Sample records for 网织红细胞 (reticulocytes)

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α-Thalassemia in the American Negro

Schwartz, Elias; Atwater, Jean

In Italian and Chinese patients with the α-thalassemia syndromes the production of α-chain of normal hemoglobin is decreased relative to that of β-chain in reticulocytes. In this study the relative rates of α- and β-chain synthesis were determined in members of three Negro families with α-thalassemi...

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Mammalian Peptide Chain Termination, II. Codon Specificity and GTPase Activity of Release Factor

Beaudet, Arthur L.; Caskey, C. T.

In vitro peptide chain termination with release factor preparations from rabbit reticulocytes, guinea pig liver, or Chinese hamster liver is directed with UAAA, UAGA, or UGAA, suggesting that UAA, UAG, and UGA are terminator condons for mammalian cells. Purified release factor from rabbit reticulocy...

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Demonstration of non-functional beta-globin mRNA in homozygous beta (0) thalassemia.

Varmus, H E; Kan, Y W; Dozy, A M; Holland, J P

In two Chinese patients with homozygous beta(0)-thalassemia, messenger RNAs from peripheral blood reticulocytes and the bone marrow failed to direct beta-chain synthesis in vivo and in vitro in a cell-free system. Molecular hybridization showed that the beta cDNA annealed to the RNAs at almost the s...

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