Sample records for operational stability studies

  1. Stability Operations in Somalia 1992-1993: A Case Study (United States)


    routes, to get the food moving, and to prepare the way for a U.N. peacekeeping force to keep it mov- ing. This operation is not open -ended. We will...local governance mechanism in place, conditions in Baidoa began to improve. By early January, people were back on the streets, the markets were open ...STABILITY OPERATIONS IN SOMALIA 1992-1993: A CASE STUDY Glenn M. HarnedUSAWC Website FOR THIS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS, VISIT US AT http

  2. Study and stability improving of operational amplifiers in the capacitance sensor drivers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hotra Z. Yu.


    Full Text Available Driver for capacitance loads more than 10 nF is developed and investigated. Driver provides high operational stability of the transducer by decoupling operational amplifier output from reactive load.

  3. Stability of (p, Y)-Operator Frames

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhi Hua GUO; Huai Xin CAO; Jun Cheng YIN


    In this paper we study the stability of (p, Y)-operator frames. We firstly discuss the relations between p-Bessel sequences (or p-frames) and (p, Y)-operator Bessel sequences (or (p, Y)-operator frames). Through defining a new union, we prove that adding some elements to a given (p, Y)-operator frame, the resulted sequence will be still a (p, Y)-operator frame. We obtain a necessary and sufficient condition for a sequence of compound operators to be a (p, Y)operator frame. Lastly, we show that (p, Y)-operator frames for X are stable under some small perturbations.

  4. A study on threshold voltage stability of low operating voltage organic thin-film transistors (United States)

    Padma, N.; Sen, Shaswati; Sawant, Shilpa N.; Tokas, R.


    A low operating voltage (<2 V) organic field-effect transistor (OFET) using phenylhexyltrichlorosilane (PTS) self-assembled monolayer (SAM) dielectric and copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) as semiconductor with improved mobility (0.035 cm2 V-1 s-1) and threshold voltage stability was demonstrated. This device showed better performance when compared to an OFET with octyltrichlorosilane (OTS-8) SAM dielectric. The improved mobility was attributed to the 2D growth mode of CuPc on PTS SAM because of surface energy matching between the two, whereas CuPc film on OTS-8 showed a 3D growth mode with larger grain boundary density. The higher threshold voltage stability of OFETs on PTS SAM was attributed to the efficient coverage and screening of trap centres at dielectric/semiconductor interface due to stronger intermolecular linking and formation of closely packed surface by the bulky phenyl end groups. Decrease in grain boundaries offered by 2D growth of CuPc for electron and hole trapping was also found to be another reason for improved threshold voltage stability. The results indicated that the nature of the end group of SAM dielectric, surface chemistry of dielectric and initial growth mode of semiconductors are all responsible for improvement in threshold voltage stability and enhanced performance of OFET.

  5. A roll-to-roll process to flexible polymer solar cells: model studies, manufacture and operational stability studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krebs, Frederik C; Gevorgyan, Suren; Alstrup, Jan


    An inverted polymer solar cell geometry comprising a total of five layers was optimized using laboratory scale cells and the operational stability was studied under model atmospheres. The device geometry was substrate-ITO-ZnO-(active layer)-PEDOT:PSS-silver with P3HT-PCBM as the active layer...... efficiency of 2.7% (1000 W m-2, AM1.5G, 72 ± 2 °C). The devices were operated under illumination while being subjected to different atmospheres to identify the dominant modes of degradation. Dry nitrogen (99.999%), dry oxygen (99.5%), humid nitrogen (90 ± 5% relative humidity) and ambient atmosphere (20......% oxygen, 20 ± 5% relative humidity) were employed and both device types were found to be stable in a nitrogen atmosphere during the test period of 200 hours. The devices with a normal geometry where an aluminium electrode is employed gave stable operation in dry oxygen but did not give stable device...

  6. The doctrinal basis for medical stability operations. (United States)

    Baker, Jay B


    This article describes possible roles for the military in the health sector during stability operations, which exist primarily when security conditions do not permit the free movement of civilian actors. This article reviews the new U.S. Army Field Manuals (FMs) 3-24, Counterinsurgency and FM 3-07, Stability Operations, in the context of the health sector. Essential tasks in medical stability operations are identified for various logical lines of operation including information operations, civil security, civil control, support to governance, support to economic development, and restoration of essential services. Restoring essential services is addressed in detail including coordination, assessment, actions, and metrics in the health sector. Coordination by the military with other actors in the health sector including host nation medical officials, other United States governmental agencies, international governmental organizations (IGOs), and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) is key to success in medical stability operations.

  7. The 800-Pound Gorilla and Stability Operations (United States)


    THE 800-POUND GORILLA AND STABILITY OPERATIONS by James P. Hunt, Major General, USAF Deputy Commanding General, MNC-I, April 09 – Jan...control number. 1. REPORT DATE 2010 2. REPORT TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2010 to 00-00-2010 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The 800-Pound Gorilla and...national interests in this ever-changing world; each must change and adapt to succeed in Stability Operations. …WHERE DOES AN 800-POUND GORILLA SIT

  8. Operationalizing Economics for Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations (United States)


    easily adapted to those types of operations. Development is a complex problem and is central to counterinsurgency and stability operations. A crisis ...Joint Operations, Vol. 1. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 2006. Heybey, Berta and Lisa Bush. Do Crisis Response Operations Affect Political...3 (March 1998): 16-9. Sen, Amartya. “Behavior and the Concept of Preference.” Economica 40, no. 159 (August 1973): 241-59. Shircliffe Jr., James

  9. Remarks on the stability operator for MOTS

    CERN Document Server

    Senovilla, José M M


    Small deformations of marginally outer trapped surfaces (MOTS) are studied by using the stability operator introduced by Andersson-Mars-Simon. Novel formulae for the principal eigenvalue are presented. A characterization of the many marginally outer trapped tubes (MOTT) passing through a given MOTS is given, and the possibility of selecting a privileged MOTT is discussed. This is related to the concept of `core' of a black hole: a minimal region that one should remove from the spacetime in order to get rid of all possible closed trapped surfaces. In spherical symmetry one can prove that the spherical MOTT is the boundary of a core. I argue how similar results may hold in general spacetimes.

  10. Improving Small Signal Stability through Operating Point Adjustment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huang, Zhenyu; Zhou, Ning; Tuffner, Francis K.; Chen, Yousu; Trudnowski, Daniel J.; Mittelstadt, William; Hauer, John F.; Dagle, Jeffery E.


    ModeMeter techniques for real-time small signal stability monitoring continue to mature, and more and more phasor measurements are available in power systems. It has come to the stage to bring modal information into real-time power system operation. This paper proposes to establish a procedure for Modal Analysis for Grid Operations (MANGO). Complementary to PSS’s and other traditional modulation-based control, MANGO aims to provide suggestions such as increasing generation or decreasing load for operators to mitigate low-frequency oscillations. Different from modulation-based control, the MANGO procedure proactively maintains adequate damping for all time, instead of reacting to disturbances when they occur. Effect of operating points on small signal stability is presented in this paper. Implementation with existing operating procedures is discussed. Several approaches for modal sensitivity estimation are investigated to associate modal damping and operating parameters. The effectiveness of the MANGO procedure is confirmed through simulation studies of several test systems.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perfilov Vladimir Aleksandrovich


    Full Text Available Creating an effective insulation envelope of the building is possible only using high-quality materials, preserving their characteristics both in the early stages of operation, and for the whole billing period. It is an important opportunity to assess the thermal insulation properties and predict its changes over time directly in the conditions of the construction site. The products based on mineral fibers (rock and glass wool, basalt fiber are the most widely used type of insulating materials in the domestic construction. Therefore, the operational stability valuation methods must be primarily created for this group of products. The methodology for assessing the thermal insulation properties includes two main components: testing equipment and methodology for assessing the operational stability. The authors tested the methodology of the accelerated testing and prediction of durability for mineral wool products of laminated, corrugated and volume-oriented structures. The test results give good convergence with the methods recommended by the building regulations. Application of thermal insulation materials are an effective way to form the thermal envelope of the building, reducing energy costs and increasing the durability of building structures. The material properties are determined by their structure, which is formed during the technological impacts.

  12. A new magnetotelluric monitoring network operating in Agri Valley (Southern Italy: study of stability of apparent resistivity estimates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Telesca


    Full Text Available Variations detected in geophysical, especially electromagnetic, parameters in seismic active areas have been sometimes attributed to modifications of the stress field. Among the different geophysical methods, magnetotellurics (MT could be one of the most effective because it allows us to explore down to seismogenic depths. Continuous MT recording could allow us to evaluate whether possible variations are significantly correlated with the seismic activity of investigated area. To assess the significance of such observations we must be able to say how well an apparent resistivity curve should be reproduced when measurements are repeated at a later time. To do this properly it is essential to know that the estimated error bars accurately represent the true uncertainties in comparing the transfer functions. In this work we will show the preliminary results obtained from the analysis of the data coming from the new MT monitoring network installed in Agri Valley. This analysis gives us the possibility: i to better study the temporal stability of the signals, ii to better discriminate the noise affecting the measures by remote reference estimation. The performed analysis disclosed a relatively low degree of noise in the investigated area, which is a promising condition for monitoring.

  13. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Sirmons, T. A.; Cooper, M. R.; Douglas, G. L.


    This study aimed to assess the stability of vitamin content, sensory acceptability and color variation in fortified spaceflight foods over a period of two years. Findings will help to identify optimal formulation, processing, and storage conditions to maintain stability and acceptability of commercially available fortification nutrients. Changes in food quality were monitored to indicate whether fortification affects quality over time (compared to the unfortified control), thus indicating their potential for use on long-duration missions.

  14. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Sirmons, T. A.; Cooper, M. R.; Douglas, G. L.


    This study aims to assess the stability of vitamin content, sensory acceptability and color variation in fortified spaceflight foods over a period of 2 years. Findings will identify optimal formulation, processing, and storage conditions to maintain stability and acceptability of commercially available fortification nutrients. Changes in food quality are being monitored to indicate whether fortification affects quality over time (compared to the unfortified control), thus indicating their potential for use on long-duration missions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gondor Mihaela


    Full Text Available This paper examines the role of Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers (AFS for stabilizing the cyclical fluctuations of macroeconomic output as an alternative to discretionary fiscal policy, admitting its huge potential of being an anti crisis solution. The objectives of the study are the identification of the general features of the concept of automatic fiscal stabilizers and the logical assessment of them from economic perspectives. Based on the literature in the field, this paper points out the disadvantages of fiscal discretionary policy and argue the need of using Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers in order to provide a faster decision making process, shielded from political interference, and reduced uncertainty for households and business environment. The paper conclude about the need of using fiscal policy for smoothing the economic cycle, but in a way which includes among its features transparency, responsibility and clear operating mechanisms. Based on the research results the present paper assumes that pro-cyclicality reduces de effectiveness of the Automatic Fiscal Stabilizer and as a result concludes that it is very important to avoid the pro-cyclicality in fiscal rule design. Moreover, by committing in advance to specific fiscal policy action contingent on economic developments, uncertainty about the fiscal policy framework during a recession should be reduced. Being based on logical analysis and not focused on empirical, contextualized one, the paper presents some features of AFS operating mechanism and also identifies and systematizes the factors which provide its importance and national individuality. Reaching common understanding on the Automatic Fiscal Stabilizer concept as a institutional device for smoothing the gap of the economic cycles across different countries, particularly for the European Union Member States, will facilitate efforts to coordinate fiscal policy responses during a crisis, especially in the context of the fiscal

  16. Outdoor Operational Stability of Indium-Free Flexible Polymer Solar Modules Over 1 Year Studied in India, Holland, and Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Angmo, Dechan; Sommeling, Paul M.; Gupta, Ritu;


    -cost plastic barrier material with the use of a UV curing adhesive. The impact of differences in the climatic conditions on the performance of the modules is highlighted and the performance of the modules under storage conditions in parallel with the outdoor study is investigated. While all Gen-I modules...

  17. Model study on the stability of carbon support materials under polymer electrolyte fuel cell cathode operation conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colmenares, L.C.; Jusys, Z.; Behm, R.J. [Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Ulm University, D-89069 Ulm (Germany); Wurth, A. [TS-IM-IM-CB Inorganic Materials, Evonik Degussa GmbH, D-50997 Cologne (Germany)


    The electrochemical oxidation and corrosion resistance of differently prepared and post-treated (graphitization, surface oxidation) carbon support materials, whose surface area and composition were characterized by adsorption measurements and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, were investigated in model studies performed under fuel cell cathode relevant potential conditions. These included also the abnormal cathode potentials (up to 1.5 V{sub RHE}) occurring during start-up and shut-down procedures. Reversible surface oxidation, leading, e.g., to the formation of quinones/hydroquinones, and irreversible oxidation to CO{sub 2} were discriminated by combining electrochemical and on-line mass spectrometry measurements. Oxygenated surface carbon species were found to affect the surface area normalized electrooxidation activity much more than the surface area and porosity of the material, with graphitized carbon with low porosity and low oxygen surface content being most resistant towards reversible oxidation and towards irreversible oxidation at high potentials. Trapped CO{sub 2}, formed upon carbon oxidation at high potentials, is proposed to be at least partly responsible for CO{sub 2} release at low potentials, below the standard potential for electrochemical carbon oxidation. (author)

  18. Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations Doctrine and Theory (United States)


    Bosnia—Herzegovina, Kosovo , East Timor, and of course Iraq and Afghanistan. A notable exception is Guiding Principles for Stabilization and...Galula advises commanders not to waste resources protecting terrain that would be considered critical in a conventional fight but rather to deploy

  19. Conditional stability versus ill-posedness for operator equations with monotone operators in Hilbert space (United States)

    Ioan Boţ, Radu; Hofmann, Bernd


    In the literature on singular perturbation (Lavrentiev regularization) for the stable approximate solution of operator equations with monotone operators in the Hilbert space the phenomena of conditional stability and local well-posedness or ill-posedness are rarely investigated. Our goal is to present some studies which try to bridge this gap. So we present new results on the impact of conditional stability on error estimates and convergence rates for the Lavrentiev regularization and distinguish for linear problems well-posedness and ill-posedness in a specific manner motivated by a saturation result. Taking into account that the behavior of the bias (regularization error in the noise-free case) is crucial, general convergence rates, including logarithmic rates, are derived for linear operator equations by means of the method of approximate source conditions. This allows us to extend well-known convergence rate results for the Lavrentiev regularization that were based on general source conditions to the case of non-selfadjoint linear monotone forward operators for which general source conditions fail. Examples presenting the self-adjoint multiplication operator as well as the non-selfadjoint fractional integral operator and Cesàro operator illustrate the theoretical results. Extensions to the nonlinear case under specific conditions on the nonlinearity structure complete the paper.

  20. Operational stability of organic field-effect transistors. (United States)

    Bobbert, Peter A; Sharma, Abhinav; Mathijssen, Simon G J; Kemerink, Martijn; de Leeuw, Dago M


    Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are considered in technological applications for which low cost or mechanical flexibility are crucial factors. The environmental stability of the organic semiconductors used in OFETs has improved to a level that is now sufficient for commercialization. However, serious problems remain with the stability of OFETs under operation. The causes for this have remained elusive for many years. Surface potentiometry together with theoretical modeling provide new insights into the mechanisms limiting the operational stability. These indicate that redox reactions involving water are involved in an exchange of mobile charges in the semiconductor with protons in the gate dielectric. This mechanism elucidates the established key role of water and leads in a natural way to a universal "stress function", describing the stretched exponential-like time dependence ubiquitously observed. Further study is needed to determine the generality of the mechanism and the role of other mechanisms. Copyright © 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  1. Metallic alloy stability studies (United States)

    Firth, G. C.


    The dimensional stability of candidate cryogenic wind tunnel model materials was investigated. Flat specimens of candidate materials were fabricated and cryo-cycled to assess relative dimensional stability. Existing 2-dimensional airfoil models as well as models in various stages of manufacture were also cryo-cycled. The tests indicate that 18 Ni maraging steel offers the greatest dimensional stability and that PH 13-8 Mo stainless steel is the most stable of the stainless steels. Dimensional stability is influenced primarily by metallurgical transformations (austenitic to martensitic) and manufacturing-induced stresses. These factors can be minimized by utilization of stable alloys, refinement of existing manufacturing techniques, and incorporation of new manufacturing technologies.

  2. American Resistance to Establishing a Standing Stability Operations Force (United States)


    analysis, drawing on rational choice theory . The leadership involved in shaping force structure have examined the costs associated with establishing... choice theory , this section will examine the influence organizational inertia has on force structure decisions regarding stability operations. As


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Artemov


    Full Text Available Different views on the definition of «stability of wheeled vehicles» are considered and the author’s own definition is offered. A version of the structure of stability properties as a complex op-erational property is offered.

  4. Absolute stability analysis of linear systems with Duhem hysteresis operator

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ouyang, Ruiyue; Jayawardhana, Bayu


    In this paper, we investigate the stability of positive and negative feedback interconnections of a linear system and a Duhem hysteresis operator. We provide sufficient conditions on the linear plant and on the Duhem operator which are based on the counterclockwise (CCW) or clockwise (CW) input–outp

  5. Cask fleet operations study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 assigned to the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Civilian Waste Management the responsibility for disposing of high-level waste and spent fuel. A significant part of that responsibility involves transporting nuclear waste materials within the federal waste management system; that is, from the waste generator to the repository. The lead responsibility for transportation operations has been assigned to Oak Ridge Operations, with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) providing technical support through the Transportation Operations Support Task Group. One of the ORNL support activities involves assessing what facilities, equipment and services are required to assure that an acceptable, cost-effective and safe transportation operations system can be designed, operated and maintained. This study reviews, surveys and assesses the experience of Nuclear Assurance Corporation (NAC) in operating a fleet of spent-fuel shipping casks to aid in developing the spent-fuel transportation system.

  6. Integrating Civilian Agencies in Stability Operations (United States)


    because of the elements 1 Chris Huxham, Creating Collaborative Advantage, London: Sage, 1996. 2 Mancur Olson , The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods...Nichols: Defense Reform for a New Strategic Era, Phase 2 Report, Washington, D.C.: Center for Strategic and International Studies, July 2005. Olson ... Mancur , The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1965. Bibliography 161

  7. Challenges & Concerns -- Phase 4 Stability Operations (United States)


    Empire’s large western frontier.”2 The occupation of central Mexico in the 1840’s, reconstruction following the Civil War, U.S. occupations of...Children are at particular risk from malnutrition because of war. A study in a war zone attributed only 2 per cent of deaths to violence; most were...caused by the interaction of malnutrition and infection.”21 War and children are not synonymous with one another when it comes to being involved in

  8. Food Fortification Stability Study (United States)

    Sirmons, T.; Cooper, M.; Douglas, G.


    NASA has established the goal of traveling beyond low-Earth orbit and extending manned exploration to Mars. The length of proposed Mars missions and the lack of resupply missions increases the importance of nutritional content in the food system, which will need a five-year shelf life. The purpose of this research is to assess the stability of vitamin supplementation in traditionally processed spaceflight foods. It is expected that commercially available fortification nutrients will remain stable through a long duration exploration mission at sufficient levels if compatible formulation, processing, and storage temperatures are achieved. Five vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and thiamin) were blended into a vitamin premix (DSM, Freeport, TX) such that the vitamin concentration per serving equaled 25% of the recommended daily intake after two years of ambient storage. Four freeze-dried foods (Scrambled Eggs, Italian Vegetables, Potatoes Au Gratin, Noodles and Chicken) and four thermo-stabilized foods (Curry Sauce with Vegetables, Chicken Noodle Soup, Grilled Pork Chop, Rice with Butter) were produced, with and without the vitamin premix, to assess the impact of the added fortification on color and taste and to determine the stability of supplemental vitamins in spaceflight foods. The addition of fortification to spaceflight foods did not greatly alter the organoleptic properties of most products. In most cases, overall acceptability scores remained above 6.0 (minimum acceptable score) following six months and one year of low-temperature storage. Likewise, the color of fortified products appears to be preserved over one year of storage. The only exceptions were Grilled pork Chop and Chicken Noodle Soup whose individual components appeareddegrade rapidly over one year of storage. Finally, most vitamins appeared to be stable during long-term storage. The only exception was thiamin, which degraded rapidly during the first year of storage at

  9. What Every Airman Needs to Know about Medical Stability Operations (United States)


    organizations (NGO). Thus, military health services contribute to social , political, and economic stability. JP 3-29, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, 17...deployed for the health protection of US forces. Developing graceful, noncontroversial rede - ployments from humanitarian operations and an MSO exit...physi- cians from 15 nearby nations. Course graduates from several countries later deployed together to an earthquake response in Pisco, Peru , where

  10. Statistical models for stability studies


    Uwimpuhwe, Germaine


    Stability studies are conducted at all phases of the drug development cycle, with the main objective of having a stable product on market. In this project we aimed at evaluating if the shelf life could be extended from 24 (current shelf life) to 36 months, quantifying pharmaceutical stability such as shelf life, release limit, degradation rate ( annually and at the end of both shelf lives) and consumer/producer risk. The assay data are longitudinal from 50 different batches, whi...

  11. Stability and monotonicity of Lotka-Volterra type operators

    CERN Document Server

    Mukhamedov, Farrukh


    In the present paper, we study Lotka-Volterra (LV) type operators defined in finite dimensional simplex. We prove that any LV type operator is a surjection of the simplex. After, we introduce a new class of LV-type operators, called $M$LV type. We prove convergence of their trajectories and study certain its properties. Moreover, we show that such kind of operators have totaly different behavior than ${\\mathbf{f}}$-monotone LV type operators.

  12. Pray for Peace. Prepare for War...and Stability Operations (United States)


    ultimately achieve the national political objectives of the war.61 The Army’s experiences in Mexico were not an aberration, as the U.S. military...Report assessed that, even with the Army’s extensive experience with stability operations in “ Mexico , California, the Southern States, Cuba, …the...Manual: A Lasting Legacy in Today’s Counterinsurgency Warfare,” Historia 21 (2012): 54-62. 148 Gentile, “The Imperative for an American General

  13. Operations dashboard: comparative study (United States)

    Ramly, Noor Nashriq; Ismail, Ahmad Zuhairi; Aziz, Mohd Haris; Ahmad, Nurul Haszeli


    In this present days and age, there are increasing needs for companies to monitor application and infrastructure health. Apart from having proactive measures to secure their application and infrastructure, many see monitoring dashboards as crucial investment in disaster preparedness. As companies struggle to find the best solution to cater for their needs and interest for monitoring their application and infrastructure's health, this paper summarizes the studies made on several known off-the-shelf operations dashboard and in-house developed dashboard. A few criteria of good dashboard are collected from previous studies carried out by several researchers and rank them according to importance and business needs. The finalized criteria that will be discussed in later sections are data visualization, performance indicator, dashboard personalization, audit capability and alert/ notification. Comparative studies between several popular dashboards were then carried out to determine whether they met these criteria that we derived from the first exercise. The findings hopefully can be used to educate and provide an overview of selecting the best IT application and infrastructure operations dashboard that suit business needs, thus become the main contribution of this paper.

  14. Stability analysis of supercritical-pressure light water-cooled reactor in constant pressure operation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Suhwan, JI; Shirahama, H.; Koshizuka, S.; Oka, Y. [Tokyo Univ., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Nuclear Engineering Research Lab.


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the thermal-hydraulic and the thermal-nuclear coupled stabilities of a supercritical pressure light water-cooled reactor. A stability analysis code at supercritical pressure is developed. Using this code, stabilities of full and partial-power reactor operating at supercritical pressure are investigated by the frequency-domain analysis. Two types of SCRs are analyzed; a supercritical light water reactor (SCLWR) and a supercritical water-cooled fast reactor (SCFR). The same stability criteria as Boiling Water Reactor are applied. The thermal-hydraulic stability of SCLWR and SCFR satisfies the criteria with a reasonable orifice loss coefficient. The decay ratio of the thermal-nuclear coupled stability in SCFR is almost zero because of a small coolant density coefficient of the fast reactor. The evaluated decay ratio of the thermal-nuclear coupled stability is 3,41 {approx} 10{sup -V} at 100% power in SCFR and 0,028 at 100% power in SCLWR. The sensitivity is investigated. It is found that the thermal-hydraulic stability is sensitive to the mass flow rate strongly and the thermal-nuclear coupled stability to the coolant density coefficient. The bottom power peak distribution makes the thermal-nuclear stability worse and the thermal-nuclear stability better. (author)

  15. Space shuttle pogo studies. [systems stability (United States)

    Coppolino, R. N.; Lock, M. H.; Rubin, S.


    Topics covered include: (1) pogo suppression for main propulsion subsystem operation; (2) application of quarter-scale low pressure oxidizer turbopump transfer functions; (3) pogo stability during orbital maneuvering subsystem operation; and (4) errors in frequency response measurements.

  16. Stability studies of Solar Optical Telescope dynamics (United States)

    Gullapalli, Sarma N.; Pal, Parimal K.; Ruthven, Gregory P.


    The Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) is designed to operate as an attached payload mounted on the Instrument Pointing System (IPS) in the cargo bay of the Shuttle Orbiter. Pointing and control of SOT is accomplished by an active Articulated Primary Mirror (APM), an active Tertiary Mirror (TM), an elaborate set of optical sensors, electromechanical actuators and programmable controllers. The structural interactions of this complex control system are significant factors in the stability of the SOT. The preliminary stability study results of the SOT dynamical system are presented. Structural transfer functions obtained from the NASTRAN model of the structure were used. These studies apply to a single degree of freedom (elevation). Fully integrated model studies will be conducted in the future.

  17. Entanglement-assisted operator codeword stabilized quantum codes (United States)

    Shin, Jeonghwan; Heo, Jun; Brun, Todd A.


    In this paper, we introduce a unified framework to construct entanglement-assisted quantum error-correcting codes (QECCs), including additive and nonadditive codes, based on the codeword stabilized (CWS) framework on subsystems. The CWS framework is a scheme to construct QECCs, including both additive and nonadditive codes, and gives a method to construct a QECC from a classical error-correcting code in standard form. Entangled pairs of qubits (ebits) can be used to improve capacity of quantum error correction. In addition, it gives a method to overcome the dual-containing constraint. Operator quantum error correction (OQEC) gives a general framework to construct QECCs. We construct OQEC codes with ebits based on the CWS framework. This new scheme, entanglement-assisted operator codeword stabilized (EAOCWS) quantum codes, is the most general framework we know of to construct both additive and nonadditive codes from classical error-correcting codes. We describe the formalism of our scheme, demonstrate the construction with examples, and give several EAOCWS codes

  18. Virasoro frames and their Stabilizers for the E_8 lattice type Vertex Operator Algebra



    The concept of a framed vertex operator algebra was studied in [DGH] (q-alg/9707008). This article is an analysis of all Virasoro frame stabilizers of the lattice VOA V for the E_8 root lattice, which is isomorphic to the E_8-level 1 affine Kac-Moody VOA V. We analyze the frame stabilizers, both as abstract groups and as subgroups of the Lie group Aut(V) = E_8(C). Each frame stabilizer is a finite group, contained in the normalizer of a 2B-pure elementary abelian 2-group in Aut(V). In particu...

  19. Village Stability Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Special Operations Approach (United States)


    of communication and logistics from Laos and Cambodia that extended into South Vietnam. Each team conducting CIDG operations dedicated assets and...then builds rapport with the villagers, develops their relationships with the elders, and begins to expand “white space;” the intangible span of... recognition of their important role in the overall conflict. A stability 97 Mushi, 16. 98 Rucogoza, 29. 99 United Nations Security Resolution 2147

  20. Power System Stabilizer Based on Robust H∞ Controller for Low Frequency Operating Range

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Mohamed Yousef


    Full Text Available The aim of study is designed of Power System Stabilizer (PSS based on H4 approach for power system stabilization. The uncertainties in power system modeling and operations are considered at designing of H∞ PSS. The bounds of power system parameters are determined over a wide range of low frequency operating conditions. These bounds are used to design a robust H∞ PSS. A sample power system composed a synchronous generator connected to infinite bus through transmission line is simulated. The digital H∞ PSS can achieve good performance over a wide range of operating conditions. A comparison between power system responses at variety of operating conditions using the proposed H∞ PSS and Linear Quadratic Regulator LQR control have been done. H2 PSS is designed and compared with the proposed controller.

  1. Two-staged operation on C2 neoplastic lesions: anterior excision and posterior stabilization. (United States)

    Colak, Ahmet; Kutlay, Murat; Kibici, Kenan; Demircan, M Nusret; Akin, Osman N


    This retrospective study included eight consecutive cases with C2 vertebral body neoplastic lesions. The anterior retropharyngeal approach was used to remove the lesions and decompress the spinal cord. Spinal stabilization with occipitocervical plating in a second-stage operation makes the treatment more tolerable for patients. The object of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a two-stage operation strategy for these lesions. Eight patients were operated on via anterior retropharyngeal approach and then stabilized with occipitocervical plates posteriorly in a second sitting. All neck pain and all dysphagia problems resolved. Partial neurologic improvement was achieved in three out of four patients. No postoperative infection was seen. The retropharyngeal approach to the upper cervical spine and anterior foramen magnum lesions is an effective alternative to transoral surgery because of low complication rates. Neoplastic lesions in the upper cervical spine can safely and effectively be operated with this technique. The general medical status of patients with malignancies does not permit too long, time-consuming operations. Stabilization of the spine in a separate operation increases patient tolerability without any morbidity.

  2. 14 CFR 25.672 - Stability augmentation and automatic and power-operated systems. (United States)


    ... power-operated systems. 25.672 Section 25.672 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION... Construction Control Systems § 25.672 Stability augmentation and automatic and power-operated systems. If the functioning of stability augmentation or other automatic or power-operated systems is necessary to...

  3. 14 CFR 29.672 - Stability augmentation, automatic, and power-operated systems. (United States)


    ... power-operated systems. 29.672 Section 29.672 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION... Construction Control Systems § 29.672 Stability augmentation, automatic, and power-operated systems. If the functioning of stability augmentation or other automatic or power-operated system is necessary to...

  4. 14 CFR 27.672 - Stability augmentation, automatic, and power-operated systems. (United States)


    ... power-operated systems. 27.672 Section 27.672 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION... Construction Control Systems § 27.672 Stability augmentation, automatic, and power-operated systems. If the functioning of stability augmentation or other automatic or power-operated systems is necessary to...

  5. Centers of Stability Analysis - The Missing Framework in Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment Doctrine (United States)


    assessment of the 17 Douglas D. Lilly , “Strategic Framing of Stability Operations” (research paper...inaccurate if the operation is in phase zero or four, as the objectives should be focused on stability or peace operations. The concepts used in COG...War." Research report, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL: U.S. Air University, 1988. Lilly , Douglas D. “Strategic Framing of Stability Operations

  6. 风电集中并网运行对系统电压稳定性的影响研究%Study on System Impacts of Voltage Stability about Wind Power Concentrated Grid-Connected Operation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付小伟; 王进; 郭伟; 郑剑武


    Uncertainty of wind power resources and operating characteristics of the wind turbine itself makes wind turbine output power of change, which is equivalent to big power system disturbances. With the gradual increase of wind power penetration, it's high time to study the Voltage stability of large grid-connected wind power operation problem, it detail analyses the effect of voltage stability about wind farm under different wind speed model, installed capacity of wind power and fault clearing time. The static synchronous compensator applied to wind farms, according to the simulation results, the voltage restore rapidly after the faults cleared, so the low voltage ride through(LVRT)capability of wind turbines is improved, ensures the continuous operation of wind turbines and the security of the power network%风力资源的不确定性和风电机组本身的运行特性使风电机组的输出功率随之变化,对电力系统来说相当于一个大的扰动。随着风电穿透功率的逐步增加,大规模风电并网运行的电压稳定性问题亟待研究。利用Matlab/Simulink建立风电场仿真模型,详细分析了不同风速模型、风电场装机容量及短路故障切除时间下风电场对电压稳定性的影响。把静止同步补偿器(StaticSynchronousCompensator,STATCOM)应用到风电场中,仿真结果表明,STATCOM可以改善风电场的电压稳定性,提高了风电机组的低电压穿越能力,确保风电机组连续运行及电网安全稳定。

  7. A qualitative content analysis of global health engagements in Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute's stability operations lessons learned and information management system. (United States)

    Nang, Roberto N; Monahan, Felicia; Diehl, Glendon B; French, Daniel


    Many institutions collect reports in databases to make important lessons-learned available to their members. The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences collaborated with the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute to conduct a descriptive and qualitative analysis of global health engagements (GHEs) contained in the Stability Operations Lessons Learned and Information Management System (SOLLIMS). This study used a summative qualitative content analysis approach involving six steps: (1) a comprehensive search; (2) two-stage reading and screening process to identify first-hand, health-related records; (3) qualitative and quantitative data analysis using MAXQDA, a software program; (4) a word cloud to illustrate word frequencies and interrelationships; (5) coding of individual themes and validation of the coding scheme; and (6) identification of relationships in the data and overarching lessons-learned. The individual codes with the most number of text segments coded included: planning, personnel, interorganizational coordination, communication/information sharing, and resources/supplies. When compared to the Department of Defense's (DoD's) evolving GHE principles and capabilities, the SOLLIMS coding scheme appeared to align well with the list of GHE capabilities developed by the Department of Defense Global Health Working Group. The results of this study will inform practitioners of global health and encourage additional qualitative analysis of other lessons-learned databases.

  8. Operational Modal Analysis Based on Subspace Algorithm with an Improved Stabilization Diagram Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shiqiang Qin


    Full Text Available Subspace-based algorithms for operational modal analysis have been extensively studied in the past decades. In the postprocessing of subspace-based algorithms, the stabilization diagram is often used to determine modal parameters. In this paper, an improved stabilization diagram is proposed for stochastic subspace identification. Specifically, first, a model order selection method based on singular entropy theory is proposed. The singular entropy increment is calculated from nonzero singular values of the output covariance matrix. The corresponding model order can be selected when the variation of singular entropy increment approaches to zero. Then, the stabilization diagram with confidence intervals which is established using the uncertainty of modal parameter is presented. Finally, a simulation example of a four-story structure and a full-scale cable-stayed footbridge application is employed to illustrate the improved stabilization diagram method. The study demonstrates that the model order can be reasonably determined by the proposed method. The stabilization diagram with confidence intervals can effectively remove the spurious modes.

  9. Using operational and defined fractions to assess soil organic matter stabilization and structure (United States)

    Horwath, W. R.


    Studies on soil organic matter (SOM) began with alkaline solvents revealing a dark colored substance that could be isolated under low pH. Further studies revealed fulvic and humic acids and humin fractions leading to theories on functional groups and metal-clay bridging mechanisms. The fate of isotopes in these fractions revealed soil carbon pools with varying turnover rates with half the soil carbon (C) in humin and acid hydrolyzed fractions over 1000 years old. These results are the basis of the three pool conceptual framework used in many biogeochemical models. Theories on the role of functional groups and compound classes further elaborated concepts on physical (aggregates) and chemical mechanisms of C stabilization. With the advance of analytical instrumentation, the operational fractions were further defined to the compound and molecular levels. These studies confirmed the majority of soil C is microbially derived. Our observation that all microbial groups contributed nonselectively to soil C maintenance independent of mineralogy suggests that compound characteristics within integrated structures are more important than the source of individual compounds for stabilizing soil C. In dissolved organic C floccing studies using Near Edge X-ray Fine Structure analysis, we found that aromatic compounds interacted first with Fe, however, the majority of direct bonds to Fe were polysaccharides, reinforcing that an integrative chemical structure rather than direct bonds imparted stability in organo-metal interactions. Using a novel differential scanning calorimeter coupled to an isotope ratio mass spectrometer setup, we confirmed that the presence of clays (independent of clay type) increased the microbial utilization of calcium stabilized high versus low temperature compounds, asserting that higher temperature compounds (i.e., phenolics) are likely less tightly bound by clay minerals. The integration of operational and defined fractions of SOM remains a legitimate

  10. A stability analysis of a real space split operator method for the Klein-Gordon equation

    CERN Document Server

    Blumenthal, Frederick


    We carry out a stability analysis for the real space split operator method for the propagation of the time-dependent Klein-Gordon equation that has been proposed in J. Comput. Phys. 228 (24) (2009) 9092-9106. The region of algebraic stability is determined analytically by means of a von-Neumann stability analysis for systems with homogeneous scalar and vector potentials. Algebraic stability implies convergence of the real space split operator method for smooth absolutely integrable initial conditions. In the limit of small spatial grid spacings h in each of the d spatial dimensions and small temporal steps, the stability condition becomes h/{\\tau}>\\surddc for second order finite differences and \\surd3h/(2{\\tau})>\\surddc for fourth order finite differences, respectively, with c denoting the speed of light. Furthermore, we demonstrate numerically that the stability region for systems with inhomogeneous potentials coincides almost with the region of algebraic stability for homogeneous potentials.

  11. Robust Stability and H∞ Stabilization of Switched Systems with Time-Varying Delays Using Delta Operator Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen Qin


    Full Text Available This paper considers the problems of the robust stability and robust H∞ controller design for time-varying delay switched systems using delta operator approach. Based on the average dwell time approach and delta operator theory, a sufficient condition of the robust exponential stability is presented by choosing an appropriate Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional candidate. Then, a state feedback controller is designed such that the resulting closed-loop system is exponentially stable with a guaranteed H∞ performance. The obtained results are formulated in the form of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs. Finally, a numerical example is provided to explicitly illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.

  12. Small RoPax Vessel stability study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Erichsen, Henrik; Kristensen, Hans Otto Holmegaard; Jensen, Jørgen Juncher;


    In 2009 new damage stability requirements for passenger ships based on a probabilistic method were adopted by IMO and are now part of the current SOLAS Chapter II-1 regulations (SOLAS 2009). The mandate from IMO was to keep the same safety level as inherent in the old deterministic damage stability......-representative”. Currently there is a renewed debate in IMO regarding the required damage stability safety level for passenger ships. The damage stability safety level for small ro/pax vessels has also been discussed outside of the IMO assuming that the damage stability safety level for small ro/pax designs is perhaps...... not sufficient, i.e. that the current safety level according to SOLAS 2009 is less than the old safety level according to SOLAS 90. In order to establish a solid foundation for the discussion, this study was made possible by a grant from The Danish Maritime Fund. The study focus on small ro/pax vessels...

  13. The Road Not Taken: Addressing Corruption During Stability Operations (United States)


    Your red marks made us better students and writers. We would like to thank Professor George Lober for his generous feedback and sound advice . Your...after Daoud’s departure and signed a new constitution establishing a bicameral parliamentary system and elections. This new system of government...parties to use the parliamentary system against the royal family. Popular discontent further weakened Afghanistan’s stability. In 1972, student-led

  14. Study of the 137Cs Stabilizer Source

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    GAO Yan;WANG Yan-ling;XU Zhi-jian;XU Liang;REN Chun-xia;TAN Xiao-ming;CUI Hong-qi


    Full Text Available The attenuation laws of the Cesium -137 γ-ray penetrating the ceramic core、stainless steel and tungsten steel were studied. The radioactivity of the 137Cs stabilizer source was determined through the surface dose rate of 137Cs stabilizer sources. In addition, the adsorption properties of the ceramic core were studied to improve the stability of the output rate, and established a production line. The application results showed that the output rate of ray source was accurate and was of a good consistency. At present, the source had been used in logging lithology, and achieved the realization of domestic product.

  15. 14 CFR 23.672 - Stability augmentation and automatic and power-operated systems. (United States)


    ... power-operated systems. 23.672 Section 23.672 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION... and power-operated systems. If the functioning of stability augmentation or other automatic or power-operated systems is necessary to show compliance with the flight characteristics requirements of this...

  16. Stability Analysis and Trigger Control of LLC Resonant Converter for a Wide Operational Range

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhijian Fang


    Full Text Available The gain of a LLC resonant converter can vary with the loads that can be used to improve the efficiency and power density for some special applications, where the maximum gain does not apply at the heaviest loads. However, nonlinear gain characteristics can make the converters unstable during a major disturbance. In this paper, the stability of an LLC resonant converter during a major disturbance is studied and a trigger control scheme is proposed to improve the converter’s stability by extending the converter’s operational range. Through in-depth analysis of the gain curve of the LLC resonant converter, we find that the switching frequency range is one of the key factors determining the system’s stability performance. The same result is also obtained from a mathematical point of view by utilizing the mixed potential function method. Then a trigger control method is proposed to make the LLC resonant converter stable even during a major disturbance, which can be used to extend the converter’s operational range. Finally, experimental results are given to verify the analysis and proposed control scheme.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dumitru-Cristian OANEA


    Full Text Available Commercial banks and co-operative banks are credit institutions, but there are some differences between the main operations proceeded by each of them. Based on these specific characteristics, we want to identify the manner in which financial crisis affected their activity. As we all know, the financial crisis had a major impact in the United States, the “natal” country of the crisis, because great banks such as Lehman Brothers or Merrill Lynch have bankrupted. Even if the Romanian banking system was not affected by such catastrophic situations, surely the financial crisis had a significant impact on it. This topic is worth to be analysed, because we would be able to identify the risk differences between these two types of business: commercial banks versus co-operative banks.

  18. Stability of the inverse resonance problem for Jacobi operators

    CERN Document Server

    Bledsoe, Matthew


    When the coefficients of a Jacobi operator are finitely supported perturbations of the 1 and 0 sequences, respectively, the left reflection coefficient is a rational function whose poles inside, respectively outside, the unit disk correspond to eigenvalues and resonances. By including the zeros of the reflection coefficient, we have a set of data that determines the Jacobi coefficients up to a translation as long as there is at most one half-bound state. We prove that the coefficients of two Jacobi operators are pointwise close assuming that the zeros and poles of their left reflection coefficients are $\\eps$-close in some disk centered at the origin.

  19. Space station operating system study (United States)

    Horn, Albert E.; Harwell, Morris C.


    The current phase of the Space Station Operating System study is based on the analysis, evaluation, and comparison of the operating systems implemented on the computer systems and workstations in the software development laboratory. Primary emphasis has been placed on the DEC MicroVMS operating system as implemented on the MicroVax II computer, with comparative analysis of the SUN UNIX system on the SUN 3/260 workstation computer, and to a limited extent, the IBM PC/AT microcomputer running PC-DOS. Some benchmark development and testing was also done for the Motorola MC68010 (VM03 system) before the system was taken from the laboratory. These systems were studied with the objective of determining their capability to support Space Station software development requirements, specifically for multi-tasking and real-time applications. The methodology utilized consisted of development, execution, and analysis of benchmark programs and test software, and the experimentation and analysis of specific features of the system or compilers in the study.

  20. Stability Analysis for Operation of DG Units in Smart Grids

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pouresmaeil, Edris; Shaker, Hamid Reza; Mehrasa, Majid


    This paper presents a multifunction control strategy for the stable operation of Distributed Generation (DG) units during grid integration. The proposed control model is based on Direct Lyapunov Control (DLC) theory and provides a stable region for the appropriate operation of DG units during grid...... integration. Using DLC technique in DG technology can provide the continuous injection of maximum active power in fundamental frequency from the DG source to the grid, compensating all reactive power and harmonic current components of grid-connected loads through the integration of DG link into the grid....... Application of this concept can guarantee to reduce the stress on the grid during the energy demand peak. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the proficiency and performance of the proposed DLC technique in DG technology....

  1. Detainee Health Care: Essential Element of Stability Operations (United States)


    food , by mutilation, death, or any other barbarity. 31 Missing from the 1864 and 1906 Geneva Conventions were guidelines for the treatment of able...government.74 Accordingly the host nation Ministry of Health ( MoH ) must eventually assume the health care of detainees. This requires a functioning system and alignment of current detainee medical operations with the MoH capability without reducing the standard of care. This process begins

  2. Falls study: Proprioception, postural stability, and slips. (United States)

    Sohn, Jeehoon; Kim, Sukwon


    The present study evaluated effects of exercise training on the proprioception sensitivity, postural stability, and the likelihood of slip-induced falls. Eighteen older adults (6 in balance, 6 in weight, and 6 in control groups) participated in this study. Three groups met three times per week over the course of eight weeks. Ankle and knee proprioception sensitivities and postural stability were measured. Slip-induced events were introduced for all participants before and after training. The results indicated that, overall, strength and postural stability were improved only in the training group, although proprioception sensitivity was improved in all groups. Training for older adults resulted in decreased likelihood of slip-induced falls. The study suggested that proprioception can be improved by simply being active, however, the results suggested that training would aid older adults in reducing the likelihood of slip-induced falls.

  3. Optimizing stability, transport, and divertor operation through plasma shaping for steady-state scenario development in DIII-Da) (United States)

    Holcomb, C. T.; Ferron, J. R.; Luce, T. C.; Petrie, T. W.; Politzer, P. A.; Challis, C.; DeBoo, J. C.; Doyle, E. J.; Greenfield, C. M.; Groebner, R. J.; Groth, M.; Hyatt, A. W.; Jackson, G. L.; Kessel, C.; La Haye, R. J.; Makowski, M. A.; McKee, G. R.; Murakami, M.; Osborne, T. H.; Park, J.-M.; Prater, R.; Porter, G. D.; Reimerdes, H.; Rhodes, T. L.; Shafer, M. W.; Snyder, P. B.; Turnbull, A. D.; West, W. P.


    Recent studies on the DIII-D tokamak [J. L. Luxon, Nucl. Fusion 42, 614 (2002)] have elucidated key aspects of the dependence of stability, confinement, and density control on the plasma magnetic configuration, leading to the demonstration of nearly noninductive operation for >1 s with pressure 30% above the ideal no-wall stability limit. Achieving fully noninductive tokamak operation requires high pressure, good confinement, and density control through divertor pumping. Plasma geometry affects all of these. Ideal magnetohydrodynamics modeling of external kink stability suggests that it may be optimized by adjusting the shape parameter known as squareness (ζ). Optimizing kink stability leads to an increase in the maximum stable pressure. Experiments confirm that stability varies strongly with ζ, in agreement with the modeling. Optimization of kink stability via ζ is concurrent with an increase in the H-mode edge pressure pedestal stability. Global energy confinement is optimized at the lowest ζ tested, with increased pedestal pressure and lower core transport. Adjusting the magnetic divertor balance about a double-null configuration optimizes density control for improved noninductive auxiliary current drive. The best density control is obtained with a slight imbalance toward the divertor opposite the ion grad(B) drift direction, consistent with modeling of these effects. These optimizations have been combined to achieve noninductive current fractions near unity for over 1 s with normalized pressure of 3.565%, and a normalized confinement factor of H98(y ,2)≈1.5.

  4. Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager Radiometric Calibration and Stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian Markham


    Full Text Available The Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI was radiometrically calibrated prior to launch in terms of spectral radiance, using an integrating sphere source traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST standards of spectral irradiance. It was calibrated on-orbit in terms of reflectance using diffusers characterized prior to launch using NIST traceable standards. The radiance calibration was performed with an uncertainty of ~3%; the reflectance calibration to an uncertainty of ~2%. On-orbit, multiple calibration techniques indicate that the sensor has been stable to better than 0.3% to date, with the exception of the shortest wavelength band, which has degraded about 1.0%. A transfer to orbit experiment conducted using the OLI’s heliostat-illuminated diffuser suggests that some bands increased in sensitivity on transition to orbit by as much as 5%, with an uncertainty of ~2.5%. On-orbit comparisons to other instruments and vicarious calibration techniques show the radiance (without a transfer to orbit adjustment, and reflectance calibrations generally agree with other instruments and ground measurements to within the uncertainties. Calibration coefficients are provided with the data products to convert to either radiance or reflectance units.

  5. Inoculum selection is crucial to ensure operational stability in anaerobic digestion. (United States)

    De Vrieze, Jo; Gildemyn, Sylvia; Vilchez-Vargas, Ramiro; Jáuregui, Ruy; Pieper, Dietmar H; Verstraete, Willy; Boon, Nico


    Anaerobic digestion is considered a key technology for the future bio-based economy. The microbial consortium carrying out the anaerobic digestion process is quite complex, and its exact role in terms of "elasticity", i.e., the ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions, is still unknown. In this study, the role of the initial microbial community in terms of operational stability and stress tolerance was evaluated during a 175-day experiment. Five different inocula from stable industrial anaerobic digesters were fed a mixture of waste activated sludge and glycerol. Increasing ammonium pulses were applied to evaluate stability and stress tolerance. A different response in terms of start-up and ammonium tolerance was observed among the different inocula. Methanosaetaceae were the dominant acetoclastic methanogens, yet, Methanosarcinaceae increased in abundance at elevated ammonium concentrations. A shift from a Firmicutes to a Proteobacteria dominated bacterial community was observed in failing digesters. Methane production was strongly positively correlated with Methanosaetaceae, but also with Bacteria related to Anaerolinaceae, Clostridiales, and Alphaproteobacteria. Volatile fatty acids were strongly positively correlated with Betaproteobacteria and Bacteroidetes, yet ammonium concentration only with Bacteroidetes. Overall, these results indicate the importance of inoculum selection to ensure stable operation and stress tolerance in anaerobic digestion.

  6. Stabilization Operations Through Military Capacity Building-Integration Between Danish Conventional Forces and Special Operations Forces (United States)


    N.Y: Frank Cass Publishers, 1998), 82–83. 146 Adams, US. Special Operations Forces in Action, 84–85. 147 Krepinevich Jr., The Army and Vietnam, teams, which were considered an important factor in the development of the Afghan National Army ( ANA ). Operational mentoring and liaison...Chief of Defence. Adams, Thomas K. U.S. Special Operations Forces in Action: The Challenge of Unconventional Warfare. New York: Frank Cass Publishers

  7. Evaluation of nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia anode degradation during discharge operation and redox cycles operation by electrochemical calculation (United States)

    Shimura, Takaaki; Jiao, Zhenjun; Shikazono, Naoki


    Degradation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) anode during discharge operation and redox cycles operation were evaluated by three-dimensional electrochemical calculations using a Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). Three dimensional microstructures were obtained by Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) reconstruction. In the electrochemical calculations, changes in exchange current density and ionic conductivity of Yttria stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) during the operations were assumed and their values were calculated by fitting the calculated overpotential values to the experimental ones. Changes in triple phase boundary density calculated from the reconstructed microstructures were inconsistent with the gradual degradation observed during repeated redox-discharge cycles. Changes of the fitted exchange current density and YSZ ionic conductivity values in both discharge operation and redox cycle operation showed same tendency as the experimental results. Change in exchange current density or YSZ ionic conductivity should be considered as an essential factor which governs the cell performance change regardless of the redox treatment.

  8. A stability analysis of a real space split operator method for the Klein-Gordon equation (United States)

    Blumenthal, Frederick; Bauke, Heiko


    We carry out a stability analysis for the real space split operator method for the propagation of the time-dependent Klein-Gordon equation that has been proposed in Ruf et al. [M. Ruf, H. Bauke, C.H. Keitel, A real space split operator method for the Klein-Gordon equation, Journal of Computational Physics 228 (24) (2009) 9092-9106, doi:10.1016/]. The region of algebraic stability is determined analytically by means of a von-Neumann stability analysis for systems with homogeneous scalar and vector potentials. Algebraic stability implies convergence of the real space split operator method for smooth absolutely integrable initial conditions. In the limit of small spatial grid spacings h in each of the d spatial dimensions and small temporal steps τ, the stability condition becomes h/τ>√{d}c for second order finite differences and √{3}h/(2τ)>√{d}c for fourth order finite differences, respectively, with c denoting the speed of light. Furthermore, we demonstrate numerically that the stability region for systems with inhomogeneous potentials coincides almost with the region of algebraic stability for homogeneous potentials.

  9. First Among Equals: Interagency Cooperation in Stability Operations (United States)


    unique context, so one can never derive a sample pool of data. Case studies develop a context surrounding phenomena and allow the research to identify...dependent on a large sample pool of data.36 If studied phenomena are more pronounced within the case, then their causes and effects should likewise...and Truman’s foreign policy in the region. Truman praised his “scholarly statesmanship and diplomatic judgement ” in the crisis.103 Due to his success

  10. Mine stability evaluation of panel 1 during waste emplacement operations at WIPP

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maleki, H. [Maleki Technologies Inc., Spokane, WA (United States)


    The specific objectives of the work were defined by the Environmental Evaluation Group (EEG) as follows: (1) assess the stability of panel 1 during the proposed operation of waste emplacement; (2) estimate the amount of time before room closure would be expected to transfer rock loads to the waste packages. The work consisted of (1) an analysis of geotechnical data and a review of the Department of Energy`s (DOE) plans for waste emplacement in panel 1, (2) an evaluation of ground conditions based on data analysis and observations of changes in ground conditions since the first evaluation in 1993 (USBM 1993), and (3) preparation of a report and presentation of the results to EEG staff. Excluded from this study are radiological safety issues and policies. The study is based on data provided by DOE and Westinghouse Electric Corporation (operator of the site) and conversations with DOE and Westinghouse personnel. MTI cannot independently verify the accuracy of the data within the scope of this study and recommends independent evaluations of data gathering, quality assurance procedures, and structural designs. The operator has the ultimate responsibility for structural designs and has expressed a strong commitment to ensuring worker safety.

  11. DC/DC Converter Stability Testing Study (United States)

    Wang, Bright L.


    This report presents study results on hybrid DC/DC converter stability testing methods. An input impedance measurement method and a gain/phase margin measurement method were evaluated to be effective to determine front-end oscillation and feedback loop oscillation. In particular, certain channel power levels of converter input noises have been found to have high degree correlation with the gain/phase margins. It becomes a potential new method to evaluate stability levels of all type of DC/DC converters by utilizing the spectral analysis on converter input noises.

  12. Beyond SWEAT: Developing Infrastructure in Stability and COIN Operations (United States)


    Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.” Feinstein International Center, Tufts University. (April 2010.) 36 For a parallel case study see De Soto, Hernando ...October 2010): 88-93. Department of the Army, Counterinsurgency, FM 3-24 (2006): A-5. De Soto, Hernando . The Other Path: The Economic Answer to

  13. Defining Command, Leadership, and Management Success Factors Within Stability Operations (United States)


    expanded upon as the paper progresses. LEADERSHIP CONSIDERATIONS—LEADING CHANGE? Leadership is a blend of persuasion, compulsion , and example, a...the buyer beware): The discus- sions and study on leadership are vast in number and can lead along many paths; in this monograph, a simple set of

  14. Endotoxin Studies And Biosolids Stabilization Research (United States)

    This presentation has three parts; a review of bench-scale endotoxin research, a review of observations from a field scale endotoxin release study, and discussion of biosolids stabilization and characterization by PLFA/FAME microbial community analysis. Endotoxins are part of th...

  15. Toward the Effective Use of Military Veterinarians in Stability Operations (United States)


    undernourished.15 In a study on herders in southern Afghanistan conducted in 2004, Jost and Aziz report that sheep were consistently recognized as the...most valuable animal to a family’s overall well-being, providing lambs for sale, oil, milk , wool, and meat. Camels were described as being the next...Thus, while disease and poor animal nutrition remain challenges, efforts to overcome these will help ensure healthy livestock and in turn agricultural

  16. Improvements on the Stability and Operation of a Magnetron H- Ion Source

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sosa, A. [Fermilab; Bollinger, D. S. [Fermilab; Karns, P. R. [Fermilab; Tan, C. Y. [Fermilab


    The magnetron H- ion sources developed in the 1970s currently in operation at Fermilab provide beam to the rest of the accelerator complex. A series of modifications to these sources have been tested in a dedicated offline test stand with the aim of improving different operational issues. The solenoid type gas valve was tested as an alternative to the piezoelectric gas valve in order to avoid its temperature dependence. A new cesium oven was designed and tested in order to avoid glass pieces that were present with the previous oven, improve thermal insulation and fine tune its temperature. A current-regulated arc modulator was developed to run the ion source at a constant arc current, providing very stable beam outputs during operations. In order to reduce beam noise, the addition of small amounts of N2 gas was explored, as well as testing different cathode shapes with increasing plasma volume. This paper summarizes the studies and modifications done in the source over the last three years with the aim of improving its stability, reliability and overall performance.

  17. Optimization of operation conditions for preventing sludge bulking and enhancing the stability of aerobic granular sludge in sequencing batch reactors. (United States)

    Zhou, Jun; Wang, Hongyu; Yang, Kai; Ma, Fang; Lv, Bin


    Sludge bulking caused by loss of stability is a major problem in aerobic granular sludge systems. This study investigated the feasibility of preventing sludge bulking and enhancing the stability of aerobic granular sludge in a sequencing batch reactor by optimizing operation conditions. Five operation parameters have been studied with the aim to understand their impact on sludge bulking. Increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) by raising aeration rates contributed to granule stability due to the competition advantage of non-filamentous bacteria and permeation of oxygen at high DO concentration. The ratio of polysaccharides to proteins was observed to increase as the hydraulic shear force increased. When provided with high/low organic loading rate (OLR) alternately, large and fluffy granules disintegrated, while denser round-shape granules formed. An increase of biomass concentration followed a decrease at the beginning, and stability of granules was improved. This indicated that aerobic granular sludge had the resistance of OLR. Synthetic wastewater combined highly and slowly biodegradable substrates, creating a high gradient, which inhibited the growth of filamentous bacteria and prevented granular sludge bulking. A lower chemical oxygen demand/N favored the hydrophobicity of granular sludge, which promoted with granule stability because of the lower diffusion rate of ammonia. The influence of temperature indicated a relatively low temperature was more suitable.

  18. Edge Diffusion Flame Propagation and Stabilization Studied (United States)

    Takahashi, Fumiaki; Katta, Viswanath R.


    In most practical combustion systems or fires, fuel and air are initially unmixed, thus forming diffusion flames. As a result of flame-surface interactions, the diffusion flame often forms an edge, which may attach to burner walls, spread over condensed fuel surfaces, jump to another location through the fuel-air mixture formed, or extinguish by destabilization (blowoff). Flame holding in combustors is necessary to achieve design performance and safe operation of the system. Fires aboard spacecraft behave differently from those on Earth because of the absence of buoyancy in microgravity. This ongoing in-house flame-stability research at the NASA Glenn Research Center is important in spacecraft fire safety and Earth-bound combustion systems.

  19. Mission Command or Mission Failure?: Evaluation Decentralized Execution in Contemporary Stability Operations (United States)


    operations in OEF/OIF are attributable not to underlying weaknesses in mission command as a theoretical construct, or its lack of suitability for...posited that acknowledged shortcomings in the success of stability operations in OEF/OIF are attributable not to underlying weaknesses in mission command...230. 7 Jeffrey Buchman, Maxie Y. Davis, and Lee T. Wright. “Death of the Combatant Command? Toward a Joint Interagency Approach.” Joint Force

  20. Not the Drones You’re Looking for: Civil Drones Invading Stability Operations (United States)


    market .41 Drones are now available from most electronics retailers or directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, the open -architecture and plug...expansive e-commerce market and other retail outlets, one can safely assume that small civil drones operate in nearly every country in the world...NOT THE DRONES YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: CIVIL DRONES INVADING STABILITY OPERATIONS BY MAJOR DAVID M. HALL A THESIS PRESENTED

  1. Fast determination of operational stability of the soluble acetylacetone-cleaving enzyme Dke1 in an enzyme membrane reactor. (United States)

    Hofer, Hannes; Steiner, Walter


    The main aim of this study was the determination of the operational stability of soluble Dke1 (EC in an enzyme membrane reactor. In order to calculate the half-life of soluble Dke1, the K (M) of oxygen must be known. The determination of this constant was done using progress curve analysis (K (M) = 260 micromol l(-1)). In a next step, the reactor system was studied by building a mathematical model for calculation of the reactor system, using Berkeley Madonna ver. 8.0.1 software. After that, the determination of the half-life of Dke1 under operational conditions at different temperatures (5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 35 degrees C) was performed. The quantitative criterion for stability was the value of the first-order rate constant of monomolecular inactivation. The experiments showed that soluble Dke1 is poorly stable. The half-life ranged from 308 min at 5 degrees C to 9 min at 35 degrees C. This method for determining the half-life is quite applicable for enzymes which are poorly stable. In addition, both the storage stability and the operational stability can be determined.

  2. Performance, stability and operation voltage optimization of screen-printed aqueous supercapacitors (United States)

    Lehtimäki, Suvi; Railanmaa, Anna; Keskinen, Jari; Kujala, Manu; Tuukkanen, Sampo; Lupo, Donald


    Harvesting micropower energy from the ambient environment requires an intermediate energy storage, for which printed aqueous supercapacitors are well suited due to their low cost and environmental friendliness. In this work, a systematic study of a large set of devices is used to investigate the effect of process variability and operating voltage on the performance and stability of screen printed aqueous supercapacitors. The current collectors and active layers are printed with graphite and activated carbon inks, respectively, and aqueous NaCl used as the electrolyte. The devices are characterized through galvanostatic discharge measurements for quantitative determination of capacitance and equivalent series resistance (ESR), as well as impedance spectroscopy for a detailed study of the factors contributing to ESR. The capacitances are 200–360 mF and the ESRs 7.9–12.7 Ω, depending on the layer thicknesses. The ESR is found to be dominated by the resistance of the graphite current collectors and is compatible with applications in low-power distributed electronics. The effects of different operating voltages on the capacitance, leakage and aging rate of the supercapacitors are tested, and 1.0 V found to be the optimal choice for using the devices in energy harvesting applications. PMID:28382962

  3. CVD Diamond Detector Stability Issues for Operation at the National Ignition Facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmid, G J; Koch, J A; Moran, M J; Lerche, R A; Izumi, N; Phillips, T W; Glebov, V Y; Sangster, T C; Stoeckl, C


    Synthetic diamond crystals produced by the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique can serve as fast, radiation hard, neutron sensors for the National Ignition Facility (NIF). Here we explore the stability issues, such as charge trapping and high-flux saturation, that will be relevant to operation at the NIF.

  4. Stability Operations and the Colombian Army: A Case for Implementation of New Doctrine (United States)


    ILLUSTRATIONS Figure 1: Juan Manuel Santos, "Consolidation Strategy" 2 Figure 2: Logros De La Politica De Consolidacion De La Seguridad Democratica 5...operations. Figure 2: Logros De La Politica De Consolidacion De La Seguridad Democratica7 6...because every region is different in its cultural context. Another important issue is establishing or maintaining local leadership during stability

  5. An approximation theory or strongly stabilizing solutions to the operator LQ Riccati equation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oostveen, JC; Curtain, RF; Ito, K


    The linear-quadratic (LQ) control problem is considered for a class of infinite-dimensional systems with bounded input and output operators, that are not exponentially stabilizable, but only strongly stabilizable. A sufficient condition for the existence of a minimizing control and of a stabilizing

  6. Investigation of the Adaptability of Transient Stability Assessment Methods to Real-Time Operation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Weckesser, Johannes Tilman Gabriel; Jóhannsson, Hjörtur; Sommer, Stefan


    In this paper, an investigation of the adaptability of available transient stability assessment methods to real-time operation and their real-time performance is carried out. Two approaches based on Lyapunov’s method and the equal area criterion are analyzed. The results allow to determine...

  7. Recovery of Metals and Stabilization of Arsenic from (Bio-)Leaching Operations by Engineered Biological Processes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gonzalez Contreras, P.A.; weghuis, M.O.; Weijma, J.; Buisman, C.J.N.


    This paper focuses on the application of biotechnological stabilization of arsenic from (bio-) leaching operations. One of the latest applications of the Thioteq technology is arsenic immobilization. The Thioteq-scorodite biorecovery reactor is an aerobic system to immobilise arsenic in bio-scorodit

  8. Operational electrochemical stability of thiophene-thiazole copolymers probed by resonant Raman spectroscopy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wade, Jessica; Wood, Sebastian; Kim, Ji-Seon, E-mail: [Department of Physics and Centre for Plastic Electronics, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ (United Kingdom); Beatrup, Daniel; Hurhangee, Michael; McCulloch, Iain; Durrant, James R. [Department of Chemistry and Centre for Plastic Electronics, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AY (United Kingdom); Bronstein, Hugo [Department of Chemistry and Centre for Plastic Electronics, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AY (United Kingdom); Department of Chemistry, University College London, London WC1H 0AJ (United Kingdom)


    We report on the electrochemical stability of hole polarons in three conjugated polymers probed by resonant Raman spectroscopy. The materials considered are all isostructural to poly(3-hexyl)thiophene, where thiazole units have been included to systematically deepen the energy level of the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO). We demonstrate that increasing the thiazole content planarizes the main conjugated backbone of the polymer and improves the electrochemical stability in the ground state. However, these more planar thiazole containing polymers are increasingly susceptible to electrochemical degradation in the polaronic excited state. We identify the degradation mechanism, which targets the C=N bond in the thiazole units and results in disruption of the main polymer backbone conjugation. The introduction of thiazole units to deepen the HOMO energy level and increase the conjugated backbone planarity can be beneficial for the performance of certain optoelectronic devices, but the reduced electrochemical stability of the hole polaron may compromise their operational stability.

  9. Stability analysis of slot-entry hybrid journal bearings operating with non-newtonian lubricant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.C. Garg


    Full Text Available This paper presents theoretical investigations of rheological effects of lubricant on stability parameters of various configurations of slot-entry hybrid journal bearing system. FEM has been used to solve Reynolds equation governing flow of lubricant in bearing clearance space along with restrictor flow equation using suitable iterative technique. The non-Newtonian lubricant has been assumed to follow cubic shear stress law. The stability parameters in terms of stiffness coefficients, damping coefficients, threshold speed and whirl frequency of different configurations of slot-entry hybrid journal bearing have been computed and presented for wide range of external load while operating with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian lubricants. The computed results reveal that variation of viscosity due to non-Newtonian behavior of lubricant affects bearing stability quite significantly. The results are presented in graphical form and logical conclusions are drawn to identify best possible configuration from stability point of view.

  10. MHD Stability Study of Oblate FRCs (United States)

    Cone, G. A.; Milroy, R. D.; Kim, C. C.


    The n=1 tilt, interchange, and shift modes of oblate FRC plasmas are simulated using the NIMROD code. The grid geometry approximates the shaped, close-fitting flux conserver used in the Swarthmore Spheromak eXperiment (SSX) oblate FRC studyfootnotetextM. J. Schaffer, M. Brown, C. Cothran, N. Murphy, An oblate FRC concept for SSX, ICC Workshop, College Park, MD, Feb 2007. The results validate the work by Belova et alfootnotetextE. V. Belova, S. C. Jardin, H. Ji, M. Yamada, R. Kulsrud, Numerical study of global stability of oblate field-reversed configurations, Phys. Plasmas, 8(4), 1267 (2001) which characterized important thresholds for these instabilities. The tilt mode changes from an internal mode to an external mode with decreasing FRC elongation, and in the oblate case it can be stabilized with a close-fitting conducting wall. By increasing the edge separatrix pressure for wall-supported FRCs, the growth rate of interchange mode decreases, and complete stabilization is achieved when the separatrix beta exceeds 30%. Simulations of the dynamics of FRC formation from two counter-helicity spheromaks are beginning, and preliminary results will be presented.

  11. Airpower in contemporary interventions: stabilization, coercion, peace enforcement and peacemaking. Case: Operation Unified Protector, Libya 2011

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denisa SAVA


    Full Text Available This paper intends to analyze whether airpower is decisive and irreplaceable in putting an end to violent conflict nowadays, evaluating airpower as an instrument in contemporary warfare and its role in peace operations. The research will seek to confirm or invalidate the hypothesis according to which airpower can successfully take the lead in the Western Allies’ contemporary stabilization operations given that it reduces costs in terms of human lives and resources. Moving forward, the research will focus on airpower characteristics in the Libyan case, with an analysis of NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

  12. Stabilization and reconstruction operations: the role of the US Army Veterinary Corps. (United States)

    Smith, John C


    Stabilization and reconstruction operations in failed or failing states are vital to US security interests. These operations require a bottom-up approach, focusing on the population as the strategic center of gravity. This bottom-up approach must address the population's basic needs, as defined by Dr Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and provide a long-term means of self-sufficiency, rather than creating an "aid dependent economy." Focusing operations on agricultural projects provides relief from donor dependency, stimulates economic growth, and thwarts the power of spoilers. US Army Veterinary Corps personnel provide essential services ensuring the procurement of safe and wholesome subsistence and provision of medical care to government-owned animals. Veterinary Corps officers are also uniquely qualified to design and implement agricultural stabilization and reconstruction programs in conjunction with host-state ministries and agencies across the full range of military operations. Early, sustained engagement by veterinarians stimulates agricultural productivity, improves animal and human health, directly supports the population's hierarchy of needs on all levels, and accelerates stabilization operations by reducing the population's susceptibility to spoilers.

  13. Methodological approach to assess tractor stability in normal operation in field using a commercial warning device

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Rondelli


    Full Text Available Since Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS are mandatory on tractors, the number of fatalities caused in the event of an upset is definitely reduced. Nevertheless, fatal accidents caused by machine loss of stability are still of great concern. In fact, despite ROPS have reduced injury to agricultural operators, tractor stability is still a complex issue due to its high versatility in use, especially considering normal operations in field, when interactions with the environment such as soil morphology and climatic conditions are involved, as well as interactions with operator skills and experience. With the aim of collecting data on different variables influencing the dynamics of tractors in field, a commercial device that allows the continuous monitoring of working conditions and the active configuration of the machines was fitted on standard tractors in normal operation at the experimental farm of the Bologna University. The device consists of accelerometers, gyroscope, GSM/GPRS, GPS for geo-referencing and a transceiver for the automatic recognition of tractor-connected equipment. A microprocessor processes data and provides information, through a dedicated algorithm requiring data on the geometry of the tested tractor, on the level of risk for the operator in terms of probable loss of stability and suggests corrective measures to reduce the potential instability of the tractor.

  14. Stabilizing the electroweak vacuum by higher dimensional operators in a Higgs-Yukawa model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hegde, Prasad [National Taiwan Univ., Taipei (China); Jansen, Karl [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Zeuthen (Germany). John von Neumann-Inst. fuer Computing NIC; Lin, C.J. David [National Chaio Tung Univ., Hsinchu (China); Nagy, Attila [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Zeuthen (Germany). John von Neumann-Inst. fuer Computing NIC; Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany)


    The Higgs boson discovery at the LHC with a mass of approximately 126 GeV suggests, that the electroweak vacuum of the standard model may be metastable at very high energies. However, any new physics beyond the standard model can change this picture. We want to address this important question within a lattice Higgs-Yukawa model as the limit of the standard model (SM). In this framework we will probe the effect of a higher dimensional operator for which we take a ({phi}{sup {dagger}}{phi}){sup 3}-term. Such a term could easily originate as a remnant of physics beyond the SM at very large scales. As a first step we investigate the phase diagram of the model including such a ({phi}{sup {dagger}}{phi}){sup 3} operator. Exploratory results suggest the existence of regions in parameter space where first order transitions turn to second order ones, indicating the existence of a tri-critical line. We will explore the phase structure and the consequences for the stability of the SM, both analytically by investigating the constraint effective potential in lattice perturbation theory, and by studying the system non-perturbatively using lattice simulations.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Large quantities of mercury are generated as a by-product during the processing of gold ore following mining operations. Newmont Mining Corporation (NMC), which operates some of the world's largest gold mines, sought a method to permanently ''retire'' its mercury by-products, thereby avoiding potential environmental liability. Sulfur Polymer Stabilization-Solidification (SPSS) is an innovative technology developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) for treatment of mercury and mercury contaminated materials, such as soil, sludge and debris. BNL conducted a treatability study to determine the potential applicability of SPSS for treatment of Newmont mercury, and the treated product passed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test for toxicity. The SPSS process has been shown to be effective on radioactive and nonradioactive mercury and mercury-contaminated materials with a pilot-scale batch system capable of producing 0.03 m{sup 3} (1 ft{sup 3}) per batch. Engineering scale-up issues are discussed and material property tests addressing these issues are described.

  16. Impact of MSWI Bottom Ash Codisposed with MSW on Landfill Stabilization with Different Operational Modes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wen-Bing Li


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI bottom ash (BA codisposed with municipal solid waste (MSW on landfill stabilization according to the leachate quality in terms of organic matter and nitrogen contents. Six simulated landfills, that is, three conventional and three recirculated, were employed with different ratios of MSWI BA to MSW. The results depicted that, after 275-day operation, the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 10 (V : V in the landfill was still not enough to provide sufficient acid-neutralizing capacity for a high organic matter composition of MSW over 45.5% (w/w, while the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 5 (V : V could act on it. Among the six experimental landfills, leachate quality only was improved in the landfill operated with the BA addition (the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 5 (V : V and leachate recirculation.

  17. Impact of MSWI bottom ash codisposed with MSW on landfill stabilization with different operational modes. (United States)

    Li, Wen-Bing; Yao, Jun; Malik, Zaffar; Zhou, Gen-Di; Dong, Ming; Shen, Dong-Sheng


    The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) bottom ash (BA) codisposed with municipal solid waste (MSW) on landfill stabilization according to the leachate quality in terms of organic matter and nitrogen contents. Six simulated landfills, that is, three conventional and three recirculated, were employed with different ratios of MSWI BA to MSW. The results depicted that, after 275-day operation, the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 10 (V : V) in the landfill was still not enough to provide sufficient acid-neutralizing capacity for a high organic matter composition of MSW over 45.5% (w/w), while the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 5 (V : V) could act on it. Among the six experimental landfills, leachate quality only was improved in the landfill operated with the BA addition (the ratio of MSWI BA to fresh refuse of 1 : 5 (V : V)) and leachate recirculation.

  18. A cask fleet operations study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document describes the cask fleet currently available to transport spent nuclear fuels. The report describes the proposed operational procedures for these casks and the vehicles intended to transport them. Included are techniques for loading the cask, lifting it onto the transport vehicle, preparing the invoices, and unloading the cask at the destination. The document concludes with a discussion on the maintenance and repair of the casks. (tem) 29 figs.

  19. Solidifications/stabilization treatability study of a mixed waste sludge

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spence, R.D. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States); Stine, E.F. [International Technologies Corp., Knoxville, TN (United States). Technology Development Lab.


    The Department of Energy Oak Ridge Operations Office signed a Federal Facility Compliance Agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency Region IV regarding mixed wastes from the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) subject to the land disposal restriction provisions of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). This agreement required treatability studies of solidification/stabilization (S/S) on mixed wastes from the ORR. This paper reports the results of the cementitious S/S studies conducted on a waste water treatment sludge generated from biodenitrification and heavy metals precipitation. For the cementitious waste forms, the additives tested were Portland cement, ground granulated blast furnace slag, Class F fly ash, and perlite. The properties measured on the treated waste were density, free-standing liquid, unconfined compressive strength, and TCLP performance. Spiking up to 10,000, 10,000, and 4,400 mg/kg of nickel, lead, and cadmium, respectively, was conducted to test waste composition variability and the stabilization limitations of the binding agents. The results indicated that nickel, lead and cadmium were stabilized fairly well in the high pH hydroxide-carbonate- ``bug bones`` sludge, but also clearly confirmed the established stabilization potential of cementitious S/S for these RCRA metals.

  20. Automatic approach to stabilization and control for multi robot teams by multilayer network operator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diveev Askhat


    Full Text Available The paper describes a novel methodology for synthesis a high-level control of autonomous multi robot teams. The approach is based on multilayer network operator method that belongs to a symbolic regression class. Synthesis is accomplished in three steps: stabilizing robots about some given position in a state space, finding optimal trajectories of robots’ motion as sets of stabilizing points and then approximating all the points of optimal trajectories by some multi-dimensional function of state variables. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach is verified on simulations of the task of control synthesis for three mobile robots parking in the constrained space.

  1. Avisalmvac: evaluation studies of stability and toxicity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Botus,


    Full Text Available In Pasteur Institute laboratories there was developed AVISALMVAC, a vaccine against avian Salmonella, a biological product that contains S. enteritidis and S. typhimurium bacterin, with oil adjuvant. This paper presents the results of the studies regarding the stability and toxicity evaluation of this vaccine stored under conditions recommended by the manufacturer (2-80C at the end of the period of validity. The vaccine stability was assessed by serological and histopathological analysis of samples from SPF chickens vaccinated with the product at the end of the period of validity. The study of Avisalmvac toxicity was carried out by inoculation of the product or its components on Vero cell monolayer, and the effects were microscopically recorded or by MTT test, applied at 6 days post-inoculation. Antibody titers recorded at 2 and 3 weeks post vaccination demonstrated the vaccine ability (used after an year since manufacture to induce synthesis of specific antibodies and therefore, the product stability was proven. Histopathological examinations carried out on samples taken at 18 days post vaccinationfrom the vaccination site (skeletal muscle and skin and spleen, did not show any lesions associated to vaccination with Avisalmvac. The cytotoxicity analysis made by inoculating the vaccine or its components on Vero cell monolayer and the microscopic examination did not record visible cytopathic effects for any vaccine dilutions or vaccine components. The cell metabolism evaluation by MTT assay made at 6 days after vaccine/vaccine components inoculation on Vero monolayer, shown the ability of the vaccine and oil adjuvant to stimulate cell metabolism, and a certain degree of toxicity / inhibition of dehydrogenase metabolism associated to one of emulsifier but at dilutions higher than those used in the vaccine formula.

  2. Potential effects of desalinated water quality on the operation stability of wastewater treatment plants. (United States)

    Lew, Beni; Cochva, Malka; Lahav, Ori


    Desalinated water is expected to become the major source of drinking water in many places in the near future, and thus the major source of wastewater to arrive at wastewater treatment plants. The paper examines the effect of the alkalinity value with which the water is released from the desalination plant on the alkalinity value that would develop within the wastewater treatment process under various nitrification-denitrification operational scenarios. The main hypothesis was that the difference in the alkalinity value between tap water and domestic wastewater is almost exclusively a result of the hydrolysis of urea (NH(2)CONH(2), excreted in the human urine) to ammonia (NH(3)), regardless of the question what fraction of NH(3(aq)) is transformed to NH(4)(+). Results from a field study show that the ratio between the alkalinity added to tap water when raw wastewater is formed (in meq/l units) and the TAN (total ammonia nitrogen, mole/l) concentration in the raw wastewater is almost 1:1 in purely domestic sewage and close to 1:1 in domestic wastewater streams mixed with light industry wastewaters. Having established the relationship between TAN and total alkalinity in raw wastewater the paper examines three theoretical nitrification-denitrification treatment scenarios in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The conclusion is that if low-alkalinity desalinated water constitutes the major water source arriving at the WWTP, external alkalinity will have to be added in order to avoid pH drop and maintain process stability. The results lead to the conclusion that supplying desalinated water with a high alkalinity value (e.g. > or =100 mg/l as CaCO(3)) would likely prevent the need to add costly basic chemicals in the WWTP, while, in addition, it would improve the chemical and biological stability of the drinking water in the distribution system.

  3. Improve the operational stability of the inverted organic solar cells using bilayer metal oxide structure. (United States)

    Chang, Jingjing; Lin, Zhenhua; Jiang, Changyun; Zhang, Jie; Zhu, Chunxiang; Wu, Jishan


    Operational stability is a big obstacle for the application of inverted organic solar cells (OSCs), however, less talked about in the research reports. Due to photoinduced degradation of the metal oxide interlayer, which can cause shunts generation and degeneration in ZnO interlayer, a significant degradation of open circuit voltage (Voc) and fill factor (FF) has been observed by in situ periodic measurements of the device current density-voltage (J-V) curves with light illumination. By combining TiOx and ZnO to form bilayer structures on ITO, the photovoltaic performance is improved and the photoinduced degradation is reduced. It was found that the device based on ZnO/TiOx bilayer structure achieved better operational stability as compared to that with ZnO or TiOx interlayer.

  4. Experimental Study on Hydrocarbon Fuel Thermal Stability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    J.S.Chin; A.H.Lefebvre


    The-thermal stability characteristics of kerosine-type fuels are examined using a heated-tube apparatus which allows independent control of fuel pressure,fuel temperature,tube-wall temperature and fuel flow rate.This method is identified simply as a "constant wall temperature method”,It is different from a previous widely used method ,which is identified as a “Constant heat flux method”,It is a single-pass system.Rate of deposition on the tube walls are measured by weighing the test tube before and after each test.For a fuel temperature of 250℃,it is found that deposition rates increease continuously with increase in tubewall temperature.This finding contradicts the results of previous studies which had led to the conclusion that deposition rates increase with increase in wall temperature up to a certain value(around 650K) beyond which any further increase in wall temperature causes the rate of deposition to decline.The present results show clearly that the constant wall temperature method is more suitable for assessing the thermal stability of gas turbine fuels.

  5. An integer order approximation method based on stability boundary locus for fractional order derivative/integrator operators. (United States)

    Deniz, Furkan Nur; Alagoz, Baris Baykant; Tan, Nusret; Atherton, Derek P


    This paper introduces an integer order approximation method for numerical implementation of fractional order derivative/integrator operators in control systems. The proposed method is based on fitting the stability boundary locus (SBL) of fractional order derivative/integrator operators and SBL of integer order transfer functions. SBL defines a boundary in the parametric design plane of controller, which separates stable and unstable regions of a feedback control system and SBL analysis is mainly employed to graphically indicate the choice of controller parameters which result in stable operation of the feedback systems. This study reveals that the SBL curves of fractional order operators can be matched with integer order models in a limited frequency range. SBL fitting method provides straightforward solutions to obtain an integer order model approximation of fractional order operators and systems according to matching points from SBL of fractional order systems in desired frequency ranges. Thus, the proposed method can effectively deal with stability preservation problems of approximate models. Illustrative examples are given to show performance of the proposed method and results are compared with the well-known approximation methods developed for fractional order systems. The integer-order approximate modeling of fractional order PID controllers is also illustrated for control applications.

  6. Near-infrared organic light-emitting diodes for biosensing with high operating stability (United States)

    Yamanaka, Takahiko; Nakanotani, Hajime; Hara, Shigeo; Hirohata, Toru; Adachi, Chihaya


    We demonstrate highly stable NIR organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) based on a system using excitonic energy transfer from thermally activated delay fluorescence molecules to NIR fluorophores. The NIR OLEDs showed an electroluminescence peak at 780 nm and robust operational stability with 2% loss of the initial radiant flux after 1000 h under a constant current density of 10 mA/cm2. The variation of hemoglobin oxygen saturation can be detected using the NIR OLEDs as a light source.

  7. Special plate stability problems encountered in designing steel frameworks supporting large machinery operated in opencast mines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ambrozy, G.


    The construction of large machinery that operates in opencast mines should by preceded by stability calculations as accurately as possible. The mathematical solution of the task is described. The method involves the determination of the coefficient matrix and of the coordinate functions. The accuracy of the results is estimated. Nomograms of the results obtained by using a computer program are presented. A numeric example verifies the validity of the mathematical solution.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. N. Kolesnik


    Full Text Available Mathematical model of power consumption for technologically completed and non-completed oil pipe-line sections with poor operational stability has been developed on the basis of daily indices concerning oil transportation regimes. The model permits to take into account tendencies in power consumption under various time prediction cycles and ranges of oil freight turnover, changes in the bulk and characteristics of the transported oil, configuration and design parameters of oil pipe-line.

  9. Effect of operation parameters on the flux stabilization of gravity-driven membrane (GDM) filtration system for decentralized water supply. (United States)

    Tang, Xiaobin; Ding, An; Qu, Fangshu; Jia, Ruibao; Chang, Haiqing; Cheng, Xiaoxiang; Liu, Bin; Li, Guibai; Liang, Heng


    A pilot-scale gravity-driven membrane (GDM) filtration system under low gravitational pressure without any pre-treatment, backwash, flushing, or chemical cleaning was carried out to investigate the effect of operation parameters (including operation pressure, aeration mode, and intermittent filtration) on the effluent quality and permeability development. The results revealed that GDM system exhibited an efficient performance for the removal of suspended substances and organic compounds. The stabilization of flux occurred and the average values of stable flux were 6.6, 8.1, and 8.6 Lm(-2) h(-1) for pressures of 65, 120, and 200 mbar, respectively. In contrast, flux stabilization was not observed under continuous and intermittent aeration conditions. However, aeration (especially continuous aeration) was effective to improve flux and alleviate membrane fouling during 1-month operation. Moreover, intermittent filtration would influence the stabilization of permeate flux, resulting in a higher stable flux (ranging from 6 to 13 Lm(-2) h(-1)). The stable flux significantly improved with the increase of intermittent period. Additionally, GDM systems exhibited an efficient recovery of flux after simple physical cleaning and the analyses of resistance reversibility demonstrated that most of the total resistance was hydraulic reversible resistance (50-75 %). Therefore, it is expected that the results of this study can develop strategies to increase membrane permeability and reduce energy consumption in GDM systems for decentralized water supply.

  10. Stability studies on piroxicam encapsulated niosomes. (United States)

    Ertekin, Zehra Ceren; Bayindir, Zerrin Sezgin; Yuksel, Nilufer


    Drug delivery systems which yield ideal treatments are currently the center of interest for researchers. Niosomes have numerous advantages over other drug delivery systems. However, stability issue is not clear yet and is a serious drawback for niosomes. In this study, the stability of niosomes was the center of interest. Piroxicam which was chosen as the model drug was loaded to niosomes. Niosomes were prepared by thin-film method and different forms (aqueous dispersion, lyophilized powder and lyophilized powder with cryoprotectant) of the original niosome formulation were prepared. The samples were stored either at 5°C±3°C or 25°C±2°C/60% RH±5% RH for 3 months. The drug leakage percent, particle size and distribution, zeta potential, drug release profiles were determined and niosomes were visualized under optic microscope. Niosome formulation provided sustained release of piroxicam. The drug leakage from stored niosomes was observed at the level of 1.56-6.63 %. Individual vesicle images were obtained for all samples by optical microscope. However, particle size of niosomes was increased upon storage. The zeta potential values were neither related to time nor physical form. Drug release profiles and amounts were quite similar for all forms of niosomes and the original formulation but a slight decrease was noticed on drug release amounts by time. This indicates that niosomes become more rigid by time. Although the ideal storage was obtained with lyophilized niosomes at 5±3°C in this study, the usage of suitable cryoprotectant and optimized lyophilization process should be further evaluated.

  11. Erythropoietin improves operant conditioning and stability of cognitive performance in mice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ehrenreich Hannelore


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Executive functions, learning and attention are imperative facets of cognitive performance, affected in many neuropsychiatric disorders. Recently, we have shown that recombinant human erythropoietin improves cognitive functions in patients with chronic schizophrenia, and that it leads in healthy mice to enhanced hippocampal long-term potentiation, an electrophysiological correlate of learning and memory. To create an experimental basis for further mechanistic insight into erythropoietin-modulated cognitive processes, we employed the Five Choice Serial Reaction Time Task. This procedure allows the study of the effects of erythropoietin on discrete processes of learning and attention in a sequential fashion. Results Male mice were treated for 3 weeks with erythropoietin (5,000 IU/kg versus placebo intraperitoneally every other day, beginning at postnatal day 28. After termination of treatment, mice were started on the Five Choice Serial Reaction Time Task, with daily training and testing extending to about 3 months. Overall, a significantly higher proportion of erythropoietin-treated mice finished the task, that is, reached the criteria of adequately reacting to a 1.0 sec flash light out of five arbitrarily appearing choices. During acquisition of this capability, that is, over almost all sequential training phases, learning readouts (magazine training, operant and discriminant learning, stability of performance were superior in erythropoietin-treated versus control mice. Conclusion Early erythropoietin treatment leads to lasting improvement of cognitive performance in healthy mice. This finding should be exploited in novel treatment strategies for brain diseases.

  12. Operational Energy Base Camp Studies (United States)


    This report summarizes the Engineer’s role in Afghanistan in 2010. ———. 5 March 2009. NetZero Plus (NZ+) Joint Capability Technology...Demonstration (JCTD). PowerPoint presentation. This PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of the technologies and timeline with the NetZero Plus JCTD...Engineering Laboratory (ERDC/CRREL). This study conducted an infrared (IR) assessment of the main administration building located at Summit Station

  13. Study on foundation's stability of theodolite (United States)

    Dong-yan, Feng; Yun-guo, Gao

    The foundation's stability of theodolite is very important complication of working precision. Bring forwarda new model of vibration isolation. Through analysis and comparison of several control methods, choose the absolute velocity feedback control method. The results of MATLAB simulation and experiment results indicated that the method can advance the effect of vibration isolation and strengthen the foundation's stability of theodolite.

  14. Lessons Learned: Employment and Tactical Use of The Combat Medic During Stability Support Operations. (United States)

    Eldred, Michael S


    It is the intent of this article to define the strategy by which Combat Medics have been employed in contemporary stability operations and counterinsurgency conflicts. This article describes the advances in training based on Tactical Combat Casualty Care and how training evolved into an evidence-based model. Training platforms evolved with shifts in mission requirements, new technology, improved medical techniques, and changing protocols. The last portion of this article details recommendations in doctrine, materiel, and training that could enable optimal sustainment standards while retaining operational capability across a wide variety of combat and peace operations. Lessons learned and changes adapted for Medics that are addressed: (1) advances in training and employment of the Combat Medic necessitated by tactics and strategy of current conflicts, (2) Combat Medic regulatory requirements and centralized, just-in-time training, and (3) changes in sustainment training driven by certification requirements and use of medical simulation training centers.

  15. Study on Mechanism of Rare Earth PVC Stabilizer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    彭振博; 胡斌; 苏庆德; 曲锦忠


    Rare earth compounds can be used as PVC thermal stabilizers. According to the infrared spectra of the mixture of PVC and some stearates, the mechanism of stabilization of different stearates was studied. The specialty of rare earth stabilizers was found. They can change the conformation of PVC and restrain the elimination of HCl. From this aspect, the unique synergetic effect with other stabilizers of rare earth compounds can be explained.

  16. RF phase stability in the 100-MeV proton linac operation (United States)

    Seol, Kyung-Tae


    The 100-MeV proton linac of the Korea multi-purpose accelerator complex (KOMAC) has been operated to provide a proton beam to users. The 100-MeV linac consists of a 3-MeV radio-frequency quadrupole accelerator (RFQ), four 20-MeV drift-tube linac (DTL) tanks, two medium-energy beam-transmitter (MEBT) tanks, and seven 100-MeV DTL tanks. The requirements of the field stability are within ±1% in RF amplitude and ±1 degree in RF phase. The RF phase stability is influenced by a RF reference line, RF transmission lines, and a RF control system. The RF reference signal is chosen to be a 300-MHz local oscillator (LO) signal, and a rigid copper coaxial line with temperature control was installed for an RF reference distribution. A phase stability of ±0.1 degrees was measured under a temperature change of ±0.1 °C. A digital feedback control system with a field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) module was adopted for a high RF stability. The RF phase was maintained within ±0.1 degrees with a dummy cavity and was within ±0.3 degrees at RFQ operation. In the case of the 20-MeV DTL tanks, one klystron drives 4 tanks, and the input phases of 4 tanks were designed to be in phase. The input phases of 4 tanks were fixed within ±1 degree by adjusting a phase shifter in each waveguide.

  17. Roadway Automobile Stability. A Numerical Study


    Nikolov, Svetoslav; Nedev, Valentin; Bachvarov, Stefan


    A mathematical model of the roadway automobile motion is numerically analyzed. This model is intended to describe the roadway automobile stability. A previous paper [6] described the model in detail and the general method of qualitative analysis. In the present paper, we continue the discussion of stability by numerical simulations and the specific question we attempted to answer is: which parameter(s) of automobile geometry and quality of the roadway can serve as a reliable predictor(s) for ...

  18. Influence of operational conditions on the stability of aerobic granules from the perspective of quorum sensing. (United States)

    Zhang, Chen; Sun, Supu; Liu, Xiang; Wan, Chunli; Lee, Duu-Jong


    Integrated aerobic granules were first cultivated in two sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) (A1 and A2). Then, A1's influent organic loading rate (OLR) was changed from alternating to constant (cycling time was still 6 h), while A2's cycling time varied from 6 to 4 h (influent OLR strategy remained alternating). After 30-day operation since the manipulative alternations, granule breakage happened in two reactors at different operational stages, along with the decrease of granule intensity. Granule diameter in A1 declined from the original 0.84 to 0.32 cm during the whole operation, while granules in A2 dwindled to 0.31 cm on day 22 with similar size to A1. Both the amount of total extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) and the protein were declining throughout the operation, and the large molecular weight of protein was considered closely related to the stability of aerobic granules. The relative AI-2 level decreased at the same time, and influent OLR strategy might had more evident impact on quorum sensing (QS) ability of sludge compared with starvation period. Combined with microbial results, the decline of total EPS amount in two reactors could be concluded as follows: During the reactor operation, some functional bacteria gradually lost their dominance and were eliminated from the reactors, which finally caused granule disintegration. In summary, the results further confirmed that alternating OLR and proper starvation period were two major factors in effective cultivation and stability of aerobic granules from the perspective of QS.

  19. Stability Analysis and Stabilization of T-S Fuzzy Delta Operator Systems with Time-Varying Delay via an Input-Output Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhixiong Zhong


    Full Text Available The stability analysis and stabilization of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S fuzzy delta operator systems with time-varying delay are investigated via an input-output approach. A model transformation method is employed to approximate the time-varying delay. The original system is transformed into a feedback interconnection form which has a forward subsystem with constant delays and a feedback one with uncertainties. By applying the scaled small gain (SSG theorem to deal with this new system, and based on a Lyapunov Krasovskii functional (LKF in delta operator domain, less conservative stability analysis and stabilization conditions are obtained. Numerical examples are provided to illustrate the advantages of the proposed method.

  20. Stability Study of the RERTR Fuel Microstructure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jian Gan; Dennis Keiser; Brandon Miller; Daniel Wachs


    The irradiation stability of the interaction phases at the interface of fuel and Al alloy matrix as well as the stability of the fission gas bubble superlattice is believed to be very important to the U-Mo fuel performance. In this paper the recent result from TEM characterization of Kr ion irradiated U-10Mo-5Zr alloy will be discussed. The focus will be on the phase stability of Mo2-Zr, a dominated second phase developed at the interface of U-10Mo and the Zr barrier in a monolithic fuel plate from fuel fabrication. The Kr ion irradiations were conducted at a temperature of 200 degrees C to an ion fluence of 2.0E+16 ions/cm2. To investigate the thermal stability of the fission gas bubble superlattice, a key microstructural feature in both irradiated dispersion U-7Mo fuel and monolithic U-10Mo fuel, a FIB-TEM sample of the irradiated U-10Mo fuel (3.53E+21 fission/cm3) was used for a TEM in-situ heating experiment. The preliminary result showed extraordinary thermal stability of the fission gas bubble superlattice. The implication of the TEM observation from these two experiments on the fuel microstructural evolution under irradiation will be discussed.

  1. Accelerating Vaccine Formulation Development Using Design of Experiment Stability Studies. (United States)

    Ahl, Patrick L; Mensch, Christopher; Hu, Binghua; Pixley, Heidi; Zhang, Lan; Dieter, Lance; Russell, Ryann; Smith, William J; Przysiecki, Craig; Kosinski, Mike; Blue, Jeffrey T


    Vaccine drug product thermal stability often depends on formulation input factors and how they interact. Scientific understanding and professional experience typically allows vaccine formulators to accurately predict the thermal stability output based on formulation input factors such as pH, ionic strength, and excipients. Thermal stability predictions, however, are not enough for regulators. Stability claims must be supported by experimental data. The Quality by Design approach of Design of Experiment (DoE) is well suited to describe formulation outputs such as thermal stability in terms of formulation input factors. A DoE approach particularly at elevated temperatures that induce accelerated degradation can provide empirical understanding of how vaccine formulation input factors and interactions affect vaccine stability output performance. This is possible even when clear scientific understanding of particular formulation stability mechanisms are lacking. A DoE approach was used in an accelerated 37(°)C stability study of an aluminum adjuvant Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B vaccine. Formulation stability differences were identified after only 15 days into the study. We believe this study demonstrates the power of combining DoE methodology with accelerated stress stability studies to accelerate and improve vaccine formulation development programs particularly during the preformulation stage. Copyright © 2016 American Pharmacists Association®. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Mechanical Stability Study for Integrable Optics Test Accelerator at Fermilab

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGee, Mike [Fermilab; Andrews, Richard [Fermilab; Carlson, Kermit [Fermilab; Leibfritz, Jerry [Fermilab; Nobrega, Lucy [Fermilab; Valishev, Alexander [Fermilab


    The Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) is proposed for operation at Fermilab. The goal of IOTA is to create practical nonlinear accelerator focusing systems with a large frequency spread and stable particle motion. The IOTA is a 40 m circumference, 150 MeV (e-), 2.5 MeV (p⁺) diagnostic test ring. A heavy low frequency steel floor girder is proposed as the primary tier for IOTA device component support. Two design lengths; (8) 4 m and (2) 2.8 m long girders with identical cross section completely encompass the ring. This study focuses on the 4 m length girder and the development of a working prototype. Hydrostatic Level Sensor (HLS), temperature, metrology and fast motion measurements characterize the anticipated mechanical stability of the IOTA ring.

  3. Mechanical stability study for Integrable Optics Test Accelerator at Fermilab

    CERN Document Server

    McGee, M W; Carlson, K; Leibfritz, J; Nobrega, L; Valishev, A


    The Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) is proposed for operation at Fermilab. The goal of IOTA is to create practical nonlinear accelerator focusing systems with a large frequency spread and stable particle motion. The IOTA is a 40 m circumference, 150 MeV (e-), 2.5 MeV (p+) diagnostic test ring. A heavy low frequency steel floor girder is proposed as the primary tier for IOTA device component support. Two design lengths; (8) 3.96 m and (2) 3.1 m long girders with identical cross section completely encompass the ring. This study focuses on the 3.96 m length girder and the development of a working prototype. Hydrostatic Level Sensor (HLS), temperature, metrology and fast motion measurements characterize the anticipated mechanical stability of the IOTA ring.

  4. Intra-operative evaluation of cementless hip implant stability: a prototype device based on vibration analysis. (United States)

    Lannocca, Maurizio; Varini, Elena; Cappello, Angelo; Cristofolini, Luca; Bialoblocka, Ewa


    Cementless implants are mechanically stabilized during surgery by a press-fitting procedure. Good initial stability is crucial to avoid stem loosening and bone cracking, therefore, the surgeon must achieve optimal press-fitting. A possible approach to solve this problem and assist the surgeon in achieving the optimal compromise, involves the use of vibration analysis. The present study aimed to design and test a prototype device able to evaluate the primary mechanical stability of a cementless prosthesis, based on vibration analysis. In particular, the goal was to discriminate between stable and quasi-stable implants; thus the stem-bone system was assumed to be linear in both cases. For that reason, it was decided to study the frequency responses of the system, instead of the harmonic distortion. The prototype developed consists of a piezoelectric exciter connected to the stem and an accelerometer attached to the femur. Preliminary tests were performed on four composite femurs implanted with a conventional stem. The results showed that the input signal was repeatable and the output could be recorded accurately. The most sensitive parameter to stability was the shift in resonance frequency of the stem-bone system, which was highly correlated with residual micromotion on all four specimens.

  5. Stabilities of transients in networks with wind energy. Modelization for operation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Usaola, J.; Ledesma, P.; Rodriguez, J. M.; Fernandez, J. l.; Beato, D.; Iturbe, R.; Wilhelmi, J. R.


    Two main issues are addressed in this paper. First, models for dynamic studies will be described, justifying simplifications that cannot be performed for other studies, such as power quality studies. Variable speed wind turbines (with doubly fed induction generator), very widely used nowadays, require also an adequate modelling of the control system, according to the time constants and integration step that are used in transient stability studies. Secondly, transient stability studies involving wind energy conversion systems are presented. These studies will include fixed speed and variable speed devices, and several situations on the grid are considered. The results shall be compared and conclusions are drawn out from them. The problem of the required protections is addressed, in relation with the requirements of connection standards for wind energy conversion systems. These subjects will be applied to the Spanish situation, where a great amount of wind penetration is foreseen for the next years. Index terms: Wind power generation, power system stability, doubly fed induction generation. (Author)

  6. A Novel Grid-Wide Transient Stability Assessment and Visualization Method for Increasing Situation Awareness of Control Room Operators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pertl, Michael; Rezkalla, Michel M.N.; Marinelli, Mattia


    The aim of the paper is to introduce a grid-wide assessment method to determine the transient stability margin and visualize it effectively to increase the situation awareness of control room operators. Critical area(s) with insufficient transient stability margin have to be identified in order...... to be able to take appropriate preventive actions. The introduced method evaluates the transient stability margin with a time-domain approach by using the voltage angle of several buses across the power system. Information about the severity of a contingency and the location of the most critical buses...... is derived. Moreover, it is shown that the method facilitates the visual examination of transient stability. It provides control room operators with essential information about the state of the system and enables them to take appropriate preventive actions if insufficient transient stability margins...

  7. Analytical study of magnetohydrodynamic propulsion stability (United States)

    Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi, M. Y.


    In this paper an analytical solution for the stability of the fully developed flow drive in a magneto-hydro-dynamic pump with pulsating transverse Eletro-magnetic fields is presented. To do this, a theoretical model of the flow is developed and the analytical results are obtained for both the cylindrical and Cartesian configurations that are proper to use in the propulsion of marine vessels. The governing parabolic momentum PDEs are transformed into an ordinary differential equation using approximate velocity distribution. The numerical results are obtained and asymptotic analyses are built to discover the mathematical behavior of the solutions. The maximum velocity in a magneto-hydro-dynamic pump versus time for various values of the Stuart number, electro-magnetic interaction number, Reynolds number, aspect ratio, as well as the magnetic and electrical angular frequency and the shift of the phase angle is presented. Results show that for a high Stuart number there is a frequency limit for stability of the fluid flow in a certain direction of the flow. This stability frequency is dependent on the geometric parameters of a channel.

  8. Analytical Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Stability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    M.Y.Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi


    In this paper an analytical solution for the stability of the fully developed flow drive in a magneto-hydro-dynamic pump with pulsating transverse Eletro-magnetic fields is presented. To do this, a theoretical model of the flow is developed and the analytical results are obtained for both the cylindrical and Cartesian configurations that are proper to use in the propulsion of marine vessels. The governing parabolic momentum PDEs are transformed into an ordinary differential equation using approximate velocity distribution. The numerical results are obtained and asymptotic analyses are built to discover the mathematical behavior of the solutions. The maximum velocity in a magneto-hydro-dynamic pump versus time for various values of the Stuart number, electro-magnetic interaction number, Reynolds number, aspect ratio, as well as the magnetic and electrical angular frequency and the shift of the phase angle is presented. Results show that for a high Stuart number there is a frequency limit for stability of the fluid flow in a certain direction of the flow. This stability frequency is dependent on the geometric parameters of a channel.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gennady I. Emelyantsev


    Full Text Available The paper presents operation algorithms of ESG-based strapdown stabilized gyrocompass (SSGC located onboard a mobile vehicle. Initial alignment mode and calibration of drift model coefficients onboard a vehicle is aided by reference attitude (heading, pitch and roll angles and position data. The required reference attitude parameters can be generated by joint processing of data from MEMS IMU with gyros and accelerometers and GPS compass. Depending on the vehicle dynamics and required accuracy of generated heading, the system may use IMU based on the fiber-optic gyros and accelerometers instead of MEMS to construct the place vertical. Specific features of SSGC algorithms in heading generation are considered. Calibration and corrected operation modes of the system are described. The SSGC uses two ESGs with orthogonal angular momentum vectors, where one gyro is the reference (unit vector of its angular momentum is aligned with the celestial axis and the other one is virtual (with zero misalignments with respect to the inertial frame, and zero drift model coefficients. Joint processing of SSGC data and external position aiding is realized by extended Kalman filter with full-state feedback control. Simulation modeling results of the system operation algorithms are presented. Simulation modeling has confirmed the system compass effect and determined the time required for calibration of ESG with solid-rotor. The results have been applied at «Concern CSRI “Elektropribor”», JSC

  10. Dynamic Voltage Stability Studies using a Modified IEEE 30-Bus System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oluwafemi Emmanuel Oni


    Full Text Available Power System stability is an essential study in the planning and operation of an efficient, economic, reliable and secure electric power system because it encompasses all the facet of power systems operations, from planning, to conceptual design stages of the project as well as during the systems operating life span. This paper presents different scenario of power system stability studies on a modified IEEE 30-bus system which is subjected to different faults conditions. A scenario whereby the longest high voltage alternating current (HVAC line is replaced with a high voltage direct current (HVDC line was implemented. The results obtained show that the HVDC line enhances system stability more compared to the contemporary HVAC line. Dynamic analysis using RMS simulation tool was used on DigSILENT PowerFactory.

  11. Wind Turbine and Wind Power Plant Modelling Aspects for Power System Stability Studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Altin, Müfit; Hansen, Anca Daniela; Göksu, Ömer;


    turbine model which is developed for the short-term voltage stability studies can be inaccurate and sufficient for the frequency stability studies. Accordingly, a complete and detailed wind power plant model for every kind of study is not feasible in terms of the computational time and also...... is not reasonable regarding the focus of the study. Therefore the power system operators should be aware of the modelling aspects of the wind power considering the related stability study and implement the required model in the appropriate power system toolbox. In this paper, the modelling aspects of wind turbines...... and wind power plants are reviewed for power system stability studies. Important remarks of the models are presented by means of simulations to emphasize the impact of these modelling details on the power system....

  12. Field scale geomechanical modeling for prediction of fault stability during underground gas storage operations in a depleted gas field in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Orlic, B.; Wassing, B.B.T.; Geel, C.R.


    A geomechanical modeling study was conducted to investigate stability of major faults during past gas production and future underground gas storage operations in a depleted gas field in the Netherlands. The field experienced induced seismicity during gas production, which was most likely caused by

  13. Field scale geomechanical modeling for prediction of fault stability during underground gas storage operations in a depleted gas field in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Orlic, B.; Wassing, B.B.T.; Geel, C.R.


    A geomechanical modeling study was conducted to investigate stability of major faults during past gas production and future underground gas storage operations in a depleted gas field in the Netherlands. The field experienced induced seismicity during gas production, which was most likely caused by t

  14. Operating conditions and stability of spin torque majority gates: Analytical understanding and numerical evidence (United States)

    Vaysset, Adrien; Manfrini, Mauricio; Nikonov, Dmitri E.; Manipatruni, Sasikanth; Young, Ian A.; Radu, Iuliana P.; Thean, Aaron


    The functionality of a cross-shaped Spin Torque Majority Gate (STMG) is primarily limited by the pinning of a domain wall (DW) at the center of the device. Here, an analytical model is built to calculate the conditions for such a pinning and to deduce the operating range. The assumptions of the model and the conclusions are validated by micromagnetic simulations. The total magnetic energy of the DW state is derived. By minimizing this energy with respect to two degrees of freedom, the DW stability condition is obtained. We find that the lateral length of the STMG is the critical dimension: it must be smaller than about five times the DW width. This result is confirmed by micromagnetic simulations with a high accuracy. In process, we solved a more fundamental problem: the macrospin limit of a finite ferromagnet containing one pinning site. We found the correction of the usual DW width expression due to finite length of wires.

  15. Stability of Switched Feedback Time-Varying Dynamic Systems Based on the Properties of the Gap Metric for Operators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. De la Sen


    Full Text Available The stabilization of dynamic switched control systems is focused on and based on an operator-based formulation. It is assumed that the controlled object and the controller are described by sequences of closed operator pairs (L,C on a Hilbert space H of the input and output spaces and it is related to the existence of the inverse of the resulting input-output operator being admissible and bounded. The technical mechanism addressed to get the results is the appropriate use of the fact that closed operators being sufficiently close to bounded operators, in terms of the gap metric, are also bounded. That philosophy is followed for the operators describing the input-output relations in switched feedback control systems so as to guarantee the closed-loop stabilization.

  16. Long-Term Stability of Underground Operated CZT Detectors Based on the Analysis of Intrinsic $^{113}$Cd \\beta$^{-}$-Decay

    CERN Document Server

    Ebert, J; Gehre, D; Hagner, C; Heidrich, N; Klingenberg, R; Kroeninger, K; Nitsch, C; Oldorf, C; Quante, T; Rajek, S; Rebber, H; Rohatsch, K; Tebruegge, J; Temminghoff, R; Theinert, R; Timm, J; Wonsak, B; Zatschler, S; Zuber, K


    The COBRA collaboration operates a demonstrator setup at the underground facility LNGS (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, located in Italy) to prove the technological capabilities of this concept for the search for neutrinoless double beta-decay. The setup consists of 64 $(1\\times\\!1\\times\\!1)$ cm$^{3}$ CZT detectors in CPG configuration. One purpose of this demonstrator is to test if reliable long-term operation of CZT-CPG detectors in such a setup is possible. The demonstrator has been operated under ultra low-background conditions since more than three years and collected data corresponding to an exposure of 218 kg$\\cdot$days. The presented study focuses on the long-term stability of CZT detectors by analyzing the intrinsic, fourfold forbidden non-unique $^{113}$Cd single beta-decay. It can be shown that CZT detectors can be operated stably for long periods of time and that the $^{113}$Cd single beta-decay can be used as an internal monitor of the detector performance during the runtime of the experimen...

  17. Planning Bepicolombo MPO Science Operations to study Mercury Interior (United States)

    De La Fuente, Sara; Carasa, Angela; Ortiz, Iñaki; Rodriguez, Pedro; Casale, Mauro; Benkhoff, Johannes; Zender, Joe


    BepiColombo is an Interdisciplinary Cornerstone ESA-JAXA Mission to Mercury, with two orbiters, the ESA Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) and the JAXA Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) dedicated to study of the planet and its magnetosphere. The MPO, is a three-axis-stabilized, nadir-pointing spacecraft which will be placed in a polar orbit, providing excellent spatial resolution over the entire planet surface. The MPO's scientific payload comprises 11 instrument packages, including laser altimeter, cameras and the radio science experiment that will be dedicated to the study of Mercury's interior: structure, composition, formation and evolution. The planning of the science operations to be carried out by the Mercury's interior scientific instruments will be done by the SGS located at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), in conjunction with the scientific instrument teams. The process will always consider the complete nominal mission duration, such that the contribution of the scheduled science operations to the science objectives, the total data volume generated, and the seasonal interdependency, can be tracked. The heart of the science operations planning process is the Observations Catalogue (OC), a web-accessed database to collect and analyse all science operations requests. From the OC, the SGS will first determine all science opportunity windows compatible with the spacecraft operational constraints. Secondly, only those compatible with the resources (power and data volume) and pointing constraints will be chosen, including slew feasibility.

  18. Study of orbit stability in the SSRF storage ring

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DAI Zhi-Min; LIU Gui-Min; HUANG Nan


    In this paper, analysis of the beam orbit stability and conceptual study of the dynamic orbit feedback inthe SSRF storage ring are presented. It is shown that beam orbit position movement at the photon source points issmaller than the orbit stability requirements in horizontal plane, but exceeds the orbit stability requirements in verticalplane. A dynamic global orbit feedback system, which consists of 38 high-bandwidth air-coil correctors and 40high-precise BPMs, is proposed to suppress the vertical beam orbit position movement. Numerical simulations showthat this dynamic orbit feedback system can stabilize the vertical beam orbit position movement in the frequencyrange up to 100 Hz.

  19. A Study of Al-Mn Transition Edge Sensor Engineering for Stability

    CERN Document Server

    George, E M; Beall, J A; Becker, D; Benson, B A; Bleem, L E; Carlstrom, J E; Chang, C L; Cho, H- M; Crites, A T; Dobbs, M A; Everett, W; Halverson, N W; Henning, J W; Hilton, G C; Holzapfel, W L; Hubmayr, J; Irwin, K D; Li, D; Lueker, M; McMahon, J J; Mehl, J; Montgomery, J; Natoli, T; Nibarger, J P; Niemack, M D; Novosad, V; Ruhl, J E; Sayre, J T; Shirokoff, E; Story, K T; Wang, G; Yefremenko, V; Yoon, K W; Young, E


    The stability of Al-Mn transition edge sensor (TES) bolometers is studied as we vary the engineered TES transition, heat capacity, and/or coupling between the heat capacity and TES. We present thermal structure measurements of each of the 39 designs tested. The data is accurately fit by a two-body bolometer model, which allows us to extract the basic TES parameters that affect device stability. We conclude that parameters affecting device stability can be engineered for optimal device operation, and present the model parameters extracted for the different TES designs.

  20. Stability of ideal MHD configurations. I. Realizing the generality of the G operator (United States)

    Keppens, R.; Demaerel, T.


    A field theoretical approach, applied to the time-reversible system described by the ideal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations, exposes the full generality of MHD spectral theory. MHD spectral theory, which classified waves and instabilities of static or stationary, usually axisymmetric or translationally symmetric configurations, actually governs the stability of flowing, (self-)gravitating, single fluid descriptions of nonlinear, time-dependent idealized plasmas, and this at any time during their nonlinear evolution. At the core of this theory is a self-adjoint operator G , discovered by Frieman and Rotenberg [Rev. Mod. Phys. 32, 898 (1960)] in its application to stationary (i.e., time-independent) plasma states. This Frieman-Rotenberg operator dictates the acceleration identified by a Lagrangian displacement field ξ , which connects two ideal MHD states in four-dimensional space-time that share initial conditions for density, entropy, and magnetic field. The governing equation reads /d 2 ξ d t 2 = G [ ξ ] , as first noted by Cotsaftis and Newcomb [Nucl. Fusion, Suppl. Part 2, 447 and 451 (1962)]. The time derivatives at left are to be taken in the Lagrangian way, i.e., moving with the flow v. Physically realizable displacements must have finite energy, corresponding to being square integrable in the Hilbert space of displacements equipped with an inner product rule, for which the G operator is self-adjoint. The acceleration in the left-hand side features the Doppler-Coriolis operator v . ∇ , which is known to become an antisymmetric operator when restricting attention to stationary equilibria. Here, we present all derivations needed to get to these insights and connect results throughout the literature. A first illustration elucidates what can happen when self-gravity is incorporated and presents aspects that have been overlooked even in simple uniform media. Ideal MHD flows, as well as Euler flows, have essentially 6 + 1 wave types, where the 6 wave modes

  1. Staff Study Operation King-Two Muskeeter Operations (United States)


    operation from bases in the VOGELKOP and MOROTAI , shore- TOP SECRET t based elements under Third Fleet provide limited support by,heavy bombardment opera...LAE LAE HOLLANDIA BIAK BIAK - MOROTAI BIAK - BIAK BIAK BIAK HOLLANDIA HOLLANDIA HOLLANDIA HOLLANDIA &’ FINSCHHAFEN BIAK BIAK LAE MANUS

  2. Stability of metallic foams studied under microgravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wuebben, Th [University of Bremen (Germany); Stanzick, H [Fraunhofer-Institute (IFAM), Bremen (Germany); Banhart, J [Hahn-Meitner-Institute Berlin, (Germany); Odenbach, S [University of Bremen (Germany)


    Metal foams are prepared by mixing a metal powder and a gas-releasing blowing agent, by densifying the mix to a dense precursor and finally foaming by melting the powder compact. The foaming process of aluminium foams is monitored in situ by x-ray radioscopy. One observes that foam evolution is accompanied by film rupture processes which lead to foam coalescence. In order to elucidate the importance of oxides for foam stability, lead foams were manufactured from lead powders having two different oxide contents. The two foam types were generated on Earth and under weightlessness during parabolic flights. The measurements show that the main function of oxide particles is to prevent coalescence, while their influence on bulk viscosity of the melt is of secondary importance.

  3. On Stability of Open-Loop Operation without Rotor Information for Brushless DC Motors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhong Wu


    Full Text Available Open-loop operation mode is often used to control the Brushless DC Motors (BLDCMs without rotor position sensors when the back electromotive force (EMF is too weak due to the very low rotor velocity. The rotor position information is not necessary in this mode and the stator windings are supplied with voltages under a certain ratio of the amplitude to the frequency. However, the rotor synchronization will be destroyed once if the commutation instant is inappropriate. In order to improve the reliability of the open-loop operation mode, a dynamic equation is established to represent the synchronization error between the rotor and the stator. Thereafter, the stability of the open-loop control mode is analyzed by using Lyapunov indirect method. Theoretical analysis indicates that the open-loop control mode is asymptotically stable only when the commutation instant of the stator current lags behind the ideal one suitably. Finally, theoretical analysis is verified through the experimental results of a certain BLDCM.

  4. Stability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nada S. Abdelwahab


    Full Text Available The present work concerns with the development of stability indicating the RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of guaifenesin (GUF and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (PSH in the presence of guaifenesin related substance (Guaiacol. GUC, and in the presence of syrup excepients with minimum sample pre-treatment. In the developed RP-HPLC method efficient chromatographic separation was achieved for GUF, PSH, GUC and syrup excepients using ODS column as a stationary phase and methanol: water (50:50, v/v, pH = 4 with orthophosphoric acid as a mobile phase with a flow rate of 1 mL min−1 and UV detection at 210 nm. The chromatographic run time was approximately 10 min. Calibration curves were drawn relating the integrated area under peak to the corresponding concentrations of PSH, GUF and GUC in the range of 1–8, 1–20, 0.4–8 μg mL−1, respectively. The developed method has been validated and met the requirements delineated by ICH guidelines with respect to linearity, accuracy, precision, specificity and robustness. The validated method was successfully applied for determination of the studied drugs in triaminic chest congestion® syrup; moreover its results were statistically compared with those obtained by the official method and no significant difference was found between them.

  5. A Developed Graphical User Interface for Power System Stability and Robustness Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    GHOURAF Djamel Eddine


    Full Text Available This paper present the realization and development of a graphical user interface (GUI to studied the stability and robustness of power systems (analysis and synthesis, using Conventional Power System Stabilizers (CPSS - realized on PID scheme or advanced controllers (based on adaptive and robust control, and applied on automatic excitation control of powerful synchronous generators, to improve dynamic performances and robustness. The GUI is a useful average to facilitate stability study of power system with the analysis and synthesis of regulators, and resolution of the compromise: results precision / calculation speed. The obtained Simulation results exploiting our developed GUI realized under MATLAB shown considerable improvements in static and dynamic performances, a great stability and enhancing the robustness of power system, with best precision and minimum operating time. This study was performed for different types of powerful synchronous generators.

  6. An integrated approach to monitoring the calibration stability of operational dual-polarization radars (United States)

    Vaccarono, Mattia; Bechini, Renzo; Chandrasekar, Chandra V.; Cremonini, Roberto; Cassardo, Claudio


    The stability of weather radar calibration is a mandatory aspect for quantitative applications, such as rainfall estimation, short-term weather prediction and initialization of numerical atmospheric and hydrological models. Over the years, calibration monitoring techniques based on external sources have been developed, specifically calibration using the Sun and calibration based on ground clutter returns. In this paper, these two techniques are integrated and complemented with a self-consistency procedure and an intercalibration technique. The aim of the integrated approach is to implement a robust method for online monitoring, able to detect significant changes in the radar calibration. The physical consistency of polarimetric radar observables is exploited using the self-consistency approach, based on the expected correspondence between dual-polarization power and phase measurements in rain. This technique allows a reference absolute value to be provided for the radar calibration, from which eventual deviations may be detected using the other procedures. In particular, the ground clutter calibration is implemented on both polarization channels (horizontal and vertical) for each radar scan, allowing the polarimetric variables to be monitored and hardware failures to promptly be recognized. The Sun calibration allows monitoring the calibration and sensitivity of the radar receiver, in addition to the antenna pointing accuracy. It is applied using observations collected during the standard operational scans but requires long integration times (several days) in order to accumulate a sufficient amount of useful data. Finally, an intercalibration technique is developed and performed to compare colocated measurements collected in rain by two radars in overlapping regions. The integrated approach is performed on the C-band weather radar network in northwestern Italy, during July-October 2014. The set of methods considered appears suitable to establish an online tool to

  7. Sensor study for high speed autonomous operations (United States)

    Schneider, Anne; La Celle, Zachary; Lacaze, Alberto; Murphy, Karl; Del Giorno, Mark; Close, Ryan


    As robotic ground systems advance in capabilities and begin to fulfill new roles in both civilian and military life, the limitation of slow operational speed has become a hindrance to the wide-spread adoption of these systems. For example, military convoys are reluctant to employ autonomous vehicles when these systems slow their movement from 60 miles per hour down to 40. However, these autonomous systems must operate at these lower speeds due to the limitations of the sensors they employ. Robotic Research, with its extensive experience in ground autonomy and associated problems therein, in conjunction with CERDEC/Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), has performed a study to specify system and detection requirements; determined how current autonomy sensors perform in various scenarios; and analyzed how sensors should be employed to increase operational speeds of ground vehicles. The sensors evaluated in this study include the state of the art in LADAR/LIDAR, Radar, Electro-Optical, and Infrared sensors, and have been analyzed at high speeds to study their effectiveness in detecting and accounting for obstacles and other perception challenges. By creating a common set of testing benchmarks, and by testing in a wide range of real-world conditions, Robotic Research has evaluated where sensors can be successfully employed today; where sensors fall short; and which technologies should be examined and developed further. This study is the first step to achieve the overarching goal of doubling ground vehicle speeds on any given terrain.

  8. Non-parametric approach to the study of phenotypic stability. (United States)

    Ferreira, D F; Fernandes, S B; Bruzi, A T; Ramalho, M A P


    The aim of this study was to undertake the theoretical derivations of non-parametric methods, which use linear regressions based on rank order, for stability analyses. These methods were extension different parametric methods used for stability analyses and the result was compared with a standard non-parametric method. Intensive computational methods (e.g., bootstrap and permutation) were applied, and data from the plant-breeding program of the Biology Department of UFLA (Minas Gerais, Brazil) were used to illustrate and compare the tests. The non-parametric stability methods were effective for the evaluation of phenotypic stability. In the presence of variance heterogeneity, the non-parametric methods exhibited greater power of discrimination when determining the phenotypic stability of genotypes.

  9. Charging of capacitors with double switch. The principle of operation of auto-zero and chopper-stabilized DC amplifiers

    CERN Document Server

    Yordanov, Vasil G; Manolev, Stojan G; Mishonov, Todor M


    The principle of operation of auto-zero and chopper-stabilized DC amplifiers, which is realized in many contemporary operational amplifiers is illustrated by a simple experimental setup given at the Open Experimental Physics Olympiad 2014 - "The Day of the Capacitor", held in Sofia and Gevgelija. The Olympiad was organized by the Sofia Branch of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria and the Regional Society of Physicists of Strumica, Macedonia. In addition to the solution of the secondary school task in the paper is given a detailed engineering description of the patent by Edwin Goldberg and Jules Lehmann, Stabilized direct current amplifier, U.S. Patent 2,684,999 (1949).

  10. Stability Transfer between Two Clock Lasers Operating at Different Wavelengths for Absolute Frequency Measurement of Clock Transition in 87Sr

    CERN Document Server

    Yamaguchi, A; Nagano, S; Li, Y; Ishijima, H; Hachisu, H; Kumagai, M; Ido, T; 10.1143/APEX.5.022701


    We demonstrated transferring the stability of one highly stable clock laser operating at 729 nm to another less stable laser operating at 698 nm. The two different wavelengths were bridged using an optical frequency comb. The improved stability of the clock laser at 698 nm enabled us to evaluate the systematic frequency shifts of the Sr optical lattice clock with shorter averaging time. We determined the absolute frequency of the clock transition 1S0 - 3P0 in 87Sr to be 429 228 004 229 873.9 (1.4) Hz referenced to the SI second on the geoid via International Atomic Time (TAI).

  11. Related Studies in Long Term Lithium Battery Stability (United States)

    Horning, R. J.; Chua, D. L.


    The continuing growth of the use of lithium electrochemical systems in a wide variety of both military and industrial applications is primarily a result of the significant benefits associated with the technology such as high energy density, wide temperature operation and long term stability. The stability or long term storage capability of a battery is a function of several factors, each important to the overall storage life and, therefore, each potentially a problem area if not addressed during the design, development and evaluation phases of the product cycle. Design (e.g., reserve vs active), inherent material thermal stability, material compatibility and self-discharge characteristics are examples of factors key to the storability of a power source.

  12. Effects of Environmental Factors on the Disinfection Performance of a Wastewater Stabilization Pond Operated in a Temperate Climate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lei Liu


    Full Text Available Treatment in a wastewater stabilization pond (WSP relies on natural purification processes, which can be sensitive to both location and climate. This study investigated the effects of three environmental factors, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO and temperature, on disinfection efficiency in a WSP system consisting of three facultative cells, and operated in a temperate climate region, in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Indicator organism (Escherichia coli (E. coli removal in WSP systems is driven by a combination of different factors. Elevated pH and DO concentrations, which are attributed to the presence of algae, are important factors for effective disinfection. Therefore, the presence of algae in natural wastewater treatment systems can contribute appreciably to disinfection. Consequently, based on algal concentrations, removal efficiencies of pathogenic microorganisms during wastewater treatment over the course of a year can be highly variable, where higher removal efficiencies would be expected in summer and fall seasons.

  13. Study on laser characteristics of Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers: Operation regimes, gain dynamics, and highly stable operation points (United States)

    Kroetz, P.; Ruehl, A.; Calendron, A.-L.; Chatterjee, G.; Cankaya, H.; Murari, K.; Kärtner, F. X.; Hartl, I.; Miller, R. J. D.


    We present a comprehensive study of laser pulse amplification of Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers (RAs) with respect to operation regimes, gain dynamics, and output pulse stability. The findings are expected to be more generic than for this specific gain material. Operation regimes are distinguished with respect to pulse energy and the appearance of pulse instability, and are studied as a function of the repetition rate, seed energy, and pump intensity. The corresponding gain dynamics are presented, identifying highly stable operation points related to high-gain build-up during pumping and high-gain depletion during pulse amplification. Such operation points are studied numerically and experimentally as a function of several parameters, thereby achieving, for our Ho:YLF RA, highly stable output pulses with measured fluctuations of only 0.19% (standard deviation).

  14. Geo-mechanical Model Testing for Stability of Underground Gas Storage in Halite During the Operational Period (United States)

    Chen, Xuguang; Zhang, Qiangyong; Li, Shucai; Liu, Dejun


    A 3D geo-mechanical model test is conducted to study the stability of underground gas storage in halite, modeled after the Jintan gas storage constructed in bedded salt rock in China. A testing apparatus is developed to generate long-term stable trapezoid geostresses onto the model cavity, corresponding to the actual gas storage cavern. The time-depending character of the material is simulated using a rheological material, which was tested using a self-developed apparatus. The model cavern is built using an ellipsoid wooden mold divided into small blocks which are assembled and placed into the designed position during the model construction. They are then pulled out one by one to form the cavern. The ellipsoid cavern wall is then lined within a latex balloon. Gas is injected into the cavity and extracted to simulate the operational process of gas injection and recovery. Optical sensors embedded into the model to measure the displacement around the cavity showed that the largest deformation occurs in the middle section of the cavity. The deformation rate increases with increasing gas pressure. At 11 MPa the cavity is in equilibrium with the geostress. The pressure is highest during the gas recovery stages, indicating that gas recovery can threaten the cavern's operational stability, while high gas injection causes rock mass compression and deformation outward from the cavern. The deformation is the combination of cavern convergence and gas-induced rebound which leads to tensile and compression during gas injection and recovery. Hence, the fatigue properties of salt rock should be studied further.

  15. Operational Implementation of the Healthy Communities Study (United States)

    John, Lisa V.; Gregoriou, Maria; Pate, Russell R.; Fawcett, Stephen B.; Crawford, Patricia B.; Strauss, Warren; Frongillo, Edward A.; Ritchie, Lorrene D.; Loria, Catherine M.; Kelley, Melinda; Fishbein, Howard; Arteaga, S. Sonia


    The Healthy Communities Study (HCS) is examining how characteristics of community programs and policies targeting childhood obesity are related to childhood diet, physical activity, and obesity outcomes. The study involves selected districts and public schools in 130 communities; families recruited through schools; and data collected at the community, school, household, and child levels. Data collection took place in two waves—Wave 1 in Spring 2012 and Wave 2 from 2013 to 2015—with analysis to be completed by August 2016. This paper describes operational elements of the HCS, including recruitment activities, field operations, training of data collectors, human subjects protection, and quality assurance and quality control procedures. Experienced trainers oversaw and conducted all training, including training of: (1) district and school recruitment staff; (2) telephone interviewers for household screening and recruitment; (3) field data collectors for conducting household data collection; and (4) community liaisons for conducting key informant interviews, document abstraction, and community observations. The study team developed quality assurance and quality control procedures that were implemented for all aspects of the study. Planning and operationalizing a study of this complexity and magnitude, with multiple functional teams, required frequent communication and strong collaboration among all study partners to ensure timely and effective decision making. PMID:26384933

  16. A theoretical study of mechanical stability of arteries. (United States)

    Rachev, Alexander


    This study proposes a mathematical model for studying stability of arteries subjected to a longitudinal extension and a periodic pressure. An artery was considered as a straight composite beam comprised of an external thick-walled tube and a fluid core. The dynamic criterion for stability was used, based on analyzing the small transverse vibrations superposed on the finite deformation of the vessel under static load. In contrast to the case of a static pressurization, in which buckling is only possible if the load produces a critical axial compressive force, a loss of stability of arteries under periodic pressure occurs under many combinations of load parameters. Instability occurs as a parametric resonance characterized by an exponential increase in the amplitude of transverse vibrations over several bands of pressure frequencies. The effects of load parameters were analyzed on the basis of the results for a dynamic and static stability of a rabbit thoracic aorta. Under normal physiological loads the artery is in a stable configuration. Static instability occurs under high distending pressures and low longitudinal stretch ratios. When the artery is subjected to periodic pressure, an independent increase in the mean pressure, amplitude of the periodic pressure, or frequency, most often, but not always, increases the risk of stability loss. In contrary, an increase in longitudinal stretch ratio most likely, but not certain, stabilizes the vessel. It was shown that adaptive geometrical remodeling due to an increase in mean pressure and flow does not affect artery stability.

  17. A Nano-scale Study on Film Stability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Cheng TAO; Gen Lin TIAN; Regine V. KLITZING; Peter BEHRENBRUCH


    Thickness and stability of films formed by different surfactants are studied by means of thin film balance (TFB) technique to observe the formation and stability of the films. It is demonstrated that stable Newton black films (NBFs) can be easily obtained with non-ionic surfactants (C12E5, C12G2) than ionic surfactants (C12TAB, C16TAB). Common black film (CBF) was obtained with C16TAB at 5×10-3 mol/L, while the film of C12TAB is unstable. It has been demonstrated that the horizontal forces should also be taken into consideration for explaining film stability.

  18. Stability and rupture of archaebacterial cell membrane: a model study. (United States)

    Li, Shuangyang; Zheng, Fengxian; Zhang, Xianren; Wang, Wenchuan


    It is known that the thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus acidocaldarius can grow in hot springs at 65-80 degrees C and live in acidic environments (pH 2-3); however, the origin of its unusual thermal stability remains unclear. In this work, using a vesicle as a model, we study the thermal stability and rupture of archaebacterial cell membrane. We perform a simulation investigation of the structure-property relationship of monolayer membrane formed by bolaform lipids and compare it with that of bilayer membrane formed by monopolar lipids. The origin of the unusually thermal stability of archaebacterial cell and the mechanism for its rupture are presented in molecular details.

  19. Stabilization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad H. Al-Malack


    Full Text Available Fuel oil flyash (FFA produced in power and water desalination plants firing crude oils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is being disposed in landfills, which increases the burden on the environment, therefore, FFA utilization must be encouraged. In the current research, the effect of adding FFA on the engineering properties of two indigenous soils, namely sand and marl, was investigated. FFA was added at concentrations of 5%, 10% and 15% to both soils with and without the addition of Portland cement. Mixtures of the stabilized soils were thoroughly evaluated using compaction, California Bearing Ratio (CBR, unconfined compressive strength (USC and durability tests. Results of these tests indicated that stabilized sand mixtures could not attain the ACI strength requirements. However, marl was found to satisfy the ACI strength requirement when only 5% of FFA was added together with 5% of cement. When the FFA was increased to 10% and 15%, the mixture’s strength was found to decrease to values below the ACI requirements. Results of the Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP, which was performed on samples that passed the ACI requirements, indicated that FFA must be cautiously used in soil stabilization.

  20. Laccase immobilization over multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Kinetic, thermodynamic and stability studies. (United States)

    Tavares, Ana P M; Silva, Cláudia G; Dražić, Goran; Silva, Adrián M T; Loureiro, José M; Faria, Joaquim L


    The biocatalytic performance of immobilized enzyme systems depends mostly on the intrinsic properties of both biomolecule and support, immobilization technique and immobilization conditions. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) possess unique features for enzyme immobilization by adsorption. Enhanced catalytic activity and stability can be achieved by optimization of the immobilization conditions and by investigating the effect of operational parameters. Laccase was immobilized over MWCNTs by adsorption. The hybrid material was characterized by Fourier transformed infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM, respectively). The effect of different operational conditions (contact time, enzyme concentration and pH) on laccase immobilization was investigated. Optimized conditions were used for thermal stability, kinetic, and storage and operational stability studies. The optimal immobilization conditions for a laccase concentration of 3.75μL/mL were a pH of 9.0 and a contact time of 30min (522 Ulac/gcarrier). A decrease in the thermal stability of laccase was observed after immobilization. Changes in ΔS and ΔH of deactivation were found for the immobilized enzyme. The Michaelis-Menten kinetic constant was higher for laccase/MWCNT system than for free laccase. Immobilized laccase maintained (or even increased) its catalytic performance up to nine cycles of utilization and revealed long-term storage stability.

  1. Studies on irradiation stability of polystyrene by NMR

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHAO Xin; SUN Wan-Fu; XIE Cheng-Xi


    The irradiation stability of polystyrene (PS) was studied by 13C and 1H NMR spectra, Nuclear Overhauser Relaxation (NOE) and 13C NMR spin-lattice relaxation time (T1). The results indicate that 13C and 1H NMR chemical shifts, NOE and T1 were almost invariant with the increase of irradiation dose. This shows that polystyrene is particularly stable within 2.5 kGy doses and the mechanism of its stability is discussed.

  2. Characterization and stability studies of emulsion systems containing pumice


    Marilene Estanqueiro; Jaime Conceição; Maria Helena Amaral; Delfim Santos; João Baptista Silva; José Manuel Sousa Lobo


    Emulsions are the most common form of skin care products. However, these systems may exhibit some instability. Therefore, when developing emulsions for topical application it is interesting to verify whether they have suitable physical and mechanical characteristics and further assess their stability. The aim of this work was to study the stability of emulsion systems, which varied in the proportion of the emulsifying agent cetearyl alcohol (and) sodium lauryl sulfate (and) sodium cetearyl su...

  3. Common Operating Picture: UAV Security Study (United States)


    This initial communication security study is a top-level assessment of basic security issues related to the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the National Airspace System (NAS). Security considerations will include information relating to the use of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) protocols and applications identifying their maturity, as well as the use of IPV4 and a version of mobile IPV6. The purpose of this assessment is to provide an initial analysis of the security implications of introducing UAVs into the NAS.

  4. No Guarantee of Success: Unity of Command and Effectiveness in Stability Operations (United States)


    interventions. Numerous well known and esteemed authors have contributed greatly to the body of work relating to civil wars, peace operations...divergence is then apt to become so acute as to turn the comradeship of common danger into the hostility of mutual dissatisfaction —so that the will critically examine the preceding body of work on military interventions both in general and coalitions to inform the case studies. The

  5. Band of Brothers or Dysfunctional Family? A Military Perspective on Coalition Challenges During Stability Operations (United States)


    chief of defense of the second-largest contributor to OAF [Operation Allied Freedom], France, General [ Jean -Pierre] Kelche, later said that he had...Jennifer D. P., Nancy E. Blacker, Renee Buhr, James McFadden, Cathryn Quantic Thurston, and Anny Wong, Building Partner Capabilities for Coalition...Terrorism, Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, 2002. Pigeon, Luc , “Lessons Learned: Coalition,” email to

  6. Importance of the different posterolateral knee static stabilizers: biomechanical study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodrigo Campos Pace Lasmar


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relative importance of the different static stabilizers of the posterolateral corner of the knee in cadavers. METHODS: Tests were performed with the application of a varus and external rotation force to the knee in extension at 30 and 60 degrees of flexion using 10 cadaver knees. The forces were applied initially to an intact knee and then repeated after a selective sectioning of the ligaments into the following: section of the lateral collateral ligament; section of the lateral collateral ligament and the popliteofibular complex; and section of the lateral collateral ligament, the popliteofibular complex and the posterolateral capsule. The parameters studied were the angular deformity and stiffness when the knees were submitted to a 15 Newton-meter varus torque and a 6 Newton-meter external tibial torque. Statistical analysis was performed using the ANOVA (Analysis of Variance and Tukey's tests. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Our findings showed that the lateral collateral ligament was important in varus stability at 0, 30 and 60 degrees. The popliteofibular complex was the most important structure for external rotation stability at all angles of flexion and was also important for varus stability at 30 and 60 degrees. The posterolateral capsule was important for varus stability at 0 and 30 degrees and for external rotation stability in extension. Level of evidence: Level IV (cadaver study.

  7. Theoretical study on stability of hybrid bilayers (United States)

    Silva, Thiago S.; de Lima Bernardo, Bertúlio; Azevedo, Sèrgio


    Motivated by the recent experimental realization of the hybrid nanostructure of graphene and boron nitride (h-BN) sheet, and studies of gap modulation by strain, we use first principles calculations based on density functional theory to investigate the effects of strain in hybrid bilayers composed of two monolayers of graphene with a nanodomain of {{B}3}{{N}3}. The calculations were made with two different approximations for the functional exchange-correlation, GGA and VDW-DF. We investigate the modification in the electronic structure and structural properties of various configurations of the hybrid bilayers. Among the configurations, those with Bernal stacking are found to be more stable when compared to the others. Studies of the compressive strain influence were made only in the structure that has been shown to be the most stable. We have found that the two approximations used in the calculations exhibit the same results for the electronic properties of all structures. The opening of the energy gap due to strain was possible in the calculations by using the GGA approximation, but the same does not happen in the calculations using the VDW-DF approximation. Our analysis shows that the VDW-DF approximation is better suited for studies involving surfaces.

  8. A Remedy to Crises: Danish Special Operations Forces in Whole-of-Government Stabilization Engagements (United States)


    forces (DANSOF) can play. The capstone draws from a rich body of stabilization literature to provide working definitions for a whole-of- The capstone draws from a rich body of stabilization literature to provide working definitions for a whole-of-government approach; goals...capabilities are ideal for use in stabilization engagements, most notably the following:  Early reconnaissance and intelligence gathering in the

  9. Studies of longitudinal single bunch stability

    CERN Document Server

    Argyropoulos, T; Bhat, C; Baudrenghien, P; Esteban Muller, J; Hofle, W; Papotti, G; Shaposhnikova, E; Tuckmantel, J; Valuch, D; Venturini Delsolaro, W; Wehrle, U


    The goal of this MD was to study a single bunch longitudinal instability observed during the acceleration ramp in the LHC in 2010 for bunches with nominal intensity and small injected longitudinal emittance. During this MD there were two fills, the first without acceleration and the second with acceleration. In the first each ring was filled with 8 high intensity bunches with small longitudinal emittance. During the second 8 high intensity bunches were injected into each ring with longitudinal emittances varying from 0.9 eVs to 0.3 eVs. Two longitudinal instability modes (dipole and quadrupole) were observed in different parts of the cycle with both beams. Measurements of phase and bunch length oscillations, as well as data extracted from bunch profile acquisitions during the cycle, are presented in this Note together with an analysis of the growth rate dependence on bunch emittances and intensity.

  10. Operation of the counter-rotating type pump-turbine unit installed in the power stabilizing system (United States)

    Kanemoto, T.; Honda, H.; Kasahara, R.; Miyaji, T.


    This serial research intends to put a unique power stabilization system with a pumped storage into practical use. The pumped storage is equipped with a counter-rotating type pump-turbine unit whose operating mode can be shifted instantaneously in response to the fluctuation of power from renewable resources. This paper verifies that the system is reasonably effective to stabilize the fluctuating power. It is necessary to quickly increase the rotational speed when the operation is shifted from the turbine to the pumping modes, because the unit cannot pump-up water from a lower reservoir at a slow rotational speed while keeping gross/geodetic head constant. The maximum hydraulic efficiency at the turbine mode is close to the efficiency of the counter-rotating type hydroelectric unit designed exclusively for the turbine mode. The system is also provided for a pilot plant to be operated in the field.

  11. [The pathogenetic approach to the development of tools and methods for the improvement of statokinetic stability in the operators of aerospace systems]. (United States)

    Glaznikov, L A; Buĭnov, L G; Govorun, M I; Sorokina, L A; Nigmedzianov, R A; Golovanov, A E


    The objective of the present study was to estimate the efficacy of the tools and methods for the optimization of the activity of the central nervous system (CNS) and analyzers involved in the maintenance of the statokinetic (SK) stability in man. To this effect, we evaluated the outcome of bemitil treatment during 10 days with and without A.I. Yarotsky test and the influence of these procedures on the pathophysiological characteristics of selected elements of the work of operators of aerospace systems. Based on the data obtained in the study, the tools and methods have been developed that allow the efficacy and quality of certain aspects of the operators' activity to be improved, viz. general working capacity under conditions requiring enhanced statokinetic stability, self-confidence, emotional and somatic comfort.

  12. Studies on structural stability of thermophilic Sulfolobus acidocaldarius ribosomes. (United States)

    Yangala, Kalavathi; Suryanarayana, Tangirala


    Structural stability of thermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius ribosomes, with respect their susceptibility to pancreatic RNase A and stability to temperature (deltaTm), on treatment with various stabilizing (polyamines) and destabilizing (sulfhydryl and intercalating) agents were studied and compared with mesophilic E. coli ribosomes, to understand the structural differences between thermophilic and mesophilic ribosomes. Thermophilic archaeal ribosomes and their subunits were 10-times less susceptible to pancreatic RNase A, compared to mesophilic ribosomes, showing the presence of strong and compact structural organization in them. Thermophilic ribosomes treated with destabilizing agents, such as sulfhydryl reagents [5,5'-Dithio-bis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid), N-ethylmaleimide and p-hydroxymercurybenzoate) and intercalating agents (ethidium bromide, EtBr) showed higher stability to RNase A, compared to similarly treated mesophilic ribosomes, indicating the unavailability of thiol-reactive groups and the presence of strong solvent inaccessible inner core. Higher stability of thermophilic ribosomes compared to mesophilic ribosomes to unfolding agents like urea further supported the presence of strong inner core particle. Thermophilic ribosomes treated with intercalating agents, such as EtBr were less susceptible to RNase A, though they bound to more reagent, showing the rigidity or resilience of their macromolecular structure to alterations caused by destabilizing agents. Overall, these results indicated that factors such as presence of strong solvent inaccessible inner core and rigidity of ribosome macromolecular structure contributed stability of thermophilic ribosomes to RNase A and other destabilizing agents, when compared to mesophilic ribosomes.

  13. An Optimization Study of Hot Stamping Operation (United States)

    Ghoo, Bonyoung; Umezu, Yasuyoshi; Watanabe, Yuko; Ma, Ninshu; Averill, Ron


    In the present study, 3-dimensional finite element analyses for hot-stamping processes of Audi B-pillar product are conducted using JSTAMP/NV and HEEDS. Special attention is paid to the optimization of simulation technology coupling with thermal-mechanical formulations. Numerical simulation based on FEM technology and optimization design using the hybrid adaptive SHERPA algorithm are applied to hot stamping operation to improve productivity. The robustness of the SHERPA algorithm is found through the results of the benchmark example. The SHERPA algorithm is shown to be far superior to the GA (Genetic Algorithm) in terms of efficiency, whose calculation time is about 7 times faster than that of the GA. The SHERPA algorithm could show high performance in a large scale problem having complicated design space and long calculation time.

  14. Stability Study of Darunavir Ethanolate Tablets Applying a New Stability-Indicating HPLC Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josilene Chaves Ruela Corrêa


    Full Text Available Chemical and physical degradation of drugs may result in altered therapeutic efficacy and even toxic effects. Therefore, the aim of this work was to study the stability of darunavir and to develop and validate a liquid chromatography (LC method to determine darunavir in raw material and tablets in the presence of degradation products. The novel method showed to be linear from 6.0 to 21.0 μg/mL, with high precision (CV < 2% and accuracy (recuperation of 99.64%. It is simple and reliable, free of placebo interferences. The robustness of the method was evaluated by a factorial design using seven different parameters. Forced degradation study was done under alkaline, acidic, and oxidative stress at ambient temperature and by heating. The LC method was able to quantify and separate darunavir and its degradation products. Darunavir showed to be unstable under alkaline, acid, and oxidative conditions. The novelty of this study is understanding the factors that affect darunavir ethanolate stability in tablets, which is the first step to unravel the path to know the degradation products. The novel stability-indicating method can be used to monitor the drug and the main degradation products in low concentrations in which there is linearity.

  15. Stabilizing control system preventing loss of synchronism from extension and its actual operating experience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsuzawa, K.; Yanagihashi, K.; Tsukita, J. [Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Japan); Sato, M.; Nakamura, T.; Takeuchi, A.


    This paper presents a stabilizing control system that was implemented to the power system of Tokyo Electric Power Company and worked successfully, shedding the minimum number of generators and preventing the extension of loss of synchronism to the other generators when a severe fault occurred on May 22, 1992. The stabilizing control system measures voltage and current at the rate of 600 Hz, predicts the change of phase angles of generators and decides the minimum number of generators to be shed for stabilization when instability is predicted and sheds them.

  16. Condiciones de transporte de medicamentos en misiones internacionales de las Fuerzas Armadas: Diseño de un estudio de estabilidad especifico para operaciones Conditions of drugs transportation in international missions of the Armed Forces: Design of a specific stability study of operations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Zamanillo Sainz


    , no apreciándose diferencias significativas entre los productos testigo y los sometidos a variaciones térmicas, demostrándose que las oscilaciones de temperatura entre 2ºC y 50ºC establecidas para el ensayo, durante un periodo de 7 días, no afectan a las características de los medicamentos seleccionados en este estudio. Conclusiones: Evaluadas las características ambientales del transporte durante un ciclo anual, no se aprecian diferencias estacionales destacables entre los diferentes envíos. Desde el punto de vista ambiental, el transporte de medicamentos a Role 2E (Herat, resulta cualificado, demostrándose la calidad del mismo. Todos los elaborados fabricados en el Centro Militar de Farmacia de la Defensa, seleccionados en este estudio y que han sido sometidos al nuevo ensayo de estabilidad, se mantienen dentro de las especificaciones, por lo que no se observa alteración en la calidad de los mismos. Para el control del transporte de medicamentos a las Misiones Internacionales, se considerarán condiciones seguras de transporte, oscilaciones térmicas comprendidas entre 2ºC y 50ºC durante al menos 7 días.Introduction: The supply of medical materiel and pharmaceuticals is a critical part of medical support in our military operations. The transport of medical materiel and drugs is provided by Air. The drug regulation requires performed storage and transportation conditions so that its quality are maintained during the whole period of drug validity, so a quality transportation should not generate risks to drugs derived from high temperature, cold, humidity or other negative factors, such as microorganisms or pests. We characterize, therefore, the environmental conditions associated to the transport with the measurement of the temperature and relative humidity. Objective: Qualification of drug transport. Design of a specific stability study to Operations (SSO. Materials and Methods: Monitoring is performed for the drugs transport ROLE 2 E (Herat during an

  17. Failure Mechanisms and Color Stability in Light-Emitting Diodes during Operation in High- Temperature Environments in Presence of Contamination

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lall, Pradeep; Zhang, Hao; Davis, J Lynn


    The energy efficiency of light-emitting diode (LED) technology compared to incandescent light bulbs has triggered an increased focus on solid state luminaries for a variety of lighting applications. Solid-state lighting (SSL) utilizes LEDs, for illumination through the process of electroluminescence instead of heating a wire filament as seen with traditional lighting. The fundamental differences in the construction of LED and the incandescent lamp results in different failure modes including lumen degradation, chromaticity shift and drift in the correlated color temperature. The use of LED-based products for safety-critical and harsh environment applications necessitates the characterization of the failure mechanisms and modes. In this paper, failure mechanisms and color stability has been studied for commercially available vertical structured thin film LED (VLED) under harsh environment conditions with and without the presence of contaminants. The VLED used for the study was mounted on a ceramic starboard in order to connect it to the current source. Contamination sources studied include operation in the vicinity of vulcanized rubber and adhesive epoxies in the presence of temperature and humidity. Performance of the VLEDs has been quantified using the measured luminous flux and color shift of the VLEDs subjected to both thermal and humidity stresses under a forward current bias of 350 mA. Results indicate that contamination can result in pre-mature luminous flux degradation and color shift in LEDs.

  18. Mechanical stability study of type IV cryomodule (ILC prototype)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGee, M.W.; Doremus, R.; Wands, C.R.; /Fermilab


    An ANSYS modal and harmonic finite element analysis (FEA) was performed in order to investigate cryomodule design mechanical stability for the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC). The current cryomodule, designated Type IV or (T4CM), closely follows the Type III TESLA Test Facility (TTF) version used at DESY, with the exception of a proposed location of the superconducting (SC) quadrupole at the center. This analysis considered the stringent stability criteria established for the ILC, where vertical motion for the SC quadrupole is limited to the micron range at a few Hz. Model validation was achieved through Type III cryomodule vibration measurement studies performed at DESY. The effect of support location, support stiffness and other important parameters were considered in a parametric sensitivity study. FEA results, fast motion investigations and stabilization techniques are discussed.

  19. Critical condition study of borehole stability during air drilling

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Deng Jingen; Zou Linzhan; Tan Qiang; Yan Wei; Gao Deli; Zhang Hanlin; Yan Xiuliang


    The purpose of this paper is to establish the existence of the critical condition of borehole stability during air drilling.Rock Failure Process Analysis Code2D was used to set up a damage model of the borehole excavated in strain-softening rock.Damage evolution around the borehole was studied by tracking acoustic emission.The study indicates that excavation damaged zone (EDZ) is formed around borehole because of stress concentration after the borehole is excavated.There is a critical condition for borehole stability; the borehole will collapse when the critical damage condition is reached.The critical condition of underground excavation exists not only in elastic and ideal plastic material but in strain-softening material as well.The research is helpful to developing an evaluation method of borehole stability during air drilling.

  20. Stability studies of colloidal silica dispersions in binary solvent mixtures

    CERN Document Server

    Bean, K H


    A series of monodispersed colloidal silica dispersions, of varying radii, has been prepared. These particles are hydrophilic in nature due to the presence of surface silanol groups. Some of the particles have been rendered hydrophobic by terminally grafting n-alkyl (C sub 1 sub 8) chains to the surface. The stability of dispersions of these various particles has been studied in binary mixtures of liquids, namely (i) ethanol and cyclohexane, and (ii) benzene and n-heptane. The ethanol - cyclohexane systems have been studied using a variety of techniques. Adsorption excess isotherms have been established and electrophoretic mobility measurements have been made. The predicted stability of the dispersions from D.V.L.O. calculations is compared to the observed stability. The hydrophilic silica particles behave as predicted by the calculations, with the zeta potential decreasing and the van der Waals attraction increasing with increasing cyclohexane concentration. The hydrophobic particles behave differently than e...

  1. Experimental and theoretical studies on stability of new stabilizers for N-methyl-P-nitroaniline derivative in CMDB propellants. (United States)

    Tang, Qiufan; Fan, Xuezhong; Li, Jizhen; Bi, Fuqiang; Fu, Xiaolong; Zhai, Lianjie


    Although N-methyl-P-nitroaniline (MNA) was a quite effective stabilizer in composite modified double base (CMDB) propellants, it undergoes crystallization easily from nitroglycerin (NG) during storage. In order to improve its solubility in nitroglycerin (NG) and the stability in propellants, several new stabilizers including N-ethyl-p-nitroaniline (ENA), N-n-propyl-p-nitroaniline (n-PNA), N-i-propyl-p-nitroaniline (i-PNA), N-n-butyl-p-nitroaniline (n-BNA) and N-t-butyl-p-nitroaniline (t-BNA) were designed and synthesized to replace MNA by increasing the carbon chain length. The interaction between NG and different stabilizers was simulation by Materials Studio 5.5 and the stability and the high temperature stability performance of those new stabilizers in propellants were calculated by Gaussian 09. It was found that both the solubility of new stabilizers in NG and the stability and the high temperature stability performance of those in propellants were improved when the carbon chain length of substitution groups on nitrogen atom was increased. Thus, the n-BNA was a most potential stabilizer. Then all properties of the stabilizers were studied experimentally, which was agreement well with the theoretical analysis.

  2. Stability of systems with the Duhem hysteresis operator : The dissipativity approach

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jayawardhana, Bayu; Ouyang, Ruiyue; Andrieu, Vincent


    In this paper, we discuss the dissipativity property of the counterclockwise Duhem operator. Sufficient conditions on the functions which define the Duhem operator are given such that the Duhem operator has counterclockwise input-output dynamics. In particular, an explicit construction of the storag

  3. Studies of the Stability and Dynamics of Levitated Drops (United States)

    Anikumar, A.; Lee, Chun Ping; Wang, T. G.


    This is a review of our experimental and theoretical studies relating to equilibrium and stability of liquid drops, typically of low viscosity, levitated in air by a sound field. The major emphasis here is on the physical principles and understanding behind the stability of levitated drops. A comparison with experimental data is also given, along with some fascinating pictures from high-speed photography. One of the aspects we shall deal with is how a drop can suddenly burst in an intense sound field; a phenomenon which can find applications in atomization technology. Also, we are currently investigating the phenomenon of suppression of coalescence between drops levitated in intense acoustic fields.

  4. Study on the thermal stability of styrene butadiene rubber nanocomposites (United States)

    Saeb, M. R.; Chenari, T. N.; Parast, O. Yazdan; Jafari, B.; Asadi, H.; Safari, M. Arfavi; Holisaz, H.


    This study aims to investigate the thermal stability of the styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) nanocomposites containig surface modified calcium carbonate (MCC). All nanocomposites were produced at various nanofiller contents, utilizing a laboratory scale two-roll mill. The thermal stability parameters including initial decomposing temperature, temperature at maximum rate of weight loss, and char content of the MCC/SBR nanocomposites were then compared. It was found that by increasing the filler content, the decomposition temperature of MCC/SBR nanocomposites increases. Furthermore, the char content at high temperatures rises by increasing nanofiller content.

  5. Polyaniline Conducting Electroactive Polymers Thermal and Environmental Stability Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reza Ansari


    Full Text Available In the current studies, polyaniline (PANi was prepared both chemical and electrochemically in the presence of different bronsted acids from aqueous solutions. The effect of thermal treatment on electrical conductivity, and thermal stability of the PANi conducting polymers were investigated using 4-point probe and TGA techniques respectively. It was found that polymer prepared by CV method is more thermally stable than those prepared by the other electrochemical techniques. In this paper we have also reviewed some fundamental information about synthesis, general properties, diverse applications, thermal and environmental stability of polyaniline conducting polymers.

  6. Wall-shaped electrodes for reducing the operation voltage of polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal displays

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Miyoung; Kim, Min Su; Kang, Byeong Gyun; Kim, Mi-Kyung; Yoon, Sukin; Lee, Seung Hee [Polymer BIN Fusion Research Center, Department of Polymer Nano-Science and Technology, Chonbuk National University, Chonju, Chonbuk 561-756 (Korea, Republic of); Ge Zhibing; Rao Linghui; Gauza, Sebastian; Wu, Shin-Tson, E-mail:, E-mail: swu@creol.ucf.ed [College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816 (United States)


    Polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal displays based on the Kerr effect are emerging due to their submillisecond response time, wide view and simple fabrication process. However, the conventional in-plane switching device exhibits a relatively high operating voltage because the electric fields are restricted in the vicinity of the electrode surface. To overcome this technical barrier, we propose a partitioned wall-shaped electrode configuration so that the induced birefringence is uniform between electrodes throughout the entire cell gap. Consequently, the operating voltage is reduced by {approx} 2.8x with two transistors. The responsible physical mechanisms are explained.

  7. A method to study in vivo stability of DNA nanostructures. (United States)

    Surana, Sunaina; Bhatia, Dhiraj; Krishnan, Yamuna


    DNA nanostructures are rationally designed, synthetic, nanoscale assemblies obtained from one or more DNA sequences by their self-assembly. Due to the molecularly programmable as well as modular nature of DNA, such designer DNA architectures have great potential for in cellulo and in vivo applications. However, demonstrations of functionality in living systems necessitates a method to assess the in vivo stability of the relevant nanostructures. Here, we outline a method to quantitatively assay the stability and lifetime of various DNA nanostructures in vivo. This exploits the property of intact DNA nanostructures being uptaken by the coelomocytes of the multicellular model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. These studies reveal that the present fluorescence based assay in coelomocytes of C. elegans is an useful in vivo test bed for measuring DNA nanostructure stability.

  8. Stability and quench development study in small HTSC magnet

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ilyin, Yu. A.; Vysotski, V.S.; Kiss, T.; Takeo, M.; Okamoto, H.; Irie, F.


    Stability and quench development in a HTSC magnet have been experimentally studied with the transport current in the magnet being below or above the “thermal quench current” level. The magnet was tested at both cryocooler cooling and liquid nitrogen cooling, with and without background magnetic fiel

  9. Paromomycin-loaded albumin microspheres: efficacy and stability studies. (United States)

    Khan, Wahid; Kumar, Rajendra; Singh, Sukhvinder; Arora, Sunil Kumar; Kumar, Neeraj


    In the present work, paromomycin-loaded albumin microspheres (PM-MS) have been formulated for passive targeting of paromomycin (PM) to macrophages, for the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis (VL). PM-MS were prepared by spray-drying method with a mean particle size of ≈ 3 µm. Thermal and chemical cross-linking methods were used for controlling drug release from the prepared microspheres (MS). PM-MS were then tested for efficacy and stability studies. In efficacy study, in vitro promastigote assay was carried out to assess the susceptibility of promastigote to PM in the concentration range of 5.0-150 µg/ml; cytotoxicity assay was performed to determine possible toxicity of PM for the host cells (peritoneal macrophages) and intracellular amastigote assay was carried out to determine the efficacy of free PM (PM solution) and encapsulated PM (PM-MS). Results obtained indicated a significant increase in efficacy of PM-MS in comparison to PM solution at equivalent concentration. Subsequently, stability studies of prepared formulation was carried out at various temperature and humidity conditions, these studies provided stability of formulation at all tested conditions including accelerated conditions. Thus, it can be concluded that present work provides an optimized formulation with stability and enhanced efficacy.

  10. Stability and quench development study in small HTSC magnet

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ilyin, Y.; Vysotski, V.S.; Kiss, T.; Takeo, M.; Okamoto, H.; Irie, F.


    Stability and quench development in a HTSC magnet have been experimentally studied with the transport current in the magnet being below or above the “thermal quench current” level. The magnet was tested at both cryocooler cooling and liquid nitrogen cooling, with and without background magnetic

  11. Stability of Surface Nanobubbles: A Molecular Dynamics Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Maheshwari, Shantanu; Hoef, van der Martin; Zhang, Xuehua; Lohse, Detlef


    The stability and growth or dissolution of a single surface nanobubble on a chemically patterned surface are studied by molecular dynamics simulations of binary mixtures consisting of Lennard-Jones (LJ) particles. Our simulations reveal how pinning of the three-phase contact line on the surface can

  12. Gas gap studies about streamer operated RPCs (United States)

    Paoloni, A.; Mengucci, A.; Spinetti, M.; Ventura, M.; Votano, L.


    The requirement of high rate capability for operation at LHC, led 20 years ago to the achievement of Resistive Plate Chambers operated in avalanche mode, thanks to the introduction of new gas mixtures and to the development of the Front-End electronics. The need for a further increase of the rate capability, in view of the upgrades of LHC, is imposing new detector geometries with thinner gas gaps and electrodes. Streamer operation of RPCs may still be suitable for low rate experiments, and therefore in this paper a comparison between two different detector geometries, the old standard and the newly proposed one, is performed in streamer mode.

  13. N-dimensional hypervolumes to study stability of complex ecosystems. (United States)

    Barros, Ceres; Thuiller, Wilfried; Georges, Damien; Boulangeat, Isabelle; Münkemüller, Tamara


    Although our knowledge on the stabilising role of biodiversity and on how it is affected by perturbations has greatly improved, we still lack a comprehensive view on ecosystem stability that is transversal to different habitats and perturbations. Hence, we propose a framework that takes advantage of the multiplicity of components of an ecosystem and their contribution to stability. Ecosystem components can range from species or functional groups, to different functional traits, or even the cover of different habitats in a landscape mosaic. We make use of n-dimensional hypervolumes to define ecosystem states and assess how much they shift after environmental changes have occurred. We demonstrate the value of this framework with a study case on the effects of environmental change on Alpine ecosystems. Our results highlight the importance of a multidimensional approach when studying ecosystem stability and show that our framework is flexible enough to be applied to different types of ecosystem components, which can have important implications for the study of ecosystem stability and transient dynamics. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd/CNRS.

  14. Study on flow stability margin by method of system identification

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhang Youjie; Jiang Shengyao [Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, BJ (China). Inst. of Nuclear Energy Technology


    The main objective of the investigation is to develop a practical technology and method in engineering, based on general control theory, for distinguishing two-phase flow stability and identifying the safety margin by using the system identification method. By combining the two-phase flow stability theory in the thermo-physics field with the system stability theory and the system identification method in the field of information science, a thermo-hydraulic experiment technology with a new concept was developed. The experiment was carried out on the thermo-hydraulic test system HRTL-5 which serves as simulator to the primary circulation of the nuclear heating reactor NHR-5 and was used for investigation on its thermo-physical behavior. Reverse repeat pseudo-random sequences which were added to the steady heat flux as input signal sources and measured flow rates as response function were used in the test. The two-phase flow stability and the stability margin of the natural circulation system were investigated by analyzing the system pulse response function, the decay ratio and the stability boundary under different operational conditions. The results are compared with those obtained by using conventional methods. The test method and typical results obtained are presented in this paper. (orig.) [German] Das Hauptziel der Untersuchung ist die Entwicklung einer Technik und eines Verfahrens um - basierend auf allgemeiner Regelungstheorie - die Stabilitaet einer Zweiphasenstroemung zu bestimmen und unter Verwendung von Methoden zur Systemidentifikation Sicherheitsreserven zu ermitteln. Durch Kombination der Theorie der Zweiphasenstroemungsstabilitaet im Bereich der Thermophysik mit der Systemstabilitaetstheorie und der informationstheoretischen Systemidentifikationsmethode wurde eine thermohydraulische Experimentiertechnik neuartigen Konzepts entwickelt. Die Versuche wurden auf dem Thermohydraulikteststand HRTL-5 ausgefuehrt, der dem Primaeranlauf des Heizreaktors HHR-5

  15. Mechanism study of stabilization of double-base propellants by using zeolite stabilizers (nano- and micro-clinoptilolite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.A. Zayed


    Full Text Available The mechanism of stabilization of double-base rocket propellants (DBPs using inorganic stabilizer (nano- and micro-clinoptilolite was investigated. The surface structures of the stabilizers, the double-base propellants containing the new stabilizers and the effect of the stabilizers on the surface behavior of propellants and vice versa were checked using XRD and Electron Microscope (AFM and TEM techniques. The results obtained from XRD suggested that the crystalline structure of the new inorganic stabilizers was completely changed when it was introduced into the propellants which may be attributed to the pressing processes of DBPs with stabilizers under very high pressure during their mixture preparation. The results obtained from Atomic Force Electron Microscope (AFM and TEM indicated that nano-clinoptilolite particles become more regularly arranged on the propellant surface than micro-clinoptilolite which gives the stabilizer a higher ability to absorb more nitrogen oxide. The work aimed chiefly to use zeolite stabilizers for DBPs instead of classically used organic compounds; in order to avoid the harmful and carcinogenic organic products coming from the reaction of NOx gases with these organic stabilizers. This is achieved by studying the thermal behavior of these zeolites via investigation of their surface interaction with NOx gases obtained during stabilization process and suggesting possible interaction mechanism.

  16. Stabilized composite membranes and membrane electrode assemblies for high temperature/low relative humidity polymer electrolyte fuel cell operation (United States)

    Ramani, Vijay Krishna

    Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) have a variety of applications in the stationary power, mobile power and automotive power sectors. Existing membrane technology presently permits fuel cell operation at temperatures less than 100°C under fully saturated conditions. However, several advantages such as easier heat rejection rates and improved impurities tolerance by the anode electrocatalyst result by operating a PEMFC at elevated temperatures (above 100°C) and lower relative humidities. In an attempt to extend the operating range of the polymer electrolyte membrane, perfluorosulfonic acid (NafionRTM) based organic/inorganic (heteropolyacid) composite membranes were investigated in terms of thermal and electrochemical stability, additive stability and conductivity. Tungsten based heteropolyacids (HPAs) were found to be electrochemically stable as opposed to molybdenum based additives. The stability of the inorganic heteropolyacid additive in aqueous environments was enhanced by ion exchanging the protons of the HPAs with larger counter ions. An additional stabilization technique developed involved improving the interaction of HPA with NafionRTM by linking the particles to the sulfonic acid clusters via a sol-gel induced metal oxide linkage. The proton conductivity of the composite membranes was found to depend on the particle size of the HPA additive. A two order of magnitude change in additive particle size was attained by modification of the membrane preparation technique. This modification resulted in a nearly 50% increase in conductivity. The membranes prepared were characterized by thermal analysis, spectroscopy and microscopy. A technique was developed to incorporate existing MEA preparation and HPA stabilization techniques to the composite membranes with small HPA particles. All MEAs prepared were evaluated at high temperatures (120°C) and low relative humidities (35%) in an operating fuel cell, with membrane resistance and hence conductivity

  17. Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 3 – Frequency Response and Transient Stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miller, N. W. [GE Energy Management, Schenectady, NY (United States); Shao, M. [GE Energy Management, Schenectady, NY (United States); Pajic, S. [GE Energy Management, Schenectady, NY (United States); D' Aquila, R. [GE Energy Management, Schenectady, NY (United States)


    Power system operators and utilities worldwide have concerns about the impact of high-penetration wind and solar generation on electric grid reliability (EirGrid 2011b, Hydro-Quebec 2006, ERCOT 2010). The stability of North American grids under these conditions is a particular concern and possible impediment to reaching future renewable energy goals. Phase 3 of the Western Wind and Solar Integration Study (WWSIS-3) considers a 33% wind and solar annual energy penetration level that results in substantial changes to the characteristics of the bulk power system, including different power flow patterns, different commitment and dispatch of existing synchronous generation, and different dynamic behavior of wind and solar generation. WWSIS-3 evaluates two specific aspects of fundamental frequency system stability: frequency response and transient stability.

  18. The study of stability, combustion characteristics and performance of water in diesel emulsion fuel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Syafiq Zulkifli


    Full Text Available A single cylinder diesel engine study of water in diesel emulsions was conducted to investigate the stability effect of emulsion fuel on three different fuel blends and the water emulsification effect on the engine performance. Emulsified fuels contained 2% of surfactant including Span 80 Tween 80 and tested 10 HLB number. The blends also varied of 5%, 10% and 15% of water in diesel ratios namely as BSW5, BSW10 and BSW15. The fuel blends performance was tested using a single cylinder, direct injection diesel engine, operating at 1860 rpm. The results on stability reveal that high shear homogenizer yields more stability on emulsion fuel than mechanical stirrer and ultrasonic water bath. The engine performance results show that the ignition delay and peak pressure increase with the increment of water percentage up to 15%. However, the results indicate the increment of water percentage is also shows a significant decrease in engine power.

  19. Stability study of darunavir ethanolate tablets applying a new stability-indicating HPLC method


    Josilene Chaves Ruela Corrêa; Cristina Helena dos Reis Serra; Hérida Regina Nunes Salgado


    Chemical and physical degradation of drugs may result in altered therapeutic efficacy and even toxic effects. Therefore, the aim of this work was to study the stability of darunavir and to develop and validate a liquid chromatography (LC) method to determine darunavir in raw material and tablets in the presence of degradation products. The novel method showed to be linear from 6.0 to 21.0 μg/mL, with high precision (CV < 2%) and accuracy (recuperation of 99.64%). It is simple and reliable, fr...

  20. Cluster stability scores for microarray data in cancer studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghosh Debashis


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A potential benefit of profiling of tissue samples using microarrays is the generation of molecular fingerprints that will define subtypes of disease. Hierarchical clustering has been the primary analytical tool used to define disease subtypes from microarray experiments in cancer settings. Assessing cluster reliability poses a major complication in analyzing output from clustering procedures. While most work has focused on estimating the number of clusters in a dataset, the question of stability of individual-level clusters has not been addressed. Results We address this problem by developing cluster stability scores using subsampling techniques. These scores exploit the redundancy in biologically discriminatory information on the chip. Our approach is generic and can be used with any clustering method. We propose procedures for calculating cluster stability scores for situations involving both known and unknown numbers of clusters. We also develop cluster-size adjusted stability scores. The method is illustrated by application to data three cancer studies; one involving childhood cancers, the second involving B-cell lymphoma, and the final is from a malignant melanoma study. Availability Code implementing the proposed analytic method can be obtained at the second author's website.

  1. Guide to Rebuilding Public Sector Services in Stability Operations: A Role for the Military (United States)


    Andreas , and Igor Grebenschikov. “Security Governance by Internationals: The Case of Kosovo.” International Peacekeeping, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2006, pp...Conflict Reconstruction and Social Stability in Violent and Fragile States.” In Cornwallis XI: Analysis for Civil-Military Transitions, David Davis

  2. Triphenylamine - a 'new' stabilizer for nitrocellulose based propellants. Pt. 1: chemical stability studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wilker, Stephan; Heeb, Gerhard [WIWEB ASt Heimerzheim, Grosses Cent, 53913 Swisttal (Germany); Vogelsanger, Beat [Nitrochemie Wimmis AG, Niesenstr. 44, 3752 Wimmis (Switzerland); Petrzilek, Jan; Skladal, Jan [Explosia a.s. - Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry (VUPCH), 532 17 Pardubice (Czech Republic)


    Triphenylamine (TPA) was used for the first time in France in 1937 as a stabilizer for propellants. The stability of those samples was described as 'good'. Around 1950 an American group produced TPA stabilized propellants and investigated the decomposition mechanism. Apart from one single experiment in the 1970s no further attempts were made to take TPA as a stabilizer for propellants. With the background of an increasingly critical discussion about nitrosamines in propellants and their declaration of being carcinogenic, TPA revealed a renaissance since the year 2000. To achieve the goal of nitrosamine free propellants several TPA stabilized propellants were produced. Their processability, stability and ballistic properties were investigated. This publication summarizes the most important results of stability tests on more than 30 different TPA stabilized propellants including the decomposition mechanism, the synthesis of the consecutive products and their stabilizing properties. In addition, the internal compatibility of TPA with the most important propellant ingredients is discussed and its relative decomposition rate is compared with that of other stabilizers. In summary TPA is a suitable stabilizer for propellants. It has nevertheless two disadvantages. It is relatively rapidly consumed in double base formulations (which makes it difficult to pass the criteria of AOP-48, Ed. 2) and the stabilizing activity of the two major consecutive products 4-NO{sub 2}-TPA and especially 4,4{sup '}-di-NO{sub 2}-TPA is low. (Abstract Copyright [2007], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  3. First Time Go: Creating Capacity for Enduring Stability in Post-Operational Environments (United States)


    like its namesake.107 Operation Talisman /Eclipse was General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s plan for the occupation of Germany after hostilities.108...Planning for Operation Talisman /Eclipse began before the invasion of Europe. In fact, senior commanders began executing portions of the draft plans without

  4. Study on Floating Properties and Stability of Air Floated Structures

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    别社安; 及春宁; 任增金; 李增志


    In this paper, the buoyancy, kinetic properties and stability of air floated structures have been studied by theoreticaland experimental methods. The equations for calculation of the buoyancy of the air floated buoy are derived according tothe Boyler law and the equilibrium equations of the air floated structure are established. Through simplification of the airfloated structure as a single freedom rigid body and spring system, the natural period of heaving and some kinetic proper-ties are discussed. In the stability analysis, the formulas for calculation of the meta centric height are presented. The the-oretical results are in good agreement with the data observed from the model test and prototype test. The air buoyancy de-crease coefficient presented in this paper has a large influence on the floating state, stability and dynamic properties of theair floated structure. The stability of the air floated structure can also be judged by the parameter of meta centric height,and calculations show that the air floated structure is less stable than the conventional float.

  5. Political Stability and Balance of Payment: An Empirical Study in Asia


    Arfan Ali; Tan Shukui; Santhirasegaram Selvarathnam; Xu Xiaolin; Abdul Saboor


    This study analyze that influences of political stability on balance of payment and relative importance of political stability and economic freedom for healthy of balance of payment and exchange rate stability. Political stability has an important role in determination of healthy of balance of payment than economic freedom. This study focus on selected 10 Asian countries of various income levels and test the factor of political stability and economic freedom in stability of balance of payment...

  6. A Study of Strong Stability of Distributed Systems. Ph.D. Thesis (United States)

    Cataltepe, Tayfun


    The strong stability of distributed systems is studied and the problem of characterizing strongly stable semigroups of operators associated with distributed systems is addressed. Main emphasis is on contractive systems. Three different approaches to characterization of strongly stable contractive semigroups are developed. The first one is an operator theoretical approach. Using the theory of dilations, it is shown that every strongly stable contractive semigroup is related to the left shift semigroup on an L(exp 2) space. Then, a decomposition for the state space which identifies strongly stable and unstable states is introduced. Based on this decomposition, conditions for a contractive semigroup to be strongly stable are obtained. Finally, extensions of Lyapunov's equation for distributed parameter systems are investigated. Sufficient conditions for weak and strong stabilities of uniformly bounded semigroups are obtained by relaxing the equivalent norm condition on the right hand side of the Lyanupov equation. These characterizations are then applied to the problem of feedback stabilization. First, it is shown via the state space decomposition that under certain conditions a contractive system (A,B) can be strongly stabilized by the feedback -B(*). Then, application of the extensions of the Lyapunov equation results in sufficient conditions for weak, strong, and exponential stabilizations of contractive systems by the feedback -B(*). Finally, it is shown that for a contractive system, the first derivative of x with respect to time = Ax + Bu (where B is any linear bounded operator), there is a related linear quadratic regulator problem and a corresponding steady state Riccati equation which always has a bounded nonnegative solution.

  7. EBF recommendation for stability testing of anti-drug antibodies; lessons learned from anti-vaccine antibody stability studies. (United States)

    Pihl, Susanne; Michaut, Lydia; Hendriks, Jenny; Loebbert, Ralf; Ryding, Janka; Nemansky, Martin; Vermet, Laurent; Companjen, Arjen


    Long- and short-term stability testing of the analyte is one of the key parameters in bioanalytical method validation in support of pharmacokinetics. However, for immunogenicity testing, the scientific rationale for long- and short-term stability testing on quality control samples most often spiked with polyclonal antibody raised in a different species should be questioned. Therefore, the European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) formed a Topic Team to discuss the scientific rationale for stability testing of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs). A review of EBF member companies' experience on ADA stability and on anti-vaccine antibodies from vaccine projects was the basis of this discussion. EBF recommends to perform short-term stability testing of the positive control, but not to perform long-term stability testing of ADAs in nonclinical and clinical studies.

  8. Development, validation and stability study of pediatric atenolol syrup. (United States)

    Foppa, T; Murakami, F S; Silva, M A S


    Atenolol [4-(2-hydroxy-isopropylaminopropoxy)-phenylacetamide], is a cardioselective beta1-adrenergic receptor blocking agent prescribed for treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris and cardiac arrhythmias. However, most of these medicines are not formulated for easy or accurate administration to children. Atenolol is unstable in solutions and therefore the development of a liquid dosage form is a significant challenge. Studies showed that the degradation rate of atenolol is dependent on the temperature, indicating higher stability at 4 degrees C. Atenolol syrup is stable for 9 days, with acceptable apearance. A second order model adequately described atenolol decomposition when stored as syrup. A stability-indicating method was developed and validated in order to evaluate these studies.

  9. Stability and Convergence of Relaxation Schemes to Hyperbolic Balance Laws via a Wave Operator


    Miroshnikov, Alexey; Trivisa, Konstantina


    This article deals with relaxation approximations of nonlinear systems of hyperbolic balance laws. We introduce a class of relaxation schemes and establish their stability and convergence to the solution of hyperbolic balance laws before the formation of shocks, provided that we are within the framework of the compensated compactness method. Our analysis treats systems of hyperbolic balance laws with source terms satisfying a special mechanism which induces weak dissipation in the spirit of D...

  10. Guide to Rebuilding Governance in Stability Operations: A Role for the Military? (United States)


    of Peace, Special Report No. 107, July 2003. Heinemann-Gruder, Andreas , and Igor Grebenschikov. “Security Governance by Internationals: The Case of...Bowman. “Police Reform Programs: Links to Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Social Stability in Violent and Fragile States.” In Cornwallis XI: Analysis...In Cornwallis XI: Analysis for Civil-Military Transitions, David Davis, Alexander Woodcock, and George Rose, eds., Clementsport, Nova Scotia

  11. Effect of Temperature Variation and Gas Composition on the Stability of the RPC Operation

    CERN Document Server

    Cwiok, M; Górski, M; Królikowski, J


    An Inverted Double Gap RPC made of bakelite of 5*10^9 Ohm*cm volume resistivity was tested at avalanche rates up to 1 kHz/cm^2/gap in the Gamma Irradiation Facility at CERN in 2001. The inner surfaces of the chamber electrodes were cladded using linseed oil varnish. Dependence of the intrinsic RPC noise and the stability of the gas gain on the gas temperature and the gas composition are discussed.

  12. Ulam stability for fractional differential equations in the sense of Caputo operator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabha W. Ibrahim


    Full Text Available In this paper, we consider the Hyers-Ulam stability for the following fractional differential equations, in the sense ofcomplex Caputo fractional derivative defined, in the unit disk: cDßzf(z=G(f(z, cDázf(z,zf‘(z;z 0<á<1<ß<2 . Furthermore,a generalization of the admissible functions in complex Banach spaces is imposed and applications are illustrated.

  13. Global Stability and Dynamics of Strongly Nonlinear Systems Using Koopman Operator Theory (United States)


    calculus, applied mathematics, Director’s Research Initiative 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT UU 18...ARL-TR-7959 MAR 2017 US Army Research Laboratory Global Stability and Dynamics of Strongly Nonlinear Systems Using when it is no longer needed. Do not return it to the originator. ARL-TR-7959 ● MAR 2017 US Army Research Laboratory Global

  14. Effect of operational variables on nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.


    There is a diversity of conventional technologies available for removal of pollutants from wastewater. Most of these technologies are aerobic alternatives with high construction cost and high energy consumption and require skilled personal for operation and maintenance.

  15. Parametric studies in elastic stability of nonconservative beams

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nánási T.


    Full Text Available In this paper the nonconservative Beck`s column loaded with follower compressive force is generalized by introduction of the possibility to be subjected to subtangential follower force with excentric point of action. For corresponding boundary eigenvalue problem the frequency equation is derived. Results of parametric studies are presented for the lowest eigencurves, which describe the relation between the compressive load magnitude and the eigenfrequencies and indicate whether stability loss by divergence or by flutter occurs.

  16. Structural study of emulsions stabilized by charged nanoparticles (United States)

    El-moudny, S.; Badia, M.; Benhamou, M.


    The aim is a quantitative study of the structure of the Pickering emulsionsthat are stabilized by charged nanoparticles. We assume that the interaction potential between droplets is of Sogami type. First, we compute the structural properties using the Integral Equation Method with the so-called hybridized-mean spherical approximation (HMSA). Finally, the validity of this method is tested by confronting the results of the correlation functions found by HMSA integral equation with those from Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations.

  17. Effect of operational variables on nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds


    Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.


    There is a diversity of conventional technologies available for removal of pollutants from wastewater. Most of these technologies are aerobic alternatives with high construction cost and high energy consumption and require skilled personal for operation and maintenance. As a consequence, only countries with a high gross national product (GNP) can afford these options. Where these technologies were introduced in developing countries, in most cases these could not be operated sustainably, leadi...

  18. Effect of operational variables on nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds


    Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.


    There is a diversity of conventional technologies available for removal of pollutants from wastewater. Most of these technologies are aerobic alternatives with high construction cost and high energy consumption and require skilled personal for operation and maintenance. As a consequence, only countries with a high gross national product (GNP) can afford these options. Where these technologies were introduced in developing countries, in most cases these could not be operated sustainably, leadi...

  19. The expanding role of military entomologists in stability and counterinsurgency operations. (United States)

    Robert, Leon L; Rankin, Steven E


    Military entomologists function as part of medical civil-military operations and are an essential combat multiplier direction supporting COIN operations. They not only directly support US and coalition military forces by performing their traditional wartime mission of protecting personnel from vector-borne and rodent-borne diseases but also enhance the legitimacy of medical services by the host nation government such as controlling diseases promulgated by food, water, vectors, and rodents. These unique COIN missions demand a new skill set required of military entomologists that are not learned from existing training courses and programs. New training opportunities must be afforded military entomologists to familiarize them with how to interact with and synergize the efforts of host nation assets, other governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and international military partners. Teamwork with previously unfamiliar groups and organizations is an essential component of working in the COIN environment and can present unfamiliar tasks for entomologists. This training should start with initial entry training and be a continual process throughout a military entomologist's career. Current COIN operations require greater tactical and operational flexibility and diverse entomological expertise. The skills required for today's full spectrum medical operations are different from those of the past. Counterinsurgency medical operations demand greater agility, rapid task-switching, and the ability to adequately address unfamiliar situations and challenges.

  20. Influence of Implant Surface Topography on Primary Stability in a Standardized Osteoporosis Rabbit Model Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hiroshi Oue


    Full Text Available Evaluating primary stability is important to predict the prognosis of dental implant treatment. Primary stability is decreased in a low bone density site such as osteoporosis. However, it is difficult to apply in small animal and the effect of the different implant surface topography for the primary stability at low bone density site has not yet fully been investigated. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the influence of implant surface topography on primary stability in a standardized osteoporosis animal model. Six rabbits underwent ovariectomy and administrated glucocorticoid to induce an osteoporosis model. Sham-operations were performed in additional six rabbits. Implants with machined or oxidized-surfaces were inserted into the femur epiphyses and insertion torque (IT and implant stability quotient (ISQ were measured. In sham model, the IT and ISQ did not differ significantly between the both implant. However, the IT value of oxidized-surface implant was significantly higher than that of the machined implant in the osteoporosis model. Meanwhile, ISQ did not significantly differ between the machined and oxidized-surfaced implants. In conclusion, the IT of implants is higher with rough than with smooth surfaces but that there are no differences in ISQ value between different surfaces in a standardized osteoporosis bone reduced rabbit model.

  1. Characterization and stability studies of emulsion systems containing pumice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marilene Estanqueiro


    Full Text Available Emulsions are the most common form of skin care products. However, these systems may exhibit some instability. Therefore, when developing emulsions for topical application it is interesting to verify whether they have suitable physical and mechanical characteristics and further assess their stability. The aim of this work was to study the stability of emulsion systems, which varied in the proportion of the emulsifying agent cetearyl alcohol (and sodium lauryl sulfate (and sodium cetearyl sulfate (LSX, the nature of the oily phase (decyl oleate, cyclomethicone or dimethicone and the presence or absence of pumice (5% w/w. While maintaining the samples at room temperature, rheology studies, texture analysis and microscopic observation of formulations with and without pumice were performed. Samples were also submitted to an accelerated stability study by centrifugation and to a thermal stress test. Through the testing, it was found that the amount of emulsifying agent affects the consistency and textural properties such as firmness and adhesiveness. So, formulations containing LSX (5% w/w and decyl oleate or dimethicone as oily phase had a better consistency and remained stable with time, so exhibited the best features to be used for skin care products.

  2. Some Schrödinger-type inequalities for stabilization of discrete linear systems associated with the stationary Schrödinger operator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zongcai Jiang


    Full Text Available Abstract By applying some Schrödinger-type inequalities developed by Huang (Int. J. Math. 27(2:1650009, 2016, we are concerned with stabilization of discrete linear systems associated with the Schrödinger operator. Our first aim is to prove a state-dependent switching law associated with the Schrödinger operator, which is based on a convex combination. Next, we derive sufficient conditions associated with the Schrödinger operator that guarantee the uniform exponential stability of the system. Finally, we propose a necessary and sufficient condition for the stability of a system with two Schrödinger subsystems.

  3. Monitoring the NOAA Operational VIIRS RSB and DNB Calibration Stability Using Monthly and Semi-Monthly Deep Convective Clouds Time Series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wenhui Wang


    Full Text Available The Visible and Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS onboard the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS/Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (SNPP satellite provide sensor data records for the retrievals of many environment data records. It is critical to monitor the VIIRS long-term calibration stability to ensure quality EDR retrieval. This study investigates the radiometric calibration stability of the NOAA operational SNPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands (RSB and Day-Night-Band (DNB using Deep Convective Clouds (DCC. Monthly and semi-monthly DCC time series for 10 moderate resolution bands (M-bands, M1–M5 and M7–M11, March 2013–September 2015, DNB (March 2013–September 2015, low gain stage, and three imagery resolution bands (I-bands, I1–I3, January 2014–September 2015 were developed and analyzed for long-term radiometric calibration stability monitoring. Monthly DCC time series show that M5 and M7 are generally stable, with a stability of 0.4%. DNB has also been stable since May 2013, after its relative response function update, with a stability of 0.5%. The stabilities of M1–M4 are 0.6%–0.8%. Large fluctuations in M1–M4 DCC reflectance were observed since early 2014, correlated with F-factor (calibration coefficients trend changes during the same period. The stabilities of M8-M11 are from 1.0% to 3.1%, comparable to the natural DCC variability at the shortwave infrared spectrum. DCC mean band ratio time series show that the calibration stabilities of I1–I3 follow closely with M5, M7, and M10. Relative calibration changes were observed in M1/M4 and M5/M7 DCC mean band ratio time series. The DCC time series are generally consistent with results from the VIIRS validation sites and VIIRS/MODIS (the Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer simultaneous nadir overpass time series. Semi-monthly DCC time series for RSB M-bands and DNB were compared with monthly DCC time series. The results indicate that semi-monthly DCC

  4. Linear MHD stability studies with the STARWALL code

    CERN Document Server

    Merkel, P


    The STARWALL/CAS3D/OPTIM code package is a powerful tool to study the linear MHD stability of 3D, ideal equilibria in the presence of multiply-connected ideal and/or resistive conducting structures, and their feedback stabilization by external currents. Robust feedback stabilization of resistive wall modes can be modelled with the OPTIM code. Resistive MHD studies are possible combining STARWALL with the linear, resistive 2D CASTOR code as well as nonlinear MHD simulations combining STARWALL with the JOREK code. In the present paper, a detailed description of the STARWALL code is given and some of its applications are presented to demonstrate the methods used. Conducting structures are treated in the thin wall approximation and depending on their complexity they are discretized by a spectral method or by triangular finite elements. As an example, a configuration is considered consisting of an ideal plasma surrounded by a vacuum domain containing a resistive wall and bounded by an external wall. Ideal linear M...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sadiya noor ul basar


    Full Text Available World health organization (WHO has recognized the effectiveness of traditional system of medicine and its safety. According to WHO report, over 80% of the world population relies on traditional medicine largely plant based for their primary healthcare needs. Stability testing of herbal products is a challenging task, because the entire herb or herbal product is regarded as the active substance, regardless of whether constituents with defined therapeutic activity are known. The objective of a stability testing is to provide evidence on how the quality of the herbal products varies with the time under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, light, oxygen, moisture, other ingredient or excipients in the dosage form, particle size of drug, microbial contamination, trace metal contamination, leaching from the container, etc. and to establish a recommended storage condition, retest period and shelf-life. Unani system of medicine employs single drugs, simple preparations and compound preparations (using herbs, minerals and animal products in one and the same medicine so the task of evolving standards and shelf life is enormous. There is no scientific ground, whatsoever; to fall back and as a composite strategy had to be evolved. Therefore evaluation of the parameters based upon chemical, physical, microbiological, therapeutic and toxicological studies can serve as an important tool in stability studies.

  6. Study on stability of natural circulation flow in an LMFBR. Pt. 2. Stability of core flow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koga, Tomonari [Central Research Inst. of Electric Power Industry, Abiko, Chiba (Japan). Abiko Research Lab.


    By using an experimental apparatus with water in which the primary loop and the core of an LMFBR were roughly simulated, stability of natural circulation flows in the core has been experimentally evaluated. The following were clarified as a result of the present study: (1) Though a certain and stable flow occurs in the primary loop under a steady state of natural circulation, a chaotic flow or a variant flow in addition to the steady flow arises in some simulated fuel sub-assemblies. The chaotic flow tends to occur in the range of large Reynolds number and large Richardson number. (2) Estimation of the fluctuation supposed as a chaos revealed that it was a high dimensional chaos. (author)

  7. Assessment of the performance of Ni-yttria-stabilized zirconia anodes in anode-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells operating on H 2-CO syngas fuels (United States)

    Ye, Xiao-Feng; Wang, S. R.; Zhou, J.; Zeng, F. R.; Nie, H. W.; Wen, T. L.

    Anode-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) with Ni-yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) anode have been fabricated and studied using H 2-CO syngas fuels. Syngas fuels with different compositions of H 2-CO are supplied and the cell performance is measured at 750 °C. A high CO content has caused carbon deposition and crack formation in the Ni-YSZ anode after long-term operation, even though it is diluted with H 2O and N 2. However, it was found that a Cu-CeO 2 coating on Ni-YSZ can greatly improve the anode stability in syngas by facilitating the water gas shift reaction. The optimized single cell has run in sygas with a composition of 65%H 2-32%CO-3%H 2O for 1050 h without obvious degradation of its performance.

  8. Optimal Stabilization of Social Welfare under Small Variation of Operating Condition with Bifurcation Analysis (United States)

    Chanda, Sandip; De, Abhinandan


    A social welfare optimization technique has been proposed in this paper with a developed state space based model and bifurcation analysis to offer substantial stability margin even in most inadvertent states of power system networks. The restoration of the power market dynamic price equilibrium has been negotiated in this paper, by forming Jacobian of the sensitivity matrix to regulate the state variables for the standardization of the quality of solution in worst possible contingencies of the network and even with co-option of intermittent renewable energy sources. The model has been tested in IEEE 30 bus system and illustrious particle swarm optimization has assisted the fusion of the proposed model and methodology.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Following the framework of the finite element methods based on Riesz-representingoperators developed by Duan Huoyuan in 1997,through discrete Rieszonsome virtual(non-) conforming finite-dimensional subspaces,a stabilization formulation is presented for the Stokes problem by employing nonconforming elements. This formulation is uni-tormly coercive and not subject to the Babus Ka-Brezzi condition,and the resulted linearalgebraic system is positive definite with the spectral condition number O(h-2).Quasi-optimal error bounds are obtained,which is consistent with the interpolation properties of the finite elements used.

  10. Applying Iraq’s Hard Lessons to the Reform of Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations (United States)


    1996 499.62 Lebanon 1982–1984 420.93 Somalia 1992–1994 305.10 Grenada 1983–1984 89.81 Cambodia 1992–1993 84.46 Note: The USAID Greenbook does...Operations. SIGAR does not aggregate fi scal year obligations in its Quarterly Report; values are taken from the USAID Greenbook and the October 2010... Greenbook ), 2010, accessed 2/12/2010; DoS, Congressional Budget Justifi cation for Foreign Operations, 2008, p. 418; DoS, Congressional Budget Justifi

  11. Anterior transarticular screw fixation as a conventional operation for rigid stabilization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manabu Sasaki


    Full Text Available Background: Anterior transarticular screw (ATS fixation is a useful surgical option for atlantoaxial (AA stabilization. This report presents a revised ATS method for AA fusion. Methods: A 79-year-old male presented with AA instability attributed both to an old odontoid fracture and severe degeneration of the lateral atlantoaxial joints (LAAJs. ATS fixation was performed through the conventional anterior cervical approach. The longest screw trajectories were planned preoperatively using multiplanar reconstruction computed tomography (CT scans, with entry points of the screws situated at the midpoint on the inferior border of the axial body. The surgical exposure was limited to opening at the entry points alone. Our retractor of choice was the Cusco speculum; it sufficiently secured space for utilizing the required instruments for screw placement while offering sufficient protection of soft tissues. Cannulated full-threaded bicortical screws stabilized the LAAJs. Screw insertion required a significant amount of coronal angulation up to the superior articular process of the atlas under open-mouth and lateral fluoroscopy image guidance. After ATS fixation, bone grafting was performed between the posterior laminae of the axis and the atlas through a conventional posterior approach. Results: Bony fusion between the atlas and the axis was confirmed radiographically. Arthrodesis of the LAAJs occurred despite no bone grafting. Conclusions: Rigid fixation of the LAAJs was obtained by our ATS technique, indicating that it is an alternative method for AA fixation when posterior rigid internal fixation is not applicable.

  12. Anterior transarticular screw fixation as a conventional operation for rigid stabilization. (United States)

    Sasaki, Manabu; Matsumoto, Katsumi; Tsuruzono, Koichiro; Yoshimura, Kazuhiro; Shibano, Katsuhiko; Yonenobu, Kazuo


    Anterior transarticular screw (ATS) fixation is a useful surgical option for atlantoaxial (AA) stabilization. This report presents a revised ATS method for AA fusion. A 79-year-old male presented with AA instability attributed both to an old odontoid fracture and severe degeneration of the lateral atlantoaxial joints (LAAJs). ATS fixation was performed through the conventional anterior cervical approach. The longest screw trajectories were planned preoperatively using multiplanar reconstruction computed tomography (CT) scans, with entry points of the screws situated at the midpoint on the inferior border of the axial body. The surgical exposure was limited to opening at the entry points alone. Our retractor of choice was the Cusco speculum; it sufficiently secured space for utilizing the required instruments for screw placement while offering sufficient protection of soft tissues. Cannulated full-threaded bicortical screws stabilized the LAAJs. Screw insertion required a significant amount of coronal angulation up to the superior articular process of the atlas under open-mouth and lateral fluoroscopy image guidance. After ATS fixation, bone grafting was performed between the posterior laminae of the axis and the atlas through a conventional posterior approach. Bony fusion between the atlas and the axis was confirmed radiographically. Arthrodesis of the LAAJs occurred despite no bone grafting. Rigid fixation of the LAAJs was obtained by our ATS technique, indicating that it is an alternative method for AA fixation when posterior rigid internal fixation is not applicable.

  13. Comparison of Management-Operational Efficiency of Agricultural Machinery Operating Systems (Case Study Alborz Province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Omidi


    Full Text Available Introduction Measuring the efficiency of operating systems in comparison with the methods of comparing the performance of systems explains the various dimensions of issues such as, the lack of full use of agricultural machinery capacity, improper selection of machine, incorrect use of machinery, ownership, etc.. Any improvement in operating system conditions reduces costs,, consumption of inputs, increases the efficiency of production factors and consequently reduces the price and increases agricultural profitability. The main objective of this research is to compare the operational-management efficiency of operating systems in Alborz province and comparison of managerial and operational efficiency of agricultural machinery farming systems by calculating the efficiency of its major components in agricultural machinery farming systems including efficiency, social, economic, technical-operational and managerial and ranking them in order to understand the optimal model of agricultural machinery systems. Materials and Methods This research is a survey study.The study population was beneficiaries of agricultural machinery in the Alborz province which in the multi-stage random sample was determined. Alborz province has 31,438 agricultural operations, of which 543 are exploited agricultural machinery. Cochran formula was used to determine sample size. Since, Cronbach's alpha coefficient greater than 0.7 was obtained by questionnaire, the reliability of the questionnaires was assessed as desirable. To calculate the efficiency the component data were extracted from 4 specialized questionnaires after the initial examination and encoding, then they were analyzed using the software SPSS, MCDM Engine. TOPSIS techniques were used for ranking managerial performance operating system for operating agricultural machinery Alborz province. Results and Discussion The results showed that social efficiency of dedicated-professional operation with an average of 6.6 had

  14. Reconstruction and Stability Operations: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way (United States)


    But Key to Rebuilding Efforts,” (FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database , Department of Defense) ebscohost (Region Group 12: 12 February 2009). 45...47 “Projects Prove Difficult, But Key to Rebuilding Efforts,” (FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database , Department of Defense) ebscohost (Region...12 February 2009. FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database . Forward Operating Base Gardez, Afghanistan: EBSCOhost . [12 February 2009]. Amato

  15. Effect of operational variables on nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.


    There is a diversity of conventional technologies available for removal of pollutants from wastewater. Most of these technologies are aerobic alternatives with high construction cost and high energy consumption and require skilled personal for operation and maintenance.

  16. Effect of operational variables on nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.


    There is a diversity of conventional technologies available for removal of pollutants from wastewater. Most of these technologies are aerobic alternatives with high construction cost and high energy consumption and require skilled personal for operation and maintenance.

  17. Study on the stability of switched dissipative Hamiltonian systems

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHU Liying; WANG Yuzhen


    The hybrid Hamiltonian system is a kind of important nonlinear hybrid systems. Such a system not only plays an important role in the development of hybrid control theory, but also finds many applications in practical control designs for obtaining better control performances. This paper investigates the stability of switched dissipative Hamiltonian systems under arbitrary switching paths. Under a realistic assumption, it is shown that the Hamiltonian functions of all the subsystems can be used as the multiple-Lyapunov functions for the switched dissipative Hamiltonian system. Based on this and using the dissipative Hamiltonian structural properties, this paper then proves that the P-norm of the state of switched dissipative Hamiltonian system converges to zero with the time increasing, and presents two sufficient conditions for the asymptotical stability under arbitrary switching paths. Utilizing these new results, this paper also obtains two useful corollaries for the asymptotical stability of switched nonlinear time-invariant systems. Finally, two examples are studied by using the new results proposed in this paper, and some numerical simulations are carried out to support our new results.

  18. Thermo Stability Study of Crude Amylase from Bacillus Isolate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moti Lal


    Full Text Available An amylolytic strain was collected from rotten potato and its activity evaluated. The isolated strain was cultivated for amylase production in shake flasks at 35±2oC and the fermentation pattern was studied. Optimum temperature for maximum enzyme synthesis was observed at 35°C, when initial pH of fermentation medium was adjusted to 5.5. Maximum extracellular amylase activity of 7.9 U/mL and the maximum intracellular activity of 320 U/mL was recorded. Although maximum biomass was present at 12.6 g/L but highest growth rate was observed between 08 to 40h with maximum at 36h. The extracellular amylase present in the broth was partially purified with an overall yield of 44% through purification procedure of ammonium sulphate precipitation. After completed extraction and partial purification and stabilization, the stability of enzyme was observed in a range of temperature and pH between 60°C-90°C and 2-8 pH respectively. Maximum enzyme activity was demonstrated at 90°C, and pH of 5.5 and 6.5. The thermo stability of the amylases of this Bacillus species was comparable to that of amylases from other microbial sources.

  19. Bioengineering case studies sustainable stream bank and slope stabilization

    CERN Document Server

    Goldsmith, Wendi; McCullah, John


    This unique volume describes and evaluates 30 projects from across the United States where bio-stabilization was employed to address a detrimental naturally occurring process or byproduct of the built environment. Bio-stabilization (or soil bioengineering) refers to the use of plant materials, primarily live cuttings, arranged in the ground in different arrays to reinforce soils and protect upland slopes and/or stream banks against surficial erosion and shallow slope failures. Examples included in the collection represent different regions of the country and their specific conditions and challenges. Each project is illustrated with a number of distinctive photographs to support the reader's understanding and showcase the wide scope of projects and techniques presented. This book also: ·         Presents a range of well-documented case studies on key techniques and best practices for bio-stabilization projects ·         Emphasizes evaluation and comparison of different techniques and challeng...

  20. Studies on Algorithms for Self-Stabilizing Communication Protocols

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Layuan; LI Chunlin


    In this paper the algorithms forself-stabilizing communication protocols are studied. First someconcepts and a formal method for describing the proposed algorithms aredescribed, then an improved algorithm for achieving global states ispresented. Thestudy shows that the improved algorithm can be applied to obtain the globalstates in the case of a loss of cooperation of the different processesin the protocol, which can be used as a recovery point that will be usedby the following recovery procedure. Thus, the improved algorithm can beused to self-stabilize a communication protocol. Meanwhile,a recovery algorithm for self-stabilizing communicationprotocols is presented. After a failure is detected, all processes caneventuallyknow the error. The recovery algorithm uses the contextual information exchanged during the progress of the protocol and recorded on the stablememory. The proof of correctness and analysis of complexity for these algorithms have been made. The availability and efficiency of the algorithms have been verified by illustrating the example protocols.Finally, some conclusions and remarks are given.

  1. Numerical studies of transverse curvature effects on transonic flow stability (United States)

    Macaraeg, M. G.; Daudpota, Q. I.


    A numerical study of transverse curvature effects on compressible flow temporal stability for transonic to low supersonic Mach numbers is presented for axisymmetric modes. The mean flows studied include a similar boundary-layer profile and a nonsimilar axisymmetric boundary-layer solution. The effect of neglecting curvature in the mean flow produces only small quantitative changes in the disturbance growth rate. For transonic Mach numbers (1-1.4) and aerodynamically relevant Reynolds numbers (5000-10,000 based on displacement thickness), the maximum growth rate is found to increase with curvature - the maximum occurring at a nondimensional radius (based on displacement thickness) between 30 and 100.

  2. Operator performance in non-destructive testing: A study of operator performance in a performance test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enkvist, J.; Edland, A.; Svenson, Ola [Stockholm Univ. (Sweden). Dept. of Psychology


    In the process industries there is a need of inspecting the integrity of critical components without disrupting the process. Such in-service inspections are typically performed with non-destructive testing (NDT). In NDT the task of the operator is to (based on diagnostic information) decide if the component can remain in service or not. The present study looks at the performance in NDT. The aim is to improve performance, in the long run, by exploring the operators' decision strategies and other underlying factors and to this way find out what makes some operators more successful than others. Sixteen operators performed manual ultrasonic inspections of four test pieces with the aim to detect (implanted) cracks. In addition to these performance demonstration tests (PDT), the operators performed independent ability tests and filled out questionnaires. The results show that operators who trust their gut feeling more than the procedure (when the two come to different results) and that at the same time have a positive attitude towards the procedure have a higher PDT performance. These results indicate the need for operators to be motivated and confident when performing NDT. It was also found that the operators who performed better rated more decision criteria higher in the detection phase than the operators who performed worse. For characterizing it was the other way around. Also, the operators who performed better used more time, both detecting and characterizing, than the operators who performed worse.

  3. Modified stabilization method for the tibial tuberosity advancement technique: a biomechanical study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Testoni Lins

    Full Text Available The present study aimed to determine biomechanical alterations resultant from a modification in the fixation method of the tibial tuberosity advancement technique (TTA, originally described for stabilization of the cranial cruciate-deficient stifle. Ten adult mongrel dogs weighing 25-30kg were used. After euthanasia, performed for reasons unrelated to this study, the hind limbs were distributed into two groups: G1 operated (n=10 and G2 control (n=10, represented by the contralateral limb. The operated hind limbs were orthopedically, goniometrically and radiographically evaluated, sequentially at four moments: moment 1, in intact joints; moment 2, after cranial cruciate desmotomy; moment 3, after surgical stabilization of the stifle joint using modified TTA; and moment 4, after caudal cruciate ligament desmotomy. The tibial tuberosity was stabilized by one shaft screw craniocaudally and a titanium cage inserted at the osteotomy site. The position of the patellar tendon at 90° in relation to the tibial plateau allowed cranial tibial thrust force neutralization, despite cranial drawer motion maintenance in all dogs. The biomechanical tests confirm the viability of the tibial tuberosity fixation method and support future clinical trials to validate the technique.

  4. Polymer Nanodot-Hybridized Alkyl Silicon Oxide Nanostructures for Organic Memory Transistors with Outstanding High-Temperature Operation Stability (United States)

    Lee, Chulyeon; Seo, Jooyeok; Kim, Jeongnam; Jeong, Jaehoon; Han, Hyemi; Kim, Hwajeong; Kim, Youngkyoo


    Organic memory devices (OMDs) are becoming more important as a core component in flexible electronics era because of their huge potentials for ultrathin, lightweight and flexible plastic memory modules. In particular, transistor-type OMDs (TOMDs) have been gradually spotlighted due to their structural advantages possessing both memory and driving functions in single devices. Although a variety of TOMDs have been developed by introducing various materials, less attention has been paid to the stable operation at high temperatures. Here we demonstrate that the polymer nanodot-embedded alkyl silicon oxide (ASiO) hybrid materials, which are prepared by sol-gel and thermal cross-linking reactions between poly(4-vinylphenol) (PVP) and vinyltriethoxysilane, can deliver low-voltage (1~5 V) TOMDs with outstanding operation stability (>4700 cycles) at high temperatures (150 °C). The efficient low-voltage memory function is enabled by the embedded PVP nanodots with particular lattice nanostructures, while the high thermal stability is achieved by the cross-linked ASiO network structures. PMID:27703187

  5. Polymer Nanodot-Hybridized Alkyl Silicon Oxide Nanostructures for Organic Memory Transistors with Outstanding High-Temperature Operation Stability (United States)

    Lee, Chulyeon; Seo, Jooyeok; Kim, Jeongnam; Jeong, Jaehoon; Han, Hyemi; Kim, Hwajeong; Kim, Youngkyoo


    Organic memory devices (OMDs) are becoming more important as a core component in flexible electronics era because of their huge potentials for ultrathin, lightweight and flexible plastic memory modules. In particular, transistor-type OMDs (TOMDs) have been gradually spotlighted due to their structural advantages possessing both memory and driving functions in single devices. Although a variety of TOMDs have been developed by introducing various materials, less attention has been paid to the stable operation at high temperatures. Here we demonstrate that the polymer nanodot-embedded alkyl silicon oxide (ASiO) hybrid materials, which are prepared by sol-gel and thermal cross-linking reactions between poly(4-vinylphenol) (PVP) and vinyltriethoxysilane, can deliver low-voltage (1~5 V) TOMDs with outstanding operation stability (>4700 cycles) at high temperatures (150 °C). The efficient low-voltage memory function is enabled by the embedded PVP nanodots with particular lattice nanostructures, while the high thermal stability is achieved by the cross-linked ASiO network structures.

  6. SOLLIMS Sampler: Targeting Peace & Stability Operations Lessons & Best Practices. Volume 3, Issue 2 (United States)


    Dr. Roshan, a licensed veterinarian who is part of a team directed by the Kunar provincial veterinarian . (U.S. Air Force photo by Captain Peter...the military leadership of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) located in Panjshir had planned a program to bring American veterinarians to...Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 27 of 42 USNS Comfort, equipped with surgical operating teams and orthopedic

  7. The Fatal Five? Five Factors That Enhance Effectiveness of Stability Operations (United States)


    government, began to collapse. Months of harassment of U.S. military personnel stationed in Panama, as well as accusations against Noriega (made by...federal grand juries indicted Noriega on a number of criminal charges, resulting in a sharp increase in harassment of U.S. military personnel...additional mission of removing Noriega from power and extraditing him to the United States.108 Upon execution, Operation Just Cause (originally

  8. Remote Operating Monitoring Of Spatial Stability Magnets On A Kurchatov Source Of Synchrotron Radiation

    CERN Document Server

    Barkovsky, E V; Martynenko, V V; Novikov, V A; Udin, L I


    During operation of the accelerator because of a nonuniform warm -up of the ring base and constructions of installation there are angular and linear displacements of bending and focusing magnets of a Big Accelerator Ring (BR) of a Kurchatov Source of Synchrotron Radiation. With the purpose of remote operating monitoring of a spatial position of elements BR was used anglemetrical control and measuring system with digital and analog registration in a real time mode. The results of the first stage of a monitoring BR have shown high informativity of the given instrumental - methodical means. The basic radiants of cyclical thermoelastic alternating strains are detected; the amplitudes of angular and linear displacements of magnets from different internal factors evaluated during operation of the accelerator. Is established, that the maximum radial angular and linear displacements of magnets are watched in 3,5-4 day after switching on of installation and achieve in max 30-35 seconds of an arc or 120-150 microns in ...

  9. Study Abroad Perspectives On Institutional Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Boronico, Christie; Boronico, Jess


    ... of study abroad programs and their benefits. Keywords: Study Abroad; Experiential Education; Capacity Management 1. INTRODUCTION Since the early 20th century Universities have explored supplementing their academic programs with study abroad experiences. Early programs required multhingual expertise and were primarily seen as an option for the ...

  10. Studies of Heterogeneous Catalyst Selectivity and Stability for Biorefining Applications (United States)

    O'Neill, Brandon J.

    The conversion of raw resources into value-added end products has long underlain the importance of catalysts in economic and scientific development. In particular, the development of selective and stable heterogeneous catalysts is a challenge that continues to grow in importance as environmental, sociological, and economic concerns have motivated an interest in sustainability and the use of renewable raw materials. Within this context, biomass has been identified as the only realistic source of renewable carbon for the foreseeable future. The development of processes to utilize biomass feedstocks will require breakthroughs in fundamental understanding and practical solutions to the challenges related to selectivity and stability of the catalysts employed. Selectivity is addressed on multiple fronts. First, the selectivity for C-O bond scission reactions of a bifunctional, bimetallic RhRe/C catalyst is investigated. Using multiple techniques, the origin of Bronsted acidity in the catalyst and the role of pretreatment on the activity, selectivity, and stability are explored. In addition, reaction kinetics experiments and kinetic modeling are utilized to understand the role of chemical functional group (i.e. carboxylic acid versus formate ester) in determining the decarbonylation versus decarboxylation selectivity over a Pd/C catalyst. Finally, kinetic studies over Pd/C and Cu/gamma-Al2O3 were performed so that that may be paired with density functional theory calculations and microkinetic modeling to elucidate the elementary reaction mechanism, identify the active site, and provide a basis for future rational catalyst design. Next, the issue of catalyst stability, important in the high-temperature, liquid-phase conditions of biomass processing, is examined, and a method for stabilizing the base-metal nanoparticles of a Cu/gamma-Al2O 3 catalyst using atomic layer deposition (ALD) is developed. This advancement may facilitate the development of biorefining by enabling

  11. The stabilizing mechanism of the Latarjet procedure: a cadaveric study. (United States)

    Yamamoto, Nobuyuki; Muraki, Takayuki; An, Kai-Nan; Sperling, John W; Cofield, Robert H; Itoi, Eiji; Walch, Gilles; Steinmann, Scott P


    The Latarjet procedure has been used commonly for extra-articular treatment of anterior glenohumeral joint instability. Recently, the technique also has been used as a bone-grafting procedure to repair large glenoid defects. The "sling effect" and the "bone-block effect" have been proposed as the stabilizing mechanisms of this procedure. The aim of this study was to determine the stabilizing mechanisms of this procedure. Eight fresh-frozen shoulders were prepared and tested with use of a custom testing machine instrumented with a load cell. With a 50-N axial force applied to the humerus, the humeral head was translated anteriorly. Translational force was measured at both the end-range and the mid-range arm positions, with the capsule intact, after creation of a Bankart lesion, after creation of a large glenoid defect, and after the Latarjet procedure with no load and then three different sets of loads applied to the subscapularis and conjoint tendons. Then, these two tendons were removed to observe the contribution of the sling effect to the stability. Finally, the sutures attaching the coracoacromial ligament to the capsular flap were removed in order to observe the effect of that attachment. The translational force, which decreased significantly after creation of a Bankart lesion or a large glenoid defect, returned to the intact-condition level after the Latarjet procedure was performed. At the end-range arm position, the contribution of the sling effect by the subscapularis and conjoint tendons was 76% to 77% as the load changed, and the remaining 23% to 24% was contributed by the suturing of the capsular flap. At the mid-range position, the contribution of the sling effect was 51% to 62%, and the remaining 38% to 49% was contributed by the reconstruction of the glenoid. The main stabilizing mechanism of the Latarjet procedure was the sling effect at both the end-range and the mid-range arm positions. The Latarjet procedure remains an effective procedure for

  12. Mechanism study on stability enhancement of adefovir dipivoxil by cocrystallization: Degradation kinetics and structure-stability correlation. (United States)

    Lin, Rui-Zhen; Sun, Peng-Jie; Tao, Qian; Yao, Jia; Chen, Jia-Mei; Lu, Tong-Bu


    The purpose of this study is to determine the mechanism by which cocrystallization can enhance the stability of adefovir dipivoxil (AD), a diester prodrug of adefovir with known chemical stability problem. Three multi-component crystals of AD with biologically safe coformers, including gallic acid cocrystal hydrate (1:1:1), salicylate salt (1:1), and maleate salt (1:1) were prepared and characterized by thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction. DVS measurements and stability tests were applied to evaluate the stability. The new crystalline phases exhibit improved stability compared to pure drug in the order AD gallic acid cocrystal>AD maleate>AD salicylate>AD form I. Degradation kinetics and structure-stability correlation studies demonstrate that the stability enhancement mechanism by cocrystallization involves (1) inhibition of hydrolysis of AD by replacement of drug-drug homosynthons by stronger drug-coformer heterosynthons at adenine fragments; (2) suppression of dimerization of AD by separation of adenine fragments by inserting coformers in crystal lattices; (3) further reducing rates of hydrolysis by forming hydrogen bonds with hydrate water at phosphoryl fragments. This study has important implications for use of cocrystallization approach to some easily degradable drugs in pharmaceutical.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡国辉; 孙德军; 尹协远


    The temporal instability and nonlinear evolution of the swirling jet near a nozzle exit are studied by both normal-mode method and three dimensional direct numerical simulation (3D DNS). It is found that the swirl enhances the maximum linear growth rates for negative helical modes, while decreases the growth rate for axisymmetric mode. Numerical simulations show that the evolution in early stage is compared well with the linear stability theory. In nonlinear stage, the swirl promotes the breakup of 3D large scale organized structures in the flow into small eddies.

  14. Stability study for matching in laser driven plasma acceleration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rossi, A.R., E-mail: [INFN - MI, via Celoria 16, 20133 Milan (Italy); Anania, M.P. [INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Bacci, A. [INFN - MI, via Celoria 16, 20133 Milan (Italy); Belleveglia, M.; Bisesto, F.G.; Chiadroni, E. [INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Cianchi, A. [Tor Vergata University, Physics Department, via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, 00133 Rome (Italy); INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Curcio, A.; Gallo, A.; Di Giovenale, D.; Di Pirro, G.; Ferrario, M. [INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Marocchino, A.; Massimo, F. [La Sapienza University, SBAI Department, via A. Scarpa 14, 00161 Rome (Italy); Mostacci, A. [La Sapienza University, SBAI Department, via A. Scarpa 14, 00161 Rome (Italy); INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Petrarca, M. [La Sapienza University, SBAI Department, via A. Scarpa 14, 00161 Rome (Italy); Pompili, R. [INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); Serafini, L. [INFN - MI, via Celoria 16, 20133 Milan (Italy); Tomassini, P. [University of Milan, Physics Department, via Celoria 16, 20133 Milan (Italy); Vaccarezza, C. [INFN - LNF, v.le E. Fermi, 00044 Frascati (Italy); and others


    In a recent paper [14], a scheme for inserting and extracting high brightness electron beams to/from a plasma based acceleration stage was presented and proved to be effective with an ideal bi-Gaussian beam, as could be delivered by a conventional photo-injector. In this paper, we extend that study, assessing the method stability against some jitters in the properties of the injected beam. We find that the effects of jitters in Twiss parameters are not symmetric in results; we find a promising configuration that yields better performances than the setting proposed in [14]. Moreover we show and interpret what happens when the beam charge profiles are modified.

  15. Contribution to the study of shale stability while drilling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Azzouz, S.R.


    Shale drilling requires the development of drilling muds preventing shale hydration. Laboratory tests on excavation parameters such as capillary adsorption, swelling and swelling pressure show that some protective agents can limit hydratation and rock desintegration. Inhibiting power of these products is determined by an apparatus designed to study the dynamic action of a fluid on a core. Erosion kinetics of a sample placed in a fluid flow is followed by a photoelectric cell. This test shows that potassium carbonate and polyacrylamide are particularly adapted for shale stabilization.

  16. Stability studies of saponins in Bacopa monnieri dried ethanolic extracts. (United States)

    Phrompittayarat, Watoo; Wittaya-areekul, Sakchai; Jetiyanon, Kanchalee; Putalun, Waraporn; Tanaka, Hiroyuki; Ingkaninan, Kornkanok


    Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. (Brahmi) is currently used as a drug and food supplement for memory improvement. However, studies on the physical and chemical stability of the extract components, especially on the lead compound important for pre-formulation, have not yet been reported. In this study, the stabilities of the crude extract and the diluted crude extract were investigated at various temperatures using saponin glycosides, bacopaside I and bacoside A3 as markers for quantitative analysis. The stability testing of bacopaside I and bacoside A3 standard solution was performed at various temperatures and pH values. The quantity of both compounds under all conditions was analyzed using HPLC techniques. The moisture adsorption of the crude extract was determined at 5, 40, 60 and 80 degrees C at 75 % relative humidity using gravimetric methods. The results revealed that the crude extract quickly adsorbed moisture up to 54 % w/w at both 40 and 80 degrees C, while it only slowly adsorbed moisture at 5 degrees C. The amounts of intact bacopaside I and bacoside A3 in the crude extract decreased drastically at 80 degrees C, slowly at 40 and 60 degrees C, and remained unchanged at 5 degrees C during the period of investigation. Moreover, the amount of both compounds in the standard solution dropped sharply at a pH of 1.2 but slowly at pH 6.8 and 9.0, respectively. The pre-formulation data could be further used for improvement of the final product quality.

  17. GENERAL: Mode shift and stability control of a current mode controlled buck-boost converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode with ramp compensation (United States)

    Bao, Bo-Cheng; Xu, Jian-Ping; Liu, Zhong


    By establishing the discrete iterative mapping model of a current mode controlled buck-boost converter, this paper studies the mechanism of mode shift and stability control of the buck-boost converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode with a ramp compensation current. With the bifurcation diagram, Lyapunov exponent spectrum, time-domain waveform and parameter space map, the performance of the buck-boost converter circuit utilizing a compensating ramp current has been analysed. The obtained results indicate that the system trajectory is weakly chaotic and strongly intermittent under discontinuous conduction mode. By using ramp compensation, the buck-boost converter can shift from discontinuous conduction mode to continuous conduction mode, and effectively operates in the stable period-one region.

  18. Mode shift and stability control of a current mode controlled buck-boost converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode with ramp compensation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Bao Bo-Cheng; Xu Jian-Ping; Liu Zhong


    By establishing the discrete iterative mapping model of a current mode controlled buck-boost converter, this paper studies the mechanism of mode shift and stability control of the buck-boost converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode with a ramp compensation current. With the bifurcation diagram, Lyapunov exponent spectrum, timedomain waveform and parameter space map, the performance of the buck-boost converter circuit utilizing a compensating ramp current has been analysed. The obtained results indicate that the system trajectory is weakly chaotic and strongly intermittent under discontinuous conduction mode. By using ramp compensation, the buck-boost converter can shift from discontinuous conduction mode to continuous conduction mode, and effectively operates in the stable period-one region.

  19. Impact of ideal MHD stability limits on high-beta hybrid operation (United States)

    Piovesan, P.; Igochine, V.; Turco, F.; Ryan, D. A.; Cianciosa, M. R.; Liu, Y. Q.; Marrelli, L.; Terranova, D.; Wilcox, R. S.; Wingen, A.; Angioni, C.; Bock, A.; Chrystal, C.; Classen, I.; Dunne, M.; Ferraro, N. M.; Fischer, R.; Gude, A.; Holcomb, C. T.; Lebschy, A.; Luce, T. C.; Maraschek, M.; McDermott, R.; Odstrčil, T.; Paz-Soldan, C.; Reich, M.; Sertoli, M.; Suttrop, W.; Taylor, N. Z.; Weiland, M.; Willensdorfer, M.; The ASDEX Upgrade Team; The DIII-D Team; The EUROfusion MST1 Team


    The hybrid scenario is a candidate for stationary high-fusion gain tokamak operation in ITER and DEMO. To obtain such performance, the energy confinement and the normalized pressure {βN} must be maximized, which requires operating near or above ideal MHD no-wall limits. New experimental findings show how these limits can affect hybrid operation. Even if hybrids are mainly limited by tearing modes, proximity to the no-wall limit leads to 3D field amplification that affects plasma profiles, e.g. rotation braking is observed in ASDEX Upgrade throughout the plasma and peaks in the core. As a result, even the small ASDEX Upgrade error fields are amplified and their effects become visible. To quantify such effects, ASDEX Upgrade measured the response to 3D fields applied by 8× 2 non-axisymmetric coils as {βN} approaches the no-wall limit. The full n  =  1 response profile and poloidal structure were measured by a suite of diagnostics and compared with linear MHD simulations, revealing a characteristic feature of hybrids: the n  =  1 response is due to a global, marginally-stable n  =  1 kink characterized by a large m  =  1, n  =  1 core harmonic due to q min being just above 1. A helical core distortion of a few cm forms and affects various core quantities, including plasma rotation, electron and ion temperature, and intrinsic W density. In similar experiments, DIII-D also measured the effect of this helical core on the internal current profile, providing information useful to understanding of the physics of magnetic flux pumping, i.e. anomalous current redistribution by MHD modes that keeps {{q}\\text{min}}>1 . Thanks to flux pumping, a broad current profile is maintained in DIII-D even with large on-axis current drive, enabling fully non-inductive operation at high {βN} up to 3.5-4.

  20. Influence of the semiconductor oxidation potential on the operational stability of organic field-effect transistors (United States)

    Sharma, A.; Mathijssen, S. G. J.; Bobbert, P. A.; de Leeuw, D. M.


    During prolonged application of a gate bias, organic field-effect transistors show a gradual shift of the threshold voltage towards the applied gate bias voltage. The shift follows a stretched-exponential time dependence governed by a relaxation time. Here, we show that a thermodynamic analysis reproduces the observed exponential dependence of the relaxation time on the oxidation potential of the semiconductor. The good fit with the experimental data validates the underlying assumptions. It demonstrates that this operational instability is a straightforward thermodynamically driven process that can only be eliminated by eliminating water from the transistor.

  1. Experimental and theoretical studies of the colloidal stability of nanoparticles-a general interpretation based on stability maps. (United States)

    Segets, Doris; Marczak, Renata; Schäfer, Stefan; Paula, Carolin; Gnichwitz, Jan-Frederik; Hirsch, Andreas; Peukert, Wolfgang


    The current work addresses the understanding of the stabilization of nanoparticles in suspension. Specifically, we study ZnO in ethanol for which the influence of particle size and reactant ratio as well as surface coverage on colloidal stability in dependence of the purification progress was investigated. The results revealed that the well-known ζ-potential determines not only the colloidal stability but also the surface coverage of acetate groups bound to the particle surface. The acetate groups act as molecular spacers between the nanoparticles and prevent agglomeration. Next to DLVO calculations based on the theory of Derjaguin, Landau, Verwey and Overbeek using a core-shell model we find that the stability is better understood in terms of dimensionless numbers which represent attractive forces as well as electrostatic repulsion, steric effects, transport properties, and particle concentration. Evaluating the colloidal stability in dependence of time by means of UV-vis absorption measurements a stability map for ZnO is derived. From this map it becomes clear that the dimensionless steric contribution to colloidal stability scales with a stability parameter including dimensionless repulsion and attraction as well as particle concentration and diffusivity of the particles according to a power law with an exponent of -0.5. Finally, we show that our approach is valid for other stabilizing molecules like cationic dendrons and is generally applicable for a wide range of other material systems within the limitations of vanishing van der Waals forces in refractive index matched situations, vanishing ζ-potential and systems without a stabilizing shell around the particle surface.

  2. Diagnostic stability among chronic patients with functional psychoses: an epidemiological and clinical study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jakobsen Klaus D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Diagnostic stability and illness course of chronic non-organic psychoses are complex phenomena and only few risk factors or predictors are known that can be used reliably. This study investigates the diagnostic stability during the entire course of illness in patients with non-organic psychoses and attempts to identify non-psychopathological risk factors or predictors. Method 100 patients with functional psychosis were initially characterised using the Operational Criteria Checklist for Psychotic Illness and Affective Illness (OPCRIT, medical records and health registers. To study the stability of diagnoses (i.e. shifts per time, we used registry data to define four measures of diagnostic variation that were subsequently examined in relation to four possible measures of time (i.e. observation periods or hospitalisation events. Afterwards, we identified putative co-variables and predictors of the best measures of diagnostic stability. Results All four measures of diagnostic variation are very strongly associated with numbers-of-hospitalisations and less so with duration-of-illness, duration-of-hospitalisation and with year-of-first-admission. The four measures of diagnostic variation corrected for numbers-of-hospitalisations were therefore used to study the diagnostic stability. Conventional predictors of illness course – e.g. age-of-onset and premorbid-functioning – are not significantly associated with stability. Only somatic-comorbidity is significantly associated with two measures of stability, while family-history-of-psychiatric-illness and global-assessment-of-functioning (GAF scale score show a trend. However, the traditional variables age-of-first-admission, civil-status, first-diagnosis-being-schizophrenia and somatic-comorbidity are able to explain two-fifth of the variation in numbers-of-hospitalisations. Conclusion Diagnostic stability is closely linked with the contact between patient and the healthcare system

  3. Step Sizes for Strong Stability Preservation with Downwind-Biased Operators

    KAUST Repository

    Ketcheson, David I.


    Strong stability preserving (SSP) integrators for initial value ODEs preserve temporal monotonicity solution properties in arbitrary norms. All existing SSP methods, including implicit methods, either require small step sizes or achieve only first order accuracy. It is possible to achieve more relaxed step size restrictions in the discretization of hyperbolic PDEs through the use of both upwind- and downwind-biased semidiscretizations. We investigate bounds on the maximum SSP step size for methods that include negative coefficients and downwind-biased semi-discretizations. We prove that the downwind SSP coefficient for linear multistep methods of order greater than one is at most equal to two, while the downwind SSP coefficient for explicit Runge–Kutta methods is at most equal to the number of stages of the method. In contrast, the maximal downwind SSP coefficient for second order Runge–Kutta methods is shown to be unbounded. We present a class of such methods with arbitrarily large SSP coefficient and demonstrate that they achieve second order accuracy for large CFL number.

  4. Design and physicochemical stability studies of paediatric oral formulations of sildenafil. (United States)

    Provenza, N; Calpena, A C; Mallandrich, M; Halbaut, L; Clares, B


    Personalized medicine is a challenging research area in paediatric treatments. Elaborating new paediatric formulations when no commercial forms are available is a common practice in pharmacy laboratories; among these, oral liquid formulations are the most common. But due to the lack of specialized equipment, frequently studies to assure the efficiency and safety of the final medicine cannot be carried out. Thus the purpose of this work was the development, characterization and stability evaluation of two oral formulations of sildenafil for the treatment of neonatal persistent pulmonary hypertension. After the establishment of a standard operating procedure (SOP) and elaboration, the physicochemical stability parameters appearance, pH, particle size, rheological behaviour and drug content of formulations were evaluated at three different temperatures for 90 days. Equally, prediction of long term stability, as well as, microbiological stability was performed. Formulations resulted in a suspension and a solution slightly coloured exhibiting fruity odour. Formulation I (suspension) exhibited the best physicochemical properties including Newtonian behaviour and uniformity of API content above 90% to assure an exact dosification process.

  5. Study Of The Theory Of Optical Stabilizing Image (United States)

    Zhijian, Wang; Jianping, Zheng


    In this paper, all varieties of the optical stabilizing image methods have been summarized into an optical stabilization pattern, and a mathematical model of the optical stabilizing image are proposed. Some representative systems are analyzed by means of this model in orde to show how to use this model.

  6. Dynamic blade row compression component model for stability studies (United States)

    Tesch, W. A.; Steenken, W. G.


    This paper describes a generalized dynamic model which has been developed for use in compression component aerodynamic stability studies. The model is a one-dimensional, pitch-line, blade row, lumped volume system. Arbitrary placement of blade free volumes upstream, within, and downstream of the compression component as well as the removal of bleed flow from the exit of any rotor or stator are model options. The model has been applied to a two-stage fan and an eight-stage compressor. The clean inlet pressure ratio/flow maps and the surge line have been reproduced, thereby validating the capability of the dynamic model to reproduce the steady-flow characteristics of the compression component. A method for determining the onset of an aerodynamic instability which is associated with surge is described. Sinusoidally time-varying inlet and exit boundary conditions have been applied to the eight stage compressor as examples of the manner in which this model may be used for stability studies.

  7. Is lesional stability in vitiligo more important than disease stability for performing surgical interventions? results from a multicentric study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Imran Majid


    Full Text Available Background: Ensuring stability of the disease process is essential for undertaking surgical intervention in vitiligo. However, there is no consensus regarding the minimum duration of stability or the relative importance of disease and lesional stability in selecting patients for vitiligo grafting. Aim: This multicentric study aims to assess the relative importance of lesional and disease stability on selecting patients for vitiligo grafting. Materials and Methods: One hundred seventy patients were recruited into the study and divided into two groups: Group A with lesional stability of >1 year but overall disease stability of only 6-11 months and Group B with overall disease stability of >1 year. Patients underwent either tissue or cellular vitiligo grafting on the selected lesions and the repigmentation achieved was scored from 0 (no repigmentation to 6 (100% repigmentation. Repigmentation achieved on different sites of the body was compared between the two groups. Adverse effects at both the donor and the recipient sites were also compared. Results: Of the 170 patients who were enrolled, 82 patients were placed in Group A and 88 patients in Group B. Average repigmentation achieved (on scale of 0 to 6 was 3.8 and 4.04 in Group A and Group B, respectively. In Group A, ≥90% repigmentation was achieved in 36.6% (30/82 patients, while 37.5% (33/88 achieved similar results in Group B. Additionally, 47.6% (39/82 and 53.4% (47/88 of cases achieved partial repigmentation in Group A and Group B, respectively. Perigraft halo was the commonest adverse effect observed in both groups. Statistical analysis revealed no significant differences between the two groups with respect to the repigmentation achieved or adverse effects observed. Repigmentation achieved was the best on the face and neck area, while acral areas responded the least. Conclusions: Lesional stability seems to be as relevant as the overall disease stability in selecting patients for

  8. Structural stability study of protein monolayers in air (United States)

    Pompa, P. P.; Biasco, A.; Cingolani, R.; Rinaldi, R.; Verbeet, M. Ph.; Canters, G. W.


    The assessment of the folding and of the structural stability of a protein in air, upon immobilization in the solid state, represents a critical point from both a fundamental point of view and for the development of solid state nanobioelectronics. The recent demonstrations by Rinaldi et al. [R. Rinaldi et al., Adv. Mater. 14, 1453 (2002); Appl. Phys. Lett. 82, 472 (2003); Ann. (N.Y.) Acad. Sci. 1006, 187 (2003)] of protein-based solid state devices and transistors working in air have raised an intriguing question about the behavior of a biomolecule under nonphysiological conditions. The operation principle of the realized devices is based on the physiological electron transfer function of the metalloprotein azurin. This means that azurin should retain its shape and functionality also in the solid state when utilized in air and at room temperature. In this Brief Report, we prove this claim by analyzing the conformational state of the azurin monolayers developed for such devices by means of intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy. We show that the immobilization of azurins in the solid state under nonliquid conditions, by means of a specific chemisorption process, does not necessarily lead to protein denaturation. This result is of great importance because it opens up interesting perspectives for the development of solid state hybrid nanodevices for electronic applications requiring nonliquid environments.

  9. Study on Organization and Operation Mode of SMT-MG

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Chunquan; YU Tao; ZHOU Dejian


    SMT-MG is a typical application of grid in electric product manufacturing. The organization and operation mode are key problems in SMT-MG. In this paper, SMT-MG is taken as research object. Its mesh three-dimensional matrix organization mode is presented. Meanwhile from operation foundation, process, environment and target four aspects, operation principles are explored. Operation mechanisms of SMT-MG such as adaptive evolution, PUSH/PULL driving, cooperation and game, feedback, regulation/control, coordination, impetus mechanism and so on are studied. Finally, the operation flow of SMT-MG is introduced.

  10. Stability of Flip and Exchange Symmetric Entangled State Classes under Invertible Local Operations

    CERN Document Server

    Gedik, Zafer


    Flip and exchange symmetric (FES) many-qubit states, which can be obtained from a state with the same symmetries by means of invertible local operations (ILO), constitute a one-parameter family of curves in the Hilbert space. Eigenstates of FES ILOs correspond to vectors that cannot be transformed to other FES states. This means equivalence classes of states under ILO can be determined in a systematic way for an arbitrary number of qubits. More important, for entangled states, at the boundaries of neighboring equivalence classes, one can show that when the fidelity between the final state after an ILO and a state of the neighboring class approaches unity, probability of success decreases to zero. Therefore, the classes are stable under ILOs.

  11. Stability of flip and exchange symmetric entangled state classes under invertible local operations (United States)

    Gedik, Z.


    Flip and exchange symmetric (FES) many-qubit states, which can be obtained from a state with the same symmetries by means of invertible local operations (ILO), constitute a set of curves in the Hilbert space. Eigenstates of FES ILOs correspond to vectors that cannot be transformed to other FES states. This means equivalence classes of states under ILO can be determined in a systematic way for an arbitrary number of qubits. More important, for entangled states, at the boundaries of neighboring equivalence classes, one can show that when the fidelity between the final state after an ILO and a state of the neighboring class approaches unity, the probability of success decreases to zero. Therefore, the classes are stable under ILOs.

  12. Simulation and Study of High Workload Operations (United States)


    androstenedione and dehydroepicndrosteroiie ( DHEA ) do not significantly interfere with the assay. Since there are only ninute quantities of free corticosterone...These" factors Interact with each other and with learning and memory In a complex mar.,ier to influence not only the direction but the degree of...9). Long term memory or experience is a potent modifier of biochemical response as is illustrated by Kramer’s study of an 18 hour flight ir

  13. A Study of Wind Farm Stabilization Using DFIG or STATCOM Considering Grid Requirements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. E Okedu


    Full Text Available Recently, the grid codes require taking into account the reactive power of the wind farm in order to contribute to the networkstability, thus operating the wind farm as active compensator devices. This paper presents a comparative study of stabilizinga wind farm using (Doubly Fed Induction Generators DFIGs or using a (Static Synchronous Compensator STATCOM duringwind speed change and grid fault. Simulation results show that the wind farm could be effectively stabilized with bothsystems, but at a reduced cost with the DFIGs system because it can provide reactive power through its frequency converterswithout an external reactive power compensation unit like the STATCOM system significant.

  14. Thermal Stability Study of Five Newcastle Disease Attenuated Vaccine Strains. (United States)

    Boumart, Zineb; Hamdi, Jihane; Daouam, Samira; Elarkam, Amal; Tadlaoui, Khalid Omari; El Harrak, Mehdi


    Newcastle disease (ND) is a big concern throughout the world because of the devastating losses that can occur with commercial and backyard poultry. The major problem in many countries is the loss of the vaccine's effectiveness due to inadequate use or storage conditions, particularly in hot climates. In the present study, stability of the five, most-used NDV vaccine strains (I-2, LaSota, B1, Clone 30 [C30], and VG-GA) was tested comparatively at different storage temperatures (4 and 37 C for the freeze-dried form and 4, 24, 37, and 45 C for the freeze-dried vaccine reconstituted in diluents). The vaccine stability was evaluated by the cumulative infectious titer drop and the theoretical shelf life at particular temperatures. Results showed that I-2 and LaSota are the most stable vaccine strains compared to B1, C30, and VG-GA; they registered the lowest titer drops and the longest shelf life whether at cool, high, or room temperatures and for both freeze-dried and reconstituted vaccines.

  15. Thermal Stabilization study of polyacrylonitrile fiber obtained by extrusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robson Fleming Ribeiro


    Full Text Available A low cost and environmental friendly extrusion process of the Polyacrylonitrile (PAN polymer was viabilized by using the 1,2,3-propanetriol (glycerol as a plasticizer. The characterization of the fibers obtained by this process was the object of study in the present work. The PAN fibers were heat treated in the range of 200 °C to 300 °C, which is the temperature range related to the stabilization/oxidation step. This is a limiting phase during the carbon fiber processing. The characterization of the fibers was made using infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis and microscopy. TGA revealed that the degradation of the extruded PAN co-VA fibers between 250 °C and 350 °C, corresponded to a 9% weight loss to samples analyzed under oxidizing atmosphere and 18% when the samples were analyzed under inert atmosphere. DSC showed that the exothermic reactions on the extruded PAN co-VA fibers under oxidizing synthetic air was broader and the cyclization started at a lower temperature compared under inert atmosphere. Furthermore, FT-IR analysis correlated with thermal anlysis showed that the stabilization/oxidation process of the extruded PAN fiber were coherent with other works that used PAN fibers obtained by other spinning processes.

  16. Twin Binaries: Studies of Stability, Mass Transfer, and Coalescence

    CERN Document Server

    Lombardi, James C; Dooley, Katherine L; Gearity, Kyle; Kalogera, Vassiliki; Rasio, Frederic A


    Motivated by suggestions that binaries with almost equal-mass components ("twins") play an important role in the formation of double neutron stars and may be rather abundant among binaries, we study the stability of synchronized close and contact binaries with identical components in circular orbits. In particular, we investigate the dependency of the innermost stable circular orbit on the core mass, and we study the coalescence of the binary that occurs at smaller separations. For twin binaries composed of convective main-sequence stars, subgiants, or giants with low mass cores (M_c ~0.15M), we find that stable contact configurations exist at all separations down to the Roche limit, when mass shedding through the outer Lagrangian points triggers a coalescence of the envelopes and leaves the cores orbiting in a central tight binary. We discuss the implications of our results to the formation of binary neutron stars.

  17. Surfactant studies for bench-scale operation (United States)

    Hickey, Gregory S.; Sharma, Pramod K.


    A phase 2 study has been initiated to investigate surfactant-assisted coal liquefaction, with the objective of quantifying the enhancement in liquid yields and product quality. This report covers the second quarter of work. The major accomplishments were: completion of coal liquefaction autoclave reactor runs with Illinois number 6 coal at processing temperatures of 300, 325, and 350 C, and pressures of 1800 psig; analysis of the filter cake and the filtrate obtained from the treated slurry in each run; and correlation of the coal conversions and the liquid yield quality to the surfactant concentration. An increase in coal conversions and upgrading of the liquid product quality due to surfactant addition was observed for all runs.

  18. Glutamine synthetase stabilizes the binding of GlnR to nitrogen fixation gene operators. (United States)

    Fernandes, Gabriela de C; Hauf, Ksenia; Sant'Anna, Fernando H; Forchhammer, Karl; Passaglia, Luciane M P


    Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is a high energy demanding process carried out by diazotrophic microorganisms that supply combined nitrogen to the biosphere. The genes related to BNF are strictly regulated, but these mechanisms are poorly understood in gram-positive bacteria. The transcription factor GlnR was proposed to regulate nitrogen fixation-related genes based on Paenibacillus comparative genomics. In order to validate this proposal, we investigated BNF regulatory sequences in Paenibacillus riograndensis SBR5(T) genome. We identified GlnR-binding sites flanking σ(A) -binding sites upstream from BNF-related genes. GlnR binding to these sites was demonstrated by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. GlnR-DNA affinity is greatly enhanced when GlnR is in complex with feedback-inhibited (glutamine-occupied) glutamine synthetase (GS). GlnR-GS complex formation is also modulated by ATP and AMP. Thereby, gene repression exerted by the GlnR-GS complex is coupled with nitrogen (glutamine levels) and energetic status (ATP and AMP). Finally, we propose a DNA-looping model based on multiple operator sites that represents a strong and strict regulation for these genes. © 2017 Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

  19. A study of the operation of selected national research facilities (United States)

    Eisner, M.


    The operation of national research facilities was studied. Conclusions of the study show that a strong resident scientific staff is required for successful facility operation. No unique scheme of scientific management is revealed except for the obvious fact that the management must be responsive to the users needs and requirements. Users groups provide a convenient channel through which these needs and requirements are communicated.

  20. Coal Mine Roadway Stability in Soft Rock: A Case Study (United States)

    Shen, Baotang


    Roadway instability has always been a major concern in deep underground coal mines where the surrounding rock strata and coal seams are weak and the in situ stresses are high. Under the high overburden and tectonic stresses, roadways could collapse or experience excessive deformation, which not only endangers mining personnel but could also reduce the functionality of the roadway and halt production. This paper describes a case study on the stability of roadways in an underground coal mine in Shanxi Province, China. The mine was using a longwall method to extract coal at a depth of approximately 350 m. Both the coal seam and surrounding rock strata were extremely weak and vulnerable to weathering. Large roadway deformation and severe roadway instabilities had been experienced in the past, hence, an investigation of the roadway failure mechanism and new support designs were needed. This study started with an in situ stress measurement programme to determine the stress orientation and magnitude in the mine. It was found that the major horizontal stress was more than twice the vertical stress in the East-West direction, perpendicular to the gateroads of the longwall panel. The high horizontal stresses and low strength of coal and surrounding rock strata were the main causes of roadway instabilities. Detailed numerical modeling was conducted to evaluate the roadway stability and deformation under different roof support scenarios. Based on the modeling results, a new roadway support design was proposed, which included an optimal cable/bolt arrangement, full length grouting, and high pre-tensioning of bolts and cables. It was expected the new design could reduce the roadway deformation by 50 %. A field experiment using the new support design was carried out by the mine in a 100 m long roadway section. Detailed extensometry and stress monitorings were conducted in the experimental roadway section as well as sections using the old support design. The experimental section

  1. Effect of organic load and nutrient ratio on the operation stability of the moving bed bioreactor for kraft mill wastewater treatment and the incidence of polyhydroxyalkanoate biosynthesis. (United States)

    Pozo, G; Villamar, C A; Martínez, M; Vidal, G


    This paper studies the effect of organic load rate (OLR) and nutrient ratio on operation stability of the moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) for kraft mill wastewater treatment, analyzing the incidence of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production. The MBBR operating strategy was to increase OLR from 0.25 ± 0.05 to 2.41 ± 0.19 kg COD m(-3) d(-1) between phases I and IV. The BOD(5):N:P ratio (100:5:1 and 100:1:0.2) was evaluated as an operation strategy for phases IV to V. A stable MBBR operation was found when the OLR was increased during 225 days in five phases. The maximum absolute fluorescence against the proportion of cells accumulating PHA was obtained for an OLR of 2.41 ± 0.19 kg COD m(-3)d(-1) and a BOD(5):N:P relationship of 100:1:0.2. The increase of PHA biosynthesis is due to the increased OLR and is not attributable to the increased cell concentration, which is maintained constant in stationary status during bioreactor biosynthesis.

  2. Long-term stability of underground operated CZT detectors based on the analysis of intrinsic {sup 113}Cd β{sup −}-decay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ebert, J. [Universität Hamburg, Institut für Experimentalphysik, Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg (Germany); Gößling, C. [Technische Universität Dortmund, Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Physik IV, Otto-Hahn-Str 4, 44221 Dortmund (Germany); Gehre, D., E-mail: [Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Kern- und Teilchenphysik, Zellescher Weg 19, 01069 Dresden (Germany); Hagner, C.; Heidrich, N. [Universität Hamburg, Institut für Experimentalphysik, Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg (Germany); Klingenberg, R.; Kröninger, K.; Nitsch, C. [Technische Universität Dortmund, Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Physik IV, Otto-Hahn-Str 4, 44221 Dortmund (Germany); Oldorf, C. [Universität Hamburg, Institut für Experimentalphysik, Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg (Germany); Quante, T.; Rajek, S. [Technische Universität Dortmund, Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Physik IV, Otto-Hahn-Str 4, 44221 Dortmund (Germany); Rebber, H.; Rohatsch, K. [Universität Hamburg, Institut für Experimentalphysik, Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg (Germany); Tebrügge, J.; Temminghoff, R.; Theinert, R. [Technische Universität Dortmund, Lehrstuhl für Experimentelle Physik IV, Otto-Hahn-Str 4, 44221 Dortmund (Germany); and others


    The COBRA collaboration operates a demonstrator setup at the underground facility Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS, located in Italy) to prove the technological capabilities of this concept for the search for neutrinoless double beta-decay. The setup consists of 64 (1×1×1) cm{sup 3} Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) detectors in Coplanar-Grid (CPG) configuration. One purpose of this demonstrator is to test if reliable long-term operation of CZT-CPG detectors in such a setup is possible. The demonstrator has been operated under ultra low-background conditions for more than three years and collected data corresponding to a total exposure of 218 kg days. The presented study focuses on the long-term stability of CZT detectors by analyzing the intrinsic, fourfold forbidden non-unique {sup 113}Cd single beta-decay. It can be shown that CZT detectors can be operated stably for long periods of time and that the {sup 113}Cd single beta-decay can be used as an internal monitor of the detector performance during the runtime of the experiment.

  3. Studies on the stability of preservatives under subcritical water conditions. (United States)

    Kapalavavi, B; Marple, R; Gamsky, C; Yang, Y


    The goal of this work was to further validate the subcritical water chromatography (SBWC) methods for separation and analysis of preservatives through the evaluation of analyte stability in subcritical water. In this study, the degradation of preservatives was investigated at temperatures of 100-200°C using two different approaches. First, the peak areas obtained by SBWC at high temperatures were compared with those achieved using the traditional high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at 25°C. In the second approach, several preservatives and water were loaded into a vessel and heated at high temperatures for 30 or 60 min. The heated mixtures were then analysed by GC/MS to determine the stability of preservatives. The t- and F-test on the results of the first approach reveal that the peak areas achieved by HPLC and SBWC are not significantly different at the 95% confidence level, meaning that the preservatives studied are stable during the high-temperature SBWC runs. Although the results of the second approach show approximately 10% degradation of preservatives into mainly p-hydroxybenzoic acid and phenol at 200°C, the preservatives studied are stable at 100 and 150°C. This is in good agreement with the validation results obtained by the first approach. The findings of this work confirm that SBWC methods at temperatures up to 150°C are reliable for separation and analysis of preservatives in cosmetic and other samples. © 2014 Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Société Française de Cosmétologie.

  4. A robust method for frequency stabilization of 556-nm laser operating at the intercombination transition of ytterbium

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhuanxian Xiong; Yun Long; Huixing Xiao; Xi Zhang; Lingxiang He; Baolong Lu


    A frequency-stabilized 556-nm laser is an essential tool for experimental studies associated with 1S0-3p1 intercombination transition of ytterbium (Yb) atoms. A 556-nm laser light using a single-pass second harmonic generation (SHG) is obtained in a periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3 (PPLN) crystal pumped by a fiber laser at 1111.6 nm. A robust frequency stabilization method which facilitates the control of laser frequency with an accuracy better than the natural linewidth (187 kHz) of the intercombination line is developed. The short-term frequency jitter is reduced to less than 100 kHz by locking the laser to a home-made reference cavity. A slow frequency drift is sensed by the 556-nm fluorescence signal of an Yb atomic beam excited by one probe beam and is reduced to less than 50-kHz by a computer-controlled servo system. The laser can be stably locked for more than 5 h. This frequency stabilization method can be extended to other alkaline-earth-like atoms with similar weak intercombination lines.%@@ A frequency-stabilized 556-nm laser is an essential tool for experimental studies associated with 1So-3P1intercombination transition of ytterbium (Yb) atoms.A 556-nm laser light using a single-pass second harmonic generation (SHG) is obtained in a periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3 (PPLN) crystal pumped by a fiber laser at 1111.6 nm.A robust frequency stabilization method which facilitates the control of laser frequency with an accuracy better than the natural linewidth (187 kHz) of the intercombination line is developed.The short-term frequency jitter is reduced to less than i00 kHz by locking the laser to a home-made reference cavity.A slow frequency drift is sensed by the 556-nm fluorescence signal of an Yb atomic beam excited by one probe beam and is reduced to less than 50-kHz by a computer-controlled servo system.The laser can be stably locked for more than 5 h.This frequency stabilization method can be extended to other alkaline-earth-like atoms with similar weak

  5. Green Tea Leaves Extract: Microencapsulation, Physicochemical and Storage Stability Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James A. Zokti


    Full Text Available Green tea polyphenols have been reported to possess many biological properties. Despite the many potential benefits of green tea extracts, their sensitivity to high temperature, pH and oxygen is a major disadvantage hindering their effective utilization in the food industry. Green tea leaves from the Cameron Highlands Malaysia were extracted using supercritical fluid extraction (SFE. To improve the stability, green tea extracts were encapsulated by spray-drying using different carrier materials including maltodextrin (MD, gum arabic (GA and chitosan (CTS and their combinations at different ratios. Encapsulation efficiency, total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity were determined and were found to be in the range of 71.41%–88.04%, 19.32–24.90 (g GAE/100 g, and 29.52%–38.05% respectively. Further analysis of moisture content, water activity, hygroscopicity, bulk density and mean particles size distribution of the microparticles were carried out and the results ranged from; 2.31%–5.11%, 0.28–0.36, 3.22%–4.71%, 0.22–0.28 g/cm3 and 40.43–225.64 µm respectively. The ability of the microparticles to swell in simulated gastric fluid (SGF and simulated intestinal fluid (SIF was determined as 142.00%–188.63% and 207.55%–231.77%, respectively. Release of catechin polyphenol from microparticles in SIF was higher comparable to that of SGF. Storage stability of encapsulated catechin extracts under different temperature conditions was remarkably improved compared to non-encapsulated extract powder. This study showed that total catechin, total phenolic content (TPC and antioxidant activity did not decrease significantly (p ≥ 0.05 under 4 °C storage conditions. The half-life study results were in the range of 35–60, 34–65 and 231–288 weeks at storage temperatures of 40 °C, 25 °C and 4 °C respectively, therefore, for improved shelf-life stability we recommend that microparticles should be stored at temperatures below 25 °C.

  6. Green Tea Leaves Extract: Microencapsulation, Physicochemical and Storage Stability Study. (United States)

    Zokti, James A; Sham Baharin, Badlishah; Mohammed, Abdulkarim Sabo; Abas, Faridah


    Green tea polyphenols have been reported to possess many biological properties. Despite the many potential benefits of green tea extracts, their sensitivity to high temperature, pH and oxygen is a major disadvantage hindering their effective utilization in the food industry. Green tea leaves from the Cameron Highlands Malaysia were extracted using supercritical fluid extraction (SFE). To improve the stability, green tea extracts were encapsulated by spray-drying using different carrier materials including maltodextrin (MD), gum arabic (GA) and chitosan (CTS) and their combinations at different ratios. Encapsulation efficiency, total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity were determined and were found to be in the range of 71.41%-88.04%, 19.32-24.90 (g GAE/100 g), and 29.52%-38.05% respectively. Further analysis of moisture content, water activity, hygroscopicity, bulk density and mean particles size distribution of the microparticles were carried out and the results ranged from; 2.31%-5.11%, 0.28-0.36, 3.22%-4.71%, 0.22-0.28 g/cm³ and 40.43-225.64 µm respectively. The ability of the microparticles to swell in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) and simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) was determined as 142.00%-188.63% and 207.55%-231.77%, respectively. Release of catechin polyphenol from microparticles in SIF was higher comparable to that of SGF. Storage stability of encapsulated catechin extracts under different temperature conditions was remarkably improved compared to non-encapsulated extract powder. This study showed that total catechin, total phenolic content (TPC) and antioxidant activity did not decrease significantly (p ≥ 0.05) under 4 °C storage conditions. The half-life study results were in the range of 35-60, 34-65 and 231-288 weeks at storage temperatures of 40 °C, 25 °C and 4 °C respectively, therefore, for improved shelf-life stability we recommend that microparticles should be stored at temperatures below 25 °C.

  7. A composite semiresorbable armoured scaffold stabilizes pulmonary autograft after the Ross operation: Mr Ross's dream fulfilled. (United States)

    Nappi, Francesco; Spadaccio, Cristiano; Fraldi, Massimiliano; Montagnani, Stefania; Fouret, Pierre; Chachques, Juan Carlos; Acar, Christophe


    Use of resorbable external reinforcement of the pulmonary autograft during the Ross operation has been suggested, but the differential regional potential for dilation of the aorta, mainly regarding the neo-root and the neo-Valsalva sinuses, represents an unresolved issue. Auxetic materials could be useful in preventing dilation given their favorable mechanical properties. We designed a composite semiresorbable armoured bioprosthesis constituted by polydioxanone and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and evaluated its effectiveness as a pulmonary autograft reinforcement device in an animal model of the Ross procedure. An experimental model of the Ross procedure was performed in 20 three-month-old growing lambs. The pulmonary autograft was alternatively nonreinforced (control group n = 10) or reinforced with composite bioprosthesis (reinforced group n = 10). Animals were followed up during growth for 6 months by angiography and echocardiography. Specific stainings for extracellular matrix and immunohistochemistry for metalloproteinase-9 were performed. Reference aortic diameter increased from 14 ± 1 mm to 19 ± 2 mm over 6 months of growth. In the control group, pulmonary autograft distension (28 ± 2 mm) was immediately noted, followed by aneurysm development at 6 months (40 ± 2 mm, P < .001 vs reference). In the reinforced group, an initial dilation to 18 ± 1 mm was detected and the final diameter was 27 ± 2 mm (42% increase). Two deaths due to pulmonary autograft rupture occurred in the control group. On histology, the control group showed medial disruption with connective fibrous replacement, whereas in the reinforced group compensatory intimal hyperplasia was present in the absence of intimal tears. The bioprosthesis promoted a positive matrix rearrangement process favoring neoarterialization and elastic remodeling as demonstrated on specific staining for elastin collagen and metalloproteinase-9. The device adapted and functionally compensated for the

  8. Plutonium Finishing Plant. Interim plutonium stabilization engineering study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sevigny, G.J.; Gallucci, R.H.; Garrett, S.M.K.; Geeting, J.G.H.; Goheen, R.S.; Molton, P.M.; Templeton, K.J.; Villegas, A.J. [Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States); Nass, R. [Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. (United States)


    This report provides the results of an engineering study that evaluated the available technologies for stabilizing the plutonium stored at the Plutonium Finishing Plant located at the hanford Site in southeastern Washington. Further processing of the plutonium may be required to prepare the plutonium for interim (<50 years) storage. Specifically this document provides the current plutonium inventory and characterization, the initial screening process, and the process descriptions and flowsheets of the technologies that passed the initial screening. The conclusions and recommendations also are provided. The information contained in this report will be used to assist in the preparation of the environmental impact statement and to help decision makers determine which is the preferred technology to process the plutonium for interim storage.

  9. SiPM Gain Stabilization Studies for Adaptive Power Supply

    CERN Document Server

    AUTHOR|(CDS)2074257; Zalieckas, Justas; Cvach, Jaroslav; Kvasnicka, Jiri; Polak, Ivo


    We present herein gain stabilization studies of SiPMs using a climate chamber at CERN. We present results for four detectors not tested before, three from Hamamatsu and one from KETEK. Two of the Hamamatsu SiPMs are novel sensors with trenches that reduce cross talk. We use an improved readout system with a digital oscilloscope controlled with a dedicated LabView program. We improved and automized the analysis to deal with large datasets. We have measured the gain-versus-bias-voltage dependence at fixed temperature and gain-versus-temperature dependence at fixed bias voltage to determine the bias voltage dependence on temperature $V(T)$ for stable gain. We show that the gain remains stable to better than $\\pm 0.5\\%$ in the $20^\\circ \\rm C - 30^\\circ C$ temperature range if the bias voltage is properly adjusted with temperature.

  10. Stability and stabilization studies for a class of switched nonlinear systems via vector norms approach. (United States)

    Sakly, Anis; Kermani, Marwen


    This paper is concerned with the problems of stability analysis and stabilization with a state feedback controller through pole placement for a class of both continuous and discrete-time switched nonlinear systems. These systems are modeled by differential or difference equations. Then, a transformation under the arrow form is employed. Note that, the main contribution in this work is twofold: firstly, based on the construction of an appropriated common Lyapunov function, as well the use of the vector norms notion, the recourse to the Kotelyanski lemma, the M-matrix proprieties, the aggregation techniques and the application of the Borne-Gentina criterion, new sufficient stability conditions under arbitrary switching for the autonomous system are deduced. Secondly, this result is extended for designing a state feedback controller by using pole assignment control, which guarantee that the corresponding closed-loop system is globally asymptotically stable under arbitrary switching. The main novelties features of these obtained results are the explicitness and the simplicity in their application. Moreover, they allow us to avoid the search of a common Lyapunov function which is a difficult matter. Finally, as validation to stabilize a shunt DC motor under variable mechanical loads is performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed results.

  11. Study of the stability of polarization mode dispersion in fibre

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付松年; 吴重庆; 刘海涛; 沈平; 董晖


    Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) is the ultimate limitation to high bit-rate fibre communication system. The stability of PMD is very important to its measurement and compensation. This paper puts forward a method to measure the stability of PMD by measuring the stability of the state of polarization (SOP) and introduces the conception of time evolution vector (TEV) of SOP. We observe the fact that the regularity of the principal state of polarization changing with time is the same as other SOPs', if we neglect the dependence of TEV on wavelength. We also measure the SOP's stability of some fibres with different lengths, and obtain results of PMD changing with time.

  12. A post-processing technique for stabilizing the discontinuous pressure projection operator in marginally-resolved incompressible inviscid flow

    CERN Document Server

    Joshi, Sumedh M; Steinmoeller, Derek T; Stastna, Marek; Thomsen, Greg N


    A method for post-processing the velocity after a pressure projection is developed that helps to maintain stability in an under-resolved, inviscid, discontinuous element-based simulation for use in environmental fluid mechanics process studies. The post-processing method is needed because of spurious divergence growth at element interfaces due to the discontinuous nature of the discretization used. This spurious divergence eventually leads to a numerical instability. Previous work has shown that a discontinuous element-local projection onto the space of divergence-free basis functions is capable of stabilizing the projection method, but the discontinuity inherent in this technique may lead to instability in under-resolved simulations. By enforcing inter-element discontinuity and requiring a divergence-free result in the weak sense only, a new post-processing technique is developed that simultaneously improves smoothness and reduces divergence in the pressure-projected velocity field at the same time. When com...

  13. Photo-degradation and stabilization effects in operating organic photovoltaic devices by joint photo-current and morphological monitoring

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Paci, B.; Generosi, A.; Rossi Albertini, V.; Perfetti, P. [ISM-C.N.R., Area di Ricerca di Tor Vergata, Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100, 00133 Roma (Italy); de Bettignies, R. [Laboratoire Composants Solaires, CEA INES-RDI, Savoie Technolac, BP 332, 50 avenue du lac Leman, 73377 Le Bourget du Lac (France); Sentein, C. [CEA Saclay, DRT-LITEN-DSEN-GENEC-L2C, F91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    We report on a joint morphological/photoelectrical study of polymer-based photovoltaic (PV) cells in working conditions. The bulk heterojunction devices investigated are based on an active layer of poly(3-hexyl thiophene) blended with methano-fullerene, combining good PV performances with promising stability. The set-up adopted allowed the electrical properties of the device to be directly correlated to the modification of the electrode morphological parameters (thickness and roughness), which were obtained by in situ energy dispersive X-ray reflectometry (EDXR). The results of this joint time-dependent characterization demonstrated how the observed photo-induced oxidation process, limited to the buried electrode interface, is responsible for a fast decrease in the photo-current. The time-resolved measurements allowed to rule out the dynamics of the morphological changes and showed that the interface morphology may be stabilized by annealing treatments, with a significant improvement of the cell efficiency. (author)

  14. Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Home Study Training Program. (United States)

    California State Univ., Sacramento. Dept. of Civil Engineering.

    This manual was prepared by experienced wastewater treatment plant operators to provide a home study course to develop new qualified workers and expand the abilities of existing workers. The objective of this manual is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for certification. Participants learn the basic operational aspects of treatment…

  15. Contrasting tropical estuarine ecosystem functioning and stability: A comparative study (United States)

    Villanueva, Maria Ching


    A comparative study of the Sine-saloum (Senegal) and Gambia (The Gambia) estuaries was performed based on trophic model outputs that describe the system structure and functioning. These trophic models were constructed such as to differentiate main energetic flows in the systems and express how climate change may have impacted ecosystem resilience to change. Estuarine fish assemblages are highly resilient despite exposure to vast hydrodynamic variations and stress. Coupled with strong anthropogenic-driven stresses such as fisheries and climate change, ecosystems may undergo severe regime shifts that may weaken their resilience and stability. Taxonomically related and morphologically similar species do not necessarily play similar ecological roles in these two ecosystems. Biomass and production in the Sine-saloum are concentrated at trophic levels (TLs) 2 and 3, while for the Gambia, both are concentrated at TL3. Higher TL biomasses in Gambia compared to Sine-Saloum may be explained by the latter ecosystem being characterized by inverse hypersalinity. Higher TL of production in Sine-Saloum is due to higher exploitations compared to Gambia where fishing activities are still less developed. High production and consumption rates of some groups in both ecosystems indicate high system productivity. Elevated productivity may be due to higher abundance of juvenile fishes in most groups that utilize the latter as refuge and/or nursery zones. Both ecosystems are phytoplankton-driven. Differences in group trophic and ecological roles are mainly due to adaptive responses of these species to seasonal and long-term climate and anthropogenic stressors. System indicators suggest different levels of ecosystem resilience and stability as a function of biodiversity. Relevance of other observations on ecosystem functioning and indicators in relation to perturbation is discussed.

  16. High operational and environmental stability of high-mobility conjugated polymer field-effect transistors through the use of molecular additives (United States)

    Nikolka, Mark; Nasrallah, Iyad; Rose, Bradley; Ravva, Mahesh Kumar; Broch, Katharina; Sadhanala, Aditya; Harkin, David; Charmet, Jerome; Hurhangee, Michael; Brown, Adam; Illig, Steffen; Too, Patrick; Jongman, Jan; McCulloch, Iain; Bredas, Jean-Luc; Sirringhaus, Henning


    Due to their low-temperature processing properties and inherent mechanical flexibility, conjugated polymer field-effect transistors (FETs) are promising candidates for enabling flexible electronic circuits and displays. Much progress has been made on materials performance; however, there remain significant concerns about operational and environmental stability, particularly in the context of applications that require a very high level of threshold voltage stability, such as active-matrix addressing of organic light-emitting diode displays. Here, we investigate the physical mechanisms behind operational and environmental degradation of high-mobility, p-type polymer FETs and demonstrate an effective route to improve device stability. We show that water incorporated in nanometre-sized voids within the polymer microstructure is the key factor in charge trapping and device degradation. By inserting molecular additives that displace water from these voids, it is possible to increase the stability as well as uniformity to a high level sufficient for demanding industrial applications.

  17. High operational and environmental stability of high-mobility conjugated polymer field-effect transistors through the use of molecular additives (United States)

    Nikolka, Mark; Nasrallah, Iyad; Rose, Bradley; Ravva, Mahesh Kumar; Broch, Katharina; Sadhanala, Aditya; Harkin, David; Charmet, Jerome; Hurhangee, Michael; Brown, Adam; Illig, Steffen; Too, Patrick; Jongman, Jan; McCulloch, Iain; Bredas, Jean-Luc; Sirringhaus, Henning


    Due to their low-temperature processing properties and inherent mechanical flexibility, conjugated polymer field-effect transistors (FETs) are promising candidates for enabling flexible electronic circuits and displays. Much progress has been made on materials performance; however, there remain significant concerns about operational and environmental stability, particularly in the context of applications that require a very high level of threshold voltage stability, such as active-matrix addressing of organic light-emitting diode displays. Here, we investigate the physical mechanisms behind operational and environmental degradation of high-mobility, p-type polymer FETs and demonstrate an effective route to improve device stability. We show that water incorporated in nanometre-sized voids within the polymer microstructure is the key factor in charge trapping and device degradation. By inserting molecular additives that displace water from these voids, it is possible to increase the stability as well as uniformity to a high level sufficient for demanding industrial applications.

  18. High operational and environmental stability of high-mobility conjugated polymer field-effect transistors through the use of molecular additives

    KAUST Repository

    Nikolka, Mark


    Due to their low-temperature processing properties and inherent mechanical flexibility, conjugated polymer field-effect transistors (FETs) are promising candidates for enabling flexible electronic circuits and displays. Much progress has been made on materials performance; however, there remain significant concerns about operational and environmental stability, particularly in the context of applications that require a very high level of threshold voltage stability, such as active-matrix addressing of organic light-emitting diode displays. Here, we investigate the physical mechanisms behind operational and environmental degradation of high-mobility, p-type polymer FETs and demonstrate an effective route to improve device stability. We show that water incorporated in nanometre-sized voids within the polymer microstructure is the key factor in charge trapping and device degradation. By inserting molecular additives that displace water from these voids, it is possible to increase the stability as well as uniformity to a high level sufficient for demanding industrial applications.

  19. Stability Study of Cable-Suspended Stewart Platform

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GAO Yan-kun; CHENG Yuan; REN Ge-xue; HUANG De-xiu


    The control stability of the end manipulator of a cable-suspended Stewart platform in disturbance was studied by combination of the multi-body system dynamics and control theory and the eigensystem realization algorithm (ERA). The corresponding closed-loop vibration control strategies were suggested based on position prediction with PD (proportional plus derivative) control.Numerical simulation was made on a scale model to study the vibration control effects of the stewart platform with flexible suspension, including system response to step load, system response to cyclic load, and instability. Then, experiments for Stewart platform with cable suspension were designed to study the actual control effects and validate the validity of numerical simulation. The results show that the experimental results agree with the simulation results well, and the the system has a fairly good control effect to the end manipulator. Therefore, a preliminary conclusion can be made that it is feasible using the Stewart platform as the vibration control platform of the flexible support system, by position prediction of the base platform and PD feedback control law.

  20. Political Stability and Balance of Payment: An Empirical Study in Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arfan Ali


    Full Text Available This study analyze that influences of political stability on balance of payment and relative importance of political stability and economic freedom for healthy of balance of payment and exchange rate stability. Political stability has an important role in determination of healthy of balance of payment than economic freedom. This study focus on selected 10 Asian countries of various income levels and test the factor of political stability and economic freedom in stability of balance of payment by using a simple econometric model with various techniques. Our empirical finding shows that political stability is more important than economic freedom in stabilizing balance of payment. Stable political regime with visionary leadership leads the nations to higher level of favorable balance of payment. Political stability is playing major role than theoretical explanation to achieve surplus of balance of payment hence exchange rare stability. Surplus of trade balance, foreign direct investment and higher international reserves hence appreciation of Yuan in china mostly depends on its long term political stability under one party political system rather than pure theoretical determination of balance of payment. Attaining of political stability before economic freedom is policy implication of this study to achieve international financial stability.

  1. Flexible Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Field-Effect Transistors with High Performance and Operational Stability. (United States)

    Dahiya, Abhishek S; Opoku, Charles; Poulin-Vittrant, Guylaine; Camara, Nicolas; Daumont, Christophe; Barbagiovanni, Eric G; Franzò, Giorgia; Mirabella, Salvo; Alquier, Daniel


    The production of high-quality semiconducting nanostructures with optimized electrical, optical, and electromechanical properties is important for the advancement of next-generation technologies. In this context, we herein report on highly obliquely aligned single-crystalline zinc oxide nanosheets (ZnO NSs) grown via the vapor-liquid-solid approach using r-plane (01-12) sapphire as the template surface. The high structural and optical quality of as-grown ZnO NSs has been confirmed using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and temperature-dependent photoluminescence, respectively. To assess the potential of our NSs as effective building materials in high-performance flexible electronics, we fabricate organic (parylene C)/inorganic (ZnO NS) hybrid field-effect transistor (FET) devices on flexible substrates using room-temperature assembly processes. Extraction of key FET performance parameters suggests that as-grown ZnO NSs can successfully function as excellent n-type semiconducting modules. Such devices are found to consistently show very high on-state currents (Ion) > 40 μA, high field-effect mobility (μeff) > 200 cm(2)/(V s), exceptionally high on/off current modulation ratio (Ion/off) of around 10(9), steep subthreshold swing (s-s) low hysteresis, and negligible threshold voltage shifts with prolonged electrical stressing (up to 340 min). The present study delivers a concept of integrating high-quality ZnO NS as active semiconducting elements in flexible electronic circuits.

  2. The effect of metal-buffer bilayer drain/source electrodes on the operational stability of the organic field effect transistors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karimi-Alavijeh, H.R., E-mail: [Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Ehsani, A. [Department of Electrical and Avionics Engineering, Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Isfahan (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    In this paper, we have investigated experimentally the effect of different drain/source (D/S) electrodes and charge injection buffer layers on the electrical properties and operational stability of a stilbene organic field effect transistor (OFET). The results show that the organic buffer layer of copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) considerably improves the electrical properties of the transistors, but has a negligible effect on their temporal behavior. On the other hand, inorganic metal-oxide buffer layer of molybdenum oxide (MoO{sub 3}) drastically changes both the electrical properties and operational stability. The functionalities of this metal-oxide tightly depend on the properties of the D/S metallic electrodes. OFETs with Al/MoO{sub 3} as the bilayer D/S electrodes have the best electrical properties: field effect mobility μ{sub eff} = 0.32 cm{sup 2} V{sup −1} s{sup −1} and threshold voltage V{sub TH} = − 5 V and the transistors with Ag/MoO{sub 3} have the longest operational stability. It was concluded that the chemical stability of the metal/metal-oxide or metal/organic interfaces of the bilayer D/S electrodes determine the operational stability of the OFETs. - Highlights: • The effect of buffer layers on the performance of the stilbene OFETs has been investigated. • Inorganic buffer layer improved the electrical and temporal behaviors simultaneously. • Organic buffer layer only changes the electrical properties. • Chemical stability of the interfaces determines the operational stability of the transistor.

  3. Development of Sequential Calculating Type Autonomous Stabilizing Controller for Maintaining Transient Stability in case of Backup Relay Operation in Load System (United States)

    Kobayashi, Ryoji; Maekawa, Kazuo; Shimomura, Kimihiko; Sasaki, Takashi; Kowada, Yasuyuki; Maeda, Toru

    A new Autonomous Stabilizing Controller (ASC) has been developed, which is based on the concept of using only locall information measured at the substation where ASC is installed. ASC prevents the power system from wide-area blackout by shedding generators optimally when a serious fault occurs in 154kV-or-below-voltage power system and is cleared by backup relay. ASC consists of three functions, a function of detecting faults and judging of starting stability calculations (The first function), a function of calculating power system stability (The second function), and a function of selecting optimal generators to be shed (The third function). The first function composes a signal for starting stability calculations when a fault cleared by backup relay is detected. According to the starting signal composed by the first function, the second function executes stability calculations based on equal area criterion. If the result of stability calculations is instable, the third function selects a generator to be shed by considering not only the stabilizing effect but also the quickly restoration after shedding. This paper presents total algorithms applied in ASC.

  4. A compact iodine-laser operating at 531 nm with stability at the 10$^{-12}$ level and using a coin-sized laser module

    CERN Document Server

    Kobayashi, Takumi; Hosaka, Kazumoto; Inaba, Hajime; Okubo, Sho; Tanabe, Takehiko; Yasuda, Masami; Onae, Atsushi; Hong, Feng-Lei


    We demonstrate a compact iodine-stabilized laser operating at 531 nm using a coin-sized light source consisting of a 1062-nm distributed-feedback diode laser and a frequency-doubling element. A hyperfine transition of molecular iodine is observed using the light source with saturated absorption spectroscopy. The light source is frequency stabilized to the observed iodine transition and achieves frequency stability at the 10$^{-12}$ level. The absolute frequency of the compact laser stabilized to the $a_{1}$ hyperfine component of the $R(36)32-0$ transition is determined as $564\\,074\\,632\\,419(8)$ kHz with a relative uncertainty of $1.4\\times10^{-11}$. The iodine-stabilized laser can be used for various applications including interferometric measurements.

  5. Studies on dispersive stabilization of porous media flows

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daripa, Prabir, E-mail:; Gin, Craig [Department of Mathematics, Texas A& M University, College Station, Texas 77843 (United States)


    Motivated by a need to improve the performance of chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes, we investigate dispersive effects on the linear stability of three-layer porous media flow models of EOR for two different types of interfaces: permeable and impermeable interfaces. Results presented are relevant for the design of smarter interfaces in the available parameter space of capillary number, Peclet number, longitudinal and transverse dispersion, and the viscous profile of the middle layer. The stabilization capacity of each of these two interfaces is explored numerically and conditions for complete dispersive stabilization are identified for each of these two types of interfaces. Key results obtained are (i) three-layer porous media flows with permeable interfaces can be almost completely stabilized by diffusion if the optimal viscous profile is chosen, (ii) flows with impermeable interfaces can also be almost completely stabilized for short time, but become more unstable at later times because diffusion flattens out the basic viscous profile, (iii) diffusion stabilizes short waves more than long waves which leads to a “turning point” Peclet number at which short and long waves have the same growth rate, and (iv) mechanical dispersion further stabilizes flows with permeable interfaces but in some cases has a destabilizing effect for flows with impermeable interfaces, which is a surprising result. These results are then used to give a comparison of the two types of interfaces. It is found that for most values of the flow parameters, permeable interfaces suppress flow instability more than impermeable interfaces.

  6. Impact of foot pronation on postural stability: An observational study. (United States)

    Koura, Ghada Mohamed; Elimy, Doaa Ayoub; Hamada, Hamada Ahmed; Fawaz, Hossam Eddien; Elgendy, Mohamed Hussein; Saab, Ibtissam M


    To investigate the effect of foot pronation on the dynamic balance including overall stability index (OAI), anteroposterior stability index (APSI) and mediolateral stability index (MLSI). Forty participants from both sexes were selected from the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, with a mean age of 23.55 ± 1.74 years. Subjects were divided into two groups: group A (8 males and 12 females) with foot pronation, and group B (9 males and 11 females) with normal feet. The Navicular Drop Test (NDT) was used to determine if the feet were pronated and Biodex Balance System was used to assess dynamic balance at level 8 and level 4 for both groups. No significant difference was found in dynamic balance, including OAI, APSI and MLSI at stability level 8 (p> 0.05) but, there was a significant difference at stability level 4 (p< 0.05) between the two groups with lower stability in group A. Foot pronation or flat feet influences the dynamic balance at stability level four using the Biodex Balance System compared with those in the control group.

  7. Prediction of the effects of propeller operation on the static longitudinal stability of single-engine tractor monoplanes with flaps retracted (United States)

    Weil, Joseph; Sleeman, William C , Jr


    The effects of propeller operation on the static longitudinal stability of single-engine tractor monoplanes are analyzed, and a simple method is presented for computing power-on pitching-moment curves for flap-retracted flight conditions. The methods evolved are based on the results of powered-model wind-tunnel investigations of 28 model configurations. Correlation curves are presented from which the effects of power on the downwash over the tail and the stabilizer effectiveness can be rapidly predicted. The procedures developed enable prediction of power-on longitudinal stability characteristics that are generally in very good agreement with experiment.

  8. Experimental study of the thermal stability of austempered ductile irons (United States)

    Pérez, M. J.; Cisneros, M. M.; Valdés, E.; Mancha, H.; Calderón, H. A.; Campos, R. E.


    A nonisothermal annealing was applied to austempered Ni-Cu-Mo alloyed and unalloyed ductile irons to determine the thermal stability of the ausferritic structure. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) results were used to build the corresponding stability diagrams. The transformation starting temperature of the high carbon austenite was found to be strongly dependent on the austempering temperature, the heating rate, and the chemical composition of the iron. The Ni-Cu-Mo alloying elements and high austempering temperature increased the stability. The transformation of the austenite to ferrite and cementite is achieved via the precipitation of transition carbides identified as silico-carbides of triclinic structure.



    Karna Wijaya; Ani Setyo Pratiwi; Sri Sudiono; Emi Nurahmi


    The thermal and acid stability of the bentonite clays (Na- and Ca-bentonite) have been tested. The thermal stability testing has been carried out by heating 5 gram of the clays  for five hours at 200, 300 and 500 °C respectively, meanwhile acid stability testing was performed by immersing 5 gram clays into 100 mL sulphuric acid 1M, 2M and 3M for 24 hours. The tested clays, then were characterized by means of X-Ray difractometry and IR-spectroscopy methods. The characterization results showed ...

  10. Studies of stability of blade cascade suction surface boundary layer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DONG Xue-zhi; YAN Pei-gang; HAN Wan-jin


    Compressible boundary layers stability on blade cascade suction surface was discussed by wind tunnel experiment and numerical solution. Three dimensional disturbance wave Parabolized Stability Equations(PSE) of orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates in compressible flow was deducted. The surface pressure of blade in wind tunnel experiment was measured. The Falkner-Skan equation was solved under the boundary conditions of experiment result, and velocity, pressure and temperature of average flow were obtained. Substituted this result for discretization of the PSE Eigenvalue Problem, the stability problem can be solved.

  11. Studies on Stability of a Novel Cathode Material for MCFC

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The stability of NiO and oxidized nickel-niobium surface alloy electrode under various molten carbonate fuel cell(MCFC) cathode conditions were investigated by determination of equilibrium solubility of nickel ions in the carbonate melt of the two electrode materials.It is found that under MCFC cathode conditions the stability of NiO electrode is improved significantly by the deposition of niobium.As far as stability is concerned,oxidized nickel-niobium alloy electrode can be considered as a candidate for cathode material of MCFC.

  12. Surgical stabilization of internal pneumatic stabilization? A prospective randomized study of management of severe flail chest patients. (United States)

    Tanaka, Hideharu; Yukioka, Tetsuo; Yamaguti, Yoshihiro; Shimizu, Syoichiro; Goto, Hideaki; Matsuda, Hiroharu; Shimazaki, Syuji


    We compared the clinical efficacy of surgical stabilization and internal pneumatic stabilization in severe flail chest patients who required prolonged ventilatory support. Thirty-seven consecutive severe flail chest patients who required mechanical ventilation were enrolled in this study. All the patients received identical respiratory management, including end-tracheal intubation, mechanical ventilation, continuous epidural anesthesia, analgesia, bronchoscopic aspiration, postural drainage, and pulmonary hygiene. At 5 days after injury, surgical stabilization with Judet struts (S group, n = 18) or internal pneumatic stabilization (I group, n = 19) was randomly assigned. Most respiratory management was identical between the two groups except the surgical procedure. Statistical analysis using two-way analysis of variance and Tukey's test was used to compare the groups. Age, sex, Injury Severity Score, chest Abbreviated Injury Score, number of rib fractures, severity of lung contusion, and Pao2/Fio2 ratio at admission were all equivalent in the two groups. The S group showed a shorter ventilatory period (10.8 +/- 3.4 days) than the I group (18.3 +/- 7.4 days) (p < 0.05), shorter intensive care unit stay (S group, 16.5 +/- 7.4 days; I group, 26.8 +/- 13.2 days; p < 0.05), and lower incidence of pneumonia (S group, 24%; I group, 77%; p < 0.05). Percent forced vital capacity was higher in the S group at 1 month and thereafter (p < 0.05). The percentage of patients who had returned to full-time employment at 6 months was significantly higher in the S group (11 of 18) than in the I group (1 of 19). This study proved that in severe flail chest patients, surgical stabilization using Judet struts has beneficial effects with respect to less ventilatory support, lower incidence of pneumonia, shorter trauma intensive care unit stay, and reduced medical cost than internal fixation. Moreover, surgical stabilization with Judet struts improved percent forced vital capacity from the

  13. Emergency Management Operations Process Mapping: Public Safety Technical Program Study (United States)


    DRDC CSS CR 2011-09 i Emergency Management Operations Process Mapping : Public Security Technical Program Study Anet Greenley ...processus/outils). DRDC CSS CR 2011-09 iii Executive summary Emergency Management Operations Process Mapping PSTP Study [ Greenley , A...technique de sécurité publique – Etude DSTP [ Greenley , A.; Poursina, S.]; DRDC CSS CR 2011-09 L’objectif principal du Programme technique de sécurité

  14. State Dependence and Trait Stability of Perfectionism: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study (United States)

    Rice, Kenneth G.; Aldea, Mirela A.


    The authors examined state dependency on depression, trait stability, and state-trait characteristics of perfectionism in a short-term longitudinal study of university students. Relative stability of perfectionism was assessed with test-retest correlations across 3 time points, and results showed higher rank order and relative stability for…

  15. Electron beam assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticle in chitosan stabilizer: Preparation, stability and inhibition of building fungi studies (United States)

    Jannoo, Kanokwan; Teerapatsakul, Churapa; Punyanut, Adisak; Pasanphan, Wanvimol


    Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) in chitosan (CS) stabilizer were successfully synthesized using electron beam irradiation. The effects of irradiation dose, molecular weight (MW) of CS stabilizer, concentration of AgNO3 precursor and addition of tert-butanol on AgNPs production were studied. The stability of the AgNPs under different temperatures and storage times were also investigated. The AgNPs formation in CS was observed using UV-vis, FT-IR and XRD. The characteristic surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of the obtained AgNPs was around 418 nm. The CS stabilizer and its MW, AgNO3 precursor and irradiation doses are important parameters for the synthesis of AgNPs. The optimum addition of 20% v/v tert-butanol could assist the formation of AgNPs. The AgNPs in CS stabilizer were stable over a period of one year when the samples were kept at 5 °C. The AgNPs observed from TEM images were spherical with an average particle size in the range of 5-20 nm depending on the irradiation doses. The AgNPs in CS solution effectively inhibited the growth of several fungi, i.e., Curvularia lunata, Trichoderma sp., Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus niger, which commonly found on the building surface.

  16. Studying the stability of the middle atmosphere (30-60 km) over Wuhan by Rayleigh lidar

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHANG Qihai; YANG Guotao; SONG Juan; GONG Shunsheng


    The stability of the middle atmosphere ranging from 30 km to 60 km over Wuhan is elementarily studied, according to the observational data obtained in about one year through the WIPM Rayleigh lidar. The stability parameter (buoyancy frequency squared), which was obtained through the temperature field, shows that the middle atmosphere over Wuhan is stable all the year round, but the stability appears variable because the stability of summer and winter is lower, and that of spring and autumn is higher.

  17. Progress Report: Oxidation Stability Studies of Deuterated Esters. (United States)


    esterification goes to completion and hydrolysis does not occur. *i (ii) In the presence of a catalyst (p-toluene sulphonic -" acid ), a fairly low...compounds with the antioxidant. The enhancement in oxidation stability attributable to deuteration (97%) of the acid moiety of the ester appears to be these requirements. These esters exhibit very good thermal and oxidative stability at high temperatures (>2000C), excellent viscosity

  18. Environmental stability study of holographic solar spectrum splitting materials (United States)

    Chrysler, Benjamin D.; Ayala Pelaez, Silvana; Wu, Yuechen; Vorndran, Shelby D.; Kostuk, Raymond K.


    In this study the impact of outdoor temperature variations and solar illumination exposure on spectral filter material and holographic optical elements is examined. Although holographic components have been shown to be useful for solar spectrum splitting designs, relatively little quantitative data exist to demonstrate the extent to which these materials can withstand outdoor conditions. As researchers seek to investigate practical spectrum splitting designs, the environmental stability of holographic materials should be considered as an important factor. In the experiment presented, two holographic materials, Covestro Bayfol HX photopolymer and dichromated gelatin, and 3M reflective polymer filter materials are exposed to outdoor conditions for a period of several months. The environmental effect on absorption, spectral and angular bandwidth, peak efficiency, and Bragg matching conditions for the holograms are examined. Spectral bandwidth and transmittance of the 3M reflective filter material are also monitored. Holographic gratings are recorded, measured, and mounted on glass substrates and then sealed with a glass cover plate. The test samples are then mounted on a photovoltaic panel to simulate realistic temperature conditions and placed at an outdoor test facility in Tucson, Arizona. A duplicate set of holograms and 3M filter material is stored as a control group and periodically compared over the test period.

  19. Development of a perturbation generator for vortex stability studies (United States)

    Riester, J. E.; Ash, Robert L.


    Theory predicts vortex instability when subjected to certain types of disturbances. It was desired to build a device which could introduce controlled velocity perturbations into a trailing line vortex in order to study the effects on stability. A perturbation generator was designed and manufactured which can be attached to the centerbody of an airfoil type vortex generator. Details of design tests and manufacturing of the perturbation generator are presented. The device produced controlled perturbation with frequencies in excess of 250 Hz. Preliminary testing and evaluation of the perturbation generator performance was conducted in a 4 inch cylindrical pipe. Observations of vortex shedding frequencies from a centerbody were measured. Further evaluation with the perturbation generator attached to the vortex generator in a 2 x 3 foot wind tunnel were also conducted. Hot-wire anemometry was used to confirm the perturbation generator's ability to introduce controlled frequency fluctuations. Comparison of the energy levels of the disturbances in the vortex core was made between locations 42 chord lengths and 15 chord lengths downstream.

  20. Structure, Stability and Interaction Studies on Nucleotide Analogue Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Kanakaraju


    Full Text Available Abstract: Most of the biological molecules have a good interaction with water molecules. The hydrogen bonding interactions with the structural analogues of nucleic acid phosphate group namely dimethyl phosphate anion (DMP and diethyl phosphate anion (DEP are studied employing the ab initio and density functional theory methods. Inspections have been made to locate the reactive sites for the interactions of isomeric forms of mono, di and tri hydrates of alkyl phosphate anion using the above theories. It reveals, water molecules have a very strong interaction with the phosphate group in both the molecules and their interactions induce the changes in the structural parameters of the PO4 group for both the DMP and DEP anions. The optimized structural parameters, total energy, dipole moment and rotational constants are calculated and are compared with the available experimental values. The chemical hardness and chemical potential for these complexes have been calculated at HF/6-31G* level of theory and discussed the conformational stability of these complexes.

  1. Stability of viscoelastic dynamic contact lines: An experimental study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Spaid, M.A.; Homsy, G.M. [Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305 (United States)


    An experimental study of the rivulet instability associated with spin coating a circular drop of fluid is conducted to examine the effect of elasticity on the onset and evolution of the instability. The spin coating experiments are conducted with viscoelastic drops consisting of a high molecular weight polystyrene in tricresyl phosphate (TCP), as well as the Newtonian solvent TCP. Results show an unequivocal delay in the onset of the instability when the appropriate Weissenberg number is sufficiently large, resulting in a larger coated area and more finger arms relative to Newtonian results. Experiments performed with the viscoelastic fluid at low Weissenberg number exhibit similar behavior to those performed with the Newtonian solvent as expected. Additionally, the growth rate of the instability is reduced for experiments in which the elastic forces are important, in agreement with the perturbation theory of Spaid and Homsy [Phys. Fluids {bold 8}, 460 (1996)], demonstrating that elastic forces have a stabilizing influence on the contact line instability. {copyright} {ital 1997 American Institute of Physics.}

  2. Stability and design criteria studies for compressed air energy storage reservoirs. Progress report, FY 1977.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, G.C.; Stottlemyre, J.A.; Wiles, L.E.; Loscutoff, W.V.; Pincus, H.J.


    Progress made during FY-1977 in establishing design criteria to ensure the successful operation and long-term stability of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) reservoirs in underground porous media, such as aquifers is summarized. The formulation of pertinent criteria is important since the long-term stability of air storage reservoirs is probably the item of greatest risk to the successful demonstration and commercialization of the CAES concept. The study has been divided into four phases: (1) state-of-the-art survey, (2) analytical modeling studies, (3) laboratory studies, and (4) field testing. The first of these phases, the state-of-the-art survey for air storage in porous reservoirs, has been completed on schedule and is reported in Section 2. Sections 3 and 4 are progress reports on Phases 2 and 3. No work has been done on Phase 4. It is planned that the field testing phase of this study will be carried out in conjunction with the Department of Energy/Electric Power Research Institute (DOE/EPRI) CAES Demonstration Program. This phase is not scheduled to begin until FY-1979.

  3. Studies on additive properties of some processing operations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jerzy Malewski


    Full Text Available The accuracy of prediction of mineral processing operation by partial effects summation is analyzed. Methodological and practical aspects of the problem are discussed using laboratory studies of selected comminution and classifying operations as examples. Laboratory experiments show that the effects of examined mineral processing operation depend on simultaneously running processes of classification and comminution. The influence rate of interaction between both processes on the final results is significant, but in some cases it may be neglected. The obtained results have preliminary character and needed a further verification.

  4. Improved operational stability of d-psicose 3-epimerase by a novel protein engineering strategy, and d-psicose production from fruit and vegetable residues. (United States)

    Patel, Satya Narayan; Sharma, Manisha; Lata, Kusum; Singh, Umesh; Kumar, Vinod; Sangwan, Rajender S; Singh, Sudhir P


    The aim of the present work was to improve stability of d-psicose 3-epimerase and biotransformation of fruit and vegetable residues for d-psicose production. The study established that N-terminal fusion of a yeast homolog of SUMO protein - Smt3 - can confer elevated optimal temperature and improved operational stability to d-psicose 3-epimerase. The Smt3-d-psicose 3-epimerase conjugate system exhibited relatively better catalytic efficiency, and improved productivity in terms of space-time yields of about 8.5kgL(-1)day(-1). It could serve as a promising catalytic tool for the pilot scale production of the functional sugar, d-psicose. Furthermore, a novel approach for economical production of d-psicose was developed by enzymatic and microbial bioprocessing of fruit and vegetable residues, aimed at epimerization of in situd-fructose to d-psicose. The bioprocessing led to achievement of d-psicose production to the extent of 25-35% conversion (w/w) of d-fructose contained in the sample. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. LHC abort gap cleaning studies during luminosity operation

    CERN Document Server

    Bartmann, W; Bracco, C; Bravin, E; Goddard, B; Höfle, W; Jacquet, D; Jeff, A; Kain, V; Meddahi, M; Roncarolo, F; Uythoven, J; Valuch, D; Gianfelice-Wendt, E


    The presence of significant intensities of un-bunched beam is a potentially serious issue in the LHC. Procedures using damper kickers for cleaning both the Abort Gap (AG) and the buckets targeted for injection, are currently in operation at flat bottom. Recent observations of relatively high population of the AG during physics runs brought up the need for AG cleaning during luminosity operation. In this paper the results of experimental studies performed in October 2011 are presented.

  6. Numerical study of turbulent normal diffusion flame CH4-air stabilized by coaxial burner

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Riahi Zouhair


    Full Text Available The practical combustion systems such as combustion furnaces, gas turbine, engines, etc. employ non-premixed combustion due to its better flame stability, safety, and wide operating range as compared to premixed combustion. The present numerical study characterizes the turbulent flame of methane-air in a coaxial burner in order to determine the effect of airflow on the distribution of temperature, on gas consumption and on the emission of NOx. The results in this study are obtained by simulation on FLUENT code. The results demonstrate the influence of different parameters on the flame structure, temperature distribution and gas emissions, such as turbulence, fuel jet velocity, air jet velocity, equivalence ratio and mixture fraction. The lift-off height for a fixed fuel jet velocity is observed to increase monotonically with air jet velocity. Temperature and NOx emission decrease of important values with the equivalence ratio, it is maximum about the unity.

  7. A quantum mechanical study of the stability of SnO sub 2 nanocrystalline grains

    CERN Document Server

    Mazzone, A M


    The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the instability which is observed, under operative conditions, in SnO sub 2 nanocrystalline materials. To this end, the binding and fragmentation energies of SnO sub 2 crystalline grains have been evaluated quantum mechanically at the semi-empirical level using the extended Debye-Hueckel approximation. The size and shape of the grains, whose lattice has a rutile structure, are variable and a parametric search has been carried out on both quantities. The main result of this study is that the oxygen content, which depends on the grain structure, has a critical effect on its stability. This finding is supported by calculations for small homonuclear clusters formed by oxygen and tin.

  8. Thermal stability of silicon nanowires:atomistic simulation study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Liu Wen-Liang; Zhang Kai-Wang; Zhong Jian-Xin


    Using the Stillinger-Weber (SW) potential model, we investigate the thermal stability of pristine silicon nanowires based on classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. We explore the structural evolutions and the Lindemann indices of silicon nanowires at different temperatures in order to unveil atomic-level melting behaviour of silicon nanowires.The simulation results show that silicon nanowires with surface reconstructions have higher thermal stability than those without surface reconstructions, and that silicon nanowires with perpendicular dimmer rows on the two (100) surfaces have somewhat higher thermal stability than nanowires with parallel dimmer rows on the two (100) surfaces. Furthermore, the melting temperature of silicon nanowires increases as their diameter increases and reaches a saturation value close to the melting temperature of bulk silicon. The value of the Lindemann index for melting silicon nanowires is 0.037.

  9. A Review of Different Comparative Studies on Mobile Operating System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed Ali


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to discuss the different comparative studies on mobile operating system. From the last few years with the use of mobile, the mobile technology is also increasing at a fast speed. Now a day's different mobile phone companies are competing in the market each having its own hardware and software. Each company mobile phone has its own interface and they are looking to provide new features to their customers. Each company use different operating system like Apple using iOS, Samsung using Android and Nokia using Symbian. In this study we will give, you review of different comparative studies on mobile operating systems done by different authors.

  10. An experimental study on thermal stability of biodiesel fuel (United States)

    Zhu, Yiying

    Biodiesel fuel, as renewable energy, has been used in conventional diesel engines in pure form or as biodiesel/diesel blends for many years. However, thermal stability of biodiesel and biodiesel/diesel blends has been minimally explored. Aimed to shorten this gap, thermal stability of biodiesel is investigated at high temperatures. In this study, batch thermal stressing experiments of biodiesel fuel were performed in stainless steel coils at specific temperature and residence time range from 250 to 425 °C and 3 to 63 minutes, respectively. Evidence of different pathways of biodiesel fuel degradation is demonstrated chromatographically. It was found that biodiesel was stable at 275 °C for a residence time of 8 minutes or below, but the cis-trans isomerization reaction was observed at 28 minutes. Along with isomerization, polymerization also took place at 300 °C at 63 minutes. Small molecular weight products were detected at 350 °C at 33 minutes resulting from pyrolysis reactions and at 360 °C for 33 minutes or above, gaseous products were produced. The formed isomers and dimers were not stable, further decomposition of these compounds was observed at high temperatures. These three main reactions and the temperature ranges in which they occurred are: isomerization, 275--400 °C; polymerization (Diels-Alder reaction), 300--425 °C; pyrolysis reaction, ≥350 °C. The longer residence time and higher temperature resulted in greater decomposition. As the temperature increased to 425 °C, the colorless biodiesel became brownish. After 8 minutes, almost 84% of the original fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) disappeared, indicating significant fuel decomposition. A kinetic study was also carried out subsequently to gain better insight into the biodiesel thermal decomposition. A three-lump model was proposed to describe the decomposition mechanism. Based on this mechanism, a reversible first-order reaction kinetic model for the global biodiesel decomposition was shown to

  11. Ultrasonic Studies of Emulsion Stability in the Presence of Magnetic Nanoparticles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Józefczak


    Full Text Available Pickering emulsions are made of solid particle-stabilized droplets suspended in an immiscible continuous liquid phase. A magnetic emulsion can be obtained using magnetic particles. Solid magnetic nanoparticles are adsorbed strongly at the oil-water interface and are able to stabilize emulsions of oil and water. In this work emulsions stabilized by magnetite nanoparticles were obtained using high-energy ultrasound waves and a cavitation mechanism and, next, their stability in time was tested by means of acoustic waves with a low energy, without affecting the structure. An acoustic study showed high stability in time of magnetic emulsions stabilized by magnetite particles. The study also showed a strong influence of an external magnetic field, which can lead to changes of the emulsion properties. It is possible to control Pickering emulsion stability with the help of an external stimulus—a magnetic field.

  12. Bank level stability factors and consumer confidence – a comparative study of Islamic and conventional banks’ product mix


    Hussein, Kassim


    This study examines the behaviour of key bank level stability factors of liquidity, capital, risk-taking and consumer confidence in Islamic and conventional banks which operate in the same market. Using fixed effect sample of 194 banks of Gulf Cooperating Countries between 2000 and 2007, we found that liquidity is not determined by bank’s product mix but rather attributed to systematic factors. However, non performing assets (representing loans to sub prime borrowers) have positive and signif...

  13. The Study of Stability of Compression-Loaded Multispan Composite Panel Upon Failure of Elements Binding it to Panel Supports (United States)

    Zamula, G. N.; Ierusalimsky, K. M.; Fomin, V. P.; Grishin, V. I.; Kalmykova, G. S.


    The present document is a final technical report carried out within co-operation between United States'NASA Langley RC and Russia's Goskomoboronprom in aeronautics, and continues similar programs, accomplished in 1996, 1997, and 1998, respectively). The report provides results of "The study of stability of compression-loaded multispan composite panels upon failure of elements binding it to panel supports"; these comply with requirements established at TsAGI on 24 March 1998 and at NASA on 15 September 1998.

  14. Advanced research workshop "South Caucasus : making the best use of external assistance for stability building and for co-operation with NATO"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Leedu Kaitseministeeriumi poolt 22.-23. septembrini 2003 Vilniuses korraldatud seminaril "South Caucasus: making the best use of external assistance for stability building and for co-operation with NATO" arutati, kas ja kuidas on Lõuna-Kaukaasia regioonis võimalik rakendada Balti riikide julgeolekualase koostöö kogemusi

  15. Advanced research workshop "South Caucasus : making the best use of external assistance for stability building and for co-operation with NATO"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Leedu Kaitseministeeriumi poolt 22.-23. septembrini 2003 Vilniuses korraldatud seminaril "South Caucasus: making the best use of external assistance for stability building and for co-operation with NATO" arutati, kas ja kuidas on Lõuna-Kaukaasia regioonis võimalik rakendada Balti riikide julgeolekualase koostöö kogemusi

  16. Parametric Optimization of Some Critical Operating System Functions--An Alternative Approach to the Study of Operating Systems Design (United States)

    Sobh, Tarek M.; Tibrewal, Abhilasha


    Operating systems theory primarily concentrates on the optimal use of computing resources. This paper presents an alternative approach to teaching and studying operating systems design and concepts by way of parametrically optimizing critical operating system functions. Detailed examples of two critical operating systems functions using the…

  17. Feasibility study report for the 200-BP-1 operable unit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This feasibility study examines a range of alternatives and provides recommendations for selecting a preferred alternative for remediating contamination at the 200-BP-1 operable unit. The 200-BP-1 operable unit is located in the center of the Hanford Site along the northern boundary of the 200 East Area. The 241-BY Tank Farm is located immediately to the south of the operable unit. 200-BP-1 is a source operable unit with contaminated soils associated primarily with nine inactive cribs (known as the 216-B cribs). These cribs were used for disposal of low-level radioactive liquid waste from U Plant uranium recovery operations, and waste storage tank condensate from the adjacent 241-BY Tank Farm. The cribs used for disposal of U Plant waste were in operation from 1955--1965, and the cribs used for disposal of tank condensate were in operation from 1965--1975. In addition to the cribs, four unplanned releases of radioactive materials have occurred within the operable unit. Contaminated surface soils associated with the unplanned releases have been consolidated over the cribs and covered with clean soil to reduce contaminant migration and exposure. Discharge of wastes to the cribs has resulted in soil and groundwater contamination. The groundwater is being addressed as part of the 200 East Aggregate Area, groundwater operable unit. Contaminated soils at the site can be categorized by the types of contaminants, their distribution in the soil column, and the risk posed by the various potential exposure pathways. Below the clean soil cover, the near surface soils contain low-levels of contamination with cesium-137, radium-226, strontium-90, thorium-228, and uranium. The lifetime incremental cancer risk associated with these soils if they were exposed at the surface is 9{times}10{sup {minus}5}.

  18. Rule Extraction in Transient Stability Study Using Linear Decision Trees

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN Hongbin; WANG Kang; ZHANG Boming; ZHAO Feng


    Traditional operation rules depend on human experience, which are relatively fixed and difficult to fulfill the new demand of the modern power grid. In order to formulate suitable and quickly refreshed operation rules, a method of linear decision tree based on support samples is proposed for rule extraction in this paper. The operation rules extracted by this method have advantages of refinement and intelligence, which helps the dispatching center meet the requirement of smart grid construction.

  19. The study of the emission frequency control system stability in hydropulse generator (United States)

    Kapelyuhovskiy, Andrey A.; Kapelyuhovskaya, Alexandra A.; Stepanova, Elena P.


    During a low-frequency acoustic treatment of the oil-bearing formation, downhole hydraulic vibrators are used. Their efficient operation is possible when using the automatic frequency control system due to the change of the expenditure pump flow rate. A long hydraulic line specifies additional requirements to the parameters of the control system in terms of its stability. The stability of a control system using the Nyquist criterion is made. Approximating the delay by the second degree of the Pade polynomial, the stability region is determined by the D-decomposition method. The dependence of the critical delay on the system transfer ratio is found out.

  20. Self moving patients to the operation theatre - a pilot study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Qvarfordh, Anna Pernilla; Rovsing, Marie Louise; Esbensen, Bente Appel


    The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate patients' satisfaction with walking to the operation theatre instead of being driven in a bed or wheel chair, and to identify the need for information. In total, 75 patients (aged 15-83 years) participated in the study. A questionnaire...

  1. Study on Market Stability and Price Limit of Chinese Stock Index Futures Market: An Agent-Based Modeling Perspective. (United States)

    Xiong, Xiong; Nan, Ding; Yang, Yang; Yongjie, Zhang


    This paper explores a method of managing the risk of the stock index futures market and the cross-market through analyzing the effectiveness of price limits on the Chinese Stock Index 300 futures market. We adopt a cross-market artificial financial market (include the stock market and the stock index futures market) as a platform on which to simulate the operation of the CSI 300 futures market by changing the settings of price limits. After comparing the market stability under different price limits by appropriate liquidity and volatility indicators, we find that enhancing price limits or removing price limits both play a negative impact on market stability. In contrast, a positive impact exists on market stability if the existing price limit is maintained (increase of limit by10%, down by 10%) or it is broadened to a proper extent. Our study provides reasonable advice for a price limit setting and risk management for CSI 300 futures.

  2. Study on Market Stability and Price Limit of Chinese Stock Index Futures Market: An Agent-Based Modeling Perspective.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiong Xiong

    Full Text Available This paper explores a method of managing the risk of the stock index futures market and the cross-market through analyzing the effectiveness of price limits on the Chinese Stock Index 300 futures market. We adopt a cross-market artificial financial market (include the stock market and the stock index futures market as a platform on which to simulate the operation of the CSI 300 futures market by changing the settings of price limits. After comparing the market stability under different price limits by appropriate liquidity and volatility indicators, we find that enhancing price limits or removing price limits both play a negative impact on market stability. In contrast, a positive impact exists on market stability if the existing price limit is maintained (increase of limit by10%, down by 10% or it is broadened to a proper extent. Our study provides reasonable advice for a price limit setting and risk management for CSI 300 futures.

  3. Studies of iso-alpha-acids : analysis, purification, and stability.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Khatib, Alfi


    The female cones of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) are added to beer, providing taste and flavour and contributing to the stability of foam. The main constituents of hop related to these properties are generically known as alpha-acids. During the brewing process, these acids are isomerized, resulting in

  4. Studies of iso-alpha-acids : analysis, purification, and stability.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Khatib, Alfi


    The female cones of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) are added to beer, providing taste and flavour and contributing to the stability of foam. The main constituents of hop related to these properties are generically known as alpha-acids. During the brewing process, these acids are isomerized, resulting in t

  5. Nitrate to ammonia ceramic (NAC) bench scale stabilization study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Caime, W.J.; Hoeffner, S.L. [RUST - Clemson Technical Center, Anderson, SC (United States)


    Department of Energy (DOE) sites such as the Hanford site, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), Savannah River site, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have large quantities of sodium-nitrate based liquid wastes. A process to reduce the nitrates to ammonia has been developed at ORNL. This technology creates a sludge lower in nitrates. This report describes stabilization possibilities of the sludge.

  6. Physico-Chemical Stability Studies of Neem (Azadirachta indica ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Nekky Umera

    stability is not a problem for neem oil in a vanishing cream base formulation. Keywords: ... widely distributed in many countries of the world, it is believed that Indians .... application for the data at first month of determination and 12th month.

  7. Locus of Control and Marital Stability: A Longitudinal Study. (United States)

    Constantine, John A.; Bahr, Stephen J.


    Investigated relationship between locus of control and marital stability of young men. Factors derived from locus of control measures included leadership, personal, and fate scales. Results indicated the only significant difference was on the leadership scale between men remaining married and those who did not. (RC)

  8. Fundamental Study of Emulsions Stabilized by Soft and Rigid Particles. (United States)

    Li, Zifu; Harbottle, David; Pensini, Erica; Ngai, To; Richtering, Walter; Xu, Zhenghe


    Two distinct uniform hybrid particles, with similar hydrodynamic diameters and comparable zeta potentials, were prepared by copolymerizing N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) and styrene. These particles differed in their styrene to NIPAM (S/N) mass ratios of 1 and 8 and are referred to as S/N 1 and S/N 8, respectively. Particle S/N 1 exhibited a typical behavior of soft particles; that is, the particles shrank in bulk aqueous solutions when the temperature was increased. As a result, S/N 1 particles were interfacially active. In contrast, particle S/N 8 appeared to be rigid in response to temperature changes. In this case, the particles showed a negligible interfacial activity. Interfacial shear rheology tests revealed the increased rigidity of the particle-stabilized film formed at the heptane-water interface by S/N 1 than S/N 8 particles. As a result, S/N 1 particles were shown to be better emulsion stabilizers and emulsify a larger amount of heptane, as compared with S/N 8 particles. The current investigation confirmed a better performance of emulsion stabilization by soft particles (S/N 1) than by rigid particles (S/N 8), reinforcing the importance of controlling softness or deformability of particles for the purpose of stabilizing emulsions.

  9. Studies on Thermal Stability and Fluid Property of PVC Filled with Hydrotalcite

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Hydrotalcite can act as a co-stabilizer with other main stabilizer for poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC). The thermal stability and fluid property of PVC filled with hydrotalcite surface-treated with titanate and silane were studied in this work. Organic Sn is a main stabilizer and hydrotalcite is a stabilizing assistant. The stability of the PVC resin mixed with organic Sn and hydrotalcite is better than that of the PVC resin mixed with organic Sn alone. It is shown that the PVC resin filled with hydrotalcite possesses a better static and dynamic heat stability. Moreover, hydrotalcite can improve the fluid property of PVC, which is advantageous to the processing of PVC, and the optimum content of hydrotalcite is about 1%-2%(mass fraction).

  10. Operating theatre nurses' perceptions of competence: a focus group study. (United States)

    Gillespie, Brigid M; Chaboyer, Wendy; Wallis, Marianne; Chang, Hsiao-Yun Annie; Werder, Helen


    This paper is a report of a study exploring nurses' perceptions of the components of competence in the operating theatre. Competency Standards for operating theatre practice are used in some countries to guide clinical and professional behaviours. The need for competence assessment has been enshrined, but the conceptualization and agreement about what signifies competence in Operating Theatre has been lacking. Three focus groups were conducted with 27 operating theatre nurses in three major metropolitan hospitals in Queensland, Australia. Interviews were audio taped and field notes were taken. Data were collected during 2008. Thematic analysis was performed. From the analysis of the textual data, three themes were identified: 'coalescence of theoretical, practical, situational and aesthetic knowledge within a technocratic environment'; 'the importance of highly developed communication skills among teams of divergent personalities and situations'; and 'managing and coordinating the flow of the list'. These findings have identified that competence in respect to components of knowledge, teamwork and communication, and the ability to coordinate and manage are important and should be incorporated in operating theatre Competency Standards. Additionally, findings may assist in the development of an instrument to measure operating nurses' perceived competence.

  11. A proposal for studying off-shell stability of vacuum geometries in string theory

    CERN Document Server

    Suneeta, V


    We briefly review studies of off-shell stability of vacuum geometries in semiclassical gravity. We propose a study of off-shell stability of vacua in string theory by a distinct, though somewhat related approach -- by studying their stability under suitable world-sheet sigma model renormalization group (RG) flows. Stability under RG flow is a mathematically well-posed and tractable problem in many cases, as we illustrate through examples. The advantage is that we can make definite predictions about late time behaviour and endpoints of off-shell processes in string theory. This is a contribution to the proceedings of Theory Canada 4, CRM Montreal.

  12. Modeling, Analysis and Design of Feedback Operational Amplifier for Undergraduate Studies in Electrical Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Han Yang


    Full Text Available The analog electronics is a challenging subject for undergraduate students in electrical engineering, due to the complex combination of many previous subjects, such as linear circuit analysis, signal and system, linear control theory and some sort of mathematics. This paper presents the modeling, analysis and design of the operational amplifier, which is used as benchmark system for analog electronics, for undergraduate studies in electrical engineering. Followed by the introduction of the operation amplifier circuit, the design of feedback network for the operational amplifier using MATLAB is presented. The bandwidth and sensitivity analysis for the feedback control loop are also discussed. In order to enhance the stability margin and dynamic characteristics of the operational amplifier, the lead compensator is designed for the feedback loop by adding capacitive component to the feedback resistive network. The presented analysis and design method of the operational amplifier by using MATLAB/SIMULINK can be highly effective to compliment the classroom teaching for circuit design courses for undergraduate studies in electrical engineering.

  13. Mechanical stability study of capture cavity II at Fermilab

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGee, M.W.; Pischalnikov, Y.; /Fermilab


    Problematic resonant conditions at both 18 Hz and 180 Hz were encountered and identified early during the commissioning of Capture Cavity II (CC2) at Fermilab. CC2 consists of an external vacuum vessel and a superconducting high gradient (close to 25 MV/m) 9-cell 1.3 GHz niobium cavity, transported from DESY for use in the A0 Photoinjector at Fermilab. An ANSYS modal finite element analysis (FEA) was performed in order to isolate the source of the resonance and directed the effort towards stabilization. Using a fast piezoelectric tuner to excite (or shake) the cavity at different frequencies (from 5 Hz to 250 Hz) at a low-range sweep for analysis purposes. Both warm (300 K) and cold (1.8 K) accelerometer measurements at the cavity were taken as the resonant ''fix'' was applied. FEA results, cultural and technical noise investigation, and stabilization techniques are discussed.

  14. Comparative study of probabilistic methodologies for small signal stability assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rueda, J.L.; Colome, D.G. [Universidad Nacional de San Juan (IEE-UNSJ), San Juan (Argentina). Inst. de Energia Electrica], Emails:,


    Traditional deterministic approaches for small signal stability assessment (SSSA) are unable to properly reflect the existing uncertainties in real power systems. Hence, the probabilistic analysis of small signal stability (SSS) is attracting more attention by power system engineers. This paper discusses and compares two probabilistic methodologies for SSSA, which are based on the two point estimation method and the so-called Monte Carlo method, respectively. The comparisons are based on the results obtained for several power systems of different sizes and with different SSS performance. It is demonstrated that although with an analytical approach the amount of computation of probabilistic SSSA can be reduced, the different degrees of approximations that are adopted, lead to deceptive results. Conversely, Monte Carlo based probabilistic SSSA can be carried out with reasonable computational effort while holding satisfactory estimation precision. (author)

  15. Experimental Study on the Dynamic Stability of the IXV Configuration


    Gülhan, Ali; Klevanski, Josef; Gawehn, Thomas


    Dynamic stability of the IXV configuration has been investigated using free oscillation measurement technique in the Trisonic Windtunnel (TMK). In the transonic Mach number range an escalating behavior of the pitching moment damping derivative has been observed, although the vehicle is statically stable. At Mach 0.8 the vehicle showed the most unstable behavior. The instability becomes weaker with increasing Mach number. At Mach number 1.1 the vehicle is only slight...

  16. [Study of the stability of current plaster substitutes]. (United States)

    Wruhs, O


    In connection with company independent test series the clinically required usefulness of four different modern plaster substitutes were examined. A comparison of breakage resistance, deformation and relation of price versus stability of plaster bandages were considered. The advantage of using these materials, especially in case of prolonged cast immobilization, is-despite of higher financial costs - more appropriate because of lower weight, increased durability and hygienical comfort for the patients.

  17. Study on modeling of vehicle dynamic stability and control technique

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GAO Yun-ting; LI Pan-feng


    In order to solve the problem of enhancing the vehicle driving stability and safety,which has been the hot question researched by scientific and engineering in the vehicle industry,the new control method was investigated.After the analysis of tire moving characteristics and the vehicle stress analysis,the tire model based on the extension pacejka magic formula which combined longitudinal motion and lateral motion was developed and a nonlinear vehicle dynamical stability model with seven freedoms was made.A new model reference adaptive control project which made the slip angle and yaw rate of vehicle body as the output and feedback variable in adjusting the torque of vehicle body to control the vehicle stability was designed.A simulation model was also built in Matlab/Simulink to evaluate this control project.It was made up of many mathematical subsystem models mainly including the tire model module,the yaw moment calculation module,the center of mass parameter calculation module,tire parameter calculation module of multiple and so forth.The severe lane change simulation result shows that this vehicle model and the model reference adaptive control method have an excellent performance.

  18. Experimental Study on Stability of Breakwaters with Penetrating Box Foundations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    别社安; 李伟; 李增志; 任增金; 及春宁


    The breakwater with top-sealed, shallow and wide penetrating box foundations is a new type of structure, applicable to deep water and soft seabed. The relations of horizontal and vertical bearing capacities of the box foundation structure as well as the instability-induced failure modes to its dimensions and external loads are discussed through static model tests and wave tests. The mechanical properties of the stability of the box foundation are similar to those of embedded rigid foundations, i.e. the vertical stresses at the bottom of the box are distributed in a linear pattern under the action of vertical loads, and passive and active soil pressures are developed at the front and back sides of the box under the action of horizontal loads; there are two instability-induced failure modes of the foundation structure-horizontal slide along the box base and tilting due to insufficient local vertical bearing capacity of the soil beneath the box base. The stability of box foundations can be analyzed by use of the methods applied to analysis of the embedded rigid foundations. To increase the width of the box is the most effective way to improve the stability of box foundations.

  19. Initial Stability Study of Calcium Phosphate Coated Dental Implants

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Thin film of biodegradable calcium phosphate coated on threaded commercially pure titanium( cp- Ti) dental implants has been investigated as one of alternatives to eliminate the problem of the long-term instability of plasma sprayed HA coated implants. In order to compare in-vivo hone-to-implant response behavior among as-machined, HA coated and CMP coated groups, each group was implanted into New Zealand white mature male rabbits for 2 and 6 weeks, and then in- vivo biological behavior was examined in terms of H&E staining. Initial stability and removable torques of implants were compared among three groups. Measured removable torque of CMP coated specimen at 6 wceks after implantation was significantly higher than that of non-coated group, but slightly lower than that of HA coated group, without any inflammatory response at the surrounding of the implants. The initial stability (ISQ value; implant stability quotient ) of CMP coated specimen at 2 weeks after implantation was slightly lower than that of HA coated group and significantly higher than that of non-coated group. However, after 6 weeks, ISQ value of CMP coated group was slightly higher than that of HA coated group and significantly higher than that of non-coated group.

  20. Model Used for Dynamic Stability Studies in 5 Foot Free-Flight Tunnel (United States)


    Model mounted in the 5-Foot Free-Flight Tunnel. This wind tunnel was used to study the dynamic stability and control characteristics of aircraft in flight. The test section of the tunnel could be tilted to permit the model to fly without restraint when sufficient lift was produced by its wings. During free-flight tests, the tunnel test technique required two engineers. One engineer stood at the side of the test section and controlled the tunnel airspeed and tilt angle while attempting to maintain the airstream relative to the model. The second engineer controlled the airplane model remotely via small wires attached to control surface actuators. The pilot stood behind the tunnel propeller and viewed the rear of the model in flight and assessed its stability and control characteristics for various test conditions. His control box can be seen at the bottom of the picture. The tunnel was authorized in 1936 and was operational in April 1937. Construction cost was $120,000. This exploratory facility was superseded by a larger 12-ft free-flight tunnel in 1939.

  1. A Parametric Study on Using Active Debris Removal to Stabilize the Future LEO Debris Environment (United States)

    Liou, J.C.


    Recent analyses of the instability of the orbital debris population in the low Earth orbit (LEO) region and the collision between Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251 have reignited the interest in using active debris removal (ADR) to remediate the environment. There are; however, monumental technical, resources, operational, legal, and political challenges in making economically viable ADR a reality. Before a consensus on the need for ADR can be reached, a careful analysis of the effectiveness of ADR must be conducted. The goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of using ADR to preserve the future environment and to guide its implementation to maximize the benefit-cost ratio. This paper describes a comprehensive sensitivity study on using ADR to stabilize the future LEO debris environment. The NASA long-term, orbital debris evolutionary model, LEGEND, is used to quantify the effects of many key parameters. These parameters include (1) the starting epoch of ADR implementation, (2) various target selection criteria, (3) the benefits of collision avoidance maneuvers, (4) the consequence of targeting specific inclination or altitude regimes, (5) the consequence of targeting specific classes of vehicles, and (6) the timescale of removal. Additional analyses on the importance of postmission disposal and how future launches might affect the requirements to stabilize the environment are also included.

  2. Assessing the Flipped Classroom in Operations Management: A Pilot Study (United States)

    Prashar, Anupama


    The author delved into the results of a flipped classroom pilot conducted for an operations management course module. It assessed students' perception of a flipped learning environment after making them experience it in real time. The classroom environment was construed using a case research approach and students' perceptions were studied using…

  3. Acquisition of Operational Environmental Literacy in Social Studies Course (United States)

    Fidan, Nuray Kurtdede; Ay, Tugba Selanik


    Environmental literacy can be defined as having necessary perceptions and competency of health and environmental systems and as being active in developing necessary acts about them. Individuals are expected to use their knowledge and concepts in daily life. The aim of this study is to determine students' views about operational environmental…

  4. Gynaecological surgical training in the operating room : an exploratory study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Houwen, Clasien; Boor, Klarke; Essed, Gerard G. M.; Boendermaker, Peter M.; Scherpbier, Albert A. J. J. A.; Scheele, Fedde


    Objective: One of the challenging goals of gynaecological education is preparing trainees for independent practice of surgery. Research, however, on how to acquire surgical skills in the operating room safely, effectively and efficiently is scarce. We performed this study to explore trainers' and tr

  5. C++ and operating systems performance - A case study (United States)

    Russo, Vincent F.; Madany, Peter W.; Campbell, Roy H.


    Object-oriented design and programming has many software engineering advantages. Its application to large systems, however, has previously been constrained by performance concerns. The Choices operating system, which has over 75,000 lines of code, is object-oriented and programmed in C++. This paper is a case study of the performance of Choices.

  6. Problem Analyses in the Operation of Stability Control Equipment in Ningdong Power Plant%宁东电厂安稳装置运行问题分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper introduces the functions of the stability control equipment in Guohua Ningdong Power Plant.The possible problems in the operation of the stability control equipment in the 330kv substation wring mode are analyzed and the corresponding measures are proposed.%简要介绍了国华宁东电厂安稳装置的作用、功能。针对宁东电厂330KV变电站接线方式,对安稳装置运行中可能出现的问题进行了分析并提出了解决方案。

  7. A prospective single center study to assess the impact of surgical stabilization in patients with rib fracture. (United States)

    Khandelwal, Gaurav; Mathur, R K; Shukla, Sumit; Maheshwari, Ankur


    To compare the intensity of pain and duration of return to normal activity in patients with rib fractures treated with surgical stabilization with plating versus conventional treatment modalities. This study was conducted over a 12 month period. Patients with rib fractures were assessed by numerical pain scale. Patients having pain scale less than 5 were excluded from study. Patients having pain scale of 5 or more than 5 were treated with conventional treatment for next 10 days. On 11th day patients were again assessed by numerical pain scale and patients having score less than 5 were excluded from study. Patients having pain scale of 5, 6, and 7 were treated with conventional treatment and patients having pain scale of 8, 9, and 10 were selected for operative management. Operative and control group were compared on basis of intensity of pain and duration of return to normal activity. Follow up was done on 5, 15, and 30 post operative day. There was less pain in operative group as compared to control group. Mean rib fracture pain in operative group was 9.15, 2.31, 1.12 as compared to 6.25, 5.96, 4.50 in control group on 5, 15 and 30 post operative days. Also there was early return to normal activity in operative group. Surgical stabilization of rib fracture, an underutilized intervention is better than conventional conservative management in terms of both, decrease in intensity of pain and early return to normal activity. Copyright © 2011 Surgical Associates Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Suitability of voltage stability study methods for real-time assessment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Perez, Angel; Jóhannsson, Hjörtur; Vancraeyveld, Pieter;


    This paper analyzes the suitability of existing methods for long-term voltage stability assessment for real-time operation. An overview of the relevant methods is followed with a comparison that takes into account the accuracy, computational efficiency and characteristics when used for security...

  9. Experimental Study on Series Operation of Sliding Vane Pump and Centrifugal Pump

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tao Li


    Full Text Available A platform for sliding vane pump and centrifugal pump tests is installed to study the series operation of them under different characteristics of pipeline. Firstly, the sliding vane pump and the centrifugal pump work independently, and the performance is recorded. Then, the two types of pumps are combined together, with the sliding vane pump acting as the feeding pump. Comparison is made between the performance of the independently working pump and the performance of series operation pump. Results show that the system flow rate is determined by the sliding vane pump. In order to ensure the stability of the series operation pumping system, the energy consumption required by the pipeline under the system flow should be greater than the pressure energy centrifugal pump can generate. Otherwise, the centrifugal pump can not operate stably, with reflux, swirl, gas-liquid two-phase flow in the runner and strong vibration and noise. The sliding vane pump can be in serial operation with the centrifugal pump under limited conditions.

  10. Ideal Stabilization

    CERN Document Server

    Nesterenko, Mikhail


    We define and explore the concept of ideal stabilization. The program is ideally stabilizing if its every state is legitimate. Ideal stabilization allows the specification designer to prescribe with arbitrary degree of precision not only the fault-free program behavior but also its recovery operation. Specifications may or may not mention all possible states. We identify approaches to designing ideal stabilization to both kinds of specifications. For the first kind, we state the necessary condition for an ideally stabilizing solution. On the basis of this condition we prove that there is no ideally stabilizing solution to the leader election problem. We illustrate the utility of the concept by providing examples of well-known programs and proving them ideally stabilizing. Specifically, we prove ideal stabilization of the conflict manager, the alternator, the propagation of information with feedback and the alternating bit protocol.

  11. Evaluation of implant stabilization in tubercular Spondylodiscitis: a prospective study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharath Kumar Maila


    Results: Mechanical failure of the implant was the most commonly encountered complication. Neurological complications included progressive neurologic deterioration, hoarseness of voice, cauda equina syndrome, foot drop. Persistent worsening of pain, DVT and pressure ulcers were the complications encountered that are not specific to a region of spine. Conclusions: Stabilization is not without complications in tubercular spine. But with strict adherence to guidelines the complications can be minimal and are not dismal. [Int J Res Med Sci 2015; 3(10.000: 2647-2653

  12. Stability study of saturated red polymer light-emitting diodes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XU Wei; PENG JunBiao; XU YunHua; WANG Jian; HUANG Zhe; NIU QiaoLi; CAO Yong


    Saturated red polymer light-emitting diodes have been fabricated with a single emitting polymer blend layer of poly[2-(2-ethylhexyloxy)-5-methoxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene](MEH-PPV)and poly[9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-4,7-di-2-thienyl-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole](PFO-DBT15).Saturated red emission with the Commission Internationale de I'Eclairage(CIE)coordinates of(0.67,0.33)was obtained.The device stability was investigated.The results showed that energy transfer occurred from MEH-PPV to PFO-DBT15,and MEH-PPV improved the hole injection and transportation.

  13. Cervical stability training with and without core stability training for patients with cervical disc herniation: A randomized, single-blind study. (United States)

    Buyukturan, B; Guclu-Gunduz, A; Buyukturan, O; Dadali, Y; Bilgin, S; Kurt, E E


    This study aims at evaluating and comparing the effects of cervical stability training to combined cervical and core stability training in patients with neck pain and cervical disc herniation. Fifty patients with neck pain and cervical disc herniation were included in the study, randomly divided into two groups as cervical stability and cervical-core stability. Training was applied three times a week in three phases, and lasted for a total duration of 8 weeks. Pain, activation and static endurance of deep cervical flexor muscles, static endurance of neck muscles, cross-sectional diameter of M. Longus Colli, static endurance of trunk muscles, disability and kinesiophobia were assessed. Pain, activation and static endurance of deep cervical flexors, static endurance of neck muscles, cross-sectional diameter of M. Longus Colli, static endurance of trunk muscles, disability and kinesiophobia improved in both groups following the training sessions (p stability group produced a greater increase in the right transverse diameter of M. Longus Colli (p core stability group (p stability training provided benefit to patients with cervical disc herniation. The addition of core stability training did not provide any additional significant benefit. Further research is required to investigate the efficacy of combining other techniques with cervical stability training in patients with cervical disc herniation. Both cervical stability training and its combination with core stability training were significantly and similarly effective on neck pain and neck muscle endurance in patients with cervical disc herniation. © 2017 European Pain Federation - EFIC®.

  14. Studies on the stability of iodine compounds in iodized salt. (United States)

    KELLY, F C


    Contributions made by five groups of investigators to the knowledge of the stability of different iodine compounds in salt, and of the extent of the losses of iodine which may occur when iodized salt is exposed to different conditions of storage and use, are discussed by the author.STABILITY OF THE IODINE COMPONENT IN IODIZED SALT IS DETERMINED BY: (1) moisture content of the salt and humidity of the atmosphere; (2) light, heat, and other meteorological factors; (3) impurities in the salt; (4) acidity or alkalinity of the mixture; and (5) the form in which iodine is present.When potassium iodide or sodium iodide is used as the iodizing agent, the iodide content of the salt will remain constant and its distribution will remain uniform for many months if the salt is packed dry in a container with an impervious lining and kept dry, preferably in a cool place and away from strong light. When these conditions cannot be met, it is desirable to iodize salt with potassium iodate. Under adverse conditions of moisture, heat, and sunlight, the iodine content of salt iodized with potassium iodate remains relatively constant.

  15. Stability studies of isothiocyanates and nitriles in aqueous media

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vijitra Luang-In


    Full Text Available This is the first report to assess the stability of authentic commercial isothiocyanates and nitriles incubated anaerobically at 37 °C over 24 hrs in various aqueous solutions including nutrient broths with/without the presence of bacterial cells, and to assess the stability of these isothiocyanates in different buffers of pH 7.0 (Tris-Cl, phosphate buffer saline, and citrate phosphate buffer without bacterial cells. The presence of bacterial cells contributed to accelerating decline of both isothiocyanates and nitriles in nutrient broths with greater effects on isothiocyanates as analysed by GC-MS. Allyl nitrile was most unstable in nutrient broths and allylisothiocyanate was most unstable with cell incubation whereas erucin and allylisothiocyanate were most unstable without cells. The decline of isothiocyanates was more rapid in buffers than in deionized water and allylisothiocyanate was the most unstable in most buffers. Our results present a possible explanation for the detection of the less than expected levels of isothiocyanate production upon glucosinolate metabolism in media or buffers.

  16. Study of global stability of tall buildings with prestressed slabs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. A. Feitosa

    Full Text Available The use of prestressed concrete flat slabs in buildings has been increasing in recent years in the Brazilian market. Since the implementation of tall and slender buildings a trend in civil engineering and architecture fields, arises from the use of prestressed slabs a difficulty in ensuring the overall stability of a building without beams. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the main bracing systems used in this type of building, namely pillars in formed "U" in elevator shafts and stairs, and pillars in which the lengths are significantly larger than their widths, was elaborated a computational models of fictional buildings, which were processed and analyzed using the software CAD/TQS. From the variation of parameters such as: geometry of the pillars, thick slabs, characteristic strength of the concrete, reduceofthe coefficient of inertia for consideration of non-linearities of the physical elements, stiffness of the connections between slabs and pillars, among others, to analyze the influence of these variables on the overall stability of the building from the facing of instability parameter Gama Z, under Brazilian standard NBR 6118, in addition to performing the processing of building using the P-Delta iterative calculation method for the same purpose.

  17. A community-based study of asthenopia in computer operators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhanderi Dinesh


    Full Text Available Context: There is growing body of evidence that use of computers can adversely affect the visual health. Considering the rising number of computer users in India, computer-related asthenopia might take an epidemic form. In view of that, this study was undertaken to find out the magnitude of asthenopia in computer operators and its relationship with various personal and workplace factors. Aims: To study the prevalence of asthenopia among computer operators and its association with various epidemiological factors. Settings and Design: Community-based cross-sectional study of 419 subjects who work on computer for varying period of time. Materials and Methods: Four hundred forty computer operators working in different institutes were selected randomly. Twenty-one did not participate in the study, making the nonresponse rate 4.8%. Rest of the subjects (n = 419 were asked to fill a pre-tested questionnaire, after obtaining their verbal consent. Other relevant information was obtained by personal interview and inspection of workstation. Statistical Analysis Used: Simple proportions and Chi-square test. Results: Among the 419 subjects studied, 194 (46.3% suffered from asthenopia during or after work on computer. Marginally higher proportion of asthenopia was noted in females compared to males. Occurrence of asthenopia was significantly associated with age of starting use of computer, presence of refractive error, viewing distance, level of top of the computer screen with respect to eyes, use of antiglare screen and adjustment of contrast and brightness of monitor screen. Conclusions: Prevalence of asthenopia was noted to be quite high among computer operators, particularly in those who started its use at an early age. Individual as well as work-related factors were found to be predictive of asthenopia.

  18. The general as statesman : exploring the professional need for commanders to support viable political outcomes in peace and stability operations as typified by the UK military approach


    Lovelock, R


    The problem of theatre level politico-military arrangements during peace and stability operations is important because the intervening actors, working in complex and often ambiguous circumstances, need to calibrate the application of military and political means as a coherent interdependent whole. This is necessary in order to build peace, secure viable political outcomes and hence strategic successes; however it is not easy in practice. This thesis examines the hypothesis that, beyond their ...

  19. Stability and Change in Work Values: A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies (United States)

    Jin, Jing; Rounds, James


    A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies was conducted to investigate stability and change in work values across the life span. Both rank-order stability and mean-level change were investigated using an integrative classification for intrinsic, extrinsic, social and status work values (Ross, Schwartz, & Surkis, 1999). Results of rank-order…

  20. Radioactive Holmium Acetylacetonate Microspheres for Interstitial Microbrachytherapy: An In Vitro and In Vivo Stability Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bult, W.; De Leeuw, H.; Steinebach, O.M.; Van der Bom, M.J.; Wolterbeek, H.T.; Heeren, R.M.A.; Bakker, C.J.G.; Van het Schip, A.D.; Hennink, W.E.; Nijsen, F.W.


    Purpose The clinical application of holmium acetylacetonate microspheres (HoAcAcMS) for the intratumoral radionuclide treatment of solid malignancies requires a thorough understanding of their stability. Therefore, an in vitro and an in vivo stability study with HoAcAcMS was conducted. Methods

  1. Radioactive holmium acetylacetonate microspheres for interstitial microbrachytherapy : an in vitro and in vivo stability study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bult, Wouter; de Leeuw, Hendrik; Steinebach, Olav M; van der Bom, Martijn J; Wolterbeek, Hubert Th; Heeren, Ron M A; Bakker, Chris J G; van Het Schip, Alfred D; Hennink, Wim E; Nijsen, J Frank W


    PURPOSE: The clinical application of holmium acetylacetonate microspheres (HoAcAcMS) for the intratumoral radionuclide treatment of solid malignancies requires a thorough understanding of their stability. Therefore, an in vitro and an in vivo stability study with HoAcAcMS was conducted. METHODS: HoA

  2. Study of efficiency of USAR operations with assistive technologies


    Hamp, Quirin; Gorgis, Omar; Labenda, Patrick; Neumann, Marc; Predki, Thomas; Heckes, Leif; Kleiner, Alexander; Reindl, Leonard


    This paper presents presents a study on eciency of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) missions that has been carried out within the framework of the German research project I-LOV. After three years of development, first field tests have been carried out in 2011 by professionals such as the Rapid Deployment Unit for Salvage Operations Abroad (SEEBA). We present results from evaluating search teams in simulated USAR scenarios equipped with newly developed technical search means and digital data inp...

  3. Stability in Organic Milk Farm Prices: A Comparative Study


    Su, Ye; Brown, Scott; Cook, Michael L.


    The organic milk pay price is more stable year round and increases every year. However, the conventional milk price varies within the year and from year to year. As an emerging segment of the milk industry, consumer demand for organic milk is increasing rapidly. The growth in demand relative to supply provides organic milk producers and processors large premiums over the conventional milk price. Many conventional dairy farms have converted to organic operations for the more stable price. The ...

  4. Hardiness as a predictor of mental health and well-being of Australian army reservists on and after stability operations. (United States)

    Orme, Geoffrey J; Kehoe, E James


    This study tested whether cognitive hardiness moderates the adverse effects of deployment-related stressors on health and well-being of soldiers on short-tour (4-7 months), peacekeeping operations. Australian Army reservists (N = 448) were surveyed at the start, end, and up to 24 months after serving as peacekeepers in Timor-Leste or the Solomon Islands. They retained sound mental health throughout (Kessler 10, Post-Traumatic Checklist-Civilian, Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 42). Ratings of either traumatic or nontraumatic stress were low. Despite range restrictions, scores on the Cognitive Hardiness Scale moderated the relationship between deployment stressors and a composite measure of psychological distress. Scatterplots revealed an asymmetric pattern for hardiness scores and measures of psychological distress. When hardiness scores were low, psychological distress scores were widely dispersed. However, when hardiness scores were higher, psychological distress scores became concentrated at a uniformly low level.

  5. Review article: review of behavioral operations experimental studies of newsvendor problems for operating room management. (United States)

    Wachtel, Ruth E; Dexter, Franklin


    Operating room (OR) managers must plan staffing in the face of uncertain demand for OR time. Planning too much staffing results in underutilized OR time. Planning too little staffing causes overutilized time, which is approximately twice as expensive as underutilized time. Deciding how much staffing to plan for an OR is analogous to the classic newsvendor problem in operations research. A newsvendor must decide how much product to order based on its cost c and sales price p, plus estimates of the uncertain future demand for the product. The newsvendor problem has a simple mathematical solution. The correct amount of product to order is the (p - c)/p quantile of the demand for the product. This optimal order quantity is analogous mathematically to the number of hours of OR time for which staffing should be planned. We performed a systematic review of the behavioral operations experimental literature on newsvendor problems relevant to OR management. Student volunteers participating in experimental studies have great difficulty knowing how much product to order, given c, p, and the demand distribution. Decision making is only modestly improved by more frequent feedback. Even scores of rounds of ordering are insufficient for much learning to occur. Suboptimal decisions result from innate psychological biases. Students anchor on mean demand, make insufficient adjustments, and rely disproportionately on the most recent demand values. The behavior of OR managers who plan staffing for the OR is analogous to that of students participating in a newsvendor experiment. Month after month, an OR manager will plan too little staffing for the surgeon who consistently ends the day late and too much staffing for the surgeon who consistently does not fill an OR. Experimental studies of the newsvendor problem provide mechanistic insights into the reasons that OR managers make poor decisions when planning OR staffing. The students face no organizational factors or personality issues


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nabarun Saha


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND The ‘floating shoulder’ is a rare injury consisting of ipsilateral fractures of the clavicle and glenoid neck. Although it may appear to be bony injury, studies suggest that ligamentous disruption associated with ipsilateral clavicle fracture and scapular neck fracture contributes to such entity. More commonly floating shoulder is defined as double disruption of the superior shoulder suspensory complex. Open reduction and internal fixation of both the fractures is the treatment of choice. We have made this study to assess clinical outcome after operative treatment of floating shoulder by DASH score. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a study of 10 cases of floating shoulder injury operated in the same sitting by anterior approach for fracture clavicle and Judet’s posterior approach for scapula fracture from Jan 2014 to Oct 2016. All cases were assessed with DASH score at the end of six months. RESULTS Results of our study shows that majority of patients had excellent to good results with improvement in DASH score from 92.8 to 16.8 at final follow up. No major complications. All patients had radiological signs of union at the end of 1 year. CONCLUSION Surgical intervention should be considered for all floating shoulder injuries. open reduction and internal fixation not only increases stability but also to improves functional outcome of the patient. DASH score is an effective method to assess clinicofunctional outcome in post-operative cases of floating shoulder.

  7. A pilot study of core stability and athletic performance: is there a relationship? (United States)

    Sharrock, Chris; Cropper, Jarrod; Mostad, Joel; Johnson, Matt; Malone, Terry


    Correlation study To objectively evaluate the relationship between core stability and athletic performance measures in male and female collegiate athletes. The relationship between core stability and athletic performance has yet to be quantified in the available literature. The current literature does not demonstrate whether or not core strength relates to functional performance. Questions remain regarding the most important components of core stability, the role of sport specificity, and the measurement of core stability in relation to athletic performance. A sample of 35 volunteer student athletes from Asbury College (NAIA Division II) provided informed consent. Participants performed a series of five tests: double leg lowering (core stability test), the forty yard dash, the T-test, vertical jump, and a medicine ball throw. Participants performed three trials of each test in a randomized order. Correlations between the core stability test and each of the other four performance tests were determined using a General Linear Model. Medicine ball throw negatively correlated to the core stability test (r -0.389, p=0.023). Participants that performed better on the core stability test had a stronger negative correlation to the medicine ball throw (r =-0.527). Gender was the most strongly correlated variable to core strength, males with a mean measurement of double leg lowering of 47.43 degrees compared to females having a mean of 54.75 degrees. There appears to be a link between a core stability test and athletic performance tests; however, more research is needed to provide a definitive answer on the nature of this relationship. Ideally, specific performance tests will be able to better define and to examine relationships to core stability. Future studies should also seek to determine if there are specific sub-categories of core stability which are most important to allow for optimal training and performance for individual sports.

  8. Airborne Precision Spacing for Dependent Parallel Operations Interface Study (United States)

    Volk, Paul M.; Takallu, M. A.; Hoffler, Keith D.; Weiser, Jarold; Turner, Dexter


    This paper describes a usability study of proposed cockpit interfaces to support Airborne Precision Spacing (APS) operations for aircraft performing dependent parallel approaches (DPA). NASA has proposed an airborne system called Pair Dependent Speed (PDS) which uses their Airborne Spacing for Terminal Arrival Routes (ASTAR) algorithm to manage spacing intervals. Interface elements were designed to facilitate the input of APS-DPA spacing parameters to ASTAR, and to convey PDS system information to the crew deemed necessary and/or helpful to conduct the operation, including: target speed, guidance mode, target aircraft depiction, and spacing trend indication. In the study, subject pilots observed recorded simulations using the proposed interface elements in which the ownship managed assigned spacing intervals from two other arriving aircraft. Simulations were recorded using the Aircraft Simulation for Traffic Operations Research (ASTOR) platform, a medium-fidelity simulator based on a modern Boeing commercial glass cockpit. Various combinations of the interface elements were presented to subject pilots, and feedback was collected via structured questionnaires. The results of subject pilot evaluations show that the proposed design elements were acceptable, and that preferable combinations exist within this set of elements. The results also point to potential improvements to be considered for implementation in future experiments.

  9. Stress degradation studies on citicoline sodium and development of a validated stability-indicating HPLC assay

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jimmi A Patel


    Full Text Available Aim: High performance liquid chromatography presents a useful aspect for the development of stability indicating assays. Objective of the current study was to establish inherent stability of citicoline sodium through stress studies under a variety of international conference on harmonization recommended test conditions and to develop a stability-indicating assay. Materials and Methods: Thermal stability studies were performed in a hot air oven (Hicon and photo stability studies were carried out under the sunlight. The chromatographic separations were carried out on a reverse phase phenomenox C18 (250 mm΄4.6 mm i.d., particle size 5 ΅m column. The chromatographic method was fine tuned using the sample generated from forced degradation studies. Mobile phase consists of mixture of buffer (potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate, tetra butyl ammonium, triethyl amine; pH 5.5; 0.002M and methanol (95:5, v/v. Results: Good resolution between the peaks corresponds to degradation products and the analyte was achieved on 5 ΅, 250 mm΄4.6 mm i.d., C18 column (Luna, phenomenox, USA. The method was validated for accuracy, precision, linearity, range, and selectivity. Conclusion: The study shows that citicoline sodium is a labile molecule in acid, oxidative, and alkali conditions. It is stable to light and dry heat. A stability-indicating method was developed and is recommended for analysis of the drug and degradation products in stability samples.

  10. Feasibility study for a transportation operations system cask maintenance facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rennich, M.J.; Medley, L.G.; Attaway, C.R.


    The US Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) is responsible for the development of a waste management program for the disposition of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level waste (HLW). The program will include a transportation system for moving the nuclear waste from the sources to a geologic repository for permanent disposal. Specially designed casks will be used to safely transport the waste. The cask systems must be operated within limits imposed by DOE, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the Department of Transportation (DOT). A dedicated facility for inspecting, testing, and maintaining the cask systems was recommended by the General Accounting Office (in 1979) as the best means of assuring their operational effectiveness and safety, as well as regulatory compliance. In November of 1987, OCRWM requested a feasibility study be made of a Cask Maintenance Facility (CMF) that would perform the required functions. 46 refs., 16 figs., 13 tabs.

  11. Study of Operating Parameters for Accelerated Anode Degradation in SOFCs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ploner, Alexandra; Hagen, Anke; Hauch, Anne


    Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications require lifetimes of several years on the system level. A big challenge is to demonstrate such exceptionally long lifetimes in ongoing R&D projects. Accelerated or compressed testing are alternative methods to obtain this. Activities in this area have been...... carried out without arriving at a generally accepted methodology. This is mainly due to the complexity of degradation mechanisms on the single SOFC components as function of operating parameters. In this study, we present a detailed analysis of approx. 180 durability tests regarding degradation of single...... SOFC components as function of operating conditions. Electrochemical impedance data were collected on the fresh and long-term tested SOFCs and used to de-convolute the individual losses of single SOFC cell components – electrolyte, cathode and anode. The main findings include a time-dependent effect...

  12. Guidelines for the practical stability studies of anticancer drugs: a European consensus conference. (United States)

    Bardin, C; Astier, A; Vulto, A; Sewell, G; Vigneron, J; Trittler, R; Daouphars, M; Paul, M; Trojniak, M; Pinguet, F


    Stability studies performed by the pharmaceutical industry are only designed to fulfill licensing requirements. Thus, post-dilution or -reconstitution stability data are frequently limited to 24h only for bacteriological reasons regardless of the true chemical stability which could, in many cases, be longer. In practice, the pharmacy-based centralized preparation may require infusions to be made several days in advance to provide, for example, the filling of ambulatory devices for continuous infusions or batch preparations for dose banding. Furthermore, a non-justified limited stability for expensive products is obviously very costly. Thus, there is a compelling need for additional stability data covering practical uses of anticancer drugs. A European conference consensus was held in France, May 2010, under the auspices of the French Society of Oncology Pharmacy (SFPO) to propose adapted rules on stability in practical situations and guidelines to perform corresponding stability studies. For each anticancer drug, considering their therapeutic index, the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) variability, specific clinical use and risks related to degradation products, the classical limit of 10% of degradation can be inappropriate. Therefore, acceptance limits must be clinically relevant and should be defined for each drug individually. Design of stability studies has to reflect the different needs of the clinical practice (preparation for the week-ends, outpatient transportations, implantable devices, dose banding…). It is essential to use validated stability-indicating methods, separating degradation products being formed in the practical use of the drug. Sequential temperature designs should be encouraged to replicate problems seen in daily practice such as rupture of the cold-chain or temperature-cycling between refrigerated storage and ambient in-use conditions. Stressed conditions are recommended to evaluate not only the role of classical variables (p

  13. Ergonomic study of an operator's work of a molybdenum plant. (United States)

    Oñate, Esteban; Meyer, Felipe


    This study was part of an ergonomic program which is being carried out through an agreement between the University of Concepción and a Chilean private mining company. The purpose of this case study was to identify working conditions in which the physical and mental workload could be over the capabilities of the operator. He was responsible for loading trucks with sacks of molybdenum and for downloading reagents and handles them. The methods employed in this study included electronic records, interviews, surveys, review of the company standards, a time study and physical and mental workload analysis. Results showed that 84% of the time the operator was carrying out principal and secondary activities and no break periods were detected. It was found that the pace of work and the shift system generated unfavorable conditions by imbalance in the workload on the different days of the week. In the light of the results recommendations were made for a number of ergonomic changes. Most of them were accepted by the company. The most important achievement was a change in the shift system. The overload of the operator was due to the fact that he was in a shift working 5 days and resting on weekends. The imbalance was mainly because the work of the week end was accumulated for Monday. As a result of the study, the company contracted a second worker for this job and adopted a 7x7 shift system, meaning that they work seven days and rest seven days. An evaluation carried out two month after adopting the new shift revealed that changes were well accepted by the worker.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nitish Kumar


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: This prospective randomized double blind study was conducted to evaluate the effect and safety of intrathecal dexmedetomidine added to isobaric ropivacaine. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 120 adult female patients, who underwent vaginal hysterectomies, were randomly allocated to receive intrathecally either 3 ml of 0.75% isobaric ropivacaine + 0.5 ml normal saline (Group R or 3 ml of 0.75% isobaric ropivacaine +5 μg dexmedetomidine in 0.5 ml of normal saline (Group D. Following intrathecal administration, duration of onset of sensory and motor blockade, maximum dermatomal level achieved, duration of analgesia, hemodynamic parameters and incidence of side effects were observed. RESULTS: Duration of onset of sensory block upto T10, T8 and the highest level of block achieved i. e. T6 were similar in both the groups. The mean time of sensory regression to S2 was 297.71±34.11 min in group D and 221.35±22.70 min in group R. Time to achieve Bromage score 0 was significantly slower with the addition of dexmedetomidine (229.37±28.74 min in group R vs. 258.55±30.46 min in group D. Duration of postoperative analgesia was significantly greater in group D (270.00±38.75 min as compared to group R (174.77±22.31 min. The maximum VAS score for pain was less in group D (4.42±0.69 as compared to group R (7.03±0.78. There were no significant difference in hemodynamic parameters and incidence of side effects in both the groups. CONCLUSION: The addition of dexmedetomidine to ropivacaine intrathecally produces significantly longer sensory and motor blockade along with better postoperative analgesia, and excellent hemodynamic stability without any significant side effects.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李培勇; 陈刚; 朱承谟


    Objective To evaluate in vivo stability of ethylenedylbis cysteine diethylester ( ECD ) brain SPECT. Methods Each of13 normal volunteers (31.2±11.8 years) has12 dynamic SPECT scans acquired in 60min 1h after an injection of 99mTc-ECD using a triple headed gamma camera equipped with ultra high resolution fan beam collimators. Average counts per pixel were measured from frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital regions, cerebellum, basal ganglia, thalamus and white matter. Regional ECD clearance rates, regional gray-to-white matter (G/W) ratios and the change of the G /W ratio were calculated. Results The average ECD clearance rate was 4.2%/h, ranged from 3.03%/h to 5.41%/h corresponding to white matter and occipital. There was no significant difference between regional ECD clearance rates. Regional G/W ratio was between 1.27 to 1.75. The G /W ratio of temporal lobe was lower than the occipital (P<0.05). The change of regional G /W ratio with time is slow. Cbnclusion Regional ECD distribution is stable in normal brain. ECD clearance from brain is slow and no significant regional difference.

  16. A study of slanted-edge MTF stability and repeatability (United States)

    Roland, Jackson K. M.


    The slanted-edge method of measuring the spatial frequency response (SFR) as an approximation of the modulation transfer function (MTF) has become a well known and widely used image quality testing method over the last 10 years. This method has been adopted by multiple international standards including ISO and IEEE. Nearly every commercially available image quality testing software includes the slanted-edge method and there are numerous open-source algorithms available. This method is one of the most important image quality algorithms in use today. This paper explores test conditions and the impacts they have on the stability and precision of the slanted-edge method as well as details of the algorithm itself. Real world and simulated data are used to validate the characteristics of the algorithm. Details of the target such as edge angle and contrast ratio are tested to determine the impact on measurement under various conditions. The original algorithm defines a near vertical edge so that errors introduced are minor but the theory behind the algorithm requires a perfectly vertical edge. A correction factor is introduced as a way to compensate for this problem. Contrast ratio is shown to have no impact on results in an absence of noise.

  17. Liquid Crystal Formation from Sunflower Oil: Long Term Stability Studies. (United States)

    da Rocha-Filho, Pedro Alves; Maruno, Mônica; Ferrari, Márcio; Topan, José Fernando


    The Brazilian biodiversity offers a multiplicity of raw materials with great potential in cosmetics industry applications. Some vegetable oils and fatty esters increase skin hydration by occlusivity, keeping the skin hydrated and with a shiny appearance. Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) oil is widely employed in cosmetic emulsions in the form of soaps, creams, moisturizers and skin cleansers due to the presence of polyphenols and its high vitamin E content. Liquid crystals are systems with many applications in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations and are easily detected by microscopy under polarized light due to their birefringence properties. The aim of this research was to develop emulsions from natural sunflower oil for topical uses. Sunflower oil (75.0% w/w) was combined with liquid vaseline (25.0% w/w) employing a natural self-emulsifying base (SEB) derivative. The high temperature of the emulsification process did not influence the antioxidant properties of sunflower oil. Fatty esters were added to cosmetic formulations and extended stability tests were performed to characterize the emulsions. Fatty esters like cetyl palmitate and cetyl ester increase the formation of anisotropic structures. O/W emulsions showed acidic pH values and pseudoplastic behavior. The presence of a lamellar phase was observed after a period of 90 days under different storage conditions.

  18. Liquid Crystal Formation from Sunflower Oil: Long Term Stability Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Alves da Rocha-Filho


    Full Text Available The Brazilian biodiversity offers a multiplicity of raw materials with great potential in cosmetics industry applications. Some vegetable oils and fatty esters increase skin hydration by occlusivity, keeping the skin hydrated and with a shiny appearance. Sunflower (Helianthus annus L. oil is widely employed in cosmetic emulsions in the form of soaps, creams, moisturizers and skin cleansers due to the presence of polyphenols and its high vitamin E content. Liquid crystals are systems with many applications in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations and are easily detected by microscopy under polarized light due to their birefringence properties. The aim of this research was to develop emulsions from natural sunflower oil for topical uses. Sunflower oil (75.0% w/w was combined with liquid vaseline (25.0% w/w employing a natural self-emulsifying base (SEB derivative. The high temperature of the emulsification process did not influence the antioxidant properties of sunflower oil. Fatty esters were added to cosmetic formulations and extended stability tests were performed to characterize the emulsions. Fatty esters like cetyl palmitate and cetyl ester increase the formation of anisotropic structures. O/W emulsions showed acidic pH values and pseudoplastic behavior. The presence of a lamellar phase was observed after a period of 90 days under different storage conditions.

  19. Synthesis and Stability of Iron Nanoparticles for Lunar Environment Studies (United States)

    Hung, Ching-cheh; McNatt, Jeremiah


    Simulant of lunar dust is needed when researching the lunar environment. However, unlike the true lunar dust, today s simulants do not contain nanophase iron. Two different processes have been developed to fabricate nanophase iron to be used as part of the lunar dust simulant: (1) Sequentially treating a mixture of ferric chloride, fluorinated carbon, and soda lime glass beads at about 300 C in nitrogen, at room temperature in air, and then at 1050 C in nitrogen. The product includes glass beads that are grey in color, can be attracted by a magnet, and contain alpha-iron nanoparticles (which seem to slowly lose their lattice structure in ambient air during a period of 12 months). This product may have some similarity to the lunar glassy regolith that contains Fe(sup 0). (2) Heating a mixture of carbon black and a lunar simulant (a mixed metal oxide that includes iron oxide) at 1050 C in nitrogen. This process simulates lunar dust reaction to the carbon in a micrometeorite at the time of impact. The product contains a chemically modified simulant that can be attracted by a magnet and has a surface layer whose iron concentration increased during the reaction. The iron was found to be alpha-iron and Fe3O4 nanoparticles, which appear to grow after the fabrication process, but stabilizes after 6 months of ambient air storage.

  20. MHD simulation studies of z-pinch shear flow stabilization (United States)

    Paraschiv, I.; Bauer, B. S.; Sotnikov, V. I.; Makhin, V.; Siemon, R. E.


    The development of the m=0 instability in a z-pinch in the presence of sheared plasma flows is investigated with the aid of a two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation code (MHRDR). The linear growth rates are compared to the results obtained by solving the ideal MHD linearized equations [1] and to the results obtained using a 3D hybrid simulation code [2]. The instability development is followed into the nonlinear regime where its growth and saturation are examined. [1] V.I. Sotnikov, I. Paraschiv, V. Makhin, B.S. Bauer, J.-N. Leboeuf, and J.M. Dawson, "Linear analysis of sheared flow stabilization of global magnetohydrodynamic instabilities based on the Hall fluid mode", Phys. Plasmas 9, 913 (2002). [2] V.I. Sotnikov, V. Makhin, B.S. Bauer, P. Hellinger, P. Travnicek, V. Fiala, J.-N. Leboeuf, "Hybrid Simulations of Current-Carrying Instabilities in Z-pinch Plasmas with Sheared Axial Flow", AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 651, Dense Z-Pinches: 5th International Conference on Dense Z-Pinches, edited by J. Davis et al., page 396, June 2002.

  1. Transverse beams stability studies at the Large Hadron Collider

    CERN Document Server

    Buffat, Xavier; Pieloni, Tatiana


    A charged particle beam travelling at the speed of light produces large electromagnetic wake fields which, through interactions with its surroundings, act back on the particles in the beam. This coupled system may become unstable, resulting in a deterioration of the beam quality. Such effects play a major role in most existing storage rings, as they limit the maximum performance achievable. In a collider, the presence of a second beam significantly changes the dynamics, as the electromagnetic interactions of the two beams on each other are usually very strong and may, also, limit the collider performances. This thesis treats the coherent stability of the two beams in a circular collider, including the effects of the electromagnetic wake fields and of the beam-beam interactions, with particular emphasis on CERN's Large Hadron Collider. As opposed to other colliders, this machine features a large number of bunches per beam each experiencing multiple long-range and head-on beam-beam interactions. Existing models...

  2. Implant Stability Changes during Early Phase of Healing:A Prospective Cohort Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Mesgarzadeh


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the stability changes as a reflection of early healing around roughened-surface implants in human by resonance frequency analysis (RFA.Materials and Methods: One hundred and fifty one ITI SLA implants were placed in either maxilla or mandible of 68 patients. Bone type was classified into 4 groups according to Lekholm and Zarb index. RFA was used for direct implant stability measurement on theday of implant placement, and at 14, 30 and 60 days after placement. Student t-test and ANOVA served for statistical analysis.Results: No early failure occurred. The highest and lowest primary stability was measured in type 1 and type 4 bone, respectively. Implant stability increased over time in types 3 and 4 bone but continuously decreased in type 1 bone during the first 60 days of healing.In type 2 a small decrease in stability was observed until 30 days, and after that the stability increased. The difference between implant stability in type 2 and type 4 bone at eachtime point was highly significant (P0.05. The effect of implant length and diameter on stability at different times was tested with mixed model ANOVA, and no significant difference among groups was observed (P>0.05Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that the pattern of stability changes was different among various bone types. With regard to primary stability and pattern of stability changes in types 2 and 3 bone, immediate and early loading protocols can be recommended in these two bone types, respectively.

  3. Mine operating accurate stability control with optical fiber sensing and Bragg grating technology: the BRITE-EURAM STABILOS project (United States)

    Ferdinand, Pierre; Ferragu, Olivier; Lechien, J. L.; Lescop, B.; Marty-DeWinter, Veronique; Rougeault, S.; Pierre, Guillaume; Renouf, C.; Jarret, Bertrand; Kotrotsios, Georges; Neuman, Victor; Depeursinge, Y.; Michel, J. B.; Van Uffelen, M.; Verbandt, Yves; Voet, Marc R. H.; Toscano, D.


    Recent developments of stability control in mines, essentially based on Ge-doped Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) are reported including results about the different aspects of the system: accurate characterizations of FBG, sensor network topology and multiplexing method, user interface design and sensor packaging.

  4. Real time and accelerated stability studies of Tetanus toxoid manufactured in public sector facilities of Pakistan. (United States)

    Parveen, Ghazala; Hussain, Shahzad; Malik, Farnaz; Begum, Anwar; Mahmood, Sidra; Raza, Naeem


    Tetanus is an acute illness represented by comprehensive increased inflexibility and spastic spasms of skeletal muscles. The poor quality tetanus toxoid vaccine can raise the prevalence of neonatal tetanus. WHO has taken numerous steps to assist national regulatory authorities and vaccine manufacturers to ensure its quality and efficacy. It has formulated international principles for stability evaluation of each vaccine, which are available in the form of recommendations and guidelines. The aim of present study was to ensure the stability of tetanus vaccines produced by National Institute of Health, Islamabad, Pakistan by employing standardized methods to ensure constancy of tetanus toxoid at elevated temperature, if during storage/transportation cold chain may not be maintained in hot weather. A total of three batches filled during full-scale production were tested. All Stability studies determination were performed on final products stored at 2-8°C and elevated temperatures in conformance with the ICH Guideline of Stability Testing of Biological Products. These studies gave comparison between real time shelf-life stability and accelerated stability studies. The findings indicate long﷓term thermo stability and prove that this tetanus vaccine can remain efficient under setting of routine use when suggested measures for storage and handling are followed in true spirit.

  5. Stabilization of liquid low-level and mixed wastes: a treatability study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carson, S.; Cheng, Yu-Cheng; Yellowhorse, L.; Peterson, P.


    A treatability study has been conducted on liquid low-level and mixed wastes using the stabilization agents Aquaset, Aquaset II, Aquaset II-H, Petroset, Petroset-H, and Petroset and Petroset II. A total of 40 different waste types with activities ranging from 10{sup {minus}14} to 10{sup {minus}4} curies/ml have been stabilized. Reported data for each waste include its chemical and radiological composition and the optimum composition or range of compositions (weight of agent/volume of waste) for each stabilization agent used. All wastes were successfully stabilized with one or more of the stabilization agents and all final waste forms passed the Paint Filter Liquids Test (EPA Method 9095).

  6. Effect of Operating Conditions on CSTR performance: an Experimental Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohd Danish


    Full Text Available In this work, Saponification reaction of ethyl acetate by sodium hydroxide is studied experimentally in a continuous stirred tank reactor at 1 atmospheric pressure. The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of operating conditions on the conversion and specific rate constant. The parameters considered for analysis are temperature, feed flow rate, residence time, volume of reactor and stirrer rate. The steady state conversion of 0.45 achieved after a period of 30 minutes. Conversion decreases with increase of reactant flow rate due to decrease of residence time. The stirrer rate has a positive effect on the conversion and rate constant. Specific rate constant and conversion increase with temperature within the studied temperature range. Within the range of reactor volume selected for analysis, conversion increases with increase in reactor volume. The results obtained in this study may be helpful in maximizing the conversion of ethyl acetate saponification reaction at industrial scale in a CSTR.

  7. Structure and Stability of Pt-Y Alloy Particles for Oxygen Reduction Studied by Electron Microscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Deiana, Davide; Wagner, Jakob Birkedal; Hansen, Thomas Willum


    Platinum-yttrium alloy nanoparticles show both a high activity and stability for the oxygen reduction reaction. The catalysts were prepared by magnetron sputter aggregation and mass filtration providing a model catalyst system with a narrow size distribution. The structure and stability...... of nanostructured Pt-Y alloy catalysts were studied using transmission electron microscopy techniques. Using elemental X-ray mapping and high-resolution electron microscopy, the specific compositional structure and distribution of the individual nanoparticles was unraveled and the stability assessed. Studying...... the catalyst after reaction and after aging tests shows the development of a core-shell type structure after being exposed to reaction conditions....

  8. Structure and Stability of Pt-Y Alloy Particles for Oxygen Reduction Studied by Electron Microscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Deiana, Davide; Wagner, Jakob Birkedal; Hansen, Thomas Willum


    Platinum-yttrium alloy nanoparticles show both a high activity and stability for the oxygen reduction reaction. The catalysts were prepared by magnetron sputter aggregation and mass filtration providing a model catalyst system with a narrow size distribution. The structure and stability...... of nanostructured Pt-Y alloy catalysts were studied using transmission electron microscopy techniques. Using elemental X-ray mapping and high-resolution electron microscopy, the specific compositional structure and distribution of the individual nanoparticles was unraveled and the stability assessed. Studying...... the catalyst after reaction and after aging tests shows the development of a core-shell type structure after being exposed to reaction conditions....

  9. Electronic Performance Support for Operational Systems: A Case Study of the Link Monitor and Control Operator Assistant (United States)

    Hill, Randall W., Jr.; Cooper, Lynne P.


    For complex operational systems, help needs to come from the inside out. It is often not realistic to call a help desk for problems that need immediate attention, especially for tasks that put a heavy cognitive load on the system operator. This session addresses the issues associated with providing electronic performance support for operational systems, including situations where the system is already fielded and can only change through evolution rather than revolution. We present a case study based on our experiences in developing the Link Monitor and Control Operator Assistant for NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN). The goals of the Operator Assistant are to improve the operability of the system and increase the efficiency of mission operations.

  10. Impedance-Based Stability Analysis in Grid Interconnection Impact Study Owing to the Increased Adoption of Converter-Interfaced Generators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Youngho Cho


    Full Text Available This study investigates the emerging harmonic stability concerns to be addressed by grid planners in generation interconnection studies, owing to the increased adoption of renewable energy resources connected to the grid via power electronic converters. The wideband and high-frequency electromagnetic transient (EMT characteristics of these converter-interfaced generators (CIGs and their interaction with the grid impedance are not accurately captured in the typical dynamic studies conducted by grid planners. This paper thus identifies the desired components to be studied and subsequently develops a practical process for integrating a new CIG into a grid with the existing CIGs. The steps of this process are as follows: the impedance equation of a CIG using its control dynamics and an interface filter to the grid, for example, an LCL filter (inductor-capacitor-inductor type, is developed; an equivalent impedance model including the existing CIGs nearby and the grid observed from the point of common coupling are derived; the system stability for credible operating scenarios is assessed. Detailed EMT simulations validate the accuracy of the impedance models and stability assessment for various connection scenarios. By complementing the conventional EMT simulation studies, the proposed analytical approach enables grid planners to identify critical design parameters for seamlessly integrating a new CIG and ensuring the reliability of the grid.

  11. Longitudinal Stability Study for the FACET-II e+ Damping Ring

    CERN Document Server

    Bane, Karl


    This is an initial study of the longitudinal, single-bunch stability in the proposed FACET-II e+ damping ring. It is preliminary because many vacuum chamber objects of the ring have not yet been designed.

  12. Seismic response and stability of underground rock caverns: a case study of Baihetan underground cavern complex

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cui, Zhen; Sheng, Qian; Leng, Xianlun; Chen, Jian


    The seismic stability of the underground cavern complex, which houses the Baihetan hydropower plant in Yunnan Province, China, currently the world's 2nd largest underground rock cavern group, is studied in this article...

  13. Gaze stabilization reflexes in the mouse: New tools to study vision and sensorimotor

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    B. van Alphen (Bart)


    markdownabstract__abstract__ Gaze stabilization reflexes are a popular model system in neuroscience for connecting neurophysiology and behavior as well as studying the neural correlates of behavioral plasticity. These compensatory eye movements are one of the simplest motor behaviors,

  14. Feasibility Study for Operable Unit 7-13/14

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    K. Jean Holdren


    The Subsurface Disposal Area is a radioactive waste landfill located within the Radioactive Waste Management Complex at the Idaho National Laboratory Site in southeastern Idaho. This Feasibility Study for Operable Unit 7-13/14 analyzes options for mitigating risks to human health and the environment associated with the landfill. Analysis is conducted in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, using nine evaluation criteria to develop detailed and comparative analysis of five assembled alternatives. Assembled alternatives are composed of discrete modules. Ultimately, decision-makers will select, recombine, and sum various modules into an optimized preferred alternative and final remedial decision.

  15. Methodology for evaluation of the stability of electric systems of offshore oil platforms in interconnected operations; Metodologia para a avaliacao dos sistemas eletricos das plataformas de petroleo offshore em operacao interligada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ribeiro, Dalmo Junior; Mendes, Pedro Paulo de Carvalho [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)


    The electric system of the platforms usually operates in an isolated way, requesting therefore a redundancy in the generating units so that a can have a reliable and uninterrupted system of their loads. A way to improve the quality in operation in terms of safety, reliability and economy can be the connection of the platforms of petroleum that are close, since it is viable. The objective of this work is to show the methodology for the stability study of the electric system in interlinked operation in way to detail the data of the equipment that are necessary, as: One line Diagram; Transmission lines; Transformers; Power system compensator; Generating; Speed regulators; Voltage regulators; Turbines and other. Another focus of the work is to show some control models and regulation of the electric system to maintain it stable and to show models for the interconnection of two or more platforms. (author)

  16. Removal of polymeric filter cake in petroleum wells. A study of commercial amylase stability

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kameda, Etel; Coelho, Maria Alice Z. [Escola de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco E, Lab. 113, Cidade Universitaria, 21949-900, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); De Queiroz Neto, Joao C. [Cenpes/Petrobras, Cidade Universitaria, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Langone, Marta A.P. [Instituto de Quimica, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rua Sao Francisco Xavier, 524, PHLC/IQ sala 310, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The drilling fluid contact with the productive zone of drilling wells, with horizontal or complex configurations, can reduce its productivity by fluid invasion in the borehole wall. Drilling fluids usually comprise natural polymers as starch and xanthan gum. These polymers are deposited as a filter cake on the wellbore wall. A common approach to remove this filter cake is the application of acids or strong oxidative solutions. However, these are non-specific species and a possible alternative lies in enzymatic preparations that are able to hydrolyze such polymers. The enzymes catalyze specific substrates, are environmentally friendly and the enzymatic degradation rate is slower than that achieved by the oxidative species, permitting to produce uniform degradation of the filter cake. Openhole operations require thermo and pressure stability of these enzymatic products. The results herein reported deals with the technical viability analysis of a commercial {alpha}-amylase as a new catalyst for filter cake removal. The effects of process parameters, like temperature (65, 80 and 95 C), enzyme concentration (1, 5.5 and 10% v/v), calcium concentration (5, 70 and 135 ppm), and pressure (100, 500, 100 and 6000 psi), on amylase stability under openhole operations were investigated. Temperature demonstrated to be the most important parameter for the enzyme stability. The enzyme thermostability behavior in high salt (NaCl) concentration (completion fluid) was not significantly different from the control solution in distillated water. The pressure effect on enzyme stability did not affect the enzyme stability as temperature. Hydrostatic pressure (6000 psi) did not impact the amylolytic activity in brine solution. Combined pressure-temperature assays showed that temperature is the key factor in enzyme stability for application in polymeric filter cake removal in petroleum wells. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. H. Goh


    Full Text Available Voltage stability and voltage collapse issues have in recent years begun to constitute an unpleasant warning to the operational security of power systems. Many techniques have been investigated in order to predict the point of voltage collapse. However, there are still several restrictions due to the insufficiency of current system state information. Accompanied by the commencement of the Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs evolving technology, it donates a solution to enhance the existing power system state estimation. In consequence, the significances to develop preferable methods that would provide a preliminary warning before the voltage collapse had grabbed the attention. This study covers the forming of real-time system monitoring methods that able to provide a timely warning in the power system. The algorithms used to estimate the points of collapse are according to the theory that voltage instability is approximately linked to the maximum load ability of a transmission network. As a result, the critical operating conditions (peak of maximum deliverable power come when the system Thevenin impedance is equal to the load impedance. This study focuses specifically on research about the motivation and the application of different Kalman filter implementations such as Discrete Kalman Filter (DKF, Extended Kalman Filter (EKF and Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF are used to track the Thevenin parameters. Therefore, the implications of this research paper are to determine the robustness and reliability of the proposed tracking methods. As compared to previous studies, the tracking process is just mainly focused on DKF method only, while the novelty throughout this study is to compare the performances and efficiencies of different Kalman filters in determining the maximum load ability on the 2 different types of test systems. Accompanying, the parameters are utilized in real-time voltage instability estimator to discover the current system’s condition

  18. Stability study of solution-processed zinc tin oxide thin-film transistors (United States)

    Zhang, Xue; Ndabakuranye, Jean Pierre; Kim, Dong Wook; Choi, Jong Sun; Park, Jaehoon


    In this study, the environmental dependence of the electrical stability of solution-processed n-channel zinc tin oxide (ZTO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) is reported. Under a prolonged negative gate bias stress, a negative shift in threshold voltage occurs in atmospheric air, whereas a negligible positive shift in threshold voltage occurs under vacuum. In the positive bias-stress experiments, a positive shift in threshold voltage was invariably observed both in atmospheric air and under vacuum. In this study, the negative gate-bias-stress-induced instability in atmospheric air is explained through an internal potential in the ZTO semiconductor, which can be generated owing to the interplay between H2O molecules and majority carrier electrons at the surface of the ZTO film. The positive bias-stress-induced instability is ascribed to electron-trapping phenomenon in and around the TFT channel region, which can be further augmented in the presence of air O2 molecules. These results suggest that the interaction between majority carriers and air molecules will have crucial implications for a reliable operation of solution-processed ZTO TFTs. [Figure not available: see fulltext.

  19. A Combined Experimental and Computational Study on the Stability of Nanofluids Containing Metal Organic Frameworks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Annapureddy, Harsha Vardhan Reddy [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Nune, Satish K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Motkuri, Radha K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); McGrail, B. Peter [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Dang, Liem X. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    Computational studies on nanofluids composed of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) were performed using molecular modeling techniques. Grand Canonical Monte Carlo (GCMC) simulations were used to study adsorption behavior of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane (R-245fa) in a MIL-101 MOF at various temperatures. To understand the stability of the nanofluid composed of MIL-101 particles, we performed molecular dynamics simulations to compute potentials of mean force between hypothetical MIL-101 fragments terminated with two different kinds of modulators in R-245fa and water. Our computed potentials of mean force results indicate that the MOF particles tend to disperse better in water than in R-245fa. The reasons for this observation were analyzed and discussed. Our results agree with experimental results indicating that the employed potential models and modeling approaches provide good description of molecular interactions and the reliabilities. Work performed by LXD was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences. Work performed by HVRA, SKN, RKM, and PBM was supported by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Geothermal Technologies Program. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a multiprogram national laboratory operated for DOE by Battelle.

  20. Study on bifurcation and stability of the closed-loop current-programmed boost converters

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhao Yi-Bo; Zhang Dao-Yang; Zhang Chi-Jian


    In order to predict bifurcation point of the closed-loop current-programmed boost converter and enable this converter to operate at stable parameter space, this paper firstly establishes stroboscopic maps for this converter in the continuous conduction mode according to operating characteristics and topple of this converter. Parameter space at the steady state and bifurcation types are analysed together with stability theory of nonlinear equation. In the solving course, the duty cycle is avoided because of inversive solution, and accuracy is increased. Finally, correction is proved by numerical calculation.

  1. A study on vibration disorder among chain saw operators -Effect of leaving off chain saw operation on recovery of disorder-


    畝, 博


    Recently a study on vibration disorder among chain saw operators has been developed rapidly, while the number of workers suffering from vibration disorder has been increasing. It is one of the most important disposal as health care among chain saw operators to leave a worker with disorders off using a chain saw. The author discussed on results of health examination for chain saw operators performed before and after the disposal introduced in 1973. Two hundred and six examinees were divided in...

  2. Forward Surgical Teams provide comparable outcomes to combat support hospitals during support and stabilization operations on the battlefield. (United States)

    Eastridge, Brian J; Stansbury, Lynn G; Stinger, Harry; Blackbourne, Lorne; Holcomb, John B


    Forward Surgical Teams (FST) provide forward deployed surgical care within the battle space. The next level of care in theater, the Combat Support Hospitals (CSH), are distinguished from the FST by advanced resource capabilities including more complex diagnostic imaging, laboratory support with blood banking, and intensive care units. This study was intended to assess the effect of FST capability on the outcome of seriously injured casualties in comparison to the CSH. We reviewed all casualty records in the Joint Theater Trauma Registry database from April 2004 to April 2006. The study cohort included all US military battle casualties who were admitted to either a FST or a CSH and were not returned to duty within 72 hours. Data were tabulated and assessed for basic demographics, mechanism of injury, injury severity score, ventilator and critical care days, and mortality. Statistical inferences were made using Chi square and Student's t tests. As of April 2006, the above information was available in the Joint Theater Trauma Registry on 2,617 US military battle casualties who survived to reach care at a FST and/or CSH. Of this population, 77 subsequently died of wounds and 2,540 survived. We found no significant difference in died of wounds rates between the sample populations or rates of ventilator or critical care days between the two groups, nor did controlling for injury severity score alter this picture. The most significant predictor of mortality in both these groups was head injury. The disparity between the availability of the highest level of injury care and the ability to care for injury as soon as possible is an issue of central importance to both the civilian and military trauma care communities. Our analysis demonstrates that despite the operational and logistic challenges that burden the FST, this level of surgical care confers equivalent battlefield injury outcome results compared with the CSH.

  3. A Stability Study of Ni/Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Anode for Direct Ammonia Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. (United States)

    Yang, Jun; Molouk, Ahmed Fathi Salem; Okanishi, Takeou; Muroyama, Hiroki; Matsui, Toshiaki; Eguchi, Koichi


    In recent years, solid oxide fuel cells fueled with ammonia have been attracting intensive attention. In this work, ammonia fuel was supplied to the Ni/yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) cermet anode at 600 and 700 °C, and the change of electrochemical performance and microstructure under the open-circuit state was studied in detail. The influence of ammonia exposure on the microstructure of Ni was also investigated by using Ni/YSZ powder and Ni film deposited on a YSZ disk. The obtained results demonstrated that Ni in the cermet anode was partially nitrided under an ammonia atmosphere, which considerably roughened the Ni surface. Moreover, the destruction of the anode support layer was confirmed for the anode-supported cell upon the temperature cycling test between 600 and 700 °C because of the nitriding phenomenon of Ni, resulting in severe performance degradation.

  4. DOD Task Force for Business and Stability Operations in Afghanistan: Review of Selected Expenditures Highlights Serious Management and Oversight Problems (United States)


    has several operational drilling rigs as well as an adequate and experienced driller and crew who can operate drilling machines under SIGAR 16-29...significant revenue for the Afghan government. North Aynak Drilling ** $5,126,948.75 2012-2013 This program was designed to conduct capacity building and...exploratory drilling for copper deposits in North Aynak. The drilling program in North Aynak was completed successfully. The contract required the

  5. Thermodynamic Calculation Study on Effect of Manganese on Stability of Austenite in High Nitrogen Stainless Steels (United States)

    Wang, Qingchuan; Zhang, Bingchun; Yang, Ke


    A series of high nitrogen steels were studied by using thermodynamic calculations to investigate the effect of manganese on the stability of austenite. Surprisingly, it was found that the austenite stabilizing ability of manganese was strongly weakened by chromium, but it was strengthened by molybdenum. In addition, with an increase of manganese content, the ferrite stabilizing ability of chromium significantly increased, but that of molybdenum decreased. Therefore, strong interactions exist between manganese and the other alloying elements, which should be the main reason for the difference among different constituent diagrams.

  6. Recent studies of heavy nuclei far from stability at JYFL

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Julin, R.; Enqvist, T.; Helariutta, K. [Univ. of Jyvaeskylae (Finland)] [and others


    The new K=130 Cyclotron + ECR facility of the Physics Department of the University of Jyvaskyla (JYFL) provides stable beams from protons up to krypton ions for nuclear structure studies. Two instruments designed especially for in-beam spectroscopic studies of heavy nuclei at JYFL are introduced in this contribution. Some results from recent measurements with them are reported.

  7. Factors driving behavioural intentions: Study of Serbian mobile operator customers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Senić Vladimir


    Full Text Available The concept of perceived value is increasingly becoming a subject of interest for authors and researchers in the field of services marketing. Perceived value represents a multi-dimensional concept that consists of a number of components. In the conducted study, four key components were analyzed: emotional value, social value, functional value and monetary value. The objective of the study was to determine the impact of four identified components of value on customer satisfaction, as well as to test impact of customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation on behavioural intentions among Serbian mobile operator customers. Research originates from the assumption that to establish long-term relationships with customers, apart from generating customer satisfaction, issues like customer perception of corporate reputation and corporate responsibility are also of great significance.

  8. IT integration, operations flexibility and performance: An empirical study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Esther Caracuel Martínez


    Full Text Available Purpose: This study examines the relationship between IT implementation and performance with manufacturing flexibility based on a sample drawn from a set of manufacturing firms. Design/methodology/approach: The relationships were analyzed using structural equations modeling (SEM using EQS 6.2 software. Previously, an explanatory factor analysis confirmed one-dimensionality of the scales, Cronbach’s alpha was calculated to evaluate its internal consistency and a confirmatory factor analysis was run to observe scales’ validity. Findings: This research proves a significant positive and direct effect of IT implementation on operations performance with 4 out of 6 flexibility dimensions (Machine, Labour, Material handling and Volume. Mix and Routing flexibility dimensions show no significant impact on firm performance. Research limitations/implications: It is necessary to be cautious when generalizing these findings, as service firms were not part of the sample even when statistical results prove robustness suggesting that the findings are quite reliable. Some flexibility dimensions show no significant impact in performance (Routing and Mix flexibility. This is consistent with the fact that these flexibility dimensions act as variability absorbers within the manufacturing process. Originality/value: This research proves a significant positive and direct effect of IT implementation on operations performance. Results show not only the links between IT implementation and operations performance, but also the magnitude of every impact. The model considers IT integration as the degree of alignment that existing technology resources in a firm have with the business strategy, in terms of importance and support for this strategy.

  9. A Study of SUOWA Operators in Two Dimensions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bonifacio Llamazares


    Full Text Available SUOWA operators are a new class of aggregation functions that simultaneously generalize weighted means and OWA operators. They are Choquet integral-based operators with respect to normalized capacities; therefore, they possess some interesting properties such as continuity, monotonicity, idempotency, compensativeness, and homogeneity of degree 1. In this paper, we focus on two dimensions and show that any Choquet integral with respect to a normalized capacity can be expressed as a SUOWA operator.

  10. Study of mine stability using records of ground tilting

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Spottiswoode, SM


    Full Text Available to estimate tilting from mining, assuming elastic rock mass behaviour. Some suggestions for further work are made. These include studying changes in a seismic tilting following tilt events associated with shrinking pillars. This might provide more direct...

  11. Color Stability of Teeth Restored with Biodentine: A 6-month In Vitro Study. (United States)

    Vallés, Marta; Roig, Miguel; Duran-Sindreu, Fernando; Martínez, Syani; Mercadé, Montserrat


    White mineral trioxide aggregate (WMTA) has been reported to cause dental discoloration. A previous study on the color stability of 5 calcium silicate-based materials investigated the color stability of Biodentine (Septodont, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France) in different experimental environments; however, no data are available on the color stability of teeth restored with Biodentine. In this study, we assessed the color stability under artificial light of ex vivo human teeth restored coronally with WMTA or Biodentine. Cavities were prepared on coronal tooth specimens and restored with WMTA + composite (n = 16), Biodentine + composite (n = 16), or composite alone (control, n = 3). Color was assessed spectrophotometrically at 6 time points (initial, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months), and color difference values were calculated. Statistical analysis was performed using analysis of variance and the Fisher least significant difference test for which P Biodentine and control groups showed color stability and were not significantly different from one another. Teeth treated with WMTA exhibited discoloration, whereas those treated with Biodentine maintained color stability throughout the study. However, further in vivo studies are necessary to corroborate these results. Copyright © 2015 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Biomechanical comparison of different stabilization constructs for unstable posterior wall fractures of acetabulum. A cadaveric study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuntong Zhang

    Full Text Available PURPOSE: Operative treatment of unstable posterior wall fractures of acetabulum has been widely recommended. This laboratory study was undertaken to evaluate static fixation strength of three common fixation constructs: interfragmentary screws alone, in combination with conventional reconstruction plate, or locking reconstruction plate. METHODS: Six formalin-preserved cadaveric pelvises were used for this investigation. A posterior wall fracture was created along an arc of 40-90 degree about the acetabular rim. Three groups of different fixation constructs (two interfragmentary screws alone; two interfragmentary screws and a conventional reconstruction plate; two interfragmentary screws and a locking reconstruction were compared. Pelvises were axial loaded with six cycles of 1500 N. Dislocation of superior and inferior fracture site was analysed with a multidirectional ultrasonic measuring system. RESULTS: No statistically significant difference was found at each of the superior and inferior fracture sites between the three types of fixation. In each group, the vector dislocation at superior fracture site was significantly larger than inferior one. CONCLUSIONS: All those three described fixation constructs can provide sufficient stability for posterior acetabular fractures and allow early mobilization under experimental conditions. Higher posterior acetabular fracture line, transecting the weight-bearing surface, may indicate a substantial increase in instability, and need more stable pattern of fixation.

  13. Aggregated Modelling for Wind Farms for Power System Transient Stability Studies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Liu, Hongzhi; Chen, Zhe


    Wind energy is consistently attracting great research effort and actively developed in many countries. As a result, the penetration level of wind power in the power grid is increasing as well as the size of wind farms. A large-scale wind farm may consist of hundreds of wind turbines and its total...... on a wind farm with permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) wind turbines. Simulation results of the aggregated models and the detailed model are compared and analyzed respectively to prove the effectiveness of the aggregating techniques....... installed capacity could be at a level of 1000MW or even more. Consequently, the large-scale wind farm could seriously impact the operation and control of the grid. To represent a large-scale wind farm, aggregated modelling takes advantage of fast computation and simplified implementation compared...... to detailed modelling that models every wind turbines individually and the interconnections among them. In this paper, three aggregated modelling techniques, namely, multi-machine equivalent aggregation, full aggregation and semi-aggregation are presented for power system transient stability studies based...

  14. Study of the mechanical stability of the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer

    CERN Document Server

    The ATLAS collaboration


    During the commissioning and alignment of the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer (IBL) using cosmic-ray data, a mechanical distortion of the IBL was observed. This distortion is caused by a difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion of the IBL stave components. The results of a preliminary study of the mechanical stability of the IBL are presented in this note. The qualitative properties of the distortion are confirmed using a 3D finite element analysis. Using cosmic-ray data collected in March 2015, the magnitude of the distortion is found to depend linearly on the operating temperature of the IBL, with a gradient of $\\sim10~{\\rm \\mu m/K}$. The peak-to-peak temperature variation of the IBL staves is measured to be less than 0.2 K during the same cosmic-ray run. The expected bias to the transverse impact parameter $(d_{0})$ of charged tracks under a temperature variation of 0.2 K is evaluated to be $\\sim 1~{\\rm \\mu m}$ using $Z\\rightarrow{\\mu^+\\mu^-}$ events from a Mote Carlo simulation of proton-proton collis...

  15. Stress degradation studies on varenicline tartrate and development of a validated stability-indicating HPLC method. (United States)

    Pujeri, Sudhakar S; Khader, Addagadde M A; Seetharamappa, Jaldappagari


    A simple, rapid and stability-indicating reversed-phase liquid chromatographic method was developed for the assay of varenicline tartrate (VRT) in the presence of its degradation products generated from forced decomposition studies. The HPLC separation was achieved on a C18 Inertsil column (250 mm × 4.6 mm i.d. particle size is 5 μm) employing a mobile phase consisting of ammonium acetate buffer containing trifluoroacetic acid (0.02M; pH 4) and acetonitrile in gradient program mode with a flow rate of 1.0 mL min(-1). The UV detector was operated at 237 nm while column temperature was maintained at 40 °C. The developed method was validated as per ICH guidelines with respect to specificity, linearity, precision, accuracy, robustness and limit of quantification. The method was found to be simple, specific, precise and accurate. Selectivity of the proposed method was validated by subjecting the stock solution of VRT to acidic, basic, photolysis, oxidative and thermal degradation. The calibration curve was found to be linear in the concentration range of 0.1-192 μg mL(-1) (R(2) = 0.9994). The peaks of degradation products did not interfere with that of pure VRT. The utility of the developed method was examined by analyzing the tablets containing VRT. The results of analysis were subjected to statistical analysis.

  16. [Study on the stability of potassium iodide of the iodized salt]. (United States)

    Voudouris, E


    The stability of potassium iodide in iodized salt has been studied with respect to the purity of the salt used as raw material. It has been found that the iodized salt prepared from high purity salt and preserved under proper conditions (protection from light, humidity and high temperatures) keeps, for several months, the most of the initially added potassium iodide, without any addition of stabilizers, except for a small bicarbonate.

  17. Study on dynamic anti-sliding stability of a high gravity dam considering complex dam foundation


    Deng-hong CHEN; Cheng-bin DU


    There existed some limitations when analyzing the anti-sliding seismic stability of dam-foundation system by traditional pseudo-static method and response spectrum method. The dynamic strength reduction method was used to study on the deep anti-sliding stability of a high gravity dam considering complex dam foundation under strong earthquake-induced ground action. The static analysis was firstly carried out by reducing the shear strength parameters of the dam foundation’s rock mass with equal...

  18. Theoretical study of fractal growth and stability on surface

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dick, Veronika V.; Solov'yov, Ilia; Solov'yov, Andrey V.


    We perform a theoretical study of the fractal growing process on surface by using the deposition, diffusion, aggregation method. We present a detailed analysis of the post-growth processes occurring in a nanofractal on surface. For this study we developed a method which describes the internal...... dynamics of particles in a fractal and accounts for their diffusion and detachment. We demonstrate that these kinetic processes are responsible for the formation of the final shape of the islands on surface after the post-growth relaxation....

  19. Theoretical study of fractal growth and stability on surface

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dick, Veronika V.; Solov'yov, Ilia; Solov'yov, Andrey V.


    We perform a theoretical study of the fractal growing process on surface by using the deposition, diffusion, aggregation method. We present a detailed analysis of the post-growth processes occurring in a nanofractal on surface. For this study we developed a method which describes the internal...... dynamics of particles in a fractal and accounts for their diffusion and detachment. We demonstrate that these kinetic processes are responsible for the formation of the final shape of the islands on surface after the post-growth relaxation....

  20. Thermal Stability Study from Room Temperature to 1273 K (1000 °C) in Magnesium Silicide (United States)

    Stefanaki, Eleni-Chrysanthi; Hatzikraniotis, Euripides; Vourlias, George; Chrissafis, Konstantinos; Kitis, George; Paraskevopoulos, Konstantinos M.; Polymeris, George S.


    Doped magnesium silicide has been identified as a promising and environmentally friendly advanced thermoelectric material in the temperature range between 500 K and 800 K (227 °C and 527 °C). Besides the plethora of magnesium silicide thermoelectric advantages, it is well known for its high sensitivity to oxidation. Oxidation is one of the primary instability mechanisms of degradation of high-temperature Mg2Si thermoelectric devices, as in the presence of O2, Mg2Si decomposes to form MgO and Si. In this work, commercial magnesium silicide in bulk form was used for thermal stability study from room temperature to 1273 K (1000 °C). Various techniques such as DTA-TG, PXRD, and FTIR have been applied. Moreover, the application of thermoluminescence (TL) as an effective and alternative probe for the study of oxidation and decomposition has been exploited. The latter provides qualitative but very helpful hints toward oxidation studies. The low-detection threshold of thermoluminescence, in conjunction with the chemical composition of the oxidation byproducts, consisting of MgO, Mg2SiO4, and SiO2, constitute two powerful motivations for further investigating its viable use as proxy for instability/decomposition studies of magnesium silicide. The partial oxidation reaction has been adopted due to the experimental fact that magnesium silicide is monitored throughout the heating temperature range of the present study. Finally, the role of silicon dioxide to the decomposition procedure, being in amorphous state and gradually crystallizing, has been highlighted for the first time in the literature. Mg2Si oxidation takes place in two steps, including a mild oxidation process with temperature threshold of 573 K (300 °C) and an abrupt one after 773 K (500 °C). Implications on the optimum operational temperature range for practical thermoelectric (TE) applications have also been briefly discussed.

  1. Sharp three sphere inequality for perturbations of a product of two second order elliptic operators and stability for the Cauchy problem for the anisotropic plate equation

    CERN Document Server

    Morassi, Antonino; Vessella, Sergio


    We prove a sharp three sphere inequality for solutions to third order perturbations of a product of two second order elliptic operators with real coefficients. Then we derive various kinds of quantitative estimates of unique continuation for the anisotropic plate equation. Among these, we prove a stability estimate for the Cauchy problem for such an equation and we illustrate some applications to the size estimates of an unknown inclusion made of different material that might be present in the plate. The paper is self-contained and the Carleman estimate, from which the sharp three sphere inequality is derived, is proved in an elementary and direct way based on standard integration by parts.

  2. Full Model Wind Tunnel Study on the Xia-Zhang Bridge Under Operation Stage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayad T. Saeed


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Long-span cable-stayed bridges under service and particular construction conditions are very susceptible to wind action due to their great flexibility, so the aerodynamic stability is becoming a major concern in the design and construction phrases. Cable-stayed bridges may exhibit wind-induced vibration phenomena such as flutter, buffeting and vortex oscillation under wind excitation. The study concentrated on the issues concerning the aerodynamic response of Xia-Zhang cable-stayed Bridge to make it safe and stable under wind action. Although there have been accumulating experience in the building of cable-stayed bridges and research on wind-resistant stability in Chinese Mainland, most of the research focuses on inland cable-stayed bridges or littoral ones of mid-length, but not on littoral ones whose main span is over 600 m. Therefore, wind-resistant performance research of north branch bridge of Xia-Zhang cross-sea Bridges is very necessary and important for its wind-resistant stability, safety and applicability in the operation condition. Approach: This study mainly presented the wind tunnel test program of the Xia-Zhang Bridge aeroelastic full model, including test method, test contents, test results and so on. Results: The test results contained Root Mean Square (RMS of accelerations and displacements as well as average values of displacements. Conclusion: The conclusions were as follows: (a In the uniform flow field, under the condition of entire bridge without rail may vibration divergence occur when α = 3°, V>122 m sec-1. (b No vortex-induced vibration with extreme amplitudes or static collapsing was detected in all the testing conditions. (c In the turbulent flow field, there were very obvious buffeting phenomena. Responses to turbulence are quite intense.

  3. Regulation of stability studies to enhance the efficiency of drug registrations to regulatory authorities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Sajjad Khan


    Full Text Available Stability testing is an important tool to assess the quality of drug substances and products which may vary with time under influence of variety of factors such as temperature, humidity, and light. Stability studies of drugs are designed according to the climatic zones to establish a retest period for active drug substance or a shelf life for the finished product as well as to recommend the storage conditions. The strict regulatory requirements on designing, performing evaluating stability study to claim the expiry date, and shelf life of drug products are based on a series of regulatory requirements and advisory guidelines that have been developed by regulatory authorities of US, Europe, and Japan which; were harmonized through the development of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH procedures. To assess the stability of drug substances and products, the design and conduct of stability studies, defining relevant thresholds for impurities testing is required with a current good manufacturing practice-based risk management approach to achieve a robust stability of pharmaceutical dosage forms. There are relevant requirements that cover new drug substances and products as well as new dosage forms containing existing active ingredients and vice versa.

  4. Stability studies of chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles for gene delivery to lung epithelial cells. (United States)

    Mohammadi, Zohreh; Dorkoosh, Farid Abedin; Hosseinkhani, Saman; Amini, Tina; Rahimi, Amir Abbas; Najafabadi, Abdolhossein Rouholamini; Tehrani, Morteza Rafiee


    A successful gene delivery system requires efficiency and stability during storage. Stability studies are imperative for nanomedicines containing biotechnological products such as plasmids and targeting peptides. Chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles are novel non-viral vectors for specific gene delivery to the lung epithelial cells. In this study, the storage stability of chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles at -20, 5 and 24 °C was examined. Size, zeta potential and transfection efficiency of these nano-particles in storage were also evaluated. Stability studies showed that chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles were stable after 1 month when stored at -20 °C and retained their initial size, zeta potential and transfection efficiency. However, their stability was not desirable at 5 and 24 °C. Based on these results, it can be concluded that chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles can be a promising candidate for gene delivery to lung epithelial cells with good storage stability at -20 °C during 1 month.

  5. Preliminary Study of Ideal Operational MHD Beta Limit in HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHEN Yong; DONG Jiaqi; HE Hongda; A. D. TURNBULL


    Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) n=1 kink mode with n the toroidal mode number is studied and the operational beta limit, constrained by the mode, is calculated for the equilibrium of HL-2A by using the GATO code. Approximately the same beta limit is obtained for configurations with a value of the axial safety factor q0 both larger and less than 1. Without the stabilization of the conducting wall, the beta limit is found to be 0.821% corresponding to a normalized beta value of βcN=2.56 for a typical HL-2A discharge with a plasma current Ip=0.245 MA, and the scaling of βcN~constant is confirmed.

  6. Experimental and analytical study of stability characteristics of natural circulation boiling water reactors during startup transient (United States)

    Woo, Kyoungsuk

    Two-phase natural circulation loops are unstable at low pressure operating conditions. New reactor design relying on natural circulation for both normal and abnormal core cooling is susceptible to different types of flow instabilities. In contrast to forced circulation boiling water reactor (BWR), natural circulation BWR is started up without recirculation pumps. The tall chimney placed on the top of the core makes the system susceptible to flashing during low pressure start-up. In addition, the considerable saturation temperature variation may induce complicated dynamic behavior driven by thermal non-equilibrium between the liquid and steam. The thermal-hydraulic problems in two-phase natural circulation systems at low pressure and low power conditions are investigated through experimental methods. Fuel heat conduction, neutron kinetics, flow kinematics, energetics and dynamics that govern the flow behavior at low pressure, are formulated. A dimensionless analysis is introduced to obtain governing dimensionless groups which are groundwork of the system scaling. Based on the robust scaling method and start-up procedures of a typical natural circulation BWR, the simulation strategies for the transient with and without void reactivity feedback is developed. Three different heat-up rates are applied to the transient simulations to study characteristics of the stability during the start-up. Reducing heat-up rate leads to increase in the period of flashing-induced density wave oscillation and decrease in the system pressurization rate. However, reducing the heat-up rate is unable to completely prevent flashing-induced oscillations. Five characteristic regions of stability are discovered at low pressure conditions. They are stable single-phase, flashing near the separator, intermittent oscillation, sinusoidal oscillation and low subcooling stable regions. Stability maps were acquired for system pressures ranging 100 kPa to 400 kPa. According to experimental investigation

  7. Fundamental Studies of Fluid Mechanics: Stability in Porous Media

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Homsy, George M. [University of California, Santa Barbara


    We summarize our research results in three main areas: coating flows; electrohydrodynamics of drops; and wetting and spreading of drops. Experimental, computational and analytical methods are used to address a variety of issues. Coating flow studies include the effect of roughness, surfactants, and adsorbed particles on the dynamics of dip-coating. Electrohydrodynamic studies include drop deformation in uniform electric fields, shape distortion due to charge convection in sedimenting drops, and driving chaotic advection by either an electric field inclined to the direction of drop motion or time-periodic changes in the direction of the electric field. Heat and mass transport from chaotically mixed droplets exhibit unexpected and remarkable increases in the rates of transport. Finally, we develop an analytical solution to the problem of a static droplet, and use numerical techniques to predict its migration due to surface tension gradients.

  8. Study of potassium DPAL operation in pulsed and CW mode (United States)

    Zhdanov, Boris V.; Rotondaro, Matthew D.; Schaffer, Michael K.; Knize, Randall J.


    This paper presents the results of our experiments on development of the efficient hydrocarbon free Diode Pumped Alkali Laser based on potassium vapor buffered by He gas at 600 Torr. We studied the performance of this laser operating in pulsed mode with pulses up to 5 ms long at different pulse energies and cell temperatures. A slope efficiency of more than 50% was demonstrated with total optical efficiency about 30% for the pump pulses with duration about 30 μs. For the longer pump pulses the DPAL efficiency degraded in time with a characteristic time in the range from 0.5 ms to 4.5 ms depending on the pump pulse energy and cell temperature. The recorded spectrum of the side fluorescence indicates that multi-photon excitation, energy pooling collisions and ionization may be strong candidates for explaining the observed performance degradation.

  9. Rainfall thresholds and flood warning: an operative case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Montesarchio


    Full Text Available An operative methodology for rainfall thresholds definition is illustrated, in order to provide at critical river section optimal flood warnings. Threshold overcoming could produce a critical situation in river sites exposed to alluvial risk and trigger the prevention and emergency system alert. The procedure for the definition of critical rainfall threshold values is based both on the quantitative precipitation observed and the hydrological response of the basin. Thresholds values specify the precipitation amount for a given duration that generates a critical discharge in a given cross section and are estimated by hydrological modelling for several scenarios (e.g.: modifying the soil moisture conditions. Some preliminary results, in terms of reliability analysis (presence of false alarms and missed alarms, evaluated using indicators like hit rate and false alarm rate for the case study of Mignone River are presented.



    freedom to conduct their operations. Yet in asymmetric warfare, civilian health workers will be restricted and therefore require more International Health Specialist Program which provides the organizational structure needed to meet the currently outlined mission required for...Fulfillment of the Graduation Requirements Advisor: Dr. Stephen F. Burgess Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama April 6, 2017 DISTRIBUTION A

  11. A simple extension of contraction theory to study incremental stability properties

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jouffroy, Jerome

    Contraction theory is a recent tool enabling to study the stability of nonlinear systems trajectories with respect to one another, and therefore belongs to the class of incremental stability methods. In this paper, we extend the original definition of contraction theory to incorporate...... in an explicit manner the control input of the considered system. Such an extension, called universal contraction, is quite analogous in spirit to the well-known Input-to-State Stability (ISS). It serves as a simple formulation of incremental ISS, external stability, and detectability in a differential setting....... The hierarchical combination result of contraction theory is restated in this framework, and a differential small-gain theorem is derived from results already available in Lyapunov theory....

  12. Synthesis and formulation studies of griseofulvin analogues with improved solubility and metabolic stability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Asger Bjørn; Andersen, Nikolaj Sten; Konotop, Gleb


    potency in vitro. Analogue 2 was also shown to retard tumor growth through inhibition of centrosomal clustering in murine xenograft models of colon cancer and multiple myeloma. However, similar to griseofulvin, compound 2 exhibited poor metabolic stability and aqueous solubility. In order to improve...... the poor pharmacokinetic properties, 11 griseofulvin analogues were synthesized and evaluated for biological activity and physiological stabilities including SGF, plasma, and metabolic stability. Finally, the most promising compounds were investigated in respect to thermodynamic solubility and formulation...... studies. The 2'-benzylamine analogue 10 proved to be the most promising compound with low μM in vitro anticancer potency, a 200-fold increase in PBS solubility over compound 2, and with improved metabolic stability. Furthermore, this analogue proved compatible with formulations suitable for both oral...

  13. Status of a study of stabilization and fine positioning of CLIC quadrupoles to the nanometre level

    CERN Document Server

    Artoos, K; Esposito, M; Fernandez Carmona, P; Guinchard, M; Hauviller, C; Janssens, S; Kuzmin, A; Leuxe, R; Moron Ballester, R


    Mechanical stability to the nanometre and below is required for the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) quadrupoles to frequencies as low as 1 Hz. An active stabilization and positioning system based on very stiff piezo electric actuators and inertial reference masses is under study for the Main Beam Quadrupoles (MBQ). The stiff support was selected for robustness against direct forces and for the option of incrementally repositioning the magnet with nanometre resolution. The technical feasibility was demonstrated by a representative test mass being stabilized and repositioned to the required level in the vertical and lateral direction. Technical issues were identified and the development programme of the support, sensors, and controller was continued to increase the performance, integrate the system in the overall controller, adapt to the accelerator environment, and reduce costs. The improvements are implemented in models, test benches, and design of the first stabilized prototype CLIC magnet. The characterizati...

  14. Lifetime of Bentonites study: hydrothermal stability of saponites; Estudio de longevidad en bentonitas: estabilidad hidrotermal de saponitas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leguey, S.; Cuevas, J.; Garralon, A. [Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Facultad de Ciencias, Departamento de Quimica Agricola, Geologia y Geoquimica, Madrid (Spain)


    The report studies the lifetime of bentonite and the hydrothermal stability of saponites. The testing comprised determination of physical and chemical properties of clays, the stability of the mineral porosity, lifetime and the wall of clay.

  15. Comparative study of gum arabic and PVP as stabilizing agents for synthesis of gold nanoparticles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Silva, Andressa A.; Leal, Jessica; Geraldes, Adriana N.; Lugao, Ademar B., E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Use Colloidal metallic nanoparticles such as gold nanoparticles have received a great attention, due in part to their specific properties and potential applications. Control of size and uniformity of nanoparticles is important to prevent aggregation. High-molecular-weight polymers were used as stabilizer agents. Natural polymers, such as gum Arabic, are used as stabilizer because of capping nanoparticles behavior and present advantages such as solubility, non- toxicity and its compatibility for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. Previous studies showed that the hydrophilic group of Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) caused repulsion on gold nanoparticles surface because steric interactions with polymer, for this reason this kind of polymers could be used as stabilizer agent. The aim of this work is to study the synthesis and stabilization of gold nanoparticles with PVP and gum Arabic using gamma radiation. The results obtained by samples analysis using UV-Visible showed that the gamma irradiation doses influenced the nanoparticles formation by PVP but that is not the case with the GA, because for smaller quantity of Arabic gum in different doses produced and stabilized nanoparticles. The samples were observed for 20 days and showed stability. We have obtained preliminary results showed that the use of radiation is applicable to the formation of gold nanoparticles. (author)

  16. Study of a silicon photodetector thermal stabilization using a Peltier cell

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Foschi, E.; Levi, G.; Quadrani, L.; Sbarra, C. [University and INFN, Dept. of Physics, Bologna (Italy); Guandalini, C.; Zuffa, M. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Bologna (Italy); Sbarra, C. [Centro Studi e Ricerche E.Fermi, Roma (Italy)


    In recent years a new type of silicon photon detection device (SiPM) has been developed by many groups. These devices have strong advantages in comparison to normal photomultipliers tubes (PMT) but, being made by an array of avalanche photo diodes operated in Geiger mode, are much more sensitive to temperature changes than standard PMTs. Typical SiPM gain, in fact, varies from 3 to 5 percent per Celsius degree. In space environment, where operative temperature can change from -40 deg.C to 50 deg.C, a definitive temperature stabilization is needed. In order to use SiPMs in space we have developed a thermoelectric model of a Peltier cell that allows us to simulate the final detector circuit assembly predicting the operative temperatures and the adsorbed powers. The characteristics of the model and the obtained results are shown. (authors)

  17. Study of Exhaust Emissions Reduction of a Diesel Fuel Operated Heater During Transient Mode of Operation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miklánek Ľubomír


    Full Text Available Diesel fuel operated heaters (FOHs are generally used as an independent heat source for any system in which a diesel fuel and battery power is available. Based on the fact that future engines will become even more efficient and thus less waste heat will be available to heat the passenger compartment, independent heat sources will be even more necessary.

  18. Oxidation-stability studies of CuInSe2 (United States)

    Kazmerski, L. L.; Ireland, P. J.; Jamjoum, O.; Deb, S. K.; Sheldon, P.; Mickelsen, R. A.; Chen, W.; Bachmann, K.

    The oxidation of p-type single-crystal and thin-film polycrystalline CuInSe2 is investigated using complementary Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The compositions of the thermally-grown oxides over the 150-300 C temperature range are found to be primarily In2O3, with some SeO2, estimated to be less than 10% by quantitative AES and XPS. The interface between the oxide and CuInSe2 is examined using AES and SIMS depth-compositional profiling in conjunction with XPS. Cu(x)Se is found to form at the interface. Angular-resolved XPS with an in-situ oxidation process is utilized to evaluate the initial oxidation of this Cu-ternary semiconductor. These studies confirm that Cu(x)Se forms during oxide growth.

  19. Experimental study of oil plume stability: Parametric dependences and optimization. (United States)

    Li, Haoshuai; Shen, Tiantian; Bao, Mutai


    Oil plume is known to interact with density layer in spilled oil. Previous studies mainly focused on tracking oil plumes and predicting their impact on marine environment. Here, simulated experiments are presented that investigated the conditions inducing the formation of oil plume, focusing especially on the effects of oil/water volume ratio, oil/dispersant volume rate, ambient stratification and optimal conditions of oil plume on determining whether a plume will trap or escape. Scenario simulations showed that OWR influences the residence time most, dispersants dosage comes second and salinity least. The optimum residence time starts from 2387s, occurred at approximately condition (OWR, 0.1, DOR, 25.53% and salinity, 32.38). No change in the relative distribution under the more scale tank was observed, indicating these provide the time evolution of the oil plumes.

  20. Fundamental Studies of Fluid Mechanics: Stability in Porous Media

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    George M. Homsy


    This work has been concerned with theoretical, computational and experimental studies of a variety of flow and transport problems that are of generic interest and applicability in energy-related and energy-intensive processes. These include the following. (1) Problems associated with oil recovery: the global economy continues to be dependent on the stable and predictable supply of oil and fossil fuels. This will remain the case for the near term, as current estimates are that world production of oil will peak between 2025 and 2100, depending on assumptions regarding growth. Most of these resources reside in porous rocks and other naturally occurring media. Studies of flow-induced instabilities are relevant to the areas of secondary and enhanced oil recovery. (2) Small scale and Stokes flows: flows in microgeometries and involving interfaces and surfactants are of interest in a myriad of energy-related contexts. These include: pore-level modeling of the fundamental processes by which oil held in porous materials is mobilized and produced; heating and cooling energy cycles involving significant expenditure of energy in conditioning of human environments, heat pipes, and compact heat exchangers; and energy efficiency in large scale separation processes such as distillation and absorption-processes that underlie the chemical process industries. (3) Coating flows: these are of interest in information technologies, including the manufacture of integrated circuits and data storage and retrieval devices. It is estimated that 50-70% of the starting raw materials and intermediate devices in information technology processes must be discarded as a result of imperfections and failure to meet specifications. These in turn are often the result of the inability to control fluid-mechanical processes and flow instabilities. Our work over the grant period is primarily fundamental in nature. We are interested in establishing general principles and behaviors that relate to a variety of

  1. Ionic Liquid-Organic Carbonate Electrolyte Blends To Stabilize Silicon Electrodes for Extending Lithium Ion Battery Operability to 100 °C. (United States)

    Ababtain, Khalid; Babu, Ganguli; Lin, Xinrong; Rodrigues, Marco-Tulio F; Gullapalli, Hemtej; Ajayan, Pulickel M; Grinstaff, Mark W; Arava, Leela Mohana Reddy


    Fabrication of lithium-ion batteries that operate from room temperature to elevated temperatures entails development and subsequent identification of electrolytes and electrodes. Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) can address the thermal stability issues, but their poor ionic conductivity at room temperature and compatibility with traditional graphite anodes limit their practical application. To address these challenges, we evaluated novel high energy density three-dimensional nano-silicon electrodes paired with 1-methyl-1-propylpiperidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (Pip) ionic liquid/propylene carbonate (PC)/LiTFSI electrolytes. We observed that addition of PC had no detrimental effects on the thermal stability and flammability of the reported electrolytes, while largely improving the transport properties at lower temperatures. Detailed investigation of the electrochemical properties of silicon half-cells as a function of PC content, temperature, and current rates reveal that capacity increases with PC content and temperature and decreases with increased current rates. For example, addition of 20% PC led to a drastic improvement in capacity as observed for the Si electrodes at 25 °C, with stability over 100 charge/discharge cycles. At 100 °C, the capacity further increases by 3-4 times to 0.52 mA h cm(-2) (2230 mA h g(-1)) with minimal loss during cycling.

  2. Microtubule Dynamicity Is More Important than Stability in Memory Formation: an In Vivo Study. (United States)

    Atarod, Deyhim; Eskandari-Sedighi, Ghazaleh; Pazhoohi, Farid; Karimian, Seyed Morteza; Khajeloo, Mojtaba; Riazi, Gholam Hossein


    It has been shown that microtubule (MT) activity and dynamics can have huge impacts on synaptic plasticity and memory formation. This is mainly due to various functions of MTs in neurons; MTs are involved in dendritic spine formation, axonal transportation, neuronal polarity, and receptor trafficking. Recent studies from our group and other labs have suggested the possible role of brain MT dynamicity and activity in memory; however, there is a need for more detailed studies regarding this aspect. In this study, we have tried to evaluate the importance of microtubule dynamicity rather than stability in memory formation in vivo. In order to investigate the role of MT stability in memory formation, we treated mice with paclitaxel-a classic microtubule-stabilizing agent. We then studied the behavior of treated animals using Morris water maze (MWM) test. To measure the effect of injected paclitaxel on MT polymerization kinetics, we conducted polymerization assays on brain extracts of the same paclitaxel-treated animals. Our results show that paclitaxel treatment affects animals' memory in a negative way and treated animals behave poorly in MWM compared to control group. In addition, our kinetics studies show that MT stability is significantly increased in brain extracts from paclitaxel-treated mice, but MT dynamics is reduced. Thus, we suggest that dynamicity is a very important feature of MT protein structures, and regarding memory formation, dynamicity is more important than stability and high activity.

  3. Scattering studies on cryoglobulins stability and aggregation properties

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bicev, R.N.; Oliveira, E.A.; Oliveira, C.L.P.; Brandao, H. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil); Andrade, L.E.C. [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), SP (Brazil)


    Full text: Cryoglobulins are proteins of the immunoglobulin(Ig) type, which play an important role in infections, autoimmune diseases and neoplastic disorders[1]. When in abnormal concentrations in the blood, cryoglobulins can aggregate and precipitate at temperatures below 37 deg C, forming large complexes with dimensions in the range of 40 nm up to 1 {mu}m depending on the temperature, leading to damage of arteries and veins of small caliber. The objective of this study is to investigate the aggregation dynamics of cryoglobulin solutions through scattering techniques as SAXS (small angle X-Ray scattering). For the SAXS measures it was used the protein in aqueous and the system temperature was varied between 38:5 deg C and 4 deg C. The protein concentration was 10mg/mL.The GNOM [2] program was used for the first data analysis. This program performs the Fourier transform (IFT) of the scattering data, which provides the overall particle size, radius of gyration and some indications of the particle shape. The IFT analysis can be used to the so called ab initio modeling which provides a three-dimensional model for particle shape. This model was an attempt to obtain a real space representation for the particle system. Although it was possible to verify difference in the particle diameter for the different temperatures, the models provide a branched structure which can indicate polydispersity of shapes/sizes and also flexible structures. Interestingly, the construction of Kratky Plots, (I {center_dot} q{sup 2} vs q), which provide the compactness degree of a structure, indicated that the particles were highly flexible. Therefore another model procedure, which models the protein as polymer-like structure[3], have to be used. Using the recently developed Ensemble Optimization Method (EOM) [4] it was possible to obtain a very good fit for the experimental dataset, the distributions of radius of gyration and also three-dimensional representations of the possible

  4. U.S. Border Patrol OCONUS: Possible Contributions to the Whole of Government Approach to Stability Operations (United States)


    Agents (ACPA) Randall Baldwin, Gerald S. Bryan, and Anthony Porvaznik; Patrol Agents in Charge Gregory Bovino , Desi D. DeLeon, Vincent J. Hampel, and...leaders to improve relations with the DBE. 94 In 2001, Gregory Bovino was a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent (SBPA) with the BORTAC operating in...Honduras. Gregory Bovino is now a PAIC. PAIC Bovino helped organize and train host-nation border security forces in Honduras from the ground up through

  5. Study on Processing Technology and a Complex Stabilizer for Peanut Protein Beverage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xihong Zhao


    Full Text Available The development of the processing technology and a complex stabilizer for the peanut protein beverage processed was presented in this study. The suitable peeling conditions for peanut were: to made it soak with soft water containing 5% NaHCO3 for 12 h. The best homogenizing temperature, pressure and times were 75C, 30MPa and twice. The sterilization condition of 121C and 15 min was the foundation to achieve the best stability. The composition of the stabilizer was optimized by uniform design combined with regression analysis based on sensory evaluation, which was achieved using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. The 100 mL of peanut protein beverage added with 0.4 g of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-Na, 0.2 g of sodium alginate and 0.6 g of gelatin displayed good stability. CMC-Na amount had the largest effect on beverage stability and the effect of gelatin amount was the smallest. The peanut protein beverage with added optimized complex stabilizer was medium preference grade.

  6. Stability analysis via the concept of Lyapunov exponents: a case study in optimal controlled biped standing (United States)

    Sun, Yuming; Wu, Christine Qiong


    Balancing control is important for biped standing. In spite of large efforts, it is very difficult to design balancing control strategies satisfying three requirements simultaneously: maintaining postural stability, improving energy efficiency and satisfying the constraints between the biped feet and the ground. In this article, a proportional-derivative (PD) controller is proposed for a standing biped, which is simplified as a two-link inverted pendulum with one additional rigid foot-link. The genetic algorithm (GA) is used to search for the control gain meeting all three requirements. The stability analysis of such a deterministic biped control system is carried out using the concept of Lyapunov exponents (LEs), based on which, the system stability, where the disturbance comes from the initial states, and the structural stability, where the disturbance comes from the PD gains, are examined quantitively in terms of stability region. This article contributes to the biped balancing control, more significantly, the method shown in the studied case of biped provides a general framework of systematic stability analysis for certain deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems.

  7. Study on Evaluation Methods for Lateral Stability of High-Speed Trains

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YAO Jianwei; SUN Lixia; HOU Fuguo


    Taking a high-speed train in China as an example,using computer simulation technology and comparing with the test data,the three current methods including linear stability analysis method,nonlinear stability analysis method and the field testing criterion are studied to evaluate stability of high-speed trains.A new stability evaluation method is proposed which can be used to evaluate lateral stability of high-speed vehicle based on the codes of UIC 515 and UIC 518.From the viewpoint of taking the most unfavorable track conditions into account and improving the safety margin,the new method uses the root mean square of bogie lateral acceleration as a criterion to evaluate the lateral stability of high-speed trains.Numerical example shows that the proposed method not only considers the forced vibration caused by track irregularities in the actual practice,but also takes the instability self-excited vibration into account,so it can realize early warning of bogie slight unstable oscillation,meanwhile the method itself does not involve complex algorithms which has the possibility of engineering applications.

  8. Stability of Language in Childhood: A Multi-Age, -Domain, -Measure, and -Source Study (United States)

    Bornstein, Marc H.; Putnick, Diane L.


    The stability of language across childhood is traditionally assessed by exploring longitudinal relations between individual language measures. However, language encompasses many domains and varies with different sources (child speech, parental report, experimenter assessment). This study evaluated individual variation in multiple age-appropriate measures of child language derived from multiple sources and stability between their latent variables in 192 young children across more than 2 years. Structural equation modeling demonstrated the loading of multiple measures of child language from different sources on single latent variables of language at ages 20 and 48 months. A large stability coefficient (r = .84) obtained between the 2 language latent variables. This stability obtained even when accounting for family socioeconomic status, maternal verbal intelligence, education, speech, and tendency to respond in a socially desirable fashion, and child social competence. Stability was also equivalent for children in diverse childcare situations and for girls and boys. Across age, from the beginning of language acquisition to just before school entry, aggregating multiple age-appropriate methods and measures at each age and multiple reporters, children show strong stability of individual differences in general language development. PMID:22004343

  9. Implant stability during initiation and resolution of experimental periimplantitis: an experimental study in the dog. (United States)

    Sennerby, Lars; Persson, Leif G; Berglundh, Tord; Wennerberg, Ann; Lindhe, Jan


    Histologic studies have demonstrated the possibility to reestablish direct bone-implant contacts after ligature-induced periimplantitis. The influence of the reosseointegration on the stability of implants is not known. The aim of the present investigation was to study bone tissue and associated implant stability alterations that occurred during induction and resolution of periimplantitis using resonance frequency analysis (RFA), radiography, and histology. Three implants with smooth (turned) or roughened (SLA) surfaces were placed in each side of the edentulous mandible of four dogs. Experimental periimplantitis was induced for 3 months. Five weeks later, the animals were treated with antibiotics and surgical therapy and were followed for another 6 months. Periapical radiographs and RFA were used to evaluate marginal bone levels and implant stability throughout the study period. After termination, the tissue-implant interface was evaluated by light microscopy in ground sections. There was a linear relationship between radiographic and RFA findings because continuous loss of marginal bone and a decrease in implant stability were observed for both implant surfaces during the periimplantitis period. Antibiotic treatment and surgical therapy resulted in some reosseointegration, which was more marked for the SLA surface. The resonance frequency values corresponded well to the histometric measurements because reosseointegration resulted in an increase in implant stability. The findings from the present study indicate a linear relationship between marginal bone level and resonance frequency value. It is suggested that the RFA technique is sensitive and may be used to detect even a minor change in the level of bone-implant contact.

  10. Linear stability of a fuel channel uniformly heated considering retrofeeding by vacuum. Theoretical study; Estabilidad lineal de un canal combustible uniformemente calentado considerando retroalimentacion por vacios

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gonzalez M, V. [Comision Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias, 03000 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Salinas H, J.G.; Espinosa P, G. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, 09000 Mexico D.F. (Mexico)


    The Technology, Regulation and Services Management of the National Commission of Nuclear Safety and Safeguards in coordinated form with the IPH Department of the Metropolitan Autonomous-Iztapalapa University, developed the present project to study the linear stability in a fuel channel uniformly heated with effects of retrofeeding by vacuums. In this study the methodology used in the analysis of linear stability of the nuclear reactor unit 1 at Laguna Verde power plant is described which represented by an average channel uniformly heated. The conceptual model consists of two cells which represent the two regions in which is divided the channel according to the cooling is in one and two phases, considering the boiling length dependent in the time. It is used the homogeneous flux models for describing the thermohydraulic behavior of the cooling in the two phases region. The neutron processes with the punctual model of the neutron kinetics with a group of retarded neutrons precursors are described. It is studied the behavior of the system in the frequency domain with the transfer functions obtained and it is characterized in four operation states corresponding to the four corners of the low stability zone in the map power-flow Laguna Verde power plant. For these operation states the characteristic frequency is determined and the corresponding Nyquist diagrams are obtained. The results show that the system stability depends on the power-flow relation and that the operations which implicate a reduction of this relation improve the stability of the system (reducing the power introducing control bars with constant cooling flow or increase cooling flow with bars pattern established). The obtained results with effects of retrofeeding by vacuums show that the value of the characteristic frequency is modified very little with respect to the model without retrofeeding, therefore the thermohydraulic processes seem to determine the response of the stability of the system

  11. Study on the Forming Limit Nomogram of Tensile Stamping Operations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Dachang KANG; Haobin TIAN; Shihong ZHANG


    Based on plasticity theory and physical experiments, the quantitative relationships between elongation δ obtained by uniaxial tensile test and forming limits of tensile stamping operations are given, which mainly resolves the problem that forming limits can be derived from simple tensile test. The forming limit nomogram of tensile stamping operations is also established to apply to engineering.

  12. Study on safety operation for large hydroelectric generator unit (United States)

    Yan, Z. G.; Cui, T.; Zhou, L. J.; Zhi, F. L.; Wang, Z. W.


    Hydroelectric generator unit is a complex mechanical system which is composed of hydraulic turbine and electric generator. Rotary system is supported by the bearing bracket and the reinforced concrete structures, and vibration problem can't be avoided in the process of operating. Many large-scale hydroelectric units have been damaged because of the vibration problem in recent years. As the increase of the hydraulic turbine unit capacity and water head, the safe operation of hydraulic turbine has become a focus research in many countries. The operating characteristics of the hydraulic turbine have obvious differences at different working conditions. Based on the combination of field measurement and theoretical calculation, this paper shows a deep research on the safe operation of a large-scale Francis turbine unit. Firstly, the measurements of vibration, swing, pressure fluctuation and noise were carried out at 4 different heads. And also the relationships between vibrations and pressure fluctuations at different heads and working conditions were analysed deeply. Then the scientific prediction of safe operation for the unit at high head were done based on the CFD numerical calculation. Finally, this paper shows the division of the operating zone for the hydroelectric unit. According to the experimental results (vibrations, swings, pressure fluctuations and noise) as well as the theoretical results, the operating zone of the unit has been divided into three sections: prohibited operating zone, transition operating zone and safe operating zone. After this research was applied in the hydropower station, the security and economic efficiency of unit increased greatly, and enormous economic benefits and social benefits have been obtained.

  13. Does thermodynamic stability of peritoneal collagen change during laparoscopic cholecystectomies? A differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) study. (United States)

    Torres, Kamil; Trębacz, Hanna; Bącik-Donica, Magdalena; Atras, Agnieszka; Torres, Anna; Plewa, Zbigniew


    Carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum used during laparoscopic surgeries alters the integrity of the peritoneum and results in denudation of the basal lamina that might cause altered immune response, inhibited fibrinolysis, hypoxia, and acidosis. The changes in the structure of pneumoperitoneum were described as bulging of mesothelial cells, irregular cell junction's cell membrane degradation, and mesodermal edema. As denaturation of peritoneal proteins reflects overall condition of its structure and interactions with the surrounding molecules, the physical status of collagen was assessed on the basis of parameters of thermal denaturation measured by DSC method. Twenty-four female patients operated on due to cholelithiasis were enrolled in this study. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed using standard four-trocar technique, and standard values of insufflated carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum were used. After trocar placement, the first collection of peritoneal sample (sample A) was performed. The second peritoneal sample (sample B) was collected after the removal of gall bladder. Differential scanning calorimetry (Q200 calorimeter, TA Instruments) was performed on samples defrosted at room temperature. In all samples of peritoneum, a nonreversible endothermal process recognized as denaturation was observed. Sample B obtained at the end of surgery did not differ from sample A obtained at the beginning in terms of all parameters under study. Temperature of denaturation in A and B was correlated only marginally, but enthalpy and specific heat were significantly correlated. The analysis of data from DSC measurements did not reveal differences in physical stability of collagen in peritoneal samples obtained at the beginning and at the end of surgery. Significant negative correlations between duration of CO2 pneumoperitoneum and enthalpy of denaturation in sample B were found. Differences in enthalpy of denaturation may reflect a quantitative relation between amount of

  14. Application of tetra-isopalmitoyl ascorbic acid in cosmetic formulations: stability studies and in vivo efficacy. (United States)

    Maia Campos, Patrícia M B G; Gianeti, Mirela D; Camargo, Flávio B; Gaspar, Lorena R


    Liposoluble vitamin C derivatives, such as tetra-isopalmitoyl ascorbic acid (IPAA), are often used in dermocosmetic products due to their higher stability than vitamin C free form as well as its proposed effects in skin; however, there are no studies analyzing IPAA stability or its in vivo effects when present in dermocosmetic formulations. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate chemical stability and pre-clinical and clinical efficacy of dermocosmetic formulations containing IPAA in skin hydration and microrelief. Chemical stability of the formulations added with 1% IPAA was evaluated by heat stress during 35 days by HPLC. For pre-clinical evaluation, experimental formulations were topically applied on hairless skin mice during 5 days and animal skins were analyzed by non-invasive biophysic techniques (water content of stratum corneum, TEWL, viscoelasticity, and microrelief) and by histopathological studies. For clinical efficacy tests, the formulations were topically applied to the forearm and face of human volunteers, and 3h and 15 days after applications, the skins were evaluated by the same non-invasive techniques mentioned before. Results showed that formulations containing IPAA had medium stability and had pronounced moisturizing effects on stratum corneum and on viable epidermis. These formulations also improved skin microrelief especially in relation to skin smoothness and roughness.


    The stability and transport of radio-labeled Fe2O3 particles were studied using laboratory batch and column techniques. Core material collected from shallow sand and gravel aquifer was used as the immobile column matrix material. Variables in the study included flow rate, pH, i...

  16. From pre-operative cardiac modeling to intra-operative virtual environments for surgical guidance: an in vivo study (United States)

    Linte, Cristian A.; Wierzbicki, Marcin; Moore, John; Wedlake, Christopher; Wiles, Andrew D.; Bainbridge, Daniel; Guiraudon, Gérard M.; Jones, Douglas L.; Peters, Terry M.


    As part of an ongoing theme in our laboratory on reducing morbidity during minimally-invasive intracardiac procedures, we developed a computer-assisted intervention system that provides safe access inside the beating heart and sufficient visualization to deliver therapy to intracardiac targets while maintaining the efficacy of the procedure. Integrating pre-operative information, 2D trans-esophageal ultrasound for real-time intra-operative imaging, and surgical tool tracking using the NDI Aurora magnetic tracking system in an augmented virtual environment, our system allows the surgeons to navigate instruments inside the heart in spite of the lack of direct target visualization. This work focuses on further enhancing intracardiac visualization and navigation by supplying the surgeons with detailed 3D dynamic cardiac models constructed from high-resolution pre-operative MR data and overlaid onto the intra-operative imaging environment. Here we report our experience during an in vivo porcine study. A feature-based registration technique previously explored and validated in our laboratory was employed for the pre-operative to intra-operative mapping. This registration method is suitable for in vivo interventional applications as it involves the selection of easily identifiable landmarks, while ensuring a good alignment of the pre-operative and intra-operative surgical targets. The resulting augmented reality environment fuses the pre-operative cardiac model with the intra-operative real-time US images with approximately 5 mm accuracy for structures located in the vicinity of the valvular region. Therefore, we strongly believe that our augmented virtual environment significantly enhances intracardiac navigation of surgical instruments, while on-target detailed manipulations are performed under real-time US guidance.

  17. Comparison Study on the Stability of Copper Nanowires and Their Oxidation Kinetics in Gas and Liquid. (United States)

    Xu, Liang; Yang, Yuan; Hu, Zeng-Wen; Yu, Shu-Hong


    The unsaturated "dangling" bonds on the surface of nanomaterials are extremely sensitive to the external environment, which gives nanomaterials a dual nature, i.e., high reactivity and poor stability. However, studies on the long-term effects of stability and reactivity of nanomaterials under practical conditions are rarely found in the literature and lag far behind other research. Furthermore, the long-term effects on the stability and reactivity of a nanomaterial without coating under practical conditions are seriously long-neglected. Herein, by choosing copper nanowire as an example, we systematically study the stability of copper nanowires (CuNWs) in the liquid and gas phase by monitoring the change of morphology, phase, and valence state of CuNWs during storage. CuNWs exhibit good dispersibility and durable chemical stability in polar organic solvents, while CuNWs stored in water or nonpolar organic solvents evolve into a mace-like structure. Additionally, fresh CuNWs are oxidized into CuO nanotubes with thin shells by heating in air. The activation energies of oxidation of CuNWs in the gas phase are determined by the Kissinger method. More importantly, the different oxidation pathways have significant effects on the final morphology, surface area, phase, optical absorption, band gap, and vibrational property of the oxidation products. Understanding the stability and reactivity of Cu nanostructures will add value to their storage and applications. This work emphasizes the significant issue on the stability of nanostructures, which should be taken into account from the viewpoint of their practical application.

  18. Computational study of elements of stability of a four-helix bundle protein biosurfactant (United States)

    Schaller, Andrea; Connors, Natalie K.; Dwyer, Mirjana Dimitrijev; Oelmeier, Stefan A.; Hubbuch, Jürgen; Middelberg, Anton P. J.


    Biosurfactants are surface-active molecules produced principally by microorganisms. They are a sustainable alternative to chemically-synthesized surfactants, having the advantages of being non-toxic, highly functional, eco-friendly and biodegradable. However they are currently only used in a few industrial products due to costs associated with production and purification, which exceed those for commodity chemical surfactants. DAMP4, a member of a four-helix bundle biosurfactant protein family, can be produced in soluble form and at high yield in Escherichia coli, and can be recovered using a facile thermal phase-separation approach. As such, it encompasses an interesting synergy of biomolecular and chemical engineering with prospects for low-cost production even for industrial sectors. DAMP4 is highly functional, and due to its extraordinary thermal stability it can be purified in a simple two-step process, in which the combination of high temperature and salt leads to denaturation of all contaminants, whereas DAMP4 stays stable in solution and can be recovered by filtration. This study aimed to characterize and understand the fundamental drivers of DAMP4 stability to guide further process and surfactant design studies. The complementary use of experiments and molecular dynamics simulation revealed a broad pH and temperature tolerance for DAMP4, with a melting point of 122.4 °C, suggesting the hydrophobic core as the major contributor to thermal stability. Simulation of systematically created in silico variants of DAMP4 showed an influence of number and location of hydrophilic mutations in the hydrophobic core on stability, demonstrating a tolerance of up to three mutations before a strong loss in stability occurred. The results suggest a consideration of a balance of stability, functionality and kinetics for new designs according to their application, aiming for maximal functionality but at adequate stability to allow for cost-efficient production using thermal

  19. Activity and stability studies of platinized multi-walled carbon nanotubes as fuel cell electrocatalysts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stamatin, Serban Nicolae; Borghei, Maryam; Dhiman, Rajnish;


    A non-covalent functionalization for multi-walled carbon nanotubes has been used as an alternative to the damaging acid treatment. Platinum nanoparticles with similar particle size distribution have been deposited on the surface modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The interaction between...... platinum nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with 1-pyrenecarboxylic acid is studied and its electrochemical stability investigated. This study reveals the existence of a platinum-support interaction and leads to three main conclusions. First, the addition of 1-pyrenecarboxylic......-term stability by as much as 20%. Third, post-mortem microscopy analysis showed a surprising effect. During the electrochemical stability investigations concerned with carbon corrosion it was found that the multi-walled carbon nanotubes were undergoing severe structural change, transforming finally into carbon...

  20. Stability studies of As4S4 nanosuspension prepared by wet milling in Poloxamer 407. (United States)

    Bujňáková, Zdenka; Dutková, Erika; Baláž, Matej; Turianicová, Erika; Baláž, Peter


    In this paper the stability of the arsenic sulfide (As4S4) nanosuspension prepared by wet milling in a circulation mill in the environment of copolymer Poloxamer 407 was studied. The obtained As4S4 particles in nanosuspension were of ∼ 100 nm in size. The influence of temperature and UV irradiation on the changes in physical and/or chemical properties was followed. Long-term stability was observed via particle size distribution and zeta potential measurements. Influence of UV irradiation was studied via UV-vis spectroscopy (UV-vis), photoluminicsence (PL) technique and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) measurements. The best stability of the nanosuspension (24 weeks) was achieved when stored at 4°C and in the dark.

  1. Synthesis, antibacterial and thermal studies of cellulose nanocrystal stabilized ZnO-Ag heterostructure nanoparticles. (United States)

    Azizi, Susan; Ahmad, Mansor Bin Hj; Hussein, Mohd Zobir; Ibrahim, Nor Azowa


    Synthesis of ZnO-Ag heterostructure nanoparticles was carried out by a precipitation method with cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) as a stabilizer for antimicrobial and thermal studies. ZnO-Ag nanoparticles were obtained from various weight percentages of added AgNO₃ relative to Zn precursors for evaluating the best composition with enhanced functional properties. The ZnO-Ag/CNCs samples were characterized systematically by TEM, XRD, UV, TGA and DTG. From the TEM studies we observed that ZnO-Ag heterostructure nanoparticles have spherical shapes with size diameters in a 9-35 nm range. The antibacterial activities of samples were assessed against the bacterial species Salmonella choleraesuis and Staphylococcus aureus. The CNC-stabilized ZnO-Ag exhibited greater bactericidal activity compared to cellulose-free ZnO-Ag heterostructure nanoparticles of the same particle size. The incorporation of ZnO-Ag hetreostructure nanoparticles significantly increased the thermal stability of cellulose nanocrystals.

  2. Operations analysis (study 2.1). Volume 1: Executive summary (United States)

    Wolfe, R. R.


    Subjects related to future STS operations concepts were investigated. The majority of effort was directed at assessing the benefits of automated space servicing concepts as related to improvements in payload procurement and shuttle utilization. Another subject was directed at understanding shuttle upper stage software development and recurring costs relative to total program projections. Space serving of automated payloads is addressed by examining the broad spectrum of payload applications with the belief that shared logistic operations will be a major contributor to reduction of future program costs. However, there are certain requirements for support of payload operations, such as availability of the payload, that may place demands upon the shuttle fleet. Because future projections of the NASA Mission Model are only representative of the payload traffic, it is important to recognize that it is the general character of operations that is significant rather than service to any single payload program.

  3. MHD Spectroscopic Study of the Stabilizing Effect of Plasma Flow on the Resistive Wall Mode (United States)

    Reimerdes, H.; Garofalo, A. M.; Navratil, G. A.; Chu, M. S.; Jackson, G. L.; Jensen, T. H.; La Haye, R. J.; Scoville, J. T.; Strait, E. J.; Edgell, D. H.; Jayakumar, R. J.; Okabayashi, M.


    MHD Spectroscopic Study of the Stabilizing Effect of Plasma Flow on the Resistive Wall Mode,* H. Reimerdes, A.M. Garofalo, G.A. Navratil, Columbia U, M.S. Chu, G.L. Jackson, T.H. Jensen, R.J. La Haye, J.T. Scoville, E.J. Strait, GA, D.H. Edgell, FAR-TECH, Inc., R.J. Jayakumar, LLNL, M. Okabayashi, PPPL - Resistive wall mode (RWM) stabilization by plasma rotation has been under study for the last decade. Dissipation caused by an interaction between the quasi-static magnetic perturbation and a near-sonic plasma flow alters the RWM stability [Bondeson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 2709 (1994)]. To probe the RWM stability in DIII-D, we extend the technique of MHD spectroscopy, which was previously applied at frequencies above 10 kHz [Fasoli, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 645 (1995)], to frequencies of a few Hz. Internal coils generate a rotating magnetic field, whose spatial structure largely overlaps with the RWM structure. The plasma response, measured as the perturbed field at the wall, is rigid and peaks when the external field rotates at a fraction of the inverse wall time in the direction of the plasma rotation, which is in good agreement with a single mode model [Garofalo, et al., Phys. Plasmas 9, 4573 (2002)]. This measurement is used to determine the contribution of the proposed dissipation mechanisms to the stabilization of the RWM.

  4. Evaluation of primary stability of innovated orthodontic miniscrew system (STS): An ex-vivo study (United States)

    Seifi, Massoud


    Background Stability is determined as one of the requirements in use of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD) in orthodontics. Miniscrew has been a widely used Bone Anchor. Compared with mini-implant that necessitates osseointegration; mechanical retention is a determining factor for primary stability of miniscrew. Studies investigated various ways to increase primary stability. The aim of this study is to introduce a new configuration of miniscrew system which is believed to obtain more primary stability. Material and Methods Freshly ovine mandibles were cut in blocks. Twenty-seven miniscrews (diameter 1.6 × 8 mm; G2, Dual Top Anchor System, Jeil Medical, Seoul, Korea) were inserted in the blocks and divided in 2 experimental groups: single miniscrew and the innovated design “Seifi Twin Screw (STS)”. Primary stability was evaluated by Periotest “M”® device. Results Independent t-test showed a significant difference between 2 experimental groups in periotest evaluation (porthodontic anchorage procedures, miniscrews, temporary anchorage device. PMID:27398174

  5. Pontiac fever: an operational definition for epidemiological studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mathieu Laurence


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pontiac fever is usually described in epidemic settings. Detection of Pontiac fever is a marker of an environmental contamination by Legionella and should thereby call for prevention measures in order to prevent outbreak of Legionnaire's disease. The objective of this study is to propose an operational definition of Pontiac fever that is amenable to epidemiological surveillance and investigation in a non epidemic setting. Methods A population of 560 elderly subjects residing in 25 nursing homes was followed during 4 months in order to assess the daily incidence of symptoms associated, in the literature, with Pontiac fever. The water and aerosol of one to 8 showers by nursing home were characterized combining conventional bacterial culture of Legionella and the Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH technique that used oligonucleotides probes specific for Legionellaceae. A definition of Pontiac fever was devised based on clinical symptoms described in epidemic investigations and on their timing after the exposure event. The association between incidence of Pontiac fever and shower contamination levels was evaluated to test the relevance of this definition. Results The proposed definition of Pontiac fever associated the following criteria: occurrence of at least one symptom among headache, myalgia, fever and shivers, possibly associated with other 'minor' symptoms, within three days after a shower contaminated by Legionella, during a maximum of 8 days (minimum 2 days. 23 such cases occurred during the study (incidence rate: 0.125 cases per person-year [95% CI: 0.122–0.127]. A concentration of Legionella in water equal to or greater than 104.L-1 (FISH method was associated with a significant increase of incidence of Pontiac fever (p = 0.04. Conclusion Once validated in other settings, the proposed definition of Pontiac fever might be used to develop epidemiological surveillance and help draw attention on sources of

  6. Sulfur Polymer Stabilization/Solidification Treatability Study of Mercury Contaminated Soil from the Y-12 Site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kalb P.; Milian, L.; Yim, S. P.


    As a result of past operations, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge Y-12 National Security Complex (Y-12 Plant) has extensive mercury-contamination in building structures, soils, storm sewer sediments, and stream sediments, which are a source of pollution to the local ecosystem. Because of mercury’s toxicity and potential impacts on human health and the environment, DOE continues to investigate and implement projects to support the remediation of the Y-12 site.URS and #9122;CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR) under its prime contract with DOE has cleanup responsibilities on the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation and is investigating potential mercury-contaminated soil treatment technologies through an agreement with Babcock and Wilcox (B and W) Y-12, the Y-12 operating contractor to DOE. As part of its investigations, UCOR has subcontracted with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to conduct laboratory-scale studies evaluating the applicability of the Sulfur Polymer Stabilization/Solidification (SPSS) process using surrogate and actual mixed waste Y-12 soils containing mercury (Hg) at 135, 2,000, and 10,000 ppm.SPSS uses a thermoplastic sulfur binder to convert Hg to stable mercury sulfide (HgS) and solidifies the chemically stable product in a monolithic solid final waste form to reduce dispersion and permeability. Formulations containing 40 – 60 dry wt% Y-12 soil were fabricated and samples were prepared in triplicate for Environmental Protection Agency Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) testing by an independent laboratory. Those containing 50 and 60 wt% soil easily met the study criteria for maximum allowable Hg concentrations (47 and 1 ppb, respectively compared with the TCLP limit of 200 ppb Hg). The lowest waste loading of 40 wt% yielded TCLP Hg concentrations slightly higher (240 ppb) than the allowable limit. Since the Y-12 soil tended to form clumps, the improved leaching at higher waste loadings was probably due to reduction in particle size

  7. Terrestrial Radar Interferometry: The current state-of-the-art demonstrated by real-world slope stability case studies (United States)

    Wooster, Michael; Thomas, Adam; Holley, Rachel


    Risk associated with natural terrain is typically mapped and monitored using established geodetic, geotechnical and remote sensing (satellite and airborne) techniques; however such techniques can pose challenges related to health and safety, cost and the density and frequency of measurements. Terrestrial Radar Interferometry (TRI) systems offer users new capabilities in the mapping and monitoring of ground displacements, and more specifically, slope stability. Use of portable radar systems that facilitate quick deployment and data acquisition, rapid and long distance scanning, and the ability to function and operate in most weather conditions, are revolutionising the terrestrial survey industry. This work presents a summary of the capabilities, limitations and applications of a state-of-the-art TRI system. The system is quick to deploy, allowing data acquisition within tens of minutes of arrival on site and requiring little or no permanent site infrastructure. Imaging scans are typically completed in less than 1 minute for a field of view of up to 360°, with repeat scans possible at up to 1-2 minute intervals. The system gives an azimuth resolution of around 8 m at distances of 1 km, with the capability to image slopes at distances of between 50 m and 10 km from the sensor with a deformation accuracy of less than 1 mm. These capabilities represent a significant advance over more traditional stability monitoring methods. The benefits of the TRI technology will be demonstrated through various natural and artificial slope stability case studies. Measurements on artificial slopes in environments such as quarries and open-cast mines allow benchmarking of capabilities across a variety of surface characteristics and failure mechanisms. These results allow an informed consideration of the applicability in various natural slope stability applications, and enable discussion on how TRI can meet the additional challenges encountered in natural environments.

  8. Stability Operations in East Timor 1999-2000: A Case Study (United States)


    necessary to understand the complex environment INTERFET faced. Portuguese Rule Portuguese interest in Southeast Asia dates to the late 1400s with...Timor soon fol- lowed .5 5 The Portuguese centralized their control of East Timor by appointing the first governor, António Coel- ho Guerreiro, in...Dutch East Indies, resulting in the birth of Indonesia. At the same time, Portugal’s Afri- can colonies began a series of bloody rebellions, which

  9. Operating room clinicians' ratings of workload: a vignette simulation study. (United States)

    Wallston, Kenneth A; Slagle, Jason M; Speroff, Ted; Nwosu, Sam; Crimin, Kimberly; Feurer, Irene D; Boettcher, Brent; Weinger, Matthew B


    Increased clinician workload is associated with medical errors and patient harm. The Quality and Workload Assessment Tool (QWAT) measures anticipated (pre-case) and perceived (post-case) clinical workload during actual surgical procedures using ratings of individual and team case difficulty from every operating room (OR) team member. The purpose of this study was to examine the QWAT ratings of OR clinicians who were not present in the OR but who read vignettes compiled from actual case documentation to assess interrater reliability and agreement with ratings made by clinicians involved in the actual cases. Thirty-six OR clinicians (13 anesthesia providers, 11 surgeons, and 12 nurses) used the QWAT to rate 6 cases varying from easy to moderately difficult based on actual ratings made by clinicians involved with the cases. Cases were presented and rated in random order. Before rating anticipated individual and team difficulty, the raters read prepared clinical vignettes containing case synopses and much of the same written case information that was available to the actual clinicians before the onset of each case. Then, before rating perceived individual and team difficulty, they read part 2 of the vignette consisting of detailed role-specific intraoperative data regarding the anesthetic and surgical course, unusual events, and other relevant contextual factors. Surgeons had higher interrater reliability on the QWAT than did OR nurses or anesthesia providers. For the anticipated individual and team workload ratings, there were no statistically significant differences between the actual ratings and the ratings obtained from the vignettes. There were differences for the 3 provider types in perceived individual workload for the median difficulty cases and in the perceived team workload for the median and more difficult cases. The case difficulty items on the QWAT seem to be sufficiently reliable and valid to be used in other studies of anticipated and perceived clinical

  10. Stability studies of cadmium telluride/cadmium sulfide thin film solar cells (United States)

    Tetali, Bhaskar Reddy

    CdTe/CdS solar cells have shown great potential for terrestrial solar power applications. To be commercially viable they need to operate efficiently for about 30 years. CdS/CdTe solar cells fabricated at USF have shown record efficiencies upto 16.5% [46]. This research involves the study of thermal stress (TS) and light soaking (LS) on the stability of high efficiency (>10%) solar cells. The change in key electrical parameters Voc, FF, J sc, A and Jo are quantified for more than 2000 hours of stressing. The device degradation was found to increase with stress temperature for TS. Below 100°C, the changes were due to collection and recombination losses. Above 100°C, "shunting" mechanisms were found to start affecting the device performance. A fast drop in performance within the first 500 hours was observed. It is believed to be due to an increase in deep-level Cu-related defects that increase with stress temperature. Diffusion of Cu i+ ions from the back contact along CdTe grain boundaries had been previously reported [16]. An increase in light/dark J-V crossover and bulk Rs with stress time and temperature was observed. A slow degradation component attributed to Cu-related substitutional defect [23] formation/diffusion to the junction and CdS is proposed. This should compensate the CdS over time and increase its photoconductivity/resistivity. An improvement in the current collection and FF within 100 hours of LS was observed. This is possibly due to the enhancement of Cui + diffusion into the junction and CdS during LS as previously reported [16]. A reduction in light/dark J-V crossover was observed, possibly due to an increase in CdS doping and reduction in the CdS/SnO2 front contact barrier. However, a fast decrease in Voc and increase in recombination current was also observed in the first 1000 hours of LS. This is possibly due to the existence of higher concentration of Cu-related deep level defects at the junction. A larger decrease in Voc was found for LS

  11. STDs and HIV / AIDS: a KAP study among drug operators. (United States)

    Mishra, R


    This study presents the findings of a Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Survey about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS in Rajasthan, India. Data were obtained from 153 truck drivers covering "Dhabas" at different highways. Truck operators (TOs), commercial sex workers (CSWs), and iv drug users are the primary at risk populations for HIV/AIDS. In 1997, 73.3% of the 3188 HIV-infected persons were infected through heterosexual intercourse. Findings from TOs indicate a high level of knowledge about STDs, which are prevalent among TOs. Many TOs rely on cleanliness (68.9%) as a safety measure, followed by use of condoms with multiple partners (56.8%). About 50% go for regular check-ups at clinics to avoid the problem of STDs. About 75% of 132 TOs had had at least one problem with STDs during the prior year. About 46.2% consulted a doctor for treatment, 26.5% ignored the problem, and 18.2% received no treatment. 72.7% of 132 TOs had accurate knowledge about AIDS, 62.1% were aware of transmission routes, and 50% knew about prevention. About 85% visited CSWs. Only 14.3% of 112 TOs who visited CSWs used condoms during sexual relations. 10.7% used condoms most of the time, 47.3% used condoms irregularly, and 27.7% never used condoms. Condom availability was an issue. Most TOs learned about HIV/AIDS from mass media, especially posters and banners, followed by the radio. Only 28% of all TOs had complete knowledge of STDs; 13.6% had misconceptions. 37.1% had complete knowledge of HIV/AIDS; 10.6% had misconceptions.

  12. Emulating structural stability of Pseudomonas mendocina lipase: in silico mutagenesis and molecular dynamics studies. (United States)

    Saravanan, Parameswaran; Dubey, Vikash Kumar; Patra, Sanjukta


    The need of alkaline detergent-stable lipases has been growing rapidly as they are highly attractive for the production of detergents, biodiesel, pharmaceuticals agents, and various other applications. Lipase from Pseudomonas mendocina (PML) is one such candidate with triglyceride activity and non-homologous with other reported Pseudomonas lipases. The present work provides insights on the role of amino acids toward structural stability of PML. PML was subjected to mutagenesis through in silico point mutations for emulating its structural stability, the foremost property to enhance biophysiochemical properties for industrial process. The structural effects of identified mutants on PML have been analyzed through comparative atomistic molecular dynamics simulations on wild type and mutants. The in silico mutants P187A and P219A were found to stabilize their respective local dynamics and improved the structural stability of PML. The current study sheds light on the rational engineering of PML through in silico methodologies to improvise its structural stability as well as prototype for rational engineering of the lipases.

  13. Raman studies for stockpile reliability of missiles by detecting degradation of propellant stabilizers (United States)

    Farley, Carlton; Kassu, Aschalew; Mills, Jonathan; Bibb, Jonathan; Curley, Michael; Ruffin, Paul; Sharma, Anup; Rice, Jeremy; McDonald, Brian


    The objective of this study is to demonstrate a sensitive Raman technique for sensing degradation of propellant stabilizers like MNA and 2-NDPA that are commonly used in some missiles. The functionality of missiles and rockets are often evaluated by being fired or decomposed at routine time-intervals after prolonged storage. However, these destructive testing techniques for determining long-term rocket motor aging and shelf-life are extremely costly. If successful, the Raman technique could be utilized to determine the health of propellant stabilizers without dismantling the missiles as is commonly done at present. Raman technique is to measure concentrations of propellant stabilizers between 0.1-2% in glycerin. Two different lasers at 785 nm and 532 nm are used for developing this technique. A secondary objective is to develop a theoretical model that predicts temperature as a function of time and position inside the cylindrical storage container of MNA or 2-NDPA stabilizer. This model can help in understanding the thermal degradation of propellant stabilizers.

  14. A UHPLC-UV-QTOF study on the stability of carfilzomib, a novel proteasome inhibitor. (United States)

    Sestak, Vit; Roh, Jaroslav; Klepalova, Libuse; Kovarikova, Petra


    This study addresses the lack of data on the stability of carfilzomib, a newly approved proteasome-inhibiting anticancer drug. A new stability-indicating UHPLC-UV method for analysis of carfilzomib was developed and validated within the concentrations of 10-250 μg/mL. The aforementioned method was utilized to evaluate the effects of forced degradation and to investigate the degradation kinetics, as well as to examine drug stability in a pharmaceutical formulation. A UHPLC-QTOF method was utilized to identify the principal degradation products. It was found that carfilzomib: (1) is stable at neutral and slightly acidic pH, but prone to degradation at both high and low pH; (2) is acceptably stable in the pharmaceutical formulation; but (3) is prone to oxidation and photodegradation. Carfilzomib degradation followed first-order kinetics. The decomposition products resulted from peptide bond hydrolysis, epoxide hydrolysis, hydrogen chloride addition, base-catalyzed Robinson-Gabriel reaction, tertiary amine oxidation and isomerization. Our results document, for the first time, the inherent stability of carfilzomib and provide information about the identity of its degradation products. These results highlight the stability issues that need to be kept in mind for handling and storage of carfilzomib.

  15. [A clinical study on the stability of miniscrew anchorage in orthodontics]. (United States)

    Yan, Yong-Qing; Gao, Yi-Ming


    The aim of this retrospective study was to summarize the cases who used miniscrew anchorage and to evaluate the clinical factors influencing the stability of miniscrew. The sample comprised 13 patients with 32 miniscrews, in whom the design, occlusogingival position, alveolar position, loading opportunity, gingival condition were investigated to assess the factors related to stability. The data was analyzed by univariate analysis and multivariate analysis using SAS 10.0 software package. The overall success rate was 90.6%. There was significant relationship between the patients' age and the stability of miniscrews (P=0.04). The success rate was 75% in adolescent patients, and 100% in adult patients. The osseointegration was affected by initial over-loading, but the long-term orthodontic loading (200g) was safe, if osseointegration was achieved. Perio-implant gingivitis, even the suppurative gingivitis (2 cases) didn't destroy the bone-implant interface. The success rate was independent on gender, occlusogingival position, jaw positioning, inserting times of the same miniscrew, and early loading. The primary stability is the crucial factor for long-term stability of the miniscrews.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐建国; 贾军国


    The dynamics, stability and control problem of a kind of infinite dimensional system are studied in the functional space with the method of modern mathematics. First,the dynamical control model of the distributed parameter system with multi-body flexible and multi-topological structure was established which has damping, gyroscopic parts and constrained damping. Secondly, the necessary and sufficient condition of controllability and observability, the stability theory and asymptotic property of the system were obtained.These results expand the theory of the field about the dynamics and control of the system with multi-body flexible structure, and have important engineering significance.

  17. Stability of the beta-sheet of the WW domain: A molecular dynamics simulation study.


    Ibragimova, G T; Wade, R C


    The WW domain consists of approximately 40 residues, has no disulfide bridges, and forms a three-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet that is monomeric in solution. It thus provides a model system for studying beta-sheet stability in native proteins. We performed molecular dynamics simulations of two WW domains, YAP65 and FBP28, with very different stability characteristics, in order to explore the initial unfolding of the beta-sheet. The less stable YAP domain is much more sensitive to simulatio...

  18. Stability Estimates for a Twisted Rod Under Terminal Loads: A Three-dimensional Study

    KAUST Repository

    Majumdar, Apala


    The stability of an inextensible unshearable elastic rod with quadratic strain energy density subject to end loads is considered. We study the second variation of the corresponding rod-energy, making a distinction between in-plane and out-of-plane perturbations and isotropic and anisotropic cross-sections, respectively. In all cases, we demonstrate that the naturally straight state is a local energy minimizer in parameter regimes specified by material constants. These stability results are also accompanied by instability results in parameter regimes defined in terms of material constants. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

  19. Application of Thermogravimetry to Study the Kinetics and Stability of Porphyrin Copper-sodium of Ephedra

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Thermogravimetry was used to study the non-isothermal decomposition kinetics and the stability of porphyrin copper-sodium from ephedra. The kinetic equation for the second step can be expressed as dα/(dT)=Ae-(Eα)/(RT)3/2(1-α)4/3/[(1-α)-1/3-1]. The kinetic compensation effect is found to be: lnA=0.2468Ea-8.0513. Ea is 206.61 kJ/mol. The results show that porphyrin copper-sodium has a high activation energy and good stability.

  20. Seismic slope stability of embankments: a comparative study on EC8 provisions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zania, Varvara; Tsompanakis, Y.; Psarropoulos, P.N.


    According to EC8 provisions, seismic stability assessment of natural slopes is currently performed based on simplified methods i.e. the pseudostatic and the Newmark’s sliding block method. The application of these methods requires the beforehand consideration of major assumptions necessary...... for the selection of either the seismic coefficient or the acceleration time history of the rigid block. Although both ULS and SLS are defined according to acceptable level of deformations at the slope, the assigned level of displacements is not clarified. In the current study the seismic slope stability...