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  1. Nett Warrior: Initial Operational Test and Evaluation Report (United States)


    a given configuration (EUDs and software) for a set period before moving to the next edition, so that it can take advantage of frequent commercial...MUBC is one of several charging sources available for the battery in the Rifleman Radio or conformal battery. Nett Warrior includes a Dell E 6430...being exercised under a full and open competition . A Request for Proposal was issued in January 2015. The new radio emerging from this program

  2. Framework Nette


    Tölg, Jan


    This thesis deals with an interesting Czech PHP framework called Nette. The first part of the thesis introduces the reader to general ideas, design patterns used in Nette and also describes the main properties of the framework. Goal of the second part is focused on real-life application demonstration of the framework while developing a web application. This thesis is not an instructional material, but helps to explain the main advantages of the framework and can thus offer a more detailed des...

  3. C3Conflict a Simulation Environment for Studying Teamwork in Command and Control (United States)


    Platon leader goes to E5. Structured Log Files SQL Database Figure 13. The log process in C3Conflict. At the conclusion of a session, the log...Diary 10:56 Platon leader goes to E5. Structured Log Files SQL Database Santa Anna IT Research Institute Behavioral indicators

  4. Wordsmiths & Warriors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jane Mattisson


    Full Text Available Wordsmiths & Warriors relates a real journey of thousands of miles undertaken by David and Hilary Crystal. The result is a fascinating combination of English-language history and travelogue (the study gives detailed instructions on how to find each place mentioned. David is responsible for the descriptions, and Hilary, for the full-colour photographs. The book comprises a guide for those wishing to follow in their footsteps; at the same time, it reflects the chronology of the language. The Crystals visit places associated with such well-known writers as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth; dictionary compilers such as Johnson and Murray; and a number of well-known and lesser-known dialect writers, elocutionists, and grammarians. Warrior wordsmiths such as King Alfred are also mentioned.Wordsmiths & Warriors emphasises the centrality of the Anglo-Saxon, medieval and early modern periods in the development of the English language as it is known today. A progressive view of language change and transition is generally avoided in the study in favor of a more personal selection of texts. The scope of the book is wide, incorporating small villages as well as major cities, ancient texts and more modern ones. Fifty-seven chapters take us to places as far apart as St Albans, Peterborough, West Malvern, Grasmere, Bath, Pegwell Bay, Lindisfarne, Cerne Abbas, Bourne, Canterbury, and Oxford. Wordsmiths & Warriors gives its readers an appetite to know more as fascinating details about the relationship between places and literary works emerge. The most important names are included: Chaucer (Southwark and Canterbury; Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon and Park Street, London – the location of the original Globe Theatre, Dryden, Burns, Wordsworth, Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, and Dylan Thomas. The Bible is discussed in detail in relation to a number of geographical locations, including Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where Wycliffe translated the Bible in the 14th

  5. Network Warrior

    CERN Document Server

    Donahue, Gary


    Pick up where certification exams leave off. With this practical, in-depth guide to the entire network infrastructure, you'll learn how to deal with real Cisco networks, rather than the hypothetical situations presented on exams like the CCNA. Network Warrior takes you step by step through the world of routers, switches, firewalls, and other technologies based on the author's extensive field experience. You'll find new content for MPLS, IPv6, VoIP, and wireless in this completely revised second edition, along with examples of Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 switches throughout. Topics include: An

  6. SEO Warrior

    CERN Document Server

    Jerkovic, John


    How can you make it easier for people to find your website? And how can you convert casual visitors into active users? SEO Warrior shows you how it's done through a collection of tried and true techniques, hacks, and best practices. Learn the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization (SEO) theory, the importance of keyword strategy, and how to avoid and remedy search engine traps. You'll also learn about search engine marketing (SEM) practices, such as Google AdWords, and how you can use social networking to increase your visibility. Ideal for web developers, savvy marketers, webmasters,

  7. The Nett Warrior System: A Case Study for the Acquisition of Soldier Systems (United States)


    will be connected to the secure network through the AN/PRC-154 RR. Therefore, PM NW is confident in minimizing the hacking risk (Lowe, 2011). In the...Harbor MK-48 Intermediate Maintenance Activity  Pallet Management System  PBL (4)  Privatization-NOSL/NAWCI  RFID (6)  Risk Analysis for

  8. Expeditionary Warrior 2012 (United States)


    Spectrum Cyber and Information Operations (IO) Precision-Guided Rockets, Artillery, Mortars and Missiles (G- RAMM ) Surface, Sub-Surface and Mine...Commander EW Expeditionary Warrior or Electronic Warfare FFCC Force Fires Coordination Center G- RAMM Guided Rockets, Artillery, Missiles and Mortars

  9. The Trident Warrior experimentation process


    Barrett, Kevin R.


    The Chief of Naval Operations defines FORCEnet as the "operational construction and architectural framework for Naval Warfare in the Information Age which integrates warriors, sensors, networks, command and control, platforms and weapons into a networked, distributed combat force, scalable across the spectrum of conflict from seabed to space and sea to land." The Trident Warrior experiments are the Navy's premier FORCEnet Sea Trial experiments. The purpose of the Trident Warrior experiments i...

  10. AFB-NETT - business opportunities for European biomass industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Higham, I. [ETSU, Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)


    The AFB-NETT is an ALTENER funded project lead by ETSU. The project was started in 1995 with 11 partner nations. The initial aim was to bring together the whole biomass supply and use chain, not just within countries but across the Europe. At present more than 280 people take part in the network. The four objectives of the project are: detection and promotion of business opportunities; transfer of knowledge and experience; promotion of collaboration and co-ordination; and implementation of National and European Strategies. The effort in 1997 split into four main activities, 2 of which based on market sectors and two on improving the market conditions. The activities for 1997 were (the leader in parentheses): Co-combustion and gasification (Finland); Small scale and district heat (Austria); Financial incentives (the Netherlands); Wood fuel and emission standards (UK)

  11. Freud and the mighty warrior. (United States)

    Warner, S L


    This essay traces a prominent facet of Freud's personality, his being a "mighty warrior" throughout his life. This aspect of his character evolved as a reaction formation against his submissive father and as an identification with his more aggressive mother. He first tried it out in his highly ambivalent relationship to his nephew John, who was one year older. In his childhood play, Freud identified with certain military heroes, such mighty warriors as Napoleon, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, and Massena. As he grew older he shifted from military heroes to other great men including Goethe, Shakespeare, and finally Moses. He substituted these men as ego ideals in place of his father about whose stature he felt disillusioned. He far surpassed his father in his life achievements and yet managed to maintain an even-handed, respectable relationship with him until he died in 1896. His mother all but worshipped Sigmund but also demanded that he achieved the maximum in whatever he did. He had to earn her love by an outstanding performance but always wanted to feel unconditionally loved. His mighty warrior attitude developed into an important part of its personality. It protected him from feelings of helplessness and inadequacy and made him into an outstanding leader of the psychoanalytic movement.

  12. The Vicissitudes of a Medieval Japanese Warrior

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oxenbøll, Morten


    of the diminishing powers of the central elite in, or near, Kyoto and of the increasing absorption of power by warriors in both the countryside and in the administration of the military government, the bakufu. The conflicts were, in other words, seen in the structural context of a system of huge landed estates...

  13. "Jade Warrior" sai Hispaanias kolm preemiat

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Eesti osalusega Soome-Hiina kung fu film "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" võitis 1. Ibiza ja Formentera filmifestivalil kolm Falco d'Ori auhinda (AJ Annila - parim debüüt-lavastaja, Jukka Uusitalo - filmikunstniku töö eest, Henri Blomberg - operaatritöö eest)

  14. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Fort Riley (United States)


    acceptable excuses included At Remote Care , Regular Leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave, Terminal Leave, Permanent Change of Station, and Transferred to...the care , management, and transition of Soldiers in the Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Riley, Kansas were managed effectively and efficiently...DEFENSE FOR PERSONNEL AND READINESS ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE FOR HEALTH AFFAIRS WARRIOR CARE POLICY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE FOR RESERVE

  15. Environmental Technology Verification: Test Report of Mobile Source Selective Catalytic Reduction--Nett Technologies, Inc., BlueMAX 100 version A urea-based selective catalytic reduction technology (United States)

    Nett Technologies’ BlueMAX 100 version A Urea-Based SCR System utilizes a zeolite catalyst coating on a cordierite honeycomb substrate for heavy-duty diesel nonroad engines for use with commercial ultra-low–sulfur diesel fuel. This environmental technology verification (ETV) repo...

  16. Eesti filmi "Jade Warrior" esilinastus Torontos / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina ja Eesti ühistöö) esilinastus eile Toronto filmifestivalil. Andmed filmi tootmise ja levitamise kohta

  17. 77 FR 15597 - Special Local Regulation; USAT Triathlon/Race Rowing Competition; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa... (United States)


    ... University of Alabama and the University of Iowa on the Black Warrior River. The Tuscaloosa Tourism and... Competition; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule... Warrior River, from mile 338.5 to mile 341.5, Tuscaloosa, AL. This action is necessary for the safeguard...

  18. The Middle Ordovician Knox unconformity in the Black Warrior Basin (United States)

    Dwyer, Gary S.; Repetski, John E.


    Analysis of well core and cuttings from the Black Warrior Basin in Mississippi reveals the presence of a Middle Ordovician (Whiterockian) erosional unconformity interpreted to be equivalent to the well-known Knox-Beekmantown unconformity in eastern North America. The unconformity occurs at the top of a peritidal dolostone unit known informally as the upper dolostone, whose stratigraphic placement has been the subject of a long-standing controversy. The unconformity, which represents the Sauk-Tippecanoe megasequence boundary on the North American craton, was previously thought to be short-lived or altogether absent in the Black Warrior Basin.

  19. Training Impact Analysis for Land Warrior Block II (United States)


    Information Using NBC 4 Report 1 A-i Item NUMBER TITLE Skil 418 071-317-0000 Prepare an Antiarmor Range Card 1 1 New LW Assemble the Land Warrior Helmet...via tether 1 A-2 SkillItem NUMBER TITLE Skil Level 37 New LW Charge the Land Warrior batteries via the Stryker Vehicle Integration Kit 1 38 New LW...Countermobility and Survivability, Patrolling, Threat Armor, and Urban Operations Computer Literacy 4.0 Examinations 22.0 Integrate LW evaluations Introduction

  20. Colombia's laptop warrior — connectivity for peace and progress ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Feb 3, 2011 ... The off-reserve diaspora of aboriginal people, many of them poor and some of them homeless in the urban hinterland, constitutes the "longest street in Canada, and all too often the hardest to connect with." Dorey's proposal? "A laptop warriors program whereby trained and knowledgeable connectivity ...

  1. The Air Force Warrior: Institutional Rhetoric Versus Reality (United States)


    equipment for either support at the lord‘s manor or for land. 38 The Church held great sway, and the domineering power of religion pervaded being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer The warrior’s gift is to willingly storm Hell that Heaven may remain unstained. - R.V.A. Marcell

  2. Sedimentology of a wreck: the Rainbow Warrior revisited. (United States)

    Smith, Abigail M; Kregting, Louise; Fern, Sophie; Fraser, Ceridwen I


    The wreck of the Rainbow Warrior, a 40-m ship sunk on 12 December 1987 in Matauri Bay (34° 59' S, 173° 56' E), Cavalli Islands, northeastern New Zealand, offers an opportunity to investigate the impact of artificial substrate on temperate carbonate sedimentation. Surface sediment samples showed no significant textural or compositional difference between sediments near the wreck and those far from it. The large and diverse carbonate-producing community resident on the wreck (dominated by bryozoans, corals and sponges) has not had a measurable influence on adjacent bottom sediments (dominated by bivalves and barnacles), even after 21 years. It is likely that carbonate production on the Rainbow Warrior is insufficient to leave any sedimentary record over the potential lifetime of the wreck on the seafloor, which informs our understanding of the long-term impacts of shipwrecks (and other artificial substrata) on the local benthic environment in shallow temperate ecosystems. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Assessment of DOD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Fort Drum (United States)


    assistance to Warriors will likely result in a more efficient use of DoD, Department of Veterans Affairs ( DVA ), and civilian resources because of the...that the DVA had a calculation tool on their website that was intended for people who received a diagnosis and wanted to estimate their individual...such as the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)40/Medical Retention Board,41 and DVA entitlements.42 Another

  4. Diehard Buildings. Control Architecture -a Challenge for the Urban Warrior (United States)


    architecture when planning urban activities? What aspects of control technology should the mili- tary adapt and incorporate for military purposes?1 During...high-value buildings, urban centers, industrial sites, and affluent residential areas. Diehard Buildings Control Architecture –a Challenge for the... Architecture -a Challenge for the Urban Warrior 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e

  5. Women Warriors: Why the Robotics Revolution Changes the Combat Equation (United States)


    cover deep- rooted resistance to women in the military generally. Supporters note that women have fought in combat historically (e.g., the Soviet...upwards of one million Vietnamese women who fought the French in the early 20th Century and later the Americans in the Vietnam Conflict. David E. Jones...90 | FEATURES PRISM 6, no. 1 AUTHOR DARPA’s Warrior Web project. Technological advancements could fundamentally alter the equation of women in

  6. "Jade Warrior" kupatab Soome sampo Hiina / Kätlin Kaldmaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaldmaa, Kätlin, 1970-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola. Lisatud Ave Randviiru, Elle Kulli ja Antti-Jussi Annila "Esimesed muljed"

  7. 78 FR 57852 - Warrior Rosin Spill Superfund Site, Holt, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama ; Notice of Settlement (United States)


    ... AGENCY Warrior Rosin Spill Superfund Site, Holt, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama ; Notice of Settlement AGENCY... costs concerning the Warrior Rosin Spill Superfund Site located in Holt, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The.../superfund/programs/enforcement/enforcement.html . U.S. Mail: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Superfund...

  8. Les modèles matriciels périodiques de populations: taux de croissance, reproductivité nette et entropie


    Bacaër, Nicolas


    Traduction en français; International audience; Cet article considère trois aspects différents des modèles matriciels périodiques de populations. Premièrement, on obtient une formule pour l'analyse de sensibilité du taux de croissance λ qui est plus simple que celle trouvée par Caswell et Trevisan. Deuxièmement, on généralise la formule pour la reproductivité nette R0 dans un environnement constant au cas d'un environnement périodique. On généralise aussi au cas périodique des inégalités entr...

  9. Defense Acquisitions. Better Acquisition Strategy Needed for Successful Development of the Army's Warrior Unmanned Aircraft System

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    The Army has determined that the Warrior is the best option available to meet its operational requirement, which requires an unmanned aircraft system dedicated to direct operational control by its field commanders...

  10. Nisqually - Early Invasive Detection and Rapid Response by Refuge Weed Warriors 2005 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Nisqually NWR initiated a Refuge Weed Warrior program in 2003 to aid the Refuge in controlling nonnative invasive plant species. Volunteers are trained to identify,...

  11. Training Cyber Warriors: What Can Be Learned from Defense Language Training? (United States)


    given level of proficiency.13 For example, Spanish and Portuguese , which take less time to learn , are in Category 1, while Chinese and Arabic, which...C O R P O R A T I O N Training Cyber Warriors What Can Be Learned from Defense Language Training? Jennifer J. Li, Lindsay Daugherty Report...3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2015 to 00-00-2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Training Cyber Warriors: What Can Be Learned from Defense Language Training

  12. Land Use/Mineral Rights Map Series, 1983/1984. [Alabama, Warrior Coal Basin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lineback, N.G.; Weaver, D.C.


    The ongoing Land Use/Mineral Rights Map Series was designed to map the existing land uses and mineral rights in and around the Warrior Coal Basin. The map series provides baseline data for monitoring all land use changes in the Warrior Basin. It also establishes a record of mineral rights useful in classifying some record discrepancies and assists the mining industry and its regulatory agencies in organizing mineral rights data.

  13. Support for the 21st-Century Reserve Force: Insights on Facilitating Successful Reintegration for Citizen Warriors and their Families (United States)


    21st-Century Reserve Force: Insights on Facilitating Successful Reintegration for Citizen Warriors and Their Families 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT...R P O R A T I O N Support for the 21st Century Reserve Force Insights on Facilitating Successful Reintegration for Citizen Warriors and Their...Century Reserve Force Insights on Facilitating Successful Reintegration for Citizen Warriors and Their Families Laura Werber, Agnes Gereben Schaefer

  14. Lynx maritime radar in USN experiment Trident Warrior 2011 (United States)

    Dunkel, R.; Link, Z.; Verge, T.; Laue, J.


    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) participated in the joint naval experiment Trident Warrior 2011 at Combat Direction Systems Activity (CDSA), Dam Neck, Va., in July 2011. The goal was to introduce the Lynx® Multi-Mode Radar's new Maritime Wide Area Search (MWAS) mode and display a viable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) full kill chain solution for the naval environment. GA-ASI presented a manned platform, a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 modified with an operators console, Lynx Multi-mode Radar, FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HD EO/IR camera system, and an L-3 TCDL (aircraft data link system) as a surrogate for the Predator® B/ MQ-9 UAS.

  15. Providing Ocean Forecast Products during Unmanned Warrior 2016 (United States)

    Allard, Richard; Campbell, Tim; Martin, Paul; Edwards, Kacey; Smith, Travis; Blain, Cheryl Ann


    A coupled nested ocean-wave modeling system supported the Unmanned Warrior 2016 Exercise in LochAlsh, Scotland for the period of September 10 - October 16, 2016. Utilizing available bathymetry from the UK Hydrographic Office and shallow-water bathymetry collected in April 2016, a 250 m host and 46 m inner nest of the coupled Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) and the Simulating Waves Nearshore (SWAN) model were run twice daily with atmospheric forcing from a nested 3/1 km Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS). The coupled system was run twice per day producing 72-hr forecasts of ocean currents and wave heights for the exercise operating areas. The model forecasts were used to provide guidance in mission planning for the use of unmanned underwater vehicles in the Kyle of LochAlsh. We show comparisons of the NCOM's tidal prediction versus tide gauge data and modeled currents versus ADCP data collected during the exercise.

  16. American Akicita: Indigenous American warriors and military service. (United States)

    McDonald, J Douglas


    Indigenous Americans (i.e., Native/American Indians, AK natives, Pacific Islanders) have consistently volunteered for military service at greater rates than any other ethnic group, including the majority culture, since the early days of the country. This article is an introduction to the special section which includes a number of outstanding papers that provide an innovative and compelling effort to overcome the challenges of casualties from war and render effective and culturally informed care. These manuscripts describe culturally appropriate considerations of suicide (O'Keefe), family involvement and access to care (Whealin), and telehealth for treatment of rural Native veterans (Goss). Challenging and complex treatment needs call for equally mindful and competent approaches. These authors and providers present compelling examples of addressing these needs in working with our Wounded Warriors. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  17. Conservation and monitoring of a persecuted African lion population by Maasai warriors. (United States)

    Dolrenry, Stephanie; Hazzah, Leela; Frank, Laurence G


    Although Africa has many threatened species and biological hot spots, there are few citizen science schemes, particularly in rural communities, and there has been limited evaluation of existing programs. We engaged traditional Maasai warriors (pastoralist men aged 15 to 35) in community-based conservation and demographic monitoring of a persecuted African lion (Panthera leo) population. Through direct engagement, we investigated whether a citizen science approach employing local warriors, who had no formal education, could produce reliable data on the demographics, predation, and movements of a species with which their communities have been in conflict for generations. Warriors were given benefits such as literacy training and skill enhancement and engaged in the monitoring of the lions. The trained warriors reported on lion sign across an area nearly 4000 km(2) . Scientists worked together with the warriors to verify their reports and gather observations on the lion population. Using the verified reports and collected observations, we examined our scientific knowledge relative to the lion population preceding and during the citizen science program. Our observations showed that data quality and quantity improved with the involvement and training of the participants. Furthermore, because they engaged in conservation and gained personal benefits, the participants came to appreciate a species that was traditionally their foe. We believe engaging other local communities in biodiversity conservation and monitoring may be an effective conservation approach in rural Africa. © 2016 Society for Conservation Biology.

  18. Reservoir heterogeneity in carboniferous sandstone of the Black Warrior basin. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kugler, R.L.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.; Irvin, G.D.; Moore, H.E.


    Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies, such as waterflooding, chemical injection, strategic well placement, and infill drilling. High-quality characterization of reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin is necessary to utilize advanced technology to recover additional oil and to avoid premature abandonment of fields. This report documents controls on the distribution and producibility of oil from heterogeneous Carboniferous reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama. The first part of the report summarizes the structural and depositional evolution of the Black Warrior basin and establishes the geochemical characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks and oil in the basin. This second part characterizes facies heterogeneity and petrologic and petrophysical properties of Carter and Millerella sandstone reservoirs. This is followed by a summary of oil production in the Black Warrior basin and an evaluation of seven improved-recovery projects in Alabama. In the final part, controls on the producibility of oil from sandstone reservoirs are discussed in terms of a scale-dependent heterogeneity classification.

  19. Reservoir heterogeneity in Carboniferous sandstone of the Black Warrior basin. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kugler, R.L.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.; Irvin, G.D.; Moore, H.E.


    Although oil production in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama is declining, additional oil may be produced through improved recovery strategies, such as waterflooding, chemical injection, strategic well placement, and infill drilling. High-quality characterization of reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin is necessary to utilize advanced technology to recover additional oil and to avoid premature abandonment of fields. This report documents controls on the distribution and producibility of oil from heterogeneous Carboniferous reservoirs in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama. The first part of the report summarizes the structural and depositional evolution of the Black Warrior basin and establishes the geochemical characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks and oil in the basin. This second part characterizes facies heterogeneity and petrologic and petrophysical properties of Carter and Millerella sandstone reservoirs. This is followed by a summary of oil production in the Black Warrior basin and an evaluation of seven improved-recovery projects in Alabama. In the final part, controls on the producibility of oil from sandstone reservoirs are discussed in terms of a scale-dependent heterogeneity classification.

  20. DataWarrior: an open-source program for chemistry aware data visualization and analysis. (United States)

    Sander, Thomas; Freyss, Joel; von Korff, Modest; Rufener, Christian


    Drug discovery projects in the pharmaceutical industry accumulate thousands of chemical structures and ten-thousands of data points from a dozen or more biological and pharmacological assays. A sufficient interpretation of the data requires understanding, which molecular families are present, which structural motifs correlate with measured properties, and which tiny structural changes cause large property changes. Data visualization and analysis software with sufficient chemical intelligence to support chemists in this task is rare. In an attempt to contribute to filling the gap, we released our in-house developed chemistry aware data analysis program DataWarrior for free public use. This paper gives an overview of DataWarrior's functionality and architecture. Exemplarily, a new unsupervised, 2-dimensional scaling algorithm is presented, which employs vector-based or nonvector-based descriptors to visualize the chemical or pharmacophore space of even large data sets. DataWarrior uses this method to interactively explore chemical space, activity landscapes, and activity cliffs.

  1. Asceticism and the Pursuit of Death by Warriors and Monks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ken Jeremiah


    Full Text Available There is a strong connection between martial arts and religious practices in Japan. Martial art practitioners, in an effort to utilize inner energy (ki and to eliminate fear, often turn to ascetic discipline. Mountain ascetics called yamabushi are known for their extreme, life-threatening training methods. Some of them, after ten years of mental and physical preparation, buried themselves alive, aspiring to become living Buddhas. This is the relatively unknown practice of self-mummification: a tradition that originated with Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism. Approximately twenty individuals in Japan have successfully mummified themselves by means of ascetic discipline and special diets. The frame of mind developed while preparing for their deaths is the same mind-set that warriors strive to attain. Single-minded determination, the complete absence of fear, and the nonexistence of self are demonstrated in the actions of these individuals. These are the same qualities that are found in any master of the martial arts.

  2. American Indian Females and Stereotypes: Warriors, Leaders, Healers, Feminists; Not Drudges, Princesses, Prostitutes (United States)

    Lajimodiere, Denise K.


    This article is written by a Native female author. It delves into the historical stereotypes of Native females as drudges, princesses, and prostitutes perpetrated by media, movies, and literature. The author reviews research on the traditional and modern roles of Native females, including roles as warriors, leaders, and healers. Current literature…

  3. A Photographic Essay of Apache Chiefs and Warriors, Volume 2-Part B. (United States)

    Barkan, Gerald; Jacobs, Ben

    As part of a series designed for instruction of American Indian children and youth, this resource guide constitutes a pictorial essay describing forts, Indian agents, and Apache chiefs, warriors, and scouts of the 19th century. Accompanying each picture is a brief historical-biographical narrative. Focus is on Apache resistance to the reservation.…

  4. A Search for Warriors: The Effects of Technology on the Air Force Ethos (United States)


    also demonstrated another type of aggressive behavior. This behavior was a competition for procreation . Here body language, gestures, and posturing...his men. What better marriage is there of the predatory pack, on the hunt for resources, following the lone warrior—the heroic intraspecific warrior

  5. Refugee warriors or war refugees? Iraqi refugees' predicament in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leenders, R.


    This essay attempts to disentangle a debate within the study of refugee crises and their security implications involving 'refugee warriors'. It situates the debate in the context of the Iraqi refugee crisis and its purported and real manifestations in three main host countries: Syria, Jordan and

  6. Warrior Spirit: Soul Wound and Coping among American Indians in Law Enforcement (United States)

    Arndt, Leah M. Rouse; Davis, Amileah R.


    This qualitative, exploratory study examined the role vocation played for American Indian non-Tribal law enforcement officers in adaptively coping with historical trauma, or "Soul Wound." Participants' views of career in relationship to its perceived congruence with their Nations' warrior societies and how this vocation may facilitate or constrain…

  7. Warrior Mothers as Heroines and Other Healing Imagery in the Finnish National Epic of "Kalevala." (United States)

    Hiltunen, Sirkku M. Sky


    Examines mother imagery from the Finnish mythological epic "Kalevala," and describes how they offer healing imagery for understanding and acceptance of one's own mother and subsequently one's self. Offers background to the "Kalevala" itself, its language and to warriors, shamans, and sages in general. Examines seven mother…

  8. Combined Caffeine and Ephedrine Ingestion Improves Run Times of Canadian Forces Warrior Test (United States)


    or a placebo (P), 9 healthy male recreational runners completed six balanced and double-blind trials of. the Canadian Forces Warrior Test (WD, a...skeletal muscle (4,10,12,14,15). The ingestion of the drugs in combination (C +E) has been the focus of obesity studies because of the result- ant

  9. Nisqually - Early Detection Rapid Response, Monitoring and Mapping of High Priority Invasive Species with Nisqually NWRC Weed Warriors 2008 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This project will continue a successful program of early detection and rapid response, monitoring and mapping of invasive species on Nisqually NWRC by Weed Warrior...

  10. Integrated headgear for the Future Force Warrior and beyond (Invited Paper) (United States)

    Melzer, James E.


    The ground soldier of the future will benefit from current developments in electronics, lightweight ballistic materials, and importantly, displays and sensors. The Army's Future Force Warrior program is taking advantage of initiatives in both government and industry labs as well as human factors information to demonstrate the advantages they can provide. This paper will discuss the Integrated Headgear System, a synthesis of protection and information for the infantry soldier.

  11. Enhancing Resilience through Post-Deployment Decompression: A Softer Approach to Sharpening the Warrior Edge (United States)


    hierarchy of needs set forth by Abraham Maslow in 1943, the basic human need for love, affection, and belongingness is superseded in importance only by...February 10, 2012. 80 Abraham H. Maslow , “A Theory of Human Motivation,” Psychological Review 50, (1943): 370-396. Maslow’s paper was originally published...Warrior. Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 2010. Maslow , Abraham H. “A Theory of Human Motivation.” Psychological Review 50, (1943): 370- 396, http

  12. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters: Managing Risks of Multiple Medications (United States)


    strategy identified four main elements for reducing prescription medication misuse. • Educate healthcare providers on proper narcotic/ opioid ...tool for primary care providers and nurse case managers to monitor high-risk medications in all Wounded Warrior populations. The WTU P-MART... nurse case managers to identify potential medication conflicts and recognize potential abuse. The WTU P-MART can also produce by-medication reports for

  13. Technician and Philosopher: Building the Relevance and Intellectual Capital of the Army’s Information Warriors (United States)


    costumes of the barbarians who took on the armies of the Roman Republic. The movement of kinetic assets in relation to those of an opposing force...know the machine. ● Know your audience. Articles in numerous journals have already gone into detail about the importance of language skills and...value of an information warrior with long-term language exposure gained through in-country cultural immersion. Ashley Jackson’s recent article in

  14. Effect of the Net Charge Distribution on the Aqueous Solution Properties of Polyampholytes Effet de la répartition de la charge nette sur les propriétés des solutions aqueuses de polyampholytes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Candau F.


    ères ampholytes à base de 2-acrylamido-méthylpropanesulfate de sodium (NaAMPS, le chlorure de méthacryloyloxyéthyltriméthylammonium (MADQUAT et l'acrylamide (AM, préparés en microémulsions inverses ont été étudiées par viscométrie et diffusion de lumière. La répartition des charges le long des chaînes a été modifiée en ajustant la composition en monomères initiale et le degré de conversion. L'effet de cette répartition sur la solubilité des échantillons et sur la conformation de la chaîne a été étudié. On a constaté que des échantillons avec une répartition étroite de charge nette étaient solubles dans l'eau même si la charge moyenne nette est faible. L'addition de sel produit une transition entre une conformation étirée et une conformation plus compacte en accord qualitatif avec les prédictions théoriques. Un copolymère NaAMPS-MADQUAT pratiquement alterné préparé en solution homogène et avec une faible charge moyenne nette présente un comportement assez similaire à celui des terpolymères.

  15. Integrated headgear for the future force warrior: results of the first field evaluations (United States)

    Schuyler, W. Jeff; Melzer, James E.


    The development of an advanced ground soldier's integrated headgear system for the Army's Future Force Warrior Program passed a major milestone during 2006. Field testing of functional headgear systems by small combat units demonstrated that the headgear capabilities were mature enough to move beyond the advanced technology demonstration (ATD) phase. This paper will describe the final system with test results from the three field exercises and will address the strengths and weaknesses of the headgear system features, head mounted sensors, displays and sensor fusion.

  16. From the Stream to the Shore: Forecasting Complex Ocean Environments in Trident Warrior 13 (United States)


    in Trident Warrior ‘13 C.N. Barron,1 T.J. Campbell ,1 K.L. Edwards,1 G.A. Jacobs,1 J.G. Richman,1 T.A. Smith,1 T.L. Townsend,1 J. Veeramony,1 and P.L...ocean biology that is driving this additional near-surface retention of thermal energy, we refer to this process as biothermal feedback. Indeed, the...integrated COAMPS– biology modeling results verify that biothermal feedback may influence the thermal variability of geophysical boundary layer

  17. The Warrior Who Would Rule Russia: A Profile of Alexander Lebed. (United States)


    sults" from Lebed attested to the latter’s " maniacal desire for power." Kulikov, whose troops had done much of the day-to-day fighting in Chechnya...counsel on the ap- pointment of Rodionov to replace Grachev was a resounding testa- ment to Lebed’s access and influence, at least in the defense and...116 The Warrior Who Would Rule Russia For his part, Lebed now controls Russia’s defense and security policy portfolio and commands access to the

  18. The Wanderer, the Chameleon, and the Warrior: Experiences of Doctoral Students of Color Developing a Research Identity in Educational Administration (United States)

    Murakami-Ramalho, Elizabeth; Piert, Joyce; Militello, Matthew


    In this article, the authors use their personal narratives and collaborative portraits as methods to shed light on the complexities of developing a research identity while journeying through a doctoral program. Using the metaphors of a wanderer, a chameleon, and a warrior, their narratives represent portraits of experiences faced by doctoral…

  19. Resilient Warrior: A Stress Management Group to Improve Psychological Health in Service Members. (United States)

    Sylvia, Louisa G; Bui, Eric; Baier, Allison L; Mehta, Darshan H; Denninger, John W; Fricchione, Gregory L; Casey, Aggie; Kagan, Leslee; Park, Elyse R; Simon, Naomi M


    Many veterans deployed after 9/11/2001 are impacted by subthreshold levels of posttraumatic stress, anxiety, or other psychological health problems that may interfere with successful reintegration. Conventional treatments, including medication and trauma-focused individual psychotherapies, may not be optimally adapted, accepted, or effective to treat these subsyndromal symptoms. We developed "Resilient Warrior," a 4-session, group-based, mind-body stress-management and resilience program targeted to build skills and assessed whether its format was accessible and acceptable, and potentially efficacious, to support resilience among service members. From April 2014 to October 2014, 15 participants (53.3% women; mean age=36.6 y; SD=6.2) were surveyed for program acceptability and feasibility and completed self-reported psychological health outcomes before and after program participation. The majority (71.4%) of participants reported that the program included the right number of sessions, and all of them reported that it was helpful and relevant and that they would recommend it to others. While changes in self-reported resilience were only marginal, participation was associated with improvements in depressive symptoms, perceived stress, anxiety, and general sense of self efficacy. These pilot data provide preliminary support that "Resilient Warrior," a group-based, stress reduction and resilience program, may improve psychological health in service members even when delivered in community settings. Randomized controlled trials with longer follow-up periods are needed to establish efficacy and effectiveness for this program.

  20. The Dacian Society – Fierce Warriors and Their Women Sources and Representations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrei Pogăciaş


    Full Text Available There is not much information about the Dacian society and especially the role of women within it. There are few ancient sources who deal more with the Thracians and a few about the Getae and Dacians, but the majority speak about the men and their wars. It is not very difficult, however, to understand the role of women in a warrior society, although parallels must be drawn to other ancient civilizations in the area. From what we know from sources, representations on Trajan's Column and archaeology, Dacian common women were in charge with the most domestic activities, while the noble women wore gold and jewels. However, it is possible that, in the final days of the independent Dacian Kingdom, they all fought for their lives and children, while many of their husbands had already been killed.

  1. Evolution and the psychology of intergroup conflict: the male warrior hypothesis (United States)

    McDonald, Melissa M.; Navarrete, Carlos David; Van Vugt, Mark


    The social science literature contains numerous examples of human tribalism and parochialism—the tendency to categorize individuals on the basis of their group membership, and treat ingroup members benevolently and outgroup members malevolently. We hypothesize that this tribal inclination is an adaptive response to the threat of coalitional aggression and intergroup conflict perpetrated by ‘warrior males’ in both ancestral and modern human environments. Here, we describe how male coalitional aggression could have affected the social psychologies of men and women differently and present preliminary evidence from experimental social psychological studies testing various predictions from the ‘male warrior’ hypothesis. Finally, we discuss the theoretical implications of our research for studying intergroup relations both in humans and non-humans and discuss some practical implications. PMID:22271783

  2. Warrior Model for Human Performance and Injury Prevention: Eagle Tactical Athlete Program (ETAP) Part II. (United States)

    Sell, Timothy C; Abt, John P; Crawford, Kim; Lovalekar, Mita; Nagai, Takashi; Deluzio, Jennifer B; Smalley, Brain W; McGrail, Mark A; Rowe, Russell S; Cardin, Sylvain; Lephart, Scott M


    Physical training for United States military personnel requires a combination of injury prevention and performance optimization to counter unintentional musculoskeletal injuries and maximize warrior capabilities. Determining the most effective activities and tasks to meet these goals requires a systematic, research-based approach that is population specific based on the tasks and demands of the Warrior. The authors have modified the traditional approach to injury prevention to implement a comprehensive injury prevention and performance optimization research program with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, KY. This is second of two companion papers and presents the last three steps of the research model and includes Design and Validation of the Interventions, Program Integration and Implementation, and Monitor and Determine the Effectiveness of the Program. An 8-week trial was performed to validate the Eagle Tactical Athlete Program (ETAP) to improve modifiable suboptimal characteristics identified in Part I. The experimental group participated in ETAP under the direction of a ETAP Strength and Conditioning Specialist while the control group performed the current physical training at Fort Campbell under the direction of a Physical Training Leader and as governed by FM 21-20 for the 8-week study period. Soldiers performing ETAP demonstrated improvements in several tests for strength, flexibility, performance, physiology, and the APFT compared to current physical training performed at Fort Campbell. ETAP was proven valid to improve certain suboptimal characteristics within the 8-week trial as compared to the current training performed at Fort Campbell. ETAP has long-term implications and with expected greater improvements when implemented into a Division pre-deployment cycle of 10-12 months which will result in further systemic adaptations for each variable.

  3. Resilient Warrior: A Stress Management Group to Improve Psychological Health in Service Members (United States)

    Bui, Eric; Baier, Allison L.; Mehta, Darshan H.; Denninger, John W.; Fricchione, Gregory L.; Casey, Aggie; Kagan, Leslee; Park, Elyse R.; Simon, Naomi M.


    Background: Many veterans deployed after 9/11/2001 are impacted by subthreshold levels of posttraumatic stress, anxiety, or other psychological health problems that may interfere with successful reintegration. Conventional treatments, including medication and trauma-focused individual psychotherapies, may not be optimally adapted, accepted, or effective to treat these subsyndromal symptoms. Methods: We developed “Resilient Warrior,” a 4-session, group-based, mind-body stress-management and resilience program targeted to build skills and assessed whether its format was accessible and acceptable, and potentially efficacious, to support resilience among service members. Results: From April 2014 to October 2014, 15 participants (53.3% women; mean age=36.6 y; SD=6.2) were surveyed for program acceptability and feasibility and completed self-reported psychological health outcomes before and after program participation. The majority (71.4%) of participants reported that the program included the right number of sessions, and all of them reported that it was helpful and relevant and that they would recommend it to others. While changes in self-reported resilience were only marginal, participation was associated with improvements in depressive symptoms, perceived stress, anxiety, and general sense of self efficacy. Conclusion: These pilot data provide preliminary support that “Resilient Warrior,” a group-based, stress reduction and resilience program, may improve psychological health in service members even when delivered in community settings. Randomized controlled trials with longer follow-up periods are needed to establish efficacy and effectiveness for this program. PMID:26665021

  4. Compliance Monitoring of Underwater Blasting for Rock Removal at Warrior Point, Columbia River Channel Improvement Project, 2009/2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carlson, Thomas J.; Johnson, Gary E.; Woodley, Christa M.; Skalski, J. R.; Seaburg, Adam


    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District (USACE) conducted the 20-year Columbia River Channel Improvement Project (CRCIP) to deepen the navigation channel between Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean to allow transit of fully loaded Panamax ships (100 ft wide, 600 to 700 ft long, and draft 45 to 50 ft). In the vicinity of Warrior Point, between river miles (RM) 87 and 88 near St. Helens, Oregon, the USACE conducted underwater blasting and dredging to remove 300,000 yd3 of a basalt rock formation to reach a depth of 44 ft in the Columbia River navigation channel. The purpose of this report is to document methods and results of the compliance monitoring study for the blasting project at Warrior Point in the Columbia River.

  5. 梁启超“尚武”思想研究%Liang qi-chao "Warrior" Thought Research

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Changeable modern Chinese society,the complicated social contradictions,and save the nation from extinction urgent mission,metabolism,fast pace to modern Chinese social development laid a complex mark;At the same time also made such as Liang qichao "hero" and "thought warriors".Man is the product of the era,and thought is a reflection of reality.Liang qichao's only will the "main character" thought,in modern China's national struggle and the class struggle and the historical trend to investigation,we can precisely grasp the essence of him,know him in different historical stage of the status,the real meaning and value.Warrior thought and the matching pursuit of adventure,competition,the enterprising spirit on the Chinese traditional culture not a small impact.Warrior ideas have changed people's life habit,the warrior thought agitate,army national sports thought takes advantage of a favorable situation,the society and the blow a shares "warrior" wind.This paper mainly USES the literature material,logic analysis,historical analysis,for nearly twenty years academics on liang qichao's "warrior" thought research results are analyzed and summarized,mainly from liang qichao "warrior" thinking of the results,monograph liang qichao "warrior" thinking of the representative views and these views,and points out that the review of insufficient,looking for problem solving strategy,in order to the reader or economist sports practice or research have enlightenment.%风云变幻的近代中国社会,错综复杂的社会矛盾,救亡图存的迫切使命,新陈代谢的急遽步伐,给近代中国社会的发展打下了复杂多变的印记;同时也造就了像梁启超这样的"英雄"和"思想勇士"。个人是时代的产物,而思想是现实的反映。只有将梁启超这个"主要人物"的思想,放在近代中国的民族斗争、阶级斗争和历史潮流中加以考察,我们才能确切地把握他的本质,认识他在不同历史阶段的地位、真

  6. Relationship of "weekend warrior" and regular physical activity patterns with metabolic syndrome and its associated diseases among Chinese rural adults. (United States)

    Xiao, Jing; Chu, Minjie; Shen, Huan; Ren, Wenlong; Li, Zhou; Hua, Tianqi; Xu, Hong; Liang, Yuanyuan; Gao, Yuexia; Zhuang, Xun


    Little is known about the "weekend warrior" pattern of physical activity (PA) where people perform all their PA in 1 or 2 sessions per week. We investigated the relationship of weekend warrior and other PA patterns with metabolic syndrome (MS) and its associated diseases. Data on sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics were collected from the Nantong Metabolic Syndrome Study that included 13,505 women and 6,997 men between 2007 and 2008. Compared with inactive participants, weekend warriors were at lower risk of MS, diabetes, and hypertension; respective odds ratios (95% confidence intervals) for men and women were 0.58 (0.43-0.79) and 0.67 (0.52-0.86), 0.52 (0.34-0.79) and 0.52 (0.33-0.83), and 0.79 (0.63-0.99) and 0.71 (0.57-0.89). Similar results were observed with regular activity, at a frequency of >3 sessions per week. Both weekend warrior and regular PA patterns showed a 10-60% decrease in abnormal triglycerides, glucose, and blood pressure in both sexes; abnormal waist circumference in men only; and abnormal high-density lipoprotein in women only. Our observed cross-sectional relationships reflect that >150 min/week of moderate PA or 75 min/week vigorous-intensity PA is needed to prevent MS and its component diseases, even if in a short-bout, intermittent PA pattern. MS: Metabolic syndrome; WC: Waist circumference; TG: Triglycerides; HDL-c: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol; BP: Blood pressure; SBP: Systolic blood pressure, DBP: Diastolic blood pressure; PA: Physical activity; JIS: Joint Interim Statement; CVD: Cardiovascular disease; ATP III: US Third Report of the National Cholesterol Education Program, the Adult Treatment Panel; IDF: International Diabetes Federation; IPAQ: International Physical Activity Questionnaire; BMI: Body mass index; CDC: the Nantong Centers for Disease Control; OR: Odds ratio; CI: Confidence interval; SD: Standard deviation; IQR: Interquartile range.

  7. Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) Program in a Light Infantry Brigade, March 2011 February 2012 (United States)


    but were not scored numerically: shoulder screen, lumbar extension, and lumbar flexion. If Soldiers experienced pain during any of these screenings...Technical Report No. S.0032423.3-11, October 2016 Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Directorate Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete...Technical Report 3. DATES COVERED (From – To) March 2011- February 2012 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Evaluation of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) Program

  8. Weed Warriors (United States)

    Buczynski, Sandy


    In these activities, middle school and high school students examine the threat of nonnative plant species to Hawaiian ecosystems. Students explore different viewpoints on alien plants and consider how beliefs and attitudes may affect others' decisions concerning nonnative plant species. Students also identify invasive plant characteristics and…


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jack C. Pashin; Richard E. Carroll; Richard H. Groshong Jr.; Dorothy E. Raymond; Marcella McIntyre; J. Wayne Payton


    Sequestration of CO{sub 2} in coal has potential benefits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the highly industrialized Carboniferous coal basins of North America and Europe and for enhancing coalbed methane recovery. Hence, enhanced coalbed methane recovery operations provide a basis for a market-based environmental solution in which the cost of sequestration is offset by the production and sale of natural gas. The Black Warrior foreland basin of west-central Alabama contains the only mature coalbed methane production fairway in eastern North America, and data from this basin provide an excellent basis for quantifying the carbon sequestration potential of coal and for identifying the geologic screening criteria required to select sites for the demonstration and commercialization of carbon sequestration technology. Coalbed methane reservoirs in the upper Pottsville Formation of the Black Warrior basin are extremely heterogeneous, and this heterogeneity must be considered to screen areas for the application of CO{sub 2} sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery technology. Major screening factors include stratigraphy, geologic structure, geothermics, hydrogeology, coal quality, sorption capacity, technology, and infrastructure. Applying the screening model to the Black Warrior basin indicates that geologic structure, water chemistry, and the distribution of coal mines and reserves are the principal determinants of where CO{sub 2} can be sequestered. By comparison, coal thickness, temperature-pressure conditions, and coal quality are the key determinants of sequestration capacity and unswept coalbed methane resources. Results of this investigation indicate that the potential for CO{sub 2} sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery in the Black Warrior basin is substantial and can result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while increasing natural gas reserves. Coal-fired power plants serving the Black Warrior basin in

  10. Warrior Model for Human Performance and Injury Prevention: Eagle Tactical Athlete Program (ETAP) Part I. (United States)

    Sell, Timothy C; Abt, John P; Crawford, Kim; Lovalekar, Mita; Nagai, Takashi; Deluzio, Jennifer B; Smalley, Brain W; McGrail, Mark A; Rowe, Russell S; Cardin, Sylvain; Lephart, Scott M


    Physical training for United States military personnel requires a combination of injury prevention and performance optimization to counter unintentional musculoskeletal injuries and maximize warrior capabilities. Determining the most effective activities and tasks to meet these goals requires a systematic, research-based approach that is population specific based on the tasks and demands of the warrior. We have modified the traditional approach to injury prevention to implement a comprehensive injury prevention and performance optimization research program with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Ft. Campbell, KY. This is Part I of two papers that presents the research conducted during the first three steps of the program and includes Injury Surveillance, Task and Demand Analysis, and Predictors of Injury and Optimal Performance. Injury surveillance based on a self-report of injuries was collected on all Soldiers participating in the study. Field-based analyses of the tasks and demands of Soldiers performing typical tasks of 101st Soldiers were performed to develop 101st-specific laboratory testing and to assist with the design of the intervention (Eagle Tactical Athlete Program (ETAP)). Laboratory testing of musculoskeletal, biomechanical, physiological, and nutritional characteristics was performed on Soldiers and benchmarked to triathletes to determine predictors of injury and optimal performance and to assist with the design of ETAP. Injury surveillance demonstrated that Soldiers of the 101st are at risk for a wide range of preventable unintentional musculoskeletal injuries during physical training, tactical training, and recreational/sports activities. The field-based analyses provided quantitative data and qualitative information essential to guiding 101st specific laboratory testing and intervention design. Overall the laboratory testing revealed that Soldiers of the 101st would benefit from targeted physical training to meet the specific demands of

  11. A Bard’s eye view: Narrative mediation in Xena: Warrior Princess

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wim Tigges


    Full Text Available This article aims to present an analytical survey of various aspects of narrative mediation in the action-fantasy TV-series Xena: Warrior Princess, by discussing a number of structural, verbal as well as visual devices that justify the qualification of Xena as “art television”. What is particularly unique to this series is the manner in which Xena’s heroic exploits have reached the modern viewer, namely by means of the “scrolls” produced by Xena’s sidekick and bardic companion Gabrielle. Consecutive sections discuss and illustrate the role of Gabrielle as storyteller and narrative mediator, the function and presentation of her “scrolls”, the use of intertextual or remediating as well as regendering narration of familiar narratives from myth and history, and some of the narrative problems Gabrielle is made to encounter, such as writer’s block, writerly self-doubt and the power of the word taking over from “reality”.

  12. Energiewende’s Lone Warriors: A Hyperlink Network Analysis of the German Energy Transition Discourse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonas Kaiser


    Full Text Available This paper explores the integration of different social fields within the German Energy Transition (Energiewende discourse in the election year 2013 by analysing the hyperlink structures online. Energiewende describes the fundamental transition from non-renewable energy to sustainable sources. This goal is both ambitious and controversial. Numerous stakeholders try to make their voices and interests heard and as such politics has to both disseminate and collect information in order to include all relevant groups from different social fields in the political process. This discourse is also visible online. By analysing the hyperlink structures we are able to see the attention distribution of different actor groups in the network. This study shows that most actors tend to link within their own social field and do not aim for a more integrated public sphere. Especially political actors appear to be lone warriors who neither look left or right and mostly link within their own party and ignore other actors. Whereas social field as the media or public administration are relevant within the network we find that scientific actors are ignored by all fields, except for their own.

  13. Glycosylated proteins preserved over millennia: N-glycan analysis of Tyrolean Iceman, Scythian Princess and Warrior. (United States)

    Ozcan, Sureyya; Kim, Bum Jin; Ro, Grace; Kim, Jae-Han; Bereuter, Thomas L; Reiter, Christian; Dimapasoc, Lauren; Garrido, Daniel; Mills, David A; Grimm, Rudolf; Lebrilla, Carlito B; An, Hyun Joo


    An improved understanding of glycosylation will provide new insights into many biological processes. In the analysis of oligosaccharides from biological samples, a strict regime is typically followed to ensure sample integrity. However, the fate of glycans that have been exposed to environmental conditions over millennia has not yet been investigated. This is also true for understanding the evolution of the glycosylation machinery in humans as well as in any other biological systems. In this study, we examined the glycosylation of tissue samples derived from four mummies which have been naturally preserved: - the 5,300 year old "Iceman called Oetzi", found in the Tyrolean Alps; the 2,400 year old "Scythian warrior" and "Scythian Princess", found in the Altai Mountains; and a 4 year old apartment mummy, found in Vienna/Austria. The number of N-glycans that were identified varied both with the age and the preservation status of the mummies. More glycan structures were discovered in the contemporary sample, as expected, however it is significant that glycan still exists in the ancient tissue samples. This discovery clearly shows that glycans persist for thousands of years, and these samples provide a vital insight into ancient glycosylation, offering us a window into the distant past.

  14. Relatives´ strategies in sub-acute brain injury rehabilitation: the warrior, the observer and the hesitant

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guldager, Rikke; Willis, Karen; Larsen, Kristian


    process as evidenced in meetings with providers. Design: A longitudinal study with a qualitative approach, drawing on the theory of Pierre Bourdieu. Methods: Data were generated using participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Participants were eleven relatives of patients with a severe...... traumatic brain injury, followed through in-patient rehabilitation varying from nine to twelve weeks. Analysis was undertaken using both an inductive and deductive approach. Findings: Drawing on Bourdieu’s concept of strategy, three relative positions were identified, the warrior, the observer...

  15. Water Management Strategies for Improved Coalbed Methane Production in the Black Warrior Basin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pashin, Jack [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); McIntyre-Redden, Marcella [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Mann, Steven [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Merkel, David [Geological Survey Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    The modern coalbed methane industry was born in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama and has to date produced more than 2.6 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1.6 billion barrels of water. The coalbed gas industry in this area is dependent on instream disposal of co-produced water, which ranges from nearly potable sodium-bicarbonate water to hypersaline sodium-chloride water. This study employed diverse analytical methods to characterize water chemistry in light of the regional geologic framework and to evaluate the full range of water management options for the Black Warrior coalbed methane industry. Results reveal strong interrelationships among regional geology, water chemistry, and gas chemistry. Coalbed methane is produced from multiple coal seams in Pennsylvanian-age strata of the Pottsville Coal Interval, in which water chemistry is influenced by a structurally controlled meteoric recharge area along the southeastern margin of the basin. The most important constituents of concern in the produced water include chlorides, ammonia compounds, and organic substances. Regional mapping and statistical analysis indicate that the concentrations of most ionic compounds, metallic substances, and nonmetallic substances correlate with total dissolved solids and chlorides. Gas is effectively produced at pipeline quality, and the only significant impurity is N{sub 2}. Geochemical analysis indicates that the gas is of mixed thermogenic-biogenic origin. Stable isotopic analysis of produced gas and calcite vein fills indicates that widespread late-stage microbial methanogenesis occurred primarily along a CO{sub 2} reduction metabolic pathway. Organic compounds in the produced water appear to have helped sustain microbial communities. Ammonia and ammonium levels increase with total dissolved solids content and appear to have played a role in late-stage microbial methanogenesis and the generation of N{sub 2}. Gas production tends to decline exponentially, whereas water production

  16. Relationships between water and gas chemistry in mature coalbed methane reservoirs of the Black Warrior Basin (United States)

    Pashin, Jack C.; McIntyre-Redden, Marcella R.; Mann, Steven D.; Kopaska-Merkel, David C.; Varonka, Matthew S.; Orem, William H.


    Water and gas chemistry in coalbed methane reservoirs of the Black Warrior Basin reflects a complex interplay among burial processes, basin hydrodynamics, thermogenesis, and late-stage microbial methanogenesis. These factors are all important considerations for developing production and water management strategies. Produced water ranges from nearly potable sodium-bicarbonate water to hypersaline sodium-chloride brine. The hydrodynamic framework of the basin is dominated by structurally controlled fresh-water plumes that formed by meteoric recharge along the southeastern margin of the basin. The produced water contains significant quantities of hydrocarbons and nitrogen compounds, and the produced gas appears to be of mixed thermogenic-biogenic origin.Late-stage microbial methanogenesis began following unroofing of the basin, and stable isotopes in the produced gas and in mineral cements indicate that late-stage methanogenesis occurred along a CO2-reduction metabolic pathway. Hydrocarbons, as well as small amounts of nitrate in the formation water, probably helped nourish the microbial consortia, which were apparently active in fresh to hypersaline water. The produced water contains NH4+ and NH3, which correlate strongly with brine concentration and are interpreted to be derived from silicate minerals. Denitrification reactions may have generated some N2, which is the only major impurity in the coalbed gas. Carbon dioxide is a minor component of the produced gas, but significant quantities are dissolved in the formation water. Degradation of organic compounds, augmented by deionization of NH4+, may have been the principal sources of hydrogen facilitating late-stage CO2 reduction.

  17. Is previous psychological health associated with the likelihood of Iraq War deployment? An investigation of the "healthy warrior effect". (United States)

    Wilson, Jennifer; Jones, Margaret; Fear, Nicola T; Hull, Lisa; Hotopf, Matthew; Wessely, Simon; Rona, Roberto J


    Using survey data, the authors assessed whether military personnel's prior mental health status would influence their likelihood of being deployed. None of the previous studies that assessed a possible "healthy warrior effect," in which persons selected for deployment have better predeployment health, were based on surveys. A sample of 2,820 United Kingdom military personnel studied in 2002, before the Iraq War, was contacted again between 2004 and 2006. The baseline questionnaire included a measure of psychological distress (the General Health Questionnaire), the PTSD [posttraumatic stress disorder] Checklist (PCL), physical symptoms, and level of medical fitness. A total of 1,885 (67%) participants completed a follow-up questionnaire. General Health Questionnaire caseness in 2002 was associated with a reduction in risk of deployment later on (risk ratio = 0.81, 95% confidence interval: 0.67, 0.99). Scoring high on the PCL intrusiveness and avoidance domains also reduced the risk of deployment. These associations were slightly stronger when the comparison was made between persons who were deployed to Iraq and those who were not. Although risk ratios were well below 1.00, PCL categories were not significantly associated with being deployed. This study demonstrated a small "healthy warrior effect"; persons with better psychological health had a higher chance of being deployed, even after adjustment for predeployment medical fitness.

  18. The effects of animal-assisted therapy on wounded warriors in an Occupational Therapy Life Skills program. (United States)

    Beck, Christine E; Gonzales, Florie; Sells, Carol Haertlein; Jones, Cynthia; Reer, Theresa; Zhu, Yao Yao


    Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) has gained much attention in civilian and military health care. Evidence supports its benefits with varied populations with diseases and disabilities, but no research has been done with injured or ill service members. This pretest, posttest nonrandomized control group study evaluated the effects of AAT on Warriors in transition (N=24) attending an Occupational Therapy Life Skills program with the long-term goal of improving their successful reintegration. Although significant differences were not found between the groups on most measures, anecdotal reports by participants and observers indicate that participants eagerly anticipated being with the therapy dogs, expressed pleasure and satisfaction with the experience, and regretted seeing it end. There were significant correlations between mood, stress, resilience, fatigue, and function at various measurement points. This is the first study to formally assess the benefits of AAT with wounded service members in garrison. Suggestions for future research are provided.

  19. Where’s BattleTech in MechWarrior Online? A Case Study in Game Adaptation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Backe, Hans-Joachim


    MechWarrior Online (MWO) is a free-to-play combat simulation based on BattleTech, a tactical board game launched by FASA Corporation in 1984. MWO is only the latest of a long series of digital games based on the board game, yet both its commercial model and its dedicated online play set it apart...... this event means little more than additional units to players without a background in BattleTech, to veterans of the board game, it must appear highly problematic: Within the fictional world of the board game, set forth in dozens of rule books and over a hundred works of fiction, the invading Clans use...... results of an ongoing study of the modes of adaptation used by MWO developer PGI. Analyzing the logics of movement and combat in the board game and their implementation in the real-time, physically correct environment of MWO, the paper shows how PGI have successfully identified and resolved underlying...

  20. Combat amputees' health-related quality of life and psychological outcomes: A brief report from the wounded warrior recovery project. (United States)

    Woodruff, Susan I; Galarneau, Michael R; Sack, Daniel I; McCabe, Cameron T; Dye, Judy L


    This study extends what is known about long-term health-related quality of life (HrQoL) and other psychosocial outcomes (i.e., depression, posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD]) among US military combat amputees serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. A total of 63 combat amputees were identified from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project, a study assessing long-term self-reported HrQoL and psychological outcomes among those wounded during military service. Another 477 service members from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project were identified as a comparison group (i.e., nonamputees with moderate to severe extremity injuries). After adjusting for age, time since injury, overall injury severity, and traumatic brain injury, amputees had poorer functional HrQoL than those in the nonamputee comparison group overall and in the specific area related to performance of usual activities, and, to some degree, chronic and acute symptoms, and mobility/self-care. On the other hand, depression and PTSD symptoms were not different for the two groups. Results suggest that when assessed over 5 years postinjury, on average, amputees have unique physical and functional limitations, yet do not report greater depression or PTSD symptoms than others seriously injured in combat. It may be that state-of-the-art integrated amputee care that includes support networks and emphasis on adjustment and psychological health may increase successful coping and adjustment, at least to a level that is on par with other types of serious combat injury. Epidemiologic/prognostic study, level III.

  1. Weekend warrior physical activity pattern and common mental disorder: a population wide study of 108,011 British adults. (United States)

    Hamer, Mark; Biddle, Stuart J H; Stamatakis, Emmanuel


    The dose-response association between physical activity (PA) and mental health is poorly described. We explored cross-sectional associations between physical activity and common mental disorder (psychological distress) in 'weekend warriors' who do all their exercise in one or two sessions per week. Adult participants (n = 108,011, age = 47 ± 17 yrs., 46.5% men) were recruited from general population household-based surveys (Health Survey for England and Scottish Health Survey) from 1994 to 2004. Data were pooled and analyzed using logistic regression models. Moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) was self-reported and psychological distress was measured using the 12 item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12). Psychological distress (GHQ-12 > 3) was prevalent in 14.5% of the sample. In healthy participants an inverse association between PA and psychological distress was optimal at the PA guideline (150 mins/wk. MVPA or 75 min/wk. Vigorous PA) regardless of whether it was accumulated in one or two bouts per week "Weekend warrior" (odd ratio = 0.68, 95% CI, 0.63, 0.73) or as more frequent daily bouts (odd ratio = 0.68, 95% CI, 0.64, 0.72) in comparison to the inactive reference group. In participants with chronic health conditions an inverse association between PA and psychological distress was also evident at lower doses (one or two sessions of PA a week below PA guideline) (OR = 0.72, 95% CI, 0.68, 0.77). Undertaking vigorous intensity PA as part of the PA guideline conferred additional benefit in women (odds ratio = 0.87, 95% CI, 0.75, 1.00), but not men. Mental health benefits may be accrued through different PA patterns, thus individual approaches to prescribing exercise should be promoted.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jack C. Pashin; Richard E. Carroll; Richard H. Groshong, Jr.; Dorothy E. Raymond; Marcella McIntyre; J. Wayne Payton


    Sequestration of CO{sub 2} in coal has potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants while enhancing coalbed methane recovery. Data from more than 4,000 coalbed methane wells in the Black Warrior basin of Alabama provide an opportunity to quantify the carbon sequestration potential of coal and to develop a geologic screening model for the application of carbon sequestration technology. This report summarizes stratigraphy and sedimentation, structural geology, geothermics, hydrology, coal quality, gas capacity, and production characteristics of coal in the Black Warrior coalbed methane fairway and the implications of geology for carbon sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery. Coal in the Black Warrior basin is distributed among several fluvial-deltaic coal zones in the Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation. Most coal zones contain one to three coal beds that are significant targets for coalbed methane production and carbon sequestration, and net coal thickness generally increases southeastward. Pottsville strata have effectively no matrix permeability to water, so virtually all flow is through natural fractures. Faults and folds influence the abundance and openness of fractures and, hence, the performance of coalbed methane wells. Water chemistry in the Pottsville Formation ranges from fresh to saline, and zones with TDS content lower than 10,000 mg/L can be classified as USDW. An aquifer exemption facilitating enhanced recovery in USDW can be obtained where TDS content is higher than 3,000 mg/L. Carbon dioxide becomes a supercritical fluid above a temperature of 88 F and a pressure of 1,074 psi. Reservoir temperature exceeds 88 F in much of the study area. Hydrostatic pressure gradients range from normal to extremely underpressured. A large area of underpressure is developed around closely spaced longwall coal mines, and areas of natural underpressure are distributed among the coalbed methane fields. The mobility and

  3. DFNModeler: an efficient discrete fracture network modeler and its application to fracture characterization in Black Warrior basin, Alabama (United States)

    Jin, G.; Pashin, J. C.


    Discrete fracture network (DFN) models are stochastic representations of natural fracture systems that incorporate statistical scaling rules derived from analysis of fracture length, height, spacing, orientation, and aperture, and have been used increasingly in coalbed methane reservoir characterization. The DFN technique has been applied in a number of areas such as hydraulic fluid transport, carbon sequestration modeling, and fracture reservoir characterization, etc. The goal of DFN modeling is to represent the important aspects of natural fractures within the mathematical framework of numerical simulation and engineering calculations. DFN models are important vehicles for the simulation of flow and solute transport in a fractured rock mass, thus DFN modeling techniques have become important and powerful tools for fractured reservoir characterization and CO2 sequestration studies. We have developed a computer software package called DFNModeler, which is designed for the realization, visualization, and analysis of discrete fracture network models. Computerized analysis of fracture networks is important because fractures are abundant in reservoirs and aquifers and can have a strong effect on fluid flow patterns and compartmentalization. DFNModeler has four major functionalities: 1) edit and input information on the statistical properties of fracture networks; 2) realize the DFN model using derived stochastic populations; 3) analyze fracture compartmentalization and fluid migration pathways; and 4) visualize the DFN model. These functionalities are provided through user-friendly, menu-driven interfaces. Accuracy, efficiency, and reliability are three important factors that guided software development. The DFNModeler has been applied to the fracture reservoir characterization of the Lower Pennsylvanian-age Pottsville Formation in the Black Warrior basin, Alabama. The Pottsville Formation constitutes a thick succession of shale, sandstone, and coal. Coalbed methane

  4. Dede Korkut Hikâyelerinde Savaşçı Eğitimi Warrior Training In Dede Korkut Stories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lütfü Kerem BAŞAR


    Full Text Available When it is considered that Dede Korkut Stories are the fundamental element of Turkish literature because of including the informations on Turkish traditions, beliefs and life style; it can be said that the Book of Dede Korkut Stories is the unique source of Turkish Literature besides being the crossing point compositon from legend to folk narratives. It is because the life style of the Oguz Turks, told in the narratives, depends on the continuous struggle and movement, these struggles and movements take place on the plot of the these twelve stories. Oguz Turks struggled against not only nature but also enemy. So, being strong and a warrior are the factors in maintenance of their life style. The tough weather conditions, the continuous struggle againstother tribes around and dealing with hunting have primary effects onestablishing a warrior and fighter identity. Based on these struggles,Dede Korkut Stories have lots of scenes in which the future expectedwarrior hero is raised. It is because nomadic tribes, like Oguz Turks,based on powerful men, male child has great importance. It is why thechildren especially male ones had a special training on saving theirfamily members when they are refugee or when they have hard times instruggling against the other tribes. They have also trained on huntingand dealing with wild animals. In this study it is tried to define themessages of the stories related to the warrior training and the processof establishing a warrior character of Dede Korkut Stories`heroes. Dede Korkut Hikâyeleri, Türk edebiyatının temel taşlarından biri olması ve eski Türk gelenekleri, inanışları, hayat tarzı ile ilgili bilgiler sunması ve destandan halk hikâyesine geçiş döneminin en önemli eseri olması açısından eşsiz bir kaynaktır. Bu eserde yer alan on iki hikâyenin olay örgüsünde genel olarak birtakım mücadeleler yer almaktadır. Çünkü hikâyelerde anlatılan göçebe Oğuz Türklerinin hayat tarz

  5. Improving Vocational Rehabilitation Access and Return to Work and Career Outcomes among African American Wounded Warriors, Gulf War, and Vietnam War Era Veterans with Disabilities: A White Paper Series (United States)

    Moore, Corey L., Ed.: Johnson, Jean E., Ed.; Washington, Andre L., Ed.


    The purpose of this monograph is to present documents that discuss issues related to improving access to vocational rehabilitation services and return to work rates of African American Wounded Warriors, Gulf War and Vietnam War Era veterans with disabilities. This monograph also includes a review of relevant literature on barriers to employment…

  6. Adsorption kinetics of CO2, CH4, and their equimolar mixture on coal from the Black Warrior Basin, West-Central Alabama (United States)

    Gruszkiewicz, M.S.; Naney, M.T.; Blencoe, J.G.; Cole, D.R.; Pashin, J.C.; Carroll, R.E.


    Laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the adsorption kinetic behavior of pure and mixed gases (CO2, CH4, approximately equimolar CO2 + CH4 mixtures, and He) on a coal sample obtained from the Black Warrior Basin at the Littleton Mine (Twin Pine Coal Company), Jefferson County, west-central Alabama. The sample was from the Mary Lee coal zone of the Pottsville Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian). Experiments with three size fractions (45-150????m, 1-2??mm, and 5-10??mm) of crushed coal were performed at 40????C and 35????C over a pressure range of 1.4-6.9??MPa to simulate coalbed methane reservoir conditions in the Black Warrior Basin and provide data relevant for enhanced coalbed methane recovery operations. The following key observations were made: (1) CO2 adsorption on both dry and water-saturated coal is much more rapid than CH4 adsorption; (2) water saturation decreases the rates of CO2 and CH4 adsorption on coal surfaces, but it appears to have minimal effects on the final magnitude of CO2 or CH4 adsorption if the coal is not previously exposed to CO2; (3) retention of adsorbed CO2 on coal surfaces is significant even with extreme pressure cycling; and (4) adsorption is significantly faster for the 45-150????m size fraction compared to the two coarser fractions. ?? 2008 Elsevier B.V.

  7. Melamine contamination in nutritional supplements--Is it an alarm bell for the general consumer, athletes, and 'Weekend Warriors'? (United States)

    Gabriels, Gary; Lambert, Mike; Smith, Pete; Wiesner, Lubbe; Hiss, Donavon


    Nutritional supplements are used or experimented with by consumers, notably these are; competitive and recreational athletes of all ages, and 'weekend warriors'. As a consequence the supplement industry has grown to meet the increasing demand. A Global Industry Analysts Inc. report indicates that the herbal supplement market has not declined during the worldwide recession, but in fact exhibited steady growth over the period 2008 to 2009. It is anticipated that the market will reach US$93.15 billion by the year 2015. These supplements may contain adulterated substances that may potentially have harmful short - and long-term health consequences to the consumer. "Scrap Melamine" is such an example, which has been implicated in the kidney failure and death of several cats, dogs and pigs. In China in 2008, reports described very severe health effects in infants and young children. At the time over 294,000 infants were screened and diagnosed with urinary tract stones and sand-like calculi associated with melamine in milk products, of which 50,000 infants were hospitalised, and at least six associated deaths, recorded. The extent that melamine contamination occurs in nutritional supplements is not known. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine whether commercially available nutritional and traditional supplement products contain melamine, even though they are not declared by the manufacturer on the product label. A total of 138 nutritional supplements products were obtained from (i) direct purchases from shops, pharmacies and outlets, (ii) directly from consumers, and (iii) from suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. The products were laboratory analysed for melamine, using Tandem Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. Forty-seven % of all the products (n = 138) tested positive for melamine. Eight-two % of the South African produced products (n = 27) tested positive and 58 % of the products imported into South Africa (n = 50) tested positive

  8. The Ash Warriors (United States)


    to the alternate com- mand post, telephone technicians installed a visual display unit ( VDU ) and a remote switch- board at Dau. The equipment allowed...ROMERO, MARIO M ROOFNER, WILLIAM C ROONEY, TIMOTHY J ROPER, TOMMY W JR ROSA , CHARLES ROSA , ESPERANZA DC ROSA , ISRAEL ROSA , MARLENE S ROSALES, JOSE D JR...States Pacific Command VDU visual display unit water buffaloes water carriers mounted on a small, two-wheel trailer Wilco standard radio terminology

  9. Iroquois Warriors in Iraq (United States)


    the outgoing team. Doug Shipman recalled that the out- going AST for the Iraqi 3d Division headquarters was not helpful. I don’t think the do. It was a big shock for me. While I was in Taji, we had everything. 123 There was a Burger King and a Cinnabon. We went from that to pretty...distractions that normally grace any US installation. There was no Burger King or pizzeria. There was no movie theater or television. There was no

  10. Site Characterization for CO2 Storage from Coal-fired Power Facilities in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Clark, Peter E. [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States); Pashin, Jack [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States); Carlson, Eric [Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Goodliffe, Andrew [Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); McIntyre-Redden, Marcella [Geological Survey of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Mann, Steven D. [Geological Survey of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States); Thompson, Mason [Rice Univ., Houston, TX (United States)


    Coal-fired power plants produce large quantities of carbon dioxide. In order to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions from these power plants, it is necessary to separate and store the carbon dioxide. Saline formations provide a potential sink for carbon dioxide and delineating the capacity of the various known saline formations is a key part of building a storage inventory. As part of this effort, a project was undertaken to access the storage capacity of saline reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama. This basin has been a productive oil and gas reservoir that is well characterized to the west of the two major coal-fired power plants that are north of Birmingham. The saline zones were thought to extend as far east as the Sequatchie Anticline which is just east of the power plants. There is no oil or gas production in the area surrounding the power plants so little is known about the formations in that area. A geologic characterization well was drilled on the Gorgas Power Plant site, which is the farthest west of two power plants in the area. The well was planned to be drilled to approximately 8,000 feet, but drilling was halted at approximately 5,000 feet when a prolific freshwater zone was penetrated. During drilling, a complete set of cores through all of the potential injection zones and the seals above these zones were acquired. A complete set of openhole logs were run along with a vertical seismic profile (VSP). Before drilling started two approximately perpendicular seismic lines were run and later correlated with the VSP. While the zones that were expected were found at approximately the predicted depths, the zones that are typically saline through the reservoir were found to be saturated with a light crude oil. Unfortunately, both the porosity and permeability of these zones were small enough that no meaningful hydrocarbon production would be expected even with carbon dioxide flooding. While this part of the basin was found to be unsuitable for

  11. Targeted Human Factors and Ergonomics Recommendations for Materiel and Concept Developers from the 2013 US Army Capabilities Integration Center Dismounted Non-network-Enabled Limited Objective Experiment (ARCIC DNNE LOE) (United States)


    11 2.4.2 Maneuver and Fires Integrated Application ( MaFIA ...and Fires Integrated Application ( MaFIA ) The MaFIA system employed during the DNNE LOE was designed to provide forward observers and small units...nonspecifically described MaFIA map display and notation features as useful but suggested that MaFIA should be integrated into NETT Warrior (formerly Ground

  12. Building a Better Canine Warrior (United States)


    normally received through increased amounts of kibble would improve hydration and water conservation during conditioning and multiday exercise. A... conservation and overall health. It was hypothesized that compared to dogs who were fed increasing amounts of both energy and protein, dogs fed only their pre...a top-dressing on the food . Starting caloric intake during the 2 week acclimatization period prior to the start of the study was 14 7kcal/kg BW0 75

  13. Mellom myndighet og medieaktør. Nyhetsformidling i seks nett-aktive kommuner

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Signe Bock Segaard


    Full Text Available

    Artikkelen belyser hvordan kommuner som nyhetsformidlere fyller sine hjemmesider med innhold ved å undersøke hvor aktive de er som nyhetsformidlere på nettet, hvilken type e-formidling de praktiserer og hvorvidt de opplever dilemmaer knyttet til e-formidling. Analysen hviler på spenningen mellom et journalistisk formidlingsideal om å understøtte demokratiske verdier og en strategisk kommunikasjonsidé, hvor hensikten er omdømmebygging og branding. Empirisk relateres undersøkelsen til data fra en rekke danske og norske kommuner, som skiller seg ut ved å være særlig aktive på nettet. Analysen danner avslutningsvis grunnlag for en drøftelse av hvordan kommunal e-formidling kan forstås i lys av kommunen som offentlig myndighet samt som markedsaktør, tjenesteprodusent og demokratiaktør. Spørsmålet er om kommunal e-formidling er en demokratisk gevinst. Analysen viser at kommunal e-formidling kjennetegnes av en tendens til profesjonalisering, sentralisering og byråkratisering, samt at vurderingen av den demokratiske gevinsten til dels betinges av hvordan kommunene i praksis forholder seg til utvelgelseskriterier. I tillegg viser analysen at noen kommuner er mer strategisk og andre mer journalistisk orientert i sitt formidlingsarbeid, men at den ene orientering ikke utelukker den andre.

  14. U.S. Special Forces: Culture Warriors (United States)


    to raid an enemy may be based on prophecies, dreams , and other supernatural phenomena.”43 Edgerton further describes, “one southern African kingdom...was utterly destroyed when its cherished prophets urged that all its cattle be killed and no crops be planted. The result was predicted to be a

  15. Department of Defense Recovering Warrior Task Force (United States)


    Jackson Foundation, BioMed San Antonio, Geneva Foundation, Southwest Research Institute) collaborations.530 SAMHS meets monthly with VA to review...Antonio, TX, and as Deputy Commander for Administration for the 3rd Medical Command in Forest Park, GA. He also serves as the chairman of the Army

  16. D. W. Griffith and the Warrior Ethos. (United States)

    Quart, Leonard; Auster, Al


    Discusses D. W. Griffith's perceptions of war, his idealized vision of the South before and after the Civil War, and his racism as evidenced in the film, "The Birth of a Nation." Considers responses to and effects of the film. (DMM)


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    From a recruitment and training perspective, so it appears, the going is increasingly difficult and often at odds with a civil society not always holding the military in high esteem and portraying traits which are even more ... boredom, high intensity battles, and even the aloofness of the soldiers at times to what was going on ...

  18. Environmental Assessment for Vigilant Warrior Training Site (United States)


    climate (see Section 3.10). In general, pine-oak forests dominate the dry upland terraces. Beech ( Fagus americanus) and other hardwoods are found on...moist, shaded slopes and ravines. Bottomlands and creek areas favor sweetbay (Magnolia virginiana), blackgum (Nyssa sylvatica ), sycamore (Platanaus

  19. American Insurgent Leaders: Insights for Contemporary Warriors (United States)


    106 Donald E. Sutherland , A Savage Conflict: The Decisive Role of Guerrillas in the American Civil War, (Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North...KS: The University of Kansas Press, 2009. Palmer, Dave . The Way of the Fox: American Strategy in The War for America, 1775-1783. Westport, CT...Paret, 815-862. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1986. Sutherland , Daniel E. A Savage Conflict: The Decisive Role of Guerrillas in the

  20. The need to be cold : cold warriors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gregoire, L.


    This article discussed the changing climate of Ellesmere Island and the adaptation of the Inuit in response to the climate change, with particular reference to Canada's most northern community of Grise Fiord. Because of the changing climate, the vast northern landscape that the Inuit navigated for centuries by reading its subtle signs is becoming warmer, softer, and unpredictable. The geographic history and demographics of Grise Fiord were described. The community's main water supply comes from a glacier which is sinking. The negative impacts of ice shrinkage on this northern community and on the environment were presented. These included more international shipping through the Arctic, more resource exploration, a greater risk of environmental contamination, and reduced habitat for the polar bears and seals that eat, mate, and reproduce on the ice. Climate change impacts on the sea and sea ice were also discussed. Several photographs illustrating the changing climate were presented. The article noted that climate change could destroy the Inuit culture, making climate change an issue of human rights, notably the right to live connected to the land and the right to be cold. It was concluded that in one generation, Inuit were swept up by both a social and an economic upheaval. In one more generation, they will undergo an environmental shift. 13 figs.

  1. U.S. Special Forces: culture warriors


    Hill, Joshua L.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited U.S. Army Special Forces (SF) are consistently called upon to work by, with, and through indigenous forces to conduct special warfare. Current SF doctrine reflects an increasing desire for SF operators to be culturally proficient in order to work closely with locals, advise foreign militaries, and build relationships with host-nation counterparts. Despite the doctrinal emphasis on cultural proficiency, SF doctrine offers little concret...

  2. Wounded Warriors: Challenges and Care Coordination (United States)


    Emergency Financial Assistance – ID Cards – DEERS – Travel Services – Military Personnel – Lodging – TSGLI  Assistance – Social Service Administration...2012 20 Key Handoffs • Discharge from Inpatient – Lodging  – Inprocessing – finance, order issue, training – Family integration,  TSGLI • Outpatient

  3. The Warrior Heritage. A Study of Rhodesia. (United States)


    Salisbury, p. 3. 44. PA 1/1/1 Papers of George Parson; MA 9/1/95 Letters of Frank Oswald Mallett. 45. PA 1/1/1 Parson Papers; CA 2/1/1 Campbell...Ollie X, 9 August 1979; Interview, Alex Inglesby, 14 August 1979; Lovett, Contact, p. 68; Nicholas Mosley , "Lonely War of the Front-Line Farmers," Scope...99 Letters of Frank Oswald Mallett. MO 15/1/1 Diary of John Moore. Moffat Treaty of 1888. NA 1/1 Diary of William Napier. PA 1/1/1-3 Papers of George


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdullah Hehamahua


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what, why, and how, the programs and performances which ideally need to be directed by integrity and professionalism are actually handled by the human resource management in the Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC. The qualitative approach to conduct the case study collected the data through a participant observation procedure, and triangulated with interviews with key informants, document analysis, and recordings. The study found that (1 the planning of the human resource, including the recruitment and selection process, has been conducted to follow the highest standards applied in state institutions and government agencies in Indonesia; (2 CEC is conducting education, training, and development programs of its human resource to improve organizational performance; (3 CEC is the first state institution or government agency to use performance as the parameter for reward and punishment; (4 CEC is the first state institution and government agency to use a merit system in determining the salary; (5 the values of integrity and professionalism constitute are the basic priciples to guide the corporate culture of the auditors of CEC. The findings indicate the need to improve the recruitment and selection process, to establish the standards of performance, evaluationj and career management in all the units, and to continue the Coaching, mentoring, and Counceling (CMC program to maintain integrity and professionalism of the whole body of the human resource of the CEC.

  5. Warrior Transition Leader: Medical Rehabilitation Handbook (United States)


    expansion of PM&R has resulted from the wars of the 20th century causing unique and complex injuries. Better methods of rehabilitation were needed, and...als. Accessed June 20, 2011. war-rElatEd injuriES and illnESSES h 99 39. Schwarz A. Linking head trauma and ALS in military. New York Times...cognitive deficits. Likewise, warning signs on potentially dangerous materials, substances, and appliances can help maintain safety.59 Smart phones

  6. Short-term variations in power consumption in the general supply. Consumption curve based on an hourly measured data from the Skagerak Nett; Kortsiktige variasjoner i stroemforbruket i alminnelig forsyning. Forbrukskurver basert paa timesmaalte data fra Skagerak Nett

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ericson, Torgeir; Halvorsen, Bente


    In this report we describe the power consumption of different customer groups in the general supply of day, week and year. We look at consumption patterns in different aggregation levels from four main sectors (households, primary, secondary and tertiary industries) to the various sub-groups of food customers, for instance within industry. The analysis is based on measured data of hourly usage from customers in the Skagerak Web throughout 2006. (Author)

  7. Barndom på nett - En kvalitativ analyse av mammabloggeres fremstilling av egne barn på Internett


    Sinding-Larsen, Helene


    Master i sosialt arbeid Denne studien tar for seg et relativt nytt og lite utforsket tema, nemlig fremstillinger av barn i mammablogger. Mammablogger kan forstås og utforskes som en slags personlig dagbok på Internett, hvor bloggeren deler fortellinger fra seg og sine barns hverdagsliv. Jeg har, gjennom et sosialkonstruksjonistisk perspektiv og inspirert av diskursteori, rettet fokus mot hvordan et utvalg av norske mammabloggere fremstiller sine barn. De ulike fremstillingene jeg har funne...

  8. Die-cavity Design for High-Precision Nett-Forming of Engineering Component (PRECI4M)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ravn, Bjarne Gottlieb

    This report covers the 6-months period from month 37 to month 42 of the project. The following tasks are reported: • Task 14: Auto-interface between Data Retrieval and FE Analysis Software • Task 21: Tool Design Principles • Task 23: Specification of Tool Design System • Task 54: Development...... of Software Codes • Task 61: Design of Experiments for Validation • Task 62: Validation Experiments...

  9. Executive Function, Survival, and Hospitalization in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A Longitudinal Analysis of the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT). (United States)

    Dodd, James W; Novotny, Paul; Sciurba, Frank C; Benzo, Roberto P


    Cognitive dysfunction has been demonstrated in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but studies are limited to cross-sectional analyses or incompletely characterized populations. We examined longitudinal changes in sensitive measures of executive function in a well-characterized population of patients with severe COPD. This study was performed on patients enrolled in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial. To assess executive function, we analyzed trail making (TM) A and B times at enrollment in the trial (2,128 patients), and at 12 (731 patients) and 24 months (593 patients) after enrollment, adjusted for surgery, marriage status, age, education, income, depression, PaO2, PaCO2, and smoking. Associations with survival and hospitalizations were examined using Cox regression and linear regression models. The average age of the patients was 66.4 years, and the average FEV1 was 23.9% predicted. At the time of enrolment, 38% had executive dysfunction. Compared with those who did not, these patients were older, less educated, had higher oxygen use, higher PaCO2, worse quality of life as measured by the St. George's Respiratory Quotient, reduced well-being, and lower social function. There was no significant change over 2 years in TM A or B times after adjustment for covariables. Changes in TM B times were modestly associated with survival, but changes in TM B-A times were not. Changes in TM scores were not associated with frequency of hospitalization. Lung function, PaO2, smoking, survival, and hospitalizations were not significantly different in those with executive dysfunction. In this large population of patients with severe emphysema and heavy cigarette smoking exposure, there was no significant decline over 2 years in cognitive executive function as measured by TM tests. There was no association between executive function impairment and frequency of hospitalization, and there was a possible modest association with survival. It is plausible that cerebrovascular comorbidities explain previously described cognitive pathology in COPD.

  10. PE Ninja Warrior: Designing an American Ninja Warrior Unit for Physical Education (United States)

    Bruno, Laura E.; Farrell, Anne


    Regular participation in physical activity during childhood and adolescence is critical to the development of healthy habits that will continue into adulthood. Research suggests that children who lead sedentary lives are more likely to continue those habits later in life. A key goal of physical education (PE) is to educate students on the…

  11. EOD Warrior Athlete Working Group: Recommendations for an Evidence-Based, Forcewide, EOD Warrior Athlete Program (United States)


    screen scientifically evaluates sleep health via self-report, actigraphy, and/or new emerging mobile sleep monitoring technologies (e.g., smart ... textile shirt). In the short term, sleep disturbances leads to myriad negative cognitive and physiological consequences. Furthermore, long-term sleep

  12. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters: Selection and Training of Warrior Transition Unit and Wounded Warrior Battalion Leaders and Cadre (United States)


    of Distribution and Allowances ( TDA )7 authorization for designated full-time instructor positions, which were previously determined to be cost...and Transition Program Force Structure Implementation, Headquarters, US Army Medical Command, Operation Order, 14-24, February 2014. 7 TDA is an...standardized training for newly assigned leaders and cadre. The current TDA for the AMEDDC&S WTU Cadre Training Program established the program

  13. Worrier or warrior? Taking control of your investment plan. (United States)

    Blau, Joel M; Paprocki, Ronald J


    The current economic and investment environment may seem different from before, but historically there has been uncertainty in most, if not all, time periods. The basis for selecting investments should be the needs, temperament, and available resources of each individual or family. Experience has taught that the most appropriate investment for one person often is far less suited for someone else. Advice given in the media or from other investors unfamiliar with your particular situation adds to the confusion. In this article, we discuss choosing the most appropriate investments for your specific situation and how the process can be made easier by carefully considering, and answering, six questions.

  14. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Camp Lejeune (United States)


    appointments at both Camp Lejeune and the DVA . He said that although he didn’t know what the Medical Evaluation Board counselor did, the battalion command...Composite Health Care System CONUS Continental United States CTP Comprehensive Transition Plan DES Disability Evaluation System DVA ...Summary of Prior Coverage During the last 6 years, there has been a multitude of prior coverage on DOD and Department of Veterans Affairs ( DVA ) health

  15. Great Warriors: Hannibal Barca and Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (United States)


    his delaying strategy (known since that time as Fabian tactics). Where Fabius preferred to wait and let disease , attrition, desertion and...mastery of the civilised world." (8:94-95) He also fortified the city and actively worked the silver mines he had captured as well. The three Carthaginian

  16. Unending saga of fighting cholesterol: Evacetrapib is another fallen warrior. (United States)

    Simko, V


    Despite an enormous success in reducing morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular disease (CVD), statins and modern antihypertensive medications are not universally effective. Research has focused on potential molecular targets in dyslipidemia. Decades-long, expensive trial with CETP (cholesterylester transfer protein) inhibitor evacetrapib, came in April 2016 to crash landing. Despite dramatic improvement in "good" HDL-cholesterol and decline in "bad" LDL-C, the effect of evacetrapib in CVD patients was comparable to placebo. Notwithstanding failure in this molecular target field, results with another agent the PCSK9 inhibitor, may identify the molecular site that would normalize dyslipidemia, without harming physiologically essential lipids (Fig. 2, Ref. 19).

  17. The purposes of torture : symposium : torture and the Stoic Warrior

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lenta, Patrick


    .... I discuss a number of forms of violence that have recently been identified as types of torture, including interrogational, terroristic, dehumanising and sadistic torture, as well as torture as a form of punishment...

  18. Professional Military Education for the 21st Century Warrior (United States)


    down the curriculum, and provided the students with junkets around the world that supposedly provided them with understanding through osmosis rather than...are involved in this process. We are joined at the hip with the J- 8 folks who work with Vince Roske. Like any potato - sack race where you have a...seeing the peers they left - couch potatoes with long hair and the like. They realize that there’s a great gap between the values they’ve acquired

  19. Future Force Warrior: Insights from Air Assault Expeditionary Force Assessment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Turner, Daniel D; Carstens, Christian B


    .... Each system included the FFW uniform and helmet, body armor chassis, global positioning system tracking receivers, radio communication equipment, a computer system with operating software, and voice-activated controls...

  20. The Mongol Warrior Epic: Masters of Thirteenth Century Maneuver Warfare (United States)


    started among the Hungarians that their Cuman allies were going to go over to the Mongols. This rumor caused a very tenuous alliance to further...disintegrate to a point where constructive effort between the Hungarians and the Cumans ceased. Undoubtedly this rumor was started and fed by Mongol spies and

  1. Warrior or Pundit: Ethical Struggle of Army Senior Leaders (United States)


    decade of war has persisted. Therefore, the U.S., Military must have an ethical comprehensive strategy to address the probable issues of conflict...address the probable issues of conflict termination and future warfare. This paper will examine the relationship between Congress, the executive branch...the course of future events becomes. Crystal balls that work reliably are hard to find, while astrology , alas is apt to disappoint also. But

  2. 77 FR 57026 - Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Black Warrior River, AL (United States)


    ... will initiate bridge closing warnings consisting of continuous horn blowing and the navigation lights... taking approximately two minutes to complete. As soon as the bridge leaves the up position, the horn will... under Executive Order 13132, Federalism, if it has a substantial direct effect on the States, on the...

  3. Conflict Termination--Transitioning from Warrior to Constable: A Primer (United States)


    500,000 refugees, displaced persons, and other:w:, it delivered significant logistical support of food, w Pter, shelter, and other items. After two...for processing requests for political asylum, temporary refuge, and safe passage. Sixth: Develop a logistical system to continue to acquire 32 and...Staff Judge Advocate, 7th Infantry Division (Light), Fort Ord and is hereinafter cited as the Johnson memorandum). 37.Michael E. Sainsbury , CPT, USA

  4. Internet: Education and Application for the Knowledge Warrior (United States)


    presentee during training was: 1 2 3 4 5 Inaccurate Inconsistent Correct Extensive Comprehensive 3. How well did the training demonstrate the value...capabilities Internet facilitate future knowledge capabilities endeavors 2. To the best of your knowledge, the data presentee during training was

  5. Department of Defense (DOD) Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior (United States)

    Social Security Administration — SSA initiated this agreement with the Department of Defense (DOD) to transmit to SSA information that will identify military personnel injured or taken ill while in...

  6. Taking Time to Reflect on Censorship: Warriors, Wanderers, and Magicians (United States)

    Perry, Tonya


    Many of our children are exposed to practical, everyday issues that would have seemed foreign to us as a society twenty years ago: sexual harassment (regardless of gender), cyberbullying, virtual violence, and stalking by Internet predators. Widespread censorship for middle school students is counterproductive to thinking in such an open and…

  7. Women Warriors: Why the Robotics Revolution Changes the Combat Equation (United States)


    While not disputing differences of women’s aerobic and anaerobic capabilities when compared to men, advocates reference that most soldiers in a...HULC’s battery power, the system currently allows eight hours of continuous field exercise or lasts several days for less exertive tasks like standing...improvement of physical strength and endurance—enough to close the aerobic and anaerobic delta between the average man and the average woman. With

  8. Monitoring Maritime Conditions with Unmanned Systems During Trident Warrior 2013 (United States)


    undersea ocean gliders ( Slocum and Spray models) to see, feel, and taste visibility, temperature, and salinity; and surface wave gliders (Sensor...Cross FIGURE 5 (a) NRL personnel deploy a profiling Slocum ocean glider. (b) Two ocean gliders and one SHARC are superimposed on a 3D TW13 ocean

  9. Reintegration After Deployment: Supporting Citizen Warriors and Their Families (United States)


    families. Achieving Reintegration Success RAND researchers administered a survey and conducted interviews with service members and spouses. The...responses indicated that families with successful reintegration experiences share common traits. These families felt ready for deployment, had good...Department of Defense (DoD) can use these findings to empower families to be active, effective architects of their own reintegration success . Doing so is

  10. Training Analyses Supporting the Land Warrior and Ground Soldier Systems (United States)


    Alt 1 only EN Co YESO 1 1 YES 1 EN Co 1SG 1 1 YES 1 EN Platoon (3 per SBCT) Engineer Platoon Plt Ldr 3 3 YES 3...Reconnaissance Troop (3 per SBCT) Trp Cdr 3 3 YES 3 Trp YESO 3 3 YES 3 Trp 1SG 3 3 YES 3 Recce Plt Ldr 9 9 YES...36 5 Stryker Battalion (3 per SBCT) Stryker Battalion BN Cdr 1 1 YES 1 BN YESO 1 1 YES 1

  11. Rabbits and Flying Warriors: The Postindian Imagery of Jim Denomie (United States)

    Martinez, David


    In an art world dominated by non-Indian curators and experts, being "Indian" was confined to an ethnographic fiction of storytellers, dancers, and medicine men attired in traditional clothing and regalia, in which the colonization of indigenous lands and peoples is left to the margins like an Edward S. Curtis portrait. These are the…

  12. In Pursuit of an Aptitude Test for Potential Cyberspace Warriors (United States)


    based on evidence based medicine (EBM). Although the content of this example is in no way related to the topic of interest in this document, it is a...of Evidence Based Medicine 1.1 EBM defined 1.2 Why practice EBM 20% 20% 0% 0% 1.3 How to ask appropriate questions in EBM...exploitation CSAF - Chief of Staff of the Air Force DoD - Department of Defense EBM – Evidence based medicine ECAT - Enhanced Computer-Administered

  13. Psychology and photography: chimneys dreaming and chimneys warriors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tilde Giani Gallino


    Full Text Available The article covers two aspects related to Psychology and Art. The first aspect concerns the similarities found between photography and various Schools of experimental psychology. For instance, the scientists of Psychology of ethological theory, and Non-verbal communication (NVC, observe with particular methodologies the non-verbal messages that animals and humans transmit to their peers through expressions, posture, gestures. The same is done by photographers (those who use the “camera” with a good knowledge of the medium and a “photographic  eye” when they look around, careful to catch an expression, any unusual attitude, or a gesture of friendship. Another School of psychology, the Gestalpsychologie (Gestalt: form, figure, configuration, attributes a decisive value to the perception of space, the foreground and the background, the perspective and vanishing points, the contrast between black and white. All aspects that effectively interest psychologists just as much as photographers. Finally, the second aspect relates to the art of Antony Gaudì and makes some hypothesis about the personality and behavior of the great architect, with regard to the construction of two houses, "Casa Batllo" and "Casa Mila": particularly because of the configuration or Gestalt of the "chimneys" that dominate the two buildings. In this study, cooperate each other psychological analysis and the art of photography. The last enables us to study also the details of the work of Gaudì, as can be seen in the pictures of this essay.

  14. Transforming the American Soldier: Educating the Warrior-Diplomat

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hudson, Jeff D; Warman, Steven A


    .... Army conventional military schools. Given engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is our view that the military needs a deeper understanding of the indigenous people due to the extremely close and on-going interaction between American...

  15. Street Smarts: Unconventional Warriors in Contemporary Joint Urban Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Amato, Edward


    ...) and Stability and Support Operations (SASO). America's pre-eminence on the conventional battlefield, and the asymmetric advantages cities offer, should compel adversaries to engage us on urban terrain...

  16. 'New Wars: Forgotten Warriors': Why Have Girl Fighters Been ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 12, 2009 ... women and warfare. This can be linked to gender stereotyping embodied in the idea of a Western hegemonic masculinity in which masculinity is linked to violence. As Park states, girls have been 'too visible as super-victims' (2006:316). This representation of girls as victims is an integral part of the political ...

  17. A martyr for modernity: Qiu Jin -- feminist warrior, and revolutionary. (United States)

    Fan, H; Mangan, J A


    Qui Jin, at one level, was an oriental twentieth-century Judith, the mythical Jewish widow from Bethulia who cut off the head of Holofernes, the Assyrian general besieging the city, thus saving the Israelites from destruction. Qui Jin was, as Judith was, a self-reliant heroine who when others seemed 'helpless and demoralized undertook to save them single-handedly', or in her case virtually single-handedly. This, of course, was both her making and her unmaking. In Chinese terms the story of Qui Jin, like the story of Judith if less famous, less publicised, more recent, is the story of an icon at once central and at the same time marginal to tradition. She contradicted the most cherished customs on Confucian Chinese culture. She was a radical force who thrust her way to the centre of the concentric circles of customs surrounding this culture and was pushed back to the margins by conservatism. Nevertheless Qui Jin was not without success. She challenged a long-established mythology of exclusively masterful patriarchy - and created a counter myth of purposeful patriotic feminism. She was a counter-cultural icon who changed perceptions of Chinese femininity. She gave courage, confidence and purpose to those women who came after her and absorbed her ambitions for modern Chinese womanhood. For them she was a modern national heroine and a personification of a modern nation of equal men and women. For Qui Jin the body was an instrument of female revolution to be trained, strengthened and prepared for confrontation. As a revolutionary militant she was a failure; as a revolutionary talisman she was a success. For the Chinese women of the 1911 Revolution hers was an exemplary emancipatory story: subscribe, struggle, sacrifice. Patriotism through feminism is the purpose. Her heroism was firmly outside the historic patriarchal order. Her adulation is thus all the more remarkable because of the profound traditions she rejected, the controversial mannerisms she adopted, the uncompromising attitudes she embraced. She eschewed motherhood, abandoned marriage, dismissed femininity, and yet won acclaim in the most traditional of cultures. Qui Jin was hardly a cynosure of universal acclaim but she was admired, respected and emulated by radical Chinese women and men seeking a new society accommodating women. Her modern feminism struggled to overcome an ancient patriarchy. Here was her appeal. She exuded no moral ambiguity. Consequently, if she was demonized by the conventional; she was deified by the radical - and inspired them as the contemplated and attempted to construct the future. There is a point, of course, that should not be overlooked. Qui Jin, in fact, is not divorced from occidental culture and political iconography. Qui Jin is closely associated with the attitudes, aspirations and fantasies of modern Western feminism. As Margarita Stocker observes, a 'romantic heroine, angry feminist, radical, activist is one example of a pervasive figure', in modern Western cultural mythology 'a figure we may sum up as the Woman with a Gun'. Force, that potent means to power, is available to the gun user irrespective of age of sex, with a resulting 'crucial alteration in the sexual politics of violence'. The Woman with a Gun can now be emphatically heroic - without duplicity, without deceitfulness, without subterfuge. Moral ambiguity in action has been abandoned. She becomes an unambiguous potent force - an armed woman faces an armed man on equal terms - physically, psychologically, morally. Equality offers the legal right and responsibility to kill in the name of patriotism. Modern culture has just caught up with Qui Jin.

  18. Trident Warrior 2013 Ocean Observation Impact on Ocean Forecasts (United States)


    Synthetic Ocean Profiles (ISOP) rather than MODAS . E ISOP nest 1, NCOM 1km Standard operational data streams including satellite SSH, SST, in situ...The covariances relating surface observations to subsurface are provided by the Improved Synthetic Ocean Profiles (ISOP) rather than MODAS . E

  19. Rethinking PTSD in Warriors: An Occupational and Physiological Perspective (United States)


    Nostalgia, – De Costa’s Syndrome – Irritable Heart – Neurasthenia – Effort Syndrome – Shell Shock – Battle Fatigue – Gulf War Illness – Combat...Terhakopian, et. al. 2008, 5. Hoge, et. al. NEJM 2008; RAND Report 2008; 7. Smith, et. al. BMJ 2008; 8. Thomas J, et. al., Arch Gen Psych 2010 5-May-11...Detachment, numbing Emotional control (“lock it down”) (including grief) Social withdrawal The team is family Pain/ muscle tension Strength, ability to

  20. Developing `Butterfly Warriors': a Case Study of Science for Citizenship (United States)

    Chen, Junjun; Cowie, Bronwen


    Given worldwide concern about a decline in student engagement in school science and an increasing call for science for citizenship in New Zealand Curriculum, this study focused on a butterfly unit that investigated how students in a year-4 primary classroom learnt about New Zealand butterflies through thinking, talking, and acting as citizen scientists. The butterfly unit included five lessons. The researchers observed the lessons and interviewed students and the classroom teacher. The students completed a unit evaluation survey after the unit. Findings indicate that the students enjoyed and were interested in activities such as reading about butterflies, learning and using new vocabulary, drawing butterfly life cycles, as well as hunting, tagging and releasing butterflies and publishing the data they had collected on a dedicated website. Through their participation in the unit, students had opportunities to act locally and globally, and to `see themselves' in science through `being there' experience. Units like this have the potential to develop students' interest for longer-term engagement in science, even those students who may never envision themselves as professional scientists.

  1. Developing "Butterfly Warriors": A Case Study of Science for Citizenship (United States)

    Chen, Junjun; Cowie, Bronwen


    Given worldwide concern about a decline in student engagement in school science and an increasing call for science for citizenship in New Zealand Curriculum, this study focused on a butterfly unit that investigated how students in a year-4 primary classroom learnt about New Zealand butterflies through thinking, talking, and acting as citizen…

  2. The Native American: Warriors in the U.S. Military (United States)


    Hollywood casted Elvis Presley , Charles Bronson, and Tony Curtis to portray major Indian characters in films. In fact, Curtis once played Ira Hayes in a...Routledge, 2006. 38 115 Wallace, Anthony F.C. The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca. Vintage Books, 1972. Waldman, Carl, illus. by Molly Braun. Atlas of the

  3. The OSS Model and the Future of the SOF Warrior (United States)


    address the concept of ―bolt-ons‖ to increase capabilities and unit cohesion in regional operations. Update Interagency Task Force ( IATF ) plans to...Task Force ( IATF ), simultaneously conducted a study on OSS Morale Operations, and was engaged for their input. The Resourcing Study Group dealt with...deployed SF battalions in order to increase capabilities and unit cohesion in regional operations. O-5: Review IATF plans to determine other ways to

  4. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters - Wounded Warrior Battalion - West Headquarters and Southern California Units (United States)


    Disability Evaluation System DODI Department of Defense Instruction DOD IG Defense of Defense Inspector General DVA Department of Veterans Affairs...Affairs ( DVA ) healthcare services and management, disability programs, and benefits. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Department of

  5. Water Quality Management Studies, Middle Black Warrior and Lower Tombigbee Rivers, Warrior and Demopolis Lakes, July 1978-October 1979. (United States)


    seed shrimp) ORDER AMPHJPODA Family Gamnierldae Crangonyx Family Talitridae HyalZZa aateca ORDER ISOPODA (isopads) Family Asellidae Aselttua Lirceus...lctifoic Family Poaceae (grasses) Genera Arundinaria gigantea Eragrostis ci iamenei- E. hypnoides E. gionwrata Leers ia oryzoidee Zizaniopsie mi tacea

  6. Giran Michel, 2003, Le guide du développement durable. Internet pour une terre nette, Paris, Alias etc, 280 p., un cdrom, 18,5€

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Villalba


    Full Text Available L’ouvrage et le cdrom qui l’accompagne, se présente comme un document permettant de « s’informer sur les grands enjeux de la protection de l’environnement et du développement durable ». Ce travail s’inscrit dans le projet « Planetecologie » qui depuis 2001 propose une encyclopédie interactive qui référence, classe, indexe, hiérarchise, actualise et véhicule l’information écologique et environnementale contenue dans 6000 sites spécialisés sur le réseau internet. Ces 36 000 liens constituent un...

  7. Nice module. Apollon Solar present their new line of solar modules; Nettes Modul. Apollon Solar stellt Linie fuer neuartige Modultechnologie vor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Podewils, C.


    Solar modules, TGV engines and perfume Zerstaeuber seem to have nothing in common. The new solar module developed by French producer Apollon Solar makes use of both technologies in the construction process. The contribution presents the 'Nice' module which has many new features. (orig.)

  8. Benefits and costs of clearer distinction between networks and sales activities; Nytte og kostnader ved klarere skille mellom nett- og omsetningsvirksomhet

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    There will be substantial socio-economic cost connected to an introduction to a stronger distinction between the grid company and power provider in the vertically integrated companies or companies in the same group, provided information from a variety of network companies and suppliers. Full separation will result in additional costs to society in the order of 300 to 500 million kroner per year. The rewards for society can be expected to be modest, a maximum of two million per year. It may therefore be useful to consider other measures that can help to increase companies 'net neutrality, such as measures that restrict net companies' direct contact with end customers, clearer distinction between the operator and electricity supplier in the communication that takes place and strengthen NVE regulator's role. (AG)

  9. Bentyia (Kukyia: a Songhay–Mande meeting point, and a “missing link” in the archaeology of the West African diasporas of traders, warriors, praise-singers, and clerics Bentyia (Kukyia, un point de rencontre songhaï–mandé et un “chaînon manquant” dans l’archéologie des diasporas de commerçants, guerriers, griots et clercs en Afrique de l’Ouest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias


    Full Text Available The present tragedy in Mali draws our attention to the divisions, tensions and conflicts between West African ethnic groups, religious persuasions, and populations from different regions, in both the present and the past. But a long-term critical perspective on the past brings to light borrowings between cultures, and shows how the mobility of people across West Africa links regional and ethnic histories. The communication axis running from the Aḍagh to the Niger and, along the Niger Valley, from Gao to Busa (in Nigerian Borgu and beyond, is a strategic locus for investigating this mobility and connectivity. It has linked together the Saharan, savannah, and forest zones of West Africa. It was a magnet for diasporas of Soninke praise-singers and Mande warriors and traders. Fishermen and other waterfolk along the river, oral traditionists and other craftspeople, priests and priestesses of African cults, and Islamic clerics, as well as armies, long-distance merchants, and enslaved human beings, moved along it. Although the archeological sites at Bentyia/Kukyia occupy a strategic position on this historical axis, they have not been excavated, whence a serious gap in our knowledge of the history of the eastern Niger Valley and of West Africa as a whole.L'actuelle tragédie malienne attire notre attention sur les divisions, les tensions et les conflits, présents et passés, entre groupes ethniques ouest-africains, confessions religieuses et populations de différentes régions. Mais, une perspective critique sur la longue durée fait apparaître des emprunts entre cultures et nous aide à comprendre comment la mobilité des personnes à travers l'Afrique occidentale relie les histoires régionales et ethniques. L’axe de communication allant de l’Aḍagh au Niger et, le long de la vallée du Niger, de Gao à Busa (au Borgou nigérian et au-delà, est un espace stratégique pour examiner cette mobilité et cette connectivité. Il raccordait les

  10. Coordination of wind and water power. Better utilization of network and room for more wind power; Samkoeyring av vind- og vasskraft. Betre utnytting av nett og plass til meir vindkraft

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stensby, Kjell Erik; Hamnaberg, Haavard (eds.)


    The report describes the results of the simulation of coordination of wind power with Guolas hydro power plants in Troms. The simulations have been carried out by SINTEF Energy Research, and the purpose has been to consider to what degree it is possible to make room for more wind power in grid if the hydroelectric plant was driven with regard to wind power production. The results show that it is possible to make room for more wind power if it is granted 'priority' in the power grid. (AG)

  11. Military Health Care: Army Needs to Improve Oversight of Warrior Transition Units (United States)


    transitioning out of the Army, these activities could include going through the disability evaluation systems, as well as participating in education...issued a report assessing efforts to reduce mental health care stigma within the Department of Defense. See GAO, Human Capital: Additional Actions Enhance DOD’s Efforts to Address Mental Health Care Stigma , GAO-16-404 (Washington, D.C.: Apr. 18, 2016). Page 11 GAO-16-583

  12. Cyberforce 2025: Crafting a Selection Program for Tomorrow’s Cyber Warriors (United States)


    Telecommunications Union (ITU), and slow-to-respond domestic law enforcement approaches oriented primarily towards the prevention of child pornography and...assess a multitude of attributes and are given to all ages, for everything from determining educational giftedness and learning disabilities of students ...have their students focus on no more than one or two “threads” within the computer sciences in order to “add value” to the field.42 In light of the

  13. The bird dancer and the warrior king: Divergent lived experiences of Tourette syndrome in Bali. (United States)

    Lemelson, Robert; Tucker, Annie


    In the past two decades, ethnographic, epidemiological and interdisciplinary research has robustly established that culture is significant in determining the long-term outcomes of people with neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric and mood disorders. Yet these cultural factors are certainly not uniform across discrete individual experiences. Thus, in addition to illustrating meaningful differences for people with neuropsychiatric disorder between different cultures, ethnography should also help detail the variations within a culture. Different subjective experiences or outcomes are not solely due to biographical idiosyncrasies-rather, influential factors arising from the same culture can have different impacts on different people. When taking a holistic and intersectional perspective on lived experience, it is crucial to understand the interaction of these factors for people with neuropsychiatric disorders. This paper teases apart such interactions, utilizing comparative case studies of the disparate subjective experiences and illness trajectories of two Balinese people with Tourette syndrome who exhibit similar symptoms. Based on longitudinal person-centered ethnography integrating clinical, psychological, and visual anthropology, this intersectional approach goes beyond symptom interpretation and treatment modalities to identify gendered embodiment and marital practices as influenced by caste to be significant determinants in subjective experience and long-term outcome.

  14. Warriors from the Sky: US Army Airborne Operational Art in Normandy (United States)


    Oberkommando des Heeres vii OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment PO Port Opening POAL Priority of Air Lands...93 Air Mobility Command Museum , Aircraft: CG-4A (Dover, Delaware: 1999-2016), accessed December 8, 2016, museum ... open an Air Port of Debarkation (APOD) or a Sea Port of Debarkation (SPOD) whenever necessary. This capability is specifically employed in only

  15. The Land Warrior Soldier System: A Case Study for the Acquisition of Soldier Systems (United States)


    302 Figure 112. Italian Soldier Wearing the “Soldato Futuro ”................................................305 Figure 113. Belgian...military has implemented the “Soldato Futuro ” soldier modernization program; this involves two phases, the second phase consisting of three prototype...operational test and evaluation phase. Currently, Italy’s Soldato Futuro program is in the second phase of a 304 three-month series of tests

  16. Warriors and Theologians. Holy War and Fascist Martyrdom in the Crusade Literature about 1936

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Javier Rodrigo


    Full Text Available This paper contributes, from the analysis of primary narrative sources, to the study of the mechanisms of identification with the francoist cause in the Spanish Civil war. From a broad conceptualization of the notion of Crusade, it looks at the “whys” of their widespread acceptance. Then, it proposes some of the interpretative keys to understand its success as a language to define, in a context of total war, us and “them”.

  17. Wounded Warrior Care and Reintegration Requires a Public-Private Partnership (United States)


    Inc. New York 1990, 183. Brachial plexus is the nerve network that runs from the spinal cord in the neck and shoulder all the way to the hands...particles, but the wound closed up. They gave Jay H.O. [Heterotopic Ossification] and they said to heal it, they had to lock it. Bethesda said it was

  18. Smart Adaptive Socket to Improve Fit and Relieve Pain in Wounded Warriors (United States)


    pump. If the pressure stabilizes at the target donning pressure the device moves into run Figure 9 - Prototype liners investigating different...pressure stabilizes donning fails and the device must be reset. This allows the patient to readjust the socket seal and restart the donning process...U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5012 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT: Approved for Public Release

  19. Apollo’s Warriors: United States Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War (United States)


    thousands of troops, trucks, bumper to bumper ! It was a moonlight night, snow on the ground. . . . We flew right down, turned our landing lights on, the New Jersey winter nights. Keeping a stiff upper lip , the 580th historian wrote that the morale of the troops took a sharp drop at the word...need for tight- lipped secrecy failed to impress the passion- ate Cuban exiles. Even Castro had drawn public attention to the exiles then training in

  20. The democratic warrior : the future for the Bosnian military / Peter C. Alexa, Michael Metzsch

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alexa, Peter C.


    Autorid analüüsivad NATO rahukaitsevägede rolli, tegevust Bosnia ja Hertsegoviinas, võimalusi riigi stabiilsuse tugevdamiseks sõjalise koostöö abil peale NATO vägede lahkumist ning võimalusi sõjaväe demokratiseerimiseks Balti Kaitsekolledžile sarnaneva kolme kohalikku etnilist gruppi ühendava sõjakooli rajamisega

  1. Feasibility studies of in-situ coal gasification in the Warrior coal field. Quarterly report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Douglas, G.W.; McKinley, M.D.


    Laboratory studies on a research combustor were used in an attempt to determine the length of oxidation and reduction zones. Unfortunately the buoyant effects of the heated gases caused the burn to proceed along the upper portion of the horizontal combustor. This made the interpretation of uncertain value. Methods of measuring the thermal conductivity and chemical reactivity of coke are discussed. A bibliography of the physical and chemical properties of coke is appended. (LTN)

  2. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mosher, David E; Lachman, Beth E; Greenberg, Michael D; Nichols, Tiffany; Rosen, Brian; Willis, Henry H


    .... This situation creates health and safety risks for soldiers, can affect missions, and can increase the importance of life-sustaining environmental infrastructures for such things as clean water...

  3. A Warrior in Transition: A Case Study in Persistence and Perseverance. Medical Performance Improvement Lessons Learned (United States)


    Per Capita Cost • Value Face-to-Face and email and Tele-Visits (Synchronous and a- synchronous) • Partner and Communicate With Community Resources...W. Point, then MS at U Missouri) Leader - Top blocked, always maxed PT tests, OIC West Point Rugby Instructor (MS, ABD in Psychology U WA, West...can no longer ‘go to war’ if they still have ‘war-fighting’ value ? – Will we provide additional opportunities for WTs with medical challenges to

  4. An Exploration of Equipping a Future Force Warrior Small Combat Unit with Non-Lethal Weapons (United States)


    Agent-Based Models (ABM), Pythagoras , Project Albert, Nearly Orthogonal Latin Hypercube (NOLH), Design of Experiment (DOE) 16. PRICE CODE 17... PYTHAGORAS BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW..............................24 1. Pythagoras History and Overview...25 2. Pythagoras Soft Rules........................................................................25 IV. SOUTHWEST ASIA SCENARIO OVERVIEW

  5. Integrated Ideas of a Life Warrior ~ An Interview with Leo Fong

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Hobart


    Full Text Available Mr. Leo Fong is the architect and founder of a system of martial arts known as Wei Kuen Do (man. Hui Quan Dao—the Way of the Integrated Fist. Leo Fong trained in a variety of Chinese disciplines, including Shaolin, Choy Lay Fut and Tiger Claw, and was a close associate of Bruce Lee. Over the course of his studies, Master Fong combined many of the aspects of Chinese martial arts with principles of western boxing, to produce his own, unique and devastating system of self-defense.

  6. Warriors and Mystics: Religious Iconography, Eroticism, Blasphemy and Gender in Punk Female Artists

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Garrigós


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the relationship between the use of religious iconography related to eroticism by Spanish punk artists, and the gender stereotyping that the appropriation of these symbols aims to destabilize. The desire to shock and disturb the audience places these artists in a position where they have to challenge established values, such as religious and identity ones. There are many examples of male punk bands that openly rebel against organized religion, but the critique of these bands is direct, whereas women use eroticism to expose the patriarchal strategies of the church, as well as to project an image of themselves that breaks all expectations. Religious iconography becomes the tool for the ironic reevaluation and eventual destruction of cultural and gender structures as part of their artistic program.

  7. Bouncing Back From War Trauma: Resiliency in Global War on Terror’s Wounded Warriors (United States)


    heal, physically and mentally. By challenging those soldiers to stick with their treatment and therapy and prepare for the new world that I have...63 His ability to bounce back like this after experiencing devastating war trauma is the holy grail of resiliency. Notes 1

  8. Acceptable Amazons? Female Warriors on the English and French Early Modern Stage


    Rivere De Carles, Nathalie


    Est-ce qu’une bonne amazone est une amazone morte ? S’inscrivant dans l’étude de cette tradition esthétique qu’est l’amazonomachie, cet article tente de se pencher sur les mécanismes de destruction et de survivance de l’identité féminine dans le cadre de crises politiques et militaires. Par le biais d’une étude croisée de pièces anglaises et françaises ainsi que de textes philosophiques en prose, nous allons montrer le rôle paradoxal attribué aux femmes fortes (femmes soldats et femmes au pou...

  9. Phil Cochran and John Alison: Images of Apollo’s Warriors (United States)


    1999, in Vital Speeches of the Day, 65, no. 24 (1 October 1999): 767; Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader (Reading, PA: Addison-Wesley, 1989), 39...Corkin.“ Life 15, no. 6 (9 August 1943): 42-48. Bennis, Warren. On Becoming a Leader . Reading, PA: Addison-Wesley, 1989. Blank, Warren. Nine Natural Laws

  10. Video Games as a Training Tool to Prepare the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors (United States)


    Net, Sneakers, The Matrix, War Games) could increase appeal and help connect with the game’s audience. Incorporate popular internet memes or...Singer 2009] 1 Singer, P. (2009, Nov 17). Video Games Veterans and the New American Politics . Washington 2 Examiner. Retrieved from american- politics /article/20385 4 [Turman 2010] 5 Turman, L. (Sep 27, 2010). “Action video

  11. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict (United States)


    birds and pets ; and considerable emotional trauma to residents and visitors alike when snakes invaded human habitats where they could cause severe...funding for this and two other projects (building a new Internet cafe and refurbishing a child-care center). OIF/Iraq 69 u.S. forces digging a well the

  12. Citizen Warrior: Major General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain a Study in Command Leadership (United States)


    devices, he was shot through both hips by a single minie ball. Historian Willard Wallace described the moments after Chamberlain was shot: “Unable to...move his feet and unwilling to fall, he thrust his sabre into the ground and rested both hands on the hilt.”65 From this position, he continued to...passing thorough each hip and from which the blood spurted as though a spicket. I was waving my sword at the time and my flag; it was my headquarters

  13. Polymeric Materials Models in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) Tech Demonstrator (United States)


    modeling challenges in its undertakings . The WIAMan M& S used experimentally derived material data to construct material models, and 2 modeling teams...NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR( S ) M Chowdhury, D Crawford, M Shanaman, M Boyle, R Armiger, C Bell, K Lister...and A Shirley 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME( S ) AND ADDRESS(ES) US Army Research

  14. Characterization of Psychological and Biological Factors in an Animal Model of Warrior Stress (United States)


    the stressor. Cortisol (a glucocorticoid) increases the level of glucose ( sugar /energy) in the blood to be used by the brain, heart, muscles by...follow an inverted U-shaped relationship (105; 261). It also is possible that the variables relate in different ways based on stress condition for

  15. Advanced Distributed Simulation Technology II (ADST-II) Dismounted Warrior Network Front End Analysis Experiments (United States)


    simulator sickness." International Journal of Aviation Psychology , 3(3), 203-220,1993. 6. Kennedy, R.S., Lane, N.E., Lilienthal, M.G., Berbaum, K.S...scales designates the approximate mean score given to that VIC. Items which showed a statistically significant differnece among the VICs are shown in

  16. 78 FR 24065 - Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 100 RIN 1625-AA08 Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races... the Junior League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races. Entry into, transiting or anchoring in this area is... the Junior League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races. This event is advertised as scheduled and...

  17. 77 FR 23125 - Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Race; Black Warrior River; Tuscaloosa, AL (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 100 RIN 1625-AA08 Special Local Regulation; Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Race.... League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races. Entry into, transiting or anchoring in this area is prohibited to... associated with the Jr. League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races. This event is advertised as scheduled and...

  18. Apollo's Warriors: US Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hass, Michael


    .... If John Stuart Mill could come to America a century after his historic judgment to meet such men and women, he would almost certainly understand their modern-day stories without a moment's confusion...

  19. The United States Marine Corps in Cyberspace: Every Marine a Cyber Warrior (United States)


    cyber attacks producing kinetic results that threatens national security in areas where the Marine Corps is operating requires attention.34 The...2008). Wernicke , Carl. "Cyber Warfare is a Real Threat that can Bring Us to our Knees I Opinion IPnj.Com###."

  20. Service Dogs for Wounded Warriors with PTSD: Examining the Couple Relational Experience


    Steele, David Christian


    At least one-quarter of service members who have returned from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis, of which Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the most common. Social support provided by close relationships has been shown to be a buffer against PTSD symptoms. However, PTSD can also have devastating effects on couple relationships, hampering this form of social support. One promising intervention for PTSD has been the use of service dogs special...

  1. Development of Anthropometric Specifications for the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) (United States)


    were analyzed to provide guidance for biomechanics testing in support of the WIAMan program. Soldier posture data from four conditions were analyzed...calculated for the foot, leg, and thigh to obtain the desired posture. The deformations at the joints (hip, knee , ankle) were obtained by constructing a...soldier posture for biomechanics testing in support of the WIAMan program. In the previous Seated Soldier Study (Reed and Ebert, 2013), linear

  2. Assessment of DoD Wounded Warrior Matters -- Joint Base Lewis-McChord (United States)


    from leadership.” • “The online CTP was basically a waste of time, unless you wanted to be harassed.” • “The automated CTP on AKO was “a joke.” Guys...explained that his Soldiers complete their CTPs online every week and he personally believed it was a waste of time. There were problems with AKO freezing...settings that positively impact their recuperation . • VA Coming Home to Work (CHTW) Program is a Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E’s

  3. Warrior Spirit: From Invasion to Fusion Music in the Mapuche Territory of Southern Chile


    Rekedal, Jacob Eric


    This dissertation chronicles the cultural, musical and performative fronts during two centuries of struggle and negotiation between Mapuche and Chilean societies. The perspective is mainly ethnomusicological, including two years of fieldwork in the Araucanía region, concerning new genres of Mapuche fusion music such as rock and hip-hop. This writing demonstrates how Mapuche expressions and representations accrued various forms of value during Chile's modernization--including colonization, nat...

  4. Filial Daughter, Woman Warrior, or Identity-Seeking Fairytale Princess: Fostering Critical Awareness through Mulan (United States)

    Hsieh, Ivy Haoyin; Matoush, Marylou M.


    New immigrants and their children need to develop the ability to reconcile perceived dissonances between the worldviews of their parents and grandparents and those of their peers. This pursuit is made more difficult when they find that their newly adopted homeland misrepresents their cultural heritage. This article examines the historical…

  5. Smart Adaptive Socket to Improve Fit and Relieve Pain in Wounded Warriors (United States)


    2895-6632 Nearest person month worked: 2 Contribution to Project: No Change Name: Jung Kim Project Role: Software/Firmware Research...Suite 1204, Arlington, VA 22202- 4302. Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to... PERSON USAMRMC a. REPORT Unclassified b. ABSTRACT Unclassified c. THIS PAGE Unclassified Unclassified 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (include

  6. Bushido as allied: The Japanese warrior in the cultural production of Fascist Italy (1940-1943

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergio Raimondo


    Full Text Available Introduction: After the signing of the alliance among Japan, Germany and Italy’s governments in September 1940, several journals arose in order to spread the Japanese culture among people who knew very little about Italy’s new allied. Some documentaries also had the same function. Methods: The numerous textual and iconographical references concerning the Japanese warriors’ anthropology published in some Italian magazines during the 1940s have been compared, as well as to the few Italian monographs on the same theme and to some documentaries by Istituto Nazionale Luce, government propaganda organ. This subject has also been compared to the first Italian cultural production, concerning Japan, which dated back to the first decades of the 20th century. Moreover different intellectuals’ biographies of those times have been deeply analyzed. Results: Comparing to each other the anthropological references about Japan in the Italian cultural production during the Second World War, we can notice a significant ideological homogeneity. This can be explained through their writers’ common sharing of the militaristic, hierarchical and totalitarian doctrine of the Fascist Regime. The Fascist ideology can be summarized in the Bushido concept, as Inazo Nitobe defined it in 1916. This concept was already known in Italy on the early 20th century, far before Fascism. Discussions and conclusions: We can see how Italian perception of the Japanese anthropology on the early 20th century didn’t change over time and how its features will re-appear in the 40s under the influence of the Italian-Japanese coalition. So, Bushido became the essence of the Japanese military and national identity that Fascist Italy took as example for mass education. Some of these stereotypes will re-appear after the war and until recent times in popular culture and in mass perception of Japanese martial arts.

  7. From Warriors to Sportsmen: How Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Adapted to Modernity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kai Filipiak


    Full Text Available The following article deals with the question of how Chinese martial arts as part of traditional culture survived into modern times and created a worldwide interest. The paper focuses on the process of modernization of Chinese martial arts against the background of massive social transformations in China during the 19th century. It analyzes different aspects of the self-assertion process of martial arts and points out consequences of the radical break with the traditional system.

  8. Junior Purple Log-Warriors: Joint Entry-Level Training for Logistics Personnel (United States)


    the Joint Education and Training Division (JETD) in coordination with the COCOMs, Services and the DoD Logistics HCS Executive Steering Group ( ESG ...publishes the CJCS Joint Training Policy and integrates DOD Training Transformation Strategic Guidance. The DoD Logistics HCS ESG is made up of senior...4, J-7 and the Logistics HCS ESG to develop a detailed education and training program to deliberately develop officers as well as designated enlisted

  9. Expeditionary Strike Group: New Label, or New Concept - for Future Naval Warriors of America's Small Wars?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hancock, Daryl


    ... as, emergent contingency operations, and major theater wars. In the near future they will accomplish this mission while deployed around the globe under the new concept of Expeditionary Strike Groups (ESG...

  10. Great Warriors of the American Civil War--Ulysses S. Grant - William T. Sherman (United States)


    IN: Indiana University Press, 1959. 12. McCartney, Clarence Edward . Grant and His Generals. New York NY: The McBride Company, Inc., 1953. 13. McFeely...Company, 1891. 18. Thorndike , Rachael Sherman. The Sherman Letters. New York NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1894. 19. Weigley, Russell F. The American Way

  11. Electro-Optic Fabrics for the Warrior of the 21st Century - Phase II (United States)


    Generator 8673C D5145F 06-08-01 IFI RF Amplifer SMX 100 E4250F N/A Ailtech Biconical Antenna 94455-1 E4872F 09-06-01 Singer Log Spiral Antenna ...52 36. Load deflection curves for buses, antennas , webbing, ribbons and clothes. (The testing of antenna materials was done under Contract No...other devices that connect to the uniform (e.g., small sensors, fabric-based antenna ). These connections require fresh hybrid design rules specifying

  12. A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors: A Handbook for Personal Professional Study (United States)


    were fre- quently not finding their target areas and seldom hitting the targets they did find. Once they understood that, the RAF developed pathfinder ...William G., and Mike Wallace. Range Unlimited: A History of Aerial Refueling. Atlgen, PA: Schiffer, 2000. Simmons, MSgt Lisa , USAF. “SAC/MAC/AMC

  13. Great Warriors of World War II: Admiral Ernest J. King and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (United States)


    Air Command and Staff College." -- All reproduced copies must contain the name(s) of the report’s author(s). I -- If format modification is necessary...and Whitehill , W.M. Fleet Admiral King, A Naval Record. New Yorks W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1952. 5. Lundatrom, J.B. The First South Pacific

  14. Assessment of the Content, Design, and Dissemination of the Real Warriors Campaign (United States)


    Grieving Process   x     x x       Teens & Deployment: What to Expect and How to Help         x x     x Sesame Workshop Helps Children Cope with Grief ...Operation Homefront Operation Never Forgotten Patriot PAWS Service Dogs Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs Pets for Patriots Post-Deployment Health

  15. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 1. Archaeology. (United States)


    Baldwin County Historical Society. In a section titled "Some Historical Facts About Tensaw," Dr. Herbert Hilary Holmes made the first reference to the...AND/OR PENNINGTON, PENNING- L TON, PUTNAM , ST. STEPHENS, TATTLERSVILLE, TENSAW, WHITFIELD, WOODS BLUFF, WOODS BLUFF/ PUTNAM . 5 ENVIRONMENTAL ZONES...of all site locations but represent less than 20 percent of the area. As a control, we categorized two core USGS quadrangles, the Putnam 7.5" series

  16. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program: The Warrior Mindset of a Martial Culture (United States)


    receiving indications and warnings that the enemy was preparing an ambush for the dismounted squad. Corporal Clifford Wooldridge took his fire team...and pushed around the suspected enemy flank. During the movement, the fire team received fire from a tree line 100 meters away. Corporal Wooldridge ...other portion of the dismounted squad. Corporal Wooldridge emplaced his Marines and proceeded to engage the enemy fighters. During the engagement

  17. Revolution in Military Manpower: The Citizen-Warrior Total Career Continuum Construct (United States)


    founding fathers for a small standing army complemented by citizen-soldiers. 6 As a result, the nation has relied upon the National Guard and...ineligible for military service due to medical limitations, obesity , legal violations, drug use, educational deficiencies, and other disqualifying factors...of 1973 echoed the original intentions of the founding fathers for a small standing army complemented by citizen-soldiers. The complexity of

  18. Smartphone and tablet apps for concussion road warriors (team clinicians): a systematic review for practical users. (United States)

    Lee, Hopin; Sullivan, S John; Schneiders, Anthony G; Ahmed, Osman Hassan; Balasundaram, Arun Prasad; Williams, David; Meeuwisse, Willem H; McCrory, Paul


    Mobile technologies are steadily replacing traditional assessment approaches for the recognition and assessment of a sports concussion. Their ease of access, while facilitating the early identification of a concussion, also raises issues regarding the content of the applications (apps) and their suitability for different user groups. To locate and review apps that assist in the recognition and assessment of a sports concussion and to assess their content with respect to that of internationally accepted best-practice instruments. A search of international app stores and of the web using key terms such as 'concussion', 'sports concussion' and variants was conducted. For those apps meeting the inclusion criteria, data were extracted on the platform, intended users and price. The content of each app was benchmarked to the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (SCAT2) and Pocket SCAT2 using a custom scoring scheme to generate a percentage compliance statistic. 18 of the 155 apps identified met the inclusion criteria. Almost all (16/18) were available on an iOS platform and only five required a payment to purchase. The apps were marketed for a wide range of intended users from medical professionals to the general public. The content of the apps varied from 0% to 100% compliance with the selected standard, and 'symptom evaluation' components demonstrated the highest level of compliance. The surge in availability of apps in an unregulated market raises concerns as to the appropriateness of their content for different groups of end users. The consolidation of best-practice concussion instruments now provides a framework to inform the development of future apps. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  19. Eliminating War By Eliminating Warriors: A Case Study in Costa Rica (United States)


    York: Praeger and CBS Educational and Professional Publishing, 1895), 106. 18 Ibid. 19 Jorge Vargas and Rosero Bixby, “Cultura Politica de La...Bruneau, Lucia Dammert, and Elizabeth Skinner, 23–43. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1997. Vargas, Jorge and Rosero Bixby. “Cultura Politica de La

  20. Becoming Warriors: Dramatic Inquiry with 11- to 12-Year-Olds in an EBD Classroom (United States)

    Edmiston, Brian; Sobjack, Laura


    Using a dialogue format, a college professor and a teacher of 11- to 12-year-old children with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) report on a case study of four children (three boys and a girl) when over a three-week period dramatic inquiry pedagogy (focused on the meaning for students of fictional violent events depicted in extracts…

  1. Walleye Warriors: An Effective Alliance against Racism and for the Earth. (United States)

    Whaley, Rick; Bresette, Walter

    Each spring when the ice clears, the Anishinabe (Chippewa) harvest fish from Wisconsin and Minnesota lakes. Their ancient subsistence fishing and hunting tradition is protected by treaties and reinforced by federal court rulings, but for years they were met by stones, racial epithets, and death threats hurled by local sports fishermen, resort and…

  2. Walk in Balance: Training Crisis Intervention Team Police Officers as Compassionate Warriors (United States)

    Chopko, Brian A.


    Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) were developed to enable law enforcement officers to effectively and compassionately respond to calls involving people experiencing psychiatric distress. Mental health professionals responsible for training CIT officers are in a unique position to promote the compassionate treatment of those experiencing psychiatric…

  3. The death of a medieval Danish warrior. A case of bone trauma interpretation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Forsom Eva


    Full Text Available In 1934 a grave was found in the church ruins of the Cistercian Abbey at Øm in central Jutland, Denmark (founded in 1172, demolished 1561 AD. The grave contained the skeletal remains of an individual lying in a supine position with the head towards the west. The anthropological analysis revealed that the remains belonged to a young male, aged 25-30 years at death and approximately 162.7 cm tall. He had 9 perimortem sharp force lesions, five of which were cranial and four were postcranial, indicating he suffered a violent death in a swordfight.

  4. Building Resilient Warriors: Taking the Canadian Army’s Resilience Training Beyond the Classroom (United States)


    may have developed incredible confidence to overcome future combat and life challenges, but they did not learn a whole lot.138 Sleep deprivation Whether Olympic calibre individual athletes , or professional team members, this element of the science of sport has become as accepted and... athletes . He is widely published having written or co-authored twenty-five journal articles, sixteen in the last decade alone.40 With experience

  5. Development of a Fitness-for-Duty Assessment Battery for Recovering Dismounted Warriors (United States)


    Postconcussive syndrome Cerebral cortex Tornado epilepsy Post-traumatic seizures Neck “Whiplash” Flexion -extension injury...Archives of Otolaryngology--Head & Neck Surgery. 116: 424-427. Kane, R. L., and Kay, G. G. 1992. Computerized assessment in neuropsychology: A review of

  6. US Army Medical Department Journal, January - March 2008. Warriors in Transition; Healing with Dignity and Determination (United States)


    pain and disc degeneration. Spine. 2003;28(17):1913-192 1. 20. Turk D. Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of treatments for patients with...forceps Hernia bistouries Patella hook Urethral forceps Suprapubic retractor Tracheal retractor Wire hammer Fracture steel pegs Bone forceps Figure 1

  7. Health and Economic Outcomes Among the Alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project 2013 (United States)


    and educational and economic outcomes, as well as sociodemographic charac- teristics. General survey results are available in a report drafted by Westat...2 ChAPTer Two overview of 2013 wwP Alumni Survey , respondents, and Analysis...3 Survey Content

  8. A Rapid and Revolutionary Response to the Needs of Wounded Warriors (United States)


    analysis for West LA site for NIDA multicenter trial of BUPROPRION IN THE TREATMENT OF COCAINE DEPENDENCE (centers were Yale University, VAMC, VAMC...Director of VAMC WLA Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit performing urine toxicological analysis for West LA site for NIDA multicenter trial of buproprion ...Jarvik. Quantitative urine levels of cotinine during buproprion trial for cocaine abuse in methadone-maintained subjects. Presentation at the American

  9. From Wounded Warrior To Civilian Employee: A Workplace Reference Guide For Managers And Supervisors (United States)


    workplace flexibility strategies such as telework , flexi-place, and flextime, including the availability of these flexibilities for people requiring...could include but are not limited to telework , temporary light duty assignments, and job reassignment. 11Model Strategies for Recruitment and Hiring...this information. 12 Telework  The Federal government is a leader in the use of innovative workplace flexibilities, including telework . Flexible

  10. I wish I were a warrior: Effects of violent video games on adolescent boys


    Konijn, E.A.; Nije Bijvank, M.; Bushman, B.J.


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N = 112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video game. Next, they competed with an ostensible partner on a reaction time task in which the winner could blast the loser with loud noise through headphones (the aggression measure). Participants were tol...

  11. I wish I were a warrior: Effects of violent video games on adolescent boys

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Konijn, E.A.; Nije Bijvank, M.; Bushman, B.J.


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N = 112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video

  12. Declawing the Dragon: Why the U.S. Must Counter Chinese Cyber-Warriors (United States)


    either state sponsored or PLA-trained. Unfortunately, in this world of interdependent markets and economies on a truly global scale, those who would rely...for situational awareness… or the Sailor relying on Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) for over-the-horizon targeting, Bridge to Bridge ( B2B ) for...musters large amounts of capital without the enemy nation being aware of this at all and launches a sneak attack against its financial markets , then

  13. Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post-Conflict

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mosher, David E; Lachman, Beth E; Greenberg, Michael D; Nichols, Tiffany; Rosen, Brian; Willis, Henry H


    .... Army conducts overseas. Countries in which the Army conducts operations tend to have environmental problems caused by industrialization, lack of environmental protection, long-running conflict, and natural conditions...

  14. "We are hopeful": Tanure Ojaide and the Poet as (Eco) Warrior ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    One of the finest poets of his generation, Tanure Ojaide uses his powerful critical voice to speak out against social injustice and ecological crisis. His works are deeply rooted in the experiences of Nigeria's Delta region, the place of his birth. Drawing on his personal experiences, Ojaide's poems decry the ecological ...

  15. Reflections of a Middling Cold Warrior: Should the Army Air Corps Be Resurrected? (United States)


    be more clearly effective than the strategic bombing. Still, the crippling of the German petroleum supplies and ultimately the ground transportation...began to mount. From the First World War until the eve of Korea, in general the romance of aviation had a strong pull for the public and the media. But...other guy die for his country rather than to die for our own. The coming of modern psychology and its ideas of the necessity of self-esteem have

  16. The Alternate Ending: A Warrior’s Death In Fact, Fiction, And Film (United States)


    films, and fictional literature. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell revealed a pattern of the hero’s journey , broken down into seventeen...1 I wish to thank Major Matthew Humphrey for his thoughtful contributions. All errors found within are my own. 2 Joseph D. Campbell , The Hero ...Bibliography Air Command and Staff College. The Air Force in Fact, Fiction, and Film. Elective. Academic Year 16. Campbell , Joseph D. The Hero with a

  17. Evaluation and Treatment of Genital Injuries in Combat Warriors (Artiss Symposium 2012) (United States)


    Afghanistan, the guys of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines talked quietly about their deepest fear. Not dying. Not losing a leg or an arm . It was having their...testosterone. The makeshift bombs known as IEDs are taking a frightening toll in Afghanistan, the blasts shearing off arms and legs, ripping through...requires a penile prosthesis if and when sensation is established. Sig- nificant complications can occur from strictures and fistula formation and

  18. Warriors of Buddhism: Buddhism and violence as seen from a Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christina Gillberg


    Full Text Available Buddhism is considered by many today as the non-violent religion par excellence. The concept of ahimsa (non-violence coupled with the notion of pratityasamutpada (i.e. that everything is casually interconnected, with the implication that pain inflicted upon others is therefore really done to oneself and thus to be avoided seems to be one of the main arguments for promoting Buddhism as an excellent method for promoting world peace. However this non-violent, serene picture of Buddhism is not the only picture. Buddhists on occasion speak of a need to use violence, and employ it. Buddhists kill. Sometimes they also kill each other. The history as well as the present of Buddhist Asia is bloodstained. How do Buddhists justify approving of and using violence? How do they legitimise their pro-violent utterances and actions when such actions ought to result in excommunication? What are they saying? There are several answers to this, some of which are presented in this article, with the primary focus on Buddhist Tibet.

  19. Royal, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Archetypal Reflectivity and the Construction of Professional Knowledge (United States)

    Dobson, Darrell


    Teacher reflectivity has become significant to practice and research in teacher education and development. The literature on teacher reflectivity is substantial, and reflection has come to be widely accepted as a central factor in the professional growth of teachers. In contemporary research and practice, teacher reflectivity has come to refer to…

  20. Strategic Analysis of the 2014 Wounded Warrior Project Annual Alumni Survey: A Way Forward (United States)


    Underweight Normal weight Overweight Obese 0.4 17.0 39.5 42.6 Summary xv below 18.5 is underweight , 18.5 to 24.9 is a normal weight, 25.0 to 29.9 is...Wellness program, WWP addresses issues of fitness, nutrition , and wellness by enabling Alumni to participate in activities, such as adaptive sports, yoga...Prevention (CDC) con- siders a BMI below 18.5 underweight , 18.5 to 24.9 a normal weight, 25.0 to 29.9 overweight, and 30 or greater obese (CDC, 2012

  1. Once were Warriors – a Model that Matters and a Mirror of Concerns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorun Bræck Ramstad


    Full Text Available In  this  article,  I  will  focus  on  connections  between  media,  culture and society  in order to understand two prototypical Maori responses to the film. The two kinds of responses are captured in the following phrases: “The film should never have been made” and “That’s not fiction, that’s reality”. One of my objectives is to show how these particular Maori responses to this fiction-film are entangled with deep concerns about  ethnic  policies  and marginalization  in  general.  In  other  words,  the  film  is explored  as  a statement  about  Maori  –  Pakeha  inter-ethnic  relations  and ‘biculturalism’, which is the official term for the political  vision of the post-colonial nation. Subsequently, my analysis suggests insights from a deeper concern about the contexts  that  contribute  to  these  particular  Maori formulations  of  media-reality configurations, in addition to lessons of a more general character.

  2. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Black Warrior Province (065) Quarter-Mile Cells (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Cell maps for each oil and gas assessment unit were created by the USGS as a method for illustrating the degree of exploration, type of production, and distribution...

  3. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Black Warrior Basin Province (065) Total Petroleum Systems (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Total Petroleum System is used in the National Assessment Project and incorporates the Assessment Unit, which is the fundamental geologic unit used for the...

  4. National Assessment of Oil and Gas Project - Black Warrior Province (065) Assessment Units (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Assessment Unit is the fundamental unit used in the National Assessment Project for the assessment of undiscovered oil and gas resources. The Assessment Unit is...

  5. Effects of Caffeine and Warrior Stress on Behavioral : An Animal Model (United States)


    psychosocial stress (e.g., housing instability), environmental stress (e.g., heat and cold ), food restriction, and shock are used to examine the...J, Nikolov R, Yakimova K. 2010. Dose-dependent effects of caffeine on behavior and thermoregulation in a chronic unpredictable stress model of

  6. Security Enhanced Multi-Domain Network Management for Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Marcinkowski, James; Miller, Roger


    .... To assist administrative personnel in maintaining and monitoring a computer network, commercial network management tools are used that collect data regarding network functionality and availability...

  7. An exploration of equipping a future force warrior small combat unit with non-lethal weapons


    Wittwer, Larry N.


    The U.S. military has an increasing requirement to prepare for and conduct urban operations (UO). This UO requirement spreads across the spectrum of conflict, from high intensity combat to peacekeeping and humanitarian missions (Stability and Support Operations--SASO), often simultaneously. Regardless of which portion(s) of the warfare spectrum U.S. forces are involved in, urban engagements are inevitable and present major challenges. Superior standoff weapons ranges and combined arms tactics...

  8. USAF Warrior Studies: Air Superiority in World War 2 and Korea, (United States)


    returned. Some of the thinking of khat air superiorit\\ mneant ssas beginninu, to solidify\\. I don * t \\% ant to nionopoli/e-and J im can pick it up here, and...of Ultr-a \\\\as tol instil! in thie very higzhest command-I don ’ t Mean in el ut tisnh il e rime-Il) minister, thle president. to af lesser extent...SIC. , ihd .Stve l, inc1111 OpI/Si 1" Ii, ’i i A-r (1 Ji 19 ’ o!, \\Vi . ingilmn. 154 721, Vol 1 II lu In, Isin -Seo l Upiaiiiii. i, I .N11 Min 1" ’tInd

  9. Between Victory and Defeat: Framing the Fallen Warrior in Fifth-Century Athenian Art


    Arrington, Nathan Todd


    This dissertation examines the visual reception of military casualties in fifth-century Athens: the place of the war dead in the city's physical, artistic, and cognitive landscapes; the construction of a public visual rhetoric of struggle and sacrifice; and the refraction of this ideal in private art. To put it simply: Where were the fallen, how were they presented, and how were they viewed? To answer these questions, I examine the public cemetery ("demosion sema"), the monuments therein, the...

  10. Art of War and Its Implications on Marketing Strategies: Thinking like a Warrior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Filiz Bozkurt


    Full Text Available Throughout the evolution of marketing, as a result of increasing competition, there has been a shift from a production oriented approach to a marketing oriented approach. Strategic thinking that gives companies an advantage over their competitors gained importance. By the end of the 1980s, experts studying strategy looked back into rich military literature to find some basic principles to help them define strategies for today’s business environment. In this period warfare and its similarities with the business world were a great inspiration for marketers. The aim of this study is to show the relation between marketing strategies and military strategies. This exploratory research used secondary data. It is expected that, in the twenty-first century’s highly competitive conditions, this study will give marketers a different point of strategic view and contribute to marketing literature.

  11. 77 FR 66541 - Safety Zone; Alliance Road Bridge Demolition; Black Warrior River, Locust Fork; Birmingham, AL (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Alliance Road Bridge Demolition; Black... navigable waters during the demolition of the Alliance Road Bridge (Co. Rd. 61). Entry into, transiting or... their intentions to start the process to demolish the Alliance Road Bridge on September 24, 2012...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narcisa Castilho Melo


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho apresenta uma proposta de reflexão a respeito do grupo social identificado como Otaku que é composto por jovens que se interessam pela cultura pop japonesa e seus mais diferentes aspectos, tais como animês (desenhos animados, mangás (histórias em quadrinhos, cosplays (jovens que escolhem determinado personagem da cultura pop japonesa e caracterizam-se como tal para as convenções e eventos. Neste grupo, o estabelecimento de relações sociais acontece através de encontros e eventos específicos onde a diversão é um dos pontos centrais. A partir desta compreensão inicial cabe um momento de reflexão a respeito da relação destes indivíduos multifacetados com o debate sobre gênero e sexualidade, onde este trabalho buscará explicitar as experiências vivenciadas no campo refletindo sobre as temáticas de gênero, sexualidade, dominação, submissão e agência.

  13. Navigating the Road to Reintegration: Status and Continuing Support of the U.S. Air Force’s Wounded Warriors (United States)


    improvised explosive device IOM Institute of Medicine IPT interpersonal therapy LOC loss of consciousness MDD major depressive disorder MFLC Military and...injuries from a fragment, bullet, vehicular accident, fall, explosion (e.g., improvised explosive device [IED]), or something else. Table 4.4 shows that...been systematically evaluated (Besterman-Dahan et al., 2012; cf. Sloan, Marx , and Keane, 2011). As with Military OneSource and the MFLC program

  14. Clausewitz: On Poker, How Today’s Leaders Can Use Poker to Better Prepare Tomorrow’s Warriors (United States)


    the Final Table. New York: Harper-Collins Publishers March, James (1994). A Primer on Decision Making. New York: The Free Press McLuhan ... Marshall (1964). Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Cambridge: The MIT Press McManus, James (2003). Positively Fifth Street. New York: Farrar

  15. Warriors and Peacekeepers: Testing a Biosocial Implicit Leadership Hypothesis of Intergroup Relations Using Masculine and Feminine Faces (United States)

    Spisak, Brian R.; Dekker, Peter H.; Krüger, Max; van Vugt, Mark


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war) and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace). Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership. PMID:22276190

  16. Secure Access Management for a Secret Operational Network (SAMSON) Technology Demonstrator (TD). Empire Challenge (EC) / Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) (United States)


    Services hosted on this network include connectivity service such as VPN servers and common services used across all networks such as LDAP and DNS...of one database, one LDAP Directory, and a high number of configuration files requiring modifications can take up to 3 days with a full set of...production grade documentation. The Samson system has two databases, one ldap directory, eleven server machines, and many configuration files which need

  17. America’s Shadow Warriors on a Mission to Kill Pablo: Focus on Special Operations Forces in Light of Afghanistan (United States)


    in 1999-2000. However, Bowden gets lots of Colombia-specific details right to those familiar with the country, even the Hotel Tequendama. He...teams sent there in the 1960’s. Clancy/Stiner state that with SF help, “La violencia ” in Colombia ended. Although Colombia experienced a

  18. Biological warfare warriors, secrecy and pure science in the Cold War: how to understand dialogue and the classifications of science. (United States)

    Bud, Robert


    This paper uses a case study from the Cold War to reflect on the meaning at the time of the term 'Pure Science'. In 1961, four senior scientists from Britain's biological warfare centre at Porton Down visited Moscow both attending an International Congress and visiting Russian microbiological and biochemical laboratories. The reports of the British scientists in talking about a limited range of topics encountered in the Soviet Union expressed qualities of openness, sociologists of the time associated with pure science. The paper reflects on the discourses of "Pure Science", secrecy and security in the Cold War. Using Bakhtin's approach, I suggest the cordial communication between scientists from opposing sides can be seen in terms of the performance, or speaking, of one language among several at their disposal. Pure science was the language they were allowed to share outside their institutions, and indeed political blocs.

  19. Nisqually - Early Detection Rapid Response, Monitoring and Mapping of High Priority Invasive Species with Nisqually NWRC Weed Warriors 2007 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This project continues a successful program of early detection and rapid response, monitoring and mapping of invasive species on Nisqually NWRC (NNWRC) by Weed...

  20. Interim Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement for Oliver Lock Replacement (BWT) Black Warrior-Tombigbee Rivers, Alabama. Revised. (United States)


    low flow conditions experienced daring summer months in the river above Oliver Lock and Dam (U.S. Army 1981) contribute to depresed water quality and...hence, depresed aquatic resources. These low flow conditions can concentrate pollutants being discharged into the river, resulting in not only toxic

  1. Warriors and peacekeepers: Testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spisak, B.R.; Dekker, P.H.; Krüger, M.; van Vugt, M.


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued

  2. Weekend Warriors for Water: Combating Water Scarcity in West Africa with United States Army National Guard and Reserve Forces (United States)


    especially in countries already facing water shortages, droughts, and disease . Influencing these areas requires a multi-pronged approach that relies...against water - borne pollution and water -related disasters, and for preserving ecosystems in a climate of peace and political stability (UN Water 2017... water - borne pollution and water -related disasters, and for preserving ecosystems in a climate of peace and political stability” (United Nations 2013

  3. Corporate Spheres of Responsibility: Architects, Cowboys, and Eco-Warriors in Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hillary Strasser


    Full Text Available Myanmar's recently opened economy is flush with incoming investment and activity. World leaders advocate that all businesses entering the country must operate in a "socially responsible manner." However, the history of corporate social responsibility (CSR in Myanmar is undefined, contradictory, and complex. Thus, to get a handle around what it means to be “responsible,” this paper investigates the collective way in which actors in the petroleum industry in Myanmar enact CSR from 1990 to 2014. The oil and gas (O&G industry is the most lucrative, and arguably powerful, national sector. The practice and philosophy of CSR, which originated in this industry, is now proclaimed to be the starting point for this newly charted course of responsible business in Myanmar. Yet, activists and critics maintain that CSR is an insincere PR measure of profit maximization whereby companies can conduct business as normal. I argue that CSR in the Myanmar petroleum industry is influenced by more complex factors than profit maximization or image management. CSR initiatives are sculpted by (1 the geography of petroleum extraction, (2 corporate philosophies and company national origins, and (3 type of company operations. The petroleum industry’s CSR activities to date, in terms of geographic span and development targets, all fit into a spectrum of assumed spheres of corporate responsibility that have been forged by the corporate ‘architects’ and tempered by geographic and global forces.

  4. Occupational Health Screenings of the Virtual Warrior: Distributed Common Ground System Intelligence Operators Compared with Non-Combatant Support Personnel (United States)


    you have on each occasion (1 drink = 12 ounces of beer , or 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor)? Response options were N/A (do not drink...and nervous system; cancers of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts; injuries from motor vehicle accidents; and other associated conditions [23

  5. The Future Use of Corporate Warriors with the U.S. Armed Forces: Legal, Policy, and Practical Considerations and Concerns (United States)


    issues. Among the myriad of issues is what role, if any, private security contractors should play in augmenting the U.S. armed forces future force...military 15 to 20 years from now, a critical consideration will be what, if any, role private security contractors should play in augmenting that...and “private security companies” (Gillard, 2006; Perry, 2007); other less flattering names such as “mercenaries,” “ whores or dogs of war,” or “shadow

  6. Training the Twenty-First Century Special Forces Warrior: Does Character Matter When Training the Adaptive Leader (United States)


    and adolescence , he and his family lived on the frontier, a place where harsh weather, Indian raids and adversity were commonplace. It was this...illegal sale of 32,000 rounds of ammunition to the Autodefensias Unitas de Colombia (Smyth 2005). They used their position to further their own not held so dearly with the US’ current adversary. Many argue that the terrorist holds equivalently strong values, that the Al-Qaeda suicide

  7. Nisqually - Early Detection Rapid Response, Monitoring and Mapping of High Priority Invasives with Refuge Weed Warriors 2006 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This project plan was to initiate a program for early detection and response, monitoring and mapping of invasive species on Grays Harbor NWR and continued current...

  8. Mechanical Properties of Polymers Used for Anatomical Components in the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Technology Demonstrator (United States)


    performance of products made from them. Polymers are a broad class of materials with diverse properties that can range from liquid-like gels to very- high ...mold to shape and cure the polymers . Polyurethanes are very versatile polymers due to variations in their base chemistry , crosslinking agent, and... high ductility. Durometer is a useful measurement to rank hardness of various polymers but does not correlate well with specific properties and should

  9. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY; Additional Outreach and Collaboration on Sharing Medical Records Would Improve Wounded Warriors’ Access to Benefits (United States)


    Skywalker Click No, if you didn’t or have not returned to full duty or have not been employed as a civilian. This doesn’t refer to TSGLI . Estimate all...doesn’t refer to TSGLI ; TSGLI is not your employer). Click Other for regular military pay. Example: Input your 1st enlistment dates (when you joined

  10. Warriors and peacekeepers: testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces. (United States)

    Spisak, Brian R; Dekker, Peter H; Krüger, Max; van Vugt, Mark


    This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war) and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace). Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership.

  11. Society and the Soldier’s Soul: Is the Warrior’s Purification Ritual Needed or Possible in Modern America (United States)


    religions and to place value on separation of church and state, found his experience in combat clashed with what he’d been taught when his company ...blogging offers a new type of ceremonial storytelling that can be seen “as enhancing community-building and as decreasing the social and moral gap...close, communal relationship between religion and society. Furthermore, as Usbeck explains, military blogging has the force of ritualized storytelling

  12. Collaborative Researchers or Cold Warriors? The Origins, Activities, and Legacy of the Smithsonian’s Institute of Social Anthropology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Peter Castro


    Full Text Available International research collaboration is increasingly popular, providing many scholarly and practical benefits. These collaborative endeavors also encounter obstacles and costs, including ones involving issues of power and professional ethics. My study seeks to widen our understanding of international collaborative social science research by examining the complex origins, diverse activities, and clouded legacy of the Smithsonian Institution’s Institute of Social Anthropology (ISA. The ISA was an innovative collaborative teaching and research program founded by Julian Steward during World War II to meet many goals, including increasing social science capacity in Latin America, expanding knowledge about contemporary cultural change, strengthening area expertise among U.S. scholars, and promoting closer relations among the peoples of the Americas. The ISA provided career-enhancing opportunities for U.S. and Latin American scholars, while helping to pioneer applied medical anthropology. I take issue with recent analysts who portray the ISA as promoting, including through covert research, U.S. hegemonic interests seeking to control rural Latin America.

  13. Collaborative Researchers or Cold Warriors? The Origins, Activities, and Legacy of the Smithsonian’s Institute of Social Anthropology


    A. Peter Castro


    International research collaboration is increasingly popular, providing many scholarly and practical benefits. These collaborative endeavors also encounter obstacles and costs, including ones involving issues of power and professional ethics. My study seeks to widen our understanding of international collaborative social science research by examining the complex origins, diverse activities, and clouded legacy of the Smithsonian Institution’s Institute of Social Anthropology (ISA). The ISA was...

  14. Warriors and peacekeepers: testing a biosocial implicit leadership hypothesis of intergroup relations using masculine and feminine faces.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian R Spisak

    Full Text Available This paper examines the impact of facial cues on leadership emergence. Using evolutionary social psychology, we expand upon implicit and contingent theories of leadership and propose that different types of intergroup relations elicit different implicit cognitive leadership prototypes. It is argued that a biologically based hormonal connection between behavior and corresponding facial characteristics interacts with evolutionarily consistent social dynamics to influence leadership emergence. We predict that masculine-looking leaders are selected during intergroup conflict (war and feminine-looking leaders during intergroup cooperation (peace. Across two experiments we show that a general categorization of leader versus nonleader is an initial implicit requirement for emergence, and at a context-specific level facial cues of masculinity and femininity contingently affect war versus peace leadership emergence in the predicted direction. In addition, we replicate our findings in Experiment 1 across culture using Western and East Asian samples. In Experiment 2, we also show that masculine-feminine facial cues are better predictors of leadership than male-female cues. Collectively, our results indicate a multi-level classification of context-specific leadership based on visual cues imbedded in the human face and challenge traditional distinctions of male and female leadership.

  15. Weekend Warriors: DeLillo’s “The Uniforms,” Players, and Film-to-Page Reappearance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthew Luter


    Full Text Available This article argues that what DeLillo refers to as the “radical intent” attached to the early short story “The Uniforms” does not point to political radicalism but instead to a new way of thinking about adaptation. This aesthetically radical form of film-to-page adaptation does not privilege the source text, oftentimes subverting the source’s original purpose outright. This decentering of the cinematic source text also lets DeLillo expresses doubt about what film can accomplish politically, while emphasizing that the basic grammar of cinema can do things that literature cannot.

  16. Net Warrior D10 Technology Report: Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) and Data Link Nodes (United States)


    common. Unlike other distributed client/server technologies (e.g. CORBA), DDS does not rely on centralised repositories, specialised nodes or servers...derisking of TDL integration between systems being procured by the ADO. One example of such an activity involves the TDL integration of the WIRE and the...Conclusion The transformation to an Australian net centric force requires a shift in the way systems are procured , built and used, so that

  17. Behavioral and Mental Healthcare: Total Warrior Care Commitment. U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, July-September 2008 (United States)


    Finkelhor D, Kendall-Tackett KA. Developmental perspective on the childhood impact of crime , abuse and violent victimization. In: Cicchetti D, Toth S...and organizations , and other members of the medical community worldwide. Perspective Major General Russell J. Czerw From the beginning of the...recorded history of campaigns and combat between organized armies, wars and battles were usually characterized in terms of glory and pride, focused on

  18. USAF Warrior Studies. Condensed Analysis of the Air Force (9th) in the European Theater of Operations, (United States)


    55i5 prite top pa\\t for the puistis resiults wich the( Chueri-mitrg Air .tsAillt rcti5cil. I I ’wcser, tw in rpeiion ibid I great negaltivec s tuc...gliders withi adequatei crews and to mainl- tam atilelaborate, scret training programn for thec opening blow of the I iiivaItM I. Thil p,,,. 𔃻 .i l...groups from ouu ( it(A( ’ top amthur Ini linu wit I rckutlnroii its wicwre ioriiiall\\ kniowni oiil\\v at high lust1 . Ihic uxtuliit of this lcxli)lit\\V of

  19. Reiki: Application as a Modality of Integrative Therapy for Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Wounded Warrior Issues (United States)


    patients undergoing heart surgery, patients had shorter lengths of hospital stay, less time in the intensive care unit, required blood transfusion ...innumerable topics at any given time. These case studies are often the stimulus for trying new techniques and procedures. There have been many case...PTSD),” National Institutes of Health, topics /post-traumatic-stress-disorder- ptsd/index.shtml (accessed 11 February

  20. nettı Balance and Gaıt Assessment'ın (Tinetti Denge ve Yürüme Değerlendirmesi) Türkçeye uyarlanması, geçerlilik ve güvenilirliği


    Ağırcan, Duygu


    Bu metodolojik araştırma, kronik böbrek yetmezliği nedeniyle hemodiyaliz tedavisi gören hastalarda denge ve yürüme problemlerini belirlemek, Tinetti Balance and Gait Assessment' ı (Tinetti Denge ve Yürüme Değerlendirmesi) Türkçe' ye uyarlamak, geçerlilik ve güvenilirliğini değerlendirmek amacıyla planlanmıştır. Ancak Türkçe versiyonu henüz çalışılmamıştır. Araştırmanın evrenini Denizli ve Kütahya illerinde yaşayan ve Kronik Böbrek Yetmezliği nedeniyle hemodiyaliz tedavsi gören 80 hasta oluştu...

  1. Remote ballistic emplacement of an electro-optical and acoustic target detection and localization system (United States)

    West, Aaron; Mellini, Mark


    Near real time situational awareness in uncontrolled non line of sight (NLOS) and beyond line of sight (BLOS) environments is critical in the asymmetric battlefield of future conflicts. The ability to detect and accurately locate hostile forces in difficult terrain or urban environments can dramatically increase the survivability and effectiveness of dismounted soldiers, especially when they are limited to the resources available only to the small unit. The Sensor Mortar Network (SMortarNet) is a 60mm Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) mortar designed to give the Squad near real time situational awareness in uncontrolled NLOS environments. SMortarNet is designed to track targets both acoustically and electro optically and can fuse tracks between, the acoustic, EO, and magnetic modalities on board. The system is linked to other mortar nodes and the user via a masterless frequency hopping spread spectrum ad-hoc mesh radio network. This paper will discuss SMortarNet in the context of a squad level dismounted soldier, its technical capabilities, and its benefit to the small unit Warfighter. The challenges with ballistic remote emplacement of sensitive components and the on board signal processing capabilities of the system will also be covered. The paper will also address how the sensor network can be integrated with existing soldier infrastructure, such as the NettWarrior platform, for rapid transition to soldier systems. Networks of low power sensors can have many forms, but the more practical networks for warfighters are ad hoc radio-based systems that can be rapidly deployed and can leverage a range of assets available at a given time. The low power long life networks typically have limited bandwidth and may have unreliable communication depending on the network health, which makes autonomous sensors a critical component of the network. SMortarNet reduces data to key information features at the sensor itself. The smart sensing approach enables

  2. Assessment of DoD-Provided Healthcare for Members of the United States Armed Forces Reserve Components (United States)


    Based Warrior Transition Unit – Concord , Massachusetts • Community Based Warrior Transition Unit – Sacramento, California • Community Based Warrior...Training Center, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C. • 4th Medical Battalion, Miramar, California • Marine Aircraft Group 49 – Det C, New

  3. Clausewitz: On Poker (Clausewitz was a TA). How Today’s Leaders Can Use Poker to Better Prepare Tomorrow’s Warriors (United States)


    the Final Table. New York: Harper-Collins Publishers March, James (1994). A Primer on Decision Making. New York: The Free Press McLuhan ... Marshall (1964). Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, Cambridge: The MIT Press McManus, James (2003). Positively Fifth Street. New York: Farrar

  4. A Study Protocol for Tracking Quality of Life Among U.S. Service Members Wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Wounded Warrior Recovery Project (United States)


    and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) is the highest in tnodem history primarily because of advanced protective gear and rapid effective medical care.’^ To date...database provides information for all military outpatient visits, including diagnoses, number of visits, and Current Procedural Terminology codes that...PDTS, Pharmacy Data Transaction Service; NHIS, National Health Interview Survey; QWB-SA, Quality of Weil-Being Scale Self-Administered; CHAMPS, Career

  5. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 3. History. Settlement Patterns and Processes, 1500-1945. (United States)


    the Maubilian culture. Francisco Maldonado anchored at Achuse on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. 1559 Tristan de Luna set out for Achuse to start a...large canoes . The pack-horses were small native ones, capable of enduring heavy loads and great fatigue. The pack saddle carried three bundles each...major obstacles. The fur traders swam swollen creeks and rivers, and rafted their wares across if canoes were not available. The rafts were constructed

  6. Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Study of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee System Corridor, Alabama. Volume 2. Ethnohistory. A Documentary Study of Native American Life in the Lower Tombigbee Valley. (United States)


    Mobile Bay. It was--or should have been--a known landmark on the northern Gulf coast. Pineda had been there; so had Maldonado , Soto’s ship commander. Luna...was no impediment to the west. There are clues in the early records which suggest that canoe movement from Biloxi Bay across Lake Pontchartrain throuqh...returned. The next morning twenty canoes confronted the Spanish demanding the return of the two Indian hostages. Cabeza de Vaca noted that Five or six

  7. Secondary oil recovery from selected Carter sandstone oilfields -- Black Warrior Basin, Alabama. Quarterly technical progress report, September 1--November 30, 1993

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anderson, J.C.


    Anderman/Smith Operating Co. is operating a secondary oil recovery project involving the Carter sandstone in northwest Alabama. The project objectives are: (1) to increase the ultimate economic recovery of oil from the Carter reservoirs, thereby increasing domestic reserves and lessening US dependence on foreign oil; (2) to extensively model, test, and monitor the reservoirs so their management is optimized; and (3) to assimilate and transfer the information and results gathered to other US oil companies to encourage them to attempt similar projects. As a result of waterflood operations at the Central Buff unit, oil production from the Fowler Brasher 7--9 well increased to 40--50 stb/d in late October, and averaged about 45 stb/d in November with no measurable water production. Production at the Fowler Dodson 8--12 was more erratic during the same period. In October, the oil rate for this well increased to nearly 17 stb/d with no reported water production. However, in November the oil production rate declined to about 9 stb/d with an associated average water rate of nearly 17 bpd. Water analysis showed that this produced water was significantly fresher than the connate water produced prior to waterflood operations. This provides evidence for early breakthrough of water injected at the Jones 7--16 well and will be an important consideration in the reservoir modeling study being performed for the unit. There has been essentially no change in the waterflood response at the North Fairview Unit during the last quarter. Oil production rates from the three producing wells have remained unchanged; that is, 3 stb/d for Smith 33-6, 2 stb/d for Perkins 33--11, and 1 stb/d for the Perkins Young 33--10 well.

  8. I Wish I Were a Warrior: The Role of Wishful Identification in the Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression in Adolescent Boys (United States)

    Konijn, Elly A.; Bijvank, Marije Nije; Bushman, Brad J.


    This study tested the hypothesis that violent video games are especially likely to increase aggression when players identify with violent game characters. Dutch adolescent boys with low education ability (N=112) were randomly assigned to play a realistic or fantasy violent or nonviolent video game. Next, they competed with an ostensible partner on…

  9. Compensating Wounded Warriors: An Analysis of Injury, Labor Market Earnings, and Disability Compensation Among Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (United States)


    4,617** –5,505** Missing mental healtha –334 185 –110 –449 Have a medical problema –452** –1,186** –1,439** –1,418** Currently on light dutya –109...Missing mental healtha 567 443 139 587 Have a medical problema –127 –208 –508* –870** Currently on light dutya –60 –578* –1,187** –1,520** Self

  10. 「伝統」への挑戦ー Womanist Warrior Walker 〈特集 女性と身体〉


    風呂本, 惇子; Atsuko, FUROMOTO


    The Hosken Report states that as of 1992 more than 110 million women and girls living in Africa and the Middle East have been genitally mutilated. Female genital mutilation varies in type from Sunna which means removal of the tip of the clitoris to Pharaonic which means a thorough scraping away of the entire genital area. In the latter case, the remaining sides are stitched together, often with thorns. It is obvious that countless lives have been lost due to such an atrocious custom.Neverthel...

  11. Soome-Hollandi-Hiina-Eesti ühisfilmi "Armuvalus sõdalane" ("Jade Warrior", rezh Antti-Juhani Annila) filmivõtted algavad 2.VIII Soomes

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendava fantaasiafilmi "Armuvalus sõdalane" (eelarve 39 milj. krooni) tootjad on Soome, Holland, Hiina ja Eesti (3,9 milj. krooni). Kaasa teeb ka Elle Kull, lavastab debütant AJ Annila

  12. Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan) Lumbar Spine Model Validation: Development, Testing, and Analysis of Physical and Computational Models of the WIAMan Lumbar Spine Materials Demonstrator (United States)


    represent bond strength characteristic of rubber components that are “bonded-in-place” with metallic components in the rubber casting mold , which is... preparation are provided in Section 4.2.1. 4.2.1 Assembly Method The Humanetics TDP specifies that the lumbar spine compliant elements be “ molded”. That process requires a vulcanizing rubber adhesive be applied to the metal surfaces. The uncured rubber is bonded to the metal in the mold

  13. Rescuing Our Warriors from Chronic Pain: A Battlefield-to-Nondeployment Means to Prevent Opioid-induced Amplification of Neuropathic Pain from Traumatic Injury (United States)


    amplified trauma induced chronic pain. Objective 1. Define the response to opioids commonly used for acute pain management , when these are administered...pain management , when these treatments are administered later after trauma, after development of neuropathic pain Objective 3. Define whether the...Prescribed by ANSI Std. Z39.18 40 Table of Contents Page 1. Introduction …………………………………………………………. 2 2. Keywords……………………………………………………………. 2 3

  14. An Evaluation of Selected Communications Assemblies and Hearing Protection Systems: A Field Study Conducted for the Future Force Warrior Integrated Headgear Integrated Process Team

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Scharine, Angelique A; Henry, Paula P; Binseel, Mary S


    .... A field study was conducted to evaluate three different communication system concepts: bone conduction, communications earmuffs, and communications earplugs, all of which are being considered for the FFW ensemble...

  15. The Weapons and the Historical Context of the “Las Atalayuelas” Warrior (Jaén, Andalusia, Spain: a Sculpture of Late Iberian/Roman Republican Date

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernando Quesada Sanz


    Full Text Available We study in some detail the Roman weapons represented on a new fragmentary sculpture from the Iberian oppidum at Las Atalayuelas (Jaén, Andalusia, Provincia Baetica, probably from the periurban sanctuary or its surroundings. Although it was intentionally damaged and reused, enough elements remain to show that it formed part of the sculpted decoration of an important architectural monument. It represents a horseman armed with the characteristic defensive weapons of the Roman Republican cavalry: parma equestis and lorica hamata. It is the work of a local Iberian workshop depicting either a roman horseman in a battle scene, or an Iberian aristocrat with Roman weapons in a heroizing context. It can be dated to the Second century B.C. or the first half of the First.

  16. The Weapons and the Historical Context of the “Las Atalayuelas” Warrior (Jaén, Andalusia, Spain): a Sculpture of Late Iberian/Roman Republican Date


    Fernando Quesada Sanz; Carmen Rueda Galán


    We study in some detail the Roman weapons represented on a new fragmentary sculpture from the Iberian oppidum at Las Atalayuelas (Jaén, Andalusia, Provincia Baetica), probably from the periurban sanctuary or its surroundings. Although it was intentionally damaged and reused, enough elements remain to show that it formed part of the sculpted decoration of an important architectural monument. It represents a horseman armed with the characteristic defensive weapons of the Roman Republican cavalr...

  17. Effect of Heat on Wounded Warriors in Ground Combat Vehicles: Insights from the Army Medical Community, and the Simulation of a Novel Method for Soldier Thermal Control (United States)


    described as small, uncomfortable, low-armor, cold war era, and having low- maneuverability [1]. The M113 is starting to be supplanted by up-armored...characteristics, have been used to assist in thermoregulation for casualties with low core temperatures [1]; a survey of other methods can be found...with the injury-related blood loss and dehydration [13], or hypothermia-induced cold diruesis. Another benefit of decreased core temperature is the

  18. The Robert E. Mitchell Center for Prisoner of War Studies: the Product of One Flight Surgeon’s Promise to Honor a Grateful Nation’s Warriors (United States)


    held by enemy forces 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 + Original table reported by, CA Henning . POWs and MIAs: Status and Accounting Issues, June 1, 2006; pg...Ova and parasites X N/A Occult blood X N/A Total lipids (electrophoresis) 1977 X Total proteins (electrophoresis) X X

  19. 75 FR 60810 - Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible To Receive Services From the United States Bureau of... (United States)


    ... Band (Nett Lake); Fond du Lac Band; Grand Portage Band; Leech Lake Band; Mille Lacs Band; White Earth... Reservation, South Dakota Round Valley Indian Tribes of the Round Valley Reservation, California Sac & Fox...

  20. 78 FR 6849 - Agency Information Collection (eBenefits Portal) Activity under OMB Review (United States)


    ... single point of entry for benefits information. Users include members of the armed forces, veterans, wounded warriors, family members, delegates, and caregivers. Users wishing to access the full...

  1. Bulletproofing the Psyche: Mindfulness Interventions in the Training Environment to Improve Resilience in the Military and Veteran Communities

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kate Hendricks Thomas; Sarah Plummer Taylor


    .... Social work and health promotion professionals working to prevent and treat mental health problems like depression and stress injuries must understand the confluence of warrior culture and mental...

  2. The rise of the warriors goddess in ancient India : a study of the myth cycle of Kau´sik¯i- Vindhyav¯asin¯i in the Skandapur¯ana

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Yokochi, Yuko


    In India zijn vele krijgshaftige en demonen-dodende godinnen geïntegreerd tot het concept van de 'Krijgsgodin'. Dit concept kende een ontwikkeling van de vierde tot achtste eeuw na Chr. en nam vervolgens een vaste plaats in als de 'Oppergodin'. Zij wordt beschouwd als de belichaming van het ultieme

  3. Effects of Participation in a Martial Arts-Based Antibullying Program in Elementary Schools (United States)

    Twemlow, Stuart W.; Biggs, Bridget K.; Nelson, Timothy D.; Vernberg, Eric M.; Fonagy, Peter; Twemlow, Stephen W.


    This study evaluated the Gentle Warrior Program, a traditional martial arts-based intervention to reduce aggression in children, as it was implemented in three elementary schools. The sample consisted of 254 children in grades 3, 4, and 5 who participated in the Gentle Warrior Program as part of a larger school violence intervention. Results…

  4. Quadrennial Defense Review Report (United States)


    Department is improving the treatment of our wounded warriors in many ways, which include:  Increasing funding for wounded warrior initiatives...public education and information. Because of their linguistic and U.S. Navy Lt. Rasha Hanna, a dental officer from Steubenville, Ohio, interacts...protect sensitive sources and methods. Working both bilaterally and multilaterally, the Department will promote spaceflight safety. Air Force

  5. L'apprentissage informatique dans les écoles de la Colombie | IDRC ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    8 févr. 2011 ... Colombia's laptop warrior — connectivity for peace and progress. Vilma Almendra, a 23-year-old Paez Indian from Colombia, seems to fit perfectly the descrip. View moreColombia's laptop warrior — connectivity for peace and progress ...

  6. Focus on ODA | Gros plan sur l’APD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Evolution of Selected DAC Members’ ODA, 1990–2010 (in percentage of GNIEvolution de l’APD d’une sélection de pays membres du CAD, 1990-2010 (en pourcentage du RNBSource: OECD, OECD.Stat Extracts, by Donor Country | L’APD par pays donateurDAC Members’ Net ODA, 2010 (in million USDAPD nette des pays membres du CAD, 2010 (en millions USD­DAC Members’ Net ODA, 2010 (in percentage of GNIAPD nette des pays membres du CAD, 2010 (en pourcentage du RNBSource:...

  7. Geophysical monitoring of coastal erosion and cliff retreat of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    From the laser scanning datasets it has been calculated that a nett erosional trend exists for the study area with sediment moving towards the north. In the western portion of the study area, where a coastal road has been undercut and complete failure has occurred, the progress of cliff retreat has been accurately measured ...

  8. Case series

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    décembre 2012). Critères d'inclusion: nous avons inclus les cas de gastrite chronique ..... risque évolutif représentent 25,8% en Corée [7]. Les stades à haut risque représentent 6,4% dans les séries italiennes avec une nette.

  9. 76 FR 17870 - Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Quarterly Listing of Program Issuances-October Through December 2010 (United States)


    ... unsuccessful with medical treatment for obesity. This decision also stipulated that covered bariatric surgery... been approved by the Office of Management and Budget. This information is available at http://www... reimbursement for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS): National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) approved...

  10. Herbal and alternative medicine: the impact on anesthesia

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    effect on platelets that garlic and the nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs have. This is dangerous especially when the conventional drug has a narrow therapeutic index (e.g. ginseng and warfarin), and relatively small alterations in concentration may have profound clinical consequences.18. • The nett result of interaction ...

  11. Evaluation of models for assessing Medicago sativa L. hay

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    UFS Campus

    Abstract. A study was conducted to evaluate current proposed models for assessing Medicago sativa L. hay quality, using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) analyses and Cornell Nett Carbohydrate and. Protein System (CNCPS) milk production prediction as a criterion of accuracy. Application of the.

  12. Genetic Associations With Hypoxemia and Pulmonary Arterial Pressure in COPD* (United States)

    Castaldi, Peter J.; Hersh, Craig P.; Reilly, John J.; Silverman, Edwin K.


    Background Hypoxemia, hypercarbia, and pulmonary arterial hypertension are known complications of advanced COPD. We sought to identify genetic polymorphisms associated with these traits in a population of patients with severe COPD from the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT). Methods In 389 participants from the NETT Genetics Ancillary Study, single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were genotyped in five candidate genes previously associated with COPD susceptibility (EPHX1, SERPINE2, SFTPB, TGFB1, and GSTP1). Linear regression models were used to test for associations among these SNPs and three quantitative COPD-related traits (Pao2, Paco2, and pulmonary artery systolic pressure). Genes associated with hypoxemia were tested for replication in probands from the Boston Early-Onset COPD Study. Results In the NETT Genetics Ancillary Study population, SNPs in microsomal epoxide hydrolase (EPHX1) [p = 0.01 to 0.04] and serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade E, member 2 (SERPINE2) [p = 0.04 to 0.008] were associated with hypoxemia. One SNP within surfactant protein B (SFTPB) was associated with pulmonary artery systolic pressure (p = 0.01). In probands from the Boston Early-Onset COPD Study, SNPs in EPHX1 and in SERPINE2 were associated with the requirement for supplemental oxygen. Conclusions In participants with severe COPD, SNPs in EPHX1 and SERPINE2 were associated with hypoxemia in two separate study populations, and SNPs from SFTPB were associated with pulmonary artery pressure in the NETT participants. PMID:19017876

  13. Evaluation of models for assessing Medicago sativa L. hay

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    UFS Campus

    ² Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems 418 Davis Rd Cortland, NY 13045, USA. Abstract. A study was conducted to evaluate current proposed models for assessing Medicago sativa L. hay quality, using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) analyses and Cornell Nett Carbohydrate and. Protein System ...

  14. Efficacité des extraits aqueux d'amande de neem et de feuilles d ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Bactrocera cucurbitae Coquillet, Dacus ciliatus Loew, Dacus vertebratus Bezzi et Dacus bivittatus Bigot sont les Tephritidae rencontrés sur le concombre au niveau de l'essai en station avec une nette dominance de B. cucurbitae représentant 52,89 % de l'ensemble des Tephritidae. Mais cette tendance s'est complètement ...

  15. Punnett and duck genetics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    lution that could be of much economic importance. Punnett was successful in his efforts by analysing reciprocal crosses between the Mallard and Indian Runner duck. Interestingly, he does not restrict his observations to the colour but also comments on the behaviour of the hybrids. Although Pun- nett does not discuss ...

  16. Effect of melatonin implants, flushing and teasing on the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    (Kennaway et a|.,1982; Arendt et al., 1983), injection (Nett &. Niswender, 1982) or infusion (Bittman & Karsch, 1984) can stimulate an early onset of breeding activity by pharmacol- ogically mimicking the onset of short photoperiodic condi- tions. Continuous mclatonin administration via subcutaneous implants (English et al., ...

  17. Phytoécologie des faciès à Marantaceae de la forêt de Lossi (Congo ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    valeurs d'importance couplé au coefficient d'abondance-dominance montre, suivant le type forestier, une dominance de .... fonction des exigences et des buts poursuivis, ..... 95% de l'ensemble des taxons ont moins d'un arbre.ha-1. Le spectre brut ressort une nette dominance des. Fabaceae devant les Myristicaceae et les ...

  18. DCoE in Action. Volume 4, Number 6, June 2011. Community Partnerships: Working Together to Support Service Members, Veterans, Families (United States)


    worldwide in the war on terrorism. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III DCoE Real Warriors Campaign DCoE Real Warriors Campaign DCoE...Psychological Health Programs “I didn’t know where to turn, where to go.” — Brooke Warren , a former Fort Hood soldier needing assistance reintegrating post... manager with the Real Warriors Campaign. The 2011 Family Resilience Conference provided a forum for DCoE to showcase efforts to advance

  19. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003), Abstract. Pedro Tabensky. Vol 32, No 2 (2013) .... Vol 25, No 1 (2006), Stoic warriors and stoic torturers: the moral psychology of military torture, Abstract. Jessica Wolfendale. 251 - 300 of 412 ...

  20. Energy beverages: content and safety

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Higgins, John P; Tuttle, Troy D; Higgins, Christopher L


    .... Subsequently, energy beverages (EBs) containing stimulants and additives have appeared in most gyms and grocery stores and are being used increasingly by "weekend warriors" and those seeking an edge in an endurance event...

  1. Integrating Intelligent Structured Training with a Virtual Dismounted Environment

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jensen, Randy; Tasoluk, Coskun; Marshall, Henry; Sims, Jason; Green, Gary


    .... This paper reviews results from the integration of an Intelligent Structured Trainer with the embedded Virtual Warrior Soldier prototype developed for the Army RDECOM Simulation and Training Technology Center...

  2. Developing a Reference Framework for Cybercraft Trust Evaluation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hunt, Shannon E


    .... As a result, network defense remains a high priority for cyber warriors. On the technical side, trust issues for a comprehensive end-to-end network defense solution are abundant and involve multiple layers of complexity...

  3. Training on Common Military Messages

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dyer, Jean


    ... on hypothetical combat scenarios and a prototype digital interface for the Land Warrior (LW) system. The message training focused on the doctrinal requirements for messages, not how to use the software interface...

  4. 77 FR 59647 - Notice of Inventory Completion: California Department of Parks and Recreation, Sacramento, CA (United States)


    ... firing, indiscriminately killing women and children along with Sioux warriors. Estimates of the number of... represent the physical remains of two individuals of Native American ancestry. Pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001(3...

  5. Briti raud tuleb Eestisse

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Suurbritannia toob tuleval kevadel Eestisse pataljonisuuruse üksuse, kuhu kuulub 800 sõdurit, kes hakkavad liikuma tankidel Challenger 2 ja jalaväe lahingumasinatel Warrior. Ülevaade lahingumasinate tehnilistest andmetest, relvastusest ja võimekusest

  6. Changing the Order of BOLCII and BOLCIII

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Schweser, Eric


    The U.S. Army's Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) II mission is "To develop competent, confident and adaptable Lieutenants, grounded in warrior tasks, able to lead Soldiers in the contemporary operating environment...

  7. Cross-Cultural Sex Differences in Post-Conflict Affiliation following Sports Matches

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Benenson, Joyce F; Wrangham, Richard W


    .... The male warrior hypothesis proposes that success in intergroup contests has been vital in human evolution and that men therefore must engage in maximally effective intragroup cooperation [1-3...

  8. Department of Defense, Deployment Health Clinical Center (United States)

    ... Military Family Support Military Medical Organizations Mobile Applications Psychological Health Policy Library Real Warriors Campaign 2017 Awareness Month Campaigns inTransition News, Blog & Media PHCoE in ...

  9. Numerical 3D Model for Thermal Integration of 20W Methanol Reformer

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Blackwell, N. E; Palo, D. R


    ....8 cm 20W methanol reformer for Future Force Warrior and Future Combat Systems. Fuel cell technology development is being pursued around the world to provide electric power in many potential applications in the military and commercial sector...

  10. Greenpeace : keegi peab võimuritele survet avaldama / Riho Laurisaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laurisaar, Riho


    Eesti Rohelise Liikumise ja Greenpeace'i koostöö, Greenpeace'i skandaalne tegevus ja julgeolekustruktuuride huvi organisatsiooni vastu. Lisad: Greenpeace'i saavutusi; Greenpeace; Rainbow Warrior Aucklandi sadamas juulis 1985

  11. Kuidas hiinlastega filmi teha / Margus Õunapuu ; interv. Jüri Laulik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Õunapuu, Margus


    Eestipoolne produtsent jagab muljeid, kuidas toimus Hiinas Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendava fantaasiafilmi "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" filmimine. Film on Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö

  12. Kung fu-film alustas 15 000 vaatajaga

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina ja Eesti ühistöö) kogus Soome kinolevis avanädalavahetusel suhteliselt tagasihoidliku kassa

  13. Essential Outdoor Sun Safety Tips for Winter (United States)

    ... Weekend Warriors expand/collapse Vitamin D Essential Outdoor Sun Safety Tips for Winter Winter sports enthusiasts are ... skiing! Be Mindful of Time Spent in the Sun, Regardless of the Season If possible, ski early ...

  14. AL – Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge Coal Waste Hazard Characterization (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Coal from the Warrior Coal Fields in Alabama, which include portions of the Cahaba River Basin, has been recognized as having some of the highest metal and trace...

  15. Kayser-Fleischer Rings (United States)

    ... Back WDA Membership Latest News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2017 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters ...

  16. How Is Wilson Disease Inherited? (United States)

    ... Back WDA Membership Latest News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2017 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters ...

  17. Lab Tracker and Copper Calculator (United States)

    ... Back WDA Membership Latest News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2017 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters ...

  18. Wilson's Disease Association International (United States)

    ... Back WDA Membership Latest News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2017 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters ...

  19. How Is Wilson Disease Diagnosed? (United States)

    ... Back WDA Membership Latest News & Announcements Wilson's Warriors Events Back The Big WOW 2017 Annual Conference WDA Publications Back Downloads Corporate Sponsorship Forms Membership Forms Resources The Big WOW Newsletters ...

  20. 77 FR 66525 - National Family Caregivers Month, 2012 (United States)


    ... much to keep our families and communities strong. Across America, daughters and sons balance the work.... Mothers and fathers resume care for children returning home as wounded warriors. Friends and relatives...

  1. 75 FR 49483 - Notice of Availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for Training Range and... (United States)


    ... support facilities (a Sky Warrior Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) facility and a 10th Engineering Battalion... in relatively close proximity to the cantonment area to reduce unit transit time, and have fewer...

  2. Saving Utah's Landscape, Dinosaur National Monument


    Extension, USU


    At Dinosaur National Monument, an aggressive, well-planned weed management program is assisted by a host of volunteers. Last year the monument’s Weed Warrior Program 482 volunteers contributed 2,107 hours of weed removal.

  3. Life histories, blood revenge, and reproductive success among the Waorani of Ecuador


    Beckerman, Stephen; Erickson, Pamela I.; Yost, James; Regalado, Jhanira; Jaramillo, Lilia; Sparks, Corey; Iromenga, Moises; Long, Kathryn


    The Waorani may have the highest rate of homicide of any society known to anthropology. We interviewed 121 Waorani elders of both sexes to obtain genealogical information and recollections of raids in which they and their relatives participated. We also obtained complete raiding histories of 95 warriors. An analysis of the raiding histories, marital trajectories, and reproductive histories of these men reveals that more aggressive warriors have lower indices of reproductive success than their...

  4. Naval Medical R and D News. Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2016 (United States)


    healing. The journey may be long because, in addition to the impact of their physical trauma , many of these wounded warriors also bear psychological...have been injured in these conflicts—as many as 16,000 of them so severely, they likely would not have survived had they sustained the same wounds in...Deployment Health at the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC), stepped up with a solution—the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project (WWRP), a

  5. Defense Horizons. Number 8, March 2002. Small Security: Nanotechnology and Future Defense (United States)


    tradiction to the traditions of a warrior culture and to the assumptions that currently guide policy in the United States and in its potential rivals...between nanotechnically armed rivals. The implications of this statement stand in sharp con- tradiction to the traditions of a warrior culture and to...maintain a stable armed peace between nanotechnically armed rivals. The implications of this statement stand in sharp con- tradiction to the traditions of a

  6. Une éducation sentimentale ou le roman d’amour de Salammbô

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geneviève Mondon


    Full Text Available La transcription et l’étude des manuscrits préparatoires de Salammbô a permis de retracer la genèse du personnage féminin, en mettant en valeur son aventure personnelle. Les passages inédits, les marges et écritures interlinéaires apportent des éléments précieux pour construire le roman d’amour de l’héroïne, et lui donner une tonalité plus érotique, avant que Flaubert ne supprime, transforme ou masque habilement ces traces éphémères. Afin que les lignes soient plus nettes, ma recherche privilégie le point de vue de Salammbô, pour autant qu’on puisse connaître cette figure énigmatique. En laissant de côté, volontairement, les problèmes primordiaux du roman, la guerre historique de Carthage, la lutte mythique entre Tanit et Moloch, la grande Histoire et la mythologie, les batailles et les massacres, la lumière se concentre sur l’aventure sentimentale, absolument nécessaire dans un roman historique, l’auteur le sait. L’évocation du milieu social de la fille du suffète Hamilcar, l’analyse de son psychisme, de ses désirs, de ses rêves et de ses croyances apportent un éclairage sur sa vie de femme. L’examen d’un inédit comme les pages consacrées à la danseuse montre la volonté du romancier de créer un personnage séduisant et actif. Devant les guerriers a lieu l’« épiphanie », caractéristique des héros : le chant lyrique et la danse ésotérique en sont les signes manifestes. Après la rencontre, Salammbô et Mâtho, en proie au désir amoureux, se cherchent, se fuient et rêvent l’un de l’autre. Un inédit rapporte le songe de la jeune femme. Des expériences qui allient plaisir et souffrances, l’union mystique avec le serpent, la « baisade » contribuent à son éducation sentimentale mais la déception finale, l’échec du désir, est la vraie révélation.The transcription and study of Salammbô’s preparatory manuscripts enable us to retrace the genesis of the feminine

  7. Etat de la végétation ligneuse dans trois unités d'utilisation des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les paramètres étudiés montrent une nette différence entre ces entités témoignant de leur hétérogénéité, mais avec un plus grand niveau de stabilité du peuplement dans la forêt. Le peuplement est globalement jeune avec une importante proportion des individus dans les premières classes de diamètre et de hauteur.

  8. Analyse Aéropalynologique du Genre Casuarina (Casuarinaceae ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    7 sept. 2012 ... En lien avec le réchauffement climatique, on observe de nettes tendances au déplacement de la floraison des espèces hivernales et printanières vers des dates plus précoces, à la prolongation de la saison des grains de pollen estivaux et à l'augmentation des quantités de pollen de fin d'été [23]. Figure 4 ...

  9. Effect of Experience of Internal Medicine Residents during Infectious Disease Elective on Future Infectious Disease Fellowship Application (United States)


    Sc. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER Maj Dana M Blyth Se. TASK NU1v1BER Sf. WORK UN1T NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION...ed tM eftt<t of lM kiter ft( ~nett on thlir to rotation on futwt appllc1tl0ft for ID ftlowsNp. Maj Dana M. Blyth, Maj Allee E. Barsoumian AE

  10. Randomized comparative trial of a social cognitive skills group for children with autism spectrum disorder. (United States)

    Soorya, Latha V; Siper, Paige M; Beck, Todd; Soffes, Sarah; Halpern, Danielle; Gorenstein, Michelle; Kolevzon, Alexander; Buxbaum, Joseph; Wang, A Ting


    This study evaluated the efficacy of a targeted social skills training group in school-aged children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The intervention, Seaver-NETT (Nonverbal communication, Emotion recognition, and Theory of mind Training), is a 12-session cognitive-behavioral intervention (CBI) for verbal, school-aged children targeting ASD-specific social behavioral impairments. Sixty-nine children with ASD, 8 to 11 years of age, with verbal IQs greater than 70, participated in a randomized comparative trial to examine the efficacy of NETT relative to a facilitated play group. Treatment outcomes included caregiver reports of social behavior and neuropsychological assessments of social cognition conducted by blinded raters. Outcomes were collected at baseline, endpoint, and 3 months posttreatment. Significant improvements were found on social behavior outcomes such as nonverbal communication, empathic responding, and social relations in the NETT condition relative to the active control at endpoint. Verbal IQ moderated the interaction effect on social behavior, with higher verbal IQ associated with improvements in the CBI condition. No significant improvements were found on social cognitive outcomes. No significant group differences were found at 3-month follow-up conducted with approximately half the sample (n = 34). These data indicate that targeted CBI social skills groups such as NETT improve social communication deficits in verbal, school-aged children with ASD. The moderating effects of high verbal IQ suggest a need to consider participant and treatment characteristics associated with outcomes in future studies. Clinical trial registration information-Neural and Behavioral Outcomes of Social Skills Groups in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder;; NCT01190917. Copyright © 2015 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Complications du traitement traditionnel des fractures : à propos de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Introduction : La médecine moderne, comme celle traditionnelle, concourt au rétablissement du bien être physique, mental et social. Au Sénégal comme ailleurs ces deux médecines se pratiquent à tous les niveaux. Faut-il établir un rapport de nécessité entre les deux ou mettre une nette séparation ; chacune évoluant pour ...

  12. African Journal of Neurological Sciences 2010 - Vol. 29, No 2 http ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    travers les foramens de conjugaison en regard de T9-T10-T11-T12 et L1, et exerce une compression du cordon médullaire. Il s'étend également en arrière à travers le plan musculaire en regard des apophyses épineuses. L'injection de gadolinium montre une prise de contraste nette et hétérogène. Il existe aussi des.

  13. Struktur Komunitas Nekton di Danau Pondok Lapan Kecamatan Salapian Kabupaten Langkat


    Azmi, Nurul


    Nekton is organisms that can swim and move on their own accord with example amphibians and aquatic insect. This study aims to determine the structure of nekton community and relation about physical and chemical conditions in the Lake Pondok Lapan . This study was carried out from January to March 2015. Data collection were nekton species composition and abundance, as well as water quality data as a supporter. Nekton retrieval used fish nett and fishing rod. The results showed there were 5 of...

  14. Complex Analysis of Combat in Afghanistan (United States)


    la nature des combats en Afghanistan, telle qu’elle a été observée par les forces de l’OTAN, présente un caractère statistiquement fractal. Dans tous...des affrontements quotidiens suit une nette tendance à la hausse. Les données témoignent d’une intermittence, d’une dépendance statistique à long

  15. Influence de la flore ligneuse associée dans la production des parcs ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'influence de ces arbres sur la production des anacardes a été mise en évidence à l'aide d'une analyse en composantes principales (ACP). Au total, onze (11) espèces réparties dans six (6) familles sont maintenus dans les parcs étudiés pour une moyenne de 5 espèces par parc. L'ACP montre une nette corrélation entre ...

  16. Area Handbook Series: Brazil: A Country Study (United States)


    Sul Courtesy P.A. Miuck Rural grocery store, Curitiba, Parand Courtesy WORLD BANK PHOTO/ Tomas Sen nett 113 Brazil: A Country Study a fazendeiro...Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Courtesy WORLD BANK PHOTO! Tomas Sennett than that needed to meet the 1985 goal. By 1982 contracts for alcohol... Aquino Ferreira, until his fall from grace in late 1981. Before that time he and the other five officials were referred to as the "palace group" (grupo

  17. Caractéristiques épidémiologiques, cliniques, histo-pathologiques ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    N. Harir

    Disponible sur Internet le 31 octobre 2016. MOTS CLÉS. Carcinome rénal;. Profil histo-épidemiologique; .... Le plus jeune patient avait 20 ans et le plus âgé avait 88 ans. Nous avons noté une nette progression de l'incidence du cancer rénal par rapport à l'âge. Cette progression était plus remarquable à partir de l'âge de ...

  18. Tracking of maneuvering non-ellipsoidal extended target with varying number of sub-objects (United States)

    Hu, Qi; Ji, Hongbing; Zhang, Yongquan


    A target that generates multiple measurements at each time step is called the extended target and an ellipse can be used to approximate its extension. When the spatial distributions of measurements can reflect its true shape, in this situation the extended target is called a non-ellipsoidal extended target and its complicated extended state cannot be accurately approximated by single ellipse. In view of this, the non-ellipsoidal extended target tracking (NETT) filter was proposed, which uses multiple ellipses (called sub-objects) to approximate the extended state. However, the existing NETT filters are limited to the framework that the number of sub-objects remains still, which does not match the actual tracking situations. When the attitude of the target changes, the view from the sensor on the target may change, then the shape of the non-ellipsoidal extended target varies as well as the reasonable number of sub-objects needed for approximation. To solve this problem, we propose a varying number of sub-objects for non-ellipsoidal extended target tracking gamma Gaussian inverse Wishart (VN-NETT-GGIW) filter. The proposed filter estimates the kinematic, extension and measurement-rate states of each sub-object as well as the number of sub-objects. The simulation results show that the proposed filter can be used for the target changing attitude situation and is more close to the practice application.

  19. How the Warriors of Prester John Transformed into Demons from Tartarus. Review of the book: Hautala R. From “David, King of the Indies” to “Detestable Plebs of Satan”: An Anthology of Early Latin Information about the Tatar-Mongols. (Kazan: Sh.Marjani Institute of History of AS RT, 2015. 496 p.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.Yu. Pochekaev


    Full Text Available This paper is a review of recently published book of Finnish researcher Roman Hautala devoted to publication and study of Latin sources on the Mongols of the 13th century. The book is of great importance as it is a compilations of the very valuable sources which demonstrate evolution of the attitude of European authorities and contemporaries towards the Mongols – from potential allies to the most dangerous enemy. Analysis of these sources helps to understand the further policy of Western European monarchs in the Eastern Europe, Ancient Rus’, Mongol Empire and its successors – Golden Horde, Ilkhanate, etc. At the same time, R. Hautala pays substantial attention to a fate of another nomads of Eurasia connected with the Mongol invasion – especially Kumans (Kipchaks in Hungary. The book contains author’s preface, Latin texts and Russian translations of sources as well as very valuable comments of author. Each part could be considered as independent part of this complex research. The main importance of book is put into use of Russian-speaking scientific society of a huge number of sources, most part of which was not accessible for home historians because of lack of knowledge of Latin. The structure of the book completely corresponds to its goals and objectives. Nevertheless, the author of review points that the book has several insignificant weaknesses, which could be kept in mind and removed in the future works of R. Hautala.

  20. Does cumulating endurance training at the weekends impair training effectiveness? (United States)

    Meyer, Tim; Auracher, Markus; Heeg, Katrin; Urhausen, Axel; Kindermann, Wilfried


    Due to occupational restrictions many people's recreational endurance activities are confined to the weekends. We intended to clarify if cumulating the training load in such a way diminishes endurance gains. We conducted a longitudinal study comparing training-induced changes within three independent samples. Thirty-eight healthy untrained participants (45+/-8 years, 80+/-18 kg; 172+/-9 cm) were stratified for endurance capacity and sex and randomly assigned to three groups: 'weekend warrior' (n=13, two sessions per week on consecutive days, 75 min each, intensity 90% of the anaerobic threshold; baseline lactate+1.5 mmol/l), regular training (n=12, five sessions per week, 30 min each, same intensity as weekend warrior), and control (n=13, no training). Training was conducted over 12 weeks and monitored by means of heart rate. Identical graded treadmill protocols before and after the training program served for exercise prescription and assessment of endurance effects. VO2max improved similarly in weekend warrior (+3.4 ml/min per kg) and register training (+1.5 ml/min per kg; P=0.20 between groups). Compared with controls (-1.0 ml/min per kg) this effect was significant for weekend warriors (Pexercise decreased significantly by 11 beats/min (weekend warriors, Ppopulation of healthy untrained subjects, cumulating the training load at the weekends does not lead to an impairment of endurance gains in comparison with a smoother training distribution.

  1. Passions au miroir: Hugo et Garibaldi dans la solitude de l’Histoire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Nuti


    Full Text Available In Mythic Imagery, a warrior is a hybrid man – a divine human being or a divinized mortal – who stands out of his own kind for his extraordinary skill to generate power. Being an undefined figure of man, equidistant from deity and humanity, the warrior hero represents the Human Community. Using his knowledge of what Giuseppe Garibaldi had done to unify Italy, Victor Hugo had the chance to annex to his political and literary fighting a contemporary hero who shared his own ideology. An amazing relationship put their destinies together, and the epistolary exchange Garibaldi (1863 strengthened this union. Giuseppe Garibaldi in Mentana (1867 is invested with the heroic legitimacy of a symbolical progressive movement. The experimental brotherhood between the poet and the warrior symbolized for Hugo a continuous questioning of the real power of poetical language.

  2. Bushido dalam Masyarakat Jepang Modern

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bambang Wibawarta


    Full Text Available Bushido is most often translated as the way of the warrior caste in Japan. Bushirefers to warriors in feudal Japan while do means several things including: the correct way,the path, or the road. Another interpretation of Bushido could be the way of preserving peacethrough the use of force. Bushido comes out of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Shintoism. Thecombination of these schools of thought and religions has formed the code of warrior valuesknown as Bushido. A key to our understanding of how the concepts of Bushido fit into Japanesemodern lives is to understand the historical and societal aspects of Bushido. Today, this meaningcan be modernized to include minimizing violent conflict. The code of Bushido, the Samurai'scode of honor, upholds loyalty, discipline, total dedication, honor and valor, and numerousexamples of these elements can be witnessed today or in recent history.

  3. An evolutionary theory of large-scale human warfare: Group-structured cultural selection. (United States)

    Zefferman, Matthew R; Mathew, Sarah


    When humans wage war, it is not unusual for battlefields to be strewn with dead warriors. These warriors typically were men in their reproductive prime who, had they not died in battle, might have gone on to father more children. Typically, they are also genetically unrelated to one another. We know of no other animal species in which reproductively capable, genetically unrelated individuals risk their lives in this manner. Because the immense private costs borne by individual warriors create benefits that are shared widely by others in their group, warfare is a stark evolutionary puzzle that is difficult to explain. Although several scholars have posited models of the evolution of human warfare, these models do not adequately explain how humans solve the problem of collective action in warfare at the evolutionarily novel scale of hundreds of genetically unrelated individuals. We propose that group-structured cultural selection explains this phenomenon. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. Performance of the Defense Acquisition System. 2014 Annual Report (United States)


    Young Carter Kendall Crusader V22 TMD MILSTAR NAVSTAR EFV SBIRS High GBS Comanche Stryker JTRS JSF Global Hawk Land Warrior FCS ARH VH 71 DDG 1000 GCSS...Upgrades AEHF SV 1-4 4th Largest EELV GMLRS AW EELV 5th Largest CH-47F H-1 Upgrades SBIRS High PAC-3Fire Unit C-130 AMP GMLRS AW EFV H-1 UpgradesCH...Inc 1A 2nd Largest ATIRCM CMWS EELV CH-47F SBIRS High LAND WARRIOR EFV AEHF SV 1-4 JTRS HMS B-2 EHF Inc 1 VTUAV 3rd Largest GMLRS AW AEHF SV 1-4 SBIRS

  5. Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: index maps of included studies: Chapter B.1 in Coal and petroleum resources in the Appalachian basin: distribution, geologic framework, and geochemical character (United States)

    Ruppert, Leslie F.; Trippi, Michael H.; Kinney, Scott A.; Ruppert, Leslie F.; Ryder, Robert T.


    This chapter B.1 of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Professional Paper 1708 provides index maps for many of the studies described in other chapters of the report. Scientists of the USGS and State geological surveys studied coal and petroleum resources in the central and southern Appalachian structural basins. In the southern Appalachian basin, studies focused on the coal-bearing parts of the Black Warrior basin in Alabama. The scientists used new and existing geologic data sets to create a common spatial geologic framework for the fossil-fuel-bearing strata of the central Appalachian basin and the Black Warrior basin in Alabama.

  6. Land use/mineral rights map series

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lineback, N.G.; Weaver, D.C.


    The ongoing Land Use/Mineral Rights Map Series was designed to map the existing land uses and mineral rights in and around the Warrior Coal Basin. The map series provides baseline data for monitoring all land use changes in the Warrior Basin and for establishing a record of mineral rights useful in classifying some record discrepancies and assisting the mining industry and its regulatory agencies in organizing mineral rights data. Ten additional maps were completed during this 1981-82 funding period. Virtually all large mining and leasing companies in the Basin now have standing orders for all new maps, and orders for existing maps are being received weekly.

  7. The Coast Artillery Journal. Volume 69, Number 3, September 1928 (United States)


    or more celluloid discs with a radius of 5000 yards, a scale graduated in yards, a scale graduated in seconds of flight at 100 miles per hour and a...generations after his death. He has been called at different times in his life "the mighty man-slayer; the perfect warrior, the master of thrones and crowns

  8. 221 Agency and Vulnerability: Reconfiguring the Female Characters ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    party in the female contest for the heart strings of a man. Keywords: Agency, Vulnerability, Love Story, Gender Identity, .... destructive brand that betrays the bonds of friendship in the quest for a man's love as evidenced in Sulas's betrayal of her ... in a warrior's book of life: “The things that happen these days are very strange”.

  9. Images of Akutô

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Oxenbøll, Morten


    One of the primary objects of this paper has been to show how a so-called akutô was created, not on a local level by merchants or itinerant monks committing robbery and murder or by warriors or powerful peasants opposing a distant proprietor by violent means, but by the proprietor itself as part...

  10. Military Review. Special Edition: Center for the Army Profession and Ethic. September 2010 (United States)


    inherited, the term warrior must emerge as a faux pas in the information domain. The word must suffer the stigma that history and litera- ture have...University Press, 2004), 375. 19. Ibid., 379. 20. Numerous historical studies have highlighted the role racism has played in creating exceptions to

  11. Defense or Diplomacy Geographic Combatant Commands (United States)


    the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets.” 16 US Department of State, "Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review," 60. Immanuel Kant wrote...17 Immanuel Kant , "Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch," (1795), kant ...December 2006. "Joint Urban Warrior 2009--Final Report." Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Wargaming Division, 2009. Kant , Immanuel . "Perpetual

  12. Mobile Geospatial Information Systems for Land Force Operations: Analysis of Operational Needs and Research Opportunities (United States)


    WPC (Italian "Soldato Futuro ") 4. EADS Warrior 21 5. Elbitsystems (Israel) Military Tactical Computer 6. L-3 Communications LDT II 7. Northrop...Humansystems® Mobile GIS Page 2-53 DRS Technologies, SELEX LRT-440 WPC (Italian "Soldato Futuro ") Housekeeping Functions (internal device functionality

  13. The Animated Classroom: Using Japanese Anime to Engage and Motivate Students (United States)

    Ruble, Julie; Lysne, Kim


    Each year, seventh graders at Woodlawn School in Davidson, North Carolina, learn about Japan through a compilation of literature, history, and art. They are introduced to a wide range of ideas and materials: they study the Heian and Tokugawa Periods as well as modern Japan, the code of the samurai warriors, haiku and its components, and Japanese…

  14. Moral Competence for the Joint Warfighter: The Missing Element in Defense Transformation (United States)


    warriors saw no substance behind the finely crafted statements to indicate that they were anything beyond bumper stickers of a new regime. The most...Danner, in his analysis of Abu Ghraib, points to this deficiency by stating that “’ lip -service’ protocols issued by leadership could not combat the

  15. 78 FR 25460 - National Institute on Drug Abuse; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Center, 6001 Executive Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20852, (Telephone Conference Call). Contact Person: Lyle... Contract Review--Recovery Warrior: Behavioral Activation Video Game for Substance Abuse (Topic 141). Date..., (Telephone Conference Call), Contact Person: Scott A. Chen, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Office of...

  16. Relationships between Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations and Counseling Psychology: Three New Frameworks (United States)

    Forrest, Linda; Lau, Michael Y.; Delgado-Romero, Edward A.


    In this rejoinder the authors respond to the three reactions to the major contribution, "Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations: Connections to Counseling Psychology," provided by Chung and Wu, Neville, Flores, and Dobson, and Yakushko, Wang, and Warrior. In their thoughtful reactions, these current and past leaders of the Society of…

  17. Operations Other Than War: Where Are We Heading? (United States)


    force, Desert Storm withstanding, has been generally involved in OOTW. At face value, OOTW does not connote to the warrior spirit nor does it...order or to provide some form of humanitarian assistance such as with the Kurds in Northern Iraq during ’Provide Comfort’ and the Somalians

  18. Design and Production of Trophies for Selected Sports and Games ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Design and production of trophies for games and sports particularly in a form of metal art has been in existence for so many years. Presently they are practiced with much improvement and modern technology as compared to the ancient times where leaves, horns and other objects were used as trophies to award warriors ...

  19. Challenges to Improving Combat Casualty Survivability on the Battlefield (United States)


    Department, for ex- ample, brigadier generals lead veterinary medicine and warrior transition care. Dentistry and nursing are both led by major generals...Active duty. By comparison, the Army has roughly the same number of radiation oncologists and nearly three times the number of pediatric psychia

  20. The Squadron Commander’s Responsibility for Officer Professional Development (United States)


    competency Tactical Expertise Personal Embodies Airman Culture - Ethical Leadership -Followership -Warrior Ethos -Develops Self Communicating ...AIR WAR COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY THE SQUADRON COMMANDER’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR OFFICER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT by Patrick/Sutherland...wing. 4 Abstract Squadron commanders (Sq/CCs), as Air Force leaders, have a duty to help create future leaders. While officer professional

  1. Lessons From Tarawa and Their Relevance to the Operating Environment of 2011 (United States)


    waves were in a position· to control the naval gunfire but lacked the ability to communicate with the ships spotters. 14 The point- detonating , high...U.S. G.P.O., Distributor , 1993. Buell, Thomas B. The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance. Classics ofNaval Literature

  2. Recruiting Implications of the Long War for the Marine Corps (United States)


    their parents. Generation X grew up in a time of dual-career couples and soaring corporate layoffs . Its members·malTied even later than their baby...trained warrior. There are many aspects of tomorrow’s battlefield that are unknown, but of the requirement to have an ethically bound, intelligent

  3. Enhancing Ethical Performance in Military Forces Through ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this article, I propose the creation of what I will here call the Joint Ethics Development Initiative (JEDI). The title is, of course, offered partially in jest, but the image of the Jedi warrior of the Star Wars saga is intentional. At the heart of the proposed initiative is the development of a new, rigorous and highly demanding ...

  4. MS&G, When Worlds Collide: A Primer for Potential (United States)


    killed. (This is especially true if it is someone’s pet feature that he has been working on feverishly, only to learn at the last minute that it won’t...young men streamed into Internet cafes to log on to Shanda’s games and assume the identities of warriors, monks, and magicians in order to kill

  5. Ringworm (United States)

    ... for Pet Food Small Mammals Salmonella from Small Mammals Key Messages about Pet Rodents Wildlife Animal Tales Giant Sharks Help Wounded Warriors Heal Loving Your Special Cat Parrots Make Friends for Life Tracking the Mysterious Sea Turtle Inside the Life of a Teen and ...

  6. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    thority which John Cabot set up to claim New- foundland territory in 1497, for Henry VII of Eng- land, was "the royal banner" (Croxton, 2009). And the Asafo Company (warrior group) of the Fante- people from Ghana designed its own flag, to ex- press its own power and might (Bakker, 1999). Studies of many Asafo ensigns for ...

  7. Do You Have a Bad Mentor? (United States)

    Perlmutter, David D.


    In every assistant professor there seems to lurk a Karate Kid seeking a Mr. Miyagi who will train his acolyte to be a skilled warrior in the art of research, teaching, and service and impart pithy life lessons along the way. Such singular folks exist. But it's far more likely that one will find several mentors who, while not well-versed in all…

  8. On the Road (United States)

    Collins, Mary Ellen


    Veteran development officers say the experience of visiting and traveling to different places or countries often feels like an endless cycle of getting lost, missing flights, and eating midnight dinners from hotel vending machines. Despite ongoing travel challenges, experienced road warriors have learned how to maximize their effectiveness,…

  9. Beyond Barbie[R] and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming (United States)

    Kafai, Yasmin B., Ed.; Heeter, Carrie, Ed.; Denner, Jill, Ed.; Sun, Jennifer Y., Ed.


    Ten years after the groundbreaking "From Barbie to Mortal Kombat" highlighted the ways gender stereotyping and related social and economic issues permeate digital game play, the number of women and girl gamers has risen considerably. Despite this, gender disparities remain in gaming. Women may be warriors in "World of…

  10. Annual Expeditionary Warfare Conference (22nd) (United States)


    sensors | advanced analytics | machine learning | big data blockchain security | mobile computing | lightweight apps | virtual/augmented reality...continue to advance and adapt to sustain – and increase – the competitive advantage we have gained today of the naval service through Naval Logistics...Cognitive Advantage and Artificial Intelligence 12 • Meld machine intelligence and human decision making Ground warrior advanced decision support

  11. Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury (United States)

    ... Month In November, the military community recognizes the strength and resilience – physically, mentally, and spiritually – of our wounded, ill, and injured service members, and their families and caregivers. Warrior Care Month ... of Strength.” This strength is represented in the physical, mental, ...

  12. Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (United States)

    ... Warrior Care Month The military community recognizes the strength and resilience of our wounded, ill, and injured service members, and their families and caregivers in November. This year’s theme is “Show of Strength.” 1 2 DVBIC 25 Years of Service Read ...

  13. Life Styles of African Women [And] A Swimming Pool for Mansa Musa's Wife [And] A Yoruba Naming Ceremony [And] Metropolis: African and American Style. Mini-Modules. (United States)

    African-American Inst., New York, NY. School Services Div.

    Four modules dealing with African culture are combined in this document. The first module discusses various life-styles of African women, including warrior, queen, ruler, and matriarch. A lesson plan uses a question-and-answer format to encourage discussion of the effects of tradition, society, and nation upon African women. Questions asked…

  14. Towards Combined Arms Warfare: A Survey of Tactics, Doctrine, and Organization in the 20th Century. (United States)


    Crozier , Brian. De Gaulle. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1973. Culmann, F. TacticqueGenrale d’apr’es-l’Experience de la Grande Guerre. 4th Revd...Praed & Co., Ltd., 1949. Martin, Michel L. Warriors to Managers: The French Military Establishment Since 1945. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North

  15. The Martial "Virtue" of Rhetoric in Machiavelli's "Art of War." (United States)

    Wiethoff, William E.


    Argues that Machiavelli's inherent interest in pragmatic, "virtuous" applications of humanistic arts mandated both rhetorical form and matter in his composition of the "Art of War." Proposes that the work reveals Machiavelli's debt to the classically humane ideal of the warrior-orator. (JMF)

  16. Developing Intelligent Leaders - A Look at the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (United States)


    Crosswalk Red = Not from CCTL Green = Only in MSL 100 31 Jul 10 - ESTR Lesson 1 ROTC & Course Overview Lesson 2 Intro to Warrior Ethos Lesson 3 ROTC Rank...Training Meeting Final Exam MSL 400: CCTL Crosswalk Red = Not from CCTLGreen = Only in MSL 400 3 J l 0 ESTR Lesson 1a Lesson 2a Lesson 3a Lesson 4a

  17. Beeldspraak over oorlog en schepping, geweld en geweldloosheid ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Hanson, P D 1975. The dawn of apocalyptic. Philadelphia, PA: Fortress. Hanson, P D 1976. s v Apocalypticism. IDBSup. Hermans, A. 1959. Le millénarisme du Pseudo-Barnabé. ETL 35, 849-76. Hiebert, Th 1992. s v Warrior, Divine. ABD. Kovacs, J L 1995. “Now shall the ruler of this world be driven out”: Jesus's death as.

  18. Resonance iournal of science education.

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    International Conference on Algebra and. Geometry. BOOK REVIEWS. 106 Atomic Warrior. Shobhana Narasimhan. Front Cover. 110. 110. 111. 112 n3. Bonnet macaque (See classroom article Project Ufescape on The Macaques of India, page 94.) Back Cover. (Picture courtesy: Anindya Sinha). ludWig Eduard Boltzmann.

  19. Constant Character, Changing Nature: The Transformation of the Hollywood War Film, From 1949 - 1989 (United States)


    such as racism in Home of the Brave and the psychological effects of war on warriors in 12 O’Clock High (1949). These films reflected post-war...emotional wounds he suffered in the war. The veteran created his own outlaw motorcycle club in The Angels from Hell (1968). Other veteran gangs

  20. Users’ Workshop on Combat Stress (5th) Held at Fort Sam Houston, Texas from 9 to 13 December 1985. (United States)


    k. Dietetic Counseling 1. Recreation 7. General Operating Procedures and Boundaries: The program is rigidly structured, each veteran signing a...traditional soldier/warrior preditor embodied in the historical examples of the Spartan of ancient Greece, the fearless Viking, and the medieval

  1. The Political Scientist as Local Campaign Consultant (United States)

    Crew, Robert E., Jr.


    During my 45 years as an academic, I have followed the admonition sometimes attributed to the legendary Jedi warrior Obi-Wan Kenobe that political scientists should "use [their] power for good and not for evil." In this spirit, I have devoted substantial portions of my career to public service by providing strategic advice and campaign management…

  2. Kasserian Ingera (And How Are the Children)?: An Exploration of the Relationship between African American Middle School Males, Reading, and Discipline (United States)

    Brown, Shelmon Nicole


    Inspired by the mighty Masai warriors, Rev. Dr. Patrick T. O'Neill (p. 2) delivered a sermon centered around the traditional Masai greeting, "Kasserian Ingera (And how are the children)?" This study uses Kasserian Ingera as the primary question and attempts to shed light on the relationship between literacy and discipline as measured by…

  3. Building Bridges through an Ethic of Caring. (United States)

    Stine, Deborah E.; Louque, Angela C.

    This study addresses the question of what principles need to be incorporated into the daily life of women in leadership positions to assist in their success. It is framed around the work of Carlos Castaneda, who describes the path of a warrior in metaphorical terms through seven principles of power: (1) knowing the battleground; (2) discarding the…

  4. Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) Reducing Vehicular Vibration and Impact (United States)


    Schedule & Funding FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17MILESTONES Define Warrior Environment Cadaveric Testing Injury Assessment Dev. WIAMan Gen 2 Fab...Test Guidance to Stakeholders WIAMan Gen 1 Fab, & Test FY17 funds to be obtained through a coordinated 14 POM request Purpose: Conduct cadaveric

  5. Decolonizing the Navajo Nation: The Lessons of the Naabaahii (United States)

    Lee, Lloyd L.


    This paper discusses ways Dine peoples can use cultural knowledge to rebuild and decolonize the Navajo Nation. In the past, leaders, warriors, and all peoples worked together to sustain their community's way of life. These stories and strategies can be helpful in rectifying and resolving many challenges and problems Dine peoples face in the…

  6. Homer. Iliad: book XXII

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Jong, I.J.F.


    Book XXII recounts the climax of the Iliad: the fatal encounter between the main defender of Troy and the greatest warrior of the Greeks, which results in the death of Hector and Achilles' revenge for the death of his friend Patroclus. At the same time it adumbrates Achilles' own death and the fall

  7. Professional Development of Officers Study. Volume 1. (United States)


    side It neoeeeoop and Idehu•dI by blok nulmber). Officer Development Periods, Warrior Spirit, Mentor, Professional Values, ducation and Training...ndlows•:: study. We conclude that PDOS recommended Sreflection, research and inquiry, policies contain no unfair sexual bias. 7. The manpower investment

  8. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    suppression, small-unit independent manoeuvre, and combined arms at the tactical level, and depth, reserves, and differential concentration at the operational level of ..... unmanned robotic weapons systems and netcentric warfare systems. While such innovations undoubtedly are of great assistance to the urban warrior, ...

  9. Mexican American Male Masquerades in the Institution as Bully (United States)

    Oesterreich, Heather A.; Sosa-Provencio, Mia A.; Anatska, Tamara


    This Black and Chicana Feminist case study challenges national discourse surrounding school bullying as individualistic, student-centered. We explore the warrior lens of Mexican/Mexican-American males. While masquerading institutional compliance, they simultaneously unmask policies, practices as the means to control mind/bodies/spirit. This…

  10. Engineer: The Professional Bulletin of Army Engineers. Volume 41, September-December 2011 (United States)


    prepared warrior. There are many ways to do this. Some Soldiers may focus by listening to a certain type of music . Others may gain confidence in history from Queens College, City University of New York. The ampitheater, built in 1942 by engineer trainees, is the only surviving ERTC

  11. Weapons of Choice: The "Propeller versus Jet" Controversy and the "Appropriate Technology" Dilemma (United States)


    secure and preserve their share of power or authority.”92 Harold Lasswell defines politics more succinctly: “[It is] the process of who gets what...Air Force Harold Brown simply redesignated [them] as ‘attack’ aircraft, hence their new designator—A26A.” See Haas, Apollo’s Warriors, p 196. 19 Ibid

  12. Fassaadikunstist ja teesklusest / Margit Tõnson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tõnson, Margit, 1978-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola

  13. Soome-ugri kung fu / Jüri Laulik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laulik, Jüri, 1959-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila. Eestipoole produtsent Margus Õunapuu Eesti osast filmis

  14. Välispartnerid viivad Eesti filmi maailma kuulsust koguma / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) edukast levitamisest maailma kinodes. Ka teiste koostööfilmide ("Ruudi", "Leiutajateküla Lotte") levitamisest

  15. Igavese armastuse sõdalane : mitte just klassika, aga ajaloo verstapost küll / Ilmar Raag

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raag, Ilmar, 1968-


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendavast fantaasiafilmist "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi, Eesti ühistöö) : stsenarist Iiro Küttner, režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila, võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai, osades - Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola, Elle Kull

  16. Kaurismäki Soome parim

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Soome filmiauhinna Jussi võitis A. Kaurismäki "Äärelinna tuled" ("Laitakaupungin valot"), viis Jussit sai Aku Louhimiehe film "Jäine linn" ("Valkoinen kaupunki") ja kaks Jussit Eesti osalusega "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior"

  17. Ida-igatsuse põhjapiir / Raivo Paltser

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paltser, Raivo


    Hiina traditsiooni järgija R. Paltseri nägemus Lääne inimese ihalusest Vana-Hiina kultuuri järele, kung-fust. Toodud mõningaid näiteid Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendavast fantaasiafilmist "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior"

  18. Üllatav seiklusfantaasia Soomest / Alar Niineväli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niineväli, Alar


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : võitluskunstide koreograaf Yu Yan Kai : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Elle Kull. Lisa "Soome film sai Hiinas hea lepingu

  19. DVD. Alar Niineväli soovitab / Alar Niineväli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Niineväli, Alar


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav 2006.a. fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior" (Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöö) : režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila : osades Tommi Eronen, Zhang Jingchu, Markku Peltola

  20. Soomlaste Sampo jahvatab eestlaste ja hiinlaste jõul / Annika Koppel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Koppel, Annika


    Soome ja Hiina mütoloogiat ühendav fantaasiafilm "Igavese armastuse sõdalane - Jade Warrior". Film valmis Soome, Hiina, Hollandi ja Eesti ühistöös 2006, režissöör Antti-Jussi Annila. Esilinastus Eestis 20. X kobarkinos

  1. Distance in War: The Experience of MQ-1 and MQ-9 Aircrew (United States)


    robots using visual or technological interfaces.6 Royakkers and van Est further assert that RPA cubicle warriors are unaware of the consequen- ces of...might be set to music . Under these circumstances, it becomes easy to think of killing via MQ-1/9 as less-than-serious and almost game-like to the

  2. Department of Defense Logistics Roadmap 2008. Volume 2 (United States)


    operating systems (Win XP OS, Oracle 10g db). It automates unit level supply, maintenance, readiness & unit status reporting functions, tactical...location. DS is comprised of the following areas: technology infrastructure, “Content,” and Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ). - Technology...applications, systems and processes produced by various Navy Communities of Interests, e.g., Logistics, Maintenance, Medical and Sea Warrior. - CRM

  3. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. November-December 2001 (United States)


    real world is one free of sexual re- cruitment quotas, gender-specific standards, and a restoration of time- proven warrior cultures. Only then, she...been a target of harrassment . The follow- ing story sums up my experience. I was riding the Metro in uniform, as I do daily to go to work. A World

  4. Director`s series on proliferation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bailey, K.C.; Price, M.E. [eds.


    This is an occasional publication of essays on the topics of nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile proliferation. The views represented are those of the author`s. Essay topics include: Nuclear Proliferation: Myth and Reality; Problems of Enforcing Compliance with Arms Control Agreements; The Unreliability of the Russian Officer Corps: Reluctant Domestic Warriors; and Russia`s Nuclear Legacy.

  5. Big-Men and Small Chiefs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Iversen, Rune


    Scandinavia with a certain focus on Denmark. The assumption is that the creation of Bronze Age societies must be understood as a long formative process that partly originated in the culturally-heterogeneous Middle Neolithic. Four aspects seem to have been essential to this process: the rise of the warrior...

  6. Mission Command and the Starfish Organizational Models: A Comparison of Organizational Philosophies in a Decentralized Combat Environment (United States)


    For example, masculinity and honor are strong values and provide themes for many stories and songs. Men strive to be fierce warriors who are loyal to...resolution to situations without the use of violence . These shuras are extremely important as they allow villagers in isolated areas, such as

  7. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Review: The wages of destruction: the making and breaking of the Nazi economy. Abstract PDF · Vol 39, No 2 (2011) - Articles Book Review: Russia's heroes 1941–45. Abstract PDF · Vol 33, No 1 (2005) - Articles Sociology, Biology or Philosophy of a warrior? Reflections on Jan Smuts, Guerrilla–being and a politics of ...

  8. The Air National Guard, Culture and Quality (United States)


    together across the years. The protessional force values its warrior status and the traditions ot unlimited personal liability, obedience to command...that each member has a deep appreciation of the roots, the traditions , and the role of the Guard in American society. 2. Each unit must find a way to

  9. male constructions and resistance to women in the military1

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    MALE CONSTRUCTIONS AND RESISTANCE. TO WOMEN IN THE ... This information is useful in understanding the gender power relations that make it difficult for ... changes. The concept of warrior hero has been crucial in the construction of notions of national security to facilitate the mobilisation of hegemonic masculinity.

  10. Civil Wars, Child Soldiers and Post Conflict Peace Building in West

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    presidential election in July 1997. The new political dispensation was a welcomed respite for the citizens of Liberia that survived the civil .... Intentions; Zeeuw, Building Peace in War-Torn Societies). It was little wonder Amadu Sesay (2003: 220) observed in his concluding remarks that,. While the chief cold war warrior; the ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Kwei Armah and Chinua Achebe have written much about the need for .... by different people. Nwaka, opposition leader and Ezeulu's arch-enemy, accepts that Ulu 'is still our protector, even though we no longer fear Abam warriors at night' (Achebe, 1974, p.28). ... make a mistake with the calendar and that is why there is ...

  12. Identification of Brigade Command Competencies (United States)


    that may exist. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Brigade Command, competency model , army leadership , leadership development, leadership training, command...that focused on leadership , commandership, competency modeling , and training was completed. To support this research base with experiential...climate, creating an ethical climate, modeling the Army Values and Warrior Ethos, decision making ability, managing risk, critical thinking skills

  13. Betsy DeVos, the (Relatively Mainstream) Reformer (United States)

    McShane, Michael Q.


    A privatization extremist. A religious zealot. A culture warrior. The new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, was painted as any or all of these things in the fevered weeks between the 2016 presidential election and her confirmation hearing. In the days following that hearing, tens of thousands of people flooded the lines of congressional…

  14. The Case of the Noble Savage: The Myth That Governance Can Replace Leadership (United States)

    Warner, Linda Sue; Grint, Keith


    The presumption of American's noble savage provides the foundation for the creation of one of the world's most recognizable stereotypes--the American Indian. The stereotype, lodged in the minds of most Americans as the Plains Indian warrior, contributed to decades of misunderstanding about leadership in traditional American Indian societies and…

  15. In praise of death : history and poetry in medieval Marwar (South Asia)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kamphorst, Janet


    This study of heroic and epic “war poetry” transmitted by the poets of pastoral-nomadic communities in medieval Marwar (Rajasthan) evokes the lived past of the Rajput, Bhil and Charan of the Marwari desert with a detailed analysis of poetic sources concerning Pabuji, a fourteenth-century warrior and

  16. "Beowulf" and the Teaching of Leadership (United States)

    Loughman, Tom; Finley, John


    Although it depicts a Germanic warrior culture of nearly 1,500 years ago, the Old English epic poem "Beowulf" contains timely insights into leadership and motivation, trust, respect, loyalty, and sacrifice that could inform current leadership practice and teaching. To help reveal some of these insights, this study has three main…

  17. Developing Women Leaders: The Art of "Stalking" the Superintendency. (United States)

    Brunner, C. Cryss

    This paper uses the seven principles of "stalking," the cultural wisdom for training Yaqui Indian warriors as described by Carlos Castenada, as a framework for organizing insights shared by successful women superintendents. "Stalking" is a metaphor for the process through which women seek success as superintendents. The research used a modified…

  18. They Might be Giants: Small-Scale RPAs as a Threat to Air Base Defense and Air Power Projection (United States)


    drinking milk and the blood of their horses. The warriors of the nearby state of Xi Xia were ill-prepared to battle Khan’s army and, caught in the...railroads and that fewer than one in ten American adults had ever been on an airplane. In 1958 and beyond, the balance shifted toward aircraft. 8 Jim

  19. Ignoring a Revolution in Military Affairs: The Need to Create a Separate Branch of the Armed Forces for Cyber Warfare (United States)


    requirements for its Cyber Warriors allowing for them not to take fitness tests, deploy abroad or bear arms and even allows them to grow their hair long and...standards for acceptable criminal history and drug use, weight and body fat standards, and fitness standards. With the creation of a new

  20. Religious Expression or Religious Coercion: Commanders Caught in the Cross-Fire (United States)


    practicing Christians. MRFF has also fought aggressively for the Constitutional rights of United States service members who are Jews, Muslims, Buddhists ...oaths required by law. 50 The US Army crafted an interesting approach for West Point. See the book, Forging the Warrior’s Character: Moral Precepts

  1. 2011 Joint Missions Conference Held in Bloomington, Indiana on August 29-31, 2011 (United States)


    Acquisition Executive Acquisition Center SOPA Personal Staff IATF SES Assistant Vice Commander – NCR SOLA LNOs ** ** SOSTs Chief Information...Develop & Support our People & Families - Focus on Quality - Care for Our People and Families - Train & Educate the Joint Warrior / Diplomat Sustain ...Transition concepts to capabilities to drive DOTMLPF-P changes that are the heart of modernizing, fielding, and sustaining relevant future capabilities

  2. Pioneering Extension Nutrition Education with iPad Apps: A Development Story (United States)

    Parmer, Sondra M.; Struempler, Barb; Funderburk, Katie; Parmer, Greg


    Technology can be an effective vehicle for Extension nutrition education. Body Quest: Food of the Warrior is a childhood obesity prevention initiative of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System that successfully incorporates technology in the classroom. With Body Quest, students learn about healthful eating through blended learning involving both…

  3. Couches minces diélectriques de phosphate d'aluminium


    Daviéro, S.; Avinens, C.; Ibanez, A.; Giuntini, J.; Philippot, E.


    Réalisation de couches minces de phosphate d'aluminium sur substrat de silicium à partir des précurseurs tributylphosphate et acétylacétonate d'aluminium en solution par la méthode “pyrosol". La composition chimique des dépôts varie rapidement en fonction des conditions expérimentales. Ces couches minces sont caractérisées par spectrométrie infrarouge et diffraction des RX. Leurs caractéristiques électriques, déterminées par conductivité électrique en courant continu et alternatif, sont nette...

  4. Dependence on ODA and Remittances | Dépendance à l’égard de l’APD et des transferts des migrants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Net ODA Receipts (in Percentage of GNI, 2008Recettes nettes d’APD (en pourcentage du RNB, 2008Source: OECD, Development Co-operation Report 2010, Statistical Annex, Table 25.Migrants’ Remittances (in Percentage of GNI, 2008Transferts des migrants (en pourcentage du RNB, 2008Source: World Bank, migration and remittances data.Evolution of Selected DAC Members’ ODA (in Percentage of GNI, 1990–2009Evolution de l’APD d’une sélection de pays du CAD (en pourcentage du RNB, 1990-2009Source: DAC...

  5. The functional properties, modification and utilization of whey proteins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. G. Venter


    Full Text Available Whey protein has an excellent nutritional value and exhibits a functional potential. In comparison with certain other food proteins, the whey protein content of essential amino acids is extremely favourable for human consumption. Depending on the heat-treatment history thereof, soluble whey proteins with utilizable functional properties, apart from high biological value, true digestibility, protein efficiency ratio and nett protein utilization, can be recovered. Various technological and chemical recovery processes have been designed. Chemically and enzymatically modified whey protein is manufactured to obtain technological and functional advantages. The important functional properties of whey proteins, namely hydration, gelation, emulsifying and foaming properties, are reviewed.

  6. Productivité herbacée des savanes de la Cuvette congolaise ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'objectif de cette étude était d'évaluer la phytomasse aérienne herbacée et sa productivité, en vue d'aider à la prise de décision sur le choix des espaces à occuper pour des activités agricoles et pastorales. La phytomasse aérienne herbacée a été mesurée par la méthode de la récolte et sa productivité primaire nette ...

  7. La transition tardiglaciaire - postglaciaire dans les Pyrénées méditerranéennes et atlantiques


    Jalut, Guy


    La comparaison des données palynologiques obtenues d’Ouest en Est le long du versant nord des Pyrénées montre que dans les secteurs de la chaîne appartenant aux domaines climatiques atlantique et méditerranéen la mise en place de la végétation ne s’est pas toujours effectuée de façon synchrone. Des différences chronologiques importantes existent. Elles sont particulièrement nettes lors de la transition Tardiglaciaire-Postglaciaire et concernent principalement le Pin, le Chêne et le Noisetier....

  8. Habitat et environnement urbain au Viêt-nam

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    La privatisation pouvait aussi participer à la réduction de l'inflation en absorbant la demande de pointe et en forçant les ménages à épargner pour acheter un logement. Mais la vente a pu aussi entraîner des pertes nettes pour l'État quand les logements ont été vendus à trop bas prix et quand l'achat a été encouragé par ...

  9. Les disparités économiques au sein du Tiers-Monde : quelques constats à propos du Maghreb et des pays de l’Asie du Sud-Est


    Omri, Ibtissem


    Les nettes disparités économiques observées aussi bien entre les pays à l’échelle internationale qu’entre les pays en développement remettent ainsi en cause les conclusions néoclassiques relatives à la convergence des nations. Une brève étude comparative entre les pays du Maghreb (Tunisie et Maroc) et le Sud-Est asiatique (Corée du Sud et Malaisie) montre clairement que les écarts de développement entre ces deux groupes tendent à s’aggraver au cours du temps. The purpose of our research is...

  10. Le Dictionnaire historique de l’adjectif-adverbe : de aimer haut à baiser utile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hummel Martin


    (4\tJe suis sur le point d'arrêter nette ma conso de cannabis (2013 Notons que dans ces cas, une analyse en tant que prédicat second n’est pas concevable. Même si certains de ces exemples peuvent être considérés comme des cas d’hypercorrection, cela ne les explique pas tous. On observe un rapprochement aux prédicats seconds en ce que les AAs s’accordent avec un nom accessible, même s’ils n’en sont pas les modificateurs primaires.

  11. 1314-IJBCS-Article-Ngom Daouda

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Toutain, 1995). La valeur pastorale brute (67,1%) a été pondérée avec le recouvrement de la végétation pour obtenir la valeur pastorale nette (Vpn) ou indice globale de qualité (IGQ) qui est estimée à 56,4%, ce qui signifie que la part de la production herbacée brute réellement consommée par les animaux est de. 56,4%.

  12. Performances de production des cobayes (Cavia porcellus L.) en ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    fertilité (96%), de fécondité (184%), de fécondité nette (184%), de viabilité à la naissance (100%) et de viabilité au sevrage (97,83%) les plus élevés ont été également enregistrés chez ces femelles soumises à la ration contenant 22% de PB (RG22). Le gain total, le gain moyen quotidien (GMQ) et l'indice de consommation ...

  13. A genome-wide association study of COPD identifies a susceptibility locus on chromosome 19q13

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cho, Michael H; Castaldi, Peter J; Wan, Emily S


    The genetic risk factors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are still largely unknown. To date, genome-wide association studies (GWASs) of limited size have identified several novel risk loci for COPD at CHRNA3/CHRNA5/IREB2, HHIP and FAM13A; additional loci may be identified through...... larger studies. We performed a GWAS using a total of 3499 cases and 1922 control subjects from four cohorts: the Evaluation of COPD Longitudinally to Identify Predictive Surrogate Endpoints (ECLIPSE); the Normative Aging Study (NAS) and National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT); Bergen, Norway (Gen...

  14. ODA and Military Expenditure | APD et dépenses militaires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available ODA and Military Expenditure by DAC Members (in Million USD, 2008APD et dépenses militaires des pays membres du CAD (en millions USD, 2008Sources: OECD, DAC; SIPRI Military Expenditure Database.Net ODA Receipts and Military Expenditure in Selected Countries (in Million USD, 2008Recettes nettes d’APD et dépenses militaires d’une sélection de pays (en millions USD, 2008Sources: OECD, Development Co-operation Report 2010, Statistical Annex, Table 25; SIPRI Military Expenditure Database.

  15. Sélection d\\'un champignon filamenteux pour l\\'épuration des eaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A. niger dégrade le phénol et le catéchol sans adaptation préalable à ces substrats. Son exposition préalable au phénol augmente sa vitesse de respiration nette en présence de celui-ci et du catéchol. Par contre, son adaptation préalable au catéchol entraîne l\\'inhibition de sa respiration. Relativement à A. oryzae, celui-ci ...

  16. evaluation technique et economique des formules alimentaires de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    3, était liée à la faible performance de croissance réalisée par les béliers recevant l'aliment de cette formule de faible efficacité alimentaire. Les résultats de l'évaluation financière ont montré que les formules 4 et 1 ont le coût alimentaire du Kg de gain de poids vif le plus économique et une meilleure marge nette.

  17. BOUROU SALI.pmd

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    basées sur l'effet de Kautsky (Goalbaye, 2001). Le suivi des échanges gazeux a porté sur la photosynthèse nette (Pn), la conductance stomatique (Gs) et la transpiration foliaire (E). Ces paramètres ont été mesurés à l'aide de l'analyseur CO2/H2O de type IRGA (Infra Red. Gaz Analyser) modèle LI-6400 (Licor Inc.,. Lincoln ...

  18. Xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme gene polymorphisms predict response to lung volume reduction surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    DeMeo Dawn L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT, marked variability in response to lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS was observed. We sought to identify genetic differences which may explain some of this variability. Methods In 203 subjects from the NETT Genetics Ancillary Study, four outcome measures were used to define response to LVRS at six months: modified BODE index, post-bronchodilator FEV1, maximum work achieved on a cardiopulmonary exercise test, and University of California, San Diego shortness of breath questionnaire. Sixty-four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs were genotyped in five genes previously shown to be associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease susceptibility, exercise capacity, or emphysema distribution. Results A SNP upstream from glutathione S-transferase pi (GSTP1; p = 0.003 and a coding SNP in microsomal epoxide hydrolase (EPHX1; p = 0.02 were each associated with change in BODE score. These effects appeared to be strongest in patients in the non-upper lobe predominant, low exercise subgroup. A promoter SNP in EPHX1 was associated with change in BODE score (p = 0.008, with the strongest effects in patients with upper lobe predominant emphysema and low exercise capacity. One additional SNP in GSTP1 and three additional SNPs in EPHX1 were associated (p Conclusion Genetic variants in GSTP1 and EPHX1, two genes encoding xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, were predictive of response to LVRS. These polymorphisms may identify patients most likely to benefit from LVRS.

  19. Life histories, blood revenge, and reproductive success among the Waorani of Ecuador. (United States)

    Beckerman, Stephen; Erickson, Pamela I; Yost, James; Regalado, Jhanira; Jaramillo, Lilia; Sparks, Corey; Iromenga, Moises; Long, Kathryn


    The Waorani may have the highest rate of homicide of any society known to anthropology. We interviewed 121 Waorani elders of both sexes to obtain genealogical information and recollections of raids in which they and their relatives participated. We also obtained complete raiding histories of 95 warriors. An analysis of the raiding histories, marital trajectories, and reproductive histories of these men reveals that more aggressive warriors have lower indices of reproductive success than their milder brethren. This result contrasts the findings of Chagnon [Chagnon N (1988) Science 239:985-992] for the Yanomamo. We suggest that the spacing of revenge raids may be involved in the explanation of why the consequences of aggressiveness differ between these 2 warlike lowland South American peoples.

  20. Land use/mineral rights map series

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lineback, N.G.; Weaver, D.C.


    The ongoing Land Use/Mineral Rights Map Series was designed to map the existing land uses and mineral rights in and around the Warrior Coal Basin. The map series provides baseline data for monitoring all land use changes in the Warrior Basin. It also establishes a record of mineral rights useful in classifying some record discrepancies and assists the mining industry and its regulatory agencies in organizing mineral rights data. During the funded period, this was the only effort of this nature occurring in the United States. Ten additional maps were completed during this 1982-1983 funding period. Virtually all large mining and leasing companies operating in the Basin now have standing orders for all new maps, and orders for existing maps are regularly received. As a spinoff of this project, one additional major project has been completed during this funding period, a county-wide land use and land cover map of Cullman County, Alabama.

  1. 50th Anniversary of the World's First Extraterrestrial Sample Receiving Laboratory: The Apollo Program's Lunar Receiving Laboratory (United States)

    Calaway, M. J.; Allton, J. H.; Zeigler, R. A.; McCubbin, F. M.


    The Apollo program's Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL), building 37 at NASA's Manned Spaceflight Center (MSC), now Johnson Space Center (JSC), in Houston, TX, was the world's first astronaut and extraterrestrial sample quarantine facility (Fig. 1). It was constructed by Warrior Construction Co. and Warrior-Natkin-National at a cost of $8.1M be-tween August 10, 1966 and June 26, 1967. In 1969, the LRL received and curated the first collection of extra-terrestrial samples returned to Earth; the rock and soil samples of the Apollo 11 mission. This year, the JSC Astromaterials Acquisition and Curation Office (here-after JSC curation) celebrates 50 years since the opening of the LRL and its legacy of laying the foundation for modern curation of extraterrestrial samples.

  2. Human or superhuman: The concept of hero in ancient Greek religion and/in politics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stevanović Lada


    Full Text Available The word hero appears in Greek language with a twofold meaning. On one hand it is used for denoting a divine being, who lived a mortal life, but after doing some great deed deserved to become god. On the other hand, the hero stands for great and brave warrior who is ready to give his life in order to gain immortal glory, and continue to live in the social sphere, in the memory of his descendants. Exactly this epic narrative survived and was exploited many times, as a very convenient and useful pattern in con strutting the ideal of brave warrior, ready to die for his country when necessary. I am going to requisition the relation between two meanings of the word hero, in order to get deeper insight in the meaning of this twofold term in the social and cultural context in which it appears, as a religious concept or as a narrative in war propaganda.

  3. Army Sustainment. Volume 42, Issue 3. May-June 2010 (United States)


    Starbucks and post exchange nearby.) At LSA Warrior, the battle staff also lacks the situational awareness that units have while in the box. “As the...took time to develop its strategy for training and partnership. The strategy followed a crawl-walk-run model, and the brigade looked at devel...stations, and tending to a variety of urgent medi cal needs became the busi - ness of U.S. Soldiers. These relief

  4. Two Classification Methods for Grouping Common Environmental Sounds in Terms of Perceived Pleasantness (United States)


    University, Towson, MD Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. ii REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE Form Approved OMB No. 0704-0188...3147–3155. Leisch F. FlexMix: A general framework for finite mixture models and latent class regression in R. Journal of Statistical Software. 2004;11...conducted for the future force warrior integrated headgear integrated process team. Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD): Army Research Laboratory (US); 2005

  5. Immersive Simulation Training for the Dismounted Soldier (United States)


    result of commercial market forces. However, it will require a continuing science and technology investment by the Army to produce a tailored system that...simulations. At one extreme, it will include the use of videogame platforms (e.g., Full Spectrum Warrior). At the other extreme, it will include networked...commercial market forces. However, it will require a continuing science and technology investment by the Army to produce a tailored system that provides

  6. Building on a Foundation of Strength: Fiscal Year 2012 United States Army Annual Financial Report (United States)


    amputations, burns, paralysis , traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress, or to incurable and fatal diseases. This population is supported by...committed to improving its support systems, from enhancing Wounded Warrior programs to sustaining high-quality housing, child care, and recreation, housing, school support, child and youth services, and recreational and quality-of-life opportunities for single Soldiers. The Army has joined

  7. Conceptions of warlike angels in literature of the late Second Temple period


    Michalak, Aleksander Roman


    The work begins with a chapter that presents the various traditions concerning "angelic" warriors in the Hebrew Bible. In this context, we have investigated the two main biblical traditions: the council of gods and the Angel of Yahweh. It can be demonstrated that both these traditions were connected with martiality, which might have influenced later speculations about warlike angels. The second chapter deals with the various Second Temple beliefs concerning the principal angels, angelic hiera...

  8. The Fighting Colonel: Ranald S. MacKenzie’s Leadership on the Texas Frontier (United States)


    broke loose” as Comanche warriors stampeded the 4th Cavalry’s horses by screaming, ringing bells, and 34 firing into the darkness .25 By stampeding the...about to be rewarded for their determination and persistence. It was still dark when the regiment resumed their search, and the sun had just begun...Charlton, who had fought valiantly with the regiment at the Battles of Blanco Canyon and McClellan’s Creek, could not stay awake . It had been

  9. Seismic Stability Evaluation of Alben Barkley Dam and Lake Project. Volume 2. Geological and Seismological Evaluation. (United States)


    WARRIOR 0~, so 100 MILES BASIN -.- Figure 2 - Present Paleozoic structure as shown by con- figuration of the top of the Knox Dolomite . (From Stearns...that the shocks were felt in Tennesseee. At St. Louis, near the epicenter, large buildings rocked to and fro, bricks were dislocated, plaster fell...the shock in bed on the second floor of a brick house reported: "It seemed to me that some- thing struck the head of my bed with considerable

  10. Proposed Functional Architecture and Associated Benefits Analysis of a Common Ground Control Station for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (United States)


    Kossiakoff & Sweet , 2003]. This method describes three phases of systems engineering as Concept Development, Engineering Development and Post Development...Research), 58 Grasshopper (Xiphos), Warrior - Extended Range/Multi-Purpose (ER/MP) (General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. ( GA -ASI)), Kingfisher...VMU-4 Shadow (1 IMS) MCAS Cherry Point, NC VMU-2 Shadow (1 IMS) Fort Huachuca, AZ UAV Systems Training Center Shadow/Hunter 22 networked

  11. The Sanity of Imperial Japan: How the Threat of Extinction Simplifies the Decision for War (United States)


    combination of warrior, scholar, 5 and gentleman has had a profound and enduring impact on my life as a Marine officer and intellectual. I will draw...crushing blow to Japan. 19 Its resource-rich, undeveloped expanses were seen to be the answer to the crushing poverty, overpopulation , common descent. Hamilton joined these components to formalize the term “Inclusive Fitness.” This is a person’s total impact on evolution, which

  12. Initial Evaluation of the Dermoskeleton Concept: Application of Biomechatronics and Artificial Intelligence to Address the Soldiers Overload Challenge (United States)


    leg prosthesis for above-the-knee amputees currently commercialized by Ossur hf and developed by Victhom Human Bionics Inc., a medical device... Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, Vol. 1, No. 7, July 2010. [16] Orr, M. R. LT, Pope, R., Johnston, V., Coyle, J., Load Carriage: Minimizing...Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol. 114, p. 675 – 679, 1976 [22] Task Force Devil Combined Arms Assessment Team (Devil CAAT), The Modern Warrior

  13. Cyberspace Superiority: Dominating the Digital Frontier (United States)


    honey nets” and the Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) you thought your cyberspace warriors took down is actually completely operational and just...attacker and what level of success an attacker 1 “ Honey nets” are networks that defenders use To use the airpower domain as an analogy, these “attacks” are not blowing up factories , they are attempted penetrations of airspace to see

  14. Ireland (United States)

    Kail, Candice


    Ireland has a rich and long history. It is a land of fable and of strife, from the legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill (anglicized as Finn McCool) and the god-like Tuatha De Danann to the potato famine and the more recent Troubles. In the last decade, Ireland has experienced an economic boom and assumed a new place in the political landscape via…

  15. Healing The Operational Environment: Encouraging Mental Health Help-Seeking Behavior (United States)


    42-43. 7 military norms of the warrior ethos of strength, group cohesion, and the individual’s ability to cope in times of combat.12 Stigma can...environment between the unit-level and base-level resources in an effort to debunk the stigma of help-seeking. The intent is also to increase awareness...due to social stigmas . I next discuss causal factors that reinforce the stigma surrounding help-seeking within the military. Additionally, I utilize

  16. Culture for Violence: The Strategic Impact of the Olmsted Scholar Program (United States)


    ABOUT THE AUTHOR Major Thomas A. Walsh is a 2003 graduate of the University of Richmond, where he majored in leadership studies and political...create a cadre of warrior-statesmen who were equipped, through cultural immersion, with language and cultural skills and a uniquely broad...language and cultural skills . Interviews with retired and active senior military officers reveal that participation in the Olmsted Scholar Program

  17. Historical Perspectives on Female Participation in Hunting and War (United States)


    gender were understood and represented. Additional consideration of whether or not these gender representations and roles were fluid or static will...economic system contributed directly to female Scythian participation in hunting and warfighting. Scythian women, immortalized in Greek literature and...did not fight, while the warriors engaged in fighting. However, this training of all children helped insure that girls had at least the same basic

  18. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Casual Link to Crime: A Looming National Tragedy (United States)


    values set higher than the general public. For example, General Order Number One in theatre prohibits alcohol, drugs and nearly bans sex – these...fact that, for most individuals, the process continues late into their teen years and early twenties. Our young warriors are spending some of their...continuing to portray combat veterans in movies and television shows as crazy malcontents who cannot be trusted to

  19. Planning U.S. Security, (United States)


    and all the other children who rely on planners, warriors, practitioners of statecraft, scholars, and other superheroes to provide a safe and decent...the constitutional constraints. As America’s Vietnam involvement accrued more and more costs, popular and congres- sional reaction turned negative. (The...prerogatives in the face of a "populist" foreign policy, that is, one "less confined to elitist prescriptions, but more subject to popular whims; less

  20. Army Logistician. Volume 38, Issue 2, March-April 2006 (United States)


    everything they required to execute their mis- sions safely while living and working on FOBs. Housing, recreation, food , mail, and commu- nications were all...traversing them. ALOG LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES C. BATES, USA (RET.), WORKS FOR ALION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AND SERVES AS A SUSTAINMENT PLANNER FOR THE...manager of the Army Culinary Team, commented further, “Regardless of where you compete in the world of chefs, we are warriors first, and that’s important

  1. Programs Addressing Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Among U.S. Military Servicemembers and Their Families (United States)


    JIF Joint Incentive Funds JS2S Junior Student 2 Student L-LAAD leader-led after-action debrief LINKS Lasting Intimacy , Nurturing, Knowledge, and...Corps RSES Response to Stressful Experiences Scale RTD Return to Duty RWW Returning Warrior Workshops S2S Student 2 Student SAMHSA Substance...counseling and support for children and youth, as well as support for teachers and schools serving military children. Counseling and Advocacy

  2. Private Military Companies: Analyzing the Use of Armed Contractors (United States)


    38 Bart Brasher, Implosion: Downsizing the U.S. Military, 1987-2015 (Westport: Greenwood Press, 2000), 213. 39 George Friedman, “The... Saint Paul: Zenith Press, 2006), 15. 56 Peter Singer, Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry (Ithaca: Cornell University...and Deal, Terrence. Reframing Organizations. San Francisco: Jossey- Basse, 2003. Brasher, Bart . Implosion: Downsizing the U.S. Military, 1987-2015

  3. Fighting On All Fronts: A Critical Review Of The US Strategy Against ISIL (United States)


    OtrasPublicaciones/Internacional/2016/Russian-National­ Security-Strategy-31Dec2015.pdf. 77 Maria Snegovaya, "Putin’s Information Warfare in Ukraine: Soviet Origins...Warriors of Contemporary Combat. 1st ed.. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2006. Snegovaya, Maria . "Putin’s Information Warfare in Ukraine... Stern , Jessica and J M Berger. ISIS: The State of Terror. New York, NY: Ecco Press, 2015. 51 The Westminster Institute

  4. Virtual realities: The use of violent video games in U.S. military recruitment and treatment of mental disability caused by war


    John Derby


    This article critically analyzes the U.S. military's contradictory use of violent video gaming technologies for recruiting young gamers to the military, training soldiers for combat, and clinically treating soldiers for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by military service. Using a Disability Studies lens, I discuss the commercial video game Full Spectrum Leader/Warrior, the U.S. Army's free video game America's Army, and the virtual reality exposure therapy application Virtual Iraq...

  5. Drug Intoxicated Irregular Fighters: Complications, Dangers, and Responses (United States)


    with British, French, and American colonial armies. The Zulu warriors of Isandlwana cooked a cannabis broth, emboldening them and making them...closely associated with the military profession 2 that those who became addicted were said to have contracted the “soldier’s disease .” Western forces...nearly 90 percent addiction rate among the Chinese emperor’s army.7 Drug use among conventional forces also has roots in major 20th century

  6. Private Military and Security Contractors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    In Private Military and Security Contractors: Controlling the Corporate Warrior a multinational team of 16 scholars and a practitioner from political science, sociology, and law address a developing phenomenon: controlling the use of privatized force by states in international politics. Robust......-informed synthesis of micro- and macro-levels of analysis, producing new insights into the challenges of controlling the agents of organized violence used by states for scholars and practitioners alike....

  7. BRAVEMIND: Advancing the Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan PTSD Exposure Therapy for MST (United States)


    Wounded Warrior Project, Atlanta Offices (7/27/16) o USA Cares, Georgia Chapter (7/27/16)  Atlanta VAMC o Monthly email communication with Trauma ...sexual violation. Military Sexual Trauma (MST) has been recognized as a significant risk factor for the development of PTSD. This has become an issue...year until May 26, 2017 to allow completion of the study. 15. SUBJECT TERMS PTSD, Virtual Reality, Prolonged Exposure, Military Sexual Trauma 16

  8. Acute Limb Ischemia and Reperfusion Impairs rhBMP-2 Mediated Fracture Healing (United States)


    trauma resulting in acute limb ischemia followed by reperfusion injury . Among the wounded warrior population from the conflict in Afghanistan...severe soft tissue damage (i.e. volumetric muscle loss (VML)). Further compounding these complex injuries is the potential for the presence of vascular...approximately half of the patients presenting vascular injury concomitant to bone and muscle loss were reparable via surgical intervention, resulting in a

  9. Expansions and Contractions: World-Historical Change And The Western Sudan World-System (1200/1000 B.C. – 1200/1250 A.D.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ray A. Kea


    Full Text Available Archaeological evidence from West Africa suggests a process of relatively autochthonous state formation involving unusual forms of urbanization, horse warrior aristocracies, craft status groups and commodified trade networks organized by merchant-scholars. The emergenceof a West African state system played a generative role in the world-historical development of universal rationality in Western Afroeurasia, as well as in the intensification of empire formation and monetary integration in the formative era before the rise of European hegemony.

  10. Fiscal Year 2014 United States Army Annual Financial Report: Maintaining Readiness Through Fiscal Responsibility (United States)


    throughout the continental United States, Germany, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico . The Army’s Wounded Warrior Program, under the direction of the...local communities throughout the continental United States, Germany, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico . These recovery care coordinators function limited markets, e.g., vaccines for tropical diseases. It also focuses universal single investigators on research areas of Army interest, such

  11. Making Liberia Safe: Transformation of the National Security Sector (United States)


    primarily to its large pool of jobless and unschooled youth , whose only experience is fighting. If public safety and the rule of law are not...fiefdom with tolls and demands on the local populations. Disaffected youth , ex-combatants, and other Liberians with limited prospects for the future...an_architecture_ of_instability Human Rights Watch. “ Youth , Poverty and Blood: The Lethal Legacy of West Africa’s Regional Warriors.” Human Rights

  12. Persistent Flagellate Hyperpigmentation (United States)


    hydroquinone), laser modalities such as Q-switched 755/1064 nm lasers, and ablative C02 resurfacing lasers. In addition, patients should be counseled on... Education student and y.our department has told you they cannot fund your publication, the 59th Clinical Research Division may pay for your basic...Director, Clinical Investigations & Research Support Warrior Medics - Mission Ready - Patient Focused PROCESSING OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH

  13. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District Contractor Performance and Reporting Controls Were Generally Effective (United States)


    Civil Works projects at the Tennessee-Tombigbee Project Management Office and the Black Warrior and Tennessee-Tombigbee Project Management Office , totaling... Management Office required a response to contractor submittals from Fort Detrick and the Army Medical Command. 10 USACE Mobile did not...project. In some cases, contractor submittals may require a response from a third party. For example, the project we reviewed at the Forest Glen Project

  14. The philosophy of martial arts – the example of the concept of Ido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wojciech J. Cynarski


    The Ido philosophy, as an anthropology of martial arts and today’s Warrior Way, draws from the wisdom of the East and the West, but not uncritically. Normative ethics realizes the ideals of nobility, as Homo Creator Nobilis. This indicates the way in which value requires great effort, self-discipline and perseverance. It focuses especially on timeless, higher values, such as fidelity, truth, and the pursuit of wisdom.

  15. The Death of Steve Irwin and Its Controversy


    Rohman, Arif


    Steve Irwin occupied a special place in the Australian psyche which was shown by the extraordinary reaction to his death. Those who admired Irwin as a hero called him a wildlife warrior because of his skills and bravery in taking care of many animals, especially crocodiles. He also received made a good impression as a celebrity and conservationist for with his masculinity, enthusiasm and spirit to promote the wild animals’ conservation. Like any romantic stories story, Irwin died as a hero do...

  16. Gusar s gitaroy [Guitar Hussar

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    ', but by a wish to brand himself as a 'hip' rock star in the UK. His 'military look' was based on a warrior-ethos, as well as on an African-American aesthetic, having converged with his visual and social experience of Pop and Mod 'Swinging London'. It was Hendrix's disposition interacting with collective visual...... memories and cultural, social-economic and ideological circumstances of the day that induced him to become a 'guitar hussar'....

  17. A Framework for Event Prioritization in Cyber Network Defense (United States)


    value for highly connected networks can become artificially inflated and convergent in a way that does not make sense. The connectivity component...scanning results from SCCVI/ RETINA • Event data from a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool such as NetIQ Sentinel (aggregated from...and host connection values. This is not only useful in real-time mode when cyber warriors may want to artificially raise the value of specific hosts

  18. Revisiting the Battle of the Little Big Horn


    Burns, Matthew J.


    Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited The Battle of the Little Big Horn has captured the interest of historians, scholars, and military enthusiasts since the day that over 200 United States soldiers under General George Armstrong Custer's command were decimated by Crazy Horse and 2000 Indian warriors. Competing theories regarding the details of the battle have arisen, mostly due to conflicting first hand accounts. The purpose of this thesis is twofold. The first purpose is...

  19. Výuka šermu v 15. a 16 století v porovnání se současným nácvikem historického šermu


    Fišar, Vít


    Title: Training of swordsmen in 15. and 16. century and its comparison with training of historical fencing today Abstract: This diploma thesis "Training of historical fencing in 15. and 16. century and its current conception" compares training of historical fencing in the past and today. It describes historical fencing with eyes of today swordsman, who is interested in technique of fencing in 15. and 16. century, training of noble men, the way of life and moral values of warriors. It shows us...

  20. The Olive Branch and the Spear: Merging Diplomatic Actions and Special Operations in Conflict Prevention (United States)


    implement the concept of custom-made even ready-made small detachments combining 2David Axe, “Clinton Goes Commando, Sells Diplomats as Shadow Warriors...Country Team at embassies. Although widely covered by diverse media, the SOF community tends to remain in the shadow when it comes to a clear...American interagency process, The National Security Enterprise: Navigating the Labyrinth , written by Marc Grossman, dedicates a whole chapter to the

  1. Αγιοσ Γεωργιοσ ο Γοργοσ: Η αλληγορικη ερμηνεια στην εννοιολογικη μεταλλαξη του επιθετου

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kacaros Vasilis


    Full Text Available The author of this article attempts to interpret the name “gorgos” associated with Saint George, utilizing data from the oldest tradition in conjunction with the historical environment in which revives the worship of the saint as equestrian Akrita warrior. The relationship of the rider hero with his warhorse raises the heroism of the military saints of the East, particularly of Cappadocia at a time when the bravery and the heroism of the lads of the Akritian circle is generally emerging. The combination akrita/soldier and farmer meets at the same person of Saint George, who later appears in the iconography, as protector of the water, highlighting the type of “dragonslayer”. As a formidable equestrian warrior, the Saint smites the enemies of Byzantium during the two wars that Constantine IX Monomachus conducts against the Patsinakoi, considering that Saint George stood firmly by his side. So George as “gorgos” warrior, is being adopted as the protector of the palace at whom the emperor dedicates the temple of the Mangana Palace. With the status of “protector” of the imperial house of Byzantium, Saint George becomes prostate symbol of the “royal house” and is being adopted in imitation, from the Serbian House of Nemanides, whose members lived in the environment of the capital of Byzantium and experienced customs and traditions of the Byzantine court and society. This explains the “transposition” of the worship of Saint George with the status of warrior - “gorgos” protector of Byzantium at the Serbian territory of the house of Nemanides and appears to resort in the monuments, accepting the great honor as “family saint protector” from the rulers of the dynasty that had multifarious relations with Byzantium.

  2. 78 FR 38015 - Department of Defense Task Force on the Care, Management, and Transition of Recovering Wounded... (United States)


    ... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mail Delivery service through Recovering Warrior Task Force, Hoffman Building...: Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:00 a.m.-8:15 a.m. Administrative 8:15 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Task Force Consolidated Voting Session 10:45 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Break 11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Task Force Consolidated Voting Session...



    Introduction Rudolph Höss was the Commandant at Auschwitz and he considered himself a military professional.1 He demonstrated many attributes typically...obedience and failures to uphold the laws of armed conflict. Nancy Sherman’s Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind describes...the relationship between stoic philosophy and valued aspects of military character. David Brooks’ The Road to Character studies the link between

  4. Feruidus Ille Canis: the Lore and Poetry of the Dog Star in Antiquity (United States)

    Ceragioli, Roger Charles


    The Dog Star, Sirius, appears in many important works of classical poetry. It also appears in numerous myths and several religious rituals. A complex body of folklore surrounds it and it had a paramount importance in agriculture. Yet no one has attempted a systematic analysis of Sirius' place in Greco-Roman art and thought. This thesis begins that analysis. The introductory chapter discusses the methodology and approach that the thesis takes to the evidence, and supplies essential background information on Sirius' place among the constellations and its relation to the physical environment of the Mediterranean. Chapter one explores Sirius' role in ancient warrior traditions. Sirius embodied the principle of cosmic heat, and through heat it was thought to cause rabies in dogs. The Greek word for rabies is lussa. But lussa also named the madness of warriors such as Achilles in the Iliad. Etymologically, lussa meant "wolfishness." Rabid dogs, wolves, and raging warriors all exhibit fiery heat as an integral part of their natures. It is argued that raging warriors, wolves, and rabid dogs were largely interchangeable entities for the Greeks. Thus when Hector and Achilles in their raging are compared to Sirius, the comparison reflects more than the likeness of their surface brilliance. Chapter two explores Sirius' connection to erotic themes in ancient poetry. Because erotic experience could be represented as a conflagration that might burn the lover into a frenzy, the fiery raging Dog Star was an appropriate symbolic accompaniment. Sirius itself experienced erotic frenzy when it became passionate for Opora (the ripe fruits of summer). Chapter three turns to Sirius' involvement in viticulture. Sirius was said to ripen the grapes, but was also conceived to have once been the faithful dog of Icarius, who first introduced wine-drinking among humans. The chapter explores Sirius' role in the myth of Icarius, and the relation of that myth to the erotic and martial sides of

  5. Private Military Firms as Instruments of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of Columbia (United States)


    Report for Congress, updated November, 2006, p.6. 63 Singer, Corporate Warriors, p.206. 64 Cornelius Friesendorf “Drogen, Krieg und Drogenkrieg- Die...June 13, 2007. 84 Daniel Burton-Rose and Wayne Madsen, “Corporate Soldiers: The U.S. Government Privatizes the Use of Force,” Multinational Monitor...Rose, Daniel and Madsen, Wayne . “Corporate Soldiers: The U.S. Government Privatizes the Use of Force.” Multinational Monitor, March 1999, 20, 3

  6. A Feasibility Assessment of 6LoWPAN for Secure Communications in the U.S. Army (United States)


    comment RFD restricted function device RFID radio frequency identification RTLS real-time location system TCP transfer control protocol UAV unmanned...preventing hosts from obtaining addresses using 25 stateless address auto -configuration prevents duplicate address detection (DAD) denial of service...of networking dismounted troops with real-time data began around 1989 as a part of the Land Warrior program, the Army’s first attempt at networking

  7. Utilization of Concurrent Buffers to Facilitate Seamless Data Transition in Tactical Cellular Communications (United States)


    the years (Buiati F. , Saadat, Canas , & Villalba, 2011). Encryption schemes, which will be explained in greater detail later, have evolved in the...Warrior Will Work. Retrieved from Buiati, F., Saadat, I., Canas , D. R., & Villalba, L. (2011). IEEE y/636_Javier1.pdf Buiati, F., Saadat, I., Canas , D. R., & Villalba, L

  8. Autonomous Systems: Issues for Defence Policymakers (United States)


    Morality of War, 2nd edition. Ontario: Broadview Press, 2013. Royakkers, Lamber, and van Est, Rinie. ‘The Cubicle Warrior: The Marionette of Digitalized ...subsection discusses a few additional ones that will likely prove relevant in the near future. Again, these examples are not meant to be all inclusive ...with fewer refuelling stations. Yet decreases in the cost of driving and additions to the pool of vehicle users (e.g., elderly , disabled, and those

  9. Should We Turn the Robots Loose? (United States)


    interference. Potential sources of electromagnetic interference include everyday signals such as cell phones and Wifi , intentional friendly jamming of IED...might even attempt to hack or hijack our robotic warriors. Our current enemies have proven to be very adaptable and have developed simple counters to our...demonstrates the ease with which robot command and control might be hacked . It is reasonable to suspect that a future threat with a more robust

  10. 21ST Century Terrorism: Wrong Diagnosis, Inadequate Remedy (United States)


    Fatherland and Liberty (E.T.A.) 12. Gamaa al-Islamiyya 13. Great Islamic Eastern Warriors Front (IBDA-C) 14. Grupos de Resistencia Antifascista...three nations had nuclear reactors capable of producing nuclear material . More than one hundred nations are stockpiling reserves of radioactive... material . There is no convincing reason to believe that all this nuclear material is well managed or protected.44 As regards chemo-terrorism, the

  11. Marines in the Boxer Rebellion as a Model for Current Marine Corps Operations (United States)


    in helping me understand the dynamics of Chinese culture . The research librarians at the Combined Arms Research Library at Fort Leavenworth...The 1st Provisional Marine Brigade deployed to Iceland to slow any advance of Nazi Germany in Northern Europe. The Iceland brigade would remain for...evacuation operations, and close air support. Technology has never been the focus of the Marine Corps, a warrior culture with sound application of

  12. Fang and Feather: The Origin of Avian-Serpent Imagery at Teotihuacan and Symbolic Interaction With Jaguar Iconography in Mesoamerica


    Math, Kathryn


    The central Mexican city of Teotihuacan rose to prominence in the last century BC and lasted for six hundred years. The civic plan was arranged around two main perpendicular avenues. This north-south axis was lined with temples and public monuments. By the third century AD, population was housed in apartment compounds, all precisely aligned with the overarching grid plan (Manzanilla, 1999). On the walls were murals depicting ornately dressed administrators, armor-clad warriors, and fantastic ...

  13. Las imágenes como un modo de acción: las estatuas de guerreros castreños


    Rodríguez-Corral, Javier


    Social identity is always experienced and enacted in specific contexts. Due to its evolving character, specific concrete material points of reference in the form of landscapes, places, artifacts and people are always required. Focusing on warrior statues of the Castro culture, this article reflects on the role of these images and examines the relevance of these material shapes as an important medium through which issues of identity and sociability are created, contested, and resolved.La ident...

  14. Inner screens and cybernetic battlefields:Paul Virilio and RoboCop


    Sudlow, Brian


    Padilha’s new Robocop film can be read in the light of Paul Virilio’s theoretical work, notably Desert Screen. Robocop serves as the city’s warrior but also as a munition in the hands of global media forces. Still, even if the film presents the fallibility of robotic technology, its true failure is in sustaining the progressivist myth of technology perfectly under human control.

  15. Incorporating Lessons Learned into the Army Competency Assessment Prototype (United States)


    Drills In September 2003, the new Army Chief of Staff ( ACOS ) initiated a review of Soldier preparation for the War on Terrorism. One of his concerns was...was the directive of the ACOS that the Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills be tasked to all Soldiers, it should be noted that as official policy, training...closely followed by "Cultural Awareness" and " Sexual Harassment." Moreover, he provided his rationale for his support of these topics. Such information not

  16. Large Extremity Peripheral Nerve Repair (United States)


    also showing evidence of line infections and after veterinary consultation the decision was made to pull all the central lines and discontinue...performed under this award. Dr. Fairbairn also had opportunities to present his research at national and international conferences to further his...military health care in the near future. There is a clear need in military medicine to improve outcomes in wounded warriors that undergo severe

  17. J. L. Comaroff & J. Comaroff. Ethnicity, Inc.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samuel Weeks


    Full Text Available Venture-capital outfits run by chiefs; tribal holding companies of precious metals; nations as brands and commercial enterprises; indigenous-themed casinos and shopping malls; amusement parks dedicated to warrior heroes; consultancies that advise clients on how to commodify identity; and culture as intellectual property and patent rights. With these examples in mind, it is obvious that ethnicity has become a new frontier in Late Capitalism. Whereas Marx emphasized the alienation of the commod...

  18. "The Secret Air War Over France" USAAF Special Operations Units in the French Campaign of 1944 (United States)


    another group of fifty intelligence agents for post D-Day infiltration as the PROUST Project.103 All was now ready for OVERLORD. Intelligence agents...infiltrated sixty SUSSEX intelligence agents for the Secret Intelligence Branch of OSS/London. The "Carpetbaggers" dropped forty-six PROUST Project...Operations. Boulder: Westview Press, 1988. Ruby, Marcel . F Section, SOE. London: Leo Cooper Ltd., 1988. Smith, Bradley F. The Shadow Warriors. New York

  19. Modern Rap Music: Mining the Melodies for Mental Health Resources

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaleel K. Abdul-Adil


    Full Text Available Modern Rap music is a very popular, powerful, and controversial form of contemporary youth media. Despite clearly counter-productive aspects of certain lyrics, videos, and other cultural elements, Rap music also offers prosocial material that can enhance the appeal and impact of mental health interventions. This article describes the Young Warriors program as an example of a Rap-based program that promotes positive development in urban ethnic minority youth. Future directions and similar scholarly efforts are also highlighted.

  20. Reproductive management in captive elephants


    Fontes, Sónia Alexandra de Jesus


    Dissertação de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Veterinária Elephants have been widely used by Humans for several centuries: for meat, as warriors through several kingdoms, for their heavy work power, for public entertainment, and for their unique tusks, leading them to be poached for the ivory trade. Nowadays we face the reality of a decreasing number of elephants in most of their range countries, leading them to be considered endangered (Asian) or vulnerable (African) to extinction. Being ...