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Cost-based Transmission Loss Allocation Methods

Jing, Z; Duan, X; Yan, Z; Wen, F; Ni, Y; Wu, FF

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Bone turnover markers and prediction of bone loss in elderly women

Lenora, Janaka

Around 70,000 osteoporosis-related fractures occur in Sweden annually and approximately half of the women in western world will sustain a fragility fracture after the age of 50 years. Fracture preventive efforts require the identification of individuals who are at high risk. Biochemical markers of b...

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Allocations Of Transmission Fixed Costs: A Literature Survey

Jing, Z; Duan, X; Wen, F; Yan, Z; Ni, Y; Wu, FF

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A Survey Transmission Congestion Management In Electricity Markets

Zhang, Y; Jiao, L; Chen, S; Yan, Z; Wen, F; Ni, Y; Wu, FF

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