Sample records for nakoplenie radionuklidov ovsom

  1. Accumulation of radiation centers of adsorption on oxide irradiated surfaces; Nakoplenie radiatsionnykh tsentrov adsorbtsii na poverkhnosti obluchennykh oksidov

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tuseev, T. [Inst. Yadernoj Fiziki, Almaty (Kazakhstan); Polyakov, A. I.; Bitenbaev, M. S. [Fiziko-Tekhnicheskij Inst., Almaty (Kazakhstan)


    The effect of different irradiations (gamma-, UV-radiation, alpha particles, protons, helium ions) on surface properties of oxide materials (SiO{sub 2}, BeO, Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}) is studied. It is established that in such a case surface defects with donor-acceptor properties are formed. The attempt is made to develop a mathematical model of accumulation and destruction of radiation defects and to use it for assessment of oxide-adsorbents efficiency. Depending on ratio of quantity of surface defects to volume ones, which characterizes adsorptive activity of the materials, the oxides studied can be arranged in the following series: SiO{sub 2} > BeO > Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} [Russian] Исследовано влияние различных видов облучения (гамма-, УФ-излучения, альфа-частицы, протоны и ионы гелия) на поверхностные свойства оксидных материалов (SiO{sub 2}, BeO, Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}). Установлено, что при этом образуются поверхностные дефекты, имеющие донорно-акцепторные свойства. Сделана попытка создать математическую модель накопления и гибели радиационных дефектов и использовать эту модель для оценки эффективности адсорбентов-оксидов. В зависимости от отношения количества поверхностных дефектов к объемным, характеризующего поглощающую активность материалов, изученные оксиды можно расположить в следующий ряд: SiO{sub 2} > BeO > Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}.

  2. Fukci vozbuždenia dlja radionuklidov 44Sc, 46Sci, 47Sc, obrazovavšichsa pri oblučenii 45Sc dejtronami i 6He

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kulko, A. A.; Skobelev, N. K.; Burjan, Václav; Hons, Zdeněk; Daniel, A.V.; Demekhina, R.; Kalpakchieva, R.; Kugler, Andrej; Mrázek, Jaromír; Penionzhkevich, Y. E.; Piskoř, Štěpán; Sobolev, Yu. G.; Šimečková, Eva


    Roč. 75, č. 4 (2011), s. 574-576 ISSN 0367-6765 R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP203/10/0310; GA MŠk LC07050 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10480505 Keywords : excitation functions * cross sections * radioactive beams Subject RIV: BN - Astronomy, Celestial Mechanics, Astrophysics

  3. The determination of major radionuclides in the surroundings of thermal power plant Novaky; Stanovenie vyznamnych radionuklidov z okolia tepelnej elektrarne Novaky

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dvorska, L; Dulanska, S [Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave, Prirodovedecka fakulta, Katedra jadrovej chemie, 84215 Bratislava (Slovakia)


    An important and fundamental fact in the operation of nuclear power plants is that there is no production of greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions especially nitrogen oxides NO{sub x}, carbon oxides CO and CO{sub 2}, sulfur dioxide and fly ash. Alpha radionuclides in fly ash from thermal power Novaky {sup 238}U, {sup 234}U, {sup 235}U, {sup 239,240} Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am were separated on extraction-chromatographic sorbents TRU Resin and Resin UTEVA involved in the vacuum box in tandem. Samples for the measurement of alpha radionuclides were measured on a double-chamber 576A spectrometer with ULTRA Alpha Detector 600, EG and G ORTEC. There was not detected any increased activity value of uranium isotopes comparing the activity of {sup 238}U and {sup 234}U with the Slovakian Collection of Laws 345/2006. (authors)

  4. Estimation of safety of radionuclide localization in temporary areas for radioactive waste localization in the Chernobyl estrangement zone.; Otsenka nadezhnosti lokalizatsii radionuklidov v punkte vremennoj lokalizatsii radioaktivnykh otkhodov Zony otchuzhdeniya ChAEhS.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mishunina, I B; Ledenev, A I; Khvesik, O V [Naukovo-Tekhnyichnij Tsentr z dezaktivatsyiyi ta kompleksnogo povodzhennya z radyioaktivnimi vyidkhodami, Zhovtyi Vodi (Ukraine)


    Preliminary estimation of soil water contamination as a result of radionuclide migration from burials is described. The studies necessary to make trustworthy prediction of soil water contamination are outlined.

  5. Osnovnye zakonomernosti raspredelenija, migracii i nakoplenija radionuklidov v donnyh otlozhenijah Baltijskogo morja [The basic patterns of the distribution, migration and accumulation of radionuclides in the bottom sediment of the Baltic Sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grigoryev Andrey


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the impact of certain factors on the contemporary distribution of natural (226Ra, 232Th, 40К and anthropogenic (137Cs, 60Co radionuclides in the sediments of the Baltic Sea. The results of the study suggest that the distribution of 137Cs is determined by the content of hydromica of silty-clay and clay grain-size fractions, while radiocaesium is mainly accumulated by silty fractions. The accumulation of 226Ra by bottom sediments is mainly determined by the pH geochemical barrier at the water-seafloor boundary. The accumulation of 232Th occurs mainly in clayey fractions of the sediment. The distribution and accumulation of 40K is predominantly determined by the ratio of potassium contained in hydromica minerals. Significant 60Co activity was registered only in a few samples.

  6. Testing-ground investigations of radionuclide migration in temporary area for radioactive waste localization << Ryzhy Les >>.; Poligonnye issledovaniya migratsii radionuklidov na uchastke punkta vremennoj lokalizatsii radioaktivnykh otkhodov << Ryzhij les >>.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dzhepo, S P; Skal` skij, A S; Bugaj, D A; Gudzenko, V V; Mogil` nyj, S A; Proskura, N I [AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine). Inst. Geologicheskikh Nauk; [Admyinyistratsyiya zoni vyidchuzhennya, Chernobil` (Ukraine)


    Experimental investigations carried out on testing grounds have permitted studying hydrogeological and geochemical conditions, contamination levels of ground waters and mechanisms of radionuclide migration in the areas of radioactive waste burial in sector 2.1 of temporary area for radioactive waste localization << Ryzhy Les >>. Distribution coefficients for {sup 137} Cs and {sup 90} Sr as well as chemical forms of sorbed radionuclides have been determined under in situ conditions. Lateral rates of radionuclide migration in ground waters are estimated.

  7. Accumulation of a Hot Ion Plasma in PR-5; Accumulation d'un Plasma a Ions Chauds dans l'Installation PR-5; Nakoplenie plazmy s goryachimi ionami na ustanovke PR-5; Acumulacion de un Plasma con Iones Calientes en la Instalacion PR-5

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gott, Ju. V.; Ioffe, M. S.; Jushmanov, E. E. [Institut Atomnoj Ehnergii Im. I.V. Kurchatova, Moskva, SSSR (Russian Federation)


    In earlier experiments on PR-5 it was shown that in a trap with magnetic mirrors the flute instability is completely suppressed when a radially increasing hybrid magnetic field (minimum-H trap) is set up. In those experiments a hydrogen plasma with hot ions (T{sub i} Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 keV) and density n up to 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3} was produced by the magnetron injection method; the confinement time T was equal to several tens of milliseconds, and was determined only by charge-exchange losses. The effect of the suppression of the flute instability was also observed by several others, although it is not possible on the basis of present results to draw conclusions about the stability of the plasma for densities considerably in excess of 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}. Biguet et al. for n = 10{sup 13} to 10{sup 14} cm{sup -3} report {tau} = 60 {mu}sec; in the authors' view, this small {tau} is attributable to the charge-exchange of fast ions on the neutral gas desorbing from the walls during the injection. We explored the possibility of achieving prolonged containment of the plasma at densities n {>=} 10{sup 11} cm{sup -3} and T{sub i} {>=} 5 keV. The experimental study of the behaviour of such a plasma presents considerable interest in view of the theory of Mikhailovsky and Timofeev predicting at these n and T{sub i} values the drift-cyclotron instability. This instability, which is due to a radial inhomogeneity of the plasma density, must occur on the condition that ({rho}/a){sup 2} > 4[(H{sup 2}/4{pi}m{sub i}c{sup 2}) + (m{sub e}/m{sub i})] where {rho}i is the ion Larmor radius and a is a characteristic length of the inhomogeneity. For typical conditions in PR-5 (H = 4000 Oe, {rho}{sub i}/a Asymptotically-Equal-To 0.25), this criterion is fulfilled starting from n Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 x 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}. To obtain a plasma with such parameters a modified magnetron injection method is used in which the ions are accelerated from the cold plasma column by a variable radial electric field with frequency in the region of 3 to 6 Mc/s. The plasma containment is recorded based on its free decay by three methods: by interferometer with {lambda} = 8 mm, from the flux of fast charge-exchange atoms, and from the absorption of a beam of thermal potassium atoms. (author) [French] Des experiences anterieures executees dans l'installation PR-5 ont montre que l'instabilite < 10{sup 11} cm{sup -3} et une valeur,de T{sub i} Greater-Than-Or-Equal-To 5 keV . L'etude experimentale du comportement de ces plasmas presente un interet du fait que selon la theorie de Mikhaielovsky- Timofeev, il faut s'attendre a l'apparition d'une instabilite cyclotronique de derive pour les valeurs de n et T{sub i} mentionnees. Cette instabilite, due a une densite radialement non homogene, doit se manifester pour: ({rho}/a){sup 2} > 4[(H{sup 2}/4{pi}m{sub i}c{sup 2}) + (m{sub e}/m{sub i})] ou pi est le rayon de Larmor des ions et a la dimension caracteristique de non-homogeneite. Dans les conditions specifiques de l'installation PR-5 (H = 4000 Oe, {rho}{sub i}/a Asymptotically-Equal-To 0.25) , ce critere est rempli a partir de n Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 x 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}. En vue d'obtenir un plasma ayant ces caracteristiques, on a utilise une variante de la methode d'injection par magnetron, dans laquelle les ions provenant d'une colonne de plasma froid sont acceleres au moyen d'un champ electrique radial variable d'une frequence de 3 a 6 MHz. Le confinement du plasma a ete determine de trois facons, a savoir: a l'aide d'un radiointerferometre ({lambda} = 8 mm), selon le flux d'atomes rapides ayant subi un echange de charges et selon l'absorption d'un faisceau d'atomes thermiques de potassium. (author) [Spanish] En los experimentos realizados anteriormente en la instalacion PR-5 se demostro que la inestabilidad acanalada de un plasma en una trampa con espejos magneticos se neutraliza por completo cuando se crea un campo magnetico hibrido que crece en la direccion radial (trampa con un H mfnimo). En estos experimentos, el plasma de hidrogeno con iones calientes (T{sub i} Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 keV) y de densidad n hasta 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}, se obtuvo por inyeccion con un magnetron; el tiempo de retencion {tau} fue de varias decenas de milisegundos y se determino unicamente por perdidas debidas al intercambio de carga. La neutralizacion de la inestabilidad acanalada se ha observado tambien en toda una serie de trabajos; sin embargo, basandose en los actuales resultados no puede sacarse conclusion alguna sobre la estabilidad de un plasma de densidad muy superior a 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}. En uno de esos trabajos, para n = 10{sup 13} to 10{sup 14} cm{sup -3} report {tau} fue de 60 {mu}sec; los autores suponen que un valor tan pequeno de {tau} esta relacionado con la transferencia de cargas de los iones rapidos en el gas neutro que se separa de las paredes durante la inyeccion. En la presente memoria se investiga la posibilidad de obtener y confinar durante largo tiempo un plasma de densidad n Greater-Than-Or-Equal-To 10{sup 11} cm{sup -3} y T{sub i} Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 keV. El estudio experimental del comportamiento de un plasma de esta naturaleza presenta interes porque segun la teorfa de Mijailovsky- Timofeev para los indicados valores de n y T{sub i} aparecera una inestabilidad ciclotronica de deriva. Esta inestabilidad, condicionada por la no homogeneidad radial de la densidad, tendra lugar cuando: ({rho}/a){sup 2} > 4[(H{sup 2}/4{pi}m{sub i}c{sup 2}) + (m{sub e}/m{sub i})] donde pi es el radio de Larmor de los iones y a, la dimension caracteristica de la no homogeneidad. Para las condiciones tipicas de la instalacion PR-5 (H = 4000 Oe, {rho}{sub i}/a Asymptotically-Equal-To 0.25) se cumple este criterio a partir de n Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 x 10{sup 10} cm{sup -3}. Para obtener un plasma que tenga estos parametros se utiliza una variante de la inyeccion por magnetron en la que los iones del cordon de plasma frio son acelerados por medio de un campo electrico variable de tipo radial, de frecuencia comprendida entre 3 y 6 MHz. La retencion del registra where {rho}i is the ion Larmor radius and a is a characteristic length of the inhomogeneity. For typical conditions in PR-5 (H = 4000 Oe, {rho}{sub i}/a Asymptotically-Equal-To 0.25), this criterion is fulfilled starting from durante el tiempo de su desintegracion libre por tres metodos: utilizando un radiointerterometro ({lambda} = 8 mm), por la corriente de atomos rapidos dotados de transferencia de carga y por la absorcion del haz de atomos calientes de potasio. (author) [Russian] V jeksperimentah na ustanovke PR-5, vypolnennyh ranee, bylo pokazano, chto zhe- lobkovaja neustojchivost' plazmy v lovushke s magnitnymi zerkalami polnost'ju podavljaetsja, kogda sozdaetsja gibridnoe magnitnoe pole, narastajushhee v radial'nom napravlenii (lovushka s minimumom N). V jetih jeksperimentah vodorodnaja plazma s gorjachimi ionami (T{sub i} Asymptotically-Equal-To 5 keV) i plotnost'ju p do 10{sup 10} sm{sup -3} sozdavalas' metodom magnetronnoj inzhekcii; vremja uderzhanija t sostavljalo desjatki millisekund i ono opredeljalos' tol'ko perezarjadochnymi poterjami. Jeffekt podavlenija zhelobkovoj neustojchivosti nabljudalsja takzhe v rjade drugih rabot, odnako na osnovanii imejushhihsja rezul'tatov nel'zja sdelat' kakoe-libo zakljuchenie ob ustojchivosti plazmy pri plotnostjah, znachitel'no bolee vysokih chem 10{sup 10}sm{sup -3} . U. Bige i dr. pri p = 10{sup 13} - 10{sup 14} sm{sup -3} t sostavljalo 60 mksek i avtory predpolagajut, chto stol''maloe t svjazano s perezarjadkoj bystryh ionov na nejtral'nom gaze, vydeljajushhemsja so stenok vo vremja inzhekcii. V nastojashhej rabote issleduetsja vozmozhnost' poluchenija i dlitel'nogo uderzhanija plazmy pri plotnostjah n Greater-Than-Or-Equal-To 10{sup 11} cm{sup -3} and T{sub i} Greater-Than-Or-Equal-To 5 keV. Jeksperimental'noe izuchenie povedenija takoj plazmy predstavljaet interes v svjazi s tem, chto soglasno teorii Mihajlovskogo-Timofeeva pri ukazannyh {rho} i T{sub i} sleduet ozhidat' pojavlenija drejfovo-ciklotronnoj neustojchivosti. Jeta neustojchivost', obuslovlennaja radial'noj neodnorodnost'ju plotnosti, dolzhna nastupat' pri uslovii: ({rho}/a){sup 2} > 4[(H{sup 2}/4{pi}m{sub i}c{sup 2}) + (m{sub e}/m{sub i})] {rho}{sub i} - larmorovskij radius ionov, a - harakternyj razmer neodnorodnosti. Dlja tipichnyh uslovij ustanovki PR-5 (N = 4000 e, {rho}{sub i}/ a Asymptotically-Equal-To 0,25) jetot kriterij vypolnjaetsja, nachinaja s gt- 5-10{sup 10} sm{sup -3} . Dlja poluchenija plazmy s takimi parametrami primenjaetsja modificirovannyj metod magnetronnoj inzhekcii, v kotorom uskorenie ionov iz stolba holodnoj plazmy osushhestvljaetsja peremennym radial'nym jelektricheskim polem s chastotoj v diapazone 3 - 6 mgc. Uderzhanie plazmy registriruetsja po vremeni ee svobodnogo raspada tremja metodami: radiointerferometrom ({lambda} = 8 mm), po potoku bystryh atomov perezarjadki i po pogloshheniju puchka teplovyh atomov kalija. (author)

  8. Fission gas pressure build-up and fast-breeder economy; Accumulation de la pression des gaz de fission et economie des reacteurs surgenerateurs a neutrons rapides; Nakoplenie davleniya gazov produktov deleniya i ehkonomika reaktorov-razmnozhitelej na bystrykh nejtronakh; Aumento de la presion de los gases de fision y economia de los reactores reproductores rapidos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Engelmann, P [Kernforschungszentrum, Karlsruhe (Germany)


    Fuel-cycle costs and doubling time of fast-breeder reactors are strongly affected by the fuel-burn-up obtainable. Use of oxide or carbide fuel offers the possibility of reaching a burn-up of 100 000 MWd/t. In fuel-clad elements, a limiting factor is the fission-gas-pressure build-up. At the high burn-up considered, an appreciable fraction of the fission gases gets into the pores and thus contributes to the pressure on the can. Starting from the known fission-product yields and decay chains, gas production and pressure build-up have been calculated. Three physical models have been employed in calculating the pressure acting upon the can : the gas is contained either in interconnected pores, in separate pores, or in a central hole. The pressure-dependence upon free volume (fuel density) and temperature will be discussed. Cans made of high-strength materials as Ineonel-X and molybdenum could stand the fission-gas pressure at operating temperatures. Unfortunately, these materials have higher absorption cross-sections than stainless steel. Results of a multi-group calculation are given, showing the effect of using these can materials and of decreasing the fuel density on critical mass and breeding ratio in small and medium-size breeders. (author) [French] Le cout du cycle de combustible et la periode de doublement des reacteurs surgenerateurs a neutrons rapides dependent etroitement du taux de combustion. En utilisant pour combustible un oxyde ou un carbure, on peut atteindre un taux de combustion de 100 000 MW j/t. Avec des combustibles gaines, l'accumulation de la pression des gaz de fission est un facteur limitatif. Pour le fort taux de combustion envisage, une fraction non negligeable des gaz de fission penetre dans les interstices et contribue ainsi a la pression sur la gaine. A partir des rendements en produits de fission et des chaines de desintegration connus, l'auteur a calcule la production de gaz et l'accumulation de pression. Pour calculer la pression exercee sur la gaine, il a utilise trois modeles ou le gaz etait contenu dans des interstices relies entre eux, dans des interstices separes ou dans un orifice central. Le memoire traite de la variation de la pression en fonction du volume libre (densite du combustible) et de la temperature. Des gaines en materiaux tres resistants, comme l'Inconel-X et le molybdene, ont pu supporter la pression des gaz de fission aux temperatures de fonctionnement . Malheureusement, les sections efficaces d'absorption de ces materiaux sont plus elevees que celle de l'aluminium. Les resultats de calculs multigroupes sont presentes, pour montrer comment ces materiaux de gainage et la diminution de la densite du combustible influent sur la masse critique et le rapport de surgeneration dans les reacteurs surgenerateurs de petites ou moyennes dimensions. (author) [Spanish] El costo del ciclo de combustible y el periodo de duplicacion en los reactores reproductores de neutrones rapidos dependen en gran medida del grado de combustion que pueda alcanzarse. La utilizacion de combustible en forma de oxido o de carburo permite obtener un grado de combustion de 100 000 MWd/t. Cuando se emplean elementos combustibles con revestimiento, el aumento de presion de los gases de fision constituye un factor limitativo. En el caso del elevado grado de combustion previsto, una fraccion considerable de los gases de fision penetra en los peros del material, contribuyendo asi a aumentar la presion en el interior de la envoltura. Sobre la base de los rendimientos de fision y de las cadenas de desintegracion conocidas, el autor ha evaluado la produccion de gas y el aumento de presion. Para calcular la presion ejercida sobre la envoltura, ha empleado tres modelos fisicos en que el gas estaba contenido en poros conectados entre si, en poros separados, o en un orificio central. El autor analiza la variacion de la presion, en funcion del volumen libre (densidad del combustible) y de la temperatura. Las envolturas de materiales de alta resistencia, tales como el Inconel-X y el molibdeno pueden soportar la presion de los gases de fision a las temperaturas de funcionamiento corrientes. Desgraciadamente , la seccion eficaz de absorcion de estos materiales es superior a la del acero inoxidable. El autor presenta los resultados de calculos, realizados segun una teoria de varios grupos, que permite conocer el efecto de la utilizacion de estos materiales y de la disminucion de la densidad del combustible, sobre la masa critica y sobre la razon de reproduccion en los reactores reproductores de pequenas y medianas dimensiones. (author) [Russian] Na stoimost' toplivnogo tsikla i na vremya udvoeniya reaktorovbriderov na bystrykh nejtronakh sil'no vliyaet stepen' dostigaemogo vygoraniya topliva. Ispol'zovani e oksidnogo ili karbidnogo topliva daet vozmozhnost' dostignut' vygoraniya poryadka 100 000 mvt-n/t. V toplivnykh ehlementakh s pokrytiem ogranichivayushchi m faktorom yavlyaetsya rost gazov produktov deleniya. Pri rassmatrivaemo m vysokom vygoranii poddayushchayasya otsenke fraktsiya gazov, obrazuemykh pri delenii, popadaet v pory i tem samym uvelichivaet davlenie na obolochku. Iskhodya iz izvestnykh vykhodov produktov deleniya i tsepochek raspada bylo vychisleno kolichestvo obrazuyushchegosya gaza i sozdavaemoe im davlenie. Pri raschete davleniya, dejstvuyushchego na obolochku, byli ispol'zovany tri fizicheskikh modeli: i) gaz soderzhalsya v svyazanykh mezhdu soboj porakh, ii) v otdel'nykh porakh i iii) v tsentral'nom otverstii. Budet rassmotrena zavisimost' davleniya ot svobodnogo ob{sup e}ma (plotnost' topliva) i temperatury. Obolochki, izgotovlennye iz vysokoprochnykh materialov, naprimer, iz inkonelya-Kh i molibdena, mogli by vyderzhat' pri rabochikh temperaturakh davlenie gazov, vydelyayushchikhsya v rezul'tate deleniya. K sozhaleniyu, ehti materialy obladayut bolee vysokimi poperechnymi secheniyami pogloshcheniya, chem nerzhaveyushchaya stal'. Budut dany rezul'taty mnogogruppovog o rascheta, pokazyvayushchie vliyanie ispol'zovaniya ehtikh materialov dlya obolochki i umen'sheniya plotnosti topliva na kriticheskuyu massu, a takzhe koehffitsient razmnozheniya v malykh i srednikh briderakh. (author)

  9. Determination of radionuclides {sup 90}Sr, {sup 239,240} Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am in soil using methods of extraction chromatography and coprecipitation; Stanovenie radionuklidov {sup 90}Sr, {sup 239,240}Pu, : 2{sup 38}Pu a {sup 241}Am v pode vyuzivajuce metody extrakcnej chromatografie a spoluzrazania

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gardonova, V.; Dulanska, S.; Bilohuscin, J. [Univerzita Komenskeho, Prirodovedecka fakulta, Katedra jadrovej chemie, 84215 Bratislava (Slovakia)


    Ecosystems, which include soil and sediments, contain not only natural radionuclides but also radionuclides from deposits, mainly {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr and {alpha}-emitting radionuclides such as {sup 239,240}Pu, {sup 238}Pu and {sup 241}Am, that originate from global fallout and nuclear facilities leaks worldwide. The goal of the work was optimization of separation and determination of {sup 90}Sr, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239,240}Pu and {sup 241}Am in soil from Slovak Republic. The newest methods were applied for separation of selected radionuclides based on coprecipitation with oxalic salts and extraction chromatography using selective commercial sorbents. (authors)

  10. An Idea on the Maximum Permissible Concentrations of Radioactive Materials in Sea Water; Concentrations Maxima Admissibles des Substances Radioactives dans l'Eau de Mer; 041e 041c 0414 ; Concentracion Maxima Admisible de Materiales Radiactivos en las Aguas del Mar

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hiyama, Yoshio [University of Tokyo (Japan)


    sobre el analisis quimico de las aguas marinas y del cuerpo humano, trata; de encontrar una relacion entre el grado de contaminacion del agua del mar por varios radionuclidos y el grado de intensidad de la dosis de radiacion en el cuerpo humano causada por estos radionuclidos de origen marino. Sin, embargo, aunque los especialistas en oceanografia, salud publica, nutricion, radiobiologia y en otras materias reconozcan la conveniencia de efectuar; esos calculos habra que obtener mas datos sobre la cantidad de trazadores, en las aguas del mar, en los productos marinos y en el cuerpo humano, para confeccionar un cuadro de las concentraciones maximas admisibles de diversos radionuclidos en las aguas del mar. En la memoria, el autor se limita a enunciar la idea y a describir algunos ejemplos. (author) [Russian] V nastojashhem doklade avtor stremitsja najti svjaz' mezhdu urovnem zarazhennosti morskoj vody nekotorymi vidami radionuklidov i urovnem radiacionnoj dozy, poluchaemoj chelovekom v rezul'tate dejstvija radionuklidov morskogo proishozhdenija; avtor ispol'zuet pri jetom rekomendacii MKRZ i nekotorye dannye himicheskogo analiza morskoj vody i chelovecheskogo organizma, izvestnye emu. Odanko, esli ideja jetih raschetov budet priznana uchenymi v oblasti okeanografii, zdravoohranenija, pitanija, radiacionnoj biologii i dr., vse zhe potrebujutsja dopolnitel'nye dannye o kolichestvah metjashhih jelementov v morskoj vode, v produktah morja i v chelovecheskom organizme dlja togo, chtoby zavershit' tablicu maksimal'no dopustimyh koncentracij v morskoj vode razlichnyh vidov radionuklidov. Ideja, vyskazannaja v doklade, nosit chisto predvaritel'nyj harakter; v doklade takzhe dajutsja nekotorye primery. (author)

  11. Monitoring of Fresh Waters Used for Dispersal of Radioactive Wastes; Controle des Eaux Fluviales Utilisees pour la Dispersion des Dechets Radioactifs; 0418 0417 041c 0414 ; Monitoraje de las Aguas Dulces Utilizadas para la Dispersion de Desechos Radiactivos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ophel, I. L. [Environmental Research and Radiation Dosimetry Branch, Division of Biology and Health Physics, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, ON (Canada)


    otnoshenijah jeta reka predstavljaet ozero. Jeffljujent razbavljaetsja bol'shimi ob{sup e}mami nizkoaktivnoj vody, ispol'zovannoj dlja ohlazhdenija, i postupaet v reku pri koncentracii radionuklidov, ne prevyshajushhih predel'no dopustimoj koncentracii dlja rabochih. Obshhaja koncentracija beta- i gamma-radionuklidov vverh po techeniju ot zavoda sostavljaet 2 x 10{sup -8} millikjuri/millilitr i 1,6 kilometra vniz po techeniju ot zavoda ravna 3 x 10{sup -8} millikjuri/millilitr. Vzjatie prob so dna reki pokazyvaet, chto radioaktivnost' ponizhaetsja v techenie celogo rjada let nesmotrja na postojannoe dobavlenie aktivnosti, osazhdajushhejsja na kolloidal'nom kremnii, vydeljajushhemsja iz vody. Iz rechnyh organizmov chelovekom upotrebljaetsja v pishhu tol'ko krupnaja ryba. Sledy stroncija-90 byli sluchajno obnaruzheny v kostjah, no ne v mjase. Maksimal'noe soderzhanie 10{sup -3} millikjuri R{sup 32}/g obshhego vesa bylo obnaruzheno v nebol'shih okunjah. Hotja fosfor-32 sostavljaet tol'ko 0,04% obshhej radioaktivnosti jeffljuenta, on predstavljaet 75-95% vseh radionuklidov obnaruzhennyh v bol'shinstve vzjatyh na issledovanie ryb. (author)

  12. Disposal of Low-Activity Waste and Accumulation in Cultivated Soils; Rejets d'Effluents Faiblement Radioactifs et Accumulation dans les Sols Cultives; 0416 0418 0414 ; Desechos y Efluentes de Baja Actividad: Su Acumulacion en los Terrenos Cultivados

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barbier, G. [Station Centrale d' Agronomie, Versailles (France); Michon, G. [Service d' Hygiene Atomique et de Radiopathologie, Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, Saclay (France)


    The paper describes a method of accumulating long-lived radioisotopes in soils and calculating the maximum contamination they would cause in vegetables grown on these soils. The authors suggest a way of expressing this contamination and a formula by which the maximum contamination of one kilogramme of the harvested produce in relation to the tolerated contamination per litre of irrigation water could be calculated. (author) [French] L'article decrit une methode destinee a prevoir l'accumulation des radioelements de longue periode dans les sols et a chiffrer la contamination limite qui en resultera pour des legumes cultives sur ces sols. Les auteurs proposent un mode d'expression de cette contamination et une formule qui permettrait de calculer la contamination limite d'un kg de produit recolte par rapport a la contamination toleree d'un litre d'eau d'irrigation. (author) [Spanish] En la memoria se describe un metodo para evaluar la acumulacion de los radioelementos de periodo largo en los terrenos y para calcular la contaminacion limite resultante para las hortalizas cultivadas en dichos terrenos. Los autores proponen un metodo para expresar dicha contaminacion y una formula que permita determinar la contaminacion limite de un kilogramo de producto cosechado en funcion de la contaminacion admisible por litre de agua de riego. (author) [Russian] V stat'e opisyvaetsja metod, pozvoljajushhij predvidet' nakoplenie dolgozhivushhih radioaktivnyh izotopov v pochve i opredeljat' predel'nyj uroven' vytekajushhego iz jetogo zarazhenija dlja ovoshhej, vyrashhivaemyh na jetih zemljah. Avtory stat'i predlagajut metod vyrazhenija jetogo zarazhenija i formulu, pozvoljajushhuju vychislit' predel'nyj uroven' zarazhenija odnogo kilogramma ovoshhej po otnosheniju k dopustimomu urovnju zarazhenija odnogo litra oroshajushhej vody. (author)

  13. Charge-storage techniques for pulse-height analysis; Techniques de stockage electrostatique pour l'analyse en amplitude d'impulsion; Metod nakopleniya zaryada dlya amplitudnogo analiza impul'sov; Tecnicas de almacenamiento de cargas para analisis de amplitud de impulsos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Costrell, L; Brueckmann, R E [National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC (United States)


    . Znachitel'naya chast' ehtoj raboty byla napravlena na sozdanie togo, chto my nazyvaem ''analizatorom nakopleniya zaryada'', osnovannogo na rabotakh, provodimykh v Natsional'nom byuro standartov. My zakonchili sozdanie analizatora nakopleniya zaryada, kotoryj ehkspluatiruetsya na sinkhrotrone Natsional'nogo byuro standartov moshchnost'yu 180 mehv pri provedenii ehksperimenta po yadernoj absorbtsii, na puti osushchestvleniya kotorogo, v inom sluchae, vstretilis' by ogromnye trudnosti. Analizator ispol'zuet vremennoe ehlektrostaticheskoe nakoplenie dlya sbora dannykh po amplitude impul'sov vo vremya mashinnykh vspyshek. Vo vremya mertvykh intervalov mezhdu vspyshkami soderzhanie vremennogo nakopleniya analiziruetsya i perevoditsya v obychnoe nakoplenie v magnitnykh serdechnikakh. Obsuzhdaetsya ispol'zovanie ehtogo metoda dlya nanosekundnykh impul'sov i predstavleny dannye, pokazyvayushchie ego osushchestvimost'. (author)

  14. Radioactive Metrology Methods in the USSR; Methodes de metrologie de la radioactivite en URSS; Metody metrologii radioaktivnosti v SSSR; Metodos de Metrologia de la Radiactividad Aplicados en la Union de Republicas Socialistas Sovieticas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aglintsev, K K; Bochkarev, V V; Grablevskij, V N; Karavaev, F M


    }-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya iz radionuklidov , vybrannykh takim obrazom, chtoby obespechit' diapazon ehnergij ot 0,018 mehv do 2,3 mehv. Kontrol'nye {beta}-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya libo iz strontsiya-90 plyus ittrij-90, libo iz talliya-204, libo iz prometiya-147. EHti istochniki okhvatyvayut shirokij diapazon aktivnosti ot 20 do 10{sup 9} raspadov v minutu. Model'nye {gamma}-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya libo iz radiya, libo iz kobal'ta-60, libo iz tseziya-137. diapazon aktivnostej ehtikh ehtalonov okhvatyvaet velichiny ot 10-{sup 11} do 5 grammov-ehkvivalento v radiya. Kontrol'nye u-istochniki prigotovlyayuts ya iz vysheukazanny kh radionuklidov. Aktivnosti okhvatyvayut ochen' shirokij diapazon, poskol'ku istochniki imeyut ves'ma razlichnuyu formu i razmery. Nakonets, model'nye istochniki nejtronov byvayut dvukh vidov: radija-{alpha}-berillij (soderzhashchij ot 1 do 1000 mg radiya) i plutonij-{alpha}-berilli j (soderzhashchij ot 0,01 do 15 grammov plutoniya). Istochniki radij-{alpha}-berilli j prigotovlyayutsya iz pressovannoj smesi RaBr{sub 2} i poroshkovogo berilliya s vesovym sootnosheniem Ra/Be = 1/6. Istochniki plutonij-a-berilli j obrazuyutsya iz splava (PuBe{sub 13}) ehtikh dvukh metallov. (author)

  15. The Radioisotopic Determination of Diffusion Coefficients and Currents in Natural Waters. Surface Collection of Radioactive Fall-Out on a Large Alpine Lake; Determination par detection nucleaire des coefficients de diffusion et des courants dans les eaux naturelles. Evolution de la surface de collection d'un grand lac alpin pour les retombees radioactives; Opredelenie koehffitsienta diffuzii i skorosti techeniya estestvennykh vod pri pomoshchi yadernogo detektirovaniya. Ehvolyutsiya poverkhnosti sbora radioaktivnykh osadkov na bol'shom al'pijskom ozere; Determinacion por deteccion nuclear de los coeficientes de difusion y de las corrientes en las aguas naturales evolucion de la superficie de captacion de un gran lago alpino para las precipitaciones radiactivas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chesselet, R.; Nordemann, D. [Service d' Electronique Physique, Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay (France); Dussart, B. [Centre de Recherches Hydrobiologiques, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    precipitacione s radiactivas debidas a las explosiones nucleares en la atmosfera (octubre de 1961-enero de 1962). Midieron diariamente la radiactividad en muestras de agua del lago Leman tomadas a 0, 10 y 20 m de profundidad y en un colector de precipitaciones atmosfericas secas y humedas. A pesar de la complejidad del regimen de aportaciones en funcion del tiempo, la inter- pretacion de los diagramas obtenidos puede contribuir a resolver el problema del destino de los productos radiactivos en las condiciones de difusion y de corriente que reinan en la practica. La difusion de productos radiactivos en cantidad muy pequena, unida a la utilizacion de diversas tecnicas de deteccion nuclear de alta sensibilidad, permitiran obtener mas datos sobre la difusion in situ y el movimiento de las masas de aguas naturales. (author) [Russian] Na pervom ehtape avtory vyzvali diffuziyu ''in situ'' na radioaktivnom izluchatele, natrii-22, v vide Na{sup +}, s aktivnost'yu nizhe 1 millikyuri. Zakony diffuzii, primenennye v ehtom sluchae, legko pozvolyayut predvidet' skorost' ''radioaktivnogo Oblaka'' vo vremya diffuzii. Takim obrazom, registratsiya aktivnosti v zavisimosti ot vremeni, izmerennaya s pomoshch'yu dvukh nadlezhashchim obrazom raspolozhennykh gamma- detektorov, privela k otsenke koehffitsienta diffuzii dlya ispol'zuemogo izluchatelya i k izmereniyu skorosti techeniya v toj tochke, gde proizvodilos' izmerenie (v dannom sluchae ozero Leman). Na vtorom ehtape v sootvetstvii s geofizicheskim issledovaniem obshchej problemy radioaktivnogo vypadeniya, avtory ispol'zovali nakoplenie radioaktivnykh osadkov, voznikshikh v rezul'tate yadernykh ispytanij, provedennykh v atmosfere v oktyabre 1961 - yanvare 1962 g. Kazhdyj den' bralis' proby vody Lemanskogo ozera na glubinakh O, 10 i 20 m, a takzhe sukhikh i vlazhnykh atmosfernykh vypadenij. Nesmotrya na slozhnost' rezhima nakopleniya v zavisimosti ot pogody, tolkovanie poluchennoj-diagrammy mozhet sposobstvovat' razresheniyu problemy vypadeniya

  16. Radioactive Waste Facilities at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment; Installations pour le Traitement des Dechets Radioactifs au Centre de Recherche de la Commission Australienne a l'Energie Atomique; 0423 0421 0422 0414 ; Dispositivos para Evacuacion de Desechos Radiactivos en el Centro de Investigaciones de la Australian Atomic Energy Commission

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berglin, C. L.W.; Keher, L. H.; Miles, G. L.; Wilson, A. R.W. [Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment, Lucas Heights, Sydney, NSW (Australia)


    . Predlagaetsja provodit' vyparivanie i nakoplenie zhidkih radioaktivnyh othodov srednej i vysokoj aktivnosti. Privodjatsja podrobnosti po kapital'nym i jekspluatacionnym rashodam zavoda po obrabotke jefljuentov i drugih ustanovok po obrabotke othodov. (author)

  17. Radioinitiation of Chain Branched Reactions and its Sensitization; Amorcage sous rayonnement des reactions par ramification en chaine; sensibilisation du processus; Radiatsionnoe initsiirovanie tsennykh razvetvlennykh reaktsij i ego sensibilizatsiya; Radioiniciacion de reacciones en cadena ramificadas y medios para aumentar su sensibilidad

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barelko, E V; Kartashova, L I; Komarov, P N; Proskurnin, M A [Karpov Physico-Chemical Institute, Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russian Federation)


    avtouskoryayushchijsya kharakter i idet samoproizvol'no posle prekrashcheniya dejstviya izlucheniya. Podrobno issledovan protsess okisleniya benzola, dlya kotorogo kharakterna povyshennaya ustojchivost' k dejstviyu izlucheniya. Avtory sformulirovali printsip sensibilizatsii radiatsionnogo initsiirovaniya protsessa okisleniya radiatsionno-stojkikh veshchestv khimicheski inertnymi, radiatsionno-nestojkimi veshchestvami. Privedeny osnovnye kolichestvennye kharakteristiki protsessa radio liticheskogo okisleniya benzola : nakoplenie razlichnykh produktov reaktsii, vliyanie temperatury, davleniya, moshchnosti i dozy izlucheniya na protsess nakopleniya produktov reaktsii. Sdelany nekotorye vyvody o mekhanizme protsessa. Privedena konstruktsiya ustanovki, rabotayushchaya po tsirkulyatsionnomu sposobu. (author)

  18. Clinical Photoscintillography: Technique and Applications; Photoscintigraphie Clinique: Methode et Applications; Klinicheskaya fotostsintillografiya: metodika i primenenie; Fotocentelleografia Clinica: Tecnicas y Aplicaciones

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ephraim, K. H. [Rotterdamsch Radio-Therapeutisch Instituut, Rotterdam (Netherlands)


    ' de exploracion. La intensidad luminosa y la frecuencia de los destellos de esta ultima varian con el indice de recuento, obteniendose asi una respuesta no lineal sin introducir la inercia de un circuito integrador. Los destellos 'secundarios' se registran sobre pelicula. Para impedir la perdida de datos debido a su registro en la region de saturacion de la curva de sensibilidad de la pe licu la, se utiliza una amplificacion de contraste moderada y la pelicula se examina en un circuito de television industrial. El autor subraya la necesidad de adaptar las condiciones de colimacion al problema clinico que haya de resolverse. En la memoria se examinan las aplicaciones clinicas de esta tecnica al estudio de enfermedades tiroideas, renales, hepaticas y oseas. (author) [Russian] Pri primenenii fotoscintillografii v klinike ogromnoe znachenie imejut kollimacija, u si l e nie kontrastnosti i nakoplenie dannyh. Dlja obnaruzhenija ogranichennyh uchastkov porazhenija v takih plotnyh organah, kak pechen' i mozg , byl razrabotan special'nyj 36-kanal'nyj mnogofokusnyj kollimator. Demonstrirujutsja izochuvstvitel'nye linii jet o go kollimator a . E go chuv stvitel'nost' malo m en ja et sja ot poverhnosti do glubiny, ravnoj naibol'shej tolshhine pecheni. Byl postr oen special'nyj usilitel' kontrastnosti: nebol'shaja ''pervichnaja'' lampa nakalivanija, soedinennaja cherez impul'snyj usilitel' na vyhode odnokanal'nogo an a l i za t or a upravlja etsja s pomoshh'ju za vi sim o go ot svetareostata (ZSR). Soprotovlenie 3 SR izmenja etsja v zavisimosti ot sk or o sti . Posledovatel'no po otnosheniju k ZSR s o edinena skennirujushhaja ''vtorichnaja'' lampa nakalivanija. Jarkost', a takzhe chastota vspyshek poslednej zavisit ot skorosti scheta i tem samym nelinejnaja chuvstviteltnost' dostigaetsja b e z vvedenija inercionnogo k on tura. ''Vtorichnye'' vspyshki re gi str i rujut sja na p lenk e. S cel'ju predotvrashhenija poteri informacii pri registracii v oblasti nasyshhenija krivoj chuv

  19. Dispersions of Oxides in Oxide Matrices as High-Temperature Reactor Fuels; Dispersions d'oxyde dans des matrices d'oxyde, utilisees comme combustibles dans des reacteurs a haute temperature; Dispersiya okisej v okislovykh matritsakh v kachestve topliva dlya vysokotemperaturnogo reaktora; Empleo de dispersiones de oxidos en matrices de oxidos, como combustibles para reactores de elevada temperatura

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, J. [Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell (United Kingdom)


    incorporarlas en matrices de elevada densidad. Los trabajos sobre metodos de elaboracion en escala experimental se hallan bastante avanzados. (author) [Russian] Daetsya obzor vozmozhnosti primeneniya dispersij PuO{sub 2},UO{sub 2}, ThO{sub 2} v matritsakh iz BeO, Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}, MgO i SiO{sub 2} s tochki zreniya sokhraneniya tselostnosti takogo topliva i sposobov ego izgotovleniya. Neizmennost' razmerov i sposobnost' uderzhaniya produktov deleniya yavlyayutsya naibolee vazhnymi svojstvami s tochki zreniya sokhraneniya tselostnosti topliva. Sovmestimost' sostavnykh ehlementov topliva drug s drugom i s teplonositelem okazyvayut vliyanie na neizmennost' razmerov, no v ehtom otnoshenii okislovye vidy topliva obladayut znachitel'nymi preimushchestvami. Na izmenenie razmerov pod dejstviem oblucheniya okazyvayut vliyanie: povrezhdeniya matritsy pod dejstviem nejtronov i oskolkov deleniya; radiatsionnoe povrezhdenie fazy delyashchikhsya veshchestv vosproizvodyashchikh materialov i nakoplenie produktov deleniya v gazoobraznom sostoyanii. Termicheskie napryazheniya takzhe mogut vyzyvat' izmeneniya formy. Odnako svedeniya o mekhanizme relaksatsii napryazhenij slishkom ogranicheny, chtoby mozhno bylo dat' kakuyu-libo priemlimuyu teoreticheskuyu otsenku povedeniyu topliva. Issledovaniya vykhoda produktov deleniya kak v sluchae legkogo oblucheniya, tak i pri sil'nom vygoranii okisej delyashchikhsya veshchestv/vosproizvodyashchikh materialov ogranichivalis' glavnym obrazom gazoobraznymi produktami deleniya, preimushchestvenno ksenonom. Dannye o vykhode drugikh produktov deleniya, a takzhe svedeniya o prokhozhdenii produktov deleniya voobshche cherez vozmozhnye materialy dlya matrits ochen' ogranicheny. Issledovaniya pronitsaemosti chistykh spekshikhsya okisej pokazyvayut, chto dlya ustraneniya otkrytoj poristosti takikh matrits potrebovalos' by dostizhenie plotnostej, dokhodyashchikh po men'shej mere do 95, a to i do 98% ot teoreticheski osushchestvimoj. Dlya izgotovleniya chastits

  20. Low-Level {beta} and {gamma} Counting in the Region 0-10 Disintegrations Per Minute; Comptage {beta} et {gamma} d'echantillons de faible activite (0 a 10 desintegrations par minute); Izmerenie {beta}- i {gamma}-izlucheniya maloj moshchnosti (0-10 raspadov v minutu); Recuento {beta} y {gamma} de muestras de baja actividad (0 a 10 desintegraciones por minuto)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Manov, George G [Tracerlab Inc. (United States)


    (antisovpadenij) dlya umen'sheniya fona. Izmereniya proizvodilis' s pomoshch'yu sleduyushchikh tipov schetchikov: a) toptsevym, b) tsilindricheskim, s) stsitillyatsionnym 4 {pi}. V dokumente udelyaetsya nekotoroe vnimanie trudnostyam polucheniya svobodnogo ot aktivnosti materiala, ispol'zuemogo dlya proizvodstva schetchikov. V nem privodyatsya dannye o materialakh s razlichnym soderzhaniem aktivnosti, kotorye mozhno svobodno priobresti. Nakoplenie takikh materialov, poluchennykh preimushchestvenn o eshche do vtoroj mirovoj vojny, bystro prevrashchaetsya v neobkhodimost'. Nadezhnost' ehlektronnoj sistemy yavlyaetsya neobkhodimoj dlya izmerenij izlucheniya maloj moshchnosti, v chastnosti, dlya togo, chtoby isklyuchit' podschet pobochnykh impul'sov. V dokumente daetsya opisanie sistemy, v kotoroj redkie impul'sy, posle izmereniya ikh skorosti, napravlyayutsya v ehlektronnuyu tsep', prokhodyat cherez usilitel' i vyvodyatsya cherez osnovnoj vykhodnoj kanal schetnogo mekhanizma. V osnovnom tranzistornaya skhema, vklyuchayushchaya predvaritel'noe usilenie i (ehlektro)pitanie , yavlyaetsya bolee udovletvoritel'noj, chem skhema, ispol'zuyushchaya vakuumnuyu lampu. (author)

  1. Establishment of the Processes of Absorption and Diffusion of Systemic Insecticides in Populus Euramericana Dode Guinier ''Robusta''; L'etablissement des processus d'absorption et diffusion des insecticides systemiques au Populus x Euramericana Dode Guinier ''Robista; Opredelenie protsessov pogloshcheniya i diffuzii somaticheskikh insektitsidov u Populus x Euramerican a Dode Guinier ''Robusta''; Determinacion de los procesos de absorcion y difusion de los insecticidas sistemicos en el Populus x Euramericana Dope Guinier ''Robusta''

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Catrina, I.; Popa, A.; Constantinesco, V.; Constantinesco, O.; Constantinesco, El.; Hulula, C. [Institut de Recherches Forestieres de Bucarest, Bucharest (Romania)


    kontsevykh chastyakh rastenij. V obshchem,pri dannom opyte nakoplenie insektitsida sostavilo 1,65 mg/g zelenogo veshchestva po sravneniyu s 0,24 mg/g ehtogo zhe veshchestva u rastenij, vyrashchennykh v laboratornykh usloviyakh. Iz ehtogo sleduet,chto na pochve dvukhletnie topoli Robusta mogut v sukhoe vremya goda nakaplivat' ''Dipterex'', kotoryj byl vveden v vodnom rastvore v otnoshenii 9,3% k kolichestvu, vnesennomu v zemlyu. Pri provedenii opytov v laboratornykh usloviyakh ehto otnoshenie sostavlyalo 1,35%. Nanesenie rastvorov na listvu putem razbryzgivaniya daet slabyj koehffitsient pogloshcheniya in sektitsida, chto ob{sup y}asnyaetsya takzhe trudnym protsessom pogloshcheniya u list'ev i smyvaniem insektitsida dozhdevoj vodoj, rosoj i tumanom. Na zemle obnaruzheno bol'shoe kolichestvo insektitsida. V svyazi s ehtim my schitaem, chto metodu vneseniya rastvorov somaticheskikh insektitsidov v pochvu dolzhno byt' otdano predpochtenie v bor'be s vreditelyami drevesnykh porod. (author)

  2. Applications of Fluorine-18 in Biological Studies with Special Reference to Bone and Thyroid Physiology; Emploi du Fluor-18 dans des Études Biologiques, Notamment sur la Physiologie des Os et de la Thyroïde; ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ФТОРА-18 В БИОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯХ С УДЕЛЕНИЕМ ОСОБОГО ВНИМАНИЯ ВОПРОСАМ ФИЗИОЛОГИИ КОСТЕЙ И ФИЗИОЛОГИИ ПИТОВИДНОЙ ЖЕЛЕЗЫ; Aplicaciones del Fluor-18 en Estudios Biologicos, con Especial Referencia a la Fisiologia del Esqueleto y de la Tiroides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anbar, M. [Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel); IAEC Soreq Research Establishment, Rehovot (Israel)


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