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  1. Scoping Meeting Summary, Kaunakakai, Moloka'i, March 12, 1992, 2 PM Session

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Quinby-Hunt, Mary S.


    The meeting began with presentations by the facilitator, Mr. Spiegel, and Dr. Lewis, the program manager from DOE. The facilitator introduced those on the podium. He then described the general structure of the meeting and its purpose: to hear the issues and concerns of those present regarding the proposed Hawaiian Geothermal Project. He described his role as assuring the impartiality and fairness of the meeting. Dr. Lewis of DOE further defined the scope of the project, introduced members of the EIS team, and briefly described.the EIS process. The overwhelming concerns of the meeting were Native Hawaiian issues. The presenters [more than 70%, most of whom addressed no other issue] want the EIS to respect Native Hawaiian religion, race, rights, language, and culture, noting that they believe that geothermal development is a desecration of Pele [{approx}60% of all presenters]. They expressed concern that their ancestors and burials should not be desecrated. The EIS should address Native Hawaiian concerns that the HGP would negatively impact Native Hawaiian fisheries, subsistence lifestyles, and religious practices. Virtually all the speakers expressed frustration with government. Most (> 70%) of the speakers voiced concern and frustration regarding lack of consideration for Native Hawaiians by government and lack of trust in government. One commenter requested that the EIS should consider the international implications of the U.S allowing their rainforests to be cleared, when the U.S. government asks other nations to preserve theirs. Nearly 30% of the commenters want the EIS to address the concern that people on Moloka'i will bear major environmental consequences of the HGP, but not gain from it. The commenters question whether it is right for Moloka'i to pay for benefits to Oahu, particularly using an unproven technology. After questioning the reliability and feasibility of the marine cable:, nearly 30% of the presenters were concerned about the impacts of

  2. The Exile of Hansen's Disease Patients to Moloka'i: A Diffusion of Innovations Perspective. (United States)

    Pitman Harris, Adrea; Matusitz, Jonathan


    This article analyzes the exile of patients with Hansen's disease (leprosy) to Moloka'i (Hawaii) by applying the diffusion of innovations (DoI) theory. Developed by Rogers, DoI posits that an innovation (i.e., idea, movement, or trend) is initiated within a culture. Then, it is diffused via particular channels across diverse cultures. Instead of evolving independently, innovations diffuse from one culture to another through various forms of contact and communication. In the context of this analysis, the objective is to examine how the diffusion of certain ideas, namely, abolishing the stigma associated with leprosy, could have improved the lives of Hawaiians. An important premise of this article is that the Hawaiian government barely applied the tenets of DoI, which is the reason why many people lost their lives. So, this article seeks to explore what could have been done to improve their situation and what pitfalls should be avoided in the future.

  3. The distribution of a pure beta-emitter in the human body. Problems and preliminary results of Bremsstrahlung measurements in vivo; La repartition d'un emetteur beta pur dans l'organisme humain. Problemes poses par les mesures in vivo du rayonnement de freinage et premiers resultats obtenus; Raspredelenie chistogo beta-izluchatel ya v chelovecheskom organizme Problemy i predvaritel'ny e rezul'taty izmerenij tormoznogo izlucheniya v zhivom organizme; Distribucion de un emisor beta puro en el organisme humano. Problemas planteados por las mediciones in vivo de la radiacion de frenado y resultados preliminares obtenidos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mehl, H G [Strahleninstitut der Freien Universitaet, Berlin (Germany)


    la profondeur a laquelle l'organe examine se trouve situe. L'examen des resultats deja publies de ces mesures permettra de reconnaitre la situation actuelle et de determiner la nature des problemes qui restent a resoudre. (author) [Spanish] Las mediciones in vivo de la distribucion de un emisor beta puro en el organismo humano se limitaban antes a localizar la radiactividad en los tejidos superficiales unicamente, a causa del reducido alcance de las particules beta en los tejidos. En los ultimos anos, gracias a las mediciones de la radiacion de frenado se ha podido analizar la actividad en los tejidos profundos. El autor estudia los problemas planteados por esta nueva tecnica y los resultados que permite obtener. Describe la construccien de detectores apropiados, basandose en un analisis de las caracteristicas fisicas de esta radiacion. Examina la labor teorica y experimental realizada en este campo. Para poder interpretar acertadamente los resultados obtenidos, es necesario analizar los diversos factores que entran en juego, especialmente el area por el detector, la actividad especifica del tejido observado y la profundidad del organo objeto de examen. Un estudio de los resultados de esas mediciones ya publicadas permitira evaluar la situacion actual y la naturaleza de los problemas que aun no se han resuelto. (author) [Russian] Izmereniya raspredeleniya chistogo beta-izluchatel ya v chelovecheskom organizme do sikh por ogranichivalis', vvidu malogo puti proniknoveniya beta-chastits v tkani, ustanovleniem nalichiya radioaktivnost i tol'ko v poverkhnostny kh tkanyakh. Za poslednie neskol'ko let primenenie izmerenij tormoznogo izlucheniya pozvolilo rasprostranit' ehtot metod na analiz aktivnosti gluboko zalegayushchikh tkanej. V nastoyashchem dokumente rassmatrivayuts ya problemy i rezul'taty ispol'zovaniya ehtogo novogo priema raboty. Na osnovanii analiza fizicheskogo kharaktera ehtoj radiatsii v dokumente rassmatrivaets ya takzhe konstruktsiya

  4. The coral reef of South Moloka'i, Hawai'i - Portrait of a sediment-threatened fringing reef (United States)

    Field, Michael E.; Cochran, Susan A.; Logan, Joshua; Storlazzi, Curt D.


    Moloka‘i, with the most extensive coral reef in the main Hawaiian Islands, is especially sacred to Hina, the Goddess of the Moon. As Hinaalo, she is the Mother of the Hawaiian people; as Hinapuku‘a, she is the Goddess of Fishermen; and in the form Hina‘opuhalako‘a, she is the Goddess who gave birth to coral, coral reefs, and all spiny marine organisms. Interdependence between the reef’s living resources, the people, and their cosmology was the basis for management of Moloka‘i’s coastal waters for over a thousand years.The ancient residents of Moloka‘i built the greatest concentration of fishponds known anywhere, but their mastery of mariculture, something needed now more than ever, was lost after near genocide from exotic Western diseases. Subsequent destruction of the native vegetation for exotic cattle, goats, pigs, sugar cane, and pineapple caused soil erosion and sedimentation on the reef flat. This masterful volume clearly documents that soil washing into the sea is the major threat to the reef today. Abandoned fishponds, choked with sediment, now act as barriers and mud traps, making damage to corals less than it would otherwise would have been.The role of mud and freshwater from land in preventing coral reef growth, clearly articulated in Charles Darwin’s first book, The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs, is the major theme of this book. All around the tropics, coral reefs have died from huge increases in terrestrial sedimentation that resulted from destruction of hillside forests for cash-crop agriculture and pastures in the colonial era, especially in Latin America, Asia, and the islands of the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. It is obvious that one cannot manage the coastal zone as a unit separate from the watersheds that drain into it. Yet there has been surprisingly little comprehensive scientific study of these impacts.In this landmark volume, U.S. Geological Survey researchers and their colleagues have developed and applied a remarkably integrated approach to the reefs of Moloka‘i, combining geology, oceanography, and biology to provide an in-depth understanding of the processes that have made these reefs grow and that now limit them. They have joined old fashioned natural history of marine animals and plants with study of the geological evolution of the island, hydrology, meteorology, and land-use history, to an arsenal of new methods of remote sensing, including aerial photography, laser ranging, infrared thermal mapping, seismic reflection, in-situ instrumentation to measure chemical parameters of water quality, and direct measurements of the physical driving forces affecting them—such as wave energy, currents, sedimentation, and sediment transport. They provide a level of documentation and insight that has never been available for any reef before.A remarkable feature of this book is that it is aimed at the people of Moloka‘i to inform them of what is happening to their reef and what they might do to preserve their vital resources. The scientific data and interpretations are expressed in unusually clear and comprehensible language, free of the professional jargon that makes most technical publications impenetrable to the public that most needs to know about them, yet without loss of scientific rigor.Here readers will see clearly explained the whole path of soil loss, from the impacts of wild pigs and goats at higher elevations, deforestation of the hills for cattle pasture at lower levels, and denudation of low lands for cash crops. The resulting biological impoverishment has bared the soils, which wash away in flash storms, smothering the inshore reefs, whose growth was already limited because they had grown right up to sea level. The data in this book show that the mud doesn’t get far if it is washed into the sea during a big storm with heavy waves. Afterwards this mud keeps getting stirred up by every succeeding storm, spreading and affecting corals over wider areas until it is finally washed out of the system—and that only happens if there is no more new mud washing onto the reef.I saw this myself a few years ago in Pila‘a Bay on Kaua‘i, where a bulldozed hillside of abandoned sugar cane fields had slumped right on top of a coral reef following exceptional rains. Years later, the algae species were zoned in a way that clearly mapped the distribution of nutrients washed into the bay, most likely from fertilizers bound to the eroded soils. That pattern closely mimics, on a small scale, that shown in Moloka‘i in this volume, where the inner reef is covered with algae, zoned by species in a way that points to land-based sources of nutrients, while the outermost reef slope is still coral dominated, and the deep algae seem to indicate deep-water nutrient upwelling.What of the future? The Hawaiian Islands have been exceptionally fortunate to be spared the worst coral heatstroke death from high temperatures, at least to date. So far, the worst global warming impacts have luckily been small in this region, and the small number of people on Moloka‘i has kept population densities, and sewage pollution, low compared to the more developed islands. Nutrients from years of sugar and pineapple fertilization, and the washing of this soil onto the reefs, show clear influences on the pattern of algae on the reef. Even at very low levels of nutrients, well below that which drives algae to smother and kill coral reefs, more algae is present. Soil erosion control is therefore the key to better management of both nutrients and turbidity on Moloka‘i reefs. To that end land management actions mentioned in this book, such as suppressing wild fires and eliminating wild goats and pigs, could be made even more effective if supplemented by active erosion control using plants whose roots bind the soil effectively in place. Through all of these efforts, Hina and the people of Moloka‘i could be happy again!

  5. 75 FR 57441 - Availability of Seats for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Advisory... (United States)


    ... National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council: Commercial Shipping, Whale Watching, Ocean Recreation, Business/Commerce, Citizen-at-Large, Conservation, Tourism, Lana`i Island Representative, and Moloka`i Island...

  6. Assessment of Nonindigenous Species on Coral Reefs in the Hawaiian Islands, with Emphasis on Introduced Invertebrates (NODC Accession 0001419) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Coral reefs on the islands of Kaua'i, Moloka'i, Maui, Hawai'i and O'ahu were surveyed for the presence and impact of marine nonindigenous and cryptogenic species...

  7. Response of reef corals on a fringing reef flat to elevated suspended-sediment concentrations: Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i (United States)

    Jokiel, Paul L.; Rodgers, Ku'ulei S.; Storlazzi, Curt D.; Field, Michael E.; Lager, Claire V.; Lager, Dan


    A long-term (10 month exposure) experiment on effects of suspended sediment on the mortality, growth, and recruitment of the reef corals Montipora capitata and Porites compressa was conducted on the shallow reef flat off south Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi. Corals were grown on wire platforms with attached coral recruitment tiles along a suspended solid concentration (SSC) gradient that ranged from 37 mg l−1 (inshore) to 3 mg l−1(offshore). Natural coral reef development on the reef flat is limited to areas with SSCs less than 10 mg l−1 as previously suggested in the scientific literature. However, the experimental corals held at much higher levels of turbidity showed surprisingly good survivorship and growth. High SSCs encountered on the reef flat reduced coral recruitment by one to three orders of magnitude compared to other sites throughout Hawaiʻi. There was a significant correlation between the biomass of macroalgae attached to the wire growth platforms at the end of the experiment and percentage of the corals showing mortality. We conclude that lack of suitable hard substrate, macroalgal competition, and blockage of recruitment on available substratum are major factors accounting for the low natural coral coverage in areas of high turbidity. The direct impact of high turbidity on growth and mortality is of lesser importance.

  8. Chemical ecology of red mangroves, Rhizophora mangle, in the Hawaiian Islands (United States)

    Fry, Brian; Cormier, Nicole


    The coastal red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L., was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands from Florida 100 yr ago and has spread to cover many shallow intertidal shorelines that once were unvegetated mudflats. We used a field survey approach to test whether mangroves at the land-ocean interface could indicate watershed inputs, especially whether measurements of leaf chemistry could identify coasts with high nutrient inputs and high mangrove productivities. During 2001-2002, we sampled mangroves on dry leeward coasts of southern Moloka'i and O'ahu for 14 leaf variables including stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes (delta13C, delta15N), macronutrients (C, N, P), trace elements (B, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn), and cations (Na, Mg, K, Ca). A new modeling approach using leaf Na, N, P, and delta13C indicated two times higher productivity for mangroves in urban versus rural settings, with rural mangroves more limited by low N and P nutrients and high-nutrient urban mangroves more limited by freshwater inputs and salt stress. Leaf chemistry also helped identify other aspects of mangrove dynamics: especially leaf delta15N values helped identify groundwater N inputs, and a combination of strongly correlated variables (C, N, P, B, Cu, Mg, K, Ca) tracked the mangrove growth response to nutrient loading. Overall, the chemical marker approach is an efficient way to survey watershed forcing of mangrove forest dynamics.

  9. A complex evolutionary history in a remote archipelago: phylogeography and morphometrics of the Hawaiian endemic Ligia isopods.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos A Santamaria

    Full Text Available Compared to the striking diversification and levels of endemism observed in many terrestrial groups within the Hawaiian Archipelago, marine invertebrates exhibit remarkably lower rates of endemism and diversification. Supralittoral invertebrates restricted to specific coastal patchy habitats, however, have the potential for high levels of allopatric diversification. This is the case of Ligia isopods endemic to the Hawaiian Archipelago, which most likely arose from a rocky supralittoral ancestor that colonized the archipelago via rafting, and diversified into rocky supralittoral and inland lineages. A previous study on populations of this isopod from O'ahu and Kaua'i revealed high levels of allopatric differentiation, and suggested inter-island historical dispersal events have been rare. To gain a better understanding on the diversity and evolution of this group, we expanded prior phylogeographic work by incorporating populations from unsampled main Hawaiian Islands (Maui, Moloka'i, Lana'i, and Hawai'i, increasing the number of gene markers (four mitochondrial and two nuclear genes, and conducting Maximum likelihood and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses. Our study revealed new lineages and expanded the distribution range of several lineages. The phylogeographic patterns of Ligia in the study area are complex, with Hawai'i, O'ahu, and the Maui-Nui islands sharing major lineages, implying multiple inter-island historical dispersal events. In contrast, the oldest and most geographically distant of the major islands (Kaua'i shares no lineages with the other islands. Our results did not support the monophyly of all the supralittoral lineages (currently grouped into L. hawaiensis, or the monophyly of the terrestrial lineages (currently grouped into L. perkinsi, implying more than one evolutionary transition between coastal and inland forms. Geometric-morphometric analyses of three supralittoral clades revealed significant body shape differences among them

  10. A Tier-I leaching risk assessment of three anticoagulant compounds in the forested areas of Hawai'i. (United States)

    D'Alessio, Matteo; Wang, Tiejun; Swift, Catherine E; Shanmungam, Mohana Sundaram; Ray, Chittaranjan


    The anticoagulant rodenticides brodifacoum, chlorophacinone, and diphacinone have been proposed for broadcast application in some forested areas in Hawai'i to protect rare and endangered native bird species from introduced mice and rats. Groundwater resources in Hawai'i are prone to contamination due to the intrinsic aquifer vulnerability to leaching from the land surface. Because of the hydrogeologic complexity, Hawai'i uses a Tier-I leaching assessment tool, CLERS, to make registration decisions for new or existing chemicals. The CLERS tool uses soil and pesticide properties as well as water recharge through the soil profile in a GIS framework to estimate mass attenuation of the chemicals at a given depth and compares against this attenuation factor against those of a known leacher and a non-leacher. Disturbed soil samples were collected across the state of Hawai'i, including the islands of Hawai'i, Kaho'olawe, Kaua'i, Lana'i, Maui, Moloka'i, and O'ahu, with two sampling locations per island, except for Kaua'i which had three. As only limited information on chemical properties of these anticoagulants in soils is available, laboratory experiments were performed to determine the sorption capacity (K d ) and the degradation rate (T 1/2 ) of brodifacoum, chlorophacinone, and diphacinone to construct a proper chemical database. Depending on the soil type, T 1/2 values ranged between 37 and 248days for diphacinone, between 39 and 1000days for chlorophacinone, and between 72 and 462days for brodifacoum. These data were used in the CLERS tool to estimate leaching risks for these chemicals primarily in forested areas of the state where the chemicals are likely to be applied. The results from the CLERS tool indicate low risks of leaching of these three compounds into aquifers in five out of six major Hawaiian Islands. Diphacinone showed medium risk of leaching in a few remote areas in Maui. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  11. Scoping Meeting Summary, Honolulu, Oahu, March 14, 1992, 2 PM Session

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Quinby-Hunt, Mary S.


    of the HGP on marine life, particularly threatened and endangered species such as the humpback whale. It should address the effects of emf. In particular, the EIS should establish whether the clearing of land for HGP increase the problems of silting in the near-shore ocean. Ninety percent of the presenters requested that the EIS address long- and short-term socioeconomic impacts of the HGP. Sixty percent want the EIS to provide a detailed economic analysis of the costs (to the Consumer, rate payer and non-user) of the HGP, including the cable, from inception (planning) through decommissioning, to determine both feasibility and impacts to economic systems. The EIS should investigate the effects of the presence of transmission lines making large regions of the State: less desirable for living in terms of property values, cost of living, etc . b.b. This impact would affect all residents of Hawai'i, not just those on Hawai'i, Maui, Moloka'i and Oahu. The EIS should analyze the economic impacts of failures once geothermal energy provides a significant proportion of Hawai'i's energy needs, including the costs of developing backup power supply on Oahu. One commenter asked who would be responsible for the consequences of lower property values or property condemnation associated with the HGP and suggested that the developer(s) should be bonded. Fifty percent want the EIS to identify what the benefits of HGP are and who would benefit from development of the HGP.

  12. Composition and Vacancy Flux Effects in Tracer Diffusion in Silver-Gold Alloys; Effets de la Composition et du Flux de Lacunes sur la Diffusion des Indicateurs dans les Alliages d'Or et d'Argent; Vliyanie sostava i potoka vakansij pri diffuzii indikatorov v splavakh serebra i zolota; Efectos de la Composicion y del Flujo de Huecos Sobre la Difusion de Indicadores en Aleaciones Plata-Oro

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meyer, R. O.; Slifkin, L. [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC (United States)


    desplazamiento del centro de masas correspondiente a la distribucion del indicador oro, la cual no sufre deformacion alguna puesto que D es practicamente independiente de la posicion. El indicador inerte, de particulas finas, permite localizar la interfase original con precision de algunos micrones. Los resultados obtenidos hasta febrero de 1965 senalan que el centro correspondiente a la distribucion del indicador oro se desplaza unos 20 {mu}m hacia el extremo rico en plata. (author) [Russian] Izuchenie samodiffuzii v splavah serebra s zolotom pokazy- vaet, chto jenergii aktivacii monotonno umen'shajutsja s uvelicheniem koncentracii zolota. Rezul'taty jetih issledovanij nel'zja ob{sup j}asnit' ishodja iz teorij, osnovannyh na sootvetst- vujushhih sostojanijah, vlijanii razmera ili teplote rastvorenija; odnako razvitaja Leklerom jelektrostatisticheskaja teorija Lazara pozvoljaet poluchit' polukolichestvennoe soglasie. Umen'shenie predjeksponencial'nyh faktorov s uvelicheniem koncentracii zolota ukazyvaet na to, chto jentropija vakansij dlja migracii linejno umen'shaetsja s izmeneniem sosta- va na 1,5 ROT chistogo serebra do chistogo zolota. V otnoshenii kazhdogo indikatora pri postojannoj temperature kojefficient diffuzii DE zavisimosti ot sostava pokazyvaet shirokij minimum. S pomoshh'ju jetih dannyh, ispol'zuemyh dlja proverki teorij vzaimodejst- vija mezhdu vakansiej i primes'ju, ustanavlivaetsja, chto tol'ko dannye Manninga i Lidiarda dajut udovletvoritel'nye i neprotivorechivye rezul'taty. Pribavlenie bolee podvizhnogo serebra k menee podvizhnomu zolotu fakticheski umen'shaet Bdlja oboih indikatorov; analiz pokazyvaet, chto prisutstvie atoma serebra, smezhnogo s vakansiej, i atoma zolota umen'- shaet chastotu skachka atoma zolota priblizitel'no na velichinzg 0,4. Nalichie shirokogo minimuma na grafike zavisimosti DOT sostava pozvoljaet issledo- vat' vlijanie potoka vakansii na diffuziju indikatora. Para Kirkendalla prigotovljaetsja iz sostavov, simmetrichno smeshhennyh

  13. Radioactive preparation of defects in solids; Creation de defauts dans les solides au moyen de radioisotopes; Ispol'zovanie radioaktivnosti dlya obrazovaniya defektov v tverdykh telakh; Creacion de deiectos en los solidos mediante radioisotopos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lambe, J [Physics Department, Ford Motor Company, Scientific Laboratory, Dearborn, MI (United States)


    zaklyuchaetsya prosto v izgotovlenii po vozmozhnosti chistogo materiala, i vvedenii v nego kakikh libo postoronnikh radioaktivnykh atomov. Pri raspade ehtikh atomov dochernie produkty obrazuyut znachitel'noe kolichestvo defektov. V kachestve prostogo sposoba proverki osushchestvimosti takogo metoda on byl ispol'zovan dlya zakhvata atomov tritiya v kristall tverdogo molekulyarnogo tritiya. EHti opyty pokazyvayut, chto nastoyashchij metod osushchestvim i dolzhen najti sebe osoboe shirokoe primenenie v poluchenii svobodnykh radikalov v organicheskikh veshchestvakh, imeyushchikh dostatochnuyu stojkost' protiv radiatsii. (author)

  14. A modification of the method for determining current efficiency of aluminium electrolytic cells; Modification de la methode permettant de determiner le rendement des cuves dans la production d'aluminium par electrolyse; Izmenenie metoda opredeleniya ehffektivnosti toka v alyuminievykh ehlektroliticheskikh bakakh; Modificacion del metodo para determinar el rendimiento de las celdas utilizadas en la produccion de aluminio por electrolisis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pradzynski, A [Institute of Basic Technical Problems, Polish Academy of Sciences. Warsaw (Poland); Orman, Z [Institute of Nonferrous Metals, Gliwice (Poland)


    alyuminievykh pechakh, opisannyj vpervye REMPELEM i dr., byl usovershenstvovan BOZUKI i dr. pri pomoshchi ispol'zovaniya radioaktivnogo izotopa zolota Au{sup 198}. Pri provedenii upomyanutogo issledovaniya byli izgotovleny obraztsy splavov alyuminiya s zolotom Au{sup 198}, i proby ehtikh obraztsov s vysokoj udel'noj aktivnost'yu byli izmereny pri pomoshchi schetchika Gejgera-Myullera so svintsovym poglotitelem, vstavlennym mezhdu schetchikom i proboj. Udel'naya aktivnost' obraztsa splava byla izmerena posle razbavleniya ego opredelennym kolichestvom chistogo alyuminiya. Takim obrazom proby razbavlennogo splava i proby, vzyatye iz ehlektroliticheskogo baka, imeli udel'nuyu aktivnost' togo zhe poryadka velichiny i mogli izmeryat'sya bez vsyakogo poglotitelya. Dlya togo, chtoby oblegchit' primenenie ehtogo metoda na alyuminievom zavode i vo izbezhanie vsyakikh ogranichenij i opasnosti, svyazannykh s obrashcheniem s otkrytymi radioaktivnymi istochnikami vne osobykh laboratorij, prednaznachennykh dlya issledovaniya radioaktivnykh izotopov, byl ispol'zovan radioaktivatsionnyj analiz. K obraztsu splava, a takzhe i v nakhodyashchuyusya v ehlektroliticheskom bake plavil'nuyu vannu bylo dobavleno neaktivirovannoe zoloto. Kontsentratsiya zolota kak v obraztsakh splava, tak i v plavil'noj smesi byla zatem izmerena posle oblucheniya prob v yadernom reaktore. (author)

  15. Use of radioisotopes in studying the penetration of sulphur into iron during hydrogen cathode charging; Application des radioelements a l'etude de la penetration du soufre dans le fer lors du chargement en hydrogene cathodique; Ispol'zovanie radioehlementov dlya izucheniya proniknoveniya sery v zhelezo, kogda ona zaryazhaetsya katodnym vodorodom; Aplicacion de los radioelementos al estudio de la penetracion del azufre en el hierro durante la carga con hidrogeno catodico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Besnard, S; Talbot, J [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Vitry (France)


    bylo predprinyato v nashej laboratorii s ispol'zovaniem chistogo ehlektroliticheskogo zheleza. Putem katodnoj nagruzki bylo polucheno vodorodnoe perenasyshchenie. EHlementom primesi byl sernistyj natrij, vystupayushchij kak ehlement sera-35. My smogli pokazat' chto v techenie poluchasa pri -15 Degree-Sign C sera pronikaet v zhelezo na glubinu okolo 120 mikronov. K tomu zhe bylo ustanovleno, chto sera preimushchestvenno razmeshchalas' na granulakh zeren. EHtot rezul'tat, kotoryj mog by byt' poluchen tol'ko s pomoshch'yu radioizotopov, imeet vazhnoe znachenie, osobenno v neftyanoj promyshlennosti. Podobnoe issledovanie bylo provedeno s ispol'zovaniem radioizotopa fosfor-32. (author)

  16. The Formation of Polymeric Products in Reactions of Polyvalent Recoil Atoms; Formation de Polymeres lors de Reactions Provoquees par des Atomes de Recul Polyvalents; Obrazovanie polimernykh produktov pri reaktsiyakh polivalentnykh atomov otdachi; Formacion de Polimeros en las Reacciones de Atomos de Retroceso Polivalentes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dzantiev, B. G.; Stukan, R. A.; Shvedchikov, A. P.; Shishkov, A. V. [Institut Himicheskoj Fiziki AN SSSR, Moskva, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    mechenyh polimernyh produktov v processe himicheskoj stabilizacii atomov otdachi sery-35 i ugleroda-14, poluchajushhihsja po jadernym reakcijam Cl{sup 35} /n, p/S{sup 35} i N{sup 14}/n, p/C{sup 14} v gazovoj i zhidkoj fazah. Mozhno predpolozhit', chto v processe stabilizacii gorjachie atomy ugleroda obrazujut metilenovye biradikaly, kotorye po svoej sposobnosti vstupat' v reakciju vo mnogom napominajut povedenie atomarnoj sery. Issledovanija provodilis' kak dlja parafinovyh (CH{sub 4}, C{sub 2}H{sub 6}), tak i dlja ciklicheskih (ciklogeksan, ciklogeksen, benzol) uglevodorod. Oblucheniju podvergalis' binarnye sistemy uglevodorod-datchik gorjachih atomov S{sup 35} i C{sup 14}. V kachestve poslednego ispol'zovalis' soedinenija CCI{sub 4}, HCl i ammiak. Obluchenie provodilos' na reaktore tipa IRT-1000 pri potoke teplovyh nejtronov 10{sup 11} - 10{sup 12} neJtron/cm{sup 2}sek. Pokazano, chto dlja razlichnyh soedinenij v zhidkoj faze do 60-90% sery-35 stabilizuetsja v forme polimera, vyhod kotorogo jekstremal'no zavisit ot sostava, prohodja cherez maksimum pri sootnoshenii komponentov, blizkom k jekvimolekuljarnomu. V gazovoj faze vyhod polimera sostavljaet 30 - 40% ot obshhej aktivnosti. Metodom radiohromatografii na bumage ustanovleno, chto mechenye polimernye produkty imejut slozhnyj sostav i predstavljajut soboj smes' dvuh kachestvenno otlichnyh tipov soedinenij, vyhod kotoryh po-raznomu menjaetsja v zavisimosti ot sootnoshenija komponentov. Uvelichenie vremeni obluchenija privodit k rostu vyhoda mechenogo polimera. V sluchae zhidkofaznoj sistemy C{sub 6}H{sub 12}-CCl{sub 4} molekuljarnyj ves S{sup 35}-soderzhashhego polimera, opredeljalsja metodom diffuzii iz kapilljara i okazalsja ravnym 5000 dlja polimera odnogo tipa i 500 - 1000 dlja drugogo. Obrazovanie vysokokipjashhego mechenogo produkta nabljudalos' takzhe pri obluchenii chistogo CCI{sub 4}. Analogichnye opyty provodilis' v sisteme jetilen -ammiak v gazovoj faze pri vysokom davlenii. Pokazano, chto v jetom sluchae

  17. Fixation of Radionuclides in Titanium Dioxide and Titanates via co-Precipitation; Fixation de Radioelements dans le Bioxyde de Titane et dans les Titanates par Coprecipitation; 0424 0418 041a 0421 0410 0426 0418 042f 0420 0410 0414 0418 041e 0418 0417 041e 0422 041e 041f 041e 0412 0412 0414 0412 0423 041e 041a 0418 0421 0418 0422 0418 0422 0410 041d 0410 0418 1 0418 0422 0410 041d 0410 0422 0410 0425 041c 0415 0422 041e 0414 041e 041c 0421 041e 041e 0421 0410 0416 0414 0415 041d 0418 042f ; Fijacion de Radionuclidos en Dioxido de Titanio y Titanatos por Coprecipitacion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Levi, H. W. [Hahn-Meitner Institut fuer Kernforschung, Berlin-Wannsee, Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)


    vvedenija aktivnosti v jetot predvaritel'nyj produkt. Nedostatkami soosazhdenija javljajutsja trudnost' otdelenija vysokoaktivnogo shlamma ot rastvora i nizkaja stepen' udalenija cezija, a preimushhestvami - prigodnost' dlja predvaritel'nyh processov, menee ogranichennaja ob{sup e}mnaja emkost' po sravneniju s sorbcionnoj sposobnost'ju glinistyh mineralov i otsutstvie stadii vyparivanija. Pojetomu predstavljaetsja zhelatel'nym podrobnee rassmotret' himiju sootvetstvujushhih sistem soosazhdenija. Pervoj byla vybrana sistema TiO{sub 2} blagodarja horoshim fiksirujushhim kachestvam TiO{sub 2} i titanatov. Soosaditel'nye svojstva TiO{sub 2} * H{sub 2}O izuchalis' v razlichnyh jeksperimental'nyh uslovijah. Dlja nekotoryh radioizotopov kojefficient raspredelenija okazalsja takim zhe ili luchshim, chem v sluchae drugih gidratov okisi. Vysokaja koncentracija radioizotopa ili analogichnyh emu ionov vyzyvaet umen'shenie kojefficienta raspredelenija. Jetogo mozhno izbezhat' odnovremennym osazhdeniem karbonatov ili oksalatov, v rezul'tate kotorogo udaljaetsja osnovnoe kolichestvo ionov. Izuchalos' takzhe vlijanie aljuminija, prisutstvujushhego v bol'shih kolichestvah. Nachato issledovanie obrazovanija oktajedrita i rutila iz chistogo osadka TiO{sub 2} * H{sub 2}O i titanatov iz osadkov TiO{sub 2} * H{sub 2}O+ karbonat ili oksalat v processe vysokotemperaturnoj obrabotki. (author)

  18. Graft Polymerization of Styrene to Polyethylene; Polymerisation par greffage du styrene sur des pellicules de polyethylene; Privitaya polimerizatsiya stirola k poliehtilen; Polimerizacion por injerto de estireno en polietileno

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Silverman, J.; Srinivasan, S. I.; Phalangas, C. J. [Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD (United States)


    takzhe skorost' prevrashcheniya stirola v gomopolimer v suspenziyakh legkoj melkokristalliches koj kal'tsinirovannoj sody. Dlya opredeleniya kolichestva okklyudirovannogo gomopolimera provedeno issledovanie pod mikroskopom privitoj plenki. Rezul'taty pokazyvayut, chto bol'shaya chast' prirosta vesa v obraztsakh plenki usloalena okklyudirovannym gomopolimerom. V ehksperimentakh s legkoj melkokristallicheskoj kal'tsinirovannoj sodoj, pri kotorykh prirost vesa v znachitel'noj stepeni ob{sup y}asnyaetsya privitym sopolimerom, uvelichenie vesa nakhoditsya v primernoj linejnoj zavisimosti ot dozy, a skorost' reaktsii pochti proportsional'na kornyu kvadratnomu iz moshchnosti gamma-oblucheniya. Nizkaya ehnergiya aktivatsii dlya. skorosti reaktsii isklyuchaet vozmozhnost' kontrolya diffuzii v legkoj melkokristallicheskoj kal'tsinirovannoj sode i v tonkikh plenkakh pri moshchnostyakh oblucheniya nizhe 10{sup 5} r/hr. Pri ehksperimentakh v legkoj melkokristallicheskoj kal'tsinirovannoj sode pri temperature 18{sup o}C i moshchnosti dozy 7,2 x 10{sup 4} r/hr skorost' obrazovaniya gomopolimera takaya zhe, kak i v sluchae obrazovaniya polimera v chistoj stirole. Ehnergiya aktivatsii, ravnaya 3,5 kkal/moya{sup ,} pochti vdvoe men'she velichiny''dlya chistogo monomera. (author)

  19. Prilog unapređenju rada i upravljanja u Vojnoj akademiji i na Univerzitetu odbrane / Contribution to work and management improvement in the Military Academy and the University of Defence / Повышение эффективности работы Военной академии и Университета обороны

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko D. Andrejić


    Full Text Available Obimne i dinamične organizacione promene koje su u poslednjih nekoliko godina sprovođene u oblasti odbrane zahvatile su i oblasti visokog obrazovanja i naučnoistraživačkog rada vezanog za odbranu. Nastojao se formirati novi, integrisani naučni i obrazovni sistem, harmonizovan sa nacionalnim sistemom, koji će biti samoobnovljiv i delom samoodrživ, te kao takav biti koristan ne samo sistemu odbrane već i široj društvenoj zajednici. Da bi se operacionalizovala osnovna zamisao osnovan je Univerzitet odbrane, kao državni univerzitet i institucija integrativnog karaktera u kojoj se odbrana izučava i istražuje na naučnim osnovama. Analizom funkcionisanja Univerziteta odbrane na nečelima i logici sistemskog i situacionog pristupa, kroz sagledavanje postojećih načina rada, trenutnih mogućnosti, potreba i očekivanih rezultata, može se uočiti da postoje mogućnosti za opšte unapređenje postojećeg stanja i za postizanje višeg nivoa organizacionih performansi. Mogućnosti za unapređenje stanja postoje u oblasti usklađivanja postojeće i nacionalne normativno-zakonske regulative, zatim organizacije, organizacione kulture, u oblasti tehnologije rada, kvaliteta i raspodele, u funkcijama i procesima, kao i u domenu pojedinačnih elemenata sistema. / Robust and dynamic organizational changes that have been carried out in defense in recent years affected the field of higher education and scientific research related to defense . A creation of a new, integrated research and education system, harmonized with the national system, is underway. Such a system will be resilient and partly self-sustainingt and useful not only for the defense area, but also for the wider community. Introduction Higher education is a very important part of the strategy of power and the influence of a real defense system. Creativity as a basic resource produces innovations which can enhance and improve the defense system. Organizational changes in the country over

  20. The Role of Diffusion Measurements in the Study of Crystal Lattice Defects; Role des Mesures de la Diffusion dans l'Etude des Defauts des Reseaux Cristallins; Rol' diffuzionnykh izmerenij v izuchenii defektov kristallicheskikh reshetok.rol' diffuzionnykh izmerenij v izuchenii defektov kristallicheskikh reshetok; Las Mediciones de la Difusion en el Estudio de Defectos de los Reticulados Cristalinos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kidson, G. V. [Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, ON (Canada)


    aluminiopuros, y el mecanismo de difusion se interpreta en terminos de la estructura del reticulado compuesto. Los resultados indican que el ZrAl{sub 3} forma un reticulado con defectos, lo que conduce a la migracion relativamente rapida de los atomos de aluminio. (author) [Russian] Izmerenie podvizhnosti atomov v tverdyh telah chasto predstavljaet neposredst- vennyj interes dlja lic, zanimajushhihsja konstruirovaniem, razrabotkoj i ispol'zovaniem materialov v tehnike. Odnako v nastojashhee vremja vse bol'shee vnimanie udeljaetsja izucheniju takih svojstv s uchetom nalichija i haraktera tochechnyh i linejnyh defektov v kristallah. Rassmatrivajutsja nekotorye poslednie issledovanija diffuzii, provedennye v Jadernyh labora- torijah Chok-River, kotorye ne tol'ko dajut dannye, predstavljajushhie interes dlja jader- noj tehnologii, no i pozvoljajut bolee fundamental'no ponjat' harakter defektov reshetok, vstrechajushhihsja v materialah. Rassmatrivaemymi sistemami javljajutsja: 1) samodiffuzija v vysokotemperaturnoj faze chistogo cirkonija; 2) diffuzija rastvorennogo veshhestva v svin- ce i 3) vzaimnaja diffuzija aljuminija i cirkonija. Kratko rassmatrivajutsja neobychnye i v nastojashhee vremja ne polnost'ju ponjatye rezul'taty, soderzhashhiesja v punkte 1). Privodjatsja dannye, kotorye dajut osnovanie predpolagat', chto diffuzija proishodit ili cherez plot- nuju sistemu dislokacii, obrazovavshujusja v rezul'tate transformacii martensitovoj fazy, ili cherez izbytochnye vakansii v kristalle, svjazannye s primesjami. Vo vtorom punk- te budet obsuzhdat'sja vopros o chrezvychajno bystroj diffuzii rastvorennyh blagorodnyh metallov v monokristallah svinca vysokoj chistoty s tochki zrenija sostojanija atomov rastvo- rennogo veshhestva. Pokazano, chto ih diffuzionnoe povedenie mozhet byt' ponjato, esli predpolozhit', chto frakcija f{sub i} atomov rastvorennogo veshhestva zanimaet mezhdouzlija. Izmerennyj kojefficient diffuzii Ot s v jazans kojefficientom mezhdouzlovoj diffuzii otno- sheniem

  1. A Study of the Recoil Reactions of Three Isotopes of Ruthenium in Ruthenocene; Etude des Reactions d'Atomes de Recul de Trois Isotopes du Ruthenium dans le Ruthenocen; 0418 0417 0423 0427 0415 041d 0418 0415 0420 0415 0410 041a 0426 0418 0419 041e 0422 0414 0410 0427 0418 0422 0420 0415 0425 0418 0417 041e 0422 041e 041f 041e 0412 0420 0423 0422 0415 041d 0418 042f 0412 0420 0423 0422 0415 041d 041e 0421 0415 041d 0415 ; Estudio de las Reacciones de Retroceso de Tres Isotopos del Rutenio en el Rutenoceno

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harbottle, G.; Zahn, U. [Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY (United States)


    on daval eshhe odno (neizvestnoe) letuchee organicheskoe soedinenie so sledami rutenija, kotoroe mozhno otdelit' ot rutenosena mnogokratnoj sublimaciej. Kogda bombardirovalis' dvuhprocentnye rastvory rutenosena, nabljudavshiesja stepeni uderzhanija sostavljali 0,61 {+-}0,03, 1,04{+-}0,02 i 0,98{+-}0,02% sootvetstvenno. Jeti velichiny ne izmenjalis' v znachitel'noj stepeni, kogda bombardirovalsja rastvor, razbavlennyj v desjat' raz do 0,2% . Dlja togo, chtoby izuchit' vozmozhnyj jeffekt vjazkosti sredy, issledovalis' takzhe dvuhprocentnye rastvory rutenosena v benzine, soderzhashhie 2,10 i 20% poli- stirena. Zdes' takzhe rezul'taty byli vpolne analogichnymi rezul'tatam dlja chistogo benzola . Zamorozhennye rastvory benzola (2 i 0,2% rutenosena) izuchalis' takzhe, i zdes' velichiny uderzhanija priblizhalis' k velichinam uderzhanija kristallov rutenosena pri toj zhe temperature . Esli my opredelim 'izotopnyj jeffekt'kak(1-(uderzhanieRu{sup 97}/ uderzhanie Ru{sup 103})J *100 (v procentah), togda rastvory rutenosena imejut izotopnye jeffekty, sostavljajushhie v srednem 42% po sravneniju s bolee nizkimi ciframi 10 - 15% dlja kristallov i zamorozhennyh rastvorov. Vozmozhnym ob{sup j}asneniem bolee vysokogo uderzhanija i bolee nizkogo izotopnogo jeffekta javljaetsja bolee jeffektivnoe udalenie momenta otdachi kristallicheskoj reshetkoj po sravneniju s zhidkoj i dazhe s letuchej. No drugie faktory, naprimer relaksacija zarjazhennogo sostojanija razlichnyh izotopov rutenija vsled za snjatiem vozbuzhdenija jadernogo sostojanija soedinenija, dolzhny takzhe prinimat'sja vo vnimanie. Budut obsuzhdat'sja neskol'ko al'ternativnyh ob{sup j}asnenij jetih rezul'tatov. (author)

  2. The Application of Oxygen Concentration Cells with the Solid Electrolyte ZrO{sub 2} * CaO to Thermodynamic Research; Emploi des Cellules a Concentration d'Oxygene avec Electrolyte Soude de ZrO{sub 2} * CaO, Dans les Recherches en Thermodynamique; Primenenie kislorodnykh kontsentratsionnykh kamer s tverdym ehlektrolitom ZrO{sub 2} * CaO dlya issledovanij po termodinamike; Aplicacion de las Celdas de Concentracion de Oxigeno con Electrolito Solido de ZrO{sub 2} * CaO a las Investigaciones Termodinamicas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsushita, Y.; Goto, K. [University of Tokyo (Japan)


    este metodo podria utilizarse para determinar el contenido de oxigeno en hierro liquido a 1500 Degree-Sign - 1600 Degree-Sign C. Ademas, se sugieren posibilidades de aplicar las celdas de concentracion de oxigeno al estudio basico de procesos metalurgicos, y se analizan diversas aplicaciones industriales. (author) [Russian] Obsuzhdajutsja shest' jeksperimental'nyh issledovatel'skih rabot, svjazannyh s primeneniem kislorodnyh koncent- racionnyh kamer jelektrolita ZrO{sub 2} * CaO (kotoryj obespechivaet chistuju anionnuju provo- dimost' v vide migracii kislorodnyh defektov) dlja provedenija, osnovnyh issledovanij po tehnologii metallov: 1) Standartnye svobodnye jenergii obrazovanija FeO, Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4}, SnO, PbO, Cu{sub 2}O, CuO i Ta{sub 2}O{sub 5} byli izmereny i vyrazheny v vide funkcij temperatury v diapazone 500 - 1300 Degree-Sign C. 2) Davlenie kisloroda v zhidkom rastvore PbO - SiO{sub 2}, nahodjashhemsja v ravnovesii s zhid- kim svincom, izmerjalos' pri temperature 1100 Degree-Sign C. Byli rasschitany himicheskie aktivnosti Pb i SiO{sub 2} i termodinamicheskie svojstva rastvora PbO - SiO{sub 2}. 3) Odin iz avtorov, izmeril himicheskuju aktivnost' olova v zhidkom binarnom rastvo- re Pb - Sn pri temperaturah ot 700 do 900 Degree-Sign C. Byli vychisleny takzhe termodinamicheskie svojstva splavov Pb - Sn. 4) Jetot avtor takzhe razrabotal manometr dlja izmerenija parcial'nogo davlenija kisloro- da v vysokotemperaturnyh gazah v diapazone P(O{sub 2}) = 10{sup -1} - 10{sup -20} atm i pri temperature 500 Degree-Sign - 1300 Degree-Sign C. Byli polucheny samosoglasovannye i vosproizvodimye je.d.s. po razlichnomu sostavu smesej gazov. 5) Skorost' reakcij okislenija ili vosstanovlenija chistogo zheleza i okislov zheleza gazovoj smes'ju CO - CO{sub 2} rasschityvalis' na osnovanii rezul'tatov, poluchennyh s pomoshh'ju manometra pri temperature 900 Degree-Sign - 1000 Degree-Sign C. 6) Davlenie kisloroda v zhidkom zheleze, soderzhashhem razlichnye kolichestva uglero- da vplot

  3. Szilard-Chalmers Processes in Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate as Studied by Electrophoresis and Electron Spin Resonance Techniques; Processus Szilard-Chalmers dans le Phosphate d'Ammonium Biacide Etudies par ELectro- Phorese et Resonance de Spin Electronique; 0418 0417 0423 0427 0414 ; Procesos Szilard-Chalmers en el Fosfato Monoamonico Estudiados por Electroforesis y Resonancia del Spin Electronico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fenger, J.; Nielsen, S. O. [Danish AEC Research Establishment, Riso (Denmark)


    pomoshh'ju jelektronno-spinovogo rezonansa (JeSR), my soobshhaem o rezul'tatah izuchenija s pomoshh'ju metodov jelektroforeza i jelektronno-spinovogo rezonansa otdel'nyh kristallov pervichnogo kislogo fosfata ammonija posle obluchenija nejtronami v teplovoj kolonke pri temperaturah mezhdu - 196 Degree-Sign i 40 Degree-Sign C. Spektry jelektronno-spinovogo rezonansa registrirovalis' pri ispol'zovanii otdel'nyh kristallov ND{sub 4}D{sub 2}PO{sub 4}, obluchennyh nejtronami. Byli najdeny chetyre sistemy linij. Tri iz nih, sostavljajushhie vneshnjuju chast' spektra, vosstanavlivajutsja v dublety v nekotoryh orientacijah kristalla, chto govorit o sverhtonkoj svjazi s fosforom-31. Central'naja chast' spektra mogla takzhe byt' poluchena pri chistom {gamma}-obluchenii. Odna iz sistem linij vo vneshnej chasti spektra byla proslezhena dlja gorjachih atomov otdachi v rezul'tate processa N{sup 14}(n, p)C{sup 14} i opredelena dlja radikalov fosfita, kotorye orientirovany v 8 razlichnyh napravlenijah v kristallicheskoj reshetke. Kratko obsuzhdajutsja rezul'taty teplovogo i radiacionnogo otzhiga, izuchennogo s primeneniem metodov jelektroforeza. Naibolee vazhnyj vyvod sostojal v tom, chto ND{sub 4}D{sub 2}PO{sub 4} i NH{sub 4}H{sub 2}PO{sub 4} posle nejtronnogo obluchenija pri temperature 4 Degree-Sign C, -78 Degree-Sign C i -196 Degree-Sign C otlichalis' po svoim uderzhanijam, kotorye priblizitel'no na 50% bol'she v ND{sub 4}D{sub 2}PO{sub 4} pri vseh treh temperaturah. Tri iz nih vosstanavlivajutsja v dublety v nekotoryh orientacijah kristalla, chto govorit o sverhtonkoj svjazi s fosforom-31. Do sih por ne najdeny dokazatel'stva v otnoshenii svjazi s fosforom-32. Mozhno takzhe poluchit' sil'nejshuju sistemu linij s pomoshh'ju chistogo gamma-obluchenija. Odna sistema linij proslezhena dlja gorjachih atomov otdachi i opredelena dlja fosfit-radikala. (author)

  4. Quantitative Evaluation of Dose-Response Relationships in Human Beings with Skeletal Burdens of Radium-226 and Radium-228; Evaluation Quantitative de la Relation entre Dose et Reponse chez des Sujets Ayant une Charge Squelettique de Radium 226 et Radium 228; 041a 041e 041b 0414 ; Evaluacion Cuantitativa de las Relaciones Dosis-Respuesta en Seres Humanos con Cargas de Radio-226 y Radio-228 en el Esqueleto

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maletskos, C. J.; Braun, A. G.; Shanahan, M. M.; Evans, R. D. [Radioactivity Center, Department of Physics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States)


    izucheny na osnove dannyh klinicheskih obsledovanij, takih kak: rentgenoskopija, obsledovanie opuholej, perelomov, analizy mochi, gematologicheskie izmenenija, himicheskij analiz krovi i jelektroforez belkov. Doza vnutrennego obluchenija podschityvaetsja i vyrazhaetsja v sledujushhih edinicah; mikrokjuri jekvivalenta minimal'no chistogo radija-226 (MPRE) dlja podscheta sodeozhanija radioaktivnosti, zaderzhannoj v organizme, kumuljativnye rady i kumuljativnye rady-gody. Na pervom jetape analiza opredeljajut, sushhestvuet li svjaz' mezhdu kakim-libo klinicheskim parametrom i dozoj radiacii. Jeto opredelenie provoditsja pri pomoshhi sluchajnogo analiza, na osnovanii kotorogo fakticheskie dannye sravnivajutsja s zaranee sostavlennoj model'ju nezavisimosti mezhdu jetimi dvumja peremennymi. Esli nezavisimost' ne obnaruzhivaetsja, to dopuskaetsja sushhestvovanie nekotoroj svjazi i poluchajut kolichestvennuju harakteristiku jetoj zavisimosti. Dlja vyvedenija kojefficientov i standartnyh otklonenij ot jetih kojefficientov stepennogo rjada primenjaetsja metod krivoj naimen'shih kvadratov. Podobnoe vyrazhenie daet impericheskuju kolichestvennuju harakteristiku rezul'tatov narjadu so stepen'ju ih izmenchivosti, ono prigodno dlja provedenija bespristrastnogo sravnenija s rezul'tatami drugih laboratorij, no ne oznachaet nikakogo biofizicheskogo mehanizma. S cel'ju orpedelenija zavisimosti dozy ot obluchenija klinicheskie dannye, poluchennye u jetih pacientov,sravnivajutsja s dannymi, poluchennymi u zdorovyh ljudej s normal'nym soderzhaniem radija. Predvaritel'nye rezul'taty pokazyvajut, chto opredelenie dozy rentgenovskogo izluchenija demonstriruet jasno vyrazhennoe sootnoshenie s dozoj vnutrennego obluchenija . Polucheny opredelennye dannye o porazhenii drugih uchastkov, krome kostnoj tkani, pri vysokom soderzhanii izotopov v organizme, osobenno dannye o chisle limfocitov i skorosti osedanija jeritrocitov, chto sovpadaet s dannymi, poluchennymi na sobakah v laboratorii v Jute

  5. Effect of the plutonium isotopic composition on the performance of fast reactors; Effet de la composition isotopique du plutonium sur le rendement de reacteurs a neutrons rapides; Vliyanie izotopnogo sostava plutoniya na rabotu reaktorov na bystrykh nejtronakh; Efectos de la composicion isotopica del plutonio sobre el funcionamiento de los reactores rapidos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yiftah, S [Israel Atomic Energy Commission (Israel)


    fisionables por neutrones termicos ({sup 239}Pu y {sup 241}Pu), cuanto mas impuro sea el plutonio, tanto menor sera la masa critica y mayor la razon de reproduccion. Tomando como ejemplo el reactor de 1500 l, se comprobo ademas que al eliminar un 40 por ciento del sodio inicialmente presente en el cuerpo, la variacion de reactividad tiende a ser negativa a medida que aumenta la proporcion de isotopos superiores contenidos en el combustible de plutonio (en forma de metal, oxido o carburo). (author) [Russian] Izotopnyj sostav plutoniya, kotoryj dolzhen ispol'zovat'sya v kachestve goryuchego dlya reaktorov na bystrykh nejtronakh, budet zaviset' ot istochnika polucheniya plutoniya. V printsipe vozmozhny tri razlichnykh istochnika: a) proizvodyashchie reaktory; b) teplovye ehnergeticheskie reaktory (ispol'zuyushchie v kachestve topliva estestvennyj ili obogashchennyj uran); c) zony vosproizvodstv a reaktora na bystrykh nejtronakh. V osnovnom istochnik (a) i v nekotorom otnoshenii istochnik (s) budut davat' sravnitel'no 'chistyj' plutonij, t.e. glavnym obrazom plutonij-239, togda kak plutonij iz istochnika (b) budet 'gryaznym', t.e. plutoniem, bogatym izotopami plutoniya-240, plutoniya-241 i plutoniya-242. Stepen' 'zagryazneniya' budet zaviset' ot tipa reaktora, velichiny vygoraniya i voobshche ot istorii oblucheniya topliva. V takom sluchae voznikaet vopros, mozhno li ispol'zovat' v kachestve goryuchego dlya reaktorov na bystrykh nejtronakh lyubye vidy plutoniya. Dlya izucheniya vliyaniya razlichnogo izotopnogo sostava plutonievogo topliva v metallicheskom, oksidnom i karbidnom vide na rabotu reaktorov na bystrykh nejtronakh byli osushchestvleny ogranichennye serii podschetov po 16-gruppovoj diffuzionnoj teorii sfericheskoj geometrii s pomoshch'yu 16-gruppovogo komplekta poperechnykh sechenij, razrabotannogo nedavno Iftakhom, Okrentom i Mol'dauerom s ispol'zovaniem trekh razlichnykh vidov plutoniya, nachinaya s chistogo plutoniya-239 i povyshaya kolichestvo bolee vysokikh izotopov

  6. Rapid Estimation of Fast-Neutron Doses following Radiation Exposure in Criticality Accidents: The S{sup 32}(n, p)P{sup 32} Reaction in Body Hair; Prompte Evaluation des Doses de Neutrons Rapides apres une Exposition au Rayonnement a la Suite d'Accidents de Criticite: Reaction {sup 32}S(n, p){sup 32}P dans le Systeme Pileux; 0411 042b 0421 0414 ; Evaluacion Acelerada de Dosis de Neutrones Rapidos Despues de una Irradiacion Consecutiva a un Accidente de Criticidad: La Reaccion {sup 32}S(n, p){sup 32}P en el Pelo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Petersen, D. F. [Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, University of California, Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    han deducido para cada caso, concordaban satisfactoriamente con las determinaciones independientes de las fisiones totales efectuadas por procedimientos analiticos clasicos. Para obtener rapidamente la dosis aproximada de neutrones rapidos, basta multiplicar por 0,49 la actividad del {sup 32}P, expresada en des/min. g de pelo a T = 0 y medida con cualquier sistema de recuento de rendimiento conocido, para obtener la dosis neutronica en rad correspondiente al 'nivel azufre'. (author) [Russian] Sochetanie unikal'nogo himicheskogo sostava, opredelennogo anatomicheskogo stroenija i dostupnosti, delaet chelovecheskij volos poleznym materialom dlja bystroj ocenki doz bystryh nejtronov, poluchaemyh personalom, svjazannym s rabotoj v avarijnyh uslovijah v kriticheskom sostojanii. V chelovecheskom volose otmechaetsja odno i to zhe soderzhanie sery, nezavisimo ot pola, cveta ili raspredelenija. Velichina 0,048 {+-} 0,005g sery na 1 g volosa ukazyvaet, chto 5 % mogut byt' ispol'zovany v kachestve standartnoj cifry dlja harakteristiki soderzhanija sery pri predvaritel'nyh ocenkah dozy bez vnesenija popravok na analiz soderzhanija sery v volosah otdel'nyh lic. Pri otsutstvii legko udaljaemogo vneshnego zagrjaznenija v volosah soderzhitsja menee 0,025 procentov fosfora. Poskol'ku poperechnye sechenija aktivacii fosfora i sery odinakovy, fakticheskoe otsutstvie fosfora daet vozmozhnost' ispol'zovat' volos v kachestve porogovogo detektora dlja biologicheskoj sery pri izmerenii potoka nejtronov s jenergiej svyshe 2,5 Mjev s pomoshh'ju reakcii S{sup 32}(n, p)P{sup 32}. Razrabotany metody dlja bystrogo vydelenija radiohimicheski chistogo R{sup 32} s cel'ju obespechenija klinicheski poleznyh ocenok obluchenija bystrymi nejtronami postradavshih vo vremja avarij v kriticheskom sostojanii. Pri otsutstvii bol'shogo zagrjaznenija produktami delenija predvaritel'nye ocenki mozhno provesti v techenie dvuh chasov. Dlja osushhestvlenija bolee shirokoj procedury po udaleniju produktov delenija

  7. Release of Fission Products from UC-ZrC Fuel Inserts; Degagement des produits de fission liberes dans des noyaux combustibles UC-ZrC; Vydelenie produktov deleniya iz topliv UC - ZrC; Liberacion de productos de fision por pastillas de combustible de UC-ZrC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barth, F.; Von der Decken, C. B.; Schifferstein, K. [Brown Boveri/Krupp Reaktorbau G.M.B.H., Duesseldorf (Germany); Clauss, A.; Reichel, H.; Rygaert, J.; Ruston, W. R. [Societe d' Etudes de Recherches et d' Applications pour l' Industrie (S.E.R.A.I.), Brussels (Belgium)


    hallaron grandes diferencias en las energias de activacion determinadas en distintos tipos de pastillas, aunque algunas veces los valores D/r{sub 0}{sup 2} paragraph diferian en cuatro ordenes de magnitud para una misma temperatura de la muestra. Despues de la irradiacion, se determinaron las actividades de los isotopos {sup 131}I, {sup 85}Sr, {sup 140}Ba y {sup 141}Ce en el grafito de las capsulas. Exceptuando el {sup 131}I, las actividades resultaron superiores a las previstas para un desprendimiento debido solamente a retroceso. Los valores correspondientes al {sup 89}Sr, {sup 140}Ba y {sup 141}Ce son damasiado altos para que puedan atribuirse a una difusion de loe respectivos gases nobles precursores. Se supone que los isotopos medidos, o sus precursores distintos de los gases nobles se desprendieron por difusion. (author) [Russian] Provedeno issledovanie vo vremya oblucheniya v petle vydeleniya produktov deleniya ieh tabletok, imeyushchikh priblizitel'nyj sostav UC + 20 ZrC. Tsel' - proverka vozmozhnosti ispol'zovaniya podobnykh tabletok v kachestve topliva v sfericheskikh teplovydelyayushchikh ehlementakh vysokotemperaturnogo reaktora, postroennogo v Yulikhe ''Obshchestvom stroitel'stva reaktorov Braun Boveri/Krupp''. Ispytaniyu podvergalis' svobodnye tabletki i tabletki, vstavlennye v grafitovye kapsuly. Nekotorye iz tabletok imeli pogranichnuyu zonu ieh chistogo karbida tsirkoniya, tolshchinoj 1 - 2 mm. Obraztsy pomeshchalis' v pechi ehlektricheskogo soprotivleniya, dayushchie maksimal'nuyu temperaturu 1600{sup o}C. Nejtronnyj potok vo vremya oblucheniya sostavlyal 3 - 4 x 10{sup 10} n/cm{sup 2} -sek. Petlya pozvolyala izmerit' vydelenie izotopov inertnykh gazov Kr{sup 85m}, Kr{sup 87}, Kr{sup 88},Xe{sup 133} i Xe{sup 135} vo vremya oblucheniya, i kosvennoe opredelenie I{sup 133} i I{sup 135} posle vyklyucheniya reaktora. Minimum vydeleniya I{sup 131}, Sr{sup 88}, Ba{sup 141} i Ce{sup 141} byl opredelen radiokhimicheskim metodom posle izvlecheniya obraztsa iz

  8. Determination of Fallout Radionuclides in Environmental Samples by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry; Mesure Spectrometrique Gamma des Radionucleides de Retombee Presents dans des Echantillons du Millieu; Opredelenie radioizotopov radioaktivnykh osadkov v probakh iz okruzhayushchej sredy pri pomoshchi spektrometrii gamma-luchej; Determinacion, por Espectrometria Gamma, de los Radionuclidos de Precipitaciones en Muestras del Medio Ambiente

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ward, G. M.; Johnson, J. E.; Wilson, D. W. [Department of Animal Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (United States)


    vremeni na universitetskoj ferme sobrali znachitel'noe kolichestvo prob iz okruzhajushhej sredy dlja izuchenija dvizhenija cezija-137 v znachitel'noj chasti pishhevoj ce- pochki cheloveka. Vse proby imeli maluju udel'nuju aktivnost', i izmerenija proizvodili pri pomoshhi spektrometricheskogo ustrojstva dlja gamma-luchej nizkogo urovnja, sostojashhego iz kristalla NaJ (T1) diametrom 8 i tolshhinoj 4 djujma, prichem jetot kristall byl zashhishhen ot fona stal'noj kameroj s tolshhinoj stenok 5 djujmov i soedinen s 400-kanal'nym anali- zatorom amplitudy impul'sov. Otschet nabivok vozdushnyh fil'trov i krupnyh prob ( 1kg) suhogo furazha, zerna i pometa krupnogo rogatog o skota proizvodili neposredstvenno v postojannoj geometrii. Proby osadkov koncentrirovali propuskaniem ih cherez kationo- obmennye kolonki, zapolnennye doveksom-50. Radioaktivnost' moloka, mjasa i mochi pod- schityvali v bol'shih kol'ceobraznyh kontejnerah iz ljucita. V moloke, mjase i moche ob- naruzhivajutsja v chisle gamma-izluchajushhih radioizotopov lish' cezij-137, kalij-40, jod-131, barij-140 i lantan-140, poskol'ku oni javljajutsja edinstvennymi produktami delenija, po- gloshhaemymi v znachitel'nyh kolichestvah. Pomimo jetogo, drugie proby soderzhali cezij-141, cezij-144, sur'mu-125, rutenij-103, rutenij-106, cirkonij-95, niobij-95 i marganec-54. V probah, sobrannyh v 1962 i 1963 godah, pri pomoshhi'gamma-spektrometrii udalos' oprede- lenno obnaruzhit' lish' cirk{sup n}ij-95 i niobij-95 vvidu ih otnositel'nogo obilija; jeto bylo prodelano priblizitel'no za 6 mesjacev posle sbora prob. Fotopiki cezija-137, marganca-54 i sur'my-125 byli sovershenno rasplyvchatymi, a radioizotopy bolee malyh jenergij (cezij-141, cezij-144 i rutenij-103) imeli znachitel'nye komptonovskie vklady ot radio- izotopov bolee vysokih jenergij. Pri nedostatochno jasnyh fotopikah posledovatel'noe vydelenie produktov delenija iz spektrov ne javljaetsja nadezhnym. Kogda vlijanie drugih radioizotopov delaet nevozmozhnym