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天山乌鲁木齐河源区3.6ka BP以来的植被变化和环境变迁:以大西沟剖面为例

Zhang, Yun(张芸); Kong, Zhaochen(孔昭宸); Yang, Zhenjing(杨振京); Yan, Shun(阎顺); Ni, Jian(倪健)

[中文摘要]:天山乌鲁木齐河源区大西沟剖面孢粉鉴定结果表明: 在3.6~3.2 ka BP,该区气候较今温暖湿润;在3.2~2.0 ka BP,气候变为寒冷干燥,这一时期乌鲁木齐河源地区曾出现一次冰进;在2.0~1.4 ka BP,气候又转为暖湿;在1.4~0.5 ka BP,出现了3.6 ka BP以来气候最适宜的时期。整个剖面自下而上都有一定量的淡水水生植物出现,这反映了该剖面3 ka BP以来一直处于淡水沼泽的环境中。通过对云杉属生态习性、传播特性等综合分析,认为剖面中的云杉丰值可能与林线上移、山谷风搬运以及冰川退缩等有一定的相关性。通过对孢粉样品中炭屑浓度统计以及磁化率测...

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The impact of ancient civilization on the northeastern Chinese landscape: palaeoecological evidence from the Western Liaohe River Basin, Inner Mongolia

Li, Y. Y.; Willis, K. J.; Zhou, L. P.; Cui, H. T.

The Western Liaohe River Basin in northeastern China is one of the cradles of ancient Chinese civilization. Archaeological records from this region indicate that human occupation began about 8000 years ago and that agriculture and pastoralism were important activities from an early stage. Very littl...

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Pollen-inferred vegetation and environmental changes since 16.7 ka BP at Balikun Lake, Xinjiang

Tao, ShiChen; An, ChenBang; Chen, FaHu; Tang, LingYu; Wang, ZongLi; Lü, YanBin; Li, ZhiFei; Zheng, TongMing; Zhao, JiaJu

A high-resolution fossil pollen record from the sedimentary cores of Balikun Lake, northwestern China, combined with modern surface pollen data, is used to reconstruct the history of vegetation and climatic change since 16.7 cal. ka BP. Fossil pollen assemblages and lithology indicate that the study...

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Pollen records of Holocene vegetation and climate changes in the Longzhong Basin of the Chinese Loess Plateau

Tang, Lingyu; An, Chengbang

Pollen records with an average time resolution of 20-200 years from Holocene loess sections at Dingxi, Qin'an, and other localities of Gansu Province reveal a detailed history of vegetation and climate changes in the western Loess Plateau. For most time of the Holocene, the landscape was dominated b...

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Pollen record and environmental evolution of Caotanhu wetland in Xinjiang since 4550 cal. a BP

ZHANG, Yun; KONG, ZhaoChen; NI, Jian; YAN, Shun; YANG, ZhenJing

[英文摘要]: This paper presents a multi-proxy reconstruction of the climate change in Caotanhu wetland using pollen, phytolith and charcoal records, and the data of loss of ignition (LOI), grain size analysis, and susceptibility. Results reveal that between 4550 and 2500 cal. a BP, a dry climatic...

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Nonstructural Chromosome Differentiation among Wheat Cultivars, with Special Reference to Differentiation of Chromosomes in Related Species

Dvořák, Jan; McGuire, Patrick E.

Wheat cultivar Chinese Spring (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell.) was crossed with cultivars Hope, Cheyenne and Timstein. In all three hybrids, the frequencies of pollen mother cells (PMCs) with univalents at metaphase I (MI) were higher than those in the parental cultivars. No multivalents were obser...

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Holocene vegetation cover in Qin'an area of western Chinese Loess Plateau revealed by n-alkane

Zhong, Yanxia; Chen, Fahu; An, Chengbang; Xie, Shucheng; huang, Xianyu

Previous studies have found that wetlands prevailed in western Chinese Loess Plateau and pine pollen could reach up to 80% in Qin'an area of the plateau during middle Holocene. It was then deduced that forest vegetation covered Qin'an area in a warm and wet climate during middle Holocene. The proxie...

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