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Underline detection and removal in a document image using multiple strategies

Bai, Z; Huo, Q

This work presents a novel three-module approach for underline detection and removal in Chinese/English OCR. The detection module uses strategies of connected component analysis and bottom edge analysis. The removal module uses different methods for different kinds of underlines. The disambiguation ...

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Strand specificity for UV-induced DNA repair and mutations in the Chinese hamster HPRT gene.

van Zeeland, A A; van Hoffen, A; Vrieling, H; van Rooyen, M L; Venema, J; Menichini, P; Mullenders, L H; Zdzienicka, M Z

DNA excision repair modulates the mutagenic effect of many genotoxic agents. The recently observed strand specificity for removal of UV-induced cyclobutane dimers from actively transcribed genes in mammalian cells could influence the nature and distribution of mutations in a particular gene. To inve...

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Repair of N-methylpurines in specific DNA sequences in Chinese hamster ovary cells: absence of strand specificity in the dihydrofolate reductase gene.

Scicchitano, D A; Hanawalt, P C

We have developed a quantitative method for examining the removal of N-methylpurines from specific genes to investigate their possible differential repair throughout the genome. Chinese hamster ovary cells were exposed to dimethyl sulfate, and the isolated DNA was treated with an appropriate restric...

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Increased removal of 3-alkyladenine reduces the frequencies of hprt mutations induced by methyl- and ethylmethanesulfonate in Chinese hamster fibroblast cells.

Seeberg, E; Klungland, A; Hoff, E; Bjørås, M

We have previously reported the isolation of mammalian cell lines expressing the 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase I (tag) gene from E. coli. These cells are 2-5 fold more resistant to the toxic effects of methylating agents than normal cells (15). Kinetic measurements of 3-methyladenine removal from ...

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In vitro and in vivo functional characterization of bovine vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylase expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Kuliopulos, A; Rehemtulla, A; Wasley, L C; Roth, D A; Walsh, C T; Kaufman, R J; Furie, B; Furie, B C

Coagulation factor IX is a serine protease for which high-level expression of biologically active protein in heterologous cells is limited due to inefficient proteolytic removal of the propeptide as well as vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of multiple amino-terminal glutamic acid residues. We have ...

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Functional nucleotide excision repair is required for the preferential removal of N-ethylpurines from the transcribed strand of the dihydrofolate reductase gene of Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Scicchitano, D A; Sitaram, A; Wang, W; Plitas, G

Transcription-coupled repair of DNA adducts is an essential factor that must be considered when one is elucidating biological endpoints resulting from exposure to genotoxic agents. Alkylating agents comprise one group of chemical compounds which modify DNA by reacting with oxygen and nitrogen atoms ...

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Demethylation enhances removal of pyrimidine dimers from the overall genome and from specific DNA sequences in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Ho, L; Hanawalt, P C; Bohr, V A

We have examined the effects of changes in cytosine methylation on DNA repair in UV-irradiated Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. A hypomethylated derivative of the CHO K1B11 line, B11aza, was established by passaging B11 cells over several months in increasing concentrations of 5-azacytidine; great...

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DNA strand-specific repair of (+-)-3 alpha,4 beta-dihydroxy-1 alpha,2 alpha-epoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrobenzo[c]phenanthrene adducts in the hamster dihydrofolate reductase gene.

Zhang, Y J; Carothers, A M; Mucha, J; Zhen, W; Santella, R M; Grunberger, D; Bohr, V A

We evaluated the formation and removal of (+-)-3 alpha,4 beta-dihydroxy-1 alpha,2 alpha-epoxy-1,2,3,4- tetrahydrobenzo[c]phenanthrene (BcPHDE)-DNA adducts in two Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines. One line of repair-proficient cells (MK42) carries a stable 150-fold amplification of the dihydrof...

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Chinese hamster ovary mRNA-dependent, Na(+)-independent L-leucine transport in Xenopus laevis oocytes.

Su, T Z; Oxender, D L; Logsdon, C D

In freshly prepared uninjected folliculated oocytes, Na(+)-independent leucine uptake is mediated predominantly by a system L-like transport system. Removal of follicular cells, however, results in an irreversible loss of this transport activity. When total poly(A)+ mRNA derived from Chinese hamster...

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A partial characterization of DNA fragments protected from nuclease degradation in histone depleted metaphase chromosomes of the Chinese hamster.

Jeppesen, P G; Bankier, A T

A small proportion (0.1-0.5%) of the total DNA content of native Chinese hamster metaphase chromosomes is protected from nucleolytic degradation following the removal of histones by extraction with either 0.2 N HCl or 2 M NaCl, and remains attached to the nonhistone protein core. Acid extraction fol...

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A 10-year experience in removing Chinese intrauterine devices

Cheung, VYT

Objective: To review 10 years of experience in removal of Chinese intrauterine devices (IUD) attained by a single gynecologist practicing in Canada. Methods: Office records from women who presented requesting IUD removal between January 1999 and December 2008 were reviewed. Specific data including t...

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2D Simulation of Ventilation and Pollutant Removal in Urban Street Canyons

Shui, P; Liu, CH; Li, Y

CUHK Interdisciplinary Architectural Postgraduate Workshop 2009, 25/4/2009, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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