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重庆市渔业环境质量现状及污染特征探析 Quality situation and pollution characteristics of fishery environment in Chongqing

ZHAO Zhong-Jin(赵中金); HUANG Yun(黄昀); LI Qi-Lin(李其林); CHEN Jing-Chun(陈景春); LIU Yu-Ping(刘玉平)


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Tropospheric pyruvate changes in the remote area of northwestern China Tropospheric pyruvate changes in the remote area of northwestern China

Li XinQing;Qin DaHe;Jiang Wei;Jiang Qian(李心清)

Financial support by the National Natural Science Foundation of China( Grant No. 40073035 ) and the Chinese Acadeny of Sciences.

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The accumulated evidence on lung cancer and environmental tobacco smoke

Hackshaw, AK; Law, MR; Wald, NJ

Objective: To estimate the risk of lung cancer in lifelong non-smokers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke.Design: Analysis of 37 published epidemiological studies of the risk of lung cancer (4626 cases) in non-smokers who did and did not live with a smoker. The risk estimate was compared with th...

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The Marine biology of the South China Sea : proceedings of the First International Conference on the Marine Biology of Hong Kong and the South China Sea, Hong Kong 28 October - 3 November 1990

International Conference on the Marine Biology of Hong Kong and the South China Sea (1st : 1990 : Hong Kong)

This is a collection of about 50 papers presented at the First International Conference on the Marine Biology of Hong Kong and South China Sea held at the University of Hong Kong in October 1990. The topics covered are fisheries (including mariculture), conservation, pollution, marine fouling and ec...

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SO2 - nutrient or toxin for Chinese cabbage

Yang, Liping,

Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis) is one of the most important high-yield vegetable crops in China, and is often cultivated around big cities. Atmospheric SO2 pollution may affect Chinese cabbage, which is usually produced under intensive farming practice with low-sulfur or even sulfur-free fert...

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Relationships between submicrometer particulate air pollution and air mass history in Beijing, China, 2004?2006

Wehner, B.; Birmili, W.; Ditas, F.; Wu, Z.; Hu, M.; Liu, X.; Mao, J.; Sugimoto, N.; Wiedensohler, A.

The Chinese capital Beijing is one of the global megacities where the effects of rapid economic growth have led to complex air pollution problems that are not well understood. In this study, ambient particle number size distributions in Beijing between 2004 and 2006 are analysed as a function of reg...

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Regulating land and pollution in China : lawmaking, compliance, and enforcement : theory and cases

van Rooij, Benjamin

Since the second half of the 1990s, the Chinese government has made an intensive effort to control ongoing natural resource losses. In order to curb the loss of arable land and the environmental destruction caused by air and water pollution, central level leadership amended existing legislation, mak...

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Public health and air pollution in Asia (PAPA): A multi-city study for short-term effects of air pollution on mortality (abstract)

Wong, CM; Thach, TQ; Chau, YK; Chan, KP; Ou, C; Yang, L; Peiris, JSM; Thomas, GN; Wong, TW; Lam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Vichit-Vadakan, N

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Pollution haven hypothesis and Environmental impacts of foreign direct investment: The Case of Industrial Emission of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in Chinese provinces

He, Jie

Recognizing the complex inter-correlation between FDI, emission and the three economic determinants of emission, we constructed a simultaneous model to study the FDI-emission nexus in China by exploring both the dynamic recursive FDI entry decision and the linkage from FDI entry to final emission re...

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Of farming chemicals and cancer deaths: the politics of health in contemporary rural China

Lora-Wainwright, Anna

Where do Chinese villagers lay the blame when they develop cancer? The focus falls on the state when the supposed cause is water pollution; on the family context when it is hard work; and on the market when farm chemicals contaminate food. These different cancer aetiologies define the contours of a ...

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Magnetic characteristics of dustfall in urban area of north China and its environmental significance

Xia, Dunsheng; Yang, Liping; Ma, Jianying; Yu, Ye; Wang, Guan; Chen, Fahu

Urban particulate pollutants not only affect urban air quality but also directly threaten public health. Lanzhou has been one of the most seriously polluted cities in the world due to its special geophysical location and weather conditions, which makes it an ideal place for urban particulate polluti...

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Indoor Air Pollution in China:Analysis of Global Warming Contributions and Exposure to Particles

Alnes,Line Winther Hansen

About 60% of the Chinese population lives in rural areas, where biomass and coal are the main sources of energy for cooking and heating. Indoor air pollution from household fuel burning is a major health concern, responsible for at least 420,000 premature deaths annually in China alone. However, les...

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Impact of cadmium exposure on male sex hormones: a population-based study in China

Zeng, XB; Jin, TY; Buchet, Jean-Pierre; Jiang, XZ; Kong, QH; Ye, TT; Bernard, Alfred; Nordberg, GF

The objective of this study was to investigate the possible effects of environmental cadmium (Cd) exposure on the levels of serum sex hormones in a Chinese population group. A total of 263 male volunteers were included. Blood samples were collected for the determination of serum testosterone (T), me...

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Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese Cities

Cole, Matthew A.; Elliott, Robert J.R.; Zhang, Jing

In this paper we investigate the relationship between economic growth and industrial pollution emissions in China using data for 112 major cities between 2001 and 2004. Using disaggregated data we separate FDI inflows from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan from those of other foreign economies. We examine...

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Economic Determinants for China's Industrial SO2 Emission: Reduced vs. Structural form and the role of international trade

He, Jie

In this paper, basing on panel data on Chinese provincial level from 1991-2000, we test, firstly, the existence of EKC for industrial SO2 emission density. Following, we decompose the economical determinants of this SO2 emission density into: income effect (GDPPC), scale effect (Industrial GDP per k...

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Children's respiratory morbidity prevalence in relation to air pollution in four Chinese cities.

Wu, Guoping; Zhang, Junfeng Jim; Wei, Fusheng; Hu, Wei; Korn, Leo R; Chapman, Robert S

We examined respiratory health effects of long-term exposure to ambient air pollution in 7,621 schoolchildren residing in eight districts of four Chinese cities. The four cities exhibited wide between-city and within-city gradients in ambient levels of four size fractions of particulate matter [less...

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Assessment of toxicity of heavy metal contaminated soils for Collembola in the field and laboratory

Xu, Jie; Krogh, Paul Henning; Luo, Yongming; Song, Jing; Wang, Yin; Gao, Yan; Ke, Xin

We present a field and laboratory investigation of effects of increasing levels of heavy metal contamination on the biodiversity and performance of collembolans. A 40 year old pollution with Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd pollution due to Cu smelting over 40 years was investigated in a paddy field area of Zhejia...

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Access to Justice in Environmental Disputes:Opportunities and Obstacles for Chinese Pollution Victims


The overall aim of this thesis is to investigate to what extend access to justice is obtained in Chinese environmental disputes from the perspective of pollution victims in the. By investigating dispute settlement process and outcome of six environmental disputes in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,...

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A pilot study of the impact of air pollution on health outcomes in elderly Chinese: The Guangzhou elderly cohort biobank study (Abstract)

Lam, TH; Jiang, CQ; Thomas, GN; Wong, CM; Zhang, W; Lai, PC; Wang, BG; Fan, SJ; Zhou, SZX; Lao, X; Cao, M; Can, C; Liang, G; Adab, P

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