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The utility of screening for perinatal depression in the second trimester among Chinese: a three-wave prospective longitudinal study

Lau, Ying; Wong, Keung Fu Daniel; Chan, Sin Kin

This paper aims to study the pattern of perinatal depressive symptomatology and determine the predictive power of second trimester perinatal depressive symptoms for future perinatal periods. A population-based sample of 2,178 women completed the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) in the sec...

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Textbook of neonatal medicine : a Chinese perspective

This authoritative and comprehensive text is written by an internationally renowned group of medical experts of Chinese ethnic origin from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and six other countries. As a scientific and clinically practical review of current knowledge on medical care of normal and high-...

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Recurrent pneumothorax in pregnancy: what should we do after placing an intercostals drain 妊娠時出現復發性氣胸:植入肋間導管後,可以做什麼?

Wong, MK; Leung, WC; Wang, JK; Lao, TTH; Ip, MS; Lam, WK; Ho, JC

Recurrent pneumothorax is rare during pregnancy. We describe a Chinese woman, with a history of spontaneous pneumothorax managed with an intercostal drain, who developed a recurrent pneumothorax during her 32nd week of pregnancy. There is no consensus on management in this situation. We review the l...

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Micronutrient status in anemic and non-anemic Chinese women in the third trimester of pregnancy

Ma, A.G.; Schouten, E.G.; Wang, Y.; Xu, R.X.; Zheng, M.C.; Li, Y.; Wang, Q.Z.; Sun, Y.Y.

Background: Anemia is a major nutrition related problem in China. In addition to iron deficiency this may be due to deficiencies of other micronutrients. Objective: To describe the micronutrient status of anemic and non-anemic pregnant women in China. Subjects and Methods: 734 clinically normal preg...

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Yuen, Wai-kit; 袁偉傑

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Yuen, Wai-kit; 袁偉傑

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