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  1. Nett Warrior C3Conflict Experiment: Measuring the Effect of Battlefield Awareness in Small Units (United States)


    C3Conflict is a distributed, computer-based, multiplayer , small unit war game designed to elicit measures of leader performance focusing on command...has raised the specter of even more violence . While the level of violence has plunged from the carnage of 2006 and 2007, suicide bombers continue

  2. Nett Warrior: Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Report (United States)


    Chemlight - K05.19/8 Aircraft/Anti-aircraft - K05.19/8 Artillery - K05.19/8 Dismounted Personnel - K05.19/8 Spot Report - K05.19/9 capable of displaying PLI (e.g., Blue Force Tracker ), display the Nett Warrior PLI. During missions, knowledge of the location of communications message traffic and such data were harvested from the EUDs daily. The Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System executed and

  3. Wordsmiths & Warriors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jane Mattisson


    Full Text Available Wordsmiths & Warriors relates a real journey of thousands of miles undertaken by David and Hilary Crystal. The result is a fascinating combination of English-language history and travelogue (the study gives detailed instructions on how to find each place mentioned. David is responsible for the descriptions, and Hilary, for the full-colour photographs. The book comprises a guide for those wishing to follow in their footsteps; at the same time, it reflects the chronology of the language. The Crystals visit places associated with such well-known writers as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth; dictionary compilers such as Johnson and Murray; and a number of well-known and lesser-known dialect writers, elocutionists, and grammarians. Warrior wordsmiths such as King Alfred are also mentioned.Wordsmiths & Warriors emphasises the centrality of the Anglo-Saxon, medieval and early modern periods in the development of the English language as it is known today. A progressive view of language change and transition is generally avoided in the study in favor of a more personal selection of texts. The scope of the book is wide, incorporating small villages as well as major cities, ancient texts and more modern ones. Fifty-seven chapters take us to places as far apart as St Albans, Peterborough, West Malvern, Grasmere, Bath, Pegwell Bay, Lindisfarne, Cerne Abbas, Bourne, Canterbury, and Oxford. Wordsmiths & Warriors gives its readers an appetite to know more as fascinating details about the relationship between places and literary works emerge. The most important names are included: Chaucer (Southwark and Canterbury; Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon and Park Street, London – the location of the original Globe Theatre, Dryden, Burns, Wordsworth, Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, and Dylan Thomas. The Bible is discussed in detail in relation to a number of geographical locations, including Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where Wycliffe translated the Bible in the 14th

  4. SEO Warrior

    CERN Document Server

    Jerkovic, John


    How can you make it easier for people to find your website? And how can you convert casual visitors into active users? SEO Warrior shows you how it's done through a collection of tried and true techniques, hacks, and best practices. Learn the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO) theory, the importance of keyword strategy, and how to avoid and remedy search engine traps. You'll also learn about search engine marketing (SEM) practices, such as Google AdWords, and how you can use social networking to increase your visibility. Ideal for web developers, savvy marketers, webmasters,

  5. Network Warrior

    CERN Document Server

    Donahue, Gary


    Pick up where certification exams leave off. With this practical, in-depth guide to the entire network infrastructure, you'll learn how to deal with real Cisco networks, rather than the hypothetical situations presented on exams like the CCNA. Network Warrior takes you step by step through the world of routers, switches, firewalls, and other technologies based on the author's extensive field experience. You'll find new content for MPLS, IPv6, VoIP, and wireless in this completely revised second edition, along with examples of Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 switches throughout. Topics include: An

  6. Training the Cyber Warrior


    Fulp, J.D.


    This paper suggests the major educational components of a curriculum that is designed to educate individuals for job assignments as Information Assurance professionals - also known as: cyber warriors. It suggests a minimum common body of knowledge for all cyber warriors along with two major specialization categories: cyber tacticians and cyber strategists. The paper describes the distinction between tactician and strategist and offers a rough outline of the education each should receive.

  7. AFB-NETT - business opportunities for European biomass industry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Higham, I.


    The AFB-NETT is an ALTENER funded project lead by ETSU. The project was started in 1995 with 11 partner nations. The initial aim was to bring together the whole biomass supply and use chain, not just within countries but across the Europe. At present more than 280 people take part in the network. The four objectives of the project are: detection and promotion of business opportunities; transfer of knowledge and experience; promotion of collaboration and co-ordination; and implementation of National and European Strategies. The effort in 1997 split into four main activities, 2 of which based on market sectors and two on improving the market conditions. The activities for 1997 were (the leader in parentheses): Co-combustion and gasification (Finland); Small scale and district heat (Austria); Financial incentives (the Netherlands); Wood fuel and emission standards (UK)

  8. AFB-NETT - business opportunities for European biomass industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Higham, I. [ETSU, Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)


    The AFB-NETT is an ALTENER funded project lead by ETSU. The project was started in 1995 with 11 partner nations. The initial aim was to bring together the whole biomass supply and use chain, not just within countries but across the Europe. At present more than 280 people take part in the network. The four objectives of the project are: detection and promotion of business opportunities; transfer of knowledge and experience; promotion of collaboration and co-ordination; and implementation of National and European Strategies. The effort in 1997 split into four main activities, 2 of which based on market sectors and two on improving the market conditions. The activities for 1997 were (the leader in parentheses): Co-combustion and gasification (Finland); Small scale and district heat (Austria); Financial incentives (the Netherlands); Wood fuel and emission standards (UK)

  9. AFB-NETT - business opportunities for European biomass industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Higham, I [ETSU, Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)


    The AFB-NETT is an ALTENER funded project lead by ETSU. The project was started in 1995 with 11 partner nations. The initial aim was to bring together the whole biomass supply and use chain, not just within countries but across the Europe. At present more than 280 people take part in the network. The four objectives of the project are: detection and promotion of business opportunities; transfer of knowledge and experience; promotion of collaboration and co-ordination; and implementation of National and European Strategies. The effort in 1997 split into four main activities, 2 of which based on market sectors and two on improving the market conditions. The activities for 1997 were (the leader in parentheses): Co-combustion and gasification (Finland); Small scale and district heat (Austria); Financial incentives (the Netherlands); Wood fuel and emission standards (UK)

  10. Maximal Oxygen Uptake--Risk Predictor of NSCLC Resection in Patients With Comorbid Emphysema: Lessons From NETT. (United States)

    Makey, Ian; Berger, Robert L; Cabral, Howard J; Celli, Bartolome; Folch, Erik; Whyte, Richard I


    We compared VO2 max values from ACCP Guidelines and from NETT's homogenous NULPD surrogate for predicting operative mortalities. Estimated mid and long-term non-cancer related survival in NETT's subset was also obtained. NETT and ACCP Guideline VO2 max values were similar in the "low" and "mid" risk operative mortality categories but NETT's "high" risk subset showed lower mortality (14% vs. 26%). Estimated non-cancer related survival in NETT "low", "mid" and "high" risk VO2 max categories at two and eight years were 100%, 74%, 59% and 48%, 26%, 14%, respectively. The lower predicted risk in NETT's "high- risk" subset raises the possibility of extending indications for potential curative resection in selected patients. The NETT surrogate also provides hitherto unavailable estimate on long-term non-cancer related survival after potential curative resection of NSCLC and suggests that the operation does not shorten eight-year longevity. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Printing Ancient Terracotta Warriors (United States)

    Gadecki, Victoria L.


    Standing in awe in Xian, China, at the Terra Cotta warrior archaeological site, the author thought of sharing this experience and excitement with her sixth-grade students. She decided to let her students carve patterns of the ancient soldiers to understand their place in Chinese history. They would make block prints and print multiple soldiers on…

  12. Warrior culture, spirituality, and prayer. (United States)

    Malmin, Mark


    Research has shown an increase in suicides by military veterans and law enforcement officers in the United States. Etiologic research elucidates warrior culture and subculture as contributing factors of this pathology. This paper examines the idiosyncratic nature and influence of warrior culture and subculture and offers recommendations to promote culture change. Faith-based spirituality and prayer are examined as adjunct modalities for stress management and emotional healing. Further research is recommended to assess the associated hidden cost factors and long-term financial impact of warrior culture on society.

  13. All aboard the Rainbow Warrior

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Walker, I.


    An account is given of the attempt by Rainbow Warrior to intercept Pacific Swan at Cherbourg Harbour, to protest against the transport of spent nuclear fuel from England to France for reprocessing. (U.K.)

  14. Warrior Ethos Revisited: Implications for the Future (United States)


    relativism institutionally with an unambiguous imperative to align ethical behavior with the Warrior Ethos and Army Values instilled in leaders of...TERMS Creed, Ethics , Warrior, Ethos, Profession 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 19a. NAME OF...the Future FORMAT: Strategy Research Project DATE: 15 March 2011 WORD COUNT: 5,795 PAGES: 28 KEY TERMS: Creed, Ethics , Warrior, Ethos

  15. Special Report: Warrior Care Month - 2013 (United States)

    Operation Base Shank, Afghanistan, May 6, 2012. Story Vice Chairman Joins Warriors for Softball Classic Navy single during his final time at bat during the third annual Wounded Warriors Celebrity Softball Classic Wounded Warriors Celebrity Softball Classic in Washington D.C. Story Army Vice Chief, Warriors Share Their

  16. Department of Defense Recovering Warrior Task Force (United States)


    accessible and available to the Veterans Benefits Administration ( VBA ) as soon as possible381; however, because military service records include health...programs are meeting expectations ........................................... 35 Facilitating Access to Health Care...Enduring RW Mission, Facilitating RW Recovery and Transition, and Facilitating Access to Health Care. SUMMARY 2  DoD Recovering Warrior Task Force

  17. Measuring the Success of Warrior Transition Units (United States)


    overworked case managers.”1 They described patients and family members who were frustrated with the “messy bureaucratic battlefield”2 of Walter Reed...on every Warrior that includes an analysis of suicide risk, violence towards others, medication use, falls, driving, alcohol, non-prescribed drug use

  18. "Jade Warrior" sai Hispaanias kolm preemiat

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eesti osalusega Soome-Hiina kung fu film "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" võitis 1. Ibiza ja Formentera filmifestivalil kolm Falco d'Ori auhinda (AJ Annila - parim debüüt-lavastaja, Jukka Uusitalo - filmikunstniku töö eest, Henri Blomberg - operaatritöö eest)

  19. U.S. Special Forces: Culture Warriors (United States)


    definitions include:  “ culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, law, morals , custom, and any other capabilities and habits...perceptions towards others, such as ethnocentrism, cultural relativism , stereotypes, biases and worldview. Readings: ARSOF 2022, Special Warfare, Vol. 26...FORCES: CULTURE WARRIORS by Joshua L. Hill December 2014 Thesis Advisor: Heather S. Gregg Second Reader: Robert Burks THIS PAGE

  20. Lung deflation and oxygen pulse in COPD: results from the NETT randomized trial. (United States)

    Come, Carolyn E; Divo, Miguel J; San José Estépar, Raúl; Sciurba, Frank C; Criner, Gerard J; Marchetti, Nathaniel; Scharf, Steven M; Mosenifar, Zab; Make, Barry J; Keller, Cesar A; Minai, Omar A; Martinez, Fernando J; Han, MeiLan K; Reilly, John J; Celli, Bartolome R; Washko, George R


    In COPD patients, hyperinflation impairs cardiac function. We examined whether lung deflation improves oxygen pulse, a surrogate marker of stroke volume. In 129 NETT patients with cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and arterial blood gases (ABG substudy), hyperinflation was assessed with residual volume to total lung capacity ratio (RV/TLC), and cardiac function with oxygen pulse (O(2) pulse=VO(2)/HR) at baseline and 6 months. Medical and surgical patients were divided into "deflators" and "non-deflators" based on change in RV/TLC from baseline (∆RV/TLC). We defined deflation as the ∆RV/TLC experienced by 75% of surgical patients. We examined changes in O(2) pulse at peak and similar (iso-work) exercise. Findings were validated in 718 patients who underwent CPET without ABGs. In the ABG substudy, surgical and medical deflators improved their RV/TLC and peak O(2) pulse (median ∆RV/TLC -18.0% vs. -9.3%, p=0.0003; median ∆O(2) pulse 13.6% vs. 1.8%, p=0.12). Surgical deflators also improved iso-work O(2) pulse (0.53 mL/beat, p=0.04 at 20 W). In the validation cohort, surgical deflators experienced a greater improvement in peak O(2) pulse than medical deflators (mean 18.9% vs. 1.1%). In surgical deflators improvements in O(2) pulse at rest and during unloaded pedaling (0.32 mL/beat, pdeflators were 88% more likely than non-deflators to have an improvement in O(2) pulse (OR 1.88, 95% CI 1.30-2.72, p=0.0008). In COPD, decreased hyperinflation through lung volume reduction is associated with improved O(2) pulse. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. Porovnání frameworků Nette a Java Spring pro vývoj webových aplikací


    Tölg, Jan


    This thesis is focused on a comparison of two frameworks, built on two different platforms. The first one is a PHP-based framework Nette and the second one is Spring, developed in Java. They both are popular choices of frameworks on their respective platforms. The first part of the thesis' target is to introduce the reader to elementary ideas related to frameworks - design pattern MVC. The second part describes the Nette framework, the third is devoted to Spring framework. The fourth part dea...

  2. A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics. (United States)

    Hedenstierna-Jonson, Charlotte; Kjellström, Anna; Zachrisson, Torun; Krzewińska, Maja; Sobrado, Veronica; Price, Neil; Günther, Torsten; Jakobsson, Mattias; Götherström, Anders; Storå, Jan


    The objective of this study has been to confirm the sex and the affinity of an individual buried in a well-furnished warrior grave (Bj 581) in the Viking Age town of Birka, Sweden. Previously, based on the material and historical records, the male sex has been associated with the gender of the warrior and such was the case with Bj 581. An earlier osteological classification of the individual as female was considered controversial in a historical and archaeological context. A genomic confirmation of the biological sex of the individual was considered necessary to solve the issue. Genome-wide sequence data was generated in order to confirm the biological sex, to support skeletal integrity, and to investigate the genetic relationship of the individual to ancient individuals as well as modern-day groups. Additionally, a strontium isotope analysis was conducted to highlight the mobility of the individual. The genomic results revealed the lack of a Y-chromosome and thus a female biological sex, and the mtDNA analyses support a single-individual origin of sampled elements. The genetic affinity is close to present-day North Europeans, and within Sweden to the southern and south-central region. Nevertheless, the Sr values are not conclusive as to whether she was of local or nonlocal origin. The identification of a female Viking warrior provides a unique insight into the Viking society, social constructions, and exceptions to the norm in the Viking time-period. The results call for caution against generalizations regarding social orders in past societies. © 2017 The Authors American Journal of Physical Anthropology Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. WARRIOR II, a high performance modular electric robot system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Downton, G.C.


    Initially designed for in-reactor welding by the Central Electricity Generating Board, WARRIOR has been developed using the concept of modular technology to become a light-weight, high performance robotic system. Research work on existing machines for in-reactor inspection and repair and heavy duty hydraulic manipulators was progressed in order to develop WARRIOR II, a versatile in-reactor welding system usable at any nuclear power station light enough to be deployed by existing remote handling equipment. WARRIOR II can be significantly reconfigured quickly to pursue different ends. (UK)

  4. Help for Heroes: PTSD, Warrior Recovery, and the Liturgy. (United States)

    O'Donnell, Karen


    The incidence of PTSD is on a steady rise in combative countries around the world, and civilian churches are increasingly like to encounter persons suffering from PTSD. This article will consider the ancient rituals for the purification of warriors after battle to demonstrate the responsibility of the church toward returning warriors and explore how the liturgy can function as a place for recovery. I will demonstrate how the sacraments of Reconciliation, the Eucharist, and the Anointing of the Sick function as sites of re-integration into the world the warriors have fought for, recovery from trauma, and purification after battle.

  5. Eesti filmi "Jade Warrior" esilinastus Torontos / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina ja Eesti ühistöö) esilinastus eile Toronto filmifestivalil. Andmed filmi tootmise ja levitamise kohta

  6. Brilliant Warrior: Information Technology Integration in Education and Training

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sikes, Carol


    ... questions, and even question authority. As a result, the ASF of 2025 will increase its emphasis on education and training to give its warriors the best possible learning opportunities in an effort to make them as productive...

  7. Employee Warriors and the Future of the American Fighting Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Vest, Hugh


    ...-scientific /management-professional culture that surrounds the warrior of the 1990s. This culture seems to contrast and often times openly conflict with the values and traditional culture that once embraced the professional military...

  8. Leadership of Cyber Warriors: Enduring Principles and New Directions (United States)


    technologists across networks (right) [6,7]. 4 song of conducting unethical or illegal activities, particularly as one‟s skills...analysis course. The best leaders will adapt to the characteristics and needs of their people. The cyber warrior is a different animal than the...Subordinates In this section we present leadership principles tailored to leading the cyber warrior. We‟ve included some of the 11 time- tested leadership

  9. Přístup k databázím v PHP frameworcích Zend a Nette


    Moravec, Petr


    The main asset of the essay is a very detailed documentation of PHP frameworks and more detailed view on database layer. The essay pays attention to a database layer in Zend and Nette Frameworks. Both Frameworks are described separately. The essay also analyses Data Source Architectural Patterns of Martin Fowler. These patterns are explained in details and shown in practical examples in each separate Frameworks. They are mainly patterns of Table Data Gateway, Row Data Gateway , Active Record ...

  10. WARRIOR II, a high performance modular electric robot system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Downton, G.C.


    A high performance electric robot, WARRIOR, was built for in-reactor welding at the Oldbury nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom in the mid 1980s. WARRIOR II has been developed as a lighter, smaller diameter articulated welding robot which can be deployed on its umbilical down a stand pipe for remote docking with the manipulator system which delivers it to its work site. A key feature of WARRIOR II has been the development of a prototype spherical modular joint. The module provides the drive torque necessary to motivate the robot arm, acts as the joint bearing, has standard mechanical interfaces for the limb sections, accurately measures the joint angle and has cable services running through the centre. It can act either as a bend or rotate joint and the interconnecting limb sections need only to be simple tubular sections. A wide range of manipulator configurations to suit the access constraints of particular problems can be achieved with a set of joint modules and limb sections. A general purpose motion controller has also been developed which is capable of kinematically controlling any configuration of WARRIOR II thus contributing to the realisation of the concept of a general purpose tool which can be used over and over again, at short notice, in any situation where a high precision, light weight, versatile manipulator is required. (UK)

  11. Stoic warriors and stoic torturers: the moral psychology of military ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Stoic warriors and stoic torturers: the moral psychology of military torture. Jessica Wolfendale. Abstract. No Abstract. South African Journal of Philosophy Vol. 25(1) 2006: 62-76. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT ·

  12. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters: Selection and Training of Warrior Transition Unit and Wounded Warrior Battalion Leaders and Cadre (United States)


    incorporated aspects of care unique to the military health system as identified in the Medical Management Guide.27 25 Department of the Army Pamphlet 611-21...Warrior Regiment brochure described the Marine Corps care model as “unique in that its approach is to return recovering Marines to their parent...operational units as quickly as their medical conditions permit.” According to this brochure , allowing Marines to “stay in the fight” is what makes the

  13. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters - Wounded Warrior Battalion - West Headquarters and Southern California Units (United States)


    are medically unfit and unable to take advantage of the educational benefit to transfer these benefits to their spouses or children . In response...Warriors utilized their time to their best advantage with educational pursuits and internships. WWBn-West staff identified internships and educational...therapy, vocational rehabilitation, integrative treatment approaches such as yoga and meditation , and weekly opportunities for community outreach. The

  14. Band of Brothers - Warrior Ethos, Unit Effectiveness and the Role of Initial Entry Training

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sando, Donald


    .... Integral to continued professionalism of the Army is developing cultural attitudes beliefs and behaviors of a Warrior Ethos the culture of disciplined initiative teamwork determination sacrifice...

  15. The Native American: Warriors in the U.S. Military (United States)


    large as 95 percent.Ŗ Europeans brought measles, smallpox, cholera , and other diseases that reduced the Native American population and wiped out...Press, 1984. Clevenger, Steven. America’s First Warriors: Native Americans and Iraq. Museum of New Mexico Press. 2010. Clodfelter, MichaeL The Dakota...Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian. Dover Publications, Inc., 1963. Vandervort, Bruce. Indian Wars of Mexico , Canada, and the United States, 1812-1900

  16. "Jade Warrior" kupatab Soome sampo Hiina / Kätlin Kaldmaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaldmaa, Kätlin, 1970-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola. Lisatud Ave Randviiru, Elle Kulli ja Antti-Jussi Annila "Esimesed muljed"

  17. Organizational aspects of the Warrior Basin Environmental Cooperative

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lasseter, E.L. Jr.


    Beginning in 1987, the coalbed methane industry in the Black Warrior Coal Basin of Alabama was on the verge of a boom. The industry soon recognized plans for development might require significant changes in disposal techniques for produced water or a change in the existing system for issuance of NPDES permits for the discharge of produced water. The industry, working closely with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), resolved this problem through with the formation of the Warrior Basin Environmental Cooperative, Inc. (WBEC), a cooperative venture which constructed and now operates a large-scale, integrated water monitoring system providing real-time water quality data to its member organizations. The monitoring system operated by the WBEC covers a 150 mile reach of the Black Warrior River in Alabama affected by coalbed methane discharges. The system provides its eleven members with access to real-time water quality data and monthly summary reports. The system is functionally integrated with the operational requirements of its members and with relevant NPDES permit requirements. September, 1992 marked the second year of full operation of the system. The concept of cooperative use of large-scale, integrated water monitoring systems and the experience gained in the formation of the WBEC and the operation of its system appear to have many potential benefits beyond the scope of its present application

  18. The design and development of Project Warrior equipment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Thompson, V.R.; Jerram, K.


    The project Warrior standing for welding and repair robot in Oldbury reactors is the culmination of more than 7 years of conceptual thinking, research, development design and manufacture. The tile encompasses the whole project which includes a work performing manipulator, serving manipulator, the manipulators control system and consoles, a welding head and rangefinder with its associated control system and consoles and a large amount of auxiliary equipment. The system at the forefront of today's technology has been manufactured to carry out remote welding in nuclear reactors, on plate with an oxide covering of up to 200 microns

  19. Warrior Resilience Training in Operation Iraqi Freedom: combining rational emotive behavior therapy, resiliency, and positive psychology. (United States)

    Jarrett, Thomas


    Warrior Resilience Training (WRT) is an educational class designed to enhance Warrior resilience, thriving, and posttraumatic growth for Soldiers deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Warrior Resilience Training uses rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), Army leadership principles, and positive psychology as a vehicle for students to apply resilient philosophies derived from Army Warrior Ethos, Stoic philosophy, and the survivor and resiliency literature. Students in WRT are trained to focus upon virtue, character, and emotional self-regulation by constructing and maintaining a personal resiliency philosophy that emphasizes critical thinking, rationality, virtue, and Warrior Ethos. The author, an Army licensed clinical social worker, executive coach, REBT doctoral fellow, and former Special Forces noncommissioned officer, describes his initial experience teaching WRT during Operation Iraqi Freedom to combat medics and Soldiers from 2005 to 2006, and his experience as a leader of a combat stress control prevention team currently in Iraq offering mobile WRT classes in-theater. Warrior Resilience Training rationale, curriculum, variants (like Warrior Family Resilience Training), and feedback are included, with suggestions as to how behavioral health providers and combat stress control teams might better integrate their services with leaders, chaplains, and commands to better market combat stress resiliency, reduce barriers to care, and promote force preservation. Informal analysis of class feedback from 1168 respondents regarding WRT reception and utilization is examined.

  20. Train-the-Trainer Package for the Full Spectrum Warrior Game

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Centric, James


    .... Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW), built for use with Microsoft's X-Box game console system, was developed to provide Infantry squad leaders with the opportunity to practice making tactical decisions and executing the troop-leading...

  1. The Damascus Paradox the Code of the Warrior - The Kinder, Gentler Army

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Good, Wanda


    .... A number of writers have articulated, some clearly and some by implication, a root cause for this worsening situation - the supplanting of the 'Code of the Warrior' by a 'kinder, Gentler, Army...

  2. Wana Warrior Game as Animal Rescue Campaign Media

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adit Rama Putra


    Full Text Available Indonesia is a nation which rich of biodiversity. Various vegetation and good supporting climate make Indonesia a comfortable homeland for some specieses. Deforestation and illegal hunting threatened some speciecess. Seeing that situation, there are many ways to avoid that , one of them is using game as the media.Wana Warrior is a game used as education media of animal saving. The concept of this game is using game as the medium for conveying the information through design and gameplay which attract the players and they can learn without they realize from the provided information. Using Agenda Setting theory, provided informations are selected important issues. So players are focused only on provided issues. The result of the research shows “Wana Warrior” game can educate people about animal biodiversity,  especially, in Indonesia.

  3. American Akicita: Indigenous American warriors and military service. (United States)

    McDonald, J Douglas


    Indigenous Americans (i.e., Native/American Indians, AK natives, Pacific Islanders) have consistently volunteered for military service at greater rates than any other ethnic group, including the majority culture, since the early days of the country. This article is an introduction to the special section which includes a number of outstanding papers that provide an innovative and compelling effort to overcome the challenges of casualties from war and render effective and culturally informed care. These manuscripts describe culturally appropriate considerations of suicide (O'Keefe), family involvement and access to care (Whealin), and telehealth for treatment of rural Native veterans (Goss). Challenging and complex treatment needs call for equally mindful and competent approaches. These authors and providers present compelling examples of addressing these needs in working with our Wounded Warriors. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  4. PC Mobile Warrior with a built-in cellular phone; Keitai denwa naizogata PC 'Mobile warrior

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    A PC Mobile Warrior with a built-in cellular phone has been developed from PC Libretto through cooperation with the NTT DoCoMo. The new personal computer incorporates into itself some distinguished mobile PC features such as Wake On Radio and Wake On Ring which are defined by MCPC (Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium). Wake On Radio is a function that activates the PC upon entry into the zone from outside, and Wake On Ring is another function that does the same upon arrival of a phone call. Installed on these lower order functions are an application program for automatic transmission of stored e-mails making use of the former function and another for automatic reception of FAX messages making use of the latter function. (translated by NEDO)

  5. Reservoir heterogeneity in carboniferous sandstone of the Black Warrior basin. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kugler, R.L.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.; Irvin, G.D.; Moore, H.E.


    Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies, such as waterflooding, chemical injection, strategic well placement, and infill drilling. High-quality characterization of reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin is necessary to utilize advanced technology to recover additional oil and to avoid premature abandonment of fields. This report documents controls on the distribution and producibility of oil from heterogeneous Carboniferous reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama. The first part of the report summarizes the structural and depositional evolution of the Black Warrior basin and establishes the geochemical characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks and oil in the basin. This second part characterizes facies heterogeneity and petrologic and petrophysical properties of Carter and Millerella sandstone reservoirs. This is followed by a summary of oil production in the Black Warrior basin and an evaluation of seven improved-recovery projects in Alabama. In the final part, controls on the producibility of oil from sandstone reservoirs are discussed in terms of a scale-dependent heterogeneity classification.

  6. Conservation and monitoring of a persecuted African lion population by Maasai warriors. (United States)

    Dolrenry, Stephanie; Hazzah, Leela; Frank, Laurence G


    Although Africa has many threatened species and biological hot spots, there are few citizen science schemes, particularly in rural communities, and there has been limited evaluation of existing programs. We engaged traditional Maasai warriors (pastoralist men aged 15 to 35) in community-based conservation and demographic monitoring of a persecuted African lion (Panthera leo) population. Through direct engagement, we investigated whether a citizen science approach employing local warriors, who had no formal education, could produce reliable data on the demographics, predation, and movements of a species with which their communities have been in conflict for generations. Warriors were given benefits such as literacy training and skill enhancement and engaged in the monitoring of the lions. The trained warriors reported on lion sign across an area nearly 4000 km(2) . Scientists worked together with the warriors to verify their reports and gather observations on the lion population. Using the verified reports and collected observations, we examined our scientific knowledge relative to the lion population preceding and during the citizen science program. Our observations showed that data quality and quantity improved with the involvement and training of the participants. Furthermore, because they engaged in conservation and gained personal benefits, the participants came to appreciate a species that was traditionally their foe. We believe engaging other local communities in biodiversity conservation and monitoring may be an effective conservation approach in rural Africa. © 2016 Society for Conservation Biology.

  7. Reservoir heterogeneity in Carboniferous sandstone of the Black Warrior basin. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kugler, R.L.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.; Irvin, G.D.; Moore, H.E.


    Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies, such as waterflooding, chemical injection, strategic well placement, and infill drilling. High-quality characterization of reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin is necessary to utilize advanced technology to recover additional oil and to avoid premature abandonment of fields. This report documents controls on the distribution and producibility of oil from heterogeneous Carboniferous reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama. The first part of the report summarizes the structural and depositional evolution of the Black Warrior basin and establishes the geochemical characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks and oil in the basin. This second part characterizes facies heterogeneity and petrologic and petrophysical properties of Carter and Millerella sandstone reservoirs. This is followed by a summary of oil production in the Black Warrior basin and an evaluation of seven improved-recovery projects in Alabama. In the final part, controls on the producibility of oil from sandstone reservoirs are discussed in terms of a scale-dependent heterogeneity classification.

  8. Un’anabasi metropolitana. The Warriors di Sol Yurick

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franco Lonati


    Full Text Available La fuga, come motivo narrativo ed elemento di suspense, è utilizzata con una certa frequenza nella cultura popolare e nella letteratura di genere. Si pensi ai molti esempi di fughe disperate in romanzi, racconti e film drammatici, polizieschi, gialli, thriller e horror. Un genere, in particolare, nel quale la fuga è un elemento spesso imprescindibile è certamente il noir: esempi in tal senso possono essere i romanzi di David Goodis, autore del tesissimo Dark Passage (1946, significativamente uscito in Italia sotto il titolo di La fuga, di Martin M. Goldsmith, che nel 1939 scrisse il classico Detour (1939 o di Dorothy B. Hughes, autrice poco celebrata ma assai valida, artefice del misconosciuto ma splendido Ride the Pink Horse (1946. Oggetto del presente contributo è però un altro romanzo, più recente, che, come quelli sopracitati, è stato in seguito trasformato in un ottimo film. The Warriors (in italiano, I guerrieri della notte, fu scritto da Sol Yurick nel 1965 e, una quindicina di anni dopo, fu portato sullo schermo da Walter Hill, con molte modifiche rispetto al testo originale. Questo romanzo, che narra di scontri fra bande giovanili nella New York degli anni Sessanta, a prima vista non sembrerebbe rientrare pienamente nella categoria del noir, anche se definire il noir è un’impresa in cui si sono cimentati in molti e finora nessuno con pieno successo.

  9. The Warrior Wellness Study: A Randomized Controlled Exercise Trial for Older Veterans with PTSD. (United States)

    Hall, Katherine S; Morey, Miriam C; Beckham, Jean C; Bosworth, Hayden B; Pebole, Michelle M; Pieper, Carl F; Sloane, Richard


    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects up to 30% of military veterans. Older veterans, many of whom have lived with PTSD symptoms for several decades, report a number of negative health outcomes. Despite the demonstrated benefits of regular exercise on physical and psychological health, no studies have explored the impact of exercise in older veterans with PTSD. This paper describes the development, design, and implementation of the Warrior Wellness exercise pilot study for older veterans with PTSD. Veterans aged ≥60 with a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) diagnosis of PTSD will be recruited and randomized to (a) Warrior Wellness, a 12-week supervised, facility-based exercise intervention, or (b) usual care for 12 weeks. Warrior Wellness is a theory- and evidence-based behavioral intervention that involves 3 sessions per week of multi-component exercise training that targets strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Warrior Wellness focuses on satisfaction with outcomes, self-efficacy, self-monitoring, and autonomy. Factors associated with program adherence, defined as the number of sessions attended during the 12 weeks, will be explored. Primary outcomes include PTSD symptoms and cardiovascular endurance, assessed at baseline and 12 weeks. Compared to those in usual care, it is hypothesized that those in the Warrior Wellness condition will improve on these efficacy outcomes. The Warrior Wellness study will provide evidence on whether a short-term exercise intervention is feasible, acceptable, and effective among older veterans with PTSD, and explore factors associated with program adherence. Identifier : NCT02295995.

  10. Refugee warriors or war refugees? Iraqi refugees' predicament in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leenders, R.


    This essay attempts to disentangle a debate within the study of refugee crises and their security implications involving 'refugee warriors'. It situates the debate in the context of the Iraqi refugee crisis and its purported and real manifestations in three main host countries: Syria, Jordan and

  11. 77 FR 23125 - Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Race; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    ... commercially transited river system poses significant safety hazards to both the Dragon Boat racers and the...-AA08 Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Race; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL AGENCY... crews, vessels, and persons on navigable waters during the Jr. League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races...

  12. 77 FR 15597 - Special Local Regulation; USAT Triathlon/Race Rowing Competition; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa... (United States)


    ... significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities for the following reasons. The zone is... February 2, 2012, and February 6, 2012, from the University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Tourism and... University of Iowa on the Black Warrior River. The Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Commission is sponsoring the...

  13. Warrior Heroes and Little Green Men: Soldiers, Military Training, and the Construction of Rural Masculinities. (United States)

    Woodward, Rachel


    Examines military training in the United Kingdom; the construction of military masculinities, particularly the ideal type of the warrior hero; and the role of the countryside (as the training location) and rurality (as a social construction) in that process. Argues that becoming an infantry soldier means being molded to this hegemonic model of…

  14. American Indian Females and Stereotypes: Warriors, Leaders, Healers, Feminists; Not Drudges, Princesses, Prostitutes (United States)

    Lajimodiere, Denise K.


    This article is written by a Native female author. It delves into the historical stereotypes of Native females as drudges, princesses, and prostitutes perpetrated by media, movies, and literature. The author reviews research on the traditional and modern roles of Native females, including roles as warriors, leaders, and healers. Current literature…

  15. Evolution and the psychology of intergroup conflict: the male warrior hypothesis. (United States)

    McDonald, Melissa M; Navarrete, Carlos David; Van Vugt, Mark


    The social science literature contains numerous examples of human tribalism and parochialism-the tendency to categorize individuals on the basis of their group membership, and treat ingroup members benevolently and outgroup members malevolently. We hypothesize that this tribal inclination is an adaptive response to the threat of coalitional aggression and intergroup conflict perpetrated by 'warrior males' in both ancestral and modern human environments. Here, we describe how male coalitional aggression could have affected the social psychologies of men and women differently and present preliminary evidence from experimental social psychological studies testing various predictions from the 'male warrior' hypothesis. Finally, we discuss the theoretical implications of our research for studying intergroup relations both in humans and non-humans and discuss some practical implications.

  16. Warrior Burials and the Elevation of a Military Elite in LHIIIC Achaia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Senn, Heidi


    Full Text Available The collapse of Mycenaean civilization around 1200 B.C.E. left in its wake not only displaced and vulnerable settlements, but also a kind of ‘structural vacuum’ which forced populations to re-establish settlement patterns without the strict guidance of what had been a highly stratified and hierarchical authority under the Mycenaean palace centers. In a remote north-western region of ancient Hellas, the evidence of the so-called ‘warrior graves’ suggests that Achaian communities sought a decidedly military solution to the problems of re-organization and definition which confronted the reeling post-palatial population. In this article I will argue that the Achaian warriors, entombed so respectfully with the tools of their trade, were representative of a newly elevated military elite. *

  17. From Attitudes to Actions: Predictors of Lion Killing by Maasai Warriors


    Hazzah, Leela; Bath, Alistair; Dolrenry, Stephanie; Dickman, Amy; Frank, Laurence


    Despite legal protection, deliberate killing by local people is one of the major threats to the conservation of lions and other large carnivores in Africa. Addressing this problem poses particular challenges, mainly because it is difficult to uncover illicit behavior. This article examined two groups of Maasai warriors: individuals who have killed African lions (Panthera leo) and those who have not. We conducted interviews to explore the relationship between attitudes, intentions and known li...

  18. Polymeric Materials Models in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) Tech Demonstrator (United States)


    analytical model currently used by military vehicle analysts has been continuously updated to address the model’s inherent deficiencies and make the... model is a hyperelastic polymer model based upon statistical mechanics and the finite extensibility of a polymer chain.23 Its rheological ...ARL-TR-7927 ● JAN 2017 US Army Research Laboratory Polymeric Materials Models in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan

  19. Enhancing Resilience through Post-Deployment Decompression: A Softer Approach to Sharpening the Warrior Edge (United States)


    hierarchy of needs set forth by Abraham Maslow in 1943, the basic human need for love, affection, and belongingness is superseded in importance only by...February 10, 2012. 80 Abraham H. Maslow , “A Theory of Human Motivation,” Psychological Review 50, (1943): 370-396. Maslow’s paper was originally published...Warrior. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2010. Maslow , Abraham H. “A Theory of Human Motivation.” Psychological Review 50, (1943): 370- 396, http

  20. Sexual Healthcare for Wounded Warriors with Serious Combat-Related Injuries and Disabilities. (United States)

    Tepper, Mitchell S


    Short of the rich literature on sexuality in men following spinal cord injury, started largely by physicians and mental health professionals within the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system following earlier wars, little attention has been paid to the sexual healthcare of wounded warriors with other serious combat-related injuries. The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND)-resulted in physical injuries including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), amputations, and serious burns. There are wounded warriors who are left blind or deaf, and a significant percent of OEF/OIF/OND warriors acquire other "invisible" injuries. While the signature injury of the war in Iraq is said to be TBI, there are a substantial number of service members surviving with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many with serious injury are struggling with co-occurring depression. Furthermore, many of our wounded warriors are surviving with polytrauma (multiple traumatic injuries, i.e., amputation plus burns). One specific constellation of injuries seen too frequently among our service members in Afghanistan is referred to as a Dismounted Complex Blast Injury (DCBI) sometimes resulting in orchiectomy and/or penile injury. As with other blast injuries, burns, shrapnel injuries, vision loss, hearing loss, TBI, and PTSD often accompany DCBIs. All of the above injuries have significant sexual, endocrine, psychological, and relationship issues that need to be addressed. This article presents an overview of the effects of serious, combat-related injuries on sexual health and provides medical and other health professionals a framework within which to address comprehensive sexual healthcare using a medical rehabilitation model. Sexual healthcare for persons with combat-related disabilities presents a complex array of biopsychosocial and relational issues that call for a coordinated

  1. Effect of the Net Charge Distribution on the Aqueous Solution Properties of Polyampholytes Effet de la répartition de la charge nette sur les propriétés des solutions aqueuses de polyampholytes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Candau F.


    ères ampholytes à base de 2-acrylamido-méthylpropanesulfate de sodium (NaAMPS, le chlorure de méthacryloyloxyéthyltriméthylammonium (MADQUAT et l'acrylamide (AM, préparés en microémulsions inverses ont été étudiées par viscométrie et diffusion de lumière. La répartition des charges le long des chaînes a été modifiée en ajustant la composition en monomères initiale et le degré de conversion. L'effet de cette répartition sur la solubilité des échantillons et sur la conformation de la chaîne a été étudié. On a constaté que des échantillons avec une répartition étroite de charge nette étaient solubles dans l'eau même si la charge moyenne nette est faible. L'addition de sel produit une transition entre une conformation étirée et une conformation plus compacte en accord qualitatif avec les prédictions théoriques. Un copolymère NaAMPS-MADQUAT pratiquement alterné préparé en solution homogène et avec une faible charge moyenne nette présente un comportement assez similaire à celui des terpolymères.

  2. The fuzzy cluster analysis of terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum in pit No.3

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhao Weijuan; Gao Zhengyao; Li Guoxia; Xie Jianzhong; Han Guohe


    Terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum is famous in the world, but their original place of raw material is still a riddle up to now. A total of 44 samples of pottery warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum in pit No.3, 20 samples of clay nearby Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum, one sample of Yaozhou porcelain body are selected for analysis. The contents of 32 micro elements in these samples are measured by neutron activation analysis (NAA). These data are analyzed by fuzzy cluster analysis, and the trend cluster analysis diagram is obtained. The results show that in terms of chemical composition of the microelements the terracotta warriors and horses from pit No.3 are close to loam soil layer nearby Qin Shihuang's mausoleum, but become estranged from loess layers, and have no relation to Yaozhou porcelain body. Thus it is reasonable to deduce that the Lishan may be considered as the original place of raw materials of the terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum, and the kiln sites may be also neighborhood of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum

  3. The myth of the warrior: martial masculinity and the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (United States)

    Allsep, L Michael


    The image of the male warrior still dominates military culture, to the exclusion of women and homosexuals. Complicating the picture is a technological revolution that promises to widen the current gap between the myth and reality of the modern warrior even further. Nonetheless, despite long arguing that homosexuals were a direct threat to military culture and effectiveness, the Pentagon has largely treated the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell as a policy matter. The difficulties still experienced by women in the armed services 40 years after they were first incorporated in significant numbers indicates that this response will be insufficient to address the deeper cultural issues. Gender issues implicate deeply held beliefs and values that persist even in the face of years of official admonishment and denial. Unless the military begins to transparently bridge the gap between the myth and reality of the modern warrior, military service without discrimination based on sexual orientation will remain an unachieved goal.

  4. Defeating the Warrior: genetic architecture of triticale resistance against a novel aggressive yellow rust race. (United States)

    Losert, Dominik; Maurer, Hans Peter; Leiser, Willmar L; Würschum, Tobias


    Genome-wide association mapping of resistance against the novel, aggressive 'Warrior' race of yellow rust in triticale revealed a genetic architecture with some medium-effect QTL and a quantitative component, which in combination confer high levels of resistance on both leaves and ears. Yellow rust is an important destructive fungal disease in small grain cereals and the exotic 'Warrior' race has recently conquered Europe. The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic architecture of yellow rust resistance in hexaploid winter triticale as the basis for a successful resistance breeding. To this end, a diverse panel of 919 genotypes was evaluated for yellow rust infection on leaves and ears in multi-location field trials and genotyped by genotyping-by-sequencing as well as for known Yr resistance loci. Genome-wide association mapping identified ten quantitative trait loci (QTL) for yellow rust resistance on the leaves and seven of these also for ear resistance. The total genotypic variance explained by the QTL amounted to 44.0% for leaf and 26.0% for ear resistance. The same three medium-effect QTL were identified for both traits on chromosomes 1B, 2B, and 7B. Interestingly, plants pyramiding the resistance allele of all three medium-effect QTL were generally most resistant, but constitute less than 5% of the investigated triticale breeding material. Nevertheless, a genome-wide prediction yielded a higher predictive ability than prediction based on these three QTL. Taken together, our results show that yellow rust resistance in winter triticale is genetically complex, including both medium-effect QTL as well as a quantitative resistance component. Resistance to the novel 'Warrior' race of this fungal pathogen is consequently best achieved by recurrent selection in the field based on identified resistant lines and can potentially be assisted by genomic approaches.

  5. The Wanderer, the Chameleon, and the Warrior: Experiences of Doctoral Students of Color Developing a Research Identity in Educational Administration (United States)

    Murakami-Ramalho, Elizabeth; Piert, Joyce; Militello, Matthew


    In this article, the authors use their personal narratives and collaborative portraits as methods to shed light on the complexities of developing a research identity while journeying through a doctoral program. Using the metaphors of a wanderer, a chameleon, and a warrior, their narratives represent portraits of experiences faced by doctoral…

  6. A Virginia Wounded Warrior and School of Social Work Partnership: The "MISSION: Healthy Relationships" Project and Student Engagement (United States)

    Weng, Suzie S.; Rotabi, Karen Smith; McIntosh, Edward M.; High, Jennifer G.; Pohl, Amanda; Herrmann, Amy


    Postdeployment family reintegration and relationship breakdown among combat veterans has received considerable attention from the Department of Defense and the media. Social interventions have been developed as a family strengthening strategy. In this article, we present a university-Wounded Warrior partnership where a relationship enhancement…

  7. The 'warrior gene' and the Mãori people: the responsibility of the geneticists. (United States)

    Perbal, Laurence


    The 'gene of' is a teleosemantic expression that conveys a simplistic and linear relationship between a gene and a phenotype. Throughout the 20th century, geneticists studied these genes of traits. The studies were often polemical when they concerned human traits: the 'crime gene', 'poverty gene', 'IQ gene', 'gay gene' or 'gene of alcoholism'. Quite recently, a controversy occurred in 2006 in New Zealand that started with the claim that a 'warrior gene' exists in the Mãori community. This claim came from a geneticist working on the MAOA gene. This article is interested in the responsibility of that researcher regarding the origin of the controversy. Several errors were made: overestimation of results, abusive use of the 'gene of' kind of expression, poor communication with the media and a lack of scientific culture. The issues of the debate were not taken into account sufficiently, either from the political, social, ethical or even the genetic points of view. After more than 100 years of debates around 'genes of' all kinds (here, the 'warrior gene'), geneticists may not hide themselves behind the media when a controversy occurs. Responsibilities have to be assumed. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  8. From Attitudes to Actions: Predictors of Lion Killing by Maasai Warriors. (United States)

    Hazzah, Leela; Bath, Alistair; Dolrenry, Stephanie; Dickman, Amy; Frank, Laurence


    Despite legal protection, deliberate killing by local people is one of the major threats to the conservation of lions and other large carnivores in Africa. Addressing this problem poses particular challenges, mainly because it is difficult to uncover illicit behavior. This article examined two groups of Maasai warriors: individuals who have killed African lions (Panthera leo) and those who have not. We conducted interviews to explore the relationship between attitudes, intentions and known lion killing behavior. Factor analysis and logistic regression revealed that lion killing was mainly determined by: (a) general attitudes toward lions, (b) engagement in traditional customs, (c) lion killing intentions to defend property, and (d) socio-cultural killing intentions. Our results indicated that general attitudes toward lions were the strongest predictor of lion killing behavior. Influencing attitudes to encourage pro-conservation behavior may help reduce killing.

  9. Pollution effects on stone benches of the Eagle Warriors Precinct at the Major Temple, Mexico City

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Miranda, J.; Gallardo, M.L.; Grimaldi, D.M.; Roman-Berrelleza, J.A.; Ruvalcaba-Sil, J.L.; Ontalba Salamanca, M.A.; Morales, J.G.


    During Major Temple archaeological site excavations in Downtown Mexico City, the precinct of one of the most important Mexica military caste, the Eagle Warriors, was discovered. The ceremonial enclosure is composed of three rooms surrounded by paintings on 11 stone benches placed against the walls. Nowadays, these paintings and the stones present the effects of different deterioration processes produced by the underground water level, high humidity, and the presence of soil, water, and air pollutants. Ion beam analysis of samples from the benches and wall paintings was performed using PIXE and RBS techniques. Using enrichment factors of elements relative to iron concentrations, possible contamination by sulfur and chlorine salts was found, as well as airborne zinc scavenged by rain

  10. Lessons learned from 350 virtual-reality sessions with warriors diagnosed with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder. (United States)

    Wood, Dennis Patrick; Wiederhold, Brenda K; Spira, James


    Virtual-reality (VR) therapy has been distinguished from other psychotherapy interventions through the use of computer-assisted interventions that rely on the concepts of "immersion," "presence," and "synchrony." In this work, these concepts are defined, and their uses, within the VR treatment architecture, are discussed. VR therapy's emphasis on the incorporation of biofeedback and meditation, as a component of the VR treatment architecture, is also reviewed. A growing body of research has documented VR therapy as a successful treatment for combat-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The VR treatment architecture, utilized to treat 30 warriors diagnosed with combat-related PTSD, is summarized. Lastly, case summaries of two warriors successfully treated with VR therapy are included to assist with the goal of better understanding a VR treatment architecture paradigm. Continued validation of the VR treatment model is encouraged.

  11. Compliance Monitoring of Underwater Blasting for Rock Removal at Warrior Point, Columbia River Channel Improvement Project, 2009/2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carlson, Thomas J.; Johnson, Gary E.; Woodley, Christa M.; Skalski, J. R.; Seaburg, Adam


    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District (USACE) conducted the 20-year Columbia River Channel Improvement Project (CRCIP) to deepen the navigation channel between Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean to allow transit of fully loaded Panamax ships (100 ft wide, 600 to 700 ft long, and draft 45 to 50 ft). In the vicinity of Warrior Point, between river miles (RM) 87 and 88 near St. Helens, Oregon, the USACE conducted underwater blasting and dredging to remove 300,000 yd3 of a basalt rock formation to reach a depth of 44 ft in the Columbia River navigation channel. The purpose of this report is to document methods and results of the compliance monitoring study for the blasting project at Warrior Point in the Columbia River.

  12. Reiki: Application as a Modality of Integrative Therapy for Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Wounded Warrior Issues (United States)


    Oncology Nursing 12, no. 3 (June 2008): 489-494. 62 Wounded Warrior Project, “Combat Stress Recovery Programs,” Care Professionals with Burnout ,” Biological Research for Nursing 13, no. 4 (October 2011): 376-82. 78 A. T. Vitale and P. C. O’Conner, “The...Variability, Cortisol Levels, and Body Temperature in Health Care Professionals with Burnout .” Biological Research for Nursing 13, no. 4 (October 2011): 376

  13. Weed Warriors (United States)

    Buczynski, Sandy


    In these activities, middle school and high school students examine the threat of nonnative plant species to Hawaiian ecosystems. Students explore different viewpoints on alien plants and consider how beliefs and attitudes may affect others' decisions concerning nonnative plant species. Students also identify invasive plant characteristics and…


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jack C. Pashin; Richard E. Carroll; Richard H. Groshong Jr.; Dorothy E. Raymond; Marcella McIntyre; J. Wayne Payton


    Sequestration of CO{sub 2} in coal has potential benefits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the highly industrialized Carboniferous coal basins of North America and Europe and for enhancing coalbed methane recovery. Hence, enhanced coalbed methane recovery operations provide a basis for a market-based environmental solution in which the cost of sequestration is offset by the production and sale of natural gas. The Black Warrior foreland basin of west-central Alabama contains the only mature coalbed methane production fairway in eastern North America, and data from this basin provide an excellent basis for quantifying the carbon sequestration potential of coal and for identifying the geologic screening criteria required to select sites for the demonstration and commercialization of carbon sequestration technology. Coalbed methane reservoirs in the upper Pottsville Formation of the Black Warrior basin are extremely heterogeneous, and this heterogeneity must be considered to screen areas for the application of CO{sub 2} sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery technology. Major screening factors include stratigraphy, geologic structure, geothermics, hydrogeology, coal quality, sorption capacity, technology, and infrastructure. Applying the screening model to the Black Warrior basin indicates that geologic structure, water chemistry, and the distribution of coal mines and reserves are the principal determinants of where CO{sub 2} can be sequestered. By comparison, coal thickness, temperature-pressure conditions, and coal quality are the key determinants of sequestration capacity and unswept coalbed methane resources. Results of this investigation indicate that the potential for CO{sub 2} sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery in the Black Warrior basin is substantial and can result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while increasing natural gas reserves. Coal-fired power plants serving the Black Warrior basin in

  15. [Laza K. Lazarević--doctor, lawyer, writer and warrior in three wars]. (United States)

    Babić, Rade R; Stanković Babić, Gordana


    Laza K. Lazarevic was born on the 13th of May, 1851 in Sabac. He died on the 11th of January, 1891 in Belgrade. Laza K. Lazarevic was a Serb, lawyer, warrior, doctor and writer. He spoke Russian, German and French. Laza Lazarevic's road to the title of doctor of medicine. He studied law in Belgrade and graduated in 1871 and he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Berlin on the 28th of January, 1879. He took his doctor's degree in Berlin on the 8th of March, 1879 at the same Faculty. His road to the title of doctor of medicine was thorny and complicated. LAZA K. LAZAREVIC AS A WARRIOR: He took part in the Serbian-Turkish war and the Serbian-Bulgarian war. During the Serbian-Bulgarian War (1885) he was first given the rank of reserve medical major and later the rank of active medical colonel and then he was appointed assistant chief of the Supreme Command of Health Care with the task to establish the Great reserve military hospital in Nis. PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC WORK OF DR. LAZA K. LAZAREVIC: He had seventy two professional and scientific medical papers published, a great number of which referring to nervous diseases, such as paralysis agitans, sclerosis of medulla spinalis, aphasia and others. Therefore, it can be rightly said that Dr. Laza K. Lazarevic was the first Serbian neurologist. The very first operation of cataract in Serbia was performed by Dr. Laza K. Lazarevic in aseptic conditions, when cocaine was applied for anesthesia. He was the first doctor to be sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Vienna in 1884 to learn how to prepare animal lymph. In 1879 he was appointed the physician of the Belgrade District and in 1881 he was promoted to the position of head doctor and Chief of Internal Department of the General State Hospital in Belgrade. He was the personal doctor of King Milan Obrenovic. LAZA K. LAZAREVIC AS A WRITER: Laza Lazarevic is considered to be the originator of psychological stories in Serbian realistic literature and had nine

  16. Prenatal forehead edema in 4p- deletion: the 'Greek warrior helmet' profile revisited. (United States)

    Levaillant, J M; Touboul, C; Sinico, M; Vergnaud, A; Serero, S; Druart, L; Blondeau, J R; Abd Alsamad, I; Haddad, B; Gérard-Blanluet, M


    Deletion of short arm of chromosome 4 is difficult to ascertain prenatally, and can be missed. A prenatal suspicion of 4p- syndrome was thoroughly investigated by using two-dimensional and three-dimensional sonography, with a description of the fetal face dysmorphological pattern. The cytogenetic confirmation, obtained by karyotype and FISH technique, allowed a precise description of the prenatal abnormalities. Post-termination tridimensional helicoidal scanner of the fetal face was performed. The main anomaly discovered using two-dimensional sonography was the presence of a strikingly thick prefrontal edema (8 mm, twice the normal values, at 22 weeks: 3.81 +/- 0.62 mm). Three-dimensional sonography showed the classical postnatal profile, with the phenotypic aspect of a 'Greek warrior helmet'. Nasal bones were normal in size and placement, confirmed by helicoidal scanner. Prenatal diagnosis of 4p deletion syndrome can be difficult, and it is the presence of prefrontal edema, associated with more subtle facial anomalies (short philtrum, microretrognathia) which should trigger cytogenetic investigation for 4p- deletion, even with only borderline growth retardation. Copyright 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

  17. Energiewende’s Lone Warriors: A Hyperlink Network Analysis of the German Energy Transition Discourse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonas Kaiser


    Full Text Available This paper explores the integration of different social fields within the German Energy Transition (Energiewende discourse in the election year 2013 by analysing the hyperlink structures online. Energiewende describes the fundamental transition from non-renewable energy to sustainable sources. This goal is both ambitious and controversial. Numerous stakeholders try to make their voices and interests heard and as such politics has to both disseminate and collect information in order to include all relevant groups from different social fields in the political process. This discourse is also visible online. By analysing the hyperlink structures we are able to see the attention distribution of different actor groups in the network. This study shows that most actors tend to link within their own social field and do not aim for a more integrated public sphere. Especially political actors appear to be lone warriors who neither look left or right and mostly link within their own party and ignore other actors. Whereas social field as the media or public administration are relevant within the network we find that scientific actors are ignored by all fields, except for their own.

  18. Water Management Strategies for Improved Coalbed Methane Production in the Black Warrior Basin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pashin, Jack [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); McIntyre-Redden, Marcella [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Mann, Steven [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Merkel, David [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    The modern coalbed methane industry was born in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama and has to date produced more than 2.6 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1.6 billion barrels of water. The coalbed gas industry in this area is dependent on instream disposal of co-produced water, which ranges from nearly potable sodium-bicarbonate water to hypersaline sodium-chloride water. This study employed diverse analytical methods to characterize water chemistry in light of the regional geologic framework and to evaluate the full range of water management options for the Black Warrior coalbed methane industry. Results reveal strong interrelationships among regional geology, water chemistry, and gas chemistry. Coalbed methane is produced from multiple coal seams in Pennsylvanian-age strata of the Pottsville Coal Interval, in which water chemistry is influenced by a structurally controlled meteoric recharge area along the southeastern margin of the basin. The most important constituents of concern in the produced water include chlorides, ammonia compounds, and organic substances. Regional mapping and statistical analysis indicate that the concentrations of most ionic compounds, metallic substances, and nonmetallic substances correlate with total dissolved solids and chlorides. Gas is effectively produced at pipeline quality, and the only significant impurity is N{sub 2}. Geochemical analysis indicates that the gas is of mixed thermogenic-biogenic origin. Stable isotopic analysis of produced gas and calcite vein fills indicates that widespread late-stage microbial methanogenesis occurred primarily along a CO{sub 2} reduction metabolic pathway. Organic compounds in the produced water appear to have helped sustain microbial communities. Ammonia and ammonium levels increase with total dissolved solids content and appear to have played a role in late-stage microbial methanogenesis and the generation of N{sub 2}. Gas production tends to decline exponentially, whereas water production

  19. Relationships between water and gas chemistry in mature coalbed methane reservoirs of the Black Warrior Basin (United States)

    Pashin, Jack C.; McIntyre-Redden, Marcella R.; Mann, Steven D.; Kopaska-Merkel, David C.; Varonka, Matthew S.; Orem, William H.


    Water and gas chemistry in coalbed methane reservoirs of the Black Warrior Basin reflects a complex interplay among burial processes, basin hydrodynamics, thermogenesis, and late-stage microbial methanogenesis. These factors are all important considerations for developing production and water management strategies. Produced water ranges from nearly potable sodium-bicarbonate water to hypersaline sodium-chloride brine. The hydrodynamic framework of the basin is dominated by structurally controlled fresh-water plumes that formed by meteoric recharge along the southeastern margin of the basin. The produced water contains significant quantities of hydrocarbons and nitrogen compounds, and the produced gas appears to be of mixed thermogenic-biogenic origin.Late-stage microbial methanogenesis began following unroofing of the basin, and stable isotopes in the produced gas and in mineral cements indicate that late-stage methanogenesis occurred along a CO2-reduction metabolic pathway. Hydrocarbons, as well as small amounts of nitrate in the formation water, probably helped nourish the microbial consortia, which were apparently active in fresh to hypersaline water. The produced water contains NH4+ and NH3, which correlate strongly with brine concentration and are interpreted to be derived from silicate minerals. Denitrification reactions may have generated some N2, which is the only major impurity in the coalbed gas. Carbon dioxide is a minor component of the produced gas, but significant quantities are dissolved in the formation water. Degradation of organic compounds, augmented by deionization of NH4+, may have been the principal sources of hydrogen facilitating late-stage CO2 reduction.

  20. The effects of animal-assisted therapy on wounded warriors in an Occupational Therapy Life Skills program. (United States)

    Beck, Christine E; Gonzales, Florie; Sells, Carol Haertlein; Jones, Cynthia; Reer, Theresa; Zhu, Yao Yao


    Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) has gained much attention in civilian and military health care. Evidence supports its benefits with varied populations with diseases and disabilities, but no research has been done with injured or ill service members. This pretest, posttest nonrandomized control group study evaluated the effects of AAT on Warriors in transition (N=24) attending an Occupational Therapy Life Skills program with the long-term goal of improving their successful reintegration. Although significant differences were not found between the groups on most measures, anecdotal reports by participants and observers indicate that participants eagerly anticipated being with the therapy dogs, expressed pleasure and satisfaction with the experience, and regretted seeing it end. There were significant correlations between mood, stress, resilience, fatigue, and function at various measurement points. This is the first study to formally assess the benefits of AAT with wounded service members in garrison. Suggestions for future research are provided.

  1. Combat amputees' health-related quality of life and psychological outcomes: A brief report from the wounded warrior recovery project. (United States)

    Woodruff, Susan I; Galarneau, Michael R; Sack, Daniel I; McCabe, Cameron T; Dye, Judy L


    This study extends what is known about long-term health-related quality of life (HrQoL) and other psychosocial outcomes (i.e., depression, posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD]) among US military combat amputees serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. A total of 63 combat amputees were identified from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project, a study assessing long-term self-reported HrQoL and psychological outcomes among those wounded during military service. Another 477 service members from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project were identified as a comparison group (i.e., nonamputees with moderate to severe extremity injuries). After adjusting for age, time since injury, overall injury severity, and traumatic brain injury, amputees had poorer functional HrQoL than those in the nonamputee comparison group overall and in the specific area related to performance of usual activities, and, to some degree, chronic and acute symptoms, and mobility/self-care. On the other hand, depression and PTSD symptoms were not different for the two groups. Results suggest that when assessed over 5 years postinjury, on average, amputees have unique physical and functional limitations, yet do not report greater depression or PTSD symptoms than others seriously injured in combat. It may be that state-of-the-art integrated amputee care that includes support networks and emphasis on adjustment and psychological health may increase successful coping and adjustment, at least to a level that is on par with other types of serious combat injury. Epidemiologic/prognostic study, level III.

  2. Neutron activation analysis on source of raw material of terracotta warriors and horses in No.2 pit of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Li Guoxia; Zhao Weijuan; Gao Zhengyao; Xie Jianzhong; Han Guohe


    32 trace element contents in each sample are measured by neutron activation analysis for the selected that 19 samples of terracotta warriors and horses from No.2 pit of Emperor Qin shihuang's Mausoleum, 20 samples clay nearby Qin's Mausoleum and 2 samples of Yaozhou porcelain bodies. The trend cluster analysis diagram is obtained after sorting the data. The results show that the samples from the No.2 pit of Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum have a close relationship with the clay samples from the neighborhood of the Mausoleum. Consequently, the source of raw materials of the terracotta warriors and horses may come from some places nearby the Mausoleum, the kiln sites may be also neighborhood of the Mausoleum. There is also a preliminary study on the relationship between the sealing earth of the Mausoleum, rammed earth and backfill of the No.2 pit and the clay from the nearby place

  3. The IM ABLE Study: A Cross-Sector, Multisite Initiative to Advance Care for Warriors and Veterans Following Neuromusculoskeletal Injury of the Lower Limb (United States)


    AWARD NUMBER: W81XWH-16-1-0738 TITLE: The IM ABLE Study: A Cross-Sector, Multisite Initiative to Advance Care for Warriors and Veterans...REPORT TYPE Annual 3. DATES COVERED 30 Sep 2016 - 29 Sep 2017 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The IM ABLE Study: A Cross-Sector, Multisite Initiative to...widely agreed upon, if accepted at all. If the devices truly improve function and comfort, then the initial high costs of provision may be justified


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jack C. Pashin; Richard E. Carroll; Richard H. Groshong, Jr.; Dorothy E. Raymond; Marcella McIntyre; J. Wayne Payton


    Sequestration of CO{sub 2} in coal has potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants while enhancing coalbed methane recovery. Data from more than 4,000 coalbed methane wells in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama provide an opportunity to quantify the carbon sequestration potential of coal and to develop a geologic screening model for the application of carbon sequestration technology. This report summarizes stratigraphy and sedimentation, structural geology, geothermics, hydrology, coal quality, gas capacity, and production characteristics of coal in the Black Warrior coalbed methane fairway and the implications of geology for carbon sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery. Coal in the Black Warrior basin is distributed among several fluvial-deltaic coal zones in the Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation. Most coal zones contain one to three coal beds that are significant targets for coalbed methane production and carbon sequestration, and net coal thickness generally increases southeastward. Pottsville strata have effectively no matrix permeability to water, so virtually all flow is through natural fractures. Faults and folds influence the abundance and openness of fractures and, hence, the performance of coalbed methane wells. Water chemistry in the Pottsville Formation ranges from fresh to saline, and zones with TDS content lower than 10,000 mg/L can be classified as USDW. An aquifer exemption facilitating enhanced recovery in USDW can be obtained where TDS content is higher than 3,000 mg/L. Carbon dioxide becomes a supercritical fluid above a temperature of 88 F and a pressure of 1,074 psi. Reservoir temperature exceeds 88 F in much of the study area. Hydrostatic pressure gradients range from normal to extremely underpressured. A large area of underpressure is developed around closely spaced longwall coal mines, and areas of natural underpressure are distributed among the coalbed methane fields. The mobility and

  5. Dede Korkut Hikâyelerinde Savaşçı Eğitimi Warrior Training In Dede Korkut Stories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lütfü Kerem BAŞAR


    Full Text Available When it is considered that Dede Korkut Stories are the fundamental element of Turkish literature because of including the informations on Turkish traditions, beliefs and life style; it can be said that the Book of Dede Korkut Stories is the unique source of Turkish Literature besides being the crossing point compositon from legend to folk narratives. It is because the life style of the Oguz Turks, told in the narratives, depends on the continuous struggle and movement, these struggles and movements take place on the plot of the these twelve stories. Oguz Turks struggled against not only nature but also enemy. So, being strong and a warrior are the factors in maintenance of their life style. The tough weather conditions, the continuous struggle againstother tribes around and dealing with hunting have primary effects onestablishing a warrior and fighter identity. Based on these struggles,Dede Korkut Stories have lots of scenes in which the future expectedwarrior hero is raised. It is because nomadic tribes, like Oguz Turks,based on powerful men, male child has great importance. It is why thechildren especially male ones had a special training on saving theirfamily members when they are refugee or when they have hard times instruggling against the other tribes. They have also trained on huntingand dealing with wild animals. In this study it is tried to define themessages of the stories related to the warrior training and the processof establishing a warrior character of Dede Korkut Stories`heroes. Dede Korkut Hikâyeleri, Türk edebiyatının temel taşlarından biri olması ve eski Türk gelenekleri, inanışları, hayat tarzı ile ilgili bilgiler sunması ve destandan halk hikâyesine geçiş döneminin en önemli eseri olması açısından eşsiz bir kaynaktır. Bu eserde yer alan on iki hikâyenin olay örgüsünde genel olarak birtakım mücadeleler yer almaktadır. Çünkü hikâyelerde anlatılan göçebe Oğuz Türklerinin hayat tarz

  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess: reception of the texts by a sample of lesbian fans and web site users. (United States)

    Collier, Noelle R; Lumadue, Christine A; Wooten, H Ray


    This qualitative study of television reception examined the ways in which a sample of lesbian fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess incorporated their experiences as viewers, fans, and Internet users with relation to their sexual identity as lesbians. Specifically, this study examined the ways in which participants used these television programs to inform their sexual identity development. Results indicated that participants used television and the Internet to normalize and affirm lesbian experience, to decrease negative feelings regarding their lesbian identities, and to decrease social isolation.

  7. Health-related quality of life among US military personnel injured in combat: findings from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project. (United States)

    Woodruff, Susan I; Galarneau, Michael R; McCabe, Cameron T; Sack, Daniel I; Clouser, Mary C


    Little is known about the long-term, health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of those wounded in combat during Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn. The present study described the overall HRQOL for a large group of US service members experiencing mild-to-severe combat-related injuries, and assessed the unique contribution of demographics, service- and injury-related characteristics, and mental health factors on long-term HRQOL. The Wounded Warrior Recovery Project examines patient-reported outcomes in a cohort of US military personnel wounded in combat. Participants were identified from the Expeditionary Medical Encounter Database, a US Navy-maintained deployment health database, and invited to complete a web-based survey. At the time of this study, 3245 service members consented and completed the survey. Hierarchical linear regression analyses were conducted to assess the unique contribution of each set of antecedents on HRQOL scores. HRQOL was uniquely associated with a number of demographics, and service- and injury-related characteristics. Nevertheless, screening positive for posttraumatic stress disorder (B = - .09; P < .001), depression (B = - .10; P < .001), or both as a set (B = - .19; P < .001) were the strongest predictors of lower long-term HRQOL. Postinjury HRQOL among service members wounded in combat was associated with service and injury experience, and demographic factors, but was most strongly linked with current mental health status. These findings underscore the significance of mental health issues long after injury. Further, findings reinforce that long-term mental health screening, services, and treatment are needed for those injured in combat.

  8. Improving Vocational Rehabilitation Access and Return to Work and Career Outcomes among African American Wounded Warriors, Gulf War, and Vietnam War Era Veterans with Disabilities: A White Paper Series (United States)

    Moore, Corey L., Ed.: Johnson, Jean E., Ed.; Washington, Andre L., Ed.


    The purpose of this monograph is to present documents that discuss issues related to improving access to vocational rehabilitation services and return to work rates of African American Wounded Warriors, Gulf War and Vietnam War Era veterans with disabilities. This monograph also includes a review of relevant literature on barriers to employment…

  9. Adsorption kinetics of CO2, CH4, and their equimolar mixture on coal from the Black Warrior Basin, West-Central Alabama (United States)

    Gruszkiewicz, M.S.; Naney, M.T.; Blencoe, J.G.; Cole, D.R.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.


    Laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the adsorption kinetic behavior of pure and mixed gases (CO2, CH4, approximately equimolar CO2 + CH4 mixtures, and He) on a coal sample obtained from the Black Warrior Basin at the Littleton Mine (Twin Pine Coal Company), Jefferson County, west-central Alabama. The sample was from the Mary Lee coal zone of the Pottsville Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian). Experiments with three size fractions (45-150????m, 1-2??mm, and 5-10??mm) of crushed coal were performed at 40????C and 35????C over a pressure range of 1.4-6.9??MPa to simulate coalbed methane reservoir conditions in the Black Warrior Basin and provide data relevant for enhanced coalbed methane recovery operations. The following key observations were made: (1) CO2 adsorption on both dry and water-saturated coal is much more rapid than CH4 adsorption; (2) water saturation decreases the rates of CO2 and CH4 adsorption on coal surfaces, but it appears to have minimal effects on the final magnitude of CO2 or CH4 adsorption if the coal is not previously exposed to CO2; (3) retention of adsorbed CO2 on coal surfaces is significant even with extreme pressure cycling; and (4) adsorption is significantly faster for the 45-150????m size fraction compared to the two coarser fractions. ?? 2008 Elsevier B.V.

  10. A study protocol for tracking quality of life among U.S. service members wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project. (United States)

    Woodruff, Susan I; Galarneau, Michael R; Luu, Bethi N; Sack, Daniel; Han, Peggy


    There is a need for more work to understand the quality of life (QOL) outcomes of survivors of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom combat injury to improve care and treatment, and prevent poor physical, psychological, and social outcomes. We describe the study design and methods of the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project, a study supported by the Department of Defense that will track close to 10,000 military personnel wounded in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The overall objective of the 6-year longitudinal study is to track changes in QOL and describe variations in those changes as they relate to sociodemographic factors, injury characteristics, service-related factors, clinical/diagnostic measures including traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder, and medical procedures and services. The Wounded Warrior Recovery Project study will be among the first longitudinal population-based investigations of QOL outcomes after combat injury and will provide a basis upon which large-scale epidemiological studies can be conducted. Reprint & Copyright © 2014 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.

  11. Gutters lesing på nett : lesing og motivasjon


    Sætersmoen, Margrethe


    Mastergradsoppgave i språk, kultur og digital kommunikasjon, Avdeling for lærerutdanning og naturvitenskap, Høgskolen i Hedmark, 2010 Norsk: Det overordnede temaet for min avhandling er ungdomsskolegutters motivasjon for lesing av digitale tekster. Mye av guttenes lesing på fritiden, foregår på skjerm. Hver dag leser de ut fra mange forskjellige motiv, likevel viser store leseundersøkelser som PISA og PIRLS at unge gutter leser mindre enn jenter, de leser dårligere enn jenter, og er mindre...

  12. Reaching soldiers with untreated substance use disorder: lessons learned in the development of a marketing campaign for the Warrior Check-Up study. (United States)

    Walton, Thomas O; Walker, Denise D; Kaysen, Debra L; Roffman, Roger A; Mbilinyi, Lyungai; Neighbors, Clayton


    The Warrior Check-Up, a confidential telephone-delivered intervention, is designed to reach active-duty soldiers with untreated substance-use disorder at a large U.S. military base. This paper describes the development and successful implementation of the study's marketing strategies at the recruitment period's midpoint (2010-2012). Qualitative analyses of focus groups (n = 26) and survey responses (n = 278) describe the process of campaign design. Measures of demographics, media exposure, post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression gathered from callers (n = 172) are used in quantitative analysis assessing the campaign's success in reaching this population. Implications, limitations, and suggestions for future research are discussed. Department of Defense provided study funding.

  13. Reaching Soldiers with Untreated Substance Use Disorder: Lessons Learned in the Development of a Marketing Campaign for the Warrior Check-Up Study (United States)

    Walton, Thomas O.; Walker, Denise D.; Kaysen, Debra L.; Roffman, Roger A.; Mbilinyi, Lyungai; Neighbors, Clayton


    The Warrior Check-Up, a confidential telephone-delivered intervention, is designed to reach active-duty soldiers with untreated substance-use disorder at a large US military base. This paper describes the development and successful implementation of the study’s marketing strategies at the recruitment period’s midpoint (2010–2012). Qualitative analyses of focus groups (n = 26) and survey responses (n = 278) describe the process of campaign design. Measures of demographics, media exposure, post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression gathered from callers (n = 172) are used in quantitative analysis assessing the campaign’s success in reaching this population. Implications, limitations, and suggestions for future research are discussed. Department of Defense provided study funding. PMID:23869462

  14. Cost Warrior Moneyball (United States)


    program the money? That’s Army staff business in the franchise head shed, right? The truth is that we need to know its cost, afford- ability, and...address to an Armor War - fighting Conference, Gen. Peter Chiarelli said, “If you look at any one of these systems as an individual system, you can...tainment costs. The future ain’t what it used to be. Third, change takes time and patience. Over the past 10 years, big money has been flowing. It

  15. Land Warrior Power Management

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sanders, David


    .... The improvement is incremental; yet the goal of power management for this system is to significantly increase the length of time a single source can supply the system with power without resupply...

  16. The Ash Warriors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Anderegg, C. R


    .... The following pages tell the remarkable story of the men and women of the Clark community and their ordeal in planning for and carrying out their evacuation from Clark in the face of impending volcanic activity...

  17. Iroquois Warriors in Iraq (United States)


    Morales met with COL Mike Milano, the CFLCC C3. Milano provided Morales with the basic details he needed to develop the division RSOI plan. Milano...MOI.23 The 98th Division contributed 28 soldiers to the CPATT staff, to include COL Michael R. “ Mike ” Smith, who was assigned as the chief of staff...Institute, Fort Leavenworth, KS. Attachment: E-mail, COL Charles Stafford to LTC Keith Sharples , Subject: New Guy Stuff, 25 August 2004. ________. E

  18. The Ash Warriors (United States)


    toys, formula, portable crib, stroller, etc) Water supply for one day Food/ snacks for one day Food for pets (3 days) and leash POVs should have one-half...Clark’s continued. On June 7, a dome appeared on Pinatubo’s northwest face. Increased seismic activity and the extruding dome prompted the volcanologists...MWR) peo- ple passed out bottled water, snacks and other comfort items. The lines on the parking apron were long but kept moving. Personnel special

  19. Site Characterization for CO2 Storage from Coal-fired Power Facilities in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clark, Peter E. [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States); Pashin, Jack [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States); Carlson, Eric [Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Goodliffe, Andrew [Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); McIntyre-Redden, Marcella [Geological Survey of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Mann, Steven D. [Geological Survey of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Thompson, Mason [Rice Univ., Houston, TX (United States)


    Coal-fired power plants produce large quantities of carbon dioxide. In order to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions from these power plants, it is necessary to separate and store the carbon dioxide. Saline formations provide a potential sink for carbon dioxide and delineating the capacity of the various known saline formations is a key part of building a storage inventory. As part of this effort, a project was undertaken to access the storage capacity of saline reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama. This basin has been a productive oil and gas reservoir that is well characterized to the west of the two major coal-fired power plants that are north of Birmingham. The saline zones were thought to extend as far east as the Sequatchie Anticline which is just east of the power plants. There is no oil or gas production in the area surrounding the power plants so little is known about the formations in that area. A geologic characterization well was drilled on the Gorgas Power Plant site, which is the farthest west of two power plants in the area. The well was planned to be drilled to approximately 8,000 feet, but drilling was halted at approximately 5,000 feet when a prolific freshwater zone was penetrated. During drilling, a complete set of cores through all of the potential injection zones and the seals above these zones were acquired. A complete set of openhole logs were run along with a vertical seismic profile (VSP). Before drilling started two approximately perpendicular seismic lines were run and later correlated with the VSP. While the zones that were expected were found at approximately the predicted depths, the zones that are typically saline through the reservoir were found to be saturated with a light crude oil. Unfortunately, both the porosity and permeability of these zones were small enough that no meaningful hydrocarbon production would be expected even with carbon dioxide flooding. While this part of the basin was found to be unsuitable for

  20. 《女勇士》中"我"的分裂人格的后殖民语境解读%An Interpretation of the Split Personality of "I" in "The Woman Warrior"under a Post-colonial Context

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    在汤亭亭的《女勇士》中,女主人公"我"的分裂人格是华裔女性在性别和种族压迫社会中被边缘化的病态表现,是自我身份焦虑的隐喻,将其置于后殖民主义的语境下分析,能为解读华裔女性特殊生存状态提供广阔的文化视野.%"I" in "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston, possesses a split personality which is used as a metaphor for the pathological identity anxiety of the Chinese American women under both patriarchy and racism. Interpreta-tion of this metaphor under a post-colonial context can bring us a wider cultural vision for the special living conditions of the Chi-nese American women.

  1. Developing the Warrior-Scholar (United States)


    battlefield and prepares them to take advantage of advanced professional education later in their careers.2 In effect, the Army can better pre- pare...Military Education : An Asset for Peace and Progress,� A Report of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Study Group on Professional...changes in the nature of war is officer education . The comparatively new, rap- idly changing role of professional military officers necessitates their

  2. Establishing a Cyber Warrior Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Tobin, Scott


    Cyber Warfare is widely touted to be the next generation of warfare. As America's reliance on automated systems and information technology increases, so too does the potential vulnerability to cyber attack...

  3. Building a Better Canine Warrior (United States)


    NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 8. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT Oklahoma State University NUMBER Office of Research...environment can serve as a heat source rather than a heat sink. At ambient temperatures greater than body temperature, normal heat flow patterns can be...acid turnover in exercising dogs Material and Methods All procedures were approved by Oklahoma State University’ s Animal Care and Use committee

  4. Theory "W": The Corporate Warrior. (United States)

    Morris, David J., Jr.


    Describes power structure of corporations functioning under Theory W in which single leaders, in partnership with trusted followers, achieve corporate success. Basis of this industrial structure is attributed to social and developmental structures of prehistoric man and city states. Dimensions of W, X, Y, and Z theories are discussed. (MBR)

  5. Mellom myndighet og medieaktør. Nyhetsformidling i seks nett-aktive kommuner

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Signe Bock Segaard


    Full Text Available

    Artikkelen belyser hvordan kommuner som nyhetsformidlere fyller sine hjemmesider med innhold ved å undersøke hvor aktive de er som nyhetsformidlere på nettet, hvilken type e-formidling de praktiserer og hvorvidt de opplever dilemmaer knyttet til e-formidling. Analysen hviler på spenningen mellom et journalistisk formidlingsideal om å understøtte demokratiske verdier og en strategisk kommunikasjonsidé, hvor hensikten er omdømmebygging og branding. Empirisk relateres undersøkelsen til data fra en rekke danske og norske kommuner, som skiller seg ut ved å være særlig aktive på nettet. Analysen danner avslutningsvis grunnlag for en drøftelse av hvordan kommunal e-formidling kan forstås i lys av kommunen som offentlig myndighet samt som markedsaktør, tjenesteprodusent og demokratiaktør. Spørsmålet er om kommunal e-formidling er en demokratisk gevinst. Analysen viser at kommunal e-formidling kjennetegnes av en tendens til profesjonalisering, sentralisering og byråkratisering, samt at vurderingen av den demokratiske gevinsten til dels betinges av hvordan kommunene i praksis forholder seg til utvelgelseskriterier. I tillegg viser analysen at noen kommuner er mer strategisk og andre mer journalistisk orientert i sitt formidlingsarbeid, men at den ene orientering ikke utelukker den andre.

  6. The Warrior Heritage. A Study of Rhodesia. (United States)


    struggle had resulted in the death of a Zulu king and the exile of his son, Shaka , to the neighboring Mthethwe tribe. Much as Phillip II of Macedon was...surrender, "It was a great killing, but for me speaking in the early morning with Kumalo (the king ) I was sad. ’Why,’ said everyone. Because I was...person who adheres to values which inspire in him a willingness to engage in certain activities regardless of risk to his life . In battle such people

  7. Warrior Transition Leader: Medical Rehabilitation Handbook (United States)


    meter medley relay, swimming the anchor . After observing athletes with one leg competing in track during the 1996 Paralympics, Register was fitted with...down to the toes. Shoes, inserts, ankle –foot orthotics, ankle braces, and knee braces are some of the devices commonly prescribed for various...conditions. Lower limb orthotics can be functional, accommodative, or corrective. The ankle –foot orthosis fi g u r E 8-5. Wrist–hand orthosis. aSSiStivE

  8. American Insurgent Leaders: Insights for Contemporary Warriors (United States)


    His aversion to the merriment of social events led him to leave an obligatory party from a second- story window and break his ankle . While he was...than attacking the depot directly. He thus ordered General Abraham Buford to establish an ambush line, anchored by artillery pieces, along the

  9. "The Deer Hunter": Rhetoric of the Warrior. (United States)

    Rushing, Janice Hocker; Frentz, Thomas S.

    A psychological/ritual model of criticism is used to examine the movie "The Deer Hunter" as a rhetorical event in which males undergo psychological change through their war and postwar experiences. The critical model depends on understanding a Jungian interpretation of the human psyche, the form and function of initiation rituals, and…

  10. Self-Development for Cyber Warriors (United States)


    Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Open Source Intelligence ( OSINT ), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Measurement and...from career fields with varying degrees of intersection with cyber warfare including: signals intelligence , all source intelligence , and...leverage them in support of cyber warfare operations. All Source Intelligence Ability to request, analyze, synthesize, and fuse intelligence from

  11. U.S. Special Forces: culture warriors


    Hill, Joshua L.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited U.S. Army Special Forces (SF) are consistently called upon to work by, with, and through indigenous forces to conduct special warfare. Current SF doctrine reflects an increasing desire for SF operators to be culturally proficient in order to work closely with locals, advise foreign militaries, and build relationships with host-nation counterparts. Despite the doctrinal emphasis on cultural proficiency, SF doctrine offers little concret...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdullah Hehamahua


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what, why, and how, the programs and performances which ideally need to be directed by integrity and professionalism are actually handled by the human resource management in the Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC. The qualitative approach to conduct the case study collected the data through a participant observation procedure, and triangulated with interviews with key informants, document analysis, and recordings. The study found that (1 the planning of the human resource, including the recruitment and selection process, has been conducted to follow the highest standards applied in state institutions and government agencies in Indonesia; (2 CEC is conducting education, training, and development programs of its human resource to improve organizational performance; (3 CEC is the first state institution or government agency to use performance as the parameter for reward and punishment; (4 CEC is the first state institution and government agency to use a merit system in determining the salary; (5 the values of integrity and professionalism constitute are the basic priciples to guide the corporate culture of the auditors of CEC. The findings indicate the need to improve the recruitment and selection process, to establish the standards of performance, evaluationj and career management in all the units, and to continue the Coaching, mentoring, and Counceling (CMC program to maintain integrity and professionalism of the whole body of the human resource of the CEC.

  13. D. W. Griffith and the Warrior Ethos. (United States)

    Quart, Leonard; Auster, Al


    Discusses D. W. Griffith's perceptions of war, his idealized vision of the South before and after the Civil War, and his racism as evidenced in the film, "The Birth of a Nation." Considers responses to and effects of the film. (DMM)

  14. The need to be cold : cold warriors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gregoire, L.


    This article discussed the changing climate of Ellesmere Island and the adaptation of the Inuit in response to the climate change, with particular reference to Canada's most northern community of Grise Fiord. Because of the changing climate, the vast northern landscape that the Inuit navigated for centuries by reading its subtle signs is becoming warmer, softer, and unpredictable. The geographic history and demographics of Grise Fiord were described. The community's main water supply comes from a glacier which is sinking. The negative impacts of ice shrinkage on this northern community and on the environment were presented. These included more international shipping through the Arctic, more resource exploration, a greater risk of environmental contamination, and reduced habitat for the polar bears and seals that eat, mate, and reproduce on the ice. Climate change impacts on the sea and sea ice were also discussed. Several photographs illustrating the changing climate were presented. The article noted that climate change could destroy the Inuit culture, making climate change an issue of human rights, notably the right to live connected to the land and the right to be cold. It was concluded that in one generation, Inuit were swept up by both a social and an economic upheaval. In one more generation, they will undergo an environmental shift. 13 figs.

  15. The Vicissitudes of a Medieval Japanese Warrior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oxenbøll, Morten


    In standard accounts of medieval Japanese society, enormous stress is put on the conflicts between local landholders (zaichi ryôshu) and absentee proprietors. Fuelled by the debate on feudalism that divided scholars up until the early 1990s, these conflicts have widely been recognised as proof...

  16. Die-cavity Design for High-Precision Nett-Forming of Engineering Component (PRECI4M)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ravn, Bjarne Gottlieb

    This report covers the 6-months period from month 37 to month 42 of the project. The following tasks are reported: • Task 14: Auto-interface between Data Retrieval and FE Analysis Software • Task 21: Tool Design Principles • Task 23: Specification of Tool Design System • Task 54: Development of S...... of Software Codes • Task 61: Design of Experiments for Validation • Task 62: Validation Experiments......This report covers the 6-months period from month 37 to month 42 of the project. The following tasks are reported: • Task 14: Auto-interface between Data Retrieval and FE Analysis Software • Task 21: Tool Design Principles • Task 23: Specification of Tool Design System • Task 54: Development...

  17. EOD Warrior Athlete Working Group: Recommendations for an Evidence-Based, Forcewide, EOD Warrior Athlete Program (United States)


    Research for EOD Instruction/Guidelines – 6 months……………….$150,000 (one time) EOD Instruction/Guidelines Authorship – 6 months……………………….$150,000 (one time...Normative data and the influence of age and gender on power, balance, flexibility and functional movement in healthy service members. Military

  18. The Wary Warriors: The Warriors Future Directions in Japanese Security Policies (United States)


    The Postwar RearmamentofJapanese Maritime Forces, 1945-71 (Praeger, 1973). 2 4 See Gene D. Tracey, "Japan’s Naval Forces in the 1990s," 2000 would still be at roughly 75 percent of those of both Germany and Fance , and would be at only 15 percent of those of the U.S.--even if the U.S

  19. Nice module. Apollon Solar present their new line of solar modules; Nettes Modul. Apollon Solar stellt Linie fuer neuartige Modultechnologie vor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Podewils, C.


    Solar modules, TGV engines and perfume Zerstaeuber seem to have nothing in common. The new solar module developed by French producer Apollon Solar makes use of both technologies in the construction process. The contribution presents the 'Nice' module which has many new features. (orig.)

  20. Benefits and costs of clearer distinction between networks and sales activities; Nytte og kostnader ved klarere skille mellom nett- og omsetningsvirksomhet

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    There will be substantial socio-economic cost connected to an introduction to a stronger distinction between the grid company and power provider in the vertically integrated companies or companies in the same group, provided information from a variety of network companies and suppliers. Full separation will result in additional costs to society in the order of 300 to 500 million kroner per year. The rewards for society can be expected to be modest, a maximum of two million per year. It may therefore be useful to consider other measures that can help to increase companies 'net neutrality, such as measures that restrict net companies' direct contact with end customers, clearer distinction between the operator and electricity supplier in the communication that takes place and strengthen NVE regulator's role. (AG)

  1. The Island Warrior: Coconut Fibre Armour from Kiribati


    Clark, Alison; Howie, Rachel; Leckie, Lizzy; Watson, Kaetaeta; Charteris, Chris


    This brochure accompanies a small exhibition focusing on the extraordinary suits of armour made in the small islands of Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean, throughout the 19th century. By looking closely at the armour we will discover how these complex objects were made, worn and used. Other objects on display will explore the contemporary relevance of this armour to I-Kiribati people today. The display will also include a new suit of armour made especially for the Museum by artists Kaetaeta Wats...

  2. Worrier or warrior? Taking control of your investment plan. (United States)

    Blau, Joel M; Paprocki, Ronald J


    The current economic and investment environment may seem different from before, but historically there has been uncertainty in most, if not all, time periods. The basis for selecting investments should be the needs, temperament, and available resources of each individual or family. Experience has taught that the most appropriate investment for one person often is far less suited for someone else. Advice given in the media or from other investors unfamiliar with your particular situation adds to the confusion. In this article, we discuss choosing the most appropriate investments for your specific situation and how the process can be made easier by carefully considering, and answering, six questions.

  3. Psychology and photography: chimneys dreaming and chimneys warriors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tilde Giani Gallino


    Full Text Available The article covers two aspects related to Psychology and Art. The first aspect concerns the similarities found between photography and various Schools of experimental psychology. For instance, the scientists of Psychology of ethological theory, and Non-verbal communication (NVC, observe with particular methodologies the non-verbal messages that animals and humans transmit to their peers through expressions, posture, gestures. The same is done by photographers (those who use the “camera” with a good knowledge of the medium and a “photographic  eye” when they look around, careful to catch an expression, any unusual attitude, or a gesture of friendship. Another School of psychology, the Gestalpsychologie (Gestalt: form, figure, configuration, attributes a decisive value to the perception of space, the foreground and the background, the perspective and vanishing points, the contrast between black and white. All aspects that effectively interest psychologists just as much as photographers. Finally, the second aspect relates to the art of Antony Gaudì and makes some hypothesis about the personality and behavior of the great architect, with regard to the construction of two houses, "Casa Batllo" and "Casa Mila": particularly because of the configuration or Gestalt of the "chimneys" that dominate the two buildings. In this study, cooperate each other psychological analysis and the art of photography. The last enables us to study also the details of the work of Gaudì, as can be seen in the pictures of this essay.

  4. Taking Time to Reflect on Censorship: Warriors, Wanderers, and Magicians (United States)

    Perry, Tonya


    Many of our children are exposed to practical, everyday issues that would have seemed foreign to us as a society twenty years ago: sexual harassment (regardless of gender), cyberbullying, virtual violence, and stalking by Internet predators. Widespread censorship for middle school students is counterproductive to thinking in such an open and…

  5. Training Analyses Supporting the Land Warrior and Ground Soldier Systems (United States)


    systems and the resources required for NET. TRAC-WSMR then integrated the NET resources into the final cost estimates for the system...unit with LW and MW expressed in terms of unit force effectiveness, impacts to the DOTMLPF domains, life cycle cost , and ability to mitigate This was referred to as indirect view fire ( IVF ). Rounds were the same as the baseline. The M249 firers only executed the IVF . They also

  6. Urban Warrior Conceptual Experimental Framework Version 1-5

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... It investigated the contribution that an afloat, Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) - enhanced with selected conceptual and technological improvements - could make at the operational level of war...

  7. Street Smarts: Unconventional Warriors in Contemporary Joint Urban Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Amato, Edward


    ...) and Stability and Support Operations (SASO). America's pre-eminence on the conventional battlefield, and the asymmetric advantages cities offer, should compel adversaries to engage us on urban terrain...

  8. The Air Warrior's Value of National Security Space

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Loftis, J


    .... With more focused high-level attention on national security space decisions a measure that captures and quantities the value of space capabilities to combat operations professionals is desired...

  9. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Camp Lejeune (United States)


    wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, crutches , hospital beds, patient lifts, power scooters and nebulizers. The Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune’s lead MCM...on paper , it looked much different than the picture he had in his mind. Our interviews with Platoon Leaders reveal that they did not have an...noted that in the past year the MTF had used over 1.5 million sheets of paper processing paper work for medical boards. The current PEB backlog was

  10. Colombia's laptop warrior — connectivity for peace and progress ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Feb 3, 2011 ... Vilma Almendra, a 23-year-old Paez Indian from Colombia, seems to fit ... not live on reserves administered under the Indian Act. "Our people are all over .... donor agencies, and human rights and environmental organizations.

  11. The OSS Model and the Future of the SOF Warrior (United States)


    historians served as academic advisors to the project: Dr. Nancy W. Collins, Columbia University; Dr. Troy Sacquety, USASOC historian; and Mr. Rob Townley ...December 2010. 23 Rob Townley , Conversation with OSS historian and descendant of OSS veteran, November 2010. 24 Careers, CIA, available at https...Operations Group (OG) officers. 32 29 Rob Townley , 2010. 30 Although this quote is commonly

  12. Curtis E. LeMay: A Great Warrior (United States)


    Continue On F& Veta . sid~ e Of necessary and Identify hr block number) - Roview, analysis and comparison of Curtis E.Lemay’s strategy ir Europe and the...000 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE STUDENT REPORT, . CURTIS E . LE-MAY A GREAT WARRIORi’ l MAVO IAN . ROBINSON 84,-2190 -AUG 1 0 1984 • "’insights into...tomorrow" E ,,=IL i ’,’ ....... -" -- 84 08 08 03 ~032 DISCLAIMER The views and conclusions expressed in this document are those of the author. They

  13. The Air Warrior's Value of National Security Space

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Loftis, J


    ...) approach was used to elicit values from air combat experts with operational experience. An initial Gold Standard value model was constructed and validated by air combat experts with recent experience in joint air operations...

  14. Future Force Warrior: Insights from Air Assault Expeditionary Force Assessment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Turner, Daniel D; Carstens, Christian B


    .... Each system included the FFW uniform and helmet, body armor chassis, global positioning system tracking receivers, radio communication equipment, a computer system with operating software, and voice-activated controls...

  15. Employee Warriors and the Future of the American Fighting Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Vest, Hugh


    .... One element of this dynamic relationship is the military's adoption of commercial business paradigms and identities, resulting in the institutionalization of what one can describe as a business...

  16. In Pursuit of an Aptitude Test for Potential Cyberspace Warriors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Smith, Tiffany S


    The Air Force has officially assumed the cyberspace mission. To perform this mission well, it is important to employ personnel who have the necessary skill sets and motivation to work in a cyberspace environment...

  17. Wounded Warrior Regiment Strategic Plan 2011-2012 (United States)


    months later, the “Miracle Man”, as he had come to be known, walked out of the hospital under his own power. Sergeant German met his challenges...Coordination Program-Support Solution ( RCP -SS), Marine Corps Medical Entitlement Data System (MCMEDS), Comprehensive Health Care System (CHCS), and...PTS Post-Traumatic Stress RCC Recovery Care Coordinator RCP -SS Recovery Coordination Program-Support Solution RMED Reserve Medical Entitlements

  18. Developing "Butterfly Warriors": A Case Study of Science for Citizenship (United States)

    Chen, Junjun; Cowie, Bronwen


    Given worldwide concern about a decline in student engagement in school science and an increasing call for science for citizenship in New Zealand Curriculum, this study focused on a butterfly unit that investigated how students in a year-4 primary classroom learnt about New Zealand butterflies through thinking, talking, and acting as citizen…

  19. Professional Military Education for the 21st Century Warrior (United States)


    particular necessity. If, in order to win the basketball game, hockey game or relay race, we have to be superb team players, we’ll do that. But the deep...just recruit those people, like the NBA does, and focus most of our energy on occupational and domain knowledge? I think that’s a pretty serious

  20. In Pursuit of an Aptitude Test for Potential Cyberspace Warriors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Smith, Tiffany S


    .... This thesis attempts to determine the necessary skills and motivations to perform the cyberspace mission and recommends a screening process to select the candidates with the highest probability for success...

  1. Internet: Education and Application for the Knowledge Warrior (United States)


    Demonstrate the ability to execute basic Telnet and FTP actions on the seminar computer . INTERNET / INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1...and FTP actions on the seminar computer . INTERNET / INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Comprehend the concept and capabilities of...have information on demand for future conflicts.9 As computer and telecommunications technologies continue to expand, they are redefining the way

  2. The Army's Green Warriors: Environmental Considerations in Contingency Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... Environmental considerations encompass anything related to the environment that either affects the planning and execution of military operations, positively or negatively, or is affected by those operations...

  3. Assessment of DOD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Fort Drum (United States)


    their relation to military duties. The six factors that are evaluated are: physical capacity or stamina , upper extremities, lower extremities...Health Net Federal Services contractor. The Fort Drum MEDDAC Referral Management Office created a “Reports Cell ” which was responsible for obtaining...Care Division had created a CLR/Reports Cell group that focused specifically on obtaining CLRs, inputting them into patients’ AHLTA records and

  4. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Fort Riley (United States)


    acceptable excuses included At Remote Care, Regular Leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave, Terminal Leave, Permanent Change of Station, and Transferred to...risk of negative medication interactions and reactions for Soldiers assigned to the Fort Riley WTB. B.2. Background The Joint Commission, an...reconciliation is to minimize medication errors such as omissions, duplications, dosing errors, and drug interactions . Medical reconciliation should

  5. A martyr for modernity: Qiu Jin -- feminist warrior, and revolutionary. (United States)

    Fan, H; Mangan, J A


    Qui Jin, at one level, was an oriental twentieth-century Judith, the mythical Jewish widow from Bethulia who cut off the head of Holofernes, the Assyrian general besieging the city, thus saving the Israelites from destruction. Qui Jin was, as Judith was, a self-reliant heroine who when others seemed 'helpless and demoralized undertook to save them single-handedly', or in her case virtually single-handedly. This, of course, was both her making and her unmaking. In Chinese terms the story of Qui Jin, like the story of Judith if less famous, less publicised, more recent, is the story of an icon at once central and at the same time marginal to tradition. She contradicted the most cherished customs on Confucian Chinese culture. She was a radical force who thrust her way to the centre of the concentric circles of customs surrounding this culture and was pushed back to the margins by conservatism. Nevertheless Qui Jin was not without success. She challenged a long-established mythology of exclusively masterful patriarchy - and created a counter myth of purposeful patriotic feminism. She was a counter-cultural icon who changed perceptions of Chinese femininity. She gave courage, confidence and purpose to those women who came after her and absorbed her ambitions for modern Chinese womanhood. For them she was a modern national heroine and a personification of a modern nation of equal men and women. For Qui Jin the body was an instrument of female revolution to be trained, strengthened and prepared for confrontation. As a revolutionary militant she was a failure; as a revolutionary talisman she was a success. For the Chinese women of the 1911 Revolution hers was an exemplary emancipatory story: subscribe, struggle, sacrifice. Patriotism through feminism is the purpose. Her heroism was firmly outside the historic patriarchal order. Her adulation is thus all the more remarkable because of the profound traditions she rejected, the controversial mannerisms she adopted, the uncompromising attitudes she embraced. She eschewed motherhood, abandoned marriage, dismissed femininity, and yet won acclaim in the most traditional of cultures. Qui Jin was hardly a cynosure of universal acclaim but she was admired, respected and emulated by radical Chinese women and men seeking a new society accommodating women. Her modern feminism struggled to overcome an ancient patriarchy. Here was her appeal. She exuded no moral ambiguity. Consequently, if she was demonized by the conventional; she was deified by the radical - and inspired them as the contemplated and attempted to construct the future. There is a point, of course, that should not be overlooked. Qui Jin, in fact, is not divorced from occidental culture and political iconography. Qui Jin is closely associated with the attitudes, aspirations and fantasies of modern Western feminism. As Margarita Stocker observes, a 'romantic heroine, angry feminist, radical, activist is one example of a pervasive figure', in modern Western cultural mythology 'a figure we may sum up as the Woman with a Gun'. Force, that potent means to power, is available to the gun user irrespective of age of sex, with a resulting 'crucial alteration in the sexual politics of violence'. The Woman with a Gun can now be emphatically heroic - without duplicity, without deceitfulness, without subterfuge. Moral ambiguity in action has been abandoned. She becomes an unambiguous potent force - an armed woman faces an armed man on equal terms - physically, psychologically, morally. Equality offers the legal right and responsibility to kill in the name of patriotism. Modern culture has just caught up with Qui Jin.

  6. Winter warriors : Alberta company bringing hydronic heating to oilsands

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ball, C.


    Hydronic heating systems are expected to become the norm on oilsands construction sites. This article presented an overview of Innovative Climate Solutions Inc. (ICS), an Alberta company who specialize in portable flame-free climate-control systems, and have earned a reputation for staying on the leading edge of technology. ICS has now established a joint venture and local Fort McMurray presence with AirCon Technologies. ICS has focused on portable flame-free heat, concrete curing, grown thawing and drying equipment services. Increasingly drying applications are used year-round to improve project schedules, as these systems can reduce excessive humidity in work environments to improve productivity and safety. Drywall compound, paint and textures cure quickly during cool or damp summer nights, and dry heat also prevents prevents moisture, safeguarding a site against mould. As well as providing solutions to overcome cold weather challenges, ICS-trained climate control consultants work closely with each customer to determine fuel costs, heating needs, and how much equipment is needed. ICS systems output capacity of up to 1.2 million Btu per system, and have the power to thaw 24,000 square feet of ground or cure 36,000 square feet of concrete per system. The design allows one climate-control system to handle the heating needs for an entire construction project, reducing downtime associated with traditional methods of cold-weather construction and preventing emissions risks to workers. The system draws upon a centrally located hydronic water heater which warms a heat-transfer fluid. The fluid is then pumped through a fluid circulation system loop to heat exchangers at remote locations. The systems can run for 125 days between oil changes, with up to 75 hours of run time between re-fuelling. 3 figs.

  7. Rabbits and Flying Warriors: The Postindian Imagery of Jim Denomie (United States)

    Martinez, David


    In an art world dominated by non-Indian curators and experts, being "Indian" was confined to an ethnographic fiction of storytellers, dancers, and medicine men attired in traditional clothing and regalia, in which the colonization of indigenous lands and peoples is left to the margins like an Edward S. Curtis portrait. These are the…

  8. Women Warriors: Why the Robotics Revolution Changes the Combat Equation (United States)


    Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, U.S. Department of Defense, “Elimination of the 1994 Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment... Feminism and International Relations, eds. J. Ann Tickner and Laura Sjoberg, (London: Routledge, 2011): 146 and 162. Photos Page 100. Photo by IDF

  9. Department of Defense (DOD) Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior (United States)

    Social Security Administration — SSA initiated this agreement with the Department of Defense (DOD) to transmit to SSA information that will identify military personnel injured or taken ill while in...

  10. The Air Force Warrior: Institutional Rhetoric Versus Reality (United States)


    the Stoic beliefs Marcus Aurelius instilled in the legionnaires and the Hedonistic ways of Roman society could not be more pronounced. In an age...moral duty and acting honorably to fellow men. A noble life is not only more satisfying, but ultimately morally superior. The emperor Marcus ... Aurelius was a committed Stoic and wrote much of his Stoic understandings while on military campaigns in his Meditations. 30 Stoicism offered the Roman

  11. The cubicle warrior: the marionette of the digitalized warfare

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Royakkers, L.M.M.; Est, van R.


    In the last decade we have entered the era of remote controlled military technology. The excitement about this new technology should not mask the ethical questions that it raises. A fundamental ethical question is who may be held responsible for civilian deaths. In this paper we will discuss the

  12. Great Warriors: Hannibal Barca and Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (United States)


    that would conceal even cavalry (2:159). Hanni - bal summoned his brother Mago and told him to pick 100 infantry and 100 horse to hold that location...could wreak. Flaminius was L -_ unlikely to sit still under any circumstances, but seeing Hanni - L bal laying waste to the fields of his allies, he felt...his army to the vicinity of Hanni - bal’s force, he refused to meet them in battle (2:239). Concerned about the prudence of the latest Roman general

  13. Inside The Cold War. A Cold Warrior’s Reflections (United States)


    with a visual optics backup. Modifications and enhancements, however, have kept the B-52 current with state-of-the-art technology. The MA-6A...serves as the bomber’s baseline bomb-nav system. The later B-52G and H models were equipped with an Electro- optical Viewing System (EVS)—forward-looking...collection of nonimaging electromagnetic radiation. Telemetry guidance signals emanating from missiles and rockets are picked up by TELINT; radar

  14. Water Quality Management Studies, Middle Black Warrior and Lower Tombigbee Rivers, Warrior and Demopolis Lakes, July 1978-October 1979. (United States)


    Environmental Samples, ~ Health Effects Research Laboratory, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, December, 1976. 7...Family Sapindaceae Genus cardiosperrum halicacabwn Family Malvaceae Genus Hibiscus moecheutos 0 H. militaris Family Hypericaceae Genus Hypericwn waiteri...Algal metabolites 4 can produce taste, coloration and even health problems whicn might limit water use. Orthophosphates and inorganic nitrogen (TIN) are

  15. Bentyia (Kukyia: a Songhay–Mande meeting point, and a “missing link” in the archaeology of the West African diasporas of traders, warriors, praise-singers, and clerics Bentyia (Kukyia, un point de rencontre songhaï–mandé et un “chaînon manquant” dans l’archéologie des diasporas de commerçants, guerriers, griots et clercs en Afrique de l’Ouest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias


    Full Text Available The present tragedy in Mali draws our attention to the divisions, tensions and conflicts between West African ethnic groups, religious persuasions, and populations from different regions, in both the present and the past. But a long-term critical perspective on the past brings to light borrowings between cultures, and shows how the mobility of people across West Africa links regional and ethnic histories. The communication axis running from the Aḍagh to the Niger and, along the Niger Valley, from Gao to Busa (in Nigerian Borgu and beyond, is a strategic locus for investigating this mobility and connectivity. It has linked together the Saharan, savannah, and forest zones of West Africa. It was a magnet for diasporas of Soninke praise-singers and Mande warriors and traders. Fishermen and other waterfolk along the river, oral traditionists and other craftspeople, priests and priestesses of African cults, and Islamic clerics, as well as armies, long-distance merchants, and enslaved human beings, moved along it. Although the archeological sites at Bentyia/Kukyia occupy a strategic position on this historical axis, they have not been excavated, whence a serious gap in our knowledge of the history of the eastern Niger Valley and of West Africa as a whole.L'actuelle tragédie malienne attire notre attention sur les divisions, les tensions et les conflits, présents et passés, entre groupes ethniques ouest-africains, confessions religieuses et populations de différentes régions. Mais, une perspective critique sur la longue durée fait apparaître des emprunts entre cultures et nous aide à comprendre comment la mobilité des personnes à travers l'Afrique occidentale relie les histoires régionales et ethniques. L’axe de communication allant de l’Aḍagh au Niger et, le long de la vallée du Niger, de Gao à Busa (au Borgou nigérian et au-delà, est un espace stratégique pour examiner cette mobilité et cette connectivité. Il raccordait les

  16. Coordination of wind and water power. Better utilization of network and room for more wind power; Samkoeyring av vind- og vasskraft. Betre utnytting av nett og plass til meir vindkraft

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stensby, Kjell Erik; Hamnaberg, Haavard (eds.)


    The report describes the results of the simulation of coordination of wind power with Guolas hydro power plants in Troms. The simulations have been carried out by SINTEF Energy Research, and the purpose has been to consider to what degree it is possible to make room for more wind power in grid if the hydroelectric plant was driven with regard to wind power production. The results show that it is possible to make room for more wind power if it is granted 'priority' in the power grid. (AG)

  17. Health and Economic Outcomes Among the Alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project 2013 (United States)


    outcomes, and economic outcomes. The outcomes addressed in this report are: Alumni Characteristics • Demographic characteristics (e.g., age, participate, and they were offered a small gift (an Under Armour sackpack with the WWP logo) as an incentive to participate. Sample...respondents who endorsed the response in each row. In terms of demographic characteristics, 73 percent of survey respondents were white and 88 percent

  18. Wayward Warriors: The Viking Motif in Swedish and English Children's Literature (United States)

    Sundmark, Björn


    In this article the Viking motif in children's literature is explored--from its roots in (adult) nationalist and antiquarian discourse, over pedagogical and historical texts for children, to the eventual diversification (or dissolution) of the motif into different genres and forms. The focus is on Swedish Viking narratives, but points of…

  19. Assessment of the Content, Design, and Dissemination of the Real Warriors Campaign (United States)


    State Head Injury Administrators National Center for Telehealth and Technology National Coalition for Homeless Veterans National Football League media campaigns. We reviewed the past 11 years of peer-reviewed research, focusing on citations published in English from January 2000 until...related to the develop- ment or implementation of a media campaign. Articles were excluded if they were published in a language other than English

  20. Apollo's Warriors: US Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hass, Michael


    .... Attempting to capture the history of USAF special operations from the beginning of the cold war to the end of the Second Indochina War is an exercise in humility the historian's worst nightmare in some respects...

  1. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mosher, David E; Lachman, Beth E; Greenberg, Michael D; Nichols, Tiffany; Rosen, Brian; Willis, Henry H


    .... This situation creates health and safety risks for soldiers, can affect missions, and can increase the importance of life-sustaining environmental infrastructures for such things as clean water...

  2. A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors: A Handbook for Personal Professional Study (United States)


    evacuation had been conceptualized to rescue political leader Leon Gambetta from the Prussian siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War. Carrier...69. Douhet, Giulio. The Command of the Air. Washington, DC: Office of Air Force History, 1983. (Reprint of 1942 edition. Originally published in 1921...of Brest when British torpedo planes caught up with her. One of them put a weapon into the ship’s steering gear, jamming it so that it could only

  3. Warriors and Theologians. Holy War and Fascist Martyrdom in the Crusade Literature about 1936

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Rodrigo


    Full Text Available This paper contributes, from the analysis of primary narrative sources, to the study of the mechanisms of identification with the francoist cause in the Spanish Civil war. From a broad conceptualization of the notion of Crusade, it looks at the “whys” of their widespread acceptance. Then, it proposes some of the interpretative keys to understand its success as a language to define, in a context of total war, us and “them”.

  4. From Wounded Warrior To Civilian Employee: A Workplace Reference Guide For Managers And Supervisors (United States)


    employees to other specialized professionals. Other types of personal issues which may adversely impact employee performance and/or conduct that would...encourages employees to live healthy lives and maintain balance in their family and worklife . It is DON policy to provide safe and comfortable work...relations practitioners also provide advice and guidance to supervisors on how to address poor performance and employee misconduct. Due to the

  5. Revolution in Military Manpower: The Citizen-Warrior Total Career Continuum Construct (United States)


    stressed career-fields, professional military education, and other situations to provide additional 12 incentives for desired behaviors and force...authorized telecommuting workload. 33 An example of an accrued service obligation would be required active service for a specified period of time after

  6. Train-the-Trainer Package for the Full Spectrum Warrior Game

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Centric, James


    ... (ICT) at the University of Southern California to develop training games that would allow the Army to begin exploiting the expertise of the commercial games developers and the entertainment industry...

  7. Warriors and Mystics: Religious Iconography, Eroticism, Blasphemy and Gender in Punk Female Artists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Garrigós


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the relationship between the use of religious iconography related to eroticism by Spanish punk artists, and the gender stereotyping that the appropriation of these symbols aims to destabilize. The desire to shock and disturb the audience places these artists in a position where they have to challenge established values, such as religious and identity ones. There are many examples of male punk bands that openly rebel against organized religion, but the critique of these bands is direct, whereas women use eroticism to expose the patriarchal strategies of the church, as well as to project an image of themselves that breaks all expectations. Religious iconography becomes the tool for the ironic reevaluation and eventual destruction of cultural and gender structures as part of their artistic program.

  8. Contrasts between American and Afghan Warriors, a Comparison between two Martial Cultures (United States)


    nation. I am deeply indebted to MAJ Mike Kuhn for volunteering as my unofficial research coordinator, lending me his books , and providing me the most...Kabul from her roof, as well as secondhand stories from officers of her immediate acquaintance. Lady Sale records the siege and subsequent...

  9. The Urban Warrior: What are the Dismounted Infantry Skills Necessary to Survive in Today's Urban Fighting

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Glaze, George


    The topic of this thesis is Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT). Specifically, certain essential skills for the dismounted infantry soldier are lacking in today's training, doctrine, and skills...

  10. Game theory and the warrior diplomat interagency cooperation in stability and reconstruction operations


    Irmischer, Drew M.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited The U.S. has become increasingly involved with failed and failing states since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s. Further, failed and failing states are forecast to remain a national security issue well into the future. United States involvement with failed and failing states has primarily focused around reconstruction and stability operations, and crisis management efforts. Previous reconstruction and stability efforts have ...

  11. Art of War and Its Implications on Marketing Strategies: Thinking like a Warrior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Filiz Bozkurt


    Full Text Available Throughout the evolution of marketing, as a result of increasing competition, there has been a shift from a production oriented approach to a marketing oriented approach. Strategic thinking that gives companies an advantage over their competitors gained importance. By the end of the 1980s, experts studying strategy looked back into rich military literature to find some basic principles to help them define strategies for today’s business environment. In this period warfare and its similarities with the business world were a great inspiration for marketers. The aim of this study is to show the relation between marketing strategies and military strategies. This exploratory research used secondary data. It is expected that, in the twenty-first century’s highly competitive conditions, this study will give marketers a different point of strategic view and contribute to marketing literature.

  12. Cyberforce 2025: Crafting a Selection Program for Tomorrow’s Cyber Warriors (United States)


    One of the more current and commonly used adult IQ tests is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – fourth edition (WAIS- IV), which currently...LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, 2011. David J. Kay, Terry J. Pudas, and Brett Young. Preparing the Pipeline: The...34 May/June 1973: 30-34. Times, The New York. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). New York, September 13, 2012. Trollman, Capt David

  13. School Library Media Specialists and the Internet: Road Kill or Road Warriors? (United States)

    Barron, Daniel D.


    Discusses use of the Internet by school library media specialists and its importance in the development of the library profession. Highlights include how to access the Internet and resources about the Internet, including information about networks as well as three sources that provide introductions to the general concepts of the Internet. (LRW)

  14. USAF Warrior Studies: Air Superiority in World War 2 and Korea, (United States)


    cal aiMr. and lO\\\\ dild air s.uperiority. lit in. in the latle 1940s!? Did our- emphasis onl str~ateiC’c and nuclear air power do us harm .’ Did It...cmim l t~ ilc ItI-, t.- tha \\i,’IC t I I.t. 1 4 1, h AIR SUPERIORITY to as operational masturbation . I have always felt the B-52s were to a large

  15. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Joint Base Lewis-McChord (United States)


    responsible for seeing all patients who arrived by medical evacuation23 to JBLM and for conducting Suicide Risk Assessments. One LCSW explained that...Actions Overview, and IG issues/concerns • Life Coaching Skills, Psychology of Injury, Suicide Prevention • Medical Terminology, Psychotropic Medications...backed up and the doctors seemed very busy and overworked . Despite the fact that appointments were hard to get, once you got them the quality of

  16. Development of a Fitness-for-Duty Assessment Battery for Recovering Dismounted Warriors (United States)


    32 Appendix B. NASA TLX ...11 Figure 7. Task 5: Traverse Beam and Shoot. NASA Task Load Index The NASA Task Load Index ( TLX ) provides a workload...instructions can be found in the test administration guide (NASA, n. d.). A raw TLX scoring procedure was utilized (Cao, Chintamani, Pandya, & Ellis

  17. Phil Cochran and John Alison: Images of Apollo’s Warriors (United States)


    nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons; regional hegemonic power grabs by unfriendly nations; and the uncertainty of Russia‘s political...20 Although I use masculine pronouns througho consider females incapable of leading civil or m only to avoid awkward sentence structures. 8 l... masculine form leadership and management, and the current commander of AFSOC list vision as first among those traits commonly found in successful leaders

  18. 77 FR 66541 - Safety Zone; Alliance Road Bridge Demolition; Black Warrior River, Locust Fork; Birmingham, AL (United States)


    ... authority under section 4(a) of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (5 U.S.C. 553(b)). This provision... Department of Homeland Security Management Directive 023-01 and Commandant Instruction M16475.lD, which guide...

  19. Building Resilient Warriors: Taking the Canadian Army’s Resilience Training Beyond the Classroom (United States)


    NCOs. These are complementary classes that teach students about individual psychological stress and stressors, how to deal with them and how a leader...pervasive as physiotherapy , medicine, and coaching.38 The study of sports psychology is now offered in most major academic institutions, and has the nature of the student . In the case of retired Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Reid, the composition of his recruit platoon in the late nineteen

  20. A Search for Warriors: The Effects of Technology on the Air Force Ethos (United States)


    quoted by Oberstleutnant Peter F. Hauser, and Lt Col John Rawls , C., and Maj. John C. Ornduff, “Lessons from the Kriegsakademie: A Reflection of the...Engagement: A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force. Washington DC: Headquarters USAF, November 1996. Hauser, Oberstleutnant Peter F., and Rawls , Lt Col...Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age. Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University Press, 1986. “Recent Space Issues and Development.” Air Force

  1. Feasibility studies of in-situ coal gasification in the Warrior coal field. Quarterly report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Douglas, G.W.; McKinley, M.D.


    Laboratory studies on a research combustor were used in an attempt to determine the length of oxidation and reduction zones. Unfortunately the buoyant effects of the heated gases caused the burn to proceed along the upper portion of the horizontal combustor. This made the interpretation of uncertain value. Methods of measuring the thermal conductivity and chemical reactivity of coke are discussed. A bibliography of the physical and chemical properties of coke is appended. (LTN)

  2. The Role of Special Operations Forces in Information Warfare: Enablers, Not Cyber Warriors

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Edgar, Jeffry


    ... (IW) - is not unique to SOF. Conventional forces also execute IW. As a result, SOF runs the risk of losing its unique character as it tries to assume a role that conventional forces can fulfill...

  3. Strategic Analysis of the 2014 Wounded Warrior Project Annual Alumni Survey: A Way Forward (United States)


    Corporation, RR-522-WWP, 2014. As of June 25, 2015: Cunningham, Mary , Meghan Henry, and Webb Lyons...Meissa Jones, and Kenneth R. Conner , “Treatment-Seeking Barriers for Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts Who Screen Positive for PTSD

  4. The last stand of the psychocultural cold warriors: military contract research in Vietnam. (United States)

    Rohde, Joy


    In 1966, the social scientists of the Simulmatics Corporation arrived in Saigon. Tasked by the Pentagon with helping to pacify South Vietnam, they conducted political and social psychological research on Viet Cong defectors, government soldiers, and Vietnamese villagers. This essay argues that Simulmatics's work captures some of the ironies of Cold War social science: its tendency to mask militarization behind the rhetoric of peaceful nation-building, its blurring of data collection and intelligence gathering, and its ambitious dedication to revealing the unseen contents of hearts and minds while remaining ignorant of the historical, cultural, and linguistic contexts in which its subjects lived. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  5. Army and Air Force Unmanned Air Reconnaissance: Warrior and Hydra Navigating a Maze of Strategic Hedges (United States)


    Thus, while an optimal solution serves as this analysts’ unicorn , ultimately the crucible of war and deterrence will pass judgment on the efficacy of...configurations. Outside of Army ground-centric operations, the question remains: will the Army take a share of the growing number of combatant commander...Operations Officer The Air Force has provided theater and tactical battlefield ISR--and a growing amount of offensive counter-land--support to the Army

  6. Declawing the Dragon: Why the U.S. Must Counter Chinese Cyber-Warriors (United States)


    for situational awareness… or the Sailor relying on Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) for over-the-horizon targeting, Bridge to Bridge ( B2B ) for...Publishing Company 2002) , 122-123. 5 Ibid., 123. 6 Ibid., 17-20. 7 Qingmin Dai “Flexibly Utilization of Battlefield Information Environments, to Gain...FCS) and established in 2001, currently limited to the company and battalion levels; however, includes almost every operational service of the PLA

  7. The Alternate Ending: A Warrior’s Death In Fact, Fiction, And Film (United States)


    of their lives. Some might call them heroes and others call their deaths a tragedy. If these were the deaths of older men , a funeral may be a...a long life to a full life, which is not always the case. So the question remains, are the men in these stories heroes, despite the un-heroic...embodiment of the stereotypical pilot to a more mature, honest version of himself. When the reader meets Carpenter, he is a womanizer who drinks too much

  8. Citizen Warrior: Major General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain a Study in Command Leadership (United States)


    anticipated―challenges. The complex, fluid environment of war demands the institutionalization of this intellectual energy to affect the necessary...choosing an appropriate course of action. I believe that these characteristics of “Military Genius” are as valuable in today’s environment as they were...1999) p. 303. 44 Wallace, p. 68. 45 James E. Kelly, Generals in Bronze, ed. William B. Styple, read Patrick Cullen (Ashland, Blackstone Audio, Inc

  9. Characterization of Psychological and Biological Factors in an Animal Model of Warrior Stress (United States)


    through the ups and downs of grad school. My “older sisters” in the lab, who “ voted me” in, Kristen, Amy, Sarah, Steph, and Cindy, I thank them...Services University, Bethesda, MD 13. Arfanakis K, Haughton VM, Carew JD, Rogers BP, Dempsey RJ, Meyerand ME. 2002. Diffusion tensor MR imaging in...Petersen NJ, Scheibel R, et al. 2010. Diffusion tensor imaging of mild to moderate blast-related traumatic brain injury and its sequelae. J. Neurotrauma 27

  10. Electro-Optic Fabrics for the Warrior of the 21st Century - Phase II (United States)


    68 58. Muzzle velocities of common ballistic rounds ................................................................. 69 59. Impact test setup after...Sheave (CBOS) test shown in Figure 52. A series of technical issues dogged this phase of testing and resulted in the pneumatic control system having to be...difference in velocities obtained for the Figure 58. Muzzle velocities of common ballistic rounds Figure 59. Impact test setup after impact UNCLASSIFIED 70

  11. Apollo's Warriors: US Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hass, Michael


    .... If John Stuart Mill could come to America a century after his historic judgment to meet such men and women, he would almost certainly understand their modern-day stories without a moment's confusion...

  12. I wish I were a warrior: Effects of violent video games on adolescent boys

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Konijn, E.A.; Nije Bijvank, M.; Bushman, B.J.


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N = 112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video

  13. Bushido as allied: The Japanese warrior in the cultural production of Fascist Italy (1940-1943

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Raimondo


    Full Text Available Introduction: After the signing of the alliance among Japan, Germany and Italy’s governments in September 1940, several journals arose in order to spread the Japanese culture among people who knew very little about Italy’s new allied. Some documentaries also had the same function. Methods: The numerous textual and iconographical references concerning the Japanese warriors’ anthropology published in some Italian magazines during the 1940s have been compared, as well as to the few Italian monographs on the same theme and to some documentaries by Istituto Nazionale Luce, government propaganda organ. This subject has also been compared to the first Italian cultural production, concerning Japan, which dated back to the first decades of the 20th century. Moreover different intellectuals’ biographies of those times have been deeply analyzed. Results: Comparing to each other the anthropological references about Japan in the Italian cultural production during the Second World War, we can notice a significant ideological homogeneity. This can be explained through their writers’ common sharing of the militaristic, hierarchical and totalitarian doctrine of the Fascist Regime. The Fascist ideology can be summarized in the Bushido concept, as Inazo Nitobe defined it in 1916. This concept was already known in Italy on the early 20th century, far before Fascism. Discussions and conclusions: We can see how Italian perception of the Japanese anthropology on the early 20th century didn’t change over time and how its features will re-appear in the 40s under the influence of the Italian-Japanese coalition. So, Bushido became the essence of the Japanese military and national identity that Fascist Italy took as example for mass education. Some of these stereotypes will re-appear after the war and until recent times in popular culture and in mass perception of Japanese martial arts.

  14. The Devil's Warriors and the Light of the Sun : Contextualising Immram Curaig Ua Corra


    Bekkhus, Kirsten Eivor


    A historical and contextual reading of the voyage tale Immram Curaig Ua Corra. Research on voyage tales in early Irish literature has earlier been centered on unveiling pagan beliefs and traditions beneath an imagined Christian surface. This tendency has rendered textual interpretation based on the voyage tales’ historical context somewhat unchartered territory. The aim of this thesis is, therefore, to read Immram Curaig Ua Corra first and foremostly as a child of its time. Certain signs ...

  15. The democratic warrior : the future for the Bosnian military / Peter C. Alexa, Michael Metzsch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alexa, Peter C.


    Autorid analüüsivad NATO rahukaitsevägede rolli, tegevust Bosnia ja Hertsegoviinas, võimalusi riigi stabiilsuse tugevdamiseks sõjalise koostöö abil peale NATO vägede lahkumist ning võimalusi sõjaväe demokratiseerimiseks Balti Kaitsekolledžile sarnaneva kolme kohalikku etnilist gruppi ühendava sõjakooli rajamisega

  16. Chester (Mississippian) ostracodes from Bangor Formation of Black Warrior basin, northern Alabama

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Devery, H.; Dewey, C.


    A previously unreported ostracode fauna is described from the Bangor Limestone in Franklin, Lawrence, and Colbert Counties, Alabama. The Bangor formation is a Chesterian (Mississippian) platformal carbonate sequence. The predominant carbonates are bioclastic and oolitic grainstones to wackestones with less abundant micritic claystones. Intercalated fine clastics are common in the upper and lower parts of the sequence. This study focuses on the bioclastic limestones with interbedded shales of the lower Bangor. The megafaunal associations include crinoid and blastoid pelmatozoans, orthotetid, and spiriferid brachiopids, and both fenestrate and nonfenestrate bryozoans. Solitary rugose corals and trilobites may be locally abundant. Gastropods and bivalves form a consistent but accessory part of the fauna, which indicates a shallow, nearshore shelf environment. A diverse ostracode fauna of variable abundance has been collected from the shaly units and friable limestones. The ostracode fauna indicates shallow, open-marine conditions and is dominated by bairdiaceans, including Bairdia spp. Rectobairdia and Bairdiacypris. Several species of Cavellina, healdia, and Seminolites are also abundant. Palaeocopids present include Coryellina, Kirkbya, and Polytylites. Kloedenellaceans include Beyrichiopsis, Glyptopleura, Glypotpleurina, and .Hypotetragona. Paraparchitaceans are notably more scarce, but specimens of Shishaella have been found. Some sample have a high valve to carapace ratio, suggesting postmortem transport. Although diversity is high, numerical abundances can be low. Initial studies suggest the ostracodes have a Mid-Continent affinity, which may indicate that the Appalachians were acting as a barrier to migration of European forms.

  17. Eliminating War By Eliminating Warriors: A Case Study in Costa Rica (United States)


    religious authority of the Spanish Crown and was able to exert pressure on all aspects of Spanish governance. The church encouraged a much weaker...such a cash cow in shipping, Costa Rica has managed to diversify its economy from commodities into tourism and most recently into personal computing

  18. The Warrior Who Would Rule Russia: A Profile of Alexander Lebed. (United States)


    balanced than the prevalent two-dimensional image purveyed by most media accounts. Now that Lebed’s power is real, what does his presence on the...Lebed became involved in dealings with the principal democratic challenger, Grigory Yavlinsky, and renowned ophthalmologist and popular...commanding real power in Moscow, Lebed stands as an almost classic prototype of the newly emerging breed of proud but disciplined Russian nationalist

  19. Advanced Distributed Simulation Technology II (ADST-II) Dismounted Warrior Network Front End Analysis Experiments (United States)


    movements in the real and virtual worlds. A "human joystick" approach was used for moving within the virtual world. A Biomechanics animation model...real and virtual worlds. The soldier used a foot pedal system to control his virtual world movement, while the DI-Guy animation software represented...the easier they rated the VIC within which the course was completed. VIC F (with its foot pedal for movement control) was rated the least

  20. The death of a medieval Danish warrior. A case of bone trauma interpretation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Forsom Eva


    Full Text Available In 1934 a grave was found in the church ruins of the Cistercian Abbey at Øm in central Jutland, Denmark (founded in 1172, demolished 1561 AD. The grave contained the skeletal remains of an individual lying in a supine position with the head towards the west. The anthropological analysis revealed that the remains belonged to a young male, aged 25-30 years at death and approximately 162.7 cm tall. He had 9 perimortem sharp force lesions, five of which were cranial and four were postcranial, indicating he suffered a violent death in a swordfight.

  1. Military Health Care: Army Needs to Improve Oversight of Warrior Transition Units (United States)


    traumatic stress disorder, such as major depression , anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and schizophrenia. Our analysis of these data showed that in 2008...Twitter, and YouTube . Subscribe to our RSS Feeds or E-mail Updates. Listen to our Podcasts and read The Watchblog. Visit GAO on the web at

  2. Junior Purple Log-Warriors: Joint Entry-Level Training for Logistics Personnel (United States)


    technical training. This option would have the lowest net cost and would be the most effective in joint integration and development of an... premium on the need for all levels of joint logisticians that are able to respond quickly, flexibly, and jointly to the unexpected. The (United States...Army Logistics Management College, is for active or reserve O-3 to O-5s, W-3 to W-5s, E-8 to E-9s, and GS-12 to GS/GM-14s. A similar course of the

  3. Smart Adaptive Socket to Improve Fit and Relieve Pain in Wounded Warriors (United States)


    thermal dependence 1.2.b Maximum patient comfort 1.2.c improve response times for changes in volume 1.2.d Maximize range of compression region 2 the...and the prosthesis. The functionality and comfort of the prosthesis is to a great degree determined by the intimacy of this connection. Fluctuations...for a socket that accommodates a changing residual limb volume while maintaining comfort and fit. We will develop and complete preliminary real world

  4. Smartphone and tablet apps for concussion road warriors (team clinicians): a systematic review for practical users. (United States)

    Lee, Hopin; Sullivan, S John; Schneiders, Anthony G; Ahmed, Osman Hassan; Balasundaram, Arun Prasad; Williams, David; Meeuwisse, Willem H; McCrory, Paul


    Mobile technologies are steadily replacing traditional assessment approaches for the recognition and assessment of a sports concussion. Their ease of access, while facilitating the early identification of a concussion, also raises issues regarding the content of the applications (apps) and their suitability for different user groups. To locate and review apps that assist in the recognition and assessment of a sports concussion and to assess their content with respect to that of internationally accepted best-practice instruments. A search of international app stores and of the web using key terms such as 'concussion', 'sports concussion' and variants was conducted. For those apps meeting the inclusion criteria, data were extracted on the platform, intended users and price. The content of each app was benchmarked to the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (SCAT2) and Pocket SCAT2 using a custom scoring scheme to generate a percentage compliance statistic. 18 of the 155 apps identified met the inclusion criteria. Almost all (16/18) were available on an iOS platform and only five required a payment to purchase. The apps were marketed for a wide range of intended users from medical professionals to the general public. The content of the apps varied from 0% to 100% compliance with the selected standard, and 'symptom evaluation' components demonstrated the highest level of compliance. The surge in availability of apps in an unregulated market raises concerns as to the appropriateness of their content for different groups of end users. The consolidation of best-practice concussion instruments now provides a framework to inform the development of future apps. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  5. Alexander of Macedon, the greatest warrior of all times: did he have seizures? (United States)

    Hughes, John R


    Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) was likely "the most incomparable general the world has ever seen." His name is often listed among the famous individuals in history who have had seizures. Examination of his illnesses reveals that in 333 BC he entered Tarsus, hot and exhausted, and plunged himself into the River Cydnus, ice-cold from melting mountain snows. His cramps were so severe that he was rescued half-conscious and ashen white, and quickly developed acute pneumonia. Only one doctor dared give him a medication, known for producing powerful and immediate effects. Immediately after drinking this medicine "he lost his speech and falling into a swoon, he had scarcely any sense or pulse left" (Plutarch, ad 75). His reactions were the direct effect of the medication, and this and only this phrase represents the "evidence" for epilepsy. None of his other illnesses involved seizures. Clearly, Alexander the Great did not have epilepsy and his name should be removed from the list of famous individuals who have had seizures.

  6. Community Health Warriors: Marshallese Community Health Workers' Perceptions and Experiences with CBPR and Community Engagement. (United States)

    Purvis, Rachel S; Bing, Williamina Ioanna; Jacob, Christopher J; Lang, Sharlynn; Mamis, Sammie; Ritok, Mandy; Rubon-Chutaro, Jellesen; McElfish, Pearl Anna


    Our manuscript highlights the viewpoints and reflections of the native Marshallese community health workers (CHWs) engaged in research with the local Marshallese community in Northwest Arkansas. In particular, this paper documents the vital role Marshallese CHWs play in the success of programs and research efforts. The negative health effects of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands has been passed down through many generations, along with unfavorable attitudes toward the U.S. government and researchers. However, the community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach used by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) has allowed the native Marshallese CHWs to become advocates for the Marshallese community. The use of native CHWs has also leveled the power dynamics that can be a barrier to community-based research, and has strengthened trust with community stakeholders. Our paper shows how using Marshallese CHWs can produce positive health outcomes for the Marshallese community.

  7. Warriors from the Sky: US Army Airborne Operational Art in Normandy (United States)


    Operation Market Garden, Holland 1944 ( HQ , 82 Airborne Division: Feb 1946), 4. Market Garden, following the invasion in Normandy, was the the prince who can so afford to cover his country with troops for its defense as that ten thousand men descending from the cloud might not in many...However, they did have a role in identifying the tactical objectives forward of the amphibious landing areas. 79 HQ , 82nd ABN DIV, Order Number: 6

  8. Smart Adaptive Socket to Improve Fit and Relieve Pain in Wounded Warriors (United States)


    physical connection between the user’s body and the prosthesis . The functionality and comfort of the prosthesis is to a great degree determined by the...modulus. This means that in this range the volume of the foam can be changed without causing any permanent deformation or varying how firm it feels ...average time of about 10 minutes for the foam to completely return to its original stiffness. This means that the foam will feel firm for compressions on

  9. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 1. Archaeology. (United States)


    rigidulum and P. dichotomi- florum, goose grass ( Eleusine indica ), the love grass (Eragrostis glome- rata), and red-root sedge (Cyperus erythrorhizos...type, Weeden Island Incised, is considered to be an indica - tion of late Porter. This assumption is apparently supported by the dated assemblage at Site

  10. The bird dancer and the warrior king: Divergent lived experiences of Tourette syndrome in Bali. (United States)

    Lemelson, Robert; Tucker, Annie


    In the past two decades, ethnographic, epidemiological and interdisciplinary research has robustly established that culture is significant in determining the long-term outcomes of people with neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric and mood disorders. Yet these cultural factors are certainly not uniform across discrete individual experiences. Thus, in addition to illustrating meaningful differences for people with neuropsychiatric disorder between different cultures, ethnography should also help detail the variations within a culture. Different subjective experiences or outcomes are not solely due to biographical idiosyncrasies-rather, influential factors arising from the same culture can have different impacts on different people. When taking a holistic and intersectional perspective on lived experience, it is crucial to understand the interaction of these factors for people with neuropsychiatric disorders. This paper teases apart such interactions, utilizing comparative case studies of the disparate subjective experiences and illness trajectories of two Balinese people with Tourette syndrome who exhibit similar symptoms. Based on longitudinal person-centered ethnography integrating clinical, psychological, and visual anthropology, this intersectional approach goes beyond symptom interpretation and treatment modalities to identify gendered embodiment and marital practices as influenced by caste to be significant determinants in subjective experience and long-term outcome.

  11. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict (United States)


    vehicles, thereby limiting pollu- tion of surface streams and aquifers in the host nation. But the lack of adequate racks can often delay redeployment is central to operations in Iraq, has established high standards for U.S. environmental behavior. By con- trast, Qatar seems less concerned about...2007: Kinnevan, Kurt, “Trip Report for Kuwait and Qatar , 11-22 May 2005,” Memorandum for Record

  12. A Rapid and Revolutionary Response to the Needs of Wounded Warriors (United States)


    Day, Los Angeles, CA. December 4, 2003 A62 Wilkins, JN, M.D., Kuo, J., M.D., Stewart, S., M.D., Zakari, H., M.D. : Online Videogames : Risks and...Louis, Mo., February, 2005. A64 Videogames and Virtual Reality in Mental Health: An Evidence-Based Review of Cybertherapy Presented at the American

  13. Wounded Warrior Care and Reintegration Requires a Public-Private Partnership (United States)


    Rep.) Tim Walz of Minnesota introduced a bill to Congress (along with cosponsors Rep. Walter B. Jones, North Carolina; Rep. Thomas Rooney, Florida...Campbell, Fort Bragg, Fort Bliss , Fort Hood, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The idea behind these clinics on the nation’s largest military installations

  14. 78 FR 57852 - Warrior Rosin Spill Superfund Site, Holt, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama ; Notice of Settlement (United States)


    ... Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), the United States Environmental Protection Agency has... addresses costs from a fund- lead Removal Action taken by EPA at the Site. DATES: The Agency will consider...

  15. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mosher, David E; Lachman, Beth E; Greenberg, Michael D; Nichols, Tiffany; Rosen, Brian; Willis, Henry H


    .... Army conducts overseas. Countries in which the Army conducts operations tend to have environmental problems caused by industrialization, lack of environmental protection, long-running conflict, and natural conditions...

  16. From the Stream to the Shore: Forecasting Complex Ocean Environments in Trident Warrior 13 (United States)


    and C. Deeney, “ Effective vs Ion Thermal Temperatures in the Weizmann Ne Z pinch: Modeling and Stagnation Physics” (to be published in Physics of... hierarchy of computer models with increasingly fine resolution followed evolving ocean conditions, spanning from the 7 km global system to a 3 km nest...for TW13 included the first demonstration during a Navy exercise of a hierarchy of ocean models consistently nested from the global down to a local

  17. Effects of Caffeine and Warrior Stress on Behavioral : An Animal Model (United States)


    typically in the form of food (e.g., chocolate ) and drinks (e.g., coffee, tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks), improves attention and performance...administration in an animal model of neuroleptic therapy . Journal of neuroscience methods 146:159-64 81. Schmidt MV, Muller MB. 2006. Animal models of anxiety

  18. Video Games as a Training Tool to Prepare the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors (United States)


    expected to grow beyond 6,000 employees in 2016 compared to an 16 estimate of 1,800 by the end of 2014 (Baldor et al. 2014). 17 • The GAO reported a 22...gamers spend a combined estimate of 1900 years per day playing some ver-24 sion of their Call of Duty franchise games online (Activision & Blizzard

  19. 78 FR 24065 - Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    ... by the Captain of the Port (COTP) Mobile or a designated representative. DATES: This rule is... rule, call or email LT Lenell J. Carson, Sector Mobile, Waterways Division, U.S. Coast Guard; telephone... Boat Races. This event is advertised as scheduled and participants, sponsors and spectators have...

  20. Integrated Ideas of a Life Warrior ~ An Interview with Leo Fong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Hobart


    Full Text Available Mr. Leo Fong is the architect and founder of a system of martial arts known as Wei Kuen Do (man. Hui Quan Dao—the Way of the Integrated Fist. Leo Fong trained in a variety of Chinese disciplines, including Shaolin, Choy Lay Fut and Tiger Claw, and was a close associate of Bruce Lee. Over the course of his studies, Master Fong combined many of the aspects of Chinese martial arts with principles of western boxing, to produce his own, unique and devastating system of self-defense.

  1. Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration 2011 Trial 2.32 - Managing Military Civilian Messaging (M2CM) Summary Report (United States)


    date stamp than the last message received will be ignored. The Remote Message Center adjusts to Zulu time so the time zones are accounted for, but... creation and movement of messages between the DOD and other responders (government, civilian first responders and private sector), the strength to interoperate. The current standard allows too much flexibility in message creation in regards to required fields/spaces in mandatory fields

  2. Warriors Don't Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High. (United States)

    Beals, Melba Pattillo


    Recounts experiences of the author as one of the black students who integrated Central High School in Little Rock (Arkansas) in 1957 and presents a retrospective as she looks back on her story and the civil rights movement. (SLD)

  3. Support for the 21st-Century Reserve Force: Insights on Facilitating Successful Reintegration for Citizen Warriors and their Families (United States)


    separate National Guard organizations: one for each state, and one each for Puerto Rico , Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. With...noted health challenges, such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes , that they did not perceive as stemming from the recent deployment yet

  4. Book Review: War Made New: Weapons, Warriors, and the Making of the Modern World, by Max Boot (United States)


    Lab, DFMis premier networked classroom . Cadet Gordan Lang fo llows with his proposal for a j oint military cyber school to train the rising generation...Spanish Armada:· opens with the Spanish catching their first glimpse of the English coastline on 29 July 1588.1 His method of inter- weaving storytelling ...victorious over equal, and sometimes superior, adversaries. Boot’s storytelling combined with factual accounts from various battles across history

  5. Occupational Health Screenings of the Virtual Warrior: Distributed Common Ground System Intelligence Operators Compared with Non-Combatant Support Personnel (United States)


    certain elements of stress associated with a deployed-in-garrison lifestyle . Additionally, such adjustments may contribute to improvements in sleep and...stress inoculation interventions at early stages in their training pipeline. It can be difficult to adapt to a military lifestyle , and the challenges...these recommendations will minimize symptoms of stress, sleep difficulties, and engagement in unhealthy behaviors, as well as increase general health

  6. Weekend Warriors: DeLillo’s “The Uniforms,” Players, and Film-to-Page Reappearance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Luter


    Full Text Available This article argues that what DeLillo refers to as the “radical intent” attached to the early short story “The Uniforms” does not point to political radicalism but instead to a new way of thinking about adaptation. This aesthetically radical form of film-to-page adaptation does not privilege the source text, oftentimes subverting the source’s original purpose outright. This decentering of the cinematic source text also lets DeLillo expresses doubt about what film can accomplish politically, while emphasizing that the basic grammar of cinema can do things that literature cannot.

  7. Warriors and peacekeepers: testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces. (United States)

    Spisak, Brian R; Dekker, Peter H; Krüger, Max; van Vugt, Mark


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war) and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace). Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership.

  8. Warriors and peacekeepers: Testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spisak, B.R.; Dekker, P.H.; Krüger, M.; van Vugt, M.


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued

  9. Warriors and peacekeepers: testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian R Spisak

    Full Text Available This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace. Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership.

  10. Warriors and Peacekeepers: Testing a Biosocial Implicit Leadership Hypothesis of Intergroup Relations Using Masculine and Feminine Faces (United States)

    Spisak, Brian R.; Dekker, Peter H.; Krüger, Max; van Vugt, Mark


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war) and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace). Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership. PMID:22276190

  11. America’s Shadow Warriors on a Mission to Kill Pablo: Focus on Special Operations Forces in Light of Afghanistan (United States)


    in 1999-2000. However, Bowden gets lots of Colombia-specific details right to those familiar with the country, even the Hotel Tequendama. He...teams sent there in the 1960’s. Clancy/Stiner state that with SF help, “La violencia ” in Colombia ended. Although Colombia experienced a

  12. Behavioral and Mental Healthcare: Total Warrior Care Commitment. U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, July-September 2008 (United States)


    International Critical Inci- dent Stress Foundation, Inc; 2003. 23. Bolton EE, Glenn DM , Orsillo S, Roemer L, Litz BT. The relationship between self...Seligman MEP, eds. Positive Psychology in Practice. New York: John Wiley & Sons; 2004:20. Aristotle. Nicomachean Ethics. Crisp R, trans. New York

  13. Warrior Transition Command Information Briefing to 2011 AMEDD Pre-Command Course: Soldier Success Through Focused Commitment (United States)


    JTF CAPMED Veterans Affairs – Veterans Health Administration – Veterans Benefits Administration – Federal Recovery Coordinators – Polytrauma...investment of families is critical • Initial interview should reveal services that the Soldier and Family needs • Increased Social Workers exposure for...Soldier has his/her own unique set of challenges • Early involvement and investment of Families is critical • We cannot do enough for the Families of

  14. Training the Twenty-First Century Special Forces Warrior: Does Character Matter When Training the Adaptive Leader (United States)


    whale that caused the ship to sink, forcing Marion and three others to take refuge in one of the lifeboats (Cummings 2005, 1). He spent a week on...disorder (2004, 4). The post-traumatic stress disorder then often spurs other addictive behaviors, increasing the inability to regain normalcy among

  15. Where’s BattleTech in MechWarrior Online? A Case Study in Game Adaptation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Backe, Hans-Joachim


    aspect of MWO, their implementation of a free-to-play model and the manner in which they are handling the Battletech franchise’s fictional side have created problems and will continue to do so. The Clan invasion will serve as an example for this unusual case in which friction between rules and narrative......, although it would have been pivotal to introducing novice players to the fictional background of the franchise. ‘Community warfare’ was supposed to introduce a large-scale strategic level to the game, where warring factions would have fought over planets prior to the clan invasion. Before the backdrop...

  16. A Reassessment of Risk Factors and Frequency of Suicide Ideation Among U.S. Air Force Remote Warriors (United States)


    11% of cyber operators. Descriptive statistics for participant demographics are shown in Table 1, along with a breakout of responses to suicide...Reconnaissance Wing, 25th AF ANG, and 25th AF Reserve. The web-based survey began with an introductory page that reminded personnel that participation was...voluntary and anonymous and that participants could withdraw from survey participation at any point. After reading the introductory page, participants

  17. Biological warfare warriors, secrecy and pure science in the Cold War: how to understand dialogue and the classifications of science. (United States)

    Bud, Robert


    This paper uses a case study from the Cold War to reflect on the meaning at the time of the term 'Pure Science'. In 1961, four senior scientists from Britain's biological warfare centre at Porton Down visited Moscow both attending an International Congress and visiting Russian microbiological and biochemical laboratories. The reports of the British scientists in talking about a limited range of topics encountered in the Soviet Union expressed qualities of openness, sociologists of the time associated with pure science. The paper reflects on the discourses of "Pure Science", secrecy and security in the Cold War. Using Bakhtin's approach, I suggest the cordial communication between scientists from opposing sides can be seen in terms of the performance, or speaking, of one language among several at their disposal. Pure science was the language they were allowed to share outside their institutions, and indeed political blocs.

  18. Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) Program in a Light Infantry Brigade, March 2011 February 2012 (United States)


    repeatedly pitching a softball . 73. With these definitions in mind, have you had an injury during the past 12 months? If so, how many different times...pulling/pushing objects, or repeatedly pitching a softball . Technical Report No. S.0032423.3-11 D-18 O 13 Pelvic area O 14 Upper leg (thigh

  19. Corporate Spheres of Responsibility: Architects, Cowboys, and Eco-Warriors in Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hillary Strasser


    Full Text Available Myanmar's recently opened economy is flush with incoming investment and activity. World leaders advocate that all businesses entering the country must operate in a "socially responsible manner." However, the history of corporate social responsibility (CSR in Myanmar is undefined, contradictory, and complex. Thus, to get a handle around what it means to be “responsible,” this paper investigates the collective way in which actors in the petroleum industry in Myanmar enact CSR from 1990 to 2014. The oil and gas (O&G industry is the most lucrative, and arguably powerful, national sector. The practice and philosophy of CSR, which originated in this industry, is now proclaimed to be the starting point for this newly charted course of responsible business in Myanmar. Yet, activists and critics maintain that CSR is an insincere PR measure of profit maximization whereby companies can conduct business as normal. I argue that CSR in the Myanmar petroleum industry is influenced by more complex factors than profit maximization or image management. CSR initiatives are sculpted by (1 the geography of petroleum extraction, (2 corporate philosophies and company national origins, and (3 type of company operations. The petroleum industry’s CSR activities to date, in terms of geographic span and development targets, all fit into a spectrum of assumed spheres of corporate responsibility that have been forged by the corporate ‘architects’ and tempered by geographic and global forces.

  20. Navigating the Road to Reintegration: Status and Continuing Support of the U.S. Air Force’s Wounded Warriors (United States)


    Deegan and Drake, 2006). Given these issues, airmen should be encouraged to raise their concerns about side effects with the prescribing provider so that... Deegan , P. E., and R. E. Drake, “Shared Decision Making and Medication Management in the Recovery Process,” Psychiatric Services, Vol. 57, 2006, pp...Longitudinal Study,” Journal of Psychiatric Research, Vol. 46, No. 9, 2012, pp. 1191–1198. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2012.05.009 Rosen, Craig S

  1. Mechanical Properties of Polymers Used for Anatomical Components in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Technology Demonstrator (United States)


    Handbook of polymer testing. Shawbury (UK): Rapra Technology Ltd.; 2002. p. 87. 6. ASTM D-2240-05. Standard test method for rubber property–durometer...International Workshop; 2000 Nov; Atlanta, GA. 4. Brown R. Handbook of polymer testing. Shawbury (UK): Rapra Technology Ltd.; 2002. p. 9–10. 5. Brown R...MA): Elsevier Science; 2015. p. 26. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. 18 13. Morton M. Rubber technology . Malabar (FL

  2. Clausewitz: On Poker, How Today’s Leaders Can Use Poker to Better Prepare Tomorrow’s Warriors (United States)


    thing applies to combat leaders, and that is why the military could benefit by teaching poker. Rocks, Maniacs, Calling Stations and TA’s Clausewitz...much like churches around the world have done with bingo . Instead of playing for money, perhaps contestants could compete for a 3-day pass, or free

  3. Interim Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement for Oliver Lock Replacement (BWT) Black Warrior-Tombigbee Rivers, Alabama. Revised. (United States)


    low flow conditions experienced daring summer months in the river above Oliver Lock and Dam (U.S. Army 1981) contribute to depresed water quality and...hence, depresed aquatic resources. These low flow conditions can concentrate pollutants being discharged into the river, resulting in not only toxic

  4. Relatives´ strategies in sub-acute brain injury rehabilitation: the warrior, the observer and the hesitant

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guldager, Rikke; Willis, Karen; Larsen, Kristian


    of rehabilitation. Conclusions: Acknowledging the relatives’ positions during the rehabilitation process enables better understanding and support of the relatives in the rehabilitation process in order to meet their (and thus the patients’) diverse needs. Relevance to clinical practice: The findings have practice...... implications in informing how clinicians meet, interact, communicate, and involve relatives of adult patients’ with traumatic brain injury in decision-making during rehabilitation....

  5. Society and the Soldier’s Soul: Is the Warrior’s Purification Ritual Needed or Possible in Modern America (United States)


    spiritual components, which may provide a starting point for discussion of how such a mechanism fits into military culture. Thesis . In various...counsel others” after earning a PhD in psychology , felt both blood guilt and an altered relationship with God as a result of killing in combat.52...armed forces…[It] consists of eight distinct domains: physical, environmental, medical, nutritional, spiritual , psychological , behavioral, and social

  6. Collaborative Researchers or Cold Warriors? The Origins, Activities, and Legacy of the Smithsonian’s Institute of Social Anthropology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Peter Castro


    Full Text Available International research collaboration is increasingly popular, providing many scholarly and practical benefits. These collaborative endeavors also encounter obstacles and costs, including ones involving issues of power and professional ethics. My study seeks to widen our understanding of international collaborative social science research by examining the complex origins, diverse activities, and clouded legacy of the Smithsonian Institution’s Institute of Social Anthropology (ISA. The ISA was an innovative collaborative teaching and research program founded by Julian Steward during World War II to meet many goals, including increasing social science capacity in Latin America, expanding knowledge about contemporary cultural change, strengthening area expertise among U.S. scholars, and promoting closer relations among the peoples of the Americas. The ISA provided career-enhancing opportunities for U.S. and Latin American scholars, while helping to pioneer applied medical anthropology. I take issue with recent analysts who portray the ISA as promoting, including through covert research, U.S. hegemonic interests seeking to control rural Latin America.

  7. Resource-Efficient Digital Communications: Research and Testbed Development in Support of Future Force Warrior and Joint Tactical Radio Systems

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Fuja, Thomas; Collins, Oliver; Costello, Daniel; Huang, Yih-Fang


    .... The result is compared with another using continuous phase modulation (CPM). It is shown that the amplifier backoff required for QAM puts it at a disadvantage to CPM at spectral efficiencies where both are feasible - below 2.0 bits/sec/Hz...

  8. Weekend Warriors for Water: Combating Water Scarcity in West Africa with United States Army National Guard and Reserve Forces (United States)


    vulnerable to “conflict and instability from political, social, economic , and environmental challenges” (United States Africa Command 2017). The...improve regional stability , which in turn increases economic , political, and social development. RC deployments to support water scarcity missions can...Capacity DOD Department of Defense DOS Department of State ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States FHA Foreign Humanitarian Assistance

  9. Photos (United States)

    GPS U.S. Air Force Academy Warrior Care Warrior Games Women's History Month Tag: Search Tag Sort By Squadron Ruck March Download Full Image Photo Details F-22 Demonstration Download Full Image Photo Details

  10. The Chesty Puller Paragon: Leadership Dogma or Model Doctrine

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Quintrall, Mickey


    In this study, I examine whether or not the United States Marine Corps senior warrior leaders should continue to use heroic warriors from the 1942-52 era as contemporary paragons of tactical leadership...

  11. Department of Defense, Deployment Health Clinical Center (United States)

    ... general public of trends in mental health and mental health care within the Military Health System Get The Numbers Real Warriors Campaign Real Warriors Campaign A multimedia public awareness campaign designed to combat the stigma associated with ...

  12. Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Lumbar Spine Model Validation: Development, Testing, and Analysis of Physical and Computational Models of the WIAMan Lumbar Spine Materials Demonstrator (United States)


    Fig. 13 Lumbar spine assembly in alignment fixture .......................................22 Fig. 14 Double -lap shear coupons before and after...Fig. 7). Strain data were determined from piston displacement, which was verified using a Vision Research Phantom v711 high-speed monochrome... piston would not engage the sample until it had reached the optimal velocity. The slot was around 5 inches in length and the ramp up travel was

  13. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 3. History. Settlement Patterns and Processes, 1500-1945. (United States)


    able to keep the franchise largely through the efforts of Alexander McGillivray, the most influential of the con- temporary Creek chiefs and a friend of...straw or brushwood were laid. Bricks were sometimes brought up from Mobile; a bakery was constructed of brick. There was a well and various "Indian...With the dis- franchisement of the blacks the political ascendancy of the Black Belt disappeared. In Montgomery County, the most populous part of the

  14. Soome-Hollandi-Hiina-Eesti ühisfilmi "Armuvalus sõdalane" ("Jade Warrior", rezh Antti-Juhani Annila) filmivõtted algavad 2.VIII Soomes

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendava fantaasiafilmi "Armuvalus sõdalane" (eelarve 39 milj. krooni) tootjad on Soome, Holland, Hiina ja Eesti (3,9 milj. krooni). Kaasa teeb ka Elle Kull, lavastab debütant AJ Annila

  15. I wish I were a warrior: the role of wishful identification in the effects of violent video games on aggression in adolescent boys. (United States)

    Konijn, Elly A; Bijvank, Marije Nije; Bushman, Brad J


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N=112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video game. Next, they competed with an ostensible partner on a reaction time task in which the winner could blast the loser with loud noise through headphones (the aggression measure). Participants were told that high noise levels could cause permanent hearing damage. Habitual video game exposure, trait aggressiveness, and sensation seeking were controlled for. As expected, the most aggressive participants were those who played a violent game and wished they were like a violent character in the game. These participants used noise levels loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage to their partners, even though their partners had not provoked them. These results show that identifying with violent video game characters makes players more aggressive. Players were especially likely to identify with violent characters in realistic games and with games they felt immersed in. Copyright 2007 APA.

  16. The Robert E. Mitchell Center for Prisoner of War Studies: the Product of One Flight Surgeon’s Promise to Honor a Grateful Nation’s Warriors (United States)


    extensive psychological 5 testing in order to update their medical record. This testing consisted of intelligence testing, personality...additional diseases are presumed to be service-connected: i. Avitaminosis ii. Chronic dystentery iii. Helminthiasis iv. Malnutrition v. Any other

  17. Climate warrior : David Keith and his team are engineering the world to manage global climate change : scrubbing CO{sub 2} out of the air we breathe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eaton, S.


    A team of scientists from the University of Calgary's Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy have developed an innovative way to capture atmospheric carbon. The process involves reducing carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) using a simple machine that can capture the trace amount of CO{sub 2} present in ambient air anywhere in the world. The research offers a way to capture CO{sub 2} emissions from transportation sources such as vehicles and airplanes, which represent about 50 per cent of global annual greenhouse gas emissions. This article described how the custom-built prototype air capture tower, called a contractor, works. It measures 6 metres tall by 1.2 metres wide and runs on a gasoline-powered generator. The energy efficient and cost effective air capture technology complements other approaches for reducing emissions from the transportation sector, such as biofuels and electric vehicles. The air capture tower can capture the CO{sub 2} that is present in ambient air and store it wherever it is cheapest. The custom-built tower can capture the equivalent of 20 tonnes per year of CO{sub 2} on a single square meter of scrubbing material. The team devised a way to use a chemical process from the pulp and paper industry to cut the energy cost of air capture in half. The simple, reliable and scalable technology offers an opportunity to build a commercial-scale plant. 1 ref., 6 figs.

  18. I Wish I Were a Warrior: The Role of Wishful Identification in the Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression in Adolescent Boys (United States)

    Konijn, Elly A.; Bijvank, Marije Nije; Bushman, Brad J.


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N=112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video game. Next, they competed with an ostensible partner on…

  19. Warfighting is for the Warriors? How the U.S. Military Can Ensure Effectiveness Despite the Participation of Political Leadership in Operational Decision-Making

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McAleer, Pete


    .... Any further involvement by the national-strategic leadership hampers the conduct of the war, impacts the military leadership, and wrestles decision-making from the trained, professional, experienced...

  20. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 2. Ethnohistory. A Documentary Study of Native American Life in the Lower Tombigbee Valley. (United States)


    they had prepared the skins. They were roasting meat and fish on the fire. The description is vague, and it is unclear whether they were using the...chimney, with a gallery at one gable; there was also a chicken house, and to the right of the (courtyard) a large structure sixty by thirteen feet

  1. High Efficiency Light Emission Through Carrier Localization in AlGaN Alloys and Active Regions: Toward Viable Ultraviolet Light Sources for the Objective Force Warrior

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wraback, M; Shen, H; Collins, C. J; Sampath, A. V; Garrett, G. A; Sarney, W. L; Nikiforov, A. Y; Cargill, G. S; Dierolf, V


    ...) comparable to that seen in low defect density (̂10(exp 8)/sq cm) GaN. Room temperature monochromatic scanning cathodoluminescence images at the red-shifted peak reveal spatially non-uniform emission similar to that observed in In(Al...

  2. Annotated Bibliography of the Army Research Institute’s Training Research Supporting the Land Warrior and Ground Soldier Systems: 1998-2009 (United States)


    AN/ PAQ -4C and AN-PEQ-2A) which were used in conjunction with night vision goggles (NVGs, AN/PVS-7B), the thermal weapon sight (TWS, AN/PAS-13), and...lights (AN/ PAQ -4C and AN-PEQ-2A) which were used in conjunction with night vision goggles (NVGs, AN/PVS-7B), and the thermal weapon sight (TWS, AN/PAS

  3. Clausewitz: On Poker (Clausewitz was a TA). How Today’s Leaders Can Use Poker to Better Prepare Tomorrow’s Warriors (United States)


    thing applies to combat leaders, and that is why the military could benefit by teaching poker. Rocks, Maniacs, Calling Stations and TA’s Clausewitz...much like churches around the world have done with bingo . Instead of playing for money, perhaps contestants could compete for a 3-day pass, or free

  4. A Study Protocol for Tracking Quality of Life Among U.S. Service Members Wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Wounded Warrior Recovery Project (United States)


    Datahase Information Provided DEERS CTS SIDR SADR PDHA/PDHRA PDTS NHIS CHAMPS ClassifiedAJnclassified Tactical and Operational Databases DEERS is...Sack, BA; Peggy Han, MPH ABSTRACT There is a need for rnore work to understand the quality of life (QOL) outcomes of survivors of Operations Enduring...military personnel wounded in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The overall objective of the 6-year longitudinal study is to track changes in

  5. Compensating Wounded Warriors: An Analysis of Injury, Labor Market Earnings, and Disability Compensation Among Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (United States)


    dermatological; ear, nose, and throat; eye; family problems; fatigue, malaise, multisystem complaint; audiology ; gastrointestinal; genitourinary...25, 2011: article /pii/S0927537111000686 Loughran, David S., Jacob Alex Klerman, and Craig Martin, Activation and

  6. Rescuing Our Warriors from Chronic Pain: A Battlefield-to-Nondeployment Means to Prevent Opioid-induced Amplification of Neuropathic Pain from Traumatic Injury (United States)


    meters ran in 24 hours. BL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2 3 4 0 200 400 600 800 % B L m et er s ra...following surgery. we ek 1 we ek 2 we ek 3 we ek 4 we ek 5 0 200 400 600 Percent of Baseline Meters Ran in 24 hours weekly post dosing...presented as percentage of baseline meters ran in 24 hours. (p>.05, Two way ANOVA, n=4/group pilot data) 10 Figure 6. No significant effects

  7. An Evaluation of Selected Communications Assemblies and Hearing Protection Systems: A Field Study Conducted for the Future Force Warrior Integrated Headgear Integrated Process Team (United States)


    Hearing restoration was provided via binaural hear-through microphones on the 1Communications & Ear...second question asked was “which of the systems provided the best speech intelligibility?” The BC system beat the TAC by half a vote (because one

  8. The profitability of beef production under semi-extensive conditions

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    used and discussed included nett farm income per R100 capital investment and .... Although depreciation of fixed improvements and on equip- ment was calculated ..... Furthermore, another practice commonly found· amongst beef producers.

  9. Fuselet Authoring, Execution, and Management in Support of Global Strike Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Haglich, Peter


    ...) report, "Information Management to Support the Warrior." A fuselet is a configurable, reusable transformation component, designed to enable shared business processes across organizational and community of interest boundaries...

  10. Human Systems Integration Assessment of Network Centric Command and Control

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Quashnock, Dee; Kelly, Richard T; Dunaway, John; Smillie, Robert J


    .... FORCEnet is the operational construct and architectural framework for Naval Network Centric Warfare in the information age that integrates warriors, sensors, networks, command and control, platforms...

  11. National Emphysema Treatment Trial redux: accentuating the positive. (United States)

    Sanchez, Pablo Gerardo; Kucharczuk, John Charles; Su, Stacey; Kaiser, Larry Robert; Cooper, Joel David


    Under the Freedom of Information Act, we obtained the follow-up data of the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) to determine the long-term outcome for "a heterogeneous distribution of emphysema with upper lobe predominance," postulated by the NETT hypothesis to be optimal candidates for lung volume reduction surgery. Using the NETT database, we identified patients with heterogeneous distribution of emphysema with upper lobe predominance and analyzed for the first time follow-up data for those receiving lung volume reduction surgery and those receiving medical management. Furthermore, we compared the results of the NETT reduction surgery group with a previously reported consecutive case series of 250 patients undergoing bilateral lung volume reduction surgery using similar selection criteria. Of the 1218 patients enrolled, 511 (42%) conformed to the NETT hypothesis selection criteria and received the randomly assigned surgical or medical treatment (surgical = 261; medical = 250). Lung volume reduction surgery resulted in a 5-year survival benefit (70% vs 60%; P = .02). Results at 3 years compared with baseline data favored surgical reduction in terms of residual volume reduction (25% vs 2%; P George Respiratory Questionnaire quality of life score (12 points vs 0 points; P < .001). For the 513 patients with a homogeneous pattern of emphysema randomized to surgical or medical treatment, lung volume reduction surgery produced no survival advantage and very limited functional benefit. Patients most likely to benefit from lung volume reduction surgery have heterogeneously distributed emphysema involving the upper lung zones predominantly. Such patients in the NETT trial had results nearly identical to those previously reported in a nonrandomized series of similar patients undergoing lung volume reduction surgery. 2010 The American Association for Thoracic Surgery. Published by Mosby, Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Hva er Digital Valuta? Hva slags formuerettslig produkt er digital valuta? Omfattes slike finansielle produkter av gjeldende finansreguleringer og hvordan burde de reguleres?


    Heggen, Vilde Stuvøy


    Det er kanskje ingen overraskelse at man i internettalderen har funnet på en valuta som kun eksisterer på nett. Per i dag eksisterer det flere slike nettvalutaer, med varierende grad av oppslutning. Spørsmålet som stilles i oppgaven er hva slags formuerettslig objekt digital valuta er. Jeg regner digital valuta som alle valutaer som hovedsakelig er å finne på nett og som ikke utstedes av eller på vegne av en statsmakt. Definisjonen omfatter både kryptovalutaer som Bitcoin, som nok er mest kje...

  13. The Seminole Serpent Warrior At Miramar, FL, Shows Settlement Locations Enabled Environmental Monitoring Reminiscent Of the Four-corners Kokopelli-like EMF Phenomena, and Related to Earthquakes, Tornados and Hurricanes. (United States)

    Balam Matagamon, Chan; Pawa Matagamon, Sagamo


    Certain Native Americans of the past seem to have correctly deduced that significant survival information for their tradition-respecting cultures resided in EMF-based phenomena that they were monitoring. This is based upon their myths and the place or cult-hero names they bequeathed us. The sites we have located in FL have been detectable by us visually, usually by faint blue light, or by the elicitation of pin-like prickings, by somewhat intense nervous-system response, by EMF interactions with aural electrochemical systems that can elicit tinitus, and other ways. In the northeast, Cautantowit served as a harbinger of Indian summer, and appears to be another alter ego of the EMF. The Miami, FL Tequesta site along the river clearly correlates with tornado, earthquake and hurricane locations. Sites like the Mohave Deserts giant man may have had similar significance.

  14. New World Vistas: Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, Human Systems and Biotechnology Volume. (United States)


    of the " cyborg warrior." In this future world, the warfighter enters the cockpit, where there are no obvious controls or displays. As he sits down...some to seriously consider the notion of the " cyborg warrior." And once that idea is considered to be within the realm of the possible, one can

  15. Creating a New Military Service: Historical Precedents (United States)

    2016-06-01 cyborg /2015/03/08/cyber-warriors-need-not-soldiers. 76 drives unnecessary administrative overhead into the development...Be Soldiers.” Discover Magazine (8 March 2015): cyborg /2015/03/08/cyber-warriors-need-not-soldiers

  16. Effects of Participation in a Martial Arts-Based Antibullying Program in Elementary Schools (United States)

    Twemlow, Stuart W.; Biggs, Bridget K.; Nelson, Timothy D.; Vernberg, Eric M.; Fonagy, Peter; Twemlow, Stephen W.


    This study evaluated the Gentle Warrior Program, a traditional martial arts-based intervention to reduce aggression in children, as it was implemented in three elementary schools. The sample consisted of 254 children in grades 3, 4, and 5 who participated in the Gentle Warrior Program as part of a larger school violence intervention. Results…

  17. Sandia National Laboratories: Careers: Special Programs (United States)

    Program Master's Fellowship Program Wounded Warrior Career Development Program Careers Special Programs Special career opportunities for select individuals Join Sandia's workforce while receiving support and Laboratories' Affirmative Action Plan. Learn more about MFP. Wounded Warrior Career Development Program U.S

  18. Establishing the Mineral Apposition Rate of Heterotopic Ossification for Prevention of Recurrence (United States)


    and a private donation from the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. Disclosures: N/A Conflicts of Interest: The authors have no conflicts...University (HU0001-11-1-0004 and HU0001-15-2-0003) and a private donation from the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. Disclosures: N/A

  19. Energy production and reactor efficiency

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    Doubts have been raised in relation to the economic and energetic efficiency of nuclear reactors. Some economists are questioning whether, when all the capital and material inputs to fission technology are considered, nuclear reactors yield sufficiently large amounts of energy to show a nett gain of energy. (author)

  20. Technique, travail et industrialisation de la noix de cajou au ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    gestion du temps, le contrôle et la vigilance. .... Le système technique leur impose une augmentation très nette de la durée du travail, marquée par la violence des rythmes de production et la fatigue physique sévère, accompagnée de lésions.

  1. 78 FR 34124 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Michigan Department of Transportation, Van Wagoner Building... (United States)


    ...; Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians of the Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin... removed is the aboriginal land of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians of the Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin; Bay Mills Indian Community, Michigan; Bois Forte Band (Nett Lake) of...

  2. Sélection d\\'un champignon filamenteux pour l\\'épuration des eaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Son exposition préalable au phénol augmente sa vitesse de respiration nette en présence de celui-ci et du catéchol. Par contre, son adaptation ... Making the choice of a microorganism for wastewater treatment is difficult, since this organism must conserve it metabolic activity under stress condition. Discrimination between ...

  3. Monitoring household waste recycling centres performance using mean bin weight analyses. (United States)

    Maynard, Sarah; Cherrett, Tom; Waterson, Ben


    This paper describes a modelling approach used to investigate the significance of key factors (vehicle type, compaction type, site design, temporal effects) in influencing the variability in observed nett amenity bin weights produced by household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). This new method can help to quickly identify sites that are producing significantly lighter bins, enabling detailed back-end analyses to be efficiently targeted and best practice in HWRC operation identified. Tested on weigh ticket data from nine HWRCs across West Sussex, UK, the model suggests that compaction technique, vehicle type, month and site design explained 76% of the variability in the observed nett amenity weights. For each factor, a weighting coefficient was calculated to generate a predicted nett weight for each bin transaction and three sites were subsequently identified as having similar characteristics but returned significantly different mean nett bin weights. Waste and site audits were then conducted at the three sites to try and determine the possible sources of the remaining variability. Significant differences were identified in the proportions of contained waste (bagged), wood, and dry recyclables entering the amenity waste stream, particularly at one site where significantly less contaminated waste and dry recyclables were observed.

  4. Case series

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    otospongiose colligés au service d'Oto-rhino-laryngologie de l'hôpital militaire Avicenne de Marrakech, entre Janvier 2009 et Décembre 2012. L'âge moyen des patients était de 38 ans avec une nette prédominance masculine (77%).

  5. Study Quantifies Physical Demands of Yoga in Seniors (United States)

    ... Z Study Quantifies Physical Demands of Yoga in Seniors Share: A recent NCCAM-funded study measured the ... performance of seven standing poses commonly taught in senior yoga classes: Chair, Wall Plank, Tree, Warrior II, ...

  6. Splenic trauma: Is splenectomy redundant?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Tandon


    Full Text Available 41 year old male, serving air warrior sustained blunt abdominal trauma, CECT revealed grade III splenic injury. He was managed conservatively with good clinical outcome. Conservatism is the new approach to splenic trauma.

  7. 77 FR 32879 - Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2012 (United States)


    ... the love that still beats in those who knew them. May God bless the souls of the venerable warriors we... the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the...

  8. Soldier Flexible Personal Digital Assistant Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Price, Mark; Woytowich, Jason; Carlson, Marc


    The main goal of the Soldier Flexible Personal Digital Assistant Program was to develop prototypes of a novel flexible display technology device for demonstration in a laboratory setting and use in Future Force Warrior (FFW) demonstrations...

  9. Evaluation of a Gentex (registered trademark) ORO-NASAL Oxygen Mask for Integration with the Aqualung (registered trademark) Personal Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Roller, Richard A; Curry, Ian P


    .... The United States Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) was tasked by the Product Manager Air Warrior to evaluate an oxygen mask for use with the Personal Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS...

  10. Music for Your Health (United States)

    ... great survival value for our species. Given the evolutionary pressure to develop a keen sense of hearing, ... warrior. Despite this long-standing healing history, modern medicine has been slow to adopt music as an ...

  11. Integrated Sight Boresighting

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gilstrap, Jeff


    ... (IR) pointer into an advanced weapon sight and surveillance system. The Integrated Sight is being developed as a technology demonstrator and potential future upgrade to the Land Warrior and Thermal Weapon Sight Programs...

  12. Paha veri / Jan Kaus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaus, Jan, 1971-


    Warren Zimmermanni retsensioonist Michael Ignatieffi raamatule "The Warrior's Honour". Külma sõja loodud "tasakaal" aitas vaigistada Ida-Euroopa etnilisi rahutuskoldeid. Etnilised rahutused Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa 20. saj. lõpus

  13. Changing the Order of BOLCII and BOLCIII

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Schweser, Eric


    The U.S. Army's Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) II mission is "To develop competent, confident and adaptable Lieutenants, grounded in warrior tasks, able to lead Soldiers in the contemporary operating environment...

  14. Developing an ACT-R Model of Mental Manipulation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kelley, Troy


    .... Army Research Laboratory, and with the intent of supporting the Land Warrior program, members of the Manned Systems Design Methods Team of the Integration Methods Branch developed an adaptive control...

  15. Military Culture. A Paradigm Shift?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dunivin, Karen


    In this study, Lt Col Karen O. Dunivin, USAF, examines social change in American military culture and explores the current struggle between the military's traditional and exclusionary combat, masculine-warrior (CMW...

  16. How Is Wilson Disease Inherited? (United States)

    ... News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2018 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters News Copper Connection Newsletter Resources Centers of ...

  17. How Is Wilson Disease Diagnosed? (United States)

    ... News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2018 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters News Copper Connection Newsletter Resources Centers of ...

  18. Numerical 3D Model for Thermal Integration of 20W Methanol Reformer

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Blackwell, N. E; Palo, D. R


    ....8 cm 20W methanol reformer for Future Force Warrior and Future Combat Systems. Fuel cell technology development is being pursued around the world to provide electric power in many potential applications in the military and commercial sector...

  19. A 21st Century Navy Vision: Motivating Sailors to Achieve Maximum Warfighting Readiness

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Martins, John


    ... the organization to provide a flexible mix of enhanced motivators to the 21st Century warriors. This manuscript begins with a review of motivational theory before launching into an assessment of today's Navy...

  20. Developing a Reference Framework for Cybercraft Trust Evaluation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hunt, Shannon E


    .... As a result, network defense remains a high priority for cyber warriors. On the technical side, trust issues for a comprehensive end-to-end network defense solution are abundant and involve multiple layers of complexity...

  1. The Nez Perce Flight to Canada: An Analysis of the Nez Perce-US Cavalry Conflicts: Applying Historical Lessons Learned to Modern Counterinsurgency and Global War on Terrorism Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pfau, Scott E


    ... Cavalry pursuit of the Nez Perce. Many of the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the modern day warriors often derive from lessons learned in early US military confrontations, such as the Nez Perce, and are applicable...

  2. FIRST LEGO League announces State Championship winners (United States)


    PEAK Home School Network Team 1832 'Techno Warriors' of Brandon sport the Champions Award they won during the Dec. 8 FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League 2007 Mississippi Championship Tournament.

  3. Integrating Intelligent Structured Training with a Virtual Dismounted Environment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jensen, Randy; Tasoluk, Coskun; Marshall, Henry; Sims, Jason; Green, Gary


    .... This paper reviews results from the integration of an Intelligent Structured Trainer with the embedded Virtual Warrior Soldier prototype developed for the Army RDECOM Simulation and Training Technology Center...

  4. Greenpeace : keegi peab võimuritele survet avaldama / Riho Laurisaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laurisaar, Riho


    Eesti Rohelise Liikumise ja Greenpeace'i koostöö, Greenpeace'i skandaalne tegevus ja julgeolekustruktuuride huvi organisatsiooni vastu. Lisad: Greenpeace'i saavutusi; Greenpeace; Rainbow Warrior Aucklandi sadamas juulis 1985

  5. 78 FR 25460 - National Institute on Drug Abuse; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Emphasis Panel; SBIR Phase II Contract Review--Recovery Warrior: Behavioral Activation Video Game for... . (Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance Program Nos.: 93.279, Drug Abuse and Addiction Research Programs...

  6. Essential Outdoor Sun Safety Tips for Winter (United States)

    ... Weekend Warriors expand/collapse Vitamin D Essential Outdoor Sun Safety Tips for Winter Winter sports enthusiasts are ... skiing! Be Mindful of Time Spent in the Sun, Regardless of the Season If possible, ski early ...

  7. On-Demand Interactive Simulation-Centered Training for Small Unit Tactics

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Munro, Allen


    Training on small unit infantry tactics in both the context of present-day infantry operations and in Objective Force Warrior contexts may benefit from the use of interactive graphics with behavioral...

  8. Kung fu-film alustas 15 000 vaatajaga

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina ja Eesti ühistöö) kogus Soome kinolevis avanädalavahetusel suhteliselt tagasihoidliku kassa

  9. Adaptability - A New Principle of War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dickerson, Brian


    .... The military has always respected adaptability as a hallmark of its warriors. It has identified adaptabilities value in axioms like no plan survives first contact with the enemy" or called it by other names such as initiative...

  10. Pakistan's Madrassas -- Weapons of Mass Instruction?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bell, Paul M


    .... During this period, from 1979-1989, the CIA worked closely with Pakistan's ISI to provide arms and training to holy warriors or mujahideen who crossed the border into Afghanistan to engage Soviet troops...

  11. The International Dimension of Culture and Conflict: Proceedings of the Symposium (United States)


    integrative factor In life .... * "the great warrior, larger than life." All A. Mazrui, another scholar of Shaka - Zulu , the famous warrior in early...the two "Harvard school" led by Professors John Koreas, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and King Fairbank and Edwin Reischauer. Singapore. My remarks apply...combined efforts of the kings entities, and preserving traditional cul-thou Csthe cond effgortse they tural values. In the process of attaining of

  12. Archaeological Investigations in Upland Kaneohe: Survey and Salvage Excavations in the Upper Kamo’oali’i Stream Drainage Area Kaneohe, Ko’olaupoko, Oahu, Hawaii, (United States)


    further evidenced in 1795 by Kamehameha I who, after having conquered Oahu and distributed the lands to his favored chiefs and warriors, kept Kaneohe as...established in Kaneohe in 1835. In 1848, at the time of the Mahele (the division of lands between King Kamehameha III and the principal chiefs), most of...Land Tenure in the Kaneohe Bay Area When Kamehameha I apportioned the conquered Oahu lands in 1795 to his warrior chiefs and counsellors (Ii 1959:69-70

  13. The Effect of Psychosocial Factors on Acute and Persistent Pain Following Childbirth (United States)


    0.02 and r=0.50; p= 0.03, respectively). Implications for Military Nursing : Results highlight the role of depression in a low-income population...and care for the warrior Care for all entrusted to our care Nursing Competencies and Practice: Patient outcomes Quality and safety Translate...Health Protection: Fit and ready force Deploy with and care for the warrior Care for all entrusted to our care Nursing Competencies and

  14. Keeping Faith with our War-Torn: Rebuilding Broken Spirits (United States)


    classic literature to describe the sprit and the soul and how it is damaged by combat trauma. He quotes Aristotle, Shakespeare , and Heraclites. The...seem to be particularly good at helping rebuild trust and reduce the stress related to serving in combat. Several companion dog organizations...including Canine Companions International, have paired dogs with the wounded including PTSD diagnosed warriors. This has resulted in a warrior having a

  15. Squad Overmatch Study: Training Human Dimension to Enhance Performance (United States)


    The Financier: Conduct tactical questioning of a suspect whom Soldiers contact in the market .  S3, House Call: Conduct a security patrol to make...Warrior Skills, Levels 2-4 List of Warrior Skills to Be Demonstrated  Analyze STP 21-24 to determine which tasks would be practiced in each training...presence and generally provides aid to the rebel forces. The patrol will enter the market to increase SA on the environment, observe a police checkpoint

  16. The radiation chemistry of poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide)s

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hill, D.J.T.; Hopewell, J.L.; O'Donnell, J.H.; Pomery, P.J.


    Electron spin resonance spectroscopy has been used to study the radicals which are formed on the gamma radiolysis of selected poly(arylene ether phosphene oxide)s which have been irradiated either at 77 or 303 K. At 77 K both neutral and anionic radicals are formed, but the anionic radicals are unstable above 200 K. Two types of neutral radicals were observed. They were the phenyl and phenoxyl radicals formed by homolytic scission of the backbone ether bonds. 31 P NMR spectroscopy showed that no new structures involving phosphorus were formed, but there was an indication that crosslinking may take place at aromatic rings adjacent to phosphorus atoms. Solution viscosity measurements indicated that the polymers undergo nett chain scission on irradiation, but the nett scission yield is very small. (author)

  17. Application of first order rate kinetics to explain changes in bloom toxicity—the importance of understanding cell toxin quotas (United States)

    Orr, Philip T.; Willis, Anusuya; Burford, Michele A.


    Cyanobacteria are oxygenic photosynthetic Gram-negative bacteria that can form potentially toxic blooms in eutrophic and slow flowing aquatic ecosystems. Bloom toxicity varies spatially and temporally, but understanding the mechanisms that drive these changes remains largely a mystery. Changes in bloom toxicity may result from changes in intracellular toxin pool sizes of cyanotoxins with differing molecular toxicities, and/or from changes in the cell concentrations of toxic and non-toxic cyanobacterial species or strains within bloom populations. We show here how first-order rate kinetics at the cellular level can be used to explain how environmental conditions drive changes in bloom toxicity at the ecological level. First order rate constants can be calculated for changes in cell concentration (μ c: specific cell division rate) or the volumetric biomass concentration (μ g: specific growth rate) between short time intervals throughout the cell cycle. Similar first order rate constants can be calculated for changes in nett volumetric cyanotoxin concentration (μ tox: specific cyanotoxin production rate) over similar time intervals. How μ c (or μ g ) covaries with μ tox over the cell cycle shows conclusively when cyanotoxins are being produced and metabolised, and how the toxicity of cells change in response to environment stressors. When μ tox/μ c>1, cyanotoxin cell quotas increase and individual cells become more toxic because the nett cyanotoxin production rate is higher than the cell division rate. When μ tox/μ c=1, cell cyanotoxin quotas remains fixed because the nett cyanotoxin production rate matches the cell division rate. When μ tox/μ ccyanotoxin cell quota decreases because either the nett cyanotoxin production rate is lower than the cell division rate, or metabolic breakdown and/or secretion of cyanotoxins is occurring. These fundamental equations describe cyanotoxin metabolism dynamics at the cellular level and provide the necessary

  18. La titrisation de la dette interieure de l'etat : une avenue prometteuse ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Une recension des écrits, non exhaustive mais assez suffisante a permis de relever, à travers cet article, que la titrisation est bien une stratégie de financement, qu'elle peut corriger les crises de liquidité et régler la dette nette. Elle a donc une utilité certaine pour les entreprises et les Etats en période de tension de trésorerie ...

  19. Aggregated Demand Response Modelling for Future Grid Scenarios


    Marzooghi, Hesamoddin; Verbic, Gregor; Hill, David J.


    With the increased penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources (RESs) in future grids (FGs), balancing between supply and demand will become more dependent on demand response (DR) and energy storage. Thus, FG feasibility studies will need to consider DR for modelling nett future demand. Against this backdrop, this paper proposes a demand model which integrates the aggregated effect of DR in a simplified representation of the effect of market/dispatch processes aiming at minimising th...

  20. Fortid nr. 3/2006. Globalhistoriske utfordringer



    Leder: Globalhistoriske utfordringer (s. 5) Korttekster: Middelalderreligiøsitet, pasifisme, arbeidsrett og afrikansk samarbeid - variert forskning fra IAKH. Av Inger Hilde Killerud (s. 6) Historietidsskrifter gratis på nett. Av Inger Hilde Killerud (s. 7) Et kvinneuniversitet i Norge anno 1793. Av Håkon Evju (s. 7-8) Tema: Globalhistoriske utfordringer Verdenshistorie - hvorfor og hvordan? Av Knut Kjeldstadli (s. 10-14) Globalhistorie i praksis. Av Jarle Simensen (s. 1...

  1. Complications du traitement traditionnel des fractures : à propos de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Introduction : La médecine moderne, comme celle traditionnelle, concourt au rétablissement du bien être physique, mental et social. Au Sénégal comme ailleurs ces deux médecines se pratiquent à tous les niveaux. Faut-il établir un rapport de nécessité entre les deux ou mettre une nette séparation ; chacune évoluant pour ...

  2. Géophilosophie et déterritorialisation chez Gilles Deleuze : esquisse ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    En nette rupture avec la métaphysique traditionnelle qui pensait le sujet humain en terme d'un Moi hypostasié, stable, rationnel, identique à soi, conscient de soi, autonome et assigné à un lieu ou une « Polis » aux normes circonscrites, G. Deleuze, sous le prisme conceptuel de la « Géophilosophie » repense la condition ...

  3. Distribution spatio-temporelle du zooplancton en relation avec les ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 oct. 2014 ... lotique. Mots clés : zooplancton, eutrophisation, distribution spatio-temporelle, rivière Kondi, Douala. Journal of Applied Biosciences 82:7326 – 7338. ISSN 1997–5902 ...... Maroc subissent une nette augmentation après avoir reçu les effluents de la ville de Taourirt. La légère amélioration observée à la ...

  4. Une éducation sentimentale ou le roman d’amour de Salammbô

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geneviève Mondon


    Full Text Available La transcription et l’étude des manuscrits préparatoires de Salammbô a permis de retracer la genèse du personnage féminin, en mettant en valeur son aventure personnelle. Les passages inédits, les marges et écritures interlinéaires apportent des éléments précieux pour construire le roman d’amour de l’héroïne, et lui donner une tonalité plus érotique, avant que Flaubert ne supprime, transforme ou masque habilement ces traces éphémères. Afin que les lignes soient plus nettes, ma recherche privilégie le point de vue de Salammbô, pour autant qu’on puisse connaître cette figure énigmatique. En laissant de côté, volontairement, les problèmes primordiaux du roman, la guerre historique de Carthage, la lutte mythique entre Tanit et Moloch, la grande Histoire et la mythologie, les batailles et les massacres, la lumière se concentre sur l’aventure sentimentale, absolument nécessaire dans un roman historique, l’auteur le sait. L’évocation du milieu social de la fille du suffète Hamilcar, l’analyse de son psychisme, de ses désirs, de ses rêves et de ses croyances apportent un éclairage sur sa vie de femme. L’examen d’un inédit comme les pages consacrées à la danseuse montre la volonté du romancier de créer un personnage séduisant et actif. Devant les guerriers a lieu l’« épiphanie », caractéristique des héros : le chant lyrique et la danse ésotérique en sont les signes manifestes. Après la rencontre, Salammbô et Mâtho, en proie au désir amoureux, se cherchent, se fuient et rêvent l’un de l’autre. Un inédit rapporte le songe de la jeune femme. Des expériences qui allient plaisir et souffrances, l’union mystique avec le serpent, la « baisade » contribuent à son éducation sentimentale mais la déception finale, l’échec du désir, est la vraie révélation.The transcription and study of Salammbô’s preparatory manuscripts enable us to retrace the genesis of the feminine

  5. Helmet Use and Head Injury in Homer's Iliad. (United States)

    Swinney, Christian


    Homer's detailed descriptions of head injuries inflicted during the Trojan War are of particular interest to individuals in the medical community. Although studies have examined the prevalence of such injuries, none have examined the preventive measures taken to avoid them. An in-depth review of helmet use in Homer's Iliad was conducted to address this previously unexplored facet of the epic. An English translation of Homer's text was reviewed for all references to helmet use. The number of helmet references in each book was recorded, along with other pertinent details for each reference. There were 87 references to helmets (40 combat, 47 noncombat). The helmet belonged to a Greek warrior in 41 cases (47.1%), a Trojan warrior in 38 cases (43.6%), a divinity in 5 cases (5.7%), and a general group of warriors in 3 cases (3.4%). Helmet use provided protective benefit to Greek warriors at a rate of 30.0% (3 of 10) and Trojan warriors at a rate of 11.1% (2 of 18). This difference was not statistically significant (P = 0.23). The overall combined protective benefit of helmet use in the text was 17.9% (5 of 28). Helmets belonging to 15 specific Greek warriors and 18 specific Trojan warriors were referenced in the text. Helmets belonging to Hector (n = 12) and Achilles (n = 8) were most frequently mentioned. Helmet use and head injury both play a prominent role in Homer's Iliad. Helmets are frequently used in combat settings but with relatively little success. Helmets are also used in various noncombat settings. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. How the Warriors of Prester John Transformed into Demons from Tartarus. Review of the book: Hautala R. From “David, King of the Indies” to “Detestable Plebs of Satan”: An Anthology of Early Latin Information about the Tatar-Mongols. (Kazan: Sh.Marjani Institute of History of AS RT, 2015. 496 p.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.Yu. Pochekaev


    Full Text Available This paper is a review of recently published book of Finnish researcher Roman Hautala devoted to publication and study of Latin sources on the Mongols of the 13th century. The book is of great importance as it is a compilations of the very valuable sources which demonstrate evolution of the attitude of European authorities and contemporaries towards the Mongols – from potential allies to the most dangerous enemy. Analysis of these sources helps to understand the further policy of Western European monarchs in the Eastern Europe, Ancient Rus’, Mongol Empire and its successors – Golden Horde, Ilkhanate, etc. At the same time, R. Hautala pays substantial attention to a fate of another nomads of Eurasia connected with the Mongol invasion – especially Kumans (Kipchaks in Hungary. The book contains author’s preface, Latin texts and Russian translations of sources as well as very valuable comments of author. Each part could be considered as independent part of this complex research. The main importance of book is put into use of Russian-speaking scientific society of a huge number of sources, most part of which was not accessible for home historians because of lack of knowledge of Latin. The structure of the book completely corresponds to its goals and objectives. Nevertheless, the author of review points that the book has several insignificant weaknesses, which could be kept in mind and removed in the future works of R. Hautala.

  7. Service dog training program for treatment of posttraumatic stress in service members. (United States)

    Yount, Rick A; Olmert, Meg D; Lee, Mary R


    In July 2008, social worker and certified service dog trainer Rick Yount created the first Warrior dog-training program designed to be a safe, effective, nonpharmaceutical intervention to treat the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury in Veterans and service members undergoing treatment at a large Veterans Administration residential treatment facility. In 2009, Yount was asked to establish the program at a prominent Department of Defense medical center. In October 2010, Yount was invited to create a service dog training program to support the research and treatment mission at the new National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), in Bethesda, Maryland. This program, now being offered through the nonprofit foundation Warrior Canine Connection, continues to produce anecdotal evidence that training service dogs reduces the PTSD symptoms of Warrior-trainers and that the presence of the dogs enhances the sense of wellness in the NICoE staff and the families of our Wounded Warriors. Under the research leadership of the NICoE, the Warrior Canine Connection research team plans to systematically investigate the physiological, psychological, and behavioral benefits of this program.

  8. Bushido dalam Masyarakat Jepang Modern

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bambang Wibawarta


    Full Text Available Bushido is most often translated as the way of the warrior caste in Japan. Bushirefers to warriors in feudal Japan while do means several things including: the correct way,the path, or the road. Another interpretation of Bushido could be the way of preserving peacethrough the use of force. Bushido comes out of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Shintoism. Thecombination of these schools of thought and religions has formed the code of warrior valuesknown as Bushido. A key to our understanding of how the concepts of Bushido fit into Japanesemodern lives is to understand the historical and societal aspects of Bushido. Today, this meaningcan be modernized to include minimizing violent conflict. The code of Bushido, the Samurai'scode of honor, upholds loyalty, discipline, total dedication, honor and valor, and numerousexamples of these elements can be witnessed today or in recent history.

  9. Passions au miroir: Hugo et Garibaldi dans la solitude de l’Histoire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Nuti


    Full Text Available In Mythic Imagery, a warrior is a hybrid man – a divine human being or a divinized mortal – who stands out of his own kind for his extraordinary skill to generate power. Being an undefined figure of man, equidistant from deity and humanity, the warrior hero represents the Human Community. Using his knowledge of what Giuseppe Garibaldi had done to unify Italy, Victor Hugo had the chance to annex to his political and literary fighting a contemporary hero who shared his own ideology. An amazing relationship put their destinies together, and the epistolary exchange Garibaldi (1863 strengthened this union. Giuseppe Garibaldi in Mentana (1867 is invested with the heroic legitimacy of a symbolical progressive movement. The experimental brotherhood between the poet and the warrior symbolized for Hugo a continuous questioning of the real power of poetical language.

  10. An evolutionary theory of large-scale human warfare: Group-structured cultural selection. (United States)

    Zefferman, Matthew R; Mathew, Sarah


    When humans wage war, it is not unusual for battlefields to be strewn with dead warriors. These warriors typically were men in their reproductive prime who, had they not died in battle, might have gone on to father more children. Typically, they are also genetically unrelated to one another. We know of no other animal species in which reproductively capable, genetically unrelated individuals risk their lives in this manner. Because the immense private costs borne by individual warriors create benefits that are shared widely by others in their group, warfare is a stark evolutionary puzzle that is difficult to explain. Although several scholars have posited models of the evolution of human warfare, these models do not adequately explain how humans solve the problem of collective action in warfare at the evolutionarily novel scale of hundreds of genetically unrelated individuals. We propose that group-structured cultural selection explains this phenomenon. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: index maps of included studies: Chapter B.1 in Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: distribution, geologic framework, and geochemical character (United States)

    Ruppert, Leslie F.; Trippi, Michael H.; Kinney, Scott A.; Ruppert, Leslie F.; Ryder, Robert T.


    This chapter B.1 of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Professional Paper 1708 provides index maps for many of the studies described in other chapters of the report. Scientists of the USGS and State geological surveys studied coal and petroleum resources in the central and southern Appalachian structural basins. In the southern Appalachian basin, studies focused on the coal-bearing parts of the Black Warrior basin in Alabama. The scientists used new and existing geologic data sets to create a common spatial geologic framework for the fossil-fuel-bearing strata of the central Appalachian basin and the Black Warrior basin in Alabama.

  12. Doubts about hybrids

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    The natural draught wet cooling tower with a height of 160 m is considerably taller than the 80 m high hybrid cooling tower, but the latter has a considerably larger diameter. Spray losses for both types are about 4.5 kg/sec for a thermal output of 2500 MW. Apart from the pump load, the natural cooling tower requires no power. Apart from higher pump loads, the hybrid cooling tower requires power for the fans. The energy demand for this purpose is 1.5 to 3% of the nett powerstation output. For the Isar 2 nuclear powerstation this would mean a reduction in puput of about 35 MW. (orig.) [de

  13. Le Dictionnaire historique de l’adjectif-adverbe : de aimer haut à baiser utile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hummel Martin


    (4\tJe suis sur le point d'arrêter nette ma conso de cannabis (2013 Notons que dans ces cas, une analyse en tant que prédicat second n’est pas concevable. Même si certains de ces exemples peuvent être considérés comme des cas d’hypercorrection, cela ne les explique pas tous. On observe un rapprochement aux prédicats seconds en ce que les AAs s’accordent avec un nom accessible, même s’ils n’en sont pas les modificateurs primaires.

  14. The functional properties, modification and utilization of whey proteins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. G. Venter


    Full Text Available Whey protein has an excellent nutritional value and exhibits a functional potential. In comparison with certain other food proteins, the whey protein content of essential amino acids is extremely favourable for human consumption. Depending on the heat-treatment history thereof, soluble whey proteins with utilizable functional properties, apart from high biological value, true digestibility, protein efficiency ratio and nett protein utilization, can be recovered. Various technological and chemical recovery processes have been designed. Chemically and enzymatically modified whey protein is manufactured to obtain technological and functional advantages. The important functional properties of whey proteins, namely hydration, gelation, emulsifying and foaming properties, are reviewed.

  15. Synthèse des études écologique et halieutique du site de Flamanville de 1983 à 1991


    Angely, C; Bordet, F


    Située sur la côte ouest du Cotentin, la centrale de Flamanville comporte deux tranches de puissance électrique nette nominale de 1300 MWe environ, mises en service en décembre 1986 pour la tranche 1 et en mars 1987 pour la tranche 2. Depuis 1976, de nombreuses études écologiques et halieutiques ont été réalisées pour connaitre le milieu marin au voisinage du site de Flamanville, et surveiller l'évolution de la flore et de la faune aquatiques après la mise en service de la centrale.

  16. Surface Warfare. Mainstreaming, Mine Warfare. May/June 1998, Vol. 23, No. 3 (United States)


    grappling with a paper tiger. Nor is it a fleeting thought process — some- thing heard in briefings and filed away in the warrior’s subconscious ...tecting device designed to work with the Quickstrike series of bottom mines. This new TDD can be reprogrammed to enable the Quickstrike mines to

  17. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Review: The wages of destruction: the making and breaking of the Nazi economy. Abstract PDF · Vol 39, No 2 (2011) - Articles Book Review: Russia's heroes 1941–45. Abstract PDF · Vol 33, No 1 (2005) - Articles Sociology, Biology or Philosophy of a warrior? Reflections on Jan Smuts, Guerrilla–being and a politics of ...

  18. Google and the "Twisted Cyber Spy" Affair: US-Chinese Communication in an Age of Globalization (United States)

    Hartnett, Stephen John


    The "twisted cyber spy" affair began in 2010, when Google was attacked by Chinese cyber-warriors charged with stealing Google's intellectual property, planting viruses in its computers, and hacking the accounts of Chinese human rights activists. In the ensuing international embroglio, the US mainstream press, corporate leaders, and White…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ORIGINAL ARTICLES. Illnesses of Herod the Great. Francois P Retief, Johan F G Cilliers. Herod the Great, ldumean by birth, was king ofthe Jews from 40 to 4 BC. An able statesman, builder and warrior, he ruthlessly stamped out all perceived opposition to his rule. His last decade was characterised by vicious strife within ...

  20. 78 FR 39608 - Safety Zone; Summer in the City Water Ski Show; Fox River, Green Bay, WI (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Summer in the City Water Ski Show; Fox River, Green Bay, WI AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS... River in Green Bay, WI. This safety zone is intended to restrict vessels from a portion of the Fox River... Waterboard Warrior Ski Team will perform two 30-minute shows on the Fox River between the Hwy 141 Bridge and...

  1. Environmental Assessment of Installation Development at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas (United States)


    Sanitary Sewer Lines Upgrades Natural Infrastructure Management Projects • Nil. Medio Creek Erosion Control • NI2. Warrior Week Road- Leon Creek Bridge...Intrastate MSL mean sea level MSW municipal solid waste MWD Military Working Dog NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards NAGPRA Native...2-39  2-25. Proposed Location for Project NI1, Medio Creek Erosion Control

  2. Välispartnerid viivad Eesti filmi maailma kuulsust koguma / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) edukast levitamisest maailma kinodes. Ka teiste koostööfilmide ("Ruudi", "Leiutajateküla Lotte") levitamisest

  3. Life Styles of African Women [And] A Swimming Pool for Mansa Musa's Wife [And] A Yoruba Naming Ceremony [And] Metropolis: African and American Style. Mini-Modules. (United States)

    African-American Inst., New York, NY. School Services Div.

    Four modules dealing with African culture are combined in this document. The first module discusses various life-styles of African women, including warrior, queen, ruler, and matriarch. A lesson plan uses a question-and-answer format to encourage discussion of the effects of tradition, society, and nation upon African women. Questions asked…

  4. Military Service Members and Veterans: In the Classroom and on the Police Force (United States)

    Olson, Dustin; Gabriel-Olson, Kirsten


    With the troop levels in Iraq decreasing and more service members being discharged, the number of veterans on campuses is steadily increasing. On average, these warriors-turning-college-students will be 24 or older, ethnic minorities, and first-generation college students. It is important to make sure that departments, campuses and communities are…

  5. Iron Status of Deployed Military Members (United States)


    ready force Deploy with and care for the warrior Care for all entrusted to our care Nursing Competencies and Practice: Patient outcomes...duties, physical activities, iron intake through diet ). This additional information would improve the ability to determine factors associated with

  6. Identities in Conflict

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clausen, Lars


    When Danish soldiers wage war abroad and far from home, family relations are strained. Both during the mission and after return, the soldier experiences civil life as unorderly and conflicting with the warrior mindset with its clear demarcations of friend/foe, peace and war, battletime and the time...

  7. Through Trial and Error: Learning and Adaptation in the English Tactical System from Bannockburn to Poitiers (United States)


    game often with legal outcome but without actual battles. The events were often enhanced with elaborate armor, horse comparisons, music , art, food...and festivity .140 Knight. Used in English to identify a mounted, armored warrior of the Middle Ages, who was expected to fight according to a well

  8. 32 CFR 239.9 - Application Processing Procedures. (United States)


    ... = Military PCS. (iv) State: State abbreviation. (v) Installation Number: The five digit ZIP code of the... wounded warrior or surviving spouse who moved from primary residence, use present installation or hometown.... Generally, Form HUD-1 will suffice. (2) Districts are responsible for ensuring primary residence values are...

  9. Director`s series on proliferation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bailey, K.C.; Price, M.E. [eds.


    This is an occasional publication of essays on the topics of nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile proliferation. The views represented are those of the author`s. Essay topics include: Nuclear Proliferation: Myth and Reality; Problems of Enforcing Compliance with Arms Control Agreements; The Unreliability of the Russian Officer Corps: Reluctant Domestic Warriors; and Russia`s Nuclear Legacy.

  10. Implications of Methodist clergies' average lifespan and missional ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... they were sensitive storytellers with a deep sense of humour; they were community builders; they were leaders and meticulous in administration; they were prayer warriors; they loved and valued education; they were disciplined and principled; they enjoyed music; they worked hard for an everlasting peace on earth; and ...

  11. The illnesses of Herod the Great | Retief | Acta Theologica

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Herod the Great, Idumean by birth, was king of the Jews from 40BC to AD 4. An able statesman, builder and warrior, he ruthlessly stamped out all perceived opposition to his rule. His last decade was characterised by vicious strife within his family and progressive ill health. We review the nature of his illnesses and suggest ...

  12. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    International Conference on Algebra and. Geometry. BOOK REVIEWS. 106 Atomic Warrior. Shobhana Narasimhan. Front Cover. 110. 110. 111. 112 n3. Bonnet macaque (See classroom article Project Ufescape on The Macaques of India, page 94.) Back Cover. (Picture courtesy: Anindya Sinha). ludWig Eduard Boltzmann.

  13. Reassessment of Self-Reported Behavioral Health Habits and Other Issues Among Distributed Common Ground System Intelligence Operators and Non-Combatant Support Personnel (United States)


    9 4.2 Sleep and Physical Exercise Health Behaviors...excess caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol use, and a deficit in physical fitness activity can further contribute to reduction in overall health . address key physical and psychological health concerns and to promote resiliency among their designated remote warrior workforces. The purpose

  14. Kaurismäki Soome parim

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome filmiauhinna Jussi võitis A. Kaurismäki "Äärelinna tuled" ("Laitakaupungin valot"), viis Jussit sai Aku Louhimiehe film "Jäine linn" ("Valkoinen kaupunki") ja kaks Jussit Eesti osalusega "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior"

  15. 78 FR 59153 - National Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week, 2013 (United States)


    ... Office of the Director of National Intelligence To Act as Director of National Intelligence #0; #0; #0... members extraordinary support and flexibility. We commend the businesses that help service members advance... businesses to hire returning heroes and wounded warriors. The patriots who serve under our proud flag never...

  16. The Mattis Way of War: An Examination of Operational Art in Task Force 58 and 1st Marine Division (United States)


    warrior to beat him to the polls. As alluded to in previous chapters, General Mattis has used history as an intellectual stepping stone for his...their mission in the face of an opposing will (see figure 9). Another way to grasp figure 9 is to think of a marble (representing the unit) perched...

  17. Laténské pohřebiště v Bašti, okr. Praha-východ

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Pecinovská, Monika; Baloun, L.; Sankot, P.


    Roč. 18, č. 2 (2014), s. 745-766 ISSN 1214-3553 Grant - others:GA UK(CZ) 564512 Institutional support: RVO:67985912 Keywords : warrior's grave * sword * rod-shaped object * microregion * Danube area Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  18. In praise of death : history and poetry in medieval Marwar (South Asia)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kamphorst, Janet


    This study of heroic and epic “war poetry” transmitted by the poets of pastoral-nomadic communities in medieval Marwar (Rajasthan) evokes the lived past of the Rajput, Bhil and Charan of the Marwari desert with a detailed analysis of poetic sources concerning Pabuji, a fourteenth-century warrior and

  19. The Animated Classroom: Using Japanese Anime to Engage and Motivate Students (United States)

    Ruble, Julie; Lysne, Kim


    Each year, seventh graders at Woodlawn School in Davidson, North Carolina, learn about Japan through a compilation of literature, history, and art. They are introduced to a wide range of ideas and materials: they study the Heian and Tokugawa Periods as well as modern Japan, the code of the samurai warriors, haiku and its components, and Japanese…

  20. Special Report: Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (United States)

    in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community waiting to sworn into the President's Advisory Command's first dedicated campaign geared towards the Asian-American community, 'A Warriors' Education,' is Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2005. After college, Lt. Sham attended

  1. The Political Scientist as Local Campaign Consultant (United States)

    Crew, Robert E., Jr.


    During my 45 years as an academic, I have followed the admonition sometimes attributed to the legendary Jedi warrior Obi-Wan Kenobe that political scientists should "use [their] power for good and not for evil." In this spirit, I have devoted substantial portions of my career to public service by providing strategic advice and campaign management…

  2. Defense Intelligence Agency (United States)

    Management Office Management and Infrastructure Security Science and Technology Pre-Employment Forms Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Internship Program News Articles Videos Contact DIA DIA in the News observed the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in an event Jan. 26, at the DIA headquarters. Story DIA

  3. Male Archetypes as Resources for Homosexual Identity Development in Gay Men. (United States)

    McFarland, William P.; McMahon, Timothy R.


    The male archetypes of king, lover, magician, and warrior provide important and timeless insights into mature masculine qualities. Homosexual identity development models describe tasks that confront gay men as they move through the identity development process. Proposes that by understanding the metaphor of male archetypes, gay men will discover…

  4. Heritage, Image and Identity: The Evolution of USAF Leadership (United States)


    up-in-coming “ Generation Z ” (also known as the “Net or Digital Generation”), which is the most connected and high-tech generation ever seen. 40...for future RPA warrior leaders. 43 The USAF has already set the ground work to position “ Generation Z ” RPA pilots for future senior leadership

  5. The United States Army Medical Department Journal. July-September 2010 (United States)


    wide range of dedicated healthcare professionals who collaborate time and again to advance the state-of-the- art of care for our Warriors who...2010. 5. Bsisu MS. The Arab Table. New York, NY: HarperCollins; 2005. 6. Zubaida S, Tapper R, eds. A Taste of Thyme: Culinary Cultures of the

  6. Japan’s Defense Policy: Forecast and Implications. (United States)


    development of a warrior upper class, the Heian era, from 794 until 1185, was a remarkable age known for peaceful pursuit in the arts and for the absence of...for an increasing regional and world role. In the 1960’s, nationalism had become fashionable because it was not linked to prewar militarists or the

  7. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 6; Issue 9. Atomic Warrior. Shabhana Narasimhan. Book Review Volume 6 Issue 9 September 2001 pp 106-109. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Author Affiliations.

  8. China’s Cyber Power and America’s National Security (United States)


    activates and can damage software, stored data, or may allow a hacker remote access to the computer system. The term comes from Greek mythology about...the Trojan War: the Greeks presented the citizens of Troy with a large wooden horse in which they had secretly hidden their warriors. During the

  9. Igavese armastuse sõdalane : mitte just klassika, aga ajaloo verstapost küll / Ilmar Raag

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raag, Ilmar, 1968-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendavast fantaasiafilmist "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi, Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner, režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila, võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai, osades - Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola, Elle Kull

  10. Üllatav seiklusfantaasia Soomest / Alar Niineväli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niineväli, Alar


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Elle Kull. Lisa "Soome film sai Hiinas hea lepingu

  11. Fassaadikunstist ja teesklusest / Margit Tõnson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola

  12. 76 FR 56491 - Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “Tombs, Temples and... (United States)


    ... exhibition ``Tombs, Temples and Warriors: China's Imperial Legacy,'' imported from abroad for temporary... the exhibit objects at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California, from on or about October 1, 2011, until on or about March 4, 2012, at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, Houston, Texas, from on or...

  13. The Squadron Commander’s Responsibility for Officer Professional Development (United States)


    during and after the reporting period. These actions are mandatory for Lieutenants and Captains, but optional above Major. 26 Sq/CCs rely on the...meetings. Many also stated they would have officers present when they executed disciplinary action . Using events and activities as shadow opportunities...competency Tactical Expertise Personal Embodies Airman Culture -Ethical Leadership - Followership -Warrior Ethos -Develops Self Communicating

  14. The Measurement of Combat Stress in the Field: A Product Development Study

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cotton, A


    .... In the early nineties, however, a need was perceived to improve the individual combat capability of the infantry soldier in order to improve the combat capability of the Army as a whole. This led to the creation of Project WUNDURRA (an aboriginal word meaning "warrior"), which subsequently became known as Project LAND125 (Soldier Combat System Enhancement Study).

  15. Private Military and Security Contractors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    In Private Military and Security Contractors: Controlling the Corporate Warrior a multinational team of 16 scholars and a practitioner from political science, sociology, and law address a developing phenomenon: controlling the use of privatized force by states in international politics. Robust...

  16. An Innovation Framework Applied to a Military Cyber Professionals Association (United States)


    meaningful innovation research. 6 Concerning Digital Warrior: Improving Military Capabilities in...attractive enough where members would conceivably purchase merchandise featuring the logo, in support of a business plan intent on keeping membership...including membership application, merchandise ordering, and basic discussion forum. GAB includes a Forms app, which works well for capturing

  17. The National Guard: Recommendations to Develop the Joint Future Force (United States)


    Health, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, and Warrior Support programs.109 This joint support concept is distinctive to the NG, and provides an...National Defense Strategy (Washington, DC: Department of Defense, June 2008), TOC . Available online at National

  18. Moessbauer Studies in Chinese Archaeology: A Review

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hsia Yuanfu; Huang Hongbo


    The Moessbauer effect has been applied to a wide variety of objects related to Chinese archaeology. Besides ceramic artifacts, materials like porcelain, glazes, bronzes, ancient coins, ancient mineral drugs, and even fossils were studied. This article reviews these applications with particular emphasis on the study of the famous terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty.

  19. Director's series on proliferation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bailey, K.C.; Price, M.E.


    This is an occasional publication of essays on the topics of nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile proliferation. The views represented are those of the author's. Essay topics include: Nuclear Proliferation: Myth and Reality; Problems of Enforcing Compliance with Arms Control Agreements; The Unreliability of the Russian Officer Corps: Reluctant Domestic Warriors; and Russia's Nuclear Legacy

  20. Modeling Of A Monocular, Full-Color, Laser-Scanning, Helmet-Mounted Display for Aviator Situational Awareness (United States)


    Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory P.O. Box 620577 Fort Rucker, AL 36362 USAARL 2017-10 Product Manager for Air Warrior SFAE-SDR-AW 6726 Odyssey Drive ...superimposed over real -world ambient scenes and artificial clutter. It is the idea of modeling HMDs to produce imagery that will in turn be...19 List of Figures 1. HMD Emission Spectra

  1. Look to the Mountain Top. (United States)

    Jones, Charles, Ed.

    Cultural background and the contemporary situation of American Indians in the United States are covered in this book. The first section of the book covers Indian art, literature, women's rights, warriors, religion, farming, natural resources, law, and the Indian as the first American. Included in the second part are: maps of Indian land…

  2. The Martial "Virtue" of Rhetoric in Machiavelli's "Art of War." (United States)

    Wiethoff, William E.


    Argues that Machiavelli's inherent interest in pragmatic, "virtuous" applications of humanistic arts mandated both rhetorical form and matter in his composition of the "Art of War." Proposes that the work reveals Machiavelli's debt to the classically humane ideal of the warrior-orator. (JMF)

  3. Zingeving in het Westen. Traditie, strijdersethos en christendom.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abspoel, P.


    Sources of Meaning in the West is the account of an attempt to get to the bottom of two patterns of meaning-giving that have set their stamp on Western life: the warrior ethos and Christianity. An unavoidable problem serves as the guiding principle in the investigation. In order to give meaning to

  4. Images of Akutô

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oxenbøll, Morten


    One of the primary objects of this paper has been to show how a so-called akutô was created, not on a local level by merchants or itinerant monks committing robbery and murder or by warriors or powerful peasants opposing a distant proprietor by violent means, but by the proprietor itself as part...

  5. Treatment for Common Running/Walking Foot Injuries (United States)

    McDaniel, Larry W.; Haar, Calin; Ihlers, Matt; Jackson, Allen; Gaudet, Laura


    Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, most runners fear the possibility of being injured. For those who are physically active or stand on their feet all day, healthy feet are important Highly conditioned runners spend many hours performing foot maintenance to prevent unnecessary injuries. Some of the common foot injuries are:…

  6. Pediatric Palliative Care: A Personal Story

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Stars 13,478 views 10:35 Samara, Childhood Cancer Warrior - Chai Lifeline - Duration: 4:28. Chai Lifeline ... views 4:28 The Ugly Truth of Pediatric Cancer - Duration: 5:21. KidsCancerChannel 64,459 views 5: ...

  7. Toward a Cosmic Sociology of Education (United States)

    Wexler, Philip


    We old warriors of ideology critique and "wissensoziologie" should not be too hard on ourselves for having forgotten reflexivity and the labors of putting paradigms, including our own, back into the context of history and social movement. Normal science is our necessary bread and butter. We achieved a lot by shaking the liberal…

  8. Ida-igatsuse põhjapiir / Raivo Paltser

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paltser, Raivo


    Hiina traditsiooni järgija R. Paltseri nägemus Lääne inimese ihalusest Vana-Hiina kultuuri järele, kung-fust. Toodud mõningaid näiteid Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendavast fantaasiafilmist "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior"

  9. Soome-ugri kung fu / Jüri Laulik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laulik, Jüri, 1959-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila. Eestipoole produtsent Margus Õunapuu Eesti osast filmis

  10. Teaching Mental Skills for Self-Esteem Enhancement in a Military Healthcare Setting (United States)


    Soldiers, and 915 Army Civilians (Sheftick & Holzer, 2007). Self - Esteem Rosenberg (1965) provided a broad and frequently cited description of self ...Teaching Mental Skills for Self - Esteem Enhancement in a Military Healthcare Setting Jon Hammermeister, Michael A. Pickering and LTC Carl J. Ohlson...The need exists for educational methods which can positively influence self - esteem , especially in demanding military healthcare settings. Warrior

  11. Drug Intoxicated Irregular Fighters: Complications, Dangers, and Responses (United States)


    with British, French, and American colonial armies. The Zulu warriors of Isandlwana cooked a cannabis broth, emboldening them and making them...Yet Full: Race, Tribe , and Power in the Heart of Africa, New York: Basic Books, 2001, p. 140. 39. Stephen Ellis, The Mask of Anarchy: The Destruction

  12. Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart": Teaching through the Novel. [Lesson Plan]. (United States)


    Chinua Achebe is one of Africa's best-known and most influential contemporary writers. His first novel, "Things Fall Apart," is a narrative about the European colonization of Africa told from the viewpoint of the colonized people. Published in 1958, the novel recounts the life of the warrior and village hero Okonkwo and describes the…

  13. Soomlaste Sampo jahvatab eestlaste ja hiinlaste jõul / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior". Film valmis Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöös 2006, režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila. Esilinastus Eestis 20. X kobarkinos

  14. DVD. Alar Niineväli soovitab / Alar Niineväli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niineväli, Alar


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav 2006.a. fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola

  15. Moessbauer Studies in Chinese Archaeology: A Review

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hsia Yuanfu; Huang Hongbo [Nanjing University, Department of Physics (China)


    The Moessbauer effect has been applied to a wide variety of objects related to Chinese archaeology. Besides ceramic artifacts, materials like porcelain, glazes, bronzes, ancient coins, ancient mineral drugs, and even fossils were studied. This article reviews these applications with particular emphasis on the study of the famous terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty.

  16. Mössbauer Studies in Chinese Archaeology: A Review (United States)

    Hsia, Yuanfu; Huang, Hongbo


    The Mössbauer effect has been applied to a wide variety of objects related to Chinese archaeology. Besides ceramic artifacts, materials like porcelain, glazes, bronzes, ancient coins, ancient mineral drugs, and even fossils were studied. This article reviews these applications with particular emphasis on the study of the famous terracotta warriors and horses of the Qin Dynasty.

  17. Epistemic Games (United States)

    Shaffer, David Williamson


    In an article in this issue of "Innovate", Jim Gee asks the question "What would a state of the art instructional video game look like?" Based on the game "Full Spectrum Warrior", he concludes that one model is "to pick [a] domain of authentic professionalism well, intelligently select the skills and knowledge to…

  18. Strategic Studies Quarterly. Volume 4, Number, Summer 2010 (United States)


    html. 68. Francis Fukuyama, "’Stateness’ First," Journal of Democracy 16, no. 1 (2005): 88. 69. Dobbins et al., Beginners Guide to Nation-Building, 255...USCENTCOM, "Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm," 6. For a flowchart explain- ing these relationships, see Khaled bin Sultan, Desert Warrior (New

  19. Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility Portal (United States)


    during the Empire Challenge 2008 and 2009 (EC08/09) field experiments and for numerous other field experiments of new technologies during Trident Warrior...Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora (EMNLP/ VLC -2000) (pp. 63–70). Retrieved from

  20. Energy from biomass and biofuels. Current market initiatives. Altener seminar, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26 May 1997

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Biomass, organic wastes, hydroelectric power, wind power and solar energy contribute to approximately 6% of the current energy demand in the European Union (EU). Goals are set by the EU to double this share in the energy production in the next decade. The EU Altener Programme aims to increase the use of renewables as source of energy, the trade in renewable energy products and related equipment and services, supporting a wide variety of projects, sector and market studies, events and technical standards. The Agricultural and Forestrial Biomass Network (AFB-Nett) promotes and stimulates, as part of the Altener Programme, the implementation and commercial exploitation of energy from biomass by the initiation of among other things business opportunities and information exchange. The AFB-Nett National Coordinator for the Netherlands, Novem, organised in this respect the title seminar. 85 participants from several European countries attended presentations covering the whole bio-energy chain: from information on biomass supply, through trade, logistics and pretreatment issues up to discussion on conversion technologies. It became clear to the audience that it is a necessary condition to take into account the total chain when developing projects in a specific field of this chain. However, non-technical aspects must be considered as well. Therefore, in developing business opportunities the challenge remains to connect all good project initiatives covering parts of the chain into a few 'whole-chain'-projects

  1. Human or superhuman: The concept of hero in ancient Greek religion and/in politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stevanović Lada


    Full Text Available The word hero appears in Greek language with a twofold meaning. On one hand it is used for denoting a divine being, who lived a mortal life, but after doing some great deed deserved to become god. On the other hand, the hero stands for great and brave warrior who is ready to give his life in order to gain immortal glory, and continue to live in the social sphere, in the memory of his descendants. Exactly this epic narrative survived and was exploited many times, as a very convenient and useful pattern in con strutting the ideal of brave warrior, ready to die for his country when necessary. I am going to requisition the relation between two meanings of the word hero, in order to get deeper insight in the meaning of this twofold term in the social and cultural context in which it appears, as a religious concept or as a narrative in war propaganda.

  2. Pederasty, heroism, and the family in classical Greece. (United States)

    Ungaretti, J R


    Male homosexuality in Classical Greece found its expression in relationships that conformed to a pederastic model. This socially endorsed hierarchical relationship between older lover and younger beloved can be understood as an integral part of the culture by examining the concept of heroism and of the ideal warrior/hero presented in the poems of Homer and discussed in classical literature. Pederasty functioned to support the family and the continued primacy of masculine values and ethics. There is evidence that by the Classical period, traditional views, formed on the model of the warrior/hero, were undergoing a weakening and confusion. Social critics of the time rediculed these weaknesses and urged a return to values that stressed the dominance and strength of the hero.

  3. Comparison between agricultural and urban ground-water quality in the Mobile River Basin (United States)

    Robinson, James L.


    The Black Warrior River aquifer is a major source of public water supply in the Mobile River Basin. The aquifer outcrop trends northwest - southeast across Mississippi and Alabama. A relatively thin shallow aquifer overlies and recharges the Black Warrior River aquifer in the flood plains and terraces of the Alabama, Coosa, Black Warrior, and Tallapoosa Rivers. Ground water in the shallow aquifer and the Black Warrior River aquifer is susceptible to contamination due to the effects of land use. Ground-water quality in the shallow aquifer and the shallow subcrop of the Black Warrior River aquifer, underlying an agricultural and an urban area, is described and compared. The agricultural and urban areas are located in central Alabama in Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa Counties. Row cropping in the Mobile River Basin is concentrated within the flood plains of major rivers and their tributaries, and has been practiced in some of the fields for nearly 100 years. Major crops are cotton, corn, and beans. Crop rotation and no-till planting are practiced, and a variety of crops are grown on about one-third of the farms. Row cropping is interspersed with pasture and forested areas. In 1997, the average farm size in the agricultural area ranged from 196 to 524 acres. The urban area is located in eastern Montgomery, Alabama, where residential and commercial development overlies the shallow aquifer and subcrop of the Black Warrior River aquifer. Development of the urban area began about 1965 and continued in some areas through 1995. The average home is built on a 1/8 - to 1/4 - acre lot. Ground-water samples were collected from 29 wells in the agricultural area, 30 wells in the urban area, and a reference well located in a predominately forested area. The median depth to the screens of the agricultural and urban wells was 22.5 and 29 feet, respectively. Ground-water samples were analyzed for physical properties, major ions, nutrients, and pesticides

  4. Feruidus Ille Canis: the Lore and Poetry of the Dog Star in Antiquity (United States)

    Ceragioli, Roger Charles


    The Dog Star, Sirius, appears in many important works of classical poetry. It also appears in numerous myths and several religious rituals. A complex body of folklore surrounds it and it had a paramount importance in agriculture. Yet no one has attempted a systematic analysis of Sirius' place in Greco-Roman art and thought. This thesis begins that analysis. The introductory chapter discusses the methodology and approach that the thesis takes to the evidence, and supplies essential background information on Sirius' place among the constellations and its relation to the physical environment of the Mediterranean. Chapter one explores Sirius' role in ancient warrior traditions. Sirius embodied the principle of cosmic heat, and through heat it was thought to cause rabies in dogs. The Greek word for rabies is lussa. But lussa also named the madness of warriors such as Achilles in the Iliad. Etymologically, lussa meant "wolfishness." Rabid dogs, wolves, and raging warriors all exhibit fiery heat as an integral part of their natures. It is argued that raging warriors, wolves, and rabid dogs were largely interchangeable entities for the Greeks. Thus when Hector and Achilles in their raging are compared to Sirius, the comparison reflects more than the likeness of their surface brilliance. Chapter two explores Sirius' connection to erotic themes in ancient poetry. Because erotic experience could be represented as a conflagration that might burn the lover into a frenzy, the fiery raging Dog Star was an appropriate symbolic accompaniment. Sirius itself experienced erotic frenzy when it became passionate for Opora (the ripe fruits of summer). Chapter three turns to Sirius' involvement in viticulture. Sirius was said to ripen the grapes, but was also conceived to have once been the faithful dog of Icarius, who first introduced wine-drinking among humans. The chapter explores Sirius' role in the myth of Icarius, and the relation of that myth to the erotic and martial sides of

  5. Potential Global Partners for Smaller-Scale Contingencies (United States)


    treatment centers where they can be attacked or 27 See “Soldier vs . Warrior: The Modern Mismatch,” by Ralph Peters, The Washington Post, 7 March 1999...assessment, technology innovation and entrepreneurship , quality control, and technology information. The fund also supports energy conservation and...bulletproof vests, or concertina wire. In other cases, auto dealers have exclusive franchise arrangements to provide special purpose vehicles for

  6. Southeast Asia: Problems and Prospects Held at Washington, DC on 4-5 December 1984. (United States)


    widespread. Burmese leaders may have sometimes been considered as " embryo Buddhas," but the military leader is equally a part of the Burman tradition. Kings...mentions Aung San as the reincarnation of King Alaungpaya (1752-1 760), the " embryo Buddha" who was as much warrior as religious leader, and Ne Win as...Vietnam which struck Cambodia. ASEAN supports the right of Cambodia to determine its own destiny . This problem is still unresolved because of Vietnam. Only

  7. A New Approach for Assessing the Needs of Service Members and Their Families (United States)


    their families. Nothing that I do as the Secretary of the Army is more important than this [emphasis added] ( Harvey , 2009). According to the address the physical, material, mental and spiritual needs of each member of the Total Army Family [emphasis added] ( Harvey and Schoomaker, 2006...Laurie Weinstein and Christie C. White, eds., Wives and Warriors: Women and the Military in the United States and Canada, Westport, Conn.: Greenwood

  8. Combat Conditioning: The Need for Stronger Marines (United States)


    pounds. This leads to overuse injuries that can reduce a unit’s combat effectiveness. Typically the injuries are isolated to the lower...extremities in the form of femoral and hip stress fractures. The way to avoid these types of injuries is to strengthen the muscles around these areas as...shows how the average weight carried by warriors has increased over time. 3 “ CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program

  9. Direction Finding Using Multiple MEMS Acoustic Sensors (United States)


    Technologies Boomerang Warrior-X. A shoulder-mounted device detects incoming fire and provides visual and/or audio announcement via speaker , earpiece or...panel, which is located inside the vehicle, alerts soldiers through an LED 12-hour clock image display panel and speaker mounted inside the vehicle...sensor was operated at the bending frequency due to its large amplitude of vibration . Because the bending mode is excited by the pressure gradient of

  10. The Impact of Technological Change on Military Manpower in the 21st Century (United States)


    discussed is John Naisbitt. His first book, Megatrends , [Ref. 12] drew much attention. He, along with co-author Patricia Aburdene, has recently updated...past. Naisbitt and Aburdene in the introduction to Megatrends 2000 [Ref. 13] said that these trends are on course but that at the beginning of the enhanced by employing technology to extend the soldier’s natural biological capabilities. The aim will be to send forward future warriors surrounded

  11. Αγιοσ Γεωργιοσ ο Γοργοσ: Η αλληγορικη ερμηνεια στην εννοιολογικη μεταλλαξη του επιθετου

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kacaros Vasilis


    Full Text Available The author of this article attempts to interpret the name “gorgos” associated with Saint George, utilizing data from the oldest tradition in conjunction with the historical environment in which revives the worship of the saint as equestrian Akrita warrior. The relationship of the rider hero with his warhorse raises the heroism of the military saints of the East, particularly of Cappadocia at a time when the bravery and the heroism of the lads of the Akritian circle is generally emerging. The combination akrita/soldier and farmer meets at the same person of Saint George, who later appears in the iconography, as protector of the water, highlighting the type of “dragonslayer”. As a formidable equestrian warrior, the Saint smites the enemies of Byzantium during the two wars that Constantine IX Monomachus conducts against the Patsinakoi, considering that Saint George stood firmly by his side. So George as “gorgos” warrior, is being adopted as the protector of the palace at whom the emperor dedicates the temple of the Mangana Palace. With the status of “protector” of the imperial house of Byzantium, Saint George becomes prostate symbol of the “royal house” and is being adopted in imitation, from the Serbian House of Nemanides, whose members lived in the environment of the capital of Byzantium and experienced customs and traditions of the Byzantine court and society. This explains the “transposition” of the worship of Saint George with the status of warrior - “gorgos” protector of Byzantium at the Serbian territory of the house of Nemanides and appears to resort in the monuments, accepting the great honor as “family saint protector” from the rulers of the dynasty that had multifarious relations with Byzantium.

  12. Staff Ride Handbook and Atlas Battle of White Bird Canyon 17 June 1877 (United States)


    were excellent horseman , skilled marksmen, and aggressive fighters. * The Army officers of 1878 (and modern historians) most times referred to the...leadership of the Wallowa band (numbering about 200 persons) upon the death of Old Chief Joseph in 1871. Joseph, along with the other four non-treaty...inebriated Warriors taunted Shore Crossing that his honor was stained and that he must avenge his father’s death . On the morning of the 14th of June

  13. Red Cloud’s War: An Insurgency Case Study for Modern Times (United States)


    region. All these tribes were master horseman , and over time became skilled and fearsome mounted warriors. It is important to note how much different...much of the land as ”sacred ground” to be defended to the death . The Powder River Country from the Big Horn Mountains to the Black Hills loomed large...too inviting for the hostiles, and running this daily gauntlet of death resulted in many casualties. On the other hand, one terrain advantage for

  14. Fritz Haber: Herói e Vilão ou as Duas Faces da Ciência


    Mendes, Paulo J.


    The industrial process of ammonia synthesis, which began about 100 years ago, has become an essential pillar of life on the planet due to its importance in the production of fertilizers. However, it was also supported the war machine, making it a form of life destruction. Connecting these two realities is an event - World War I - where scientific communities found themselves intertwined in the promotion and development of new weapons, and a leader - Fritz Haber - a scientist-warrior, whose 80...

  15. Institutionalized Crucible Experiences within Intermediate-Level Education (United States)


    provide open minded and resilient participants a chance to learn from difference, prevail over darkness , meet great expectations, and grow in the...can be summed up by General George Washington’s quote, “Discipline is the soul of an Army.”54 The warrior ethos trait of cohesion represents the...significant deliberation and soul searching, Vagelos displayed unprecedented confidence in his company, its future, the quality of his intracompany

  16. Air & Space Power Journal. Volume 22, Number 3, Fall 2008 (United States)


    5 Lt Gen Stephen G . Wood, USAF Maj Christopher A . Johnson, DM , USAF...Lt Gen Stephen G. Wood, USAF MAj ChriStopher A. johnSon, dM , USAF Today nearly 28,000 american warriors stand shoulder to shoulder with our...their book with a crisp sum- mary of military strategy and war between the eigh- teenth and late twentieth centuries to show that al- though the practices

  17. Patient to Health Team Communications Preferences and Perceptions of Secure Messaging (United States)


    FROM: 59 MDW/SGYU SUBJECT: Professional Presentation Approval 18 APR 20 17 1. Your paper, entitled Patient to Health Team Communications Preferences...and Perceptions of Secure Messaging presented at/publi shed to 2017 Triscrvice Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Dissemination I ication/presentation efforts. ~~l,USAf, BSC Director, C linical Investigatio ns & Research Support Warrior Medics - Mission Ready - Patient

  18. Teutoburg Forest, Little Bighorn, and Maiwand: Why Superior Military Forces Sometimes Fail (United States)


    Dalit Martial Race in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India ." The Journal of Asian Studies (2001): 439-478. Donovan, James. A Terrible...tactics that eventually evolved were for the army to attack the Indian camps, where the warriors would be forced to defend their women , children...globe. A particular point of interest for the Empire was India , where a large military 83 presence protected a vested economic interest in the area

  19. Healing The Operational Environment: Encouraging Mental Health Help-Seeking Behavior (United States)


    environment, also referred to as work place environment. When combined with the existing commander’s mental health “ toolkit ” these changes will...self-image when asking for help and the military’s cultural image of the “warrior ethos,” concerns over impact to career , command climate, and the...confidentiality and career impacts are a significant concern for service members as well. Confidentiality and career impacts are concerns for Airmen who may

  20. Conceptions of warlike angels in literature of the late Second Temple period


    Michalak, Aleksander Roman


    The work begins with a chapter that presents the various traditions concerning "angelic" warriors in the Hebrew Bible. In this context, we have investigated the two main biblical traditions: the council of gods and the Angel of Yahweh. It can be demonstrated that both these traditions were connected with martiality, which might have influenced later speculations about warlike angels. The second chapter deals with the various Second Temple beliefs concerning the principal angels, angelic hiera...

  1. Human Electro-Muscular Incapacitation (HEMI) Use in the Military/Applicability Across the Full Spectrum of Operations (United States)


    be characterized by poor employment which negated the effects of the technology as probes either missed the target or they did not provide a good ...inflammatory agent derived from the essence of cayenne or chili peppers. The effects of OC are more physiological than psychological and work well...have positive use no matter the type of battlefield. HEM I technology will give our front line warrior better tools to effectively carry out their job

  2. Challenges to Malaysia’s National Security (United States)


    royal regatta escorted by loyal Chinese warriors and accompanied by charming maids.4 This event was the beginning of the present " Baba and Nyonya ...Century there were two distinct groups of Chinese in Malaya. One consisted of the Baba - Nyonya or Straits Chinese, born and lived for the most part in...the Straits Settlements of Melaka and Penang Island, where their ancestors had come to enjoy the British law and order. The Babas (males) and the

  3. 2017 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium and Exhibition. Held in North Bethesda, MD on 8-9 August 2017. (United States)


    45 AM Keynote Address: Technology Innovation to Counter Improvised Threats and DTRA Integration Update • LTG Michael Shields, USA, Director...10:00 AM Networking Break EOD Silent Auction Opens Salons A-E 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM JIDO Technology Outreach Session: JIDO Overview and Counter...SYMPOSIUM & EXHIBITION AUGUST 7-9, 2017 AGENDA 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM EODWF State of the Foundation and Warrior Panel: Personal Stories of Growth

  4. Leadership training in Endocrinology fellowship A survey of program directors and recent graduates (United States)


    Program Directors and Recent Graduates presented at/ published to SAMHS and Universities Research Forum (SURF) 2017, San Antonio, TX 16 June 2017 m...Research Division may pay for your basic journal publishing charges (to include costs for tables and black and white photos). We cannot pay for...efforts. LINDA STEEL-GOODWIN, Col, USAF, BSC Director , Clinical Investigations & Research Support Warrior Medics - Mission Ready - Patient Focused

  5. Virtual realities: The use of violent video games in U.S. military recruitment and treatment of mental disability caused by war


    John Derby


    This article critically analyzes the U.S. military's contradictory use of violent video gaming technologies for recruiting young gamers to the military, training soldiers for combat, and clinically treating soldiers for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by military service. Using a Disability Studies lens, I discuss the commercial video game Full Spectrum Leader/Warrior, the U.S. Army's free video game America's Army, and the virtual reality exposure therapy application Virtual Iraq...

  6. Owning the Environment: Stealth Soldier - Research Outline (United States)


    mythology (e.g., Dunningam and Nofi, 1995). The wooden horse, with a concealed squad of 30 Greek warriors, had been brought to the city of Troy as a...sneak through the passage of Chencang (decoy). The most well-known act of deception in the ancient times was the Trojan horse described in Greek ...war trophy and led to the destruction of Troy after a fruitless 10-year siege of the city by the Greek army. Another ancient example of similar

  7. Recovering Servicemembers and Veterans: Sustained Leadership Attention and Systematic Oversight Needed to Resolve Persistent Problems Affecting Care and Benefits (United States)


    Freedom OND Operation New Dawn PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder RCP Recovery Coordination Program Recovering Warrior...Hotel Aftermath,” Washington Post (Washington, D.C.: Feb. 19, 2007); and “ Hospital Investigates Former Aid Chief,” Washington Post (Washington, D.C...the Federal Recovery Coordination Program (FRCP), the Recovery Coordination Program ( RCP ), and the Interagency Program Office. (See fig. 1.) Figure 1

  8. Defeating the Modern Asymmetric Threat (United States)


    The warrior caste, for instance, played a role in keeping royalty in check. The highest caste to which Sinhalese could belong was the cultivator...1500s the Tamil kingdom defended the island from Indian encroachment. However, the Tamils would not stop two invasions by a Malaysian 14 Buddhist...king hell bent on capturing the Buddha’s tooth from the Sinhalese. The Malaysians did not succeed, but the Tamil indifference angered the Chinese Ming

  9. Contribution of Female Entrepreneurs in Promoting Local Food to Support Tourism in Bali


    Putu Sucita Yanthy; N. Darma Putra; I Komang Gde Bendesa


    This study analyzed the contributions of Balinese female entrepreneurs in the culinary industry in promoting local food to support tourism in Bali. Research was undertaken in the area of Bali province and data were obtained from observations, interviews and study of literature supported by the theory of invented tradition. Eight Balinese warrior of culinaries were interviewed supported by food bloggers, literature reviews and documentation. Data were analyzed based on descriptive qualitative....

  10. Characterization of Vertical Impact Device Acceleration Pulses Using Parametric Assessment: Phase IV Dual Impact Pulses (United States)


    support contractor , Infoscitex, conducted a series of tests to identify the performance capabilities of the Vertical Impact Device (VID) and the Warrior...Impact Response: Test Series 1 Data Summary for Carriage Test Cell VID Carriage Programmer Drop Ht . (in) Mean Velocity Change (m/s) Mean...Table 6. VID Impact Response: Test Series 1 Data Summary for Seat Pan Test Cell VID Carriage Programmer Drop Ht . (in) Mean Velocity

  11. For the Common Defense of Cyberspace: Implications of a US Cyber Militia on Department of Defense Cyber Operations (United States)


    the Common Defense of Cyberspace: Implications of a US Cyber Militia on Department of Defense Cyber Operations 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT ...20130423/ NEWS/304230016/Navy-wants-1-000-more-cyber-warriors. 33 Edward Cardon , “Army Cyber Capabilities” (Lecture, Advanced Operations Course...Finally, once a cyber security professional is trained, many argue, to include the head of Army’s Cyber Command, Lieutenant General Edward Cardon

  12. Defense AT&L (Volume 36, Number 1, January-February 2007) (United States)


    Requirements Oversight Coun- cil-approved Ground Soldier System—the next version of Land Warrior, which supports Future Combat Systems and future force...servicemembers, and enhancing medical situational awareness for operational com- manders. Headquartered at Fort Detrick, Md., MC4 is under the oversight ...which I have re- trained myself to work around. He often works from home using telecommuting capa- bilities. A special telephone and voice-activated com

  13. U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory Annual Progress Report Fiscal Year 2010 (United States)


    JAIWG planned the first of a series of generic hull blast events to gather public-release data for use by industry and academic leaders in the field of...standard for en route care equipment. During FY10, two meetings were held with participation from the medical device industry and various...bright and dark environments. Increasing the use of protective eyewear by ground Warriors enhances their safety and facilitates mission completion

  14. Virtual Impact: Leveraging Citizen Airmen’s Complementary Skills For Increased Cyber Mission Effectiveness (United States)


    A well-regulated militia was advocated by Washington, Jefferson, and Madison, and attempts were made to enable a law to insure an effective...Shadow Warriors: OSS and the Origins of the CIA, 11–12, 15, 21. The now known to be myth of Germany fifth column activities were persuasive enough...contractually, yet re-sell their CRAF flights. The combined impacts of deregulation and corporate financing require predictability in the “fixed buy

  15. Strategic Usefulness of Conventional Force/Special Operations Force Interdependence in Irregular Warfare (United States)


    surgical strike missions, often deep in denied territory like the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan or counterterrorism raids in Yemen . “Surgical strike...70 Rothstein, “Less is More,” 283. 71 Alexander George and Andrew Bennett, Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences... Media Network, September 16, 2011. 75 Ibid. 76 Max Boot, War Made New: Weapons, Warriors, and the Making of the Modern World (New York: Penguin

  16. Femme Fatale: An Examination of the Role of Women in Combat and the Policy Implications for Future American Military Operations (United States)


    Amazons . The mention of the word evokes images of tall, strong combative women who abandoned femininity and the protection of male companions as their own tribe . Most assume that these are merely mythical tales about female warriors yet greater writers such as Homer and Plato described a... tribe of these women living in the southern areas of the former Soviet Union.2 Archeological evidence supports the idea that women participated in

  17. Troubled Partnership. A History of U.S.-Japan Collaboration on the (United States)


    and intellectual contributions of Project AIR FORCE managers, particularly Michael Kennedy, Dennis Smallwood , Jeff Drezner, and Robert Roll. Cindy...June 14-20, 1993b. Lerner, Preston, "Stall Tactics," Air & Space, April/May 1991. Levin, Norman D., Japan’s Changing Defense Posture, Santa...Monica, Calif: RAND, N-2739-OSD, 1988. Levin, Norman D., Mark Lorell, and Arthur Alexander, The Wary Warriors: Future Directions in Japanese Security

  18. Fang and Feather: The Origin of Avian-Serpent Imagery at Teotihuacan and Symbolic Interaction With Jaguar Iconography in Mesoamerica


    Math, Kathryn


    The central Mexican city of Teotihuacan rose to prominence in the last century BC and lasted for six hundred years. The civic plan was arranged around two main perpendicular avenues. This north-south axis was lined with temples and public monuments. By the third century AD, population was housed in apartment compounds, all precisely aligned with the overarching grid plan (Manzanilla, 1999). On the walls were murals depicting ornately dressed administrators, armor-clad warriors, and fantastic ...

  19. Naval Medical R and D News. Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2016 (United States)


    scars that may manifest as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Military leaders and medical personnel were quick to realize that...shock, which can be life threatening. (cont.) Full Article NAMRU-2 Scientists Highlight Ongoing Dengue Research in Cambodia at ASTMH...Full Article Beyond the Battlefield: Using Research to Improve Wounded Warrior Care and Quality of Life (Cover) ASTMH - NMRC and WRAIR Work

  20. North Korea’s Provocation and Escalation Calculus: Dealing with the Kim Jong-un Regime (United States)


    regime. “The Interview” In the early 2000s, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg conceived of a plot for a comic take on the assassination of a world...responsible for the education and training of the regime’s cyber warriors.55  The State Security Department’s (secret police) communications monitoring young and lacks the expansive and deep education his father had before taking the reins of power. This has created a certain narrative in the

  1. Should the United States Create an American Foreign Legion? (United States)


    Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbor would end protests over French nuclear testing in the South Pacific...the lower economic strata from conservative states willing to assume the risks of deployment in exchange for the career benefits and adventure of 8...Army advances into South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The largest of these tribal groups were the Montagnards who became close allies with U.S. Forces

  2. Taira no Atsumori or melancholic ahimshā as “cold steel”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Cid Lucas


    Full Text Available In this article we will examine the personality of one of the most important characters in Heike monogatari, the young samurai Taira no Atsumori, and his view of the war and the trade of warrior. Likewise, we will focus on how this historic character is portrayed in some Noh plays, in which his tormented soul refused epics chants and honors achieved in the battlefield, in the search of its eternal rest through religious path.

  3. In Contact! Case Studies from the Long War. Volume I (United States)


    lull, Bellavia called his platoon sergeant, Cantrell, on his radio. Cantrell, who was not with Meno, immediately responded yelling into the mike <>, accessed 12 June 2006. 3. Mike Tucker, Among Warriors in Iraq: True Grit, Special Ops, and...SGT Kennedy SPC Detman SPC Hubbard SPC Graff SPC Harris SPC Rullo SPC Kinzer SPC Sharples SPC Heesacker SPC Birkel SPC Schrad Regulator 3 SSG Castro SPC

  4. Adult Stem Cell Based Enhancement of Nerve Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Repair (United States)


    accompanied by injuries to peripheral nerves; if not repaired, the trauma can lead to significant dysfunction and disability . While nerves have the ability to...recovery, minimized disability , and increased quality of life for our wounded warriors. 2. KEYWORDS: Stem Cell, Nerve Conduit, Peripheral Nerve...would be a paradigm shift away from ordering X-rays at 10-12 weeks and only ordering a CT scan. It has the potential to change the standard of care

  5. The Utility of Military Deception During Counterinsurgency (United States)


    ZAPU constituency was part of the Matabeles ( Zulu ) warrior class ( tribe ) that dominated the Shona tribes in pre-colonial times. Thus their...MILDEC is useful to counterinsurgents. In particular, the most effective deceptions in counterinsurgent history involve the prudent use of pseudo...In particular, the most effective deceptions in counterinsurgent history involve the prudent use of pseudo operators who are able to generate

  6. The Battle of Tanga, German East Africa 1914 (United States)


    the British to recruit the initial expeditionary force from recently demobilized Sudanese soldiers in Cairo and Zulu warriors from Mozambique.8 Wissmann...operations in the coastal areas. The Germans benefited greatly from the use of the Sudanese and Zulus in the expeditionary force. As they were not...1889-1890 against the coastal Arabs and tribes in the interior. As the campaigns transitioned from securing the coastal areas to securing the caravan

  7. Alone of all her sex? The Dutch Jeanne Merkus and the hitherto hidden other viragos in the Balkans during the great eastern crisis (1875-1878)


    Grémaux René


    This paper deals with the question as to whether the well-reported Dutch volunteer warrior Jeanne Merkus was indeed the sole female fighter at the time of the anti-Ottoman rebellions and the wars in the Balkan Peninsula from 1875 to 1878, when the Great Eastern Crisis raged. While this rich outlandish lady - who has only recently earned her official biography - attracted much attention from the contemporary press, and later often surfaced in memoirs of sort...

  8. Heroes between materiality and myth

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærboe, Rasmus


    The most significant Danish warrior burial is arguably the Memorial Grove in Ryvangen for members of the Danish resistance movement during World War II. This article places the memorial within Danish history and the reception of WWII and argues for its particular qualities as a modernist re-worki...... aspects of identity and collective memory for both individuals and Danish society. Future uses of the site can either go in the direction of recreation or toward immersive education....

  9. Association Between Fish Oil Consumption and the Incidence of Mental Health Issues Among Active Duty Military Personnel (United States)


    Champagne , 2012). The 14 study, which is still currently ongoing with a completion date of 2020, consists of 72 men and women from age 18–40...leads to improved cognitive response, satiety, and fitness levels ( Champagne , 2012). F. SUMMARY For every article published saying omega-3 is...optimal warrior performance. Military Medicine, 179(11), 176–180. Retrieved from Champagne , C. (2012). The Optimum Omega-3 (003

  10. Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction to Address Soldiers’ Learning Needs (United States)


    combat leader follow this sequence. 3 See Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks, Warrior Leader Skills Level 2, 3, 4 ( STP 21-24-SMCT), September 2008... market segment for these companies is very competitive, so they have strong incentive to innovate new features and capabilities. The version of... market , or supported in current versions of the software. Similar compatibility problems can arise when existing IMI is extracted from an LMS.6

  11. The Battle of the Rosebud Crook’s Campaign of 1876 (United States)


    supplied encouragement at long distant rates. Finally, thanks to my family, Teresa, Josh, and David , who had to sneak by my study, sacrificing family time...young warrior, Crazy Horse led the decoy force that lured Captain William J. Fetterman and eighty soldiers into Red Cloud’s ambush near Fort Phil...Kearny. The Fetterman masacre eventually led to the Treaty of 1868.8 By 1875, when the winds of war were blowing again, Crazy Horse was recognized as the

  12. How Many Feathers for the War Bonnet? A Groundwork for Distributing the Planning Function in Objectives Force Units of Employment (United States)


    22/02; David Tate, “VR in the Field: Hunter Warrior & JCOS/MCM Situational Awareness Using the Virtual Reality Responsive Workbench;” available from... Fetterman Union-Pacific Railroad N. Platte River Missouri River Missouri River Yellowstone River Bighorn R. Black Hills Powder R. Little Missouri R... Fetterman on March 1, 1876, and made contact with a Sioux band on the Powder River two weeks later. However, the lead Unit of Action failed to defeat

  13. Automated disposal of produced water from a coalbed methane well field, a case history

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Luckianow, B.J.; Findley, M.L.; Paschal, W.T.


    This paper provides an overview of the automated disposal system for produced water designed and operated by Taurus Exploration, Inc. This presentation draws from Taurus' case study in the planning, design, construction, and operation of production water disposal facilities for the Mt. Olive well field, located in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama. The common method for disposing of water produced from coalbed methane wells in the Warrior Basin is to discharge into a receiving stream. The limiting factor in the discharge method is the capability of the receiving stream to assimilate the chloride component of the water discharged. During the winter and spring, the major tributaries of the Black Warrior River are capable of assimilating far more production water than operations can generate. During the summer and fall months, however, these same tributaries can approach near zero flow, resulting in insufficient flow for dilution. During such periods pumping shut-down within the well field can be avoided by routing production waters into a storage facility. This paper discusses the automated production water disposal system on Big Sandy Creek designed and operated by Taurus. This system allows for continuous discharge to the receiving stream, thus taking full advantage of Big Sandy Creek's assimilative capacity, while allowing a provision for excess produced water storage and future stream discharge

  14. [Lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema and bullous pulmonary emphysema]. (United States)

    Le Pimpec-Barthes, F; Das Neves-Pereira, J-C; Cazes, A; Arame, A; Grima, R; Hubsch, J-P; Zukerman, C; Hernigou, A; Badia, A; Bagan, P; Delclaux, C; Dusser, D; Riquet, M


    The improvement of respiratory symptoms for emphysematous patients by surgery is a concept that has evolved over time. Initially used for giant bullae, this surgery was then applied to patients with diffuse microbullous emphysema. The physiological and pathological concepts underlying these surgical procedures are the same in both cases: improve respiratory performance by reducing the high intrapleural pressure. The functional benefit of lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) in the severe diffuse emphysema has been validated by the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) and the later studies which allowed to identify prognostic factors. The quality of the clinical, morphological and functional data made it possible to develop recommendations now widely used in current practice. Surgery for giant bullae occurring on little or moderately emphysematous lung is often a simpler approach but also requires specialised support to optimize its results. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  15. La dévotion aux âmes du purgatoire à Rio de Janeiro


    Augras, Monique


    La dévotion aux âmes du purgatoire est particulièrement vive à Rio de Janeiro. A peu près tolérée par l’Église catholique, elle réunit, chaque lundi, un nombre assez considérable de personnes qui viennent prier, allumer un cierge et déposer diverses offrandes afin de se ménager l’appui des « âmes » pour résoudre les problèmes les plus pressants. A la différence des saints du paradis, dont les vertus les éloignent peut-être du commun des gens, la dévotion aux âmes semble s’appuyer sur une nett...

  16. Biomass and waste to energy. Financial incentives for renewables. Altener workshop

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Van Halen, C.; Kwant, K.W.


    The title workshop was organised by Novem in cooperation with its partners in the Altener Waste for Energy (WfE) network, and AFB-Nett (Agricultural and Forestry Biomass Network). Almost 100 participants from 13 European countries attended the workshop. The aim of the workshop was to explore the industrial potential, to discuss mutual differences and financial barriers that appear still to be present. The morning session of the workshop included country presentations of existing national financial incentives to support renewable energy. In the afternoon session three 'Dutch cases' were presented, followed by a presentation of the results of a European comparison, commissioned by Novem. The second part of the afternoon was reserved for an 'in-depth' plenary panel discussion, e.g. on best practices, new instruments, potential and need for harmonization

  17. Sustainable driving with natural gas. Economic feasibility. Section report 2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kooistra, K.; De Vries, R.


    The economic feasibility of driving on compressed natural gas (CNG) was studied for the northern part of the Netherlands (provinces Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen). Data from interviews with three car fleet owners, which apply CNG, are used for a calculation model. Also interviews were held with seven organizations which might want to apply CNG for their vehicles. For each of the seven organizations the nett present value (NPV) of switching to CNG was calculated by means of the model. Also, a sensitivity analysis and a scenario analysis were carried out to determine the dependency of the NCW for several variables. Based on the results of those analyses an acceptable price for CNG was calculated and discussed [nl

  18. La situation des principaux organismes d’assurance en 2013.


    Bernard R.; Rose M.; Valade P.


    Sur la base d’un échantillon représentatif des organismes d’assurance-vie et non-vie, il apparaît que les assureurs ont poursuivi en 2013 le rétablissement de leurs comptes en dépit d’un environnement macroéconomique resté morose. En assurance vie, la collecte nette est redevenue positive à + 5.1 GEUR après une décollecte de -8.1 GEUR en 2012. Les bonnes performances se sont également matérialisées dans le résultat qui a progressé de 20%. Le rendement sur capitaux propres progresse également ...

  19. Annexe 13. Jauge UMS



    Source : IETM 21.09.99 Ancienne jauge d’Oslo de 1947 La jauge d’un navire est sa capacité volumétrique intérieure, exprimée en tonneau de jauge valant 2,83 m3 ou 100 ft3. Jauge brute = approximativement volume principal sous le pont de tonnage, c.-à-d. : pont complet continu immédiatement au dessous du pont supérieur. Jauge nette = volume total des locaux fermés utilisables commercialement, c.-à-d. : jauge brute moins les espaces propres à la conduite, à la machine et à l’équipage. La jauge s...

  20. Amélioration continue des performances sur chantier par optimisation des zones de stockage et d’approvisionnement


    de Hemptinne, Antoine; Lassaux, Raphaël


    L’industrie de la construction est un moteur important de l’économie belge. Elle emploie des milliers de personnes à travers le pays et la nette croissance enregistrée pour l’année 2016 nous donne un aperçu de la bonne santé de ce secteur. Les récents résultats à court terme nous font cependant parfois oublier un constat moins réjouissant et valable depuis 20 ans : le secteur de la construction sou re d’un important retard en terme de productivité comparé aux autres branches du se...

  1. Etude pilote par PET/CT de la réponse à l'ipilimumab dans le traitement du mélanome métastatique.


    Rochat, N.


    0 Abstract L'incidence du mélanome est en nette augmentation en Europe et aux Etats-Unis. La Chirurgie peut être curative au stade précoce de la maladie,la radiothérapie se pratique À visée palliative, les chimiothérapies n'ont montré que peu d'effet. Les progress actuels se font via l'immunothérapie. Des traitements par l'interleukine-2 et l'interféron-α se sont montrés efficaces chez certains patients, mais leur utilisation est limitée par leur forte toxicité. Depuis 201...

  2. Associations of IL6 polymorphisms with lung function decline and COPD (United States)

    He, Jian-Qing; Foreman, Marilyn G.; Shumansky, Karey; Zhang, Xuekui; Akhabir, Loubna; Sin, Don D; Man, S F Paul; DeMeo, Dawn L.; Litonjua, Augusto A.; Silverman, Edwin K.; Connett, John E; Anthonisen, Nicholas R; Wise, Robert A; Paré, Peter D; Sandford, Andrew J


    Background Interleukin-6 (IL6) is a pleiotropic pro-inflammatory and immunomodulatory cytokine which likely plays an important role in the pathogenesis of COPD. There is a functional single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), −174G/C, in the promoter region of IL6. We hypothesized that IL6 SNPs influence susceptibility for impaired lung function and COPD in smokers. Methods Seven and 5 SNPs in IL6 were genotyped in two nested case-control samples derived from the Lung Health Study (LHS) based on phenotypes of rate of decline of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) over 5 years and baseline FEV1 at the beginning of the LHS. Serum IL6 concentrations were measured for all subjects. A partially overlapping panel of 9 IL6 SNPs was genotyped in 389 COPD cases from the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) and 420 controls from the Normative Aging Study (NAS). Results In the LHS, three IL6 SNPs were associated with FEV1 decline (0.023 ≤ P ≤ 0.041 in additive models). Among them the IL6_−174C allele was associated with rapid decline of lung function. The association was more significant in a genotype-based analysis (P = 0.006). In the NETT-NAS study, IL6_−174G/C and four other IL6 SNPs, all of which are in linkage disequilibrium with IL6_−174G/C, were associated with susceptibility to COPD (0.01 ≤ P ≤ 0.04 in additive genetic models). Conclusion Our results suggest that the IL6_−174G/C SNP is associated with rapid decline of FEV1 and susceptibility to COPD in smokers. PMID:19359268

  3. Recovery Act. Sub-Soil Gas and Fluid Inclusion Exploration and Slim Well Drilling, Pumpernickel Valley, Nevada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fairbank, Brian D. [Nevada Geothermal Power Company, Las Vegas, NV (United States)


    Nevada Geothermal Power Company (NGP) was awarded DOE Award DE-EE0002834 in January 2010 to conduct sub-soil gas and fluid inclusion studies and slim well drilling at its Black Warrior Project (now known as North Valley) in Washoe and Churchill Counties, Nevada. The project was designed to apply highly detailed, precise, low-cost subsoil and down-hole gas geochemistry methods from the oil and gas industry to identify upflow zone drilling targets in an undeveloped geothermal prospect. NGP ran into multiple institutional barriers with the Black Warrior project relating to property access and extensive cultural survey requirement. NGP requested that the award be transferred to NGP’s Pumpernickel Valley project, due to the timing delay in obtaining permits, along with additional over-budget costs required. Project planning and permit applications were developed for both the original Black Warrior location and at Pumpernickel. This included obtaining proposals from contractors able to conduct required environmental and cultural surveying, designing the two-meter probe survey methodology and locations, and submitting Notices of Intent and liaising with the Bureau of Land Management to have the two-meter probe work approved. The award had an expiry date of April 30, 2013; however, due to the initial project delays at Black Warrior, and the move of the project from Black Warrior to Pumpernickel, NGP requested that the award deadline be extended. DOE was amenable to this, and worked with NGP to extend the deadline. However, following the loss of the Blue Mountain geothermal power plant in Nevada, NGP’s board of directors changed the company’s mandate to one of cash preservation. NGP was unable to move forward with field work on the Pumpernickel property, or any of its other properties, until additional funding was secured. NGP worked to bring in a project partner to form a joint venture on the property, or to buy the property. This was unsuccessful, and NGP notified

  4. Geographic information system (GIS)-based maps of Appalachian basin oil and gas fields: Chapter C.2 in Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: distribution, geologic framework, and geochemical character (United States)

    Ryder, Robert T.; Kinney, Scott A.; Suitt, Stephen E.; Merrill, Matthew D.; Trippi, Michael H.; Ruppert, Leslie F.; Ryder, Robert T.


    One of the more recent maps of Appalachian basin oil and gas fields (and the adjoining Black Warrior basin) is the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) compilation by Mast and others (1998) (see Trippi and others, this volume, chap. I.1). This map is part of a larger oil and gas field map for the conterminous United States that was derived by Mast and others (1998) from the Well History Control System (WHCS) database of Petroleum Information, Inc. (now IHS Energy Group). Rather than constructing the map from the approximately 500,000 proprietary wells in the Appalachian and Black Warrior part of the WHCS database, Mast and others (1998) subdivided the region into a grid of 1-mi2 (square mile) cells and allocated an appropriate type of hydrocarbon production (oil production, gas production, oil and gas production, or explored but no production) to each cell. Each 1-mi2 cell contains from 0 to 5 or more exploratory and (or) development wells. For example, if the wells in the 1-mi2 cell consisted of three oil wells, one gas well, and one dry well, then the cell would be characterized on the map as an area of oil and gas production. The map by Mast and others (1998) accurately shows the distribution and types of hydrocarbon accumulation in the Appalachian and Black Warrior basins, but it does not show the names of individual fields. To determine the locality and name of individual oil and gas fields, one must refer to State oil and gas maps (for example, Harper and others, 1982), which are generally published at scales of 1:250,000 or 1:500,000 (see References Cited), and (or) published journal articles.

  5. Metaphysic of anthropotheism in genealogy of Nazi-supermans-mythology (on materials of Heidegger’s analysis of Nietzsche’s ethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Je. V. Rahmaylov


    Full Text Available E. Junger was asked to design social neoantropology, called the theory of total mobilization was aimed at resolving the contradictions of modernism and the need to construct the total social fabric of life . As such, the community was declared a working community. The authors also developed a typology of the masses. During the processing of military experience E. Junger allocated antropotyp warrior radykalized and mythologized by the author, who by fire and sword was intended to clear the way for a new social world. Fusion warrior with technology aiming at the formation of the next type, which has incorporated features such as warrior ­ worker as a representant of a new era. If the sense of modernism technique was instrumental character, E. Junger lifted her to the organic fusion of man, creating a social image tehnolyudyny and totalitarian community that would meet the technological relationship to the person by the authorities. Worker, by E. Jnger, claiming the global spread of its domination goes beyond modernism characteristic classes, states, nation­state boundaries. Individuals are too fragile to cope with the devastating process of changing the old with new values. The person must give the totality of the workflow. Human Dignity is a new era of substitutability and functionality. This need resulted in the characterization reflection of social atomism and fragmentation as a consequence of radical modernization. The ideal of working age in the image E. Junger is typical of a lack of self­ filling, the cause of which is the negation of these ideals modernist ideals.

  6. Coal seam gas-supply and impact on U.S. markets and Canadian producers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kelafant, J.


    The basic ways in which coalbed methane differs from natural gas are described. Coalbed methane is stored at a higher capacity in the coal seam, has a different production curve, and exploration costs are lower. Comparing a conventional gas well having 2 billion ft 3 reserves with coalbed methane wells in the San Juan and Warrior basins, gas from the conventional well costs $1.90 per 1,000 ft 3 and methane from the San Juan and Warrior wells costs $1.50 and $2.40 per 1,000 ft 3 respectively. A 90 cent per 1,000 ft 3 tax credit on coalbed methane reduces the two latter costs significantly and is without doubt the driving force behind the coalbed methane industry in some areas. Examples from the Warrior and San Juan basins are described to illustrate the technology driven economics of coalbed methane. Substantial improvements in gas production can be achieved by such means as multiple seam completion technologies, improved well stimulation, optimum well spacing, and the use of cavitation completion. Technically recoverable coalbed methane resources in the USA are estimated at 145 trillion ft 3 , concentrated in the western coal basins. At a wellhead price of $2 per 1,000 ft 3 , the economically recoverable potential is ca 13 trillion ft 3 . Examining future production potential, by developing new technologies or bringing more basins on stream, production could be increased to ca 3 billion ft 3 /d in the late 1990s. It is suggested that the increased volumes of coalbed methane have had minimal impact on gas prices. 9 figs., 12 tabs

  7. Virtual realities: The use of violent video games in U.S. military recruitment and treatment of mental disability caused by war

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Derby


    Full Text Available This article critically analyzes the U.S. military's contradictory use of violent video gaming technologies for recruiting young gamers to the military, training soldiers for combat, and clinically treating soldiers for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD caused by military service. Using a Disability Studies lens, I discuss the commercial video game Full Spectrum Leader/Warrior, the U.S. Army's free video game America's Army, and the virtual reality exposure therapy application Virtual Iraq. I also discuss missions and omissions from the literature on these gaming technologies, which bolsters the underlying ableism of military culture that inhibits soldiers from recovering from PTSD.

  8. The Combat with Short Edged Weapons in Persian SwordsmanshiP


    Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani


    The combat with short-edged weapons has a long tradition in Iran. There are several traditional types of Persian knives and daggers. They can generally be classified into three main categories that were used by Persian warriors in close cambat: kārd (knife), xanjar (dagger), and pišqabz (a type of knife/dagger with an S-shaped blade). The pišqabz was also called dešne. The following article presents these different weapons, analyzing their basic features and variations, the way of carrying an...

  9. Literary Cross-dressing: Jane Addams Finds her Voice in Democracy and Social Ethics


    Joslin, Katherine


    In 1881 Jane Addams dressed herself, rhetorically speaking, as Cassandra to dramatize the fate of the first generation of American women to graduate from college. Standing before her classmates at Rockford Female Seminary, she cast the new woman as the mythic Greek heroine: «The frail girl stood conscious of Truth but she had no logic to convince the impatient defeated warriors, and no facts to gain their confidence, she could only assert and proclaim until at last in sooth she becomes mad.» ...

  10. "Polite People" and Military Meekness: the Attributes of Military Ethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel V. Didov


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the phenomenon of "polite people" from the point of view of the history and theory of ethical thought. Identify and specify ethical principles that form the basis of military courtesy. On the basis of the revealed regularities, the study proves that ethics is impossible without a certain power attributes, which constitute its core. In relation to the traditions of Russian warriors revealed the key role to their formation of the Orthodox ethics and the military of meekness. The obtained results can serve as material for educational activities for the formation of fighting spirit.

  11. Persian fencing techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani


    Full Text Available There are numerous manuscripts, poems and stories that describe, specifically and in detail, the different techniques used in Persian swordsmanship. The present article explains the origins and the techniques of Persian swordsmanship. The article also describes the traditional code of conduct for Persian warriors. Additionally, it describes an array of techniques that were deployed in actual combat in Iran’s history. Some of these techniques are represented via the miniatures that are reproduced herein. This is the first article on Persian swordsmanship published in any periodical.

  12. The Combat with Short Edged Weapons in Persian SwordsmanshiP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani


    Full Text Available The combat with short-edged weapons has a long tradition in Iran. There are several traditional types of Persian knives and daggers. They can generally be classified into three main categories that were used by Persian warriors in close cambat: kārd (knife, xanjar (dagger, and pišqabz (a type of knife/dagger with an S-shaped blade. The pišqabz was also called dešne. The following article presents these different weapons, analyzing their basic features and variations, the way of carrying and unsheathing them, and the corresponding techniques of use of each weapon.

  13. Responsibility Determinations of Department of Defense Environmental Cleanup Contractors: Caveat Vendori (United States)


    civil disobedience, even anarchy, Rik Scarce, ECO- WARRIORS: UNDERSTANDING THE RADICAL ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT, 5, 55, & 87 (1990). Others are less...the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,1 50 and the Air Force’s l1th Civil Engineering Operational Squadron in Alaska. 151 Another source of expertise is...Dec. 28, 1973); Comp. Gen. Dec. B-135718, 37 Comp. Gen. 798 (May 28, 1958). 294 4 C.F.R. S 21.3(m)(5) (1991); Ingenieria Y Construcciones, S.A., B

  14. Analysis of Media Stereotypes of the Russian Image in Media Studies in the Student Audience (example: the screen versions of Jules Verne's Novel “Michael Strogoff”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Fedorov


    Full Text Available As a result of the analysis students come to the conclusion that the screen adaptations of Jules Verne's novel ''Michael Strogoff'' create, though an oversimplified and adapted to western stereotypes of perception, but a positive image of Russia – as a stronghold of European values at the Asian frontiers, a country with a severe climate, boundless Siberian spacious areas, manly and patriotic warriors, a wise monarchy. At the same time, both Jules Verne's novel and its screen adaptations contain clear-cut western pragmatism – the confidence that if a man has a proper will he can rule his destiny.

  15. ''Glamazons' of Pop

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    Female pop stars adopting a military look transform themselves by taking on archetypically male qualities, while at the same time assuming these same qualities for reasons by turns ironical, aggressive and 'caring.' But if there is an essential difference between the military look of the female pop...... of Life' (1979), engaged in field combat in 'Army Dreamers' and figured as an archetypal female warrior in 'Babooshka' (both: 1980). Pop rock star Madonna appeared smartly in a military greatcoat with epaulettes and big, brassy buttons in 'The Girlie Show' (1993), but had to pull her 'American Life' anti...

  16. Armadillo and the Viking spirit

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frisk, Kristian


    process of the construction of meaning, or what Hans Blumenberg has termed the ‘work on myth’, since names function as principal devices for creating, reproducing, and transforming cultural narratives. Based on a case study of the Danish experience as part of Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan, the paper...... elucidates how the army’s names have brought stories of national origin, heroic greatness, and warrior ancestry into the banal space of life abroad, where a mythscape has grown and changed in response to the situation on the ground and changes in the wider figuration of the Afghan War. On this basis...

  17. De Terminator a Terminatrix: representaciones y estereotipos de género

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noemi Novell


    Full Text Available This article concentrates on how the Terminator series has shifted its focus from the opposition between man and machine to that between man and woman, perpetuating the binary models of representation. It is the contention of this essay that although the three films of the series are apparently constructing a representation of women devoid of generic prejudice, the images depicted in the films are really helping to nourish a stereotype where the main function of women is to be either a reproductive vessel or a cyborgic warrior and femme fatale endowed with masculine characteristics, thus continuing to represent their traditional generic roles and stereotypes.

  18. What makes men and women identify with Judith? A Jungian mythological perspective on the feminist value of Judith today

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helen Efthimiadis-Keith


    Full Text Available Inspired by her student’s overwhelmingly positive interpretation of Judith as a model for women’s liberation in diverse African contexts – despite the debate around the feminist value of Judith-Judith – the author deals with what could possibly allow men and women, particularly the latter, to interpret Judith positively today. Given her interest in Jungian individuation theory and Ancient Near Eastern (ANE mythology, the author investigates the subject matter by exploring Judith’s relation to male and female individuation patterns, the myths of the hero’s quest and Demeter-Kore, and ANE warrior-goddess myths.

  19. 'Then how can you explain Sgt. Pompous and the Fancy Pants Club Band?'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    for a glorious past, attraction to uniform aesthetics, citing of previous iconic 'warriors of rock,' finding a unique visual 'hook,' reasserting national rock-cultural identity and/or waging uniformed 'warfare' between rock groups. Possible origins of 'rock-military style' are discussed along with its......Why do rock performers wear military uniforms? The motive is generally assumed to be 'transgressively subversive.' However, when looking more closely at particular performers and groups, this is found to be far from always the case in as much as motives include pride in being a veteran, nostalgia...

  20. Tapping into Our Tribal Heritage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grodal, Torben Kragh


    The article analyzes The Lord of the Rings by using cognitive and neurological theory in combination with evolutionary theory. It first provide a short introduction to bio-culturalist theories of how biology and culture interact. It then describes the basic human emotional systems and how...... they are activated in The Lord of the Rings. It further describe how fundamental psychological dispositions are linked to tribalism, to group living, including dispositions for in-group altruism and warrior bonding, and how group living enhanced dispositions to submit to social hierarchies, that in The Lord...

  1. Precision Strike 2008 Summer Forum (United States)


    Surface Launch SEAD SFW Fuze Aerial Targets AMRAAM JDAM JASSM WCMD AIM-9X ARTS MAC IIMission: Deliver war-winning technology, acquisition, test...barrel life •Barrel construction to contain rail repulsive forces •Scaling from 8MJ (state of the art ) to 32MJ to 64MJ Muzzle Energy •Thermal...Museum Joint  Culinary   Center of  Excellence Deputy Senior  MSN Commander Warrior Tng (TA 27) DCG/Cmdt Program  Integration Sustainment  Battle Lab

  2. Discipline Admonished

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kristensen, Peter Marcus


    that the stocktaking genre — past and present — is conducive to seeing the past as more simple, coherent and ordered while the present is marked by fragmentation and cacophony. Neat summaries of the academic scene in one’s own time are quite rare. Few stocktakers ever identified one conversation/debate driving...... the discipline, not during the first, second, third or fourth debates — and those who did disagreed on what the main trenches and its warriors were. The article concludes by arguing that International Relations’ recurrent anxieties about its fragmentation beg questions, not about whether it is real this time...

  3. “The Maasai Need Cows and the Cows Need Maasai,” the Use of a Photovoice Approach to Assess Animal Health Needs (United States)

    van der Meer, Frank; Clancy, Eoin; Thomas, Adam; Kutz, Susan; Hatfield, Jennifer; Orsel, Karin


    The Maasai pastoralists in sub-Saharan Africa depend on their livestock for income and food. Livestock production can be significantly improved by addressing animal health concerns. We explored the use of photovoice, a participatory action research method, to strengthen our understanding of the Maasai’s animal health needs. Nine interviewees, representing warriors, elders, and women, identified animal, social, and human health themes. The use of photography provided a new medium for Maasai to express their needs and a focus for researcher–participant communications, thereby facilitating new insights across language and cultural barriers. PMID:26664973

  4. "The Maasai Need Cows and the Cows Need Maasai," the Use of a Photovoice Approach to Assess Animal Health Needs. (United States)

    van der Meer, Frank; Clancy, Eoin; Thomas, Adam; Kutz, Susan; Hatfield, Jennifer; Orsel, Karin


    The Maasai pastoralists in sub-Saharan Africa depend on their livestock for income and food. Livestock production can be significantly improved by addressing animal health concerns. We explored the use of photovoice, a participatory action research method, to strengthen our understanding of the Maasai's animal health needs. Nine interviewees, representing warriors, elders, and women, identified animal, social, and human health themes. The use of photography provided a new medium for Maasai to express their needs and a focus for researcher-participant communications, thereby facilitating new insights across language and cultural barriers.

  5. Monarcas y súbditos “sin cualidades”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronald Raminelli


    Full Text Available In Brazil, few settlers had the necessary honor to receive the benefits granted by the king. In general, when they were not mestizos and mulattos, local elites originated in ancient Jewish strains. Although vassals without honor, kings granted them mercy and some privileges. This grace reveals the weakness of the forces that linked parts of the empire and the need to reaffirm the alliance with the subjects of the most remote areas. As a hypothesis, consider that the grace may indicate that, far from Lisbon, the rigor of the “probanzas” was attenuated to reward the courage of warriors without social status or pure blood.

  6. "I Had Rather Had Eleven Die Nobly for their Country" : Coriolanusについての一研究


    村上, 世津子; Murakami, Setsuko


    The crucial issue of coriolanus is whether Coriolanus is the "flower of warriors" or the "chief enemy to the people." Whichever side you may take, you cannot deny that the climax of this play is the moment when Coriolanus yields to his mother in the pleading scene and that relationship between Coriolanus and his mother is a crucial issue in understanding Coriolanus. Volumnia had long been thought to be an ideal mother. However, she has most often been regarded as a "repulsive mother." Many cr...

  7. Nuclear deterrence: which environmental transparency?

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Cherief, Hamza


    This article addresses the field of nuclear geopolitics. The author discusses the tensions between the principle of transparency regarding environmental issues on the one hand, and the protection of nuclear deterrence as instrument of power on the other hand. According to the French law, the preservation of nuclear power instruments means the acknowledgement of a legal regime which is specific to national defence requirements in terms of secret and right to information. Thus, the author discusses the constitutional limitations of the environmental transparency obligation for the protection of Nation's fundamental interests. Then, by commenting the Rainbow Warrior affair, the author highlights the exceptional limitations of the transparency requirement regarding nuclear issues

  8. Challenges, Capability and Will: Is NATO Relevant in the Twenty-first Century (United States)


    Heads of State and Government at the NATO Summit in Lisbon November 19-20, 2010, 33. 18 Europe Field Study Notes, September 11, 2014. 19 Martin L. Cook ...has caused schizophrenia among policy makers in our country. Some say we are covered, and some say we are not, so we don’t put all our eggs in one...Documents 33, i.22 (June 2, 1997): 780- 782. Cook , Martin L. The Moral Warrior: Ethics and Service in the US Military. Albany, NY: State

  9. Should bioengineering graduates seek employment in the defense industry? (United States)

    Johnson, Arthur T


    They say that the difference between a mechanical engineer and a civil engineer is that the mechanical engineer develops weapons whereas a civil engineer designs targets. The implication is that some engineers are involved with building peaceful infrastructure whereas others contribute to destruction. This brings to mind the question: what is the proper role for engineers in the creation of weapons and defenses against them? In particular, should engineers specializing in biology or medicine be involved in the defense industry? After all, bioengineers are supposed to be builders or healers rather than warriors or destroyers.

  10. Thermal maturity patterns in Pennsylvanian coal-bearing rocks in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania: Chapter F.2 in Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: distribution, geologic framework, and geochemical character (United States)

    Ruppert, Leslie F.; Trippi, Michael H.; Hower, James C.; Grady, William C.; Levine, Jeffrey R.; Ruppert, Leslie F.; Ryder, Robert T.


    Thermal maturation patterns of Pennsylvanian strata in the Appalachian basin and part of the Black Warrior basin were determined by compiling previously published and unpublished percent-vitrinite-reflectance (%R0) measurements and preparing isograd maps on the basis of the measurements. The isograd values range from 0.6 %R0 in Ohio and the western side of the Eastern Kentucky coal field to 5.5 %R0 in the Southern field in the Pennsylvania Anthracite region, Schuylkill County, Pa. The vitrinite-reflectance values correspond to the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) coal-rank classes of high-volatile C bituminous to meta-anthracite, respectively. In general, the isograds show that thermal maturity patterns of Pennsylvanian coals within the Appalachian basin generally decrease from east to west. In the Black Warrior basin of Alabama, the isograds show a circular pattern with the highest values (greater than 1.6 %R0) centered in Jefferson County, Ala. Most of the observed patterns can be explained by variations in the depth of burial, variations in geothermal gradient, or a combination of both; however, there are at least four areas of higher ranking coal in the Appalachian basin that are difficult to explain by these two processes alone: (1) a set of west- to northwest-trending salients centered in Somerset, Cambria, and Fayette Counties, Pa.; (2) an elliptically shaped, northeast-trending area centered in southern West Virginia and western Virginia; (3) the Pennsylvania Anthracite region in eastern Pennsylvania; and (4) the eastern part of the Black Warrior coal field in Alabama. The areas of high-ranking coal in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Black Warrior coal field, and the Pennsylvania Anthracite region are interpreted here to represent areas of higher paleo-heat flow related to syntectonic movement of hot fluids towards the foreland associated with Alleghanian deformation. In addition to the higher heat flow from these fluids, the Pennsylvania

  11. Contribution of Female Entrepreneurs in Promoting Local Food to Support Tourism in Bali

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Putu Sucita Yanthy


    Full Text Available This study analyzed the contributions of Balinese female entrepreneurs in the culinary industry in promoting local food to support tourism in Bali. Research was undertaken in the area of Bali province and data were obtained from observations, interviews and study of literature supported by the theory of invented tradition. Eight Balinese warrior of culinaries were interviewed supported by food bloggers, literature reviews and documentation. Data were analyzed based on descriptive qualitative. The results show that Balinese female entrepreneurs have: (1 popularized Balinese food, (2 preserved the existence of Balinese food, (3 strengthened the Balinese culinary identity, and (4 supported tourism in Bali.

  12. Is it ‘me’ or is it ‘mine’? The Mycenaean sword as a body-part.


    Malafouris, Dr Lambros


    This paper argues that material culture has the ability to change and shape our bodies by transforming and extending the boundaries of our body schema. To explore this argument I concentrate on the relationship between the Mycenaean body and the Mycenaean sword. Focusing on the early Mycenaean period I propose that the centre of consciousness and bodily awareness for the Mycenaean person, and for the warrior in particular, is not some ‘internal’ Cartesian ‘I’, but the tip of the sword. Throug...

  13. Parameters. US Army War College Quarterly. Volume 24, Number 2, Summer 1994 (United States)


    Azuela’s out-of-print novel, The Underdogs , which provides remarkable insights into how Mexico’s revolutionary warriors degenerated. 7. RicardalHuch, Der...Department of the Army, FM 100-15, Corps Operations, September 1989, p. 3-7. 40. Christopher F. Foss, Janes Armour andArtillery 1991-92 (12th ed.; Surrey...Photohistory of World War One. London: Arms and Armour (Dist. in US by Sterling Publishing Co.), 1994. 240 pp. $19.95. Henig, Ruth. The Origins of the

  14. Late Sarmatian Elite Military Burial From the Southern Urals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krivosheev Mikhail Vasilyevich


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the burial of a warrior of Late Sarmatian time from the Southern Urals. The complex from mound no. 4 of the burial mound Taksai I is distinguished by large size of barrow and grave. The reconstructed height of the mound was less than 2 meters. The depth of the burial pit was more than 3 meters. For Late Sarmatian culture such dimensions of sepulchral structures are unique. Under the mound the ritual platform from mainland soil was discovered. The found inventory of a warrior-rider included: horse bridle, a set of bladed weapons consisting of a long sword, dagger and knife, as well as a small bronze cauldron. Analysis of inventory allows us to date this burial to the second half of the 3rd century A.D. This burial belongs to an elite funerary complexes of Late Sarmatian culture and is a burial of professional warriors. This social stratum was formed in Late Sarmatian society at the end of the 2nd - first half of the 3rd century A.D. Most of these graves are dating back to the first half of the 3rd century A.D and were found in the Low Don and in the Volga region. The situation in these regions changed in that period due to the invasion of the tribes of the North-Caucasian origin. Their occurrence is associated with the destruction of the Tanais in the Lower Don region and the spread of graves in the T-shaped catacombs in the steppe monuments. The tradition of burying warriors-horsemen of high social status almost disappears in the Volga-Don steppes after the middle of 3rd century A.D. In the Southern Urals where these processes had an indirect influence, the existence of traditional hierarchies of Late Sarmatian society could continue until the end of the 3rd century A.D. Among the parts of a horse bridle the researchers discovered bronze B-shape buckle. These buckles are widely distributed in the 4th-5th centuries A.D. in the basin of the Kama river and the Danube river. The found buckle is the earliest currently known

  15. Troy: A simple nonlinear mathematical perspective (United States)

    Flores, J. C.; Bologna, Mauro


    In this paper, we propose a mathematical model for the Trojan war that, supposedly, took place around 1180 BC. Supported by archaeological findings and by Homer’s Iliad, we estimate the numbers of warriors, the struggle rate parameters, the number of individuals per hectare, and other related quantities. We show that the long siege of the city, described in the Iliad, is compatible with a power-law behaviour for the time evolution of the number of individuals. We are able to evaluate the parameters of our model during the phase of the siege and the fall. The proposed model is general, and it can be applied to other historical conflicts.

  16. Status of eel fisheries, stocks and their management in England and Wales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aprahamian M.


    Full Text Available All continental life stages of eel are exploited in England and Wales. The main fisheries for glass eel are by estuarine dip-nets in the southwest. The main fisheries for yellow and silver eel occur in southern and eastern England, with fyke nets being the preferred instrument. Fishing effort is not directly recorded but is inferred from licence sales. Around 1100 glass eel licenses were sold annually from 1980 to 1994, increasing to around 2500 in 1998, but declined to about 800 per annum since 2001. Declared catches of glass eel have been below 1–2 t since 2001, compared to 10–70 t in the 1970s and 1980s. Licence sales for yellow and silver eel fisheries (combined varied from around 1100 to 2900 over the period 1983–2007, peaking in the mid-1980s, mid-1990s and again in 2005–2007. Declared catches peaked in the late 1980s and mid-1990s (peak 280 t, but have been low since 2001 (mean 29 t. Nett export data suggests catches may be 4 times higher. Eel landings are reported as bycatch from various marine fisheries around the UK coasts, with landings from 2001 to 2007 ranging from 0.2 to 13.7 t per annum. Assessment of stock status is based mainly on catch and catch per unit effort data as there has been little fishery independent survey of eels. There has been a general decreasing trend in both glass eel catches reported to the Agency and in nett export data. Comparing maximum catch levels in the late 1970s–early 1980s with minimum levels in the 2000s suggests that the catch has declined by around 75–95%. Trends in CPUE are similar, at least until 1998. It is concluded that current glass eel recruitment to the western coast of the UK is approximately 30% of the pre-1980 level of recruitment. Yellow and silver eel indices derived from HMRC nett exports or reported catches per licence sold, both suggest that the current estimate of stocks derived from these data are 20% those of the late 1980s and mid 1990s. The Reference Condition

  17. Ice contamination on satellite IR sensors: the MIPAS case (United States)

    Niro, F.; Fehr, T.; Kleinert, A.; Laur, H.; Lecomte, P.; Perron, G.


    . Dudhia, D. Ehhalt, M. Endemann, J. M. Flaud, R. Gessner, A. Kleinert, R. Koopmann, J. Langen, M. López-Puertas, P. Mosner, H. Nett, H. Oelhaf, G. Perron, J. Remedios, M. Ridolfi, G. Stiller and R. Zander, "MIPAS: an instrument for atmospheric and climate research", Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 2151-2188, (2008) [2] A. Kleinert, G. Aubertin, G. Perron, M. Birk, G. Wagner, F. Hase, H. Nett, and R. Poulin, "MIPAS Level 1B algorithms overview: operational processing and characterization", Atmos. Chem. Phys., 7, 1395-1406, (2007)

  18. A genome-wide association study in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD: identification of two major susceptibility loci.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sreekumar G Pillai


    Full Text Available There is considerable variability in the susceptibility of smokers to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD. The only known genetic risk factor is severe deficiency of alpha(1-antitrypsin, which is present in 1-2% of individuals with COPD. We conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS in a homogenous case-control cohort from Bergen, Norway (823 COPD cases and 810 smoking controls and evaluated the top 100 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs in the family-based International COPD Genetics Network (ICGN; 1891 Caucasian individuals from 606 pedigrees study. The polymorphisms that showed replication were further evaluated in 389 subjects from the US National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT and 472 controls from the Normative Aging Study (NAS and then in a fourth cohort of 949 individuals from 127 extended pedigrees from the Boston Early-Onset COPD population. Logistic regression models with adjustments of covariates were used to analyze the case-control populations. Family-based association analyses were conducted for a diagnosis of COPD and lung function in the family populations. Two SNPs at the alpha-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (CHRNA 3/5 locus were identified in the genome-wide association study. They showed unambiguous replication in the ICGN family-based analysis and in the NETT case-control analysis with combined p-values of 1.48 x 10(-10, (rs8034191 and 5.74 x 10(-10 (rs1051730. Furthermore, these SNPs were significantly associated with lung function in both the ICGN and Boston Early-Onset COPD populations. The C allele of the rs8034191 SNP was estimated to have a population attributable risk for COPD of 12.2%. The association of hedgehog interacting protein (HHIP locus on chromosome 4 was also consistently replicated, but did not reach genome-wide significance levels. Genome-wide significant association of the HHIP locus with lung function was identified in the Framingham Heart study (Wilk et al., companion article

  19. The Amazons and an analysis of breast mutilation from a plastic surgeon's perspective. (United States)

    Karacalar, Ahmet


    The Amazon philosophy has been increasing in popularity because of the evolving status of women in society. Many references point to Themiscrya on the southern coast of the Black Sea in Anatolia as the Amazon homeland. The primary objective of this article is to discuss the different femininity of the Amazons and their breast mutilation from the perspective of a plastic surgeon who has been living in this region that the Amazons inhabited. Findings from archaeology, linguistics, anthropology, medicine, history, psychology, and the fine arts were integrated. The hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the method of breast mutilation include amputation, cauterization, breast searing, and breast pinching. It is generally believed that the primary purpose was to facilitate the efficient use of a bow. Another explanation would be that breast mutilation was performed for medical reasons, including the prevention of breast pain, the development of a tender lump, or cancer. There is another school of thought on this involving religious and sociological reasons that breast mutilation was a badge of honor for warrior women and a sign that a woman had become a real warrior and a sacrifice to Artemis as a sign of service. Much indirect proof and archaeological evidence point to their historical existence. The Amazons, who lived in an autonomous and original social model, changed their image and function to suit the needs of the society and the times.

  20. Cine Club

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    Cine Club


    Wednesday 9 August 2017 at 20.00 CERN Council Chamber The Fifth Element Directed by Luc Besson France, 1997, 126 min Two hundred and fifty years in the future, life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Only the Fifth Element can stop the Evil from extinguishing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is assisted by a former elite commando turned cab driver, Korben Dallas, who is, in turn, helped by Prince/Arsenio clone, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Zorg, who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, and his alien mercenaries. Original version English; French subtitles *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * Wednesday 16 August 2017 at 20.00 CERN Council Chamber Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior Directed by George Miller Australia, 1982, 94 min A former Australian policeman now living in the post-apocalyptic Australian outback as a warrior agrees to help a community of survivors living in a gasoline...