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玉米杂交种毕单4号的选育研究 The Study about the Breed of Maize Hybird BiDan-4

Yu Yongfen(余永芬); Ruan Peijun(阮培均); Liu Chaofeng(刘朝峰); Wang Guoliang(王国良); Luo Shiwen(罗仕文); Ma Xiansen(马贤森); Xian Xin(先新)

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The impact of policy reform on productivity and efficiency in Chinese agriculture: A distance function approach

Brümmer, Bernhard; Glauben, Thomas; Lu, Wencong

The study is devoted to the measurement of productivity and efficiency change in Chinese farming sector over the reform process in the 1980s and 1990s. Within an output distance function framework, an index of total factor productivity is decomposed into technical and allocative efficiency, technica...

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Technical change and total factor productivity growth: the case of Chinese provinces

Heshmati, Almas; Kumbhakar, Subal C.

In the literature technical change is mostly assumed to be exogenous and specified as a function of time. However, some exogenous external factors other than time can also affect technical change. In this paper we model technical change via time trend (purely external non-economic) as well as other ...

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Technical change and total factor productivity growth for Chinese provinces: a panel data analysis

Shiu, Alice; Heshmati, Almas

We present in this paper the panel econometrics estimation approach of measuring the technical change and total factor productivity (TFP) growth of 30 Chinese provinces during the period of 1993 to 2003. The random effects model with heteroscedastic variances has been used for the estimation of the ...

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Reforms and Productivity Dynamics in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

McGoldrick, Peter; Walsh, Patrick Paul

Institutional change has taken place gradually since 1978 for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the Industrial Sector of China. In this paper we estimate the effect of deep reform (the right to hire and fire labour, buy and sell capital and operate on international markets) on the productivity dynam...

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Professor John Bessant CV

Bessant, John

John Bessant is Professor of Innovation Management at the School of Management, Cranfield University. He graduated from Aston University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 and later obtained a PhD for work on innovation within the chemical industry. After a spell in industry he took up fu...

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Outsourcing, Supplier Relations and Internationalisation: Global Sourcing Strategy as a Chinese puzzle

Mol, M.J.

Ondernemingen hebben vele doelen. Een belangrijk doel van ondernemingen is om voortdurend het bedrijfsresultaat te verbeteren. Het vakgebied strategisch management houdt zich bezig met de vraag welke methoden geschikt zijn om betere bedrijfsresultaten dan de concurrentie te behalen. Dit proefschrif...

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Is There Evidence of FDI Spillover on Chinese Firms’ Productivity and Innovation?

Hale, Galina; Long, Cheryl

We review previous literature on productivity spillovers of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China and conduct our own analysis using a crosssection of firm data. We find that the evidence of FDI spillovers on the productivity of Chinese domestic firms is mixed, with many positive results largely ...

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Incorporating Undesirable Outputs into Malmquist TFP Index: Environmental Performance Growth of Chinese Coal-Fired Power Plants

Yang, Hongliang; Pollitt, Michael

In this article we examine the effects of undesirable outputs on the Malmquist TFP indices. Our empirical work uses an unbalanced panel which covers 796 utility and non-utility coal-fired power plants in China during 1996-2002. In order to meet the requirement of a balanced panel for calculating the...

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Impact du changement climatique sur la productivité forestière et le déplacement d'une limite bioclimatique en région méditerranéenne française

Vennetier, M.; Vila, B.; Liang, E.Y.; Guibal, F.; Ripert, C.; Chandioux, O.

This paper presents the methodological approach used for the study of the impact of climate change on the productivity of Mediterranean forests and the shift of the bioclimatic limit between Pinus halepensis and Pinus silvestris. It also gives some of the main synthetic results of this research, bas...

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Chen, Hui; Li, Shuangcheng; Zhang, Yili

[英文摘要]:Based on the field investigation in August 2001 and August 2002,digital China Vegetation Map in 2001 and Qinghai-Xizang(Tibet) Plateau Vegetation Regionalization Map in 1996,vegetation characteristics along two sides of Qinghai-Xizang highway and railway are studied in this paper. Mean...

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How transfer of R&D to emerging markets nurtures global innovation performance

Harryson, Sigvald J; Søberg, Peder

In the context of global R&D, we connect literature on knowledge management to a network-based theoretical framework helpful to analyse and explain the impact of globalisation of R&D on innovation performance. This framework is applied to two case companies, both global leaders within their respecti...

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Firm Size, Technical Efficiency and Productivity Growth in Chinese Industry

Cheng, Yuk-Shing; Lo, Dic

Since the mid-1990s, China’s state leadership has adopted a policy of nurturing the competitiveness of large state-owned industrial enterprises. The implications of this policy have been a matter of debate in the literature. This paper seeks to provide some useful input into the debate. With a view ...

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Financial Development, Economic Efficiency and Productivity Growth: Evidence from China

Guillaumont Jeanneney, Sylviane; Hua, Ping; Liang, Zhicheng

Financial development may lead to productivity improvement in developing countries. In this paper, based on the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach, we use the Malmquist index to measure China's total factor productivity change and its two components (i.e., efficiency change and technical progr...

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Examining research productivity of Chinese TEFL academics across departments and institutes

Bai, Li; Hudson, Peter

This study aims to benchmark Chinese TEFL academics’ research productivities, as a way to identify and, subsequently, address research productivity issues. This study investigated 182 Chinese TEFL academics’ research outputs and perceptions about research across three Chinese higher education instit...

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Estimating productivity dynamics during institutional change : an application to Chinese state owned enterprises 1980-1994

McGoldrick, Peter; Walsh, Patrick P.

We estimate the productivity dynamics of 680 industrial Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) between 1980 and 1994. During this time managerial autonomy over factor markets was introduced. The timing of autonomy varied across SOEs and take-up was an endogenous process: high-productivity SOEs where...

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Estimating Chinese Interprovincial OutPut Spillovers with Provincial Input-Output Tables

He, Yong; Zhou, Hong

This paper aims at estimating productivity improvement of Chinese 17 relatively backward provinces in manufactures through importing manufactured intermediates from advanced provinces on the basis of just published 2002 national and provincial input-output tables. As Chinese regional inequality rema...

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Could financial distortions be no impediment to economic growth after all ? evidence from China.

Guariglia, A.; Poncet, S.

Using data for 30 Chinese provinces over the period 1989–2003, this study examines the relationship between finance, and real GDP, capital, and total factor productivity growth. We find that traditionally used indicators of financial development and China-specific indicators measuring the level of s...

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Chinese manufacturing performance in comparative perspective, 1980-2002

Szirmai, Adam; Ren, Ruoen; Bai, Manyin

This paper uses the detailed information in the 1995 Census of Industrial Production as a benchmark for analysing the coverage, concepts and consistency of published statistical series. On the basis of the analysis, the paper proposes a series of adjustments which result in more consistent long-run ...

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An Investigation into Automatic Translation of Prepositions in IT Technical Documentation from English to Chinese

Sun, Yanli

Machine Translation (MT) technology has been widely used in the localisation industry to boost the productivity of professional translators. However, due to the high quality of translation expected, the translation performance of an MT system in isolation is less than satisfactory due to various gen...

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Aggregate and regional productivity growth in Chinese industry, 1978-2002

Wang, L (Lili)

Doctoral degree 11-03-2009; Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences; Supervisor: A. Szirmai

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Zhang, Joy Yueyue

Chinese government funding of R&D ranks third in the world. Yet China ranks only 17th in terms of scientific productivity per unit of investment. The author recently conducted fieldwork on the team structure of 22 Chinese stem cell research groups. Interview data suggest that although Chinese resear...

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