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The Potential of Renewable Energy Systems in China

Liu, Wen; Lund, Henrik; Mathiesen, Brian Vad

This paper discusses the prospective of renewable energy in the process of sustainable development in China. Along with the high-speed economic development and increasing energy consumption, the Chinese Government faces a growing pressure to maintain the balance between energy supply and demand as w...

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Galectin binding proteins in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage -in healthy and pathological conditions

Cederfur, Cecilia

Galectins are carbohydrate binding proteins, implicated in conditions of both inflammation and cancer. Connections between chronic inflammation and cancer are proposed by the increased remodelling and proliferation that occurs, leading to enhanced survival and proliferation of malignant cells. Since...

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Central-local relations and pricing policies for wind energy in China

Mah, DNY; Hills, P

Renewable energy, although capable of making a significant contribution to the achievement of sustainable development, has, however, failed to reach its full potential in most countries. A major challenge of the sustainability transition is how to translate sustainable development from a concept to ...

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Kerr, D.

China and Russia had comparable shares of world supply of and demand for energy in 1997 but this was the result of opposing trends. Despite dramatic decline in energy intensity, demand growth in China has exceeded supply growth in the 1990s by 1% per annum, leading to the first deficit in primary en...

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