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  1. Quick and continuous improvement through kaizen blitz.

    McNichols, T; Hassinger, R; Bapst, G W


    It is our objective to provide you with a step-by-step approach to conducting a kaizen blitz within two days and describe how to achieve dramatic performance improvement with employee buy-in through this process. Kaizen blitz has been used dozens of times by the authors, and in some instances the same area has been blitzed as many as four times, with significant improvements each and every time. Employees have even taken it on themselves to conduct informal blitzes as a continuing improvement effort after a formal blitz has been conducted in their area. Blitzes can succeed in a variety of environments. The morning after the employees of one company attended this presentation, they self initiated a mini-blitz and discovered opportunities for improvement that they enthusiastically presented to management.

  2. The Brian simulator

    Dan F M Goodman


    Full Text Available Brian is a simulator for spiking neural networks ( The focus is on making the writing of simulation code as quick and easy as possible for the user, and on flexibility: new and non-standard models are no more difficult to define than standard ones. This allows scientists to spend more time on the details of their models, and less on their implementation. Neuron models are defined by writing differential equations in standard mathematical notation, facilitating scientific communication. Brian is written in the Python programming language, and uses vector-based computation to allow for efficient simulations. It is particularly useful for neuroscientific modelling at the systems level, and for teaching computational neuroscience.

  3. Tips From Former Smokers - Brian


    Brian served our country in the military for many years. He also smoked, and got heart disease. Brian’s heart was so damaged he eventually needed a heart transplant.  Created: 1/20/2016 by Office on Smoking and Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.   Date Released: 1/20/2016.

  4. Mendie, Patrick Johnson

    Mendie, Patrick Johnson. Vol 15, No 2 (2015) - Articles An examination of the nexus between Thomas Hobbes‟ concept of human nature and theory of the state. Abstract. ISSN: 1119-443X. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's ...

  5. Interview with Patrick Blackburn

    Hendricks, Vincent F.; Hansen, Pelle Guldborg


    In 2005 Patrick Blackburn, who is Directeur de Recherche for INRIA Lorraine (France's national organization for research in computer science), published together with Johan Bos (Università di Roma "La Sapienza") the book Representation and Inference for Natural Language: A First Course in Computa...

  6. Patrick Moore the autobiography

    Moore, Patrick


    Throughout his distinguished career, Patrick Moore has, without a doubt, done more to raise the profile of astronomy among the British public than any other figure in the scientific world. As the presenter of The Sky at Night on BBC television for nearly 50 years he was honored with an OBE in 1968 and a CBE in 1988. In 2001 he was knighted 'for services to the popularisation of science and to broadcasting'. The BBC first aired The Sky at Night in April 1957 and it is now in the record books as the world's longest running TV series with the same presenter. He is also the author of over 60

  7. TRIBUTE: Brian G Wybourne: Innovator

    Louck, James D.


    This volume encloses the Proceedings of the Eighth Summer School on Theoretical Physics under the banner title Symmetry and Structural Properties of Condensed Matter (SSPCM 2005). The School, organised by Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland, together with Laboratory of Physical Foundation of Information Processing, Poland (LFPPI), was held between 31 August and 7 September 2005 in Myczkowce. The main goal of the whole series of biannual SSPCM schools (since 1990) is promotion of advanced mathematical methods within condensed matter physics, directed towards its symmetry and structural properties. This SSPCM 05 School focused on the following three main subjects: decoherence and quantum computers; the role of combinatorics in classification of solutions for exactly solvable models; geometric aspects in nanophysics. The Proceedings are divided into three parts accordingly, but particular topics can overlap between main subjects, and be related to problems pursued in previous SSPCM schools. In this way, the present school is concentrated on various aspects of theory and technology of quantum informatics, with the inclusion of exactly solvable models of statistical physics of condensed matter in low dimensions, as some natural theoretical prototypes of a quantum computer. The last SSPCM 05 was devoted to the memory of Professor Brian G Wybourne, a great Inspirer, inestimable Patron and Lecturer of the whole series of these schools. The School gathered together more than 50 participants, both advanced researchers in physics and mathematics, as well as their young collaborators and students, representing altogether 10 countries from all over the world. The Organising Committee would like to express their gratitude to all members of the International Advisory Committee for their opinions and support and to all invited lecturers and contributors for their talks and preparation of their manuscripts. Special thanks are addressed to all participants and everyone who

  8. Introduction: Patrick Modiano's Dora Bruder

    Richard J. Golsan


    Full Text Available After establishing a reputation as a literary enfant terrible in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Patrick Modiano is now firmly ensconced as a Grand Old Man (perhaps the Grand Old Man of French letters and arguably as France's greatest living novelist…

  9. Brian Honyouti: Send in the Clowns

    Pearlstone, Zena


    Hopi Brian Honyouti's "clown" sculptures stem from his personal and political views and comment on commercialism, big business, greed, over indulgence, and irresponsible and sexual behavior. This essay explores the meaning of these carvings to Honyouti, to Hopiit, and to the buying public, as well as their relationship to "tithu," the carved…

  10. Politrickery. Brian K. Vaughans Meta-Politik

    Backe, Hans-Joachim


    Brian K. Vaughan's series Y – The Last Man and Ex Machina are pronouncedly political in their content: the former tells of a world without men, the latter of a superhero who becomes mayor of New York city. Many specific allusions to real-life situations and developments as well as extensive discu...

  11. Brian Frieli illusioonidele rajatud konservatism / Valle-Sten Maiste

    Maiste, Valle-Sten, 1972-


    Brian Friel "Kodukoht" - Eesti Draamateatri etendus Keila Joa mõisas, lavastaja Priit Pedajas, kunstnik Pille Jänes. Brian Friel "Järelmäng" Eesti Draamateatri Maalisaalis, lavastanud ja mängivad Kersti Kreismann ja Martin Veinmann

  12. Brian Carpenter at the PS control computer

    vmo; CERN PhotoLab


    Brian E. Carpenter has been Group Leader of the Communications Systems group at CERN since 1985, following ten years' experience in software for process control systems at CERN, which was interrupted by three years teaching undergraduate computer science at Massey University in New Zealand. He holds a first degree in physics and a Ph.D. in computer science, and is an M.I.E.E. He is Chair of the Internet Architecture Board and an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force.

  13. Patrick Durand (1953 – 2014)


    Patrick arrived at CERN in January 1994 on a temporary contract in the Finance Department (previously FI), where he worked on the packaging of items for the Meyrin self-service stores (located at the time in Building 113) so that goods could be identified using barcodes, just like in a supermarket.   His hard work and initiative were recognised by CERN’s service provider, ISS, who gave him a permanent contract. Following the closure of the self-service stores, Patrick joined the Recuperation and Sales Service, still within the FI Department, where he worked on dismantling many different installations and the disposal of various goods. Here too he impressed his supervisors and departmental managers and became a team leader and, soon after, deputy to the Head of the Sales Service. Patrick’s sociable nature led him to become a member of the CERN Pétanque Club, where he put his talents as a chef to good use by supplying and organising the post-competition meals. ...

  14. Patrick Couvreur: inspiring pharmaceutical innovation.

    Stanwix, Hannah


    Patrick Couvreur speaks to Hannah Stanwix, Managing Comissioning Editor: Professor Patrick Couvreur received his pharmacy degree from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) in 1972. He holds a PhD in pharmaceutical technology from the same university and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Zürich, Switzerland). Since 1984, Professor Couvreur has been Full Professor of Pharmacy at the Paris-Sud University (Paris, France) and was holder of the Chair of Innovation Technologique at the prestigious Collège de France (Paris, France). He has published more than 450 peer-reviewed articles and has an H-index of 73, with over 19,000 citations. Professor Coureur has been recognized by numerous national and international awards, including the 2004 Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress Award, the prestigious Host Madsen Medal, the Prix Galien, the European Pharmaceutical Scientist Award 2011 from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Médaille de l'Innovation from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and recently the European Inventor Award 2013 from the European Patent Office.

  15. Brian Barry: innovative contributions to transdermal and topical drug delivery.

    Williams, A C


    Brian Barry published over 300 research articles across topics ranging from colloid science, vasoconstriction and the importance of thermodynamics in dermal drug delivery to exploring the structure and organisation of the stratum corneum barrier lipids and numerous strategies for improving topical and transdermal drug delivery, including penetration enhancers, supersaturation, coacervation, eutectic formation and the use of varied liposomes. As research in the area blossomed in the early 1980s, Brian wrote the book that became essential reading for both new and established dermal delivery scientists, explaining the background mathematics and principles through to formulation design. Brian also worked with numerous scientists, as collaborators and students, who have themselves taken his rigorous approach to scientific investigation into their own research groups. This paper can only describe a small fraction of the many significant contributions that Brian made to the field during his 40-year academic career.

  16. Brian: a simulator for spiking neural networks in Python

    Dan F M Goodman


    Full Text Available Brian is a new simulator for spiking neural networks, written in Python ( It is an intuitive and highly flexible tool for rapidly developing new models, especially networks of single-compartment neurons. In addition to using standard types of neuron models, users can define models by writing arbitrary differential equations in ordinary mathematical notation. Python scientific libraries can also be used for defining models and analysing data. Vectorisation techniques allow efficient simulations despite the overheads of an interpreted language. Brian will be especially valuable for working on non-standard neuron models not easily covered by existing software, and as an alternative to using Matlab or C for simulations. With its easy and intuitive syntax, Brian is also very well suited for teaching computational neuroscience.

  17. Brian: a simulator for spiking neural networks in python.

    Goodman, Dan; Brette, Romain


    "Brian" is a new simulator for spiking neural networks, written in Python (http://brian. It is an intuitive and highly flexible tool for rapidly developing new models, especially networks of single-compartment neurons. In addition to using standard types of neuron models, users can define models by writing arbitrary differential equations in ordinary mathematical notation. Python scientific libraries can also be used for defining models and analysing data. Vectorisation techniques allow efficient simulations despite the overheads of an interpreted language. Brian will be especially valuable for working on non-standard neuron models not easily covered by existing software, and as an alternative to using Matlab or C for simulations. With its easy and intuitive syntax, Brian is also very well suited for teaching computational neuroscience.

  18. Brian Eno Hollandi Festivali peakülaliseks


    Inglise helilooja, videokunstnik ja muusikaprodutsent Brian Eno on 5.-26. juunini Amsterdamis toimuva avangardse Hollandi Festivali peakülaline, kelle videoinstallatsioon seatakse üles Stedelijki Muuseumis. Festivali programmist

  19. Eetikata edu ei saavuta / Patrick Dixon

    Dixon, Patrick


    Ettevõte on edu saavutanud siis, kui ta on võitnud nii selle töötajate ja juhtide kui avalikkuse usalduse, leiab autor. Lisa: Usalduse loomine vajab igapäevast järjekindlat tööd ; Kes on kes: Patrick Dixon

  20. The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb di Mervyn Peake: 125 quartine sul Blitz di Londra

    Arianna Antonielli


    Full Text Available This essay addresses Mervyn Peake’s own memories of the Second World War Blitz and their migration into the poetical form of a ballad, The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb, composed in 1947. Abounding with Catholic symbolism, allegories and sea imagery, the poem tells the story of a sailor escaping from London bombing raids and his rescue of a new-born babe from a “golden drain”. The subsequent dialogue between the two protagonists reveals the fragile human side of the sailor and the divine prophetical power of the infant. Their former roles of saviour and rescued finally appear to be both spiritually and physically inverted. Written in alternating rhymes, the poem emphasizes Peake’s strong faith in humanity’s capacity to perform acts of love, despite living “at the height of a world at war”.

  1. Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Brian Lewis

    Shaughnessy, Michael F.; Fulgham, Susan M.


    Brian Lewis, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) chief executive officer, is an education advocate and leader specializing in management and governance, policy, corporate communications, branding, and marketing. He provides leadership to ISTE's Washington, DC, and Eugene, Oregon, offices and directs organizational…

  2. Q&A: Brian Greene on music and string theory

    Hoffman, Jascha


    Brian Greene, author of best-selling books The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, is a theoretical physicist at Columbia University, New York. As an orchestral work based on his 2008 children's book, Icarus at the Edge of Time, premieres next week, Greene discusses black holes and how music might portray the physics of warped space-time.

  3. Brian Lassen - hea ja halva vahel / Kariina Tšursin

    Tšursin, Kariina


    EMÜ Veterinaarmeditsiini ja Loomakasvatuse Instituudi vanemteadur Brian Lassen räägib oma tööst, põhimõtetest, kõrghariduse ja ülikooli sisust ja olemusest, oma eesmärkidest idamaiste võitluskunstide kõrgeima astme treenerina Baltimaades

  4. Obituary: Brian Marsden (1937-2010)

    Williams, Gareth; Marsden, Cynthia


    Brian Geoffrey Marsden was born on 1937 August 5 in Cambridge, England. His father, Thomas, was the senior mathematics teacher at a local high school. It was his mother, Eileen (nee West), however, who introduced him to the study of astronomy, when he returned home on the Thursday during his first week in primary school in 1942 and found her sitting in the back yard watching an eclipse of the sun. Using now frowned-upon candle-smoked glass, they sat watching the changing bite out of the sun. What most impressed the budding astronomer, however, was not that the eclipse could be seen, but the fact that it had been predicted in advance, and it was the idea that one could make successful predictions of events in the sky that eventually led him to his career. When, at the age of 11, he entered the Perse School in Cambridge he was developing primitive methods for calculating the positions of the planets. He soon realized that earlier astronomers had come up with more accurate procedures for doing this over the centuries, and during the next couple of years this led to his introduction to the library of the Cambridge University Observatories and his study of how eclipses, for example, could be precisely computed. Together with a couple of other students he formed a school Astronomical Society, of which he served as the secretary. At the age of 16 he joined and began regularly attending the monthly London meetings of the British Astronomical Association. He quickly became involved with the Association's Computing Section, which was known specifically for making astronomical predictions other than those that were routinely being prepared by professional astronomers for publication in almanacs around the world. Under the watchful eyes of the director and assistant director of the Computing Section, this led him to prepare and publish predictions of the occasions when one of Jupiter's moons could be seen to pass directly in front of another. He also calculated the

  5. Patrick Janot receives the CNRS silver medal


    Patrick Janot during the award ceremony. (Photo Schwemling, Paris) On 25 November, Patrick Janot of the CERN Physics Department received the CNRS silver medal for IN2P3 (Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particules). This prize, one of the most prestigious awarded by the French research centre, is given to scientists for the 'originality, quality and importance of their work, as recognised both nationally and internationally'. Patrick Janot joined the ALEPH collaboration, one of the four experiments at LEP, then under construction, in 1987. First a CERN Fellow, he went on to work for the CNRS at LAL in 1989. Together with his team, he developed innovative algorithms for the reconstruction of events. This work and others earned him the bronze CNRS medal in 1993, which is awarded to scientists for their first achievements. In 1997, he became a permanent physicist at CERN, where he continued to work for ALEPH. He was appointed LEP scientific co-ordinator for the last two years of the ac...

  6. La voz inconformista de Patrick Kavanagh

    Maximiliano Brina


    Full Text Available Patrick Kavanagh, rural and self-taught poet, stands out among the Irish poets of the early twentieth century for his critical consideration of literary and political nationalist programs. Facing the quasi mythical representation of the peasantry built by the Irish Literary Revival, which was later used by the Republicans as a synthesis of Irishness, Kavanagh offers a unique opinion, ranging between despair and satire. The purpose of this article is to examine, from “The Great Hunger” (1942 and previous poems, the way Kavanagh disassembles this urban vision of the Irish peasantry.

  7. Brian Blundell Boycott, 10 December 1924 - 22 April 2000.

    Wässle, Heinz


    Brian Blundell Boycott was an outstanding zoologist and neurobiologist. His early research (1947-52), at the Anatomy Department of University College London and at the Stazione Zoologica in Naples, Italy, was on learning and memory in cephalopods and the functional architecture of the octopus brain. From 1952 to 1970 he was a teacher of zoology and later neurobiology at University College London (Zoology Department). Brain's research interests changed in the early 1960s, when he began studying the mammalian retina. Over a period of 35 years he produced many seminal papers that laid the foundation for our modern understanding of the cell types and synaptic connections that form the basis of parallel processing in the retina. In 1970 Brian moved to the Medical Research Council (MRC) Biophysics Unit at King's College London, from which he retired as Director at the end of 1989. He continued to be an active researcher at Guy's Hospital Medical School (1990-97) and in the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London (1997-2000). Brian was a modest and kind person, generous in sharing ideas and material; he liked to interact and cooperate with other people and was very supportive of young scientists.

  8. Conversation between photographer Brian Duffy and Grant Scott

    Scott, Grant


    Brian Duffy (15 June 1933 – 31 May 2010) was an English photographer and film producer, best remembered for his fashion and portrait photography of the 1960s and 1970s.\\ud \\ud In 1957 Duffy was hired by British Vogue working under art director John Parsons where he remained working until 1963. During this time he worked closely with top models Jean Shrimpton (who he introduced to David Bailey), Paulene Stone, Joy Weston, Jennifer Hocking and Judy Dent.\\ud \\ud With fellow photographers; David ...

  9. The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb di Mervyn Peake: 125 quartine sul Blitz di Londra

    Arianna Antonielli


    This essay addresses Mervyn Peake’s own memories of the Second World War Blitz and their migration into the poetical form of a ballad, The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb, composed in 1947. Abounding with Catholic symbolism, allegories and sea imagery, the poem tells the story of a sailor escaping from London bombing raids and his rescue of a new-born babe from a “golden drain”. The subsequent dialogue between the two protagonists reveals the fragile human side of the sailor and the divine prophetic...

  10. Brian hears: online auditory processing using vectorization over channels.

    Fontaine, Bertrand; Goodman, Dan F M; Benichoux, Victor; Brette, Romain


    The human cochlea includes about 3000 inner hair cells which filter sounds at frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. This massively parallel frequency analysis is reflected in models of auditory processing, which are often based on banks of filters. However, existing implementations do not exploit this parallelism. Here we propose algorithms to simulate these models by vectorizing computation over frequency channels, which are implemented in "Brian Hears," a library for the spiking neural network simulator package "Brian." This approach allows us to use high-level programming languages such as Python, because with vectorized operations, the computational cost of interpretation represents a small fraction of the total cost. This makes it possible to define and simulate complex models in a simple way, while all previous implementations were model-specific. In addition, we show that these algorithms can be naturally parallelized using graphics processing units, yielding substantial speed improvements. We demonstrate these algorithms with several state-of-the-art cochlear models, and show that they compare favorably with existing, less flexible, implementations.

  11. Liminality in Brian Friel’s Wonderful Tennessee

    María Gaviña-Costero


    Full Text Available After the worldwide success of the 1990 play Dancing at Lughnasa, Brian Friel (Omagh, 1929, a playwright known for his search for new ways of dealing with his old preoccupations, created what many critics understood as a sequel to that play.Wonderful Tennessee, which premiered in 1993 at the Abbey Theatre, has been frequently considered Lughnasa’s younger and plainer sister. Whereas the seductiveness of the former cannot be denied, I intend to defend in this article the importance in Friel’s oeuvre of Wonderful Tennessee, a play rich in meaning and original in form that presents a complete rite of passage as described in Victor Turner’s anthropological studies. Friel unites elements that form part of ancient, Celtic and Christian rituals to show what has forever been humanity’s aim: the attainment of the absolute.

  12. Obituary: Patrick L. Nolan (1952-2011)

    Digel, Seth


    Patrick Lee Nolan died at his home in Palo Alto, California, on November 6, 2011, from complications related to a brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme, which had been diagnosed less than five months earlier. He was born in Colusa, California, on November 18, 1952. Pat was the only child of John Henry Nolan and Carol Lee Harris Nolan. For most of his childhood they lived in Grass Valley, California, where his father was a butcher and his mother was a surgical nurse. Pat graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 1974 with a B.S. in Physics and completed a Ph.D. at the University of California at San Diego in 1982. His graduate and professional career was devoted to high-energy astronomy. His loss is being keenly felt by his friends and colleagues around the world, including the members of the Chancel Choir of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, of which he was a member for 25 years. At U. C. San Diego, Pat worked on construction of the Hard X-ray and Low Energy Gamma Ray Experiment for the first High Energy Astronomy Observatory mission, which was launched in 1977. His Ph.D. thesis, supervised by Prof. Laurence E. Peterson, was based on data from this instrument and addressed variability of the high-energy emission from Cygnus X-1 and other black hole binary systems in the Milky Way. After he completed his Ph.D., Pat took a National Research Council postdoctoral research position at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. He worked there from 1982-1984 developing spectral analysis software and studying gamma-ray bursts using the gamma-ray spectrometer on the Solar Maximum Mission satellite. A paper in Nature setting constraining limits on positron-electron annihilation radiation in the spectra of bursts marked the culmination of his efforts. Pat was hired by Prof. Robert Hofstadter at Stanford University in 1984 to work on the Energetic Gamma-Ray Experiment Telescope (EGRET). As a co-investigator for EGRET, Pat worked on its calorimeter

  13. Rhetoric and History in Brian Friel’s Making History

    Manfredi Bernardini


    Full Text Available This paper proposes an analysis of the rhetorical devices of representation and recording of history, investigated and deconstructed by the so-called "history play" Making History, written by Brian Friel and performed by the Field Day Theatre Company in 1988. The play tells of the heroic deeds of Hugh O’ Neill, a Sixteenth century Ulster gaelic Lord, intertwining his personal facts with the crucial events in Irish History. Friel rediscovers a paradigmatic figure in Irish history, using the theatrical performance in order to dissect and thoroughly scrutinize the basis for the nationalist rhetoric which is at the root of contemporary conflicts in Northern Ireland. Starting from the theoretical contributions of seminal authors such as Hayden White, Paul Ricoeur, Walter Benjamin, Michel De Certeau, the northern Irish playwright challenges the supposedly scientific nature of History, that would decidedly mark it as different from other forms of narrative, such as literature. Hence History’s metalinguistic nature, based on specific rhetorical strategies, is uncovered.  Therefore, on the one hand Friel questions the theoretical foundations of History, of its “grand narratives”,  giving ‘stories’ the chance to be part of official History’s discourse. On the other hand, he lifts the veil on the rhetorical (and in some ways ideological mechanisms involved in the process of History writing, through the character of archbishop Peter Lombard - O’ Neill’s biographer, storyteller and master in elocutio - and sheds light on how History is a form of rhetorical narrative, almost a patchwork of events collected (inventio and assembled (dispositio by the historian according to specific criteria of representation. By taking us inside the very nucleus of the rhetorical devices used by storiography, Friel unmasks the delicate processes of making and unmaking history, the ones that help give birth to identity as well as History.

  14. Brian M. Kleiner receives Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellowship in Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Owczarski, Mark


    Brian M. Kleiner, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Ralph H. Bogle Professor Fellow in Industrial and Systems Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  15. 'American Psycho': a double portrait of serial yuppie Patrick Bateman

    Kooijman, J.; Laine, T.


    Kooijman and Laine analyze Mary Harron's "American Psycho," a 2000 film adaptation of the 1980s satirical novel by Bret Easton Ellis in which Patrick Bateman, a narcissistic Wall Street young urban professional ("yuppie"), assumes an alternate identity as a serial killer. The authors examine the

  16. Patrick filmib teismelise tüdruku fantaasiaid / Janno Zõbin

    Zõbin, Janno


    Eestis viibib 3 briti režissööri, kes osalevad lühimängufilmide koostööprojektis "The Tyne Tallinn Digital Film Challenge-2003". Lähemalt režissöör Patrick Collertonist ja tema lühimängufilmist "Armuvalu" ("Lovesick")

  17. An interview with Patrick Tam by Kathryn Senior.

    Tam, Patrick


    Patrick Tam's research is focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of body patterning during mouse development. He agreed to be interviewed by Development to talk about his interest in mouse development, new concepts in gastrulation, X-linked diseases and his dream of an African safari.

  18. Response to Patrick Love's "Informal Theory": A Rejoinder

    Evans, Nancy J.; Guido, Florence M.


    This rejoinder to Patrick Love's article, "Informal Theory: The Ignored Link in Theory-to-Practice," which appears earlier in this issue of the "Journal of College Student Development", was written at the invitation of the Editor. In the critique, we point out the weaknesses of many of Love's arguments and propositions. We provide an alternative…

  19. Profile Interview: Dr. Patrick Dongosolo Kamalo – Consultant ...

    Dr. Yohane Gadama (YG), an MMJ intern, interviews Dr. Patrick Dongosolo Kamalo (PDK) on his work as Malawi's only local practicing neurosurgeon, the launch of Blantyre Institute of Neurological Sciences (BINS) and the beginning of Neurosurgery training in Malawi ...

  20. Formula Translation in Blitz++, NumPy and Modern Fortran: A Case Study of the Language Choice Tradeoffs

    Sylwester Arabas


    Full Text Available Three object-oriented implementations of a prototype solver of the advection equation are introduced. The presented programs are based on Blitz++ (C++, NumPy (Python and Fortran's built-in array containers. The solvers constitute implementations of the Multidimensional Positive-Definite Advective Transport Algorithm (MPDATA. The introduced codes serve as examples for how the application of object-oriented programming (OOP techniques and new language constructs from C++11 and Fortran 2008 allow to reproduce the mathematical notation used in the literature within the program code. A discussion on the tradeoffs of the programming language choice is presented. The main angles of comparison are code brevity and syntax clarity (and hence maintainability and auditability as well as performance. All performance tests are carried out using free and open-source compilers. In the case of Python, a significant performance gain is observed when switching from the standard interpreter (CPython to the PyPy implementation of Python. Entire source code of all three implementations is embedded in the text and is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL license.

  1. The Difficult Evolution of Intensive Cardiac Care Units: An Overview of the BLITZ-3 Registry and Other Italian Surveys.

    Casella, Gianni; Zagnoni, Silvia; Fradella, Giuseppe; Scorcu, Giampaolo; Chinaglia, Alessandra; Pavesi, Pier Camillo; Di Pasquale, Giuseppe; Oltrona Visconti, Luigi


    Coronary care units, initially developed to treat acute myocardial infarction, have moved to the care of a broader population of acute cardiac patients and are currently defined as Intensive Cardiac Care Units (ICCUs). However, very limited data are available on such evolution. Since 2008, in Italy, several surveys have been designed to assess ICCUs' activities. The largest and most comprehensive of these, the BLITZ-3 Registry, observed that patients admitted are mainly elderly males and suffer from several comorbidities. Direct admission to ICCUs through the Emergency Medical System was rather rare. Acute coronary syndromes (ACS) account for more than half of the discharge diagnoses. However, numbers of acute heart failure (AHF) admissions are substantial. Interestingly, age, resources availability, and networking have a strong influence on ICCUs' epidemiology and activities. In fact, while patients with ACS concentrate in ICCUs with interventional capabilities, older patients with AHF or non-ACS, non-AHF cardiac diseases prevail in peripheral ICCUs. In conclusion, although ACS is still the core business of ICCUs, aging, comorbidities, increasing numbers of non-ACS, technological improvements, and resources availability have had substantial effects on epidemiology and activities of ICCUs. The Italian surveys confirm these changes and call for a substantial update of ICCUs' organization and competences.

  2. Patrick Pearse: Psychobiographical Reflections on an Enigmatic, Paradoxical Personality

    Orr, Patricia Meredith


    Full Text Available To date historians have focused almost exclusively on Patrick Pearse’s key role in the 1916 Easter Rising to the extent that there is much less information about his personality development and characteristics. They have portrayed the elusive, paradoxical Patrick as nationalist, revolutionary and martyr or as a flawed and failed human being. Moran, agreeing with comments made at an earlier time by F.S.L. Lyons, suggests that, to have any real understanding of Patrick’s role in the rebellion and the events that led up to it, historians need to focus more attention on understanding the man himself.[1] The approach used in this article is psychobiographical, a methodology that applies psychological theory to biographical information in order to more fully understand an individual’s personality and achievements. In the case of Patrick Pearse the biographical information focuses on consensual aspects of his family background, his life experiences, his role as educator and his emergence as leader and hero. With regard to psychological theory, there are many empirically supported perspectives than could have been applied in this psychobiography. However, for the purposes of this particular article three perspectives have been selected. Drawing on some main tenets of the psychoanalytic, humanistic and trait approaches, the authors hope to provide a broader understanding of the influences and experiences that may have shaped Pearse as son, sibling, peer, educator and ultimately as a main instigator of the 1916 Rising and one of Ireland’s most famous patriots.

  3. Interview with Brian Kotz: Data Science at Two-Year Colleges

    Rossman, Allan; Kotz, Brian


    Brian Kotz is Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Montgomery College. He is a former member of the American Statistical Association/American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (ASA)/(AMATYC) Joint Committee and the current chair of the AMATYC Data Science Subcommittee. This interview took place via email on November 23,…

  4. Education and the Social Order: Re-Visioning the Legacy of Brian Simon

    Cunningham, Peter; Martin, Jane


    A conference to honour the memory of Brian Simon (1915-2002) was a privilege and a challenge for its organizing committee. Simon was an educationist and an activist, a chronicler and a critic. His intellectual field encompassed psychology, pedagogy and politics as well as history. His legacy was both to education and to its history. Any…

  5. Urban lessons for the modern planner : Patrick Abercrombie and the study of urban development

    Dehaene, M.B.M.


    As the first editor of the Town Planning Review, Patrick Abercrombie produced a significant number of contributions to early town planning literature. Through the discussion of a great variety of subjects, Abercrombie gradually defined a specific approach towards town planning. Echoing Patrick

  6. Career Development and Social Inclusion at St Patrick's College: A Case Study

    Hughes, Cathy


    Consistent with the Commonwealth government's social inclusion agenda, the mission statement of St Patrick's College advocates the development and delivery of career development services and programs that promote social justice and social inclusion. This case study describes the evolving career development program at St Patrick's College, which…

  7. Replication and Pedagogy in the History of Psychology IV: Patrick and Gilbert (1896) on Sleep Deprivation

    Fuchs, Thomas; Burgdorf, Jeffrey


    We report an attempted replication of G. T. W. Patrick and J. A. Gilbert's pioneering sleep deprivation experiment "Studies from the psychological laboratory of the University of Iowa. On the effects of loss of sleep", conducted in 1895/96. Patrick and Gilbert's study was the first sleep deprivation experiment of its kind, performed by some of the…

  8. The discovery of Caligus temnodontis Brian, 1924 (Copepoda: Caligidae) from the bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix (Linnaeus) in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

    Ozak, Argun A; El-Rashidy, Hoda H; Demirkale, Ibrahim; Boxshall, Geoff A


    The temnodontis variety of Caligus mauritanicus Brian, 1924 described by Brian (1924) is a valid species known only from a single host species, Pomatomus saltatrix (Linnaeus). New material of this species has been examined from the same host fish caught from Abuqir Bay, Alexandria (Egypt), from Iskenderun Bay (Turkey) and from off the coast of South Africa. Using this material, C. temnodontis Brian, 1924 is redescribed and compared with related species. It is most closely related to the Indo-Pacific species C. pagrosomi Yamaguti, 1939.

  9. On the tradeoffs of programming language choice for numerical modelling in geoscience. A case study comparing modern Fortran, C++/Blitz++ and Python/NumPy.

    Jarecka, D.; Arabas, S.; Fijalkowski, M.; Gaynor, A.


    The language of choice for numerical modelling in geoscience has long been Fortran. A choice of a particular language and coding paradigm comes with different set of tradeoffs such as that between performance, ease of use (and ease of abuse), code clarity, maintainability and reusability, availability of open source compilers, debugging tools, adequate external libraries and parallelisation mechanisms. The availability of trained personnel and the scale and activeness of the developer community is of importance as well. We present a short comparison study aimed at identification and quantification of these tradeoffs for a particular example of an object oriented implementation of a parallel 2D-advection-equation solver in Python/NumPy, C++/Blitz++ and modern Fortran. The main angles of comparison will be complexity of implementation, performance of various compilers or interpreters and characterisation of the "added value" gained by a particular choice of the language. The choice of the numerical problem is dictated by the aim to make the comparison useful and meaningful to geoscientists. Python is chosen as a language that traditionally is associated with ease of use, elegant syntax but limited performance. C++ is chosen for its traditional association with high performance but even higher complexity and syntax obscurity. Fortran is included in the comparison for its widespread use in geoscience often attributed to its performance. We confront the validity of these traditional views. We point out how the usability of a particular language in geoscience depends on the characteristics of the language itself and the availability of pre-existing software libraries (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, PyNGL, PyNIO, MPI4Py for Python and Blitz++, Boost.Units, Boost.MPI for C++). Having in mind the limited complexity of the considered numerical problem, we present a tentative comparison of performance of the three implementations with different open source compilers including CPython and

  10. Ühendriigid otsivad NATOs taas liitlast / Jamie Patrick Shea ; interv. Kadri Liik

    Shea, Jamie Patrick


    NATO asepeasekretäri asetäitja räägib alliansi kaitseplaneerimisest, rahukaitsest, arengust, tegevusest Afganistanis, rollist Iraagis, võitlusest terrorismiga, koostööst USA-ga. Lisa: Jamie Patrick Shea

  11. Initial Remedial Action Plan for Expanded Bioventing System BX Service Station, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    This initial remedial action plan presents the scope for an expanded bioventing system for in situ treatment of fuel-contaminated soils at the BX Service Station at Patrick Air Force Base (AFB), Florida...

  12. Patrick Blanc'i rippuvad aiad / Urmas Grišakov

    Grišakov, Urmas, 1942-2013


    Prantsuse botaaniku ja aiakujundaja Patrick Blanc'i taeva poole kõrguvad rohelised seinad võimaldavad tänapäeval imetleda inimese loovuse ja teadmiste koostöös sündinut. Kujundaja on oma töödega tõestanud, et taimed võivad edukalt kasvada ka vertikaalselt üksteise kohal. Patrick Blanc'i kodulehekülg:

  13. Briançon, 24 juillet 1995: autopsie et enseignements d'une catastrophe naturelle

    Philippe LAHOUSSE


    Full Text Available L'épisode pluvio-orageux du 24 juillet 1995 dans le Briançonnais est à l'origine d'une série de crues torrentielles et de coulées de débris dévastatrices. L'approche cartographique, combinée à l'enquête historique, permet de mesurer l'ampleur du phénomène et contribue à une meilleure évaluation des dangers. Elle permet de mieux fonder la politique de prévention des risques.

  14. Critical Comments on Brian Victoria's "Engaged Buddhism: Skeleton in the Closet?"

    Koichi Miyata


    Full Text Available In "Engaged Buddhism: A Skeleton in the Closet?" (Vol. 2 Brian Daizen Victoria claims, among other things, that Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944, founder of the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai (forebear of the Soka Gakkai and Soka Gakkai International, was an active supporter of the Japanese wars of aggression. In this response, Koichi Miyata argues that Victoria's claims rest on the highly selective use of quotes, and ignore key interpretative issues associated with Japanese imperial fascism and its underlying belief structures. Miyata discusses the significance of Makiguchi's arrest and imprisonment under a law specifically aimed at opponents of the war efforts, in his analysis of critical lapses in Victoria's article.

  15. Camille Flammarion's the planet Mars as translated by Patrick Moore


    Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) began his career at 16 as a human computer under the great mathematician U. J. J. Le Verrier at the Paris Observatory.  He soon tired of the drudgery; he was drawn to more romantic vistas, and at 19 wrote a book on an idea that he was to make his own—the habitability of other worlds.  There followed a career as France’s greatest popularizer of astronomy, with over 60 titles to his credit.  An admirer granted him a chateau at Juvisy-sur-l’Orge, and he set up a first-rate observatory dedicated to the study of the planet Mars. Finally, in 1892, he published his masterpiece, La Planete Mars et ses conditions d’habitabilite, a comprehensive summary of three centuries’ worth of literature on Mars, much of it based on his own personal research into rare memoirs and archives.  As a history of that era, it has never been surpassed, and remains one of a handful of indispensable books on the red planet. Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012) needs no introduction; his record of popula...

  16. L’animale narrante. Brian Boyd e l’origine delle storie



    Full Text Available The storytelling Animal. Brian Boyd and the origin of Stories This paper will discuss about Literary Darwinism, a new branch of literary criticism that tries to explain storytelling in evolutionary terms. In particular, It will deal with the thesis proposed by Bryan Boyd, the most cited author of LD, according to which narrative is the most powerful tool to share and shape attention – especially in the form of fiction, which allows human beings to go beyond the here and now. Therefore, after having described his proposal and, briefly, its weaknesses, I will focus on the most interesting part of It: the one about ontogeny. So, using Boyd as a starting point, I will study the importance of narrative for the development of our most relevant cognitive skills.

  17. Snapshots of the Past, by Brian Fagan. Alta Mira Press (Sage Publications. Walnut Creek, CA, 1995

    Todd W. Bostwick


    Full Text Available Brian Fagan is well known for his archaeology books written for a general public as well as his textbooks. This book is a collection of his articles originally published as bimonthly 'Timelines' columns in Archaeol­ogy Magazine. As he states in the preface of the book, his articles were meant to entertain, inform and sometimes wax indignant on a wide variety of archaeological subjects. His intent was to make available to a wide audience short stories that "navigated through the maze of detailed and specialized literature, creating snapshots of archaeology, archaeologists, and our complex, multifaceted past." The collection of 27 articles he chose for the book were published between 1988 and 1995; in addition, Fagan wrote two new articles for the book (one on prehistoric art and the other on the lives of Egyptian townspeople, for a total 29 articles.

  18. Replication and Pedagogy in the History of Psychology IV: Patrick and Gilbert (1896) on Sleep Deprivation

    Fuchs, Thomas; Burgdorf, Jeffrey


    We report an attempted replication of G. T. W. Patrick and J. A. Gilbert’s pioneering sleep deprivation experiment ‘Studies from the psychological laboratory of the University of Iowa. On the effects of loss of sleep’, conducted in 1895/96. Patrick and Gilbert’s study was the first sleep deprivation experiment of its kind, performed by some of the first formally trained psychologists. We attempted to recreate the original experience in two subjects, using similar apparatus and methodology, and drawing direct comparisons to the original study whenever possible. We argue for a strong influence of an ‘Americanized’ Wundtian psychology on Patrick and Gilbert, a claim supported biographically by their education and by their experimental methods. The replication thus opens interesting new perspectives, which are unlikely to be generated by any other historical approach.

  19. Adaptação da escala Brian para uso em crianças e adolescentes: um estudo preliminar

    Ana Claudia Mércio Loredo Souza


    Full Text Available Introdução: Alterações nos ritmos circadianos tem sido frequentemente observadas entre pacientes com Transtorno do Humor Bipolar (THB. No entanto, existem poucos instrumentos para medi-las e a maioria deles mede exclusivamente distúrbios do sono. A escala BRIAN, validada para adultos com THB, avalia a regularidade dos ritmos biológicos em quatro diferentes aspectos: sono, atividades, social e padrão de alimentação. O objetivo deste estudo piloto foi adaptar a escala BRIAN para uma população de crianças e adolescentes (BRIAN-K e avaliar se o novo instrumento é capaz de detectar diferenças entre pacientes e controles saudáveis. Métodos: Foram avaliados 20 pacientes com THB entre 8-16 anos e 32 controles pareados por sexo e idade. Os sujeitos foram avaliados através de entrevista clínica, K-SADS-PL e testagem cognitiva. A BRIAN-K foi aplicada em ambos os grupos. Resultados: O grupo de pacientes com THB apresentou escores mais altos de alterações em seus ritmos circadianos pelo escore total da BRIAN-K, quando comparados com o grupo controle (p=0,022. Particularmente, maior irregularidade foi observada no domínio “atividades” no grupo de pacientes (p=0,001. Nossos resultados também mostraram uma correlação positiva entre a idade de diagnóstico e o domínio “sono” da BRIAN-K (r = 0,485; p = 0,03. Conclusões: Estes dados preliminares sugerem que a versão BRIAN-K, recentemente adaptada para crianças e adolescentes, é capaz de discriminar pacientes com THB e controles. Futuros estudos com maior tamanho amostral são necessários para determinar a confiabilidade, validade interna e externa do presente instrumento.

  20. Review of Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling, and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow

    Kaarsholm, Preben


    Review article discussing Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling (London: Zed Books, 2009) and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow (Bodulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2009).......Review article discussing Patrick Chabal, Africa: The Politics of Suffering and Smiling (London: Zed Books, 2009) and Pierre Englebert, Africa: Unity, Sovereignty and Sorrow (Bodulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2009)....

  1. 33 CFR 334.560 - Banana River at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.; restricted area.


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Banana River at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.; restricted area. 334.560 Section 334.560 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.560 Banana...

  2. Turner : ettevõtjaks ei sünnita / Patrick Turner ; interv. Erik Aru

    Turner, Patrick


    Intervjuu rahvusvahelise ärikooli INSEAD õppejõu Patrick Turneriga, kes vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad ettevõtlust. Ta leiab, et nii nagu inimene peab omama luba auto juhtimiseks, peaks luba olema ka firma loomiseks. Vt. samas: Kes ta on?

  3. 1787 and 1776: Patrick Henry, James Madison, and the Revolutionary Legitimacy of the Constitution.

    Banning, Lance


    Discusses Patrick Henry's and James Madison's opinions on how the U.S. Constitution should be constructed. Describes how Henry introduced a set of substantive objections which were shared by Antifederalists throughout the country and persuaded many Revolutionaries that the Constitution was essentially at odds with the principles of 1776. (BSR)

  4. (dis)Ability and Music Education: Paralympian Patrick Anderson and the Experience of Disability in Music

    Bell, Adam Patrick


    What does it mean to experience disability in music? Based on interviews with Patrick Anderson--arguably the greatest wheelchair basketball player of all time--this article presents insights into the complexities of the experience of disability in sports and music. Contrasted with music education's tendency to adhere to a medicalized model of…


    Mireia Aragay


    Full Text Available In the context of an insightful cornparison between Brian Friel and Tom Murphy in his recent The Politics of'lrish Drama (1999, Nicholas Grene links Friel's much higher profile to the different ways in which the two playwrights negotiate the rural trope, and hence the representation of Ireland as 'modernity's other' within the context of an increasing globalisation. Grene, however, finds no room in The Politics of'lrish Drama for a discussion of Friel's most successful play to date, Dancing at Lughnasa (1990. This article aims to explore the disparity between the phenomenal success of the play, as opposed to the critica1 and commercial failure of the film version (1998; dir. Pat O'Connor; script by Frank McGuinness. In the light of Luke Gibbons's (1996 argument as regards the role of nostalgia in late 20th-century Irish culture, and of Jean-Franqois Lyotard's (1982 claim that the 'postrnodern condition' is characterised by the absence of nostalgia, it is suggested that the divergent reception of the play and the film of Dancing at Lughnasa, both in Ireland and abroad, is a function of the different role played by memory and nostalgia in each. In addition, it possibly foregrounds a central paradox of postmodernity and globalisation, namely, the fact that a refusal of nostalgia is (inevitably coupled with its 'other', i.e. a longing for origins, a desire for 'more authentic' modes of life.


    Zlatan Saračević


    Full Text Available Due to the complexity of the motion, shot put technique is described in phases for easier analysis, easer learning of technique and error correction. It is complete so that in its implementation the transition from phase to phase is not noticed. In aforementioned and described phases of O'Brian spinal shot put technique a large distance, emptiness and disconnection appear between the initial position phase and a phase of overtaking the device, which in the training methods and training technique in primary and secondary education, as well as for students and athletes beginners in shot put represents a major problem regarding connecting, training and technique advancement. Therefore, this work is aimed at facilitating the methods of training of shot put technique, extending from four to six phases, which have been described and include the complete O'Brian technique.

  7. 'Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms', edited by Ann Ardis and Patrick Collier

    Janet Floyd


    Full Text Available A review of 'Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms', edited by Ann Ardis and Patrick Collier (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. Hardback, 259 pages, £50, ISBN 9780554269.

  8. L’analyse hypertextuelle de L’Empreinte à Crusoé de Patrick Chamoiseau // Hypertextual analysis of Patrick Chamoiseau’s Crusoe’s footprint

    Damian Paweł Masłowski


    Full Text Available Over centuries, the subject of robinsonade does not seem to be a thoroughly investigated field in literary criticism. In this context, the role of Defoe’s work is still considered as the fundamental hypotext for every future robinsonade. Nevertheless, the twentieth century brings writers such as Michel Tournier, Patrick Chamoiseau or Yann Martel who began to transvalorize their robinsonades. This postmodern and sometimes postcolonial approach questions the topicality of modern and colonial masterpiece. In his recent novel, Patrick Chamoiseau explores the literary myth of Robinson Crusoe. He indicates the equiponderant influence of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Michel Tournier’s Friday, or, the Other Island. The purpose of this paper is to analyze said hypertextuality in Crusoe’s footprint. It attempts to focus notably on the dialogue between Chamoiseau and Tournier and to see Michel Tournier’s impact not only as the primordial hypotext in case of Crusoe’s footprint but also as the basic reference for robinsonades reversing the ideological message of Daniel Defoe’s text in the XXth and XXIth centuries.

  9. Book Review: Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity by Patrick Finn

    Matthews, Jodie


    In Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity, Patrick Finn expands upon his 2011 TEDx Talk, ‘Loving Communication’, to suggest that critical thinking implies disapproval and unnecessary judgement originating from a particular mode of Classical thought. Jodie Matthews argues that Finn’s discussion is dependent upon a crudely drawn straw man and neglects to consider thinking critically as a necessary corollary, rather than antithesis, to thinking creatively.

  10. Environmental Assessment for Airfield Safety and Drainage Improvements at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    of Cocoa Beach, and covers approximately 2,000 acres bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Banana River on the west. The PAFB airfield...significance for greenhouse gas emissions, but the Federal government recognizes the need to reduce energy consumption and shift to renewable and...Historical and Architectural Documentation Reports of Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, Florida. U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research

  11. Patrick Air Force Base integrated resource assessment. Volume 2, Baseline detail

    Wahlstrom, R.R.; King, D.A.; Parker, S.A.; Sandusky, W.F.


    The US Air Force has tasked the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL), in support of the US Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), to assess energy use at Patrick Air Force Base (AFB). The information obtained from this assessment will be used in identifying energy resource opportunities to reduce overall energy consumption on the base. The primary focus of this report is to assess the current baseline energy consumption at Patrick AFB. It is a comparison report to Volume 1, the Executive Summary, and Volume 3, the Resource Assessment. This assessment requires that information be obtained and characterized for buildings, utilities, energy sources, energy uses, and load profile information to be used to improve the characterization of energy use on the base. The characteristics of electricity, natural gas, and No. 2 fuel oil are analyzed for on-base facilities and housing. The assessment examines basic regional information used to determine energy-use intensity (EUI) values for Patrick AFB facilities by building, fuel type, and energy end use. It also provides a summary of electricity consumption from Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) metered data for 1985-1991. Load profile information obtained from FPL data is presented for the north and south substations for the four seasons of the year, including weekdays and weekends.

  12. Patrick Moore’s observer’s year 366 nights of the universe : 2015-2020


    Observers no longer need to wonder what they will turn their attention to each night of the year with this updated text of a beloved favorite from Sir Partick Moore. His night-by-night account of the stars is the best possible guide an observer could ask for, and now includes the latest data for the years 2015-2020, preserving and extending Sir Patrick Moore's legacy. This new edition of his classic text makes it easy to see why Sir Patrick Moore was such a helpful guide to generations of budding astronomers, professional and amateur alike. For every night of the year Patrick gives the reader details of interesting objects that can be seen from Earth. It is a book for people with a wide interest in practical astronomy, those who may not have specialized in a specific area of astronomy and wish to expand their knowledge in all areas. This third edition includes Sir Patrick’s original text but revises its time-sensitive material and adds all of the points of interest that change from year to year, such as e...

  13. Brian A. Monahan, The Shock of the News: Media Coverage and the Making of 9/11

    Letort, Delphine


    Brian A. Monahan’s book examines the changing work practices in the mainstream media, underscoring the economic, technological, and cultural shifts that have affected the news industry, which has turned into a for-profit business over the last twenty years. While the first chapter of the book provides a theoretical overview of what the author defines as “public drama,” in reference to the news packages devised by the media to attract a larger audience, the second chapter focuses on a construc...

  14. Le silenciement urbain, ou le silence du ciment. Lire Moi non de Patrick Goujon The Silence of Cement, or Reading Patrick Goujon’s Moi non

    Claudia Bouliane


    Full Text Available Au cours des dernières années, plusieurs romanciers français ont tenté de dépeindre les habitus et les formes de socialisation des jeunes des banlieues. La présente étude porte sur les représentations de l’espace périurbain dans le roman Moi non de Patrick Goujon, œuvre exemplaire de la volonté de donner une valeur symbolique à la vie de ces jeunes. Le roman se présente comme une réévaluation critique des clichés généralement accolés à la banlieue. Pourtant, Moi non propose une lecture ambiguë des alternatives de mobilité sociale offertes aux jeunes des banlieues et des formes de sociabilité qui leur sont propres ; sans les condamner à l’avance, Goujon montre qu’elles tendent à reproduire le schéma tracé par la doxa.Several French novelists have attempted in recent years to portray inner-city youths’ habits and forms of socialization. This study focuses on the representations of inner-city space in Patrick Goujon’s novel Moi non, a novel that epitomizes the desire to give symbolic value to the lives of inner-city youths. The novel presents itself as a critical reassessment of the stereotypes usually associated with inner cities. However, Moi non proposes an ambiguous reading of the forms both of social mobility offered inner-city youths and of their socialization. Without condemning them beforehand, Goujon shows they tend to reproduce the pattern traced by the doxa.

  15. Integration of the geological/engineering model with production performance for Patrick Draw Field, Wyoming

    Jackson, S.


    The NIPER Reservoir Assessment and Characterization Research Program incorporates elements of the near-term, mid-term and long-term objectives of the National Energy Strategy-Advanced Oil Recovery Program. The interdisciplinary NIPER team focuses on barrier island reservoirs, a high priority class of reservoirs, that contains large amounts of remaining oil in place located in mature fields with a high number of shut-in and abandoned wells. The project objectives are to: (1) identify heterogeneities that influence the movement and trapping of reservoir fluids in two examples of shoreline barrier reservoirs (Patrick Draw Field, WY and Bell Creek Field, MT); (2) develop geological and engineering reservoir characterization methods to quantify reservoir architecture and predict mobile oil saturation distribution for application of targeted infill drilling and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes; and (3) summarize reservoir and production characteristics of shoreline barrier reservoirs to determine similarities and differences. The major findings of the research include: (1) hydrogeochemical analytical techniques were demonstrated to be an inexpensive reservoir characterization tool that provides information on reservoir architecture and compartmentalization; (2) the formation water salinity in Patrick Draw Field varies widely across the field and can result in a 5 to 12% error in saturation values calculated from wireline logs if the salinity variations and corresponding resistivity values are not accounted for; and (3) an analysis of the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential of Patrick Draw Field indicates that CO[sub 2] flooding in the Monell Unit and horizontal drilling in the Arch Unit are potential methods to recover additional oil from the field.

  16. Integration of the geological/engineering model with production performance for Patrick Draw Field, Wyoming

    Jackson, S.


    The NIPER Reservoir Assessment and Characterization Research Program incorporates elements of the near-term, mid-term and long-term objectives of the National Energy Strategy-Advanced Oil Recovery Program. The interdisciplinary NIPER team focuses on barrier island reservoirs, a high priority class of reservoirs, that contains large amounts of remaining oil in place located in mature fields with a high number of shut-in and abandoned wells. The project objectives are to: (1) identify heterogeneities that influence the movement and trapping of reservoir fluids in two examples of shoreline barrier reservoirs (Patrick Draw Field, WY and Bell Creek Field, MT); (2) develop geological and engineering reservoir characterization methods to quantify reservoir architecture and predict mobile oil saturation distribution for application of targeted infill drilling and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes; and (3) summarize reservoir and production characteristics of shoreline barrier reservoirs to determine similarities and differences. The major findings of the research include: (1) hydrogeochemical analytical techniques were demonstrated to be an inexpensive reservoir characterization tool that provides information on reservoir architecture and compartmentalization; (2) the formation water salinity in Patrick Draw Field varies widely across the field and can result in a 5 to 12% error in saturation values calculated from wireline logs if the salinity variations and corresponding resistivity values are not accounted for; and (3) an analysis of the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential of Patrick Draw Field indicates that CO{sub 2} flooding in the Monell Unit and horizontal drilling in the Arch Unit are potential methods to recover additional oil from the field.

  17. Patrick Hamilton’s Hangover Square and the Landscapes of Fascism

    Simon GOULDING


    Full Text Available If Patrick Hamilton’s name is recognised at all these days, then it is for his stage thrillers Rope (1929 and Gaslight (1938. Still played in repertory, these may be his best-known works but are hardly typical of his output. Hamilton had been a published writer since his early twenties and Hangover Square (1941 was his eighth novel. Like the preceding novels, it covers much of the same thematic and topographic territory. It is a world of boarding houses in unfashionable parts of London, pu...

  18. Patrick Air Force Base integrated resource assessment. Volume 3, Resource assessment

    Sandusky, W.F.; Parker, S.A.; King, D.A.; Wahlstrom, R.R.; Elliott, D.B.; Shankle, S.A.


    The US Air Force has tasked the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) in support of the US Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program to identify, evaluate, and assist in acquiring all cost effective energy projects at Patrick Air Force Base (AFB). This is part of a model program that PNL is designing to support energy-use decisions in the federal sector. This report provides the results of the fossil fuel and electric energy resource opportunity (ERO) assessments performed by PNL at Patrick AFB which is located south of Cocoa Beach, Florida. It is a companion report to Volume 1, Executive Summary, and Volume.2, Baseline Detail. The results of the analyses of EROs are presented in 11 common energy end-use categories. A narrative description of each ERO is provided, including information on the installed cost, energy and dollar savings, impacts on operations and maintenance, and, when applicable, a discussion of energy supply and demand, energy security, and environmental issues. A description of the evaluation methodologies and technical and cost assumptions is also provided for each ERO. Summary tables present the cost-effectiveness of energy end-use equipment before and after the implementation of each ERO and present the results of the life-cycle cost analysis indicating the net present value and value index of each ERO.

  19. It came from outer space wearing an RAF blazer! a fan's biography of Sir Patrick Moore

    Mobberley, Martin


    To British television viewers, the name ‘Patrick Moore’ has been synonymous with Astronomy and Space Travel since he first appeared on The Sky at Night in 1957. To amateur astronomers he has been a source of inspiration, joy, humour and even an eccentric role model since that time. Most people know that his 55 years of presenting The Sky at Night is a world record, but what was he really like in person?  What did he do away from the TV cameras, in his observatory, and within the British Astronomical Association, the organisation that inspired him as a youngster? Also, precisely what did he do during the War Years, a subject that has always been shrouded in mystery? Martin Mobberley, a friend of Patrick Moore’s for 30 years, and a former President of the British Astronomical Association, has spent ten years exhaustively researching Patrick’s real life away from the TV cameras. His childhood, RAF service, tireless voluntary work for astronomy and charity and his endless book writing are all examined in...

  20. The impacts of the St. Patrick's Day superstorm on selected technologies

    Carter, B. A.; Yizengaw, E.; Lin, C. S.; Pradipta, R.; Norman, R.; Tseng, T.; Bennett, J.; Bishop, R. L.; Weygand, J. M.; Francis, M.; Terkildsen, M. B.; Groves, K. M.; Caton, R. G.; Tripathi, N.; Zhang, K.


    In the past, significant research efforts have been directed towards understanding how severe geomagnetic storms affect the near-Earth space environment. From this research, we have learned that many technologies are affected by these severe space weather events. The 2015 St. Patrick's Day geomagnetic storm has provided a great opportunity to analyze three selected space weather phenomena that adversely impact modern technologies; (1) Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs), (2) increased thermospheric mass density, and (3) the occurrence of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles (EPBs). The serious effects of GICs on power grids in the high-latitude regions is well known. Recent research has indicated that the equatorial region is also susceptible to increased GIC activity due to the equatorial electrojet. Thus, an examination of the equatorial magnetometer data during the St. Patrick's Day storm will be presented. It is also well understood that during geomagnetic storms, the thermospheric mass density at a given altitude increases due to the increase in Joule heating in the high-latitude regions. As a consequence of this, low-Earth orbiting satellites and space debris experience increased atmospheric drag. Changes in atmospheric drag causes orbits to be perturbed, resulting in less accurate orbit predictions. An investigation of the orbits of several low-Earth orbiting satellites will be presented and discussed in the context of collision avoidance, as part of the ongoing space debris problem. Finally, Equatorial Plasma Bubbles (EPBs) are a common phenomenon in the nighttime low-latitude ionosphere. EPBs are known to cause random fluctuations (i.e., scintillations) in the amplitude and phase of trans-ionospheric radio signals. While EPBs have been reported during both geomagnetically quiet and disturbed periods, research clearly indicates that the occurrence of EPBs is dependent on the geomagnetic activity level. The occurrence of EPBs around the world will be presented

  1. Brian O’Nolan’s comic and critical reconception of narratives of the embellished Past in independent Ireland, 1938-1966

    Gillespie, A.M.R.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/304824135


    This dissertation investigates the work of Irish novelist and journalist Flann O’Brien/Myles na Gopaleen (pseudonym of Brian O’Nolan, 1911-1966). Recurrent themes in his popular Irish Times column, “Cruiskeen Lawn,” and his novels are discussed in relation to relevant historical developments of the

  2. Education as an Agent of Social Evolution: The Educational Projects of Patrick Geddes in Late-Victorian Scotland

    Sutherland, Douglas


    This paper examines the educational projects of Patrick Geddes in late-Victorian Scotland. Initially a natural scientist, Geddes drew on an eclectic mix of social theory to develop his own ideas on social evolution. For him education was a vital agent of social change which, he believed, had the potential to develop active citizens whose…

  3. Patrick Saurin, Teocuicatl. Chants sacrés des anciens Mexicains

    Gruzinski, Serge


    Patrick Saurin s’est penché sur l’un des nombreux manuscrits laissés par le franciscain Bernardino de Sahagùn : les teocuicatl, ces hymnes sacrés composés en l’honneur des anciens dieux mexicains. Vraisemblablement d’origine mexica, ces chants ont été rassemblés à Tepepulco vers 1560. S’agit- il de textes archaïques comme la critique s’est accordée à le penser ? L’auteur propose d’y voir, au moins pour partie d’entre eux, des hymnes portant la « marque d’une réécriture, voire d’une écriture r...

  4. The Brain Dead Patient Is Still Sentient: A Further Reply to Patrick Lee and Germain Grisez.

    Austriaco, Nicanor Pier Giorgio


    Patrick Lee and Germain Grisez have argued that the total brain dead patient is still dead because the integrated entity that remains is not even an animal, not only because he is not sentient but also, and more importantly, because he has lost the radical capacity for sentience. In this essay, written from within and as a contribution to the Catholic philosophical tradition, I respond to Lee and Grisez's argument by proposing that the brain dead patient is still sentient because an animal with an intact but severed spinal cord can still perceive and respond to external stimuli. The brain dead patient is an unconscious sentient organism. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press, on behalf of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy Inc. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  5. The practice of Spencerian science: Patrick Geddes's Biosocial Program, 1876-1889.

    Renwick, Chris


    From the Victorian era to our own, critics of Herbert Spencer have portrayed his science-based philosophical system as irrelevant to the concerns of practicing scientists. Yet, as a number of scholars have recently argued, an extraordinary range of reformist and experimental projects across the human and life sciences took their bearings from Spencer's work. This essay examines Spencerian science as practiced by the biologist, sociologist, and town planner Patrick Geddes (1854-1932). Through a close examination of his experimental natural history of the late 1870s and early 1880s, his wider writings on the evolutionary process in the 1880s, and his efforts later in that decade to improve the slums of Edinburgh, this essay reveals Geddes's deep, unifying, and energizing commitment to Spencer's program. Recapturing that commitment can not only help historians rethink Spencerian science as practice but also suggest ways of overcoming the dichotomy between elite ideas and practical activity that bedevils much contemporary historiography of science.

  6. Patrick Vinton Kirch & Robert C. Green, Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia. An Essay in Historical Anthropology

    Di Piazza, Anne


    Hawaiki, la patrie des ancêtres chantée par les Polynésiens, le lieu de rassemblement des âmes des morts, est aussi la terre mythique des archéologues. C’est bien celle-ci que ces derniers s’efforcent de localiser dans le temps et dans l’espace. Si l’on en croit Patrick Vinton Kirch et Roger Green, la culture ancestrale polynésienne s’est développée dans les archipels de Tonga et Samoa (avec leurs voisins immédiats) au cours du Ier millénaire avant J.-C. Les auteurs ne s’arrêtent pas à ce con...

  7. A lesson for the future of our science my testimony on Lord Patrick M S Blackett

    Zichichi, Antonio


    This unique volume contains a tribute to Lord Patrick M S Blackett through the testimony of Professor Antonino Zichichi, who was one of Blackett's pupils in the experiment at the Sphinx Observatory, Europe's highest lab (3580 meters a.s.l.), at Jungfraujoch. The book presents an overview of Blackett's most significant discoveries, such as the so called "vacuum polarization" effect, the first example of "virtual physics" and the "strange particles", that opened a new horizon towards the existence of the subnuclear universe. After discussing the profound implications of Blackett's pioneering contributions to Subnuclear Physics, the book also recalls his deep interest in the promotion of scientific culture. Blackett was firmly convinced that physicists must be engaged directly to let the people outside our labs know what the role of science is in the progress of our civilisation. In particular, according to Blackett and his friend Bertrand Russell, the Manhattan Project was the example of how the new frontiers o...

  8. Three Neoclassicisms. Exploring the Possibilities of a Comparative Average Shot Length Through Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma and Woody Allen

    Agustín Rubio Alcover


    Full Text Available This study is intended to compare the complete filmographies of the three American directors whose works are analyzed. They are Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma and Woody Allen. We define the approach as a trampoline for leaping over the wall of a difficult conceptual and methodological blind alley—an understanding of movie editors and their task, but above all their contribution. Their work is disguised as something merely technical and obvious but, even in the best of cases, this attitude never anything other than lazy. It is the analysis route upheld and cultivated by the David Bordwell and Barry Salt that we are prepared to travel along. If we want to abjure an unsustainably radical anti-empiricism without precipitating ourselves into neo-empiricist infantilism or regressing to a chaotic teratology—that is: to try to remain focused on both the wood and the trees—a statistical-type study, aided by the latest-generation digital and computer tools and, more specifically, an Average Shot Length study (which we will refer to from now on with the acronym ASL appears to us an objective and, consequently, literally unobjectionable criterion. It is probably as reductionist as it is stimulating when it comes to reaching conclusions that are non-definitive but undoubtedly worthy of interest, because, faced with the subjectivity of the analysis and at the general macroscopic level of the movie, the normative and the standard blends with the deviant, or exceptional.   

  9. Review: Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa (2013)

    Reinhart Kößler


    Review of the monograph:Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa, Potsdam: Potsdam University Press, 2013, ISBN 9783869562483, 300 pp.

  10. Viveret Patrick, 2005, Pourquoi ça ne va pas plus mal?, Fayard, 264 p.

    Fabien Thurette


    Full Text Available Patrick Viveret est philosophe de formation et Conseiller-maître à la Cour des comptes. Il a, en outre, été chargé d’une mission, confiée par l'éphémère Secrétaire d'État à l'économie solidaire Guy Hascoët, puis prolongée par le Président Chirac sur une « autre approche de la richesse », dont le rapport final a été publié sous le titre Reconsidérer la richesse (2004.Dans son essai Pourquoi ça ne va pas plus mal ? publié en 2005, Patrick Viveret nous livre une analyse philosophique sur le « m...

  11. Review: Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa (2013)

    Reinhart Kößler; Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut


    Review of the monograph:Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa, Potsdam: Potsdam University Press, 2013, ISBN 9783869562483, 300 pp. Besprechung der Monographie:Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa, Potsdam: Potsdam University Press...

  12. Observations and global numerical modelling of the St. Patrick's Day 2015 geomagnetic storm event

    Foerster, M.; Prokhorov, B. E.; Doornbos, E.; Astafieva, E.; Zakharenkova, I.


    With a sudden storm commencement (SSC) at 04:45 UT on St. Patrick's day 2015 started the most severe geomagnetic storm in solar cycle 24. It appeared as a two-stage geomagnetic storm with a minimum SYM-H value of -233 nT. In the response to the storm commencement in the first activation, a short-term positive effect in the ionospheric vertical electron content (VTEC) occurred at low- and mid-latitudes on the dayside. The second phase commencing around 12:30 UT lasted longer and caused significant and complex storm-time changes around the globe with hemispherical different ionospheric storm reactions in different longitudinal ranges. Swarm-C observations of the neutral mass density variation along the orbital path as well as Langmuir probe plasma and magnetometer measurements of all three Swarm satellites and global TEC records are used for physical interpretations and modelling of the positive/negative storm scenario. These observations pose a challenge for the global numerical modelling of thermosphere-ionosphere storm processes as the storm, which occurred around spring equinox, obviously signify the existence of other impact factors than seasonal dependence for hemispheric asymmetries to occur. Numerical simulation trials using the Potsdam version of the Upper Atmosphere Model (UAM-P) are presented to explain these peculiar M-I-T storm processes.

  13. Sir Patrick Dun and the Complete School of Physic in eighteenth-century Dublin.

    Mullaney, S


    2013 is the tercentenary of the death of Sir Patrick Dun. When Dun died in 1713, he left the proceeds of his estate to enhance medical education in Dublin by funding chairs in medicine. He showed remarkable innovation, but it took 95 years, five Acts of Parliament, two House of Commons enquiries and a House of Lords enquiry before Dun's wishes were brought to fruition and systematic clinical education was available for Dublin medical students. The passage of the final School of Physic Act in 1800 insured that a hospital would open in his name and regular clinical education was provided. The physician, Richard Steevens, who died 3 years earlier in 1710, left the proceeds of his estate to found a hospital, which opened, in his name, in 1733. The contemporary primary sources have been analysed and material from relevant secondary sources has been included where appropriate. Dublin was the beneficiary of these bequests and if circumstances had been more favourable, and the proceeds had been used more efficiently at the start of the eighteenth-century, Dublin could well have rivalled Edinburgh as the seat of medical education in the eighteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, it would fulfil that role and equal Edinburgh as one of the primary centres of medical education in Europe.

  14. Imagery interchange in John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, a parable

    Sandra Sirangelo Maggio


    Full Text Available John Patrick Shanley’s play Doubt - a Parable (2004 revisits the world he knew as a child, which is the Bronx of the 1960’s. The story centers upon a Catholic Irish-Italian school community, and the plot relates to a doubt - that grows into belief, and ends up as certainty - on the part of Sister Aloysius, the principal of the school, who is persuaded that Father Flynn, the vicar, has been harassing the only Black student in the school. The play is an open-ended construct, allowing each reader/spectator to build their own interpretation of the facts implied. Shanley is more than the author of the play. He has also worked as the producer of the play on the stage and he turned the story into a movie screenplay, Doubt, and has worked as a director to the movie. In this paper we examine the strategies used by Shanley to keep the possibility of interpretation open as he translates his own work into different media, on the page and on the screen.

  15. Underwater cleaning techniqued used for removal of zebra mussels at the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant

    Hobbs, B.; Kahabka, J.


    This paper discusses the use of a mechanical brush cleaning technology recently used to remove biofouling from the Circulating Water (CW) System at New York Power Authority's James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant. The FitzPatrick plant had previously used chemical molluscicide to treat zebra mussels in the CW system. Full system treatment was performed in 1992 with limited forebay/screenwell treatment in 1993. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) decided to conduct a mechanical cleaning of the intake system in 1994. Specific project objectives included: (1) Achieve a level of surface cleaniness greater than 98%; (2) Remove 100% of debris, both existing sediment and debris generated as a result of cleaning; (3) Inspect all surfaces and components, identifying any problem areas; (4) Complete the task in a time frame within the 1994-95 refueling outage schedule window, and; (5) Determine if underwater mechanical cleaning is a cost-effective zebra mussel control method suitable for future application at FitzPatrick. A pre-cleaning inspection, including underwater video photography, was conducted of each area. Cleaning was accomplished using diver-controlled, multi-brush equipment included the electro-hydraulic powered Submersible Cleaning and Maintenance Platform (SCAMP), and several designs of hand-held machines. The brushes swept all zebra mussels off surfaces, restoring concrete and metal substrates to their original condition. Sensitive areas including pump housings, standpipes, sensor piping and chlorine injection tubing, were cleaned without degradation. Submersible vortex vacuum pumps were used to remove debris from the cavity. More than 46,000 ft 2 of surface area was cleaned and over 460 cubic yards of dewatered debris were removed. As each area was completed, a post-clean inspection with photos and video was performed

  16. Review: Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa (2013

    Reinhart Kößler


    Full Text Available Review of the monograph:Joseph Patrick Ganahl, Corruption, Good Governance, and the African State: A Critical Analysis of the Political-Economic Foundations of Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa, Potsdam: Potsdam University Press, 2013, ISBN 9783869562483, 300 pp.

  17. Ténèbres khmères: les revenants de Phnom Penh : à propos de Kampuchéa de Patrick Deville

    van Montfrans, M.; Freyermuth, S.; Bonnot, J.-F.P.


    Remonter le Mékong comme Patrick Deville dans les traces de Henri Mouhot, paisible explorateur du XIXe siècle, naturaliste chasseur de papillons, semble une entreprise plus idyllique que de parcourir le monde contemporain comme l’a fait Jean Rolin pour une enquête sur les chiens errants. Ma

  18. The geomagnetic blitz of September 1941

    Love, Jeffrey J.; Coisson, Pierdavide


    Seventy-five years ago, on 18–19 September 1941, the Earth experienced a great magnetic storm, one of the most intense ever recorded. It arrived at a poignant moment in history, when radio and electrical technology was emerging as a central part of daily life and when much of the world was embroiled in World War II, which the United States had not yet officially entered.Auroras danced across the night sky as voltage surged in power grid lines. A radio blackout interrupted fan enjoyment of a baseball game, while another radio program was interrupted by private phone conversations. Citizens, already on edge, wondered if neon lights were some sort of antiaircraft signal. And far away in the North Atlantic, the illuminated night sky exposed an Allied convoy to German attack.These effects raised awareness within the scientific community and among the public of the societal significance of the effects that the Sun and outer space can have on the Earth—what we now call space weather.

  19. Zimbabwe se strukturele en politieke geweld gelees deur die troop van die onbenoembare en naamlose in Brian Chikwava se roman Harare North

    Gugulethu Siziba


    Full Text Available Die artikel lees Brian Chikwava se benutting van ’n naamlose protagonist-verteller in sy roman Harare North as ’n allegorie vir die duister figure van buite-regtelike geweld, ontkenning van en stilswye oor geweld, sowel as verskeie verdoeselings wat post-koloniale Zimbabwe onder ZANU-PF heerskappy kenmerk. Die naamlose en onnoembare kom op verskillende vlakke voor en tipeer beide die staat en sy burgers wat beide tuis en oorsee in ongemaklike verhoudings verstrengel is. Die artikel maak gebruik van sosiologiese en literêre insigte oor name en benaming om sin te maak van die belang van die verteller en sy posisie in die ervaring van Zimbabwiërs.

  20. James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant recirculation pumps vibration system installation and performance since July 7, 1990

    Lefter, J.


    James A. FitzPatrick recirculation pumps are vertical units consisting of General Electric 5,300 hp variable speed motors driving Byron Jackson Pumps. Speed range is from 400 rpm at 20% reactor power to 1,480 rpm at 100% power. Full speed pump output is 42,500 gpm at 530 ft. head. This paper describes the vibration monitoring system. The design of this vibration monitoring system took about five months and was installed during plant refueling outage between February and May 1990. The objectives of this project were as follows: (1) document and assess the mechanical condition of each RRP during plant startup normal operation and shutdown; (2) identify any areas of operation that might be harmful to the unit; (3) perform impact testing of the proximity probe brackets to determine if any bracket resonances existed in the 0 to 20 times operating speed region (0 to 20X); (4) define and recommend Acceptance Regions in the TDM system

  1. Ionospheric Response to St. Patrick's Day Storm of 2015 Over Indian Region: Ionosonde and All-Sky Imager Observations

    Gupta, S.; Upadhayaya, A. K.; Taori, A. K.; Kotnala, R. K.


    The St. Patrick's Day Storm of 2015 was the first superstorm of 24th solar cycle, with Dst dipping down to -223 nT. The response of this severe (G4) storm is studied using ionosonde data at low-mid latitude Indian station, Delhi (28.6°N, 77.2°E), along with 630.0 nm night airglow observations from low latitude Indian station, Gadanki (13.5°N, 79.2°E). A peculiar occurrence of additional stratification, not observed before at this latitude, is found to be present between F1 and F2 layers before the SSC of the storm. This observed extra stratification in F layer (F1.5) is attributed to TIDs during vertically uplifted F region. Apart from this, additional stratification above F2 layer, lasting for about half an hour, was seen during this storm. A large variation in F2 layer critical parameters, showing both positive and negative phases, with electron density enhancement of 264% and depression of 65%, is observed during this storm. Contrary to the previous reports, Spread-F occurrence at Delhi do not follow anticorrelation with solar activity. The night airglow observations of 630.0 nm from Gadanki indicates towards the presence of external forcing which results in drifting of plasma in the opposite direction (westward) to that of normally seen, during this St. Patrick's Day storm of 2015. The variation in neutral composition (O/N2 taken from GUVI) is found during this storm. This result suggests O/N2 ratio to be a vital contributor, apart from the electric field and neutral wind, in determining the ionospheric response to such transient events.

  2. St. Patrick's Day 2015 geomagnetic storm analysis based on Real Time Ionosphere Monitoring

    García-Rigo, Alberto


    Ionosphere Monitoring (RTIM) is a new Working Group within the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Sub-Commission 4.3 "Atmosphere Remote Sensing". The complementary expertise of the participating research groups allows to analyse the ionospheric behaviour from a broad perspective, taking benefit of comparing multiple independent real time and near real time ionospheric approaches. In this context, a detailed analysis will be presented for the days in March, 2015 surrounding St. Patrick's Day 2015 geomagnetic storm, based on the existing ionospheric models (global or regional) within the group, which are mainly based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and ionosonde data. For this purpose, a variety of ionospheric parameters will be considered, including Total Electron Content (TEC), F2 layer critical frequency (foF2), F2 layer peak (hmF2), bottomside half-thickness (B0) and ionospheric disturbance W-index. Also, ionospheric high-frequency perturbations such as Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs), scintillations and the impact of solar flares facing the Earth will be presented to derive a clear picture of the ionospheric dynamics. Among other sources of information to take part in the comparisons, there will be (1) scintillation results -from MONITOR ESA/ESTEC-funded project- derived by means of S4 index and Sigma Phi (IEEA), specially significant in the African sector and European high latitudes, (2) dynamics of the global maps of W-index with 1h resolution derived from JPL Global Ionospheric Maps (GIMs; IZMIRAN), (3) deviations from expected quiet-time behavior analysed in terms of foF2, hmF2, B0 and B1 based on IRTAM and GIRO network of digisondes (Lowell), showing F2 layer peculiar changes due to the storm, (4) statistics based on the median of the VTEC for the 15 previous days considering VTEC european regional maps (ROB), (5) time series of VTEC data that are derived by running the NRT ionosphere model of DGFI-TUM in offline mode, which show

  3. Threatened and Endangered Species Survey for Patrick Air Force Base, Florida

    Oddy, Donna M.; Stolen, Eric D.; Schmalzer, Paul A.; Larson, Vickie L.; Hall, Patrice; Hensley, Melissa A.


    A review of previous environmental work conducted at Patrick Air Force Base (PAFB) indicated that several threatened, endangered, or species of special concern occurred or had the potential to occur there. This study was implemented to collect more information on protected species at PAFB. A map of landcover types was prepared for PAFB using aerial photography, groundtruthing, and a geographic information system (GIS). Herbaceous vegetation was the most common vegetation type. The second most abundant vegetation type was disturbed shrubs/exotics. The beach and associated dune vegetation comprised 3.2% of the land area, but was the most extensive natural community within PAFB. A few isolated mangrove communities exist along the Banana River. Seventy-seven species of vascular plants occurred on the dunes, including four species listed by state agencies: spider lily (Hymenocallis latifolia), prickly pear cactus (Opuntia stricta), beach star (Remirea maritima), and inkberry (Scaevola plumien). Surveys of other habitats revealed eighty-four species of vascular plants including two state-listed species: spider lily and prickly pear cactus. Many of these areas are dominated by invasive, exotic species, particularly Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) and Australian pine (Casuarina equisetifolia), and native species of open or disturbed sites such as camphorweed (Heterotheca subaxillaris) and beardgrass (Andropogon spp.). Due to the isolation of PAFB from other natural areas, most exotic plant populations on the base are not an immediate threat to intact native plant communities. Dune habitat was surveyed for the southeastem beach mouse (Peromyscus polionotus niveiventris) by quarterly trapping along eight 100 m transects. No beach mice were found. The limited extent of dune habitat, its fragmented condition, and the isolation of PAFB from extant populations of the beach mouse probably accounts for its absence. Surveys of birds on PAFB found an avifauna

  4. Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Response : Patrick Meier, 2015, CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL, 978-1-4822-4839-5, 259 pp.).

    Dave, Anushree


    This is a review of Patrick Meier's 2015 book, Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Response. The book explores the role of technologies such as high-resolution satellite imagery, online social media, drones, and artificial intelligence in humanitarian responses during disasters such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake. In this analysis, the book is examined using a humanitarian health ethics perspective.

  5. “You may have heard of me”:an archetypal analysis of the protagonist of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind

    Tikkanen, T. (Tapio)


    Abstract This research examines the protagonist of the fantasy novel The Name of the Wind written by Patrick Rothfuss. The goal is to establish that the given protagonist is not an archetypal hero or villain character, but rather he transcends the simplistic binary definitions of hero and villain by acting on humane drives and understandable reasons, both of which can contribute towards good or evil. The paper draws upon mu...

  6. Is everyone Irish on St Patrick's Day? Divergent expectations and experiences of collective self-objectification at a multicultural parade.

    Pehrson, Samuel; Stevenson, Clifford; Muldoon, Orla T; Reicher, Steve


    We examine experiences of collective self-objectification (CSO) (or its failure) among participants in a 'multicultural' St Patrick's Day parade. A two-stage interview study was carried out in which 10 parade participants (five each from ethnic majority and minority groups) were interviewed before and after the event. In pre-event interviews, all participants understood the parade as an opportunity to enact social identities, but differed in the category definitions and relations they saw as relevant. Members of the white Irish majority saw the event as being primarily about representing Ireland in a positive, progressive, light, whereas members of minority groups saw it as an opportunity to have their groups' identities and belonging in Ireland recognized by others. Post-event interviews revealed that, for the former group, the event succeeded in giving expression to their relevant category definitions. The latter group, on the other hand, cited features of the event such as inauthentic costume design and a segregated structure as reasons for why the event did not provide the group recognition they sought. The accounts revealed a variety of empowering and disempowering experiences corresponding to the extent of enactment. We consider the implications in terms of CSO, the performative nature of dual identities, as well as the notion of multicultural recognition. © 2013 The British Psychological Society.

  7. Travels Through Heterotopia: The Textual Realms of Patrick Modiano's Rue des Boutiques Obscures and Mikhail Kuraev's Kapitan Dikshtein

    Vitaly Chernetsky


    Full Text Available Within contemporary prose, one distinct mode or paradigm that can be discerned is constituted by the texts that daringly tackle the dark, suppressed, erased parts of our history and mentality; however, they approach this task not by way of self-righteous denunciatory investigations, but by provocatively problematizing the most established everyday facts, by depriving the reader of the possibility of even conceiving any firm ground of the stable construct of an origin or a self-identification—historically and culturally. Their irreverent and playful deconstruction of the all-pervasive national cultural mythologies has mounted a powerful challenge to ideological constructs big and small. This article considers two representative examples of texts of this kind, which the author proposes to call heterotopic: Patrick Modiano's Rue des Boutiques Obscures and Mikhail Kuraev's Kapitan Dikshtein . It offers an attempt at defining this paradigm through a reading of these two novels, drawing upon Michel Foucault's usage of the term "heterotopia" for the purpose of designating the "other" cultural spaces of our civilization, as well as on Deleuze and Guattari's concept of "minor literature" and the work of several other theorists. The texts of the kind exemplified by these two novels are considered as an instance of successful partaking in the project of cognitive mapping, which has been proposed by Fredric Jameson and others as the positive political edge of postmodern culture.

  8. Return to the far side of planet Moore! rambling through observations, friendships and antics of sir Patrick Moore

    Mobberley, Martin


    The result of an exhaustive study of Sir Patrick Moore’s observations of the Moon and planets for more than 60 years, this book is a fantastic companion to the extremely popular, “It Came From Outer Space Wearing an RAF Blazer!” written by the same author.  Moore recorded his telescopic observations in his logbooks, which are reproduced and described here in detail, along with his sketches and notes. In this light, the author discusses the factors that caused Moore to switch from lunar observing to planetary and variable star observing.  He has also included personal recollections and humorous anecdotes from Moore’s friends and acquaintances, as well as a look at his best loved books. Further chapters describe Moore’s foreign travels and correspondence with those back home. Lastly, the author has not neglected a few of Moore’s most memorable television and radio appearances, which are examined along with a close up of what it was like to visit Moore’s beloved home of Farthings in Selsey. Essen...

  9. Your Country is of Great Subtlety: Aspects of the Brazilian Translation of Patrick White’s Voss

    Ian Alexander


    Full Text Available A number of the dialogues in Patrick White’s Voss (1957, especially those involving Laura Trevelyan, involve an implicit debate about what is meant by country and what it means to live in a country. Is the colony of New South Wales simply a province of the British Empire, a little piece of Britain transplanted on the other side of the world, or is it a place where British settlers will have to adapt their ways and gradually be transformed into something new? In these dialogues, each speaker makes use of words such as country, colony, property and land in order to express their vision of the place where they find themselves, frequently forcing a shift of meaning from one sentence to the next. This study examines how this debate is carried out in the novel and how it functions in Paulo Henriques Britto’s 1985 Brazilian translation.

  10. Australian Modernists in London: William Dobell’s The Dead Landlord and Patrick White’s The Ham Funeral

    Denise Varney


    Full Text Available When Patrick White was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1973, it was primarily for his novels. Less well recognised is the significance of White’s dramatic literature and his involvement in the theatre. This article offers a new analysis of White’s first notable breakthrough into theatre and drama, The Ham Funeral, which he wrote in postwar London and which was produced in Adelaide in 1961. This article argues that a modernist idiom of 20th-century Australian drama can be found in this play that laid the groundwork for a poetics of language, image and theatricality. The play’s aesthetic modernism is found primarily in the blend of expressionist and surrealist elements, the poetic language, the alienated creative subject and the representation of sexuality and the unconscious. White’s thematics also become political, concerned with power, masculinity and gendered assumptions about rationality and emotion, poetry and the body. Having lived in London during the interwar years, White was also part of the networks that included Australian-born artists, and he was exposed to influences from visual arts as well as theatre. Of these, the artist William Dobell was central to the genesis of The Ham Funeral, as was the Polish-born modernist artist S. Ostoja-Kotkowski, who was critical to the design of the brooding expressionist set that set the standard for subsequent stage realisations of the play.

  11. Cross-scale observations of the 2015 St. Patrick's day storm: THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, and TWINS

    Goldstein, J.


    In this paper, we present cross-scale magnetospheric observations of the 17 March 2015 (St. Patrick's Day) storm, by Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS), Van Allen Probes (Radiation Belt Storm Probes), and Two Wide-angle Imaging Neutral-atom Spectrometers (TWINS), plus upstream ACE/Wind solar wind data. THEMIS crossed the bow shock or magnetopause 22 times and observed the magnetospheric compression that initiated the storm. Empirical models reproduce these boundary locations within 0.7 R E . Van Allen Probes crossed the plasmapause 13 times; test particle simulations reproduce these encounters within 0.5 R E . Before the storm, Van Allen Probes measured quiet double-nose proton spectra in the region of corotating cold plasma. About 15 min after a 0605 UT dayside southward turning, Van Allen Probes captured the onset of inner magnetospheric convection, as a density decrease at the moving corotation-convection boundary (CCB) and a steep increase in ring current (RC) proton flux. During the first several hours of the storm, Van Allen Probes measured highly dynamic ion signatures (numerous injections and multiple spectral peaks). Sustained convection after ~1200 UT initiated a major buildup of the midnight-sector ring current (measured by RBSP A), with much weaker duskside fluxes (measured by RBSP B, THEMIS a and THEMIS d). A close conjunction of THEMIS d, RBSP A, and TWINS 1 at 1631 UT shows good three-way agreement in the shapes of two-peak spectra from the center of the partial RC. A midstorm injection, observed by Van Allen Probes and TWINS at 1740 UT, brought in fresh ions with lower average energies (leading to globally less energetic spectra in precipitating ions) but increased the total pressure. Finally, the cross-scale measurements of 17 March 2015 contain significant spatial, spectral, and temporal structure.

  12. The Great Warming Brian Fagan

    Fagan, B. M.


    The Great Warming is a journey back to the world of a thousand years ago, to the Medieval Warm Period. Five centuries of irregular warming from 800 to 1250 had beneficial effects in Europe and the North Atlantic, but brought prolonged droughts to much of the Americas and lands affected by the South Asian monsoon. The book describes these impacts of warming on medieval European societies, as well as the Norse and the Inuit of the far north, then analyzes the impact of harsh, lengthy droughts on hunting societies in western North America and the Ancestral Pueblo farmers of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. These peoples reacted to drought by relocating entire communities. The Maya civilization was much more vulnerable that small-scale hunter-gatherer societies and subsistence farmers in North America. Maya rulers created huge water storage facilities, but their civilization partially collapsed under the stress of repeated multiyear droughts, while the Chimu lords of coastal Peru adapted with sophisticated irrigation works. The climatic villain was prolonged, cool La Niñalike conditions in the Pacific, which caused droughts from Venezuela to East Asia, and as far west as East Africa. The Great Warming argues that the warm centuries brought savage drought to much of humanity, from China to Peru. It also argues that drought is one of the most dangerous elements in today’s humanly created global warming, often ignored by preoccupied commentators, but with the potential to cause over a billion people to starve. Finally, I use the book to discuss the issues and problems of communicating multidisciplinary science to the general public.

  13. Patrick Suskind: Su narrativa

    Melba Cecilia Serrano G.


    Full Text Available RESUMEN  En este artículo muestra el éxito que tuvo este autor frente a las diferentes obras que ha escrito. No obstante se destaca su obra llamado “perfume”, que lo hace muy representativo de este autor.

  14. “If You Don’t Bring No Grits, Don’t Come”: Critiquing a Critique of Patrick Kelly, Golliwogs, And Camp as A Technique of Black Queer Expression

    Barnes Sequoia


    Full Text Available I have written this article in order to establish Patrick Kelly as a black forbearer of fashion. Kelly complicates our sense of fashion through his use of black memorabilia and camp to not only create something consumable but to comment on the black body as a consumable. Therefore, the role I play in acknowledging this black supernova, as Eric Darnell Pritchard calls him, is by critiquing Lewis and Fraley’s critique of Patrick Kelly and questioning why overtly expressing one’s queerness through camp has not been seen as a viable form of black expression in the mainstream narrative of black creativity. Lewis and Fraley’s complete dismissal of Kelly’s use of camp does not happen in a vacuum. Yet, I must remember that there is also the task of establishing a legacy of technique for Patrick Kelly. Who are his forbearers?

  15. Los derechos naturales entre la ley natural permisiva y la autoconservación: Revisando la tesis de Brian Tierney sobre el origen de la idea de los derechos subjetivos

    Segovia, Juan Fernando


    Se revisa la tesis -muy difundida- de Brian Tierney sobre los orígenes medievales (canonistas y juristas) de los derechos subjetivos, que contrasta con la de Michel Villey, que aquí se defiende. El estudio sigue el análisis de Tierney desde el origen de la noción de los derechos subjetivos, a la idea de la una ley natural permisiva y la fusión de propiedady autoconservación. Fil: Segovia, Juan Fernando. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas. Centro Científico Tecnológi...

  16. The old lady says "no": the language of denial in Brian Friel's The Loves of Cass McGuireDOI:10.5007/2175-8026.2010n58p53

    Giovanna Tallone


    Full Text Available In Brian Friel's The Loves of Cass McGuire the presence of negative expressions both in stage directions and dialogue acts as a structuring principle and emphasizes the metadramatic construction of the play. Negative forms underlie Cass's growing awareness of disappointment and hopelessness, denying the "loves" ironically mentioned in the title. Only the alternative imaginary recreation of her own life - her "rhapsody" - is significantly marked by the absence of negative forms. The language of denial is thus both subject and object in the play.

  17. Le néoconservatisme de Daniel Patrick Moynihan : le cas de la politique étrangère

    Justin Vaïsse


    Full Text Available Daniel Patrick Moynihan est une figure archétypale du premier âge du néoconservatisme : jeune membre de l’ADA (American for Democratic Action dès les origines, il s’oppose aux tendances pro-communistes (ou du moins de « compagnonnage de route»  de Henry Wallace en 1948, et soutient avec enthousiasme le libéralisme du « centre vital », mélange de progrès social, de keynésianisme et d’anticommunisme. Dans les années 1950, il écrit ses premiers articles dans The Reporter, encouragé par Irving ...

  18. L'éloge de la créolité à l'épreuve de la fiction : convergences et divergences dans les romans de Patrick Chamoiseau et Raphaël Confiant

    Casas Valencia, Olga


    The purpose of this thesis is to determine the specificities of the two Martinican writers who conceived Creoleness, Patrick Chamoiseau and Raphaël Confiant, when dealing with two topics directly related to their manifesto, i. e. In Praise of Creoleness. More particularly, I study their vision of the West Indian history, which is different from the colonial version, and the relations of the Martinican with the multifaceted Other, in order to find out where these themes converge and diverge. ...

  19. Solar storm effects during Saint Patrick's Days in 2013 and 2015 on the Schumann resonances measured by the ELF station at Sierra Nevada (Spain)

    Salinas, A.; Toledo-Redondo, S.; Navarro, E. A.; Fornieles-Callejón, J.; Portí, J. A.


    The effects of solar storms occurring during the days 17 to 19 March 2013 and 2015, St. Patrick's Day intervals, on Schumann resonances (SRs) have been studied. To do this, the experimental data recorded by the Juan Antonio Morente extremely low frequency station located at Sierra Nevada, Spain, have been processed in order to obtain hourly averaged information on the first three resonance modes. Results are compared with monthly averages of the SR data for each hour to detect deviations from the regular behavior. Evidence of significant changes in the peak amplitudes and frequencies of the SRs have been identified in the station's measurements and related to the coronal mass ejection impact in the magnetosphere, detected by in situ plasma measurements onboard spacecraft in the solar wind. However, the complicated nature of the Schumann resonances, dependent on multiple variables and subject to multiple unavoidable interferences (e.g., lightning or human radio sources), in conjunction with the complex magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupling processes, makes it difficult to conclude that the observed deviations are exclusively due to the solar events mentioned. Results extracted from only two solar events cannot be considered as conclusive, and therefore, independent comparison with results reported by other research would seem advisable in future works on this subject.

  20. NARX neural network Prediction of SYMH and ASYH indices for geomagnetic storms of solar cycle 24 including recent St. Patrick's day, 2015 storm

    Bhaskar, A. T.; Vichare, G.


    Here, an attempt is made to develop a prediction model for SYMH and ASYH geomagnetic indices using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). SYMH and ASYH indices represent longitudinal symmetric and asymmetric component of the ring current. The ring current state depends on its past conditions therefore, it is necessary to consider its history for prediction. To account this effect Nonlinear Autoregressive Network with eXogenous inputs (NARX) is implemented. This network considers input history of 30 minutes and output feedback of 120 minutes. Solar wind parameters mainly velocity, density and interplanetary magnetic field are used as inputs. SYMH and ASYH indices during geomagnetic storms of 1998-2013, having minimum SYMH training two independent networks. We present the prediction of SYMH and ASYH indices during 9 geomagnetic storms of solar cycle 24 including the recent largest storm occurred on St. Patrick's day, 2015. The present prediction model reproduces the entire time profile of SYMH and ASYH indices along with small variations of 10-30 minutes to good extent within noise level, indicating significant contribution of interplanetary sources and past state of the magnetosphere. However, during the main phase of major storms, residuals (observed-modeled) are found to be large, suggesting influence of internal factors such as magnetospheric processes.

  1. Mid-latitude thermospheric wind changes during the St. Patrick's Day storm of 2015 observed by two Fabry-Perot interferometers in China

    Huang, Cong; Xu, Ji-Yao; Zhang, Xiao-Xin; Liu, Dan-Dan; Yuan, Wei; Jiang, Guo-Ying


    In this work, we utilize thermospheric wind observations by the Fabry-Perot interferometers (FPI) from the Kelan (KL) station (38.7°N, 111.6°E, Magnetic Latitude: 28.9°N) and the Xinglong (XL) station (40.2°N, 117.4°E, Magnetic Latitude: 30.5°N) in central China during the St. Patrick's Day storm (from Mar. 17 to Mar. 19) of 2015 to analyze thermospheric wind disturbances and compare observations with the Horizontal Wind Model 2007 (HWM07). The results reveal that the wind measurements at KL show very similar trends to those at XL. Large enhancements are seen in both the westward and equatorward winds after the severe geomagnetic storm occurred. The westward wind speed increased to a peak value of 75 m/s and the equatorward wind enhanced to a peak value of over 100 m/s. There also exist obvious poleward disturbances in the meridional winds during Mar. 17 to Mar. 19. According to the comparison with HWM07, there exist evident wind speed and temporal differences between FPI-winds and the model outputs in this severe geomagnetic storm. The discrepancies between the observations and HWM07 imply that the empirical model should be used carefully in wind disturbance forecast during large geomagnetic storms and more investigations between measurements and numerical models are necessary in future studies.

  2. The Effect of Sub-Auroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) on Ionosphere and Thermosphere during 2015 St. Patrick's Day storm: Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model (GITM) Simulations

    Guo, J.; Deng, Y.; Zhang, D.; Lu, Y.; Sheng, C.


    Sub-Auroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) are incorporated into the non-hydrostatic Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model (GITM), revealing the complex effects on neutral dynamics and ion-neutral coupling processes. The intense westward ion stream could enhance the neutral zonal wind within the SAPS channel. Through neutral dynamics the neutrals then divide into two streams, one turns poleward and the other turns equatorward, forming a two-cell pattern in the SAPS-changed wind. The significant Joule heating induced by SAPS also leads to traveling atmospheric disturbances (TAD) accompanied by traveling ionospheric disturbances (TID), increasing the total electron content (TEC) by 2-8 TECu in the mid-latitude ionosphere. We investigate the potential causes of the reported poleward wind surge during the St. Patrick's Day storm in 2015. It is confirmed that Coriolis force on the westward zonal wind can contribute the poleward wind during post-SAPS interval. In addition, the simulations imply that the sudden decrease of heating rate within auroral oval could result in a TAD propagating equatorward, which could also be responsible for the sudden poleward wind surge. This study highlights the complicated effects of SAPS on ion-neutral coupling and neutral dynamics.

  3. Aux origines de l’aménagement régional: le schéma de la Valley Section de Patrick Geddes (1925

    Federico Ferretti


    Full Text Available Au début du XXe siècle, les idées de Patrick Geddes sont à l'origine d'une des premières théories de l'aménagement régional, un champ de la connaissance où son influence est largement reconnue. Suivant une démarche paysagère, il fonde son modèle graphique de la Valley Section (coupe de vallée. C'est, à la fois, une coupe longitudinale de vallée aménagée et une métaphore de la dimension géographique du progrès économique et social que Geddes veut promouvoir. Des géographes comme Gary Dunbar et Claude Raffestin ont affirmé que l'idée de cette Valley Section s'inspire du modèle du «bassin fluvial» d'Élisée Reclus avec qui Geddes a entretenu une longue et amicale collaboration que l'on peut suivre à travers les textes de leurs archives.

  4. Dorothy's Wars: School Leadership during the Birmingham Blitz

    Rousmaniere, Kate


    This essay examines the school leadership experiences of an infant school head teacher in Birmingham, England, during the Second World War. Drawing on the letters of Dorothy Walker, the essay offers insights into school leadership wartime deprivations. The impact of an international war on the home front was not head teacher Dorothy Walker's only…

  5. Para além da polarização racionalismo-reflexivismo nas relações internacionais: A tipologia metodológica de Patrick Jackson e o pluralismo metodológico em debate

    Oliveira, Gilberto Carvalho de


    Este artigo propõe uma revisão do debate sobre pluralismo metodológico nas relações internacionais, recentemente reacendido pelo importante trabalho de Patrick Jackson (The Conduct of Inquiry in International Relations: Philosophy of Science and its Implications for the Study of World Politics). O objetivo principal do artigo é fazer uma recensão do livro, mas vai além, situando o argumento de Jackson no contexto das principais críticas que lhe foram dirigidas e no âmbito de uma discussão mai...

  6. Le plurilinguisme textuel et les mécanismes de sa mise en œuvre chez Ahmadou Kourouma et Patrick Chamoiseau Le plurilinguisme textuel et les mécanismes de sa mise en oeuvre chez Ahmadou Kourouma et Patrick Chamoiseau

    El hadji Camara


    Full Text Available Parler du plurilinguisme textuel dans le roman francophone, c’est poser la question du choix de la langue d’écriture chez l’écrivain francophone, mais aussi c’est évoquer à la fois les éléments constitutifs qui participent de la définition même de la littérature francophone. Par définition, un écrivain francophone c’est celui qui écrit en français peut-on dire de manière tautologique. Mais cette définition passe sous silence la dimension institutionnelle voire idéologique à l’œuvre dans la constitution de tout groupe social. Ainsi, selon Dominique Combe, les écrivains francophones forment un groupe bien distinct dans lequel des hommes et des femmes « expriment le sentiment d’appartenir, à travers la langue française, à une communauté de pensée, de culture. » (Combe, 1995 :14. Cependant, il faut reconnaître que tout texte possède sa propre identité, par ses langues et ses référents extratextuels, que ceux-ci soient ceux de l’auteur ou non. Dès lors, comment distinguer la langue de l’auteur de celle du texte ? Et dans quelles mesures les mécanismes de la mise en texte des langues concourent à la production du sens dans l’œuvre ? Alors qu’Ahmadou Kourouma se vante de faire parler ses personnages dans la langue de leur milieu social et culturel, Patrick Chamoiseau, se qualifiant lui-même de marqueur de parole, affirme retranscrire les paroles du conteur. Dès lors, à travers une approche comparative, il sera question dans cette communication d’analyser chez ces deux écrivains francophones, Ahmadou Kourouma et Patrick Chamoiseau en l’occurrence, comment cette textualisation des langues est mise en pratique dans leurs écritures.Parler du plurilinguisme textuel dans le roman francophone, c’est poser la question du choix de la langue d’écriture chez l’écrivain francophone, mais aussi c’est évoquer à la fois les éléments constitutifs qui participent de la définition même de

  7. St. Patrick's Hospital, Cashel, Tipperary.

    Breen, C


    The aim of dietary modification, as a cornerstone of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) management, is to optimise metabolic control and overall health. This study describes food and nutrient intake in a sample of adults with T2DM, and compares this to recommendations, and to intake in age, sex, body mass index (BMI) and social-class matched adults without T2DM.

  8. Dr Brian Cox, exporing the universe

    Hunt-Grubbe, Charlotte


    The physicist, 39, is designing the world's largest particle accelerator at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. He commutes between there and Manchester, where he lives with his wife, the TV presenter Gia Milinovich, and his stepson, Moki 11

  9. V. Tormis: "Bridge of Song / Brian Hunt

    Hunt, Brian


    Uuest heliplaadist "V. Tormis: "Bridge of Song" - Bridge of Song; Singing aboard ship; Brides Farewell; Kihnu Island Wedding Songs; 17 Estonian Wedding Songs; Three Estonian Game Songs; Four Estonian Lullabies. Estonian Radio Choir / Toomas Kapten. Finlandia 4509 96937-2; 56:52 DDD; "People of Kalevala" - God protect us from war; Vespian Winter; Eagle Flew From the North East; Plague Memory; Vainamoinen's Words of Wisdom; The Seventeenth Rune of Kalevala. National Male Choir of Estonia. Finlandia 0630 12245-2; 56:52 DDD

  10. Impact of land use, soil and DEM databases on surface runoff assessment with GIS decision support tool: A study case on the Briançon vineyard catchment (Gard, France)

    Regazzoni, C.; Payraudeau, S.


    Runoff and associated erosion represent a primary mode of mobilization and transfer of pesticides from agricultural lands to watercourses and groundwater. The pesticides toxicity is potentially higher at the headwater catchment scale. These catchments are usually ungauged and characterized by temporary streams. Several mitigation strategies and management practices are currently used to mitigate the pesticides mixtures in agro-ecosystems. Among those practices, Stormwater Wetlands (SW) could be implemented to store surface runoff and to mitigate pesticides loads. The implementation of New Potential Stormwater Wetlands (NPSW) requires a diagnosis of intermittent runoff at the headwater catchment scale. The main difficulty to perform this diagnosis at the headwater catchment scale is to spatially characterize with enough accuracy the landscape components. Indeed, fields and field margins enhance or decrease the runoff and determine the pathways of hortonian overland flow. Land use, soil and Digital Elevation Model databases are systematically used. The question of the respective weight of each of these databases on the uncertainty of the diagnostic results is rarely analyzed at the headwater catchment scale. Therefore, this work focused (i) on the uncertainties of each of these databases and their propagation on the hortonian overland flow modelling, (ii) the methods to improve the accuracy of each database, (iii) the propagation of the databases uncertainties on intermittent runoff modelling and (iv) the impact of modelling cell size on the diagnosis. The model developed was a raster approach of the SCS-CN method integrating re-infiltration processes. The uncertainty propagation was analyzed on the Briançon vineyard catchment (Gard, France, 1400 ha). Based on this study site, the results showed that the geographic and thematic accuracies of regional soil database (1:250 000) were insufficient to correctly simulate the hortonian overland flow. These results have to


    Sandra Luna


    Full Text Available Publicado em 1992, The Butcher Boy, celebrado romance de Patrick McCabe, logo foi adaptado para o cinema e para o teatro. Em sua forma dramática, intitulada Frank Pig Says Hello, a peça teatraliza as memórias de infância de Frank Pig, ou Piglet, um “menino-porquinho”. A despeito da dimensão trágica dos conflitos existenciais e sociais que modelam a peça de McCabe, sua dramaturgia subverte a conhecida tradição das tragédias e dos dramas sociais por meio da paródia e da ironia, substituindo o pathos trágico por humor e deboche. Fortemente marcada por traços recorrentes na arte pós-moderna, Frank Pig Says Hello apresenta-se como uma peça que, ao desconstruir as formas dramáticas tradicionais, desconstrói também, por via do riso, do sarcasmo e do grotesco, motivos e fatos associados à história da Irlanda, assim como questiona valores hegemônicos da cultura ocidental. O presente estudo analisa a parodização da ação trágica na peça, examinando as relações entre dramaticidade, violência e irreverência estética.

  12. Patrick Geddes and the Italian Territorialist School: conceptual and methodological approaches. Reflections on the participation of children in the representation of heritage values at Santa Leopoldina City - Espirito Santo State - Brazil

    Bruno Amaral de Andrade


    Full Text Available El estudio de Patrick Geddes sobre el niño en la ciudad, que se remonta a las Exhibiciones del Bienestar del Niño, así como el interés por los estudios de los orígenes históricos y geográficos de las ciudades desde fábulas vinculadas a las condiciones simples y naturales de la relación del hombre con el medio ambiente; por ejemplo, historias de cazador, minero, leñador, pastor, agricultor y pescador. La Escuela Territorialista Italiana, de Alberto Magnaghi, revisita de manera crítica y reflexiva el abordaje participativo precursor del pensamiento geddesiano, y desarrolla el método, la técnica y herramienta para la participación de los niños como actores-protagonistas en la representación y en el proyecto del territorio. De hecho, este artículo aborda la representación de los valores por los niños en sitio histórico, originalmente ocupado por inmigrantes de origen germánico, la ciudad de Santa Leopoldina, Espirito Santo, Brasil. Esto es hecho con diseños de referencia desarrollados por estudiantes de edades comprendidas entre 11 y 15 años, desarrollados individual y colectivamente. Los dibujos producidos por diferentes estrategias recreativas y educativas, revelan una mayor relación emocional con el ambiente paisajístico que con el ambiente urbano.

  13. [The Psychotic Thinking of Patrick Bateman].

    Fernando, Muñoz


    Literature is an inexhaustible source of study regarding mental illness which allows the academic exercise, whether dynamic oriented or not, that may help to understand the patient's inner world in the psychiatric clinical practice. Freudian, Post-Freudian and analytical examination of the main character in the U.S.A. novel AMERICAN PSYCHO. Review of sources and relevant theoretical currents. Analysis highlights the official nosologic classification boundaries, for conditions where symptoms are scattered across the spectrum of personality disorders and psychosis spectrum; usefulness and applicability of psychoanalytic concepts in psychiatric practice are also pointed out, thus granting flexibility to the clinical approach in order to justify its use. Copyright © 2012 Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría. Publicado por Elsevier España. All rights reserved.

  14. St Patrick's Hospital, John's Hill, Waterford.

    Quirke, M


    To characterise the Emergency Department (ED) prevalence of cellulitis, factors predicting oral antibiotic therapy and the utility of the Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team (CREST) guideline in predicting patient management in the ED setting, a prospective, cross-sectional study of consecutive adult patients presenting to 3 Irish EDs was performed. The overall prevalence of cellulitis was 12 per 1,000 ED visits. Of 59 patients enrolled, 45.8% were discharged. Predictors of treatment with oral antibiotics were: CREST, Class 1 allocation (odds ratio (OR) 6.81, 95% Cl =1.5-30.1, p=0.012), patient self-referral (OR= 6.2, 95% Cl 1.9- 20.0, p=0.03) and symptom duration longer than 48 hours (OR 1.2, 95% Cl = 1.0-1.5,p=0.049). In conflict with guideline recommendation, 43% of patients in CREST Class 1 received IV therapy. Treatment with oral antibiotics was predicted by CREST Class 1 allocation, self-referral, symptom duration of more than 48 hours and absence of pre-EO antibiotic therapy.

  15. 724-IJBCS-Article-Aleodjrodo Patrick Edorh


    Pesticides et métaux lourds dans l'eau de boisson, les sols et les sédiments de la ceinture ... 1Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Elevage et de la Pêche (MAEP), Bénin. 2Département de ..... biologique et du coton conventionnel. 65p. GESAMP.

  16. Schuldnerfalle Suchmaschinen-Cache / Patrick Sakowski

    Sakowski, Patrick


    Otsingumootorite vahemällu salvestatud andmete kustutamisest (nt kõlvatu konkurentsi või autoriõiguste rikkumisesga seotud kustutatud andmete kustutamine ka vahemälust, et otsingu tulemus ei viitaks kustutatud infole)

  17. 2072-IJBCS-Article-Patrick Agbassi


    Effect of antiretroviral drugs on prolactin in HIV infected pregnant women ... 1Department of Prosthesis and Orthopaedic Technology, School of Health Technology, ..... Hit HIV-1 hard, but only when necessary. Lancet;. 355(9221): 2147- 2152.

  18. A DNA 'barcode blitz': rapid digitization and sequencing of a natural history collection.

    Hebert, Paul D N; Dewaard, Jeremy R; Zakharov, Evgeny V; Prosser, Sean W J; Sones, Jayme E; McKeown, Jaclyn T A; Mantle, Beth; La Salle, John


    DNA barcoding protocols require the linkage of each sequence record to a voucher specimen that has, whenever possible, been authoritatively identified. Natural history collections would seem an ideal resource for barcode library construction, but they have never seen large-scale analysis because of concerns linked to DNA degradation. The present study examines the strength of this barrier, carrying out a comprehensive analysis of moth and butterfly (Lepidoptera) species in the Australian National Insect Collection. Protocols were developed that enabled tissue samples, specimen data, and images to be assembled rapidly. Using these methods, a five-person team processed 41,650 specimens representing 12,699 species in 14 weeks. Subsequent molecular analysis took about six months, reflecting the need for multiple rounds of PCR as sequence recovery was impacted by age, body size, and collection protocols. Despite these variables and the fact that specimens averaged 30.4 years old, barcode records were obtained from 86% of the species. In fact, one or more barcode compliant sequences (>487 bp) were recovered from virtually all species represented by five or more individuals, even when the youngest was 50 years old. By assembling specimen images, distributional data, and DNA barcode sequences on a web-accessible informatics platform, this study has greatly advanced accessibility to information on thousands of species. Moreover, much of the specimen data became publically accessible within days of its acquisition, while most sequence results saw release within three months. As such, this study reveals the speed with which DNA barcode workflows can mobilize biodiversity data, often providing the first web-accessible information for a species. These results further suggest that existing collections can enable the rapid development of a comprehensive DNA barcode library for the most diverse compartment of terrestrial biodiversity - insects.

  19. Vesico-vaginal Fistula Surgery in Uganda. Brian Hancock, Mhairi ...



    Dec 2, 2004 ... Methods: Between 1999 and 2003, 341 consecutive patients underwent VVF repair complicating ... Most patients were allowed out of bed from day two. ... Five new patients were turned down for operation .One had a double fistula with other serious medical problems. Another had large fibroids filling the.

  20. Future Directions for Hypothermia following Severe Traumatic Brian Injury.

    Chiu, Annie W; Hinson, Holly E


    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious health care problem on both individual and public health levels. As a major cause of death and disability in the United States, it is associated with a significant economic and public health burden. Although the evidence to support the use of induced hypothermia on neurologic outcome after cardiac arrest is well established, its use in treating TBI remains controversial. Hypothermia has the potential to mitigate some of the destructive processes that occur as part of secondary brain injury after TBI. Hypothermia can be helpful in lowering intracranial pressure, for example, but its influence on functional outcome is unclear. There is insufficient evidence to support the broad use of prophylactic hypothermia for neuroprotection after TBI. Investigators are beginning to more carefully select patients for temperature modulating therapies, in a more personalized approach. Examples include targeting immunomodulation and scaling hypothermia to achieve metabolic targets. This review will summarize the clinical evidence for the use of hypothermia to limit secondary brain injury following acute TBI. Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.

  1. News Education: Physics Education Networks meeting has global scale Competition: Competition seeks the next Brian Cox Experiment: New measurement of neutrino time-of-flight consistent with the speed of light Event: A day for all those who teach physics Conference: Students attend first Anglo-Japanese international science conference Celebration: Will 2015 be the 'Year of Light'? Teachers: Challenging our intuition in spectacular fashion: the fascinating world of quantum physics awaits Research: Science sharpens up sport Learning: Kittinger and Baumgartner: on a mission to the edge of space International: London International Youth Science Forum calls for leading young scientists Competition: Physics paralympian challenge needs inquisitive, analytical, artistic and eloquent pupils Forthcoming events


    Education: Physics Education Networks meeting has global scale Competition: Competition seeks the next Brian Cox Experiment: New measurement of neutrino time-of-flight consistent with the speed of light Event: A day for all those who teach physics Conference: Students attend first Anglo-Japanese international science conference Celebration: Will 2015 be the 'Year of Light'? Teachers: Challenging our intuition in spectacular fashion: the fascinating world of quantum physics awaits Research: Science sharpens up sport Learning: Kittinger and Baumgartner: on a mission to the edge of space International: London International Youth Science Forum calls for leading young scientists Competition: Physics paralympian challenge needs inquisitive, analytical, artistic and eloquent pupils Forthcoming events

  2. 75 FR 38097 - Change in Bank Control Notices; Acquisition of Shares of Bank or Bank Holding Companies


    ..., 2010. A. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Colette A. Fried, Assistant Vice President) 230 South LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60690-1414: 1. John V. Tippmann, Sr., as an individual; John V. Tippmann, Sr.; John and Helen McCarthy; Richard and Sally Ley; John Tippmann, Jr.; Patrick Tippmann; and Brian and...


    study first of time budgets and then the allocation of energetic costs to the various ..... tions made during two full-moon nights suggested that non-breeding birds did nothing ... activities (Running Flight, Souse, Ski and Fight) were rated 8 x BMR.

  4. 464-IJBCS-Article-Dr Patrick A Edorh


    2002), foam (Empain, 1976), mussels. (Bergman, 1993), carrot, cabbage (Garrec and van Haluwyn, 2002) are all good bioindicators of heavy metal pollution. These organisms, real reservoirs of toxic metals, constitute nevertheless a danger to their consumers, reason why it is important to assess the risk of toxicity faced by ...

  5. Ueber Patrick Browne’s Gattungen zweifelhafter Stellung

    Hallier, Hans


    Vornehmlich durch die Arbeiten GRISEBACH’S und URBAN’S ist die Flora Westindiens schon verhältnismässig gut bekannt. Obgleich aber ersterer die Kenntnis seiner Zeit in seiner bekannten „Flora of the British West Indian Islands” (1864) zusammenfasste und letzterer in seinen Symbolae Antillanae VI, 1

  6. Patrick Hockey : his life and work / Sandra McGrath

    McGrath, Sandra


    ... : the world of art and the world of commerce; the country and the city; the heterosexual and the homosexual; world of society and the world of the stockman; the loner and the bon vivant. Sandra Mcgrath, who was ...

  7. Dr. Patrick Dongosolo Kamalo – Consultant Neurosurgeon at Queen

    medical training at College of Medicine and graduated in. 2000. After finishing my ... Central Hospital “I believe that through high quality, collaborative research and training opportunities, we ... the service of a neurologist, and from my experience with ... this training? Some would say Malawi is not ready to offer this delicate,.

  8. St Patrick's Community Hospital, Summerhill, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim.

    Kissling, E


    Within the Influenza Monitoring Vaccine Effectiveness in Europe (I-MOVE) project we conducted a multicentre case–control study in eight European Union (EU) Member States to estimate the 2011\\/12 influenza vaccine effectiveness against medically attended influenza-like illness (ILI) laboratory-confirmed as influenza A(H3) among the vaccination target groups. Practitioners systematically selected ILI \\/ acute respiratory infection patients to swab within seven days of symptom onset. We restricted the study population to those meeting the EU ILI case definition and compared influenza A(H3) positive to influenza laboratory-negative patients. We used logistic regression with study site as fixed effect and calculated adjusted influenza vaccine effectiveness (IVE), controlling for potential confounders (age group, sex, month of symptom onset, chronic diseases and related hospitalisations, number of practitioner visits in the previous year). Adjusted IVE was 25% (95% confidence intervals (CI): -6 to 47) among all ages (n=1,014), 63% (95% CI: 26 to 82) in adults aged between 15 and 59 years and 15% (95% CI: -33 to 46) among those aged 60 years and above. Adjusted IVE was 38% (95%CI: -8 to 65) in the early influenza season (up to week 6 of 2012) and -1% (95% CI: -60 to 37) in the late phase. The results suggested a low adjusted IVE in 2011\\/12. The lower IVE in the late season could be due to virus changes through the season or waning immunity. Virological surveillance should be enhanced to quantify change over time and understand its relation with duration of immunological protection. Seasonal influenza vaccines should be improved to achieve acceptable levels of protection.

  9. Tööd soovinud noored said rakendust / Patrick Rang

    Rang, Patrick, 1977-


    Sotsiaalministeeriumi ja tööturuameti poolt algatatud PHARE 16-24-aastaste noorte tööhõive edendamise projektist, mille eesmärgiks oli pakkuda noortele erinevaid koolitusi. Projekti raames lõpetas 517 noort tööotsingukoolituse ja 280 erialakoolituse

  10. St. Patrick's Community Hospital, Summerhill, Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim

    Fitzmaurice, Karen


    BACKGROUND AND AIMS: CD8 T cells are central to the control of hepatitis C virus (HCV) although the key features of a successful CD8 T cell response remain to be defined. In a cohort of Irish women infected by a single source, a strong association between viral clearance and the human lecucocyte (HLA)-A*03 allele has been described, and the aim of this study was to define the protective nature of the associated CD8 T cell response. METHODS: A sequence-led approach was used to identify HLA-A*03-restricted epitopes. We examine the CD8 T cell response associated with this gene and address the likely mechanism underpinning this protective effect in this special cohort, using viral sequencing, T cell assays and analysis of fitness of viral mutants. RESULTS: A strong \\'HLA footprint\\' in a novel NS3 epitope (TVYHGAGTK) was observed. A lysine (K) to arginine (R) substitution at position 9 (K1088R) was seen in a significant number of A*03-positive patients (9\\/12) compared with the control group (1\\/33, p=0.0003). Threonine (T) was also substituted with alanine (A) at position 8 (T1087A) more frequently in A*03-positive patients (6\\/12) compared with controls (2\\/33, p=0.01), and the double substitution of TK to AR was also observed predominantly in HLA-A*03-positive patients (p=0.004). Epitope-specific CD8 T cell responses were observed in 60% of patients three decades after exposure and the mutants selected in vivo impacted on recognition in vitro. Using HCV replicons matched to the viral sequences, viral fitness was found to be markedly reduced by the K1088R substitution but restored by the second substitution T1087A. CONCLUSIONS: It is proposed that at least part of the protective effect of HLA-A*03 results from targeting of this key epitope in a functional site: the requirement for two mutations to balance fitness and escape provides an initial host advantage. This study highlights the potential protective impact of common HLA-A alleles against persistent viruses, with important implications for HCV vaccine studies.

  11. Patrick Air Force Base Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.


    7758987 Cupric sulfate 77-47-4 Hexachlorocyclopentadliene 10380297 Cupric sulfate, ammoniated 67-72-1 H-exachloroethane 815827 Cupric tartrate 76-47-01...28300745 Antimony potassium 75-00-3 Chloroethane (Ethyl chlo- tartrate ride) 7789619 Antimony tribromide 67-66-3 Chloroform 10025919 Antimony...5 p-Cresol 7787475 Beryllium chloride 1319-77-3 Cresol (mixed isomers) 7787497 Beryllium fluoride 142712 Cupric acetate 7787555 Beryllium nitrate

  12. 75 FR 8081 - Patrick J. Lais: Debarment Order


    ..., identified as ``Coated Aspirin,'' to customers in Kansas City, MO. In May 2000, this ``Coated Aspirin... during Mr. Lais's debarment, will be subject to civil money penalties (section 307(a)(6) of the act (21 U... pending drug product application during his period of debarment he will be subject to civil money...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  14. Intervention of M. Patrick Devedjian, deputy Minister to the industry


    In his talk, M. Devedjian recalls the present day world energy situation, the future of petroleum and its share in the world energy policy, the major challenge of the greenhouse effect and the main trends of the French energy policy: re-launching of the energy mastery, development of new and renewable energy sources, optimization of the use of fossil fuels, development of a new generation of nuclear reactors and reinforcement of the research on new energy technologies. Then, he makes some comments about the volatility of oil prices and on their consequences on the reconstitution of petroleum stocks, on the world petroleum investments, and on the economy of the different countries, in particular the developing countries. (J.S.)

  15. Kuidas lugeda "Meeste domineerimist"? / Patrick Champagne ; tlk. Marek Tamm

    Champagne, Patrick


    Rets. rmt.: Bourdieu, Pierre. Meeste domineerimine. Tallinn, 2005. Kommenteerivad (lk. 12-14) Liina Lukas, Rein Ruutsoo (TLÜ õppejõud), Marina Grišakova, Aare Pilv, Airi-Alina Allaste, Raivo Vetik (TLÜ Õppejõud), Andres Härm, Voldemar Tomusk

  16. GPS TEC Fluctuations in the Low and High Latitudes During the 2015 St. Patrick`s Day Storm

    Chung, Jong-Kyun; Hong, Junseok; Yoo, Sung-Moon; Kim, Jeong-Han; Jee, Geonhwa; Hegai, Valery V.


    As a part of collaborative efforts to understand ionospheric irregularities, the Korea ionospheric scintillation sites (KISS) network has been built based on global positioning system (GPS) receivers with sampling rates higher than 1 Hz. We produce the rate of TEC index (ROTI) to represent GPS TEC fluctuations related to ionospheric irregularities. In the KISS network, two ground-based GPS sites at Kiruna (marker: KIRN; geographic: 67.9° N, 21.4° E; geomagnetic: 65.2° N) and Chuuk (marker: CHUK; geographic: 7.5° N, 151.9° E; geomagnetic: 0.4° N) were selected to evaluate the ROTI value for ionospheric irregularities during the occurrence of the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm. The KIRN ROTI values in the aurora region appear to be generally much higher than the CHUK ROTI values in the EIA region. The CHUK ROTI values increased to 0.5 TECU/min around UT=13:00 (LT=23:00) on March 16 in the quiet geomagnetic condition. On March 17, 2015, CHUK ROTI values more than 1.0 TECU/min were measured between UT=9:00 and 12:00 (LT=19:00 and 22:00) during the first main phase of the St. Patrick’s Day storm. This may be due to ionospheric irregularities by increased pre-reversal enhancement (PRE) after sunset during the geomagnetic storm. Post-midnight, the CHUK ROTI showed two peaks of 0.5 TECU/min and 0.3 TECU/min near UT=15:00 (LT=01:00) and UT=18:00 (LT=04:00) at the second main phase. The KIRN site showed significant peaks of ROTI around geomagnetic latitude=63.3° N and MLT=15:40 on the same day. These can be explained by enhanced ionospheric irregularities in the auroral oval at the maximum of AE index

  17. Decompression Sickness, Extravehicular Activities, and Nitrogen Induced Osmosis: Brian Hills Revisited


    hypobares ou hyperbares ] To order the complete compilation report, use: ADA395680 The component part is provided here to allow users access to TITLE: Operational Medical Issues in Hypo-and Hyperbaric Conditions [les Questions medicales a caractere oprationel liees aux conditions...Hypo- and Hyperbaric Conditions ", held in Toronto, Canada, 16-19 October 2000, and published in RTO MP-062. 45-2 upon the local pressure differential

  18. Perfusion impairments on brian SPECT in patients with developmental language disorder: comparison with MR findings

    Ryu, Y. H.; Shin, E. J.; Kim, J. K.; Yoon, P. H.; Jeon, T. J.; Jeon, J. D.; Lee, J. D.


    Development language disorder (DLD) is diagnosed when there is a failure of normal language development in a child with normal nonverbal intelligence. Because previous study had not demonstrated consistent and specific neuroimaging findings of DLD, we performed a retrospective review in search of common functional and structural abnormalties in pre-school aged DLD children using Tc-99m ECD brain SPECT and MRI and compared them with age-matched children with infantile autism (AD). 50 children between 4 and 9 years of age with DLD (n=24) infantile autism (n=26) were performed Tc-99m ECD brain SPECT and MRI. Diagnosis of DLD and infantile autism was based on the criteria of DSM-IV and Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS). Of the 24 DLD patients, 10 revealed decreased perfusion of the thalami, followed by hypoperfusion of cerebellar hemisphere (n=9), frontal cortex (n=5), temporal cortex (n=5), parietal cortex (n=1). Of those 26 AD patients, 18 revealed hypoperfusion of the cerebellar hemisphere, followed by hypoperfusion of the thalami (n=16), parietal cortex (n=10), temporal cortex (n=4). Frontal hypoperfusion was significantly frequently seen in DLD, whereas, cerebellar hemispheric and parietal hypoperfusion was frequently seen in AD.All AD and DLD patients had normal MRI scan. Cerebellar hemispheric and parietal hypoperfusion on brain SPECT showed statistically significant correlation with CARS. SPECT may be useful and more sensitive modality in reflecting pathophysiology of DLD and AD as evidenced by previous MRI and postmortem studies although they had normal MRI. And further studies are necessary to determine the significant of the thalamic hypoperfusion

  19. Perfusion impairments on brian SPECT in patients with developmental language disorder: comparison with MR findings

    Ryu, Y H [College of Medicine, Yonsei Univ., Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Shin, E J; Kim, J K; Yoon, P H; Jeon, T J; Jeon, J D; Lee, J D [College of Medicine, Inje Univ., Pusan (Korea, Republic of)


    Development language disorder (DLD) is diagnosed when there is a failure of normal language development in a child with normal nonverbal intelligence. Because previous study had not demonstrated consistent and specific neuroimaging findings of DLD, we performed a retrospective review in search of common functional and structural abnormalties in pre-school aged DLD children using Tc-99m ECD brain SPECT and MRI and compared them with age-matched children with infantile autism (AD). 50 children between 4 and 9 years of age with DLD (n=24) infantile autism (n=26) were performed Tc-99m ECD brain SPECT and MRI. Diagnosis of DLD and infantile autism was based on the criteria of DSM-IV and Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS). Of the 24 DLD patients, 10 revealed decreased perfusion of the thalami, followed by hypoperfusion of cerebellar hemisphere (n=9), frontal cortex (n=5), temporal cortex (n=5), parietal cortex (n=1). Of those 26 AD patients, 18 revealed hypoperfusion of the cerebellar hemisphere, followed by hypoperfusion of the thalami (n=16), parietal cortex (n=10), temporal cortex (n=4). Frontal hypoperfusion was significantly frequently seen in DLD, whereas, cerebellar hemispheric and parietal hypoperfusion was frequently seen in AD.All AD and DLD patients had normal MRI scan. Cerebellar hemispheric and parietal hypoperfusion on brain SPECT showed statistically significant correlation with CARS. SPECT may be useful and more sensitive modality in reflecting pathophysiology of DLD and AD as evidenced by previous MRI and postmortem studies although they had normal MRI. And further studies are necessary to determine the significant of the thalamic hypoperfusion.

  20. Russkije idut, no eto skoreje G7, a ne G8 / Brian Love

    Love, Brian


    Venemaa ületab takistuse maailma suurriigina tunnustamises 2006. a. jaanuaris, kui ta aastaks saab G8 eesistujaameti. Vaatamata toimunud muutustele on Venemaa endiselt külaline, kui kohtuvad G7 rahandusministrid ja keskpankade juhid

  1. 78 FR 12091 - Brian Earl Cressman, M.D.; Decision and Order


    ... Disposition (``MSD''), seeking: (1) Summary disposition; and (2) a recommendation that ``the Respondent's DEA COR as a practitioner be revoked based on the Respondent's lack of a state license.'' MSD, at 5. A...'s ACSC was attached to the MSD. MSD App. A. Additionally, the Government included a printout from...

  2. Animal models for the evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals to measure brian blood flow and function

    Welch, M.J.; Marshall, L.G.I.; Mathias, C.J.


    Several techniques have been utilized to carry out initial evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals labeled with technetium-99m and other radionuclides. The simplest technique is to measure the amount of radioactivity in the brain in rats or mice following the intravenous administration of these compounds; brain uptake and washout of radiopharmaceuticals can be estimated. More sophisticated techniques involve measuring the uptake and egress of the radiopharmaceutical following carotid artery administration in rats of primates. The Oldendorf technique compares a tracer with a standard compound e.g. tritiated water, to measure the brain uptake index of various compounds determined by decapiation at short times following administration. Another technique in which consecutive administrations of the compound to be studied and oxygen-15-labeled water are injected via the carotid artery of primates; the brain extraction and washout of the unknown tracer can be evaluated. The blood flow can be varied by altering the pCO 2 of the animal. Examples will be given and techniques compared

  3. "Braingame Brian": Toward an Executive Function Training Program with Game Elements for Children with ADHD and Cognitive Control Problems.

    Prins, Pier J M; Brink, Esther Ten; Dovis, Sebastiaan; Ponsioen, Albert; Geurts, Hilde M; de Vries, Marieke; van der Oord, Saskia


    In the area of childhood attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, there is an urgent need for new, innovative, and child-focused treatments. A computerized executive functioning training with game elements aimed at enhancing self-control was developed. The first results are promising, and the next steps involve replication with larger samples, evaluating transfer of training effects to daily life, and enhancing motivation through more gaming elements.

  4. "Braingame Brian": Toward an Executive Function Training Program with Game Elements for Children with ADHD and Cognitive Control Problems

    Prins, P.J.M.; ten Brink, E.; Dovis, S.; Ponsioen, A.; Geurts, H.M.; de Vries, M.; van der Oord, S.


    In the area of childhood attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, there is an urgent need for new, innovative, and child-focused treatments. A computerized executive functioning training with game elements aimed at enhancing self-control was developed. The first results are promising, and the next

  5. 75 FR 50739 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 90-Day Finding on a Petition to List Brian Head...


    ... business hours, at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mountain-Prairie Regional Ecological Services Office... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ann Carlson, Mountain-Prairie Regional Ecological Services Office (see... threats that act on the species to the point that the species may meet the definition of endangered or...

  6. Household joblessness and its impact on poverty and deprivation in Europe / Marloes de Graaf-Zijl, Brian Nolan

    Graaf-Zijl, Marloes de


    Artikkel käsitleb olukorda, kus tööealiste leibkonnas keegi ei tööta, tuuakse välja Euroopa riikide (sh Eesti) erinevused, analüüsitakse nähtuse mõjule vaesusele ja toimetulekule ning Euroopa Liidu vaesuse vähendamise eesmärkidele. Tabelid

  7. Psoriasis Doesn't Slow Down Texan Brian LaFoy | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine

    ... willing to do. I'm one of the lucky ones." Find Out More National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) MedlinePlus-Psoriasis Clinical Trials Search Psoriasis Spring 2017 Issue: Volume 12 Number 1 Page 22 MedlinePlus Subscribe Magazine Information Contact ...

  8. Multidimensional poverty measurement in Europe: an application of the adjusted headcount approach / Christopher T. Whelan, Brian Nolan, Bertrand Maitre

    Whelan, Christopher T.


    Artiklis käsitletakse mitmedimensioonilist vaesuse mõõtmist, pidades sealjuures silmas Euroopa Liidu seatud vaesuse vähendamise eesmärke 2020. aastaks. Aluseks EU-SILC 2009. aasta andmeid, kus oli erimoodul materiaalse puuduse mõõtmiseks ELi liikmesriikides (sh Eesti)

  9. Extended Bioventing Testing Results at the BX Service Station Site, Patrick AFB, Florida

    Marchand, Ed


    .... Soil gas samples were collected, and in situ respiration testing was performed by Parsons ES from 8 to 14 November 1996 to assess the extent of remediation completed during approximately 3 months...

  10. Environmental Assessment for Beach Shoreline Protection at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    by embryonic snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina ). Journal of Experimental Biology 108:195-204. 47 Packard, G.C., M.J. Packard, and W.H.N. Gutzke...composition of hatchling snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina ). Journal of Comparative Physiology B 158:117-125. Parmenter, C.J. 1980. Incubation

  11. Brigadier General Marsena Patrick, Provost Marshal General for the Army of the Potomac


    professionals. Just as the populations of the states reflected, attendance by cadets from northern states was approximately double that of cadets from southern...the department of the Provost Marshals within his own division, and extending his jurisdiction over the surrounding country beyond the range of...a curse to it; and refugees from taxation and conscription at home are fattening upon the plunder obtained here.”298 He moved to establish firmer

  12. A designated centre for people with disabilities operated by St Patricks Centre (Kilkenny) Ltd., Kilkenny

    Hennessy, D


    Outpatient non-attendance is a considerable source of inefficiency in the health service, wasting time, resources and potentially lengthening waiting lists, Given the current economic climate, methods need to be employed to reduce non-attendance. The aim was to analyse outpatient non-attendance and determine what factors influence attendance. A prospective audit over a two-month period to a tertiary-referral Urological service was performed to determine the clinical and demographic profile of non-attendees. Of 737 appointments, 148 (20%) patients did not attend (DNA). A benign urological condition was evident in 116 cases (78%). This group of patients also accounted for the majority of new patients not attending 40\\/47, returning patients not attending 101\\/148 and the majority of patients who missed multiple appointments 43\\/49. Patients with benign conditions make up the majority of clinic non-attendance. Consideration may be given to discharging such patients back to their general practitioner after one unexplained non-attendance until other alternatives of follow up are available.

  13. MP3-e leiutajatele jäävad näpud / Patrick Jenkins

    Jenkins, Patrick


    Tänu MP3-mängija iPod edukale müügile suurenes Apple Computeri I kvartali kasum 368% ning oli 295 miljonit dollarit. MP3 tehnoloogia leiutati Saksamaal peaaegu 20 aastat tagasi, kuid tookord ei saadud tehnoloogia rakendamiseks Euroopas tuge. Lisa: MPEG Layer 3 kodeerimine

  14. 78 FR 15293 - Safety Zone; St. Patrick's Day Fireworks; Manitowoc River, Manitowoc, WI


    ... pursuant to authority under section 4(a) of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This... Security Management Directive 023-01 and Commandant Instruction M16475.lD, which guide the Coast Guard in...

  15. James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant. Semiannual operating report, July--December 1975


    Net electrical power generated was 1,824,209 MWh(e) with the reactor on line 3,229.2 hrs. Information is presented concerning operation, power generation, shutdowns, corrective maintenance, physics and testing, occupational radiation exposure, release of radioactive materials, and abnormal and reportable occurrences

  16. Intrinsic Remediation Treatability Study for Site ST-29 Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    of the northeast/southwest (NE/SW) runway. The BX Service Station has been in operation since 1954. The site consists of a small food market (Building... UCg /1 0 86-4-MWD .09 12.4 1.47 0 86-5-MWS .17 23.6 6.86 86-7 .12 30.2 2.52 86-8 .10 44.7 8.51 86-9-MWD .11 34.7 15.3 86-9-MWD Dup .11 86-9-MWS .10

  17. A designated centre for people with disabilities operated by St PatricksCentre (Kilkenny) Ltd., Kilkenny

    Ryan, S


    Accurate handover of clinical information is imperative to ensure continuity of patient care, patient safety and reduction in clinical errors. Verbal and paper-based handovers are common practice in many institutions but the potential for clinical errors and inefficiency is significant. We have recently introduced an electronic templated signout to improve clarity of transfer of patient details post-surgical take. The aim of this study was to prospectively audit the introduction of this new electronic handover in our hospital with particular emphasis regarding efficacy and efficiency. The primary surrogate chosen to assess efficacy and efficiency was length of stay for those patients admitted through the emergency department. To do this we compared two separate, two-week periods before and after the introduction of this new electronic signout format. Users were not informed of the study. Information recorded on the signout included details of the emergency admissions, consults received on call and any issues with regard to inpatients. ASA grade, time to first intervention and admission diagnosis were also recorded. Our results show that introduction of this electronic signout significantly reduced median length of stay from five to four days (P=0.047). No significant difference in ASA grades, time to first intervention or overall admission diagnosis was obtained between the two time periods. In conclusion, this is the first study to show that the introduction of electronic signout post-call was associated with a significant reduction in patient length of stay and provided better continuity of care than the previously used paper-based handover.

  18. okokon o. umoh1, Patrick P. obot1 & isidore S. obot1, 2 1Centre for ...

    Key Words: Perception, alcohol policy, alcohol advertising, university students corresponding Author: Okokon ... health problem and the hazardous pattern of consumption in ... promotion strategies; perception of alcohol policies with emphasis ...

  19. Harvard Pilgrim's Patrick Cahill Tries To Make Sense of It All.

    Diamond, Frank


    The 40-year-old vice president of regional markets for eastern Massachusetts wants enrollees and, especially, employers to know that there will continue to be a lot of public policy change as the ACA evolves. His course? Keep strengthening ties with providers.

  20. James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant. Semiannual operating report, January--June 1975


    The reactor, which was licensed for operation on October 17, 1974, has been in the start-up testing phase and has successfully completed the 50 percent testing plateau. Information is presented concerning operations, maintenance, instrumentation and control, radiochemistry and radiation protection; luel loading, and abnormal occurrences. Two supplements are included. Supplement A is the environmental report and Supplement B describes effluents and waste disposal. (FS)

  1. Kui sa oled mind sellisena loonud : [Patrick Shanley filmi "Kahtlus" arvustus] / Miina Piir

    Piir, Miina


    Filmis "Kahtlus" puutume kokku igavese teemaga - katoliku preestrid ja kooripoisid. Katoliku preestrit homoseksuaalsuses kahtlustada on ülimalt lihtne, sest ordineeritakse reeglina vallalisi mehi, kes elavad tsölibaadis

  2. Surra Tallinna eest / Patrick J. Buchanan ; tõlk. Marek Laane

    Buchanan, Patrick J.


    USA presidendikandidaat kirjutab Venemaa-Eesti konfliktist pronkssõduri pärast ja võimalikust Venemaa rünnakust Eesti vastu ning arvab, et USA ei peaks, hoolimata NATO põhimõttest, sekkuma, sest see tooks kaasa veel suurema sõja

  3. A designated centre for people with disabilities operated by St Patricks Centre (Kilkenny) Ltd., Kilkenny

    Dardis, Christopher


    Epidural anesthesia is the most commonly used method of pain relief during labor in the USA. It is not classically associated with alterations in level of alertness. Coma during the procedure is rare, with a reported incidence of 0.1-0.3%.

  4. Prantsusmaa mälupoliitikad / Patrick Garcia ; tõlk. Triinu Tamm

    Garcia, Patrick


    Ajalookirjutusest Prantsusmaal pärast revolutsiooni, elukutselise ajaloolaskonna sünnist Prantsusmaal, 11. novebmri ja 8. mai tähistamisest, okupatsiooniperioodi kriitilisest läbivaatamisest, mälukonfliktidest tänapäeva demokraatlikus ühiskonnas

  5. 77 FR 36003 - Patrick K. Chau, M.D.; Decision and Order


    ... committed ``[i]ncompetence, negligence, or malpractice which results in injury to a patient or which creates... civil negligence.''' Laurence T. McKinney, 73 FR 43260, 43266 (quoting United States v. McIver, 470 F.3d...

  6. Environmental Assessment of the General Plan and Maintenance of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    females annually ccur in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (U.S.), Dry Tortugas (U.S.), Cay Sal Bank (Bahamas), ergipe and Northern Bahia (Brazil), Southern...Subpopulation occurring from about 29°N. on Florida’s east coast to Sarasota on Florida’s west coast; (3) Dry Tortugas , Florida, Sul>population, (4...B. Witherington, FWC, personal communication 2007). A near complete census of the Dry Tortugas Subpopulation undertaken from 1995 to 2004

  7. Environmental Assessment for the General Plan and Maintenance of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    considered viable. P A F B G e n e r a l P l a n E A 2 Environmental Effects The General Plan EA evaluated the environmental impacts of...year cycle. The potential environmental effects were assessed for the following environmental resource areas: air quality, water quality, geology...ADP Area Development Plan AF Air Force AFB Air Force Base AFETR Air Force Eastern Test Range AFI Air Force Instruction AFMAN Air Force Manual

  8. Review of Matters Related to the Death of Corporal Patrick Tillman, U.S. Army


    34 or " jingle " truck). The jinga truck, driven by a local Afghan, was towing a fifth (inoperable) U.S. vehicle. After the split, Serial 1 traveled down...vehicle, with the assistance of a local " jingle " truck, to a pre-designated location for pick up. After the two Serials separated, and due to terrain

  9. A designated centre for people with disabilities operated by St Patricks Centre (Kilkenny) Ltd., Kilkenny

    Hickey, C


    Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a single stranded RNA virus causing infection worldwide. In developing countries HEV genotypes 1 and 2 spread faeco-orally via water. Recently, infections with HEV have been detected in Europe and North America in patients with no travel history. These are food-borne HEV genotypes 3 and 4, a pig-associated zoonosis. Most infections are asymptomatic but morbidity and chronic infection may occur with prior liver disease or immunosuppression. International seroprevalence rates vary and with improved diagnostics have increased. To determine the current prevalence in this region we studied anonymised serum samples submitted in 2015 for routine testing. We detected anti-HEV IgG in 16\\/198 (8%) individuals, highest rate in 40-59 year olds (43.8%). This is higher than reported for the same region in 1995 (0.4%) using a previous generation assay. This study provides evidence of HEV circulation in Ireland and reinforces the need for ongoing surveillance.

  10. Bauxite Mine Rehabilitation Programs — A Progress Report Patrick Atkins, Alcoa Inc.

    Donaldson, Don; Raahauge, Benny E.

    Bauxite is the primary source of raw material for the production of aluminum oxide and aluminum metal. At the current primary aluminum production level, known bauxite reserves will last for hundreds of years. Two to three tonnes of bauxite are required to produce one tonne of alumina and two tonnes of alumina are required to produce one tonne of aluminum metal. Typical bauxites contain from 30%-60% aluminum hydroxides and various levels of iron, silica, and titanium impurities. Approximately 125 million tonnes of bauxite are mined each year from 45 mines located on every continent except Antarctica. The major mining areas are located in the tropics, above and below the equator, as well as in Western Australia, the Caribbean Region, and the Mediterranean. Most bauxite is surface mined, although a few small underground mines remain active. The overburden depth ranges from almost none to several 10s of meters, with the average near five meters. The total land disturbed by bauxite mining each year is estimated to be 2,000-2,500 hectares per year.

  11. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Chemical Dependency Counseling Course Based on Patrick and Partners

    Keshavarz, Yousef; Ghaedi, Sina; Rahimi-Kashani, Mansure


    Background The twelve step program is one of the programs that are administered for overcoming abuse of drugs. In this study, the effectiveness of chemical dependency counseling course was investigated using a hybrid model. Methods In a survey with sample size of 243, participants were selected using stratified random sampling method. A questionnaire was used for collecting data and one sample t-test employed for data analysis. Findings Chemical dependency counseling courses was effective from the point of view of graduates, chiefs of rehabilitation centers, rescuers and their families and ultimately managers of rebirth society, but it was not effective from the point of view of professors and lecturers. The last group evaluated the effectiveness of chemical dependency counseling courses only in performance level. Conclusion It seems that the chemical dependency counseling courses had appropriate effectiveness and led to change in attitudes, increase awareness, knowledge and experience combination and ultimately increased the efficiency of counseling. PMID:24494132

  12. Environmental Assessment for the 920th Rescue Wing Beddown Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    will be hollow core precast concrete planks with a structural concrete topping. Column and beam construction will be used for the exterior porches and... connection for fire protection. 8. Pararescue Facility of approximately 6,000 SF 9. The Concrete Building of approximately 400 SF for the storage of... connections of cast iron material are showing degrees of deterioration from internal corrosion. Adjacent to the new north lift station is a 140,000

  13. James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant. Annual report of operations: January-December 1976


    Net electrical energy generated was 4,156,298 MWH with the generator on line 6,289.1 hrs. Information is presented concerning operating experience, specification changes, maintenance, licensee event reports, fuel performance and data tabulations

  14. Müra kontoris segab tööd / Patrick Kurtz ; tõlk. Pille Korpen

    Kurtz, Patrick


    Üldnõuetest kontorite planeerimisel. Müra vähendamise planeerimisest. Tabelid: Müra helivõimsuse taseme allikad; Arvutitöökohtade akustika. Vt. ka: Avatud kontor võib olla ka vaikne. BNSi vastutav peatoimetaja Anvar Samost räägib avatud tööruumi eelistest

  15. Book Review on: Patrick Barrett, Daniel Chavez and Cesar Rodriguez Garavito. The New Latin American Left. Utopia Reborn?

    R.A. Icaza Garza (Rosalba)


    textabstractBarret, Chavez and Rodriguez main task in The New Latin American Left. Utopia Reborn?, is that of identifying what are the factors that can explain the emergence of a new left in Latin America. The result is a nicely edited collection of expert voices on leftist politics in the region

  16. Télécoms pour l’ingénierie du risque, Tullio Tanzi, Patrick Perrot

    Jean-Baptiste Morin


    Full Text Available "Télécoms pour l’ingénierie du risque" est un ouvrage de 234 pages qui convoque la rencontre entre les Technologies de l’Information de la Communication (TIC et le risque. Les risques naturels, les risques industriels et technologiques ou encore les nouveaux risques générés par des usages déviants dans le domaine du numérique (cybercriminalité sont devenus monnaie courante. Les auteurs Tullio Tanzi (Professeur à Télécom ParisTech, département Traitement du Signal et des Images en télécommun...

  17. Male Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Guys, Guises and Disguise in Patrick White’s The Twyborn Affair

    Jean-Francois Vernay


    Full Text Available Peer reviewed article. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek, quickly gained proverbial currency in the English language thanks to its wisdom. Admittedly, whenever beauty has been acknowledged, one should take it primarily as a comment on the beholder rather than on the model. In heterosexual relationships, male beauty would thus be informative of the female gaze and conception of aesthetics. But what of homosexual relationships? Logically, male beauty would inform as much on the aesthetics of the beholder as on the canons of male beauty through the representation of the perfect man. Now what if the male model appeals to both male and female beholders? Can gay men and straight women share the same aesthetics of the male body? Do they seek and value the same things in a partner? And then what if the male model switches to female beauty all the while sustaining an unflinching power of seduction? Would that prove that beauty is genderless or would that mean that desirability is unrelated to beauty? On a creative level, when White depicts an ambiguous protean protagonist, beauty essentially relies on his characterization skills. But is male beauty objectively inherent to the model or is it solely to be found in the novelist’s subjective representation of his central character?

  18. Kieran Hicks, Kathrin Gerling & Patrick Dickinson - ‘What makes a Game? Reflections on Juiciness and Player Experience’

    uk, khicks lincoln ac


    “Juiciness” refers to the visual and auditory elements that are used in games to amplify feedback to the player in response to an in-game action (Schell 2014 ), and are intended to make the player feel satisfied and excited. Juicy elements are commonly employed as a way of improving the feedback loop of the game (e.g., visually showering the player with particle effects and sound effects upon picking up a collectible) and although common in games development, little academic work has empirica...

  19. On 25 November, Patrick Janot of the CERN Physics Department received the CNRS silver medal for IN2P3

    Ph. Schwemling, Paris


    This prize, one of the most prestigious awarded by the French research centre, is given to scientists for the 'originality, quality and importance of their work, as recognised both nationally and internationally'.

  20. Archeological Survey of the Proposed Charity Lake Hydroelectric Project, Upper Smith River Basin, Patrick and Franklin Counties, Virginia.


    small patch of white Gesso with India Ink. This label is then covered with a protective coat of clear polyurethane. Each artifact will receive a unique...ID number, specific to each site. Different colors of Gesso * on the ID field aid as a visual key to artifact provenience during analysis. Artifacts

  1. Environmental Assessment: Proposed U.S. Air Force Military Family Housing Privatization Initiative Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    mockingbird , other songbirds, and white ibis (Eudocimus albus). Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) were observed resting on old dock pilings in the...surfacing, nursing, breeding, feeding or sheltering), hunting, capturing, or killing of polar bears, sea otters, marine otters, whales, porpoises, walruses

  2. A comparison of the ground magnetic responses during the 2013 and 2015 St. Patrick's Day geomagnetic storms

    Xu, Z.; Hartinger, M. D.; Clauer, Robert C.


    The magnetosphere-ionosphere system response to extreme solar wind driving conditions depends on both the driving conditions and ionospheric conductivity. Since extreme driving conditions are rare, there are few opportunities to control for one parameter or another. The 17 March 2013 and 17 March...... 2015 geomagnetic storms driven by coronal mass ejections (CME) provide one such opportunity. The two events occur during the same solar illumination conditions; in particular, both occur near equinox on the same day of the year leading to similar ionospheric conductivity profiles. Moreover, both CMEs...... systems. There are dramatic differences between the intensity, onset time and occurrence, duration, and spatial structure of the current systems in each case. For example, differing solar wind driving conditions lead to interhemispheric asymmetries in the high-latitude ground magnetic response during...

  3. 75 FR 14637 - James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant...


    ...). There will be no change to radioactive effluents that affect radiation exposures to plant workers and... cultural resources. There would be no impact to socioeconomic resources. Therefore, no changes to or...

  4. Annotated bibliography of selected references on shoreline barrier island deposits with emphasis on Patrick Draw Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

    Rawn-Schatzinger, V.; Schatzinger, R.A.


    This bibliography contains 290 annotated references on barrier island and associated depositional environments and reservoirs. It is not an exhaustive compilation of all references on the subject, but rather selected papers on barrier islands, and the depositional processes of formation. Papers that examine the morphology and internal architecture of barrier island deposits, exploration and development technologies are emphasized. Papers were selected that aid in understanding reservoir architecture and engineering technologies to help maximize recovery efficiency from barrier island oil reservoirs. Barrier islands from Wyoming, Montana and the Rocky Mountains basins are extensively covered.

  5. The cosmic tourist visit the 100 most awe-inspiring destinations in the universe!

    May, Brian; Lintott, Chris


    Take your seats for the greatest tour ever - one that encompasses no less than the whole of the Universe. En route, we stop off to gaze at 100 amazing sights - from asteroids to zodiacal dust and from orbit around the Earth to beyond the most distant galaxies. We start right here on Earth, with your tour guides: the three intrepid cosmic voyagers Patrick Moore, Brian May and Chris Lintott. They explain the sights - what they are, and how they fit into the astronomical zoo of familiar and curious objects and phenomena - and convey their own personal enthusiasm for each marvel you encounter. The images present the extraordinary beauty of the Universe as seen through the eyes of the biggest and best telescopes on Earth and in space, and occasionally in the backyards of expert amateur observers.

  6. Ouro dos tolos

    Antônio Ewbank

    Full Text Available Este texto conta os assuntos com pedras, empilhando-os à maneira de Robert Smithson (1938-1973. Em 1965, o artista norte-americano apresentou pela primeira vez a obra dupla aqui em questão, de nome Quick Millions. Ao lado do objeto, uma pequena declaração fora redigida pelo artista para o catálogo da mostra ART ‘65: Lesser Known and Unknown Painters / Young American Sculpture – East to West, editado por Brian O’Doherty (Patrick Ireland. A fim de que a matéria impressa não aparecesse só ou mal acompanhada. Vem daí um monte de complicações.

  7. Review of dissertation «The Relationship Between Identified Gifted and Talented Children and Their Parents» by Brian J. Welsh

    Florova N.B.


    Full Text Available This review points out that experts still do not clearly understand the perception of gifted children be their parents and the way the last build relations in the «parent-children " system. Parents of gifted children clearly need special family resources that might contribute to the progress of their children in future. Such resources are a key to the success of these children at the family level and are commonly - family habits, strategies, values, and ways of life. This study is phenomenological because it describes the qualitative parameters-internal mutual coupling of a certain number of factors in the system, «families with gifted children». It was held in families with gifted children of the middle school age, with the help of interviews and archival data. The author of the research studied the totality of the factors affecting the life experiences of the participants. It discovered that parents are the most powerful force in ensuring the successful training, socialization, emotional well-being of children. Such methods can be showcased on the educational process, in which gifted students are the potential leaders, researchers, physicians, and scientists. The author emphasizes that in the course of work on the topic he himself deeper realized the role of parents' experiences in educational, social and emotional formation of children. The basis for the concept of the study are the following determined groups of factors: a emotional (positive and negative aspects and feeling, b social, (academic achievements

  8. Iiri politseile valmistavad muret purjuspäi sõitvad võõrtöölised / Brian Lenihan ; interv. Evelyn Kaldoja

    Lenihan, Brian


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 18. apr. lk. 13. Iirimaa justiitsminister räägib sisserändajate mõjust riigi sisejulgeolekule, kuritegevusest, Lissaboni lepingu referendumist. Vt. samas: Ilves: Iiri poliitikud mõõdukalt optimistlikud. Iirimaal riigivisiidil viibiv president Toomas Hendrik Ilves iirlaste ootustest Lissaboni lepingu referendumi suhtes. Vabariigi President riigivisiidil Iirimaal 13.-16.04.2008

  9. Tectono-thermal Evolution of a Distal Rifted Margin: Constraints From the Calizzano Massif (Prepiedmont-Briançonnais Domain, Ligurian Alps)

    Decarlis, Alessandro; Fellin, Maria Giuditta; Maino, Matteo; Ferrando, Simona; Manatschal, Gianreto; Gaggero, Laura; Seno, Silvio; Stuart, Finlay M.; Beltrando, Marco


    The thermal evolution of distal domains along rifted margins is at present poorly constrained. In this study, we show that a thermal pulse, most likely triggered by lithospheric thinning and asthenospheric rise, is recorded at upper crustal levels and may also influence the diagenetic processes in the overlying sediments, thus representing a critical aspect for the evaluation of hydrocarbon systems. The thermal history of a distal sector of the Alpine Tethys rifted margin preserved in the Ligurian Alps (Case Tuberto-Calizzano unit) is investigated with thermochronological methods and petrologic observations. The studied unit is composed of a polymetamorphic basement and a sedimentary cover, providing a complete section through the prerift, synrift, and postrift system. Zircon fission track analyses on basement rocks samples suggest that temperatures exceeding 240 ± 25°C were reached before 150-160 Ma (Upper Jurassic) at few kilometer depth. Neoformation of green biotite, stable at temperatures of 350 to 450°C, was synkinematic with this event. The tectonic setting of the studied unit suggests that the heating-cooling cycle took place during the formation of the distal rifted margin and terminated during Late Jurassic (150-160 Ma). Major crustal and lithospheric thinning likely promoted high geothermal gradients ( 60-90°C/km) and triggered the circulation of hot, deep-seated fluids along brittle faults, causing the observed thermal anomaly. Our results suggest that rifting can generate thermal perturbations at relatively high temperatures (between 240 and 450°C) at less than 3 km depth in the distal domains during major crustal thinning preceding breakup and onset of seafloor spreading.

  10. Brian Steensland, The Failed Welfare Revolution. America's Struggle over Guaranteed Income Policy, Princeton and Oxford, Princeton University Press, 2008, XII, 304 pp. [Ressenya de llibre

    Espuelas Barroso, Sergio


    A diferencia de lo que es habitual, el libro de Steensland se centra en la historia de un fracaso. El ascenso y declive de una propuesta para crear, primero durante el gobierno Nixon y después durante la era Carter, una Renta Mínima Garantizada en los Estados Unidos. ...

  11. Sibelius: Pohjola's Daughter; Night Ride and Sunrise; Four Legends from Kalevala (Lemminkäinen Suite). Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi / Brian Hunt

    Hunt, Brian


    Uuest heliplaadist "Sibelius: Pohjola's Daughter; Night Ride and Sunrise; Four Legends from Kalevala (Lemminkäinen Suite). Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra / Neeme Järvi. Deutsche Grammophon 453 426-2; 70:37 DDD

  12. Stuttering Foundation of America

    ... As a child, he was immersed in the world of acting. Read More Jeffrey Blitz Jeffrey Blitz is an American director, producer and screenwriter. His first film, Spellbound , a documentary following competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee, earned him an Academy Award nomination in 2003. ...

  13. Colonel Joseph J. Reynolds and the Saint Patrick's Day Celebration on Powder River Battle of Powder River (Montana, 17 March 1876)

    Hedegaard, Michael


    The Battle of Powder River occurred on 17 March 1876 in southeastern Montana. Historians and researchers have consistently overlooked the importance of this battle on the outcome of the Great Sioux War of 1876. Colonel Joseph J...

  14. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Patrick Henry High School, Ashland, Virginia: Session 2: Transcript of proceedings


    This document contains a transcript of the comments of more than witnesses. Also included is a list of 2 exhibits. These meetings were held to hear public comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level nuclear waste repository

  15. Wounding effects of the AK-47 rifle used by Patrick Purdy in the Stockton, California, schoolyard shooting of January 17, 1989.

    Fackler, M L; Malinowski, J A; Hoxie, S W; Jason, A


    The limited disruption produced in tissue simulant by the rifle and bullets used in the Stockton, California, schoolyard shooting is entirely consistent with the autopsy reports on the five children who died of their wounds. It is also entirely consistent with well-documented battlefield studies and with previous tissue-simulant studies from many laboratories. It is inconsistent with many exaggerated accounts of assault-rifle wounding effects described by the media in the aftermath of this incident. This information should be documented for the historical record. However, the critical reason for correcting the misconceptions produced by media reaction to this incident is to prevent inappropriate gunshot-wound treatment.

  16. Proceedings of the Biennial EO/EEO Research Symposium (5th) Held at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida on February 17-18, 2005


    only captures social acceptance of groups at a given moment in time, a time immediately after the first successful attack on U.S. mainland soil ... Eggshells ; Chicanas in the Labor Force. In Stephen B. Knouse, Paul Rosenfeld, & Amy L. Culbertson (Eds.), Hispanics in the Workplace (pp. 173-193

  17. Comment on “A new Arctic hadrosaurid from the Prince Creek Formation (lower Maastrichtian of northern Alaska” by Hirotsugu Mori, Patrick S. Druckenmiller, and Gregory M. Erickson

    Anthony R. Fiorillo


    Full Text Available Recently Mori et al. (2016 published a paper describing a new tax- on of hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation of the North Slope Alaska, a rock unit that has recently proven to be a productive source of scientific insights into the work- ings of an ancient Arctic terrestrial ecosystem (Fiorillo and Gangloff 2001; Gangloff et al. 2005; Fiorillo et al. 2009, 2010; Gangloff and Fiorillo 2010; Flaig et al. 2011, 2013, 2014; Fiorillo and Tykoski 2012, 2014. Although thorough testing of the systematics of this proposed taxon will occur over the next few years, one statement in the Mori et al. (2016 paper warrants comment now

  18. Colonel Joseph J. Reynolds and the Saint Patrick's Day Celebration on Powder River Battle of Powder River (Montana, 17 March 1876)

    Hedegaard, Michael


    .... Reynolds set out to destroy the Indian camp established by the combined Cheyenne and Oglala Sioux in order to push the Indians back to the reservations and allow miners to enter the Black Hills to mine gold...

  19. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Patrick Henry High School, Ashland, Virginia: Session 1, April 7, 1986: Transcript of proceedings


    This document contains a transcript of the comments of 35 witnesses. These meetings were held to hear public comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level nuclear waste repository

  20. Environmental Assessment for Construction of the United States Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) on Patrick Air Force Base, Florida (Amended)


    carbon footprint of this large facility; however, there may be still be greater cumulative energy consumption because of the 24-hour use of the...Florida, south of the City of Cocoa Beach, and covers approximately 1,937 acres bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Banana River on the...County 0.012 0.012 0.012 Ozone (O3) 1-hour Highest Cocoa Beach, Brevard County 0.106 0.095 0.099 1-hour Highest Winter Park, Orange County 0.109

  1. Environmental Assessment for the Construction of the United States Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) on Patrick Air Force Base, Florida


    facility; however, there may still be greater cumulative energy consumption because of the 24-hour use of the facility. Because construction designs...989 on PAFB. PAFB is located on a barrier island on the east-central coast of Florida, south of the City of Cocoa Beach, and covers approximately...County 3 8 3 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Annual Arithmetic Mean Winter Park, Orange County 0.012 0.012 0.012 Ozone (O3) 1-hour Highest Cocoa Beach

  2. Simulation of low-latitude ionospheric response to 2015 St. Patrick's Day super geomagnetic storm using ionosonde-derived PRE vertical drifts over Indian region

    Joshi, L. M.; Sripathi, S.; Singh, Ram


    In this paper, we present low-latitude ionospheric response over Indian longitude to the recent super geomagnetic storm of 17 March 2015, using the Sami2 is Another Model of the Ionosphere (SAMI2) model which incorporates ionosonde-derived vertical drift impacted by prompt penetration eastward electric field occurring during the evening prereversal enhancement (PRE) in the vertical drift. The importance of this storm is that (1) Dst reaches as low as -228 nT and (2) prompt penetration of eastward electric field coincided with evening hours PRE. The daytime vertical E × B drifts in the SAMI2 model are, however, considered based on Scherliess-Fejer model. The simulations indicate a significant enhancement in F layer height and equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) in the post sunset hours on 17 March 2015 vis-a-vis quiet day. The model simulations during recovery phase, considering disturbance dynamo vertical E × B drift along with equatorward disturbance wind, indicate suppression of the daytime EIA. SAMI2 simulations considering the disturbance wind during the recovery phase suggest that equatorward wind enhances the ionospheric density in the low latitude; however, its role in the formation of the EIA depends on the polarity of the zonal electric field. Comparison of model derived total electron content (TEC) with the TEC from ground GPS receivers indicates that model does reproduce enhancement of the EIA during the main phase and suppression of the EIA during the recovery phase of the superstorm. However, peculiarities pertaining to the ionospheric response to prompt penetration electric field in the Indian sector vis-a-vis earlier reports from American sector have been discussed.

  3. FitzPatrick Lecture: King George III and the porphyria myth - causes, consequences and re-evaluation of his mental illness with computer diagnostics.

    Peters, Timothy


    Recent studies have shown that the claim that King George III suffered from acute porphyria is seriously at fault. This article explores some of the causes of this misdiagnosis and the consequences of the misleading claims, also reporting on the nature of the king's recurrent mental illness according to computer diagnostics. In addition, techniques of cognitive archaeology are used to investigate the nature of the king's final decade of mental illness, which resulted in the appointment of the Prince of Wales as Prince Regent. The results of this analysis confirm that the king suffered from bipolar disorder type I, with a final decade of dementia, due, in part, to the neurotoxicity of his recurrent episodes of acute mania. © 2015 Royal College of Physicians.

  4. The Archaeology and Pottery of Nazca, Peru. Alfred L. Kroeber's 1926 Expedition. Alfred L Kroeber and Donald Collier. edited by Patrick H. Carmichael, Walnut Creek: Altamira Press, 1998

    David L. Browman


    Full Text Available This volume is the much delayed publication of the results of the Second Marshall Field Archaeological Expedition to Peru in 1926, sponsored by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and con­ducted by Alfred Kroeber(1876-1960. It contains some useful short "history of the discipline" remarks both in the preface by Carmichael and in the draft introduction to the original manuscript by Kroeber and Collier. Donald Collier (1911-1995, was curator at the Field Museum from 1941 to 1976, and was working with Kroeber in the late 1950s to help bring the report out, but work stopped with Kroeber's death in 1960. Carmichael ran across the unfinished manuscript in the Field Museum in 1986 while do­ing research on the Nazca assemblages as a graduate student, and with Collier's permission and assis­tance, reassembled the component parts and edited the manuscript for publication.

  5. Women, war and cinema, 1939-1945: blitz on gender stereotypes? Femmes, guerre et cinéma au Royaume-Uni de 1939 à 1945 : une remise en question radicale des stéréotypes liés au genre ?

    Elizabeth de Cacqueray


    Full Text Available La Deuxième Guerre mondiale constitue une période clé, au Royaume-Uni, dans l’histoire des femmes et de leur représentation cinématographique. A travers l’analyse de chiffres officiels concernant les femmes et l’emploi pendant la guerre cet article montre à quel point les femmes jouaient un rôle essentiel dans l’« effort de guerre ». Il examine ensuite quelles réponses le cinéma a apporté par rapport à cet appel aux femmes, mettant en avant à l’écran les nouveaux rôles sollicités auprès des femmes mais aussi, parfois, continuant à appuyer des attitudes plus traditionnelles. En analysant une grande variété de films produits pendant la guerre, de genres cinématographiques différents – films de fiction, documentaires, films émanant des forces armées – on est témoin de l’émergence d’un nouveau type d’héroïne cinématographique, l’« héroïne de guerre », innovatrice dans le courage et l’esprit d’initiative dont elle peut faire preuve mais, en fin de compte, respectueuse des frontières des rôles traditionnels associés aux genres masculins et féminin. En conclusion, l’article se demande dans quelle mesure ces rôles cinématographiques innovateurs dans le domaine du genre ont pu se perpétuer dans la période d’après guerre.

  6. The Role of Science in Managed Aquifer Recharge--the Equus Beds aquifer near Wichita, Kansas Andrew Ziegler, Director Brian Kelly, Office Chief Michael Jacobs, Manager of Water Planning and Production Debra Ary, Engineer, Water Systems Planning (Invited)

    Ziegler, A. C.; Jacobs, M.; Ary, D.; Kelly, B.


    Data collection and interpretation using statistical, geochemical, and numerical simulation tools are essential parts of a long-term cooperative study between the city of Wichita, U.S. Geological Survey, and others to describe water quantity and quality conditions in a 165 square-mile part of the Equus Beds aquifer and Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers. The Equus Beds aquifer, eastern part of the High Plains Aquifer in south-central Kansas, is a vital water resource for agriculture and city of Wichita. Withdrawals for public supply began in the 1940s and agricultural irrigation began in the 1950-60s. These withdrawals led to water-level declines of up to 40 feet (historic low in 1993), a storage loss of 250,000 acre feet compared to predevelopment, and may enhance movement of chloride contamination from a past oilfield disposal area near Burrton and from natural chloride along the Arkansas River. Monitoring data and modeling show chloride near Burrton moved about 3 miles in 45 years, is about 1 mile away from the nearest public supply wells, and will continue to move for decades to centuries making the water unusable for irrigation or water supply without treatment. These concerns led to development of Wichita's 1993 integrated local water-supply plan that increased use of Cheney Reservoir and implemented aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) within the aquifer using high flows from the Little Arkansas River. ASR benefits include replacing depleted storage and slowing chloride movement. Decreased withdrawals, increased precipitation, and artificial recharge increased water levels and added 100,000 acre feet of storage through 2010, but drought since 2011 has increased withdrawals. A calibrated model will be used to simulate transport of chloride under several withdrawal scenarios using MODFLOW coupled with SEAWAT. Since 1995, water-quality data collection for more than 400 organic and inorganic compounds in surface water, treated source water for artificial recharge, and groundwater identified indicator bacteria, atrazine, chloride, sodium, nitrate, arsenic, iron, and manganese as constituents of concern exceeding water-quality criteria in baseline samples. Techniques were developed to estimate Little Arkansas River water quality in real-time for treatment. Geochemical modeling using PHREEQC and PHAST shows that groundwater quality is not changed if groundwater and recharge water are of similar redox potential. If different, calcite or metal hydroxides may precipitate and decrease water infiltration. A network of 38 locations with shallow and deep wells characterizes the recharge quantities and qualities for the city of Wichita to withdraw when needed from storage. Through 2013, the Demonstration project and Phase 1 and 2 facilities (capacity 40 MGD) have artificially recharged about 2 billion gallons. Total construction costs are about $300,000,000. Data-collection, interpretative geochemical and numerical simulations and water-quality transport modeling tools developed in the past 70 years are a scientific foundation to effectively and objectively manage this aquifer system.

  7. Ökoloogilised vaatenurgad ja laste internetikasutus: sissevaade mikro- ja makrotasandi analüüsi = Ecological perspectives and children's use of the Internet: exploring micro to macro level analysis / Brian O'Neill

    O'Neill, Brian


    Rahvusvahelise uurimisvõrgustiku EU Kids Online projekti raames 2010. a. 25 Euroopa riigi laste ja nende vanemate hulgas korraldatud küsitlusest, milles uuriti laste ja noorte internetitegevusi ja -riske ning vanemlikku juhendamist

  8. Letter from Brian Croft and Andrew Johnson, Tetra Tech EM, Inc., to Steve Spurlin, USEPA. Subject: Emergency Response Report, American Drum and Pallet Site, TN. EPA Contract Ep-W-05-054, TDD No. TTEMI-05-001-0040

    Contains April l4, 2008 letter submitting the emergency response report for the American Drum and Pallet Site in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. This report summarizes field activities conducted at the site from June 11, 2007 through January 18, 2008.

  9. 脑死亡无偿器官捐献肝脏移植2例报道%Orthotopic Liver Transplantation from Donor after Brian Death (Report of 2 Cases)

    周志刚; 李超; 李立; 王胤佳; 董权; 李俊


    Objective To summarize and explore the feasibility of implementing organ donation after brain death for liver transplantation in the clinic. Methods From December 2011 to January 2012, we completed two cases of unpaid organ donation after brain death. All donors were diagnosed as brain death, and maintained with mechanical ventilation and vasoactive drug therapy to guarantee the perfusion of donor organs. All recipients were male, the preoperative diagnosis was hepatitis B cirrhosis, liver decompensation, Child-Pugh class C, MELD score 29 points, and hepatitis B cirrhosis, primary liver cancer, Child-Pugh class C, MELD score 26 points. Results In these two cases, we successfully procured donor's livers, and livers were successfully transplanted into all recipients, and working well during the follow-up period. Conclusion The implementation of liver transplantation using organs from brain death donors can gradually extended in our country, and is important to ease the shortage of organ pool.%目的 总结并探讨脑死亡无偿器官捐献肝脏移植在我国临床实施的可行性.方法 昆明市第一人民医院于2011年12月至2012年1月期间共完成2例脑死亡无偿器官捐献工作.2例供体确诊为脑死亡,应用机械通气、血管活性药物等治疗维持供体器官灌注.受体1男性,术前诊断乙肝后性肝硬化,肝功能失代偿,child-pugh C级,MELD评分29分;受体2男性,术前诊断乙肝后性肝硬化,原发性肝癌,child-pugh C级,MELD评分26分.结果 2例脑死亡供体均顺利无偿捐献肝脏,2例受体均顺利接受肝脏移植手术并康复出院,目前随访移植肝功能良好.结论 脑死亡无偿器官捐献肝脏移植的临床实施顺利,可以在我国逐渐推广实行,对缓解我国目前器官短缺状况起到相当重要的作用.

  10. Susceptibility of ornamental pepper banker plant candidates to common greenhouse pests

    Susceptibility of four potential ornamental pepper banker plant candidates [Black Pearl (BP), Explosive Ember (EE), Masquerade (MA), Red Missile (RM), and a commercial pepper cultivar Blitz (BL)] were evaluated against three common greenhouse pests - Bemisia tabaci, Polyphagotarsonemus latus and Fra...

  11. Bang! the complete history of the universe

    May, Brian; Lintott, Chris


    Bang! Space, time, matter...the Universe was born 13.7 billion years ago. Infinitely small at first, it expanded more rapidly than anyone can contemplate. Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott explain how all this came about, from the moment when time and space came into existence, to the formation of the first stars, galaxies and planets, and to the evolution of human beings able to contemplate our own origins and ultimate destiny. Then on towards that destiny in the infinite future, long after the Earth has been consumed by the Red Giant Sun. The story is told in clear, straight forward terms, in the strict order in which the events happened, and uses no mathematics. "Bang!" is an amazing story and this newly revised text brings it "Bang!" up to date. Is it fiction? The authors hope not, since it is based upon lifetimes work by great scientists such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and hundreds of other brilliant minds. Enjoy, and let your imagination run riot.

  12. Patrick Mccabe’in Plüton’da Kahvaltı ve Jeffrey Eugenides’in Middlesex adlı romanlarında cinsel kimlik, aile ve göç

    DEMİR, Elif


    Cinsiyet  ve  toplumsal  cinsiyet  kavramları  merak  ve  ilham  uyandıran  yapısıyla  pek  çok  bilimsel  alanın  ilgi  konusu  olmuş  ve  kadın/erkek  ikiliği  dışına  çıkan  bireylere  atfedilen  ‘queer’  kavramıyla  edebi  imgelemde &nbs...

  13. Novel about Artist: Postmodern Variations (Instantiated by Novels “The Tin Drum” by Günter Grass, “Brother of Sleep” by Robert Schneider, “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” by Patrick Süskind

    Sofiya Varetska


    Full Text Available An attempt to show the modification of classic novel about an artist (Künstlerroman through a prism of postmodernism instantiated by German novels of the second half of the twentieth century “The Tin Drum”, “Brother of Sleep”, “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” was accomplished. Crisis of artistic apperception in the twentieth century is demonstrated. Different conceptions of the creative process of main characters are compared. The main attention was focused on the clash between man and artist, life and art, daily routine and spirituality. In the postmodern age the cynical worldview model is predominating. At the same time tales, where magic and reality, sentimentality and brutality are combined, enjoy widespread popularity. An art of genius has positive connotations in general, but some of chosen novels are revealing the reverse side of the coin, when the art is capable to create an evil in its superior manifestations. For a wonder a presence of negative, monstrosity and disgust attract attention of the crowd rather than beauty. Therefore tin the article new idea that talent is on the verge of monstrosity is asserted. These two concepts exist together rely on each other. Every hero is like two-faced Janus to some extent. On the one hand, being endowed with Divine Grace he has a talent, but on the other hand, having something demoniacal is possessed by physical defect. On the one hand, they limelight and fire our imagination by their unusualness, on the other hand, they push away by their monstrosity and disgust. Main characters are always teetering on the edge. However the notion of edge is taking the wider meaning in the contemporary society. Consequently, having used all features of classic novel about an artist and portrayed them through a prism of modern perception of the world, writers created a new compilation – postmodern novel about an artist.

  14. Closing talk of Mr Patrick Devedjian, delegate minister of industry, following the energy debate which took place at the senate on April 27, 2004. Taken from the integral proceedings available on the Senate web site; Discours de cloture prononce par M. Patrick Devedjian, ministre delegue a l'Industrie, suite au debat sur l'energie qui s'est tenu au Senat le 27 avril 2004. A partir du compte rendu integral publie sur le site internet du Senat

    Devedjian, P.


    In this talk, the French minister of industry makes a synthesis with some particular comments about the different points discussed during the energy debate organized at the French senate in April 2004: the European pressurized reactor (EPR), the management of radioactive wastes, the status of the electric and gas utilities Electricite de France (EdF) and Gaz de France (GdF) in the framework of the European deregulation of energy markets, the development of bio-fuels and renewable energy sources, the project of energy orientation law etc.. The talk includes several questions and answers with the audience. (J.S.)

  15. Exhibition

    Staff Association


    Encounters Hanne Blitz From February 1st to 12th 2016 CERN Meyrin, Main Building What is our reaction to a first encounter with a tourist attraction? Contemporary Dutch painter Hanne Blitz captures visitors' responses to art and architecture, sweeping vistas and symbolic memorials. Encounters, a series of oil paintings curated specially for this CERN exhibition, depicts tourists visiting cultural highlights around the world. A thought-provoking journey not to be missed, and a tip of the hat to CERN's large Hadron Collider.

  16. Teaterbørsen

    Kural, René


    Eksempel på en sublim udnyttelse af en tidligere børs, Manchester Royal Exchange (1808), til et teater. Børsen var både ramt under tyskernes Blitz i 1040 og senere i 1996, da IRA sprang den største bombe i UK's historie.......Eksempel på en sublim udnyttelse af en tidligere børs, Manchester Royal Exchange (1808), til et teater. Børsen var både ramt under tyskernes Blitz i 1040 og senere i 1996, da IRA sprang den største bombe i UK's historie....

  17. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior: From Animals to Animats 4


    Visually-Guided Pointing for a Humanoid Robot ........................................................ 35 Matthew Marjanovic , Brian Scassellati, and...image correlation algorithm constructs 36 Matthew Marjanovic , Brian Scassellati, and Matthew Williamson a saccade map S : ; -4 g, which relates...special purpose board with a Motorola greater detail below. 38 Matthew Marjanovic , Brian Scassellati, and Matthew Williamson Arm Reachccade Generator I

  18. Undergraduates Prefer Federated Searching to Searching Databases Individually. A Review of: Belliston, C. Jeffrey, Jared L. Howland, & Brian C. Roberts. “Undergraduate Use of Federated Searching: A Survey of Preferences and Perceptions of Value-Added Functionality.” College & Research Libraries 68.6 (Nov. 2007: 472-86.

    Genevieve Gore


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine whether use offederated searching by undergraduates saves time, meets their information needs, is preferred over searching databases individually, and provides results of higher quality. Design – Crossover study.Setting – Three American universities, all members of the Consortium of Church Libraries & Archives (CCLA: BYU (Brigham Young University, a large research university; BYUH (Brigham Young University – Hawaii, a small baccalaureate college; and BYUI (Brigham Young University – Idaho, a large baccalaureate collegeSubjects – Ninety-five participants recruited via e-mail invitations sent to a random sample of currently enrolled undergraduates at BYU, BYUH, and BYUI.Methods – Participants were given written directions to complete a literature search for journal articles on two biology-related topics using two search methods: 1. federated searching with WebFeat® (implemented in the same way for this study at the three universities and 2. a hyperlinked list of databases to search individually. Both methods used the same set of seven databases. Each topic was assigned in random order to one of the two search methods, also assigned in random order, for a total of two searches per participant. The time to complete the searches was recorded. Students compiled their list of citations, which were later normalized and graded. To analyze the quality of the citations, one quantitative rubric was created by librarians and one qualitative rubric was approved by a faculty member at BYU. The librarian-created rubric included the journal impact factor (from ISI’s Journal Citation Reports®, the proportion of citations from peer-reviewed journals (determined from™ to total citations, and the timeliness of the articles. The faculty-approved rubric included three criteria: relevance to the topic, quality of the individual citations (good quality: primary research results, peer-reviewed sources, and number of citations. Data were then analysed using ANOVA and MANOVA. Finally, librarians at the ACRL 13th NationalConference Presentation were polled about their perceptions of the time savings of federated searching, whether the method meets undergraduates’ information needs, undergraduate preference for searching, and the quality of citations found.Main Results – Seventy percent of all participants preferred federated searching. For all schools combined, there was nostatistically significant difference between the average time taken using federated searching (20.34 minutes vs. non-federated searching (22.72 minutes. For all schools combined, there was a statistically significant difference in satisfaction of results favouring federated searching (5.59/7 vs. 4.80/7 for non-federated searching, α = .05. According to the librarian-created rubric, citations retrieved from federated searching were a statistically significant 6% lower in quality than citations retrieved from non-federated searching (α = .05. The faculty-approved rubric did not detect a difference in the quality of the citations retrieved using the 2 methods. Librarians’ perceptions as assessed at the ACRL 13thNational Conference Presentation generally matched the authors’findings.Conclusion – Overall, students in this study preferred federated searching, were more satisfied with the results of federated searching, and saved time (although the savings were not statistically significant. The quality of citations retrieved via both methods was judged to be similar. The study provides useful information for librarians interested in users’ experiences and perceptions of federated searching, and indicates future studies worth conducting.

  19. Organizational Change. Symposium 11. [Concurrent Symposium Session at AHRD Annual Conference, 2000.


    This packet contains three papers from a symposium on organizational change. The first paper, "Kaizen Blitz: Rapid Learning to Facilitate Immediate Organizational Improvements" (Robert B. Gudgel, Fred C. Feitler), describes rapid and dramatic improvement in the organizational performance of a manufacturing firm after use of a series of…

  20. Celebrating Achievement and Fostering Collaboration at the Spring Research Festival | Poster

    The 20th annual Spring Research Festival (SRF) took place at Fort Detrick on May 3 and 4. The event included two seminar sessions, a keynote speaker, a Poster Blitz, and two poster sessions. During the event, scientific staff, including students, technical support staff, postdoctoral fellows, and principal investigators, had the opportunity to present their research to the

  1. A High Galactic Latitude HI 21 cm-line Absorption Survey using the ...

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    using the NRAO 3-element interferometer. They obtained the corresponding HI emission using the Effelsberg 100 m telescope, the 91 m Green ..... of sight obtained from the Galactic rotation model by Brand & Blitz (1993). We have used R0 = 8.5 Kpc as the Galacto-centric distance and 0 = 220 km s−1 as the solar orbital ...

  2. Can Connecting and Collaborating with Industry Professionals and Community Partners through a Project-Based Initiative Create a Meaningful Learning and Leadership Experience for College Students?

    Jensen-Inman, Leslie Reese


    The author served as facilitator of a group of graphic design college students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). These students embarked on a collaborative, 24-hour+, work-around-the-clock, creative blitz and used design thinking to serve the needs of Dalewood Middle School in Chattanooga. Students collaborated with industry…

  3. Command and Control in Littoral Operations


    at the graphics on the wall displaying the position of the various forces under his command. Only a few of his 14 ships were in formation with him...Mainz, 2d MEB Lead Planner (November 11, 2014). Moskowitz, Michael, and Nolan Noble. Dawn Blitz 2015- Observations and Analysis. Exercise

  4. ACUMEN 2012: Atlantic Canyons Undersea Mapping Expeditions

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Between February and August 2012, a team of NOAA and external partners will conduct a mapping ‘blitz’ focused on deepwater canyons off the northeastern...

  5. Obituary: John Louis Africano III, 1951-2006

    Barker, Edwin, S.


    Technical Conference whose attendance expanded dramatically during his tenure. John moved to the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, in 1998 to work full time on orbital debris projects including the 3.0 meter Liquid Mirror Telescope and the CCD Debris Telescope in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. In 2000 he moved back to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to be closer to his family. From there he continued to support both the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office (ODPO) and AMOS. John was very instrumental in establishing cooperative programs between the ODPO and AMOS, which will benefit both organizations for many years to come. John left an indelible mark on his programs and all those who knew and loved him. The impact of his untimely departure will reverberate for many years. As John's wife Linda put it, "John is now visiting the stars and galaxies he adored from afar." John is survived by his wife, Linda Ann Africano; two sons, James Keith and Brian Michael; a daughter, Monica Lynn Africano; a sister, Diana Smith; and four grandchildren. The author acknowledges valuable input from Brian Africano (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs), Eugene Stansbery (NASA), Mark Mulrooney (NASA contractor), Tom Kelecy (Boeing LTS, Inc.), Paul Sydney (Boeing LTS, Inc.), Kira Abercromby (NASA contractor), and Patrick Seitzer (University of Michigan).

  6. Final Environmental Assessment Construction of New Recreational Lodging at Bellows Air Force Station O’ahu, Hawai’i


    Moana Blvd, Room 206 Honolulu, HI 96814 LOCAL PARTIES: Mayor Mufi Hannemann 530 S. King St Honolulu, HI 96813 City and County of Honolulu...Patrick January 22, 2009 15 CES/CEV, Environmental Planning Element 75 H Street Hickam AFB, HI 96853-5233 Dear Ms. Patrick: MUFl HANNEMANN , Mayor...DEPARTME NT OF PLANNING AND PERMITTING CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU MUFI HANNEMANN MAYOR Ms. Tiffany Patrick 15 CES/CEVP 650 SOUTH KING STREET

  7. 75 FR 1066 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings


    ... Person: Patrick K. Lai, PhD, Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes... Committee: Brain Disorders and Clinical Neuroscience Integrated Review Group; Clinical Neuroscience and...

  8. Keerulised ja põnevad / Tõnu Kaalep

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-2018


    22. oktoobril Tallinnas Rock Cafes toimunud ansambli KTU (Kimmo Pohjonen, Lee Patrick Mastelotto, Trey Gunn) kontserdist ja 25. oktoobril Salme Kultuurikeskuses etendunud Heiner Goebbelsi lavastusest "Eraritjaritjaka"

  9. New Search Strategies Successfully Optimize Retrieval of Clinically Sound Treatment Studies in EMBASE. A review of: Wong, Sharon S‐L, Nancy L. Wilczynski, and R. Brian Haynes. “Developing Optimal Search Strategies for Detecting Clinically Sound Treatment Studies in EMBASE.” Journal of the Medical Library Association 94.1 (Jan. 2006: 41‐47. 14 May 2007

    John Loy


    Full Text Available Objective – To develop and test the sensitivity and specificity, precision andaccuracy of search strategies to retrieve clinically sound treatment studies in the EMBASE database.Design – Analytical study.Setting – Methodologically sound studies of treatment from 55 journals indexed in EMBASE for the year 2000.Subjects – EMBASE and hand searches performed at the Health Information Research Unit of McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.Methods – The authors compare the results of EMBASE searches using their search strategies with the “gold standard” of articles retrieved by hand search. Research assistants initially hand searched each issue of 55 selected journals published in 2000 to identify articles detailing studies on healthcare treatment of humans. Subject coverage of the journals was wide ranging and included obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, oncology, neurology, surgery and general practice. Studies were then assessed to ensure they met the qualifying criteria: random allocation of participants to groups, outcome assessment of at least 80% of participants who began the study, and analysis consistent with study design. Initially, 3850 articles on treatment were identified, of which 1256 (32.6% were methodologically sound. To construct a comprehensive set of search terms, input was sought from librarians and researchers in the US and Canada. This initially produced a list of 5385 terms, of which 4843 were unique and 3524 produced hits. Individual search terms with sensitivity greater then 25% and specificity greater then 75% were incorporated into search strategies for use within the OVID interface for the EMBASE database to retrieve articles meeting the same criteria. These strategies were developed using all 27,769 articles published in the 55 journals in 2000. This all inclusive approach was used to test the search strategies’ ability to identify high quality treatment articles from a larger pool of material.Main results – The single term which achieved best sensitivity was “random:mp,”with a sensitivity of 95.1%. This same term achieved a high specificity of 92.5%. The best‐performing single term for specificity was “randomized:tw” at 96.7%, but this did reduce sensitivity to 63.2%. The single term to achieve the best balance between the two was “clinical trial:mp,” with a sensitivity of 88.3% and specificity of 88.0%. Combining terms produced varied results, and Table 3 within the article details terms used to give the best combinations for sensitivity, specificity and optimisation of both. The best three‐term search strategies for sensitivity achieved a rate just shy of 99% with a specificity of 72.0%, while the optimum three‐term strategy for specificity achieved 96.7% but with a trade off of lowering the rate of sensitivity to 51.7%. The best‐performing combination of search terms to optimise sensitivity and specificity produced values exceeding 92% for both.Conclusion – The authors present search strategies which can successfully be used to retrieve methodologically sound studies on the prevention and treatment of disease and health complications indexed on the EMBASE database. A clear outline of the trade‐off between sensitivity and specificity of the strategies is included.

  10. AGM-69A Joint Test Unit


    that the JTU payload will reliably and effectively meet SAC test requirements. However, the inherent absence of a flight termination (command destruct...ubsequent post fuzing anomalies were observed at the Air Force Eastern Test Range ( AFETR ) on five of the six BULLET .BLITZ II missions. The severity of these...some effect on mission planning and trajectory positioning on the test range. With a severe tumble after fuzing, it is possible that the missile will

  11. Physiological Responses to Cadmium, Nickel and their Interaction in the Seedlings of Two Maize (Zea mays L. Cultivars

    Pavlovkin Ján


    Full Text Available In the leaves of maize seedlings, cultivars Premia and Blitz, the relatively low 2 μmol/L concentration of cadmium (Cd, nickel (Ni, or both metals acting simultaneously (Cd +Ni for 72 h, induced a significant metal accumulation, decrease in total K+ content, reduction of light-induced membrane electrical potential (EM repolarisation in mesophyll cells and changes of ascorbic acid (AsA, dehydroascorbic acid (DHA and glutathione (GSH content. Shoot growth and the values of resting EM did not change significantly. Increased K+ leakage, from the leaves, and lipid peroxidation accompanied by increase of TBA-reactive substances (TBARS were found only in cv. Blitz exposed to Cd + Ni. This indicates a capability of high leaf-cell anti-oxidant pool to ameliorate the toxic effects on plasma membrane of single ions in both cultivars, and of Cd + Ni only in cv. Premia. The decreased total content of K+ in leaves in all variants indicated repressing the K+ uptake and/or distribution to the shoots. Under anoxia, the magnitude of the repolarisation obtained after switching on the light was smaller in Cd-treated cultivar Premia than in the controls, and this also occurred in Ni- and Cd + Ni-treated cultivar Blitz.

  12. The recent fall in postperinatal mortality in New Zealand and the Safe Sleep programme.

    Mitchell, Edwin A; Cowan, Stephanie; Tipene-Leach, David


    Postneonatal mortality rates changed very little from 2000 until recently. There has been a decrease in mortality in New Zealand from 2009 to 2015. This study describes an infant Safe Sleep programme and postulates it is the cause for the recent decrease in deaths. The Safe Sleep programme involved as follows: a focus on preventing accidental suffocation, a 'blitz' approach to SUDI education, the targeted provision of portable infant Safe Sleep devices (ISSD) and the development of Safe Sleep policy across all district health boards (DHBs). Participation in the education 'blitz' by health professionals exceeded one in 23 live births, distribution of Safe Sleep leaflets exceeded two for every live birth, and over 16 500 ISSDs have been distributed to vulnerable infants. Postperinatal mortality fell 29% from 2009 to 2015 (2.8 to 2.0/1000 live births). The fall has been greatest for Māori and in regions with the most intensive programmes. The recent fall in postperinatal mortality has not happened by chance. It is likely that the components of end-stage prevention strategy, a focus on preventing accidental suffocation, the education 'blitz', the targeted supply of ISSDs and strengthened health policy, have all contributed to varying degrees. ©2016 Foundation Acta Paediatrica. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  13. Book reviews | Lindsell | Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology

    Birds of the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Socotra. Nigel Redman, Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe with contributions from Nik Borrow and Brian Finch. Illustrated by John Gale and Brian Small. 2009. Birds of Ethiopia and Eritrea: an atlas of distribution. John Ash and John Atkins.

  14. Permeation Tests on Polypropylene Fiber Materials


    Permeation Tests on Polypropylene Fiber Materials Brandy J. White Martin H. Moore Brian J. Melde Laboratory for the Study of Molecular Interfacial...ABSTRACT Permeation Tests on Polypropylene Fiber Materials Brandy J. White, Martin H. Moore, Brian J. Melde Center for Bio/Molecular Science

  15. Bioinspired Surface Treatments for Improved Decontamination: Handling andDecontamination Considerations


    and Decontamination Considerations Brandy J. White Martin H. Moore Brian J. Melde Laboratory for the Study of Molecular Interfacial Interactions...Decontamination Considerations Brandy J. White, Martin H. Moore, Brian J. Melde, Anthony P. Malanoksi, and Chanté Campbell1 Center for Bio/Molecular

  16. Tools for Rapid Understanding of Malware Code


    cloaking techniques. We used three malware detectors, covering a wide spectrum of detection technologies, for our experiments: VirusTotal, an online ...Analysis and Manipulation ( SCAM ), 2014. [9] Babak Yadegari, Brian Johannesmeyer, Benjamin Whitely, and Saumya Debray. A generic approach to automatic...and Manipulation ( SCAM ), 2014. [9] Babak Yadegari, Brian Johannesmeyer, Benjamin Whitely, and Saumya Debray. A generic approach to automatic

  17. 76 FR 73666 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Paul H. Karshner Memorial Museum, Puyallup, WA


    ..., 2011. ADDRESSES: Brian Fox, Director of Instructional Leadership, Puyallup School District, Paul H... American. Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(2), a relationship of shared group identity cannot be reasonably... criteria in 43 CFR 10.11(c)(1) should contact Brian Fox, Director of Instructional Leadership, Paul H...

  18. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. BRIAN CORMIER. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 96 Issue 4 September 2017 pp 681-685 RESEARCH NOTE. Clinical utility of a 377 gene custom next-generation sequencing epilepsy panel · JEN BEVILACQUA ANDREW HESSE BRIAN CORMIER JENNIFER DAVEY ...

  19. Personalized Information Service for Clinicians: Users Like It. A Review of: Jerome, Rebecca N., Nunzia Bettinsoli Giuse, S. Trent Rosenbloom, and Patrick G. Arbogast. “Exploring Clinician Adoption of a Novel Evidence Request Feature in an Electronic Medical Record System.” Journal of the Medical Library Association 96.1 (Jan. 2008: 34-41, with online appendices.

    Gale G. Hannigan


    Full Text Available Objective – To examine physician use of an Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM literature request service available to clinicians through the institution’s electronic medical record system (EMR. Specifically, the authors posed the following questions: 1 Did newly implemented marketing and communication strategies increase physicians’ use of the service? 2 How did clinicians rate the relevance of the information provided? 3 How was the information provided used and shared? Design – Ten-month, prospective, observational study employing a questionnaire, statistics, a focus group, and a “before and after marketing intervention” analysis.Setting – Adult primary care outpatient clinic in an academic medical centre.Subjects – Forty-eight attending and 89 resident physicians.Methods – In 2003, a new service was introduced that allowed physicians in the Adult Primary Care Center clinic to request evidence summaries from the library regarding complex clinical questions. Contact with the library was through the secure messaging feature of the institution’s electronic medical record (EMR. From March through July 2005, the librarian employed “standard” publicity methods (email, flyers, posters, demonstrations to promote the service. A focus group in July 2005 provided feedback about the service as well as recommendations about communicating its availability and utility. New communication methods were implemented, including a monthly electronic “current awareness” newsletter, more frequent visits by the librarian during resident clinic hours, and collaborations between the librarian and residents preparing for morning report presentations. At the end of the study period, a 25-item Web-based questionnaire was sent to the 137 physicians with access to the service. Main Results – During the 10-month study period, 23 unique users submitted a total of 45 questions to the EBM Literature RequestService. More questions were from attending physicians than residents: 36 (80% vs. 9 (20%. At least one of the 23 users asked 12 (26% of the questions. Utilization did not significantly change after the mid-study intervention. At the end of the study, 48 physicians (35% completed the survey (32 attending physicians and 16residents. While 94% of the respondents indicated awareness of the service, only 40% indicated using it. The 19 who used the service, on average, agreed that the information provided was relevant and“sometimes leads to a change in my clinical practice” (p.37. Those who indicated that they shared the information (n=15 mostly did so with other attending physicians and residents, but also mentioned sharing with fellows, patients, and nurses. Information was typically shared verbally but also by distributing a printout, forwarding by email, and forwarding within the EMR message system. The information was used primarily for general self-education,instruction of trainees, and confirmation of a current plan.Conclusion – The newly implemented marketing and communication strategies did not significantly increase the use of the EBM Literature Request Service. Those who used the service found it relevant and often shared the information with others. Based on a small number of respondents and survey information, the librarian-provided EBM Literature Request Service was “well received”(39.

  20. IM-CRDS for the analysis of matrix-bound water isotopes: a streamlined (and updated) tool for ecohydrologists to probe small-scale variability in plants Yasuhara, S. (,Carter, J.A. (, Dennis, K.J. ( 1Picarro Inc., 3105 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Yasuhara, S.


    The ability to measure the isotopic composition of matrix-bound water is valuable to many facets of earth and environmental sciences. For example, ecohydrologists use stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in plant and soil water, in combination with measurements of atmospheric water vapor, surface water and precipitation, to estimate budgets of evapotranspiration. Likewise, water isotopes of oceanic water, brines and other waters with high total dissolved solids (TDS, e.g., juices) are relevant to studying large-scale oceanic circulation, small-scale mixing, groundwater contamination, the balance of evaporation to precipitation, and the provenance of food. Conventionally matrix-bound water has been extracted using cryogenic distillation, whereby water is distilled from the material in question (e.g., a leaf sample) by heating under vacuum and collecting the resultant water vapor using liquid nitrogen. The water can then be analyzed for its stable isotopic composition by a variety of methods, including isotope ratio mass spectrometry and laser techniques, such as Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS). Here we present recent improvements in an alternative, and stream-lined, solution for integrated sample extraction and isotopic measurement using a Picarro Induction Module (IM) coupled to commercially-available CRDS analyzer from Picarro. This technique is also valuable for waters with high TDS, which can have detrimental effects on flash vaporization process, typically used for the introduction of water to Picarro CRDS water isotope analyzers. The IM works by inductively heating a sample held within a metal sample holder in a glass vial flushed with dry air. Tested samples include leaves, stems, twigs, calibration water, juices, and salt water. The heating process evolves water vapor which is then swept through the system at approximately 150 standard cubic centimeters per minute. The evolved water vapor passes through an activated charcoal cartridge for removal of large organics, and then through Picarro's Micro-Combustion Cartridge that acts to oxidize interfering organics to CO2 and H2O. Using an open-split, the IM is interfaced directly with a CRDS system (in this case, an L2130-i) for the measurement of δ18O and δD. Based on replicate measurements of water introduced to the system using glass filter paper, the precision of the system is better than 0.35 and 1.5 ‰ for δ18O and δD, respectively. We will present improvements in system operation that have reduced systematic errors associated with (i) variable backgrounds, and (ii) exchange between the sample and the local atmosphere during sample introduction. In addition, we will present calibration data, and data demonstrating the effectiveness of the Micro-Combustion Cartridge at removing organics, which can result in spectroscopic interference. Finally, we will compare localized leaf water data against integrated whole leaf water data to demonstrate the added value of being able to sample small (approximately 5 mm diameter) areas of a leaf, and compare the results of measuring samples with high TDS on an IM and a Picarro High Precision Vaporizer.

  1. The tariffs deadlock. Agreements and disagreements. Auctions make disappointments. Congestion: the auctions way. Energy in Switzerland. The fortnight of energy prices. Patrick Pierron: 'inverting steam'. Pierre Lepetit: 'the power has waken up'. Green electricity: is it necessary to establish a voluntaristic contribution?

    Corbier, M.Ch.; Schneid, O.


    This issue of 'Energies News' makes comments about the worldwide events of the moment in the domain of energy. Four articles concern the production, transportation and distribution of electricity after the transposition of the European directive and deal with the electricity tariffs, auctions and transit capacities. One short article summarizes the key-energy data of Switzerland in a couple of tables and graphs and a brief note presents the situation of the oil market after the September 11, 2001 terror events. One interview (P. Pierron, federal secretary of the CFDT syndicate) makes an analysis of the competition in the French and European energy market, while another interview (P. Lepetit, IFRI) analyzes the possible impacts of the September 11 events on the US energy policy. A last article analyzes the different solutions for the financing of the development of electricity produced from renewable energy sources and the opinion of the public with respect to an increase of electricity tariffs accordingly. (J.S.)

  2. Comment on "Nanosecond laser textured superhydrophobic metallic surfaces and their chemical sensing applications" by Duong V. Ta, Andrew Dunn, Thomas J. Wasley, Robert W. Kay, Jonathan Stringer, Patrick J. Smith, Colm Connaughton, Jonathan D. Shephard (Appl. Surf. Sci. 357 (2015) 248-254)

    Boinovich, L. B.; Emelyanenko, A. M.; Emelyanenko, K. A.; Domantovsky, A. G.; Shiryaev, A. A.


    Nowadays the problem of design of durable ecologically friendly superhydrophobic surfaces is of great importance for science and technology. A recent paper in Applied Surface Science reports the method of fabricating the superhydrophobic metallic surfaces by infrared nanosecond laser surface texturing without using hydrophobic agents. Since this method of surface texturing can be considered as one of the most suitable for various industrial applications, the nature of superhydrophobic state of surfaces produced by laser texturing in the abovementioned paper deserves to be analyzed in detail. Authors of the commented paper attributed the change in wettability to the partial deoxidation of CuO into Cu2O on the surface during storage in atmosphere. However, such interpretation of the results contradicts to the basic notions in the theory of wetting and to more accurate and detailed data. In our Comment we discuss these contradictions point by point.

  3. Review of Excavating Occaneechi Town: Archaeology of an Eighteenth-Century Indian Village in North Carolina. 1998, edited by R.P. Stephen Davis Jr., Patrick C. Livingood, Trawick Ward, and Vincas P. Steponaitis. University of North Carolina Press. ISBN 0-8078-6503-6 [CD-ROM

    Jonathan Bateman


    Full Text Available The CD-ROM Excavating Occaneechi Town: Archaeology of an Eighteenth-Century Indian Village in North Carolina has become a familiar site on my desk in the last few months. Not, I admit, because I have been avidly scouring its content on a regular basis, but because I have been putting off writing this review. A wealth of information can be an intimidating thing.

  4. LHCb support team - technical

    Rademakers, F


    Pictures 1-4: Cédric Fournier Pictures 5-7: Patrick Vallet Pictures 8-11: Franck Lamour, Patrick Vallet, Bernard Chadaj, Gérard Decreuse, Cédric Fournier and Bernard Corajod Pictures 12-15: Franck Lamour Pictures 16-18: Bernard Chadaj Pictures 19-22: Bernard Corajod and Gérard Decreuse

  5. From Diagnosis, to Life Saving Therapy, to Hollywood: The Journey of John Crowley

    Apel, Laura


    In February of 2000, "Exceptional Parent" introduced readers to the Crowley family. The author profiled John, Aileen, and their three children: Megan, Patrick, and John Jr. They told "Exceptional Parent" that in 1998 both Megan and Patrick were diagnosed with Pompe disease, a progressive, multisystemic, debilitating, and often fatal muscular…

  6. 75 FR 55799 - Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing


    ... licensing. Licensing Contact: Patrick P. McCue, PhD, (301) 435-5560; [email protected] . Collaborative... Reference No. E-051-2010/0-US-01). Licensing Status: Available for licensing. Licensing Contact: Patrick P... for the brain tumors or brain cancers indentified as gliomas, glioblastomas, or astrocytomas. This...

  7. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. PATRICK DAS GUPTA. Articles written in Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. Volume 39 Issue 1 February 2018 pp 14 Review. Collapsing supra-massive magnetars: FRBs, the repeating FRB121102 and GRBs · PATRICK DAS GUPTA NIDHI SAINI · More Details ...


    HEALTH & FINANCE. Patrick Thokwa Masobe. Patrick Thokwa Masobe completed his undergraduate studies at Grinnel/. University in the USA, and a Master. Degreefrom the University of London in. 1995. He is wrrently employed by the national Department of Health, where he led the task team charged with making.

  9. 75 FR 11575 - James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant...


    ... Power Plant Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory...), for the operation of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAFNPP) located in Oswego County... the Final Environmental Statement for the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant, Docket No. 50-333...


    PYRIMETHAMINE. I UNCOMPLICATED l'LASMODIUM FA LCIPARUM r IALARIA 3 YEARS AFTER. I TRODUCTION IN. T A:PUMALANGA f uon Mabuza, John Govere, David Durrheim, Nicros . ngomezulu, Barry Bredenkamp, Karen Barnes, Brian ...

  11. 76 FR 59416 - Senior Executive Service Performance Review Board


    ..., William Danelo, Daniel J. Davis, Delia Davis, Robert de Vallance, Brian Dean, Nicole DeVita, Charles Di..., Roberta Stern, Warren Stewart, Sharon Stinnett, Melanie S. Strack, Barbara L. Stroud, Dennie Michael...

  12. The ESL classroom teaching, critical practice, and community development

    Morgan, Brian D


    Brian Morgan uses his own teaching experience in Canada and China to investigate the complexities of teaching English as a second language to those newly arrived in Canada and to suggest ways of becoming a more effective ESL teacher.

  13. National Cyber Expert Addresses ELP Class

    Center for Homeland Defense and Security


    Center for Homeland Defense and Security, PRESS RELEASES Governments, businesses and educational institutions should be making cybersecurity a top priority, a leading expert told a class of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Executive Leaders Program. Brian...

  14. Pekingi kunstielu / Reet Varblane

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Peking nüüdiskunsti keskusena. Hiina rahvuskunsti muuseumist (NAMOC), kultuurikeskusest Factory 798, Punase Värava galeriist (juhataja Brian Wallace), rahvusvahelisest kunstilaagrist BIAC (Beijing International Art Camp), East End Art Village'ist, kaasaja kunsti instituudist jm.

  15. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Mass distributions of a macromolecular assembly based on electrospray ionization mass spectrometric masses of the constituent subunits · Leonid Hanin Brian Green Franck Zal .... pinealocytes of the catfish pineal organ. pp 623-636 Review.

  16. Kasvuhoone külmkapis ja ajareleega termos / Aarne Mäe

    Mäe, Aarne, 1967-


    Priit Verlini muljeid Barcelonast Elektroluxi korraldatud disainiüliõpilaste konkursi Elektrolux Design Lab näituselt. Võitis Metin Kaplan Türgist, teine koht Brian Law Chuanile Singapurist, kolmas koht Eduardo Altamirano Segoviale Mehhikost

  17. Critical Arts

    both formal and informal) in culture and social theory. CRITICAL ARTS aims to challenge and ... Book Review: Brian McNair, An Introduction to Political Communication (3rd edition), London: Routledge, 2003, ISBN 0415307082, 272pp. Phil Joffe ...

  18. 78 FR 17403 - No FEAR Act Notice


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Nancy Burnett, Acting Associate Director of the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, [email protected] , (202) 649-3017; Brian Guy, Manager of EEO Services, [email protected] , (202...

  19. 77 FR 31355 - Environmental Impacts Statements; Notice of Availability


    ...: . EIS No. 20120157, Final EIS, FTA, GA, Tier 1--Atlanta Beltline City of Atlanta..., Review Period Ends: 06/ 25/2012, Contact: Brian Smart 404-865-5600. EIS No. 20120158, Draft EIS, USACE...

  20. Pickwick teatrilaboris / Berk Vaher, Jaak Tomberg

    Vaher, Berk, 1975-


    Brian D. Barnesi ühemeheteatri etendusest "The Pickwickians at Manor Farm" (Charles Dickensi romaani "Pickwick klubi paberid" ainetel) Tallinna Linnateatris 18. okt. ja Tartu Teatrilabori majas 20. okt

  1. On vaid üks võimalik liikumissuund - ülespoole / Boris Tuch

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    Vene Teatri etendustest - W. Shakespeare'i "Kuidas teile meeldib", lavastaja Timofei Sopolev; Brian Frieli "Lõikuspeo tantsud", lavastaja Mihhail Feigin; Aleksandr Ostrovski "Tulus amet", lavastaja Mihhail Tshumatshenko; Anton Tshehhovi jutustuse järgi "Palat nr 6", lavastaja Aljona Aljohhina

  2. Legionnaires’ Disease and Compost


    Dr. Brian Raphael, a CDC research microbiologist, discusses Legionella bacteria in compost.  Created: 9/27/2017 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 9/27/2017.

  3. 78 FR 67218 - Senior Executive Service; Legal Division Performance Review Board


    ..., Benefits Tax Counsel; Himamauli Das, Assistant General Counsel (International Affairs); Margaret Depue... Revenue Service; Lee Kelley, Deputy Benefits Tax Counsel; Robert Neis, Associate Benefits Tax Counsel; Danielle Rolfes, International Tax Counsel; Daniel P. Shaver, Chief Counsel, United States Mint; Brian...



    philosophically consider the moral implication of suicide terrorism with particular .... define terrorism is political rather than theoretical. Brian Berkey (2010) is of ..... elements of relativism to the concept of morality because an. Islamic cleric who ...

  5. HIV/AIDS stigma at the workplace: Exploratory findings from Pakistan

    Sajid Bashir PhD a

    workplace PLHA face abuse by coworkers (Priscilla et al., 2007) and discriminatory ... addressed attitudes towards PLHA in Malaysian Universities. Vest,. Brian and .... context. Since most of women with HIV/AIDS are reluctant to talk about the ...

  6. 77 FR 17116 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus


    ...), Michael R. Miller (PA), Jack L. Phippen (WI), Richard A. Purk (CA), Timothy M. Rearick (PA), Jeremy Simmons (MA), Jack A. Tidey (AK), Brian E. Quick (VA) and Timothy W. Work (NY) from the ITDM requirement...

  7. Kick the Tobacco Habit (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Cigarette smoking continues to decline among U.S. adults. Unfortunately, use of other tobacco products has remained stable or increased. In this podcast, Dr. Brian King discusses the dangers of tobacco use and ways to quit.

  8. Textbook of pharmacoepidemiology

    Strom, Brian L; Kimmel, Stephen E


    ... Pharmacovigilance Reporting Systems, 101 Gerald J. Dal Pan, Marie Lindquist, and Kate Gelperin 8 Overview of Automated Databases in Pharmacoepidemiology, 118 Brian L. Strom 9 Examples of Existing Automated ...

  9. Academy Public Lectures | Public Lectures | Events | Indian ...

    ... Professor and Director, Research Centre for Women's Studies, S. N. D. T. Women's University, Mumbai ... Brian Atwater, US Geological Survey, University of Washington, Seattle, USA ... Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 7 March 2007 ...

  10. 75 FR 55559 - Light-Walled Rectangular Pipe and Tube From Mexico: Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty...


    ... Ukrow (Maquilacero), or John Drury, Brian Davis (Regiopytsa), AD/CVD Operations, Office 7, Import... further discussion, see the ``Level of Trade'' section in the Memorandum to the File, from John Drury and...

  11. Smoking Cessation (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Cigarette smoking remains a leading cause of major health problems and is linked to nearly a half million deaths each year. In this podcast, Dr. Brian King discusses the health risks of smoking and the importance of quitting.

  12. Taking a Dive for a Friend - The Decision to Transfer Nuclear Submarine Technology to Canada

    Brubaker, Gerald L


    .... national security bureaucracy: President Reagan had approved the transfer of U.S.-developed nuclear submarine propulsion technology to Canada and would inform Prime Minister Brian Mulroney during his visit to Washington later that month...

  13. 78 FR 45918 - Application for Presidential Permit; Soule River Hydroelectric Project


    ... accessing the program Web site at , or by emailing Angela Troy at . Issued in Washington, DC, on July 24, 2013. Brian Mills, Director...

  14. 77 FR 1474 - Application To Export Electric Energy; AEP Energy Partners, Inc.


    ... above, by accessing the program Web site at or by emailing Angela Troy at . Issued in Washington, DC on January 4, 2012. Brian Mills, Director, Permitting...

  15. Pop & rock / Berk Vaher

    Vaher, Berk, 1975-


    Uute heliplaatide Redman "Malpractice", Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm "Popstars", Clawfinger "A Whole Lot of Nothing", Dario G "In Full Color", MLTR e. Michael Learns To Rock "Blue Night" lühitutvustused

  16. Therapeutic efficacy of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in uncomplicated ...

    Therapeutic efficacy of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria 3 years after introduction in Mpumalanga. Aaron Mabuza, John Govere, David Durrheim, Nicros Mangomezulu, Barry Bredenkamp, Karen Barnes, Brian Sharp ...

  17. Talking physics in the Twittersphere

    Clegg, Brian


    Physicists have been notoriously slow to jump on the social-media bandwagon. Brian Clegg argues that personal blogs and sites such as Twitter are force for good when communicating science to the public. (1 page)

  18. DVD. Ilu ei sünni patta panna / Kristiina Davidjants

    Davidjants, Kristiina, 1974-


    Lühiarvustus DVDl ilmunud Brian De Palma krimimüsteeriumile "Must daalia" ("The Black Dahlia"; 2006), mis põhineb James Ellroy samanimelisel romaanil, osades Mia Kirsner, Scarlett Johannson, Aaron Eckhart

  19. Dancing at Lughnasa / Jekaterina Kondakova

    Kondakova, Jekaterina


    Brian Frieli "Lõikuspeo tantsud" Vene Teatris, lavastaja Mihhail Feigin Moskvast. Esietendus 16. sept. Näitlejannad Ljubov Agapova, Tatjana Manevskaja, Jelena Tarassenko, Ksenia Agarkova ja Larissa Savankova tutvustavad oma tegelaskujusid. Ajakirja esikaanel kuupäev Detsember 2006/Jaanuar 2007

  20. Järgmisel nädalal algab Veneetsia filmifestival / Andris Feldmanis

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Tänavune Veneetsia filmifestival toimub 30. augustist 9. septembrini. Kuldlõvile kandideerib 20 filmi, žüriid juhib Catherine Deneuve, elutööpreemia saab David Lynch. Festival algab Brian de Palma filmiga "Must daalia"

  1. Allergy and allergic diseases

    Kay, A. B


    ... and Other Tolerogenic Mechanisms in Allergy and Asthma, 83 Catherine Hawrylowicz and Cezmi A. Akdis 5 IgE and IgE Receptors, 103 Brian J. Sutton, Andrew J. Beavil, Rebecca L. Beavil and James Hunt...

  2. 78 FR 59040 - National Institute of General Medical Sciences; Notice of Closed Meeting


    ... Center, 7400 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814. Contact Person: Brian R. Pike, Ph.D., Scientific... Chemistry Research; 93.862, Genetics and Developmental Biology Research; 93.88, Minority Access to Research...

  3. John Malkovich ikka oskab / Kätlin Kaldmaa

    Kaldmaa, Kätlin, 1970-


    Edinburghi filmifestivalil esilinastus "Colour Me Kubrick" (stsenarist Anthony Frewin, režissöör Brian Cook, peaosas John Malkovich) mehest, kes režissööri eluajal 1996.a. esines Stanley Kubrick'una

  4. "Different is nice, but it sure isn't easy": differentiating the spectrum of autism from the spectrum of normalcy.

    Costello, Eileen; Blenner, Stephanie; Augustyn, Marilyn


    Brian is a 15-year-old boy who has been just changed to your practice because of a change in insurance plans. When taking the social history, his parents note that he has "the hardest time relating to other kids." Sometimes he will be in the middle of a conversation with a friend and then discuss tangential topics. His father reports that Brian "...has always been an easy target. He has always been sort of bigger than other kids, but being bigger than other kids, he has a hard time standing up for himself." He seems to expect to be picked on in any new social situation. When Brian likes something, he really goes after it with a passion; for example, he is very interested in knowing all about the dynasties in China. His interests are dinosaurs and anime. He is described as "An all-or-nothing type kid" when it comes to his interests. If his father tries to explain to Brian why he would like something done in a particular way, Brian will explode, and at times, he has even tried to shove his father. He does not really have any friends. His mother finds it hard knowing that Brian cannot make friends because he "is the sweetest kid you will ever meet." Brian sometimes thinks he needs to master things right away. He is not very good at abstract thinking, and "he can't think outside of the box." Eye contact has always been something that has been difficult for Brian as well. He can sit in front of the TV watching a show and repeat the entire series word for word. His parents initially had concerns about Brian, when he was 3 or 4 years old. After a specialty evaluation, he was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. He is currently starting the 10th grade this year. Brian was born at 9 months, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces. There were no complications. He was treated with stimulants for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in the past, and he is currently on a long-acting amphetamine with equivocal efficacy. The parents

  5. Topology Control in Aerial Multi-Beam Directional Networks


    Topology Control in Aerial Multi-Beam Directional Networks Brian Proulx, Nathaniel M. Jones, Jennifer Madiedo, Greg Kuperman {brian.proulx, njones...significant interference. Topology control (i.e., selecting a subset of neighbors to communicate with) is vital to reduce the interference. Good topology ...underlying challenges to topology control in multi-beam direction networks. Two topology control algorithms are developed: a centralized algorithm

  6. Cryomilling of Thermoplastic Powder for Prepreg Applications


    Cryomilling of Thermoplastic Powder for Prepreg Applications by Brian Parquette, Anit Giri, Daniel J. O’Brien, Sarah Brennan, Kyu Cho, and...MD 21005-5066 ARL-TR-6591 September 2013 Cryomilling of Thermoplastic Powder for Prepreg Applications Brian Parquette and Sarah Brennan...COVERED (From - To) 1 March 2012–30 May 2013 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Cryomilling of Thermoplastic Powder for Prepreg Applications 5a. CONTRACT

  7. Understanding the Anti-Access and Area Denial Threat: An Army Perspective


    65Van Tol, et al, 32-40. 66Eric V. Larson, Derek Eaton, Paul Elrick, Theodore Karasik, Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy...Davis, Lynn E., Stacie L. Pettyjohn, Melanie W. Sisson, Stephen M. Worman, and Michael J. McNerney. US Overseas Military Presence: What are the...Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy, and John Zavadil. Assuring Access in Key Strategic Regions: Toward a Long-Term Strategy

  8. Rotorcraft Brownout Advanced Understanding, Control, and Mitigation


    Sciences • W. Brian Dade, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Earth Sciences • Benoit Cushman Roisin, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering Iowa State University...Characterization of Rotor Wake in Ground Effect,” AIAA Re- gion I- MA Student Paper Conference, Ithaca, NY, April 2014. (Awarded 1st place in the Graduate...Associated With Impinging Rotorwash Investigator(s): W. Brian Dade, Benoit Cushman Roisin Institution/Department: Dartmouth College/Earth Sciences

  9. An Automated Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF)-Based Nowcasting System: Software Description


    14. ABSTRACT A Web service /Web interface software package has been engineered to address the need for an automated means to run the Weather Research...An Automated Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF)- Based Nowcasting System: Software Description by Stephen F. Kirby, Brian P. Reen, and...Based Nowcasting System: Software Description Stephen F. Kirby, Brian P. Reen, and Robert E. Dumais Jr. Computational and Information Sciences

  10. Den russiske politistat

    Skak, Mette


    Anmeldelse af hhv. Yevgenia Albats: State within a State. The KGB and its Hold on Russia ...New York 1994 og Brian Taylor: State Building in Putin's Russia. Policing and Coercion after Communism, Cambridge 2011......Anmeldelse af hhv. Yevgenia Albats: State within a State. The KGB and its Hold on Russia ...New York 1994 og Brian Taylor: State Building in Putin's Russia. Policing and Coercion after Communism, Cambridge 2011...

  11. "Man skal altid gå tilbage til en fuser"

    Larsen, Steen Nepper


    Anmeldelse af Center for Vild Analyse. Brian Benjamin Hansen, Rasmus Ugilt, Steen Thykjær, Kasper Porsgaard, Henrik Jøker Bjerre: Særklasse. Den tøvende revolution, Informations Forlag, 2012, 203 sider......Anmeldelse af Center for Vild Analyse. Brian Benjamin Hansen, Rasmus Ugilt, Steen Thykjær, Kasper Porsgaard, Henrik Jøker Bjerre: Særklasse. Den tøvende revolution, Informations Forlag, 2012, 203 sider...

  12. FTIR Analyses of Hypervelocity Impact Deposits: DebriSat Tests


    DEPT SPACE MATERIALS LABORATORY ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY GROUP Shant Kenderian, DIRECTOR DEPT MATERIALS PROCESSING DEPT SPACE MATERIALS LABORATORY...ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY GROUP © The Aerospace Corporation, 2015. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are the property of their respective SECURITY CLASSIFICATION UNCLASSIFIED Brian Roebuck AEDC Norman Fitz-Coy University of Florida nfc

  13. Detection of Naturally Occurring Gear and Bearing Faults in a Helicopter Drivetrain


    Detection of Naturally Occurring Gear and Bearing Faults in a Helicopter Drivetrain by Kelsen E. LaBerge, Eric C. Ames, and Brian D. Dykas...5066 ARL-TR-6795 January 2014 Detection of Naturally Occurring Gear and Bearing Faults in a Helicopter Drivetrain Kelsen E. LaBerge...ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Kelsen E. LaBerge, Eric C. Ames, and Brian D. Dykas 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER

  14. REMOTE SENSING OF CH4 BY COMBINING LIDAR AND OPTICAL CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY : FIRST EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS B. Thomas1, A. Miffre1, G. David1, J.P. Cariou2, P. Rairoux1 1Laboratoire de Spectrométrie Ionique et Moléculaire, CNRS, UMR 5579 Université Lyon 1, 10 rue Ada Byron, 69622 Villeurbanne, France, 2Leosphere France, 14-16 rue Jean Rostand, 91400 Orsay, France,

    Thomas, B.; Miffre, A.; David, G.; Cariou, J.; Rairoux, P.


    In this contribution, we present a new methodology, called OCS-lidar, to remotely evaluate trace gas concentrations in the atmosphere (B. Thomas et al, 2012), as well as the first methane concentration measurements using this methodology. It is based on combining the Optical Correlation Spectroscopy (OCS) method with laser remote sensing technique (lidar). As displayed on figure 1, an Acoustic Optical Programmable Dispersive Filter is coupled with spectrally broadened femtosecond laser pulses to achieve the optical correlation between the emitted laser pulse and the methane absorption cross-section. In a first time, statistical and systematical errors of the OCS-lidar methodology have been evaluated thanks to a numerical model. The detection noise, interfering trace gases, temperature and pressure variations as well as laser pulse-to-pulse fluctuations have been considered. OCS-lidar simulations for methane concentration measurements have been achieved for background concentration (1.5 to 3 ppm), low (tens of ppm) and high sources (hundreds of ppm). Results show that background measurements are possible in the hour range while sources assessment and localization can be achieved in 10 minutes range up to 3 km range. Then, first methane concentration experimental measurements by using the OCS-lidar methodology will be presented. The laser source is an Oscillator Parametric Amplifier with emitting wavelength from 1.1 to 2 μm with 0.2 mJ at 1 kHz repetition rate. An AOPDF is used to generate correlated and non-correlated (or reference) signal. Experimental results on background methane concentration and on remote point source measurements will be presented, showing the achieved sensitivity and accuracy in both geophysical conditions.igure 1. Scheme of the OCS-Lidar principle. A broadened laser source centered on λ0-wavelength, with power spectral density P0, is used to create spectrally shaped power density P0M1 and P0M2, which are respectively correlated and anti-correlated to the target gas absorption cross-section σ(λ), (M1 and M2 are the wavelength dependent AOPDF-transmissions). In the atmosphere, these two emitted laser pulses, which undergo different absorptions due to the target gas presence, methane in our case, give rise to the output OCS-Lidar signals P1 and P2, after collection by a Lidar receiver and detection on an optical detector D.

  15. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available The Atlantic World, 1450-2000, edited by Toyin Falola & Kevin D. Roberts (reviewed by Aaron Spencer Fogleman The Slave Ship: A Human History, by Marcus Rediker (reviewed by Justin Roberts Extending the Frontiers: Essays on the New Transatlantic Slave Trade Database, edited by David Eltis & David Richardson (reviewed by Joseph C. Miller "New Negroes from Africa": Slave Trade Abolition and Free African Settlement in the Nineteenth-Century Caribbean, by Rosanne Marion Adderley (reviewed by Nicolette Bethel Atlantic Diasporas: Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in the Age of Mercantilism, 1500-1800, edited by Richard L. Kagan & Philip D. Morgan (reviewed by Jonathan Schorsch Brother’s Keeper: The United States, Race, and Empire in the British Caribbean, 1937-1962, by Jason C. Parker (reviewed by Charlie Whitham Labour and the Multiracial Project in the Caribbean: Its History and Promise, by Sara Abraham (reviewed by Douglas Midgett Envisioning Caribbean Futures: Jamaican Perspectives, by Brian Meeks (reviewed by Gina Athena Ulysse Archibald Monteath: Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian, by Maureen Warner-Lewis (reviewed by Jon Sensbach Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones, by Carole Boyce Davies (reviewed by Linden Lewis Displacements and Transformations in Caribbean Cultures, edited by Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert & Ivette Romero-Cesareo (reviewed by Bill Maurer Caribbean Migration to Western Europe and the United States: Essays on Incorporation, Identity, and Citizenship, edited by Margarita Cervantes-Rodríguez, Ramón Grosfoguel & Eric Mielants (reviewed by Gert Oostindie Home Cooking in the Global Village: Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to Ecotourists, by Richard Wilk (reviewed by William H. Fisher Dead Man in Paradise: Unraveling a Murder from a Time of Revolution, by J.B. MacKinnon (reviewed by Edward Paulino Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR, and the Jews of Sos

  16. Population Size Estimation of Gay and Bisexual Men and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men Using Social Media-Based Platforms.

    Baral, Stefan; Turner, Rachael M; Lyons, Carrie E; Howell, Sean; Honermann, Brian; Garner, Alex; Hess, Robert; Diouf, Daouda; Ayala, George; Sullivan, Patrick S; Millett, Greg


    proportions to those of older men. There is greater consistency in Facebook estimates of GBMSM compared to UNAIDS-reported estimates across countries. The ability to use social media for epidemiologic and HIV prevention, treatment, and care needs continues to improve. Here, a method leveraging different categories of same-sex interests on Facebook, combined with a specific gay-oriented app (Hornet), demonstrated significantly higher estimates than those officially reported. While there are biases in this approach, these data reinforce the need for multiple methods to be used to count the number of GBMSM (especially in more stigmatizing settings) to better inform mathematical models and the scale of HIV program coverage. Moreover, these estimates can inform programs for those aged 13-17 years; a group for which HIV incidence is the highest and HIV prevention program coverage, including the availability of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), is lowest. Taken together, these results highlight the potential for social media to provide comparable estimates of the number of GBMSM across a large range of countries, including some with no reported estimates. ©Stefan Baral, Rachael M Turner, Carrie E Lyons, Sean Howell, Brian Honermann, Alex Garner, Robert Hess III, Daouda Diouf, George Ayala, Patrick S Sullivan, Greg Millett. Originally published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (, 08.02.2018.

  17. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Globalization and the Po st-Creole Imagination: Notes on Fleeing the Plantation,by Michaeline A. Crichlow with Patricia Northover (reviewed by Raquel Romberg Afro-Caribbean Religions: An Introduction to their Historical, Cultural, and Sacred Traditions, by Nathaniel Samuel Murrell (reviewed by James Houk Africas of the Americas: Beyond the Search for Origins in the Study of Afro-Atlantic Religions, edited by Stephan Palmié (reviewed by Aisha Khan Òrì?à Devotion as World Religion: The Globalization of Yorùbá Religious Culture, edited by Jacob K. Olupona & Terry Rey (reviewed by Brian Brazeal Sacred Spaces and Religious Traditions in Oriente Cuba, by Jualynne E. Dodson (reviewed by Kristina Wirtz The Coolie Speaks: Chinese Indentured Laborers and African Slaves of Cuba, by Lisa Yun (reviewed by W. Look Lai Cuba and Western Intellectuals since 1959, by Kepa Artaraz (reviewed by Anthony P. Maingot Inside El Barrio: A Bottom-Up View of Neighborhood Life in Castro’s Cuba, by Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. (reviewed by Mona Rosendahl On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking During Times of Transition, by Ann Marie Stock (reviewed by Cristina Venegas Cuba in The Special Period: Culture and Ideology in the 1990s, edited by Ariana Hernandez-Reguant (reviewed by Myrna García-Calderón The Cubans of Union City: Immigrants and Exiles in a New Jersey Community. Yolanda Prieto (reviewed by Jorge Duany Target Culebra: How 743 Islanders Took On the Entire U.S. Navy and Won, by Richard D. Copaken (reviewed by Jorge Rodríguez Beruff The World of the Haitian Revolution, edited by David Patrick Geggus & Norman Fiering (reviewed by Yvonne Fabella Bon Papa: Haiti’s Golden Years, by Bernard Diederich (reviewed by Robert Fatton, Jr. 1959: The Year that Inflamed the Caribbean, by Bernard Diederich (reviewed by Landon Yarrington Dominican Cultures: The Making of a Caribbean Society, edited by Bernardo Vega

  18. Ecological Momentary Assessment in Behavioral Research: Addressing Technological and Human Participant Challenges.

    Burke, Lora E; Shiffman, Saul; Music, Edvin; Styn, Mindi A; Kriska, Andrea; Smailagic, Asim; Siewiorek, Daniel; Ewing, Linda J; Chasens, Eileen; French, Brian; Mancino, Juliet; Mendez, Dara; Strollo, Patrick; Rathbun, Stephen L


    completing EMA surveys was high, with 88.3% (66,978/75,888) completion of random assessments and around 90% (23,411/25,929 and 23,343/26,010) completion of time-contingent assessments, despite the duration of EMA data collection and challenges with implementation. This work informed us of the necessary preliminary steps to plan and prepare a longitudinal study using smartphone technology and the critical elements to ensure participant engagement in the potentially burdensome protocol, which spanned 12 months. While this was a technology-supported and -programmed study, it required close oversight to ensure all elements were functioning correctly, particularly once human participants became involved. ©Lora E Burke, Saul Shiffman, Edvin Music, Mindi A Styn, Andrea Kriska, Asim Smailagic, Daniel Siewiorek, Linda J Ewing, Eileen Chasens, Brian French, Juliet Mancino, Dara Mendez, Patrick Strollo, Stephen L Rathbun. Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (, 15.03.2017.

  19. Disconnection of pulmonary and systemic arterial stiffness in COPD

    Weir-McCall JR


    Full Text Available Jonathan R Weir-McCall,1 Patrick SK Liu-Shiu-Cheong,2 Allan D Struthers,1 Brian J Lipworth,2 J Graeme Houston1 1Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Medical Research Institute, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK; 2Scottish Centre for Respiratory Research, Medical Research Institute, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK Background: Both pulmonary arterial stiffening and systemic arterial stiffening have been described in COPD. The aim of the current study was to assess pulse wave velocity (PWV within these two arterial beds to determine whether they are separate or linked processes. Materials and methods: In total, 58 participants with COPD and 21 healthy volunteers (HVs underwent cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI and were tested with a panel of relevant biomarkers. Cardiac MRI was used to quantify ventricular mass, volumes, and pulmonary (pulse wave velocity [pPWV] and systemic pulse wave velocity [sPWV]. Results: Those with COPD had higher pPWV (COPD: 2.62 vs HV: 1.78 ms-1, p=0.006, higher right ventricular mass/volume ratio (RVMVR; COPD: 0.29 vs HV: 0.25 g/mL, p=0.012, higher left ventricular mass/volume ratio (LVMVR; COPD: 0.78 vs HV: 0.70 g/mL, p=0.009, and a trend toward a higher sPWV (COPD: 8.7 vs HV: 7.4 ms-1, p=0.06. Multiple biomarkers were elevated: interleukin-6 (COPD: 1.38 vs HV: 0.58 pg/mL, p=0.02, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (COPD: 6.42 vs HV: 2.49 mg/L, p=0.002, surfactant protein D (COPD: 16.9 vs HV: 9.13 ng/mL, p=0.001, N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (COPD: 603 vs HV: 198 pg/mL, p=0.001, and high-sensitivity troponin I (COPD: 2.27 vs HV: 0.92 pg/mL, p<0.001. There was a significant relationship between sPWV and LVMVR (p=0.01 but not pPWV (p=0.97 nor between pPWV and RVMVR (p=0.27. Conclusion: Pulmonary arterial stiffening and systemic arterial stiffening appear to be disconnected and should therefore be considered independent processes in COPD. Further work is warranted to determine whether both these

  20. Race, identity and the meaning of Jazz in 1940s Britain

    Tackley, Catherine


    During the Blitz, on 8 March 1941, a bomb fell on the Café de Paris, an exclusive London nightclub, just as the Guianaian-born bandleader Ken “Snakehips” Johnson and his West Indian Dance Orchestra were in full swing. Johnson and saxophonist Dave ‘Baba’ Williams were killed in the blast, which also marked the demise of this successful group. The Orchestra was dedicated to reproducing emergent American big band jazz, but contemporary reports (if not extant recorded performances) also suggest t...

  1. The psychological study of anxiety in the era of the Second World War.

    Shapira, Michal


    The mid-twentieth century in Britain ushered in a new age of anxiety with the development of total war and the aerial bombing of civilians. Rather than trying to chart and quantify levels of anxiety and fear on the British home front during the Blitz, this article's goal is to examine how these emotions were conceptualized by psychological experts immediately prior to and during the war. The essay follows the rising problematization of anxiety and fear as new concepts calling for professional knowledge and management. It emphasizes the contribution of psychoanalysts to this development while pointing to gradual change between the two world wars.

  2. The Biological Rhythms Interview of Assessment in Neuropsychiatry in patients with bipolar disorder: correlation with affective temperaments and schizotypy

    Ewa Dopierala

    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the relationship of biological rhythms, evaluated by the Biological Rhythms Interview of Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (BRIAN, with affective temperaments and schizotypy. Methods: The BRIAN assessment, along with the Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris, and San Diego-Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A and the Oxford-Liverpool Inventory for Feelings and Experiences (O-LIFE, was administered to 54 patients with remitted bipolar disorder (BD and 54 healthy control (HC subjects. Results: The TEMPS-A cyclothymic temperament correlated positively and the hyperthymic temperament correlated negatively with BRIAN scores in both the BD and HC groups, although the correlation was stronger in BD subjects. Depressive temperament was associated with BRIAN scores in BD but not in HC; conversely, the irritable temperament was associated with BRIAN scores in HC, but not in BD. Several positive correlations between BRIAN scores and the schizotypal dimensions of the O-LIFE were observed in both BD and HC subjects, especially with cognitive disorganization and less so with unusual experiences and impulsive nonconformity. A correlation with introversion/anhedonia was found only in BD subjects. Conclusion: Cyclothymic and depressive temperaments predispose to disturbances of biological rhythms in BD, while a hyperthymic temperament can be protective. Similar predispositions were also found for all schizotypal dimensions, mostly for cognitive disorganization.

  3. 76 FR 65518 - Prospective Grant of Exclusive License: The Development of a Companion Diagnostic Kit for...


    ... contemplated exclusive license should be directed to: Patrick P. McCue, Ph.D., Licensing and Patenting Manager... has been demonstrated for biliary tract, kidney, lung, and stomach cancers. The prospective exclusive...

  4. 100th meeting of the Governing Board of the CERN Insurance Scheme

    CERN PhotoLab


    M. Corsier sits on the centre. Behind him, first raw, Constantin Tièche, M. Beechten (SBS), and on background, Charles Forman, Patrick Mollet, Cornelis Zilverschoon, Kurt S. Koelbig, M. Houmard (UBS), Roger Hugentobler.

  5. 96 Globalization and Management: Issues and Concepts



    Oct 17, 2010 ... Oseyomon, Ehi Patrick - Department of Business, Admiistration, Faculty of. Management ... attention of scholars apart from economic issues such as trade, labour practices, the ..... Moral Issues in Business. 6th Edition. In C.

  6. 75 FR 38587 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; International Securities Exchange, LLC; Order Approving Proposed...


    ... information on individual limit orders including the order type (buy/ sell), the order price, the order size...); De Fontnouvelle, Patrick, Fishe, Raymond P., and Harris, Jeffrey H., The Behavior of Bid-Ask Spreads...

  7. 75 FR 61501 - Cooperative Agreement To Support Capacity Building Activities Through the World Health...


    ... REQUIREMENTS CONTACT: Program Contact: Patrick McDermott, Division of Animal and Food Microbiology, Center for Veterinary Medicine, Food and Drug Administration, 7519 Standish Pl., Mod II, rm. 1505, Rockville, MD 20855...

  8. Pop / Raul Saaremets

    Saaremets, Raul


    Heliplaatidest: The Horrors "Strange House", Earlies "The Enemy Chorus", Finish Me Off "Seed", Kasabian "Empire", Norah Jones "Not Too Late", Kaiser Chiefs "Yours Truly Angry Mob", Skinny Puppy "Mythmaker", Patrick Wolf "The Magic Position"

  9. 78 FR 60297 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings


    ..., Rockville, MD 20852. Contact Person: Leonid V. Tsap, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific...: Residence Inn Bethesda, 7335 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814. Contact Person: Patrick K Lai, Ph.D...

  10. 78 FR 38352 - Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing


    ...). The invention rat is superior to AD mice models because the rat has a larger sized brain to.... Licensing Contact: Patrick McCue, Ph.D.; 301-435-5560; [email protected] . Collaborative Research...

  11. 75 FR 4571 - Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing


    .... Applications: Therapies for tumors associated with NF1 (including brain and peripheral nervous system tumors...-US-01). Licensing Status: Available for licensing. Licensing Contact: Patrick P. McCue, Ph.D.; 301...

  12. Inflammation of the Penis

    ... Inflammation of the Penis (Balanitis; Posthitis; Balanoposthitis) By Patrick J. Shenot, MD, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair, ... of stimuli to nerves, blood vessels, and the brain. Which of the following happens to blood during ...

  13. 77 FR 293 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings


    .... Contact Person: Patrick K Lai, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific Review, [email protected] . Name of Committee: Brain Disorders and Clinical Neuroscience Integrated Review Group...

  14. Transboundary Water Resources in Southern Africa: Conflict or cooperation?

    Patrick, MJ


    Full Text Available Literature suggests a linkage between internationally shared water resources and conflict potential. Anthony R. Turton, Marian J. Patrick and Frederic Julien examine transboundary water resource management in southern Africa, showing that empirical...

  15. Intertekstualiteit en die Bose in Kroniek van Perdepoort (Anna M. Louw

    E. Linde


    Patrick White is also an author of religious literature to whom Anna M. Louw is attracted by her own admission. His novels. The solid Mandala and Riders in the Chariot are studied, and similarities with Kroniek van Perdepoort indicated.

  16. Briti mütsid, kotid ja kingad kahes galeriis


    Tallinna Kunstihoone galeriis ja Tallinna Linnagaleriis briti moekunstnike aksessuaaride näitus "Satellites of Fashion", kus eksponeeritakse Vivianne Westwoodi, Philip Treacy, Patrick Coxi ja Lulu Guinnessi loodud peakatteid, jalanõusid ja kotte

  17. Kõrged kontsad, kokteilid ja Cosmo / Laurence Lumiere

    Lumiere, Laurence


    Menutelesarja "Seks ja linn" peategelastega samanimelisest mängufilmist (režissöör Michael Patrick King). Seriaali sünniloost, alates ideest produtsent Darren Stari peas ning filmi ja seriaali võrdlusest

  18. A high selectivity quaternized polysulfone membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells

    Abuin, GC


    Full Text Available polysulfone membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells Graciela C. Abuina, Esteban A. Franceschinib, Patrick Nonjolac, Mkhulu K. Mathec, Mmalewane Modibedic, Horacio R. Cortib,* aCentro de Procesos Superficiales, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología...

  19. ESARBICA Journal: Journal of the Eastern and Southern Africa ...

    Socioeconomic determinants of e-government adoption in selected districts of Tanzania · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Mercy Mlay Komba, Patrick Ngulube, 71-82 ...

  20. Sexual Harassment DEOCS 4.1 Construct Validity Summary


    Sexual Harassment DEOCS 4.1 Construct Validity Summary DEFENSE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE...DIRECTORATE OF RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Directed by Dr. Daniel P. McDonald, Executive Director 366 Tuskegee Airmen Drive Patrick AFB

  1. Solar Imagery - Composites - Synoptic Maps - McIntosh

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 1964 (solar cycle 20) Patrick McIntosh began creating hand-drawn synoptic maps of solar activity, based on Hydrogen alpha (H?) imaging measurements. These...

  2. A Post-"Leahy Conditions" Theater Security Cooperation Plan for Indonesia

    Grady, Gregory L


    Currently, Public Law 115, Section 572 of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2002, also known as the "Leahy Conditions" for its sponsor, Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat-Vermont...

  3. The high pressure gas Cerenkov counter at the Omega Facility.


    The high-pressure gas Cerenkov was used to measure reactions as pion (or kaon)- hydrogen --> forward proton - X. It was built by the Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseu). Here Peter Sonderegger and Patrick Fleury,

  4. CQ No. 25

    security in order to identify how best Kenyans can meet their human security needs. * Patrick Mutahi ... internal security. The void has .... and private security companies that bring the otherwise ... for crime and other deviant behaviours but also.

  5. Facts for Features

    Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population groups. FFF: Women's History Month: March 2018 February 15 . Patrick's Day: March 2018 February 06, 2018 To commemorate this day which celebrates all things Irish, the

  6. Emerging technologies: from hindsight to foresight

    Einsiedel, Edna F


    ... Pharmaceuticals in the United States / 120 Patrick A. Stewart 8 Forestalling Liabilities? Stakeholder Participation and Regulatory Development / 138 Stuart Smyth In the Stem Cell Fields 9 When Human Dign...

  7. Jätkub filmisari "Ainult friikidele"


    Filmisarjas "Ainult friikidele" linastub Tallinnas Sõpruse kinos täna ja Tartus Athena Keskuses homme Alain Corneau' kutuslik kriminaalfilm "Serie noir" : Prantsusmaa 1979. Suurepärase rolli teeb Patrick Dewaere



    to reduced mental and physical development of children, hence delayed ... of health and neurocognitive performance of school-age children [2]. ..... Patrick H and TA Nicklas A review of family and social determinants of ... Physiology and.

  9. CTC Sentinel. Volume 1, Issue 7, June 2008. Al-Qa'ida in Iraq: Lessons from the Mosul Security Operation

    Knights, Michael


    ...%. As the result of leadership targeting and the loss of safe havens, Multinational Force Iraq (MNF-I) spokesman Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll characterized AQI and other insurgent groups in Mosul as being "off-balance and on the run."

  10. Eesti Maanteemuuseumis lavastub Roman Baskini käe all "Augustikuu teemaja"

    Veski, Rivo


    Roman Baskini lavastatud komöödia "Augustikuu teemaja" Maanteemuuseumis. Autor John Patrick, mängivad mitmed harrastusteatrite näitlejad, teiste hulgas MTÜ Vilde Teatri liikmed. Peaosas Marko Matvere

  11. Ameerika teatriauhinnad jagatud / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    Ameerika kommertsteatri auhinnad said muusikalid "Spamalot" ja "Valgus Piazzal" ning parima draama preemia Ameerika kirjaniku John Patrick Shanley näidend "Kahtlus". Parima lavastaja Tony sai kuuendat korda Mike Nichols

  12. Kas tunned maad Tobiki rannal? / Veiko Märka

    Märka, Veiko, 1964-


    Roman Baskini lavastatud komöödia "Augustikuu teemaja" Maanteemuuseumis. Autor John Patrick, mängivad mitmed harrastusteatrite näitlejad, teiste hulgas MTÜ Vilde Teatri liikmed. Peaosas Marko Matvere

  13. Komöödia täis Jaapani elutarkust/ Mari Hiiemäe

    Hiiemäe, Mari


    Roman Baskini lavastatud komöödia "Augustikuu teemaja" Maanteemuuseumis. Autor John Patrick, mängivad mitmed harrastusteatrite näitlejad, teiste hulgas MTÜ Vilde Teatri liikmed - peaosas Marko Matvere

  14. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union’s Common Security and Defense Policy: Intersecting Trajectories


    Lieutenant General, Canadian Forces, Canadian Military Repre- sentative to NATO Elizabeth Race, Deputy Defence Policy Advisor, Canadian Joint...Ruehle, Head, Energy Security Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO ( Brus - sels) Patrick Nash, Lieutenant General, Irish Army, for- mer

  15. Kui näitlejal on oma etendus / Margot Visnap

    Visnap, Margot


    Patrick Süskindi "Kontrabass" Vanalinnastuudios, lavastaja Eino Baskin ja Noorsooteatris William Luce'i "Amhersti kaunitar", lavastaja Rudolf Allabert ning Jerome Kilty "Armas luiskaja", näitejuht Kalju Orro

  16. 40 CFR 52.1670 - Identification of plans.


    ... regulations. (x) February 20, 1980, dealing with public hearings to revise Parts 229 and 231 of 6 NYCRR... Corporation. (2) October 17, 1996 letter to Mr. Ted Gardella, EPA from Mr. Patrick Lentlie, supplementing the...

  17. Rethinking technologies

    Conley, Verena Andermatt


    .... Katherine Hayles 11. The Leap and the Lapse: Hacking a Private Site in Cyberspace Alberto Moreiras 12. Telefigures and Cyberspace Patrick Clancy 173 191 207 Works Cited 233 Contributors 241 Index 24...

  18. Integrating biodiversity concepts with good governance to support ...


    Oct 4, 2005 ... support water resources management in South Africa. PJ Ashton1*, MJ Patrick2, HM .... Figure 1 shows that human activities, motivated by a diverse array of goals and .... catchment management strategy. • Legislation is the ...

  19. Metagenome Assembly at the DOE JGI (Metagenomics Informatics Challenges Workshop: 10K Genomes at a Time)

    Chain, Patrick


    Patrick Chain of DOE JGI at LANL, Co-Chair of the Metagenome-specific Assembly session, on Metagenome Assembly at the DOE JGIat the Metagenomics Informatics Challenges Workshop held at the DOE JGI on October 12-13, 2011.

  20. Teater kinos või kino teatris? "Salome" juhtum / Rein Veidemann

    Veidemann, Rein, 1946-


    Ooper kinolinal : Richard Strauss. "Salome". Dirigent Patrick Summers, lavastaja Jürgen Flimm. New Yorgi Metropolitan Opera etenduse otseülekanne 11. oktoobril Tallinna kobarkinos ja Tartu kinos Ekraan

  1. 77 FR 75016 - Guidance Regarding Deduction and Capitalization of Expenditures Related to Tangible Property


    ... Patrick Clinton, Office Associate Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting), (202) 622- 4930 (not a toll... and depreciation reserve of the general asset account, and that reflect the amount realized during the...

  2. An African account of ecosystem service provision: Use, threats and policy options for sustainable livelihoods

    Egoh, Benis N


    Full Text Available -1 Ecosystem Services December 2012/ Vol. 2 An African account of ecosystem service provision: Use, threats and policy options for sustainable livelihoods Benis N. Egoh a, , , , Patrick J. O'Farrellb, Aymen Charefa, Leigh Josephine Gurney a...

  3. Clean Hands Count

    Full Text Available ... Washing Video from CDC called "Put Your Hands Together" - Duration: 3:40. Patrick Boshell 27,834 views ... Policy & Safety Send feedback Test new features Loading... Working... Sign in to add this to Watch Later ...

  4. Pricing American and Asian Options

    Pat Muldowney


    An analytic method for pricing American call options is provided; followed by an empirical method for pricing Asian call options. The methodology is the pricing theory presented in "A Modern Theory of Random Variation", by Patrick Muldowney, 2012.

  5. Zur historischen Aufarbeitung und medialen Vermittlung der Shoah in Italien und Deutschland

    Peter Kuon


    Full Text Available Claudia Müller, Patrick Ostermann und Karl-Siegbert Rehberg, Hrsg., Die Shoah in Geschichte und Erinnerung: Perspektiven medialer Vermittlung in Italien und Deutschland (Bielefeld: transcript, 2015.

  6. Force Protection for Fire Fighters: Warm Zone Operations at Paramilitary Style Active Shooter Incidents in a Multi-Hazard Environment as a Fire Service Core Competency


    Attacks,” Der Speigel, July 25, 2011,,1518,776437,00.html 114 “Profile: Anders Behring Breivik ,” BBC...144 Patrick Donovan, “Puyallup Fire & Rescue’s Response to Active School Shooting Incident,” National Fire Academy (July 2008): 24, 26, 49...Learn Them.” Homeland Security Affairs Journal II, no. 2 (July 2006): 11. Donovan, Patrick . “Puyallup Fire & Rescue’s Response to Active School

  7. UNSC’s Expansion: Prospects for Change and Implications for the Regions and the World


    Security Council Reform? Lesson for and from Institutional Theory ,” in Multilateralism and Security Institutions in an Era of Globalization, politics.153 151 Voeten, Why no U.N. Security Council Reform? Lesson for and from Institutional ... Theory , 289. 152 McDonald and Patrick, Security Council Enlargement and U. S. Interests, 4. 153 McDonald and Patrick, Security Council Enlargement

  8. Ada 9X Project Revision Request Report. Supplement 1


    SYNCHRONIZATION POINTS OF A TASK DATE: August 8, 1989 NAME: Patrick de Bondeli ADDRESS: CR2A, 19 Avenue Dubonnet 92411 - COURBEVOIE - CEDEX, FRANCE the parent task. Evaluating the attributes TERMINATED or CALLABLE - Giovini and Zucca (1986) consider them as synchronization points, but we do not...Elena. An Analysis of Ada Tasking December 1986. Companion paper of the Ada Formal Definition Sponsored by the European Commission. De Bondeli , Patrick

  9. Books Noted

    Walsh, Edward J.


    The Colloidal Domain: Where Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Technology Meet, 2nd edition D. Fennell Evans and Hakan Wennerstroem. Advances in Interfacial Engineering Series. Wiley-VCH: New York, 1999. xl + 632 pp. ISBN 0-471-24247-0. 89.95. Commercial Nuclear Power: Assuring Safety for the Future Charles B. Ramsey and Mohammed Modarres. Wiley-Interscience: New York, 1998. xxviii + 508 pp. ISBN 0-471-29186-2. 79.95. Advances in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol. 4 Bruce E. Maryanoff and Allen B. Reitz, Eds. JAI Press: Stamford, CT, 1999. ISBN 1-7623-0064-7. 109.50. Advances in Strained and Interesting Organic Molecules, Vol. 7 Brian Halton, Ed. JAI Press: Stamford, CT, 1999. xii + 259 pp. ISBN 0-7623-0530-4. 109.50. Advances in Electron Transfer Chemistry, Vol. 6 Patrick S. Mariano, Ed. JAI Press: Stamford, CT, 1999. x + 171 pp. ISBN 0-7623-0213-5. 109.50. Automating Science and Engineering Laboratories with Visual Basic Mark F. Russo and Martin M. Echols. Wiley-Interscience Series on Laboratory Automation. Wiley-Interscience: New York, 1999. xx + 355 pp. ISBN 0-471-25493-2. 49.95. Plantwide Process Control Kelvin T. Erickson and John L. Hedrick. Wiley Series in Chemical Engineering. Wiley-Interscience: New York, 1999. xii + 547 pp. ISBN 0-471-17835-7. 89.95. Heme Peroxidases H. Brian Dunford. Wiley-VCH: New York, 1999. xiii + 507 pp. ISBN 0-471-24244-6. 195.00. Industrial Ecology: Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Wastes Stanley E. Manahan. Lewis: Boca Raton, FL, 1999. 318 pp. ISBN 1-56670-381-6. 69.95. Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 13 Kenny B. Lipkowitz and Donald B. Boyd. Wiley-VCH: New York, 1999. xxxiii + 426 pp. ISBN 0-471-33135-x. 135.00. Surfaces, Interfaces, and Colloids: Principles and Applications, 2nd edition Drew Myers. Wiley-VCH: New York, 1999. xx + 501 pp. ISBN 0-471-33060-4. 94.95. Onium Ions George A. Olah, Kenneth K. Laali, Qi Wang, and G. K. Surya Prakash. Wiley-Interscience: New York, 1998. xv + 509 pp. ISBN 0-471-14877-6. 110

  10. Is a SIMPLe smartphone application capable of improving biological rhythms in bipolar disorder?

    Hidalgo-Mazzei, Diego; Reinares, María; Mateu, Ainoa; Juruena, Mario F; Young, Allan H; Pérez-Sola, Víctor; Vieta, Eduard; Colom, Francesc


    Biological rhythms (BR) disturbance has been suggested as a potential mediator of mood episodes in Bipolar Disorder (BD). The Biological Rhythms Interview of Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (BRIAN) was designed as an assessment tool to evaluate BR domains comprehensively. In the context of a trial evaluating a smartphone application delivering personalized psychoeducational contents for BD (SIMPLe 1.0), the main aim of this study is to evaluate the potential impact of SIMPLe 1.0 in BR regulation using the BRIAN scale. 51 remitted BD patients were asked to use the application for 3 months. Paired t-test analyses were employed to compare baseline and follow-up BRIAN´s total and domains scores. The sample was divided into completers and non-completers of the study to evaluate differences between groups regarding BRIAN scores using ANCOVA analyses. The BRIAN's mean total score of the whole sample significantly decreased from baseline to post-intervention (35.89 (SD 6.64) vs. 31.18 (SD 6.33), t = 4.29, p = 0.001). At post-intervention, there was a significant difference between groups regarding the total BRIAN mean score (29.47 (SD 6.21) completers vs. 35.92 (SD 3.90) non-completers, t = 2.50, p = 0.02). This difference was maintained after conducting a one-way ANCOVA controlling for pre-intervention BRIAN scores, F (1, 46) = 10.545, p=0.002. A limited sample, pre-post measures, and a short study timeframe could have affected the results. Additional factors affecting BR, such as medication, could not be ruled out. Our results suggest that there are potential positive effects of a psychoeducational smartphone application as an adjunctive to treatment as usual on BD patients' BR. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  11. In-situ IR monitoring of the formation of Zr-fumarate MOF

    Ren, Jianwei


    Full Text Available monitoring of the formation of Zr-fumarate MOF Authors: Jianwei Ren, Nicholas M. Musyoka, Henrietta W. Langmi, Brian C. North, Mkhulu Mathe, Wan Pang, Mingjie Wang, Joseph Walker PII: S0169-4332(17)30296-9 DOI: Reference: APSUSC 35066 To appear in: APSUSC Received date: 21-9-2016 Revised date: 20-1-2017 Accepted date: 25-1-2017 Please cite this article as: Jianwei Ren, Nicholas M.Musyoka, Henrietta W.Langmi, Brian C.North, Mkhulu Mathe, Wan Pang, Mingjie Wang...

  12. A survey of radial velocities in the zodiacal dust cloud

    May, Brian Harold


    The Zodiacal Light, that misty diffuse cone of light seen in the West after Sunset and the East before Sunrise, is a beautiful and intriguing phenomenon. Even though everyone can enjoy the sight from a suitably dark location, it is poorly understood, and has been the subject of relatively little research. Brian May began his research into the subject in 1970, and was finally awarded his PhD in 2007, after a hiatus of more than 30 years pursuing his other career as guitarist with his rock band Queen. This book is Brian 's thesis, and as such presents the results of his research for astronomers.

  13. The Strategic Defense Initiative. Issues and Implications for the Atlantic Alliance.


    Schwartz (Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 1984), p. 41. 10 Ibid., pp. 41-42. 11 Ibid., pp. 332-333. 12 Barash, p. 142. 13 Brian Green , "The...Initiative. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1986. Freedman, Lawrence. Arms Control-Management or Reform? Chatham House Papers 31. London: Routledge and Kegan ...Delusions." Policy Review. (Summer 1986) : pp. 48-53. Green , Brian. "The New Case For Civil Defense." The Heritage Foundation Backgrounder. No. 377, August 29

  14. Redesigning Strategy for Irregular War: Improving Strategic Design for Planners and Policymakers to Help Defeat Groups Like the Islamic State


    Represent a Threat to the United States?,” The Hill, 03 October 2014; Brian Michael Jenkins , “What Could U.S. Boots on the Ground Do in Iraq and...Syria?,” Defense One, 15 October 2014; Brian Michael Jenkins , “Any review of Syria and Iraq strategy needs realistic reappraisal,” The Hill, 28 September...recalls his effort to help General Henri E. Navarre describe end states in the war to preserve French control of what was then Indochina:29 When

  15. Influence of French Air Power Strategy in the European Union’s Military Operations in Africa (2003-2009)


    Patrick Facon, Histoire de l’Armée de l’Air, provides the context of French operations in Africa in the broadest history of the French Air Force. 3 In...during the 2000s, including its 3 Patrick Facon, Histoire de L’armée de L’air (Paris: La...34, 8. 5 Facon, Histoire de L’armée de L’air, 451. 6 Facon, Histoire de L’armée de L’air, 458. The third phase began in 1994 after the Rwanda

  16. グローカリィティ研究の課題 : ゲディスとウォード&デュボス

    藤川, 哲


    “Think Globally, Act Locally” is now a very popular phrase. Wikipedia on the internet tells that the original form of it :“Think Global, Act Local” has been attributed to Scots town planner and social activist Patrick Geddes. Walter Stephen, who is the Chairman of the Sir Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust, edited an anthology Think Global, Act Local (2004) and says that Geddes coined the mantra in his Cities in Evolution (1915). But the word “global” does not appear in the book. Geddes insisted b...

  17. Epigenetic Mediation of Endocrine and Immune Response in an Animal Model of Gulf War Illness


    PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Patrick McGowan, PhD CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 1A1 REPORT DATE: October 2016...Illness 5b. GRANT NUMBER W81XWH-14-1-0550 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER Patrick O. McGowan, PhD, Gordon Broderick, PhD, James O’Callaghan, PhD...chromatin modifications in peripheral blood and the brain (specifically hippocampus and prefrontal cortex) in order to pursue a mechanistic understanding

  18. Defending Norway and the Northern Flank: Analysis of NATO’s Strategic Options.


    22a NAME OF RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL 22b TELEPHONE (Include Area Code) 22c OFFICE SYMBOL Prof. Patrick J. Parker 646-2097 56 DV C")RM 1473,s84 MAt 53...34Roy Breivik , Assuring the Security of Reinforcements to Norway," NATO s Fifteen Nations, special issue no. 2 (1982), pp. 66 67. 22...Analyses 1 2000 North Beauregard Street P.O. Box 11280 Alexandria, Virginia 22311 5. Professor Patrick J. Parker, Code 56Pr 1 4 Department of National

  19. Kommunen er død - længe leve den digitale disruption

    Andersen, Kim Normann


    "New Public Management is Dead. Long Live the Digital Era." Sådan proklamerede Patrick Donleavy digitaliseringens muligheder i en banebrydende artikel fra 2005. Med en omskrivning af dette citat til "Kommunen er død, længe leve den digitale disruption", er ballet åbnet for denne artikel......."New Public Management is Dead. Long Live the Digital Era." Sådan proklamerede Patrick Donleavy digitaliseringens muligheder i en banebrydende artikel fra 2005. Med en omskrivning af dette citat til "Kommunen er død, længe leve den digitale disruption", er ballet åbnet for denne artikel....

  20. On Quality Intensification Expression Means in German And Lithuanian

    Ernesta Račienė


    Full Text Available The paper presents the analysis of German Adjectives’ derivational means, which intensify the meaning of quality, and which are compared with functional equivalents in Lithuanian. The intensification of quality is treated as the functional semantic category, implemented in various language levels. This semantics may be expressed morphologically, by lexical and syntactic means, as well as by stress and intonation. The German language has many first components of compound adjectives, representing the intensification of quality, such as: stock-, blitz-, hoch-, brand-, grund-, etc. The rendering function of this semantics is typical of German adjectives prefixes erz-, ur- as well as prefixes of foreign origin super-, ultra-, extra-, mega-, hyper-, top-. In the Lithuanian language, the intensifying meaning of quality is realized by syntactic com-pounds, while on the morphological level it can be conveyed by diminutive suffixes. The paper presents the comparison of German and Lithuanian quality intensification expression means in order to highlight typological similarities and differences.

  1. An entropic barriers diffusion theory of decision-making in multiple alternative tasks.

    Diego Fernandez Slezak


    Full Text Available We present a theory of decision-making in the presence of multiple choices that departs from traditional approaches by explicitly incorporating entropic barriers in a stochastic search process. We analyze response time data from an on-line repository of 15 million blitz chess games, and show that our model fits not just the mean and variance, but the entire response time distribution (over several response-time orders of magnitude at every stage of the game. We apply the model to show that (a higher cognitive expertise corresponds to the exploration of more complex solution spaces, and (b reaction times of users at an on-line buying website can be similarly explained. Our model can be seen as a synergy between diffusion models used to model simple two-choice decision-making and planning agents in complex problem solving.

  2. “This fabulous flotsam”: Michael Moorcock’s Urban Anthropology in “London under London”

    Houswitschka Christoph


    Full Text Available Michael Moorcock is often described as “one of the most prolific and varied writers working in Britain” (Malcolm 146. His success as a writer and editor of science fiction and fantasy literature is well established, but he is also the author of two novels about London, Mother London (1988 and King of the City (2000. Hardly known, Mother London by Michael Moorcock, offers itself to a variety of approaches that have been widely discussed in the context of studies on English literature during the Thatcher years, post-modernism, and psycho-geography. The novel resonates with the author’s own childhood in war-time London without being autobiographical. It tells the story of three Londoners who were traumatised during the Blitz. The following article focuses on the mysteries of subterranean London that represents the hidden and unconscious identities of its inhabitants in the post-war period.

  3. [Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) and the "wound shock"].

    Gentili, Marc E


    Ludwig Wittgenstein was born in 1889 in Vienna. As a scholar in Cambdrige University, his philosophical achievements are still major regarding the foundations of mathematics and language. In 1939, he took a job as a porter at London Guys' Hospital then under the Blitz. Wittgenstein met Drs. Grant and Reeve who worked in a dedicated "traumatic shock" under the auspices of the Medical Research Council unit, a unit which then moved to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle; Wittgenstein followed them as a technician and improved the preparation of fine pieces of histology fixed by paraffin. He also invented a new device to record pulse pressure and paradoxical pulse search in laboratory rats. At the end of the war, he returned to Cambridge until 1949 and died in 1951.




    Full Text Available Analyzed form outside, many actions of the economical agent seem to be impulse by the self interest. As a prototype of this kind of person we have the Homo economicus as Adam Smith described it. In a blitz portrait we identify some characteristics: he is perfect rational, perfect egoist, perfect free, perfect competitive and perfect social. The aim of this research is to permute the barycentre from Homo economicus based on self interest, to Homo generosus, based on social responsibility. As a support we have used the prison dilemma to illustrate the roll of cooperation instead self interest. This new coordination will be analyzed to the level of ethical system. Homo economicus is identified in ethics of consequences and the homo generosus in ethics of duty. In my vision, the prototype of homo generosus, is delineated under Kant's categorical imperative: respectful, based on principles as subject and sovereign.


    Vinicius Mitsuo Kojima Campos


    Full Text Available The competitive scenario requires organizational strategies increasingly elaborated, creating the need of companies to structure their management models in order to absorb these conflicts generated by competition. The manufacturing area is financially affecting deeply the company's results, thus process improvement comes as the organization's survival guideline, and the rationalization of waste without the need for high investments, shown a great competitive alternative. The application of Kaizen event seeks to measure the benefits generated by the implementation of the philosophy of lean manufacturing, working setup aspects of machinery, the manufacturing process flow, reduced delivery lead-time and inventory process. The Kaizen Blitz was applied in a production cell of stamping and spirt processes. The obtained major improvements have been the reduction of machine setup time, reducing lead-time of item processing, the material flow within the production cell, and creating conditions for a more flexible management of the production schedule.

  6. Making sense out of the emerging complexity inherent in professional development

    Prodromou, Theodosia; Robutti, Ornella; Panero, Monica


    This paper reports on a study of the process of professional development for mathematics teachers. The analysis connects two theoretical frameworks: the Meta-Didactical Transposition model developed by Arzarello et al. (2014), which describes the macro level, and, at the micro level, the idea of emergence, which has been around since at least the time of Aristotle and has been defined by Mill (1843), Lewes (1875), Blitz (1992), Huxley and Huxley (1947) and many others. The meta-didactical transposition model considers the evolution of teachers' practices as part of a community process, while the notion of emergence helps us to gain better insights into the details of the practices of individual teachers. This paper focuses on secondary school teachers' learning of new digital technologies to illuminate this theoretical framework.

  7. An empirical method for dynamic camouflage assessment

    Blitch, John G.


    As camouflage systems become increasingly sophisticated in their potential to conceal military personnel and precious cargo, evaluation methods need to evolve as well. This paper presents an overview of one such attempt to explore alternative methods for empirical evaluation of dynamic camouflage systems which aspire to keep pace with a soldier's movement through rapidly changing environments that are typical of urban terrain. Motivating factors are covered first, followed by a description of the Blitz Camouflage Assessment (BCA) process and results from an initial proof of concept experiment conducted in November 2006. The conclusion drawn from these results, related literature and the author's personal experience suggest that operational evaluation of personal camouflage needs to be expanded beyond its foundation in signal detection theory and embrace the challenges posed by high levels of cognitive processing.

  8. Run for cover now or later? The impact of premiums, threats and deadlines on private health insurance in Australia.

    Ellis, Randall P; Savage, Elizabeth


    Between 1997 and 2000 the Australian government introduced three policy reforms that aimed to increase private health insurance coverage and reduce public hospital demand. The first provided income-based tax incentives; the second gave an across-the-board 30% premium subsidy; and the third introduced selective age-based premium increases for those enrolling after a deadline. Together the reforms increased enrolment by 50% and reduced the average age of enrollees. The deadline appeared to induce consumers to enroll now rather than delay. We estimate a model of individual insurance decisions and examine the effects of the reforms on the age and income distribution of those with private cover. We interpret the major driver of the increased enrollment as a response to a deadline and an advertising blitz, rather than a pure price response.

  9. Who Are We and Where Are We Going? Reflections on Counseling Services' Scope of Care

    Eells, Gregory T.


    A recent article in the "Chronicle of Higher Education" by Brian Van Brunt (2012) and a follow-up article by M. David Rudd (2012) have raised questions for college and university mental health professionals. Van Brunt takes the position that college counselors should broaden their scope of care and work with more difficult students, no matter how…

  10. The NSET Subcommittee | Nano

    key NNI activities that will benefit from focused interagency attention. To learn more about this Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH/CDC) Charles L. Geraci Vladimir V. Murashov National Charles Ying Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Brian Thomas* U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA

  11. Comparing rat and rabbit embryo-fetal developmental toxicity data for 379 pharmaceuticals: on systemic dose and developmental effects

    Peter T. Theunissen; Bruce Beyer; Sonia Beken


    And co-authors William J. Breslin, Gregg D. Cappon, Connie L. Chen, Gary Chmielewski, Luc de Schaepdrijver, Brian Enright, Jennifer E. Foreman, Wafa Harrouk, Kok-Wah Hew, Alan M. Hoberman, Julia Y. Hui, Thomas B. Knudsen, Susan B. Laffan, Susan L. Makris, Matthew Martin, Mary Ellen McNerney,

  12. Huntidega Kanadasse lumme müttama


    Whitbread'i kirjanduspreemia vahetas alanud aastal sponsorit. Kuulutati välja Costa kirjandusauhinna võitjad viies kategoorias. Debüütromaani auhinna võitis Stef Penney romaaniga "The tenderness of wolves". Romaani auhind läks William Boydile, elulooauhind Brian Thompson'ile, luuleauhind John Haynes'ile, auhind parima lasteraamatu eest Linda Newbery'le

  13. Who Do You Think You Are?

    Banerji, Shilpa


    Harvard psychologist Dr. Mahzarin R. Banaji is helping explore the world of subconscious bias with the Implicit Association Test (IAT). Banaji teamed up with fellow psychology professors Dr. Anthony Greenwald of the University of Washington and Dr. Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia to develop the IAT. The IAT was created as a tool to…

  14. Abstracts of Manuscripts Submitted in 1988 for Publication


    Brian E. Tucholke and Elazar Uchupi ....................... GG-1 Tide Gauges of India K.O. Emery and D.G. Aubrey...GG-15 Radiolarian Biostratigraphy in the Central Indian Ocean, Ocean Drilling Project Leg 115 David A. Johnson...GG-16 PETROLOGY Abyssal Peridotites, Very-slow Spreading Ridges and Ocean Ridge Magmatism Henry

  15. New England Wind Forum: A Wind Powering America Project, Volume 1, Issue 4 -- May 2008 (Newsletter)

    Grace, R. C.; Gifford, J.


    The New England Wind Forum electronic newsletter summarizes the latest news in wind energy development activity, markets, education, and policy in the New England region. It also features an interview with a key figure influencing New England's wind energy development. Volume 1, Issue 4 features an interview with Brian Fairbank, president and CEO of Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort.

  16. Odna shpionskaja semja, ne sttshitaja prizrakov v dzhungljahh / Jevgeni Levik

    Levik, Jevgeni


    Brian De Palma erootiline põnevusfilm "Saatuslik naine", Robert Rodriguez'e koguperefilm "Väikesed spioonid 2", animafilm "Džungliraamat", režissöör Steve Trenbirth, õudusfilm "Kummituslaev", režissöör Steve Beck

  17. Multiculturalism and Equal Treatment: Scope and Limits of the ...

    In this paper, I examine the scope and limits of Brian Barry's uniform treatment approach to cultural differences through a critical assessment of its two main arguments. The first maintains that under a regime of institutions serving legitimate public purposes, equal opportunity is an objective state of affairs, and religious or ...

  18. The Mcdonaldization of Academic Libraries and the Values of Transformational Change

    Nicholson, Karen P.


    In his article "The McDonaldization of Academic Libraries?" Brian Quinn explores to what extent and to what effect academic libraries have become "McDonaldized," according to the concept developed by sociologist George Ritzer. Quinn identifies a number of ways in which the four dimensions of…

  19. Teateid tulevikuköögist / Margit Aedla

    Aedla, Margit, 1970-


    Electroluci 2006. a. disainiauhinna pälvinud ideetooted: I koht - innovaatiline toiduhoidja Nevale, Metin Kaplan, II - infrapunatehnoloogial põhinev Organic Cook, Brian Law, III - energiasäästlik ja informatiivne pliit Vessto, Eduardo Altamirano, finaali jõudnud töö - maitsetaimede inkubaator HydroSphera

  20. 76 FR 42055 - Data Availability Concerning Transport Rule Allowance Allocations to Existing Units


    ... concerning this action should be addressed to Brian Fisher, telephone (202) 343-9633, and e- mail [email protected] , Michael Cohen, telephone (202) 343-9497 and e-mail [email protected] , or Robert Miller, telephone (202) 343.9077, and e-mail [email protected] . The mailing address for the...

  1. A Game Theoretic Model for the Optimal Disposition of Integrated Air Defense System Assets


    fellows of Miami Valley Philosophical and Lifting Society v Acknowledgements I want to thank LTC Brian J. Lunday and Lt Col Matthew J. Robbins for...on the defender’s valuation of tar- gets. However, if we assume that Hamas, the attacker, knows the layout of Israel’s defense, they may attack

  2. Advancement of High Resolution Radar Polarimetry in Target Verses Clutter Detection, Discrimination, Classification: A. Basic Theory and Modeling of Polarimetric Clutter Phenomenology.


    Bio . data available upon request) Mr. Brian D. James, Ph.D. (candidate) Computer Data Processing Engineer Responsible for supervising UIC-.EECS/CL and surrounding parks such as the Bell Tower, the marvellous Shaanxi Prcvincial Museum with its impressive forest of steles and stone carvings

  3. Into the Mystic?

    Carter, Dale


    Between 1964 and 1967 the music of The Beach Boys underwent significant change, not least in relation to its thematic profile and textual content. During the early years of the group’s recording career chief songwriter Brian Wilson had, alone and in association with a number of lyricists, address...

  4. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology - Vol 89, No 1 (2018)

    Habitat variables associated with encounters of Hottentot Buttonquail Turnix hottentottus during flush surveys across the Fynbos biome · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Alan TK Lee, Dale R Wright, Brian Reeves, 13-18 ...

  5. Overcoming Dyslexia in Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Third Edition.

    Jordan, Dale R.

    This book aims to interpret recent research on dyslexia into practical information for those who work with individuals with dyslexia. Chapter 1 summarizes new information about how genetic codes determine brian development and how differences in brain structure cause dyslexia. Chapter 2 explains the perceptual and emotional nature of dyslexia.…

  6. Pure Indulgence : Ireland's Top Chefs and Cocktail Experts Reveal the Secrets of Creating with Baileys

    R. & A. Bailey


    Published by A & A Farmar , Beech House, 18 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6 in 2000. Recipes tested by Alacoque Meehan, photography by Walter Pfeiffer, Declan Shanahan & Brian Daly. Designed and set at Cobalt. Printed and bound by Betaprint. 142 p., col.ill.,24 cm.

  7. A New Teacher's Plea

    Jones, Brian K.


    New teachers are often too overwhelmed by their new responsibilities to be the effective teachers they wish to be. Brian K. Jones, a new teacher who loves his job but still thinks of quitting at least once a month, says that teachers need a more comprehensive system of supports before and after they enter the classroom. Such a system would include…

  8. Literacy as Value: Cultural Capital in Barbara Bush's Foundation for Family Literacy

    Westmoreland, Brandi Davis


    Many different views of literacy exist. In my study, I make use of Brian V. Street's two major models of literacy--the autonomous and the ideological. These models show contrasting views of literacy and are based on very different assumptions. I examine the views of literacy prevalent in family literacy campaigns, with special focus on Barbara…

  9. Probable Unusual Transmission of Zika Virus

    This podcast discusses a study about the probable unusual transmission of Zika Virus Infection from a scientist to his wife, published in the May 2011 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases. Dr. Brian Foy, Associate Professor at Colorado State University, shares details of this event.

  10. A double-blind placebo controlled trial of paroxetine in the ...

    A double-blind placebo controlled trial of paroxetine in the management of social phobia (social anxiety disorder) in South Africa. Dan J. Stein, Michael Berk, Charl Els, Robin A. Emsley, Leon Gittelson, Don Wilson, Rosemary Oakes, Brian Hunter ...

  11. Pet Rodents and Fatal Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis in Transplant Patients

    Three organ transplant recipients died from infection with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV), which was traced back to a hamster owned by the daughter of the organ donor. Dr. Brian Amman, a mammalogist with the Special Pathogens Branch at CDC, discusses the dangers LCMV may pose to people with immune disorders, as well as to pregnant women.

  12. The Effectiveness of an Interactive Map Display in Tutoring Geography


    MCIT LG Hanscom Field Bedford, MA 01730 Director, Office of Manpower Utilization Headquarters, Marine Corps (Code MPU ) MCB (Building 2009...Lantz University of Denver Denver Research Institute Industrial Economics Division Denver, CO 80210 Mr. Brian McNally Educational Testing Service

  13. The Best Kept Secret in Gifted Education

    Alvino, James


    It is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in educating gifted high school youth, and yet for 45 years, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) has been going strong, "Motivating Tomorrow's Leaders Today." After spending nine inspirational days in 1958 with Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Prize physician and philosopher) at his clinic in the African jungle,…

  14. The Role of Simulation in Test and Evaluation


    manual N MUM platform (handshake) checklist N Operational test agency milestone C assessment report input N Recorded mission vignettes (LUT training re...Journal Acknowledgments AB3 FDT&E test team (Figure 5): MAJ Cornelius L. Allen, Jr. (test officer), Dr. Bruce Wardlow (analyst), LTC Brian Apgar

  15. Meaningful Real-Time Graphics Workstation Performance Measurements


    alike can effectively operate the program with little or no help from user’s manuals or other users. A thorough and efficient design of command line...Specifica- tions, San Jose, California, 1988. 4. Apgar , Brian, Bersack, Bret and Mammen, Abraham, "A Display System for the Stellarr m Graphics

  16. Understanding Democracy and Violence in Africa: An Analysis of the Data


    effectively. According to Cox, Falconer, and Stackhouse, “Both macroeconomic deprivation and deprivation between classes seem to correlate well with...and Terror. Green Forest, AR: Balfour Books. Snowdon, Brian, and Howard R. Vane. 1999. “The New Political Macroeconomics : An Interview with Alberto

  17. The Department of Surgery: Stellenbosch University


    of the areas in which the breast clinic, in particular, played a leading role was to pioneer fine-needle aspiration cytology as diagnostic modality for the diagnosis of breast cancer.4 Early. General Surgery. The Department of Surgery: Stellenbosch. University. BRIAN L. WARREN, M.MED. (CHIR.), F.C.S. (S.A.), F.R.C.S. (EDIN.).

  18. NCI at Frederick Employees Receive Awards at the Spring Research Festival | Poster

    NCI and Frederick National Laboratory staff members were among those honored at the Spring Research Festival Awards Ceremony on May 28. The ceremony was the culmination of the festival, which was sponsored by the National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR), May 4–7. Maj. Gen. Brian Lein, commanding general, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

  19. Operational Sequencing: Coping with Contingency in Process Drama

    Nielsen, Thomas Rosendal; Hustvedt, Kjersti


    In 1979, Gavin Bolton posed a question that is still fundamental to the development of process drama: "Is it possible to steer a course that does not come down in support of any particular point of view but causes children to examine and re-examine their own views and values?" Inspired by Bakhtinian theory, Brian Edmiston developed a…

  20. Critical Arts - Vol 18, No 2 (2004)

    Vanessa McLennan-Dodd. Hitting the Hot Spots: Literary Tourism as a Research Field with Particular Reference to KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Lindy Stiebel. Representations and Objections: Geert Van Kesteren and the 13th International Aids Conference, Durban, 2000. Alexandra von Stauss. Book Review: Brian McNair, ...

  1. Homme kell 18 avatakse Tallinna Kunstihoones NIFKA näitus...


    Kapitali mõistet uuriv rahvusvaheline grupinäitus "Kapital (see veab meid alt)". Kuraator Simon Sheikh, osalejad loetletud. Avaldatakse ka raamat, kus tutvustatakse Will Bradley, Katja Diefenbachi, Stephan Geene'i, Brian Holmes'i, Trude Iverseni, Oleg Kirejevi, Isabell Lorey, Gerald Rauningi ja Natascha Sadr Haghighiani loomingut ja esseesid

  2. Papers on Morphology. The Ohio State University Working Papers in Linguistics #29.

    Zwicky, Arnold M., Ed.; Wallace, Rex E., Ed.

    A collection of papers on morphology in relation to other grammar components and on the morphology-syntax interface includes: "Locative Plural Forms in Classical Sanskrit" (Belinda Brodie); "On Explaining Morpheme Structure" (Donald G. Churma); "Lexical Relatedness, Head of a Word and the Misanalysis of Latin" (Brian D. Joseph and Rex E. Wallace);…

  3. Models of Music Therapy Intervention in School Settings

    Wilson, Brian L., Ed.


    This completely revised 2nd edition edited by Brian L. Wilson, addresses both theoretical issues and practical applications of music therapy in educational settings. 17 chapters written by a variety of authors, each dealing with a different setting or issue. A valuable resource for demonstrating the efficacy of music therapy to school…

  4. Defense AT&L (Volume 37, Number 3, May-June 2008)


    .... Brian Shimel, USAF -- A problem with an acquisition program isn't a one-time event. DoD must conduct an objective program review identifying what "broke" the program and how the department should improve performance, delivery speed, and economy...

  5. Denarration in Michael Haneke’s funny FUNNY games GAMES [an audiovisual essay

    Kiss, Miklós


    In literary fiction, Brian Richardson has discerned a troubling kind of incongruity that he labelled denarration. Denarration is “an intriguing and paradoxical narrative strategy that appears in a number of late modern and postmodern texts” (Richardson 2001, 168). Richardson coins the term for cases

  6. The Incompatibility of Science and Religion Sustained: A Reply to Our Critics.

    Mahner, Martin; Bunge, Mario


    Replies to a number of criticisms by Tom Settle, Hugh Lacey, Michael Poole, Brian Woolnough, John Wren-Lewis, and Harold Turner in a series of comments on the authors' paper entitled "Is Religious Education Compatible with Science Education?" Offers counterarguments and clarifies certain misunderstandings to show that these criticisms…

  7. Kick the Tobacco Habit (A Cup of Health with CDC)


    Cigarette smoking continues to decline among U.S. adults. Unfortunately, use of other tobacco products has remained stable or increased. In this podcast, Dr. Brian King discusses the dangers of tobacco use and ways to quit.  Created: 7/10/2014 by MMWR.   Date Released: 7/10/2014.

  8. NEI You Tube Videos: Amblyopia

    Full Text Available ... of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications eyeGENE Research Directors Office Office of the Scientific Director Sheldon S. Miller, Ph.D., ... David M. Schneeweis, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director Office of the Clinical Director Brian P. Brooks, M. ...

  9. About the Eye

    Full Text Available ... of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications eyeGENE Research Directors Office Office of the Scientific Director Sheldon S. Miller, Ph.D., ... David M. Schneeweis, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director Office of the Clinical Director Brian P. Brooks, M. ...

  10. Ask a Scientist: What is Color Blindness?

    Full Text Available ... of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications eyeGENE Research Directors Office Office of the Scientific Director Sheldon S. Miller, Ph.D., ... David M. Schneeweis, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director Office of the Clinical Director Brian P. Brooks, M. ...

  11. Glaucoma

    Full Text Available ... of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications eyeGENE Research Directors Office Office of the Scientific Director Sheldon S. Miller, Ph.D., ... David M. Schneeweis, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director Office of the Clinical Director Brian P. Brooks, M. ...

  12. The Visual System

    Full Text Available ... of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications eyeGENE Research Directors Office Office of the Scientific Director Sheldon S. Miller, Ph.D., ... David M. Schneeweis, Ph.D., Deputy Scientific Director Office of the Clinical Director Brian P. Brooks, M. ...

  13. Meanwhile, some Math

    Elias, Camelia


    Brian Rotman’s book Becoming Beside Ourselves: The alphabet, Ghosts, and Distributed Human Being (2008), ends befittingly with a number of hypothetical situations. As the book revolves around the question of what to do with the archaic, old-fashioned, and now useless system of alphabetization, fr...

  14. A creepy-crawly food revolution | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour ...

    28 mars 2017 ... Adult black soldier flies on a plant at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Nairobi, Kenya. Brian Owens, Canadian Geographic. Long considered pests, insects are now on the menu for farmed fish and poultry in Kenya and Uganda, where scientists are looking for cheaper, healthier ...

  15. Automatic Generation of Issue Maps: Structured, Interactive Outputs for Complex Information Needs


    Le Song, Gaurav Veda , Yisong Yue, Brian Ziebart, and sum- mer intern Doris Xin. Special thanks to Yisong (for screaming at the taxi driver and for (document), 7.5, 7.8 K El-Arini, G Veda , D Shahaf, and C Guestrin. Turning down the noise in the blogosphere. In KDD ’09, 2009

  16. DVD-d. "Borat", "United 93", "Must Daalia", "Vimm 2" / Andres Laasik

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Uued mängufilmide DVD-d : Larry Charlesi "Borat" (peaosas Sacha Baron Cohen; USA 2006), Paul Greengrassi "United 93" (USA 2006), Brian De Palma "Must Daalia" ("The Black Dahlia", USA 2006), Takashi Shimizu "Vimm 2" ("The Grudge 2", USA 2006)

  17. Wonders of the solar system

    Cox, Brian


    The Sunday Times Bestseller In Wonders of the Solar System - the book of the acclaimed BBC TV series - Professor Brian Cox will take us on a journey of discovery where alien worlds from your imagination become places we can see, feel and visit. The Wonders of the Solar System - from the giant ice fountains of Enceladus to the liquid methane seas of Titan and from storms twice the size of the Earth to the tortured moon of Io with its giant super-volcanoes - is the Solar System as you have never seen it before. In this series, Professor Brian Cox will introduce us to the planets and moons beyond our world, finding the biggest, most bizarre, most powerful natural phenomena. Using the latest scientific imagery along with cutting edge CGI and some of the most spectacular and extreme locations on Earth, Brian will show us Wonders never thought possible. Employing his trademark clear, authoritative, yet down-to-earth approach, Brian will explore how these previously unseen phenomena have dramatically expanded our ho...

  18. Education Policy: Explaining, Framing and Forming

    Adams, Paul


    This paper presents a new heuristic device for the analysis of educational policy. Through an examination of the Evaluative State and the work of Brian Fay, the paper considers the way in which educational policy is subject to rational and linear forms of policy action and implementation. To counter this, positioning theory is deployed to consider…

  19. "Tehisintellekti" pikk tee ekraanile


    Mängufilmi "A.I. - Tehisintellekt" ("A.I. : Artificial Intelligence") ekraanile seadmise mõte sündis režissöör Stanley Kubrick'il 1969. aastal, kui ilmus Brian Aldissi ulmejutt "Supertoys Last All Summer Long". Ekraanile jõudis see 2001. a. Steven Spielbergi käe all

  20. Is "Learning without Limits" a Framework of Values?

    Booth, Tony


    In this article the author connects his own work with Brian Simon's writing on IQ (intelligence quotient) testing and selection and with the Learning without Limits project. He discusses the significance he gives to a values framework in the development of education and asks whether "Learning without Limits," in part, stands for a…

  1. Daniel Inman | NREL

    . Bush, D. Inman, and R. Elmore. 2015. Evaluation of Methods for Comparison of Spatiotemporal and Time Series Datasets. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-62647. Vimmerstedt, L.J Elmore, and Brian Bush. "Case Study to Examine the Imputation of Missing Data to Improve Clustering

  2. New Quasi Low-Dimensional 4d and 5d Transition Metal Oxides with Correlated Electronic Properties - Synthesis and Characterizations


    Rong Li, Artem M. Abakumov, Mark. Croft, Alexander Ignatov, Peter W Stephens, Jason P. Hodges, P?emysl Van?k, Craig J. Fennie ,, Karin M. Rabe...Brian Craig Fennie , Karin Rabe, Stanislav Kamba and M. Greenblatt, submitted to Inorg. Chem. 1-2016 14. First evidence of the multiferroicity in

  3. An Asymmetrical Symmetry: How Convention Has Become Innovative Military Thought


    inside the fortress. The insurgents were taken by surprise and the Romans were fast in mounting a major attack. The lack of discipline and of a proper...Catholic Biblical Quarterly 43 (1981): 410. 114 Ibid., 426. 115 Brian McAllister Linn, The U.S. Army and Counterinsurgency in the Philippine War, 1899

  4. 76 FR 72708 - Medicare Program; Renaming and Other Changes to the Advisory Panel on Hospital Outpatient Payment...


    .... Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., M.P.H. Judith T. Kelly, B.S.H.A., RHIT, RHIA, CCS. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D.... Pothen, M.S., RHIA, CHPS, CPHIMS, CCS, CCS-P, CHC. Gregory J. Przbylski, M.D. Marianna V. Spanaki-Varela...

  5. Reason and Rationalization: A Theory of Modern Play

    Henricks, Thomas S.


    The author reviews historical attempts--mostly by European thinkers--to characterize modernity and its relationship to play. He discusses ideas from Friederich Schiller to Brian Sutton-Smith, all to set the ground for a theory of play in the modern world. Emphasizing the ideas of Max Weber--in particular his theory of rationalization and its…

  6. SSC San Diego Command History Calendar Year 2007


    Camargo , Sylvia Salazar, Karen Manley-Guerrero, Dina Demuth, Clay Oeholke, Gannon Graue, Dee Johnson, Erwin Mier, Hoa Nguyen. Navy Multiband Terminal...Davenport, Brian Devine, Greg Doriguzzi, Richard Felkins, John Fleming, Cheryl Francisco , Sid Graser, Eric Hillis, Craig LaMaster, Susan Manor, Joel

  7. The Common Sense Revolution. The Iconoclast.

    McMurtry, John


    Presents a scathing review of supply-side economics and its effect on social programs. Argues that the Reagan administration purposefully incurred massive government debt in order to justify reducing social spending. Maintains that Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney followed a similar course. Includes trenchant criticism of Canada's public…

  8. Author Details

    Akrong, Brian S. Vol 8, No 1 (2014) - Articles Gender, community affairs and public relations practice in Ghanaian mines: a socio-linguistic study of gender and language nuances. Abstract. ISSN: 0148-2963. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More ...

  9. Journal of Business Research - Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

    Gender, community affairs and public relations practice in Ghanaian mines: a socio-linguistic study of gender and language nuances · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Rufai Haruna Kilu, Brian S. Akrong, 33-44 ...

  10. AA magnet measurement team

    CERN PhotoLab


    Quickly improvised measurement equipment for the AA (Antiproton Accumulator) was all the tight schedule permitted, but the high motivation of the team made up for the lack of convenience. From left to right: Roy Billinge (Joint AA Project Leader, the other one was Simon van der Meer); Bruno Autin, Brian Pincott, Colin Johnson.

  11. U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center Grain Evaluation Software to Numerically Predict Linear Burn Regression for Solid Propellant Grain Geometries



  12. The Real "Toll" of A. G. Bell: Lessons about Eugenics

    Greenwald, Brian H.


    Historian Brian Greenwald offers a revisionist interpretation of Bell. He reviews Bell's role and influence within the American eugenics movement and shows that Bell had the respect of the most prominent American eugenicists. His intimate knowledge of deafness, from personal experience with his mother and wife and from his studies of deaf people…

  13. Vermicompost as a component in potting mixes for growth promotion ...


    (Atiyeh et al., 2000). The ability of some earthworms to consume a wide range of organic residues .... in horticultural container media and soil Pp 580. 3. Brian P.W & H.G ... nutrient availability in regulating root architecture. Current Opinion in.

  14. Browse Title Index

    Items 101 - 150 of 172 ... Vol 32, No 3 (2003): Narrative Understanding, One's remembered past: narrative thinking, emotion, and the external perspective, Abstract. Peter Goldie. Vol 32, No 2 (2003):, Ontological Order in ... Vol 34, No 2 (2005):, Revisiting Nagel on Altruism, Abstract. Brian K Powell. Vol 35, No 1 (2006):, Rowe's ...

  15. The Danish Hymnbook

    Nielsen, Kirsten


    After an introduction to the use of the word artifact as it is defined by Brian Malley in his work on the Bible as artifact, follows a section on The Danish Hymnbook as Artifac, a section on The Danish Hymnbook between Artifact and Text, and a section on The Danish Hymnbook as Text. The article e...

  16. Language and Literacies. Selected Papers from the Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (University of Manchester, England, United Kingdom, September 1998). British Studies in Applied Linguistics 14.

    O'Brien, Teresa, Ed.

    This monograph offers papers presented at the 1998 annual meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics. After an introduction entitled "The Pluralisation of Literacy" (Teresa O'Brien), the papers are: (1) "National Literacy Strategies: A Debate" (Jill Bourne, Gunther Kress, Brian Street, and Alison Sealey); (2)…

  17. Potential Science and Technology Game Changers for the Ground Warfare of 2050: Selected Projections Made in 2017


    ARL-TR-8283 ● FEB 2018 US Army Research Laboratory Potential Science and Technology Game Changers for the Ground Warfare of 2050...Science and Technology Game Changers for the Ground Warfare of 2050: Selected Projections Made in 2017 by Alexander Kott Office of the Director...Brian Sadler Vehicle Technology Directorate, ARL Ananthram Swami Computational and Information Sciences Directorate, ARL Approved for

  18. 76 FR 66931 - Medicare Program: Notice of Two Membership Appointments to the Advisory Panel on Ambulatory...


    ...., FACHE.* David A. Halsey, M.D. Brian D. Kavanagh, M.D., MPH. Judith T. Kelly, R.H.I.T., R.H.I.A., C.C.S. Scott Manaker, M.D., Ph.D. John Marshall, CRA, RCC, CIRCC, RT(R), FAHRA. Agatha Nolan, D.Ph., M.S...

  19. The Narcotics Emirate of Afghanistan: Armed Polities and Their Roles in Illicit Drug Production and Conflict 1980-2010


    File, ed. Ghandi , National Security Archives, George Washington University, 6. 141 Ibid., 9. 142 Ibid., 6–8; Rashid, Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil...February 20, 1995. Taliban File, Ghandi , edited by National Security Archives, George Washington University. Freemantle, Brian. The Fix: Inside the World


    Brian Robertson. SYNOPSIS OF PSYCHIATRY*. By Harold I Kaplan and Benjantin J. Sadock. Lippincott WilliiUnS & Wilkins. Eighth edition, 1280 pp, R570. Kaplan and Sadock's synopsis of psychiatry - behavioural sciences/ clinical psychiatry, extensively revised, expanded and updated. September 1999, Vo!. 5, o. 3 SAJP.

  1. Directory of Manufacturing Research Centers


    Martin W. 51 Graff, Karl 176 Dornfeld, David 88 Gray, James 76 Doty, Keith 119 Gray, Vic 6 Driels, Morris 142 Green Jr., Robert E. 51 Drury , Colin 39...Buffalo Dr. Colin Drury , Executive Director Mr. Brian Kleiner, Administrative Director Technical areas include cost analysis, strategic planning

  2. Smashing Axioms

    Cox, Brian


    As the Large Hadron Collider readies to be fired up in Geneva, physicist Brian Cox explains what it might reveal about the working of the Universe - and why the grandest scientific instrument ever built is well worth the $6 billion investment. (2 pages + photos)

  3. Media darling

    Chalmers, Matthew


    He is the media-friendly face of particle physics, appearing on countless TV and radio shows in the run-up to the opening of CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Matthew Chalmers discovers how Brian Cox finds the time to be both a physicist and a media personality. (2 pages)

  4. Characterization and Management of Mandibular Fractures: Lessons Learned from Iraq and Afghanistan


    interdental splints and intermaxillary fixation.4 Thomas Brian Gunning4 showed the importance of dentistry in treating these fractures by restoring occlusion...Fractures in children with developing dentitionsdAvoiding damage to the developing teeth is key. If placement of arch bars is impossible

  5. A Summary of the Third Persh Conference: Strategic Issues in Materials for National Defense


    such as aerogels , shape-memory alloys, polymers, electronic ink, and zeolites. The second demonstration kit, “Zoom in on Life,” investigates how Aircraft ", Academic Panel on Accreditation, Balance, Curricula for the 21st Prof Mark Tuttle (Univ. of Washington), Asst Prof Brian Landi (Ril

  6. 77 FR 39686 - Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement and Restoration Plan To Compensate for Injuries...


    ... Resources in Portland Harbor, OR AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and...) anadromous and resident fish, including salmon and steelhead; (5) reptiles and amphibians; (6) aquatic...: June 29, 2012. Brian T. Pawlak, Acting Director, Office of Habitat Conservation, National Marine...

  7. Engineering Bacterial Thiosulfate and Tetrathionate Sensors for Detecting Gut Inflammation


    sulfate mouse experiments Six- to eight-week-old male C57BL/6 mice were procured from the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) Production Colony at Acknowledgements We thank Sebastian Winter for the kind gift of E. coli Nissle 1917, Brian Landry for help with developing the flow cytometry

  8. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. JENNIFER DAVEY. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 96 Issue 4 September 2017 pp 681-685 RESEARCH NOTE. Clinical utility of a 377 gene custom next-generation sequencing epilepsy panel · JEN BEVILACQUA ANDREW HESSE BRIAN CORMIER JENNIFER DAVEY ...

  9. Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of newer dolerite dyke ...

    Dunn and Dey 1942; Saha 1948, 1952; Saha et al. 1972, 1973). ... nuclei of the Indian landmass (Basu et al. 1981;. Goswami ... Geochemistry. In order to get an idea about petrogenetic process ...... Greenough John D, Fryer Brian J and Robinson Paul T ... 643–660. Mc Mullin David W A, Barr Sandra M and Raeside Robert.

  10. Ranking by Medians

    Martin, Brian


    Brian Martin describes a difficult committee meeting he once attended which consisted of one representative from each department. When the meeting ended it left a bitter taste for many who participated. Having learned from this experience, Martin became a chair of the committee and tried a new system that overcame many of the previous problems.…

  11. An Unnecessary Divorce: Integrating the Study of Affect and Emotion in New Media

    Nelson, Julie D.


    Rhetoric and composition scholars' almost exclusive reliance on Brian Massumi's definition of affect has spurred a theoretical and practical divorce between "affect" and "emotion" in our field. This article returns to Lynn Worsham's "Going Postal" and argues that to fully scrutinize and respond to what she calls…

  12. The new normal: the Canadian prairies in a changing climate

    Sauchyn, David J; Diaz, Harry P; Kulshreshtha, Surendra N


    ...-consumer recycled paper with earth friendly vegetable-based inks. Cover and text design: Duncan Campbell, CPRC. Editor for the Press: Brian Mlazgar, CPRC. cover Photos: front cover: "High angle view of snow melting in a field" by Harri Tahvanainen, Gorilla Creative/Getty Images. back cover: "Patch of grass in thawing snow" by Image Source...

  13. Advanced Machining Toolpath for Low Distortion


    Advanced Machining Toolpath for Low Distortion FINAL STATUS REPORT Prepared by Brian Becker R&D Technology Manager Third Wave Systems, Inc... Machining Toolpath for Low Distortion December 2016 Contract No.: W911W6-16-P-0044 2 Table of Contents 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY...2 2.1 Task 1: Collect Details of Machining Lab to Support

  14. Luuleõhtu "Sitikas suudleb kuud"


    29. okt. toimub Adamson-Ericu muuseumis luuleõhtu, kus esinevad Andres Ehin luule ja häälutustega, Mart Soo kitarril ja Brian Melvin löökriistadel. Üritus toimub Kōkyō Hatanaka (sünd. 1947) näituse "Aasia minu südames. Jaapani klassikaline maal nihonga" raames

  15. Siin on meie retroparadiis! / Shanti Broeng

    Broeng, Shanti


    Lan ja Brian Frandseni renoveeritud väikesest suvekodust Kopenhaageni lähedal, millest on taaskasutusmööbli ja värvikate kangastega saanud rõõmus koht perepuhkuseks - stilistiks oli taani sisekujundaja Sidsel Zachariassen

  16. Book review: Bayesian analysis for population ecology

    Link, William A.


    Brian Dennis described the field of ecology as “fertile, uncolonized ground for Bayesian ideas.” He continued: “The Bayesian propagule has arrived at the shore. Ecologists need to think long and hard about the consequences of a Bayesian ecology. The Bayesian outlook is a successful competitor, but is it a weed? I think so.” (Dennis 2004)

  17. Plaadid / Erkki Luuk

    Luuk, Erkki, 1971-


    Uutest heliplaatidest "Ulmeralismi tähised", Destiny's Child "Destiny FulFilled", Brian McFadden "Irish Son", dream Theater "Live at Budokan", Meat Loaf "Bat Out Of Hell Life", Axis of Justice "Concert Series vol. 1", Incubus "Alive at Red Rocks"

  18. Plaadid / Villu Päärt

    Päärt, Villu, 1972-


    Uutest plaatidest Nick Carter "Now Or Never", Brian Mcknight "From There To here 1989-2002", Rod Stuart "The Grat American Songbook", New Order "International", Justin Timberlake "Justified", Manic Street Prachers "Forever Delayed - Greatest Hits", LHB "Tell 'Em Who We Are"

  19. Out of the Box: Researching a Divided Country

    Clase, Christian; Deach, Melissa; Feagler, Lauren; Weaver, Sarah


    A group of undergraduate students from Purdue University’s Department of Political Science and the Brian Lamb School of Communication attended the 2017 Presidential Inauguration and subsequent Women’s March on Washington to research political divisions in America. For many of the students, this was their first experience with qualitative research.

  20. Books | Page 20 | IDRC - International Development Research Centre

    Migratory Fishes of South America: Biology, Fisheries, and Conservation Status. Fish species that migrate within the great rivers of South America support important local fisheries but are little known outside their native range. Editor(s): Joachim Carolsfield, Brian Harvey, Carmen Ross, and Anton Baer. Publisher(s): World ...

  1. Migratory Fishes of South America : Biology, Fisheries, and ...

    Migratory Fishes of South America : Biology, Fisheries, and Conservation Status. Couverture du livre Migratory Fishes of South America : Biology, Fisheries, and Conservation Status. Directeur(s) : Joachim Carolsfield, Brian Harvey, Carmen Ross et Anton Baer. Maison(s) d'édition : World Fisheries Trust, Banque mondiale, ...

  2. Success Stories in Asian Aquaculture | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    13 oct. 2009 ... Sena S. De Silva is Director General of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia- Pacific and Honorary Professor of Aquaculture and Fisheries Biology at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. F. Brian Davy is Senior Fellow at the International Institute for ...

  3. Examining the Heterogeneous Genome Content of Multipartite Viruses BMV and CCMV by Native Mass Spectrometry

    van de Waterbeemd, Michiel; Snijder, Joost; Tsvetkova, Irina B.; Dragnea, Bogdan G.; Cornelissen, Jeroen J.; Heck, Albert J.R.


    Since the concept was first introduced by Brian Chait and co-workers in 1991, mass spectrometry of proteins and protein complexes under non-denaturing conditions (native MS) has strongly developed, through parallel advances in instrumentation, sample preparation, and data analysis tools. However,

  4. Oma riik / Jaan Elken

    Elken, Jaan, 1954-


    Inglise kunstniku Mark Wallingeri näitusest "State Britain" Londonis Tate Britainis. Eksponeeritakse üle 40 meetri pikkust installatsiooni, mis koosneb Briti parlamendihoone vastas sõjavastast demonstratsiooni pidava Brian Haw' banneritest, lippudest, loosungitest, fotodest, kaisukarudest. Rootsi kunstniku Ann Sofi Siden'i näitusest "Warte Mal!" Londoni Haywardi galeriis 2002 a.

  5. Plaat


    Heliplaadid kauplustest Lasering: Brian Setzer "13", J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton,"The Road to Escondido", Electronic "Get the Message: The Best of Electronic" (CD+DVD), Shelton San "Spontaneous Black", Moby "Go: The Very Best of Moby" (CD+DVD), Metsatöll "Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!" (CD+DVD)

  6. Psychosocial and economic determinants of infant feeding intent by ...

    infant feeding choices and practices of HIV-infected women.4. The Serithi study was ... Institute for Human Nutrition, University of Limpopo, MEDUNSA Campus, Pretoria. Brian W C ... were interviewed at the time of recruitment and subsequently at planned .... household and family pressures to breastfeed regardless of the.

  7. Book Reviews | Sheppey | African Zoology

    Book Authors: Edited by Richard E. Brown & David W. Macdonald. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1985. 556 pp. Book Review 4. Book Title: Biology of Communication. Book Authors: D. Brian Lewis & D. Michael Gower. Blackie & Son, Glasgow. 239 pp. Book Review 5. Book Title: Animal Osmoregulation. Book Authors: J.

  8. 77 FR 52633 - Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Seeks Comment on Post-Reconfiguration 800 MHz Band...


    ... border. The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (Bureau), by this action, affords interested... INFORMATION CONTACT: Brian Marenco, Policy and Licensing Division, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau... 2007, the Commission delegated authority to Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to propose and...

  9. Authorship Correction: Sampling Key Populations for HIV Surveillance: Results From Eight Cross-Sectional Studies Using Respondent-Driven Sampling and Venue-Based Snowball Sampling.

    Rao, Amrita; Stahlman, Shauna; Hargreaves, James; Weir, Sharon; Edwards, Jessie; Rice, Brian; Kochelani, Duncan; Mavimbela, Mpumelelo; Baral, Stefan


    [This corrects the article DOI: 10.2196/publichealth.8116.]. ©Amrita Rao, Shauna Stahlman, James Hargreaves, Sharon Weir, Jessie Edwards, Brian Rice, Duncan Kochelani, Mpumelelo Mavimbela, Stefan Baral. Originally published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (, 15.01.2018.

  10. Incubation and Growth of Life Sciences, Medical and Biotechnology Businesses in Proteomics, Genomics, Medicine, and Dentistry


    Medical and Biotechnology Businesses in Proteomics , Genomics, Medicine, and Dentistry PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Mark S. Long Brian C...2007 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER Incubation and Growth of Life Sciences, Medical and Biotechnology Businesses in Proteomics ...aflatoxins B1 and G1 from Aspergillus flavus. All toxins studied were purchased from Sigma Aldrich and used without further purification. Solutions

  11. CrossTalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. Volume 23, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2010


    Maintenance Group Weber State University Arrowpoint Solutions, Inc. Robbins Gioia LLC Software Technology Support Center Weber State University OO-ALC...Les Dupaix Monika Fast Robert W. Ferguson Dr. Doretta Gordon Dr. John A. “Drew” Hamilton Jr. Gary Hebert Tony Henderson Lt. Col. Brian Hermann, Ph.D

  12. List of U.S. Army Research Institute Research and Technical Publications for Public Release/Unlimited Distribution, Fiscal Year 2009


    Internet Delivery of Captains in Command Training: Administrator’s Guide Scott Shadrick, Tony Fullen, & Brian Crabb. June 2009. (ADA507719) In...Engineering Technical Advisory Group, Meeting 60, Washington, DC. Kilcullen, R., Tremble, T., Babin, N., Robbins , J., & Russell, T. (2009, August

  13. CrossTalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. Volume 24, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2011


    Aircraft Sustainment Group Tony Henderson 309th Software Maintenance Group Lt. Col. Brian Hermann, Ph.D. Defense Information Systems Agency Lt. Col...Solutions, Inc. Gordon Sleve Robbins Gioia LLC Larry Smith Software Technology Support Center Dr. John Sohl Weber State University Elizabeth Starrett OO-ALC

  14. Marine Corps Interwar Period Innovation and Implications for the Upcoming Post Operation Enduring Freedom Period


    performance of the Pacific force’s landing operations became clear. African, Sicilian, and Italian landings suffered from hitches and delays stemming...December 2012, 10-15. Hawkins, Brian. "Amphibious Renaissance ." Marine Corps Gazette, February 2013, 64-68. Heinl, Robert Debs. Soldiers of the Sea

  15. Võimukas naine ja tuhvlialune / Timo Diener

    Diener, Timo


    Uues USA komöödiafilmis "Norbit" (režissöör Brian Robbins, stsenarist näitleja vend Charles Murphy) mängib Eddie Murphy kolme täiesti erinevat rolli. Seejuures aitas teda grimmikunstnik Rick Baker

  16. Eddie Murphy grimmile kulus üheksa kuud / Triin Tael

    Tael, Triin


    Uues USA komöödiafilmis "Norbit" (režissöör Brian Robbins, stsenarist näitleja vend Charles Murphy) mängib Eddie Murphy kolme täiesti erinevat rolli. Seejuures aitas teda grimmikunstnik Rick Baker

  17. Coastal Storm Surge Analysis: Storm Surge Results. Report 5: Intermediate Submission No. 3


    Vickery, P., D. Wadhera, A. Cox, V. Cardone , J. Hanson, and B. Blanton. 2012. Coastal storm surge analysis: Storm forcing (Intermediate Submission No...CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Jeffrey L. Hanson, Michael F. Forte, Brian Blanton

  18. European Cosmic Ray Symposium



    13me Symposium qui se déroule du 27 au 31 juillet pour la première fois au Cern. Brian Pattison ouvre la cérémonie et donne la parole à Dr.Ugland (qui représente le DG C.Rubbia excusé) et d'autres intervenants

  19. Defense AT and L. Volume 37, Number 6


    Uncertainty, and Trouble Escaping the RUT of Program Instability Col. Brian Shimel, USAF “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally...fielding of cutting-edge equipment in a teleconference with bloggers and online journalists. “This decision reflects the need to move more aggres- sively

  20. Kaks uut näitust Kunstihoones


    20. detsembrist Tallinna Kunstihoones kontseptuaalne kunstiprojekt "Expat-Art-Centre" (koostaja Mathieu Copeland, osalevad Brian Eno, Pierre Huyghe, Ben Kinmont, Claude Leveque, Didier Marcel, Olivier Mosset, Shimabuku, Dan Walsh, Ian Wilson) ning Tallinna Linnagaleriis Marko Mäetamme "Mälestusnäitus"