Sample records for 辐射敏感效应 (radiosensitivity effects)

Sample records 1 - 2 shown.


Radiosensitivity of Mammalian Cells: IV. Effects of X-Irradiation on the DNA Synthetic Period in Synchronized Cells

Walters, R. A.; Tobey, R. A.

The effect of X-irradiation on the timing of DNA synthesis in the Chinese hamster ovary cells has been investigated. Mitotically synchronized cells irradiated in mitosis or early G1 exhibited a fixed, dose-independent (150-2000 rad) delay of 1.6 hr in entry into S, while the duration of S was unaffe...

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Radiosensitivity of Mammalian Cells: II. Radiation Effects on Macromolecular Synthesis

Walters, R. A.; Petersen, D. F.

Radiation effects on macromolecular synthesis essential for the Chinese hamster cell to traverse the life cycle and to divide have been investigated. Life-cycle analysis techniques employing inhibitors of macromolecular synthesis were used in determining the kinetics of cell growth for specific segm...

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