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国际冰冻圈研究动态和我国冰冻圈研究的现状与展望 Progress on Cryospheric Studies by International and Chinese Communities and Perspectives

Qin Dahe(秦大河); Xiao Cunde(效存德); Ding Yongjian(丁永建); Yao Tandong(姚檀栋); Bian Lingen(卞林根); Ren Jiawen(任贾文); Wang Ninglian(王宁练)

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Work and society : labour and human resources in East Asia

This is a memorial volume which pays tribute to the late Professor Keith Thurley. It collects a number of critical and insightful essays which discuss some of the key issues affecting corporate management, human resource development and the workplace in the current context of East Asian societies, t...

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Understanding Human Resource Management in a Chinese company

Zhou, Yanjiao

Human resources have become a key competitive factor in Chinese organizations. With the development of China's socialist economy, modern enterprise management concepts are gradually accepted and applied to practices of business management. China's human resource management has undergone a process of...

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Regulating land and pollution in China : lawmaking, compliance, and enforcement : theory and cases

van Rooij, Benjamin

Since the second half of the 1990s, the Chinese government has made an intensive effort to control ongoing natural resource losses. In order to curb the loss of arable land and the environmental destruction caused by air and water pollution, central level leadership amended existing legislation, mak...

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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How transfer of R&D to emerging markets nurtures global innovation performance

Harryson, Sigvald J; Søberg, Peder

In the context of global R&D, we connect literature on knowledge management to a network-based theoretical framework helpful to analyse and explain the impact of globalisation of R&D on innovation performance. This framework is applied to two case companies, both global leaders within their respecti...

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Dynamic material flow analysis to support sustainable built environment development : with case studies on Chinese housing stock dynamics

Hu, Mingming

Sustainability challenges raised by built environment development are two-folds: on the inflow side these include resource depletion and emission problems due to material production (pre-use); on the outflow side they include problems of construction and demolition waste (after-use). Understanding h...

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Yeung, Chun-tong; 楊春棠

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