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Prototype Selection Methods for On-line HWR

Sternby, Jakob

Prototype matching strategies such as DP-matching are powerful methods for character recognition problems with very large number of classes such as on-line Chinese character recognition. As for many problems with a large number of classes data is normally comparatively scarce for on-line Chinese cha...

DRIVER (Chinese)


A Primal-Dual Interior Point-Linear Programming Algorithm for MPC

Edlund, Kristian; Sokoler, Leo Emil; Jørgensen, John Bagterp

Constrained optimal control problems for linear systems with linear constraints and an objective function consisting of linear and l1-norm terms can be expressed as linear programs. We develop an efficient primal-dual interior point algorithm for solution of such linear programs. The algorithm is im...

DRIVER (Chinese)


Lum, Bik; 林碧

DRIVER (Chinese)