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Simulation of plant growth and crop production.

Penning de Vries, F.W.T.; Laar, H.H., van

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Physiological Responses of Three Contrasting Plant Species to Groundwater Level Changes in an Arid Environment

Zhuang, Li; Chen, Yaning

Plants growing on both sides of the Tarim River in western China serve as a natural barrier containing the deserts and protecting the oasis, and their growth is greatly affected by water conditions In their local habitat. We studied the physiological responses of three different types plants (i.e. P...

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Licochalcone A, a novel antiparasitic agent with potent activity against human pathogenic protozoan species of Leishmania.

Lemmich, E; Chen, M; Blom, J; Christensen, S B; Nadelmann, L; Kharazmi, A; Fich, K; Theander, T G

Licochalcone A, an oxygenated chalcone isolated from the roots of Chinese licorice plant, inhibited the growth of both Leishmania major and Leishmania donovani promastigotes and amastigotes. The structure of the licochalcone A was established by mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies and...

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Induction of trehalase in Arabidopsis plants infected with the trehalose-producing pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae

Brodmann, D; Schuller, A; Ludwig-Muller, J; Aeschbacher, RA; Wiemken, A; Boller, T; Wingler, A

Various microorganisms produce the disaccharide trehalose during their symbiotic and pathogenic interactions with plants. Trehalose has strong effects on plant metabolism and growth; therefore, we became interested to study its possible role in the interaction of Arabidopsis thaliana with Plasmodiop...

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Incorporating Undesirable Outputs into Malmquist TFP Index: Environmental Performance Growth of Chinese Coal-Fired Power Plants

Yang, Hongliang; Pollitt, Michael

In this article we examine the effects of undesirable outputs on the Malmquist TFP indices. Our empirical work uses an unbalanced panel which covers 796 utility and non-utility coal-fired power plants in China during 1996-2002. In order to meet the requirement of a balanced panel for calculating the...

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Effects of fertilization on the growth, photosynthetic characteristics and yield of Coffea Arabica

Cai, Z.Q.; Cai, C.T.; Qi, X.; Yao, T.Q.

Coffea arabica is a major economic plant in agriculture plantation in tropical and subtropical areas in the world. This paper reports the experimental results on the fertilization strategy in Yunnan, China. Effects of varied levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) nutrients on the grow...

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Difference in Tree Growth Responses to Climate at the Upper Treeline: Qilian Juniper in the Anyemaqen Mountains

Peng, Jianfeng; Gou, Xiaohua; Chen, Fahu; Li, Jinbao; Liu, Puxing; Zhang, Yong; Fang, Keyan

Three ring-width chronologies were developed from Qilian Juniper (Sabina przewalskii Kom.) at the upper treeline along a west-east gradient in the Anyemaqen Mountains. Most chronological statistics, except for mean sensitivity (MS), decreased from west to east. The first principal component (PC1) lo...

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Applying GreenLab Model to Adult Chinese Pine Trees with Topology Simplification

Guo, Hong; Letort, Véronique; Lei, Xiangdong; Lu, Yuanchang; De Reffye, P.

This paper applied the functional structural model GreenLab to adult Chinese pine trees (pinus tabulaeformis Carr.). Basic hypotheses of the model were validated such as constant allometry rules, relative sink relationships and topology simplification. To overcome the limitations raised by the compl...

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Adaptation of the GreenLab model for analyzing sink-source relationships in Chinese Pine saplings

Guo, Hong; Letort, Veronique; Hong, Lingxia; Fourcaud, Thierry; Cournède, Paul-Henry; Lu, Yuanchang; De Reffye, Philippe

Since the 1990s, a new generation of models has emerged to simulate tree growth with consideration of both tree structure and functional processes. However, calibration of these functional-structural models (FSMs) often remains an open problem due to the topological complexity of trees and to the he...

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