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Type 1 transforming growth factor beta: amplified expression and secretion of mature and precursor polypeptides in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Purchio, A F; Brunner, A M; Gentry, L E; Lim, G J; Webb, N R; Ranchalis, J E; Marquardt, H; Twardzik, D R; Lioubin, M N

Recombinant type 1 transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) was expressed to high levels in CHO cells by using dihydrofolate reductase (dhfr) gene amplification. The expression plasmid was derived from the pSV2 vectors and contained, in tandem, the simian TGF-beta and mouse dhfr cDNAs. Transcripti...

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Synthesis of Newcastle disease virus polypeptides in a wheat germ cell-free system.

Clinkscales, C W; Morrison, T G; Bratt, M A

We have isolated 18S RNA from cytoplasmic extracts of Newcastle disease virus-infected Chinese hamster ovary cells and tested its ability to direct protein synthesis in extracts derived from wheat germ. The products of the cell-free reaction directed by this RNA contain polypeptides that comigrate w...

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More than one-third of the discernible mouse polypeptides are not expressed in a Chinese hamster-mouse embryo fibroblast hybrid that retains all mouse chromosomes.

MacDonald-Bravo, H; Bravo, R; Willecke, K; Schafer, R; Fey, S J; Celis, J E

Gene expression at the level of polypeptide synthesis has been investigated in a somatic cell hybrid (20 BW-4) isolated after fusion of spontaneously transformed, tumorigenic Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts with mouse embryo fibroblasts. This hybrid exhibited suppression of tumorigenicity and retai...

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High molecular weight polypeptides (270,000-340,000) from cultured cells are related to hog brain microtubule-associated proteins but copurify with intermediate filaments.

Pytela, R; Wiche, G

High molecular weight polypeptides (HMWPs) of 270,000 to 340,000 were found to be major components of intermediate filaments prepared by Triton X-100 extraction after spreading of rat glioma C6, HeLa, Chinese hamster ovary, and simian virus 40-transformed Chinese hamster lung cells. C6 HMWPs were sh...

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