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Validation of a Chinese version of the Dental Anxiety Inventory

Ng, SKS; Stouthard, MEA; Leung, WK

OBJECTIVES: To translate the English version of Dental Anxiety Inventory (DAxI) and its short-form (SDAxI) and to validate their use in Hong Kong Chinese. METHODS: The DAxI and SDAxI were translated into Chinese. A total of 500 adults (18-64 years) were interviewed, the Chinese DAxI, Symptom Checkli...

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The Effects of Rumination and Depressive Symptoms on the Prediction of Negative Attributional Style Among College Students

Lo, L. S. Cola; Ho, Y. M. Samuel; Hollon, D. Steven

Research on cognitive vulnerability to depression has identified negative cognitive style and rumination as distinct risk factors for depression but how rumination would influence negative cognitive style remains unclear. The present study investigated the relationship between rumination and negativ...

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Best-fit PEFR nomograms for Hong Kong Chinese

Chan, MSH; Kong, AYF; Wun, Y-T; Lam, T-P; Tam, W; Wong, N-M

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Behavioural, emotional and family functioning of hospitalized children in China and Hong Kong

Kennedy, C; Kools, S; Kong, SK; Chen, JL; Franck, L; Wong, TK

PURPOSE: This study examined behavioural and emotional problems, social competence and family functioning of hospitalized Chinese children in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. METHOD: A sample of 210 hospitalized children (ages 2-11 years) and their families participated in the study. The families...

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Awareness of glaucoma, and health beliefs of patients suffering primary acute angle closure

Saw, SM; Gazzard, G; Friedman, D; Foster, PJ; Devereux, JG; Wong, ML; Seah, S

AIM: To evaluate the factors associated with lack of awareness of glaucoma and late presentation to the doctor in Singapore Chinese patients with acute angle closure (AAC) METHODS: A prospective, hospital based case series of 105 patients aged 35 years and above who presented with a first attack of ...

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Li, Tao; Sun, Laixiang; Zou, Liang

This study assesses the impact of government shareholding on corporate performance using a sample of 643 non-financial companies listed on the Chinese stock exchanges. In view of the controversial empirical findings in the literature and the limitations of the least-squares regressions, we adopt the...

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