altérité qui peut être « faible » (i. e. encore teintée de temporalité ou « forte » (i. e. nettement contradictoire.The aim of this paper is to describe the semantic behavior of the French expression dans un premier temps, known as a serial marker. We show how its meaning is partly compositional, given the importance of the temporal dimension and the constraints which this places on the nature of the constituents. We then show that dans un premier temps is “serial” in only some of its uses. In others, not reported in the literature, dans un premier temps expresses a relation of “otherness” which can be either “weak” (i.e. keeping a temporal value, or “strong” (i.e. sharply contradictory.

  8. Les premiers textes de René Thom sur la morphogenèse et la linguistique : 1966-1970.

    Petitot, Jean


    Au milieu des années 1960, René Thom commença à rédiger ses premiers textes sur les applications à la morphogenèse en biologie et à la syntaxe actantielle en linguistique de la théorie des déploiements universels de singularités de fonctions differentiables et de la stabilité structurelle. Cette note présente et commente ses cinq premiers articles dans ces domaines.

  9. Sur la loi de répartition du k-ième facteur premier d'un entier

    de Koninck, J.-M.; Tenenbaum, G.


    Soit {pk(n)}w(n)k=1 la suite croissante des facteurs premiers distincts d'un entier n. Nous donnons, lorsque k [rightward arrow] [infty infinity], une approximation uniforme de la loi de répartition limite de la fonction arithmétique n [mapsto A:] pk(n), précisant ainsi un résultat classique d'Erdos. Deux applications en sont déduites, relatives à la médiane de cette loi et à celle de la fonction « nombre de facteurs premiers ».

  10. Vers une mélancolie des premiers romans ?


    Johan Faerber :Je vais peut-être tout d’abord présenter brièvement ton premier roman, Le Black Note afin de t’interroger sur les questions rétrospectives qu’il suscite en toi et chercher ainsi à apercevoir ta propre lecture de ce moment inaugural de ton œuvre. Il s’agit, on le sait, du récit d’un groupe de jazz amateur taraudé par un modèle écrasant, celui de John Coltrane. Ce groupe sombre progressivement dans la drogue et disparaît à la mort de son leader, Paul, brûlé vif dans l’incendie de...

  11. Berlo Janet C. et Ruth B. Phillips, Amérique du Nord. Arts premiers

    Mauzé, Marie


    Avec Amérique du Nord. Arts premiers signé de deux historiennes de l’art, Janet Berlo et Ruth Phillips, nous avons là un ouvrage qui fait partie d’une nouvelle génération de travaux sur les arts nord-amérindiens, à l’instar du livre de David W. Penney, North American Indian Art, publié en 2004. Connues pour l’excellence de leurs recherches, Berlo et Phillips proposent une étude exhaustive sur l’ensemble des arts visuels nord-amérindiens considérés dans leur contexte culturel et historique. Da...

  12. Un premier apprentissage mathématique, la construction du nombre

    Incerti, Estelle; Migy, Pierre


    Ce travail de mémoire professionnel se penche sur la question d’un premier apprentissage mathématique fondamental, celui de la construction du nombre. Cette recherche tend à comprendre le rôle que porte l’enseignant au niveau de cet apprentissage dans les premières années de la scolarité d’un élève. Elle met en lumière les éléments théoriques nécessaires à l’acquisition du concept de nombre et les paramètres auxquels il faut prêter tout particulièrement attention en tant qu’enseignant. Au tra...

  13. [Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühenduse poolt korraldatud sarjast "Premiere"] / Evelin Lagle ; küsinud Tambet Kaugema

    Lagle, Evelin, 1986-


    Uutele koreograafidele pühendatud sarja "Premiere" programmis osalevad tantsulavastustega neli tantsukunstnikku Eestist - Tallinna Ülikooli lõpetanud Svetlana Grigorjeva, Turu Kunstiakadeemia lõpetanud Kaisa Selde, Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia lõpetanud Kristina-Maria Heinsalu ja Tallinna Ülikooli lõpetanud Christin Lunts

  14. Qualitative Impact Assessment 2010: An Independent Study Conducted by BDRC Continental, Ltd., February-July 2010. Premier League Reading Stars

    National Literacy Trust, 2010


    Premier League Reading Stars (PLRS) is in its eighth year. To complement a pre-post quantitative survey, an impact evidence base was required to inform consideration of continued funding into 2011 and beyond. PLRS is very highly regarded among child participants, parents, and librarians. The structure of the scheme, its basis on football, and the…

  15. [Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühenduse poolt korraldatud sarjast "Premiere"] / Evelin Lagle ; küsinud Tambet Kaugema

    Lagle, Evelin, 1986-


    Uutele koreograafidele pühendatud sarja "Premiere" programmis osalevad tantsulavastustega neli tantsukunstnikku Eestist - Tallinna Ülikooli lõpetanud Svetlana Grigorjeva, Turu Kunstiakadeemia lõpetanud Kaisa Selde, Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia lõpetanud Kristina-Maria Heinsalu ja Tallinna Ülikooli lõpetanud Christin Lunts

  16. The effect of playing formation on high-intensity running and technical profiles in English FA Premier League soccer matches

    Bradley, Paul S; Carling, Chris; Archer, Dave


    The aim of this study was to examine the effect of playing formation on high-intensity running and technical performance during elite soccer matches. Twenty English FA Premier League games were analysed using a multiple-camera computerized tracking system (n = 153 players). Overall ball possessio...

  17. Radionuclides and heavy metals in rainbow trout from Tsichomo, Nana Ka, Wen Povi, and Pin De Lakes in Santa Clara Canyon

    Fresquez, P.R.; Armstrong, D.R.; Naranjo, L. Jr.


    Radionuclide ({sup 3}H, {sup 90}Sr, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239}Pu, and total uranium) and heavy metal (Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, and TI) concentrations were determined in rainbow trout collected from Tsichomo, Nana Ka, Wen Povi, and Pin De lakes in Santa Clara Canyon in 1997. Most radionuclide and heavy metal concentrations in fish collected from these four lakes were within or just above upper limit background concentrations (Abiquiu reservoir), and as a group were statistically (p < 0.05) similar in most parameters to background.

  18. Predicting Football Matches Results using Bayesian Networks for English Premier League (EPL)

    Razali, Nazim; Mustapha, Aida; Yatim, Faiz Ahmad; Aziz, Ruhaya Ab


    The issues of modeling asscoiation football prediction model has become increasingly popular in the last few years and many different approaches of prediction models have been proposed with the point of evaluating the attributes that lead a football team to lose, draw or win the match. There are three types of approaches has been considered for predicting football matches results which include statistical approaches, machine learning approaches and Bayesian approaches. Lately, many studies regarding football prediction models has been produced using Bayesian approaches. This paper proposes a Bayesian Networks (BNs) to predict the results of football matches in term of home win (H), away win (A) and draw (D). The English Premier League (EPL) for three seasons of 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 has been selected and reviewed. K-fold cross validation has been used for testing the accuracy of prediction model. The required information about the football data is sourced from a legitimate site at BNs achieved predictive accuracy of 75.09% in average across three seasons. It is hoped that the results could be used as the benchmark output for future research in predicting football matches results.

  19. Evaluation of sports nutrition knowledge of New Zealand premier club rugby coaches.

    Zinn, Caryn; Schofield, Grant; Wall, Clare


    Little is known about if and how team coaches disseminate nutrition information to athletes. In a census survey, New Zealand premier rugby coaches (n = 168) completed a psychometrically validated questionnaire, received by either Internet or standard mail (response rate, 46%), identifying their nutrition advice dissemination practices to players, their level of nutrition knowledge, and the factors determining this level of knowledge. The majority of coaches provided advice to their players (83.8%). Coaches responded correctly to 55.6% of all knowledge questions. An independent t-test showed coaches who imparted nutrition advice obtained a significantly greater score, 56.8%, than those not imparting advice, 48.4% (P = 0.008). One-way ANOVA showed significant relationships between total knowledge score of all coaches and qualifications [F(1,166) = 5.28, P = 0.001], own knowledge rating [F(3,164) = 6.88, P = 0.001] and nutrition training [F(1,166) = 9.83, P = 0.002]. We conclude that these rugby coaches were inadequately prepared to impart nutrition advice to athletes and could benefit from further nutrition training.

  20. Strategies for injury prevention in Brazilian football: Perceptions of physiotherapists and practices of premier league teams.

    Meurer, Maurício Couto; Silva, Marcelo Faria; Baroni, Bruno Manfredini


    To describe the physiotherapists perceptions and the current practices for injury prevention in elite football (soccer) clubs in Brazil. Cross-sectional study. Group of Science in Sports & Exercise, Federal University of Healthy Sciences of Porto Alegre (Brazil). 16 of the 20 football clubs involved in the Brazilian premier league 2015. Physiotherapists answered a structured questionnaire. Most physiotherapists (∼88%) were active in design, testing and application of prevention programs. Previous injury, muscle imbalance, fatigue, hydration, fitness, diet, sleep/rest and age were considered "very important" or "important" injury risk factors by all respondents. The methods most commonly used to detect athletes' injury risk were: monitoring of biochemical markers (100% of teams), isokinetic dynamometry (81%), questionnaires (75%), functional movement screen (56%), fleximetry (56%) and horizontal jump tests (50%). All clubs used strength training, functional training, core exercises and balance/proprioception exercises in their injury prevention program; and Nordic hamstring exercise and other eccentric exercises were used by 94% of clubs. "FIFA 11+" prevention program was adapted by 88% of clubs. Physiotherapists perceptions and current practices of injury prevention within Brazilian elite football clubs were similar to those employed in developed countries. There remains a gap between clinical practice and scientific evidence in high performance football. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. The influence of situational variables on ball possession in the English Premier League.

    Bradley, Paul Simon; Lago-Peñas, Carlos; Rey, Ezequiel; Sampaio, Jaime


    Abstract The aims of this study were twofold: (1) to examine the influence of situational variables on ball possession in elite soccer and (2) to quantify the variables that discriminate between high or low percentage ball possession teams (HPBPT and LPBPT) across different playing positions. Match performance data were collected from English Premier League matches using a multiple-camera system. Data were examined using linear regression, a 2 × 5 factorial analysis of variance and discriminant analysis. Playing against weak opposition was associated with an increase (P variables (P variables that discriminated performance between HPBPT and LPBPT were different for various playing positions, although the number of successful passes was the most common discriminating variable. The results demonstrate that HPBPT and LPBPT developed different possession strategies during matches and that selected variables such as successful passes were identified to explain these data trends across various playing positions. Combinations of variables could be used to develop a probabilistic model for predicting time spent in possession by teams.

  2. Technical Performance Analysis of Iran Premier League Soccer Players in 2012-2013 Season

    Mohsen Javani


    Full Text Available Background and purpose of study : analysis of IRAN premier league soccer players’ technical performance in season 2012-2013, using a computerized match analysis system (Borhan Mobin Development Management Co, IRAN. Material and methods: in this study, data were obtained from 120 players, who performed in competitions 90 minutes. The players were classified into 3 positional roles: defenders, midfielders and forwards. Technical performance variables analysis included: total passes, total successful passes, pass accuracy, total shots; total shots to target, shot accuracy, ball interception and ball losses. The data were statistically analyzed by one-way ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney U and Tukey post hoc test. Results : The findings of this study showed that players performed about 45 passes per competition. Midfielders and defenders had significantly higher number of passes than forwards. Pass accuracy was about 67% and there were no significant differences between positional roles. Also, the players performed about 0.8 shots per competition, forwards and midfielders had significantly higher number of shots than defenders. Shot accuracy was about 31%; midfielders and forwards had significantly higher shot accuracy than defenders. Forwards showed significantly lower ball interception and higher ball losses than other positions. Conclusion : The result of this study showed that there were significant differences between some technical actions in positional roles. Therefore, coaches can use this information for individualization of training according to playing positions and for optimization of training in the amateur game.

  3. Peat moss fuels R and D: Premier Tech is using sphagnum peat moss to develop all kinds of sophisticated products

    Desiront, A.


    Development by Premier Tech, a Quebec multinational company, of a unique system for recycling construction waste using peat moss as the starting material, is reported. Premier Tech enjoys a high profile in sectors such as the life sciences, wastewater treatment systems, industrial packaging and a variety of other fields not readily associated with peat moss. The best known products of the company, the Allegro line of growth media designed to promote greenhouse growing, Biomax compost and the Promix plant growth media, all based on research on mycorrhizal association, and the development strategy guiding the company's operations, are described briefly. The company's Ecoflo and Ecoprocess filters for treating domestic and municipal wastewater, both of which played significant roles in recovering evidence from the rubble of the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001, are highlighted.

  4. Chinese Dream——Concert in Commemoration of 115th Birth Anniversary of Premier Zhou Enlai Held

    Our; Staff; Reporter


    <正>The theme song of the film The Founding of a Republic sung by male vocalists Dai Yuqiang and Wei Song reverberated in the Opera Hall at the National Center for the Performing Arts on the `evening of March 14. It marked the start of the concert in commemoration of the 115th anniversary of the birth of Premier Zhou Enlai, with "Chinese Dream" as the theme.

  5. Philibert Delorme’s Divine Proportions and the Composition of the Premier Tome de l’Architecture

    Sara Galletti


    Full Text Available In his 'Premier tome de l’architecture' (1567 — the first original, comprehensive architectural treatise written by a French author — Philibert Delorme (c. 1514–1570 claims to be the first to formulate a theory of divine proportions, which he describes as a set of rules recorded in the Old Testament as directly dictated by God to men for the construction of the Ark of Noah, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Temple and House of Solomon. Yet the author does not develop the theory of divine proportions in the 'Premier tome' and postpones it instead to the second volume of his treatise. As a second volume was never published (and likely never written, Delorme readers are left with a handful of less-than-coherent references and illustrations of a theory that remains largely obscure. Yet the elements of theory of divine proportions contained in the 'Premier tome' provide historians with an understanding of the genesis of the treatise itself, thus ultimately helping to raise broader questions about the book and its author. This paper shows how Delorme’s divine proportions offer a key to understanding the conception and composition of his treatise as well as to the process of intellectual development of the author and the changes in the nature and scope of his written work.

  6. A Psychological Study of Writing Techniques in Wen Xin Diao Long%《文心雕龙》文学创作心理学探讨



    《文心雕龙·序志》中认为“夫文心者,言为文之用心也”,这里的“文心”即指《文心雕龙》的书名,而“为文之用心”则十分明确地说明了这部旷世之作是从作家的文学创作心理角度探讨文学创作的基本规律、原则和方法的。《文心雕龙》中对文学创作心理的阐述很多,但主要集中在这样五个方面:一、对“神”的阐述,把“神”作为文学创作心理的核心;二、对“情”、“志”的阐述,把“情志”作为主体创作心理的“关键”;三、用“神与物游”来具体描述文学创作心理过程;四、以“虚静”观来具体阐述主体创造心境;五、主张“各师成心”,具体阐示了主体个性心理在文学创作中的地位与作用。%Liu Xie said, “Wen Xin means that you have to use your mind to write paper.” Here, “Wen Xin” is the book's name, and “you have to use your mind to write paper” indicate exactly that this book is about the general rules, principles and methods of Writing techniques. In Wen Xin Diao Long, there are five problems to be studied.Firstly, “Mind” is core of literature creation in psychology. Secondly, “sensibility” and “will” are the keys of creation in psychology. Thirdly, “mind act with object” is the process of literature creation in psychology. Fourthly,“emptiness” is frame of mind of literature creation in psychology; Fifthly, “styles are deference” is individuality of literature creation in psychology.

  7. Corporate social responsibility and mental health: the Premier League football Imagine Your Goals programme.

    Henderson, Claire; O'Hara, Stefanie; Thornicroft, Graham; Webber, Martin


    Football is increasingly used to facilitate recovery in mental health services, often in partnership with football clubs. However, few clubs have made mental health part of their corporate social responsibility programmes until recently. We report the impact on participants of the 'Imagine Your Goals' programme, run by 16 Premier League football clubs in conjunction with England's Time to Change programme to reduce mental health-related stigma and discrimination. Mixed methods evaluation used pre/post measures of well-being, access to social capital, focus groups held early on and towards the end of the two-year programmes, and questionnaires for coaching staff. There were no significant changes to participants' mental well-being scores between baseline and follow-up, nor to the total number of social resources accessible through their networks. However, there was a statistically significant increase at follow-up in the mean score of the personal skills subscale of the Resource Generator-UK. Participants' individual skills were also higher at follow-up. Qualitative data showed programmes had largely met participants' expectations in terms of socializing, providing structure and improving fitness levels, exceeded expectations in relationships with coaching staff and additional activities, but did not always meet them in improving football skills. Participants varied in their knowledge of exit opportunities, depending on which club's programme they attended. A minority of clubs reported difficulties in recruitment and concerns about planning for the future of the projects. Football clubs and the charitable foundations they set up can successfully deliver programmes to people with mental health problems which improve access to personal skills social capital and have other potential benefits.

  8. Descriptive epidemiology of injuries in a Brazilian premier league soccer team

    Fachina RJ


    Full Text Available Rafael Júlio de Freitas Guina Fachina,1,2 Marília dos Santos Andrade,3 Fernando Roberto Silva,4 Silas Waszczuk-Junior,4 Paulo César Montagner,1 João Paulo Borin,1 Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira5 1Departamento de Ciência do Esporte, Faculdade de Educação Física, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil; 2Confederação Brasileira de Basketball (CBB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 3Departamento de Fisiologia, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; 4Grêmio Barueri Futebol LTDA, Barueri, Brazil; 5Setor de Fisiologia Humana e do Exercício, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Câmpus Jataí, Jataí, Brazil Abstract: Soccer, which has a large number of participants, has a high injury incidence that causes both financial and time burdens. Therefore, knowledge about the epidemiology of soccer injuries could allow sports-medicine professionals, such as physicians and physiotherapists, to direct their work in specific preventive programs. Thus, our aim was to conduct an epidemiological survey of injuries sustained by professional soccer players from the same team who participated in the Brazilian championship premier league in 2009. To this end, we evaluated retrospectively player medical records from the team, which included name, date of birth, position, date of injury, mechanism of injury, and type of injury. In the period of study, 95 injuries were recorded: 42 (44.2% were recorded during matches, and 53 (55.8% during the training period. Injuries occurred more frequently in midfielders and strikers. All injuries happened in the lower limb, most of the injuries were muscular, and most occurred as the result of collisions with other athletes. In summary, this study demonstrates that there is a need for greater safety awareness in the training environment. Keywords: injuries, epidemiology, soccer players

  9. Hospital arrival time and functional outcome after acute ischaemic stroke: results from the PREMIER study.

    León-Jiménez, C; Ruiz-Sandoval, J L; Chiquete, E; Vega-Arroyo, M; Arauz, A; Murillo-Bonilla, L M; Ochoa-Guzmán, A; Carrillo-Loza, K; Ramos-Moreno, A; Barinagarrementeria, F; Cantú-Brito, C


    Information regarding hospital arrival times after acute ischaemic stroke (AIS) has mainly been gathered from countries with specialised stroke units. Little data from emerging nations is available. We aim to identify factors associated with achieving hospital arrival times of less than 1, 3, and 6 hours, and analyse how arrival times are related to functional outcomes after AIS. We analysed data from patients with AIS included in the PREMIER study (Primer Registro Mexicano de Isquemia Cerebral) which defined time from symptom onset to hospital arrival. The functional prognosis at 30 days and at 3, 6, and 12 months was evaluated using the modified Rankin Scale. Among 1096 patients with AIS, 61 (6%) arrived in <1 hour, 250 (23%) in <3 hours, and 464 (42%) in <6 hours. The factors associated with very early (<1 hour) arrival were family history of ischemic heart disease and personal history of migraines; in <3 hours: age 40-69 years, family history of hypertension, personal history of dyslipidaemia and ischaemic heart disease, and care in a private hospital; in <6 hours: migraine, previous stroke, ischaemic heart disease, care in a private hospital, and family history of hypertension. Delayed hospital arrival was associated with lacunar stroke and alcoholism. Only 2.4% of patients underwent thrombolysis. Regardless of whether or not thrombolysis was performed, arrival time in <3 hours was associated with lower mortality at 3 and 6 months, and with fewer in-hospital complications. A high percentage of patients had short hospital arrival times; however, less than 3% underwent thrombolysis. Although many factors were associated with early hospital arrival, it is a priority to identify in-hospital barriers to performing thrombolysis. Copyright © 2013 Sociedad Española de Neurología. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.


    Céline Bemilli


    Full Text Available Le site de la grotte Rochefort (Mayenne, France a livré depuis 2005 plusieurs centaines de restes fauniques issus des couches Solutréennes. Le Renne et le Cheval en sont les principales composantes et reflètent le fond commun du régime alimentaire des Solutréens. Nous présenterons ici les premiers résultats de l’analyse archéozoologique concernant l’exploitation de ces deux principaux taxons. Plusieurs recollages ont été réalisés. L’exceptionnelle conservation des restes permet, outre une excellente lecture des traces de découpe, une première reconstitution des modalités d’acquisition et d’exploitation des animaux, ainsi que leur saison d’abattage. La rareté des ensembles fauniques solutréens fouillés et étudiés récemment donne à celui de la grotte Rochefort un impact particulier et inédit.Several hundreds faunal remains were discovered since 2005 in the Solutrean‘s level at Rochefort cave (Mayenne, France. Reindeer and Horse are the main taxa identified and are the baseline of the Solutrean diet. We present here the preliminary results of the faunal analysis and discuss the exploitation of these two main taxa. A number of refits were possible. At the same time, the exceptional preservation of the artefacts together with well-defined cut marks allows to reconstruct procurement and use patterns of these animals as well as the season they were killed. Recently excavated and analysed Solutrean faunal assemblages are rare which make the yet unreported Rochefort cave faunal assemblage even more important and unprecedented.

  11. The Text of Wen Xuan in Dunhuang and in Song Carving Copy%敦煌白文无注本《文选》与宋刻《文选》



    The annotated copies of Wen Xuan made the text of Wen Xuan hasten the demise, which made it difficult to review the evolution of Xiao Tong' s copy. However, the appearance of the text of Wen Xuan in Dunhuang supplied a gap to some extent as it served as a starting point and reference point for us to examine the evolution of Wen Xuan. What' s more, it also established an evolutionary series of the text, and provided a sample for reference to study the evolution from the transcript to the printed copy.%《文选》注本的出现使白文本加速消亡,对昭明之旧的考察及版本演变造成了很大困难,敦煌白文本的问世在一定程度上弥补了这种缺陷。敦煌白文无注本《文选》不仅能够为考察《文选》正文的演化提供起点与参照,并以此确立一个《文选》白文演化的序列,而且也为考察从抄本到刻本的《文选》变化提供了参照的依据。

  12. WEN Jian-min and SHI Da-zhuo : ICWM Should Be Taken as A Discipline Uniformly and The Practice Scope of ICWM Practitioners Be Defined


    @@ According to the current inconsistent status of subject names and stratification of ICWM and based on the principle of classification that a subject can only use one name and one code, Prof. WEN Jian-min and Prof. SHI Da-zhuo, two CPPCC members, proposed that ICWM in the subject categories of National Standardization Committee (defined as a subdiscipline under CM and Chinese materia medica) and that in the subject categories of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council (defined as a discipline, consisting of two sub-disciplines, the basic ICWM and the clinical ICWM) should be taken as a discipline uniformly, consisting of 12 subdisciplines, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics,Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology and Venereology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Other Subjects.

  13. Simulation and comparison of quarter-car passive suspension system with Bingham and Bouc-Wen MR semi-active suspension models

    Perescu, A.; Bereteu, L.


    In this paper we want to transposion the suspension system in MATLAB, Simulink®, based on equation of motion. Consider only vertical movement of the car, neglecting roll and pitch. All movements of the car axes are modeled as having equal amplitude. The characteristic equations that describe the behavior of dynamical systems based on FBD (Free Body Diagram) of automotive suspension. It will make two models, one passive and one Bingham semi-active. Their responses will be compared between them, and with another Bouc-Wen semi-active model, more complex. Semi-active suspension systems have received significant attention in recent years because they offer the adaptability of active control devices without requiring large power sources. Given that both passive and semi-active dampers are in mass production will follow the normal parameters and their economic efficiency. These models are used for initial design of suspension system.

  14. 温庭筠“旅游淮上”受辱事件考辨%Rethinking of the Insulted Affair when Wen Tingyun "Touring at Huainan"



    Some life information about Wen Tingyun was implied in his letters. Authors have controversy on Wen Tingyun's insulted affair when he "Touring at Huainan", which was mentioned in his " Letter to Prime Minister Pei". Correcting some misunderstandings of the affair and rethinking the time of the insulted affair will be beneficial to clarify Wen Tingyun's early life. Wen Tingyun should have toured to Huainan twice. The insulted affair when " Touring at Huainan" in "Letter to Prime Minister Pei" should be that young Wen Tingyun was beaten up by his cousin Yao Xu in the early Kaieheng first year(836).%由于对启文文意的解读分歧,对温庭筠《上裴相公启》中的"旅游淮上"受辱事件,学界颇有争议。澄清研究者对"旅游淮上"受辱事件的某些误解,考订温庭筠"旅游淮上"受辱的时间,有助于进一步廓清温庭筠的生平行迹。温庭筠"旅游淮上"应为两次,《上裴相公启》中的"旅游淮上"受辱事件当指其年少时为亲表姚勖笞逐之事,时间应在开成元年(836)年初。

  15. Prediction of dissolved oxygen concentration in hypoxic river systems using support vector machine: a case study of Wen-Rui Tang River, China.

    Ji, Xiaoliang; Shang, Xu; Dahlgren, Randy A; Zhang, Minghua


    Accurate quantification of dissolved oxygen (DO) is critically important for managing water resources and controlling pollution. Artificial intelligence (AI) models have been successfully applied for modeling DO content in aquatic ecosystems with limited data. However, the efficacy of these AI models in predicting DO levels in the hypoxic river systems having multiple pollution sources and complicated pollutants behaviors is unclear. Given this dilemma, we developed a promising AI model, known as support vector machine (SVM), to predict the DO concentration in a hypoxic river in southeastern China. Four different calibration models, specifically, multiple linear regression, back propagation neural network, general regression neural network, and SVM, were established, and their prediction accuracy was systemically investigated and compared. A total of 11 hydro-chemical variables were used as model inputs. These variables were measured bimonthly at eight sampling sites along the rural-suburban-urban portion of Wen-Rui Tang River from 2004 to 2008. The performances of the established models were assessed through the mean square error (MSE), determination coefficient (R (2)), and Nash-Sutcliffe (NS) model efficiency. The results indicated that the SVM model was superior to other models in predicting DO concentration in Wen-Rui Tang River. For SVM, the MSE, R (2), and NS values for the testing subset were 0.9416 mg/L, 0.8646, and 0.8763, respectively. Sensitivity analysis showed that ammonium-nitrogen was the most significant input variable of the proposal SVM model. Overall, these results demonstrated that the proposed SVM model can efficiently predict water quality, especially for highly impaired and hypoxic river systems.

  16. A Research of Wen Jiang: A Beauty Depicted in Zuo Zhuan%“《左传》丽人谱”之文姜论



    春秋早期的鲁夫人文姜在《左传》中共计出场15次之多,堪称该书用墨最多的女性人物。文姜是春秋时期闻名遐迩的美女之一,《诗经》对她的生平也多有记载。由于《史记》中对其与齐襄公兄妹乱伦的宫庭秽史言之凿凿,人们对她的评价一贯不高。但结合《春秋》、《左传》之记述,文姜不仅是一个美艳动人的女子,还是一个有着杰出才能的女性政治家和外交家,她的一系列作为为鲁国在庄公时期赢得了罕有的国际地位,其功业不可忽视。%Madame Wen Jiang of the Lu State in the early period of the Spring and Autumn Period appeared altogether 15 times in Zuo Zhuan, and was probably the most depicted woman in the book. As one of the renowned beauties in the period, her life was also recorded in Shi Jing. However, due to the account in Shi Ji about her adultery with her brother Duke Xiang of Qi State, her reputation in later dynasties was rather poor. Yet, according to the account of Sping and Autumn and Zuo Zhuan, Wen Jiang was not only a beautiful woman of touching charm, but also a female politician and diplomat with great talent. A series of her moves won her Lu State unprecedented international status, and her role was vital.

  17. On Imperial Tung wen College of Education and Teaching%略论京师同文馆的教育与教学



    Imperial Tung Wen College, or the School of Combined Learning, an agency for education and translation founded by Qing Government in Beijing, was the first new type of school in Chinese modern educa- tion. Stimulating the foundations of a group of the new type schools and cultivating lots of foreign language tal- ents and diplomatists, the school played an important role in the promotion of Chinese modern education. In contrast with traditional education, Imperial Tung Wen College had some major breakthroughs in curriculum design, school -running model, organizing, teaching method and some other aspects, which met the needs of the times and made a difference in the essence of Chinese modern education. Its historical contribution provid- ed us with a good reference for the current education reform.%京师同文馆是由清政府设立的中国近代教育史上第一所新式学校,是一所教育和翻译机构。它带动了一批新式学校的设立,培养了大批翻译和外交人才,对中国近代教育的发展起了很大推动作用,开始打破传统的教育观念、教育模式、教育内容,从教育上开始由古代转向近代,对中国社会产生深远的影响,反思其办学理念对现代教育改革有重要的借鉴作用。

  18. On Application of Philological Rules to Correct Shuo Wen Jie Zi: Yi Qie Jing Yin Yi Yin Shuo Wen Jian as an Example%运用语言文字规律校勘《说文解字》刍议——以《一切经音义引说文笺》为例



    One of the important methods in correcting Shuo Wen Jie Zi is the philological rules,usually including pictographic and referential semantics,systemic philology,and graphemic derivation.The semantic analysis of characters should make clear the distinction between pictographic purpose and referential meaning.Systemic philology should take a diachronic viewpoint on graphemic deviation,which is seldom used in Shuo Wen Jie Zi.%语言文字规律是校勘传世《说文解字》的一个重要手段,这其中常用的是造意和本义规律、文字系统性规律和字形分化规律。考察字义说解要正确区分体现构形意图的造意和表示词义的本义,运用文字系统性规律要注意由字形发展导致的规律的时代性问题,利用形声字分化规律则应正视它在《说文解字》中应用得并不普遍这一事实。

  19. Le premier Aurignacien en France méditerranéenne : un bilan

    Frédéric Bazile


    Full Text Available Identifié au début des années 1970 (La Laouza puis l'Esquictio-Grapaou dans les Gorges du Gardon, l'Aurignacien initial, au sens d'antérieur à l'Aurignacien I classique (Archaïque? Aurignacien «0»? Protoaurignacien?, est également connu en Provence (Rainaude et dans le Bassin de l'Aude (grotte Tournai et sans doute Traouc de la Fado. Il était vraisemblablement présent à la Balauzière (sous un Aurignacien ancien classique et à la Grotte Nicolas (Gard à l'abri Rothschild et, plus au Nord, dans l'abri du Pécheur (Ardéche. Sa présence dans la moyenne vallée du Rhône à la grotte Mandrin (Drome est également vraisemblable, ouvrant un premier jalon (outre Roclaine nécessairement à revisiter vers des sites plus septentrionaux aux affinités typologiques et technologiques troublantes tels Arcy (Grotte du Renne et le Trou de la Mère Clochette. Ce "technocomplexe», bien situé sur le plan chronologique, témoignent d'une forte unité culturele de la Campante et la Vénétie à la Catalogne, en passant par la Ligurie, sans doute l'un des foyers pricipaux. Il apparaît brutalement à la fin de l'Interstade wûrmien, sus-jacent, avec ou sans lacune de sédimentation et/ou d'érosion, à des dépôts livrant des industries moustériennes de faciès très différents selon la région concernée.Identificado a inicios de 1970 en la garganta de Gardon, primero en La Laouza, después en Esquicho-Grapaou, el Aurihaciense inicial en sentido de anterioridad al Auriñaciense I clásico, (Arcaico, «0», Protoaurihaciense es también conocido en Provence (Rainaude y el en valle del Aude (Tournai y Traouc de la Fado. Esta también presente de manera clara en Balauzière (bajo un Auriñaciense antiguo clásico y en la Grotte Nicolas (Gard en el abri Rothschild y, más al norte, en el abri Pêcheur (Ardéche. Su presencia en el valle medio del Rôdano en la grotte Mandrin en Drome (otro yacimiento séria Roclaine sirve como jalon hacia sitios m

  20. Premier League academy soccer players' experiences of competing in a tournament bio-banded for biological maturation.

    Cumming, Sean P; Brown, Daniel J; Mitchell, Siobhan; Bunce, James; Hunt, Dan; Hedges, Chris; Crane, Gregory; Gross, Aleks; Scott, Sam; Franklin, Ed; Breakspear, Dave; Dennison, Luke; White, Paul; Cain, Andrew; Eisenmann, Joey C; Malina, Robert M


    Individual differences in the growth and maturation have been shown to impact player performance and development in youth soccer. This study investigated Premier League academy players' experiences of participating in a tournament bio-banded for biological maturation. Players (N = 66) from four professional soccer clubs aged 11 and 14 years and between 85-90% of adult stature participated in a tournament. Players competed in three 11 vs 11 games on a full size pitch with 25-min halves. Sixteen players participated in four 15-min focus groups and were asked to describe their experiences of participating in the bio-banded tournament in comparison to age group competition. All players described their experience as positive and recommended the Premier League integrate bio-banding into the existing games programme. In comparison to age-group competitions, early maturing players described the bio-banded games more physically challenging, and found that they had to adapt their style of play placing a greater emphasis on technique and tactics. Late maturing players considered the games to be less physically challenging, yet appreciated the having more opportunity to use, develop and demonstrate their technical, physical, and psychological competencies. Bio-banding strategies appear to contribute positively towards the holistic development of young soccer players.

  1. Relationship between Game Location and Match Result with the Amount of Aggression: Iranian Premier League Football Teams

    Farhad Alahvisi


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between game location (host advantage, match result (win, lose or tie and the level of aggression in football teams of the Iranian Premier League. The study population consisted of Premier League Football teams (League XIII, and 60 matches (related to 4 teams that were available for the researcher, were selected as the sample. The current study can be regarded as applied and descriptive, in terms of purpose and data collection, respectively. In order to collect data, the match videos of selected teams were studied, then the results of the observations were written and recorded using Roberts et al. (1999 aggression model. The results showed that no significant difference was found between teams' aggression in host and guest matches (p>0.05. Also, a significant difference was observed between aggression and match result and the behaviors were more in lost matches (p< 0.05. In fact, mental stress caused by the loss resulted to more aggression to win. Hence, a match result, physical aggression and players' position led to significant difference in players' aggression. Therefore, the control and management of aggressive behaviors, especially at the time of failure will result in improved performance and efficiency of football teams. Also, these behaviors can be minimized by providing necessary training on anger management and negative emotions control among players.

  2. The effect of match standard and referee experience on the objective and subjective match workload of English Premier League referees.

    Weston, M; Bird, S; Helsen, W; Nevill, A; Castagna, C


    The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of match standard and referee experience on the objective and subjective workload of referees during English Premier League and Football League soccer matches. We also examined the relationship between heart rate (HR) and ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) for assessing match intensity in soccer referees. Heart rate responses were recorded using short-range telemetry and RPE scores were collected using a 10-point scale. Analysis revealed a significant relationship between mean match HR and match RPE scores (r=0.485, pReferee experience had no effect on match HR and RPE responses to Premier League and Football League matches. The results of the present study demonstrate the validity of using HR and RPE as a measure of global match intensity in soccer referees. Referee experience had no effect on the referees' objective and subjective match workload assessments, whereas match intensity was correlated to competition standard. These findings have implications for fitness preparation and evaluation in soccer referees. When progressing to a higher level of competition, referees should ensure that appropriate levels of fitness are developed in order to enable them to cope with an increase in physical match demands.

  3. Wen Xin Diao Long:The Realization of Liu Xie’s Dream%《文心雕龙》:刘勰的梦想达成



    刘勰在《文心雕龙・序志》篇中描写的两个梦,正是他的两个愿望,反映了他写作《文心雕龙》的两个目的。一个是为文重视文采的愿望理想,一个是追随孔子的自豪之情。因此《文心雕龙》处处反映出以儒家思想为统领的文艺观,无论其写作的动机、全书的结构,还是其评论的标准,都是对儒家“树德”理想的实现。在“树德”的基础之上,通过“建言”形成了其文采的理论,这就是《情采》篇中所说的“形文”、“声文”和“情文”,认为“五色杂而成黼黻,五音比而成韶夏,五情发而为辞章”,既强调对文章的修饰和润色,又强调情感对文章的作用。刘勰以此成就了魏晋南北朝时期文论的成熟和繁盛。%The two dreams described in Liu Xie’s The Pre face ofWen X in Diao Long just are his two wi-shes ,reflects his two writing purposes of Wen X in Diao Long .One is the desire for literary attention ,and the other is the pride offollowing Confucius .Therefore ,Wen X in Diao Long reflect literary and art view in all respects based on Confucianism .Regardless of the writing motives ,the book structure ,or the re-view standards are realization on the Confucian “shuter” ideal .On the basis ofthe “shuter” ,the writer forms the literary theory through the “ adv ice” ,which is the “shape essay” ,“sound essay” and “ love es-say” said in the article ofQing Cai ,which thinks “ five color blending to be pleasing beauti ful ,five tune ap plying to be melodious rhythm , five love ex p ressing to be beauti ful art” .It emphasizes on the modifi-cation and embellishment ,and emphasizes the function ofarticle to emotion .Since then ,Liu Xie contrib-utes to the maturity and prosperity ofliterary theory in Wei Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties .

  4. WenShenTang for 80 Cases of Early Diabetic Nephropathy%温肾汤治疗早期糖尿病肾病80例

    王学琦; 李丰华; 张荣华; 俞登虎


    目的:观察温肾汤治疗早期糖尿病肾病(DN)的临床疗效。方法:80例早期DN患者在采用糖尿病教育、调节控制饮食、适当运动、药物控制血糖的基础上给予温肾汤,1剂/d,水煎分2次口服。4周为1疗程,连续治疗2个疗程后观察患者尿微量蛋白/肌酐(MA/Cr)、血β2微球蛋白(β2-MG)、尿β2-MG、尿α1微球蛋白(α1-MG)、血肌酐(SCr)、血浆纤维蛋白(FIB)、血脂[总胆固醇(TC)、甘油三酯(TG)、高密度脂蛋白胆固醇(HDL-C)、低密度脂蛋白胆固醇(LDL-C)]变化情况。结果:治疗后MA/Cr、血β2-MG、尿β2-MG、尿α1-MG、血SCr、血FIB均有减少(P<0.05),TC、TG、LDL-C、HDL-C明显改善(P<0.05)。结论:温肾汤能有效延缓早期DN的进展,减少尿蛋白,显著改善血脂。%Objective:To observe clinical effects of WenShenTang in treating early diabetic nephropathy (DN). Method:All 80 patients took WenShenTang on the foundation of diabetes education, diet regulation, proper exercise and blood glucose controlling through drugs, one dose per day, water decocted and taking twice. Four weeks were one course of treatment, and the changes of microalbuminuria/creatinine (MA/Cr), blood β2 microglobulin (β2-MG), urinaryβ2 microglobulin (β2-MG), urinary α1 microglobulin (α1-MG), serum creatinine (SCr), plasma fibrinogen (FIB), total cholesterol (TC), glycerin trilaurate (TG), high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) were observed after two consecutive courses of treatment. Result: After treating, MA/Cr, bloodβ2-MG, urinaryβ2-MG, urinaryα1-MG, SCr and FIB were decreased (P<0.05), TC, TG, LDL-C and HDL-C were improved obviously (P<0.05). Conclusion:WenShenTang could effectively delay the development of early DN, reduce proteinuria and remarkably improve blood lipid.

  5. 宋代词人对温庭筠词的借鉴与创新%On the Reference and Innovation of the Ci-poetry of Wen Tingyun by Ci Writers of the Song Dynasty

    蔡慧; 钱锡生


    The Ci-poetry of Wen Tingyun was not only revered as a model in Hua Jian Ji, but it also had a pro⁃found impact in the Song Dynasty. In their creative process, Ci writers of the Song Dynasty often intentionally or unintentionally learned and imitated the Ci-poetry of Wen Tingyun. Some writers copied and imitated the words and sentences from Wen Tingyun’s Ci-poetry, while others imitated and learned from his writing style. On such a basis, many Ci writers of the Song Dynasty could also make their works exceed Wen Tingyun’s. Thus, the Ci-poet⁃ry of the Song Dynasty had its own unique features and diverse contents and styles.%温庭筠的词不仅在《花间集》中被尊为典范,在宋代也产生了深远影响。宋代词人在创作时,常常有意或无意地对温庭筠词进行借鉴与模仿,这种借鉴有的是字句的搬用和化用,有的是风格上的模仿和借鉴。在此基础上,很多宋代词人又能对温词有所超越,使宋词具有自身面貌的独特性和内容风格的多元性。

  6. Multi-dipole observation system and study on the abnormal variation of the geoelectric field observed at Capital Circle area before the Wen'an Ms5.1 earthquake

    MA Qin-zhong


    On July 4, 2006, a Ms 5.1 earthquake occurred in Wen'an county of Hebei Province f which the epicenter is near the Beijing city. The six geoelectric field monitoring stations have been in operation for several years around the Beijing area to examine the relationship between electric field changes and earthquake. This paper firstly explains the principle of the eliminating noise method by using multi-dipole observation system of the geoelectric field. Then the data observed at the stations are studied and a lot of abnormal signals preceding the Wen'an earthquake are selected, of which five abnormal signals of the geoelectric field are finally recognized as the precursory signals. The result shows that ① there probably exists the precursory signals of the geoelectric field preceding the Wen'an earthquake; ② there are sensitive sites in the spatial distribution of the abnormal variation of the geoelectric field before the quack; ~ the anomalous signals do not appear synchronously, and their durations are not same at different stations; ④ the amplitudes of the abnormal signals recorded at Baodi station are small, but large at Changli station, while the latter is farther from the epicentral area than the former.

  7. Les premiers colons de l’ancienne Haïti et leurs attaches en métropole, à l’aube des premiers établissements (1650-1700)

    Hroděj, Philippe


    Au moment où les premiers établissements durables voient le jour dans ce qui va devenir la partie française de Saint-Domingue, les colons ne sont qu’une poignée. Il est nécessaire d’abord de raisonner sur le nombre, source d’isolement, renforcé par le relief qui compartimente les différents quartiers, par l’éloignement des Petites Antilles, par des liens commerciaux longtemps aléatoires et par le fait dominant que sont les guerres quasi continues, du fait des délais d’application des traités ...

  8. 明周太后与文华门哭谏事件%Empress Zhou and Fight Etiquette beside Wen Hua Door in Ming Dynasty



    明代历史上,大臣为捍卫祖制伏阙争礼三次,最早始于成化年间的文华门哭谏。这次争礼因宪宗生母周太后在柑葬问题上与大臣的分歧引起,周太后的跋扈独断激起文武百官大规模请愿。文华门哭谏不仅引起皇室丰忖葬制度的重大变革,也是谏诤皇权不当行为而抗争请愿之开端。%Ministers debated for etiquette in defending the petition of the ceremony, which earliest happened beside the Wen Hua door in Ming Dynasty in Cheng Hua period. This etiquette releted Empress Zhou (the Mother of Xian Zong). There were different views about obsequies between Empress Zhou and ministers. Her selfish and dour determination provoked ministers petition. In consequence, the obsequies not only provoked great change of imperial family, but also became the beginning of petition campaigns about admonitory advisement to rulers who would disobev the rituals during his rai~rn

  9. 王士禛《问山亭诗》批语辑录%A Collection of Wang Shizhen' s Comment about"Wen Shan Ting Poems"



    The national library has the Ming manuscripts of Wang Xiangchun ' s "Wen Shan Ting Po-ems",Which is commented by Wang Shizhen .The found of this book has important reference value for the study of Wang Shizhen ' s Poetical Criticism , understanding Wang Xiangchun ' s poetry artistic achievements and for the study of the Wang family literary heritage .In view of this , the article is compiled Wang Shizhen ' s comments, to provide references for researchers .%国家图书馆藏有明代王象春 《问山亭诗》 的明抄本, 该书由王士禛批点. 该批点本的出现,对于研究王士禛的诗歌评点, 了解王象春的诗歌艺术成就, 以及对于探讨新城王氏家族的文学传承, 都具有重要的文献价值. 有鉴于此, 特将王士禛评点 《问山亭诗》 之批语予以辑录, 以供研究者参考.

  10. Robust model reference adaptive control for a two-dimensional piezo-driven micro-displacement scanning platform based on the asymmetrical Bouc-Wen model

    Haigen Yang


    Full Text Available The hysteresis characteristics resulted from piezoelectric actuators (PAs and the residual vibration in the rapid positioning of a two-dimensional piezo-driven micro-displacement scanning platform (2D-PDMDSP will greatly affect the positioning accuracy and speed. In this paper, in order to improve the accuracy and speed of the positioning and restrain the residual vibration of 2D-PDMDSP, firstly, Utilizing an online hysteresis observer based on the asymmetrical Bouc-Wen model, the PA with the hysteresis characteristics is feedforward linearized and can be used as a linear actuator; secondly, zero vibration and derivative shaping (ZVDS technique is used to eliminate the residual vibration of the 2D-PDMDSP; lastly, the robust model reference adaptive (RMRA control for the 2D-PDMDSP is proposed and explored. The rapid control prototype of the RMRA controller combining the proposed feedforward linearization and ZVDS control for the 2D-PDMDSP with rapid control prototyping technique based on the real-time simulation system is established and experimentally tested, and the corresponding controlled results are compared with those by the PID control method. The experimental results show that the proposed RMRA control method can significantly improve the accuracy and speed of the positioning and restrain the residual vibration of 2D-PDMDSP.


    The Watts Premier M-2400 POE RO Drinking Water Treatment System was tested at the NSF Drinking Water Treatment Systems Laboratory for removal of the viruses fr and MS2, the bacteria Brevundimonas diminuta, and chemicals aldicarb, benzene, cadmium, carbofuran, cesium, chl...


    Verification testing of the Watts Premier M-Series M-15,000 RO Treatment System was conducted over a 31-day period from April 26, 2004, through May 26, 2004. This test was conducted at the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) Well 7802 in Thermal, California. The source water...


    Verification testing of the Watts Premier M-Series M-15,000 RO Treatment System was conducted over a 31-day period from April 26, 2004, through May 26, 2004. This test was conducted at the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) Well 7802 in Thermal, California. The source water...


    The Watts Premier M-2400 POE RO Drinking Water Treatment System was tested at the NSF Drinking Water Treatment Systems Laboratory for removal of the viruses fr and MS2, the bacteria Brevundimonas diminuta, and chemicals aldicarb, benzene, cadmium, carbofuran, cesium, chl...

  15. 蔡英文两岸论述解析%The Analysis of the Discourse of Cai Ying-wen on Cross-strait Relations



    民进党蔡英文的政策主张引起各方关注,其两岸论述既是选举策略,也反映了民进党当前的两岸思维与政策逻辑,对下阶段两岸关系的发展产生复杂影响。围绕2011年2月至6月间蔡英文公开发表的两岸言论进行分析,蔡的两岸论述在坚守"台独"内核的同时,持续进行策略调整,提出不少富有想象力的口号,但仍无法摆脱论述困境,陷于旧框架,缺乏新思维,两岸论述仍是民进党的重大"罩门"。%The policy advocated by Cai Ying-wen of Democratic Progressive Party attracted people's attention.Her discourse on cross-strait relations is not only her campaign strategy but also reflects the current logic thinking and policy of Democratic Progressive Party.It will have intricate influence on the development of cross-strait relations of the next stage.This article stresses and analyzes her two published speeches on cross-strait relations during June of 2011.Although her discourse adheres to the kernel of "Taiwan independence" while continuing to undertake the adjustment strategy and bringing forward some imaginative slogans,she cannot get rid of the dilemma of her own discourse and it is immersed in the old framework of lacking fresh thought.Her cross-strait discourse is still the major "hood door" for Democratic Progressive Party.




    The case of Wang Yue-wen put the question whether the author belongs to the "manager",although the court has made a decision of individual case,the new type unfair competition will keep appearing,if we explain every applicable subject,it will increase our justice cost.So I think the applicable subject of Anti-unfair Competition Law should extend its range from "manager" to all people whose activity can influence the market competition.Besides,this case also reflect the necessity of protecting image of celebrities,in order to protect their rights,we should increase a special regulation in the Anti-unfair Competition Law,avoiding the consumer produce confusion for image of celebrities that have commercial mark.%王跃文案提出了作家是否属于"经营者"问题,虽然法院对个案已做了认定,但新型的不正当竞争却会不断出现,若一一对适用主体进行解释将增加司法成本。所以《反不正当竞争法》适用主体应从"经营者"扩展到"凡影响市场竞争活动之人"。另外,该案也反映了名人形象保护的必要性,在《反不正当竞争法》中亦应增加一款专门规定予以保护,防止消费者对具备商业标识的名人形象产生混淆。

  17. Chinese Tri-Network Convergence: Characteristics and Challenges

    Hequan Wu


    @@ In the 2010 Report on the Work of the Government, delivered by Wen Jiabao, tri-network convergence is interpreted as "the integration oftelecommunications networks, cable television networks, and the Internet" [1].Enabling these three networks to interconnect with each other and share resources will provide users with diverse voice, data, radio,and TV services.

  18. Germany Enjoys Splendid Trade Partnership with China

    Sun Yongjian


    @@ "China and Germany are longterm trade partners, The volume of our bilateral trade has reached more than $54 Million in 2004, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder have agreed to double our bilateral trade volume by the year 2010." Dr. Volker Stanzel,German Ambassador gave an active appraise on the bilateral trade relations when interviewed by China's Foreign Trade.

  19. Les marqueurs d'aspect de dicto : 'à première vue', 'au premier abord', 'de prime abord'

    Lenepveu Véronique


    Full Text Available On se propose d’étudier les locutions adverbiales "à première vue", "au premier abord", "de prime abord", trois locutions qui comportent une forme numérale ordinale et qui entretiennent des relations de proximité sémantique. Nous nous intéressons précisément au fonctionnement sémantique et pragmatique de ces locutions à valeur paradigmatisante (Nølke 1983, quand elles introduisent un point de vue (Anscombre & Ducrot 1983, Ducrot 1984, Nølke 1994. Dans cette perspective, nous faisons l’hypothèse d’un procès énonciatif, qui consiste à prendre en considération une situation, et qui vise à constituer un jugement stabilisé. Nous admettons alors que les locutions adverbiales 'à première vue', 'au premier abord', 'de prime abord', servent à sélectionner la phase initiale de ce procès énonciatif, ce qu’attestent les mises en corrélation possibles des trois marqueurs de point de vue avec des expressions qui signalent une évolution dans le temps du jugement du locuteur concernant une situation ('à mieux regarder', 'à y regarder de plus près', 'tout compte fait', 'tout bien considéré', .... L’étude de ces enchaînements, qui vont parfois au-delà du paragraphe, fait apparaître la capacité des trois locutions à initier un cadre (Charolles 1997, et à appeler un autre cadre dans lequel le jugement va être réévalué. En présentant le point de vue qu’elle introduit comme provisoire et en attente de confirmation, chacune de ces locutions anticipe ainsi sur la suite du texte, et s’inscrit dans une structure aspectuelle de dicto qui est celle d’un procès énonciatif de constitution d’un jugement stabilisé. Nous nous appuyons sur des énoncés attestés au XXème, sélectionnés sur "Frantext intégral", ou bien choisis dans Le Monde sur cederom (1995-96, 1999-2002.

  20. Glycemic index and glycemic load are associated with some cardiovascular risk factors among the PREMIER study participants

    Pao-Hwa Lin


    Full Text Available Background: The clinical significance of glycemic index (GI and glycemic load (GL is inconclusive. Objective : This study was conducted to examine the association of GI and GL with clinical cardiovascular disease (CVD risk factors including body weight, blood pressure (BP, serum lipids, fasting glucose, insulin and homocysteine over time among the PREMIER participants. Design: PREMIER was an 18-month randomized lifestyle intervention trial, conducted from 2000 to 2002, designed to help participants reduce BP by following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH dietary pattern, losing weight, reducing sodium and increasing physical activity. GI and GL were estimated from 24 h diet recall data at baseline, 6 and 18 months after intervention. PROC MIXED model was used to examine the association of changes in GI or GL with changes in CVD risk factors. Results: A total of 756 randomized participants, 62% females and 34% African Americans and who averaged 50.0±0.3 years old and 95.3±0.7 kg, were included in this report. Neither GI nor GL changes was associated with changes in any risk factors at 6 months. At 18 months, however, the GI change was significantly and positively associated with total cholesterol (TC change only (p<0.05, β = 23.80±12.11 mg/dL or 0.62±0.31 mmol/L with a significant age interaction. The GL change was significantly associated with TC (p=0.02, β = 0.28±0.15 mg/dL or 0.01±0.00 mmol/L positively and with low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C changes negatively (p=0.03, β = − 0.01±0.00 mg/dL or −0.00±0.00 mmol/L, and significant age interactions were observed for both. Conclusion: GI and GL was associated with TC and LDL-C after controlling for energy, fat and fiber intake and other potential confounders and the associations were modified by age. Further investigation into this relationship is important because of its potential clinical impact.

  1. Surveillance of Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Anthropometric Variables among Four International Cricket Teams Competed in ACC Premier League Malaysia 2014

    Srinivas Mondam, Rahul Shaik, Jalaj Jalaja Prakash, Jeffrey Low Fook, Sirisha Nekkanti


    Full Text Available Background and Purpose: Chronic musculoskeletal injuries are more common in cricket players. Acute problems may be due to trauma or injuries during sporting. The musculoskeletal system includes muscles, joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, fascia, nerves and other associated soft tissues. Whatever the mode of injury, it causes pain, movement restriction, muscle weakness, and ultimately loss of functions. Anthropometric variables of each player in cricket will also influence the occurrence of problems. The current study focused on identifying the most common site involved in musculoskeletal problems and to explore possible variations in anthropometric characteristics. Methodology: This study was conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where Asian Cricket Council Premier League 2014 was conducted. Permission to approach the players was taken from the council members and all the players were assured that the information collected from them will be kept confidential and all were explained about the objective study. Modified Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire was distributed to the players and instructions were given about how to fill the questionnaire. Their anthropometric characteristics, experience and time of training sessions were collected by a blinded assessor. Results: Player's height (p = 0.003, weight (p = 0.050, experience (p = 0.001 and practicing hours per week (0.002 were analyzed. There is a statistically significant difference in these characteristics was observed. Occurrence of acute troubles (within 7 days of upper back and elbow region were found different in four teams with a P value of 0.007 and 0.022 respectively. Persistence of neck, shoulder and lower back troubles in the last one year has a significant difference between the groups with a P value of 0.014, 0.003 and 0.021 respectively. Conclusion: This study can conclude that the prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries is more in cricket. Especially shoulder, neck, lower

  2. An Innovative Monograph: Comment on "A Study on Wen Yiduo" by Li Leping%一本具有新意的专著——评李乐平的《闻一多论稿》



    “A Study on Wen Yiduo”, is a monographic study on Wen Yiduo's Literary theory, poetry writing and his pursuit of poetic beauty. It has the following features: first, the study shows great concerned about the results of previous studies by focusing on the academic history so as to have informative feature; Second, the method of dialectical thinking is used based on existing research achievement to find new areas of cross-zone or edge discovering and studying new problems; Third, the disciplinary boundaries are broken up to explore ancient and modem contact from his ideological transformation. This monograph implements the spirit of innovation, making a valuable exploration concepts and methods of thought. On some issues, people's understanding of Wen Yiduo is deepened.%,就闻一多的文艺思想、新诗创作和诗美追求等方面进行了专题研究.其特色,一是关注前人研究成果,着力于学术史的清理,资料丰富;二是遵循辩证思维的方法,在现有研究成果的基础上寻找新的交叉地带或边缘领域,发现和研究新的问题;三是打通学科分界,从古今联系中探讨闻一多的思想转变.这本专著贯彻了创新精神,在思想观念和研究方法上做了可贵的探索,在一些问题上把人们对闻一多的认识深化了.

  3. Experience of SUN Wen-liang for treating diabetic foot ulcers with Xuanshen%孙文亮主任医师重用玄参治疗糖尿病足溃疡经验



    Diabetic foot ulcer is serious complications of diabetes. SUN Wen-liang uses Xuanshen to treat diabetic foot ulcers. Qingre Yangyin, Liangxue Jiedu, annealing and sterilizing. He often receives good effect.%糖尿病足溃疡是严重糖尿病并发症。孙文亮主任医师重用玄参清热养阴,凉血解毒,走血分以退瘀火,行经络来消痈毒,治疗糖尿病足溃疡往往收到良效。

  4. Give me refuge : transforming the most contaminated square mile on earth into a premier urban wildlife refuge

    Williams, L. [Environmental Protection Agency Region 8, Denver, CO (United States)


    The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) was a United States chemical weapons manufacturing center located in the Colorado, Denver area. This presentation described the transformation of this highly contaminated site into a premier urban wildlife refuge. It included background information on the RMA and described the manufacturing and disposal history, including munition storage, liquid waste disposal and an overview of groundwater contamination. Soil remedies were summarized with particular reference to the timeline of the reclamation; wildlife-remedy/refuge interaction; innovative technologies such as hex pits and a dioxin study; and nuisance odour projects. The RMA was described as a nationwide clean-up success as it was a winner of the 2007 revitalization award from the Environmental Protection Agency. The RMA was originally about 27 square miles in the greater Denver area, of which 1 square mile was transformed into the wildlife refuge. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process was demonstrated in chart format. The presentation concluded with a discussion of lessons learned, such as sharing a mutual goal, and assuming that a mutually acceptable solution is possible. tabs., figs.

  5. Estimation de la survie des alevins de carpe (C. carpio au cours de leur premier mois d'existence



    Full Text Available Des observations réalisées sur deux stations piscicoles de Madagascar, dans des étangs ne recevant ni engrais ni nourriture, révèlent qu'au cours de leur premier mois les alevins de carpe (C. carpio subissent des mortalités voi-sines de 50 %. Ces dernières sont encore plus élevées en début et en fin de saison de reproduction. Au début, les fortes mortalités sont dues à la température trop basse et aux disponibilités alimentaires insuffisantes ; en fin de saison de reproduction, la température trop élevée et la mauvaise qualité des œufs sont sans doute en cause. Une fumure adéquate des étangs de grossissement des alevins et une alimentation correcte des géniteurs permettront peut-être de diminuer ces mortalités.

  6. Incidence, nature, and pattern of injuries to referees in a premier football (soccer) league: a prospective study.

    Kordi, Ramin; Chitsaz, Alireza; Rostami, Mohsen; Mostafavi, Reza; Ghadimi, Mahmoodreza


    Despite the crucial role of referees in a soccer match, few researchers have targeted the injury profile of referees in their studies. Understanding the incidence, nature, and pattern of injuries could provide important information for educational and preventative efforts at the international level. The incidence rate and patterns of acute injuries to official referees of the Iranian Premier Football League during the 2009-2010 season are similar to those reported among referees in short-term international competitions such as FIFA World Cup. Prospective cohort study. Demographic data for 74 referees, including 30 main referees and 44 assistant referees, were collected at the beginning of the season. To record injuries and refereeing time, weekly contact was made by a physician. In total, 102 injuries were reported by referees during the football season. The incidence rates of injuries among referees during training and matches were 4.6 and 19.6 injuries per 1000 hours, respectively. Muscular and tendon injuries were found to be the most common type of injury, and the most common site of injury was the lower leg followed by the hip and groin. The results of this study are consistent with similar prospective studies evaluating injuries to referees over the course of a short-term tournament. These findings provide a base for suggesting possible preventive recommendations in future studies.

  7. 《说文解字》象形字初探%A Primary Study on Pictographic Characters in Shuo Wen Jie Zi



    《说文解字》自成书以来备受文字学家的推崇。对其研究也涉及各个方面。本文对其中象形字从构形、取象、说解方式三方面入手进行探讨。构形方面,象形字分为全体象形、部分象形、连体象形。取象方面,分属天文地理类、动物类、人体类、植物类、人工物类等。说解方式则有“象形”、“象某某之形”、“象某某”、“从某,象某某”、“从某,象某形”、“从某,象形”六种。在整个汉字构形体系中,象形字是其它类型汉字构形的基础。%Shuo Wen Jie Zi has been immensely rewarded and respected by philologists since its publication. The researches on this book involve various aspects. The current thesis attempts to probe into pictographic characters from the angles of formation, image-taking,and ways of explaining. From the perspective of form,pictographic characters are categorized into entire picto-graphs,partial pictographs and conjoined pictographs. On the aspect of image-taking,they respectively belong to type of as-tronomy and geography,animal,human body,plant,artificial objects and so forth. Besides,there are six ways of explaining pictographic characters,namely,“Pictograph”,“Like the shape of…”,“Like…”,“Like…according to…”,“Like the shape of…according to…”and“Pictograph,according to…”. Pictographic characters serve as the basis of forming of other sorts of Chinese characters in the whole system of Hanzi formation.

  8. 陆机《文赋》几个问题的理解%Comprehension of Some Issues of Wen Fu by Lu Ji

    卢盛江; 杨宝珠


    Wen Fu by Lu Ji discusses on the relationship among object, consciousness and writing and the preparation of literature creation. Yet some issues need more accurate understanding. For example,"object"refers to the nature objects with form but also refers to abstract meaning or social issues."Consciousness"refers to the conceptual consciousness and the intuitive consciousness. The discussion of the relationship among object, con-sciousness and writing based on the experience of creation as well as the differentiation to language and meaning in Metaphysics. For example,"Zhu zhong qu yi xuan lan"means to live in the universe with a mood of Taoist oblivi-on. "Qing qun yan zhi li ye" means to motivate all the artistic accomplishments."Fu si hai yu yi shun" means to have great artistic capacity."Xin qing mao zhi bu cha"means the structure and organization need to be consistent with the emotion, etc.%陆机《文赋》论物、意、文的关系,创作前的准备,有些问题需要更为准确理解。比如“物”,既指具形的自然之物,又指抽象事理社会事物。所谓“意”,既指构想之意,又指直觉感受之意。论物、意、言关系,来自创作经验,也与玄学言意之辨有关。比如“伫中区以玄览”,指以空明坐忘的体道心境处于天地寰宇之中,人世万物之间;“倾群言之沥液”,指调动所有的艺术修养;“抚四海于一瞬”,是说要有巨大的艺术容量;“信情貌之不差”,指谋篇布局的貌,要和需要表达的感情相一致,等等。

  9. Phonologie et morphosyntaxe de l’anglais dans un produit SIC : le premier module de MACAO Phonologie et morphosyntaxe de l’anglais dans un produit SIC : le premier module de MACAO

    Laurence Vincent-Durroux


    Full Text Available La préoccupation fréquente, chez les étudiants spécialistes d’autres disciplines que l’anglais, d’améliorer leur compréhension de l’anglais oral a motivé notre démarche de création d’un produit SIC (Systèmes d’Information et de Communication : MACAO (Modules d’Aide à la Compréhension de l’Anglais Oral. Le premier module, "S’entraîner à la reconnaissance", est réalisé et l’outil informatique s’est révélé particulièrement utile pour notre projet. Dans cet article, nous faisons état des difficultés récurrentes en compréhension de l’anglais oral : elles peuvent être dues à des attentes erronées fondées sur la dissymétrie entre la langue écrite et la langue orale, mais aussi à une reconnaissance difficile de certains morphèmes par l’existence de variantes phonologiques en fonction du contexte et par la proximité phonologique de certains morphèmes. Nous présentons également comment le contenu du premier module tente d’apporter des solutions à ces difficultés : en amenant les apprenants à prendre conscience du phénomène de réduction vocalique et d’inaccentuation qui touche certaines syllabes des mots aussi bien que certains éléments monosyllabiques de l’énoncé et en proposant un entraînement à la reconnaissance de ces éléments. Le module est en cours de validation avec une phase d’évaluation.French students who have English as part of their curriculum often express the wish to improve their comprehension of oral English. This led us to envisage the creation of a CALL product: MACAO (Modules to help in the comprehension of oral English. The first module has been created: "Training oneself for recognition". The computer was particularly adequate in this prospect. In this paper we present the most frequent difficulties in the comprehension of oral English: they can be related either to erroneous expectations based on the dissymmetry between the written form and the oral

  10. Evidence-based hamstring injury prevention is not adopted by the majority of Champions League or Norwegian Premier League football teams: The Nordic Hamstring survey

    Bahr, Roald; Thorborg, Kristian; Ekstrand, Jan


    Background: The Nordic hamstring (NH) exercise programme was introduced in 2001 and has been shown to reduce the risk of acute hamstring injuries in football by at least 50%. Despite this, the rate of hamstring injuries has not decreased over the past decade in male elite football. Aim: To examine the implementation of the NH exercise programme at the highest level of male football in Europe, the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and to compare this to the Norwegian Premier League, Tippeligaen...

  11. Gym tussen wens en werkelijkheid

    Borghouts, Lars B.


    Wat wensen wij te bereiken met de Lichamelijke Opvoeding, en welke effecten bereiken wij daad- werkelijk? Om duidelijk te maken aan politici, beleidsmakers en schooldirecties waarom het bewegingsonderwijs een belangrijke plaats ver- dient in het onderwijs, moet je dit scherp kunnen neerzetten. Een o

  12. Gym tussen wens en werkelijkheid

    dr. Lars B. Borghouts


    Wat wensen wij te bereiken met de Lichamelijke Opvoeding, en welke effecten bereiken wij daad- werkelijk? Om duidelijk te maken aan politici, beleidsmakers en schooldirecties waarom het bewegingsonderwijs een belangrijke plaats ver- dient in het onderwijs, moet je dit scherp kunnen neerzetten. Een o

  13. Clinical Experience of Professor Zhai Wen-sheng Treatment of Primary IgA Nephropathy%翟文生教授治疗免疫球蛋白A沉积性肾病(IgA nephropathy)的经验



    目的:总结翟文生教授治疗原发性免疫球蛋白A沉积性肾病(IgA nephropathy)临床经验.方法:探讨该病的病因病机,提出热、瘀、虚是IgA肾病病机、辨证论治的关键;重视清热解毒利咽、活血化瘀、扶正补虚在治疗中的作用.结果与结论:翟文生教授治疗Isa肾病的经验对临床有重要的指导意义.%Objective:To summarize the clinical experience of professor ZhaiWenSheng treatment of primary IgA nephropathy. Methods:To explore the causes and pathogenesis f the disease,proposed heat, blood stasis, virtual is pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy, syndrome differentiation and treatment key, Attention clearing heat and the pharynx, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, centralizer fill in the treatment of virtual function. Results and Conclusion: Professor ZhaiWenSheng treatment experience of clinical IgA nephropathy have important significance and deserves further study.

  14. 试论《文心雕龙》目录分类的思想内蕴%On the Ideological Implications in the Content Classification of“WenXinDiaoLong”



    刘勰的《文心雕龙》是中国古代文论中最优秀的作品之一,《文心雕龙》的目录分类体现了刘勰深受儒家、佛家思想的影响,其中儒家思想对其的影响大多体现于审美倾向和思想主题方面,佛家思想的影响则主要体现于全书的结构布局方面。%s:Liu Xie’s“Wen Xin Diao Long”occupies an important position in the history of Chinese liter⁃ature criticism. The content of“Wen Xin Diao Long”reflects that Liu Xie was deeply influenced by Confucian⁃ism and Buddhism. The influence of Confucianism mostly reflected his aesthetic tendencies and ideas and the influence of Buddhism mostly reflected his structural and layout.

  15. AIDS Research and Its Role in China's AIDS Prevention and Control Policies


    By the end of 2005, the estimated number of HIV infected people in China was 650,000. The seriousness of the epidemic calls for effective control measures to tackle the problems in order to avoid the tragedy in Africa from happening in China. "Prevention First" is the cornerstone of the country's health policy. On 2003 World AIDS Day, Premier Jiabao Wen announced a new national AIDS control policy, "Four Frees and One Care". This policy clearly shows that the Chinese government has once again taken full responsibility to solve public health problems and has profound impact far beyond the AIDS field. In early 2006, the central government put scientific and technology innovation as a national priority and set the target to build an innovative China by year 2020. Since then, the government has been increasing investment in science and technology with major emphasis on both infectious diseases control and new drug research and development. For the first time, development of 100 new drugs and control of major infectious diseases (AIDS, HBV, TB and other emerging infectious diseases) have been selected as national key scientific projects. China's best minds in related fields will be pooled to work together in order to remove the technical barriers blocking efficient control of the major infectious disease in China. Knowledge on molecular epidemiology, immunology, pathogenesis, HAART, as well as HIVDR strains will certainly provide urgently needed scientific information for China's AIDS control program. Only evidence-based strategy from good research will provide long-term effective control of AIDS.

  16. Strategic Engagement


    “Pakistan regards China as a strategic partner and the bilateral ties have endured the test of time.”Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz made the comment during his four-day official visit to China on April 16 when he met Chinese President Hu Jintao,Premier Wen Jiabao and the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo.His visit to China also included a trip to Boao,where he delivered a keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia held on April 20-22. During his stay in Beijing,the two countries signed 13 agreements on cooperation in the fields of space,telecommunications,education and legal assistance,which enhanced an already close strategic partnership. In an interview with Beijing Review reporter Pan Shuangqin,Prime Minister Aziz addressed a number of issues ranging from Asia’s searching for a win-win economic situation to the influence of Sino-Pakistani relations on regional peace.

  17. HIV/AIDS epidemiology and prevention in China

    SHENG Lei; CAO Wu-kui


    Objective To review HIV/AIDS epidemic history,current situation and prevention policy in China.Data sources Information included in this article was identified by searching PUBMED(1997-2006)online resources using the key terms"HIV/AIDS","epidemic","prevention",and"China".Study selection Original milestone articles and critical reviews written by major pioneer investigators of the field were selected.Results The key issues related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic situation in China and Chinese government prevention policy were summarized.HIV/AIDS epidemic groups and trends for HIV transmission were discussed.Conclusion In January 2006,650 000 people were estimated to be living with HIV in China.The overall HIV/AIDS epidemic is at a low level(0.05%)and concentrated in several at risk populations.However,the data show that new cases of HIV infection are growing every year and spreading from at risk populations to the general population.Premier WEN Jia-bao announced the"Four frees and one care"policy and the Chinese government has developed a series of programs with strong policy measures to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in China.

  18. Generous Start-Up Should Be in Our Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry--Discuss liquid ammonia direct fertilization could become a new bright spot in the nitrogen fertilizer industry%再论我国氮肥工业应该启动大手笔--探讨液氨直接施肥能否成为我国氮肥工业发展的新亮点

    伍宏业; 李志坚; 马明燕


    Former vice minister Pan liansheng led w riting the report the proposals of vigorously promoting the liquid nitrogen fertilizer to save energy and improve fertilizer efficiency " which was then received the instruction of Premier WEN Jiabao . Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp . edited and published liquid nitrogen fertilizer briefing" . This paper also describes the promoting work of liquid ammonia direct fertilization and some consensus . The official report to the agriculture ministry is being prepared .%介绍自温家宝总理对原潘连生副部长领衔的《大力推广使用液体氮肥以节约能源和提高化肥利用率的建议》的报告作了批示以来,寰球工程公司编辑出版《液体氮肥简报》的情况,对推动我国液氨直接施肥所做工作以及取得的一些共识,并准备向农业部的正式汇报等。

  19. Case study: Muscle atrophy and hypertrophy in a premier league soccer player during rehabilitation from ACL injury.

    Milsom, Jordan; Barreira, Paulo; Burgess, Darren J; Iqbal, Zafar; Morton, James P


    The onset of injury and subsequent period of immobilization and disuse present major challenges to maintenance of skeletal muscle mass and function. Although the characteristics of immobilization-induced muscle atrophy are well documented in laboratory studies, comparable data from elite athletes in free-living conditions are not readily available. We present a 6-month case-study account from a professional soccer player of the English Premier League characterizing rates of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy (as assessed by DXA) during immobilization and rehabilitation after ACL injury. During 8 weeks of inactivity and immobilization, where the athlete adhered to a low carbohydrate-high protein diet, total body mass decreased by 5 kg attributable to 5.8 kg loss and 0.8 kg gain in lean and fat mass, respectively. Changes in whole-body lean mass was attributable to comparable relative decreases in the trunk (12%, 3.8 kg) and immobilized limb (13%, 1.4 kg) whereas the nonimmobilized limb exhibited smaller declines (7%, 0.8 kg). In Weeks 8 to 24, the athlete adhered to a moderate carbohydrate-high protein diet combined with structured resistance and field based training for both the lower and upper-body that resulted in whole-body muscle hypertrophy (varying from 0.5 to 1 kg per week). Regional hypertrophy was particularly pronounced in the trunk and nonimmobilized limb during weeks 8 to 12 (2.6 kg) and 13 to 16 (1.3 kg), respectively, whereas the previously immobilized limb exhibited slower but progressive increases in lean mass from Week 12 to 24 (1.2 kg). The athlete presented after the totality of the injured period with an improved anthropometrical and physical profile.

  20. Continuations intra- et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux

    Bartkova Katarina


    Full Text Available Continuations intra et interphrastiques du français : premiers résultats expérimentaux Cet article rend compte d’un certain nombre d’observations pour l’étude des continuations mineures et majeures en français. Ces observations ont été obtenues dans le cadre d’un projet en cours sur les patrons prosodiques non-conclusifs en français et en anglais. Ici, Nous discutons plus particulièrement les variations de pente concernant deux types de configurations continuatives : (i le segment final d’un SN sujet dans une phrase simple déclarative, suivie ou non d’une autre phrase, (ii le segment final de X dans une suite complexe de type XY où X et Y sont des phrases simples reliées par une relation de discours, marquée ou non par une conjonction. A l’issu d’un protocole expérimental contrastant huit configurations proposées à trente deux sujets, nous avons relevé les valeurs de F0 toutes les 10 ms sur les segments finaux du SN et de X. En calculant le coefficient de la droite de régression correspondant à ce segment, nous avons contrasté les différentes configurations. Les résultats vont dans le sens de l’existence deux types de continuation, conformément à une intuition répandue dans la littérature, mais montrent aussi que leur différence doit se décrire à l’aide paramètres plus complexes que ce qui est généralement proposé.

  1. Adalimumab reduces hand bone loss in rheumatoid arthritis independent of clinical response: Subanalysis of the PREMIER study

    Elden Aake


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Anti-TNF therapy has been shown to reduce radiographic joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis (RA independent of clinical response. This has previously not been examined for periarticular bone loss, the other characteristic feature of bone involvement in RA. The objective of this study was to examine if treatment with the TNF-α inhibitor adalimumab also could reduce periarticular bone loss in RA patients independent of disease activity. Methods RA patients were recruited from the PREMIER study and included 214 patients treated with methotrexate (MTX plus adalimumab and 188 patients treated with MTX monotherapy. Periarticular bone loss was assessed by digital X-ray radiogrammetry metacarpal cortical index (DXR-MCI. Change in DXR-MCI was evaluated in patients with different levels of clinical response, as assessed by changes in DAS28 score at 52 weeks and in mean C-reactive protein (CRP levels during follow-up. Results In the MTX group, there was a greater median DXR-MCI loss among patients with moderate and high disease activity compared to those in remission or with low disease activity (-3.3% vs. -2.2%, p = 0.01. In contrast, periarticular bone loss was independent of disease activity (-1.9% vs. -2.4%, p = 0.99 in the combination group. In the MTX group patients with a mean CRP of ≥ 10 mg/l lost significantly more DXR-MCI than patients with low CRP (-3.1% vs. -1.9%, p Conclusion Adalimumab in combination with MTX reduces periarticular bone loss independently of clinical response. These results support the hypothesis that TNF-α stimulates the osteoclast not only by the inflammatory pathway but do also have a direct effect on the osteoclast. Trial Registration ClinicalTrials (NCT: NCT001195663

  2. Le premier partenariat public-privé pour l’irrigation au Maroc : durable pour tous ?

    Houdret Annabelle


    Full Text Available Les partenariats public-privé (PPP sont un phénomène relativement récent dans le secteur de l’irrigation ; le projet El Guerdane au Maroc est ainsi le premier de son genre. Inauguré en 2008, le projet alimente en eau 10 000 ha de plantations d’agrumes. Les banques internationales de développement le présentent comme un succès, mais l’impact sur le développement local est, au mieux, mitigé. Alors que certains agriculteurs ont bénéficié de cette initiative, d’autres ont été marginalisés, en termes d’accès à l’eau, aux terres fertiles et au développement. Fondé sur des recherches de terrain extensives conduites entre 2005 et 2013, l’article révèle trois problèmes cruciaux du projet PPP : des effets souvent négatifs sur les revenus des acteurs et sur le développement ; un partage inégal des coûts, des bénéfices et des risques entre les secteurs public et privé ; un impact environnemental incertain. Sur la base de ces résultats, l’étude situe le projet dans le contexte plus large de l’évolution des rapports de force politico-économiques au Maroc.

  3. Anti-hypertensive medicines prescribing for medical outpatients in a premier teaching hospital in Nigeria: a probable shift of paradigm.

    Eshiet, Unyime I; Yusuff, Kazeem B


    Previous studies of anti-hypertensive medicines utilization pattern in Nigeria showed that Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) were often the least prescribed. However, the appropriate use of ACEIs in the black population achieves good blood pressure control and provides additional long term cardio- and renovascular protection benefits. To assess the current utilization pattern of antihypertensive medicines with specific emphasis on identifying possible shift in the frequency of use of ACEIs. A prospective cross-sectional assessment of the current utilization pattern of anti-hypertensive medicines was conducted among 300 randomly selected cohort at a 900-bed premier Teaching Hospital located in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria. The current utilization pattern was compared with the results of a study conducted at the same site and published 10 years ago. Of the 300 random cohorts, a majority (79%) were females (237) with mean age 58.7 years (SD=2.81 years. Stage 2 hypertension was the most frequent diagnosis (54.3%). The utilization of ACEIs and long acting CCB (amlodipine) significantly increased from 8.6% and 21% (Ten years ago) to 29.93% and 36.68% respectively (p ACEIs were documented in 1.5% (3), while laboratory monitoring of serum potassium, urea and creatinine was conducted in only 37% (111) of cohort. Potentially harmful drug-drug interactions were identified in 25% (75) of cohorts, and the most frequent were ACEIs + NSAIDs (53.3%), ACEIs + amiloride / hydrochlorothiazide (22.6%). Anti-hypertensive medicines utilization has significantly shifted towards the increased use of ACEIs and long acting dihydropyridine CCBs. The use of thiazides and methyldopa has declined significantly. Physicians appeared more cognizant of the long term cardio- and renovascular benefits inherent in using ACEIs in a high cardiovascular risk group such as black hypertensive.

  4. Examining the External Training Load of an English Premier League Football Team With Special Reference to Acceleration.

    Akenhead, Richard; Harley, Jamie A; Tweddle, Simon P


    Akenhead, R, Harley, J, and Tweddle, S. Examining the external training load of an English Premier League football team with special reference to acceleration. J Strength Cond Res 30(9): 2424-2432, 2016-Practitioners and coaches often use external training load variables such as distance run and the number of high-speed running (HSR) activities to quantify football training. However, an important component of the external load may be overlooked when acceleration activities are not considered. The aim of this study was to describe the within-microcycle distribution of external load, including acceleration, during in-season 1-game weeks in an elite football team. Global Positioning System technology was used to collect time-motion data from 12 representative 7-day microcycles across a competitive season (48 training days, 295 data sets). Training time, total distance (TD), high-speed running (HSR) distance (>5.8 m·s), sprint running distance (>6.7 m·s) and acceleration variables were recorded during each training session. Data were analysed for interday and interposition differences using mixed linear modeling. The distribution of external load was characterized by the second training day of the microcycle (5 days prematch) exhibiting the highest values for all variables of training load, with the fourth day (1 day prematch) exhibiting the lowest values. Central midfield players covered ∼8-16% greater TD than other positions excluding wide midfielders (p ≤ 0.03, d = 0.2-0.4) and covered ∼17% greater distance accelerating 1-2 m·s than central defenders (p = 0.03, d = 0.7). When expressed relative to training duration and TD, the magnitude of interday and interposition differences were markedly reduced (p = 0.03, d = 0.2-0.3). When managing the distribution of training load, practitioners should be aware of the intensity of training sessions and consider the density of external load within sessions.

  5. L’éthique japonaise comme modèle dans l’entreprise taiwanaise. Le cas de Hsu Wen-lung et la compagnie Chimei Japanese Ethics as a Model in Taiwanese Companies: The Case of Hsu Wen-lung and the Chimei Corporation

    Yū Yamada


    Full Text Available Fondateur de l’entreprise taiwanaise Chimei, Hsu Wen-lung est une personnalité incontournable à Taiwan dans les domaines de la technologie de pointe, du mécénat et de la politique. Issu d’une famille modeste, il met en place en quelques années et à partir de peu de moyens un empire industriel et financier, tout en tranchant nettement avec ses concurrents en ce qui concerne la gestion de l’entreprise et ses activités externes. En effet, on peut remarquer, tant dans le management de Chimei, les activités de mécène des arts et de la musique que dans ses ouvrages, discours officiels et privés, que Hsu voue une admiration profonde au Japon et à certaines personnalités japonaises qui ont œuvré au développement de Taiwan durant la période d’annexion de l’île par le Japon, de 1895 à 1945. Après avoir retracé les grandes lignes de l’histoire de Hsu et de Chimei, on s’attellera à expliquer d’une part la représentation du Japon et de la période japonaise chez Hsu, et, d’autre part, l’influence japonaise – notamment celle de l’éthique du bushidō – dans l’organisation de son entreprise et ses activités de mécénat.Founder of Taiwanese-based Chimei company, Hsu Wen-lung is an eminent figure in Taiwan, especially in high technology, patronage and political fields. Even if he was not very well off in the beginning, he eventually set up a financial and industrial empire, while differing greatly from his rivals because of the peculiar way of managing Chimei. Apart from the factory, Hsu decided to invest into patronage of arts, hospitals, environmental and educational programs. In his actions, the books he wrote, in official and private declarations as well, Hsu repeatedly manifests that he feels a profound admiration for Japan and for some well-known Japanese who tended to develop Taiwan during Japanese Rule (1895-1945. In this paper we begin with a presentation of Hsu and Chimei, then we explain what

  6. Development and Application of Testing Platform in Wen 96 Reservoir%测试平台在文96储气库注采井的研制与应用

    邢庆刚; 蔡继文; 付祥; 毛瑞丽; 邢庆芳


    随着文96储气库注采井的投产运行,优质、高效、安全地做好文96储气库注采井的动态监测工作是十分重要的。由于储气库井属高压注采井采气树选用压力等级为35MPa以上的井口装置,距地面高度达到3m以上,井口操作人员站在注采井单侧阀上活动空间狭小,而且还得举升安装拆卸几十斤重的井口防喷装置及仪器、配重组合,稍有不慎便有人员高空坠落的危险,存在较大的安全隐患,且工作效率过低,结合文96储气库监测现状,围绕储气库发展需求,研制了适用于文96储气库注采井测试的井口操作平台,应用到现场,取得了显著的效果。%It is very important to carry out the dynamic monitoring of injection-production wells in Wen 96 gas storage reservoir with the operation of gas injection and production wells of Wen 96 gas reservoir,which is of high quality,high efficiency and safety.As the gas storage wells are high-pressure injection wells,gas-harvesting trees use pressure level 35MPa or more wellhead device,from the ground height of 3 meters above the wellhead operator standing on the side of the injection-production wells on the narrow space, but also Lifting installation and disassembly of several tens of pounds of the wellhead blowout prevention equipment and equipment, weight combination,there is a slight risk of accidentally falling height,there is a high security risk,and the work efficiency is too low, combined with text 96 gas A wellhead operation platform suitable for the test of gas injection and production wells in Wen 96 gas storage was developed and applied to the site,and remarkable results were achieved.

  7. Anti-hypertensive medicines prescribing for medical outpatients in a premier teaching hospital in Nigeria: a probable shift of paradigm

    Eshiet UI


    Full Text Available Background: Previous studies of anti-hypertensive medicines utilization pattern in Nigeria showed that Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs were often the least prescribed. However, the appropriate use of ACEIs in the black population achieves good blood pressure control and provides additional long term cardio- and renovascular protection benefits. Objective: To assess the current utilization pattern of anti-hypertensive medicines with specific emphasis on identifying possible shift in the frequency of use of ACEIs. Methods: A prospective cross-sectional assessment of the current utilization pattern of anti-hypertensive medicines was conducted among 300 randomly selected cohort at a 900-bed premier Teaching Hospital located in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria. The current utilization pattern was compared with the results of a study conducted at the same site and published 10 years ago. Results: Of the 300 random cohorts, a majority (79% were females (237 with mean age 58.7 years (SD=2.81 years. Stage 2 hypertension was the most frequent diagnosis (54.3%. The utilization of ACEIs and long acting CCB (amlodipine significantly increased from 8.6% and 21% (Ten years ago to 29.93% and 36.68% respectively (p ˂ 0.0001. The use of thiazide diuretic and methyldopa declined significantly from 39.4% and 23.3% (Ten years ago to 16.12% and 9.7% respectively (p ˂ 0.0001. Adverse drug reactions due to ACEIs were documented in 1.5% (3, while laboratory monitoring of serum potassium, urea and creatinine was conducted in only 37% (111 of cohort. Potentially harmful drug-drug interactions were identified in 25% (75 of cohorts, and the most frequent were ACEIs + NSAIDs (53.3%, ACEIs + amiloride / hydrochlorothiazide (22.6%. Conclusions: Anti-hypertensive medicines utilization has significantly shifted towards the increased use of ACEIs and long acting dihydropyridine CCBs. The use of thiazides and methyldopa has declined significantly. Physicians appeared

  8. Del Parque de la Sabiduría del emperador Wen-Wang a la conservación de la biodiversidad en los jardines zoológicos

    Morrone, Juan José


    Mil años antes de nuestra era, el emperador chino Wen-Wang hizo construir un “parque de la sabiduría”, donde en una extensión de 900 acres exhibía rinocerontes, tigres, ciervos, antílopes, aves y serpientes. Dos mil trescientos años más tarde, el emperador mogol Kublai-Khan continuó con la tradición de construir jardines zoológicos. Marco Polo, el viajero veneciano que habría de “descubrir” el Imperio Chino para los occidentales, estudió las especies animales del jardín zoológico que el Khan ...

  9. Professor Liu Shu-hua′s Experience on Clinical Application of WenDanTang%刘树华教授临床运用温胆汤举验



    Professor Liu Shu-hua applied modified WenDanTang to insomnia, vertigo, depression, epilepsia and other diseases with the method of different diseases and same therapy under the theory of syndrome differentiation and treatment, which was proved to be effective. Treatment experience of the cases were recorded and tested.%刘树华教授在辨证论治理论的指导下,运用异病同治的方法,采用温胆汤加减治疗不寐、眩晕、郁证、癫痫等疾病,取得了很好的疗效,谨录临床验案以资验证.

  10. 论沈从文乡土小说中的民族国家想象%On the nation-state imagination of Shen Cong-wen's local novels



    Shen Cong-wen's the imagination of the nation-state adopted a more latent imagination and narrative method, that is, through the glorification of the ideal life form of Xiangxi expressed a poetic metaphor for China's image. Shen Cong-wen took on Xiangxi World’s ideal form through his local novels, and publicized a sound and meaningful environment and existence for the nation's future and as a way to treat the ills of modern civilization, renewed enthusiasm for the nation to achieve the purpose of the national re-created, and on this basis, established a modern nation-state.%沈从文对民族国家的想象采取的是比较潜隐的想象和叙事方式,即以诗化之笔通过颂扬具有理想人生形式的湘西世界来隐喻一个诗意的中国形象。沈从文通过乡土小说将故乡——湘西世界的理想形态呈现出来,并在小说中呼唤张扬着一种健全的、于国家民族前途有意义的生存环境与存在方式,以此来救治现代文明的弊端,重新燃起民族的热情,达到民族重造的目的,并在此基础上建立现代民族国家。

  11. 湘西的斑斓印迹--沈从文笔下的苗族服饰民俗%The Gorgeous Imprinting in Western Hunan--- in Shen Ts'ung - wen's Works Describing the Miao Nationality Costume



    湘西题材小说作为沈从文创作生涯中的重要组成部分,在20、30年代普遍批判乡土世界的落后与衰败的浪潮中,反其道而行,为大家描述了遥远的湘西世界的自然风土民俗,苗族服饰以其极具自然美和装饰美的特征,为湘西世界披上了斑斓外衣。论文拟对沈从文湘西题材小说中的苗族服饰描写进行探究,分析其背后的民俗文化内涵。%As an important component of Shen Ts'ung -wen's writing career ,novels based on West Xiang's theme do the exact opposite and describe the natural customs of the remote Xiangxi world for us during the tide of criticizing widely the backwardness and feebleness of native countryside in the 1920s and 1930s .With the characteristics of extremely natural beauty and decorative beauty ,the Miao nationality's costume put on the gorgeous cloak for the Xiangxi world .The author of this paper intends to conduct studies on the portrait on the Miao's nationality costume in Shen Ts'ung -wen's works and analyses the cultural connotation of folk customs after these works .

  12. 《文讯》杂志的文学传播实践与学科理论建设%On the Literature Spread Practice of Wen Xun Magazine and the Theoretical Disciplines Construction



    The spread of literature magazine and the literature production have the same origin and essence. Wen Xun is the one of the most important literature plane media, which has 30 years history of writing Taiwan literature and is an outstanding maga- zine in literary world. Through the process from party management to civilian-run, from providing to completely marketization, Wen Xun accumulates the practical experiences and creates new model. From theory to strategy, it constructs literature spread discipline and adds symbolic capital and good reputation, and build up a good image of Taiwan literature, which is the constructor of the history of Taiwan literature and spread model.%文学杂志的传播与文学生产同源同质。《文讯》是台湾当代最重要的文学平面媒体之一,办刊30年为台湾文学写史.堪称文坛翘楚。《文讯》历经党营到民办、供养到完全市场化的经营过程,在营销策略、传播机制上积累实践经验.创设运动范式;从理论到战略努力建构文学传播学科,增值象征资本和美誉度,型塑了台湾文坛良好形象.是台湾文学传播史的亲历者、传播范式的创建者。

  13. Influence of Low Temperature Enzyme Maceration Techniques on Volatile Compounds of Semi-dry Wine Made with cv. Premier of Rabbiteye Blueberries (Vaccinium ashei

    Xueling Gao


    Full Text Available A low temperature enzyme maceration treatment was conducted during fermentation process of semi-dry cv. Premier blueberry wine. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of maceration conditions on the wine aroma. As a pre-treatment, blueberry must was divided into 6 samples which were respectively treated by pectinase with 6 different maceration conditions at 6°C 1day, 6°C 2 days, 6°C 3 days, 16°C 1 day, 16°C 2 days and 16°C 3 days. After that wines were obtained by fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Volatile compounds of wines were analyzed by GC-MS. Overall, the typical aroma compounds of semi-dry cv. Premier wines were constituted by three groups of organic compounds including esters, alcohols and fatty acids. Isoamyl acetate, ethyl caprylate, ethyl decanoate, 2-phenethanol and 3-methylbutanoic acid, which occupied 60% of the typical volatile aromatic compounds, all had higher Odor Activity Values (OAVs in 6°C 3 days than other conditions. Maceration temperature and time had a significant effect on concentration and varieties of wines aroma substances. The results presented will help to better understand the aroma winemaking potential of this variety.

  14. Reevaluation of the Premier Clostridium difficile toxin A and B immunoassay with comparison to glutamate dehydrogenase common antigen testing evaluating Bartels cytotoxin and Prodesse ProGastro Cd polymerase chain reaction as confirmatory procedures.

    Doing, Kirk M; Hintz, Marilyn S; Keefe, Calvin; Horne, Sarah; LeVasseur, Shelby; Kulikowski, Martha L


    Enzyme immunoassays are currently the most common tests used in the clinical laboratory for the detection of Clostridium difficile toxins; however, significant problems with their performance have recently been described. We prospectively reevaluated the Meridian Premier C. difficile toxin A/B assay with direct comparison to a 2-step algorithm that screened for C. difficile common antigen and compared cytotoxin and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as confirmatory procedures. The Premier assay lacked sufficient sensitivity, missing 25% of true-positive samples. PCR was the most sensitive method and the only procedure that allowed same day testing and reporting.

  15. Clinical Observation on Treatment of 80 Cases with Rapid Arrhythmia by JiLian WenXin Tang%己连稳心汤治疗快速心律失常80例疗效观察

    段乃荣; 刘召


    Objective:To observe the clinical efficacy and functional mechanism of JiLian WenXin Tang in treating rapid arrhythmia. Methods:All 150 cases were randomly assigned into 80 cases of treatment group and 70 cases of control group. The treatment group was given JiLian WenXin Tang, one dose a day, the control group was administered Betaloc, 25mg for twice a day. The clinical effects, the changes of subjective symptoms, heart rates and rhythms in patients of the two groups were observed and compared after continual four-week treatment. Results:The total efficiency rate of the treatment group was 96.25%, while that of the control group was 82.86%, the difference between the two groups had statistical meaning (P<0.05). The subjective symptoms of two groups after treatment improved significantly in the comparison of those symptoms before treatment and the improvement of treatment group was better than that of control group (P<0.05);The heart rates and rhythms of two groups had significant im-provement after treatment and the differences between them had marked significance (P<0.05). Results: JiLian WenXin Tang can raise the supply of myocardial oxygen, improve the conducting function and removing blood sta-sis, make the membrane voltage of myocardial cells stable, reduce the self-discipline of myocardial cells, extend the action potential duration and effective refractory period, eliminate the turn-back impulse, reduce the parallel shrink-age, inhibit the secondary touches as well as effectively treat the rapid arrhythmia.%目的:探讨己连稳心汤治疗快速心律失常的临床疗效及作用机制。方法:将快速心律失常患者150例随机分为治疗组80例和对照组70例,治疗组患者予己连稳心汤,1剂/d,对照组予倍他乐克,25 mg/d,分2次服。两组均连续治疗4周后观察患者临床效果及主观症状、心率、心律的变化情况。结果:治疗组总有效率为96.25%,对照组为82.86%,2组比

  16. Technical and tactical training team «Helios» Kharkiv in the first round of 23 Ukrainian football championship in the premier league 2013–2014

    Rebaz Sleman


    Full Text Available Purpose: to define the characteristics of the model command of technical and tactical training team participating in the Ukrainian Premier League First League. Material and Methods: the research was conducted using the method of peer review. The experts were involved 5 specialists football. Results: the mean values for the analyzed variables in 10 games. The various technical and tactical actions and their percentage in the overall structure of the game team statistics for 20 games, as well as some indicators of team play "Helios" Kharkov. Conclusions: the obtained quantitative and qualitative indicators (coefficient of marriage as a team on the technical and tactical actions, as well as separately for each technical and tactical reception. The performances allow you to make adjustments to the training process this command to improve sportsmanship.

  17. 用Premiere软件为MTV视频添加卡拉OK字幕的方法%Methods to add Karaoke caption for MTV video using software Premiere



    提出了在Premiere中为MTV视频添加卡拉OK字幕的两种制作途径。一是直接在Premiere中制作卡拉OK字幕,在Premiere中制作又可分为重叠字幕做法、轨道蒙版键做法、彩色蒙版做法三种方法。二是结合制作卡拉OK字幕的第三方插件来制作。%There are two approaches in adding Karaoke caption for MTV video using software Premiere. One is directly to do karaoke caption in the software, withal which includes superposition caption, typewriting by keyboard on the orbital masks, and color masks; another one is that Karaoke caption is added by third party plug-in which has an ability to do Karaoke caption.

  18. Données récentes sur les habitats ruraux du premier âge du Fer en Centre-Ouest

    Maitay, Christophe


    Cette contribution propose de faire le point sur les modalités d’occupation des campagnes du centre-ouest de la France entre le IXe et le IVe s. av. J.‑C. Le développement de l’archéologie préventive permet depuis quelques années de préciser la question de l’occupation des campagnes au cours de la première moitié du premier millénaire avant notre ère. La multiplication des opérations et l’opportunité d’intervenir sur de grandes surfaces favorisent aujourd’hui les possibilités de saisir non se...

  19. Quantification of training load during one-, two- and three-game week schedules in professional soccer players from the English Premier League: implications for carbohydrate periodisation.

    Anderson, Liam; Orme, Patrick; Di Michele, Rocco; Close, Graeme L; Morgans, Ryland; Drust, Barry; Morton, James P


    Muscle glycogen is the predominant energy source for soccer match play, though its importance for soccer training (where lower loads are observed) is not well known. In an attempt to better inform carbohydrate (CHO) guidelines, we quantified training load in English Premier League soccer players (n = 12) during a one-, two- and three-game week schedule (weekly training frequency was four, four and two, respectively). In a one-game week, training load was progressively reduced (P 14.4 km · h(-1) (14%, 18% and 23% in the one-, two- and three-game weeks, respectively). Considering that high CHO availability improves physical match performance but high CHO availability attenuates molecular pathways regulating training adaptation (especially considering the low daily customary loads reported here, e.g., 3-5 km per day), we suggest daily CHO intake should be periodised according to weekly training and match schedules.

  20. 闻一多对唐诗的民族文化特色的认识%Wen Yiduo’s Perception of the National Cultural Features of Tang Poetry



    Among all the researchers of Tang poetry ,Wen Yiduo is the one who not only utilized western academic methods and cultural ideas ,but also laid great emphasis on exploring the national cultural features of Tang poetry . Based on his studies ,Wen concluded the national cultural features as :“the poetic Tang” ,the consistency of the poetic style and the poet’s personality ,poetry’s contribution to readers’ temperament ,regulated verses being the best style that embodies the features of Chinese poetry .There’s a cause and effect link between his perception of the national cultural features of Tang poetry and his nationalistic standpoint .His studies on Tang poetry also shed great light on our present-day Tang poetry studies :We should ,on the one hand ,actively accept and absorb the outstanding research product of other nations ,and ,on the other hand ,establish an academic research system of national characters based on our national culture .%在现代唐诗研究大家中,闻一多是一位既注重借鉴西方的学术方法和文化观念,又注重挖掘唐诗的民族文化特征的学者。通过研究,闻一多提出“诗唐”、诗人人格与诗的风格统一、诗具有怡情养性功能、律诗是最能体现中国诗歌特点的诗歌体裁等唐诗的民族文化特征。闻一多对唐诗民族文化特征的认识与其思想上的民族主义文化立场有因果关系。他的唐诗研究也给予我们当代的唐诗研究以深刻的启示:我们既要勇于接受和积极吸收其他民族优秀的研究成果和方法,又要立足于本民族文化的根基,建立具有民族特色的学术研究体系。

  1. 不同类型斑竹林结构特征的研究%Studies on Structure Characteristics of Different Types of Ph.reticulata CV.Lacrima-deae Keng et Wen

    徐振国; 郭起荣; 冯云; 黄大勇; 李立杰; 孙立方; 王青


    The investigation results of Ph. reticulata CV. Lacrima - deae Keng et Wen show that: there are significant differences in six structure factors such as diameter at breast height,plant height, under branch height, culm weight, uniformity and evenness in different types of Phyllostachys bambasaides f. lacrinla-deae Keng f. et Wen. Whereas the differences in Stand density and bamboo wall thickness factor are not significant. Therefore, the excellent stand structure standard is " density 11 000 plants/hm2, diameter at breast height 5 cm, plant height llm, under branch height 4 m, and culm weight 8 kg, and uniform forest appearance". The correlations among the factors of diameter at breast height, ground diameter, plant height, under branch height,leaf weight and full weight are remarkable. The principal components of stand structure include plant height,under branch height,full weight, culm weight and evenness, the contribution rate is 69.6%.%对斑竹林的调查结果表明:不同林分类型斑竹林的胸径、株高、枝下高、秆重、整齐度、均匀度6个结构因子差异显著,立竹密度、壁厚因子差异不显著;提出优良林分“密度11000株/hm2、胸径5 cm、株高11m、枝下高4 m、秆重8 kg,林相整齐、均匀”的结构标准;立竹胸径、地径、株高、枝下高、秆重因子间相关显著;株高、枝下高、胸径、全重、秆重和均匀度是林分结构的主成分,贡献率69.6%.

  2. See you at the match: Motivation for sport consumption and intrinsic psychological reward of premier football league spectators in South Africa

    Frederick W. Stander


    Full Text Available Orientation: Local football contributes significantly to the social- and economic welfare of South Africa through its spectators. Understanding the motives and experiences of football spectators could provide opportunities for capitalising on football as revenue stream feeding the South African economy. Research purpose: To investigate how motives for sport consumption predict intrinsic psychological reward of South African premier league football spectators. Motivation for the study: Sport - particularly football - is an untapped resource for stimulating economic development and growth through its consumers. Spectators, who often experience their investment in the sport as deeply rewarding and meaningful, should participate more frequently in purchasing products or services associated with the sport. Through understanding the motives for sport consumption of South African premier league football spectators and the impact of these motives on intrinsic psychological reward experiences, football clubs are able to provide a targeted experience or service to spectators in order to further stimulate economic growth. Research design, approach and method: A census sample of 806 football spectators attending various matches at a football stadium in Soweto was drawn. A cross-sectional research design was implemented. This research was exploratory and descriptive. Structural equation modelling was implemented to assess the factor structures of the constructs, to confirm composite reliability of the measures and to assess the structural paths between the variables. Main findings: A predictive model for intrinsic psychological rewards (life satisfaction and meaning through the motivation for sport consumption (individual – and game related factors was confirmed. It was further established that motivation for sport consumption is significantly positively a related to and b associated with the experience of intrinsic psychological reward by South African

  3. 同济大学文远楼建设与改造设计的现代建筑思想研究%Analysis on Modern Design Philosophy in Renovation Project of Wen Yuan Building(Tongji University)



    A longitudinal/lengthwise analysis of modern design philosophy for building/renovating Wen Yuan building has been made from the perspective of form, content and concept. While the modern design movement has been revolutionary and impressive in western countries for over half a century, it was stagnant and neutral through the complex building cultural context of different times in china.%从形式、内容、观念等多视角对同济大学文远楼建设及改造设计中的现代建筑思想进行横向与纵向的比较分析,探讨了逾半个世纪以来,与西方国家振聋发聩的现代主义建筑运动不同,现代建筑思想在中国不同时代复杂的建筑文化语境下一直保持一种胶滞的“中用状态”存在方式.

  4. 周文泉运用当归六黄汤治疗多汗证经验%Experience of ZHOU Wen-quan in treating hyperhidrosis by using Danggui Liuhuang Tang

    张晋; 辛莉


    周文泉教授是第4批全国老中医药专家学术继承指导老师,从医40余年,对老年病治验颇丰,尤其在遣方用药方面,独具匠心,辨析周师活用当归六黄汤治疗多汗证,灵活运用泻火、固表、滋阴3方面药物,将主治阴虚盗汗名方,广泛应用于暑湿、气虚多汗证,取得了较好的疗效.%Professor ZHOU Wen-quan is famous veteran expert in TCM. He has plenty of experience and notable curative effect in treating senile diseases, especially in distinctively using formulas and Chinese herbal medicine. This article analysis how professor ZHOU to use Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang in treating hyperhidrosis, which not only in yin-deficiency syndrome night sweat as usual, but also in summer-heat and dampness syndrome sweet, qi-deficiency syndrome spontaneous sweat and the efficiency is good.

  5. The comprehensive pipe gallery design of Wenli avenue extension line in Hainan test area%海南试验区文黎大道延伸线综合管廊设计



    以海南国际旅游岛先行试验区文黎大道延伸线项目为例,重点介绍了综合管廊纳入管线的选择,管廊设计标准的选取,对浅埋式盖板沟结构综合管廊的横断面设计、平面布置、纵断面设计、各种节点设计、附属工程设计等作了详细阐述,提出了此类综合管廊管理意见。%Taking the Wenli avenue extension line project in Hainan international tourism island pilot test district as an example,this paper em-phatically introduced the comprehensive pipe gallery into pipeline selection,pipe gallery design criteria selection,elaborated in detail the cross-sectional design,plane layout,vertical section design,all kinds of nodes design,affiliated engineering design etc. of shallow buried type trench cover structure,put forward such comprehensive pipe gallery management advices.

  6. 平静而婉约的审美追求--论沈从文的文学批评旨趣%The Aesthetic Pursuit of Calm and Grace:On Shen Cong-wen's Taste of Literary Criticism

    谭善明; 赵俊芳


    As a critic, Shen Cong-wen expresses his taste of literary criticism with calm and beautiful perceptive prose.He has always maintained this aesthetic taste of calm and grace, which reflects his classical interest in literary criticism on the one hand, and shows his strong desire of maintaining the status of literature ontology in that particular historical period on the other hand.%作为批评家的沈从文,用平静优美的感悟式的散文化语言表达了他的文学批评旨趣。他始终保持着平静而婉约的审美趣味,一方面体现出他在文学批评上的古典趣味,另一方面,这也表现了他在那个特定历史时期维护文学本体地位的强烈愿望。

  7. 《同窗友认假作真,女秀才移花接木》的闻蜚娥人物形象浅析%Analysis on the Image of WEN Fei -e



    女扮男装这一文学题材在《木兰辞》中就已出现,后代不断有作者对该题材进行充实与推衍,借以弘扬女子之才。《二刻拍案惊奇》中《同窗友认假作真,女秀才移花接木》闻蜚娥女扮男装求学读书,博得秀才名号。她风姿绝世,文武双全,突破礼教,大胆追爱。其形象与一般的闺阁佳人大异其趣。%A woman disguised as a man,this literary theme have appeared in the "Mulan",the offspring writers of this subject continue to enrich to promote women's talents.In "The second collection of striking the table in amazement at the wonders", Wen Fei'e disguised as a man diligently studied to be granted as a scholar.She is endowed with graceful appearance,civil and martial virtues,an anti -ethic spirit and bold pursuit of love.Her image is quite different from the ordinary elegant ladies.

  8. DUAN’s Notes of Shuo Wen Jie Ziand Collation of Original Meanings of Chinese Characters%析《段注》所正《说文》各本字本义



    段玉裁自正或依《说文》旧本、音义书、经传文赋及其注等正《说文》各本字本义;以正释字字形、字序为主,另补、删字本义;他的整理正本清源,体现出研究主见和博大精深的语言功底,为中国语言学的发展做出了不可磨灭的贡献。%"Notes of Shuo Wen Jie Zi "written by Duan Yucai Collated various versions for their notes on the grapheme meaning of Chinese Characters,by way of correcting,supplementing or deleting words,with direct correcting font,word order,or according to different versions of Shuowen,his arrangement had the role of the radical reform and demonstrated the broad and profound language skills and was of great significance in the field of Chinese linguistics.

  9. Japanese PM Taro Aso Visited Beijing

    Guo Yan


    @@ To continue of bilateral high-level exchanges and deepening of cooperation,Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso visit China on April 29,2009.During his two days' visit,he met with Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao on April 29 and President Hu Jintao on April 30.Aso first met Hu on the sidelines of a meeting of the Group of 20 rich and industrializing nations in London.

  10. Germany Enjoys Splendid Trade Partnership with China

    Sun; Yongjian


      "China and Germany are longterm trade partners, The volume of our bilateral trade has reached more than $54 Million in 2004, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder have agreed to double our bilateral trade volume by the year 2010." Dr. Volker Stanzel,German Ambassador gave an active appraise on the bilateral trade relations when interviewed by China's Foreign Trade.……

  11. Research on the Marital Status of Pre-Shang Dynasty and Tian Wen%《楚辞·天问》与先商族婚姻形态研究



    Certain script of Tian Wen is important literature of studying Pre-Shang history. Wang Guowei and Gu Jiegang have studied this issue.This data shows WangHai (王亥)and ShangJia-Wei (上甲微)both kept the marriage relationship with YouYiNv (有易女)due to the custom of mar-riage by succession and the system that younger brother succeeded to the throne from elder brother. Upon WangHai's death,the throne and YouYiNv were passed on to WangHeng,and after WangH-eng,it was passed and returned to WangHai's son ShangJiaWei.Through this discussion,we can bet-ter understand this marriage and inheritance system.%《楚辞·天问》“该秉季德,……何变化以作诈,而后嗣逢长”一段,是研究先商史的重要资料,王国维、顾颉刚等先生对此都有讨论。通过对相关资料的分析可知该节反映了王亥、上甲微父子都与有易氏女有婚姻关系,原因即是先商族存在的收继婚和兄终弟及制度,王亥死后,王位和有易氏女传给王恒,而在王恒之后,又回传给王亥之子上甲微。这一问题的梳理,有利于了解先商族史迹和婚姻、继承制度。

  12. Discussion on Main Ideas of Yunqi Theory in Diagrammatizing Main Ideas in Su Wen%《新刊图解素问要旨论》五运六气要旨之探讨

    杨威; 于峥; 于志静


    《新刊图解素问要旨论》为金代刘完素所著,经弟子马宗素整理、校订、刊发,仅有一部清抄本传世。该书详细阐释五运六气格局及其医学意义,论及大小运、平气运及“年月日时同”等,养生重应时之所宜补衰抑盛,诊病参脉候推生克,治病从标本察顺逆,提倡知常御变,综合考量运气加临、脏腑虚实、疾病演变等,为后学者临证体验提供了线索与依据。%Diagrammatizing Main Ideas in Su Wen, as the only codex handed down from Qing Dynasty, was written by Liu Wansu in Jin Dynasty, and was collated and revised by his disciple Ma Zongsu. This book elaborates Yunqi (Five Evolutive Phases and Six Climatic Factors) Theory in detail, expounds major and minor Evolutive Phases, normal Evolutive Phases, and the concept of the changes of Yunqi are similar in a year, a month, and a day. It also advocates that health cultivation requires human beings to follow laws of nature, invigorate asthenia-syndromes and restrain excess. Furthermore, it argues that doctors should deduce generation and restriction in the Five Evolutive Phases through palpating, and treat diseases by observing primary and secondary symptoms and signs in due or reverse order. In addition, it promotes that human beings should notice normal features and unusual changes in climatic factors, consider the theory of Yunqi, deficiency and excess of organs, and evolution of disease synthetically, in order to provide learners with clues and basic theories in clinical practice.

  13. Explanation on "Shao","Qian" and "Ling" in Shuo Wen Jie Zi%《说文解字》所收“芍”、“芡”、“蔆”疏解



    "Shao"means "Fuci" in Shuo Wen Jie Zi and "Biqi" in our daily life.Its aliases,"Wuyu","Dili","Heisanleng","Mati",were further explained."Fuci"and "Cigu" were confused because they are similar in the form."Qian" was known as "Jitou" on account of its round fruit and outstanding calyx, which is very similar with a bird head,but not a cockscomb.It is incorrect to confuse "Qian" with "Ji" or "Ling"."Ling" is defined as the water chestnut today.It has many edges,so "Leng" and "Ling" are commonly-used word.Both "Ji" and "Xiehou" are dialect of "Ling"."Jueguang" and "Ling" have the same alias,"Xiehou",but represent different things.%(一)"芍"《说文·艸部》:"芍,凫茈也。"(1)20《尔雅·释草》:"芍,凫茈。"郭璞注:"生下田,苗似龙须而细,根如指头,黑色可食。"邢昺疏:"芍,一名凫茈。郭云:生下田中,苗似龙须而细,根如指头,黑色,可食,今

  14. 魏晋清谈与论体主题之演变%On the Evolution of Wei-Jin Pure Conversation and the Theme of the Creation of Lun-Ti-Wen



    魏晋时期是论体文创作的繁盛期,其主题的发展和变化与魏晋清谈的演变密切相关,它们之间互相促进,共同发展,并出现繁荣的局面。魏晋的清谈先后经历了人物品评、才性之辩和名教自然之辩三个阶段,相应的论体文则出现了人物论、名理论和力命论三大主题。人物品评促进了人物论创作的繁荣,才性之辩促进了探讨哲理的名理论创作,名教、自然之辩推动了探讨人生的力命论创作。%Wei and Jin Dynasties can be considered to be the prosperous stage of the creation of Lun-Ti-Wen. The development and change of the theme closely related to the evolution of Wei-Jin Pure conversation. They promoted common development and created the prosperous situation. Wei-Jin Pure conversation has experienced three stages: judging people, the debate between capacity and moral character and the debate between Ethical Code and the Liberal. So the corresponding theme mainly reflected in three aspects. Firstly, judging people promoted the prosperity creation of judging people. Secondly, the debate between capacity and moral character developed the philosophical theory for creation of the truth of things. Thirdly, the debate between Ethical Code and the Liberal enhanced the creation of life on life.

  15. Relationship between Lower Motor Neuron Atrophy and Wei Syndrome in Su Wen%下运动神经元瘫与《素问》痿病相关性分析



    The clinical manifestations of the lower motor neuron atrophy are muscle weakness ,muscle atro-phy and fasciculation. They are similar to the wei disease described in Su Wen Wei Lun,which manifests as weak feet,claw dry and muscle tremor. Actually the muscle tremor is fasciculation,not the weakness and flaccidity of the muscles. Wei disease includes motor neuron disease or other lower motor neuron paralysis disease of the modern medicine,but not includes the upper motor neuron paralysis and muscle atrophy myo-genic disease. According to the theory that “treatment of atrophy should be focused on yangming channel”, invigrating spleen and tonifying stomach could achieve satisfactory effects.%下运动神经元瘫临床表现的肌无力、肌萎缩和肌束震颤与《素问·痿论》所述痿病之足痿不用、爪枯、肉蠕动相似。肉蠕动是指肌束颤动,而非肌肉软弱无力。根据临床表现,痿病应包含现代医学的运动神经元病或其他下运动神经元瘫痪性疾病,而不包含上运动神经元瘫和肌源性肌萎缩疾病。根据“治痿独取阳明”的理论,应用健脾养胃法治疗此类疾病效果较好。

  16. 融合与分裂——试论吴趼人《中国侦探案》的过渡性特征%Exploration on ZHANG Wen-tian' s Cultural Democracy Thought

    张颖; 李宁


    文化民主是一种文化人权,尊重文化人的个性和文化团体的独立性不仅是政治民主的内在要求,也是文学文艺发展、进步的不竭动力。张闻天文化民主思想与其学习、文艺创作、革命实践密切相关,具体指向(受众)是广大民众,前提条件是文化人创作的自由、自主权,承认和肯定文化团体的自主性;内容上体现反封建、反礼教,提倡个人的平等,创造宽松的文艺生存环境。前瞻性上看,对文化创新创造的政治条件、文化体制的调整和调适指明了方向。%Cultural democracy is a cuhure of human rights. Respect for intellectuals of the independence of personality and cultural groups is not only the inherent requirements of political democracy, but also the literary arts development and progress of the inexhaustible power. ZHANG .Wen-tian' s democratic ideas are closely related to his learning culture, art and literature creation, revolutionary practice. The specific point ( the audience) is the general public, provided that intellectuals creative freedom, autonomy, recog- nition and affirmation of the autonomy of cultural groups; content reflects the anti-feudal, anti-decency and propriety, to promote equality of individuals, creating a favorable environment for cultural survival.

  17. Les premiers romans noirs français : simples exercices de style ou trahisons littéraires complexes ?

    Anne Cadin


    Full Text Available Les premiers romans noirs français, imités des hard-boiled novels, ont été écrits sous pseudonyme : Malet devient Harding ; Vian, Sullivan ; Queneau, Mara et Arcouët, Stewart. Quelle part de trahison anime ces auteurs ? Sert-elle à faire vendre ou à dénoncer l’invasion de la culture américaine et le goût du scandale ? Si stratégie publicitaire et séduction du lecteur entrent en jeu, le processus de trahison est néanmoins volontairement miné par ces romanciers : il devient source de réflexion sur la lecture et l’écriture.The first French romans noirs, modeled on the so-called “hard-boiled” novels, were written under pseudonyms : Malet becomes Harding ; Vian, Sullivan ; Queneau, Mara, and Arcouët, Stewart. To what degree are these authors motivated by betrayal ? Is it employed merely for marketing purposes, or to denounce the invasion of American culture and a certain taste for scandal ? If advertising tactics and the seduction of the reader are undeniable elements of such novels, these writers nevertheless consciously sabotage the process of betrayal, transforming it into a source of reflection about reading and writing.

  18. Management of chronic recurrent osteitis pubis/pubic bone stress in a Premier League footballer: Evaluating the evidence base and application of a nine-point management strategy.

    McAleer, Stephen S; Gille, Justus; Bark, Stefan; Riepenhof, Helge


    The aim of this paper was to use a clinical example to describe a treatment strategy for the management of recurrent chronic groin pain and evaluate the evidence of the interventions. A professional footballer presented with chronic recurrent OP/PBS. The injury was managed successfully with a nine-point programme - 1. Acute pharmacological management. 2. Tone reduction of over-active structures. 3. Improved ROM at hips, pelvis and thorax. 4. Adductor strength. 5. Functional movement assessment. 6. Core stability. 7. Lumbo-pelvic control. 8. Gym-based strengthening. 9. Field-based conditioning/rehabilitation. The evidence for these interventions is reviewed. The player returned to full training and match play within 41 and 50 days, respectively, and experienced no recurrence of his symptoms in follow up at 13 months. This case report displays a nine-point conservative management strategy for OP/PBS, with non-time dependent clinical objective markers as the progression criteria in a Premier League football player. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Aux sources de l’herméneutique occidentale :les premiers commentaires dans les traditions grecque, juive et chrétienne

    Christophe Rico


    Full Text Available L’article nuance, à propos de l’Antiquité, la distinction établie par Michel Charles entre rhétorique, entendue au sens de « production littéraire », et commentaire : dans le premier cas une œuvre littéraire constitue un modèle d’écriture que l’on peut imiter et parfaire ; dans le second, elle est transmise comme un monument intouchable que l’on peut citer et commenter, mais non pas imiter.Dans les traditions grecque, juive et chrétienne, le commentaire, en effet, doit plutôt être considéré comme une œuvre littéraire au second degré dans la mesure où il se fonde sur un texte commenté qui l’engendre et le suscite. L’article évoque dans cette perspective l’herméneutique du mot dans l’école d’Alexandrie, l’herméneutique de l’énoncé dans les écoles de philosophie antiques, les commentaires juifs anciens et médiévaux, l’herméneutique chrétienne ancienne, et leurs variations autour du sens littéral et du sens spirituel.

  20. The Effect of Autonomy-Supportive Behaviors of Coaches on Need Satisfaction and Sport Commitment of Elite Female Players in Handball Premier League

    Sedigheh Hosseinpoor Delavar


    Full Text Available This study determined the effects of autonomy-supportive behaviors on satisfying the psychological needs and commitment of female handball players in premier league in Iran. Here, we used descriptive research (survey method. The statistical population of 237 players was selected as our samples. We administered three questionnaires for autonomy-Supportive behaviors, psychological needs and commitment including perceived autonomy-supportive behaviors of coaches in sport (PASSES, satisfaction of the psychological needs in sports and sports Commitment Scale (SCMS questionnaires. We applied multiple regression analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM to analyze the data. Results showed there was a positive correlation between autonomy-supportive behaviors with the psychological needs of competence and commitment of athletes. On the other hand, the players `commitment correlated positively with psychological needs. Results of multivariate regression showed that the autonomy-supportive behaviors were predictor of psychological needs and commitment of players. The path analysis, also, established mediator role of psychological needs between autonomy-supportive behavior of the coach and players` commitment. Thus, the self-determination Theory among the elite players and sports teams was confirmed.

  1. 从《文艺十条》到《文艺八条》--20世纪60年代初期文艺调整的政策转向及其历史意义%From Wen Yi Shi Tiao to Wen Yi Ba Tiao---Study on the Political Turn and Historical Significance of the Literary and Artistic Adjustment in the Early 1960’s



    1961年6月召开的全国文艺工作座谈会,除了充分讨论建国后文艺界出现的问题和对策,还讨论、促成了一份重要的政策性文件《关于当前文学艺术工作的意见(草案)》(简称《文艺十条》),但是正式出台的《关于当前文学艺术工作若干问题的意见(草案)》(简称为《文艺八条》)却进行了大量的删改,这些删改主要是删除或压缩了许多具有现实针对性的、切实有利于文艺发展的内容,同时添加了诸多强调政治思想倾向的内容。这些政治性内容表现在对文艺工作者参加劳动和接受改造的要求、对文艺创作思想倾向的把控、对文艺批评和文艺报刊的限制、对文艺领导的加强等方面。这些修改反映出在特定历史时期文艺政策调整的局限性和潜伏着反复的某种预兆。%The National Symposium of Literature and Art in June 1961 had discussed and brought about an important policy document Suggestions about the Current Literature and A rt (Draf t) (abbreviated as Wen Yi Shi Tiao) besides discussing the problems and policies in literature and art after the founding of People's Republic of China .But formally issued Suggestions about Several Problems of the Current Literature and A rt (draf t) was different from Wen Yi Shi Tiao .These differences are deletion and compression of many policies which was of practical relevance and were good for the development of literature and art ,at the same time adding many policies emphasizing politics .The political content included asking writers and artists to take part in work and accept transformation ,the control of ideological tendency of literature and art ,restriction of literary and artistic criticism and publications ,reinforcement of literary and artistic leadership and so on .These differences reflected the limitation of literary and artistic adjustment and a certain forecast that the situation would go back in

  2. 谈《马氏文通》到《新著国语文法》前中国的语法研究(下)--纪念劭西师《新著国语文法》出版九十年%Chinese Grammar Study:from"MaShiWenTong"(《马氏文通》)to"XinZhuGuoYuWenFa"(《新著国语文法》)(Ⅱ)



    1898《马氏文通》到1924《新著国语文法》前中国语法研究分两个阶段。本文上篇谈前段“词本位”体系文法,已发表于本刊总第19辑。这里属下篇,谈后段“句本位”体系文法。“句本位”体系文法初建的原因和条件:国语运动的胜利,代替文言成为正式书面语;国外语言学类型理论、重句法文法体系引进,文法研究方法和文法与逻辑关系探索。所建体系基本内容:文法研究重视句中词的位置次序,以句子的结构和类型研究为重点。分词法(词类)、句法两部门,前者为后者服务;文法单位有词、语、句三级。词类继承前段研究分九品,继用“假借”说,说明词的转类;提出按句法成分位置辨分词品。句子整体结构分主语谓语:主语可含形容性附加语;谓语可含副词性附加语,谓语动词可带宾语、足语;谓语形容词和同动词后成分是表语。谈说句成分所任词语种类、变化和句子结构简式、复式及相互转化。认识句法结构蕴含语义关系并注意二者的结合分析。句子类型,按组织结构分单句、复句;按语气分直述句、疑问句、祈使句、感叹句。用表格法、图解法显示文法分析结果。行文有“附则”、“注意”,配合正文又适合教学需要。书后附标点符号用法,表现语法与标点符号关系密切;也反映新文化运动胜利,国语代替文言的一个成果。“句本位”文法体系的初建,是1922—1923年多位学者多年辛苦探索的成果;也为由《马氏文通》“词本位”科学体系发展为《新著》“句本位”科学体系奠定了基础。%From 1898’s“MaShiWenTong”(《马氏文通》)to 1924’s“XinZhu GuoYuWenFa”(《新著国语文法》), Chinese grammar study is divided into two stages. The first part of this article talks about the first stage: the generation of word based

  3. Perceptions of the Coach–Athlete Relationship Predict the Attainment of Mastery Achievement Goals Six Months Later: A Two-Wave Longitudinal Study among F. A. Premier League Academy Soccer Players

    Adam R. Nicholls


    Full Text Available All football teams that compete within the F. A. Premier League possess an academy, whose objective is to produce more and better home-grown players that are capable of playing professionally. These young players spend a large amount of time with their coach, but little is known about player’s perception of the coach–athlete relationship within F. A. Premier League Academies. The objectives of this study were to examine whether perceptions of the coach–athlete relationship changed over six months and if the coach–athlete relationship predicted self-reported goal achievement among F. A. Premier League academy players. This study included cross-sectional (n = 104 and longitudinal (n = 52 assessments, in which academy soccer players completed a measure of the coach–athlete relationship and goal achievement across either one or two time periods. The cross-sectional data were subjected to bivariate correlations, whereas the longitudinal data were analyzed using multiple regressions. Perceptions of the coach–athlete relationship remained stable over time. The coach–athlete relationship predicted the achievement of mastery goals six months later. Enhancing the quality of the coach–athlete relationship among elite adolescent athletes appears to be a suitable way of maximizing mastery achievement goals, particularly among developmental athletes who participate in team sports.

  4. 辞约旨丰,事近喻远--修辞学视阈下的《文心雕龙》比喻式批评话语探析%Plain Diction, Profound Metaphor--Analysis on Wen Xin Diao Long's critical discourse with a rhetorical perspective



    刘勰运用丰富多样的比喻建构了《文心雕龙》的批评话语体系。根据负载比喻的语言单位不同,《文心雕龙》中的比喻可分为词句比喻和语篇比喻,其中,词句比喻有正格和变式两种,是刘勰分析作家作品、阐述文学理论的主要方式;语篇比喻旨在突出刘勰理论批评的核心,同时体现语言艺术的整体美。比喻作为提升语言表达效果而对其进行修饰的辅助工具,使《文心雕龙》的批评话语委婉含蓄、形象可感,促进了中国古代文学批评方法的多元化。%Liu Xie used a variety of metaphor to construct the Wen Xin Diao Long's critical discourse system. According to the different load figurative language unit, the metaphor in Wen Xin Diao Long can be divided into words metaphor and paragraphs metaphor, among them, words metaphor has two kinds of forms:standard and variant, which is the main method for Liu Xie to analysis works and expound literature theory;paragraphs metaphor used to highlight nuclear thesis and show the whole aesthetic perception of language. Metaphor as an assistant tool to modify language expression, which makes Wen Xin Diao Long's critical discourse implicit and visual , promoting the diversification of Chinese ancient literary criticism method.

  5. 政府信息公开文件无纸化传达的对策研究%Countermeasures to Documents Paperless of Government Information Disclosure



    According to Premier Wen Jiabao at the meeting on clean deployment in March 2011,the Ministry of Agriculture respond positively to the policy requirements from the CPC Central Committee on the work of Integrity,we promptly organize the relevant departments to analyze and explore and develop the public documents convey paperless operation and management,to research and develop an information systems for sending paperless document,which could save office cost and improve efficiency.In this paper the document electronic operation management solution was described,and the development of disclosure documents delivery was studied from the perspective of IT system design.%根据2011年3月温总理在廉政工作会议上的工作部署,农业部积极响应党中央关于廉政工作的政策要求,及时组织有关部门分析、探讨,制定出公开文件无纸化传达的运行管理办法,研发信息系统实现电子公文无纸化发送。在节约办公成本、提高工作效率等方面取得了很大成效。阐述了公文电子化运转管理的解决方案,并从信息技术角度就公文下发系统的设计开发进行了研究。

  6. L’Islam des pierres : l’expression de la foi dans les graffiti arabes des premiers siècles

    Frédéric Imbert


    Full Text Available Les graffiti arabes coufiques des premiers siècles de l’islam, en Arabie comme au Proche-Orient, représentent une source d’information inépuisable sur la société musulmane des origines. Toutefois, la datation des textes du ier/viie siècle, antérieurs aux Umayyades, reste problématique et doit se fonder sur des analyses paléographiques rigoureuses. L’étude du contenu des graffiti relatifs à la foi peut aider à dater ces textes du fait qu’ils connurent des phases progressives de développement. Les plus anciens graffiti datés de 23/643 et 24/644 ne contiennent pas de référence au religieux ; les auteurs, comme leurs contemporains, semblèrent plus intéressés de pérenniser leurs noms sur la pierre, s’inscrivant dans la tradition safaïtique. La question des premières professions de foi montre qu’il a existé des formulations archaïques antérieures à la shahâda traditionnelle, reflet d’un monothéisme tribal très matérialiste. Quant aux demandes de pardon récurrentes dans les graffiti, elles relèveraient d’une stratégie d’écriture. Enfin, la constatation de l’absence de citation du prophète Muḥammad dans les graffiti les plus anciens montre, à elle seule, les enjeux historiques et religieux de cette recherche épigraphique.

  7. Autour d'un mystère de l'histoire du livre. Les trois versions du premier volume du Voyage pittoresque de Choiseul-Gouffier

    Ioannis Koubourlis


    Full Text Available Dans cet article, il est question d'un grand mystère de l'histoire du livre, celui de l'existence de trois versions différentes du premier volume du Voyage pittoresque de la Grèce (1782 de Choiseul-Gouffier, c'est-à-dire d'un ouvrage majeur pour la floraison des idées philhellènes dans l'Europe des XVIIIe-XIXe siècles. On sait, grâce à la correspondance de l'auteur, qu'il avait pris la décision de réviser son texte dès 1783, en raison de sa candidature pour le poste d'Ambassadeur de France à Constantinople. Par contre, on n'en sait pas davantage sur le lieu et le temps exacts où il a travaillé les deux nouvelles versions, portant également la date 1782, ni d'ailleurs sur les circonstances de leur édition. Sur la base d'une étude comparative des trois versions du texte, qui met l'accent sur l'argumentation avancée chaque fois par l'auteur, nous formulons ici une série d'hypothèses pour l'interprétation de ce mystère, que nous allons examiner dans leurs détails à partir d'une étude de bibliologie qui suivra le présent article.

  8. Analysis of the Lexical Meaning of “Ao An Quan Shi”in Wen-hsin Tiao-Lung%《文心雕龙》“傲岸泉石”词义考辨



    “Ao An Quan Shi”comes from the Poetic Praise in the Prelude of Wen-hsin Tiao-Lung .Its meaning relates to a series of relationships of the literary creation,such as the subject and object,and the people and object.It is even the concentration of the literary thoughts of the whole book.Previous explanations for it can be roughly divided into four categories:indulging in landscape,arrogant seclusion,nature and naturalness,and peripateticism and freedom.Each of them has merits and demerits.Combined with the specific context,“Ao An Quan Shi”focuses on the role of aesthetic subject.It refers to the free state in literary creation.“Ao An Quan Shi”and“Nature’s Assistance to Literary Creation”emphasizing the role of the aesthetic object constitute the basis of Liu Xie’s literature theories.%“傲岸泉石”出自《文心雕龙·序志》篇“赞曰”,其词义涉及文学创作的主体与客体、人与物等一系列关系,可以说是全书文论思想的一个浓缩。以往学界对它的解释大致可以归为四种:纵情山水说、高傲隐居说、自然本然说、逍遥自得说,每种说法都有合理之处,亦有不足。结合具体语境考察,可知“傲岸泉石”强调的是审美主体的作用,指的是文学创作时一种逍遥自得的本然状态。它与强调审美客体作用的“江山之助”一起构成了刘勰文学理论的根基。

  9. On "Wen-Yi" of Jin Dynasty,Song Dynasty and "Metaphysics Tail" of Xie Lingyun Landscape Poems%晋宋“文义”与谢诗“玄学尾巴”成因

    姜剑云; 霍贵高


    从曹魏后期到晋宋之际,玄学经历了三个形态的变化。一是曹魏后期的"政治的玄学",二是西晋前期的"哲学的玄学",三是晋宋之际的"艺术的玄学"。以正始为代表的曹魏后期文学创作"有玄无文",以太康为代表的西晋前期文学创作"有文无玄",以陶、谢为代表的晋宋之际文学创作"有文有玄"。谢灵运就生活在"艺术的玄学"的时代,他不仅重"文","情必极貌以写物,辞必穷力而追新",而且重"义",体现在诗歌创作中,就是其山水诗的"玄学尾巴"。%From the period of late Cao-wei to the period of Jin dynasty and Song dynasty,metaphysics have undergone three changes in their patterns.The first is "political metaphysics" in late Cao-wei period,the second is "philosophy metaphysics" in former western Jin dynasty,the third is"art metaphysics" in the period of Jin dynasty and Song dynasty.In the period of late Cao-wei,literature has metaphysic but no grace.In former western Jin dynasty,literature has grace but no metaphysic.In the period of Jin dynasty and Song dynasty,literature has grace and metaphysic.Xie Lingyun just lived in such a "arts metaphysics" era which appreciating "Wen-Yi" became a fashion tide.Therefore,he not only thought a lot of literature,but also paid more attention to metaphysics.In poems,it shows the controversial "metaphysics tail".

  10. The Ideological Analysis of the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty in Dealing with the Relationship with the Huns%汉文帝处理与匈奴关系的思想探析



    汉文帝采取的处理与匈奴关系的策略,是冷静、理性而又得当的。根据当时的实际情况,承认汉匈双方是“分疆自立、和睦共存”的关系;能够体恤理解匈奴的生存环境与所遇困难,必要时给予援助和支持;信守与匈奴的和亲协定,从大局出发尽力维护双方的友好关系;当匈奴违约侵汉时,则组织力量进行有力回击;同时加强骑兵建设,巩固北部边防。汉文帝的上述策略取得了明显的效果,适应了双方经济上互补性和政治上统一性的要求,避免了大规模的战争发生,是一种双赢的战略选择。%The strategy of Emperor Wen of Han in dealing with the relationship of the Huns is a calm, rational and proper one.According to the ac-tual situation at that time, both sides acknowledged that the relationship between the Han and the Huns is self-reliance and coexist;he could understand the Huns’living environment and the difficulties encountered , gave aid and support when necessary; and kept with the agreement with the Huns,tried to maintain friendly relations between the two parties proceed from the overall situation; when the Huns breached the contract and invaded Han Dy-nasty, then Han organize a powerful counterblow;to strengthen the construction of cavalry,the northern frontier defense at the same time.The above strat-egy of Emperor Han got obvious effect and met the enormous economic complementarity and politically strong demand of the unity, avoiding large-scale war ,which is a win-win situation choice.

  11. Poetic Painting and Poetic Meaning of WenTong’Dead Wood Theme%文同枯木题材“诗意画”及诗意境界



    The poetic painting of dead wood theme is the important type of poetry and painting blend of scholar and Moxi in the North Song dynansty.From the image of wintry and conifers which play an important role in landscape panting,his “dead wood”changed the painting techniques of Tang Dynasty painters,depicting the dead wood in panorama mode,decorated with bamboo and stones.Compared with his poetry,the poetic painting dead wood theme hnd the same temperament and charm.Wen Tong’s “dead wood”painting opened up new mood space,enriched and promoted the development of poetic painting in the Northern Song Dynasty.In the Yuan and Ming Dynasty,wood painting had also far-reaching influence.%“枯木”题材“诗意画”是北宋诗画交融之文人墨戏的重要类型,源于盛唐以来山水画中的寒林古木和松石小景,而新变于文同。他的“枯木”绘画一变唐法,描绘古木全景,以竹石点缀其间,奇古简重,意兴盎然,与其诗歌创作同一机杼,是其学养品德,志趣性情的诗意表现。文同的“枯木”绘画,下开苏轼枯木怪石,为诗画交融诗学思想和艺术实践拓开了新的意境空间,丰富并推动了北宋“诗意画”创作的发展,对元明以后枯木题绘画的创作影响也至为深远。

  12. The reproductive biology of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in Wen-Tai fishing ground%温台渔场日本鲭的繁殖生物学特征

    李建生; 严利平; 胡芬; 张辉


    利用2012年春季在温台渔场对日本鲭(Scomber japonicus)繁殖群体连续6批取样的生物学测定数据,对其繁殖生物学特征进行了研究。结果表明,叉长340 mm以下群体中,雌雄比基本符合1∶1的性比关系;叉长340 mm以上群体中,雌鱼显著多于雄鱼(P 340 mm group. Variations in the gonadosomatic index (GSI) over time showed that the main breeding season lasted from mid-March to mid-April in this location. Female and male GSI values showed significant differences in the time periods, and the overall performance for females was higher than in males. We found the average feeding intensity to be greater in males than in females in the different gonadal stages. The liver index showed significant differences in the different female and male gonadal stages, with values for females higher than males. Absolute fecundity was 44 017–734 684 grains (mean ±SD, 173 867 ± 15 719 grains), while the dominant group was 10–30×104 grains (70.37%). Relative fe-cundity was 187–1403 grains/g (mean ± SD, 538 ± 31 grains/g), and the dominant group was 390–700 grains/g (66.67%). Egg size was 0.27–1.22 mm (mean ± SD, 0.86 ± 0.01 mm), while the dominant group ranged from 0.7 to 1.1 mm. The absolute fecundity of S. japonicus in the Wen-Tai fishing ground was found to be less than that of the northern Yellow Sea and higher than that of the Taiwan Strait. Relative fecundity was higher than historic levels, but the mean egg size was found to be lower than in the 1980s, and the minimum fork length of males and females at maturity ex-perienced a certain degree of reduction. This suggests that reproductive interventions (i.e., increasing relative fecundity, reducing egg sizes, and promoting early sexual maturity in the fish) are needed to cope with the high fishing intensity and environment stresses that had threaten Scomber japonicus reproductive stocks.

  13. Premier Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — CMS is pursuing a vision to improve the quality of health care by expanding the information available about quality of care and through direct incentives to reward...

  14. From "Handan walk" to floating outstanding——The inquiry to Libai' successful experience of learning WenXuan%从“邯郸学步”到“飘然不群”——李白学习《文选》诗赋的成功经验探源



    《文选》在唐代的深刻影响,主要表现在文人对它的模拟学习上。通过分类编年地微观考察李白赋、古风、乐府歌行与《文选》之间的关系,可以看到模拟是李白学作诗文的终南捷径,从学习模用前人的辞藻、成句、事类到文章体式,经历了一个从早期"邯郸学步"到成熟后"飘然不群"的过程。%Through classified survey on the relation of Li Bai's fu,gufeng,yuefugexing between WenXuan,we come to the conclusion that the simulation is the shortcut of his success in learning to create poetry.Li Bai's studies in WenXuan experienced a process from the early stage of "Handan walk" to floating outstanding at last.

  15. Family Origins- Characters. Poetics- A Comparison of the Literary Thoughts and Poem Influence of Wen Yiduo with Charles Pierre Baudelaire%家世·个性·诗学——闻一多与波德菜尔文艺思想和诗作影响比较论



    法国象征派先驱波德莱尔对中国现代诗学奠基人闻一多有着重要的影响。两位诗人虽然生活在东西地球的两端,身处不同国度,不同时代,但其家世出身、个性气质、诗学观念却有颇多相似之处,闻一多受波特莱尔诗学观念的影响颇为明显。%As the pioneer of the French Symbolism, Charles Pierre Baudelaire exerts a great influence on Wen Yiduo, who is the founder of the contemporary Chinese poetics. In spite of different countries and eras they belong to , their family origins ,characters and the poetic ideas have much in common. It's clear that Wen Yiduo has been influenced profoundly by Baudelaire's poetic ideas.

  16. Archéologie des monastères du premier millénaire dans le Centre-Est de la France. Conditions d’implantation et de diffusion, topographie historique et organisation

    Sébastien Bully


    Full Text Available Lorsqu’en 1997 le Conseil national de la recherche archéologique publiait le bilan 1990-1994 de la recherche en France et sa nouvelle programmation, figurait parmi les thèmes prioritaires : « Les origines et les fonctions des premiers bâtiments monastiques : églises et organisation des bâtiments communautaires, relations entre architecture et règle monastique » . Il était alors rappelé que l’on ne savait rien des fondations colombaniennes et très peu des abbayes carolingiennes. Depuis lors, d...

  17. Évolution nycthémérale des composantes biochimiques du phytoplancton de la retenue du barrage Idriss premier (Fès, Maroc)

    Bahhou, J.; Alaoui Mhamdi, M.


    The diel changes of the biochemical composition of the phytoplankton were studied in the Idriss first reservoir (located on the Inaouen river at thirty Km from the city of Fes, Morrocco) during September 1994. Several biomass and metabolic indicators (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, chlorophyll a and primary production) were assessed every fourth hour over tow days (7, 8 and 9 September). Since the Protein/Carbohydrates ratio (P/C) is largely recognised as a good integrator of the metabolic functions of the cells, we examined its distribution pattern concomitantly with aforementioned parameters. The results demonstrated enhanced P/C ratios clearly indicating that nutrients were sufficiently available for growth. In addition, this index showed a diel significant variation with levels higher in the night than in the day. Moreover, these results suggest that phytoplankton species during the night used the day-synthesised carbohydrates to insure the cell metabolic functioning. The P/C presents relatively high values in proposition to the ones that have been recorded in temperate regions, and seems to be related to azotic inputs of the Inaouen river. Dans le but de parfaire nos connaissances sur le fonctionnement du sous écosystème phytoplancton, nous nous sommes intéressés à étudier son cycle nycthéméral et son métabolisme cellulaire dans la retenue du barrage Idriss premier. Cette dernière, construite sur l'Oued Inaouène, est située à une trentaine de Km de la ville de Fès. Au cours de ce cycle, les prélèvements ont été effectués selon une séquence temporelle de 4 heures pendant 48 heures, les 7, 8 et 9 septembre 1994. L'étude de l'évolution des composantes biochimiques des cellules phytoplanctoniques à savoir les protéines, les glucides et les lipides a permis de mettre en évidence des variations nycthémérales importantes. Ces variations sont d'autant plus importantes que les variations spatiales observées entre les profondeurs. De plus

  18. Longwood Gardens——A World Premiere Horticultural Display Garden%长木公园——世界杰出的园艺展示园

    (美)詹姆斯·哈比奇; 马琳; 常雷刚; 李星


    Longwood Gardens is recognized as one of the world premiere horticultural display gardens, inspiring people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education and the arts. Longwood displays integrate permanent plantings and seasonal floral crops with interpretive exhibits and performing arts events, coordinated into a combined guest experience. Longwood Gardens' Horticulture Display team combines strong design principles with the unique plant pallet of over 9 500 taxa to maximize the visual impact of displays. This team often collaborates with world class designers to develop major new display themes and spaces. The intense seasonal display program is possible because of the, mostly, on-site production of over 120 000 containers of floral crops on 4 acres of dedicated production space. Longwood's team of craftsmen also support display efforts by fabricating the structural and mechanical elements often required for the elaborate design compositions. The culmination of planning, design, production, and execution come together to produce amazing horticultural displays, that are original and unique in the world, and provide wonderful memories of beauty, excitement and solitude to visitors from all over.%长木公园是世界杰出的园艺展示园之一,其精湛的花园设计、园艺、教育以及艺术品鼓舞人心.长木公园的展览将永久性栽植和时令花卉种植结合在一起,加入诠释性展览和表演艺术活动,整体协调成为一种综合性的游览体验.长木公园的园艺展示团队将强大的设计原则与9500多个独特的植物类群相结合,达到展示视觉效果的最大化.团队经常与世界一流的设计师合作来开发新的展览主题和空间.密集的季节性展览,很大程度上得益于公园的1.6万m2专用生产空间,可现场生产12万盆花卉.长木的技师团队也通过制造结构和机械元件来支持展览.顶尖的策划、设计、生产和执行结合在一起,创造出

  19. 传统商业街区风貌变迁的文化诠释——以中山市孙文西路为例%A Cultural Interpretation to the Change of Traditional Commercial District Features se of Sun Wen Xi Street, Zhongshan City, China

    丁绍莲; 保继刚


    传统商业街区是城市历史与文化的重要载体.经历了近30年的发展与建设,国内大量传统街区的风貌已发生了变迁,“千街一面”的趋势H益明显,阻碍了历史与文化传承,以中山市的孙文西路为例,以历史地理学视角为指导,通过参与式观察与非参与式观察、访谈等多种调查手段获得大量一手资料,从而梳理出孙文西路的传统风貌变迁过程,对这一变迁过程背后的文化推动机制进行了剖析.研究发现,孙文西路传统风貌的变迁是特定历史时期文化变迁的一种映射,变迁的趋势并不是主观的物质环境规划与设计所能决定的,而是相应的文化机制驱动的结果,培育良性的文化发育机制是历史城镇传统风貌保护的有效途径之一.%The Traditional Commercial District (TCD) is an important carrier of a city's history and culture. After a 30-year-long development and construction, many domestic TCDs experienced apparent features changes, while mostly resulting in the facelessness that impeded the inheritance of history and culture. The Sun Wen Xi Street, Zhongshan City, China, is such a typical case for research. Based on the perspective of historical geography and a wealth of original materials collected through participatory/non-participatory observation and interviews, this study illustrates the features change of Sun Wen Xi Street, analyzes the impetus mechanism of culture to such a change from the cultural interpretation aspect. It is found that the traditional features change of Sun Wen Xi Street was a reflection of cultural transition in specific periods of history, and thus the change was determined not by subjective physical planning or urban design but by cultural mechanism. The implication is that to cultivate an appropriate cultural development mechanism can be an effective way to protect the traditional features of historical district.

  20. Conception et réalisation de l'unité de décision du système de déclenchement de premier niveau du détecteur LHCb au LHC

    Laubser, Julien


    Le detecteur LHCb est l'une des quatre experiences de physique des particules installees sur la nouvelle chaine d'acceleration LHC (Large Hadron Collider) du CERN a Geneve. Afin de reduire la quantite de donnees destinees au stockage pour les analyses hors ligne, un dispositif de selection en ligne des collisions interessantes selon la physique a etudier est mis en place en parallele de la chaine d'acquisition des donnees. Ce dispositif est compose d'un premier niveau(niveau 0) realise par un systeme electronique complexe et d'un second niveau de selection realise par informatique HLT (High Level Trigger). L'unite de decision de niveau 0 (L0DU) est le systeme central du niveau 0 de declenchement. L0DU prend la decision d'accepter ou de rejeter la collision pour ce premier niveau a partir d'une fraction d'informations issues des sous-detecteurs les plus rapides (432 bits a 80 MHz). L'unite de decision est un circuit imprime 16 couches integrant des composants de haute technologie de type FPGA (Field Programmab...

  1. Study ing the influence and d imensions of Competitive Intelligence of Coaches on performance of current Soccer teams of The Iranian Premier League According to Component Balanced Scorecard (BSC



    Full Text Available T he aim of this study was to investigate the impact of coaches competitive intelligence on the football teams performance in the Iranian Premier League based on the Balanced Scorecard component (BSC.This prac tical research is a descriptive - correlational study in which population consisted of all head coaches and coaches from 16 Iranian Premier F ootball teams be tween 1392 - 1393. Two individual from each team were selected as coach and head coach and t he sample of 32 students were selected by census method. Questionnaire, 12 balls Fehy (2007 was used to measure competitive intelligence Coaches variables and ¬ 20 items of the questionnaire Neon (2003 was used to measure team performance. The results showed that the competitive intelligence team football coache s could affect performance and internal team performance will significantly increase. Also the team awareness c o ndition, technical knowledge, Opponents situation awareness, and awareness strategy of the coac hes had the greatest impact on team performance. In fact, coach es who having high level of competitive intellige nce will use the environmental threats as opportunities for improvement and uses it to enhance team performance.

  2. Connection of Words with Same Phonetic Symbols in Parts of“彳” (chi) and“辵” (chuo) in Shuo Wen Jie Zi (说文解字)%《说文解字》“彳”“辵”两部声符相同字的交叉联系



    For a phonogram , its semantic complement represents the meaning while the phonological symbol represents the pronunciation .If words have the same phonological symbol and similar semantic complement , their meanings are connected .In this paper , the words with the same phonological symbol and similar semantic comple-ment in parts of “彳” ( chi) and “辵” ( chuo) in Shuo Wen Jie Zi (说文解字) are analyzed and classified .%在形声字中,义符表意,声符表音,如果声符相同,义符又相近,那么它们之间的词义也是存在联系的,文章便从“彳”“辵”两部字出发,尝试着对它们之间的联系进行归纳分类。

  3. Analysis on the Official Document Writing Ideas From the Creation Theory of Liu Xie's Wen.Xin-Diao-Long%解析刘勰《文心雕龙》创作论中的公文写作思想

    吴加才; 秦洁


    刘勰《文心雕龙》创作论部分虽不是专论公文写作,但从不同角度综论写作之道,提出的炼意、附会、定势、精约等写作方法和原则同样适用于公文写作,对当代秘书人员的公文写作具有指导和借鉴意义,也是研究公文写作思想的重要资源。%Although the creation theory in Liu Xie's Wen-Xin-Diao-Long was not specialized in official document writing, it discussed writing methods comprehensively from different aspects and put forward such writing methods and disciplines as refining the thoughts

  4. 《文镜秘府论》乃为“济世”“经邦”而作%"Wen-jing-mi-fu-lun" Was Written to "Help the Community at that Time" and to "Manage His Own Country"



    海外汉籍《文镜秘府论》产生于日本文化在中国文化全面影响下凝结成形的时期,它既是为了适应政治教化之需而编,也是为了帮助日本学习者学习中国文化之需而编。从空海种种“济世”“经邦”之举以及日本人对《文镜》之评价,我们发现《文镜秘府论》千百年来一直是日本汉语学习者的必读书,且对日本的汉诗学、悉昙学、和歌学等产生了深远的影响。%The overseas Chinese book, "Wen-jing-mi-fu-lun", was produced in the period when the Japanese culture came into existence under the influence of the Chinese culture. It was written not only for the sake of being adapted to the political education, but also for helping the Japanese learners to study the Chinese culture. From all the moves by Konghai to "help the community at that time" and to "manage his own country" and from the evaluation by the Japanese of this book, we can find that the book "Wen-jing-mi-fu-lun" has, for thousands of years, been a good book that the Japanese learners must read when learning Chinese, and it has exerted far-reaching influence on Chinese poetry, Siddham science, and songs in Japan.

  5. L’espace domestique au Bronze final et au premier âge du Fer dans le sud de la Corse

    Peche-Quilichini, Kewin


    organización general como a nivel del espacio interno y de la arquitectura de las viviendas. [fr] L’objectif de cet article est de fournir une approche synthétique sur les formes de l’habitat en Corse au Bronze final (BF et au premier âge du Fer (F1, à l’échelle de la microrégion montagneuse de l’Alta Rocca, située dans le sud de la Corse, au coeur du bassin occidental de la Méditerranée. La problématique d’étude des sites protohistoriques non fortifiés est jeune sur l’île, mais les travaux se sont récemment multipliés et rendent compte de la complexité structurelle et évolutive des espaces habités, permettant ainsi une premiére analyse comparative. Le raisonnement s’appuie essentiellement sur l’apport des fouilles du grand habitat de Cuciurpula, initiées en 2008 et toujours en cours, ainsi que sur l’exploitation des villages de Puzzonu et de Nuciaresa, sondés en 2012. La chronologie des secteurs étudiés permet d’embrasser un arc chronologique complet entre le XIIe et le VIe siécle av. J.-C., et donc d’appréhender les phénoménes évolutifs, tant en termes d’organisation générale qu’au niveau de l’espace interne et de l’architecture des habitations.

  6. Non-operative management of a complete anterior cruciate ligament injury in an English Premier League football player with return to play in less than 8 weeks: applying common sense in the absence of evidence.

    Weiler, Richard; Monte-Colombo, Mathew; Mitchell, Adam; Haddad, Fares


    This case report illustrates and discusses the non-operative management of a complete anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in an English Premier League football player, his return to play within 8 weeks and problem-free follow-up at 18 months post injury. When non-operative verses surgical ACL reconstruction is considered there are many fundamental gaps in our knowledge and currently, at elite level, there are no cases in cutting sports within the literature to guide these decisions. When the norm is for all professional footballers to be recommended surgery, it will be very challenging when circumstances and patient autonomy dictate a conservative approach, where prognosis, end points and risk are unclear and assumed to be high. This case challenges current dogma and provides a starting point for much needed debate about best practice, treatment options, research direction and not just at the elite level of sport.

  7. Injury risk factors, screening tests and preventative strategies: a systematic review of the evidence that underpins the perceptions and practices of 44 football (soccer) teams from various premier leagues.

    McCall, Alan; Carling, Chris; Davison, Michael; Nedelec, Mathieu; Le Gall, Franck; Berthoin, Serge; Dupont, Gregory


    To systematically review the scientific level of evidence for the 'Top 3' risk factors, screening tests and preventative exercises identified by a previously published survey of 44 premier league football (soccer) teams. Also, to provide an overall scientific level of evidence and graded recommendation based on the current research literature. A systematic literature search (Pubmed [MEDLINE], SportDiscus, PEDRO and Cochrane databases). The quality of the articles was assessed and a level of evidence (1++ to 4) was assigned. Level 1++ corresponded to the highest level of evidence available and 4, the lowest. A graded recommendation (A: strong, B: moderate, C: weak, D: insufficient evidence to assign a specific recommendation) for use in the practical setting was given. Fourteen studies were analysed. The overall level of evidence for the risk factors previous injury, fatigue and muscle imbalance were 2++, 4 and 'inconclusive', respectively. The graded recommendation for functional movement screen, psychological questionnaire and isokinetic muscle testing were all 'D'. Hamstring eccentric had a weak graded 'C' recommendation, and eccentric exercise for other body parts was 'D'. Balance/proprioception exercise to reduce ankle and knee sprain injury was assigned a graded recommendation 'D'. The majority of perceptions and practices of premier league teams have a low level of evidence and low graded recommendation. This does not imply that these perceptions and practices are not important or not valid, as it may simply be that they are yet to be sufficiently validated or refuted by research. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  8. Injury risk factors, screening tests and preventative strategies: a systematic review of the evidence that underpins the perceptions and practices of 44 football (soccer) teams from various premier leagues

    McCall, Alan; Carling, Chris; Davison, Michael; Nedelec, Mathieu; Le Gall, Franck; Berthoin, Serge; Dupont, Gregory


    Purpose To systematically review the scientific level of evidence for the ‘Top 3’ risk factors, screening tests and preventative exercises identified by a previously published survey of 44 premier league football (soccer) teams. Also, to provide an overall scientific level of evidence and graded recommendation based on the current research literature. Methods A systematic literature search (Pubmed [MEDLINE], SportDiscus, PEDRO and Cochrane databases). The quality of the articles was assessed and a level of evidence (1++ to 4) was assigned. Level 1++ corresponded to the highest level of evidence available and 4, the lowest. A graded recommendation (A: strong, B: moderate, C: weak, D: insufficient evidence to assign a specific recommendation) for use in the practical setting was given. Results Fourteen studies were analysed. The overall level of evidence for the risk factors previous injury, fatigue and muscle imbalance were 2++, 4 and ‘inconclusive’, respectively. The graded recommendation for functional movement screen, psychological questionnaire and isokinetic muscle testing were all ‘D’. Hamstring eccentric had a weak graded ‘C’ recommendation, and eccentric exercise for other body parts was ‘D’. Balance/proprioception exercise to reduce ankle and knee sprain injury was assigned a graded recommendation ‘D’. Conclusions The majority of perceptions and practices of premier league teams have a low level of evidence and low graded recommendation. This does not imply that these perceptions and practices are not important or not valid, as it may simply be that they are yet to be sufficiently validated or refuted by research. PMID:25576530

  9. Monsieur Etienne Blanc Premier vice-président de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Délégué aux finances, à l'administration générale, aux économies budgétaires et aux politiques transfrontalières

    Bennett, Sophia Elizabeth


    Monsieur Etienne Blanc Premier vice-président de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Délégué aux finances, à l'administration générale, aux économies budgétaires et aux politiques transfrontalières

  10. Édition, diffusion et réception des premiers ouvrages sur le commerce et la comptabilité en Russie au XVIIIe siècle

    Natalia Platonova


    Full Text Available À partir du XVIe siècle, des ouvrages destinés à aider les négociants dans leurs pratiques commerciales et en particulier à leur apprendre les techniques de la comptabilité circulent à travers l’Europe. Il faut attendre la seconde moitié du XVIIIe siècle pour qu’ils apparaissent en Russie. En prenant la mesure du rôle grandissant des marchands dans l’État et la société, la monarchie tenta d’organiser l’enseignement commercial et favorisa la diffusion de cette littérature. Ces premiers écrits, leur contenu, les conditions de leur diffusion, leur impact sur l’instruction et les pratiques des marchands de cette époque font l’objet de la présente étude. Cela donne l’occasion de souligner la parenté des publications russes avec l’ensemble des ouvrages de même nature imprimés en Europe occidentale entre les XVIe et XVIIIe siècles. En effet, leur parution ouvre la voie à la pénétration en Russie des savoirs et des pratiques de la comptabilité moderne. Toutefois, cette littérature n’a pas capté l’intérêt immédiat des milieux marchands russes. Ceux-ci se révèlent majoritairement indifférents à la tenue des livres en partie double et restent attachés aux modes traditionnels de formation professionnelle et de gestion des affaires. En cause, le caractère à la fois novateur et complexe du contenu de ces ouvrages, mais aussi les conditions générales dans lesquelles se déroulait l’exercice du commerce à cette époque et l’identité sociale des marchands. C’est pourquoi l’impact de la littérature commerciale et comptable du XVIIIe siècle sur les pratiques marchandes ne doit pas être surestimé. Cette littérature a surtout marqué la pensée comptable dont le développement s’amorce à partir de cette époque en Russie.  Since the sixteenth century, books written for to help the merchants in their practices and in particular to learn how to keep accounts spread across Europe. Such

  11. 不同栽培措施对早实核桃温185一年生枝条抗寒力的影响%Effects of Different Cultivation on Annual Branch Cold Resistance of Wen-185 Early Fruit Walnut (Juglans regia L.)

    车凤斌; 潘俨; 张婷; 郑素慧; 胡柏文; 桑长青


    [ Objective] Effects of different cultivation on annual branch cold resistance of Wen - 185 early fruit walnut (Juglans regia L. ) were evaluated to select basic parameters for employing appropriate cultivation method. [ Method ] 24 cultivation treatments including controls of irrigation and additional fertilizing in late stages, controls of winter irrigation, controls of pruning, and controls of growing retarded were set on 4 years Wen - 185 walnut. 6 indexes including freezing injury index in field, relative conductance, proline value, soluble total sugar value and bond water/free water ratio of annual branches stressed under - 24℃ were measured to evaluate the effects on cold resistance. [ Result] Field investigation of freezing injury is approximately consistent with the result of physiology indexes tested in lab. Proper growing retarded control increases proline and soluble total sugar values of annual branch. Irrigation in late stages takes effects on soluble total sugar value and bond water/free water ratio of annual branches. Proper winter irrigation affects soluble total sugar value certainly. Additional fertilizing in late stages and pruning can regulate and control branch bond water/free water ratio. [ Conclusion ] Single cultivation method including Paclobutrazol (PP333) 12 g per tree, twice irrigations at mid - August and mid - September, 400 g per tree phosphorus potassium fertilizing once at the end of August, proper pruning at season of growth will increase annual branch cold resistance of Wen - 185 walnut.%[目的]研究不同栽培处理对新疆早实核桃温185(Juglans regia L.)枝条抗寒力的影响,从安全越冬的角度初步提出促进抗寒力的栽培措施基本参数,为制定合理的技术标准提供理论依据.[方法]设置4年生温185核桃的生长后期水肥控制、修剪调控和生长延缓剂处理共24个田间栽培处理,通过测定和分析各处理的田间冻害指数、一年生枝条-24℃胁迫的相对

  12. A Recall of the Reform and Effects of Ganju’s Repertoire---an oral history given by an old Ganju artist HUANG Wen -xi%回溯赣剧剧目的改革与成效--赣剧老艺术家黄文锡口述史



    黄文锡先生是以改编见长的剧作家,经他改编的剧目有弋阳腔、青阳腔、弹腔、文南词等,他的《送饭斩娥》《夜梦冠带》《荆钗记》《紫钗记》《还魂后记》等剧目均是在保留原作前提下的再创造,高腔清唱剧《还魂曲》将清唱剧与赣剧高腔嫁接演唱,突破了赣剧剧目的封闭状态,具有极强的艺术性和观赏性,为赣剧的生存和发展注入了鲜活的艺术元素,对于赣剧艺术的革新无疑具有深远意义。由他改编的《荆钗记》和《还魂后记》分别荣获首届文华剧目大奖和剧作奖、第九届文华新剧目奖。%HUANG Wen-xi is a dramatist good at adapting .His adapted repertoire includes Yiyang Tune ,Qingyang Tune ,Tan Tune andWennanCi.AndhisSongfanzha’e,Yemengguandai,Jingchaiji,ZichaijiandHuanhunhoujiareallplaysofrecreationwith the key elements of the original retained .The unaccompanied high-pitched play Huanhunqu combined the unaccompanied play with Ganju’s high pitch ,breaking through the closed state of Ganju’s repertoire .Thus ,it has a strong artistic and ornamental quality , brought vivid artistic elements to the existence and development of Ganju and had a profound significance for the reform in the art of Ganju . Jingchaiji and Huanhunhouji adapted by HUANG Wen-xi won the first Wenhua prize for Repertoire and Play-writing and the 9th Webhua prize for New Repertoire .

  13. Mise en œuvre et premiers effets d’un projet d’agrégation céréalier dans la région de Bni Saden (province de Séfrou

    Khawla Hdidi


    Full Text Available Les premiers projets de développement élaborés dans le cadre du Plan Maroc Vert ont été initiés en 2010. L’étude présente une analyse de la mise en oeuvre et des premiers effets d’un de ces projets. Il s’agit d’un projet d’agrégation, relevant du Pilier I, dans la filière céréalière de la province de Séfrou. Des entretiens ont été effectués auprès de 25 agriculteurs du projet et 25 agriculteurs de zones témoins situées aux alentours de la zone du projet. L’étude des effets a été faite en qualifiant comment les agriculteurs agrégés auraient évolué sans projet. Ceci a été effectué par la méthode d’appariement (matching, en associant à chaque agriculteur du projet les agriculteurs hors projet qui avaient, avant projet, certaines caractéristiques identiques à cet agriculteur. Le projet a consisté en pratique en des formations, une mise à disposition d’intrants et un taux amélioré de subvention pour l’acquisition de matériel agricole. Ces activités ont conjointement permis d’accélérer l’amélioration et l’intensification des pratiques de production des céréales et une amélioration des rendements. Les agriculteurs du projet communiquent plus entre eux sur leurs pratiques agricoles. Cependant, l’association qui regroupe les agriculteurs du projet ne joue encore qu’un rôle limité de coordination et de négociation avec les acteurs extérieurs, et en particulier avec l’agrégateur.

  14. Les nécropoles à incinérations gallo-romaines du grand-duché de Luxembourg- Premiers résultats d'une recherche en cours

    Michel Polfer


    Full Text Available La contribution vise à présenter les premiers résultats d'un projet de recherche dont les buts sont situés sur deux plans: ◦l'élaboration d'un corpus aussi complet que possible de toutes les traces archéologiques de tombes individuelles et de nécropoles gallo-romaines, y compris les monuments et les inscriptions funéraires ◦l'analyse archéologique proprement dite des structures et des objets (typologie, chronologie etc. ainsi que l'étude des phénomènes religieux, culturels et sociaux qui transparaissent à travers ceux-ci. Le cadre géographique choisi est celui du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg actuel, qui représente une partie importante de l'ancienne civitas treverorum. D'un point de vue chronologique, toutes les découvertes archéologiques datables entre la deuxième moitié du 1er siècle ap. J.-C et le 5e siècle ap.- J.-C. sont pris en compte. Après un aperçu sur l'histoire de la recherche archéologique funéraire gallo-romaine au Luxembourg, l'état actuel du corpus contenant un total de 300 sites différents est présenté à l'aide de cartes et d'une banque de données. Sont ensuite présentés les premiers résultats de l'enquête relatifs à ◦la répartition géographique des nécropoles ◦les relations entre l'habitat rural, les nécropoles et les monuments funéraires ◦l' organisation spatio-temporelle des nécropoles rurales ◦les pratiques dépositionnelles et la hiérarchisation sociale au sein des nécropoles ◦les différents modes cinéraires et les rapports entre incinération et inhumation

  15. Les nécropoles à incinérations gallo-romaines du grand-duché de Luxembourg- Premiers résultats d'une recherche en cours

    Michel Polfer


    Full Text Available La contribution vise à présenter les premiers résultats d'un projet de recherche dont les buts sont situés sur deux plans: l'élaboration d'un corpus aussi complet que possible de toutes les traces archéologiques de tombes individuelles et de nécropoles gallo-romaines, y compris les monuments et les inscriptions funéraires l'analyse archéologique proprement dite des structures et des objets (typologie, chronologie etc. ainsi que l'étude des phénomènes religieux, culturels et sociaux qui transparaissent à travers ceux-ci. Le cadre géographique choisi est celui du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg actuel, qui représente une partie importante de l'ancienne civitas treverorum. D'un point de vue chronologique, toutes les découvertes archéologiques datables entre la deuxième moitié du 1er siècle ap. J.-C et le 5e siècle ap.- J.-C. sont pris en compte. Après un aperçu sur l'histoire de la recherche archéologique funéraire gallo-romaine au Luxembourg, l'état actuel du corpus contenant un total de 300 sites différents est présenté à l'aide de cartes et d'une banque de données. Sont ensuite présentés les premiers résultats de l'enquête relatifs à -la répartition géographique des nécropoles -les relations entre l'habitat rural, les nécropoles et les monuments funéraires -l' organisation spatio-temporelle des nécropoles rurales -les pratiques dépositionnelles et la hiérarchisation sociale au sein des nécropoles -les différents modes cinéraires et les rapports entre incinération et inhumation

  16. Thinking of the construction of the contemporary youth Internet moral thinking------In zhang wen tian"youth culture"%网络环境下青年道德思想建设的思考--于张闻天的“青年修养”的启示



    With the advent of the era of Internet,more and more youth indulge in network,their ideologi-cal and moral;the behavior way has a diversity of change.Zhang wen tian“youth culture”ethics guide youth to set up the ideal,positive enterprising,does not fear the difficulty, go forward,honest and friendly,be kind, for the contemporary youth network Internet moral ideology construction is of profound significance.%随着互联网时代的到来,越来越多的青年沉迷于网络,他们的思想道德、行为方式都有着多元化的改变。张闻天的“青年修养”伦理思想引导青年树立理想、积极进取、不怕困难、勇往直前、诚信友爱、宽厚待人,对当代网络青年网民道德思想建设有着深刻的意义。

  17. 周文泉运用柴胡龙骨牡蛎汤合玉屏风散治疗多汗证经验%Experience of ZHOU Wen-quan in treating hyperhidrosis by using Chaihu Longgu Muli Decotion combined with Yupingfeng San

    张晋; 苏博; 陈莹珍; 周文泉


    The basic mechanism of disease in professor ZHOU Wen-quan treated hyperhidrosis was yin-yang disharmony, defense-exterior insecurity. The insufficient yin could not restrain yang causing increased activity of yang results in fever with spontaneous sweating; the syncope with spontaneous sweating was caused by insufficient yang failing to counterbalance yin resulted in relative exuberance of yin, therefore hyperhidrosis was caused by abnormal exuberance of yin or yang. The therapeutic principles of professor ZHOU treated hyperhidrosis were regulalion of yin and yang and tonify qi to secure the exterior, he often had good therapeutic effect in hyperhidrosis used Chaihu Longgu Muli Decetion combined with Yupinfeng San to regulate yin-yang, triple energizers and waterways and benefit qi secure the exterior to treat sweating.%周文泉教授认为多汗证的基本病机为阴阳失和,卫表不固.阴虚阳必凑,发热而自汗;阳虚阴必乘,发厥而自汗,故多汗证皆属阴阳偏胜所致.当以调整阴阳、益气固表为治则.周教授常用柴胡龙骨牡蛎汤合玉屏风散调整阴阳,益气固表,调和气机,调理三焦,调畅水道,治疗多汗证获效良多.

  18. On the Creature of the Perfect Image "Night-rain Dropping on the Indus" in Ci of Wen Ting-yun%论温庭筠“梧桐·夜雨”意象入词的开创之功

    董灵超; 蓝秋燕; 莫莉荣


    梧桐意象、梧桐·雨的组合意象是中国古典诗词中的常用意象。然综观晚唐五代词作,温庭筠《更漏子》(玉炉香)则是第一次成功运用“梧桐·夜雨”意象人词的典范,它对后世词作泛用“梧桐·夜雨”意象影响深远。%The perfect image of the indus and the perfect image of the "night-rain dropping on the indus" are both common perfect images in the Chinese ancient poetry and Ci, but when we study all Ci till the later-Tang dynasty to the Song dynasty, we will find that Geng Lou Zi ( fragrance out of the jade censer) by Wen Ting-yun is the model which is the first time using the image of the "night-rain dropping on the indus" and has a profound influence to the future Ci of using the same image.

  19. 浅论孙诒让《札迻·素问王冰注校》的校勘特点%Brief Discussion on SUN Yi-rang ’ s Collation Characteristics in ZHA YI SU WEN WANG BING ZHU JIAO



    SUN Yi-rang’ s ZHA YI SU WEN WANG BING ZHU JIAO played an important role in history of SU WEN’ s collation. The purpose of this paper was to sum up the characteristics of collation, that is learning widely from others' strong points, picking up the es-sence, quoting and seeking broad-mind, detailed examination and resolution, striving for realism rigorously, believing in doubt, inves-tigating the hidden mysteries of things, analysis of small things and mysteries, exploring traceability, studying comprehensively.%在《素问》的校勘史上,孙诒让的《札迻·素问王冰注校》占有十分重要的地位。将其校勘特点总结为“博采众长、撷其精英,引征广博、详审细辨,严谨求实、信守存疑,探幽索隐、析微阐奥,循流溯源、综合考辨”。

  20. On the Characters and Its Strategies of Our Nation's Organized Crime——Taking the Case of Wen Qiang as the Viewing Angle%论我国有组织犯罪的特征及对策——以“文强案”为视角考量



    As the social changes of various fields went on,the organized crime becomes increasingly wild to the intermediate form,which was a serious test to our country's public order.The case of Wen Qiang in the year of 2009 highlights the new characters of the organized crime and the black evil force.We should suit the remedy to the case,and resist the organized crime from the aspects of social combating corruption,industry monitoring and perfecting the laws.%随着我国社会各个领域发生的深刻变化,有组织犯罪愈显猖獗,并且已经发展到中级形态,这对我国的治安状况是个严峻的考验。2009年的"文强案"凸显出我国当下有组织犯罪与黑恶势力的新特征。我们必须对症下药,从社会反腐、行业监控和完善法律几个方面来应对日益严峻的有组织犯罪。

  1. Soft Landing in Sight



    @@ Beijing has illustrated strong poise throughout this round of tightening, reducing the risk of policy overdose. This confidence was not seen in the past two rounds of austerity programs, those initiated by Zhu Rongji in 1995 and Wen Jiabao in 2004. In reality, China's CPI inflation is very benign and PPI has softened. Infrastructure bottlenecks, such as power shortages and railway jams that prompted a tightening in 2004, have eased significantly.Industrial over-investment is much less of an issue this time around compared to three years ago. In our view, Beijing has a lot of maneuver room to tighten or to reverse the gear at this time.

  2. 新闻回顾(英文)


    National Conference on Rural Women’s BecomingWell Off through Science and Technology Convened On June 18,2002,the National WorkingConference on Rural Women's Becoming WellOff through Science and Technology was heldin Beijing、Wen Jiabao,Member and Secretaryof the Secretariat of the Political Bureau of theCentral Committee of the CPC and Vice-pre-mier of the State Council,delivered an importaut speech at the meeting.Peng Peiyun、Vice-chairperson of the NPC Standing Committee

  3. Approche dynamique du premier harmonique pour la modélisation de convertisseurs AC-AC à étage intermédiaire continu. Application aux générateurs à induction

    Bacha, S.; Rognon, J. P.; Ferrieux, J. P.; Bendaas, M. L.


    In this paper, we present a modelling technique for power electronics converters with both DC and AC stages. This technique is based on a dynamical approach of the first harmonic method. The approach is first applied to an idealized converter and second is extended to a framework working under discontinuous conduction mode. At the end, comparative simulations are done to validate the continuous built model. Dans cet article, il est présenté une technique de modélisation de convertisseurs présentant à la fois des étages continus et alternatifs. Cette technique est basée sur une approche dynamique de la méthode du premier harmonique. La technique est tout d'abord appliquée à un convertisseur idéalisé pour être ensuite étendue à une structure travaillant en conclusion discontinue. En dernier lieu, des simulations viennent valider le modèle continu mis au point.

  4. The Barclays Premier League game field emergency predicting and early warning mechanism and its inspiration to China%英超赛场突发事件预测预警机制及对我国的启示

    刘亚云; 罗恒; 钟丽萍


    The authors gave a detailed introduction to the risk assessing, monitoring and early warning mechanism in the Barclays Premier League game field emergency predicting and early warning mechanism as well as gold, sil-ver and bronze levels of emergency handling. The inspiration gotten therefrom is that setting up a dedicated risk management organization, cultivating risk management professionals, strengthening the construction of the predict-ing and early warning system, and establishing a sports game emergency response command mechanism, are effec-tive ways to prevent sports game field emergences and reduce losses caused by such emergencies.%通过对英超赛场突发事件预测预警机制的风险评估、监测预警机制以及“金、银、铜”3级应急处置等进行了详细介绍。从中得到的启示是设置专门的风险管理机构,培养专业风险管理人才;加强预测预警系统的建设;建立体育赛事突发事件应急指挥机制,是预防体育赛场突发事件以及降低突发事件造成损失的有效途径。

  5. Sino-Japanese Relations: Cooperation, Competition, or Status Quo?


    Based on the diplomatic aims of the April 11-13, 2007 Sino- Japanese summit held between Chinese Premiere Wen Jibiao and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ...assistance (ODA) projects funded with Japanese money getting more attention now, than they did in the 1980s and 1990s.53 Prior to the Wen- Abe leaders to stop visiting the Yasukuni shrine.59 When Prime Minister Abe took office, his “no confirmation, no denial” policy on Yasukuni shrine

  6. Premiers éléments de caractérisation génétique de l'alose du Rhône (Alosa fallax rhodanensis Roule, 1924



    Full Text Available La systématique des deux espèces du genre Alosa (A. alosa Linné, 1758-grande alose- et A. fallax Lacépède, 1803 -alose feinte- colonisant l'Atlantique-est et la Méditerranée reste encore confuse en l'absence de caractérisation génétique. En particulier, six sous-espèces ont été reconnues chez l'alose feinte uniquement à partir de critères morphométriques et méristiques. Parmi ces sous-espèces, l'une d'entre elles (Alosa fallax rhodanensis Roule, 1924 -alose du Rhône- est inféodée au bassin méditerranéen français et notamment au fleuve Rhône. Les critères morphométriques et méristiques de ce taxon le rattachent sans équivoque à A. fallax. Cependant, son gabarit moyen et certaines de ses caractéristiques écologiques le rapprochent fortement d'A. alosa. Ainsi, pour connaître la véritable identité de l'alose du Rhône, une première caractérisation génétique a été entreprise à l'aide d'une analyse électrophorétique des protéines du foie (gel d'amidon et du sang (isoélectrofocalisation prélevées sur des échantillons d'adultes. Dans un premier temps, deux des loci les plus performants pour différencier les deux aloses atlantiques (MPI, Mannose Phosphate Isomérase et HBA, chaîne α de l'Hémoglobine ont été utilisés. L'observation des fréquences allèliques montre que l'alose du Rhône semble appartenir à l'espèce A. fallax. Dans un deuxième temps, un troisième locus (ADH, Alcool Déshydrogénase a été utilisé car il a été reconnu comme permettant de discriminer les populations d'alose feinte du Portugal. L'expression de sa fréquence allèlique montre que la population du Rhône resterait proche de celle des fleuves du nord du Portugal. Ces premiers résultats sont discutés en fonction des récentes études génétiques réalisées sur les aloses de l'Atlantique. Elles montrent que, compte tenu du caractère particulier de ce taxon, sa caractérisation génétique doit être compl

  7. La sodomie dans l’affaire Théophile de Viau : questions de genre et de sexualité dans la France du premier xviie siècle

    Matthieu Dupas


    Full Text Available L’affaire Théophile est source de malentendus. Alors que l’historiographie du libertinage, en se concentrant sur le libertinage érudit a fini par oublier que la sodomie était un enjeu majeur du procès, les historiens de la répression homosexuelle abordent les relations sexuelles entre hommes dans une perspective essentialiste, gommant toute distinction entre sodomie au xviie siècle et homosexualité à l’époque contemporaine. Il s’agit donc la première partie de cet article de souligner que la sodomie est au cœur de l’affaire à la fois comme objet de représentation littéraire et comme pratique illicite. La seconde partie consiste dans une historicisation des discours ayant trait aux relations sexuelles entre hommes, qui montre qu’on ne saurait confondre « homosexualité masculine » et « sodomie ». Celle-ci désigne en effet des rapports anaux aussi bien entre hommes et femmes qu’entre hommes seuls ; lorsque la notion est mobilisée pour renvoyer à des relations anales entre hommes, elle ne constitue pas pour autant une orientation sexuelle ; en tant que concept issu de la théologie, elle ne relève pas de la sexualité ; aucune déviation de genre ne lui est associée. Dans une troisième partie, il s’agit de montrer que la notion de sodomie ne doit pas nous conduire à ignorer les autres discours pouvant porter sur les relations sexuelles entre hommes dans la France du premier xviie siècle et qu’à ce titre, on ne saurait se suffire de cette catégorie pour aborder la question. Bref, cet article a pour but de poser les premiers jalons d’une histoire de l’homosexualité masculine dans la France du xviie siècle d’un point de vue historiciste, sinon constructionniste.Sodomy in the Theophile de Viau affair: questions of gender and sexuality in early modern France.There is a puzzling misunderstanding about the Theophile affair. While the historiography of libertinism, focusing on erudite

  8. Views on Spirits and Gods in Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou and Tang Zai Chi Men of Qinghua Bamboo Manuscripts%清华简《三寿》《汤在啻门》二文中的鬼神观



    There is great respect for spirits and gods in the text Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou and Tang Zai Chi Men, two texts of Qinghua Bamboo Manuscripts. In Yin Gao Zong Wen Yu San Shou, Pengzu emphasizes the fulfillment of the want of gods and people as an important element in the evaluation of a ruler. Tang Zai Chi Men discusses the important elements in the construction of“human”( Ren) , “country”( Bang) ,“earth”( Di) and “heaven”( Tian) where the four gods ( Si Shen) and the nine gods ( Jiu Shen) have crucial effect. These texts show great respect for spirits and gods but do not focus on them. They focus on both rationality of humans and the mysterious effects of spirits and gods. Therefore, these texts are not related to Mohist School which gives spirits and gods absolute power; instead they are more close to Huang-Lao Daoism. The specific term ‘Di Zhen” of religious Daoism appears in Tang Zai Chi Men. Also concepts like the four gods ( Si Shen ) and the nine gods ( Jiu Shen ) are possibly related to the ‘ Shen Ren” and‘ Zhen Ren”immortals of religious Daoism and philosophical Daoism. Therefore, the religious Daoism may have absorbed the resources from the views on spirits and gods of these early texts.%清华简《殷高宗问于三寿》和《汤在啻门》两篇文献都对鬼神非常敬重。《殷高宗问于三寿》中彭祖反复强调,让“神”与“民”均得到满足,是衡量统治者是否高明的一个重要标志。《汤在啻门》讨论了构成“人”“邦”“地”“天”的重要因素,其中“四神”和“九神”起到了重要的作用。但此二文既重视鬼神,又不惟鬼神;既重视人的理性思考,又借重鬼神作为禁忌所能产生的神秘作用,因此和将鬼神视为绝对力量的墨家无关,思想倾向更接近黄老道家。《汤在啻门》出现了“地真”这个特定的道教用语,“四神”和“九神”也很有可能和

  9. Classical Aestheticism and Profound Simplicity——Review on the Sequels of A Dream of Red Mansions by the Well-known Female Writer Wen Haoran%古典唯美 深闳简约——评著名女作家温皓然的《红楼梦续》



    Following the "Red Mansions cultural fever" provoked by the well-known writer Liu Xinwu who continued writing A Dream of Red Mansions,2011 seems to be A Dream of Red Mansions' continuing year.Wen Haoran,a talented female writer of 1970s,inventively forms her own unique style on the basis of absorbing good points from various types of A Dream of Red mansions' continuing modes.With a full respect to the existed research results,close to Cao Xueqin's original intents and thoughts,and basically fitting for the cultural context of the Qing Dynasty,Wen's writing adds "a sense of the times and main spirit".What matters most is her ultimate exploration of the spiritual value of A dream of Red Mansions,that is,the universal building of the creation theme.So her works has a profound metaphysical meaning.In the arts' aspect,Wen's writing embodies a fantastic Buddhist sense and poetic conception.As one of the founders of post-modern genre of classical literature,Wen Haoran's writing style is with classical aestheticism and profound simplicity.She also "benefits from many teachers",which is reflected from her works a similar taste and tone of magic realism of Marquez's Hundred Years of Solitude.It can be said that Wen's sequels of A dream of Red Mansions is the best of all the continued versions in two hundred years.%继著名作家刘心武的探佚续书引发"红楼文化热"以来,2011年似乎成了"《红楼梦》续书年","70后"实力派女作家温皓然又独辟蹊径,融合各类红楼续书模式之长并在此基础上形成自己独特的文化品格。"温续红楼"充分尊重已有红学研究成果,在尽量贴近曹雪芹"原意"、"原笔"以及与清代历史语境基本契合的前提下,续出了时代意义和主体精神,最难能可贵的是她对《红楼梦》终极精神价值的探索,也就是创作主旨的普世化构建,因而她的作品具有深刻的形而上意味;在艺术旨趣上,

  10. How to Achieving 4% of GDP of 2012 National Finanical Education Expenditure%2012年国家财政性教育经费支出占GDP4%的目标如何实现



    At 2010 National Education Conference,Premier Wen Jia-bao described the central formulation of the "Education Plan" to consider and determine education policy.Particularly,he noted,"Education Plan" demands that the education fiscal spending accounts for 4% of gross domestic product(GDP) in 2012.The timetable of education expenditure achieving 4% of GDP represents the determination of the party and government in promoting education revolution and development;represents large increase of total amount of education funding,providing economical security to implement the strategy of revitalizing China through science and education,building power of human resources.However,from a historical perspective,achieving this goal is a daunting task and solving different problems.%温家宝总理在2010年全国教育工作会议上,阐述了中央制定《教育规划纲要》的主要考虑和确定的教育工作方针,他特别强调《教育规划纲要》提出到2012年实现教育财政性支出占GDP4%的目标。2012年国家财政性教育经费支出达到占GDP4%的时间表,意味着党和政府推动教育改革和发展的坚定决心;意味着教育经费投入总量将有一个大的增加,落实科教兴国战略、建设人力资源强国有了重要经济保障。然而,从历史经验看,它也意味着实现这个目标是一个艰巨的任务,我们还面临着许多要解决的新难题。

  11. 使用i-gel(R)与La Premiere(R)一次性喉罩后咽喉与颈部并发症的比较:一项双盲随机对照试验

    Christiaan Keijzer; 刘素平; Dirk R. Buitelaar; Katina M. Efthymiou; Michael (S)rámek; Julia ten Cate; May Ronday; Tino Stoppa; Johannes M. Huitink; Peter F. Schutte


    背景 很多声门上的气道装置都可用于气道管理.由于i-gel(R)不使用可充气的套囊,我们推测,相对于标准的喉罩(LM),使用i-gel(R)应该能减少手术后喉部与颈部的不适.方法 218例患者被随机分组,分别使用i-gel(R)或LaPremiere(R)喉罩进行气道管理,并于手术后1、24和48小时随访患者喉部与颈部的不适症状,随访者和患者对所用通气装置均不知情.结果 109例患者应用i-gel,103例患者使用La Premiere喉罩.与LM组比较,i-gel组在手术后1小时(6与32)、24小时(7与48)、48小时(5与25)咽喉疼痛的发生率明显减少;出现吞咽困难的情况两组患者相似;i-gel组在手术后24小时(1与27)、48小时(1与7)颈部疼痛的发生率也较少.结论 通过本随机研究,使用i-gel声门上装置导致的手术后喉部与颈部的不适小于LaPremiere喉罩.

  12. La fouille du fort Saint-Georges à Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. Premiers résultats The excavation of fort Saint-Georges at Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. First results

    Bruno Dufaÿ


    Full Text Available Cette note présente les premiers résultats des fouilles menées en 2003 et 2004 sur la quasi-totalité du fort Saint-Georges à Chinon (Indre-et-Loire. Celui-ci est l’un des trois éléments de la forteresse médiévale qui domine la ville. La fouille a permis de préciser la fonction du fort, construit dans la deuxième moitié du XIIe s., à l’époque où Chinon est le centre administratif des possessions continentales des Plantagenêt, rois d’Angleterre. Du point de vue militaire, il formait une fortification avancée, protégeant le château principal, selon une structure que Richard Cœur de Lion appliquera au Château Gaillard. À l’intérieur, de vastes bâtiments constituaient des logis, conçus peut-être au départ pour héberger la chancellerie royale.This article presents the first results of the excavations undertaken in 2003 and 2004 over almost all of the Fort Saint-Georges at Chinon (Indre-et-Loire, one of three elements of the medieval fortress which dominates the town. The excavation enabled us to clarify the function of the fort, built in the 2nd half of the 12th century at a time when Chinon was the administrative centre of the continental possesions of the Plantagenet King of England. From a military point of view, it formed an advanced fortification protecting the main castle, within a structure that Richard the Lionheart would apply to the Chayeau Gaillard. Inside, some vast buildings made up the dwellings, designed perhaps initially to house the royal chanceller.

  13. Archéologie et sociabilité: la délégation du Pérou au Premier Congrès international des Américanistes, Nancy, 1875


    Full Text Available L'auteur tente de montrer comment l'analyse de la composition de la délégation péruvienne au premier Congrès International des Américanistes peut fournir une vision différente du mouvement anthropologique au XIXème siècle, dans la mesure où la plupart des membres de cette délégation étaient peut-être plus préoccupés de représentation que de l'avancement des sciences humaines. D'où l'idée d'un intérêt pour l'archéologie considéré alors comme un acte de sociabilité. El autor intenta demostrar que el análisis de la delegación peruana al primer Congreso Internacional de Americanistas puede dar otra visión del movimiento antropológico en el siglo XIX, en la medida en que la mayoría de los miembros de esta delegación estaban tal vez más preocupados por su imagen pública que por el progreso de las ciencias humanas. En este caso, el interés por la arqueología sería sobre todo un acto de sociabilidad. The author intends to show how the analysis of the social composition of the peruvian delegation at the first International Congress of Americanists, can offer a different view upon the anthropological movement in the XlXth century, as far as most of the delegates were more worried of their public image instead of the advancement of human sciences. In this particular case, their interest on archaeology would be seen as a social act.

  14. 《文心雕龙·比兴》篇的理论建树及其在传统诗学中的地位%On the Theoretical Achievement and Lts' Position in Traditional Poetry of "Bi Xing" in Wen Xin Diao Long



    Chinese ancient poets attach importance to the use of "bi xing",and the doctrines about this device are all in line with the strain of Shi Jing,"Bi xing" is significant as a figurative representation as well as a way of eulogizing and ridiculing.Though there had been quite a few interpretations of "bi xing" since the Han Dynasty,it was the chapter of "Bi Xing" in Wen Xin Diao Long that can be called a monograph.The theories of "explicit implicitness","moral implication","expression of emotions" and "revelation through comparison" cover all the aspects of the origin,meaning,way of thinking,and artistic expression of "bi xing".In particular,the theory about the indirect artistic expression through "objects" is a major theoretical contribution to traditional poetics.%古人做诗重视比兴,相关的言说与儒家《诗》学一脉相承。比兴有表现手法和美刺两重意义,虽然自汉代起就屡有诠解,但古代唯独《文心雕龙.比兴》堪称成篇的专论,其"显隐"、"附理"、"起情"以及"拟容取心"之说涵盖了"比兴"的渊源、意义、思维特征和艺术传达特点,尤其是以"物"为中介进行间接性艺术传达的功效与意义,对传统诗学作出了重大的理论贡献。

  15. 基于乙型肝炎相关性肝衰竭(肝瘟)中医临床与科研信息共享系统的构建与应用%Construction and Application of TCM Medical Treatment and Clinical Scientific Research Information Sharing System Based on Hepatitis B-associated Liver Failure (Gan-Wen)

    胡铁骊; 胡智勇; 陈南; 孙淑贞; 张涛; 阳赣萍; 胡宏


    The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) designed and applied the Traditional Chi-nese Medicine (TCM) Medical Treatment and Clinical Scientific Research Information Sharing System based on Hepatitis B-associated Liver Failure (Gan-Wen ) . The network and hardware environment were built . And the electronic medical record system which fits for TCM treatment and research was also established. The system is interfaced to various clinic information systems. Standard TCM terminology database and medical record templates were built. The TCM clinical multidimensional data warehouse was constructed to achieve data mining and im-prove TCM research ability and efficiency .%基于中国中医科学院“中医临床科研信息共享系统”,围绕“乙型肝炎相关性肝衰竭(肝瘟)”展开设计与应用,搭建网络硬件环境,建立适应中医临床与科研的电子病历采集系统,与多个临床信息系统进行对接,建立基于乙型肝炎相关性肝衰竭(肝瘟)规范化术语库及病历模板,形成中医临床多维数据仓库,实现数据挖掘功能,整体提高中医临床研究能力和效率。

  16. Premier numéro bilingue

    Esther Cloutier


    Full Text Available Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter ce nouveau numéro bilingue de la revue PISTES. Nous espérons ainsi faire connaître les travaux francophones sur la santé au travail dans le monde anglo-saxon. Nous vous rappelons que la traduction de ce numéro a été rendu possible grâce à une subvention du CRSH (Conseil de la recherche en sciences humaines du Canada ainsi qu’à la contribution de certains auteurs que nous tenons à remercier. Ce numéro aborde plusieurs thèmes de recherche reliés au travail...

  17. Film Premiere: Arrows of time at exploratorium


    "Join award-wimming artist and filmmaker Ken McMullen for a uniqude presentation of films engaging ideas at the forefront of science and culture on Sunday, Apri 29 at 2pm at the Exploratorium." (1/3 page)

  18. Inkscape premiers pas en dessin vectoriel

    Dufour, Nicolas


    Avec Inkscape, s'initier au dessin vectoriel devient un jeu d'enfant ! Paramétrez votre espace de travail pour créer avec aisance et précision. Intégrez des photos et des textes à vos dessins. Maniez les outils de forme ou dessinez à main levée avec les courbes de Bézier. Appliquez couleurs et dégradés aux formes et aux contours. Optimisez votre méthode de travail avec les modèles, les calques et les clones. Convertissez les objets en chemin et retouchez le détail de vos tracés. Transformez vos projets avec les filtres et les effets. Validez vos acquis avec 9 études de cas : création de logo, réalisation d'une invitation, conception d'une affiche...

  19. Sur les premiers peuplements du Pacifique sud

    Semah, Anne-Marie; Detroit, F.


    About the first human settlements in South Pacific. South Pacific includes Australia and the Pacific Islands: Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia. Which human populations settled them? When, why and how? Where did they come from? Did environment influence these migrations? An exhaustive discussion of these vast questions could not be undertaken rigorously within the framework of this short article. We thus propose to discuss here very precise points that could bring a new lighting on the first s...

  20. Théorie visco-élastique non-extensive IV. Premiers tests expérimentaux de la théorie simplifiée à modes translationnels

    Volino, F.

    This paper describes the first tests of the non-extensive visco-elastic theory with translational modes developed in (III), using viscosity, self-diffusion, shear elasticity, thermal conductivity and surface tension literature data of several liquids, namely water, organic solvents and a nematics, for which numerous data exist in the literature. As in the rotational case (I, II), a remarkable qualitative and quantitative agreement is obtained. The influence of translational-rotational coupling on the flow is examined for the nematics and for water. The obtained results, of equivalent importance as those obtained previouly in (II), are more spectacular in the sense that they concern more common substances. If the proposed description is accepted, important changes in the meaning of some physical concepts are necessarily implied. Cet article décrit les premiers tests de la théorie visco-élastique non-extensive à modes translationnels développée dans l'article (III), à l'aide de données de viscosité, de coefficients d'auto-diffusion, d'élasticité de cisaillement, de conductivité thermique et de tension superficielle, d'un certain nombre de liquides, à savoir l'eau, des solvants organiques usuels et un nématique, pour lesquels de très nombreuses données expérimentales existent dans la littérature. Comme dans le cas rotationnel avec les nématiques (I, II), un accord qualitatif et surtout quantitatif remarquable est obtenu. L'influence du couplage translation-orientation sur les propriétés d'écoulement est examiné dans le cas du nématique, et dans une certaine mesure, de l'eau. Ces résultats, de même importance absolue que ceux obtenus dans (II) avec les aspects rotationnels, sont relativement plus spectaculaires dans la mesure où ils sont relatifs à des substances beaucoup plus communes. Si ce type de description est accepté, ils impliquent inévitablement des changements importants sur la signification de certains concepts physiques.

  1. La stigmatisation particulière du pédéraste passif dans les enquêtes de médecine légale dans la premiere partie du xixe siècle

    Thierry Pastorello


    Full Text Available Les enquêtes de médecine légale dans la première partie du xixe siècle sont les premiers travaux envisageant la pratique de l’homosexualité masculine sous l’angle scientifique. Deux figures sont primordiales : le docteur Pierre-Jean-Georges Cabanis (1757-1808 membre des idéologues et qui entendait faire de la médecine la pièce maîtresse d’une science de l’homme et Ambroise Tardieu 1818-1879 professeur de médecine légale à Paris auteur d’un traité vu comme un aboutissement de ces études médico-légales. Il faut signaler l’influence de la phrénologie. Ces médecins définissent des stigmates physiques et moraux propres à la pratique de la pédérastie, surtout passive et à l’occasion définissent un personnage type. Ces discours relèvent d’abord d’une phraséologie morale et ils puisent leurs racines antérieurement. Cependant il faut aussi replacer ces discours stigmatisant la pédérastie passive dans le contexte de la construction de la virilité moderne. Il faut aussi placer la médecine légale dans le contexte de la médecine et de ses évolutions.The particular stigmatization of the passive pederast in the inquiries of forensic medecine in the first part of the XIX centuryForensic medicine in the first part of the 19th century investigations are first work considering the practice of male homosexuality in scientific terms. Two figures are crucial: the Dr. Pierre-Jean-Georges Cabanis (1757-1808 the ideologists member and intended to do medicine the centrepiece of a human science and Ambroise Tardieu 1818 - 1879 Professor of forensic medicine in Paris author of a treaty as a culmination of these forensic studies. It should be noted the influence of the phrenology. These physicians define physical stigma and moral own practice of pederasty, especially passive and during the define a type character. These speeches are firstly a moral phraseology and they draw their roots previously. However we also

  2. Interpretation of the Chapter Fu Hui in Liu Xie’ s Wen Xin Diao Long from the Perspective of Journal Editing%从学报编辑视角解读刘勰《文心雕龙·附会》篇

    刘小平; 治丹丹


    刘勰《文心雕龙·附会》篇是文章谋篇命意,布局结构的专论。该篇对文章结构设计的原则、目的、方法、标准等问题进行了深入的讨论。刘勰认为,“附辞会义,务总纲领”是结构设计应遵循的原则;“驱万涂于同归,贞百虑于一致”是结构设计应达到目的;“群言虽多,无棼丝之乱”,“众理虽繁,无倒置之乖”是结构设计应采用的方法;“首尾周密,表里一体”则是结构设计美的标准。从学报编辑视角解读,这些观点并不过时,其对现代学术论文结构设计及编辑对论文结构的审视都有重要理论借鉴和深远启迪作用。%The chapter Fu Hui ( Relevance and Integration ) in Liu Xie’ s Wen Xin Diao Long ( Carving a Dragon at the Core of Literature ) is mainly on designing the structure and ideas for an essay .Profoundly ,the chapter discusses the matter of essay structure design in the following aspects:principle,purpose,method and standard.In this chap-ter,Liu Xie argues that the principle of essay structure design is to “have words relevant and meanings integrated , make the outline ordered and categories proportioned”;the purpose is to “instruct every thought to the same desti-nation,direct each idea to the central notion”;the method is“Tangled trouble not seen ,in spite of verbal variation;inversion mess not been ,in spite of numerous notion” and,the aesthetic standard is “utter coherence from beginning to end,total consistency of notion and form”.Interpreting from the perspective of journal editing ,those views above , however,are not outmoded.On the contrary,they are both theoretical reference and far-reaching enlightenment for designing the structure of a modern academic paper ,as well as for the editor ’ s surveying a paper ’ s structure .

  3. reproductive biology of boiga guangxiensis wen, 1998(serpentes: colubridae)


    up to now,the reproductive biology of most species of the genus boiga is investigated very little.important data on the reproductive biology of boiga guangxiensis were received by us for the first time.the investigations were carried out in viet nam during expeditions and in the laboratories of tula exotarium in the period between 1998-2000.the data on the feeding,egg size,incubation,size of hatchings,and juvenile colouration of this species are provided for the first addition,the data on size and ratio of snout-vent length/tail length of this snake are provided based on the vietnamese samples.our researches demonstrated that b.guangxiensis is distinguished from most other species of the genus by a number of peculiarities of its reproductive biology.also,morphological differences between chineseand vietnamese individuals of this species were noted.

  4. Tadmekka. Archéologie d’une ville caravanière des premiers temps du commerce transsaharien Tadmekka: The archaeology of an early cross-Saharan caravan town in West Africa

    Sam Nixon


    Full Text Available Cet article présente les premières fouilles systématiques de Tadmekka, une des villes commerçantes majeures d’Afrique de l’Ouest, qui a participé à la croissance du commerce transsaharien durant les premières années de l’ère islamique (vers 650-1500. En 2005, des fouilles sur les ruines de Tadmekka (Essouk, dans le Nord du Mali, ont fourni une stratigraphie de 6,5 m, depuis le milieu du premier millénaire jusque vers 1400. Les analyses effectuées ensuite ont considérablement amélioré notre compréhension des périodes « préhistoriques » et historiques, et permettent d’ouvrir des perspectives nouvelles. Après une description des prémisses du projet et une présentation complète de ses résultats, nous présentons une histoire du développement de Tadmekka, en plaçant côte à côte les résultats archéologiques et les indices fournis par la documentation historique. Nous nous focalisons ensuite sur des analyses spécifiques, comme par exemple : les modes de construction à Tadmekka, le monnayage en or, le commerce des produits au-delà du Sahara, les céramiques, les industries locales et les pratiques alimentaires.This paper reports the first systematic excavations of Tadmekka, one of the major West African trading towns that enabled the huge growth of cross-Saharan trade during the early Islamic era (c. AD 650-1500. In 2005 excavations at Tadmekka’s contemporary site (‘Essouk’ in northern Mali yielded a 6.5 m excavated sequence, dating from the mid-first millennium AD to c. 1400. Subsequent analysis has significantly improved understanding of the town’s ‘prehistoric’ and historic periods, and shown how the archaeology presents a wealth of evidence of significance for wider debates. Following a background to the project and a full presentation of its results, we build up an improved story of Tadmekka’s development, by placing the archaeology side by side with the evidence provided by early

  5. Le diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par l'hybridation in situ en fluorescence (FISH): à propos des premiers tests réalisés au Maroc

    Lamzouri, Afaf; Natiq, Abdelhafid; Tajir, Mariam; Sendid, Mohamed; Sefiani, Abdelaziz


    Introduction Le but de cette étude était de présenter les premiers résultats de diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par la technique d'hybridation in situ en fluorescence (FISH) au Maroc et discuter son intérêt dans le diagnostic rapide de cette aneuploïdie. Méthodes Ce travail a été réalisé chez 23 femmes avec des grossesses à haut risque de trisomie 21. La moyenne d’âge des gestantes étaient de 37,43 ans avec des extrêmes de 21 et 43 ans. Toutes étaient musulmanes mariées, mariage légitimé par la Charia, dont trois mariages consanguins, sauf une originaire de la République Démocratique du Congo qui était chrétienne et concubine. La majorité des femmes étaient fonctionnaires et avaient un niveau de scolarisation moyen à élevé. Toutes les patientes ont bénéficié d'une consultation de génétique médicale au cours de laquelle il leur a été donné des informations sur la technique, son intérêt et ses limites. Il s'agit de femmes enceintes qui avaient soit un âge maternel élevé ou des signes d'appel échographiques et/ ou biochimiques. Une des patientes était porteuse d'une translocation robertsonienne t(14;21) équilibrée. Une amniocentèse a été réalisée chez toutes les gestantes et aucun avortement n'a était induit par ce geste invasif. L’âge gestationnel moyen à la première consultation était de 14 semaines d'aménorrhée (SA) et à l'amniocentèse était de 16 SA et 5 jours. L'analyse FISH a été réalisée, après consentement des couples, sur des cellules non cultivées à partir des échantillons de liquides amniotiques, en utilisant des sondes spécifiques du chromosome 21. Résultats Parmi les 23 patientes qui ont bénéficiées d'un diagnostic anténatal de la trisomie 21 par la technique FISH, nous avons pu rassurer 21 d'entre elles, et nous avons détecté deux cas de trisomie 21 fœtal. Conclusion La technique FISH permet un diagnostic anténatal rapide, en moins de 48h, de la trisomie 21 sur

  6. Open Waters


    Premier Wen Jiabao’s tour of Pacific island nations provides China with new opportunities to enhance relations with these countries This spring, China’s relations with Pacific island nations are expected to warm further, although its relations with some island countries still are frosty.

  7. Burying the Hatchet


    Premier Wen Jiabao’ s visit to Japan is focusing the public’ s attention firmly on the relations between the two countries right now for two reasons. One is that it is the first visit by a Chinese head of government in six years.

  8. Chinese Film Searches for Its “Missing Gun”


    THE ceremonious premiere was recently held of a Chinese film whose theme is the grim search by a policeman in a small town for his missing gun. The film is the maiden work of a young director. It starred Jiang Wen, cur-

  9. China-Poland Local Cooperation Forum Held in Poland

    Lu; Yanxia


    <正>As a positive result of Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Poland in 2012,the CPAFFC and the provinces of Pomerania,West Pomerania and Lesser Poland co-sponsored the China-Poland Local Cooperation Forum in Gdansk,

  10. 异曲同工:“死水”遥映“恶之花”——论闻一多与波德莱尔诗歌创作美学的趋同性%Different in Approach but Equally Satisfactory in Result:"Stagnant Water" Echoes "Evil Flowers"——Research into the Convergence of the Poetry Aesthetics between WEN Yi-duo and Baudelaire



    Although the two poets WEN Yi-duo and Baudelaire lived in different countries and different times,the dark and corrupt social system made them produce feelings of pessimism,and both expressed their resentment and melancholy through images of hideous reality.Both of them happened to coincide in producing similar creative intention of considering "ugly" as "beautiful" and transforming "decadent" to "magic",and achieved the same effects of expressing their anxiety for the unexpected development of their ages and nations,and revealing their humanist feelings.%闻一多与波德莱尔两位诗人虽然身处不同国度,不同时代,但黑暗腐朽的社会制度促使他们产生悲观主义情绪,并在诗歌创作中借丑恶现实的物象表达心中的愤懑与忧郁。两人都不约而同地体现了"以丑为美"、"化腐朽为神奇"的创作意旨,并最终殊途同归,表达了对时代、民族的忧患意识,彰显了人道主义情怀。

  11. Premier`s Task Force on NAFTA wind turbine manufacturing facility and windpower plants : final report



    The proposal for a 700 MW wind farm and associated manufacturing facility at Pincher Creek, Alberta was discussed. York WindPower and ENERCON submitted the joint proposal in the spring of 1996 and requested a financial arrangement to guarantee a sale price of 5.4 cents per kWh (escalated) over 25 years. This was later revised in February, 1997 to 350 MW, 4.9 cents per kWh (escalated) over 15 years. A Task Force was established to assess this proposal and any other prospects for development of renewables in general. The two inseparable elements of the proposed project would be a manufacturing facility which would produce approximately 400 wind turbines a year, and a 700 MW wind farm, phased in over 10 years. The size of the wind farm would be based on a calculation of the minimal annual production required for the manufacturing facility to be viable. Pincher Creek residents are supportive of renewable energy and have been promoting wind energy long before the York/ENERCON proposal. They view this project as a support for regional economic development. The Task Force was pleased that York/ENERCON is pursuing the Alberta Advantage and is considering setting up a manufacturing facility. The Task Force did not seek to make a finding with respect to the business viability of the project, instead, the Task Force concluded that the commercial test for the project should be provided by competition in the marketplace. Nevertheless, the Task Force is supportive of the project, provided it proceeds on a voluntary, market-driven basis, and there are no conflicts with the existing government policy framework. 4 tabs., 2 appendices.

  12. Fundamental equations for two-phase flow. Part 1: general conservation equations. Part 2: complement and remarks; Equations fondamentales des ecoulements diphasiques. Premiere partie: equations generales de conservation. Deuxieme partie: complements et remarques

    Delhaye, J.M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 38 - Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    equations concerning different methods of presenting two-phase flows with those proposed in the literature. As a result a detailed study has been made of the work of C.G. TELETOV, S.S. KUTATELADZE, M.A. STYRIKOVICH and N. ZUBER; a summary of this work presented. (author) [French] Ce rapport traite des equations generales de conservation de la masse, de la quantite de mouvement et de l'energie pour un ecoulement diphasique. Ces equations sont presentees sous plusieurs formes a partir des equations integrales qui sont posees a priori. 1. Equations aux variables locales instantanees et conditions d'interface; 2. Equations aux variables instantanees moyennees dans une section et applications pratiques: ces equations renferment une donnee experimentale interessante qui est le rapport de la section de passage d'une phase sur la section totale d'une conduite. 3. Equations aux moyennes statistiques locales et equations moyennees dans le temps: une tentative plus poussee pour relier experience et theorie consiste a prendre les moyennes statistiques des equations locales. On obtient alors des equations ou interviennent des variables moyennees dans le temps par application d'une hypothese ergodique. 4. Combinaisons des moyennes statistiques et des moyennes dans une section: on considere dans cette etude des variables locales moyennees statistiquement, puis moyennees dans la section et egalement des variables moyennees dans la section puis moyennees statistiquement. 5. Equations generales relatives aux emulsions: dans ce cas, une phase se presente (localement sous un aspect tres divise. Cette particularite permet de definir une concentration volumique locale et d'etablir des equations aux applications multiples. On a complete et precise certains points de la premiere partie de ce rapport concernant les equations generales de conservation des ecoulements diphasiques. On a introduit dans les equations generales les termes correspondant a la tension

  13. On the Influence of Western Art History on Chinese Art History and Its Countermeasures by the Cases Studies of Teng Gu,Li Puyuan,Ke Lige and Fang Wen%中国美术史研究受西方艺术史观的影响及其对策——以滕固、李朴园、柯律格、方闻为例



    Chinese art history has changed the closed painting history into the international art tide since the 20th century as we can see from the cases of Chinese art history,such as Chen Shizeng and Pan Tianshou's The History of China Painting influenced by Japanese art historians in 1920s,Li Puyuan's An Introduction to the History of Chinese Art and Teng Gu's History of the Tang and Song Painting influenced by the Western historical materialism in1930s,and the British scholar Ke Lige's Ming art research and the Chinese American scholars Fang Wen's Chinese art history studies in the late period of the 20th century.There are two primary paths as following: On the one hand,the theories and methods of the Japanese and the Western have profoundly impacted on the study of art history scholars in China;On the other hand,China's scholars like Fang Wen have created new research methods to respond to the challenge of Western art historians so as to promote the in-depth development of Chinese art history into the international world,which should be one of the countermeasures and directions of China art history research in the 21st century.%从20世纪30年代滕固《唐宋绘画史》、李朴园《中国艺术史概论》所受西方风格理论与唯物史观的影响,再到20世纪下半叶英国学者柯律格的明代艺术研究及旅美华人学者方闻的中国艺术史研究的案例中,可以看出20世纪以来中国美术史研究已经改变了此前那种封闭的画史、书史研究状态,进入到国际艺术史学的大潮中。主要路径有两方面:一方面,西方的艺术史观与方法深刻地影响了中国学者的艺术史研究;另一方面,如方闻那样,以创造新的中国艺术史研究、分析方法来应对西方艺术史学的挑战,从而推动中国艺术史学的深入发展和融入国际艺术史学的大背景。

  14. De David Belasco à Giacomo Puccini : La Fanciulla del West, premier opéra « américain » From David Belasco to Giacomo Puccini:La Fanciulla del West, first “American” opera

    Walter Zidaric


    Full Text Available La Fanciulla del West is a “horse opera” resulting from the second collaboration between David Belasco and Giacomo Puccini. This work, specially composed for the American stage, which had its world premiere at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in December 1910, paved the way for American composers who increasingly focused on American History in their quest for a “national” opera. For the first time, Puccini resorted to genuine Indian music, a Zuni melody, which he re-elaborated for dramatic purposes and associated with the nostalgic mood of uprooted people, the miners who left their home country for America. The Other – the native American viewed from the vantage point of the white, as well as the foreigner – no longer represented a threat, as had been the case in the operatic repertoire before, but became part and parcel of a multicultural society, like the Italian immigrant to whom Puccini also paid tribute. The Zuni melody, which opens and closes the opera, contributes to giving a genuine twist to a score which is the first one to tackle the foundations of the American nation.

  15. Rationalising Stability Preservation through Mao’s Not So Invisible Hand

    Susan Trevaskes


    Full Text Available This paper considers the process of constructing the official discourse of weiwen (维稳, stability preservation in the policing arena in the first decade of the 21st century. It focuses on the pivotal period after 2003 when policing priorities were shifted from “striking hard” at serious crime to pursuing weiwen to contain burgeoning protests and civil dissent, as a move to maintain stability in the early to mid years of the Hu Jintao–Wen Jiabao harmonious society era. We observe how Mao has been central in this process. Stability preservation operations have been rationalised through Maoist ideology using some staples of Maoist discourse, particularly “social contradictions”, and policing authorities have adopted key methodological aspects of Maoist campaign-style policing to embed this new weiwen focus in the everyday agendas of policing, while ever more “mass incidents” disrupt the maintenance of stability in China.

  16. Respond to Emergency, Safeguard Constitutional Rights and Restrain Public Power More Effectively by Reform and Innovation- Taking the Rescue Lessons of Yong - Wen Line Bullet Train Rear- End Accident as a Study Clue%通过改革创新更有效地应对突发事件、保障基本权利、约束公共权力——以甬温线动车追尾事故救援处置工作教训为研究线索



    Yong -wen Line accident has warned that the malpractice of integration of government administration with enterprise should be rectified in railway system. Meanwhile, it has revealed many problems existing in the legal construction of emergency in in railway system. However, to slolve those problems should enhance both the hardware and sofeware construction by reform and innovation of legal system to more effectively respond to emergency, safeguard constitutional rights and restrain public power.%甬温线特大事故警示人们,必须坚决纠正铁路系统政企不分的弊端;甬温线特大事故充分暴露出铁路系统应急法制建设的诸多问题和矛盾,应当予以分析解决;不但应从加强“硬件建设”的角度,还应从加强“软件建设”的角度,配套采取体制、机制和法制改革创新举措,依法有效地应对突发事件、保障基本权利、约束公共权力,提高铁路系统的危机管理和应急法制水平。

  17. Critical Appraisal of Information on the Web in Practice: Undergraduate Students’ Knowledge, Reported Use, and Behaviour / Évaluation critique de l’information sur la toile : une vision pratique : les connaissances des étudiants de premier cycle, leur uti

    Neil R. Hogan


    Full Text Available Undergraduates use a wide range of information resources for academic and nonacademic purposes, including web sites that range from credible, peer reviewed, online journal sites, to biased and inaccurate promotional web sites. Students are taught basic critical appraisal skills, but do they apply these skills to make decisions about information in different web sites? In an experimental setting, undergraduate students examined pairs of web sites containing conflicting information based on different aspects of critical appraisal, namely credibility of the author of the information, purpose of the web site, and last update of the site, and answered multiple choice questions about the conflicting information. Results indicated that students failed to use critical appraisal criteria, and that while knowledge of and self-reported use of these criteria were related to each other, they were not related to behaviour. This research demonstrates the need for alternative strategies for critical appraisal instruction and assessment. Les étudiants de premier cycle consultent une vaste gamme de sources d’information à des fins universitaires et non universitaires, y compris des sites Web allant de revues en ligne crédibles et évaluées par des pairs à des sites Web promotionnels partials et inexacts. On enseigne aux étudiants des méthodes de base d’évaluation critique, mais mettent-ils ces méthodes en pratique pour prendre des décisions relativement à l’information tirée de différents sites Web? Dans un cadre expérimental, les étudiants de premier cycle ont étudié des paires de sites Web contenant des informations contradictoires en se fondant sur différents aspects de l’évaluation critique, notamment la crédibilité de l’auteur de l’information, l’intention du site Web et la dernière mise à jour du site, et ont répondu à des questions à choix multiples concernant les informations contradictoires. Les r

  18. Interpreting Skills of Political Terms with Chinese Characteristics Guided by Skopos Theory-a Case Study of Premier Li Keqiang's Press Conference Interpreting%目的论视角下中国特色政治词汇口译策略浅析--以2013年两会期间李克强总理答记者问为例

    周爽; 曾景婷


    文章旨在探讨译员是如何运用目的论来口译中国特色政治词汇,实现对外交流的目的。以功能翻译目的论为理论依据,对李克强总理的一场记者招待会现场汉英口译进行了分析。研究结果显示:与其它领域的口译相比,外交口译的特点要求在传译时措辞更严谨,译员会采取不同的口译策略,在目的原则的统领下,遵循目的论的“语内连贯原则”并选择性的违反“语际连贯原则”,即是说为了产出内容能被听众理解,译员需要对口译中目标语作出相应的调整。%This paper aims at analyzing the skills employed to interpret political terms with Chinese Characteristics for foreign ex-change. According to Skopos theory,this paper conducts a case study of a press conference held by Premier Li Keqiang. This re-search demonstrates that even if the nature of diplomatic interpreting calls for a more stringent wording than other kinds of inter-preting,the interpreter always follows the intra-textual coherence rule,adjusting the target text while violating the inter-textual coherence rule to some extent. In other words, in order to realize the purpose of producing an understandable target text, it is necessary to make adjustments to the target text.

  19. The Origin and Development of the Sudanese Ports (‘Aydhâb, Bâ/di‘, Sawâkinin the early Islamic Period Origine et développement des ports soudanais (‘Aydhâb, Bâ/di‘, Sawâkin aux premiers siècles de l’Islam

    Tim Power


    Full Text Available Avant que la mobilité et les échanges liés au /hajj et au commerce avec l’Inde ne s’imposent de manière prédominante dans la mer Rouge médiévale à partir du xie siècle, les ports soudanais connurent une première phase d’activité (632-969, largement ignorée des historiens. Etablis dès les premiers temps de l’Islam, les ports de ‘Aydhâb et de Bâ/di‘ eurent pour première fonction d’appuyer la conquête islamique et de contenir la puissance d’Aksûm en Ethiopie. Les échanges marchands ne se développèrent que lentement. Dans la seconde moitié du viiie siècle se mit en place la traite des esclaves africains, avant que la « ruée vers l’or » du ixe siècle n’accélère la croissance des ports soudanais, entraînant notamment l’établissement du port de Sawâkin.The origin and early development of the Sudanese ports [AD 632-969] has been obscured by a fixation with the medieval ‘India trade’ and /hajj traffic. It can alternatively be shown that ‘Aidhâb and Bâ/di‘ were established to further the Muslim conquests and contain Aksumite Ethiopia. Trade was slow to develop. An African slave trade emerged in the mid eighth century. Gold mining thereafter assumed central importance, with Souakin established in a ninth-century ‘gold rush.’

  20. Les conditions d’exercice du travail des cadres de premier niveau : une étude de cas First level managers’ working conditions: a case study Las condiciones de ejercicio del trabajo de los supervisores de primer nivel : un estudio de caso

    Geneviève Baril-Gingras


    Full Text Available Le travail des cadres de premier niveau a connu, ces dernières années, de nombreux changements. Dans le réseau de la santé au Québec, on a observé réduction importante de leur nombre de cadre de premier niveau. Or, ceux-ci jouent un rôle important quant à la santé (physique et psychologique et à la sécurité des membres des équipes de travail, puisqu’ils définissent certaines des conditions de réalisation de leur travail et certains aspects de leur environnement psychosocial de travail. L’étude, visant à mieux comprendre le travail de ces cadres et l’influence des conditions dans lesquelles il est réalisé, a procédé par des observations auprès de 12 cadres de premier niveau, sous forme de chroniques de travail et par des entretiens sur la base de ces observations. L’article présente et discute trois types de résultats : des exemples de la manière dont la tâche prescrite est convertie en tâche effective et de sa traduction dans leur activité ; une synthèse de la manière dont ils perçoivent leur rôle ou « tâche effective » ; des constats quant à l’écart entre celle-ci et les conditions de réalisation de leur travail, en particulier du fait d’une surcharge quantitative de travail, d’une autonomie réelle limitée et d’obstacles à la planification et au développement à long terme de leurs services, Ces conditions n’apparaissent donc pas favorables au rôle positif qu’ils souhaitent jouer et qui est attendu d’eux, par rapport à leurs équipes de travail.First-level managers’ work has undergone many changes in recent years. In Québec’s public health network, the number of these managers has decreased significantly. However, they play an important role in the health (physical and mental and safety of work team members, since they define some of their working conditions and some aspects of the psycho-social work environment. The aim of the study was to better understand first

  1. Portugal Sees Top Priority Market in China Interview with H.E. Mr. Rui Quartin-Santos, Ambassador of Portugal in China

    Sun Yongjian; Liu Jinliang


    @@ China, a Top Priority Market for Portugal I would start by saying that the political relations between our two countries are very friendly and robust.Premier Wen Jiaobao visited Portugal in December 2005, and we have established a Global Strategic Partnership between China and Portugal. So we believe that the contact between the leaders of both sides in December last year has boosted decisively our relations in general and our trade relations in particular.

  2. One Bank,Two Markets


    The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC),the only non-listed bank among China’s"big four"state-owned commercial banks,is currently un- der the glare of the reform spotlight.This follows on the heals of Premier Wen Jiabao’s announcement during his government work report in March, that a shareholding system will be introduced in the bank and its role in serving agriculture,farmers and rural areas will remain unchanged.

  3. Guiding Economic Policy


    Three top Chinese officials responsible for guiding China’s macroeconomic policies expound on the state of the economy In Premier Wen Jiabao’s recent govern- ment work report,he said that the major task this year would be to prevent over- all prices from rising rapidly.Along with this,he accentuated a prudent fiscal policy and a tight monetary policy. Following the premier’s work report,

  4. China’s Foreign Policy: What Does It Mean for U.S. Global Interests


    Shinzo Abe , on October 8, 2006. The trip to the PRC was Prime Minister Abe’s first foreign visit as Prime Minister. In April 2007, PRC Premier Wen...Emma Chanlett-Avery. routinely protested former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s annual visits to the Yasukuni Shrine , where war criminals are...also enshrined. After Koizumi first visited the shrine in 2001, China used the issue to justify its refusal to engage in bilateral summitry, except

  5. Premier Print Awards%美国印制大奖


    大奖简介 由美国印刷工业协会主办的“美国印制大奖”是全球印刷行业最权威、最具影响力的印刷产品质量评比赛事,每年举行一次,至今已举办了59届。其最高荣誉Benny Award金奖是以美国发明家本杰明·富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin,昵称Benny)命名的最高荣誉奖项,被喻为全球印刷界的“奥斯卡”。美国印制大奖设立后的59年中,

  6. Malta's Deputy Premier Promoted Malta to Chinese Businesses

    Yan Manman


    @@ On March 24,2010,malta Investment Promotion Conference was held in the Building of CCPIT.Hon Tonio Borg,Matar's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs attended and addressed the conference himself.Dong Songgen,Vice President of CCOPIT,and Karl Xuereb,Ambassador of Malta both participated in the conference.

  7. Light Microsopy Module, International Space Station Premier Automated Microscope

    Meyer, William V.; Sicker, Ronald J.; Chiaramonte, Francis P.; Brown, Daniel F.; O'Toole, Martin A.; Foster, William M.; Motil, Brian J.; Abbot-Hearn, Amber Ashley; Atherton, Arthur Johnson; Beltram, Alexander; hide


    The Light Microscopy Module (LMM) was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2009 and began science operations in 2010. It continues to support Physical and Biological scientific research on ISS. During 2015, if all goes as planned, five experiments will be completed: [1] Advanced Colloids Experiments with a manual sample base -3 (ACE-M-3), [2] the Advanced Colloids Experiment with a Heated Base -1 (ACE-H-1), [3] (ACE-H-2), [4] the Advanced Plant Experiment -03 (APEX-03), and [5] the Microchannel Diffusion Experiment (MDE). Preliminary results, along with an overview of present and future LMM capabilities will be presented; this includes details on the planned data imaging processing and storage system, along with the confocal upgrade to the core microscope. [1] New York University: Paul Chaikin, Andrew Hollingsworth, and Stefano Sacanna, [2] University of Pennsylvania: Arjun Yodh and Matthew Gratale, [3] a consortium of universities from the State of Kentucky working through the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR): Stuart Williams, Gerold Willing, Hemali Rathnayake, et al., [4] from the University of Florida and CASIS: Anna-Lisa Paul and Rob Ferl, and [5] from the Methodist Hospital Research Institute from CASIS: Alessandro Grattoni and Giancarlo Canavese.

  8. The first double superconductor; Le premier supraconducteur double

    Roditchev, D. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), 75 - Paris (France); Klein, J. [Paris-7 Univ., 75 (France); Sacks, W. [Paris-6 Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, 75 (France)


    A material easy to manufacture which conduce the electric current without resistance up to a temperature relatively high: there is soon three years, this discovery gives rise to hopes for potential applications. Nowadays, however, the main advance is theoretical: the identification of a new type of superconductivity. (O.M.)

  9. Les marees vertes: Premier bilan concernant les essais de valorisation

    Brault, D.; Briand, X; Golven, P


    Seasonal green algal blooms (Ulva lactuca ) are observed along Brittany coasts and estuaries. The example of Lannion Bay during 1982 is exposed, with the causes and the consequences. After treatment, these seaweeds can be used for energy production (methanization and composting) and animal feeding (laying hens).

  10. The first Capel experiment; La premiere experience Capel

    Hubert, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Electrostatic periodic perturbations producing a resonance effect with Larmor motion, are applied for trapping 1.8 keV electrons in a magnetic mirrors bottle. This method gives temporary trapping lasting more than 20 transits. Switching off the perturbations results in complete trapping of temporarily trapped particles. Life time of fast electrons with a pressure of 5.10{sup -9} mm Hg has a value of 12 ms which seems to result from non adiabatic effect losses. At the same pressure, ionization of residual gas by fast electrons produces secondary electrons with a lifetime of 1.5 second in agreement with evaluations based on elastic scattering losses assumption. (author) [French] On capture des electrons de 1,8 keV dans une bouteille a miroirs magnetiques en utilisant une methode de perturbations electrostatiques periodiques agissant par un effet de resonance avec le mouvement gyromagnetique. Cette methode donne une capture provisoire correspondant a un nombre de transits superieur a 20. La suppression rapide des perturbations transforme la capture provisoire en capture 'definitive'. Pour une pression d'environ 5.10{sup -9} mm Hg, la duree de vie des electrons rapide semble limitee a 12 ms par les effets de non adiabaticite des trajectoires tandis que les electrons secondaires formes par ionisation du gaz residuel ont une vie de 1,5 s explicable par la valeur des sections efficaces de choc elastique. (auteur)

  11. Premiers résultats en provenance du LEP2

    CERN Press Office. Geneva


    CERN's Large Electron-Positron collider, LEP, produced its first pair of fundamental particles known as W+ and W- today, taking particle physics research into new and unexplored territory. This follows a busy winter of upgrades which have transformed LEP into a new accelerator, earning it the name LEP2. Hundreds of physicists from all over the world come to CERN to do their research at LEP2, which will be further upgraded over the coming years, bringing the possibility of new discoveries and extending our understanding of the Universe.




    要说对世界杯的最初印象.相信不少球迷会回答是来自一九九四年美国世界杯。在那年的世界杯中,罗马里奥、马尔蒂尼等球星穿着的球鞋侧面有个大大的白钩,让人印象深刻。这双传奇般的NIKE TIEMPO PREMIER也成为NIKE足球鞋大家族中最为著名的始祖之一。这一次NIKE复刻了这双球鞋,在世界杯年中将球迷的视线又拉回到了九四年的美利坚之夏。

  13. L’oppidum arverne de Gondole (Le Cendre, Puy-de-Dôme. Topographie de l’occupation protohistorique (La Tène D2 et fouille du quartier artisanal : un premier bilan The arverne oppidum of Gondole (Le Cendre, Puy-de-Dôme, France. Layout of the Proto-historic occupation and excavation of an artisanal area: first results

    Katherine Gruel


    Full Text Available L’oppidum de Gondole est, des trois oppida arvernes localisés dans le sud du grand bassin clermontois, celui qui reste le plus mal connu du grand public mais aussi de la communauté des chercheurs. Identifié assez récemment à un oppidum gaulois à la suite de premiers travaux exploratoires, il n’avait, jusqu’à il y a peu, fait l’objet d’aucune étude approfondie à l’inverse des sites voisins de Corent et de Gergovie.Les découvertes faites dans le cadre de l’archéologie préventive entre 2002-2005, dont de spectaculaires ensevelissements mêlant des hommes et des chevaux, sur les parcelles situées en avant de la fortification, ont marqué la reprise des recherches conduites sur ce site. À leur suite, c’est le secteur sud-est de l’occupation extra muros qui a fait l’objet d’une fouille en aire ouverte. Ces travaux ont permis le dégagement d’une partie de l’ouvrage défensif de l’oppidum (le fossé ainsi que l’étude d’une zone à vocation domestique et artisanale (métallurgie, tabletterie, production céramique immédiatement attenante.Au final, nous disposons aujourd’hui d’une documentation riche et variée qui nous permet de percevoir la topographie de cette occupation protohistorique d’une surface importante (70 ha dont la moitié extra muros, de comprendre le mode d’occupation de certains secteurs (l’habitat notamment et d’en préciser la chronologie (La Tène D2.Of the three arverni oppida situated in the southern part of the Clermont-Ferrand basin, Gondole is the least known to the general public and to the scientific communities. Unlike her sister sites, Corent and Gergovie, detailed surveys of Gondole have only recently begun, mainly because Gondole lay undiscovered until the early 1990’s.The rescue archaeology trial trenching carried out between 2002 and 2005 led to the discovery of the famous horses and human burial, and marked the beginning of the archaeological research around

  14. Variations of shear wave splitting in the 2008 Wen chuan earthquake region

    DING ZhiFeng; WU Yan; WANG Hui; ZHOU XiaoFeng; LI GuiYin


    Through the analysis of S-wave particle motion of local events in the shear wave window, the polarization directions of the faster shear wave and the delay times between the faster and the slower shear waves were derived from seismic recordings at the stations near the fault zones. The shear wave splitting results of seven stations in the area of Longmenshan fault zone reveal spatial variation of the polarization directions of the fast shear wave. The directions at stations in the southeastern side of the Longmenshan fault zone (in the Sichuan Basin area) are in the NE direction, whereas the direction at station PWU (in the Plateau), which is in the northwestern side of the faults, is in the EW direction.Systematic changes of the time delays between two split shear waves were also observed. At station L5501 in the southern end of the aftershock zone, the delay times of the slower shear wave decrease systematically after the main shock. After the main shock, the delay times at station PWU were longer than those before the earthquake. Seismic shear wave splitting is caused mostly by stress-aligned microcracks in the rock below the stations. The results demonstrate changes of local stress field during the main-shock and the aftershocks. The stress in the southern part of Wenchuan seismogenic zone was released by the main-shock and the aftershocks. The crustal stresses were transferred to the northeastern part of the zone, resulting in stress increase at station PWU after the main-shock.

  15. The Variation of Riverbed Material due to Tropical Storms in Shi-Wen River, Taiwan

    Chin-Ping Lin; Yu-Min Wang; Tfwala, Samkele S.; Ching-Nuo Chen


    Taiwan, because of its location, is a flood prone region and is characterised by typhoons which brings about two-thirds to three quarters of the annual rainfall amount. Consequently, enormous flows result in rivers and entrain some fractions of the grains that constitute the riverbed. Hence, the purpose of the study is to quantify the impacts of these enormous flows on the distribution of grain size in riverbeds. The characteristics of riverbed material prior to and after the typhoon season a...

  16. Reviving ancient Chinese mathematics mathematics, history and politics in the work of Wu Wen-Tsun

    Hudecek, Jiri


    Twentieth-century China has been caught between a desire to increase its wealth and power in line with other advanced nations, which, by implication, means copying their institutions, practices and values, whilst simultaneously seeking to preserve China's independence and historically formed identity. Over time, Chinese philosophers, writers, artists and politicians have all sought to reconcile these goals and this book shows how this search for a Chinese way penetrated even the most central, least contested area of modernity: science.Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics is a study of the life




    The AMSAA-BISE model is derived from another approach. This certainly shows the correctness of the AMSAA- BISE model, and indicates the incorrectness of the approximate model given in this paper. The engineering example illustrating these conclusions is given.Merits and demerits of AMSAA and AMSAA-BISE model are discussed.

  18. Flying Freely in a Black-and-White World——Young photographer Wen Hengmin

    YiRen; PhotobyWenHengmin


    Foreign tourists to Beijing aspire to do three things -?climb the Great Wall, eat Beijing roast duck and visit the Panjiayuan flea market. On weekends, the Panjiayuan market attracts thousands of shoppers, both Chinese and foreign. In one corner a unique stand sells pictures. Displayed on one wall and grouped on a table are dozens of black-and-white photographs of folk customs in simple but elegant frames, just like at a photographic exhibition. Many people - young

  19. Pilgrims' Progress: The journey towards a knowledge building community in a university undergraduate class / Le voyage du pèlerin: Le parcours vers la création d’une communauté d’apprentissage dans une classe de premier cycle universitaire

    Donald N. Philip


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to examine the progress of a class of third- and fourth-year undergraduate science students as they attempted to create a knowledge building community in a blended or hybrid science education class. The research sought to examine this process through analyses of the frequency of their note postings and responses, and through a social network analysis of their communication patterns for note reading. These data were automatically harvested by the Knowledge Forum knowledge building environment, and downloaded for later analysis. Contribution levels indicated that the frequency of note postings increased three-fold following the mid-term of the course causing maladaptive student work patterns to reduce information overload. As well, the disparity between high-frequency note posting students and low-frequency note posting students followed a linear curve with the ratio between the highest posting and lowest posting student to be 2.7:1. A similar pattern was found with regard to responses. A disparity was also found among the students in the number of postings read, with the highest note reading student reading six times the number of notes as the lowest note reading student.The social network analyses revealed evidence of community formation in the note reading network. Analysis showed both one-way and reciprocal interactions, indicating that the pathways needed for the transfer of complex information were present. Considering all the data together, while some communication patterns necessary for a knowledge building community were present, contribution patterns suggested that a true knowledge building community did not form, but that there was progress towards it. Cette étude avait pour objet d’étudier la progression d’un groupe d’étudiants en sciences de troisième et de quatrième années du premier cycle universitaire dans leur tentative de créer une communauté d’apprentissage dans une classe hybride d

  20. Doctors Contribute to China-India Relations


    An India-China Joint Medical Mission was launched on January 14 to help improve rural public health in the two countries.The joint mission was set up to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Indian Medical Mission.The mission was sent to China in 1938 to provide medical assistance during China’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression(1937-45). Chinese Premier Wen J iabao and visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attended the launch ceremony of the joint medical mission in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and presented certificates to the mission mem-

  1. Eleventh Conference on Sino-Japanese Friendly Exchanges Held in Chengdu


    <正>The 11th Conference on Sino-Japanese Friendly Exchanges jointly sponsored by the China-Japan Friendship Association (CJFA),the Japan-China Friendship Association (JCFA) and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SIFA) was held in Chengdu from May 23 to 24. This was a large-sized meeting held by the nongovernmental organizations of the two countries in the wake of Premier Wen Jiabao’s successful visit to Japan in April. The theme of the

  2. On the Translation of Words with Chinese Characteristics Guided by the Skopos Theory---A case study of the Government Work Report (2016)by Premier Li Keqiang%基于目的论的中国特色词汇翻译研究--以李克强总理2016年《政府工作报告》译文为例

    刘改琳; 吴迪


    s:The annual Report on the Work of the Government is both a summary of the Chinese government’s work in the previous year and an outlook on its work for the next year.One crucial function of the report is to appeal to overseas readers for their understanding and support for the gov-ernment’s work and help the general public to learn more about the government’s needs and priorities for the sake of their active participation and efforts.Due to its high political significance,each year the report is reposted on multiple well-known media outlets,such as Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile,countless English learners will study the report as a reference model.Therefore,the translation of the report is an extremely demanding task as any inaccurate translation will lead to mis-understanding of the work and development agendas of the Chinese government from foreign coun-tries.Since more words with Chinese characteristics are quoted in the report,it is rather difficult to find English equivalence.This paper intends to analyze the translation of words with Chinese charac-teristics in the Report on the Work of the Government (201 6)by Premier Li Keqiang from the per-spective of the Skopos Theory.Literal translation,literal translation with notes and liberal translation are applied during the process to properly translate such words.%《政府工作报告》具有高度的政治性,每年有如路透社、《华尔街日报》等多家知名媒体报道转载,同时也有不计其数的英语学习爱好者会以此为范本进行英语学习,所以对其译文的要求极高,一旦翻译错误就会让外国对中国政府的工作或是发展目的产生误解。又因其中越来越多的包含了具有中国特色的新词汇,找到与其对等的译文难度较大。该文旨在从目的论的角度出发,通过直译、直译加解释,意译这三种方法对2016年李克强总理《政府工作报告》中的中国特色词汇进行了分

  3. Political Situation in Anhui and Candidates for Military Governors in the Early Republic of China%民初安徽政局与都督人选



    安徽政局在辛亥革命进程中极具典型意义,从安徽巡抚朱家宝被推为首任都督,至革命党人孙毓筠、柏文蔚等被派就任,最后到出身北洋的倪嗣冲最终督皖,都督人选更迭频繁。这显示了辛亥革命进程的曲折和安徽政局的不稳,也折射出南北双方各派力量的较量以及民初中国政局的特点。%The political situation of Anhui is significant in Xinhai Revolution. Candidates for military governors changed rapid-ly. ZHU Jia-bao, the provincial governor of Anhui, was chosen as the first one;SUN Yu-jun and BO Wen-wei, both revolutiona-ries, were then appointed;NI Si-chong, one of the Northern Warlords, was the last one. This shows the instability of the political situation in Anhui and the twists and turns of the Xinhai Revolution, and reflects the contest between northern and southern groups and the features of the political situation in Early Republic of China.

  4. 專論/數位環境的著作權法制思考/賴文智;王文君 | Rethinking Copyright Law System in Digital Environment / Wen-chi Lai;Wen-chun Wang



    Full Text Available

    本文研究議題為著作權法制面對數位環境衝擊之制度調整思考。本文首先說明數位與網路科技不僅為當代社會著作利用帶來相當多的變化,也使著作權制度面 臨諸多困難議題。藉由對著作權法制發展史與著作權法第1條規定的檢視,本文提出「促進著作流通利用」乃達致著作權法各項立法目的之共同且最主要之途徑(方 法),並嘗試在此脈絡下,檢視合理使用、公開傳輸權、權利管理電子資訊、防盜拷措施的保護及著作權仲介團體條例等制度設計。最終重申並闡釋「促進著作流通 利用」乃是用以檢視著作權制度是否合於當代社會需求之關鍵。

    At first, this paper raises the question on the impacts of Copyright System in digital environment. From reviewing history of Copyright System and Article 1 of Copyright Act, this paper holds that encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is main purpose of Copyright Act. This paper describes that facing digital and network technologies, the use of copyrighted work in our society has several changes. These changes, from the point of view that the main purpose of Copyright System is encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work, make Copyright System facing several difficult issues. Finally, this paper examines several issues of Copyright System, such as, fair use, right of public transmission, electronic rights management information, protection of technological protection measures and Copyright Intermediary Organization Act. Encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is always the key of examining whether the Copyright System fit the need of current society.


  5. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Merging galaxies with tidal tails in COSMOS to z=1 (Wen+, 2016)

    Wen, Z. Z.; Zheng, X. Z.


    Our study utilizes the public data and catalogs from multi-band deep surveys of the COSMOS field. The UltraVISTA survey (McCracken+ 2012, J/A+A/544/A156) provides ultra-deep near-IR imaging observations of this field in the Y,J,H, and Ks-band, as well as a narrow band (NB118). The HST/ACS I-band imaging data are publicly available, allowing us to measure morphologies in the rest-frame optical for galaxies at z<=1. The HST/ACS I-band images reach a 5σ depth of 27.2 magnitude for point sources. (1 data file).

  6. Meet the Predators: the Branding Practices behind Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, and Höhle der Löwen

    Baumann, Sabine; Rohn, Ulrike


    abstractThe TV industry has traditionally relied on advertising and subscription fees for revenue. Recently, brand extensions and co-branding strategies have been rediscovered as income sources. A prominent example of such a strategy is the TV format Dragons’ Den, which has been locally produced in

  7. Research tools: ethylene preparation. In: Chi-Kuang Wen editor. Ethylene in plants. Springer Netherlands. Springer Link

    Ethylene is a plant hormone that regulates many aspects of plant growth and development, germination, fruit ripening, senescence, sex determination, abscission, defense, gravitropism, epinasty, and more. For experimental purposes, one needs to treat plant material with ethylene and its inhibitors t...

  8. Einige Bemerkungen über den Kaplöwen, Panthera leo melanochaitus (Ch. H. Smith, 1842)

    Mazak, V.


    In seinen Katalogen der Sammlungen des Leidener Museums führt Jentink (1887, p. 81; 1892, p. 95) zwei Schädel und ein aufgestelltes Exemplar von Felis leo Linnaeus an, welche aus der Kap-Kolonie stammen. Leider sind die genauen Fundorte, die Fangdaten und die Sammler unbekannt, ebenso der Weg, auf d

  9. Identifying the Relationships between Water Quality and Land Cover Changes in the Tseng-Wen Reservoir Watershed of Taiwan

    Hone-Jay Chu


    Full Text Available The effects on water quality of land use and land cover changes, which are associated with human activities and natural factors, are poorly identified. Fine resolution satellite imagery provides opportunities for land cover monitoring and assessment. The multiple satellite images after typhoon events collected from 2001 to 2010 covering land areas and land cover conditions are evaluated by the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI. The relationship between land cover and observed water quality, such as suspended solids (SS and nitrate-nitrogens (NO3-N, are explored in the study area. Results show that the long-term variations in water quality are explained by NDVI data in the reservoir buffer zones. Suspended solid and nitrate concentrations are related to average NDVI values on multiple spatial scales. Annual NO3-N concentrations are positively correlated with an average NDVI with a 1 km reservoir buffer area, and the SS after typhoon events associated with landslides are negatively correlated with the average NDVI in the entire watershed. This study provides an approach for assessing the influences of land cover on variations in water quality.

  10. Meet the Predators: the Branding Practices behind Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, and Höhle der Löwen

    Sabine Baumann


    Full Text Available The TV industry has traditionally relied on advertising and subscription fees for revenue. Recently, brand extensions and co-branding strategies have been rediscovered as income sources. A prominent example of such a strategy is the TV format Dragons’ Den, which has been locally produced in many different countries. We use this intriguing case to explore the extensive and intricate co-branding relationships and brand extensions in the business-to-consumer and the business-to-business settings of TV companies. Our paper analyses global adaptations and cultural branding of Dragons’Den; in particular, brand extensions and co-branding strategies.

  11. Lorentz en Einstein. ‘U hier als opvolger te begroeten is een wens die ik lang gekoesterd heb’

    Frits Berends


    Full Text Available Lorentz and EinsteinThis paper discusses the special connection between Lorentz and Einstein, and especially Lorentz’ wish to be succeeded by Einstein on his Leiden chair of physics. The relation between the two scholars is one of great mutual respect, which can be illustrated in many ways. After an introduction to illustrate their strikingly different early careers, their interests in early quantum problems and relativity are sketched. These originate from a shared interest in the problems that arose in the electromagnetic theory around 1900. Lorentz’ electron theory, which then counted as the standard electromagnetic theory, had to cope with new fundamental questions. The focus is then shifted to Lorentz’ wish to get Einstein a chair in theoretical physics in The Netherlands. Two attempts in the years 1911–1912 failed, but Lorentz finally succeeded in 1920. Furthermore, this article describes how the first Solvay Council acted as a remarkable catalyst for the changes in the careers of Lorentz, Einstein and Ehrenfest in 1912.

  12. Meet the Predators: the Branding Practices behind Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, and Höhle der Löwen

    Sabine Baumann; Ulrike Rohn


    abstractThe TV industry has traditionally relied on advertising and subscription fees for revenue. Recently, brand extensions and co-branding strategies have been rediscovered as income sources. A prominent example of such a strategy is the TV format Dragons’ Den, which has been locally produced in many different countries. We use this intriguing case to explore the extensive and intricate co-branding relationships and brand extensions in the business-to-consumer and the business-to-business ...

  13. Meet the Predators: the Branding Practices behind Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, and Höhle der Löwen

    Baumann, Sabine; Rohn, Ulrike


    abstractThe TV industry has traditionally relied on advertising and subscription fees for revenue. Recently, brand extensions and co-branding strategies have been rediscovered as income sources. A prominent example of such a strategy is the TV format Dragons’ Den, which has been locally produced in

  14. Inseltransplantation als Therapieoption bei Diabetes mellitus Typ 1: Für wen, mit welchem Ziel, mit welchem Erfolg?

    Ludwig B


    Full Text Available Die Inseltransplantation hat sich als Behandlungsoption für Patienten mit Diabetes mellitus Typ 1 etabliert. In den meisten Zentren wird die Indikation gestellt, wenn konventionelle Therapiemethoden versagen und Patienten durch eine hochlabile Stoffwechsellage und rezidivierende Hypoglykämien gefährdet sind. Hintergrund für diese strikte Indikationsstellung ist die Notwendigkeit einer dauerhaften Immunsuppression und der kritische Mangel an verfügbaren Spenderorganen. Durch die Wiederherstellung einer endogenen Insulinsekretion kommt es zu einer zuverlässigen Stabilisierung des Blutzuckerprofils, Vermeidung von Hypoglykämien und Verhinderung bzw. Stabilisierung von Spätkomplikationen. Damit einher geht eine deutliche Verbesserung der Lebensqualität. Das Erreichen einer kompletten Insulinunabhängigkeit ist dabei nicht vorrangiges Therapieziel.

  15. China Energy Efficiency Round Robin Testing Results for Room Air Conditioners

    Zhou, Nan; Fridley, David; Zheng, Nina; Pierrot, Andre


    In recent years China's energy consumption has increased rapidly. The problem of high energy consumption intensity and low energy utilization efficiency is serious, and the contradiction between economic development and energy and environmental resources has become increasingly acute, making energy conservation and consumption reduction an important society-wide concern. At the same time, global climate change has and will continue to have profound impacts on human survival and development, and is another major challenge to all countries. In order to accelerate China's energy conservation and emission reduction work, the National Leading Group to Address Climate Change, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction was founded with Premier Wen Jiabao as the head, and the 'Comprehensive Work Program of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction' and 'China's National Program of Addressing Climate Change' were issued, under which China's energy conservation and emission reduction work has been fully deployed. Efforts to promote energy efficiency have been further strengthened in all levels of government, and various policies and measures have progressively been issued and implemented. In addition, based on China's experience with implementing energy-saving priority strategies over the past 20+ years, our government established a goal of a 20% decrease in energy consumption per unit GDP in the 'Eleventh Five-year Development Plan'. Furthermore, in November 2009, in order to support global greenhouse gas emission reduction activities and promote China's low carbon economic development, the government established a further 40-50% reduction in energy consumption per unit GDP by 2020 compared to the year 2005. Improving energy utilization efficiency by scientific and technological progress will undoubtedly play an important role in achieving the above stated objectives. The improvement of energy efficiency of energy

  16. Annexe III. Biographie de Lee Kuan Yew, premier ministre de Singapour


    Harry Lee Kuan Yew (« la lumière qui brille »), fils aîné de Lee Chin Koon (cadre de société pétrolière et bijoutier) et de Chua Jim Neo, est né à Singapour en 1923. Sa famille, d’origine Hakka (Chine méridionale), est implantée à Singapour depuis 1830-40 ; l’arrière grand-mère maternelle et le grand-père paternel ont épousé respectivement un Malais et un Chinois peranakan indonésien, ce qui explique l’esprit multiracial du cercle familial qui a tant marqué le jeune Lee dans ses luttes ultéri...

  17. Actes et passions des martyrs chrétiens des premiers siècles

    Vinel, Françoise


    Vingt-sept œuvres, brèves pour la plupart, sont regroupées dans ce volume et classées chronologiquement selon les différentes périodes de persécution. Dans une abondante littérature hagiographique, P. Maraval a choisi ceux des récits qui sont reconnus pour leur fondement historique. Il retraduit la plupart à nouveaux frais, sur la base des éditions disponibles, les plus récentes (par ex. la nouvelle édition du Martyre de Polycarpe par J. Leemans, Louvain 2007 ou la Passion d’Irénée, évêque de...

  18. Fan Based Brand Equity (FBBE Factor Analysis of Football in Iranian Premier League Clubs

    Mohammad Rasoul Khodadai


    Full Text Available This research aims to validate and factor-analyze the Fan Based Brand Equity (FBBE questionnaire of football in Iranian supreme league clubs. The present research is of descriptive-analysis type and has been done by survey method. The statistic population included football clubs fans of the Iran’s 13th supreme football league, and the sample society was 880 people chosen from seven clubs fans present at stadiums by using Cochrane’s formula based on available samples using random category and clustering methods. The research instrument was an author-made questionnaire. The whole content reliability of questionnaire was CVI=0.91 and its validity was calculated through two validity methods of test and retest (ICC was 0.89. The internal reliability was calculated greater than 0.8 for 52 items through Cronbach’s Alpha. Software SPSS 20 was used to perform the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. According to the results of factor analysis of 52 items on FBBE questionnaire, 7 items were deleted in the exploratory analysis and 45 items were placed in 5 factors. Finally, FBBE questionnaire has been confirmed with 12 items brand association attribution, 7 items for brand association benefits, 6 items for brand association attitude, 12 items for brand identity, 6 items for tangible identity, 6 items for intangible identity, 8 items for brand loyalty, 4 items for behavioral loyalty, and 4 items for attitudinal loyalty in confirmatory factor analysis.

  19. Vice Premier Liu Yandong Meets Northern Ireland First Minister and Deputy First Minister

    Sun; Chi


    <正>"China and the United Kingdom,countries with major influence in the world,have broad common interests and wide areas for cooperation.Their friendly cooperation has great significance for the wellbeing of their

  20. Glances on the year 1998. Energies and raw materials; Regards sur 1998. Energies et matieres premieres



    This report summarizes 14 key-topics of the year 1998 in relation with the French energy and economic policy: the new start-up of energy mastery; the nuclear industry between passion and reason; the labour inspection in nuclear power plants; the law project for the modernizing and development of the electric power public utility; the main gas transportation systems; the future of Gardanne`s mining basin; the raw materials in the upheaval; the French refining activity after the Auto-Oil directive; the oil company fusions; the priorities in petroleum technology research; the policy of automotive fuels distribution; the energy in regions; the mining activity in New Caledonia; the end of the BRGM-Normandy partnership. A calendar of remarkable facts is given at the end. (J.S.)

  1. 110th Anniversary of Premier Zhou’s Birthday What qualifications make Zhou Enlai a leader?


    Zhou Enlai (1898. 3. 5—1976. 1. 8) was one of the most lasting statesman of the PRC. He survived 60 years of revolutionary turmoil, five civil wars, two World Wars and 12 years of Japanese invasion.

  2. L'accélérateur du CERN bat un premier record


    Des protons lancés les uns contre les autres à une vitesse très proche de celle de la lumière sont entrés en collision avec une énergie de 2,36 TeV, la plus haute jamais atteinte dans un laboratoire. (2 pages)

  3. Military Librarians Workshop: A Premier Gathering of Military Librarians, 1957-1999


    the border beckoned conferees to visit Mexico , enjoy its Logan Cowgill, memo to native foods, and sample a drink called the margarita. 0. New Mexico , where Madeline Canova hosted the workshop at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory in Albuquerque. There, conferees enjoyed the funicular...housed in the San Diego Princess Hotel on Paul Klinefelter, personal Mission Bay. Entertainment included a Mexican fiesta , with communication, 24 July

  4. Le premier Guide d’analyse des entreprises d’économie sociale

    Élise Tessier


    Full Text Available Sous le leadership du RISQ, les partenaires de la finance solidaire du Québec se sont regroupés pour élaborer et rédiger le Guide d’analyse des entreprises d’économie sociale.Destiné principalement aux accompagnateurs, analystes et gestionnaires d’entreprises collectives, ce guide offre une large série d’outils et de grilles facilitant autant l’analyse, l’évaluation et l’élaboration du plan d’affaires que le suivi de l’entreprise d’économie sociale. Il aborde également de façon très détaillée les particularités comptables des OBNL et des coopératives.

  5. Fundulus as the Premier Teleost Model in Environmental Biology: Opportunities for New Insights Using Genomics

    A strong foundation of basic and applied research documents that the estuarine fish Fundulus heteroclitus and related species are unique laboratory and field models for understanding how individuals and populations interact with their environment. In this paper we summarize an ex...

  6. Nutritional awareness and habits of Premier league sportsmen in the Sarajevo Canton

    Arzija Pašalić


    Full Text Available Introduction: Selection of optimal nutrition for physical activity of sportsmen depends on several factors, and includes the type and duration of exercises, total energy consumption, time needed for recovery, andnutritional preferences. Proper nutrition of sportsmen relies on adequate combination and participation of all the macronutrients. The aim of this research was to analyse and determine the nutritional awareness andhabits of sportsmen depending on their age and type of sports they indulge.Methods: This is a cross-sectional, descriptive, and analytical study undertaken from May to July 2011 on the sample of 100 examinees/sportsmen of the Football Club “Željezničar“ and Basketball Club “Bosna“.Results: General awareness of sportsmen on basic principles of proper nutrition is unsatisfactory. Statisticalsignificance per type of sport and age of sportsmen is proved through representation of macronutrients in their nutrition. For 49.1% footballers and 52% sportsmen over 19 years of age the most important combinationof macronutrients resembles the model of carbohydrates-proteins-fats, while 48.9% of basketballers and sportsmen under 18 prefer proteins-carbohydrates-fats. The study had shown a statistically significantdifference (p=0.01 between the footballers and basketballers with regard to the type of meal they consume before the trainings.Conclusion: Insufficient knowledge on the subject reflects in bad nutritional habits, especially those related to the number and arrangement of daily meals in comparison to respective sports activities.

  7. Energies and raw material. Annual report; Energies et matieres premieres. Rapport annuel



    The annual report of the french General Direction of the Energy and the Raw Material (DGEMP) deals with the energy policy. The following subjects are analysed: the french program of fight against the global warming; the biogas; the radioactive wastes management program; the french nuclear industry re-organization; Tchernobyl; the electric power and gas public service; the risk prevention concerning the electric power production; the international Gaz De France protocol; the closing of the Ales mine; the cooperation ELF and TOTAL; the french para-petroleum industry; the raw material prices; the french mining situation; the french energy policy audit by the AIE; the energy accidents of december. The DGEMP organization chart with contacts and the publications are also included. (A.L.B.)

  8. Energies and raw materials. Letter n.28; Energies matieres premieres. Lettre n. 28



    This letter of the DGEMP (General Direction of the Energy and the Raw Materials) deals with the following four main topics: the main recommendations of the final report of the working Group ''Factor 4'' concerning the energy policy; the energy conservation certificates as a tool of the energy control with their implication in the residential and ternary sector; the increase of the solar water heaters and heat pumps sales thanks to the tax credits; the California example facing the climatic change and the energy policy. (A.L.B.)

  9. Annual report 1997. Energies and raw materials; Rapport annuel 1997. Energies et matieres premieres



    This report gives the important directions of French energy policy. Nuclear energy, electric power, natural gas, coal and petroleum products are reviewed. The situations and the forecasting for raw materials are also given. (N.C.)

  10. The key numbers of the mineral raw materials; Les chiffres cles des matieres premieres minerales

    Mandil, C. [Directeur General de l`Energie et des Matieres Premieres, France (France)]|[Ministere de l`Industrie, des Postes et Telecommunications et du Commerce Exterieur, 75 - Paris (France)


    Mineral raw materials come from fossil reserves or ores resulting from the geologic and climatic history of the Earth. The access to economic development for 80% of the worldwide population and the high rate of demographic growth (probably 8 billions of inhabitants in 2025) are important factors that can greatly multiply the worldwide consumption of ores. In parallel, environmental concerns and the increasing need for a better equilibrium between wildlife preservation and the supply of economic needs, lead to a more reasonable and mastered use of natural resources. The aim of this book is to shade light and give global elements of thoughts on mineral resources, and for the main of those (about 30 metals and mineral substances), to review the most useful data and references about their production and consumption. For each question, chapters are devoted to the situation of France in its worldwide context. One chapter concerns the uranium ores (reserves, production, prices evolution, consumption, economic flux and companies involved). (J.S.).

  11. Alexandre Theotokis la notion de l'évolution et le premier texte de zoologie grecque

    Costas B. Krimbas


    Full Text Available Alexandre Theotokis, membre de l'illustre famille de Corfou, ayant fait des études de zoologie et paléontologie au Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle à Paris, publie en 1848 les Tableaux zoologiques généraux ou Prodrome à la zoologie hellénique, un livre dans lequel pour la première fois est présenté en langue grecque la notion d'évolution, onze ans avant la publication de l'Origine des espèces de Darwin. Theotokis est anti-évolutionniste et suit fidèlement les opinions de son maître Henri Ducrotay de Blainville. Theotokis exerça une forte influence sur son neveu Constantin, auteur bien connu de la littérature grecque moderne.

  12. Nutritional awareness and habits of Premier league sportsmen in the Sarajevo Canton

    Arzija Pašalić


    Full Text Available Introduction: Selection of optimal nutrition for physical activity of sportsmen depends on several factors, and includes the type and duration of exercises, total energy consumption, time needed for recovery, andnutritional preferences. Proper nutrition of sportsmen relies on adequate combination and participation of all the macronutrients. The aim of this research was to analyse and determine the nutritional awareness andhabits of sportsmen depending on their age and type of sports they indulge.Methods: This is a cross-sectional, descriptive, and analytical study undertaken from May to July 2011 on the sample of 100 examinees/sportsmen of the Football Club “Željezničar“ and Basketball Club “Bosna“.Results: General awareness of sportsmen on basic principles of proper nutrition is unsatisfactory. Statisticalsignificance per type of sport and age of sportsmen is proved through representation of macronutrients in their nutrition. For 49.1% footballers and 52% sportsmen over 19 years of age the most important combinationof macronutrients resembles the model of carbohydrates-proteins-fats, while 48.9% of basketballers and sportsmen under 18 prefer proteins-carbohydrates-fats. The study had shown a statistically significantdifference (p=0.01 between the footballers and basketballers with regard to the type of meal they consume before the trainings.Conclusion: Insufficient knowledge on the subject reflects in bad nutritional habits, especially those related to the number and arrangement of daily meals in comparison to respective sports activities.

  13. Qui révélera le premier la particule de Dieu

    Dessibourg, Olivier


    L'accélérateur LHC reprend du service le 20 février. Dés les découvertes, dont celle peut-être du fameux "boson de Higgs", la tentation sera grande pour les chercheurs de les annoncer, sur des blogs, afin de se faire connaître. Au risque de se faire exclure. (1 page)

  14. PECVD de composes de silicium sur polymeres: Etude de la premiere phase du depot

    Dennler, Gilles

    Since their first introduction in the early 90's, transparent barriers against oxygen and/or water vapor permeation through polymers, such as SiO 2, are the object of increasing interest in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, and more recently for the encapsulation of organic-based displays. It is now well known that these thin layers possess barrier properties only if they are thicker than a certain critical thickness, dc. For example, dc is around 12 nm in the case of SiO2 on KaptonRTM PI; below this value, the measured "Oxygen Transmission Rate" (OTR, in standard cm3/m2/day/bar) is roughly the same as that of the uncoated polymer. Until now, no detailed research has been carried out to explain this observation, but a hypothesis was proposed in the literature, based on island-like growth structure of the coating for d ≤ dc. According to this hypothesis, the surface energy of the polymeric substrates is so low that the Volmer-Weber (island-coalescence) growth mode occurs. We have aimed to verify this explanation, that is, to study the initial phase of silicon-compound (SiO2 and SiN) growth on four different polymeric substrates, namely polyimide (KaptonRTM PI), polycarbonate (LexanRTM PC), polypropylene (PP), and polyethyleneterephthalate (MylarRTM PET). Three different deposition methods were used, namely reactive evaporation of SiO, radio-frequency (RF) Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (RF PECVD), and Distributed Electron Cyclotron Resonance (DECR) PECVD. In this latter case, the substrates were placed in three different positions: (i) in the active glow zone, (ii) downstream, and (iii) downstream, but shielded from photon emission (e.g. VUV) from the plasma. Angle-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARXPS), Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), the latter performed after Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) by oxygen plasma, revealed that growth indeed occurs in a Volmer-Weber mode in the case of evaporated films. The island coalescence was observed to occur at d = 1.2 nm, at which point the sticking coefficient of precursor species changes drastically. Finally, we have investigated the presence of an "interphase" between deposited coatings and the polymeric substrate. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

  15. Les Campaniformes Pyreneo-Languedociens Premiers Résultats au C 14



    Full Text Available La civilisation des gobelets campaniformes a posé aux préhistoriens, dès son individualisation même, des problèmes de géographie et de diffusion ainsi que des questions de caractère chronologique. C'est essentiellement le mérite des auteurs ibériques d'avoir montré que cette culture s'était fractionnée en ensembles géographiques relativement distincts (P. Bosch-Gimpera, A. del Castillo. Les auteurs anglo-saxons, pour leur part, ont surtout mis l'accent sur les variantes typologiques, en essayant de décortiquer la famille campaniforme en horizons stylistiquement et chronologiquement bien différenciés. Au terme d'une longue tradition (marquée par les travaux de A. Goetze, P. Reinecke, J. Abercromby, V. G. Childe, H. N. Savory, etc., se trouve une série de belles synthèses dont les plus remarquables sont celles de E. Sangmeister (1951, J. D. Van der Waals et W. Glasbergen (1955, D. L. Clarke (1970. De nombreux préhistoriens se sont par ailleurs penchés sur les problèmes de diffusion et diverses thèses ont été émises: théorie de l'origine sud-ibérique (Schmidt, Bosch- Gimpera, Del Castillo; théorie de la genèse centro-européenne (J. et E. Neustupny; thèse, plus complexe, de Sangmeister mettant en jeu divers relais à partir de Liberie et un important phénomène de reflux depuis l'Europe moyenne en direction de la Péninsule (théorie fortement discutée par la suite par son auteur même; enfin, tout récemment, hypothèse de D. L. Clarke sur la formation de cette civilisation dans le Midi de la France, plus particulièrement dans la région bordant le Golfe du Lion.

  16. Un premier bilan de l’introduction du CECRL. Le cas du Portugal

    Avelino, Cristina


    Le Cadre européen commun de référence (CECRL) a été introduit dans le contexte d’une réforme du système éducatif dans les années quatre-vingt-dix au Portugal, afin de rénover les programmes des langues vivantes et d’en élaborer d’autres pour de nouvelles filières. Chaque équipe d’auteurs, issue généralement des associations professionnelles, a travaillé de façon autonome et a interprété différemment des options présentées par le CECRL. Les textes officiels produits présentent ainsi un grand n...

  17. Results of the preparatory study “PREMIER Analysis of Campaign Data”

    Elisa Castelli


    Full Text Available The relevance of the UTLS (Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere region and the impact of limb emissionmeasurements at millimetre and sub-millimetre wavelengths for investigation of chemical, dynamical andradiative processes occurring at these altitudes constitute a major focus of the atmospheric research activitiessupported by the European Space Agency (ESA in the last two decades.[...

  18. Professional football sponsorship in the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga

    Bühler, André Wolfgang


    Merged with duplicate record 10026.1/704 on 10.04.2017 by CS (TIS) This research project looks at professional football sponsorship from three different perspectives: the clubs' perspective (sponsorship as an income stream for professional football clubs), the sponsors' perspective (sponsorship as a marketing tool for companies), and a joint perspective (sponsorship as an inter-organisational relationship between professional football clubs and their sponsors). The English Prem...

  19. Chinese Premier and German Chancellor Attend Concert Marking 35 Years of China-Germany Diplomatic Ties


    <正>Aconcert in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany jointly sponsored by the CPAFFC and the German Embassy in China was held in the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing on the evening of August 27.

  20. "Particle Fever": avant-premiere at CERN Main auditorium on 10 December, at 19:30

    Neal David Hartman


    CERN people will have the chance to see a preview of the film "Particle Fever" in CERN's main auditorium on Tuesday 10 December at 19:30. The director, Mark Levinson, will be in attendance to speak with the audience about the film after the screening.   CERN and its experiments have been the focus of innumerable television documentaries, news reports, and other media productions.  However, until now, no film about the search for the Higgs Boson has been made for theatrical release in the classic documentary tradition.  "Particle Fever" has received numerous awards and travelled to festivals around the world, where it has consistently played to sell-out audiences.  The film will begin a commercial theatrical run in the United States in early 2014, but CERN people have the chance to see a preview in the CERN main auditorium on Tuesday, 10 December at 19:30.   The director, Mark Levinson, has wor...

  1. Activities of the control services. First quarter 1997; Activites des services du controle. Premier trimestre 1997



    This paper summarizes the control activities of the technical service of electric power and big dams: annual examinations, administrative instructions (draining, floods, granting renewal), decennial examinations etc. (J.S.)

  2. Virtual accelerator concept, implementation and preliminary test; Accelerateur virtuel Concept, implementation et premier test

    Uriot, D.; Duperrier, R


    A virtual accelerator is the coupling of a simulation code with the control system of a real machine. 3 operating modes are considered. First, the monitoring mode in which any action on the control system has an impact on both real and virtual machines. This mode allows a direct comparison between simulation results and the real behaviour of the accelerator. Secondly, the flight simulation mode, this mode allows the accelerator operators to simulate the effect of any change in the parameters of the control system before transferring them to the real machine. The main advantage of this mode is to allow the assessment of operating procedures before implementing them on the real machine. The third mode is the automatic steering mode in which the simulation code assumes the reins of the control system of the real machine. This mode allows the making of complex and time-consuming adjustment procedures in an automatic way. TraceWin is a simulation code dedicated to the behaviour of charged-particle beams in a linear accelerator. TraceWin is consistent with the EPICS technology on which the control system of most accelerators is based. A virtual accelerator composed of the SILHI injector combined to the TraceWin code via the EPICS environment has showed its efficiency in the automatic steering mode. (A.C.)

  3. Welcome to Los Alamos National Laboratory: A premier national security science laboratory

    Wallace, Terry [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Dr Wallace presents visitors with an overview of LANL's national security science mission: stockpile stewardship, protecting against the nuclear threat, and energy security & emerging threats, which are underpinned by excellence in science/technology/engineering capabilities. He shows visitors a general Lab overview of budget, staff, and facilities before providing a more in-depth look at recent Global Security accomplishments and current programs.

  4. 首演"贝九"%The Premier of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in China

    王安; 贾伟


    @@ 日前,中国交响乐团(原中央乐团)党委书记王安代表党委到家中拜访了乐团的老领导、著名指挥家严良堃先生.严老虽然年逾八旬,但思维敏捷,幽默乐观.王安与严良堃就首演的对话,在新中国成立60年之际听起来颇有意义.

  5. Developments during the first semester 2001; Les developpements au premier semestre 2001



    This document gives a panorama of the nuclear energy situation at the end of the first 2001 semester. The energy policy concerning the nuclear industry development, is discussed for many countries: USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Africa and south America, Russia and east Europe. (A.L.B.)

  6. Marketing to Develop the Premier Medical Brand in the Huaihai Economic Zone.

    Zhang, Peiying; Meng, Qingchao


    Based on the practices at Xuzhou Central Hospital, the authors analyzed the improvements in the healthcare quality and economic efficiency after implementing a brand marketing strategy. Using methods including questionnaires and business controlling means, we summarized that the improvements to the healthcare quality and economic efficiency after strategies were implemented in the areas of network, reputation, academic research, and public welfare. After the implementation of a brand marketing campaign, the medical service quality and brand reputation have been greatly improved. Meanwhile, a central hospital group was formed and gradually became the central healthcare provider in the Huaihai Economic Zone. The new marketing facilitated the drastic increase of medical service and brand reputation.

  7. Le site de “ Champ Chalatras ” aux Martres-d'Artière (Puy-de-Dôme et les premiers témoins archéologiques de la viticulture gallo-romaine dans le bassin de Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne The “Champ Chalatras” site of Martres-d'Artière (Puy-de-Dôme and the first archaeological evidence of Gallo-Roman wine-growing in the Clermont-Ferrand basin (Auvergne

    Manon Cabanis


    Full Text Available Une campagne de fouille préventive a été réalisée près de Clermont-Ferrand, aux Martres-d’Artière, sur le site de “ Champ Chalatras " (Auvergne, Puy-de-Dôme en 2008, sur près de sept hectares (responsable P. Vallat. Cette opération archéologique, effectuée à l’emplacement d’une grande villa gallo-romaine, a permis notamment de mettre en évidence, pour la première fois en Auvergne, un bâtiment vinicole et des fosses de plantations datés du dernier quart du IIe s. ap. J.-C. au début du siècle suivant, qui témoignent de la présence de vignes à proximité d’Augustonemetum (Clermont-Ferrand, chef-lieu de la cité arverne. Dès lors, il semblait opportun de proposer un premier bilan documentaire concernant la viticulture antique en Limagne qui soit fondé sur les données archéologiques récemment collectées en 2008 et sur l’ensemble des autres indices recensés à l’occasion de cet essai de synthèse (sources littéraires, données archéologiques, iconographiques, et archéobotaniques. Cet état des connaissances pluridisciplinaires est encore limité à la région de Clermont-Ferrand, seul secteur auvergnat désormais un peu documenté. La carte de la viticulture en Gaule est très évolutive depuis quelques années. Les récentes découvertes du bassin clermontois ouvrent ainsi une nouvelle fenêtre pour la partie nord-orientale de la province d’Aquitaine.A rescue excavation was carried out near Clermont-Ferrand at Martres-d’Artière, on the site of “Champ Chalatras” (Auvergne, Puy-de-Dôme in 2008, on nearly seven hectares (P. Vallat the archaeologist in charge. This archaeological work, conducted on the site of a large Gallo-Roman villa, brought to light (for the first time in Auvergne a building associated with wine-growing and plantation ditches dating from the last quarter of the 2nd century AD to the beginning of the following century, which proved the presence of vines in the region of

  8. The Empirical Study in Rising Life Expectancy by 1 Year in China%“人均预期寿命提高1岁”的实证研究



    温家宝总理在政府工作报告中首次提出十二五时期"人均预期寿命提高1岁"的目标。本文在生命表数据基础上,通过计算平均预期寿命贡献率并进行相关分析与回归分析后得出:我国目前平均预期寿命虽然已高于绝大多数发展中国家,但其绝对增速正逐渐放慢。而降低60~90岁年龄段老年人口死亡率、提高居民消费水平、缩小家庭规模、迁移有条件的离退休老人到低海拔地区养老是实现人均预期寿命提高1岁目标的有效路径。%Wen Jiabao proposed to rise life expectancy by 1 year in 2015 in the government work report.It is significant.Based on the complete life tables,this paper calculated contribution rate of life expectancy,did correlation and regression analysis.Conclusion: At present,the life expectancy in China is higher than that in most of developing countries,but the growth rate slowing down.The effective paths to achieve the goal of rising life expectancy by 1 year include: reducing mortality of 60~90 age,raising the level of consumption,reducing family size and migrating retired old people to live in low altitude areas.

  9. Metal concentrations in Hydrocynus vittatus (Castelnau 1861) populations from a premier conservation area: Relationships with environmental concentrations.

    Gerber, Ruan; Smit, Nico J; van Vuren, Johan H J; Wepener, Victor


    Metals are known to have deleterious effects on aquatic ecosystems, so monitoring the bioaccumulation of these pollutants is important for the assessment of potential impacts. The aim of the study was therefore to determine the degree to which aquatic biota in selected rivers of the world renowned Kruger National Park (KNP) are exposed to metals entering from the catchments outside the KNP and to determine how these metal levels reflect what is occurring within the environment. Many of these rivers have never previously been assessed and those which have, have not been assessed within the past two decades. Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) is an economically important apex predator and was selected as the bioindicator for this study. Fish were sampled from the KNP sections of the Luvuvhu, Letaba and Olifants Rivers during the high and low flow periods from 2009 to 2011. The analysis of various metals from the aforementioned systems revealed spatial and temporal related variation in metal level patterns of the chosen bioindicator, with concentrations in fish from the Olifants River>Letaba River>Luvuvhu River and 2009>2010>2011. Although there were differences between rivers, metal concentrations were comparable and indicate that all of the studied KNP rivers, even those considered to be in a natural state are affected to some degree by anthropogenic activities. However, concentrations found during this study were much lower than previous studies in the area, as well as contaminated sites across the world, but were higher than concentrations in fish from contaminated sites in the Vaal River, South Africa. Bioaccumulated metals showed no correlation to metals in the water column, but some were correlated to sediment metal concentrations and the contamination and bioavailability of these metals within the sediments. This is of concern when managing the water resources of the conservation area since the contaminants enter the park from outside the borders and pose potential risks to the mandated conservation of aquatic biota within the KNP.

  10. Promoting fan engagement: An exploration of the fundamental motives for sport consumption amongst premier league football spectators

    Stander, Frederick W.; van Zyl, Llewellyn E.; Motaung, Kemiso


    The aim of this study was to examine whether fan engagement could be predicted by the motivational dimensions of sport consumption. A sample of 806 football sport fans (African = 85%, male = 67.4%, part of an organised supporters club = 57.6%) were participants. They completed the Fan Engagement

  11. Sur le monnayage du premier Hūdide Sulaymān al-Musta‘īn

    Elhadri, Mohamed


    Full Text Available The coinages of the Taifas still constitute an invaluable source of historical information, extremely useful for the study of the political and ideological evolution of al-Andalus after the fall of the Caliphate. The coins of the Hūdides of Saragossa, and particularly those struck by the founder of this dynasty Sulaymān al-Musta‘īn are a good example of what the different inscriptions on coins can tell us concerning the political situation in the first years of this dynasty. This article deals with a particular and rare type of silver coins attributed to the first Hūdide, Sulaymān, that holds a very problematic Shiite slogan (related to the Wilāya of ‘Alī, and tries to discuss its ideological significance and the different political circumstances that might have justified its appearance on this type of issues.

    Las monedas de las Taifas siguen constituyendo una valiosa fuente de información histórica, de gran utilidad para el estudio de la evolución política e ideológica de al-Andalus después de la caída del califato. Las monedas de los hūdíes de Zaragoza y, en especial, las acuñadas por el fundador de la dinastía, Sulaymān al-Musta‘īn son un buen ejemplo de lo que pueden decirnos las distintas inscripciones de las monedas acerca de la situación política durante los primeros años de la dinastía. Este artículo se centra en un singular tipo de monedas de plata atribuidas al primer hūdí, Sulaymān, que muestra un lema šī‘í, relacionado con la wilāya de ‘Alī, problemático en extremo, ofreciéndose un estudio sobre su significación ideológica y las diferentes circunstancias políticas que pudieron haber justificado su aparición en esta emisión.

  12. The Balanced Scorecard: A Management System for Wilford Hall Medical Center - The Premier Air Force Medical Enterprise


    The Balanced Scorecard Management System (BSMS) at Wilford Hall Medical Center (WHMC) is a strategic management and measurement system that...prompted the study to a look at the statement of the problem, the author explores the history and use of the balanced scorecard concept in civilian...was an Intranet-based, database automated, Balanced Scorecard Management System.

  13. L’Asie mystérieuse : premier numéro du Bulletin du Club Verne

    Alain Chiron


    Full Text Available Depuis 2007 l’Association des Amis du Roman populaire a son siège et son centre de documentation à Vignacourt près d’Amiens. Si la revue Le Rocambole qu’elle produit perdure, cette association a souhaité replacer dans des objectifs de vulgarisation l’œuvre de Jules Verne dans le contexte de production de romans populaires pour la période allant des débuts du XIXe siècle à la Grande Guerre. D’où la création du nouveau périodique le Bulletin du Club Verne. Il est nécessaire de distinguer ce der...

  14. The international documents of Petrole and Techniques. Algeria 2002; Les dossiers internationaux de petrole et techniques. Algerie 2002 premiere partie



    In the first part of the document Chakib Khelil presents the current reforms and the upstream sector groups take stock on 15 years of market deregulation. The hydrocarbons sector, motor of the Algerian economy, opens more and more leading the country to the modernity. The upstream market deregulation allowed to restore the petroleum and gas reserves level and to modernize the concerned societies. Facing the new petroleum deposits in Algeria, opportunities are given to french and foreign societies which will accept risks and strategical partnership. (A.L.B.)

  15. Research on Karaoke Subtitles Creating in Premiere%Premiere的卡拉OK字幕创建问题探究



    Premiere是Adobe公司推出的一款非常优秀的视频编辑软件,它凭借其友好的工作界面、强大的编辑功能、简便的操作方法及多格式的素材支持而受到广大视频编辑工作者和爱好者的青睐,然而却存在无法创建随歌曲的演唱进度而逐字变色的卡拉OK字幕的缺憾.本文结合第三方插件KBuilder Tools,探讨在Premiere中快速创建卡拉OK字幕的方法和技巧,并指出在实际应用过程中的常见问题及解决办法.

  16. Proceedings of the first international congress on environmental geotechnics; Comptes-rendus de la premiere congres internationale de geotechnique environnementale

    Carrier, W.D. III [ed.


    A conference was held on environmental geotechnics. Papers were presented on dredging, industrial, mining, municipal, nuclear, and general geotechnics. Separate abstracts have been prepared for 33 papers from the conference.

  17. Coupling of neutron transport equations. First results; Couplage d`equations en transport neutronique. premiere approche 1D monocinetique

    Bal, G.


    To achieve whole core calculations of the neutron transport equation, we have to follow this 2 step method: space and energy homogenization of the assemblies; resolution of the homogenized equation on the whole core. However, this is no more valid when accidents occur (for instance depressurization causing locally strong heterogeneous media). One solution consists then in coupling two kinds of resolutions: a fine computation on the damaged cell (fine mesh, high number of energy groups) coupled with a coarse one everywhere else. We only deal here with steady state solutions (which already live in 6D spaces). We present here two such methods: The coupling by transmission of homogenized sections and the coupling by transmission of boundary conditions. To understand what this coupling is, we first restrict ourselves to 1D with respect to space in one energy group. The first two chapters deal with a recall of basic properties of the neutron transport equation. We give at chapter 3 some indications of the behaviour of the flux with respect to the cross sections. We present at chapter 4 some couplings and give some properties. Chapter 5 is devoted to a presentation of some numerical applications. (author). 9 refs., 7 figs.

  18. Does Problem-Based Learning Improve Problem Solving Skills?--A Study among Business Undergraduates at Malaysian Premier Technical University

    Kadir, Z. Abdul; Abdullah, N. H.; Anthony, E.; Salleh, B. Mohd; Kamarulzaman, R.


    Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach has been widely used in various disciplines since it is claimed to improve students' soft skills. However, empirical supports on the effect of PBL on problem solving skills have been lacking and anecdotal in nature. This study aimed to determine the effect of PBL approach on students' problem solving skills…

  19. Crimes, faits divers, cinématographe et premiers interdits français en 1899 et 1909

    Albert Montagne


    Full Text Available Les crimes et criminels dans le cinéma de fiction furent abordés, en 1990, à Perpignan, au XIe Colloque Cinéma et Histoire, Histoire du cinéma, Les grandes affaires criminelles : faits historiques - cinéma et télévision, de l’Institut Jean Vigo, en collaboration avec l’I.N.A. et la Cinémathèque de Toulouse. Les présentes pages, écrites dans la continuité du numéro inhérent des Cahiers de la Cinémathèque de 1993, Les Grandes affaires criminelles françaises, complètent un article personnel, De ...

  20. Particle image velocimetry - Principles and first results; La velocimetrie par images de particules. Principes et premiers resultats

    Laporta, A.; Marechal, J.P. [Electricite de France (EDF), Direction des Etudes et Recherches, 92 - Clamart (France)


    Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a measurement technique elaborated towards the end of the 1970`s, but which has developed considerably in recent years. The general principle of PIV is very simple and enables access to instantaneous velocity fields. It consists in recording images of tracer-particles injected into the flow and determining the distance covered by these particles. Since we know the time lapse between successive images of the same particle, we can derive the local fluid velocity. Among the many existing image acquisition and processing methods, the image inter-correlation analysis techniques, used with a pulsed laser source, is the most effective. Since we know the influence of different parameters (number of particles, beam power, time lapse between two successive images, size of query zones, etc.) on the quality of the final result, we can optimize practical adjustment of the PIV measurement scheme. The PIV was tested on the LAVITA hydraulic mockup (simulating the operation of a tangential fan). First results are, all in all, highly satisfactory. These have enabled the rapid drafting of instantaneous mean velocity field maps (20 images acquired in less than 90 seconds, with a post-processing time of about 10 minutes). Observation of the instantaneous fields has evidenced the presence of low frequency non-stationary phenomena which are not revealed by Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV). Quantitative comparison between LDV and PIV, concerning average fields, showed close results, with, however, local divergences which could be relatively marked. It must nevertheless be noted that the PIV measurements performed on LAVITA have not been optimized with a view to obtaining a consistently good accuracy level. Priority in the present case was given to the scope of the field explored, with a view to observing the large non-stationary structures within a flow. The PIV measurement technique is thus operational for prompt flow characterization. However, concerning conclusions on the accuracy of the measurements, further comparisons will be required. (author). 11 refs.

  1. Wind/photovoltaic power indicators. First quarter 2011; Tableau de bord eolien-photovoltaique. Premier trimestre 2011



    This document makes a quarterly status of the power generation from wind and photovoltaic power plants connected to the French grid (continental France, Corsica and overseas territories): total connected load, quarterly connected load during the last years, power generated since the beginning of the year, progress trend of wind and photovoltaic power in France, regional status. (J.S.)

  2. Wind/photovoltaic power indicators. First quarter 2010; Tableau de bord eolien-photovoltaique. Premier trimestre 2010



    This document makes a quarterly status of the power generation from wind and photovoltaic power plants connected to the French grid (continental France, Corsica and overseas territories): total connected load, quarterly connected load during the last years, power generated since the beginning of the year, progress trend of wind and photovoltaic power in France, regional status. (J.S.)

  3. Des organisations de recherche européennes de premier plan unissent leurs efforts dans le cadre du groupe EIROFORUM

    CERN Press Office. Geneva


    Since the early 1950s, a number of powerful research infrastructures and laboratories which are used by an extensive network of scientists have been developed and deployed within Europe by European Intergovernmental Research Organisations (EIRO). Together, they represent European spearheads in some of the most crucial basic and applied research fields.

  4. Chandra's Cosmos: Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Other Wonders Revealed by NASA's Premier X-ray Observatory

    Tucker, Wallace H.


    On July 23, 1999, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the most powerful X-ray telescope ever built, was launched aboard the space shuttle Columbia. Since then, Chandra has given us a view of the universe that is largely hidden from telescopes sensitive only to visible light. In Chandra's Cosmos, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Chandra science spokesperson Wallace H. Tucker uses a series of short, connected stories to describe the telescope's exploration of the hot, high-energy face of the universe. The book is organized in three parts: "The Big," covering the cosmic web, dark energy, dark matter, and massive clusters of galaxies; "The Bad," exploring neutron stars, stellar black holes, and supermassive black holes; and "The Beautiful," discussing stars, exoplanets, and life. Chandra has imaged the spectacular, glowing remains of exploded stars and taken spectra showing the dispersal of their elements. Chandra has observed the region around the supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way and traced the separation of dark matter from normal matter in the collision of galaxies, contributing to both dark matter and dark energy studies. Tucker explores the implications of these observations in an entertaining, informative narrative aimed at space buffs and general readers alike.

  5. 周恩来智慧荐《梁祝》%Premier Recommends Chinese Romeo and Juliet in Geneva



    @@ 1954年4月20日,周恩来率领中国代表团参加日内瓦会议.在大会期间,中国代表团为外国官员、记者举行电影招待会.在出国之前,周总理特意点名让工作人员带上国内刚刚拍出不久的彩色越剧片.

  6. Six fundamental principles that facilitates the transition from junior to professional in football: An example from the Danish Premier League

    Larsen, Carsten Hvid

    The transition from talented youth level to professional level is considered to be the most difficult and complex transition in sports. Literature in career transitions highlights that a match between an athlete’s resources and the demands of a transition will allow an athlete to enjoy a successful...... should acknowledge that the athlete is embedded in an environment. Second, the intervention should be built on a thorough assessment of the environment from a holistic perspective. Third, the practitioner should not only work with the individual athletes but also aim to optimize the entire environment...... around the athlete or team. Fourth, an intervention should take into consideration that an environment is always situated in a larger cultural setting of e.g. a national culture and a sport specific culture, and plan accordingly. Fifth and sixth, the intervention should aim to create and maintain...

  7. Strengthening the admissions process in health care professional education: focus on a premier Pacific Island medical college

    Christian Chinyere Ezeala


    Full Text Available Relying solely on measures of intellectual aptitude and academic performance in university admissions can be disadvantageous to underprivileged students. The Fiji School of Medicine primarily uses such measures to evaluate and select student applicants, and the introduction of supplementary assessments could provide better access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This study examined the need for supplementary assessments in the admission process, types of additional assessments needed, and stakeholders??views on a multi-entry multi-exit strategy currently in use at the Fiji School of Medicine. A survey of the key stakeholders was conducted in February and March 2012 using closed and open ended questionnaire. One hundred and twenty-two validated questionnaires were self-administered by key stakeholders from the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS and Fiji Ministries of Education and Health, with a response rate of 61%. Returned questionnaires were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. Sixty-five percent of respondents supported the introduction of supplementary assessments, 49% favoured admissions test, and 16% preferred assessing non-academic factors. Many respondents supported the School?占퐏 multi-entry multi-exit strategy as a ?占퐂ood policy??that provided ?占퐀lexibility??and opportunity for students, but should be better regulated. These findings demonstrate the need for supplementary assessments in the selection process and for continued support for the use of multi-entry multi-exit strategy at the school.

  8. Dolce Vita meetings with gas professionals: first meeting; les rendez-vous Dolce Vita avec la filiere: premiere rencontre



    Cegibat, the information-recommendation agency of Gaz de France for building engineering professionals, has organized this very first conference about the Dolce Vita products and services offer, created by Gaz de France for the residential sector with the aim to promote the use of natural gas for a better comfort and lower energy consumptions. This first meeting presents: the strategy stakes and ambitions of Dolce Vita, the characteristics of the different offers and their content, the quality and comfort criteria, and some testimonies concerning some Dolce Vita projects and realizations. (J.S.)

  9. Progressions arithmétiques dans les nombres premiers, d'après B. Green et T. Tao

    Host, Bernard


    Notes pour l'exposé No 944 (2004-2005) au Séminaire Bourbaki; B. Green and T. Tao have recently proved that 'the set of primes contains arbitrary long arithmetic progressions', answering to an old question with a remarkably simple formulation. The proof does not use any "transcendental" method and any of the deep theorems of analytic number theory. It is written in a 'spirit' close to ergodic theory and in particular of Furstenberg's proof of Szemerédi's Theorem, but it does not use any resul...

  10. Premiers résultats des plongées du Nautile sur le banc de Gorringe (Ouest Portugal)

    Girardeau, Jacques; Cornen, Guy; Agrimer, Pierre; Beslier, Marie-Odile; Dubuisson, Gilles; LeGall, Bernard; Monnier, Christophe; Pinheiro, Luis; Ribeiro, Antonio; Whitechurch, Hubert


    The oceanic crust exposed on the Gorringe Bank (SW Portugal) presents a laccolith-like body of gabbros, 500 m thick by 50 km long, within mantle peridotites. It also shows rare tholeiitic dikes and pillow-lavas resting locally directly over the peridotites. Gabbros, that crystallized in a closed system, subsequently underwent strong deformation in highto low-temperature conditions, in a west to east extensional flat shear zone system. This massif would likely be formed during the early stages of oceanic spreading, at the end of continental rifting. This is in agreement with kinematic reconstructions for the North Atlantic Ocean.

  11. Promoting fan engagement: An exploration of the fundamental motives for sport consumption amongst premier league football spectators

    Stander, Frederick W.; Zyl, van Llewellyn E.; Motaung, Kemiso


    The aim of this study was to examine whether fan engagement could be predicted by the motivational dimensions of sport consumption. A sample of 806 football sport fans (African = 85%, male = 67.4%, part of an organised supporters club = 57.6%) were participants. They completed the Fan Engagement Sca

  12. 1996 Progress report on energies and raw materials; 1996 rapport d`activite energies et matieres premieres



    The 1996 annual progress report, from the French Department of Energy, reviews the key points of the French policy for energy and raw materials: competitiveness, environmental protection, long term supply safety, and public service. 1996 was marked by positive results for the French energy industry, difficulties for the oil refining industry, and a new impetus for renewable energies. Five surveys are presented: nuclear safety in Eastern Europe, the european directive on electric power domestic market, evolution of the oil market, conditions of refining in France, and restructuring of the Mine bureau (BRGM). 40 prominent facts are briefly reviewed, concerning sustainable energy development, nuclear energy, electric power and gas, coal, oil products, raw materials. Diagrams on energy and raw materials are also included

  13. Awareness and attitude towards human papillomavirus (HPV vaccine among medical students in a premier medical school in India.

    Deeksha Pandey

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: As preventing cancer with the help of a vaccine is a comparatively new concept, awareness and education about it will have important implication in the implementation of this strategy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Present explorative questionnaire based survey included 618 MBBS students for final analysis. RESULTS: Majority of participants (89.6% were well aware of the preventable nature of cervical cancer. Most of them (89.2% knew that necessary factor responsible for cervical cancer is infection with high risk HPV. Awareness regarding the availability of vaccine against cervical cancer was 75.6%. Females had a better awareness regarding availability of vaccine, target population for vaccination and about the catch up program. Overall acceptance of HPV vaccine among the population studied was 67.8%. Medical teaching had a definitive impact on the understanding of this important public health issue. Females seemed to be more ready to accept the vaccine and recommend it to others. For our study population the most common source of information was medical school teaching. Majority of participants agreed that the most important obstacle in implementation of HPV vaccination program in our country is inadequate information and 86.2% wanted to be educated by experts in this regard. CONCLUSION: HPV vaccine for primary prevention of cervical cancer is a relatively new concept. Health professional will be able to play a pivotal role in popularizing this strategy.

  14. Programme d'education de Maternelle--Francais Langue Premiere (Kindergarten Education Program--French as a First Language).

    Alberta Learning, Edmonton. Direction de l'education francaise.

    The materials in this document discuss the Alberta (Canada) public school curriculum for French native language instruction for 5-year olds in preschool, intended for implementation in September 2000. The first part outlines the rationale and organization of the curriculum model and its five guiding principles. The second part describes the seven…

  15. Les Premieres Acquisitions De La Notion De Fonction Lineaire Chez L'Enfant De 7 A 11 Ans.

    Ricco, Graciela


    This study, written in French, presents the hierarchy of strategies used by children in solving multiplication and division problems, as they acquire the linear function concept. It is based on analysis of the different classes of problems, of specific tasks, and of strategies actually used in solutions. (MP)

  16. For an ecological construction Green Building Challenge (part 1); Pour une construction ecologique Green Building Challenge (premiere partie)

    Bruck, M. [Vienna Univ. Technique (Austria)


    In the scope of the worldwide project Green Building Challenge, a system for building assessment was developed with the aim to establish the ecological, economic and user related advantages and disadvantages of a building. The GBC handbook of the brick industry proves that brick buildings in particular meet high total quality requirements. (author)




    Full Text Available In India, although major cause of anaemia is said to be nutritional deficiencies which can be treated by medications, haemoglobinopathies are the most common inherited red cell disorders causing anaemia world-wide. Most clinically significant haemoglobinopathies are inherited defects of the globin chain of adult haemoglobin. Identification of these disorders is immensely important epidemiologically and for prevention of thalassaemias, sickle cell anaemia and other clinically severe haemoglobinopathies. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of thalassaemias, sickle cell and other haemoglobinopathies in patients of a tertiary care hospital of Jharkhand. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective study was undertaken in which 1048 cases were included over a period of 3 years {From October 2012 to Sept 2015} for patient referred from outpatient and inpatient department of tertiary medical care hospital for anaemia. Clinical history and family history were obtained from each patient. The venous blood samples were analysed for complete blood count and HighPerformance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC was performed on the samples with Bio-Rad Variant II. RESULTS Normal haemoglobin (Hb pattern was observed in 444 (42.5% cases and abnormalities were detected in 600 (57.5% patients. β (beta thalassaemia trait was the most common abnormality found in 156 (14.9% patients. Sickle cell disease in 128 (12.2% patients, HbSβ in 128 (12.26% patients, β thalassaemia major/intermedia in 112 (10.7% cases, Sickle cell trait in 55 (5.2% cases. Other variants detected included HbE, HbD-Punjab, HbD-Punjab trait, double heterozygous state of HbE and β-thalassaemia HbE, double heterozygous state of HbS and HbD-Punjab and HbJ-Meerut. CONCLUSION Premarital and antenatal screenings are important measures to prevent birth of children with severe Hb disorders. HPLC is a rapid and reliable technique for identification of various Hb fractions.

  18. Lay the foundation stone of the Creteil NGV station; Pose de la premiere pierre de la station GNV de Creteil



    This talk gives the advantages of the NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) and the policy in favour this automotive fuel. For the environment and the economy the NGV this fuel is the choice of the future. The author gives also the financial incentives for this channel development. (A.L.B.)

  19. Une catastrophe glorieuse : le martyre des premiers chrétiens du Japon, Nagasaki, 1597

    Clotilde Jacquelard


    Full Text Available Le naufrage du galion San Felipe dans le port de Urado (Shikoku, Japon en octobre 1596 fut le déclencheur d’un désastre missionnaire : le martyre de vingt-six chrétiens, franciscains espagnols et chrétiens japonais, à Nagasaki, le 5 février 1597. Cet article s’attache à examiner la relation dialectique entre les deux événements par l’étude de deux discours missionnaires franciscains hagiographiques. Il s’agit tout d’abord de rappeler la lecture providentialiste du temps à travers la perception de présages matériels et spirituels de la part des acteurs, puis de montrer que ces évènements paroxystiques révèlent en même temps qu’ils résolvent – temporairement – des tensions et des crises latentes, résultat de la confrontation entre plusieurs communautés culturelles comme la japonaise, l’espagnole et la portugaise, autour de prétentions géopolitiques, commerciales et religieuses dans cette zone de frontière de l’antiméridien du Pacifique nord.El naufragio del galeón San Felipe en el puerto de Urado (Shikoku, Japón en octubre de 1596 desembocó en un desastre misionero : el martirio de veintiséis cristianos, franciscanos españoles y cristianos japoneses, en Nagasaki, el 5 de febrero de 1597. Este artículo quiere examinar la relación dialéctica entre ambos acontecimientos, mediante el estudio de dos discursos misioneros franciscanos hagiográficos. Se trata de recordar primero la lectura providencialista de la época a través de la percepción de presagios tanto materiales como espirituales por parte de los actores, y mostrar luego que estos acontecimientos paroxísticos revelan, al mismo tiempo que resuelven –temporalmente– tensiones y crisis latentes, resultados de la confrontación de varias comunidades culturales como la japonesa, la española y la portuguesa, en torno a pretensiones geopolíticas, comerciales y religiosas en la zona fronteriza del antimeridiano del Pacífico norte.

  20. Power exchanges in the German market: an initial assessment; Bourses d'electricite sur le marche Allemand - premieres evaluations

    Dinko, Raytchev [Universite de Montesquieu Bordeaux-4, Lab. d' Analyse et de Recherche en Economie-Economie et Finance Internationales LAREefi, 33 (France)


    The emergence of power exchanges is one of the key phenomena accompanying the liberation of the electricity industry. Apart from the Nordic countries, this is a recent event, especially for the countries of continental Europe. In this study, we will be focusing on the German electricity market for several reasons. Firstly, Germany has the largest market for electrical power in Europe. As the electricity sector is in the process of opening up to competition, this country is one of the 'good pupils' in the field of electrical deregulation. Next, it is a good idea to draw up an initial overview of the German experience following the launch on 27.11.2001 of an organised market in France (the PowerNext exchange). Currently, there are three exchanges able to negotiate contracts in the German hub: the Amsterdam Power Exchange (APX), the European Energy (EEX) and the Leipzig Power Exchange (LPX). The exchanges were created between May 1999 (APX) and August 2000 (EEX). They are in a situation of direct competition in the German market. This competition is particularly keen since the three players are well aware of the challenge at stake: becoming the leading exchange for the German market and (possibly) in a future integrated European market. The announcement of a merger between LPX and EEX in 2002 (published on 26.10.2001 on the sites of both exchanges) underlines the importance of these strategic issues. The purpose of this work is to carry out an assessment of the three exchanges during their first months in existence. Using an econometric analysis, we offer conclusions concerning the capacity of these exchanges to supply a reference price. The opportunities for arbitration are also examined. Despite the difficulties of the market launches, the exchanges have successfully maintained a certain degree of coherence in their prices and may now sit back a little and plan their expansion. It is difficult at this stage to see who the eventual 'winner' will be. The discussion which concludes this work nevertheless gives certain indications on this point. (author)

  1. A Review on Treating Caner by Wen Yang Method%温阳法治疗恶性肿瘤的研究进展

    张晓迪; 李湧健



  2. 蔡英文的经贸政策与台湾经济前景%Tsai Ing-wen's Economic and Trade Policy and Taiwan's Economic Outlook




  3. Comments on Tsai Ing-wen's "New Southward Policy"%蔡英文“新南向政策”评析




  4. Shuo Wen Jie Zi () and the Ancient Chinese Funeral Culture%《说文解字》与中国古代丧葬文化




  5. 沈从文“乡下人”情结探源%Research on Origin of SHEN Cong-wen' s Feelings of a "countryman"




  6. 论《文心雕龙·史传》的史评特色%Historical Criticism in Historical Biographies of Wen Xin Diao Long




  7. ZHANG Zhi-wen's experience in treating cough variant asthma%张之文辨治咳嗽变异性哮喘的经验

    郑秀丽; 吴文军; 郭尹玲; 王雅楠; 冯全生



  8. Integrating a Typhoon Event Database with an Optimal Flood Operation Model on the Real-Time Flood Control of the Tseng-Wen Reservoir

    Chen, Y. W.; Chang, L. C.


    Typhoons which normally bring a great amount of precipitation are the primary natural hazard in Taiwan during flooding season. Because the plentiful rainfall quantities brought by typhoons are normally stored for the usage of the next draught period, the determination of release strategies for flood operation of reservoirs which is required to simultaneously consider not only the impact of reservoir safety and the flooding damage in plain area but also for the water resource stored in the reservoir after typhoon becomes important. This study proposes a two-steps study process. First, this study develop an optimal flood operation model (OFOM) for the planning of flood control and also applies the OFOM on Tseng-wun reservoir and the downstream plain related to the reservoir. Second, integrating a typhoon event database with the OFOM mentioned above makes the proposed planning model have ability to deal with a real-time flood control problem and names as real-time flood operation model (RTFOM). Three conditions are considered in the proposed models, OFOM and RTFOM, include the safety of the reservoir itself, the reservoir storage after typhoons and the impact of flooding in the plain area. Besides, the flood operation guideline announced by government is also considered in the proposed models. The these conditions and the guideline can be formed as an optimization problem which is solved by the genetic algorithm (GA) in this study. Furthermore, a distributed runoff model, kinematic-wave geomorphic instantaneous unit hydrograph (KW-GIUH), and a river flow simulation model, HEC-RAS, are used to simulate the river water level of Tseng-wun basin in the plain area and the simulated level is shown as an index of the impact of flooding. Because the simulated levels are required to re-calculate iteratively in the optimization model, applying a recursive artificial neural network (recursive ANN) instead of the HEC-RAS model can significantly reduce the computational burden of the entire optimization problem. This study applies the developed methodology to Tseng-wun Reservoir. Forty typhoon events are collected as the historical database and six typhoon events are used to verify the proposed model. These typhoons include Typhoon Sepat and Typhoon Korsa in 2007 and Typhoon Kalmaegi, Typhoon Fung-Wong, Typhoon Sinlaku and Typhoon Jangmi in 2008. The results show that the proposed model can reduce the flood duration at the downstream area. For example, the real-time flood control model can reduce the flood duration by four and three hours for Typhoon Korsa and Typhoon Sinlaku respectively. This results indicate that the developed model can be a very useful tool for real-time flood control operation of reservoirs.

  9. Optimización del modelo Bouc-Wen de un amortiguador magnetoreológico mediante algoritmos genéticos

    Oviedo Gutiérrez, Diego


    Los principales objetivos que se pretenden conseguir en el presente proyecto fin de carrera son los siguientes: • Caracterizar el comportamiento dinámico de un amortiguador magnetoreológico. • Ajustar unos parámetros a un modelo que permita simular el comportamiento dinámico del mismo. El contenido del proyecto fin de carrera se encuentra distribuido en 9 capítulos, el primero de los cuales está formado por la presente introducción. El capítulo 2 presenta el sistema de suspe...

  10. Indigenous Communities and Cross­Strait Rapprochement: A Case Study of Chun­-ri and Shih-­wen

    Andi Kao


    Full Text Available Absent from most public debates on Taiwan’s embrace of neoliberal capitalism are the potential consequences of economic liberalization for Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Deregulating markets and unfettering capital and resources are tied inextricably with cross-Strait politics. With a deep-seated apprehension of China still felt in many corners of the Taiwanese society, these issues are often framed with particular emphasis on the “China Factor”, overshadowing other relevant economic and societal considerations and thereby narrowing the scope of debate over government policies. Nevertheless, the potential influx of foreign capital investment, long- and short-term migrant labor and international visitors may have profound effects on Taiwan’s most vulnerable citizens, including the indigenous peoples. This paper will report the results of field research conducted among the Paiwan ethnic group, assessing actual and potential future changes affecting their individual families and communities. Preliminary assessment indicates that official policies liberalizing visitation and trade between China and Taiwan have already affected the Paiwan communities. Whether these changes become handicaps or opportunities depends on realistic evaluation, strategic planning, education, implementation, and periodic re-evaluation. This paper will contribute to the larger discussion of possible responses to the effects of inter-regional migration and transformations on minority societies by providing an assessment of current and potential conditions among the Paiwan of Taiwan.

  11. 满文词语探微——以“茶”为例%Research on Manchu Phrase Tea from "Qing Wen Jian"



    乾隆朝《御制增订清文鉴》较康熙朝《御制清文鉴》收词增加了5 000余条,词目“茶”的释义由1条增加到6条.新增的genggiyen cai“清茶”、kara cai“黑茶”、sun i cai“奶茶”、malanggū cai“芝麻茶”和ufa cai“面茶”等5词条在《御制清文鉴》中被列为1条,而在《御制增订清文鉴》中被分列为6条.

  12. 文书学档案学史上的并蒂奇葩——《文心雕龙》与《文选》%The twin exotic flowers in the history of documentary science and archival science 《WenXinDiaoLong》 and 《WenXuan》




  13. A taxonomic synopsis of Altingiaceae with nine new combinations

    Stefanie Ickert-Bond


    Full Text Available A taxonomic synopsis of the Altingiaceae is presented, including the taxonomic enumeration and distribution of 15 recognized species based on studies of 1,500 specimens from 24 herbaria throughout the distributional range of the taxa. Previous phylogenetic analyses based on several molecular markers have shown that Altingia and Semiliquidambar are nested within Liquidambar. All Altingia and Semiliquidambar species are now formally transferred to Liquidambar, which has the nomenclatural priority. The following nine new combinations are herein made: Liquidambar cambodiana (Lecomte Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. caudata (H. T. Chang Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. chingii (Metcalf Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. gracilipes (Hemsl. Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. multinervis (Cheng Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. obovata (Merrill & Chun Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. poilanei (Tardieu Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, L. siamensis (Craib Ickert-Bond & J. Wen, and L. yunnanensis (Rehder & Wilson Ickert-Bond & J. Wen.

  14. First principles simulation of the electrochemical behaviour of lithium battery materials; Modelisation du comportement electrochimique de materiaux pour batteries au lithium a partir de calculs de premiers principes

    Rocquefelte, X.


    The functioning of a positive electrode in a lithium battery is based on the reversible intercalation of lithium. In some cases, such a reaction can lead to important structural modifications and therefore to an amorphization of the material. A theoretical approach is presented here that leads to structural predictions and simulations of electrochemical behaviour of positive electrode materials. In the first part, DFT (Density Functional Theory) formalisms and the respective advantages of FLAPW (Full potential Linearized Augmented Plane Waves) and PP/PW (Pseudopotential / Plane Waves) methods are discussed. In the second part are given some fundamental electrochemistry considerations related to the intercalation process, thermodynamics aspects and relationships with electronic structure. Then, an approach combining experimental data and geometry optimisation of structural hypotheses is given. This approach was first applied to a model compound LiMoS{sub 2}, and has been then generalised to systems of industrial interest such as Li{sub x}V{sub 2}O{sub 5} (0 {<=} x {<=} 3). The simulated X-ray diagrams of the optimised structures for LiMoS{sub 2} and {omega} - Li{sub 3}V{sub 2}O{sub 5} are in good agreement with experimental data. In the case of Li{sub x}V{sub 2}O{sub 5}, the first discharge curves starting from {alpha} - V{sub 2}O{sub 5} and {gamma}' - V{sub 2}O{sub 5} were then successfully simulated. A chemical bond analysis was carried out to help understand the origin of the distortion in LiMoS{sub 2} and the voltage variations in the electrochemical curves of Li{sub x}V{sub 2}O{sub 5}. This study clearly demonstrates that an approach combining first-principle calculations and available experimental data is invaluable in the structure determination of poorly crystallized compounds. Such a procedure contributes to the understanding of the phase transitions induced by the lithium intercalation in vanadium oxide compounds and can really be used in the research of new battery materials. (author)

  15. Bioaccumulation and human health risk assessment of DDT and other organochlorine pesticides in an apex aquatic predator from a premier conservation area.

    Gerber, Ruan; Smit, Nico J; Van Vuren, Johan H J; Nakayama, Shouta M M; Yohannes, Yared B; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Ishizuka, Mayumi; Wepener, Victor


    With the second highest gross domestic product in Africa, South Africa is known to have a high pesticide usage, including the highly persistent and banned group of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). South Africa is also one of few countries to still actively spray DDT as malaria vector control. The aim of the study was to determine the degree to which aquatic biota in selected rivers of the world renowned Kruger National Park (KNP) are exposed to by use of OCPs in the catchments outside the KNP and how this exposure relates to human health. Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) are economically important apex predators and was selected as bioindicator for this study. Fish were sampled from the KNP sections of the Luvuvhu, Letaba and Olifants rivers during the high and low flow periods from 2010 to 2011 within the KNP and 19 OCPs were determined in muscle tissue using GC-ECD techniques. Significant flow related and spatial OCP bioaccumulation was observed. Tigerfish from the Luvuvhu River displayed the highest OCP bioaccumulation. Concentrations of the majority of the OCPs including the DDTs were the highest levels ever recorded from South African freshwater systems and in many cases the concentrations were higher than most contaminated areas from around the world. The concentrations found in H. vittatus muscle also exceeded maximum residue levels in edible fat as set by the European Union. The health risk assessment also demonstrated that the levels of OCPs pose very high cancer risks to the local populations consuming tigerfish, as high as 2 in 10 increased risk factor. This is of concern not only when managing the water resources of the conservation area but also for surrounding communities consuming freshwater fish. Contaminants enter the park from outside the borders and pose potential risks to the mandated conservation of aquatic biota within the KNP.

  16. From the first modern men to the apparition of art; Des premiers hommes modernes a l`apparition de l`art

    Valladas, H. [CEA Centre d`Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Direction des Sciences de la Matiere


    The great stages of mankind evolution have been identified with the help of dating techniques such as thermoluminescence and carbon 14; the question of the Neanderthal man being the ancestor of modern man is discussed, together with its geographical origin and time of appearance. Prehistoric art, which appeared at the upper Paleolithic age, can be now dated using their pigments; examples of the Cosquer and Chauvet-Pont-d`Arc caves in France illustrate the evolution of prehistoric art

  17. Brazil's premier gold province. Part II: geology and genesis of gold deposits in the Archean Rio das Velhas greenstone belt, Quadrilátero Ferrífero

    Lobato, Lydia; Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Luiz; Vieira, Frederico


    Orogenic, gold deposits are hosted by rocks of the Archean Rio das Velhas greenstone belt in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero region, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, one of the major gold provinces in the world. The gold deposits occur at the base of the mafic-ultramafic succession, with the most important orebodies controlled by E-W-striking, strike-slip faults. The main mineralization styles are (1) structurally controlled, sulfide replacement zones in banded iron formation (BIF); (2) disseminated sulfide minerals and gold in hydrothermally altered rocks along shear zones; and (3) auriferous quartz-carbonate-sulfide veins and veinlets in mafic, ultramafic, and felsic volcanic rocks, and also in clastic sedimentary rocks. The most common host rocks for ore are metamorphosed oxide- and carbonate-facies banded iron (± iron-rich metachert) formations (e.g., the Cuiabá, São Bento and Raposos deposits) and the lapa seca unit, which is a local term for intensely carbonatized rock (e.g., the giant Morro Velho mine with >450 t of contained gold). Metabasalts host most of the remaining gold deposits. Mineralogical characteristics and fluid inclusion studies suggest variations in the H2O/CO2 ratio of a low-salinity, near-neutral, reducing, sulfur-bearing, ore fluid. The presence of abundant CH4-rich inclusions is related to reduction of the original H2O-CO2 fluid via interaction with carbonaceous matter in the wallrocks. Oxygen fugacity was close to that of graphite saturation, with variations likely to have been influenced by reaction with the carbonaceous matter. Carbon-rich phyllites and schists, which commonly bound ore-bearing horizons, seem to have played both a physical and chemical role in localizing hydrothermal mineral deposition. Microtextural studies indicate that gold deposition was mainly related to desulfidation reactions, and was paragenetically coeval with precipitation of arsenic-rich iron sulfide minerals. Carbon isotope data are compatible with dissolution of CO2 from pre-existing mantle-derived carbonation zones, and indicate fluids of metamorphic origin. A major episode of hydrothermal fluid introduction into different rock types caused epigenetic gold formation and wallrock alteration at about 300 to 400 °C during the late stages of regional deformation and metamorphism of the greenstone belt. The age of gold mineralization is constrained to be younger than 2,698 and perhaps closer to 2,670 Ma.

  18. Brazil's premier gold province. Part I: The tectonic, magmatic, and structural setting of the Archean Rio das Velhas greenstone belt, Quadrilátero Ferrífero

    Lobato, Lydia; Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Luiz; Zucchetti, Márcia; Noce, Carlos; Baltazar, Orivaldo; da Silva, Luiz; Pinto, Claiton


    Rocks of the Rio das Velhas Supergroup comprise one of the most significant Archean greenstone-belt successions in Brazil, in both their appreciable mineral productivity and extensive mineral potential. A large part of this greenstone belt is contained within the Quadrilátero Ferrífero (Iron Quadrangle) region, Minas Gerais state, southeastern Brazil, which occupies the southernmost portion of the São Francisco craton. The Nova Lima Group rocks, at the base of the Rio das Velhas greenstone belt, host important orogenic gold deposits. The group contains lithological associations from bottom to top as follows: (1) mafic-ultramafic volcanic, (2) volcanic-chemical, (3) clastic-chemical, (4) volcaniclastic, and (5) resedimented rocks. Rocks of the resedimented, volcanic-chemical, and mafic-ultramafic volcanic associations mainly host the most important gold deposits. An early compressional deformation occurs in the rocks of the Rio das Velhas greenstone belt and basement gneisses, with tangential thrusting from the north to the south or southwest. Structures generated during a second, compressional deformation, encompass NW-striking thrust faults and SW-vergent, tight to isoclinal folds, inferring a general southwest transport direction. In the central portion of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, the Paciência lineament, which strikes northwest and dips to the northeast in the south, or strikes northeast and dips to the southeast in the north, is a thrust-related, oblique ramp fault that hosts important gold deposits. The convergence of these two trends in the Nova Lima region is accommodated by roughly E-W-striking transcurrent faults, which are the most favored sites for large gold concentrations. Intracratonic extension in Late Archean to early Paleoproterozoic times and NW-vergent, Trans-Amazonian compressional deformation post-date gold deposition. Late extension during the Paleoproterozoic led to basin formation and the prominent dome-and-keel architecture of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero region. Deformation related to the west-vergent thrust-and-fold belts of the Brasiliano orogeny is recognized at the eastern margin of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero region. Defining structures as Archean, Trans-Amazonian, and Brasiliano in age is still difficult, although it is accepted that the gold-related Archean structures are best preserved in the central and western parts of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero. The principal source for the Rio das Velhas sedimentary rocks was probably the trondhjemite-tonalite-granodiorite crust that formed in multiple episodes after ~3,500 Ma, and was widely metamorphosed and intruded at 2,880-2,850 Ma. Felsic volcanism at 2,772±6 Ma formed the Rio das Velhas greenstone belt. The volcanic succession was a source for some overlying sedimentary rock units, as indicated by the presence of detrital zircons dated at 2,777-2,771 Ma. Strongly foliated granitic plutons range between 2,712+5/-4 and 2,698±18 Ma. The age of gold mineralization is inferred between 2,698 and 2,670 Ma. A metamorphic overprint during the Trans-Amazonian orogeny is estimated at ~2,050 Ma. There is evidence of local isotopic disturbances because of post-Trans-Amazonian tectonic events, at ~1.8-1.7 and 0.6 Ga.

  19. Premiers résultats de sex-ratio, puberté et dimorphisme sexuel chez le Paraha peue (Platax orbicularis) en élevage.

    Gasset, Eric; Joufoques, Vaiana; David, Rarahu; Maamaatuaiahutapu, Moana; Teissier, Alexandre; Tamata, Thierry; Dupieux, Sylvain


    Cette première étude du sex-ratio menée chez Platax orbicularis en élevage donne d’importantes indications dans l’optique d’optimiser la gestion des productions (1) de lots de futurs géniteurs issus d’un plan de croisement et (2) des lots d’alevins destinés à la production en cages. La poursuite du suivi des lots en cours et des nouvelles familles produites (sans tri des alevins et avec marquage magnétique individuel des poissons) permettra de confirmer sans doute ces indications et d’oriente...

  20. Écologie des stomoxes (Diptera : Muscidae au Gabon. I – Premier inventaire dans différentes zones écologiques

    Mavoungou J.F.


    Full Text Available Les stomoxes (Stomoxys spp. sont des diptères hématophages, vecteurs potentiels de divers agents pathogènes. Comme ceux de la région afrotropicale en général, les stomoxes du Gabon demeurent mal connus. Pour ces raisons, une enquête entomologique a été conduite de façon transversale dans huit localités représentatives des diverses zones écologiques du Gabon. L’enquête est basée sur l’utilisation de pièges Vavoua. Divers facteurs environnementaux pouvant influer sur les captures ont été relevés et inclus dans une analyse canonique des correspondances. Au total, 15 966 stomoxes, appartenant à sept espèces ou sous-espèces, ont été capturés. Les densités apparentes (DAP, exprimées en nombre de stomoxes par piège et par jour, sont importantes dans les localités de Franceville (41, Bakoumba (40, Makokou (25 et Mouila (21. Les espèces les plus abondantes sont Stomoxys n. niger (33,4 % de l’ensemble des captures, S. transvittatus (33 % puis S. calcitrans (17 %. Les principaux facteurs qui expliquent la variabilité des captures sont le degré d’anthropisation du milieu, le faciès botanique (savane ou forêt, la présence de la faune sauvage et domestique et la nature de la couverture végétale du sol. S. calcitrans et S. n. niger sont abondants dans les zones où la présence humaine est manifeste. S. xanthomelas est inféodé aux zones forestières. S. transvittatus, S. omega, et S. inornatus sont des espèces ubiquistes. S. niger bilineatus se retrouve dans les zones de savane.