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    Sarjaini Jamal


    Full Text Available On the 26th December 2004, a big earthquake and tsunami destroyed coastal zones in the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Villages have disappeared all along the coast, especially in Aceh Besar; Aceh Jaya, and West Aceh Districts. The disaster damaged roads, devastated physical and human infrastructures, and also limited air assets posed huge challenges to early aids efforts. The transportation, telecommunication and many other public facilities including Health Centers, Drug warehouses, and Hospitals were damaged and destroyed. The tsunami killed nearly 200,000 people and about 100,000 people lost. In few days many Non Government Organizations (NGOs and non NGOs and also foreign humanitarian organizations or from provinces of Indonesia arrived in Banda Aceh. They come as health teams completed with ambulances, drugs, foods and other medical apparatus and field clinics. At the same time, many drugs had been sent to Banda Aceh and distributed to health facilities. Then the problem was what happened about the drugs? The issues were many of the donated drugs become inappropriate, overstock, expired or not according to EDL. To anticipated the issues, on May to June 2005 a team consists of staffs from PSF-CI in coordination with the Ministry of Health, PHO and FDA of Naggoe Aceh Darussalam Province conducted an assessment to the donated drug in 28 Health Centers, 5 District drug warehouses, and 5 District Hospitals. Results showed many varies of the donated drugs were inappropriate in all the publichealth facilities, 20%-80% were overstock, more than 20 items of the drugs were expired or would be expire within 3-6 moonths. It suggests that health programmers conduct training for prescribers on pharmacologies aspects and how to usethe new and non EDL donated drugs. It should also use drug stock system, and apply the FIFO and FEFO mechanisms indrug inventory. The expired or damaged drugs must be destroyed by incenerator. In future it is suggested that

  2. Survey Potensi Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikro Hidro di Kuta Malaka Kabupaten Aceh Besar Propinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

    Ridwan Arief Subekti


    Full Text Available Generator set is one of the devices able to produces electrics. Generator set used when electrics supply of PLN insufficient or even there no. This matter experienced in Kuta Malaka, Aceh Besar, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam there will be developed a tour area. Because electrical supply from PLN not yet, power electric to support the area used generator set. Future, that tour area apply hydro power station for electrical energy requirement. From that background, the purpose of water potential survey was conducted to get beginning data and information of water power potential as reference to develop PLTMH. The potential survey cover determination of location and head measurement use global positioning system Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx. The other using altimeter, head also was measure manually used the meter by spirit level and string method. The river rate of flow measurement within measuring to speed of rivers flow use propeller devices or current meters brand Flowatch. From data of PLTMH potential survey in Kuta Malaka area known that there are three potential locations able to be developed as PLTMH with effective head 5 until 16 meter and output power 3.7 until 9.1 kW.


    Julianty Pradono


    Full Text Available Analysis of disability status of population aged 15 years and above in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam(NAD has the objective to further depict disability status and related factors in NAD post tsunami. Thestudy used data from Post Tsunami Regional Health Survey (Surkesda NAD 2006 and National SocioeconomicSurvey (Susenas 2005 (Core, included 13.227 respondent. The questions on disability (WHODAS-II, adapting concept oflCF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health,were included in Surkesda NAD 2006. Disability status was rated based on responses to 12 questions ofWHO-DASII. This study used principal component analysis method inorder to measure disability score.Then, logistic regression method was used to determine risk factors of disability. There are variousfactors influencing disability status in NAD post tsunami, i. e., age, gender, education, history of chronicdiseases, economic status, and living areas (urban/rural or with(out conflict history. Disability wasmore prevalent for older age groups than younger age groups. Female respondents rated their healthworse than male respondents. Low educated respondent had higher risk of disability compared torespondent with higher education. The risk of disability was also related to chronic diseases experienced by respondent, those with chronic diseases tended to be disable than those without chronicdiseases. Disability was also experienced more by those with impoverished economic status, or lived inrural area. Sustaining the Primary Health Service for elderly especially to prevent the chronic diseaseswas the essential thing to be done. Keyword: disability; post tsunami Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD; age 15 years and above


    Sri Idaiani


    Full Text Available Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD is a region which has faced protracted conflict following by tsunami disarter on December, 26 2004. Surkesda NAD 2006, as post tsunami health survey, was conducted in the middle of 2006 which included Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ to assess mental health problem in NAD province. The identification of stress factors and socio demographic variables in NAD is a further analysis based on SRQ from Surkesda NAD 2006. The analysis covered 1210 people aged 15 years and over spread out in 21 distiricts/cities in NAD. The overall prevalence of neurosis in NAD in 2006 was 22,6% with prevalences by districts/cities ranged from 5% to 59%. Two districts with prevalence above 50% were Aceh Singkil and Gayo Lues, while districts/cities with prevalence below 10% belonged to Sabang and Aceh Jaya. Symptoms that most people reported were headache (51,2%, fatique easy (37%, sleep difficulty (26%, abdominal discomfort (25.6% and loss of appetite (21,1%. Female had risk more than one and a half to neurosis (OR=1.598; 95% CI: 1,121- 1,772. Aged ≥ 55 year had risk almost two times to neurosis (OR=1,923; 95% CI: 1,592-2,323. Divorce status had risk 1.7 times (OR=1,73; 95% CI: 1.082-2.767. Living in rural had risk 1.4 times (OR=1,409; 95% CI: 1,155-1,858. Married with low socioeconomic status had risk 1.7 times (OR=1,790; 95% CI: 1,263-2,539. The study suggests that the most important region to get more attention are Aceh Singkil and Gayo Lues districts. The study also recommend of the need of mental health intervention for old group, community mental health that focus on non psychosis mental disorder identification to prevent serious mental disorder, and availability of some medicines to overcome chronic stress symptoms. Keywords: tsunami, mental health, SRQ

  5. Land cover mapping after the tsunami event over Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province, Indonesia

    Lim, H. S.; MatJafri, M. Z.; Abdullah, K.; Alias, A. N.; Mohd. Saleh, N.; Wong, C. J.; Surbakti, M. S.


    Remote sensing offers an important means of detecting and analyzing temporal changes occurring in our landscape. This research used remote sensing to quantify land use/land cover changes at the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (Nad) province, Indonesia on a regional scale. The objective of this paper is to assess the changed produced from the analysis of Landsat TM data. A Landsat TM image was used to develop land cover classification map for the 27 March 2005. Four supervised classifications techniques (Maximum Likelihood, Minimum Distance-to- Mean, Parallelepiped and Parallelepiped with Maximum Likelihood Classifier Tiebreaker classifier) were performed to the satellite image. Training sites and accuracy assessment were needed for supervised classification techniques. The training sites were established using polygons based on the colour image. High detection accuracy (>80%) and overall Kappa (>0.80) were achieved by the Parallelepiped with Maximum Likelihood Classifier Tiebreaker classifier in this study. This preliminary study has produced a promising result. This indicates that land cover mapping can be carried out using remote sensing classification method of the satellite digital imagery.

  6. KANUNISASI FIKIH JINAYAT KONTEMPORER Studi Materi Muatan Qānūn Jināyat Aceh dan Brunei Darussalam

    Samsudin Aziz


    Full Text Available This article will view specifically codification of Islamic Criminal Law in `Muslim community, such as Brunei Darussalam, a country based on Islamic principles, and Aceh is a part of Indonesian territory administratively, granted special autonomy to implement Islamic Sharia. Despite having different qualities, -as a country and a province- both have in common as a political power which apply Islamic Criminal Law. Refer to both qānūn jināyat in Brunei and Aceh, the author’ll explain the substance of the criminal law in both area, while also reinforces the implementation of Islamic Criminal Law in the framework of a modern state. The article concludes that basically the application of Islamic Sharia, particularly the Islamic Criminal Law, is closely related to the situation and socio-political conditions of a community or country. The differences of political system, for example, has contributed to the difference in the output of product or policy made by a particular country or territory. On the other hand, Brunei and the Aceh case show that there has been adjustment Islamic Criminal Law specifically set forth in the books of fiqh (as illustration of the Qur'an and Sunnah with the needs of the community itself

  7. FLASH Technology: Full-Scale Hospital Waste Water Treatments Adopted in Aceh

    Rame; Tridecima, Adeodata; Pranoto, Hadi; Moesliem; Miftahuddin


    A Hospital waste water contains a complex mixture of hazardous chemicals and harmful microbes, which can pose a threat to the environment and public health. Some efforts have been carried out in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (Aceh), Indonesia with the objective of treating hospital waste water effluents on-site before its discharge. Flash technology uses physical and biological pre-treatment, followed by advanced oxidation process based on catalytic ozonation and followed by GAC and PAC filtration. Flash Full-Scale Hospital waste water Treatments in Aceh from different district have been adopted and investigated. Referring to the removal efficiency of macro-pollutants, the collected data demonstrate good removal efficiency of macro-pollutants using Flash technologies. In general, Flash technologies could be considered a solution to the problem of managing hospital waste water.

  8. Pengaruh Praktik Hidup Bersih Dan Sehat Terhadap Status Gizi Balita Di Kecamatan Meureubo Kabupaten Aceh Barat Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam



    The implementation of healthy life behavior at Meureubo Sub-district, West Aceh district, were still low so that it influenced the nutrition status of children under-five years old and the high-level of diarrhea disease on children under-five years old in 2007. Those children whom had diarrhea diseases were worried to be facing dehydration, anorexia and having malnutrition or even death. This research was intended to analyze the influence of knowledge,attitude and practice of healthy life...

  9. Konsepsi Pidana Hudud dalam Qanun Jinayat Aceh-Indonesia dan Brunei Darussalam

    Aharis Mabrur


    ABSTRACT: Although derive from Malay Islam-Sunni Shafeites, the hudud in Islamic Criminal Canon of Aceh and Brunei is indicated to be worded differently, whereas conceptually is known as a “definitive matter”, so it’s interesting to find out how the actual conception is, its implications, as well as things impacting. This normative legal research shows: although showing "red thread" with classical fiqh thought but overall it seems to be more moderate and suit generic of Aceh-Indonesia, so substantively different from KHJB that is purely represent Shafeite thought; the conception has implication on the mixing of hudud and ta’zir in the hudud criminal weighting context of QJA; and the both conceptions is interfered by the existence of paradigm of Islamic law legislation. It is recommended that the substance of QJA is arranged comprehensively and systematically based on its classification; to avoid the mixing of hudud and ta'zir in the crimes wording of hudud, the QJA could find the comparison of a “two-criminal law formulation” in KHJB; and as the living law it is alright that the fiqh of Shafi’i is prevailed in Islamic law process but by persist to prioritize the relevant aspect and without limiting the thought creativity.

  10. Directives for Mangrove Forest and Coastal Forest Rehabilitation in Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Area in the Provinces of Manggroe Aceh Darussalam and Sumatera Utara (Nias Island, Indonesia

    Cecep Kusmara


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Peristiwa gempa bumi dan tsunami yang melanda Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD dan Pulau Nias Sumatera Utara pada bulan Desember 2004 telah mengakibatkan rusaknya sebagian besar hutan mangrove dan hutan pantai di kedua wilayah tersebut. Berhubung kedua tipe hutan tersebut sangat penting untuk menopang kelangsungan hidup penduduk pantai, maka penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mendapatkan arahan rehabilitasi hutan mangrove dan pantai yang rusak akibat tsunami di NAD dan Pulau Nias. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa wilayah pantai yang tanahnya berupa tanah mineral yang bukan lumpur dengan salinitas yang tinggi (di atas 10 0/00 seyogyanya ditanami oleh jenis mangrove eklusif (Rhizophora stylosa, R. apiculata, Sonneratia alba, Ceriops tagal dan Aegeciros floridum dan mangrove asosiat (Osbornea octodonta dan Scyphiphora sp., tanah bukan lumpur dengan salinitas rendah oleh berbagai jenis pohon hutan pantai (Casuarina equisetifolia, dan lain-lain, tanah lumpur bersalinitas tinggi oleh Avicenia spp. dan R. Mucronata; dan tanah gambut seyogyanya ditanami oleh Bruguiera gymnorrizha. Adapun lebar  jalur hijau vegetasi yang disarankan adalah minimal 225 m untuk wilayah NAD dan 211 m untuk wilayah pulau Nias. Untuk merealisasikan kegiatan rehabilitasi vegetasi pantai yang bersifat multitahun di NAD dan Nias maka kegiatan rehabilitasi tersebut harus ditempatkan dalam rangka pembangunan daerah Kata kunci: hutan mangrove, hutan pantai, jalur hijau, mangrove asosiat, mangrove eksklusif

  11. Perkembangan Pendidikan Meunasah dan Dayah di Aceh

    Mujianto Solichin


    Full Text Available Meunasah dan Dayah dalam masa perjalanannya tumbuh seiring perkembangan kerajaan-kerajaan Islam di Aceh yang memiliki peran strategis dalam pembentukan kebudayaan Islam di wilayah kekuasaan mereka masing-masing. Ini membuktikan bahwa kerajaan-kerajaan Melayu baik di Malaka (Malaysia maupun di Aceh (Nangroe Aceh Darussalam memiliki jaringan arkeologi sejarah kebudayaan dan peradaban yang terbentuk berdasarkan motivasi agama dan menjadikan tradisi Melayu sebagai identitas pemersatu mereka. Kehadiran lembaga-lembaga klasik Islam tersebut di atas terus mengalami perluasan secara fungsional, pergeseran sistem karena tuntutan perkembangan zaman, pun juga tuntutan sosial kehidupan masyarakat yang saat ini tidak lagi membutuhkan pemecahan problematika kehidupan melalui ilmu-ilmu agama semata, namun juga integrasi antara agama, ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi. Memodernisasikan Meunasah dan Dayah sebagai upaya menyelamatkan institusi Islam tua ini agar tidak menjadi “cagar budaya”, tentu bisa belajar dari pengalaman model-model modernisasi madrasah berdasarkan pengalaman Mesir (Masjid-Madrasah-Universitas al-Azhar, Turki (Maktab-Sekolah Remaja-Sekolah perempuan-Sekolah Imam-Khatib, dan Saudi Arabia (Madrasah-Sekolah Hasyimiyah. || Meunasah and Dayah in their development along with Islamic kingdoms in Aceh have a strategic role in the formation of Islamic culture in their own territories. This proves that the Malay kingdoms either in Malacca (Malaysia as well as in Aceh (NAD had a network of archaeological history of culture and civilization formed based on religious motivation and made the Malay tradition as their unifying identity. The existence of the classical Islamic institutions mentioned above continue to functionally expand and the system shifted because of the demands of the current time. It was also because of the social demands of the society that is no longer in need of solving the problems of life through a mere religious science, but also

  12. Brunei Darussalam.


    Brunei's population characteristics, geographical features, history, form of government, and political and economic situation were briefly described. Brunei is a small country on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo. Estimated population size is 214,000 (1983), and the annual population growth rate is 0.35% (1971-81). Ethnically, the population is 65% Malay, 20% Chinese, and 15% other. The major religion is Islam, and a variety of languages are spoken, including Malay, English, Chinese, and Iban. Education is compulsory through the primary grades, and the literacy rate among the young is 95%. Between the 1500s and the 1800s, the country was a Buddhist kingdom, then a Hindu kingdom, and finally an Islamic kingdom. In 1847 the Sultan of Brunei entered into a trade agreement with Great Britain, and in 1888 the country was placed under British rule. In 1929 the discovery of oil lead to the economic development of the country. During World War II, the country was occupied by the Japanese. In 1984, after resisting pressure to unite with Sarawak and Malaysia, Brunei was granted independence. At that time it adopted the official name of Brunei Darussalam. The country remains a hereditary sultanate, and the current sultan is Sir Muda Hassanal Bolkaih Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah. The sultan has supreme executive authority and is assisted in administering the country by a 6-person cabinet which includes 3 members of the royal family. 46% of the work force is employed by the government, and government workers are provided with an extensive array of economic benefits, ranging from free medical care to low interest loans. The economy is based primarily on the production of oil and gas, which is produced by Brunei Shell, a consortium owned jointly by the government and Shell Oil. Brunei Shell is the country's 2nd largest employer next to the government, accounts for 72% of the gross domestic product (GDP), and is the primary source of government revenue. Oil accounts for 99% of

  13. Aplikasi Proses Pengkelatan untuk Peningkatan Mutu Minyak Nilam Aceh

    Pocut Nurul Alam


    Full Text Available Industri kecil minyak nilam di Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam tersebar di beberapa kabupaten yaitu Aceh Barat, Aceh Selatan, Aceh Jaya, dan beberapa daerah lainnya. Namun perolehan dan mutu minyak nilam yang dihasilkan masih tergolong rendah karena warna minyak coklat kehitaman. Untuk meningkatkan kualitas dan nilai jualnya, bisa dilakukan dengan beberapa proses pemurnian baik secara fisika maupun secara kimia. Untuk peningkatan kualitas tersebut dapat dilakukan antara lain dengan menurunkan kandungan Fe yang membuat warna minyak menjadi gelap. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa proses pemurnian dengan menggunakan senyawa pengkelat Na-EDTA sebagai senyawa pengkelat dalam pemurnian minyak nilam dapat menurunkan kandungan Fe (besi secara signifikan sebesar 60% untuk minyak nilam yang diperoleh dari hasil penyulingan petani di daerah Aceh Barat dan Aceh Selatan. Selain itu, minyak yang dihasilkan berwarna lebih cerah dan karakteristiknya memenuhi persyaratan mutu standar. Kata kunci: minyak nilam, pemurnian, pengkelat

  14. African Journals Online: Brunei Darussalam

    African Journals Online: Brunei Darussalam. Home > African Journals Online: Brunei Darussalam. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Browse By Category · Browse Alphabetically · Browse By Country · List All Titles · Free to read Titles This Journal is ...

  15. Analisis Perhitungan Royalty Fee Franchise Menurut Konsep Musyarakah: Studi pada Jarimatika Darussalam

    MR, Nurjannah; Wahid, Nazaruddin A


    This study aims to analyze the calculation of royalty fee at a franchise of Jarimatika in Darussalam Banda Aceh from musyarakah perspective and analyze the strategy employed in solving the dispute. Data was gathered through an in-depth interview and documentation study. The results indicated that in general the calculation of royalty fee was based on profit sharing system, where the total revenue minus 15% operating expenses for the franchisor, and the rest is shared 40% for the franchisor an...


    M. Jafar


    Full Text Available The glory of Aceh Darussalam Kingdom in the past cannot be separated from the complete application of Islamic Sharia (kāffah as the way of life in Aceh. Reflecting the historical past, the implementation of Sharia in Aceh in the present context is absolutely necessary. However, today's enforcement must refer to the three foundations, namely judicial, sociological, and philosophical. The most fundamental of juridical basis is the Constitution of 1945 (UUD 1945 Chapter XI on Religion and paragraph 2 of Article 29, new amendment of Article 18A paragraph 1 and Article 18B paragraph 1. The implementing of Sharia law in Aceh began with the birth law No. 44/1999 regarding the Implementation Features Special of Aceh Province, then refined by law No. 18/2001 on Special Autonomy for Aceh Province as Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province. Then it is continued by the Law Number 11/2006 on the Governing of Aceh (UUPA. The sociological ground is majority Muslim of Acehnese can receive all the products based on Islamic Sharia law. The philosophical foundation, Islamic law, should be enforced based on the Qur'an and Hadith recommended preserving religion, life, property, lineage, and resourceful.

  17. Problem Pengesahan Bendera Aceh dalam Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (Pemetaan Permasalahan

    Endra Wijaya


    Full Text Available Bendera merupakan objek yang dapat dilekatkan beragam pesan dan makna terhadapnya. Keberadaan bendera bisa juga terkait dengan aspek simbol kedaulatan, sehingga wajar apabila kemudian sebagian pihak menganggap adanya bendera Aceh yang sama dengan bendera Gerakan Aceh Merdeka sebenarnya sudah membiarkan separatisme hidup di dalam Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia. Saat ini, di Aceh telah disahkan Qanun Aceh Nomor 3 Tahun 2013 tentang Bendera dan Lambang Aceh yang memberlakukan bendera berwarna merah dengan garis putih serta hitam dan gambar bulan sabit serta bintang sebagai bendera Aceh yang memiliki kesamaan dengan bendera GAM. Sejak masa konflik masih berlangsung hingga ke masa setelah ditandatanganinya Memorandum of Understanding antara Pemerintah Indonesia dan GAM, keberadaan bendera Aceh selalu menuai kontroversi dan menjadi isu hangat dalam praktik ketatanegaraan di NKRI. Keadaan ini mendorong pencarian penjelasan dan solusi khususnya dari sisi hukum. Abstract Flag is an object in which many massages and meanings could be attached to. The existence of flag could also relate with sovereignty aspect and for that reason, some parties consider that the existence of Aceh's flag, which is same with Free Aceh Movement's (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or GAM flag, is conveying separatism in Republic of Indonesia. At present, in Nanggroë Aceh Darussalam, Aceh's Qanun Number 3 Year 2013 on Aceh's Flag and Symbol has been passed and its existence has always rises controversies and has become a problematic issue even after the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Indonesia and GAM. It is thus an importance to discuss and try to find a solution for Aceh's flag problem especially from the law perspective.


    Arfiansyah Arfiansyah


    Full Text Available Dayah is an Islamic educational institutions located in Aceh. This educational institution is similar to the so-called pesantren – an Islamic boarding school in the island of Java, both from the aspect of function and purpose (although there are also some important differences. In 2003, the Government of Aceh through the Governor of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Decree, issued a regulation, numbered 451.2 / 474/2003 on the Criteria Stipulation and Dayah Assistance in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD. One of the subject matter is to make a policy that dayah is divided into several classifications: Type A, Type B, Type C and Non Type. This classification aims to distinguish the type of assistance to be given to dayah. This qualitative study is conducted to see how effective is the government assistance to support the quality of education in dayah. By conducting interviews to four (4 different dayah (2 interviews at traditional dayah and 2 at modern dayah, this research is expected to analyze the management of education and the impact of government assistance. The results of this study concluded that the education management of dayah remain dependent on their leadership figure (teungku, so that the impact of government assistance also varies positively to dayah physical development and improvement of facilities and infrastructure, but this assistance has also interestingly changed teungku’s positive paradigm into a much more negative one.

  19. Shallow shear-wave reflection seismics in the tsunami struck Krueng Aceh River Basin, Sumatra

    U. Polom


    Full Text Available As part of the project "Management of Georisk" (MANGEONAD of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR, Hanover, high resolution shallow shear-wave reflection seismics was applied in the Indonesian province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatra in cooperation with the Government of Indonesia, local counterparts, and the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences, Hanover. The investigations were expected to support classification of earthquake site effects for the reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure as well as for groundwater exploration. The study focussed on the city of Banda Aceh and the surroundings of Aceh Besar. The shear-wave seismic surveys were done parallel to standard geoengineering investigations like cone penetrometer tests to support subsequent site specific statistical calibration. They were also partly supplemented by shallow p-wave seismics for the identification of (a elastic subsurface parameters and (b zones with abundance of groundwater. Evaluation of seismic site effects based on shallow reflection seismics has in fact been found to be a highly useful method in Aceh province. In particular, use of a vibratory seismic source was essential for successful application of shear-wave seismics in the city of Banda Aceh and in areas with compacted ground like on farm tracks in the surroundings, presenting mostly agricultural land use areas. We thus were able to explore the mechanical stiffness of the subsurface down to 100 m depth, occasionally even deeper, with remarkably high resolution. The results were transferred into geotechnical site classification in terms of the International Building Code (IBC, 2003. The seismic images give also insights into the history of the basin sedimentation processes of the Krueng Aceh River delta, which is relevant for the exploration of new areas for construction of safe foundations of buildings and for identification of fresh water aquifers in the tsunami

  20. Indonesian Separatist Movement in Aceh

    Niksch, Larry


    .... Indonesian civilian leaders have been unable to control the Indonesian military, whose aggressive actions in Aceh produce frequent reports of human rights abuses and alienation of the populace...


    Nurjannah MR


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the calculation of royalty fee at a franchise of Jarimatika in Darussalam Banda Aceh from musyarakah perspective and analyze the strategy employed in solving the dispute. Data was gathered through an in-depth interview and documentation study. The results indicated that in general the calculation of royalty fee was based on profit sharing system, where the total revenue minus 15% operating expenses for the franchisor, and the rest is shared 40% for the franchisor and 60% for the franchisee. Although the system seems normal, the determination 15% of operating cost, however, created a problem for the franchisee as the total income received was not cover the regular operational costs. Consequently, the franchisee unable to fulfill its obligation of paying the royalty fees on time. To solve this problem, the franchisor provide an extension for the franchisee to pay the royalty fee. However, during the grace period, the franchisee was not allowed to order the equipment needed to run the operation. As a result, it created another problem for the franchisee as it would not be able to run the operation due to insufficient equipment. =========================================== Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis perhitungan royalty fee pada franchise Jarimatika Darussalam dalam perpektif musyarakah, dan strategi yang digunakan dalam penyelesaian masalah profit sharing di Jarimatika tersebut. Data penelitian dikumpulkan melalui wawancara mendalam dan studi dokumentasi. Data yang terkumpul kemudian dianalisis dengan metode deskriptif analisis. Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa mekanisme perhitungan royalty fee pada Jarimatika Darussalam menggunakan sistem profit sharing, dimana total pendapatan dikurangi beban operasional sebesar 15%, dan sisanya dibagi dua bagian, franchisor 40% dan franchisee 60%. Dalam kenyataannya, penetapan biaya beban operasional yang fix sebesar 15 % ini yang menyebabkan franchisee


    Mohammad Rizqi


    Full Text Available The study aims to describe the structure and the constituents of phrases, to describe the types of phrases, to explain the sense relation of the phrase constituents, and to illustrate the possibility of the Acehnese phrases to be placed in each syntactic function. This research is a qualitative descriptive research that focuses on phrase study on Acehnese. The written data is taken from primary school books, the spoken data is taken from local news of RRI Banda Aceh and folklore. The results show that there are uniqueness of the constituents which form the coordinative phrase constructions in which they are always related by conjunctions. Numeral phrases which are formed by numeral and noun always use classifier. The structure of noun phrases which is formed of noun and noun is permanent. It means that the position of the modifier is always behind main constituents. The structure of verbal phrases, adjectival phrases, numeral phrases, and pronominal phrases are not permanent. It means that the constituent that become a modifier can be placed before or after the main constituent. The prepositional phrase has a permanent structure.   ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memerikan struktur dan unsur pembentuk frasa, mendeskripsikan jenis frasa, menjelaskan hubungan makna antarunsur pembentuk frasa, dan menggambarkan kemungkinan frasa dalam bahasa Aceh untuk dapat menduduki setiap fungsi sintaksis. Penelitian ini termasuk dalam penelitian linguistik deskriptif kualitatif dengan memusatkan perhatiannya pada telaah frasa dalam bahasa Aceh. Sumber data tulis dalam penelitian ini berupa buku pelajaran tingkat sekolah dasar, sedangkan data lisan diambil dari berita daerah RRI stasiun Banda Aceh dan data dari cerita rakyat. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa ada keunikan dari unsur-unsur yang membentuk konstruksi frasa koordinatif, yaitu selalu dihubungkan oleh konjungsi. Frasa numeralia yang terbentuk atas konstituen numeralia dan nomina selalu

  3. Inventarisasi Alpukat (Persea americana Mill) pada Berbagai Ketinggian di Kabupaten Bener Meriah Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

    Putra, Nopriza


    There are several benefits of avocados in the Bener Meriah Regency that are not owned avocados in other regions. Therefore, a research was conducted the distribution avocados at different elevations in the area in July-August 2010 by using descriptive method. Parameters measured were the large number of plant avocado, avocado species, pests and diseases, and productivity of avocado plants found on altitude. The results showed that the large number of avocado is not based on altitude above sea...


    M. Hasbi Amiruddin


    Artikel ini ingin melihat sejauhmana pemikiran radikal merasuk dalam pikiran generasi muda di Aceh. Dengan kondisi Aceh yang baru beberapa tahun meng­alami situasi aman pasca terjadi konflik kembali dikejutkan dengan ditemukan sejumlah teroris yang menjadikan hutan pegunungan Jalin, Aceh Besar, sebagai medan latihan militer. Selain itu ditemukan juga sejumlah buku-buku yang memiliki narasi yang dapat memunculkan inspirasi tindakan radikalisme dan terorisme. Hasil wawancara mendalam terhadap para aktivis muda Aceh, dapat dijelaskan bahwa konsep perjuangan model terorisme tidak dapat diterima oleh aktivis muda di Kota Banda Aceh. Mereka telah memahami ajaran Islam yang relatif komprehensif dan proporsional. Namun cita-cita mereka agar tegaknya syariat Islam di Aceh adalah suatu keniscayaan.

  5. The Historical Basis of Aceh Development

    Mehmet Özay


    Full Text Available Abstract It is vital to see the connection between experiences in history and contemporary developments in almost all corners of the world. Regions which appear as leading powers in economic developments have historically had their own particular dynamics. In the event that the dynamics of the past uncover the true means to go forward, it will trigger the path of progress at an unexpected time, when similar conditions are met. Taking this condition into account with regard to Aceh, we see that Aceh has been a potential candidate for the newly emerging economic development centers in Southeast Asia after the disastrous event on 26th December, 2004, pursuant to which the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU in Helsinki was signed by the related sides on 15th August, 2005. To assess and evaluate the possibilities and opportunities that open up before Aceh Province by virtue of the MoU, the tradition of economic developments in history should be revisited and evaluated. It might be assumed that the reflections from the past will certainly enlighten the future. This article suggests that the economic development of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam in the past might be a starting point for all parties in Aceh Province to deduce exactly how to deal with prevailing difficulties so as to commence economic progress in the region. It is considered that historical experiences are repetitive. The significance of Aceh was based on several diverse factors, primarily its state structure, economic activities, and geo-strategic position on the extreme northwest of Sumatra, that allowed it to be a part of the international sea trade between the east and the west between the 16th and 19th centuries. These characteristics propelled Aceh to become not only a prominent region, but also gain supremacy in global partnerships in the business of international trade. After the peace agreement celebrations, it is the need of the hour for all social and economic sectors in Aceh

  6. A new species of the genus Acarothrix (Acari: Halacaridae) from Brunei Darussalam and India

    Chatterjee, T.; Marshall, D.J.; Guru, B.C.; Ingole B.S.; Pesic V.

    Acarothrix grandocularis sp. nov. is described from specimens collected in Brunei Darussalam and India. The new species is characterized by the presence of dorsal seta 1 on the posterior part of anterior dorsal plate, a triangular posterior margin...




    Full Text Available Time difference in performing Ramadhan fasting and ‘Id prays colours the situations of Acehnese society nowadays. This difference does not only take place at national level only, such as on Islamic organisations and government, but at Acehnese Dayahreligious experts level as well. The aim this study is to seek information on thoughts of Acehnese Dayah religious experts on methods used in confirming the first day of Ramadhan and ‘Id prays, as well as their opinions on their involvement on the ithbat result conducted by the Indonesian Religious Council. In order to find the answer of the study, interviews were conducted to ten representatives of the biggest Dayahs in Aceh: Al-Aziziyyah, Al-Madinatuddiyyah, and Darussalam Labuhan Haji. The data were analysed with hisab-rukyah hadiths, together with matla’s concept with regards with to Islamic fiqh. The result revealed that Acehnese Dayah religious experts groups employed textual understanding in regards to hisab-rukyah hadiths, and they had different opinion in using hisab in order to object witness. In regard to matla’ concept, however, they approved Abu Makhramah’s Eight-Degree matla’ concept; however, they applied it differently. The majority of them had left the matla’ concept and then change tomatla’wilayahal-hukmwith a reason for general benefits; while other groups were still consistent with the matla’ theory; therefore, they often perform Ramadhan and ‘Id prays on different days from the days the government has announced.

  8. Measurement of global solar radiation over Brunei Darussalam

    Malik, A.Q.; Ak Abd Malik Abd Raub Pg Ghani


    Measurements of global solar radiation on a horizontal surface were carried out for a period of 11 months starting from June 2001 to April 2002. The pyrano meter (Kipp and Zonen) was placed at the top of the library building of University of Brunei Darussalam, which affords optimum exposure to the instrument sensor without appreciable obstacle for incoming global radiation. The maximum and minimum monthly-averaged global irradiations of 553 W/m 2 and 433 W/m 2 were recorded for the months of March and October respectively. The variation of global solar radiation can be divided into two distinct groups - the low radiation values being associated with cloud and turbidity while the high values are associated with less turbid and cloudy periods


    Husnawati Husnawati


    Full Text Available This study aims to identify the systems and procedures that is applied at Bank Aceh Syariah (BAS Banda Aceh in knowing of its customers. In specific, it aims to analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of Knowing Your Customer (KYC Principle at BAS. This study employs both primary and secondary data which was obtained through field and library research. The data was analyzed using descriptive analysis method. The results show that in knowing its customers, BAS Banda Aceh taken several steps of customer identification includes the identity check, occupation, source of funds, and the purpose of the use of funds. The implementation of the KYC principle in BAS Banda Aceh has effectively overcome and prevented the banking crimes such as money laundering. The implementation of the principle is intended to embolden the implementation of prudential principles in order to reduce business risks such as operational risk, legal risk, concentration risk, and reputational risk. =========================================== Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi sistem dan prosedur yang diterapkan Bank Aceh Syariah (BAS Banda Aceh dalam mengenal nasabah. Secara khusus, penelitian bertujuan untuk menganalisis efektifitas penerapan Prinsip Mengenal Nasabah pada BAS. Data untuk penelitian ini bersumber dari data primer melalui kajian lapangan, dan data sekunder melalui kajian kepustakaan. Analisis data menggunakan metode deskriptif analisis. Dari hasil penelitian dapat diketahui bahwa sistem dan prosedur yang diterapkan BAS Banda Aceh dalam mengenal nasabah yaitu identifikasi calon nasabah yang meliputi identitas, pekerjaan, sumber dana dan tujuan penggunaan dana yang dilengkapi dokumen pendukung. Penerapan Prinsip Mengenal Nasabah (Know Your Customer Principle pada BAS Banda Aceh efektif dalam mengatasi kejahatan-kejahatan dalam dunia perbankan seperti pencucian uang. Penerapan prinsip tersebut dimaksudkan agar mendorong terselenggaranya prinsip

  10. Analisis Sosiologis terhadap Sistem Pergantian Sultan di Kesultanan Palembang Darussalam

    Muhammad Syawaluddin


    Full Text Available One task of being a umaro sultan, that he was a religious adviser to the government. The existence of the Sultanate of Palembang is not only the cultural but also the existing political elements. In this study it was found that the process of appointment of kings or sultans who ruled in Palembang no different from those in other sultanates that ever existed on earth this archipelago. Despite having Islamic political unity, but actually still continue what has been there in the past, the concept of Hindu-Buddhism, Islam simply as a shirt while outside. The same is true for aspects of legality. As a maritime empire that is absolute, it seems referrals can be directed only remaining absolute monarchy in Southeast Asia was the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. However, the origin of the empire was not of royal birth agrarian civilization as a palace, but of an empire in estuaries and the sea like, the kingdoms in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and others.   One task of being umaro sultan, that he was a religion adviser to the government. The existence of the Sultanate of Palembang was not only the cultural but also the existing elements of political. In this study it was found that the process of appointment of kings or sultans who ruled in Palembang not different from people of other sultanates that ever existed on this archipelago earth. Despite having Islamic political unity, but actually still continued what had been there in the past, the concept of Hindu-Buddhism, Islam was only as a temporary shirt outside. The same thing was prevail for the aspects of legality. As a maritime empire that was absolute, it seemed directive could be directed only remaining absolute monarchy in Southeast Asia was the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. However, the origin of the empire was not born the empire of agrarian civilization as a palace, but from an empire in estuaries and the sea like, the Kingdoms in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and others.

  11. Persepsi E-Learning Berbasis Web pada Program Studi Keperawatan Banda Aceh Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Aceh

    Hermansyah Hermansyah


    Full Text Available The Nursing Institution of Aceh Polytechnic is the most demanded and has the highest number of students every year and supported by 4 Prodi located in several strategic locations within Aceh Province. Required a development effort in the form of learning media design through e-Learning with the object of study that emphasizes on nursing materials and supporting courses because it can give more time and opportunity for students to be able to discuss. The aim of this research is to know the efficacy of teaching and learning activities through the application of e-Learning application. The system was developed at D-IV Nursing Study Program at Banda Aceh for 6 months starting from June to November 2016 is web-based and uses Moodle as its learning software called Internet Enabled Learning. The results of this study show that this system can improve the quality of subject learning in D-IV Nursing Study Program of Banda Aceh so that it can be used as a means to support teaching and learning process and not only implement teaching materials, but also create a mature learning scenario to invite active student involvement And constructive in their learning process. The design model is expected to be developed more widely to be applied of Health Polytechnic at Ministry of Health in Aceh Key words:  Web-based, e-learning, perception Institusi Keperawatan Poltekkes Kemenkes Aceh merupakan salah satu Jurusan yang paling banyak peminatnya dan memiliki jumlah mahasiswa terbanyak setiap tahunnya serta didukung 4 Prodi yang berada di beberapa lokasi strategis dalam wilayah Provinsi Aceh. Diperlukan suatu upaya pengembangan berupa perancangan media pembelajaran melalui e-Learning dengan objek kajian yang menitik-beratkan pada materi keperawatan dan mata kuliah pendukung karena dapat memberi lebih banyak waktu dan kesempatan kepada mahasiswa untuk bisa berdiskusi. Penelitian bersifat research and design ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efikasi kegiatan belajar

  12. Implementasi Pengelolaan Zakat di Aceh

    Mursyid Djawas


    Full Text Available This article discusses the local provision of Aceh; Qanun No. 7 of 2004 on Zakat Management. Qanun No. 7 of 2004 on Management of Zakat on the managing zakat is an effort to increase and optimize the potential of zakat in Indonesia, which is still far from the expected. Some of the issues discussed in this article are the provisions of Qanun on muzakki (person who obliged to pay zakat, mustahiq (those entitled to receive zakat , Baitul Mal and Conditions ' uqubat (sanctions against deviations from the zakat. This article studied by using Islamic approach and normative juridical with library research. The results show that the discussion in relation to mustahiq zakat, the Qanun has provided a guarantee for people who in Act No. 18 of 2001 established as one of income sources (local revenue. In the provisions of the charity 's Qanun, very clearly stipulated that zakah is only distributed to mustahiq accordance with Shari'ah. This shows that zakat cannot be used for purposes that are not included in one of the senif that has been clearly mentioned in the Qur'an. In relation to sanctions against irregularities of zakat, the existence of this Qanun can be considered as a complement to Law No. 38 of 1999 on Zakat which still has many shortcomings, especially the clauses providing for sanctions for irregularities to the management of zakat. In the Act, the sanctions more set on irregularities for zakat were Qanun zakat management is already include amyl and muzakki. The Qanun is also member of the delegation of authority for management immense charity by Baitul Mal.

  13. Service Quality in Higher Education--A Case Study of Universiti Brunei Darussalam

    Alani, Farooq; Yaqoub, Yasir; Hamdan, Mahani


    No one doubts the value and importance of quality education, and quality assurance is one major driving force to achieve this. Measuring the performance of service quality of education services of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), as part of the quality assessment, was assessed based on Parasuraman's five Servqual dimensions. The assessment was…

  14. Miscue Analysis of Oral Reading among Less Proficient Readers in Primary Schools in Brunei Darussalam

    Hamid, Juliana Bte Haji Abdul; Abosi, Okechukwu


    Reading disability is the most common disability. At least one in five children has significant challenges learning to read. This study focused on the oral reading performance of 30 Year-Three students. The students were identified as less proficient readers from two randomly selected primary schools in Brunei Darussalam. The oral reading…

  15. Pedoman Penyelenggaraan Peradilan Perdamaian Adat di Aceh

    Nurdin MH Nurdin MH


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Customary law of Aceh has a number of legal principles such as acceptable, accountability, non-discrimination/equality before the law; accessible to the public, win-win solution, consensus, transparency, competent, and presumption of innocence. The principles are not only found in Adat Law of Aceh but also in other civilized legal systems in the world. In practice, the principles are applied strictly (see the case of Sultan Iskandar Muda. Adat guidelines or legal procedure of Adat is badly needed by informal justice providers in order to have legal certainty. There are some reasons why the guide line is necessary; (1 during new order (35 years central government denied the existence of adat law, (2 during the conflict era (30 years Acehnese did not have enough opportunity to practice their customary law, and (3 most of you people today are head of village  and they do not have enough knowledge and experience on guide line of adat.   The Application Guideline of Informal Justice in Aceh

  16. Agents of Change - Frauenaktivistinnen in Aceh [Agents of Change - Women Activists in Aceh

    Kristina Großmann


    Full Text Available Aceh befindet sich seit der Dezentralisierungspolitik Indonesiens Ende der 1990er Jahre, der Tsunamikatastrophe 2004 und der Unterzeichnung des Memorandum of Understanding (MoU 2005in einer politischen, kulturellen und gesellschaftlichen Transformation. Die Situation der Frauen in Aceh ist geprägt durch Repressionen aufgrund der Einführung der Scharia, durch Einflussnahmevon internationalen Hilfsorganisationen nach dem Tsunami und durch die Neuordnung der Region Acehs seit den Autonomieverhandlungen. Der Transformationsprozess bringt große Herausforderungen für die Frauen in Aceh mit sich und beinhaltet zugleich die Chance zur Mitgestaltung. So entwerfen Frauenaktivistinnen innerhalb des Spannungsfeldes islamische Religiosität, traditionell-kulturelleStrukturen und westliche Wertevorstellungen, Positionen und Strategien, um ihren Wunsch nach Geschlechtergerechtigkeit durchzusetzen. Mein Artikel beleuchtet die Frage, welche Rolle Frauenaktivistinnen innerhalb des Transformationsprozesses einnehmen und welche Chancen, Möglichkeiten und Hindernisse es gibt, um Einfluss auf politische und gesellschaftliche Prozesse zunehmen. ----- Aceh, Indonesia’s westernmost province is in a process of political, social and cultural transformation, which is caused by three main factors. First, the process of decentralisation, launched by the government of Indonesia starting from the end of the 1990s and as a consequence of the implementation of sharia bylaws since 2001, second, the tsunami calamity 2004 and third, the peace process starting with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU 2005 between representatives of the Government of Indonesia and the Acehnese freedom movement GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka. Today’s situation of women in Aceh is infl uenced by repressions due to a conservative interpretation of Islam, by the impact of international aid organisations, which entered Aceh after the tsunami andby the political, social and cultural


    Asda Rasida


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menjelaskan kedudukan partai politik lokal Aceh dalam sistem ketatanegaraan Republik Indonesia, secara objektif bagaimana peran partai politik local Aceh dalam mewujudkan demokrasi dan hambatan-hambatan yang timbul dan bagaimana penyelesaiannya. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode empiris yaitu mengumpulkan data primer. Pengumpulan data primer dilakukan dengan mewawancarai responden dan informan yang menjadi sampel pada penelitian ini. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kedudukan partai politik local Aceh di dalam sistem ketatanegaraan Republik Indonesia tidak bertentangan dengan perundang-undangan. Hal tersebut diperkuat dengan pasal 18B UUD 1945 yang menjadi dasar pembentukan partai politik lokal di Aceh dan juga berlaku asas di dalam ilmu hukum yaitu Lex Specialis Derogate Lex General yang maksudnya hukum yang bersifat khusus dapat menyampingkan hukum yang bersifat umum, demikian di Aceh juga menerapkan UU yang bersifat khusus.

  18. Hubungan Kekerabatan Sapi Aceh dengan Menggunakan Daerah Displacement-loop

    Mohd. Agus Nashri Abdullah


    Full Text Available Relationship of aceh cattle using displacement-loop region ABSTRACT. The aims of this study were to describe relationship of D-loop of mtDNA Aceh cattle which is useful database for conducting conservation programme. The whole blood samples were collected (8 samples for D-loop analysis from four locations which were Aceh Besar, Pidie, North Aceh regencies and Banda Aceh city. Out group whole blood samples were collected from two samples from Bali cattles (Bali Island, Madura cattle (Madura Island, Pesisir cattle (West Sumatera respectively and one sample from PO cattle (West Java. Amplification of D-loop sequences of mtDNA with BIDLF and BIDLR primary have PCR product 980 bp. The Data were analyzed using Squint 1.02 and MEGA 4.0 programme. Result of analysis indicate that Aceh cattle have nearer relationship with zebu and there is items inset of genetik Bali cattle (Bos javanicus at the end sequences start ke-354 situs up to 483, so that the origin Aceh cattle was from Bos indicus which have hybridization with Bos javanicus.


    Miskahuddin Miskahuddin


    Full Text Available Discourse on gender is not depleted as discussed and studied scientifically until now. Debate in academic circles about gender are already accustomed discussed and no longer be something foreign. Even today there are efforts to encourage all of the activities and programs should be concerned with aspects of gender equality. Development of previously unknown information about only the consumption of the current academic has penetrated up to the village level, and unknown to many people , both lay and the learned knowledge. This occurs because of the reality of gender socialization undertaken by various parties, including government agencies through the empowerment of women and children , as well as by non-governmental organizations ( local and international NGOs . Many people received information about the gender , clearly establish its own thinking paradigm for women in Aceh . To see about women thinking about gender Aceh after getting the socialization of NGOs , the research was conducted.Keywords : Influence , Socialization , Gender

  20. Evaluation of antioxidant capacity of Aidia borneensis leaf infusion, an endemic plant in Brunei Darussalam

    Metussin, N.,


    Full Text Available We investigated the total antioxidant capacity of Aidia borneensis leaf infusion, a Bornean endemic plant, which is traditionally consumed as a home-remedy beverage in Brunei Darussalam. The antioxidant capacity of the infusion of A. borneensis leaves was evaluated by 2,2-diphenyl-1-picryhydrazyl (DPPH radical-scavenging ability. We found that the infusion shows a relatively high antioxidant capacity, and it was attributed to its high phenolic, flavonoid, and flavanol contents which were evaluated by Folin–Ciocalteu reagent, colorimetric assay, and aluminum chloride colorimetric method, respectively. By comparing its total antioxidant capacity, we estimated that the infusion of A. borneensis leaves is in the middle rank among twelve different commercially available Camellia sinensis teas. Our findings would have significant implications on A. borneensis products from Brunei Darussalam and on the feasibility of establishing this new beverage among the commercially available conventional C. sinensis and herbal teas.

  1. A critical exploration of deaf young people’s underachievement in Brunei Darussalam

    Haji Shahminan, Hajah Norbayah


    This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University. This study employs qualitative methods to explore the tensions experienced by deaf young people with hearing parents, hearing parents with little or no experience of deafness prior to the birth of their deaf children and language teachers with a lack of skills and knowledge of deafness in the implementation of an inclusive education system in Brunei Darussalam. The empirical evidence I used t...

  2. An exploration of the internationalisation of the nursing and midwifery curriculum in Brunei Darussalam

    Haji Abdul Mumin, Khadizah


    This study explored curriculum developers’ experiences of developing and internationalising the nursing and midwifery curriculum in Brunei Darussalam (henceforth: ‘Brunei’), and students’ and graduates’ views of learning from the curriculum. The internationalisation of the curriculum, in education generally and health care and nursing in particular, has featured as a phenomenon in much global literature, describing attempts to ensure that curricula are fit for purpose, both to meet globally a...

  3. Kewenangan Baitul Mal Aceh dalam Pendistribusian Zakat

    Surya Darma


    ABSTRACT: Aceh is a province in Indonesia that is granted a special authority to govern and manage its own government affairs. One of them is zakat as one of the original source of income. Baitul Mal institution is established by qanun (local law to manage the zakat fund. In regard with its management procedure as the original revenue of the area, which is managed by Baitul Mal, is regulated in qanun and governor regulation. Its expenditure or distribution is in accordance with the guidance of the Islamic Sharia, that is, it may only be the part specified in the Qur'an, not for others. One of the forms of its distributions’ forms is the provision of vocational capital to productive zakat recipients through Productive Zakat Management Units. It is done in the form of interest-free loans. It is slightly different, as the zakat must be divided in full without needing to be returned. Although its interest-free loan is legal, it requires further explanation to avoid negative views. The finding shows that in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Baitul Mal Aceh, gains its funds more than expected. It requires careful handling in order to avoid  any problems in the future.

  4. Aceh Conflict Resolution By The Government Of Indonesia

    Ady Muzwardi


    Full Text Available Aceh peace is a new dynamic on the resolution of conflicts in the region. Eight years have passed and the agreement was signed by the Free Aceh Movement (GAM and the Indonesian Government, while the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding agreed in 2005. The signing of the MoU symbolically ends Aceh conflict which is prolonged for three decades. Moreover the notable occurance that leads to the weakening of GAM strength is that by December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami has devastated the communities in terms of infrastructure and superstructure. While spirit to rebuild Aceh after the disaster emerged, amount of aid coming in the country from as well as foreign institutions such as NGO. The government of Indonesia took this chance to develop Aceh once again and approach GAM to release the tense, to take the path of peace. The government efforts succeed by personalized approach to one of the central figures of GAM. The conflict in Aceh reflects that lobbying skill from the government of Indonesia against GAM is quite excellent. To notice the reconstruction of Aceh peace agreement before, the Cessation of Hostility Agreement (COHA initiated by the Henry Dunant Center (HDC stalled. The struggle embodied in the MoU agreement which is initiated by the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI actually formed by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. While it is done further implementation is left to the Aceh Monitoring Mission (AMM led by Pieter Feith. In this mission AMM successfully carry out their duties in accordance with the agreement so that it runs alltogether. AMM ended its duties on December 15, 2006 and successfully reconcile the peace process (AMM: 2006. Furthermore, Indonesian Government gives freedom of democracy actively for Aceh and GAM combatants. Troop’s withdrawal process also the destruction of non-organic military and police weapons of the GAM runs smoothly. Then the GAM combatants reintegrate into society, this task successfully executed

  5. The May 2015 boat crisis: the Rohingya in Aceh

    Graham Thom


    Full Text Available Abstract In May 2015, Indonesia permitted the disembarkation of approximately 1,800 people who had been stranded at sea. The discovery of mass graves in Thailand’s Sadao district, on the border with Malaysia, led to a crack down on people smugglers by the Thai and Malaysian authorities. This saw thousands of Rohingya left stranded at sea as smugglers abandoned their human cargo. While initially pushed back by the Indonesian navy, after being rescued by Indonesian fishermen the Rohingya, on the three boats rescued, were permitted to stay in Indonesia’s Aceh province and seek protection. As part of an Amnesty International research team, conducting research in Aceh in August 2015, our aim was to document the reasons driving the Rohingya to leave Myanmar and Bangladesh, the human rights abuses they experienced at sea and the conditions they are experiencing in Aceh. The subsequent Amnesty International report primarily documented the abuses suffered by those on board the smuggling/trafficking vessels. It also highlighted a number of issues now facing those allowed to remain in Aceh (Amnesty International, 2015. This article will further examine the human rights situation facing the Rohingya in Aceh, why they have been treated differently from previous Rohingya groups who have arrived in Aceh and the ongoing sustainability of the current model. Significantly, the majority of those that arrived have subsequently escaped from the “sites”[1], having again engaged smugglers to reach Malaysia. Given that a process already exists for refugees arriving in Indonesia, the differing treatment received by the Rohingya arriving in May 2015 raises a number of questions. This paper will conclude that the current situation is not sustainable and the treatment of refugees in Aceh should be included in a broader national approach commensurate to the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers throughout Indonesia. [1] Rather than detention centres or camps, the

  6. The continuity of Rumoh Aceh spaces on the development of houses in Gampong Lambheu, Aceh Besar

    Rizky, S. F.; Loebis, M. N.; Pane, I. F.


    The objective of this research was to find out the continuity of seuramoe keu, tungai/rambat, and seuramoe likeut (three fundamental spaces in rumoh Aceh) in three development stages of houses since 1980 until present time. The development starts from the stilt house (santeut), non-stilt house, up to the contemporary house. In the period in which modern life has an impact in changing people lifestyles and then affects the mindset of the need for spaces, the study of the continuity of the three spaces mentioned reflects how far the culture of the people of Aceh in the past persist today, considering architecture, including spaces, is the reflection of the socio-cultural of inhabitants/community. The study was conducted by observing the spaces on seven sample houses and by interviewing the house owners to find out the factors that affect the existence/non-existence of spaces. The results showed that the three spaces (seuramoe keu, tungai, and seuramoe likeut) undergone the continuity despite the differences occurred in the interior compared to rumoh Aceh, meanwhile the continuity factor was based on the culture of life that is still firmly held by Acehnese.


    - Fakhrurrazi


    Full Text Available Badan Reintegrasi Damai Aceh (BRDA didirikan berdasarkan Nota Kesepahaman Helsinki yang ditandatangani 15 Agustus 2005, khususnya pasal 3.2 yang menyatakan tentang reintegrasi bekas anggota GAM. Beragam upaya reintegrasi telah dilakukan oleh pemerintah melalui pendekatan ekonomi, sosial, budaya, politik dan keamanan. Namun beragam hambatan muncul dalam proses reintegrasi mantan anggota GAM serta dalam implementasi proses tersebut yang dikawal oleh BRDA.Menggunakan konsep analisis wacana, dalam penelitian ini, penulis berupaya menggambarkan peran BRDA dalam proses reintegrasi mantan anggota GAM kedalam masyarakat serta hambatan-hambatan yang dihadapi dalam proses tersebut. Hasil penelitan menunjukkan bahwa muncul berbagai hambatan dalam proses reintegrasi mantan anggota GAM yakni hambatan dalam bidang ekonomi; hambatan dalam bidang politik, hukum dan keamanan; serta hambatan dalam bidang sosial budaya. BRDA juga terlihat belum optimal dalam menangani proses reintegrasi, masih terdapat banyak kekurangan.Aceh Peace Reintegration Institution (APRI was established based on Helsinki Memorandum of Understanding signed on August 15, 2005, especially article 3.2 states about reintegration of GAM (Freedom Aceh Movement ex-combatant. Various reintegration efforts have been done by the overnment through economic, social, cultural, political, and security approaches. However, many obstacles appeared in the process of reintegration of ex GAM combatant, and in the management of this process by Aceh Peace Reintegration Institution (BRDA. Using the concept of discourse analysis, in this research, the author attempts to describe the role of BRDA in the reintegration process of GAM ex-combatant to adapt in society and how Aceh Peace Reintegration Institution as the authority board managing the reintegration process play its role. Using the concepts of conflict and integration, the study seeks to describe the process of reintegration of former GAM members into


    Zulfikar Ali Butho


    Full Text Available The Development of Professionalism Competence of Islamic Education Teachers in Aceh. The development in Islamic Education Teachers Lhokseumawe City area, against the background by the competence of teachers of Islamic education suffered a setback of several indicators of professionalism. The findings based on qualitative data collection techniques are described through descriptive analysis reveals that the development of professional competencies of teachers in Lhokseumawe city has not shown significant growth. Efforts to develop professional competence of teachers are done through independent study, individual training, discussions and meetings of the board of teachers, strengthening through teachers’ group work, and organizing centre for teachers’ activities at the district level. However, the whole process of the training for teachers of Islamic education became stagnant, the budget cut for improving the quality of teachers, less motiveted, and lack of mastery of information and technology.


    Teuku Zulkhairi


    Full Text Available Significance the study was to prove the importance of grounding the honest character education in Aceh at all levels. This phenomenon is referred to the decadency of morality as a result of the loss of an real culture. That trend of dishonesty spread in the country as which is a direct impact of the failure of the education system in forming the honest character of this nation. In fact, the honesty is the soul of education as well as the purpose of education itself. All education stakeholders should make effort to immediately revive the central role of education in building the character of youth nation who is studying at all levels of education. Grounding honest character of students, besides to save this nation from destruction, it will also supported the success of learners in the path of life and Hereafter

  10. Hubungan Pola Konsumsi dengan Diabetes Melitus Tipe 2 pada Pasien Rawat Jalan di RSUD Dr. Fauziah Bireuen Provinsi Aceh

    nur, abidah; Fitria, Eka; Zulhaida, Andi; Hanum, Sari


    Kebiasaan masyarakat Aceh adalah mengonsumsi makanan manis, asin, dan berlemak. Konsumsikarbohidrat, gula, dan makanan serta minuman manis yang tinggi dalam masyarakat Aceh berisikoterkena diabetes melitus. Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui hubungan pola konsumsi masyarakatAceh dengan penyakit diabetes melitus. Penelitian bersifat deskriptif analitik dengan desain kasuskontroldi RSUD dr. Fauziah Bireuen Provinsi Aceh tahun 2014. Populasi penelitian adalah pasien yangrawat jalan yang berku...

  11. ISLAM, ADAT, AND THE STATE: Matrifocality in Aceh Revisited

    Eka Srimulyani


    Full Text Available Matrifocality has been a rooted tradition in the social history of the community in Aceh. The principles of matrifocality have also affected on how women are positioned in the community, and the socio-gender relation within the community. The fact that Aceh has strongly associated to the Islamic values that claimed to support the paternal traditions. Apparently, the Islamic values and the local matrifocality practices juxtaposed through the roles of adat, which considered as inseparable to Islamic law or teaching, or in local term known as zat ngeun sifeut. Another point in revisiting matrifocality in Aceh in Aceh is an examination of how gender state ideology, particularly during the New Order Regime disregarded some local gender practices across some ethnics in the archipelago. Meanwhile, the state also hegemonied and promoted particular gender state ideology such as state ibuism. Nonetheless, the modernity and social changes have also contributed to the shifting of some matrifocality practices in contemporary Acehnese society. However, since the matrifocality has a strong root in the social life of the community, the principles of the matrifocality still survived until currently, although it transformed into ‘new matrifocality’ practices. Keywords: matrifocality, Aceh, gender, shari‘a law

  12. Violent Jihad and Beheadings in the Land of Al Fatoni Darussalam

    Virginie Andre


    Full Text Available The early 2000s has seen a revival of the Patani resistance manifesting in a violent jihad and new forms of extreme violence never witnessed before in the century-long Southern Thailand conflict. Transported by neojihadism, this new energised generation of fighters is injecting new meaning to their struggle, re-identifying friends and foes, spreading terror in hearts and minds to control mental and physical spaces through the slashing of the body, all in the hope of establishing Al Fatoni Darussalam. This article examines the reflexive repositioning of the Patani struggle through the process of transference of neojihadism and its transformation into a glocalised violent jihad.


    Ratih Ariningrum


    Full Text Available Background: Diarrhoeal diseases become the second caused of death of the under-fives, the third in infant, and the fifth at all people in Indonesia. WHO indicated that every year an average of 100.000 children in Indonesia dead because of diarrhoea and Sub directorate of Diarrhoea, MOH indicated that about 301-347 per 1000 people still infected by diarrhoea from year 2000 up to 2003. Methods: This study analyzed the Basic Health Research data collected in 2007 to determine the prevalence, characteristic determinants including its Odd Ratio (behavioral, environmental sanitation, household characteristic, and specific condition of child, of the 20245 under-fives children in 6 provinces having diarrhoea prevalence above the 2007 national diarrhea prevalence rates (16.7%. (NAD: 27%, Gorontalo: 24%, NTB: 23%, NTT: 22%, Papua: 21%, and West Java: 18%. Results: The result showed that the highest prevalence of diarrhoea rates was found at the family with having lower level of percapita expenditure (kuintil 1 and 2; in mother who worked as a farmer/fisherwoman/labour and did not used latrine as well as lack of control for contamination of water available at home. The specific conditions of the under-fives that related to the increase prevalence of diarrhea are the existence of typhoid and measles, frequency of OPT immunization and over weight condition. The Odds of having diarrehea occurred in the under-fives having measles 1 month earlier (OR. 2.61 followed by the lack of control of the quality of the water condition available at home (OR 2.19, open water tank (OR 1.40, Defecate not in WC (OR1.36, Not receiving meales immunization (OR 1.37 and OPT immunization less than 3 times (OR 1. 19. It is concluded that to prevent diarrhea, it is important for children to have full coverage of immunization, to improve health behavior of mothers and children especially to wash hand before eating or preparing meals, and to improve housing condition and sanitation. For the next Basic Health Research data collection, it is recommended to improve quality of questions in order to get more specific information related to the child's habits and practices to prevent diarrhoea. Key words: diarrhea, determinants, behaviour, under-fives, basic health research

  14. Syariah as Heterotopia: Responses from Muslim Women in Aceh, Indonesia

    Reed Taylor


    Full Text Available In this paper, I argue that the implementation of syariah is best understood as a heterotopia by women in Aceh, Indonesia. The current debates over the role of syariah for women in Acehnese society focus on either a secular human rights critique of non-liberal norms that restrict the rights and freedom of women or a religiously prescribed defense of communal norms that protect women and society. Based on interviews, I identify three variants of how women conceive of and inhabit syariah in Aceh. Two of these variants are underrepresented in the current academic literature on syariah in Aceh. Two key distinctions are drawn between blueprint and iconoclastic utopian thought and state-centric and non-state-centric models of political legitimacy. Rethinking syariah as a “socio-spatial dialectic” allows for all three variants of syariah existing simultaneously as a heterotopia in Acehnese society.

  15. Kedudukan Mahkamah Adat setelah Undang-Undang tentang Pemerintahan Aceh

    Teuku Muttaqin Mansur


    ABSTRACT. Customary institutions in Aceh actually existed before the Law on Government of Aceh. This article examined using normative juridical approach. While the data analysis will be using content analysis techniques. From the discussion it was found that the main support position the Adat Court in Law on Governing Aceh is Article 98 paragraph (1, paragraph (2, and paragraph (3, which regulates the customs agency with the authority to resolve disputes society. The existence of the court then reaffirmed by Qanun No. 9 of 2008 which elaborates on the procedure and device structures customary tribunals, court proceedings in court custom, the types of cases that can be resolved and the type of punishment that can be given


    Durisman Durisman


    Full Text Available Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar Regency are two of the leading tourism areas located in the province of Aceh. For travelling, there are some important things to be considered, such as determining schedule and distance of tourism. Every tourist certainly chooses the shortest route to reach the destination since it can save time, energy, and money. The purpose of this reserach is to develop a method that can be used in calculating the shortest route and applied to the tourism of Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar regency. In this reserach, Ant Colony Optimization algorithm is used to determine the shortest route to tourism of Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar regency. From the analysis made by using both manual calculation and  GUI MATLAB program application test, the shortest route can be obtained with a minimum distance of 120.85 km in one travel. Based on the test result, the application for tourism (in Banda Aceh city and Aceh Besar regency shortest route searching built by utilizing the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm can find optimal route.  Keyword: tourism, the shortest route, Ant Colony Optimization

  17. Characterization and Activation of Indonesian Natural Zeolite from Southwest Aceh District-Aceh Province

    Yulianis, Y.; Muhammad, S.; Pontas, K.; Mariana, M.; Mahidin, M.


    This study aims to identify the effect of activation processes of Indonesian zeolite from Southwest Aceh District, Aceh Province on the physical characteristics and chemical contents changes. The work was conducted by downsizing of natural zeolite into nano particle size, treating it physically (heated up to 105˚C) and chemically (soaked with 0.5 M HCl for 1 hour), and finally calcining it at the temperature of 350° C for 2 hours. The natural and activated nano zeolites were then characterized by using SEM, BET, XRD, XRF and FTIR in order to examine their characters and chemical contents. The characterization results showed that the activated nano zeolite has better appearances than the natural one. The XRD analysis showed that the main minerals of zeolite are quartz and calcite clinochlore. Further, the XRF analysis showed that there are elements of magnesium, calcium and potassium which can be as a cation exchange with other metal elements. Based on the identified properties, this zeolite showed a good performance to be used as an adsorbent in waste water treatment process, especially after activated.

  18. Pendidikan Dayah Setelah Undang-Undang Pemerintahan Aceh

    Mukhlisuddin Ilyas


    ABSTRACT. Education has not received a special portion in the Law on the Government of Aceh. Differences with the Law on the Implementation of Privileged Aceh which gives a privileged position to education. The existence of education dayah itself as a juridical basis, still to be scrutinized. Some things to consider include the classification dayah, reflecting the Islamic boarding school education intervention by the government. In addition, registration will dayah dayah implies dependence on government excess, since it is done related to the budget. A number of constraints include constraints dayah education curriculum development, management, economics, and constraints regeneration.


    M. Jamil Yusuf


    Full Text Available Sustainable peace in Aceh should be started from the critical value of education and education based values are integrated in all subjects and can be taught at each level of development. The assumption is that the value of education is needed at each level of development and need to be implemented on all aspects of life. The Education curriculum should reflect the religious values, independence and entrepreneurship as cores value of education, as well as the values of excellence (excellence that should be achieved by everyone at all levels and types of education in its path. Both of these values must be built through the education system that is able to develop a good understanding, the courage to think, to act and be able to build the establishment of persistence. Educational value may be applied only in a democratic educational system, in which the learner to express his opinions in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. Learners need to be portrayed as subjects with individual excellence, which is reflected in the ability to build friendship, cooperation within the group, achieve higher performance, empathize with others, able to solve problems, resolve conflicts, have a sense of humor, self-motivated when faced with periods of tough and able to face tough times with confidence. With this advantage, they feel proud of their education and meaningful to the advancement of his career. As such, they have a place in the field of work and the opportunity of participation in any development process and not feel marginalized.




    Full Text Available The goal of this study is to figure out the model of interactions among various madhabs in Aceh within the current phenomena. This study was a field study with the qualitative method. The data collection techniques were documentation study, observation, in-depth interview, and questionnaire. The method used to analyze the data was descriptive analysis. His findings revealed the dynamic interactions of Islam in Aceh have been shown towards the typology of the madhab interactions in Aceh which are exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism. Which the exclusivism is a polar which believes that the Shâfi‘î madhab is the only truth and thus should be followed. The inclusivism polar, which also highly regards the Shâfi‘î madhab in terms of ‘ibâdah and mu‘âmalah although this does not mean any other madhabs are wrong and should not be followed. The inclusivism could be considered the neutral way to solve the current religious problems in Aceh. The pluralism polar that can be utilized in the future to guide the Acehnese to build the harmony and peace as well as to respect each other in order to reach the ultimate purpose of Islam as rahmat li al-‘âlamîn.

  1. How Communities Deal with Traumatic Memory: Lessons from Aceh ...

    This comparative research analyzes reparation processes underway in Aceh and Timor-Leste. It aims to foster a deeper understanding of how communities and individual victims of massive human rights abuses can deal with their traumatic past, while seeking justice on issues such as population displacement and political ...

  2. Ekowisata Leuser (Studi Etnografi Tentang Pengembangan Usaha Ekowisata di Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser Pada Masyarakat di Kecamatan Ketambe, Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara, Provinsi Aceh)

    Caroline FD


    130905105 Penelitian ini membahas tentang Pengembangan Usaha Ekowisasta yang dilakukan masyarakat di desa Ketambe. Peneliti memilih Provinsi Aceh, tepatnya di kabupaten Aceh Tenggara di Desa Ketambe karena lokasi ini masih wilayah Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser sehingga memudahkan penulis memperoleh data penelitian. Metode penelitian ini menggunakan metode etnografi dengan pendekatan kualitatif, serta menggunakan teknik observasi dan wawancara serta analisis data. Observasi ...

  3. Substance Use among Muslim Students in Aceh, Indonesia

    Inda Mariana Harahap


    Full Text Available Background: Illicit substance use is a serious social problem faced by adolescents worldwide, including adolescents in Aceh and has many negative consequences. In addition, illicit substance use does not fit with the values of Islamic teaching, and is strictly prohibited in Islam. Purpose: The aims of this paper are to determine the prevalence of illicit substance use, the stages of substance use, and types of substance used among Muslim students in senior high schools in Aceh, Indonesia. Method: Four hundred and twenty six students who met the inclusion criteria were recruited from four senior high schools in Banda Aceh by using simple random sampling, and of these, 290 returned a completed questionnaire. A self reported questionnaire was used to collect data. Result: The mean age of the subjects was 15.9 years old and the majority of them were female (68.6%. The study found that the prevalence of substance use was 2.4%with a higher number of females than males who had used illicit substances. The common substances that were used by the students were marijuana and dextromethorphon, as well as intentionally inhaled substances. Lastly, out of the students who had used illegal substances the majority was in the regular use stage (1.4%. Conclusion: This study found that substance use among Muslim students in Aceh exists, although prevalence was low. Thus, several preventive programs may be needed in Aceh not only for Muslims students who have used substances but also for students who have not use illegal substances. Keywords: Adolescents, Substance use, Muslim students, Indonesia.

  4. Persepsi Masyarakat terhadap Dampak Penambangan Batu Akik (Studi di Kecamatan Panga Kabupaten Aceh Jaya)

    Jamaril, Jamaril; Usman, Saiful; Amirullah, Amirullah


    Penelitian yang berjudul “Persepsi Masyarakat Terhadap Dampak Penambangan Batu Akik (Studi di Kecamatan Panga Kabupaten Aceh Jaya)” ini membahas tentang persepsi masyarakat Kecamatan Panga Kabupaten Aceh Jaya terhadap dampak penambangan batu akik terhadap lingkungan serta dampak penambangan batu akik terhadap perekonomian dan lingkungan. Penelitian ini bertujuan: (1) untuk mengetahui persepsi masyarakat Kecamatan Panga Kabupaten Aceh Jaya terhadap dampak penambangan batu akik, dan (2) untuk m...

  5. Analysis of Marketing Channels and Price Effect to Rice Marketing Efficiency in Aceh, Indonesia

    Yunus, Mukhlis; Syahputra, Hendra


    The objective of this study is to empirically explore the influence of marketing channels and price to rice marketing efficiency in Aceh Province, Indonesia. Six hundreds farmers' households from six districts of rice production base in Aceh were selected for the samples and analysed using the structural equation modelling (SEM). This study has been successfully documented how inefficient was the marketing of rice in Aceh because the farmers still tended to choose higher level of marketing ch...

  6. The total antioxidant capacity and fluorescence imaging of selected plant leaves commonly consumed in Brunei Darussalam

    Watu, Aswani; Metussin, Nurzaidah; Yasin, Hartini M.; Usman, Anwar


    We investigated the total antioxidant capacity and fluorescence imaging of several selected plants, namely Centella asiatica, Aidia borneensis and Anacardium occidentale, which are grown and traditionally consumed in Brunei Darussalam. The total antioxidant capacities of aqueous-methanolic infusions of their leaves were measured by 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) free radical scavenging activity, and microscopic fluorescence images were measured to identify the fluorescent substances bound in the leaves. We found that the total antioxidant capacity of their infusions is estimated to be 150, 25, 15 folds, respectively, lower compared with that of the standard gallic acid. Accordingly, we demonstrated that the relative antioxidant activity of young and matured leaves agrees with the intensity of red light emission of their fresh leaves upon UV excitation. Thus, this non-invasive spectroscopic method can be potentially utilized to indicate the antioxidants in plant leaves qualitatively.

  7. Role of occupational health in managing non-communicable diseases in Brunei Darussalam

    Pg Khalifah Pg Ismail


    Full Text Available Like most ASEAN countries, Brunei faces an epidemic of non-communicable diseases. To deal with the complexity of NCDs prevention, all perspectives - be it social, familial or occupational – need to be considered. In Brunei Darussalam, occupational health services (OHS offered by its Ministry of Health, among others, provide screening and management of NCDs at various points of service. The OHS does not only issue fitness to work certificates, but is a significant partner in co-managing patients’ health conditions, with the advantage of further management at the workplace. Holistic approach of NCD management in the occupational setting is strengthened with both employer and employee education and participation, targeting several approaches including risk management and advocating healthy lifestyles as part of a healthy workplace programme.

  8. Relasi Islam dan Politik dalam Sejarah Politik Aceh Abad 16-17

    Kamaruzzaman Kamaruzzaman


    ؤون الدولة وأمور الدين. ولكن مع الأسف الشديد، انتهى هذا الاندماج بعد ظهور الاستعمار الأوروبي ويعرّف علي أبناء المستعمرين نظام دولة وألقى من خلاله جذور حملة فصل الدين عن الدولة.   Abstrak: Artikel ini berusaha menjelaskan tentang hubungan Islam dan politik di Aceh pada abad ke 16-17 M. Pada masa tersebut, Aceh mencapai masa kejayaaan tidak hanya dalam bidang ilmu pengetahuan, tetapi juga dalam bidang politik. Karena itu, kajian ini ingin melihat aspek apa saja yang menyebabkan hubungan Islam dan negara dapat menyatu pada masa tersebut. Sejarah historis, ada beberapa perubahan dinamika politik di dalam sejarah Aceh. Melalui pendekatan sosial-sejarah, pengkaji menelaah fase-safe di dalam sejarah politik di Aceh. Dapat dikatakan bahwa ada beberapa bukti sejarah tentang pengalaman Aceh ketika memposisikan Islam dalam kancah politik. Hal ini dibuktikan bukan hanya dari sisi sejarah kerajaan Aceh Darussalam, tetapi juga dari beberapa kitab yang dihasilkan oleh para ‘ulama Aceh yang menjelaskan tentang sistem pemerintahan. Kajian ini menjadi salah satu bukti kuat bagaimana praktik Islam dan negara di Asia Tenggara, yaitu tidak ada ada pemisahan antara urusan negara dan agama. Kenyataan sejarah ini berakhir ketika para penjajah dari Eropaa datang memperkenalkan sistem negara-bangsa.


    Hafiizh Maulana


    Full Text Available The supervisory authority of the Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS describes the role and response of DPS supervision system based on organizational structure. DPS positions of Bank Aceh Syariah are in parallel with the Board of Commissioners as authority staff. This study aims to find answers position and authority in the organizational structure and implication to supervision system in Bank Aceh Syariah. To obtain the answer, researchers used the descriptive analysis. Data collection methods used are field research through in-depth interviews, open questionnaire and literature through the conclusion of documentation legislation and organizational structure of Bank Syariah Aceh. DPS authority based on the organizational structure of Bank Syariah Aceh have two powers, as a staff and functional authority. Staff competencies associated with the position of the DPS as a giver of advice/ suggestions to the Board of Commissioners of Bank Aceh, while the functional authority related with the Division of Bank Aceh Syariah. The implication of DPS authority will influence with its performance on the activity /supervisory activities, frequency of meetings, and reporting systems. DPS Bank Syariah Aceh still running system indirect supervision based on the activity reporting and sharia opinion. =========================================== Kewenangan pengawasan Dewan Pengawas Syariah (DPS menggambarkan peran dan respon pengawasan DPS dalam sistem Pengawasan struktur organisasi. Bank Aceh Syariah menempatkan DPS setara dengan Dewan Komisaris dengan garis kewenangan staff. Permasalahan muncul ketika pengawasan DPS dari segi aktivitas dan sistem pengawasan tidak sesuai dengan aspek perundang-undangan dan gambaran dalam struktur organisasi. Penelitian ini bertujuan mencari jawaban persoalan pokok mengenai perangkat yuridis yang digunakan dalam pengawasan DPS, kedudukan dan kewenangan dalam struktur organisasi, dan sistem pengawasan dalam operasionalisasi bank Aceh


    Ridwan Nurdin


    Full Text Available Zakat Management in the Post Declaration of Islamic Syariah in Aceh. One of the most noted consequences of declaration of the implementation of Syariat Islam in Aceh has been a spirit for the management of zakat which was resulted in the introduction of several regulations. The author argues that by referring to these laws and qanun there is a tendency that the management of zakat are being managed by the government. However, such system is not similar to that of the BAZIS (Badan Amil Zakat Infaq and Shadaqah. This article is an attempt to analyze the management of zakat focusing on systems applied in Baitul Mal and in the BAZIS, the extent to which they are similar or different. The author maintains that the system used in Baitul Mal is more effective and as such makes such institution closer to society and cuts down bureaucratic complexity.

  11. Pelaksanaan Hygiene Sanitasi Pengolahan dan Pemeriksaan Zat Pewarna Metanil Yellow pada Mie Aceh yang Dijual di Pasar Tradisional Kota Sigli Provinsi Aceh Tahun 2015

    Muhammad, Nur


    Mie aceh classified into a wet noodle,mie aceh is a typical form of food which is not dried noodles and most immediate damage or decay. Mie aceh produced by the domestic industry so that the quality control of food is very hard to do. Metanil Yellow is a synthetic dye used in the textile industry and the paint powder or brownish-yellow solid thus be one option for manufacturers to color food products. The purpose of this study is to describe the application of sanitary hygiene and inspecti...

  12. Decolonising the Aceh Museum Objects, Histories and their Narratives

    Ajeng Arainikasih


    Full Text Available The Aceh Museum, one of the oldest museums in Indonesia, was established during Dutch colonial rule. In this article the discussion of three objects of the colonial collections at the Aceh Museum (an ancient metal bell, colonial photographs and an old wooden weaving tool illustrate the complexities of decolonising museums in a previously colonised country. As this practice varies, depending on whether the country was colonised or was a coloniser, this case study shows that in the Indonesian context, decolonising museums means featuring narratives from the local perspective, challenging colonial legacies (such as social segregation and deconstruction of Indonesian postcolonial postcolonial official nationalist history.This article is part of the forum 'Decolonisation and colonial collections: An unresolved conflict'Het Aceh Museum, een van de oudste musea in Indonesië, werd opgericht tijdens het Nederlands koloniaal bewind. In dit artikel wordt aan de hand van verschillende voorwerpen uit de collectie van het Aceh Museum (een oude metalen klok, koloniale foto’s en een oud weefgereedschap ingegaan op de dekolonisatie van musea in vroegere gekoloniseerde landen. Aangezien de dekolonisatie van musea afhankelijk is van het gegeven of een museum in een gekoloniseerd land staat of juist in een land dat koloniseerde, laat deze case study zien hoe het dekoloniseren van musea in Indonesië zou moeten plaatsvinden door middel van narratieven vanuit lokaal perspectief, het ter discussie stellen van koloniale erfenissen (zoals sociale segregatie en het deconstrueren van de Indonesische, postkoloniale en officiële nationalistische geschiedschrijving.Dit artikel is onderdeel van het forum 'Decolonisation and colonial collections: An unresolved conflict'

  13. Studi Efisiensi Perbankan Syariah di Kota Lhokseumawe dan Aceh Utara

    Iskandar Iskandar


    Full Text Available The development of Islamic banking in Aceh should have get more attention because its existence is not only as complement of thenational banking system, but also as an attempt to fill the Islamic Shari ’a with the Islamic financial institutions. The issue becomes important to investigate since the efficiency of banking institutions urgently need to this performance. Thus, in this study, the efficiency of Islamic banking will be viewed from two aspects: Firstly, the ability of the bank in generating output, in this case the low cost of financing. Secondly, efficiency can also be observed by looking at the bank’s performance in minimizing the risk of financing. This study concluded that the main difficulty of Aceh Islamic banks is not the lack of cheap enough money so that the efficiency becomes less when it is compared with the required cost. However, the annual report shows that the assets of Islamic banks have developed positively and good. Likewise, the ratio of Non Performing Ratio (NPF of Islamic banks is efficient. The study recommends enhancing the cheap fundraising (al-wadi <’ah to increase the economic growth in the northern coastal area of Aceh.

  14. Quality and market chain of Aceh Cocoa Beans

    Irfan; Sulaiman, I.; Ikhsan, CN; Faizun, N.


    After long-lasting conflict and tsunami on December 26, 2004, some international donors/NGOs supported Aceh on cocoa development. Aceh cocoa sector has experienced tremendous growth in Indonesia. This study aims to investigate quality and market chain of Aceh cocoa beans. The survey was conducted in Pidie District. A number of 21 farmers and 1 exporter were interviewed; the beans from farmer’s warehouses were analyzed and compared to Indonesia National Standard (INS). The result showed that the beans were generally produced from 6 Sub-Districts: Keumala, Titeue, Glumpang Tiga, Padang Tiji, and Tangse. They were not fermented; most were exported to the USA. Based on bean count, quality was mainly included in I/A and II/B. The main quality problem was high moisture content. Presumably, the beans were bought by wholesalers with lower price although not been sufficiently dried. Other quality parameters were good: no moldy bean and contaminant, very low insect damage/hollow-/germinated beans, and tiny broken beans (quality I)

  15. Tsunami evacuation buildings and evacuation planning in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

    Yuzal, Hendri; Kim, Karl; Pant, Pradip; Yamashita, Eric

    Indonesia, a country of more than 17,000 islands, is exposed to many hazards. A magnitude 9.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, on December 26, 2004. It triggered a series of tsunami waves that spread across the Indian Ocean causing damage in 11 countries. Banda Aceh, the capital city of Aceh Province, was among the most damaged. More than 31,000 people were killed. At the time, there were no early warning systems nor evacuation buildings that could provide safe refuge for residents. Since then, four tsunami evacuation buildings (TEBs) have been constructed in the Meuraxa subdistrict of Banda Aceh. Based on analysis of evacuation routes and travel times, the capacity of existing TEBs is examined. Existing TEBs would not be able to shelter all of the at-risk population. In this study, additional buildings and locations for TEBs are proposed and residents are assigned to the closest TEBs. While TEBs may be part of a larger system of tsunami mitigation efforts, other strategies and approaches need to be considered. In addition to TEBs, robust detection, warning and alert systems, land use planning, training, exercises, and other preparedness strategies are essential to tsunami risk reduction.

  16. Anti-Guerilla Warfare in Aceh, Indonesia from 1980-2005


    13 independence, and upon Aceh itself.17 Aceh has a vast array of natural resources including timber, coffee , and palm oil, as well as major oil...remains the issue of control over drug profits from the sale of cannabis . Using revenue from the sale of cannabis , separatists are able to buy

  17. Management of Artisanal Fishing Port: a Case Study on Labuhanhaji Fishing Port, South Aceh Regency, Aceh Province

    NurJannah, Betri; ', Syaifuddin; Zain, Jonny


    A series survey activity was carried out for evaluating management function atlabuanhaji fishing port, South Aceh regency. This research was emphasis on planning, organizing, action and controlling at management pattern of labuhanhaji fishing port. The facilities of fishing port data and daily activities description of staff at labuhanhaji fishing port was used as additional information and consideration in management of labuhanhaji fishing port. Lack of good management was impact on staff an...

  18. The Historical Basis of Aceh Socio-Economics Development (1511-1904

    Mehmet Özay


    Full Text Available Abstract It is vital to see the connection between experiences in history and contemporary developments in almost all corners of the world. Regions which appear as leading powers in economic developments have historically had their own particular dynamics. In the event that the dynamics of the past uncover the true means to go forward, it will trigger the path of progress at an unexpected time, when similar conditions are met. Taking this condition into account with regard to Aceh, we see that Aceh has been a potential candidate for the newly emerging economic development centers in Southeast Asia after the disastrous event on 26th December, 2004, pursuant to which the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU in Helsinki was signed by the related sides on 15th August, 2005. To assess and evaluate the possibilities and opportunities that open up before Aceh Province by virtue of the MoU, the tradition of economic developments in history should be revisited and evaluated. It might be assumed that the reflections from the past will certainly enlighten the future. This article suggests that the economic development of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam in the past might be a starting point for all parties in Aceh Province to deduce exactly how to deal with prevailing difficulties so as to commence economic progress in the region. It is considered that historical experiences are repetitive. The significance of Aceh was based on several diverse factors, primarily its state structure, economic activities, and geo-strategic position on the extreme northwest of Sumatra, that allowed it to be a part of the international sea trade between the east and the west between the 16th and 19th centuries. These characteristics propelled Aceh to become not only a prominent region, but also gain supremacy in global partnerships in the business of international trade. After the peace agreement celebrations, it is the need of the hour for all social and economic sectors in Aceh

  19. Kebijakan Pemerintah Brunei Darussalam Meratifikasi The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

    Hardi Alunaza SD


    Full Text Available Health issue is one of national priority issue in Brunei in recent decades. Sultan of Brunei formed the seriousness of the health accord with the realization of the national development agenda Health Promotion Blueprint 2011-2015 and the Brunei Vision 2035. This paper is aims to answer the question why Brunei ratified the WHO Convention on Tobacco Control. This paper is an explanatory with qualitative approach. Data collection method in this research is through library with secondary data sources. All data are taken from books, journals, internet articles and other relevant data to the research. By using the theory of the rational actor model of decision making and the concept of health security, this research shows the policy taken by the Sultan of Brunei is a form of the Health Security of Government to the citizens. Sultan of Brunei ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control because of health issue is including in national development agenda. Various efforts to create Brunei Darussalam as a free smoke state in 2025 have been realized. The evidence of the successes policy of Brunei Government related to tobacco control shown by activities of imported tobacco is significantly decreased and also decreasing the number of smokers in Brunei in 2011. It was also offset by the increasing level of public health in Brunei and the achievement of some of WHO health targets as the Millennium Development Goals.

  20. Perubahan Patologi Anatomi Hati dan Saluran Empedu Sapi Aceh Yang Terinfeksi Fasciola gigantica

    Ummu Balqis


    Full Text Available Pathology anatomy changes in liver and bile duct of Aceh cattle infected with fasciola gigantic ABSTRACT. This study was conducted in Banda Aceh Municipality, Aceh Province to report the pathological changes in liver of Aceh cattle infected with Fasciola gigantica. In this study, livers of male aceh cattles were collected from slaughter area when Qurban in Idul Adha during two years (2011 to 2012. A total of 15 aceh cattle livers were examined. Establishment of F. gigantica were observed, and pathological changes of liver were identified. The result showed that out of 15 male Aceh cattle livers 6 (40% were found infected with F. gigantica. The common pathological changes found in this study were the hepatic damage, and the bile ducts were changes in size and shape with the dilated lumen. The bile ducts were found filled with blackish brown exudate, which contained adult F. gigantica. In conclusion, fascioliasis is greatly responsible for hepatic damage, and currently expanding as an important veterinary public health problem.

  1. Rapid response: email, immediacy, and medical humanitarianism in Aceh, Indonesia.

    Grayman, Jesse Hession


    After more than 20 years of sporadic separatist insurgency, the Free Aceh Movement and the Indonesian government signed an internationally brokered peace agreement in August 2005, just eight months after the Indian Ocean tsunami devastated Aceh's coastal communities. This article presents a medical humanitarian case study based on ethnographic data I collected while working for a large aid agency in post-conflict Aceh from 2005 to 2007. In December 2005, the agency faced the first test of its medical and negotiation capacities to provide psychiatric care to a recently amnestied political prisoner whose erratic behavior upon returning home led to his re-arrest and detention at a district police station. I juxtapose two methodological approaches-an ethnographic content analysis of the agency's email archive and field-based participant-observation-to recount contrasting narrative versions of the event. I use this contrast to illustrate and critique the immediacy of the humanitarian imperative that characterizes the industry. Immediacy is explored as both an urgent moral impulse to assist in a crisis and a form of mediation that seemingly projects neutral and transparent transmission of content. I argue that the sense of immediacy afforded by email enacts and amplifies the humanitarian imperative at the cost of abstracting elite humanitarian actors out of local and moral context. As a result, the management and mediation of this psychiatric case by email produced a bureaucratic model of care that failed to account for complex conditions of chronic political and medical instability on the ground. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


    Iskandar Iskandar


    Full Text Available Knowledge and understanding of mudharabah products in Islamic banking is necessity for the customers. Mudharabah is one of banking products pose a great risk, because this involves both the investors and the costumers. For the case of Bank Muamalat Indonesia, customer’s lack of understanding on the mudharabah contract may elevate disputes related to the financing offered by the bank as investor and consequently to the consensus of profit sharing ratio. This study aims to discuss and identify the link between the understanding and the conflicts that occur in Bank Muamalat Indonesia Banda Aceh branch. This is a field research that utilized a quantitative approach in gathering data. The results obtained are analyzed using the SPSS software. The finding shows that there is a link between the understanding and the conflicts that occur in Bank Muamalat Indonesia Banda Aceh. The higher level of customer’s understanding towards the product, the smaller risk of conflict may occur. Thus, the data analysis concludes that there is a small positive relationship between customers' understanding of the mudharabah contract and the disputes possibility. =========================================== Pengetahuan dan pemahaman nasabah terhadap produk mudharabah dalam perbankan syariah sangat diperlukan oleh semua nasabah. Mudharabah adalah salah satu produk perbankan yang menimbulkan resiko yang besar, ini karena akad ini melibat dua pihak, yaitu investor dan nasabah. Pada kasus Bank Muamalat Indonesia, kurangnya pemahaman nasabah terhadap produk Mudharabah akan mendatangkan kemungkinan timbulnya sengketa berkaitan pembiayaan yang dikeluarkan oleh bank sebagai shahibul maal dan kesepakatan nisbah pembagian keuntungan. Kajian ini bertujuan untuk membahas dan mengenal pasti kaitan antara kepahaman dengan konflik yang terjadi di Bank Muamalat Indonesia cabang Banda Aceh. Kajian ini merupakan kajian lapangan dengan menggunakan pendekatan kuantitatif dalam mendapatkan

  3. CSR in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Retail Industry of Brunei Darussalam and its Influence on Supply Chain Management

    Mohd Suria, Siti Fatimah Masayu


    This dissertation is on the subject of corporate social responsibility (CSR), specifically looking at CSR in one of Brunei Darussalam's industries, to shed some light on the state of CSR in the country. The Fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail industry is chosen and three of the largest local firms are involve in the study. The main objective of the study is to find out the extent of CSR in these companies and to see if CSR has permeated into their supply chain management. A qualitative m...


    Mahayudin Hj Yahaya


    This study examined the term of `Umran made by Ibn Khaldun in the 14th Century A.D. with the aim to compare with other terms, notably civilization and urbanization practied by modern society in the context of development and management. The objective of the study is to identify the triangular theory of universal prosperity (ToUP/`Umran/) to be implemented according to the current situation and circumstances in line with the demands of Shari`a Law in Negara Brunei Darussalam. Among the focus o...

  5. Gampong Jawa Landfill of Banda Aceh: a Case Study of Dumpsite Rehabilitation to a Sustainable Landfill

    Mirzayanto; Yulian Gressando


    Gampong Jawa dumpsite was established in 1994 as part of Banda Aceh Municipality (BAM) efforts to participate in Adipura Award for the category of clean and green city. The 12 ha area was a dumpsite for most of wastes from BAM and Aceh Besar District. When earthquake/tsunami hit Banda Aceh in December 2004, it was completely destroyed and all the wastes were swept away. This paper is aimed to present the lessons of how a dumpsite is rehabilitated to a landfill. Some issues and ...

  6. PARADOKS GENDER (Kajian Feminisme Etis terhadap Kemunculan Inong Balee dalam Kekerasan Politik di Aceh)

    Nugroho, Hastanti Widy; Murtiningsih, Siti


    Abstract This research aims to get understanding about a definition and a concept of Inong Balee in a political violence in Aceh; secondly, to get an evidence of gender paradox in the Inong Balee’s role and existence in Aceh; thirdly, to criticize the concept of Inong Balee’s gender paradox from Ethical Feminism viewpoint; fourthly, all of them are formulated as a recommendation for a resolution of the political violence in Aceh. The result of this research is the Inong Balee is a general ...

  7. Effects of moisture content on coarse woody debris respiration in a tropical rainforest of Brunei Darussalam

    Roh, Y.; Li, G.; Han, S. H.; Abu Salim, K.; Son, Y.


    Since coarse woody debris (CWD) respiration (Rcwd) has an important role in carbon (C) cycling in forest ecosystems, it is a significant parameter in an investigation of CWD decomposition rate. Rcwd is known as to be influenced not only by environmental factors but also by CWD properties (e.g., moisture content). This study investigated the effects of CWD moisture content on Rcwd in a lowland mixed Dipterocarp tropical rainforest of Brunei Darussalam. CWDs in the forest were selected and categorized into two decay classes (sound and partially decomposed), and three diameter classes (10-20 cm, 20-30 cm, more than 30 cm). Samplings of CWDs were conducted in February and October, 2016. The fresh weight and Rcwd of the samples were measured within 24 h of sampling. Rcwd measurements were conducted using a closed chamber system with a diffusion-type, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor. In February, the fresh weight and Rcwd of the samples were remeasured, after submerging them in the fresh water for 24, 48, and 72 h. The Rcwd increased significantly with moisture content in February (r2=0.25, p0.05). Rcwd was lowest in the largest diameter class (p0.05). On the basis of these results, the Rcwd in this site was in the range of Rcwd in previous studies conducted in other tropical rainforests. Rcwd increased with moisture content, however, the contribution of moisture content to changes in Rcwd might not be influential during the eight months study period.*Supported by research grants from the Korea Forest Service (2017044B10-1719-BB01).

  8. Respiratory symptoms of vendors in an open-air hawker center in brunei darussalam.

    Nazurah Bt Abdul Wahid, Nurul Nor; Balalla, N B P; Koh, David


    We studied respiratory problems among vendors exposed to cooking fumes in an open-air hawker center. Exposure to cooking fumes from either the use of fossil fuels or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been shown to be associated with adverse respiratory health effects. We conducted a cross-sectional study among 67 food vendors exposed to cooking fumes as well as 18 merchandise sellers at an open-air hawker center in Brunei Darussalam. Past medical and smoking history and exposure to cooking fumes were obtained. The validated American Thoracic Society Questionnaire with a translated Malay version was used to ask for respiratory symptoms. Compared to merchandise sellers (n = 18), cooking vendors (n = 67) had a higher self-reported respiratory symptoms (50.7% for those cooking and 33.3% for merchandise sellers). Cough (28.3%) was the main respiratory symptom experienced in cooking vendors and breathlessness (22.2%) among merchandise sellers. Half (50.0%) of cooking vendors who worked for more than 10 years had cough and 27.3% had phlegm. Those cooking with charcoal were two times more likely to have cough than those cooking with LPG. Cooking vendors with a job duration of more than 10 years were thrice more likely to have cough. Cooking vendors in the open-air hawker center exposed to cooking fumes had more respiratory symptoms compared to non-exposed merchandise sellers. The type of fuel used for cooking and duration of work was associated with increased prevalence of cough.

  9. Improving agricultural commodity supply-chain to promote economic activities in rural area

    Padjung, R.


    Long supply chain of agricultural commodities has become concern to governments particularly in large countries such as Indonesia as it causes high price disparity between farm-gate and retailer. Policies to overcome such problem are usually by shortening the chain, by which farmers sell the products directly to retailers. Using an action research in AEDEF (Aceh Economic Development Financing Facilities) Program, conducted in the province of Nangro Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Indonesia, the paper shows that shortening the commodity supply chain is not the best solution to such problem, as it causes loss of jobs in the villages. High price disparity between farm-gate and retailer is not necessary brought about by long supply-chain but by the efficiency of the chain instead. Efficiency of the chain can be improved by creating enabling business environment such that every actors and players work in a fair manner. This can be achieved by transparency in price and quality grade. With development achieved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), having a good and reliable flow of such information is not difficult. In addition to information flow, the availability and quality of infrastructure to support flow of goods from farm-gate to end-user is of reasonably important.

  10. The degradation level of mangrove at Lhokseumawe, Aceh

    Susiloningtyas, D.; Handayani, T.; Amalia, N.; Rachmawati, G. M.


    Aceh is one of the 34 provinces in Indonesia that has the highest population with a high level of hazard. This research was conducted in the Lhokseumawe district, East Coast of Aceh. This paper was based on secondary data of the analyzed SPOT-5 satellite imagery. This study examines the relationship between the level of damage to mangrove with the distribution of mangrove forests that have formed various spatial patterns and spread in the administrative area of Lhokseumawe, distribution of school and location of school. The method performed by descriptive and quantitative analysis method by Pearson product moment statistic method. The degradation level of mangrove is divided into 3 classes such as the good condition, moderate condition, and bad condition. The result is 14 % of the good condition of mangrove extent about more than 60,000 m2, 32 % are mangrove in moderate condition with an area of 30,000-60,000 m2 and 54 % of them are in bad condition about can be found within an area of than 30,000 m2.

  11. Public perspective towards marine litter in West Aceh City

    Kusumawati, I.; Setyowati, M.; Riana, E.; Prartono, T.


    Marine litter or marine debris is a man-made solid material discarded, abandoned or lost in coastline or into the sea. To reduce the amount of marine litter in the ocean, raising public awareness is an important way. One of the contributing factors on marine litter is the lack of understanding within the community, but to identify how people notice the problem is required adequate research literature. The purpose of this study is to examine the awareness of West Aceh community on marine litter along western coastal area. The research objectives; 1) to evaluate societal perception towards marine litter; 2) to examine the urgent indicator of public awareness in West Aceh City. This study will employ a survey approach by distributing questionnaires to 383 respondents. It was found that respondents show low awareness on marine litter according to statistical data, but there are some rooms to manage in order to raise the level of public awareness. It concludes that sense of responsibility could be enhanced by involving public in any activities for preventing and eradicating marine litter. Education aspect is also important to increase public understanding about the threats of marine debris on environment, human health and economic income.

  12. HISTORY, AUTHORITY, AND POWER: A Case of Religious Violence in Aceh

    Jajat Burhanudin


    Full Text Available This article discusses the way Islam transformed into an ideology that potentially used as justification for violence. By analising the case of the murder of Teungku Ayub, leader of a small circle for basic religious learning (pengajian in Bireun, Aceh, in 2012, the study reveals to the role of Islam as an ideology of mass movement to cleanse deviant tenet (aliran sesat among the Acehnese. This is because of two reasons. First, the term of the veranda of Mecca (serambi Mekkah remains considered as “holy word” in the Acehnese society today, which supports any Islamic agenda of purifying Aceh from aliran sesat. Secondly, the adoption of Islam into a formal body of state (Aceh province represented by the implementation of Islamic law (sharīʻah. Both reasons above strengthen ulama in Aceh to facilitate the mass movement in the name of religion as well as the rationale background of the murder of Teungku Ayub.

  13. Foreign Language Learners' Motivation and Its Effects on Their Achievement: Implications for Effective Teaching of Students Studying Japanese at Universiti Brunei Darussalam

    Keaney, Minako; Mundia, Lawrence


    An increasing number of students at the University of Brunei Darussalam are studying the Japanese language. However, research on the relationship between learners' motivation and their achievement has not been given sufficient attention in Japanese foreign language education compared to English in Brunei. The present study, which utilized a…


    Reza Fahmi Haji Abdurrachim


    Penelitian ini berangkat dari fakta bahwa, pondok pesantren selalunya dikaitkan dan bahkan diidentikan dengan berbagai bentuk pemikiran ekstrim dan tindakan radikal atas nama agama. Sehingga banyak kalangan ditengah-tengah masyarakat yang memiliki prasangka sosial terhadap keberadaan pondok pesantren. Sungguhpun demikian penelitian ini bertuujuan melihat hubungan antara prasangka sosial dan prilaku memberontak dikalangan santri Pondok Pesantren Modern Gontor Darussalam (PMDG) di Jawa Timur. T...

  15. The Aplication of Islamic Law in Indonesia: the Case Study in Aceh

    Bustamam-Ahmad, Kamaruzzaman


    This article provides an historical account of the implementation of Islamic law in Aceh and how the issue of Islamic law has been debated. The study will give more emphasis on the dynamics of the implementation of Islamic law, its historical development, typologies of Islamic law, leaders’ opinions regarding this issue, and the governments’ responses. This study argues that Islamic law in Aceh has been misinterpreted merely as h{udu>d law. In addition, it argues that the provincial govern...

  16. The Patronage Behaviour of Islamic Bank's Customers: Empirical Studies in Aceh

    Abd. Majid, M. Shabri; Zulhanizar, Said


    This study is aimed at empirically exploring the pertinent factors, which customers and non-customer perceive as germane to their selection of Islamic bank in Aceh, Indonesia. A sample of 300 customers and non-customer of Bank Aceh Syariah were selected based on the convenience sampling technique. Using the logistic regression technique, the study documented that the customers’ selection of the banks were influenced by the factors of banks’ characteristic, services and trust, shari’ah complia...

  17. Implikasi Hukum Terkait Pertimbangan Majelis Pendidikan Daerah dalam Penyelenggaraan Pemerintahan Aceh

    Cut Meutia


    The Implementation of Duty and Function of The Province Education Board in the Aceh Governance ABSTRACT: Article 1 (6 of Qanun Number 3, 2006 on the Organization Arrangement and the Organization Structure and Working Structure of the MPD states that the as one of the governmental organization delaing with the education matters in Aceh  providing the policy and consideration for government in regard with the education policy. This research aims to explore the extent of the role of theProvince Education Board in developing the education and the legal consequence of not using the advise, consideration, and suggestions of the body by the Government of Aceh. This is descriptive analytical research by analyzing the data qualitativelyThe research shows that the MPD role has not been well conducted as the Government of Aceh is only wait the advise, consideration, and suggestion of the MPD and the Government of Aceh has no obligation to conduct them. The legal consequences of the Government of Aceh dose not impose them in the policy made, is there is no sanction for both executive and legislative parties due to disobeying the advice, consideration and suggestion of the MPD.

  18. Web-based information system design of agricultural management towards self-sufficiency local food in North Aceh

    Salahuddin; Husaini; Anwar


    The agricultural sector, especially food crops and horticulture, is one of the sectors driving regional economic pillars in Aceh Utara Regency of Aceh Province. Some agricultural products and food crops that become excellent products in North Aceh regency are: rice, corn, peanuts, long beans, cassava and soybeans. The Local Government of North Aceh Regency has not been optimal in empowering and maximizing the potential of agriculture resources. One of the obstacles is caused by the North Aceh Regency Government does not have an adequate database and web information system/GIS (Geographic Information System) for data management of agricultural centre in North Aceh Regency. This research is expected to assist local government of North Aceh Regency in managing agriculture sector to realize local food independence the region in supporting national food security program. The method in this research is using waterfall method for designing and making information system by conducting sequential process starting from data collection stage, requirement analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation system. The result of this research is a web-based information system for the management of agriculture superior agricultural product centre in North Aceh. This application provides information mapping the location of agricultural superior product producers and mapping of potential locations for the development of certain commodities in North Aceh Regency region in realizing food self-sufficiency in the region.

  19. Distribusi Syzygium cumini (L Skeels di Aceh Besar

    Afridah Afridah Rosannah


    Full Text Available The jamblang distribution has been studied in the southern part of  Aceh Besara, which is in the South of Jhanto district, Northern Krueng Raya, Southern Masjid Raya and Ujung Pancu district. The aims ofthis study was to determine the distribution area of jamblang based on rainfall, soil type, and lands cover . The data were collectedby observation. Distribution data are presented in the  form of map using ArcView 3.3 Software. The results of the analysis showed that the common jamblang was distributedin the rainfall region of 1500-2500 mm/year in dryland farming and the chromic luvisols, humic acricols, dystric fluvisols, dan rendzinas.

  20. ACEH IN HISTORY: Preserving Traditions and Embracing Modernity

    Amirul Hadi


    Full Text Available This paper attempts to critically discuss on how the Acehnese in history, while trying to embrace the modern world, have made every effort at preserving their traditions. As an ethnic group which has a glorious past, Aceh has strongly been connected to “identity”; and this is expressed in various means, including “social memory.” For this very reason, “traditions”, including those of the past, are explored and preserved. Yet, the challenges of modernity are also apparent. It is in this context that the Acehnese are trapped at the crossroad. On the one hand, they tend to preserve their traditions, yet, on the other, they need to embrace modern lives. The Acehnese seem to have encountered considerable obstacles on this issue, for they tend to focus more on historical “romanticism” (nostalgia rather than historical “awareness” (consciousness. Eventually, the “spirit” of the past cannot be brought into light.

  1. Cultural meanings of tuberculosis in Aceh Province, Sumatra.

    Caprara, A; Abdulkadir, N; Idawani, C; Asmara, H; Lever, P; De Virgilio, G


    This paper shows how disease transmission and particularly what biomedicine calls tuberculosis are interpreted in the non-Western context of Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. It tries also to focus on factors influencing perceptions and health-seeking behaviors. Results show that what biomedicine calls TB is represented by a semantic network of illnesses. Parts of this network are clearly identified as transmissible while others are related to specific phenomena affecting the individual, such as terbuk (poisoning) or trouk (fatigue produced by hard work), and are not considered contagious. Forms of transmission are interpreted mostly through empirical and analogic categories. TB is attributed to four different aspects: (a) biomedical categories such as germ theory; (b) socio-economic conditions; (c) transgression of social rules; and (d) poisoning and the influences of supernatural powers. Health-seeking behaviors are related to the perceived causes of the disease, economic factors, and the accessibility of health services.


    Ismail Suardi Wekke


    Full Text Available مستخلص:  حكومة بروناى دار السلام تقوم نشيطة بتنمية نموذج مثالى للتعليم وإدارة التربية الإسلامية بالوسائل التكنولوجية. وهذه المحاولة تدعمها مبادرة سلطان بروناى دار السلام بوصفه رئيسا للدولة. وهذه المقالة تكون معلوماتها مستمدة من حقائق الدراسة العلمية:   تكامل التربية الإسلامية واستخدامها وسائل الإتصال والإخبار التكنولجية فى عملية التعليم. هذه المحاولة المتكاملة لها أثرها النافع فى إثراء المواد الدراسية للطلاب وفى تسهيل عملية التدريس. وما كادت هذه البرامج تمضى ثمان سنوات حتى حصلت الحكومة على الإرتقاء بمقدرة الطلاب، وباستيعابهم على المواد الدارسية، وبكيفية التقويم التربوي الأصلح, وباصلاح عملية تنظيم التربية الإداري. وهذه الدراسة تحصل على أن وسائل الإخبار والإتصال التكنولوجية تتساير وتقدم التربية الإسلامية تسايرا متكاملا فى ترقية ذكاء الطلاب. Abstrak:  Pemerintah Brunai Darussalam giat mengembangkan model pembelajaran dan administrasi pendidikan Islam dengan menjadikan teknologi sebagai fasilitator. Upaya itu didorong oleh prakarsa Sultan Brunai Darussalam, kepala negara sekaligus sultan negara itu. Makalah ini mengemukakan hasil penelitian tentang integrasi pendidikan Islam dan penggunaan teknologi komunikasi dan informasi. Integrasi tersebut memberikan manfaat dalam pengayaan materi dan memudahkan proses pembelajaran. Setelah delapan tahun berjalan, program itu mampu mendorong kepada peningkatan kemampuan siswa, penguasaan

  3. Biological control of Black Pod Disease and Seedling Blight of cacao caused by Phytophthora Species using Trichoderma from Aceh Sumatra

    The cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao L., suffers large yield losses in Aceh Indonesia to the disease black pod rot, caused by Phytophthora spp. Despite having the largest area under cacao production in Sumatra, farmers in the Aceh region have low overall production because of losses to insect pests and b...

  4. The Role of Adat Justice and Its Adat Institutons in Preventing Transnational Crimes in Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Sri Walny Rahayu


    Lebih dari satu dekade setelah berlakunya Undang-Undang No. 11 Tahun 2006 tentang Pemerintahan Aceh, kemampuan adaptif peradilan adat dan lembaga adat Aceh terus bertahan karena memiliki dasar legalitas penormaan yang kuat diatur dalam undang-undang dan peraturan di Indonesia. Di sisi lain jika dikaji, konsekuensi pelaksanaan Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean (MEA efektif berlaku 31 Desember 2015 di Indonesia berpotensi menimbulkan ancaman seperti munculnya berbagai bentuk kejahatan transnasional yang melintasi perbatasan suatu negara, dilakukan oleh pelaku dari dua atau lebih negara dengan modus operandi modern. Berlakunya MEA bagi Aceh merupakan tantangan memanfaatkan peluang peradilan adat dan lembaga adat mengantisipasi kejahatan tersebut. Berdasarkan data dari ASEAN Rencana Aksi untuk memerangi kejahatan transnasional terdapat delapan bentuk kejahatan yaitu, perdagangan gelap narkoba, perdagangan manusia, laut-pembajakan, penyelundupan senjata, pencucian uang, terorisme, kejahatan ekonomi internasional dan cyber crimes. Tulisan ini bertujuan menjelaskan kemampuan adaptif peradilan adat, lembaga adat Aceh, dan model intervensi peradilan adat di Aceh menghadapi kejahatan transnasional era MEA.

  5. Rancang Bangun Transportasi Logistik Kakao Agroindustri Coklat Kabupaten Pidie Jaya Provinsi Aceh

    Yusriana Yusriana


    Full Text Available Factual problems of the cocoa bean agroindustry at Pidie Jaya District, Aceh Province were large distances between farmers and processor, thus determining the shortest part route, backhaul location and quality risk becomes critically to the assess. The objective this research are to determine shortest route based on the location of suppliers, back location, and risk quality recommendations. Requirement of shortest part route solved by Algorithm Djisktra, Backhaul location with MPE and Risk management quality by Multi Expert Multi Criteria Decision Making, aggregation criteria with OWA. The result of the study shows that the shortest distance suppliers Aceh Timur District was 282km, Aceh Utara District 116km, Bireuen District 57km, Pidie District 24km and Aceh Tenggara District 391km. Backhaul location sat Aceh Tengah District with a value of MPE(6533. Alternative of quality risk management were direct fermentation, improvement of transport facilities and container with a high rating criteria, thus the agroindustry has to focus on this dimension.




    Full Text Available Islamic Development Strategy in Post-Tsunami Aceh towards Establishing Religious Society. Since Indonesian independence to the reformation era the development in Aceh has undergone changable rise and fall. In such history long-lasting conflict, be it vertically between the people and the government of the Republic of Indonesia or horizontally amongst the society had repeatedly happened. The tsunami of 2004 put the burden of Acehnese people even heavier, but at the same time it throw light into the importance of reconstructing Aceh in the framework of Islamic and Indonesian ways of life. In the post tsunami, the reconstruction of Aceh has become the most discussed topic. In this context, this essay extensively discusses the strategy of reconstruction in Aceh which mainly focus on: First, writing the blueprint of the Islamic teaching experience that should become as a guideline for peoples’ daily lives. Second, planning development program based on the Islamic development principles. Third, establishing an accountable and good governance.


    Putra Bagus Mochammad; Wiaam Mohammad Syairozi


    This study attempted to investigate the strategies used by high school students in writing Arabic compositions, problems they confronted, and differences strategies used by the students with highest and lowest scores. The samples of this study were fifth-grade students of Darussalam Islamic Boarding School, i.e., three students with high achievements and three with low ones. Data collection techniques were used, namely thinking-aloud protocol, interview and observation. Specific processes and...

  8. Revitalizing the unused urban space, case study: Lhokseumawe, Aceh -Indonesia

    Wahid, J.; Karsono, B.; Koesmeri, D. R. A.; Indriannisa, S. E.


    The phenomenon of urban decline in the highly industrialized nation is now slowly taking place in the developing world. Deindustrialization as defined as a decline in the manufacturing sectors led to the changes in social, economic and subsequently a shift in urban activities. By taking Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Republic of Indonesia as an example, this paper attempts to uncover the possibilities and opportunities in identifying the causes and tracing back on the decline. Lhokseumawe, Aceh was a well-known industrial region outside Java Island, and it has attracted thousands of workers from northern Sumatera and the nearby regions. After the downturn of the economy and the change in activities, the city slowly showed a decline. Scholars has estimated that one in six of the cities around the world that relied on oil and gas production activities will suffer from this phenomenological impact. Lhokseumawe is a good example of an industrial plants where PT Arun LNG (private limited company) operated since 1974 grew up rapidly and nicknamed “Petrodollar City”. The trickle effect of the activities from the petrodollar business led to a few settlements popping up at the periphery as a result of urban sprawl from Lhokseumawe, however, the glory of the economic growth outlived within a short period. This was resulted from the production of PT Arun NGL which had dropped dramatically in the 2000s and suddenly closed the operation in October 2014. From these perspectives, this paper attempts to investigate the impact of deindustrialization within the urban space and activity in Lhokseumawe which have consequences to urban declining phenomena. By taking one of the revitalized urban space formerly known as Cunda Plaza (CP) as a case study area, the paper will apply synoptic method through observation, space mapping and interview techniques for gathering and examining the data. The findings indicates that Cunda Plaza is a magnet as a central hub of urban activities which can be

  9. The northern tidal dynamic of Aceh waters: A 3D numerical model

    Irham, M.; Miswar, E.; Ilhamsyah, Y.; Setiawan, I.


    The northern tidal dynamic of Aceh waters studied by employing three-dimensional (3D) numerical hydrodynamic model. The purpose of this study is to understand the phenomena and the characteristic of the northern tidal dynamic of Aceh waters. The research used the explicit-splitting scheme numerical model of Navier-Stokes formulation. The result displays that the vertical rotation of flow movement (vertical eddy) at a depth of 15 to 25 meter eastern part of the study area. Hence, the result also informs that the current circulation identically to the upwelling in the western region of Aceh during the wet season and vice versa. However, during the transitional season, the flow circulation depends on how the tidal dynamic occurs in the area.

  10. The Patronage Behaviour of Islamic Bank’s Customers: Empirical Studies in Aceh

    M. Shabri Abd. Majid


    Full Text Available This study is aimed at empirically exploring the pertinent factors, which customers and non-customer perceive as germane to their selection of Islamic bank in Aceh, Indonesia. A sample of 300 customers and non-customer of Bank Aceh Syariah were selected based on the convenience sampling technique. Using the logistic regression technique, the study documented that the customers’ selection of the banks were influenced by the factors of banks’ characteristic, services and trust, shari’ah compliance, and physical objects. Of these factors, banks’ characteristic and shari’ah compliance were found to be the most pertinent factors perceived by the customers and non-customer to their selection of Islamic bank in Aceh, Indonesia. These findings imply that to attract more customers, the Islamic bank should enhance their unique characteristics and products’ compliance.DOI:10.15408/aiq.v8i2.3139

  11. Why Not Genocide? Anti-Chinese Violence in Aceh, 1965–1966

    Jess Melvin


    Full Text Available This article provides an account of anti-Chinese violence in Aceh between 1 October 1965 and 17 August 1966. Drawing upon original oral history evidence and previously unknown documentary sources, this article builds upon current scholarly understandings that two phases of violence involving members of the ethnic Chinese community can be identified in Aceh during this period, to explain how a third explicitly ethnic-based phase of violence directed against members of the ethnic Chinese community in Aceh can also be identified. Based on this research and a reflection on the precedent set by the Cambodian genocide as to how the current legal definition of genocide can be applied, this article argues that the assessment that the Indonesian killings should not be understood as genocide is premature.


    Raihan Raihan


    Full Text Available Mohammad Natsir was one of the da’wa figure where his thoughts covered various fields. He was the founder DDII (Dewan Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia who was assessed consistently carried out the Islamic da’wa until the end of his life. As the result of his struggle, related to the vision and mission of the center of DDII, DDII Aceh should not be much different from that set by the center. But in reality, when it is seen through the aspect of the activities being carried out have not been fully applied by Aceh DDII. The result of this study shows that the struggle of Mohammad Natsir as well as the extension of the center management is related to the vision and the mission developed by the Aceh Provincial DDII is not different from that being set by the center. Similarly, the majority of programs are set by Aceh DDII has much in common with the da’wa activities that had been carried out by Mohammad Natsir when leading DDII, namely to conducted promoting and routine qur’anic recitation, building mosques, hampering the effort to silt the creed as well as other programs aimed at improving the Islamic da’wa quality. However, the performance of Aceh DDII is still seemed less productive due to the involvement of management which some still focus on less da’wa activities. In addition, the Aceh DDII is lack of operational funds in carrying out various activities which bring about some programs have been delayed, or even failure in its implementation.

  13. Prakiraan Beban Listrik Jangka Pendek Kota Banda Aceh Berbasis Logika Fuzzy

    Syukriyadin,; Syahputra, Rio


    One of the technical aspects that support the optimal operation planning of a power plant when viewed in terms of system reliability and economic is about short-term load forecasting. The objective of this research is to forcasting hourly short-term electric load peak (17:30 to 22:30 GMT) at loading area of Transmission Distribution Banda Aceh Unit of PT. PLN P3B Aceh 150-20 kV by using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) method. The toolbox used to predict short-term electric load ...


    syukri syukri


    Full Text Available This study aims at examining the various methods of teaching akidah in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Banda Aceh 1, as well as the suitability of its implementation with RPP documentation. This research used a qualitative approach. Hence, several techniques to collect the data including interview, observation and documentation, while data analysis using Miles and Huberman model. The results of this study indicate that the various methods of teaching akidah in MAN Banda Aceh 1 were group discussion, question and answer, inquiry, lecture, working group, training and rewarding. This study also found that methods used in teaching akidah in this school, some are in line with the RPP and some are not.


    Muhammad Abdul Samad


    Full Text Available Islamic business ethics is one that should be the practice of Muslim traders, because Islam promotes this method for fairness, honesty and the benefit of people. Ethical values of Islam must be known and understood by all Muslim traders to avoid cheating that may oppress customers. This study uses qualitative methods and obtains data from the interviewers and observations. The study found that the majority of Aceh traders has understood the ethical businessmen in Islam which can be seen from the activities they are doing in each of its business practices. Aceh dealers are usually honest, fair, occupying commitment, hardworking and making efforts in business.


    Etty Soesilowati


    Full Text Available The research aimed to synchronize inters sectors, which uses Rencana Tata Ruang dan Wilayah  as main guide. Scope of the discussion consist of comparison between the exixting and should condition. The locus of this research was in direct Aceh Singkil by focusing on housing and settlement, business and post disater infrastructure. The secondary data resources collected from BRR (Badan Rekonstruksi dan Rehabilitasi, The local Government of province and county and the identified funding institution. The primary data resources collected from interview, observation, focus group discussion and stakeholders meeting forum. The data analyzed by participative planning analysis, policy analysis, scale of priority and budget analysis. The result of this research showed: (1 there was overlapping program found on housing and settlement sectors; (2 some program that should be required but in fact they didn’t appear, even In infrastructure, housing and settlement sector and economics; (3 most of the program proposed to BRR expected to get financial support from BRR. The recommendations are: (1 they should organize completely definite RTRW program includes the amount of budget needed for the coming 20 years; (2 they should allocate the budget for maximum 40% of APBD for routine and 60% for development, because after year of 2009 BRR and NGO’s will be no longer work there; (3 the patterns of coordination should gradually do from Musrenbang/Musbangdes/Musbang to sub district/county and another communication forum.  

  17. The role of students' activities in Indonesian realistic mathematics education in primary schools of Aceh

    Zubainur, Cut Morina; Veloo, Arsaythamby; Khalid, Rozalina


    This study aims to explore the implementation of the Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education (PMRI) in Aceh primary schools, Indonesia. This study investigates the students' mathematics activities involved in the implementation of PMRI and for this purpose; students' mathematics activities in the classroom were observed. Students were observed three times within five weeks during mathematics class, based on PMRI. A total of 25 year five students from a public school participated in this study. Observation check list was used in this study based on ten items. The observation conducted was based on two different time periods which were 105 minutes for group A and 70 minutes for group B. The observation was conducted every 5 minutes. The results show that PMRI is being practised in Aceh, but not completely. This study shows that mathematics activities for those who were taught using PMRI are higher than for those using the traditional approach. Overall, the findings showed that the number of student activities undertaken in PMRI achieved 90.56%. The higher percentage of activities suggests that the Aceh Education Office expands the implementation of PMRI in all primary schools so that learning of mathematics is more effective. This indirectly increases the mathematics achievement of students in Aceh to a higher level on par with Indonesia's national achievement.

  18. Islamic representation and urban space in Banda Aceh: Linking the social and spatial

    Istiqamah; Herlily


    Post conflict and tsunami; the city of Banda Aceh is experiencing a massive development as an effort to represent an Islamic city. Some strategic points have been chosen by the municipality to build architectural objects that are considered to represent Islam in the urban space. The issue of such representational practice is the development of neglecting the activities of local communities as users of urban public spaces. The purpose of this design study is to provide an alternative to the urban design of Banda Aceh to represent Islam that is not moving from physical development but by involving community activities. Establish and rediscover the relationship between Islam and urban life in Banda Aceh. This design study uses mental maps of 50 inhabitants of Banda Aceh city of various ages who live in 10 villages around the city center. We use mental maps as a tool to read the daily activities of the community and determine the familiar urban territory with the community. The results of this study will be used to form a Muslim community and present community activities to represent Islam in the urban space.

  19. The Influence of Islamic Moral Values on the Students' Behavior in Aceh

    Nuriman; Fauzan


    This study shows the influence and relationship of Islamic moral values to the students' behavior in Aceh Province. Learning Objects are the moral values of Islam achieved in learning in high school and vocational institutions that are assumed to affect the students' behavior. The quantitative methods used in this study and was running by SPSS…

  20. Rainwater Quality Measurements in the Area of Bricks Manufacturing at Kajhu Aceh Besar

    Sarina .


    Full Text Available The study of rainwater quality measurement has been done in brick manufacturing area of Kajhu, Aceh Besar. The measurements are taking place in the three different places when the rain fall from the sky in Kajhu area. The physical parameters that will be measured are pH, TDS, conductivity and potential of electricity.


    hasan muhammad basri


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to analyse the phenomenon of flypaper effect in Aceh after the implementation of fiscal decentralization. Data used in the study were panel data covering all 23 district/municipalities in Aceh from 20U to 2013. Pooled Least Square was utilized. The results of this study revealed that own- source revenue, sharing revenue, special allocation funds, general allocation funds, and special autonomy funds are statistically significant variables and have a positive relation to regional spending. It was proven that flypaper effect has occured in Aceh as the coefficient of the own-source revenue variabel was smaller than that of sharing revenue variabel. This implied that Aceh has been dependent on the national government in term of regional financing. Based on descriptive analysis, provinces having dominant share of tertiary sector to their regional gross domestic products show fiscally independent. In order to achieve fiscal independence, the phenomenon of flypaper effect could be overcomed by shifting the economic structure from the primary and secondary to the tertiary sectors of the economy. In doing so, the contribution of own-source revenue to regional spending outweigh intergovernment transfer funds from national government

  2. The diversity and abundance of ground herbs in lowland mixed dipterocarp forest and heath forest in Brunei Darussalam

    Nurul Hazlina Zaini


    Full Text Available Herbaceous plants are important components of total plant species richness in tropical forests. Ground herb diversity and abundance were studied in a lowland Mixed Dipterocarp forest (Andulau and a heath forest (Bukit Sawat in Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. At each site, all ground herbs in twenty randomly selected 10 × 10 m subplots within a one hectare permanent plot were censused and identified. The study recorded a total of 20 families and 32 genera of ground herbs, with the family Zingiberaceae as the most abundant at both sites. Thirteen genera were recorded only at Andulau and 7 genera were exclusive to Bukit Sawat, with twelve genera common to both sites. Ground herb species richness appear higher at Andulau than Bukit Sawat (37 vs. 29, but this difference was not statistically significant at the subplot level. However, ground herb abundance and density were significantly higher at Bukit Sawat than Andulau (n =  846 vs. 385; 4230 vs. 1925 individuals ha-1. The more open canopy at Bukit Sawat may provide higher light availability here than at Andulau, which is characterised by a closed canopy. We suggest that light availability is the most important environmental factor influencing ground herb density and abundance at these sites. 

  3. The difference of drainage channel dimensions at Kopelma Darussalam on the land with and without the use of Bio Pores

    Yulianur, Alfiansyah; Fauzi, Amir; Humaira, Zaitun


    The changes of land use and diminishing of open field that persistently occur are projected to cause rates acceleration of runoff, which decreases the opportunity for rainwater to infiltrate. It has an impact on the surface runoff into the channels, which eventually may lead to overflow and inundate the surrounding area. Some efforts are required to increase the infiltration of rainfall. Thus, bio pore could be one of the most effective methods to be implemented. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of bio pore towards the reduction of runoff discharge into the drainage channel and to determine whether that reduction could lead to effectively lessen the channels’ dimension. This study is commenced at Kopelma Darussalam in the southern part where there were several spots that submerged by inundation flood during the rainy season, namely Sektor Timur area. Rational modification formula is used to calculate the surface runoff discharge on the land without the use of bio pore. Meanwhile, runoff discharge on the land with the use of bio pores is calculated by the use of water balance formula. The number of bio pores that have planned in Sektor Timur area is 3350 bio pores with the diameter of each is ∅10 cm and 80 cm in depth. The result indicates that those bio pores can reduce the runoff discharge on average of 27% and its’ reduction lead to the decrease of drainage channel dimension for the average of 26.9%.


    Khamami Zada


    Full Text Available The application of Islamic rules in Aceh and Kelantan is also related to the political power. There is a significant difference about political treatment on the application of Islamic law in Aceh and Kelantan. In Aceh, the central government (Indonesia thinks that it is needed to apply jinâyah law in Aceh as a strategy to solve conflicts. This political rule has been applied in the republic of Indonesia since the leadership of Habibie, Abdurrahman Wahid, Megawati Soekarno Putri to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The main factor that influences the Indonesian political government rule is the central conflict with the Acehnese in the leadership of Soeharto presidential to the Helsinski Agreement 2005. Some vertical conflicts happened between the central government and the Acehnese were solved by giving special autonomy in applying the Islamic rules. Not only family law and economic law which are given autonomy to be applied in Aceh, but also the autonomy to apply jinâyah Law. In Kelantan, Federal government (Malaysia did not have political wish to apply Jinayah Law in Kelantan since the leadership of Mahathir Muhammad, Abdullah Badawi to Najib Razak. Moreover the federal government made the issue of the application of jinâyah law as the political commodity to get the political sympathy from the people, who are the partner of non Moslem voters in the national ranks and some Moslem voters who are not affiliated with PAS. This political needs factor is kept by the Federal Government to respond the Kelantan’s government wish to apply Islamic rules.Copyright (c 2015 by Al-Ihkam. All right reserved DOI : 10.19105/al-ihkam.v10i1.588 

  5. Review: Miller, Michelle Ann (2009, Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia – Jakarta’s Security and Autonomy Policies in Aceh

    Antje Missbach


    Full Text Available Review of the monograph: Miller, Michelle Ann, Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia – Jakarta’s Security and Autonomy Policies in Aceh, London/ New York: Routledge, 2009, ISBN 13: 978-0-415-45467-4, 240 pages.

  6. Being Woman in the Land of Shari‘a: Politics of the Female Body, Piety, and Resistance in Langsa, Aceh

    Muhammad Ansor


    This study investigates the dynamic of institutionalization of Shari’a in Aceh, which focuses on analysis of the patterns of Langsa women’s resistance against religious leaders and state interpretations of the dress standards in the public space. This matter emerged because the implementation of Shari’a has been supported by local people, but the standard of Islamic dress that should be applied is still debatable among various groups in Aceh that have varied understandings and different relig...


    Novrian Satria Perdana


      Abstrak, Berbagai upaya untuk menjadikan pendidikan lebih mempunyai makna bagi individu yang menyentuh tataran afektif telah dilakukan melalui mata pelajaran Pendidikan Agama, Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan, Pendidikan IPS, Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia, dan Pendidikan Jasmani. Namun demikian upaya-upaya tersebut ternyata belum mampu mewadahi pengembangan karakter secara dinamis dan adaptif terhadap perubahan jaman yang sangat cepat. Permasalahan gagalnya pendidikan formal di sekolah dalam membentuk karakter siswa sangat perlu diantisipasi, sehingga perlu dikembangkan suatu model pembelajaran dan system pendidikan yang dapat digunakan untuk membentuk karakter siswa. Permasalahan pendidikan di sekolah yang belum dapat membentuk karakter siswa dipengaruhi oleh beberapa factor, diantaranya factor manajemen sekolah, guru, dan model pembelajaran. Untuk memperoleh model pembelajaran yang cocok, telah dilakukan penelitian tentang best practices pendidikan karakter di beberapa pesantren yang berada di propinsi Sumatera Utara, propinsi Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, propinsi Sumatera Barat, propinsi Riau, propinsi Jambi, dan propinsi Sumatera Selatan. Pengumpulan data dalam penelitian ini dilakukan dengan dua tehnik yang lazim digunakan dalam penelitian dalam penelitian kualitatif, yaitu; observasi dan wawancara mendalam. Ditemukan bahwa pesantren salafiyah lebih mengutamakan keteladanan ustadz, sedangkan pesantren modern menerapkan aturan yang ketat untuk menumbuhkan sikap disiplin dan tanggungjawab. Pesantren menumbuhkan atribut karakter saling tolong menolong, ihklas mengabdi, kesederhanaan, dan kemandirian. Kebijakan yang dapat diambil berdasarkan hasil penelitian ini adalah menerapkan pendidikan karakter secara holistic melalui program sekolah yang harus dipahami dan dipatuhi oleh semua unsur pendidik dan peserta didik.  Untuk itu, lembaga pendidikan seharusnya menetapkan misi yang eksplisit terkait pengembangan karakter siswa.   Kata Kunci: pendidikan karakter, model

  8. Phytochemical screening, total phenolics and antioxidant activities of bark and leaf extracts of Goniothalamus velutinus (Airy Shaw from Brunei Darussalam

    Erum Iqbal


    Full Text Available Goniothalamus velutinus Airy Shaw belongs to the family Annonaceae which is known to have anticancer, antitumor and many other bioactivities. Natives of Sabah and Sarawak use root decoction of G. velutinus for the treatment of headache and food poisoning while the bark was used as a mosquito repellent. Bark and leaf extracts of this plant, obtained from Brunei Darussalam, were tested for phytochemical and antioxidant activities. Phytochemical screening of plant extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, steroids, terpenoids and cardiac glycosides. Quantitative determination of total phenolics, total flavonoids, and various in vitro antioxidant activities (DPPH, ABTS and FRAP of methanolic extract was carried out using colorimetric methods. The total phenolic content, expressed as mg of gallic acid equivalent (GAE per gram of extract, was found to be 68 mg GAE/g and 78 mg GAE/g for bark and leaves respectively. The radical scavenging activity measurement, expressed in terms of EC50 (effective concentration of extract in μg/mL that reduces DPPH absorbance to 50% as compared to negative control, for leaf and bark extracts was found to be 155 μg/mL and 204 μg/mL respectively. Standards trolox and ascorbic acid show EC50 value of 5 μg/mL and 4 μg/mL respectively. Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC was measured using the ABTS and FRAP method. Result for bark and leaf extracts was 79 mg and 106 mg trolox equivalent (TE/g respectively for the ABTS method. For FRAP assay, results for bark and leaf extracts were 80 and 89 mg TE/g respectively.


    Mursyid Mursyid


    Full Text Available Ketentuan UU Perkawinan No. 1 Tahun 1974 dan Kompilasi Hukum Islam tentang harta bersama mengatur bahwa sebelum warisan dibagi kepada ahli waris, maka harta bersama antara suami dan istri dibagi dengan cara 50% bagi suami dan 50% istri. Namun bagaimana dengan praktik pembagian harta bersama pada Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh dalam penyelesaian perkara harta bersama di Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh para apakah hakim hanya mendasarkan putusannya pada UU Perkawinan No. 1 Tahun 1974 dan Kompilasi Hukum Islam saja ataukah juga mempertimbangkan hukum Islam yang hidup dalam masyarakat Aceh. Hal inilah yang menjadi fokus kajian dari penelitian ini dengan arah utama pembahasan diarahkan pada dua pertanyaan pokok, yaitu Perkara apa saja yang ditangani oleh Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh dalam kaitannya dengan harta bersama? Dan Bagaimana ijtihad hakim dalam penyelesaian perkara harta bersama pada Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh, apakah para hakim hanya mendasarkan putusannya pada UU Perkawinan No. 1 Tahun 1974 dan Kompilasi Hukum Islam saja atau juga mempertimbangkan praktek pembagian harta bersama dalam masyarakat Aceh? Untuk membahas permasalahan tersebut, penulis menggunakan metode penelitian lapangan dan metode penelitian pustaka dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Untuk data lapangan, penulis lebih dominan menggunakan metode wawancara (indepth interview dan studi dokumentasi. Hasil Pembahasan menunjukkan bahwa Perkara harta bersama yang masuk ke Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh pada tahun 2010 terdapat 4 perkara harta bersama dari 550 perkara secara umum. Pada tahun 2011 terdapat 5 perkara harta bersama dari 815 perkara secara umum dan pada tahun 2012 terdapat 10 perkara harta bersama dari 433 perkara secara umum. Adapun Ijtihad Hakim dalam penyelesaian perkara harta bersama pada Mahkamah Syar’iyah Banda Aceh didasarkan pada pada pertimbangan ketentuan tentang harta bersama yang diatur dalam UU Perkawinan No. 1 Tahun 1974

  10. Quantitative Interpretation of Gravity Anomaly Data in Geothermal Field Seulawah Agam, Aceh Besar

    Aprillino Wangsa


    Keywords: Gravity Method, Density, Grav2DC, Geothermal System, Seulawah Agam REFERENSI Bennett, J.D., dkk. 1981. Peta Geologi Lembar Banda Aceh, Sumatera. Bandung: Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi. Hidayat, N dan Basid, A. 2011. Analisis Anomali Gravitasi Sebagai Acuan Dalam Penentuan Struktur Geologi Bawah Permukaan dan Potensi Geothermal, Jurnal Neutrino, 4.1,p-36. Muzakir. 2014. Investigasi Struktur 2D Lapangan Panasbumi Seulawah Agam Berdasarkan Data Pengukuran Magnetotellurik. Skripsi. Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh. Saptadji, N. M. 2001. Teknik Panas Bumi. Departemen Teknik Perminyakan Fakultas Ilmu Kebumian dan Teknologi Mineral. Institut Teknologi Bandung: Bandung. Yu, G., He, Z. X., Hu, Z.Z., borbergsdottir, I. M., Strack, K. –M., dan Tulinius, H.2009. Geothermal Exploration Using MT and Gravity Techniques at Szentlorinc Area in Hungary - SEG 2009 International Expoloration and Annuad Meeting. Houston. P-4333

  11. Analysis of tsunami disaster map by Geographic Information System (GIS): Aceh Singkil-Indonesia

    Farhan, A.; Akhyar, H.


    Tsunami risk map is used by stakeholder as a base to decide evacuation plan and evaluates from disaster. Aceh Singkil district of Aceh- Indonesia’s disaster maps have been developed and analyzed by using GIS tool. Overlay methods through algorithms are used to produce hazard map, vulnerability, capacity and finally created disaster risk map. Spatial maps are used topographic maps, administrative map, SRTM. The parameters are social, economic, physical environmental vulnerability, a level of exposed people, parameters of houses, public building, critical facilities, productive land, population density, sex ratio, poor ratio, disability ratio, age group ratio, the protected forest, natural forest, and mangrove forest. The results show high-risk tsunami disaster at nine villages; moderate levels are seventeen villages, and other villages are shown in the low level of tsunami risk disaster.

  12. Women`s Leadership and Gender Equality in Aceh: A Socio-historical Perspective

    Widia Munira


    Full Text Available This research analyzes the problems of women`s leadership and gender equality in Aceh. The analysis is focused on the basic philosophical of women`s leadership in Aceh. The qualitative-descriptive was used as the research approach. The primary data were collected by interview and observation to the informants. The secondary data were taken from journals, books, and other reliable resources. The results of the research show that the spiritual and intellectual values of Islam and adat (custom become the basic philosophical of Acehnese women`s leadership. Woman and man have equal roles, opportunities, rights, and responsibility to be a leader in the society based on Al-Qur`an and Sunnah, which are aligned with the Acehnese`s culture.

  13. Klasifikasi Kecamatan Berdasarkan Nilai Akhir SMA/MA di Kabupaten Aceh Selatan Menggunakan Analisis Diskriminan

    Fitriana A.R.


    Full Text Available Analisis diskriminan merupakan bagian dari analisis peubah ganda. Analisis diskriminan digunakan untuk memodelkan variabel tak bebas yang bersifat kualitatif dengan variabel bebas yang bersifat kuantitatif. Pada penelitian ini, analisis diskriminan lebih dari dua kelompok diterapkan pada data nilai akhir SMA/MA di Kabupaten Aceh Selatan yang bertujuan untuk mendapatkan model untuk pengklasifikasian kecamatan. Pengklasifikasian ini bertujuan untuk melihat perbedaan kualitas siswa SMA/MA yang berada di masing-masing kecamatan Kabupaten Aceh Selatan berdasarkan data nilai akhir. Variabel tak bebas yang digunakan berupa klasifikasi kecamatan berdasarkan rata-rata jumlah nilai akhir SMA/MA yang berada di masing-masing kecamatan yang dibentuk dengan K-Means Cluster. Sedangkan variabel bebas yang digunakan adalah data rata-rata nilai akhir SMA/MA untuk setiap mata pelajaran yang diujiankan pada masing-masing jurusan setiap kecamatan. Model yang didapatkan adalah dua model diskriminan untuk jurusan IPA dan IPS.

  14. CONCEPTUALIZING ISLAMIC BASED EDUCATION: An attempt toward Islamization of Educational System in Aceh

    Hasan Basri


    Full Text Available This study proves that Islam has a unique concept of education and constructive values that can be applied in educational system. Discussion on Islamic education has not ended yet; that is why to reveal the Islamic educational values deriving from the primary sources of Islam, the Qur’an and Sunna (prophetic tradition, is not insignificant in the context of educational system in Aceh. Since Aceh has specific privilege in the fields of education, religion, and culture, it is crucial to break up earth the Islamic values and apply them into education programs. Realizing such programs should take accurate and strategic steps through islamization of education, integration of values, and internationalization of way of thinking. Besides, curriculum, method, system, policy, and dichotomy of educational system must be reformed concurrently.


    Widya P. B. P


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat hasil seleksi pada calon induk (heifer dan calon pejantan (bull sapi Aceh menggunakan metode nilai pemuliaan (NP dan indeks seleksi (IS terhadap performans berat badan. Data sekunder yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini terdiri dari data recording ternak dari tahun 2010 sampai 2014 yang meliputi data silsilah ternak, data kelahiran dan dan data berat badan di Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul (BPTU-Hijauan Pakan Ternak (HPT Sapi Aceh Indrapuri. Data recording ternak yang diperoleh digunakan untuk mengestimasi heritabilitas, korelasi genetik dan korelasi fenotip. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa heritabilitas berat sapih (BS, berat setahunan (BY dan berat akhir (BAtermasuk kategori tinggi. Korelasi genetik BS dengan BY dan BS dengan BA termasuk kategori positifsedang. Kesimpulan penelitian ini adalah terdapat 14 ekor heifer (48%dan bull (53%yang memiliki peringkat NPBA dan IS yang sama dari masing-masing 29dan 26 ekorsapi yang diuji.Metode IS dapat digunakan sebagai salah satu kriteria seleksi ternak yang lebih akurat.

  16. Why did Aceh lose its Nineteenth Century Independence? Comparisons with Siam and other states

    Anthony John S. Reid


    Full Text Available By the middle of the 19th century fully independent states in Southeast Asia were few, and all felt threatened by the advance of competitive European imperialisms. By 1900 only Siam (Thailand had retained its full formal independence, though arguably by yielding key levers of control to the British. Siam’s success is often compared with the failure of Burma and Viet Nam, conquered by Britain and France respectively in the late 19th century.  Archipelago states have seldom entered this comparison, although Aceh had unique advantages in the ability to play off British and Dutch. The argument here is that the Aceh leadership did have vital agency, and made some crucial choices that could be considered mistakes from a Siam perspective. Dutch and British choices and mistakes have been better studied, but Acehnese ones also deserve to be. 

  17. PARADIGMA PENAFSIRAN ALQURAN NUSANTARA (Analisis Tafsir Aceh ‘Tafsir Pase’

    Tamrin Talebe


    Full Text Available This article discusses Tafsīr Pase, a local exegesis of the Qur'an. The tafsīr was written in Aceh in pre independence day, brought about by the unstable social conditions (conflict. These conditions have implications on the pattern of this tafsīr, so that the contains cover the ideas on the empowerment of Acehnese, expected to increase the unity and the brotherhood among them. Tafsīr Pase compiled by a team of five people. The name “Pase”, which is used as the name of this tafsīr, was taken from one of the oldest kingdoms in Aceh. It is interesting that this quranic exegesis begins with the study of 'Ulūm al-Qur'ān before entering the discussion of tafsīr using cultural approach.

  18. Modernity and Globalisation: Is the Presence of English and of Cultural Products in English a Sign of Linguistic and Cultural Imperialism? Results of a Study Conducted in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia

    Coluzzi, Paolo


    This article looks at language use and attitudes in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia through a survey conducted among 88 university students for each country. The focus of the article, however, is on the expanding use of English, particularly as far as media consumption is concerned, relating this with issues of globalisation and linguistic and…

  19. Periodicity analysis of tourist arrivals to Banda Aceh using smoothing SARIMA approach

    Miftahuddin, Helida, Desri; Sofyan, Hizir


    Forecasting the number of tourist arrivals who enters a region is needed for tourism businesses, economic and industrial policies, so that the statistical modeling needs to be conducted. Banda Aceh is the capital of Aceh province more economic activity is driven by the services sector, one of which is the tourism sector. Therefore, the prediction of the number of tourist arrivals is needed to develop further policies. The identification results indicate that the data arrival of foreign tourists to Banda Aceh to contain the trend and seasonal nature. Allegedly, the number of arrivals is influenced by external factors, such as economics, politics, and the holiday season caused the structural break in the data. Trend patterns are detected by using polynomial regression with quadratic and cubic approaches, while seasonal is detected by a periodic regression polynomial with quadratic and cubic approach. To model the data that has seasonal effects, one of the statistical methods that can be used is SARIMA (Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average). The results showed that the smoothing, a method to detect the trend pattern is cubic polynomial regression approach, with the modified model and the multiplicative periodicity of 12 months. The AIC value obtained was 70.52. While the method for detecting the seasonal pattern is a periodic regression polynomial cubic approach, with the modified model and the multiplicative periodicity of 12 months. The AIC value obtained was 73.37. Furthermore, the best model to predict the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Banda Aceh in 2017 to 2018 is SARIMA (0,1,1)(1,1,0) with MAPE is 26%.


    Yusnidar Yusnidar


    School head master is one of factors in encouraging the school to reach its vision, mission, aim and target through the planned implemented program. The aim of the study is to know the leadership of the head master of the school in improving the teachers’ commitment, work motivation and obstacles experiencing by the school head master in improving the teachers’ performance at MAN Model Banda Aceh. The study used descriptive method. The data collection techniques were observations, interviews,...

  1. Kepemimpinan Kepala Madrasah dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Guru pada Man Model Banda Aceh

    Yusnidar, Yusnidar


    School head master is one of factors in encouraging the school to reach its vision, mission, aim and target through the planned implemented program. The aim of the study is to know the leadership of the head master of the school in improving the teachers' commitment, work motivation and obstacles experiencing by the school head master in improving the teachers' performance at MAN Model Banda Aceh. The study used descriptive method. The data collection techniques were observations, interviews,...

  2. Pengetahuan Keluarga Tentang Penatalaksanaan Diet Diabetes Mellitus Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Kecamatan Babussalam Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara



    Diabetes Mellitus is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by increased levels of blood or hiperglikemia.Diabetes Melllitus glukosadalam is a collection of symptoms that occur in a person caused by the presence of elevated levels of sugar (glucose) blood due to insulin deficiency both absolute and relative. This study aims to identify Family Knowledge About Treatment of diabetes mellitus diet health centers in the region of Southeast Aceh Regency Babussalam District, on July 25 to ...

  3. Attachment Styles To The Father and Coping Strategies Among Early Adolescents In Banda Aceh City

    Fatmawati, Fatmawati; Muhammad Alwi Zainuddin, Nuzsep Almigo Bin


    This present study sought to investigate the relationship between attachment styles to the father and coping strategies among early adolescents. The population that has been studied was the seventh grade students ofin one of junior high school in Banda Aceh city that meet the established criteria, specifically at least 12 years old and still have father. The sampling technique applied was universal sampling because the number of eligible population was only 81 students. Total of samples taken...

  4. Implementasi Augmented Reality (AR) Pada Pengenalan Koleksi Museum Aceh Sebagai Sarana Pembelajaran Multimedia Berbasis Android

    Heriza, Rahmat


    131421024 Berkembang nya laju teknologi Augmented Reality (AR) membuat kehidupan menjadi lebih real, dengan menggabungkan dunia maya kedalam dunia nyata dalam bentuk 3 Dimensi dengan menggunakan fitur kamera. Tujuan aplikasi ini memberi edukasi dan informasi kepada masyarakat mempelajari koleksi Museum Aceh dengan memanfaatkan teknologi augmented reality. AR sangat membantu dalam visualisasi bentuk objek, maka dengan dibuat nya aplikasi ini sebagai media pembelajaran objek koleksi Museum A...

  5. Effects Of Different Age Groups And Education Towards Consumption Of Traditional Finger Foods In Banda Aceh

    Cut Nilda


    Full Text Available (Pengaruh Usia dan Pendidikan terhadap Pola Konsumsi Kue Tradisional di Banda Aceh  ABSTRACT. Traditional finger foods are closely related to the culture and habits of the population where the foods are produced and carry a symbolic value. The perception of local citizens towards the consumption of traditional foods will affect the existence and integrity of these foods. Primary research was done by interviewing 263 consumers of traditional finger food in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, between April and May 2011. Demography factors are believed to have strong influence in the consumption pattern of traditional finger food in Banda Aceh. The interviews were performed by using a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of dichotomous, multiple-choice questions and scale questions. The sampling technique which was used is a nonprobability with convenience approach in order to select consumers of traditional food. The data analysis was processed by descriptive and bivariate analysis using Chi-square distribution. The results showed that demographic factors, such as age and education, have a correlation with consumer behavior and consumption habits of traditional finger foods. As a side dish, the consumption of these foods is usually related to special occasions and leisure time. Although most of the consumers are satisfied with the traditional finger foods they consume, some improvements are still needed to enhance the quality and appearance of the products based on the respondents demand. These demands, such as improvement in taste and packaging are potential factors in supporting the increase of consumption of traditional finger food in Banda Aceh.


    Oberlin Silalahi


    Full Text Available Partisipasi perempuan dalam perencaanaan pembangunan dan penganggaran dalam Musyawarah Perencanaan Pembangunan (Musrenbang selama ini ternyata masih memiliki hambatan. Sebagai upaya penyelesaiannya, Pemerintah Kota Banda Aceh merumuskan strategi baru berupa Musyawarah Rencana Aksi Perempuan (Musrena yang memberikan kesempatan partisipasi penuh pada perempuan sebagai upaya pengarusutamaan gender (PUG dan Anggaran Responsif Gender (ARG dari tingkat yang paling rendah yaitu desa/gampong. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengelaborasi secara komprehensif tentang inovasi Musrena di Kota Banda Aceh. Melalui pendekatan kualitatif, data dalam penelitian ini didapatkan dari Focused Group Discussion (FGD, wawancara mendalam (Indepth-interview dan desk-study (studi dokumen/dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian ini adalah: 1. Tumbuhnya motivasi dan kesadaran wanita di tingkat Gampong, kota/kabupaten untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam perencaanaan pembangunan dan penganggaran yang responsif gender. 2. Musrena berbasis prinsip kesetaraan, anggaran yang berkeadilan gender, musyawarah dialogis, anti dominasi, keberpihakan kepada kelompok rentan, anti diskriminasi, dan pembangunan secara holistik.   Based on the lack of women participation in development planning and budgeting within the Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang, the government of Banda Aceh formulate a new strategy in the form of Council Action Plan for Women (Musrena which provides an opportunity and full participation for women as gender mainstreaming (PUG and the Gender Responsive Budgeting (ARG on the lowest level; the village (gampong. This study aims to elaborate comprehensively on innovation of Musrena in Banda Aceh. Through a qualitative approach, the data in this study was obtained from Focused Group Discussion (FGD, interview (in depth-interview and desk-study (documentation. The results of this study are: 1. Growth of motivation and awareness level of women in the village, city /county to

  7. Pengaruh Ketersediaan Anggaran Dan Jiwa Kewirausahaan Terhadap Kinerja Pelayanan Aparatur Skpd Di Kabupaten Aceh Utara

    Idris, Amiruddin


    As to this watchfulness aim is to gets description about phenomenon supported by empirical proof and has been found clarity with conclusion about influence from the budget availability and Entrepreneurship towards performance civil servants service SKPD At North Aceh. This research is supposed can give contribution for order government governance and performance civil servants. This research is supposed can give contribution for organization theory development and management theory HRD, espe...


    Zygmunt Lubkowski


    Full Text Available This paper summarises the findings of two field trips to the Aceh Province, which were made by the authors, in early 2006 and late 2007. The purpose of the trips was to assess and provide guidance to the rebuilding process following the 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. The paper will discuss the key issues raised and show how the various agencies involved in the rebuilding process have met the challenges encountered.

  9. Microtremor survey to investigate seismic vulnerability around the Seulimum Fault, Aceh Besar-Indonesia

    Simanjuntak, Andrean V. H.; Muksin, Umar; Rahmayani, Febrina


    The Seulimeum Fault has generated inland earthquake with magnitude larger than M 6.5 that destroyed houses in the Lamteuba and Krueng Raya Villages. Earthquakes along the Seulimeum Fault are mostly right lateral strike-slip characterizing the Fault. The understanding of the seismic vulnerability around the highly populated Banda Aceh City and the villages in Aceh Besar is therefore very important since the city, and the villages are very close to the Seulimeum Fault. A microtremor survey has been conducted to investigate seismic vulnerability in the area closed to the Seulimeum Fault. The waveforms of the microtremor have been recorded in Lamteuba and Kreung Raya villages, Aceh Besar at 20 sites for 7 days from August 14, 2017 with the interval of measurement of 1 km. The waveforms recorded for 30 minutes at each site by using one Taurus Seismometer in miniseed format. The data has been analyzing by using Geopsy to obtain the Horizontal-Vertical Spectral Ratio for each site. The seismic vulnerability is considered to be high if the value of the Horizontal-Vertical Spectral Ratio is high. The HVSR values are then interpolated to obtain the seismic vulnerability map. The preliminary result shows high seismic vulnerability in the area around the first site.


    Ibnu Mujib Mujib


    Full Text Available This paper highlights the perspective of dialog in the negotiation of Aceh identity. If observed, the context of the tsunami followed by the development of Aceh is not without impact at all on the Acehnese entity, but in fact it has triggered a strong clash especially between local identities and influences of global construction. Among the important things offered in this paper is an attempt to reproduce and create “public space” as a productive social capital, that is, a space that is expected to build an atmosphere of openness, egalitarianism, inclusivism of many diverse groups. Therefore, in responding to the wider variety of cultural plurality which penetrates through ethnic clusters, religions, political parties, and all forms of interests, it can be managed through the deliberations of dialog. Therefore, the “public space” that can serve to discuss, hold dialog, and even negotiate the clash of the Acehnese identity forms the modus operandi of the discussion of this article, especially in the context of the development of Aceh that is currently taking place. Keywords: Islam, locality, globality, public space, dialog, negotiation of identity, diversity of Islamic groups, the other.

  11. Kontinuitäten im Wandel: Handlungskoordinationen von Frauenrechtsaktivistinnen in Aceh

    Kristina Großmann


    Full Text Available Muslim women activists in Aceh play a central role in eliminating social and political ills and promoting women’s rights. In their visions of a new Aceh, they situate themselves between their Islamic belief and Acehnese identity as well as between the nation state and international conventions. The central question presented in this article relates to experiences and factors which influence the aspirations, goals, strategies, and implementation of women’s rights work among women activists in Aceh. Based on an 11-month ethnographic field research and biographic interviews, the author argues that Muslim women activists do not perceive their work for the advancement of women as a result of their own experiences of discrimination by existing patriarchal structures. Rather, the source of their engagement lies within their empathy and solidarity with physically and psychologically suffering female conflict victims. Due to the increasing institutionalization and commodification of reconstruction and development aid after the tsunami of 2004, women activists recognize large discrepancies between the aims of foreign donors and those of local organizations and emphasize a return to women’s needs at the grassroot level.

  12. Genetic diversity of merozoite surface protein-2 in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Aceh province, Indonesia

    Jamil, K. F.; Supargiyono, S.; Syafruddin, D.; Pratama, N.; Silvy, S.


    Estimated 3.3 million Indonesian population were infected with malaria. However, extensive genetic polymorphism of the field isolates MSP-2 of P. falciparum represents a major obstacle for the development of malaria treatment. The aim of this study to investigate the genetic diversity of MSP-2 genotype in field isolates of P. falciparum collected in Aceh Province. A total of 90 patients enrolled in this study who were selected from positive malaria from eleven district Hospitals in Aceh from 2013-2015. Data was collected by anamnesis, complete physical examination and laboratory tests for MSP-2. All protocol to diagnose malaria assigned following the WHO 2010 guideline. All samples were stored in Eijkman Biology Molecular Institute, Jakarta.Among 90 samples were 57.7% male and 42.3% female with the most cases ages between 21-30 years old. Allele typing analysis displayed the polymorphic nature of P. falciparum. The MSP-2 have two alleles, 62.2% (56/90) for FC27 type and 58.9% (53/90) for 3D7 type and 21.2% (19/90) for mixed FC27 and 3D7 infection were identified. Diverse allele types from Aceh Province was identified in MSP-2 P. falciparum patients; there is the almost similar number of patients infected with both allele. A moderate level of the mixed allele was also observed.

  13. The genetic polymorphism of merozoite surface protein-1 in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Aceh province, Indonesia

    Jamil, K. F.; Supargiyono, S.; Syafruddin, D.; Pratama, N.; Silvy, S.


    An estimated of 3.3 million Indonesian population were infected with malaria. However, extensive genetic polymorphism of the field isolates msp-1 of P. falciparum represents a major obstacle for the development of malaria treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic diversity of msp-1 genotype in field isolates of P. falciparum collected in Aceh Province. A total of 90 patients with malaria (+) were selected from eleven district hospitals in Aceh from 2013-2015. Data were collected by anamnesis, complete physical examination and laboratory tests for msp-1. All protocols to diagnose malaria followed the WHO 2010 guideline. All samples were stored in Eijkman Biology Molecular Institute, Jakarta. Among 90 samples, 57.7% were male, and 42.3% were female with the most cases found between 21-30 years old. From the allele typing analysis of P. falciparum from Aceh; K1, MAD20, and RO33 allele types were identified. MAD20 type was the highest allele found in this study (57.9%). It was found in single and mixed infection. A moderate level of the mixed allele was also observed.


    Sari Budi Moria Sembiring


    Full Text Available Ikan bandeng, Chanos chanos merupakan salah satu ikan ekonomis penting di Asia. Sejak tahun 1995, di Indonesia sebagian besar benih bandeng diproduksi dari hatchery sekitar Dusun Gondol, Bali Utara baik untuk pasar domestik maupun perdagangan internasional. Dalam rangka meningkatkan kualitas benih, perlu dilakukan perbaikan induk secara genetik menggunakan populasi yang unggul. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mendapatkan data laju pertumbuhan dan variasi genetik induk ikan bandeng yang berasal dari lokasi perairan Aceh, Bali, dan Gorontalo. Pertumbuhan ikan bandeng diamati melalui pengukuran panjang dan bobot benih hingga ukuran 500 g (calon induk, serta variasi genetik diamati menggunakan metode RFLP DNA. Benih dan calon induk masing-masing dianalisis sebanyak 15 ekor. Hasil pengamatan pertumbuhan ikan bandeng mulai dari benih hingga menjadi calon induk, menunjukkan bahwa ikan bandeng dari Aceh dan Bali mempunyai pertumbuhan panjang dan bobot yang relatif lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan ikan bandeng dari Gorontalo, walaupun secara statistik tidak berbeda nyata (P0.05 were observed among the populations. The genetic analysis showed five haplotypes composite from four restriction enzymes i.e., Mbo I, Hae III, Hha I, and Nla IV at on cytochrome-b sequen. The average number of restriction site was 1-3 haplotypes. Aceh and Bali populations have lower genetic variations (0.080 and 0.000 compared to Gorontalo (0.115.

  15. Assessing school disaster preparedness by applying a comprehensive school safety framework: A case of elementary schools in Banda Aceh City

    Sakurai, A.; Bisri, M. B. F.; Oda, T.; Oktari, R. S.; Murayama, Y.


    The study assessed the depth of school disaster safety at public elementary schools in Banda Aceh City, Indonesia in terms of comprehensive school safety, especially school location, disaster management and disaster education. The findings indicate that 56% of public elementary schools in Banda Aceh City are exposed to high tsunami risk, and most externally driven school disaster preparedness activities were not continued by the schools due to lack of ownership and funding. To realize comprehensive school safety, disaster preparedness programs should neither be brought in by external donors, nor be in a patchwork. Rather, it should be conducted jointly and sustainably by the local school and the community and supported by multi-sectoral support in the city. Comprehensive school safety of public elementary schools in Banda Aceh City could be realized by reviewing, updating and localizing school disaster preparedness programs by all the education partners in the city with strong political will and commitment.

  16. Structure analysis of tax revenue and inflation rate in Banda Aceh using vector error correction model with multiple alpha

    Sofyan, Hizir; Maulia, Eva; Miftahuddin


    A country has several important parameters to achieve economic prosperity, such as tax revenue and inflation rate. One of the largest revenues of the State Budget in Indonesia comes from the tax sector. Meanwhile, the rate of inflation occurring in a country can be used as an indicator, to measure the good and bad economic problems faced by the country. Given the importance of tax revenue and inflation rate control in achieving economic prosperity, it is necessary to analyze the structure of tax revenue relations and inflation rate. This study aims to produce the best VECM (Vector Error Correction Model) with optimal lag using various alpha and perform structural analysis using the Impulse Response Function (IRF) of the VECM models to examine the relationship of tax revenue, and inflation in Banda Aceh. The results showed that the best model for the data of tax revenue and inflation rate in Banda Aceh City using alpha 0.01 is VECM with optimal lag 2, while the best model for data of tax revenue and inflation rate in Banda Aceh City using alpha 0.05 and 0,1 VECM with optimal lag 3. However, the VECM model with alpha 0.01 yielded four significant models of income tax model, inflation rate of Banda Aceh, inflation rate of health and inflation rate of education in Banda Aceh. While the VECM model with alpha 0.05 and 0.1 yielded one significant model that is income tax model. Based on the VECM models, then there are two structural analysis IRF which is formed to look at the relationship of tax revenue, and inflation in Banda Aceh, the IRF with VECM (2) and IRF with VECM (3).

  17. Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding dengue virus infection among inhabitants of Aceh, Indonesia: a cross-sectional study.

    Harapan, Harapan; Rajamoorthy, Yogambigai; Anwar, Samsul; Bustamam, Aslam; Radiansyah, Arsil; Angraini, Pradiba; Fasli, Riny; Salwiyadi, Salwiyadi; Bastian, Reza Akbar; Oktiviyari, Ade; Akmal, Imaduddin; Iqbalamin, Muhammad; Adil, Jamalul; Henrizal, Fenni; Darmayanti, Darmayanti; Pratama, Rovy; Setiawan, Abdul Malik; Mudatsir, Mudatsir; Hadisoemarto, Panji Fortuna; Dhimal, Mandira Lamichhane; Kuch, Ulrich; Groneberg, David Alexander; Imrie, Allison; Dhimal, Meghnath; Müller, Ruth


    The Indonesian region of Aceh was the area most severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004. Department of Health data reveal an upward trend of dengue cases in Aceh since the events of the tsunami. Despite the increasing incidence of dengue in the region, there is limited understanding of dengue among the general population of Aceh. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) regarding dengue among the people of Aceh, Indonesia in order to design intervention strategies for an effective dengue prevention program. A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted in Aceh between November 2014 and March 2015 with a total of 609 participants living in seven regencies and two municipalities. Information on the socio-demographic characteristics of participants and their KAP regarding dengue was collected using a pre-tested structured questionnaire. The KAP status (good vs. poor) of participants with different socio-demographic characteristics was compared using Chi Square-test, ANOVA or Fisher's exact test as appropriate. Logistic regression analysis was used to determine the predictors of each KAP domain. We found that 45% of participants had good knowledge regarding dengue and only 32% had good attitudes and good dengue preventive practices. There was a significant positive correlation between knowledge and attitudes, knowledge and practice, and attitudes and practice. In addition, people who had good knowledge were 2.7 times more likely to have good attitudes, and people who had good attitudes were 2.2 times more likely to have good practices regarding dengue. The level of education, occupation, marital status, monthly income, socioeconomic status (SES) and living in the city were associated with the knowledge level. Occupation, SES, and having experienced dengue fever were associated with attitudes. Education, occupation, SES and type of residence were associated with preventive practices. Our study

  18. [Experience of Handicap International in providing humanitarian relief in region near Aceh, Indonesia from March 1 to 27, 2005].

    Gillet, Y


    This report describes the experience of the author in March 2005 during the relief efforts deployed in the region near Aceh, Indonesia (North Sumatra) by Handicap International, one of the 400 NGO that provided humanitarian aid following the tsunami disaster that struck Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004. Working in Banda Aceh and Meulaboh, the author was confronted with the extent of the devastation both in terms of property damage and human suffering. Clinical cases were often severe and rarely encountered in industrialized countries. The tsunami worsened the already poor sanitary conditions: rundown care facilities, poorly trained health care personnel, tropical disease, poor hygiene, and AVP.


    Yusnidar Yusnidar


    Full Text Available School head master is one of factors in encouraging the school to reach its vision, mission, aim and target through the planned implemented program. The aim of the study is to know the leadership of the head master of the school in improving the teachers’ commitment, work motivation and obstacles experiencing by the school head master in improving the teachers’ performance at MAN Model Banda Aceh. The study used descriptive method. The data collection techniques were observations, interviews, and documentations. The subjects of this research were the head master of the school and the teachers of MAN Model Banda Aceh. The data analysis of this qualitative analysis shows that: (1 the leadership of the head master of the school in improving working commitment is through empowerment of the training teacher in accordance with their field, class supervision evaluation and interns routinely madrasah supervision, and give reward to outstanding teacher; ( 2 the school head master leadership in improving work motivation is through professionalism work guiding, evaluate the teacher learning program, consensus agreement in time discipline, and intern cooperation with the school head master and guiding teachers; (3 the head master leadership in improving discipline is through applying self discipline of school head master in order to be followed by teachers as the discipline being conducted by the school head master in fully self awareness without any coercion; (4 the obstacles faced by the school head master in improving the teacher performance is because of time restriction in carrying out classroom supervision, guiding professional teachers and evaluate the teachers teaching-learning process, as well as restricted fund allocation in MAN Model Banda Aceh.

  20. Projections of tsunami inundation area coupled with impacts of sea level rise in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Tursina, Syamsidik, Kato, Shigeru


    In a long term, sea level rise is anticipated to give devastating effects on Banda Aceh, as one of the coastal cities in the northern tip of Sumatra. The growth of the population and buildings in the city has come to the stage where the coastal area is vulnerable to any coastal hazard. Some public facilities and settlements have been constructed and keep expanding in the future. According to TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite images, 7 mm/year the sea level has been risen between 1992 and 2015 in this area. It is estimated that in the next 100 years, there will be 700 mm additional sea level rise which will give a setback more over to a rather flat area around the coast. This research is aim at investigating the influence of sea level rise toward the tsunami inundation on the land area particularly the impacts on Banda Aceh city. Cornell Multigrid Coupled Tsunami Model (COMCOT) simulation numerically generated tsunami propagation. Topography and bathymetry data were collected from GEBCO and updated with the available nautical chart (DISHIDROS, JICA, and field measurements). Geological movement of the underwater fault was generated using Piatanesi and Lorito of 9.15 Mw 2004 multi-fault scenario. The inundation area produced by COMCOT revealed that the inundation area was expanded to several hundred meters from the shoreline. To investigate the impacts of tsunami wave on Banda Aceh, the inundation area were digitized and analyzed with Quantum GIS spatial tools. The Quantum GIS analyzed inundations area affected by the projected tsunami. It will give a new tsunami-prone coastal area map induced by sea level rise in 100 years.

  1. Resistivity structure of Sumatran Fault (Aceh segment) derived from 1-D magnetotelluric modeling

    Nurhasan, Sutarno, D.; Bachtiar, H.; Sugiyanto, D.; Ogawa, Y.; Kimata, F.; Fitriani, D.


    Sumatran Fault Zone is the most active fault in Indonesia as a result of strike-slip component of Indo-Australian oblique convergence. With the length of 1900 km, Sumatran fault was divided into 20 segments starting from the southernmost Sumatra Island having small slip rate and increasing to the north end of Sumatra Island. There are several geophysical methods to analyze fault structure depending on physical parameter used in these methods, such as seismology, geodesy and electromagnetic. Magnetotelluric method which is one of geophysical methods has been widely used in mapping and sounding resistivity distribution because it does not only has the ability for detecting contras resistivity but also has a penetration range up to hundreds of kilometers. Magnetotelluric survey was carried out in Aceh region with the 12 total sites crossing Sumatran Fault on Aceh and Seulimeum segments. Two components of electric and magnetic fields were recorded during 10 hours in average with the frequency range from 320 Hz to 0,01 Hz. Analysis of the pseudosection of phase and apparent resistivity exhibit vertical low phase flanked on the west and east by high phase describing the existence of resistivity contras in this region. Having rotated the data to N45°E direction, interpretation of the result has been performed using three different methods of 1D MT modeling i.e. Bostick inversion, 1D MT inversion of TM data, and 1D MT inversion of the impedance determinant. By comparison, we concluded that the use of TM data only and the impedance determinant in 1D inversion yield the more reliable resistivity structure of the fault compare to other methods. Based on this result, it has been shown clearly that Sumatra Fault is characterized by vertical contras resistivity indicating the existence of Aceh and Seulimeum faults which has a good agreement with the geological data.

  2. Conflict Resolution in Aceh in Light of Track One and a Half Diplomacy

    Robert M. Heiling


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes the role of mediators in the resolution of the Aceh conflict within the framework of a three-step process. Two separate mediation efforts, one conducted by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue from 1999 until 2003 and a second one led by Martti Ahtisaari and his Crisis Management Initiative in 2004/2005, attempted to solve the Aceh confl ict. The author shows that beside contextual factors such as ripeness of the conflict and advantageous relations between and characteristics of the conflict parties, the success of Ahtisaari’s engagement can be further explained by procedural factors. These include mediator behaviour and mediation strategies. Furthermore the mediator’s ability to use contacts with official track one actors was crucial in securing the signing as well as the implementation of the present peace agreement. ----- Der Artikel analysiert die Rolle von Mediatoren in der Lösung des Aceh Konfl ikts mittels eines drei-Phasen Modells von Konfliktlösung. Zwei voneinander unabhängige Mediationsverfahren, jenes des Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue von 1999 bis 2003, und ein weiteres geleitet durch Martti Ahtisaari und seiner Crisis Management Initiative in 2004/2005, zielten darauf ab den Konflikt zu lösen. Der Autor zeigt, dass neben kontextuellen Faktoren wie einer “ripeness” des Konflikts sowie günstigen Veränderungen auf Seite der Konfliktparteien, prozedurale Faktoren für den Erfolg Ahtisaaris entscheidend waren. Diese Faktoren beziehen sich auf das Agieren und die Strategien des Mediators. Die Fähigkeit des Mediators, Kontakte zu offiziellen “track one” Akteuren aktiv während des Mediationsprozesses zu nutzen, bildete einen Schlüsselfaktor darin einen Friedensschluss und im weiteren Verlauf eine weitgehend erfolgreiche Umsetzung des aktuellen Abkommens zwischen den ehemaligen Konfliktparteien zu erreichen.


    Suyanti Kasimin


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that affect the level of production and horticultural income in Aceh Province. Moreover, some obstacles encountered in the development of agribusiness were analyzed and the relationship of actors in leading horticultural agribusiness development in Aceh was examined. Sample was 81 respondents, consisting of farmers, middlemen, agricultural extensions, community leaders, and researchers. T-test, regression and slices of opinion between the various stakeholders were used in this research. The results showed that horticultural production is influenced by the availability of the means of production and technology, while revenue is affected by the sales price and the cost of marketing. Products linkage appeared to be low due to low farmer access to inputs, high pest and disease, and the low sale price. Linkage between actors was also low due to the high dependence of the upstream actors towards downstream actors, the discontent of upstream actors against the payment system of downstream actors, and distrust of downstream actors towards product quality and continuity. Hence, it is necessary for the improvement of policy development and eradication of pests and assistance the means of production, improved selling prices, product quality, and market information.Keywords: agribusiness development, superior holiticulture, locality and synergicABSTRAKTujuan penelitian ini adalah menganalisis faktor-faktor yang memengaruhi tingkat produksi dan pendapatanhortikultura di Provinsi Aceh. Selain itu, juga ditelaah beberapa kendala yang dihadapi dalam pengembangan agribisnis serta menelaah keterkaitan pelaku dalam pengembangan agribisnis hortikultura unggulan di Aceh. Sampel berjumlah 81 responden, terdiri atas petani, pedagang perantara, penyuluh  pertanian, tokoh masyarakat, dan peneliti. Uji t, regresi berganda dan irisan pendapat antara berbagai pemangku kepentingan digunakan dalam penelitian ini

  4. Keamanan Susu Fermentasi Yang Beredar Di Banda Aceh Berdasarkan Nilai Gizi dan Jumlah Bakteri Pathogen

    Yusdar Zakaria


    Full Text Available Safety condition of commercial fermented milk that put on the market in banda aceh based on nutritive value and pathogenic bacteria ABSTRACT. Fermented milk has much value primarily for the health of digestive system. However without hygienically and sterilized treatment it can become toxic to consumers. This research was conducted to observe nutritive value, the present of pathogenic bacteria, and the safety condition of commercial fermented milk that put on the market in Banda Aceh. Samples of commercial fermented milk tested were obtained from recognized retailers in Banda Aceh. Factorial completely randomized design with six replications was applied in this research. Variety of fermented milk products (yoghurt and drink yoghurt was the first factor to be analyzed, and the second one was expired date of the products (the date of production and the date of by expired. The amount of crude protein and lipid, pH level, and the amount of lactic acid bacteria, Coliform and Staphilococcus aureus were the parameter determined. The variety and the expired date of the products influenced the amount of crude protein and lipid, the pH level, the amount of lactic acid bacteria, Coliform and Staphilococcus aureus in the level of highly significant different (P<0,01. There was also found in highly significant interaction (P<0,01 between factors that influenced the amount of lactic acid bacteria and Staphilococcus aureus. On the other hand, the amount of Coliform was not influenced by those factors. The study also results in decreasing of the amount of crude protein and lipid as well as lactic acid bacteria caused by the ongoing time of storing. The longer fermented milk was stored, the lower the level of crude protein, lipid and lactic acid bacteria presented. The lipid level of fermented milk products those put on the market in Banda Aceh have been complied with the requirement standard of SNI 01-2981-1992. However, crude protein level has not achieved the

  5. ṢUwar Al-ḥaḍānah Ba‘da Al-ṭalāq Fī Aceh Al-Wusṭá

    Fauzi, Fauzi


    The divorce rate occurred in post-tsunami Aceh have increased sharply, especially in Central Aceh district by 2015. This research was conducted in order to figure out the causes of divorce, the patterns of ḥaḍānah (child custody) and the parent’s attention towards their children after the divorce. The selection of Central Aceh as the object of research was because this district has been occupying the highest position of divorce rate when compared to other districts/cities. The results of this...

  6. Kajian Potensi Produksi Hijauan Pakan pada Lahan Eksisting dan Potensial untuk Meningkatkan Populasi Ternak Ruminansia di Kabupaten Aceh Besar

    Mira Delima


    ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research was to find out the width and scattered location of existing land use which its land capability class suitable for pastures; forage production prospective, and land carrying capacity. The combination of survey and evaluation method was used in this study. The primary data were obtained by field observation and compiling documents, while the secondary data were obtained from various sources, including Bappeda Aceh, and Dinas Peternakan Aceh Besar. Land capability classification was defined based on a modified USDA method and land capability class mapping was prepared based on overlay method by geoprocessing of Geographic Information Systems. The attributes delineating land capability classification included slope, erosion potential and soil depth. Spatial and attributes data were processed using ArcGIS 9.3. Interpretation of land use map derived from satellite imagery analysis results. Brachiaria humidicola green production (tons/year was determined by assumption-based on obtaining data from various sources. Present livestock population and increasing of population target up to 2017 were obtained from Dinas Peternakan Aceh Besar. The results showed that the existing land use area was 28,632.23 ha (59.03 %, whereas the potential land use area was 19,875.73 ha (40.97%. Land use area for pastures in the district of Aceh Besar, both existing and potential, were sufficient to support the achievement of livestock population increasing program.


    Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad


    Full Text Available This article provides an historical account of the implementation of Islamic law in Aceh and how the issue of Islamic law has been debated. The study will give more emphasis on the dynamics of the implementation of Islamic law, its historical development, typologies of Islamic law, leaders’ opinions regarding this issue, and the governments’ responses. This study argues that Islamic law in Aceh has been misinterpreted merely as h{udu>d law. In addition, it argues that the provincial government tends to put heavy emphasis on symbolic religious issues (such as the Islamic dress code and the usage of Arabic signs and letterheads, rather than the substance of Islamic law such as justice and prosperity for all. Finally, the study has made evident that implementing Islamic law is never a good method of attempting to resolve conflict. There is no need to establish Islamic law formally through the political process because, when politics enters in religious arena, it carries with it many interests.

  8. Built urban heritage conservation in Islamic societies: Study case in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Meutia, Z. D.


    This paper aims to find the concept of the built heritage related to Islamic societies with a case study in the city of Banda Aceh through study literature review, with the context of the planning in the era of uncertainty. In this paper will be elaborated and described what it was about heritage and urban heritage and conservation Islamic values in heritage, as well as explain the concept of the built heritage conservation in Islamic societies. Discussion and analysis will be done through its study literature. Literature reviews about built urban heritage conservation and perspective of the Islamic societies in Banda aceh was done using systematic methodology literature review. This methodology summarizes research results earlier that presents the fact that a more comprehensive and balanced. The synthesis of the results conducted using narrative techniques or technique of qualitative. The discovery paper in this paper is to understand the relationship the built heritage conservation of Islamic societies perspective that consider shari’a aspect and local tradition in built urban heritage that can affect to heritage planning.

  9. The coral triangle initiative: What are we missing? A case study from Aceh

    Rudi, Edi


    Abstract The Coral Triangle Initiative is an ambitious attempt to conserve the marine biodiversity hotspot known as the Coral Triangle. However, the reef fauna in many nearby regions remains poorly explored and, consequently, the focus on the Coral Triangle risks overlooking other areas of high conservation significance. One region of potential significance, Aceh, Indonesia, has not been visited by coral taxonomists since the Dutch colonial period. Here we document the species richness of scleractinian corals of Pulau Weh, Aceh. We also compare the species richness of the genus Acropora at 3-5 sites in each of nine regions in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Although dominated by widespread Indo-Pacific species, the coral fauna of Pulau Weh is also the eastern and western boundary for many Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean species, respectively. We identified a total of 133 scleractinian species, of which three have been previously recorded only in the western Indian Ocean and five are presently undescribed. The mean species richness of the Acropora at Pulau Weh is similar to regions within the Coral Triangle. This high species richness plus the high proportion of endemics suggests that the Andaman Sea is of similarly high conservation value to the Coral Triangle. We suggest that an international initiative similar to the Coral Triangle Initiative is required to conserve this region, which includes the territorial waters of six countries. © 2012 Fauna & Flora International.

  10. Tax revenue and inflation rate predictions in Banda Aceh using Vector Error Correction Model (VECM)

    Maulia, Eva; Miftahuddin; Sofyan, Hizir


    A country has some important parameters to achieve the welfare of the economy, such as tax revenues and inflation. One of the largest revenues of the state budget in Indonesia comes from the tax sector. Besides, the rate of inflation occurring in a country can be used as one measure, to measure economic problems that the country facing. Given the importance of tax revenue and inflation rate control in achieving economic prosperity, it is necessary to analyze the relationship and forecasting tax revenue and inflation rate. VECM (Vector Error Correction Model) was chosen as the method used in this research, because of the data used in the form of multivariate time series data. This study aims to produce a VECM model with optimal lag and to predict the tax revenue and inflation rate of the VECM model. The results show that the best model for data of tax revenue and the inflation rate in Banda Aceh City is VECM with 3rd optimal lag or VECM (3). Of the seven models formed, there is a significant model that is the acceptance model of income tax. The predicted results of tax revenue and the inflation rate in Kota Banda Aceh for the next 6, 12 and 24 periods (months) obtained using VECM (3) are considered valid, since they have a minimum error value compared to other models.


    Dian ASWITA


    Full Text Available One of the existing natural and environmental uses in Aceh (Indonesia is tourism. One of the aspects that determine the development and sustainability of tourism is the institutional and community aspects. Sustainable tourism is a picture of the ecosystem sustainability and socio-economic development of the community. This study aims to reveal and find local wisdom practices and explore local knowledge owned by Sabang Island community in the management and conservation of the environment so as to support the realization of sustainable tourism. This study uses rationalistic paradigm and uses qualitative research method. The data that has been collected is analyzed descriptively. Local wisdom and local knowledge are reflected in how society has a unique way of looking at and understanding nature and interacting with it. In the Aceh community, there are customary institutions that regulate the rules or interactions of the community with the environment, including “panglima laot”, “keujreun blang”, “peutua seuneubok”, “pawang glee or peutua uteun”, “haria peukan” and “syahbanda”. Local wisdom and local knowledge have great potential in maintaining, preserving and sustainability of the environment used by communities to meet their living needs. Ecological, social and religious intelligence formed through local wisdom and local knowledge can be an aspect in maintaining environmental sustainability in order to build sustainable tourism on Sabang Island.

  12. Improving health services to displaced persons in Aceh, Indonesia: a balanced scorecard.

    Chan, Grace J; Parco, Kristin B; Sihombing, Melva E; Tredwell, Susan P; O'Rourke, Edward J


    After the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004, the International Organization for Migration constructed temporary health clinics to provide medical services to survivors living in temporary accommodation centres throughout Aceh, Indonesia. Limited resources, inadequate supervision, staff turnover and lack of a health information system made it challenging to provide quality primary health services. A balanced scorecard was developed and implemented in collaboration with local health clinic staff and district health officials. Performance targets were identified. Staff collected data from clinics and accommodation centres to develop 30 simple performance measures. These measures were monitored periodically and discussed at meetings with stakeholders to guide the development of health interventions. Two years after the tsunami, 34 000 displaced persons continued to receive services from temporary health clinics in two districts of Aceh province. From March to December 2007, the scorecard was implemented in seven temporary health clinics. Interventions stimulated and tracked by the scorecard showed measurable improvements in preventive medicine, child health, capacity building of clinic staff and availability of essential drugs. By enhancing communication, the scorecard also led to qualitative benefits. The balanced scorecard is a practical tool to focus attention and resources to facilitate improvement in disaster rehabilitation settings where health information infrastructure is poor. Introducing a mechanism for rapid improvement fostered communication between nongovernmental organizations, district health officials, clinic health workers and displaced persons.

  13. Geological Aspect of Slope Failure and Mitigation Approach in Bireun - Takengon Main Road, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Ibnu Rusydy


    Full Text Available A soil and rock slope assessment survey was conducted along Bireun – Takengon main road in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The slope assessment survey was carried out to determine the geological condition, verify and identify the potential areas of slope failure and to study what type of slope stability and protection method could be applied to the road. Several research methodologies were conducted in the field such as rock and soil identification, and slope assessment. The survey was conducted in four selected areas along Bireun – Takengon main road. In study area I, soil creep occurred because of a presence of montmorillonite clay. The mitigation methods to reduce soil creeping in this area are building a retaining wall and pile. The shotcrete, wire mesh, net rock bolting, and rock removal method is suitable to apply in study area II. The shotcrete and soil nails were used because the type of rocks in those areas is sedimentary rock such as shale, sandstone, siltstone, and a boulder of a volcanic rock. The same approach shall be applied in study area IV. study area III was the best spot to learn about the mitigation approach for slope stability and provides many lessons learned. Aceh Province experience active tectonic movement, high intensity of rain, geological structures, a high degree of weathering, and high intensity of earthquake,as primary factors which trigger landslides. The techonology of slope stabilizing and protection methods can be applied to mitigate landslides.

  14. Identification of Oxide Compound in Dolomite Mineral from Aceh Tamiang Region

    Nirmala Sari


    Full Text Available Indonesia has abundant mineral especially carbonate-based mineral, ike dolomite. Particularly in Aceh province's, the largest dolomite deposits is available in Aceh Tamiang district around 1.9 billion tons. Unfortunately, current use of dolomite in the industry and other applications is still limited. In this work we report the advanced preparation of dolomite using calcinations method. Whereas, with this method, the dolomite mineral can be processed into calcium and magnesium oxide which has a very wide field of application and higher values. To obtain optimal results, we also identify the effect of temperature on the formation of oxide compounds. Preliminary study using XRF founded that dolomite in village Selamat is known as the highest concentration of CaO (61.20% followed by MgO (25.28%. It is also showed that the main phase obtained by XRD is dolomite (CaMg(CO32. Furthermore, after the calcinations process at 700 °C, it was founded that the formation of dolomite were CaCO3 and MgO, whereas at temperatures of 900 °C mostly the CaCO3 has decomposed into CaO. SEM observations showed that dolomite has the composition of particles distributed homogeneously along the particle agglomerate when it calcinations.

  15. Being Woman in the Land of Shari‘a: Politics of the Female Body, Piety, and Resistance in Langsa, Aceh

    Muhammad Ansor


    Full Text Available This study investigates the dynamic of institutionalization of Shari’a in Aceh, which focuses on analysis of the patterns of Langsa women’s resistance against religious leaders and state interpretations of the dress standards in the public space. This matter emerged because the implementation of Shari’a has been supported by local people, but the standard of Islamic dress that should be applied is still debatable among various groups in Aceh that have varied understandings and different religious visions. The regulation of dress code has been an issue for religious leaders, intellectuals, and Moslem activists. The resistance of Langsa women against the politics of body discipline could be open and secret. To analyze the forms of women’s resistance, the researcher applied James C. Scott’s hidden transcripts theory. Inspired by this theoretical framework, the researcher found that Langsa women, intellectuals, and religious leaders expressed their resistance over how women should dress in public space. In collecting the data, the researcher used observation, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions. Accordingly, the research shows how Langsa women express their resistance towards religious hegemony and state interpretation of Islam.[Tulisan ini membahas dinamika pelembagaan syariat Islam di Aceh dengan fokus resistensi tersembunyi perempuan Langsa terhadap penafsiran elite agama dan pemerintah perihal pembakuan standar pakaian di ruang publik. Meskipun implementasi syariat Islam Aceh mendapat dukungan masyarakat setempat, tetapi ketika sebuah tafsir tertentu tentang pakaian Islami dibakukan dalam regulasi (Qanun, muncul perdebatan dari sebagian muslim yang berpola pemikiran dan visi keagamaan berbeda. Bukan hanya perdebatan di kalangan elite agama, intelektual, maupun aktivis, perempuan di berbagai daerah di Aceh pun mengekspresikan resistensi, baik secara terbuka maupun tersembunyi. Peneliti menggunakan teori hidden transcripts

  16. Potential Sedimentary Evidence of Two Closely Spaced Tsunamis on the West Coast of Aceh, Indonesia

    Monecke, Katrin; Meilianda, Ella; Rushdy, Ibnu; Moena, Abudzar; Yolanda, Irvan P.


    Recent research in the coastal regions of Aceh, Indonesia, an area that was largely affected by the 2004 Sumatra Andaman earthquake and ensuing Indian Ocean tsunami, suggests the possibility that two closely spaced tsunamis occurred at the turn of the 14th to 15th century (Meltzner et al., 2010; Sieh et al., 2015). Here, we present evidence of two buried sand layers in the coastal marshes of West Aceh, possibly representing these penultimate predecessors of the 2004 tsunami. We discovered the sand layers in an until recently inaccessible area of a previously studied beach ridge plain about 15 km North of Meulaboh, West Aceh. Here, the 2004 tsunami left a continuous, typically a few cm thick sand sheet in the coastal hinterland in low-lying swales that accumulate organic-rich deposits and separate the sandy beach ridges. In keeping with the long-term progradation of the coastline, older deposits have to be sought after further inland. Using a hand auger, the buried sand layers were discovered in 3 cores in a flooded and highly vegetated swale in about 1 km distance to the shoreline. The pair of sand layers occurs in 70-100 cm depth and overlies 40-60 cm of dark-brown peat that rests on the basal sand of the beach ridge plain. The lower sand layer is only 1-6 cm thick, whereas the upper layer is consistently thicker, measuring 11-17 cm, with 8-14 cm of peat in between sand sheets. Both layers consist of massive, grey, medium sand and include plant fragments. They show very sharp upper and lower boundaries clearly distinguishing them from the surrounding peat and indicating an abrupt depositional event. A previously developed age model for sediments of this beach ridge plain suggest that this pair of layers could indeed correlate to a nearby buried sand sheet interpreted as tsunamigenic and deposited soon after 1290-1400AD (Monecke et al., 2008). The superb preservation at this new site allows the clear distinction of two depositional events, which, based on a first

  17. A Window of Opportunity for Aceh, Indonesia Post-Tsunami: Historic Continuity, Current Points of Interest, and a Pattern. Output of the Cultural Simulation Model


    ...) for the Situation in Aceh, Indonesia. The CSM uses news filtering, a knowledge acquisition and contextual memory method, which we refer to as a Cultural Construct, as well as interaction by modelers, subject matter experts (SMEs...

  18. Pengaruh Anggaran Waktu Audit, Kompleksitas Dokumen Audit dan Pengalaman Auditor terhadap Pertimbangan Audit Sampling pada Badan Pemeriksaan Keuangan (Bpk) Republik Indonesia Perwakilan Provinsi Aceh

    Nadirsyah, Nadirsyah; Indriani, Mirna; Usman, Iskandar


    This research is done at BPK branch office Aceh Province which aim to know the influence of time budget audit, complexsity of audit document and audit experience toward judgement audit sampling either simultaneously or partially. Responden of this research is auditors at BPK branch office Aceh Province. The objective of this research is to be able to seek the causality between the time budget audit, complexsity of audit document and audit experience toward judgement audit sampling wi...

  19. Factors influencing mother's participation in Posyandu for improving nutritional status of children under-five in Aceh Utara district, Aceh province, Indonesia.

    Nazri, Cut; Yamazaki, Chiho; Kameo, Satomi; Herawati, Dewi M D; Sekarwana, Nanan; Raksanagara, Ardini; Koyama, Hiroshi


    Posyandu, or pos pelayanan terpadu (integrated service post), is a community-based activity for health services in Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Basic Health Survey, the prevalence of children under five in Indonesia who suffered from being underweight was 19.6 %. The wasting was 12.1 % and the stunting was 37.2 % in 2013, and these values have not changed greatly from 2007; much greater than the WHO targets of, less than 10 % underweight, 5 % wasting, and 20 % stunting. In Aceh were 26.6, 16.8, and 43.3 %, respectively. Also, the participation percentages of mothers to Posyandu was about 45 %, far below the national target of 100 %. In Aceh Province, the percentage was even lower (34 % in 2013). This study aimed to investigate the factors influencing participation of mothers in Posyandu. This research used a cross-sectional design with sample of mothers who had children under five. They were chosen by multistage random sampling. Sample size was determined by the WHO formula. Face-to-face interviews were carried out using a questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of items about socio-demographic characteristics, satisfaction with Posyandu services, attitude towards Posyandu benefits, and intention to attend Posyandu. The collected data were analyzed by using EZR (version 1.21). Fisher's exact test was performed to examine the associations between the socio-demographic factors, attitude, satisfaction, and intention covariates with participation. Logistic regression was used to describe the strength of the relationship between the predictor variables and participation. There were no significant differences in age, marital status, education level, occupation, family size, and distance to Posyandu between low participation group except for the monthly household income. Among the socio-demographic factors, only monthly household income had a significant association with the frequency of mothers' participation. Satisfaction, attitude, and intention were


    Hendra Koesmara


    Full Text Available This research identified the forms of share market, to calculate the price received by farmers and middlemen, and analyze marketing margins of beef cattle market. This research was conducted in June to August 2011, in Aceh Besar regency of Aceh province. The method used in this study was a survey method and field direct observations and interviews using questionnaires to farmers, middlemen (mugge and meat traders respondent. The number of samples were 420 respondents, including 270 respondents of livestock farmers,105 respondents of middlemen (mugee and 45 respondents of meat traders (final consumerfrom the three districts. This study used regression analysis to determine the effect of variables simultaneously observed the marketing margin. The results showed there were 2 channel marketings, channel marketing I of farmers to the final consumer through two market participants were mugee and meat traders,while the marketing channel II from farmers to consumers through one market participants that was meat traders. In marketing channels I mugee get income share 24.89% with 10.38% share of the cost, while the meat traders got incomeshare 47.70% with 17.03% share of the cost. In marketing channels II meat tradersgot income share 83.00% with17.00% share of the cost. In marketing channels I mugee marketing margin of Rp1,026,293.10/head and the meat traders of Rp1,883,045.98/head, while the meat traders of Rp2,944,838.00/head. The coefficient ofdetermination (R2 equalto 0.337321, which means cattle marketing margin could be explained jointly by 33.73% by the marketing costs, the price at the farmer level and the number of middlemen. The test results of the marketing costs (x1 significantly (P<0.05 on the marketing margin, the price at the farmer level (x2 was highly significant (P<0.01 on the marketing margin and the number of middlemen (x3 didnot affect the marketing margin. (Keywords: Cattle, District of Aceh Besar, Market share


    Kamaruddin Kamaruddin


    Full Text Available Mosque-based economic empowerment aims to increase the independence and well-being in which the mosque is expected to meet the financial needs independently and it is instrumental in creating a prosperous society. Economic empowerment of local communities is not limited to business - of producing goods and services but also includes training and mentoring, financing or access to capital and market access. This study examines the potential of mosque in the city of Banda Aceh and also provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges in the community empowerment such as: (i human resources, (ii institutional capacity (iii social integrity (iv SME business climate and surrounding environment and (v stakeholders support.

  2. Phenotypic analysis of antibiotic resistant E. coli recovered from urban aquatic environment in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Suhartono, S.; Ismail, Y. S.; Yulvizar, C.; Nursanty, R.; Mahyuddin, M.; Jannah, M.


    Of aquatic environment, antibiotic resistant bacteria, including total coliforms and E. coli disseminate and emerge at an alarming rate. The study aims to determine enumerate, isolate,E. coliand determine their antibiotic resistance and compare between those which were recovered from residentials and home industries in Banda Aceh and its surrounding area. The bacterial density and antibiotic susceptibility of total coliforms and E. coli were determined using Standard Total Coliform Multiple-Tube (MPN) Fermentation method and the disk diffusion method, respectively. Despite there was no significant difference of total coliforms and E. coli population between residentials and home industries (P > 0.05) in this study, their density as well as prevalence remained high in the water sample. This might expose serious health risks since the resistance might be easily spread acquired through horizontal gene transfer within the aquatic environment.

  3. Analysis of wind energy potential for agriculture pump in mountain area Aceh Besar

    Syuhada, Ahmad; Maulana, Muhammad Ilham; Fuadi, Zahrul


    In this study, the potential of wind power for agricultural pump driver in Saree mountainous area of Aceh Besar is analyzed. It is found that the average usable wind speed is 6.41 m/s, which is potential to produce 893.96 Watt of electricity with the wind turbine rotor diameter of 3 m. This energy can be used to drive up to 614 Watt of water pump with static head of 20 m to irrigate 19 hectare of land, 7 hours a day. HOMER analysis indicated the lowest simulated NPC value of USD 10.028 with CoE of USD 0.717 kWh. It is also indicated that the wind has potential to produce 3452 kWh/year with lifetime of 15 years.

  4. Determinan Kinerja Pengelolaan Keuangan Desa: Studi pada Kecamatan Gandapura Kabupaten Bireuen Aceh

    Finta Munti


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to investigate the determinants of Village Financial Management Performance in Gandapura village in the District of Bireuen - Aceh. The tested variables are village officers’ capacity, financial reporting compliance and supervision quality of Badan Permusyawaratan Desar (BPD. The population is all village within Gandapura district, Bireuen, which consists of 40 villages in total. This study involved all the population as the sample. Seletected respondents are Keuchik (or head of villages, village treasurers, Tuha Peut (or village legislative/supervision board and village facilitators. The data collected through questionaraires and analysed by using multiple linear analysis. This study uncovered an empirical evidence on the effect of village officers’ capacity, financial reporting compliance and supervision quality both collectively and indivdually on the village Financial Management Performance.

  5. Sumber dan Kualitas Pakan Serta Produksi Kambing Peranakan Etawah Di Kotamadya Banda Aceh

    Al Qudri


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. A study on source and quality of feed and production of Etawah goats was conducted from June to November, 1997. Nine respondents who raise Peranakan Etawah goats were interviewed. The goats were investigated and measured for body size. The respondents were live in three different villages, i.e, three from Ule Lheu, one from Lambung, two from Punge, one from Peulanggahan and two from Rukoh. The result showed that source of fed were obtained from grass in the back yart, native pasture, by product of banana, fruits, vegetables and palatable leaves. The quality of feed was relatively good due a relatively high content of protein. Ratio of male tp female was 1 : 1.65. Kid production was about 190 percent / yard. Body size were better than kids that are raised in villages in Aceh Barat regency.




    Full Text Available This study aimed to describe the shape of local government actions in tackling illegal fishing in Aceh, the handling of illegal fishing destructive fishery resources. The fundamental point is Law No. 45 Year 2009 concerning fisheries. This spesification of this research descriptive analysis, used both normative juridical approach and empirical. The results showed that the local government has made an effort preventive and repressive in the case of illegal fishing. To coordinate with relevant agencies and empower the role of traditional institutions of the sea to assist the role of government and law enforcement.Local governments should improve the coordination and supervision of the marine area, to monitor and evaluate the performance of local authorities in applying the law against this illegal fishing case.

  7. Building Ecoliteracy Through Adiwiyata Program (Study at Adiwiyata School in Banda Aceh

    Mirza Desfandi


    Full Text Available This study is back grounded by importance of ecoliteracy for each individual. One of comprehensive efforts to build ecoliteracy in community is through Adiwiyata Program. This study is aimed to find out how the effectiveness of Adiwiyata Program in the effort to build students’ ecoliteracy in Banda Aceh. The method which is used is survey. The study is conducted in ten schools, with respondents are principal, teachers, administrative staff and students. Data analysis is done descriptively toward five variable and hypothesis test use nonparametric statistic test. The result of study showed that there is significant influence of school policy, curriculum implementation, school culture and school infrastructure management toward students’ ecoliteracy. The findings of study is the more effective four components of Adiwiyata is implemented, the higher of students’ecoliteracy. Therefore, four components of Adiwiyata should be implemented maximally, among other by strengthening Adiwiyata school team.

  8. Analisa Kelayakan Finansial Pengembangan Cold Storage Plant di Pelabuhan Perikanan Lampulo Baru Banda Aceh

    Juanda Juanda


    Full Text Available The research aims to analyze financial feasibility of cold storage development in Lampulo Baru Fish Port Banda Aceh in accordance with discounted investment ctiteria; Net Present Value (NPV, Net Benefit Cost Ratio (NBCR, Gross Benefit Cost Ratio (GBCR and payback period (PBP. The research was conducted in Lampulo Baru Fish Port on November 2013 – January 2014. Data was mainly collected by using survei and interview/ focus group discussion techniques. Data were analyzed by using financial analysis with investment criteria. The result of research showed that the development of cold storage plant in Lampulo Baru Fish Port with capacity of 80 ton fishes is financially feasible, indicated by discounted investment criteria values; NPV = IDR. 1,463,819,997,-. NBCR = 2.33, GBCR = 1.03,  and PBP = 2.33 years.


    Reza Fahmi Haji Abdurrachim


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini berangkat dari fakta bahwa, pondok pesantren selalunya dikaitkan dan bahkan diidentikan dengan berbagai bentuk pemikiran ekstrim dan tindakan radikal atas nama agama. Sehingga banyak kalangan ditengah-tengah masyarakat yang memiliki prasangka sosial terhadap keberadaan pondok pesantren. Sungguhpun demikian penelitian ini bertuujuan melihat hubungan antara prasangka sosial dan prilaku memberontak dikalangan santri Pondok Pesantren Modern Gontor Darussalam (PMDG di Jawa Timur. Tiga teori yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah : (1 Teori prasangka soosial. (2 Teori pemberontakan (khususnya dalam konteks remaja mengingat para santri umumnya tergolong dalam kategori remaja. Populasi penelitian ini sebanyak 2067 orang santri. Sungguh demikian sampel dalam penelitian ini sebanyak 335 orang. Adapun formula yang digunakan untuk mengukur besaran ukuran sampel adalah : n = N/1+e2. Penarikan sampel dilakukan menggunakan simple stratified random sampling. Adapun teknik pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan skala psikologi dan kuesioner serta studi dokumentasi. Semenatara teknik analisa data dengan menggunakan pearson correlation (product momment untuk melihat hubungan antara variabel. Hasil penelitian ini mendapati tidak adanya hubungan yang signifikan antara prasangka sosial dan prilaku memberontak dikalnagan para santri di ponpes PMDG. Hal ini dibuktikan melalui perolehan nilai r hitung = 0.328. dan t tabel = 1,64 serta p (value = 0.90 > 0.05.

  10. “Listen, do, repeat, understand and remember”: Teaching English to very young children in Aceh

    Qismullah Yusuf


    Full Text Available This qualitative study investigated the methods used in teaching English vocabulary to very young children (i.e. toddlers at a bilingual school in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Not much research has been published on teaching English to toddlers in the EFL context; therefore, this research is important as the results can become additional input to L2 teachers who teach very young children because by understanding their conditions of learners, teachers can help them reach their full potential as language learners. An observation sheet and a set of interview questions were used to collect data from an English teacher. There was only one teacher who became the participant because the school under study is thus far the only school that provides an English learning environment for children as young as toddlers in the city of Banda Aceh. The class was observed for three class meetings. The results showed that of the four teaching methods observed, the most commonly employed method was Total Physical Response (TPR, followed by Natural Approach (NA, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT and Suggestopedia (SG as the least. Furthermore, based on the interview with the teacher, it was indicated that TPR and NA were more appropriate for teaching the toddlers English vocabulary. Through TPR, the very young children demonstrated their understanding of commands by responding with simple answers or gestures. In NA, they were situated in a natural environment and not prompted to speak until they felt ready to do so. Additionally, the teacher used no specific textbooks because music, pictures, and authentic materials procured an immense role in supporting the activities in the classroom.

  11. Interaction of Geohazards and Settlements through the Past Millennium, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Sieh, K.; Daly, P.; Tai, Y. S.; McKinnon, E. E.; Feener, R. M.; Parnell, A. C.; Ismail, N.


    Geo-archaeological fieldwork conducted between 2010-2012 around Banda Aceh, Indonesia revealed stratigraphic evidence for one (possibly two) historic tsunami occurring in the decades after 1366±3. Between 2015 - 2017 we conducted an extensive landscape archaeology survey in 43 coastal villages spanning over 40 km to see if these past tsunamis impacted coastal settlement. In the first major systemic survey of its kind in Indonesia, we found and documented 995 archaeological sites ranging from the late 10th to 20th centuries CE, containing over 5,000 carved gravestones, and 50,000 ceramic sherds. The distribution of ceramic material suggests seven discrete areas of cultural activity before the 14th century CE tsunami. Our working hypothesis is that six of these sites were villages of local inhabitants who utilized imported ceramics. These started at the end of the 10th century and have evidence for activity through present day. However, detailed analysis of the chronology of the ceramics material strongly suggests that there was a notable reduction of activity between 1360 and 1450 CE (Figure 2), supporting the hypothesis that coastal settlements were disrupted by the historic tsunami. The distribution of ceramic material after 1500 CE across the survey area shows a gradual repopulation of pre-tsunami sites, as well as a significant expansion of activity starting at the end of the 16th Century, for all areas but Lamreh. The density of settlements increases during the late-Ming and Qing period, which corresponds to the rise of the Acehnese sultanate and the formation of the urban center of Banda Aceh, when the coastal settlement patterns closely resembled the areas devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. This poster is a detailed accompaniment

  12. BSE Practice and BSE Self-Efficacy among Nursing Students in Aceh, Indonesia

    Juanita Juanita


    Full Text Available Purpose: To survey the level of BSE practice among female nursing students in Aceh, and the degree of self-efficacy in those who did practice it.Method: Seventy-six nursing students from the Public Nursing College, Syiah Kuala University in Aceh who met the inclusion criteria were recruited. Stratified proportionate random sampling was used to determine the required number of first, second, and third year students. BSE self-efficacy of the students was measured by the BSE Self-Efficacy Questionnaire which was modified from an existing tool developed by Khatun (2010. In addition, the students’ doing BSE or not was measured by BSE Practice Questionnaire which was developed by the researcher. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics.Result: Only 39.5% of the students practiced BSE with more than half of the students saying they did not practice BSE (60.5%. The main factors that influenced the students’ performing BSE were not having a family history of breast cancer, single, and no history of breast illness. Among the thirty students who practiced BSE, most of them did not practice it routinely (70%, nor at the correct time (86.7%, and their confidence in performing BSE was at a moderate level overall, with a high level for BSE procedural efficacy and moderate level for barrier management efficacy.Conclusion: A majority of the Acehnese nursing students did not practice BSE, and those who did had only a moderate level of BSE self-efficacy. Therefore, the results of this study suggest emphasizing the need to teach nursing students about BSE in their undergraduate courses, with future follow-up research regarding the success of the educational program.Keywords: practice, self-efficacy, breast self-examination (BSE, nursing students


    Satria Munawir


    Full Text Available Kafalah is a guarantee of a guarantor, either in the form of self assurance and treasure to the second party in relation to the rights and obligations of both parties that the other party. In banking sector, implementation of the concept is well known as a bank guarantee, which is a guarantee in the form of paper issued by the bank which resulted in the obligation to pay to the party receiving the collateral if the guaranteed party breach the contract. This article aims to study the implementaion of kafalah product at BMI Banda Aceh including strategies in preventing risks related the products. It also examines the implementation of kafalah from an Islamic perspective. In finding the answer, this article employes qualitative approach. Data was collected through field research and library research which was then analized using descriptive analysis method. The results show that the product kafalah undertaken by BMI Branch of Banda Aceh is a form of insurance that includes guaranteed tender, performance bonds, warranties advance, and guarantee maintenance with a deposit of 100% cash collateral to the insurance value is small and a deposit of 60% of fixed asset plus 40% cash collateral for eprtanggungan whose value is greater than the value of the desired assurance customers. Moreover, the client or the insured must enter into cooperation agreements with project leaders to work on a particular project. Tips management undertaken by BMI Branch Banda is analyzing the customer or contractor using character analysis and collateral is more dominant than the overall analysis of 5C, because the BMI-related risks faced by the provision of guarantees / kafalah is credit risk and reputation risk. From the Islamic perspective, the implementation of kafalah has complied with Islamic jurisprudence. Keywords: Analysis, Risk Management, Kafalah, Bank Muamalat Indonesia

  14. Morphometric variations of three species of harvested cephalopods found in northern sea of Aceh Province, Indonesia



    Full Text Available Muchlisin ZA, Zulkarnaini B, Purnawan S, Muhadjier A, Fadli N, Cheng SH. 2014. Morphometric variations of three species of harvested cephalopods found in northern sea of Aceh Province, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 15: 142-146. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the morphometrics of three harvested cephalopods, Sepioteuthis lessoniana, Sepia officinalis and Uroteuthis sp. found in northern sea of Aceh Province, Indonesia. Sampling was conducted for six months from July to December 2012 in one week interval. A total of 318 cephalopods; 139 Sepioteuthis lessoniana, 139 Uroteuthis sp. and 40 Sepia officinalis were analyzed for morphometric study and 13 anatomical characters were measured to the nearest 0.01 mm using a digital calipers. Morphometric measurements were significantly different between the different species of cephalopods (ANOVA, p<0.05. S. officinalis differed in six morphological characters (head length, head width, tentacles length, gladius width, rancis width and length from the squid species. Fin width and length were significantly greater in S. lessoniana than in S. officinalis and Uroteuthis sp. On the other hand, Uroteuthis sp. had significantly greater mantle lengths, standard lengths and gladius lengths than the other two cephalopod species (Duncan Test, p<0.05. However, fin width was similar between S. lessoniana and Uroteuthis sp., while eye diameter was similar between S. officinalis and Uroteuthis sp. A Discriminant Function Analysis scatter plot successfully discriminated the three species indicating significant differences in morphological variation. This analysis also indicates that morphometrically, S. lessoniana and S. officinalis are more similar to each other despite being in different orders.

  15. Predicting impact of SLR on coastal flooding in Banda Aceh coastal defences

    Al'ala, Musa; Syamsidik, Kato, Shigeru


    Banda Aceh is a low-lying city located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island and situated at the conjuncture of Malacca Strait and the Andaman Sea. A Sea Level Rise (SLR) rate at 7 mm/year has been observed around this region. In the next 50 years, this city will face a serious challenge to encounter impacts of the sea level rise, such as frequent coastal floodings. This study is aimed at estimating impacts of the sea level rise induced coastal floodings on several types of coastal structures and city drainage system. Numerical simulations of Delft3D were applied to investigate the influence of the gradual sea level rise in 50 years. The hydrodynamic process of coastal flooding and sediment transport were simulated by Delft3D-Flow. Topography and bathymetry data were collected from GEBCO and updated with the available nautical chart (DISHIDROS, JICA, and field measurements). Hydrodynamic process gains the flow process revealing the level of the sea water intrusion also observed in the model. Main rivers (Krueng Aceh, Krueng Neng, and Alue Naga Flood Canal) and the drainage system were observed to see the tides effects on coastal structures and drainage system. The impact on coastal community focusing on affected area, shoreline retreat, the rate of sea intrusion was analyzed with spatial tools. New coastal line, coastal flooding vulnerable area, and the community susceptibility properties map influenced by 50 years sea level rise is produced. This research found that the city needs to address strategies to anticipate the exacerbating impacts of the sea level rise by managing its coastal spatial planning and modify its drainage system, especially at the drainage outlets.

  16. Prediksi Erosi Kebun Kopi Rakyat di Kecamatan Permata, Kabupaten Bener Meriah, Provinsi Aceh

    Hairul Basri


    Full Text Available Prediction of Erosion in the Coffee Plantation in Subdistrict of Permata, District of Bener Meriah, Province of Aceh Abstract. This study aimed to determine the level of erosion that occurred on the slopes of plantation of coffee community in sub-district of Permata, district of Bener Meriah, Province of Aceh, conducted from January to August 2011. Coffee plantations of community were located in sub-district of Permata as samples, particularly in the village of Jungke which had 8 percent slope and the village of Seni Antara which had 30 percent slope. This study was conducted by field observation and laboratory analysis to predict the values of erosion using the method of USLE (universal soil loss equation. Further Erosion Hazard Level (TBE was determined by considering the effective depth of soil. The results showed that the value of the actual erosion that occurred in the coffee plantation of community in the village of Seni Antara which had 30 percent slope at 87,711.47 tones ha-1 year-1 greater than the actual value of erosion in the village Jungke which only 8 percent slopes at 21.79 tones ha-1 year-1. Erosion Hazard Rate on slopes of 30 percent (village of Seni Antara classified as very heavy, while TBE at 8 percent slope (Village of Jungke as light. The main factors that affected the value of erosion were the value of LS (long and large slope and the value of K (erodibility. To prevent erosion on coffee plantations advised people to be able to add shade trees, use of litter and planting cover crops.

  17. Architectural heritage in post-disaster society: a tool for resilience in Banda Aceh after the 2004 tsunami disaster

    Dewi, Cut; Nopera Rauzi, Era


    This paper discusses the role of architectural heritage as a tool for resilience in a community after a surpassing disaster. It argues that architectural heritage is not merely a passive victim needing to be rescued; rather it is also an active agent in providing resilience for survivors. It is evidence in the ways it acts as a signifier of collective memories and place identities, and a place to seek refuge in emergency time and to decide central decision during the reconstruction process. This paper explores several theories related to architectural heritage in post-disaster context and juxtaposes them in a case study of Banda Aceh after the 2004 Tsunami Disaster. The paper is based on a six-month anthropological fieldwork in 2012 in Banda Aceh after the Tsunami Disaster. During the fieldwork, 166 respondents were interviewed to gain extensive insight into the ways architecture might play a role in post-disaster reconstruction.

  18. Studi Perencanaan Koordinasi Proteksi Mempertimbangkan Busur Api Pada Sistem Kelistrikan PT. Semen Indonesia Aceh Menggunakan Standar IEEE 1584-2002

    Dhimas Oktavian Andryana


    Full Text Available PT. Semen Indonesia pabrik Aceh merupakan perusahaan patungan (joint venture company antara PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero bersama PT. Samana Citra Agung. Total daya listrik yang dibutuhkan sebesar 85.8 MW dengan sistem kelistrikan pada sistem tegangan rendah dan menengah. Guna menjaga kontinuitas daya listrik, diperlukan koordinasi proteksi untuk meminimalisir dampak yang ditimbulkan ketika terjadi gangguan. Salah satu dampak yang ditimbulkan adalah adanya busur api (arc flash. Namun demikian, energi yang dihasilkan oleh busur api setelah dilakukan koordinasi proteksi perlu dipertimbangkan agar tidak melampaui standard yang diizinkan. Analisa busur api dilakukan dengan menggunakan perhitungan standar IEEE 1584-2002. Setelah dilakukan beberapa analisa didapatkan bahwa beberapa daerah di PT. Semen Indonesia pabrik Aceh memiliki nilai insiden energi diatas kategori 4, sehingga diperlukan tambahan peralatan berupa rele differensial sebagai pengaman utama agar nilai insiden energi busur api bisa dikategorikan sesuai standard NFPA 70E.

  19. Sufis’ Actions Against the Dutch in Aceh in The Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

    Fakhriati Fakhriati


    Full Text Available Sufis in Aceh, historically, had shown its real action in their daily life in relation to both vertical and horizontal. For vertical relations, the followers performed any Sufi practice leading them to their God. For horizontal relationship, they protected and defended their society and state by performing jihad against the Dutch as colonizers and infidels for them. There are at Ieast three factors influenced Sufis actions to be more attractive. First, the condition of Acehnese sultanate became weak. Second, the Dutch seemed eagerly to expand their colonial territory to Aceh. Third, the Acehnese had already kept in touch with other Muslims in Arabia since the Islam coming to this area. This article elaborates in detail on this matter by using primary sources from manuscripts and archives. Besides, secondary sources are also referred for comperation.

  20. Qanun Man’i al-Maysir fi Wilayati Aceh: Dirasatun Tahliliyatun fi Dhaui Maqasid al-Syari’ah

    Maisyarah Rahmi Hasan


    Full Text Available This research aims to study the prevention law of gambling in Aceh. Which has applied since 2003 M. The problem appears from this study is miss understanding of some Achiness society. Some of them accept that the gambling law is applied according to the purpose of Islam on the prohibit gambling. On another perception some of the community in Aceh do not accept it. they argue that the law of prevention gambling in Aceh is just from government not from Syari’. The explanation of appropriation between the purpose of government on applying this law and the purpose of maqashid al- syariah on prevention gambling. And discuss the reason of miss understanding society. So, this research will analyse the problems deal from this law, the solution, and finding out the wisdom of forbid gambling, and the relation prevention gambling law and the maqashid al – syariah on keep the wealth, because the command of preserve wealth is one of the purpose of syariah that Muslim should watch over it.thus, The researcher adopted the inductive methodology and the analytical approach to reach the solution on it. The most important result finding in this study is firm relation between the prevention gambling law in Aceh and maqashid al- syariah. Gambling is prohibited by many evidences and propositions from al-qur’an and hadits. In addition There are many kind of gambling renowned, the punishment for violate the gambling law is ta’ziriah. This forbidden relate to the command on keeping the wealth. Since that is one of the purpose of shariah. If the prevention of gambling law is approved and applied so that the purpose of shariah is reached as well. Futhermore, the law must be holdout on all Muslims to avoid gambling .

  1. Analisis Determinan Kualitas Laporan Keuangan Kementerian/Lembaga Satuan Kerja Di Wilayah Kerja Kantor Pelayanan Perbendaharaan Negara Banda Aceh

    Simanungkalit, Alfa M H


    The objective of research is to test the influence of the Implementation of SAP (Standard Government Accountancy), the quality of SDM (Human Resources), Internal Control System, Organizational Commitment, the Use of Information Technology, and Accessibility on the Quality of Financial Statement of Ministerial/Institutional Work Units in the working area of KPPN (State Treasury Service Office), Banda Aceh. The population was 423 Ministerial/Institutional work units in the working area of KPPN,...

  2. Pengaruh Profesionalisme, Pengetahuan Mendeteksi Kekeliruan, Etika Profesi, dan Akuntabitas terhadap Pertimbangan Tingkat Materialitas (Studi pada Kap Aceh, Medan dan Palembang)

    Aprilla, Hildayeni; ', Andreas; Hasan, Mudrika alamsyah


    The research aims to examine the influence ofprofessionalism, knowledge of error detection, professional ethical, and accountability to the judgment of materiality level. Object of this research were public accountants that registered in Aceh, Medan, and Palembang. There are eighty questionnaires were sent, but only forty two questionnaires are returned. That data are analyzed by multiple regression method and SPSS program version 19. The variables were examined are influence ofprofessionalis...

  3. Sistem Informasi Geografis Asrama Mahasiswa Aceh Berbasis LBS (Location Based Service “Saweue Syedara” Berbasis Android

    Alwie Augusra T. A


    Full Text Available Student Dormitory is a desirable place to live for all overseas Aceh students that far from home, Student Dormitory be exclusive if the existence of a dormitory is located very far from the government and from the student's hometown, so the presence of dormitory is felt not exist and far from elegant impression , there are many Aceh students dormitory are not recorded by the Regional Government , that recorded only dormitory under the auspices of the government, when in fact the most dormitory are located under other institutions. Along with the development of, make it even easier people's lives in their daily live. During its development, mobile technology can determine the position of users, find the location you want to target, and provide a route to that location. The use of mobile devices for the Aceh Government, Society, and students in particular is to facilitate them in the course of a visit to Student Dormitory. The geographic information system created using the Java programming language with SDK (Software Development Kit Android and using MySQL and SQLite databases, the system is a client-server. The process of making and development of Geographic Information System using SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle using prototyping life cycle. By using the life cycle of prototyping, the design can be quickly created and tested by users. Users can participate in helping the development of a system to provide feedback on the prototype that has been tried before, so that the system be made better. The result of this application design is the realization of a mobile application that can allow users to find information and search for Aceh Student Dormitory in Java Island, Indonesia. The Geographic Information System uses technology of LBS (Location Based Service, this allows users to find the location of dormitory that wish to visit. This system will be developed on mobile devices using the Android operating system.

  4. Prediction of future urban growth using CA-Markov for urban sustainability planning of Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Achmad, A.; Irwansyah, M.; Ramli, I.


    Banda Aceh experienced rapid growth, both physically, socially, and economically, after the Tsunami that devastated it the end of December in 2004. Hence policy controls are needed to direct the pattern of urban growth to achieve sustainable development for the future. The purpose of this paper is to generate a growth model for Banda Aceh using the CA-Markov process. By knowing the changes in land use between 2005 and 2009 from the results of previous research, simulations for 2013, 2019 and 2029 using the application of Idrisi@Selva. CA-Markov models were prepared to determine the quantity of changes. The simulation results showed that, after the Tsunami, the City of Banda Aceh tended to grow towards the coast. For the control of the LUC, the Banda Aceh City government needs to prepare comprehensive and detailed maps and inventory of LUC for the city to provide basic data and information needed for monitoring and evaluation that can be done effectively and efficiently. An institution for monitoring and evaluation of the urban landscape and the LUC should be formed immediately. This institution could consist of representatives from government, academia, community leaders, the private sector and other experts. The findings from this study can be used to start the monitoring and evaluation of future urban growth. Especially for the coastal areas, the local government should immediately prepare special spatial coastal area plans to control growth in those areas and to ensure that the economic benefits from disaster mitigation and coastal protection are preserved. For the development of the city in the future, it is necessary to achieve a balance between economic development, and social welfare with environmental protection and disaster mitigation. iIt will become a big challenge to achieve sustainable development for the future.

  5. Local communities and tourists’ perception towards to PLTD Apung sites as tsunami disaster tourism in Banda Aceh City

    Fahmi, U.; Ginting, N.; Sitorus, R.


    Earthquake and tsunami disasters that hit Banda Aceh city a few years ago, it can be classified as the most terrible natural disasters in the history of the world. Natural disasters were considered as a scary incident, also leave a lot of losses, both regarding moral and material for victims. The establishment of the tourism as media of preservation disaster could be something interesting and demand by the community, especially in the preservation of disaster that usually contains a different perspective. One of the silent witness the awesomeness of tsunami wave that preserves as disaster tourism is tsunami education park, PLTD Apung sites that located in the sub-district of Punge Blang Cut, District of Meuraxa, Banda Aceh city. The community and tourists that interact to tourism object can give the impression, assessment, opinion, felt and interpret something toward to information that displayed. The existence of development experience, ability to think, terms of reference are not the same for each in the community as well as tourists, make it possible to generate a different perception of development. The purpose of this research is to know Community and Tourists Perceptions towards to PLTD Apung sites as Tsunami Disaster Tourism in the sub-district of Punge Blang Cut, Banda Aceh city. This research will conduct by using the descriptive-qualitative method. The research goal is to be recommendations include development activity areas and participation are supposed to do by local community and tourists. In the recommendation is defined procedures development of PLTD Apung sites that considered to community and Tourists Perception. It is expected to optimize the development of PLTD Apung sites that can be an identity of tsunami disaster tourism in Banda Aceh city.

  6. The Spatial Distribution of Bed Sediment on Fluvial System: A Mini Review of the Aceh Meandering River

    Muhammad Irham


    Full Text Available Dynamic interactions of hydrological and geomorphological processes in the fluvial system result in accumulated deposit on the bed because the capacity to carry sediment has been exceeded. The bed load of the Aceh fluvial system is primarily generated by mechanical weathering resulting in boulders, pebbles, and sand, which roll or bounce along the river bed forming temporary deposits as bars on the insides of meander bends, as a result of a loss of transport energy in the system. This dynamic controls the style and range of deposits in the Aceh River. This study focuses on the spatial distribution of bed-load transport of the Aceh River. Understanding the spatial distribution of deposits facilitates the reconstruction of the changes in controlling factors during accumulation of deposits. One of the methods can be done by sieve analysis of sediment, where the method illuminates the distribution of sediment changes associated with channel morphology under different flow regimes. Hence, the purpose of this mini review is to investigate how the sediment along the river meander spatially dispersed. The results demonstrate that channel deposits in the Aceh River are formed from four different type of materials: pebble deposited along upstream left bank; sand located on the upstream, downstream, and along meander belts; and silt and clay located along the cut bank of meander bends. Because of different depositional pattern, the distribution of the sediment along the river can be used as a surrogate to identify bank stability, as well as to predict critical geometry for meander bend initiation

  7. Utilization of Activated Carbon Prepared from Aceh Coffee Grounds as Bio-sorbent for Treatment of Fertilizer Industrial Waste Water

    Mariana, M.; Mahidin, M.; Mulana, F.; Aman, F.


    The people of Aceh are well known as coffee drinkers. Therefore, a lot of coffee shops have been established in Aceh in the past decade. The growing of coffee shops resulting to large amounts of coffee waste produced in Aceh Province that will become solid waste if not wisely utilized. The high carbon content in coffee underlined as background of this research to be utilized those used coffee grounds as bio-sorbent. The preparation of activated carbon from coffee grounds by using carbonization method that was initially activated with HCl was expected to increase the absorption capacity. The prepared activated carbon with high reactivity was applied to adsorb nitrite, nitrate and ammonia in wastewater outlet of PT. PIM wastewater pond. Morphological structure of coffee waste was analyzed by using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The result showed that the adsorption capacity of iodine was equal to 856.578 mg/g. From the characterization results, it was concluded that the activated carbon from coffee waste complied to the permitted quality standards in accordance with the quality requirements of activated carbon SNI No. 06-3730-1995. Observed from the adsorption efficiency, the bio-sorbent showed a tendency of adsorbing more ammonia than nitrite and nitrate of PT. PIM wastewater with ammonia absorption efficiency of 56%.

  8. Customer Satisfaction as a Mediator Variable between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty for PT. BNI (Persero Tbk Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Beby Karina Fawzea SEMBIRING


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the effect of service quality toward satisfaction and customer loyalty for PT. BNI (Persero Tbk, Aceh Province. The article also analyses customer satisfaction as a mediator variable between service quality and customer loyalty. The sampling technique in the study was based on cluster and convenience sampling with corresponding criteria; each respondent has a bank account and saving for at least one year. The primary data were collected from respondents using the structured questionnaires. A total of 220 questionnaires were distributed in five branch offices of PT. BNI (Persero Tbk operating in Aceh Province, namely the branchs of Lhokseumawe, Bireuen, Langsa, Sigli and Meulaboh. The results showed that service quality has a significant and positive effect toward satisfaction and customer loyalty for PT. BNI (Persero Tbk Aceh Province. Meanwhile, the variable of customer satisfaction can mediate the effect of service quality toward customer loyalty. However, the study found that service quality is the important element in increasing satisfaction and customer loyalty in national banking.


    Ruslan Ruslan


    Full Text Available Political recruitment is the process of filling positions in political institutions, including political parties. While the Political Party is a vehicle to bring a particular party political interests in the throne of power in order to achieve what is expected. The purpose of this research is to see how the pattern of recruiting candidates for legislative constituency 1 Aceh province conducted by PKS and NasDem Party, criteria to be used in recruiting candidates for legislative constituency 1 Aceh province conducted by PKS and NasDem Party and what the opportunities and challenges in recruiting candidates one electoral district conducted by PKS and NasDem Party. The method used is descriptive method with qualitative approach. The data collection was done by interview and documentation. The result showed that the pattern of recruiting candidates for the electoral district legilatif 1 Aceh province conducted by the PKS and NasDem show that much different. In connection with this, it is an opportunity and a challenge PKS namely the legislative elections of 2014 more challenges than opportunities obtained by the PKS because of money politics so were experienced by the Party NasDem money politics becomes the greatest challenge in the legislative election first times followed by the Party NasDem   DOI :

  10. ISOTERMI SORPSI AIR DAN ANALISIS UMUR SIMPAN IKAN KAYU TONGKOL (Euthynnus affinis DARI ACEH [Moisture Sorption Isotherm and Shelf Life Analysis of Dried Tongkol (Euthynnus affinis from Aceh

    Rita Hayati1


    Full Text Available Tongkol dried fish (Ikan Kayu Tongkol is lumps of less salted dried fish usually used as popular ingredient for some traditional fish dishes in Aceh as well as in Malaysia. In Japan it is further processed into Katsou-bushi for preparation of special soup. The objective of this research was to find out water relation parameters in the less salted dried fish as related to shelf life, characteristic changes during storage and estimate analysis of its expired date. Dried fish samples were equilibrated in 15 levels of RH at 28oC and their equilibrium moisture contents were determined.Moisture sorption isotherm derived from the correlation of equilibrium moisture content data indicated a typical sigmoidal curve implying 3 regions of water adsorption. The water sorption regions accounted for three fractions of bound water as analyzed using three different mathematical models. The first water fraction ranged 0 - 5.95 %, the second 5.95 - 17.52 % and the third fraction ranged 17.52 - 91.12 % dry basis, equivalent to 0 - 5.6 %, 5.6 - 14.9 % and 14.9 - 47.4 % wet basis respectively. Storage simulation experiment in two packaging materials as carried out at 30oC and 90 % RH resulted shelf life of 2749 days (91 months in the packaging of plastic impregnated allumunium and 1204 days (40 months in plastic packaging. These very long shelf life was due to the added salt in the produt which increased Mc as high as 46.9 % to cause mold growth. This estimate analysis of shelf life using the mathematical model of Labuza (1984 is one of the appropriate methods to determining expired date of dry food products.


    Hamdani Hamdani


    Full Text Available The study in general aims to study the procedure of bank guarantee in Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM Banda Aceh. In specific, this article analyzes the implementation of kafalah concept in resolving counter-guarantee for construction sector in the BSM. The data was gathered through interview with related parties and documentation study of relevant literatures. The collected data was then analyzed using descriptive analysis which included exposing, interpretation, and analysis. The findings show that in order to be approved for the product, customers are required to provide cash guarantees that cover tender, performance, cash advance, and maintenance with a minimum deposit is 10% of the total required amount of financing. In solving the counter-guarantee for the construction sector, the bank asked customers to immediately pay the shortage funds that has been converted to qardh financing in customers’ consent. In the case of they do not wish to repay or do not accept the conversion, the resolution has to be sought through Badan Arbitrase Syariah as governed by National Sharia Board No.11/DSN-MUI/V/2000. In general, the implementation of kafalah concept in solving the counter-guarantee for construction sector in BSM Banda Aceh has fulfilled shariah compliance especially the maslahah element. It was urgently needed in conducting various economics activities. =========================================== Penelitian ini secara umum bertujuan untuk mengkaji prosedur pemberian bank garansi di Bank Syari’ah Mandiri (BSM Banda Aceh. Secara khusus, artikel ini menganalisis pengaplikasian konsep kafalah dalam penyelesaian kontra garansi untuk sektor konstruksi pada BSM tersebut. Pengumpulan data dilakukan melalui wawancara dengan pihak-pihak terkait dan studi dokumentasi terhadap bahan-bahan yang relevan dengan bidang penelitian. Data yang terkumpul kemudian dianalisis dengan metode deskriptif analitis dengan cara pemaparan data yang meliputi penguraian


    Akhyar Rinaldi


    Full Text Available The objective of this article is to analyze the implementation of after sales service on used photocopy machine in Banda Aceh from an Islamic economic perspective. The analysis is conducted through the exploration of the mechanism of sale and purchase transactions and after-sales service system of the used photocopy machine. Data for this study was gathered through interviews and observations. Due to wide coverage area, the sample for this study was limited to eight units, which consist of four sellers and four buyers. The selection was determined by cluster sampling technique. The gathered data was then analyzed using descriptive analysis method. The findings showed that the implementation of the after sales service on the used photocopy machine in Banda Aceh was indicating to contain fraud such as gharar (uncertainty element, price manipulation element, and the 'coercion' element causing the unhappiness so that it can harm customers which impact on the loss of the maslahah values in muamalah. In other words, the practice of after-sales service of used copier machines in Banda Aceh not fully comply with Islamic economic principles. =========================================== Penelitian ini secara umum bertujuan untuk menganalisis praktik after sales service (layanan purna jual mesin fotocopy bekas pakai di Kota Banda Aceh dari perspektif ekonomi Islam. Analisis tersebut dilakukan melalui eksplorasi terhadap mekanisme transaksi jual beli dan sistem jasa layanan purna jual mesin fotocopy bekas pakai tersebut. Data untuk penelitian dikumpulkan melalui wawancara dan observasi. Karena wilayah populasi penelitian yang terlalu besar, maka penulis memilih delapan sampel penelitian, yakni empat sampel toko yang menjual mesin fotocopy bekas pakai, dan empat sampel toko yang menjadi konsumen mesin fotocopy bekas pakai. Pemilihan tersebut dilakukan dengan teknik cluster sampling. Data yang terkumpul kemudian dianalisis dengan metode deskriptif analisis


    Duranta D Kembaren


    Full Text Available Penelitian tentang distribusi ukuran dan parameter populasi lobster pasir di perairan Aceh Barat dilakukan pada bulanApril sampai November 2013. Penelitian ini bertujuan untukmengkaji status lobster di perairan Aceh Barat dilihat dari aspek distribusi ukuran dan parameter populasinya. Pengamatan dan pengukuran lobster dilakukan di tempat pengumpul lobster dengan sistem sampling acak. Sebaran frekuensi panjang karapas selanjutnya ditabulasikan dan dianalisa dengan metode kurva logistik. Struktur ukuran lobster yang tertangkap menunjukkan bahwa lobster jantan dominan tertangkap dibawah ukuran nilai tengah 72,5 mm dan sebaliknya diatas ukuran nilai tengah 72,5 mm yang didominasi jenis kelamin betina. Lobster terlebih dahulu tertangkap sebelum mencapai ukuran matang gonad (Lc = 65,8mm< Lm= 76,8 mm. Puncak musim pemijahan terjadi pada bulan Mei dan Agustus. Panjang asimtosis (CL∞  sebesar 119,5 mm dengan laju pertumbuhan (K 0,39/tahun serta laju kematian total (Z 1,44/tahun, laju kematian alamiah (M 0,67/tahun dan laju keamatian akibat penangkapan (F 0,77/tahun. Laju eksploitasi sudah mengarah kepada penangkapan yang berlebih (E=0,54, oleh karena itu perlu dilakukan tindakan pengelolaan perikanan lobster yang berkelanjutan. Salah satu upaya yang dapat di tempuh adalah dengan menerapkan sistem penutupan musim penangkapan lobster pada saat terjadinya puncak musim pemijahan. Research on the length distribution and population parameters of scalloped spiny lobster conducted in the Aceh Barat waters during April to November 2013. The aim of this study was to assess lobster fishery status in this waters from the point of view their length size and population parameters. Sampel collected randomly in the lobster landing site. Distribution of carapace length frequency was tabulated and analysed using logistic curve method. Length composition of male lobster was dominated under 72,5 mm midlenght, while female lobster was dominated above 72


    Saudatul Fitri


    Full Text Available Takaful insurance is a shariah insurance that aims to minimize the loss of a risk. One of its flagship products is Fulnadi, this product is devoted to prepare children insurance to pursue their bachelor degree. This study aims to determine the effect of payment of claims benefits on the satisfaction of Fulnadi product participants and to know the procedure of claim benefit payment from risk insurance policy Fulnadi at PT. Takaful Insurance Family, Banda Aceh. This research applies both qualitative and quantitative approach through descriptive analysis. The data were taken through library research and field research, with the technique of collecting interview data, study of documentation and technique of questionnaire. The results revealed that the Family Takaful Insurance, especially Fulnadi, is a product that diverts the risk of children who could not continue their education if something bad happens in life, for the transfer of this risk the participant must pay the premium. The amount of paid premium greatly affects a number of benefits received. Other results indicate that 50% of participants expressed dissatisfaction with the benefits of claims received for the educational needs of the participating children. =========================================== Asuransi takaful adalah asuransi syariah yang bertujuan untuk memperkecil kerugian dari suatu risiko. Salah satu produk unggulannya adalah Fulnadi, produk ini dikhususkan untuk mempersiapkan anak dalam hal pendidikan sampai sarjana. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh pembayaran manfaat klaim terhadap kepuasan peserta produk Fulnadi dan untuk mengetahui prosedur pembayaran manfaat klaim dari pertanggungan risiko polis Fulnadi pada PT. Asuransi Takaful Keluarga Banda Aceh. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dan kuantitatif yang bersifat deskriptif analisis. Data yang diambil yaitu library research dan field research, dengan teknik pengumpulan data wawancara, telaah

  15. Karakteristik Mutu Biji Kakao Aceh Hasil Fermentasi Dengan Berbagai Cara Dan Interval Waktu Pengadukan

    Heru Prono Widayat


    Full Text Available (Quality Characteristics Of Aceh Cacao Beans Resulted From Different Fermentation Methods ABSTRACT. Response of cocoa beans to any fermentation treatment may vary according to crop variety, farming conditions and practices, and fermentation methods; including type of beans stirring methods and stirring frequencies applied during fermentation period. The objective of this research is to study quality characteristics of Aceh fermented cocoa beans treated with different stirring methods and stirring frequencies. The cocoa beans of 40 cm mass depth were kept in 53x40x50 cm rattan buckets and were fermented for 5 days. Beans stirring during fermentation was conducted either by in-place stirring andreplace-stirring to other rattan bucket. Stirring period was set for each 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours of fermentation time. Beans temperature, pH, and total sugar content for each stirring period along five days-fermentationtime were recorded. The fermented beans were sundried for moisture content of approximately 6%. The results showed that the beans temperature during fermentation increased up to 45.7-46.6oC on the third-day and then decreased to 37.9-40.4oC on the fifth-day. The highest temperature (46.6oC was recorded for in-place stirring with stirring period of 48 hours. The pH value of the beans decreased from 5.6-5.9 on the first-day to 3.2-3.4 on the fourth-day and then slightly increased to 3.4 in average on the fifth-day. The total sugar content decreased from 9.1-9.6% on the first-day to approximately 0.4% on the fifth-day. Quality analysis of the fermented beans showed that pH value varied 5.5-5.8 and fat content was 47.9-49.1%. The best quality of fermented beans was found for replace-stirring method with stirring period of 24 hours. This treatment resulted in fermented cocoa beans with 0.4% moldy, 17.5% partly purple, 3.0% slaty, and 76.7% fully fermented.


    A. Hadi Arifin


    Full Text Available Reconstruction and rehabilitation is urgently needed by Aceh, both in terms of infrastructure and its development of the economic sector. Acehnese need to face this challenge to not only reconstruct the economics of Aceh but also to reconstruct the infrastructure and to build the social life of the Acehnese people. After the tsunami, Acehnese have lost their family member and also their property. It has been three years and the reconstruction for the transformation is still going on. The primary task of transformation projects should be further intensified and the education system, infrastructure, health, social, cultural, and economic development of Acehnese need to be reconstructed. This paper tries to elaborate the political economy related to the acute problems faced by BRR and Aceh Local Government and other agencies in the region.

  17. 14 February 2012 - Ambassadors from Algeria, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chad, Tunisia, Permanent Representatives to the United Nations Office at Geneva in the LHC tunnel at Point 1, ATLAS visitor centre, and ATLAS underground experimental area, throughout accompanied by Advisers P. Fassnacht, E. Tsesmelis and R. Voss

    Jean-Claude Gadmer


    14 February 2012 - Ambassadors from Algeria, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chad, Tunisia, Permanent Representatives to the United Nations Office at Geneva in the LHC tunnel at Point 1, ATLAS visitor centre, and ATLAS underground experimental area, throughout accompanied by Advisers P. Fassnacht, E. Tsesmelis and R. Voss

  18. Model of slums rejuvenation in Telaga Tujuh village: the case of Langsa city, Aceh, Indonesia

    Irwansyah, Mirza; Caisarina, Irin; Solehati, Dini


    Telaga Tujuh village is the only island inhabited compared to other islands in Langsa City, Aceh. Most of the houses are on stilts with very limited infrastructure such as lack of road facilities, local drainage, drinking water, wastewater, and garbage disposals. In determining the model of the slum settlements arrangement of Telaga Tujuh Village, there are some things to know that the characteristics of slums themselves and the causes of slum settlement. The aim of this study is to determine model of slum settlement arrangement that is suitable to be applied in the location. The method used is qualitative with sampling technique and qualitative analysis. To obtain the primary data used observation method, questionnaires, and interview. Secondary data obtained from agencies related to slum settlement arrangement. Based on characteristic analysis found that 365 residential buildings are irregular with the percentage of 100%, 365 residential buildings do not have safe drinking water supply, 365 residential buildings do not have waste water management. From the analysis shows that the appropriate model to be applied to Telaga Tujuh village is the rejuvenation model with the land consolidation system through the re-arrangement divided by two, 60% for the existing residential development and 40% for commercial development.


    Luthviyah Choirotul Muhimah


    Full Text Available Sel surya berpewarna tersensitisasi atau dikenal dengan dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC dengan menggunakan semikonduktor tipe-n dan tipe-p serta ekstrak jeruk Mentui (khas Aceh sebagai biomolekul pewarna sensitisasi (dye telah difabrikasi dan dikarakterisasi. Sebagai pembanding, ekstrak jeruk nipis dan jeruk purut juga digunakan. Ekstrak jeruk mentui berdasarkan spektrum inframerah mengandung berbagai macam karotenoid dan flavonoid seperti beta karoten, hesperidin, lutein, naringin, quersetin, tangeretin, dan zeaxanthin. Karakteristik optik ekstrak jeruk Mentui juga menunjukkan nilai absorptivitas molar yang cukup tinggi sehingga dapat digunakan untuk pembuatan DSSC. Hasil pengujian arus-tegangan menunjukkan hasil bahwa penggunaan ekstrak jeruk Mentui pada semikonduktor tipe-n mampu menghasilkan efisiensi yang lebih besar daripada semikonduktor tipe-p. Adapun tegangan rangkaian terbuka (VOC dan faktor pengisian (fill factor, FF relatif sama untuk semua jenis ekstrak jeruk yaitu VOC ~ 0.340 V dan FF ~ 0.4. Rapat arus pada rangkaian singkat terbesar (Jsc = 1.21 mA·cm-2 dihasilkan DSSC dengan molekul pewarna ekstrak jeruk mentui.

  20. Changing Smoking Behavior of Staff at Dr. Zainoel Abidin Provincial General Hospital, Banda Aceh

    Said Usman


    Full Text Available Smoking tobacco is a habit of individuals. Determinants of smoking behavior are multiple factors both within the individual and in the social environment around the individual. Staff smoking has been an undesirable phenomenon at Dr. Zainoel Abidin Provincial General Hospital in Banda Aceh. Health promotion efforts are a strategy that has resulted in behavioral changes with reductions in smoking by staff. This action research was designed to analyze changes in smoking behavior of hospital staff. The sample for this research was all 152 male staff who were smokers. The results of this research showed that Health Promotion Interventions (HPI consisting of personal empowerment plus social support and advocacy to improve employee knowledge and attitudes influenced staff to stop or to significantly. HPI employed included counseling programs, distribution of antismoking leaflets, putting up antismoking posters, and installation of no smoking signs. These HPI proved effective to increase knowledge and create a positive attitude to nonsmoking that resulted in major reductions in smoking by staff when offsite and complete cessation of smoking whilst in the hospital. Continuous evaluation, monitoring, and strengthening of policies banning smoking should be maintained in all hospitals.

  1. The Effects of a Linguistic Tsunami on the Languages of Aceh

    Zulfadli A. Aziz


    Full Text Available The languages throughout the world are in crisis and it is estimated that 50% to 90% will have disappeared by the end of this century (Grenoble, 2012. Colonisation, nationalism, urbanisation and globalisation have resulted in a linguistic tsunami being unleashed, with a few major world languages swamping others. The rate of language loss today is unprecedented as this small number of dominant languages expands rapidly. Small minority languages are mainly in danger, but even large regional languages, such as Acehnese with millions of speakers, are unsafe. Similar to the case of a tsunami triggered by an earthquake, it is generally too late before speakers are aware of what is happening. In most cases language shift will have already progressed and irreversible before people realize it. This paper examines the early warning signs of impending language shift and what can be done for minority languages to have the best chance of survival. We draw on the local situation in Aceh, as well as other parts of the Austronesian speaking world and Australia, where the record of language loss is the worst in the world. Language shift in Australia is well-progressed; in Indonesia it is more recent. Lessons learned from places such as Australia and Taiwan have relevance for Indonesia today.

  2. Public acceptance of a hypothetical Ebola virus vaccine in Aceh, Indonesia: A hospital-based survey

    Harapan Harapan


    Full Text Available Objective: To determine the acceptance towards a hypothetical Ebola virus vaccine (EVV and associated factors in a non-affected country, Indonesia. Methods: A hospital-based, cross-sectional study was conducted in four regencies of Aceh, Indonesia. A set of pre-tested questionnaires was used to obtain information on acceptance towards EVV and a range of explanatory variables. Associations between EVV acceptance and explanatory variables were tested using multi-steps logistic regression analysis and the Spearman's rank correlation. Results: Participants who had knowledge on Ebola virus disease (EVD were 45.3% (192/424 and none of the participants achieved 80% correct answers on the knowledge regarding to EVD. About 73% of participants expressed their willingness to receive the EVV. Education attainment, occupation, monthly income, have heard regarding to EVD previously, socioeconomic level, attitude towards vaccination practice and knowledge regarding to EVD were associated significantly with acceptance towards EVV in univariate analysis (P < 0.05. In the final multivariate model, socio-economic level, attitude towards vaccination practice and knowledge regarding to EVD were the independent explanatory variables for EVV acceptance. Conclusions: The knowledge of EVD was low, but this minimally affected the acceptance towards EVV. However, to facilitate optimal uptake of EVV, dissemination of vaccine-related information prior to its introduction is required.


    Cut Suryani


    Full Text Available A principal as a supervisor has to conduct supervision in his/her school. Hence he/she must be able to perform a variety of monitoring and control to improve the performance of teachers. Supervision and control are preventive ways to prevent teachers to do irregularities and thus will be more careful in carrying out his work as educators. This research is intended to study supervision activities performed by principal of Islamic Elementary School (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN Sukadamai Banda Aceh. The results of this research show several findings: 1. The focus of supervision activities performed by principal can be identified in two things i.e supervision activities concerning the teachers’ administration and teachers’ teaching practices; 2. Supervision activity is useful for teachers to solve educational problems at the time of learning, and to provide motivation for them to improve the knowledge to become professionals in teaching and learning process; 3. Principal’s barriers in supervision consists of overlapping activities and lack of operational budget.

  4. Exploration of Uranium in Simpang Kanan, East Aceh, Preliminary Prospecting Stages

    Djalil, A; Sutriyono, A; Sajiyo


    Exploration of uranium in simpang kanan, east aceh, preliminary prospecting stages. The research has been carried out to obtain the knowledge of geology, radiometry and geochemistry in relation with U prospect development. Based on the similarity of lithology in takengon sector which indicates the existence of uranium mineralization. Research method consist of geological observation, radiometric measurements of outcrops, boulders and stream sediment and heavy mineral samples. Laboratory analysis consist of petrography, autoradiography and uranium content analysis of stream sediment and rock samples. The lithology consist of slate, quartzite, marble, granite, dacite, limestone, carbonaceous sandstone, black claystone, sandstone, siltstone, carbonaceous siltstone. This area found, has been folded with the folding axis direction of NW-SE. Fault structures are generally formed as strike slip fault and several location as normal fault and heavy minerals anomalous was interpreted from granite and sandstone- siltstone. Occurrences of the geochemical anomaly, lithology and geological structures, there has been shown that few location is being the prospect area covered about 70 km of 1800km prospecting area, so it is suggested that in those related prospect area should be performed further observation

  5. Reactivity improvement of Ca(OH)2 sorbent using diatomaceous earth (DE) from Aceh Province

    Mariana, M.; Mahidin, M.; Mulana, F.; Agam, T.; Hafdiansyah, F.


    In this study, the diatomaceous earth (DE) from Aceh Province was used to increase the reactivity of Ca(OH)2sorbent. The high silica (SiO2) content of about 97% in the diatomaceous earth allows the increasing reactivity of Ca(OH)2sorbent by forming calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The CSH improved the porosity characteristic of the sorbent. The improvement process was performed by mixing Ca(OH)2sorbent, diatomaceous earth and water in a beaker glass at the Ca(OH)2/DE weight ratio of 1:10 for 2 hand then dried at 120 °C for 24 h. The dried sorbent was calcined at 500 °C and 800 °C for 2 h. The activated sorbent was characterized using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for the morphological properties; X- Ray Diffraction (XRD) for the materials characteristics. The adsorption capacity of thesorbent was tested by methylene blue adsorption. The results showed that the Ca(OH)2/DEsorbent had a higher porosity than the Ca(OH)2 adsorbent.The results also showed that Ca(OH)2/DE which was calcined at higher temperature of 800 °C had a higher adsorption capacity compared to Ca(OH)2/DE which was calcined at lower temperature of 500 °C.


    Zirlia Anggraini


    Full Text Available Academically, the bencmark of successful person is learning achievement which is involved by internal and external factor. One of the external factor that involved students learning achievement is authoritative parenting practices. It is kind of parenting authoritative done by parents in achieving certain purposes, including learning achievement. Including parents in the students instructional process can create a good atmosphere such acceptance or warmness, supervision, and psychological autonomy granting. The sampling technique used was multistage cluster and stratified random sampling. The participants was 334 students (145 males and 189 females. The instrument of this research is adapted from Authoritative Parenting Practices Scale which consists of 26 items, and learning achievement by using the mean of students’ record. The result of data analysis by using Pearson correlation technique showed that was the positive and significant correlation between authoritative parenting practices and students learning achievement in Banda Aceh (r= .309; p< .001. It indicates that the higher authoritative parenting practicesaccepted by the students, the learning achievement increase or vive versa. It can be concluded that parents have the important role in achieving students learning achivement.

  7. CDM Potential in Palm Solid Waste Cogeneration as an Alternative Energy in Aceh Province

    Mahidin Mahidin


    Full Text Available Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB as a solid waste in Crude Palm Oil (CPO industry does not utilized yet as an alternative energy source to generate electricity. It is well known that use of solid wate (biomass as an energy source is part of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM scheme due to direct reduction of Green House Gases (GHGs emission and provide a direct contribution to sustainable development. Utilization of EFB as a source of energy is very potential to be implemented in Aceh since this province has 25 CPO Mills at the moment which actively produce about 870,000 ton EFB per year. This study is subjected to evaluate the potency of electricity  from EFB theoretically by using primary data (survey data and secondary data. Potency of EFB and number of electricity produced from that EFB are estimated using primary data and direct combustion scenario, respectively. Calculation methods for emission reduction acieved are done by AMS-I.D: Renewable electricity generation to the grid and AMS-III.E: Methane emissions avoided from dumping at a solid waste disposal site. The result of this investigation shows that energy consumption in 25 CPO Mills is 45 GW(eh per year. Evidently, the number of energy/electricity which is potential to be produced by using 75% EFB is 1,047 GWh per year; so that the GHGs emission reduction up to 171,232.21 tCO2e per year.

  8. Hubungan Pola Makan Pagi dengan Status Gizi pada Mahasiswi Poltekkes Kemenkes Aceh

    Ampera Miko


    Full Text Available Eating patterns can be assessed directly on the quality and quantity of the dishes. If the composition of the dishes meets the body's needs, both quantity, and quality, then the body will have health conditions as well as possible and a good nutritional state can be achieved. This research is descriptive analytic design cross-sectional. Data on the diet of the morning that includes frequency of eating breakfast, the number of breakfast and types of breakfast collected using food frequency for 7 days through the distribution of questionnaires, the Body Mass Index was collected by weighing student using digital scales and measuring the height of student use microtia. Univariate and Bivariate data analysis using chi-square statistical test. The results of 53 respondents have on the students who have the nutritional status in the category of energy deficiency (20% have a morning meal pattern in both categories compared to the category less (12.5%, while the student-nourished in the category of obesity largely (20,0% are also present in the diet in the morning in both categories compared with the category of less little (6,25%. In the conclusion, there is no relationship between diet and nutritional status breakfast Aceh polytechnic student Ministry of Health. Suggested that the student can maintain a normal nutritional status and achieve normal nutritional status. Keywords:  Breakfast Eating patterns, nutritional status, student

  9. Karakteristik dan kandungan mineral pasir pantai Lhok Mee, Beureunut dan Leungah, Kabupaten Aceh Besar

    Saniah .


    Full Text Available Abstract. The objective of this research was to determine the characteristics and mineral content of coastal sand from  Lhokmee, Beureunut, and Leungah Aceh Besar District. The sand analysis was conducted at Material Laboratory of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, Syiah Kuala University from March to April, 2014. Samples were collected using purpossive sampling method. The observed physical characteristics of this research were sand color, shape and particle size. The mineral content was analysed using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD and Joint Committee for Powder Diffraction Standard (JCPDS program. The result showed that Lhok Mee coastal sand was physically characterized as white, sub-angular rounded shape and 0.21 mm of size, while Beureunut coastal sand was light brown, rounded-well rounded shape and 0.19 mm of size, then Leungah coastal sand was black, angular-well rounded shape and 0.13 mm of size. Based on  mineral content showed that Lhok Mee, Beureunut, and Leungah coastal sand were dominated by SiO3, SO3 and Fe3O4, respectively. All identified minerals at all stations were classified as volcanic minerals of lithogenous sediment. Keywords: Beach sands; Color difference; Mineral content; Shape; Particle size.

  10. Granulometric analysis at Lampulo Fishing Port (LFP) substrate, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Purnawan, S.; Setiawan, I.; Haridhi, H. A.; Irham, M.


    The study of sediment granulometry was completed at Lampulo fishing port (LFP). The LFP is a main fishing port in Aceh Province, Indonesia, located at 5°34’35” N; 95°19’23” E. The purpose of the research is to study and construct the environment condition of the bottom substrate. The data was taken by incorporating coring method at 10 stations using purposive random sampling. The wet sieve method was used to analyze the grain size for geostatistical analysis. The geostatistical parameters analysis in this study is classified as mean, sorting, skewness and kurtosis. The result informs that the types of sediments are sand, sandy clay and clayey sand for all stations. Station 1, however, is found as the coarsest compares to the other stations. All of the sediment collected at each station displays moderately sorted to poor sorted, while kurtosis values may be categorized as very leptokurtic. The results of the sediment parameters indicate that the environment of harbor pool was in a stable state, related to a sheltered condition.

  11. Weights of Evidence Method for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia

    Pamela; Sadisun, Imam A.; Arifianti, Yukni


    Takengon is an area prone to earthquake disaster and landslide. On July 2, 2013, Central Aceh earthquake induced large numbers of landslides in Takengon area, which resulted in casualties of 39 people. This location was chosen to assess the landslide susceptibility of Takengon, using a statistical method, referred to as the weight of evidence (WoE). This WoE model was applied to indicate the main factors influencing the landslide susceptible area and to derive landslide susceptibility map of Takengon. The 251 landslides randomly divided into two groups of modeling/training data (70%) and validation/test data sets (30%). Twelve thematic maps of evidence are slope degree, slope aspect, lithology, land cover, elevation, rainfall, lineament, peak ground acceleration, curvature, flow direction, distance to river and roads used as landslide causative factors. According to the AUC, the significant factor controlling the landslide is the slope, the slope aspect, peak ground acceleration, elevation, lithology, flow direction, lineament, and rainfall respectively. Analytical result verified by using test data of landslide shows AUC prediction rate is 0.819 and AUC success rate with all landslide data included is 0.879. This result showed the selective factors and WoE method as good models for assessing landslide susceptibility. The landslide susceptibility map of Takengon shows the probabilities, which represent relative degrees of susceptibility for landslide proneness in Takengon area.

  12. Identification of Adhesive Material Substance in Ancient Fortress Located at Aceh Besar using XRF

    Nurul Fitri


    Preliminary study about adhesive material content in ancient fortress at Aceh Besar has been done. The fortress are Indrapatra, Inong Balee and Kuta Lubok. The sample is analyzed using X-Ray Flourescence (XRF with Fusion Beads method. The result of XRF shows that all of the fortress have the same oxide compound which is CaO, with percentage of (46,16-51,37%, SiO2 around (2,56-6,68%, MgO around (1,01-2,16%, Al2O3 around (0,73-1,18%, and Fe2O3 around (0,53-0,70%. The compounds are constituent of limestone of calcite. The results have been compared with the modern adhesive material (cement. It was found that cement has a different oxide composition with the adhesive material used in ancient fortress. Cement contains SiO2 and SO3 more than ancient adhesive material, the values are 18% and 3%, respectively, in one gram sample.

  13. Effect of space structures against development of transport infrastructure in Banda Aceh by using the concept of transit oriented development

    Noer, Fadhly; Matondang, A. Rahim; Sirojuzilam, Saleh, Sofyan M.


    Due to the shifting of city urban development causing the shift of city services center, so there is a change in space pattern and space structure in Banda Aceh, then resulting urban sprawl which can lead to congestion problem occurs on the arterial road in Banda Aceh, it can be seen from the increasing number of vehicles per year by 6%. Another issue occurs by urban sprawl is not well organized of settlement due to the uncontrolled use of space so that caused grouping or the differences in socioeconomic strata that can impact to the complexity of population mobility problem. From this background problem considered to be solved by a concept that is Transit Oriented Development (TOD), that is a concept of transportation development in co-operation with spatial. This research will get the model of transportation infrastructure development with TOD concept that can handle transportation problem in Banda Aceh, due to change of spatial structure, and to find whether TOD concept can use for the area that has a population in medium density range. The result that is obtained equation so the space structure is: Space Structure = 0.520 + 0.206X3 + 0.264X6 + 0.100X7 and Transportation Infrastructure Development = -1.457 + 0.652X1 + 0.388X5 + 0.235X6 + 0.222X7 + 0.327X8, So results obtained with path analysis method obtained variable influences, node ratio, network connectivity, travel frequency, travel destination, travel cost, and travel time, it has a lower value when direct effect with transportation infrastructure development, but if the indirect effect through the structure of space has a greater influence, can be seen from spatial structure path scheme - transportation infrastructure development.


    Fatmasari Fatmasari


    Full Text Available Motivation is one of the superior tools in order subordinate willing to work hard and smart in accord with the goal. If there is one achieve his or her motivation, then he or she tend to be continuously motivated. On the other hand, if there is one often fail to reach his or her motivation, then he or she keep preserving and keep make effort and pray till his or her motivation be reached or becomes hopeless. This study is aimed at knowing if there is a significant relationship between work motivation and teacher teaching ability toward the students’ achievement in Gugus II Primary School, Kebayakan Sub-district, Aceh Tengah. This study uses a quantitative approach with descriptive methods. The populations of the study were all the teachers and students at Gugus II Primary School Kebayakan sub-district, Aceh Tengah. The samples of the study were 31 teachers and 31 students. The results of this study indicate that the first hypothesis that there is a positive effect on work motivation with student achievement (rx1y = 0.670, second, there is a positive effect of the teachers teaching ability on the student achievement (rx2y = 0.691, there are three positive influence on work motivation and teachers teaching ability upon the achievement (rx1x2 = 0.856. The simultaneous analysis indicates that work motivation and the teachers teaching ability could affect the students’ achievement. Out of motivation variable hypothesis on the teacher high teaching ability has a significant influence on students’ achievement in Gugus II Primary School, Kebayakan sub-district, Aceh Tengah

  15. A Preliminary Study on Rainfall Interception Loss and Water Yield Analysis on Arabica Coffee Plants in Central Aceh Regency, Indonesia

    Reza Benara


    Full Text Available Rainfall interception loss from plants or trees can reduce a net rainfall as source of water yield. The amount of rainfall interception loss depends on kinds of plants and hydro-meteorological characteristics. Therefore, it is important to study rainfall interception loss such as from Arabica Coffee plantation which is as main agricultural commodity for Central Aceh Regency. In this study, rainfall interception loss from Arabica Coffee plants was studied in Kebet Village of Central Aceh Regency, Indonesia from January 20 to March 9, 2011. Arabica coffee plants used in this study was 15 years old, height of 1.5 m and canopy of 4.567 m2. Rainfall interception loss was determined based on water balance approach of daily rainfall, throughfall, and stemflow data. Empirical regression equation between rainfall interception loss and rainfall were adopted as a model to estimate rainfall interception loss from Arabica Coffee plantation, which the coefficient of correlation, r is 0.98. In water yield analysis, this formula was applied and founded that Arabica Coffee plants intercept 76% of annual rainfall or it leaved over annual net rainfall 24% of annual rainfall. Using this net rainfall, water yield produced from Paya Bener River which is the catchment area covered by Arabica Coffee plantation was analyzed in a planning of water supply project for water needs domestic of 3 sub-districts in Central Aceh Regency. Based on increasing population until year of 2025, the results showed that the water yield will be not enough from year of 2015. However, if the catchment area is covered by forest, the water yield is still enough until year of 2025

  16. Faktor Risiko Lingkungan dengan Kejadian ISPA pada Balita Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Ingin Jaya Kabupaten Aceh Besar

    Sofia Sofia


    Full Text Available Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI is still one public health problem that is important to note, because it is an acute illness and can even cause death in infants in developing countries, including Indonesia. In general, there are three the risk factors of ARI namely environmental factors, individual factors of children, and behavioral factors. The aim of research to find out the environmental risk factors with the incidence of  ARI  in Toddlers in Public Health Center of Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar district. This type of research is an analytic survey with cross-sectional study approach. The sample size is calculated using the formula Lemeshow of 100 respondents, samples were taken randomly. Data analysis using Chi-Square test. The results showed that the level of humidity in the home (p= 0,039, smoking habits of family members in the home (p= 0,001, and the habit of using mosquito coils in the home (p= 0,003 as a risk factor for ISPA to children in Region Public Health Center of Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar district. Conclusion, risk factor of ARI in the toddler that is a smoking habit, usage habit of mosquito coil and air humidity. Suggestions, the public in order to maintain air quality in the home environment to avoid various transmission of infectious diseases. Keywords: Air humidity, habits, environment, ARI Penyakit Infeksi Saluran Pernafasan Akut (ISPA masih menjadi salah satu masalah kesehatan masyarakat yang penting untuk diperhatikan, karena merupakan penyakit akut dan bahkan dapat menyebabkan kematian pada balita di berbagai negara berkembang termasuk  Indonesia. Secara umum ada 3 (tiga faktor risiko terjadinya ISPA yaitu faktor lingkungan, faktor individu anak, serta faktor perilaku. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui faktor risiko lingkungan dengan kejadian ISPA pada Balita di wilayah kerja Puskesmas Ingin Jaya Kabupaten Aceh Besar. Jenis penelitian adalah survey analitik dengan pendekatan Crossectional study. Besarnya sampel dihitung

  17. Hubungan Kondisi Lingkungan Rumah dan Perilaku Keluarga dengan Kejadian Demam Berdarah Dengue Di Kabupaten Aceh Besar

    Sofia Sofia


    Full Text Available Background: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF is a communicable disease caused by dengue virus known as the most spread disease in the world. In Aceh Besar district, DHF cases were found annually, 156 cases was recorded in 2013 (IR=42,0 per100.000 people, 1 case of death was reported (CFR=0,88%. It was seen that almost household had breeding places and used materials which can trun into breading places of Aedes aegypti. This research was to analyze the relationship of household environmental condition and family behavior to the incidence of DHF. Methods: This research was observational analytic study using case control design with total samples of 150 respondents, consisted of 75 cases and 75 control. Data analysis were using Chi-Square and Logistic Regression. Results: The result was that there was significant relationship between breeding place in household (p=0,000 and OR = 5,5, temperature in house (p=0,000 and OR= 4,0 and habits of cleaning up water container (p=0,000 and OR= 4,7 to the incidence of DHF. Conclusion: Community can prevent the cycle of DHF transmission by doing activities such as egg, larva, pupa eradication in its breading places, cleaning up water container at least, once in less then 7 days and actively perform 3 M Plus activities. Coordination between various stake holders is needed to observe sanitation of environment so then breeding places will not exist for Aedes aegypti. Keywords: Residence environment, family behavior, DHF

  18. Model Simulasi Penanganan Pascapanen Sekunder (Teknologi Pengolahan Nanas (Ananas comosus merr (Studi Kasus: Kabupaten Aceh Tengah

    Raida Agustina


    Abstract. Pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr has a growing agribusiness prospects in terms of  fresh fruit and processed materials. Simulation model of secondary postharvest handling (processing technology of  pineapple (jam, candy, and dodol is an effort informing the relevant parties in order to obtain information rate of profit (income greater compared with direct selling in the form of fresh fruit. The purpose of this study was to get some information of an eligibility secondary postharvest handling (processing technology; to simulate the level of benefits pineapple growers through refined products, as well as to predict the pineapple farmer returns for 8 years.  Data processing was performed using software Powersim to measure the feasibility of secondary post-harvest handling (processing technology pineapple based on the technical and economic analysis. In 2008, farmers obtain an acceptance of dodol pineapple Rp 5,072,874.60 pineapple, pineapple jam acceptance of Rp 4,191,896, 60, and acceptance of candy pineapple Rp 26,664,472.00. If it is assumed selling price of processed pineapple products in 2020 remains the farmer acceptance of dodol pineapple sales may reach Rp 30,998,132.90, acceptance of pineapple jam may reach Rp 25,586,879.80 and acceptance of pineapple candy may reach Rp 135 572. 561.00. The total profit of the pineapple growers receive from the sale of refined products such as dodol pineapple, jam, and candy in Aceh Tengah District reached Rp 35,929,243.20 in 2008. And the simulation results predicted 2020 profit pineapple farmers may reach Rp 195,147,574.00

  19. Complementary Therapies Used Among Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Aceh, Indonesia

    Niswah Niswah


    Full Text Available Purpose: This study aimed to reveal Complementary Therapies (CT use among adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM in Aceh, Indonesia, and to determine the reasons of using the CT.Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional study was undertaken using a self-reported questionnaire. One hundred and fifty four adult patients with T2DM has been completed the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data.Results: Herbs as a part of biological based therapies were the most popular of CT use among subjects in this study (100% followed by mind-body intervention (94.2%, manipulation and body based methods (19.5% and alternative medical methods (3.9%. The reasons for using each CT based on the belief in effects of CT on lowering blood sugar (100%, maintaining healthy body (76.6%, and relieving symptoms of DM (35.7%. Relatives and friends (98.7% were main resources to obtain the CT information, and the family members (91.0% were main support of CT use. While, the nature (89.0% was the easiest source to access a CT product, followed by local markets (36.4%.Conclusion: This study found that herbs were believed by all subjects could reducing blood glucose, maintaining healthy body, and relieving symptoms of DM. Family members and easy to access the CT products from nature took the important role in influencing a person to use CT. More experimental studies examining effects of each CT especially herbal medicine and mind-body intervention are needed in the future.

  20. Spawning seasons of Rasbora tawarensis (Pisces: Cyprinidae in Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Musman Musri


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Rasbora tawarensis is an endemic freshwater fish in Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Unfortunately, its status is regarded as critical endangered with populations decreasing in recent years. To date no information on the spawning activities of the fish are available. Therefore, this study provides a contribution to the knowledge on reproductive biology of R. tawarensis especially on spawning seasons as well as basic information for conservation of the species. Methods Monthly sampling was conducted from April 2008 to March 2009 by using selective gillnets. The gonadosomatic index, size composition and sex ratio were assessed. The gonadal development was evaluated based on macroscopic and microscopic examinations of the gonads. Results The gonadosomatic index (GSI varied between 6.65 to 18.16 in female and 4.94 to 8.56 for male. GSI of the female R. tawarensis was higher in March, September and December indicating the onset of reproductive seasons, the GSI and oocyte size being directly correlated with gonadal development stages. Although, a greater proportion of mature male than female was detected during the study, the sex ratio showed that the overall number of female was higher than male. The ovaries had multiple oocyte size classes at every stage of gonadal development, thus R. tawarensis can be classified as a group synchronous spawner or a fractional multiple spawner. Conclusion The spawning seasons of R. tawarensis were three times a year and September being the peak of the reproductive season and the female was the predominant sex. This species is classified as a group synchronous spawner.


    Devi Agustia


    Full Text Available Agricultural cooperatives play an important role in supporting small agricultural farmers. The key roles of cooperatives are to improve access to markets, increase in bargaining position of farmers, and adopt improved technologies. The problem faced by the coffee farmers is their weakness position in the price determination. Based on this problem, this study aimed to analyze the cooperative’s business behavior. The study was conducted in Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah districts. Data were collected from 15 cooperatives purposively selected. The mode of cooperative economic behavior was constructed as a simultaneous equation system consisting of purchase price, purchase amounts, sales prices and number of cooperative members. The model was estimated by 2SLS method. The results show that most of the variables in the model indicate that cooperatives have run their business in compliance with the cooperative principles.   Keywords: agricultural cooperative, coffee, farmers, simultaneous modelAbstrakKoperasi pertanian memiliki peran penting dalam mendukung petani kecil. Peran kunci koperasi tersebut, yaitu untuk meningkatkan akses pasar, meningkatkan posisi tawar petani, dan meningkatkan kemampuan mengadopsi teknologi. Masalah yang dihadapi petani kopi adalah posisi tawar petani lemah dalam penentuan harga. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui perilaku usaha koperasi dengan menganalisis faktor-faktor yang memengaruhi harga pembelian, jumlah pembelian, jumlah penjualan, jumlah anggota dan sisa hasil usaha pada koperasi. Model perilaku ekonomi koperasi dibangun sebagai suatu sistem persamaan simultan yang terdiri dari harga pembelian, jumlah pembelian, harga penjualan,  jumlah anggota koperasi dan Sisa hasil usaha. Model ini diestimasi dengan metode 2SLS. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar variabel dalam model menunjukkan bahwa koperasi telah menjalankan kegiatan usahanya sesuai dengan prinsip-prinsip koperasi. Hal ini ditunjukkan dari

  2. A decade of mangrove recovery at affected area by the 2004 tsunami along coast of Banda Aceh city

    Onrizal; Mansor, M.


    Banda Aceh (BA) is the capital of Aceh Province, Indonesia. It was the most affected areas by the 2004 tsunami. Before the natural catastrophe, most of the BA mangroves disturbed by human activities and remaining mangroves were fragmented and had a low density of trees. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to calculate the impact of the tsunami on mangrove and subsequently to evaluate the mangrove recovery based on spatial and temporal analysis and ground truthing method within the period 11 years in intertidal areas of BA. Three regions of BA coastal areas were selected, namely Kuala Cangkoy, Gampong Jawa and Lambada coasts. Before the tsunami, the mangrove forests in BA were only 13.6% of BA coastlands and fragmented. Approximately 48.9% of the mangroves have destroyed due to the tsunami. The BA mangroves at 5 and 11 years after tsunami were 66.5% and 81.3% relative to the data before tsunami, respectively. It means that the BA is very vulnerable due to the future tsunami occur. Therefore, the mangrove restoration in BA needs to be improved and maintain based on green belt concept for coastal protection as well as productivity of estuarine ecosystem.


    Santi Julita


    Full Text Available Development of globalization impact to a strict competition between the companies. This lead the Human Resources factor into a crucial role in maintaining, directing and developing the company. Therefore, every company needs employees who are bound by their job. One of the things that can encourage the formation of relationship between the employee is perceived organizational support. This study aims to determine the relationship between perceived organizational support by attachment of employees at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero Tbk, Branch of Banda Aceh. The number of samples in this study were 139 permanent employees who were still working or were not taking time off from work with a minimum term of one year and the last education was diploma. The sampling technique used purposive sampling technique. Collecting the data using the scale adaptation of Survey of Perceived Organizational Support with 17-item version (α= .91 and a scale adaptation of Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES with 17-item version (α= .95. The results of data analysis using pearson product moment correlation technique that showed a positive relationship between perceived organizational support by attachment of employees at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero Tbk, Branch of Banda Aceh (rxy = .30, p < .05. The higher of perceived organizational support to the employee, likewise the higher bound of employee or otherwise.

  4. Boundary element inverse analysis for rebar corrosion detection: Study on the 2004 tsunami-affected structure in Aceh

    S. Fonna


    Full Text Available Evaluation of rebar/reinforcing-steel corrosion for the 2004 tsunami-affected reinforced concrete (RC buildings in Aceh was conducted using half-cell potential mapping technique. However, the results only show qualitative meaning as corrosion risk rather than the corrosion itself, such as the size and location of corrosion. In this study, boundary element inverse analysis was proposed to be performed to detect rebar corrosion of the 2004 tsunami-affected structure in Aceh, using several electrical potential measurement data on the concrete surface. One RC structure in Peukan Bada, an area heavily damaged by the tsunami, was selected for the study. In 2004 the structure was submerged more than 5 m by the tsunami. Boundary element inverse analysis was developed by combining the boundary element method (BEM and particle swarm optimization (PSO. The corrosion was detected by evaluating measured and calculated electrical potential data. The measured and calculated electrical potential on the concrete surface was obtained by using a half-cell potential meter and by performing BEM, respectively. The solution candidates were evaluated by employing PSO. Simulation results show that boundary element inverse analysis successfully detected the size and location of corrosion for the case study. Compared with the actual corrosion, the error of simulation result was less than 5%. Hence, it shows that boundary element inverse analysis is very promising for further development to detect rebar corrosion. Keywords: Inverse analysis, Boundary element method, PSO, Corrosion, Reinforced concrete


    Muhammad Nasir


    Full Text Available This article provides the latest information on how the Ulama Dayah Aceh Tamiang's response to the implementation of the Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI, particularly related to women's rights regulated in the issue of marriage registration, the validity of divorce, and joint property (gono gini and their views on the KHI as Islamic law legislated by the government. according to some circles as a form of reform of Islamic law in Indonesia which is also claimed as a law that many defend the rights of women, although there are still some who argue that KHI discriminatory against women. This paper departs from research was conducted on Dayah Aceh Tamiang Ulama by using interview and observation method. There are three theories used in analyzing this research data, namely; Theory of Relation State and Religion, Theory of Ulama and State Authority, and Theory of Conservative turn. The finding of this article reveals that the resistance of the Ulama Dayah against KHI can be identified in two levels. Firstly, they disagreed with some aspects of KHI in such as marriage registration, joint property, and divorce legal procedures. Secondly, the fact that Ulama Dayah were not involved in the process of legal drafting of the KHI.

  6. The historical and religious approach towards city park design in Banda Aceh, Indonesia Case Study: Krueng Neng Park (Taman Krueng Neng)

    Safriana, D.; Wulandari, E.


    Banda Aceh has a long history as a coastal city; it had ever been a cosmopolitan maritime city based on Islamic sharia. One of the physical traces of this history is located at the Krueng Neng River, a site which became a Turkish military training area to support the existence of the kingdom of Aceh in the 17th-19th century. Currently, the development of the Banda Aceh city has the goal of making the city as an Islamic tourism destination. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by the arrangement of Islamic open space in historical environments. Therefore, this paper intends to examine historical and religious approaches in the concept of open space arrangement in Krueng Neng, Lamjame Village, Banda Aceh. This is important with regards to the Banda Aceh’s designation as one of the eight heritage cities in Indonesia, as Banda Aceh’s city plan will be developed according to the goals of the heritage program. The study model is in the form of design research that will develop an activity program and pattern of the spatial arrangement based on history and religion, and supported by location-based approach (field condition) incorporating both geographical and socio-cultural contexts. The result of the study is a park design based on Islamic garden principles and incorporating historical aspects from 17th century Turkey in the form of replicas of a Turkish ship and cannon ‘Lada Sicupak’. In summary, one of the options to enhance the goal of Islamic tourism in Banda Aceh is arranging a local park based on its historical aspects and applying Islamic garden principles.

  7. Pengaruh Dana Alokasi Umum (DAU), Dana Alokasi Khusus (DAK), Belanja Langsung, dan Pendapatan Perkapita Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Sebagai Variabel Moderating Jumlah Penduduk Pada Pemerintahan Kabupaten/Kota Provinsi Aceh

    Lubis, Imam Rizky Anwar


    The purpose of this study to examine General Allocation Fund, Special Allocation Fund, Direct Expenditure, and Gross Domestic Product with Total Population as the moderating variable to The Effect Of The Economic Growth in District/city Province Aceh from the period 2010-2013. The design research in this minithesis is using causal associative design, with 9 cities as the sample each year of the 18 cities in Province Aceh from the period 2010-2013. This research utilizes secondary data. The...


    Badratun Nisak


    Full Text Available Risk management is a set of procedures and methodologies that used to identify, measure, monitor and control of risks that could be aroused from the business of banks. This article aims to analyze the implementation of risk management system at Baitul Qiradh Bina Insan Mandiri and its impact on musharaka financing. The sample for this research is Micro Small Business Group at Kuta Alam’s regency which was financed by the Baitul Qiradh. Data for this research was gathered through interview, observation and documentation study. The findings suggest that there were three risk possibilities could escalate at the financing project, namely business risk, shrinking risk, and character risk. Among these risks, the Baitul Qiradh experiences two of them, which was business and character risks. Therefore, the efforts were made to minimize the risk of Baitul Qiradh Bina Insan Mandiri by applying 5C concept, namely character, capability, capital, condition and collateral. =========================================== Manajemen risiko adalah serangkaian prosedur dan metodologi yang digunakan untuk mengidentifikasi, mengukur, memantau, dan mengendalikan risiko yang timbul dari kegiatan usaha bank. Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk menganalisis sistem manajemen risiko yang diimplementasikan pada Baitul Qiradh Bina Insan Mandiri dan dampaknya terhadap kelancaran pembayaran dalam pembiayaan musyarakah. Pembahasan kajian hanya terfokus ke manajemen risiko pembiayaan musyarakah pada kelompok usaha dalam Rumpun Kuta Alam yang dibina oleh Baitul Qiradh Bina Insan Mandiri Banda Aceh. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan wawancara, observasi, dan studi dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa dalam melakukan pembiayaan tersebut Baitul Qiradh Bina Insan Mandiri tidak terlepas dari kemungkinan terjadinya 3 aspek risiko, yaitu: risiko bisnis yang dibiayai (busness risk, risiko berkurangnya nilai pembiayaan (shrinking risk, dan risiko karakter buruk mudharib (character

  9. Kajian kesesuaian lingkungan untuk pengembangan wisata di Pantai Ganting, Pulau Simeulue, Provinsi Aceh

    Herdiana Mutmainah


    Full Text Available Abstract. Simeulue Island is situated Indian Ocean in western part of Aceh Province, this is one of the outer island in Indonesia. Simeulue has big potency in marine resources such as  clean waters and beautiful beach, coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems. Therefore, Simeulue is very promising as an ecotourism destination. The objective of present study was to evaluate the condition of the water quality and the potency for a marine ecotourism development. The feasibility study was conducted on August in Ganting Beach, Village of Kuala Makmur, Simeulue Island. The purposive random sampling method was used to determine twelve sampling stations. The measured water quality parameters were pH, temperature, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, brightness, BOD5, odors, oil and debris. These parameters were analyized and mapped using software ODV, and then compared to the sea water quality standard for marine tourism as well as the characteristics of the coast to the suitability index of recreational area. The results showed that the water quality of Ganting Beach is very suitable for recreational activities (index 77, category S1  andit is suitable for swimming and also for boating tourism activities, banana boats and jet skis (index 16, category S2. Keywords: water quality; marine tourism; Ganting Beach   Abstrak. Pulau Simeulue, merupakan salah satu pulau terdepan sebelah barat Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI, dan terletak di Samudera Hindia.Simeulue memiliki potensi sumberdaya laut yang besar, diantaranya perairan yang besih dan jenih, pantai yang indah, terumbu karang dan hutan bakau, sehingga sangat berpotensi untuk dikembang menjadi tujuan wisata. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menilai kondisi kualitas perairan dan potensi kesesuaian wisata Pulau Simeulue.Penelitian ini dilaksanakan pada bulan Agustus 2015 bertempat di Pantai Ganting, Kelurahan Kuala Makmur, Kabupaten Simeulue. Sebanyak 12 lokasi pengambilan sampel kualitas air

  10. Economic base determination and influence of several variables against contributions percentage of the GDRP in Aceh Besar district

    Andayani, Keumala; Miftahuddin


    The percentage contribution of Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in Aceh Besar district is influenced by several leading sectors, such as agriculture, building sector, trade, hotel and restaurant sector, transport and communications, financial sector, leasing and business services, and services sector. Based on the use of Location Quotient (LQ) method and multiple regression model, the effect of labor variables and population to Gross Regional Domestic Product by 2000 constant prices for agriculture and trade. For each addition of one workforce in the trading sector, the trade sector contribution will increase by 0.000014157%. Thus, the trade sector contribution will increase by 0.0000013786% in every addition of one soul of the population. Whereas, for every addition of one human resource in the agricultural sector will be reduced by 0.0002%. In other words, for each addition of one soul of the population will reduce the contribution of the agricultural sector by 0.00008611%.

  11. Embedded wisdom or rooted problems? Aid workers' perspectives on local social and political infrastructure in post-tsunami Aceh.

    Daly, Patrick


    This paper analyses the role of local social, cultural, and political institutions in post-disaster reconstruction projects. It contends that such institutions are important considerations within community-driven reconstruction initiatives, but are often viewed with ambivalence by external aid organisations. This paper draws upon in-depth qualitative interviews with aid workers involved in the post-tsunami reconstruction in Aceh, Indonesia, to establish: (i) what roles community institutions were suited to play in the reconstruction; (ii) what were the limitations of community institutions when engaging with external aid agencies; (iii) how did external aid agencies engage with local community institutions; and (iv) how did external aid agencies perceive community institutions. © 2015 The Author(s). Disasters © Overseas Development Institute, 2015.

  12. Selection for the best ETS (error, trend, seasonal) model to forecast weather in the Aceh Besar District

    Amora Jofipasi, Chesilia; Miftahuddin; Hizir


    Weather is a phenomenon that occurs in certain areas that indicate a change in natural activity. Weather can be predicted using data in previous periods over a period. The purpose of this study is to get the best ETS model to predict the weather in Aceh Besar. The ETS model is a time series univariate forecasting method; its use focuses on trend and seasonal components. The data used are air temperature, dew point, sea level pressure, station pressure, visibility, wind speed, and sea surface temperature from January 2006 to December 2016. Based on AIC, AICc and BIC the smallest values obtained the conclusion that the ETS (M, N, A) is used to predict air temperature, and sea surface temperature, ETS (A, N, A) is used to predict dew point, sea level pressure and station pressure, ETS (A, A, N) is used to predict visibility, and ETS (A, N, N) is used to predict wind speed.

  13. The Role of University Partners in the Innovation Adoption Process to Rice Seed Farmers in Aceh Province

    Setia Budi


    Full Text Available The role of university partners in the innovation adoption process in the implementation of agricultural extension is very necessary to get attention to realize the success of empowering rice seed farmers. The purpose of this research is (1 to know the role of universities in the process of adopting innovation in IPB 3S seedling in Aceh Province, (2 to know the perception of farmers toward the characteristics of the innovation of IPB 3S varieties, and (3 to know the role of universities in the implementation process of extension agriculture to rice seed farmers. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach with data measurement using Likert scale. The results showed that in general the universities play significant role in innovation adoption process to rice seed farmers. The role is arranged by sequence; (1 implementing cultivation skill (2 strengthening farmer institution, (3 liaison with the government (4 guidance of transfer of technology, and (5 liaison with production market. Farmers perception on the characteristics of innovation optimum production technology package (IPB-Prima IPB 3S (1 has a relative profitability, (2 easy to try, (3 conformity, (4 observable, and (5 innovation subtly level. The role of partners in the implementation of agricultural extension in sequence (1 conformity of extension materials, (2 intensity of extension, (3 appropriateness of extension method and (4 accuracy of media usage. The university should pay attention on the mechanism of facilitating technology transfer with the use of media and appropriate extension methods to rice seed farmers. The university also should build good communication with private organizations to help farmers in terms of seed price certainty produced by rice seed farmers in Aceh Province, Indonesia.


    Musa Al'ala


    Full Text Available The Aceh province in Indonesia, located around the Sumatra subduction area, was one of the worst hit areas with respect to damage from the impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. A 9.15 Mw earthquake triggered the tsunami. One of the impacts was the disconnection of several areas from their mainland, thus creating new small islands. This happened around Ujong Seudeun village in Aceh Jaya District. Prior to the tsunami, the village had approximately 500 residents. However, after the tsunami, the area was severely eroded and a small strait had been inserted between the village and the Sumatra Island mainland. This study investigates the magnitude of the tsunami wave forces that separated the area to yield a newly deserted small island. This study was conducted by numerical simulations and by coupling the COMCOT (Cornell Multi-grid Coupled Tsunami Model and Delft3D models. These tools have specific advantages, namely, COMCOT’s linear modeling is based on a series of earthquake mechanisms and Delft3D uses non-linear morphological dynamic modeling. Their software includes the explicit leapfrog finite difference scheme (COMCOT and the non-linear shallow water equation (Delft3D. Bathymetry data fromnewly formed coastline and the small island’s shape were digitized using 2005 Quickbird Images. Results from this research reveal the estimated tsunami wave heights and forces that disconnected the small island of Ujong Seuden from the Sumatra Island mainland. These results can be used to further develop the COMCOT model to incorporate sediment modules.

  15. Preliminary study on detection sediment contamination in soil affected by the Indian Ocean giant tsunami 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

    Idris, Nasrullah, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Syech Abdurrauf No. 3 Darussalam, 23111 Banda Aceh, Aceh (Indonesia); Ramli, Muliadi [Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Syech Abdurrauf No. 3 Darussalam, 23111 Banda Aceh, Aceh (Indonesia); Hedwig, Rinda; Lie, Zener Sukra [Department of Computer Engineering, Bina Nusantara University, 9 K. H. Syahdan, Jakarta 14810 (Indonesia); Kurniawan, Koo Hendrik [Research Center of Maju Makmur Mandiri Foundation, 40 Srengseng Raya, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11630, Jakarta (Indonesia)


    This work is intended to asses the capability of LIBS for the detection of the tsunami sediment contamination in soil. LIBS apparatus used in this work consist of a laser system and an optical multichannel analyzer (OMA) system. The soil sample was collected from in Banda Aceh City, Aceh, Indonesia, the most affected region by the giant Indian Ocean tsunami 2004. The laser beam was focused onto surface of the soil pellet using a focusing lens to produce luminous plasma. The experiment was conducted under air as surrounding gas at 1 atmosphere. The emission spectral lines from the plasma were detected by the OMA system. It was found that metal including heavy metals can surely be detected, thus implying the potent of LIBS technique as a fast screening tools of tsunami sediment contamination.

  16. The Influence of Organizational Commitment and Motivation in the Relationship between Budget Participation and Managerial Performance (Empirical Study on Provincial Government Agencies ( SKPA of Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Muslim A. Djalil


    Full Text Available The objective of research is to empirically examine the influence of organizational commitment and motivation in the relationship between budget participation and managerialperformance of Provincial Government Agencies (SKPA of Aceh Province.Total samples used in this study were 92 respondents who were in the position of Echelon III and IV in SKPA of Aceh Province. The data source of this study was primary data obtained through the distribution of a questionnaire to the selected respondents. The collected data were analyzed by using Path Analysis Method.The result of the study indicated that the organizational commitment, motivation, and budget participation have a significant influence on the managerial performance both simultaneously and partially. However, the organizational commitment and motivation did not mediate the relationshipbetween budget participation and managerial performance.Keywords: Managerial Performance, Budget Participation, Organizational Commitment, Motivation

  17. The Effect of Organizational Culture, Leadership Style, and Functional Position on Organizational Commitment and Their Impact on the Performance of Internal Auditors in Aceh, Indonesia

    M. Shabri Abd. Majid


    Full Text Available This study aims at empirically examining the influence of the organizational culture, leadership style, and functional position of an auditor on organizational commitment and their impact on the performance of government internal auditors in Aceh, Indonesia. All 183 of the governmental internal auditors at the district level within the Province of Aceh, Indonesia, were investigated. Data, which are gathered by distributing questionnaires to the entire population, are then analysed by the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM technique.The study found that organizational culture, leadership style, and functional auditor have affected the performance of the governmental internal auditor either directly or indirectly through organizational commitment.Keywords: Organizational Culture, Leadership Style, Functional Auditor, Organizational Commitment, Internal Auditor Performance.

  18. Postseismic Deformations of the Aceh, Nias and Benkulu Earthquakes and the Viscoelastic Properties of the Mantle

    Fleitout, L.; Garaud, J.; Cailletaud, G.; Vigny, C.; Simons, W. J.; Ambrosius, B. A.; Trisirisatayawong, I.; Satirapod, C.; Geotecdi Song


    The giant seism of Aceh (december 2004),followed by the Nias and Bengkulu earthquakes, broke a large portion of the boundary between the Indian ocean and the Sunda block. For the first time in history, the deformations associated with a very large earthquake can be followed by GPS, in particular by the SEAMERGE (far-field) and SUGAR (near-field) GPS networks. A 3D finite element code (Zebulon-Zset) is used to model both the cosismic and the postseismic deformations. The modeled zone is a large portion of spherical shell around Sumatra extanding over more than 60 degrees in latitude and longitude and from the Earth's surface to the core-mantle boundary. The mesh is refined close to the subduction zone. First, the inverted cosismic displacements on the subduction plane are inverted for and provide a very good fit to the GPS data for the three seisms. The observed postseismic displacements, non-dimensionalized by the cosismic displacements, present three very different patterns as function of time: For GPS stations in the far-field, the total horizontal post-seismic displacement after 4 years is as large as the cosismic displacement. The velocities vary slowly over 4 years. A large subsidence affects Thailand and Malaysia. In the near-field, the postseismic displacement reaches only some 15% of the cosismic displacement and it levels off after 2 years. In the middle-field (south-west coast of Sumatra), the postseismic displacement also levels-off with time but more slowly and it reaches more than 30% of the cosismic displacement after four years. In order to fit these three distinct displacement patterns, we need to invoke both viscoelastic deformation in the asthenosphere and a low-viscosity wedge: Neither the vertical subsidence nor the amplitude of the far-field horizontal velocities could be explained by postseismic sliding on the subduction interface. The low viscosity wedge permits to explain the large middle-field velocities. The viscoelastic properties of the

  19. The Effect of Used Information Technology, Internal Control, and Regional Accounting System on the Performance of City Governance Agency of Banda Aceh City, Indonesia

    Muslim Djalil


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to examine the influence of utilization of information technology, internal control system, and regional financial accounting system on the performance of city government agencies in Banda Aceh city government, Indonesia.The population of the research is 39 city government agencies (SKPK of Banda Aceh and by using the simple random sampling technique, it is selected 28 agencies within city government as a sample and employed 84 persons as respondents. The primary data of this research arecollected by using questionnaire and analyzed by using the multiple regression regresion method with a SPSS application software.The result shows that perceived by simultaneously statistical test indicated that the utilization of information technology, internal control system and implementation of regionalfinancial accounting system have a significant positive effect on the performance of city government agency. Similarly, tested partially, utilization of information technology, internalcontrol system, and implementation of the regional financial accounting system also have a significant positive effect on the performance of city government agencies in the city government of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.Keywords: Information Technology, Internal Control System, Regional Financial Accounting System, and Performance of City Governance.

  20. Shoreline change after 12 years of tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia: a multi-resolution, multi-temporal satellite data and GIS approach

    Sugianto, S.; Heriansyah; Darusman; Rusdi, M.; Karim, A.


    The Indian Ocean Tsunami event on the 26 December 2004 has caused severe damage of some shorelines in Banda Aceh City, Indonesia. Tracing back the impact can be seen using remote sensing data combined with GIS. The approach is incorporated with image processing to analyze the extent of shoreline changes with multi-temporal data after 12 years of tsunami. This study demonstrates multi-resolution and multi-temporal satellite images of QuickBird and IKONOS to demarcate the shoreline of Banda Aceh shoreline from before and after tsunami. The research has demonstrated a significant change to the shoreline in the form of abrasion between 2004 and 2005 from few meters to hundred meters’ change. The change between 2004 and 2011 has not returned to the previous stage of shoreline before the tsunami, considered post tsunami impact. The abrasion occurs between 18.3 to 194.93 meters. Further, the change in 2009-2011 shows slowly change of shoreline of Banda Aceh, considered without impact of tsunami e.g. abrasion caused by ocean waves that erode the coast and on specific areas accretion occurs caused by sediment carried by the river flow into the sea near the shoreline of the study area.

  1. Comparative Study on the Cost of Building Public House Construction Using Red Brick and Interlock Brick Building Material in the City of Banda Aceh

    Malahayati, Nurul; Hayati, Yulia; Nursaniah, Cut; Firsa, T.; Fachrurrazi; Munandar, Aris


    Red brick and interlocking brick are the building materials that are often used for wall installation work on houses construction. In the development of building materials technology and cost savings, interlocking brick can be alternative to replace red bricks. In Aceh Province, the use of interlocking bricks is less popular compared to other big cities in Indonesia. Interlocking brick is made from a mixture of clay, concrete sand and compacted cement and one of the environmentally friendly materials because it does not burn the process like red brick material. It is named interlocking brick because the installation method is locked together and it serves as a structural and partition wall of residential buildings. The aims of this study are to compare the cost of building a house in Banda Aceh City using red brick and interlock brick building materials. The data were obtained from interviews and questionnaires distributed to respondents who had built houses in Banda Aceh City. The results concluded that the house construction cost using interlock brick offer lower construction cost at comparable quality rather than using red brick.

  2. The lost pedestrian: Identifying determinant factors of no-pedestrian phenomenon in the area of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Nasution, M. A.


    The area of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Banda Aceh has a deep meaning for people of Aceh because it is a historical site, which has many historical heritages. Recently, it is rarely seen people walk along the corridor of the town. People always drive to move along the road and stop right on their destination. Some are still walking, but only for 20-30 meter. On the other hand, a number of the vehicle significantly increase followed by the needs of parking space. The intensity of the traffic is high in day time; in the morning, at noon, and in the late afternoon. The research will be conducted using qualitative and quantitative methods; investigating the change of the environment caused by development, disaster, and conflict, interviewing government as the decision maker and public figure, questionnaires, and finding information from official documents and literature. It is necessary to identify the determinant factors of no-pedestrian phenomenon in the area of Banda Aceh because it is expected to create atmosphere, which encourage people to walk along the city center, revive walking habits to urban community, and strengthen the role of city center as a center of activities; praying, shopping, and engaging in recreation and leisure.


    Andi Sagita


    Full Text Available Kerang hijau merupakan komoditas budidaya laut yang sangat prospektif untuk dikembangkan pada suatu sistem budidaya, karena dapat dilakukan dengan biaya produksi yang rendah namun menghasilkan profitabilitas yang tinggi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui metode dan kepadatan yang paling optimal untuk budidaya kerang hijau di perairan pesisir Kuala Langsa, Aceh. Metode penelitian menggunakan rancangan acak lengkap faktorial yang terdiri atas faktor metode (long line dan stick dan faktor kepadatan (20, 30, dan 40 individu/kantong 5,30 L, masing-masing diulang sebanyak empat kali. Berdasarkan sidik ragam data Specific Growth Rate (SGR dari panjang (SGL L dan bobot (SGR W menunjukkan semua perlakuan metode, kepadatan dan interaksi berbeda signifikan pada taraf uji 5% (P<0,05, di mana perlakuan yang paling optimal yaitu perlakuan metode long line dengan kepadatan 20 individu/kantong 5,30 L diperoleh rata-rata nilai SGR (L sebesar 0,86 ± 0,01%/hari dan SGR (W sebesar 1,18 ± 0,04%/hari dengan sintasan mencapai 92,50 ± 2,89%. Parameter kualitas perairan selama periode budidaya masih sesuai untuk mendukung kehidupan kerang hijau di mana suhu berkisar 27,5-34,0°C; salinitas 28,5-33,0 ppt; pH 7,8-8,6; dan oksigen terlarut 4,5-6,5 mg/L; serta kecepatan arus 0,1-0,3 m/s. Budidaya kerang hijau dengan metode long line pada kepadatan 20 individu/kantong 5,30 L merupakan pola budidaya yang paling optimal untuk diterapkan di perairan pesisir Kuala Langsa, Aceh. Green mussel is a very prospective marine aquaculture commodity due to its low cost production but with high profitability. This research aimed to determine the most optimal method and densities for green mussel culture in coastal waters of Kuala Langsa, Aceh. The research used a completely randomized factorial design consisting of methods factor (long line and stick and densities factor (20, 30, and 40 individuals/basket 5.30 L, each repeated four times. Based on the variance analysis of

  4. Early-Ming Era tsunami destruction along the Northern Coast of Aceh, Indonesia: New evidence from Archeology

    Sieh, K.; Daly, P.; McKinnon, E. E.; Tai, Y. S.; Feener, R. M.; Ishmail, N.


    Our colleagues and we have reconstructed partial earthquake and tsunami histories along the coast of Aceh, Sumatra. Chlieh et al (2006) documented and modeled deformation of offshore islands associated with the 2004 rupture. Meltzner et al (2010) found coral evidence of uplifts in 1394±2 and 1450±3 CE. Sieh et al. (2015) documented associated tsunami that destroyed a structure built in 1366±3 CE, 40 km east of Banda Aceh at Lamreh. Since 2015, our landscape archaeology survey of 43 coastal villages over a 40-km reach of the coast has revealed 995 archaeological sites ranging from 10th century to present and containing over 5,000 carved gravestones and 50,000 ceramic sherds. The distribution of ceramic material suggests 7 discrete areas of cultural activity before the 1394 tsunami. Six of these appear to be villages that used imported ceramics and have been populated since the 10th century. However, detailed analysis indicates a clear reduction in activity between 1360 and 1450 CE. This suggests that one or both of the 1394 and 1450 tsunami disrupted the villages. The distribution of post-1500 CE ceramic material shows a gradual repopulation of pre-tsunami sites and a significant expansion of activity starting at the end of the 16th Century, for all areas except Lamreh. Only at on the elevated Lambaro highlands, above modern Lamreh, does material conclusively date between the 1394 and 1450 CE tsunamis. This historic trading site of "Lambri" contains large quantities of ceramics ranging from the early 11th century until the early 16th century, including precisely dated early-Ming (1403-1425 CE) material, some of which is distinctive imperial trade ceramics. We suspect that after the 1394 tsunami destroyed the other coastal settlements, the relatively safe highlands of Lambri were the only areas of the coast utilized for at least 50 years. After about 1450 CE, however, these highlands were abandoned, while the low-lying coastal communities began once again to

  5. Identifikasi Variabel Untuk Mendukung Kinerja Pusat-Pusat Kegiatan Dalam Pengembangan Komoditas Unggulan Tongkol Di Wilayah Pesisir Timur Provinsi Aceh

    Muthmainnah -


    Full Text Available Wilayah Pesisir Timur merupakan salah satu wilayah pengembangan (WP di Provinsi Aceh yang memiliki keunggulan pada sektor primer salah satunya sub sektor perikanan. Struktur hirarki pusat kegiatan WP terdiri dari pusat kegiatan nasional (PKN, pusat kegiatan wilayah (PKW dan pusat kegiatan lokal PKL yang memliki peran sebagai pusat pertumbuhan dan mendukung pengembangan wilayah termasuk pengembangan komoditi unggulan. Namun demikian keunggulan pada sub sektor perikanan belum mendapat dukungan dalam hal pengembanganya. Oleh karena itu penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui variabel apa saja yang mempengaruhi kinerja pusat kegiatan dalam mendukung pengembangan komoditas unggulan perikanan. Untuk menjawab tujuan ini dilakukan tiga tahapan penelitian yaitu penentuan komoditas unggulan perikanan dengan analisa location quotient (LQ dan shift share analysis (SSA. Tahapan kedua, melihat kondisi aliran nilai tambah komoditi unggulan di pusat kegiatan dengan analisa deskriptif, dan analisa variabel pengaruh kinerja dengan analisa pengkodean (coding. Hasil analisa awal dengan LQ dan SSA menunjukkan bahwa komoditi Tongkol merupakan komoditi unggulan WP Pesisir Timur. Sementara pada analisis deskriptif aliran nilai tambah menunjukkan tidak terjadinya pertambahan nilai bagi komoditi unggulan. Terakhir, analisa kualitatif coding ditemukan bahwa variabel yang mempengaruhi kinerja pusat kegiatan WP Pesisir Timur terhadap pengembangan komoditi unggulan Tongkol yaitu ketersedian jumlah pasar, ketersedian jumlah industri pengolahan, ketersedian jumlah jenis industri pengolahan, ketersediaan jaringan transportasi, ketersedian prasarana listrik dan ketersedian prasarana air bersih.

  6. Relationship between personal, maternal, and familial factors with mental health problems in school-aged children in Aceh province, Indonesia.

    Saputra, Fauzan; Yunibhand, Jintana; Sukratul, Sunisa


    Recently, mental health problems (MHP) in school-aged children have become a global phenomenon. Yet, the number of children affected remains unclear in Indonesia, and the effects of mental health problems are of concern. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of MHP in school-aged children and its relationship to personal, maternal, and familial factors in Aceh province, Indonesia. Participants were 143 school-aged children with MHP and their mothers. They completed the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, Social Competence Questionnaire, Brief Family Relationship Scale, Parental Stress Scale, Parent's Report Questionnaire, and Indonesian Version of the Beck Depression Inventory-II. Mainly, children were rated to have emotional symptoms by their mothers (37.8%). Factors such as academic competence, family relationships, and maternal parenting stress are related to MHP. Given the high prevalence of school-aged children that have emotional symptoms, child psychiatric mental health nurses should give special attention to assist them during their school years. Moreover, nurses should aim to improve family relationships and reduce maternal parenting stress. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. Cash grants in humanitarian assistance: a nongovernmental organization experience in Aceh, Indonesia, following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

    Doocy, Shannon; Johnson, Diane; Robinson, Courtland


    Historically, cash interventions, as opposed to material or in-kind aid, have been relatively uncommon in the humanitarian response to emergencies. The widespread implementation of cash-based programs following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami provided an opportunity to examine cash distributions following disasters. The Mercy Corps cash grant program in Aceh, Indonesia, was a short-term intervention intended to assist in recompensing losses from the December 2004 tsunami. An evaluation of the Mercy Corps cash grant program was conducted for the 12-month period following the tsunami using program monitoring data and a systematic survey of cash grant beneficiaries. in 2005, the cash grant program disbursed more than US$3.3 million to more than 53,000 beneficiaries; the average cash grant award was US$6390, which was shared by an average of 108 beneficiaries. In a beneficiary survey, more than 95% of respondents reported the grant allocation processes were fair and transparent and that grant funds were received. The Mercy Corps experience with cash programs suggests that cash interventions in the emergency context, when properly administered, can have an immediate impact and serve as an efficient mechanism for providing assistance. Organizations involved in humanitarian relief, particularly donors and nongovernmental organizations, should consider incorporating cash-based interventions as an element of their response in future emergencies.

  8. Penguraian Zat Warna Tartrazin pada Limbah Pencucian Mie Aceh Secara Ozonolisis dan Penyinaran Matahari dengan Penambahan Katalis ZnO

    Bhayu Gita Bhernama


    Full Text Available People's habits in consuming Aceh noodles make the noodle industry grow rapidly, but the waste treatment process becomes less effective. In the process of making the noodles, dye waste is produced in the form of tartrazine dye and need to be processed before being disposed into the environment. The research purpose was to describe the decomposition of tartrazine using ozonolysis and solar radiation methods as one of the solutions in the waste treatment process. The use of ZnO as catalyst is to accelerate the decomposition reaction of the noodle washing wastes. The results of the analysis concluded that ozonolysis methods are more effective in decomposing tartrazine in the noodle wash wasted by solar irradiation method. The sun exposure decomposed tartrazine by 99.74% using 0.015 g ZnO for 150 min and tartrazine content obtained 0.022 mg/L with a sunlight intensity of 1.24 x 1016 cm-2 s-1. Ozonolisis exposure decomposed tartrazine by 98.68% using 0.020 g ZnO for 12 minutes and tartrazine content obtained 0.112 mg / L.

  9. Assessment of post-tsunami disaster recovery of Banda Aceh city of Indonesia as window of opportunities for sustainable development

    Meilianda, E.; Munadi, K.; Azmeri; Safrida; Direzkia, Y.; Syamsidik; Oktari, R. S.


    Post-tsunami recovery process at Banda Aceh city of Indonesia were assessed in this study. Several actions and programs implemented during the recovery process were exercised and examined through several FGDs, to identify any windows of opportunities to change were captured in the aspects of infrastructure and housing, economic revitalization of the affected community, mental health and psychosocial condition and development, establishment and implementation of disaster risk reduction programs and community preparedness. Subsequently, whether or not those changes fit into the principle criteria of sustainability were examined. The results give insights on the dynamics of recovery process after more than a decade since the tsunami was affected the area. Some success and not-so-success stories of actions and program implementations during the recovery process were captured. On the aspect of livelihoods and public finance, the local government seems to have seen a window of opportunity and subsequently seize the opportunity to revitalize the administrative system of financing the micro-finance for communities. In contrast, on the aspect of socio-ecological systems integrity toward preserving the natural environment, the case of housing development at the coastal areas against the blueprint city masterplan exemplifies the failure in seizing the window of opportunity to “build back better”.

  10. Analysis of risk factors for acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) of Toddlers in Ingin Jaya community health centre of Aceh Besar district

    Safitri, Faradilla; Hayati, Risna; Marniati


    Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) is a disease in developing countries 25% that caused the death of children under five. In Aceh province disease is always on the list of 10 biggest disease each year which amounted to 47.258 cases. In Ingin Jaya Community Health Centre cases of acute respiratory tract infections in infants in 2014 were 112 cases, while in 2015 an increase of as many as 123 cases. Objective: To analyze the risk factors of acute respiratory diseases in health centers of Toddlers Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar district. Analytical research the design of case control, case-control comparison of 1: 1 ie the sample of 60 cases and 60 control, retrieval of data taken from the register space IMCI Health Center. The study was conducted in 2016. Results: Factor toddler age (OR=11.811), gender (OR=3.512), birth weight (OR=8.805), immunization status (OR=4.846), exclusive breastfeeding (OR=2.529). Conclusions and Recommendations: Toddlers aged>2 years has the opportunity 11.811 times of acute respiratory tract infections. Male Toddler has a chance 3.512 times of acute respiratory tract infections. Toddlers are born with a normal weight does not have a chance of 8.805 times of acute respiratory tract infections. Toddlers who do not get complete immunization has the opportunity 4.846 times of acute respiratory tract infections. Toddlers who did not receive exclusive breastfeeding has 2,529 times greater chance of respiratory tract infections. Health workers and the Aceh Provincial Health Office can provide information through health education each month for each work area of health centers, or create a billboard on the causes of the ispa in infants.

  11. EKSISTENSI HUKUM PIDANA ADAT DI INDONESIA : Pengkajian Asas, Norma, Teori, Praktik dan Prosedurnya

    Lilik Mulyadi


    Full Text Available Eksistensi hukum pidana adat Indonesia dikaji dari perspektif normatif (ius constitutum diatur Pasal 18 B UUD 1945 hasil Amandemen, Pasal 1, Pasal 5 ayat (3 sub b UU Nomor 1 Drt tahun 1951, Pasal 5 ayat (1, Pasal 10 ayat (1 dan Pasal 50 ayat (1 UU Nomor 48 Tahun 2009. Kemudian secara parsial dalam daerah tertentu seperti Aceh Nangroe Darussalam diatur dalam UU Nomor 44 Tahun 1999, UU Nomor 11 Tahun 2006, berikutnya diimplementasikan dalam bentuk Qanunbaik tingkat Propinsi dan Kabupaten. Berikutnya di Bali diatur dan diimplementasikan dalam bentuk Awig-AwigDesa Adat (Pakraman serta dari perspektif ius constituendumdiatur dalam ketentuan Pasal 2 ayat (1, (2 RUU KUHP Tahun 2012. Kemudian tataran asas diatur Kitab Ciwasasanaatau Kitab Purwadhigama, Kitab Gajahmada, Kitab Simbur Cahaya, Kitab Kuntara Raja Niti, Kitab Lontara ‘ade’dan awig-awig. Selain itu, dikaji dari perspektif teori, praktik dan prosedurnya ditemukan dalam bentuk yurispudensi Mahkamah Agung RI seperti Putusan Mahkamah Agung RI Nomor 42 K/Kr/1966 tanggal 8 Januari 1966, Putusan Mahkamah Agung RI Nomor 275 K/Pid/1983 tanggal 29 Desember 1983 serta penjatuhan sanksi adat (obat adat hakikatnya bersifat untuk pemulihan keseimbangan alam magis, pemulihan alam kosmos guna mengembalikan pada keseimbangan yang terganggu agar bersifat religio magis kembali. Kemudian dalam kajian hukum pidana maka eksistensi hukum pidana adat Indonesia berada pada tataran dogmatik hukum, teori hukum dan filsafat hukum. Oleh karena itu hukum pidana adat secara holistik menjiwai seluruh lapisan ilmu hukum dalam praktek hukum sehingga eksistensi dari dimensi ilmu hukum maka hakikatnya hukum pidana adat tidak diragukan kapabilitasnya sebagai karakteristik praktek hukum di Indonesia. Existence of indigenous Indonesian criminal law examined from the perspective of normative (ius constitutum set forth in Article 18 B of the 1945 Amendment, Article 1, Article 5 paragraph (3 sub B Drt Law No. 1 of 1951, Article 5

  12. Development of Learning Devices through Problem Based Learning Model Based on the Context of Aceh Cultural to Improve Mathematical Communication Skills and Social Skills of SMPN 1 Muara Batu Students

    Aufa, Mahrani; Saragih, Sahat; Minarni, Ani


    The purposes of this study were:1) Developed problem-based on learning tools in the cultural context of Aceh (PBM-BKBA) who meet the criteria are valid, practical and effective; 2) Described the improvement of communication capabilities mathematics and social skills of students using the PBM-BKBA developed; and 3) Described the process of student…




    Full Text Available The author examines the positive and negative effects of social media on the moral education of children in school SMPN 2 class VIII Banda Aceh, it is very interesting because of the many children who abuse social media. This work analyzes about the use of social media that have an impact on the moral education of children. The data collected in this study through the work of other literature, researchers also interviewed principals and students as many as 16 students as well as the observation at the school. Based on the analysis that has been done it can be seen the positive and negative impacts of the use of social media to the moral education of children. The positive impact on the social development of the media on moral education of children among children can adapt, socialize with the public and manage a network of friends, and make children easier to accomplish these tasks, while the negative impact of the development of social media to the moral education of children very much of them can make the omission in children so that children are less disciplined and be lazy, makes children easy to cheat the works of others, disrespectful both in dress and speech, often quarrel due to scenes that are as dangerous as scenes of pornography, violence, wars and so forth , as well as making children miss school because they feel more comfortable in the cafe of the study at the school, not only that social media also makes children spend pocket money a child so that the child took the money her parents secretly to access the internet cafe. Therefore, social media can lead education of children.


    Zulkifli Zulkifli


    Full Text Available The strategy of the head master of the school really influence the teachers’ competence profesionalism that being conducted by guiding and giving opportunity to the teacher to improve their profession. The aim of this study is to know the strategy of head master in utilizing the teacher teaching methods, the strategy of head master in evaluating the success of the teachers, and to know the situation of the school head master in improving the professional competence of the teachers at the state senior high school 1 Peukan Bada Aceh Besar. The approach used in this study is qualitative with descriptive method. The techniques used in data collection were observations, interviews and documentations. The subjects of the research were the head master of the school, school curriculum division, administration chairman, chairman on the students’ affairs, and subject teachers of SMAN 1 Peukan Bada. The results of the study show that the head master strategies in improving the profesional ism competence namely: (1 The teachers learning mastery; (2 The use of teaching-learning methods by involving the teachers in training activities, scientific activities, seminars, workshops, scientific writing in action research, team teaching, inhousing MGMPs, motivate teachers to continue their education and supervision; (3 The strategy of the headmaster of the school in evaluation and class supervision sometimes conducted suddenly. The results of the evaluations are collected into a head master note and be conveyed at the meeting and MGMPs forum activities as a follow-up evaluation on what has been carried out; (4 The obstacles faced by the head master of the school in improving profesional ism competence among others are: the time restriction of school head master and teachers to carry out their primary tasks, low motivation of the students and teacher in the late of retirement to master information technology, put work hour to support the teacher certification


    Wahyunto Wahyunto


    Full Text Available Tree farming such as coconut, cocoa, coffee, rubber, and rambutan was dominant in the west coast of Aceh prior to tsunami. The farming is not only important for sustainable livelihood, but also for superior environmental protection. During the tsunami, considerable portion of this ‘green infrastructure’ was devastated. Therefore, a scientifically based land suitability evaluation is needed for supporting the redesign and  reconstruction of the tree-based farming. The objectives of this research were to evaluate the current physical condition of the area and develop recommendation of land suitability for tree crops farming in the area. Field survey for inventory and evaluation of land characteristics was conducted in 2006, 15 months after the tsunami. Land suitability evaluation was conducted by matching field survey data and soil sample analyses in every mapping unit with crop growth requirements. The land suitability map was further matched with the district development plan, existing land uses and land status. The resulted land use recommendation map showed that the marine ecosystem along the coastal line was most suitable for coconut, cacao, coffee, and casuarinas. The recommended tree crops for the ancient sandy beach were areca nut, coconut, rambutan, mango, rubber and oil palm; and for the alluvial ecosystem were coconut, cacao, areca nut, mango, and bread fruit. Peatland of less than 3 m thick was marginally suitable for oil palm and rubber, while those thicker than 3 m were recommended for conservation due to its fragile ecosystem. In the undulating tectonic plain, the suitable tree crops were rubber, oil palm, coconut, and rambutan.

  16. Gambaran Nilai Darah Pada Sapi Yang Terinfeksi Fascioliasis Yang Dipotong di Rumah Potong Hewan Kota Banda Aceh

    Winaruddin Winaruddin


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT.The main purpose of the research was to determain the blood value of fascioliasis on blood of the cattle slaughtered in abattoir. It has been examined fifty samples of fecal, bile fluids and blood of the cattle slaughtered at the Banda Aceh abattoir. The samples were examined for the values of hematocrit, erythrocyte and leucocyte differentiation and the presence of helminth eggs respectively. It was found that the egg count variet from 7.168 ± 0.225 trematode eggs in fecal samples and 14.554 ± 2.154 trematode eggs in bile duct repectively. The result of this study showed that, the prevalence rate of fascioliasis in cattle categorical a mild infestation was 44 %. Both in the length and width of body size of the flukes are affected by the life stage. The size of adult fluke was about 34.649 ± 8.992 mm x 12.030 ± 3.494 mm, while that of young fluke was 1.650 ± 0.240 mm x 1.487 ± 0.227 mm. the blood indices of affected cattle indicated significant (P < 0.05 decrease in hematocrit and erythrocyte count compared with those not affected by the disease. The mean count of hematocrit and erythrocyte 29.773%  ± 3.366% and 547.337 x 104  ± 13.599 in cattle infected and in cattle non infected was 32.357 ± 2.818 and 566.457 x 104  ± 12.886 respectively. The result of this study, also significant (P < 0.05 in increasing of the eosinophilia 16.22%  ± 4.03% compared with that non-affected ones (10.54 ± 4.56.

  17. Infection prevention efforts of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in the local government clinic of Kuta Baro Aceh Besar

    Andika, Fauziah; Syahputra, Muhammad Yusrizal; Marniati


    Pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the infectious diseases that has been known and is still the leading cause of death in the world. It is an old disease which is a global problem in the world and estimated that a third of the world's population has been infected by this bacterium. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors related with the infection prevention efforts of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in the local goverment clinic of Kuta Baro Aceh Besar. This research is descriptive analytic survey using cross sectional design. It used univariate analysis to see the frequency distribution and the percentage of each variable. Meanwhile, the bivariate analysis used chi square test with CI (Confident Interval) of 95%. The samples in this study are 34 people. The research results obtained with good infection prevention efforts of pulmonary tuberculosis is 41.2%, 5.9% for teenagers, 47.1% for knowledgeable people, 17.6% for people who do not work and 44.1% for those who have a positive behavior. The results of the bivariate obtained there is correlation between the prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis infection with age (p = 0.087), Occupation (p = 0.364), knowledge (p = 0.006) and behavior (p = 0.020). To conclude, there is a correlation between knowledge and behaviors with the infection prevention efforts of pulmonary tuberculosis patients and there is no correlation between age and occupation with infection prevention efforts of pulmonary tuberculosis patients. It is expected that the respondents to hold consultations to health officials about a mechanism of prevention to avoid the disease.

  18. Hubungan sosial ekonomi, pola asuh, pola makan dengan stunting pada siswa sekolah dasar di Kecamatan Lut Tawar, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah

    Basri Aramico


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTBackground: High prevalence of stunted children that indicates nutrition problem in Indonesia is a chronic problem associated with poverty, low education, and lack of service and environmental health. The low birth weight infant will have an impact on growth disorders in children.      Objectives: To identify association between social economic aspect of the family, rearing pattern, eating pattern and stunting in elementary school children in Lut Tawar Subditrict Central Aceh Regency.Methods: The study were analytic observational with cross sectional design and qualitative method. Data were obtained through observation and interview using questionnaire. Samples were 378 children from 11 elementary school in Lut Tawar Subdistrict Central Aceh Regency. Samples were selected by proportional random sampling. Analysis used chi-square at confi dence interval 95%. Number of samples were 378 children.Results: There were association between maternal education and nutritional status (p<0.001 OR=4.06; father education and nutritional status (p<0.001 OR=3.37; number of underfi ves with nutritional status (p=0.007 OR=2.71; income of parent and nutritional status (p<0.001 OR=7.8; rearing pattern and nutritional status (p<0.001 OR=8.07; eating pattern and nutritional status (p<0.001 OR=6.01. There were dominant association between rearing pattern and nutritional status with OR 8, between eating patern,income of parent and nutritional status with OR of 6.01 There were no association between acces and utilization of health service and nutritional status (p=0,78 OR=0,93.Conclusions: There were signifi cant association between rearing pattern, eating pattern, and nutritional status.KEYWORDS: stunting, rearing pattern, eating patternABSTRAKLatar belakang: Tingginya prevalensi anak pendek yang menunjukkan masalah gizi di Indonesia merupakan masalah kronis yang berkaitan dengan kemiskinan, rendahnya pendidikan, dan kurang memadainya pelayanan

  19. Oil palm biomass utilization as an energy source and its possibility use for polygeneration scenarios in Langsa City, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Hani, M. R.; Mahidin, M.; Husin, H.; Hamdani, H.; Khairil, K.


    This article deals with the discussion on the recent status of oil palm biomass utilization as an energy source and its possibility use for polygeneration system. The discussion focused only on the energy viewpoint. At this point, many projects and research have been developed in order to utilize the oil palm biomass to meet the energy demand of industries and communities, especially in the largest producing countries: Indonesia and Malaysia; and a few in Thailand, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Through the simulation work in the case study, it is evident that the government of Langsa City can fulfill the fresh water to their community and electricity to Langsa Harbor only by using EFB and PKS from one POM with the generated power of 12 MW, while the desalination plant consumes about 7 MW of electricity. If all potency of biomass from all POMs in Aceh Timur and Aceh Tamiang, without the combination of other primary energy sources is used, Langsa City might earn surplus of energy. The use of the oil palm biomass for polygeneration scenarios is possible and feasible from the technical point of view.

  20. Tsunamis as geomorphic crises: Lessons from the December 26, 2004 tsunami in Lhok Nga, West Banda Aceh (Sumatra, Indonesia)

    Paris, Raphaël; Wassmer, Patrick; Sartohadi, Junun; Lavigne, Franck; Barthomeuf, Benjamin; Desgages, Emilie; Grancher, Delphine; Baumert, Philippe; Vautier, Franck; Brunstein, Daniel; Gomez, Christopher


    Large tsunamis are major geomorphic crises, since they imply extensive erosion, sediment transport and deposition in a few minutes and over hundreds of kilometres of coast. Nevertheless, little is known about their geomorphologic imprints. The December 26, 2004 tsunami in Sumatra (Indonesia) was one of the largest and deadliest tsunamis in recorded human history. We present a description of the coastal erosion and boulder deposition induced by the 2004 tsunami in the Lhok Nga Bay, located to the West of Banda Aceh (northwest Sumatra). The geomorphological impact of the tsunami is evidenced by: beach erosion (some beaches have almost disappeared); destruction of sand barriers protecting the lagoons or at river mouths; numerous erosion escarpments typically in the order of 0.5-1.5 m when capped by soil and more than 2 m in dunes; bank erosion in the river beds (the retreat along the main river is in the order of 5-15 m, with local retreats exceeding 30 m); large scars typically 20-50 cm deep on slopes; dislodgement of blocks along fractures and structural ramps on cliffs. The upper limit of erosion appears as a continuous trimline at 20-30 m a.s.l., locally reaching 50 m. The erosional imprints of the tsunami extend to 500 m from the shoreline and exceed 2 km along riverbeds. The overall coastal retreat from Lampuuk to Leupung was 60 m (550,000 m 2) and locally exceeded 150 m. Over 276,000 m 3 of coastal sediments were eroded by the tsunami along the 9.2 km of sandy coast. The mean erosion rate of the beaches was ~ 30 m 3/m of coast and locally exceeded 80 m 3/m. The most eroded coasts were tangent to the tsunami wave train, which was coming from the southwest. The fringing reefs were not efficient in reducing the erosional impact of the tsunami. The 220 boulders measured range from 0.3 to 7.2 m large (typically 0.7-1.5 m), with weights from over 50 kg up to 85 t. We found one boulder, less than 1 m large, at 1 km from the coastline, but all the others were

  1. Studi Kasus Kelayakan Penerapan Sistem Hybrid Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV-PLN pada Atap Gedung Politeknik Aceh

    Rachmad Ikhsan


    Full Text Available With the undeveloped BAPV(Building Applied Photovoltaics at Office Building and Public Facilities, Caused the high price of solar modules and the lack the economic study on the use of solar modules that housed in the Banda Aceh region. Furthermore, the price of solar modules is expensive, so people think it will cost so much funds to building a BAPV’s system. These problems could be overcomed if the existing technical studies and economic studies of the application of the BAPV’s system. This study aims to assess the application of the BAPV’s system on institutions  building in terms of technical and economic value, in this case the building that is used as the study object is the Polytechnic Aceh’s Building. The method that used in the technical studies are theoretical calculations and simulations using helioscope software, while the methods used for economic studies is using the methods of cost-benefit analysis (cost benefit analysis. The method used to find the NPV (Net Present Value, PP (Payback Period, IRR (Internal Rate of Return, and BCR (Benefit Cost Ratio. If the average value of solar radiation reaching 4.79 kWh / m2 / day and the average daily energy requirement is 592 kWh, the energy generated from BAPV-PLN hybrid system on the roof of the object building will reach the amount of 237 MWh/year with the capacity charge controller used is 7490 A and the capacity of the battery used is 64.487 Ah. Panel tilt angle used is 25o and the type of panel used is Monocrystalline manifold. From the economic value will obtained NPV value of Rp., PP during 5,2 years, IRR of 36% and 3,49 of BCR. Based on the evaluation results of the feasibility study, the project of hybrid BAPV-PLN’s system on the roof of the Polytechnic  Aceh’s  building can be realized, because its already meet the criteria of the feasibility study to make the systems get established in real term.

  2. Perbedaan Penggunaan Standar Baru Antropometri WHO-2006 terhadap Peningkatan Pengetahuan dan Penilaian Status Gizi pada Tenaga Gizi Pelaksana di Kota Banda Aceh Tahun 2009

    Alfridsyah Alfridsyah


    Full Text Available Latar belakang: Pada tahun 2003, WHO merumuskan konsep Multicenter Growth References Study (MGRS yang dilakukan di 6 negara dengan jumlah sampel yang diambil sebanyak 8440 anak hidup di lingkungan sehat yang memungkinkan tumbuh sesuai potensi genetik. Riset Kesehatan Dasar (Riskesdas yang dilakukan secara serentak di 33 provinsi di Indonesia pada tahun 2007 dalam penilaian status gizi balita telah mengacu pada WHO 2006. Secara keseluruhan Provinsi NAD termasuk ke dalam 10 besar yang mempunyai masalah gizi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efektivitas penggunaan standar baru antropometri 2006 terhadap peningkatan pengetahuan dan penilaian status gizi pada Tenaga GiziPelaksana (TGP di Kota Banda Aceh tahun 2009. Metode: Rancangan penelitian ini merupakan metode analitik eksploratif dengan pendekatan Quasi Experimental Design, yang dilakukan pada 70 TGP dan dibagi ke dalam dua kelompok. Data yang dikumpulkan meliputi data primer dan sekunder. Analisis data menggunakan Independent T-Test dan DependentT-Test pada CI: 95%. Hasil: Hasil analisis Independent T-Test menunjukkan bahwa terdapat perbedaan yang signifikan antara pengetahuan (p = 0,000, sikap (p = 0,004, perilaku (p = 0,005 dan peningkatan PSG (p = 0,031 antara post test pada kelompok ceramah disertai diskusi dengan ceramah disertai praktik. Sedangkan hasil analisis Dependent T-Test menunjukkan adanya peningkatan yang signifi kan dari pre tes ke post tes terhadap kedua kelompok pada TGP dalam wilayah kerja Kota Banda Aceh. Kesimpulan: Metode ceramah disertai praktik dan metode ceramah disertai diskusi dapat meningkatkan pengetahuan, sikap, perilaku dan penilaian status gizi oleh TGP, pendidikan kesehatan penilaian status gizimenggunakan standar antropometri baru WHO-2006 dengan metode ceramah disertai praktik lebih efektif dibandingkan metode ceramah disertai diskusi, dan ada pengaruh yang signifi kan penggunaan standar antropometri baru WHO-2006 terhadap peningkatan pengetahuan

  3. CD4 descriptions at various clinical HIV/AIDS stages with tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis opportunistic infections at dr. Zainoel Abidin hospital in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    Shaleh, A. S.; Fahrial; Siregar, M. L.; Jamil, K. F.


    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a retrovirus that infects the human immune system. Damaged immunity in HIV/AIDS patients is marked by a decline in CD4 cells. Opportunistic infections appear differently, depending on the levels of immunosuppressive degrees, and the frequency of opportunistic infections in the environment. This study aims to describe the CD4 at various clinical stages of HIV/AIDS with tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis opportunistic infections (OI). Descriptive study with a cross-sectional design. This study is secondary data obtained from the medical records of patients with HIV/AIDS in the period of January 2011 - December 2015 at dr. Zainoel Abidin Hospital in Banda Aceh. The samples that met the inclusion criteria were 135 people with 63 cases were tuberculosis OI, 33 cases were non-tuberculosis and 39 cases were without OI. The study showed CD4 tuberculosis OI and 93.9% for non-tuberculosis OI.

  4. Uncovering the factors that can support and impede post-disaster EIA practice in developing countries: The case of Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Gore, Tom; Fischer, Thomas B., E-mail:


    The close relationship between environmental degradation and the occurrence and severity of disaster events has in recent years raised the profile of environmental assessment (EA) in the disaster management field. EA has been identified as a potentially supportive tool in the global effort to reduce disaster risk. As a component of this, attention has been brought specifically to the importance of the application of EA in the aftermath of disaster events in order to help prevent recurrence and promote sustainability. At the same time, however, it has also been recognised that post-disaster environments may be unfavourable to such practices. Looking at the practice of environmental impact assessment (EIA), this paper reports on a study which sought to identify more specifically the factors which can both support and hinder such practice following disaster events in a developing country context. Analysing the situation in Aceh Province, Indonesia, after the impact of two tsunamigenic earthquakes in late 2004 and early 2005, it is concluded that if EIA is to have a central role in the post-disaster period, pre-disaster preparation could be a key. -- Highlights: • Close relationship between environmental degradation and occurrence/severity of disaster events has raised profile of EA. • EA as a potentially supportive tool in the global effort to reduce disaster risk • Application of EA in the aftermath of disaster events to help prevent recurrence and promote sustainability • The paper looks at factors which can both support and hinder EA following disaster events in a developing country context. • We analyse the situation in Aceh Province, Indonesia, after the impact of two tsunamigenic earthquakes in 2004 and 2005.

  5. Child Rearing Study in Brunei Darussalam.

    Rosberg, Marilee A.

    In order to gather data on children's lives, language, and religious activities, and to gather data on child rearing practices in Brunei, a study interviewed parents from 38 Malaysian families having one or more children 3-8 years old. Results indicated that 92 percent of the children crawled when they were between 6-9 months old; 63 percent were…

  6. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability using DRASTIC Model and GIS : A case study of two sub-districts in Banda Aceh city, Indonesia

    Machdar, I.; Zulfikar, T.; Rinaldi, W.; Alfiansyah, Y.


    This present study assessed the groundwater vulnerability to protect aquifer in part of Banda Aceh City (the sub-district of Banda Raya and Lueng Bata), Indonesia. The study provides an additional tool for local planner and manager as for managing and protecting groundwater resources. The study area covers 1,164 ha and total population was estimated around 50,000 inhabitants. DRASTIC model in a GIS (Geographic Information System) environment was used in this study to generate vulnerability maps. The maps were created by applied seven criteria as standard in DRASTIC approach, i.e. depth to groundwater, recharge, aquifer type, soil properties, topography, impact of the vadose zone, and hydraulic conductivity. The vulnerability maps provides five categories of vulnerability, i.e. less, low, medium, high, and very high. It was found that the village areas, labelled with the high groundwater pollution potential, are mainly in the area of Lamlagang and the part of Geuce Kaye Jatoe and Geuce Komplek (Banda Raya sub-district) and the part of Batoh and Suka Damai (Lueng Bata sub-distric) This study prompts that the DRASTIC approach is helpful and efficient instrument for assessing groundwater vulnerability. The generated map can be an effective tool for local administrators in groundwater management as well.

  7. The acid tolerance response and pH adaptation of Enterococcus faecalis in extract of lime Citrus aurantiifolia from Aceh Indonesia.

    Mubarak, Zaki; Soraya, Cut


    Background:  The objective of the present study was to evaluate the acid tolerance response and pH adaptation when Enterococcus faecalis interacted with extract of lime ( Citrus aurant iifolia ). Methods : We used E. faecalis ATCC 29212 and lime extract from Aceh, Indonesia. The microbe was analyzed for its pH adaptation, acid tolerance response, and adhesion assay using a light microscope with a magnification of x1000. Further, statistical tests were performed to analyze both correlation and significance of the acid tolerance and pH adaptation as well as the interaction activity. Results : E. faecalis was able to adapt to a very acidic environment (pH 2.9), which was characterized by an increase in its pH (reaching 4.2) at all concentrations of the lime extract (p lime extract based on spectrophotometric data (595 nm) (p lime extract was relatively stable within 6 up to 12 hours (p 0.05) based on the mass profiles of its interaction activity. Conclusions : E. faecalis can adapt to acidic environments (pH 2.9-4.2); it is also able to tolerate acid generated by Citrus auranti ifolia extract, revealing a stable interaction in the first 6-12 hours.

  8. Learning from the coffee shop: increasing junior high school students’ self-confidence through contextual learning based on local culture of Aceh

    Sarmini; Supriono, A.; Ridwan


    Teachers should be able to provide meaningful learning, create a fun learning, and encourage the self-confidence of students. The reality is learning in Junior High School still teacher-centered learning that results the level of self-confidence of students is low. Pre-action showed 30% of students do not have self-confidence. The research aims to improve the self-confidence of students through contextual learning in the course from the social studies of Aceh based on the local culture. This type of research is classroom action research that conducted in two cycles. The research focus is the students’ responses. The coffee shop is a source of learning social studies. Students Involved in the coffee shop interact with villagers who have made the coffee shop as social media. Students participate meetings to address issues of rural villagers. The coffee shop as a public share with characteristics of particularly subject as a gathering place for many people regardless of social strata, convey information, chat, and informal atmosphere that stimulates self-confidence.

  9. Effect of Professionalism, Competence, Knowledge of Financial Management, and Intensity Guidance Apparatus Inspectorate for Quality of Financial Statements (Study on Inspectorate Regencies/Cities in Aceh

    Darwanis Darwanis


    Full Text Available This research aims to: 1. Examine the influence of professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management and intensity guidance apparatus Inspectorate together to the quality of the financial statements of Regions; 2. Examine the effect of professionalism partially on the quality of the financial statements of Regions; 3. Test the effect of partial competencies to the quality of the financial statements of Regions; 4. Examine the effect of knowledge of financial management partially on the quality of the financial statements of Regions; 5. The authorities test the effects of intensity guidance apparatus partially on the quality of the financial statements of Regions. The object of this research is the Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP working in the Inspectorate districts/cities in Aceh amounted to 23 people who perform inspection tasks.  The source of data in this study uses primary data which is the result of the acquisition of questionnaires from survey respondent, while research data collection techniques are done with documentation techniques. The analytical method used is Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. The results showed that: 1. Professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management and intensity guidance apparatus jointly affect the quality of financial reporting area. 2. Professionalism partially affects the quality of financial reporting area. 3. Competence partially affects the quality of financial reporting area. 4. Knowledge of financial management partially affects the quality of financial reporting area. 5. The intensity guidance apparatus partially affects the quality of financial reporting area.

  10. Distributions of the endemic and threatened freshwater fish depik, Rasbora tawarensis Weber & de Beaufort, 1916 in Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Zainal A. Muchlisin


    Full Text Available Depik fish, Rasbora tawarensis is an endemic and threatened species in Lake Laut Tawar (Central Aceh, Indonesia,and the population of depik has been decreased drastically over the last two decades. Information about distribution patternsis crucially needed in relation to plan better conservation strategies. Hence, the objective of present study was to evaluate thedistribution patterns (spatial and seasonal distribution based on catch per unit efforts and fish abundance data. Stratifiedrandom sampling was utilized in this study. Two fishing grounds were selected based on information from local fishermen,and a total of 14 fishing sites (seven sites per fishing ground were determined randomly. Sampling was conducted in differentseasons; dry and wet season. The Rasbora tawarensis is widespread in the lake but most abundant in shallow waters andthe near shore, however, the size is small on average for this area. In contrast, bigger fish was found in deep waters offshore,but with lower abundance. In conclusion, the distribution of depik is not seasonally dependent, but more spatially.

  11. THE ANALYSIS OF SYNTACTICAL INTERFERENCE IN ENGLISH PHRASES IN STUDENTS’ WRITING (A Descriptive Study at the Second Grade Students of SMP 2 Kuta Baro, Aceh Besar

    Salwa Chaira


    Full Text Available This qualitative-descriptive research attempts to describe Indonesian interference in building English phrases in writing. The research was undertaken to the second year students of SMP 2 Kuta Baro, Aceh Besar. This study aims to verify the Indonesian interference made by students in English phrases. The data were collected through document analysis which then the sample was selected to be analyzed. The sample of this study was twelve narrative texts composed by the students. The finding of data analysis reveals that there are some syntactical interference samples made by them as in scenery roads, voice strange, morning Sunday, water bath, garden flower, and advice future. These are resulted from Indonesian interference because they applied Indonesian structure in building English phrases. In conclusion, the research result shows that the students have lack of grammar knowledge in constructing English phrases. Therefore, they borrow Indonesian structure as a solution for their difficulties. For this reason, the teaching should focus more on how to build English phrases correctly by giving many samples of nounʸ + nounˣ (where nounˣ means head and nounʸ means modifier pattern all well as explaining the rule in English as the target language they are learning. It hopes that they will not transfer the Indonesian pattern when they are writing in English.Keywords: interference, syntactical, phrases

  12. Estimating Post-Emergency Fertility Among Disaster-Affected Adolescents: Findings From a Case-Control Study in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

    Kinoshita, Mari; Suhardan, Suhardan; Danila Danila, Damsyik; Chiang, Chifa; Aoyama, Atsuko


    We aimed to retrospectively estimate adolescent fertility rates before and after a large-scale natural disaster. A case-control study was conducted in Aceh Province, Indonesia, 2 years after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. The age-specific fertility rates of 15-19-year-old-women (ASFR 15-19) was estimated each year from 2004 to 2006 by creating hypothetical age cohorts. The results were compared with data from the closest edition of the Indonesian Demographic Health Survey (IDHS). The pre-disaster ASFR 15-19 (4.4% in 2004) was not significantly different from the 2002-2003 IDHS data (P=0.49), whereas the post-disaster ASFR 15-19 (1.1% in 2005-2006) was significantly lower than the provincial estimation in the 2007 IDHS (Pfertility estimation, however, we suggest excluding data from the 40-week period preceding the disaster, because the data may be biased by excess mortality in childbearing mothers and newborn babies in the disaster.

  13. Muslim Women in Past and Present Governmental Leadership: Case of Rulers of the Sultanate of Aceh and the Fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia

    Ita Syamtasiyah Ahyat


    Full Text Available A Muslim woman is a woman who believes in Islam.  In its historical path, Indonesia has been led by Muslim women along with the development of Islam in the Archipelago in the 17th century. A case example among others is the Sultanate of Aceh during the colonial period. During the independence period, Indonesia was also led by a Muslim woman as the fifth President of the Republic of Indonesia around the early 21st century. In these case examples of Muslim women as rulers, they received criticism during their reigns from men who viewed the matter from the perspective of Islam. This made an impact on the ongoing governance and the people.  The article discusses how Muslim women leaders faced these criticisms from men who viewed the matter from the point of view of Islam and how it affected their governmental administration. Therefore, the article is expected to be able to reconstruct how Muslim women leaders face criticism from men who viewed the matter from the perspective of Islam. Research in this paper is conducted through historical method actions, preceded by source collection, selection and interpretation along with the reconstruction of the intended events, which is referred to as historiography. The study is also based on local sources, documents, and writings of related critics on the issue.

  14. Utilization of formal health services for children aged 1-5 in Aceh after the 2004 tsunami: Which children did not receive the health care they needed? Implications for other natural disaster relief efforts.

    Rassekh, Bahie Mary; Santosham, Mathuram


    Aceh, Indonesia, was the hardest-hit area in the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, with more than 500,000 people displaced, 120,000 people dead, and total damages and losses estimated at $4.5 billion. The relief effort following the tsunami was also immense, with billions of dollars of aid pledged to this province alone. Since then, there have been several natural disasters, including Typhoon Haiyan, which have caused great loss of life and displacement and for which these results are applicable. This study aimed to determine and assess utilization patterns of health services for children under the age of five with diarrhea, cough and difficulty breathing, fever, or skin disease and to identify determinants of formal and non-formal healthcare usage. A household survey of 1439 households was administered to caretakers of children aged 1-5 years. A sample of clusters within Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar were selected and those caretakers within the cluster who fit the inclusion criteria were interviewed. In the two weeks prior to the survey, 78.3% of respondents utilized formal health services as the first line of care for their child's illness episode. Factors significantly associated with decreased formal healthcare usage for the sick children were if the children were living in a displaced household, if the children's mother or father were not living, and if the children's caretaker was not the mother. Although utilization of formal health services for children was quite high after the tsunami, there were certain children who received significantly less care, including those who were displaced, those who were being cared for by someone other than their mother, and those for whom one or both parents had died. Among the recommendations are suggestions to target these children to ensure that they receive the health care they need.

  15. A review on earthquake and tsunami hazards of the Sumatran plate boundary: Observing expected and unexpected events after the Aceh-Andaman Mw 9.15 event

    Natawidjaja, D.


    The 600-km Mentawai megathrust had produced two giant historical earthquakes generating big tsunamies in 1797 and 1833. The SuGAr (Sumatran GPS continuous Array) network, first deployed in 2002, shows that the subduction interface underlying Mentawai Islands and the neighboring Nias section in the north are fully locked, thus confirming their potential hazards. Outreach activities to warn people about earthquake and tsunamies had been started since 4 months prior to the 26 December 2004 in Aceh-Andaman earthquake (Mw 9.15). Later in March 2005, the expected megathrust earthquake (Mw 8.7) hit Nias-Simelue area and killed about 2000 people, releasing the accumulated strain since the previous 1861 event (~Mw 8.5). After then many Mw 7s and smaller events occured in Sumatra, filling areas between and around two giant ruptures and heighten seismicities in neighboring areas. In March 2007, the twin earthquake disaster (Mw 6.3 and Mw 6.4) broke two consecutive segments of the transcurrent Sumatran fault in the Singkarak lake area. Only six month later, in September 2007, the rapid-fire-failures of three consecutive megathrust patches (Mw 8.5, Mw 7.9 and Mw 7.0) ruptured a 250-km-section of the southern part of the Mentawai. It was a big surprise since this particular section is predicted as a very-low coupled section from modelling the SuGAr data, and hence, bypassing the more potential fully coupled section of the Mentawai in between the 2005 and 2007 ruptures. In September 2009, a rare unexpected event (Mw 7.6) suddenly ruptured an intracrustal fault in the subducted slab down under Padang City and killed about 500 people. Padang had been in preparation for the next tsunami but not for strong shakes from near by major earthquake. This event seems to have remotely triggered another Mw 6.7 on the Sumatran fault near kerinci Lake, a few hundred kilometers south of Padang, in less than a day. Just a year later, in November 2010, again an unexpected large slow-slip event of


    Raida Agustina


    Full Text Available Cocoa beans produced by smallholders have low quality because of gaps in information on post-harvest tecnology. Information is needed to provide decision-support making for choosing one alternative implementation of the handling technology cocoa most appropriate and in accordance with the conditions of its territory which can improve the quality of dried cocoa beans. The purpose of this study was developed an  decision-support system software as a tool for decision making cocoa post-harvest handling, obtain the best alternative based on technical analysis and economic analysis, evaluate the feasibility of investment, and know the value of the sensitivity of each alternative. This study was carried out from July to December 2010 in Bandar Baru sub district, Pidie Jaya district of Aceh province. Survey and interview were used to collecting data. Collected data used to create a database for a decision-support system model of cocoa post-harvest handling technology, which was processed using  the Java programming language. Based on the analysis post harvest technology of cocoa to farmers and investors indicated a mechanical alternative is the best alternative because it produces the greatest benefits. Mechanical alternative  gives farmers a profit of Rp.1,419,279,165 per year and gives investors a profit of Rp. 1,023,246,397 per year and feasibility analysis shows NPV Rp 923,577,155 and the value of R/C ratio of 3 is also available in mechanical alternative. The results of sensitivity analysis on each alternative show that the most influential variables on the profitability of farmers and investors is wage labor, the price of fresh cacao fruit, and the price of dry beans. Keywords: Decision-support system, information, cocoa, post harvest technology   ABSTRAK Biji kakao yang dihasilkan perkebunan rakyat memiliki mutu yang rendah karena adanya kesenjangan dalam informasi mengenai teknologi penanganan pascapanen. Informasi dibutuhkan untuk memberi

  17. Willingness to pay for a dengue vaccine and its associated determinants in Indonesia: A community-based, cross-sectional survey in Aceh.

    Harapan, Harapan; Anwar, Samsul; Bustamam, Aslam; Radiansyah, Arsil; Angraini, Pradiba; Fasli, Riny; Salwiyadi, Salwiyadi; Bastian, Reza Akbar; Oktiviyari, Ade; Akmal, Imaduddin; Iqbalamin, Muhammad; Adil, Jamalul; Henrizal, Fenni; Darmayanti, Darmayanti; Mahmuda, Mahmuda; Mudatsir, Mudatsir; Imrie, Allison; Sasmono, R Tedjo; Kuch, Ulrich; Shkedy, Ziv; Pramana, Setia


    Vaccination strategies are being considered as a part of dengue prevention programs in endemic countries. To accelerate the introduction of dengue vaccine into the public sector program and private markets, understanding the private economic benefits of a dengue vaccine is therefore essential. The aim of this study was to assess the willingness to pay (WTP) for a dengue vaccine among community members in Indonesia and its associated explanatory variables. A community-based, cross-sectional survey was conducted in nine regencies of Aceh province, Indonesia, from November 2014 to March 2015. A pre-tested validated questionnaire was used to facilitate the interviews. To assess the explanatory variables influencing participants' WTP for a dengue vaccine, a linear regression analysis was employed. We interviewed 677 healthy community members; 476 participants (87.5% of the total) were included in the final analysis. An average individual was willing to pay around US-$ 4 (mean: US-$ 4.04; median: US-$ 3.97) for a dengue vaccine. Our final multivariate model revealed that working as a civil servant, living in the city, and having good knowledge on dengue viruses, a good attitude towards dengue, and good preventive practice against dengue virus infection were associated with a higher WTP (P<0.05). Our model suggests that marketing efforts should be directed to community members who are working in the suburbs especially as farmers. In addition, the results of our study underscore the need for low-cost quality vaccines, public sector subsidies for vaccinations, and intensifying efforts to further educate and encourage households regarding other dengue preventive measures, using trusted individuals as facilitators. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  18. A controlled trial of trauma-focused therapy versus problem-solving in Islamic children affected by civil conflict and disaster in Aceh, Indonesia.

    Dawson, Katie; Joscelyne, Amy; Meijer, Catherine; Steel, Zachary; Silove, Derrick; Bryant, Richard A


    To evaluate the relative efficacies of trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy and problem-solving therapy in treating post-traumatic stress disorder in children affected by civil conflict in Aceh, Indonesia. A controlled trial of children with post-traumatic stress disorder ( N = 64) randomized children to either five individual weekly sessions of trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy or problem-solving therapy provided by lay-counselors who were provided with brief training. Children were assessed by blind independent assessors at pretreatment, posttreatment and 3-month follow-up on post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anger, as well as caregiver ratings of the child's post-traumatic stress disorder levels. Intent-to-treat analyses indicated no significant linear time × treatment condition interaction effects for post-traumatic stress disorder at follow-up ( t(129.05) = -0.55, p = 0.58), indicating the two conditions did not differ. Across both conditions, there were significant reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder on self-reported ( t(131.26) = -9.26, p solving: 2.68, 95% confidence interval = [2.07, 3.29]). These findings suggest that trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy and problem-solving approaches are comparably successful in reducing post-traumatic stress disorder and anger in treating mental health in children in a post-conflict setting. This pattern may reflect the benefits of non-specific therapy effects or gains associated with trauma-focused or problem-solving approaches.

  19. Heritage planning and rethinking the meaning and values of designating heritage sites in a post-disaster context: The case of Aceh, Indonesia

    Meutia, Z. D.; Akbar, R.; Zulkaidi, D.


    importance of understanding how local values create heritage, that heritage is not only about material and physical aspects but it is also a cultural process. The methodology used is ethnography with in-depth interviews to uncover meaning and values in this context. This paper uses the examples of how the sites in Aceh that were affected by the tsunami disaster in 2004 such as the PLTD Apung ship and the Mosque of Ulee Lheue are sites that a mutual and role of historical city relating to the potential as signs of civilization, historical values, commemorative values, religious values, and values of consensus within the community as outstanding local values, as a basis of consideration in rethinking the designations of heritage sites of less than 50 years old.


    Tarunamulia Tarunamulia


    Full Text Available Tersedianya data potensi lahan tambak yang cepat, akurat dan lengkap untuk kebutuhan pengelolaan kawasan pengembangan perikanan budidaya air payau harus didukung oleh metode identifikasi yang efektif dan efisien. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengupayakan peningkatan kualitas metode klasifikasi multispektral dalam penginderaan jauh dalam mengidentifikasi potensi lahan tambak ekstensif dengan mengintegrasikan logika samar dalam proses klasifikasi citra. Citra landsat-7 ETM+ (30 m, data elevasi digital dan data pengecekan lapang untuk wilayah pantai (kawasan tambak ekstensif/tradisional Kecamatan Kembang Tanjung, Pidie, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD digunakan sebagai bahan utama dalam penelitian ini. Klasifikasi multispektral standar secara terbimbing diperbaiki melalui pengambilan data training secara cermat, yang diikuti dengan uji keterpisahan objek, pemrosesan pasca-klasifikasi dan analisis tingkat ketelitian. Hasil klasifikasi dengan tingkat ketelitian terbaik dari berbagai algoritma yang diujikan untuk tiga saluran selanjutnya dibandingkan dengan hasil klasifikasi dengan menggunakan logika samar. Dari hasil penelitian diketahui bahwa klasifikasi multispektral standar dengan algoritma Maximum Likelihood mampu menghasilkan informasi penutup lahan yang cukup lengkap dan rinci pada wilayah pertambakan dengan ketelitian yang cukup baik (>86%. Tingkat ketelitian yang sama juga masih dijumpai walaupun hanya melibatkan kombinasi 3 saluran terbaik (5,4, dan 3 yang dipilih berdasarkan analisis statistik nilai kecerahan piksel. Dengan membandingkan hasil terbaik dari metode klasifikasi standar yang berbasis logika biner (boolean dengan hasil klasifikasi citra dengan logika samar dalam pengklasifikasian wilayah tambak, diketahui bahwa klasifikasi citra dengan logika samar mampu memperlihatkan hasil klasifikasi yang sangat baik untuk menentukan batas wilayah tambak yang tidak bisa dilakukan secara langsung bahkan oleh metode standar dengan algoritma


    Rosyadi, Khoirul


    The purpose of the present study was to explore and comprehend sexual violence against children in Indonesia using the phenomenological method. The study was conducted in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and West Java Provinces. In-depth interviews were carried out with several informants ranging from government officials, women activists, teachers, and community leaders. Results showed that sexual violence against children was actually perpetrated by the person closest to the victims. The perpetrato...

  2. The Factor Related to Mother’s Motivations in Carrying out the Circumcision of the Female Children in a Teuk Jawo Village Baiturrahman Sub District, Banda Aceh in 2014



    Full Text Available Circumcision is the activity carried out to remove the partial foreskin of penis. The preliminary survey result of 15 mothers that were carried out the circumcision to their female children mention that 7 mothers carried out the circumcision because of the culture/tradition from generation to the generation, 5 mothers brought their children because of the family supports. There are 121 female children that are 0 – 5 years old in Ateuk Jawo Village. The objective of this research is to detect the factors that affect the mothers’ motivations in carrying out the circumcision to female children in Ateuk Jawo Village, Baiturrahman Sub District, Banda Aceh. The methodology used in this research is analytical descriptive with 121 population of people. The samples in this research are 55 people. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The data was collected by distributing the questionnaires. This research was conducted in Ateuk Jawa Village, Baiturrahman Sub Village, Banda Aceh on July 2014. The results of this research mention that Chi –Square tests show that from 28 respondents who chose the culture were not affected to the low motivations of the mothers in carrying the circumcision, there were 16 respondents (57.1% with the value of p = = 0.003 (p <0.05. From the 32 respondents who chose the family supports were higher affected of the mothers’ motivations, there were 26 respondents (81.2% with the value of p= 0.004 (p < 0.05. The last was from the 25 respondents who chose the religion factor were the most affected of the mothers’ motivations, there are 21 respondents (84%, with the value of p = 0.010 (p <0.05.This research concluded that there are the relations among culture, family supports and religions factor that were affected the mothers’ motivations in carrying out the female children circumcision. It is recommended to the pregnant women to improve the knowledge about the circumcision to their female children later.

  3. Stabilitas Mikrob Usus, Histologi Hati dan Ginjal Mencit Setelah Pemberian Ekstrak Pliek u Bumbu Masak Tradisional Aceh (STABILITY OF GUT MICROBIAL AND HISTOLOGY OF LIVER AND KIDNEY OF MICE AFTER ADMINISTRATION OF PLIEK-U EXTRACT

    Nurliana .


    Full Text Available Pliek u is one of the traditional spices of Aceh prepared by fermentation of coconut meat which is usedas chicken feed additive too. The stability of gut micro flora and histopathological changes of liver andkidney of mice were detected after three days oral administration of acute single dose of ethanol extract ofpliek u. Nine animals were used and grouped into three; in which group I and II (treatment groups wereadministered 370 and 733 mg/kg body weight of pliek u, respectively, and group III referred as the control.At the fourth day of experiment, all animals were sacrificed, and their livers, kidneys and intestinal gutwere excised. The gut microbial was measured by Total Plate Count (TPC. Livers and kidneys wereprocessed for paraffin procedure and hematoxyllin-eosin staining. The results showed that the ethanolextract of pliek u has no significant effect (P>0.05 on the TPC of the gut microbial and the structure of theliver and kidney of mice. It can be concluded that administration of the two doses (370 and 730 mg/kg bwof pliek u did not lowering the numbers of gut microbial and were not toxic to the livers and kidneys of themice.


    Nizamuddin Nizamuddin


    Full Text Available ESRI ArcGIS Server is equipped with ArcGIS Server Web Application Development Framework (ADF and ArcGIS Web Controls integration for Visual Studio.NET. Both the ArcGIS Server Manager for .NET and ArcGIS Web Controls can be easily utilized for developing the ASP.NET based ESRI Web mapping application. In  this study we implemented both tools for developing the ASP.NET based ESRI Web mapping application for geospatial data generated dring rehabilitation and reconstruction process of post-tsunami 2004 disaster in Aceh province. Rehabilitation and reconstruction process has produced a tremendous amount of geospatial data. This method was chosen in this study because in the process of developing  a web mapping application, one can easily and quickly create Mapping Services of huge geospatial data and also develop Web mapping application without writing any code. However, when utilizing Visual Studio.NET 2008, one needs to have some coding ability.

  5. Hand Injuries in the Oil Fields of Brunei Darussalam

    Pramod Devkota


    Full Text Available Hands are essential organs and their agility and dexterity are vital to our daily lives. In the present study, we analysed 107 patients who presented at the local hospital with hand injuries sustained in the oil fields, oil industries and related employment sectors from the surrounding regions. All the patients were male and the mean age was 37.89 years (range,21-61y. Forty-seven (43.93% patients had simple cut injuries, 14 patients (13.08% had tendon injuries, 13 patients (12.14% had amputation of the digit (30.84% had bone fractures (including 20 (66.66% open fractures. Only 19 (17.75% patients were admitted in hospital for further treatment. Ninety-one (85.04% patients injured within one year of employment and 57(53.27% patients were not satisfied with instructions and orientation before starting their job. Hand injury is one of the most common injuries in the oil industry and overtime work further increases incidence of this injury.

  6. Genetic variation of 12 rice cultivars grown in Brunei Darussalam ...



    Mar 25, 2015 ... Quantum yield for B. berminyak were unaffected and it showed the least reduction in growth parameters studied when expose to salinity stress. From both salinity tolerance and genetic variation investigations for these 12 cultivars, it may probably be better to intercross between Arat (moderately tolerant) ...


    Sofia Sofia


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Kegiatan penambangan emas skala kecil dengan teknik amalgamasi dapat memberikan peluang introduksi merkuri (Hg ke lingkungan dan manusia. Penelitian kontaminasi Hg pada air minum, ikan, rambut kepala manusia, dan faktor risiko pada manusia telah dilakukan di wilayah Krueng Sabee, Provinsi Aceh. Metode pengambilan dan pengujian sampel yang mengandung Hg dilakukan dengan prosedur SNI, EPA dan WHO. Rancangan cross sectional survey dilakukan pada empat desa dengan 72 responden yang dipilih secara acak. Wawancara dilakukan menggunakan kuesioner terstruktur untuk mendapatkan informasi terkait faktor risiko kesehatan. Pengukuran konsentrasi Hg untuk sampel air dan ikan dilakukan dengan Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer dan untuk sampel rambut kepala menggunakan Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. Analisis data dilakukan dengan analisis varian, uji t sampel bebas, dan uji t satu sampel. Model prediksi dihasilkan menggunakan analisis regresi linier berganda. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan konsentrasi Hg pada sampel air sumur sebesar 0,24 ± 0,25 µg/L; sampel ikan: Rastrellinger kanagurta,149,46 ± 2,00 µg/g, Selaroides sp, 58,6 ± 3,01 µg/g, Euthynnus affinis, 46,3 ± 2,98 µg/g; dan pada rambut kepala mulai dari 11,2 ± 4,02 µg/g hingga 48,3 ± 22,29 µg/g. Faktor-faktor risiko yang berpengaruh terhadap konsentrasi Hg pada responden adalah status bekerja di Krueng Sabee, lokasi, lama tinggal, status pekerja tambang dan lama penggunaan pembakar amalgam. Faktor-faktor risiko ini memberi peran sebesar 45,8% terhadap akumulasi Hg di dalam rambut kepala responden.   ABSTRACT Small-scale gold mining activities with amalgamation process can contribute the entry of mercury (Hg into environment and humans. Research on Hg contamination in drinking water, fish, human head hair, and risk factors has been conducted in the area of Krueng Sabee, Aceh Province. Methods of samples collection and Hg concentrations testing conducted

  8. Seismic Hazard characterization study using an earthquake source with Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) method in the Northern of Sumatra

    Yahya, A.; Palupi, M. I. R.; Suharsono


    Sumatra region is one of the earthquake-prone areas in Indonesia because it is lie on an active tectonic zone. In 2004 there is earthquake with a moment magnitude of 9.2 located on the coast with the distance 160 km in the west of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and triggering a tsunami. These events take a lot of casualties and material losses, especially in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra. To minimize the impact of the earthquake disaster, a fundamental assessment of the earthquake hazard in the region is needed. Stages of research include the study of literature, collection and processing of seismic data, seismic source characterization and analysis of earthquake hazard by probabilistic methods (PSHA) used earthquake catalog from 1907 through 2014. The earthquake hazard represented by the value of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) and Spectral Acceleration (SA) in the period of 0.2 and 1 second on bedrock that is presented in the form of a map with a return period of 2475 years and the earthquake hazard curves for the city of Medan and Banda Aceh. (paper)




    Full Text Available Secara kuantitas pertambahan pegawai negeri sipil perempuan mengalami peningkatan yang signifikan, namun belum diikuti dengan terbukanya akses untuk dapat menjadi pejabat struktural dan pejabat publik yang strategis. Artikel ini membahas faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan belum terbukanya akses untuk menjadi pejabat. Penelitian dilakukan di Aceh. Hasil penelitian menunjukan perasaan ambigu, kurang percaya diri, dan kurangnya dukungan lingkungan sosial yang disebabkan karena dominasi dari kultur dan struktur menguatkan fenomena glass ceiling. Rendahnya akses perempuan dalam jabatan strategis akan berdampak pada kualitas kebijakan publik yang dirumuskan menjadi tidak sensitif gender. The number of female civil servant has increased significantly nowadays. However, this opportunity yet to be followed by the opening access for women in the structural and strategic position. The research aims to discuss factor that inhibit women’s careers. The research was conducted in Nangroe Aceh Darrusalam. The result shows that. Ambiguous feelings, lack of confidence and social support environment as well as dominance of the culture and structure in hibit women’s career in bureacracy. The lack of women’s access in strategic positions would impact to the gender insensitive-based public policy formulation.


    Partini -


    Full Text Available AbstrakSecara kuantitas pertambahan pegawai negeri sipil perempuan mengalami peningkatan yang signifikan, namun belum diikuti dengan terbukanya akses untuk dapat menjadi pejabat struktural dan pejabat publik yang strategis. Artikel ini membahas faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan belum terbukanya akses untuk menjadi pejabat. Penelitian dilakukan di Aceh. Hasil penelitian menunjukan perasaan  ambigu, kurang percaya diri, dan kurangnya dukungan lingkungan sosial yang disebabkan karena dominasi dari kultur dan struktur menguatkan fenomena glass ceiling. Rendahnya akses perempuan dalam jabatan strategis akan berdampak pada kualitas kebijakan publik yang dirumuskan menjadi tidak sensitif gender.AbstractThe number of female civil servant has increased significantly nowadays. However, this opportunity yet to be followed by the opening access for women in the structural and strategic position. The research aims to discuss factors that inhibit women’s careers. The research was conducted in Nangroe Aceh Darrusalam. The result shows that ambiguous feelings, lack of confidence and social support environment as well as dominance of patriarchal culture and structure inhibit women’s career in bureaucracy. The lack of women’s access in strategic positions would result in gender insensitive public policies.© 2013 Universitas Negeri Semarang


    Muhammad Hanafiah


    Full Text Available The study has been done to examine Leucocytozoonosis case using organ mashed method in broiler and ducks slaughtered in chickens slaughter house in Banda Aceh Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. From each of broiler and ducks fifty organs were collected for sample. Before those animals were killed blood smear were taken to find merozoites and gametosites stadium while smashed organs were made to find schizont stadium. The number of schizont of Leucocytozoonosis were analyzed descriptively. Result of research indicate that was higher positiveLeucocytozoonosis with mashed method better than blood smear in broiler and duck. The prevalence of Leucocylozoonosis with blood smear respectively are 30 % and 24 % from broiler while by using organ smashed methods are 58 % and 54 % respectively.

  12. Emergence and nosocomial spread of carbapenem-resistant OXA-232-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in Brunei Darussalam

    Abdul Momin, Muhd Haziq Fikry; Liakopoulos, Apostolos; Phee, Lynette M.; Wareham, David W.


    Objectives Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are identified as a major global health concern. The success of CRE is facilitated by the emergence, acquisition and spread of successful clones carrying plasmid-encoded resistance genes. In this study, an outbreak of carbapenem-resistant

  13. Re-Engineering Values into the Youth Education System: A Needs Analysis Study in Brunei Darussalam

    Zakaria, Gamal Abdul Nasir; Tajudeen, Ahmad Labeeb; Nawi, Aliff; Mahalle, Salwa


    This study aimed to present a practical framework for designing a values teaching program in the youth education system. The choice of content, the nature of the students with respect to learning and their perception about the selected content for teaching values were studied. The study follows a Needs analysis design which drew upon document…

  14. Village midwives and their changing roles in Brunei Darussalam: A qualitative study.

    Abdul-Mumin, Khadizah Haji


    There are lay midwives worldwide, interchangeably and universally called traditional birth attendants or traditional midwives by organisations such as the World Health Organization and the International Confederation of Midwives. This study aimed to explore the history of lay midwives (village midwives) in Brunei, describe the evolution from their previous to current roles and determine if they are still needed by women today. This qualitative, descriptive study included in-depth, semi-structured interviews with eight women who had received care from village midwives. Data analysis was based on the principles underpinning thematic analysis and used a constant comparative method. Village midwives have been popular in Brunei since the 1900s, with their major role being to assist women with childbirth. However, since the 1960s, their roles and practices have changed to focus on pre-conception, antenatal, postnatal and women's general healthcare. Traditional practices were influenced by religion, culture and the social context of and within Brunei. The major changes in village midwives' roles and practices resulted from the enforcement of the Brunei Midwives' Act in 1956. Village midwives' traditional practices became juxtaposed with modern complementary alternative medicine practices, and they began charging a fee for their services. Brunei village midwives are trusted by women, and their practices may still be widely accepted in Brunei. Further research is necessary to confirm their existence, determine the detailed scope and appropriateness of their practices and verify the feasibility of them working together with healthcare professionals. Copyright © 2016 Australian College of Midwives. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. DISTORSI KAPASITAS PERDAGANGAN INTER-REGIONAL IMT-GT Kasus Provinsi Terpilih di Sumatera Indonesia

    Benito Rio Avianto


    Full Text Available The objective of the paper was to understand the impact of sub regional economic cooperation, known as the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT, on trade sector in Indonesia. The approach of research based on export macro information by provinces and commodities. The method used in the analytical framework was a fixed effect method. The regional study covered Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, and Riau provinces, and the commodities involved CPO, coffee and rubber, with 1990-2008 data series. Based on pooled regression, there was a significant impact on export from the four provinces to Malaysia and Thailand for all based years. One might focus on commodity level that, in fact, CPO was the only one commodity that had a significant impact within the IMTGT region. In addition, Thai Bath and Malaysian Ringgit, with respect to GDP for both countries, had significant influenced on export, especially after the IMT-GT endorsed.

  16. The Influence of Coconut Water and Activated Charcoal in MS Medium on In Vitro Callus Regeneration of Dendrobium sp. Cultivar Bertha Chong Orchids

    Dessi Novita Sari


    Full Text Available Dendrobium is one of the most commercial orchids. In Vitro technique is one of solution to fulfill the market demand of Dendrobium. Organic matters, such as coconut water, and activated charcoal are often given to in vitro medium to regenerate orchids callus. The addition of activated charcoal is not only adsorbing toxic substances but also organic matters. The aimof this researchistofindthe best combination for callus regeneration medium. The research was conducted at the Biological Cell and Molecular Laboratory, Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty of Syiah Kuala University, Darussalam, Banda Aceh since March to November 2013. The method used is experimental with Completely Randomized Factorial Design with two factor; treatments of coconut water and activated charcoal. The result showed that the combinationof 150mL/Lcoconut waterand2,0g/Lactivated charcoal is the best resultbecauseit is the onlytreatment that have capability in producingplantletswithin60days.

  17. Parametric estimation for reinforced concrete relief shelter for Aceh cases

    Atthaillah; Saputra, Eri; Iqbal, Muhammad


    This paper was a work in progress (WIP) to discover a rapid parametric framework for post-disaster permanent shelter’s materials estimation. The intended shelters were reinforced concrete construction with bricks as its wall. Inevitably, in post-disaster cases, design variations were needed to help suited victims condition. It seemed impossible to satisfy a beneficiary with a satisfactory design utilizing the conventional method. This study offered a parametric framework to overcome slow construction-materials estimation issue against design variations. Further, this work integrated parametric tool, which was Grasshopper to establish algorithms that simultaneously model, visualize, calculate and write the calculated data to a spreadsheet in a real-time. Some customized Grasshopper components were created using GHPython scripting for a more optimized algorithm. The result from this study was a partial framework that successfully performed modeling, visualization, calculation and writing the calculated data simultaneously. It meant design alterations did not escalate time needed for modeling, visualization, and material estimation. Further, the future development of the parametric framework will be made open source.

  18. Gender Perspektif dalam Formalisasi Syariat Islam di Aceh

    T. Saiful Saiful


    ABSTRACT. This paper aims to explain the gender perspective in law making and the views of Muslim scholars on how best Qanun gender perspective. In establishing the Qanun, Pancasila as the state used as a parameter for gender equality, as well as several other provisions in the form of laws, international treaties and conventions that protect women's rights. Understanding of the nature of the text where the Qur'an and hadith about Islamic values deserve special assessment and due diligence to find the spirit of sharia (philosophical of a provision of the law in an effort formalization of Islamic law with a gender perspective.

  19. Perbaikan Teknologi Beternak Kambing di Desa Dhampulo Kabupaten Aceh Besar

    Mawardi Mohd. Ali


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT A study on the correction of breeding goat technology in Dhampulo village was conducted from July 1996 to Desember 1997. Twenty Kacang goats divided into to groups. Each groub cossed with one FE male anf another groub crossed with Kacang Male. Reproduction and production performance of kid at both group was compared. The resilt of this study showed that group of PE male was better. Kid crop was 160 vs 120%, birth type was 60 vs 30%, birth weigt was 1.61 vs 1.33 kg and weight at one month age was 3.44 vs 2.72 kg.

  20. Strategi Pemasaran Sirup Buah Pala Di Kabupaten Aceh Selatan

    Harahap, Iffan Fuady


    147039004 Nutmeg tree is a high fruit plant which is the Indonesian indigenous plant. It has its own supremacy: almost the whole of its tree trunk and the fruit can be used: its fruit can be used in food, beverage, and medicinal industry which is needed continuously. The objective of the research was to find out the agro industrial advantages, disadvantages, opportunity, and threat in marketing nutmeg syrup and to find out the strategy of nutmeg syrup in Tapak Tuan Subdistri...

  1. Pengelolaan Rantai Pasok dan Daya Saing Kelapa Sawit di Aceh

    Fajri Jakfar


    Full Text Available Nowadays, supply chain management is vital for palm oil plantations, along with the increases of competitive efforts and equal partnership position between suppliers and processors. The research aimed at mapping supply chain patterns of palm oil plantation, at analyzing performances of palm oil stakeholders, and at analyzing factors influencing performances of stakeholders in the province. The research was conducted using survey method by interviewing and focus group discussion. The results showed that (1 there were 3 supply chains flows from bunches of palm fruit to plants of palm fruit processing; (2 roles of stakeholders in supply chain management determining supply volumes, profits, and value added; and (3 factors influencing performances of stakeholders and competitive advantages were plantation productivity, cost allocation for invesment and operation, capacity  of processing plants, and CPO rendemen rate.

  2. The May 2015 boat crisis: the Rohingya in Aceh

    Thom, Graham


    Abstract In May 2015, Indonesia permitted the disembarkation of approximately 1,800 people who had been stranded at sea. The discovery of mass graves in Thailand’s Sadao district, on the border with Malaysia, led to a crack down on people smugglers by the Thai and Malaysian authorities. This saw thousands of Rohingya left stranded at sea as smugglers abandoned their human cargo. While initially pushed back by the Indonesian navy, after being rescued by Indonesian fishermen the Rohingya, o...


    Dawam Multazami


    Full Text Available Abstrak:In general, theories about the arrival of Islam in this country came in the 7th century BC, by various methods and strategies of endeavors. The preacher came and tried to blend with the occupants by using native language and their customs, and then mate with the natives. Finally, they made small community to maintain friendship with the potentate. Palace or castle has an important role as part of forming the Islamic nation tradition. The close Relationship between parsons and potentate drawn in the role of co-operation through educational institutions outside the palace and in palace, the parsons are instructed to write scientific papers and served as state law, palace policies lifting parsons in strategic positions as mufti or qodhi, palace become a place to discuss intellectual matters and so forth. The relationship between palace and the forming of Islamic nation tradition depicted into some areas in this country such: the scientific tradition of Islam in Aceh Darussalam. Its began from meunasah (madrasah in which students learned the Arabic alphabet, read al-Qur'an, prayer procedures, morality, monotheism study, fiqh study, tasawwuf study, the Islamic roles in building a mosque then used as a place of higher education. Collective leadership between sultan and Wali Songo in Demak Bintoro, Sultan Banjar attend to Islamic development through education build by Shaikh Arshad, and the establishment of Shari'ah court Keywords: Raja Alim, Kesultanan Aceh, Musawaratan Wali dan Daeng Ta Kaliya.

  4. Studi Tentang Aktivitas Ekonomi Masyarakat Pesisir Pantai Pelabuhan

    Yurial Arief Lubis


    Full Text Available This research aims to the shape of economic activities done around the community in Kuala Langsa Ports. This research was conducted in the village of Kuala Langsa by taking a sample of 30% of the total population (159 families are directly related to the economic activity of the port of Kuala Langsa. Data collection techniques used is indirect communication, in the form of questionnaires and documentation. Furthermore, the data obtained in the qualitative descriptive analysis. The results showed that (1 There are five (5 Economic Activity form communities do in Port of Kuala Langsa namely Fishermen, port workers 14 23.73%, 8.47% Employees harbor, 16.95% and 8.47 Trader % nautical travel services provider, 76.27% of them claimed to have a sideline to boost economic activity pendapaatan. Then 18.64% of the people have an average income per month exceeds UMP Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, while 81.36% is below the UMP Aceh or are classified as poor. (2 Of the five forms of economic activity that is done, when seen an increase in the average income before and after switching livelihood, there are 3 groups of economic activity that have increased the average income of the port employees, vendors and service providers of marine tourism and two groups of activity other economic decline average income.

  5. Stratigraphy and age estimate of Neogene shallow marine fossiliferous deposits in Brunei Darussalam (Ambug Hill, Tutong district)

    Kocsis, László; Briguglio, Antonino; Roslim, Amajida; Razak, Hazirah; Ćorić, Stjepan; Frijia, Gianluca


    The Ambug Hill in Brunei is an exceptional geological site where a series of siliciclastic rocks crops out with some layers extremely rich in marine fossils. Such fossiliferous outcrops are extremely rare in the northern part of Borneo and their description is of primary importance as their fossil content can be used to correlate the regional depositional sequences with global biostratigraphic zonations. In this work we present for the first time a detailed sedimentary profile completed with Sr-isotopes and biostratigraphic dating. The succession is divided into four sedimentary units. The first unit comprises bioturbated sandstone followed by a second unit of clay-silt rich levels whose first 9.5 m contain rich marine fossil assemblages. Calcareous nannoplankton data indicate a Late Tortonian - Early Messinian (NN11) age, which is confirmed by Sr-isotope dating derived from bivalves giving a numerical age range from 8.3 to 6.2 My. After a major emersion surface, the third sedimentary unit of sand- and siltstone lacks suitable fossils for bio- and isotope stratigraphy. The age of emersion and the related sedimentary gap can be either correlated with the Me1 (7.25 My) or the Me2 (5.73 My) sequence boundary. A fourth, thin sedimentary unit is recognized on the top of the profile with silt- and claystone beds without age diagnostic remains and calcareous fossils.

  6. Plant DNA barcodes and assessment of phylogenetic community structure of a tropical mixed dipterocarp forest in Brunei Darussalam (Borneo)

    Abu Salim, Kamariah; Chase, Mark W.; Dexter, Kyle G.; Pennington, R. Toby; Tan, Sylvester; Kaye, Maria Ellen; Samuel, Rosabelle


    DNA barcoding is a fast and reliable tool to assess and monitor biodiversity and, via community phylogenetics, to investigate ecological and evolutionary processes that may be responsible for the community structure of forests. In this study, DNA barcodes for the two widely used plastid coding regions rbcL and matK are used to contribute to identification of morphologically undetermined individuals, as well as to investigate phylogenetic structure of tree communities in 70 subplots (10 × 10m) of a 25-ha forest-dynamics plot in Brunei (Borneo, Southeast Asia). The combined matrix (rbcL + matK) comprised 555 haplotypes (from ≥154 genera, 68 families and 25 orders sensu APG, Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, 2016), making a substantial contribution to tree barcode sequences from Southeast Asia. Barcode sequences were used to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships using maximum likelihood, both with and without constraining the topology of taxonomic orders to match that proposed by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. A third phylogenetic tree was reconstructed using the program Phylomatic to investigate the influence of phylogenetic resolution on results. Detection of non-random patterns of community assembly was determined by net relatedness index (NRI) and nearest taxon index (NTI). In most cases, community assembly was either random or phylogenetically clustered, which likely indicates the importance to community structure of habitat filtering based on phylogenetically correlated traits in determining community structure. Different phylogenetic trees gave similar overall results, but the Phylomatic tree produced greater variation across plots for NRI and NTI values, presumably due to noise introduced by using an unresolved phylogenetic tree. Our results suggest that using a DNA barcode tree has benefits over the traditionally used Phylomatic approach by increasing precision and accuracy and allowing the incorporation of taxonomically unidentified individuals into analyses. PMID:29049301


    Ryan Prayogi


    Full Text Available This research was grounded by social problems, which is a shift of cultural values and global transformation with positive and negative values including waning identity tribe Bonai, such as change the culture in the form of traditional values in traditional ceremonies as a result of changes in the environment their lives, both the natural environment and the physical and social environment such as the loss of a sense of kinship, courtesy, honesty, and mutual cooperation. The findings in this study revealed that 1 the tribe Bonai a principle of life that becomes a guideline and regulations that must be adhered to by the tribal people Bonai hereditary implemented include: Birth, Circumcision Rosul, Employment, Education, Marriage Married, Leadership System Society, Death. 2 The shifting cultural mores which are currently experiencing a shift towards cultural values that include a shift in values Nativity, Circumcision Rosul, Marriage, and Ritual Dewo. 3 Preservation made to the successor or the younger generation by providing knowledge about the culture, following the race on culture or festival and explain the meanings contained in each ceremony they have done, executing each set of tribal Bonai traditions, which are birth, circumcision messenger, dewo mating and rituals for marriage. 4 Development of indigenous culture as do general should be imparted to young people from birth to adulthood through education and infomal also goes by way of natural or natural and spontaneous. In particular the development of the cultural values taught to elementary school through high school

  8. Plant DNA barcodes and assessment of phylogenetic community structure of a tropical mixed dipterocarp forest in Brunei Darussalam (Borneo.

    Jacqueline Heckenhauer

    Full Text Available DNA barcoding is a fast and reliable tool to assess and monitor biodiversity and, via community phylogenetics, to investigate ecological and evolutionary processes that may be responsible for the community structure of forests. In this study, DNA barcodes for the two widely used plastid coding regions rbcL and matK are used to contribute to identification of morphologically undetermined individuals, as well as to investigate phylogenetic structure of tree communities in 70 subplots (10 × 10m of a 25-ha forest-dynamics plot in Brunei (Borneo, Southeast Asia. The combined matrix (rbcL + matK comprised 555 haplotypes (from ≥154 genera, 68 families and 25 orders sensu APG, Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, 2016, making a substantial contribution to tree barcode sequences from Southeast Asia. Barcode sequences were used to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships using maximum likelihood, both with and without constraining the topology of taxonomic orders to match that proposed by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. A third phylogenetic tree was reconstructed using the program Phylomatic to investigate the influence of phylogenetic resolution on results. Detection of non-random patterns of community assembly was determined by net relatedness index (NRI and nearest taxon index (NTI. In most cases, community assembly was either random or phylogenetically clustered, which likely indicates the importance to community structure of habitat filtering based on phylogenetically correlated traits in determining community structure. Different phylogenetic trees gave similar overall results, but the Phylomatic tree produced greater variation across plots for NRI and NTI values, presumably due to noise introduced by using an unresolved phylogenetic tree. Our results suggest that using a DNA barcode tree has benefits over the traditionally used Phylomatic approach by increasing precision and accuracy and allowing the incorporation of taxonomically unidentified individuals into analyses.


    Qudwatin Nisak


    Full Text Available To improve the quality of English education in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD, the Department of Education of NAD as policymaker has made some efforts, among others, sending some teachers for overseas training and also conducting in-service training in designing English teaching material. One of the results of the projects done by the Department of Education of NAD is an English textbook entitled “English in Context for SMA/MA student year 1”, was distributed to some senior high schools in Banda Aceh in 2005. Lately, the textbook hasn’t been used effectively. Based on that fact, it is considered necessary to evaluate the textbook in order to know its relevant to curriculum used. The data of this study are the contents of English in Context for SMA/MA students year 1, consist of objectives of the textbook, themes chosen, skills presented, task designed, types of the text, language focus provided, vocabulary, and just for fun sections as well as the physical condition of textbook. After the data were put based on their classifications, they were analyzed qualitatively by finding its relevancy to CBC. The relevant elements of textbook to CBC and the deficient element of the textbook were explained descriptively. The result shows that only small portions of suggested material in CBC are provided in the textbook. The types of listening texts which are relevant to CBC are only recount and report. The genre of the reading texts which are relevant to CBC are recount, report, and news items. Meanwhile, the speaking task types provided in the textbook are dialogue, talks/speeches, plays/role play, discussion, and report. The deficient elements found in the textbook are lack of clarity of the authors’ objective, repetition of the tasks designed, lack of variation in some skill’s presentation and some irrelevant materials to CBC.

  10. Management of healthcare waste: developments in Southeast Asia in the twenty-first century.

    Kühling, Jan-Gerd; Pieper, Ute


    In many Southeast Asian countries, significant challenges persist with regard to the proper management and disposal of healthcare waste. The amount of healthcare waste in these countries is continuously increasing as a result of the expansion of healthcare systems and services. In the past, healthcare waste, if it was treated at all, was mainly incinerated. In the last decade more comprehensive waste management systems were developed for Southeast Asian countries and implementation started. This also included the establishment of alternative healthcare waste treatment systems. The developments in the lower-middle-income countries are of special interest, as major investments are planned. Based upon sample projects, a short overview of the current development trends in the healthcare waste sector in Laos, Indonesia and Vietnam is provided. The projects presented include: (i) Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (development of the national environmental health training system to support the introduction of environmental health standards and improvement of healthcare waste treatment in seven main hospitals by introducing steam-based treatment technologies); (ii) Indonesia (development of a provincial-level healthcare waste-management strategy for Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and introduction of an advanced waste treatment system in a tertiary level hospital in Makassar); and (iii) Vietnam (development of a healthcare waste strategy for five provinces in Vietnam and a World Bank-financed project on healthcare waste in Vietnam).

  11. Implikasi Yuridis Tanggung Jawab Sosial dan Lingkungan Perusahaan Batubara dalam Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Masyarakat Aceh Barat

    Fahmi Sara


    ABSTRACT: Social and environmental corporate responsibility is a commitment that was created by company to the surrounding people whose getting worse impact from company activity. Based on Article 74 Law Number 40 year 2007 regarding Limited Company stated social and environmental corporate responsibility is a company commitment for acting the continuous economic development  in increasing  life quality and beneficial environment, for limited company itself, the community, and the surounding people as well. It is stated social and environmental corporate responsibility include to the managing regulation  as  together commitment among stakeholder as goverment acts for fulfill law needs in Indonesia along  world economic fluctuation to challenge and to increase  awarness of doing social and environmental responsibility for company man in running theis business well as reflecting a law responsibility of corporate in creating good relationship with the surrounding people culture in minimazing the worse impact of doing their business.


    Irfa ina Rohana Salma


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Industri batik mulai berkembang di Gayo, tetapi belum memiliki motif batik khas daerah. Oleh karena itu perlu diciptakan motif batik khas Gayo, dengan mengambil inspirasi dari ukiran yang terdapat pada rumah tradisional yang biasa disebut ukiran kerawang Gayo. Tujuan penciptaan seni ini adalah untuk menciptakan motif batik yang memiliki ciri khas Gayo. Metode yang digunakan yaitu eksplorasi ide, perancangan, dan perwujudan menjadi motif batik. Dalam kegiatan ini telah diciptakan enam motif batik khas Gayo yaitu: (1 Motif Ceplok Gayo; (2 Motif Gayo Tegak; (3 Motif Gayo Lurus; (4 Motif Parang Gayo; (5 Motif Gayo Lembut; dan (6 Motif Geometris Gayo. Hasil uji kesukaan terhadap motif kepada lima puluh responden menunjukkan bahwa Motif Ceplok Gayo paling banyak dipilih oleh responden yaitu sebesar 19%, sedangkan Motif Parang Gayo 18%, Motif Gayo Lembut 17%, Motif Geometris Gayo 17%, Motif Gayo Lurus 15% dan Motif Gayo Tegak 14%. Rata-rata motif yang dihasilkan mendapatkan apresiasi yang baik dari responden, sehingga semua motif layak diproduksi sebagai batik khas Gayo.Kata kunci: batik Gayo, Motif Ceplok Gayo, Motif Parang Gayo.ABSTRACTBatik industry began to develop in Gayo, but have not had a typical batik motif itself. Therefore, it is necessary to create batik motifs of Gayo, by taking inspiration from the carvings found in traditional houses commonly called kerawang Gayo. The purpose of this art is to create motifs those have a Gayo characteristic. The method used are the idea exploration, design, and motifs embodiment. In this activity has created six Gayo batik motifs, namely: (1 Motif Ceplok Gayo; (2 Motif Gayo Tegak; (3 Motif GayoLurus; (4 Motif Parang Gayo; (5 Motif Gayo Lembut; dan (6 Motif Geometris Gayo. The test results fondness of the motives to fifty respondents indicated that the Motif Ceplok Gayo most preferred by respondents ie 19%, while Motif Parang Gayo 18%, Motif Gayo Lembut 17%, Motif Geometris Gayo 17%, Motif Gayo Lurus 15% and Motif Gayo Tegak 14%. Average motifs generated to get a good appreciation of the respondents, so they all can be produced as batik Gayo.Keywords: batik Gayo, Motif Ceplok Gayo, Motif Parang Gayo.

  13. Sistem Penyimpanan Salak Sabang (Salacca edulis Sp Dalam Rangka Peningkatan Potensi Komoditi Daerah Sabang (Aceh

    Bambang Sukarno Putra


    Abstrak. After mature phase, snake fruit through a phase of aging (senescence, followed by damage due to declining resistance to microbes (fungi spoilage. The damage can be caused by mechanical, physical, microbiological and physiological damage. The damage can be prevented by fruit coating and storage temperature control. Therefore,the aim of this study was to determine the effect of fruit coating and storage temperature on the quality of fruit snake, and see the relationship between  the quality changes of snake fruit and organoleptic  consumer acceptance level. The research was conducted using completely randomized design with two factors. The first factor is storage temperature  (10°C and 27°C and the second factor is concentration of fruit coating  (50%, 75% and 100%. Snake fruit without aloe vera coating and stored at room temperature (27°C was used as controls. Data analysis was performed with SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions version 17. The results showed that at the end of storage (day 27, the concentration of aloe vera and storage temperature of 10°C has an effect  on the quality of snake fruit. The lowest weight loss of snake fruit was obtained at the concentration of coating of 100% (12,84% and the highest of those of 50% (15,50%. The highest hardness of snake fruit was gained at concentration of coating of 100%  (22,50 kg / mm2 and the lowest of those of 50% (18,81 kg / mm2. The highest water content of the fruit flesh at concentration of coating of 50% (81,45% and the lowest of those of 75% (75,90%. The highest total Dissolved Solids (TPT was obtained at concentration of coating of 100% (20,00 °Brix and the lowest of those of 75% (16,60 oBrix. The lowest texture organoleptic value of the fruit was gained at concentration of coating of 50% (3,8 and the highest of those of 100% (4,7. The lowest organoleptic taste value was at concentration of coating of 50% (3,8 and the highest of those of  100% (3,9. The best treatment was resulted from the combination of aloe vera coating concentration of 50% and storage temperature of 10°C.  (the resulted fruit had high amount of water content, preferred by consumers and could maintain the shelf life of up to 27 days.

  14. Helminthiasis Prevalence in Brick Makers at Lambada Peukan Village, Aceh Besar Region, Indonesia

    Syahrizal, Dedy; Mustika, Cut; Ikhsan,; Azhary, Mulkan


    Helminthiasis are the common health problem in the develop country. WHO prediction 400 million people had infection of helminthiasis. Soil is the usual media to transmitted helminth to human (soil transmitted helminthiasis). One of the rule worker that has hard contact to helminth is the brick maker. This activity usual doing with convensional technique.The objective of this devotion are to knowing helminthiasis prevalence on brick maker in Lambada Peukan Village. The primer data is the co...

  15. Eksistensi Kejaksaan Tinggi Aceh dalam Melakukan Penyidikan Perkara Tindak Pidana Korupsi

    Satria Ferry


    Authority of the Attorney as investigator for the time being specifically mentioned in Article 30 paragraph (1 letter d of Law Number 16/2004 on the Attorney determines that the Prosecutor in the Attorney has the authority to investigate such criminal acts specified by law. Certain criminal acts can be interpreted in the form of investigative authority of the special crimes such as corruption, however the Attorney as investigators in combating corruption not bring maximum results. Based on the survey results revealed that the implementation of the authority of the Attorney as investigators in handling corruption cases, where prosecutors act as the investigator concurrently as a public prosecutor and to complete its obligations Prosecutors should cooperate with the other party either as individuals, legal entities and government agencies. The legal consequences arising from the low level of resolution of cases of corruption have led to skewed responses and lack of trust on Indenpendensi Attorney particularly against the prosecution investigator who handled the case.

  16. Eksekusi Uang Pengganti terhadap Terpidana dalam Tindak Pidana Korupsi oleh Kejaksaan Tinggi Aceh

    Mohamad Ginanjar


    ABSTRACT. Article 18 Section 1 capital b Law Number 20 of 2001 about changes of legislation Number 31 of 1999 about eradication of corruption regulates that : “reimbursement as much as the properties gotten from the act of corruption”. The Handbill by the Supreme Court Number 4 of 1988 regulates conditionals condition if on the execution of reimbursement from the properties of the convict is insufficient, must be filled from the civil law court. Thus, the  requirements which regulates the application of reimbursement summation is done to recover the state losses from criminal act of corruption. The research main subjects are (1 What is the mechanism applied to conduct reimbursement of financial state in criminal act of corruption? (2 What are the obstacles faced by the executors in conducting reimbursement ? (3 What is the efforts performed by the Attorneys if the Convict cannot do the reimbursement ? This research study aims to explain the mechanism applied in conducting reimbursement of state finance in criminal act of corruption, the obstacles faced by the executors in conducting the financial reimbursement and the efforts done by the Attorney in the condition on the Convict fail to do financial reimbursement.

  17. Deformation analysis of Aceh April 11{sup th} 2012 earthquake using GPS observation data

    Maulida, Putra, E-mail: [Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 (Indonesia); Meilano, Irwan; Sarsito, Dina A. [Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 (Indonesia); Geodesy Research Group, geodesy and geomatic Engineering, ITB (Indonesia); Susilo [Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 (Indonesia); Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) (Indonesia)


    This research tries to estimate the co-seismic deformation of intraplate earthquake occurred off northern Sumatra coast which is about 100-200 km southwest of Sumatrasubduction zone. The earthquake mechanism was strike-slip with magnitude 8.6 and triggering aftershock with magnitude 8.2 two hours later. We estimated the co-seismic deformation by using the GPS (Global Positioning System) continuous data along western Sumatra coast. The GPS observation derived from Sumatran GPS Array (SuGAr) and Geospatial Information Agency (BIG). For data processing we used GPS Analyze at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (GAMIT) software and Global Kalman Filter (GLOBK) to estimate the co-seismic deformation. From the GPS daily solution, the result shows that the earthquake caused displacement for the GPS stations in Sumatra. GPS stations in northern Sumatra showed the displacement to the northeast with the average displacement was 15 cm. The biggest displacement was found at station BSIM which is located at Simeuleu Island off north west Sumatra coast. GPS station in middle part of Sumatra, the displacement was northwest. The earthquake also caused subsidence for stations in northern Sumatra, but from the time series there was not sign of subsidence was found at middle part of Sumatra. In addition, the effect of the earthquake was worldwide and affected the other GPS Stations around Hindia oceanic.

  18. The position and authority of the Aceh Shari'a court on the Indonesian justice system

    - Sufiarina


    Full Text Available Pasal 27 ayat (1 Undang-Undang No. 48 Tahun 2009 tentang Kekuasaan Kehakiman menyatakan; “Pengadilan khusus hanya dapat dibentuk dalam salah satu lingkungan peradilan yang berada di bawah Mahkamah Agung”. Lingkungan badan peradilan di bawah Mahkamah Agung meliputi peradilan umum, peradilan agama, peradilan militer dan peradilan tata usaha negara. Pasal 3A ayat (2 Undang-Undang No. 50 Tahun 2009 tentang Perubahan Kedua atas Undang-Undang Peradilan Agama, menempatkan Mahkamah Syari’ah sebagai pengadilan khusus dalam lingkungan peradilan agama dan sebagai pengadilan khusus dalam lingkungan peradilan umum. Penempatan Mahkamah Syari’ah sebagai pengadilan khusus, sekaligus di dua lingkungan peradilan inkonsistensi dengan Pasal 27 ayat (1 Undang-Undang Kekuasaan Kehakiman. Secara substansi Undang-Undang Peradilan Agama pada hakikatnya merupakan pelaksanaan dari undang-undang Kekuasaan Kehakiman. Inkonsistensi ini menimbulkan permasalahan hukum yang perlu dicarikan penyelesaiannya secara yuridis. Permasalahan mengenai inkonsistensi aturan hukum tersebut dikaji secara yuridis normatif dengan spesifikasi penelitian deskriptif analisis. Teknik pengumpulan data melalui studi kepustakaan dan didukung data lapangan, dan dianalisis secara yuridis kualitatif. Kajian ini menemukan bahwa Mahkamah Syariah sesungguhnya bukanlah dalam spesifikasi pengadilan khusus dan juga tidak berpijak pada dua lingkungan peradilan. Secara administrasi umum maupun pengelolaan perkara Mahkamah Syari’ah merupakan Pengadilan Agama untuk wilayah Propinsi NAD yang kewenangannya diperluas dalam rangka melaksanakan otonomi khusus bidang pelaksanaan syariat Islam.


    Zirlia Anggraini; Usfur Ridha


    Academically, the bencmark of successful person is learning achievement which is involved by internal and external factor. One of the external factor that involved students learning achievement is authoritative parenting practices. It is kind of parenting authoritative done by parents in achieving certain purposes, including learning achievement. Including parents in the students instructional process can create a good atmosphere such acceptance or warmness, supervision, and psychological aut...

  20. Pendekatan Cart untuk Mendapatkan Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Terjangkitnya Penyakit Demam Tifoid di Aceh Utara

    Dina Yuanita


    research conducted to find factors that influence the outbreak of typhoid fever in NAD. research using the CART Method. The results of the analysis indicate that the main factor causing typhoid fever was drinking water reservoirs. The other factors are waste water reservoirs, the physical quality of drinking water, a habit washing hands with soap before eating, the bowel, the dump, gender, socioeconomic status, habits of washing hands with soap after defecation and health education.

  1. Authoritative Parenting Practices Dan Prestasi Belajar Siswa SMA Di Banda Aceh

    Anggraini, Zirlia; Ridha, Usfur


    Academically, the bencmark of successful person is learning achievement which is involved by internal and external factor. One of the external factor that involved students learning achievement is authoritative parenting practices. It is kind of parenting authoritative done by parents in achieving certain purposes, including learning achievement. Including parents in the students instructional process can create a good atmosphere such acceptance or warmness, supervision, and psychological aut...

  2. Parental Involvement and English Language Teaching to Young Learners: Parents' Experience in Aceh

    Wati, Shafrida


    The interest of teaching English to young learners increased rapidly since the language has significant influence in the modern world. English is strongly associated with social and economic power in globalization's context. Introducing English earlier offers opportunities to awaken the learners' enthusiasm and curiosity about the language, to achieve native-like accent, and to enable them to learn the language easily at further levels. However, there are controversies, particularly, about th...

  3. Uplift and Subsidence Associated with the Great Aceh-Andaman Earthquake of 2004


    The magnitude 9.2 Indian Ocean earthquake of December 26, 2004, produced broad regions of uplift and subsidence. In order to define the lateral extent and the downdip limit of rupture, scientists from Caltech, Pasadena, Calif.; NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.; Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif.; the U.S. Geological Survey, Pasadena, Calif.; and the Research Center for Geotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Bandung, Indonesia; first needed to define the pivot line separating those regions. Interpretation of satellite imagery and a tidal model were one of the key tools used to do this. These pre-Sumatra earthquake (a) and post-Sumatra earthquake (b) images of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean, acquired from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument on NASA's Terra spacecraft, show emergence of the coral reef surrounding the island following the earthquake. The tide was 30 plus or minus 14 centimeters lower in the pre-earthquake image (acquired November 21, 2000) than in the post-earthquake image (acquired February 20, 2005), requiring a minimum of 30 centimeters of uplift at this locality. Observations from an Indian Coast Guard helicopter on the northwest coast of the island suggest that the actual uplift is on the order of 1 to 2 meters at this site. In figures (c) and (d), pre-earthquake and post-earthquake ASTER images of a small island off the northwest coast of Rutland Island, 38 kilometers east of North Sentinel Island, show submergence of the coral reef surrounding the island. The tide was higher in the pre-earthquake image (acquired January 1, 2004) than in the post-earthquake image (acquired February 4, 2005), requiring subsidence at this locality. The pivot line must run between North Sentinel and Rutland islands. Note that the scale for the North Sentinel Island images differs from that for the Rutland Island images. The tidal model used for this study was based on data from JPL's Topex/Poseidon satellite. The model was used to determine the relative sea surface height at each location at the time each image was acquired, a critical component used to quantify the deformation. The scientists' method of using satellite imagery to recognize changes in elevation relative to sea surface height and of using a tidal model to place quantitative bounds on coseismic uplift or subsidence is a novel approach that can be adapted to other forms of remote sensing and can be applied to other subduction zones in tropical regions. ASTER is one of five Earth-observing instruments launched December 18, 1999, on NASA's Terra satellite. The instrument was built by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. A joint U.S./Japan science team is responsible for validation and calibration of the instrument and the data products. The broad spectral coverage and high spectral resolution of ASTER provides scientists in numerous disciplines with critical information for surface mapping, and monitoring of dynamic conditions and temporal change. Example applications are: monitoring glacial advances and retreats; monitoring potentially active volcanoes; identifying crop stress; determining cloud morphology and physical properties; wetlands evaluation; thermal pollution monitoring; coral reef degradation; surface temperature mapping of soils and geology; and measuring surface heat balance. The U.S. science team is located at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. The Terra mission is part of NASA's Science Mission Directorate.

  4. Kompetensi Manajerial Kepala Sekolah dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Personil Sekolah pada SMP Negeri 1 Banda Aceh

    Aisyah, Murniati, Niswanto.


    Full Text Available Managerial competency of principality is one of factors determined performance school personnel and the success of education in school. The research aimed to gained overviews on managerial competency of principality in program arrangement. The program implementation to improved school personnel performance. . The constraints faced by principal implementing the programme of increasing the school staffs’ performance. This research used descriptive method with qualitative approach. Technique of data collection were observation, interview, and documentation. The subject of this research were head master, vice principal, teacher, head of administrative, laboran, and librarian. The result of this research showed that: (1 Managerial competency of principal in this study has superiority in the process of planning the programme namely: The competency applied the vision, mission, and goals of the school. The programme of increasing the school staffs’ performance was running well. It could be seen from the structure of school organisation in arranging planning work and administration of the school. (2 Managerial competency of principal in increasing the school staffs’ performance did not targeted standard since the management of educational mediums, budgeting, and its organisation were not optimally optimised. (3 There were also constrains faced by the stakeholders in implementing the programme of increasing the school staffs’ performance. One of them was the organised plan, which became unorganised one during the implementation. Low budgeting also contributed to the constraints. Moreover, as mentioned above, the discontinuous trainings and unfollow-up supervision also forced the implementation of the program.

  5. Hydrological Response Unit Analysis Using AVSWAT 2000 for Keuliling Reservoir Watershed, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    . Azmeri


    Full Text Available Sediments deposition derived from the erosion in upstream areas can lead to river siltation or canals downstream irrigation. According to the complexity of erosion problem at Keuliling reservoir, it is essential that topography, hydrology, soil type and land use to be analyzed comprehensively. Software used to analyze is AVSWAT 2000 (Arc View Soil and Water Assessment Tools-2000, one of the additional tool of ArcView program. The results obtained are the watershed delineation map, soil type map to produce soil erodibility factor (K which indicates the resistance of soil particles toward exfoliation, land use map to produce crop management factor (C and soil conservation and its management factors (P. Hydrology analysis includes soil type, land use and utility for the erosion rate analysis through Hydrologic Response Unit (HRU. The biggest HRU value of sub-basin is on area 5 and the lowest one is on area 10. All four HRU in sub-basin area 5 are potentially donating high value for HRU. In short, this area has the longest slope length so that it has a large LS factor. About 50% of the land was covered by bushes which gain higher C factor rather than forest. Moreover, it has contour crop conservation technique with 9-20 % declivity resulting in having dominant factor of P. Soil type is dominated by Meucampli Formation which has soil erodibility factor with high level of vulnerable toward the rainfall kinetic energy. All in all, the vast majority of HRU parameters in this sub-basin area obtain the highest HRU value. Hydrology analysis, soil type, and use-land are useful for land area analysis that is susceptible to erosion which was identified through Hydrologic Response Unit (HRU using GIS. As the matter of fact, spatially studies constructed with GIS can facilitate the agency to determine critical areas which are needed to be aware or fully rehabilitated.

  6. Peran Badan Usaha Milik Daerah dalam Meningkatkan Kesejahteraan Masyarakat (Studi Pembentukan Perusahaan Daerah di Aceh)

    Teuku Ahmad Yani


    ABSTRACT: Both province and regional may establish Regional or Provincial Company that can be formed as Regional Company or Limited Company. The establishment of such company shold be based on local regulation aiming to collect the revenue supporting the development and public facilities. The establishment of such company must be in obligatory implementation and optinal matter owned. The option is based on special patent owned by the area. Therefore, the creation of the company should be star...

  7. Manajemen Konflik Dalam Peningkatan Produktivitas Di Akademi Kebidanan Muhammadiyah Banda Aceh

    Ibrahim, Yuliani; Idris, Jamaluddin; Usman, Nasir


    Conflict is normal and sometimes cannot be unavoided in an organization. The current beliefs consider that a conflict is not merely a disadvantage but it can bring advantages to the organization if it is well-controlled. Conflict management is a conflict resolution under pressure and in emotional environment. The objective of this research is to find out (1) the types of conflict; (2) sources of conflict; (3) director point of view regardingthe form of conflict; (4) approaches for conflict ma...


    Richki Hardi


    Full Text Available Traveling salesperson problem-TSP problem is an optimization problem to find the optimal way for the traveling salesman who wants to visit several cities, and returned to the original departure city. TSP is a difficult problem when viewed from the point of computing. Several methods have been used to solve these problems but until now not been found mangkus algorithms to solve them. The easiest way to solve TSP is to try all possible routes and find the optimal route. However, at the time of the very practical now required to complete an algorithm that quickly so that the TSP solution obtained near optimal solutions.TSP is very precise algorithm used for solving complex optimization problems and solved difficult conventional methods. Route and distance data used to determine the optimal route in the system is obtained from the survey results at the post office Lhokseumawe. The results showed that the algorithm is the shortest route from the post office to post office Lhokseumawe, Meulaboh, Lhokseumawe is through the route - Bireun-Simpang Tiga-Takengon-Meulaboh with a total distance of 326 kilometers. The implementation of this system using the programming language PHP, MySQL, and Macromedia Flash.

  9. The coral triangle initiative: What are we missing? A case study from Aceh

    Rudi, Edi; Campbell, Stuart J.; Hoey, Andrew; Fadli, Nur; Linkie, Matthew; Baird, Andrew Hamilton


    Abstract The Coral Triangle Initiative is an ambitious attempt to conserve the marine biodiversity hotspot known as the Coral Triangle. However, the reef fauna in many nearby regions remains poorly explored and, consequently, the focus on the Coral

  10. Uranium prospect inventory on general prospection stage at Sigli sector Aceh

    Soetopo, Bambang; Sutriyono, Agus; Sajiyo


    This study based on the considering of the existence of reductive sedimentary rock and acid igneous rocks. The rocks could be favorable for uranium accumulation and source rocks respectively. The aim of this study is to understand the uranium geology, radiometric and geochemical anomalies distribution and it to delineate the prospective area to uranium accumulation. Method of this study field geological observations, radiometric measurements, stream sediment and heavy mineral concentrate sampling, mineralogical and geochemical laboratory analysis. Litho logically, the area composed of slate (Early Yurassic), schist and phyllite (Triassic) and meta calcareous marl (Cretaceous). Those rocks un conformably overly by black siltstone and sandstone (Eocene) conglomerate sandstone (Late Oligocene-Early Miocene) siltstone (Middle Miocene). Some intrusions have been identified as biotite granodiorite (Cretaceous) porphyritic granodiorite (Eocene) and Olivine basalt (Middle Miocene-late Miocene). The rock have been faulted by dextral strike slip fault NW-SE, thrust fault NW-SE, sinistral; strike slip fault NE-SW, and normal faults WNW-ESE. Radioactivity value of rocks range between 40-100 cps SPP2NF and it contains is range about 0.36-150.84 ppm U. The geochemical prospect area has been defined at the area of 93.186 km 2


    Lailatussaadah Lailatussaadah


    Full Text Available Website-based management information system (SIM is a data processing system in an organization which has functions to collect, process, store, and provide accurate data on time. An employee’s skill in using website-based SIM is necessary as a the key factor. The aim of this research is to know the ability of employees to use website-based SIM, 2 the implementation of website-based SIM, and 3 the the challenges in using website-based SIM. This research is using a descriptive method and qualitative approach. The data were gathered by using observation, interview, and document analysis. The subjects of the research are employee, headmaster, the chief of administration, teacher, and student. The result shows that 1 the employee are skillful in collecting, entrying, storing, processing, and providing data in the website and are able to finish their job effectively. 2 website-based SIM has a role in school development among others as it can collect, store, and provide infomation, analyze students’ prestige by using prestige standard calculation, simplifies the prospective students to know the information about the department that suit with their preferences and talent, also provides an up- to-date data for their alumni. 3 the difficulties faced by the employees in using website-based SIM are: some employees who are still incapable of operating computer and internet, small amount of bandwidth provided by JARDIKNAS, unstable electricity and website that often went down, and spyware and malware threats.

  12. Deformation analysis of Aceh April 11th 2012 earthquake using GPS observation data

    Maulida, Putra; Meilano, Irwan; Sarsito, Dina A.; Susilo


    This research tries to estimate the co-seismic deformation of intraplate earthquake occurred off northern Sumatra coast which is about 100-200 km southwest of Sumatrasubduction zone. The earthquake mechanism was strike-slip with magnitude 8.6 and triggering aftershock with magnitude 8.2 two hours later. We estimated the co-seismic deformation by using the GPS (Global Positioning System) continuous data along western Sumatra coast. The GPS observation derived from Sumatran GPS Array (SuGAr) and Geospatial Information Agency (BIG). For data processing we used GPS Analyze at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (GAMIT) software and Global Kalman Filter (GLOBK) to estimate the co-seismic deformation. From the GPS daily solution, the result shows that the earthquake caused displacement for the GPS stations in Sumatra. GPS stations in northern Sumatra showed the displacement to the northeast with the average displacement was 15 cm. The biggest displacement was found at station BSIM which is located at Simeuleu Island off north west Sumatra coast. GPS station in middle part of Sumatra, the displacement was northwest. The earthquake also caused subsidence for stations in northern Sumatra, but from the time series there was not sign of subsidence was found at middle part of Sumatra. In addition, the effect of the earthquake was worldwide and affected the other GPS Stations around Hindia oceanic.

  13. Manajemen Sarana dan Prasarana Pendidikan pada SMA Negeri 5 Banda aceh

    Mulida, Murniati, Niswanto


    Full Text Available Educational facilities and infrastructure needs a good management. This study aimed to find out the management of educational facilities and infrastructure carried out by principal, the efforts in planning the needs of educational facilities and infrastructure, the utilization and maintenance process carried out by principal in the management of educational facilities and infrastructure. To achieve the aim, this study used qualitative approach. The techniques of data collection were interview, observation, and documentation study. The procedures of data analysis were data reduction, data display, and verification. The subjects of the study were the principal, vice principal, teachers, administrative staffs, and laboratory and library staffs. The results of the study showed that: (1 the process of planning educational facilities and infrastructure included aspect of: (a provision of educational facilities and infrastructure in order to fulfill the needs in accordance with the development of education each year, (b provision of educational facilities and infrastructure in order to be able to be conducted in form of displacement from one place to another place, (c the maintenance of educational facilities and infrastructure was attempted to be always in good condition. (2 The utilization of educational facilities and infrastructure was very effective and able to produce a final goal of education program; and (3 The effort of principal in maintenance process in order to prevent or reduce the damage of facilities and infrastructure was by conducting maintenance to equipment like projector, computer, and laboratory equipment continually, regular maintenance, emergency maintenance, and preventive maintenance in order the facilities and infrastructure would be always effectively function.

  14. Manajemen Sarana dan Prasarana Pendidikan pada SMA Negeri 5 Banda aceh

    Mulida, Murniati, Niswanto


    Educational facilities and infrastructure needs a good management. This study aimed to find out the management of educational facilities and infrastructure carried out by principal, the efforts in planning the needs of educational facilities and infrastructure, the utilization and maintenance process carried out by principal in the management of educational facilities and infrastructure. To achieve the aim, this study used qualitative approach. The techniques of data collection were interview...

  15. Mesophotic mushroom coral records at Brunei Darussalam support westward extension of the Coral Triangle to the South China Sea waters of Northwest Borneo

    Lane, D.J.W.; Hoeksema, B.W.


    This communication reports the discovery of two additional fungiid coral species, Cycloseris hexagonalis and Lithophyllon spinifer, from a relatively deep shelf reef in Brunei waters. These new records plus two earlier excluded ones, Cycloseris explanulata and C. wellsi, raise the known number of

  16. Application of best practice for setting minimum energy efficiency standards in technically disadvantaged countries: Case study of Air Conditioners in Brunei Darussalam

    Shi, Xunpeng


    Highlights: • Setting MEPS requires significant data, financial resources and technical capacity. • Application of best practice in technical disadvantaged countries (TDCs) was demonstrated. • Best practice was successfully applied to Brunei for its AC MEPS. • For Brunei, COP at 2.9 is recommended and 15% efficiency improvement is achievable. • The methodology is applicable to other appliances in any TDCs. - Abstract: Application of the best practice of setting minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) in technically disadvantaged countries (TDCs) faces many barriers. The best practice of determining MEPS has a comprehensive analytical framework including engineering-economic analysis, life-cycle cost-benefit analysis, as well stakeholders’ and market impact assessments. However, TDCs usually are lack of reference product classes, market data, and other necessary inputs data. This study demonstrated how to overcome those barriers to apply the best practice to TDCs using the actual experience in setting initial MEPS for Air Conditioners (ACs) in Brunei from scratch with limited secondary data as an example. The series of application works include definition of the product classes and the baseline group; collection of market data; formulation of cost-efficiency relationship from the market data; examination of the economic, environmental, and financial impacts of various MEPS options; revealing of the consumers’ willingness to pay; and analysis of the impacts and responses from the industry and consumers. The coordination with the compliance of the Montreal Protocol was also considered. The methodology should also be applicable to setting MEPF for other appliances in any TDCs.

  17. Cross-sectional STEPwise Approach to Surveillance (STEPS) Population Survey of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and Risk Factors in Brunei Darussalam 2016.

    Ong, Sok King; Lai, Daphne Teck Ching; Wong, Justin Yun Yaw; Si-Ramlee, Khairil Azhar; Razak, Lubna Abdul; Kassim, Norhayati; Kamis, Zakaria; Koh, David


    This article provides a cross-sectional weighted measurement of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and risk factors prevalence among Brunei adult population using WHO STEPS methodology. A 2-staged randomized sampling was conducted during August 2015 to April 2016. Three-step surveillance included (1) interview using standardized questionnaire, (2) blood pressure and anthropometric measurements, and (3) biochemistry tests. Data weighting was applied. A total of 3808 adults aged 18 to 69 years participated in step 1; 2082 completed steps 2 and 3 measurements. Adult smoking prevalence was 19.9%, obesity 28.2%, hypertension 28.0%, diabetes 9.7%, prediabetes 2.1%, and 51.3% had fasting cholesterol level ≥5 mmol/L. Inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables prevalence was high at 91.7%. Among those aged 40 to 69 years, 8.9% had a 10-year cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk ≥30%, or with existing CVD. Population strategies and targeted group interventions are required to control the NCD risk factors and morbidities.


    Lilik Mulyadi


    Full Text Available The existence of customary criminal law  Indonesia was assessed from the perspective of normative (ius constitutum regulated in Article 18 B Constitution 1945 the amendment, Article 1, Article 5, paragraph (3 sub b of Law No. 1 Drt 1951, Article 5, paragraph (1, Article 10 paragraph (1 and Article 50 paragraph (1 of Law No. 48 of 2009. Then partially in certain areas such as Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam stipulated in Law No. 44 of 1999, Law No. 11 of 2006, the following is implemented in the form of Qanun both Provincial and District levels , In Papua, stipulated in Article 50 paragraph (1 of Law No. 21 of 2001. Then stipulated in Article 7, 8 Indigenous Protection Bill of 2009 proposed by the Regional Representative Council and Article 18 paragraph (1 Bill on Recognition and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Customary law prepared by the House of Representatives in 2012. Next in Bali organized and implemented in the form Awig-Awig Village People (Pakraman as well as from the perspective of ius constituendum stipulated in the provisions of Article 2 paragraph (1, (2 Criminal Code bill of 2012. Then the level of principle Book regulated Ciwasasana or Purwadhigama Book, Book Gajahmada, Simbur Book Light, Book Kuntara Raja Niti, Book Lontara 'ade' and awig awig. In addition, assessed from the perspective of theory, practice and procedures found in the form yurispudensi Supreme Court as No. 42 K / Kr / 1965 dated January 8, 1966, Supreme Court Decision No. 275 K / Pid / 1983 dated December 29, 1983, Supreme Court Decision No. 1644 K / Pid / 1988 dated May 15, 1991, Supreme Court Decision No. 666 K / Pid / 1984 dated February 23, 1985 as well as sanctioning the customary (drug customary essentially to restore the natural balance of magic, restore the cosmos in order to restore the impaired balance to be both magical religio. Keywords: criminal law customary, traditional sanctions, practice.

  19. OPTIMALISASI LAHAN USAHATANI BERBASIS KAKAO UNTUK PEMBANGUNAN PERTANIAN BERKELANJUTAN DI DAS KRUENG SEULIMUM PROVINSI ACEH (Land Optimization of Cocoa Based on Farming for Agricultural Sustainable Development in Krueng Seulimum Watershed Aceh Province

    Halim Akbar


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Perubahan penggunaan lahan di DAS Krueng Seulimum menjadi lahan pertanian tanpa penerapan agroteknologi telah menyebabkan tingginya erosi dan produktivitas lahan yang rendah. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji karakteristik lahan dan agroteknologi yang diterapkan pada tanaman kakao, menganalisis alokasi lahan optimal untuk usahatani berbasis kakao dan agroteknologi yang cocok untuk mengurangi erosi dan meningkatkan pendapatan petani, dan merumuskan perencanaan usahatani berbasis kakao berkelanjutan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa usahatani berbasis kakao berkelanjutan dapat dicapai dengan penerapan agroteknologi pemupukan lengkap pada lereng 7%, pemupukan lengkap+pembuatan teras gulud dengan tanaman penguat teras pada lereng 14% dan pemupukan lengkap+pembuatan teras gulud dengan tanaman penguat teras + pemberian mulsa 6 ton.ha-1.thn-1 pada lereng 21% dapat mengendalikan erosi hingga lebih kecil dari erosi yang dapat ditoleransikan (ETol dan memberikan pendapatan usahatani lebih besar dari kebutuhan untuk hidup layak (KHL. Tipe usahatani yang optimal di DAS Krueng Seulimum adalah tipe usahatani kakao+pisang (KPs pada lahan 1,50 ha dengan menerapkan agroteknologi pemupukan+pembuatan teras gulud+tanaman penguat teras ditambah dengan pemberian mulsa 6 ton.ha-1.thn-1 dapat menekan erosi di bawah ETol (16,03-38,64 ton.ha-1.thn-1 dengan pendapatan optimum sebesar Rp 42,954,150 kk.thn-1.   ABSTRACT Land use changes in the Krueng Seulimum watershed into agricultural land without application of suitable agro-technology have led to high erosion and low land productivity. This study aims to assess the characteristics of the land and agro-technology applied the cocoa crop, analyze the allocation of optimal land for cocoa farming and suitable agro-technology to reduce erosion and to increase farmers’ income and formulate cocoa based on sustainable farming plans. The results show that sustainable cocoa based farming can be achieved with the implementation of agro-technology with complete fertilizer at 7% slope, complete fertilizer plus making grass planted bund-terrace at 14% slope and making grass planted bund terrace plus mulching 6 ton.ha-1.year- at the 21% slope, to reduce erosion less than ETol and provide farming income bigger than the need for minim living standart (MLS. Cocoa farming type plus banana (KPs in the Krueng Seulimum watershed on 1.5 ha land area by applying agro-technology bund terrace plus mulching 6 ton.ha-1.year-1 can suppress erosion under ETol (16.03 - 38.64 ton.ha-1.year-1 with optimum income of Rp 42,954,150 kk-1.year-1.

  20. Genetic identity, ancestry and parentage in farmer selections of cacao from Aceh, Indonesia revealed by single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers

    Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) is the source of cocoa powder and butter used for chocolate and this species originated in the rainforests of South America. Indonesia is the 3rd largest cacao producer in the world with an annual cacao output of 0.55 million tons. Knowledge of on-farm genetic diversity is...

  1. Pengaruh Pengetahuan dan Sikap Dukun Bayi terhadap Tindakan Pertolongan Persalinan oleh Dukun Bayi di Kecamatan Baktiya Kabupaten Aceh Utara



    Maternal and child health issues (MCH) is still a health problem in Indonesia include the high maternal and infant mortality rate (IMR). Indonesia ranks fourth highest maternal mortality rate in 2005 when viewed from the developing countries of the world. One of the problems related to childbirth are births attended by TBAs. Until now the existence of TBAs remains a major option for people who are unable to reach the service delivery provided by the government as village midwives and midwives...

  2. Spatial analysis on school environment characteristics in mangrove management based on local wisdom (Case study at Lhokseumawe, Aceh)

    Susiloningtyas, Dewi; Handayani, Tuty; Amalia, Naila; Nadhira, Arum Ira


    After 2004 tsunami, lots of efforts have been made, such as building school and distributing mangrove forests. This study examines the perception of teachers and students about mangrove management which spread in the administrative area of Lhokseumawe to become a reference then applied as local education regarding mangrove after tsunami disaster. This paper was based on primary data taken using questionnaire with a predetermined analysis unit to interview teachers and students in the study area. The result presented with quantitative and descriptive analysis. The result is of the total number of junior high schools in the city of Lhokseumawe as many as 41 Public Schools, Private and Religious School, there are 31 schools with priority for local wisdom education implemented mangrove. The result is classified with 3 class. The school’s first priority is schools with a melee, with mangroves mangrove poor condition. Educational priority 2 is schools with close proximity to the mangrove and mangrove condition with moderate levels of damage. Schools with third priority are school with a close range, and mangrove good condition. Priority I as many as 18 schools, 10 schools priority II and 3 school for priority with learning competency standards that differ from each other.

  3. Analisa ekonomi usaha pendederan kerapu macan (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus dan kerapu lumpur (Epinephelus coioides dalam tambak di Kabupaten Bireuen Provinsi Aceh

    Farok Afero


    Full Text Available This study presented an economic analysis of nursery operation for tiger and green grouper with different production scales. The result highlighted small scale nursery of tiger grouper with a 3 year projected both positive cumulative cash flows and NPV. Small scale of green grouper highlighted both positive cumulative cash flow and NPV, also IRR and B/C higher than the medium and large scale. Medium scale of tiger grouper generated both positive cumulative cash flow and NPV. In addition, medium scale of tiger grouper generated IRR and B/C higher than small and large scale. Medium scale of green grouper generated IRR and B/C higher than large scale. The results of the financial analysis indicated the income of large scale of tiger grouper higher than medium scale, but the ratio benefit of medium scale higher than large scale. Small scale of green grouper indicated ratio benefit higher than medium and large scale. The sensitivity analysis showed decreased survival rate to 60% affects a negative contribution to the NPV, IRR and B/C on a large scale of green grouper. On the other side, small scale of green grouper obtained higher profit ratio despite a decline in survival rate, an increase in seed costs and falling seed prices. This suggests that small scale of green grouper not affected to volatility of the main variable costs.

  4. Analisa ekonomi usaha pendederan kerapu macan (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus dan kerapu lumpur (Epinephelus coioides dalam tambak di Kabupaten Bireuen Provinsi Aceh

    Farok Afero


    Full Text Available Abstract. This study presented an economic analysis of nursery operation for tiger and green grouper with different production scales. The result highlighted small scale nursery of tiger grouper with a 3 year projected both positive cumulative cash flows and NPV. Small scale of green grouper highlighted both positive cumulative cash flow and NPV, also IRR and B/C higher than the medium and large scale. Medium scale of tiger grouper generated both positive cumulative cash flow and NPV. In addition, medium scale of tiger grouper generated IRR and B/C higher than small and large scale. Medium scale of green grouper generated IRR and B/C higher than large scale. The results of the financial analysis indicated the income of large scale of tiger grouper higher than medium scale, but the ratio benefit of medium scale higher than large scale. Small scale of green grouper indicated ratio benefit higher than medium and large scale. The sensitivity analysis showed decreased survival rate to 60% affects a negative contribution to the NPV, IRR and B/C on a large scale of green grouper. On the other side, small scale of green grouper obtained higher profit ratio despite a decline in survival rate, an increase in seed costs and falling seed prices. This suggests that small scale of green grouper not affected to volatility of the main variable costs. Keywords: Nursery; tiger grouper; green grouper; production scale Abstrak. Penelitian ini menyajikan analisa ekonomi pendederan kerapu macan dan lumpur dengan skala produksi yang berbeda. Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa budidaya kerapu macan dalam skala kecil, dengan proyeksi 3 tahun menghasilkan arus kas kumulatif dan NPV positif. Sedangkan pendederan kerapu lumpur skala kecil menunjukkan arus kas kumulatif dan NPV positif, IRR dan B/C yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan pendederan skala menengah dan besar. Pendederan kerapu macan skala menengah menghasilkan aliran kas dan NPV positif. Selain itu, pendederan kerapu macan skala menengah menghasilkan IRR dan B/C yang lebih tinggi dari kecil dan besar. Sedangkan pada pendederan kerapu lumpur skala menengah menghasilkan IRR dan B/C lebih tinggi dari skala besar. Hasil analisis keuangan menunjukkan bahwa pendapatan pendederan kerapu macan pada skala besar lebih tinggi daripada skala menengah, tetapi rasio keuntungan skala menengah lebih tinggi dibandingkan skala besar, sedangkan pada pendederan kerapu lumpur menunjukkan bahwa rasio keuntungan skala kecil lebih lebih tinggi dibandingkan skala menengah dan besar. Analisis sensitivitas menunjukkan bahwa penurunan sintasan kehidupan sampai 60% memberikan kontribusi negatif pada NPV, IRR dan B/C pada pendederan kerapu lumpur skala besar. Sebaliknya pendederan kerapu lumpur skala kecil memperoleh rasio keuntungan yang lebih tinggi meskipun terjadi penurunan sintasan kehidupan, peningkatan biaya benih dan penurunan harga. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa pendederan kerapu lumpur skala kecil tidak berpengaruh dengan volatilitas biaya variable utama. Kata kunci: Pendederan; kerapu macan; kerapu lumpur; skala produksi


    Wardiah Wardiah


    Full Text Available This study aims to determine the process of calculating the profit of mudharabah financing at BPRS Hikmah Wakilah from an Islamic perspective and its influence on profit sharing. It also aims to explore the mechanism of adjusting the profit-sharing ratio, and the effect of calculating the profitability of mudharabah financing on profit sharing. The method of this research is descriptive analysis. The research data is collected through library research and field research. The results showed that the calculation of profit sharing PT. BPRS Hikmah Wakilah uses revenue sharing system in accordance with the National Sharia Board Fatwa No.15/DSN-MUI/IX/2000 About Principles of Distribution of Business Results in Sharia Financial Institutions. While in the calculation of profit, the BPRS refers to the percentage of total financing and average income earned by the customer and projected the same profit sharing during the financing period. Profit calculation significantly affects the percentage of profit sharing and the period of profit received by the bank. =========================================== Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui proses perhitungan keuntungan pembiayaan mudharabah pada BPRS Hikmah Wakilah ditinjau menurut hukum Islam, mekanisme penyesuaian nisbah pembagian keuntungan, serta pengaruh perhitungan keuntungan pembiayaan mudharabah terhadap bagi hasil. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif analisis. Pengumpulan data penelitian dilakukan melalui library research dan field research. Teknik pengumpulan data melalui wawancara dan studi dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa perhitungan bagi hasil, PT. BPRS Hikmah Wakilah menggunakan sistem revenue sharing sesuai dengan Fatwa Dewan Syariah Nasional No.15/DSN-MUI/IX/2000 Tentang Prinsip Distribusi Hasil Usaha Dalam Lembaga Keuangan Syariah. Sementara dalam melakukan perhitungan keuntungan, BPRS merujuk pada persentase jumlah pembiayaan dan pendapatan rata-rata yang diperoleh nasabah serta memproyeksi bagi hasil yang sama selama jangka waktu pembiayaan. Perhitungan keuntungan berpengaruh signifikan terhadap persentase bagi hasil dan jangka waktu penerimaan keuntungan yang akan diterima pihak bank. Kata Kunci: Pembiayaan Mudharabah, Kentungan, Bagi Hasil

  6. Microbiota Composition, HSP70 and Caspase-3 Expression as Marker for Colorectal Cancer Patients in Aceh, Indonesia

    Fauzi Yusuf


    Full Text Available Aim: to investigate the relationship between microbiota composition with HSP70 and Caspase-3 expressions in colon tissue as an initial study to develop the candidate for early detection of colorectal cancer for Indonesian patients. Methods: this is a cross-sectional study on 32 patients undergoing colonoscopy; 16 patients of colorectal cancer (CRC while the other 16 patients are not (colitis and internal hemorrhoid. The composition of microbiota in stool samples was examined using 16S rRNA Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DDGE while expression of HSP70 was examined by immunohistochemistry and Caspase-3 by using Haematoxylin-Eosin(HE staining to determine the morphological changes in colon tissue. Results: analysis of PCR-DDGE shows a different composition of microbiota between patients with CRC and non-CRC. All CRC patients showed disappearance of dominant band from Bifidobacterium groups. Histological observation based on Inter Class Correlation (ICC test from all slide showed a high scores (5.2-9.2 in CRC patients and low scores (1.7-2.4 in non-CRC patients. HSP70 expression was increased significantly in CRC patients with the highest percentage of 84%, while expression of caspase-3 decreased with the highest percentage of 21%. Statistical analysis showed that the incidence of colorectal cancer was associated with the expression of HSP 70 (p<0.001, and Caspase 3 (p<0.001. Conclusion: bifidobacterium is an important indicator for colorectal cancer patients that show disappearance of dominant band, while expression of HSP70 increased and the Caspase-3 expression decreased significantly.

  7. Dualisme Kewenangan Penyelesaian Sengketa Perbankan Syari’ah antara Mahkamah Syar’iyah dan Pengadilan Negeri di Kota Banda Aceh



    Settlement of dispute in Sharia banking, according to Law No. 50/2009 on Religious Court, is authorized to religious court; however, in Law No. 21/2008 on Sharia Banking and in clauses of some sharia banks, it can also be handled through district court. This condition will become dualism in its implementation. The research used descriptive method which explains, describes, and analyzes the mechanism of the settlement of dispute in sharia contracts, the reason why the contrac...

  8. Patterns and Determinants of Treatment Seeking among Previously Untreated Psychotic Patients in Aceh Province, Indonesia: A Qualitative Study

    Marthoenis Marthoenis


    Full Text Available Immediate treatment of first-episode psychosis is essential in order to achieve a positive outcome. However, Indonesian psychiatric patients often delay accessing health services, the reason for which is not yet fully understood. The current study aimed to understand patterns of treatment seeking and to reveal determinants of the delay in accessing psychiatric care among first-time user psychotic patients. Qualitative interviews were conducted with sixteen family members who accompanied the patients to a psychiatric hospital. Many families expressed beliefs that mental illness appertains to village sickness and not hospital sickness; therefore, they usually take the patients to traditional or religious healers before taking them to a health professional. They also identified various factors that potentially delay accessing psychiatric treatment: low literacy and beliefs about the cause of the illness, stigmatisation, the role of extended family, financial problems, and long distance to the psychiatric hospital. On the other hand, the family mentioned various factors related to timely help seeking, including being a well-educated family, living closer to health facilities, previous experience of successful psychotic therapy, and having more positive symptoms of psychosis. The findings call for mental health awareness campaigns in the community.

  9. Investigation of Shallow Structures as The Pathway of Oil Seep in The Alue Punoe Village, Bireuen District, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    . Asrillah


    Full Text Available Measurement of magnetic data has been done in the area of oil seeps in the village of the Alue Punoe, with 121 measurement points as a grid within 500 m x 500 m area where each grid is approximately in 250 m2. The total magnetic field measurement has been examined by using Proton Precession Magnetometer (PPM. Upward continuation correction was applied to obtain residual magnetic field anomaly. Residual magnetic field anomaly data are mapped using the Surfer software, while subsurface models are made using the Mag2DC software. Based on the models that have been sliced from the local magnetic anomalies along the cross section of A-B and C-D from which then obtained a shallow structure which is a fault whose an approximate depth from 30 to 100 meters and three stratified media. The stratified media of the study area are interpreted as an alluvial deposit, alternating sandstone and clay and igneous rocks. Interpretation of subsurface models shows that there exists a shallow structure assumed as a fault. Expected fault has an adjacent to the manifestations which are about 50 to 70 m. It strengthens the case that the fault is strongly related to as the pathways of oil seepsfrom possibly existed petroleum system below subsurface of unknown strata

  10. Natural food monitoring of Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatraensis in Taman Hutan Raya Cut Nya’ Dhien Seulawah, Aceh Besar



    Full Text Available The objectives of this research were to monitoring natural food of Sumatran elephant; determine rank taxonomy of species, and to give information quantitative value of taxa for vegetation analysis. The wide of area total Taman Hutan Raya Cut Nya’ Dhien Seulawah were 6.220 Ha. About 20% of area total used as an observed area. The data was collected by transect and quadratic plot method. The observed area it was took 10 transect with 500 m of long for observed station. Each observed station was put seven and ten plot samples systematically. Each plot samples has a 5 m2 of width. The result indicated that there were 69 species of the plant including 23 families. Diversity index was between 1.9838-2.7202; an evenness index was between 1.6868-2.0631. The importance value is relatively low on all station observed. The refer of importance value show that Oplismenus burmanii, Imperata cylindrica, Crassocephalum crepidiodes, Mimosa pudica, and Zingiber aquosum were dominated on secondary forest and Zingiber zerumbet, Zingiber purpureum, and Oplismenus burmanii were dominated on primary forest. The result of diversity index show that regeneration of natural food in Taman Hutan Raya Cut Nya’ Dhien Seulawah is available constant because grazing occurred with continue by elephant.


    Cut Elfida


    Full Text Available Today the entrance and exit of illegal goods in a country is often the case, including Indonesia. This is contrary to the customs law No. 17 of 2006, as amendments to the law No. 10 of 1995. If the imported goods do not meet the requisite as stipulated in the customs law, the goods are said as illegal goods. Genesis in the field to the treatment of illegal goods destroyed by burning, or by enterning in the warehouse with a long time which causes demage to the goods, and then destroyed. Problems and purposes of this study is to know how the market effect that occurs when the entry of illegal goods in a market’s mechanism, and to know the benefit of the concept being taught in Islam to the treatment of illegal goods are allowed substance. In this study the authors used a case study method with a qualitative research approach. The result showed that there was no market effects occur very losers against the entry of illegal goods, because not so much to get in or not completed recorded by authorities. Therefore, by looking at the fact that the authorities to the treatment of illegal goods such as illegal onions and sugar to put in a warehouse with a long time and then destroyed, or directly burn it, so that’s way is the redundant, because there are still other ways that are benefit of it, such as submitting to Baitul Mal if the owner did not take care. So, Baitul Mal became a guardian on illegal goods and the results are given to requiring people’s as contained in the Qanun No. 10 of 2007 on the Baitul Mal and fatwa’s MPU (Ulama’s Consultative Assembly, to sell at a cheaper price than the market price if the buyers are less able or it’s free to them, or with the market price if the buyers are general public.

  12. Completion of potential conflicts of interest through optimization of Rukoh reservoir operation in Pidie District, Aceh Province, Indonesia

    Azmeri, Hadihardaja, Iwan K.; Shaskia, Nina; Admaja, Kamal Surya


    Rukoh Reservoir's construction was planned to be built in Krueng Rukoh Watershed with supplet ion from Krueng Tiro River. Rukoh Reservoir operating system as a multipurpose reservoir raised potential conflict of interest between raw water and irrigation water. In this study, the operating system of Rukoh Reservoirs was designed to supply raw water in Titeu Sub-District and replenish water shortage in Baro Irrigation Area which is not able to be served by the Keumala Weir. Reservoir operating system should be planned optimally so that utilization of water in accordance with service area demands. Reservoir operation method was analyzed by using optimization technique with nonlinear programming. Optimization of reservoir operation is intended to minimize potential conflicts of interest in the operation. Suppletion discharge from Krueng Tiro River amounted to 46.62%, which was calculated based on ratio of Baro and Tiro irrigation area. However, during dry seasons, water demands could not be fully met, so there was a shortage of water. By considering the rules to minimize potential conflicts of interest between raw water and irrigation water, it would require suppletion from Krueng Tiro amounted to 52.30%. The increment of suppletion volume could minimize conflicts of interest. It produced l00% reservoir reliability for raw water and irrigation demands. Rukoh reservoir could serve raw water demands of Titeu Sub-District and irrigation demands of Baro irrigation area which is covering an area of 6,047 hectars. Reservoir operation guidelines can specify reservoir water release to balance the demands and the target storage.

  13. Geochemistry of hot springs in the Ie Seu’um hydrothermal areas at Aceh Besar district, Indonesia

    Idroes, R.; Yusuf, M.; Alatas, M.; Subhan; Lala, A.; Saiful; Suhendra, R.; Idroes, G. M.; Marwan


    Indonesia geothermal resources are the largest in the world, about 40 percent of the total geothermal resources worldwide with a potential energy of 28,617 MW. Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy in the world that can be developed sustainably. This kind of energy is not only environmentally friendly but also highly prospective compared to fossil energy. One of the potential geothermal energy in Indonesia is Seulawah Agam geothermal field with some manifestation areas. The fluid type of Ie Seu’um manifestation was chloride (Cl-) obtained from the ternary diagram Cl--SO4 2--HCO3 -, using UV-Vis spectrophotometry, argentometry and acidimetry method. The reservoir range temperature was 188,7 ± 9,3°C calculated using geothermometer Na-K-Ca, Na-K Fournier and Na-K Giggenbach by applying Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy method. This data processing was carried out using liquid chemistry plotting spreadsheet version 3 powell geoscience Ltd.3 September 2012 by Powell & Cumming. The potential in the geothermal manifestation of Ie Seu’um was estimated about 50-100 MW (medium enthalpy).

  14. Respon Pertumbuhan Ayam Lokal Pedaging terhadap Suplementasi Protein Isolasi Biji-bijian (PIB dan Perbedaan Level Protein Ransum

    M. Aman Yaman


    Full Text Available The response of local meat chicken growth to supplementation of isolated grain protein and the difference in ration protein level ABSTRACT. A research which aims to determine the response of local meat chicken growth of protein supplementation with Isolation Grains Protein (IGB and the difference in ration protein level has been conducted in the Laboratory of Experimental Farm, Animal Husbandry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Syiah Kuala University-Darussalam, Banda Aceh for 90 days. This study used a completely randomized design factorial with 2 factors, consisting of factors namely male gender (JJ and female (JB and the ration is a combination of factors and levels IGB in the ration, ie: treatment A: 17% protein and 0.4% IGB; treatment B 19% protein and 0.6% IGB and treatment C 21% protein and 0.8% IGB. Each combination consisted of 4 replications and each replication consists of 5 chickens. Parameters observed in the study were weight gain, achievement of final weight, consumption, conversion and efficiency of ration. DOC used a derivative result of selection of local meat chicken which are in the process of selection. Data acquired and processed by ANOVA. The results showed that supplementation of IGB and ration protein level difference was significantly effect (P <0.01 on weight gain, final weight, rate of consumption, conversion efficiency of rations and rations, but there is no interaction effect between sex and ration factors . The highest weight gain obtained in the male local chicken achieved by feeding a ration B (93.23 grams, while the hen rations achieved by providing treatment C (63.86 grams / week. The highest final body weight of male chicken on treatment B (1491.5 gram/90 days and hens in treatment C (1061.5 gram/90 days. However, the highest ration consumption in both male and female local chickens obtained from the ration A. Feed conversion value and the best feed efficiency obtained in treatment B for the treatment of


    Tin Afifah


    Full Text Available Trend and Disparity of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR, Child Mortality Rate (CMR and Under Five Mortality Rate (USMR and Social Economic Statusin Indonesia in 1998, 2001 and 2003.Infant Mortality Rate (IMR, Child Mortality Rate (CMR and Under Five Mortality rate(U5MR, especially IMR, are important as welfare indicators. IMR and U5MR are The Healthy Indonesia 2010 Indicators (IS 2010. The IMR and CMR are the MDG indicators. Due to inadequate registration system in Indonesia, estimation of various parameters of population, still rely upon survey data. Frequently,IMR and U5MR are estimated indirectly from population Census (SP, the Intercensal Population Survey (Supas, The National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas, and the Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (SDKI. The analysis objectives are to find the trend of IMR. CMR and U5MR, and its pattern by the social economic background and as well as the disparities. The Source data are the 1998, 2001 and2003 Susenas. The data cover all provinces except Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Maluku and Papua. The variables are children survival (mean of children ever born and mean of children survival, urban rural, regional, education background and quintile of strata economics. Analyses were done with indirect technique analysis with Brass-Trussel Method West Model. The analysis shows that trends of all indicators are fluctuative. The estimates of IMR and U5MR for the five-year period prior to the survey indicated aslightly increase from the I998 Susenas (49 and 65 to the 2001 Susenas (51 and 65, then decreased in the 2003 Susenas (42 and 52. All indicators show that the mortality by social economics background are highest in the poorest family, less educated mothers, live in the rural area and in the East of Indonesia Region. The results also show that the 2003 Susenas U5MR is exceeding the IS 2010 target (58/1000 and almost reach the IMR IS 2010 target (40/1000.Keywords: trend, disparity, infant mortality rate


    Abas Basuni Jahari


    Indonesia. Data yang digunakan adalah hasil Pemantauan Status Gizi (PSG Jawa Barat tahun 2004, Hasil Survei Gizi di Provinsi Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD pasca-Tsunami, 2005, dan survei masalah gizi mikro  di  7  provinsi  tahun  2006.  Hasil  menunjukkan  bahwa  dari  21,3  persen  anak  balita  yang  termasuk kategori rawan, 10 persen di antaranya sangat rawanuntuk menjadi status BB/U Rendah (Gizi Kurang. Kemudian, secara umum dari 32,9 persen anak balita berstatus BB/U Rendah yang ada pada posisi rawan, 13,2 persen di antaranya ada pada posisi sangat rawan untuk menjadi status BB/U Sangat Rendah (Gizi Buruk.  Berdasarkan  TB/U,  proporsi  anak  balita  dengan TB/U  Normal  yang  rawan  untuk  menjadi  status TB/U Pendek meningkat seiring dengan bertambahnya umur. Secara umum 39,9 persen anak balita yang berstatus  TB/U  pendek  ada  pada  posisi  rawan,  di  antaranya 17,8  persen  ada  pada  posisi  sangat  rawan untuk  menjadi  status  TB/U  Sangat  Pendek.  Namun,  berdasarkan  BB/TB,  hanya  9  persen  anak  balita berstatus BB/TB Normal yang ada dalam posisi rawan,3,9  persen di antaranya ada pada posisi sangat rawan untuk menjadi status BB/TB Kurus. Karena jumlah anak balita berstatus gizi baik (normal yang ada pada posisi rawan terus meningkat mengikuti pertambahan usia, maka upaya perbaikan gizi yang bersifat preventif sudah harus dilaksanakan sejak usia dini,tidak hanya untuk anak balita kurang gizi tetapi juga bagi  anak  balita  yang  dikategorikan  berstatus  gizi  baik.  Arah  kebijakan  pemerintah  hendaknya  melalui kegiatan  yang  bersifat  PREVENTIF  dan  PROMOTIF  yang  PROAKTIF,  harus  diimplementasikan  secara benar, baik di pusat maupun di daerah. Kata kunci: SKPG, Posyandu, status gizi

  17. A Preliminary Study of the Application of Electromagnetic Conductivity Meter on Soil Properties of Paddy Cultivation Areas at Wue Village, Jantho, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia

    . Marwan


    Full Text Available Conventional soil sampling is time consuming and requires meticulous laboratory analysis. Hence, mapping of soil apparent in respect to electrical conductivity (ECa has been developed to identify areas of contrasting soil properties. Such ECa values are represent measures of soil properties. The sensor system, GF Instrument model CMD-4 were used to analyze soil physical properties. This system consists of three important parts, ECa sensor, data logger and Global Positioning System (DGPS receiver. This research was aimed to evaluate the relationships between ECa and soil properties as well as the yield of rice (paddy in paddy’s farming fields. One study site was chosen. The sensor was pulled through a plotted area of 0.25 km2. The distribution map of ECa was developed to identify the contrast of ECa. More than 100 ECa of data points were collected in 3-hour for the large plot. The data was later transferred to a notebook computer for generation of ECa maps using Surfer 11 software. According to the data analyses, field and ECa showed positive correlation. The average values of ECa are significantly different between hilly area and drainage canal area signifying differences in soil structure. Soil ECa could provide a measure of the spatial differences associated with soil physical and chemical properties, which for paddy soil may be a measure of soil suitability for crop growth and its productivity. This sensor can measure the soil ECa through the field quickly for detailed features of the soil and can be operated by just one worker. The ECa map provides some ideas for future soil management

  18. A Preliminary Study of the Application of Electromagnetic Conductivity Meter on Soil Properties of Paddy Cultivation Areas at Wue Village, Jantho, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia



    Conventional soil sampling is time consuming and requires meticulous laboratory analysis. Hence, mapping of soil apparent in respect to electrical conductivity (ECa) has been developed to identify areas of contrasting soil properties. Such ECa values are represent measures of soil properties. The sensor system, GF Instrument model CMD-4 were used to analyze soil physical properties. This system consists of three important parts, ECa sensor, data logger and Global Positioning System (DGPS) rec...

  19. Space and panic : The application of space syntax to understand the relationship between mortality rates and spatial configuration in Banda Aceh during the tsunami 2004

    Fakhrurrazi, F.; Van Nes, A.


    The aim of this paper is to reveal the correlation between mortality rates from the tsunami of 2004 and the spatial structure of Banda Aceh’s street net. Structurally, the city is divided up in several small villages, which consists of a couple of urban blocks. The mortality rates for each of these


    Nova Purnama Lisa


    Full Text Available From the results of research studies on the impact of the use of insulation in buildings, reducing solar radiation on buildings to improve indoor comfort by applying the Principles of radiation reduction in buildings naturally using insulation application that serves as an insulator against the building materials, use of thermal insulation in particular mounted on the roof of the building and the walls are located on second floor and the third floor Lauser office building, Calculate the cooling load for each room that was on second floor and the third floor based on the geographical location or position of the building, climate data, building material data , and the intensity of the spatial characteristics which include lighting, solar radiation, user activity and electrical appliances being used. The calculation is done with the help of Ecotech v.5, 2011. The location and position on the third floor of a building with a flat roof cast concrete, so that the heat absorbed by the platform, and two times greater than the amount of heat radiation is absorbed by the material in the direction of the light falling the sun is at an angle <30°C. The simulation results on the building with the addition of thermal insulation on all walls and the roof of the inside of the foam material ultrafolmadehid, without changing the model building and similar activities in accordance with the existing condition and the condition of the room using the air conditioner at a temperature of 18-26°C, indicating a decrease in cooling load signifinikan in any space reaches 40% of the total cooling load required on the lauser office building. Comparing the simulation results Ecotech temperature v.5 2011 with field measurements as a validation of the simulation results in order to achieve thermal comfort in buildings and can menggurangi use energy consumption in buildings and can be used as a reference in planning space-based conditioning systems energy efficient.

  1. Current Research in Southeast Asia.

    Beh, Yolanda


    Summaries of eight language-related research projects are presented from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Topics include children's reading, nonstandard spoken Indonesian, English speech act performance, classroom verbal interaction, journal writing, and listening comprehension. (LB)

  2. Prediction of employer?employee relationships from sociodemographic variables and social values in Brunei public and private sector workers

    Mundia, Lawrence; Mahalle, Salwa; Matzin, Rohani; Nasir Zakaria, Gamal Abdul; Abdullah, Nor Zaiham Midawati; Abdul Latif, Siti Norhedayah


    Lawrence Mundia, Salwa Mahalle, Rohani Matzin, Gamal Abdul Nasir Zakaria, Nor Zaiham Midawati Abdullah, Siti Norhedayah Abdul Latif Psychological Studies and Human Development Academic Group, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam Abstract: The purpose of the study was to identify the sociodemographic variables and social value correlates and predictors of employer&nd...

  3. Central Asia | Page 77 | IDRC - International Development Research ...

    Read more about Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. Language French. Read more about How Communities Deal with Traumatic Memory: Lessons from Aceh and Timor-Leste. Language English. Read more about Réduction ...

  4. Asie centrale | Page 77 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    Read more about Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. Langue French. Read more about How Communities Deal with Traumatic Memory: Lessons from Aceh and Timor-Leste. Langue English. Read more about Réduction des ...

  5. Post Tsunami Reconstruction in the Context of War | CRDI - Centre ...

    On 26 December 2004, a tsunami decimated much of the coastal regions of Aceh province in Indonesia and the eastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka. The international response was massive, leading to a considerable influx of aid. In both Aceh and Sri Lanka, the aftermath of the tsunami intersected with ongoing civil ...

  6. Bencana Alam Tak Terhindarkan: Sebuah Tinjauan Pariwisata Nias

    -, Suparwoko


    Indonesian  tourism was grief due to the Bali bombing on October 12, 2002. The tsunami on December 2004 also made the Indonesian tourism was sorrow. The Aceh tsunami devastating some regions of Aceh and North Sumatra had killed more than 125.000 people. The sad feeling from the disaster was not overyet; however, the earthquake in Nias, North Sumatra, was happened just several months after the Aceh tsunami. Because of the Nias victims were more than 500 people, this Nias disaster was proposed ...

  7. The Impact of a Child with Autism on the Bruneian Family System

    Tait, Kathleen J.; Mundia, Lawrence


    An investigation of parents' perspectives on family life with a child with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in Negara Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) and the socio-cultural context in which these families function was conducted. It has been suggested that the impact of a child with a developmental disability, like autism spectrum disorder, on the…

  8. 76 FR 76478 - Request for Comments on Japan's Expression of Interest in the Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership...


    ... Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as the United States. Further... costs and benefits to U.S. producers and consumers of eliminating tariffs and eliminating or reducing... participation of small- and medium-sized businesses in trade, and the development of efficient production and...

  9. 77 FR 43133 - Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives With Respect to Mexico's Participation in the...


    ... negotiating partners (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam... negotiating objectives for Mexico in the context of this proposed regional agreement. (b) Economic costs and... support the development of efficient production and supply chains that include U.S. firms in order to...

  10. 78 FR 26682 - Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives With Respect to Japan's Participation in the...


    ..., (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam... context of the TPP negotiations; (b) economic costs and benefits to U.S. producers and consumers of... businesses in trade, and support the development of efficient production and supply chains that include U.S...

  11. 77 FR 43131 - Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives With Respect to Canada's Participation in the...


    ... Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam), the U.S. Trade Representative... objectives for Canada in the context of this proposed regional agreement. (b) Economic costs and benefits to...- and medium-sized businesses in trade, and support the development of efficient production and supply...

  12. 75 FR 64778 - Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives With Respect to Malaysia's Participation in the...


    ... (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam), the USTR informed Congress... of this proposed regional agreement. (b) Economic costs and benefits to U.S. producers and consumers... trade, and support the development of efficient production and supply chains that include U.S. firms in...

  13. 76 FR 76479 - Request for Comments on Mexico's Expression of Interest in the Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership...


    ... Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as the... following: (a) Economic costs and benefits to U.S. producers and consumers of eliminating tariffs and..., and the development of efficient production and supply chains. Public Comment: Requirements for...

  14. The Forgotten Service: Determining the US Army’s Role in Shaping American Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region


    bombers 2,263 716 Tactical bombers 1,251 723 Fighters 3,456 1,897 Transporters 849 545 Naval aviation Land-based aircraft 204...ASEAN) is comprised of ten member states: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar , Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and

  15. Strategic Forum. August 2013. The Rebalance to Asia: U.S.-China Relations and Regional Security


    overweighted in the Middle East and underweighted in the Asia-Pacific.3 The phrase rebalance to Asia was intended to highlight the region’s heightened...Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru , Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam). TPP is an example of “open

  16. Chart context menu

    Brunei Darussalam, 1. Burkina Faso, 2. Cameroon, 1. Canada, 3. Chile, 3. China, 25. Colombia, 3. Côte d'Ivoire, 3. Denmark, 2. Ecuador, 1. Egypt, Arab Rep. 13 ... Peru, 1. Philippines, 11. Poland, 6. Portugal, 5. Puerto Rico, 1. Romania, 9. Russian Federation, 5. Saudi Arabia, 3. Senegal, 2. South Africa, 11. Spain, 4.

  17. Current Research in Southeast Asia.

    Beh, Yolanda


    Summaries of eight language-related research projects are presented from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Topics include a sociolinguistic profile, teacher and learner views of language lessons, Malay-accented English and employability, reading difficulties, language culture disjunction, placement interviews, and…

  18. The Members of the Agency


    The new Member since the last list of Member States was issued (INFCIRC/2/Rev.76) is Brunei Darussalam, which deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Statute on 18 February 2014. The Attachment hereto shows the dates on which the present 162 Member States deposited instruments of ratification or acceptance of the Statute with the depositary Government [fr

  19. Making Bilingualism Work: Developments in Bilingual Education in ASEAN.

    Pakir, Ann


    Systems of bilingual education in three neighboring countries, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam are examined in an attempt to understand basic issues. These are all Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries that fall into the category of Small Young Countries as discussed in Pakir (1992a). (Contains 43 references.) (JL)

  20. The Members of the Agency


    The new Member since the last list of Member States was issued (INFCIRC/2/Rev.76) is Brunei Darussalam, which deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Statute on 18 February 2014. The Attachment hereto shows the dates on which the present 162 Member States deposited instruments of ratification or acceptance of the Statute with the depositary Government [es

  1. Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak project – progress and future activities

    Tan, H.S.; Nadiah, I.; Eryani, S.S.


    Tropical forests in Borneo (Brunei Darussalam, Kalimantan, Sabah and Sarawak) are considered as one of the twelve mega biodiversity centres in the world. However, until now, there is no up-to-date or complete documentation on the flora of the island. The Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak Project,

  2. Keeping Special Forces Special: Regional Proficiency in Special Forces


    and traveled extensively throughout my AOR for work and leisure . I am now [serving] as an Army attaché in Southeast Asia and can go toe-to-toe with...Southeast Asia Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia Lao People’s Democratic Republic Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Timor-Leste Viet

  3. The Members of the Agency


    The new Member since the last list of Member States was issued (INFCIRC/2/Rev.76) is Brunei Darussalam, which deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Statute on 18 February 2014. The Attachment hereto shows the dates on which the present 162 Member States deposited instruments of ratification or acceptance of the Statute with the depositary Government

  4. Helmet use and associated factors among motorcyclists in the ...


    ABSTRACT. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a collaborative group of 10 countries. (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore,. Thailand, Vietnam) located in South-East Asia. In most ASEAN countries, the majority of road users are motorcyclists.

  5. Search Results | Page 37 | IDRC - International Development ...

    Results 361 - 370 of 1804 ... Indonesia's Aceh province and the now independent state of Timor-Leste ... poverty, food insecurity, a fragile economy, and social vulnerability. ... Susceptibility to HIV Infection Among Female Sex Workers in Kenya.

  6. All projects related to indonesia | Page 2 | IDRC - International ...

    Leste. Project. Indonesia's Aceh province and the now independent state of Timor-Leste (formerly East ... Program: Food, Environment, and Health. Total Funding: CA$ 4,000,000.00. Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive ...

  7. Pengaruh Pemberian Kascing (Bekas Cacing) dengan Dosis yang Berbeda dalam Kultur Skeletonema Costatum

    Fauziah, Fauziah; Hatta, Muhammad


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dosis kascing yang baik pada Kultur sel Skeletonema costatum untuk menghasilkan kepadatan sel Skeletonema costatum yang optimal. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan pada tanggal 11 - 25 Desember 2013. Di Balai Budidaya Air Payau (BBAP) Ujoeng Batee, Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Provinsi Aceh. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode eksperiment dengan Rancangan Acak Lengkap (RAL) non faktorial yang terdiri dari 4 perlakuan dan 3 ulangan. Adapun perlakuan dalam...

  8. The Identity and the Dilemma of the Malay Music-Culture of the Urang Pulo Islanders of the Banyak Archipelago, Sumatra: An Ethnographic, Socio-Historical and Music-Analytical Study

    Palawi, Ari


    This thesis investigates the music-cultural identity and conservational dilemma of the hitherto un-researched music-culture of the Islanders (Urang Pulo) of the Banyak Archipelago in Aceh-Singkil Regency off the west coast of Aceh, Indonesia. The Islanders’ dominant concept of identity is coloured by their dominant sikambang music, dance and legend, history of cultural contact with west-coastal Sumatran Malay and offshore island area, Niasan and Simeulue immigration to th...

  9. Résultats de recherche | Page 5 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour ...

    Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. La province d'Aceh et l'État maintenant indépendant du Timor-Leste (auparavant le Timor oriental) ont vécu des décennies de conflit et des violations massives des droits de la personne sous la ...

  10. Ce que nous faisons | Page 71 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour ...

    Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. La province d'Aceh et l'État maintenant indépendant du Timor-Leste (auparavant le Timor oriental) ont vécu des décennies de conflit et des violations massives des droits de la personne sous la ...

  11. Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs ...

    Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. La province d'Aceh et l'État maintenant indépendant du Timor-Leste (auparavant le Timor oriental) ont vécu des décennies de conflit et des violations massives des droits de la personne sous la ...

  12. Innovation Learning: Audio Visual and Outdoor Study to Enhance Student's Understanding of Disaster

    Furqan, M. Hafizul; Maryani, Enok; Ruhimat, Mamat


    Education is functioned to prepare human to compete in overcoming various challenges. One of challenge faced by Indonesian nation is natural disaster. The effective method to reduce the risk of natural disaster (disaster mitigation) is by enhancing understanding of disaster in each individual. Aceh Tsunami Museum (ATM) is one of important site which is build to remember the big disaster event which happened in 2004 in Aceh and as disaster learning source. This study is aimed to find out the...


    Yulia Sandri


    Full Text Available Recently, climate change is the one of most important environmental issue. Climate variability can be recorded by tree growing through the growth ring. Growth ring formed by cambial activity were examined in wood anatomy. In Sumatra, there are three ecotypes Pinus merkusii, namely ecotypes Kerinci, Tapanuli, and Aceh which can be distinguished morphologically. This study aims to knowing the wood anatomical characteristics of the three ecotypes and determine the potential as climate indicator. This study was conducted in October 2014 until June 2015. Sample of Kerinci ecotype was collected in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Tapanuli ecotype in Dolok Sibualbuali Natural Reserve and Aceh ecotype in Gunung Leuser National Park on a height of 130 cm using increment borer and cut on the main stem 5×5 cm for anatomical sample. Results from this study indicate that ecotype Kerinci and Tapanuli showed earlywood and latewood boundary exposing the clear growth ring, whereas in Aceh ecotype unclear. Tapanuli ecotype have the thickest tracheid diameter than ecotype Kerinci and Aceh. Ecotypes of Kerinci, Tapanuli, and Aceh has homoceluler and uniseriate ray where Aceh ecotype have the longest ray. Furthermore, Kerinci and Tapanuli ecotype have potential as climate indicator eventhough showed negative correlation, that Tapanuli ecotype show the best result and recommended in dendrochronology study.

  14. Readiness of freight transportation system at special economic zone of Lhokseumawe

    Fithra, Herman; Sirojuzilam, Saleh, Sofyan M.; Erlina


    Geo-economic advantages of Lhokseumawe and Aceh Utara District lies on the geographical location of Aceh crossed by Sea Lane of Communication (Sloc), the Malacca Strait. Located at the Malacca Strait, the Special Economic Zone (Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus/ KEK) of Arun Lhokseumawe has a comparative advantage to be part of the global production network or the global value chain. This study aims to determine freight transportation system to support KEK Lhokseumawe, especially the availability of multimodal transport and multimodal infrastructure. The result shows that KEK Lhokseumawe driven by SOEs in Lhokseumawe and Aceh Utara is urgent to be realized for economic acceleration and to grow new economic growth in Aceh. Multimodal transport in KEK Lhokseumawe is also available, including Ro-Ro ships, train availability from Dewantara sub-district to Muara Batu Sub-district, various types of truck with small, medium and large capacity. The available multimodal infrastructure includes international sea ports, road network connectivity with structure pavement rating of 94.62%, and railroad tracks indicating that multimodal transportation in KEK Lhokseumawe are ready to utilize. Regulatory requirements relating to the operation of all ports in KEK Lhokseumawe as export / import gate are required and serve the loading and loading activities of Containers, and as a place of origin of goods on the east coast of Aceh.

  15. Changes of values and form on traditional architecture “Rumoh Aceh” in Pidie

    Aiyub, H.; Loebis, M. N.; Pane, I. F.


    The Acehnese traditional house is a long process of cultural value extracted from the Acehnese community. The process starts from a notion that develops into a behavior and attitude determination that is hereditary and eventually builds a very characteristic residence that has a strong identity. However, along with the change in time and the cultural values of Acehnese community, the rumoh Aceh with the original spatial composition is rarely found nowadays. Because the rumoh Aceh that exist today has been modified by the owner. This research has been done in Blang Baroh Village, Pidie Regency, using the descriptive qualitative method. The conclusion from this research is that most parts of the aspects contained in rumoh Aceh in Pidie has been changed; namely, in socio-cultural values, spatial typology, spatial configuration and spatial function. The part of changed are found in the seuramoekeu (front porch), seuramoeteungoh (central porch), and seuramoelikoet (back porch). The factors that influence the changes in rumoh Aceh are the cultural shifts in Acehnese community so that some elements of rumoh Aceh are changed. These changes are by the Islamic Laws and today’s culture of the Acehnese community. They still support the community’s life culturally and aesthetically. Another factor that makes the changes is the better financial condition of the house owner.

  16. The Implementation of Right-Fulfillment to the Health Care in Achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG’S

    Muhammad Zuhri


    Full Text Available The vision of Aceh Government in 2012-2017 is Aceh are dignified, prosperous, just, and independent based on the legislation of Aceh government as a form of Memorandum of Understanding. One of the visions of Aceh government 2012-2017 is the improved welfare of Acehnese people through quality health services through increasing life expectancy, infant mortality, decreasing the prevalence of malnutrition as well as the effectiveness of the treatment of infectious diseases to the achievement of the MDG’s. Model policies adopted by the Aceh government is monitoring and track record of cases, tv monitor, routine and case sms, a special program policy model, and the model of budget balancing. Model policies adopted by the district/city government is making a supporting program, All Village Midwives Must Live in the Village, deliveries assistance is performed by professional health workers, adjustment to the ability of APBK. Support new regulation of Regent Regulation (Perbub on Malaria Elimination and No Smoking Area. MDG’s target is not entirely in accordance with the indicator being built, because it requires adjustments in accordance with the ability of both district or city areas. Regulatory support is not adequate to support the achievement of the MDG’s in the field of health.

  17. The Effect of Defense R&D Expenditures on Military Capability and Technological Spillover


    as France, divide the expenditure between the civilian (power plants ) and the defense (weapons) sectors (Brzoska, 2005). Finally, enterprise...0.007092 0.008992092 114 Cuba 0.00617 0.007823069 115 Montenegro 0.005834 0.007397048 116 Rwanda 0.005678 0.007199252 117 Jamaica 0.005405 0.00685311...0.0001794 126 1043716034 121 Gabon 0.0001527 127 9138902194 81 Brunei Darussalam 0.0001447 128 14141361533 75 Montenegro 0.0001332 129 1292862098

  18. The Strategy-Legitimacy Paradigm: Getting it Right in the Philippines


    Jollibee” franchise in Basilan’s capital city, Isabela. Jollibee is similar to the McDonalds’ franchise in the United States. The decision by the Jollibee...Corporation to open a franchise on Basilan was made based not only on an assessment that the environment was secure enough, but also that to the Brunei Darussalam- Indonesia- Malaysia -Philippines East Asia Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). The BIMP- EAGA initiative was launched by the four

  19. Data collection, transfer and the development of national standards – critical components necessary for the success of a GIS in South Africa

    Cooper, Antony K


    Full Text Available Switzerland Thailand United Kingdom United States of America Slide 21 © CSIR 2006 30 Observing members of ISO/TC 211 Argentina Bahrain Brunei Darussalam Colombia Croatia Cuba Estonia France Greece Hong Kong..., International Association of Oil and Gas Producers Slide 23 © CSIR 2006 External liaisons to ISO/TC 211 (2) • PAIGH, Pan-American Institute of Geography and History • PCGIAP, The Permanent Committee on GIS...


    Pahosan Jehwahe


    Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa yang sangat penting di nusantara. Bahasa Melayu berperanan sebagai bahasa penyebaran agama, bahasa politik, bahasa pendidikan, bahasa perdagangan dan lain-lain. Dengan dijadikannya bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa resmi di negara Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam dan Singgapura telah menjadikan bahasa yang menyampaikan pesan-pesan damai dan kebahagian. Bahasa Melayu tidak menjadi penghalang bahasa-bahasa lain berkembang bahkan mendukung memperkukuhkan perekonomian...

  1. A Comparative Study of Costumes for Religious Festivals in ASEAN Countries

    Jaruphan Supprung


    Aims of this research were to study the major religious festivals of merit making and joyful celebrations (nationwide) in each country of ASEAN countries and to compare the costumes for these major religious festivals among these countries. This documentary research employed qualitative research methodology. The findings of the research disclosed that there are 28 main religious festivals in ASEAN countries: 3 Islamic festivals in Brunei Darussalam such as Hari Raya Aidiladha Festival, Maulud...

  2. Energy in ASEAN: An outlook into the 21st century

    Arismunandar, A.; Dupuis, P.

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed in Bangkok in 1967 by five countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. A sixth nation, recently independent Brunei Darussalam, joined the association in 1984. The story on enery in the ASEAN is presented. The topics covered include the following: energy resources; energy demand versus elasticity; how to cope with energy demand; and an outlook into the 21st century.

  3. Strategic Studies Quarterly. Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 2011


    agreements that could legitimize authoritarian governments’ censorship of the Internet. Cultural differences present a difficulty in reaching any broad...agreed to launch the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA). The FTA between China and six nations of ASEAN—Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia , the...also arranged the Chiang Mai Initiative (CMI)—now called the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM)—with Thailand, Malaysia , Indonesia




    Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index or the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) In 2013 positioned Indonesia at ranked 76 of 118 countries. Compared with the ASEAN countries, the position are still far below Singapore (13), and still below Malaysia (57), Brunei Darussalam (58), Thailand (65). This fact shows that Indonesia has not been optimal in building its entrepreneurial yet. To enhance the development of entrepreneurship, the Indonesian government has launched ...

  5. Perdagangan Bebas Asean-China Free Trade Areal (ACFTA) Terkait Industri Dan Iklim Investasi Di Indonesia

    TRI ATIKA FEBRIANY, SH A.21211057, Jurnal Mahasiswa S2 UNTAN


    Countries (Indonesia, Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore , Philippines and Brunei Darussalam) with China , which is called the ASEAN -China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). These free trade is in the form of a tax rate reduction for goods on a regular basis up to 0% , the tariff reduction program framework of free trade between ASEAN and China, carried out in stages beginning on January 1, 2004 for EHP This thesis discusses about the implication problem of ASEAN - China Free Trade Area focusing on ...

  6. Assignment Problem for the U.S. Marine Corps: Regional, Culture, and Language Familiarization Program


    stations, such as rank, experience, duty preference, or gender . Prior to developing the MSGAT, the assignment personnel would have to manually assign...Zimbabwe, Zambia Mongolia, China , Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Chinese 14. Northeast Asia 10% (Mandarin), Taiwan Korean Brunei Darussalam...from: 68 Reinhardt, U. E. (1992). Reflections on the meaning of efficiency: Can efficiency be separated from equity ? Yale




    Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index or the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) In 2013 positioned Indonesia at ranked 76 of 118 countries. Compared with the ASEAN countries, the position are still far below Singapore (13), and still below Malaysia (57), Brunei Darussalam (58), Thailand (65). This fact shows that Indonesia has not been optimal in building its entrepreneurial yet. To enhance the development of entrepreneurship, the Indonesian government has launched a...

  8. The Dynamics of Malay Culture in West Kalimantan in the 20th Century

    Ahyat, Ita Syamtasiyah


    There are various Malay communities in West Kalimantan, which can be divided into two broad categories: (1) Malay migrants from outside Kalimantan (West Kalimantan) or contemporary Malays and (2) local Malays or native Malays who are considered as indigenous Malays. Contemporary Malays are Malay people who came from various areas in Sumatra, Riau Islands, Malay peninsula, East Malaysia (Serawak and Sabah States), and Brunei Darussalam. This paper aims to reconstruct the dynamics of Malay cult...

  9. Religious Expression in Coastal Area of Muslim Society West Papua

    Mutia Faradillah Tukwain, Sitti; Fatimah, Fatimah; Suardi Wekke, Ismail


    This research focuses on da’i (Muslim preacher) absence during Ramadhan at Darussalam Mosque Kampung Pisang that ffects its da’wah (preaching) activity schedule. The activity meant here is a routine Islamic preaching which is scheduled every night during Ramdhan by Sorong Ministry of Religious Affair. The researcher appoints three problems to discuss: what are the reasons behind da’i absence during Ramadhan at Darussalam Mosque Kampung Pisang, how the attendees (mad’u) respond to the absence and how Ministry of Religious Affair deals with it. The type of this research is qualitative research. The data are collected from researcher interview with subjected primary informants; they are Darussalam Mosque Kampung Pisang committee, the listed da’i/mubaligh on schedule, the attendants (mad’u) and Ministry of Religious Affair for scheduling matters. The researcher also conducts a direct observation on the primary informants. This research finding is significant enough to base any related party who attempt to cope with similar problem.

  10. Highly variable recurrence of tsunamis in the 7,400 years before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

    Rubin, Charles M; Horton, Benjamin P; Sieh, Kerry; Pilarczyk, Jessica E; Daly, Patrick; Ismail, Nazli; Parnell, Andrew C


    The devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami caught millions of coastal residents and the scientific community off-guard. Subsequent research in the Indian Ocean basin has identified prehistoric tsunamis, but the timing and recurrence intervals of such events are uncertain. Here we present an extraordinary 7,400 year stratigraphic sequence of prehistoric tsunami deposits from a coastal cave in Aceh, Indonesia. This record demonstrates that at least 11 prehistoric tsunamis struck the Aceh coast between 7,400 and 2,900 years ago. The average time period between tsunamis is about 450 years with intervals ranging from a long, dormant period of over 2,000 years, to multiple tsunamis within the span of a century. Although there is evidence that the likelihood of another tsunamigenic earthquake in Aceh province is high, these variable recurrence intervals suggest that long dormant periods may follow Sunda megathrust ruptures as large as that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


    Taqwaddin Taqwaddin


    Full Text Available Post-tsunami disaster in Aceh, legal issues on land are regulated by the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 2 of 2007, which regulates among others on land that does not exist and/or unknown its owners and their heirs. The land is being taken care as  a religious treasure by Baitul Mal  with an order the Syar'iyah Court. This study applies juridical normative and sociological normative methods. From the field research it was found that the Government did not have data of lands with unknown owners and their heirs. It was known from decision of the Syar'iyah Court  of Banda Aceh which revealed that the fact was originated from the construction of the drainage where the land procurement committee did not know where to hand over the land acquisition fund.Key words: tsunami, land, Aceh

  12. Listening as Translation: Reflections on Professional Development Work in a Cross-Cultural Setting

    Schultz, Katherine; Smulyan, Lisa


    As part of a campus-wide response by the University of Pennsylvania to the large-scale disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in South Asia, a team of teacher educators and graduate students worked with teachers, teacher educators, and administrators in Banda Aceh, Indonesia during July of 2005 and 2006. Working in Indonesia highlighted for…

  13. Antioxidant activities of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L peel in vitro



    Full Text Available Rambutan, Nephelium lappaceum L, peel due to consumption of fresh rambutan fruit is taken into account as waste, therefore the exploration of rambutan peel as a natural antioxidant is highly needed. The aim of this study is to investigate the antioxidant activity of rambutan peel from two cultivars (Aceh and Binjai using ABTS radical assay of and ferric reducing activity power (FRAP and to correlate with total phenolics and flavonoids. The powdered rambutan peel is extracted using maceration technique using methanol as extracting solvent. The methanolic extract is added with warm water and fractionated using petroleum ether, chloroform, and ethyl acetate to get corresponding fractions. Rambutan cultivar Binjai revealed the higher ABTS antiradical activity than that of cultivar Aceh. Furthermore, among methanolic extract and its fraction, ethyl acetate fraction exhibited the highest antiradical activity using ABTS radical with IC50 values of 3.10 μg/mL and 0.77 μg/mL for Aceh and Binjai, respectively. The ethyl acetate fraction also revealed the highest FRAP values of 1424.897 ± 28.56 μg/mg fraction sample (Aceh and 968.57± 7.48 μg/mg fraction sample (Binjai. These activities were correlated with phenolics and flavonoid contents. Rambutan peel exhibited strong antioxidant activities, contained high amounts of phenolics and flavonoid and is potential to be developed as a functional food.

  14. Satellite Imagery and In-situ Data Overlay Approach for Fishery Zonation

    Fardhi Adria


    Full Text Available Remote sensing technology can be used to better understand the earth’s characteristics. SeaWiFS (sea-viewing wide field-of-view sensor is one of remote sensors used to observe global ocean phenomena. Previous studies showed that the distribution of chlorophyll-a in the ocean indicates the presence of fish. However, only a few studies tried to directly relate the chlorophyll-a distribution obtained through interpretation of satellite imagery to in-situ data of fish distribution. This paper investigates the relation between chlorophyll-a distribution and fish-capturing points in Aceh Province sea waters using overlay image analysis. The results are then used to identify the potential fishing ground in Aceh. The profile of chlorophyll-a concentration is derived from SeaWIFS satellite imagery. Fish-capturing points data is obtained from the fisherman communities of Banda Aceh, starting from June to November 2008. The results showed that the chlorophyll-a profile derived from satellite imagery has a positive relationship to fish-capturing point data. The most potential fish-capturing zone in Aceh sea waters is identified at 5-8º north latitude (N and 96-99º east longitude (E.

  15. Profile of Secondary School Students with High Mathematics Ability in Solving Shape and Space Problem

    Putra, Mulia; Novita, Rita


    This study aimed to describe the profile of secondary school students with high mathematics ability in solving shape and space problem in PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). It is a descriptive research with a qualitative approach, in which the subjects in this study were students of class VIII SMP N 1 Banda Aceh. The results show…

  16. Paths to Victory: Lessons from Modern Insurgencies


    1996 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Laos , 1959–1975...1973–1978) Angola (UNITA) (1975–2002) Indonesia (Aceh) (1976–2005) Mozambique (RENAMO) (1976–1995) Cuba (1956–1959) Eritrea (1961–1991) Laos ...guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.” Mao Tse -tung, On Guerrilla Warfare, trans. Samuel B. Griffith II, Chicago, Ill

  17. Granularity and textural analysis as a proxy for extreme wave events ...

    Tappin 2007). Several studies contributed to the confirmation of sedimentological signatures in regions like Kenya, southwest coast of India, west. Banda Aceh, Peru, Papua New Guinea, southern. Kuril trench by Bahlburg and Weiss (2007), Babu et al (2007), Morton et al (2007), Nanayama et al. (2007), Paris et al (2007).

  18. Search Results | Page 5 | IDRC - International Development ...

    Results 41 - 50 of 439 ... This Community of Evaluators (CoE) project will build on IDRC-funded work to promote and enhance the quality of the theory and practice of ... Indonesia's Aceh province and the now independent state of Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor) endured decades of conflict and massive human rights ...

  19. Asie du sud | Page 10 | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    Langue English. Read more about Comparaison des politiques fiscales et réglementaires pour prévenir les maladies non transmissibles en Inde. Langue French. Read more about Moyens que prennent les collectivités pour faire face aux souvenirs traumatiques - enseignements tirés d'Aceh et du Timor-Leste. Langue ...

  20. A field study on Sumatran orang utans (Pongo pygmaeus abelii Lesson 1827) : ecology, behaviour and conservation

    Rijksen, H.D.


    The results of a three year research project on the ecology, behaviour and conservation of the Sumatran orang utan are discussed. The 150 hectares Ketambe study area lie within the boundaries of the Gunung Leuser. reserve in Aceh Tenggara, and consists of mixed rainforest typical of hilly


    Yuswalina Yuswalina


    Full Text Available Regional Regulation (Perda which substantially adopts Islamic law (Qanun, began to bloom again debated, and is made in conjunction with the implementation of the idea of broader regional autonomy post-centralized authoritarian Soeharto. This article explores deeply qanun (Islamic law in Aceh Province in pluralism perspective case Indonesian Law.

  2. Combined Arms Warfare in the 21st Century: Maximizing the Capability of U.S. Army Future Combat System Equipped Brigade Combat Teams to Conduct Combined Arms Operations


    defenses, and surf ; a landing from the air but free of the 65 inflexibility, tactical disorder, and disorganization of parachute operations; an...taken place since the Cold War include Aceh province on the island of Sumatra in the country of Indonesia and the Darfur region of western Sudan

  3. Defining a Simulation Capability Hierarchy for the Modeling of a SeaBase Enabler (SBE)


    ability to maintain the sea lanes of communication. Relief efforts in crisis-stricken countries like India in 2007, Aceh Indonesia and Sri Lanka in...the number of entities that were built into the scenario run for each category. 104 Advanced Scenario Results Speed Cargo Rate Escorts SURF

  4. Insider Peace Builders in Societies in Transition | IDRC ...

    Where there are peace agreements and political settlements in place (Aceh and Nepal), implementation processes have been ... the role of insider peace builders during the post-war political settlement phase and how they can help prevent future conflict. ... Bringing Women's Voices into the Mainstream: A Media Research ...

  5. Search Results | Page 22 | IDRC - International Development ...

    ... News · Briefs · Books · Evaluations · Journal articles · Papers · Reports; Studies .... of the geo-politics of humanitarian aid in Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka & Aceh, ... International Workshop on Peace and Development held in Kigali and ... The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is an applied policy research institute with a ...

  6. Pencemaran merkuri di perairan dan karakteristiknya: suatu kajian kepustakaan ringkas

    M. Adlim


    Full Text Available Abstract. The issue of mercury pollution in Aceh waters, Indonesiadue to gold mining activities hasbeen a polemic in local media and Aceh Local Government and the communities have much concern on this case. The impact of mercury pollution in the Teunom and Tangse (Acehrivers was often assumed that it has similarity with Minamatapollution in Japan. This article intends to enlighten the characteristic mercury either as elements or compounds including methyl mercury which is highly toxic. Gold mining using elemental mercury is poorly soluble in water, the solubility is only 0.06 g per ton of mercury but the solubility can increase indark the sea-bed and ina lot of dissolved oxygen. Based on the properties of solubility, it is understood that the mercury levels in the Teunom and Tangse rivers still below the tolerance limit, but the gold mining activities still bringsthe risk of environmental damage especially inadequate supervision. Many researchers were trying to prove the natural conversionfrom mercury into methyl mercury (biomethylation but they usedthe salt instead of the elemental mercury in their experiments. Methyl mercury is found in nature, but the process mercury conversion into methyl mercury compound is still controversial and it has not obtained adequate evidence for the natural alteration,therefore gold pollution which is due to releasing elemental mercury into environment might not be analogue to Minamata case. Keywords: Aceh; Methyl-mercury; Minamata; Mining; Gold   Abstrak. Informasi pencemaran merkuri di perairan Aceh dan kaitannya dengan aktivitas pertambangan emas telah menjadi polemik sehingga menjadi perhatian Pemda Aceh dan Masyarakat. Dampak pencemaran merkuri di Sungai Teunom dan Tangse sering dianalogikan dengan kasus pencemaran merkuri di teluk Minamata, Jepang. Artikel ini bermaksud memberi pencerahan kharakteristik merkuri baik sebagai unsur maupun sebagai senyawa seperti metil merkuri yang sangat beracun. Penambangan

  7. Life After the Tsunami, a Motivation to Learn about Earth Hazards

    Kerlow, I.; Sieh, K.; Rubin, C. M.


    Banda Aceh: Life After the Tsunami is a documentary feature film that explores the impact of tsunamis in the Banda Aceh communities of today and of centuries ago. The film uses the results of paleotsunami research conducted in the area to explain the dynamics of natural hazards within a humanistic framework. The film also presents testimonies of local survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to showcase the direct relationship that exists between scientific knowledge and survival rates. The proposed session focuses on how to use stories about the human experiences to motivate general audiences to learn about Earth science and natural hazards. It will also summarize some of the development and production challenges faced by the interdisciplinary team, especially in terms of presenting deep science in a format that is easy to understand by a general audience. The film is three years in the making and is anchored by several interconnected topics: 1. Testimonies dealing with tales of survival and human experiences during, right after, and since the tsunami.2. Cross-reference of social history with tectonics and tsunami activity in the Acehnese and West Sumatran regions of Indonesia.3. Scientific facts about paleotsunami research in the region, including general and easy-to-understand information about the Sumatran Plate Boundary, Sumatran subduction zone, and the Great Sumatran fault. The film is scheduled to be released on the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Banda Aceh: Life After the Tsunami (working title) is produced by the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) in partnership with the International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) at Syiah Kuala University, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

  8. Improving Student Learning Outcomes Marketing Strategy Lesson By Applying SFAE Learning Model

    Winda Nur Rohmawati


    Full Text Available Research objectives for improving student learning outcomes on the subjects of marketing strategy through the implementation of model learning SFAE. This type of research this is a class action research using a qualitative approach which consists of two cycles with the subject Marketing X grade SMK YPI Darussalam 2 Cerme Gresik Regency. This research consists of four stages: (1 the Planning Act, (2 the implementation of the action, (3 observations (observation, and (4 Reflection. The result of the research shows that cognitive and affective learning outcomes of students have increased significantly.

  9. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Oral and Dental Healthcare in Pregnant Women

    Sunita Bamanikar


    Full Text Available Objectives: Pregnant women are more susceptible to periodontal disease like gingivitis. Periodontal disease may be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. There is no published literature on dental health in pregnant women in Brunei, Darussalam. The objective of this study was to assess women’s knowledge and attitude towards oral and dental health during pregnancy and to examine their self-care practices in relation to oral and dental health. This study was carried out at the maternal child health clinic, Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Centre, Brunei, Darussalam.Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive and analytical study conducted at the maternal child health center in Brunei, Darussalam. The study group was comprised of 95 pregnant women attending the MCH clinic, Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Centre, September 2010, using convenience sampling method. A self-administered questionnaire was used, after it was pre-tested and validated. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS version16.Results: Of the total study group, 97.9% responded to the questionnaire and participated in the study. All the women brushed at least twice daily. However, only 40.9% flossed daily, 31.2% brushed after meals and 26.9% had a dental check-up at least twice a year. The knowledge related to dental care was also poor among the pregnant women. Though the majority of them (96.8% agreed that women should have a dental check-up during pregnancy, only 55.9% actually practiced this. This raises serious concern since pregnant women may need extra oral and dental care due to susceptibility to gum diseases during pregnancy, which may contribute to low birth weight babies and premature births.Conclusion: This study highlights important gaps in dental knowledge and practices related to oral and dental healthcare among pregnant women in Brunei, Darussalam. More intense dental health education, including oral health promotion in maternal child health centers can lead to

  10. Are Fluctuations in Energy Consumption Transitory or Permanent? Evidence From a Panel of East Asia & Pacific Countries

    Hakan Kum


    Full Text Available This paper examines the unit root properties of energy consumption per capita for 15 East Asia & Pacific countries employing the Lagrange Multiplier (LM panel unit root test with one structural break for 1971-2007. When we apply the LM univariate test without break, we find a unit root in per capita consumption for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Myanmar. However, when we apply LM unit root with structural break, we find overwhelming evidence that there is no unit root in per capita energy consumption for these 15 East Asia & Pacific countries.

  11. ASEAN and the commitment to end nuclear testing


    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional political and economic organization. It was established on 8 August 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam joined in 1984, Viet Nam in 1995, Laos and Myanmar in 1997 and Cambodia in 1999. ASEAN aims to accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in its Member States and to promote regional peace and stability. All ASEAN States are parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The NPT aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, and to further the goal of nuclear disarmament. It also promotes international cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The ten ASEAN countries are all Member States of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). They all signed the CTBT early on, some on the very first day that it opened for signature on 24 September 1996. But four have yet to ratify the Treaty: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. Indonesia's ratification is particularly important as it is one of those States whose ratification is required for the Treaty's entry into force.

  12. Making Sense of War and Peace

    Mogensen, Kirsten


    When people tell stories about their past experiences, they often include descriptions that infer changes in trust repertoires over time, especially when the stories relate to serious life dramas like war and peace. A happy ending can make a past war appear meaningful. In this case study......, retrospective narratives summarizing fifty years of history in Aceh, Indonesia, were analyzed using Fuglsang’s & Jagd’s framework (2013). The concept spiritual trust is introduced, and the case study indicates that when neither institutions nor powers are strong enough to support trusting, trust in a divine...... power can provide an alternative framework for sensemaking and trusting. In Aceh, three decades of civil war ended with a peace process in 2005, and extreme distrust was then replaced by institutional trust. Insights from that process are of relevance for the study of trust-repair....

  13. بحث كتاب "حجة الصديق لدفع الزنديق" للشيخ نور الدين الرانيري

    Akhwan Mukarrom


    Full Text Available This paper is aimed at explicating the Sufistic idea of Sheikh Nur al-Din al-Raniri, a scholar from Aceh through a critical investigation of his Hujjat al-Siddiq li Daf` al-Zindiq (the Argument of the Truthful against the Apostate and, to a lesser extent, his Himmat al-`Ulama’ `ala Ri`ayah (the Commitment of the Religious Scholars over their Subject. The latter serves as the intellectual and theoretical ground for the former. The paper argues that his many works are all aimed at not only disseminating mystical knowledge, but also at constructing sufi-based culture and tradition in Aceh. For al-Raniri, the paper further argues, faith is the basis of a society. Hence, al-Raniri’s conception of faith and how this central concept is related in his understanding to the process of society-building deserve a careful analysis.

  14. Predatory peace

    Lund, Christian


    The end of the civil war in Aceh brought peace, but it has been of a predatory nature. As a moment of rupture, the peace revealed interests, powers and dynamics, and it offered an opportunity for their reconfiguration. When unrest ceased, old agrarian conflicts between smallholders and planters r....... The study is based on fieldwork in areas where current land conflicts are played out, as well as on secondary sources.......The end of the civil war in Aceh brought peace, but it has been of a predatory nature. As a moment of rupture, the peace revealed interests, powers and dynamics, and it offered an opportunity for their reconfiguration. When unrest ceased, old agrarian conflicts between smallholders and planters...

  15. Predatory peace

    Lund, Christian


    The end of the civil war in Aceh brought peace, but it has been of a predatory nature. As a moment of rupture, the peace revealed interests, powers and dynamics, and it offered an opportunity for their reconfiguration. When unrest ceased, old agrarian conflicts between smallholders and planters r....... The study is based on fieldwork in areas where current land conflicts are played out, as well as on secondary sources.......The end of the civil war in Aceh brought peace, but it has been of a predatory nature. As a moment of rupture, the peace revealed interests, powers and dynamics, and it offered an opportunity for their reconfiguration. When unrest ceased, old agrarian conflicts between smallholders and planters...

  16. Model Pengelolaan Pasokan dan Risiko Mutu Rantai Pasok Kopi Gayo

    Rachman Jaya


    Full Text Available A factual problem in the coffee agroindustry at Gayo highlands Aceh Province is the utilization requirement of raw material supply and quality which inaccordance with procesor demand. The purposes of the study are to develop model of supply utilization and to determine alternative of risk management quality of Gayo coffee in the agroindustry at the Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province. Requirement of utilization supply solved by ARIMA technique, risk management quality by Multi Expert Multi Criteria Decison Making, aggregation criteria with OWA. The result of the study shows that utilization rate was 4.052 tons/years. The alternatives of quality risk management are improvement of human resources, transportation system and drying technology applications with high assessment criteria so the agroindustry must focus on this dimension.

  17. The Effect of Financial Management Knowledge, Competence and Supervision Act of the Government’s Internal Control Officer on the Quality of Government’s Performance Accountability Report Evaluation

    Mulia Saputra


    Full Text Available This study aims to determine effect of financial management knowledge, competence and supervision of the internal control official act of government (either simultaneously or partially on the quality evaluation of performance accountability reports of government agencies (BPKP Representative Studies in Aceh Province. This study is hypothesis testing research by testing using multiple linear regressions of the data collected through questionnaires. This population is 71 auditors Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP on BPKP Representative in Aceh province. Data analysis was performed using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science. The results showed that the financial management knowledge, competence and supervision of the actions of Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus take effect simultaneously and partially on the quality of evaluations Accountability Report Government Performance.

  18. The Application of School Watching Method to Increase the Earthquake Disaster Knowledge of Primary School Students

    Sri Adelila Sari


    Full Text Available The study entitled "The Application of School Watching to Increase the Earthquake Disaster Knowledge of Primary School Students, MIN Blang Mancung, Aceh" was aimed to describe the students' knowledge of the different dangerous objects in the face of an earthquake. The approach used in this study was qualitative and quantitative. The type of study was descriptive. Subjects used were as many as 30 students MIN Blang Mancung, Aceh. The method used was an experimental, which was divided into two classes, namely the experimental and control classes. Data collection technique was using questionnaires, which included the questions about common dangerous objects, dangerous objects in the class and also in the school yard. The results showed that there was a significant effect on students' knowledge before and after the implementation of the method School Watching. In addition, the knowledge of students toward the dangerous objects was found to be significant different between control and experimental class.

  19. The numerical model of the sediment distribution pattern at Lampulo National fisheries port

    Irham, M.; Setiawan, I.


    The spatial distribution of sediment pattern was studied at Lampulo Fisheries Port, Krueng Aceh estuarial area, Banda Aceh. The research was conducted using the numerical model of wave-induced currents at shallow water area. The study aims to understand how waves and currents react to the pattern of sediment distribution around the beach structure in that region. The study demonstrated that the port pool area had no sedimentation and erosion occurred because the port was protected by the jetty as the breakwater to defend the incoming waves toward the pool. The protected pool created a weak current circulation to distribute the sediments. On the other hand, the sediments were heavily distributed along the beach due to the existence of longshore currents near the shoreline (outside the port pool area). Meanwhile, at the estuarial area, the incoming fresh water flow responded to the coastal shallow water currents, generating Eddy-like flow at the mouth of the river.


    Yusrizal Yusrizal


    Full Text Available This study aimed to determine: (1 the difficulty level of items in physics National Exam of 2013 (2 physics materials that were difficult and very difficult. The subjects were all students of science major in third gradeat SMAN Banda Aceh in the academic year of 2013/2014. The samples were 10 randomly selected senior high schools. The data were obtained through analyzing the answers of physics National Examin 2013. The results showed that (1 the high school students in Banda Aceh experienced difficult and very difficult level questions to be answer in the 2013 exam, (2 thedifficult materials were: free fall, the potential energy and series of obstacles. The very difficult materials were: the rotational motion, motion and force on the pulley, effort, fluid, sound intensity, transformer, atomic theory, quantum theory, relativity, fusion and radio isotopes.

  1. The Role Of Customer Delight And Brand Trust Toward Customer Loyalty A Study At Bank Acehthat Has Been Converted Into Islamic Bank



    Full Text Available This research focused on PT. Bank ACEH that has been converted into Islamic bank which has an emphasis on Customer loyalty as the most expected result from a research on consumer behavior. For the company customer loyalty can be achieved through Customer Delight. There were 350 three hundred and fifty respondents as the sample of this research. The selection of bank customers was conducted in branch offices with a consideration that there are more varied banking transactions conducted in branch offices than in the sub-branch cash and unit offices. Given that the number of customers in each branch office is not similar therefore the researcher used proportioned stratified random sampling to determine the number of respondents. The factor of brand trust has a role as a partial mediating variable between Customer Delight and customer loyalty of PT. Bank Aceh

  2. Diplomasi Bencana Alam Sebagai Saran Meningkatkan Kerjasama Internasional

    Herningtyas, Ratih; Surwandono, Surwandono


    This paper aims to examine how the issue of disasters in Indonesia can be modified into a positive social capital to solve social, economic, political and social culture's problems in disaster prone areas. Indonesia is very vulnerable to natural disasters. Some of the latest and most destructive natural disasters are the earthquake followed by tsunami that hit Aceh Indonesia on 2004, earthquake hit Yogyakarta and Central Java earthquake on 2006 and volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta...

  3. The Influence of Teacher’s Competence towards the Motivation of Students in Learning English

    Bustami Usman; Tengku Maya Silviyanti; Marzatillah Marzatillah


    This study is intended to find out the influence of the teacher’s competence towards the motivation of students in learning English. A questionnaire was given to 24 students at a sports school in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The five (5) closed and open questions were adapted from Zhao (2012). The results from this study show that the competences of the teacher including cognitive, affective, and psychomotor competence (Syah, 2013) enhance the motivation of students to learn English. The teacher’s ...

  4. The Malaysian Orthopaedic Association humanitarian mission to Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

    Sharaf, I; Saw, A; Hyzan, Y; Sivananthan, K S


    The tsunami which occurred off the west coast of North Sumatra on December 26, 2004 devastated the coastal areas of North Sumatra, South-West Thailand, South-East India and Sri Lanka killing more than a quarter of a million people. The destruction was enormous with many coastal villages destroyed. The other countries affected were Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and the Seychelles. In January 2005, volunteers went in weekly rotation to Banda Aceh in collaboration with Global Peace Mission. These were Dr Hyzan Yusof, Dr Suryasmi Duski, Dr Sharaf Ibrahim, Dr Saw Aik, Dr Kamariah Nor and Dr Nor Azlin. In Banda Aceh, the surgical procedures that we could do were limited to external fixation of open fractures and debriding infected wounds at the Indonesian Red Crescent field hospital. In February, a team comprising Dato Dr K S Sivananthan, Dr T Kumar and Dr S Vasan spent a week in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, Dato Sivananthan and his team were able to perform elective orthopaedic operations in Dr Poonambalam Memorial Hospital. We appealed for national and international aid and received support from local hospitals and the orthopaedic industry. International aid bound for Banda Aceh arrived in Kuala Lumpur from the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, the Chiba Children's Hospital in Japan and the Chinese Orthopaedic Association. The COA donated 1.5 tons of orthopaedic equipments. A special handing over ceremony from the COA to the Indonesian Orthopaedic Association was held in Putrajaya in March. Malaysia Airlines flew in the donated equipment to Kuala Lumpur while the onward flight to Aceh was provided by the Royal Malaysian Air Force. In April, Dr Saw Aik and Dr Yong Su Mei joined the Tsu-Chi International Medical Association for volunteer services on Batam Island, Indonesia. The MOA acknowledges the many individuals and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, for their contributions in the humanitarian efforts.

  5. IT based social media impacts on Indonesian general legislative elections 2014

    Abdillah, Leon Andretti


    The information technology applications in cyberspace (the internet) are currently dominated by social media. The author investigates and explores the advantages of social media implementation of any political party in Indonesian general legislative elections 2014. There are twelve national political parties participating in the election as contestants plus three local political parties in Aceh. In this research, author focus on national political parties only. The author visited, analyzed, a...

  6. THE HISTORY OF JAMA‘AH TABLIGH IN SOUTHEAST ASIA: The Role of Islamic Sufism in Islamic Revival

    Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad


    The article examines the history of Jama‘ah Tabligh in Southeast Asia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Aceh. The author traces the historical background of this religious movement with particular reference to the birth place of Jama‘ah Tabligh, India. The author investigates the major role of Indian in disseminating Islam in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. Many scholars believe that Islam came to Southeast Asia from India (Gujarat), and this is the reason why many Islamic...

  7. Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Department of Defense Biological Safety and Security Program


    Three (NAMRU-3) - Lima, Peru : Naval Medical Research Center Detachment (NMRCD) *These labs are co-located. To provide some measure of the scope and...Aceh, Indonesia and the more recent earthquakes in central Java and Peru . Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) ECBC’s science and technology... diabetes , obesity, cancer, psychiatric disorders, problems of pregnancy, AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, parasitic infections, and a host of other

  8. The New Chapter of the United States-Indonesia Defense Relations: Reengagement through IMET


    influence except during President Sukarno’s administration. U.S. efforts in South Vietnam failed to prevent the North Vietnam communist government...terrorists launched a suicide bombing in Bali which killed over 200 locals and foreigners including Americans.67 This indicated that terrorists also...Indonesia suffered over 250,000 casualties because of this enormous natural disaster which hit Aceh and Nias, the north western tip of Indonesia’s




    AbstrakSecara kuantitas pertambahan pegawai negeri sipil perempuan mengalami peningkatan yang signifikan, namun belum diikuti dengan terbukanya akses untuk dapat menjadi pejabat struktural dan pejabat publik yang strategis. Artikel ini membahas faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan belum terbukanya akses untuk menjadi pejabat. Penelitian dilakukan di Aceh. Hasil penelitian menunjukan perasaan  ambigu, kurang percaya diri, dan kurangnya dukungan lingkungan sosial yang disebabkan karena dominasi dari ...

  10. Indonesia : tous les projets | Page 4 | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    Le 26 décembre 2004, un tsunami a ravagé la majeure partie des régions côtières de la province d'Aceh, en Indonésie, ainsi que les côtes est et sud du Sri Lanka. Date de début : 12 juillet 2006. End Date: 25 octobre 2009. Sujet: NATURAL DISASTERS, EMERGENCY RELIEF, ECONOMIC RECONSTRUCTION, AID ...

  11. The Matters in Teaching Reading Comprehension to EFL Students

    Yuliana Natsir; Anisati Anisati


    The purpose of this study was to find out the efforts that were being made by certified English teachers in teaching reading since reading is considered as one of the determiners of academic success. Descriptive qualitative research was used in this study; the subjects were two English teachers in Banda Aceh and the instrument was an interview guide. The interview questions were adapted from Fletcher, et al. (2012) that focused on curriculum, teacher preparation, teaching methodology, teachin...

  12. Earthquake hazard zonation using peak ground acceleration (PGA) approach

    Irwansyah, E; Winarko, E; Rasjid, Z E; Bekti, R D


    The objective of this research is to develop seismic hazard area zones in the building infrastructure of the Banda Aceh City Indonesia using peak ground acceleration (PGA) measured using global and local attenuation function. PGA is calculated using attenuation function that describes the correlation between the local ground movement intensity the earthquake magnitude and the distance from the earthquake's epicentre. The data used comes from the earthquake damage catalogue available from the Indonesia meteorology, climatology and geophysics agency (BMKG) with range from year 1973 – 2011. The research methodology consists of six steps, which is developing the grid, calculation of the distance from the epicentre to the centroid of the grid, calculation of PGA values, developing the computer application, plotting the PGA values to the centroid grid, and developing the earthquake hazard zones using kriging algorithm. The conclusion of this research is that the global attenuation function that was developed by [20] can be applied to calculate the PGA values in the city of Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh city in micro scale can be divided into three hazard zones which is low hazard zone with PGA value of 0.8767 gals up to 0.8780 gals, medium hazard zone with PGA values of 0.8781 up to 0.8793 gals and high hazard zone with PGA values of 0.8794 up to 0.8806 gals.

  13. The main factor affecting the competitiveness of Contractor Company

    Nurisra; Malahayati, Nurul; Mahmuddin


    Contractor companies must have the competitive advantage to compete in maintaining the survival of the company. Problems arise because quite a lot of advantages can be used and these advantages must be used appropriately to produce competitiveness for the company to continue to compete and to win the competition. This study aims to determine the main factors affecting the competitiveness of medium-class contractors in Banda Aceh. Data collection was obtained through questionnaires distributed to 31 middle-class contractors in Banda Aceh. Data processing and analysis is done by using descriptive analysis. Based on the result of descriptive analysis, it can be concluded that the most important competitiveness factor with a mean score value 4.52 is the relationship, and the factor that has the highest mean score value is the relationship with the government of 4.97, while the result of the ranking analysis is obtained 25 factor that is critical to the competitiveness of medium-class contractors in Banda Aceh.

  14. Flower garden trees' ability to absorb solar radiation heat for local heat reduction

    Maulana, Muhammad Ilham; Syuhada, Ahmad; Hamdani


    Banda Aceh as an urban area tends to have a high air temperature than its rural surroundings. A simple way to cool Banda Aceh city is by planting urban vegetation such as home gardens or parks. In addition to aesthetics, urban vegetation plays an important role as a reducer of air pollution, oxygen producer, and reducer of the heat of the environment. To create an ideal combination of plants, knowledge about the ability of plants to absorb solar radiation heat is necessary. In this study, some types of flowers commonly grown by communities around the house, such as Michelia Champaka, Saraca Asoka, Oliander, Adenium, Codiaeum Variegatum, Jas Minum Sambac, Pisonia Alba, Variegata, Apium Graveolens, Elephantopus Scaber, Randia, Cordylin.Sp, Hibiscus Rosasinensis, Agave, Lili, Amarilis, and Sesamum Indicum, were examined. The expected benefit of this research is to provide information for people, especially in Banda Aceh, on the ability of each plant relationship in absorbing heat for thermal comfort in residential environments. The flower plant which absorbs most of the sun's heat energy is Hibiscus Rosasinensis (kembang sepatu) 6.2 Joule, Elephantopus Scaber.L (tapak leman) 4.l Joule. On the other hand, the lowest heat absorption is Oliander (sakura) 0.9 Joule.

  15. Communicating Tsunami Preparedness Through the Lessons Learned by Survivors

    Kerlow, I.


    Often times science communication is reactive and it minimizes the perceptions of the general public. The Tsunami of New Dreams is a film with the testimonies of survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Production of the film spanned over five years and dozens of interviews, and is based on a unique geographic, demographic and experiential sampling of the local population. This documentary feature film underscores the importance of Earth science and science communication in building sustainable communities. The film is a lesson in survival and sustainability, and it provides a simple but powerful testimony of what to do and what not to do before and during a tsunami. The film also highlights the direct relationship that exists between disaster survival rates and the knowledge of basic Earth science and preparedness facts. We hope that the human stories presented in the film will serve as a strong motivator for general audiences to learn about natural hazards, preparedness, and Earth science. These engaging narratives can touch the minds and hearts of general audiences much faster than technical lectures in a classroom. Some of the testimonies are happy and others are sad, but they all present the wide range of beliefs that influenced the outcomes of the natural disaster. The interviews with survivors are complemented with unique archival footage of the tsunami and unique footage of daily life in Aceh. Hand-drawn illustrations are used to recreate what survivors did immediately after the earthquake, and during the extreme moments when they faced the tsunami waves. Animated visuals, maps and diagrams enhance the understanding of earthquake and tsunami dynamics. The film is a production of the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) in collaboration with the International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The film is scheduled for release in late 2015. This is a unique

  16. ACEH BESAR في ترقية سيطرة الطلاب على الثروة اللغوية بمعهد دار الإحسان THE CROWN دور المجلة الأسبوعية العربية



    Full Text Available إن الوسائل لتنمية الثروة اللغوية لدى المتعلمين عديدة منها تنشيط الطلاب للقراءة وممارسة اللغة والمفردات في محادثتهم اليومية. تعتبر المجلة من إحدى الوسائل لتنمية الثروة اللغوية لأن فيها عدة المعلومات حيث تشتمل المجلة على أربع مهارات اللغة ولاسيما مهارة القراءة. تقديم هذا الموضوع التعرف على مزايا المجلة الأسبوعية العربية وعيوبها والتعرف على المشكلات التي يواجهها الطلاب في فهم المجلة والسبب الأول والرئيس لهذا البحث التعرف على دور المجلة وفعاليتها في ترقية سيطرة الطلاب على الثروة اللغوية. لأتمام هذا البحث مستعمل المنهج الوصفي عن المجلة الأسبوعية العربية. وقام هذا البحث بثلاث خطوات لجمع البيانات يعني المقابلة الشخصية والملاحظة المباشرة والاستبانة. والعينة لهذا البحث الطلاب للصف الثاني للمرحلة المتوسطة وعددهم 101 طالبا، وكان البحث للسنة الدراسية 2016-2017. أما النتائج المحصولة فهي أن المجلة الأسبوعية العربية لها دور كبير في ترقية سيطرة الطلاب على الثروة اللغوية وتؤثر أثرا كبيرا في تنمية الثروة اللغوية لدى الطلاب كما يتضح لنا الجدول 405 أن 81 % من الطلاب موافق على أن المجلة الأسبوعية العربية تؤثر أثرا كبيرا وتلعب دورا هاما في ترقية سيطرة الطلاب على الثروة اللغوية.

  17. Nasopharyngeal Pneumococcal Colonization among Children after Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Introduction

    Manoochehr Karami


    Full Text Available World Health Organization has recommended all countries to introduction of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV in routine immunization schedule, especially those countries with higher rate of mortality in children. However, Islamic Republic of Iran and more than 50 other countries including Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Belarus, Belize, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Cabo Verde, Chad, China, Comoros, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Dominica, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Gabon, Grenada, Guinea, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, Nauru, Poland, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Thailand, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Ukraine, Vanuatu, and Viet Namhave not introduced PCV till April 2016.

  18. Influence of Temperature on the Performance of Photovoltaic Polycrystalline Silicon Module in the Bruneian Climate

    A. Q. Malik


    Full Text Available The influence of working temperature for  a  polysilicon module has been investigated in Brunei Darussalam for a period of two years.  The rise in temperature produces thermal agitation which not only increases the dark current but also enhances the losses of free carriers in a polycrystalline module. The efficiency and the output power decreases with an increase in the working temperature. A maximum decline in the output power of 97% has been measured under a dominated diffused radiation environment. The temperature coefficients have been obtained and equations are developed to evaluate the change in the rating of module at any working temperature with reference to their values at STC.


    Pahosan Jehwahe


    Full Text Available Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa yang sangat penting di nusantara. Bahasa Melayu berperanan sebagai bahasa penyebaran agama, bahasa politik, bahasa pendidikan, bahasa perdagangan dan lain-lain. Dengan dijadikannya bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa resmi di negara Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam dan Singgapura telah menjadikan bahasa yang menyampaikan pesan-pesan damai dan kebahagian. Bahasa Melayu tidak menjadi penghalang bahasa-bahasa lain berkembang bahkan mendukung memperkukuhkan perekonomian negara tersebut. Bahasa Melayu juga menjadi alat diplomasi diantara negara pengguna bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu berupaya menjadi bahasa perdamaian di Selatan Thai, jika kerajaan Thai memberikan hak dan peluang kepada rakyat Selatan Thai dengan bebas mempelajari bahasa Melayu dan menjadikan bahasa yang wajib dikuasai oleh seluruh pegawai kerajaan Thai yang berkerja di Selatan Thai. Dengan menguasai bahasa Melayu diharapkan salah paham antara masyarakat Patani dan pegawai kerajaan Thai, tidak terjadi lagi sehingga tidak menjadi puncak konflik yang berkepanjangan dan memakan banyak korban nyawa.

  20. Development of controlled release silicone adhesive–based mupirocin patch demonstrates antibacterial activity on live rat skin against Staphylococcus aureus

    David SR


    Full Text Available Sheba R David,1 Nurafiqah Malek,1 Abdul Hanif Mahadi,2 Srikumar Chakravarthi,3 Rajan Rajabalaya1 1PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam; 2Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences (CAMES, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam; 3School of Medicine, Perdana University, Jalan MAEPS Perdana, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia Background: Peritonitis is the most serious complication of peritoneal dialysis. Staphylococcus aureus infections could lead to peritonitis which causes reversal of peritoneal dialysis treatment back to hemodialysis. The aim of this study was to develop a controlled release silicone adhesive-based mupirocin patch for prophylactic effect and analyze its antibacterial effectiveness against S. aureus.Methods: The matrix patches were prepared by using different polymers, with and without silicone adhesive, dibutyl sebacate and mupirocin. The patches were characterized for mechanical properties, drug content, moisture content, water absorption capacity and Fourier transform infrared spectrum. In vitro release studies were performed by using Franz diffusion cell. In vitro disk diffusion assay was performed on the Mueller–Hinton Agar plate to measure the zone of inhibition of the patches. The in vivo study was performed on four groups of rats with bacterial counts at three different time intervals, along with skin irritancy and histopathologic studies. Results: The patches showed appropriate average thickness (0.63–1.12 mm, tensile strength (5.08–10.08 MPa and modulus of elasticity (21.53–42.19 MPa. The drug content ranged from 94.5% to 97.4%, while the moisture content and water absorption capacities at two relative humidities (75% and 93% were in the range of 1.082–3.139 and 1.287–4.148 wt%, respectively. Fourier transform infrared spectra showed that there were no significant interactions between the polymer and the drug

  1. Tourism and Economic Development in ASEAN 1998-2013

    Berly Martawardaya


    Full Text Available Many countries support government policies to encourage tourism sector, including ASEAN countries, due to an assumption that tourism contributes positively to GDP and poverty reduction. This study investigates that assumption, as well as the correlation between tourism and HDI, by applying panel data regression to eight ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Laos Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, during 1998--2013. We found that the number of international tourist arrivals as a proxy variable for tourism have a significant and positive correlation with poverty reduction. Tourism is also proven to increase GDP per capita (albeit in a smaller magnitude and increase HDI (in an even smaller scale. These findings confirmed our hypothesis on the positive effects of tourism. It is recommended that the tourist promotion is continued while studying the best practices to strategically develop the tourism sector in order to strengthen the positive correlation.

  2. LNG: in Asia, the demand should double by 2010



    In a well-documented study, ''Asia Gas Study'', published by the end of the first semester of 1996, the International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipated the doubling of the LNG demand from Asia, because of a more rapid growth of gas industry than for other energy industries. The regional gas trade should even triple by 2010. This study is the first from IEA about Asia and focusses on 6 key-countries: Brunei-Darussalam, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. About 7% of the worldwide natural gas reserves belong to Asia but this self-sufficiency will fall rapidly. This paper summarizes the forecasting and uncertainties of natural gas demand from Japan, South Korea, China and India by the year 2010. LNG producers such as Brunei and Australia but also Papua-New Guinea, Vietnam, Alaska and Middle East are ready to supply the Asian demand. (J.S.)

  3. ASEAN coal development and its impact on electricity sector

    Abidin, H.Z.


    The Association of southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprising the States of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand is presently experiencing rapid growth in electricity demand attributed mainly to the continued high growth in the economy. This rapid pace of industrialization is exerting pressure on resources available to meet electricity demand. Over the last few years coal has emerged as a significant energy resource in the region and is poised to play an even bigger role in the electricity sector. The paper outlines the electricity supply and coal development in each of the ASEAN countries. The impact of coal in the future generation mix is analyzed. The major issues relating to these developments are also discussed

  4. Implementing the Flipped Classroom Model in the Teaching of History

    Siti Waznah Abdul Latif


    Full Text Available This study investigated the effectiveness in implementing the Flipped Classroom model in teaching History and to identify the students’ perceptions using this approach towards their learning. The chosen History topic was on ‘James Brooke’s activities in Sarawak in the 1840s’. The sample consisted of twelve students from two Year 9 classes in one of the secondary schools in Brunei Darussalam. In adopting the Flipped Classroom approach, the students were required to watch a video lesson outside the classroom setting. To measure its effectiveness, a test instrument was used, and five students were interviewed. The findings revealed that the utilisation of this instructional method was effective in teaching History, as there were improvements in the students’ test results. The analyses of the students’ perceptions using this approach revealed that while some students believed that it helped them improve in their communication and writing skills, others did not perceive it effective for their learning.

  5. Summary of the first meeting of ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy (ASEANTOM)

    Siriratana Biramontri, Pantip Ampornrat


    The 1st Meeting of ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy (ASEANTOM) was organized in Phuket, Thailand on 3 - 4 September, 2013. The meeting was held on annually basis following the Meeting to Finalize the Term of Reference (TOR) in Bangkok, Thailand on 29 August, 2012. The objective of the meeting is to review and finalize TOR, and to set up the action plan of ASEANTOM. The action plan is an expected outcome of the meeting. The Meeting consisted of 41 participants from IAEA and ASEAN Member States (AMS), namely, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Only Brunei Darussalam could not attend the Meeting. Participant's organizations were regulatory body or relevant authorities, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  6. Educational Opportunities for Students with Disabilities: The Experience of a University Student in Brunei

    Faridah Serajul Haq


    Full Text Available In Brunei, increased numbers of children with disabilities have been given educational opportunities in appropriate programs in schools. Students with disabilities have also succeeded in qualifying for higher studies on completing secondary education. However, there is a need for local university and colleges to cater to the specific needs of students with disabilities. This paper describes the experiences of a student with visual disabilities in Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The student emphasised his use of compensatory learning strategies, the accommodation available on campus, peer relationships and self-advocacy to communicate his needs. The support given to the student facilitated his academic success. The student is fully aware of his capabilities and his positive self-esteem has helped to overcome various setbacks. It is hoped that the information provided in this article will foster improvement in providing facilities for students with disabilities to learn in comfort and for the future enrollment of more students with special needs.

  7. The Dynamics of Malay Culture in West Kalimantan in the 20th Century

    Ita Syamtasiyah Ahyat


    Full Text Available There are various Malay communities in West Kalimantan, which can be divided into two broad categories: (1 Malay migrants from outside Kalimantan (West Kalimantan or contemporary Malays and (2 local Malays or native Malays who are considered as indigenous Malays. Contemporary Malays are Malay people who came from various areas in Sumatra, Riau Islands, Malay peninsula, East Malaysia (Serawak and Sabah States, and Brunei Darussalam. This paper aims to reconstruct the dynamics of Malay culture in West Kalimantan. This historiographical project is undertaken by applying historical method which consists of several main steps: searching for relevant sources, selecting the sources, interpreting the sources, and reconstructing events as relevant to the main topic. Bibliography consists of local sources, documents, and works of foreign scholars which are relevant to the topic.

  8. Implications of applying solar industry best practice resource estimation on project financing

    Pacudan, Romeo


    Solar resource estimation risk is one of the main solar PV project risks that influences lender’s decision in providing financing and in determining the cost of capital. More recently, a number of measures have emerged to mitigate this risk. The study focuses on solar industry’s best practice energy resource estimation and assesses its financing implications to the 27 MWp solar PV project study in Brunei Darussalam. The best practice in resource estimation uses multiple data sources through the measure-correlate-predict (MCP) technique as compared with the standard practice that rely solely on modelled data source. The best practice case generates resource data with lower uncertainty and yields superior high-confidence energy production estimate than the standard practice case. Using project financial parameters in Brunei Darussalam for project financing and adopting the international debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) benchmark rates, the best practice case yields DSCRs that surpass the target rates while those of standard practice case stay below the reference rates. The best practice case could also accommodate higher debt share and have lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) while the standard practice case would require a lower debt share but having a higher LCOE. - Highlights: •Best practice solar energy resource estimation uses multiple datasets. •Multiple datasets are combined through measure-correlate-predict technique. •Correlated data have lower uncertainty and yields superior high-confidence energy production. •Best practice case yields debt-service coverage ratios (DSCRs) that surpass the benchmark rates. •Best practice case accommodates high debt share and have low levelized cost of electricity.

  9. Oral and transdermal drug delivery systems: role of lipid-based lyotropic liquid crystals

    Rajabalaya R


    Full Text Available Rajan Rajabalaya, Muhammad Nuh Musa, Nurolaini Kifli, Sheba R David PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam Abstract: Liquid crystal (LC dosage forms, particularly those using lipid-based lyotropic LCs (LLCs, have generated considerable interest as potential drug delivery systems. LCs have the physical properties of liquids but retain some of the structural characteristics of crystalline solids. They are compatible with hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds of many different classes and can protect even biologicals and nucleic acids from degradation. This review, focused on research conducted over the past 5 years, discusses the structural evaluation of LCs and their effects in drug formulations. The structural classification of LLCs into lamellar, hexagonal and micellar cubic phases is described. The structures of these phases are influenced by the addition of surfactants, which include a variety of nontoxic, biodegradable lipids; these also enhance drug solubility. LLC structure influences drug localization, particle size and viscosity, which, in turn, determine drug delivery properties. Through several specific examples, we describe the applications of LLCs in oral and topical drug formulations, the latter including transdermal and ocular delivery. In oral LLC formulations, micelle compositions and the resulting LLC structures can determine drug solubilization and stability as well as intestinal transport and absorption. Similarly, in topical LLC formulations, composition can influence whether the drug is retained in the skin or delivered transdermally. Owing to their enhancement of drug stability and promotion of controlled drug delivery, LLCs are becoming increasingly popular in pharmaceutical formulations. Keywords: liquid crystal, drug delivery, controlled release, lyotropic, surfactants, drug localization

  10. Approaching peace in Patani, Southern Thailand

    Horstmann, A.


    This article analyzes ways of approaching peace building and peace negotiations in Patani. Choosing an anthropological approach, the article argues that participant observation helps identify indigenous, local peace instruments. Hence, the design of local sovereignty is the most important step...... to durable peace in internal conflicts. The Surayud government has identified the recommendations of the National Reconciliation Commission as guide-posts and has praised the peace agreement in Aceh as model to emulate. There is an opening for peace talks, in which the solution to historical and cultural...... grievances will be a key to peace....

  11. Counterinsurgency Scorecard Update: Afghanistan in Early 2015 Relative to Insurgencies Since World War 2


    negotiated settlement. The 13 cases were Indonesia (Aceh), Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Chechnya , the Lebanese Civil War, Burundi, Kampuchea, Tajikistan...COIN loss Chechnya I 1994–1996 1 –7 –6 COIN loss Bosnia 1992–1995 0 –6 –6 COIN loss Laos 1959–1975 2 –7 –5 COIN loss Nagorno-Karabakh 1992–1994 0 –5...Somoza) 1978–1979 0 –6 –6 COIN loss Chechnya I 1994–1996 1 –7 –6 COIN loss Bosnia 1992–1995 0 –6 –6 COIN loss Laos 1959–1975 2 –7 –5 COIN loss

  12. Habituation Model of Implementing Environmental Education in Elementary School

    Zaenuri, Z.; Sudarmin, S.; Utomo, Y.


    is designed using a qualitative approach. This study is focused on the implementation of environmental education in primary schools. Data collection uses observation sheet instrument (observation), focused interview, and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The research data were analyzed descriptively. The results......The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of environmental education in Elementary School. The study was conducted at SDN 1 Kota Banda Aceh. The research subjects are school residents (students, teachers, education personnel, principals, and school committees). This research...... show that the implementation of environmental education can be realized in habituation to maintain personal hygiene, class cleanliness, and worship together according to his beliefs and sports....

  13. Diospyros and the myth of the forbidden fruit

    Ng, F.S.P.


    In the genus Diospyros (Greek for ‘grain ∞ food of the gods’) there are fruits (persimmons) that are highly valued for eating, fruits used to poison fish, and fruits that are reputed to have poisoned people. To the last category belong the terrible trio of D. demona Bakh. (‘daemona’), D. insidiosa Bakh., and D. perfida Bakh., respectively demonic, insidious, and perfidious! Diospyros insidiosa got its name from an incident in Sigli in the Aceh Province of Sumatra, reported by Bakhuizen [Bull....


    Wening Sahayu


    Sunda, Bali, Madura, Lombok, Batak, Minangkabau, Aceh, dan Betawi. The survey employed a questionnaire with fifty adjectives representing characters referring to the study by Best and William. The data were descriptively analyzed using tabulation and percentage. The findings are as follows. First, students from each ethnic group have a variety of perceptions regarding male and female stereotypes agreed upon. Second, there are a number of male and female stereotypes agreed upon by students from all ethnic groups. Third, the male stereotypes relevant to the study by Best and Williams are strength, dominance, autonomy, and aggression. The female stereotypes relevant to both studies are passiveness, weakness, and abasement.

  15. Pengaruh getah pepaya (Carica papaya) terhadap sintasan tokolan udang windu (Panaeus monodon) pada kepadatan yang berbeda selama pengangkutan

    Sofyatuddin Karina; Wahyu Tursina


    The objective of present study was to evaluate the possibility of papaya’s latex (Carica papaya) as anti stress or larvaside for tiger shrimp (Panaeus monodon) post larvae Pl 14-30 during transportation. The tiger shrimp post larvae was collected from BBAP Ujung Batee, Aceh Besar on September, 2012. Reseach method used the completely random design with two factors, density of post larvae with three treatments (1000; 1500 dan 2000 ind/l) and concentration of papaya’s latex with four treatments...

  16. Isolasi dan karakterisasi bakteri berpotensi probiotik pada ikan kembung (Rastrelliger sp.

    Yuni Dewi Safrida


    Full Text Available Probiotics bacteria are beneficial microbes to improve microbial balance in the digestive tract. The objective of the research was to isolate and characterize of potential probiotic bacteria in mackerel fish (Rastrelliger sp.. The research was done from April to August 2012 at Laboratory of Microbiology Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. Isolation and characterization used dilution and scratches quadrant methods. The result showed that there were five potential isolates of probiotic bacteria varied morphological colony and cell. The isolate have circular form (100%, entire margin (80%, flat (60%, cream color (40%, gram positive bacteria (80%, coccus shape (100% and non motile (60%. Keywords: Probiotics,

  17. Reconstruction après le tsunami dans un contexte de guerre | Page ...

    Le 26 décembre 2004, un tsunami a ravagé la majeure partie des régions côtières de la province d'Aceh, en Indonésie, ainsi que les côtes est et sud du Sri Lanka. La communauté internationale s'est mobilisée massivement pour secourir les populations en détresse et a acheminé une aide considérable aux zones ...


    Teuku Ferijal


    Full Text Available This study aimed to model watershed area of Keliling Reservoir using SWAT model. The reservoir is located in Aceh Besar District, Province of Aceh. The model was setup using 90m x 90m digital elevation model, land use data extracted from remote sensing data and soil characteristic obtained from laboratory analysis on soil samples. Model was calibrated using observed daily reservoir volume and the model performance was analyzed using RMSE-observations standard deviation ratio (RSR, Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE and percent bias (PBIAS. The model delineated the study area into 3,448 Ha having 13 subwatersheds and 76 land units (HRUs. The watershed is mostly covered by forest (53% and grassland (31%. The analysis revealed the 10 most sensitive parameters i.e. GW_DELAY, CN2, REVAPMN, ALPHA_BF, SOL_AWC, GW_REVAP, GWQMN, CH_K2 and ESCO. Model performances were categorized into very good for monthly reservoir volume with ENS 0.95, RSR 0.23, and PBIAS 2.97. The model performance decreased when it used to analyze daily reservoir inflow with ENS 0.55, RSR 0.67, and PBIAS 3.46. Keywords: Keliling Reservoir, SWAT, Watershed   ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk untuk memodelkan daerah tangkapan air Waduk Keliling dengan menggunakan Model SWAT. Waduk Keliling terletak di Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Propinsi Aceh. Dalam penelitian ini Model SWAT dikembangkan berdasarkan data digital elevasi model resolusi 90 m x90 m, tata guna lahan yang diperoleh dari intepretasi citra satelit dan data soil dari hasil analisa sampel tanah yang diperoleh di daerah penelitian. Model dikalibrasi dengan data volume waduk dan kinerja model dianalisa menggunakan parameter rasio akar rata-rata kuadrat error dan standard deviasi observasi (RSR, efesiensi Nash-Sutcliffe (NSE dan persentase bias (PBIAS. Hasil deleniasi untuk daerah penelitian menghasilkan suatu DAS dengan luas 3,448 Ha dan memiliki 13 Sub DAS yang dikelompokkan menjadi 76 unit lahan. Sebagian besar wilayah study


    Yusrizal Yusrizal


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan (1 mengembangkan instrumen evaluasi kinerja guru yang valid dan reliabel, (2 mengevaluasi kinerja guru Fisika, Biologi, dan Kimia SMA yang sudah terser-tifikasi/menerima tunjangan profesi. Populasi penelitian yaitu seluruh guru Fisika, Biologi dan Kimia SMA tersertifikasi/pene-rima tunjangan profesi yang berada di Kota Banda Aceh, Kabupaten Aceh Besar dan Kabupaten Pidie. Validitas konstruk instrumen yang dikembangkan dibuktikan melalui analisis fak-tor, dan reliabilitasnya diestimasi dengan rumus alpha Cron-bach. Analisis tingkat kinerja ditentukan dengan persentase. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan: (1 instrumen yang dikembang-kan terdiri atas 33 butir pernyataan, dan memiliki koefisien reliabilitas konsistensi internal sebesar 0,953; (2 kinerja guru Fisika, Biologi, dan Kimia SMA yang sudah lulus sertifikasi dan sudah menerima tunjangan belum seluruhnya berkinerja tinggi; (3 kinerja guru Kimia relatif lebih baik dari pada kinerja guru Biologi dan guru Fisika. Kata kunci: evaluasi, kinerja guru, validitas, reliabilitas ______________________________________________________________ AN EVALUATION OF THE PERFORMANCE OF CERTIFIED SCIENCE TEACHERS (PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS Abstract This study was aimed at (1 developing a valid and reliable performance evaluation instruments for teachers, and (2 evaluating the level of Physics, Biology and Chemistry teachers of senior high schools who have been certified and received theprofession allowance. The population of this study included all certified Physics, Biology and Chemistry teachers of senior high schools who have received profession allowance in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, and Pidie. The construct validity of the instrument developed was assessed through factor analysis, and the reliability was estimated by using Cronbach’s Alpha formula. The level of teachers’performance was analyzed by the percentage. The result of the research shows that (1 the

  20. Design analysis of vertical wind turbine with airfoil variation

    Maulana, Muhammad Ilham; Qaedy, T. Masykur Al; Nawawi, Muhammad


    With an ever increasing electrical energy crisis occurring in the Banda Aceh City, it will be important to investigate alternative methods of generating power in ways different than fossil fuels. In fact, one of the biggest sources of energy in Aceh is wind energy. It can be harnessed not only by big corporations but also by individuals using Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT). This paper presents a three-dimensional CFD analysis of the influence of airfoil design on performance of a Darrieus-type vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT). The main objective of this paper is to develop an airfoil design for NACA 63-series vertical axis wind turbine, for average wind velocity 2,5 m/s. To utilize both lift and drag force, some of designs of airfoil are analyzed using a commercial computational fluid dynamics solver such us Fluent. Simulation is performed for this airfoil at different angles of attach rearranging from -12°, -8°, -4°, 0°, 4°, 8°, and 12°. The analysis showed that the significant enhancement in value of lift coefficient for airfoil NACA 63-series is occurred for NACA 63-412.