Sample records for 铼-163 (rhenium 163)

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Re-Os isotopic analysis of the Kalatongke Cu-Ni sulfide deposit, northern Xinjiang, NW China 新疆喀拉通克銅鎳硫化物礦床Re-Os同位素研究及其地質意義

Han, CM; Xiao, WJ; Zhao, G; Qu, WJ; Mao, QG; Du, AD

The Kalatongke is a large Cu-Ni deposit in the southern part of the Altay orogenic belt, northwestern China. Rhenium and osmium isotopic analyses of Ni-and Cu-bearing sulfide minerals from the deposit have been used to determine the timing of mineralization, the source of osmium, and, by inference, ...

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