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The Role of Guanxi Networks in Vegetable Supply Chains: Empirical Evidence from P.R. China

Lu Hualiang; Trienekens, J.H.; Omta, S.W.F.; Feng, S.

This study attempts to empirically investigate how the concepts of relationship marketing affect market performance in Chinese vegetable sector. We interviewed 167 vegetable farmers and 84 processing and exporting companies to test our conceptual relationship model. Results demonstrate that personal...

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Iron, zinc and phytic acid in rice from China: wet and dry processing towards improved mineral bioavailability

Liang, J.

Rice and rice products supply two thirds of Chinese people with their staple food. Mineral deficiencies, especially of iron and zinc, are prevalent in China, and are caused by insufficient intake and poor bioavailability. Rice and rice products contribute more than 50% of the antinutrient  phyt...

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Advances in plant food processing in the Near Eastern Epipalaeolithic and implications for improved edibility and nutrient bioaccessibility: an experimental assessment of Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla (sea club-rush)

Wollstonecroft, MM; Ellis, PR; Hillman, GC; Fuller, DQ

This paper examines how plant food processing, techniques developed by hunter-gatherers during the Near Eastern Epipalaeolithic (ca. 23970-11990 cal B.P.) may have influenced species selection, eating habits and access to critical nutrients. A case Study is presented that investigates how pulverisin...

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