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Studying Malicious Websites and the Underground Economy on the Chinese Web

Zhuge, Jianwei; Holz, Thorsten; Song, Chengyu; Guo, Jinpeng; Han, Xinhui; Zou, Wei; Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik 1

The World Wide Web gains more and more popularity within China with more than 1.31 million websites on the Chinese Web in June 2007. Driven by the economic profits, cyber criminals are on the rise and use the Web to exploit innocent users. In fact, a real underground black market with thousand of pa...

DRIVER (Chinese)


Responding to child abuse : procedures and practice for child protection in Hong Kong

This book provides a detailed examination of child protection procedures and practice in Hong Kong. It is the first exclusive study of the subject in the context of a Chinese society. Using theoretical chapters and case studies which are subjected to critical analyses, the reader is guided on a jour...

DRIVER (Chinese)