Sample records for 行星演化 (planetary evolution)

Sample records 1 - 1 shown.


Primary Carboniferous and Permian paleomagnetic results from the Yili Block (NW China) and their implications on the geodynamic evolution of Chinese Tianshan Belt

Wang, Bo; Chen, Yan; Zhan, Sheng; Shua, Liangshu; Faure, Michel; Cluzel, Dominique; Charvet, Jacques; Laurent-Charvet, Sébastien

In order to better understand the tectonic role of the Yili Block on the Paleozoic evolution of the Chinese Tianshan Belt, we performed a primary paleomagnetic study on Carboniferous and Permian rocks from different areas in the Yili Block, NW of China. More than 320 sedimentary and volcanic samples...

DRIVER (Chinese)