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Wind energy development in China (WED) — The Danish-Chinese collaboration project

Xu, Zhao; Rosenberg, H.; Sørensen, Poul Ejnar; Abildgaard, H; Holmstrøm, O; Chi, Yongning; Li, Yan; Shi, Wenhui; Wang, Zhen

This paper reports the large scale bilateral development program- the Danish-Chinese wind energy development program (WED). The paper starts with overview of electric energy production and consumption in the two counties with special focus on wind energy status. Next, the detailed objectives, organi...

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På AI-teknikens axlar : Om kunskapssociologin och stark artificiell intelligens

Kåhre, Peter

This dissertation is concerned with Sociology’s stance in the debate on Strong Artificial Intelligence, i.e. such AI that is able to shape new knowledge without human interference. There is a need for sociologists to realize the difference between two approaches to constructing AI systems: Symbolic ...

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Multi-agent Systema nd Its Application in Power Systems

Liu, H; Yuan, B; Dai, H; Qi, D; Jiao, L; Ni, Y; Wu, FF

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Modeling And Simulation Of UPFC With Dynamic Phasors

Wi, Q; Jiao, L; Ni, Y; Chen, S; Wu, FF; Yan, Z

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How transfer of R&D to emerging markets nurtures global innovation performance

Harryson, Sigvald J; Søberg, Peder

In the context of global R&D, we connect literature on knowledge management to a network-based theoretical framework helpful to analyse and explain the impact of globalisation of R&D on innovation performance. This framework is applied to two case companies, both global leaders within their respecti...

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Allocations Of Transmission Fixed Costs: A Literature Survey

Jing, Z; Duan, X; Wen, F; Yan, Z; Ni, Y; Wu, FF

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