Sample records for plazmennye pokrytiya tib2-ni

  1. Tribological Properties of HVOF-Sprayed TiB2-NiCr Coatings with Agglomerated Feedstocks (United States)

    Zhao, Zichun; Li, Hui; Yang, Tianlong; Zhu, Hongbin


    Boride materials have drawn great attention in surface engineering field, owing to their high hardness and good wear resistance. In our previous work, a plasma-sprayed TiB2-based cermet coating was deposited, but the coating toughness was significantly influenced by the formation of a brittle ternary phase (Ni20Ti3B6) derived from the reaction between TiB2 and metal binder. In order to suppress such a reaction occurred in the high-temperature spraying process, the high-velocity oxygen-fuel spraying technique was applied to prepare the TiB2-NiCr coating. Emphasis was paid on the microstructure, the mechanical properties, and the sliding wearing performance of the coating. The result showed that the HVOF-sprayed coating mainly consisted of hard ceramic particles including TiB2, CrB, and the binder phase. No evidence of Ni20Ti3B6 phase was found in the coating. The mechanical properties of HVOF-sprayed TiB2-NiCr coating were comparable to the conventional Cr3C2-NiCr coating. The frictional coefficient of the TiB2-NiCr coating was lower than the Cr3C2-NiCr coating when sliding against a bearing steel ball.

  2. Tribological Properties of HVOF-Sprayed TiB2-NiCr Coatings with Agglomerated Feedstocks (United States)

    Zhao, Zichun; Li, Hui; Yang, Tianlong; Zhu, Hongbin


    Boride materials have drawn great attention in surface engineering field, owing to their high hardness and good wear resistance. In our previous work, a plasma-sprayed TiB2-based cermet coating was deposited, but the coating toughness was significantly influenced by the formation of a brittle ternary phase (Ni20Ti3B6) derived from the reaction between TiB2 and metal binder. In order to suppress such a reaction occurred in the high-temperature spraying process, the high-velocity oxygen-fuel spraying technique was applied to prepare the TiB2-NiCr coating. Emphasis was paid on the microstructure, the mechanical properties, and the sliding wearing performance of the coating. The result showed that the HVOF-sprayed coating mainly consisted of hard ceramic particles including TiB2, CrB, and the binder phase. No evidence of Ni20Ti3B6 phase was found in the coating. The mechanical properties of HVOF-sprayed TiB2-NiCr coating were comparable to the conventional Cr3C2-NiCr coating. The frictional coefficient of the TiB2-NiCr coating was lower than the Cr3C2-NiCr coating when sliding against a bearing steel ball.

  3. Microstructure and Properties of (TiB2 + NiTi)/Ti Composite Coating Fabricated by Laser Cladding (United States)

    Lin, Yinghua; Lei, Yongping; Fu, Hanguang; Lin, Jian


    Agglomerated TiB2 particle and network-like structure-reinforced titanium matrix composite coatings were prepared by laser cladding of the Ni + TiB2 + Ti preplaced powders on Ti-6Al-4V alloy. The network-like structure mainly consisted of NiTi and Ni3Ti. Through the experiment, it was found that the size of agglomerated particle gradually decreased with the increase of Ti content, but the number of the network-like structure first increased and then disappeared. In-situ reaction competition mechanism and the formation of network-like structure were discussed. The average micro-hardness gradually decreased with the increase of Ti content, but the average fracture toughness gradually increased. Meanwhile, the wear resistance of the coatings is higher than that of the substrate, but the wear loss of the coatings is gradually increased with the increase of Ti content.

  4. Microstructure and Tribological Performance of TiB2-NiCr Composite Coating Deposited by APS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ning Zhang


    Full Text Available Nickel chromium (NiCr powders with different titanium diboride (TiB2 additions (20, 40 and 60 wt % were prepared with a mechanical alloying method and then sprayed using an air plasma spraying technology. The microstructure and phase composite of the powders and the cross-sections of deposited coatings were analyzed with a scanning electronic microscope and X-ray diffraction. The tribological performance of the coatings was studied using a pin-on-disk tribometer at room temperature. The weight loss of the as-sprayed coating was measured by using a high accuracy weighing balance. Cr3C2-25NiCr coating was produced and tested for comparison. The morphologies of the worn surface were then investigated. Parts of debris with some scratches were found, presenting typical signs of abrasive wear and showing slight adhesive wear on the surface. The 20 wt % additive TiB2 coating demonstrated the highest microhardness and the lowest coefficient of friction. The wear resistance of the metal-ceramic composites coatings was enhanced with the addition of TiB2.

  5. Preparation of Impervious Pyrolytic Carbon Coatings and Application to Dispersed Fuels; Preparation de revetements de carbone pyrolytique etanches - applications aux combustibles disperses; Prigotovlenie nepronitsaemogo uglerodnogo piroliticheskogo pokrytiya dlya dispergirovannogo topliva; Preparacion de revestimientos estancos de carbono piroutico: aplicacion a los combustibles nucleares dispersos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Auriol, A.; David, C. [Battelle Memorial Institute, Geneve (Switzerland); Fillatre, A.; Kurka, G.; Le Boulbin, E.; Rappeneau, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique (France)


    A method of depositing pyrolytic carbon, which adheres well to a graphite support and is gas-tight, was developed and the physical properties of the deposit were evaluated. The fluidized bed technique was used in applying this method of coating to fissile granules of uranium oxide and uranium carbide. After explaining the conditions for coating the granules, the authors examined their macrostructure, microstructure and permeability. Their behaviour at high temperature was investigated with a view to using them in a reactor. (author) [French] Une methode de deposition de carbone pyrolydque adherant bien au graphite support et etanche aux gaz a ete mise au point. Les proprietes physiques du depot ont ete evaluees. Cette methode de revetement a ete transposee a des granules fissiles d'oxyde et de carbure d'uranium en utilisant la technique du lit fluidise. Apres avoir precise les conditions de revetement de ces granules, on etudie leur macrostructure, leur microstructure, ainsi que leur permeabilite. Le comportement de ces granules a haute temperature a ete examine en vue de leur utilisation eventuelle dans un reacteur. (author) [Spanish] Los autores han elaborado un metodo para depositar carbono pirolitico que se adhiere fuertemente al soporte de grafito y es estanco a los gases. Han determinado las propiedades de dicho deposito. Este metodo de revestimiento fue aplicado a granulos fisionables de oxido y de carburo de uranio, utilizando la tecnica del lecho fluidificado. Despues de determinar las condiciones en que se efectua el revestimiento de esos granulos, los autores estudiaron su macroestructura y su microestructura, asi como su permeabilidad. Examinaron tambien su comportamiento a temperatura elevada, con miras a utilizarlos oportunamente en los reactores. (author) [Russian] Razrabotan metod osazhdeniya piroliticheskogo ugleroda, khorosho pokryvayushchego grafitovuyu osnovu s polucheniem nepronitsaemogo dlya gazov pokrytiya. Otseneny fizicheskie svojstva

  6. Design of the Small Rods Forming the Fuel Element of the First Charge of the EL4 Reactor. Cladding Problems; Etude des crayons constituant l'element combustible du premier jeu d'EL4 - probleme de la gaine; Problema pokrytiya nebol'shikh steeknej, obrazushchikh toplivnyj ehlement pervoj zagruzki reaktora EL.4; Estudio de las barras que constituyen los elementos combustibles de la primera carga del reactor EL4 - el problema de las vainas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bailly, H.; Ringot, C.; Weisz, M. [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (France)


    ) [Spanish] Las vainas de los elementos combustibles de la primera carga del reactor EL-4 son de acero inoxidable. La eleccion del grado del acero y del espesor de la vaina depende de la resistencia a la corrosion y de la resistencia mecanica que se deseen. Las tensiones y las temperaturas de funcionamiento no permiten concebir una vaina que resista durante toda la vida util del elemento combustible si no se uti liza un grado de acero muy resistente y un espesor,superior a 0,5 mm. Se admite que la vaina se adhiera al combustible por fluencia: la deformacion por juego en sentido diametral puede producir una ovalizacion y un pliegue; el juego longitudinal puede dar lugar a flexiones de la vaina. Se han realizado muchos ensayos con vainas de 0,3 a 0,4 mm de espesor para estudiar el modo de deformacion en funcion de los juegos. Para estar seguros de que no se produciran ovaliza ciones con los espesores previstos, y para mantener lo mas baja posible la temperatura en el interior de la barra es preciso eliminar completamente el juego durante la fabricacion. (author) [Russian] Dlya pervoj nagruzki toplivnogo ehlementa reaktora EL.4 ispol'zuetsya pokrytie iz nerzhaveyushchej stali. Vybor splava i tolshchiny pokrytiya svyazan s korrozionnymi i mekhanicheskimi svojstvami metalla. Rabochie napryakheniya i temperatury ne dast vozmokhnosti sproektirovat' pokrytie, stojkoe v techenie vsego sroka sluzhby toplivnogo ehlementa; dlya dostikheniya takoj tseli neobkhodimo bylo by ispol'zovat' ochen' stojkoe pokrytie tolshchinoj bolee 0,5 mm. Dopuskaetsya, chto pokrytie v protsesse spekaniya soedinyaetsya s toplivom. Diametral'noe izmenenie toplivnykh ehlementov mokhet privesti k obrazovaniyu oval'noj formy i nerovnostej; prodol'noe izmenenie sistemy toplivnykh ehlementov mokhet privesti k prodol'nomu izgibu pokrytiya. Byli provedeny mnogochislennye opyty v otnoshenii tolshchiny pokrytiya v predelakh' 0,3 - 0,4 mm s tem, chtoby vyyasnit' kharakter izmeneniya toplivnykh ehlementov v zavisimosti

  7. Structure of roofing cover for NPP reactor compartment in India. Ustrojstvo krovel'nogo pokrytiya reaktornogo otdeleniya AEhS v Indii

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Movchan, S V


    Technology of fabrication of the roofing cover for NPP reactor compartments in India is briefly described. The cover is two-layer. The underlying thermal-hydroinsulating layer with the thickness of 100 mm is produced of beaten brick on lime-sand mortar. Facing layer of ceramic tile is applied to it.

  8. Intermetallic matrix composites; Proceedings of the MRS Symposium, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 18-20, 1990

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Anton, D.L.; Martin, P.L.; Miracle, D.B.; Mcmeeking, R.


    The present volume on intermetallic matrix composites discusses the modeling, processing, microstructure/property relationships, and compatibility of intermetallic matrix composites. Attention is given to models for the strength of ductile matrix composites, innovative processing techniques for intermetallic matrix composites, ductile phase toughening of brittle intermetallics, and reactive synthesis of NbAl3 matrix composites. Topics addressed include solidification processing of NbCr2 alloys, Ta and Nb reinforced MoSi2, the microstructure and mechanical behavior of Ni3Al-matrix composites, and ductile-phase toughening of Cr3Si with chromium. Also discussed are dislocation morphologies in TiB2/NiAl, the development of highly impact resistant NiAl matrix composites, the effect of notches on the fatigue life of the SCS-6Ti3Al composite, and the chemical stability of fiber-metal matrix composites

  9. Enhancement of mechanical strength in hot-pressed TiB2 composites by the addition of Fe and Ni

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yen, C.F.; Yust, C.S.; Clark, G.W.


    Improvement in the fracture strength of TiB 2 composites through the addition of Fe and Ni is reported. Beam specimens containing up to 20 wt % of the metal component were fabricated by hot pressing above the eutectic temperature. Four point bending results indicated that the observed enhancement in strength was proportional to the vol % of the metal present. The results also revealed that TiB 2 --Ni composites have slightly better strength than TiB 2 --Fe samples at elevated temperatures, and that their strengths were consistently about twice that of pure TiB 2 . They also did not exhibit any serious degradation in strength up to 700 0 C. The fracture behavior was characterized using optical and scanning electron microscopy. The strengthening appears to be related to the presence of a metallic grain boundary phase between TiB 2 particles. The results further suggested that the formation of a special eutectic-like grain microstructure could render additional strengthening

  10. Interaction Between Hf Waves and Plasma in Delta-2; Interaction dans 'Delta-2' d'une Onde Progressive Electromagnetique de Haute Frequence et d'un Plasma; Vzaimodejstvie vysokochastotnoj ehlektromagnitnoj begushchej volny s plazmoj na ustanovke ''Del'ta-2'; Interaccion de una Onda Progresiva Electromagnetica de Alta Frecuencia con el Plasma en la Instalacion 'Delta-2'

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Breus, S. N.; Kurdjumov, V. N.; Levin, M. L.; Osovec, S. M.; Popova, N. Ja.; Popov, I. A.; Hodataev, K. V.; Shimchuk, V. P. [Radiotehnicheskij Institut AN SSSR, Moskva, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    oblasti sil'nyh polej (v oblasti skin-sloja) provodimost' snizhaetsja bolee chem na porjadok,-chto privodit k rezkomu uvelicheniju potrebljaemoj vysokochastotnoj moshhnosti. Narjadu s prodol'nym tokom v plazme obnaruzheno prodol'noe kvazistacionarnoe magnitnoe pole, sozdavaemoe poperechnymi tokami v plazme. Jeto pole imeet slozhnuju strukturu i, vozmozhno, obuslovleno, kak pokazyvaet priblizhennaja teorija, toroidal'nym jeffektom. S sushhestvovaniem kvazistacionarnyh magnitnyh polej svjazany, verojatno, nabljudaemye plazmennye kolebanija, chastota kotoryh 200-500 kgc, primerno sootvetstvujut sobstvennym al'fvenovskim kolebanijam v takih poljah. Nalichie kvazistacionarnyh tokov i polej zatrudnjaet otryv plazmy ot stenok razrjadnoj kamery i posledujushhee szhatie. Odnako sami po sebe prodol'nye postojannye toki ne mogut privesti k vozniknoveniju neustojchivostej kineticheskogo tipa, tak kak sootvetstvujushhie im skorosti jelektronov men'she fazovoj skorosti begushhej volny, kotoraja primerno ravna 5*10{sup 7} sm/sek, to est' znachitel'no men'she teplovoj skorosti jelektronov. (author)

  11. Dispersions of Oxides in Oxide Matrices as High-Temperature Reactor Fuels; Dispersions d'oxyde dans des matrices d'oxyde, utilisees comme combustibles dans des reacteurs a haute temperature; Dispersiya okisej v okislovykh matritsakh v kachestve topliva dlya vysokotemperaturnogo reaktora; Empleo de dispersiones de oxidos en matrices de oxidos, como combustibles para reactores de elevada temperatura

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, J. [Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell (United Kingdom)


    delyashchikhsya veshchestv/vosproizvodyashchikh materialov, dlya ikh pokrytiya i dlya ikh vklyucheniya v matritsy bol'shoj plotnosti imeetsya bol'shoe raznoobrazie metodov. Rabota po vyrabotke tekhnologicheskikh protsessov izgotovleniya v laboratornom masshtabe uzhe dostatochno podvinulas'. (author)

  12. Design Experience on a Multi-Mecacurie Radiation Facility; Etudes et experiences concernant un emetteur de rayonnements de plusieurs megacuries; Opytnoe proektirovani e ustanovki, obladayushchej sverkhmoshchnym izlucheniem; Estudios sobre el proyecto de un dispositivo de irradiacion de varios megacuries

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brunton, D C; Donovan, J; Voyvodic, L [Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Princeton, NJ (United States); Armour Research Foundation, 10 W. 35th Street, Chicago 10, IL (United States)


    tipo placa. Los autores examinan los requisitos tecnicos en lo referente a los dispositivos de transporte de las sustancias en relacion con la estructura de la fuente y con sus efectos sobre el rendimiento. De igual modo estudian los metodos de manipulacion de la fuente, las sistemas de seguridad y los dispositivos de regulacion. Por ultimo, describen la preparacion de la sustancia radiactiva propiamente dicha, comprendida su medicion, introduccion en la capsula y prueba de estanqueidad. (author) [Russian] V dannom dokumente opisyvaetsya rabota po issledovaniyu i razrabotke proekta i stroitel'stva izluchatelya, kotoraya provodilas' v svyazi s proektom ''Vysokointensivnyj izluchatel' dlya pishchevykh produktov''. Obsuzhdaemye problemy yavlyayutsya obshchimi dlya vsekh bol'shikh i malogabaritnykh izluchatelej. Pervaya stadiya raboty po issledovaniyu i razrabotke proekta kasalas' uyasneniya roli diskovogo tipa izluchatelej, a takzhe vliyaniya izmenenij v parametrakh pri sooruzhenii takoj ustanovki. Vnachale sooruzhenie odnogo diskovogo izluchatelya bylo izucheno putem provedeniya teoreticheskogo ehksperimental'nogo i raschetnogo analizov. Izuchennye parametry kasalis' kolichestva iskhodnykh materialov, konkretnoj aktivnosti, tolshchiny istochnika i ego pokrytiya, plotnosti misheni i geometricheskikh faktorov, vklyuchaya vysotu, dlinu i shirinu istochnika, a takzhe razmer vozdushnogo promezhutka mezhdu istochnikom i mishen'yu. Bylo provedeno izuchenie voprosov stroitel'stva , kotorye kasalis' moshchnosti, vremeni prebyvaniya produktov v ustanovke, edinoobraziya dozy, ehffektivnosti i obshchej stoimosti. Byli razrabotany i provereny na opyte uproshchennye sposoby sooruzheniya izluchatelya. Byl razrabotan trekhrazmernyj printsip dlya primeneniya k stroitel'stvu izluchatelya tipa Monte Karlo. EHtot printsip primenyalsya v dannoj probleme s provedeniem sootvetstvuyushchikh ehksperimental'nykh izmerenij. Programma proektirovaniya izluchatelya byla rasshirena dlya vklyucheniya

  13. Beta-Excited Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation; Sources de rayonnements electromagnetiques excites par des particules beta; Vozbuzhdennye beta-chastitsami istochniki ehlektromagnitnogo izlucheniya; Fuentes de radiacion electromagnetica excitadas por particulas beta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cameron, J F; Rhodes, J R [Physics Group, Isotope Research Division, (AERE), Wantage Research Laboratory, Wantage, Berks (United Kingdom)


    incluyen cuadros que permiten escoger la fuente optima para absorbentes de distintos espesores. (author) [Russian] Avtory dayut opisanie vozbuzhdennykh beta-chastitsami istochnikov ehlektromagnitnogo izlucheniya v ehnergeticheskom rajone ot 1 do 200 kehv i prigodnykh dlya promyshlennogo ispol'zovaniya. V kachestve istochnikov beta-chastits byli vzyaty tritij, prometij-147, kripton-85, tallij-204 i strontsij-90+ ittrij-90, poskol'ku oni imeyut prodolzhitel'nyj period poluraspada, nebol'shuyu stoimost', vysokuyu udel'nuyu aktivnost' i legkost' ikh polucheniya. Dlya izgotovleniya vozbuzhdennykh beta-chastitsami istochnikov staralis' dostignut' kompromissa mezhdu prakticheskimi trebovaniyami konstruktsii i nailuchshej teoreticheskoj ehffektivnost'yu v dannoj ehnergeticheskoj zone. V dannoj annotatsii avtory raz{sup y}asnyayut putem podscheta kolichestva protonov, izluchaemykh beta-chastitsami, i predusmatrivayut vnesenie izmenenij v ehti podschety dlya samoabsorbtsii rentgenovskogo izlucheniya. EHti podschety uchityvayut v to zhe samoe vremya tormoznoe izluchenie i kharakteristicheskie flyuorestsentnye luchi, maksimal'nyj vykhod kharakteristicheskikh luchej, dostigaemyj dlya mishenej Z ot 40 do 60. Nakonets, oni utverzhdayut, chto v zhelaemoj ehnergeticheskoj zone poluchayut kak luchshij vykhod fotonnogo izlucheniya so ''sloenymi'' mishenyami, sloj polovinnogo oslableniya kotorogo sootvetstvuet dline probega 1-2 beta. Alyuminij, serebro i zoloto s proizvodstvennoj tochki zreniya yavlyayutsya podkhodyashchimi ehlementami dlya pokrytiya istochnikov. Oni takzhe dayut udovletvoritel'nye vykhody tormoznogo izlucheniya i rentgenovskogo izlucheniya i raspredelenie po razlichnym ehnergeticheskim zonam v radiuse ot 0 do 200 kehv pri pravil'nom ob{sup e}dinenii s vysheukazannymi beta-izluchatelyami. Dayutsya nekotorye ehnergeticheskie spektry i privodyatsya krivye pogloshcheniya v alyuminii i zheleze dlya nailuchshikh kombinatsij istochnikov mishenej. Byla obnaruzhena neznachitel

  14. Use of semiconductors in lieu of emulsions in nuclear spectroscopy; Utilisation de semi-conducteurs a la place d'emulsions en spectroscopie nucleaire; Primenenie poluprovodnikov vmesto ehmul'sij v yadernoj spektroskopii; Sustitucion de las emulsiones por semiconductores en espectroscopia nuclear

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bilaniuk, O M; Marsh, B B [University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (United States)


    corrientes de salida excitan un convertidor de tiempo en amplitud de impulso 6BN6. El amplificador de parada contiene un retardo fijo de 2,5 {mu}s que garantiza que el impulso de parada siempre llegue al convertidor despues que el impulso de puesta en marcha. La amplitud del impulso que sale del convertidor 6BN6 es proporcional al intervalo de tiempo entre los impulsos de puesta en marcha y de parada, de modo que las senales que se producen en los diversos contadores del mosaico quedan identificadas por la amplitud del impulso que generan. Los grupos de cuentas resultantes se hacen visibles en la pantalla de un analizador de amplitudes de impulso de 400 canales, se imprimen, y se registran graficamente en un sistema de coordenadas ortogonales. Los grupos quedan enteramente resueltos, asi que la identificacion es completa. El circuito de identificacion es capaz de admitir un impulso cada 8 {mu}s, por lo que la limitacion de velocidad de contaje no se debe a el, sino al analizador de 400 canales. Los autores han encontrado que el sistema de identificacion funciona satisfactoriamente en presencia del campo magnetico y estando el ciclotron en plena marcha. Describen todos los circuitos del sistema de identificacion y presentan ejemplos de datos nucleares obtenidos con este dispositivo. (author) [Russian] Dvadtsat' poverkhnostno-bar'ernykh schetchikov, poluchennykh putem pokrytiya germaniya tipa ''n'' tonkim sloem zolota (nakhodyashchegosya v gazoobraznom sostoyanii), ili schetchiki s ploskostnym perekhodom, poluchaemye posredstvom diffuzii fosfora v kremnij tipa ,''p'', pomeshchayutsya v zerkal'nuyu ploskost' magnitnogo spektrometra s vysokoj razreshayushchej sposobnost'yu vmesto yadernoj ehmul'sionnoj plastiny. S tsel'yu izbezhat' primeneniya otdel'nykh usilitelej i registrov dlya kazhdogo kristalla vykhody otdel'nykh schetchikov soedinyayutsya v sosredotochennuyu liniyu zaderzhki, zamenyaya chereduyushchiesya kondensatory linij. Kogda ioniziruyushchaya chastitsa udaryaetsya o

  15. Radioautography in the Study of Radioisotopically-Tagged Substances in Insect Control; L'autoradiographie dans l'etude de substances marquees au moy en de radioisotopes utilisees dans la lutte contre les insectes; Primenenie radioavtografii pri izuchenii substantsij, mechennykh radioizotopami, v bor'be s nasekomymi; La autorradiografia en el estudio de las sustancias marcadas con radioisotopos utilizadas en la lucha contra los insectos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Joftes, D. L. [New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA (United States)


    ''4 (kotorye zhelatel'ny, poskol'ku pochti kazhdyj insektitsid budet soderzhat' uglerod i vodorod) imeyut to preimushchestvo, chto dayut radioavtogrammy s vysokoj razreshayushchej sposobnost'yu i imeyut bol'shoj period poluraspada i poehtomu ne voznikaet trudnostej v tekh sluchayakh, kogda neobkhodim ochen' dlitel'nyj srok ehkspozitsii. Prodolzhitel'naya ehkspozitsiya mozhet potrebovat'sya, kogda predpolagaetsya nalichie ochen' nebol'shikh kolichestv radioaktivnykh veshchestv dazhe pri vysokoj udel'noj aktivnosti insektitsida. Neobkhodimo byt' uverennym v tom, chto insektitsid popadaet v tu chast' molekuly, gde radioaktivnyj indikator ostaetsya svyazannym s toj polovinoj, kotoruyu zhelatel'no izuchit'. Posle togo kak insektitsid pogloshchen ili vveden, podgotovka preparata osushchestvlyaetsya obychnymi gistologicheskimi metodami fiksatsii, zalivki, prigotovleniya srezov i nalozheniya na predmetnoe steklo. Zatem tkani mogut byt' deparafinirovany i gidratirovany, posle chego oni gotovy dlya pokrytiya yadernoj fotoehmul'siej. Esli radioaktivnye,sostavlyayushchie v tkanyakh nakhodyatsya v rastvorimom sostoyanii, to dlya izbezhaniya poteri ili mobilizatsii radioizotopa mogut byt' primeneny metody sushki zamorazhivaniem. Dlya takikh preparatov mozhno primenyat' sukhie ehmul'sionnye plenki. Okraska mozhet proizvodit'sya kak do, tak i posle primeneniya yadernoj fotoehmul'sii, v zavisimosti ot kharaktera trebuyushchejsya okraski. V obshchem, predpochtitel'nee okrashivat' posle togo, kak fotoehmul'siya nanesena i proyavlena. Pri primenenii izotopov s dostatochnoj ehnergiej izlucheniya radioaatografirovaniyu mogut podvergnut'sya rasteniya ili ikh chasti tselikom, i v ehtom sluchae gistologicheskaya obrabotka mozhet byt' isklyuchena; ta chast', kotoraya dolzhna podvergnut'sya radioavtografii, prizhimaetsya k plenke v presse dlya rastitel'nykh obraztsov ili v drugom, prigodnom dlya ehtogo ustrojstve. Naibolee udobnym metodom primeneniya yadernykh fotoehmul'sij dlya gistolicheskikh

  16. Fabrication and Testing of Prototype APM-Clad UO{sub 2} Fuel Elements; Fabrication et essai de prototypes de cartouches de combustible en bioxyde d'uranium gaine d'aluminium (APM); Izgotovlenie i ispytanie prototipa toplivnykh ehlementov na osnove UO{sub 2} s obolochkoj iz alyuminiya metodom poroshkovoj metallurgii; Elaboracion y ensayo de elementos combustibles prototipo de UO{sub 2} con revestimiento de aluminio sinterizado

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ballif, III, J. L.; Friske, W. H.; Gordon, R. B. [Atomics International, Canoga Park, California (United States)


    APM imeet vosem' spiral'nykh reber s shagom vinta 45 ili 90{sup o} na 1 fut. Soedineniya stykov toplivnykh sterzhnej proizvodilis' s pomoshch'yu ehvteticheskogo, soedineniya poserebrennogo alyuminiya v vide kontsevykh probok k trubkam APM. EHlementy byli snabzheny prisposobleniyami dlya: 1. Izmereniya poverkhnosti obolochki i temperatury okhladitelya. 2. Opredeleniya neispravnosti toplivnogo sterzhnya. 3. Izmeneniya skorosti okhladitelya (sredstva polucheniya maksimal'noj temperatury poverkhnosti pokrytiya 850{sup o}F). 4. Izmereniya skorosti okhladitelya. 5., Izmereniya obrazuyushchikhsya pri raspade gazov. Ehti ehlementy byli ustanovleny v opytnom reaktore s organicheskim zamedlitelem pri raschetnykh dannykh vygoraniya topliva s 25 000 do 30 000 mgvt-dnej/t urana. Na 1 fevralya 1963 goda oni dostigli naivysshego vygoraniya v predelakh ot 7 700 do 12 000 mgvt-dnej/t urana. Iz imeyushchikhsya ehlementov dva byli udaleny iz reaktora vvidu trudnostej, kotorye vstretilis' pri ispol'zovanii kontrol'noizmeritel'nykh priborov, svyazannykh s ispytaniem ehlementov. Ostal'nye tri ehlementa byli ostavleny v reaktore. Rezul'taty ehksperimental'noj raboty, provedennoj na segodnyashnij den', ukazyvayut na to, chto toplivnaya sistema APM - UO{sub 2} dast svoi rezul'taty v programme POPR. (author)