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The Effects of Rumination and Depressive Symptoms on the Prediction of Negative Attributional Style Among College Students

Lo, L. S. Cola; Ho, Y. M. Samuel; Hollon, D. Steven

Research on cognitive vulnerability to depression has identified negative cognitive style and rumination as distinct risk factors for depression but how rumination would influence negative cognitive style remains unclear. The present study investigated the relationship between rumination and negativ...

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Polyoma and hamster papovavirus large T antigen-mediated replication of expression shuttle vectors in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Heffernan, M; Dennis, J W

Eukaryotic expression vectors have been used successfully in viral LT-expressing cell lines (ie. COS) to clone cDNAs encoding proteins that can be detected through their bio-activity or reactivity with specific antibodies. Since Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO) have been used extensively for the is...

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Modulation of vascular reactivity by kaempferol in porcine coronary arteries

Lau, YT; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK

Kaempferol is one of the major bioactive components of the Chinese herbal medicine, Carthamus tinctorius, which has long been used for the management of various cardiovascular diseases. The present study aimed to examine the vascular effects of kaempferol and to investigate the mechanism through whi...

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