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  1. Catherine the Great in the writings of Charles-Joseph Lamoral, 7th Prince de Ligne

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Pychowska


    Full Text Available Charles-Joseph de Ligne (1735-1814, a Wallon and European Prince, subject of the Austro-Hungary Empire, a heartbreaker of the French Europe, is considered the most famous representative of literary cosmopolitanism. War, love and writing were inseparable in his life. He took part in numerous military campaigns, serving both Austria and Russia, as a Russian colonel, a commander of the order of Maria Theresa, and an Austrian fi eld marshal. He authored various texts related to war; he admired heroism of Charles II, Conde, the tactics of Frederick II, the strategies of Napoleon, Catherine II. The latter was immportalized in de Ligne’s various texts representing different literary genres. The Prince was clearly fascinated by the Empress, and he depicted her in a positive light as an educated person, both agreable and determined. Can we, however, talk about the documentary character of his work ? Instead, the Prince seems to be a documentalist-interpreter.

  2. Age-related environmental gradients influence invertebrate distribution in the Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica (United States)

    White, Duanne; Clarke, Laurence; McKay, Alan; Cooper, Alan; Stevens, Mark I.


    The potential impact of environmental change on terrestrial Antarctic ecosystems can be explored by inspecting biodiversity patterns across large-scale gradients. Unfortunately, morphology-based surveys of Antarctic invertebrates are time-consuming and limited by the cryptic nature of many taxa. We used biodiversity information derived from high-throughput sequencing (HTS) to elucidate the relationship between soil properties and invertebrate biodiversity in the Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica. Across 136 analysed soil samples collected from Mount Menzies, Mawson Escarpment and Lake Terrasovoje, we found invertebrate distribution in the Prince Charles Mountains significantly influenced by soil salinity and/or sulfur content. Phyla Tardigrada and Arachnida occurred predominantly in low-salinity substrates with abundant nutrients, whereas Bdelloidea (Rotifera) and Chromadorea (Nematoda) were more common in highly saline substrates. A significant correlation between invertebrate occurrence, soil salinity and time since deglaciation indicates that terrain age indirectly influences Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity, with more recently deglaciated areas supporting greater diversity. Our study demonstrates the value of HTS metabarcoding to investigate environmental constraints on inconspicuous soil biodiversity across large spatial scales. PMID:28083092

  3. Peronosporomycetes (Oomycota from a Middle Permian permineralised peat within the Bainmedart Coal Measures, Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ben J Slater

    Full Text Available The fossil record of Peronosporomycetes (water moulds is rather sparse, though their distinctive ornamentation means they are probably better reported than some true fungal groups. Here we describe a rare Palaeozoic occurrence of this group from a Guadalupian (Middle Permian silicified peat deposit in the Bainmedart Coal Measures, Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica. Specimens are numerous and comprise two morphologically distinct kinds of ornamented oogonia, of which some are attached to hyphae by a septum. Combresomyces caespitosus sp. nov. consists of spherical oogonia bearing densely spaced, long, hollow, slender, conical papillae with multiple sharply pointed, strongly divergent, apical branches that commonly form a pseudoreticulate pattern under optical microscopy. The oogonia are attached to a parental hypha by a short truncated stalk with a single septum. Combresomyces rarus sp. nov. consists of spherical oogonia bearing widely spaced, hollow, broad, conical papillae that terminate in a single bifurcation producing a pair of acutely divergent sharply pointed branches. The oogonium bears a short truncate extension where it attaches to the parental hypha. We propose that similarities in oogonium shape, size, spine morphology and hyphal attachment between the Permian forms from the Prince Charles Mountains and other reported Peronosporomycetes from Devonian to Triassic strata at widely separated localities elsewhere in the world delimit an extinct but once cosmopolitan Palaeozoic to early Mesozoic branch of the peronosporomycete clade. We name this order Combresomycetales and note that it played an important role in late Palaeozoic and early Mesozoic peatland ecosystems worldwide.

  4. Diet and food availability: implications for foraging and dispersal of Prince of Wales northern flying squirrels across managed landscapes (United States)

    Elizabeth A. Flaherty; Merav Ben-David; Winston P. Smith


    Where dispersal is energetically expensive, feeding and food availability can influence dispersal success. The endemic Prince of Wales northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus griseifrons) inhabits a landscape mosaic of old-growth, second-growth, and clearcut stands, with the latter two representing energetically expensive habitats. We...

  5. Charles River (United States)

    Information on the efforts of the US EPA, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the municipalities within the Charles River Watershed and nongovernmental organizations to improve the water quality of the Charles River.

  6. A new Arctic hadrosaurid from the Prince Creek Formation (lower Maastrichtian of northern Alaska

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hirotsugu Mori


    Full Text Available The Liscomb bonebed in the Price Creek Formation of northern Alaska has produced thousands of individual bones of a saurolophine hadrosaurid similar to Edmontosaurus; however, the specific identity of this taxon has been unclear, in part because the vast majority of the remains represent immature individuals. In this study, we address the taxonomic status of the Alaskan material through a comparative and quantitative morphological analysis of juvenile as well several near adult-sized specimens with particular reference to the two known species of Edmontosaurus, as well as a cladistic analysis using two different matrices for Hadrosauroidea. In the comparative morphological analysis, we introduce a quantitative method using bivariate plots to address ontogenetic variation. Our comparative anatomical analysis reveals that the Alaskan saurolophine possesses a unique suite of characters that distinguishes it from Edmontosaurus, including a premaxillary circumnarial ridge that projects posterolaterally without a premaxillary vestibular promontory, a shallow groove lateral to the posterodorsal premaxillary foramen, a relatively narrow jugal process of the postorbital lacking a postorbital pocket, a relatively tall maxilla, a relatively gracile jugal, a more strongly angled posterior margin of the anterior process of the jugal, wide lateral exposure of the quadratojugal, and a short symphyseal process of the dentary. The cladistic analyses consistently recover the Alaskan saurolophine as the sister taxon to Edmontosaurus annectens + Edmontosaurus regalis. This phylogenetic assessment is robust even when accounting for ontogenetically variable characters. Based on these results, we erect a new taxon, Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis gen. et sp. nov. that contributes to growing evidence for a distinct, early Maastrichtian Arctic dinosaur community that existed at the northernmost extent of Laramidia during the Late Cretaceous.

  7. Charles Darwin

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Charles Darwin. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 14 Issue 2 February 2009 pp 204-208 Classics. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

  8. A Quantitative Ecological Risk Assessment of the Toxicological Risks from Exxon Valdez Subsurface Oil Residues to Sea Otters at Northern Knight Island, Prince William Sound, Alaska. (United States)

    Harwell, Mark A; Gentile, John H; Johnson, Charles B; Garshelis, David L; Parker, Keith R


    A comprehensive, quantitative risk assessment is presented of the toxicological risks from buried Exxon Valdez subsurface oil residues (SSOR) to a subpopulation of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) at Northern Knight Island (NKI) in Prince William Sound, Alaska, as it has been asserted that this subpopulation of sea otters may be experiencing adverse effects from the SSOR. The central questions in this study are: could the risk to NKI sea otters from exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in SSOR, as characterized in 2001-2003, result in individual health effects, and, if so, could that exposure cause subpopulation-level effects? We follow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) risk paradigm by: (a) identifying potential routes of exposure to PAHs from SSOR; (b) developing a quantitative simulation model of exposures using the best available scientific information; (c) developing scenarios based on calculated probabilities of sea otter exposures to SSOR; (d) simulating exposures for 500,000 modeled sea otters and extracting the 99.9% quantile most highly exposed individuals; and (e) comparing projected exposures to chronic toxicity reference values. Results indicate that, even under conservative assumptions in the model, maximum-exposed sea otters would not receive a dose of PAHs sufficient to cause any health effects; consequently, no plausible toxicological risk exists from SSOR to the sea otter subpopulation at NKI.

  9. Spectacle, Rhetoric and Power. The Triumphal Entry of Prince Philip of Spain into Antwerp

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bussels, S.P.M.


    In 1549, Prince Philip of Spain made his entry into Antwerp together with his father, Emperor Charles V. For this occasion the rich city of commerce was transformed into a large theatrical space with triumphal arches and 'tableaux vivants' as stage settings. The citizens and the princes acted as

  10. Projections, plans, policies and politics in Prince George: reflections on five years of climate change adaptation in a northern Canadian community (United States)

    Picketts, I. M.; Dery, S. J.; Curry, J.


    The City of Prince George, in central British Columbia, Canada, has partnered with academics and collaborators for over five years to address climate change adaptation at the local level. The first phase of research involved conducting a detailed overview of past climate trends and future projections for the region using the outputs of GCMs and downscaled RCMs. This information was communicated to senior local staff and community members, and feedback was applied to create a detailed adaptation strategy for the City, which identified priority impacts and outlined potential strategies to address them at the local level. The top priority impacts for Prince George are forest changes, increased flooding, and impacts to transportation infrastructure. During a second implementation phase of the project, eight local initiatives were completed focusing on: incorporating adaptation into a local sustainability plan and land use plan; exploring impacts related to forests, flooding and transportation infrastructure; and assessing trends and projections in freeze-thaw cycles and heavy rainfall events. This presentation will outline the adaptation initiatives undertaken in the City of Prince George during the second phase of research, and evaluate their effectiveness through reflections from interviews with local planners, engineers, managers, community champions and politicians. The initiatives deemed to be most successful - and most likely to be implemented - focus on topics that: are of high public concern; have clear cost implications; incorporate adaptation into policy; and/or incorporate adaptation into an ongoing project. Outcomes highlight challenges local researchers, practitioners and leaders face as they strive to implement proactive adaptation measures in policy and practice without strong support from policy and professional practices, and with a paucity of successful case study examples to build upon. Outcomes also reveal challenges as municipalities strive to do

  11. Charles Dickens and epilepsy. (United States)

    Cosnett, J E


    Through some characters in his novels, Charles Dickens recorded observations on the nature of epileptic seizures, their causes and provocation, and their consequences. Three of his main characters, Monks, Guster, and Bradley Headstone, had seizures which Dickens realistically described.

  12. a a m prince

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. A A M PRINCE. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 128 Issue 5 May 2016 pp 787-802 Regular Articles. Flexible synthesis of isomeric pyranoindolones and evaluation of cytotoxicity towards HeLa cells · J C JEYAVEERAN CHANDRASEKAR PRAVEEN Y ...

  13. The little prince

    CERN Document Server

    Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de


    The Little Prince describes his journey from planet to planet, each tiny world populated by a single adult. It's a wonderfully inventive sequence, which evokes not only the great fairy tales but also such monuments of postmodern whimsy. The author pokes similar fun at a businessman, a geographer, and a lamplighter, all of whom signify some futile aspect of adult existence.

  14. Charles Dickens: Multiform Model. (United States)

    Miller, Melvin H.

    In both speaking and writing, the goal is communication with the intended audience. Rejecting the view that rhetoric is based on an established set of conventions, this article examines the writings of Charles Dickens as models of rhetorical expression. Passages from Dicken's novels illustrate how the writer violated grammatical rules and broke…

  15. Bawden, Prof. Frederick Charles

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1972 Honorary. Bawden, Prof. Frederick Charles. Date of birth: 18 August 1908. Date of death: 8 February 1972. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the Three Science Academies of ...

  16. Charles Darwin's Botanical Investigations (United States)

    Harley, Suzanne M.


    Charles Darwin's botanical studies provide a way to expose students to his work that followed the publication of "On the Origin of Species." We can use stories from his plant investigations to illustrate key concepts in the life sciences and model how questions are asked and answered in science.

  17. Seward, Prof. Albert Charles

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1935 Honorary. Seward, Prof. Albert Charles. Date of birth: 9 October 1863. Date of death: 11 April 1941. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year meeting of the Academy will be held from ...

  18. Seward, Prof. Albert Charles

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1935 Honorary. Seward, Prof. Albert Charles. Date of birth: 9 October 1863. Date of death: 11 April 1941. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the Three Science Academies of India on ...

  19. Charles Darwin i 2009

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærgaard, Peter C.


    Charles Darwin blev født d. 12. februar 1809. Hans mest berømte bog, 'Om arternes oprindelse', udkom d. 24. november 1859. Det gør 2009 til noget ganske særligt for både Darwin og evolutionsteorien. Det er nemlig i år både Darwins 200-års fødselsdag og 150-års jubilæet for en af de mest...

  20. Expectation of "Le Petit Prince"'s home (United States)

    Abe, Masanao; Ohba, Yohei; Ishiguro, Masateru; Hasegawa, Sunao; Fuse, Tetsuharu


    We observed a few hundred meter-sized asteroid like "Le Petit Prince"'s home using Subaru telescope. The name of the asteroid is 1998 SF36, which is a target object of the Japanese asteroid sample return mission, MUSES-C. We report the results of the observations and expect the true picture of the tiny-sized asteroid.

  1. Lake Charles CCS Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leib, Thomas [Leucadia Energy, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT (United States); Cole, Dan [Denbury Onshore, LLC, Plano, TX (United States)


    In late September 2014 development of the Lake Charles Clean Energy (LCCE) Plant was abandoned resulting in termination of Lake Charles Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Project which was a subset the LCCE Plant. As a result, the project was only funded through Phase 2A (Design) and did not enter Phase 2B (Construction) or Phase 2C (Operations). This report was prepared relying on information prepared and provided by engineering companies which were engaged by Leucadia Energy, LLC to prepare or review Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for the Lake Charles Clean Energy Project, which includes the Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Project in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The Lake Charles Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Project was to be a large-scale industrial CCS project intended to demonstrate advanced technologies that capture and sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial sources into underground formations. The Scope of work was divided into two discrete sections; 1) Capture and Compression prepared by the Recipient Leucadia Energy, LLC, and 2) Transport and Sequestration prepared by sub-Recipient Denbury Onshore, LLC. Capture and Compression-The Lake Charles CCS Project Final Technical Report describes the systems and equipment that would be necessary to capture CO2 generated in a large industrial gasification process and sequester the CO2 into underground formations. The purpose of each system is defined along with a description of its equipment and operation. Criteria for selection of major equipment are provided and ancillary utilities necessary for safe and reliable operation in compliance with environmental regulations are described. Construction considerations are described including a general arrangement of the CCS process units within the overall gasification project. A cost estimate is provided, delineated by system area with cost breakdown showing equipment, piping and materials

  2. Charles Dickens' old people. (United States)

    Charles, D C; Charles, L A

    Charles Dickens, rare among authors of any period, presented a host of elderly and old characters in his novels and stories. More than 120 such characters were identified, distributed among four levels of involvement (protagonist to minor role) and six categories of behavior (warm and sympathetic to villainous and threatening). The two-thirds male, one-third female characters tended to be concentrated at the minor, rather than major, levels of involvement in plots, but they represented a great range of behavior. Dickens' old people were fully engaged in life and society and were not age-stereotyped.

  3. Charles A. Lindbergh Learning Packet. (United States)

    Rodriguez, Charley

    This aerospace education learning packet contains information about the famous pilot, Charles A. Lindbergh. Posters, recommended teaching methods, tests with keys, and task cards are also included. (KHR)

  4. Charles Wagley: mentor and colleague

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maxine L. Margolis

    Full Text Available Professor Charles Wagley was my mentor at Columbia University, my colleague at the University of Florida and a dear friend. His influence on me can be summarized in one word: Brazil. From the time I took his course, "Peoples of Brazil", as a first semester graduate student at Columbia I was captivated and most of my subsequent field research and publications have had Brazilian themes. Under Dr. Wagley's direction I did field research for my dissertation in the coffee region of northern Paraná and focused on the shift from coffee cultivation to cattle ranching and the social and economic consequences of that change. My subsequent research in the area involved the impact of frost on this shift in economic base as well as one of its results: the flight of poor Brazilians to Paraguay. Then starting in the late 1980s my research shifted and I began focusing on Brazilian immigrants in New York City. This was part of a growing movement of Brazilians arriving in New York, elsewhere in the United States and in Europe and Japan. Since then most of my subsequent research and publications have been on this new wave of international migrants

  5. Characters named Charles or Charley in novels by Charles Dickens. (United States)

    Barry, Herbert


    12 fictional characters named Charles or Charley are contained in eight of the 14 completed novels by Charles Dickens. Most of the author's namesakes have humorous attributes, an unusually close relationship with one or more other characters, and a happy subsequent life. Three stages of the author's adult life are youthful, mature, and after separation from his wife. The fictional namesakes are most humorous in the author's youthful stage and least humorous after separation from his wife. The 12 fictional namesakes of Charles Dickens are compared with the two fictional namesakes of Jane Austen.

  6. A ground electromagnetic survey used to map sulfides and acid sulfate ground waters at the abandoned Cabin Branch Mine, Prince William Forest Park, northern Virginia gold-pyrite belt (United States)

    Wynn, Jeffrey C.


    INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND: Prince William Forest Park is situated at the northeastern end of the Virginia Gold-Pyrite belt northwest of the town of Dumfries, VA. The U. S. Marine Corps Reservation at Quantico borders the park on the west and south, and occupies part of the same watershed. Two abandoned mines are found within the park: the Cabin Branch pyrite mine, a historic source of acid mine drainage, and the Greenwood gold mine, a source of mercury contamination. Both are within the watershed of Quantico Creek (Fig.1). The Cabin Branch mine (also known as the Dumfries mine) lies about 2.4 km northwest of the town of Dumfries. It exploited a 300 meter-long, lens-shaped body of massive sulfide ore hosted by metamorphosed volcanic rocks; during its history over 200,000 tons of ore were extracted and processed locally. The site became part of the National Capitol Region of the National Park Service in 1940 and is currently managed by the National Park Service. In 1995 the National Park Service, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy reclaimed the Cabin Branch site. The Virginia Gold-Pyrite belt, also known as the central Virginia volcanic-plutonic belt, is host to numerous abandoned metal mines (Pavlides and others, 1982), including the Cabin Branch deposit. The belt itself extends from its northern terminus near Cabin Branch, about 50 km south of Washington, D.C., approximately 175 km to the southwest into central Virginia. It is underlain by metamorphosed volcanic and clastic (non-carbonate) sedimentary rocks, originally deposited approximately 460 million years ago during the Ordovician Period (Horton and others, 1998). Three kinds of deposits are found in the belt: volcanic-associated massive sulfide deposits, low-sulfide quartz-gold vein deposits, and gold placer deposits. The massive sulfide deposits such as Cabin Branch were historically mined for their sulfur, copper, zinc, and lead contents, but also yielded byproduct

  7. Charles Dickens 2012 - et essay

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schatz-Jakobsen, Claus


    Essayet plæderer i 200-året for Charles Dickens' fødsel for hans forfatterskabs fortsatte aktualitet, og samtidig for en nyoversættelse til dansk.......Essayet plæderer i 200-året for Charles Dickens' fødsel for hans forfatterskabs fortsatte aktualitet, og samtidig for en nyoversættelse til dansk....

  8. Historical sites at the Prince Edward islands

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Cooper, J


    Full Text Available expeditions to Marion Island from 1948 to 1985 and research visits to Prince Edward Island from 1965 to 1985. A third appendix is a bibliography relevant to the study of historical sites at the Prince Edward islands...

  9. Prince Phetsarath (1890-1959)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ivarsson, Søren; Goscha, Christopher E


    A biography of Prince Phetsarath highlights how a specific idea about Laos and its culture was formed under French colonial rule and nurtured under the Japanese occupation and its aftermath. During these periods, Phetsarath's understanding of Lao cultural nationalism was transformed into a politi...

  10. Charles River Fish Contaminant Survey, April 2001 (United States)

    Report summarizing a biological monitoring component of the Clean Charles River 2005 initiative through the monitoring & analysis of fish within the lower Charles River basin, implemented by the EPA New England Regional Laboratory in the late fall of 1999.

  11. Hevesy, Prof. George Charles de

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1951 Honorary. Hevesy, Prof. George Charles de. Date of birth: 1 August 1885. Date of death: 5 July 1966. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year meeting of the Academy will be held ...

  12. Charles Darwin in the Andes (United States)

    Bizzo, Nelio; Bizzo, Luis Eduardo Maestrelli


    Considering geological time as an important epistemological obstacle to the construction of ideas on biological evolution, a study was carried out on the so-called "Darwin Papers". The conclusion was that Charles Darwin's excursion in the Andes during March-April 1835 was a crucial step in this regard. An expedition was carried out in…

  13. Charles Darwin 1809-2009. (United States)

    van Wyhe, John


    The year 2009 is the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. This article briefly surveys his life and work, dispelling some common myths and summarizes Darwin's achievement and legacy at his death in 1882.

  14. Hevesy, Prof. George Charles de

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1951 Honorary. Hevesy, Prof. George Charles de. Date of birth: 1 August 1885. Date of death: 5 July 1966. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. Theory Of Evolution. Posted on 23 January 2018. Joint Statement by the Three Science Academies of India on ...

  15. Charles Gelso: The "Real" Person (United States)

    Hill, Clara E.


    Charles Gelso has had a major influence in counseling psychology with his contributions to the literature in many areas such as research methodology, research training, psychotherapy outcome, and the therapeutic relationship as well as in his work as an editor and as a teacher and mentor. This interview with Gelso highlights the early experiences,…

  16. 76 FR 38302 - Safety Zone; Cape Charles Fireworks, Cape Charles Harbor, Cape Charles, VA (United States)


    ... Cape Charles City Harbor centered on position 37[deg]15'46.5'' N/076[deg]01'30'' W (NAD 1983). Due to... of materials, performance, design, or operation; test methods; sampling procedures; and related... the human environment. This rule is categorically excluded, under figure 2-1, paragraph (34)(g), of...

  17. The Lake Charles CCS Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doug Cathro


    The Lake Charles CCS Project is a large-scale industrial carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project which will demonstrate advanced technologies that capture and sequester carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) emissions from industrial sources into underground formations. Specifically the Lake Charles CCS Project will accelerate commercialization of large-scale CO{sub 2} storage from industrial sources by leveraging synergy between a proposed petroleum coke to chemicals plant (the LCC Gasification Project) and the largest integrated anthropogenic CO{sub 2} capture, transport, and monitored sequestration program in the U.S. Gulf Coast Region. The Lake Charles CCS Project will promote the expansion of EOR in Texas and Louisiana and supply greater energy security by expanding domestic energy supplies. The capture, compression, pipeline, injection, and monitoring infrastructure will continue to sequester CO{sub 2} for many years after the completion of the term of the DOE agreement. The objectives of this project are expected to be fulfilled by working through two distinct phases. The overall objective of Phase 1 was to develop a fully definitive project basis for a competitive Renewal Application process to proceed into Phase 2 - Design, Construction and Operations. Phase 1 includes the studies attached hereto that will establish: the engineering design basis for the capture, compression and transportation of CO{sub 2} from the LCC Gasification Project, and the criteria and specifications for a monitoring, verification and accounting (MVA) plan at the Hastings oil field in Texas. The overall objective of Phase 2, provided a successful competitive down-selection, is to execute design, construction and operations of three capital projects: (1) the CO{sub 2} capture and compression equipment, (2) a Connector Pipeline from the LLC Gasification Project to the Green Pipeline owned by Denbury and an affiliate of Denbury, and (3) a comprehensive MVA system at the Hastings oil field.

  18. 33 CFR 207.10 - Charles River, Mass.; dam of Charles River Basin Commission. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Charles River, Mass.; dam of Charles River Basin Commission. 207.10 Section 207.10 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE NAVIGATION REGULATIONS § 207.10 Charles River, Mass.; dam of...

  19. Charles Peyrou: 1918-2003

    CERN Multimedia


    Charles Peyrou, who was one of the outstanding personalities at CERN for thirty years, passed away on 6 April 2003. Born in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (France) on 18 May 1918, Charles Peyrou studied at the Ecole Polytechnique, where he attended the first class given by Louis Leprince-Ringuet in 1936. Here, he was part of the small group of enthusiastic physicists who took part in the first cosmic ray experiments. In 1938, the group built its first chamber, a large Wilson chamber in a magnetic field, operating with Geiger counters. After the war, following his appointment as chief engineer of one of the large national technical institutes known as the Corps de l'Etat, he was detached to his old laboratory to resume research on cosmic rays, and a system of two superimposed cloud chambers was set up at the Pic du Midi. This device proved very effective in the study of the strange particles that were starting to be detected at that time. Here, for example, the disintegration of the K meson into a muon and a neutrino wa...

  20. Fuelwood production in Prince Edward Island

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McCallum, B.


    The most recent Prince Edward Island Fuelwood Survey occurred in 1990-91. Consumption of fuelwood rose again to 49% of Prince Edward Island's 43,170 households. Total residential fuelwood consumption was estimated to be 242,000 m 3 . The fuelwood industry makes an important contribution to the economy of Prince Edward Island. In the 1990-91 heating season, fuelwood valued at USD 9 million displaced approximately 43 million litres of domestic heating oil valued at USD 16.4 million. In addition, it is estimated that 70 cents of every dollar spent on fuelwood remains in the province and contributes spin-off benefits, whereas 90 cents of every dollar spent on heating oil is lost to the economy of Prince Edward Island. The percentage of people cutting their own fuelwood decreased from 52 in 1984-85 to only 23.4 in 1990-91. The governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island have implemented a series of Forest Resource Development Agreements (FRDAs) starting in 1983. The current 1988-1993 FRDA provides USD 24 million for research and incentives for reforestation and management of Prince Edward Island woodlots. It is expected that 3,800 Prince Edward Island woodlot owners will be participating in a woodlot management program by 1993. Silviculture treatments of hardwood stands include thinning, stand conversion (removal of lowgrade softwoods such as balsam fir in mainly hardwood stands), and shelterwood (strip) cutting, particularly in marginal stands. (9 refs.)

  1. Charles Darwin: genius or plodder? (United States)

    Wilkins, Adam S


    There is no doubt about the magnitude of Charles Darwin's contributions to science. There has, however, been a long-running debate about how brilliant he was. His kind of intelligence was clearly different from that of the great physicists who are deemed geniuses. Here, the nature of Darwin's intelligence is examined in the light of Darwin's actual style of working. Surprisingly, the world of literature and the field of neurobiology might supply more clues to resolving the puzzle than conventional scientific history. Those clues suggest that the apparent discrepancy between Darwin's achievements and his seemingly pedestrian way of thinking reveals nothing to Darwin's discredit but rather a too narrow and inappropriate set of criteria for "genius." The implications of Darwin's particular creative gifts with respect to the development of scientific genius in general are briefly discussed.

  2. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: INDEX (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  3. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: HYDRO (Hydrology) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  4. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: INVERT (Invertebrates) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  5. Charles River Residual Designation: Executive Summary (United States)

    Read an executive summary of the Record of Decision's preliminary decision by the Regional Administrator of EPA Region 1 that storm water permits are needed to address serious water quality problems in the Charles River.

  6. 2014 Lidar DEM: St. Charles Parish (LA) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Under this task order, Precision Aerial Reconnaissance, LLC was contracted to provide acquisition and processing of airborne Lidar over St. Charles Parish,...

  7. Charles Darwin: What Else Did He Write? (United States)

    Berra, Tim M.


    Lists a number of books written by Charles Darwin, selected to indicate the depth and breadth of Darwin's biological interests. Each entry is described with a short annotation. Also provides a reading list of references about Darwin's life. (CS)

  8. The Grand Strategy of Charles de Gaulle

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hamill, John D


    While it can be argued that Charles de Gaulle was born a century too late, it cannot be denied that he was able to use his position as President of France to alter the international order of the day...

  9. College Fjord, Prince Williams Sound (United States)


    The College Fjord with its glaciers was imaged by ASTER on June 24, 2000.This image covers an area 20 kilometers (13 miles) wide and 24 kilometers (15 miles) long in three bands of the reflected visible and infrared wavelength region. College Fjord is located in Prince Williams Sound, east of Seward, Alaska. Vegetation is in red, and snow and ice are white and blue. Ice bergs calved off of the glaciers can be seen as white dots in the water. At the head of the fjord, Harvard Glacier (left) is one of the few advancing glaciers in the area; dark streaks on the glacier are medial moraines: rock and dirt that indicate the incorporated margins of merging glaciers. Yale Glacier to the right is retreating, exposing (now vegetated) bedrock where once there was ice. On the west edge of the fjord, several small glaciers enter the water. This fjord is a favorite stop for cruise ships plying Alaska's inland passage.This image is located at 61.2 degrees north latitude and 147.7 degrees west longitude. Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) is one of five Earth-observing instruments launched December 18, 1999, on NASA's Terra satellite. The instrument was built by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. A joint U.S./Japan science team is responsible for validation and calibration of the instrument and the data products. Dr. Anne Kahle at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., is the U.S. Science team leader; Moshe Pniel of JPL is the project manager. ASTER is the only high resolution imaging sensor on Terra. The primary goal of the ASTER mission is to obtain high-resolution image data in 14 channels over the entire land surface, as well as black and white stereo images. With revisit time of between 4 and 16 days, ASTER will provide the capability for repeat coverage of changing areas on Earth's surface.The broad spectral coverage and high spectral resolution of ASTER will provide scientists in numerous disciplines with

  10. Charles Brenner: a practitioner's theorist. (United States)

    Friedman, Lawrence


    To avoid certain errors in practice, Charles Brenner offered an holistic substitute for the Freudian structural model of the mind. He used the term compromise formation ambiguously to refer to both actions and states, so as to render unnecessary what he considered artificial, judgmental attitudes embodied in images of psychic structures. He believed that a theory of conflicting structures transforms the phenomenological drama of the patient's actual life-world into an artificial drama of contending intrapsychic parties that may reflect the analyst's values. According to Brenner, the meaning of life, with its desires, fears, and regrets, is structured forever in the first articulation of the family drama, and that is all the structure a practitioner should have in mind. In principle, the ambiguity of the term compromise formation allows for observed continuities in human life, and might have inspired an ambitious theoretician to exploit that option for an account of character, but that aspect of theory moves in a direction opposite to Brenner's practical mission. For the same practical reason Brenner refused to acknowledge gradations of mental operation, such as differences in maturity, or style or level of thinking, so the theory cannot say how change can take place, analytic or otherwise. These lacunae in theory were unblinkingly (if implicitly) accepted in pursuit of Brenner's goal, which was not to polish up theory but to cleanse the analyst's mind of concepts that subtly interfere with the essential nondirectiveness of treatment. His theoretical minimalism and exclusive concern with practical consequences can be recognized as a peculiarly North American attitude to psychoanalysis.

  11. Zadonshchina, Ryazan, and the Moscow Princely Family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander V. Lavrentyev


    Full Text Available This paper is devoted to the history and controversies surrounding the outstanding representative of Russian medieval literature from the late 14th century, the famous Zadonshchina. This work glorifies the military victory of the united forces of the Russian troops, led by Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy, over the Tatar army on 8 September 1380, at Kulikovo Field near the Don River. This article presents arguments in favor of a Ryazan origin of the Zadonshchina text; furthermore, the article offers an explanation of the presence in the text of two “protagonists,” Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich and his cousin, Vladimir Andreyevich the Bold, Prince of Serpukhov. The joint rule of the “brothers” was a result of deaths caused by the plague in the Moscow ruling house, which took the dynasty to the brink of extinction. This feature of the political situation is reflected in the Zadonshchina text.

  12. Application of PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vaníčková Radka


    Full Text Available The methodology describes the principle of setting a project in PRINCE2 project management. The main aim of the paper is to implement PRINCE2 methodology to be used in an enterprise in the service industry. A partial aim is to choose a supplier of the project among new travel guides. The result of the project activity is a sight-seeing tour/service more attractive for customers in the tourism industry and a possible choice of new job opportunities. The added value of the article is the description of applying the principles, processes and topics of PRINCE2 project management so that they might be used in the field.

  13. PMBOK y PRINCE 2 similitudes y diferencias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kenia Fernández Parra


    Full Text Available Existen diferentes estándares enfocados a la gestión de proyectos. Ejemplo de estos estándares lo constituyen la guía PMBOK y el método PRINCE2. En el presente trabajo se realizó un análisis comparativo de la guía PMBOK respecto al método estructurado PRINCE2, basado en la evaluación de diferentes fuentes bibliográficas. Durante el desarrollo de la investigación fueron analizados diferentes elementos teóricos de cada uno, tales como: el origen, la evolución, la estructura y su aplicación, lo que permite identificar similitudes y diferencias entre estos. El resultado de la investigación arroja que estos estándares no se consideran excluyentes y que pueden coexistir en un mismo proyecto. PRINCE2 determina qué, cómo, cuándo y por quiénes se ejecutarán las actividades, utilizando un lenguaje común de fácil asimilación y PMBOK constituye una guía de referencia internacional que incorpora una amplia gama de conocimientos sobre la gestión de proyectos. PMBOK and PRINCE 2, similarities and differences ABSTRACT There are different standards focused on project management. Examples of these standards are the PMBOK Guide and PRINCE2 method. In this paper it is made a comparative analysis of the PMBOK Guide in relation to PRINCE2 structured method, based on the assessment of different literature sources. During the course of the investigation different theoretical elements of both PMBOK and PRINCE2 were analyzed, such as the origin, evolution, structure and application, allowing the identification of similarities and differences between them. The result of this research reveals that these standards are not considered mutually exclusive and that can coexist on the same project. PRINCE2 determines what, how, when and by whom the activities will be implemented using a common language easily assimilated and PMBOK is an international reference guide that incorporates a wide range of knowledge about project management. PMBOK e PRINCE2

  14. Two Psychoanalytical Readings of The Little Prince


    Kodama, Christine de Larroche


     This is the presentation and analysis of two books written by twopsychoanalysts about Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). Marie-Louise von Franz gave a series of twelve lectures during thewinter semester 1959-60 at the Jung Institute in Zurich on the subject of theeternal youth type. The first eight lectures consisted in an analysis of Saint-Exupéry’s book, the French pilot and writer being presented as a prototypeof The Problem of the Puer Aeternus published in 1970. Eugen ...

  15. Prince Peter's 7 years in Kalimpong

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brox, Trine; Zeitzen, Miriam Koktvedgaard


    and document empty spots on the map and to rescue the remnants of local cultures in Upper Asia. With the developing crisis in Tibet, however, Prince Peter was stranded in Kalimpong, waiting in vain for permission to enter Tibet. Yet unfavourable political circumstances turned into great opportunities...... for the expedition as the advance of the People’s Liberation Army into Tibet led to a stream of refugees into Kalimpong: “We had been denied entry into Tibet, but Tibet had come to us.” In this article, we explore Prince Peter’s seven years in Kalimpong and how he navigated this particularly intense contact zone...

  16. Genealogy of John and Charles Bell: their relationship with the children of Charles Shaw of Ayr. (United States)

    Kaufman, M


    The Reverend William Bell had six children who survived infancy. Two of his sons entered the legal profession and two other sons became distinguished anatomists and surgeons--John Bell, said for 20 years to have been the leading operating surgeon in Britain and throughout the world--and Sir Charles Bell, possibly the most distinguished anatomist and physiologist of his day. Information is not known about the fifth son or their sister. Charles Shaw, a lawyer of Ayr, had four sons and two daughters who survived infancy. Two of his sons, John and Alexander, became anatomists and later surgeons at the Middlesex Hospital, and both worked closely with Charles Bell at the Great Windmill Street School of Anatomy. His third son entered the law and his fourth son became a distinguished soldier. The two daughters of Charles Shaw married into the Bell family: Barbara married George Joseph Bell and Marion married Mr (later Sir) Charles Bell.

  17. Advertising eugenics: Charles M. Goethe's campaign to improve the race. (United States)

    Schoenl, William; Peck, Danielle


    Over the last several decades historians have shown that the eugenics movement appealed to an extraordinarily wide constituency. Far from being the brainchild of the members of any one particular political ideology, eugenics made sense to a diverse range of Americans and was promoted by professionals ranging from geneticists and physicians to politicians and economists.(1) Seduced by promises of permanent fixes to national problems, and attracted to the idea of a scientifically legitimate form of social activism, eugenics quickly grew in popularity during the first decades of the twentieth century. Charles M. Goethe, the land developer, entrepreneur, conservationist and skilled advertiser who founded the Eugenics Society of Northern California, exemplifies the broad appeal of the eugenics movement. Goethe played an active role within the American eugenics movement at its peak in the 1920s. The last president of the Eugenics Research Association,(2) he also campaigned hard against Mexican immigration to the US and he continued open support for the Nazi regime's eugenic practices into the later 1930s.(3) This article examines Goethe's eugenic vision and, drawing on his correspondence with the leading geneticist Charles Davenport, explores the relationship between academic and non-academic advocates of eugenics in America. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  18. Charles Darwin, beetles and phylogenetics. (United States)

    Beutel, Rolf G; Friedrich, Frank; Leschen, Richard A B


    Here, we review Charles Darwin's relation to beetles and developments in coleopteran systematics in the last two centuries. Darwin was an enthusiastic beetle collector. He used beetles to illustrate different evolutionary phenomena in his major works, and astonishingly, an entire sub-chapter is dedicated to beetles in "The Descent of Man". During his voyage on the Beagle, Darwin was impressed by the high diversity of beetles in the tropics, and he remarked that, to his surprise, the majority of species were small and inconspicuous. However, despite his obvious interest in the group, he did not get involved in beetle taxonomy, and his theoretical work had little immediate impact on beetle classification. The development of taxonomy and classification in the late nineteenth and earlier twentieth century was mainly characterised by the exploration of new character systems (e.g. larval features and wing venation). In the mid-twentieth century, Hennig's new methodology to group lineages by derived characters revolutionised systematics of Coleoptera and other organisms. As envisioned by Darwin and Ernst Haeckel, the new Hennigian approach enabled systematists to establish classifications truly reflecting evolution. Roy A. Crowson and Howard E. Hinton, who both made tremendous contributions to coleopterology, had an ambivalent attitude towards the Hennigian ideas. The Mickoleit school combined detailed anatomical work with a classical Hennigian character evaluation, with stepwise tree building, comparatively few characters and a priori polarity assessment without explicit use of the outgroup comparison method. The rise of cladistic methods in the 1970s had a strong impact on beetle systematics. Cladistic computer programs facilitated parsimony analyses of large data matrices, mostly morphological characters not requiring detailed anatomical investigations. Molecular studies on beetle phylogeny started in the 1990s with modest taxon sampling and limited DNA data. This has

  19. [Charles Ledger and the Cinchona]. (United States)

    Janssens, P G


    Reading "The life of Charles Ledger", the book written by Gabriele Grammiccia, one notices immediately, what an extraordinary personality Ledger was. He was typically British and belonged to that generation for which, as he wrote himself, "the fact of being a British subject is in itself a reason of pride, including as such a definite obligation to serve the country." This blinding patriotism of even modest British people all over the world, gave the City, as well as the British Empire, a remarkable place in the world trade. The history of Ledger's life, derived from the most authorized sources, is a real adventure novel. At the age of eighteen, he goes to Lima (Peru), in order to find a job. It takes him but a few years to build up his own import-export business. In Tacna, in the very South of Peru, near the Chilean and Bolivian borders (the region where he lived), alpaca wool and quinquina bark are some of the most traded goods. These two products will determine his further life. The principles of his commercial policy were as follows: to buy first quality products, and pack the goods in such a way that they reach the British or European customers in perfect condition, thereby always giving a preferential treatment to the Commonwealth. The quinquina bark trade is hampered by the fact that there is a very great quantity of varieties, each having a different concentration of alkaloids in its bark. To buy the best species, Cinchona calisaya, one needs a perfect knowledge of these trees. The expertise is only to be obtained by visiting the regions where the quinquina tree grows and finding one's way with the help of willing "cascarilleros", the Indians collecting the quinquina bark. During one of his exploration trips, Ledger was fortunate enough to enjoy the service of a Bolivian called Manuel, who faithfully assisted him and his family for years. Together they ranged, at great pains, across every possible region, even the most remote ones; they succeeded in

  20. The first Charles Darwin (1758-78). (United States)

    Harris, Stuart


    The paper places the first Charles Darwin in his family context: the eldest son of Dr Erasmus Darwin and Mary Howard. Mention is made of Charles's upbringing and education, with illustrative material taken from his father's writings and from Anna Seward's Memoirs of the Life of Dr Darwin (1804). The part played by Dr Andrew Duncan of the Edinburgh Medical School is established. The award to Charles in March 1778 of the first medal by the Aesculapian Society of Edinburgh is described. The involvement of Dr William Cullen and Dr Joseph Black in the treatment of Charles's fatal infection is evidenced from Erasmus' letters. Attention is given to 'An Elegy on the much-lamented death of a most ingenious young gentleman who lately died in the College at Edinburgh where he was a student' which was written jointly by Duncan and Erasmus in 1778. The Elegy's curious publishing history will be glanced at. The paper concludes with a statement of Charles's great promise as a medical student and of Erasmus' efforts to ensure that his son's achievements were memorialised.

  1. Prince Albert II of Monaco visits CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    With a strong curiosity for the work of CERN, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco visited CMS and the CERN Control Centre on 2 September. "The Prince is interested in and sensitive to what CERN is doing. Monaco is closely linked to France, which is an important member of CERN. He wishes to express his help to the scientific community in every trip. He wants to meet scientists and to be really personally involved," explained Francois Chantrait, Head of the Press Service of the Prince’s Palace. CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer welcomed the Prince of Monaco to Point 5 with a presentation about CERN before they descended 100 metres underground to see the CMS experiment. Although the detector was closed up for test runs, he was able to see its grand scale as well as look at some of the intricate sample parts exhibited by CMS Spokesperson, Jim Virdee. The Prince wrote in the CERN Visitors’ Book that he perceives a realisation of promisin...

  2. March 1964 Prince William Sound, USA Images (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Prince William Sound magnitude 9.2 Mw earthquake on March 28, 1964 at 03:36 GMT (March 27 at 5:36 pm local time), was the largest U.S. earthquake ever recorded...

  3. Princípios do direito falimentar e recuperacional brasileiro


    Pereira, Thomaz Henrique Junqueira de Andrade


    O tema desta dissertação é os princípios do direito falimentar e recuperacional brasileiro e seu objetivo é determinar qual o significado jurídico de tais princípios , estabelecendo: (i) a definição daquilo que deve ser entendido por princípios do direito falimentar e recuperacional ; (ii) a relação entre o que é protegido pelos princípios do direito falimentar e recuperacional e suas possíveis restrições; (iii) a eficácia normativa de tais princípios. A partir dessa aná...

  4. Charles Dickens, Social Worker in His Time (United States)

    Andrews, Arlene Bowers


    As the world marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens's birth, social workers may take note of the contributions Dickens made to 19th century social reform. Ever the advocate for people who were poor and oppressed, Dickens, in his timeless fictional narratives, continues to have relevance for contemporary social justice advocacy. This…

  5. Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857–1952)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Twentieth century bore witness to remarkable scientists whohave advanced our understanding of the brain. Among them,Sir Charles Scott Sherrington's ideas about the way in whichthe central nervous system operates has continuing relevanceeven today. He received honorary doctorates from twentytwouniversities and ...

  6. Charles Lindbergh and the "right stuff". (United States)

    Logan, R D


    This paper undertakes a partial character study of Charles Lindbergh, focusing on those traits (confrontation with sources of fear, fascination with "realms beyond," meticulous observation, openness to his own unconscious) that seemed to enable him to cope so effectively, and suggesting some possible sources of these traits in his life circumstances.

  7. Maria Gabriela Llansol retradutora de Charles Baudelaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Álvaro Faleiros


    trice des Fleurs du mal, de Charles Baudelaire, où elle établit des critères particulier pour la traduction de chaque poème. À partir de deux exemples, cet article a comme objectif de réfléchir sur  la portée de ce projet traductif.

  8. 653-IJBCS-Article-Charles Kihampa

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    All rights reserved. Original Paper Levels of pesticide residues in irrigation effluent from tomato fields in. Owiro Estate, Tanzania. Charles KIHAMPA 1*, Rubhera RAM MATO. 1 and Hussein MOHAMED 2. 1 School of Environmental Science and Technology, Ardhi University, P.O. Box 35176.

  9. Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857–1952)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Aug 26, 2016 ... Twentieth century bore witness to remarkable scientists whohave advanced our understanding of the brain. Among them,Sir Charles Scott Sherrington's ideas about the way in whichthe central nervous system operates has continuing relevanceeven today. He received honorary doctorates from ...

  10. Creative Work: The Case of Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Gruber, Howard E.; Wallace, Doris B.


    Describes the evolving systems approach (ESA) to creative work, which emerged from a case study of Charles Darwin. Explains how the ESA differs from other approaches and describes various facets of creative work (networks of enterprise, uniqueness, insight, pluralism, and evolving belief systems and ensembles of metaphor). Emphasizes the…

  11. Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857–1952)

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    IAS Admin

    Thomas Ashe, an assistant school master and a gifted poet was one of the greatest influences on young Charles. Sherrington's love for poetry, ... His stepfather was a well-read physician, a classical scholar, an amateur geologist, and an archaeologist, and formed a lasting impression on Sherrington. Dr Rose's home was ...

  12. Charles Maisonnier, the man and the friend

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Canobbio, E.


    This article is a reconstruction of a speech delivered by the author on the occasion of a Memorial Service for Dr. Maisonnier held on 19 September at the Eglise Saint Anne, Brussels. Dr. Charles Maisonnier was one of the former leaders of ITER who made significant contributions to its development

  13. A Simple Demonstration of Charles's Law. (United States)

    Szczepanski, Nadine


    Describes a quick, inexpensive laboratory demonstration of Charles's Law. The opening of a large, round balloon is placed snugly over the mouth of a narrow-mouthed 750-mL Erlenmeyer flask, which is then heated in a strong flame. At end of the full procedure, students easily arrive at the conclusion that the volume of a gas is proportional to…

  14. Constructions of legitimacy: the Charles Taylor trial

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Glasius, M.; Meijers, T.


    This article examines the discourses of the prosecution and the defence in the case of Charles Taylor before the Special Court for Sierra Leone. It contributes to current debates about the legitimacy and utility of international criminal justice, which have tended to neglect the examination of

  15. 33 CFR 117.591 - Charles River and its tributaries. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Charles River and its tributaries... BRIDGES DRAWBRIDGE OPERATION REGULATIONS Specific Requirements Massachusetts § 117.591 Charles River and its tributaries. (a) The following requirements apply to all bridges across the Charles River and it's...

  16. 78 FR 35756 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA (United States)


    ... Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Notice of temporary deviation from...) Bridge across the Charles River, mile 1.0, at Boston, Massachusetts. Under this temporary deviation the... Metropolitan District Commission (Craigie) Bridge, across the Charles River, mile 1.0, at Boston, Massachusetts...

  17. Xanthinuria in a family of Cavalier King Charles spaniels

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    vanZuilen, CD; Nickel, RF; vanDijk, TH; Reijngoud, DJ


    Xanthine calculi mere found in a 7-month-old male Cavalier King Charles spaniel with urethral obstruction and renal insufficiency, Because the only two other reported cases of naturally occurring xanthine urolithiasis concerned a Cavalier King Charles and a King Charles spaniel the urine of the

  18. Seal-die of Prince Lazar from Rudnik

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Radičević Dejan


    Full Text Available The medieval settlement on the Rudnik Mountain was established, most probably, in the final decades of the 13th century. Soon it evolved into one of the best known mining and commercial centres in the Serbian state and reached its peak during the 14th and in the first half of the 15th century. The importance of Rudnik in the medieval period is confirmed by numerous material traces in the field. The most important discoveries in the course of archaeological investigations carried out since 2009 have been encountered in the area called Drenje, not far from the centre of the town of Rudnik (figs. 1, 2.Three churches (two Orthodox and one Roman Catholic, as well as many profane structures dated to the time of a thriving medieval Rudnik have so far been discovered. It indicates that in that area are the remains of the main settlement and the medieval market place of Rudnik, known from written sources. Among other structures at the site of Drenje, in the garden of S. Markovi}, the remains of rather a large building consisting, according to present data, of at least two rooms, have been investigated during the past three years (fig. 3. Important for dating the structure is a coin of the Hungarian king Sigismund of Luxembourg (1387-1437, discovered on the floor. Traces of an earlier phase of life were encountered under the structure (fig. 5. Coins have been found in two earlier pits. In the soil inside pit 11 a coin of the Hungarian king Charles Robert (1308-1342 was found, while in the top level of pit 2 a coin attributed to Prince Lazar (around 1370-1389 was found. Also from pit 2 came a, so far, unique archaeological find in our territory. It has been explained as a seal-die used for producing seals (fig, 7, 8. The representation in the central field and the contents of the inscription bear witness to the fact that the seal-die belonged to Prince Lazar. A helmet with bull horns engraved on the front side is understood to be the coat of arms of Prince

  19. Public Policies Analysis and the Prince System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Behxhet Brajshori


    Full Text Available Public Policies present governmental sectorial policies and according to several scholars those are defined based on "what does the Government do". In fact, those are mandatory state's principles for the Government that aims the implementation of the strategy, objectives and Government's goals in the function of its promises' fulfilment towards the electors and all of the country's citizens. Public Policies Analysis has to do with the monitoring of government's agenda which directly can influence on a specific community. The idea of public policies analysis in linked with the need that the Government through statistical data has to prove what is being worked. Public Policies Analysis evolves in terms of design, implementation and public policies' effects. One of the methods for predicting the probability that a specifi c public policy will be implemented or not, is the Prince System. The Prince System, actually, presents a technique for assessing the relative support or opposition to a particular policy from individuals, groups or organizations.

  20. Illustrating PRINCE2 project management in real terms

    CERN Document Server

    Tuttle, Susan


    Written by an experienced practitioner and trainer, this step-by-step guide breaks down the PRINCE2® methodology into bite-size chunks, giving clear explanations and practical illustrations in each section. It will show you how to effectively apply the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2® to your project.

  1. Charles Lyell and scientific thinking in geology (United States)

    Virgili, Carmina


    Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was born at Kinnordy, Scotland. His father, an amateur botanist, and his grandfather, a navigator, gave him very soon a taste for the observation of the Nature. He went to the Oxford University to study classical literature, but he also followed the geological course of William Buckland. After having been employed as jurist for some years, in 1827 he decided on a career of geologist and held the chair of geology of the King's College of London, from 1831 on. He was a contemporary of Cuvier, Darwin, von Humboldt, Hutton, Lavoisier, and was elected 'membre correspondant' of the 'Académie des sciences, France', in January 1862. Charles Lyell is one of the eminent geologists who initiated the scientific thinking in geology, in which his famous volumes of the Principles of Geology were taken as the authority. These reference volumes are based on multiple observations and field works collected during numerous fieldtrips in western Europe (principally Spain, France, and Italy) and North America. To his name are attached, among others: ( i) the concept of uniformitarism (or actualism), which was opposed to the famous catastrophism, in vogue at that time, and which may be summarized by the expression "The present is the key to the past"; ( ii) the division of the Tertiary in three series denominated Eocene, Miocene, and Pliocene, due to the study of the age of strata by fossil faunas; ( iii) the theory according to which the orogenesis of a mountain chain, as the Pyrenees, results from different pulsations on very long time scales and was not induced by a unique pulsation during a short and intense period. The uniformity of the laws of Nature is undeniably a principle Charles Lyell was the first to state clearly and to apply to the study of the whole Earth's crust, which opened a new era in geology.

  2. [Charles Bonnet syndrome precipitated by brimonidine]. (United States)

    García-Catalán, M R; Arriola-Villalobos, P; Santos-Bueso, E; Gil-de-Bernabé, J; Díaz-Valle, D; Benítez-del-Castillo, J M; García-Sánchez, J


    An 81-year-old woman with age-related macular degeneration and pseudoexfoliative glaucoma developed visual hallucinations (faces, flowers and frames) shortly after beginning brimonidine drops. Neurologic and psychiatric examination was normal. Visual hallucinations disappeared within 10 days after discontinuing the drug. The Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is characterised by complex visual hallucinations in elderly patients in the setting of significant visual impairment without any psychiatric symptoms. Awareness of CBS among ophthalmologist is essential. Clinicians should treat visual impairment and be aware of possible visual hallucinations in patients treated with brimonidine. Copyright © 2010 Sociedad Española de Oftalmología. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  3. Water resources of St. Charles Parish, Louisiana (United States)

    White, Vincent E.; Prakken, Lawrence B.


    Information concerning the availability, use, and quality of water in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, is critical for proper water-supply management. The purpose of this fact sheet is to present information that can be used by water managers, parish residents, and others for stewardship of this vital resource. Information on the availability, past and current use, use trends, and water quality from groundwater and surface-water sources in the parish is presented. Previously published reports and data stored in the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Water Information System ( are the primary sources of the information presented here.

  4. Charles H. Winston and Confederate Sulfuric Acid (United States)

    Reithmiller, Steven


    Sulfuric acid turned out to be one of the critical chemicals made in the South during the Civil War. It was necessary for the manufacture of mercury fulminate which was used in the production of percussion caps and sulfuric acid was used in the Daniells cell to produce electricity. Charles H. Winston, president of the Richmond Female Institute and later professor at the University of Richmond (VA) was instrumental in the establishment of a plant to manufacture sulfuric acid in Charlotte, North Carolina. His patent and method of manufacture plus the uses of sulfuric acid during the Civil War are discussed.

  5. Charles Taylor y la identidad moderna


    Cincunegui, Juan Manuel


    El propòsit principal d'aquesta tesi és analitzar críticament l'antropologia filosòfica de Charles Taylor.A la primera part abordem qüestions preliminars: les fonts, els fonaments teòrics i els elements metodològics del seu pensament.A la segona part elaborem la seva teoria de la identitat. Això implica: (1) donar compte de la relació inextricable entre el jo de la persona i la seva orientació moral, i (2) per mitjà d'arguments transcendentals, articular una ontologia que determini els trets ...

  6. Obituary: Helen Dodson Prince, 1905-2002 (United States)

    Lindner, Rudi Paul


    Helen Dodson Prince, a pioneer in the observation of solar flares, a pioneer in women's rise in the profession of astronomy, and a respected and revered educator of future astronomers, died on 4 February 2002 in Arlington, Virginia. Helen Dodson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on 31 December 1905. Her parents were Helen Walter and Henry Clay Dodson. Helen went to Goucher College in nearby Towson with a full scholarship in mathematics. She turned to astronomy under the influence of a legendary teacher, Professor Florence P. Lewis, and she graduated in 1927. Funded by grants and private charity, she earned the Ph.D. in astronomy at the University of Michigan under the direction of Heber Doust Curtis in 1933. Dodson taught at Wellesley College from 1933 until 1943, when she went on leave to spend the last three years of World War II at the MIT Radiation Laboratory. She returned to Goucher after the war as professor of astronomy and mathematics, and in 1947 she came back to Michigan both as professor of astronomy and staff member of the McMath-Hulbert Observatory, of which she became associate director. In 1976 she retired from Michigan and spent her later years in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1932 Dodson held the Dean Van Meter fellowship from Goucher; in 1954 she received the Annie Jump Cannon Prize from the AAS; and in 1974 The University of Michigan honored her with its Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award. She published over 130 articles, mostly on her research specialty, solar flares. Dodson's interest in the Sun began at Michigan, although her dissertation was, like so many Michigan dissertations of the era, on stellar spectroscopy, "A Study of the Spectrum of 25 Orionis." She came to Michigan during the establishment and growth of the solar observatory at Lake Angelus, the creation of three gifted and industrious amateurs. Heber Curtis fostered the growth of the McMath-Hulbert enterprise and brought it into the University. Dodson's solar activity grew as a

  7. Obituary: Charles Latif Hyder, 1930-2004 (United States)

    White, Oran Richard


    My friend and colleague, Charles Hyder, was a true physicist with a sound intuitive grasp of fundamentals in modern physics and the underlying mathematics. I admired his knowledge of the history of modern physics and quantum mechanics when we discussed contemporary problems in interpreting solar observations. He had the ability to present his ideas clearly and persuasively to both students and his colleagues. His insatiable curiosity about life in general led him to consider the effects of nuclear weapons development on the human race. Appreciation of the biological effects of radioactive materials produced in the course of weapons and power reactor development led him to a more public career beyond traditional research. Charles Hyder was born April 18, 1930 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He graduated from Albuquerque High School and served in the Air Force during the Korean War. He received a BS and MS in physics from the University of New Mexico (1958, 1960) and a PhD in astrogeophysics at the University of Colorado (1964). His positions included the Department of Astronomy and Institute of Geophysics at UCLA (1964-65), Sacramento Peak Solar Observatory (1965-1970) and the Goddard Space Flight Center (1970-1977). He also taught at the University of New Mexico (1970-1977) and was active on the Solar Maximum Mission science team (1970-1977, 1980-1984). He was married twice with both marriages ending in divorce. He and his first wife Ann had three children (Paul, Roxanne and Querida) and he and his second wife Laurie had a son Niels. Charles Hyder's professional career in solar physics began in 1961 during his graduate studies at the Department of AstroGeophysics of the University of Colorado and continued until 1983 when he chose to follow his convictions to expose the threat of nuclear proliferation. His early research was in the study of the quantum mechanics of polarized light produced in the presence of magnetic fields. Application of this work to interpretation

  8. Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award. (United States)


    The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology recognizes an outstanding career contribution to the teaching of psychology. The 2014 recipient of the Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award is Mary E. Kite. 2014 APA, all rights reserved

  9. Eneseotsingutee / Jean-Charles Hue ; intervjueerinud Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Hue, Jean-Charles, 1968-


    Tallinna Kunstihoone galeriis on 12. juunini 2011 vaadata prantsuse videokunstniku Jean-Charles Hue' näitus "Tattoo Fight" ("Tätorebimine"), kuraator Harry Liivrand. Kunstnikust, kelle emapoolsed sugulased on Prantsusmaa mustlased ehk yéniche'id. Jean-Charles Hue yéniche'itest, nende olukorrast Prantsusmaal, oma loomingust, pikemalt mustlaste teema käsitlemisest

  10. Notes on Glasinac: The chronology of princely graves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasić Rastko


    Full Text Available Princely graves of the Iron Age represent a particular phenomenon in archaeology, which is constantly the subject of interest. They are usually dated to the end of the 6th and the beginning of the 5th century. The author discusses the chronology of princely graves in the Central Balkans and analyses their appearance in each part of this territory: on the Glasinac plateau, in Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, Montenegro, North Albania and Nordwest Bulgaria. He concludes that they date from the middle of the 7th to the middle of the 4th century, depending on the cultural and socio-economic situation in the respective area. In the middle of the 7th century princely graves in the true sense of the word were known only on the Glasinac plateau, in the Ilijak necropolis. At the end of the 7th and in the beginning of the 6th century they still appear on Glasinac, though in greater number and in various parts of the plateau. In northwest Bulgaria a grave dating to the second half of the 7th century was found, which would, according to grave goods, correspond to the Glasinac princely graves. On the other hand, there are no princely graves in Serbia and north Albania from that time but some outstanding warrior graves are known, belonging possibly to the chiefs of smaller warlike bands, whose power was limited. Princely graves from Arareva gromila on Glasinac, Pilatovići by Požega and Lisijevo Polje by Berane date to the beginning of the second half of the 6th century, and according to their characteristics represent princes, whose power and wealth were considerable and known to the neighbours. Culmination of the rise of the princes in this region was demonstrated by the graves from Novi Pazar, Atenica, and Pećka banja, which date to the end of the 6th and the first quarter of the 5th century. Some decades later there are several rich graves, e.g. the recently discovered grave from Velika Krsna, which could belong to a prince, but can not be compared with the

  11. Hallucinations Experienced by Visually Impaired: Charles Bonnet Syndrome (United States)

    Pang, Linda


    ABSTRACT Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition where visual hallucinations occur as a result of damage along the visual pathway. Patients with Charles Bonnet Syndrome maintain partial or full insight that the hallucinations are not real, absence of psychological conditions, and absence of hallucinations affecting other sensory modalities, while maintaining intact intellectual functioning. Charles Bonnet Syndrome has been well documented in neurologic, geriatric medicine, and psychiatric literature, but there is lack of information in optometric and ophthalmologic literature. Therefore, increased awareness of signs and symptoms associated with Charles Bonnet Syndrome is required among practicing clinicians. This review of the literature will also identify other etiologies of visual hallucinations, pathophysiology of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and effective management strategies. PMID:27529611

  12. Charles Dickens (1812-1870) and epilepsy. (United States)

    Larner, A J


    To coincide with the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), accounts of epilepsy found in his novels and journalism have been collated and analyzed. From these, it may be inferred that Dickens was clearly aware of the difference between epilepsy and syncope and recognized different types of epilepsy and that seizures could be fatal. Speculations that Dickens himself suffered from epilepsy are not corroborated. Dickens's novelistic construction of epilepsy as a marker of criminality, as in the characters of Monks in Oliver Twist and Bradley Headstone in Our Mutual Friend, and perhaps of mental abnormality, was in keeping with conventional contemporary views of epilepsy, but his journalistic descriptions of individuals with epilepsy confined in the workhouse system indicate an awareness of the inadequacy of their care. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Charles Dickens: impact on medicine and society. (United States)

    Kryger, Meir


    In 1836 Charles Dickens published the first installment of The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. In this novel he introduces the reader to a character, Joe, the Fat Boy who is obese, sleepy, difficult to arouse, snores, and has peripheral edema. This description so intrigued the medical field that many hypotheses about the symptoms were examined, but it was not until 120 years after the novel was published that physicians started to interrelate these features and a new field of medicine emerged. Although he is best known for this description, Dickens impacted medicine and medical care in many ways. Besides his brilliant clinical descriptions (many of which were unrecognized in his day) and his activities as a social reformer, he was instrumental in facilitating the development of homeless shelters for women, the first pediatric hospital in the United Kingdom, and the development of orthopedics.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ika Kana Trisnawati


    Full Text Available This paper describes the types of irony used by Charles Dickens in his notable early work, Oliver Twist, as well as the reasons the irony was chosen. As a figurative language, irony is utilized to express one’s complex feelings without truly saying them. In Oliver Twist, Dickens brought the readers some real social issues wrapped in dark, deep written expressions of irony uttered by the characters of his novel. Undoubtedly, the novel had left an impact to the British society at the time. The irony Dickens displayed here includes verbal, situational, and dramatic irony. His choice of irony made sense as he intended to criticize the English Poor Laws and to touch the public sentiment. He wanted to let the readers go beyond what was literally written and once they discovered what the truth was, they would eventually understand Dickens’ purposes.

  15. Charles Darwin and the origin of life. (United States)

    Peretó, Juli; Bada, Jeffrey L; Lazcano, Antonio


    When Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species 150 years ago he consciously avoided discussing the origin of life. However, analysis of some other texts written by Darwin, and of the correspondence he exchanged with friends and colleagues demonstrates that he took for granted the possibility of a natural emergence of the first life forms. As shown by notes from the pages he excised from his private notebooks, as early as 1837 Darwin was convinced that "the intimate relation of Life with laws of chemical combination, & the universality of latter render spontaneous generation not improbable". Like many of his contemporaries, Darwin rejected the idea that putrefaction of preexisting organic compounds could lead to the appearance of organisms. Although he favored the possibility that life could appear by natural processes from simple inorganic compounds, his reluctance to discuss the issue resulted from his recognition that at the time it was possible to undertake the experimental study of the emergence of life.

  16. Charles Bonnet Syndrome: A Case Report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice HARMANCI


    Full Text Available Charles Bonnet syndrome is a clinical entity in which visual hallucinations are encountered during the prognosis of illnesses presenting with vision loss. The syndrome occurs usually in the elderly and there is generally no history of mental disorder to mention. . Patients and #8217; ability to test the reality is generally conserved and they point out that what they see is not real. Affected people, for fear of being criticized as and #8220;insane and #8221;, do not easily express their experiences but they refer to a psychiatrist because of the increasing fear and anxiety. In this case report, a 73 years old male patient who has lost his vision due to diabetic retinapathy and whose quality of life was affected will be discussed in the acccompaniment of literature data. [J Contemp Med 2013; 3(3.000: 190-192

  17. Space Radar Image of Prince Albert, Canada (United States)


    This is a false-color composite of Prince Albert, Canada, centered at 53.91 north latitude and 104.69 west longitude. This image was acquired by the Spaceborne Imaging Radar C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar(SIR-C/X-SAR) aboard space shuttle Endeavour on its 20th orbit. The area is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north and 30 kilometers (20 miles) east of the town of Prince Albert in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. The image covers the area east of the Candle lake, between gravel surface highways 120 and 106 and west of 106. The area in the middle of the image covers the entire Nipawin (Narrow Hills) provincial park. The look angle of the radar is 30 degrees and the size of the image is approximately 20 kilometers by 50 kilometers (12 by 30 miles). The image was produced by using only the L-band. The three polarization channels HH, HV and VV are illustrated by red, green and blue respectively. The changes in the intensity of each color are related to various surface conditions such as variations in forest stands, frozen or thawed condition of the surface, disturbances (fire and deforestation), and areas of regrowth. Most of the dark areas in the image are the ice-covered lakes in the region. The dark area on the top right corner of the image is the white Gull Lake north of the intersection of highway 120 and 913. The right middle part of the image shows Lake Ispuchaw and Lower Fishing Lake. The deforested areas are also shown by dark areas in the image. Since most of the logging practice at the Prince Albert area is around the major highways, the deforested areas can be easily detected as small geometrically shaped dark regions along the roads. At the time of the SIR-C/X-SAR overpass a major part of the forest is either frozen or undergoing the spring thaw. The L-band HH shows a high return in the jack pine forest. The reddish areas in the image are old jack pine forest, 12 to 17 meters (40to 55 feet) in height and 60 to 75 years old. The orange

  18. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: FISH (Fish Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  19. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: SOCECON (Socioeconomic Points) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  20. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: FISH (Fish Lines) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  1. Zemřel JUDr. Milan Princ (1926-2016)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Nechvátal, Bořivoj; Šlesingerová, Lada


    Roč. 76, č. 5 (2016), s. 554-556 ISSN 1210-5538 Institutional support: RVO:67985912 Keywords : Milan Princ * archaeology * historic preservation * obituary * personal bibliography Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  2. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: NESTS (Bird Nests) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  3. Trans-Colonial Collaboration and Slave Narrative: Mary Prince Revisited

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Gadpaille


    Full Text Available In 1831 in London, two formidable women met: Mary Prince, an ex-slave from Bermuda, who had crossed the Atlantic to a qualified freedom, and Susanna Strickland, an English writer. The narrative that emerged from this meeting was The History of Mary Prince, which played a role in the fight for slave emancipation in the British Empire. Prince disappeared once the battle was won, while Strickland emigrated to Upper Canada and, as Susanna Moodie, became an often quoted 19th century Canadian writer. Prince dictated, Strickland copied, and the whole was lightly edited by Thomas Pringle, the anti-slavery publisher at whose house the meeting took place. This is the standard account. In contesting this version, the paper aims to reinstate Moodie as co-creator of the collaborative Mary Prince text by considering multiple accounts of the meeting with Prince and to place the work in the context of Moodie’s pre- and post-emigration oeuvre on both sides of the Atlantic.

  4. Lower Charles River Bathymetry: 108 Years of Fresh Water (United States)

    Yoder, M.; Sacarny, M.


    The Lower Charles River is a heavily utilized urban river that runs between Cambridge and Boston in Massachusetts. The recreational usage of the river is dependent on adequate water depths, but there have been no definitive prior studies on the sedimentation rate of the Lower Charles River. The river transitioned from tidal to a freshwater basin in 1908 due to the construction of the (old) Charles River Dam. Water surface height on the Lower Charles River is maintained within ±1 foot through controlled discharge at the new Charles River Dam. The current study area for historical comparisons is from the old Charles River Dam to the Boston University Bridge. This study conducted a bathymetric survey of the Lower Charles River, digitized three prior surveys in the study area, calculated volumes and depth distributions for each survey, and estimated sedimentation rates from fits to the volumes over time. The oldest chart digitized was produced in 1902 during dam construction deliberations. The average sedimentation rate is estimated as 5-10 mm/year, which implies 1.8-3.5 feet sedimentation since 1908. Sedimentation rates and distributions are necessary to develop comprehensive management plans for the river and there is evidence to suggest that sedimentation rates in the shallow upstream areas are higher than the inferred rates in the study area.

  5. Charles Bachman Moore (1920-2010) (United States)

    Winn, William; Krehbiel, Paul


    Charles B. Moore passed away 2 March 2010 at the age of 89, following a long and varied scientific career in meteorology and the atmospheric sciences. He will be remembered best for his substantial contributions in the field of atmospheric electricity and for the students and faculty he guided as chairman of Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research and professor of physics at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. He possessed a unique sense of humor and an excellent memory that served as a reservoir of scientific and historical knowledge. Like many of his generation, Charlie's career was profoundly influenced by the Second World War. Following Pearl Harbor, he interrupted his undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology to enlist in the Army Air Corps, where he became the chief weather equipment officer in the 10th Weather Squadron, setting up and operating remote meteorological stations behind enemy lines in the China-Burma-India theater. He served with distinction alongside Athelstan Spilhaus Sr., who had been one of Charlie's instructors in the Army meteorology program.

  6. Evolutionary plant physiology: Charles Darwin's forgotten synthesis (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Niklas, Karl J.


    Charles Darwin dedicated more than 20 years of his life to a variety of investigations on higher plants (angiosperms). It has been implicitly assumed that these studies in the fields of descriptive botany and experimental plant physiology were carried out to corroborate his principle of descent with modification. However, Darwin’s son Francis, who was a professional plant biologist, pointed out that the interests of his father were both of a physiological and an evolutionary nature. In this article, we describe Darwin’s work on the physiology of higher plants from a modern perspective, with reference to the following topics: circumnutations, tropisms and the endogenous oscillator model; the evolutionary patterns of auxin action; the root-brain hypothesis; phloem structure and photosynthesis research; endosymbioses and growth-promoting bacteria; photomorphogenesis and phenotypic plasticity; basal metabolic rate, the Pfeffer-Kleiber relationship and metabolic optimality theory with respect to adaptive evolution; and developmental constraints versus functional equivalence in relationship to directional natural selection. Based on a review of these various fields of inquiry, we deduce the existence of a Darwinian (evolutionary) approach to plant physiology and define this emerging scientific discipline as the experimental study and theoretical analysis of the functions of green, sessile organisms from a phylogenetic perspective.

  7. Evolutionary plant physiology: Charles Darwin's forgotten synthesis. (United States)

    Kutschera, Ulrich; Niklas, Karl J


    Charles Darwin dedicated more than 20 years of his life to a variety of investigations on higher plants (angiosperms). It has been implicitly assumed that these studies in the fields of descriptive botany and experimental plant physiology were carried out to corroborate his principle of descent with modification. However, Darwin's son Francis, who was a professional plant biologist, pointed out that the interests of his father were both of a physiological and an evolutionary nature. In this article, we describe Darwin's work on the physiology of higher plants from a modern perspective, with reference to the following topics: circumnutations, tropisms and the endogenous oscillator model; the evolutionary patterns of auxin action; the root-brain hypothesis; phloem structure and photosynthesis research; endosymbioses and growth-promoting bacteria; photomorphogenesis and phenotypic plasticity; basal metabolic rate, the Pfeffer-Kleiber relationship and metabolic optimality theory with respect to adaptive evolution; and developmental constraints versus functional equivalence in relationship to directional natural selection. Based on a review of these various fields of inquiry, we deduce the existence of a Darwinian (evolutionary) approach to plant physiology and define this emerging scientific discipline as the experimental study and theoretical analysis of the functions of green, sessile organisms from a phylogenetic perspective.

  8. Charles Darwin: um observador do desenvolvimento humano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eloisa Helena Rubello Valler Celeri


    Full Text Available Os autores traduzem, pela primeira vez para o português, o artigo de Charles Darwin "A Biographical Sketch of an Infant", publicado no periódico Mind em julho de 1877. Utilizando anotações de observações do desenvolvimento de seus filhos, especialmente de seu filho mais velho William Erasmus (Doddy, Darwin descreve e estuda, a partir de seu enfoque naturalista, o filhote humano, narrando os primeiros indicativos comportamentais de emoções tais como raiva e medo, curiosidade e senso moral, o brincar e o prazer envolvido nesta atividade, a capacidade de imitação e os primeiros indícios daquilo que hoje conhecemos como "teoria da mente". Colocando-se questões sobre as capacidades do bebê, como eles aprendem e como se comunicam e levantando hipóteses sobre possíveis significados de certos comportamentos, questões ainda hoje fundamentais para o estudo do desenvolvimento humano, Darwin mostra-se também um pioneiro no estudo do bebê e da criança pequena, numa época na qual as capacidades dos bebês eram extremamente subestimadas e desconsideradas.

  9. Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2007


    This article announces the 2007 recipient of the Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology: Baron Perlman. A brief biography, highlighting areas of special focus in Perlman's work, is provided.

  10. Charles Darwin (1809-1882: His Legacy to Psychology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Germán Gutiérrez*


    Full Text Available Amidst the celebration of the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth, a brief profile of his life is presented, along with a critical appraisal of his works and its long-lasting influence on Psychology

  11. Charles Burchfield: "October Wind and Sunlight in the Woods." (United States)

    Fitzgerald, Gaynell


    Based on Charles Burchfield's watercolor, "October Wind and Sunlight in the Woods," the goal of this lesson is to introduce students in grades seven through nine to Burchfield's use of symbolism. (JDH)

  12. Recent paleoseismicity record in Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA (United States)

    Kuehl, Steven A.; Miller, Eric J.; Marshall, Nicole R.; Dellapenna, Timothy M.


    Sedimentological and geochemical investigation of sediment cores collected in the deep (>400 m) central basin of Prince William Sound, along with geochemical fingerprinting of sediment source areas, are used to identify earthquake-generated sediment gravity flows. Prince William Sound receives sediment from two distinct sources: from offshore (primarily Copper River) through Hinchinbrook Inlet, and from sources within the Sound (primarily Columbia Glacier). These sources are found to have diagnostic elemental ratios indicative of provenance; Copper River Basin sediments were significantly higher in Sr/Pb and Cu/Pb, whereas Prince William Sound sediments were significantly higher in K/Ca and Rb/Sr. Within the past century, sediment gravity flows deposited within the deep central channel of Prince William Sound have robust geochemical (provenance) signatures that can be correlated with known moderate to large earthquakes in the region. Given the thick Holocene sequence in the Sound ( 200 m) and correspondingly high sedimentation rates (>1 cm year-1), this relationship suggests that sediments within the central basin of Prince William Sound may contain an extraordinary high-resolution record of paleoseismicity in the region.

  13. Le Flaubert de Charles Du Bos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jacques Neefs


    Full Text Available Charles Du Bos a porté une attention constante à l’œuvre de Flaubert (à l’exclusion de Bouvard et Pécuchet qui semble ne pas exister pour lui, à Madame Bovary et à L’Éducation sentimentale en particulier. La mise en relation de son étude : « Sur le milieu intérieur chez Flaubert », écrite en 1921, avec des textes du Journal de 1923 et de 1937, les rapprochements avec Gogol, Thomas Hardy, Tolstoï, Baudelaire, Henry James qui traversent les écrits de Du Bos, permettent de suivre ce que celui-ci décrit comme « l’expérience spirituelle » d’une matérialité comprise dans la conquête de la triple exigence du Beau, du Vivant et du Vrai. Du Bos décèle la force de l’œuvre de Flaubert dans la « disproportion » du style, et dans la puissance d’absorption qui fait la densité de cette prose, et qui désigne un extraordinaire travail de conversion. L’obscure expérience spirituelle ainsi poursuivie est celle d’un absolu de l’art, expérience paradoxale d’un « mystique qui ne croit à rien » (comme se désignait Flaubert lui-même, que le critique lie à une interrogation sur sa propre conversion.Charles Du Bos devoted an unflagging attention to Flaubert’s work (except for Bouvard et Pécuchet, which, apparently, according to him did not exist, to Madame Bovary and in particular L’Éducation sentimentale. The connection between his essay “Sur le milieu intérieur chez Flaubert”, written in 1921, and extracts from his Journal, from 1923 to 1937, the comparisons with Gogol, Thomas Hardy, Tolstoy, Baudelaire, and Henry James that run through the writings of Du Bos, allow us to follow what he terms “the spiritual experience” of a materiality encompassed in the conquest of the triple demand of the Beautiful, the Living, the Truth. Du Bos detects the power of Flaubert’s work in the “disproportion” of his style, and the power of absorption that forms the density of his prose, showing an

  14. Prince of Asturias awards: a cultural programme open to all

    CERN Multimedia

    Antonella Del Rosso


    On Thursday 24 October, CERN’s Director for Research and Computing Sergio Bertolucci joined Nobel Laureates Peter Higgs and François Englert in meeting with hundreds of students at Oviedo University. A series of exhibitions and events is being organised for the Spanish public through the cultural programme set up by the Prince of Asturias Foundation in the framework of the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony.   (From left to right) François Englert, Peter Higgs, Sergio Bertolucci and Rolf Heuer celebrate their prize with students at Oviedo University. The programme for the Awards Week designed by the Prince of Asturias Foundation includes about 20 different cultural activities, including talks, exhibitions, film screening, working meetings and public events held in the capital of Asturias, Oviedo. This year, since CERN is among the laureates of the prestigious award bestowed by the Foundation, the cultural events also featured members of the CERN Dire...

  15. 76 FR 1187 - Application for Recertification of Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council (United States)


    ... Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Notice of... advisory group in lieu of a Regional Citizens' Advisory Council for Prince William Sound, Alaska. This... on, the application for recertification submitted by the Prince William Sound Regional Citizen's...

  16. conserving surface-nesting seabirds at the prince edward islands

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    South Africa's subantarctic Prince Edward Islands support substantial proportions of the global populations of a number of surface-nesting seabirds. Populations of most of these have decreased at the islands since the 1980s and 12 of 16 species are regarded as Threatened or Near Threatened regionally or internationally.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    During the period 17–22 December 2001, the onshore distribution and the abundance of Antarctic fur seals Arctocephalus gazella and Subantarctic fur seals A. tropicalis were determined for Prince Edward Island. Two breeding colonies of Antarctic fur seals were located on the south-east coast of the island; the first a mixed ...

  18. Vagrant birds ashore at the Prince Edward Islands, southern Indian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Vagrant birds recorded ashore at Marion Island and Prince Edward Island from 1987 to 2009 are documented. In total, 101 observations (including multiple sightings of potentially the same individual) of 29 species were made. Palaearctic and Holarctic migrants (17 species), African species (n = 6) and pelagic species with ...

  19. Borodin: Les 3 Symphonies. Le Prince Igor / Francis Dresel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dresel, Francis


    Uuest heliplaadist "Borodin: Les 3 Symphonies. Le Prince Igor: Ouverture. Danse des jeunes filles polovtsiennes. Danses polovtsiennes. Notturno. Dans les Steppes de l'Asie centrale. Petite Suite. Choeur et Orchestre Symphonique de Göteborg, Neeme Järvi" DG 435 757-2

  20. The Marine Mammal Programme at the Prince Edward Islands: 38 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Marine Mammal Programme (MMP) conducts research on pinnipeds and killer whales Orcinus orca at Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands, under the auspices of the Mammal Research Institute, Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Pretoria. The history of the MMP, which has benefited from ...

  1. The Bryozoa of subantarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Bryozoa of subantarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands were sampled over the period 1982–1989 by dredging, SCUBA-diving and intertidal surveys. This paper comprises illustrated keys to all 82 species of Bryozoa collected during these and previous surveys, including 15 new species, 17 new records and 8 ...

  2. January 2010 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Images (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — According to official estimates, 222,570 people killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince...

  3. Teaching Machiavelli, or How I Learned to Love "The Prince" (United States)

    Miller, Alan E.


    Written by a petty bureaucrat and diplomat for Lorenzo de Medici, a member of one of the ruling families of Europe, Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince" is a slim volume concerned primarily with advising Medici on how to acquire, maintain, and sustain power over a state. Its difficult and often archaic vocabulary aside, at first glance it…

  4. Like grandfather, like grandson: Erasmus and Charles Darwin on evolution. (United States)

    Smith, C U M


    Last year (2009) marked the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth and the sesquicentenary of The Origin of Species. This article examines the influence of Erasmus Darwin on Charles's evolutionary thought and shows how, in many ways, Erasmus anticipated his much better-known grandson. It discusses the similarity in the mindsets of the two Darwins, asks how far the younger Darwin was exposed to the elder's evolutionary thought, examines the similarities and differences in their theories of evolution, and ends by showing the surprising similarity between their theories of inheritance. Erasmus's influence on Charles is greater than customarily acknowledged, and now is an opportune time to bring the grandfather out from behind the glare of his stellar grandson.

  5. Seasonal distribution of Dall's porpoise in Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)

    Moran, John R.; O'Dell, Matthew B.; Arimitsu, Mayumi L.; Straley, Janice M.; Dickson, Danielle M. S.


    Dall's porpoise, Phocoenoides dalli, are a conspicuous predator in the Prince William Sound ecosystem, yet there has been little effort directed towards monitoring this species since the 1980s, prior to the Exxon Valdez oil spill. We used vessel-based surveys to examine the seasonal distribution of Dall's porpoise in the waters of Prince William Sound during eight years from 2007 to 2015. Over the course of 168 days and 15,653 km of survey effort, 921 Dall's porpoise were encountered in 210 groups. We estimate an encounter rate of 0.061 porpoise/km traveled or 1 porpoise encountered for every 16.5 km traveled. Dall's porpoise were found throughout the year in Prince William Sound, and used a wide range of habitats, including those not considered typical of the species, such as bays, shallow water, and nearshore waters. Dall's porpoise seasonally shifted their center of distribution from the western passages in fall to the bays of the eastern Sound in winter and spring. Dall's porpoises were widely dispersed throughout the Sound in summer. We identified potential Dall's porpoise habitat (depth, slope, and distance from shore) within Prince William Sound using generalized additive models (GAM). Dall's porpoise were found in deeper water during summer and in shallowest water during spring. We propose that their use of novel habitats is a function of reduced predation risk associated with the decline of their main predator, killer whales (Orcinus orca), following the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the presence of overwintering and spawning Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii). While the size of the Dall's porpoise population within Prince William Sound remains unknown, our encounter rates were lower than those reported in the 1970s. Their high metabolic rate and ubiquitous presence makes them one of the more important, yet understudied, forage fish predators in the region.

  6. Identità e riconoscimento in Charles Taylor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Caputo


    Full Text Available The model of the politic of difference, proposed by Charles Taylor, in the wake of a conception of liberalism ‘hospitable’, unfolds in a journey aimed to comply with the ontological dimensions of the dignity of different cultures, of cultural traditions and ways of life. Being a self, constructed in terms of dialogue and dialectic of mutual recognition between cultures, refers, in the Charles Taylor’s reflection, to the safeguarding of single, intersubjective or common meanings of specific social, moral, narrative spaces.

  7. Alguns Princípios Constitucionais e Administrativos na Administração Pública Brasileira


    de Salles Almeida Mafra Filho, Francisco


    Estudam-se os princípios em seus diferentes significados. Entre eles, os princípios que o bom administrador público deve observar: legalidade, moralidade, impessoalidade, razoabilidade, publicidade e a eficiência. Improbidade administrativa e penalidades por desobediência aos princípios jurídicos da Administração Pública brasileira. Além dos princípios constitucionais, são abordados os seguintes princípios administrativos: Razoabilidade; Proporcionalidade; Preponderância do interesse público ...

  8. Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia: Suez and syphilis. Un canard dévoilé. (United States)

    Laurenson, R D


    Frederick III (Crown Prince of Prussia, and Emperor of Germany) died of cancer of the larynx in 1888. In Drame Imperial (1888) journalist Jean de Bonnefon asserted that the disease was not cancer but syphilis which the Crown Prince acquired in 1869 in Suez. What de Bonnefon wrote about the prince does not coincide with the prince's itinerary published in the London Times. This discrepancy is examined and the reason for de Bonefon's claim is considered. The report that Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia caught syphilis in Suez is a canard.

  9. Space Radar Image of Prince Albert, Canada, seasonal (United States)


    This is a comparison of images over Prince Albert, produced by the Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C and X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar aboard the space shuttle Endeavour on its 20th orbit on April 10, 1994, and again on orbit 20 of the second flight of Endeavour on October 1, 1994. The area is centered at 53.91 degrees north latitude and 104.69 degrees west longitude and is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north and 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) east of the town of Prince Albert in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. The image covers the area east of Candle Lake, between the gravel highway of 120 and west of highway 106. The area imaged is near the southern limit of the boreal forest. The boreal forest of North America is a continuous vegetation belt at high latitudes stretching across the continent from the Atlantic shoreline of central Labrador and then westward across Canada to the interior mountains and central coastal plains of Alaska. The forest is also part of a larger northern hemisphere circumpolar boreal forest belt. Coniferous trees dominate the entire forest but deciduous trees are also present. During the month of April, the forest experiences seasonal changes from a frozen condition to a thawed condition. The trees are completely frozen over the winter season and the forest floor is covered by snow. As the average temperature rises in the spring, the trees are thawed and the snow melts. This transition has an impact on the rate of moisture evaporation and release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In late September and early October, the boreal forest experiences a relatively different seasonal change. At this time, the leaves on deciduous trees start changing color and dropping off. The soil and trees are quite often moist due to frequent rainfall and cloud cover. The evaporation of moisture and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere also diminishes at this time. SIR-C/X-SAR is sensitive to the moisture of soil and vegetation and can sense this freeze

  10. Effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on the abundance and distribution of humpback whales (`megaptera novaeangliae`) in Prince William Sound. Marine mammal study number 1. Exxon Valdez oil spill state/federal natural resource damage assessment final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dahlheim, M.E.; Von Ziegesar, O.


    Photo-identification studies of Prince William Sound humpback whales were conducted from May to September in 1989 and 1990 to assess the impact on the spill on humpback whale life history and ecology. In 1989, concurrent studies were conducted in Southeast Alaska on humpback whales to determine if whales avoided contaminated waters of Prince William Sound and moved to other northern feeding areas. In 1989, photographic analysis of Prince William Sound humpbacks resulted in the identification of 59 whales. In 1990, 66 whales were documented. The increase in whale sightings may have been due to the increase in effort during the 1989 and 1990 season. Because of the difference in survey effort before and after the spill, it is impossible to determine if there was a difference in the number of humpback whales using the Sound. Distribution varied among years and may be related to prey distribution.

  11. Mr. Charles Kleiber, State Secretary for Science and Research, Switzerland

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01 : Mr Charles Kleiber, State Secretary for Science and Research, Switzerland visiting the TI8 tunnel. From l to r: Prof. Luciano Maiani, CERN Director-General, Mr Guy Hentsch, Chef de Cabinet, Mr Jean-Luc Baldy, Head of the LHC civil engineering group, Mr Charles Kleiber, State Secretary for Science and Research, Switzerland and Mr Jean-Pierre Ruder, Swiss Delegate to CERN Council. Photo 02 : Visit to the TI8 tunnel by Mr Charles Kleiber, State Secretary for Science and Research, Switzerland (third from left) with l. to r. Mr Jean-Luc Baldy, Head of the LHC civil engineering group; Prof. Luciano Maiani, CERN Director-General; Dr Jean-Pierre Ruder, Swiss Delegate to CERN Council; Dr Guy Hentsch, Chef de Cabinet; Mr Michel Buchs and Mr Frédéric Chavan, representatives of the firm Prader Losinger, Groupement ATIC responsible for the civil engineering work. Photo 03: From l to r: Mr Jean-Pierre Ruder, Swiss Delegate to CERN, Prof. Luciano Maiani, CERN Director-General, Mr Charles Kleiber, State Secretar...

  12. The Performance Career of Charles Dickens: An Annotated Bibliography. (United States)

    Gentile, John Samuel

    Offered in response to the broad appeal of Charles Dickens's performance career to various disciplines, this annotated bibliography lists 40 resources concerned with Dickens's success as a performer interpreting his literary works. The resources are categorized under books, theses and dissertations, articles in scholarly journals, nineteenth…

  13. An Analysis and Implementation of Charles Dickens' Sole Curricular Writing. (United States)

    Hanna, Robert C.

    This paper examines the curriculum Charles Dickens wrote for his children, an "easy account" of selections from the New Testament. Dickens designed the curriculum to make this material accessible and meaningful to his children prior to schooling under the direction of other teachers, tutors, or governesses, and earlier than the language…

  14. [Medical services at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport]. (United States)

    Bargain, Philippe


    Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Roissy, a 3 400 hectare citadel, contains a multitude of airlines, service companies, businesses, retailers and public services, including firefighters, police officers, customs officers, ministers and medical teams. This article presents its missions, notably with regard to health services. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  15. Multi- factor volatility of security at Charles Schwab Corporation ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This paper examined the rate of returns required by investors who invested at Charles Schwab (Discount Brokerage firm) from 30th September, 1987 to 29th August, 1997. The methodology adapted involved the use of a multi-factor stochastic model; APT. The study shows a low systematic risk of the security. There was ...

  16. Herman Charles Bosman: A Man of Profound Contradictions | Leff ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Herman Charles Bosman is best known for his humorous short stories with signature twist endings. He is less well known for his essays and journalistic writing, which illustrate another side of this enigmatic man. This essay focuses on the paradox that Bosman was (and continues to be) and aims to respond to the following ...

  17. Education and Utopia: Robert Owen and Charles Fourier (United States)

    Leopold, David


    The aims of education, and the appropriate means of realising them, are a recurring preoccupation of utopian authors. The utopian socialists Robert Owen (1771-1858) and Charles Fourier (1772-1837) both place human nature at the core of their educational views, and both see education as central to their wider objective of social and political…

  18. Näljane vaim : sihi otsimine kaasaegses maailmas / Charles Handy

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Handy, Charles


    Kapitalistlik ühiskond ja raha on vahendid, mitte eesmärgid; eesmärgid peaks iga inimene püstitama endale ise, lähtuvalt oma sisetunnetusest. Lühendatud tõlge Charles Handy raamatust - "The Hungry Spirit Beyond Capitalism - a Quest of Purpose in the Modern World"

  19. Scientific Cousins: The Relationship between Charles Darwin and Francis Galton (United States)

    Fancher, Raymond E.


    This article traces the personal as well as the intellectual and scientific relationship between Charles Darwin and his younger half-cousin Francis Galton. Although they had been on friendly terms as young men, and Darwin had in some ways been a role model for Galton, the two did not share major scientific interests until after the publication of…

  20. Could Charles Darwin Teach Psychology in the 1980s? (United States)

    Rigby, Marilyn K.


    Discusses the implications of Charles Darwin's personal and professional history for an academic career in psychology. Relationships between his theoretical position and the content of an introductory psychology course he might teach and how he might fare in a contemporary academic environment are sketched in this fictionalized account.…

  1. Charles Darwin: His Life, Journeys and Discoveries. A Teacher's Guide. (United States)

    Overy, Caroline

    This handbook aims to: (1) introduce teachers and pupils to Charles Darwin, his life and work at Down House, his voyage on the Beagle, and his evolutionary theory; (2) set his ideas within the wider context of the 19th century; (3) link the subject areas to the British National Curriculum, particularly in history, science, and English at various…

  2. An Effective Leader in Higher Education: Charles William Eliot (United States)

    Elliott, Robert Wayne; Paton, Valerie Osland


    While responding to increasing calls for accountability, educational leaders are challenged continually by a myriad of complex tasks amidst the need to adapt their postsecondary institutions for responding to the changing needs of society. This review of literature examines comparisons between the leadership style of Charles William Eliot and the…

  3. Charles BonnetSyndrome: A Case Report (Turkish

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayşe Çakır


    Full Text Available Charles Bonnet Syndrome is defined as visual hallucination in visually impaired individuals who have intact cognitive skills and who have no psychiatric disorder or neurological lesion/abnormality finding. In this presentation; a case with bilateral primary optic atrophy secondary visual hallucination has been evaluated as Charles Bonnet Syndrome and has been discussed this case. A 74-year-old male, literate, married, retired. Bilateral optic nerve damage has developed in the patient due to a car accident that occurred 30 years ago. The patient who has been diagnosed with glaucoma 5 years ago has been unable to meet his daily needs for the last 2 years. The patient has begun to see mice that other people have not seen in the last 3 months. Necessary psychiatric, neurological and ophthalmic evaluations of the patient who applied to our clinic with these complaints were performed. In the ophthalmic examination performed; light sensation was reported as negative in both eyes. The patient was treated as Charles Bonnet Syndrome and the out patient clinic was treated. Previous studies have indicated that most patients with Charles Bonnet Syndrome didn't report their symptoms to family members or physicians in order not to be stigmatized by psychiatric illness. This case report emphasizes the importance of being able to find appropriate approaches to such cases, which may be lack of information between physicians and which are likely to be misdiagnosed.

  4. A Life in Language Testing: An Interview with Charles Stansfield (United States)

    Reed, Daniel J.; Bowles, Melissa


    Dr. Charles W. Stansfield is widely recognized as one of the most important figures in contemporary language testing. He is respected and relied upon by leading language professionals in education, government agencies, academia, and the private sector. During his 40 years of working with languages, he has been a secondary school teacher of…

  5. Educar na autenticidade em Charles Taylor = Educating in the authenticity in Charles Taylor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Foschiera, Rogério


    Full Text Available Analiso a perspectiva tayloriana da autencidade através de uma hermenêutica de suas principais obras para propor o significado de educar na autencticidade a partir de Charles Taylor. Com autencidade e ontologia moral Taylor apresenta uma antropologia ancorada na moral e na ontologia. Com autencidade e epistemologia se percebe que a perspectiva da autencidade não exclui o paradigma científico, mas necessita de outros paradigmas, principalmente do hermenêutico. Com autencidade e linguagem evidencio a compreensão de Taylor sobre a natureza da linguagem e o destaque que ele dá á definição de ser humano como "animal portador de logos", bem como o significado e as decorrências da perspectiva expressivista. Duas políticas: a da igualdade de direitos de todos e a do reconhecimento das diferenças estão integradas na perspectiva tayloriana da autencidade. Necessariamente, o ser humano, para ser autêntico, estará em constante referência a horizontes de sentido que transcendem o indivíduo, é o que apresento com autencidade e transcendência

  6. 75 FR 62469 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA, Maintenance (United States)


    ... Operation Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA, Maintenance AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Notice of... Craigie Bridge across the Charles River at mile 1.0, has a vertical clearance of 10.25 feet at normal pool... temporary deviation from the regulation governing the operation of the Craigie Bridge across the Charles...

  7. 76 FR 15214 - Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD (United States)


    ...-AA08 Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD AGENCY: Coast Guard... for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD'' in the Federal Register (76 FR 1381). We... follows: Sec. 100.35-T05-1113 Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County...

  8. 76 FR 7552 - Charles River Energy LLC; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application Accepted for Filing and... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Project No. 14067-000] Charles River... to Intervene, and Competing Applications On January 26, 2011, Charles River Energy LLC filed an...) to be located on the Charles River, in the City of Waltham, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The...

  9. 77 FR 42179 - Safety Zone; Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Charles County, Newburg, MD (United States)


    ... 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Fireworks Display, Potomac River, Charles County, Newburg, MD AGENCY: Coast... Potomac River, adjacent to Gilligan's Pier Restaurant, at Newburg in Charles County, Maryland scheduled on... Potomac River, located at Newburg in Charles County, Maryland from 8 p.m. through 10:30 p.m. on July 21...

  10. 75 FR 38411 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA, Public Event (United States)


    ... Operation Regulations; Charles River, Boston, MA, Public Event AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Notice of..., telephone 202-366-9826. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Craigie Bridge, across the Charles River at mile 1.0... elevation above the Charles River Dam. The existing drawbridge operation regulations are listed at 33 CFR...

  11. "Les Belges dans l'Afrique centrale". d'Adolphe Burdo et Charles de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Donos is proven to be based on plagiarism from Quatre années au Congo by the author François Charles Jeannest. Keywords:Booktrade, Congo Independent State, Burdo Adolf, de Martrin-Donos Charles, Jeannest Charles, Maes Pierre, ...

  12. Princípiosnorteadores da filosofia moral de David Hume

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Luiz Holanda de Oliveira


    Full Text Available O presente artigo objetiva apresentar os princípios norteadores da filosofia moral de David Hume. Para tanto se buscará demonstrar que a razão é escrava das paixões, que os juízos morais não são demonstráveis, nem refletem a realidade objetiva, para por fim, demonstrar a importância da utilidade.

  13. Princes and Merchants: European City Growth before the Industrial Revolution.


    De Long, J Bradford; Shleifer, Andrei


    As measured by the pace of city growth in western Europe from 1000 to 1800. absolutist monarchs stunted the growth of commerce and industry. A region ruled by an absolutist prince saw its total urban population shrink by one hundred thousand people per century relative to a region without absolutist government. This might be explained by higher rates of taxation under revenue-maximizing absolutist governments than under non-absolutist governments. which care more about general economic prospe...

  14. CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition winners tour CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Katarina Anthony


    Last week, the Laboratory rolled out the red carpet for the six young winners of the CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition. From a visit of the CMS detector to dessert with the Director-General, these young talents were given the full VIP treatment. Nothing less would do for our winners!   The competition's youngest winners study the CMS detector. For the CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition winners, Easter 2014 would be unforgettable. Besides visits to all the main CERN landmarks, they attended an award ceremony in the Main Building in their honour. Among the audience were CERN Director-General, Rolf Heuer, the Permanent Representative of Spain to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ana Maria Menendez Perez, and the Director of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, Teresa Sanjurjo González. The ceremony was also an opportunity for the CERN community to interact with the young winners. “They brought with them such heartfelt enthusiasm,” says CERN&am...

  15. Contribution to research on Crown Prince Mihailo's palace in Belgrade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Borić Tijana S.


    Full Text Available The subject of the research of this paper is the history and architecture of the palace that was built for the Serbian Crown Prince Mihailo Obrenovic, and that had been located within the central court complex of the Obrenovic Dynasty, in the immediate vicinity of Terazije Square in Belgrade. The attractive edifice lasted from 1860-1909 and was important marker in urban setting of Belgrade. The aim of the paper was to analyze and reconstruct the original appearance of this capital building on the basis of the scarce existing sources and available evidences. The edifice has been constructed with the idea of creating a royal residence that has been set within the framework of modern understandings of a ruler's space. Even though it didn't become the actual home of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic it was built and equipped according to the functions and needs of the official princely court. The research focus was placed on the background and particular reasons for conceiving and constituting this kind of representative architectural building of engaged rhetoric. Considering the social conditions, sudden and frequent changes within the political scene and changed understandings of the ruler's authority within the framework of the 19th century Serbian state, we have tried to explain and argue reasons and circumstances that led Prince Milos to decide to build this type of ruling residence for his successor. The issue of metropolis wasn't resolved until 1841. However, Serbian ruler was aware of the current European practice. We have reviewed historical backgrounds and strivings of Prince Milos Obrenovic to catch up with the European model when it comes to the ruler's ideology within which the court, it position, architecture and design held an impact of extraordinary importance. At the same time, the attempt was made to point to the essential changes when it comes to the widespread belief in attribution of the architectural design. We have challenged the

  16. On Tour with the Prince: Monarchy, Imperial Politics and Publicity in the Prince of Wales's Dominion Tours 1919-20. (United States)

    Mort, Frank


    The stage managers of ritual and the media transformed the British monarchy in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century, consolidating its image as splendid and popular and also as more accessible and quasi-democratic. Historians have emphasized that these processes of modernization largely began in Britain. This article locates the origins of democratized royal ritual in the white dominions, especially after 1918. Canada, Australia and New Zealand were political and cultural laboratories where royal advisors and British and dominion politicians launched experiments in the practice of progressive empire and innovatory styles of informal ceremonial, which had a long-term impact on imperial and later Commonwealth relations. Focusing on the Prince of Wales's early dominion tours, the article argues that though royal diplomacy followed earlier itineraries in efforts to consolidate the racialized British world, it also threw up new and unintended consequences. These registered the rapidly changing international order after the collapse of the European monarchies, together with the demands of the prince's own modernist personality. Faced with republican and socialist opposition in Australia and Canada, the touring prince was drawn into competing forms of nationalism, as dominion politicians and journalists embraced him as representing domestic aspirations for self-government and cultural recognition. It is argued that modern royalty personified by the Prince of Wales problematizes the history of twentieth-century public reputations defined by the culture of celebrity. The British monarchy was forced to confront both the constitutional claims of empire and the politics of dominion nationalism, as well as the pressures of international publicity.

  17. A holistic approach to hydrocarbon source allocation in the subtidal sediments of Prince William Sound, Alaska, embayments

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Page, D.S.; Bence, A.E.; Burns, W.A.; Boehm, P.D.; Brown, J.S.; Douglas, G.S.


    The complex organic geochemistry record in the subtidal sediments of Prince William Sound, Alaska is a result of much industrial and human activity in the region. Recent oil spills and a regional background of natural petroleum hydrocarbons originating from active hydrocarbon systems in the northern Gulf of Alaska also contribute to the geochemical record. Pyrogenic and petrogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are introduced regularly to the subtidal sediments at sites of past and present human activities including villages, fish hatcheries, fish camps and recreational campsites as well as abandoned settlements, canneries, sawmills and mines. Hydrocarbon contributions are fingerprinted and quantified using a holistic approach where contributions from multiple sources is determined. The approach involves a good understanding of the history of the area to identify potential sources. It also involves extensive collection of representative samples and an accurate quantitative analysis of the source and sediment samples for PAH analytes and chemical biomarker compounds. Total organic carbon (TOC) does not work in restricted embayments because of a constrained least-square algorithm to determine hydrocarbon sources. It has been shown that sources contributing to the natural petrogenic background are present in Prince William Sound. In particular, pyrogenic hydrocarbons such as combustion products of diesel is significant where there was much human activity. In addition, petroleum produced from the Monterey Formation in California is present in Prince William Sound because in the past, oil and asphalt shipped from California was widely used for fuel. Low level residues of weathered Alaskan North Slope crude oil from the Exxon Valdez spill are also still present. 30 refs., 4 tabs., 2 figs

  18. Alguns Princípios Constitucionais e Administrativos na Administração Pública Brasileira

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco de Salles Almeida Mafra Filho


    Full Text Available Estudam-se os princípios em seus diferentes significados. Entre eles, os princípios que o bom administrador público deve observar: legalidade, moralidade, impessoalidade, razoabilidade, publicidade e a eficiência. Improbidade administrativa e penalidades por desobediência aos princípios jurídicos da Administração Pública brasileira. Além dos princípios constitucionais, são abordados os seguintes princípios administrativos: Razoabilidade; Proporcionalidade; Preponderância do interesse público sobre o interesse particular; Indisponibilidade do interesse público. Continuidade. Presunção de legalidade e veracidade; Autoexecutoriedade; Autotutela administrativa; Motivação. Palavras-chave: Princípios. Normas gerais. Aplicação. Administração Pública. Constituição.

  19. Did Jean François Barbe Anticipate Charles Darwin? (United States)

    Drouin, Anne-Sophie; Drouin, Emmanuel; Pereon, Yann


    The publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species in 1859 is widely suppose to have initiated a revolution in science. In 1837, he broke with dogmatic fixism and argued that the adaptation of populations to their local environment was the cause of transmutation. Some contributors helped him start his reasoning: he indeed expressed his indebtedness to Samuel Rowley for having called his attention to Charles Wells' notions of natural selection. Darwin was certainly not the first to suggest the idea of evolution as an alternative to the creation of species by God. We report on a medical thesis published in 1837 being concluded by an unexpected and important statement related to the appearance of mammals on Earth. It remained unknown but it constitutes a link between the transformative thought of Lamarck and Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, and Darwin's work.

  20. Charles Dickens: observer of sleep and its disorders. (United States)

    Cosnett, J E


    Using the characters of his novels as the canvas, Charles Dickens painted vivid word pictures of a variety of manifestations of sleep and its disorders. These were presumably based on the author's own experiences and those of family and friends. Dickens was, himself, a self-confessed episodic insomniac. For this he devised the unique therapy of long night walks. This article illustrates, by a few selected quotations, this hitherto unpublicized aspect of the author's life and works.

  1. Charles Dickens and the movement for sanitary reform. (United States)

    Litsios, Socrates


    Charles Dickens's adult life parallels the period when the movement for sanitary reform took root in England. Although he was not one of its leaders, he became in time one of its most outspoken advocates. This essay describes Dickens's growing involvement in the sanitary movement and looks at one of the most important ways he supported it--articles published in his weekly journal Household Words

  2. Charles Dickens: the man, medicine, and movement disorders. (United States)

    Schoffer, Kerrie L; O'Sullivan, John D


    Nineteenth-century Victorian novelists played an important role in developing our understanding of medicine and illness. With the eye of an expert clinician, Charles Dickens provided several detailed accounts of movement disorders in his literary works, many of which predated medical descriptions. His gift for eloquence, imagery, and precision attest not only to the importance of careful clinical observation, but also provide an insightful and entertaining perspective on movement disorders for modern students of neuroscience.

  3. Konsep Dasar Semiotika Dalam Komunikasi Massa Menurut Charles Sanders Pierce


    Suherdiana, Dadan


    Sign or symbol in mass communication is not something with without makna. Nevertheless, it is not easy for anyone to can comprehend that sign. Minimally, that is a method for it, is named semiotic. Charles Sanders Pierce introduce pragmatism for this method. For him, semiotics have three researches area: syntactic semiotic, semantic semiotic and pragmatic semiotic. Sintaktic semiotic, teach the relation between sign with others sign; semantic semiotic, teach the relation and consequence in in...

  4. Ocean Connections with the Historic Whaling Ship Charles W. Morgan (United States)

    Whitney, M. M.


    This scientific outreach project involved the Charles W. Morgan, Mystic Seaport's historic whaling ship. We educated K-2 students, trained undergraduate and graduate students, and informed the general public about oceanographic data collection, pathways from coastal to ocean waters, and connections in marine ecosystems. I was aboard the Charles W. Morgan for the Provincetown to Stellwagen Bank leg of the historic 38th voyage in summer 2014. While at sea, our voyager team released several GPS-tracked surface drifters to reveal important flow pathways and how the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is connected to other ocean areas. These drifters were built by graduate and undergraduate students and the drifter artwork was designed by elementary school students. Surface currents dispersed the drifters and carried them much farther offshore than the Charles W. Morgan itself. Many drifters reached Georges Bank, another important biologically productive area. The Charles W. Morgan encountered whales for the first time in decades. Some of the food-chain connections that may explain the abundance of whales at Stellwagen bank that summer are described. This outreach project has been presented in lectures to high school teachers and the general public and also featured in an online interview, a television news story, and a newspaper article. K-2 students at an elementary school math and science day first painted drifters in advance of the voyage, viewed real-time updates in the months following drifter release, and engaged in activities illustrating ocean connectivity and marine habitats at the end of the following academic year. We aimed to convey how sensitive whales are to human activities (on land and water) and to changes in the marine environment. Successes and lessons learned will be discussed. ED003: Creative Ways to Connect Ocean Sciences to the Public

  5. Charles de Gaulle, anti-hegemonic discourse and international law


    Dhondt, Frederik


    French President Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) was a controversial figure on the international scene during the Cold War. He steered an original and provocative course bordering on independence from the bipolar structure of post-1945 world politics. De Gaulle’s combination of national independence and a global appeal to state sovereignty casts a long shadow over foreign policy debates in France and in Europe. Although his references to the long run of geopolitics, to history or to “Grandeur” ...

  6. Charles Darwin and the 1835 earthquake at Concepcion, Chile (United States)

    Spall, H.


    On a stormy night in October 1836, H.M.S Beagle hove to and dropped anchor at Falmouth, a remote harbor in southwest England. Charles Darwin, the ship's naturalist, came ashore to take the mail coach to Shrewsbury. This was inauspicious end to an epic 5-year voyage around the coast of South America, the results of which were to have a tumultuous impact on scientific thought that has lasted to this day. 

  7. Astronaut Joseph Kerwin takes blood sample from Astronaut Charles Conrad (United States)


    Scientist-Astronaut Joseph P. Kerwin (right), Skylab 2 science pilot and a doctor of medicine, takes a blood sample from Astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., Sylab 2 commander, as seen in this reproduction taken from a color television transmission made by a TV camera aboard the Skylab 1 and 2 space station cluster in Earth orbit. The blood sampling was part of the Skylab Hematology and Immunology Experiment M110 series.

  8. Conmemoración de Charles Darwin (1882

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Mantegazza


    Full Text Available Tres semanas después de la muerte del biólogo y naturalista inglés, Paolo Mantegazza pronunció el 21 de mayo de 1882 su "Conmemoración de Charles Darwin celebrada en el Real Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Florencia". Traducción de Juan Pérez Andrés.

  9. Os princípios do processo trabalhista e os princípios que regem os novos processos trabalhistas no Uruguai


    Gauthier, Gustavo


    A reforma do processo trabalhista no Uruguai, ao criar dois procedimentos especiais para tramitar os casos trabalhistas que até então eram regidos pelo processo civil do Código Geral do Processo (CGP), estabeleceu, em seu capítulo inicial, alguns princípios que devem reger os processos trabalhistas. O objetivo com este artigo é determinar o alcance da enunciação dos princípios processuais – no sentido de determinar se essa enunciação esgota a totalidade dos princípios ou não – e o conteúdo de...

  10. The installation of Prince Mangkubumi Performing Javanese history

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Els Bogaerts


    Full Text Available Representation of Javanese history in performance plays an important role in the self-characterization of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. It legitimizes the power of the rulers and strengthens the identity of the city and its inhabitants. The audiences know the stories and this is part of the fun. In the study of oral traditions it is essential to take these performances into account. In the stories featuring famous political figures from the history of Mataram and Yogyakarta, there is an intricate relationship between the written and the spoken word: all are based on both oral and written traditions and are performed ‘orally’. Prince Mangkubumi, who was to become the first sultan of Yogyakarta in 1755, is one of the historical personages who are protagonists in various performance genres. Focusing on the tale of Prince Mangkubumi’s accession to the throne, I shall reflect on how the televised kethoprak version combines a (written text with a mediated (aural/visual performance to present the story.

  11. Princesses, Princes, and Superheroes: Children's Gender Cognitions and Fictional Characters. (United States)

    Dinella, Lisa M; Claps, Juliana M; Lewandowski, Gary W


    The goal of the present study was to identify whether children recognize the gender stereotypes prevalent within the increasingly popular princess, prince, and superhero characters. Interviews with 126 children from the northeast region of the Unites States (3-11 years old) indicated that children recognized the gender-typed personality traits of princesses, princes, and superheroes, with older children holding more gender-typed cognitions about the characters. Children's own-schemas (i.e., beliefs that apply to themselves) and superordinate schemas (i.e., include beliefs about others' preferences and behaviors) for the characters were mostly gender typed and congruent. Older children gender-typed princesses as for girls more than younger children, whereas older children considered superheroes to be for boys and girls more than younger children did. Older children also considered the characters to be for them less, potentially reducing the negative implications of exposure to gender-typed messages associated with the characters. Individual differences exist in children's perceptions of these fictional characters, with children's own androgyny being positively correlated with their perceptions of princesses' androgyny levels. Further, girls were more flexible in their stereotyping of princesses, noting they were "for girls and boys" more. The authors discuss the results' practical and theoretical implications.

  12. Reconnaissance of the ground-water, surface-water system in the Zekiah Swamp Run basin, Charles and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland (United States)

    Hopkins, H.T.; Fisher, G.T.; McGreevy, L.J.


    The water table in the alluvium of the Zekiah Swamp Run valley in southern Maryland is above stream level during most of the year and the alluvial aquifer contributes water to the stream. During the summer, however, high evapotranspiration sometimes lowers the water table below the stream level. Water then moves from the stream to the alluvium and, at times, reaches of the stream become dry. Pumping from the confined aquifers has caused water levels to decline several tens of ft, which has increased the downward gradient between the water-table aquifer and the underlying confined aquifers. Three synoptic surveys of base flow show areal and temporal variations in stream discharge, pH, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. April 1984 base flows were high (141 cu ft/sec, at the Route 6 gage) because of high precipitation during March. July 1983 base flows were low (2.35 cu ft/sec at the Route 6 gage) and showed significant loss of streamflow because of high antecedent evapotranspiration. Estimates of inflow and outflow of the Zekiah Swamp Run basin above Route 6 during the 1984 water year include: Precipitation, 50.21 in; stream outflow, 20.10 in; shallow groundwater underflow, 0.1 in; stream outflow, 20.10 in; shallow groundwater underflow, 0.1 in; and evapotranspiration, 33 in. A streamflow budget of a 5.1 mi area of the valley of Zekiah Swamp Run between Routes 5 and 6, during the April 1984 survey and a loss of almost 5 cu ft during the July 1983 survey. (Author 's abstract)

  13. Un chant déraciné ? La poésie bourguignonne d’expression française face à Charles Quint

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Estelle Doudet


    Full Text Available Avec le départ de Charles Quint pour l’Espagne, la littérature de cour bourguignonne entre dans une double crise : le prince est désormais absent ; les écrivains ne possèdent plus le prestigieux statut d’historien et de poète officiel dont ont joui leurs prédécesseurs. À l’occasion de la victoire de Pavie en 1525, Julien Fossetier rédige De la glorieuse victoire divinement obtenue devant Pavie par l’empereur Charles Quint et Nicaise Ladam le Memoire de l’Aigle et de la Salamandre. Une étude comparée de ces deux œuvres permet d’interroger les stratégies d’adresses des poètes à leur lointain destinataire, les récritures par lesquelles ils travaillent l’héritage encomiastique bourguignon et se confrontent à la littérature contemporaine venue de France. Chanter Charles en héritier bourguignon, le rêver en monarque universel donne à la langue française sa place dans la culture littéraire impériale, celle d’un terrain d’affrontements avec les écrivains du royaume voisin. Il s’y dessine une culture francophone aujourd’hui méconnue.Con la partida de Carlos V para España, la literatura de la corte borgoñona entra en una doble crisis: el príncipe se ha vuelto ausente; los escritores ya no ostentan el prestigioso estatus de historiador y de poeta oficial del que gozaron sus predecesores. Con la victoria de Pavía, en 1525, Julien Fossetier compone De la glorieuse victoire divinement obtenue devant Pavie par l’empereur Charles Quint y Nicaise Ladam el Memoire de l’Aigle et de la Salamandre. Un careo de ambas obras permite analizar las estrategias de los poetas al dirigirse a su lejano destinatario, las rescrituras a las que someten la herencia encomiástica borgoñona y el modo en que rivalizan con la literatura contemporánea que les viene de Francia. Cantar a Carlos como heredero de Borgoña, soñarle como monarca universal, confiere a la lengua francesa su lugar en la cultura literaria

  14. New records of Acari from the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Marshall, D.J.; Gremmen, N.J.M.; Coetzee, L.; Oconnor, B.M.; Pugh, P.J.A.; Theron, P.D.; Ueckermann, E.A.


    Sixty species of Acari are recorded from the sub-Antarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands (the Prince Edward archipelago). Twenty of the 45 species collected on recent expeditions are new and currently undescribed. Other new taxa include a family of Mesostigmata, four new genera, and the first

  15. 78 FR 50335 - Double Hull Tanker Escorts on the Waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)


    ...-AB96 Double Hull Tanker Escorts on the Waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS... requirements for certain tankers operating on the waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska (PWS). This interim... National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act OPA 90 Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-380, 104...

  16. 33 CFR 334.1330 - Bering Strait, Alaska; naval restricted area off Cape Prince of Wales. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Bering Strait, Alaska; naval restricted area off Cape Prince of Wales. 334.1330 Section 334.1330 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF....1330 Bering Strait, Alaska; naval restricted area off Cape Prince of Wales. (a) The area. An area 2,000...

  17. Struggles for Educational Equity in Prince Edward County, VA: Resistance, Southern Manifesto Ideologies, and School Choice (United States)

    Tillerson-Brown, Amy


    In light of contemporary school choice proposals and the 60th anniversary of the Southern Manifesto, the Prince Edward County, Virginia public schools crisis provides interesting historical discussion. Prince Edward County (PEC), a rural community in central Virginia, was one of five school districts represented in the 1954 "Brown v. Board of…

  18. The Work of the Prince's Teaching Institute--Insisting that Established Subjects Matter to All Pupils (United States)

    Roberts, Martin


    The Prince's Teaching Institute (PTI), which has evolved out of the Summer Schools for English Literature and History which The Prince of Wales inaugurated in 2002, now provides a variety of courses in the major subjects of the secondary curriculum. In partnership with Cambridge University it enables teachers to update and extend their subject…

  19. 33 CFR 164.43 - Automatic Identification System Shipborne Equipment-Prince William Sound. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Automatic Identification System Shipborne Equipment-Prince William Sound. 164.43 Section 164.43 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD... Automatic Identification System Shipborne Equipment—Prince William Sound. (a) Until December 31, 2004, each...

  20. 33 CFR 161.60 - Vessel Traffic Service Prince William Sound. (United States)


    ... William Sound. 161.60 Section 161.60 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND... Movement Reporting System Areas and Reporting Points § 161.60 Vessel Traffic Service Prince William Sound... Cape Hinchinbrook Light to Schooner Rock Light, comprising that portion of Prince William Sound between...

  1. A Dutch Confederate: Charles Liernur Defends Slavery in America

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael J. Douma


    Full Text Available In the 1850s and 1860s, Dutch immigrants in America struggled to square their racial views with the politics of slavery in their new country. The historiography of the Dutch world would benefit from incorporating this story, because it is often in moments of conflict when the most explicit expressions of ideology present themselves. The letters of Charles Liernur, a Dutch-born Confederate, provide a unique insight into the mind of an explicit supporter of slavery in an American context. How and why a Dutchman could defend slavery is the primary question this article addresses. Building on Liernur’s story, this article also challenges the standard view that Dutch Americans were natural opponents of slavery. Instead, they held diverse and ambiguous views, shaped in part by the circumstances of their settlement.Een Nederlandse Confederate: Charles Liernur verdedigt slavernij in AmerikaIn de jaren vijftig en zestig van de negentiende eeuw hadden Nederlandse immigranten in Amerika grote moeite een standpunt in te nemen met betrekking tot de slavernij. Een analyse daarvan lijkt van belang voor de Nederlandse geschiedschrijving, omdat ideologische overtuigingen vaak tijdens conflicten op scherpe wijze uitgedragen worden. De brieven van Charles Liernur, een Nederlandse ‘Confederate’, bieden een unieke blik op de denkwereld van eenuitgesproken voorstander van de slavernij. Hoe en waarom kon een Nederlander zo fel de slavernij verdedigen? Dat is de centrale vraag waarop dit artikel een antwoord probeert te geven. Het verhaal van Liernur laat zien dat de gangbare visie, dat Nederlandse Amerikanen van nature tegenstanders van de slavernij waren, niet klopt. Immigranten hadden veeleer uiteenlopende en ambigue meningen over slavernij, bepaald door de omstandigheden waarmee ze in hun nieuwe vaderland te maken kregen.

  2. Images of Spatial Representations in Charles Dickens's New York

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tzu Yu Allison Lin


    Full Text Available Agnes Calder claims that Charles Dickens came back from America, ‘heartily disillusioned’ (Dickens 8. In this paper, through reading American Notes (1842, I see the image of spatial representation in the city of New York. On the surface, the city shows Dickens’s eye of observation, revealing the dark side of the city. And yet, Dickens’s writing expresses more than what he sees. Dickens’s image of New York, I argue, is not only a ‘realistic’ account of what things look like, but a true realisation of how he feels about himself, and about the country in which he was situated in.

  3. Images of Spatial Representations in Charles Dickens's New York

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tzu Yu Allison Lin


    Full Text Available Agnes Calder claims that Charles Dickens came back from America, ‘heartily disillusioned’ (Dickens 8. In this paper, through reading American Notes (1842, I see the image of spatial representation in the city of New York. On the surface, the city shows Dickens’s eye of observation, revealing the dark side of the city. And yet, Dickens’s writing expresses more than what he sees. Dickens’s image of New York, I argue, is not only a ‘realistic’ account of what things look like, but a true realisation of how he feels about himself, and about the country in which he was situated in.

  4. Charles Dickens and the Cat Paw Letter Opener

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jenny Pyke


    Full Text Available This article explores the sensory expectations around Victorian taxidermy, beginning with Charles Dickens’s letter opener made from the paw of his favourite cat and moving to a discussion of 'Our Mutual Friend'. I suggest that in a mid-Victorian moment in which work and laziness are polarized as the available moral, economic, and social categories, a desire for stillness, a space that is neither work nor laziness, exists in the encounter with taxidermied animals. The taxidermied animal allows energy and stillness to coexist.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miranda Garnier Ximena


    Full Text Available Resumen:Los 200 años del nacimiento de Charles R. Darwin y los 150 años de la publicación de su libro “El origen de las especies” recuerdan la importancia de la creatividad y de comprender cómo se desarrolla. En este ensayo, analizo la autobiografía de Charles Darwin y concluyo que la creatividad en su vida surgió por interacción entre cualidades personales y una serie de circunstancias. En el análisis, sobresalen elementos que incluyen curiosidad, crecer cerca de la naturaleza, gusto por la lectura y el aprendizaje autónomo, la presencia de buenos mentores, disciplina, experiencia en los métodos de trabajo científico, disposición para establecer una red de científicos, y pasión por lo que se hace. Estos fueron elementos clave para su impacto en biología, geología, psicología, filosofía e incluso en nuestra percepción general del mundo. Se hacen reflexiones para educadores con la intención de promover el desarrollo de la creatividad en nuestros niños, niñas y jóvenes.Abstract:The 200th anniversary of Charles R. Darwin´s birth and the 150th of the publication of his “Origin of Species” remind us of the importance of creativity, and of understanding its development. In this essay, I analyze the autobiography of Charles Darwin and conclude that his creativity resulted from a series of personal qualities and circumstances. The key elements I found include curiosity, growing near nature, passion for reading and for autonomous learning, the role of good mentors, discipline, a disposition to establish a network with other scientists, experience with scientific methods, and passion for what he did. The presence of these elements in his life resulted in his transforming biology, geology, psychology, philosophy, and even our general perception of the world. Reflections for educators are presented with the intention of promoting the development of creativity in our children and youth.

  6. A strange horn between Paolo Mantegazza and Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Garbarino, Carla; Mazzarello, Paolo


    During the preparation of an exhibition in Pavia dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the death of the Italian Pathologist Paolo Mantegazza, a strange cheratinic horn was found at the Museum for the History of the University of Pavia labelled as 'spur of a cock transplanted into an ear of a cow.' After some historical investigation, we found this strange object was at the centre of a scientific correspondence between Mantegazza and Charles Darwin, who made reference to it in his book The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Female sexualisation in Charles Bukowski’s "Women" (1978)


    Paredero Blanco, Álvaro


    Trabajo de fin de Grado. Grado en Estudios Ingleses. Curso académico 2016-2017 [EN]In this paper I shall examine how Charles Bukowski’s Women (1978) displays the double nature of female sexualisation as an offensive consideration of women with harmful consequences for both, victim and tormentor. Bukowski’s Women could be considered a semi-autobiographical production since the very author confirms it and, in consequence, the novel resembles a diary in terms of repetition and...

  8. Charles E. Rosenberg and the multifaceted promise of medical history. (United States)

    Stevens, Rosemary A


    Charles E. Rosenberg has had a major influence in defining the history of medicine as a field. However, critics who focus on his leadership or "school" in terms of defined scholarly perspectives, including those of social history and the framing of disease, offer inadequate descriptions of the messages, breadth, and scope of his scholarly work as a whole. Shoehorning the history of medicine into prescribed patterns in order to build a more unitary discipline would weaken rather than strengthen the field and is not in the Rosenberg tradition.

  9. Sur la postérité de quelques contes de Charles Perrault // Some fairytales by Charles Perrault in continuation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magdalena Wandzioch


    Full Text Available The fairy tales with their literary form, given by Charles Perrault in 17th century, have become with the passing of time a part of collective patrimony. No wonder many writers have been making use of this source in order to create their versions of Perrault’s stories. The most interesting fairy tales seem to be those which rewrite Bluebeard. One of them is Amélie Nothomb’s novel, published in 2012 and supporting the same title, in which readers can find a realisation of the phenomenon called by G. Genette a “pragmatic transposition” (“transposition pragmatique”.

  10. Charles Lucas and medical legislation in eighteenth century Ireland. (United States)

    Mullaney, S


    Charles Lucas, apothecary, physician and MP, was instrumental in facilitating legislation in Ireland in 1765 that established a nationwide network of hospitals in Ireland. This legislation was unique in contemporary Europe, and by the end of the century, there was a hospital in every county in the country. His work as an apothecary provided him with the knowledge to attempt to address the problems in the apothecaries' trade, and his 1741 pamphlet, Pharmacomastix, provided the framework for the 1761 Irish Apothecaries Act, which attempted to address these issues. It was, however, 1791 before nationwide regulation of the Irish apothecaries' trade was implemented following the establishment of the Apothecaries Hall, and this was 24 years before similar regulatory legislation was passed in Britain. Lucas sought enhanced regulation of the apothecaries' trade to provide better quality drugs and medicines for the general public, and he tried to ensure that untrained quacks did not practise as apothecaries, unbeknownst to their patients. He was aware that his proposals would meet with opposition, but he had the courage to pursue these without any element of personal gain. In medical terms, Charles Lucas was man ahead of his time.

  11. Charles Olivier and the rise of meteor science

    CERN Document Server

    Taibi, Richard


    This fascinating portrait of an amateur astronomy movement tells the story of how Charles Olivier recruited a hard-working cadre of citizen scientists to rehabilitate the study of meteors. By 1936, Olivier and members of his American Meteor Society had succeeded in disproving an erroneous idea about meteor showers. Using careful observations, they restored the public’s trust in predictions about periodic showers and renewed respect for meteor astronomy among professional astronomers in the United States. Charles Olivier and his society of observers who were passionate about watching for meteors in the night sky left a major impact on the field. In addition to describing Olivier’s career and describing his struggles with competitive colleagues in a hostile scientific climate, the author provides biographies of some of the scores of women and men of all ages who aided Olivier in making shower observations, from the Leonids and Perseids and others. Half of these amateur volunteers were from 13 to 25 years of...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ximena Miranda Garnier


    Full Text Available Los 200 años del nacimiento de Charles R. Darwin y los 150 años de la publicación de su libro "El origen de las especies" recuerdan la importancia de la creatividad y de comprender cómo se desarrolla. En este ensayo, analizo la autobiografía de Charles Darwin y concluyo que la creatividad en su vida surgió por interacción entre cualidades personales y una serie de circunstancias. En el análisis, sobresalen elementos que incluyen curiosidad, crecer cerca de la naturaleza, gusto por la lectura y el aprendizaje autónomo, la presencia de buenos mentores, disciplina, experiencia en los métodos de trabajo científico, disposición para establecer una red de científicos, y pasión por lo que se hace. Estos fueron elementos clave para su impacto en biología, geología, psicología, filosofía e incluso en nuestra percepción general del mundo. Se hacen reflexiones para educadores con la intención de promover el desarrollo de la creatividad en nuestros niños, niñas y jóvenes.

  13. Dublin and Irish politics in the age of Charles Lucas. (United States)

    Hill, J


    In addition to his contributions to medicine, Charles Lucas had a long career in politics, starting in the 1740s as a guild representative on the lower house of Dublin corporation, and culminating in his election to the Irish House of Commons in 1761. By examining the background in Dublin and Irish politics, this paper explores Lucas' impact on the electorate, and how it was that he was able to win a parliamentary seat in Dublin and retain it for a decade while he campaigned in support of a range of important Patriot issues. Lucas had none of the qualifications that would normally be required for a successful politician. His father held some land, but as a younger son who had to make a living, Charles was apprenticed to a Dublin apothecary. Nor did he have the political connections that might have compensated for a lack of land, wealth, or status. But Lucas possessed other advantages, notably an education that enabled him to read the city's medieval charters, identifying areas where the Dublin freemen had lost 'ancient rights', and some experience of publishing, so that he could appeal to the electorate. Lucas' remarkable political success stemmed from both local circumstances and his own personal qualities.

  14. Eutrophication analysis of embayments in Prince William Sound, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lung, Wu Seng; McCutcheon, S.C.


    Fertilizers were used in the summer of 1989 to accelerate bacterial growth in a bioremediation effort to clean up the beaches following the EXXON Valdez oil spill. Mathematical models were used to quantify the eutrophication potential in two selected embayments in Prince William Sound: Passage Cove and Snug Harbor. First, mass transport in these two embayments was determined. Next, eutrophication models were developed for these two embayments to simulate the seasonal algal concentrations prior to fertilizer application. Finally, a series of nutrient-loading scenarios based on different fertilizer and other chemical application rates were developed to investigate the impact. Model results and the data available indicated that the rapid exchange between embayments and the open water limits algal growth and buildup of concentrations of other chemicals applied to beaches. The exception is the potential for some ammonia toxicity at high application rates. Despite the limited data available it is clear that no significant increased algal growth would be expected following fertilizer application

  15. On the Cult of Prince Andrey Bolshoy in Uglich and the Creation of his Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elizaveta G. Sosnovtseva


    Full Text Available The article studies the local practice of the cult of Prince Andrey Bolshoy in Uglich, where he ruled during the last third of the 15th century. This work is based on data from the chronicles, especially the Uglich Chronicle of the 18th century; this is the primary source used in this study, and the most detailed information appears in the latest full versions, which date to the second half of the 18th century. These chronicles have “moved” the key biographical events of the last years of Prince Andrey’s life (his arrest and funeral from Moscow to Uglich, which differs from other historical sources. According to the hagiography of Uglich saints, Prince Andrey was buried in the Transfiguration Cathedral of the Uglich Kremlin, not in the Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow. The cult of Prince Andrey was mentioned for the first time in hagiographic writings, not only for saints who were contemporaries of Prince Andrey (SS. Paisius and Cassian, but also for saints who lived later (Prince Roman of Uglich and Tsarevich Dmitry of Uglich. It was only later, in the 18th century, that the unique copy of the Life of Prince Andrey appeared. This source is now held in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. The article shows how the text of the Life is connected with other hagiographic texts relating to Uglich.

  16. 33 CFR 80.505 - Cape Henlopen, DE to Cape Charles, VA. (United States)


    ... to Cape Charles, VA. (a) A line drawn from the seaward extremity of Indian River Inlet North Jetty to Indian River Inlet South Jetty Light. (b) A line drawn from Ocean City Inlet Light 6, 225° true across... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Cape Henlopen, DE to Cape Charles...

  17. 77 FR 6708 - Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD (United States)


    ...-AA08 Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD AGENCY: Coast Guard... River, Charles County, MD. (a) Regulated area. The following location is a regulated area: All waters of... local regulations during the ``Potomac River Sharkfest Swim'' amateur swim, a marine event to be held on...

  18. 76 FR 1381 - Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD (United States)


    ...-AA08 Special Local Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD AGENCY: Coast Guard... Regulations for Marine Events; Potomac River, Charles County, MD. (a) Regulated area. The following location... local regulations during the ``Potomac River Sharkfest Swim'' amateur swim, a marine event to be held on...

  19. An Analysis of Environmental Issues in 19th Century England Using the Writings of Charles Dickens (United States)

    MacKenzie, Ann Haley


    Charles Dickens lived during the best and worst of times in 19th century England. His writings were greatly influenced by the ongoing industrial revolution. He described abhorrent environmental conditions, inadequate sanitary practices, child abuse, and other social maladies of the times. By bringing Charles Dickens into the biology classroom,…

  20. 75 FR 67095 - Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana (United States)


    ... Fish and Wildlife Service Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior (DOI). ACTION: Notice; extension of comment... Charles M. Russell and UL Bend National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs, Refuges) in Montana for public review and...

  1. Environmental Education in the Galapagos: 2007 Report to the Charles Darwin Foundation (United States)

    Stepath, Carl M.


    Background: "Environmental education in the Galapagos: 2007 report to the Charles Darwin Foundation" is a report to the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) about the researchers observations about the status of environmental education in the Galapagos in 2006 and 2007. Purpose: This paper reports on environmental education in the Galapagos…

  2. Charles Dickens and the ear, nose, and throat. (United States)

    Pahor, A L


    Charles Dickens is known as a novelist, humorist, humanist, and a social reformist. One of his many abilities was an astute power of observation, and some of his writings included descriptions considered as original medical knowledge. Among the hundreds of characters portrayed by Dickens, many had depictions or diseases of interest to the otolaryngologist. Dickens described deaf children and was interested in the methods used in their teaching. He had a keen interest in children and their welfare and described his visits to the Childrens Hospital in London and to Parkins Institute at Boston. He described both temporary and permanent deafness following exposure to loud noise. Dickens was a medical critic and most of his writings on the subject were humorous, though mixed at times with a spicy element of satire.

  3. Gustave Flaubert, Charles Dickens, and Isaac Pulvermacher's "magic band". (United States)

    Waits, Robert K


    Around 1850, Isaac L. Pulvermacher (1815-1884) joined the ranks of so-called "galvanists" who had, for nearly a century, been touting the shocks and sparks of electricity as a miracle cure for all ills, including neurological complaints such as palsy and hemiplegia. The famed authors, Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), in France, and Charles Dickens (1812-1870), in England, although contemporaries, apparently never met or corresponded. But during their lives, they both became aware of Pulvermacher and his patented Hydro-Electric Chains, claimed to impart vigor and cure nearly every complaint. Pulvermacher's chains made a cameo appearance in Madame Bovary (1857), Flaubert's controversial (and most successful) novel. Among Dickens's last letters (1870) was an order for I. L. Pulvermacher and Company's "magic band." Since the Victorian age, electrical and magnetic cures, for better or worse, continue to be products of both the medical profession and quackery. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. The question of good and narrative identity in Charles Taylor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatriz Zergers Prado


    Full Text Available Modern life poses unprecedented challenges in dealing with the task of defining a stable identity and achieving self-fulfillment. It is possible sustain that is a legacy of Modernity that the personis the main character of her own life and configure it by means of autonomous decisions. It is true thatshe must decide, although she has to do so from deep convictions if she does not want to be influencedby a culture that —in Charles Taylor’s perspective— has trivialized the ideal of authenticity and hasexalted a freedom that increases individualism. This essay is focused on the actions full of significance and the adherence to true goods that shape the identity and its narrative. The basics are in the anthropology and ethics of the philosopher just mentioned.

  5. [Charles Robert Darwin: the great founder of scientific evolutionism]. (United States)

    Liang, Qian-Jin; Bin, Jie; Zhang, Gen-Fa


    Today, we celebrated 200 years since Charles Darwin, one of the world's most creative and influential thinkers, was born. And there happens to be the 150th anniversary of the publication of his famous book, On the Origin of Species. It is verified that On the Origin of Species is an immortal classic book and is still guiding the study of anagenesis in life science as the development of natural science from then on, and even though most of the ideas in the book are well-known at the present age. In the article, we recall the brilliance and predomination life of Darwin, a great sage with rich scientific achievements, review briefly the novel discoveries and theories after him in the field, and then elucidate the focal points and perspectiveas in near future study of evolution.

  6. Charles bonnet syndrome, management with simple behavioral technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baba Awoye Issa


    Full Text Available Charles Bonnet syndrome occurs in visually impaired but cognitively normal individuals. This report describes a condition of vivid visual hallucination (phantom images in an 85-year-old conscious man, who had been blind by bilateral progressively worsening glaucoma. This common, but rarely reported, condition was managed by behavioral approach of repeated blinking, intermittent eyes closure, and reassurance. While emotional, mood and cognitive disorders need to be ruled out, the condition, though frightening to the afflicted, is benign and remediable with simple, inexpensive approach. Health workers managing people with terminal blindness should always ask for the presence of hallucinations from their patients to forestall a preventable distress resulting from wrong perception without visual stimulus.

  7. Neuropsychology of the Emotions: The Charles Darwin contribution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuranny Helena Rojas Garzón


    Full Text Available Fragmento.....Charles Darwin es un gran teórico de la biología y referente inevitable de la “Teoría de la Evolución” expuesta en 1859 en su libro “El Origen de las Especies”, el cual revolucionó el campo científico de la mayoría de disciplinas de aquel entonces. Después de la publicación de su libro “El Origen de las Especies”, un año posterior publica otra obra titulada “Expresión de las Emociones en los Animales y en el Hombre”, libro que se abordará a partir de la elaboración de una reseña critica objeto del presente trabajo.

  8. Prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in three species of wild frogs on Prince Edward Island, Canada. (United States)

    Forzán, M J; Vanderstichel, R; Hogan, N S; Teather, K; Wood, J


    Chytridiomycosis, caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), has resulted in the decline or extinction of approximately 200 frog species worldwide. It has been reported throughout much of North America, but its presence on Prince Edward Island (PEI), on the eastern coast of Canada, was unknown. To determine the presence and prevalence of Bd on PEI, skin swabs were collected from 115 frogs from 18 separate sites across the province during the summer of 2009. The swabs were tested through single round end-point PCR for the presence of Bd DNA. Thirty-one frogs were positive, including 25/93 (27%) green frogs Lithobates (Rana) clamitans, 5/20 (25%) northern leopard frogs L. (R.) pipiens, and 1/2 (50%) wood frogs L. sylvaticus (formerly R. sylvatica); 12 of the 18 (67%) sites had at least 1 positive frog. The overall prevalence of Bd infection was estimated at 26.9% (7.2-46.7%, 95% CI). Prevalence amongst green frogs and leopard frogs was similar, but green frogs had a stronger PCR signal when compared to leopard frogs, regardless of age (p frogs, juveniles were more frequently positive than adults (p = 0.001). Green frogs may be the most reliable species to sample when looking for Bd in eastern North America. The 1 wood frog positive for Bd was found dead from chytridiomycosis; none of the other frogs that were positive for Bd by PCR showed any obvious signs of illness. Further monitoring will be required to determine what effect Bd infection has on amphibian population health on PEI.

  9. 76 FR 31230 - Safety Zone; M.I.T.'s 150th Birthday Celebration Fireworks, Charles River, Boston, MA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; M.I.T.'s 150th Birthday Celebration Fireworks, Charles River, Boston, MA AGENCY... regulated area on the Charles River around the fireworks launch barge during the fireworks display... portions of the Charles River during a fireworks display. This rule will not have a significant economic...

  10. Discovery of scientific correspondence of P.P.C. Hoek (1851—1914), including three unpublished letters by Charles Darwin

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pieters, Florence F.J.M.; Winthagen, Diny


    Recently the scientific correspondence of the Dutch zoologist P.P.C. Hoek (1851—1914) turned up in the Artis Library. This collection contains three hitherto unpublished letters from Charles Darwin. It appears that Charles Darwin recommended Hoek to the favour of Sir Charles Wyville Thomson upon

  11. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: ESI (Environmental Sensitivity Index Shoreline Types) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  12. Prince William Sound, Alaska ESI: M_MAMMAL (Marine Mammal Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  13. National Library of Norway's new database of 22 manuscript maps concerning the Swedish King Charles XII's campaign in Norway in 1716 and 1718

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benedicte Gamborg Brisa


    Full Text Available The National Library of Norway is planning to digitise approximately 1,500 manuscript maps. Two years ago we started working on a pilot project, and for this purpose we chose 22 maps small enough to be photographed in one piece. We made slides 6 x 7 cm in size, converted the slides into PhotoCDs and used four different resolutions on JPEG-files. To avoid large file sizes, we had to divide the version with the biggest resolution into four pieces. The preliminary work was done in Photoshop, the database on the web is made in Oracle. You can click on the map to zoom. Norwegians and probably Swedes during the Great Northern War drew the 22 maps when the Swedish King Charles XII in 1716 and 1718 unsuccessfully attempted to conquer Norway. The database is now accessible on the National Library of Norway's web site. The database is in Norwegian, but we are working on an English version as well. The maps are searchable on different topics, countries, counties, geographical names, shelfmarks or a combination of these. We are planning to expand the database to other manuscript maps later. This is the reason why it is possible to search for obvious subjects as Charles XII and the Great Northern War.

  14. Genotypic Investigation of Clostridium difficile in Prince Edward Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H Martin


    Full Text Available Clostridium difficile is an important cause of disease in Canada; however, little information is available about the disease in the Maritime provinces. The objective of the present study was to characterize C difficile isolates obtained from people hospitalized with C difficile infection in Prince Edward Island. One hundred twenty-six C difficile ELISA toxin-positive stool samples were obtained and cultured using an enrichment protocol. C difficile was isolated from 105 of 126 (83% samples. Twenty-two different ribotypes were identified. The most common ribotype, ribotype W, was a North American pulsotype 2 (NAP2, toxinotype 0 strain, which represented 18% of isolates. The next most common ribotype was a NAP1, toxinotype III strain, which accounted for 11% of isolates. Ribotype 027/NAP1 only accounted for five (4.7% isolates. Forty-five per cent of isolates possessed genes encoding production of binary toxin. Three different ribotypes, all NAP1, toxinotype III strains, had a frameshift mutation in the tcdC gene (Δ117, while one isolate (ribotype 078, NAP4, toxinotype V had a truncating mutation (C184T in the tcdC gene.

  15. Hydrographic trends in Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1960-2016 (United States)

    Campbell, Robert W.


    A five-decade time series of temperature and salinity profiles within Prince William Sound (PWS) and the immediately adjacent shelf was assembled from several archives and ongoing field programs, and augmented with archived SST observations. Observations matched with recent cool (2007-2013) and warm (2013-onward) periods in the region, and also showed an overall regional warming trend ( 0.1 to 0.2 °C decade-1) that matched long-term increases in heat transport to the surface ocean. A cooling and freshening trend ( - 0.2 °C decade-1 and 0.02 respectively) occurred in the near surface waters in some portions of PWS, particularly the northwestern margin, which is also the location of most of the ice mass in the region; discharge (estimated from other studies) has increased over time, suggesting that those patterns were due to increased meltwater inputs. Increases in salinity at depth were consistent with enhanced entrainment of deep water by estuarine circulations, and by enhanced deep water renewal caused by reductions in downwelling-favorable winds. As well as local-scale effects, temperature and salinity were positively cross correlated with large scale climate and lunar indexes at long lags (years to months), indicating the longer time scales of atmospheric and transport connections with the Gulf of Alaska. Estimates of mixed layer depths show a shoaling of the seasonal mixed layer over time by several meters, which may have implications for ecosystem productivity in the region.

  16. Hegemonic Sovereignty: Carl Schmitt, Antonio Gramsci and the Constituent Prince

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Kalyvas


    Full Text Available This article argues that Schmitt’s concept of sovereignty and Gramsci’s notion of hegemony represent two distinct variations on a single theme, namely the idea of the political as the original instituting moment of society. Both Schmitt and Gramsci focused on the sources, conditions, content, and scope of the originating power of a collective will. While the former located it in the constituent power of the sovereign people, the latter placed it in the popular-national will of the modern hegemon. Both thinkers explored the complex and perplexing relationship between radical founding acts and modern democratic politics in a secular age, that is of democratic legitimacy, where with the entrance of the masses into the political sphere, the references to ultimate foundation s of authority and to an extra-social source of political power had begun to appear more dubious than ever. The last section of the article develops a notion of hegemonic sovereignty defined as an expansive and positing democratic constituent prince, aiming, through founding, total decisions, at the overall, radical, explicit, and lucid institution of society. The article briefly shows how the concept of hegemonic sovereignty can solve some problems pertaining to Schmitt’s notion of sovereignty and to Gramsci’s theory of hegemony. In so doing, the article seeks to establish the mutually reinforcing qualities of the two concepts.

  17. Satellite Map of Port-au-Prince, Haiti-2010-Infrared (United States)

    Cole, Christopher J.; Sloan, Jeff


    The U.S. Geological Survey produced 1:24,000-scale post-earthquake image base maps incorporating high- and medium-resolution remotely sensed imagery following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake near the capital city of Port au Prince, Haiti, on January 12, 2010. Commercial 2.4-meter multispectral QuickBird imagery was acquired by DigitalGlobe on January 15, 2010, following the initial earthquake. Ten-meter multispectral ALOS AVNIR-2 imagery was collected by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) on January 12, 2010. These data were acquired under the Remote Sensing International Charter, a global team of space and satellite agencies that provide timely imagery in support of emergency response efforts worldwide. The images shown on this map were employed to support earthquake response efforts, specifically for use in determining ground deformation, damage assessment, and emergency management decisions. The raw, unprocessed imagery was geo-corrected, mosaicked, and reproduced onto a cartographic 1:24,000-scale base map. These maps are intended to provide a temporally current representation of post-earthquake ground conditions, which may be of use to decision makers and to the general public.

  18. The disguised prince in Gil Vicente’s novelistic theater

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luís André Nepomuceno


    Full Text Available From 1521, Gil Vicente renounces his religious theater to dedicate himself to profane and allegorical motifs, beginning a new stage in his career. Moved by the perusal of chivalric romances that spread throughout the Peninsula, the dramatist composed a series of at least four pieces dedicated to D. João III, in which the central (or circumstantial motif is the disguise of a prince in the lower classes, along with the following disclosure of his noble nature. Analyzing a specific corpus of the Vicentian theater (the pieces Rubena, Viúvo, Amadis de Gaula and Dom Duardos, the present paper tries to explain the historical motifs that permeate the theme of the ‘disguised prince’, considering the program of eulogy of the monarchy proposed by Gil Vicente, as well as an analysis of the nature of the humanist love spread by 16th century poets and philosophers. The disguise in the lower classes reveals the aristocratic essence of the courtesan, but also the ritualistic experience in the trajectory of the spiritualized love.

  19. Charles William Lacaillade. Biologist, Parasitologist, Educator, and Mentor. (United States)

    Imperato, Pascal James


    Charles William Lacaillade (1904-1978) was an eminent biologist in the middle decades of the twentieth century. He was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts of parents whose ancestors were French Canadians. His father, also named Charles William Lacaillade, was a dentist who graduated from Tufts University School of Dentistry in 1898. His mother, Elodia Eno, came from a family of very successful businessmen. Lacaillade was the third of six children. His two older brothers, Harold Carleton and Hector Eno, both graduated from the University of Louisville, School of Dentistry, while his younger brother, Lawrence, became a businessman. His sister, Luemma, married Dr. Henry Steadman, a veterinarian, while his youngest sister, Gloria, married a U.S. Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Victor Anido. Lacaillade received his MS and PhD degrees in biology and zoology from Harvard University. He then became a fellow at The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. At both institutions, he studied under some of the most eminent biological scientists of the time. These included Rudolf W. Glaser, George Howard Parker, Theobald Smith, Carl TenBroeck, and William Morton Wheeler. At the Rockefeller Institute, he co-discovered the vector and mode of transmission of Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis. This discovery, and the research he conducted with Rudolf W. Glaser, quickly established him as an outstanding biological researcher. However, a change in leadership at the Rockefeller Institute resulted in research priorities being given to the disciplines of general physiology, physical chemistry, and nutrition. This shift in the research agenda away from the biological sciences precluded career advancement at the Rockefeller Institute for post-doctoral fellows like Lacaillade. It was the height of the Great Depression, and even biologists with terminal doctoral degrees found it difficult to find positions. In 1935, Lacaillade accepted a position as an assistant in biology at St. John

  20. Neotectonic investigations in southern Ontario: Prince Edward County. Phase I

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McFall, G.H.; Allam, A.


    This report summarizes the preliminary results of geological and geophysical investigations of possible neotectonic features in Prince Edward County, southern Ontario, made by the Ontario Geological Survey during 1988. Low magnitude seismic events indicative of contemporary stress relief occurred during 1987-88 near Salmon Point and Consecon (M 2.2). These events were located proximal to a major regional fault system crossing Lake Ontario and consisting of the Clarendon-Linden Fault System in New York State and the Salmon River-Picton fault systems in Ontario. Detailed observations were made of regional jointing orientations (predominantly 60 degrees and 125 degrees), erosion of surficial deposits adjacent to open fractures, a local fault displacement (post-glacially), dome structures located at Point Petre, and dissolution/karst terrains in the eastern part of the study area. Excavations of four pop-up structures indicate that three are classical pop-ups and one is atypical in structure. Level transects were conducted across complex structures in the eastern part of the study area. Detailed refraction seismic and resistivity surveys were conducted on pop-up and fault features. Preliminary results indicate that the Picton Fault is a complex zone of fractures with differing bedrock on each side. The central zone of the East Duck Pond pop-up is fractured and may contain variable amounts of water. Overturned and upright folds in the Consecon Quarry located outside of the primary research area were documented and found to be trending in a west-northwest to northwest direction. This fold orientation is compatible both with a glacial shove origin and with the present stress field orientations. Although glacial shove can produce overturned folds, it cannot form upright folds. A regional, tectonic deformation oriented northeasterly is therefore suggested as the causative mechanism

  1. Charles Dickens, trachoma, and blindness in pre-Victorian England. (United States)

    Margo, Curtis E; Harman, Lynn E

    In the early 1820s, a Yorkshire boarding school was devastated by an outbreak of blinding ophthalmia. The cause of the epidemic was-in all likelihood-trachoma, then known as Egyptian ophthalmia. The headmaster of the Yorkshire school, William Shaw, was sued for gross negligence by 2 families whose sons went blind during the outbreak. The epidemic and trial would play a role in creating one of the literature's most notorious fictional characters. Eighteen years after the trial, Charles Dickens modeled the vile schoolmaster Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby after Shaw, whose reputation and career would later be ruined by his thinly disguised portrayal in the novel. The original boarding school epidemic took place while London's first eye hospital was moving to Lower Moorfields, an institution that 17 years earlier was established primarily to cope with Egyptian ophthalmia. We explore trachoma's wide-ranging impact on pre-Victorian England, from inspiring an enduring literary villain to the creation of a renowned eye hospital. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Charles Darwin and the Origins of Plant Evolutionary Developmental Biology (United States)

    Friedman, William E.; Diggle, Pamela K.


    Much has been written of the early history of comparative embryology and its influence on the emergence of an evolutionary developmental perspective. However, this literature, which dates back nearly a century, has been focused on metazoans, without acknowledgment of the contributions of comparative plant morphologists to the creation of a developmental view of biodiversity. We trace the origin of comparative plant developmental morphology from its inception in the eighteenth century works of Wolff and Goethe, through the mid nineteenth century discoveries of the general principles of leaf and floral organ morphogenesis. Much like the stimulus that von Baer provided as a nonevolutionary comparative embryologist to the creation of an evolutionary developmental view of animals, the comparative developmental studies of plant morphologists were the basis for the first articulation of the concept that plant (namely floral) evolution results from successive modifications of ontogeny. Perhaps most surprisingly, we show that the first person to carefully read and internalize the remarkable advances in the understanding of plant morphogenesis in the 1840s and 1850s is none other than Charles Darwin, whose notebooks, correspondence, and (then) unpublished manuscripts clearly demonstrate that he had discovered the developmental basis for the evolutionary transformation of plant form. PMID:21515816

  3. Charles Darwin and the origins of plant evolutionary developmental biology. (United States)

    Friedman, William E; Diggle, Pamela K


    Much has been written of the early history of comparative embryology and its influence on the emergence of an evolutionary developmental perspective. However, this literature, which dates back nearly a century, has been focused on metazoans, without acknowledgment of the contributions of comparative plant morphologists to the creation of a developmental view of biodiversity. We trace the origin of comparative plant developmental morphology from its inception in the eighteenth century works of Wolff and Goethe, through the mid nineteenth century discoveries of the general principles of leaf and floral organ morphogenesis. Much like the stimulus that von Baer provided as a nonevolutionary comparative embryologist to the creation of an evolutionary developmental view of animals, the comparative developmental studies of plant morphologists were the basis for the first articulation of the concept that plant (namely floral) evolution results from successive modifications of ontogeny. Perhaps most surprisingly, we show that the first person to carefully read and internalize the remarkable advances in the understanding of plant morphogenesis in the 1840s and 1850s is none other than Charles Darwin, whose notebooks, correspondence, and (then) unpublished manuscripts clearly demonstrate that he had discovered the developmental basis for the evolutionary transformation of plant form.

  4. The curious case of charles darwin and homeopathy. (United States)

    Ullman, Dana


    In 1849, Charles Darwin was so ill that he was unable to work one out of every 3 days, and after having various troubling symptoms for 2-12 years, he wrote to a friend that he was 'going the way of all flesh'. He sought treatment from Dr James Manby Gully, a medical doctor who used water cure and homeopathic medicines. Despite being highly skeptical of these treatments, he experienced a dramatic improvement in his health, though some of his digestive and skin symptoms returned various times in his life. He grew to appreciate water cure, but remained skeptical of homeopathy, even though his own experiments on insectivore plants using what can be described as homeopathic doses of ammonia salts surprised and shocked him with their significant biological effect. Darwin even expressed concern that he should publish these results. Two of Darwin's sons were as incredulous as he was, but their observations confirmed the results of his experiments. Darwin was also known to have read a book on evolution written by a homeopathic physician that Darwin described as similar to his own but 'goes much deeper.'

  5. John Tweedie and Charles Darwin in Buenos Aires. (United States)

    Ollerton, Jeff; Chancellor, Gordon; van Wyhe, John


    The journey of exploration undertaken by Charles Darwin FRS during the voyage of HMS Beagle has a central place within the historical development of evolutionary theory and has been intensively studied. Despite this, new facts continue to emerge about some of the details of Darwin's activities. Drawing on recently published Darwin material and unpublished letters in the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, we document a hitherto unexamined link between Darwin and John Tweedie (1775-1862), a relatively obscure Scottish gardener turned South American plant collector. All of the available evidence points to a meeting between the two men in Buenos Aires in 1832. Tweedie provided Darwin with information about the geography of the Rio Paraná, including the locality of fossilized wood eroding from the river bank. It also seems likely that Tweedie supplied Darwin with seeds that he later shipped back to John Stevens Henslow in Cambridge. Although this brief meeting was at the time relatively unimportant to either man, echoes of that encounter have resonated with Tweedie's descendants to the present day and have formed the basis for a family story about a written correspondence between Darwin and Tweedie. Local information supplied to Darwin by residents such as Tweedie was clearly important and deserves further attention.

  6. Cognitive impairment and Charles Bonnet syndrome: a prospective study. (United States)

    Russell, Gregor; Harper, Robert; Allen, Harry; Baldwin, Robert; Burns, Alistair


    Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a common cause of visual hallucinations in older people. The relationship between CBS and cognitive impairment is unclear, but anecdotal reports exist of dementia emerging in patients diagnosed with CBS. This work set out to determine if there is an increased incidence of dementia, and increased severity of cognitive impairment, in people with CBS compared to controls from the same clinical setting. People over 65 attending low-vision and glaucoma clinics, and a cohort of age-matched controls, underwent a psychiatric assessment. The cohorts were followed up after one year. Mild cognitive impairment was present in 2/12 CBS participants and 2/10 controls. Partial insight was seen in nine CBS participants. Two participants with CBS, and no controls, developed dementia at follow-up. No significant differences in performance on the ACE-R were found between the groups. Both participants who developed dementia had partial insight and hallucinations of familiar figures at diagnosis of CBS, and one had mild cognitive impairment. Reassurance that CBS is universally benign may be misplaced. Some people given this diagnosis go on to develop dementia. Cognitive testing at the point of diagnosis was unable to identify those at risk of this outcome. Partial insight, the presence of Mild Cognitive Impairment, and hallucinations of familiar figures at diagnosis of CBS may confer an increased risk of subsequent dementia diagnosis. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  7. Clinical phenomenology and mortality in Charles Bonnet syndrome. (United States)

    Lapid, Maria I; Burton, M Caroline; Chang, Megan T; Rummans, Teresa A; Cha, Stephen S; Leavitt, Jacqueline A; Boeve, Bradley F


    Despite existing diagnostic criteria for Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS), clinical manifestations vary greatly. We examined the clinical course and mortality of patients diagnosed with CBS. We conducted a retrospective chart review of patients with CBS. We collected demographic and clinical information and medical burden scores. Kaplan-Meier mortality curves were compared using log-rank test. Cox proportional hazard model was used for multivariate analysis and hazard ratio (HR). Mortality was compared to expected mortality from Minnesota population. Seventy-seven patients with CBS had a mean age of 79.5 (standard deviation ± 13.0) and were predominantly Caucasian (97%) and female (73%). In all, 20 (26%) subsequently developed a dementia syndrome, most often Lewy body. A total of 46 (60%) deaths occurred with an average follow-up time of 33.0 months. Characteristics associated with mortality included older age (75-84 [HR 3.34, P = .029], >85 [HR 4.58, P = .007]) and renal disease (HR 3.39 with 95% confidence interval 1.31-8.80, P = .012). Medical burden scores were not associated with overall mortality. Mortality was high compared to Minnesota population (P < .0001). A large proportion of patients with CBS developed dementia, and there was a high mortality rate associated with older age and renal disease. Medical burden was not associated with mortality.

  8. 'The adventure': Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz's extraordinary stroke diary. (United States)

    Bogousslavsky, J


    The famous Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz suffered a stroke at 65 years, which he called 'the adventure' or 'the accident'. He developed language disturbances suggesting crossed aphasia in a right hander with left hemiparesis. This uncommon pattern allowed him to continue to write his diary and to report his disturbances, with a unique depth and precision, especially for cognitive-emotional changes. Language and motor dysfunction recovered within a few weeks, but Ramuz complained of persisting emotional flattening alternating with irritability, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and concentration difficulty, which gave him the feeling to have become another person and to be inhabited by a stranger, whom he compared with devils. Ramuz fought several months to resume his literary activity, having the impression to have lost inspiration and creativity. However, the novels he wrote less than 6 months after stroke show no stylistic changes and have been found to be of the same quality as his previous production. Ramuz even 'used' his stroke experience in his work, in particular in a novel depicting an old man who has a stroke and dies of it. Ramuz's diary, with his own daily description of stroke features and consequences during acute and recovery phases, is a unique document in a writer of his importance, and provides invaluable information on subjective emotional and cognitive experience of stroke. Copyright (c) 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  9. The Curious Case of Charles Darwin and Homeopathy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dana Ullman


    Full Text Available In 1849, Charles Darwin was so ill that he was unable to work one out of every 3 days, and after having various troubling symptoms for 2–12 years, he wrote to a friend that he was ‘going the way of all flesh’. He sought treatment from Dr James Manby Gully, a medical doctor who used water cure and homeopathic medicines. Despite being highly skeptical of these treatments, he experienced a dramatic improvement in his health, though some of his digestive and skin symptoms returned various times in his life. He grew to appreciate water cure, but remained skeptical of homeopathy, even though his own experiments on insectivore plants using what can be described as homeopathic doses of ammonia salts surprised and shocked him with their significant biological effect. Darwin even expressed concern that he should publish these results. Two of Darwin's sons were as incredulous as he was, but their observations confirmed the results of his experiments. Darwin was also known to have read a book on evolution written by a homeopathic physician that Darwin described as similar to his own but ‘goes much deeper.’

  10. 78 FR 18777 - Establishment of the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument (United States)


    ... the United States Army from 1894 until his death in 1922. He also served as the first African-American... parents, Gabriel and Arminta Young, moved to Ripley, Ohio, in 1866 with their two-year-old son Charles to...

  11. 77 FR 55503 - Importer of Controlled Substances; Notice of Registration; Cambrex Charles City, Inc. (United States)


    ...-piperidine (8333).. II Phenylacetone (8501) II Opium, raw (9600) II Poppy Straw Concentrate (9670) II The... protocols in effect on May 1, 1971. DEA has investigated Cambrex Charles City, Inc. to ensure that the...

  12. 2010 NOAA Ortho-rectified Mosaic from Color Aerial Imagery of LAKE CHARLES (NODC Accession 0075827) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains ortho-rectified mosaic tiles, created as a product from the NOAA Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) initiative of LAKE CHARLES. The...

  13. 2010 NOAA Ortho-rectified Mosaic from Color Aerial Imagery of LAKE CHARLES (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains ortho-rectified mosaic tiles, created as a product from the NOAA Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) initiative of LAKE CHARLES. The...

  14. 46 CFR 7.45 - Cape Henlopen, DE to Cape Charles, VA. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Cape Henlopen, DE to Cape Charles, VA. 7.45 Section 7.45... Atlantic Coast § 7.45 Cape Henlopen, DE to Cape Charles, VA. (a) A line drawn from the easternmost extremity of Indian River Inlet North Jetty to latitude 38°36.5′ N. longitude 75°02.8′ W. (Indian River...

  15. A Cranial Trauma was the Cause of Death of Charles VIII of France (1470-1498). (United States)

    Markatos, Konstantinos; Karamanou, Marianna; Arkoudi, Konstantina; Konstantinidi, Apostolia; Androutsos, Georgios


    This article summarizes the reign, life and death, of Charles VIII of France. Also we intend to investigate current views on his cause of death, contradictions and opinions of his biographers. Poisoning, disease, and injury are the possible causes of his death but, according to the literature, cranial trauma was the most probable cause of death of the King Charles VIII of France. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. The aquatic Coleoptera of Prince Edward Island, Canada: new records and faunal composition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher Majka


    Full Text Available The aquatic Coleoptera (Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Elmidae, Dryopidae, Heteroceridae of Prince Edward Island, Canada is surveyed. Seventy-two species are now known to occur on Prince Edward Island, 26 of which are added to the island's faunal list. Three species, Gyrinus aquiris LeConte, Oulimnius latiusculus (LeConte, and Helichus striatus LeConte, are removed since there are no voucher specimens or published records to substantiate their presence. The name Dineutus horni is designated as an incorrect subsequent spelling of Dineutus hornii Roberts, 1895. The composition of the fauna is briefly discussed, both from regional and zoogeographic perspectives. There is only one introduced species, Helophorus grandis Illiger. Only one third of the aquatic fauna recorded on the neighbouring mainland has been found on Prince Edward Island, perhaps reflecting an island-associated diminution, the paucity of collecting, an area effect, or a combination of all these factors. The island faunas of Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island, and insular Newfoundland are compared. Prince Edward Island's is 36% smaller than the others, in contrast with the island's carabid fauna which is almost identical in magnitude with that of Cape Breton. This might reflect dispersal obstacles, the relative paucity of aquatic habitats on the island, or an insufficient collecting effort. Further research would be desirable, both to better discern the composition of the province's fauna, as well as to monitor the health of aquatic ecosystems in relation to anthropogenic activities.

  17. Approach to downstream planning for nearshore response and sensitive areas protection outside Prince William Sound, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    DeCola, E.G.; Robertson, T.L.; Robertson, R.; Banta, J.


    This study assessed the need for an oil spill response plan for downstream coastal communities that could be affected by oil spilled from tankers travelling in Prince William Sound, Alaska. For the purpose of oil spill contingency planning, the State of Alaska has been divided into the Kodiak and Cook Inlet sub-areas that are at risk for downstream impacts from a Prince William Sound oil spill. The 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill provided an example of a worst-case scenario oil spill from a tanker in Prince William Sound, but the oil spill planning system that has evolved in Alaska does not adequately plan for on oil spill that originates in one sub-area of the state, but impacts other sub-areas in the downstream spill path. This study analyzed the gaps that exist in the current response planning system in the Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet and Kodiak sub-areas. A method was proposed to improve the existing response plans so that emergency response teams are better prepared to manage cross-boundary oil spills originating in Prince William Sound. The proposed method focuses on nearshore response and sensitive areas protection for coastlines and communities that are at risk for oil spills from a tanker travelling the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). 11 refs., 3 figs

  18. A Prince's tribute...and trial. Monaco's Prince Albert II followed the footsteps of his great great grandfather when he ventured the Arctic Archipelago to trace climate change, this time with IAEA Marine scientists

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lodding, L.


    Monaco's Prince Albert II followed the footsteps of his great great grandfather when he ventured to the Arctic Archipelago to track climate change, this time with IAEA Marine scientists. He undertook this trip to draw global attention to the environmental damage to the Arctic regions caused by global warming. Although far away from industrialized areas, Svalbard Island is eminently suitable to observe the evolution of climate change and long-range pollutants transported from northern European countries by water currents and from North America by winds. Using nuclear techniques, it is hoped that some of the causes of climate change can be unlocked. The first of these studies was undertaken to evaluate the shell laminations of a very long-lived marine bivalve mollusc, the Ocean Quahog. The mollusc, with a life expectancy well over a century, acts as a recording of temperature variations and water chemistry. The second project aimed at determining levels of contaminates in marine zooplankton in remote arctic environments for comparison with other climatic regions

  19. De Carlos Baudelaire a Charles Drummond de Andrade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marie-Hélène Catherine Torres


    Full Text Available Este artigo estabelece colisões/relações entre o poeta da modernidade, Charles Baudelaire, e o poeta do modernismo, Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Trata-se, em um primeiro momento, de apontar semelhanças na formação escolar, na postura com o internato, a família e nas preocupações com o futuro profissional. De fato, as experiências na educação formal dos dois poetas permitem, em cartas e poemas, aclaramentos mútuos que possibilitam uma melhor compreensão de sua formação poética. O valor de uma aguda inteligência crítica e de uma grande sensibilidade poética são vislumbrados, no decorrer da pesquisa, como conjunção crucial para o fazer poético dos dois Carlos. Ambos abordam/enfrentam a palavra de forma similar, principalmente, se lembrarmos das figuras do esgrimista e do lutador, dando primazia ao fazer intelectivo, mas no qual certa sensibilidade poética tem grande papel. Temáticas próximas dos poetas vão surgindo durante a reflexão e vão construindo pontos de contato entre eles descortinando sua visão de mundo. Finalmente, a noção de incompletude se estabelece, nos dois poetas, enquanto promessa de possíveis e a influência da vida observada, vista como fonte de violência que se constitui como elemento que altera o pensamento, levando-o a outro conhecimento.

  20. Charles Darwin and the evolution of human grammatical systems. (United States)

    Buckingham, Hugh W; Christman, Sarah S


    Charles Darwin's evolutionary theories of animal communication were deeply embedded in a centuries-old model of association psychology, whose prodromes have most often been traced to the writings of Aristotle. His notions of frequency of occurrence of pairings have been passed down through the centuries and were a major ontological feature in the formation of associative connectivity. He focused on the associations of cause and effect, contiguity of sequential occurrence, and similarity among items. Cause and effect were often reduced to another type of contiguity relation, so that Aristotle is most often evoked as the originator of the associative bondings through similarity and contiguity, contiguity being the most powerful and frequent means of association. Contiguity eventually became the overriding mechanism for serial ordering of mental events in both perception and action. The notions of concatenation throughout the association psychology took the form of "trains" of events, both sensory and motor, in such a way that serial ordering came to be viewed as an item-by-item string of locally contiguous events. Modern developments in the mathematics of serial ordering have advanced in sophistication since the early and middle twentieth century, and new computational methods have allowed us to reevaluate the serial concatenative theories of Darwin and the associationists. These new models of serial order permit a closer comparative scrutiny between human and nonhuman. The present study considers Darwin's insistence on a "degree" continuity between human and nonhuman animal serial ordering. We will consider a study of starling birdsongs and whether the serial ordering of those songs provides evidence that they have a syntax that at best differs only in degree and not in kind with the computations of human grammatical structures. We will argue that they, in fact, show no such thing.

  1. Mitochondrial disorder caused Charles Darwin's cyclic vomiting syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Finsterer J


    Full Text Available Josef Finsterer,1 John Hayman21Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftng, Vienna, Austria; 2Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaBackground: Charles Darwin (CD, “father of modern biology,” suffered from multisystem illness from early adulthood. The most disabling manifestation was cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS. This study aims at finding the possible cause of CVS in CD.Methods: A literature search using the PubMed database was carried out, and CD's complaints, as reported in his personal writings and those of his relatives, friends, colleagues, biographers, were compared with various manifestations of mitochondrial disorders (MIDs, known to cause CVS, described in the literature.Results: Organ tissues involved in CD's disease were brain, nerves, muscles, vestibular apparatus, heart, gut, and skin. Cerebral manifestations included episodic headache, visual disturbance, episodic memory loss, periodic paralysis, hysterical crying, panic attacks, and episodes of depression. Manifestations of polyneuropathy included numbness, paresthesias, increased sweating, temperature sensitivity, and arterial hypotension. Muscular manifestations included periods of exhaustion, easy fatigability, myalgia, and muscle twitching. Cardiac manifestations included episodes of palpitations and chest pain. Gastrointestinal manifestations were CVS, dental problems, abnormal seasickness, eructation, belching, and flatulence. Dermatological manifestations included painful lips, dermatitis, eczema, and facial edema. Treatments with beneficial effects to his complaints were rest, relaxation, heat, and hydrotherapy.Conclusion: CVS in CD was most likely due to a multisystem, nonsyndromic MID. This diagnosis is based upon the multisystem nature of his disease, the fact that CVS is most frequently the manifestation of a MID, the family history, the variable phenotypic expression between affected family members, the fact that symptoms were triggered by stress

  2. BOOK REVIEW: Jean-Charles Houzeau et son temps (United States)

    Sterken, C.; Verhas, P.


    This is a wonderful book. It describes the life and work of Belgian astronomer Jean-Charles Houzeau (1820-1888) and, as the last three words of the title indicate, it has a broader focus including the social, industrial and scientific context of the second part of the 19th century. This is set in a very broad international social context including social revolutions in Belgium and France, and the abolition of slavery in the United States. The biography clearly shows that this hard-working man was driven by science and justice, by individualism and generosity, by humor and sentiment. The book is divided in four parts, each part is placed in its own historical context. The first part "The apprentice, the master and his disciples" describes Houzeau's childhood and young years, his early scientific career at the Observatory in Brussels, and his relationship with Adolphe Quetelet. The evolution of this relationship is very well documented: the turbulent revolutionary Houzeau versus cool, moderated and diplomatic royalist Quetelet, the observer versus the mathematician theorist. But both were very dedicated teachers: Quetelet established public courses and after the Revolution of 1830 he contributed to the foundation of the University of Brussels; Houzeau was the peripatetic teacher wherever place he was, also after his return to Belgium. The second part is "The politician" and deals with Houzeau's political ideas and revolutionary attitudes and their consequences. His revolutionary ideas, though, were not confined to politics only: he also severely criticised the paucity of high-precision observations collected at the Royal Observatory in his days. Because he participated at revolutionary meetings, Houzeau was fired from his position at the Observatory by the Minister of Interior Affairs Charles Rogier. Thus started his peripathetic life, covering observational work in astronomy, geography, geodesy and natural sciences in many places in Belgium and abroad. The third

  3. Density and productivity of bald eagles in Prince William Sound, Alaska, after the Exxon Valdez oil spill

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    White, C.M.; Ritchie, R.J.; Cooper, B.A.


    Helicopter surveys were conducted in Prince William Sound (PWS) to assess the effects of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill on the reproductive success and densities of bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) one and two years after the spill (1990 and 1991). Densities of bald eagles were compared between an oiled area in southwestern PWS and an unoiled area in northern PWS. In all surveys (four in 1990, one in 1991) densities of eagles in the oiled areas generally were similar to or higher than those in the unoiled area. Reproductive success was compared between nesting territories that were oiled within 1 km of nests and nesting territories that were unoiled. In 1990, all measures of nest productivity, nest occupancy, and nesting success were similar between oiled and unoiled territories. In 1991, however, the number of young per successful nest was lower in oiled territories. The number of successful nests was slightly lower in 1991 than in 1990 in oiled territories but was significantly lower in 1991 in unoiled territories. Comparisons of nest occupancy and nesting success could not be made in 1991 because early surveys were not conducted. Differences between areas, territories, and years could not be attributed to oil, but rather appeared to be related to natural annual variability. Overall, no demonstrable effects of the oil spill on eagle density or reproduction could be detected in PWS one and two years after the spill. 70 refs., 1 fig., 3 tabs

  4. Predictive modeling of subsurface shoreline oil encounter probability from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska. (United States)

    Nixon, Zachary; Michel, Jacqueline


    To better understand the distribution of remaining lingering subsurface oil residues from the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS) along the shorelines of Prince William Sound (PWS), AK, we revised previous modeling efforts to allow spatially explicit predictions of the distribution of subsurface oil. We used a set of pooled field data and predictor variables stored as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to generate calibrated boosted tree models predicting the encounter probability of different categories of subsurface oil. The models demonstrated excellent predictive performance as evaluated by cross-validated performance statistics. While the average encounter probabilities at most shoreline locations are low across western PWS, clusters of shoreline locations with elevated encounter probabilities remain in the northern parts of the PWS, as well as more isolated locations. These results can be applied to estimate the location and amount of remaining oil, evaluate potential ongoing impacts, and guide remediation. This is the first application of quantitative machine-learning based modeling techniques in estimating the likelihood of ongoing, long-term shoreline oil persistence after a major oil spill.

  5. The return of the dinar: Metal coins of Prince and King Milan Obrenovic (1854-1901

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pantelić Svetlana


    Full Text Available In Serbia liberated from the Turkish rule, the copper coins of Mihailo M. Obrenovic were 'the first Serbian coins minted after the medieval coins', which were, however, 'put into circulation after Mihailo's unfortunate demise', at the beginning of Prince Milan's reign. The coins of Prince Milan are specific because they were the first coins to bear the inscription dinar, named after the medieval coins used in the Serbian states. The silver 1- and 2-dinar and 50-para coins were minted in 1875 in the first years of the adult Prince Milan Obrenovic's reign, whereas the silver 50-para, 1-, 2- and 5-dinar coins, the copper 5- and 10-para coins, and the gold 20-dinar coins, were minted in 1879, as the crown to the final independence of the Princedom of Serbia from the Turkish rule.

  6. Princípios e Regras: Diferença em Debate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lourdes Pasa Albrecht


    Full Text Available Este artigo objetiva analisar a distinção entre princípios e regras sob o prisma jusfilosófico de Robert Alexy e de Ronald Dworkin, bem como situar a posição de cada autor acerca da discussão sobre essa temática. Embora ambos advoguem a tese que a diferença entre as duas espécies de normas é de caráter lógico, para Dworkin, os princípios têm uma dimensão de peso que deve ser analisado caso a caso, enquanto Alexy, com base teórica formulada dentro da sua obra Teoria dos Direitos Fundamentais, desenvolve a ideia de princípios como mandamentos de otimização. Nosso objetivo será identificar os principais traços dessa distinção.

  7. northern Tanzania

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Department of Zoology and Marine Biology, University of Dar es Salaam,. P O Box 35064, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ... National Parks and neighbouring villages in northern Tanzania between 1993 and l996 (Kabigumila 1998a). Most of ..... International Congress ofChelonian Conservation. SOPTOM,. Gonfaron France. pp: ...

  8. Pragmatisme dalam Filsafat Kontemporer: Analisa atas pemikiran Charles S. Peirce

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustaqim Mustaqim


    Full Text Available Filsafat menurut bahasa berasal dari Griek (Yunani berasal dari kata Pilos (cinta, Sophos (kebijaksanaan, “Mahabatul Hikmah” pecinta ilmu pengetahuan. Filsafat menurut term: ingin tahu dengan mendalam (cinta pada kebijaksanaan. Phytagoras mengatakan bahwa pengetahuan dalam artinya yang lengkap tidak sesuai untuk manusia . tiap-tiap orang yang mengalami kesukaran-kesukaran dalam memperolehnya dan meskipun menghabiskan seluruh umurnya, namun ia tidak akan mencapai tepinya. Jadi pengetahuan adalah perkara yang kita cari dan kita ambil sebagian darinya tanpa mencakup keseluruhannya. Oleh karena itu, maka kita bukan ahli pengetahuan, melainkan pencari dan pencinta pengetahuan. Secara istilah, Penulis mengutip pendapat Muhtar yahya bahwa berfikir filsafat ialah “pemikiran yang sedalam-dalamnya yang bebas dan teliti bertujuan hanya mencari hakikat kebenaran tentang alam semesta, alam manusia dan dibalik alam”. Pragmatisme dalam Filsafat Kontemporer: Dalam bidang filsafat ilmu, pemikiran Charles Sanders Peirce merupakan suatu hal yang mendasar bagi siapa saja yang berminat mengkaji Islam, karena akar pemikiran studi agama terdapat dalam struktur pemikiran Peirce. Dikenal sebagai perintis dan tokoh utama aliran filsafat pragmatisme.  Pierce juga termasuk salah satu pioner dalam logika matematika abad ke-19.  Secara profesional, ia adalah seorang ilmuwan praktisi ahli geodesi, astronomi, dan kimia. Epistemologi Peirce berlatar belakang prgamatis dan ahli logika, epistemologinya banyak disampaikan melalui logikanya, oleh karenanya epitemologi Peirce digolongkan sebagai epistemologi kontemporer. Peirce dengan filsafat pragmatisme (filsafat bertindak, memandang bahwa; suatu hipotesa dianggap benar apabila mendatangkan manfaat. Pragmatisme dikatagorikan dalam teori kebenaran. Peirce membagi kebenaran menjadi dua, yakni kebenaran transendental dan kebenaran kompleks. Kebenaran kompleks terdiri dari kebenaran etis (psikologis yaitu keselarasan

  9. Northern Pintail (United States)

    Clark, Robert G.; Fleskes, Joseph P.; Guyn, Karla L.; Haukos, David A.; Austin, Jane E.; Miller, Michael R.


    This medium-sized dabbling duck of slender, elegant lines and conservative plumage coloration is circumpolar in distribution and abundant in North America, with core nesting habitat in Alaska and the Prairie Pothole Region of southern Canada and the northern Great Plains. Breeders favor shallow wetlands interspersed throughout prairie grasslands or arctic tundra. An early fall migrant, the species arrives on wintering areas beginning in August, after wing molt, often forming large roosting and feeding flocks on open, shallow wetlands and flooded agricultural fields. The birds consume grains, marsh plant seeds, and aquatic invertebrates throughout fall and winter.Northern Pintails are among the earliest nesting ducks in North America, beginning shortly after ice-out in many northern areas. Individuals form new pair bonds each winter but are highly promiscuous during the nesting season, with mated and unmated males often involved in vigorous, acrobatic Pursuit Flights. Annual nest success and productivity vary with water conditions, predation, and weather. Females build nests on the ground, often far from water. Only the female incubates; her mate leaves shortly after incubation begins. Ducklings hatch together in one day, follow the female to water after a day in the nest, and fledge by July or August. Adults and ducklings consume mainly aquatic invertebrates during the breeding season.Predators and farming operations destroy many thousands of Northern Pintail nests annually; farming has also greatly reduced the amount of quality nesting cover available. Winter habitats are threatened by water shortages, agricultural development, contamination, and urbanization. Periods of extended drought in prairie nesting regions have caused dramatic population declines, usually followed by periods of recovery. Over the long term, however, the continental population of Northern Pintails has declined significantly from 6 million birds in the early 1970s to less than 3 million in

  10. Alternative Education on Prince Edward Island: A Hybrid of "Mainstream" and Special Education (United States)

    Thorne, Carolyn M.


    Alternative education programmes have acted as a disciplinary practice used by schools in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, as a response to providing students, especially those identified with challenging behaviours, who do not fit into "mainstream" schools. This article highlights the emergence of alternative education in PEI and…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Starygina N. N.


    Full Text Available The article analyses the system of religious motifs in Alexey Tolstoy's novel "Prince Serebrenni" ("The Silver Knight", which form the novel's plot and represent the author's ideas: Divine Providence, the predestination of characters, Christian death, moral disapproval of the unjust judgement, sins and the Last Judgment.

  12. Family Life and Human Development (Sex Education): The Prince George's County Public Schools Experience. (United States)

    Schaffer, Michael J.


    The Prince George's County schools' sex education program for grades K-12 was developed and implemented in the late 1960s and has three focus areas: family life and interpersonal relationships; the physiological and personality changes during puberty; and advanced physiology and psychology of human sexual behavior. The program augments what the…

  13. The Brown University Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium and the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute. (United States)

    Rogg, Jeffrey; Spader, Heather; Wilcox, Bethany J; Ellermeier, Anna; Correira, Steven; Chodobski, Adam; Szmydynger-Chodobska, Joanna; Raukar, Neha; Machan, Jason T; Crisco, Joseph J; LaFrance, W Curt


    This article provides an overview of the Brown University Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium (TBIRC) and summarizes the multidisciplinary basic and clinical neuroscience work being conducted by investigators at Brown University and the affiliate hospitals in association with the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute (NPNI).

  14. Summer survey of fur seals at Prince Edward Island, southern Indian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The onshore distributions and the abundances of Antarctic fur sealsArctocephalus gazella and Subantarctic fur seals A. tropicalis were determined at Prince Edward Island during 16–20 December 2008. This repeats a survey conducted in December 2001 and extends the area surveyed to include the entire south-west ...

  15. Diatom communities from the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands: diversity and distribution patterns

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van de Vijver, B.; Gremmen, N.J.M.; Smith, V.


    During an extensive survey of the freshwater and moss-inhabiting diatoms of the Prince Edward Islands, a total of 214 taxa belonging to 60 genera were found. Three main communities can be found on the two islands. A large part of the samples was grouped into an aquatic group, bringing together all

  16. Bibliography of seabirds in the waters of Southern Africa, the Prince Edward and Tristan groups

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Cooper, J


    Full Text Available The titles of 2 088 publications are given which refer to seabirds in the waters of southern Africa, the Prince Edward Islands, the Tristan da Cunha group and Gough Island. An index lists the relevant publications by number for 117 species...

  17. Pacific Northwest logistics patterns : the Port of Prince Rupert as a successful national getaway strategy. (United States)


    The Port of Prince Rupert is developing a significant marine container terminal (2 million TEUs by 2012). This port : will be the closest major port to Southeast Alaska, and co-located with the terminus, and only Canadian port of the : Alaska Marine ...

  18. PRINCE - A Low-Latency Block Cipher for Pervasive Computing Applications: Extended Abstract

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borghoff, J.; Canteaut, Anne Michele; Guneysu, T.


    his paper presents a block cipher that is optimized with respect to latency when implemented in hardware. Such ciphers are desirable for many future pervasive applications with real-time security needs. Our cipher, named PRINCE, allows encryption of data within one clock cycle with a very...

  19. The distribution and spread of alien vascular plants on Prince Edward Island

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ryan, P.G.; Smith, V.; Gremmen, N.J.M.


    Surveys of alien plants at subantarctic Prince Edward Island in 2001 show that the ranges of all three introduced species have increased since the last survey in 1998. Poa annua, the longest-established species, increased its range substantially after 1987, prior to which it was confined to a single

  20. Comer's School Development Program in Prince George's County, Maryland: A Theory-based Evaluation. (United States)

    Cook, Thomas D.; Habib, Farah-Naaz; Phillips, Meredith; Settersten, Richard A.; Shagle, Shobha C.; Degirmencioglu, Serdar M.


    Studied Comer's School Development Program (James P. Comer) in 23 middle schools in Prince George's County, Maryland. The study, involving repeated measurement with more than 12,000 students, shows that Comer schools implemented some of the program's central elements better than control schools did, but not all, or even most, of them. (SLD)

  1. O Princípio da Euritmia nas Ciências Sociais e Humanas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Castro


    Full Text Available O Princípio da Euritmia é a afirmação de que os entes na natureza adoptam preferencialmente os comportamentos que preservam a sua integridade estrutural, estendendo a sua existência. Formulado no contexto de uma física não linear como alternativa ao paradigma de Niels Bohr, o Princípio surge como um dos desenvolvimentos fundamentais a partir das ideias de Louis de Broglie,  no âmbito da chamada  Escola de Lisboa. Reflecte-se sobre os conceitos de «Princípio», «Lei da Natureza» e «Emergência», tendo como objectivo estender o paradigma Eurítmico às Ciências Sociais e Humanas.  Propõe-se um processo dinâmico descrevendo as escolhas de um agente social de acordo com uma instanciação possível do Princípio. Usando uma simulação computacional desse processo, estudam-se os comportamentos  de  dois agentes sociais em interacção com o meio, entre si e com a totalidade do sistema que compõem. Define-se autómato não linear como conceito operativo fundamental no entendimento dos fenómenos de Emergência.

  2. Charles Darwin havde et nuanceret syn på dyreforsøg

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alstrup, Aage Kristian Olsen


    Jeg har i en tidligere blog været inde på, hvordan Charles Darwins evolutionsteori har haft betydning for vores valg af forsøgsdyr. Men hvordan så Charles Darwin egentlig selv på dyreforsøg og dyrevelfærd? Faktisk var det et emne, der optog ham dybt. Allerede i 1838, over tyve år før...... offentliggørelsen af Arternes Oprindelse, gjorde han sig et notat om, at mennesket i sin arrogance føler sig hævet over andre skabninger, men at det snarere bør opfatte sig som skabt ud fra dyrene. Disse tanker kom dog først for alvor frem, da Charles Darwin i 1871 offentliggjorde bogen Menneskets Afstamning...

  3. Site Effects in the City of Port au Prince (Haiti) Inferred From 2010 Earthquake Aftershocks Recordings. (United States)

    ST Fleur, S.; Courboulex, F.; Bertrand, E.; Deschamps, A.; Mercier De Lepinay, B. F.; Boisson, D.; Prepetit, C.; Hough, S. E.


    The Haitian earthquake of 12 January 2010 (Mw=7) caused an unprecedented disaster in Port-au-Prince as well as in smaller cities close to the epicenter. The extent of damage appears to be initially attributed to the proximity of the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the extreme vulnerability of many structures, and a high population density. However, the damage distribution for this earthquake suggests a general correlation of damage with small-scale topographical features and local geological structure. The main objective of this work is to investigate site effects in the city of Port-au-Prince. It is also to better define the response of different sites to earthquakes and establish transfer functions between each site and a particular site defined as a reference site. Specific soil columns is determined in the vicinity of each station in order to carry out 1D simulations of soil response at these sites. About 90 earthquakes (2Sismo at school" network. We located 39 of these events using the permanent network and 43 were located by Douilly et al. (2013) using a temporary network. The ground motion recordings at these stations were then analyzed in order to study the topographic and lithologic amplification effects observed on these sites. To quantify site effects under each station, we have used classical spectral ratio methods. In a first step, the HVSR earthquake method (Horizontal over Vertical ratio) was used to choose a reference station in Port au Prince that should be ideally a station without any site effects. We selected HCEA station as reference station. In a second step, we estimated the transfer function at each station by the SSR (Standard Spectral Ratio). Finally, these transfer functions estimated by the spectral ratios technique were compared to 1D simulations. We evidenced the existence of a possible surface wave effects in the plain of Port-au-Prince and topographical effects in the hills of Canape-vert.

  4. The iconography of the flags of Charles V: examples and documents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jesús F. Pascual Molina


    Full Text Available The Emperor Charles V formed an important group of arms and armor in his armory at Valladolid. In 1556, during his last journey to Spain, new pieces were sent to this royal armory; after his death they passed to Philip II, who sent them to Madrid, where he ordered a new building especially for the collection. Among these pieces was an important group of flags linked to major episodes of the Emperor’s life. The author describes the flags and their iconography, providing as well unpublished archival materials, which permit a better understanding of the flags used in times of Caesar Charles and their meanings.

  5. Maestros, ideas y lecturas que cambiaron el pensamiento de Charles Robert Darwin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Carlos Priora

    Full Text Available This paper sets out to review Charles Darwin’s teachers, readings, and which ideas and other events had a definite impact on his mental framework, to the extent that they prompted him to dismiss some ideas while adopting others. When discussing Charles Darwin, we will devote to his ancestors, studies, teachers, friendships, readings, and the doubts that nagged him throughout his life. In short, we will refer tothe whole collection of the personal experiences that shaped and transformed his thought, to the point of prompting him to write a book that shook up the world.

  6. « In medio mihi Cæsar erit » : Charles-Quint et la poésie impériale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roland Béhar


    Full Text Available Le règne de Charles-Quint fut célébré dans toutes les villes et dans toutes les langues du vaste Empire dont il hérita. À partir du couronnement de 1530, le recours aux modèles rhétoriques et poétiques antiques célébrant son adventus devint plus sensible : Charles-Quint reprit alors à son compte la « propagande poétique » qui avait accompagné les règnes de son aïeul Maximilien Ier et des papes d’avant le Sac de Rome (1527. Comment faire l’éloge du prince ? Si l’opinion critique d’un Érasme s’oppose à celle d’un Girolamo Balbi, les poètes, désireux de refléter dans leurs vers la gloire du Prince, sont menés à reprendre les formes poétiques antiques. Deux cas sont étudiés. D’une part, Jean Second renouvelle l’élégie. De l’autre, les héritiers de Sannazar donnent une nouvelle légitimité au recours à la fiction, créant ainsi un modèle poétique qui influence Minturno, Garcilaso de la Vega ou même Du Bellay.El reinado Carlos V fue celebrado en todas la ciudades y lenguas del gran Imperio que heredó. A partir de la coronación del 1530, se propagó el uso de los modelos retóricos y poéticos antiguos para la celebración del adventus del Emperador: Carlos V retomó entonces para si la «propagande poética» que había acompañado los reinados de su abuelo Maximiliano I y de los Papas anteriores al Saco de Roma (1527. ¿Como alabar al príncipe? Si la opinión de Erasmo se muestra más crítica que la de un Girolamo Balbi, son los poetas que, deseos de reflejar en sus versos la gloria del Príncipe, reanudan con las formas poéticas antiguas. Se estudian dos casos aquí: por un lado, la renovación de la elegía en la obra de Jean Second; por el otro, los herederos de Sannazaro confieren una nueva legitimidad al recurso a la ficción poética, en un modelo poético que influencia a Minturno, a Garcilaso de la Vega y hasta a Du Bellay.

  7. Measured and simulated runoff to the lower Charles River, Massachusetts, October 1999-September 2000 (United States)

    Zarriello, Phillip J.; Barlow, Lora K.


    The lower Charles River, the water body between the Watertown Dam and the New Charles River Dam, is an important recreational resource for the Boston, Massachusetts, metropolitan area, but impaired water quality has affected its use. The goal of making this resource fishable and swimmable requires a better understanding of combined-sewer-overflow discharges, non-combined-sewer-overflow stormwater runoff, and constituent loads. This report documents the modeling effort used to calculate non-combined-sewer-overflow runoff to the lower Charles River. During the 2000 water year, October 1, 1999?September 30, 2000, the U.S. Geological Survey collected precipitation data at Watertown Dam and compiled data from five other precipitation gages in or near the watershed. In addition, surface-water discharge data were collected at eight sites?three relatively homogenous land-use sites, four major tributary sites, and the Charles River at Watertown Dam, which is the divide between the upper and lower watersheds. The precipitation and discharge data were used to run and calibrate Stormwater Management Models developed for the three land-use subbasins (single-family, multi-family, and commercial), and the two tributary subbasins (Laundry and Faneuil Brooks). These calibrated models were used to develop a sixth model to simulate 54 ungaged outfalls to the lower Charles River. Models developed by the U.S. Geological Survey at gaged sites were calibrated with up to 24 storms. Each model was evaluated by comparing simulated discharge against measured discharge for all storms with appreciable precipitation and reliable discharge data. The model-fit statistics indicated that the models generally were well calibrated to peak discharge and runoff volumes. The model fit of the commercial land-use subbasin was not as well calibrated compared to the other models because the measured flows appear to be affected by variable conditions not represented in the model. A separate Stormwater

  8. O princípio da isonomia e a diferença salarial entre gêneros


    Oliveira, Ana Paula Batista Guimarães de; FICS-SP; Bertotti, Daniela; FICS-SP


    O presente artigo apresenta a importância do Princípio da Isonomia no âmbito legal, em especial no Direito do Trabalho no que se refere ao salário dos empregados de gêneros distintos que exercem atividade profissional em condições semelhantes. O Princípio da Isonomia visa dois objetivos: propiciar a garantia individual contra perseguições e tolher favoritismos. A Constituição Federal do Brasil adotou, como um de seus sustentáculos, o Princípio da Isonomia. Sua importância é tal que a própria ...

  9. 2013 update on sea otter studies to assess recovery from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)

    Ballachey, Brenda E.; Monson, Daniel H.; Esslinger, George G.; Kloecker, Kimberly; Bodkin, James L.; Bowen, Lizabeth; Miles, A. Keith


    On March 24, 1989, the tanker vessel Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling an estimated 42 million liters of Prudhoe Bay crude oil. Oil spread in a southwesterly direction and was deposited on shores and waters in western Prince William Sound (WPWS). The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) was one of more than 20 nearshore species considered to have been injured by the spill. Since 1989, the U.S. Geological Survey has led a research program to evaluate effects of the spill on sea otters and assess progress toward recovery, as defined by demographic and biochemical indicators. Here, we provide an update on the status of sea otter populations in WPWS, presenting findings through 2013. To assess recovery based on demographic indicators, we used aerial surveys to estimate abundance and annual collections of sea otter carcasses to evaluate patterns in ages-at-death. To assess recovery based on biochemical indicators, we quantified transcription rates for a suite of genes selected as potential indicators of oil exposure in sea otters based on laboratory studies of a related species, the mink (Mustela vison). In our most recent assessment of sea otter recovery, which incorporated results from a subset of studies through 2009, we concluded that recovery of sea otters in WPWS was underway. This conclusion was based on increasing abundance throughout WPWS, including increasing numbers at northern Knight Island, an area that was heavily oiled in 1989 and where the local sea otter population had previously shown protracted injury and lack of recovery. However, we did not conclude that the WPWS sea otter population had fully recovered, due to indications of continuing reduced survival and exposure to lingering oil in sea otters at Knight Island, at least through 2009. Based on data available through 2013, we now conclude that the status of sea otters—at all spatial scales within WPWS—is consistent with the designation of recovery from the spill as

  10. New Workflows for Born-Digital Assets: Managing Charles E. Bracker's Orchid Photographs Collection (United States)

    Hurford, Amanda A.; Runyon, Carolyn F.


    Charles E. Bracker was a professor of botany and plant pathology at Purdue University from 1964 to 1999. His late wife, Anri, was an orchid enthusiast who began collecting and housing orchids in the 1980s. In 2009, Bracker's 30,000 digital orchid photographs were donated to Ball State University Libraries, where both of this article's authors…

  11. Willemsdorp by Herman Charles Bosman: The small-town locale as ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Herman Charles Bosman's short stories are stylistically and thematically different from his novels. With the exception of “A Bekkersdal marathon” and “Sold down the river” all Bosman's short stories, numbering more than one hundred, take the South African farm as their setting. Bosman's first novel, Jacaranda in the Night, ...

  12. Risk-based modelling of surface water quality: a case study of the Charles River, Massachusetts (United States)

    McIntyre, Neil R.; Wagener, Thorsten; Wheater, Howard S.; Chapra, Steven C.


    A model of phytoplankton, dissolved oxygen and nutrients is presented and applied to the Charles River, Massachusetts within a framework of Monte Carlo simulation. The model parameters are conditioned using data from eight sampling stations along a 40 km stretch of the Charles River, during a (supposed) steady-state period in the summer of 1996, and the conditioned model is evaluated using data from later in the same year. Regional multi-objective sensitivity analysis is used to identify the parameters and pollution sources most affecting the various model outputs under the conditions observed during that summer. The effects of Monte Carlo sampling error are included in this analysis, and the observations which have least contributed to model conditioning are indicated. It is shown that the sensitivity analysis can be used to speculate about the factors responsible for undesirable levels of eutrophication, and to speculate about the risk of failure of nutrient reduction interventions at a number of strategic control sections. The analysis indicates that phosphorus stripping at the CRPCD wastewater treatment plant on the Charles River would be a high-risk intervention, especially for controlling eutrophication at the control sections further downstream. However, as the risk reflects the perceived scope for model error, it can only be recommended that more resources are invested in data collection and model evaluation. Furthermore, as the risk is based solely on water quality criteria, rather than broader environmental and economic objectives, the results need to be supported by detailed and extensive knowledge of the Charles River problem.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhnovets N. G.


    Full Text Available The article examines Charles Dickens’s novel "A Christmas Carol" that correlates with the biblical history and sacred images enshrined in the Western European Figurative Art. This C. Dickens’s novel, based on the Old Testament and the New Testament foundation, promoted the restoration of the Christmas story.

  14. Readings on Charles Dickens. The Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to British Authors. Literary Companion Series. (United States)

    Swisher, Clarice, Ed.

    Intended as an accessible resource for students researching Great Britain's greatest literary figures, this collection of essays about Charles Dickens's (1812-1870) work contains an in-depth biography and essays taken from a wide variety of sources. The essays are edited to accommodate the reading and comprehension levels of young adults; each…

  15. The Essential Charles Dickens School Resource: Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Classic Texts Ages 7-14 (United States)

    Robins, Gill; Evans-Jones, Laura-Jane


    Charles Dickens is arguably the greatest storyteller in English Literature and his novels have been loved and respected for nearly two hundred years. As accurate reflections of Victorian society they are unparalleled. Vivid characters and realistic settings are created in the mind of the reader, all laced with Dickens inimitable humour, wit and…

  16. Revisiting Charles H. Thompson's Proposals for Educating Gifted African American Students, 1933-1961 (United States)

    Ray, Louis


    Charles H. Thompson is best known as the founder and the first editor-in-chief of "The Journal of Negro Education" (1932-1963). Throughout his career, Thompson sought to extend educational opportunity in ways that were "for the good of Negro education as a whole." His main concern was in educating future leaders for service in African American…

  17. Social and psychological characteristics of elderly visually handicapped patients with the Charles Bonnet Syndrome

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Teunisse, R.J.; Cruysberg, J.R.M.; Hoefnagels, W.H.L.; Kuin, Y.; Verbeek, A.L.M.; Zitman, F.G.


    The Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is characterized by the presence of complex visual hallucinations in psychologically normal people. The syndrome occurs predominantly in the visually handicapped elderly. Little is known about its etiology and pathogenesis. The aim of this study was to examine the

  18. "Cracking Open the Natural Teleology": Walter Benjamin, Charles Fourier and the Figure of the Child (United States)

    Dolbear, Sam; Proctor, Hannah


    The French utopian socialist Charles Fourier is a key figure in Walter Benjamin's "Arcades Project". For Benjamin, one of the most significant aspects of Fourier's utopian vision was its conceptualisation of work as a form of play. According to Fourier it would be possible to build a world around people's inherent desires. In such a…

  19. Intuitions de Charles Baudelaire et Analyse des Logiques Subjectives©


    Pinto, Jean-Jacques


    Charles Baudelaire, à la première phrase de "Mon cœur mis à nu" (1864) me fournit la formule que je me promets de mettre en exergue de mes prochaines publications sur l'Analyse des Logiques Subjectives© (A.L.S.©) : " De la vaporisation et de la centralisation du Moi. Tout est là. "

  20. Projetos de Prefácios de As Flores do Mal, de Charles Baudelaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charles Baudelaire


    Full Text Available RESUMO: O trabalho consiste na tradução dos quatro projetos de prefácios que Baudelaire escreveu para As Flores do Mal, cujos rascunhos foram publicados apenas postumamente. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Charles Baudelaire, As Flores do Mal, Crítica literária, Poesia, Tradução.

  1. Agency and industry : Charles C. Gillispie’s "The Natural History of Industry," then and now

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roberts, Lissa L.


    Charles Coulston Gillispie’s “The Discovery of the Leblanc Process” and “The Natural History of Industry” (Isis 48 (1957): 152–70, 398–407) were unique, yet characteristic of their era. Together, they engaged with discussions of the historical relationship between science and industry. While

  2. Heraldry and Collective Memory : A Lawsuit of Emperor Charles V against Reinoud III of Brederode

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dragstra, Henk


    This essay traces the genesis and progress of the widely believed myth that the Dutch nobleman Reinoud III of Brederode, foolishly claiming the county of Holland for himself, was condemned to death and later pardoned by the emperor Charles V. It also demonstrates that extant legal records tell a

  3. Charles Chilton: the Phreatoicoidea and other interests of a phreatic pioneer from down under

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hurley, D.E.


    Besides his widespread activities in zoology and university development, Charles Chilton (1860—1929) was a pioneer in phreatic research who opened up the possibilities of the new science in the Southern Hemisphere. He described phreatic and subterranean species of Isopoda and Amphipoda from New

  4. Charles Huntington, Ojibwe Sculptor. With Teacher's Guide. Native Americans of the Twentieth Century. (United States)

    Minneapolis Public Schools, MN.

    A biography for the elementary grades of Charles Huntington (Ojibwe), an American Indian sculptor, includes photographs of the artist and some of his work. A teacher's guide following the bibilography contains information on sculpture and the Ojibwe people, suggested activities for learning about sculpture and sculptors, learning objectives and…

  5. Challenge and Risk: The Parlerian Statues on the Old Town Tower of Charles Bridge. A Reinterpretation

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Hlobil, Ivo


    Roč. 63, 1/2 (2015), s. 2-33 ISSN 0049-5123 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA13-39192S Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Prague * Charles Bridge * statues * interpretation Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  6. Když sociologie potkala historii: Charles Tilly (1929–2008)

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Skovajsa, Marek


    Roč. 44, č. 4 (2008), s. 800-806 ISSN 0038-0288 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70280505 Keywords : historical sociology * social movements * contentious politics * Charles Tilly Subject RIV: AO - Sociology, Demography Impact factor: 0.427, year: 2008

  7. Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology: Neil Lutsky (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2011


    The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology recognizes an outstanding career contribution to the teaching of psychology. The 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award is Neil Lutsky. Dorothy W. Cantor, president of the APF, will present the APF Distinguished Teaching Award…

  8. Darwin and Teacher: An Analysis of the Mentorship between Charles Darwin and Professor John Henslow. (United States)

    McGreevy, Ann


    The paper examines the mentorship between Charles Darwin and his teacher, John Stevens Henslow of Cambridge University (England). The importance of a mentor in stimulating creative productivity is demonstrated through discussion of their teaching and learning styles, their interests, their time spent together, and Henslow's character traits.…

  9. Darwin's Other Bulldog: Charles Kingsley and the Popularisation of Evolution in Victorian England (United States)

    Hale, Piers J.


    The nineteenth-century Anglican Priest Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) was a significant populariser of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. Kingsley was successful in this regard because he developed such diverse connections throughout his career. In the 1840s he associated with Chartists and radical journalists; in the 1850s and 1860s…

  10. The Voyage of the Beagle: Field Work Lessons from Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Smith, Louis M.


    Analyzes Charles Darwin's letters to his family during his voyage on H.M.S. Beagle. Relates the information to the development of Darwin's professional identity and the degree to which the concepts, field methods, and research methods revealed in Darwin's personal correspondence are useful to students of educational administration. (MD)

  11. An appreciation of Christiane Groehen: the correspondence between Charles Darwin and Anton Dohrn. (United States)

    Browne, Janet


    Anton Dohrn was introduced to Darwinism by Ernst Haeckel during his student years at Jena, and became an eager disciple of Charles Darwin's work. He founded the Stazione Zoologica in 1872. Darwin became a patron of Dohrn's Stazione, and the two naturalists corresponded regularly. This article discusses their relationship and the contributions of Christiane Groeben to its elucidation.

  12. Prints Charles sõdib oma linnakese eest ja halvustajate vastu / Alan Wheatley

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Wheatley, Alan


    Briti troonipärija prints Charlesi loodud Poundbury uusrajoonist Cornwalli krahvkonnas. 2500 ettenähtud majast on valmis 142. Prints Charlesi eesmärk on järgida rohkem inimeste vajadusi kui planeerimispõhimõtteid. Põhiplaan arhitekt Leon Krier'ilt. Erinevaid arvamusi linnakese kohta, s. h. parlamendi ehituskomitee positiivne hinnang. Prints Charles inglise modernse arhitektuuri kriitikina

  13. The Metanarrative of Consequences in the Pragmatism of Charles Sanders Peirce. (United States)

    Wilson, Greg

    This paper proposes that elements of pragmatist philosophy are anti-rhetorical and encourage a cultural status quo. It tries to isolate the idiosyncratic meaning of the vocabulary that Charles Sanders Peirce uses in the foundational definition of pragmatism and shows how his reliance on logic forestalls possibilities for agency. Antonio Gramsci's…

  14. Cultural Resources Inventory of the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway, Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana. Phase 2 (United States)


    suggested that the great distance between the Labranche phase and the Marksville phase core area could account for the difference in ceramic tradition...Church" of St. Charles Borromeo was established in present Destrehan in 1740. The left bank was considered dangerous because of raiding Native Americans

  15. The Scientific Instruments of Charles Wheatstone and the Blending of Science, Art, and Culture (United States)

    Metz, Don


    Charles Wheatstone was a British scientist who is most often remembered for his association with the Wheatstone bridge for measuring electrical resistance. A painfully shy man in public, Wheatstone, in reality, possessed a vibrant personality and a wide array of personal interests from acoustics to electricity to optics and parlour tricks. In this…

  16. Low awareness of the Charles Bonnet syndrome in patients attending a retinal clinic

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Singh, Amardeep; Subhi, Yousif; Sørensen, Torben Lykke


    Visually impaired patients may experience visual hallucinations due to the Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS). While benign in nature, these hallucinations may cause distress in those unfamiliar with the phenomenon. The overall purpose of this study was to determine the degree of awareness of CBS...

  17. Spirituality in a secular age: From Charles Taylor to study of the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This essay proposes that those engaged in the study of the Bible in relation to spirituality would benefit from awareness of Charles Taylor's thinking in A Secular Age, which is a narrative not only about the emergence of the secular but also about the role of the spiritual in Western civilization. The essay indicates the ...

  18. Interview with Charles M. Reigeluth: Applying Instructional Design to Educational Reform (United States)

    Simsek, Ali


    Charles M. Reigeluth is one of the most contributing and certainly the leading scholars in the field of educational technology and instructional design. His early contributions were about developing instructional design theories such as Elaboration Theory and Component Display Theory. He has also edited monumental books as collections of major ID…

  19. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Atlas: Prince William Sound, Alaska, Volumes 1 and 2, geographic information systems data (NODC Accession 0019218) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Prince William Sound, Alaska. ESI data characterize estuarine environments and wildlife by...

  20. Mapping cultural resource sites for the Prince William Sound Graphical Resource Database

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wooley, C. B.; O'Brien, D. K.; Hillman, S. O.


    A software package for mapping digital data 'layers' of environmentally and/or culturally sensitive areas such as seabird colonies, seal haulouts, and sea otter concentrations in Prince William Sound and adjoining areas of southern Alaska has been developed by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. The data is to be added to an environmental computer mapping database. More than 1,800 known and reported coastal cultural resource sites have been identified. The database is part of the Prince William Sound Tanker Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan. The mappable data layers can be used to plan and execute whatever site protection program may be necessary, thus enhancing effective cultural resource protection during an oil spill response. 22 refs., 4 figs

  1. Environmental recover in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Clark, R.B.; Kingston, P.F.; Baker, J.M.


    This report is based on work commissioned by Exxon as part of a program of analyzing the ecosystem recovery process in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska following the oil spill of March 1989. Written by three distinguished scientists, it supplements a comprehensive study they and a fourth researcher prepared on the subject of Natural Recovery of Cold Water Marine Environments after an Oil Spill. This scientific review was presented at the 13th Arctic and Marine Oilspill Program Technical Seminar sponsored by the Canadian Government in Edmonton, Alberta, on June 6, 1990. As a followup to this study, the scientists spent two weeks in April 1990 gathering insight into the Prince William Sound and Gulf of Alaska environment as a whole and examining plant and animal life in the area. They compared their Alaska findings to their knowledge gained from studying the recovery process from other oil spills in cold waters of the world

  2. Solid waste workers and livelihood strategies in Greater Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Noel, Claudel


    The solid waste management industry in Haiti is comprised of a formal and an informal sector. Many basic activities in the solid waste management sector are being carried out within the context of profound poverty, which exposes the failure of the socioeconomic and political system to provide sufficient job opportunities for the urban population. This paper examines the involvement of workers in the solid waste management industry in Greater Port-au-Prince and the implications for livelihood strategies. The findings revealed that the Greater Port-au-Prince solid waste management system is very inclusive with respect to age, while highly segregated with regard to gender. In terms of earning capacity, the results showed that workers hired by the State agencies were the most economically vulnerable group as more than 50% of them fell below the official nominal minimum wage. This paper calls for better salary scales and work compensation for the solid waste workers.

  3. Princípios culturais na Constituição Federal de 1988


    Pinto, Eduardo Regis Girão de Castro


    Este trabalho versa sobre direitos e princípios culturais, na perspectiva da Constituição Federal de 1988. Analisa a concepção contemporânea e cultura e procura desenvolver seus conteúdos, objetivos e funções. Em um segundo momento, aborda as relações entre cultura, política e constituição no âmbito do Estado Democrático de Direito. A partir dessas premissas, identificam-se princípios constitucionais culturais da Constituição Federal de 1988 e elabora-se catálogo de direitos fundamentais cult...

  4. Advocating for continuing nursing education in a pediatric hospital: the Prince Scholar and Sabbatical Programs. (United States)

    Sperhac, A M; Goodwin, L D


    As nurses gain more experience, they often question the basis of nursing practice and want to find the most current and accepted methods of providing nursing care. Attending seminars, conferences, and continuing education programs is often difficult because of financial and staffing constraints. The authors describe the design and implementation of two funded programs--the Prince Scholars and Sabbatical Programs--that support continuing nursing education in a pediatric tertiary hospital.

  5. Titanic, Jack, Rose e o Princípio de Arquimedes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciano Denardin de Oliveira


    Este trabalho analisa fisicamente uma cena do filme Titanic, que teve significativa repercussão nas redes sociais quando da ocasião do seu relançamento para os cinemas. A cena está associada a questões como flutuação e o Princípio de Arquimedes e sugere uma instigante análise para ser realizada em aulas de Física.

  6. Stephenson, Political Power in Medieval Gwynedd: Governance and the Welsh Princes (University of Wales Press, 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa Yasemin Julian-Jones


    Full Text Available Review of David Stephenson, Political Power in Medieval Gwynedd: Governance and the Welsh Princes, (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2nd edn. 2014, considering the text in light of its new edition, assessing the need for such a work and the benefits of an updated reprint. The review also considers the limitations of the new edition, and the impact on potential audiences.

  7. “Revnova zhe dedou svoyemou Monomakhouˮ: Towards the Interpretation of the Kinship Term of Prince Roman Mstislavich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vadym I. Stavyskyi


    Full Text Available The subject of this article is a phrase from the text distinguished in the initial part of the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle and described, conditionally, with the title “Eulogy to Prince Roman Mstislavich Galitsky.” In this text Prince Vladimir Monomakh is designated as the “grandfather” of Prince Roman. It is well known that Prince Roman was a fifth-generation descendant of Prince Vladimir Monomakh, which in no way corresponds to the understanding of the term “grandfather” in the sense of a genealogical relationship. The inviolability of the established place of each of the representatives of the Old Russian ruling dynasty in the genus scheme was the fundamental principle of the functioning of the power system. The author of the article establishes that in this case, the definition of Prince Roman as the “grandson” of his great-grandfather was a literary image, based on a stable historiosophical tradition. Its meaning was revealed through the identification of Prince Roman as the legendary “Greek king,” the grandson of Alexander the Great and the vanquisher of the “Ishmaelites” imprisoned behind the Iron Gate by his “grandfather.” The source of the appearance of this eschatological allusion in the text of Praise is the development of the idea of “the forefather of Abraham” as the “grandfather” of Job-Jobab in the articles upon 1178 and 1199 from the Kiev Chronicle and the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius of Olympus. The reason for writing the “Eulogy” and the inclusion of textually related fragments in the annals was the desire to glorify the dynasty of Volhynia princes in the context of eschatological ideas, the interest in which was exacerbated after the invasion of Batu Khan.

  8. Persistent halogenated organic contaminants and mercury in northern fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) from the Canadian Arctic

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Braune, Birgit M., E-mail: birgit.braune@ec.gc.c [Environment Canada, National Wildlife Research Centre, Carleton University, Raven Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0H3 (Canada); Mallory, Mark L. [Environment Canada, Box 1714, Iqaluit, Nunavut, X0A 0H0 (Canada); Butt, Craig M.; Mabury, Scott A. [Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, 80 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3H6 (Canada); Muir, Derek C.G. [Environment Canada, Canada Centre for Inland Waters, 867 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4A6 (Canada)


    Northern fulmars from two breeding colonies in the Canadian Arctic, Cape Vera and Prince Leopold Island, were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides, PCBs, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and total mercury (Hg). Hepatic concentrations of organochlorines and Hg were highest in the male fulmars from Cape Vera. Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) concentrations did not vary significantly between sexes or colonies. However, concentrations of the perfluorinated carboxylates (PFCAs) were higher in fulmars from Cape Vera than Prince Leopold Island. The C{sub 11}-C{sub 15} PFCAs averaged 90% of the PFCA profile at both colonies. Polychorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and non-ortho PCBs (NO-PCBs) were measured only in birds from Prince Leopold Island. Concentrations of PCDDs, PCDFs, NO-PCBs and Toxic Equivalents (TEQs) did not differ significantly between sexes. {Sigma}TEQ was comprised mainly of {Sigma}TEQ{sub PCDF}. Concentrations of Hg and the persistent halogenated compounds reported in this study were below published toxicological threshold values for wild birds. - Northern fulmars in the Canadian Arctic demonstrate sex-specific, colony-specific, and regional differences in contaminant profiles.

  9. Shoreline oiling conditions in Prince William Sound following the Exxon Valdez oil spill

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Neff, J.M.; Owens, E.H.; Stoker, S.W.; McCormick, D.M.


    Following the Exxon Valdez oil spill of March 24, 1989, in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Exxon conducted comprehensive, systematic shoreline surveys in cooperation with federal and state authorities to obtain information on the distribution and magnitude of shoreline oiling and to identify natural and cultural resources requiring special protection. Similar joint surveys were performed during the springs of 1990, 1991, and 1992 on all Prince william Sound and Gulf of Alaska shorelines that were suspected of having remnants of weathered oil and that would benefit from further cleanup. In the springs of 1990, 1991, and 1992, isolated pockets of subsurface oil were found, chiefly in small scattered zones in coarse cobble/boulder sediments in the upper intertidal or supratidal zones. In 1991, about one-third of the subdivisions in Prince William Sound with surface oil also contained some subsurface oil. The areal extent of this subsurface oil declined by nearly 70% between 1991 and 1992, from about 37,000 m 2 to about 12,000 m 2 . Moreover, where subsurface oil remained in 1992, it was present in lesser amounts. Rates of oil removal were greatest on coastal sections treated early in the spring and summer of 1989. Where shoreline treatment was delayed, the subsequent rate of removal of oil from the shore by natural processes was slower. 27 refs., 10 figs., 3 tabs

  10. O Princípio da Subsidiariedade na União Europeia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roger Valério de Vargas Rex


    Full Text Available O presente artigo versa sobre o princípio da subsidiariedade na União Europeia, o qual foi consagrado com o objetivo de assegurar que as decisões sejam tomadas tão próximas quanto possível dos cidadãos. Em um primeiro momento, analisa-se o conceito genérico de subsidiariedade, enfatizando a sua origem. Em seguida, busca-se definir com clareza o significado desse princípio após a consagração do Tratado de Lisboa, enfatizando os aspectos pertinentes do artigo 5º do Tratado da União Europeia. Para atingir esse objetivo, analisam-se criticamente as disposições desse Tratado e a doutrina já produzida sobre o tema. Conclui-se que o princípio da subsidiariedade pode desempenhar a função de reforçar a confiança dos cidadãos em relação ao processo de integração europeu, colaborando para a legitimidade da União Europeia.

  11. Bayesian stock assessment of Pacific herring in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melissa L Muradian

    Full Text Available The Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii population in Prince William Sound, Alaska crashed in 1993 and has yet to recover, affecting food web dynamics in the Sound and impacting Alaskan communities. To help researchers design and implement the most effective monitoring, management, and recovery programs, a Bayesian assessment of Prince William Sound herring was developed by reformulating the current model used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The Bayesian model estimated pre-fishery spawning biomass of herring age-3 and older in 2013 to be a median of 19,410 mt (95% credibility interval 12,150-31,740 mt, with a 54% probability that biomass in 2013 was below the management limit used to regulate fisheries in Prince William Sound. The main advantages of the Bayesian model are that it can more objectively weight different datasets and provide estimates of uncertainty for model parameters and outputs, unlike the weighted sum-of-squares used in the original model. In addition, the revised model could be used to manage herring stocks with a decision rule that considers both stock status and the uncertainty in stock status.

  12. Effectiveness of commercial microbial products in enhancing oil degradation in Prince William Sound field plots

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Venosa, A.D.; Haines, J.R.; Allen, D.M.


    In the spring of 1990, previously reported laboratory experiments were conducted on 10 commercial microbial products to test for enhanced biodegradation of weathered crude oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The laboratory tests measured the rate and extent of oil degradation in closed flasks. Weathered oil from the beaches in Alaska and seawater from Prince William Sound were used in the tests. Two of the 10 products were found to provide significantly greater alkane degradation than flasks supplemented with mineral nutrients alone. These two products were selected for further testing on a beach in Prince William Sound. A randomized complete block experiment was designed to compare the effectiveness of these two products in enhancing oil degradation compared to simple fertilizer alone. Four small plots consisting of a no nutrient control, a mineral nutrient plot, and two plots receiving mineral nutrients plus the two products, were laid out on a contaminated beach. These four plots comprised a 'block' of treatments, and this block was replicated four times on the same beach. Triplicate samples of beach sediment were collected at four equally spaced time intervals and analyzed for oil residue weight and alkane hydrocarbon profile changes with time. The objective was to determine if either of the two commercial microbiological products was able to enhance bioremediation of an oil-contaminated beach in Prince William Sound to an extent greater than that achievable by simple fertilizer application. Results indicated no significant differences among the four treatments in the 27-day period of the experiment

  13. Site characterization and site response in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (United States)

    Hough, Susan E.; Yong, Alan K.; Altidor, Jean Robert; Anglade, Dieuseul; Given, Douglas D.; Mildor, Saint-Louis


    Waveform analysis of aftershocks of the Mw7.0 Haiti earthquake of 12 January 2010 reveals amplification of ground motions at sites within the Cul de Sac valley in which Port-au-Prince is situated. Relative to ground motions recorded at a hard-rock reference site, peak acceleration values are amplified by a factor of approximately 1.8 at sites on low-lying Mio-Pliocene deposits in central Port-au-Prince and by a factor of approximately 2.5–3 on a steep foothill ridge in the southern Port-au-Prince metropolitan region. The observed amplitude, predominant periods, variability, and polarization of amplification are consistent with predicted topographic amplification by a steep, narrow ridge. A swath of unusually high damage in this region corresponds with the extent of the ridge where high weak-motion amplifications are observed. We use ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) imagery to map local geomorphology, including characterization of both near-surface and of small-scale topographic structures that correspond to zones of inferred amplification.

  14. Trends in sea otter population abundance in western Prince William Sound, Alaska: Progress toward recovery following the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill (United States)

    Cutright, Duane E.; Beasley, Joe D.; Esslinger, G.G.


    Sea otters in western Prince William Sound (WPWS) and elsewhere in the Gulf of Alaska suffered widespread mortality as a result of oiling following the 1989 T/V Exxon Valdez oil spill. Following the spill, extensive efforts have been directed toward identifying and understanding long-term consequences of the spill and the process of recovery. We conducted annual aerial surveys of sea otter abundance from 1993 to 2009 (except for 2001 and 2006) in WPWS. We observed an increasing trend in population abundance at the scale of WPWS through 2000 at an average annual rate of 4 percent: however, at northern Knight Island where oiling was heaviest and sea otter mortality highest, no increase in abundance was evident by 2000. We continued to see significant increase in abundance at the scale of WPWS between 2001 and 2009, with an average annual rate of increase from 1993 to 2009 of 2.6 percent. We estimated the 2009 population size of WPWS to be 3,958 animals (standard error=653), nearly 2,000 animals more than the first post-spill estimate in 1993. Surveys since 2003 also have identified a significant increasing trend at the heavily oiled site in northern Knight Island, averaging about 25 percent annually and resulting in a 2009 estimated population size of 116 animals (standard error=19). Although the 2009 estimate for northern Knight Island remains about 30 percent less than the pre-spill estimate of 165 animals, we interpret this trend as strong evidence of a trajectory toward recovery of spill-affected sea otter populations in WPWS.

  15. Congenital pleuroperitoneal hernia presenting as gastrothorax in five cavalier King Charles spaniel dogs. (United States)

    Rossanese, M; Pivetta, M; Pereira, N; Burrow, R


    Five cavalier King Charles spaniels were examined for acute onset of respiratory distress. Thoracic radiographs demonstrated diaphragmatic hernia and tension gastrothorax, visible as a distended stomach occupying the left caudal thoracic cavity. Exploratory midline coeliotomy confirmed congenital pleuroperitoneal diaphragmatic hernia with herniation and dilatation of the stomach. The hernia configuration was consistent in all cases, with a defect affecting the left diaphragmatic crus. Congenital pleuroperitoneal diaphragmatic hernia is a rare condition caused by a defect in the dorsolateral diaphragm. Defects of the left crus of the diaphragm could result in the herniation of the stomach into the thoracic cavity with possible subsequent tension gastrothorax. Cavalier King Charles spaniels may have a predisposition to this condition. Tension gastrothorax is an acute life-threatening consequence of gastric herniation through a diaphragmatic defect that must be promptly recognised and surgically treated. © 2018 British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

  16. Bravo Emma! Music in the life and work of Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Derry, J F


    The long-term marital dance of Emma and Charles Darwin was set to the routine beat of an almost daily piano recital. Emma was a proficient pianist, and so a quality instrument was a welcome and appropriate house-warming present for their first marital home in London. That same piano accompanied the Darwins on their move to Downe before being upgraded for a newer model, which is still there, whilst another, cheaper piano may have played in Charles Darwin's work, particularly on earthworms. Whilst he lamented his own lack of musicality, Darwin revelled in his wife's prowess, a capacity that he recognised could be inherited, not least through observation of his own children. The evolution of musicality, he reasoned, was rooted in sexual attraction as a form of communication that preceded language.

  17. Asymmetrical Blood Flow in the Temporal Lobe in the Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Serial Neuroimaging Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Adachi


    Full Text Available Clinical features and results of neuroimagings of an 86 year old woman with the Charles Bonnet syndrome are reported. She had become completely blind bilaterally due to cataracts and glaucoma. Shortly after an operation for cataracts, she developed visual hallucinations which lasted for 22 years. She had no deterioration of intelligence. Computed tomography (CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI showed moderate generalized atrophy, particularly of the temporal lobes. A serial single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT study during visual hallucinations demonstrated hyperperfusion in the left temporal region and the basal ganglia and hypoperfusion in the right temporal region. These findings suggest that asymmetrical blood flow, particularly in the temporal regions, may be correlated with visual hallucination in the Charles Bonnet syndrome.

  18. El Legado Radical De Charles R. Darwin A Las Ciencias Sociales.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel De La Luz Rodríguez.


    Full Text Available This essay reflects on the theoretical repercussions that Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species has for the Social Sciences. It contrasts Darwin’s epistemological legacy with his precursors in cultural evolutionary theory, mainly Herbert Spencer and Edward B. Tylor. It is argued that Darwin’s most important lessons for the Social Sciences are in his naturalist writings instead of his writings on human evolution per se.

  19. Charles S. Peirce on creative metaphor: A case study of the conveyor belt methaphor in Oceanography.


    Brüning, R.; Lohmann, Gerrit


    With Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotical theory two different kinds of creative metaphorical reasoning in science can be identified. The building of remainder metaphors is especially important for creating new scientific models. We show that the conveyor belt metaphor provides an excellent example for Peirce's theory. The conveyor belt metaphor has recently been invented in order to describe the oceanic transport system. The paradigm of the oceanic conveyor belt strongly influenced the geosci...

  20. Digital Divide and Health Disparities in China: Data from a National Longitudinal Survey of CHARLS. (United States)

    Hong, Y Alicia; Zhou, Zi; Fang, Ya


    The China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS, 2013) data was used to investigate internet use and mobile phone ownership in older Chinese adults and examine digital divide and social economic status and mobile technology adoption and health outcomes associations. Results suggest a significant digital divide associated with not only individual characteristics, but also neighborhood resources. Future eHealth programs should consider the accessibility of mobile tools and develop culturally appropriate programs for different social groups.

  1. Halb munk : valik tõlkeid / Charles Baudelaire ; tõlk. Tõnu Õnnepalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Baudelaire, Charles


    Sisu: III Ülendus ; VI Majakad ; IX Halb munk ; XI Halb õnn ; XII Eelmine elu ; XVIII Ideaal ; XXIX Raibe ; XXXVI Rõdu ; XXXIX ; XL Semper eadem ; XLIII Elav tõrvik ; LIV Paratamatus ; LVI Sügiselaul ; II ; LXIV Sügissonett ; LXXII Lõbus surnu ; LXXVI Spliin ; LXXVII Spliin ; LXXXIV Parandamatu ; LXXXIX Luik ; XCI Eidekesed ; CI Udud ja vihmad ; CXXI Armastajate surm ; CXXII Vaeste surm ; CXXIII Kunstnike surm ; CXXVI Teekond ; Kaas ; Kuristik. Valik tõlkeid Charles Baudelaire'i "Kurja õitest"

  2. Early artificial ventilation: the mystery of "Truehead of Galveston"--was he Dr Charles William Trueheart? (United States)

    Trubuhovich, Ronald V


    It seems strange that the medical literature from the United States has only a single original source of reference for a device (from circa 1870) for artificial ventilation in neonatal resuscitation. The invention is attributed to "Dr Truehead of Galveston, Texas". I argue that this mystery arises from two separate misspellings of the inventor's name, and propose that the correct name is Dr Charles William Trueheart (1837-1914), also of Galveston.

  3. Charles IV 1978-2016. Reviewing the Ideological Background of the Exhibitions and Conferences in 1978

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Benešovská, Klára


    Roč. 4, č. 1 (2017), s. 158-173 ISSN 2336-3452 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA13-39192S Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor * exhibitions in 2016 and 1978, Prague-Nuremberg-Cologne * art of the Luxembourg era 1350–1420 * historiography Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage OBOR OECD: Arts, Art history

  4. La situazione politica e culturale nella Slovenia napoleonica e Charles Nodier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marija Pirjevec


    Full Text Available Nel 1813 in qualità di direttore del Télégraphe Officiel, il foglio ufficiale dell'amministrazione delle Provincie Illiriche, stampato a Lubiana, Charles Nodier cominciò a pubblicare una serie di articoli dedicati ai diversi aspetti dell'Illiria. In essi egli esprime un grande entusiasmo per la scoperta della regione slovena concludendo le sue osservazioni, secondo la moda neoclassica del tempo, con immagini tratte dalla mitologia greca.

  5. Peripheral facial palsy in the past: contributions from Avicenna, Nicolaus Friedreich and Charles Bell. (United States)

    Resende, Luiz Antonio de Lima; Weber, Silke


    This study provides historical documents of peripheral facial palsy from Egypt, Greece and Rome, through the middle ages, and the renaissance, and into the last four centuries. We believe that the history of peripheral facial palsy parallels history of the human race itself. Emphasis is made on contributions by Avicenna and Nicolaus Friedreich. Controversies about the original clinical description by Charles Bell are also discussed.

  6. Charles Robert Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: their dispute over the units of selection. (United States)

    Ruse, Michael


    Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently discovered the mechanism of natural selection for evolutionary change. However, they viewed the working of selection differently. For Darwin, selection was always focused on the benefit for the individual. For Wallace, selection was as much something of benefit for the group as for the individual. This difference is traced to their different background political-economic views, with Darwin in favor of Adam Smith's view of society and Wallace following Robert Owen in being a socialist.

  7. Ray & Charles Eames : aatomid, toolid ja universumi äär / Tõnu Kaalep

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaalep, Tõnu, 1966-


    Californias elanud disainiklassikutest Ray (1912-1988) ja Charles (1907-1978) Eamesist. Kasutasid oma mööbliloomingus lisaks painutatud vineerile alumiiniumi, fiiberklaasi, plastmassi, terastraati. Uuendasid vormikäsitlust, tehnoloogiat. Nende mööbel oli moodsa ja seninägematu väljanägemisega, kerge, lihtsalt töödeldav. Tegelesid ka fotograafia ja filmiga. Näitus Eamesite loomingust on avatud Londoni Disainimuuseumis. Artikli juures illustratsioonid.

  8. Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, the English and American Perspective on Child Heroes Portrayal


    JEŘÁBKOVÁ, Vanda


    This diploma thesis deals with the portrayal of child heroes in English and American literature, in works of Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. The chosen novels are Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These novels are analysed in the themes of child labour and poverty, racism, religion, the view of the world by children in contrast to the adult perspective, upbringing and education. The last chapter deals with the humour of both ...

  9. Visionäärid ning disaini hälli kiigutajad Charles ja Ray Eames / Katrin Kask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kask, Katrin


    Ameerika disainiklassikute Charles (1907-1978) ja Ray Eamesi (1912-1988) disainitud toolidest. Nende oma majast Californias, mis koosneb tehases valmistatud teras-, vineer- ja klaasdetailidest. Filmidest "Ülevaade Metropolitanist" ja "Powers of Ten"

  10. Rethinking the Extent of Personality and the Heritage of Charles de Gaulle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L V Ponomarenko


    Full Text Available The article is dedicated to life and activity of Charles de Gaulle, outstanding French statesman and commander. It was patriotism and aspiration for a national greatness of France that appeared brightly in de Gaulle’s personality. De Gaulle became a symbol of French Resistance, he saved the prostrate France and made it one of the states that won a victory in the II World War. The author demonstrates the role of de Gaulle in the formation of 5 th Republic and points out that Gaullism became a cornerstone of France’s rebirth and the largest ideological and political tendency in Europe in XX century. The article shows the relationship between Charles de Gaulle and the leaders of the «Big Three» - Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, W. Cherchil. The official visit of the French delegation, led by Charles de Gaulle to the Soviet Union in November-December 1944, as well as the visit of the Soviet delegation headed by Nikita Khrushchev in France in 1960 are described. The author analyzes the main reasons for Ch. de Gaulle for the start of a reform of France's colonial empire, as well as its efforts to ensure the France more influence within NATO.

  11. Molecular Diversity of Methanogens in Feedlot Cattle from Ontario and Prince Edward Island, Canada▿ (United States)

    Wright, André-Denis G.; Auckland, Clare H.; Lynn, Denis H.


    The molecular diversity of rumen methanogens in feedlot cattle and the composition of the methanogen populations in these animals from two geographic locations were investigated using 16S rRNA gene libraries prepared from pooled PCR products from 10 animals in Ontario (127 clones) and 10 animals from Prince Edward Island (114 clones). A total of 241 clones were examined, with Methanobrevibacter ruminantium accounting for more than one-third (85 clones) of the clones identified. From these 241 clones, 23 different 16S rRNA phylotypes were identified. Feedlot cattle from Ontario, which were fed a corn-based diet, revealed 11 phylotypes (38 clones) not found in feedlot cattle from Prince Edward Island, whereas the Prince Edward Island cattle, which were fed potato by-products as a finishing diet, had 7 phylotypes (42 clones) not found in cattle from Ontario. Five sequences, representing the remaining 161 clones (67% of the clones), were common in both herds. Of the 23 different sequences, 10 sequences (136 clones) were 89.8 to 100% similar to those from cultivated methanogens belonging to the orders Methanobacteriales, Methanomicrobiales, and Methanosarcinales, and the remaining 13 sequences (105 clones) were 74.1 to 75.8% similar to those from Thermoplasma volcanium and Thermoplasma acidophilum. Overall, nine possible new species were identified from the two clone libraries, including two new species belonging to the order Methanobacteriales and a new genus/species within the order Methanosarcinales. From the present survey, it is difficult to conclude whether the geographical isolation between these two herds or differences between the two finishing diets directly influenced community structure in the rumen. Further studies are warranted to properly assess the differences between these two finishing diets. PMID:17483285

  12. PrincÃpio da casa dos pombos :uma abordagem diferenciada com objetos de aprendizagem


    Thiago Pinheiro de Aguiar


    Este estudo apresenta a utilizaÃÃo de Objetos de Aprendizagem (OA) para o ensino do PrincÃpio da Casa dos Pombos. Nosso objetivo à inferir se a utilizaÃÃo de Objetos de Aprendizagem facilita o processo de ensino-aprendizagem. O presente estudo foi realizado com uma turma de 2 sÃrie do ensino mÃdio da Escola Estadual de Ensino Fundamental e MÃdio Irapuan Cavalcante Pinheiro, situada em Fortaleza, CearÃ. Por se tratar de estudo experimental, utilizamos uma ...

  13. A dignidade da pessoa humana – Direito subjetivo ou princípio axial?


    Santos Botelho, Catarina


    I. Considerações introdutórias; II. A conquista histórica da dignidade da pessoa humana; III. A positivação da dignidade da pessoa humana nas ordens jurídicas internacional, europeia e constitucional; IV. A força normativa da dignidade da pessoa humana; IV. A força normativa da dignidade da pessoa humana; V. A dignidade da pessoa humana como direito subjetivo ou princípio axial?; VI. Considerações finais.

  14. O princípio da eficiência na reforma administrativa do estado brasileiro


    Lessa, Carlos Damião Pessoa Costa


    Praticamente tudo está positivado no direito brasileiro; o direito administrativo está quase que inteiramente preso à Constituição Federal, em outros direitos filiados ao sistema do common law, os institutos novos podem ser criados com maior facilidade, porque sua validade jurídico-constitucional vai sendo analisada, afirmada ou negada pelo judiciário, com base, apenas, em princípios genéricos constantes da Constituição ou em standards contidos em leis também genéricas. No Bras...

  15. O Teatro e o Princípio de Adesão Emergentista




    A recente descoberta de um fenômeno psicológico e neurocognitivo no Laboratoire d’Imagerie et de eurosciences Cogntivies (Hospital de Estrasburgo) mostra o quanto a aliança entre arte e ciências pode ser uma via de pesquisa das mais fecundas e inesperadas. As aplicações desse estudo sobre o princípio de adesão emergentista são inúmeras (psico-oncologia, arte, comunicação). Assim, os resultados obtidos e que serão brevemente apresentados neste texto demonstram que o teatro, longe de ser soment...

  16. Nepotismo e estado patrimonial no Brasil em face do princípio constitucional da moralidade


    Araújo, José Carlos Evangelista de


    O presente trabalho se propõe a estudar os fenômenos do nepotismo e do patrimonialismo no âmbito da Administração Pública brasileira e o modo como se dá a sua vedação e repressão no contexto de nossa ordem jurídica vigente, especialmente, em face do princípio constitucional da moralidade e do novo sentido e alcance adquirido pela jurisdição constitucional no plano do sistema jurídico-constitucional introduzido pela Constituição Federal de 1988. Os conceitos de nepotismo e de Es...

  17. O princípio da evolução da publicidade na web


    Lúcio Siqueira Amaral


    O trabalho, de cunho teórico, pretende investigar os primórdios da trajetória da publicidade na web e a sua reconfiguração com a inserção constante de novas tecnologias, propondo uma reflexão sobre essa evolução histórica. Objetiva-se, dessa forma, elaborar um panorama, ainda que marcadamente histórico, dos princípios da publicidade na web, em um movimento que busca ressaltar aspectos característicos desse momento. Com base em uma variedade de autores, a seguir é apresentada uma proposta que ...

  18. L'Esthetique Romanesque De Calixthe Beyala Dans Le Petit Prince ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... examine l'esthétique de la romancière à travers Le petit prince de Belleville et Maman a un amant révèle comment son style subversif sert de support pour mieux articuler son discours féministe radical qui milite impérativement en faveur d'une libération de la femme de son joug. Mots-clés: Esthétique, féminisme, radical, ...

  19. La relocalisation des familles victimes de catastrophes naturelles à Port-au-Prince

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilionor Louis


    Full Text Available This essay deals with the relocation of populations affected by natural disasters in Haiti, and focuses on the precarious living conditions before and after disasters. Five cases are analyzed, including two before the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and three after. These cases are select-ed not only from a comparison across cases but in a perspective of anal-ysis between the situation before and after the catastrophe which has definitely contributed to a reconfiguration of the neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince.

  20. Cultura de tecidos vegetais : princípios e aplicações


    Gonçalves, J.C.


    O sumário pormenorizado da lição que agora se apresenta, insere-se na disciplina de Biologia Celular, disciplina do 1° ano, lº semestre, da estrutura curricular dos cursos de Licenciatura em Ciências Agrárias, Ramo Agrícola e Ramo Animal, de Engenharia Florestal e de Engenharia do Ordenamento e Recursos Naturais, cujo programa se encontra em anexo. Trata-se de uma disciplina de carácter geral onde são ministrados aos alunos princípios e conceitos básicos sobre a diversidade do mundo vivo, ...

  1. Breves considerações a respeito do princípio da dignidade da pessoa humana


    Fernando António Rodrigues da Silva Coutinho Oliveira


    A aclamação da dignidade da pessoa humana nas constituições ocidentais conduziu à validação dos princípios como estruturas essenciais a todo o sistema jurídico.A dignidade da pessoa humana é entendida como a fundação primária da continuidade jurídico-politica, porque nela se resume o mínimo denominador comum a todos os membros que pertencem àquela comunidade. Por essa razão, os tribunais consideram que o princípio da dignidade do indivíduo humano descendem, como valor e princípio primordial d...

  2. O princípio de razão suficiente e suas raízes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flora Bezerra da Rocha Fragoso


    Full Text Available Arthur Schopenhauer em sua tese de doutorado efetivamente ressignificou o princípio de razão suficiente e assentou sobre ele as fundações de sua filosofia. Na formulação schopenhaueriana tal princípio é constituído de quatro raízes que dariam conta de explicar os fenômenos do mundo e os objetos de natureza abstrata. O presente artigo propõe-se a expor cada uma dessas raízes e demonstrar de que maneira o princípio de razão suficiente está relacionado ao mundo como representação.

  3. Kant e os princípios de Ulpiano: a erradicação da doutrina do direito natural

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José N. Heck


    Full Text Available O presente artigo procura mostrar que a doutrina kantiana do direito remete a uma versão originaldos princípios ulpianos com o objetivo de converter a milenar doutrina jusnaturalista em aliadada liberdade humana, voltada para a consumação das idéias republicanas e da paz perpétua. Otexto destaca as considerações críticas de Kant acerca da teologia natural de origem wolffi ana erefaz, no semestre de 1784, os princípios de Ulpiano à luz dos princípios normativos da futuraCrítica da razão prática de 1788, que lança as bases da doutrina jurídica do fi lósofo alemão.

  4. Monitoring oiled shorelines in Prince William Sound Alaska, following the Exxon Valdez oil spill

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gilfillan, E.S.; Page, D.S.; Harner, E.J.; Boehm, P.D.; Stoker, S.W.


    Three types of shoreline monitoring programs were employed to evaluate the recovery of the ecological communities of Prince William Sound (PWS) shorelines after the oil spill: (a) Extensive shoreline surveys conducted (1989--1992) over much of the oiled shoreline to define extent of shoreline oiling and to assess biological conditions; (b) Detailed sampling in 1989 at nonrandomly chosen locations representing a range of oiling conditions (c) Comprehensive shoreline ecology program initiated in 1990 to assess shoreline recovery in Prince William Sound using (1) a rigorous stratified random sampling study design with 64 sites representing 4 shoreline habitats and 4 oiling levels (unoiled, light, moderate, heavy); (2) periodic sampling at 12 nonrandomly chosen sites of particular concern. Biological communities were analyzed to detect differences due to oiling in each of 16 habitat/tide zone combinations. Following the spill, populations of all major species survived as sources for recolonization. Recruitment to oiled shores began in summer 1989. By 1990, shoreline biota in PWS had largely recovered. Estimates of shoreline recovery (biological community indistinguishable from reference) ranged from 91% based on univariate analysis of standard community parameters to 73% based on multivariate correspondence analysis

  5. Petroleum hydrocarbons in the water column of Prince William Sound, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Neff, J.M.; Boehm, P.D.; Haas, L.; Kinney, P.J.


    Within a few days after the Exxon Valdez crude oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, a monitoring study was initiated to determine the distribution, concentrations, and changes over time of petroleum hydrocarbons in the water column throughout the Sound. Additional measurements were made of the concentrations and compositions of petroleum hydrocarbons in surface sheens of weathered crude oil occasionally observed in the Sound. This paper reports that measured concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in the water column of prince William Sound have been consistently low since measurements began in late March 1989. For a brief period in April, in regions of the Sound where the oil spread, there was a measurable increase in the upper water column in the average concentrations of the potentially toxic fractions of oil, the volatile aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The average measured concentration of VOAs in the water column reached a peak of about 2 μg/L in early April. By late April, average VOA concentrations had returned to levels comparable to those in water samples from unoiled reference areas

  6. Aspects of hydrocarbon fingerprinting using PLS : new data from Prince William Sound

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mudge, S.M.


    Multivariate statistical methods are now being applied to large chemical datasets. ExxonMobil and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) teams that are addressing the issue of background hydrocarbons in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska are applying the Partial Least Squares (PLS) method to re-analyse NOAA data presented at the Arctic and Marine Oilspill Program (AMOP) in 2001. New data, which has emerged for coal and oil signatures, has been examined further. The effects of zeros in the dataset can be overcome by the addition of small values of half this limit, enabling logarithms to be taken of the entire dataset. This significantly improves the usefulness of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Differences in environmental histories was likely the reason for the different signatures of source samples collected close to each other, particularly when aliphatic hydrocarbons were included in the signatures. Coomans' Plots were used to describe key compounds. Signatures derived from formation oils, riperian oils and coals from the eastern Gulf of Mexico gave average fits of 22, 19 and 38 per cent respectively to subtidal samples within Prince William Sound, suggesting that background hydrocarbons comes from mixed and variable sources including both coal and oils. The general conclusion is that absolute partitioning may be impossible because of the commonality between the two sources. 10 refs., 1 tab., 8 figs

  7. Babesia (Theileria) annae in a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) from Prince Edward Island, Canada. (United States)

    Clancey, Noel; Horney, Barbara; Burton, Shelley; Birkenheuer, Adam; McBurney, Scott; Tefft, Karen


    A 4-6-mo-old female red fox (Vulpes vulpes) was presented to the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) Teaching Hospital, Prince Edward Island, Canada. On presentation, the fox was weak and had pale mucous membranes. A complete blood count and a serum biochemistry profile were performed. Blood smear examination revealed low numbers of erythrocytes containing centrally to paracentrally located, single, rarely multiple, approximately 1 x 2 microm, oval to round organisms with morphology similar to Babesia microti. Polymerase chain reaction testing and DNA sequencing of the Babesia species 18S rRNA gene were performed on DNA extracted from whole blood. Results were positive for a Babesia microti-like parasite genetically identical to Babesia (Theileria) annae. The fox was euthanized due to poor prognosis for recovery. Necropsy examination revealed multifocal to locally extensive subacute nonsuppurative meningoencephalitis, an eosinophilic broncho-pneumonia, a moderate diffuse vacuolar hepatopathy, and lesions associated with blunt trauma to the left abdominal region. This is the first reported case of a red fox in Canada infected with a piroplasm. It remains uncertain whether the presence of this hemoparasite in this fox was pathogenic or an incidental finding. The potential for competent vectors of Babesia species on Prince Edward Island, the potential for this Babesia microti-like parasite to infect other wild and domestic canids, and the significance of this parasite to the health of infected individuals are yet to be determined.

  8. Nutrients and Oxygen Limitation for the Biodegradation of Exxon Valdez Oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)

    Sharifi, Y.; Boufadel, M. C.


    Twenty years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, the oil is still lingering in beaches of Prince William Sound, Alaska. We conducted measurements of water level, salinity, nutrients, and dissolved oxygen in a beach on Eleanor Island heavily contaminated in 1989. The measurements were conducted in two transects: One transect contained Heavy Oil Residue (HOR) and the other was clean. Six pits were dug in each transect, and they ranged in depth from 0.9 m to 1.5 m. In each pit, a multiport sampling well and two sampling boxes (each around 200 ml in volume) were placed for collecting water samples at various depths. Nutrients measurements revealed that nitrate-N was around 0.2 mg/L at oiled pits, which is an order of magnitude lower than the concentration needed for optimal degradation of oil by micro-organisms. The dissolved oxygen was less than 0.6 mg/L in the oiled pits while it was, on the average, larger than 4.0 mg/L in the clean pits. This suggests that oxygen limitation could have played a major role in the persistence of oil in beaches of Prince William Sound.

  9. Os princípios argumentativos subjacentes à polifonia da fala infantil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silva, Carmem Luci da Costa


    Full Text Available Neste texto, procuramos evidenciar, a partir da teoria da argumentação na língua, desenvolvida por Ducrot (1984, 1988, 1989 e Anscombre e Ducrot (1995, os princípios argumentativos subjacentes à polifonia em nível de enunciador na fala infantil. O corpus de análise está constituído por narrativas orais de crianças de 2 anos e 5 meses a 5 anos e 5 meses falantes do português do Brasil. A análise dos dados aponta para o fato de que, independentemente da faixa etária, as crianças utilizam de princípios argumentativos subjacentes ás pespectivas enunciativas apresentadas em seus enunciados, orientando o interlocutor para determinadas conclusões. Além disso, verificamos que determinados topoi possibilitam a produção de certos enunciados pela criança, e não pelo adulto. Também evidenciamos que as diferentes vozes presentes nas narrativas infantis reiteram alguns tapoi, o que confere maior argumentativa aos enunciados em que intervêm

  10. “Sex and the Island”: Lives of Single Women in Prince Edward Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristie Collins


    Full Text Available This article considers the significance attributed to Prince Edward Island in managing a marginalized single female identity, as presented by accounts of thirty never-married and previously-married Island women, aged twenty-seven through sixty-five. As popular media and social narratives overwhelmingly position contemporary single women against an urban backdrop, the question arises as to whether unmarried Island women feel “marooned” in ways their urban counterparts may not. In accordance with feminist aims to produce research for, rather than about, women’s lives, the paper focuses on two themes from fieldwork interviews that were of particular interest to participants. The first theme relates to negotiating female singleness within the Island’s family-centered culture, and the second theme presents participants’ talk around advantages and disadvantages of living in Prince Edward Island, Canada, as single women. The paper concludes with a summary of other findings from the study and suggestions for future research on female singleness and island locales.

  11. Writing to the prince. The Sforza internal correspondence and the documentary history of institutions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Nadia Covini


    Full Text Available In this study, we are concerned with the “carteggio interno” of the Fondo Sforzesco, preserved in the State Archive of Milan. This huge documentary deposit can provide the historian both with an unprecedented amount of data and sources of outstanding heuristical potential and with some possible deception, like the lack of information or the complete silence about important events. Starting from a dossier of documents (parts of them enclosed in a digital appendix, we will analize the centrality of the letter. The flexible format of the letter is suitable to express personal feelings, emotions, and also a certain degree of informality and confidence. Writing to the prince, the correspondent is normally inclined to go beyond the rules and to use confidential terms or remember personal acquaintance, in a characteristic mixture between the political sphere and the private and personal dimension. As narrative texts, letters require a careful exegesis and interpretation. Finally, the huge dimensions and the narrative appeal of the “carteggio” may give the wrong impression of a pervasive and powerful State, where the relationship with the prince dominates the political life.

  12. Sistema de precedentes como manifestação do princípio da eficiência no processo


    Ludwig, Guilherme Guimarães


    A presente tese de doutorado propõe o reconhecimento do sistema de precedentes judiciais na tradição romano-germânica como manifestação do princípio constitucional da eficiência aplicado no processo. No Estado Democrático de Direito, a concretização do direito fundamental ao acesso à Justiça evolui para envolver o equilíbrio das garantias processuais constitucionais sob a luz do princípio da eficiência administrativa como vetor de interpretação da norma processual, assegurando um direcionamen...

  13. The Charles River, Eastern Massachusetts: Scientific Information in Support of Environmental Restoration (United States)

    Weiskel, Peter K.


    Human activity has profoundly altered the Charles River and its watershed over the past 375 years. Restoration of environmental quality in the watershed has become a high priority for private- and public-sector organizations across the region. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs worked together to coordinate the efforts of the various organizations. One result of this initiative has been a series of scientific studies that provide critical information concerning some of the major hydrologic and ecological concerns in the watershed. These studies have focused upon: * Streamflows - Limited aquifer storage, growing water demands, and the spread of impervious surfaces are some of the factors exacerbating low summer streamflows in headwater areas of the watershed. Coordinated management of withdrawals, wastewater returns, and stormwater runoff could substantially increase low streamflows in the summer. Innovative approaches to flood control, including preservation of upstream wetland storage capacity and construction of a specially designed dam at the river mouth, have greatly reduced flooding in the lower part of the watershed in recent decades. * Water quality - Since the mid-1990s, the bacterial quality of the Charles River has improved markedly, because discharges from combined sewer overflows and the number of illicit sewer connections to municipal storm drains have been reduced. Improved management of stormwater runoff will likely be required, however, for full attainment of State and Federal water-quality standards. Phosphorus inputs from a variety of sources remain an important water-quality problem. * Fish communities and habitat quality - The Charles River watershed supports a varied fish community of about 20 resident and migratory species. Habitat conditions for fish and other aquatic species have improved in many parts of the river system in recent years. However, serious challenges remain


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    constitutional duties of the sub—district structures are being marred by the conflict between the Jirapa/Lambussie ... ance system contributes to the creation of community solidarity because everyone feels involved in what is ... principle had evolved to govern the delimitation of their areas, their constitution, functions, and ...

  15. Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: a case report of posttraumatic stress disorder. (United States)

    Huber, Thomas J; te Wildt, Bert T


    In posttraumatic stress disorder, a traumatic event is persistently re-experienced in the form of intrusive recollections, dreams or dissociative flashback episodes; cues to the event lead to distress and are avoided, and there are persistent symptoms of increased arousal. While this diagnostic concept has been widely discussed and its existence questioned, a novel written by Charles Dickens long before it was included in any diagnostic system can be viewed as an early case report of posttraumatic stress disorder. Copyright 2005 S. Karger AG, Basel

  16. Fat, sleep, and Charles Dickens: literary and medical contributions to the understanding of sleep apnea. (United States)

    Kryger, M H


    Although the relationship between breathing and sleep has only recently been "discovered" by the medical community, excellent literary descriptions of what we know to be the sleep apnea syndrome were made long ago. Although ancient Greek writings described probable sleep apnea, the most important literary contributions in this area are by Charles Dickens. His description of Joe the fat boy in the Pickwick Papers is an example of his brilliant skills of observation and description. It was not until about 140 years after Pickwick Papers was published that we understood what he was describing.

  17. The Observers Observed: Charles Dickens at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in 1850 (United States)

    Chapman, A.


    In 1850 the magazine Household Words, which Charles Dickens edited, published three articles describing the instruments and workings of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. These 'popular' articles are invaluable primary sources for the historian of astronomy. They convey some of the Victorian public's fascination with an Institution believed by some to be a lighthouse for night-time shipping on the river Thames; by others, a national repository of 'divining rods' and 'magic mirrors'. Dickens was clearly impressed by the pragmatic usefulness of the Observatory to a commercial and maritime nation, and by seemingly magical, self-acting and recording instruments whereby the wind wrote its own 'Aeolian Autobiography'.



    DESILES, Emmanuel


    International audience; A travers le recueil "L'erbo de la routo", il est proposé de découvrir la vision du monde de l'auteur provençal Charles Galtier. S'appuyant sur le principe mathématique des fractales de Mandelbrot, ou encore sur le principe théologique de l'hologramme du père François Brune, l'étude prend le conte "L'Ase" pour exemple et synecdoque de cette vision cosmologique.

  19. The Colonel’s Dream and Charles Chesnutt’s Afrofuturist Vision of a Utopian South

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marlene Allen


    Full Text Available This essay reads Charles Chesnutt’s final published novel The Colonel’s Dream as an early work of Afrofuturism because of its speculation of the South as the site of a possible utopia for African Americans. The novel’s protagonist, Colonel Henry French, dreams of creating a capitalist utopia in his hometown of Clarendon, North Carolina, where both white Americans and African Americans who are eugenically fit can rise both socially and economically. However, in the end, the Colonel’s dream fails because he finds that the South has not progressed from the psychological hold that racism has on the mindset of white southerners.

  20. The paradoxical advantages and disadvantages of natural selection: the case history of Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Lieb, J


    The biology of natural selection is an enduring mystery, as is the nature of Charles Darwin's chronic illness. Of the theories advanced to explain the latter, Oedipal conflicts and Chagas' disease are preeminent. Hypomania, however, propelled Darwin to the pinnacle of scientific achievement and good health, the depression that followed condemning him to intellectual stagnation, lethargy, impaired memory and concentration, and incapacitating gastrointestinal disorders. Examples of natural selection in humans are much sought after when, ironically, one need look no further than Darwin himself.

  1. The sons of Caim: the race of outcasts and disinherited in Walter Benjamin and Charles Baudelaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo André Ferreira Martins


    Full Text Available This article aims to develop a reflection essay about the philosophical and literary representation concerning the marginalized and oppressed in history, inside the works of Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin. This is to ascertain and analyze how these two authors, from their respective works, allowed the proletariat gradually took the shape of an object and productive character for social and lyrical reflection, thus, in the wake of works as Flowers of Evil, the assumption of themes drawn from a tradition historically long, connected, in turn, by the recent historiographical perspective from below.

  2. Charles Baudelaire y la fotografía: el ojo-cámara del poeta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariana de Cabo


    Full Text Available In Charles Baudelaire’s «Tableaux parisiens» and Le Spleen de Paris, an eye-camera that takes pictures of reality operates in a latent way. This photographic metaphor allows the poet to capture the Parisian landscape to fix it in the positive of poetry. In this article we analyze Baudelairian poetics by an interdisciplinary perspective that combines the language of literature and photography. We will use as theoretical framework Philippe Hamon’s semiological approach and Walter Benjamin Marxist theory.

  3. Don Quixote goes to Hollywood: la reescritura del mito por Charles Chaplin


    Bautista Naranjo, Esther


    El personaje de Charlot, creado por Charles Chaplin, traspone al cine mudo el mito de don Quijote. Unidos por el vínculo de la picaresca, ambos escenifican una dura crítica hacia la modernidad en sus diferentes estadios. Hay que distinguir el simple humorismo vodevilesco de Charlot en las breves tiras de 1914 de su configuración tragicómica desde algunos cortometrajes de 1915 hasta Modern Times (1936). Más allá de sus risibles apariencias físicas, y de sus disparatadas peripecias, subyacen en...

  4. The right versus the good? On the right in the Philosophy of Charles Taylor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier García Caladín


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to analyze the famous confrontation between the right and the good. We start with the analysis of Charles Taylor about the different significances of the good and his criticism to a procedural and restrictive approach of the moral (such as Habermas and Kymlicka. Secondly, we review in depth the ethics of Taylor and we stress the vague remark of «the just» in the use of Taylor. Finally, we evaluate the deontological deficiencies of the ethics of Taylor and try to find other ways to complement it.


    Nakano, Takeshi

    The aim of this paper is to interpret Charles Horton Cooley's "Theory of Transportation", situating it in his interactionist sociology of communication and social process. Cooley defines transportation as a spatial and physical form of communication. He also develops a interactionist theory of valuation and articulates that value as an end of action is shaped an d transformed by communication and interaction. These insights suggest that transportation as a form of communication will change and develop economic society through transforming personal desires and values so as to change behaviours. Cooley's theory implies that an interactionist approach is useful for understanding the subjective side of phenomena of transportation.

  6. Eye-related visual hallucinations: Consider ′Charles Bonnet syndrome′

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilgun Cinar


    Full Text Available The Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS is typically characterized by visual hallucinations in elderly people without cognitive defects. This article presents the case of an 80-year-old male patient with a one-year history of visual hallucinations, secondary to glaucoma, in both eyes. Neither a dopamine agonist nor cholinesterase inhibitor therapy improved his symptoms. In this case, the hallucinations were gradually improved after administration of a GABAergic drug, pregabalin, for diabetic polyneuropathy. Placebo-controlled clinical trials would be needed to support this effect of pregabalin, as suggested by this association.

  7. Northern forests, Chapter 7 (United States)

    L.H. Pardo; C.L. Goodale; E.A. Lilleskov; L.H. Geiser


    The Northern Forests ecological region spans much of Canada, from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland; its southern portion extends into the northern United States (CEC 1997). The U.S. component includes the northern hardwood and spruce-fir forest types and encompasses parts of the Northeast (mountainous regions in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,...

  8. The priorities of an enlightened monarch: the limitations of the military-fiscal state under Charles III

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rafael Torres Sánchez


    Full Text Available This article examines the features of the Spanish Military-Fiscal State of Charles III. We have compared the Spanish state with Britain in order to revise Barbier and Klein´s thesis about how the military priorities of Charles III restricted the modernization of his state and caused the monarchy´s fall into debt and bankruptcy. The British case demonstrates how its own success was based on the establishment of a Military-Fiscal State and the constant military activity driven by an aggressive mercantile policy. We conclude that the Military-Fiscal State in Charles III´s Spain was not as well-developed as that of contemporary Great Britain. Spain devoted fewer resources to war, maintained a minimum military activity, and the mobilisation of resources lacked the flexibility found in Britain´s case. All this, along with a profound distrust in the use of public debt as the main way to fund war, meant that Charles III´s state did not become a real “war machine” as did George III´s state. In this article we propose that the weakness of Charles III lay in his limited interest in the development of a true Military-Fiscal State.

  9. Social Movements Against Racist Police Brutality and Department of Justice Intervention in Prince George's County, Maryland. (United States)

    Hutto, Jonathan W; Green, Rodney D


    Racist police brutality has been systemic in Prince George's County, Maryland. The victims include African Americans, the mentally challenged, and immigrant populations, creating a complex and uneven public health impact. Three threads characterize the social movements and intervention since 1970. First, a significant demographic shift occurred as African Americans became the majority population in the late 1980s when the first Black county executive was elected in 1994. Despite the change in political leadership, police brutality remained rampant. Lower-income households located close to the District of Columbia and "inside the beltway" experienced the most police brutality. In 2001, The Washington Post revealed that between 1990 and 2000, Prince George's police shot and killed more citizens per officer than any of the 50 largest city and county law enforcement agencies in the country, 84 % of whom were black. Of the 147 persons shot during the 1990s, 12 were mentally and/or emotionally disturbed; 6 of these shootings were fatal. Second, resistance to police brutality emerged in a variety of political formations throughout the period, especially in the late 1990s. Sustained community pressure prompted the Department of Justice (DOJ) to open a civil rights investigation of the police department in November 2000. To avoid a potential federal lawsuit, the county leadership negotiated a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the DOJ to enact policy reforms, part of which called for supplementing the departmental mobile crisis team, comprised of mental health care professionals, to respond to all cases involving mentally challenged citizens. Third, the incomplete process of change subsequent to the ending of DOJ oversight suggests a continued challenge to social movements opposing police brutality. This study focuses on the effectiveness of the MOA along with the activism of the People's Coalition for Police Accountability (PCPA) in reforming a culture of police brutality

  10. Técnica de Charles en elefantiasis de extremidad inferior: caso clínico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laia Obregón-Palaín

    Full Text Available La primera opción terapéutica para el linfedema consiste en medidas conservadoras conocidas como terapia descongestiva compleja, de la que se benefician muchos pacientes. Sin embargo, los casos refractarios severos requieren abordaje quirúrgico. Existen numerosas técnicas disponibles con tasas de recurrencia variables. La técnica de Charles es una alternativa apropiada para los casos más severos. Presentamos nuestra experiencia en un caso en varón de 21 años de edad con elefantiasis masiva de la extremidad inferior izquierda secundaria a linfedema congénito sin respuesta al tratamiento conservador. Tras una valoración clínica y radiológica exhaustiva se propone cirugía ablativa según la técnica de Charles, que llevamos a cabo en 3 tiempos quirúrgicos en 8 meses con resultados globalmente favorables. De paso revisamos la práctica actualmente aceptada para el tratamiento del linfedema de la extremidad inferior y las opciones terapéuticas disponibles.

  11. Prevalence and clinical characteristics of Charles Bonnet syndrome in Madrid, Spain. (United States)

    Santos-Bueso, Enrique; Sáenz-Francés, Federico; Serrador-García, Mercedes; Porta-Etessam, Jesús; Martínez-de-la-Casa, José María; García-Feijoo, Julián; García-Sánchez, Julián


    Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a condition characterized by development of visual hallucinations in patients with no cognitive impairment and significant loss of vision mainly caused by age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or glaucoma. This was a study of prevalence and characteristics of CBS diagnosed at the Neuroophthalmic Unit within the Ophthalmology Department of Hospital Clínico San Carlos (HCSC), Madrid, Spain. The CBS prevalence in patients from HCSC Madrid is 0.47%, rising to 15% in patients with low vision. Women over 80 years of age comprised 58.3% of the patients, who mainly had AMD (58.3%). Main characteristics of hallucinations included animals (50%), color (58.3%), moving (75%), 6- to 12-month evolution (50%), three times a day frequency (75%), and 3- to 5-minute duration (50%). Charles Bonnet syndrome is a complex process that must be treated jointly by ophthalmologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists in order to ensure accurate diagnosis and adequate management. New studies are needed in order to improve awareness of clinical manifestation of this condition, the incidence of which is underestimated due to patients' fear of being branded mentally ill, as well as physicians' lack of knowledge about CBS.

  12. General Charles F. Bolden, Jr. and Professor Claude Nicollier reunite during visit to CERN

    CERN Multimedia

    Jordan Juras


    Thursday 23 June, CERN saw an unlikely and much savoured meeting between two old colleagues and friends: General Charles F. Bolden, Jr. and Professor Claude Nicollier.   Bolden and Nicollier were separately invited to CERN for different reasons - Charles Bolden had been invited by Professor Samuel Ting to visit the newly built and now fully operational Payload Operation and Control Centre of the AMS collaboration and Claude Nicollier had been invited by the Theory Department to give a colloquium. They were delightfully surprised when they met at the entrance of the main building. Bolden and Nicollier served together in the Space Shuttle Program and were trained by NASA during the 1980’s where they became close friends. On 24 April, 1990, Bolden piloted the Space Shuttle Discovery into orbit with the Hubble telescope in the payload bay. Though Nicollier did not accompany Bolden during the Hubble launch, he did return to the telescope 3 years later on board the Space Shuttle Ende...

  13. Charles Darwin's beagle voyage, fossil vertebrate succession, and "the gradual birth & death of species". (United States)

    Brinkman, Paul D


    The prevailing view among historians of science holds that Charles Darwin became a convinced transmutationist only in the early spring of 1837, after his Beagle collections had been examined by expert British naturalists. With respect to the fossil vertebrate evidence, some historians believe that Darwin was incapable of seeing or understanding the transmutationist implications of his specimens without the help of Richard Owen. There is ample evidence, however, that he clearly recognized the similarities between several of the fossil vertebrates he collected and some of the extant fauna of South America before he returned to Britain. These comparisons, recorded in his correspondence, his diary and his notebooks during the voyage, were instances of a phenomenon that he later called the "law of the succession of types." Moreover, on the Beagle, he was following a geological research agenda outlined in the second volume of Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology, which implies that paleontological data alone could provide an insight into the laws which govern the appearance of new species. Since Darwin claims in On the Origin of Species that fossil vertebrate succession was one of the key lines of evidence that led him to question the fixity of species, it seems certain that he was seriously contemplating transmutation during the Beagle voyage. If so, historians of science need to reconsider both the role of Britain's expert naturalists and the importance of the fossil vertebrate evidence in the development of Darwin's ideas on transmutation.

  14. [The North African plague and Charles Nicolle's theory of infectious diseases]. (United States)

    Ben, Néfissa Kmar; Moulin, Anne Marie


    Many infectious diseases were described in North Africa in 18th-19th centuries by European travellers. Most of them were allegedly imported by new migrant populations coming from sub-Saharan, European or Middle East countries. Plague outbreaks have been described since the Black Death as diseases of the Mediterranean harbours. Charles Nicolle and his collaborators at the Pasteur Institute were witnesses to the extinction of plague and typhus fever in Tunisia. Both could be considered as endemo-epidemic diseases propagated by ancient nomad communities for centuries. Typhus was exported to other countries; plague was imported by Mediterranean travellers but also hid in unknown wild-animal reservoirs. The role of the bite of a rat's flea was not confirmed and the pneumonic form might have prevailed in the medieval North African cities. Association between plague, typhus, flu and other causes of immune deficiencies could explain the high morbidity and mortality caused by plague in the past. The authors comment the local history of plague at the light of the evolutionary laws of infectious disease proposed by Charles Nicolle in 1930.

  15. Zooplankton around Marion and Prince Edward Islands; 24 March 1976 to 25 November 1976 (NODC Accession 0000940) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Samples of zooplankton taken at 12 stations around Marion and Prince Edward Islands (47oS - 35oE) in March 1976 from the 'Marion-Dufresne' and at 2 stations in the...

  16. How Direct Descendants of a School Lockout Achieved Academic Success: Resilience in the Educational Attainments of Prince Edward County's Children (United States)

    Williams, Randolph, Jr.


    From 1959 to 1964, approximately 1,700 Black children in Prince Edward County, Virginia were denied schooling, due to the county leaders' decision to close schools--a defiant response to federal racial desegregation mandates stemming from "Brown v. Board of Education" (1954, 1955). Yet from one of the most extreme cases of injustice in…

  17. The Hidden Role of Fraternal Organizations in the Education of Black Adults: Prince Hall Freemasonry as a Case Study (United States)

    Muraskin, William


    Prince Hall Freemasonry is the black branch of the international Freemasonic Order. Its role in the educational development of black Masons over the last 200 years is discussed. The following areas of teaching are the focal points: business administration, community leadership, middle class values, self government, and responsibilities of manhood.…

  18. Basic epidemiological data on metazoan parasites of notothenioid fish off James Ross Island (Prince Gustav Channel, Weddell Sea), Antarctica

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Nezhybová, Veronika; Mašová, Š.


    Roč. 5, č. 1 (2015), s. 44-54 ISSN 1805-0689 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GBP505/12/G112 Institutional support: RVO:68081766 Keywords : Host * Notothenioid fish * Parasites * Prince Gustav Channel * Weddell Sea Subject RIV: EG - Zoology

  19. Os falanstérios e a crítica da sociedade industrial: revisitando Charles Fourier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José D’Assunção Barros


    Full Text Available Este artigo busca examinar as idéias de Charles Fourier, escritor do século XIX habitualmente considerado como um “socialista utópico”. Uma introdução ao Socialismo Utópico no século XIX, incluindo comentários sobre outros socialistas utópicos como Saint-Simon e Robert Owen, prepara uma análise mais específica dos principais aspectos apresentados por Charles Fourier em seu Falanstério. Também são examinados aspectos relacionados à crítica social dirigida por Charles Fourier contra a sociedade industrial de sua época.

  20. "Prince Charming Syndrome?" Gender gap in preferences for defined contribution pensions in Japan. (United States)

    Watanabe, Satoshi P


    Using survey data collected by the Japan Institute of Life Insurance in 2002, this study finds that a significant gender gap existed in defined contribution (DC) pension knowledge among workers employed at small- to medium-sized private firms in Japan. Even with similar DC knowledge, however, men and women reveal different preferences for DC pensions, indicating that their perceptional responses may widely differ from actual behaviors. Apart from the knowledge gap, the result shows evidence of the Prince Charming Syndrome among female employees as a significant source of the gender gap in DC participation rates. Among corporate pension-covered employees, the gender difference in the efficacy of DC portability is a more significant gap-generating factor. DC tax advantage is particularly favored by pension-covered female employees over male counterparts, reducing the DC preference gap. No similar evidence is found for employees with no corporate pension coverage.

  1. Oil spill response planning, training and facilities for wildlife in Prince William Sound, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hillman, S.O.


    The special provisions of the SERVS System of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company concerning the treatment of wildlife in the event of an oil spill, were described. The Company is prepared to mobilize a rapid response for protection and treatment of wildlife in the event of an oil spill anywhere along the trans-Alaska pipeline or in Prince William Sound. Equipment for hazing, capture, and treatment is pre-assembled and staged at facilities at the Valdez Marine Terminal. Veterinarians and wildlife treatment specialists are under contract for treating oiled birds. This complex of wildlife response capabilities meets or exceeds the guidelines and response planning standards set by wildlife agencies. 7 refs., 6 figs

  2. A teoria da representação como primeiro princípio da filosofia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivanilde Fracalossi


    Full Text Available Este artigo visa mostrar a contribuição que Reinhold oferece para o Idealismo Alemão, período filosófico subsequente a Kant quando, determinado a encontrar o ponto de partida do qual derive os conhecimentos teórico e moral, não hesita em examinar cuidadosamente todas as filosofias que imediatamente surgem após a dele e, muitas vezes, até se rende a elas, considerando-as mais apropriadas que a sua própria para o alcance daquilo que buscava: um primeiro princípio que vincule o que em Kant estava separado. Para tanto, Reinhold parte do método transcendental kantiano, e, assim, tenta também, numa só tacada, escapar daquilo que Jacobi chamou de subjetivismo absoluto, referindo-se ao método kantiano.

  3. O Teatro e o Princípio de Adesão Emergentista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A recente descoberta de um fenômeno psicológico e neurocognitivo no Laboratoire d’Imagerie et de eurosciences Cogntivies (Hospital de Estrasburgo mostra o quanto a aliança entre arte e ciências pode ser uma via de pesquisa das mais fecundas e inesperadas. As aplicações desse estudo sobre o princípio de adesão emergentista são inúmeras (psico-oncologia, arte, comunicação. Assim, os resultados obtidos e que serão brevemente apresentados neste texto demonstram que o teatro, longe de ser somente um simples veículo de entretenimento, pode, como pensava Aristóteles, participar e contribuir ao bem estar e à evolução da comunidade. Este texto constitui, da sua maneira, um pleito pela interdisciplinaridade ativa

  4. O Teatro e o Princípio de Adesão Emergentista

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yannick Bressan


    Full Text Available A recente descoberta de um fenômeno psicológico e neurocognitivo no Laboratoire d’Imagerie et de eurosciences Cogntivies (Hospital de Estrasburgo mostra o quanto a aliança entre arte e ciências pode ser uma via de pesquisa das mais fecundas e inesperadas. As aplicações desse estudo sobre o princípio de adesão emergentista são inúmeras (psico-oncologia, arte, comunicação. Assim, os resultados obtidos e que serão brevemente apresentados neste texto demonstram que o teatro, longe de ser somente um simples veículo de entretenimento, pode, como pensava Aristóteles, participar e contribuir ao bem estar e à evolução da comunidade. Este texto constitui, da sua maneira, um pleito pela interdisciplinaridade ativa.

  5. [The work by Prince Korab. Analysis of the writings of a paranoiac]. (United States)

    Salem, G


    This note concerns the analysis of a work written in the early years of the century by a discredited Polish nobleman. The book, pseudo-encyclopaedic in character and didactic in tone is cast presumably in the mould of the "Guide to the Perplexed". Among other traits it reflects a paranoiac personality. In the course of his observations the author of the article raises the question of pathography in general. After a historical and epistemological survey of the working methods employed in this field, he suggests a new critical attitude which claims to be "multi-disciplinary". Taking its stand on several different points of view - philosophical, literary, linguistic, psychodynamic. The analysis of the book by Prince Korab serves to illustrate this "non-reductive" form of approach.

  6. O princípio da evolução da publicidade na web

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lúcio Siqueira Amaral


    Full Text Available O trabalho, de cunho teórico, pretende investigar os primórdios da trajetória da publicidade na web e a sua reconfiguração com a inserção constante de novas tecnologias, propondo uma reflexão sobre essa evolução histórica. Objetiva-se, dessa forma, elaborar um panorama, ainda que marcadamente histórico, dos princípios da publicidade na web, em um movimento que busca ressaltar aspectos característicos desse momento. Com base em uma variedade de autores, a seguir é apresentada uma proposta que busca representar as primeiras fases da evolução da publicidade na web.

  7. Status of intertidal infaunal communities following the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska. (United States)

    Fukuyama, Allan K; Shigenaka, Gary; Coats, Douglas A


    Intertidal infaunal communities were sampled in Prince William Sound, Alaska from 1990-2000 to evaluate impacts and recovery from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Initial findings suggested that the spill and cleanup depressed abundances of all taxonomic groups. By 1992, abundances of major taxonomic categories at disturbed sites had either converged or paralleled populations at Unoiled sites. Abundances of littleneck clams, Leukoma (Protothaca) staminea, slowly increased at Treated sites and converged with Unoiled sites by 2000. Infaunal population differences positively correlated with fine-grained sediments at Treated sites. We believe that sediment fines removal during cleanup, and subsequent slow natural replenishment, impeded the return of the environment to pre-spill conditions. This suggests physical recovery of spill-affected beaches is an important precursor to biological recovery. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. De l'eau pour les pauvres à Port-au-Prince, Haïti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Véronique Verdeil


    Full Text Available L'explosion urbaine de Port-au-Prince s'est accompagnée de la prolifération des bidonvilles et de la dégradation des conditions de vie de ses habitants. Le service public d'eau potable, très déficient, s'est doublé de formes multiples d'alimentation en eau. Un programme de bornes-fontaines payantes commence à changer le paysage et la vie de certains quartiers défavorisés, qui expérimentent par la gestion de ce nouveau service, à la fois public et communautaire, la voie d'une intégration à la ville.

  9. Analysis of the Exxon Valdez oil spill impacts on Prince William Sound pink salmon

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brannon, E.L.; Moulton, L.L.; Maki, A.W.


    The impact of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on pink salmon in Prince William Sound (PWS), was studied. Since the incident, numerous and extensive field and laboratory studies have been completed by various scientists. This paper synthesized information on the post-spill salmon harvests, the concentration of petroleum that entered the water column, the number of streams oiled, and stream sediment chemistry, to determine the potential for oil spill effects. Results from this study showed that oiling to the extent experienced during incubation and rearing during both the spring and fall of 1989 through the spring of 1991, resulted in no measurable effects on the PWS pink salmon. The estimated losses predicted earlier, likely exceeded actual losses. 16 refs., 4 tabs., 4 figs

  10. Travancore's magnetic crusade: geomagnetism and the geography of scientific production in a princely state. (United States)

    Ratcliff, Jessica


    In 1840 the raja of Travancore, Swathi Thirunal, would offer his government's assistance to the British Association for the Advancement of Science and its plan for a global system of magnetic observations. Over the next thirty years, the two directors of this princely state's observatory, John Caldecott and John Allan Broun, would pursue fundamental terrestrial magnetic research. Their efforts would culminate in the Trivandrum [Trevandrum] Magnetical Observations (1874). In what follows, the history of this publication is used to shed light on how and why a semi-autonomous princely state such as Travancore would engage the scientific community in Europe at this time. The article focuses in particular on the work of turning observation data into a published report and on how that labour would be distributed between the Indian subcontinent and Europe. Because the production of such reports required dozens of hands and decades of labour, its history can reveal much about the concrete working relationship between informal colony and imperial metropole within the British Empire. The Trivandrum Magnetic Observations were produced within a global economy of science in which Travancore sometimes had the upper hand. At the same time, data and scientific productions tended to accumulate in Europe (at least for a time), where ultimately the consumers of scientific products and the arbiters of 'scientific value' also largely remained. Within the sprawling economic, political and cultural infrastructures that linked geomagnetic research in Travancore and Europe, the relative strengths and weaknesses of each region would cut in different directions. The history of the production of the Trivandrum Observations brings to light this robustly interconnected geography of scientific production within the British Empire. It also reveals some of the processes by which 'centres' and 'peripheries' in the sciences were then becoming differentiated.

  11. A importância do princípio da estrita legalidade para o direito tributário

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josycler Aparecida Arana Santos


    Full Text Available The current article aims to present the importance of the principle of the strict legality for the tributary Law which is in accordance with the article 150 I, of the current Federal Constitution. This principle is the foundation of the whole tributary law, for all the other principles subsume under the one cited above. The study develops using the doctrinaire analysis of the juridical concept of principle, evolving to the study of the localization of it in the Magna Carta, and differing between this one and the generic Principle of the legality that is found in the article 5 II of the Federal Constitution.O presente artigo visa apresentar a importância do Princípio da Estrita legalidade para o Direito Tributário, o qual encontra-se previsto no art. 150, I da atual Constituição Federal. Este princípio é o alicerce de todo o direito tributário, pois todos os outros princípios subsumem-se a partir do mesmo. O estudo desenvolve-se a partir da análise doutrinária do conceito jurídico de princípio, evoluindo para o estudo da localização do mesmo na Carta Magna, e diferenciando entre este e o Princípio da Legalidade genérico que se encontra insculpido no art. 5ª, inciso II da Constituição Federal.

  12. Using a Full Complex Site Transfer Function to Estimate Strong Ground Motion in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). (United States)

    ST Fleur, S.; Courboulex, F.; Bertrand, E.; Mercier De Lepinay, B. F.; Hough, S. E.; Boisson, D.; Momplaisir, R.


    To assess the possible impact of a future earthquake in the urban area of Port-au-Prince (Haiti), we have implemented a simulation approach for complex ground motions produced by an earthquake. To this end, we have integrated local site effect in the prediction of strong ground motions in Port-au-Prince using the complex transfer functions method, which takes into account amplitude changes as well as phase changes. This technique is particularly suitable for basins where a conventional 1D digital approach proves inadequate, as is the case in Port-au-Prince. To do this, we use the results of the Standard Spectral Ratio (SSR) approach of St Fleur et al. (2016) to estimate the amplitude of the response of the site to a nearby rock site. Then, we determine the phase difference between sites, interpreted as changes in the phase of the signal related to local site conditions, using the signals of the 2010 earthquake aftershocks records. Finally, the accelerogram of the simulated earthquake is obtain using the technique of the inverse Fourier transform. The results of this study showed that the strongest soil motions are expected in neighborhoods of downtown Port-au-Prince and adjacent hills. In addition, this simulation method by complex transfer functions was validated by comparison with recorded actual data. Our simulated response spectra reproduce very well both the amplitude and the shape of the response spectra of recorded earthquakes. This new approach allowed to reproduce the lengthening of the signal that could be generated by surface waves at certain stations in the city of Port-au-Prince. However, two points of vigilance must be considered: (1) a good signal-to-noise ratio is necessary to obtain a robust estimate of the site-reference phase shift (ratio at least equal to 10); (2) unless the amplitude and phase changes are measured on strong motion records, this technique does not take non-linear effects into account.

  13. Linguagem, Ontologia e a Defesa Aristotélica do Princípio de Não-Contradição

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aldo Lopes Dinucci


    Full Text Available Aristóteles, em seus argumentos em defesa do princípio de não-contradição na Metafísica, provando que o princípio de não-contradição é condição de possibilidade da linguagem e do pensamento, e que, além disto, esse princípio é um axioma do ser enquanto ser ou de todas as coisas, demonstra indiretamente que o homem é capaz de obter um conhecimento científico sobre o nosso mundo e sobre ele mesmo.

  14. H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen, Special Representative of the Romanian Government for Integration, Co-operation and Sustainable Development

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen, Special Representative of the Romanian Government for Integration, Co-operation and Sustainable Development, is seen here visiting Microcosm, CERN's on-site exhibition centre. Photo 01: H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen (right) with his personal adviser Cornel Comsa inside Microcosm's full-scale model of a six-metre section of the LHC. Photos 04-06: H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen with Emma Sanders from ETT Division.

  15. O princípio da vedação do retrocesso e algumas limitações ao poder de tributar


    Okamoto, Priscilla


    Este trabalho tem como objetivo verificar a possibilidade de aplicação do princípio da vedação do retrocesso a algumas normas constitucionais que tratam de limitações ao poder de tributar. Para tanto, em primeiro lugar, foi estudado o princípio da vedação do retrocesso. Em seguida, foram apresentadas noções sobre a não cumulatividade do ICMS, IPI, PIS/Pasep e Cofins, o princípio da capacidade contributiva, a seletividade do ICMS e do IPI, a isenção, a imunidade e o adequado tra...

  16. Charles Dickens and Barnaby Rudge: The First Description of Williams Syndrome? (United States)

    Eblovi, Darren; Clardy, Christopher


    Williams syndrome, a disorder caused by a genetic deletion and characterized by moderate intellectual disability with relatively strong language skills and a hypersocial personality, was first described in the medical literature in 1961. However, 120 years earlier, Charles Dickens wrote the novel Barnaby Rudge, which follows an "idiot" through London's Gordon Riots of 1780. We propose that Dickens based this character on a person he knew with Williams syndrome. Common features include an "elfin" face, decreased cognitive ability and dependence on a caretaker, strong language skills with emphatic and perseverative speech, anxiety, and an empathetic, overly trusting personality. In the novel, these traits lead the character Barnaby to be duped into actively participating in the riots, which nearly results in his hanging. This example of fiction providing a description of a disorder more detailed than that of medical journals more than a century later should encourage physicians to look to sources beyond traditional scientific articles for valuable clinical information. Copyright 2016, SLACK Incorporated.

  17. Récits de voyage, fiction et voyageurs fictifs dans American Notes de Charles Dickens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nathalie VANFASSE


    Full Text Available Dickens effectua sa première visite aux Etats-Unis de janvier à juin 1842. Ce séjour inclut un mois au Canada. À la suite de ce voyage, le romancier publia American Notes qui parurent la même année. Dans son ouvrage intitulé Innocent Abroad : Charles Dickens’s American Engagements (1990, Jerome Meckier énumère les récits de voyage consacrés aux Etats-Unis que Dickens est supposé avoir consultés ou lus avant son propre périple : Diary in America (1839 du Capitaine Frederick Marryat, Observat...

  18. Yves-Charles Grandjeat. John Edgar Wideman. Le feu et la neige.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nathalie Cochoy


    Full Text Available John Edgar Wideman, auteur noir américain contemporain, est généralement connu en France pour la complexité de son écriture. L’œuvre de Wideman paraît en effet déroutante : le brouillage vertigineux des repères narratifs, la porosité des frontières entre réalité et fiction, la dislocation soudaine de la syntaxe, emportée par la violence d’un témoignage ou par la pulsation d’un blues, brisent les modes de pensée et de lecture traditionnels. Or, selon Yves-Charles Grandjeat, auteur de ce très b...

  19. Locating a Theoretical Framework for the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Charles Taylor or Nancy Fraser?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin S. Petoukhov


    Full Text Available The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC of Canada was established to uncover and acknowledge the injustices that took place in Indian residential schools and, in doing so, to pave the way to reconciliation. However, the TRC does not define reconciliation or how we would know it when (and if we get there, thus stirring a debate about what it could mean. This article examines two theories that may potentially be relevant to the TRC’s work: Charles Taylor’s theory of recognition and Nancy Fraser’s tripartite theory of justice. The goal is to discover what each theory contributes to our understanding of the harms that Indigenous peoples suffered in residential schools, as well as in the broader colonial project, and how to address these harms appropriately.

  20. Francine CHAREST, Alain LAVIGNE et Charles MOUMOUNI (dir.) (2015), Médias sociaux et relations publiques


    Dagenais, Bernard


    On le répète depuis de nombreuses années, le monde des relations publiques a tardé à se mettre à l’heure des médias sociaux. En même temps, il n’y a guère aujourd’hui de stratégie de relations publiques qui ne mentionnent la nécessité de développer un volet numérique et mobile et l’importance d’inclure les médias sociaux dans leur communication intégrée. À ce sujet, le titre du livre dirigé par Francine Charest, Alain Lavigne et Charles Moumouni est prometteur puisque l’on allait entreprendre...

  1. Charles Bonnet syndrome associated with a first attack of multiple sclerosis. (United States)

    Komeima, Keiichi; Kameyama, Takashi; Miyake, Yozo


    We treated a rare case of Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) manifested during temporary blindness in both eyes caused by optic neuritis associated with a first attack of multiple sclerosis (MS). A 66-year-old Japanese woman became completely blind for 3 months due to optic neuritis after a first attack of MS. During the blind period, she experienced vivid visual hallucinations for about 2 weeks. The patient had no psychiatric disorders or cognitive impairments; therefore, the visual hallucinations during the period of blindness were indicative of CBS. Unexpectedly, the hallucinations disappeared without treatment following her recovery of vision. Although rare, visual impairment during a first attack of MS can be associated with visual hallucinations indicative of CBS. The hallucinations can disappear spontaneously with the recovery of vision without treatment.

  2. The flavour of ideas. Synaesthesia and ideasthesia in Charles Baudelaire’s Correspondences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zuzanna Kozłowska


    Full Text Available The article constitutes a re-reading of Charles Baudelaire’s Correspondences in the light of the controversial concept of ideasthesia. The author proposes that the sonnet operates on three levels of sensory cognition: an initial stage of rational sensory segmentation, a subsequent synaesthetic fusion of odours, sounds and colours, and finally – an ideasthetic synthesis of feeling and knowing.  The final stage of sensory processing triumphantly concludes the Symbolist quest for an elusive “beyond”, approximating the material and the ideal – the mechanism of which resembles an ideasthetic processing of sensory data. The poem mirrors the cognitive optimism characteristic of Baudelaire’s early thinking, soon to dissipate into melancholic (or Manichean cognitive bankruptcy.

  3. Pursuit of medical knowledge: Charles Donovan (1863-1951) on kala-azar in India. (United States)

    Dutta, Achintya Kumar


    Kala-azar was a lethal disease in colonial India. Charles Donovan of the Indian Medical Service (IMS) in Madras discovered the parasite independently in 1903 while William Boog Leishman was carrying out his research in Great Britain. Donovan's discovery ended the confusion prevalent over the anomalous and puzzling cases of malarial fevers in India and proved they were not related to malaria. This added to the promotion of medical knowledge, initiated further research and created enthusiasm among medical scientists throughout the world. Donovan was the first person to see the kala-azar parasite in the peripheral blood and thus provided a clue to the carriage and transmission of the kala-azar parasite by the insect through peripheral blood. Donovan's research on kala-azar also convinced the government of its utility and the need for further investigation; he fell victim to professional rivalry.

  4. Don Quijote goes to Hollywood: The rewrite of myth by Charles Chaplin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esther Bautista Naranjo


    Full Text Available The character of Charlot, created by Charles Chaplin, rewrites the myth of don Quixote in silent movies. While sharing the roots of the picaresque tradition, they represent a harsh criticism of modernity in all its stages. A distinction has to be made between the plain vaudevillesque humor of Charlot in the brief comic strips from 1914 and its tragi-comical shaping in some short films from 1915 up to Modern Times (1936. Beyond their mere physical aspects and their hilarious exploits, an underlying tragic heroism and idealism lead them to uphold all good causes and to support the wronged ones while they also struggle for survival. Charlot combines the comic with the sublime and, as well as the ingenious hidalgo, his soul becomes gradually fuller, deeper and more human. For all these reasons, this character could be regarded as a “quixote” of the big screen.

  5. The Prevalence and Characteristics of Charles Bonnet Syndrome in Turkish Patients with Retinal Disease. (United States)

    Nalcaci, Serhad; İlim, Orhan; Oztas, Zafer; Akkin, Cezmi; Acarer, Ahmet; Afrashi, Filiz; Mentes, Jale


    The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence and clinical characteristics of Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) in a group of Turkish patients with various retinal diseases. Two hundred and sixty-four patients with a best-corrected visual acuity of ≤20/40 in the better-seeing eye were asked with a standardized question whether they had symptoms of CBS. If they responded positively, a questionnaire was verbally administered to learn more about the details of the symptoms. There were 125 (47.3%) females and 139 (52.7%) males with a mean age of 72.1 years (range 31-90). Seventeen (6.4%) patients were diagnosed with CBS. Three (17.7%) patients had noncomplex hallucinations and 14 (82.3%) had complex hallucinations. CBS is not uncommon in visually impaired patients with retinal disease. Clinicians who care for visually impaired patients should be aware of CBS. © 2016 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  6. Advanced electrocardiography can predict mitral regurgitation in cavalier king charles spaniels with myxomatous mitral valve disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Spiljak, Maja; Petric, Alexandra; Olsen, Lisbeth Høier


    ADVANCED ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY CAN PREDICT MITRAL REGURGITATION IN CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS WITH MYXOMATOUS MITRAL VALVE DISEASE. M Spiljak1, AD Petric2, LH Olsen3, A Stepancic4, T Falk3, CE Rasmussen3, V Starc1. 1. Institute of Physiology, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2....... Clinic for Surgery and Small Animal Medicine, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 3. Department of Basic Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 4. Quality Control Department, Metallurgical and Chemical Industry Cinkarna Celje, INC...... onset of symptoms or changes in the standard ECG. Therefore, this study investigates, if advanced ECG can predict the severity of mitral regurgitation (MR) in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) and thereby improve the diagnostic value of ECG. The study included 77 privately owned Cavalier...

  7. Hannah Arendt and Charles Taylor: For the Recovery of the Meaning of the World

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel Guedes Rossatti


    Full Text Available Hannah Arendt and Charles Taylor are two of the philosophers who have most seriously tackled the problem of individualism in the contemporary world and, thus, my proposal is to approximate their respective theories. I shall argue, therefore, that both depart from the very same premise, i.e. the massive presence of individualism at the heart of the ideology of Modernity, as well that both propose fundamentally the same sets of solutions for this problem: 1 the need for a retrieval of republican principles in order to reanimate politics under the conditions of modernity and 2 this in order to recuperate the meaning of the world as something common to human beings. Thus, my proposal aims at the discussion of certain key-elements present in the theory of Taylor in order to throw light on the “communitarian” or dialogical aspects present in the theory of Arendt.

  8. Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology: Sue Frantz. (United States)


    The American Psychological Foundation (APF) Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award recognizes an outstanding career contribution to the teaching of psychology. The 2016 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award is Sue Frantz. Dorothy W. Cantor, president of the APF, will present the Distinguished Teaching Award at the 124th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association on August 5, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. Members of the 2016 APF Board of Trustees are Dorothy W. Cantor, president; David H. Barlow, vice president; Melba J. T. Vasquez, secretary; Richard C. McCarty, treasurer; Elisabeth R. Straus, executive vice president/executive director; Cynthia Belar; Camilla Benbow; Rosie Phillips Bingham; Connie S. Chan; Anthony Jackson; Terence M. Keane; Archie L. Turner; W. Bruce Walsh; and Bonnie Markham and Rick McGraw, APA Board of Directors liaisons. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved).

  9. Review of Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from Data by Charles Wheelan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael T. Catalano


    Full Text Available Wheelan, Charles. Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from Data (New York, NY, W. W. Norton & Company, 2014. 282 pp. ISBN 978-0-393-07195-5 In his review of What Numbers Say and The Numbers Game, Rob Root (Numeracy 3(1: 9 writes “Popular books on quantitative literacy need to be easy to read, reasonably comprehensive in scope, and include examples that are thought-provoking and memorable.” Wheelan’s book certainly meets this description, and should be of interest to both the general public and those with a professional interest in numeracy. A moderately diligent learner can get a decent understanding of basic statistics from the book. Teachers of statistics and quantitative literacy will find a wealth of well-related examples and stories to use in their classes.

  10. 'This excellent observer ...': the correspondence between Charles Darwin and James Crichton-Browne, 1869-75. (United States)

    Pearn, Alison M


    Between May 1869 and December 1875, Charles Darwin exchanged more than 40 letters with James Crichton-Browne, superintendent of the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Wakefield, Yorkshire. This paper charts their relationship within the context of Darwin's wider research networks and methods; it analyses the contribution that Crichton-Browne made to the writing of Expression, arguing that the information he provided materially affected Darwin's thesis, and that it was partly the need to assimilate this that led Darwin to publish Expression separately from Descent. The letters help to reconstruct Crichton-Browne's early research interests, and document Darwin's little-explored role as a patron. Both men are revealed within a collaborative scientific network, with each of them at various times a beneficiary or a promoter.

  11. Honey From Maggots: Aura, Sacrifice, and the Human Universe in Charles Olson's "The Kingfishers" (United States)

    Roethle, Christopher James

    In this thesis, I contend that some form of aura can be recovered from the ravages of technological reproduction described in Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility (Third Version)." Recovering this aura, however, may require adopting an aesthetic of immediacy through destruction and even wanton disposability (what Georges Bataille in his general economic theory calls "nonproductive expenditure") to ensure that, though routinely diluted and discarded, the split-second authenticity of a work remains, its radical ephemerality and formal irreproducibility opposing the enslaving, commodifying powers of the copy. The poetry and poetic theory of American poet Charles Olson, especially in his long poem "The Kingfishers" and his essays "Projective Verse" and "Human Universe," serves as an example of how an author might inscribe auratic energy along nonproductive, general economic lines.

  12. Heart Rate Variability in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with Different Degree of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Caroline Elisabeth; Falk, Bo Torkel; Zois, Nora Elisabeth


    Heart Rate Variability in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with Different Degree of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease Rasmussen, C.E. 1, Falk, T. 1, Zois, N.E. 1, Moesgaard, S.G. 1, Häggström, J. 2, Pedersen, H.D. 3 and Olsen, L.H1. 1Department of Basic Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Life...... Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 2Department of Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden; and 3Novo Nordic A/S, Maaloev, Denmark. Introduction: Modulation of heart rate by the autonomic nervous system can indirectly be measured by heart rate...... variability (HRV). Reduced HRV is seen in dogs with heart failure secondary to myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD). However, HRV is suggested to increase with disease progression in dogs with early stages of MMVD. Comparable results are found in people with primary mitral valve prolapse, a disease...

  13. Advanced electrocardiography can predict mitral regurgitation in cavalier king charles spaniels with myxomatous mitral valve disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Spiljak, Maja; Petric, Alexandra; Olsen, Lisbeth Høier


    ADVANCED ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY CAN PREDICT MITRAL REGURGITATION IN CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS WITH MYXOMATOUS MITRAL VALVE DISEASE. M Spiljak1, AD Petric2, LH Olsen3, A Stepancic4, T Falk3, CE Rasmussen3, V Starc1. 1. Institute of Physiology, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2......., Slovenia Recently, multiple advanced resting electrocardiographic (ECG) techniques have been applied in humans for detection of cardiac autonomic and repolarisation function. This has improved the diagnostic and/or prognostic value of short-time ECG in detection of common human cardiac diseases even before...... onset of symptoms or changes in the standard ECG. Therefore, this study investigates, if advanced ECG can predict the severity of mitral regurgitation (MR) in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) and thereby improve the diagnostic value of ECG. The study included 77 privately owned Cavalier...

  14. Charles Taylor, hermeneutics and social imaginaries: a framework for ethics research. (United States)

    Carnevale, Franco A


    Hermeneutics, also referred to as interpretive phenomenology, has led to important contributions to nursing research. The philosophy of Charles Taylor has been a major source in the development of contemporary hermeneutics, through his ontological and epistemological articulations of the human sciences. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that Taylor's ideas can further enrich hermeneutic inquiry in nursing research, particularly for investigations of ethical concerns. The paper begins with an outline of Taylor's hermeneutical framework, followed by a review of his key ideas relevant for ethics research. The paper ends with a discussion of my empirical research with critically ill children in Canada and France in relation to Taylor's ideas, chiefly Social Imaginaries. I argue that Taylor's hermeneutics provides a substantive moral framework as well as a methodology for examining ethical concerns. © 2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  15. Vietnam. Domination coloniale et résistance nationale (1858-1914), Charles Fourniau


    Delaye, Karine


    Charles Fourniau est l’une des figures marquantes et engagées de l’histoire coloniale du Vietnam. Agrégé d’Histoire, il a été correspondant de presse pour L’Humanité à Hanoi dans les années 1960 avant d’enseigner dans le secondaire et d’entreprendre une colossale thèse d’État sous la direction de Pierre Renouvin et de Jean-Louis Miège. Cet immense travail d’investigation achevé, c’est dans le cadre aixois de l’Institut d’histoire des pays d’Outre-mer (IHPOM) que C. Fourniau a encadré de nombr...

  16. Charles Clifford en la exposición de la Photographic Society de Londres en 1854

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rachel Bullough Ainscough


    Full Text Available En 1854, el fotógrafo Charles Clifford expuso por primera vez en la exposición de la Photographic Society en Londres doce vistas de lugares y monumentos españoles. La selección de las fotografías no se debía a la casualidad sino a otros factores como la limitada extensión geográfica de la primera parte de la obra de Clifford, sus gustos particulares y su interés en temas históricos y el conservacionismo. En el artículo se aborda el tema de la primera visión de Clifford en el contexto de su obra y la transmisión de esta visión a una audiencia británica.

  17. London through Rose-Colored Graphics: Visual Rhetoric and Information Graphic Design in Charles Booth's Maps of London Poverty (United States)

    Kimball, Miles A.


    In this article, I examine a historical information graphic--Charles Booth's maps of London poverty (1889-1902)--to analyze the cultural basis of ideas of transparency and clarity in information graphics. I argue that Booth's maps derive their rhetorical power from contemporary visual culture as much as from their scientific authority. The visual…

  18. A Life of Learning: Nancy Siraisi. Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture for 2010. ACLS Occasional Paper, No. 67 (United States)

    American Council of Learned Societies, 2010


    Nancy Siraisi has been a prolific and leading scholar in the history of medicine and science of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This lecture of hers is the twenty-eighth of series of lectures named for Charles Homer Haskins, first chairman of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) and himself a famed medievalist who brought…

  19. 78 FR 28205 - Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Lake Charles Carbon... (United States)


    ..., which would be constructed and operated by Lake Charles Clean Energy, LLC (LCCE), an affiliate of... under the Industrial Carbon Capture and Sequestration program. DOE prepared this draft EIS in accordance..., verification and accounting (MVA) program aimed at providing an accurate accounting of approximately 1 million...

  20. 3 CFR - Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to the Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor (United States)


    ... to the former Liberian regime of Charles Taylor, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic... extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States constituted by the actions and policies of... throughout Liberia, and that the illicit trade in round logs and timber products was linked to the...

  1. 78 FR 85 - In the Matter of: Emenike Charles Nwankwoala Currently Incarcerated at: Inmate Number 50756-037... (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Bureau of Industry and Security In the Matter of: Emenike Charles... Order with the Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security. The appeal must be filed within 45... first obtained a validated export license from the United States Department of Commerce, in violation of...

  2. 76 FR 24007 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Lake Charles Carbon Capture... (United States)


    ... specific objectives identified in the FOA were Technology Area 1--Large-Scale Industrial CCS Projects from... competitive process under the Industrial Carbon Capture and Sequestration (ICCS) Program. The Lake Charles... ICCS Program by demonstrating advanced technologies that integrate CO 2 capture at industrial sources...

  3. A rapid and accurate approach for prediction of interactomes from co-elution data (PrInCE). (United States)

    Stacey, R Greg; Skinnider, Michael A; Scott, Nichollas E; Foster, Leonard J


    An organism's protein interactome, or complete network of protein-protein interactions, defines the protein complexes that drive cellular processes. Techniques for studying protein complexes have traditionally applied targeted strategies such as yeast two-hybrid or affinity purification-mass spectrometry to assess protein interactions. However, given the vast number of protein complexes, more scalable methods are necessary to accelerate interaction discovery and to construct whole interactomes. We recently developed a complementary technique based on the use of protein correlation profiling (PCP) and stable isotope labeling in amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) to assess chromatographic co-elution as evidence of interacting proteins. Importantly, PCP-SILAC is also capable of measuring protein interactions simultaneously under multiple biological conditions, allowing the detection of treatment-specific changes to an interactome. Given the uniqueness and high dimensionality of co-elution data, new tools are needed to compare protein elution profiles, control false discovery rates, and construct an accurate interactome. Here we describe a freely available bioinformatics pipeline, PrInCE, for the analysis of co-elution data. PrInCE is a modular, open-source library that is computationally inexpensive, able to use label and label-free data, and capable of detecting tens of thousands of protein-protein interactions. Using a machine learning approach, PrInCE offers greatly reduced run time, more predicted interactions at the same stringency, prediction of protein complexes, and greater ease of use over previous bioinformatics tools for co-elution data. PrInCE is implemented in Matlab (version R2017a). Source code and standalone executable programs for Windows and Mac OSX are available at , where usage instructions can be found. An example dataset and output are also provided for testing purposes. PrInCE is the first fast and easy

  4. Mapping turbidity in the Charles River, Boston using a high-resolution satellite. (United States)

    Hellweger, Ferdi L; Miller, Will; Oshodi, Kehinde Sarat


    The usability of high-resolution satellite imagery for estimating spatial water quality patterns in urban water bodies is evaluated using turbidity in the lower Charles River, Boston as a case study. Water turbidity was surveyed using a boat-mounted optical sensor (YSI) at 5 m spatial resolution, resulting in about 4,000 data points. The ground data were collected coincidently with a satellite imagery acquisition (IKONOS), which consists of multispectral (R, G, B) reflectance at 1 m resolution. The original correlation between the raw ground and satellite data was poor (R2 = 0.05). Ground data were processed by removing points affected by contamination (e.g., sensor encounters a particle floc), which were identified visually. Also, the ground data were corrected for the memory effect introduced by the sensor's protective casing using an analytical model. Satellite data were processed to remove pixels affected by permanent non-water features (e.g., shoreline). In addition, water pixels within a certain buffer distance from permanent non-water features were removed due to contamination by the adjacency effect. To determine the appropriate buffer distance, a procedure that explicitly considers the distance of pixels to the permanent non-water features was applied. Two automatic methods for removing the effect of temporary non-water features (e.g., boats) were investigated, including (1) creating a water-only mask based on an unsupervised classification and (2) removing (filling) all local maxima in reflectance. After the various processing steps, the correlation between the ground and satellite data was significantly better (R2 = 0.70). The correlation was applied to the satellite image to develop a map of turbidity in the lower Charles River, which reveals large-scale patterns in water clarity. However, the adjacency effect prevented the application of this method to near-shore areas, where high-resolution patterns were expected (e.g., outfall plumes).

  5. Les femmes et le langage selon Charles Bally: "des moments de décevante inadvertance"?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Durrer, Sylvie


    Full Text Available Les problématiques rassemblées parfois sous la désignation de "Language and Gender" figurent également dans les publications du linguiste suisse Charles Bally. Cet axe de réflexion, qui n’a guère été remarqué dans son œuvre, mérite d’être mis en lumière, non pas pour faire de Bally un féministe avant l’heure, mais simplement, parce qu’il nous semble important de documenter l’histoire d’une problématique en plein essor. Cet article a donc pour objectif de montrer que la question du traitement des femmes et du féminin par la langue française suscite de nombreuses réflexions dès la fin du XIXe. Il s’agira de procéder à une histoire critique d’un épisode de la "linguistique générique", afin de voir si les actuelles thématiques de cette orientation sont abordées, sous quels aspects, dans quels contextes, avec quels résultats, etc. On pourrait alors être surpris-e de découvrir que Charles Bally n’était pas un cas isolé, mais qu’un grand nombre de contemporains (Nyrop, Brunot, Vendryès, Damourette & Pichon, Dauzat, etc., se sont eux aussi interrogés, plus ou moins longuement, sur les rapports entre les femmes, le féminin et le langage. Les réflexions "génériques" de Bally et de ses confrères ne sauraient donc être regardées comme de simples "moments décevante inadvertance".

  6. Posthuman Reconstruction of the World as a Simulation in Charles Stross’ Accelerando

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Indrajit Patra


    Full Text Available In this paper my aim is to analyze the theme of simulation in Charles Stross’ hard science fiction novel titled ‘Accelerando’ (2005. The discussion shall start by pointing out the enormous significance of the ideas of simulation both in the world of pure science as well as in the fields of philosophy, arts and literature. We shall show by adopting an informational approach and by using the theoretical framework of Baudrillard’s ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ that science fiction novels like Charles Stross’ ‘Accelerando’ treat simulation not just as an abstract mathematical entity existing independently of human beings; rather they treat simulation as an indispensable step for mankind in their journey of ascension to the Posthuman plane of existence. This paper will also try to prove that Stross’ ‘Accelerando’ not only relies upon the description of the effects of use of many incomprehensibly powerful simulation technologies in various forms to produce the effect of estrangement upon the readers but it also implies that the very fabric of reality which deem to be real is composed of binary oppositions between different strands of contradistinctive signs and symbols which in a posthuman world will crumble together to give way to a Posthuman world replete with endless possibilities. This novel like many other contemporary hard science fiction novels implies that the reality is essentially indistinguishable from the simulation once the influence of human perception or consciousness is deducted from the equation and then the entire Universe can be interpreted as one gigantic computational entity consisting of myriads of quantum informational field operators through the manipulation of which we can derive a semblance of power indistinguishable from the actual one.

  7. Climate change in the western and northern forests of Canada: Impacts and adaptations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McKinnon, G. A.; Webber, S. L.; MacKendrick, N. A. [Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, AB (Canada)


    This report contains summaries of papers presented at the Workshop on Climate Change in the Western and Northern Forests of Canada, held on February 17-19, 2003, in Prince George BC. The workshop provided an opportunity for the exchange of views on the expected impacts of climate change on Canada's western and northern forests, and potential adaptive strategies. Several papers also dealt with the implications of climate change on environmental, social, and economic values of the forest, and institutional barriers to adaptation. Six key topics were addressed in informal 'knowledge cafe sessions': forest fires, insects and disease, forest productivity, forest practices, biodiversity, and non-timber forest values. Another informal series of meetings, dubbed 'open space sessions' centred around managing the various mechanisms, organizations, and stakeholders involved in climate change research and adaptation strategies. Lists containing the names of authors, and of workshop participants are also included.

  8. A teoria argumentativa de Robert Alexy e o princípio da proporcionalidade: uma análise do balanceamento de princípios e sua aplicação no Supremo Tribunal Federal.


    Arabi, Abhner Youssif Mota


    DOI: artigo pretende tratar da importância do método da ponderação, elaborado pro Robert Alexy e seu uso dentro do contexto das decisões atuais do Tribunais Constitucionais. Traz também a ponderação como um caminho para a resolução do conflito de princípios.

  9. Bloco de constitucionalidade e princípios constitucionais: desafios do poder judiciário

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Maria D’Ávila Lopes


    Full Text Available A soberania do legislador, nos moldesideados nos séculos XVIII e XIX, tem cedidoespaço à supremacia da constituição. O dogma daseparação de poderes e a cega submissão dos juízesà lei formal têm sido substituídos pela prevalênciados direitos fundamentais, cuja força expansivafoi reconhecida na Constituição Federal de 1988,ao incorporar a teoria do bloco de constitucionalidadenas suas linhas (art. 5o, §2o. No entanto, essainovação tem intensificado ainda mais os debatessobre a legitimidade dos juízes para a concretizaçãode normas constitucionais abertas. Nessecontexto, o presente artigo objetiva discutir comoos juízes vêm enfrentado o desafio de concretizaros princípios constitucionais não previstos notexto codificado da Constituição, mas que, pelateoria do bloco, têm nível constitucional. Comessa finalidade, inicialmente será apresentada ateoria do bloco de constitucionalidade na Françae na Espanha, onde teve sua origem, para,seguidamente, evidenciar a existência de umbloco de constitucionalidade no direito brasileiro.Posteriormente, o papel dos juízes na concretizaçãodos princípios constitucionais será discutida.Finalmente, será analisada a principal jurisprudênciado Supremo Tribunal sobre a temática.The Parliament sovereignty, inits 18th and 19th century model, has beensubstituted by the constitution supremacy. Thedogma of separation of powers and the blindsubmission of judges to the written law hasbeen replaced by the prevalence of fundamentalrights, the expansive strength of which hasbeen recognized by the Federal Constitutionof 1988, by incorporating the constitutionalblock theory in its text (art. 5o, §2o. Thatinnovation has intensified the discussion aboutJudiciary legitimacy to concretize constitutionalprinciples. In that context, this paper aims todiscuss how judges are facing the challenge ofapplying constitutional principles, which are outof the constitution, but that have

  10. Focused exhumation along megathrust splay faults in Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)

    Haeussler, Peter J.; Armstrong, Phillip A; Liberty, Lee M; Ferguson, Kelly M; Finn, Shaun P; Arkle, Jeannette C; Pratt, Thomas L.


    Megathrust splay faults are a common feature of accretionary prisms and can be important for generating tsunamis during some subduction zone earthquakes. Here we provide new evidence from Alaska that megathrust splay faults have been conduits for focused exhumation in the last 5 Ma. In most of central Prince William Sound, published and new low-temperature thermochronology data indicate little to no permanent rock uplift over tens of thousands of earthquake cycles. However, in southern Prince William Sound on Montague Island, apatite (U–Th)/He ages are as young as 1.1 Ma indicating focused and rapid rock uplift. Montague Island lies in the hanging wall of the Patton Bay megathrust splay fault system, which ruptured during the 1964 M9.2 earthquake and produced ∼9 m of vertical uplift. Recent geochronology and thermochronology studies show rapid exhumation within the last 5 Ma in a pattern similar to the coseismic uplift in the 1964 earthquake, demonstrating that splay fault slip is a long term (3–5 my) phenomena. The region of slower exhumation correlates with rocks that are older and metamorphosed and constitute a mechanically strong backstop. The region of rapid exhumation consists of much younger and weakly metamorphosed rocks, which we infer are mechanically weak. The region of rapid exhumation is separated from the region of slow exhumation by the newly identified Montague Strait Fault. New sparker high-resolution bathymetry, seismic reflection profiles, and a 2012 Mw4.8 earthquake show this feature as a 75-km-long high-angle active normal fault. There are numerous smaller active normal(?) faults in the region between the Montague Strait Fault and the splay faults. We interpret this hanging wall extension as developing between the rapidly uplifting sliver of younger and weaker rocks on Montague Island from the essentially fixed region to the north. Deep seismic reflection profiles show the splay faults root into the subduction megathrust where there

  11. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Atlas: Alaska, Prince William Sound-2000, Aleutians-2001, Bristol Bay-2004, maps and geographic information systems data (NODC Accession 0014162) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set comprises the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data for Alaska; Prince William Sound (2000), Aleutians (2001), and Bristol Bay (2004). ESI data...

  12. From the Activity of ‘Prince Carol’Royal Cultural Foundation 1922-1948 Archive Documents (II

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Rodica Hîmpă


    Full Text Available This research aims to emphasize the activity of the ‘Prince Carol’ Royal Cultural Foundation created in 1921 in order to lead to the emancipation of villages in particular and of the Romanian culture in a more general perspective. Overall, we may say that the period between the two world wars was marked, also due to the help of the Royal Cultural Foundation, by substantial progress in various fields of education, science and culture in general, and thus contributed to changing Romania into a state with a high level of culture and to creating an image and a prestige of the country that commanded worldwide respect. The research was done on the basis of the documents studied at the Service of the Central National Historical Archives (SANIC, the Stock of the ‘Prince Carol’ Royal Cultural Foundation and at the Library of the Romanian Academy.

  13. Sobre o caráter apriorístico do princípio ético

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Evandro Oliveira de Brito


    Full Text Available Tradução de uma carta enviada por Franz Brentano à Oskar Kraus, em 24 de março de 1904, na qual Brentano afirma o caráter apriorístico do princípio ético e expõe o fundamento do seu realismo moral.

  14. Historical changes in caribou distribution and land cover in and around Prince Albert National Park: land management implications


    Arlt, Maria L.; Manseau, Micheline


    In central Saskatchewan, boreal woodland caribou population declines have been documented in the 1940s and again in the 1980s. Although both declines led to a ban in sport hunting, a recovery was only seen in the 1950s and was attributed to wolf control and hunting closure. Recent studies suggest that this time, the population may not be increasing. In order to contribute to the conservation efforts, historical changes in caribou distribution and land cover types in the Prince Albert Greater ...

  15. On a Possible Source of Some of the Images in the Annalistic Pokhvala to Prince Roman Mstislavich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vadym I. Stavyskyi


    Full Text Available The subject of this article is the text known as the “Eulogy (Pokhvala to Prince Roman Mstislavich Galitsky,” which is from the opening section of the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle. The author of the article amplifies remarks made by Alexander Orlov about loanwords taken from translated works that appear in the text of the Pokhvala. The text of the exegesis of prophets by St. Hippolytus of Rome, which was widely known in Slavonic translation from the 12th century as the Slovo o Khriste i ob Antikhriste, produces additional material for comparison. St. Hippolytus’s text offers a possible interpretation of the concept “uma mudrostʹiu,” which the author of the Pokhvala offers as an explanation of the successful foreign policy of Prince Roman; in addition, this explanation helps to clarify the comparison of the prince with the eagle-lion, the lynx, and the crocodile. Certain characteristics of the text of the Pokhvala as revealed in the account of the exile of Khan Atrak by Prince Vladimir Monomakh and the subsequent mission carried out by Khan Syrchan, both unsupported in other sources, were, we believe, influenced by the text of the Slovo as well. It appears that literary images used throughout the Pokhvala were determined by apocalyptic symbols, following the approach that was typical of their interpretation by St. Hippolytus. This conclusion permits us to broaden our notions about the enumeration of works in translation used by the creator of the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle.

  16. Strong ground motion in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during the M7.0 12 January 2010 Haiti earthquake (United States)

    Hough, Susan E; Given, Doug; Taniguchi, Tomoyo; Altidor, J.R.; Anglade, Dieuseul; Mildor, S-L.


    No strong motion records are available for the 12 January 2010 M7.0 Haiti earthquake. We use aftershock recordings as well as detailed considerations of damage to estimate the severity and distribution of mainshock shaking in Port-au-Prince. Relative to ground motions at a hard - rock reference site, peak accelerations are amplified by a factor of approximately 2 at sites on low-lying deposits in central Port-au-Prince and by a factor of 2.5 - 3.5 on a steep foothill ridge in the southern Port-au-Prince metropolitan region. The observed amplification along the ridge cannot be explained by sediment - induced amplification , but is consistent with predicted topographic amplification by a steep, narrow ridge. Although damage was largely a consequence of poor construction , the damage pattern inferred from analysis of remote sensing imagery provides evidence for a correspondence between small-scale (0.1 - 1.0 km) topographic relief and high damage. Mainshock shaking intensity can be estimated crudely from a consideration of macroseismic effects . We further present detailed, quantitative analysis of the marks left on a tile floor by an industrial battery rack displaced during the mainshock, at the location where we observed the highest weak motion amplifications. Results of this analysis indicate that mainshock shaking was significantly higher at this location (~0.5 g , MMI VIII) relative to the shaking in parts of Port-au-Prince that experienced light damage. Our results further illustrate how observations of rigid body horizontal displacement during earthquakes can be used to estimate peak ground accelerations in the absence of instrumental data .

  17. Os princí­pios de verdade no Livro IV da Metafí­sica de Aristóteles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nazareno Eduardo de Almeida


    Full Text Available Este artigo mostra que o princípio primário da ciência do ente enquanto ente, apresentado e defendido por Aristóteles no Livro IV da Metafísica, é constituído pela bi-implicaçáo necessária (modal entre os princípios de náo-contradiçáo e do terceiro excluído, e náo somente, como na interpretaçáo tradicional, pelo primeiro destes princípios. Tal é mostrado através de uma interpretaçáo de uma parte do capítulo 3 e, em especial, de três partes do capítulo 4 deste escrito, onde Aristóteles desenvolve o que chamou "demonstraçáo refutativa", que consiste na demonstraçáo indireta do princípio primário por meio da refutaçáo da tese que nega (de modo forte este mesmo princípio. A interpretaçáo apresentada no artigo mostra que neste procedimento lógico Aristóteles está defendendo tanto o princípio de náo-contradiçáo quanto o princípio do terceiro excluído, assumindo ambos como formulações equivalentes do princípio primário da ciência do ser enquanto ser.

  18. H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen, Special Representative of the Romanian Government for Integration, Co-operation and Sustainable Development

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    H.S.H. Prince Radu of Hohenzollern-Veringen, Special Representative of the Romanian Government for Integration, Co-operation and Sustainable Development (third from left) with (left to right) Florian Ciolacu (Romanian Mission in Geneva), Cornel Comsa (personal adviser to the Prince), Sorin Ilie (CERN), Calin Alexa (ATLAS), Iosif Legrand (Caltech/CMS), Mihaela Gheata (ALICE), Andrei Gheata (ALICE), and Sorin Zgura (ALICE).

  19. Spatial and temporal variation in winter condition of juvenile Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) in Prince William Sound, Alaska: Oceanographic exchange with the Gulf of Alaska (United States)

    Gorman, Kristen B.; Kline, Thomas C.; Roberts, Megan E.; Sewall, Fletcher F.; Heintz, Ron A.; Pegau, W. Scott


    Spatial variability in early and late winter measures of whole body energy density of juvenile (age-0) Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) of Prince William Sound (PWS), Alaska was examined over nine years of study. Pacific herring in this region remain considered as an injured resource over the 25 years following the Exxon Valdez oil spill, however factors responsible for the lack of recovery by herring in PWS are a source of ongoing debate. Given the species' key ecological role in energy transfer to higher predators, and its economic role in a historical commercial fishery within the region, significant research effort has focused on understanding environmental factors that shape nutritional processes and the quality of these young forage fish. During November (early winter), factors such as juvenile herring body size, hydrological region of PWS, year, and the interaction between carbon (δ13C‧) or nitrogen (δ15N) stable isotope signature and hydrological region were all important predictors of juvenile herring energy density. In particular, analyses indicated that in the northern and western regions of PWS, juvenile herring with more depleted δ13C‧ values (which reflect a Gulf of Alaska carbon source) were more energy dense. Results suggest that intrusion of water derived from the Gulf of Alaska enhances the condition of age-0 herring possibly through alterations in zooplankton community structure and abundance, particularly in the northern and western regions of PWS in the fall, which is consistent with regional circulation. During March (late winter), factors such as juvenile herring body size, year, and the interaction between δ13C‧ or δ15N isotope signature and year were all important predictors of juvenile herring energy density. Results differed for early and late winter regarding the interaction between stable isotope signatures and region or year, suggesting important seasonal aspects of circulation contribute to variation in PWS juvenile

  20. Shoreline ecology program for Prince William Sound, Alaska, following the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Part 3: Biology

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gilfillan, E.S.; Page, D.S.; Harner, E.J.; Boehm, P.D.


    This study describes the biological results of a comprehensive shoreline ecology program designed to assess ecological recovery in Prince William Sound following the Exxon Valdez oil spill on march 24, 1989. The program is an application of the ''Sediment Quality Triad'' approach, combining chemical, toxicological, and biological measurements. The study was designed so that results could be extrapolated to the entire spill zone in Prince William Sound. The spill affected four major shoreline habitat types in Prince William Sound: pebble/gravel, boulder/cobble, sheltered bedrock, and exposed bedrock. The study design had two components: (1) one-time stratified random sampling at 64 sites representing four habitats and four oiling levels (including unoiled reference sites) and (2) periodic sampling at 12 nonrandomly chosen sites that included some of the most heavily oiled locations in the sound. Biological communities on rock surfaces and in intertidal and shallow subtidal sediments were analyzed for differences resulting from to oiling in each of 16 habitat/tide zone combinations. Statistical methods included univariate analyses of individual species abundances and community parameter variables (total abundance, species richness, and Shannon diversity), and multivariate correspondence analysis of community structure. 58 refs., 13 figs., 9 tabs

  1. Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Trichomonas vaginalis screening and treatment of pregnant women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (United States)

    Bristow, Claire C; Mathelier, Patricia; Ocheretina, Oksana; Benoit, Daphne; Pape, Jean W; Wynn, Adriane; Klausner, Jeffrey D


    In Haiti, routine screening for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), and Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) among pregnant women is not conducted; yet these sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are associated with adverse birth and newborn health outcomes. We aimed to assess the acceptability and feasibility of screening and the prevalence of STIs among pregnant women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Pregnant women of at least 18 years of age who attend Haitian Study Group for Kaposi's sarcoma and Opportunistic Infections (GHESKIO) clinics in Port-au-Prince, Haiti provided self-collected vaginal swab specimens. Laboratory testing was done with Xpert® CT/NG and Xpert® TV. The results of this study showed that of the 322 pregnant women who visited GHESKIO for their regular scheduled appointments, 300 (93.2%) consented for CT, NG, and TV testing. Of those, 107 women (35.7%) tested positive for at least one STI. There were 42 (14.7%) cases of CT, 8 (2.8%) NG, and 83 (29.0%) TV infections. Most infections were treated - 122 of 133 (91.7%). In summary, we found that it was highly acceptable and feasible to implement CT, NG, and TV screening among pregnant women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We found high prevalence of STIs among pregnant women, which suggest that STI screening in this population may be warranted.

  2. The Coronary Tree of the Anatomical Machines of the Prince of Sansevero: The reality of a legend. (United States)

    Michele, Sara Di; Mirabelli, Francesca; Gregorio, Giovanni; Lama, Diana; Paolisso, Giuseppe; Galzerano, Domenico


    During the 18 th century in Naples, Raimondo di Sangro, Prince of Sansevero, gave definitive form to the family chapel, the so-called "Cappella San Severo". The chapel houses not only extraordinarily beautiful and spectacularly detailed statues but also two human skeletons known as anatomical machines ("Macchine Anatomiche") in the basement. These two skeletons, a man and a pregnant woman, are entirely surrounded by their own circulatory system, just as they were suddenly and mysteriously, fixed. Legend, believed as truth until few years ago, tells that Prince Raimondo had prepared and injected an unknown embalming substance in their blood vessels convicting them to eternal fixity. Most recent investigations, however, demonstrated that while the bones are authentic, the blood vessels are actually an extraordinary artifact, even though the perfect reproduction of the coronary vascular tree, including congenital malformations in detail, raises some doubts about the technique used by the Prince. The dreadful aspect of these two skeletons appears to be in strident contrast with the classic beauty of the statues, which glorifies and celebrates the ideal of morphology. Conversely, the two "Anatomical Machines", protagonists of legends and superstitions since centuries, represent a marvelous example of science and art.

  3. 1999 shoreline conditions in the Exxon Valdez oil spill zone in Prince William Sound

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gilfillan, E.S.; Page, D.S.; Neff, J.M.; Parker, K.R.; Boehm, P.D.


    A review of the studies which were conducted at the time of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound was presented. The Shoreline Ecology Program (SEP) of 1990 and 1991 which assessed the fate and environmental impacts of the spill consisted of two parts, including a non-random sampling program where samples of sediment were taken from worst case sites for infaunal community structure analysis, plus a stratified random sampling (SRS) program of 64 sites to assess the spill affects as a whole. This paper presents the results of more recent studies from 1998 and 1999 which provide updates on the 1991 SEP program for comparative evaluations. Oil was found to persist at some boulder/cobble beaches because of their porous nature and the sheltering effect of the boulders. Residues of weathered oil at these sites were generally at the top of the tide zone in a form and place where threat to biota is minimal. However, the results indicate that natural inter-annual variability is the most consistent signal observed, not the residual effects of the oil spill. 9 refs., 4 tabs., 7 figs

  4. The natural petroleum hydrocarbon background in subtidal sediments of Prince William Sound, Alaska

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Page, D.S.; Boehm, P.D.; Douglas, G.S.; Bence, A.E.


    A natural regional petroleum hydrocarbon background has been identified in the subtidal sediments of Prince William Sound. This hydrocarbon background, which is readily distinguished from Exxon Valdez spill oil by advanced hydrocarbon fingerprinting methods, is derived from petroleum seeps in the eastern Gulf of Alaska. The Alaska Coastal Current carries fine-grained sediments and associated hydrocarbons into the Sound where they are deposited. This activity has been ongoing for the past 160 years and probably for many thousands of years. Results of a stratified random study (SRS) of nearshore subtidal sediments conducted in 1990 and a fixed site study conducted in 1989, 1990, and 1991 show that this background is significant even in shallow water (3--30 m) and that it is a general phenomenon of the Sound. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) mixing model calculations show that, where present in nearshore subtidal sediments, residues of Exxon Valdez spill oil form a small increment on the natural background. The recognition of pre-existing natural and anthropogenic hydrocarbon backgrounds in a spill area is a fundamentally important component of natural resource damage assessment

  5. Ascaris and Escherichia coli Inactivation in an Ecological Sanitation System in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (United States)

    Berendes, David; Levy, Karen; Knee, Jackie; Handzel, Thomas; Hill, Vincent R


    The goal of this study was to evaluate the microbial die-off in a latrine waste composting system in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Temperature data and samples were collected from compost aged 0-12+ months. Samples collected from compost bin centers and corners at two depths were assessed for moisture content, E. coli concentration, and Ascaris spp. viability. Center temperatures in compost bins were all above 58 °C, while corner temperatures were 10 - 20 °C lower. Moisture content was 67 ± 10% in all except the oldest compost. A 4-log reduction in E. coli was observed over the first sixteen weeks of composting at both locations and depths, after which E. coli was undetectable (LOD: 142 MPN g(-1) dry weight). In new compost, 10.4% and 8.3% of Ascaris eggs were viable and fully embryonated, respectively. Percent viability dropped to zero in samples older than six weeks. These findings indicate that the Haitian EcoSan composting process was effective in inactivating E. coli and Ascaris spp. in latrine waste within sixteen weeks. This study is one of the first to document efficacy of an ecological sanitation system under field conditions and provides insight into composting methods and monitoring for other international settings.

  6. Ascaris and Escherichia coli Inactivation in an Ecological Sanitation System in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Berendes

    Full Text Available The goal of this study was to evaluate the microbial die-off in a latrine waste composting system in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Temperature data and samples were collected from compost aged 0-12+ months. Samples collected from compost bin centers and corners at two depths were assessed for moisture content, E. coli concentration, and Ascaris spp. viability. Center temperatures in compost bins were all above 58 °C, while corner temperatures were 10 - 20 °C lower. Moisture content was 67 ± 10% in all except the oldest compost. A 4-log reduction in E. coli was observed over the first sixteen weeks of composting at both locations and depths, after which E. coli was undetectable (LOD: 142 MPN g(-1 dry weight. In new compost, 10.4% and 8.3% of Ascaris eggs were viable and fully embryonated, respectively. Percent viability dropped to zero in samples older than six weeks. These findings indicate that the Haitian EcoSan composting process was effective in inactivating E. coli and Ascaris spp. in latrine waste within sixteen weeks. This study is one of the first to document efficacy of an ecological sanitation system under field conditions and provides insight into composting methods and monitoring for other international settings.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farida Styaningrum


    Full Text Available Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengidentifikasi faktor internal dan faktor eksternal Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel Surakarta (KSPH serta merumuskan strategi untuk mencapai visi, misi, dan tujuan perusahaan. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dengan metode deskriptif jenis analisis kerja dan aktivitas. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan yaitu observasi, wawancara, dan analisis dokumen. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah model interaktif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan beberapa faktor internal yang menjadi hambatan untuk mencapai visi, misi, dan tujuan perusahaan, antara lain: dalam perspektif pelanggan yaitu sulitnya mempertahankan pelanggan; hambatan dalam perspektif proses bisnis internal adalah perusahaan masih kesulitan dalam melakukan inovasi untuk menarik pelanggan dan mempertahankannya; hambatan dalam perspektif pembelajaran dan pertumbuhan adalah perusahaan belum dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada karyawan, terlihat dari tingkat turn over karyawan yang sangat tinggi. Beberapa faktor eksternal yang berpengaruh terhadap perusahaan adalah munculnya hotel-hotel baru yang menawarkan berbagai fasilitas yang modern, lengkap dan mewah. Perumusan strategi perusahaan yang dapat diambil untuk menghadapi lingkungan bisnis yang sangat kompetitif sebagai berikut: memberikan  pelayanan terbaik dan menjalin hubungan baik dengan pelanggan, meningkatkan promosi untuk menarik banyak pelanggan, melakukan inovasi untuk memperbaiki fasilitas yang ada dengan tujuan memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan, pemberian pelatihan bahasa asing, serta memperbaiki sistem penggajian.

  8. Promoting Sustainable Forest Management Among Stakeholders in the Prince Albert Model Forest, Canada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glen T Hvenegaard


    Full Text Available Model Forests are partnerships for shared decision-making to support social, environmental, and economic sustainability in forest management. Relationships among sustainable forest management partners are often strained, but the Prince Albert Model Forest (PAMF represents a process of effective stakeholder involvement, cooperative relationships, visionary planning, and regional landscape management. This article seeks to critically examine the history, drivers, accomplishments, and challenges associated with the PAMF. Four key phases are discussed, representing different funding levels, planning processes, research projects, and partners. Key drivers in the PAMF were funding, urgent issues, provincial responsibility, core of committed people, evolving governance, desire for a neutral organisation, role of protected areas, and potential for mutual benefits. The stakeholders involved in the Model Forest, including the forest industry and associated groups, protected areas, Aboriginal groups, local communities, governments, and research groups, were committed to the project, cooperated on many joint activities, provided significant staffing and financial resources, and gained many benefits to their own organisations. Challenges included declining funding, changing administrative structures, multiple partners, and rotating representatives. The PAMF process promoted consultative and integrated land resource management in the region, and demonstrated the positive results of cooperation between stakeholders interested in sustainable forest management.

  9. Paragangliomas: Presentation and management by radiotherapy at the Prince of Wales Hospital

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smee, Robert I.; Jayasekara, Jayana; Williams, Janet R.; Hanna, Claire


    Paragangliomas are commonly treated with surgery, while radiotherapy is reserved for those that are inoperable or have relapsed. However, this retrospective study aims to determine whether radiotherapy is a viable initial treatment for paragangliomas. Of 73 tumours researched, 44 were diagnosed and treated from January 1967 to December 2012 at the Radiation Oncology Department at the Prince of Wales Hospital and thus were eligible for analysis. Median follow-up time was 3.5 years with a range of 1 to 40 years. Thirty-four tumours were treated with radiotherapy only, and 10 tumours were treated with both surgical resection and radiotherapy. Local control and cause-specific survival were the primary end points measured. Five-year local control rate for the population of 44 lesions was 89%; it was 100% in the group treated by radiotherapy alone, but only 50% in the group treated by surgery followed by radiotherapy, with radiation used for salvage. The difference in control rates between these two subset groups was found to be statistically significant (P < 0.001). Cause-specific survival rates for this eligible population at 5 and 10 years were 98% and 90%, respectively. After initial radiotherapy, 4 patients had improved cranial nerve function, there was clinical improvement in tinnitus, and one new cranial nerve deficit developed where a high dose was used. Radiotherapy has high local control rates and few complications. The local control and complication rates compare favourably to surgery.

  10. Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) in Prince William Sound, Alaska: effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dean, T.A.; Smith, R.O.; Stekoll, M.S.; Jewett, S.C.; Hose, J.E.


    Possible injury to, and recovery of, populations of eelgrass Zostera marine L., in Prince William Sound were assessed following the Exxon Valdez oil spill by comparing populations at oiled vs reference sites between 1990 and 1995. Eelgrass beds in heavily oiled bays were exposed to moderate concentrations of hydrocarbons. In 1990, a year after the spill, concentrations of total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons average nearly 4000 ng g -1 dry weight of sediment at oiled sites compared to less than 700 ng g -1 at reference sites. Injuries to eelgrass, if any, appeared to be slight and did not persist for more than a year after the spill. There were possible effects on the average density of shoots and flowering shoots, as these were 24 and 62% lower at oiled than at reference sites in 1990 (p < 0.10 for both). However, there were no differences between oiled and reference sites with respect to eelgrass biomass, seed density, seed germination or the incidence of normal mitosis in seedlings, and there were no signs of the elimination of eelgrass beds. (author)

  11. Bioremediation of the Exxon Valdez oil in Prince William Sound beaches. (United States)

    Boufadel, Michel C; Geng, Xiaolong; Short, Jeff


    Oil from the Exxon Valdez laden with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) has persisted on some beaches in Prince William Sound, Alaska, >20years after these beaches became contaminated. The degradation rate of the total PAH (TPAH) is estimated at 1% per year. Low oxygen concentrations were found to be the major factor causing oil persistence, and bioremediation through the injection of hydrogen peroxide and nutrients deep into four beaches in PWS were conducted in the summers of 2011 and 2012. It was found that due to the treatment, the TPAH biodegradation rate was between 13% and 70% during summer 2011 and summer 2012. The results also showed high efficiency in the delivery of oxygen and nutrient to the contaminated areas of the beach. However, the approach has an environmental cost associated with it, and stakeholders would need to conduct a rigorous net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA) for pursuing the bioremediation of submerged contaminated sediments, especially in higher latitudes. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Mortality, violence and access to care in two districts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Van Herp Michel


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Towards the end of 2006 open conflict broke out between United Nations forces and armed militia in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Fighting was most intense in the district of Cité Soleil. Methods A cross-sectional, random-sample survey among the conflict-affected populations living in Cité Soleil and Martissant was carried out over a 4-week period in 2006 using a semi-structured questionnaire to assess exposure to violence and access to health care. Household heads from 945 households (corresponding to 4,763 people in Cité Soleil and 1,800 household (9,539 people in Martissant provided information on household members. The average recall period was 579 days for Cité Soleil and 601 days for Martissant. Results In Cité Soleil 120 deaths (21 children were reported (CMR 0.4 deaths/10,000 people/day; Discussion Extrapolating to the total population of these two districts some 2,000 violent deaths occurred over the recall period. Among the survivors, violence had lasting effects in terms of physical and mental health and loss of property and possessions.

  13. Enfermidades determinadas pelo princípio radiomimético de Pteridium aquilinum (Polypodiaceae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    França Ticiana do Nascimento


    Full Text Available Por meio de revisão da literatura pertinente foram coligidos e são apresentados os principais dados relativos aos aspectos epidemiológicos, toxicológicos, clínicos, anátomo e histopatológicos observados nos casos de intoxicação pelo princípio radiomimético de Pteridium aquilinum (L. Kuhn. São abordados a Hematúria Enzoótica Bovina (HEB, os Carcinomas das Vias Digestivas Superiores (CVDS, a Diátese Hemorrágica (DH, os Tumores Intestinais (TI e a Degeneração Progressiva da Retina (DPR, com ênfase proporcional à importância de cada entidade. Esse estudo objetiva chamar a atenção para o especial significado dessa planta para a pecuária, em função dos prejuízos econômicos por ela determinados e, também, pelo provável risco que ela representa para a saúde humana.

  14. Empirically based models of oceanographic and biological influences on Pacific Herring recruitment in Prince William Sound (United States)

    Sewall, Fletcher; Norcross, Brenda; Mueter, Franz; Heintz, Ron


    Abundances of small pelagic fish can change dramatically over time and are difficult to forecast, partially due to variable numbers of fish that annually mature and recruit to the spawning population. Recruitment strength of age-3 Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) in Prince William Sound, Alaska, is estimated in an age-structured model framework as a function of spawning stock biomass via a Ricker stock-recruitment model, and forecasted using the 10-year median recruitment estimates. However, stock size has little influence on subsequent numbers of recruits. This study evaluated the usefulness of herring recruitment models that incorporate oceanographic and biological variables. Results indicated herring recruitment estimates were significantly improved by modifying the standard Ricker model to include an index of young-of-the-year (YOY) Walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) abundance. The positive relationship between herring recruits-per-spawner and YOY pollock abundance has persisted through three decades, including the herring stock crash of the early 1990s. Including sea surface temperature, primary productivity, and additional predator or competitor abundances singly or in combination did not improve model performance. We suggest that synchrony of juvenile herring and pollock survival may be caused by increased abundance of their zooplankton prey, or high juvenile pollock abundance may promote prey switching and satiation of predators. Regardless of the mechanism, the relationship has practical application to herring recruitment forecasting, and serves as an example of incorporating ecosystem components into a stock assessment model.

  15. Risk of weathered residual Exxon Valdez oil to pink salmon embryos in Prince William Sound. (United States)

    Brannon, Ernest L; Collins, Keya M; Cronin, Mathew A; Moulton, Lawrence L; Parker, Keith R; Wilson, William


    It has been hypothesized that pink salmon eggs incubating in intertidal streams transecting Prince William Sound (PWS) beaches oiled by the Exxon Valdez oil spill were exposed to lethal doses of dissolved hydrocarbons. Since polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels in the incubation gravel were too low to cause mortality, the allegation is that dissolved high-molecular-weight hydrocarbons (HPAH) leaching from oil deposits on the beach adjacent to the streams were the source of toxicity. To evaluate this hypothesis, we placed pink salmon eggs in PWS beach sediments containing residual oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill and in control areas without oil. We quantified the hydrocarbon concentrations in the eggs after three weeks of incubation. Tissue PAH concentrations of eggs in oiled sediments were generally < 100 ppb and similar to background levels on nonoiled beaches. Even eggs in direct contact with oil in the sediment resulted in tissue PAH loads well below the lethal threshold concentrations established in laboratory bioassays, and very low concentrations of HPAH compounds were present. These results indicate that petroleum hydrocarbons dissolved from oil deposits on intertidal beaches are not at concentrations that pose toxic risk to incubating pink salmon eggs. The evidence does not support the hypothesis that interstitial pore water in previously oiled beaches is highly toxic.

  16. Earthquake Damage Assessment over Port-au-Prince (Haiti) by Fusing Optical and SAR Data (United States)

    Romaniello, V.; Piscini, A.; Bignami, C.; Anniballe, R.; Pierdicca, N.; Stramondo, S.


    This work proposes methodologies aiming at evaluating the sensitivity of optical and SAR change features obtained from satellite images with respect to the damage grade. The proposed methods are derived from the literature ([1], [2], [3], [4]) and the main novelty concerns the estimation of these change features at object scale.The test case is the Mw 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010.The analysis of change detection indicators is based on ground truth information collected during a post- earthquake survey. We have generated the damage map of Port-au-Prince by considering a set of polygons extracted from the open source Open Street Map geo- database. The resulting damage map was calculated in terms of collapse ratio [5].We selected some features having a good sensitivity with damage at object scale [6]: the Normalised Difference Index, the Kullback-Libler Divergence, the Mutual Information and the Intensity Correlation Difference.The Naive Bayes and the Support Vector Machine classifiers were used to evaluate the goodness of these features. The classification results demonstrate that the simultaneous use of several change features from EO observations can improve the damage estimation at object scale.

  17. Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Deaths in Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1985–1990 (United States)

    Fraker, Mark A.


    During 1985–1990, two groups of killer whales in Prince William Sound, Alaska, experienced unusually high rates of mortality, while seven others did not. Those affected were AB pod, part of the southern Alaska population of resident (fish-eating) killer whales, and the AT1 transient (marine mammal–eating) group, a very small, reproductively isolated population that last reproduced in 1984. In 1985–1986, several AB pod members were shot by fishermen defending their catch from depredation, which explains some of the deaths. Understanding the other deaths is complicated by the Exxon Valdez oil spill (March 1989) and uncertainties about the causes and times of the deaths. For AB pod, possible factors involved in the post-spill mortalities are delayed effects of bullet wounds, continued shooting, oil exposure, and consequences of being orphaned. For the AT1 group, possible factors are oil exposure, small population size, old age, and high-contaminant burdens. An analysis of possible effects of inhalation of volatile organic compounds, contact with the oil slick, and ingestion of oil with water or prey did not reveal route(s) of exposure that could explain the mortalities. The cause(s) of the killer whale deaths recorded following the oil spill remain uncertain. PMID:23335844

  18. Ensino médio: em busca do princípio pedagógico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Nosella


    Full Text Available O debate sobre a problemática do ensino médio se intensificou. Não se trata de um debate novo. Porém, nestes últimos anos, ganhou novo fôlego, repercutindo inclusive nos meios de comunicação de massa. No intuito de contribuir para este debate, o texto traz informações de caráter histórico e considerações teóricas. Defende a tese de que o trabalho é o princípio educativo geral de todo o sistema escolar. A especificidade pedagógica do ensino médio decorre do momento vivido pelo jovem em busca de sua definição moral, intelectual e social. Por ser a fase final do ensino básico, é de caráter formativo não profissionalizante. A atual apologia e expansão da profissionalização precoce é uma declaração da falência e do abandono do ensino médio público, humanista, "culturalmente desinteressado", destinado a preparar dirigentes.

  19. Sepsis in Haiti: Prevalence, treatment, and outcomes in a Port-au-Prince referral hospital. (United States)

    Papali, Alfred; Verceles, Avelino C; Augustin, Marc E; Colas, L Nathalie; Jean-Francois, Carl H; Patel, Devang M; Todd, Nevins W; McCurdy, Michael T; West, T Eoin


    Developing countries carry the greatest burden of sepsis, yet few descriptive data exist from the Western Hemisphere. We conducted a retrospective cohort study to elucidate the presentation, treatment, and outcomes of sepsis at an urban referral hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We studied all adult emergency department patient encounters from January through March 2012. We characterized presentation, management, and outcomes using univariable and multivariable analyses. Of 1078 adult patients, 224 (20.8%) had sepsis and 99 (9.2%) had severe sepsis. In-hospital mortality for severe sepsis was 24.2%. Encephalopathy was a predictor of intravenous fluid administration (adjusted odds ratio [OR], 5.63; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.46-21.76; P=.01), and lower blood pressures predicted shorter time to fluid administration. Increasing temperature and lower blood pressures predicted antibiotic administration. Encephalopathy at presentation (adjusted OR, 6.92; 95% CI, 1.94-24.64; P=.003), oxygen administration (adjusted OR, 15.96; 95% CI, 3.05-83.59; P=.001), and stool microscopy (adjusted OR, 45.84; 95% CI, 1.43-1469.34; P=.03) predicted death in severe sepsis patients. This is the first descriptive study of sepsis in Haiti. Our findings contribute to the knowledge base of global sepsis and reveal similarities in independent predictors of mortality between high- and low-income countries. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Satellite Map of Port-au-Prince, Haiti-2010-Natural Color (United States)

    Cole, Christopher J.; Sloan, Jeff


    The U.S. Geological Survey produced 1:24,000-scale post-earthquake image base maps incorporating high- and medium-resolution remotely sensed imagery following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake near the capital city of Port au Prince, Haiti, on January 12, 2010. Commercial 2.4-meter multispectral QuickBird imagery was acquired by DigitalGlobe on January 15, 2010, following the initial earthquake. Ten-meter multispectral ALOS AVNIR-2 imagery was collected by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) on January 12, 2010. These data were acquired under the Remote Sensing International Charter, a global team of space and satellite agencies that provide timely imagery in support of emergency response efforts worldwide. The images shown on this map were employed to support earthquake response efforts, specifically for use in determining ground deformation, damage assessment, and emergency management decisions. The raw, unprocessed imagery was geo-corrected, mosaicked, and reproduced onto a cartographic 1:24,000-scale base map. These maps are intended to provide a temporally current representation of post-earthquake ground conditions, which may be of use to decision makers and to the general public.

  1. Leopold: the "bleeder prince" and public knowledge about hemophilia in Victorian Britain. (United States)

    Rushton, Alan R


    Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder inherited by males born of unaffected female carriers of the trait. British physicians became knowledgeable about this hereditary disease early in the nineteenth century as they investigated families transmitting the character through several generations. Prince Leopold (b. 1853), the fourth son of Queen Victoria, experienced recurrent bleeding episodes and was diagnosed with hemophilia during childhood. His hemorrhagic attacks were first described in the medical journals during 1868, and subsequently in the London and provincial newspapers. The royal family carefully managed news about health matters, and many newspapers reported widespread public sympathy for the travails of the queen and her children. But the republican press argued that the disaffected working classes resented the hyperbole connecting the health of royal individuals with the political future of the entire nation. Public discussion of hemophilia transformed it from a rare medical phenomenon to a matter of national news. Practicing physicians, the royal family, and the general public all came to understand the clinical features and the hereditary nature of the problem. Members of the royal family subsequently utilized this information to guide the marriages of their own children to prevent the spread of this dreaded bleeding disorder.

  2. LA SAFE and Isle de Jean Charles: Regional Adaptation and Community Resettlement Planning (United States)

    Sanders, M.


    LA SAFE, or Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments, is a strategic framework for community development utilizing future projections of coastal land loss and flood risk as a determining factor in regional growth management and local planning initiatives along a 10, 25, and 50 year timeline. LA SAFE utilizes the input of passionate local citizen leaders and organizations committed to enabling community members to take proactive steps towards mitigating risk and increasing resilience against coastal issues. The project aims to acknowledge that adaptation and restoration must go hand-in-hand with addressing community growth and contraction, as well as realizing Louisiana's most vulnerable coastal communities will need to contemplate resettlement over the next 50 years. The project's outlook is to become a global leader for adaptation and cultural design and restoration. Connecting a global interest with the project and offering extensive ways for people to learn about the issues and get involved will provide an immense amount of support necessary for future coastal environments around the world. This presentation will focus on the output of a year-long planning effort across a six-parish target area encompassing several vulnerable coastal Louisiana locales. The Resettlement of Isle de Jean Charles is a federally-funded and first-of-its kind initiative marking Louisiana's first attempt to relocate a vulnerable coastal community at-scale and as a group. Due to a myriad of environmental factors, the Island has experienced 98 percent land loss since 1955, leading to many of the Island's historical inhabitants to retreat to higher, drier landscapes. In moving the community at-scale, the project seeks to inject new life into the community and its residents in relocating the community to higher, safer ground, while also developing the new community in such a way that it maximizes economic development, job training, and educational opportunities and can be a

  3. Northern star js plaskett

    CERN Document Server

    Broughton, R Peter


    Northern Star explores Plaskett's unorthodox and fascinating life from his rural roots near Woodstock through his days as a technician at the University of Toronto to his initiation in astronomy at the Dominion Observatory in Ottawa.

  4. Northern Lights Chase Tours : Experiences from Northern Norway


    Bertella, Giovanna


    This study is focused on the development of northern lights chase tourism, a particular type of northern lights tourism consisting in guided tours that have the goal to find good views of the northern lights. The theoretical approach is based on the understanding of the northern lights experience as a visual experience, and on the recognition of the tourism practitioners as the driving force to new product development. The empirical case concerns the recent development of northern lights chas...

  5. Northern Dimension: Participant Strategies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Busygina Irina


    Full Text Available This article is devoted to the “Northern Dimension” initiative of the EU which also includes North-West Russia, Norway and Iceland. It is noted that the “Northern Dimension” in the theoretical perspective can be considered as part of strategic multi-level interactions between member-states of the EU and Russia. On this basis, the authors analyze implications and effects of the strategic interdependence of all the EU-Russia relation levels.

  6. O princípio da proporcionalidade e sua relação com os princípios constitucionais do processo civil a partir da constituição da República Federativa do Brasil de 1988


    Barbosa, Leila Carioni


    Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Centro de Ciências Jurídicas. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Direito Análise do princípio enquanto norma jurídica, e do princípio da proporcionalidade enquanto método de interpretação no caso concreto a partir dos princípios constitucionais do processo civil na realização da justiça no caso concreto pela ponderação de bens e direitos fundamentais.

  7. Northern Ireland: an anomaly. (United States)

    Simpson, A


    The British Abortion Act of 1967, which makes abortion legal up to 28 weeks, does not extend to Northern Ireland, where abortion is still regulated by the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, which makes abortion a felony, and the 1929 Infant Life Preservation Act, which prohibits abortion after the 28th week of pregnancy. The Bourne Judgment of 1928, in which a court held in favor of one Dr. Alex Bourne, who performed an early abortion, may be cited as precedent, but not as law. A woman in Northern Ireland may have an abortion only on the National Health Service and only if pregnancy is life-threatening, if she is mentally retarded, or if the child is likely to be abnormal. How many abortions are actually performed in Northern Ireland each year is not known. Essentially, women with unwanted pregnancies have only 3 options: to have the baby, to risk a back street abortion, and to go to England. Since 1967, 20,000 Northern Irish women have had abortions in England, but it is a privilege reserved for the wealthy because the woman must bear the expenses of traveling to England, establishing residency there, and paying hospital fees. All of this takes time and results in many women having late abortions. The women also must bear the stigma of having done something of which neither church in Northern Ireland approves. Northern Irish women, quite simply, do not have the same rights as women in England, Scotland, and Wales.

  8. Stylistique, science de l’expression, linguistique de la parole. Notes sur la nature du fait linguistique selon Charles Bally

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anamaria Curea


    Full Text Available La spécificité de la discipline scientifique conçue par Charles Bally sous le nom de stylistique réside en une pensée singulière de la complexité du fait linguistique. À l’origine de son projet se croisent l’adhésion à une science générale de l’expression et la volonté de faire avancer la linguistique saussurienne dans une nouvelle direction. À travers les concepts d’expression et de langue parlée, Charles Bally invite la perspective linguistique à s’ouvrir aux dimensions psychologique et sociologique du langage afin d’appréhender les rapports complexes entre la pensée et la langue dans l’activité de parler.

  9. The ‘Illimitable Dominion’ of Charles Dickens: Transatlantic Print Culture and the Spring of 1842

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael J. Collins


    Full Text Available This article explores Edgar Allan Poe’s May 1842 edition of 'Graham’s Monthly Magazine' in the context of debates about international copyright circulating in the press at the time of Charles Dickens’s famous tour of the US. I offer a reading of Poe’s short story ‘The Masque of the Red Death’, and his review of Hawthorne’s 'Twice-Told Tales' that sees these texts as interventions in transatlantic debates at the forefront of the public imagination in the Spring of 1842. In particular, through an original close reading of ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ I demonstrate how Poe subtly drew upon penny press exposés to inform the short story’s discussion of class, status and rights of access. I also suggest that the argument Poe made in his review of Nathaniel Hawthorne about the importance of ‘invention, creation, imagination [and] originality’ to the ‘prose tale’ is usefully considered in the same context, as an American response to questions of authorship that were also raised by the popular hysteria surrounding Dickens.

  10. [The Charles Bonnet syndrome: a case report and a brief review]. (United States)

    Saiz Gonzáles, D; Diaz Marsá, M


    The Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a rare disease that also seems to be generally misdiagnosed. Initially described in the XVIII century by the philosopher with the same name, it consist in complex visual hallucinations in elderly people who suffer sensory deprivation with no other psychopathology. The hypothesis on the neurophysiology of hallucinations suggests, as in other diseases that present hallucinations, some implication of thalamus-cortex pathway release. Some authors have proposed CBS as an early marker of dementia and Parkinson's disease. Nevertheless, the results in functional neuroimaging are not conclusive. Regarding treatment, typical and atypical neuroleptics do not seem to be useful and recent studies suggest that the new anticonvulsants could be effcient. The patient should be informed about CBS as a . In the case reported, the patient presented complex hallucinations with normal SPECT and neuropsychological examinations. The patient did not respond to treatment with risperidone, presenting a favorable evolucion with valpromide. Although further research is needed, this case report supports the efficacy of valpromide in CBS.

  11. Multilocus genotypes from Charles Darwin's finches: biodiversity lost since the voyage of the Beagle. (United States)

    Petren, Kenneth; Grant, Peter R; Grant, B Rosemary; Clack, Andrew A; Lescano, Ninnia V


    Genetic analysis of museum specimens offers a direct window into a past that can predate the loss of extinct forms. We genotyped 18 Galápagos finches collected by Charles Darwin and companions during the voyage of the Beagle in 1835, and 22 specimens collected in 1901. Our goals were to determine if significant genetic diversity has been lost since the Beagle voyage and to determine the genetic source of specimens for which the collection locale was not recorded. Using 'ancient' DNA techniques, we quantified variation at 14 autosomal microsatellite loci. Assignment tests showed several museum specimens genetically matched recently field-sampled birds from their island of origin. Some were misclassified or were difficult to classify. Darwin's exceptionally large ground finches (Geospiza magnirostris) from Floreana and San Cristóbal were genetically distinct from several other currently existing populations. Sharp-beaked ground finches (Geospiza difficilis) from Floreana and Isabela were also genetically distinct. These four populations are currently extinct, yet they were more genetically distinct from congeners than many other species of Darwin's finches are from each other. We conclude that a significant amount of the finch biodiversity observed and collected by Darwin has been lost since the voyage of the Beagle.

  12. Phytoremedial effect of Withania somnifera against arsenic-induced testicular toxicity in Charles Foster rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arun Kumar


    Full Text Available Objective: The main objective of the current study was to observe the ameliorative effect of Withania somnifera on arsenic-induced testicular toxicity by exploring the crucial parameters such as sperm counts, sperm motility, hormonal assay and lipid peroxidation including histopathology. Materials and Methods: In the present study, arsenic in the form of sodium arsenite was administered orally to male Charles Foster rats for 45 days. Thereafter, ethanolic root extract of Withania somnifera was administered for 30 days to observe its ameliorative effect on male reproductive system. Results: The study revealed that after administration of sodium arsenite, there was a decrease in the sperm counts and sperm motility accompanied by an increased incidence of sperm abnormalities and hormonal imbalance leading to infertility. However, after administration of Withania somnifera, there was significant reversal in the parameters denoting that it not only possesses antioxidant and rejuvenating property but also maintains the cellular integrity of testicular cells leading to normal functioning of it. Conclusion: The study concludes that Withania somnifera possesses phytoremedial effect. It is one of the best antidotes against arsenic-induced reproductive toxicity.

  13. 'Gratefully dedicated to the subscribers': The archaeological publishing projects and achievements of Charles Roach Smith

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarah Scott


    Full Text Available Charles Roach Smith (1806-1890 was at the forefront of archaeological scholarship from the 1840s onwards; he played a pivotal role in recording and establishing the importance of British antiquities and archaeology, but is rarely mentioned in general histories of archaeology. This paper provides an overview of his major achievements in archaeological publishing and, through an analysis of more than 2,000 subscriptions to 11 of his volumes on British archaeology, explains how and why he published prolifically in the absence of institutional support, and often in the face of prejudice against his background in 'trade'. It argues that his rigorous and evangelising approach to archaeological publication, and the pivotal role that he played within national and international philanthropic social and intellectual networks, was instrumental in the transformation of the discipline in the second half of the nineteenth century, and underpinned the development of a national collection of British antiquities in the British Museum. His efforts also contributed to wider social and educational transformation during this period, which included greater recognition for women. Through a more inclusive and prosopographical approach it provides unique insights into the enterprising strategies and impressive achievements of those whose contributions to archaeology are insufficiently acknowledged today.

  14. Bibliographic citations pertinent to the Weldon Spring Site, St. Charles County, Missouri

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Owen, P.T.; Michelson, D.C.; Knox, N.P.


    This report is a compilation of 166 bibliographic references pertinent to the Weldon Spring Site (WSS), St. Charles County, Missouri. The WSS is a surplus US government facility which consists of the Weldon Spring Chemical Plant; two separate low-level radioactive waste storage properties, designated the ''raffinate pits'' and ''quarry'', and a number of potentially contaminated vicinity properties. The facility was used by the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1957 to 1966 to refine uranium. After several years the US Department of the Army acquired responsibility for the Weldon Spring Chemical Plant, performed some limited radiological decontamination, and then cancelled plans to construct a chemical process. Contamination of the facility and adjacent lands resulted from operation of the refining facility and the storage, transport, and disposal of process wastes on the property, as well as subsequent decontamination activities. All identified references to published technical documents that relate to the WSS were included in this report. In some cases citations from the reference section of existing documents were included in this report with no hardcopy to substantiate the existence of the document referenced

  15. Charles Wagley's legacy of Interdisciplinary Graduate Research and Training Programs at the University of Florida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marianne Schmink

    Full Text Available When Charles Wagley moved from Columbia University to the University of Florida (UF in 1972, he established the Tropical South America Program. In this program he began an enduring legacy at UF of interdisciplinarity, collaborative research and training focused on the problems and solutions of tropical development, and support for students as future leaders. Reaching out to agricultural researchers and other social science disciplines, Wagley later co-founded and directed the Amazon Research and Training Program (ARTP, and remained active even after his retirement in 1983. The ARTP built on Wagley's strategy of supporting student research and building collaboration with partners in Latin America, and innovated in bringing in visiting professors from different disciplines, developing new interdisciplinary courses, and networking among Amazonian scholars in different countries. Wagley's most lasting contribution is the Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD program, which grew out of the ARTP to become an internationally-recognized interdisciplinary graduate program focused on the intersection between biodiversity conservation and the well-being of people in the tropical world. Drawing on participation from over 100 faculty affiliates in 27 academic units at UF, since 1980 the ARTP and TCD programs have trained over 400 graduate students from two dozen countries.

  16. Searching the Silver trail: Charles van Onselen, Joe Silver and Jack the Ripper. (United States)

    Kaplan, Robert


    South African historian Charles van Onselen's discovery of the identity of Jack the Ripper is described. The author was consulted by van Onselen during the writing of the latter's book, "The Fox and the Flies: Joe Silver, Racketeer and Psychopath", which suggested the identity of Jack the Ripper and was first published earlier this year. van Onselen's investigations into the life of Joe Silver, a Polish Jewish brothel owner in the early days of Johannesburg, revealed an extraordinary criminal career starting in London and covering the Atlantic zone before ending on the Eastern front during World War I, where he was executed by the Austrians. Research over decades showed that Silver fitted the profile of The Ripper and spent the rest of his life trying to cover his trail to avoid detection. Having contracted syphilis, he bore an extreme hatred towards women and initiated the Autumn of Terror in a catathymic crisis when his daughter was born. Driven by obsessive ambivalence towards his mother, at the end of his life he made a final doomed attempt to achieve some kind of union with her.

  17. Un homme, deux cultures: Charles de Villers entre France et Allemagne, 1765-1815

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monique Bernard


    Full Text Available Les 25 et 26 juin 2015 s’est tenu à l’université de Lorraine à Metz un colloque international réunissant des universitaires français et allemands autour de la figure de Charles de Villers, intermédiaire culturel souvent méconnu entre la France et l’Allemagne, né en 1765 à Boulay, Lorraine, et décédé en 1815 à Göttingen, où il fut professeur dans les dernières années de sa vie. Le bicentenaire de sa mort – ainsi que le 250e anniversaire de sa naissance – furent l’occasion de cette rencontre franco-allemande, organisée conjointement par Nicolas Brucker, initiateur de ce projet, de l’Université de Lorraine à Metz, et Franziska Meier, de la Georg-August-Universität à Göttingen.

  18. Dr Charles Morehead MD (Edinburgh), FRCP (1807-1882): Pioneer in medical education. (United States)

    Pandya, Sunil K


    Charles Morehead studied medicine in Edinburgh and Paris. Among his teachers were George Jardine (1742-1827) (moral philosophy), Professor William Pulteney Alison (1790-1859) (medicine), Pierre Louis (1787-1872) and René Laennec (1781-1826). He joined as Assistant Surgeon in the Bombay Medical Service of the East India Company and was appointed to the staff of Governor Sir Robert Grant (1779-1838). Grant and Morehead founded the Grant Medical College and Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy (1811-1877) Hospital in Bombay. Morehead established standards of medical education at these institutions far superior to those in Calcutta and Madras and, in some ways, to those in Britain. His emphasis on discipline, regular attendance, learning medicine at the bedside, the maintenance of detailed records on all patients and thorough evaluation of the progress made by students were salutary. While in London to recover his health, he wrote his classic book Clinical Researches on Disease in India for Indian doctors and those from Britain entering the Indian Medical Services. He lived in Edinburgh after retirement from India but continued to help teachers and students at his institutions in Bombay. © The Author(s) 2015 Reprints and permissions:


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edgar Roberto Kirchof


    Full Text Available O presente artigo aborda a poesia de Charles Baudelaire, a partir da maneira como o poeta representa o tema da Modernidade, em As flores do mal. Baudelaire retrata esse tema principalmente através da imagem da cida-de, bem como de objetos urbanos. O artigo divide-se em duas partes. Inici-almente, discute-se a maneira como a crítica literária tem compreendido a vinculação da poesia baudelairiana com o tema da Modernidade. Nessa se-ção, são apresentados os principais conceitos a partir dos quais é possível compreender como Baudelaire concebia as transformações sociais e históri-cas de sua época, especialmente o spleen, o erotismo e o satanismo. Na se-gunda parte, esses problemas passam a ser abordados a partir dos Quadros parisienses, em As flores do mal, analisando-se, em profundidade, o poema Paysage.

  20. Race, culture, and history: Charles Wagley and the anthropology of the African Diaspora in the Americas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fred Hay

    Full Text Available When I came to the University of Florida in 1981, I was informed that Charles Wagley was not accepting new graduate students. After my first class with Wagley, he agreed to be my advisor and mentor and I became the last student he accepted. Though better known for his sensitive and pioneering ethnography of indigenous and peasant populations and his influential anthropological/historical overviews of Brazil and Latin America, Wagley and his students' contributions to the study of Afro-American cultures and race relations in the Americas are considerable. Among the important concepts that Wagley articulated were 'social race', 'Plantation America', and the 'amorphous and weakly organized local community without clear boundaries in space or membership'. Wagley guided my dissertation research in Haiti. In it I developed his concept by proposing 'cultural amorphousness' as a 'total cultural style' (following Kroeber of African Diaspora cultures in the Plantation American cultural sphere: a primary organizing principle that has proved to be an effective adaptation to plantation and its successor societies.

  1. Grandparents caring for grandchildren in China and Korea: findings from CHARLS and KLoSA. (United States)

    Ko, Pei-Chun; Hank, Karsten


    To provide an overview of the prevalence and profiles of grandparents providing childcare to grandchildren in 2 East Asian countries, China and South Korea, characterized by similar demographic developments and a shared cultural background but having very different contemporary institutional and socioeconomic circumstances. We apply logistic models to analyze pilot data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) and data from the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (KLoSA; Wave 2). Our analytic sample comprises 772 Chinese respondents and 4,958 Korean respondents aged 45-79. The proportions of grandparents providing childcare to grandchildren differ considerably between China (58%) and South Korea (6%). Still, the determinants of grandparents' involvement in childcare (e.g., age, geographic proximity) are fairly similar in both countries. However, financial support from adult children to grandparents is found to be significant in China only, whereas Korean grandparents exhibit a greater propensity to care for their (employed) daughters' children than for their sons' children. Our analysis suggests that in South Korea, patrilineal considerations may begin to lose some of their importance in shaping downward functional solidarity between generations and that instead (grand-)children's actual needs, particularly those related to maternal employment, receive more attention. We find no such evidence in our Chinese sample. © The Author 2013. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Gerontological Society of America. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  2. From Charles Darwin's botanical country-house studies to modern plant biology. (United States)

    Kutschera, U; Briggs, W R


    As a student of theology at Cambridge University, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) attended the lectures of the botanist John S. Henslow (1796-1861). This instruction provided the basis for his life-long interest in plants as well as the species question. This was a major reason why in his book On the Origin of Species, which was published 150 years ago, Darwin explained his metaphorical phrase 'struggle for life' with respect to animals and plants. In this article, we review Darwin's botanical work with reference to the following topics: the struggle for existence in the vegetable kingdom with respect to the phytochrome-mediated shade avoidance response; the biology of flowers and Darwin's plant-insect co-evolution hypothesis; climbing plants and the discovery of action potentials; the power of movement in plants and Darwin's conflict with the German plant physiologist Julius Sachs; and light perception by growing grass coleoptiles with reference to the phototropins. Finally, we describe the establishment of the scientific discipline of Plant Biology that took place in the USA 80 years ago, and define this area of research with respect to Darwin's work on botany and the physiology of higher plants.

  3. Charles Georges Thibault (1919-2003): inspirational leader in French reproductive biology. (United States)

    Hunter, R H F


    The contribution of Charles Thibault in creating and developing a major international centre of animal research at Jouy-en-Josas (near Versailles) in post Second World War France is recorded in detail. Not only did he select a team of gifted young chercheurs, but he stimulated and supported their research in diverse ways. The projects covered were not only primarily of significance to animal reproduction, but they also became relevant to human infertility studies and to IVF treatments. Members of the team in Physiologie Animale gained international research reputations and seasoned overseas researchers were attracted to Jouy-en-Josas for their sabbaticals. Thibault himself was known especially for his studies on the mammalian oocyte, on fertilization both in vivo and in vitro, and for a key publication on parthenogenesis. Over and above leading the department of Physiologie Animale at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), he was Professor of Reproductive Physiology at the University of Paris VI and an influential member of national committees in Paris. His formal career reached a peak with his appointment as President of the French scientific research organisation (CNRS), and his overall contributions were celebrated both nationally and internationally, not least as Commander of the Legion d'Honneur and recipient of the Wolf Prize, the latter being presented in the Israeli Parliament, the Knessett. His influence continues to be strong, felt in France and beyond through his protégés and his publications.

  4. O Caso Lonelygirl15 – Charles Sanders Peirce e a Narrativa no Ciberespaço

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vanessa Reis


    Full Text Available

    O presente trabalho tem como objetivo analisar o seriado Lonelygirl15, exibido no website Youtube de junho de 2006 aos dias atuais. A série simula o videoblog de uma adolescente real mas, após várias evidências e investigações pela web, os espectadores descobrem tratar-se de um programa, com produtores e atores. O artigo busca analisar o processo de dúvida, investigação e estabelecimento de uma nova crença por parte dos usuários, com base nas teorias do filósofo americano Charles Sanders Peirce. Também pretendemos fazer um estudo sobre as novas formas narrativas no ambiente do ciberespaço, com características marcantes de imersão, agência e transforma��ão. Por fim, analisamos o comportamento dos espectadores após a revelação da ficcionalidade da série, com base nas considerações peirceanas acerca de métodos de estabelecimento de crenças.

  5. Symposium in commemoration of Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet and Rafael Armenteros

    CERN Multimedia


    On Wednesday 16 June at 4.00 p.m. a symposium will be held in the CERN Main Auditorium in memory of three great figures in the history of CERN and its Research Programmes, namely Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet and Rafael Armenteros, all of whom recently passed away. Each of them, notably led CERN's bubble-chamber programmes. Tributes appeared in the Weekly Bulletin issues 17/2003, 28/2003 and 14/2004. Since the symposium will take place on the day between the Scientific Policy Committee (SPC) meeting and the Council session, it will be possible for many colleagues and friends to attend alongside family members. All CERN staff members who wish to attend are also invited. Eight speakers who were close to each of the men at various times will share their vivid recollections, recalling the major scientific contributions they made and underlining the important role they played both at CERN and in the international scientific community. At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the D...

  6. Symposium in commemoration of Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet et Rafael Armenteros

    CERN Multimedia


    On Wednesday 16 June at 4.00 p.m. a symposium will be held in the CERN Main Auditorium in memory of three great figures in the history of CERN and its Research Programmes, namely Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet and Rafael Armenteros, all of whom recently passed away. Each of them, notably led CERN's bubble-chamber programmes. Tributes appeared in the Weekly Bulletin issues 17/2003, 28/2003 and 14/2004. Since the symposium will take place on the day between the Scientific Policy Committee (SPC) meeting and the Council session, it will be possible for many colleagues and friends to attend alongside family members. All CERN staff members who wish to attend are also invited. Eight speakers who were close to each of the men at various times will share their vivid recollections, recalling the major scientific contributions they made and underlining the important role they played both at CERN and in the international scientific community. At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the...

  7. Symposium in commemoration of Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet and Rafael Armenteros

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva


    On Wednesday 16 June at 4.00 p.m. a symposium will be held in the CERN Main Auditorium in memory of three great figures in the history of CERN and its Research Programmes, namely Charles Peyrou, Lucien Montanet and Rafael Armenteros, all of whom recently passed away. Each of them, notably led CERN's bubble-chamber programmes. Tributes appeared in the Weekly Bulletin issues 17/2003, 28/2003 and 14/2004. Since the symposium will take place on the day between the Scientific Policy Committee (SPC) meeting and the Council session, it will be possible for many colleagues and friends to attend alongside family members. All CERN staff members who wish to attend are also invited. Eight speakers who were close to each of the men at various times will share their vivid recollections, recalling the major scientific contributions they made and underlining the important role they played both at CERN and in the international scientific community. At the end of the symposium, drinks will be served at the invitation of the Di...

  8. When sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy (SHE) met Charles Darwin and Francis Galton. (United States)

    Parrino, Liborio; Pavesi, Giovanni


    Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy (SHE) is characterized by short-lasting seizures patterned by repetitive and stereotyped motor events in the same person. In autosomal dominant SHE, genetic factors play a well-known key role. In The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, Charles Darwin quotes a plausible example of SHE illustrated by his cousin Sir Francis Galton: "the gentleman…lay fast asleep on his back in bed, raising his right arm slowly in front of his face, up to his forehead, and then dropping it with a jerk, so that the wrist fell heavily on the bridge of his nose. The trick did not occur every night, but occasionally, and was independent of any ascertained cause. Sometimes it was repeated incessantly for an hour or more." Similar manifestations during sleep occurred also in the patient's son and granddaughter, suggesting an autosomal inheritance without sex relationship. Differential diagnosis with REM behavior disorder and other parasomnias is discussed. To our knowledge, this could be the first description of a stereotyped SHE pattern with genetic transmission. © 2017 American Academy of Neurology.

  9. Studying phenotypic evolution in domestic animals: a walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. (United States)

    Andersson, L


    Charles Darwin used domesticated plants and animals as proof of principle for his theory on phenotypic evolution by means of natural selection. Inspired by Darwin's work, we developed an intercross between the wild boar and domestic pigs to study the genetic basis for phenotypic changes during domestication. The difference in coat color is controlled by two major loci. Dominant white color is due to two consecutive mutations in the KIT gene: a 450-kb duplication and a splice mutation. Black spotting is caused by the combined effect of two mutations in MC1R: a missense mutation for dominant black color and a 2-bp insertion leading to a frameshift. A major discovery made using this pedigree is the identification of a single-nucleotide substitution in intron 3 of the gene for insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) that is underlying a quantitative trait locus affecting muscle growth, size of the heart, and fat deposition. The mutation disrupts the interaction with a repressor and leads to threefold increased IGF2 expression in postnatal muscle. In a recent study, we have identified the IGF2 repressor, and this previously unknown protein, named ZBED6, is specific for placental mammals and derived from a domesticated DNA transposon.

  10. The 'root-brain' hypothesis of Charles and Francis Darwin: Revival after more than 125 years. (United States)

    Baluska, Frantisek; Mancuso, Stefano; Volkmann, Dieter; Barlow, Peter W


    This year celebrates the 200(th) aniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, best known for his theory of evolution summarized in On the Origin of Species. Less well known is that, in the second half of his life, Darwin's major scientific focus turned towards plants. He wrote several books on plants, the next-to-last of which, The Power of Movement of Plants, published together with his son Francis, opened plants to a new view. Here we amplify the final sentence of this book in which the Darwins proposed that: "It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the tip of the radicle thus endowed [with sensitivity] and having the power of directing the movements of the adjoining parts, acts like the brain of one of the lower animals; the brain being seated within the anterior end of the body, receiving impressions from the sense-organs, and directing the several movements." This sentence conveys two important messages: first, that the root apex may be considered to be a 'brain-like' organ endowed with a sensitivity which controls its navigation through soil; second, that the root apex represents the anterior end of the plant body. In this article, we discuss both these statements.

  11. Wigs, laughter, and subversion: Charles Busch and strategies of drag performance. (United States)

    Niles, Richard


    This paper examines the strategies of drag performer/ playwright Charles Busch. His performance aesthetic is explored and shown to be subversive even though its initial impulse is to entertain. Basing my arguments on the work of Judith Butler, Elin Diamond, and others, I argue that drag queens like Busch can not only entertain but also make audiences question and criticize through drag's power to create a Brechtian alienation effect and historicize the subject. After showing how he can be viewed as a drag queen, I give a brief biography and discuss such contested terms as "camp" and "gay sensibility." I then focus on Busch's staged reading of Ibsen's Hedda Gahler andA Doll's House, both done in one afternoon at Theatre for The New City (6 May 2000). By examining the performance of Busch and his fellow actors, I demonstrate how a contemporary relevancy is achieved by having the roles played by a female impersonator whose acting choices are filtered through a gay sensibility. The ongoing dialectic between spectator and performer creates a historicized moment in performance that underscores the gender dynamics in unexpected and stimulating ways.

  12. Charles Bonnet syndrome: characteristics of its visual hallucinations and differential diagnosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thiago Cardoso Vale


    Full Text Available Objective: To present an eight-case serie of patients with Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS. Method: All patients were initially evaluated by an ophthalmologist and then submitted to a neurologic evaluation with exclusion of alternative psychiatric and neurologic diagnoses. Results: Five patients were male (62.5% and the mean age was 52.3+16.0 years. Two patients suffered from severe myopia and glaucoma, three had retinitis pigmentosa, one had anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, one had age-related macular degeneration and one had toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis. Mean visual acuity in the right eye was 1,12 logMAR and in the left eye 0.57 logMAR. A mean delay of 41.7 months occurred until diagnosis. All hallucinations were complexes and mostly ocurred on a weekly-basis (62.5% and lasted for seconds (87.5%. Conclusions: Physicians who care for low vision patients should be aware of CBS and appropriately diagnose its hallucinations after exclusion of psychiatric and neurologic diseases.

  13. Matters of Priority: Herbert Mayo, Charles Bell and Discoveries in the Nervous System (United States)

    Bradley, James


    Between 1822 and the late 1830s a highly personal priority dispute was fought between the celebrated surgeon and anatomist Sir Charles Bell and his ex-student Herbert Mayo. The dispute was over the motor and sensory functions of the Vth and VIIth cranial nerves. Over the course of the 1820s and the 1830s, the competing claims of Bell and Mayo were presented in newspapers, journals, and textbooks. But by the time of Bell’s death in 1842, Mayo had been discredited, a seemingly tragic footnote in the history of nervous discovery. And yet, with the benefit of hindsight, Bell’s case was at best disingenuous. His success was not due to any intrinsic scientific merit in his argument, but rather his ability to create a narrative that undermined the credibility of Mayo. However, only when Mayo’s public performances elided with Bell’s descriptions did this ploy succeed. As a result, the dispute illuminates the importance of credibility to the creation of an idealised scientific medical practitioner. PMID:25284895

  14. Effects of shoreline treatment methods on intertidal biota in Prince William Sound

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lees, D.C.; Houghton, J.P.; Driskell, W.B.


    Several studies conducted in Prince William Sound during 1989 were directed at assessing short term biological effects of treatment methods considered or employed for treating oil contaminated beaches. The four treatment alternatives evaluated in this paper are: low pressure warm water wash (LP-WW); high pressure hot water wash (HP-HW); the dispersant Corexit 7664; and the beach cleaner Corexit 9580 M2. Effects on the biota were assessed primarily on the basis of changes in the abundance of dominant taxa and the magnitude of selected community attributes (such as percent cover by algae or animals, and number of taxa). Significant reductions in one or more community or population attributes, and increases in the percent of dead mussels were observed in response to all types of treatment but the strongest and most consistent effects were observed following high pressure hot water treatment, which was also accompanied by heavy mortality in rockweed. Generally, the programs were not designed to discriminate among the potential causes of damage. However, available data suggest that neither chemical nor LP-WW treatments caused significant thermal impacts in the intertidal biota. In contrast, temperature appeared to cause significant mortality in the dominant plants and grazing and filter-feeding animals in HP-HW treatment sites. Observations of displacement and mortality for clams and mussels suggest that physical effects may be substantial in some cases. Of the types of treatment examined, dispersant and beach cleaner treatments appeared to be accompanied with the smallest number of significant changes in abundance; however, this conclusion is weak because the LP-WW wash accompanying chemical applications during the tests was sometimes less rigorous than when performed by itself. LP-WW treatment was accompanied by an intermediate level of changes whereas HP-HW treatment was accompanied with the highest percentage of changes, nearly all of which were decreases

  15. Potential for photoenhanced toxicity of spilled oil in Prince William Sound and Gulf of Alaska Waters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barron, M.G. [P.E.A.K. Research, Longmont, CO (United States); Ka' aihue, L. [Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council, Anchorage, AK (United States)


    Photoenhanced toxicity is the increase in the toxicity of a chemical in the presence of ultraviolet light (UV) compared to a standard laboratory test conducted with fluorescent lighting (minimal UV). Oil products, weathered oil, and specific polycyclic aromatic compounds present in oil are 2 to greater than 1000 times more toxic in the presence of UV. The photoenhanced toxicity of oil to fish and aquatic invertebrates appears to occur through a process of photosensitization, rather than photomodification of the aqueous phase oil. In photosensitization, the bioaccumulated chemical transfers light energy to other molecules causing toxicity through tissue damage rather than a narcosis mechanism. The available evidence indicates that phototoxic components of oil are specific 3-5 ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocycles. Determinants of photoenhanced toxicity include the extent of oil bioaccumulation in aquatic organisms and the spectra and intensity of UV exposure. No studies have specifically investigated the photoenhanced toxicity of spilled oil in Alaska waters. Although there are substantial uncertainties, the results of this evaluation indicate there is potential for photoenhanced toxicity of spilled oil in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. The potential hazard of photoenhanced toxicity may be greatest for embryo and larval stages of aquatic organisms that are relatively translucent to UV and inhabit the photic zone of the water column and intertidal areas. Photoenhanced toxicity should be considered in oil spill response because the spatial and temporal extent of injury to aquatic organisms may be underestimated if based on standard laboratory bioassays and existing toxicity databases. Additionally, the choice of counter measures and oil removal operations may influence the degree of photoenhanced toxicity. (author)

  16. Early Successes in an Open Access, Provincially Funded Hepatitis C Treatment Program in Prince Edward Island. (United States)

    Francheville, Jordan W; Rankin, Robin; Beck, Jeremy; Hoare, Connie; Materniak, Stefanie; German, Greg; Barrett, Lisa; Bunimov-Wall, Natalie; Smyth, Daniel


    The availability of curative hepatitis C therapies has created an opportunity to improve treatment delivery and access. Local providers, government, industry, and community groups in Prince Edward Island developed an innovative province-wide care model. Our goal was to describe the first year of program implementation. Using a communitybased prospective observational study design, all chronic hepatitis C referrals received from April 2015 to April 2016 were recorded in a database. Primary analysis assessed the time from referral to assessment/treatment, as well as the number of referrals, assessments, and treatment initiations. Secondary objectives included: (1) treatment effectiveness using intention-to-treat analysis; and (2) patient treatment experience assessed using demographics, adverse events, and medication adherence. During the study period 242 referrals were received, 123 patients were seen for intake assessments, and 93 initiated direct-acting antiviral therapy based on medical need. This is compared to 4 treatment initiations in the previous 2 years. The median time from assessment to treatment initiation was 3 weeks. Eighty-two of 84 (97.6%, 95% CI 91.7 - 99.7%) patients for whom outcome data were available achieved sustained virologic response at 12 weeks post-treatment; 1 was lost to follow-up and 1 died from an unrelated event. In the voluntary registry, 39.7% of patients reported missed treatment doses. In conclusion, results from the first 12 months of this multi-phase hepatitis C elimination strategy demonstrate improved access to treatment, and high rates of safe engagement and cure for patients living with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 infections.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yulia A. Rostovtseva


    Full Text Available The article studies the utopia of Prince M. M. Shcherbatov “Journey to  the  land of  Ophir”  (1784 in  a  new literary-historical way. The author explores the pedagogical ideal, represented by Ophir schools. In the centre of  the study there are the “small books” containing moral and civil “catechisms”, which are taught in  school along with other subjects and illustrate the essence of the Ophirian educational system. There are no special works on “catechisms” despite the fact that they often have been mentioned in academic literature. “Catechisms” are of a particular interest to the history of literature. They reflect not only the fragments of the writer’s biography, his view of modern pedagogical theories, but also describe the image of a man and citizen, the true “Son of the Motherland”. The author analyzes literary sources of  “catechisms”, among which there are the works of  S. Pufendorf, an Augustinian monk I. Felbiger, “Instruction” of Catherine the Great and writer’s own pedagogical texts. As  a  result, the  author concludes that for Shcherbatov the ideal of school education was strongly connected with the truth of the Christian law.

  18. Distribution of juvenile Pacific herring relative to environmental and geospatial factors in Prince William Sound, Alaska (United States)

    Lewandoski, Sean; Bishop, Mary Anne


    Documenting distribution patterns of juvenile Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) can clarify habitat preferences and provide insight into ecological factors influencing early life survival. However, few analyses relating juvenile Pacific herring density to habitat characteristics have been conducted. We sampled age-0 Pacific herring in nine bays and fjords distributed throughout Alaska's Prince William Sound during November over a 3-year period (2013-2015) and investigated associations between catch rate and habitat covariates using generalized linear mixed models. Our results indicated that the night-time distribution of age-0 Pacific herring in the pelagic environment was influenced by proximity to eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds, salinity, and water depth. Age-0 Pacific herring catch rate was negatively associated with tow depth, with herring favoring shallower water across the range of depths sampled (7.2-35.4 m). In addition, Pacific herring distribution was positively associated with fresher water within the sampled salinity gradient (24.1-32.3 psu) and proximity to eelgrass beds. Seasonal changes in juvenile Pacific herring distribution were investigated by sampling one bay over a seven month period (October-April). Age-0 Pacific herring tended to remain in the inner bay region throughout the seven months, while age-1 Pacific herring had shifted from the inner to the outer bay by spring (March-April). Additionally, catch rate of age-0 Pacific herring in areas where ice breakup had just occurred was higher than in open water, suggesting that age-0 herring preferentially select ice-covered habitats when available. Based on our results we recommend that habitat preferences of age-0 Pacific herring should be considered in the development of Pacific herring year-class strength indices from catch data.

  19. Examining the uncertain origin and management role of martens on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. (United States)

    Pauli, Jonathan N; Moss, Wynne E; Manlick, Philip J; Fountain, Emily D; Kirby, Rebecca; Sultaire, Sean M; Perrig, Paula L; Mendoza, Jorge E; Pokallus, John W; Heaton, Timothy H


    Conservation biologists are generally united in efforts to curtail the spread of non-native species globally. However, the colonization history of a species is not always certain, and whether a species is considered non-native or native depends on the conservation benchmark. Such ambiguities have led to inconsistent management. Within the Tongass National Forest of Alaska, the status of American marten (Martes americana) on the largest, most biologically diverse and deforested island, Prince of Wales (POW), is unclear. Ten martens were released to POW in the early 1930s, and it was generally believed to be the founding event, although this has been questioned. The uncertainty surrounding when and how martens colonized POW complicates management, especially because martens were selected as a design species for the Tongass. To explore the history of martens of POW we reviewed other plausible routes of colonization; genetically and isotopically analyzed putative marten fossils deposited in the late Pleistocene and early Holocene to verify marten occupancy of POW; and used contemporary genetic data from martens on POW and the mainland in coalescent simulations to identify the probable source of the present-day marten population on POW. We found evidence for multiple routes of colonization by forest-associated mammals beginning in the Holocene, which were likely used by American martens to naturally colonize POW. Although we cannot rule out human-assisted movement of martens by Alaskan Natives or fur trappers, we suggest that martens be managed for persistence on POW. More generally, our findings illustrate the difficulty of labeling species as non-native or native, even when genetic and paleo-ecological data are available, and support the notion that community resilience or species invasiveness should be prioritized when making management decisions rather than more subjective and less certain conservation benchmarks. © 2015 Society for Conservation Biology.

  20. Spatial distribution, temporal variability, and chemistry of the salt wedge in the lower Charles River, Massachusetts, June 1998 to July 1999 (United States)

    Breault, R.F.; Barlow, L.K.; Reisig, K.D.; Parker, G.W.


    The Charles River is of great recreational and ecological value to the Boston metropolitan region and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is also the focus of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region I, Clean Charles 2005 Task Force. The main goal of the Task Force is to make the Charles River 'fishable and swimmable' by the year 2005. Achieving 'fishable and swimmable' conditions will require continued progress in addressing a range of environmental conditions now degrading water quality, including the infiltration of saltwater from Boston Harbor into the freshwater Charles River.To better understand the pattern of saltwater intrusion, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (MADEM), and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), collected data on the spatial distribution, temporal variability, and chemistry of the saltwater that entered the lower Charles River from June 1998 to July 1999. The purpose of this investigation is to extend and complement a regional-scale study of Charles River water quality conducted in 1996 (T. Faber, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, written commun., 1997), and the ongoing water monitoring activities of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA). The data collected by this investigation supports the Clean Charles 2005 Task Force by providing detailed information concerning a major factor limiting 'fishable and swimmable' conditions in the lower Charles River. Finally, the study will be used to assist current planning efforts of the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) to restore the historic parklands of the lower Charles River.The 'Basin' is the local term for the reach of the Charles River that begins at the Watertown Dam in Watertown, Mass., and extends about 8 mi through suburban and urban areas to Boston