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Management of soils polluted by heavy metals in cultivated areas : which kind of bioremediation ?

Schvartz, Christian; Zu, Yanqun; Douay, Francis; Colinet, Gilles; Li, Yuan

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Identification of Discrete Classes of Endosome-derived Small Vesicles as a Major Cellular Pool for Recycling Membrane Proteins

Wille, Holger; Lim, Seong-Nam; Low, Seng Hui; Bonzelius, Frank; Weimbs, Thomas; Herman, Gary A

Vesicles carrying recycling plasma membrane proteins from early endosomes have not yet been characterized. Using Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with the facilitative glucose transporter, GLUT4, we identified two classes of discrete, yet similarly sized, small vesicles that are derived from ...

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Effects of 1,2-dichlorobenzene on the growth, bioenergetics and reproduction of the amphipod Melita longidactyla

Tong, ESP; van de Merwe, JP; Chiu, JMY; Wu, RSS

The amphipod Melita longidactyla occurs in great abundance and serves important roles in the trophic transfer and nutrient recycling in marine systems along the Chinese coast. This study investigated the lethal dose (48h LC(50)), as well as sub-lethal effects of a common xenobiotic, 1,2-dichlorobenz...

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