Sample records for optically conditioned retention

  1. Retention of acoustic conditioning in St Peter's fish Sarotherodon galilaeus. (United States)

    Zion, B; Barki, A; Grinshpon, J; Rosenfeld, L; Karplus, I


    Groups of St Peter's fish Sarotherodon galilaeus were trained during 28 days of classical conditioning to respond to an acoustic signal by approaching a feeder. Their ability to retain the acoustically conditioned behaviour was tested after eight different intervals ranging from 12 to 188 days from termination of training. Retention tests comprised 7 consecutive days of retraining and the fish response was compared with that of naive fish. Fish response drastically diminished with time. After 55 days, there was no apparent expression of memory on the first test day but fish response was restored on subsequent retraining days, indicating the existence of latent memory. Six months from the end of training, there was no indication of behavioural retention and the response completely vanished. The study was conducted in the context of sea ranching, with classical conditioning used to gain control over fish location. In light of the present results, it is suggested that periodic reinforcement of the acoustically conditioned behaviour should be used.

  2. Antecedent growth conditions alter retention of environmental Escherichia coli isolates in transiently wetted porous media

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Yang, H.-H.; Morrow, J. B.; Grasso, D.;


    retentive capacity, may present one such approach. Eight environmental E coli isolates were selected to conduct operational retention tests (ORT) with potential biobarrier materials Pyrax or dolomite, or silica glass as control. The conditions in the ORT were chosen to simulate conditioning by manure...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaozhou Li


    Full Text Available Reversible thermochromic paper able to resist counterfeiting was prepared by adding reversible thermochromic microcapsules (RTM to a slurry of cellulosic fibers, a process that is difficult to imitate. However, the loss of RTM is one of the biggest problems that inhibits industrial use of this approach. So, the retention of RTM in pulp was investigated. The RTM was synthesized by in-situ polymerization, and its properties were characterized. It exhibited strong color contrast between cool and heated conditions, and such behavior could be used to achieve distinctive anticounterfeiting characteristics in the paper. The surface of each microcapsule was smooth, and there was no coherence between particles. The diameters of the microcapsules were mainly in the range 3.0 μm to 5.0 μm. Retention of RTM was closely related to beating degree and pulp composition; the higher the beating degree and hardwood pulp content, the higher the retention of RTM. On the other hand, the retention of RTM was influenced by filler and retention aid. Retention aid promoted retention of RTM to some degree; however, filler was not conductive to retention of RTM. Different addition sequences between RTM and filler or retention aid also influenced the retention of RTM.

  4. The Impact of Principal Leadership on Working Conditions and Teacher Retention in North Carolina Middle Schools (United States)

    Tomon, Catherine


    Research indicates that administrative leadership is the most important factor in determining the climate of a school, and there are specific leadership attributes such as improving working conditions that promote retention. This study seeks to identify leadership behaviors that positively affect quality teacher retention among two particular…

  5. Retention and Extinction of Delay Eyeblink Conditioning Are Modulated by Central Cannabinoids (United States)

    Steinmetz, Adam B.; Freeman, John H.


    Rats administered the cannabinoid agonist WIN55,212-2 or the antagonist SR141716A exhibit marked deficits during acquisition of delay eyeblink conditioning, as noted by Steinmetz and Freeman in an earlier study. However, the effects of these drugs on retention and extinction of eyeblink conditioning have not been assessed. The present study…

  6. Classical Conditioning and Retention of the Infant's Eyelid Response: Effects of Age and Interstimulus Interval. (United States)

    Little, Arlene H.; And Others


    Reports that lengthy interstimulus interval facilitates classical conditioning in very young infants. Infants trained in a single session at 20 days of age exhibited reliable retention of the conditioned eyelid reflex 10 days later, but infants 10 days of age did not. (Author)

  7. Reusable rocket engine optical condition monitoring (United States)

    Wyett, L.; Maram, J.; Barkhoudarian, S.; Reinert, J.


    Plume emission spectrometry and optical leak detection are described as two new applications of optical techniques to reusable rocket engine condition monitoring. Plume spectrometry has been used with laboratory flames and reusable rocket engines to characterize both the nominal combustion spectra and anomalous spectra of contaminants burning in these plumes. Holographic interferometry has been used to identify leaks and quantify leak rates from reusable rocket engine joints and welds.

  8. The Effects of Hypertext Gloss on Comprehension and Vocabulary Retention under Incidental and Intentional Learning Conditions (United States)

    Zandieh, Zeinab; Jafarigohar, Manoochehr


    The present study investigated comprehension, immediate and delayed vocabulary retention under incidental and intentional learning conditions via computer mediated hypertext gloss. One hundred and eighty four (N = 184) intermediate students of English as a foreign language at an English school participated in the study. They were randomly assigned…

  9. Involvement of hippocampal NMDA receptors in retention of shuttle avoidance conditioning in rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roesler R.


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research was to evaluate the role of hippocampal N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA receptors in acquisition and consolidation of memory during shuttle avoidance conditioning in rats. Adult male Wistar rats were surgically implanted with cannulae aimed at the CA1 area of the dorsal hippocampus. After recovery from surgery, animals were trained and tested in a shuttle avoidance apparatus (30 trials, 0.5-mA footshock, 24-h training-test interval. Immediately before or immediately after training, animals received a bilateral intrahippocampal 0.5-µl infusion containing 5.0 µg of the NMDA competitive receptor antagonist aminophosphonopentanoic acid (AP5 or vehicle (phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.4. Infusion duration was 2 min per side. Pre-training infusion of AP5 impaired retention test performance (mean ± SEM number of conditioned responses (CRs during retention test session was 16.47 ± 1.78 in the vehicle group and 9.93 ± 1.59 in the AP5 group; P<0.05. Post-training infusion of AP5 did not affect retention (mean ± SEM number of conditioned responses during retention test session was 18.46 ± 1.94 in the vehicle group and 20.42 ± 2.38 in the AP5 group; P>0.10. This impairment could not be attributed to an effect on acquisition, motor activity or footshock sensitivity since AP5 affected neither training session performance measured by the number of CRs nor the number of intertrial crossings during the training session. These data suggest that NMDA receptors in the hippocampus are critical for retention of shuttle avoidance conditioning, in agreement with previous evidence showing a role of NMDA receptors in fear memory.

  10. Effect of reference conditions on flow rate, modifier fraction and retention in supercritical fluid chromatography. (United States)

    De Pauw, Ruben; Shoykhet Choikhet, Konstantin; Desmet, Gert; Broeckhoven, Ken


    When using compressible mobile phases such as fluidic CO2, the density, the volumetric flow rates and volumetric fractions are pressure dependent. The pressure and temperature definition of these volumetric parameters (referred to as the reference conditions) may alter between systems, manufacturers and operating conditions. A supercritical fluid chromatography system was modified to operate in two modes with different definition of the eluent delivery parameters, referred to as fixed and variable mode. For the variable mode, the volumetric parameters are defined with reference to the pump operating pressure and actual pump head temperature. These conditions may vary when, e.g. changing the column length, permeability, flow rate, etc. and are thus variable reference conditions. For the fixed mode, the reference conditions were set at 150bar and 30°C, resulting in a mass flow rate and mass fraction of modifier definition which is independent of the operation conditions. For the variable mode, the mass flow rate of carbon dioxide increases with system pump operating pressure, decreasing the fraction of modifier. Comparing the void times and retention factor shows that the deviation between the two modes is almost independent of modifier percentage, but depends on the operating pressure. Recalculating the set volumetric fraction of modifier to the mass fraction results in the same retention behaviour for both modes. This shows that retention in SFC can be best modelled using the mass fraction of modifier. The fixed mode also simplifies method scaling as it only requires matching average column pressure.

  11. Electro-optical techniques for signal conditioning (United States)

    Helfrich, R. W.


    Electro-optical (EO) processing is discussed as a potential alternative to the all-digital approach to signal processing. Nonuniformity compensation can be done by normalizing all the single element detectors outputs in a staring array for both gain and level. Distortion correction can be accomplished with blackbodies, scene statistics or defocused optics. An algorithm used in digital signal conditioning that can be closely approximated by EO techniques is Local Area Brightness Control (LABC). In a digital processor, LABC is performed on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in an enormous amount of calculation. A partially defocused optical system can be used in an EO analog to the digital system. For both nonuniformity compensation and LABC, the EO technique can result in great simplification.

  12. Universal Zero Conductivity Condition for Optical Absorption

    CERN Document Server

    Guo, Yu; Jacob, Zubin


    Harnessing information and energy from light within a nanoscale mode volume is a fundamental challenge for nanophotonic applications ranging from solar photovoltaics to single photon detectors. Here, we show the existence of a universal condition in materials that sheds light on fundamental limits of electromagnetic to matter energy conversion (transduction). We show that the upper limit of absorption rate (transduction rate) in any nanoscale absorber converting light to matter degrees of freedom is revealed by the zero of optical conductivity at complex frequencies ($\\sigma(\\omega^\\prime + i\\omega^{\\prime\\prime})= 0$). We trace the origin of this universal zero conductivity condition to causality requirements on any passive linear response function and propose an experiment of absorption resonances using plasmonic nanoparticles to experimentally verify this universal zero conductivity condition. Our work is widely applicable to linear systems across the electromagnetic spectrum and allows for systematic opti...

  13. Age differences in fear retention and extinction in male Sprague-Dawley rats: effects of ethanol challenge during conditioning. (United States)

    Broadwater, Margaret; Spear, Linda P


    Pavlovian fear conditioning is an ideal model to investigate how learning and memory are influenced by alcohol use during adolescence because the neural mechanisms involved have been studied extensively. In Exp 1, adolescent and adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were non-injected or injected with saline, 1 or 1.5 g/kg ethanol intraperitoneally 10 min prior to tone or context conditioning. Twenty-four hours later, animals were tested for tone or context retention and extinction, with examination of extinction retention conducted 24h thereafter. In Exp 2, a context extinction session was inserted between the tone conditioning and the tone fear retention/extinction days to reduce pre-CS baseline freezing levels at test. Basal levels of acquisition, fear retention, extinction, and extinction retention after tone conditioning were similar between adolescent and adult rats. In contrast adolescents showed faster context extinction than adults, while again not differing from adults during context acquisition, retention or extinction retention. In terms of ethanol effects, adolescents were less sensitive to ethanol-induced context retention deficits than adults. No age differences emerged in terms of tone fear retention, with ethanol disrupting tone fear retention at both ages in Exp 1, but at neither age in Exp 2, a difference seemingly due to group differences in pre-CS freezing during tone testing in Exp 1, but not Exp 2. These results suggest that age differences in the acute effects of ethanol on cognitive function are task-specific, and provide further evidence for age differences cognitive functioning in a task thought to be hippocampally related.

  14. Retention of short chain fatty acids under drying and storage conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Santos Souza


    Full Text Available Cheese whey permeate was used as a substrate for the fermentation of Propionibacterium freudenreichi PS1 for the production of short chain fatty acids, components of the bio-aroma of Swiss cheese. The liquid bio-aroma was encapsulated by spray drying under different conditions of air inlet temperature and feed rate. A study was carried out on the stability of the bio-aroma during storage in laminated packages at 30 °C for 96 days using the product showing the greatest retention of acetic and propionic acids. The results showed that the best drying conditions were an air entrance temperature of 180 °C and a feed rate of 24 g/min resulting in particles with a smooth surface and few invaginations and micro-fissures. However, 72% of the acetic acid and 80% of the propionic acid were lost during storage showing that the wall material used was inadequate to guarantee product stability.

  15. [Facilitation of the retention and acceleration of operant conditioning extinction after cingulate cortex lesions in BALB/c mice]. (United States)

    Destrade, C; Gauthier, M


    One week after receiving bilateral electrolytic lesions of the cingulate cortex, BALB/c Mice underwent acquisition, retention and extinction of an appetitive operant-conditioning task in a Skinner box. There was no significant difference between lesioned and control animals in acquisition; however, lesioned mice exhibited improved retention and faster extinction. These results suggest a possible involvement of the cingulate cortex in memory processes.

  16. Liquorice-induced sodium retention. Merely an acquired condition of apparent mineralocorticoid excess? A case report. (United States)

    Negro, A; Rossi, E; Regolisti, G; Perazzoli, F


    Excessive ingestion of liquorice may result in sodium retention, hypertension, hypokalemia, and suppression of renin and aldosterone. Similarities between liquorice-induced effects and congenital apparent mineralocorticoid excess have recently been emphasized, as in both conditions, reduced activity of the enzyme 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 allows cortisol to act as a potent mineralocorticoid. We report a case of generalized edema without any increase in blood pressure, with biochemical and hormonal features of apparent mineralocorticoid excess, in a young woman who had been ingesting substantial amounts of liquorice for several years. Liquorice-induced wide-spread edema without hypertension in our patient, as well as in a few other cases previously reported, and the more common occurrence of edema associated with hypertension challenge the current explanation of liquorice syndrome as a purely acquired apparent mineralocorticoid excess. Indeed, in both congenital apparent and true mineralocorticoid excess, edema is typically absent, as a result of the sodium escape phenomenon. As pressure-natriuresis may be an essential mechanism accounting for the sodium escape phenomenon, some component of liquorice could partially or completely oppose the circulatory response that converts liquorice-induced sodium retention into blood pressure elevation. In patients with unexplained generalized edema and hypokalemia without hypertension, liquorice ingestion should be carefully investigated and the renin-aldosterone system should be assayed.

  17. Low Nitrogen Retention in Soil and Litter under Conditions without Plants in a Subtropical Pine Plantation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanmei Xiong


    Full Text Available Soil acts as a major sink for added nitrogen (N in forests, but it remains unclear about the capacity of soil to immobilize N under conditions without plant roots and whether added N interacts with ecosystem N to affect N retention. We added 15NH415NO3 to in situ soil columns (with leaching and leaf litter (without leaching of two tree species in a subtropical Pinus elliottii plantation. Soil and litter were collected three or eight months after N addition to measure concentrations of indigenous and exogenous N. About 70% of exogenous N was retained in soil three months after N addition, of which 65.9% were in inorganic forms. Eight months after N addition, 16.0% of exogenous N was retained in soil and 9.8%–13.6% was immobilized in litter. N addition increased the mineral release and nitrification of soil indigenous N. Loss of litter indigenous N was also increased by N addition. Our results suggest that N deposition on lands with low root activities or low soil carbon (C contents may lead to increased N output due to low N immobilization. Moreover, the effects of added N on ecosystem indigenous N may decrease the capacity of soil and litter in N retention.

  18. Bacteria transport and retention in intact calcareous soil columns under saturated flow conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farrokhian Firouzi Ahmad


    Full Text Available Study of bacterial transport and retention in soil is important for various environmental applications such as groundwater contamination and bioremediation of soil and water. The main objective of this research was to quantitatively assess bacterial transport and deposition under saturated conditions in calcareous soil. A series of leaching experiments was conducted on two undisturbed soil columns. Breakthrough curves of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Cl were measured. After the leaching experiment, spatial distribution of bacteria retention in the soil columns was determined. The HYDRUS-1D one- and two-site kinetic models were used to predict the transport and deposition of bacteria in soil. The results indicated that the two-site model fits the observed data better than one-site kinetic model. Bacteria interaction with the soil of kinetic site 1 revealed relatively fast attachment and slow detachment, whereas attachment to and detachment of bacteria from kinetic site 2 was fast. Fast attachment and slow detachment of site 1 can be attributed to soil calcium carbonate that has favorable attachment sites for bacteria. The detachment rate was less than 0.02 of the attachment rate, indicating irreversible attachment of bacteria. High reduction rate of bacteria was also attributed to soil calcium carbonate.

  19. Conditional linear-optical measurement schemes generate effective photon nonlinearities

    CERN Document Server

    Lapaire, G G; Dowling, J P; Sipe, J E; Dowling, Jonathan P.


    We provide a general approach for the analysis of optical state evolution under conditional measurement schemes, and identify the necessary and sufficient conditions for such schemes to simulate unitary evolution on the freely propagating modes. If such unitary evolution holds, an effective photon nonlinearity can be identified. Our analysis extends to conditional measurement schemes more general than those based solely on linear optics.

  20. Carbon black retention in saturated natural soils: Effects of flow conditions, soil surface roughness and soil organic matter. (United States)

    Lohwacharin, J; Takizawa, S; Punyapalakul, P


    We evaluated factors affecting the transport, retention, and re-entrainment of carbon black nanoparticles (nCBs) in two saturated natural soils under different flow conditions and input concentrations using the two-site transport model and Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM). Soil organic matter (SOM) was found to create unfavorable conditions for the retention. Despite an increased flow velocity, the relative stability of the estimated maximum retention capacity in soils may suggest that flow-induced shear stress forces were insufficient to detach nCB. The KPFM observation revealed that nCBs were retained at the grain boundary and on surface roughness, which brought about substantial discrepancy between theoretically-derived attachment efficiency factors and the ones obtained by the experiments using the two-site transport model. Thus, decreasing ionic strength and increasing solution pH caused re-entrainment of only a small fraction of retained nCB in the soil columns.

  1. Partial Müllerian Duct Retention in Smad4 Conditional Mutant Male Mice. (United States)

    Petit, Fabrice G; Deng, Chuxia; Jamin, Soazik P


    Müllerian duct regression is a complex process which involves the AMH signalling pathway. We have previously demonstrated that besides AMH and its specific type II receptor (AMHRII), BMPR-IA and Smad5 are two essential factors implicated in this mechanism. Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 4 (Smad4) is a transcription factor and the common Smad (co-Smad) involved in transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) signalling pathway superfamily. Since Smad4 null mutants die early during gastrulation, we have inactivated Smad4 in the Müllerian duct mesenchyme. Specific inactivation of Smad4 in the urogenital ridge leads to the partial persistence of the Müllerian duct in adult male mice. Careful examination of the urogenital tract reveals that the Müllerian duct retention is randomly distributed either on one side or both sides. Histological analysis shows a uterus-like structure, which is confirmed by the expression of estrogen receptor α. As previously described in a β-catenin conditional mutant mouse model, β-catenin contributes to Müllerian duct regression. In our mutant male embryos, it appears that β-catenin expression is locally reduced along the urogenital ridge as compared to control mice. Moreover, the expression pattern is similar to those observed in control female mice. This study shows that reduced Smad4 expression disrupts the Wnt/β-catenin signalling leading to the partial persistence of Müllerian duct.

  2. The impact of humanitarian context conditions and individual characteristics on aid worker retention

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Korff, Valeska P.; Balbo, Nicoletta; Mills, Melinda; Heyse, Liesbet; Wittek, Rafael


    High employee turnover rates constitute a major challenge to effective aid provision. This study examines how features of humanitarian work and aid workers' individual characteristics affect retention within one humanitarian organisation, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Holland. The study extends exi

  3. Optical Observing Conditions at Delingha Station (United States)

    Tian, J. F.; Deng, L. C.; Zhang, X. B.; Lu, X. M.; Sun, J. J.; Liu, Q. L.; Zhou, Q.; Yan, Z. Z.; Xin, Y.; Wang, K.; Jiang, X. J.; Luo, Z. Q.; Yang, J.


    SONG is a global ground-based network of 1m telescopes for stellar time-domain science, an international collaboration involving many countries across the world. In order to enable a favorable duty cycle, the SONG network plans to create a homogeneous distribution of four nodes in each of the northern and southern hemispheres. An expected possibility was building one of the northern nodes in East Asia, preferably on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. During the last decade, a great deal of effort has been invested in searching for a high-quality site for ground-based astronomy in China, since this has been one of the major concerns for the development of Chinese astronomy. A number of sites on the plateau have been in operation for many years, but most of them are used only for radio astronomy, as well as small optical telescopes that are used for applied astronomy. Several potential sites for large optical instruments have been identified by the plateau site survey, but so far none of them have been adequately quantitatively characterized. Here we present results from a detailed multi-year study of the Delingha site, which was eventually selected for the SONG-China node. We also describe the site-monitoring system that will allow an isolated SONG and 50BiN node to operate safely in an automated mode.

  4. Optical Observing Conditions at Delingha Station

    CERN Document Server

    Tian, J F; Zhang, X B; Lu, X M; Sun, J J; Liu, Q L; Zhou, Q; Yan, Z Z; Xin, Y; Wang, K; Jiang, X J; Luo, Z Q; Yang, J


    SONG is a global ground based network of 1 meter telescopes for stellar time-domain science, an international collaboration involving many countries across the world. In order to enable a favourable duty cycle, the SONG network plans to create a homogeneous distribution of 4 nodes in each of the northern and southern hemispheres. A natural possibility was building one of the northern nodes in East Asia, preferably on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. During the last decade, a great deal of effort has been invested in searching for high a quality site for ground based astronomy in China, since this has been one of the major concerns for the development of Chinese astronomy. A number of sites on the plateau have been in operation for many years, but most of them are used only for radio astronomy, as well as small optical telescopes for applied astronomy. Several potential sites for large optical instruments have been identified by the plateau site survey, but as yet none of them have been adequately quantitatively c...

  5. The Effect of Labor Market Conditions and Financial Aid on Doctoral Student Retention (United States)

    Ampaw, Frimpomaa D.


    Forty-three percent of doctoral students never complete their degree. This dropout is the highest among graduate and professional degree programs. Previous cross sectional studies of doctoral students' retention show the importance of financial aid in predicting degree completion. The studies however, do not estimate the labor market's effect on…

  6. Determination of optical properties by variation of boundary conditions (United States)

    Nickell, Stephan; Essenpreis, Matthias; Kraemer, U.; Kohl-Bareis, Matthias; Boecker, Dirk


    Propagation of photons in multiple scattering media depends on absorbing and scattering properties as well as the boundary conditions of the semi-infinite medium. A new method is shown that makes use of differences in boundary conditions to determine the optical properties. Induced are these different conditions by varying the reflectivity of a sensor head. We describe the influence of the change in reflectivity with the common diffusion theory. By building a ratio between the spatially-resolved diffuse reflectance under different boundary conditions it is possible to calculate the optical properties of homogeneous phantoms. Due to optical heterogeneities in living tissue, limitations of the method was observed, which restricts the application to in vivo measurements.

  7. Modeling fecal bacteria transport and retention in agricultural and urban soils under saturated and unsaturated flow conditions. (United States)

    Balkhair, Khaled S


    Pathogenic bacteria, that enter surface water bodies and groundwater systems through unmanaged wastewater land application, pose a great risk to human health. In this study, six soil column experiments were conducted to simulate the vulnerability of agricultural and urban field soils for fecal bacteria transport and retention under saturated and unsaturated flow conditions. HYDRUS-1D kinetic attachment and kinetic attachment-detachment models were used to simulate the breakthrough curves of the experimental data by fitting model parameters. Results indicated significant differences in the retention and drainage of bacteria between saturated and unsaturated flow condition in the two studied soils. Flow under unsaturated condition retained more bacteria than the saturated flow case. The high bacteria retention in the urban soil compared to agricultural soil is ascribed not only to the dynamic attachment and sorption mechanisms but also to the greater surface area of fine particles and low flow rate. All models simulated experimental data satisfactorily under saturated flow conditions; however, under variably saturated flow, the peak concentrations were overestimated by the attachment-detachment model and underestimated by the attachment model with blocking. The good match between observed data and simulated concentrations by the attachment model which was supported by the Akaike information criterion (AIC) for model selection indicates that the first-order attachment coefficient was sufficient to represent the quantitative and temporal distribution of bacteria in the soil column. On the other hand, the total mass balance of the drained and retained bacteria in all transport experiments was in the range of values commonly found in the literature. Regardless of flow conditions and soil texture, most of the bacteria were retained in the top 12 cm of the soil column. The approaches and the models used in this study have proven to be a good tool for simulating fecal

  8. Uranium(VI) retention by Ca-bentonite under (hyper)alkaline conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Philipp, Thimo; Schmeide, Katja [Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V., Dresden (Germany). Surface Processes


    The sorption behavior of U(VI) on Ca-bentonite was studied in saline, (hyper)alkaline solution via batch experiments. At pH 8.5-9.5 sorption is low in the presence of CO{sub 2} due to the formation of weakly sorbing uranyl carbonate species, which have been observed to dominate speciation up to pH 10 by time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy (TRLFS). In the pH region 10-12, U(VI) retention is almost complete. The retention can either be attributed to strongly sorbing uranyl hydroxo complexes or to a partial precipitation of uranium due to an altered solubility of U(VI) induced by ions leached out of the bentonite.

  9. A Computer-Based Undergraduate Exercise Using Internet-Accessible Simulation Software for the Study of Retention Behavior and Optimization of Separation Conditions in Ion Chromatography (United States)

    Haddad, Paul R.; Shaw, Matthew J.; Madden, John E.; Dicinoski, Greg W.


    The ability to scan retention data over a wide range of eluent composition opens up the possibility of a computerized selection of the optimal separation conditions. The major characteristics of retention behavior, peak-shape effects and pH effects evident in ion chromatography (IC) using common stationary phases and eluents are illustrated.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natália Alves Barbosa


    Full Text Available Storing processed food products can cause alterations in their chemical compositions. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate carotenoid retention in the kernels of minimally processed normal and vitamin A precursor (proVA-biofortified green corn ears that were packaged in polystyrene trays covered with commercial film or in multilayered polynylon packaging material and were stored. Throughout the storage period, the carotenoids were extracted from the corn kernels using organic solvents and were quantified using HPLC. A completely factorial design including three factors (cultivar, packaging and storage period was applied for analysis. The green kernels of maize cultivars BRS1030 and BRS4104 exhibited similar carotenoid profiles, with zeaxanthin being the main carotenoid. Higher concentrations of the carotenoids lutein, β-cryptoxanthin, and β-carotene, the total carotenoids and the total vitamin A precursor carotenoids were detected in the green kernels of the biofortified BRS4104 maize. The packaging method did not affect carotenoid retention in the kernels of minimally processed green corn ears during the storage period.

  11. Prediction of the retention of s-triazines in reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography under linear gradient-elution conditions. (United States)

    D'Archivio, Angelo Antonio; Maggi, Maria Anna; Ruggieri, Fabrizio


    In this paper, a multilayer artificial neural network is used to model simultaneously the effect of solute structure and eluent concentration profile on the retention of s-triazines in reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography under linear gradient elution. The retention data of 24 triazines, including common herbicides and their metabolites, are collected under 13 different elution modes, covering the following experimental domain: starting acetonitrile volume fraction ranging between 40 and 60% and gradient slope ranging between 0 and 1% acetonitrile/min. The gradient parameters together with five selected molecular descriptors, identified by quantitative structure-retention relationship modelling applied to individual separation conditions, are the network inputs. Predictive performance of this model is evaluated on six external triazines and four unseen separation conditions. For comparison, retention of triazines is modelled by both quantitative structure-retention relationships and response surface methodology, which describe separately the effect of molecular structure and gradient parameters on the retention. Although applied to a wider variable domain, the network provides a performance comparable to that of the above "local" models and retention times of triazines are modelled with accuracy generally better than 7%.

  12. Intra-accumbal blockade of endocannabinoid CB1 receptors impairs learning but not retention of conditioned relief. (United States)

    Bergado Acosta, Jorge R; Schneider, Miriam; Fendt, Markus


    Humans and animals are able to associate an environmental cue with the feeling of relief from an aversive event, a phenomenon called relief learning. Relief from an aversive event is rewarding and a relief-associated cue later induces an attenuation of the startle magnitude or approach behavior. Previous studies demonstrated that the nucleus accumbens is essential for relief learning. Here, we asked whether accumbal cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors are involved in relief learning. In rats, we injected the CB1 receptor antagonist/inverse agonist SR141716A (rimonabant) directly into the nucleus accumbens at different time points during a relief learning experiment. SR141716A injections immediately before the conditioning inhibited relief learning. However, SR141716A injected immediately before the retention test was not effective when conditioning was without treatment. These findings indicate that accumbal CB1 receptors play an important role in the plasticity processes underlying relief learning. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Improvement of matrix condition of Hybrid, space variant optics by the means of parallel optics design. (United States)

    Klapp, Iftach; Mendlovic, David


    The problem of image restoration of space variant blur is common and important. One of the most useful descriptions of this problem is in its algebraic form I=H*O, where O is the object represented as a column vector, I is the blur image represented as a column vector and H is the PSF matrix that represents the optical system. When inverting the problem to restore the geometric object from the blurred image and the known system matrix, restoration is limited in speed and quality by the system condition. Current optical design methods focus on image quality, therefore if additional image processing is needed the matrix condition is taken "as is". In this paper we would like to present a new optical approach which aims to improve the system condition by proper optical design. In this new method we use Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to define the weak parts of the matrix condition. We design a second optical system based on those weak SVD parts and then we add the second system parallel to the first one. The original and second systems together work as an improved parallel optics system. Following that, we present a method for designing such a "parallel filter" for systems with a spread SVD pattern. Finally we present a study case in which by using our new method we improve a space variant image system with an initial condition number of 8.76e4, down to a condition number of 2.29e3. We use matrix inversion to simulate image restoration. Results show that the new parallel optics immunity to Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) is much better then that of the original simple lens. Comparing the original and the parallel optics systems, the parallel optics system crosses the MSEIF=0 [db] limit in SNR value which is more than 50db lower then the SNR value in the case of the original simple lens. The new parallel optics system performance is also compared to another method based on the MTF approach.

  14. Conditionally Teleported States Using Optical Squeezers and Photon Counting

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    FAN Hong-Yi; FAN Yue; CHENG Hai-Ling


    By virtue of the neat expression of the two-mode squeezing operator in the Einstein,Podolsky and Rosen entangled state representation,we provide a new approach for discussing the teleportation scheme using optical squeezers and photon counting devices.We derive the explicit form of the teleported states,so that the conditional property of teleportation and teleportation fidelity of this protocol can be scen more clcarly.The derivation is concise.

  15. Grade retention risk among children with asthma and other chronic health conditions in a large urban school district. (United States)

    Moonie, Sheniz; Cross, Chad L; Guillermo, Chrisalbeth J; Gupta, Tina


    Asthma accounts for 12.8 million missed school days for children nationwide. Whether this excess absenteeism contributes to poor outcomes such as grade retention is of interest. The Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV has incorporated the Federal "No Child Left Behind Act," which states that absences per individual in excess of 10 per school year are considered unapproved and may put a child at risk for repeating a grade. The purpose of this study was to determine if children with asthma are at increased risk for absenteeism associated with grade retention. Secondary data were obtained for students in attendance for the 2006-2007 school year. Days absent were weighted for enrollment time. Frequencies were obtained using descriptive statistics, and multivariate logistic regression was used to model the odds of absenteeism > 10 days per year. Of 300 881 students, 27 299 (9.1%) reported having asthma, as determined by school health records. The population was 52% male, 37% white, and 39% Hispanic. Significant predictors of missing > 10 days per school year included ethnicity, gender, grade, and health status (P 10 school days per year compared with healthy students or those with a medical condition other than asthma (P school setting for school-aged children.

  16. Role of conceptual knowledge in learning and retention of conditioned fear. (United States)

    Dunsmoor, Joseph E; Martin, Alex; LaBar, Kevin S


    Associating sensory cues with aversive outcomes is a relatively basic process shared across species. Yet higher-order cognitive processes likely contribute to associative fear learning in many circumstances, especially in humans. Here we ask whether fears can be acquired based on conceptual knowledge of object categories, and whether such concept-based fear conditioning leads to enhanced memory representations for conditioned objects. Participants were presented with a heterogeneous collection of images of animals and tools. Objects from one category were reinforced by an electrical shock, whereas the other category was never reinforced. Results confirmed concept-based fear learning through subjective report of shock expectancy, heightened skin conductance responses, and enhanced 24h recognition memory for items from the conditioned category. These results provide novel evidence that conditioned fear can generalize through knowledge of object concepts, and sheds light on the persistent nature of fear memories and category-based fear responses symptomatic of some anxiety disorders.



    Porritt, Matthew; Wagner, Karen; Poling, Alan


    Pigeons were exposed to a repeated acquisition procedure in which no delays were imposed and rate of responding was relatively high. They also were exposed to conditions in which delays were arranged between trials within chains or between completed chains, and rates of responding were lower. Number of trials, rate of reinforcement, difficulty of the discrimination, and motivating operations were held constant. Terminal accuracy was highest under the no-delay condition, in which rate of respo...

  18. SO{sub 2} retention on CaO/activated carbon sorbents. Part III. Study of the retention and regeneration conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    M.C. Macias-Perez; A. Bueno-Lopez; M.A. Lillo-Rodenas; C. Salinas-Martinez de Lecea; A. Linares-Solano [University of Alicante, Alicante (Spain). Department of Inorganic Chemistry


    The retention of SO{sub 2} on CaO/activated carbon sorbents is studied. The effect of several variables such as the reaction temperature, partial pressure of SO{sub 2} for different calcium loads, and O{sub 2} presence are analysed. Additionally, the regeneration and reutilization of spent sorbents is investigated. In all cases presence of well-dispersed CaO in the sorbents improves SO{sub 2} retention in comparison with the activated carbon. In absence of O{sub 2} in the gas mixture, the amount of SO{sub 2} retained does not depend on the SO{sub 2} partial pressure in the range of partial pressures studied and, as expected, SO{sub 2} physisorption on the activated carbon support occurs at room temperature. SO{sub 2} retention occurs in surface CaO between 100{sup o}C and 250{sup o}C, and in bulk CaO above 300{sup o}C. The total calcium conversion is reached at 500{sup o}C. Above 550{sup o}C calcium-catalysed carbon gasification by SO{sub 2} occurs. In presence of O{sub 2} in the gas mixture, the studied sorbents are very effective for SO{sub 2} removal. However, the SO{sub 2} retention process in presence of oxygen must be carried out at temperatures lower than 300{sup o}C to avoid carbon gasification by O{sub 2}. The thermal regeneration of the spent sorbents can be done under inert atmosphere (880{sup o}C) with only 20% activity loss after the first regeneration cycle due to sintering and formation of CaS. No additional activity loss is detected in the subsequent cycles. 22 refs., 10 figs.

  19. Super-Latent Inhibition of Conditioned Taste Preference with a Long Retention Interval (United States)

    De la Casa, L. G.; Marquez, R.; Lubow, R. E.


    A long delay inserted between conditioning and test phases of a 3-stage Latent Inhibition (LI) procedure produces differential effects on LI depending on the delay context. Thus, enhanced LI has been obtained when the delay is spent in a context that is different from the remaining experimental contexts, but not when it is the same. The present…

  20. Water retention of selected microorganisms and Martian soil simulants under close to Martian environmental conditions (United States)

    Jänchen, J.; Bauermeister, A.; Feyh, N.; de Vera, J.-P.; Rettberg, P.; Flemming, H.-C.; Szewzyk, U.


    Based on the latest knowledge about microorganisms resistant towards extreme conditions on Earth and results of new complex models on the development of the Martian atmosphere we quantitatively examined the water-bearing properties of selected extremophiles and simulated Martian regolith components and their interaction with water vapor under close to Martian environmental conditions. Three different species of microorganisms have been chosen and prepared for our study: Deinococcus geothermalis, Leptothrix sp. OT_B_406, and Xanthoria elegans. Further, two mineral mixtures representing the early and the late Martian surface as well as montmorillonite as a single component of phyllosilicatic minerals, typical for the Noachian period on Mars, were selected. The thermal mass loss of the minerals and bacteria-samples was measured by thermoanalysis. The hydration and dehydration properties were determined under close to Martian environmental conditions by sorption isotherm measurements using a McBain-Bakr quartz spring balance. It was possible to determine the total water content of the materials as well as the reversibly bound water fraction as function of the atmospheres humidity by means of these methods. Our results are important for the evaluation of future space mission outcomes including astrobiological aspects and can support the modeling of the atmosphere/surface interaction by showing the influence on the water inventory of the upper most layer of the Martian surface.

  1. Phosphorus retention and fractionation in an eutrophic wetland: A one-year mesocosms experiment under fluctuating flooding conditions. (United States)

    Tercero, María Del Carmen; Álvarez-Rogel, José; Conesa, Héctor Miguel; Párraga-Aguado, Isabel; González-Alcaraz, María Nazaret


    This study aimed to evaluate the response of salt marshes to pulses of PO4(3-)-enriched water, with and without the presence of Phragmites australis. A one-year mesocosms experiment was performed in simulated soil profiles (fine-textured surface layers and sandy subsurface layers) from a coastal salt marsh of the Mar Menor lagoon under alternating flooding-drying conditions with eutrophic water, under low (1.95 mg L(-1) P-PO4(3-)) and high (19.5 mg L(-1) P-PO4(3-)) P load, and with the presence/absence of Phragmites. The PO4(3-) concentrations in soil porewater and drainage water were regularly measured, and P accumulated in soils (including a fractionation procedure) and plants (roots, rhizomes, stems and leaves) were analyzed. The experimental mesocosms were highly effective in the removal of P from the eutrophic flooding water (>90% reduction of the P added to the system both in the soil pore water and drainage water), regardless of the nutrient load, the season of the year and the presence/absence of Phragmites. The soil was the main sink of the P added to the system, while Phragmites had a minor role in P removal. The biomass of Phragmites accumulated ∼27% of the P added with the flooding water in the treatment with water of low P load while ∼12% of P in that of high P load; the rhizomes were the organs that contributed the most (∼67-72% of the total P retained by the plants). Ca/Mg compounds were the main contributors to the retention of P in the soil compartment, especially in the fine-textured surface soil layers (∼34-53% of the total P in the soil was present in this fraction). Phragmites favored the retention of P onto metal oxides (∼12% increase of the P retained in the metal oxides fraction in the treatment with water of high P load). Hence, the use of constructed wetlands to ameliorate the negative impacts of P-enriched waters in the Mar Menor lagoon and similar areas is recommended. We propose the incorporation of fine

  2. Measurements of optical underwater turbulence under controlled conditions (United States)

    Kanaev, A. V.; Gladysz, S.; Almeida de Sá Barros, R.; Matt, S.; Nootz, G. A.; Josset, D. B.; Hou, W.


    Laser beam propagation underwater is becoming an important research topic because of high demand for its potential applications. Namely, ability to image underwater at long distances is highly desired for scientific and military purposes, including submarine awareness, diver visibility, and mine detection. Optical communication in the ocean can provide covert data transmission with much higher rates than that available with acoustic techniques, and it is now desired for certain military and scientific applications that involve sending large quantities of data. Unfortunately underwater environment presents serious challenges for propagation of laser beams. Even in clean ocean water, the extinction due to absorption and scattering theoretically limit the useful range to few attenuation lengths. However, extending the laser light propagation range to the theoretical limit leads to significant beam distortions due to optical underwater turbulence. Experiments show that the magnitude of the distortions that are caused by water temperature and salinity fluctuations can significantly exceed the magnitude of the beam distortions due to atmospheric turbulence even for relatively short propagation distances. We are presenting direct measurements of optical underwater turbulence in controlled conditions of laboratory water tank using two separate techniques involving wavefront sensor and LED array. These independent approaches will enable development of underwater turbulence power spectrum model based directly on the spatial domain measurements and will lead to accurate predictions of underwater beam propagation.

  3. Distributed acoustic fibre optic sensors for condition monitoring of pipelines (United States)

    Hussels, Maria-Teresa; Chruscicki, Sebastian; Habib, Abdelkarim; Krebber, Katerina


    Industrial piping systems are particularly relevant to public safety and the continuous availability of infrastructure. However, condition monitoring systems based on many discrete sensors are generally not well-suited for widespread piping systems due to considerable installation effort, while use of distributed fibre-optic sensors would reduce this effort to a minimum. Specifically distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is employed for detection of third-party threats and leaks in oil and gas pipelines in recent years and can in principle also be applied to industrial plants. Further possible detection routes amenable by DAS that could identify damage prior to emission of medium are subject of a current project at BAM, which aims at qualifying distributed fibre optic methods such as DAS as a means for spatially continuous monitoring of industrial piping systems. Here, first tests on a short pipe are presented, where optical fibres were applied directly to the surface. An artificial signal was used to define suitable parameters of the measurement system and compare different ways of applying the sensor.

  4. The effects of atmospheric optical conditions on perceived scenic beauty (United States)

    Latimer, Douglas A.; Hogo, Henry; Daniel, Terry C.

    This paper describes the results from the first year of a currently on-going study, the objective of which is to investigate the relationships between atmospheric optical conditions and human perceptions of scenic beauty. Color photographs and atmospheric optical measurements, using telephotometers and nephelometers, were taken in the western U.S.A. (Grand Canyon National Park and Mt. Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona) and in the eastern United States (Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah national parks). Over 1300 individual observers rated color slides for either visual air quality or scenic beauty using a 10-point rating scale. Ratings were transformed to indices using standard psychophysical techniques. Relationships between these perceptual indices and physical parameters characteristic of the given landscape represented in the color slides were investigated using scatter plots, correlation analysis, and multiple linear regression. Physical parameters included visual range, horizon sky chromaticity and luminance, solar zenith and scattering angles, and cloud conditions. Results show that observers' ratings of visual air quality and scenic beauty are sensitive to visual range, sky color, and scattering angle. However, in some of the areas investigated, scenic beauty ratings were not affected by changes in visual range. The sensitivity of the scenic beauty of a vista to changes in the extinction coefficient may be useful for establishing visibility goals and priorities.

  5. Influence of sludge retention time and temperature on the sludge removal in a submerged membrane bioreactor: comparative study between pure oxygen and air to supply aerobic conditions. (United States)

    Rodríguez, F A; Leyva-Díaz, J C; Reboleiro-Rivas, P; González-López, J; Hontoria, E; Poyatos, J M


    Performance of a bench-scale wastewater treatment plant, which consisted of a membrane bioreactor, was monitored daily using pure oxygen and air to supply aerobic conditions with the aim of studying the increases of the aeration and sludge removal efficiencies and the effect of the temperature. The results showed the capacity of membrane bioreactor systems for removing organic matter. The alpha-factors of the aeration were determined for six different MLSS concentrations in order to understand the system working when pure oxygen and air were used to supply aerobic conditions in the system. Aeration efficiency was increased between 30.7 and 45.9% when pure oxygen was used in the operation conditions (a hydraulic retention time of 12 h and MLSS concentrations between 4,018 and 11,192 mg/L). Sludge removal efficiency increased incrementally, from 0.2 to 1.5% when pure oxygen was used at low sludge retention time and from 1.5% to 15.4% at medium sludge retention time when temperature conditions were lower than 20°C. Moreover, the difference between calculated and experimental sludge retention time was lesser when pure oxygen was used to provide aerobic conditions, so the influence of the temperature decreased when the pure oxygen was used. These results showed the convenience of using pure oxygen due to the improvement in the performance of the system.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lillo, T. M.; Rooyen, I. J.; Aguiar, J. A.


    Precession electron diffraction in the transmission electron microscope was used to map grain orientation and ultimately determine grain boundary misorientation angle distributions, relative fractions of grain boundary types (random high angle, low angle or coincident site lattice (CSL)-related boundaries) and the distributions of CSL-related grain boundaries in the SiC layer of irradiated TRISO-coated fuel particles. Two particles from the AGR-1 experiment exhibiting high Ag-110m retention (>80%) were compared to a particle exhibiting low Ag-110m retention (<19%). Irradiated particles with high Ag-110m retention exhibited a lower fraction of random, high angle grain boundaries compared to the low Ag-110m retention particle. An inverse relationship between the random, high angle grain boundary fraction and Ag-110m retention is found and is consistent with grain boundary percolation theory. Also, comparison of the grain boundary distributions with previously reported unirradiated grain boundary distributions, based on SEM-based EBSD for similarly fabricated particles, showed only small differences, i.e. a greater low angle grain boundary fraction in unirradiated SiC. It was, thus, concluded that SiC layers with grain boundary distributions susceptible to Ag-110m release were present prior to irradiation. Finally, irradiation parameters were found to have little effect on the association of fission product precipitates with specific grain boundary types.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Szczykowska


    Full Text Available The necessity and purposefulness of the investments related to water retention are justified mostly due to the preservation of the environment equilibrium as well as due to its farming, anti-flood, landscape and recreation aspects. Reasonable water management where various forms of retention are used gives large chances for the mitigation of the effects of unfavorable phenomena related to its insufficient amount. The creation of plans regarding the formation of reservoirs accumulating water is not necessarily synonymous with their realization. The reason of problems connected with the implementation of plans regarding the formation of new reservoirs lies mainly in financial measures and in problems with obtaining them. Water deficit in Poland is the reason for which the principles of its national usage need to be complied with. Realization of plans at both Voivodeship and municipality level that are focused on small retention will contribute to considerable increase in the retention capacity and will enable considerable increase in available resources in hydrographic catchments of both the characterized area and the entire country. The paper presents the characteristics of the present state and assumes the perspective development of small water retention in the Podlaskie Voivodeship using the example of the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

  8. Focusing adaptive-optics for neutron spectroscopy at extreme conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Simeoni, G. G., E-mail: [Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), FRM II, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Physics Department E13, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Valicu, R. G. [Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), FRM II, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Physics Department E13, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Physics Department E21, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Borchert, G. [Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), FRM II, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Böni, P. [Physics Department E21, Technical University of Munich, D-85748 Garching (Germany); Rasmussen, N. G. [Nanoscience Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen (Denmark); Yang, F.; Kordel, T.; Holland-Moritz, D.; Kargl, F.; Meyer, A. [Institut für Materialphysik im Weltraum, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, D-51170 Köln (Germany)


    Neutron Spectroscopy employing extreme-conditions sample environments is nowadays a crucial tool for the understanding of fundamental scientific questions as well as for the investigation of materials and chemical-physical properties. For all these kinds of studies, an increased neutron flux over a small sample area is needed. The prototype of a focusing neutron guide component, developed and produced completely at the neutron source FRM II in Garching (Germany), has been installed at the time-of-flight (TOF) disc-chopper neutron spectrometer TOFTOF and came into routine-operation. The design is based on the compressed Archimedes' mirror concept for finite-size divergent sources. It represents a unique device combining the supermirror technology with Adaptive Optics, suitable for broad-bandwidth thermal-cold TOF neutron spectroscopy (here optimized for 1.4–10 Å). It is able to squeeze the beam cross section down to a square centimeter, with a more than doubled signal-to-background ratio, increased efficiency at high scattering angles, and improved symmetry of the elastic resolution function. We present a comparison between the simulated and measured beam cross sections, as well as the performance of the instrument within real experiments. This work intends to show the unprecedented opportunities achievable at already existing instruments, along with useful guidelines for the design and construction of next-generation neutron spectrometers.

  9. NIF Final Optics System: Frequency Conversion and Beam Conditioning

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wegner, P; Auerbach, J; Biesiada, T; Dixit, S; Lawson, J; Menapace, J; Parham, T; Swift, D; Whitman, P; Williams, W


    Installation and commissioning of the first of forty-eight Final Optics Assemblies on the National Ignition Facility was completed this past year. This activity culminated in the delivery of first light to a target. The final optics design is described and selected results from first-article commissioning and performance tests are presented.

  10. Retentive strength of fiber-reinforced composite posts with composite resin cores: Effect of remaining coronal structure and root canal dentin conditioning protocols. (United States)

    Saker, Samah; Özcan, Mutlu


    The prognosis of a fixed dental prosthesis cemented to endodontically treated teeth is primarily determined by the presence of a ferrule on the tooth. Adhesion of the post in the root canal, conditioning methods for the canal and the amount of coronal structure could also be decisive on survival of reconstructions cemented on endodontically treated teeth. The purpose of this in vitro study was to test the effect of remaining coronal structure on the retention of airborne-particle abraded fiber-reinforced composite resin posts built up with composite resin cores after the treatment of root canal dentin with different conditioning protocols. One hundred and fifty extracted human teeth with single root canal space were endodontically treated and divided into 3 groups as follows: group CEJ: the teeth were sectioned at the level of cementoenamel junction (CEJ); group CEJ1: the teeth were sectioned 1 mm above the CEJ; group CEJ2: the teeth were sectioned 2 mm above the CEJ. Each group was further divided into 5 subgroups (n=10 per group) according to the root canal treatments as follows: group C: no conditioning (control); group PH: conditioning with 37% phosphoric acid gel for 15 seconds; group E: conditioning with 17% ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) for 60 seconds; group CHX: conditioning with 2% chlorhexidine (CHX) for 60 seconds; group Q: conditioning with combination of 2% CHX with 17% EDTA and a surfactant solution for 60 seconds. Glass fiber-reinforced composite resin posts were airborne-particle abraded and luted to the root canal dentin with a self-adhesive resin cement (RelyX Unicem). The retentive force was tested by applying a tensile load parallel to the long axis of these posts at a crosshead speed of 2 mm/min. Two-way ANOVA and the Tukey HSD post hoc test were used to analyze the data. The highest retention (N) was obtained with the CHX-EDTA conditioned group (374.7 ±29.8) followed by 17% EDTA (367.9 ±33.3) conditioning when 2 mm remaining

  11. Large-scale fabrication of linear low density polyethylene/layered double hydroxides composite films with enhanced heat retention, thermal, mechanical, optical and water vapor barrier properties (United States)

    Xie, Jiazhuo; Zhang, Kun; Zhao, Qinghua; Wang, Qingguo; Xu, Jing


    Novel LDH intercalated with organic aliphatic long-chain anion was large-scale synthesized innovatively by high-energy ball milling in one pot. The linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)/layered double hydroxides (LDH) composite films with enhanced heat retention, thermal, mechanical, optical and water vapor barrier properties were fabricated by melt blending and blowing process. FT IR, XRD, SEM results show that LDH particles were dispersed uniformly in the LLDPE composite films. Particularly, LLDPE composite film with 1% LDH exhibited the optimal performance among all the composite films with a 60.36% enhancement in the water vapor barrier property and a 45.73 °C increase in the temperature of maximum mass loss rate compared with pure LLDPE film. Furthermore, the improved infrared absorbance (1180-914 cm-1) of LLDPE/LDH films revealed the significant enhancement of heat retention. Therefore, this study prompts the application of LLDPE/LDH films as agricultural films with superior heat retention.

  12. Evaluation of tensile retention of Y-TZP crowns after long-term aging: effect of the core substrate and crown surface conditioning. (United States)

    Amaral, R; Rippe, M; Oliveira, B G; Cesar, P F; Bottino, M A; Valandro, L F


    This study evaluated the effect of the core substrate type (dentin and composite resin) on the retention of crowns made of yttrium oxide stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (Y-TZP), submitted to three inner surface conditionings. For this purpose, 72 freshly extracted molars were embedded in acrylic resin, perpendicular to the long axis, and prepared for full crowns: 36 specimens had crown preparations in dentin; the remaining 36 teeth had the crowns removed, and crown preparations were reconstructed with composite resin plus fiber posts with dimensions identical to the prepared dentin. The preparations were impressed using addition silicone, and 72 Y-TZP copings for the tensile test were produced. Cementation was performed with a dual-cured cement containing phosphate monomers. For cementation, the crown preparation (dentin or resin) was conditioned with the adhesive system, and the ceramic was subjected to one of three surface treatments: isopropyl alcohol, tribochemical silica coating, or thin low-fusing glassy porcelain layer application plus silanization. After 24 hours, all specimens were submitted to thermocycling (6000 cycles) and placed in a special tensile testing device in a universal testing machine to determine failure loads. The failure modes of all samples were analyzed under a stereomicroscope. Two-way analysis of variance showed that the surface treatment and substrate type (α=0.05) affected the tensile retention results. The dentin substrate presented the highest tensile retention values, regardless of the surface treatment. When the substrate was resin, the tribochemical silica coating and low-fusing glaze application plus silanization groups showed the higher retention values.

  13. Damage and deuterium retention in LiAlO 2 single crystals irradiated with deuterium ions using ion-beam techniques and optical absorption measurements (United States)

    Katsui, H.; Nagata, S.; Tsuchiya, B.; Zhao, M.; Shikama, T.


    Ion beam analysis techniques and optical absorption measurements were employed to quantitatively examine the damage and deuterium retention in LiAlO 2 single crystals irradiated with 10 keV D2+. Rutherford backscattering spectrometry in channeling geometry revealed that the lattice atoms were disordered by the incident deuterium ions in the ratio O/Al of 2.5. Elastic recoil detection analysis showed that all the incident deuterium ions were retained near the end of their trajectories with a maximum concentration of 0.7 D/Al at room temperature. The depth profiles of the disordered atoms were nearly identical to those of the retained deuterium atoms. The release of the retained deuterium atoms and the annihilation of the ion-induced color centers, which contributed to an optical absorption band at 5.25 eV, were observed in the same temperature range. A correlation was established between the oxygen vacancies and the retained deuterium atoms.

  14. Dependence of optical properties of calcium bismuthates on synthesis conditions (United States)

    Shtarev, D. S.; Shtareva, A. V.


    The article studies optical properties of calcium bismuthate nanoparticles of different composition. For the first time the synthesis of these compounds was produced by the pyrolysis of organic precursors using an organic solvent. Characterization of particles was made by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray analysis. The optical properties were investigated by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS). It is shown that the type of crystal lattice of the particles of calcium bismuthate determines the possibility to control the optical properties of nanoparticles by varying their composition. The conclusions about the production process and the composition of calcium bismuthate, the most promising for use as a photocatalyst of visible light and solar cells, were made.

  15. Surface morphology changes and deuterium retention in Toughened, Fine-grained Recrystallized Tungsten under high-flux irradiation conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oya, M., E-mail: [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Lee, H.T.; Ueda, Y. [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Kurishita, H. [Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Oarai, Ibaraki 311-1313 (Japan); Oyaidzu, M.; Hayashi, T. [Fusion Research and Development Directorate, International Fusion Energy Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Rokkasho-mura, Aomori 039-3212 (Japan); Yoshida, N. [Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Fukuoka (Japan); Morgan, T.W.; De Temmerman, G. [FOM Institute DIFFER Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Nieuwegein 3439 MN (Netherlands)


    Surface morphology changes and deuterium (D) retention in Toughened, Fine-Grained Recrystallized Tungsten (TFGR W) with TaC dispersoids (W-TaC) and pure tungsten exposed to D plasmas to a fluence of 10{sup 26} D/m{sup 2} s were studied as a function of the D ion flux (10{sup 22}–10{sup 24} D/m{sup 2} s). As the flux increased from 10{sup 22} D/m{sup 2} s to 10{sup 24} D/m{sup 2} s, the numbers of blisters increased for both materials. However, smaller blisters were observed on W-TaC compared to pure W. In W-TaC, cracks beneath the surface along grain boundaries were observed, which were comparable to the blister sizes. The reason for the smaller blister sizes may arise from smaller grain sizes of W-TaC. In addition, reduction of the D retention in W-TaC was observed for higher flux exposures. D depth profiles indicate this reduction arises due to decrease in trapping in the bulk.

  16. Blazed Grating Resonance Conditions and Diffraction Efficiency Optical Transfer Function

    KAUST Repository

    Stegenburgs, Edgars


    We introduce a general approach to study diffraction harmonics or resonances and resonance conditions for blazed reflecting gratings providing knowledge of fundamental diffraction pattern and qualitative understanding of predicting parameters for the most efficient diffraction.

  17. Optical studies of crystalline organic superconductors under extreme conditions

    CERN Document Server

    McDonald, R D


    the aim being to make an optical measurement of the pressure dependence of the charge carrier effective mass. Chapter 4 concentrates on the vibrational modes of kappa-(BEDT-TTF) sub 2 Cu(SCN) sub 2. This chapter reports the first Raman scattering experiments on an organic superconductor at high pressure. Comparison of the infrared reflectance and Raman scattering measurements are used to elucidate the role of electron-phonon coupling in this material's superconductivity. Chapter 5 reports the first non-resonant measurements of the GHz conductivity of an organic molecular superconductor. These experiments probe the unconventional metallic properties of an organic superconductor during the onset of superconductivity. This thesis reports experiments which involve the interaction of light and matter to probe the properties of crystalline organic superconductors. The organic superconductors of the BEDT-TTF family are prototypical correlated electron systems; their low-temperature ground states are dominated by man...

  18. Neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells induced by sciatic nerve and optic nerve conditioned medium

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DU Chan; YANG De-mei; ZHANG Pei-xun; DENG Lei; JIANG Bao-guo


    Background Previous work has shown that optic nerve and sciatic nerve conditional medium had neurotrophic activity on neurons. In order to find if the optic nerve conditioned media (CM) had a similar activity to make PC12 cells differentiate as sciatic nerve CM did, we explored the neurotrophic activity in optic nerve CM in the same in vitro system and compared the neurotrophin expression levels in optic and sciatic nerves under both conditions.Methods PC12 cells were used to examine the effects of neurotrophins secreted by the sciatic nerve and optic nerve. RT-PCR and real-time QPCR showed that the sciatic nerve and optic nerve produced a range of neurotrophins including nerve growth factor (NGF), brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and neurotrophin-3 (NT-3).Results The effects of sciatic nerve and optic nerve CM on neurite outgrowth were tested against a range of neurotrophins, and they had different neuritogenic activities. Only NGF and sciatic nerve CM had obvious neuritogenic activities, although the concentration of NGF in the sciatic nerve CM was very low.Conclusions Our experiment showed that sciatic nerve CM had a higher neurotrophic activity on PC12 cells than optic nerve CM. These results suggested that peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous system (CNS) had different expression levels of neurotrophin, which may in part explain the lack of ability to regenerate the CNS.

  19. Experimental results for improving the matrix condition using a hybrid optical system. (United States)

    Klapp, Iftach; Mendlovic, David


    We present preliminary experimental results for implementing the "blurred trajectories" method on three parallel optics (PO) systems. The "main" system and "auxiliary" optics were simple laboratory graded lenses attached to an iris diaphragm. When applying the blurred trajectories method we first show an improvement in the matrix condition, as the matrix condition number decreased in a range of factors of 3 to 418 relative to the main system. Following that, image restoration by weak regularization was performed so that the system matrix condition dominated the restoration process. It was shown that the restoration results of the PO are better than those of the main system and the auxiliary optics separately. In addition, the quality of the restoration follows the system's matrix condition. The improvement in the matrix condition achieved by the PO system improved the immunity to detection noise. Finally, a comparison to Wiener filtering restoration shows that it is also generally inferior to the proposed method.

  20. From educational theory to improved praxis and student retention in the coordinated teaching and examination of optical, optoelectronic, and control aspects of Irish and Scottish third level courses (United States)

    McMillan, Norman D.; McMillan, D. G. E.; Polley, D.


    The development of optical engineering, photonics, optical telecommunications and networking courses in the Carlow Institute of Technology are briefly outlined in its national and local historic context. The experience of running various pioneering technician and degree courses in Carlow using assessment procedures designed to test specified learning outcomes is described. A critical review of the use of these educational methods for optical engineering is then made based on the personal experience of one of the author's postgraduate experience in studying in both the Glasgow universities. A differential study is presented of the Scottish and Irish experience, made from the point of view of best practice in educational methodology, as it applies specifically to teaching the high level skills required for engineering design in optical engineering programmes. Details on technology teacher training are presented and some discussion is given on relevant educational initiatives for this area. Possibly the first ever quantitative taxonometric analysis of the 2003-4 examination papers from a leading Institute of Technology in Ireland is undertaken to provide an insight into the present practice of the lecturers and educational managers running this programme. This analysis reveals the coordinated teamwork involved in the course implementation and identifies that various roles that are taken by individual courses in the context of balancing appropriately the whole educational programme. Critical observations on some of the programmes for technician, technologist and degree programmes should enable the delivery to be improved. The statistical analysis of results should also deliver improvements in retention rates of the students. The paper ends with a observations on some useful lessons to be drawn from this wide-ranging review of world, Scottish and Irish experience.

  1. Influence of sludge retention time at constant food to microorganisms ratio on membrane bioreactor performances under stable and unstable state conditions. (United States)

    Villain, Maud; Marrot, Benoît


    Food to microorganisms ratio (F/M) and sludge retention time (SRT) are known to affect in different ways biomass growth, bioactivities and foulants characteristics. Thus the aim of this study was to dissociate the effects of SRT from those of F/M ratio on lab-scale membrane bioreactors performances during stable and unstable state. Two acclimations were stabilized at a SRT of either 20 or 50 d with a constant F/M ratio of 0.2 kg(COD)kg(MLVSS)(-1) d(-1). During stable state, a higher N-NH(4)(+) removal rate (78%) was obtained at SRT of 50 d as an easier autotroph development was observed. Soluble microbial products (SMPs) release was double at 50 d with a majority of polysaccharides (49% of total SMP). The unstable conditions consisted in F/M ratio changes and operation without air and nutrient. Autotrophs were highly affected by the tested disturbances and SMP retention on membrane surface exhibited consistent changes during the performed stresses.

  2. Condition monitoring of industrial infrastructures using distributed fibre optic acoustic sensors (United States)

    Hicke, Konstantin; Hussels, Maria-Teresa; Eisermann, René; Chruscicki, Sebastian; Krebber, Katerina


    Distributed fibre optic acoustic sensing (DAS) can serve as an excellent tool for real-time condition monitoring of a variety of industrial and civil infrastructures. In this paper, we portray a subset of our current research activities investigating the usability of DAS based on coherent optical time-domain reflectometry (C-OTDR) for innovative and demanding condition monitoring applications. Specifically, our application-oriented research presented here aims at acoustic and vibrational condition monitoring of pipelines and piping systems, of rollers in industrial heavy-duty conveyor belt systems and of extensive submarine power cable installations, respectively.

  3. Effect of a retention interval between pre-exposure and conditioning on latent inhibition in humans using a blink conditioning procedure. (United States)

    De la Casa Rivas, Luis Gonzalo; Traverso Arcos, Luis Miguel; Márquez Zamora, Raúl


    Latent inhibition, retarded learning after pre-exposure to the to-be-conditioned stimulus, was examined using a blink conditioned procedure in humans. Experiment 1 showed that the procedure is suited to inducing the latent inhibition effect. In Experiment 2, the introduction of a 3-minute interval between pre-exposure and conditioning phases attenuated latent inhibition. These results contribute to identify the mechanisms involved in pre-exposure and subsequent conditioning of a stimulus, which is particularly important if we bear in mind that latent inhibition has been used repeatedly as an instrument to analyze the course of attentional processes in normal and pathological populations.

  4. Stability conditions for one-dimensional optical solitons in cubic-quintic-septimal media

    CERN Document Server

    Reyna, Albert S; de Araujo, Cid B


    Conditions for stable propagation of one-dimensional bright spatial solitons in media exhibiting optical nonlinearities up to the seventh-order are investigated. The results show well-defined stability regions even when all the nonlinear terms are focusing. Conditions for onset of the supercritical collapse of the optical beam are identified too. A variational approximation is used to predict dependence of the soliton propagation constant on the norm, and respective stability regions are identified using the Vakhitov-Kolokolov criterion. Analytical results obtained by means of the variational approximation are corroborated by numerical simulations of the cubic-quintic-septimal nonlinear Schroedinger equation.

  5. A hybrid fiber-optic sensor system for condition monitoring of large scale wind turbine blades (United States)

    Kim, Dae-gil; Kim, Hyunjin; Sampath, Umesh; Song, Minho


    A hybrid fiber-optic sensor system which combines fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors and a Michelson interferometer is suggested for condition monitoring uses of large scale wind turbine blades. The system uses single broadband light source to address both sensors, which simplifies the optical setup and enhances the cost-effectiveness of condition monitoring system. An athermal-packaged FBG is used to supply quasi-coherent light for the Michelson interferometer demodulation. For the feasibility test, different profiles of test strain, temperature and vibration have been applied to test structures, and successfully reconstructed with the proposed sensor system.

  6. Link Margin Optimization of Free Space Optical Link under the Impact of Varying Meteorological Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amandeep Kaur Virk


    Full Text Available FSO is a free space optical technology synonymous to optical wireless communication and often called as openair photonics or infrared broadband. In free space optical communication, data is transmitted from point-to-point and multipoint using low-powered infrared lasers. FSO allows transmitting and receiving of voice, video, and data information. High speed and license free installation are the key features of this technology. The performance of FSO link is significantly affected by meteorological conditions viz. rain, scintillation, geometric attenuation and snow etc. In this paper we have formulated the link margin equation for the performanceevaluation of FSO link under varying meteorological conditions. Performance of the considered FSO link has been optimized on the basis of signal wavelength, link length and launched power level.

  7. Railway track component condition monitoring using optical fibre Bragg grating sensors (United States)

    Buggy, S. J.; James, S. W.; Staines, S.; Carroll, R.; Kitson, P.; Farrington, D.; Drewett, L.; Jaiswal, J.; Tatam, R. P.


    The use of optical fibre Bragg grating (FBG) strain sensors to monitor the condition of safety critical rail components is investigated. Fishplates, switchblades and stretcher bars on the Stagecoach Supertram tramway in Sheffield in the UK have been instrumented with arrays of FBG sensors. The dynamic strain signatures induced by the passage of a tram over the instrumented components have been analysed to identify features indicative of changes in the condition of the components.

  8. Determining astronomical seeing conditions at Matjiesfontein by optical and turbulence methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nickola, M [Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) Space Geodesy Programme, PO Box 443, Krugersdorp 1740 (South Africa); Esau, I [G.C. Rieber Climate Institute of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC), Thoermohlensgate 47, N-5006 Bergen (Norway); Djolov, G [University of Pretoria, Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0002 (South Africa)


    Matjiesfontein in the Karoo has been proposed as a suitable location for a new fundamental space geodetic observatory. On-site geodetic equipment will include a Lunar Laser Ranger (LLR). LLR requires sub-arcsecond optical seeing conditions for delivery of high quality and quantity data. Seeing conditions at the Matjiesfontein site will be evaluated by making use of an automated seeing monitor and by modelling atmospheric turbulence with Large Eddy Simulation Nansen Center Improved Code (LESNIC).

  9. Zonal rate model for stacked membrane chromatography part II: characterizing ion-exchange membrane chromatography under protein retention conditions. (United States)

    Francis, Patrick; von Lieres, Eric; Haynes, Charles


    The Zonal Rate Model (ZRM) has previously been shown to accurately account for contributions to elution band broadening, including external flow nonidealities and radial concentration gradients, in ion-exchange membrane (IEXM) chromatography systems operated under nonbinding conditions. Here, we extend the ZRM to analyze and model the behavior of retained proteins by introducing terms for intra-column mass transfer resistances and intrinsic binding kinetics. Breakthrough curve (BTC) data from a scaled-down anion-exchange membrane chromatography module using ovalbumin as a model protein were collected at flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 20 mL min(-1). Through its careful accounting of transport nonidealities within and external to the membrane stack, the ZRM is shown to provide a useful framework for characterizing putative protein binding mechanisms and models, for predicting BTCs and complex elution behavior, including the common observation that the dynamic binding capacity can increase with linear velocity in IEXM systems, and for simulating and scaling separations using IEXM chromatography. Global fitting of model parameters is used to evaluate the performance of the Langmuir, bi-Langmuir, steric mass action (SMA), and spreading-type protein binding models in either correlating or fundamentally describing BTC data. When combined with the ZRM, the bi-Langmuir, and SMA models match the chromatography data, but require physically unrealistic regressed model parameters to do so. In contrast, for this system a spreading-type model is shown to accurately predict column performance while also providing a realistic fundamental explanation for observed trends, including an observed increase in dynamic binding capacity with flow rate.

  10. Feasibility of Optical Packet Switched WDM Networks without Packet Synchronisation Under Bursty Traffic Conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fjelde, Tina; Hansen, Peter Bukhave; Kloch, Allan;


    We show that complex packet synchronisation may be avoided in optical packetswitched networks. Detailed traffic analysis demonstrates that packet lossratios of 1e-10 are feasible under bursty traffic conditions for a highcapacity network consisting of asynchronously operated add-drop switch...

  11. Frontiers of Optical Spectroscopy Investigating Extreme Physical Conditions with Advanced Optical Techniques

    CERN Document Server

    Bartolo, Baldassare


    Advanced spectroscopic techniques allow the probing of very small systems and very fast phenomena, conditions that can be considered "extreme" at the present status of our experimentation and knowledge. Quantum dots, nanocrystals and single molecules are examples of the former and events on the femtosecond scale examples of the latter. The purpose of this book is to examine the realm of phenomena of such extreme type and the techniques that permit their investigations. Each author has developed a coherent section of the program starting at a somewhat fundamental level and ultimately reaching the frontier of knowledge in the field in a systematic and didactic fashion. The formal lectures are complemented by additional seminars.

  12. Global solar irradiance in Cordoba: Clearness index distributions conditioned to the optical air mass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Varo, M.; Pedros, G.; Martinez-Jimenez, P. [Applied Physics Department, EPS, University of Cordoba, C/Maria Virgen y Madre s/n., Cordoba 14004 (Spain); Aguilera, M.J. [Applied Physics Department, ETSIAM, University of Cordoba, C/Menendez Pidal, s/n., Cordoba, 14004 (Spain)


    The biological and photochemical effects of solar radiation and solar energy applications make it really important to characterize the variability of this component. In view of the fact that the clearness index indicates not only the level of availability of solar radiation but also the changes in atmospheric conditions in a given location, since the classic Liu and Jordan study, many papers have dealt with its statistical distribution. Specifically, Tovar et al. [Tovar J, Olmo FJ, Alados-Arboledas L. Solar Energy 1998;62(6):387-393] proposed a model to represent the probability density distributions of the instantaneous clearness index conditioned to the optical air mass from measurements recorded in Granada (Spain). In this work, we have proved the applicability of this model in a different location, Cordoba (Spain), finding that the parameters for fitting the model depend on both the optical air mass and the geographic and climatic conditions. (author)

  13. Free Space Optical Channel Characterization and Modeling with Focus on Algeria Weather Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehdi ROUISSAT


    Full Text Available Free-Space Optics (FSO is a wireless optical technology that enables optical transmission of data, voice and video communications through the air, up to 10 Gbps of data, based on the use of the free space (the atmosphere as transmission medium and low power lasers as light sources.Quality and performance of FSO links are generally affected by link distance and weather conditions like environmental temperature and light, sun, fog, snow, smoke, haze and rain. In this paper we study the effects of weather conditions on the performance of FSO links, taking the climate of Algeria as an example, and since there is no known analysis on the effects of weather conditions in this country, this paper offers an attempt to analyze and identify the challenges related to the deployment of FSO links under Algeria’s weather. We also present a Graphic User Interface “GUI” to provide an approximate availability estimate of an atmospheric optical link in term of probability of connection.

  14. Influence of optical feedback on laser frequency spectrum and threshold conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Osmundsen, Jens Henrik; Gade, Niels


    The steady state behavior of the external cavity operated laser has been analyzed, taking into account multiple reflections. The effect of optical feedback is included in the phase- and gain-conditions by a factor which is shown to have a simple geometrical representation. From this representation...... it is easily seen how the laser frequency spectrum and the threshold gain depend on external parameters such as distance to the reflection point and the amount of optical feedback. Furthermore, by inserting a variable attenuator in the external cavity and measuring the threshold current versus transmittance we...... have simultaneously determined the photon lifetime and the absolute amount of optical feedback. For the laser considered we found the photon lifetimetau_{p} = 1.55ps....

  15. Results of attenuation measurements for optical wireless channels under dense fog conditions regarding different wavelengths (United States)

    Flecker, B.; Gebhart, M.; Leitgeb, E.; Sheikh Muhammad, S.; Chlestil, C.


    Free Space Optics (FSO) has gained considerable importance in this decade of demand for high bandwidth transmission capabilities. FSO can provide the last mile solution, but the availability and reliability issues concerned with it can not be ignored, and requires thorough investigations. In this work, we present our results about light attenuation at 950 and 850 nm wavelengths in continental city fog conditions with peak values up to 130 dB/km and compare them with attenuation under dense maritime conditions with peak values up to 480 dB/km. Dense fog is the most severe limiting factor in terrestrial optical wireless applications and light propagation in fog has properties in the spatial, spectral and the time domain, which are of importance to free-space optic data communication. In 2004 (within a short term scientific mission of COST 270) measurements of very dense maritime fog and low clouds were made in the mountains of La Turbie, close to the coast of southern France. Using the same equipment, the measurements were continued for the conditions of the continental city of Graz, Austria. This campaign was done in the winter months from 2004 to 2005 and 2005 to 2006 and allows us to compare fog properties for different environments, and the impact of snow fall. We provide detail analysis of a fog and a snow event for better understanding of their attenuation behavior.

  16. Ischemic conditioning protects from axoglial alterations of the optic pathway induced by experimental diabetes in rats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego C Fernandez

    Full Text Available Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness. Visual function disorders have been demonstrated in diabetics even before the onset of retinopathy. At early stages of experimental diabetes, axoglial alterations occur at the distal portion of the optic nerve. Although ischemic conditioning can protect neurons and synaptic terminals against ischemic damage, there is no information on its ability to protect axons. We analyzed the effect of ischemic conditioning on the early axoglial alterations in the distal portion of the optic nerve induced by experimental diabetes. Diabetes was induced in Wistar rats by an intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin. Retinal ischemia was induced by increasing intraocular pressure to 120 mm Hg for 5 min; this maneuver started 3 days after streptozotocin injection and was weekly repeated in one eye, while the contralateral eye was submitted to a sham procedure. The application of ischemia pulses prevented a deficit in the anterograde transport from the retina to the superior colliculus, as well as an increase in astrocyte reactivity, ultraestructural myelin alterations, and altered morphology of oligodendrocyte lineage in the optic nerve distal portion at early stages of experimental diabetes. Ischemia tolerance prevented a significant decrease of retinal glutamine synthetase activity induced by diabetes. These results suggest that early vision loss in diabetes could be abated by ischemic conditioning which preserved axonal function and structure.

  17. Pressure vessel deformation under in-vessel retention condition%熔融物堆内滞留条件下压力容器变形

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    温爽; 李铁萍; 李聪新; 高新力


    熔融物堆内滞留(In-Vessel Retention, IVR)已经成为第三代反应堆一项关键的严重事故缓解策略,而压力容器外部冷却(External Reactor Vessel Cooling, ERVC)技术则是保证IVR得以成功实施的关键。当发生堆芯熔化时,高温熔融物对压力容器(Reactor Pressure Vessel, RPV)下封头的热冲击会导致RPV壁面和由其构成的外部冷却通道的形状发生变化,使局部传热恶化,进而造成IVR的失效。因此,有必要对IVR条件下RPV壁面的变形进行研究。本文利用有限元软件ANSYS对RPV进行了几何建模、温度场分析和力学场分析。结果表明,在RPV外部实现冷却、内部实现泄压的前提下,壁面变形为13.85−18.75 mm。在1 MPa内压的作用下,高温蠕变会使壁面变形随时间增大,但其增量有限。热膨胀是造成壁面变形的主要因素。%Background: In-vessel retention (IVR) has become an important severe accident mitigation strategy for advanced light water reactor in recent years. The successful implementation of IVR depends on the external reactor vessel cooling (ERVC) technique. In case of core melt, the bottom head of reactor pressure vessel (RPV) becomes deformed due to the thermal impacts of high temperature, and causes the narrowing of external coolant channel which is the gap between pressure vessel outer wall and insulation layer. This phenomenon could lead to local heat transfer deterioration and then causes the failure of IVR.Purpose: The aim of this paper is to analyze the deformation of reactor pressure vessel under IVR condition.Methods: The thermal and mechanical calculations of reactor pressure vessel are performed by using the finite element methods. This work can be divided into two steps. The first step is the evaluation of the thermal field of RPV, and the second step is the calculation of stress and displacement of RPV based on its temperature fields.Results: The result shows that the maximum vertical

  18. Retentivity, selectivity and thermodynamic behavior of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on charge-transfer and hypercrosslinked stationary phases under conditions of normal phase high performance liquid chromatography. (United States)

    Jiang, Ping; Lucy, Charles A


    Charge-transfer and hypercrosslinked polystyrene phases offer retention and separation for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and thus have potential for petroleum analysis. The size, shape and planarity selectivity for PAH standards on charge-transfer (DNAP column) and hypercrosslinked polystyrene (HC-Tol and 5HGN columns) phases are different under normal phase liquid chromatography (NPLC). The HC-Tol column behaves like a conventional NPLC column with low retention of PAHs. Retention of PAHs on the DNAP and 5HGN are strong and increases with the number of aromatic rings. The main retention mechanism is through π-π interactions and dipole-induced dipole interaction. Thermodynamics indicates that the retention mechanism of PAHs remains unchanged over the temperature range 20-60°C. In addition, on either DNAP or 5HGN column, both linear and bent PAHs are retained through the same mechanism. But DNAP possesses smaller π-π interaction and higher planarity selectivity than 5HGN for PAHs. This is suggestive that DNAP interacts with PAHs through a disordered phase arrangement, while 5HGN behaves as an ordered adsorption phase.

  19. Probabilistic Model for Free-Space Optical Links Under Continental Fog Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The error characteristics of a free-space optical (FSO channel are significantly different from the fiber based optical links and thus require a deep physical understanding of the propagation channel. In particular different fog conditions greatly influence the optical transmissions and thus a channel model is required to estimate the detrimental fog effects. In this paper we shall present the probabilistic model for radiation fog from the measured data over a 80 m FSO link installed at Graz, Austria. The fog events are classified into thick fog, moderate fog, light fog and general fog based on the international code of visibility range. We applied some probability distribution functions (PDFs such as Kumaraswamy, Johnson SB and Logistic distribution, to the actual measured optical attenuations. The performance of each distribution is evaluated by Q-Q and P-P plots. It is found that Kumaraswamy distribution is the best fit for general fog, while Logistic distribution is the optimum choice for thick fog. On the other hand, Johnson SB distribution best fits the moderate and light fog related measured attenuation data. The difference in these probabilistic models and the resultant variation in the received signal strength under different fog types needs to be considered in designing an efficient FSO system.

  20. Effect of chromatographic conditions on retention behavior and system efficiency for HPTLC of selected psychotropic drugs on chemically bonded stationary phases. (United States)

    Petruczynik, Anna; Wróblewski, Karol; Waksmundzka-Hajnos, Monika


    Selected psychotropic drug standards have been chromatographed on RP18, CN and diol layers with a variety of aqueous and nonaqueous mobile phases. The effect of buffers at acidic or basic pH, acetic acid, ammonia and diethylamine (DEA) in aqueous mobile phases on retention, efficiency and peak symmetry was examined. Improved peak symmetry and separation selectivity for investigated compounds were observed when ammonia or DEA were used as mobile phase additives. The effect of diethylamine concentration in aqueous eluents on retention, peak symmetry and theoretical plate number obtained on CN plates was also investigated. Because of the strong retention of these basic drugs on stationary phases bonded on silica matrix, nonaqueous eluents containing medium polar diluents, strongly polar modifiers and silanol blockers (ammonia or diethylamine) were applied. Aqueous and nonaqueous eluent systems with the best selectivity and efficiency were used for separate psychotropic drug standards' mixture on CN layer by 2D TLC.

  1. Optical forces from evanescent Bessel beams, multiple reflections and Kerker conditions in magnetodielectric spheres and cylinders

    CERN Document Server

    Auñon, J M


    In this work we address, first, the optical force on a magnetodielectric particle on a flat dielectric surface due to an evanescent Bessel beam and, second, the effects on the force of multiple scattering with the substrate. For the first question we find analytical solutions showing that due to the interference of the excited electric and magnetic particle dipoles, the vertical force unusually pushes the object out from the plane. The incident wavelength rules whether the illumination constitutes, or not, an optical trap. As for the second problem, we make a 2D study with a single evanescent plane wave, and we present the Kerker conditions, (so far established for spheres), for magnetodielectric cylinders; showing that in $p$-polarization those are practically reproduced and are associated to minima of the horizontal and vertical forces.

  2. Stability Comparison of Recordable Optical Discs—A Study of Error Rates in Harsh Conditions (United States)

    Slattery, Oliver; Lu, Richang; Zheng, Jian; Byers, Fred; Tang, Xiao


    The reliability and longevity of any storage medium is a key issue for archivists and preservationists as well as for the creators of important information. This is particularly true in the case of digital media such as DVD and CD where a sufficient number of errors may render the disc unreadable. This paper describes an initial stability study of commercially available recordable DVD and CD media using accelerated aging tests under conditions of increased temperature and humidity. The effect of prolonged exposure to direct light is also investigated and shown to have an effect on the error rates of the media. Initial results show that high quality optical media have very stable characteristics and may be suitable for long-term storage applications. However, results also indicate that significant differences exist in the stability of recordable optical media from different manufacturers. PMID:27366630

  3. Non-Markovian Decay and Lasing Condition in an Optical Microcavity Coupled to a Structured Reservoir

    CERN Document Server

    Longhi, S


    The decay dynamics of the classical electromagnetic field in a leaky optical resonator supporting a single mode coupled to a structured continuum of modes (reservoir) is theoretically investigated, and the issue of threshold condition for lasing in presence of an inverted medium is comprehensively addressed. Specific analytical results are given for a single-mode microcavity resonantly coupled to a coupled resonator optical waveguide (CROW), which supports a band of continuous modes acting as decay channels. For weak coupling, the usual exponential Weisskopf-Wigner (Markovian) decay of the field in the bare resonator is found, and the threshold for lasing increases linearly with the coupling strength. As the coupling between the microcavity and the structured reservoir increases, the field decay in the passive cavity shows non exponential features, and correspondingly the threshold for lasing ceases to increase, reaching a maximum and then starting to decrease as the coupling strength is further increased. A ...

  4. Spaser and optical amplification conditions in gold-coated active nanoparticles

    CERN Document Server

    Passarelli, Nicolás; Coronado, Eduardo A


    Due to their many potential applications, there is an increasing interest in studying hybrid systems composed of optically active media and plasmonic metamaterials. In this work we focus on a particular system which consists of an optically active silica core covered by a gold shell. We find that the spaser (surface plasmon amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) conditions can be found at the poles of the scattering cross section of the system, a result that remains valid beyond the geometry studied. We explored a wide range of parameters that cover most of the usual experimental conditions in terms of the geometry of the system and the wavelength of excitation. We show that the conditions of spaser generation necessarily require full loss compensation, but the opposite is not necessarily true. Our results, which are independent of the detailed response of the active medium, provide the gain needed and the wavelength of the spasers that can be produced by a particular geometry, discussing also the...

  5. Turnover: strategies for staff retention. (United States)

    SnowAntle, S


    This discussion has focused on a number of areas where organizations may find opportunities for more effectively managing employee retention. Given the multitude of causes and consequences, there is no one quick fix. Effective management of employee retention requires assessment of the entire human resources process, that is, recruitment, selection, job design, compensation, supervision, work conditions, etc. Regular and systematic diagnosis of turnover and implementation of multiple strategies and evaluation are needed (Mobley, 1982).

  6. Performance of centroiding algorithms at low light level conditions in adaptive optics

    CERN Document Server

    Vyas, Akondi; Prasad, B Raghavendra; 10.1109/ARTCom.2009.30


    The performance metrics of different centroiding algorithms at low light level conditions were optimized in the case of a Shack Hartmann Sensor (SHS) for efficient performance of the adaptive optics system. For short exposures and low photon flux, the Hartmann spot does not have a Gaussian shape due to the photon noise which follows Poissonian statistics. The centroiding estimation error was calculated at different photon levels in the case of changing spot size and shift in the spot using Monte Carlo simulations. This analysis also proves to be helpful in optimizing the SHS specifications at low light levels.

  7. Electrical and optical study of transparent V-based oxide semiconductors prepared by magnetron sputtering under different conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Prociow


    Full Text Available This work is focused on structural, optical and electrical behaviors of vanadium-based oxide thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering under different conditions. Thin films have been deposited on glass substrates from metallic vanadium target at low sputtering pressure. Different working gases: argon/oxygen mixture, and especially pure oxygen gas, have been applied. Results of X-ray diffraction together with optical transmission and temperature- dependent electrical resistivity measurements have been presented. Transmission coefficient, cut-off wavelength and the width of the optical band gap have been calculated from optical measurements. The d.c. resistivity values at room temperature and thermal activation energy have been obtained from electrical investigations. The influence of sputtering process conditions on optical and electrical properties has been discussed.

  8. Post-operative urinary retention. (United States)

    Steggall, Martin; Treacy, Colm; Jones, Mark

    Urinary retention is a common complication of surgery and anaesthesia. The risk of post-operative urinary retention is increased following certain surgical procedures and anaesthetic modalities, and with patients' advancing age. Patients at increased risk of post-operative urinary retention should be identified before surgery or the condition should be identified and treated in a timely manner following surgery. If conservative measures do not help the patient to pass urine, the bladder will need to be drained using either an intermittent catheter or an indwelling urethral catheter, which can result in catheter-associated urinary tract infections. This article provides an overview of normal bladder function, risk factors for developing post-operative urinary retention, and treatment options. Guidance drawn from the literature aims to assist nurses in identifying at-risk patients and inform patient care.

  9. Effect of the water content on the retention and enantioselectivity of albendazole and fenbendazole sulfoxides using amylose-based chiral stationary phases in organic-aqueous conditions. (United States)

    Materazzo, Sabrina; Carradori, Simone; Ferretti, Rosella; Gallinella, Bruno; Secci, Daniela; Cirilli, Roberto


    Four commercially available immobilized amylose-derived CSPs (Chiralpak IA-3, Chiralpak ID-3, Chiralpak IE-3 and Chiralpak IF-3) were used in the HPLC analysis of the chiral sulfoxides albendazole (ABZ-SO) and fenbendazole (FBZ-SO) and their in vivo sulfide precursor (ABZ and FBZ) and sulfone metabolite (ABZ-SO2 and FBZ-SO2) under organic-aqueous mode. U-shape retention maps, established by varying the water content in the acetonitrile- and ethanol-water mobile phases, were indicative of two retention mechanisms operating on the same CSP. The dual retention behavior of polysaccharide-based CSPs was exploited to design greener enantioselective and chemoselective separations in a short time frame. The enantiomers of ABZ-SO and FBZ-SO were baseline resolved with water-rich mobile phases (with the main component usually being 50-65% water in acetonitrile) on the IF-3 CSP and ethanol-water 100:5 mixture on the IA-3 and IE-3 CSPs. A simultaneous separation of ABZ (or FBZ), enantiomers of the corresponding sulfoxide and sulfone was achieved on the IA-3 using ethanol-water 100:60 (acetonitrile-water 100:100 for FBZ) as a mobile phase.

  10. Printing polymer optical waveguides on conditioned transparent flexible foils by using the aerosol jet technology (United States)

    Reitberger, Thomas; Hoffmann, Gerd-Albert; Wolfer, Tim; Overmeyer, Ludger; Franke, Joerg


    The optical data transfer is considered as the future of signal transfer due to its various advantages compared to conventional copper-based technologies. The Aerosol Jet Printing (AJP) technology offers the opportunity to print materials with high viscosities, such as liquid transparent polymer adhesives (epoxy resins), on almost any possible substrate material and even in third dimension. This paper introduces a new flexible and comparatively cost-effective way of generating polymer optical waveguides through AJP. Furthermore, the conditioning of the substrate material and the printing process of planar waveguides are presented. In the first step, two lines with hydrophobic behavior are applied on foil material (PMMA, PVC, PI) by using a flexographic printing machine. These silicone based patterns containing functional polymer form barriers for the core material due to their low surface energy after curing. In the second step, the core material (liquid polymer, varnish) is printed between the barrier lines. Because of the hydrophobic behavior of the lines, the contact angle between the substrate surface and the liquid core material is increased which yields to higher aspect ratio. The distance between the barrier lines is at least 100 μm, which defines the width of the waveguide. The minimum height of the core shall be 50 μm. After UV-curing of the core polymer, the cladding material is printed on the top. This is also applied by using the AJP technology. Various tests were performed to achieve the optimal surface properties for adequate adhesion and machine process parameters.

  11. Performances of Three Miniature Bio-inspired Optic Flow Sensors under Natural Conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphane Viollet


    Full Text Available Considerable attention has been paid during the last decade to vision-based navigation systems based on optic flow (OF cues. OF-based systems have been implemented on an increasingly large number of sighted autonomous robotic platforms. Nowadays, the OF is measured using conventional cameras, custom-made sensors and even optical mouse chips. However, very few studies have dealt so far with the reliability of these OF sensors in terms of their precision, range and sensitivity to illuminance variations. Three miniature custom-made OF sensors developed at our laboratory, which were composed of photosensors connected to an OF processing unit were tested and compared in this study, focusing on their responses and characteristics in real indoor and outdoor environments in a large range of illuminance. It was concluded that by combining a custom-made aVLSI retina equipped with Adaptive Pixels for Insect-based Sensor (APIS with a bio-inspired visual processing system, it is possible to obtain highly effective miniature sensors for measuring the OF under real environmental conditions.

  12. Tunable Diode Laser Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for Detection of Potassium under Optically Thick Conditions. (United States)

    Qu, Zhechao; Steinvall, Erik; Ghorbani, Ramin; Schmidt, Florian M


    Potassium (K) is an important element related to ash and fine-particle formation in biomass combustion processes. In situ measurements of gaseous atomic potassium, K(g), using robust optical absorption techniques can provide valuable insight into the K chemistry. However, for typical parts per billion K(g) concentrations in biomass flames and reactor gases, the product of atomic line strength and absorption path length can give rise to such high absorbance that the sample becomes opaque around the transition line center. We present a tunable diode laser atomic absorption spectroscopy (TDLAAS) methodology that enables accurate, calibration-free species quantification even under optically thick conditions, given that Beer-Lambert's law is valid. Analyte concentration and collisional line shape broadening are simultaneously determined by a least-squares fit of simulated to measured absorption profiles. Method validation measurements of K(g) concentrations in saturated potassium hydroxide vapor in the temperature range 950-1200 K showed excellent agreement with equilibrium calculations, and a dynamic range from 40 pptv cm to 40 ppmv cm. The applicability of the compact TDLAAS sensor is demonstrated by real-time detection of K(g) concentrations close to biomass pellets during atmospheric combustion in a laboratory reactor.

  13. Optical digital to analog conversion performance analysis for indoor set-up conditions (United States)

    Dobesch, Aleš; Alves, Luis Nero; Wilfert, Otakar; Ribeiro, Carlos Gaspar


    In visible light communication (VLC) the optical digital to analog conversion (ODAC) approach was proposed as a suitable driving technique able to overcome light-emitting diode's (LED) non-linear characteristic. This concept is analogous to an electrical digital-to-analog converter (EDAC). In other words, digital bits are binary weighted to represent an analog signal. The method supports elementary on-off based modulations able to exploit the essence of LED's non-linear characteristic allowing simultaneous lighting and communication. In the ODAC concept the reconstruction error does not simply rely upon the converter bit depth as in case of EDAC. It rather depends on communication system set-up and geometrical relation between emitter and receiver as well. The paper describes simulation results presenting the ODAC's error performance taking into account: the optical channel, the LED's half power angle (HPA) and the receiver field of view (FOV). The set-up under consideration examines indoor conditions for a square room with 4 m length and 3 m height, operating with one dominant wavelength (blue) and having walls with a reflection coefficient of 0.8. The achieved results reveal that reconstruction error increases for higher data rates as a result of interference due to multipath propagation.

  14. Quasi-optical Gaussian beam tracing to evaluate Doppler backscattering conditions (United States)

    Honoré, C.; Hennequin, P.; Truc, A.; Quéméneur, A.


    Microwave beam backscattering near the cut-off layer appears to be the most interesting diagnostic to observe density fluctuation time evolution for a given localization in the plasma and at a defined wave vector. It also provides perpendicular plasma velocity. Scattering only occurs when the Bragg selection rule is fulfilled, i.e. when the scattering wave vector is almost perpendicular to the magnetic field. In order to evaluate these scattering conditions, ray tracing is required. 3D geometry is necessary to evaluate the angle between the magnetic field and the wave vector at the reflection. The ripple effect on the iso-index layer curve cannot be neglected. Scattering localization and wave vector resolution can be approached if single ray tracing is replaced with quasi-optical beam tracing. Optical propagation is still considered in the WKB approximation but the beam is described as multiple connected rays. The beam radial expansion due to diffraction is well described. This approach allows one to compute beam parameters for all data acquisitions (50 triggers per shot) and all shots (40 shots per day) during the following night on a recent personal computer with MatLab©.

  15. Monocular accommodation condition in 3D display types through geometrical optics (United States)

    Kim, Sung-Kyu; Kim, Dong-Wook; Park, Min-Chul; Son, Jung-Young


    Eye fatigue or strain phenomenon in 3D display environment is a significant problem for 3D display commercialization. The 3D display systems like eyeglasses type stereoscopic or auto-stereoscopic multiview, Super Multi-View (SMV), and Multi-Focus (MF) displays are considered for detail calculation about satisfaction level of monocular accommodation by geometrical optics calculation means. A lens with fixed focal length is used for experimental verification about numerical calculation of monocular defocus effect caused by accommodation at three different depths. And the simulation and experiment results consistently show relatively high level satisfaction about monocular accommodation at MF display condition. Additionally, possibility of monocular depth perception, 3D effect, at monocular MF display is discussed.

  16. Error Probability Analysis of Free-Space Optical Links with Different Channel Model under Turbulent Condition

    CERN Document Server

    Barua, Bobby; Islam, Md Rezwan


    Free space optics (FSO) is a promising solution for the need to very high data rate point-to point communication. FSO communication technology became popular due to its large bandwidth potential, unlicensed spectrum, excellent security and quick and inexpensive setup. Unfortunately, atmospheric turbulence-induced fading is one of the main impairments affecting FSO communications. To design a high performance communication link for the atmospheric FSO channel, it is of great importance to characterize the channel with proper model. In this paper, the modulation format is Q-ary PPM across lasers, with intensity modulation and ideal photodetectors are assumed to investigate the most efficient PDF models for FSO communication under turbulent condition. The performance results are evaluated in terms of symbol error probability (SEP) for different type of channel model and the simulation results confirm the analytical findings.

  17. Condition monitoring of shaft of single-phase induction motor using optical sensor (United States)

    Fulzele, Asmita G.; Arajpure, V. G.; Holay, P. P.; Patil, N. M.


    Transmission type of optical technique is developed to sense the condition of rotating shafts from a distance. A parallel laser beam is passed tangential over the surface of rotating shaft of a single phase induction motor and its flickering shadow is received on a photo sensor. Variations in sensor voltage output are observed on a digital storage oscilloscope. It is demonstrated that this signal carries information about shaft defects like miss alignment, play and impacts in bearings along with surface deformities. Mathematical model of signals corresponding to these shaft defects is developed. During the development and testing of the sensor, effects of reflections are investigated, sensing phenomenon is simulated, frequency response of the sensor is obtained and its performance is compared with conventional accelerometer.

  18. Optical codeword demodulation with error rates below standard quantum limit using a conditional nulling receiver

    CERN Document Server

    Chen, Jian; Dutton, Zachary; Lazarus, Richard; Guha, Saikat


    The quantum states of two laser pulses---coherent states---are never mutually orthogonal, making perfect discrimination impossible. Even so, coherent states can achieve the ultimate quantum limit for capacity of a classical channel, the Holevo capacity. Attaining this requires the receiver to make joint-detection measurements on long codeword blocks, optical implementations of which remain unknown. We report the first experimental demonstration of a joint-detection receiver, demodulating quaternary pulse-position-modulation (PPM) codewords at a word error rate of up to 40% (2.2 dB) below that attained with direct-detection, the largest error-rate improvement over the standard quantum limit reported to date. This is accomplished with a conditional nulling receiver, which uses optimized-amplitude coherent pulse nulling, single photon detection and quantum feedforward. We further show how this translates into coding complexity improvements for practical PPM systems, such as in deep-space communication. We antici...

  19. A Study on Employee Retention Techniques


    Savarimuthu, Dr. A; Hemalatha, N


    The objective of perusing this study is to assess the level of satisfaction of employee retention techniques at GB Engineering Enterprises PVT Limited., Trichy.This study gains significance because of employee retention techniques can be approached from various angles. It is desirable state of existence involving retention strategies generally fall in to one of four categories salary, working conditions, job enrichment and education. These four elements together constitute. The structure of e...

  20. Retention, dosing, tolerability and patient reported seizure outcome of Zonisamide as only add-on treatment under real-life conditions in adult patients with partial onset seizures: Results of the observational study ZOOM. (United States)

    Hamer, Hajo; Baulac, Michel; McMurray, Rob; Kockelmann, Edgar


    Zonisamide is licensed for adjunctive therapy for partial-onset seizures with or without secondary generalisation in patients 6 years and older and as monotherapy for the treatment of partial seizures in adult patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy, and shows a favourable pharmacokinetic profile with low interaction potential with other drugs. The aim of the present study was to gather real-life data on retention and modalities of zonisamide use when administered as only add-on treatment to a current AED monotherapy in adult patients with partial-onset seizures. This multicenter observational study was performed in 4 European countries and comprised three visits: baseline, and after 3 and 6 months. Data on patients' retention, reported efficacy, tolerability and safety, and quality of life was collected. Of 100 included patients, 93 could be evaluated. After 6 months, the retention rate of zonisamide add-on therapy was 82.8%. At this time, a reduction of seizure frequency of at least 50% was observed in 79.7% of patients, with 43.6% reporting seizure freedom over the last 3 months of the study period. Adverse events were reported by 19.4% of patients, with fatigue, agitation, dizziness, and headache being most frequent. Approximately 25% of patients were older than 60 years, many of whom suffered from late-onset epilepsy. Compared to younger patients, these patients showed considerable differences with regard to their antiepileptic drug regimen at baseline, and slightly higher responder and retention rates at 6 months. Despite limitations due to the non-interventional open-label design and the low sample size, the results show that zonisamide as only add-on therapy is well retained, indicating effectiveness in the majority of patients under real-life conditions. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  1. Study on the effect of process conditions on the thermo-optic coefficient of amorphous silicon films (United States)

    Zhou, Xiang; Liu, Shuang; Tang, Haihua; Zhong, Zhiyong; Liu, Yong


    A thermo-optical coefficient (TOC) test platform based on FILMeasure-20 was designed and the thermal coefficient of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin films material at 1330 nm was tested. a-Si:H were deposited on the quartz glass using a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system. Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) was used to characterize the infrared spectral feature of films. The hydrogen content of films was influenced by different radio frequency (RF) power and deposition pressure conditions according to the FTIR spectra and theoretical analysis, and the thermo-optic effect of a-Si:H varied with temperature characteristics. Experimental results indicated that selecting the appropriate process conditions to prepare a-Si:H films can effectively increase or avoid the impact of thermo-optical effect on the optical devices.

  2. Integrity assessment under various conditions of embedded fiber optics based multi-sensing materials (United States)

    Mekid, Samir; Butt, Asad Muhammad; Qureshi, Khurram


    The paper discusses new self-measurement and reacting materials with embedded sensors and actuators. New mechanical structures are made with a new integrated material that can almost inherently sense external effects e.g. temperature and deformation and react to them. Hence, the need to embed fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors that are inscribed in fiber optics inside materials for various applications e.g. structural health monitoring. The embedding technique can be part of the manufacturing process that can affect these delicate sensors. During this process, the sensors are subject to pressure, heat and deformation. The integrity of the sensors and the host material prior and after to embedding becomes very important. The paper discusses various characterization tests including strains, temperature, pressure and geometry effect on sensors placement while embedding within the host material subsurface. The results have shown that specific conditions are to be considered during the process of embedding to secure the integrity and good level of sensitivity of the sensors to deliver true measurements. The practice of these conditions has led to successful products.

  3. Optical-cell evidence for superheated ice under gas-hydrate-forming conditions (United States)

    Stern, L.A.; Hogenboom, D.L.; Durham, W.B.; Kirby, S.H.; Chou, I.-Ming


    We previously reported indirect but compelling evidence that fine-grained H2O ice under elevated CH4 gas pressure can persist to temperatures well above its ordinary melting point while slowly reacting to form methane clathrate hydrate. This phenomenon has now been visually verified by duplicating these experiments in an optical cell while observing the very slow hydrate-forming process as the reactants were warmed from 250 to 290 K at methane pressures of 23 to 30 MPa. Limited hydrate growth occurred rapidly after initial exposure of the methane gas to the ice grains at temperatures well within the ice subsolidus region. No evidence for continued growth of the hydrate phase was observed until samples were warmed above the equilibrium H2O melting curve. With continued heating, no bulk melting of the ice grains or free liquid water was detected anywhere within the optical cell until hydrate dissociation conditions were reached (292 K at 30 MPa), even though full conversion of the ice grains to hydrate requires 6-8 h at temperatures approaching 290 K. In a separate experimental sequence, unreacted portions of H2O ice grains that had persisted to temperatures above their ordinary melting point were successfully induced to melt, without dissociating the coexisting hydrate in the sample tube, by reducing the pressure overstep of the equilibrium phase boundary and thereby reducing the rate of hydrate growth at the ice-hydrate interface. Results from similar tests using CO2 as the hydrate-forming species demonstrated that this superheating effect is not unique to the CH4-H2O system.

  4. A design of optical measurement laboratory for space-based illumination condition emulation (United States)

    Xu, Rong; Zhao, Fei; Yang, Xin


    Space Objects Identification(SOI) and related technology have aroused wide attention from spacefaring nations due to the increasingly severe space environment. Multiple ground-based assets have been employed to acquire statistical survey data, detect faint debris, acquire photometric and spectroscopic data. Great efforts have been made to characterize different space objects using the statistical data acquired by telescopes. Furthermore, detailed laboratory data are needed to optimize the characterization of orbital debris and satellites via material composition and potential rotation axes, which calls for a high-precision and flexible optical measurement system. A typical method of taking optical measurements of a space object(or model) is to move light source and sensors through every possible orientation around it and keep the target still. However, moving equipments to accurate orientations in the air is difficult, especially for those large precise instruments sensitive to vibrations. Here, a rotation structure of "3+1" axes, with a three-axis turntable manipulating attitudes of the target and the sensor revolving around a single axis, is utilized to emulate every possible illumination condition in space, which can also avoid the inconvenience of moving large aparatus. Firstly, the source-target-sensor orientation of a real satellite was analyzed with vectors and coordinate systems built to illustrate their spatial relationship. By bending the Reference Coordinate Frame to the Phase Angle plane, the sensor only need to revolve around a single axis while the other three degrees of freedom(DOF) are associated with the Euler's angles of the satellite. Then according to practical engineering requirements, an integrated rotation system of four-axis structure is brought forward. Schemetic diagrams of the three-axis turntable and other equipments show an overview of the future laboratory layout. Finally, proposals on evironment arrangements, light source precautions

  5. Fuel nozzle tube retention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cihlar, David William; Melton, Patrick Benedict


    A system for retaining a fuel nozzle premix tube includes a retention plate and a premix tube which extends downstream from an outlet of a premix passage defined along an aft side of a fuel plenum body. The premix tube includes an inlet end and a spring support feature which is disposed proximate to the inlet end. The premix tube extends through the retention plate. The spring retention feature is disposed between an aft side of the fuel plenum and the retention plate. The system further includes a spring which extends between the spring retention feature and the retention plate.

  6. Optical tweezers for measuring the interaction of the two single red blood cells in flow condition (United States)

    Lee, Kisung; Muravyov, Alexei; Semenov, Alexei; Wagner, Christian; Priezzhev, Alexander


    Aggregation of red blood cells (RBCs) is an intrinsic property of blood, which has direct effect on the blood viscosity and therefore affects overall the blood circulation throughout the body. It is attracting interest for the research in both fundamental science and clinical application. Despite of the intensive research, the aggregation mechanism is remaining not fully clear. Recent advances in methods allowed measuring the interaction between single RBCs in a well-defined configuration leading the better understanding of the mechanism of the process. However the most of the studies were made on the static cells. Thus, the measurements in flow mimicking conditions are missing. In this work, we aim to study the interaction of two RBCs in the flow conditions. We demonstrate the characterization of the cells interaction strength (or flow tolerance) by measuring the flow velocity to be applied to separate two aggregated cells trapped by double channel optical tweezers in a desired configuration. The age-separated cells were used for this study. The obtained values for the minimum flow velocities needed to separate the two cells were found to be 78.9 +/- 6.1 μm/s and 110 +/- 13 μm/s for old and young cells respectively. The data obtained is in agreement with the observations reported by other authors. The significance of our results is in ability for obtaining a comprehensible and absolute physical value characterizing the cells interaction in flow conditions (not like the Aggregation Index measured in whole blood suspensions by other techniques, which is some abstract parameter)

  7. Conditional Cash Transfers Improve Retention in PMTCT Services by Mitigating the Negative Effect of Not Having Money to Come to the Clinic. (United States)

    Yotebieng, Marcel; Moracco, Kathryn E; Thirumurthy, Harsha; Edmonds, Andrew; Tabala, Martine; Kawende, Bienvenu; Wenzi, Landry K; Okitolonda, Emile W; Behets, Frieda


    To elucidate the mechanisms by which a cash incentive intervention increases retention in prevention of mother-to-child transmission services. We used data from a randomized controlled trial in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Perceptual factors associated with loss to follow-up (LTFU) through 6 weeks postpartum were first identified. Then, binomial models were used to assess interactions between LTFU and identified factors, and the cash incentive intervention. Participants were less likely to be LTFU if they perceived HIV as a "very serious" health problem for their baby vs. not [risk difference (RD), -0.13; 95% confidence interval (CI): -0.30 to 0.04], if they believed it would be "very likely" to pass HIV to their baby if they did not take any HIV drug vs. not (RD, -0.15; 95% CI: -0.32 to 0.02), and if they anticipated that not having money would make it difficult for them to come to the clinic vs. not (RD, 0.12; 95% CI: -0.07 to 0.30). The effect of each of the 3 factors on LTFU was antagonistic to that of receiving the cash incentive intervention. The excess risk due to interaction between the cash incentive intervention and the anticipated difficulty of "not having money" to come to the clinic was exactly equal to the effect of removing this perceived barrier (excess risk due to interaction, -0.12; 95% CI: -0.35 to 0.10). Our analyses show that cash transfers improve retention in prevention of mother-to-child transmission services mainly by mitigating the negative effect of not having money to come to the clinic.

  8. Lighting conditions and optical filters effects on visual performance of speleologists exposed to cave environments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla Costa Lança


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to evaluate lighting conditions and speleologists’ visual performance using optical filters when exposed to the lighting conditions of cave environments. A cross-sectional study was conducted. Twenty-three speleologists were submitted to an evaluation of visual function in a clinical lab. An examination of visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, stereoacuity and flashlight illuminance levels was also performed in 16 of the 23 speleologists at two caves deprived of natural lightning. Two organic filters (450nm and 550nm were used to compare visual function with and without filters. The mean age of the speleologists was 40.65 (± 10.93 years. We detected 26.1% participants with visual impairment of which refractive error (17.4% was the major cause. In the cave environment the majority of the speleologists used a head flashlight with a mean illuminance of 451.0 ± 305.7 lux. Binocular visual acuity (BVA was -0.05±0.15 LogMAR (20/18. BVA for distance without filter was not statistically different from BVA with 550 nm or 450 nm filters (p=0.093. Significant improved contrast sensitivity was observed with 450 nm filters for 6 cpd (p = 0.034 and 18 cpd (p = 0.026 spatial frequencies. There were no signs and symptoms of visual pathologies related to cave exposure. Illuminance levels were adequate to the majority of the activities performed. The enhancement in contrast sensitivity with filters could potentially improve tasks related with the activities performed in the cave.

  9. Aerosol optical depth under "clear" sky conditions derived from sea surface reflection of lidar signals. (United States)

    He, Min; Hu, Yongxiang; Huang, Jian Ping; Stamnes, Knut


    There are considerable demands for accurate atmospheric correction of satellite observations of the sea surface or subsurface signal. Surface and sub-surface reflection under "clear" atmospheric conditions can be used to study atmospheric correction for the simplest possible situation. Here "clear" sky means a cloud-free atmosphere with sufficiently small aerosol particles. The "clear" aerosol concept is defined according to the spectral dependence of the scattering cross section on particle size. A 5-year combined CALIPSO and AMSR-E data set was used to derive the aerosol optical depth (AOD) from the lidar signal reflected from the sea surface. Compared with the traditional lidar-retrieved AOD, which relies on lidar backscattering measurements and an assumed lidar ratio, the AOD retrieved through the surface reflectance method depends on both scattering and absorption because it is based on two-way attenuation of the lidar signal transmitted to and then reflected from the surface. The results show that the clear sky AOD derived from the surface signal agrees with the clear sky AOD available in the CALIPSO level 2 database in the westerly wind belt located in the southern hemisphere, but yields significantly higher aerosol loadings in the tropics and in the northern hemisphere.

  10. Embedded optical probes for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement of materials in extreme conditions (United States)

    Sandberg, R. L.; Rodriguez, G.; Gibson, L. L.; Dattelbaum, D. M.; Stevens, G. D.; Grover, M.; Lalone, B. M.; Udd, E.


    We present recent efforts at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to develop sensors for simultaneous, in situ pressure and temperature measurements under dynamic conditions by using an all-optical fiber-based approach. While similar tests have been done previously in deflagration-to-detonation tests (DDT), where pressure and temperature were measured to 82 kbar and 400°C simultaneously, here we demonstrate the use of embedded fiber grating sensors to obtain high temporal resolution, in situ pressure measurements in inert materials. We present two experimental demonstrations of pressure measurements: (1) under precise shock loading from a gas-gun driven plate impact and (2) under high explosive driven shock in a water filled vessel. The system capitalizes on existing telecom components and fast transient digitizing recording technology. It operates as a relatively inexpensive embedded probe (single-mode 1550 nm fiber-based Bragg grating) that provides a continuous fast pressure record during shock and/or detonation. By applying well-controlled shock wave pressure profiles to these inert materials, we study the dynamic pressure response of embedded fiber Bragg gratings to extract pressure amplitude of the shock wave and compare our results with particle velocity wave profiles measured simultaneously.

  11. Conditionally sampled two-dimensional optical wavefront measurements in the near-nozzle region of a heated axisymmetric jet (United States)

    Hugo, Ronald J.; McMackin, Lenore J.


    The time-evolution of optical degradation in the near nozzle region of a heated axisymmetric jet is measured using conditional sampling techniques. A novel linearized stability experiment is performed in order to identify the flowfield states most applicable for conditional sampling techniques. The results of the conditional sampling experiment exhibit a condition where two distinct flowfield states are evident. Potential explanations for the observance of these two distinct states are proposed, with the most probable explanation being due to pi-jumps that can arise between the phase of the excitation signal and the phase of the flowfield events.

  12. Manufacturing of polymer optical waveguides using self-assembly effect on pre-conditioned 3D-thermoformed flexible substrates (United States)

    Hoffmann, Gerd-Albert; Wolfer, Tim; Zeitler, Jochen; Franke, Jörg; Suttmann, Oliver; Overmeyer, Ludger


    Optical data communication is increasingly interesting for many applications in industrial processes. Therefore mass production is required to meet the requested price and lot sizes. Polymer optical waveguides show great promises to comply with price requirements while providing sufficient optical quality for short range data transmission. A high efficient fabrication technology using polymer materials could be able to create the essential backbone for 3D-optical data transmission in the future. The approach for high efficient fabrication technology of micro optics described in this paper is based on a self-assembly effect of fluids on preconditioned 3D-thermoformed polymer foils. Adjusting the surface energy on certain areas on the flexible substrate by flexographic printing mechanism is presented in this paper. With this technique conditioning lines made of silicone containing UV-varnish are printed on top of the foils and create gaps with the exposed substrate material in between. Subsequent fabrication processes are selected whether the preconditioned foil is coated with acrylate containing waveguide material prior or after the thermoforming process. Due to the different surface energy this material tends to dewet from the conditioning lines. It acts like regional barriers and sets the width of the arising waveguides. With this fabrication technology it is possible to produce multiple waveguides with a single coating process. The relevant printing process parameters that affect the quality of the generated waveguides are discussed and results of the produced waveguides with width ranging from 10 to 300 μm are shown.

  13. Optics

    CERN Document Server

    Fincham, W H A


    Optics: Ninth Edition Optics: Ninth Edition covers the work necessary for the specialization in such subjects as ophthalmic optics, optical instruments and lens design. The text includes topics such as the propagation and behavior of light; reflection and refraction - their laws and how different media affect them; lenses - thick and thin, cylindrical and subcylindrical; photometry; dispersion and color; interference; and polarization. Also included are topics such as diffraction and holography; the limitation of beams in optical systems and its effects; and lens systems. The book is recommen

  14. Real-Time Optical Monitoring of Flow Kinetics and Gas Phase Reactions Under High-Pressure OMCVD Conditions (United States)

    Dietz, N.; McCall, S.; Bachmann, K. J.


    This contribution addresses the real-time optical characterization of gas flow and gas phase reactions as they play a crucial role for chemical vapor phase depositions utilizing elevated and high pressure chemical vapor deposition (HPCVD) conditions. The objectives of these experiments are to validate on the basis of results on real-time optical diagnostics process models simulation codes, and provide input parameter sets needed for analysis and control of chemical vapor deposition at elevated pressures. Access to microgravity is required to retain high pressure conditions of laminar flow, which is essential for successful acquisition and interpretation of the optical data. In this contribution, we describe the design and construction of the HPCVD system, which include access ports for various optical methods of real-time process monitoring and to analyze the initial stages of heteroepitaxy and steady-state growth in the different pressure ranges. To analyze the onset of turbulence, provisions are made for implementation of experimental methods for in-situ characterization of the nature of flow. This knowledge will be the basis for the design definition of experiments under microgravity, where gas flow conditions, gas phase and surface chemistry, might be analyzed by remote controlled real-time diagnostics tools, developed in this research project.

  15. Artificial neural networks based estimation of optical parameters by diffuse reflectance imaging under in vitro conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahmut Ozan Gökkan


    Full Text Available Optical parameters (properties of tissue-mimicking phantoms are determined through noninvasive optical imaging. Objective of this study is to decompose obtained diffuse reflectance into these optical properties such as absorption and scattering coefficients. To do so, transmission spectroscopy is firstly used to measure the coefficients via an experimental setup. Next, the optical properties of each characterized phantom are input for Monte Carlo (MC simulations to get diffuse reflectance. Also, a surface image for each single phantom with its known optical properties is obliquely captured due to reflectance-based geometrical setup using CMOS camera that is positioned at 5∘ angle to the phantoms. For the illumination of light, a laser light source at 633nm wavelength is preferred, because optical properties of different components in a biological tissue on that wavelength are nonoverlapped. During in vitro measurements, we prepared 30 different mixture samples adding clinoleic intravenous lipid emulsion (CILE and evans blue (EB dye into a distilled water. Finally, all obtained diffuse reflectance values are used to estimate the optical coefficients by artificial neural networks (ANNs in inverse modeling. For a biological tissue it is found that the simulated and measured values in our results are in good agreement.

  16. Investigating electro-optical properties of a nematic liquid crystal cell with planar anchoring boundary condition for various thicknesses: A Monte Carlo study (United States)

    Emül, Yakup; Polat, Ömer; San, Sait Eren; Kayacan, Özhan; Özbek, Haluk


    Monte Carlo (MC) simulations and the Mueller matrix formalism were applied to investigate electro optical properties of a LC cell with planar boundary conditions for various thicknesses. Field dependent global order parameter and the optical transmissions were analyzed in common. Three characteristic regions of the periodicity of optical transmissions as a function of polarizer angle and the external field were identified.

  17. Electronic and optical properties of beryllium sulfide monolayer: Under stress and strain conditions (United States)

    Jalilian, Jaafar; Safari, Mandana


    Electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional graphene-like structure of beryllium sulfide (BeS) have been studied in the framework of the density functional theory. Different values of stress and strain are exerted for tuning electronic and optical parameters. The electronic results show that both biaxial stress and strain effects cause band gap reduction with different rates. Also, we have red and blue shifts in the optical absorption spectrum peaks by applying strain and stress, respectively. Our results express that BeS monolayer can be the promising candidate for the future nano-devices.

  18. Optics

    CERN Document Server

    Fincham, W H A


    Optics: Eighth Edition covers the work necessary for the specialization in such subjects as ophthalmic optics, optical instruments and lens design. The text includes topics such as the propagation and behavior of light; reflection and refraction - their laws and how different media affect them; lenses - thick and thin, cylindrical and subcylindrical; photometry; dispersion and color; interference; and polarization. Also included are topics such as diffraction and holography; the limitation of beams in optical systems and its effects; and lens systems. The book is recommended for engineering st

  19. Investigation and Demonstration of High Speed Full-Optical Hybrid FSO/Fiber Communication System under Light Sand Storm Condition

    KAUST Repository

    Esmail, Maged Abdullah


    In contrast to traditional free space optical (FSO) systems, the new generation is aimed to be transparent to optical fiber where protocols, high signal bandwidths, and high data rates over fiber are all maintained. In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate a high speed outdoor full-optical FSO communication system over 100 m link. We first describe the design of our transmitter, which consists of a comb generator and a flexible multiformat transmitter. Our measurements are performed in arid desert area under a light dust storm. In this environment, we use a 12 subcarrier comb generator, each of which is modulated by a quadrature-amplitude modulation (QAM) signal. We achieved a 1.08 Tbps error free data rate with 3.6 b/s/Hz spectral efficiency. We place long optical fiber rolls in the transmitter side and the receiver side to mimic real FSO deployments. Furthermore, we investigated the effect of receiver misalignment in outdoor conditions and the effect of background noise. We find that full-optical FSO system is sensitive to the misalignment effect. However, the background noise has negligible effect. Finally, we find that solar heating of the transceiver causes collimator deviation, which requires using a cooling unit or auto tracking system.

  20. Combined Advanced Finishing and UV-Laser Conditioning for Producing UV-Damage-Resistant Fused Silica Optics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Menapace, J A; Penetrante, B; Golini, D; Slomba, A; Miller, P E; Parham, T; Nichols, M; Peterson, J


    Laser induced damage initiation on fused silica optics can limit the lifetime of the components when used in high power UV laser environments. Foe example in inertial confinement fusion research applications, the optics can be exposed to temporal laser pulses of about 3-nsec with average fluences of 8 J/cm{sup 2} and peak fluences between 12 and 15 J/cm{sup 2}. During the past year, we have focused on optimizing the damage performance at a wavelength of 355-nm (3{omega}), 3-nsec pulse length, for optics in this category by examining a variety of finishing technologies with a challenge to improve the laser damage initiation density by at least two orders of magnitude. In this paper, we describe recent advances in improving the 3{omega} damage initiation performance of laboratory-scale zirconium oxide and cerium oxide conventionally finished fused silica optics via application of processes incorporating magnetorheological finishing (MRF), wet chemical etching, and UV laser conditioning. Details of the advanced finishing procedures are described and comparisons are made between the procedures based upon large area 3{omega} damage performance, polishing layer contamination, and optical subsurface damage.

  1. Morphology and optical properties of ZnO nanostructures grown under zinc and oxygen-rich conditions (United States)

    Hsu, Y. F.; Djurišić, A. B.; Tam, K. H.


    Zinc oxide nanostructures exhibit widely different morphologies and optical properties for different fabrication conditions. We investigated the influence of zinc and oxygen supply on the morphology and optical properties of zinc nanostructures. To minimize the number of parameters affecting the gas-phase supersaturation, vertical growth geometry with substrate placed at a fixed distance above the source was considered. Thus, source and substrate temperatures were kept the same (500 °C), while source-to-substrate distance, oxygen gas flow rate, and the amount of zinc source material were varied to change zinc and oxygen supply, and consequently change the gas-phase supersaturation and the properties of the obtained nanostructures. The morphology and optical properties of the nanostructures were studied using scanning electron microscopy and photoluminescence spectroscopy. Great variety of the morphologies was obtained, including ribbon/comb structures in spite of the low substrate temperature, and evolution of their morphology and optical properties as a function of oxygen-rich or zinc-rich growth conditions was discussed.

  2. Psychologist Retention Factors. (United States)


  3. Children with specific language impairment are not impaired in the acquisition and retention of Pavlovian delay and trace conditioning of the eyeblink response. (United States)

    Hardiman, Mervyn J; Hsu, Hsin-jen; Bishop, Dorothy V M


    Three converging lines of evidence have suggested that cerebellar abnormality is implicated in developmental language and literacy problems. First, some brain imaging studies have linked abnormalities in cerebellar grey matter to dyslexia and specific language impairment (SLI). Second, theoretical accounts of both dyslexia and SLI have postulated impairments of procedural learning and automatisation of skills, functions that are known to be mediated by the cerebellum. Third, motor learning has been shown to be abnormal in some studies of both disorders. We assessed the integrity of face related regions of the cerebellum using Pavlovian eyeblink conditioning in 7-11year-old children with SLI. We found no relationship between oral language skills or literacy skills with either delay or trace conditioning in the children. We conclude that this elementary form of associative learning is intact in children with impaired language or literacy development. Copyright © 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Waldemar Wójcik


    Full Text Available The paper discusses some practical problems conected with introdction of modern coal combustion technologies as well as biomass co-combustion. In order to ensure that the combustion process runs in a proper way, the multichannel fiber optic monitoring system was applied. The system converts the optical signals coming from several flame zones to electrical that were further transmitted to the control room. The article prsents signal analyses made in time-frequency domain using short-time Fourier transform and wavelet transform and the way of their visualization to power boiler operators

  5. Correlations between optical properties, microstructure, and processing conditions of Aluminum nitride thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baek, Jonghoon [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Materials Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 (United States)]. E-mail:; Ma, James [Materials Science and Engineering Program, Texas Materials Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 (United States); Becker, Michael F. [Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Materials Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 (United States); Keto, John W. [Department of Physics, Texas Materials Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 (United States); Kovar, Desiderio [Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Materials Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 78712 (United States)


    Aluminum nitride (AlN) films were deposited using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) onto sapphire (0001) substrates with varying processing conditions (temperature, pressure, and laser fluence). We have studied the dependence of optical properties, structural properties and their correlations for these AlN films. The optical transmission spectra of the produced films were measured, and a numerical procedure was applied to accurately determine the optical constants for films of non-uniform thickness. The microstructure and texture of the films were studied using various X-ray diffraction techniques. The real part of the refractive index was found to not vary significantly with processing parameters, but absorption was found to be strongly dependent on the deposition temperature and the nitrogen pressure in the deposition chamber. We report that low optical absorption, textured polycrystalline AlN films can be produced by PLD on sapphire substrates at both low and high laser fluence using a background nitrogen pressure of 6.0 x 10{sup -2} Pa (4.5 x 10{sup -4} Torr) of 99.9% purity.

  6. Conditioned response suppression in the IntelliCage: assessment of mouse strain differences and effects of hippocampal and striatal lesions on acquisition and retention of memory. (United States)

    Voikar, Vootele; Colacicco, Giovanni; Gruber, Oliver; Vannoni, Elisabetta; Lipp, Hans-Peter; Wolfer, David P


    The IntelliCage allows fully automated continuous testing of various behaviours in the home cage environment without handling the mice. Here we tested whether conditioned avoidance is retained after a time period delay spent outside the IntelliCage. During the training, nosepokes in one of the four learning corners were punished with an air-puff. After 24h of training, the mice were placed in regular cages for 24h. During the last 18h of this interval, the mice were water deprived and then returned to the IntelliCage for a probe trial where drinking was allowed in all corners. The C57BL/6 mice developed a significant suppression of nosepoking in the punished corner during training, and the avoidance was carried over to the following probe trial. Repetition of the experiment by delivering punishment in a different corner assigned to individual mice revealed a similar performance pattern. Comparison between the different strains revealed a reduced nosepoke suppression in DBA/2 and B6D2F1 mice as compared to C57BL/6 mice in the probe trial, despite similar error rates during the training with short (1-s) air-puffs. However, the performance of the three strains in the probe trial were equalised when the air-puffs were prolonged until the end of the corner visit. Significant extinction of the nosepoke suppression occurred after 6 days. A prolonged interval (7 days) between the training and the probe trial resulted in a loss of suppression in DBA/2 mice, but not in C57BL/6 and B6D2F1 mice. Additional experiments revealed that performance in the probe trial was dependent on a complex set of intramaze cues. Testing of mice with bilateral excitotoxic lesions of the hippocampus or dorso-lateral striatum revealed that learning this task was dependent on an intact hippocampus, but not on an intact striatum. In summary, the conditioned nosepoke suppression test presented here is sensitive to both genetic differences and hippocampal lesions. This test could be applied to the

  7. Testing and modeling of diffusion bonded prototype optical windows under ITER conditions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jacobs, M.; Oost, G. van; Degrieck, J.; Baere, I. De; Gusarov, A.; Gubbels, F.; Massaut, V.


    Glass-metal joints are a part of ITER optical diagnostics windows. These joints must be leak tight for the safety (presence of tritium in ITER) and to preserve the vacuum. They must also withstand the ITER environment: temperatures up to 220°C and fast neutron fluxes of ∼3·10 9 n/cm 2·s. At the mome

  8. Performance of an electro-optical solar compass in partially obscured Sun conditions. (United States)

    Bollanti, S; De Meis, D; Di Lazzaro, P; Flora, F; Gallerano, G P; Mezi, L; Murra, D; Vicca, D


    Solar compasses are designed to accurately find true North on sunny days. However, no data on their performance are available when sunlight is partially blocked, e.g., by a cloud. We have measured, for the first time to the best of our knowledge, the performance of one of the most accurate electro-optical solar compasses (accuracy better than 0.01  deg) as a function of the solar disk obscuration during the Sun's eclipse on 20 March 2015. The measurements show that the accuracy level is mainly dependent on the asymmetry of the obscuration with respect to the main axis of the optical detection system and, to a lesser extent, on the percentage of the solar disk covered. In particular, azimuth measurement suffered a maximum deviation of 0.08 deg when 35% of the solar disk was asymmetrically obscured. The deviation was smaller when 46% of the solar disk was more symmetrically obscured. This experiment demonstrates that, even in the case of a partially obscured Sun, the electro-optical solar compass maintains an accuracy better than magnetic and electronic compasses.

  9. conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Venkatesulu


    Full Text Available Solutions of initial value problems associated with a pair of ordinary differential systems (L1,L2 defined on two adjacent intervals I1 and I2 and satisfying certain interface-spatial conditions at the common end (interface point are studied.

  10. Changes in Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticles in Cellular Environments are Modulated by Nanoparticle PEGylation and Serum Conditions (United States)

    Chen, Allen L.; Jackson, Meredith A.; Lin, Adam Y.; Figueroa, Elizabeth R.; Hu, Ying S.; Evans, Emily R.; Asthana, Vishwaratn; Young, Joseph K.; Drezek, Rebekah A.


    When plasmonic nanoparticles (NPs) are internalized by cells and agglomerate within intracellular vesicles, their optical spectra can shift and broaden as a result of plasmonic coupling of NPs in close proximity to one another. For such optical changes to be accounted for in the design of plasmonic NPs for light-based biomedical applications, quantitative design relationships between designable factors and spectral shifts need to be established. Here we begin building such a framework by investigating how functionalization of gold NPs (AuNPs) with biocompatible poly(ethylene) glycol (PEG), and the serum conditions in which the NPs are introduced to cells impact the optical changes exhibited by NPs in a cellular context. Utilizing darkfield hyperspectral imaging, we find that PEGylation decreases the spectral shifting and spectral broadening experienced by 100 nm AuNPs following uptake by Sk-Br-3 cells, but up to a 33 ± 12 nm shift in the spectral peak wavelength can still occur. The serum protein-containing biological medium also modulates the spectral changes experienced by cell-exposed NPs through the formation of a protein corona on the surface of NPs that mediates NP interactions with cells: PEGylated AuNPs exposed to cells in serum-free conditions experience greater spectral shifts than in serum-containing environments. Moreover, increased concentrations of serum (10, 25, or 50 %) result in the formation of smaller intracellular NP clusters and correspondingly reduced spectral shifts after 5 and 10 h NP-cell exposure. However, after 24 h, NP cluster size and spectral shifts are comparable and become independent of serum concentration. By elucidating the impact of PEGylation and serum concentration on the spectral changes experienced by plasmonic NPs in cells, this study provides a foundation for the optical engineering of plasmonic NPs for use in biomedical environments.

  11. Aerosol optical properties under the condition of heavy haze over an urban site of Beijing, China. (United States)

    Che, Huizheng; Xia, Xiangao; Zhu, Jun; Wang, Hong; Wang, Yaqiang; Sun, Junying; Zhang, Xiaoye; Shi, Guangyu


    In January 2013, several serious haze pollution events happened in North China. Cimel sunphotometer measurements at an urban site of Beijing (Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences-CAMS) from 1 to 30 January 2013 were used to investigate the detailed variation of aerosol optical properties. It was found that Angstrom exponents were mostly larger than 0.80 when aerosol optical depth values are higher than 0.60 at the urban region of Beijing during January 2013. The aerosol optical depth (AOD) at the urban region of Beijing can remain steady at approximately 0.40 before haze happening and then increased sharply to more than 1.50 at 500 nm with the onset of haze, which suggests that the fine-mode AOD is a factor of 20 of the coarse-mode AOD during a serious haze pollution event. The single scattering albedo was approximately 0.90 ± 0.03 at 440, 675, 870 and 1,020 nm during the haze pollution period. The single scattering albedo at 440 nm as a function of the fine-mode fraction was relatively consistent, but it was highly variable at 675, 870 and 1,020 nm. Except on January 12 and 18, all the fine-mode particle volumes were larger than those of coarse particles, which suggests that fine particles from anthropogenic activities made up most of the haze. Aerosol type classification analysis showed that the dominant aerosol types can be classified as both "mixed" and "urban/industrial (U/I) and biomass burning (BB)" categories during the heavy haze period of Beijing in January of 2013. The mixed category occurrence was about 31 %, while the U/I and BB was about 69 %.

  12. Optical tests of a space mechanism under an adverse environment: GAIA secondary mirror mechanism under vaccum and thermal controlled conditions (United States)

    Ramos Zapata, Gonzalo; Sánchez Rodríguez, Antonio; Belenguer Dávila, Tomás; Urgoiti, Eduardo; Ramírez Quintana, Argiñe


    In this work, the optical evaluation of a mechanism for space applications under vacuum and temperature controlled conditions at the facilities of the Space Instrumentation Laboratory (LINES) of the Aerospace Technical Nacional Institute of Spain (INTA) is reported. The mechanism was developed by the Spanish company SENER to fulfill the high performance requirements from ESA technology preparatory program for GAIA Astrometric Mission; in particular, a five degrees of freedom (dof), three translations and two rotations positioning mechanism for the secondary mirror of the GAIA instrument. Both interferometric tests and autocollimator measurements have been combined in order to extract the information about the accuracy of the mechanism movements as well as their repeatability under adverse environmental conditions: vacuum and thermal controlled conditions, up to a 10 -6mbar and 100K. The scope of this paper will cover the measurements concept selection, the presentation of verification activities, the results of such dedicated optical measurements, the correlation with the mechanical models and a brief description of the design process followed to meet the test requirements.

  13. Dependence of electro-optical properties on the deposition conditions of chemical bath deposited CdS thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dona, J.M.; Herrero, J. [CIEMAT, Madrid (Spain). Inst. de Energias Renovables


    Lately, there has been a sharp increase in the publication of papers on chemical bath deposition of CdS thin films and related materials due to successful results obtained using this method to fabricate CdS thin-film buffer layers for CuInSe{sub 2}- and CdTe-based polycrystalline thin-film solar cells. Generally, these papers focus on previously proposed methods of studying film characteristics without a systematic study of the influence of deposition conditions on film characteristics. In this paper the authors present an exhaustive study of the chemical bath-deposited CdS thin films electro-optical properties dependence on deposition variables. The authors propose not only a set of conditions for obtaining CdS thin films by this method but additionally, suitable deposition process conditions for certain application requirements, such as buffer layers for thin-film solar cells. The observed electro-optical characteristics dependence on the deposition variables corroborates the chemical mechanism that they proposed previously for this process.

  14. DC Electrical Conductivity Retention, Optical Properties and Ammonia Sensing Analysis of Naturally Degraded CSA-Doped Graphene/polyaniline Composite Nanofibers Prepared with CTAB (United States)

    Ghazali, Sayyed; Hossain, Muhammad M.; Khan, Abuzar; Khan, Mohd Y.; Hasan, Mudassir


    In this paper, we report surfactant-mediated synthesis of camphor sulfonic acid (CSA)-doped polyaniline/graphene (PANI/GN) composite nanofibers as an electrical conductor and excellent ammonia sensor. The synthesis was mediated by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as surfactant. The as-synthesized composite nanofibers were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, tunneling electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, diffused reflectance spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. The electrical conductivity of the CSA-doped PANI/GN composite nanofibers was found to be remarkably enhanced as compared to the CSA-doped PANI. The boost in electronic conductivity could be attributed to an improved electronic interaction between CSA-doped PANI backbone and GN present in the composite system. The naturally degraded CSA-doped PANI/GN composite nanofibers showed a decrease in electrical conductivity but worked as a good ammonia sensor in open atmospheric conditions.

  15. DC Electrical Conductivity Retention, Optical Properties and Ammonia Sensing Analysis of Naturally Degraded CSA-Doped Graphene/polyaniline Composite Nanofibers Prepared with CTAB (United States)

    Ghazali, Sayyed; Hossain, Muhammad M.; Khan, Abuzar; Khan, Mohd Y.; Hasan, Mudassir


    In this paper, we report surfactant-mediated synthesis of camphor sulfonic acid (CSA)-doped polyaniline/graphene (PANI/GN) composite nanofibers as an electrical conductor and excellent ammonia sensor. The synthesis was mediated by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as surfactant. The as-synthesized composite nanofibers were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, tunneling electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, diffused reflectance spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. The electrical conductivity of the CSA-doped PANI/GN composite nanofibers was found to be remarkably enhanced as compared to the CSA-doped PANI. The boost in electronic conductivity could be attributed to an improved electronic interaction between CSA-doped PANI backbone and GN present in the composite system. The naturally degraded CSA-doped PANI/GN composite nanofibers showed a decrease in electrical conductivity but worked as a good ammonia sensor in open atmospheric conditions.

  16. Retention models for programmed gas chromatography. (United States)

    Castello, G; Moretti, P; Vezzani, S


    The models proposed by many authors for the prediction of retention times and temperatures, peak widths, retention indices and separation numbers in programmed temperature and pressure gas chromatography by starting from preliminary measurements of the retention in isothermal and isobaric conditions are reviewed. Several articles showing the correlation between retention data and thermodynamic parameters and the determination of the optimum programming rate are reported. The columns of different polarity used for the experimental measurement and the main equations, mathematical models and calculation procedures are listed. An empirical approach was used in the early models, followed by the application of thermodynamic considerations, iterative calculation procedures and statistical methods, based on increased computing power now available. Multiple column arrangements, simultaneous temperature and pressure programming, applications of two-dimensional and fast chromatography are summarised.

  17. Drug Retention Times

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Center for Human Reliability Studies


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user.

  18. Drug Retention Times

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Center for Human Reliability Studies


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user

  19. Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (LERF) is located in the central part of the Hanford Site. LERF is permitted by the State of Washington and has three liquid...

  20. Optimizing sensitivity of Unmanned Aerial System optical sensors for low zenith angles and cloudy conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wang, Sheng; Dam-Hansen, Carsten; Zarco Tejada, Pablo J.

    Satellite-based imagery in optical domains cannot provide information on the land surface during periods of cloud cover. This issue is especially relevant for high latitudes where overcast days and low solar zenith angles are common. Current remote sensing-based models of evapotranspiration......) with UAV flight campaigns over a willow eddy covariance flux site under different cloudiness levels and solar zenith angles using varying camera settings. Radiance, reflectance, and vegetation indices were validated with ASD measurements and signal to noise metrics and dynamic ranges were assessed. Our....... The multispectral camera (Tetra Mini-MCA6) has 6 channels in the visible and near Infrared. For the laboratory calibration experiment, different camera settings and typical irradiance levels from cloudy to clear sky were designed. The light-source is based on super-continuum generation to produce a continuous solar...

  1. Testing and modeling of diffusion bonded prototype optical windows under ITER conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jacobs, M. [Flemish Inst. for Technological Research, Mol (Belgium); Van Oost, G. [Dept. of Applied Physics, Ghent Univ., Ghent (Belgium); Degrieck, J.; De Baere, I. [Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Ghent Univ., Ghent (Belgium); Gusarov, A. [Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Mol (Belgium); Gubbels, F. [TNO, Eindhoven (Netherlands); Massaut, V. [Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Mol (Belgium)


    Glass-metal joints are a part of ITER optical diagnostics windows. These joints must be leak tight for the safety (presence of tritium in ITER) and to preserve the vacuum. They must also withstand the ITER environment: temperatures up to 220 deg.C and fast neutron fluxes of {approx}3.10{sup 9} n/cm{sup 2}.s. At the moment, little information is available about glass-metal joints suitable for ITER. Therefore, we performed mechanical and thermal tests on some prototypes of an aluminium diffusion bonded optical window. Finite element modeling with Abaqus code was used to understand the experimental results. The prototypes were helium leaking probably due to very tiny cracks in the interaction layer between the steel and the aluminium. However, they were all able to withstand a thermal cycling test up to 200 deg. C; no damage could be seen after the tests by visual inspection. The prototypes successfully passed push-out test with a 500 N load. During the destructive push-out tests the prototypes broke at a 6-12 kN load between the aluminium layer and the steel or the glass, depending on the surface quality of the glass. The microanalysis of the joints has also been performed. The finite element modeling of the push-out tests is in a reasonable agreement with the experiments. According to the model, the highest thermal stress is created in the aluminium layer. Thus, the aluminium joint seems to be the weakest part of the prototypes. If this layer is improved, it will probably make the prototype helium leak tight and as such, a good ITER window candidate. (authors)

  2. Post-operative urinary retention in a general surgical population

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dreijer, Bjørn; Møller, Morten H; Bartholdy, Jens


    Post-operative urine retention is a frequent and serious complication. The aims of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of post-operative urinary retention in a general surgical population and to identify the perioperative risk factors for developing this condition.......Post-operative urine retention is a frequent and serious complication. The aims of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of post-operative urinary retention in a general surgical population and to identify the perioperative risk factors for developing this condition....

  3. Evaluation of oral mucosa collagen condition with cross-polarization optical coherence tomography. (United States)

    Gladkova, Natalia; Kiseleva, Elena; Robakidze, Natalia; Balalaeva, Irina; Karabut, Maria; Gubarkova, Ekaterina; Feldchtein, Felix


    The goal of the research was analysis of the effect of collagen condition in formation of cross-polarized CP OCT images. We used of the CP OCT technique for studying collagen condition on an example of oral mucosa. Special histologic picrosirius red (PSR) staining of cheek mucosa specimens was used with subsequent assessing of the result of collagen staining in polarized light. High correlation (r = 0.692, p = 0.0001) between OCT signal standard deviation (SD) in cross-polarized images and brightness of PSR stained collagen fibers in cheek mucosa specimens was demonstrated in patients with inflammatory intestine and oral mucosa diseases. We have found that the OCT signal SD in cross-polarized images reflects two boundary conditions of collagen disorganization, namely, loss of fiber properties at active inflammation which attenuates the signal and fibrosis that occurs due to synthesis of a new remodeled collagen which amplifies the OCT signal.

  4. Integrating remote sensing data from multiple optical sensors for ecological and crop condition monitoring (United States)

    Ecological and crop condition monitoring requires high temporal and spatial resolution remote sensing data. Due to technical limitations and budget constraints, remote sensing instruments trade spatial resolution for swath width. As a result, it is difficult to acquire remotely sensed data with both...

  5. Real-Time Optical Monitoring of Pt Catalyst Under the Potentiodynamic Conditions (United States)

    Song, Hyeon Don; Lee, Minzae; Kim, Gil-Pyo; Choi, Inhee; Yi, Jongheop


    In situ monitoring of electrode materials reveals detailed physicochemical transition in electrochemical device. The key challenge is to explore the localized features of electrode surfaces, since the performance of an electrochemical device is determined by the summation of local architecture of the electrode material. Adaptive in situ techniques have been developed for numerous investigations; however, they require restricted measurement environments and provide limited information, which has impeded their widespread application. In this study, we realised an optics-based electrochemical in situ monitoring system by combining a dark-field micro/spectroscopy with an electrochemical workstation to investigate the physicochemical behaviours of Pt catalyst. We found that the localized plasmonic trait of a Pt-decorated Au nanoparticle as a model system varied in terms of its intensity and wavelength during the iterations of a cyclic voltammetry test. Furthermore, we show that morphological and compositional changes of the Pt catalyst can be traced in real time using changes in quantified plasmonic characteristics, which is a distinct advantage over the conventional electrochemistry-based in situ monitoring systems. These results indicate the substantial promise of online operando observation in a wide range of electrical energy conversion systems and electrochemical sensing areas.

  6. Making Optic Flow Robust to Dynamic Lighting Conditions for Real-Time Operation (United States)


    urban challenge. J. Field Robotics. 2008;25:598–614. doi: 10.1002/rob.20260. 3. Lucas B, Kanade T. An iterative image registration technique with an...the double derivative of the image will substantially reduce the instability caused by dynamic lighting conditions and improve the overall accuracy...Columbus, Georgia. The Soldiers requested an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that they could pull out of a pack, turn on, and then fly through the trees

  7. Radionuclide Retention in Concrete Wasteforms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wellman, Dawn M.; Jansik, Danielle P.; Golovich, Elizabeth C.; Cordova, Elsa A.


    Assessing long-term performance of Category 3 waste cement grouts for radionuclide encasement requires knowledge of the radionuclide-cement interactions and mechanisms of retention (i.e., sorption or precipitation); the mechanism of contaminant release; the significance of contaminant release pathways; how wasteform performance is affected by the full range of environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the process of wasteform aging under conditions that are representative of processes occurring in response to changing environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the effect of wasteform aging on chemical, physical, and radiological properties; and the associated impact on contaminant release. This knowledge will enable accurate prediction of radionuclide fate when the wasteforms come in contact with groundwater. Data collected throughout the course of this work will be used to quantify the efficacy of concrete wasteforms, similar to those used in the disposal of LLW and MLLW, for the immobilization of key radionuclides (i.e., uranium, technetium, and iodine). Data collected will also be used to quantify the physical and chemical properties of the concrete affecting radionuclide retention.

  8. Optical and thermal properties of selective absorber coatings under CSP conditions (United States)

    Macias, Juan Daniel; Herrera-Zamora, Dallely Melissa; Lizama-Tzec, Francisco Ivan; Bante-Guerra, Jose; Arés-Muzio, Oscar Eduardo; Oskam, Gerko; Rubio, Hernando Romero-Paredes; Alvarado-Gil, Juan Jose; Arancibia-Bulnes, Camilo; Ramos-Sánchez, Victor; Villafán-Vidales, Heidi Isabel


    Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems use solar absorbers to convert sunlight into thermal electric power. In CSP systems, a high reflective surface focuses sunlight onto a receiver that captures the solar energy and converts it into heat. The operation of high efficiency CSP systems involves improvements in the performance of the coatings of the solar absorption materials. To accomplish this, novel, more efficient selective coatings are being developed with high solar absorptance and low thermal losses at their operation temperature. Heat losses in a CSP system occur by three mechanisms: conduction, convection and radiation. It has been widely documented that energy losses increase with increasing operating temperature of CSP systems, and the precise knowledge of the thermophysical properties of the materials involved in CSP systems may allow us to increase the efficiency of systems. In this work, we applied the pulsed photoradiometry technique (PPTR) to evaluate the changes in the thermophysical properties of selective coatings on a variety of substrates as a function of temperature. Three types of coatings deposited with two different techniques on three types of substrate were examined: commercial coatings based on titanium oxynitride deposited by sputtering on substrates of copper and aluminum, coatings based on black nickel deposited by electrochemical methods on substrates of steel, and coatings based on black cobalt deposited by electrochemical methods on substrates of steel and copper. Values of the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity were obtained in the temperature range of 25 to 550 °C. Optical reflectance measurements have been performed in order to provide an estimate of the dependence of the thermal emittance on temperature using the black body radiation theory.

  9. Meningitis retention syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abhishek Krishna


    Full Text Available A 50-year-old Caucasian woman presented with signs and symptoms of meningitis preceded by a 3 day history of flu-like symptoms and progressive difficulty with urination. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF analysis was consistent with aseptic meningitis. She was found to have a significant urinary retention secondary to atonic bladder. MRI of the brain and spine were normal and CSF-PCR (polymerase chain reaction was positive for HSV-2. Urinary retention in the context of meningitis and CSF pleocytosis is known as Meningitis Retention Syndrome (MRS. MRS is a rare but important complication of meningitis most commonly associated with HSV-2. Involvement of central pathways may have a role in the pathogenesis of MRS but this is poorly documented. MRS is different from Elsberg syndrome wherein patients display features of lumbosacral polyradiculitis or radiculomyelitis. Early treatment with antiviral therapy was associated with a favorable outcome in our patient.

  10. Optical anisotropy of cubic photonic crystals under conditions of multiple-mode light propagation (United States)

    Ukleev, T. A.; Yurasova, D. I.; Shevchenko, N. N.; Sel'kin, A. V.


    Bragg reflection spectra of light are studied for opal-like photonic crystals made of polystyrene spheres. A resonant enhancement of reflectivity is observed in cross-polarization configuration of the analyzer and polarizer when varying the azimuthal orientation of a sample in respect to the incidence plane. The cross-polarization effect takes place at oblique incidence of light on the lateral (111) crystal plane with the plane of incidence being non-perpendicular to the inclined (11-1) crystal plane. The effect is shown to be due to the multiple Bragg diffraction of light when the resonant Bragg conditions are fulfilled at a certain angle of incidence and azimuth for the lateral and inclined crystal planes simultaneously.

  11. High-Density Fiber Optical Sensor and Instrumentation for Gas Turbine Operation Condition Monitoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hua Xia


    Full Text Available Gas turbine operation control is normally based on thermocouple-measured exhaust temperatures. Due to radiation shielding and bulky package, it is difficult to provide high spatial resolution for measuring can-to-can combustion temperature profile at the exhaust duct. This paper has demonstrated that wavelength-division-multiplexing-based fiber Bragg grating sensors could provide high spatial resolution steady and dynamic temperature measurements. A robust sensor package can be designed with either circumferential sensing cable or radial sensing rake for quasi-distributing multiple fiber sensors in the gas turbine environment. The field validations have demonstrated that quasi-distributed fiber sensors have not only demonstrated its temperature measurement accuracy compared to existing thermocouple sensors but also shown its unique dynamic response amplitude and power spectra that could be utilized for gas turbine transient operation condition monitoring and diagnostics.

  12. Photoinduced optical anisotropy in azobenzene methacrylate block copolymers: Influence of molecular weight and irradiation conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gimeno, Sofia; Forcen, Patricia; Oriol, Luis


    The photoinduced anisotropy in a series of azomethacrylate block copolymers with different Molecular weights and azo contents has been investigated under several irradiation conditions. Depending on molecular weight and composition, different microstructures (disordered, lamellar, spherical) appear......, due to block microsegregation. Measurements of birefringence (Delta n) induced with linearly polarised 488 nm light show that the highest (and stable) Delta n(N) values (birefringence normalised to the azo content) are achieved in copolymers with a lamellar structure. Lower Delta n(N) are obtained......) and the azo polymer blocks, both in the microspheres segregated polymers as well as in those without a clear microstructure. This behaviour is consistent with that of the photoinduced order of azobenzene units obtained from dichroism measurements. Irradiation temperature (from 30 to 90 degrees C) and light...

  13. Profiling aerosol optical, microphysical and hygroscopic properties in ambient conditions by combining in situ and remote sensing (United States)

    Tsekeri, Alexandra; Amiridis, Vassilis; Marenco, Franco; Nenes, Athanasios; Marinou, Eleni; Solomos, Stavros; Rosenberg, Phil; Trembath, Jamie; Nott, Graeme J.; Allan, James; Le Breton, Michael; Bacak, Asan; Coe, Hugh; Percival, Carl; Mihalopoulos, Nikolaos


    We present the In situ/Remote sensing aerosol Retrieval Algorithm (IRRA) that combines airborne in situ and lidar remote sensing data to retrieve vertical profiles of ambient aerosol optical, microphysical and hygroscopic properties, employing the ISORROPIA II model for acquiring the particle hygroscopic growth. Here we apply the algorithm on data collected from the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) BAe-146 research aircraft during the ACEMED campaign in the Eastern Mediterranean. Vertical profiles of aerosol microphysical properties have been derived successfully for an aged smoke plume near the city of Thessaloniki with aerosol optical depth of ˜ 0.4 at 532 nm, single scattering albedos of ˜ 0.9-0.95 at 550 nm and typical lidar ratios for smoke of ˜ 60-80 sr at 532 nm. IRRA retrieves highly hydrated particles above land, with 55 and 80 % water volume content for ambient relative humidity of 80 and 90 %, respectively. The proposed methodology is highly advantageous for aerosol characterization in humid conditions and can find valuable applications in aerosol-cloud interaction schemes. Moreover, it can be used for the validation of active space-borne sensors, as is demonstrated here for the case of CALIPSO.

  14. Optical stimulation of the hearing and deaf cochlea under thermal and stress confinement condition (United States)

    Schultz, M.; Baumhoff, P.; Kallweit, N.; Sato, M.; Krüger, A.; Ripken, T.; Lenarz, T.; Kral, A.


    There is a controversy, to which extend cochlear stimulation with near infrared laser pulses at a wavelength of 1860 nm is based on optoacoustic stimulation of intact hair cells or -in contrast- is based on direct stimulation of the nerve cells in absence of functional hair cells. Thermal and stress confinement conditions apply, because of the pulse duration range (5 ns, 10 μs-20 ms) of the two lasers used. The dependency of the signal characteristics on pulse peak power and pulse duration was investigated in this study. The compound action potential (CAP) was measured during stimulation of the cochlea of four anaesthetized guinea pigs, which were hearing at first and afterwards acutely deafened using intracochlear neomycin-rinsing. For comparison hydrophone measurements in a water tank were performed to investigate the optoacoustic signals at different laser interaction regimes. With rising pulse peak power CAPs of the hearing animals showed first a threshold, then a positively correlated and finally a saturating dependency. CAPs also showed distinct responses at laser onset and offset separated with the pulse duration. At pulse durations shorter than physiological response times the signals merged. Basically the same signal characteristics were observed in the optoacoustic hydrophone measurements, scaled with the sensitivity and response time of the hydrophone. Taking together the qualitative correspondence in the signal response and the absence of any CAPs in deafened animals our results speak in favor of an optoacoustic stimulation of intact hair cells rather than a direct stimulation of nerve cells.

  15. Effect of aging under ambient conditions on the optical properties of Al-doped ZnO thin films deposited by direct current sputtering (United States)

    Barhoumi, A.; Leroy, G.; Duponchel, B.; Gest, J.; Guermazi, S.


    Transparent and conductive Al-doped ZnO (AZO) thin films were deposited on a glass substrate by direct current sputtering. In a previous study, we noted the influence of time on structural and electrical characteristics of films. In the present paper, the effect of a two-year aging under ambient conditions on the optical properties was investigated. A global improvement of the optical properties of AZO thin films was observed. The optical transmittance spectra revealed a high transmittance more than 90% in the Vis-NIR regions and a high absorption in the ultraviolet range. It is assumed that the crystallinity segregation leads to the decrease of optical scattering. The results from the optical measurements showed a reorganization of the structure leading to the degradation of the structural homogeneity. Nevertheless, the evolution of the figure of merit shows that Al-doped ZnO is a good candidate for the manufacturing and the commercialization of transparent conducting oxide devices.

  16. General Reviews of Vocabulary Retention

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Yuan


    This paper will try to review two important theories (repletion and retrieval) which are crucial for vocabulary retention. These two methods are well connected and each of them cannot lead to successful vocabulary retention without sensible utilization of the other.

  17. phosphorus retention data and metadata (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — phosphorus retention in wetlands data and metadata. This dataset is associated with the following publication: Lane , C., and B. Autrey. Phosphorus retention of...

  18. Improving Performance of Free Space Optics Link Using Array of Receivers in Terrible Weather Conditions of Plain and Hilly Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amit Gupta


    Full Text Available Free-space optical (FSO communication is a cost effective and high data rate access technique, which has been proving itself a best alternative to radio frequency technology. FSO link provides high bandwidth solution to the last mile access bottleneck. However, for terrestrial communication systems, the performance of these links is severely degraded from atmospheric loss mainly due to fog, rain and snow. So, a continuous availability of the link is always a concern. This paper investigates the dreadful weather effects such as rain, fog, snow, and other losses on the transmission performance of FSO systems. The technique of using an array of receivers for improving the performance of FSO links is explored in this paper. It involves the deployment of multiple photo detectors at the receiver end to mitigate effects of various weather conditions. The performance of the proposed system is evaluated in terms of bit error rate, received signal power, Q- factor and height of eye diagram. The influence of various weather conditions of plain and hilly areas are taken into consideration and results are compared with conventional FSO links.

  19. Soil Water Retention Curve (United States)

    Johnson, L. E.; Kim, J.; Cifelli, R.; Chandra, C. V.


    Potential water retention, S, is one of parameters commonly used in hydrologic modeling for soil moisture accounting. Physically, S indicates total amount of water which can be stored in soil and is expressed in units of depth. S can be represented as a change of soil moisture content and in this context is commonly used to estimate direct runoff, especially in the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) curve number (CN) method. Generally, the lumped and the distributed hydrologic models can easily use the SCS-CN method to estimate direct runoff. Changes in potential water retention have been used in previous SCS-CN studies; however, these studies have focused on long-term hydrologic simulations where S is allowed to vary at the daily time scale. While useful for hydrologic events that span multiple days, the resolution is too coarse for short-term applications such as flash flood events where S may not recover its full potential. In this study, a new method for estimating a time-variable potential water retention at hourly time-scales is presented. The methodology is applied for the Napa River basin, California. The streamflow gage at St Helena, located in the upper reaches of the basin, is used as the control gage site to evaluate the model performance as it is has minimal influences by reservoirs and diversions. Rainfall events from 2011 to 2012 are used for estimating the event-based SCS CN to transfer to S. As a result, we have derived the potential water retention curve and it is classified into three sections depending on the relative change in S. The first is a negative slope section arising from the difference in the rate of moving water through the soil column, the second is a zero change section representing the initial recovery the potential water retention, and the third is a positive change section representing the full recovery of the potential water retention. Also, we found that the soil water moving has traffic jam within 24 hours after finished first

  20. Enhancing retention of partial dentures using elastomeric retention rings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kakkirala Revathi


    Full Text Available This report presents an alternative method for the retention of partial dentures that relies on the engagement of tooth undercuts by a lining material. The lab procedures are also presented. A new maxillary and mandibular acrylic partial dentures were fabricated using elastomeric retention technique for a partially dentate patient. A partially dentate man reported difficulty in retaining his upper removable partial denture (RPD. The maxillary RPD was designed utilizing elastomeric retention technique. During follow-up, it was necessary to replace the retention rings due to wear. The replacement of the retention rings, in this case, was done through a chairside reline technique. Elastomeric retention technique provides exceptionally good retention can be indicated to stabilize, cushion, splint periodontally involved teeth, no enough undercut for clasps, eliminate extractions, single or isolated teeth.

  1. Retention performance of green roofs in three different climate regions (United States)

    Sims, Andrew W.; Robinson, Clare E.; Smart, Charles C.; Voogt, James A.; Hay, Geoffrey J.; Lundholm, Jeremey T.; Powers, Brandon; O'Carroll, Denis M.


    Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular for moderating stormwater runoff in urban areas. This study investigated the impact different climates have on the retention performance of identical green roofs installed in London Ontario (humid continental), Calgary Alberta (semi-arid, continental), and Halifax Nova Scotia (humid, maritime). Drier climates were found to have greater percent cumulative stormwater retention with Calgary (67%) having significantly better percent retention than both London (48%) and Halifax (34%). However, over the same study period the green roof in London retained the greatest depth of stormwater (598 mm), followed by the green roof in Halifax (471 mm) and then Calgary (411 mm). The impact of climate was largest for medium sized storms where the antecedent moisture condition (AMC) at the beginning of a rainfall event governs retention performance. Importantly AMC was a very good predictor of stormwater retention, with similar retention at all three sites for a given AMC, emphasizing that AMC is a relevant indicator of retention performance in any climate. For large rainfall events (i.e., >45 mm) green roof average retention ranged between 16% and 29% in all cities. Overall, drier climates have superior retention due to lower AMC in the media. However, moderate and wet climates still provide substantial total volume reduction benefits.

  2. The Effect of Testing on the Retention of Coherent and Incoherent Text Material (United States)

    de Jonge, Mario; Tabbers, Huib K.; Rikers, Remy M. J. P.


    Research has shown that testing during learning can enhance the long-term retention of text material. In two experiments, we investigated the testing effect with a fill-in-the-blank test on the retention of text material. In Experiment 1, using a coherent text, we found no retention benefit of testing compared to a restudy (control) condition. In…

  3. Daily spectral effects on concentrating PV solar cells as affected by realistic aerosol optical depth and other atmospheric conditions (United States)

    Gueymard, Christian A.


    provides a preliminary quantitative assessment of how local atmospheric conditions interact with the spectral response of different CPV technologies. Most importantly, it is shown that the effect of aerosol optical depth (AOD, also referred to as atmospheric turbidity) has the largest impact on both the average direct normal irradiance (DNI) during a given month and the cell's DSEF. It is found that DSEF can be as low as 0.993 under clean conditions (low AOD), and as high as 1.215 under hazy conditions (high AOD). Under most conditions, all simulated solar cells perform significantly better than under rating conditions due to the spectral effect alone. There is no important difference in DSEF from cell to cell, except in one instance of very high AOD. The methodology and results proposed here constitute a step towards a better performance prediction of CPV systems, by assessing the variable spectral effect more accurately. It is anticipated that a more detailed simulation, which would also model temperature effects, as well as current-limiting effects in multijunction cells, would indicate even larger DSEF values than found here. Accurate aerosol data with higher spatial resolution in the "sun belt" than what exists today would also be desirable for the development of CPV applications.

  4. HPLC retention thermodynamics of grape and wine tannins. (United States)

    Barak, Jennifer A; Kennedy, James A


    The effect of grape and wine tannin structure on retention thermodynamics under reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography conditions on a polystyrene divinylbenzene column was investigated. On the basis of retention response to temperature, an alternative retention factor was developed to approximate the combined temperature response of the complex, unresolvable tannin mixture. This alternative retention factor was based upon relative tannin peak areas separated by an abrupt change in solvent gradient. Using this alternative retention factor, retention thermodynamics were calculated. Van't Hoff relationships of the natural log of the alternative retention factor against temperature followed Kirchoff's relationship. An inverse quadratic equation was fit to the data, and from this the thermodynamic parameters for tannin retention were calculated. All tannin fractions exhibited exothermic, spontaneous interaction, with enthalpy-entropy compensation observed. Normalizing for tannin size, distinct tannin compositional effects on thermodynamic parameters were observed. The results of this study indicate that HPLC can be valuable for measuring the thermodynamics of tannin interaction with a hydrophobic surface and provides a potentially valuable alternative to calorimetry. Furthermore, the information gathered may provide insight into understanding red wine astringency quality.

  5. Iron and zinc retention in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. after home cooking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucia M. J. Carvalho


    Full Text Available Background : According to the World Health Organization (WHO, iron, iodine, and Vitamin A deficiencies are the most common forms of malnutrition, leading to severe public health consequences. The importance of iron and zinc in human nutrition and the number of children found to be deficient in these nutrients make further studies on retention in cooked grains and cooked bean broth important. Objectives : This work aimed to evaluate iron and zinc retention in six common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cultivars under the following conditions: raw beans, regular pot cooking, pressure cooking, with and without previous water soaking, and broth. Design : Determination of iron and zinc content in the raw, cooked bean grains and broth samples was carried out by Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP Optical Emission Spectrometry (Spectro Analytical Instrument – Spectroflame P. All experiments and analyses were carried out in triplicate. Results : Overall, regardless of the cooking method, with or without previous water soaking, the highest zinc concentration was found in the cooked bean grains. However, pressure cooking and previous water soaking diminished iron retention in the cooked grains, while increasing it in the bean broth. Conclusion : The common bean was confirmed to be an excellent source of iron and zinc for human consumption, and it was suggested that beans should be consumed in a combined form, i.e. grain with bean broth.

  6. Drug Retention Times

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    The purpose of this monograph is to provide information on drug retention times in the human body. The information provided is based on plausible illegal drug use activities that might be engaged in by a recreational drug user. Based on anecdotal evidence, most people “party” during extended time away from the work environment. Therefore, the following scenarios were envisioned: (1) a person uses an illicit drug at a party on Saturday night (infrequent user); (2) a person uses a drug one time on Friday night and once again on Saturday night (infrequent user); and (3) a person uses a drug on Friday night, uses a drug twice on Saturday night, and once again on Sunday (frequent user).

  7. Dislocation mechanism of deuterium retention in tungsten under plasma implantation. (United States)

    Dubinko, V I; Grigorev, P; Bakaev, A; Terentyev, D; van Oost, G; Gao, F; Van Neck, D; Zhurkin, E E


    We have developed a new theoretical model for deuterium (D) retention in tungsten-based alloys on the basis of its being trapped at dislocations and transported to the surface via the dislocation network with parameters determined by ab initio calculations. The model is used to explain experimentally observed trends of D retention under sub-threshold implantation, which does not produce stable lattice defects to act as traps for D in conventional models. Saturation of D retention with implantation dose and effects due to alloying of tungsten with, e.g. tantalum, are evaluated, and comparison of the model predictions with experimental observations under high-flux plasma implantation conditions is presented.

  8. 5 CFR 9901.356 - Pay retention. (United States)


    ... retention. (b) Pay retention will be based on the employee's rate of base salary in effect immediately... the range of rates of base salary applicable to the employee's position. (c) Pay retention will be... the 104-week retention limit. (d) Under NSPS, pay retention will be granted when an employee's base...

  9. Toward a Record Retention Policy (United States)

    Vaughan, Jason


    An academic library working group was charged in 2005 to create a records retention schedule and policy applicable to records containing personally identifiable information of library patrons. This group conducted a survey and extensive research, culminating in an adopted library records retention schedule and policy implemented in 2006.

  10. Military Retention. A Comparative Outlook

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasile Sminchise


    Full Text Available One of the main goals for human resources management structures and for armed forces leaders is to maintain all necessary personnel, both qualitatively and quantitatively for operational needs or for full required capabilities. The retention of military personnel is essential to keep morale and unit readiness and to reduce the costs for recruiting, training, replacement of manpower. Retention rates depend not only on money or other social measures. The goal for retention is to keep in use the most valuable resource that belongs to an organization: the human beings and their knowledge. The aim pf this paper is to provide a comparative analysis of retention measures in various countries based on Research and Technology Organisation report released in 2007 and, thus, provide more examples of retention measures as far as the Romanian military system is concerned.

  11. Optical Resolution of DL-Tartaric Acid Mediated by Diastereomeric Salts Crystallization: A Useful Method for Exploring and Optimizing Experimental Conditions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    A response surface modeling approach for simultaneous optimization of optical purity and yield wasapplied to the resolution of tartaric acid to study the effects of both the amount of the solvent and the amountof the resolving agent α-methylbenzyl amine on the resolution results. The direction of changing the experimen-tal conditions was determined from the initial response study, and expected high yield of the pure L(+)-tartaricacid-L(-)-α-methylbenzyl amine salt was obtained.

  12. Biofilm roughness determines Cryptosporidium parvum retention in environmental biofilms. (United States)

    DiCesare, E A Wolyniak; Hargreaves, B R; Jellison, K L


    The genus Cryptosporidium is a group of waterborne protozoan parasites that have been implicated in significant outbreaks of gastrointestinal infections throughout the world. Biofilms trap these pathogens and can contaminate water supplies through subsequent release. Biofilm microbial assemblages were collected seasonally from three streams in eastern Pennsylvania and used to grow biofilms in laboratory microcosms. Daily oocyst counts in the influx and efflux flow allowed the calculation of daily oocyst retention in the biofilm. Following the removal of oocysts from the influx water, oocyst attachment to the biofilm declined to an equilibrium state within 5 days that was sustained for at least 25 days. Varying the oocyst loading rate for the system showed that biofilm retention could be saturated, suggesting that discrete binding sites determined the maximum number of oocysts retained. Oocyst retention varied seasonally but was consistent across all three sites; however, seasonal oocyst retention was not consistent across years at the same site. No correlation between oocyst attachment and any measured water quality parameter was found. However, oocyst retention was strongly correlated with biofilm surface roughness and roughness varied among seasons and across years. We hypothesize that biofilm roughness and oocyst retention are dependent on environmentally driven changes in the biofilm community rather than directly on water quality conditions. It is important to understand oocyst transport dynamics to reduce risks of human infection. Better understanding of factors controlling biofilm retention of oocysts should improve our understanding of oocyst transport at different scales.

  13. Integration of an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system into an examination incubator to facilitate in vivo imaging of cardiovascular development in higher vertebrate embryos under stable physiological conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Happel, Christoph M.; Thrane, Lars; Thommes, Jan


    High-resolution in vivo imaging of higher vertebrate embryos over short or long time periods under constant physiological conditions is a technically challenging task for researchers working on cardiovascular development. In chick embryos, for example, various studies have shown that without...... significance, should be documented under physiological conditions. However, previous studies were mostly carried out outside of an incubator or under suboptimal environmental conditions. Here we present, to the best of our knowledge, the first detailed description of an optical coherence tomography (OCT......) system integrated into an examination incubator to facilitate real-time in vivo imaging of cardiovascular development under physiological environmental conditions. We demonstrate the suitability of this OCT examination incubator unit for use in cardiovascular development studies by examples of proof...

  14. Retention in orthodontics. (United States)

    Johnston, C D; Littlewood, S J


    Retention is necessary following orthodontic treatment to prevent relapse of the final occlusal outcome. Relapse can occur as a result of forces from the periodontal fibres around the teeth which tend to pull the teeth back towards their pre-treatment positions, and also from deflecting occlusal contacts if the final occlusion is less than ideal. Age changes, in the form of ongoing dentofacial growth, as well as changes in the surrounding soft tissues, can also affect the stability of the orthodontic outcome. It is therefore essential that orthodontists, patients and their general dental practitioners understand the importance of wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment. This article will update the reader on the different types of removable and fixed retainers, including their indications, duration of wear, and how they should be managed in order to minimise any unwanted effects on oral health and orthodontic outcomes. The key roles that the general dental practitioner can play in supporting their patients wearing orthodontic retainers are also emphasised.

  15. Data Retention and Anonymity Services (United States)

    Berthold, Stefan; Böhme, Rainer; Köpsell, Stefan

    The recently introduced legislation on data retention to aid prosecuting cyber-related crime in Europe also affects the achievable security of systems for anonymous communication on the Internet. We argue that data retention requires a review of existing security evaluations against a new class of realistic adversary models. In particular, we present theoretical results and first empirical evidence for intersection attacks by law enforcement authorities. The reference architecture for our study is the anonymity service AN.ON, from which we also collect empirical data. Our adversary model reflects an interpretation of the current implementation of the EC Directive on Data Retention in Germany.

  16. A modelling study of long term green roof retention performance. (United States)

    Stovin, Virginia; Poë, Simon; Berretta, Christian


    This paper outlines the development of a conceptual hydrological flux model for the long term continuous simulation of runoff and drought risk for green roof systems. A green roof's retention capacity depends upon its physical configuration, but it is also strongly influenced by local climatic controls, including the rainfall characteristics and the restoration of retention capacity associated with evapotranspiration during dry weather periods. The model includes a function that links evapotranspiration rates to substrate moisture content, and is validated against observed runoff data. The model's application to typical extensive green roof configurations is demonstrated with reference to four UK locations characterised by contrasting climatic regimes, using 30-year rainfall time-series inputs at hourly simulation time steps. It is shown that retention performance is dependent upon local climatic conditions. Volumetric retention ranges from 0.19 (cool, wet climate) to 0.59 (warm, dry climate). Per event retention is also considered, and it is demonstrated that retention performance decreases significantly when high return period events are considered in isolation. For example, in Sheffield the median per-event retention is 1.00 (many small events), but the median retention for events exceeding a 1 in 1 yr return period threshold is only 0.10. The simulation tool also provides useful information about the likelihood of drought periods, for which irrigation may be required. A sensitivity study suggests that green roofs with reduced moisture-holding capacity and/or low evapotranspiration rates will tend to offer reduced levels of retention, whilst high moisture-holding capacity and low evapotranspiration rates offer the strongest drought resistance.

  17. Relaxed damage threshold intensity conditions and nonlinear increase in the conversion efficiency of an optical parametric oscillator using a bi-directional pump geometry. (United States)

    Norris, G; McConnell, G


    A novel bi-directional pump geometry that nonlinearly increases the nonlinear optical conversion efficiency of a synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is reported. This bi-directional pumping method synchronizes the circulating signal pulse with two counter-propagating pump pulses within a linear OPO resonator. Through this pump scheme, an increase in nonlinear optical conversion efficiency of 22% was achieved at the signal wavelength, corresponding to a 95% overall increase in average power. Given an almost unchanged measured pulse duration of 260 fs under optimal performance conditions, this related to a signal wavelength peak power output of 18.8 kW, compared with 10 kW using the traditional single-pass geometry. In this study, a total effective peak intensity pump-field of 7.11 GW/cm(2) (corresponding to 3.55 GW/cm(2) from each pump beam) was applied to a 3 mm long periodically poled lithium niobate crystal, which had a damage threshold intensity of 4 GW/cm(2), without impairing crystal integrity. We therefore prove the application of this novel pump geometry provides opportunities for power-scaling of synchronously pumped OPO systems together with enhanced nonlinear conversion efficiency through relaxed damage threshold intensity conditions.

  18. [Systematic evaluation of retention behavior of carbohydrates in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography]. (United States)

    Fu, Qing; Wang, Jun; Liang, Tu; Xu, Xiaoyong; Jin, Yu


    A systematic evaluation of retention behavior of carbohydrates in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) was performed. The influences of mobile phase, stationary phase and buffer salt on the retention of carbohydrates were investigated. According to the results, the retention time of carbohydrates decreased as the proportion of acetonitrile in mobile phase decreased. Increased time of carbohydrates was observed as the concentration of buffer salt in mobile phase increased. The retention behavior of carbohydrates was also affected by organic solvent and HILIC stationary phase. Furthermore, an appropriate retention equation was used in HILIC mode. The retention equation lnk = a + blnC(B) + cC(B) could quantitatively describe the retention factors of carbohydrates of plant origin with good accuracy: the relative error of the predicted time to actual time was less than 0.3%. The evaluation results could provide guidance for carbohydrates to optimize the experimental conditions in HILIC method development especially for carbohydrate separation

  19. Retrieval of Cirrus Cloud Optical Depth under Day and Night Conditions from MODIS Collection 6 Cloud Property Data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrew K. Heidinger


    Full Text Available This paper presents a technique to generate cirrus optical depth and particle effective size estimates from the cloud emissivities at 8.5, 11 and 12 μm contained in the Collection-6 (C6 MYD06 cloud product. This technique employs the latest scattering models and scattering radiative transfer approximations to estimate cloud optical depth and particle effective size using efficient analytical formulae. Two scattering models are tested. The first is the same scattering model as that used in the C6 MYD06 solar reflectance products. The second model is an empirical model derived from radiometric consistency. Both models are shown to generate optical depths that compare well to those from constrained CALIPSO retrievals and MYD06. In terms of effective radius retrievals, the results from the radiometric empirical model agree more closely with MYD06 than those from the C6 model. This analysis is applied to AQUA/MODIS data collocated with CALIPSO/CALIOP during January 2010.

  20. Fuzzy indicators for customer retention

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Valenzuela-Fernández, Leslier; Nicolas, Carolina; Gil-Lafuente, Jaime; Merigó, José M


    .... Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the existence of a gap on how to measure this relationship. Following this idea, this study proposes six fuzzy key performance indicators that aims to measure customer retention and loyalty of the portfolio...

  1. 5 CFR 575.315 - Retention incentives for employees likely to leave for a different position in the Federal service. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention incentives for employees likely... Retention incentives for employees likely to leave for a different position in the Federal service. (a... approve a retention incentive for an individual employee under the conditions prescribed in this section...

  2. Optical control of endogenous proteins with a photoswitchable conditional subunit reveals a role for TREK1 in GABA(B) signaling. (United States)

    Sandoz, Guillaume; Levitz, Joshua; Kramer, Richard H; Isacoff, Ehud Y


    Selective ligands are lacking for many neuronal signaling proteins. Photoswitched tethered ligands (PTLs) have enabled fast and reversible control of specific proteins containing a PTL anchoring site and have been used to remote control overexpressed proteins. We report here a scheme for optical remote control of native proteins using a "photoswitchable conditional subunit" (PCS), which contains the PTL anchoring site as well as a mutation that prevents it from reaching the plasma membrane. In cells lacking native subunits for the protein, the PCS remains nonfunctional internally. However, in cells expressing native subunits, the native subunit and PCS coassemble, traffic to the plasma membrane, and place the native protein under optical control provided by the coassembled PCS. We apply this approach to the TREK1 potassium channel, which lacks selective, reversible blockers. We find that TREK1, typically considered to be a leak channel, contributes to the hippocampal GABA(B) response.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bartosz Kaźmierczak


    Full Text Available The paper presents the dimensioning of retention reservoirs indicator method regarding to the German DWA-A 117 guideline, recommended for small rainfall catchments (with an area of 200 ha. A comparative calculation of the retention reservoirs overflow useful volume were conducted for 4 variants of catchment development (degree sealing surface varied from 60% to 90%, under the assumed sewage outflow from the tank at the level of the urban basin natural runoff. At given conditions required unit volume of retention reservoirs, from 145.4 m3 to 206.7 m3 for each 1 ha of catchment area were determined. The obtained results confirmed the fact that useful volume of the tanks were decreased, when Blaszczyk’s pattern reliable rainwater streams were used for calculations. Because the DWA-A 117 guideline method should be applied to a small rainfall catchments, it is recommended to verify the hydraulic capacity of dimensioned channels and objects using hydrodynamic simulations at different load of rainfall catchment scenarios, variable in time and space.

  4. The Influence of Polymerization Condition to Optical Properties of Poly-o-toludine Films for PH Sensor Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanti Sabarinah


    Full Text Available Properties of poly-o-toludine film strongly bonded to non polar substrate was studied for application as optical pH sensor. Characterization of film in various pH value is carried out by recording absorbance curve using uv-visible spectrophotometer. All poly-o-toluidine film was then found to be applicable as optical pH sensor in the pH range of 2.0- 6.0. Further computational processing by means of curve fitting into logaritmic trend will allow expansion of measurement to the pH range of 2.0-8.0. Sensitivity of pH response was highest in poly-o-toluidine film fabricate at HCl 1.0 M and at 12 hours of dipping time. This paper also studied hysteresis effect in pH response. It was concluded that poly-o-toluidine salt exposed to basic pH will not be easily regenerated. For this reason, poly-o-toluidine film will only be suitable for single usage of pH measurement.

  5. Ultrasonic condition monitoring of composite structures using a low-profile acoustic source and an embedded optical fiber sensor (United States)

    Pierce, S. Gareth; Staszewski, Wieslaw J.; Gachagan, Anthony; James, I. R.; Philip, Wayne R.; Worden, Keith; Culshaw, Brian; McNab, Alistair; Tomlinson, Geoffrey R.; Hayward, Gordon


    The purpose of this paper is to provide a concise introduction to the developments and recent findings of a BRITE-EURAM program of work (BRE2.CT94-0990 , structurally integrated system for the comprehensive evaluation of composites). The aim of the program has been to develop an acoustic/ultrasonic based structural monitoring system for composite structures using material compatible sensors. Since plate-like structures have been investigated, it has been a requirement to utilize the propagation of ultrasonic Lamb waves through the sample materials. Preliminary investigations utilized conventional piezo-electric sources coupled to the sample via perspex wedges. The Lamb waves generated by these sources were monitored using either a fully embedded or surface mounted optical fiber sensors. The system was tested with a variety of different carbon and glass fiber reinforced panels, and the interaction of the lamb waves with different defects in these materials was monitored. Conventional signal processing allowed the location of defects such as impact damage sites, delaminations and holes. Subsequent investigations have endeavored to refine the system. This paper reports the development of advanced wavelet based signal processing techniques to enhance defect visibility, the optical connectorization of composite panels, and the development of flexible low profile acoustic sources for efficient Lamb wave generation.

  6. Single-Mode Behaviour Judgment of Optical Waveguides by Imaginary-Distance Beam Propagation Method Under Perfectly Matched Layer Boundary Condition

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Yan-Ping; YU Jin-Zhong; XIA Jin-Song; Chen Shao-Wu


    @@ Imaginary-distance beam propagation method under the perfectly matched layer boundary condition is applied to judge single-mode behaviour of optical waveguides, for the first time to our knowledge. A new kind of siliconon-insulator-based rib structures with half-circle cross-section is presented. The single-mode behaviour of this kind of waveguide with radius 2μm is investigated by this method. It is single-mode when the slab height is not smaller than the radius.

  7. Confounding Impacts of Iron Reduction on Arsenic Retention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tufano, K.J.; Fendorf, S.


    A transition from oxidizing to reducing conditions has long been implicated to increase aqueous As concentrations, for which reductive dissolution of iron (hydr)oxides is commonly implicated as the primary culprit. Confounding our understanding of processes controlling As retention, however, is that reductive transformation of ferrihydrite has recently been shown to promote As retention rather than release. To resolve the role iron phases have in regulating arsenic concentrations, here we examine As desorption from ferrihydrite-coated sands presorbed with As(lll); experiments were performed at circumneutral pH under Fe-reducing conditions with the dissimilatory iron reducing bacterium Shewanella putrefaciens strain CN-32 over extended time periods. We reveal that with the initial phase of iron reduction, ferrihydrite undergoes transformation to secondary phases and increases As(lll) retention (relative to abiotic controls). However, with increased reaction time, cessation of the phase transitions and ensuing reductive dissolution result in prolonged release of As(III) to the aqueous phase. Our results suggest that As(lll) retention during iron reduction is temporally dependent on secondary precipitation of iron phases; during transformation to secondary phases, particularly magnetite, As(lll) retention is enhanced even relative to oxidized systems. However, conditions that retard secondary transformation (more stable iron oxides or limited iron reducing bacterial activity), or prolonged anaerobiosis, will lead to both the dissolution of ferric (hydr)oxides and release of As(lll) to the aqueous phase.

  8. Radionuclide Retention in Concrete Waste Forms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mattigod, Shas V.; Bovaird, Chase C.; Wellman, Dawn M.; Wood, Marcus I.


    Assessing long-term performance of Category 3 waste cement grouts for radionuclide encasement requires knowledge of the radionuclide-cement interactions and mechanisms of retention (i.e., sorption or precipitation); the mechanism of contaminant release; the significance of contaminant release pathways; how waste form performance is affected by the full range of environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the process of waste form aging under conditions that are representative of processes occurring in response to changing environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the effect of waste form aging on chemical, physical, and radiological properties; and the associated impact on contaminant release. This knowledge will enable accurate prediction of radionuclide fate when the waste forms come in contact with groundwater. The information presented in the report provides data that 1) quantify radionuclide retention within concrete waste form materials similar to those used to encapsulate waste in the Low-Level Waste Burial Grounds (LLBG); 2) measure the effect of concrete waste form properties likely to influence radionuclide migration; and 3) quantify the stability of uranium-bearing solid phases of limited solubility in concrete.

  9. Radionuclide Retention in Concrete Wasteforms - FY13

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Snyder, Michelle MV; Golovich, Elizabeth C.; Wellman, Dawn M.; Crum, Jarrod V.; Lapierre, Robert; Dage, Denomy C.; Parker, Kent E.; Cordova, Elsa A.


    Assessing long-term performance of Category 3 waste cement grouts for radionuclide encasement requires knowledge of the radionuclide-cement interactions and mechanisms of retention (i.e., sorption or precipitation); the mechanism of contaminant release; the significance of contaminant release pathways; how wasteform performance is affected by the full range of environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the process of wasteform aging under conditions that are representative of processes occurring in response to changing environmental conditions within the disposal facility; the effect of wasteform aging on chemical, physical, and radiological properties; and the associated impact on contaminant release. This knowledge will enable accurate prediction of radionuclide fate when the wasteforms come in contact with groundwater. Data collected throughout the course of this work will be used to quantify the efficacy of concrete wasteforms, similar to those used in the disposal of low-level waste and mixed low-level waste, for the immobilization of key radionuclides (i.e., uranium, technetium, and iodine). Data collected will also be used to quantify the physical and chemical properties of the concrete affecting radionuclide retention.

  10. Influence of sputtering conditions on the optical and electrical properties of laser-annealed and wet-etched room temperature sputtered ZnO:Al thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boukhicha, Rym, E-mail: [CNRS, LPICM, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau (France); Charpentier, Coralie [CNRS, LPICM, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau (France); Total S and M — New Energies Division, R and D Division, Department of Solar Energies EN/BO/RD/SOL, Tour Michelet, 24 cours Michelet, La Défense 10, 92069 Paris La Défense Cedex (France); Prod' Homme, Patricia [Total S and M — New Energies Division, R and D Division, Department of Solar Energies EN/BO/RD/SOL, Tour Michelet, 24 cours Michelet, La Défense 10, 92069 Paris La Défense Cedex (France); Roca i Cabarrocas, Pere [CNRS, LPICM, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau (France); Lerat, Jean-François; Emeraud, Thierry [Photovoltaic Business Unit, Excico Group NV, Kempische Steenweg 305/2, B-3500 Hasselt (Belgium); Johnson, Erik [CNRS, LPICM, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau (France)


    We explore the influence of the sputtering deposition conditions on the outcome of an excimer laser anneal and chemical etching process with the goal of producing highly textured substrates for thin film silicon solar cells. Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) thin films were prepared on glass substrates by radio frequency magnetron sputtering from a ceramic target at room temperature. The effects of the process pressure (0.11–1.2 Pa) and oxygen flow (0–2 sccm) on the optical and electrical properties of ZnO:Al thin films have been studied both before and after an excimer laser annealing treatment followed by a dilute HCl chemical etch. The as-deposited films varied from completely opaque to yellowish. Thin film laser annealing dramatically improves the optical properties of the most opaque thin films. After laser annealing at the optimum fluence, the average transmittance in the visible wavelength range was around 80% for most films, and reasonable electrical performance was obtained for the films deposited at lower pressures and without oxygen flux (7 Ω/□ for films of 1 μm). After etching, all films displayed a dramatic improvement in haze, but only the low pressure, low oxygen films retained acceptable electrical properties (< 11 Ω/□). - Highlights: • Al:ZnO thin films were deposited at room temperature. • The ZnO:Al films were excimer laser annealed and then wet-etched. • The optical and electrical properties were studied in details.

  11. Mobile Learning and Student Retention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bharat Inder Fozdar


    Full Text Available Student retention in open and distance learning (ODL is comparatively poor to traditional education and, in some contexts, embarrassingly low. Literature on the subject of student retention in ODL indicates that even when interventions are designed and undertaken to improve student retention, they tend to fall short. Moreover, this area has not been well researched. The main aim of our research, therefore, is to better understand and measure students’ attitudes and perceptions towards the effectiveness of mobile learning. Our hope is to determine how this technology can be optimally used to improve student retention at Bachelor of Science programmes at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU in India. For our research, we used a survey. Results of this survey clearly indicate that offering mobile learning could be one method improving retention of BSc students, by enhancing their teaching/ learning and improving the efficacy of IGNOU’s existing student support system. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. Moreover, as mobile phone usage in India explodes, it offers IGNOU easy access to a larger number of learners. This study is intended to help inform those who are seeking to adopt mobile learning systems with the aim of improving communication and enriching students’ learning experiences in their ODL institutions.

  12. Readability dependence on lithography conditions for printing code marks using a squared optical fiber matrix and light-emitting diodes (United States)

    Watanabe, Jun; Kato, Kazuhide; Iwasaki, Jun-ya; Horiuchi, Toshiyuki


    The direct readability of code marks printed using a new exposure system was investigated. In the new exposure system, code-mark patterns were printed using LEDs as exposure sources and squared optical-fiber ends as code-mark elements. A 10 × 10 fiber matrix was fabricated, and light emitted from each LED was led to each fiber. Because gaps appeared between the code-mark cells, a long exposure time was adopted, and the gaps between cells were eliminated by giving an overdose of light. After code-mark patterns were stably printed, their readability was investigated using a commercial code-mark reader. It was found that all the printed code marks were readable without errors. In concrete, same 100 identical marks printed on a wafer were readable. Moreover, six kinds of marks were repeatedly detected more than 100 times with no reading errors.

  13. Factors affecting retention of early pregnancy in dairy cattle. (United States)

    Starbuck, Melanie J; Dailey, Robert A; Inskeep, E Keith


    Potential factors affecting retention of pregnancy during weeks 5-9 of gestation were studied in dairy cows and heifers (N = 211) on two farms. Cows were examined by ultrasonography for presence of a viable embryo, and sizes of the corpus luteum (CL) and of follicles > or = 5mm were recorded. Blood samples were taken at each examination and assayed for progesterone and estradiol. Overall pregnancy loss was 11.4%. Cows with two CL did not have greater concentrations of progesterone than cows with one CL and they retained fewer pregnancies (P Embryos that were lost apparently died before CL regression. Retention of pregnancy declined in cows with high body condition and as age of the cow increased. Pregnancy retention was lower in cows bred to one of four frequently-used service sires (P body condition and service sire.

  14. Effects of deposition temperatures and annealing conditions on the microstructural, electrical and optical properties of polycrystalline Al-doped ZnO thin films

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oh, Joon-Ho [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University, Seoul 136-713 (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Kyoung-Kook [Department of Nano-Optical Engineering, Korea Polytechnic University, Gyeonggi 429-793 (Korea, Republic of); Seong, Tae-Yeon, E-mail: [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University, Seoul 136-713 (Korea, Republic of)


    Al-doped ZnO (AZO, ZnO:Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} = 98:2 wt%) films are deposited on different substrates by an RF magnetron sputtering and subsequently annealed at three different conditions to investigate the microstructural, electrical, and optical properties. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope results show that all the samples are polycrystalline and the samples rapid-thermal-annealed at 900 deg. C in an N{sub 2} ambient contain larger grains compared to the furnace-annealed samples. It is shown that the sample deposited at room temperature on the sapphire gives a resistivity of 5.57 x 10{sup -4} {Omega} cm when furnace-annealed at 500 deg. C in a mixture of N{sub 2}:H{sub 2} (9:1). It is also shown that the Hall mobility vs. carrier concentration ({mu}-n) relation is divided into two groups, depending on the annealing conditions, namely, either rapid-thermal annealing or furnace annealing. The relations are described in terms of either grain boundary scattering or ionized impurity scattering mechanism. In addition, the samples produce fairly high transmittance of 91-96.99% across the wavelength region of 400-1100 nm. The optical bandgaps of the samples increase with increasing carrier concentration.

  15. Potential possibilities of water retention in agricultural loess catchments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zubala Tomasz


    Full Text Available The growing water deficit and the increased demand for water, as well as economic problems and inadequate spatial planning in many regions indicate a necessity of developing more effective rules of programming and realisation of works concerning the water management in small catchments. The paper presents a sample analysis of the possibilities of increasing water retention in the agricultural loess catchments with periodic streams. The scope of the study included the determination of physical parameters of selected sub-catchments (geometry, soil cover, land use, etc. and of the sources of threat to water resources, resulting from construction and geomorphological conditions. Pre-design assumptions of dammings were developed, taking into account anti-erosion protective measures, and treatments increasing the landscape retention of water were proposed. Creating surface retention objects should be an important source of water in simplified agroecosystems, especially in regions, where productivity to a great extent depends on natural weather conditions. Proper management of the fourth-order loess basin of the Ciemięga River (area of about 150 km2, the presence of 50 lateral valleys could give a temporary reservoir retention reaching 500 thousand m3. Farmers should be encouraged to seek “own water sources” (including the accumulation of water within wasteland, using appropriate economic instruments (tax reliefs for the documented volume of retained water, e.g. in small retention reservoirs.

  16. A fibre optic oxygen sensor that detects rapid PO2 changes under simulated conditions of cyclical atelectasis in vitro. (United States)

    Formenti, Federico; Chen, Rongsheng; McPeak, Hanne; Matejovic, Martin; Farmery, Andrew D; Hahn, Clive E W


    Two challenges in the management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome are the difficulty in diagnosing cyclical atelectasis, and in individualising mechanical ventilation therapy in real-time. Commercial optical oxygen sensors can detect [Formula: see text] oscillations associated with cyclical atelectasis, but are not accurate at saturation levels below 90%, and contain a toxic fluorophore. We present a computer-controlled test rig, together with an in-house constructed ultra-rapid sensor to test the limitations of these sensors when exposed to rapidly changing [Formula: see text] in blood in vitro. We tested the sensors' responses to simulated respiratory rates between 10 and 60 breaths per minute. Our sensor was able to detect the whole amplitude of the imposed [Formula: see text] oscillations, even at the highest respiratory rate. We also examined our sensor's resistance to clot formation by continuous in vivo deployment in non-heparinised flowing animal blood for 24h, after which no adsorption of organic material on the sensor's surface was detectable by scanning electron microscopy.

  17. Use of factorial design for evaluation of plasma conditions and comparison of two liquid sample introduction systems for an axially viewed inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Trevizan, Lilian C. [Grupo de Analise Instrumental Aplicada, Departamento de Quimica, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Caixa Postal 676, Sao Carlos, SP, 13650-970 (Brazil); Vieira, Edivan C. [Grupo de Analise Instrumental Aplicada, Departamento de Quimica, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Caixa Postal 676, Sao Carlos, SP, 13650-970 (Brazil); Embrapa Pecuaria Sudeste, Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil); Nogueira, Ana Rita A. [Embrapa Pecuaria Sudeste, Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil); Nobrega, Joaquim A. [Grupo de Analise Instrumental Aplicada, Departamento de Quimica, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Caixa Postal 676, Sao Carlos, SP, 13650-970 (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    A factorial design was applied to evaluate plasma conditions employing the Mg II 280/Mg I 285 nm intensity ratio in an axially viewed inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer using different sample introduction devices: a concentric or a V-groove nebulizer and a cyclonic or a Sturman-Masters spray chamber. Effects of nebulizer gas flow-rate on Mg II/Mg I ratio were different in each introduction system. Robust conditions were obtained at low nebulizer gas flow-rate when using concentric nebulizer with a cyclonic spray chamber or a concentric nebulizer and a Sturman-Masters spray chamber. However, when using a V-groove nebulizer with a Sturman-Masters spray chamber, Mg II/Mg I ratio increased at high nebulizer gas flow-rates. Recovery experiments for a milk standard reference material diluted in water-soluble tertiary amines in both robust and non-robust conditions indicated that the robust condition was reached at higher nebulizer gas flow-rates and led to better accuracy and precision when using a V-groove nebulizer.

  18. Near-Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting of Crop Growth Condition and Harvest Status Using an Integrated Optical and Radar Approach at the National-Scale in Canada (United States)

    Shang, J.


    There has been an increasing need to have accurate and spatially detailed information on crop growth condition and harvest status over Canada's agricultural land so that the impacts of environmental conditions, market supply and demand, and transportation network limitations on crop production can be understood fully and acted upon in a timely manner. Presently, Canada doesn't have a national dataset that can provide near-real-time geospatial information on crop growth stage and harvest systematically so that reporting on risk events can be linked directly to the grain supply chain and crop production fluctuations. The intent of this study is to develop an integrated approach using Earth observation (EO) technology to provide a consistent, comprehensive picture of crop growth cycles (growth conditions and stages) and agricultural management activities (field preparation for seeding, harvest, and residue management). Integration of the optical and microwave satellite remote sensing technologies is imperative for robust methodology development and eventually for operational implementation. Particularly, the current synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system Radarsat-2 and to be launched Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM) are unique EO resources to Canada. Incorporating these Canadian SAR resources with international SAR missions such as the Cosmesky-Med and TerraSAR, could be of great potential for developing change detection technologies particularly useful for monitoring harvest as well as other types of agricultural management events. The study revealed that radar and multi-scale (30m and 250m) optical satellite data can directly detect or infer 1) seeding date, 2) crop growth stages and gross primary productivity (GPP), and 3) harvest progress. Operational prototypes for providing growing-season information at the crop-specific level will be developed across the Canadian agricultural land base.

  19. Retention of contaminants in constructed and semi-natural wetland soils in urban river systems (United States)

    Kalinski, Kira; Gröngröft, Alexander; Eschenbach, Annette


    The retention of floods is one of the most relevant ecosystem function of urban floodplains, which is often improved by the construction of retention ponds and other water management measures. Retention ponds are connected to the river in a direct or a parallel arrangement and can be constructed as dry or wet retention pond under normal run-off conditions. Further important ecosystem functions provided by the floodplains soils are carbon sequestration, nutrient and contaminant regulation and recreation. However, with ongoing urbanization these ecosystem functions are significantly endangered. In our study we analyze the soil-based ecosystem functions of two river catchments in the City of Hamburg. The presentation will focus on the retention of contaminants in soils and sediments of eleven retention ponds within one catchment. The amount and concentrations of contaminants will be analyzed for controlling factors like grain size distribution, land-use within the headwaters and others.

  20. [Acute retention of urine secondary to a congenital diverticulum of the bladder]. (United States)

    Azahouani, A; Hida, M; Lasseri, A; Lahfaoui, M; Zaari, N; Belahcen, M; Elazzouzi, D; Benhaddou, H


    Bladder diverticula in children are mostly congenital, frequently associated with vesicoureteral reflux. Their positive diagnosis is based primarily on retrograde urethrocystography. One complication of this condition is acute urinary retention. We report the case of a 4-month-old infant who presented acute retention of urine secondary to bilateral congenital bladder diverticulum and review the literature on this subject.

  1. Basic Retention Mechanisms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Bror Skytte; Jensen, H.


    . The data for kaolinite were similarly interpreted as adsorption of hydroxylated complexes of the polyvalent cations, a mechanism which has previously been suggested for the adsorption of heavy metals onto muds, sludges and organic debris. In the case of kaolinite, indications of additional reactions like......The effect of multiple cation competition on the adsorption of Sr onto two synthetic ion-exchange resins, i. e. DOWEX 50W and DOWEX CCR-2, as well as onto the clay mineral, kaolinite has been studied. The results for DOWEX 50W, and under certain experimental conditions also for DOWEX CCR-2 were...... in good agreement with theoretical predictions for multielement ion-exchange taking the limiting effect of ion-exchange capacity into account. In the case of very low cation adsorption, DOWEX CCR-2 showed an unexpected behavior which is interpreted as ion-pair or ion-cluster adsorption of polyvalent ions...

  2. Influence of growth conditions on the electrochemical synthesis of SnS thin films and their optical properties (United States)

    Kafashan, Hosein; Jamali-Sheini, Farid; Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi, Reza; Yousefi, Ramin


    Tin sulfide (SnS) thin films were prepared by electrodeposition onto fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass substrates using an aqueous solution containing SnCl2 and Na2S2O3 at various deposition potentials ( E) and bath concentrations. The pH value and temperature of the solution were kept constant. The deposited films were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), photoluminescence (PL), and ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy. The FESEM images demonstrated that changes in the deposition potential ( E) and solution concentration led to marked changes in the morphology of the deposited SnS films. Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDXA) results showed that the Sn/S atomic ratio strongly depended on both the solution concentration and the deposition potential. To obtain an Sn/S atomic ratio approximately equal to 1, the optimal Sn2+/S2O 3 2- molar ratio and E parameter were 1/8 and -1.0 V, respectively. The XRD patterns showed that the synthesized SnS was obviously polycrystalline, with an orthorhombic structure. The effects of the variations of bath concentration and deposition potential on the band-gap energy ( E g) were studied using PL and UV-Vis experiments. The PL spectra of all the SnS films contained two peaks in the visible region and one peak in the infrared (IR) region. The UV-Vis spectra showed that the optical band-gap energy varies from 1.21 to 1.44 eV.

  3. Ultra-high-sensitive optical micro-angiography provides depth resolved visualization of microcirculations within human skin under psoriatic conditions (United States)

    Qin, Jia; An, Lin; Wang, Ruikang


    Adequate functioning of the peripheral micro vascular in human skin is necessary to maintain optimal tissue perfusion and preserve normal hemodynamic function. There is a growing body of evidence suggests that vascular abnormalities may directly related to several dermatologic diseases, such as psoriasis, port-wine stain, skin cancer, etc. New in vivo imaging modalities to aid volumetric microvascular blood perfusion imaging are there for highly desirable. To address this need, we demonstrate the capability of ultra-high sensitive optical micro angiography to allow blood flow visualization and quantification of vascular densities of lesional psoriasis area in human subject in vivo. The microcirculation networks of lesion and non-lesion skin were obtained after post processing the data sets captured by the system. With our image resolution (~20 μm), we could compare these two types of microcirculation networks both qualitatively and quantitatively. The B-scan (lateral or x direction) cross section images, en-face (x-y plane) images and the volumetric in vivo perfusion map of lesion and non-lesion skin areas were obtained using UHS-OMAG. Characteristic perfusion map features were identified between lesional and non-lesional skin area. A statistically significant difference between vascular densities of lesion and non-lesion skin area was also found using a histogram based analysis. UHS-OMAG has the potential to differentiate the normal skin microcirculation from abnormal human skin microcirculation non-invasively with high speed and sensitivity. The presented data demonstrates the great potential of UHS-OMAG for detecting and diagnosing skin disease such as psoriasis in human subjects.

  4. Maslow's Hierarchy and Student Retention. (United States)

    Brookman, David M.


    Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs offers perspective on student motivation and a rationale for college retention programing. Student affairs and faculty interventions addressing student safety needs and engaging students' sense of purpose reinforce persistence. A mentor program is a possible cooperative effort between student personnel and…

  5. Lake retention of manufactured nanoparticles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koelmans, A.A.; Quik, J.T.K.; Velzeboer, I.


    For twenty-five world lakes and three engineered nanoparticles (ENP), lake retention was calculated using a uniformly mixed lake mass balance model. This follows similar approaches traditionally used in water quality management. Lakes were selected such that lake residence times, depths and areal hy

  6. Strategies for improving employee retention. (United States)

    Verlander, Edward G; Evans, Martin R


    This article proposes a solution to the perennial problem of talent retention in the clinical laboratory. It includes the presentation of 12 strategies that may be used to significantly improve institutional identity formation and establishment of the psychological contract that employees form with laboratory management. Identity formation and psychological contracting are deemed as essential in helping reduce employee turnover and increase retention. The 12 conversational strategies may be used as a set of best practices for all employees, but most importantly for new employees, and should be implemented at the critical moment when employees first join the laboratory. This time is referred to as "retention on-boarding"--the period of induction and laboratory orientation. Retention on-boarding involves a dialogue between employees and management that is focused on the psychological, practical, cultural, and political dimensions of the laboratory. It is placed in the context of the modern clinical laboratory, which is faced with employing and managing Generation X knowledge workers. Specific topics and broad content areas of those conversations are outlined.

  7. Lake retention of manufactured nanoparticles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koelmans, A.A.; Quik, J.T.K.; Velzeboer, I.


    For twenty-five world lakes and three engineered nanoparticles (ENP), lake retention was calculated using a uniformly mixed lake mass balance model. This follows similar approaches traditionally used in water quality management. Lakes were selected such that lake residence times, depths and areal hy

  8. Institutionalization of a Retention Model (United States)

    Davis, E. J.; Campbell, A.


    Bowie State University and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have, for the past 10 years, worked diligently together to enhance the science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SMET) domain. Efforts made, because of a Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) Award, have changed the landscape of the SMET domain by increasing the retention and graduation rates, the number of students entering graduate and professional schools, and the number of students entering SMET related careers for minorities and women. Several initiatives a Scholarship Program, PRISEM Tutoring Center, Safety-net Program, Research emphasis, Focused Mentoring, a Summer Academy for accepted incoming students, a Bridge Program for students needing assistance being admitted to the University, the RISE Program and the Bowie State Satellite Operations and Control Center (BSOCC) provide the nurturing, mentoring, and opportunities for our students. As a result of efforts made, the retention rate has increase to approximately 80%, the graduation rate has increased 40%, and 85% of the SMET students are now interested or entering graduate and professional schools. Successes that have been documented by various assessment activities have led to the institutionalization of the Retention Model of the MIE Initiative. It is anticipated that University-wide application of the retention model will prove the incentives necessary to obtain similar results as the MIE Initiative.

  9. Maslow's Hierarchy and Student Retention. (United States)

    Brookman, David M.


    Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs offers perspective on student motivation and a rationale for college retention programing. Student affairs and faculty interventions addressing student safety needs and engaging students' sense of purpose reinforce persistence. A mentor program is a possible cooperative effort between student personnel and…

  10. Phosphorus retention capacity of sediments in Mandovi estuary (Goa)

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Rajagopal, M.D.; Reddy, C.V.G.

    Experiments carried out under controlled conditions to study P retention capacity of sediments indicate that the processes of adsorption and desorption of P are pH dependent. Adsorption of P is maximum (58-99%) at pH 4. Both the exchangeable P...

  11. Can retention forestry help conserve biodiversity? A meta-analysis. (United States)

    Fedrowitz, Katja; Koricheva, Julia; Baker, Susan C; Lindenmayer, David B; Palik, Brian; Rosenvald, Raul; Beese, William; Franklin, Jerry F; Kouki, Jari; Macdonald, Ellen; Messier, Christian; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne; Gustafsson, Lena


    consistent among taxonomic groups for forest and open-habitat species, respectively. Synthesis and applications. Our meta-analysis provides support for wider use of retention forestry since it moderates negative harvesting impacts on biodiversity. Hence, it is a promising approach for integrating biodiversity conservation and production forestry, although identifying optimal solutions between these two goals may need further attention. Nevertheless, retention forestry will not substitute for conservation actions targeting certain highly specialized species associated with forest-interior or open-habitat conditions. Our meta-analysis provides support for wider use of retention forestry since it moderates negative harvesting impacts on biodiversity. Hence, it is a promising approach for integrating biodiversity conservation and production forestry, although identifying optimal solutions between these two goals may need further attention. Nevertheless, retention forestry will not substitute for conservation actions targeting certain highly specialized species associated with forest-interior or open-habitat conditions.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nelson, E


    The potential use of a peat bed to treat the H-12 Outfall discharge to bring it to new compliance limits was previously investigated and reported utilizing a 7 hour retention time. The influence of retention time (contact time) of water with peat moss on the removal of copper from the water was investigated under laboratory conditions using vertical flow peat moss columns. Reduction of the necessary retention time has a large influence on the design sizing of any peat bed that would be constructed to treat the H-12 discharge on a full scale basis. Retention times of 5 hours, 3 hours and 1 hour were tested to determine the copper removal by the peat columns using vertical flow. Water samples were collected after 4, 8, 12, and 16 water volumes had passed through the columns and analyzed for a suite of metals, with quantitative emphasis on copper. Laboratory results indicated that copper removal was very high at each of the 3 retention times tested, ranging from 99.6 % removal at 5 and 3 hours to 98.8% removal at 1 hour. All these values are much lower that the new compliance limit for the outfall. The results also indicated that most divalent metals were removed to their normal reporting detection limit for the analytical methods used, including zinc. Lead levels in the H-12 discharge used in this study were below PQL in all samples analyzed. While each of the retention times studied removed copper very well, there were indications that 1 hour is probably too short for an operational, long-term facility. At that retention time, there was about 6% compaction of the peat in the column due to the water velocity, and this may affect long term hydraulic conductivity of the peat bed. At that retention time, copper concentration in the effluent was higher than the other times tested, although still very low. Because of the potential compacting and somewhat reduced removal efficiency at a 1 hour retention time, it would be prudent to design to at least a 3 hour retention


    Kiyohara, Yukoh; Kazama, Motoki

    Unsaturated triaxial tests were carried out to study deformation behavior, effective stress path and water retention property of consolidated loam during consolidation and shearing processes. Initial matric suction was set as 0, 50, and 90 kPa, and confining pressures (net normal stresses) were set as 100 kPa. Then shearing processes were done under undrained and drained conditions. We clarified the relation between void ratio and Van Genuchten model parameter by using water retention curve. To predict the unsaturated shearing behavior, a modified Cam Clay model considering void ratio dependent Van Genuchten parameter was proposed. Those numerical test results were agreed well with laboratory tests results.

  14. Updating metacognitive control in response to expected retention intervals. (United States)

    Fiechter, Joshua L; Benjamin, Aaron S


    In five experiments, we investigated whether expected retention intervals affect subjects' encoding strategies. In the first four experiments, our subjects studied paired associates consisting of words from the Graduate Record Exam and a synonym. They were told to expect a test on a word pair after either a short or a longer interval. Subjects were tested on most pairs after the expected retention interval. For some pairs, however, subjects were tested after the other retention interval, allowing for a comparison of performance at a given retention interval conditional upon the expected retention interval. No effect of the expected retention interval was found for 1 min versus 4 min (Exp. 1), 30 s versus 3 min (Exp. 2), and 30 s versus 10 min (Exps. 3 and 4), even when subjects were given complete control over the pacing of study items (Exp. 4). However, when the difference between the expected retention intervals was increased massively (10 min vs. 24 h; Exp. 5), subjects remembered more items that they expected to be tested sooner, an effect consistent with the idea that they traded off efforts to remember items for the later test versus items that were about to be tested. Overall, this set of results accords with much of the test-expectancy literature, revealing that subjects are often reluctant to adjust encoding strategies on an item-by-item basis, and when they do, they usually make quantitative, rather than qualitative, adjustments.

  15. Influence of drying conditions on the optical and structural properties of sol–gel-derived ZnO nanocrystalline films

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A Pakdel; F E Ghodsi


    Zinc oxide nanothin films were prepared on glass substrate by sol–gel dip-coating method using zinc acetate dihydrate, methanol, and monoethanolamine as precursor, solvent, and stabilizer, respectively. The relationship between drying conditions and the characteristics of ZnO nanocrystalline films (-axis orientation, grain size, roughness and optical properties) was studied. The films were dried in an oven at different temperatures and by IR radiation. Then, the films were annealed at 500°C in a furnace. The chemical composition, transmission spectra, structure, and morphology of the samples were studied using infrared (IR) and UV–visible spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and atomic force microscopy (AFM), respectively. The XRD results show that the drying conditions affect the orientation of crystallization along the (0 0 2) plane. AFM images show that the thicknesses of the films decrease from 128 to 93 nm by changing the drying conditions. The photoluminescence (PL) of ZnO nanothin films shows the UV emission at near band edge and broad green radiation at about 465 nm wavelength.

  16. A procedure for estimating the electron temperature and the departure of the LTE condition in a time-dependent, spatially homogeneous, optically thin plasma

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bredice, F. [Centro de Investigaciones Opticas, La Plata (Argentina); Borges, F.O., E-mail: [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Instituto de Fisica. Lab. de Plasma e Espectroscopia; Di Rocco, H.O. [Instituto de Fisica Arroyo Seco (IFAS), Universidad Nacional del Centro, Tandil (Argentina); Mercado, R.S. [Grupo de Espectroscopia Optica de Emision y Laser (GEOEL), Universidad del Atlantico, Barranquilla (Colombia); Villagran-Muniz, M. [Laboratorio de Fotofisica, Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y Desarrollo Tecnologico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico); Palleschi, V. [Applied Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory, ICCOM-CNR, Pisa (Italy)


    We present a method to estimate the temperature of transient plasmas and their degree of departure from local thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. Our method is based on application of the Saha–Boltzmann equations on the temporal variation of the intensity of the spectral lines of the plasma, under the assumption that the plasmas at the different times when the spectra were obtained are in local thermodynamic equilibrium. The method requires no knowledge of the spectral efficiency of the spectrometer/detector, transition probabilities of the considered lines, or degeneracies of the upper and lower levels. Provided that the conditions of optically thin, homogeneous plasma in local thermodynamic equilibrium are satisfied, the accuracy of the procedure is limited only by the precision with which the line intensities and densities can be determined at two different temperatures. The procedure generates an equation describing the temporal evolution of the electron number density of transient plasmas under local thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. The method is applied to the analysis of two laser-induced breakdown spectra of cadmium at different temperatures. (author)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JinxiaMa; YuxiuPeng; ZhongzhengLi


    In this paper it was studied that these dosage effectsof CPAM, cationic starch,boron modified silica sol(BMS), A12(SO4)3, pH value and electrolyte on theretention and drainage of different microparticulatesystems including CPAM, cationic starch and boronsilica sol. The research results indicated that CPAMhad no good retention when used with boron silicasol. The best retention efficiency was the micropar-ticulate system of CPAM + cationic starch withboron modified silica sol; Secondly was that ofcationic starch with boron modified silica sol; Theworst was that of CPAM with boron modified silicasol. The retention efficiency had no relation with theaddition order between CPAM and cationic starch. Itwas also found that the microparticulate retentionsystem of boron modified silica sol could be used inalum-rosin sizing and in acidity, neutral or alkalinepapermaking conditions. This system also could beused with close circulate water so that it could reducethe water pollution and waste.

  18. Experimental quantification of solute transport through the vadose zone under dynamic boundary conditions with dye tracers and optical methods. (United States)

    Cremer, Clemens; Neuweiler, Insa


    Knowledge of subsurface solute transport processes is vital to investigate e.g. groundwater contamination, nutrient uptake by plant roots and to implement remediation strategies. Beside field measurements and numerical simulations, physical laboratory experiments represent a way to establish process understanding and furthermore validate numerical schemes. Atmospheric forcings, such as erratically varying infiltration and evaporation cycles, subject the shallow subsurface to local and temporal variations in water content and associated hydraulic conductivity of the prevailing porous media. Those variations in material properties can cause flow paths to differ between upward and downward flow periods. Thereby, the unsaturated subsurface presents a highly complicated, dynamic system. Following an extensive systematical numerical investigation of flow and transport through bimodal, unsaturated porous media under dynamic boundary conditions (Cremer et al., 2016), we conduct physical laboratory experiments in a 22 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm flow cell where we introduce structural heterogeneity in the form sharp material interfaces between different porous media. In all experiments, a constant pressure head is implemented at the lower boundary, while cyclic infiltration-evaporation phases are applied at the soil surface. As a reference case a stationary infiltration with a rate corresponding to the cycle-averaged infiltration rate is applied. By initial application of dye tracers, solute transport within the domain is visualized such that transport paths and redistribution processes can be observed in a qualitative manner. Solute leaching is quantified at the bottom outlet, where breakthrough curves are obtained via spectroscopy. Liquid and vapor flow in and out of the domain is obtained from multiple balances. Thereby, the interplay of material structural heterogeneity and alternating flow (transport) directions and flow (transport) paths is investigated. Results show lateral


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jinxia Ma; Yuxiu Peng; Zhongzheng Li


    In this paper it was studied that these dosage effects of CPAM, cationic starch、boron modified silica sol (BMS), Al2(SO4)3, pH value and electrolyte on the retention and drainage of different microparticulate systems including CPAM, cationic starch and boron silica sol. The research results indicated that CPAM had no good retention when used with boron silica sol. The best retention efficiency was the microparticulate system of CPAM + cationic starch with boron modified silica sol; Secondly was that of cationic starch with boron modified silica sol; The worst was that of CPAM with boron modified silica sol. The retention efficiency had no relation with the addition order between CPAM and cationic starch. It was also found that the microparticulate retention system of boron modified silica sol could be used in alum-rosin sizing and in acidity, neutral or alkaline papermaking conditions. This system also could be used with close circulate water so that it could reduce the water pollution and waste.

  20. Designing Online Courses to Promote Student Retention (United States)

    Dietz-Uhler, Beth; Fisher, Amy; Han, Andrea


    Although the issue of student retention is a campus-wide one, it is of special interest in online distance learning courses, where retention rates are reported to be lower than in face-to-face classes. Among the explanations and theories of retention rates in online courses, one that struck us as most useful is a structural one, namely, course…

  1. 5 CFR 351.404 - Retention register. (United States)


    ... FORCE Scope of Competition § 351.404 Retention register. (a) When a competing employee is to be released from a competitive level under this part, the agency shall establish a separate retention register for... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention register. 351.404 Section 351...

  2. Small scale retentive structures and Dinophysis (United States)

    Xie, Hongqin; Lazure, Pascal; Gentien, Patrick


    Despite its rarity, Dinophysis acuminata is in terms of economic impact, the first toxic algal species along the coasts of Western Europe. It is observed at low levels (growth of this species will be a step forward to prediction of harmful events at the coast. This species has been observed at increased, albeit low cell densities in retentive eddies located in pycnocline layers. A concentration build-up of one species results from the balance between growth and loss processes, one of the latter being dispersal. The scales of interest for a D. acuminata population are of the order of 10 nautical miles on the horizontal and duration of 10 days, for a reported achievable growth rate of 0.6 day - 1 . A three dimensional (3D) hydrodynamical model of the Bay of Biscay has been elaborated to reproduce hydrological structures over the last decade. We attempt here to relate the existence of retentive structures revealed from simulations under realistic forcing conditions and the toxic coastal events recorded in the 10-year time series of the French plankton monitoring network database. The eddies in the coastal area appear to be directly related with the Dinophysis coastal events and they may be a potential effective tool to predict those.

  3. Investigation on the optical scan condition for imaging of multi-slice spiral CT liver perfusion in rats

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    BAI Rong-jie; WANG Jin-e; JIANG Hui-jie; HAO Xue-jia; DONG Xu-peng; HUANG Ya-hua; WEI Lai


    Background Multi-slice CT liver perfusion has been widely used in experimental studies of hemodynamic changes in liver lesions,and is usually performed as an adjunct to a conventional CT examination because of its high temporal and spatial resolution,simple protocol,good reproducibility,and ability to measure hemodynamic changes of liver tissues at the capillary level.Experimental rat models,especially those of induced liver cancer,are often used in studies of hemodynamic changes in liver cancer.Carcinogenesis in rats has a similar pathological progression and characteristics resembling those in human liver cancer; as a result,rat models are often used as ideal animal models in the study of human liver cancer.However,liver perfusion imaging in rats is difficult to perform,because rats' livers are so small that different concentrations,flow rates,and dose of contrast agents during the CT perfusion scanning can influence the quality of liver perfusion images in rats.The purpose of this study,therefore,was to investigate the optimal scan protocol for the imaging of hepatic perfusion using a deconvolution mathematical method in rats by comparing the results of rats in different injection conditions of the contrast agent,including concentration,rate and time.Methods Plain CT scan conditions in eighty 2-month-old male Wistar rats were 5.0 mm slice thickness,5.0 mm interval,1.0 pitch,120 kV tube voltage,60 mA tube current,512×512 matrix,and FOV 9.6 cm.Perfusion scanning was carried out with different concentrations of diatrizoate (19%,38%,57%,and 76%),different injection rates (0.3 and 0.5 mi/s),and different injection times (1,2-3,4-5,and 6 seconds).The above conditions were randomly matched and adjusted to determine the best perfusion scan protocol.Thrae-phase contrast-enhanced scanning was performed after CT perfusion.Histological examination of the liver tissues with hematoxylin and eosin stains was done after CT scanning.Results When the concentration of the

  4. Water Retention Curves of Opalinus Clay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villar, M. V.; Romero, F. J.


    The water retention curve of Opalinus clay samples was determined under different conditions: total and matric suction, stress or no-stress conditions, wetting and drying paths. Through the fitting of these results to the van Genuchten expression the P parameter, related to the air entry value (AEV), was obtained. The AEV is the suction value above which air is able to enter the pores of the sample, and consequently, above which 2-phase flow can take place in the soil pore structure. The samples used in this research came from two different boreholes, BHT-1 and BHG-D1, but the behaviour of them did not depend on their location, what was probably due to the fact that both were drilled in the shay facies of the Opalinus clay. There was not a distinct difference between the results obtained under total or matric suctions. In the drying paths, both the water contents and the degrees of saturation tended to be higher when total suction was applied, however the reverse trend was observed for the water contents reached in wetting paths. As well, no clear difference was observed in the water retention curves obtained in odometers under matric and total suctions, what points to the osmotic component of suction in Opalinus clay not being significant. Overall, the water contents were lower and the degrees of saturation higher when suction was applied under vertical stress, what would indicate that the water retention capacity was lower under 8 MPa vertical stress than under free volume conditions. This vertical stress value is slightly higher than the maximum in situ stress. Also, the samples showed hysteresis according to the expected behaviour, i.e. the water contents for a given suction were higher during a drying path than during a wetting path. The P values obtained were between 6 and 34 MPa, and tended to be higher for the samples tested under stress, in drying paths and when total suction was used. The air entry value calculated from the mercury intrusion porosimetry

  5. Retention of Root Canal Posts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sahafi, A; Benetti, Ana Raquel; Flury, S;


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the cement film thickness of a zinc phosphate or a resin cement on retention of untreated and pretreated root canal posts. Prefabricated zirconia posts (CosmoPost: 1.4 mm) and two types of luting cements (a zinc phosphate cement [DeTrey Zinc......] and a self-etch adhesive resin cement [Panavia F2.0]) were used. After removal of the crowns of 360 extracted premolars, canines, or incisors, the root canals were prepared with a parallel-sided drill system to three different final diameters. Half the posts did not receive any pretreatment. The other half...... received tribochemical silicate coating according to the manufacturer's instructions. Posts were then luted in the prepared root canals (n=30 per group). Following water storage at 37°C for seven days, retention of the posts was determined by the pull-out method. Irrespective of the luting cement...

  6. Optics/Optical Diagnostics Laboratory (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Optics/Optical Diagnostics Laboratory supports graduate instruction in optics, optical and laser diagnostics and electro-optics. The optics laboratory provides...

  7. Detailed insights into the retention mechanism of caffeine metabolites on the amide stationary phase in hydrophilic interaction chromatography. (United States)

    Guo, Yong; Shah, Rajan


    The amide phase was investigated using a wide range of acetonitrile content in the mobile phase in both the HILIC and RPLC modes. Using caffeine metabolites as the model compounds, the retention, thermodynamic and kinetic data was obtained under various mobile phase conditions and supported the previous postulation that there might be a transition of the predominant retention mechanism in relation to the acetonitrile content in HILIC. On the amide phase, hydrophilic partitioning seemed to be the predominant retention mechanism below 85% acetonitrile; and a different retention mechanism (presumably surface adsorption) made more and more significant contributions to the overall retention when the acetonitrile content reached above 85%. This study also provided more direct evidences to explain the effect of salt concentration on the retention of non-charged solutes in HILIC. In addition, the retention, thermodynamic and kinetic data suggest that the amide phase behaved very differently from the conventional C18 phase in the RPLC mode.

  8. Hysteresis of Colloid Retention and Release in Saturated Porous Media During Transients in Solution Chemistry (United States)

    Saturated packed column and micromodel transport studies wereconducted to gain insightonmechanismsof colloid retention and release under unfavorable attachment conditions. The initial deposition of colloids in porous media was found to be a strongly coupled process that depended on solution chemistr...

  9. Enhanced methodology for porting ion chromatography retention data. (United States)

    Park, Soo Hyun; Shellie, Robert A; Dicinoski, Greg W; Schuster, Georg; Talebi, Mohammad; Haddad, Paul R; Szucs, Roman; Dolan, John W; Pohl, Christopher A


    Porting is a powerful methodology to recalibrate an existing database of ion chromatography (IC) retention times by reflecting the changes of column behavior resulting from either batch-to-batch variability in the production of the column or the manufacture of new versions of a column. This approach has been employed to update extensive databases of retention data of inorganic and organic anions forming part of the "Virtual Column" software marketed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, which is the only available commercial optimization tool for IC separation. The current porting process is accomplished by performing three isocratic separations with two representative analyte ions in order to derive a porting equation which expresses the relationship between old and new data. Although the accuracy of retention prediction is generally enhanced on new columns, errors were observed on some columns. In this work, the porting methodology was modified in order to address this issue, where the porting equation is now derived by using six representative analyte ions (chloride, bromide, iodide, perchlorate, sulfate, and thiosulfate). Additionally, the updated porting methodology has been applied on three Thermo Fisher Scientific columns (AS20, AS19, and AS11HC). The proposed approach showed that the new porting methodology can provide more accurate and robust retention prediction on a wide range of columns, where average errors in retention times for ten test anions under three eluent conditions were less than 1.5%. Moreover, the retention prediction using this new approach provided an acceptable level of accuracy on a used column exhibiting changes in ion-exchange capacity.

  10. 条件性恐惧消退保持早期边缘下区细胞周期素依赖性蛋白激酶5的动态变化%Change of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 in infra-limbic cortex in the early of conditioned fear extinction retention

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李培培; 李敏; 张丽丽; 韦美; 汪涛


    Objective To observe the change of cyclin-dependent kinase 5(Cdk5)in infra-limbie cortex in the early of conditioned fear extinction retention.Methods Fifty-six male adult SD rats were randomly divided into extinction group,sham extinction group and naive group.Conditioned fear model of rats was established by tone paired foot shock.Fear extinction was trained in 24 hours after establishment of fear memory.For extinction group and sham extinction group,retention test and immunnohistochemistry of Cdk5 were done at 2nd,4th and 8th day after fear.Results(1)Retention scores of extinction group and sham extinction group were worse than naive group at 2nd and 4th days after fear(P<0.01),the scores of extinction group(71.04±11.65)and naive group were better than sham extinction group(35.48±12.37,P<0.01)at 8th day after fear.(2)Cdk5 in IL of sham extinction group increased at 2nd day after fear(429±70,P<0.05),the expression of extinction group's Cdk5 deereasod at 4th day after fear(208±30,P<0.01),but it returned to normal at 8th day after fear.Conclusion The expression of Cdk5 in IL may increase after conditioned fear,but extinction may reduce its expression,which may be good for the early of conditioned fear extinction retention.%目的 研究内侧前额叶皮层边缘下区(IL区)细胞周期素依赖性蛋白激酶5(Cdk5)在条件性恐惧消退保持早期的动态变化.方法 成年雄性SD大鼠56只,随机分为消退组(n=24)、假消退组(n=24)和正常组(n=8).采用声音结合足底电击建立大鼠条件性恐惧模型,消退组在恐惧建模后24h进行消退训练,假消退组则不进行消退训练,2组均在不同时间点(恐惧建模后第2、4和8天)测定消退保持成绩,并用免疫组织化学法检测各组大鼠内侧前额叶皮层IL区Cdk5的表达.结果 (1)与正常组相比,消退组和假消退组在恐惧建立后第2天和第4天的不僵立时间百分比显著较少(P<0.01),而在恐惧建立后第8天,消退组的

  11. Gastro retention using polymer cocoons. (United States)

    Arnold, Julien; Hunkeler, David


    A gastro-retentive capsule has been prepared which is retained in the stomach for a period of 24h, providing a vehicle for the controlled delivery to the upper intestines. These "gastro cocoons" can resist passage through the sphincter of the stomach, and can retain a high drug payload (30%). They are made from oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and can swell to twice their initial volume. They are strong and also can resist 550 N of compressive force. They are based on filled pharmaceutical capsules which are visible to X-rays. Using ambroxol hydrochloride as a model drug linear, zero-order, release curves were obtained.

  12. Retention of Highly Skilled Workers in Science and Technology: Distant Regional Employers’ Point of View

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Beaudry


    Full Text Available This exploratory research focuses on the retention of highly skilled workers in science and technology (HSWST in the distant regions of Canada.  Indeed, the human resource shortage forces them to seek more stability in their employment relationships. Our first objective is to analyze the point of view of distant regional employers regarding their retention capacity of HSWST and the reasons behind voluntary turnover in this group of workers. Our second objective is to analyze the retention strategies and practices implemented by these employers. This study uses a qualitative approach, which is to say the case study of businesses hiring HSWST in the Lower St. Lawrence Region of Canada. Results show that employers generally think they have good retention capacity. Employers believe that departures are chiefly due to personal reasons or working conditions. In addition, employers generally have no formal or planned strategies or practices with respect to retention.

  13. The effect of brumation on memory retention (United States)

    Wilkinson, Anna; Hloch, Anne; Mueller-Paul, Julia; Huber, Ludwig


    Long-term torpor is an adaptive strategy that allows animals to survive harsh winter conditions. However, the impact that prolonged torpor has on cognitive function is poorly understood. Hibernation causes reduced synaptic activity and experiments with mammals reveal that this can have adverse effects on memories formed prior to hibernation. The impact of brumation, the winter dormancy that is observed in ectotherms, on memory remains unknown. The aim of this study was to examine whether an amphibian, the fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra), was able to retain learned spatial information after a period of brumation. Twelve fire salamanders were trained to make a simple spatial discrimination using a T-maze. All subjects learned the initial task. Upon reaching criterion, half of the subjects were placed into brumation for 100 days while the other half served as controls and were maintained under normal conditions. A post-brumation memory retention test revealed that animals from both conditions retained the learned response. Control tests showed that they solved the task using learned information and not olfactory cues. This finding contrasts with much of the mammalian research and suggests that the processes involved in prolonged torpor may have a fundamentally different impact on memory in mammals and amphibians. PMID:28074838

  14. Promotion effect of D-cycloserine on long-term retention of rat extinction memory of conditioned fear%D-环丝氨酸促进大鼠条件性恐惧消退记忆的长期保持

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张钰; 李敏


    目的 研究D-环丝氨酸(D-serine,DCS)对条件性恐惧消退记忆的长时保持的影响.方法 成年雄性SD大鼠40只,采用完全随机方法分为空白对照组、消退对照组、消退训练组、消退训练前DCS干预组、消退训练后DCS干预组,每组8只.在消退训练后3d时进行僵立行为测试与旷场行为测试.结果 ①消退训练组的僵立时间百分比[(39.77±22.69)%]显著低于消退对照组[(61.46±11.10)%](P<0.05),但仍高于空白对照组[(2.82±1.27)%](P<0.01);旷场测试中消退训练组的中央路程百分比及直立次数[(2.82±2.89)%,(7±4)]显著高于消退对照组[(0.50±0.84)%,(3士4)],但低于空白对照组[(19.29±6.08)%,(20±6)](P<0.05);②消退训练后DCS干预组的僵立时间百分比与旷场行为测试成绩与其他组比较均有统计学差异(P<0.05).结论 消退训练后给予D-环丝氨酸能够促进条件化恐惧消退记忆的长时保持.%Objective To investigate the influence of D-cycloserine (DCS) on the long-term retention of rat extinction memory of conditioned fear. Methods Forty healthy male adult SD rats were randomly divided into five groups (n = 8 ): a blank control group, an extinction control group, an extinction training group, a group with DCS treatment before extinction training, and a group with DCS treatment after extinction training. Following fear conditioning, which includes auditory conditioned stimulus (CS) paired with foot-shock uncondi tioned stimulus (US), rats received non-reinforced exposure to CS for extinction training. CS-elicited freezing test for fear assessment and open-field test were conducted 3 d after extinction training. Results The percent age of freezing time of the extinction training group [( 39.77 ± 22.69 ) %]was significantly lower than that of the extinction control group[(61.46 ± 11.10) %]( P < 0. 05 ), but significantly higher than that of the blank control group[(2.82 ± 1.27)%](P <0. 01 ). The percentage of

  15. Non-Complexing Anions for Quantitative Speciation Studies Using Raman Spectroscopy in Fused Silica High-Pressure Optical Cells Under Hydrothermal Conditions. (United States)

    Applegarth, Lucas M S G A; Alcorn, Christopher; Bissonette, Katherine; Noël, John; Tremaine, Peter R


    This paper reports methods for obtaining time-dependent reduced isotropic Raman spectra of aqueous species in quartz capillary high-pressure optical cells under hydrothermal conditions, as a means of determining quantitative speciation in hydrothermal fluids. The methods have been used to determine relative Raman scattering coefficients and to examine the thermal decomposition kinetics of the non-complexing anions bisulfate (HSO4(-)), perchlorate (CIO4(-)), perrhenate (ReO4(-)), and trifluoromethanesulfonate, or "triflate" (CF3SO3(-)) in acidic and neutral solutions at temperatures up to 400°C and 30 MPa. Arrhenius expressions for calculating the thermal decomposition rate constants are also reported. Thermal stabilities in the acidic solutions followed the order HSO4(-) (stable) > ReO4(-) > CIO4(-) > CF3SO3(-), with half-lives (t1/2) > 7 h at 300°C. In neutral solutions, the order was HSO4(-) (stable) > CF3SO3(-) > ReO4(-) > CIO4(-), with t1/2 > 8 h at 350°C. CF3SO3(-) was extremely stable in neutral solutions, with t1/2 > 11 h at 400°C.

  16. Generation of eye field/optic vesicle-like structures from human embryonic stem cells under two-dimensional and chemically defined conditions. (United States)

    Parvini, Maryam; Parivar, Kazem; Safari, Fatemeh; Tondar, Mahdi


    Despite the enormous progress in studying retinal cell differentiation from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), none of the reported protocols have produced a cost-effective eye field cells with the capability to further differentiate into retinal derivatives. In this study, by drawing chemicals on our four-step differentiation strategy, we demonstrated the ability of hESCs in assembling such qualifications to follow human retinogenesis in a serum- and feeder-free adherent condition. Two-dimensional (2D) populations of eye field cells arose within early forebrain progeny upon hESCs differentiation. Gene expression analysis showed that the treatment of hESCs with a combination of selected small molecules (SMs) gave rise to the higher expressions of eye field-specific genes, PAX6, RX, and SIX3. Thereafter, a subset of cells gained the transient features of advancing retinal differentiation, including optic vesicle (OV)-like structures, which expressed MITF and CHX10 in a manner imitated in vivo human retinal development. The competency of derived cells in differentiation to retinal derivatives was further investigated. The gene analysis of the cells showed more propensity for generating retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) than neural retina (NR). The generation of OV-like structures in 2D cultures can shed light on molecular events governing retinal specification. It can also facilitate the study of human retinal development.

  17. Optimization of the operating conditions of solid sampling electrothermal vaporization coupled to inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry for the sensitive direct analysis of powdered rice. (United States)

    Sadiq, Nausheen; Beauchemin, Diane


    Two different approaches were used to improve the capabilities of solid sampling (SS) electrothermal vaporization (ETV) coupled to inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) for the direct analysis of powdered rice. Firstly, a cooling step immediately before and after the vaporization step in the ETV temperature program resulted in a much sharper analyte signal peak. Secondly, point-by-point internal standardization with an Ar emission line significantly improved the linearity of calibration curves obtained with an increasing amount of rice flour certified reference material (CRM). Under the optimized conditions, detection limits ranged from 0.01 to 6ngg(-1) in the solid, depending on the element and wavelength selected. The method was validated through the quantitative analysis of corn bran and wheat flour CRMs. Application of the method to the multi-elemental analysis of 4-mg aliquots of real organic long grain rice (white and brown) also gave results for Al, As, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, Se, Pb and Zn in agreement with those obtained by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry following acid digestion of 0.2-g aliquots. As the analysis takes roughly 5min per sample (2.5min for grinding, 0.5-1min for weighing a 4-mg aliquot and 87s for the ETV program), this approach shows great promise for fast screening of food samples.

  18. Fission-product retention in HTGR fuels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Homan, F.J.; Kania, M.J.; Tiegs, T.N.


    Retention data for gaseous and metallic fission products are presented for both Triso-coated and Biso-coated HTGR fuel particles. Performance trends are established that relate fission product retention to operating parameters, such as temperature, burnup, and neutron exposure. It is concluded that Biso-coated particles are not adequately retentive of fission gas or metallic cesium, and Triso-coated particles which retain cesium still lose silver. Design implications related to these performance trends are identified and discussed.

  19. Tree retention in boreal pine forest


    Santaniello, Francesca


    Tree retention forestry aims at increasing structural diversity in managed forests. In this study, I have investigated the influence of tree retention forestry on delivery of two ecosystem services (wood production and carbon sequestration) and dead wood (as a proxy for biodiversity). Furthermore, habitat requirements of lichens dependent on dead wood were investigated. The study was conducted in 15 Scots pine forest stands with five various tree retention levels, in which four...

  20. Experimental Investigations of Transport and Optical Properties of 3-5 Quantum Well Structures Grown Via Molecular Beam Epitaxy under Optimal Growth Conditions (United States)


    Mariott Hotel , CA), SPIE Vol. 946, p.1 5 0 (1988). 13. W.C. Tang, Pudong Lao, and A. Madhukar, "Optical Investigation of Resonant Mixing Between...Superconductors; Physics and Device Applications", (13-18 March, 1988, Newport Beach Mariott Hotel , CA), SPIE Vol. 943, p.170 (1988). 14. F.J. Grunthaner...Newport Beach Mariott Hotel , CA). 4. W.C. Tang, Pudong Lao, and A. Madhukar, "Optical Investigation of Resonant Mixing Between Electronic and Optical

  1. Plant community controls on short-term ecosystem nitrogen retention. (United States)

    de Vries, Franciska T; Bardgett, Richard D


    Retention of nitrogen (N) is a critical ecosystem function, especially in the face of widespread anthropogenic N enrichment; however, our understanding of the mechanisms involved is limited. Here, we tested under glasshouse conditions how plant community attributes, including variations in the dominance, diversity and range of plant functional traits, influence N uptake and retention in temperate grassland. We added a pulse of (15) N to grassland plant communities assembled to represent a range of community-weighted mean plant traits, trait functional diversity and divergence, and species richness, and measured plant and microbial uptake of (15) N, and leaching losses of (15) N, as a short-term test of N retention in the plant-soil system. Root biomass, herb abundance and dominant plant traits were the main determinants of N retention in the plant-soil system: greater root biomass and herb abundance, and lower root tissue density, increased plant (15) N uptake, while higher specific leaf area and root tissue density increased microbial (15) N uptake. Our results provide novel, mechanistic insight into the short-term fate of N in the plant-soil system, and show that dominant plant traits, rather than trait functional diversity, control the fate of added N in the plant-soil system.

  2. Biofilm retention on surfaces with variable roughness and hydrophobicity. (United States)

    Tang, Lone; Pillai, Saju; Revsbech, Niels Peter; Schramm, Andreas; Bischoff, Claus; Meyer, Rikke Louise


    Biofilms on food processing equipment cause food spoilage and pose a hazard to consumers. The bacterial community on steel surfaces in a butcher's shop was characterized, and bacteria representative of this community enriched from minced pork were used to study biofilm retention. Stainless steel (SS) was compared to two novel nanostructured sol-gel coatings with differing hydrophobicity. Surfaces were characterized with respect to roughness, hydrophobicity, protein adsorption, biofilm retention, and community composition of the retained bacteria. Fewer bacteria were retained on the sol-gel coated surfaces compared to the rougher SS. However, the two sol-gel coatings did not differ in either protein adsorption, biofilm retention, or microbial community composition. When polished to a roughness similar to sol-gel, the SS was colonized by the same amount of bacteria as the sol-gel, but the bacterial community contained fewer Pseudomonas cells. In conclusion, biofilm retention was affected more by surface roughness than chemical composition under the condition described in this study.

  3. Time-Induced Super-Latent Inhibition Is Dependent on the Distinctiveness of the Retention-Interval Context from the Other Experimental Contexts (United States)

    Lubow, R.E.; De la Casa, L.G.


    A conditioned taste aversion experiment examined the role of the retention-interval context (between conditioning and test stages) on the modulation of long-delay latent inhibition (LI). A super-LI effect was obtained only when the animals spent the retention interval in a context that was different from that of preexposure, conditioning, and…

  4. Experimental Evidence of the Relative Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning for Knowledge Acquisition and Retention (United States)

    Wijnen, Marit; Loyens, Sofie M. M.; Schaap, Lydia


    This study investigated the effects of problem-based learning (PBL) on knowledge acquisition and knowledge retention in a controlled experiment in a lab setting. Eighty-eight first-year psychology students were randomly assigned to either a PBL condition, a lecture condition, or a self-study condition. All participants had the opportunity to study…

  5. [Hereditary optic neuropathies]. (United States)

    Milea, D; Verny, C


    Hereditary optic neuropathies are a group of heterogeneous conditions affecting both optic nerves, with an autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-related or mitochondrial transmission. The two most common non-syndromic hereditary optic neuropathies (Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy and autosomal dominant optic atrophy) are very different in their clinical presentation and their genetic transmission, leading however to a common, non-specific optic nerve atrophy. Beyond the optic atrophy-related visual loss, which is the clinical hallmark of this group of diseases, other associated neurological signs are increasingly recognized.

  6. Breastfeeding reduces postpartum weight retention

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baker, Jennifer Lyn; Gamborg, Michael; Heitmann, Berit L


    BACKGROUND: Weight gained during pregnancy and not lost postpartum may contribute to obesity in women of childbearing age. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine whether breastfeeding reduces postpartum weight retention (PPWR) in a population among which full breastfeeding is common and breastfeeding...... duration is long. DESIGN: We selected women from the Danish National Birth Cohort who ever breastfed (>98%), and we conducted the interviews at 6 (n = 36 030) and 18 (n = 26 846) mo postpartum. We used regression analyses to investigate whether breastfeeding (scored to account for duration and intensity......) reduced PPWR at 6 and 18 mo after adjustment for maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG). RESULTS: GWG was positively (P Breastfeeding was negatively associated with PPWR in all women but those...

  7. The Medical School Retention Game

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    O'Neill, Lotte Dyhrberg; Hartvigsen, Jan; Wallstedt, Birgitta


    grades (quota 1), while the other half went through a composite non-grade based admission test (quota 2). Educational as well as social predictor variables (doctor parent, origin in the developed world, parenthood, parents live together, parent on benefit, university educated parents) were also examined...... association between admission-test survival and program retention – a program specific admission test survivability factor - regardless of admission-test content, prior education, and program priority. The generalisability and other important limitations of the results (e.g. missing data, potential...... scores and dropout. REFERENCES 1.O’Neill L, Wallstedt B, Eika B, Hartvigsen J. Factors associated with dropout in medical education: a literature review. Med Educ (In press). 2.Urlings-Strop LC, Stijnen T, Themmen APN, Splinter TAW. Selection of medical students: a controlled experiment. Med Educ 2009...

  8. Developing retention and return strategies for South African advanced life support paramedics: A qualitative study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin Govender


    Results and discussion: Findings suggest that the success of retention and return strategies depends on the degree of collaborative stewardship that must exist between the SA National and Provincial Department of Health, the Emergency Medical Service/s (EMS statutory governing body, training institutions, and private and public EMS providers. In addition, the constructs of return and retention strategies have to extend as far as revising both acceptance criteria and candidate recruitment policies. Furthermore, while particular attention must be placed on improving working conditions, security, and remuneration of ALS paramedics, return and retention strategies have to be continuously monitored, and updated.

  9. 12 CFR 609.945 - Records retention. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Records retention. 609.945 Section 609.945 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION FARM CREDIT SYSTEM ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Standards for Boards and Management § 609.945 Records retention. Records stored electronically must be accurate,...

  10. 5 CFR 353.302 - Retention protections. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention protections. 353.302 Section... TO DUTY FROM UNIFORMED SERVICE OR COMPENSABLE INJURY Compensable Injury § 353.302 Retention protections. An injured employee enjoys no special protection in a reduction in force. Separation by reduction...

  11. Managing human resources to improve employee retention. (United States)

    Arnold, Edwin


    Managers face increased challenges as the demand for health care services increases while the supply of employees with the requisite skills continues to lag. Employee retention will become more important in the effort to service health care needs. Appropriate human resource management strategies and policies implemented effectively can significantly assist managers in dealing with the employee retention challenges ahead.

  12. 76 FR 24089 - Credit Risk Retention (United States)


    ... Department of Housing and Urban Development 24 CFR Part 267 Credit Risk Retention; Proposed Rule #0;#0..., and HUD (the Agencies) are proposing rules to implement the credit risk retention requirements of... securitizer of asset-backed securities to retain not less than five percent of the credit risk of the...

  13. Positive Youth Development and Undergraduate Student Retention (United States)

    Demetriou, Cynthia; Powell, Candice


    The primary theoretical tradition in the study of college retention has been sociological. A review and synthesis of common themes of development among traditional-age, college students suggests that a developmental perspective on the retention of youth in college may have more to offer than the dominant sociological paradigm. This article argues…

  14. 12 CFR 219.24 - Retention period. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention period. 219.24 Section 219.24 Banks...) Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Funds Transfers and Transmittals of Funds § 219.24 Retention period. All records that are required to be retained by this subpart shall be retained for a period of five...

  15. Novel Word Retention in Sequential Bilingual Children (United States)

    Kan, Pui Fong


    Children's ability to learn and retain new words is fundamental to their vocabulary development. This study examined word retention in children learning a home language (L1) from birth and a second language (L2) in preschool settings. Participants were presented with sixteen novel words in L1 and in L2 and were tested for retention after…

  16. African Retentions in Blues and Jazz. (United States)

    Meadows, Eddie S.


    The perseverance of African musical characteristics among American Blacks is an historic reality. African retentions have been recorded in Black music of the antebellum period. Various African scales and rhythms permeate Black American music today as evidenced in the retentions found in blues and jazz. (RLV)

  17. Staff nurse retention: strategies for success. (United States)

    Lassiter, S S


    At the same time the demand for nurses is on the rise, the supply is dwindling. Recruitment and retention are the two main factors which can be adjusted to affect supply. Recruitment has become increasingly difficult in the past two or three years due to decreasing enrollment in nursing education programs and increased demand for nurses in alternative delivery systems. Therefore staff nurse retention has become an issue of major importance. This article will begin by briefly delineating need and expectancy theories which in part explain job satisfaction and, hence, retention. Secondly, findings from the Magnet Hospital Study are summarized. Creative retention strategies will then be explored, concluding with a framework for developing a strategic plan for successful staff nurse retention.

  18. Optimization based on retention prediction and information theory for liquid-chromatographic analysis of alkylbenzenes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsuda, Rieko; Hayashi Yuzuru; Suzuki Takashi; Saito Yukio (National Inst. of Hygienic Sciences, Tokyo (Japan)); Jinno Kiyokatsu (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology (Japan))


    The mobile phase composition and column length are optimized for analyses of six alkylbenzenes in reversed-phase liquid chromatography with the aid of retention prediction and information theory. Optimal conditions selected according to the resolution Rs and information theory are evaluated from the viewpoint of the precision and analytical efficiency (rapidity) of chromatography. The combination of the information-theoretical optimization with the retention prediction will accelerate the development in the automation of liquid-chromatographic analysis.

  19. Optic glioma (United States)

    Glioma - optic; Optic nerve glioma; Juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma; Brain cancer - optic glioma ... Optic gliomas are rare. The cause of optic gliomas is unknown. Most optic gliomas are slow-growing ...

  20. Clay particle retention in small constructed wetlands. (United States)

    Braskerud, B C


    Constructed wetlands (CWs) can be used to mitigate non-point source pollution from arable fields. Previous investigations have shown that the relative soil particle retention in small CWs increases when hydraulic load increases. This paper investigates why this phenomenon occurs, even though common retention models predict the opposite, by studying clay and silt particle retention in two Norwegian CWs. Retention was measured with water flow proportional sampling systems in the inlet and outlet of the wetlands, and the texture of the suspended solids was analyzed. The surface area of the CWs was small compared to the watershed area (approximately 0.07%), giving high average hydraulic loads (1.1 and 2.0 md(-1)). One of the watersheds included only old arable land, whereas the other included areas with disturbed topsoil after artificial land leveling. Clay particle retention was 57% for the CW in the first watershed, and 22% for the CW in the disturbed watershed. The different behavior of the wetlands could be due to differences in aggregate size and stability of the particles entering the wetlands. Results showed that increased hydraulic loads did affect CW retention negatively. However, as runoff increased, soil particles/aggregates with higher sedimentation velocities entered the CWs (e.g., the clay particles behaved as silt particles). Hence, clay particle settling velocity is not constant as assumed in many prediction models. The net result was increased retention.

  1. Scale and Seasonal Controls on Nitrate and Sediment Retention in Freshwater Tidal Wetlands (United States)

    Prestegaard, K. L.; Seldomridge, E.; Statkiewicz, A.


    Channel networks in freshwater tidal wetlands convey water, sediment, and solutes into marsh interiors where sediment deposition and biogeochemical processes, such as denitrification and nitrogen uptake occur. Tidal inlets that connect these channel network systems to the main estuary define the initial solute or sediment load into these systems, but channel, soil, and vegetation characteristics influence nitrate and sediment retention. We used field measurements and remotely sensed images to determine marsh area, stream length, inlet morphology, and channel morphology for the 267 marshes in the freshwater tidal ecosystem. Discharge and water volume over high tidal cycles was measured at selected inlets representative of the range of inlet sizes in the ecosystem. Aquatic vegetation distribution and density was also measured at these inlets. These data were used to develop geomorphic-hydraulic relationships for the marshes for winter (no vegetation) and summer (vegetated) conditions. Nitrate and sediment retention were determined from field mass balance measurements based on water flux and concentration measurements taken over tidal cycle at inlets to selected marshes of varying size over a 3-year period. These mass balance data indicate that net nitrate retention is a simple function of tidal water volume for marshes of different sizes and for various vegetated conditions. These data suggest that nitrate retention is transport limited for the range of initial nitrate concentrations observed in this system. Although nitrate retention was a function of tidal water volume, it was also seasonally variable due to restrictions in water flow and volume caused by aquatic vegetation in summer months. Sediment retention is seasonally variable due to the strong controls exerted by emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation and decoupled from the water volume dependence observed for nitrate retention. Variations in sediment retention caused by vegetation resulted in channel

  2. Retention Models on Core-Shell Columns. (United States)

    Jandera, Pavel; Hájek, Tomáš; Růžičková, Marie


    A thin, active shell layer on core-shell columns provides high efficiency in HPLC at moderately high pressures. We revisited three models of mobile phase effects on retention for core-shell columns in mixed aqueous-organic mobile phases: linear solvent strength and Snyder-Soczewiński two-parameter models and a three-parameter model. For some compounds, two-parameter models show minor deviations from linearity due to neglect of possible minor retention in pure weak solvent, which is compensated for in the three-parameter model, which does not explicitly assume either the adsorption or the partition retention mechanism in normal- or reversed-phase systems. The model retention equation can be formulated as a function of solute retention factors of nonionic compounds in pure organic solvent and in pure water (or aqueous buffer) and of the volume fraction of an either aqueous or organic solvent component in a two-component mobile phase. With core-shell columns, the impervious solid core does not participate in the retention process. Hence, the thermodynamic retention factors, defined as the ratio of the mass of the analyte mass contained in the stationary phase to its mass in the mobile phase in the column, should not include the particle core volume. The values of the thermodynamic factors are lower than the retention factors determined using a convention including the inert core in the stationary phase. However, both conventions produce correct results if consistently used to predict the effects of changing mobile phase composition on retention. We compared three types of core-shell columns with C18-, phenyl-hexyl-, and biphenyl-bonded phases. The core-shell columns with phenyl-hexyl- and biphenyl-bonded ligands provided lower errors in two-parameter model predictions for alkylbenzenes, phenolic acids, and flavonoid compounds in comparison with C18-bonded ligands.

  3. Formation and retention of methane in coal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hucka, V.J.; Bodily, D.M.; Huang, H.


    The formation and retention of methane in coalbeds was studied for ten Utah coal samples, one Colorado coal sample and eight coal samples from the Argonne Premium Coal Sample Bank.Methane gas content of the Utah and Colorado coals varied from zero to 9 cm{sup 3}/g. The Utah coals were all high volatile bituminous coals. The Colorado coal was a gassy medium volatile bituminous coal. The Argonne coals cover a range or rank from lignite to low volatile bituminous coal and were used to determine the effect of rank in laboratory studies. The methane content of six selected Utah coal seams and the Colorado coal seam was measured in situ using a special sample collection device and a bubble desorbometer. Coal samples were collected at each measurement site for laboratory analysis. The cleat and joint system was evaluated for the coal and surrounding rocks and geological conditions were noted. Permeability measurements were performed on selected samples and all samples were analyzed for proximate and ultimate analysis, petrographic analysis, {sup 13}C NMR dipolar-dephasing spectroscopy, and density analysis. The observed methane adsorption behavior was correlated with the chemical structure and physical properties of the coals.

  4. Uptake and retention of amitriptyline by kaolinite. (United States)

    Lv, Guocheng; Stockwell, Christie; Niles, Jacqueline; Minegar, Skylar; Li, Zhaohui; Jiang, Wei-Teh


    As the most commonly prescribed tricyclic antidepressant, amitriptyline (AT) is frequently detected in wastewater, surface runoff, and effluents from sewage treatment plants, and could potentially reach agriculture land through the application of municipal biosolids or reclaimed water. Kaolinite is one of the most important soil components under warm and humid climate conditions. In this study, the uptake and retention of AT by kaolinite from aqueous solution were investigated by batch tests, XRD, and FTIR analyses. The uptake of AT on kaolinite was instantaneous, attributed to surface adsorption as confirmed by XRD analyses. Quantitative correlation between desorption of exchangeable cations and AT adsorption confirmed experimentally that cation exchange was the dominant mechanism of AT uptake on kaolinite. The values for free energy of adsorption also suggested physi-sorption such as cation exchange. Solution pH had minimal influence at pH 5-11 even though the pKa value of AT was 9.4 and the surface charge of kaolinite was pH-dependent. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Effect of ceramic membrane channel diameter on limiting retentate protein concentration during skim milk microfiltration. (United States)

    Adams, Michael C; Barbano, David M


    Our objective was to determine the effect of retentate flow channel diameter (4 or 6mm) of nongraded permeability 100-nm pore size ceramic membranes operated in nonuniform transmembrane pressure mode on the limiting retentate protein concentration (LRPC) while microfiltering (MF) skim milk at a temperature of 50°C, a flux of 55 kg · m(-2) · h(-1), and an average cross-flow velocity of 7 m · s(-1). At the above conditions, the retentate true protein concentration was incrementally increased from 7 to 11.5%. When temperature, flux, and average cross-flow velocity were controlled, ceramic membrane retentate flow channel diameter did not affect the LRPC. This indicates that LRPC is not a function of the Reynolds number. Computational fluid dynamics data, which indicated that both membranes had similar radial velocity profiles within their retentate flow channels, supported this finding. Membranes with 6-mm flow channels can be operated at a lower pressure decrease from membrane inlet to membrane outlet (ΔP) or at a higher cross-flow velocity, depending on which is controlled, than membranes with 4-mm flow channels. This implies that 6-mm membranes could achieve a higher LRPC than 4-mm membranes at the same ΔP due to an increase in cross-flow velocity. In theory, the higher LRPC of the 6-mm membranes could facilitate 95% serum protein removal in 2 MF stages with diafiltration between stages if no serum protein were rejected by the membrane. At the same flux, retentate protein concentration, and average cross-flow velocity, 4-mm membranes require 21% more energy to remove a given amount of permeate than 6-mm membranes, despite the lower surface area of the 6-mm membranes. Equations to predict skim milk MF retentate viscosity as a function of protein concentration and temperature are provided. Retentate viscosity, retentate recirculation pump frequency required to maintain a given cross-flow velocity at a given retentate viscosity, and retentate protein

  6. Effect of melting conditions on striae in iron-bearing silicate melts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Martin; Yue, Yuanzheng


    Chemical striae are present in a broad range of glass products, but due to their negative impact on e.g., the optical and mechanical properties, elimination of striae from melts is a key issue in glass technology. By varying melting temperatures, retentions times and redox conditions of an iron......-bearing calciumaluminosilicate melt, we quantify the effect of each of the three melting parameters on the stria content in the melt. The quantification of the stria content in the melt is conducted by means of image analysis on casted melt samples. We find that in comparison to an extension of retention time an increase...... factors such as compositional fluctuation of melts and bubbling due to iron reduction on the stria content. During the melting process, striae with a chemical gradient in a more mobile species equilibrate faster than striae caused by a chemical gradient in a less mobile species. The temperature and time...

  7. A strategic approach to employee retention. (United States)

    Gering, John; Conner, John


    A sound retention strategy should incorporate a business plan, a value proposition, progress measures, and management influences. The business plan will indicate whether a healthcare organization will achieve a return on investment for its effort. A value proposition will showcase an organization's strengths and differentiate it from its competitors. Measuring progress toward meeting retention goals at regular intervals will help keep an organization on track. The best managers require accountability, rewarding employees for their successes and taking corrective action as necessary. Retention rate targets must be at a level that will achieve a competitive advantage in the served market.

  8. Optic disc oedema

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Marianne Kromann; Hamann, Steffen


    Optic disc oedema describes the nonspecific, localized swelling of the optic nerve head regardless of aetiology. Therefore, differentiating among the various aetiologies depends on a thorough history and knowledge of the clinical characteristics of the underlying conditions. Papilloedema strictly...... refers to optic disc oedema as a consequence of elevated intracranial pressure. It is usually a bilateral condition and visual function is preserved until late. Optic disc oedema caused by an anterior optic neuropathy is usually unilateral and accompanied by the loss of visual function....

  9. Employee retention and integrated disability management practices as demand side factors. (United States)

    Habeck, Rochelle; Hunt, Allan; Rachel, Colleen Head; Kregel, John; Chan, Fong


    Demand-side employment research on company policies and practices related to retention and absence and disability management (ADM) can contribute to our understanding of employment issues related to people with disabilities from the employers' perspective. To examine company ADM and retention practices and their effectiveness, as well as how these company policies and practices might influence hiring of people with disabilities. Disability Management Employer Coalition employer members (N = 650) were surveyed by internet and the survey data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation, and multiple regression. Ninety-five participants responded to the survey resulting in a response rate of 14%. Retention practice was found to be associated with retention effectiveness (r = .39, P employees at every level, seeking the ideas and involvement of employees, and assuring they know how their work and performance support the mission. ADM practice was related to improving health and managing health conditions (r = .26, P employee-oriented culture (r = .23), safety/risk prevention (r = .21), and very early intervention (r = .21) correlated with delaying/preventing employment exits related to health impairment. Retention practice, ADM practice, retention effectiveness, ADM effectiveness and disability attitudes comprised a model to predict the hiring of people with disabilities. The six-predictor model was significant, F(6, 86) = 13.54, P employees who develop potentially disabling conditions; but they are not directly connected to hiring people with disabilities. These appear to be two different policy and practice issues within most companies.

  10. Spatial and temporal distributions of migration in bio-retention systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Yu-Qi


    Full Text Available Urban bio-retention system is meaningful in reducing rainfall runoff and enhancing infiltration capacity. But the moisture migration in bio-retention systems are not clear under climate change. The spatial and temporal distribution of moisture under different rainfall events in bio-retention systems are studied in this paper based on experimental data in Beijing. Richards model is introduced to simulate the spatial and temporal distribution of moisture including pressure head, hydraulic head and water content under different initial and boundary conditions. As a result, we found that from the depth of the node to the lower boundary, the values of pressure head and hydraulic head increase with depth and decrease with time, while the values of water content represent opposite trends relative to the distribution of pressure head and hydraulic head in bio-retention systems.

  11. Self-Learning and Independent Study And Their Role In Learning Retention Of Physical Education Graduates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.H. Mousavi


    Full Text Available New ways of Education focus on transferring learning responsibility tothe learner rather than teacher.Self -Learning and independent study is one of the active learning ways in which sustainability learning(retention is effectively achieved in some subjects and courses. Thestudy was quasi-experimental study aimed to evaluate the effect ofindividual learning and learning retention of graduates in physicaleducation. Information was gathered through eight questions on thepackage (240 questions and the statistical population included graduates of physical education in state universities in second semester-2008-2011. The results showed that in general, independent study and self-learning would be effective in graduates` learning retention and those who had studied under individual training and education conditions had a higher retention level.

  12. Optical properties of a tropical estuary during wet and dry conditions in the Nha Phu estuary, Khanh Hoa Province, south-east Vietnam

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lund-Hansen, Lars Chresten; Hai, Doan Nhu; Lam, Nguyen Ngoc


    There has been a strong research focus on optical properties in temperate estuaries but very much less in tropical estuaries. These properties comprise light and beam attenuation dominated by suspended particulate matter, Chl a, and CDOM. Spatially and temporally distributed data on optical prope...... estuaries, was the episodic character with days of strong rainfall followed by longer periods of dry weather. All sampling, both wet and dry, was carried out in the dry season which implies a less definitive perception of wet and dry seasons....

  13. Optical antennas and plasmonics


    Park, Q-Han


    Optical antenna is a nanoscale miniaturization of radio or microwave antennas that is also governed by the rule of plasmonics. We introduce various types of optical antenna and make an overview of recent developments in optical antenna research. The role of local and surface plasmons in optical antenna is explained through antenna resonance and resonance conditions for specific metal structures are explicitly obtained. Strong electric field is shown to exist within a highly localized region o...

  14. Sleep physiology predicts memory retention after reactivation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Macdonald, Kevin J; Cote, Kimberly A


    ...) received reminders designed to leave these memories in a stable state. No significant differences in memory retention were found between blocks or groups the following morning. Frontal delta (0.5–4 Hz...

  15. International perspectives on retention and persistence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gary Burkholder


    Full Text Available Access to higher education globally is increasing dramatically; attainment of tertiary degrees is a high priority, as educational attainment is associated with increased personal incomes as well as growth of the middle class in developing countries. The purpose of this essay is to briefly examine retention and persistence issues from a global perspective, review some retention strategies that have been employed at schools outside the United States, and to identify several key factors that related to retention and persistence globally, including access, infrastructure, financial consideration, and readiness for tertiary education.  There exists an opportunity to utilize knowledge gained in the evolution of the higher education system in the United States to help address the problems associated with retention and persistence.   DOI: 10.18870/hlrc.v4i2.208

  16. Employee Retention Strategies And Organizational Performance ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study empirically examines the relationship between employee retention ... in form of enhanced and regular monthly Salary package, workers participation in ... and provision of incentives that bothers on staff family welfare retains and ...

  17. Retention practices in education human resources management ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The review of retention practices for teachers is premised on the principles of quality ... of business principles and public service management principles based on legal and statutory provision. An increase in customer satisfaction is necessary.

  18. Spinal morphine anesthesia and urinary retention. (United States)

    Mahan, K T; Wang, J


    Spinal anesthetic is a common form of surgical anesthetic used in foot and ankle surgery. Spinal morphine anesthetic is less common, but has the advantage of providing postoperative analgesia for 12 to 24 hr. A number of complications can occur with spinal anesthesia, including urinary retention that may be a source of severe and often prolonged discomfort and pain for the patient. Management of this problem may require repeated bladder catheterization, which may lead to urinary tract infections or impairment of urethrovesicular function. This study reviews the incidence of urinary retention in 80 patients (40 after general anesthesia and 40 after spinal anesthesia) who underwent foot and ankle surgery at Saint Joseph's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Twenty-five percent of the patients who had spinal anesthesia experienced urinary retention, while only 7 1/2% of the group who had general anesthesia had this complication. Predisposing factors, treatment regimen, and recommendations for the prevention and management of urinary retention are presented.

  19. Deuterium retention in tungsten under combined high cycle ELM-like heat loads and steady-state plasma exposure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Huber


    Enhanced blister formation has been observed under combined loading conditions at power densities close to the threshold for damaging. It is shown that blisters are not mainly responsible for the pronounced increase of the D retention.

  20. Best practices in doctoral retention: Mentoring


    Brill, Judie L.; Balcanoff, Karen K.; Denise Land; Maurice Gogarty; Freda Turner


    The aim of this critical literature review is to outline best practices in doctoral retention and the successful approach of one university to improve graduation success by providing effective mentorship for faculty and students alike. The focus of this literature review is on distance learning relationships between faculty and doctoral students, regarding retention, persistence, and mentoring models. Key phrases and words used in the search and focusing on mentoring resulted in over 20,000 s...

  1. Environmental Effects on Data Retention in Flash Cells (United States)

    Katz, Rich; Flowers, David; Bergevin, Keith


    Flash technology is being utilized in fuzed munition applications and, based on the development of digital logic devices in the commercial world, usage of flash technology will increase. Antifuse technology, prevalent in non-volatile field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), will eventually be phased out as new devices have not been developed for approximately a decade. The reliance on flash technology presents a long-term reliability issue for both DoD and NASA safety- and mission-critical applications. A thorough understanding of the data retention failure modes and statistics associated with Flash data retention is of vital concern to the fuze safety community. A key retention parameter for a flash cell is the threshold voltage (VTH), which is an indirect indicator of the amount of charge stored on the cells floating gate. This paper will present the results of our on-going tests: long-term storage at 150 C for a small population of devices, neutron radiation exposure, electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing, and the trends of large populations (over 300 devices for each condition) exposed to three difference temperatures: 25 C, 125 C, and 150 C.

  2. Simulating retention in gas-liquid chromatography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martin, M.G.; Siepmann, J.I.; Schure, M.R.


    Accurate predictions of retention times, retention indices, and partition constants are a long sought-after goal for theoretical studies in chromatography. Configurational-bias Monte Carlo (CBMC) simulations in the Gibbs ensemble using the transferable potentials for phase equilibria-united atom (TraPPE-UA) force field have been carried out to obtain a microscopic picture of the partitioning of 10 alkane isomers between a helium vapor phase and a squalane liquid phase, a protypical gas-liquid chromatography system. The alkane solutes include some topological isomers that differ only in the arrangement of their building blocks (e.g., 2,5-dimethylhexane and 3,4-dimethylhexane), for which the prediction of the retention order is particularly difficult. The Kovats retention indices, a measure of the relative retention times, are calculated directly from the partition constants and are in good agreement with experimental values. The calculated Gibbs free energies of transfer for the normal alkanes conform to Martin's equation which is the basis of linear free energy relationships used in many process modeling packages. Analysis of radial distribution functions and the corresponding energy integrals does not yield evidence for specific retention structures and shows that the internal energy of solvation is not the main driving force for the separation of topological isomers in this system.

  3. Retention Benefit Based Intelligent Cache Replacement

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李凌达; 陆俊林; 程旭


    The performance loss resulting from different cache misses is variable in modern systems for two reasons: 1) memory access latency is not uniform, and 2) the latency toleration ability of processor cores varies across different misses. Compared with parallel misses and store misses, isolated fetch and load misses are more costly. The variation of cache miss penalty suggests that the cache replacement policy should take it into account. To that end, first, we propose the notion of retention benefit. Retention benefits can evaluate not only the increment of processor stall cycles on cache misses, but also the reduction of processor stall cycles due to cache hits. Then, we propose Retention Benefit Based Replacement (RBR) which aims to maximize the aggregate retention benefits of blocks reserved in the cache. RBR keeps track of the total retention benefit for each block in the cache, and it preferentially evicts the block with the minimum total retention benefit on replacement. The evaluation shows that RBR can improve cache performance significantly in both single-core and multi-core environment while requiring a low storage overhead. It also outperforms other state-of-the-art techniques.

  4. Best practices in doctoral retention: Mentoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Judie L. Brill


    Full Text Available The aim of this critical literature review is to outline best practices in doctoral retention and the successful approach of one university to improve graduation success by providing effective mentorship for faculty and students alike. The focus of this literature review is on distance learning relationships between faculty and doctoral students, regarding retention, persistence, and mentoring models. Key phrases and words used in the search and focusing on mentoring resulted in over 20,000 sources. The search was narrowed to include only doctoral study and mentoring. Research questions of interest were: Why do high attrition rates exist for doctoral students? What are the barriers to retention? What are the benefits of doctoral mentoring? What programs do institutions have in place to reduce attrition? The researchers found a key factor influencing doctoral student retention and success is effective faculty mentorship. In particular, the design of a mentoring and faculty training program to increase retention and provide for success after graduation is important. This research represents a key area of interest in the retention literature, as institutions continue to search for ways to better support students during their doctoral programs and post-graduation. DOI: 10.18870/hlrc.v4i2.186

  5. Steady flow and heat transfer analysis of Phan-Thein-Tanner fluid in double-layer optical fiber coating analysis with Slip Conditions (United States)

    Khan, Zeeshan; Shah, Rehan Ali; Islam, Saeed; Jan, Bilal; Imran, Muhammad; Tahir, Farisa


    Modern optical fibers require double-layer coating on the glass fiber to provide protection from signal attenuation and mechanical damage. The most important plastic resins used in wires and optical fibers are plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and low-high density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE), nylon and Polysulfone. In this paper, double-layer optical fiber coating is performed using melt polymer satisfying PTT fluid model in a pressure type die using wet-on-wet coating process. The assumption of fully developed flow of Phan-Thien-Tanner (PTT) fluid model, two-layer liquid flows of an immiscible fluid is modeled in an annular die, where the fiber is dragged at a higher speed. The equations characterizing the flow and heat transfer phenomena are solved exactly and the effects of emerging parameters (Deborah and slip parameters, characteristic velocity, radii ratio and Brinkman numbers on the axial velocity, flow rate, thickness of coated fiber optics, and temperature distribution) are reported in graphs. It is shown that an increase in the non-Newtonian parameters increase the velocity in the absence or presence of slip parameters which coincides with related work. The comparison is done with experimental work by taking λ → 0 (non-Newtonian parameter).

  6. Steady flow and heat transfer analysis of Phan-Thein-Tanner fluid in double-layer optical fiber coating analysis with Slip Conditions (United States)

    Khan, Zeeshan; Shah, Rehan Ali; Islam, Saeed; Jan, Bilal; Imran, Muhammad; Tahir, Farisa


    Modern optical fibers require double-layer coating on the glass fiber to provide protection from signal attenuation and mechanical damage. The most important plastic resins used in wires and optical fibers are plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and low-high density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE), nylon and Polysulfone. In this paper, double-layer optical fiber coating is performed using melt polymer satisfying PTT fluid model in a pressure type die using wet-on-wet coating process. The assumption of fully developed flow of Phan-Thien-Tanner (PTT) fluid model, two-layer liquid flows of an immiscible fluid is modeled in an annular die, where the fiber is dragged at a higher speed. The equations characterizing the flow and heat transfer phenomena are solved exactly and the effects of emerging parameters (Deborah and slip parameters, characteristic velocity, radii ratio and Brinkman numbers on the axial velocity, flow rate, thickness of coated fiber optics, and temperature distribution) are reported in graphs. It is shown that an increase in the non-Newtonian parameters increase the velocity in the absence or presence of slip parameters which coincides with related work. The comparison is done with experimental work by taking λ → 0 (non-Newtonian parameter). PMID:27708412

  7. Water retention behaviour of compacted bentonites: experimental observations and constitutive model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dieudonne Anne-Catherine


    Full Text Available Bentonite-based materials are studied as potential barriers for the geological disposal of radioactive waste. In this context, the hydro-mechanical behaviour of the engineered barrier is first characterized by free swelling conditions followed by constant volume conditions. This paper presents an experimental study conducted in order to characterize the water retention behaviour of a compacted MX-80 bentonite/sand mixture. Then, based on observations of the material double structure and the water retention mechanisms in compacted bentonites, a new water retention model is proposed. The model considers adsorbed water in the microstructure and capillary water in the aggregate-porosity. The model is calibrated and validated against the experimental data. It is used for better understanding competing effects between volume change and water uptake observed during hydration under free swelling conditions.

  8. Colloid retention mechanisms in single, saturated, variable-aperture fractures. (United States)

    Rodrigues, S N; Dickson, S E; Qu, J


    The characterization of fractured aquifers is commonly limited to the methodologies developed for unconsolidated porous media aquifers, which results in many uncertainties. Recent work indicates that fractured rocks remove more particulates than they are conventionally credited for. This research was designed to quantify the number of Escherichia coli RS2-GFP retained in single, saturated, variable-aperture fractures extracted from the natural environment. Conservative solute and E. coli RS2-GFP tracer experiments were used to elucidate the relationships between dominant retention mechanisms, aperture field characteristics, and flow rate. A non-destructive method of determining a surrogate measure of a coefficient of variation (COV(S)) for each fracture was used to better understand the transport behaviour of E. coli RS2-GFP. The results from this research all point to the importance of aperture field characterization in understanding the fate and transport of contaminants in fractured aquifers. The mean aperture was a very important characteristic in determining particulate recovery, so were matrix properties, COV(s), and flow rate. It was also determined that attachment is a much more significant retention mechanism than straining under the conditions employed in this research. Finally, it was demonstrated that the dominant retention mechanism in a fracture varies depending on the specific discharge. An improved understanding of the mechanisms that influence the fate and transport of contaminants through fractures will lead to the development of better tools and methodologies for the characterization of fractured aquifers, as well as the ability to manipulate the relevant mechanisms to increase or decrease retention, depending on the application.

  9. Retention systems for extraoral maxillofacial prosthetic implants: a critical review. (United States)

    Cobein, M V; Coto, N P; Crivello Junior, O; Lemos, J B D; Vieira, L M; Pimentel, M L; Byrne, H J; Dias, R B


    We describe the techniques available for retention of implant-supported prostheses: bar-clips, O-rings, and magnets. We present reported preferences and, although this is limited by the heterogeneity of methods used and patients studied, we hope we have identified the best retention systems for maxillofacial prosthetic implants. If practitioners know the advantages and disadvantages of each system, they can choose the most natural and comfortable prosthesis. We searched the PubMed and Scopus databases, and restricted our search to papers published 2001-13. MeSH terms used were Maxillofacial prosthesis and Craniofacial prosthesis OR Craniofacial prostheses. We found a total of 2630 papers, and after duplicates had been removed we analysed the rest and found 25 papers for review. Of these, 12 were excluded because they were case reports or non-systematic reviews. Of the remaining 13, 10 described group analyses and seemed appropriate to find practitioner's choices, as cited in the abstract (n=1611 prostheses). Three papers did not mention the type of prosthetic connection used, so were excluded. The most popular choices for different conditions were analysed, though the sites and retention systems were not specified in all 10 papers. The bar-clip system was the most used in auricular (6/10 papers) and nasal prostheses (4/10). For the orbital region, 6/10 favoured magnets. Non-osseointegrated mechanical or adhesive retention techniques are the least expensive and have no contraindications. When osseointegrated implants are possible, each facial region has a favoured system. The choice of system is influenced by two factors: standard practice and the abilities of the maxillofacial surgeon and maxillofacial prosthetist. Copyright © 2017 The British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Rainwater runoff retention on an aged intensive green roof. (United States)

    Speak, A F; Rothwell, J J; Lindley, S J; Smith, C L


    Urban areas are characterised by large proportions of impervious surfaces which increases rainwater runoff and the potential for surface water flooding. Increased precipitation is predicted under current climate change projections, which will put further pressure on urban populations and infrastructure. Roof greening can be used within flood mitigation schemes to restore the urban hydrological balance of cities. Intensive green roofs, with their deeper substrates and higher plant biomass, are able to retain greater quantities of runoff, and there is a need for more studies on this less common type of green roof which also investigate the effect of factors such as age and vegetation composition. Runoff quantities from an aged intensive green roof in Manchester, UK, were analysed for 69 rainfall events, and compared to those on an adjacent paved roof. Average retention was 65.7% on the green roof and 33.6% on the bare roof. A comprehensive soil classification revealed the substrate, a mineral soil, to be in good general condition and also high in organic matter content which can increase the water holding capacity of soils. Large variation in the retention data made the use of predictive regression models unfeasible. This variation arose from complex interactions between Antecedant Dry Weather Period (ADWP), season, monthly weather trends, and rainfall duration, quantity and peak intensity. However, significantly lower retention was seen for high rainfall events, and in autumn, which had above average rainfall. The study period only covers one unusually wet year, so a longer study may uncover relationships to factors which can be applied to intensive roofs elsewhere. Annual rainfall retention for Manchester city centre could be increased by 2.3% by a 10% increase in intensive green roof construction. The results of this study will be of particular interest to practitioners implementing greenspace adaptation in temperate and cool maritime climates.

  11. Causes and implications of colloid and microorganism retention hysteresis (United States)

    Bradford, Scott A.; Kim, Hyunjung


    Experiments were designed to better understand the causes and implications of colloid and microorganism retention hysteresis with transients in solution ionic strength (IS). Saturated packed column experiments were conducted using two sizes of carboxyl modified latex (CML) microspheres (0.1 and 1.1 μm) and microorganisms (coliphage φX174 and E. coli D21g) under various transient solution chemistry conditions, and 360 μm Ottawa sand that was subject to different levels of cleaning, namely, a salt cleaning procedure that removed clay particles, and a salt + acid cleaning procedure that removed clay and reduced microscopic heterogeneities due to metal oxides and surface roughness. Comparison of results from the salt and salt + acid treated sand indicated that microscopic heterogeneity was a major contributor to colloid retention hysteresis. The influence of this heterogeneity increased with IS and decreasing colloid/microbe size on salt treated sand. These trends were not consistent with calculated mean interaction energies (the secondary minima), but could be explained by the size of the electrostatic zone of influence (ZOI) near microscopic heterogeneities. In particular, the depth of local minima in the interaction energy has been predicted to increase with a decrease in the ZOI when the colloid size and/or the Debye length decreased (IS increased). The adhesive interaction was therefore largely irreversible for smaller sized 0.1 μm CML colloids, whereas it was reversible for larger 1.1 μm CML colloids. Similarly, the larger E. coli D21g exhibited greater reversibility in retention than φX174. However, direct comparison of CML colloids and microbes was not possible due to differences in size, shape, and surface properties. Retention and release behavior of CML colloids on salt + acid treated sand was much more consistent with mean interaction energies due to reduction in microscopic heterogeneities.

  12. 5 CFR 575.309 - Payment of retention incentives. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Payment of retention incentives. 575.309... RECRUITMENT, RELOCATION, AND RETENTION INCENTIVES; SUPERVISORY DIFFERENTIALS; AND EXTENDED ASSIGNMENT INCENTIVES Retention Incentives § 575.309 Payment of retention incentives. (a) An authorized agency official...

  13. 5 CFR 575.306 - Authorizing a retention incentive. (United States)


    ... a retention incentive; (2) Determine when a group or category of employees has unusually high or... in the absence of a retention incentive; (3) Approve a retention incentive for an employee (or group... the limitation on the maximum amount of a retention incentive for an employee (or group or category of...

  14. Effect of substituents on prediction of TLC retention of tetra-dentate Schiff bases and their Copper(II) and Nickel(II) complexes. (United States)

    Stevanović, Nikola R; Perušković, Danica S; Gašić, Uroš M; Antunović, Vesna R; Lolić, Aleksandar Đ; Baošić, Rada M


    The objectives of this study were to gain insights into structure-retention relationships and to propose the model to estimating their retention. Chromatographic investigation of series of 36 Schiff bases and their copper(II) and nickel(II) complexes was performed under both normal- and reverse-phase conditions. Chemical structures of the compounds were characterized by molecular descriptors which are calculated from the structure and related to the chromatographic retention parameters by multiple linear regression analysis. Effects of chelation on retention parameters of investigated compounds, under normal- and reverse-phase chromatographic conditions, were analyzed by principal component analysis, quantitative structure-retention relationship and quantitative structure-activity relationship models were developed on the basis of theoretical molecular descriptors, calculated exclusively from molecular structure, and parameters of retention and lipophilicity. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  15. Effect of the conditions of transfer on the structure and optical properties of Langmuir graphene oxide films during deposition on a substrate (United States)

    Seliverstova, E. V.; Ibrayev, N. Kh.; Dzhanabekova, R. Kh.


    The effect the solvent and transfer pressure of graphene oxide (SLGO) Langmuir-Blodgett films on the physicochemical properties of monolayers, and on their structural and optical properties, is studied. Examination of the physicochemical properties of SLGO monolayers on subphase surfaces that are formed from SLGO dispersions in different organic solvents reveals that monolayer behavior is virtually independent of the solvent. Electron microscope and optical studies show that the monolayers formed from SLGO dispersions in DMF and acetone have the highest transfer coefficients. It is concluded that the structural heterogeneity of the surfaces of graphene oxide films results from simultaneous effect of electrostatic interactions between graphene oxide particles and Van der Waals interactions with the solvation shell of the particles. Studies focusing on the effect the pressure of transferring a graphene oxide monolayer onto the surface of a solid substrate has on structural features of LB films show that films produced at low surface pressures have more homogeneous structures.

  16. Water retention curves and thermal insulating properties of Thermosand (United States)

    Leibniz, Otto; Winkler, Gerfried; Birk, Steffen


    The heat loss and the efficiency of isolating material surrounding heat supply pipes are essential issues for the energy budget of heat supply pipe lines. Until now heat loss from the pipe is minimized by enlarging the polyurethane (PU) - insulation thickness around the pipe. As a new approach to minimize the heat loss a thermally insulating bedding material was developed and investigated. Conventional bedding sands cover all necessary soil mechanical properties, but have a high thermal conductivity from λ =1,5 to 1,7 W/(m K). A newly developed embedding material 'Thermosand' shows thermal properties from λ=0,18 W/(m K) (dry) up to 0,88 W/(m K) (wet). The raw material originates from the waste rock stockpiles of a coal mine near Fohnsdorf, Austria. With high temperatures up to nearly 1000 ° C and a special mineral mixture, a natural burned reddish material resembling clinker arises. The soilmechanical properties of Thermosand has been thoroughly investigated with laboratory testing and in situ investigations to determine compaction-, permeability- and shear-behaviour, stiffness and corresponding physical parameters. Test trenches along operational heat pipes with temperature-measurement along several cross-sections were constructed to compare conventional embedding materials with 'Thermosand'. To investigate the influence of varying moisture content on thermal conductivity a 1:1 large scale model test in the laboratory to simulate real insitu-conditions was established. Based on this model it is planned to develop numerical simulations concerning varying moisture contents and unsaturated soil mechanics with heat propagation, including the drying out of the soil during heat input. These simulations require the knowledge about the water retention properties of the material. Thus, water retention curves were measured using both steady-state tension and pressure techniques and the simplified evaporation method. The steady-state method employs a tension table (sand

  17. A Simple Technique to Facilitate Treatment of Urethral Strictures with Optical Internal Urethrotomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantinos Stamatiou


    Full Text Available Urethral stricture is a common condition that can lead to serious complications such as urinary infections and renal insufficiency secondary to urinary retention. Treatment options include catheterization, urethroplasty, endoscopic internal urethrotomy, and dilation. Optical internal urethrotomy offers faster recovery, minimal scarring, and less risk of infection, although recurrence is possible. However, technical difficulties associated with poor visualization of the stenosis or of the urethral lumen may increase procedural time and substantially increase the failure rates of internal urethrotomy. In this report we describe a technique for urethral catheterization via a suprapubic, percutaneous approach through the urinary bladder in order to facilitate endoscopic internal urethrotomy.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xiuwu Hou; Xiaofan Zhou; Rui Peng; Fei Wang


    The retention and drainage performances of microparticle retention system were studied in this paper, through measuring the improvement of beaten degree and retention ratio of slurry. The effects the retention system on paper sheet were discussed by measuring physical properties of paper. Compared with the influence of Hydrocol system (CPAM/bentonite) on the aspects of retention aid and drainage properties as well as increased product cost per ton paper, the developed nonionic system has some superiority and better practicability.

  19. Prediction of peptide retention times in high-pressure liquid chromatography on the basis of amino acid composition. (United States)

    Meek, J L


    Analysis of peptides by reverse-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography would be simplified if retention times could be predicted by summing the contribution to retention of each of the peptide's amino acid side chains. This paper describes the derivation of values ("retention coefficients") that represent the contribution to retention of each of the common amino acids and end groups. Peptide retention times were determined on a Bio-Rad "ODS" column at room temperature with a linear gradient from 0.1 M NaclO(4), pH 7.4 or 2.1, at 0 min to 60% acetonitrile/0.1 M NaclO(4) at 80 min. The NaclO(4), a chaotropic agent, was added to improve peak shape and to minimize conformational effects. Retention coefficients for the amino acids were computed by using a Hewlett-Packard 9815A calculator programmed to change the retention coefficients for all amino acids sequentially to obtain a maximum correlation between actual and predicted retention times. Correlations of 0.999 at pH 7.4 and 0.997 at pH 2.1 were obtained for 25 peptides including glucagon, oxytocin, [Met]enkephalin, neurotensin, and somatostatin. This high degree of correlation suggests that, for peptides containing up to 20 residues, retention is primarily due to partition processes that involve all the residues. Although steric or conformational factors do have some effect on retention, the data suggest that under the above chromatographic conditions the retention of peptides containing up to 20 residues can be predicted solely on the basis of their amino acid composition. This possibility was tested by using data taken from the literature.

  20. Storm Water Retention on Three Green Roofs with Distinct Climates (United States)

    Breach, P. A.; Sims, A.; O'Carroll, D. M.; Robinson, C. E.; Smart, C. C.; Powers, B. S. C.


    As urbanization continues to increase the impact of cities on their surrounding environments, the feasibility of implementing low-impact development such as green roofs is of increasing interest. Green roofs retain and attenuate storm water thereby reducing the load on urban sewer systems. In addition, green roofs can provide insulation and lower roof surface temperature leading to a decrease in building energy load. Green roof technology in North American urban environments remains underused, in part due to a lack of climate appropriate green roof design guidelines. The capacity of a green roof to moderate runoff depends on the storage capacity of the growing medium at the start of a rainfall event. Storage capacity is finite, which makes rapid drainage and evapotranspiration loss critical for maximizing storage capacity between subsequent storms. Here the retention and attenuation of storm events are quantified for experimental green roof sites located in three representative Canadian climates corresponding to; semiarid conditions in Calgary, Alberta, moderate conditions in London, Ontario, and cool and humid conditions in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The storage recovery and storm water retention at each site is modelled using a modified water balance approach. Components of the water balance including evapotranspiration are predicted using climate data collected from 2012 to 2014 at each of the experimental sites. During the measurement period there were over 300 precipitation events ranging from small, frequent events (green roofs in their respective climates.

  1. Comparison between the Requirements of Flowability and Moldability and the Shape Retention of PIM Compacts during Debinding Process

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    To successfully employ powder injection molding (PIM) as a manufacturing technique, the function of the component, design of the part, material and process should be optimized for overall processing ability of the PIM process. A comparison between the requirements of flowability and moldability and the compacts shape retention has been made in this work. There is often a contradiction between the requirements of flowability and the compacts shape retention. Many works have been done to attain good molding conditions. However, they fail to take into accountthe effect of some factors that satisfies good molding conditions on the compacts shape reten-tion during debinding. This paper studies the effect of the powder-binder mixture characteristicsand the molding conditions on the flowability and moldability and the shape retention of PIM compacts during debinding process so as to attain the benefits of each.

  2. Nursing Student Retention in Associate Degree Nursing Programs Utilizing a Retention Specialist (United States)

    Schrum, Ronna A.


    The purpose of this study was to examine specific variables associated with nursing student retention in Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Programs. Jeffreys (2004) Nursing Undergraduate Retention and Success (NURS) conceptual model provided the framework for this descriptive correlational study. One hundred sixty eight pre-licensure associate degree…

  3. Retention of Fiber and Cast Posts with Different Lengths:A Comparative Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. Khamverdi


    Full Text Available Objective: There is no definitive data on the strength of glass fiber and cast posts with different length. This in vitro study was designed to investigate and compare the effect of length on the retentive strength of glass fiber and cast posts.Materials and Methods: Sixty recently extracted intact maxillary canine teeth were cut 1 mm above the CEJ. The specimens were endodontically treated and randomly divided into four groups (n=15. Specimens in groups FP(9 and FP(12 were prepared using Fiber postwith 9 and 12 mm in length while groups CP(9 and CP(12 used cast post with 9 and 12 mm length respectively. The force required to dislodge each post was recorded as retentive strength. Collected data were statistically analyzed using two-way ANOVA and post-hoctests (α=5%.Results: The mean retentive strength of groups FP(9, FP(12, CP(9 and CP(12 were 203.74 (SD=38.46, 324.54 (SD=42.92, 156.82 (SD=32.69, and 210.73 (SD=54.60 respectively.The results revealed a significant difference among retention values of tested groups, except for the FP(9 and CP(12 (P<0.05.Conclusion: Under the condition of this study, the retention of fiber posts was significantly more than cast posts with the same length. On the other hand, post length seems to have an impact on the retention of fiber and cast posts.

  4. Employee retention: a customer service approach. (United States)

    Gerson, Richard F


    Employee retention is a huge problem. There are staff shortages in radiology because not enough people are entering the profession; too many people are leaving the profession for retirement, higher-paying jobs or jobs with less stress; and there are not enough opportunities for career advancement. Staff shortages are exacerbated by difficulty in retaining people who enter the profession. While much work has been focused on recruitment and getting more people "in the front door," I suggest that the bulk of future efforts be focused on employee retention and "closing the back door." Employee retention must be an ongoing process, not a program. Approaches to employee retention that focus on external things, i.e., things that the company can do to or for the employee, generally are not successful. The truth is that employee retention processes must focus on what the employee gets out of the job. The process must be a benefits-based approach that helps employees answer the question, "What's in it for me?" The retention processes must be ongoing and integrated into the daily culture of the company. The best way to keep your employees is to treat them like customers. Customer service works for external customers. We treat them nicely. We work to satisfy them. We help them achieve their goals. Why not do the same for our employees? If positive customer service policies and practices can satisfy and keep external customers, why not adapt these policies and practices for employees? And, there is a service/satisfaction link between employee retention and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Customers prefer dealing with the same employees over and over again. Employee turnover destroys a customer's confidence in the company. Just like a customer does not want to have to "train and educate" a new provider, they do not want to do the same for your "revolving door" employees. So, the key is to keep employees so they in turn will help you keep your customers. Because the

  5. Is there a crisis in nursing retention in New South Wales? (United States)

    Doiron, Denise; Hall, Jane; Jones, Glenn


    Background There is a severe shortage of nurses in Australia. Policy makers and researchers are especially concerned that retention levels of nurses in the health workforce have worsened over the last decade. There are also concerns that rapidly growing private sector hospitals are attracting qualified nurses away from the public sector. To date no systematic analysis of trends in nursing retention rates over time has been conducted due to the lack of consistent panel data. Results A 1.4 percentage point improvement in retention has led to a 10% increase in the overall supply of nurses in NSW. There has also been a substantial aging of the workforce, due to greater retention and an increase in mature age entrants. The improvement in retention is found in all types of premises and is largest in nursing homes. There is a substantial amount of year to year movement in and out of the workforce and across premises. The shortage of nurses in public hospitals is due to a slowdown in entry rather than competition from the rapidly growing private sector hospitals. Policy Implications The finding of an improvement (rather than a worsening) in retention suggests that additional improvements may be difficult to achieve as further retention must involve individuals more and more dissatisfied with nursing relative to other opportunities. Hence policies targeting entry such as increased places in nursing programs and additional subsidies for training costs may be more effective in dealing with the workforce shortage. This is also the case for shortages in public sector hospitals as retention in nursing is found to be relatively high in this sector. However, the large amount of year to year movements across nursing jobs, especially among the younger nurses, also suggests that policies aimed at reducing job switches and increasing the number who return to nursing should also be pursued. More research is needed in understanding the relative importance of detailed working conditions

  6. Healthcare Learning Community and Student Retention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sherryl W. Johnson, PhD


    Full Text Available Teaching, learning, and retention processes have evolved historically to include multifaceted techniques beyond the traditional lecture. This article presents related results of a study using a healthcare learning community in a southwest Georgia university. The value of novel techniques and tools in promoting student learning and retention remains under review. This study includes a healthcare learning community as a cutting-edge teaching and learning modality. The results of an introspective survey of 22 students in a learning community explore strategies to enhance culturally relevant teaching, learning, and retention. Although learning and retention studies have been conducted at numerous universities, few have included feedback from students in a healthcare learning community. Frequencies from student responses were tabulated using five thematic factors: social support, career knowledge/opportunities, academic support, networking and faculty rapport/relationship building. Of the five theme areas, social support was identified most frequently by students as a means to support their learning and retention in the university setting.

  7. Effect of grain size on the behavior of hydrogen/helium retention in tungsten: a cluster dynamics modeling (United States)

    Zhao, Zhe; Li, Yonggang; Zhang, Chuanguo; Pan, Guyue; Tang, Panfei; Zeng, Zhi


    Reducing ion retention in materials is a key factor in the management of tritium inventory, the selection of compatible plasma-facing materials (PFMs), and thus the future development of fusion reactors. In this work, by introducing the cellular sink strength of grain boundaries (GBs) into the cluster dynamics model, the behavior of hydrogen (H) and helium (He) retention in W with different grain sizes is studied under various irradiation conditions systematically. It is found that the H/He retention increases dramatically with decreasing grain size at typical service temperatures, due to the enhancement of H/He capture ratio by GBs. Generally, He retention exists in three forms: He in GBs, in dislocations and in clusters (He m V n , He n and He n I). Our further study shows that, under the irradiation of low energy and low fluence ions, the contribution of He in clusters is negligible. The total He retention is thus dominated by the competing absorption of GBs and dislocations, that is, changing from the dislocation-based to grain boundary-based retention with decreasing grain size. H retention also presents the same behavior. In view of these grain size-related behaviors of H/He retention in W, it is suggested that coarse-grained crystals should be selected for W-based PFMs in practice.

  8. [Adaptive optics for ophthalmology]. (United States)

    Saleh, M


    Adaptive optics is a technology enhancing the visual performance of an optical system by correcting its optical aberrations. Adaptive optics have already enabled several breakthroughs in the field of visual sciences, such as improvement of visual acuity in normal and diseased eyes beyond physiologic limits, and the correction of presbyopia. Adaptive optics technology also provides high-resolution, in vivo imaging of the retina that may eventually help to detect the onset of retinal conditions at an early stage and provide better assessment of treatment efficacy.

  9. The temperature and ion energy dependence of deuterium retention in lithium films (United States)

    Buzi, Luxherta; Koel, Bruce E.; Skinner, Charles H.


    Lithium conditioning of plasma facing components in magnetic fusion devices has improved plasma performance and lowered hydrogen recycling. For applications of lithium in future high heat flux and long pulse duration machines it is important to understand and parameterize deuterium retention in lithium. This work presents surface science studies of deuterium retention in lithium films as a function of surface temperature, incident deuterium ion energy and flux. Initial experiments are performed on thin (3-30 ML) lithium films deposited on a single crystal molybdenum substrate to avoid effects due to grain boundaries, intrinsic defects and impurities. A monoenergetic and mass-filtered deuterium ion beam was generated in a differentially pumped Colutron ion gun. Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy were used to identify the elemental composition and temperature programmed desorption was used to measure the deuterium retention under the different conditions. Support was provided through DOE Contract Number DE-AC02-09CH11466.

  10. Foliar retention, transport and leaching of polonium-210 and lead-210

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Athalye, V.V.; Mistry, K.B.


    Polonium-210 and lead-210, the long-lived daughter radionuclides of gaseous radon-222, are deposited on plant surfaces under conditions of atmospheric washout. Foliar retention, transport and leaching of these radionuclides in Red Kidney beans were investigated in nutrient culture experiments. Under identical conditions, over 90 percent of foliar applied radiolead was retained by the plant while only about 30 percent of polonium was retained. Over a 48-hr period small quantities of polonium were translocated from the treated leaflet to other parts of the plant. By comparison, radiolead was totally immobilized at the site of retention. Leachability of root absorbed radiolead from bean leaves was 20-fold greater than that of polonium. The marked differences in the extent of foliar retention, translocation and leaching of polonium and radiolead could significantly affect the levels of these long-lived radionuclides attained in plants.

  11. Retention and failure morphology of prefabricated posts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sahafi, Alireza; Peutzfeldt, Anne; Asmussen, Erik;


    PURPOSE: This study evaluated the effect of cement, post material, surface treatment, and shape (1) on the retention of posts luted in the root canals of extracted human teeth and (2) on the failure morphology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Posts of titanium alloy (ParaPost XH), glass fiber (Para......Post Fiber White), and zirconia (Cerapost) received one of several surface treatments-sandblasting, CoJet treatment, application of Metalprimer II, or sandblasting followed by silane application-and were then luted in the prepared root canal of human incisors and canines (n = 10). Following water storage...... at 37 degrees C for 7 days, retention was determined by extraction of the posts. Failure morphology of extracted posts was analyzed and quantified stereomicroscopically. RESULTS: Type of luting cement, post material, and shape of post influenced the retention and failure morphology of the posts. Because...

  12. Safeguards Workforce Repatriation, Retention and Utilization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gallucci, Nicholas [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Poe, Sarah [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    Brookhaven National Laboratory was tasked by NA-241 to assess the transition of former IAEA employees back to the United States, investigating the rate of retention and overall smoothness of the repatriation process among returning safeguards professionals. Upon conducting several phone interviews, study authors found that the repatriation process went smoothly for the vast majority and that workforce retention was high. However, several respondents expressed irritation over the minimal extent to which their safeguards expertise had been leveraged in their current positions. This sentiment was pervasive enough to prompt a follow-on study focusing on questions relating to the utilization rather than the retention of safeguards professionals. A second, web-based survey was conducted, soliciting responses from a larger sample pool. Results suggest that the safeguards workforce may be oversaturated, and that young professionals returning to the United States from Agency positions may soon encounter difficulties finding jobs in the field.

  13. Mercury retention, a trait of chickens

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miller, V.L.; Bearse, G.E.; Hammermeister, K.E.


    Experiments were performed in order to gain further information on the mercury retention of two strains of chickens, the reciprocal crosses of these lines and sex differences in retention. White Leghorns were selected for resistance and susceptibility to the avian leukosis complex. Approximately 6 males and 6 females from each of the strains and reciprocal crosses were injected in the breast muscle with phenylmercury acetate at the rate of 3.0 mg. mercury per kg. body weight. The kidneys were excised and analyzed for total mercury. Results indicate that the first generation cross chicks resembled the parent that retained mercury poorly more closely than they did the one retaining large amounts of mercury. There was no significant differences between sexes in mercury retention. 4 references, 1 table.

  14. Height, Relationship Satisfaction, Jealousy, and Mate Retention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gayle Brewer


    Full Text Available Male height is associated with high mate value. In particular, tall men are perceived as more attractive, dominant and of a higher status than shorter rivals, resulting in a greater lifetime reproductive success. Female infidelity and relationship dissolution may therefore present a greater risk to short men. It was predicted that tall men would report greater relationship satisfaction and lower jealousy and mate retention behavior than short men. Ninety eight heterosexual men in a current romantic relationship completed a questionnaire. Both linear and quadratic relationships were found between male height and relationship satisfaction, cognitive and behavioral jealousy. Tall men reported greater relationship satisfaction and lower levels of cognitive or behavioral jealousy than short men. In addition, linear and quadratic relationships were found between male height and a number of mate retention behaviors. Tall and short men engaged in different mate retention behaviors. These findings are consistent with previous research conducted in this area detailing the greater attractiveness of tall men.

  15. Optical properties of ultra-thin (layers on c-sapphire substrates with different initial growth conditions measured by surface-plasmon enhanced Raman scattering. (United States)

    Kim, Ho-Jong; Kim, Tae-Soo; Lee, Jin-Gyu; Song, Jung Hoon


    We have carried out surface-plasmon enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) on 30 nm-thick GaN samples grown at various temperatures, in order to investigate the properties of ultra thin GaN films on sapphire. We found that the properties, such as the strain and the free-carrier density of the thin layers, were sensitively affected by the growth temperatures. Our results show that SERS, by selectively enhancing the Raman signal near the surface, can be a very useful technique to investigate the optical properties of ultra-thin GaN films and their initial growth mode.

  16. USAR Nurse Referral and Retention Program. (United States)

    Foley, J E; Foley, B J


    In 1987, the 804th Hospital Center made alleviating the shortfall of registered nurses in the Command a priority. The Command had only 79% of its registered nurse positions filled at the time. Using the recruitment strategies of an employee referral program and a mailing list, the Command reached 100% fill in 2 years and maintained those gains for an additional year. Retention strategies were also implemented which lowered the attrition rate. This paper describes the Army Nurse Referral and Retention Program developed and implemented at the 804th Hospital Center that relieved the shortfall of registered nurses in the United States Army Reserve in New England.

  17. Nitrogen Saturation in Highly Retentive Watersheds? (United States)

    Daley, M. L.; McDowell, W. H.


    Watershed managers are often concerned with minimizing the amount of N delivered to N-limited estuaries and coastal zones. A major concern is that watersheds might reach N saturation, in which N delivered to coastal zones increases due to declines in the efficiency of N retention despite constant or even reduced N inputs. We have quantified long-term changes in N inputs (atmospheric deposition, imported food and agricultural fertilizers), outputs (N concentration and export) and retention in the urbanizing Lamprey River watershed in coastal NH. Overall, the Lamprey watershed is 70% forested, receives about 13.5 kg N/ha/yr and has a high rate of annual N retention (85%). Atmospheric deposition (8.7 kg/ha/yr) is the largest N input to the watershed. Of the 2.2 kg N/ha/yr exported in the Lamprey River, dissolved organic N (DON) is the dominant form (50% of total) and it varies spatially throughout the watershed with wetland cover. Nitrate accounts for 30% of the N exported, shows a statistically significant increase from 1999 to 2009, and its spatial variability in both concentration and export is related to human population density. In sub-basins throughout the Lamprey, inorganic N retention is high (85-99%), but the efficiency of N retention declines sharply with increased human population density and associated anthropogenic N inputs. N assimilation in the vegetation, denitrification to the atmosphere and storage in the groundwater pool could all be important contributors to the current high rates of N retention. The temporal and spatial patterns that we have observed in nitrate concentration and export are driven by increases in N inputs and impervious surfaces over time, but the declining efficiency of N retention suggests that the watershed may also be reaching N saturation. The downstream receiving estuary, Great Bay, already suffers from low dissolved oxygen levels and eelgrass loss in part due to N loading from the Lamprey watershed. Targeting and reducing

  18. Retention and release of deuterium implanted in copper coatings on Al-6061

    CERN Document Server

    Inal, M Y; Kurz, K L; Cowgill, D F; Causey, R


    To mitigate the problem of retention and permeation of tritium implanted in Al-6061, the use of copper coatings was investigated. Copper coatings (having weights of 0.03, 0.06 and 0.088 kg/m sup 2) deposited on Al-6061 substrates by the RF Magnetron sputtering method were implanted with deuterium (D) in an accelerator at 350 K, and the resulting D profiles were monitored using negative SIMS and the D( sup 3 He,p) sup 4 He nuclear reaction. The retention characteristics of deuterium were subsequently studied as a function of coating weight, D sup + fluence (varied in the 1-3x10 sup 2 sup 1 D sup + /m sup 2 range) and D sup + ion energy (40 and 120 keV). Under identical implantation conditions, deuterium retention in Al-6061 was higher than in Al-6061 coated with 0.088 kg/m sup 2 Cu. In the various coatings implanted under different conditions, deuterium retention ranged between 1.2% and 5.4% of the implanted amount. The deuterium retention decreased with increasing coating weight and then leveled off with furt...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Liberacki


    Full Text Available The paper presents the results of researches carried out in the middle part of Pizza Zielonka forest complex. The aim was the evaluation of retention changes at wetlands and mid-forest ponds. The object of the study was the catchment of the Trojanka watercourse, considering from the origin to the cross-section of Zielonka Lake. The catchment is located in in the central part of the Wielkopolska region, approximatelly 20 km on the North-East of Poznań. The area of this forestall catchment is about 223 ha. In the paper an analysis of the results from three hydrological years was presented. The results of the years 1987 (wet year, 2003 (dry year and 2009 (medium year were analysed against meteorological conditions. Retention capacity in each wetlands, as well as the possibility of water retention in the Trojanka watercourse was calculated. The researches confirmed significant meteorological conditions influence the amount of retentioned water. The calculated capacity of retentioned water was 15 852 m3 considering the total area of wetland and swamp (8,58 ha and precipitation sum of 555 mm. 18% increase of water capacity was observed in wet year (1987 In this year the sum of precipitation was 100 mm higher than multiyear average sum. Meanwhile 62% decrease of water capacity was observed in dry year (2003, when the precipitation sum was 208 mm lower than multiyear average one.

  20. Network modelling of fluid retention behaviour in unsaturated soils

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Athanasiadis Ignatios


    Full Text Available The paper describes discrete modelling of the retention behaviour of unsaturated porous materials. A network approach is used within a statistical volume element (SVE, suitable for subsequent use in hydro-mechanical analysis and incorporation within multi-scale numerical modelling. The soil pore structure is modelled by a network of cylindrical pipes connecting spheres, with the spheres representing soil voids and the pipes representing inter-connecting throats. The locations of pipes and spheres are determined by a Voronoi tessellation of the domain. Original aspects of the modelling include a form of periodic boundary condition implementation applied for the first time to this type of network, a new pore volume scaling technique to provide more realistic modelling and a new procedure for initiating drying or wetting paths in a network model employing periodic boundary conditions. Model simulations, employing two linear cumulative probability distributions to represent the distributions of sphere and pipe radii, are presented for the retention behaviour reported from a mercury porosimetry test on a sandstone.

  1. Effect of growth conditions on the Al composition and optical properties of Al x Ga 1−x N layers grown by atmospheric-pressure metal organic vapor phase epitaxy

    KAUST Repository

    Soltani, S.


    The effect of growth conditions on the Al composition and optical properties of AlxGa1-xN layers grown by atmospheric-pressure metal organic vapor phase epitaxy is investigated. The Al content of the samples is varied between 3.0% and 9.3% by changing the gas flow rate of either trimethylaluminum (TMA) or trimethylgallium (TMG) while other growth parameters are kept constant. The optical properties of the AlxGa1-xN layers are studied by photoreflectance and time-resolved photoluminescence (TR-PL) spectroscopies. A degeneration in the material quality of the samples is revealed when the Al content is increased by increasing the TMA flow rate. When the TMG flow rate is decreased with a fixed TMA flow rate, the Al content of the AlxGa1-xN layers is increased and, furthermore, an improvement in the optical properties corresponding with an increase in the PL decay time is observed. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Prevention and management of postoperative urinary retention after urogynecologic surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geller EJ


    Full Text Available Elizabeth J Geller Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA Abstract: Postoperative urinary retention (POUR is a frequent consequence of gynecologic surgery, especially with surgical correction of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Estimates of retention rates after pelvic surgery range from 2.5%–43%. While there is no standard definition for POUR, it is characterized by impaired bladder emptying, with an elevation in the volume of retained urine. The key to management of POUR is early identification. All patients undergoing pelvic surgery, especially for the correction of incontinence or prolapse, should have an assessment of voiding function prior to discharge. There are several ways to assess voiding function – the gold standard is by measuring a postvoid residual. Management of POUR is fairly straightforward. The goal is to decompress the bladder to avoid long-term damage to bladder integrity and function. The decision regarding when to discontinue catheter-assisted bladder drainage in the postoperative period can be assessed in an ongoing fashion by measurement of postvoid residual. The rate of prolonged POUR beyond 4 weeks is low, and therefore most retention can be expected to resolve spontaneously within 4–6 weeks. When POUR does not resolve spontaneously, more active management may be required. Techniques include urethral dilation, sling stretching, sling incision, partial sling resection, and urethrolysis. While some risk of POUR is inevitable, there are risk factors that are modifiable. Patients that are at higher risk – either due to the procedures being performed or their clinical risk factors – should be counseled regarding the risks and management options for POUR prior to their surgery. Although POUR is a serious condition that can have serious consequences if left untreated, it

  3. Carbon dioxide retention in divers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Florio, J.T.; Mackenzie, D.A.R.; McKenzie, R.S. [ARE Physiological Laboratory, Gosport (United Kingdom)


    This report summarises the work carried out at the ARE Physiological Laboratory (ARE(PL)) between July 1978 and December 1983. The work was intended to examine the proposition that some divers have a low ventilatory response to carbon dioxide; that this results in a low ventilatory response to exercise with consequent hypercapnia; and that these characteristics put the diver at a greater-than-normal risk by increasing the individual`s susceptibility to oxygen toxicity and to other hazards associated with diving (e.g. nitrogen narcosis, decompression sickness and hypothermia). The specific aims of the project can be summarised as follows: (a) to demonstrate the existence of divers who exhibit the tendency to `retain carbon dioxide` when working in hyperbaric conditions; (b) to define the circumstances under which such individuals are at risk; (c) to assess the magnitude of the risk; and (d) to recommend ways to eliminate or to reduce the risk. (author)

  4. The Case for Focusing on Millennial Retention. (United States)

    Koppel, Jenna; Deline, Marisa; Virkstis, Katherine

    A concern for nurse leaders is rapid turnover of engaged, early-tenure millennial nurses. In this 1st article in a 2-part series, the authors describe why leaders should supplement their organization's current investments in engagement with retention strategies targeted at millennial nurses.

  5. 5 CFR 293.511 - Retention schedule. (United States)


    ... RECORDS Employee Medical File System Records § 293.511 Retention schedule. (a) Temporary EMFS records must... accordance with General Records Schedule (GRS) 1, item 21, issued by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). (b) Occupational Medical Records considered to be long-term records must be maintained...

  6. Studies on nitrogen retention in growing pigs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thorbek, G; Henckel, S; Chwalibog, André;


    Nitrogen retention (RN) was measured in 60 barrows of Danish Landrace and a total of 470 balance periods was carried out during the growth period from 20 to 85 kg live weight. In the first serie (Expt A) six different feed compounds of high biological value (HBV) were fed to 48 barrows, while...... in the second serie (Expt B) 12 barrows were measured on feed compounds of HBV or low biological value (LBV). Three different levels of gross energy were used in Expt B. Individual differences of 10-20% in the pigs capability for nitrogen retention were observed. Nitrogen retention increased from 12 to 21 g N....../d on the HBV-compounds and was not influenced by increasing nitrogen or energy intake. Nitrogen retention was curvilinear in relation to metabolic live weight (kg0.75) in both series. A parabolic function on kg0.75 gave the best fit to the data with the following regression equations: Expt A + B: RN, g/d = 1...

  7. Relationship of Personality Traits to Student Retention (United States)

    Liang, John Paul


    Carl Jung's theory of psychological types has been the basis for the development of personality categorization, including tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This study analyzed the extent of the relationship between MBTI and Tinto (1993) retention factors that influence Oriental medicine students' choice of staying or dropping out…

  8. Relationship of Personality Traits to Student Retention (United States)

    Liang, John Paul


    Carl Jung's theory of psychological types has been the basis for the development of personality categorization, including tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This study analyzed the extent of the relationship between MBTI and Tinto (1993) retention factors that influence Oriental medicine students' choice of staying or dropping out…

  9. Healthcare Learning Community and Student Retention (United States)

    Johnson, Sherryl W.


    Teaching, learning, and retention processes have evolved historically to include multifaceted techniques beyond the traditional lecture. This article presents related results of a study using a healthcare learning community in a southwest Georgia university. The value of novel techniques and tools in promoting student learning and retention…

  10. Water retention in mushroom during sustainable processing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Paudel, E.


    This thesis deals with the understanding of the water holding capacity of mushroom, in the context of a redesign of their industrial processing. For designing food process the retention of food quality is of the utmost importance. Water holding capacity is an important quality aspect of mushrooms. A

  11. Structural Information Retention in Visual Art Processing. (United States)

    Koroscik, Judith Smith

    The accuracy of non-art college students' longterm retention of structural information presented in Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was tested. Seventeen female undergraduates viewed reproductions of the painting and copies that closely resembled structural attributes of the original. Only 3 of the 17 subjects reported having viewed a reproduction…

  12. Employee Retention: A Challenge of the Nineties. (United States)

    Zeiss, Tony


    Considers ways in which community colleges can help employers implement programs to improve the work environment and retain trained workers. Presents a model for employee retention that has worked effectively in Pueblo, Colorado. Describes Pueblo Community College's cooperative program with the Wats Marketing Group to help reduce employee…

  13. 5 CFR 293.404 - Retention schedule. (United States)


    ... RECORDS Employee Performance File System Records § 293.404 Retention schedule. (a)(1) Except as provided... in this system, including transfer with the employee who changes positions, shall be as agencies... performance-related documents five years old or less shall be forwarded in the Employee Performance File...

  14. Recruitment and Retention with a Spin (United States)

    Lindgren, Rita; Hixson, Carla Braun


    Strategic planning and innovation at Bismarck State College (BSC) found common ground in the college's goal to recruit and retain employees in an environment of low unemployment and strong competition for skilled employees. BSC's strategic plan for 2007-09 included the objective "to increase retention of employees." One of the strategies…

  15. Managing talent retention: an ROI approach

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Phillips, Jack J; Edwards, Lisa


    .... Employee retention will continue to be an important issue for most job groups in the next decade. Unwanted talent departure continues to be one of the most unappreciated and undervalued issues facing business leaders. This stems from several important assumptions and conclusions about turnover: 1. All stakeholders involved in the issue, including human ...

  16. Water retention in mushroom during sustainable processing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Paudel, E.


    This thesis deals with the understanding of the water holding capacity of mushroom, in the context of a redesign of their industrial processing. For designing food process the retention of food quality is of the utmost importance. Water holding capacity is an important quality aspect of mushrooms. A

  17. Structural Information Retention in Visual Art Processing. (United States)

    Koroscik, Judith Smith

    The accuracy of non-art college students' longterm retention of structural information presented in Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was tested. Seventeen female undergraduates viewed reproductions of the painting and copies that closely resembled structural attributes of the original. Only 3 of the 17 subjects reported having viewed a reproduction…

  18. Tribune: Retention Policy for Ethnic Minority Students

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Herfs, Paul


    The question of the retention of ethnic minority university students in universities in the Netherlands, especially at the University of Utrecht, is examined. In particular, the cases of Surinamese, Antillian, and Aruban students, foreign refugee students, particularly medical doctors, and Turkish a

  19. Nigerian Federal Civil Service: Employee Recruitment, Retention ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study delved into the recruitment and retention of employees in the ... Civil Service (NFCS), to establish their impact on the effectiveness of the service. ... the study found that the service lagged behind in providing adequate incentives to ... its application should also pay attention to the merit of prospective employees.

  20. Testing to Enhance Retention in Human Anatomy (United States)

    Logan, Jessica M.; Thompson, Andrew J.; Marshak, David W.


    Recent work in cognitive psychology has shown that repeatedly testing one's knowledge is a powerful learning aid and provides substantial benefits for retention of the material. To apply this in a human anatomy course for medical students, 39 fill-in-the-blank quizzes of about 50 questions each, one for each region of the body, and four about the…

  1. Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Teacher Retention (United States)

    Gerald, Grant Ronald


    This mixed methods, explanatory design study focused on determining if the emotional intelligence of principals affects the retention of new teachers. In phase one, a non-random cluster sample of 138 public school principals in the state of Louisiana was surveyed using a quantitative instrument. A Factor Analysis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and…

  2. Conjoint Retention of Maps and Related Discourse. (United States)

    Kulhavy, Raymond, W.; And Others


    Two experiments used fifth grade students to test the hypothesis that conjointly presented verbal/spatial information facilitates retrieval from either stimulus format. Results support the notion of conjoint retention which assumes that related verbal/spatial arrays are stored in a fashion which allows separate use of both formats during…

  3. 78 FR 57927 - Credit Risk Retention (United States)


    .... Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Conduits 5. Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 6. Government-Sponsored... purchaser in commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) transactions and an exemption that would permit... purchasers to hold risk retention in commercial mortgage-backed securitizations instead of sponsors (as...

  4. Retention--A Pseudo-Problem? (United States)

    Geis, George L.


    Discusses retention of learning; training methods; maintenance issues; the effect of punishment; reinforcement; the performance environment; transfer of training; forgetting; implications for designers of instructional materials or designers of training programs; and the division between training and on-the-job performance. (LRW)

  5. Attrition and Retention among Special Education Paraprofessionals (United States)

    Hall, Kimberly D.


    The purpose of the study was to obtain information about issues of turnover and retention among former and current special education paraprofessionals in one school district. Survey data and findings indicated ways to retain staff and reduce turnover. Information from this study was shared within the district and will be considered in creating…

  6. Donald Campbell's Model of the Creative Process: Creativity as Blind Variation and Selective Retention. (United States)

    Simonton, Dean Keith


    This introductory article discusses a blind-variation and selective-retention model of the creative process developed by Donald Campbell. According to Campbell, creativity contains three conditions: a mechanism for introducing variation, a consistent selection process, and a mechanism for preserving and reproducing selected variations. (Author/CR)

  7. Retention and remobilization of stabilized silver nanoparticles in an undisturbed loamy sand soil (United States)

    Column experiments were conducted with undisturbed loamy sand soil under unsaturated conditions (around 90% saturation degree) to investigate the retention of surfactant stabilized silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with various input concentration (Co), flow velocity, and ionic strength (IS), and the rem...

  8. Effect of Intermittent Reinforcement on Acquisition and Retention in Delayed Matching-to-Sample in Pigeons (United States)

    Grant, Douglas S.


    Experiments 1 and 2 involved independent groups that received primary reinforcement after a correct match with a probability of 1.0, 0.50 or 0.25. Correct matches that did not produce primary reinforcement produced a conditioned reinforcer. Both experiments revealed little evidence that acquisition or retention was adversely affected by use of…

  9. Surface morphology and deuterium retention of tungsten after low- and high-flux deuterium plasma exposure

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoen, M. H. J. 't; Balden, M.; Manhard, A.; Mayer, M.; Elgeti, S.; Kleyn, A. W.; van Emmichoven, P. A. Zeijlma


    The surface morphology and deuterium retention were investigated of polycrystalline tungsten targets that were exposed to deuterium plasmas at widely varying conditions. By changing only one parameter at a time, the isolated effects of flux, time and pre-damaging on surface modifications and deuteri

  10. Retention of ascorbic acid in fortified orange juice powers during storage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. S. Siddappa


    Full Text Available Both Coorg and Sathgudi orange juice powders are good carriers for added ascorbic acid during prolonged storage at ordinary temperatures. There is not much difference between nitrogen and air packs as regards retention of ascorbic acid during storage. Nitrogen pack, however, helps to keep the power in a better free-flowing condition.

  11. Moral School Building Leadership: Investigating a Praxis for Alternative Route Teacher Retention (United States)

    Easley, Jacob, II


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify and explore the factors and conditions of moral leadership that affect the potential for teacher retention among Alternative Route Certification teachers. Design/methodology/approach: Alternative Route Certification teachers participated in a single focus group. Participants' dialogues were…

  12. Retention of Mastoidectomy Skills After Virtual Reality Simulation Training. (United States)

    Andersen, Steven Arild Wuyts; Konge, Lars; Cayé-Thomasen, Per; Sørensen, Mads Sølvsten


    pretraining relative reaction time, 1.42 [95% CI, 1.37-1.47]; mean end of training relative reaction time, 1.24 [95% CI, 1.16-1.32]; and mean retention relative reaction time, 1.36 [95% CI, 1.30-1.42]; massed practice group: mean pretraining relative reaction time, 1.34 [95% CI, 1.28-1.40]; mean end of training relative reaction time, 1.31 [95% CI, 1.21-1.42]; and mean retention relative reaction time, 1.39 [95% CI, 1.31-1.46]) indicated that cognitive load during the virtual procedures had returned to the pretraining level. Mastoidectomy skills acquired under time-distributed practice conditions were retained better than skills acquired under massed practice conditions. Complex psychomotor skills should be regularly reinforced to consolidate both motor and cognitive aspects. Virtual reality simulation training provides the opportunity for such repeated training and should be integrated into training curricula.

  13. Pappus in optical space. (United States)

    Koenderink, Jan J; van Doorn, Andrea J; Kappers, Astrid M L; Todd, James T


    Optical space differs from physical space. The structure of optical space has generally been assumed to be metrical. In contradistinction, we do not assume any metric, but only incidence relations (i.e., we assume that optical points and lines exist and that two points define a unique line, and two lines a unique point). (The incidence relations have generally been assumed implicitly by earlier authors.) The condition that makes such an incidence structure into a projective space is the Pappus condition. The Pappus condition describes a projective relation between three collinear triples of points, whose validity can--in principle--be verified empirically. The Pappus condition is a necessary condition for optical space to be a homogeneous space (Lobatchevski hyperbolic or Riemann elliptic space) as assumed by, for example, the well-known Luneburg theory. We test the Pappus condition in a full-cue situation (open field, broad daylight, distances of up to 20 m, visual fields of up to 160 degrees diameter). We found that although optical space is definitely not veridical, even under full-cue conditions, violations of the Pappus condition are the exception. Apparently optical space is not totally different from a homogeneous space, although it is in no way close to Euclidean.

  14. Simulation of arsenic retention in constructed wetlands. (United States)

    Valles-Aragón, M C; Alarcón-Herrera, M T; Llorens, E; Obradors-Prats, J; Leyva, A


    The software RCB-arsenic was developed previously to simulate the metalloid behavior in a constructed wetland (CW). The model simulates water flow and reactive transport by contemplating the major processes of arsenic (As) retention inside of CW. The objective of this study was to validate the RCB-arsenic model by simulating the behavior of horizontal flow CW for As removal from water. The model validation was made using data from a 122-day experiment. Two CWs prototypes were used: one planted with Eleocharis macrostachya (CW_planted) and another one unplanted (CW_unplanted) as a control. The prototypes were fed with synthetic water prepared using well water and sodium arsenite (NaAsO2). In the RCB-arsenic model, a CW prototype was represented using a 2D mesh sized in accordance with the experiment. For simulation of As retention in CW, data addition was established in two stages that considered the mechanisms in the system: (1) aqueous complexation, precipitation/dissolution, and adsorption on granular media and (2) retention by plants: uptake (absorption) and rhizofiltration (adsorption). Simulation of As outlet (μg/L) in stage_1 was compared with CW_unplanted; the experimental mean was 40.79 ± 7.76 and the simulated 39.96 ± 6.32. As concentration (μg/L) in stage_2 was compared with CW_planted, the experimental mean was 9.34 ± 4.80 and the simulated 5.14 ± 0.72. The mass-balance simulation and experiment at 122 days of operation had a similar As retention rate (94 and 91%). The calibrated model RCB-arsenic adequately simulated the As retention in a CW; therefore, it constitutes a powerful tool of design.

  15. Determination of theoretical retention times for peptides analyzed by reversed- -phase high-performance liquid chromatography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerzy Dziuba


    -line application and experimental retention times. The above function can effectively predict retention times in situations when experimental conditions differ from the computational environment (various columns, mobile phase composition, use or resignation from chemical modifications during sample preparation, various HPLC equipments. On-line available tR predicting application with correction based on user’s own data may be a useful tool in food peptidomics.  

  16. Implication of surface modified NZVI particle retention in the porous media: Assessment with the help of 1-D transport model

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Trishikhi Raychoudhury; Vikranth Kumar Surasani


    Retention of surface-modified nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI) particles in the porous media near the point of injection has been reported in the recent studies. Retention of excess particles in porous media can alter the media properties. The main objectives of this study are, therefore, to evaluate the effect of particle retention on the porous media properties and its implication on further NZVI particle transport under different flow conditions. To achieve the objectives, a one-dimensional transport model is developed by considering particle deposition, detachment, and straining mechanisms along with the effect of changes in porosity resulting from retention of NZVI particles. Two different flow conditions are considered for simulations. The first is a constant Darcy’s flow rate condition, which assumes a change in porosity, causes a change in pore water velocity and the second, is a constant head condition, which assumes the change in porosity, influence the permeability and hydraulic conductivity (thus Darcy’s flow rate). Overall a rapid decrease in porosity was observed as a result of high particle retention near the injection points resulting in a spatial distribution of deposition rate coefficient. In the case of constant head condition, the spatial distribution of Darcy’s velocities is predicted due to variation in porosity and hydraulic conductivity. The simulation results are compared with the data reported from the field studies; which suggests straining is likely to happen in the real field condition.

  17. Correlation between retention force of experimental plates and viscosity of experimental fluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mladenović Dragan


    Full Text Available Introduction. Saliva viscosity plays a significant role in the biophysical segment of the total retention potential of total dentures. Objective. The aim of the paper was to establish the dependence of dynamic retention force of experimental plates on experimental fluid viscosity and especially time dependence of these parameters, following at the same time relative changes of the distance between the experimental plate and dentures support established by the dislocation of the experimental plate in both directions. Methods. For experimental verification we used an original device with the aim to enable in vivo simulation on the phantom made of the upper total denture prosthesis support and experimental plate. The experiment consisted of two parts. In the first part we determined the value of the dynamic retention force with plates without and with achieved ventilation effect. In the second part we determined time dependence of the dynamic retention force of experimental plates on the viscosity of experimental fluids that had been priorly determined on identical samples (8 ml of experimental fluid samples using a rotational viscometer (Haake RV-12 with a sensor (MV, Germany. Results Under the conditions of variable viscosity rates of seven experimental fluids (from 0.02 to 1309.04 mPa•s, we registered the time dependence of dynamic retention force of the experimental plate related to fluid viscosity during the action of the continual dislocating force of the separating directions. In addition, the maximal height of the dislocation of the experimental plate was registered. The dynamic retention force, manifested by the separating direction of the experimental plate dislocation, was increased concurrently with increased viscosity. Conclusion. The increase of dynamic retention force depends directly on medium viscosity. Close border values of fluid viscosity above the investigated ones, the impossibility of experimental layer thinning and the

  18. Phosphorus Retention in Stormwater Control Structures across Streamflow in Urban and Suburban Watersheds

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shuiwang Duan


    Full Text Available Recent studies have shown that stormwater control measures (SCMs are less effective at retaining phosphorus (P than nitrogen. We compared P retention between two urban/suburban SCMs and their adjacent free-flowing stream reaches at the Baltimore Long-Term Ecological Study (LTER site, and examined changes in P retention in SCMs across flow conditions. Results show that, when compared with free-flowing stream reaches, the SCMs had significantly lower dissolved oxygen (%DO and higher P concentrations, as well as lower mean areal retention rates and retention efficiencies of particulate P (PP. In all the SCMs, concentrations of total dissolved phosphorus (TDP consistently exhibited inverse correlations with %DO that was lower during summer base flows. Particulate phosphorus (PP concentrations peaked during spring high flow period in both streams and in-line pond/SCMs, but they were also higher during summer base flows in suburban/urban SCMs. Meanwhile, PP areal retention rates and retention efficiencies of the SCMs changed from positive (indicating retention during high flows to negative (indicating release during low flows, while such changes across flow were not observed in free-flowing stream reaches. We attribute the changing roles of SCMs from a PP sink to a PP source to changes in SCM hydrologic mass balances, physical sedimentation and biogeochemical mobilization across flows. This study demonstrates that in suburban/urban SCMs, P retained during high flow events can be released during low flows. Cultivation of macrophytes and/or frequent sediment dredging may provide potential solutions to retaining both P and nitrogen in urban SCMs.

  19. Exploring The Benefits Of Staff Retention Strategies And ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Exploring The Benefits Of Staff Retention Strategies And Performance In The ... between staff retention strategies (rewards) and organizational performance. Further ... and provision of appropriate incentives that favoured welfare of employees' ...

  20. The drivers of student enrolment and retention: A stakeholder ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... and retention: A stakeholder perception analysis in higher education. ... and tuition, institutional performance, inconsistency in teaching quality and the relative ... retention, higher education, Q methodology, student development strategy, ...

  1. Satisfaction with retention factors as predictors of the job ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 3, 2013 ... scarce skills in a South African client services company. Retention ... satisfaction with retention factors and their job embeddedness have been shown to influence their ..... 'Quality of working life and turnover intention in ...

  2. Memory Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Long-Term Retention ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Memory Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Long-Term Retention. ... AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE (AJOL) · Journals · Advanced Search · USING ... The results were reflected in the students' short-term and long-term memory retention.

  3. Dominant optic atrophy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lenaers, Guy; Hamel, Christian; Delettre, Cécile


    DEFINITION OF THE DISEASE: Dominant Optic Atrophy (DOA) is a neuro-ophthalmic condition characterized by a bilateral degeneration of the optic nerves, causing insidious visual loss, typically starting during the first decade of life. The disease affects primary the retinal ganglion cells (RGC...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tom Hultholm


    Full Text Available The usage of non-wood pulps in furnishes for the production of various paper grades is a real alternative for the substitution of wood pulp in papermaking. In terms of the papermaking process, the main limiting factor for non-wood pulp utilization is poor dewatering. This problem can be partially solved by means of retention aids, and the modern microparticle-based retention aids are very promising for this application. In this study the main aim was to characterize how the microparticle retention systems affect the retention, dewatering, and formation of a non-wood pulp furnish and how these effects and mechanisms differ when compared to normal wood pulp. The performance of several commercially available retention aids was studied by making dynamic sheet forming tests for reference and an organosolv wheat straw furnish. The emphasis in the experiments was on drainage enhancement. The maximum drainage gain obtained with the bentonite-CPAM retention aid system was about 5%. Despite the improved drainage, dewatering of the reference furnish was better than for the non-wood containing furnish.

  5. Influence of hydrologic loading rate on phosphorus retention and ecosystem productivity in created wetlands. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mitsch, W.J.; Cronk, J.K.


    Four 2- to 3-ha constructed freshwater riparian wetlands in Lake County, Illinois, were subjected to two hydrologic regimes of pumped river water to simulate nonpoint source pollution. The experimental wetlands at the Des Plaines River Wetland Demonstration Project were designed to develop and test wetland design principles, construction methods, and management programs needed to create and maintain wetlands for the purposes of water quality management, flood control, and fish and wildlife habitat. High-flow wetlands (HFW) with short retention times received 34 to 38 cm of river water per week, and low-flow wetlands (LFW) with high retention times received 10 to 15 cm per week. This report summarizes research results for phosphorus dynamics and retention, macrophyte development, periphyton productivity, and overall water column metabolism through 1992. All of these functions were hypothesized to be related to hydrologic conditions.

  6. Influence of the growth conditions on the optical and structural properties of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots for low As/In ratio (United States)

    Ozdemir, Samet; Suyolcu, Y. Eren; Turan, Servet; Aslan, Bulent


    We report on the growth and characterization of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs). The influence of the systematically changed growth conditions on the opto-electronic and structural properties of the QDs were investigated. Combination of the amount of the deposited InAs, growth temperature and growth rate were optimized for low As/In flux ratio to obtain well-resolved ground and excited states in the low temperature photoluminescence (PL) spectra. SEM and TEM techniques were also used for the characterization of QDs. The results were evaluated simply through the conservation of mass approximation and the x-ray diffraction measurements with fitted curves. The extracted InAs and wetting layer thicknesses were brought out that the XRD analysis reflects the overall tendency of the QD density change and WL behaviors in response to the changes in growth conditions.

  7. Retention performance of green roofs in representative climates worldwide (United States)

    Viola, F.; Hellies, M.; Deidda, R.


    role of climatic conditions, namely annual rainfall, potential evapotranspiration and their seasonality cycles, we found that they drive green roofs retention performance, which are the maxima when rainfall and temperature are in phase. Finally, we provide design charts for a first approximation of possible hydrological benefits deriving from the implementation of intensive or extensive green roofs in different world areas. As an example, 25 big cities have been indicated as benchmark case studies.

  8. Inguinal Herniation of the Urinary Bladder Presenting as Recurrent Urinary Retention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amit Frenkel


    Full Text Available Herniation of the urinary bladder into the inguinal canal is an uncommon finding, observed in 0.5–4% of inguinal hernias (Curry (2000. It is usually associated with other conditions that increase intra-abdominal pressure such as bladder neck obstruction due to prostatic hypertrophy. Consequently, in men, it is usually associated with some degree of urinary retention. We present a 42-year-old man in whom herniation of the urinary bladder was the cause of urinary retention, and not vice versa. The patient was on tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonist (TNFA (Etanercept for severe Ankylosing spondylitis. Initially, the urinary retention was thought to be a side effect of the medication, but after the drug was discontinued, urinary retention persisted. CT and MRI demonstrated huge herniation of the urinary bladder into the inguinal canal. Immediately after the hernia was repaired, bladder function was restored. TNF treatment was restarted, and no further urinary symptoms were observed in the next two years of follow-up. In this case, the primary illness and its treatment were distracting barriers to early diagnosis and treatment. In younger patients with a large hernia who develop unexpected urinary retention, herniation of the urinary bladder should be highly considered in the differential diagnosis.

  9. Retention of arsenic and selenium compounds using limestone in a coal gasification flue gas. (United States)

    Diaz-Somoano, Mercedes; Martinez-Tarazona, M Rosa


    Volatile arsenic and selenium compounds present in coals may cause environmental problems during coal combustion and gasification. A possible way to avoid such problems may be the use of solid sorbents capable of retaining these elements from flue gases in gas cleaning systems. Lime and limestone are materials that are extensively employed for the capture of sulfur during coal processing. Moreover, they have also proven to have good retention characteristics for arsenic and selenium during combustion. The aim of this work was to ascertain whether this sorbent is also useful for retaining arsenic and selenium species in gases produced in coal gasification. The study was carried out in a laboratory-scale reactor in which the sorbent was employed as a fixed bed, using synthetic gas mixtures. In these conditions, retention capacities for arsenic may reach 17 mg g(-1) in a gasification atmosphere free of H2S, whereas the presence of H2S implies a significant decrease in arsenic retention. In the case of selenium, H2S does not influence retention which may reach 65 mg g(-1). Post-retention sorbent characterization, thermal stability, and water solubility tests have shown that chemical reaction is one of the mechanisms responsible for the capture of arsenic and selenium, with Ca(AsO2)2 and CaSe being the main compounds formed.

  10. Retention modeling in combined pH/organic solvent gradient reversed-phase HPLC. (United States)

    Zisi, Ch; Fasoula, S; Nikitas, P; Pappa-Louisi, A


    An approach for retention modeling of double pH/organic solvent gradient data easily generated by automatically mixing two mobile phases with different pH and organic content according to a linear pump program is proposed. This approach is based on retention models arising from the evaluation of the retention data of a set of 17 OPA derivatives of amino acids obtained in 27 combined pH/organic solvent gradient runs performed between fixed initial pH/organic modifier values but different final ones and for different gradient duration. The derived general model is a ninth parameter equation easily manageable through a linear least-squares fitting but it requires eighteen initial pH/organic modifier gradient experiments for a satisfactory retention prediction in various double gradients of the same kind with those used in the fitting procedure. Two simplified versions of the general model, which were parameterized based on six only initial pH/organic modifier gradients, were also proposed, when one of the final double gradient conditions, pH or organic content was kept constant. The full and the simplified models allowed us to predict the experimental retention data in simultaneous pH/organic solvent double gradient mode very satisfactorily without the solution of the fundamental equation of gradient elution.

  11. 5 CFR 536.202 - Optional grade retention. (United States)


    ... §§ 536.102 and 536.203, an authorized agency official may provide grade retention to an employee moving... lower-graded position. (c) When an employee is offered a position with grade retention under this... entitlement to grade retention under § 536.201 if the agency actually moves the employee to the lower-graded...

  12. 5 CFR 536.302 - Optional pay retention. (United States)


    ....102 and this section, an authorized agency official may provide pay retention to an employee not... employee to pay retention under paragraph (a) of this section, the agency must apply the geographic... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Optional pay retention. 536.302 Section...

  13. 5 CFR 536.208 - Termination of grade retention. (United States)


    ... grade retention benefits (except that, if an employee's election specifically provides that the... grade retention terminates under this section, the employee's rate of basic pay must be set in... CFR part 531, subpart B, for GS positions). An employee is not entitled to pay retention under subpart...

  14. 5 CFR 351.401 - Determining retention standing. (United States)


    ... REDUCTION IN FORCE Scope of Competition § 351.401 Determining retention standing. Each agency shall determine the retention standing of each competing employee on the basis of the factors in this subpart and... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Determining retention standing. 351.401...

  15. 4 CFR 5.2 - Grade and pay retention. (United States)


    ... terminate. (e) Pay retention. (1) Any GAO employee: who ceases to be entitled to a retained grade by reason... 4 Accounts 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Grade and pay retention. 5.2 Section 5.2 Accounts GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE PERSONNEL SYSTEM COMPENSATION § 5.2 Grade and pay retention. (a) Change of...

  16. 5 CFR 536.301 - Mandatory pay retention. (United States)


    ... § 536.102 and this section, an agency must provide pay retention to an employee who moves between... action that may entitle the employee to pay retention under paragraph (a) of this section, the agency.... Optional pay retention under § 536.302 may apply when an employee transfers to a different agency as a...

  17. 5 CFR 536.204 - Period of grade retention. (United States)


    ... that provides entitlement to grade retention for 2 years beginning on the date the employee is placed... reduces an employee in grade under circumstances also entitling the employee to grade retention, the...-year grade retention period if the employee's grade was retained under this part in the appointment...

  18. 5 CFR 351.506 - Effective date of retention standing. (United States)


    ... the performance factor as provided in § 351.504: (a) The retention standing of each employee released... is so released. (b) The retention standing of each employee retained in a competitive level as an... been released had the exception not been used. The retention standing of each employee retained under...

  19. Optic nerve oxygen tension

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    la Cour, M; Kiilgaard, Jens Folke; Eysteinsson, T


    To investigate the influence of acute changes in intraocular pressure on the oxygen tension in the vicinity of the optic nerve head under control conditions and after intravenous administration of 500 mg of the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor dorzolamide....

  20. Summary and frequency of KR presentation effects on retention of a motor skill. (United States)

    Sidaway, B; Moore, B; Schoenfelder-Zohdi, B


    This experiment investigates the recent proposal of Schmidt, Young, Swinnen, and Shapiro (1989) that summary knowledge of results (KR) improves skill retention. In Schmidt et al.'s experiment, however, summary length varied concomitantly with the frequency of KR presentation. The current investigation held KR presentation frequency constant while manipulating the number of trials seen in the summary KR display. Subjects were required to perform a timing task on a linear slide. Five groups (n = 12) of subjects participated in acquisition trials then in 10-min and 2-day delayed no-KR retention tests. In 4 conditions, subjects completed each acquisition block without any KR, but following each block they received KR on either 15, 7, 3, or 1 of the 15 trials performed in that block. In the final condition subjects received immediate KR. Analysis of the absolute constant error (magnitude of CE) data for acquisition revealed all groups improved with practice and the immediate KR group performed better than all the summary groups which in turn did not differ significantly. Analysis of the magnitude of CE retention data found performance to be worse on the 2-day retention test for all groups. The effect of condition was significant. The 1/1 group had lower error scores than all other groups, which in turn were not significantly different. Analyses of variable error (VE) revealed only that VE decreased with practice. These findings suggest frequency of KR presentation may be the basis for the summary KR effect found by Schmidt et al. (1989).

  1. Rewarding effects of the optical isomers of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine ('Ecstasy') and 3,4-methylenedioxy-ethylamphetamine ('Eve') measured by conditioned place preference in rats. (United States)

    Meyer, Anja; Mayerhofer, Andreas; Kovar, Karl-Artur; Schmidt, Werner J


    3,4-methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine (MDMA) ('Ecstasy') and its analogue 3,4-methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine (MDE) ('Eve') are well known illicit street drugs mainly abused by young people. In spite of the actual research going on, the classification of their abuse potential remains unclear. Since secondary reinforcers are the main factors responsible for craving and relapse, the aim of our study was to assess the potency of MDMA and MDE in a second order reinforcement paradigm, i.e. conditioned place preference (CPP). For the general assessment of our study conditions, we compared MDMA with amphetamine. Unexpectedly, no significant CPP for MDMA was found in contrast to amphetamine. Detailed analysis of current literature led us to the working hypothesis that social environment is crucial for the development of CPP. In a subsequent experiment we tested the influence of housing conditions on CPP using MDMA and demonstrated that isolated animals show significant CPP compared to group-housed ones. In order to better understand the rewarding mechanisms of Ecstasy-derivatives, we tested both the racemic drugs and the pure isomers in the CPP paradigm. Both MDMA's optical isomers and racemic MDMA showed significant CPP without notable differences, while MDE and its isomers completely failed to show any significant CPP. In conclusion, the mechanism by which MDMA induces addiction is much more complicated than assumed so far and more pronounced in isolated animals. The fact that both optical isomers of MDMA led to CPP implies that at least two pathways by which MDMA induces craving behaviour exist.

  2. Membrane bioreactor sludge rheology at different solid retention times. (United States)

    Laera, G; Giordano, C; Pollice, A; Saturno, D; Mininni, G


    Rheological characterization is of crucial importance in sludge management both in terms of biomass dewatering and stabilization properties and in terms of design parameters for sludge handling operations. The sludge retention time (SRT) has a significant influence on biomass properties in biological wastewater treatment systems and in particular in membrane bioreactors (MBRs). The aim of this work is to compare the rheological behaviour of the biomass in a MBR operated under different SRTs. A bench-scale MBR was operated for 4 years under the same conditions except for the SRT, which ranged from 20 days to complete sludge retention. The rheological properties were measured over time and the apparent viscosity was correlated with the concentration of solid material when equilibrium conditions were reached and maintained. The three models most commonly adopted for rheological simulations were evaluated and compared in terms of their parameters. Then, steady-state average values of these parameters were related to the equilibrium biomass concentration (MLSS). The models were tested to select the one better fitting the experimental data in terms of mean root square error (MRSE). The relationship between the apparent viscosity and the shear rate, as a function of solid concentration, was determined and is proposed here. Statistical analysis showed that, in general, the Bingham model provided slightly better results than the Ostwald one. However, considering that a strong correlation between the two parameters of the Ostwald model was found for all the SRTs tested, both in the transient growth phases and under steady-state conditions, this model might be used more conveniently. This feature suggests that the latter model is easier to be used for the determination of the sludge apparent viscosity.

  3. Optical processing (United States)

    Gustafson, S. C.


    The technical contributions were as follows: (1) Optical parallel 2-D neighborhood processor and optical processor assessment technique; (2) High accuracy with moderately accurate components and optical fredkin gate architectures; (3) Integrated optical threshold computing, pipelined polynomial processor, and all optical analog/digital converter; (4) Adaptive optical associative memory model with attention; (5) Effectiveness of parallelism and connectivity in optical computers; (6) Optical systolic array processing using an integrated acoustooptic module; (7) Optical threshold elements and networks, holographic threshold processors, adaptive matched spatial filtering, and coherence theory in optical computing; (8) Time-varying optical processing for sub-pixel targets, optical Kalman filtering, and adaptive matched filtering; (9) Optical degrees of freedom, ultra short optical pulses, number representations, content-addressable-memory processors, and integrated optical Givens rotation devices; (10) Optical J-K flip flop analysis and interfacing for optical computers; (11) Matrix multiplication algorithms and limits of incoherent optical computers; (12) Architecture for machine vision with sensor fusion, pattern recognition functions, and neural net implementations; (13) Optical computing algorithms, architectures, and components; and (14) Dynamic optical interconnections, advantages and architectures.

  4. Improving student retention in computer engineering technology (United States)

    Pierozinski, Russell Ivan

    The purpose of this research project was to improve student retention in the Computer Engineering Technology program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology by reducing the number of dropouts and increasing the graduation rate. This action research project utilized a mixed methods approach of a survey and face-to-face interviews. The participants were male and female, with a large majority ranging from 18 to 21 years of age. The research found that participants recognized their skills and capability, but their capacity to remain in the program was dependent on understanding and meeting the demanding pace and rigour of the program. The participants recognized that curriculum delivery along with instructor-student interaction had an impact on student retention. To be successful in the program, students required support in four domains: academic, learning management, career, and social.

  5. Teacher professionalisation in relation to retention strategies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wahlgren, Bjarne


    pedagogical strategies have any impact on retention? The project started in 2010 and includes annual interventions and measurements of the output of these inventions. The intervention includes various teacher training programs e.g. about training in cooperative learning, classroom management, conflict......Teacher professionalization in relation to retention strategies Bjarne Wahlgren, professor, director National Centre of Competence Development, University of Aarhus, Denmark The research project ‘New roles for the teacher’ was initiated due to a concern about the increasing number of dropouts...... within Danish VET. The main research questions are: Is it possible to train teachers to be able to focus on the students’ completion of the program and not only on the subject matter? Do teachers change their attitudes and actual performance in the classroom after training programs? And do new...

  6. Retention technique #1. Developing managerial warmth. (United States)

    Davidhizar, R


    A manager who has interpersonal warmth is not simply gullible or naive, but instead possesses a valuable skill in reaching others. In most manager-employee relationships, some degree of limit-setting and judgment are necessary; however, warmth integrated with limit-setting is more satisfying for both employee and manager. Although warmth as an interpersonal phenomenon is affected by the employee's perception, certain managerial actions can increase the likelihood of being perceived as warm; yet, in spite of careful adherence to the guidelines for communicating warmth, managerial warmth will still be rejected in some situations. As is true of any managerial technique, the effective use of warmth requires an assessment of the employee's personality and the approach most appropriate for the situation at hand. The excellent manager is able to quickly adapt, matching the level of warmth to the situation. See Nurse Manager Retention Factors for viewpoints from nurses themselves. Interpersonal management style is an important retention factor.

  7. Selective Surface Modification on Lubricant Retention (United States)

    Jiang, Yu; Suvanto, Mika; Pakkanen, Tapani A.


    While surface patterns are effective in improving tribological properties, nevertheless they alter the surface wettability, which will in turn affect the surface-lubricant interactions. When there is a shortage of lubricant on a patterned surface, the lubricant stored inside the cavities will be extracted to compensate the surface lubricant dissipation. Additionally, the lubricant retention effect provided by the cavities is competing with the release of the lubricant. With weak surface-lubricant interaction, the retention is limited. Therefore, the lubrication will have a sudden failure, giving a dramatic transition to abrasive wear. To improve the performance of polar lubricants on hydrophobic polymer surfaces, both topographical and selective surface modifications were incorporated on injection molded polypropylene surfaces. Distinctive lubrication improvement was observed when the surface structure density for the lubricant storage was high, and the release of the lubricant was controlled by the interaction with the selectively modified surfaces.

  8. Push Vs Pull: Factors Influence Student Retention


    Matthew Leone; Robert G. Tian


    Problem statement: Student retention becomes one of the most significant issues that administrators of colleges and universities must deal with in todays highly competitive market. Approach: In fact retaining a student is fundamental to the ability of an institution to carry out its mission. A high rate of attrition is not only a fiscal problem for schools, but a symbolic failure of an institution to achieve its purpose. Results: There are many ways to keep students retain at the same college...

  9. Maximizing Female Retention In the Navy (United States)


    GUARD guaranteed assignment retention detailing JAG judge advocate general corps JAMRS joint advertising market research and studies LT lieutenant...Secretary of Defense, Personnel and Readiness, 2011). Furthermore, women are half as likely to continue to serve according to the Joint Advertising ... stereotypes will occur, thus leading to better intergroup relations (Tolbert et al., 1995). Critical mass is related to social contact theory in that

  10. 300 Area Building Retention Evaluation Mitigation Plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    D. J. McBride


    Evaluate the long-term retention of several facilities associated with the PNNL Capability Replacement Laboratory and other Hanfor mission needs. WCH prepared a mitigation plan for three scenarios with different release dates for specific buildings. The evaluations present a proposed plan for providing utility services to retained facilities in support of a long-term (+20 year) lifespan in addition to temporary services to buildings with specified delayed release dates.

  11. The Combinatorial Retention Auction Mechanism (CRAM)


    Coughlan, Peter; Gates, William (Bill); Myung, Noah


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Revised version We propose a reverse uniform price auction called Combinatorial Retention Auction Mechanism (CRAM) that integrates both monetary and non-monetary incentives (NMIs). CRAM computes the cash bonus and NMIs to a single cost parameter, retains the lowest cost employees and provides them with compensation equal to the cost of the first excluded employee. CRAM is dominant strategy incentive compatible. We provide optimal b...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Liberacki


    Full Text Available The objective of the article was to present possible applications of recession flow curve in a small lowland watershed retention discharge size evaluation. The examined woodland micro catchment area of 0.52 sq km is located in Puszcza Zielonka in central Wielkopolska. The Hutka catchment is typically woody with high retention abilities. The catchment of the Hutka watercourse is forested in 89%, the other 11% is covered by swamps and wasteland. The predominant sites are fresh mixed coniferous forest (BMśw, fresh coniferous forest (Bśw and alder carr forest (Ol. Landscape in catchment is characterized by a large number of interior depressions, filled partly with rainwater or peatbogs, with poorly developed natural drainage. The watercourses do not exceed 1 km in length, the mean width is approx. 0.5 m, while mean depth ranges from 0.2 to 0.3 m. During hydrological research conducted in 1997/1998–1999/2000, 35 major (characteristic raised water stages were observed in Hutka after substantial precipitation. The recession curve dating from 18–24 September 2000 has the α and n rates nearest to average. Comparing the model curve and the curve created by observing watercourse flow, one can notice their resemblance and that they have similar ordinate values as well as shape. In the case of other recession curves, the maximum differences of ordinate values are also about 0.1–0.2 l/s/km2. The measuured α and n rates do not reveal any regularities. There are no significant statistical Horton model parameter (for recession flow curves dependencies between α and n and e.g. initial flows (Qo or the whole period of high water waves (Qp. Consequently, calculated relation between these parameters is only an approximation for the general evaluation of the retention discharge in the catchment area towards retention with flow function.

  13. Improved motor sequence retention by motionless listening. (United States)

    Lahav, Amir; Katz, Tal; Chess, Roxanne; Saltzman, Elliot


    This study examined the effect of listening to a newly learned musical piece on subsequent motor retention of the piece. Thirty-six non-musicians were trained to play an unfamiliar melody on a piano keyboard. Next, they were randomly assigned to participate in three follow-up listening sessions over 1 week. Subjects who, during their listening sessions, listened to the same initial piece showed significant improvements in motor memory and retention of the piece despite the absence of physical practice. These improvements included increased pitch accuracy, time accuracy, and dynamic intensity of key pressing. Similar improvements, though to a lesser degree, were observed in subjects who, during their listening sessions, were distracted by another task. Control subjects, who after learning the piece had listened to nonmusical sounds, showed impaired motoric retention of the piece at 1 week from the initial acquisition day. These results imply that motor sequences can be established in motor memory without direct access to motor-related information. In addition, the study revealed that the listening-induced improvements did not generalize to the learning of a new musical piece composed of the same notes as the initial piece learned, limiting the effects to musical motor sequences that are already part of the individual's motor repertoire.

  14. Determinants of feedback retention in soccer players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Januário Nuno


    Full Text Available This study analyzed soccer players’ retention of coaches’ feedback during training sessions. We intended to determine if the retention of information was influenced by the athletes’ personal characteristic (age, gender and the sports level, the quantity of information included in coach’s feedback (the number of ideas and redundancy, athletes’ perception of the relevance of the feedback information and athletes’ motivation as well as the attention level. The study that was conducted over the course of 18 sessions of soccer practice, involved 12 coaches (8 males, 4 females and 342 athletes (246 males, 96 females, aged between 10 and 18 years old. All coach and athlete interventions were transposed to a written protocol and submitted to content analysis. Descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression were calculated. The results showed that a substantial part of the information was not retained by the athletes; in 65.5% of cases, athletes experienced difficulty in completely reproducing the ideas of the coaches and, on average, the value of feedback retention was 57.0%. Six variables with a statistically significant value were found: gender, the athletes’ sports level, redundancy, the number of transmitted ideas, athletes’ perception of the relevance of the feedback information and the athletes’ motivation level.

  15. Retention of perceptual generalization of fear extinction. (United States)

    Pappens, Meike; Schroijen, Mathias; Van den Bergh, Omer; Van Diest, Ilse


    Fear reduction obtained during a fear extinction procedure can generalize from the extinction stimulus to other perceptually similar stimuli. Perceptual generalization of fear extinction typically follows a perceptual gradient, with increasing levels of fear reduction the more a stimulus resembles the extinction stimulus. The current study aimed to investigate whether perceptual generalization of fear extinction can be observed also after a retention interval of 24h. Fear was acquired to three geometrical figures of different sizes (CS(+), CS1(+) and CS2(+)) by consistently pairing them with a short-lasting suffocation experience (US). Three other geometrical figures that were never followed by the US served as control stimuli (CS(-), CS1(-), CS2(-)). Next, only the CS(+) was extinguished by presenting it in the absence of the US. One day later, fear responses to all stimuli were assessed without any US-presentation. Outcome measures included startle blink EMG, skin conductance, US expectancy, respiratory rate and tidal volume. On day 2 spontaneous recovery of fear was observed in US expectancy and tidal volume, but not in the other outcomes. Evidence for the retention of fear extinction generalization was present in US expectancy and skin conductance, but a perceptual gradient in the retention of generalized fear extinction could not be observed.

  16. Leadership training to improve nurse retention. (United States)

    Wallis, Allan; Kennedy, Kathy I


    This paper discusses findings from an evaluation of a training programme designed to promote collaborative, team-based approaches to improve nurse retention within health care organizations. A year-long leadership training programme was designed and implemented to develop effective teams that could address retention challenges in a diverse set of organizations in Colorado ranging from public, private to non-profit. An evaluation, based on a combination of participant observation, group interviews, and the use of standardized tests measuring individual emotional intelligence and team dynamics was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the training programme. What role do the emotional intelligence of individual members and organizational culture play in team effectiveness? Out of five teams participating in the training programme, two performed exceptionally well, one experienced moderate success and two encountered significant problems. Team dynamics were significantly affected by the emotional intelligence of key members holding supervisory positions and by the existing culture and structure of the participating organizations. Team approaches to retention hold promise but require careful development and are most likely to work where organizations have a collaborative problem-solving environment. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  17. Measuring Predictors of Student Retention Rates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Allen L. Webster


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Colleges and universities place more emphasis on student retention rates than ever before. Educational institutions are intensifying efforts to discourage student departure and preserve their established student base. Economic pressures that bear heavily on academic administration make such efforts highly critical for institutional success. Research on this vital issue is especially important due to the vigorous competition among college and universities to recruit students and maintain enrollment levels. This pressure is heightened by the fact that it costs more to attract students than it does to retain them. Approach: This study uses institutional-based data to examine student attrition levels with the intent to identify their chief determinants and provide the foundation for post-secondary institutions to explore the viability of their own retention programs. Discriminant analysis is used to distinguish those schools that exhibit a higher degree of success in retaining student enrollments from those who suffer higher departure trends. Results: Tuition, student/teacher ratio and the amount of dollar aid offered the students all play substantial roles in encouraging persistence. The acceptance rate and enrollment levels were found to provide less discriminatory power. Conclusion: Students are influenced by the personal attention they receive and the manner in which their chosen institution of higher education caters to their individual needs, problems and concerns. Colleges and universities concerned with student retention would benefit from concentrated programs designed to provide individualized student services that address immediate student needs.

  18. High efficiency diffusion molecular retention tumor targeting.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanyan Guo

    Full Text Available Here we introduce diffusion molecular retention (DMR tumor targeting, a technique that employs PEG-fluorochrome shielded probes that, after a peritumoral (PT injection, undergo slow vascular uptake and extensive interstitial diffusion, with tumor retention only through integrin molecular recognition. To demonstrate DMR, RGD (integrin binding and RAD (control probes were synthesized bearing DOTA (for (111 In(3+, a NIR fluorochrome, and 5 kDa PEG that endows probes with a protein-like volume of 25 kDa and decreases non-specific interactions. With a GFP-BT-20 breast carcinoma model, tumor targeting by the DMR or i.v. methods was assessed by surface fluorescence, biodistribution of [(111In] RGD and [(111In] RAD probes, and whole animal SPECT. After a PT injection, both probes rapidly diffused through the normal and tumor interstitium, with retention of the RGD probe due to integrin interactions. With PT injection and the [(111In] RGD probe, SPECT indicated a highly tumor specific uptake at 24 h post injection, with 352%ID/g tumor obtained by DMR (vs 4.14%ID/g by i.v.. The high efficiency molecular targeting of DMR employed low probe doses (e.g. 25 ng as RGD peptide, which minimizes toxicity risks and facilitates clinical translation. DMR applications include the delivery of fluorochromes for intraoperative tumor margin delineation, the delivery of radioisotopes (e.g. toxic, short range alpha emitters for radiotherapy, or the delivery of photosensitizers to tumors accessible to light.

  19. Measuring the value of customer retention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Monts, K.; Bonevac, B.; Lauer, J.; Tessema, D.


    Competition will require changes in how market research is conducted and how customers are pursued. The question remains: How does one approach customer retention in a way that provides meaningful guidelines? The conventional wisdom is that {open_quotes}the business of business is selling.{close_quotes} There is some truth to this, but the key question today is: What bearing does this have on how to run a business in a competitive environment? A recent article in the Harvard Business Review noted that, {open_quotes}Increasingly, companies are less focused on selling products and more interested in keeping customers.{close_quotes} Indeed, some observers have posited a natural societal evolutionary trend toward a shift of emphasis toward customer retention vis-a-vis customer acquisition, as a consequence of the primary marketing communication technology shifting from {open_quotes}broadcast{close_quotes} (where messages are sent out to inchoate masses) to {open_quotes}interactive{close_quotes} (where relationships are cultivated with precisely defined market niches or individual customers). The business of growing a business, then, can be framed as a matter of getting customers and keeping them so as to grow the value of the customer base to its fullest potential. In these terms, setting a marketing budget becomes the task of balancing what is spent on customer acquisition with what is spent on retention.

  20. Critical condition of subsurface crack formation for optics%光学元件亚表层裂纹成核临界条件研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王洪祥; 王景贺; 严志龙; 周岩; 徐曦; 钟波


    Based on indentation experiments and continuous stiffness method,the relationship curves between indentation depth and hardness/elastic modulus were obtained for fused silica optics.The process of ductile to brittle transition was systemat-ically analyzed,and the critical loads and critical depths were determined in static/quasi-static indentation or dynamic scratch process.The results of gradient load scratch experiments show that the crack induced by scratch process has a strong dependence on the normal load,and the material removal is ductile removal with a small load.With the increase of normal load,the median cracks perpendicular to the specimen surface and lateral cracks parallel to specimen surface are produced,while no obvious fea-tures are observed on specimen surface.Lateral cracks are extended and the bright regions are formed,eventually the radial cracks are induced,whose propagation directions are perpendicular or approximately perpendicular to indenter movement direction,so brittle material removal is achieved.%基于压痕实验和连续刚度测量法得到了熔石英材料硬度和弹性模量随压入深度的变化曲线,系统分析了材料由延性到脆性转变的过程,确定了熔石英晶体在静态/准静态印压和动态刻划时产生裂纹的临界载荷和临界深度.渐变载荷刻划实验结果表明,划痕过程诱发的裂纹对法向载荷有很强的依赖性,载荷较小时材料去除方式为延性域去除.随着法向载荷的增加,首先产生垂直于试件表面的中位裂纹和平行于试件表面方向扩展的侧向裂纹,而在试件表面上并没有产生明显的特征.载荷进一步增加后,侧向裂纹扩展并形成了明亮区域,最终诱发了沿垂直于或近似垂直于压头运动方向扩展的径向裂纹,实现了材料的脆性去除.

  1. Natural flood retention in mountain areas by forests and forest like short rotation coppices (United States)

    Reinhardt-Imjela, Christian; Schulte, Achim; Hartwich, Jens


    the water retention effect decreases. The second factor is the hydraulic behavior of soils. The initial properties of the SRC soils (pore volume, field capacity, hydraulic conductivity etc.) shortly after implementation of the plantation can be assumed to be similar to arable land if there is no prior conditioning such as deep tilling. However with increasing age of the plantation the properties are expected to converge to forest soils with their higher water retention capacities. Accordingly the infiltration potentials of the plantation strongly depends on the development of soil properties underneath. In general it can be concluded that short rotation coppices cannot solve flood problems in mountain areas solely. However together with other natural and distributed measures (e.g. retention basins, reforestation, conservation tillage etc.) they can be interesting elements of flood retention strategies in mountain areas.

  2. The optic nerve head in hereditary optic neuropathies. (United States)

    O'Neill, Evelyn C; Mackey, David A; Connell, Paul P; Hewitt, Alex W; Danesh-Meyer, Helen V; Crowston, Jonathan G


    Hereditary optic neuropathies are a prominent cause of blindness in both children and adults. The disorders in this group share many overlapping clinical characteristics, including morphological changes that occur at the optic nerve head. Accurate and prompt clinical diagnosis, supplemented with imaging when indicated, is essential for optimum management of the relevant optic neuropathy and appropriate counseling of the patient on its natural history. Patient history, visual field assessment, optic disc findings and imaging are the cornerstones of a correct diagnosis. This Review highlights the characteristic optic nerve head features that are common to the various hereditary optic neuropathies, and describes the features that enable the conditions to be differentiated.

  3. Retention and chiral recognition mechanism of organo-phosphorus compounds in high-performance liquid chroma-tography

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In normal phase condition, a series of chiral phosphorus organic compounds have been separated by high-performance liquid chromatography. In order to study the retention and chiral recognition mechanism, the method of quantitative structure-enantioselectivity retention relationships (QSERRs) has been investigated from the quantitative equations established between the chromatographic retention of enantiomers and their molecular descriptors of physicochemical properties. The results show that on the Pirkle-type chiral stationary phase (CSP) of Sumichiral OA4700, it is the parameter of LUMO that gives the most contribution to the chromatographic re-tention of O-ethyl O-(substituted) phenyl N-isopropyl phosphoroamidothioates resulting from the interaction of hydrogen bond and (or) p-p interaction. Meanwhile, the chiral recognition is formed from the contribution of logP and LUMO.


    Lennox Industries, Inc., Marshalltown, IA.


  5. Alignment of retention time obtained from multicapillary column gas chromatography used for VOC analysis with ion mobility spectrometry. (United States)

    Perl, Thorsten; Bödeker, Bertram; Jünger, Melanie; Nolte, Jürgen; Vautz, Wolfgang


    Multicapillary column (MCC) ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) are increasingly in demand for medical diagnosis, biological applications and process control. In a MCC-IMS, volatile compounds are differentiated by specific retention time and ion mobility when rapid preseparation techniques are applied, e.g. for the analysis of complex and humid samples. Therefore, high accuracy in the determination of both parameters is required for reliable identification of the signals. The retention time in the MCC is the subject of the present investigation because, for such columns, small deviations in temperature and flow velocity may cause significant changes in retention time. Therefore, a universal correction procedure would be a helpful tool to increase the accuracy of the data obtained from a gas-chromatographic preseparation. Although the effect of the carrier gas flow velocity and temperature on retention time is not linear, it could be demonstrated that a linear alignment can compensate for the changes in retention time due to common minor deviations of both the carrier gas flow velocity and the column temperature around the MCC-IMS standard operation conditions. Therefore, an effective linear alignment procedure for the correction of those deviations has been developed from the analyses of defined gas mixtures under various experimental conditions. This procedure was then applied to data sets generated from real breath analyses obtained in clinical studies using different instruments at different measuring sites for validation. The variation in the retention time of known signals, especially for compounds with higher retention times, was significantly improved. The alignment of the retention time--an indispensable procedure to achieve a more precise identification of analytes--using the proposed method reduces the random error caused by small accidental deviations in column temperature and flow velocity significantly.

  6. Implicit characteristic parameter of a programmed temperature retention index database

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙亦梁; 黄爱今; 王青清; 韦平


    In a programmed temperature retention index (PTRI) database, there exists a characteristic parameter rt0/β that can be calculated if the experimental parameters are clearly given. This characteristic parameter can be used to flexibly reproduce the original PTRI data under chromatographic conditions different from those originally given. As this characteristic parameter is not explicitly given, it is suggested to name this parameter as the implicit characteristic parameter (TCP) of a PTRI database. The ICP in White’s PTRI database was easily found and used satisfactorily to reproduce PTRI of some test compounds using either a Hewlett-Packard ultra-performance OV-1 column or a self-coated OV-1 column. The reproduction of PTRI could not be realized on columns of different materials. The fact that several PTRI databases measured on glass capillary columns could not satisfactorily be reproduced on fused silica column is explained.

  7. Shape retention of injection molded stainless steel compacts

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Yi-min; K.A.Khalil; HUANG Bai-yun


    The effects of the binder composition, the powder loading, the thermal properties of feedstocks, and the injection molding parameters on the compact shape retention for metal injection molding 17-4PH stainless steel were investigated. The high-density polyethylene is more effective than ethylene vinyl acetate as a second component of the wax-based binder to retain compact shape due to its higher pyrolytic temperature and less heat of fusion. The compact distortion decreases with increasing the powder loading, molding pressure and molding temperature. There exists an optimal process combination including the powder loading of 68%, molding pressure of 120 MPa and molding temperature of 150 ℃. Under this process condition, the percentage of distorted compacts is the lowest.

  8. Genetics Home Reference: chylomicron retention disease (United States)

    ... a rare condition with approximately 40 cases described worldwide. Related Information What information about a genetic condition can statistics provide? Why are some genetic conditions more common ...

  9. Optical Mixing in the Strong Coupling Regime: A New Method of Beam Conditioning at Hohlraum LEH and Direct Drive ICF Coronal Plasmas (United States)

    Mardirian, Marine; Afeyan, Bedros; Huller, Stefan; Montgomery, David; Froula, Dustin; Kirkwood, Robert


    We will present theoretical and computational results on Brillouin interactions between two beams in co-, counter-, and orthogonal propagation geometries. The beams will be structured (with speckle patterns), the plasma will have inhomogeneous flow including the Mach -1 surface. As the growth rate of the instability surpasses the natural frequency of the ion wave, the strong coupling regime (SCR) is reached, where reactive quasi-modes with intensity dependent frequency shifts result. This is especially true in laser hot spots. We trace the consequences of operations in this regime with different damping rates on the ion acoustic waves. We consider convective and absolute instabilities as well as the design of experiments which could examine these new regimes of instability behavior with new 10 psec time resolved diagnostics. Whether well enough conditioned beams can result after 10's or 100's of pairwise crossings in direct and indirect drive ICF configurations, and whether SRS can thus be strongly suppressed downstream, remains to be demonstrated. But the prospects exist for such new paths to instability control in a staged manner before STUD pulses are implemented.-

  10. Optimal sludge retention time for a bench scale MBR treating municipal sewage. (United States)

    Pollice, A; Laera, G; Saturno, D; Giordano, C; Sandulli, R


    Membrane bioreactors allow for higher sludge concentrations and improved degradation efficiencies with respect to conventional activated sludge. However, in the current practice these systems are often operated under sub-optimal conditions, since so far no precise indications have yet been issued on the optimal operating conditions of MBR for municipal wastewater treatment. This paper reports some results of four years of operation of a bench scale membrane bioreactor where steady state conditions were investigated under different sludge retention times. The whole experimental campaign was oriented towards the investigation of optimal process conditions in terms of COD removal and nitrification, biomass activity and growth, and sludge characteristics. The membrane bioreactor treated real municipal sewage, and four different sludge ages were tested (20, 40, 60, and 80 days) and compared with previous data on complete sludge retention. The results showed that the the biology of the system, as assessed by the oxygen uptake rate, is less affected than the sludge physical parameters. In particular, although the growth yield was observed to dramatically drop for SRT higher than 80 days, the biological activity was maintained under all the tested conditions. These considerations suggest that high SRT are convenient in terms of limited excess sludge production without losses of the treatment capacity. Physical characteristics such as the viscosity and the filterability appear to be negatively affected by prolonged sludge retention times, but their values remain within the ranges normally reported for conventional activated sludge.

  11. Trajectories in parallel optics. (United States)

    Klapp, Iftach; Sochen, Nir; Mendlovic, David


    In our previous work we showed the ability to improve the optical system's matrix condition by optical design, thereby improving its robustness to noise. It was shown that by using singular value decomposition, a target point-spread function (PSF) matrix can be defined for an auxiliary optical system, which works parallel to the original system to achieve such an improvement. In this paper, after briefly introducing the all optics implementation of the auxiliary system, we show a method to decompose the target PSF matrix. This is done through a series of shifted responses of auxiliary optics (named trajectories), where a complicated hardware filter is replaced by postprocessing. This process manipulates the pixel confined PSF response of simple auxiliary optics, which in turn creates an auxiliary system with the required PSF matrix. This method is simulated on two space variant systems and reduces their system condition number from 18,598 to 197 and from 87,640 to 5.75, respectively. We perform a study of the latter result and show significant improvement in image restoration performance, in comparison to a system without auxiliary optics and to other previously suggested hybrid solutions. Image restoration results show that in a range of low signal-to-noise ratio values, the trajectories method gives a significant advantage over alternative approaches. A third space invariant study case is explored only briefly, and we present a significant improvement in the matrix condition number from 1.9160e+013 to 34,526.

  12. Student retention in athletic training education programs. (United States)

    Dodge, Thomas M; Mitchell, Murray F; Mensch, James M


    The success of any academic program, including athletic training, depends upon attracting and keeping quality students. The nature of persistent students versus students who prematurely leave the athletic training major is not known. Understanding the profiles of athletic training students who persist or leave is important. To (1) explore the relationships among the following variables: anticipatory factors, academic integration, clinical integration, social integration, and motivation; (2) determine which of the aforementioned variables discriminate between senior athletic training students and major changers; and (3) identify which variable is the strongest predictor of persistence in athletic training education programs. Descriptive study using a qualitative and quantitative mixed-methods approach. Thirteen athletic training education programs located in District 3 of the National Athletic Trainers' Association. Ninety-four senior-level athletic training students and 31 college students who changed majors from athletic training to another degree option. Data were collected with the Athletic Training Education Program Student Retention Questionnaire (ATEPSRQ). Data from the ATEPSRQ were analyzed via Pearson correlations, multivariate analysis of variance, univariate analysis of variance, and a stepwise discriminant analysis. Open-ended questions were transcribed and analyzed using open, axial, and selective coding procedures. Member checks and peer debriefing techniques ensured trustworthiness of the study. Pearson correlations identified moderate relationships among motivation and clinical integration (r = 0.515, P students. Understanding student retention in athletic training is important for our profession. Results from this study suggest 3 key factors associated with student persistence in athletic training education programs: (1) student motivation, (2) clinical and academic integration, and (3) the presence of a peer-support system. Educators and program

  13. Psychogenic urine retention during doping controls

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elbe, Anne-Marie; Schlegel, Marius M.; Brand, Ralf


    relation to recovery, performance, and self-perception of professionalism and athletic excellence. Furthermore, a scale developed especially for the close description and measurement of PURD is presented. A questionnaire was used for measuring paruresis. The results are based on two online and one paper...... and pencil study involving 222 German-speaking athletes from various sports. The results indicate that 60% of these athletes have experienced psychogenic urine retention during doping controls, with only 39% of them showing symptoms of paruresis. PURD impacts athlete recovery and self...

  14. Clasp retention and composites: an abrasion study. (United States)

    Davenport, J C; Hawamdeh, K; Harrington, E; Wilson, H J


    An in vitro test for screening the abrasion resistance and abrasivity of composite resins when used to provide tooth undercuts for removable partial denture clasps is described. In the present study nine composite resins were tested against wrought stainless steel round clasps. The results indicated that the abrasion of any of the composites tested was unlikely to cause a noticeable loss of retention in the clinical situation. However, there was marked abrasion of the clasps by two of the composites which would be likely to be clinically relevant.

  15. Retention and failure morphology of prefabricated posts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sahafi, Alireza; Peutzfeldt, Anne; Asmussen, Erik


    PURPOSE: This study evaluated the effect of cement, post material, surface treatment, and shape (1) on the retention of posts luted in the root canals of extracted human teeth and (2) on the failure morphology. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Posts of titanium alloy (ParaPost XH), glass fiber (Para......Post Fiber White), and zirconia (Cerapost) received one of several surface treatments-sandblasting, CoJet treatment, application of Metalprimer II, or sandblasting followed by silane application-and were then luted in the prepared root canal of human incisors and canines (n = 10). Following water storage...

  16. Modern optics

    CERN Document Server

    Guenther, B D


    Modern Optics is a fundamental study of the principles of optics using a rigorous physical approach based on Maxwell's Equations. The treatment provides the mathematical foundations needed to understand a number of applications such as laser optics, fiber optics and medical imaging covered in an engineering curriculum as well as the traditional topics covered in a physics based course in optics. In addition to treating the fundamentals in optical science, the student is given an exposure to actual optics engineering problems such as paraxial matrix optics, aberrations with experimental examples, Fourier transform optics (Fresnel-Kirchhoff formulation), Gaussian waves, thin films, photonic crystals, surface plasmons, and fiber optics. Through its many pictures, figures, and diagrams, the text provides a good physical insight into the topics covered. The course content can be modified to reflect the interests of the instructor as well as the student, through the selection of optional material provided in append...

  17. Evaluation of the retention pattern on ionic liquid columns for gas chromatographic analyses of fatty acid methyl esters. (United States)

    Lin, Chen-Chen; Wasta, Ziar; Mjøs, Svein A


    Fatty acid methyl esters from marine sources were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry on three ionic liquid columns, SLB-IL61, SLB-IL82 and SLB-IL100 (Supelco). Retention indices (equivalent chain lengths) are reported for more than 100 compounds and the overlap patterns are evaluated from these data. The influence of chromatographic conditions on the retention indices of unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters is also evaluated. Compared to typical alternative phases the retention patterns on all three columns are highly dependent on the conditions. The SLB-IL61 phase had overlaps between nutritionally important fatty acids that could not be resolved by changing the chromatographic conditions. This column is therefore regarded as unsuitable for clinical and nutritional studies of the fatty acid composition, but similar overlaps may be avoided on IL82 and IL100. On all three columns double bonds close to the carboxyl group in the analytes contribute with limited retention, which makes it challenging to predict the retention of polyunsaturated fatty acid methyl esters.

  18. Research on the Error Characteristics of a 110 kV Optical Voltage Transformer under Three Conditions: In the Laboratory, Off-Line in the Field and During On-Line Operation. (United States)

    Xiao, Xia; Hu, Haoliang; Xu, Yan; Lei, Min; Xiong, Qianzhu


    Optical voltage transformers (OVTs) have been applied in power systems. When performing accuracy performance tests of OVTs large differences exist between the electromagnetic environment and the temperature variation in the laboratory and on-site. Therefore, OVTs may display different error characteristics under different conditions. In this paper, OVT prototypes with typical structures were selected to be tested for the error characteristics with the same testing equipment and testing method. The basic accuracy, the additional error caused by temperature and the adjacent phase in the laboratory, the accuracy in the field off-line, and the real-time monitoring error during on-line operation were tested. The error characteristics under the three conditions-laboratory, in the field off-line and during on-site operation-were compared and analyzed. The results showed that the effect of the transportation process, electromagnetic environment and the adjacent phase on the accuracy of OVTs could be ignored for level 0.2, but the error characteristics of OVTs are dependent on the environmental temperature and are sensitive to the temperature gradient. The temperature characteristics during on-line operation were significantly superior to those observed in the laboratory.

  19. Optic Neuritis



    Demyelinating optic neuritis is the most common cause of unilateral painful visual loss in the United States. Although patients presenting with demyelinating optic neuritis have favorable long-term visual prognosis, optic neuritis is the initial clinical manifestation of multiple sclerosis in 20% of patients. The Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial (ONTT) has helped stratify the risk of developing multiple sclerosis after the first episode of optic neuritis based on abnormal findings on brain MRI....

  20. Multiple pixel-scale soil water retention curves quantified by neutron radiography (United States)

    Kang, M.; Perfect, E.; Cheng, C. L.; Bilheux, H. Z.; Lee, J.; Horita, J.; Warren, J. M.


    The soil water retention function is needed for modeling multiphase flow in porous media. Traditional techniques for measuring the soil water retention function, such as the hanging water column or pressure cell methods, yield average water retention data which have to be modeled using inverse procedures to extract relevant point parameters. In this study, we have developed a technique for directly measuring multiple point (pixel-scale) water retention curves for a repacked sand material using 2-D neutron radiography. Neutron radiographic images were obtained under quasi-equilibrium conditions at nine imposed basal matric potentials during monotonic drying of Flint sand at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) Cold Guide (CG) 1D beamline at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. All of the images were normalized with respect to an image of the oven dry sand column. Volumetric water contents were computed on a pixel by pixel basis using an empirical calibration equation after taking into account beam hardening and geometric corrections. Corresponding matric potentials were calculated from the imposed basal matric potential and pixel elevations. Volumetric water content and matric potential data pairs corresponding to 120 selected pixels were used to construct 120 point water retention curves. Each curve was fitted to the Brooks and Corey equation using segmented non-linear regression in SAS. A 98.5% convergence rate was achieved resulting in 115 estimates of the four Brooks and Corey parameters. A single Brooks and Corey point water retention function was constructed for Flint sand using the median values of these parameter estimates. This curve corresponded closely with the point Brooks and Corey function inversely extracted from the average water retention data using TrueCell. Forward numerical simulations performed using HYDRUS 1-D showed that the cumulative outflows predicted using the point Brooks and Corey functions from both the direct (neutron radiography) and

  1. Football and Freshmen Retention: Examining the Impact of College Football on Institutional Retention Rates (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    Student retention has been one of the more researched topics in the study of American higher education over the past 20 years (Braxton, Hirschy, & McClendon, 2004; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005). Very little of this research, however, has attempted to examine the impact of college athletics on an institution's ability to retain students. This…

  2. Football and Freshmen Retention: Examining the Impact of College Football on Institutional Retention Rates (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    Student retention has been one of the more researched topics in the study of American higher education over the past 20 years (Braxton, Hirschy, & McClendon, 2004; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005). Very little of this research, however, has attempted to examine the impact of college athletics on an institution's ability to retain students.…

  3. Football and Freshmen Retention: Examining the Impact of College Football on Institutional Retention Rates (United States)

    Jones, Willis A.


    Student retention has been one of the more researched topics in the study of American higher education over the past 20 years (Braxton, Hirschy, & McClendon, 2004; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005). Very little of this research, however, has attempted to examine the impact of college athletics on an institution's ability to retain students.…

  4. Mechanistic failure mode investigation and resolution of parvovirus retentive filters. (United States)

    LaCasse, Daniel; Lute, Scott; Fiadeiro, Marcus; Basha, Jonida; Stork, Matthew; Brorson, Kurt; Godavarti, Ranga; Gallo, Chris


    Virus retentive filters are a key product safety measure for biopharmaceuticals. A simplistic perception is that they function solely based on a size-based particle removal mechanism of mechanical sieving and retention of particles based on their hydrodynamic size. Recent observations have revealed a more nuanced picture, indicating that changes in viral particle retention can result from process pressure and/or flow interruptions. In this study, a mechanistic investigation was performed to help identify a potential mechanism leading to the reported reduced particle retention in small virus filters. Permeate flow rate or permeate driving force were varied and analyzed for their impact on particle retention in three commercially available small virus retentive filters. © 2016 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 32:959-970, 2016.

  5. Gender differences in problem severity at assessment and treatment retention. (United States)

    Arfken, C L; Klein, C; di Menza, S; Schuster, C R


    Women in treatment for substance abuse have been reported to have more severe problems at assessment than men but not to differ in treatment retention. To examine gender differences in problems at assessment, 30-day retention, and treatment completion, data from Detroit's publicly funded substance abuse treatment system were used. Women had significantly more severe problems at assessment, lower 30-day retention, and lower treatment completion rates than men. These gender differences in retention remained significant even after controlling for problem severity, primary drug of abuse, and referred treatment setting. There was no evidence of improvements in women's problems at assessment or retention over time during this period. Women presented with more severe problems at assessment and were less likely to stay in treatment for 30 days or to complete treatment than men. Monitoring gender differences in problems at presentation and retention outcomes is recommended to assess local need for interventions.

  6. Laboratory and Field Investigations of Dynamic Effects in Soil Water Retention Curve (United States)

    Chiu, Yung-Chia; Tseng, Yen-Huiang; Ye, Jiun-Yan


    The unsaturated soil is a multi-phase system and the embedded physical mechanisms and chemical reactions are very complicated. The characteristics of groundwater flow and mechanisms of mass transport are still ambiguous so far. In order to fully understand the flow and transport in the unsaturated zone, the soil water retention curve plays an important role in description of water flow. However, the measurements and calculations of soil water retention curve are usually obtained under the static condition or steady state (equilibrium), in which the dynamic effects (non-equilibrium) are not considered, and the obtained relationship between capillary pressure and saturation is skeptical. Therefore, the sandbox experiments and field tests will be conducted to discuss the dynamic effects in the soil water retention curve and hysteresis effect in this study. In the laboratory, the relations between capillary pressure, saturation, the rate of change of water content, and dynamic constant are evaluated through different setting of boundary conditions and different sizes of particles. In the field, the tests are conducted to describe the soil water retention curve through the rain simulator and artificial evaporation. Besides, the dynamic dewpoint potentiameter is used to analyze the hysteresis effect of soil samples, and its results are compared with the results obtained from sandbox and field experiments. Finally, through a series of experiments, the relationship between capillary pressure and saturation under the dynamic effects is established, and the associated theories and mechanisms are discussed. The works developed in this study can provide as reference tools for the hydrogeological investigation and contaminated site remediation in the future. Keywords: capillary pressure, saturation, soil water retention curve, hysteresis, sandbox experiment, field test

  7. Modeling of the Transport and Retention of Fullerene C60 Aggregates in Porous Media (United States)

    Li, Y.; Wang, Y.; Pennell, K.; Abriola, L.


    Buckminster fullerene (C60) has recently gained wide application in many commercial products. Given its widespread use, release of C60 into the environment during manufacture, transportation, and/or application is likely. Although C60 has negligible solubility in water, it is capable of acquiring charge and form highly stable nano-scale aggregates (nC60) in aqueous systems. In recent years, several laboratory research efforts have been devoted to studying the potential fate and transport of nC60 in porous media representative of the natural subsurface environment. Traditional clean-bed filtration theory is typically applied to analyze the experimental results. Far less attention has focused on the applicability of filtration theory to nC60 transport under different soil and solution conditions. In this work, we simulate column transport of nC60 under progressively more complex conditions and compare with laboratory observations. For nC60 transport in columns packed with Ottawa sand and simple electrolyte solutions, i.e. 1mM CaCl2 and 1mM NaCl, simulation results reveal that traditional clean-bed filtration theory is not sufficient to model the asymmetric breakthrough curves and relatively flat retention profiles observed in these systems. Modification of the filtration model, incorporating a maximum retention capacity term, can provide remarkably improved modeling results. The second application is for transport of nC60 in Ottawa sand coated with surfactant. The observed retention profiles in these experiments exhibit a hyper-exponential feature. Modeling results demonstrate that coupled simulation of both surfactant and nC60 transport is required to correctly capture the hyper-exponential retention profile in these systems. Finally, efforts to model the transport of nC60 in real soils, including Appling and Webster soils, are presented, suggesting that modification of filtration theory is also necessary in this case, to capture the shape of the observed retention

  8. Micromechanical analysis of water retention phenomenon (United States)

    Gras, J.-P.; Delenne, J.-Y.; Soulié, F.; El Youssoufi, M. S.


    We investigate the water distribution and the link between suction and water content in granular media. Firstly, we examine the effect of suction on the shape and the volume of the liquid bridge for different parameters (grain radius, inter-particle distance, contact angle, surface tension). This local behaviour is then used in a discrete element study of a sample composed of several thousands of grains. We focus our study on the pendular state. The existence of a liquid film around the grains which involves the continuity of the liquid phase is assumed. The water distribution and the water content associated with a given suction are calculated. Then retention curves of the granular media are built. Four different methods are used. The first is based on the local expression of the capillary force coupled with the "gorge method," the second is based on the Laplace equation, and the third and the fourth are based on the integration of the differential equation that defines the liquid bridge shape. A parametric study is made to bring to light the effect of macroscopic parameters (grain-size distribution, density) and physical parameters (liquid/air surface tension, contact angle) on the water retention curve. Finally, numerical data are compared to experimental results.

  9. Retention of Halogens in Waste Glass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hrma, Pavel R.


    In spite of their potential roles as melting rate accelerators and foam breakers, halogens are generally viewed as troublesome components for glass processing. Of five halogens, F, Cl, Br, I, and At, all but At may occur in nuclear waste. A nuclear waste feed may contain up to 10 g of F, 4 g of Cl, and ≤100 mg of Br and I per kg of glass. The main concern is halogen volatility, producing hazardous fumes and particulates, and the radioactive iodine 129 isotope of 1.7x10^7-year half life. Because F and Cl are soluble in oxide glasses and tend to precipitate on cooling, they can be retained in the waste glass in the form of dissolved constituents or as dispersed crystalline inclusions. This report compiles known halogen-retention data in both high-level waste (HLW) and low-activity waste (LAW) glasses. Because of its radioactivity, the main focus is on I. Available data on F and Cl were compiled for comparison. Though Br is present in nuclear wastes, it is usually ignored; no data on Br retention were found.

  10. Husband's Esteem Predicts his Mate Retention Tactics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher J. Holden


    Full Text Available delity or prevent their defection from the relationship. These tactics include low-risk acts that render the current relationship more attractive by bestowing benefits on the woman, as well as cost-inflicting acts that render defection from the relationship risky or dangerous for her. Previous research has linked men's mate retention behavior with men's mate value (value as a current or potential partner using women's reports. The current research addresses limitations of that research using self-reports and cross-spousal reports from 107 married couples concerning their self-esteem and their esteem for their partner. The results indicate that the level of esteem that wives have for their husbands is positively associated with their perception of their husband's use of positive inducements and negatively associated with their husband's self-reported use of cost-inflicting mate retention behaviors (i.e., Direct Guarding, Intersexual Negative Inducements, and Intrasexual Negative Inducements. The level of self-esteem reported by men was negatively associated with their self-reported direct guarding behavior. Discussion explores the possibility that esteem—both self-esteem and esteem from one's partner—functions as an internal gauge of relative mate value.

  11. Retention of Halogens in Waste Glass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hrma, Pavel R.


    In spite of their potential roles as melting rate accelerators and foam breakers, halogens are generally viewed as troublesome components for glass processing. Of five halogens, F, Cl, Br, I, and At, all but At may occur in nuclear waste. A nuclear waste feed may contain up to 10 g of F, 4 g of Cl, and ≤100 mg of Br and I per kg of glass. The main concern is halogen volatility, producing hazardous fumes and particulates, and the radioactive iodine 129 isotope of 1.7x10^7-year half life. Because F and Cl are soluble in oxide glasses and tend to precipitate on cooling, they can be retained in the waste glass in the form of dissolved constituents or as dispersed crystalline inclusions. This report compiles known halogen-retention data in both high-level waste (HLW) and low-activity waste (LAW) glasses. Because of its radioactivity, the main focus is on I. Available data on F and Cl were compiled for comparison. Though Br is present in nuclear wastes, it is usually ignored; no data on Br retention were found.

  12. Retention and resistance of preparations for cast restorations. (United States)

    Potts, R G; Shillingburg, H T; Duncanson, M G


    Five preparation designs were tested for retention and resistance. Retention values for all partial veneer crowns were significantly lower than those for the complete veneer crown. Resistance values increased significantly with the addition of grooves and/or extension of axial surface coverage. Addition of grooves and/or extension of axial surface coverage produced small increases in retention values but marked increases in resistance values.

  13. Job embeddedness as a nurse retention strategy for rural hospitals. (United States)

    Stroth, Chandra


    RN turnover is expensive and disruptive for rural hospitals, constraining finances, impacting patient care, and stressing remaining nurses. Recent investigations have described a promising new construct related to employee retention: job embeddedness. Leaders in nonhealthcare organizations have adopted a job-embeddedness model to guide retention strategies and experienced a subsequent reduction in turnover. The author explores job embeddedness as an effective retention plan strategy for rural hospitals.

  14. Learning communities: the link to recruitment and retention. (United States)

    Bassi, Sherry; Polifroni, E Carol


    The professional learning community is a strategy to help staff development educators address recruitment and retention and organizational culture. The purpose of this article is to analyze the concept of learning communities and discuss their potential to increase the recruitment and retention of new graduate nurses and returning practitioners to the nursing profession. Incorporating learning communities into the healthcare organization will decrease the number of nurses leaving nursing, foster retention, and thus, enhance recruitment.

  15. Air Force Pilot Retention: A Look at 1996 (United States)


    PILOT RETENTION A LOOK AT 1996 BY COLONEL DANIEL F . CRUM DISTRIBUTIlON STATEMENT A: Approved f or public releasel distribution to un1ated. 7 APRIL the appropriate mli.tar- service or government agency. AIR FORCE PILOT RETENTION A LOOK AT 1996 AN INDIVIDUAL STUDY PROJECT by Colonel Daniel F . Crum...35 I ABSTRACT AUTHOR: Daniel F . Crum TITLE: Air Force Pilot Retention: A Look at 1996 FORMAT: Individual Study

  16. Retention and release mechanisms of deuterium implanted into beryllium (United States)

    Oberkofler, M.; Reinelt, M.; Linsmeier, Ch.


    The fraction of deuterium (D) that is retained upon irradiation of beryllium (Be) as well as the temperatures at which implanted D is released are of importance for the international fusion experiment ITER, where Be will be used as an armor material. The influence of single parameters on retention and release is investigated in laboratory experiments performed under well defined conditions with the aim to identify dominant underlying mechanisms and thus be able to predict the behavior of the Be wall in ITER. Recent progress in the quantification of retained fractions and release temperatures as well as in the understanding of the governing mechanisms is presented. The retained fraction upon implantation of D at 1 keV into Be(1 1 2¯ 0) to fluences far below the saturation threshold of 10 21 m -2 is almost 95%, the remaining 5% being attributed to reflection at the surface. At these low fluences, no dependence of the retained fractions on implantation energy is observed. At fluences of the order of 10 21 m -2 and higher, saturation of the irradiated material affects the retention, leading to lower retained fractions. Furthermore, at these fluences the retained fractions decrease with decreasing implantation energies. Differences in the retained fractions from implanted Be(1 1 2¯ 0) and polycrystalline Be are explained by anisotropic diffusion of interstitials during implantation, leading to an amount of surviving D-trap complexes that depends on surface-orientation. Temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) spectra are recorded after implantation of fluences of the order of 10 19 m -2 at various energies and simulated by means of a newly developed code based on coupled reaction-diffusion systems (CRDS). The asymmetric shape of the TPD peaks is reproduced by introducing a local D accumulation process into the model.

  17. Working without accumulation membrane in flow field-flow fractionation. Effect of sample loading on retention. (United States)

    Melucci, Dora; Zattoni, Andrea; Casolari, Sonia; Reggiani, Matteo; Sanz, Ramses; Reschiglian, Pierluigi; Torsi, Giancarlo


    Membraneless hyperlayer flow field-flow fractionation (Hyp FIFFF) has shown improved performance with respect to Hyp FIFFF with membrane. The conditions for high recovery and recovery independent of sample loading in membraneless Hyp FIFFF have been previously determined. The effect of sample loading should be also investigated in order to optimize the form of the peaks for real samples. The effect of sample loading on peak retention parameters is of prime importance in applications such as the conversion of peaks into particle size distributions. In this paper, a systematic experimental work is performed in order to study the effect of sample loading on retention parameters. A procedure to regenerate the frit operating as accumulation wall is described. High reproducibility is obtained with low system conditioning time.

  18. The effect of hydrate saturation on water retention curves in hydrate-bearing sediments (United States)

    Mahabadi, Nariman; Zheng, Xianglei; Jang, Jaewon


    The experimental measurement of water retention curve in hydrate-bearing sediments is critically important to understand the behavior of hydrate dissociation and gas production. In this study, tetrahydrofuran (THF) is selected as hydrate former. The pore habit of THF hydrates is investigated by visual observation in a transparent micromodel. It is confirmed that THF hydrates are not wetting phase on the quartz surface of the micromodel and occupy either an entire pore or part of pore space resulting in change in pore size distribution. And the measurement of water retention curves in THF hydrate-bearing sediments with hydrate saturation ranging from Sh = 0 to Sh = 0.7 is conducted for excess water condition. The experimental results show that the gas entry pressure and the capillary pressure increase with increasing hydrate saturation. Based on the experimental results, fitting parameters for van Genuchten equation are suggested for different hydrate saturation conditions.

  19. Modelling of the water retention characteristic of deformable soils

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Yu


    Full Text Available A recently proposed water retention model has been further developed for the application on unsaturated deformable soils. The physical mechanisms underpinning the water retention characteristic of soils was at first described in terms of traditional theories of capillarity and interfacial physical chemistry at pore level. Then upscaling to macroscopic level of material scale in terms of average volume theorem produces an analytical formula for the water retention characteristic. The methodology produces an explicit form of the water retention curve as a function of three state parameters: the suction, the degree-of-water-saturation and the void-ratio. At last, the model has been tested using experimental measurements.

  20. Engineering Optics

    CERN Document Server

    Iizuka, Keigo


    Engineering Optics is a book for students who want to apply their knowledge of optics to engineering problems, as well as for engineering students who want to acquire the basic principles of optics. It covers such important topics as optical signal processing, holography, tomography, holographic radars, fiber optical communication, electro- and acousto-optic devices, and integrated optics (including optical bistability). As a basis for understanding these topics, the first few chapters give easy-to-follow explanations of diffraction theory, Fourier transforms, and geometrical optics. Practical examples, such as the video disk, the Fresnel zone plate, and many more, appear throughout the text, together with numerous solved exercises. There is an entirely new section in this updated edition on 3-D imaging.

  1. A causal involvement of the left supramarginal gyrus during the retention of musical pitches. (United States)

    Schaal, Nora K; Williamson, Victoria J; Kelly, Maria; Muggleton, Neil G; Pollok, Bettina; Krause, Vanessa; Banissy, Michael J


    Brain stimulation studies have previously demonstrated a causal link between general pitch memory processes and activity within the left supramarginal gyrus (SMG). Building on this evidence, the present study tested the impact of left SMG stimulation on two distinct pitch memory phases, retention and encoding. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) was employed during the retention stage (Experiment 1) and the encoding phase (Experiment 2) of a pitch recognition task. Stimulation was applied on a trial-by-trial basis over the left SMG (target site) or the vertex (control site). A block without TMS was also completed. In Experiment 1, rTMS over the left SMG during pitch retention led to significantly increased reaction times compared to control conditions. In Experiment 2 no rTMS modulation effects were found during encoding. Experiment 3 was conducted as a control for non-specific stimulation effects; no effects were found when rTMS was applied over the left SMG at the two different time points during a perceptual task. Taken together, these findings highlight a phase-specific involvement of the left SMG in the retention phase of pitch memory, thereby indicating that the left SMG is involved in the maintenance of pitch information. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. Influence of particle flux density and temperature on surface modifications of tungsten and deuterium retention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buzi, Luxherta, E-mail: [Ghent University, Department of Applied Physics, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Ghent (Belgium); FOM Institute DIFFER-Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Edisonbaan 14, 3439 MN, PO Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Université de Lorraine, Institut Jean Lamour, CNRS UMR 7198, Bvd. des Aiguillettes, F-54506 Vandoeuvre (France); Temmerman, Greg De [FOM Institute DIFFER-Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, Edisonbaan 14, 3439 MN, PO Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Unterberg, Bernhard; Reinhart, Michael; Litnovsky, Andrey; Philipps, Volker [Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany); Oost, Guido Van [Ghent University, Department of Applied Physics, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B-9000 Ghent (Belgium); Möller, Sören [Institut für Energie und Klimaforschung – Plasmaphysik, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Leo-Brandt-Straße, 52425 Jülich (Germany)


    Systematic study of deuterium irradiation effects on tungsten was done under ITER – relevant high particle flux density, scanning a broad surface temperature range. Polycrystalline ITER – like grade tungsten samples were exposed in linear plasma devices to two different ranges of deuterium ion flux densities (high: 3.5–7 · 10{sup 23} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} s and low: 9 · 10{sup 21} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} s). Particle fluence and ion energy, respectively 10{sup 26} D{sup +}/m{sup 2} and ∼38 eV were kept constant in all cases. The experiments were performed at three different surface temperatures 530 K, 630 K and 870 K. Experimental results concerning the deuterium retention and surface modifications of low flux exposure confirmed previous investigations. At temperatures 530 K and 630 K, deuterium retention was higher at lower flux density due to the longer exposure time (steady state plasma operation) and a consequently deeper diffusion range. At 870 K, deuterium retention was found to be higher at high flux density according to the thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS) measurements. While blisters were completely absent at low flux density, small blisters of about 40–50 nm were formed at high flux density exposure. At the given conditions, a relation between deuterium retention and blister formation has been found which has to be considered in addition to deuterium trapping in defects populated by diffusion.

  3. Prediction of retention time in reversed-phase liquid chromatography as a tool for steroid identification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Randazzo, Giuseppe Marco [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Tonoli, David [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT), Universities of Basel and Geneva, Basel (Switzerland); Human Protein Sciences Department, University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland); Hambye, Stephanie; Guillarme, Davy [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Jeanneret, Fabienne [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT), Universities of Basel and Geneva, Basel (Switzerland); Human Protein Sciences Department, University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland); Nurisso, Alessandra [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Goracci, Laura [Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, University of Perugia, Perugia (Italy); Boccard, Julien [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Rudaz, Serge, E-mail: [School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne, Geneva (Switzerland); Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT), Universities of Basel and Geneva, Basel (Switzerland)


    The untargeted profiling of steroids constitutes a growing research field because of their importance as biomarkers of endocrine disruption. New technologies in analytical chemistry, such as ultra high-pressure liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (MS), offer the possibility of a fast and sensitive analysis. Nevertheless, difficulties regarding steroid identification are encountered when considering isotopomeric steroids. Thus, the use of retention times is of great help for the unambiguous identification of steroids. In this context, starting from the linear solvent strength (LSS) theory, quantitative structure retention relationship (QSRR) models, based on a dataset composed of 91 endogenous steroids and VolSurf + descriptors combined with a new dedicated molecular fingerprint, were developed to predict retention times of steroid structures in any gradient mode conditions. Satisfactory performance was obtained during nested cross-validation with a predictive ability (Q{sup 2}) of 0.92. The generalisation ability of the model was further confirmed by an average error of 4.4% in external prediction. This allowed the list of candidates associated with identical monoisotopic masses to be strongly reduced, facilitating definitive steroid identification. - Highlights: • Difficulties regarding steroid identification are encountered when considering isotopomeric steroids. • Quantitative structure retention relationship (QSRR) models were developed from the linear solvent strength theory. • A dataset composed of 91 steroids and VolSurf + descriptors combined with a new dedicated molecular fingerprint, were used. • The list of candidates associated with identical monoisotopic masses was reduced, facilitating steroid identification.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shingo Yokota


    Full Text Available The retention behavior of polymers having the specific affinities of glyco-hydrolases for pulp fibers was investigated with regard to paper-strength enhancement in contaminated papermaking systems. Carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs of cellulases derived from Trichoderma viride and T. reesei, and of xylanase from Thermomyces lanuginosus, were obtained by site-directed digestion with papain, then introduced into anionic polyacrylamide (A-PAM via a peptide condensation reaction. Three types of CBM-conjugated A-PAMs (CBM-A-PAMs displayed different retention behavior, depending on the kind of pulp substrates, i.e. hardwood and softwood fibers. The CBM-A-PAM from T. viride demonstrated good additive retention for hardwood pulp fibers, resulting in high tensile strength of paper sheets, even under contaminated conditions in the presence of Ca2+ ions and ligninsulfonate. The CBM-A-PAM from T. reesei showed better performance for softwood than for hardwood sheets. The xylanase CBM-A-PAM was preferentially retained on hardwood fibers in which hemicelluloses might be present. Such an additive retention system, with inherent affinities of enzymes for pulp fibers, is expected to expand the application range of CBM-polymers in practical wet-end processes.

  5. Retention behavior of phenols, anilines, and alkylbenzenes in liquid chromatographic separations using subcritical water as the mobile phase. (United States)

    Yang, Y; Jones, A D; Eaton, C D


    The unique characteristic of subcritical water is its widely tunable physical properties. For example, the polarity (measured by dielectric constant) of water is significantly decreased by raising water temperature. At temperatures of 200-250 °C (under moderate pressure to keep water in the liquid state), the polarity of pure water is similar to that of pure methanol or acetonitrile at ambient conditions. Therefore, pure subcritical water may be able to serve as the mobile phase for reversed-phase separations. To investigate the retention behavior in subcritical water separation, the retention factors of BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and m-xylene), phenol, aniline, and their derivatives have been determined using subcritical water, methanol/water, and acetonitrile/water systems. Subcritical water separations were also performed using alumina, silica-bonded C18, and poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) columns to study the influence of the stationary phase on analyte retention under subcritical water conditions.

  6. Method for training honeybees to respond to olfactory stimuli and enhancement of memory retention therein

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McCade, Kirsten J.; Wingo, Robert M.; Haarmann, Timothy K.; Sutherland, Andrew; Gubler, Walter D.


    A specialized conditioning protocol for honeybees that is designed for use within a complex agricultural ecosystem. This method ensures that the conditioned bees will be less likely to exhibit a conditioned response to uninfected plants, a false positive response that would render such a biological sensor unreliable for agricultural decision support. Also described is a superboosting training regime that allows training without the aid of expensive equipment and protocols for training in out in the field. Also described is a memory enhancing cocktail that aids in long term memory retention of a vapor signature. This allows the bees to be used in the field for longer durations and with fewer bees trained overall.

  7. Fiber optics welder (United States)

    Higgins, R.W.; Robichaud, R.E.

    A system is described for welding fiber optic waveguides together. The ends of the two fibers to be joined together are accurately, collinearly aligned in a vertical orientation and subjected to a controlled, diffuse arc to effect welding and thermal conditioning. A front-surfaced mirror mounted at a 45/sup 0/ angle to the optical axis of a stereomicroscope mounted for viewing the junction of the ends provides two orthogonal views of the interface during the alignment operation.

  8. Controls on Arsenic Retention in Surface and Subsurface Environments: Resolving the Impact of Iron Reduction (United States)

    Tufano, K.; Fendorf, S.


    A transition from oxidizing to reducing conditions has long been implicated in increasing aqueous As concentrations. Confounding processes controlling the release of As, reductive transformation of ferrihydrite, a common Fe(III) (hydr)oxide, has recently been shown to promote As retention rather than release. Elucidating the processes controlling As desorption and subsequent migration in surface and subsurface environments and how environmental factors (for example, availability of labile carbon and duration/extent of flooding) affect these processes will allow predictions to be made regarding long-term stability of As in soil and sediment. In turn, this can aid in evaluating the likelihood of having measurable As in groundwater. To better resolve these processes, here we examine As desorption from ferrihydrite-coated sands pre-sorbed with As(III) at circumneutral pH under Fe-reducing conditions with the dissimilatory iron reducing bacterium (DIRB) Shewanella putrefaciens strain CN- 32. We reveal that upon iron reduction, transformation of As-bearing ferrihydrite results in As(III) retention. However, over time there is a shift from reductive transformation to reductive dissolution of the As-bearing Fe phase(s) coupled with prolonged release of As to the aqueous phase. Our results suggest that arsenic retention may increase or decrease depending on the type of iron oxide, secondary iron transformations, and duration of reducing conditions. Immediately following a transition to anaerobic conditions there is potential for As retention on newly formed ferric/ferrous (hydr)oxide phases; however prolonged reduction will result in both the dissolution of ferric/ferrous (hydr)oxides and release of aqueous arsenic.

  9. Electron optics

    CERN Document Server

    Grivet, Pierre; Bertein, F; Castaing, R; Gauzit, M; Septier, Albert L


    Electron Optics, Second English Edition, Part I: Optics is a 10-chapter book that begins by elucidating the fundamental features and basic techniques of electron optics, as well as the distribution of potential and field in electrostatic lenses. This book then explains the field distribution in magnetic lenses; the optical properties of electrostatic and magnetic lenses; and the similarities and differences between glass optics and electron optics. Subsequent chapters focus on lens defects; some electrostatic lenses and triode guns; and magnetic lens models. The strong focusing lenses and pris

  10. Novel word retention in bilingual and monolingual speakers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pui Fong eKan


    Full Text Available The goal of this research was to examine word retention in bilinguals and monolinguals. Long-term word retention is an essential part of vocabulary learning. Previous studies have documented that bilinguals outperform monolinguals in terms of retrieving newly-exposed words. Yet, little is known about whether or to what extent bilinguals are different from monolinguals in word retention. Participants were 30 English-speaking monolingual adults and 30 bilingual adults who speak Spanish as a home language and learned English as a second language during childhood. In a previous study (Kan, Sadagopan, Janich, & Andrade, 2014, the participants were exposed to the target novel words in English, Spanish, and Cantonese. In this current study, word retention was measured a week after the fast mapping task. No exposures were given during the one-week interval. Results showed that bilinguals and monolinguals retain a similar number of words. However, participants produced more words in English than in either Spanish or Cantonese. Correlation analyses revealed that language knowledge plays a role in the relationships between fast mapping and word retention. Specifically, within- and across-language relationships between bilinguals’ fast mapping and word retention were found in Spanish and English, by contrast, within-language relationships between monolinguals’ fast mapping and word retention were found in English and across-language relationships between their fast mapping and word retention performance in English and Cantonese. Similarly, bilinguals differed from monolinguals in the relationships among the word retention scores in three languages. Significant correlations were found among bilinguals’ retention scores. However, no such correlations were found among monolinguals’ retention scores. The overall findings suggest that bilinguals’ language experience and language knowledge most likely contribute to how they learn and retain new words.

  11. 快速热处理对磁控溅射VO2薄膜光电特性的影响%Influence of Rapid Thermal Process Conditions on Electrical and Optical Properties of VO2 Thin Film

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    后顺保; 胡明; 吕志军; 梁继然; 陈涛


    采用反应磁控溅射法制备二氧化钒( VO2)薄膜,并对其进行快速热处理(RTP).主要研究500℃快速热处理10、15、20 s工艺条件下VO2薄膜结晶状况和光电性能的变化.在20℃~80℃温区内,应用四探针薄膜电阻测试方法和太赫兹时域频谱技术(THz-TDS)测量了各样品的电学相变特性和光学相变特性.结果表明,经过快速热处理的样品电学相变幅度均达到了2个数量级以上;THz波的透射率在半导体-金属相变前后的最大变化达到了57.9%.同时发现,热处理500℃,10 s时VO2的电学和光学相变幅度相对要大,当热处理时间达到15s左右时薄膜的相变幅度变化不再明显.快速热处理时间的长短对热致相变温度点的影响较小,但热致电学相变和光学相变的相变温度点不同:光学相变的温度为60℃左右,电学相变温度则在56℃附近.%Vanadium dioxide (VO2) samples are deposited by reactive magnetron sputter. And then a series of rapid thermal process (RTP) conditions: 500 ℃ /10 s、500℃ /15 s and 500 ℃ /20 s are employed to treat the samples. In the temperature cycle 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ . Electrical and optical properties of VO2 thin film are measured by four-probe meter and terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) technology, respectively. It is observed that the electrical phase transition can reach up to more than two orders of magnitude and maximal change of the THz transmission is 57.9% before and after semiconductor-metal phase transition. Moreover, both electrical and optical phase transition amplitudes of sample treated by 500 XL /10 s are larger than the other two samples. In fact, the transition amplitude does not change any more when the RTP time reaches about 15 s. The phase transition temperature is almost the same among the different samples. But the electrical phase transitions temperature is lower than the optical transitions temperature. Electrical transition temperature is about 56

  12. Characteristics of soil water retention curve at macro-scale

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Scale adaptable hydrological models have attracted more and more attentions in the hydrological modeling research community, and the constitutive relationship at the macro-scale is one of the most important issues, upon which there are not enough research activities yet. Taking the constitutive relationships of soil water movement--soil water retention curve (SWRC) as an example, this study extends the definition of SWRC at the micro-scale to that at the macro-scale, and aided by Monte Carlo method we demonstrate that soil property and the spatial distribution of soil moisture will affect the features of SWRC greatly. Furthermore, we assume that the spatial distribution of soil moisture is the result of self-organization of climate, soil, ground water and soil water movement under the specific boundary conditions, and we also carry out numerical experiments of soil water movement at the vertical direction in order to explore the relationship between SWRC at the macro-scale and the combinations of climate, soil, and groundwater. The results show that SWRCs at the macro-scale and micro-scale presents totally different features, e.g., the essential hysteresis phenomenon which is exaggerated with increasing aridity index and rising groundwater table. Soil property plays an important role in the shape of SWRC which will even lead to a rectangular shape under drier conditions, and power function form of SWRC widely adopted in hydrological model might be revised for most situations at the macro-scale.

  13. 207-A retention basins system design description

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wahlquist, R.A.


    The 242-A Evaporator is a waste treatment facility designed to reduce liquid waste volumes currently stored in the Hanford Area double shell Waste Storage Tanks. The evaporator uses evaporative concentration to achieve this volume reduction, returning the concentrated slurry to the double-shell tanks for storage. The process effluent is transferred to various retention/treatment facilities for eventual release to the environment. The process utilizes an evaporator vessel and various supporting systems for heating, evaporating, and condensing low-heat-generating liquid waste produced it the Hanford Site. The process reduces the total volume of the liquid waste requiring storage in a double shell tank, making it more manageable for current storage as well as for future treatment and disposal. The main components of the 242-A Evaporator are the Reboiler, Vapor-Liquid Separator, Recirculation Pump and Pump Loop, Slurry System, Condenser System, Steam Jet Vacuum System, Condensate Collection Tank, and Ion Exchange System.

  14. Managing faecal retention and incontinence in neurodisability. (United States)

    Pierce, E; Cowan, P; Stokes, M

    The large number of patients with faecal retention and/or incontinence in continuing care wards and rehabilitation units presents a considerable challenge. In order to maintain dignity and minimize the unpleasant odour so commonly associated with these wards and units, effective bowel management should be planned for individual patients. For an effective bowel management regime a team approach should be adopted, involving, where possible, the patient and carer as well as all the health professionals administering the care. Two case studies illustrate the use of assessment and management of bowel problems in patients with severe complex neurodisability. Bowel dysfunction in this patient population, in general, is poorly covered in the literature. The present article, by relating theory to practice, offers information and guidance for nurses working with patients who have bowel-related problems.

  15. Acute urine retention induced by ceftriaxone

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamal F Akl


    Full Text Available Ceftriaxone is known to cause biliary pseudolithiasis and, rarely, nephrolithiasis. When used in neonates receiving intravenous calcium, fatal lung and kidney calcifications occur. There is no satisfactory explanation for the pseudolithiasis, and the mechanism of stone formation remains unknown. Herein, we report a child with acute urinary retention (AUR secondary to ceftriaxone therapy. The AUR developed on the second hospital day. The urinary excretion of uric acid was elevated. In retrospect, there was a positive paternal family history of gout and stones. A positive family history of gout or stones is a pointer to the possibility of AUR or urolithiasis in patients on treatment with ceftriaxone. If urinary symptoms develop, it is worth checking for crystalluria. This will avoid many unnecessary investigations and procedures.

  16. Recruitment and Retention of LGBTIQ Astronomers (United States)

    Dixon, William Van Dyke


    While lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or questioning (LGBTIQ) astronomers face many of the same workplace challenges as women and racial/ethnic minorities, from implicit bias to overt discrimination, other challenges are unique to this group. An obvious example is the absence at many institutions of health insurance and other benefits for the same-sex domestic partners of their employees. More subtle is the psychological toll paid by LGBTIQ astronomers who remain "in the closet," self-censoring every statement about their personal lives. Paradoxically, the culture of the physical sciences, in which sexuality, gender identity, and gender expression are considered irrelevant, can discourage their discussion, further isolating LGBTIQ researchers. Addressing these challenges is not just a matter of fairness; it is an essential tool in the recruitment and retention of the brightest researchers and in assuring their productivity. We will discuss these issues and what individuals and departments can to make their institutions more welcoming to their LGBTIQ colleagues.

  17. Retention of Cationic Starch onto Cellulose Fibres (United States)

    Missaoui, Mohamed; Mauret, Evelyne; Belgacem, Mohamed Naceur


    Three methods of cationic starch titration were used to quantify its retention on cellulose fibres, namely: (i) the complexation of CS with iodine and measurement of the absorbency of the ensuing blue solution by UV-vis spectroscopy; (ii) hydrolysis of the starch macromolecules followed by the conversion of the resulting sugars to furan-based molecules and quantifying the ensuing mixture by measuring their absorbance at a Ι of 490 nm, using the same technique as previous one and; finally (iii) hydrolysis of starch macromolecules by trifluoro-acetic acid and quantification of the sugars in the resulting hydrolysates by high performance liquid chromatography. The three methods were found to give similar results within the range of CS addition from 0 to 50 mg per g of cellulose fibres.

  18. Volatile species retention during metallic fuel casting (United States)

    Fielding, Randall S.; Porter, Douglas L.


    Metallic nuclear fuels are candidate transmutation fuel forms for advanced fuel cycles. Through the operation of the Experimental Breeder Reactor II metallic nuclear fuels have been shown to be robust and easily manufactured. However, concerns have been raised concerning loss of americium during the casting process because of its high vapor pressure. In order to address these concerns a gaseous diffusion model was developed and a series of experiments using both manganese and samarium as surrogates for americium were conducted. The modeling results showed that volatility losses can be controlled to essentially no losses with a modest overpressure. Experimental results also showed volatile species retention down to no detectable losses through overpressure, and although the loss values varied from the model results the same trend was seen. Based on these results it is very probable that americium losses through volatility can be controlled to no detectable losses through application of a modest overpressure during casting.

  19. Optical Solitons (United States)

    Taylor, J. R.


    1. Optical solitons in fibres: theoretical review A. Hasegawa; 2. Solitons in optical fibres: an experimental account L. F. Mollenauer; 3. All-optical long-distance soliton-based transmission systems K. Smith and L. F. Mollenauer; 4. Nonlinear propagation effects in optical fibres: numerical studies K. J. Blow and N. J. Doran; 5. Soliton-soliton interactions C. Desem and P. L. Chu; 6. Soliton amplification in erbium-doped fibre amplifiers and its application to soliton communication M. Nakazawa; 7. Nonlinear transformation of laser radiation and generation of Raman solitons in optical fibres E. M. Dianov, A. B. Grudinin, A. M. Prokhorov and V. N. Serkin; 8. Generation and compression of femtosecond solitons in optical fibers P. V. Mamyshev; 9. Optical fibre solitons in the presence of higher order dispersion and birefringence C. R. Menyuk and Ping-Kong A. Wai; 10. Dark optical solitons A. M. Weiner; 11. Soliton Raman effects J. R. Taylor; Bibliography; Index.

  20. Building 310 retention tanks characterization report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sholeen, C.M.; Geraghty, D.C.


    The Health Physics Section of ANL performed a characterization of the Building 310 Service Floor Retention Tank Facility during the months of July and August, 1996. The characterization included measurements for radioactivity, air sampling for airborne particles and sampling to determine the presence and quantity of hazardous materials requiring remediation. Copies of previous lead and asbestos sampling information was obtained from ESH-IH. The facility consists of ten retention tanks located in rooms, A-062A, A-050A, A-038A, A-026A, and an entry room A-068A which contained miscellaneous pumps and other scrap material. Significant contamination was found in each room except room A-068A which had two contaminated spots on the floor and a discarded contaminated pump. Room A-062A: This room had the highest radiation background. Therefore, beta readings reflected the background readings. The floor, west wall, and the exterior of tank No. 1 had areas of alpha contamination. The piping leading from the tank had elevated gamma readings. There were low levels of smearable contamination on the west wall-Room A-050A: Alpha and Beta contamination is wide spread on the floor, west wall and the lower portion of the north wall. An area near the electrical box on the west wall had alpha and beta loose contamination. The exterior of tank No. 4 also had contaminated areas. The grate in front of tank No. 4 was contaminated. The piping leading from tanks No. 2, 3, and 4 had elevated gamma readings. There were low levels of smearable contamination on tank No. 4 and on the tar paper that is glued to the floor.

  1. Optical biosensors


    Damborský, Pavel; Švitel, Juraj; Katrlík, Jaroslav


    Optical biosensors represent the most common type of biosensor. Here we provide a brief classification, a description of underlying principles of operation and their bioanalytical applications. The main focus is placed on the most widely used optical biosensors which are surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based biosensors including SPR imaging and localized SPR. In addition, other optical biosensor systems are described, such as evanescent wave fluorescence and bioluminescent optical fibre biose...

  2. Optical keyboard (United States)

    Veligdan, James T.; Feichtner, John D.; Phillips, Thomas E.


    An optical keyboard includes an optical panel having optical waveguides stacked together. First ends of the waveguides define an inlet face, and opposite ends thereof define a screen. A projector transmits a light beam outbound through the waveguides for display on the screen as a keyboard image. A light sensor is optically aligned with the inlet face for sensing an inbound light beam channeled through the waveguides from the screen upon covering one key of the keyboard image.

  3. 5 CFR 536.304 - Determining an employee's pay retention entitlement. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Determining an employee's pay retention... REGULATIONS GRADE AND PAY RETENTION Pay Retention § 536.304 Determining an employee's pay retention entitlement. (a) General. (1) When an employee becomes entitled to pay retention under § 536.301 or 536.302 or...

  4. Research on the Error Characteristics of a 110 kV Optical Voltage Transformer under Three Conditions: In the Laboratory, Off-Line in the Field and During On-Line Operation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xia Xiao


    Full Text Available Optical voltage transformers (OVTs have been applied in power systems. When performing accuracy performance tests of OVTs large differences exist between the electromagnetic environment and the temperature variation in the laboratory and on-site. Therefore, OVTs may display different error characteristics under different conditions. In this paper, OVT prototypes with typical structures were selected to be tested for the error characteristics with the same testing equipment and testing method. The basic accuracy, the additional error caused by temperature and the adjacent phase in the laboratory, the accuracy in the field off-line, and the real-time monitoring error during on-line operation were tested. The error characteristics under the three conditions—laboratory, in the field off-line and during on-site operation—were compared and analyzed. The results showed that the effect of the transportation process, electromagnetic environment and the adjacent phase on the accuracy of OVTs could be ignored for level 0.2, but the error characteristics of OVTs are dependent on the environmental temperature and are sensitive to the temperature gradient. The temperature characteristics during on-line operation were significantly superior to those observed in the laboratory.

  5. Research on the Error Characteristics of a 110 kV Optical Voltage Transformer under Three Conditions: In the Laboratory, Off-Line in the Field and During On-Line Operation (United States)

    Xiao, Xia; Hu, Haoliang; Xu, Yan; Lei, Min; Xiong, Qianzhu


    Optical voltage transformers (OVTs) have been applied in power systems. When performing accuracy performance tests of OVTs large differences exist between the electromagnetic environment and the temperature variation in the laboratory and on-site. Therefore, OVTs may display different error characteristics under different conditions. In this paper, OVT prototypes with typical structures were selected to be tested for the error characteristics with the same testing equipment and testing method. The basic accuracy, the additional error caused by temperature and the adjacent phase in the laboratory, the accuracy in the field off-line, and the real-time monitoring error during on-line operation were tested. The error characteristics under the three conditions—laboratory, in the field off-line and during on-site operation—were compared and analyzed. The results showed that the effect of the transportation process, electromagnetic environment and the adjacent phase on the accuracy of OVTs could be ignored for level 0.2, but the error characteristics of OVTs are dependent on the environmental temperature and are sensitive to the temperature gradient. The temperature characteristics during on-line operation were significantly superior to those observed in the laboratory. PMID:27537895

  6. Hydrological controls on cascade reservoirs regulating phosphorus retention and downriver fluxes. (United States)

    Lu, Ting; Chen, Nengwang; Duan, Shuiwang; Chen, Zhuhong; Huang, Bangqin


    Many coastal rivers have a system of cascade reservoirs, but the role of these reservoirs in regulating nutrient transport from watershed to coast is still unknown. In this study, phosphorus (P) in surface water and top sediment was investigated along the North Jiulong River (southeast China) under three hydrological conditions (high flow, medium flow and low flow) in 2012-2013, and P dynamics in a cascade reservoir (Xipi Reservoir) were studied on a monthly scale. Results showed that the concentrations of dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) consistently decreased longitudinally in the upper river with the lowest values observed in the section of cascade reservoirs, likely due to tributary inputs and in situ uptakes. The decrease was most rapid during base flow when DRP was highest in the free-flowing river section and lowest in cascade reservoirs. Results from monthly monitoring on the Xipi Reservoir showed general downriver decreases in DRP, total particulate phosphorus (TPP) and total phosphorus (TP) in the riverine zone and transition zone. Mass balance results on an annual basis suggest that the Xipi Reservoir (lacustrine zone) was an overall sink for TPP (6 % retention) but somewhat a source of DRP (-0.3 %) with TP retention (1 %). Even scaled up to the whole cascade reservoir system, P retention was low compared with worldwide reservoirs, which we ascribe to the high P loading and short hydraulic residence time. Nevertheless, major processes controlling P retention in coastal rivers with cascade reservoirs varied from sedimentation in the dry-cold season to biotic transformation in the wet-warm season, thereby affecting loading and composition of P from watershed to the coast. This study highlights the hydrological controls on the role of cascade reservoirs in regulating P retention and downriver fluxes in different seasons.

  7. Strong-Sludge Gas Retention and Release Mechanisms in Clay Simulants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gauglitz, Phillip A.; Buchmiller, William C.; Probert, Samuel G.; Owen, Antionette T.; Brockman, Fred J.


    The Hanford Site has 28 double-shell tanks (DSTs) and 149 single-shell tanks (SSTs) containing radioactive wastes that are complex mixes of radioactive and chemical products. The mission of the Department of Energy's River Protection Project is to retrieve and treat the Hanford tank waste for disposal and close the tank farms. A key aspect of the mission is to retrieve and transfer waste from the SSTs, which are at greater risk for leaking, into DSTs for interim storage until the waste is transferred to and treated in the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant. There is, however, limited space in the existing DSTs to accept waste transfers from the SSTs, and approaches to overcoming the limited DST space will benefit the overall mission. The purpose of this study is to summarize and analyze the key previous experiment that forms the basis for the relaxed controls and to summarize progress and results on new experiments focused on understanding the conditions that result in low gas retention. The previous large-scale test used about 50 m3 of sediment, which would be unwieldy for doing multiple parametric experiments. Accordingly, experiments began with smaller-scale tests to determine whether the desired mechanisms can be studied without the difficulty of conducting very large experiments. The most significant results from the current experiments are that progressively lower gas retention occurs in tests with progressively deeper sediment layers and that the method of gas generation also affects the maximum retention. Based on the results of this study, it is plausible that relatively low gas retention could occur in sufficiently deep tank waste in DSTs. The current studies and previous work, however, have not explored how gas retention and release will behave when two or more layers with different properties are present.

  8. Retention and Progression of Postgraduate Business Students: An Australian Perspective (United States)

    Carroll, David; Ng, Eric; Birch, Dawn


    This paper presents the findings of an exploratory case study that investigated factors affecting the retention and progression of postgraduate business students at a major Australian distance education university. The majority of prior research addressing student retention focuses on undergraduate on-campus students, while this research…

  9. 19 CFR 143.37 - Retention of records. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Retention of records. 143.37 Section 143.37 Customs Duties U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY; DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY (CONTINUED) SPECIAL ENTRY PROCEDURES Electronic Entry Filing § 143.37 Retention of records....


    NARCIS (Netherlands)



    The aetiopathogenesis of secondary retention is not fully understood, but heredity is involved in at least some cases. In this study first-degree relatives of 52 patients with secondary retention of permanent molars were screened for the presence of the same phenomenon in their dentition. Familial o

  11. 44 CFR 321.5 - Retention of industrial facilities. (United States)


    ... 44 Emergency Management and Assistance 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Retention of industrial..., DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, MARITIME ADMINISTRATION) § 321.5 Retention of industrial facilities. (a) Industrial..., shall be retained in the Industrial reserves (National Industrial Reserve, Departmental...

  12. Effects of Targeted Sales Messages on Subscription Sales and Retention. (United States)

    Gamst, Glenn; And Others


    Investigates the effects of targeted sales messages on newspaper subscription sales and retention by combining two large research projects--a demographic market segmentation scheme, and a readership-lifestyle survey. Proposes that the content of sales messages influences new subscriptions but does not affect retention. (MM)

  13. Hydrophobicity and Retention Coefficient of Selected Bile Acid Oxo Derivatives

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Posa, Mihalj; Pilipovic, Ana; Lalic, Mladena; Popovic, Jovan


    Retention coefficients (k) of cholic acid and its keto derivatives are determined by means of Reversed Phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography at different temperatures (303K, 309K, and 313K). At each studied temperature, retention factor decreases if the hydroxyl group in the cholic acid molecule

  14. Recruitment and Retention of Latino Children in a Lifestyle Intervention (United States)

    Guzman, Angelica; Richardson, Irma M.; Gesell, Sabina; Barkin, Shari L.


    Objective: To describe promising recruitment and retention strategies for transient Latino populations, assisting investigators who work with this population in their research design and implementation. Methods: Strategies in recruitment and retention from a year-long intervention in children and their families are described. Results: Of the 159…

  15. Logit Analysis of Graduate Student Retention and Graduation. (United States)

    Ott, Mary Diederich; Markewich, Theodore S.

    Logit analysis coupled with the BMDP4F computer program (Brown, 1983) was used to derive an appropriate model for the study of student retention and graduation. The model was then applied to graduate student retention and graduation data from the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). Logit analysis is a method of determining what effects…

  16. Clomipramine-induced urinary retention in a cat. (United States)

    Pfeiffer, E; Guy, N; Cribb, A


    A 10-year-old, female, spayed shorthair with presumed psychogenic alopecia was treated with clomipramine (1 mg/kg body weight/day). The cat developed urinary retention within 2 days. Clomipramine was discontinued. Clinical signs resolved over the next 7 days. The urinary retention was attributed to the anticholinergic effects of clomipramine.

  17. Hydrophobicity and Retention Coefficient of Selected Bile Acid Oxo Derivatives

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Posa, Mihalj; Pilipovic, Ana; Lalic, Mladena; Popovic, Jovan


    Retention coefficients (k) of cholic acid and its keto derivatives are determined by means of Reversed Phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography at different temperatures (303K, 309K, and 313K). At each studied temperature, retention factor decreases if the hydroxyl group in the cholic acid molecule

  18. 7 CFR 7.38 - Retention of authority. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention of authority. 7.38 Section 7.38 Agriculture... CONSERVATION STATE, COUNTY AND COMMUNITY COMMITTEES § 7.38 Retention of authority. Nothing in this part shall... committee, or any employee of such committees. In exercising this authority, the Secretary, the...

  19. 29 CFR 801.74 - Retention of official record. (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Retention of official record. 801.74 Section 801.74 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OTHER LAWS APPLICATION OF THE EMPLOYEE POLYGRAPH PROTECTION ACT OF 1988 Administrative Proceedings Record § 801.74 Retention...

  20. 47 CFR 73.782 - Retention of logs. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Retention of logs. 73.782 Section 73.782... International Broadcast Stations § 73.782 Retention of logs. Logs of international broadcast stations shall be retained by the licensee or permittee for a period of two years: Provided, however, That logs...

  1. 47 CFR 73.1840 - Retention of logs. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Retention of logs. 73.1840 Section 73.1840... Rules Applicable to All Broadcast Stations § 73.1840 Retention of logs. (a) Any log required to be kept by station licensees shall be retained by them for a period of 2 years. However, logs...

  2. Distributed Revisiting: An Analytic for Retention of Coherent Science Learning (United States)

    Svihla, Vanessa; Wester, Michael J.; Linn, Marcia C.


    Designing learning experiences that support the development of coherent understanding of complex scientific phenomena is challenging. We sought to identify analytics that can also guide such designs to support retention of coherent understanding. Based on prior research that distributing study of material over time supports retention, we explored…

  3. 28 CFR 345.67 - Retention of benefits. (United States)


    ... 28 Judicial Administration 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Retention of benefits. 345.67 Section 345... INDUSTRIES (FPI) INMATE WORK PROGRAMS Inmate Pay and Benefits § 345.67 Retention of benefits. (a) Job... of safety standards, and the unit team approves the inmate's return to FPI, the SOI shall place...

  4. Wind Effects on Retention Time in Highway Ponds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bentzen, Thomas Ruby; Larsen, Torben; Rasmussen, Michael R.


    is to evaluate the quality of long term simulations based on historical rain series of the pollutant discharges from roads and highways. The idea of this paper is to evaluate the effects of wind on the retention time and compare the retention time for the situation of a spatial uniform wind shear stress...

  5. 11 CFR 9039.1 - Retention of books and records. (United States)


    ... 11 Federal Elections 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Retention of books and records. 9039.1 Section... PRIMARY MATCHING FUND REVIEW AND INVESTIGATION AUTHORITY § 9039.1 Retention of books and records. The candidate and his or her authorized committee(s) shall keep all books, records and other...

  6. Understanding Teacher Attraction and Retention Drivers: Addressing Teacher Shortages (United States)

    Ashiedu, Jennifer A.; Scott-Ladd, Brenda D.


    The attraction and retention of teachers is a problem faced by schools worldwide and possibly more so in the public sector. One possible solution to this problem is likely to be better targeting of attraction and retention drivers of value to teachers. This paper presents the findings from a qualitative study conducted in Australia. The study used…

  7. 32 CFR 536.69 - Retention of file. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Retention of file. 536.69 Section 536.69 National... UNITED STATES Investigation and Processing of Claims § 536.69 Retention of file. After final action has been taken, the settlement authority will retain the file until at least one month after either...

  8. Effects of Targeted Sales Messages on Subscription Sales and Retention. (United States)

    Gamst, Glenn; And Others


    Investigates the effects of targeted sales messages on newspaper subscription sales and retention by combining two large research projects--a demographic market segmentation scheme, and a readership-lifestyle survey. Proposes that the content of sales messages influences new subscriptions but does not affect retention. (MM)

  9. Mapping a Retention Index across the Student Continuum (United States)

    van der Merwe, C. A.


    Student retention is the field of institutional research that has (deservedly) had the most attention. Besides the models proposed by Tinto (1975, 1993), there have been many theoretical and applied papers on many aspects of student retention. These include demographic characteristics, scholastic scores, financial and residential considerations,…

  10. Background or Experience? Using Logistic Regression to Predict College Retention (United States)

    Synco, Tracee M.


    Tinto, Astin and countless others have researched the retention and attrition of students from college for more than thirty years. However, the six year graduation rate for all first-time full-time freshmen for the 2002 cohort was 57%. This study sought to determine the retention variables that predicted continued enrollment of entering freshmen…

  11. Using Maps to Retrieve Text: A Test of Conjoint Retention. (United States)

    Kulhavy, Raymond W.; And Others


    Two experiments with 129 college undergraduates tested the conjoint retention model by having subjects learn an intact map and text and then see the map as a retrieval cue in its original or reorganized form. Subjects remember more when cued by the original, supporting the conjoint retention theory. (SLD)

  12. 21 CFR 320.63 - Retention of bioequivalence samples. (United States)


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 5 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Retention of bioequivalence samples. 320.63... (CONTINUED) DRUGS FOR HUMAN USE BIOAVAILABILITY AND BIOEQUIVALENCE REQUIREMENTS Procedures for Determining the Bioavailability or Bioequivalence of Drug Products § 320.63 Retention of bioequivalence...

  13. 45 CFR 650.8 - Retention of rights by inventor. (United States)


    ....9 of the implementing regulations for the Bayh-Dole Act (37 CFR 401.9), the inventor will be subject... 45 Public Welfare 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Retention of rights by inventor. 650.8 Section 650... PATENTS § 650.8 Retention of rights by inventor. If an awardee elects not to retain rights to an...

  14. Genetic programming based quantitative structure-retention relationships for the prediction of Kovats retention indices. (United States)

    Goel, Purva; Bapat, Sanket; Vyas, Renu; Tambe, Amruta; Tambe, Sanjeev S


    The development of quantitative structure-retention relationships (QSRR) aims at constructing an appropriate linear/nonlinear model for the prediction of the retention behavior (such as Kovats retention index) of a solute on a chromatographic column. Commonly, multi-linear regression and artificial neural networks are used in the QSRR development in the gas chromatography (GC). In this study, an artificial intelligence based data-driven modeling formalism, namely genetic programming (GP), has been introduced for the development of quantitative structure based models predicting Kovats retention indices (KRI). The novelty of the GP formalism is that given an example dataset, it searches and optimizes both the form (structure) and the parameters of an appropriate linear/nonlinear data-fitting model. Thus, it is not necessary to pre-specify the form of the data-fitting model in the GP-based modeling. These models are also less complex, simple to understand, and easy to deploy. The effectiveness of GP in constructing QSRRs has been demonstrated by developing models predicting KRIs of light hydrocarbons (case study-I) and adamantane derivatives (case study-II). In each case study, two-, three- and four-descriptor models have been developed using the KRI data available in the literature. The results of these studies clearly indicate that the GP-based models possess an excellent KRI prediction accuracy and generalization capability. Specifically, the best performing four-descriptor models in both the case studies have yielded high (>0.9) values of the coefficient of determination (R(2)) and low values of root mean squared error (RMSE) and mean absolute percent error (MAPE) for training, test and validation set data. The characteristic feature of this study is that it introduces a practical and an effective GP-based method for developing QSRRs in gas chromatography that can be gainfully utilized for developing other types of data-driven models in chromatography science.

  15. Impact of phosphorus control measures on in-river phosphorus retention associated with point source pollution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. O. L. Demars


    Full Text Available In-river phosphorus retention alters the quantity and timings of phosphorus delivery to downstream aquatic systems. Many intensive studies of in-river phosphorus retention have been carried out but generally on a short time scale (2-4 years. In this paper, monthly water quality data, collected by the Environment Agency of England and Wales over 12 years (1990-2001, were used to model daily phosphorus fluxes and monthly in-river phosphorus retention in the lowland calcareous River Wensum, Norfolk, UK. The effectiveness of phosphorus stripping at two major sewage treatment works was quantified over different hydrological conditions. The model explained 78% and 88% of the observed variance before and after phosphorus control, respectively. During relatively dry years, there was no net export of phosphorus from the catchment. High retention of phosphorus occurred, particularly during the summer months, which was not compensated for, by subsequent higher flow events. The critical discharge (Q above which net remobilisation would occur, was only reached during few, high flow events Q25-Q13. Phosphorus removal from the effluent at two major STWs (Sewage Treatment Works reduced the phosphorus catchment mass balance variability by 20-24% under the Q99-Q1. range of flow conditions. Although the absorbing capacity of the catchment against human impact was remarkable, further phosphorus remedial strategies will be necessary to prevent downstream risks of eutrophication occuring independently of the unpredictable variability in weather conditions.

  16. Intact Acquisition and Short-Term Retention of Non-Motor Procedural Learning in Parkinson's Disease.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muriel T N Panouillères

    Full Text Available Procedural learning is a form of memory where people implicitly acquire a skill through repeated practice. People with Parkinson's disease (PD have been found to acquire motor adaptation, a form of motor procedural learning, similarly to healthy older adults but they have deficits in long-term retention. A similar pattern of normal learning on initial exposure with a deficit in retention seen on subsequent days has also been seen in mirror-reading, a form of non-motor procedural learning. It is a well-studied fact that disrupting sleep will impair the consolidation of procedural memories. Given the prevalence of sleep disturbances in PD, the lack of retention on following days seen in these studies could simply be a side effect of this well-known symptom of PD. Because of this, we wondered whether people with PD would present with deficits in the short-term retention of a non-motor procedural learning task, when the test of retention was done the same day as the initial exposure. The aim of the present study was then to investigate acquisition and retention in the immediate short term of cognitive procedural learning using the mirror-reading task in people with PD. This task involved two conditions: one where triads of mirror-inverted words were always new that allowed assessing the learning of mirror-reading skill and another one where some of the triads were presented repeatedly during the experiment that allowed assessing the word-specific learning. People with PD both ON and OFF their normal medication were compared to healthy older adults and young adults. Participants were re-tested 50 minutes break after initial exposure to probe for short-term retention. The results of this study show that all groups of participants acquired and retained the two skills (mirror-reading and word-specific similarly. These results suggest that neither healthy ageing nor the degeneration within the basal ganglia that occurs in PD does affect the mechanisms

  17. Intact Acquisition and Short-Term Retention of Non-Motor Procedural Learning in Parkinson's Disease. (United States)

    Panouillères, Muriel T N; Tofaris, George K; Brown, Peter; Jenkinson, Ned


    Procedural learning is a form of memory where people implicitly acquire a skill through repeated practice. People with Parkinson's disease (PD) have been found to acquire motor adaptation, a form of motor procedural learning, similarly to healthy older adults but they have deficits in long-term retention. A similar pattern of normal learning on initial exposure with a deficit in retention seen on subsequent days has also been seen in mirror-reading, a form of non-motor procedural learning. It is a well-studied fact that disrupting sleep will impair the consolidation of procedural memories. Given the prevalence of sleep disturbances in PD, the lack of retention on following days seen in these studies could simply be a side effect of this well-known symptom of PD. Because of this, we wondered whether people with PD would present with deficits in the short-term retention of a non-motor procedural learning task, when the test of retention was done the same day as the initial exposure. The aim of the present study was then to investigate acquisition and retention in the immediate short term of cognitive procedural learning using the mirror-reading task in people with PD. This task involved two conditions: one where triads of mirror-inverted words were always new that allowed assessing the learning of mirror-reading skill and another one where some of the triads were presented repeatedly during the experiment that allowed assessing the word-specific learning. People with PD both ON and OFF their normal medication were compared to healthy older adults and young adults. Participants were re-tested 50 minutes break after initial exposure to probe for short-term retention. The results of this study show that all groups of participants acquired and retained the two skills (mirror-reading and word-specific) similarly. These results suggest that neither healthy ageing nor the degeneration within the basal ganglia that occurs in PD does affect the mechanisms that underpin the

  18. The soil water retention curve: a rare beauty that's hard to observe in the field (United States)

    Weller, Ulrich; Hannes, Matthias; Wollschläger, Ute; Wöhling, Thomas; Vogel, Hans-Jörg


    It is soil physics most used function. It is the base for all water budget modeling, and it is determined in well defined lab experiments: the soil water retention curve. Yet it is well known that there are many cases where the water retention cannot be described by a unique relationship between water content and water potential but that its trajectories often deviate in a hysteretic manner and in dynamic situations with fast infiltration fronts. Yet it is implicitly considered that the deviations are of a mere academic interest and that the simple unique retention curve can mimic the retention characteristics of soils under natural conditions. In this overview we will demonstrate from several years of monitoring of different field and lysimeter studies that the non-unique relationship between water content and water potential is the rule rather than the exception, and that the water flow regime is dominated by these 'anomalies' of the water retention characteristic. Under slowly changing water contents the dynamics can be described by hysteretic models. Of the tested hysteretic models any performed reasonably well, with the best model performance depending on the soil type and flow situation. However at fast infiltration events none of the models was able to describe the water potential signal, which was progressing much faster than the water content signal. This phenomenon has been derived from theoretical considerations for heterogeneous soils. The consequences are that water is released from the soil much faster than could be expected based on the local soil hydraulic properties. Under the impression of the presented field data it can be concluded that an elaborated determination of water retention curves at the lab scale seems to be of limited use, as the water characteristics that dominate the field scale behaviour are not captured by retention curves. A field adapted soil pysical model must cope with both hysteretic and dynamic processes, and so far the

  19. Effective retention time of the Hanford 107 reactor effluent retention basins

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Soldat, J.K.; Quimby, G.R.


    Studies of the radioactive decay of the gross beta particle emitters in reactor effluent water indicated that the retention time for basins at the different reactor areas varied from 1.5 hours to 4.0 hours for flow rates occurring during the last three years. A statistical analysis of the data from 100-B, 100-D, and 100-F indicated a significant relationship between the two variables, effective retention time and water flow rate. The limited data from 100-DR and 100-H showed no significant relationship. The uranyl nitrate tests, which were conducted at the 107-H West basin by Pile Physics personnel, indicated that a fraction of the uranium passed through the basin in less than one hour and that a maximum concentration was reached in approximately 2.5 hours. This test indicated a more complicated system of flow through the basin than the decay studies had shown and it further explained the large fluctuation in results obtained for the retention time by the decay method. A study of the variation with time of the activity density of water leaving the 107-H basin indicated that a cyclic effect might be occurring in which the variation from the mean was found to be as high as 15%.

  20. Pattern of protein retention in growing boars of different breeds, and estimation of maximum protein retention

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tauson, A H; Chwalibog, André; Jakobsen, K


    Protein and energy metabolism in boars of different breeds, 10 each of Hampshire, Duroc and Danish Landrace was measured in balance and respiration experiments by means of indirect calorimetry in an open-air circulation system. Measurements were performed in four periods (Period I-IV) covering...... the body weight range from 25 to 100 kg. In order to achieve maximum protein retention (RP) a daily intake of digestible protein > 12 g/kg0.75 and metabolisable energy > 1100 kJ/kg0.75 was assumed to be necessary. Protein retention of Danish Landrace boars was inferior to that of Hampshire and Duroc boars...... in Periods III and IV, and therefore, 55 measurements on Hampshire and Duroc boars fulfilling the chosen criteria for digested protein and ME intake were used for calculation of maximum protein retention, giving the following significant quadratic relationship: RP [g/d] = 11.43.W0.75-0.144.W1.50 (n = 55, RSD...