Sample records for 立克次氏体 (rickettsiae)

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Genetic Differentiation of Chinese Isolates of Rickettsia sibirica by Partial ompA Gene Sequencing and Multispacer Typing

Raoult, Didier; Zhang, LiJuan; Fu, XiuPing; Jin, JianLing; Fournier, Pierre-Edouard

Current data on rickettsiae and rickettsial diseases in China remain limited. Using partial ompA gene sequencing and multispacer typing, we identified 15 rickettsial isolates from China. All isolates were found to belong to Rickettsia sibirica subsp. sibirica. Four isolates from Dermacentor sinicus ...

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Genetic Classification of “Rickettsia heilongjiangii” and “Rickettsia hulinii,” Two Chinese Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae

Fournier, P. E.; Zhang, J. Z.; Wu, Y. M.; Fan, M. Y.; Roux, V.; Raoult, D.

To determine the phylogenetic position of two new rickettsial strains isolated from ticks in China, 16S ribosomal DNA, gltA, and ompA (apart from the tandem repeat units) genes were amplified by PCR and sequenced. The phylogenetic relationships between these strains and other rickettsiae were inferr...

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